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A few friends from University' and I are going to be producing a joint project The Amiga A1200 comes with a 14MHz Motorola 68020 CPU (Central Processor Unit) as standard, which is pretty slow by today's standards. As the A1200's memory is initially all chip RAM, adding any extra memory will increase performance, as it doesn't have to be shared between the custom chips (which look after graphics, sound etc) and the CPU. The A1200 will accept faster processors on cards which slot into the trapdoor. These speed up programs and hard disk access many times over. An Amiga given a faster processor but no extra memory will show little improvement: it's essential to add memory at the same time. The most common upgrade processor is the 68030, which runs faster than the 68020. It's also available in versions which have faster clocks (33MHz, 50MHz). For image rendering and other mathematical programs, an FPU (or Floating Point Unit or Maths Coprocessor) can speed up operations considerably. FPUs (usually 68882s) are available in two styles: Pin Gate Array (PGA) and Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier (PLCC), and which you use depends on the socket on your accelerator card. Some speeds of chip are only available in PLCC form. The 68040 and 68060 CPUs have built in maths coprocessors. The 68040 and 68060 run quite hot and usually a miniature fan n is used to cool them down. The 68060 is the last in the Motorola 68K family. The next generation is the PowerPC processor, and there are already prototypes of Amiga accelerators based on this chip. Over the summer, but I live in Hull and my friends live in Leeds and Warrington. We wish to communicate via our computers and are looking into the possibility of voice conferences via a modem. I have an .Amiga and my friends Ip have Pcs. Do voice modems allow' you to dial up other peoples computers and talk to them?

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Document sans nom STILL ONLY €5.50 ¦ AUGUST 1997 ¦ ISSUE Hfl 25.50 ¦ US $ 14.95 YOU must mjat Your guarantee of value Q HOUSE, TROON WAY BUSINESS PARK, HUMBERSTONE LANE, LEICESTER. LE4 9HA pr?rr?r 0116 246 3600 r 0116 246 3801 r rTTrrrf sales@weirdscience.co.uk r*rr,r'r www.weirdscience.co.uk Aminet Set 4, dated January 1997, consists of 4 gigabytes of software in 9,000 archives, i Including the full versions of Directory I Opus 5.11. With 95 megs Utilities, 79 megs ¦ Documents, 408 megs Text Software, 12 megs Disk HD Tools, 7 megs Hardware 5 related, 756 megs Pictures & Animations. 208 megs Graphics software,
394 megs Graphics & Sound 22* Demos, 563 megs Games, 685 megs
* 5% Music modules, 28 megs Music software, 131 megs
Communications and more. Aminet Set 3. Dated July 1996,
consists of 4 gigabytes of "rC software . In ,9,000 ,
arc mys.
The Amiga System Booster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb collection of « tools to push the capabilities of the A Amiga to the limits. Nearly afl the J fantastic utilities can be started by M simply direct from the compact mk disc. No de-archiving required.
Magic Publisher Mtebjx 5 including Final Writer 4 SE The the contents include a vast M collection of screen blankers, Lw mouse tools & commodities, backup, file management. Adpli cache programs to optimise system performance, data Mem recovery, CD-ROM utilities, W A virus kUlery and a whole host more. H'fAz VD=IRH)I£ fir *3 Aminet Set 1 or 2, consist of 4 gigabytes of i software in 12,000 archives. The software is k on four compact discs. With Utilities.
A Documents, Text Software, Disk HD Tools, igL Hardware related. Pictures & Animations, Graphics software, Graphics & Sound
* A Demos, Games, Music modules, Music software. Communications,
Amiga Development software. Business g&wL software and more.
All of the archives ffffgiare easily accessible with a simple
Index menu system with search.
Geek Gadgets 2 now includes the developers system for p.OS, the new Workbench for the Amiga from ProDad. Geek Gadgets contains virtually all of the tools you need to get started programming on the pSg Amiga,1 including advanced C. 7 C++, Fortran and ADA compilers, assembler, linker; E31 ACS editor, "make"A source code control systems (res & cvs), text and file utilities, GNU debugger, text formatters (groff & TeX), and much more. Everything comes with complete source code and all binaries have been compiled from the supmg&foiirces.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package. Enforcer, Workbench 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 tools and
documents with the updated native developers kit, SANA II
package and the installer package. Also included is a vast
amount of info. A wnzl The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete
with the all with all the tools required to backup and rescue
your precious data on hard drives.
IbisJk 40fr t 4 *'iH rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by software failiires or physical damage.
SZ~-.t=C 2,1 is a superb program that will allow you to restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed or over written. IP.V'ttJiTj can recover files from normal A »- or corrupted disks. IV] i Magic Publisher comprises of four compact discs and on this unique CD-ROM set you will find all you need to create professional looking documents. There are more than 10,000 Fonts (Colour Fonts, Bitmap, IFF, Adobe, lntellifonts. Truetype £ DMF), more than 5,000 clipart.
Many of these are exclusive to this compact disc. Full commercial versions of Final Writer 4 SE and Word worth 4 TD are included. Both rated as great word processors on the Amiga. Tools for creating W WAV pages along with backgrounds and special clip art for this purpose is also included. Zpt JZ£t J0pzmts if z7. Fr.i Jzxfc r.i.i. sSjparL (pJOLlS j&HMOLDS' A collection 18,000 music modules arranged of four compact discs all sorted by composer, groups and type.
All stored ready to use from the compact discs. Provided with 11 megs of Module lists and 25 megs of module players for many different computer platforms.
This 7 years titanic work provides over a 1,000 hours of music enjoyment along with information on may of the composers whose work is featured.
Et, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the sites latest software uploads. Each volume ains about 1.1 gigs of archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a simple search ility to help you find exactly the file required. The search facility will even list the compact disc that the file is . Aminet 18 is available in April and Aminet Cds 13, 14, 15, 16 are still available at £14.99. Meeting Pearls 4 (Software Collection) £8.95 Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ 19.95 if International Distributor GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga@gtigermany.com Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ 19.95 Provides a filesystem for accessing your PC drives from the Amiga.
Our system will provide any WB program with access to any of your PC drives, including CD, Zip Jazz and fixed hard drives. The PC acts as slave machine and can therefore not access the Amiga, however our kit contains all you need to access a PC from an Amiga. Simple Installation on both machines. The system is WB 2.04+ and Win95 compatible and the PC can perform other tasks simultaneously.
Mm* PLEASE ASK FOR THE FREE CD OR IT WILL NOT BE SHIPPED VCYfSiK ji *» to Jhrtjv-t- i(icitidas iBrowse 1.1 now including 1 support for FRAMES and many more HTML 3 tags.
IBrowse is surely v unbeatable and sr 1 with a fantastic -- 'j price from Weird WIT*.
0 Science. View r ? The Web the way it . was meant to be. ~ Carriage £10,00 In-To-the-Nel CD provides a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the connection program provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the CD contains all the tools required for both the beginner and expert, full instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents on the Internet and WWW. The tools include AntiTCP, Mail, FTP, WWW and many more. In addition there is a section on
WWW page creation with clip art and creation tools.
Easy Hard Drive installation possible but not required. IS JOURNEY THROUGH The Learning Curve CD presents a fantastic and magical journey through exciting subjects brought together for the first time on an Amiga CD. Containing over $ 32,000 files this title will delight and interest both young and old with the vast w diversity and quantity of Amiga Educational and Informational programs
- Y featured. All of the programs can be run directly from the
compact disc with no unarchiving on any Amiga. (Workbench
2.04+.) Encyclopedias have been scarce for the Amiga and
educational compact discs have been
* virtually non-existent, well now you have a unique CD providing
productive entertainment for all ages.tIn£ £ CgfegCTf-z?:
Aircraft Educational Religion Art Fairy Tales Science Computer
Mathematics Astronomy Desktop Utils Spelling Biology
Electronics Languages Books Engineering Literature Chemistry
Geography Drama Ecology Health Music Geology History Mythology
Hobbies Philosophy The tradition continues with the release of
the latest Assassins Ultimate Games CD Vol. 3. Over 500 new
games and an all new and enhanced menu system for the selection
of the great games contained on the compact disc. All of the
games are ready to run directly from the menu system. This menu
system has received accolades from amongst the Amiga Press on
the previous two compact discs, both of which have received
Amiga Format Gold awards. The menu provides access to all of
the games, brief instructions, requirements, access to
instructions £ also the game itself. All of the games are new
and original Y and have not appeared on either of the previous
two compact discs. All games playable direct from the CD The
Scala Plug In CD contains over 600 megs of Animations,
Brushes. Buttons, Fonts, Music and Sounds especially designed to be used with the Scala Multimedia Family of i-.
Programs. It provides a huge resource Mbk for Scala users that builds upon the high quality of material provided with the program.
Games, Demos, Music Modules, Graphics, Tools & Utilities, Business Applications, Magic Workbench data.
Educational software, Colour Clipart, Amiga Fonts, 100+ Printer Drivers, Internet Software, Software Patches, Music Instruments, Animations, 3D V Objects and Textures. A very fk large and diverse collection.
From Weird Science comes a superb Workbench 3.0+ Utilities CD with the very best utilities presented ready to run directly from the CD. .Vo installation necessary. The compact disc is presented with both ‘New Icons' and ‘Magic Workbench ’ icons and an assign sequence that enables either at the choice of the user also sets it up ready for the utilities to run directly. The . Contents have been indexed with a description of all the fully categorised utilities available. Any of the utilities can be launched from the guide directly. The categories include Kg Graphics. Disk Utils., Operating
System, Emulation, Workbench. Music, Business, Communication, f Performance. Text. Programming and more.
Includes all the packages previously published by Kara Computer Graphics for the Amiga, plus many more, in an exclusive and professional edition reorganised and enhanced by Cloanto. This CP-KOM contains 80 ColorFonts, 5 AnimFonts. Hundreds of alternate colour palettes.
Starficlds, Plaquegrounds. And software for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentations.
Jgjuk All items for solo or combined use. The Kara =£. 5.. Collection also includes two software packages asjSvSi developed by Cloanto to manage bitmapped fonts: Color Type for colour fonts and the Personal Fonts A oii r (or black and white fonts. Both hav ':Z t been acclaimed as the best in their respective fields. To make AnimFonts realty easy and enjoyable to use. I fabulous collection of.Anim Hidden Truth is a fantastic Multimedia Presentaion of the Unknwon in HTML format that can be loaded into any WWW Browser. Provided with informative text, stunning images, video sounds and animations.
After more than a year oj hard work, *( are proud to announce the releast of Personal Paint 7. This version has more than 100 new features, including:
• Sew and improved file formats, including Photo CO . A GIF. BMP.
JPF.G. 24-bit DalaTypes and PBM ¦ Professional Internet
features tike GIF animations. W
• Enhanced user interface.
• 180 Arexx commands, with scripts directly - accessible from the
toolbar Jy ¦ Sew "plug-in" library system.. f
• Automatically create directory thumbnails. X ’ JU
7. J version has more new features *- The Interactive
Encyclopedia of the Paranormal features hundreds of detailed
articles covering every thing from UFOs to Sea creatures,
spoon pending. Ghosts, Aliens and much more. The 7 main
categories are UFOs. Strange Life, Ghosts, Mind over Matter,
The Unexplained, jmgjrt Myths and Mysticism. Included are
1,000s of images, 100s of I samples, film clips and
animations. “ Personal Suite CD Sounds Terrific 2 Women of the
Web Light Rom Gold Card Games CD 17 Bit LSD 3 17 Bit 5th
Dimension Amos PD CD UPD Gold Imagine PD CD Multimedia
Backdrops Sci Fi Sensations 2 Assassins CD Volume 2 1,078
Weird Textures 3,000 Jpeg Textures Dem Rom Magic WB Enhancer
NFA Utilities Experience NFA AGA Experience 2 Scene Storm Zoom
2 Oh Yes! More Worms Octamed 6 CD Clip Art CD 3DCD-2 Images
Retro Gold UGHT-ROM 4, a 2 CD-ROM set for the Amiga, Mac,
Windows AT features all new LighDvave objects and scene
files. In addition there n is a bonus CD-ROM of 3,000 ? Jpeg
Textures. This set
- contains wholly new material and is an absolutely superb kV
resource for Lightwave.
Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 1997 Edition now includes over 16,000 articles, 4,000 images, 200 sound clips, 200 film clips, 3 search 0 engines, over 1,000,000 words, 0 £0 £ * national anthems, the ability to yW&fcf features new royalty free material% created with lightwave 4.0 &
5. 0 versions.
WE WFLL PrrCE MATCH ANY ADVERT FNTHFS MAGAXFFVE siren No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for mediate despatch ¦ -jt- r - ..... -- (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 55 * Tv: ‘ : - •. . 1.
Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITE FI ELD, MANCHESTER ENGLAND Access, Visa, Switch. Delta, Connect etc accepted ¦ OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to Polar opposite the Masons Pub.
All prices include VAT. Postage and packing v ill be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.).
17. 513 Europe and £12.50 rest of die world.
“Worid of A12O0T & "Top 100 Gamm” or “Epic EhcyckpedhP (1996 Version.
Can be upgraded to 1997 version for £12.99) Cds FREE with every CD ROM drive!!!
CD-ROM DRIVES TOTAL SCSI CD-ROM DRIVE Fully featured SCSI CD- ROM drive for use with the A1200 or A600, Features include superb metal enclosure with inbuilt mains power supply.
Includes all software, cables and instructions for immediate use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio CD player software included. No extras needed! Just plug in and go. Choose either PCMCIA fitting Squirrel interface or internally fitting Dataflyer SCSI interface.
TOTAL CD-ROM DRIVES 2 speed £129.99 4 speed £149.99 6 speed £159.99 8 speed £209.99 Prices include Squirrel.
Add £30.00 for Dataflyer or Surf Squirrel ULTRA CD-ROM DRIVE Superb IDE CD-ROM drive system for the A1200. Fully featured, top quality drives in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply. All cables, instructions, software including CD32 emulator and audio CD player etc.. included for immediate use. The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside the A1200 (exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200. Next to the mouse socket.
2. 5" HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2.5’ IDE hard drives for the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting
cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12
months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted,
partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for
the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly
simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you
can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
A50Q4420mb Hard Drive £109.99 £139.99 £174.99 £209.99 340mb
540mb lOOOmb 1800mb
F. ikH did ... „ rO£P APOLLO 1230 LITE £99.99 . ... i'*. - - : 4
... ...; • j High quality low cost 68030 accelerator with
MMU and FPU all running at 25mhz. Built in battery I' % - *
backed clock. Easy trapdoor fitting. Amazing performance for
such a low price. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM. Not PCMCIA
compatible with 8mb fitted.
APOLLO 1230 PRO £149.99 TWIN SIMM TECHNOLOi All the features you asked for at an affordable price! High performance Jv 68030 with FPU and MMU run- J r ning at 40mhz. Two 72pin SIMM i- sockets can take upto 32mb j.- yA each. Simms can be mixed
(i. e. a 4mb and 8mb will .. give 12mb) and can be sin- " gle or
double sided. Fully PCM v CIA compatible regardless of how
much *'• memory is fitted. Easy trapdoor fitting with battery
backed clock APOLLO 1240 1260 68040 68060+MMU based A1200
accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin
socket for a standard 72 pin Sll d (i*t( 128mb). Fully
featured, fan cooled trapdoor fitting acc APOLLO 1240 25
£199.99 rnnmmam * APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM
£24.99 8MB SIMM £49.99 OR 16MB SIMM £99.99 WHEN 32MB SIMM
MEMORY A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a
battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU.
Unlike other memory expansions that
4. 4 v conflict with the PCMCIA port, our TOTAL I memory
expansions include unique software that will enable the
maximum amount of memory to be used even with a PCMCIA fitting
NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £69.99 8MB MEMORY EXPANSION £89.99 33MHZ 68882 FPU (PLCC) or only when purchased with above There's cake, there's (cheap) Champagne, and there's the one thing guaranteed to get a party started, IVIick Veitch One Himdred, not out. Well, it is out actually, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading it. If you are the sort of person who never bothers to read the cover, I should explain that this is our celebratory special one hundredth issue of the world’s biggest Amiga magazine.
To celebrate 100 issues, exacdy half % of which I have helped or hindered along the way, we have put together a special feature, including our top 100 games, Shareware and serious products of all time. There is an i informative “who was who” of the last 100 A Afs, and a special replica of issue one ready r for you to put together.
But all that is in addition to some of the best games and serious products we have had the fortune to review all year, including the rather excellent Nemac IV, the tremendously useful Catweasel and the new Lightwave add-on. Surface Effectors.
One final thing. I would like to thank all the sterling members of the Amiga Format team who over the years have consistendy produced an excellent magazine, and one which quite righdy has always been the most popular Amiga mag.
And of course, I shouldn’t forget you, our readers, who have showed the good sense to continue buying it for all that time. But enough. You get on with reading this special issue and I’ll get on with tucking into all this cake... % J CUT OUT AND KEEP MINIATURE ISSUE 1 P30 It's fun, it's small, it's collectable, it can be assembled by complete idiots - only be your free giveaway replica issue one in this month's soaraway AF.
100TH ISSUE CELEBRATIONS P15 Okay, who wants some cake? Everyone turns up for our AF100 celebration.
CATWEASEL AND BUDDHA P69 Take a fresh look at the way you attach High Density drives to the Amiga.
STEP BY STEP SCEHE NEMAC IV P40 It took us ages to coax Andy Smith out from behind the sofa to play this game, but once he started, he couldn't get enough!
SURFACE EFFECTORS P70 It might look like a blobby green light bobbing up and down, but apparently it is very cunning and ingenious, according to Ben.
AMIGA FORMAT AUGUST 1997 30 EGULARS 62 CINEMA 4D CD Like Cinema 4D3, only more so, with extended colour material previews. And other stuff.
66 POWER MODEM Like everything else, modems just keep getting faster and cheaper. Read what we think of the new 33.6k Power Computing model.
68 CATWEASEL BUDDHA Why have we never been able to access PC disks at full speed? Because we never had the proper kit. Until now.
74 CD-ROM ROUND-UP Geek Gadgets 2 looks like the highlight of Nick's regular trawl through all that is shiny and round.
MAKE YOUR OWN 1ST ISSUE Serious collector's item or crude publicity stunt-cum-space filler?
Who cares, have fun making your own miniature issue 1.
73 WHIPPET Should you replace your standard Amiga serial port with this substantially nippier one?
70 SURFACE EFFECTORS A plug-in shader effect interface for Lightwave. Ben Vost's been waiting all his life for this... WHO'S WHO Everybody who's ever had an influence on Amiga Format is gathered together in two pages of great photos 72 MAXTOR & OLYMPUS MO Gasteiner produce two new drives, one a whopping 5Gb monster and the other a potential rival to Zip.
880K OF PROGRAMS NEW ZEALAND STORYj PUIY461. JO»0 Of TX MCAOC MUSH PLUS • ART S4LUEKV -U7!UTJ£S» MOAKSStoCH HACAS -AM'MATlCOewO AMIGA E5l 88 BEGINNERS GUIDE This month we take you through the important process of making Workbench fizz and zip to your requirements.
90 PPAINT Image processing effects (things like embossing) get the onceover in our essential paint tutorial.
92 CINEMA4D 2 John Kennedy looks at animation and comes away smiling.
94 ADVANCED AREXX Ever wondered what the secrets behind multitasking are?
Us too. Here are the answers.
96 DOPUS The lister is the heart of Dopus - without it nothing moves.
Ben Vost explains its mysteries.
55 PD SELECT Surprising gems unearthed from the murky world of PD.
78 WORKBENCH More expert advice as we soothe reader's troubled brows.
82 AMIGA.NET Dave Cusick shamelessly promotes his own web page.
84 SUBSCRIPTIONS If you haven't, you really should.
99 MAILBAG & GALLERY Keep in touch and we might print your letter.
News from Gateway 2000 on what's been happening at Amiga International.
10 FREE INTERNET ACCOUNT Have a month of Internet connectivity courtesy of Demon and Active Software.
12 AF100 COMPETITION TIME Win over eight grand's worth of smashing Amiga prizes!
Coverdisks MagicWB ISSUE 100 AUGUST 1997 The world's favourite Workbench enhancer in an all-new version.
Essential software.
Monty He's rather cuddly as wolves go and he's out to save the world. With your help, of course.
The greatest software and hardware in the history of the Amiga, ranked and rated by the Amiga Format team.
Coverdisk Instructions Shareware is the proud backbone of the Amiga community, we sort out our personal favourites Andy Smith spends a month in heaven as he plays every Amiga game ever and ranks them for you. & The fullest CD we've ever given you and it's stuffed with the top 100 shareware titles, your submissions and over 400Mb from Aminet. A feast for your Amiga.
Plus Phase 2 - your 2nd free CD.
38 PREVIEWS Look out for Golf and Satanic pacts NEMAC-IV Goodness. Now this is really rather spiffing.
44 KARGON Four-player duelling wizards a-go-go 16 Co verdi sc Instructions 46 READER GAMES Little packets of joy, we call them.
49 GAMEBUSTERS Valhalla, Alien Breed 3D II and more AMIGA FORMAT AUGUST 1997 July Offer: £20 o ol EjllIlI Pounus, Ab'Jiir'il Ju jTtjjjijli Pusssmi PysjiLiuif 'J PiPTf Best pricing on CD ROM Drives & Hard Drives.
We can supply CD ROM solutions for ALL Amigas from A500 to A4000. We will match any genuine advertised price and also give four top titles free: Nick Faldo's Championship Golf; Syndicate; Pinball Fantasies A The Chaos Engine on top where we have to price match any product All our External IDE CD ROM Drives have built in power supplies (they do not draw power from your Amiga) Three different options to connect CD ROM drives to A600 or A1200
a) Use PCMCIA port for total external solution without opening up
your Amiga. You can Hot plug this device without harming your
B) Use Internal IDE port with AlfaDuo if you have
2. 5" Hard Drive (will be with full IDEFIX software).
C) Use Internal IDE port with Gl-Quatro buffered interface if you
have 3.5“ Hard Drive (will be with full IDEFIX software).
All CD ROM drives have play CD facility. Audio connection at front as well as at the back.
External A600 A1200 £149.00 £159.00 £169.00 £179.00 £189.00 Internal A1500 A2000 £119.00 £129.00 £139.00 £149.00 £159.00 External* A500 A500+ £129.00 £139.00 £149.00 N A N A Internal A4000 £109.00 £119.00 £129.00 £139.00 £149.00 Quad speed CD ROM for Six speed CD ROM for Eight speed CD ROM for 12 Speed CD ROM for 16 Speed CD ROM for ‘(for A500 A500+ Alfapower hard drive controller and Hard Drive is required). A1500 A2000 supplied with IDE controller & software. A4000 supplied with AlfaQuatro interface & Full IDEFIX software.
1________ m Miscellaneous Products , ...£28.00 ...£28.00 16Mb Simms ...£60.00 32Mb Simms...£140.00
B. 'B 92%o AUI Viper A630 40Mhz + 4Mb (not upgradeable) £110.00
.£49.95 Viper A630 40Mhz + 8Mb (not upgradeable) £120.00 RAM
CARDS A1200 A1200 with clock and 4Mb .....£49.00 A1200
with clock and 8Mb .....£65.00 A1200 with clock, 8Mb &
33Mhz FPU ..£80.00 33Mhz FPU inc.
crystal ...£15.00 RAM CARDS A500 500+ & A600
A500 512K w o clock £20.00 A500+ 1Mb w o
clock £20.00 A600 1Mb w o clock
£20.00 A600 1Mb with clock
£30.00 Replacement Mice
......£6.95 MegaMouse 400
..£9.95 MegaMouse Plus (3 Button)
..£10.95 Optical Mouse ..Sold
Out New Golden Image TrackB all .....£19.95 Pen Mouse
£12.95 (ideal for CAD) New Black Mouse for Amigas
..£9.95 Catweasel for A1200 - allows you to connect
High Density Disk Drives ..£55 Catweasel for
A1500 2000 4000 ..£55 Buddha IDE Controller for
A1500 2000 4000 £55 Catweasel plus Buddha for A1500 2000 4000
.. £79 Oktagon 2008 SCSI Controller .£99
Multiface III ...£79 PCMCIA
Controller for CDRom for A1200 £69 Specially made hardware and
Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+, comes with full IDEFIX software ......£59.00 Multi Media Speakers: 160 watt (pmpo) ..£25.00 240 watt (pmpo) ..£35.00 300 watt (pmpo) ..£45.00 300 watt (pmpo) 3D surround .....£55.00 Amiga Joysticks ..£9.95 Amiga Joypads ...£9.95 New Gl-Quatro Buffered Interface for A1200 New AlfaQuatro Interface
Joysticks & Joypads Amiga Mice Ram Boards Controllers (Successfully launched at World of Amiga Show ’97) Buffered interface for A1200 with IDEFIX’97 software allows you to connect 4 ATAPI devices to A1200 £59.95 IDE 3.5" Hard drives come formatted and installed with Workbench. Cable, screws, software and instructions supplied, (please ring for availability) 850Mb ......£125.00 2.5Gig ......£175.00
1. 2Gig £135.00 3.0Gig ......£200.00
1. 7Gig £155.00 IDE 2.5" Hard drives come formatted
and installed with Workbench. Cable, screws, software and
instructions supplied, (please ring for availability)
250Mb .£89.00 420Mb .....£119.00
340Mb ......£109.00 540Mb .....£129.00 External
Floppy Drive for all Amigas £39.95 Internal Floppy Drive
A500 500+ ......£28.00 Internal Floppy Drive A600 1200+
Internal Floppy Drive A1500 2000 HARD DRIVES + BUDDHA
CONTROLLER FOR A1500 A2000 A4000 ...Please
Ring 400dpi with Migraphs acclaimed Touch-Up, Merge-it and
full OCR (limited quantities) .. 4Mb
Simms ..£15.00 8Mb Simms ..£25.00 IDE 3.5" Hard
Drives IDE 2.5" Hard Drives IDE Hard Drives Floppy Drives
44pin 3 connector cable ..£5.00 44pin
2 connector cable ..£3.00 40pin 3
connector cable 90cm ...£5.00 AlfaDuo 44pin
to 40pin Interface & IDE cables...£20.00 AlfaQuatro 3x40pin
interface & IDE cables .£39.95 DD floppy disks (50)
including multicoloured disk labels ......£1
3.00 DD floppy disks (100) including multicoloured disk labels
......£2D .00
3. 5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 + Install
software £1 D.00
Diskbox to hold 10 discs ..£1.00
Animal Jungle design and Dinosaur design ...£2.00 Optical
Mouse Mat .£5.00 2 in 1
Scanner Mouse Pad Can be used as a memo pad
.£3.00 Amiga Power Supply 4.5
amp £15.00 Plain Wristrest
£2.00 CD Cleaners - half
price CD Rom Cleaner £3.00
Automatic CD Rom Cleaner (batterypowered)......£6.00 Laser
Lens Cleaner .£4.50 1230 33Mhz
+ 4Mb ...£135.00 1230 33Mhz + 8Mb
...£145.00 1230 33Mhz +
16Mb ...£175.00 1230 50Mhz + 4Mb
...£179.00 1230 50Mhz + 8Mb
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16Mb ...£219.00 Viper MKV 1230 50Mhz plus
SCSI interface with 4Mb....£159.00 with 8Mb....£169.00 with
16Mb.£199.00 Viper MKTV 42Mhz + 4Mb (not upgradeable) £80.00
Accelerator for A1200 Accelerator for A600 Accelerator Boards
All prices include VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P for items under
£30.00, £5.00 for items over £30.00, £8.00 P&P for Scanners,
Speakers & Hard Drives, £10.00 courier for next day. Tax Free
Export Orders Welcome.
Golden Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 0LB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 600900 Our standard terms and conditions apply available on request. We do not supply on a trial basis.
What’s up?
New Blood at Amiga Int.
Amiga international hire new R&D Manager Competitions Over £8,000 worth of prizes in this special 100th issue Demon Internet One month of FREE Internet access for AF readers
* r.rr ~~r ----- • _v r. _ . ; - J~ - Games News A whole host
of new games to suit all tastes A small village on the north
coast of Norfolk has become a haven for Amiga devotees. Sick of
people in the industry knocking his trusty machine, John Kelly
decided there was safety in numbers and armed himself with a
team of enthusiasts who are proud to call themselves the Amiga
User's Group. The tiny club, "out in the sticks" at Felbrigg
draws its 50 members from as far as thirty miles away, and
meets once a week to chat and swap Amigan experiences.
"People bring their own machines to the club for "hands-on-experience," says Kelly. "Newcomers to the scene and... the more experienced users seem to get their problems solved in a very friendly environment. There always seems to be someone who can find, or who knows, the answer." He's passionate about the durability of the Amiga, saying, "don't try to tell me that the Amiga is dead.
Our group is living proof of its viability and our group is going from strength to strength." Feisty stuff.
In news just breaking as we go to press, Amiga International have appointed an R&D manager. The new man is a senior engineer at Gateway 2000 and has a long history with the Amiga and video work. He was also, in part, responsible for Gateway’s Dimensions PC - a product which is half Herr Tvschtschenko has also J recently had meetings with both Phase 5 and Pios to discuss the future of the Amiga as regards potential PowerPC development, but as yet nothing has been concretely resolved on this issue.
Lastly, .Amiga International has also granted a license to Micronik, the Amiga Format and because we're such damn generous people we've organised loads and loads of Amiga-related goodies to give away in this special centenary issue. In fact there are over £8000 worth of prizes in total, so keep your eyes peeled for the competition boxes dotted throughout the magazine. The instructions couldn't be simpler, just send a postcard clearly marked with your name, address and phone number to the address in the box. Please state clearly on your entry if you do not wish to receive details of other
special offers from either Future Publishing or other carefully selected companies.
Closing date for all competitions is 1st September 1997.
Employees of Future Publishing and the companies involved are not eligible to enter. Good Luck!
"He will co-ordinate the efforts of a worldwide team of developers."
Manufacturers of the Infinitiv tower case, to make their own tower-based A1200s. These will come in a variety of configurations to suit different needs and budgets and will be available through normal distribution channels.
TV, half computer. He will be based at Gateway’s Sioux City headquarters and will co-ordinate the efforts of a worldwide team of outside software developers, some of whom will be familiar names.
AMIGA ANGELS UPDATE Thanks to everyone who put forward their name for the Amiga Angels list that we maintain here and on the CD. If your details aren’t correct, or you want to add something, please get in touch. If you’ve thought about signing up, why not send your details to: Amiga Angels Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW or drop us an email at bvost@futurenet.co.uk with Amiga Angels in the subjectline.
BIG RED ADVENTURE RESULTS If you entered our competition to win a copy of Power Computing’s Big Red Adventure, then the time’s come to find out if you were lucky. Here are the winners: James Milner, Guilsborough Wendy Augustine, Harrow Sandy Brownlee, Turriff Ken Heslip, Rathfarnham James Verrill, Warrington Andreas Kuerzinger, Lunzenau, Germany David Bielby, Wakefield David Pink, Leeds
R. C. Turner, Weston- Super-Mare
W. G. McGill, Farnborough READER ADS We’re only getting a trickle
of response to our Reader Ads, so there’s not really room to
print them just yet.
However, all entries received will go onto the CD-ROM in the - Look_here_ 1 st! - Reader Ads drawer, so keep them coming to: Reader Ads Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW or email them to bvost@futurenet.co.uk with the subject line Reader Ads.
Internet. After you’ve taken advantage of this offer you can decide whether or not to continue an account with them. If you choose to, then a fixed monthly subscription will cost £10+VAT, providing you with full dial-up Internet access. And you can keep your phone costs to a minimum because wiierever you're based in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands, you can connect to the Internet via a local phone call.
Your £10+VAT a month will also get you 5Mb of free Web space. This means you can have a go at creating your own Web pages. Demon also offer free 24-hour hot-line support, seven davs a week.
"You can send and receive as much email as you want."
NetConnect is Active Software’s easy- to-use suite of Internet software (AF98 92%). It comes with everything you will need online from AmFTP to Voyager, MicroDot II to AmlRC. The demo version of this software can be found on this month’s
CD. It is limited to one If you can't get enough informative info
on your favourite computer platform, you may like to check
out a diskmag or two for an, er, alternative perspective on
things. One of the more recent forays into this field of
publishing is The Word. You can download this disk mag from
the home page at http: www.aeocities.com TimesSauare castl
e 4466 Net Corner Active Software and Demon Internet have
come up with a special offer for our 100th issue. Demon are
offering all Amiga Format readers 30 days’ FREE unlimited
Internet access. And we’re gi ing you a lite version of
NetConnect with all the software that you’ll need to get
online. This means that if you’ve been unconvinced by
articles about the Internet, or put off by the cost, now’s
vour chance j to try it out before you buy.
Founded in 1992, Demon Internet is the UK’s largest, most experienced provider of fast, dial-up access to the For those of you more concerned with the specifics of developing for the Amiga, there's a recent start-up site by the name of No Amiga To Waste http: www.thunderstorms.org NATW which aims to provide a variety of programming information and a forum for discussion. It would probably also be worth your while taking a peek at the more "official" developer site at: htto: www.amiga.ora developer If you are looking for a more official source of information, then you could do worse than
subscribing to the Gateway 2000 mailing list. They even have a special button for the Amiga, so you don't have to receive a load of nonsense about new PC models and such stuff.
Http: www.aw2k.com interact maillist subsc ribe.html hundred days use and only allows you to stay online for an hour at a time, but if you like it then the full version can be obtained from Active Software on 01325 352260.
To take advantage of the Demon offer just give them a call on 0181 371 1234 and quote the special code: AMIGA308.
It's official: more and more people in the western world are becoming Net literate. Europe's largest Internet Service Provider, Demon Internet, have announced a record total of 100,000 subscriptions to their dial-up access service, since its launch in 1992. The package offered by Demon costs £12.50 (+VAT) as a one-off start-up fee, and a flat rate of £10 (+VAT) per month after that, for full Internet access, with time online being charged at BT local call p | The Bradford Column | ONLINE SURGE rates. Fringe benefits of this connection deal are 24-hour technical support, a free 5Mb of virtual
Web server and two RealAudio streams for customers' homepages. There is also just one standard price for connection through an analogue modem, ISDN or mobile phone.
I'm sure he wouldn’t thank me for quoting him but it wasn’t that many years ago that I sat behind a certain David Pleasance at a Computer Arena when he claimed that the CDTV would “make books obsolete.” It wasn’t the first time someone had said that, in fact the same thing was probably said about radio and then television, and, more recently, the Internet was being hailed as the innovation to end the domination of paper-based information - why would anyone want to buy a book when they can access all the information they will ever need online? It is somewhat ironic, therefore, that one of the
world’s most (commercially) successful sites is an online bookstore, offering 60,000+ titles for sale from one location.
The Internet offers many such paradoxes. Virtually every major company now has a www address and, after searching them out, a common reaction is “Why?” So many are just wasted opportunities, offering little more - and sometimes less - than company bumph, with graphics seemingly just scanned in from promotional literature. And some of the companies who design these things are making small fortunes from the ignorance of their customers, who feel that they must use a grand-sounding concern with a prestigious real-world address to create their Web site.
These companies then provide a reassuringly expensive four-figure invoice at the end.
I know of one poor chap who spent the last year learning the ins and outs of HTML and graphic design before approaching a large number of local and national businesses offering Web page design. He was a one-man band in the best tradition, and made no secret of this fact, and kept his costs (and thus his fees) low by working from home. Needless to say, he got nowhere, even though he could do the job as good as anyone else and at a much lower rate. Many times he was rebuffed by the same customers who later had their pages 'professionally’ designed.
And yet some of the most popular sites can be designed and maintained by a single person with talent and enthusiasm. Indeed, there are some one- man bands offering similar concepts, content and services as the giant real-world companies, who employ teams of experts on a full-time basis - and the one-man band sites are enjoying many more hits per month.
Perhaps the moral here is that if you are a one- man band then it’s in your own interests to keep this fact to yourself, and let everyone else think your business, whatever it may be, is bigger than it actually is.
And charge accordingly.
MEWS The Amiga games scene seems to be hotting up. We’ve recently heard from Sadeness Software that they intend publishing Paul Burkev’s Foundation - a Settlerslike game with two player support and an extremely good-looking (at this stage) interface. Foundation is due to be released this autumn, but no price point has yet been set for it.
Sixth Sense In vestiga tions, coming to the AFCD next month.
Epic Marketing’s games arm Islona has got a whole host of new titles coming out soon. These include the 3D racing game Flyin ’ High, graphic adventure Sixth Sense Investigations (we should have a demo of this on next month’s CD), Paolo Cattani’s brilliant Formula One game Alien FI, which will be renamed to FI Challenge. Epic will also be distributing German games Wendetta and Doom clone Trapped and they are going to re-release popular shoot-em-up XP8 and Pinball Prelude.
Further ahead, they are looking to distribute the Flashback-like On Escapee by Hungarian group Invictus Team. As if that wasn’t enough, Epic are also launching the new AVI player and creator AVId Pro that is used for the Encyclopedia of the Paranormal CD. For more details on all these call Epic on 0500 131486.
J Power 4 Lightwave Digital Data Labs have imported a book for Lightwave users called Power FX for Lightwave 5 by Alan Chan. It's an addendum to the original FX Kit for Lightwave book by the same author and it covers all the new features found in Lightwave 5. Although it concentrates mainly on the new features added to the PC version like OpenGL in the opening chapters, it soon gets down to the dirty details of really manipulating new tools like MetaNURBS and using multiple surface textures. It also gives you a great deal of information on all the plug-ins that accompanied Lightwave 5 and
which were not properly detailed in the manual. If you have Lightwave 5, you should really get this book, (priced at £29.95 including postage and packing). Contact Digital Data Labs on 01843 836145 or visit their Web site at www.ddlabs.co.uk for more information.
Scratch & Win Digital optics master Traxdata is offering users of its CD-R media the chance to win one of ten holidays for two in Barbados. Their SUMMERGOLD "Scratch & Win" promotion is linked to sales of their recordable compact discs, so if you fancy your chances of some free sun in the tropics, or a runner-up prize of a DVD player, CD-R Recorder kit or digital camera, you can purchase a Traxdata CD-R, scratch away the silver panel on the paper inlay and all will be revealed.
The competition is open to people all over Europe, through Traxdata's offices or distributors, with 10,000 prizes to be won in total.
Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe, the publishers of the Aminet Cds and Aminet Sets have given us five sets of Aminet Sets 1-5 and ten runners-up prizes of the latest Aminet CD to give away. Send your self-addressed postcard to: AF100 Aminet Draw Amiga Format 29 Monmouth St. Bath BA1 2BW For competition rules and regs see page 9. M u r
I. .... GTI Charts May 97 AFCD14 straight in at number 3 - what
more can we say?
6 (5) Aminet 17 1 (D Aminet 18 2
(2) Aminet Set 4 3 (-) Amiga Format CD14 4 (-) Geek Gadgets 2 5
(8) Meeting Pearls 4 7 (¦) ' Euro CD 2 8
(7) Aminet Set 3 9
(10) Aminet Set 1 10
(6) Tele-Info CD Vol. 2 11
(4) Amiga Format CD13 12
(11) Aminet Set 2 13
(13) Amiga Developer CD 14 (-) Amiga Experience 3 15
(36) Eric Schwartz CD 16
(12) Scala Plug-In 17
(23) Geek Gadgets 1 18
(3) Amiga CD 5-6 97 19
(14) Amiga Tools 6 20
(15) Eric Schwartz CD LOW COST DELIVERY Tel: 0113 231 -9444 LARGE
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Modulator Amiga PSU_ Delivery £1.50 per _ _ , _ _ CD ROM
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H. Packard Glossy paper pack(10) High quality Inkjet Paper (500)
Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets v - ------- (c Single sheet
500 sheets Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.49 100 x £26.99 30 x £9.99 200 x
£49.99 50 x £ 14.99 500x£l 14.99 Branded DSDD 10 x £4.99 100 x
£41.99 30 x £ 13.99 200 x £76.99 50 x£2l.99 500x£l75.99 Bulk
DSHD 10 x £3.99 I 00 x £29.99 30 x £10.99 200 x £55.99
50x£l6.99 500x£l29.99 Branded DSHD 10 x £5.99 100 x £44.99
30x£l5.99 200 x £82.99 50 x £23.99 500x£l89.99 (Disk labels
x500 £6.99 Disk labels x 1000 £9.99 Fusion is the ULTIMATE
software only Mac emulation for ANY Amiga with 68020 or better
CPU. Moving on from the Mac emulators of the past, it boasts
such advanced features as Virtual memory, on-the-fly screen
resolution changing and incredibly fast video (Direct Graphics
board Picasso96 and CyberGraphX and Amiga Video).
The most iechnical feature of FUSION is its ICP (Inner-Communications Port). There is a a virtual link between the Amiga and the Macintosh while the emulation is running.
This link allows any programmer to access any function normally available to Macintosh programmers.
One of the built-in uses of the ICP is the availability of ALL Macintosh volumes on the Amiga side. This includes multi-volume partitions. Tne dev-ces become AmigaDOS compatible, and nc additional handler or filesystem is required. So. It will be possible to use your favorite file copying tool (i.e. DirectoryOpus) to copy, delete, rename, etc. files on any Macintosh partition, and all from the Amiga side. The ICP is bi-directional, so programmers could write Macinotosh based programs that used Amiga library functions too. The possibilities of the ICP are endless!
We also have 4-way IDE interfaces, real Amiga
1. 78Mb floppy drives (no software patch), cables to uriHae 15”
and or 3.5” hard drives, twin floppy cables sad Catweasel to
use low coat PC floppies] CyberStorm PPC-604 Companion CPC
Socket MIPS SpecFP95 Max RAM SIMM Sockets SCSI On-board Price
Price with 68040 25 fitted Price with 68040 40 fitted Price
with 68060 fitted Registered Upgrade Price 150 Mhz 040 or 060
180 Mhz 040 or 060 200 Mhz 040 or 060 350
7. 1 128Mb 4 Ultra-Wide £679.95 £749.95 £779.95 £929.95 £599.95
128Mb 4 Ultra-Wide £479.95 £549.95 £579.95 £729.95 £449.95
128Mb 4 Ultra-Wide £579.95 £649.95 £699.95 £829.95 £529.95
Choke of “eaay-fit” Zeno norm bonds.
Unlike other systems, cots oestiy connects viaaCPUslot pmthmugh «rvt nw power connector.
No “messy" wires every where.
Our Towers are supplied wiflt a beflt-in PC Keyboard interface. You can even rehouse yeer Amiga keyboard tn ¦ twS i-TM+nm rrwnLW) external easel Supports EMPLANT and AMAX hardware if present Supports all modem Macintosh operating systems (7.1.0 through 7.6) Virtual Memory support (System 7.5.0 or later and MMU required) 68060 compatible (optimal code is used when 68060 is detected) Support for Picasso96 and CyberGraphX. Allowing virtually any video board to be used Workbench video driver with autoscrolling and support for up to 256 colours AGA (Millions with Graphics card!)
Support for OC3. ECS. And AA video hardware Support for Graffiti hardware Custom QuickDraw replacement yields up to 6x video performance!
Mulitple video display support (up to 6 screens at the same time) On the fly resolution switching (System 7.5.0 or later) Custom chunky to planar conversion for fastest possible Amiga hardware graphics (2x the speed of EMPLANTs MACPRO video drivers!)
Stereo audio via Amiga audio hardware Stereo audio via AHI compliant devices EtherTalk (requires Amiga Ethernet board) AppleTalk (requires EMPLANT hardware) Support for up to 14 virtual MAC devices, including partitions, hardfiles.
And virtual floppy drives Support for the Catweasel disk drive enhancement Built-in CD-ROM support Direct SCSI access through EMPLANT hardware Direct serial access though EMPLANT hardware Serial and parallel support through any Amiga or compatible port Built-in file transfer translation with filtering Clipboard sharing (TEXT only) Custom FPU routines for high performance floating point operations 100% hand optimised 68K assembly language for best performance Support for 256K, 512K. And 1 meg Macintosh ROMs Support for sound input devices through AHI Support for parallel port sound digitisers
Upgradable to PowerMac emulation when Amiga PowerPC boards become available (will require PowerMac ROMs) The PCMCIA slot is available with oar adapter. We also have various add-ons such as Stereo Phono bezel, SCSI adaptors etc. Blizzard 603 603+ 175 Mhz 200 Mhz Companion CPU Socket 030 040 or 060 MIPS 250 280 SpecFP95
3. 1
3. 5 Max RAM 64Mb 64Mb SIMM Sockets 1 1 SCSI On-board SCSI-II
SCSI-II Price £299.95 £379.95 Price with 68030 50 fitted
£369.95 Price with 68040 25 fitted £449.95 Price with 68040 50
fitted £479.95 Price with 68060 fitted £629.95 Registered
Upgrade Price £599.95 B E S T P R 1 C £ S "Snap-On" 3.5". Bay
"Snap-On" 5.25" Bay (Required if you have an accelerator and
Zorns board) ?
Our Zorro boards are the finest available.
AH benefit from “future proof* PCI slots PCMCIA Adaptor (yep can nae these with ccr Pentium boards tool) and die best compatibility and design-bar none I The newZ3-i board really does turn yowAl 200 into aa A4000 clone! Zorro nr, SCSI-H and eree Cyberstorm MKII 60 50 A3 4000 accelerator £399.95 Cyberstorm MKII 40 40 A3 4000 accelerator £249.95 Blizzard 1260 50MHz A1200 accelerator £329.95 Z1 -i Zorro U x 5. ISA x 2 PCI » 2. VrSso (Option) Blizzard 1240 40MHz A1200 accelerator £199.95 Blizzard 1230 -50MHz A1200 accelerator £ 94.95 Z2-i Zorro II « 5. ISA 12 PCI * Z Vrseo (OpSon Z3-I Zorro III x
5. ISA x 2. PCI x2.
V«3» (Opton). SCSI-11.
A4CC0 CPU SCI Pcx is an all new (Software only) 80x86 emulation for any 68020+ Amiga! With features such as CPU Transcription, CD-ROM and ASPI drivers, VGA SVGA graphics, Soundblaster support, video card support, Graffiti support etc..... Pcx is the most advanced software PC emulator available for the Amiga! £4 Q "95 Art Effect VI.5 and V2.0 ArtEffect is the first an program that gives Amiga artists the power and flexibility they need.ArtEffect unites painting and image processing under a particularly productive user interface.
It is not "just another" graphics program for the Amiga and is not oriented towards the current "standard" programs on the Amiga, but rather to the classic programs for professional image processing. Proven concepts and ideas of these classic products Infinitiv Tower + Amiga PC Keyboard interface Infinitiv Tower + Amiga PC K B int. + Uprated PSU Zl-i Zorro II x 5, PCI x 2, ISA x 2, Video (option) Z2-i Zorro II x 5. PCI x 2. ISA x 2, Video (option), 2 x 72-pin SIMMs Z3-i Zorro III x 5, PCI x 2. ISA x 2, Video (option), SCSI-II. A4000 CPU slot Infinitiv uprated PSU Infinitiv 3.5” “Snap-on” bay
Infinitive 5.25” “Snap-on" bay PCMCIA Adaptor Infinitiv Video Slot Interface Power Adaptor External A1200 Keyboard case + Cable Windows 95 Keyboard Audio Slot Bezel (2 x Phono Connectors) 4-Way IDE interface
1. 76Mb Floppy drive (internal) £119.95 £159.95 £149.95 £199.95
£319.95 £ 44.95
11. 95
29. 95
29. 95
39. 95
6. 95
39. 95
14. 95
19. 95
19. 95 Add SCSI-II to the above accelerators for £ 64.95 Tower
Kits for the A3000 and A4000 £ 54.95 were merged with the
uncontested advantages of the Amiga. The new version 2 adds
(among other things) the power of layers and virtual memory'
ArtEffect 1.5 £ 59.95 ArtEffect 2.0 £119.95 INFINITIV Kits and “COMPLETE COMPUTER” RANGE Infinitiv Tower, Zl-i Zorro board plus PSU £299.95 Infinitiv Tower. Z2-i Zorro board plus PSU £349.95 Infinitiv Tower, Z3-i Zorro board plus PSU £469.95 Infinitiv Tower, Motherboard. PSU, Mouse, 1.76Mb Floppy £399.95 As per 1300-ci above plus Blizzard 1240 fitted £599.95 As per 1300-ci above plus Blizzard 1260 fitted £699.95 Infinitiv 1300t-i Infinitiv 1400t-i Infinitiv 1500t-i Infinitiv 1300c-i Infinitiv 1300c-i 40 Infinitiv 1300c-i 60 r t Storm C Professional 2.0 & Wizard 2 Storm C is the most developed
and user friendly C programming environment available to the Amiga user.
Version 2 improves on the well receivec first release, and now benefits front a lower price for non-commercial programmers. The series in compliment by Storm Wizard GUI creator and furtht add-on modules for PPC and p-OS will be available soon.
Storm C v2.0 Professional £179.
Storm C v2.0 Professional (Non-Commercial) £119.
StormWizard 2.0 £ 69.
VARIOUS AMIGA ITEMS VGA Adaptor (23-pin Amiga to 15-pin monitor) Monitor Adaptor (23-pin monitor to 15-pin gfxeard) Image Vision Multi-Media Authoring Bum-lt CD Writing Software - TAO Bum-lt CD Writing Software - DAO Art Studio 2.5t Picture catalogue processor Monument Designer V3.0 clariSSA V3 Adorage V2.5 Animage CatWeasel 1200 (PC HD floppy Drive controller) £ 54J6 CatWeasel 4000 Version £ 54J6 CatWeasel Zorro + 3 x Buffered IDE interfaces £ 69.96 Graffiti Chunky Graphics adaptor £ 44.96 Buffered IDE interface with reg. IDE-Fix s w £ 94.9ff Genlock M10 £109J6 Genlock M25 WQOte Floppy Drive
1.76Mb int. (1200 or4000 Thigh) £ 6446 Floppy Drive 1.76Mb Ext. (No software patch!) £ 6946 £ 1446 £ 1446 £ 2946 £ 6946 £ 7946 £ 9946 Aweb-II The latest V3!!
Now with many new features including Frames etc. New Price too!
A We !_ V V A £11 £10946 £ NcMac IV - Directors Cut Exclusive UK distributors!!!
15 minutes of beautifully rendered 3D intro and between level animation.
400Mb data on the CD. 40 levels of shooting mayhem! Any Amiga with hard drive and 68020 or better OCS ECS AGA. Graffiti or CvbeiGraphX Runs in any Amiga screen mode OS friendly (multi-tasking and quitting).
Joystick, mouse, joypad. Redcfinable keys support.
Picasso IV The PICASSO IV is the next generation Amiga multimedia card, offering blistering graphics performance and a "future proof upgradable specification for all Zorro II or III Amiga's. Picasso IV also includes an integrated flicker fixer - opening the world of high performance, low cost SVGA PC monitors for all display modes. PicassoIV is a Zorro II III based 64-bit Amiga card using the Cirrus Logic GD5446 graphics chip. It uses 4Mb of 45ns EDO RAM and provides resolutions up to 1600x1200 in 16bit or max. 1280x1024 in 24bit (non-interlaced). There is also an onboard Audio signal switcher
which enables you to connect Amiga, CD-ROM audio output and a external audio source. The expandable nature of Picasso IV will offer excellent features using modules such as the Sound module. Video module. Pablo II module, MPEG module. 3D GFX Module and PowerPC Module. Picasso IV comes complete with Picasso 96 RTG software. „Jhe Go(, of Amiga graphjcs £299.95 Blitter soft 4 Drakes Mews, CrowiUB Iadistry, BfitoKe7M.MK8OKR.lIK. Siamese System 1.5 The Siamese system will allow integration of the Amit with a Windows 95 capable PC. The kit includes a vide switching unit, communication lead. CrossDOS
an system software so you can be up and running straigl away. A full SCSI networking system can be addei which will require the purchase of a SCSI card on hoi the Amiga (Surf Squirrel. Oktagon. 4091 etc.) and th PC (Adaptec, etc.). The two systems can now share single monitor, mouse and keyboard and files can t transferred seamlessly. New low price! £99 Sales Tech Fix email Web +44 (0)1908 261466 +44 (0)1908 261477 +44 (0)1908 261488 sales@blittersoft.com technical@blittersoft.com http: www.blittersoft.com cards VILLAGE TRONIC Picasso 11+ £149.95 Pablo Video Encoder £ 49.95 Ariadne £129.95
Liana 5.0m cable £ 49.95 MainActor Pro £ 44.95 Order by Acccss Visa Delta Switch P. Order Cheque. 2r Surcharge on Access Visa (not debit cards). All prices fully inclusive of VAT. Postage and Packing £7.00 + VAT (24 Houri and £20.00 + VAT (Saturday). Prices and specifications may change without notice. Please telephone to confirm pricing specification availability before ordering. E&OE. All trademarks acknowledged. All orders subject to our terms and conditions of trading, available on request. Trade enquiries welcome.
Liana 1.6m cable AmiTCP MainActor Broadcast £ 39.95 £ 69.95 £ 99.95 AMIGA FORMAT AUGUST 1997 WHO'S WHO?
Ew6 A 10 12, 20 19 23 24 25 A '29 ) K A (46 r l 39 V 40 J*h rD j 47 W J c J rr F W 48 42 ) 43 | I I 49
* 1 53 1 c j 50 54 They were the best of times, they were the
worst of times... In 100 issues AF has come across a lot of
interesting characters.
If you can put a name to all these faces, you're doing better than most of us.
57 56 Graeme is our hero. He knows almost everything.
o Kieran Sumner, long time Commodore UK stalwart.
Sally Meddings. .IPs first art person. Nowr freelance.
Gary Lord, left Afthe week Nick Yeitch joined. For some reason.
David Pleasance. Former head of CBM ETC, after his failed buyout, he set up a recording studio.
“Scottie” McGill. Deported back to Scotland just in time.
Jeff “Llamatron” Minter. He preferred the ST - never mind.
Carl Sassenrath. Producer of much Amiga software. Currently working on REBOL, a replacement OS.
Jeff talker. Consultant on I Amiga Shopper, columnist in Format. Now working with HiSoft.
Kelly Sumner. Boss of CBMUK, now head of GameTek UK Cathy “rabbit syndrome” McKinnon. .Ai t bod and tea lady.
Colin Nightingale. .Ai t Ed. .And not a woman apparently.
Ben Vost. I think. Or it could be some chap off the street.
Toby Simpson, programmer and designer of Diggers.
There just isn't sufficient space to adequately describe this man.
Andy Smith, top games chap, back with the fold after an 80- issue absence.
Vicki West. Not a brat-packer at all, but a lovely trainee person.
Andrea Ball. She isn't as bad as she looks really. Lucky for us.
The face that sold a thousand Toasters - Kiki Stockhammer.
Trenton Webb, former .AFwriter, aJy&Ss now helps with Binary Asylum.
Colin Proudfoot. One time CBM buyout hopeful.
Petro Tyschtschenko. Head of Amiga International.
Andy Nuttall, former Games Ed, since disappeared.
Lew Eggebrecht. Former CBM hardware design chief.
Linford Benson and Hedges.
Former Ai t Ed.
Ibob Wade. The founding Editor of Amiga Format, and all round good bloke who often gets a round in, Bob is also the owner of Binarv Asvlum. The J J 7 chaps who brought you Zeeiuolf, Zeewolf 2 and are probably working on some other helicopter games... 2 Arthur C. Clarke popped up around 30 issues ago, when he released a book on terraforming Mars - the pictures were done in Vista Pro.
3 Richard Eddy of Codemasters, they who brought you top-down racer Miao Machines.
4 Jeff Bennet. Former art bloke. Now lurking around Bristol.
5 David Braben of Elite and Frontier fame. Bugs not pictured.
6 Pat McDonald. Hardware God. Who has returned to the fold.
7 “Honest” Steve Franklin, former MD of Commodore UK.
8 Carolyn Scheppner, former CBM software designer.
9 Peter Molyneux. He gave you Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park... Andy Braybrook was famous for his C64 games long before he rewrote them for the Amiga... Urban Mueller is the reason I Aminet exists. .And works.
Tony °f Power Computing mmm is a nice man who never swears and bears no resemblance to the chap immediately to his right.
Can you tell who he is yet? Rolf's Cartoon Club relied on A2000s.
Marcus Dyson, former Art Ed, then 3rd Editor of AF, before becoming a professional Yorkshireman.
£] Richard “Baggers” Baguley.
13 Former Tech Ed, then Ed of Amiga Shopper. Whereabouts unknown... Bernard Van Tienen. Ex-CBM, then ex-Escom... Amy the Squirrel must be the I Amiga's best known celebrity.
Keith Chegwin. Doh! Sony, it's actually AT columnist Dale Bradford - an easy mistake to make.
Greg Ingham. Former publisher.
Twice. Now MD of the whole company. I'd better stop now... Martyn Brown, who gave us Worms. Well. Team 17 did anyway, and he founded it.
“II Duce” Bartucca, one-time Art I bod. Now Art Ed of Total Bike.
“Litde” Susie White. This former .Art Ed now has more fun with real rockers on Bassist.
Jerry Rihll of Digita. .All round nice bloke really.
Dawn Levack. Long suffering CBM LTK employee.
The Military wing of Sensi software. John Hare.
Jim Drew, without whom Emplant w'ould be but a dream.
The “one I can't write anything about for fear of litigation”, Mehdi Ali - former boss of CBM who presided over the original destruction of the company.
Richard Jones, once a Prod Ed.
Now Editor of Total Football.
Jason Holborn, long-time AF writer. Whereabouts unknown.
The fourth Editor, Steve Jarratt.
Now' in charge of T3.
Maff Evans. He was the musical I one. Can't you tell?
Steve “the Boy” Bradley. Top games guru, defected to Official Playstation mag, but still hankers after a good game of Sensi Soccer.
Over AF's lifetime, we've seen a lot of great products. Prepare to sample one hundred of the best... GPFax The MIDI musician’s friend.
A570 The DKB version of this SCSI controller was the best.
M;* - !?
P vl ¦' % 5 ¦¦ i j Twist2 Cyberstorm Studio 16 balance your chequebook with this Microdeal classic.
ProDad’s interesting title text generator.
Cunning Lightwave add-on for proper kinematics.
Best insect at connecting to BBS.
• T- • -2 Epic Encyclopedia | | j Monument Designer Great start
for interactive reference.
Reluctantly included in respect of its popularity and PR job for the Amiga. Easily outstripped by Blitz Basic (3) though.
No longer manufactured, but a cheap and incredibly fast Zorro Ill- based graphics card.
Best of the fax software, written by madman who thinks Australia will retain Ashes.
Enterprise modem.
Modern day communications marvel.
The only Commodore product in the top 100. Best CD for the A500.
ETH 92 m AURA Arguably tl available sa le best currently mpler.
I LU DCTV Ingenious graphics enhancement.
Very old but reliable and surprisingly speedy hardware PC emulator for A500.
The only choice for accelerating your A2000 1500.
A classic accelerator for big box Ami gas.
Ftj, 79 Fast and friendly database.
Position. Top quality art package, but very demanding on hardware (not to mention wallet).
1 Sadly no longer made direct to disk l(Tbit sampler playback card.
Tremendous diary come to-do-list application from Digita.
Excellent quality, but expensive colour printer.
Less confusing than Final Calc
(22) , but less powerful too.
71 A quality genlock wrorth a mention.
Workable Mac disk emulation.
Pro Grab POWER Hand Scanner Powerpacker Pro It crunches as it compresses as it saves disk space.
For budding architects and engineers everywhere.
The only hand scanning system worth a mention.
Won’t mean much to anyone without an A500. The best add-on hard drive.
Yes, it is a joystick. Often referred to by Mr Bradley as his “boots”, this was the control method of choice for the world’s best Sen si players.
Superseded VIDI as the digitiser of choice.
How could you contemplate DTV without one?
Continued overleaf AF2: AF3 AF9: AF4 but with the ability to seamlessly morph, for example, a picture of Thatcher into one of an evil bloodsucking vampire.
Have been possible without it.
• J Canon BJ600C Only one Canon printer was allowed in the top
100. This cunning colour model had to be it.
Great music software, now available free on CompuServe.
In spite of Shapeshifter, the deluxe version meant proper Appletalk networking was possible.
So good it became part of Workbench 2.04 Pixel 3D pro How would Imagine obj von convert your J J ects otherwise?
45 PAR Card Still a contender in the 3D arena, with massive following.
Essential peer to peer Amiga networking software.
56 Amiga Developer CD Audiomaster IV Essential resource for any really J serious Amiga coders.
Best sample processing software.
Probably still the best way to dump computer-generated video footage to tape, bar none.
The best wav to access all those J silver platters on your .Amiga. If you have a printer, you should get this.
Out of this world. Galaxies if not universes ahead of Vista.
Excellent new-style C compiler project manager, soon to have PowerPC support. If only the code opdmised better!
1 _ Difficult to find bit of Gold Disk cunning. Edit your camcorder footage the easy way.
The dream purchase of everybody with a camcorder.
I I 53 Viper MkTV ft Cunning, amazing FMV hardware from Macro System.
The newest hardware entry in the top 100.
Worthy, cheap upgrade for the A1200.
A raytracer that simply gets better by leaps and bounds. It has reallv alreadv j j overtaken Imagine.
¦ SB 1 1 . IS 1 3 i * : J I
- : Arguably the best software PC emulator, with some tough
competition from Pcx.
Essendal back-up utility.
Scanners come and go, but this excellent performer with Power software is an all-time favourite.
Many people's first art package.
Simple, but powerful. Still used widely in the games industry (many games still use graphics done in Dpaint - even ones not developed for the Amiga).
41 Excellent sound card from Macro Svstem. Now very hard to find.
Pagestream 3.2 In spite of the debacle that was version 3, this software has matured into a worthy DTP package.
Lej MakeCD De rigeur video titling software.
New versions keep popping up and it's die only way we are able to bring you a monthly CD and remain (relatively) sane.
GVP’s excellent genlock. With SYHS inputs and software control.
El DevPac 3 The only commercial choice for Assembly programming.
All but essential networking card.
Won’t mean much to A1200 owners, but diis sterling piece of hardware is still available (from Power Computing) for upgrading older machines to 2Mb chip RAM.
A different sort of 3D program, with true solid modelling.
Exceptional HAM-capable paint and animation package.
The only way you are likely to get to present the weather.
Action Replay Quarterback Tools J Deluxe Highest placed non-Amiga specific kit. .And with good reason.
Basically a special version of , DPm, Many a cunning Coverdisk wouldn't Datel’s only valid reason to be AFIO AF11 AF14: AF15 AF17 AF18 included. The much hyped A1200 version never appeared, but various software substitutes have.
Arguably the best graphics card of our time, with wide industry support and plenty of nifty upgrades planned.
27 Typesmith You need never run out of fonts again.
SoftLogik's best piece of work.
26 CygnusEd An excellent text processor, with speed and Arexx on its side.
Programmer’s favourite.
The Amiga’s best Web browser, and one that is continually improving.
Now the king of Paint packages, and with decent Arexx and RTG support too. Well done Cloanto.
Oxxi’s excellent text processor for real men. There was none of that fancy graphics stuff, just good old fashioned four-colour speed and Arexx macro power.
It would be a Miracle if I ever sounded good on keyboards. I tried it - I did. Case proven.
13 Photogenics 2 It is really good. Paul Nolan excelled himself with bringing the seemingly impossible dream, of an Amiga contender to PhotoShop, to fruition.
O | Umawed ; B~ »V more!
Wizard Developments have very kindly given us several prizes. First prize will be a Magnum 040 25 accelerator board for your A1200, second prize is a copy of Dopus Magellan and there are four runners-up prizes of 560dpi mice (choose black or beige).
Send your SAE to: AF100 Wiz draw Wizard Developments PO Box 490 Dartford Kent DA1 2UH ProDAD’s animation effects package which lifted many restrictions off the ANIM format.
Nova Design’s excellent image processor, which just continues to get better and better.
The only software that ever threatened the ST’s dominance of the recording studio. Every musician should have a copy.
Mi CanDo They’ve got a funny name, but Can you think of a better way to J add loads of extra Serial Parallel ports to your Zorro Amiga?
Structured drawing the way it should be done. Where has this program been all our lives?
=9 Final Writer Good old Teijo. He took a flawed PD idea and turned it into a professional quality top piece of software used by nearly everyone.
It still astonishes us that nobody has ever resurrected this idea - the only- sensible way to create long animated cartoons. Made famous by Eric Schwartz (or is that the other way round?).
15 Art Effect !
I Continued overleaf AF21: AF22: AF23: AF24: AF25: AF26: AF27: Sadly no longer developed, the image processing crown may justly belong to ImageFX now. But still incredibly powerful, and I would argue, in conjunction with ProCONTROL, much better for many batch processing jobs.
Devilishly clever multimedia authoring system, used for experimental front-end on AFCD.
Full version appeared on AFCD2 11 1 software, which still pops up behind the screens of manv an j airport information system or store guide. Andjolly useful for home video work too, I think you’ll find.
The bold decision to launch the world’s first regular covermounted
CD. How manv of you have had j j your lives enriched by this
little bit of plastic coated circuitry?
I Never mind Worms and i Skidmarks, just take a look at all the i top quality utilities and games i released on the Internet or sent in i to us, for inclusion on our CD or i the Readers Games section, which : have been programmed in Blitz.
! Without it, Aminet wouldn't be i quite so big and all our lives would j be poorer. This was a very, very
• strong candidate for number one.
The hardware that gave A1200 owners the chance to aspire to having the most powerful Amiga available.
Reliable, fast and cunningly engineered.
HiSoft Squirrel Blitz Basic More than just a Basic, Blitz is, as I have said, possibly the best all-in one development tool for any platform. You don’t need much knowledge of programming to get going, but the power and speed of the software make it possible to create commercial quality software - so far ahead of AMOS it should feel insulted mentioned in the It’s a bit of a swizz isn't it, having a joint number one. But on the other hand, how can you separate them? One is an aspirational, industry-leading 3D renderer, the other is an invaluable tool which has made the .Amiga more friendly and
powerful in day-to-day use. Both programs are produced to the highest possible standards, with excellent documentation and have a long pedigree of continued support. .Although the latest version of Lightwave didn't score so well in our review, it is still quite simply the best and most easy to understand 3D renderer on the Amiga, and many would argue, on any platform.
Sadly, enhancements on other versions haven’t quite made it to the .Amiga yet, but third party support for Lightwave is phenomenal, with many excellent support programs such as Wavemakerand Impact!
Adding functionality. Lightwave has certainly dones its job in getting the Amiga noticed and taken seriously.
In the case of Directory Opus, support has come in the form of regular updates. From a useful adjunct to Workbench, Dopus has now- become a worthy replacement, adding hundreds of features you didn't even know- you needed. Long may they stay at the top!
Get mini Got a PC? Then you'll want to get NetworkPC to link it to your Amiga. If you'd like one of the ten copies that good o!' Weird Science have given us to give to you, then send your self-addressed postcard to: AF100 NetPC draw Weird Science Q House Troon Way Business Park Humberstone Lane Leicester LE4 9HA For competition rules and regs see page 9 AF3Q: AF31: AF36 AF32 Shareware Products 65 64 ReqTools 1 (Workbench) AmiBroker | 63 (Misc) PowerPacker (Archivers) 62 Am FTP | 1 (Comms) They won't put a hole in your pocket but they're all top quality. Ben Vost compiles his top 100 Shareware
Before we start, I don’t want to get whining emails saying, “How could you leave out Turbo-nutterDopus Beater!
It’s my all-time favourite utility!”.
J J This is a personal list with additions from the Afteam and freelancers.
Unfortunately, because we’ve only- got three pages to play with, you’ll just have to check most of these titles out for yourselves from off our CD, but rest assured, they’re all top- notch goodies and hopefully we'll be introducing you to some that you haven’t seen before. Now with no further ado, let’s go.
=81 Degrader (Monitor) WebPlug (Comms) ManiacBall (Games) YAM (Comms) 93 77 J (Workbench) (Games) 76 Amiga Elm I J (Comms) l 91 China Challenge III | (Games) cm Magic File Requestor 89 I (Workbench) ThinkaMania | J (Games) I 88 CyberWindow | J (Graphics) l 87 XPK libraries I J (Archivers) l 86 Deluxe Galaga | J (Games) l 85 BigAnim (Graphics) j NickPrefs (Workbench) 1 83 I _ Iconian J (Workbench) 1 lsm TUDE (Monitor) ToolAlias (Workbench) 75 UrouHack (Workbench) MainActor (Graphics) Class Action (Workbench) Argue (Workbench) It's Official Digita International have given us five pressie
bags containing a copy of Wordworth Office 6 on CD or floppy (be sure to state which you want) and a bunch of Digita goodies like mouse mats and polo shirts for you to win. Just send your self-addressed postcard to: AF100 Office Draw Digita International Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL For competition rules and regs see page 9.
71 100 Bridge (Games) 99 CyberGrab (tjrapmcsj PHX Utilities (Misc) I 97 Default Tool Changer ! (Workbench) l 96 Rush Hour I (Games) l 95 Visage I (Graphics) Bratwurst (Games) AF45 AF42 AF43 AF44 AF40 AF37 AF38 AF39 61 47 ® 9 Magic Menu Executive ARTM J (Workbench) J (Monitor) ARTM lets you watch over your Amiga. You can close down apps that have crashed and much more.
I (sound) AHI does for the Amiga’s sound system what RTG does for graphics.
Better yet, you don’t need costly hardware to put AHI to good use.
(Workbench) If you’re working on a big screen, it’s time-wasting to have to keep moving to the top of the screen to get to the menus, but Magic Menu gives you good-looking menus that can pop up all over the place.
1 60 WB-Pairs Voyager (Comms) (graphics) Image Engineer is a great image processing package that some commercial releases could be ashamed by.
1 =44 =44 CyberAVT (Graphics) CyberQT (Archivers) DiskSqueeze combines the very best of Lzx and DMS enabling you to get even better disk compression rates than before.
(Graphics) J (Graphics) Playing back AVIs and Quicktimes on an Amiga isn’t easy, but these two do a grand job of it!
(Graphics) These two RTG software solutions are now both available as Freeware which can only be a good thing.
CyberGraphX has the benefit of maturity, but Picasso96 has certain features that CyberGraphX doesn’t.
32 1 GoldEd 1 (Misc) (Workbench) i55 Term |
- ¦I...... (Comms) Ncomm 3.0 GoldEd is a text editor of a
quality- hard to find commercially, let alone in Shareware that
has additional modules for specific uses like HTML.
(Comms) j If you don’t have the cash for !
I Dopus, you could do a lot worse j 131 25 | DiskSalv | TBCIock i than get Ro which is great. J I ¦»* I (Misr) : | I w | (Disk) (Workbench) ARQ Wouter van Oortmerssen is a clever guy. He decided to write a new language, just for fun, and Amiga E is it. It’s very good too!
X Written by one of the best-known .Amiga gurus, Dave Haynie, DiskSalv has been a godsend to people who have lost files or got their hard drives in a muddle.
ED (Workbench) This little gizmo makes all alert requestors look much nicer with an animated display.
J (Graphics) 52 ReKeylt (Workbench) (Games) Soliton is a splendid MUI-based patience game that will work on screens up to 24-bit to give you the nicest looking cards anywhere.
39 CycleToMenu (Workbench) (Workbench) This great tool replaces the standard horrible cycle gadgets with neat pop-up menus.
(Workbench) The fights between proponents of these two icon packages are almost as fierce as those between MUI lovers and MUI haters. Whatever your choice, you have to admit they have made a huge impact on the way the .Amiga looks today.
* M GroovyPlayer .Andreas Kleinert’s datatypes, which push the
system to the limits, work in 24-bit as well as 256-colours.
(Sound) Gorgeous-looking CD audio player.
(Monitor) (Workbench) If you use your .Amiga on a high resolution screen, MagicFrames gets rid of horrible screen gadgets.
AmiCDFS J (disk) 1 J (Monitor) (Disk) Another tool that I use ever)- day, SCSIMounter is a quick and easy way to find out what you have on your SCSI bus and mount it.
Both these programs are benchmarkers. SysSpeed is adept at testing real world conditions and AIBB gives you the more familiar benchmarking tests.
(graphics) ShowObj is to 3D models what Vieiutek is to pictures. Nuff said.
If you are currently using die Commodore CDFS for your CD- ROM drive, then stop and either AFSO) AF51: AF52: AF53: AF54 AF46 AF47 AF48 COMPiFTE: The A4000 30 is launched by the big C which, curiously, was referred to as the A2400. Lemmings 2: The Tribes scores a 94 per cent Format Gold. Vista Pro 3 earns 92 per cent.
Kelly Sumner resigns as the MD of Commodore UK to be replaced by David Pleasance.
Rumours abound about the development of an Amiga CD console.
Body Blows knocks The Chaos Engine from the top of the charts with Lemmings 2 in third. Power Computing's High Density floppy disk drive scores a 93 per cent Gold.
The A600 drops £100 to £199.
A500s get you a £100 discount on an A1200. The Amiga continues to sell well but signs appear that Commodore are hitting problems.
Commodore's big hope, CD32 is revealed. The 32- bit console cost £299.99. The A1200 takes a £100 price cut to £299 and the A4000 40 goes down by £367 to £2,099.
ICL take over from Wang as the big C's service agents. Gunship 2000, Goal! And Syndicate go straight in to the top three places in the games charts.
Desktop Dynamite launched for £349.99. You get an A1200, Wordworth
2. Dpaint IV AGA, Print Manager, Oscar and Dennis.
The Video Toaster is released with a PAL encoder.
AF pulls off a major coup by putting Imagine 3D on the Coverdisk. David Pleasance announces that a 64-bit RISC-based Amiga is less than 12 months away.
Frontier: Elite 2 scores 90 per cent.
Cannon Fodder gets 95 per cent.
Spielberg's SeaQuest DSV featuring Lightwave special effects hits British TV screens.
Use AmiCDFS (if you’ve got SCSI) or IDEFix 97 (if you’re using IDE).
They are far better, we guarantee it.
=2 LhA When this first came out it was hard to believe that a fully functioning Macintosh could be had for the modest registration fee of S40.
11 (Workbench) This is to the Shell what MultiCX is to Workbench. It gives you many new features including the ability to jump a Shell window to a new screen and filename completion.
MultiCX (Workbench) MCP m m 17 (Archivers) The Disk-Masher (DMS) is a really handy tool if you need to archive a J J whole disk preserving the director)’ structure and name. It becomes even more invaluable when used with FMSDisk (70).
The Amiga wouldn't be nearly the same machine if it was silent and these two players work with almost any known ty pe of music module to give you Amiga-created sounds at your fingertips.
(Games) Absolutely brilliant fun for when you’ve got a few mates around and miles better than any of its commercial equivalents.
A lot of people in the know have complained about the “hack-y” nature of this add-on for Workbench, but it is extremely useful and very easy to configure.
(Workbench) Stefan Becker’s ToolManager is a very powerful way to add new menu items to your Workbench.
This handy commodity gives you a Mac-like ability to choose what programs are run at startup and how thev are ordered.
ToolsDaemon (Workbench) Viewtek (Comms) PARbench is a version of PARnet with an updated and easier installer. It's still the easiest (and sometimes the cheapest) way of linking two Amigas together.
(Monitors) Just what you need when things are going wrong to get them up and running once more.
PowerSnap allows you to copy text from Multiview and other applications just as though it were in a text editor. Yen’ handy!
What Commodore’s Icon information window should have been. But wasn't.
(Workbench) SnoopDOS PowerSnap % © Now this is what a TCP stack should be and no mistake.
(Workbench) Without a doubt, Magic User Interface (MUI) is the most influential Shareware product of all time. Without it, many other products would not exist, both in the commercial market and in the public domain. And yet, it’s not an easy product to explain to people who have never heard of it. In fact, it’s a product that is nothing without the huge range of software that has been written using it. So, for the 4fewr who are scratching their heads, here’s what MUI is. In effect MUI is a new object- oriented graphical user interface for the Amiga. It makes it easier for programmers to come
up with an interface for their programs, GadTools (the Amiga’s standard user interface) is notoriously lengthy to program, but MUI makes things a lot simpler and automatically includes functionality’ like font sensitivity and the ability- to open on public screens without it needing to be coded by hand every time. Of course, it’s good for the user as wrell, giving them the ability’ to choose various styles for buttons and gadgets and altering many cosmetic aspects of how a program performs. Critics have said that MUI slows down a system and takes too much memory, but it has to be said that it
also makes the .Amiga a much nicer computer to use and provides features that just aren’t found in GadTools.
• Read our exclusive interview with Stefan Stuntz, the author of
Magic User Interface, on our cover CD in Ben_Speaks!
LhA is one of the most used pieces of Amiga software, especially for Amiga magazines. How else can you fit a quart into a pint pot? It has been superseded by Lzx in recent times so they're both here in second place.
Magic User Interface This multi-function commodity’ enhances my Amiga so much, it’s hard to know where to begin to talk about it. Of course, you may prefer MCP, as a lot of people do, so thev’re both here at fourth.
(Workbench) =4 =4 Am Over the last 100 issues Amiga Format has reviewed hundreds and hundreds of games and although some have been completely rubbish, the vast majority have been quite splendid. Andy Smith, having worked on Issues 1 and 100, is ideally qualified to bring you his all-time top 100 Amiga greats... Very old but still one The forerunner to .And this is one of the shoot-em- ups that bettered Xenon II (a few years later, for sure). Pure, unadulterated, blasting action.
Which is nice.
An easily approachable RPG that’s a bit like a junior Eye of the Beholder. Nick Veitch especially likes it.
A top quality first- person action game that offers something a little bit different from all the rest.
Simplistic by today’s flight-sim standards but still packing a gameplay wallop.
Slick, fun, hard, and very different to Alien Breed 3D J (one and two).
Programming droids and getting them to solve puzzles was never so much fun.
A fine shoot-em-up but one that’s decidedly been bettered over time.
| | J FI8 Interceptor
• * * -M Banshee Uridium was a landmark C64 game and although we
had to wait a couple of years for the Amiga sequel, the wait
was worth it.
Never as successful as it should have been, Striker has sublime gameplay that put the emphasis heavily on teamwork.
Storv rather than a sU'aight “hunt O and kill” game - just what even- good sci-fi action adventure game should be!
More Doom-sty le shenanigans but this time with a lot more scope for tactical playing.
An atmospheric sci-fi
• M Uridium 2 92 An imperial management game set in the vastness
of planetary space. Do to other dictators what they’d like to
do to you.
One of the finest WWII flight sims. The emphasis is very much on the action but the mission structure’s a dream. Play it Rainbow Islands. Simple platform action but so well designed and so playable, it will always find a place in my top 100.
And keep playing it.
Not an original idea perhaps, but a triumph of production and marketing by the Team 17 bunch. Especially fun in multi-player mode.
1 Standard sidewavs J scrolling shoot-em-up fare with bonuses and powrer-ups aplenty' but also that added X factor that makes it fantastic to play.
Despite one of the characters fighting with her breasts exposed, diis is one of the best- looking fighting games ever.
Kind of Marble Madness-esque but with more brains required. Very worthy of inclusion here.
The game that opened up the role-playing genre to a much wider audience.
Jh Dungeon Master Wizkid AF64; AF65: AF66: AF€7: AF68 AF69: AF70: AF71: AF72 Another “belt the little Strictly management and strictly good.
White balls around" game and one that’s almost as much fun as Links.
74 Virus Sim City 2000 72 65 71 Breach WWI bi-plane flying.
Fast, smooth and full of barrage balloons to pop. Excellent fun.
Midwinter Apparently Electronic Arts picked up the Ferrari licence for nothing when this superb racer was being developed. A fine example of why mouse control is ideal when you’re driving.
This looks and sounds pretty simple, but is still one of the most fiendish platform puzzle games you could wish to have in your collection.
More Dungeon Master- influenced adventuring. However, Captive is huge and it takes a while to find and appreciate the game’s finer points.
“Pah! Pah! Pah!” Great graphics too. And good, solidly enjoyable gameplay.
Sublime tank game that has you thinking on your feet, in the thick of the action.
Be the biggest Amiga genre, so to stand out, a game’s gotta be pretty special. Battle Squadron is.
And good storyline made this one an instant winner. People are still playing it today.
The shoot-em-up must Lure of the Temptress An innovative svstem Battle Squadron Balance of Power _r depth and involving strategy games you could play.
One of the most in- All pinball games are the same? Not according to those in the know. Our resident expert - Richard Jones - voted this one of the best of the lot.
1 Despite the bug whereby you can complete the game right at the start by ploughing into the enemy’s base, this is a corking strategy adventure game.
How we chuckled at the fluffy kiwis cheat mode! A top quality platformer (reviewed in issue 1) that has withstood the test of time.
Points because its dogfighting is so much fun - not something you can say about every flight sim.
This game really scores • ¦ Pinball Illusions Mig-29 Fulcrum 66 64 63 j j 1 I simply great fun.
Simple wargame that is When Sensi weren't having little men running around kicking footballs, they had little men running around with machine guns.
One of the most awkward games to play but one that paid huge rewards to those that persevered.
The enemies on the later levels were murder too.
A very new game but one that’s an instant classic and, if it stands the test of time, will be described as the best Dootn-clone on the Amiga.
Yes,rather unsurprisingly, this is a TV game show with killing in it. The game’s a fine puzzlev shoot-em-up.
Proof that you didn’t need a console to play a damn fine beat-em-up game.
| E Cannon Fodder 59 Who would ever have thought that designing and running cities could actually be fun? The game that changed the way we looked at Mayors. Forever.
A dreadful-looking, turn-based wargame. I played it for weeks and weeks. I even came in on Saturdays and Sundays just to play this. People stopped talking to me.
I became a recluse.
* Continued overleaf ¦ Even if vou didn't J understand or didn’t
like American Football, there was no hiding from the superb,
crunching grid-iron gameplay in John Maddens.
Flight simulators used to be boring Airbus-style games.
Then things started to change and they became immense fun. This is one of the best of its kind.
Before WipeOut there was Powerdrome. Seat-of-the-pants flying action that’s as good today as it was back in issue 1.
51 Empire A Populous Powermongery affair that's a fast- paced strategy game. Fine stuff.
Forerunner and a good enough game to be in our all-time top 50.
Immediately playable with heaps of longevity.
1 about competition and none can beat it in multi-player mode.
1 48 Gloom Inspired by Doom (no!
Really?), this is one of the most action-packed first-person, erm, action games on the Amiga.
- I This re-wrote the book on how7 to make adventure games.
A landmark title.
Excellent. It became the template for UFO as well.
- I One of the finest driving games to ever appear, Indy 500 had
speed, attention to detail and tyres that would explode far too
47 Simon the Sorcerer I More graphic adventure fun, this time with the bumblingly amusing Simon.
1 Colonisation J Good carrier versus bad carrier. And control of all the units on air, land and sea.
Fabulous game!
.Another Sid Meier
- I Realism was the key to this game's success and it’s still a
fabulous pool sim.
Follows the Dungeon Master brief but deviates sufficiendy to stand out on its own.
Formula 1 Grand Prix An awesomely playable space empire strategy game. Deep and involving.
1 Better than Indy 500 because it was slightly more forgiving and slightly more varied (well, it had more than one track for a start!).
45 Flashback
- 1 Classic platform action that's so smooth, so playable you
can’t leave it alone.
More French adventuring frolics. Not only a bit of a looker, but a satisfying playing experience to boot.
A highly accurate and engaging (ho ho!) Helicopter sim.
It’s arguably better than Zeewolf 2, but only just.
Warfare from the Populous perspective and boy! Does it ever wrork!
Pinball games don’t come any better than this.
1 26 Pacific Islands Not quite as fluidly great as Sensi Soccer but still one of the best football games ever. On any machine.
J Innovative tank warfare with splendidly paced missions. Thrilling.
1 _ More localised than the classic Railroad Tycoon, but nearly as much fun. Not quite though, but fun enough to be in my all-time top 50.
J A massive, intense and J Still the definitive platform game after all these years.
Atmospheric adventure.
1 A simple, hex-based wargame that w7as so wrell put together it remains a firm favourite in the office.
One of the finest foot)7 manny games you could hope to get your mitts on.
14 Theme Park 16 levels of puzzles and shoot-em-up action established this as one of the all- time best games of its genre.
33 Hired Guns I One of the best first- Engaging and engrossing resource management game. A trip to a burger joint will never be the same.
24 Indy Jones, Fate of Atlantis Thoroughly entertaining adventuring and one of the best uses of a movie character. Ever.
A truly splendid helicopter combat sim. .And I designed most of the levels in the game. I asked the others in the office if it was good enough to be included here and, thankfully, they said “Get lost! It was crap!”. I know they were only joking though.
Person puzzle games ever. Didn't get the recognition it deserved.
23 Conqueror The Virus landscape engine re-worked for cracking tank battles. Superb.
32 Pirates Unsophisticated gameplay and one of the most entertaining pieces of software ever. Swashbuckle your way around the Carribean fighting and looking for treasure. Glorious.
.Allow7 yourself to get hooked by this and vou'd find it very difficult indeed to stop.
Magnificently playable.
J One of the most Sort of like Micro Machines but a little better looking.
Great to play too.
Under-rated games of all time. A true masterpiece.
1 21 Laser Squad Micro Machines J This rame was all O I've always been a fan AFS9 AF90 AP15 AF87 AF AF Terminal Velaeit Legends were made this ish, with the start of the marathon Emulator series, and the CD issue went very late because MasterlSO didn't want to work.
The longest coverline in AF history explained we were interested in the Germans, who were up to all sorts, iBrowse and StormC were released.
SoftLogik's excellent Typesmith was on the disks, so you never had to worry about being caught fontless ever again. Reviewed Photogenics 2.
Oh dear, Escom went bust. How we cried tears of deep sorrow... and the better news was that Alien Breed 3D II was finally released and reviewed.
Mr Bartucca has the shakes to denote the arrival of the first '060 accelerator for the A1200. The most stunning arrival this month was The Digital Universe.
The editor's hand made a disturbing appearance on the cover to somehow denote our landmark Internet feature.
And we panned SSF2Turbo.
The infamous Walker pics emerged to derision, scorn and disbelief. Graeme Sandiford said he liked it though.
Hmmm. Andy Smith rejoined the Affold.
They lied. It wasn't sorted, and it was never to be. But on the brighter side, this issue saw the world's first regular Amiga mag with a CD.
We had faith... We reported on Toulouse, which although it was interesting, was pretty much hypothetical.
We reviewed the Siamese system and SWOS Euro '96.
Bullfrog’s dark and sinister control-em- up has style, sophistication and playability coming out of its ears. Once you'd started you couldn't stop.
The Laser Squad fundamentals updated and tweaked to make a thoroughly absorbing batde squad game.
Even better than the first Lemmings game, and still one you can come back to again and again. And again.
The only game that comes even close to getting the juices flowing in the same way as Sensi Soccer.
Speedball Sid’s second game in the all-time top five. Who'd have thought that building rail networks and shuffling goods around could be this much fun?
One of the first games to show what a couple of linked Amigas could do. This subject of, ahem, witty spoonerisms will always be an .AF fave.
The game of a lifetime.
Arguably better on an 8-bit machine but still worthy of a place in the all-time top ten.
Dune 2 Elite Choosing Sensi Soccer as the Nol best .Amiga game of all-time is bound to cause arguments, but no other game has caused more office time to be wasted and given the members of staff here more fun than Sensi Soccer: Our heartfelt thanks go to the creators.
One of the most involving and entertaining games you could wish to play.
Sid Meier, the game's creator, knew exactly what a game needed to be outstanding and Civ was the game that delivered it in bucketloads.
Special Mentions Plutos- a simple, vertically scrolling shoot-em-up that had weaver birds in it. Fantastic stuff.
Party Games - immature and puerile but it impressed my Norwegian girlfriend at the time (sigh).
So there you go. Have I missed your favourite? Has a game been placed way too high up the list? Or way too low down it? You can always write and let me know - whether I agree with you is another matter however... Longtime Amiga software specialist, LH Publishing, ® ® heartily congratulates Amiga Format and its readers on the 100th issue. As a special treat for Amiga Format readers past and present, LH Publishing is discounting one of its leading products, AF Gold winner PageStream 3, by dropping its price by £25 to £100 in celebration of this great landmark. Readers wanting to take
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Section A is the cover and back cover and this needs to be folded along the centre to provide the spine and beginning of your booklet.
..Ip. Now it gets a little complicated, you will find that one side of each section has colour co-ordinated edges (this Wpr is to help you remember which ' side should be folded towards you). Now referring to fig 1.
Fold towards you along the centre crease so that you halve the page, - repeat this process of folding in half until a single page booklet is formed, m ¦ 3 Repeat this process for the consecutive sections, with A section B fitting Jp inside section A, section C fitting I inside section B and so on until you have all the % pages fitting snugly inside one another (section B has only 8 pages to the section but the process is the same as the other sections).
Using a pair of scissors cut the edges of the pages so that they can be opened out. You can finish off your mini mag with a staple through the spine Mjj to all together. Or why not sprinkle a little U glitter on the front and I present it to an Amiga-loving 1 friend as a gift. Whatever, we're I sure you'll have many happy mk hours assembling this unique SB collector's item. Good luck!
For added effect buy two magazines and construct unique matching his k and hers collector's sets, for use at f home and in the workplace. A «| wonderful item no self respecting 9 Amiga user in the nineties would f want to be without.
AUGUST 1997 AMIGA FORMAT COLOUR CODED SECTIONS The five sections of the magazine are split into different colour codes.
This will help you when you come to put the magazine together. Full instructions on assembly can be found on page 30.
• till ii i * U | ip j: ill Hill i hi J
!n!i?Hi,aillh?ilfiiiiJsiilllilli ill.
Iii liflL II ii Hi liii ilii iiulill Siliililli Hliilllf ill 'in:.!
.gi||Sijii all fiijtiihiiHji thi 32-
- tea . Sott ;i '' fegjif** Hi j, ii;- i jjijij $ • |i ilijl,
li Hiiihii piijijill’Hi! Id I* $ iiiiiilini $ i&ifo ifli
Huhi;: 1!;; £ & m w.3* m iij! J!-::';a-1’' : ruifiT. -J j .IV
r A -ii .i1 m !
«.T«g.» - inr iiiv ? • s. ’ T ?
I a i i :-i kMPggMl rv': 1M M l 1 HI -j !i|i U 11 flip a 2 o h u 111 I I 11N ill i ;|i i2«2 fi s 0 h W u VI j;;.' N§«!
Y-it IjI1* If*!! [if-i ii s?si!
111 ll | ill! I I ¦Hi lliii J3p: HS; i.;;i iSm e*i!
"ui ini !i*«i|it; 5 lljil Slyilll1;!!
| ills!
Ill J gwSlKWi-1 Illli If ¦ iiir i u mm iiiii
• j ii'iilii'iiiiiilillfjsiiiliilAillilliiiijil iMil ill j P'M
£ *i I iiS
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In these 'interesting' times for the Amiga computer; HiSoft would like to express its total commitment to the Amiga and its users. And what better way than offering you the best software and hardware products at unbeatable prices!
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Unlimited number of materials on an object.
? Lighting system supports visible light, lens flares, glows, reflections, soft and hard shadows, conical, parallel, decreasing and fixed intensity light.
? Camera supports depth of field blurring and lens adjustment to allow fisheye, wide angle or telephoto lenses.
? Internal CyberGraphX support.
? Palette sharing on 256 colour screens.
CINEMA 4D has a long history on the Amiga and now its pedigree has been realised by the Macintosh and PC world who have raved about it (93% - MacFormat). Call us for a special cross-platform price.
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TV Foxes & Other Stories 9.99 ....9.49 UFO Abductions ..12.99 ..12.49 UFO The Evidence 7.99 7.49 Wallace & Gromit Grand Day Out 9.99 ....9.49 Wallace & Gromit Wrong Trousers 9.99 ....9.49 X Files Tungasta ..14.99 ..14.49 X Files Unopened File ......14.99 ..14.49 VIDEO Zipstick Super Pro .....14.99 .13.99 (Microswitched joystick with steel shaft & triple action auto) All prices include VAT. Credit cards not charged until day of despatch Free postage
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KA-POHU! New consoles PlayStation 2, 6400, M2... ON SALE NOW!
Http: www.futu fenei co u k PREVIEWS News of a new golf game coming from a brand new software outfit plus Phantasmagoria pictures!
NEMAC-IV You'll need a high-spec CD- ROM machine just to start this one. Should you bother?
KARGON Join the rumble in the dungeon as you and a couple of mates go charging around the place chucking spells at each other. Sounds good to us... Andy Smith ©READER GAMES She doesn't know it yet but that Angel is about to get a fireball in her mush. War's war I'm afraid.
90+% 80-89% 70-79% 60-69% 50-59% They are the games created by you, our readers.
Find out what other people think are 'fun' games... WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
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Under 40% The absolute pits.
What changes the Amiga gaming scene has been through in the time it's taken us to produce 100 issues of Amiga Format! From the glory days when the Amiga was the equivalent of today's N64 and everyone wanted one, to the lows of a couple of years ago when everyone and his wife was abandoning the machine. Those glory days of yore may never come again but things are certainly a lot rosier now than they were. New software houses are starting up, games from other formats are being looked at with a view to converting them and there's even the odd Format Gold game being released. This is still a very
good time to own an Amiga and to read Amiga Format.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Zero Gravity Matthijs Hollemans Fly very fast down very thin tunnels.
Marietto .Luca Carminati Throw bricks in the air and kick knives.
Jigsaw ....A. Daniel Make jigsaws out of your IFF pictures.
Treasure Hunt Robert Benjamin Buy a detector and go looking for gold!
Jompis .Ermano Manzoni Extremely taxing and fun puzzle game.
Number 100 AF ..Chris Seward Guess the two words I'm thinking of... GAMEBUSTERS The final part of Valhalla 3, plus lots and lots of other tips too!
Now you'll finally be able to finish the game, thanks to our wonderfully detailed walk-through.
Loves any excuse to wear funny clothes, though quite what a tu-tu has to do with golf we’re not sure... Mind the trees! In Pra Tm ’II, once you're m the trees you have to punch' your way out because the game won't allow you to hit over them. Plan your route to the green carefully therefore.
Before teeing off you’ll want to check the lie of the land with the overhead map. Mind that tree now... The prize money Increases the more holes you play. A full-blown tournament pays out the most There's something very ying and yang about the games community at the moment, no sooner does one software house disappear than another pops up to take its place. Take Pro Tour '97. This game was originally due to be published by OTM - of Virtual Karting fame - until they went belly up. Not to be deterred though.
Evolution Designs have decided to publish the game themselves.
What's to be said about a golf game? For a start you get four courses for your £12.99 which can't be bad. On each course you can play an 18-, 36- or full-blown 72-hole tournament which isn't bad either.
The game adopts the usual viewed- from-above perspective and follows the rules pretty much everywhere else - press the mouse once to determine the power of the shot, press again as the slider falls when it Hour offers a fair few options: if you fancy putting a bit of spin on the ball, you can.” reaches the mid-point between drawing or fading (for non-golfers, drawing means pulling the shot to the left and fading means sending it to the right. Or it could be the other way round).
Unlike some games of its type, though, Pro Tour offers a fair few options: if you fancy putting a bit of spin on the ball (sometimes you'll want the ball to stop dead on the green and other times you'll want it to run on) you can. How about opening or closing the club face (open the face and the ball goes higher but not very far)? There are loads of options to not only fine- tune your addressing of the ball but also how you play. The weather for starters - a dry day will see your ball rolling further and spinning less while an overcast day will have your ball stopping shorter. Then there's the
fact that you can't shoot over trees. This makes the game more cerebral as you're going to have to take more care, especially when it comes to tee-ing off. Get yourself in trouble though and your only option left is to 'punch' the ball out of trees.
News just comes to us that Guildhall are just about to re- release the classics F15 Strike Eagle R and Silent Service B. They are also about to release their first CO-ROM game - Civilization (see this month s all-time too 100 games) which will be available from them or Epic Marketing. Cali Guildhall Leisure for prices and availability (01302) 890000.
Now that's what I call a room. If it was my house there'd be a Scalextric, pinball table, the lot.
These screenshots have had to be reproduced in 256 colours only, so you can expect the game to look even better than it does here. This will be the newly-wed Adrienne then. Time for a cuppa... “Things get a little erm, pear- shaped when Adrienne (the wife) discovers a secret room.. speed CD-ROM, 8Mb RAM and 15Mb of hard disk space. There will be a lower-spec version available later on, but there are no details on just when as yet.
The chap behind the project: Stephen Flower is keen to point out to us that: "The intro at the beginning of each CD is around 2-3 minutes of fantastic graphics and great sound which is just like watching a movie. But this isn't one of those games with fancy graphics and not a lot else going on, it really is a moody, atmospheric, tension- building and totally addictive game."
Taking Stephen's word for it, we look forward to seeing Phantasmagoria just as soon as we can. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics and we'll bring you more news about the game as and when we get it... the kind of place you’d choose to frequent on your own, especially when you know there are evil forces about.
Adrienne has obviously been to posture classes judging by her stance. Just you wait for that teddy bear to come to life and pick up a carving knife - it always happens!
ClickBOOM started something when they announced they were converting the popular PC Mac game Myst for high-end computers (it's due to be completed sometime later in the year, more details when we have 'em). A new outfit will soon be bringing us the delightful Mac PC game Phantasmagoria (we're not being coy about the name of the company, but things are still in the process of being finalised at the time of going to press) which originally appeared on those machines through Sierra.
The game's an adventure game based around a newly-wed couple who move into their new dream home, an old mansion.
Unfortunately things get a little erm, pear-shaped when Adrienne (the wife) discovers a secret room in a part of the house previously unexplored. This room was used for satanic purposes in the past (weren't all secret rooms? I can't think of any that were used for secret parties. Oh, hang on. No, forget that). A dark force gets released from the room and decides to possess Don (the husband). Everything starts to get very nasty from here on in with the player attempting to clear everything up and get things back to the happy state they were before. Sounds like fun to us.
Again though, you're gonna need a whopping big Power Amiga to play this 7 CD game in the first instance and you're going to be at the bottom end of things if you've only got an '030 processor, four “it’s all networked out nice again,” quipped “Shut up and write the review,” said Nick lleitch.
Now then, unlike most cylinders, this big yellow one won't explode when you shoot it and it has an intriguing handle on the side... ...that cylhider didn't though. A burst of chaingun and the thing goes up a treat. Blowing up cylinders is best when there are baddies around.
A quick strafe to the left and when that cylinder explodes, it's going to take out the baddie.
Ut that's only because Nick's sense of humour organ was surgically removed when they made him editor. It's actually quite a good gag really because from what I can gather Nemac Ivs all about some computer neural network or something.
I say something because as well as the game's storyline having been written in German to start with and then translated by someone who's native tongue is not English, I didn't actually read that much of it. Suffice to say, some computer network or other thinks it's under attack and has mobilised a whole army of security robots to protect itself. This basically means you're controlling some large robot thing (you in the game) and have to destroy all the computer's defenders (the baddies in the game). Surely that's enough scenario for any Amiga Format reader? [You should stick to telling jokes -
As you can tell from the screenshots, it's a first-person perspective action game. And as you might expect, it has all the hallmarks of games of that genre. You run around the place, you pick things up (including ammo) and you shoot things. But Nemac I Vs slightly different. Not hugely, but ever so slightly. First of all you don't get any more weapons than the ones you One very nice feature of the game is your abifity to open fire with an three of your weapons at once. This is most useful when you’ve got either a whole bunch of baddies coming at once or a couple of extra-tough ones to tackle.
It eats your ammo like there’s no tomorrow though.
There are loads of 'em and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Some are cleverer than others too and here's where the designers have been a bit clever themselves, because you don't always know just what the baddies are going to do. Not Armed to the teeth with 160 chaingun rounds, 358 plasma rounds, 29 grenades and 14 bombs. Health is down to almost a Quarter left however.
Dark, mean and moody. You never know what’s lying in wait around the next comer. Well, not unless you’ve played the level before.
Floaty things - this then explodes, sets off all the others and there you are. Dead on the floor. Subtle things like this are good.
Another nice feature and one that has been well worked is this barrels lark. If you've played a few of Fun health and door codes A and B. Things are looking good for Nemac IV. At the moment.
Start with, namely a chaingun, a plasma gun and a grenade launcher.
The chaingun's the weakest weapon and therefore the one you're going to be using most because you'll have run out of ammo for the other weapons a long time ago, ahem. It's not that bad actually, but isn't the best in the world. The plasma gun's a bit porkier but, again no great surprise here, it has a slower firing rate and the ammo's scarcer.
The grenades are the best though - not only do they have a high firing rate (just keep your finger on the grenade button a bit too long and that stockpile of 50 it's taken you 3 levels to amass is suddenly reduced to six. Doh!), they're deadly too.
“Stand around for too long (looking at the map or whatever) and these floaty balls home in and surround you.” A room fuH of exploding radioactive cylinders. Nice.
Everything in the game runs around at full-pelt with its guns blazing. As early as level three you come across some floaty ball things that don't look that dangerous. In fact, they don't even shoot at you. But they can kill. Stand around for too long (looking at the map or whatever) and these floaty balls home in on you and surround you. That might not seem like too much of a problem but it means you then can't move anywhere and the only way out is to shoot one of the this type of game you'll know that there are often barrels and things that can be shot to cause explosions (usually very
handily if there are lots of them in a room full of baddies).
One neat touch here though is the player's ability to move the barrels around. Not only can you blast 'em from afar and hope they catch out Continued overleaf ¦) A grenade thrown round the comer is always a grenade well spent.
“All of this means the game hangs together very well and is great fun to play.” some of the baddies in the explosion, but you can move them to where you want them to be and then blast 'em. This comes in very handy if you know that there's a baddie just around a particular bend in some corridor or other! And while we're on explosions, sort of, another feature that proves to be more useful than you'd first think is that objects get moved around in a blast, thus allowing you to flush out little hiding baddies, for instance.
GRAVEYARD SMASH So what else is new then? There's plenty of emphasis on the puzzling side of things in Nemac IV. Hit a switch here to disable something there that allows you to get a little further in the level - you know the sort of thing. They've even managed to get the old fave in - timing puzzles. Hit a switch here and then you have to leg it right along this corridor before the door shuts. Not particularly dynamic or original even, but it's not overplayed and makes a nice break from the shooting. Doors are slightly different too. There are plenty of the normal variety - just walk up to
'em and hit a key to open 'em. But on most levels you can usually only open doors marked A, B and C by finding relevant codes. These codes aren't lying around on the floor or anything but are gained by walking up to computer terminals or by throwing switches or some other such thing. Thankfully your main display shows you what codes you've managed to find and actually coming across them is far more straightforward than you'd imagine.
Another good feature and one that you'll use frequently is the onscreen map. Call this up and it overlays the game's main window (which you can resize and alter the amount of detail on if you find the game's running a little slow on your system) so you can see where you've been and where you're going without getting jumped by the bad guys. The map's mostly useful for showing where things (ammo, health and so on) are lying and where doors that you might have missed are.
Ooh, but quickly back to the shooting thing. It's not a precise science. Most of the time you just have to vaguely point in the direction of a baddie and blast away with your guns. Depending on the strength of the baddie this will usually be enough to knock 'em out.
You can't be too blase about it but the level of accuracy is just about right because it works nicely.
Actually it all works nicely.
Nemac IV has a wonderful blend of action and puzzles. Every level is just about the right size with the right level of difficulty - starting off nice and gently and getting murderously tough later on. New features are introduced at just the right time and you're not often sat wondering what you're supposed to be doing. All of this means the game hangs together very well and is immense fun to play (assuming you've got all the kit you need to get the thing going in the first place). Testament (AF 99 90%) was very good indeed and this is even better. Although you do need to have a decent set-up,
you'll find it challenging, atmospheric and very enjoyable. It's too early to include this in the all-time top 100 (you have to sort of 'live with' a game for a while to really get to know it) but time could well judge this game to be very worthy of inclusion in that selective club.
DISTRIBUTOR: Sadeness Software 01263 722169 PRICE: £24.95 TESTED ON: A4000 REQUIREMENTS: ’020 processor, 2Mb, CD-ROM, 0CS ECS AGA chipset, 5Mb hard disk space.
RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: • • • • O Mostly great, especially because you can alter several details to get it running faster.
SOUND: • • • •O Especially atmospheric, which makes a great change to the norm.
ADDICTION: • • • • O Super level design keeps you at the keyboard longer than you should.
PLAYABILITY: •••OO A little tricky to juggle ail the keys sometimes, but you get used to it.
OVERALL VERDICT: A fabulous action game that's thrilling and addictive. Give 'em a bell and order a copy.
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Women of the Web is displayed in superb HTML documents which can be viewed using any WEB browser, ie. Netscape.
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Worms: Directors Cut (AGA) .....£19-9 Andy Davidson, the mad creator of Worms, brings you this superb new version of Worms, with loads of new features including weapons, 256 colour landscapes, graffiti mode and loads more.
Chaos Engine 2 ..£24-9!
Lifting the characters from the award winning Chaos Engine, you enter a new style of play where stealth and cunning must be combined with reaction speed and skilled shooting.
Hidden Truth THE HIDDEN .
TRUTH - For over a year now, we have been busy working B _ 7 ““' on one of the World’s r»V -T j* most comprehensive y!: resources for anybody --- interested in UFO’s and the paranormal igxm y, The whoie CDROM is "j gTHESjl create? Rcm ¦•*•„ : ~e:a
- ¦ I'. I MSB HTML :Meme; pagesi.
Which makes this massive release 100% AMIGA
* f PC and Mac compatible!
FEATURES: This CD is a massive HTML multimedia extravaganza! Featuring sound samples, movies, pictures, interesting text files and more.
Covering a wide range of topics - ranging from UFO's to Serial Killers and Voodoo System Requirements: 4MB+, AGA. WB3.0+ SPECIAL OFFER Nemac IV: Directors Cut (CD Rom) Superb Doom clone adventure.
Foundation is a new real-time strategy wargame for the Amiga. The game will mix the styles of The Settlers. WarCraft II, Command & Conquer. Populous and Mega-io-Mania together with many new and original ideas. The project is now 76% complete and the game is starting to evolve into something really special. A Foundation Game Specs *
• ECS. AGA and CyberGFX screen modes with 64.128 or 256 colours
• The game will fully support Graphics cards, and possibly Sound
cards using AHI tool
• A standard A1200 with 4MB fast ram will run the game at full
speed in low-res mode (256 colours) ¦
• The game will run with 1 MB of ChipRAM and at least 1 MB of any
other type of memory (Fast RAM recommended)
• CD-ROM is the first format planned to be released. Floppy
version under construction
• Choice of screen modes including Low-res PAL, NTSC,
Hi-res Laced, DblPAL etc.
• Any screen size from 320x200 up to 830x600 and beyond. R
• One player vs one. Two or three computer opponents
• Two player split screen mode vs one or two computer opponents
• Many One player missions and tutorial games
• Special two player missions
• Serial links and TCP IP support is planned p
• Custom game setup with different sized maps, enemies, startup
modes and missions j
• A variety of languages should be supported - including English,
German, Spanish, French and Italian etc.
• Help-Bubbles may be available to make the game and interface
very easy to use.
• The CD-ROM version is planned to feature a custom made intro of
over 700 frames
• Special Hi-Res graphics may be available for Graphics card
• At least 50MB of graphics .mi j n i m qn m
• At least 50MB of speech samples and sound effects. | 0 v Even
more interesting features!
• Very unique quK* building methods using the Wizards to create
buildings usmg mage jKxfl V-
• Magic is created from cremated corpses which may require some
'in the name of progress' killing '¦ ,
• Many different buildings to be invented and upgraded during
• Almost every feature in the game can be researched improved
• Advanced war strategies with full control over units. .
• Control of units works in a similar way to C&C or WarCraft
using a select and command system. " ••
• Enemy buildings and people can be stolen and buildings can be
tootedtorched j V,
• Diseases Viruses Spells can be created, cured, discovered, cast
** "
• Not all characters of each type are the same, they change with
age. Experience etc. pwE ' 7%,
• Find out who were the last four characters to die and the
• Maiden and Peasants living in the same building will reproduce
j j m
• Full control over the amount of workers, resources and people
in eve 7 building B ® 9 - '
• It’s possible to select 30 or more knights and send them in to
attack 1 building or person H jflt
• Inventionsudeas can be stolen from your enemy :2pii3s5f ; . »
• Set up trades with other players and buy sell resources from
stock market Al. Rfl. 9*
• Choose from a complex food chain system cr a simple (Put
expensive slower) Food factc7 system * including p&p including
p&p including p&p www. Sa den ess. Demon, co.
Uk foundation.html flmffl Sid®! Tries to avoid getting bit as
he runs around the darkened dungeon. Another ordinary day at
the office then... Four-player mayhem. The chap on the bottom
left is soon to be in trouble.
And, of course, there's more to it than that. The dungeons themselves are not as straightforward as you might think because they're comprised of several levels to start with. The levels are connected by stairways - A fireball explodes bottom left while the top right chap finds himself some extra spell energy.
At the end of each bout you can check on who managed to get themselves killed first. This And lust to round things off. At the end of a series is only useful when you’re playing against other humans, so that you can gloat... of games you get yourself crowned.
“Essentially, it s a death match game... you run around a dungeon trying to kill each other with spells.” Epic launched their Islona label rather splendidly last month with the Doom clone Testament (AF99, 90%) and followed it up with a game that's also set in damp, dark dungeons: Kargon.
Kargon is significantly different however, having more in common with Dungeon Master than Doom.
Essentially though, it's a Death Match game, in which you and up to four players (computer or human) run around a dungeon trying to kill each other with different spells.
Several traps: whirlwind tiles cannily spin you round and round until you step off them (by which time you're usually facing in completely the wrong direction); darkness tiles make the screen go completely black while you're stood on them - and there are often several of these together so you have to keep referring to your map to find out where you are; direction-reversing tiles turn you round (again, disorientating); and the teleports move you to another part of the level, (some of these tiles are two-destination teleports, so if you actually want to use them to get somewhere, you have to use
one once, then go back and use it again to get where you wanted to go).
Arrive at a stairway and you go up or down - rather obviously-to another part of the level. And each level is furnished with Finally there are push walls, (marked with a hand print), and false walls, which only show up when you cast the appropriate spell.
Spellbound It's the spell-casting lark that the gameplay's built around. At the start of the game you pick a certain number of spells (depending on how The bottom left player hits the top right one and puts im out of the game.
The chap top left is in a whirlpool and that’s a tentacle thing top right.
To get hurt by the other players, but you risk injury from the monsters that live in the murky dungeons, (mostly they're octopus-type things that hang from the ceiling - they're not too clever but they can be annoying when you run into them).
There're also holes in the floor that tend to deplete your energy when you run into 'em and go crashing to the floor below.
Much spell energy you're given) which you can then use throughout the game. Every spell you cast costs you some energy, and only time spent collecting spell potions will restore that valuable energy. The idea's simply to use your spells to kill off the other players, over a set number of rounds. The winner is declared the new Kargon and, erm, you can then do it all over again.
But there are a couple more things to mention. Each level is littered with the spell energy potions mentioned earlier, but there are also health potions to be collected which can be extremely useful things to have, because not only are you going One step ahead There are several skill levels to choose from when you're playing against the computer, but one thing you'll notice immediately is just how adept your computer opponents are at choosing the right spell for the right situation. While you're fumbling around trying to get the levitation spell so you can jump over a hole in the ground, the
computer has got over it, found the stairs to the next level and prepared a fireball spell. Harumph. And it doesn't take long to work out that the best way to defeat the computer opponents is to hole up somewhere while the other three run around like headless chickens hurting each other. If you're lucky you might not even have to cast a spell in anger to win the bout, but usually you do, so it's best to wait until the others are pretty beaten up before venturing out from your hiding place and getting stuck in. This tactic doesn't work in every instance, but it happens a little too often for
Choosing what to do. Go for training first - it pays dividends in the long run.
And this is the training section. Ignore the old duffer and just pay attention to the task objectives. The training’s a lot more useful than you might think, so time spent here is not wasted.
Things are different when you've got some mates crowded over the keyboard however (everyone uses keys, so things can get cramped) and |n two-player mode. The blue symbols on the this is when Kargon is at its most floor indicate that there’s no spell chucking here.
Enjoyable. Even then it's not that exciting. The look of the game does little to enhance its overall feel because it looks really dated and unimaginative.
Even the main characters could have been drawn a whole lot better.
After a few bouts you'll no doubt be wondering what To get to the spell potion means crossing the whirlpool die. Tricky.
Else the game has to offer, but prepare to be disappointed - there isn't much else to amuse you.
PUBLISHER: Epic Marketing 0500131486 PRICE: £14.95 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 1Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: 1000O Clunky and amateurish, but functional at least.
SOUND: •fOOO Almost as clunky and amateurish as the graphics.
ADDICTION: • • O O O Wears pretty thin pretty quick.
PIAYABIUTY: ••OOO Cramped and awkward controls don’t help to raise the temperature.
OVERALL VERDICT: Not that bad. But Kargon’s just a little too simplistic and samey to get fired up about - even in multi-player mode.
64% Kargon is not a dreadful game, it merely lacks a spark of excitement.
The control method is not the easiest to get to grips with (hold down the fire button, press left or right to call up the spell menu, press left or right again - still holding fire - to select your spell, let go of the fire button to create the spell, and then hit the fire button when you want to cast it) and the whole game looks and feels a little awkward.
Kargon just doesn't manage to get the adrenaline pumping - it's a simple chase-em-up with a couple of bells and whistles tacked on the end, that don't add a significant amount to the game- playing experience. Not one to get yourself too worked up about.
Some are created with the Amiga equivalent of factory works’ teams.
Some with the love and attention of a devoted hobbyist and some, frankly, out of egg boxes and sticky-back plastic, floo® MuDd checks out the... If you've always had a game idea in your head then now's the time to get it down on floppy and send it in.
Every month we give away £50 (special £100, one-off, prize this month to celebrate our 100th issue) to the month's best game and, in addition, send the game off to Epic Marketing (plus any other games that are particularly good) who take a good look at them, with a view to future publication. Not bad eh?
Ere's where Amiga Format taps into the rich vein of home-grown software. The games featured on these pages are created by people that care passionately about their games. They might not be very good at expressing that passion sometimes which is why we don't rate the games, just offer advice on how they can be improved.
But sometimes that does mean telling the author to "give up".
We all want the Amiga to get back into fighting shape and that's where you lot can help. Start getting those great games in and before you know it you'll have people hammering on your door for a copy of your latest blockbuster. Well, maybe. Seriously though, we know your efforts are very important to you and therefore to us. Now let's have a look at what jiffy bag wonders arrived for us this month... ZeroGrauity Matthijs Hollemans Assembler GAME: fast, furious and more than worth this month's special prize of £100 (it’s our 100th issue if you hadn't noticed!). A little more generosity on the
time limit would have made the game even more fun because, as it stands, you’re left simply trying to learn the short routes and dodge the walls at the right times, instead of having to employ some skill and good reactions to avoid them.
¦ m With just 30 seconds and three lives to complete the race, you're going to be pushed right from the start... TRACK SELECT TRACK 1 TIRE 0:30 SHIPS 3 BEST TINE BN FIKE = PLAN LEFT = PREUI0US RIGHT = nEXT + nOBODM 9:ss It’s games like ZeroGravity that make the Reader Games section such fun to do. The game arrived with little more than a covering letter telling me the author s name and what language it was written in. What an example of understatement because ZeroGravity is something special.
It's terribly easy, you simply have to guide a spaceship through a series of tunnels, moving up, down, left or right to avoid the brick walls that come flying towards you at an alarming rate.
You can try and control that alarming rate by not going so fast, hut then you’re unlikely to reach the end in time. It’s rr- mrriT CT: ¦ i A fast smooth and frantic game. Looks as good as it plays and weii worth our special prize. More time for the novice player though eh, Matthils? Cheers.
MariettaQjmigLuca CarminatiW™ Assembler GAME: knives are thrown at your chap every so often which he has to kick away and there's a bomb floating around the screen - hit it with a brick and you die too.
Luca's first Reader Game appeared last month, a simple skiing game, that wasn't bad, but a bit dull.
His second game's equally simple but less dull. You're a little chap (very Mario- esque, hence the name) who runs around the bottom of the screen throwing bricks up into the air in order to hit some furry, tribble-like balls.
Each tribble hit earns points but if a tribble hits your little man. You die.
To complicate things, In your favour though are the power-ups. These are collected every time you hit three of the nibbles, but be warned though, because hitting them is very tough. Too tough really. Surviving for anything longer than five minutes is a real achievement! Good fun, but just far too difficult to start with. £?
[222 CT: ¦ ¦ Nicely executed but way too tough to start with. A less severe difficulty curve would have made the game slightly easier and so much more enjoyable.
Jigsaw ™ A. Daniel [yaWTm unknown GAME Not so much a game as a utility. You load an IFF format picture into a grid, the “game” then shuffles the picture about and you have to re-make it in as few moves as possible. Like a jigsaw really.
This is a really nice idea but though Jigsaw is very polished, it's terribly confusing to start with. You have to fiddle around with loading this and selecting that before A great little utiity that you can use over and over again. Clearer instructions for loading the picture would enhance the whole experience but apart from that niggle - very nice.
You’ve got your picture ready to be put back together. It’s not so bad once you've gone through the whole process a couple of times but a bit more user-friendliness in the design would have been appreciated. O rgSH GAME: American Robert keeps sending games into Reader Games and he’s yet to disappoint on the gameplay front - he’s not much cop with Dpaint though! This little gem sees you swishing a yellow metal detector head around a green field in an attempt to find buried treasure at various sites around the states of America. The further away the site from your hometown m Pennsylvania, the
more it costs to go there. The idea's obviously to find more than you spend and work your way up from the basic bog-standard metal detector to the flash top of the range model.
Ft's very basic but again, Robert has managed to make it fun. The difficulty curve is iust right as it takes ages to get gomg and build up your funds. Making the actual detecting part more interesting would have been good though because it really is a bit too basic to keep you hunting. Zj Good fun hut just a Rttie too simpBstic to hold your attention for any appreciable amount of time. Stfil, a lot more fun than you’d think and more than just a little adfficdve. Anyone wanna buy a Washington Quarter?
Thought not... lompisfiiiiiiiHii Ermanno GAME: jwtis b av Ear li I o I - s I u V 4 Cr' I K
- 1-- __ 1 ; 4- 1 = 7 1 i rr rr1 Ik El rr “
J. 'V- I’ c _ a _li B _ 51: (1-5-1- 1 1 .
Rp-- -1 -4 JV ;©*rj ,!o vC-5-rt i _I ¦ ' ‘ r ~ You're the Hde yellow thing pushing the blue things around.
A variation on a theme here with this simple pushing blocks game. The idea is simple - each level of the game simply requires you to move a set number of blocks around a pre-defined arena. Your ultimate aim is to push them out of the arena through the designated exit at the Zj [222 ICI ¦ ¦ A fine thinking puzzle game. There’s not much by way of action and excitement, but it keeps you playing and playing. Good, simple stuff.
The only thing to be thankful of in Jompis is the fact that there isn’t a time limit. This means that you can sit down and work out what you’re supposed to be doing instead of just launching in and hoping you don’t mess up.
But don't think that means that the game has no unexpected surprises - you may think you have your strategy sussed, but double check your plan of action thoroughly for any flaws.
Bottom. And if you think it sounds easy then you’d be very wrong. This is a real thinking game.
You aren’t allowed to pull the blocks at an, so once you’ve pushed a block into a position where you can no longer push it, you're stuffed and have to re-start.
Number 100 AF Chris Seward Tee bee What a fitting game for our 100th issue! Number 100, the Amiga Format edition! Regular Reader Games readers will know how much I love this sort of game. Regular readers will also know that I appreciate it when a programmer sends in a game, takes the slagging off it gets on the chin and comes up for more. Just such a chap is Chris Seward.
Back in AF 96 Chris’s Number 100 got a bit of a kicking because all it was was a simple number guessing game. The computer thinks of a number and you try to guess it in as few turns as possible with “higher,” “lower dues. That’s it.
Look! Put a border round the questions and you've got a whole new game!
NUMBER MO AF tween t - " RtiOO ... Uhat is the nimfcer iJ* thinking of? TfcB LtfcER Uhat is the nunfcer -hinkir.a of? 1$ LLHER Uhst ts the mjnfcer LJ« thinking nf? 1 LMJER Uhat is the nunfcf-r i'*t thinkina [jf?
CORRECT It t«*Ot you 4 aces t« guess it Rnoth-jr (Y N) _ So what's Chris done to improve the game then?
Apparently he's taken all of our comments on board and completely re-written the game and come up with, erm, the same thmg. Oh, except there’s a little bit of music now and a white border around the edge of the screen. It's still a complete waste of time that is actually maddeningly playable. Gnrrr! Zj A better-looking version of a game that is a complete waste of tbne. Now when you get a friend to play this at home (using a pen and paper), make them draw a border around then' guesses and turn the radio on. Chris, in the nicest possOHe way, give it up mate.
Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for an experience like you’ve never seen before on your Amiga Flyin’ High is here and it takes you to a new dimension of 3D-Racing Games. Step on the gas and race over fully textured and absolutely crazy tracks, on asphalt, mud, field paths and slippery ice.
On a 68030 Amiga the games great fun.
WOR Playing with 4 players on a 68060 is really impressive.
A special Track Construction Kit will be released in the future!
System-requirements: Amiga, MC68020, AGA-Chipset, 4MB Fastram, Harddisk.
Fun starts at MC68030 running with 30MHz. 4player adaptor supported.
"Sixth sense investigations" is a new graphics adventure for the Amiga, based on the classic LucasArts style games. The base storyboard tells of a crazy young guy who has the ability to communicate with the spirit of a sarcastic man. A friend, who thinks of himself as a detective, [fits from the psychic abilities of his friend ¦ the crazy psychic guy, by using his skills to solve the most bizarre problems of the rich Naturally, only if well paid.
The lack of control that the detective has over the crazy psychic guy, and the fact that the psychic guy has little control over the spirit, generates many crazy, funny situations which doesn't m-1 IP he|P them to make much money.
1«¦* Super-smooth AGA 256 colour cartoon graphics, full charactor voice-overs,
- fyL r . 3 Worlds with 32 locations, Intro film sequences.
Requires A1200 A4000 etc 2MB ram, CD-ROM drive.
(SHS- H11 -r „ Amiga CD : £29.99 Vn el us* P*H Toien it gets dark, the living dead begin their Rlebration on the graveyard. Make your way Sgh swampy tracks and dark tomb monuments Rated 92% £19.99 Marblelous 100 brain teasing levels each more difficult - you control a metallic ball using your mouse and have to find your way to the exit.
£7.99 rgon Kargonisa completely new challenge! Up to 4 players can compete in order to find one thing out: KID5 GAMES Playdays Paint-Box Postman Pat Count Duckula Count Duckula 2 Bullys Sporting Darts Huckleberry Hound Thomas’ Pinball A1200 only Pixie & Dixie Kids Rule OK (3 games) Thomas’ Paint Box Popeye 2 Postman Pat 3 Dino Detective Agency Thomas the Tank Engine Playdays Kids Rule OK 2 (3 games) Thomas’ Fun with Words Sooty’s Fun With Numbers Sooty Paint Thomas’ Collection ; VULCAN GAMES TimeKeepers TimeKeepers (Expansion) BOGRats AGA JET Pilot Burnout AGA
- -GUILDHALL LEISURE r» I F15-II Strike Eagle ty Naughty Ones ®
SkidMarks Subversion ' j|j Bravo Romeo Delta ¦*-Club &
Country Football Watch Tower , ,1 Football Glory
- Sjf » Road Kill ar ‘an Colossus Chess
- tllOl y Gloom H Legends Fears Brian Lara 96 Touring Car
Challenge Desert Strike | H|SII££ Virtual Karting Super
5kidMarks Special Forces Impossible Mission . Road Rash
Euroleague Manager Minskies PGA Tour Golf I Wing Commander
fcgjjFjbSiJl Manyk Mayhem §SHT PGA Tour Golf + FIFA Soccer
(XiONTZATIOX Airbus II c' - Valhalla II 'h Ra road Tycoon
Colonization ' Flying Fortress APPLICATIONS Inter Deluxe Pamt 3
UF0 Fields of Glory ‘ Stealth fighter Approach Trainer w
MicroProse F1 Grand Prix
• * Civilization Gunship 2000 Silent Service 2 BMTheme Park A1200
Version f Theme Park A500 Version Acid Attack (3 games) Arcade
Action m Championship Challenge jwj Sporting Spectacular CD32
CD-ROM TITLES Marvin’s uarvaious Adventure Vital Light S&j
Chaos Engine Last Ninja 3 & Trolls I Video Creator OTHER CD-ROM
GAMES Big Red Adventure Scions - Forgotten World I Genetic
Species The Final Odyssey Ultra Violent Worlds . Hellpigs ¦
Lotus Trilogy CD I Pinball Brain Damage ' Uropa2 Breed2000 £ca
II ssal!
SA.BB &ssl £14.as Wasted Dreams ( Last Ninja : ¦ Strangers y J Civilization CP new l |XP-B AGA (shjK Sensible World of Embryo W VISA 0TU5P 1 lljlSSlt Solutions R Us. This is the place to come when you’re stuck in a game and it one particular game is giving you nightmares then put pen to paper and ask us for help. And if you’ve solved a game yourself, then tell us how you did it.
Now then, time for Mm goooDH to introduce this month’s goodies... Hnr~ and the Fortress of ive If you’re going to have a shrine, you might as well make it controversial ehP At least we won.
'...gathers no moss' and stand in front of the Blarney stone.
? Eat the kiss me quick cookie and take the shamrock. Give the shamrock to the witch that knew St. Patrick and she'll give you a wax doll.
Put the wax doll on the altar beside the terrible ancestor Mordred. Look at Queen Eve and she says "Bring me something old". Take the proverb end '...saves nine'. Take the silver plate and the potion of stealth. Drink the potion and take the butterfly.
Eve’s skeletons start falling out of the family closet. No wonder she turned out like she did., ? Put the butterfly on the bug collection. Take the Czar's crown and put it on the shrine to Ivan the Terrible. Take the chest key and open the relevant chest to find the new penny. Put this on the flame of antiquity and take the old penny.
Give the old penny to Queen Eve and she'll give you a door key and say Aunty Maud looking as good today as she ever did. Now if she’d just get out of your way... We had this brilliant tape we nicked from Amiga Power once, it was an OctaMED tune with samples of this chap going it's a skull" and Tm scared" and other quips from an earlier Valhalla game! Amazing.
Right, so after last month's solution to the first two stages you should all be stood ready for the start of the third level. You've taken the key from the George Orwell monument and inserted it into the fourth gargoyle... Level Three Pick up the book about Eve's terrible ancestors and read the book about the Great War of Evesland. Take the bath sponge, the flower with three blue petals and the one with seven yellow petals and the book about Eve's immediate family. Put the flower with blue petals on the stone of Kesland and put the flower with yellow petals on the stone of Weyland and then
take the axe.
? Put the axe on the shrine to Lizzy Borden and take the note which you can read - it has the nursery rhyme 'Ring o ring o roses' on it. Put the note on the altar next to Aunt Maud.
Take the tablet which has the ending of the proverb '...run deep' on it.
Take the door key and put the door key on the cutting machine and then find the correct door. Take the kiss me quick cookie, the proverb end «« Give the shamrock to the witch that knew St. Patrick and she’ll give you a wax doll.” "Bring me something new". Open the relevant door and take the silver plate, the proverb end '...spoil the broth', the valentine's card and the bar of soap. Put the valentine's card on the flame of Cupid and take the Gone with the Wind book. Give it to the witch who likes romance and take the map of Whitechapel. Put continued overleaf 3598 -IKEB10* MUM :s cnracnv zr-
mortis cl MM 8CCI9MI :£ 191778 Bristol Rovers’ old bose groand. Sigh.
Please could you give me some help with Pnafcr Wtmm I? I know the cheat to make ail the players fitter but is there anything elseP Shane Humston Newry Go. Down pri si 01 cuy i oooGiLCy One of Bullfrog’s best, and stiff going strong.
I’m having trouble with [feat M and was wondering if you had any cheats for ftp I’ve heard something about typing in Michael as your name but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Am i going wrong somewhere?
James Blackwell Cheltenham fcjf w 0 W M k not very interesting picture ot a good garae. Hmm the map on the shrine to Jack the Ripper and take the song cookie.
How then, now then. What do we have hereP The eye icon will reveal all... ? Stand next to the gramophone and take the song cookie, the chest by the gramophone will open, so take the rubber duck. Put the duck, the sponge and the bar of soap in Eve's bath and take the book you can't read - 'Mein Kampf'. Put the book on Hitler's shrine and take the picture of the old person. Put the picture in the fountain of youth and take the picture of the baby. Give the baby picture to Eve and she'll give you a pair of pyjamas and tell you to 'Bring me something borrowed'. Put the pyjamas on Grandfather's bed
and take the vanity cookie.
? Eat the vanity cookie whilst stood in front of the mirror. The locked chest beside the mirror opens so take the key. Find and open the correct door and take the cocktail glass, the third silver plate, the chest key and the head. Give the head to the witch who says she's a phrenologist and she'll give you a pumpkin. Put the pumpkin on the flame of Halloween and take the the snake (asp). Put the asp on Cleopatra's Flame and take the miniature sphinx.
Grab the book and read all about the background to the game at the start of the last level. Just don’t go talking to the wrong people or you’ll end up getting very hurt. You will. Believe us.
? Put the sphinx on the Egyptian tomb and take the clock. Give the clock to Eve and she now says 'Bring me something blue' and gives you some dough. Open the relevant chest with the key and take the anti-heat potion. Drink the anti-heat potion so the king will go near the oven. Put the dough on the oven. Take the Pudding Lane street sign and give it to Aunt Mavis. Take the last silver plate and fill up the cocktail glass with Galliano, orange juice and vodka. You end up with a Harvey Wallbanger. Put all four silver places in place and a secret passage appears. Take the piece of paper with 'Er
no' on it. Take Great Uncle Adonis' autobiography. Give the Harvey Wallbanger to the witch and take the symbol. Put the autobiography on the bed covered with roses and take the pillow. Put the pillow on the shrine to Burke and Hare and take the chemistry set.
T Put the chemistry set on Grandma's bed, and take the gambling potion. Drink the potion and operate the lever next to the roulette wheel - when the wheel spins the chest opens so you can take the second symbol. Put the two symbols in place and the chest should open so you can take the noose. Put More of that background, scene-setting type milarky. I’ll be bound. Nasty piece of work that Eve.
This on the shrine to Ruth Ellis and take the happy spider. Put the spider on the flame of sorrow and take the resulting sad spider and give it to Eve. You'll be given a note that you can read about killing babies in Bethlehem. Now Eve will ask if "You want to marry Esmerelda?", look at the 'Er, no' piece of paper and Eve then says "Well, who then?". Put the note on King Herod's shrine and take the seaweed. Put the seaweed on the flame of oceans and take the toy boat. Put the boat in Percival's bath and take the piece of driftwood with Titanic engraved on it.
Take the last silver plate and fill up the cocktail glass with Galliano, orange juice and vodka.” ? Put the driftwood on the altar by Percival. Take the bar of chocolate and put it on Esmerelda's bed. Now take the saucer of cream. Put the cream on the cat's cushion and take the helmet and put it on the suit of armour. The chest opens so you can take the slipper which you should then give to Cinderella who says "I love you" and gives you a fairy. Put the fairy on the Xmas tree and the chest opens. Take the knitting and put it on Great-aunt Violet's bed and take the chest key. Find and open the
chest and take the mother's day card.
Put this on the altar next to Augustus. Take the lacy night gown and put it on Eve's bed. Now take the box with something inside it. Put the box on the x-ray machine and take the note that you can read (it lists a selection of lies). Put the lies on the lie detector and take the picture of Cinderella.
? Give the picture to Eve and she'll give you a wedding ring. Eve now says "Oh well, if you must" so give the wedding ring to Cinderella and it's exchanged for a marriage certificate. Cinderella now changes into her ugly self and when you look at her the King says "It's Esmerelda, my wife". Give the registrar the marriage certificate and it's exchanged for a note which says "The only way to be rid of the unwanted marriage is to murder the mother of the bride. The first step is to burn this note". Put it on the furnace, take the dice and put them on the board game. The chest beside it opens.
Take the very heavy ball.
T Put the ball on the altar beneath the crane and operate the crane so it smashes the glass nearby. Take the light of Valhalla that was hidden inside. Put the light on the tub of poison and you're left with a poisoned light. Insert this into Eve give this to the ghost of Sir Bradley.
Take the chest key, open the relevant chest and take the bullet. Put the bullet in the liquid silver to make and then give it to the guard who says he's a werewolf. Take the moon dust.
T Put the moon dust on the stone opposite to the one with 'Sun' marked on it and take the piece of paper that says 'Go for lunch'. Stand by the telephone and say 'Go for lunch'. The guard disappears and you can take the cross. Give it to the ghost of Lady Mary and take the grey sock and the infinity symbol. Put the symbol on Infinity's tomb. Now you've released the spirit of infinity.
Take the lit match and put the sock in the bleach and take the white sock. Put this on the stone opposite the one marked 'Black'.
T Take the letter you can't read and give it to the guard who says he's a graphologist. Take the rags and put them on the stone opposite the one marked 'Rich'. Take the coins and put them on the shrine to Scrooge. Take the thimble and put it on the sewing box. Take the pin and burst the balloon. Give the medal revealed to the brave guard. Take the sword.
? Put the sword on Don Quixote's shrine and take the sand. Put all six gems in place on their altars beside the locked chest and when it opens take the piece of paper that says 'Will you marry me?'. When you're bored of asking all the girls if they want to marry you put the sand on the stone opposite the one marked 'Wet' and take the dynamite.
T Put the dynamite in the hole in the boulder and light it with the lit match. When the boulder explodes I have recently bought but keep getting killed by the Skorl when I enter a certain house. Any cities?
Ioanna Hicks London m'lsMUMfe.MMpeseaiin ioctplct m It Mi fsc*rs to TaiMs Lmfctfl MM MfriM). Toll* itrnitM tie IM, eater the Mr M M t» ttwu M yen set tie *1 fra* Then take the resulting clean frying pan and put it on the stove.
? Put the gold, frankincense and myrrh in the manger and take the chest key. Open the chest, take the raw sausages and put them on the frying pan. Take the now-cooked sausages and give them to the guard who says he's hungry. He'll give you a rattle so put it on the cradle and take the teddy bear. Put this on the shrine to Christopher Robin and take the blank sheet of paper. Put the sheet of paper in the typewriter. Take the note with instructions for one of the guards. Put this on the fax machine and it disappears - it actually reappears on the fax machine you don't have access to. The guard
also disappears, replaced by a telescope.
Put the telescope on the altar by the ghost of Lady Mavis and take the Mortal Komliat Could you please give me some dps for (the first one)?
David Folkestone “Put the telescope on the altar by the ghost of Lady Mavis and take the blunt razor and put it on the sharpening stone.” you can take the piece of paper with 'Kiss' on it (you can kiss all the girls if you feel like it). Finally, face the frog and kiss it. The frog turns into Princess Lisa who you should ask to marry you. Obviously she says yes.
That's the end of the game folks.
Continued overleaf ~ blunt razor and put it on the sharpening stone. Take the sharp razor and put it on the barber's chair.
? Take the comb and give it to the guard who's hair's a mess and take the tortoise. Put the tortoise on the 'fast' altar and take the paintbrush - LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or have a solution to a question in the magazine, don't keep it to yourself, write it down or send it m on a disk and we’fl do our best to prim it.
HELPING HANDS • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA12BW == i «¦*!. U. yr t=l.
'X: • I Did you know the original Monopoly pieces came from the creator’s wife's charm bracelet? True.
Once you've read through this you'll know exactty what you're supposed to be doing with this thing.
And she screams and disappears allowing you access to terrible ancestor Henry. Who you thought was Esmerelda now deflates and in the place where she was is a note informing the King how much Esmerelda hates him. Put the note on Henry's altar and he'll disappear, allowing you access to level four... LEVEL FOUR Read the books and take the tarnished object and the big boot.
Put the tarnished object in acid and take the sparkly jewels. Put the big boot on the shrinking stone and you're left with a tiny boot. Put this on the Monopoly board and a chest opens allowing you to take the coffee beans. Put the sparkly jewels on the altar beside Sir David. Take the lump of metal, violin and note about the cursed princess. Put the coffee beans in the grinding machine and take the coffee powder. Put the lump of metal in the alchemist's bowl and take the gold.
? Put the violin on the shrine to Sherlock Holmes and take the chest key. Put the coffee powder in the percolator and take the cup of Joe (that's coffee that is). Give this to the guard and take a dirty frying pan.
Open the chest and take the Doctor's bag and put it on the altar beside the ghost of Sir Francis. Take the carrot, ice and violet. Put the carrot on the rabbit hutch, take the white rabbit and put it on the shrine to Alice in Wonderland. Now take the frankincense. Put the ice on the opposite stone to the one engraved with 'fire' and take the playing cards.
Put the cards on the the altar beside the ghost of Lady Valentine and take the flower (the flowers are the same as the lady's names - when you give the right flower to the right lady you get a gem) and the myrrh. Put the frying pan in the washing up bowl.
And yet this chap always manages to be awake whenever you want to talk to him. Of course, he's just letting you know that he needs something to liven him up a bit.
HINTS & TIPS The infamous ‘womb and tubes’ level. Inspiration can come from anywhere in gameland!
The medi kit waited until the unsuspecting Norris's back was turned, and then pounced.
A Blue Robot about to be reduced to so much scrap metal, thanks to a big gun in your hand.
These things come to your door on halloween dressed as small children.
Last month we printed a few handy tips culled from Jason Davie's website at http: www.
Thenet.co.uk -obiwan breed tkg.html and that's where these level specific tips have come from too. Cheers Jason and please accept my apologies for not mentioning your site the first time round... Level C Start by running clockwise around the central block, then enter the central room. You should have stirred up the Tall Blue Insects who'll follow you. Jump up onto the high platform and duck down staying right at the back. The Blue Insects can't follow Nasty, big preying mantis type monster.
Yesterday. With you trying to hide.
“You’ve got to be quick because you’re going to attract a lot of Breed! When you’re back at the platform, just pick ’em off!’ you so they congregate at the bottom. Inch forward along the platform until you can just get them in your sights and then let loose with the blaster (there's no need to use anything more powerful).
This is a good place to make a stand. Another ideal spot is the short bridge, over the stairs, in the narrow corridors at the top end of the map.
Jump on the bridge from the topmost stair - don't open the door that leads to this bridge otherwise you run the risk of being overrun.
Use all available cover to sneak right up to your enemies, this can be used to great effect against the Red Floaters. There are two of these who can be approached whilst still in cover behind a corner. Then just hit and run or, for an easier life, jump out, dump a mine and run away.
The priest is a bit of a tough cookie until you've sussed out the grenade launcher. But you can kill the Priest alien without getting a scratch. Just before he fires you can hear him charging up for his next blast - use this time to side-step to your right out of harm's way. Wait for it to make its clockwise circle of the room and just after it passes the entrance its back will be turned. Fire the grenade now and get back into cover. From here you can finish him off with the shotgun or more grenades, but stay near to the corner for protection.
Level D This is a very tricky level - make sure you complete the previous level in good nick because this one can be really painful. Whatever you do, don't drop down into the large room until it is absolutely necessary - stay in the corridor. You have to defeat two waves of Breed: small Blue Robots and the Tall Blue Insects. They have ample cover but you can lure them to the front. Dodge what fire you can and then fall back, with any luck several will have congregated at the front - a well-placed grenade should do the trick and they work best with the Insects. Take the rest of them out with
your shotgun.
Now the fun really starts. A Red Insect will appear from a secret door and he can be dealt with in two ways: either shoot with the assault rifle as he passes in front of the tunnel (this takes several shots and is quite dangerous) or wait for the first opportunity to jump into the room.
Then dash to the left to the side chamber and you'll find the missile launcher - use it quickly!
Level E This level is loads more fun! Take out the two Blue Robots and the Red Devil. As soon as you enter onto the platform, two large Red Robots will appear from the chamber behind you. Either place a mine or stand at the top of the stairwell and use your missile launcher on the entrance.
Now it's time to make your stand and stage your next attack across the pit.
Leap across onto the far platform and wait for the enemy to show up.
If you start to get overwhelmed you can just drop off over the platform edge to safety. In front of the platform is a secret chamber with the entrance on the far side. If all the Blue Robots have been dealt with, passing in front of this secret entrance will release the door mechanism and inside are another couple of Blues as well as a medi pack and some grenades.
Now call up the automap and starting at the left corridor, run full pelt in a clockwise direction through the level back to the platform.
You've got to be quick because you're going to attract a lot of Breed! When you're back at the platform, just pick 'em off!
To tackle the central chamber you're going to need to be quick on the side-step keys. There are two doors and two windows into here so use them to your advantage. The windows allow you to watch the Breed from relative safety and they're big enough to allow you to lob grenades in. The doors only stay open for a short while - allowing you to fire in and then side-step.
When you encounter the Priests there's a secret hideout next to the knifeswitch. You can jump out of here, fire a missile at the Priests and return to cover.
I” Imagine having a nest of these in your attic?
Moving house would he the only option!
Level F If you walk along the promenade, past the teleportation chamber, you'll come to what appears to be a dead end. But if you examine the automap you'll see that the promenade should actually carry on.
Strap on the jet pack to scale the wall to the top of the elevated walkway and then just a little further on you'll find plenty of helpful goodies.
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Colour: 3 ltalue:$ 4DF
- --------------- El ft "* ¦ ? O CHEATS COLLECTION
By ...Dirk Stoecker
Ware .....Freeware PD
Library OnLine PD No of
disks .....One
Price ....75p + 75p p&p The Amiga has a long
history as an excellent machine for gameplayers.
No doubt a fair few Amiga owners made their purchase with this in the forefront of their mind, only discovering the .Amiga’s true potential later on.
Even though brand new commercial games are pretty thin on the ground these days, the huge library of products already available should mean that the average gamer won’t run out of ways to occupy his or her joystick hand. Even veteran gameplayers need a little help once in a while, hence all die cheats disks in the public domain.
This particular one contains various type-in codes and level passwords for a huge number of releases, both ancient and recent.
The list of games with cheats is split into four parts, ranging in size from around 100K to just over 300K, so as to speed the loading time from floppy disk. However, the guides have been power packed, so a copy of Ppguide is required if you don’t want to wait around while the powerpacker patcher (supplied on the disk) decrunches the files for viewing in MultiVieiv. Annoyingly, the menu on the first AmigaGuide document won’t work unless you unpack die files first. Loading the parts by hand is not a difficult task, but it seems strange to include a means of linking the documents without making
sure that it functions properly.
Quibbles about the basic interface aside, there are certainly enough games covered by this guide to make the disk something of an essential for frustrated gamers. The fact that so many older games are included as well as the more up-to- date Utles means those experiencing difficulties with obscure or long- forgotten games, could find that this disk is the answer to their prayers.
MEGA TYPHOON By ......Bernhard Braun Ware Demo PD Library ..PD Power No of disks .....One Price ....50p + 75p p&p Mega Typhoon is described by its author as “the fastest arcade action game ever made for the Amiga computer.” Certainly, there can be few slicker scrolling shoot-em-ups.
There is no storyline, and you don't have to be a brain surgeon to play it, as long as you have good reactions and a strong trigger finger. The objective is simply to destroy anything that gets in your way.
Not since Xenon 2 has there been such a playable and beautifully presented arcade blaster. There are a wealth of satisfying pow'er-ups at your disposal as you try to single-handedly mow your way through an entire alien fleet. The graphics are colourful and detailed, and despite the incredible number of sprites zipping around the screen, the scrolling is never short of excellent.
Unfortunately, some of the menu screen graphics in our copy seemed to have been corrupted and there were some odd and slightly concerning sounds coming through the speakers from time to time.
Hopefully any such problems will have been been ironed out of the full version, and the rather ugly mouse pointer will have been removed.
Details of where to obtain the full version are given in the accompanying Readme file.
MY WORLD PAINT By .....Phil Melvin Ware Demo PD Library ..PD Power No of disks .....One Price ....50p + 75p p&p .Although it was originally conceived as a powerful games programming Continued overleaf
- PALETTE EDITOR - Salect colour to edit aith LHB in palette
* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5 A B C 0 £ F PUBLIC DOMAIN fTz rn I v 35
Characters + Spaces! !
Enter all Names and Numbers then Type Enter to Store r Type E cit To Leave Without Storing Numbers in file DIRECT-A-DISK: Useful for keeping in touch but what a hideous interface!
language, Amos BASIC seems to be frequently used to produce paint packages these days. Some such paint programs are nothing short of appalling, while some target a specific audience, (such as young children) and are designed to appeal to that group alone. On the other hand, the vast majority reflect some accomplished but thoroughly unspectacular efforts.
My World Paint sadly falls into the latter category, and this is largely because the constrictions that Amos places on programmers have not been turned into strengths. For instance, users are restricted to Lo- Res (320x256) or Hi-Res (640x256) screens and a fairly pitiful 16 colours, as there’s no support for enhanced screenmodes. There is a toolbar containing every thing you would expect to find in a paint package, but nothing more. In short, although it’s a well written piece of software that’s hard to criticise, there is also nothing whatsoever about it that makes it stand out from the
crowd of similar A?ttoj-authored art programs.
Haring the Help file as an Amos program is a nice idea in some ways, since it is actually accessible from within MWPaint itself - although it is irritating haring to load a 59K executable if you want to read the documentation from Workbench.
Surely an .AmigaGuide document would have been a useful inclusion?
If you don’t have Personal Paint or Dpaint (and you probably do) or you feel that younger members of the family might not get to grips with a more “adult” program, then take a look at MWPaint, but don’t expect to produce any masterpieces with it. To run MWPaint at least 2Mb of RAM is required, and registration costs £6.
DIRECT-A-DISK By ..Fieldview Software Ware .....Freeware PD Library ..PD Power No of disks .....One Price ....50p + 75p p&p This is a moderately successful attempt to produce an on-disk telephone directory program. It has several useful functions but unfortunately is flawred in certain aspects of its design.
Firsdy there is an international dialling code director)’, wiiere codes for various exotic locations around the w7orld are listed. .Annoyingly, there is no way of jumping quickly to the details of a specific country - you must click through the 15 alphabetically sorted screens first.
Contact numbers are also supplied for UK airports, and some charge information is provided too.
There is a national dialling code directory, which can be searched either by entering the first few7 letters of a town, or a mysterious area code that might have appeared on a recent phone bill. This works, proriding the details entered are specific enough - otherwise the program will report hundreds of matching entries. This means you have to wade through them all, because there’s no wray of escaping to the main menu, or even conducting another search, undl all the results have been viewed. To exit you are instructed to type “EXIT,” (and remember to type this in low’er case letters or
Direct-a-Disk will not recognise the command).
There is also a personal director)7, for names and numbers of friends and reladons. These can be recalled later by typing the first few7 letters of the name. But, because you cannot enter a number and have a name returned, Direct-a-Disk isn’t as useful as it could be for checking through your telephone bills.
This is a nice idea, but with a horrifically hideous interface, a completely non-standard approach to user input, wrhich varies from one secdon of the program to the next, and too many screenfuls of semi- legible Amos font text. If Direct-a-Disk wras easier to use and nicer to look at, and a little less illogical at the same time, it could be a genuinely useful piece of software.
ONLINE UTILITY COMPILATION 4 By Various Ware Variotis PD Library OnLine PD No of disks .....One Price ....75p + 75p p&p This is a curious little collection of utilities. Version 7.15 of John Veldthuis’s famous Virus Checker is possibly the most useful program it contains, (if you don’t already have some form of virus protection installed on your machine).
XDM may take you some time to get up and running. Make sure you make use of the icon-less AmigaGuide documentation as you w7on’t get far without it. XDM turned out to mean eXtended Disk Masher, and although files compressed using the disk masher technique are rare these days, there must be some among you w7ho’ll be glad that a Graphical User Interface for this nasty CLI-based program exists.
PointerX is a system hack w7hich is supposed to make the hands on the U| L I L !. K.y_‘v Unji I IdL (. UI|_H-30* IUJ1, I Oft DiHft 1.11 Uif ItJI-cj &IRECT -A-DISK FuyJlasic ldttery™ L_ L0TTEBY_REfii-»E L_ JtFFOtS iFFY_DiSK_Ch.anges.TxT RbautHbort L JiFFY.DiSK.TxT SNED ONLINE UTILITY: A whole host of utilities for your perusal.
DIRECT-A-DISK: International and local dialling codes are stored in these boxes.
PeinterX.doc V 1 . J- PD selection of By .....Richard Ling Ware Postcard PD Library....PD Power No of disks .....One Price 50p + 75p P&P Let's not beat about the bush: Dogfight 1.1 is the sort of game that everyone should have on their hard drive. It's a two-player, aerial combat game which emphasises gameplay over graphics and sound (although that's not to say it isn't well presented and visually pleasing) and has the potential to keep you sat at your computer for literally hours on end.
The original Dogfight appeared way back in 1990, when the popularity of the Amiga was still growing at a phenomenal pace. That this update has taken seven years to appear is more down to the brilliance of the first release than any tardiness on behalf of the author.
One player takes the role of a British pilot, the other a German. Each must take off from his or her respective airfield and cross the channel to attack their opponent. The game employs a splitscreen approach when the players are a fair distance apart, but cleverly switches to a full screen when the planes are close enough to do so.
Another nice touch is that the British plane sound effects all come through the left speaker whilst the German ones come through the right.
Players can select an automatic throttle, in which case they simply have to pull up or down once in the air to control their planes.
Alternatively it is possible to take control of the throttle yourself - but beware, pulling upwards without enough throttle causes a plane to stall and begin plummeting earthwards. It is possible to pull out of a nosedive, but it takes practice.
The planes are armed with an unlimited supply of bullets, for attempting to shoot down the opposition or the passing zeppelins, and two bombs each, used to take out submarines and gun emplacements. Bomb supplies are only replenished when a plane is shot down. Every time a player destroys his opponent or his opponent crashes his plane, the appropriate kills counter ticks up a notch.
The game continues until one of the players gets so bored that he hits the Ctrl-C key combination. Alarmingly, this is an extremely rare event and so Dogfight sessions are best started when neither player has any important things to do for a few days... busy pointer clock face move, (didn't seem very effective on our A1200).
Jiffy Disk is a simple label design program which should help keep any disk box in order. Although it’s not brimming over with features, it is efficient and effective and can even play you a tune while you work.
The rest of the disk is even more of a mixed bag. Abort Command is a little utility that kills off tasks which are endlessly looping, and will probably appeal mosdv to programmers. JustPlay is a small command which can be assigned as the default tool for a music file, and when the music icon is double clicked JustPlay will play the module until an Applcon is clicked. There is a sample name editor called SNED, and a Lottery number generator called Predictor Pro, although it seems too random for the word “predictor” to be used. Finally, PWSInfo is something of a joke program, which claims to be
performing a set of system tests before announcing that your machine is an Amiga.
Although bv no means an
o essential buy, OnLine Utility Compilation 4 would probably
benefit anyone with an older version of Virus Checker.
DOUBLE BATTLE By ......Rolf Buchtmann Ware ...Shareware PD Library .....North Staffs PD No of disks .....One Price ..5Op + 75p p&p Double Battle is essentially Breakout, except that there are two participants (the computer can play if you don’t have a friend handy) and when the ball breaks through the wall of bricks the other player must quickly snap into life and bat the ball back.
There are various options which can be played around with, in order to tailor the difficulty level to the J ability- of the players: for instance, it is possible to choose one of ten levels to start on. The game itself features all the usual Breakout bonus bricks, including ones which expand or reduce bat size, or speed up or slow down die ball, as well as a few which produce more unusual effects such as lasers and magnets. The graphics are certainly passable enough, but the music is the sort of tuneless fare guaranteed to drive a calm individual to insanity - unfortunately, it seems
impossible to turn off.
.Another downer is that one player can be left waiting for minutes on end for the ball to break through to their side of the wall, so the whole thing can get quite tedious, unless you enjoy watching other people play. Still, Double Battle does manage to inject some new ideas into a rather tired but all-too-frequendy rehashed Continued overleaf ¦Ml » Milkj., r-rg- IHJ» riwjtjic _fi£- m llr«_fWhr L* .ro.!h(hr V _» 1.3 "hSiST" • J512 ONLINE UTILITY: It's worth getting this disk just for the newer version of Virus Checker.
DOUBLE BATTLE: The graphics are adequate but the sound can quickly grate.
Oooooo WALLSTONES: Another clone and this time it's Connect-4's turn. Unfortunately though you can only pit your wits against your Amiga.
WHERE TO GET THE DISKS North Staffs PD PO Box 476 Stoke on Trent ST1 2JY » 01782 279670 OnLine PD 1, The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby Liverpool L37 3PX ® 01704 834335 PD Power 15 Lovetot Ave Aston Sheffield S26 2BQ Saddletramps PD 1 Lower Mill Close Goldthorpe Rotherham South Yorkshire S63 9BY « 01709 888127 E-mail: phil@ware5d.demon.co.uk Other good PD libraries gaming style, and with a Top 100 table and a built-in level construction tool, it should be reasonably assured of a long playing life.
WALLSTONES By ..Stefan Eisenblatter Ware .....Freeware PD Library ..PD Power No of disks .....One Price ....5 Op + 75p p&p Another game documented entirely in German, Wallstones is a computerised version of Milton Bradley’s infamous Connect-4 game.
Connect-4 seems to have been an almost entirely ‘80s phenomenon, (well, we played the paper version during boring maths and science lessons in our day). Wallstones is a one-player game - unfortunately true experts will never get to prove themselves against anyone but their O .Amiga, which is a rather unfulfilling exercise if the truth be told. That said, the .Amiga puts up a darned good light, and there’s no chance of it simply being too thick to notice an obvious killer move creeping up on it. Indeed, a computerised player with no failings whatsoever makes for a rather tricky opponent - a
fact Gary Kasparov will no doubt vouch for.
If, by some strange twist of fate, you have never encountered Connect-4 or any of its numerous derivatives, let me briefly outline the basics of this classic. The game consists of dropping your coloured counters into a seven-columned well, and the objective is to form a line of four coloured counters before your opponent can do so. In Wallstones you can select which of the seven columns you wish to drop a counter into, using the mouse, and hitting the left mouse button causes the stone to fall. The computer will rapidly respond with its own invariably cunning move.
Graphically the game is about as impressive as a Connect-4 clone could possibly hope to be; the backdrop is bright and the counters feature some nice graduated colour effects. Sonically Wallstones is inoffensive but scarcely meritorious; the warbling tune is bearable enough, although not the sort you will find yourself humming for days.
In terms of addictiveness, you might be inclined to admire Wallstones - perhaps more so if you’re a product of the eighties. More gameplay options would be much appreciated however; a two player mode would certainly not go astray, and an alternative soundtrack, or at least the possibility of listening to sound effects rather than the dull tune, would help to elevate an already enjoyable game towards the rarely attained status of a true classic.
AERIAL RACERS By ......Insane Software Ware .....Freeware PD Library Saddletramps PD No of disks .....One Price ..80p + 5Op P&P We were quite convinced that Aerial Racers was going to be a truly enjoyable overhead driving game.
Disappointingly though, the game itself seemed rather reluctant nj oooooo - ..... to run for more than a few7 minutes without crashing our expanded A1200 system, which doesn’t suggest that the program is particularly stable. The game was apparendy developed on an A1200, wrhich makes its instability all the more surprising.
From the brief moments of uninterrupted gaming we did manage with this, it can be said that the music and graphics are both notably good, and the handling of the cars seemed to expertly steer the thin line between responsiveness and twitchiness. Alas, though, we didn’t manage to complete a race - even when we had figured out precisely what keys were required, after being reduced to bellowing expletives at the seemingly inoperative joystick control method.
There is a track designer included in the archive, so if you are lucky enough to get Aerial Racers working perfectly then you should be in for a treat. .Although the use of the track designer is not documented in the AmigaGuide instruction file, it is fairly straightforward thanks to the wrell-designed interface. Unlike the main program, the track designer seems to be extremely stable.
It’s regrettable that we can’t recommend what looks like it should be an extremely good game, but it’s impossible to rate a game which falls over so badly and so frequently on a relatively unexceptional A1200 system such as our own. Investigate Aerial Racers by all means -just be prepared for the w'orst.
& fJTTTl SOCCER MOUSE Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase of 2.3 times - 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 2, 4 or 8MB of 32-Bit RAM INSTALLED ? USES STANDARD 72-PIN SlMMS ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Finger CutOut to help Installation ? Trapdoor Fitting
OVERDRIVE, SQUIRREL etc.) ? Zero Waite State Design.
Ohib RAM8 £39.,9 RAM8&33MHz FPU £59.99 68030 33MHz&FPU £89.* 68030 40MHz £109.« 68030 40MHz&FPU £129.* 68030 50MHz *129* 68040 2 5MHz (inc. Fpu) cl99.* 68040 40MHz(inc. Fpu) £269* 68060 50MHz(inc. Fpu) £399.*
I. Ogb d I4
1. 99
1. 2gb d I6
1. 99 Includes Brack-It System (norm. £35) & UK Delivery CALL
ABOUT UPGRADES £429* SCSI-II Interface for the Magnum
68030 68040 & 68060 Cards
- Supplied with software - £79.99 CP FAX 560dpi 3 BUTTON MICE &
MATS for all Amigas s Atari Sts FREE wear Modem Required, 44
.99 Image fx 2.6 the best ,MAGE 'h’rocessing Package there is
for the Amiga. Amiga Format Gold - CU Awards. Bubble Filter,
Fire FX, Wireless Hooks, Shear & Straw modes, Enhanced
Lightning Effects, FilmGrain Add Remove, Liquid Distortion,
Sponge Drawmode, Sparkle Effect & much more are in version 2.6.
ALL FOR JUST £ + PARTS Other Products A500 512k RAM Expansion
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- copy available on request.
29. 99
29. 99 Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to
27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 33 40 or 50MHz
(NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclocked) ? MMU in ALL
Processors ? '040 fits Standard A1200 - no PROBLEM & IS
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(FLOATING POINT UNIT) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ?
Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't void warranty ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE
CD Zappo CD-ROM or Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
4mb 8mb 16mb 32mb £69.99 £89.99 N A N A £8999 £10999 N A N A £119* £139* £179* £249* £139* £159* £199* £269* £159.* £?79.* £219* £289* £159.* £179.* £219.* £289.* e229* £249* £289* e359.* £299.* £319.* £359* £429.* £449* £489* £559* Award winning 560dpi Resolution ? 90% RATING IN CU Amiga ? Micro Switched Buttons ? Amiga Atari ST Switchable ? All 3 buttons can be used with MANY PROGRAMS SUCH AS Directory Opus 5 BEIGE or BLACK £12.99 MAT £2.99 OR £1 WITH A MOUSE AmigaDOS Pack £34.99 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS & Mastering AmigaDOS 3 - Reference Usually £43.94 SAVE NEARLY £9 A1200 Beginner Pack
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Amiga Format Gold. Amiga Computing 9 10. Fax Compatible UK Comms Internet
* *** STAR BUY **** £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 Mastering Amiga
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OPUS 4.12 Complete A1200 Hard Pisk Kits Yes, at long last, a
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cardboard & glue! Our packs offer you our exclusive and
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to access Internet FTP sites with a lister ? Borderless
Button banks ? Filetype-specific pop-up menus ? Cybergraphics
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execute commands upon events ? Multiple CUSTOM MENUS WITH SUB
ITEMS ? Automatic Filetype Creator to CREATE AND TEST
Filetypes with ease ? A font viewer ? Listers fields for
titles, re-sorting by fields, PLUS A 'VERSION' FIELD ? COLOUR
? ICON and Lister snapshots are stored separately from
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Listers can now display a background picture pattern ?
Workbench 2+& Hard Disk Required PC task 4j0 Advanced 486 PC Software Emulator AT LAST, THE LONG AWAITED PC Task 4.0 is now shipping pTTTTj featuring:- Advanced 486 SOFTWARE ONLY EMULATION, Dynamic Compilation for faster EMULATION, UP TO 16MB ACCESSIBLE UNDER MS-DOS, MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA & SVGA supported, up to 256 COLOURS ON AGA MACHINES, CyberGraphics support, Multiple hard DISK FILES AND PARTITION SUPPORTED, CD-ROM and High Density drives supported, Run MS-DOS APPLICATIONS IN A WINDOWS ON YOUR WORKBENCH! RUN Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mode! Many times quicker THAN VERSION 3.1!
Requires Kickstart 2.0 and a 68020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER.
TurboPrint 5 Printer Enhancement Software If you have a printer - you MUST get TurboPrint. It radically enhances the printouts you normally get by replacing the Amiga Printer System with the Faster and Visibly Better TurboPrint System. Options include Poster Printing, Colour Correction, Dithering, Colour Balancing, On-Screen Preview and Much More... Most printers are supported -call to check.
STOP PRESS - Version 5 now includes "Graphics Publisher" to load multiple pictures, individual colour correct, rotate, twist and more. Enhanced TrueMatch colour correction. New drivers for HP, 49, CALL ABOUT UPGRADES ?
COMPUTERS & MONITORS WITH EXTENDED 190 DATS WARRANTY Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives; CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.. INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500 + A600 A1 200 .....£28-95 UNBEATABLE PRICES Please call for latest best price A4AAA E‘Iii 4Mb 8Mb A1200 £39.00 £65-00 I A500, A500+ & A600 £39195 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1230 Lite .£69-95 1230 50 ..£129-95 1240 25..£199-95 1240 40. £249-95 1260 50 .£399-95 SIMMS 4Mb .....£19-00 8Mb ....£39-00 16Mb ...£79-00 32Mb ..£139-00 SCSI CD-ROMS QUAD
SPEED SCSI + SQUIRREL ...£159.00 IDE CD-ROM HITACHI 16 MAX .....£89.95 LOLA GENLOCKS L1500. . . £169-95 L2QOOS . £349-95 1ST AFTER-SALES SERVICE SIMPLY THE IANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Ring us for a reasonable offer for your A1200 computer (or just motherboard) - in any condition A600 A1200 KEYBOARD ..£29 SCART LEAD ...£14 MONITOR CABLE £14 SQUIRREL INTERFACE .....£50 SURF SQUIRREL £89 A520 MODULATOR .£18 95 95 95 00 00 00 00 00 95 95 00 COMPUTERS A500 With PSU + Mouse + Mat....£79-95 A500+ With PSU + Mouse +
Mat..£89-95 A600 With PSU + Mouse + Mat....£99-95 A1200 Without HD ..£299-95 A1200 With 80MB ..£349-95 A1200 With 1 70MB £369-95 A1200 With 420MB £419-95 A1200 With 540MB £429-95 A2000 (Available) ...Call A4000 (Available) ...Call MODEMS BABT APPROVED + NCOMM SOFTWARE + CABLES
33. 6k .£79-00 2-5" IDE HARD DRIVES All hard drives are
pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench loaded and include
cable & software 60MB £55.00 540MB £129.00
80MB £65.00 810MB £139.95 170MB
£69.00 1 .44Gig .£199.00
260MB £80.00 2.1 Gig .£249.95
420MB £120.00 3-5" IDE HARD DRIVES
2. 1 Gig £159.00 4.2Gig
£249.00 Please call for other capacities
A500 A600 A1 200 POWER SUPPLY
...£24-95 A1
500 A2000 A3000 A4000 POWER
* All spares are available ex-stock
* Please call for any chip or spare not listed here ROM
2-04 ......£18 ROM
2-05 ......£19 A500 A500+ KEYBOARD
..£29 AMIGA MOUSE + MAT .....£14 A500 A600 A1 200
Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd J?? "f1 EKSE*-•jjj» «; a m a i aaia
Unlt *' Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, ]§» A ¦ A ¦ Car AK JESS
, 1 ALOGIC Kin«ston-UDon-Thames. Surrey KT2 6HH lTeK 2P m EP 8
[MLOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH S3 Hi In-depth reviews of hardware and software that you can trust Amiga Format's 100th issue might seem like a good excuse for us to just go on about how wonderful we are I (which of course is i utterly justified), but no. We ' still strive to bring you the best reviews of all the latest hardware and software going.
Modem reviews are getting a bit tougher to do as ¦ time (and more and m more modems) go by, H but entirely new 8 products like the j Catweasel and Buddha ¦ cards are always a joy to ' have a gander at.
What's more, software written by an individual doesn't often get into the serious section of the mag, but Surface Effectors is well worth the effort required to buy it.
CINEMA 4D CD POWER MODEM Ben Vost looks at the latest 33.6k speed and a great version of Cinema4D. Bundle of software How can it fail?
Dave Cusick has a good look.
CATWEASEL BUDDHA Not a fat bloke and a time traveller, but very useful bits of hardware given the works by Nick Veitch.
SURFACE EFFECTORS A plug-in for Lightwave that doesn't cost the earth reviewed by Ben Vost.
One Amiga Format reviewer.
Is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
70-79% Not a bad product but quite possibly one that needs a serious update.
CD-ROM roundup Nick Veitch gives the latest and greatest CD- ROMs a good going over.
AMIGA.NET On the net? Got huge phone bills?
Dave Cusick shows you a way out.
Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
OuePLrauier tttb pv steger ncorg; lU. -1- TJ-L. WORKBENCH Got a problem?
Well that's just what Graeme's here for.
Somrt Fro. (21 M IW To rJTTBTBW TotH On!ln»: IW-il 1* Tot.t Co»l life tet’r
• tKm I "M I Win | Overwhelmingly poor quality products with
major flaws.
40-49% Under 40% The absolute pits.
Rrmrrrrrri It seems like only minutes since we reviewed C4D3, but a new version has just landed in Ben Vost's ample lap.
Actually it's been four months and now you’re not really supposed to refer to Cinema 4D v4, but Cinema 4D CD edition. This version comes with Cinema Font and Cinema World thrown in for free and heaps of scenes, seamless textures and bumpmaps taking full advantage of the space that a CD-ROM offers.
This new7 A
l. Colour £.Lumin.
U. Transp. .Reflect.
S. Envir. Shadow Cancel The new texture preview feature is worth
its weight in gold, but only available to people willing and
able to run their Amigas in 256 colours or more.
Version has also been further optimised for graphics card and 68060 use.
On my mean machine at home it really shines, IF YOU'RE NEW... If you haven't seen Cinema 4D before, perhaps a word or two of explanation is in order. Cinema 4D is a 3D modelling and rendering package which is distributed in the United Kingdom by HiSoft. In use, it is less like Lightwave or Imagine and more like solid modellers like Real 3D. If you were wondering why it's called Cinema 4D, the 4th dimension referred to is time, since Cinema does a very nice job in animating your scenes and actually has several special effects that can be applied to models over time. If you don't think you're
the hottest modeller around, it doesn't matter since Cinema 4D CD edition comes with a full version of MagicLink which translates objects from one format to another with ease.
Cinema 4D now also comes with two additional programs which work as plug-ins. The first is CinemaFont which allows the user to use any PostScript Type 1 fonts they have on their hard drive (and it comes with a bunch) to create text objects in 3D for Cinema, the other, CinemaWorld, is like a mini-Wsfa and is used to create landscapes with trees and so on for importing into Cinema.
0 & _ R , £y !
|BI World | o 2Dca PJ ?
XY ZY XZ U-F 3D P 1 0| Ira m 8.
¦ ¦ • ¦ ¦ ?
Outpacing the previous version by quite a stretch and you can now7 run Cinema s editor on a high or true colour screen with none of the refresh problems exhibited by previous versions. This is ideal now7 that the render module runs asynchronously since it means that you can watch over your render while you carry on editing objects in the editor - all on die same screen. Further, graphics card users are rewarded with the ability to have objects in coloured wireframes. This is also possible on native screenmodes, but since you really need to be running in 256 colours or more, probably not
worthwhile because of the slowdown involved.
Unfortunately, if you don’t want to, or can’t, run in 256 colours (or more), then you’re not going to get the benefit of the rather gorgeous new7 material previewing function either.
Basically, the whole Material Edit window7 has been revamped and you can now7 add Running on a graphics card has several benefits including coloured wireframes and the ability to run the asynchronous raytracer while you carry on editing your models.
Bitmaps to each texture section, ie.
Transparency, reflectivity and so on.
What’s more, you can now add unlimited materials to any object giving it the kind of complexity not previously seen in Cinema. One example of this would be a botde object which has a glass material on it. Simply add a new material for a label. Materials are layered one after the other and you can "Great for transparent refractive objects that you just want to test for motion."
Rearrange the list (unlike in Lightwave) simply by using the new pop-up menu that appear on both the “Edit Texture” buttons in the main toolbar. But this huge plus has a tiny minus in the fact that it now becomes a lot more complex to add a material to an object - naming this new material involves haring to open up die new Material Manager and renaming your material using the popup menu.
Material attributes like transparency can now be simply turned off by clicking on the dck boxes arranged down the right hand side of the material editing window, great for transparent refractive objects that you just want to test for motion without haring to go to the lengthy times that transparency and refracurity normally mean.
Get Square Eyes!
Gasteiner are giving away a Microvitec 1438 monitor as part of our celebrations. If you'd like one, send your self-addressed postcard to: API00 monitor draw Gasteiner 18-22 Sterling Way North Circular Road Edmonton London N18 2YZ For competition rules and regs see page 9.
M p Help window lessened the need for them. If your .Amiga is well-endowred in the power stakes with a CyberStorm, and high in graphical prowess thanks to some kind of RTG card, then Cinema is an even more attractive proposition for you, with the most modern interface of any of the current breed of 3D packages for the Amiga. .Although Cinema is good on a standard machine, with a graphics card it reallv does shine.
DISTRIBUTOR: HiSoft Systems 01525 718181 www.hisoft.co.uk PRICE: £199.99. Upgrade from v3 is £29.95 and from v2 £69.95 REQUIREMENTS: 68020, WB2.04, 12Mb HD space, 3Mb free memory New Clouds j Dice FacejDice * sert Yjc-.'' Tj Save 311 ice DupMcale Delete 0-1 World Marble |Red Plasti Here's an at-a-glance listing of the improvements to be found in the CD edition:
• Direct CyberGraphX support
• Direct 68060 support for Phase 5 boards
• New material system
• Material previews
• Metal shader in addition to existing plastic shader
• Unlimited materials per obj'ect
• Soft shadows
• Faster, improved anti-aliasing
• Faster wireframe and shaded rendering under 256 colours
• Lens flare behind transparent obj'ects
• Colour wireframes in editor
• Improved depth of field, soft focus and blur
• Full versions of MagicLink, MainActor and Cineview The new
Material Manager window is used to show you thumbnails of all
the textures you're using. Note the pop-up menu for editing and
so on.
One more new feature in the CD edition is that textures are now handled on a local basis. This involves not using a complete path for your bitmaps which makes it simpler for cross-platform rendering. However, it does mean that your old scenes from earlier versions take longer to load in initially. However, once re-saved using the CD edition they’ll be back to normal.
.All in all, Cinema 4D is shaping up to be a very competent and attractive 3D program. Although it still has no algorithmic textures, the ability to add bitmaps to any aspect of a material has SPEED: • • • •0 Faster rendering every version.
MANUAL: • • • • 0 Clear and easy to understand.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • 0 The new material method means less time is spent in test renders.
FEATURES: • • • • • Good graphics card support, excellent texturing, faster rendering
- groovy all round.
VALUE: • • • • • At £200 it costs less than a sixth of the price of Lightwave... OVERALL VERDICT: Definitely a star purchase.
% m * EPIC CD-ROMs Amiga Specialists OPENING HOURS 9:30am ¦ 5:30pm Mon - Sat POSTAGE COSTS £1 per title UK & ROW orders 0500 131 486 overseas orders +44 1793 490988 general enquiries 0 1793 514188 fax line 0 1793 514187 email epicmarketing@dialin.net postal orders Epic Marketing Epic House 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2NF, UK OPENING HOURS ARVO - LATE""1 Mon • FRI POSTAGE COSTS $ 2 per title Australian orders 02 9520 9606 Faxed orders 02 9520 9606 postal orders Epic Marketing 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW.
2233, Australia.
Amiga Desktop Video CD «£ I I volume 2 contains hun- w. caor megspyuos or ¦ Video related back- 1 , ® drops, fonts, samples, TH lllllllrtTlMMHBi See German magazines for the latest information!
German orders office opening soon call the UK for info.
I World of Clipart Plus is a [double CD-ROM con- ‘ taining 40,000 mono [and colour clipart (images. It includes over [100 categories includ- ling: animals, people, vehicles transport, food&drink, zodiac, xmas, cartoon, music, computers, technology, babies, women, men, dogs, cats, birds, office equipment, trees and dozens more. Virtually all the images are stored as IFF, EP5, GIF, TIFF and PCX. Suitable for use in ANY Amiga Desktop Publishing or Graphics Package.
|| Order. ZW UK: £17.99 -" AU5T: 536 1 v au WORLD OF CLIPART i [ Magic Workbench (Enhancer is a stylish I Amiga CD-ROM con- taining not only Magic 1 Workbench but also around 10,000 new [Workbench Icons, Backdrops and Desktop ¦ stools. Enhance Workbench even more with || this excellent CD.
I Order C0167 UK: £17.99 - AU5T: 536 ENHXNCE vT VK X (Arcade Classics Plus i includes hundreds of I variations of all the (classic arcade games, isuch as Facman, , Invaders, Tron, Igalaxians, Frogger, Tempest, C64 conver- j: sions, Q-Bert, trail Blazer, Scramble, IS Ping-Pong, Pengo, Missile command, Breakout, Bezerk, Donkey Kong, Tetris and tonnes more great games.
I; Order C076 UK: £14.99 - AU5T: 530 ARCADE CLASSICS Plus j The Speccy CD 1997 includes around 3,000 all-time classic original (Spectrum games and I emulators to run them (on the Amiga, This CD i is a sinch to use. The faster your Amiga the I better (A1200 or higher recommended).
10rder CD403 UK:£14.99 - AUST:530 [The Epic Collection 3 is i a new Amiga CD con- staining around 600mb [of the very best Amiga j software, nearly all of (it is usable directly for [the CD. No need to de-compress it to disk.
I Workbench 3 recommended but not essential.
Order CD405 UK:£19.99 - AU5T:$ 40 T,HE EPICWLECTION 3 (The Weird 6cience i Network PC kit is a [super new Amiga-PC i Networking package [that allows the Amiga [to have fast access Ito ALL of your PC’s drives including: ZIP, Hard (disk, Jazz, CD-ROM etc. Windows’95 is recommended on your PC, but isn’t essen-
il. The package includes everything you [need including cables..
I This software is supplied on an Amiga floppy disk, so ’ it
will even give you access to your PC CD-ROM drive.
Call 0 1793 514166 for any further information.
||Order CD437 UK:£19.99 - AU5T:540 NETWORK PC land clip images. The I CD also includes a full version of Sea la - The very best video titling software available.
Id Order CD404x UK: £9.99 - AU5T: $ 20 [The Learning Curve is a i suite of Educational (Software for all ages - i It covers Maths, (Spelling, Myths, [Various Languages, I Astrology, Beginners guide to the Amiga, I History and many more categories.
Personal Suite 6.4 Includes Fersona Paint6.4, ?ersona Write, Sbase, Personal Fonts and much more. £19.99 (CD195x) Kara Fonts Collection V A very high quality compilation of animated fonts - brilliant for intros or Video Title Production. £29.99 (CD259x) Personal Paint 7.1 The very latest and without a doubt the best Amiga 24bit paint package. £29.99 (CD406) j v yi * M910II :T-ER GEE-' AEEGA C0-iCC:"‘. 15 Tfl®, Mdiai The Hidden Truth - A multimedia (htmi) encyclopedia of the super-natural, and much more (4mb AGA). £24.99 Aminet Set One - 4 CD set of tools, games etc. £19.99 Aminet Set Two
- 4 CD set of tools, etc. £19.99 Aminet Set Three - 4 CD set of the latest tools . £34.99 Aminet Set Four - 4 CD set of the latest tools etc. £34.99 Aminet Set Five - Available soon.. £CALL Aminet 17 - Games, Demos, Tools, Patches etc. £12.99 Aminet 1S - Games, Demos, Tools, Patches etc. £12.99 Xi Paint 4 - 24bit graphics paint package. £CALL._ | Aminet 20 - Games, Demos, Tools, Patches etc. £CALL % 1AGA Toolkit ‘97 - The very latest AGA utilities. £9.99 Aminet 21 - Games, Demos, Tools, Patches etc. £CALL The Flash ROM - Dozens of various emulators - Speccy, Commodore, Amstrad, etc, etc.
£29.99 Into the NET - Internet software suite. £19.99 Women of the Web - Information on hundreds of famous women. £19.99 Geek Gadgets - Amiga programmers toolkit. £19.99 17Bit 5th Dimension - The 5th CD of 17bits Software collection. £5.99 Nothing but Gifs AGA - Thousands of high quality images. £5.99 AGA Experience 2 - Hundreds of AGA games, Demos etc £9.99 A PC TCP Voloume One OR Two - Contains a number of tools, demos, images etc. Only £7.99 each Utilities Experience - Hundreds of the latest tools. £2.99 Weird Science Clipart - Amiga Clipart CD. £9.99 Weird Science Fonts - Thousands of
Amiga Fonts. £9.99 Other Applications Deluxe Paint 5 - £19.99 Mini Office - £19.99 Blitz Basic2.1 - £19.99 Dopus 5.5 - £49 Easy Ledger 2.0 - £119 GP Fax - £44.99 Image FX 2.6 - £179 PC Task4.0 - £69 QuaterBack Tools - £34 TurboPrint5- £49 Inter Office 2 - £19.99
P. Suite CD-
P. Paint7 CD - PageStream2.2 CD - £13 Print Studio - £29.99 Amiga
Repair CD - £50 Sea la CD (dtv2) - £10 A1200 HARD DISK
FAST-PREP & INSTALLER Allows you to partition your hard drive
and install Workbench 3 onto either a 2.5” or 3.5" hard drive.
£7 (AHD7-2) A600 HARD DISK FAST-PREP & INSTALLER Allows you to
partition your hard drive and install Workbench 2 onto either
a 2.5” or 3.5” hard drive. £7 (SHS7-2) ATAPI IDE SOFTWARE
Allows you to connect and run any standard PC IDE CD-ROM drive
upto your Amiga. £3 (ATP3-1) ZAPPO ARCOS CD-ROM DRIVERS
Version 11.2 of the Zappo Arcos CD-ROM driver software.
Many people are using V9x, Order a copy of the latest version. £7 (AAZ7-2) £19.99 £29.99 SQUIRREL SCSI SOFTWARE The scsi driver software for use with the squirrel interface.
Really easy to install. £12 (SSS12-1) AMIGA PRINTER DRIVERS Includes around 100 Printer drivers for use with Epson, HP, IBM, Star, Canon printers and many more. £3 (DRV3-1) in the Amiga software vast range of i specifically to help you Yi vv'wv*- - We are JWW to£ the machine etands fonWe ar interactive software' Our sbsff expertise when rt c efficient and accentuate our quality label.
We Have office* In soon be opening ,up ' Australia, also have Amerioa, Belgium.
Canadafand The Netherlands, etc. We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified, updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes around 16,000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia is available now. It features a superb new updated I multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features inluding: Colour images. Full-screen filmclips. National anthems and a unique J Inter-ACT™ feature
which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: Draughts, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
Ratings in the Magazines.
CU Amiga - 91% Amiga User Int. - 90% Amiga Comp. • 90% Octamed 6 CD Possibly the best and most powerfull music sequencer available.
Bargain! (CD1B5x) £5 Encyclopedia ‘96 The 1996 Version of the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia. Suitable for ¦ any 2mb + Amiga - £20 : Hutchinson Encyclopedia Thousands of subjects, hundreds of images, sam- ;- ples etc. (CD102x) £14.99 LSD Comp One A superb collection of tools, all taken from the LSD tools collection, plus , lots more. (CD1B) £5 OC OIUW LSD Comp Two t_5C c iAsMxE vot Includes games, Demo’s and utilities suitable for any KS2 3 Amiga.
I (CD7B) Only £5 Guiness Disc of Records The complete Guiness Book of Records on Amiga Interactive CD-ROM (CD45x) £10 EMC Phase 4 Professional ciipart fonts collection from EMC (Very Limited stock) (xcode) £10 Nothing But Gifs Over 1,000 of the very best colour images, covering many different categories. - (CD197) £6 %' y TimeTable of History An encyc opd a of History.
(CD129x) £5 Insight Dinosaurs Is an amazing multimedia Dinosaur Encyclopedia, suitable for any Amiga.
(CD114x) £5 AakfjbMP (Y Adult MENsation Hundreds of high quality colour images of the male body. Ohh La La!
(CD164x) £5 OULT St WJ°N2 Adult Sensation 2 4G00 colour “girly” pictures, Adult samples, Adult jokes and more.
(CD115x) £7.99 Movie Maker Vol :1 Learn the trade secrets of the movie industry in this AGA multimedia CD.
(CD1S4c) £3 to clear.
Sci-Fi Sensations v2 2 CD’s full of Sci-fi pix, animations, sounds etc. Rated over 90% (CD11Bx) £7.99 to clear.
The Colour Library Hundreds of colour photo’s suitable for any Deluxe Paint etc. (CD130x) £5 to clear.
The Sound Library (2CD) A double CD containing thousands of music modules and samples.
(CD65x) £7.99 to clear.
UPD Gold (4CD) A 4 CD set of virtually all Fish disks, education titles, games and more.
(CD143x) £14.99. AMIGA love .
My ?
Amiga ir vFc!
Definitely BACK FOR THE FUTURE a ni ~ a MOUSE A MAT £1 p&p CRCDIT CARD ORDCRS UI€LCOm€ iOrder. CD427 UK:£19.99 - AUST:540 AMIGA XL TSHIRT £10.99 + £1p&p The Games Poom is an original compilation of ft Gambling games. It cov- jH ers everything from Fruit Machines to Card ® Games. Poulette, Darts. Bingo. Pool.
Checkers. Chess.
Dominoes. Various Board Games. Pub Quiz’s and a wealth of other Casino type games. Virtually everything can be run directiy from the CD. Or installed onto your Hard drive. A number of the games are suitable for 1.2.3 or even 4 pi Imagine 3D £14.99 LR-Gold £9.99 Backdrops £14.99 Dem Rom £9.99 Mouse Mat £3.9: Standard Amiga Mouse £11.99 Official Amiga Mouse £12.92 Joysticks.. £cs 10 capacity disk box 5Co 10 Quality Blank DSDD disks£4 95 Amiga User Manuals Eca f Amiga to PC Monitor adaptor £10 VariousCables £cai' Disk labels
3. 5" A1200 Hard disk cable | £20 1 Create your own prores- 1
sional music videos 5 using.ANY music Cds Bar.dySur Amiga.
¦ Combine images, ani- ¦ mations. Text a-a 3D graphics to create spectacular videos.and AnyAmiga » Thisis the cias- |sic tale of Peter a Rabbit, written jr sand illustrated ' 1 by Beatrix
* amPotter. Great for K d'a LIMBEC 5'CC 5.
Lephone Orders only. Please!.
Record them to any video re: keep them for ever. A* Order. CD439 UK:£5 - AU5T:$ V p&lecifop of the best software emulation, .
Order. CD445 UK:£9.99 - AU5T:$ 20 tcontains emulators for Apple Mac. PC.
Frapium. Kg fl ----Comfr.odoreCA. Amstrad, || BBC and many more. Virtualy all the emu- ¦* lators are supplied ready to run and come p|complete with many games to run. Easy to j use on any Amiga.
Order. CD117 UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 Cartoon A high quality professional Texture CD con-B taining over 1000 "seem- less"texture files, great for I 3D Tenderers or H multimedia presentations etc. Order. CP227 UK:£14.99 - AU5T:$ 30 634 i4| AGA Amiga AIIAmiga’s i A Most Complete I Collection of l Professional Photos!
I Includes 33.000 WMF [Vector clipart images.
140,000 TIF images.
122,500 JPG photo [clips, and more.
|Order. CP1&2 UK:£29.99 - AU5T:$ 60 r 11 9 £14.99 - AU5T:$ 30 K52 32mb 1 AnyAfriga m mgmmmmmmmm mmm - •¦*’ .-’. I r' . .. irrr Supplied on 9 CD’s wfth 3 Full printed books.
Viewers Converters supplied 'add S3 °&P 'Some files may only be usable in certain applications.
Order. CD447UK:£39.99* - AUST-.N A AGA Amiga's [The Epic Encyclopedia 11997 (2mb version) is the I full version but suitable I for use on a standard [A1200.
[ Some features have been [ removed to allow it to run on 1Zmbram.
Ssm ¦a AMIGA International 1C DETAIL UTMMTIYE Here it is. EmmmmBP' ’ -JB what you've ail ™ s h v LaiCnB 5 Li" ¦r-’iaBI H 31 -aoirg game k the Amiga! J V
- orget the:-; o'" 35- racing games r_.:- - o’-aMo.v? ¦ *--® you
to djTve"over hills, through tunnels, cysrski-jumps and a lot
rffore. Upto 4 Players can play simultanious by using a 4player
A Construction Kit may follow shortly!
Att'k} . . 53.66020; AgajChipset. 4MB Fastrarit Har *fek. - r®rS starts on 66030 with 30MHz.
To (M) UK:£29.99 - M5r.-$ 60 [Assassins Games 3 is a bang- ! Upto date collection of the i latest available Public-Domain Amiga games. Each game is accessable through an easy Tito use menu that displays F lthe games instructions and requirements etc. I Order. CP40& UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 iSixthSense I Investigations I is an amazing pew Amiga l arcade [ adventure.
I featuring locations, frill | character dialog. 3 different | worlds, many interactive charac- j ters. Puzzles and more. This I game sets new standards for | Amiga gaming. Look for reviews ! In AF, CU and AC.
M Das Epic Multimedia Lexikon is the long awaited German version of our popular Amiga - based Encyclopedia. It features a new interface.
Thousands of articles, music, pictures, animations and more.
¦ Network CD2 is an ingenius piece of software and cabling . A that allows you to use your » CD32 as an Amiga CD-ROM Bldriv,. Easy to use. Access (H times are slow compared to a proper CD drive but this is a far cheaper opticn.
¦ Contains a wealth of software.
¦ including: Workbench Games.
¦ Fonts. Textures, Clipart.
¦¦Samples, Multimedia J* Backdrops. Music modules.
- B Busiress Lesters, 'esris Games. 3D Objects. Images.
Backdrops. Tools and more.
CD446 UK: £24.99 - AUST:$ 50 - Deutschland: 75 DM approx AGA Amigas 4mb+ Supplied on Roppy dsfc 4mb AGA Amiga AnyAmiga KS2 32mb AGA Experience 3 is the lat- Vest collection of AGA tools, demos, graphics. Games etc. 1 This release contains 100% new material qnd will make a great additiohto any 1A1200 A4000 :. : 93 POM collection.
UFO Encounters contains AGA Amiga I thousands of documents and I images that "nc-one" wants you to see. The CD covers all aspects of Abductions and UFO Sightings. Suitable for use on any Amiga.
I John Pasternak’s Movie i Maker: Special Effects I Volume one is an interactive guide to producing low cost film special!
I effects - This release | i includes: Removing an | eye. Cutting open an arm. I ! Making realistic firearms, and producing 1 latex face masks. Suitable for ages 16 and 1 above. (Includes tonnes of film footage and a : voice-overs) , Order. Cdlb4c UknSMZ £3 - AUSTrp&- $ 6 hf - m Aminet Set 4 is a 4CD i set of all the best and i latest from the Aminet f i Internet site. Includes [over 3.5gig of compressed data. Includes la very fast and power- ( full search routine.
Order. CD423 UK:£29.99 - AUST:$ 60 The re-compiled C64 Games CD includes around 15,000 all-time classic Commodore 64 games. It's very easy to use and the CD has a complete index of _ every game so you can m locate the game you want very easily.
[The Aminet range of [Amiga CD-ROMs are I the worlds most distributed Amiga Cds.
I Each contain the lat- [est Games. Demos.
I Animations, music and tools.
: Order. CD434 UK:£1299 - AUST:$ 26 i Sensations Volume One I includes all the tools [and data you need to , be able to produce i either music or Sound FX sequences on your Amiga.
: Includes over 15.500samples. I Order. CD165 UK:£14.99 - AU5T:$ 30 KS2 3 recommended 4mb AGA Amiga AHAmiga's AHAmiga's Blitz Basic 2.1 The best programming language available for the AMIGA!
UK:£19.99 - AU5T:$ 40 fr I is an exciting new multimedia Amiga based CD-ROM featuring high-res AGA graphics throughout. Covering subjects like: UFOs & Allens, Strangelife (bigfoot, Lochness monster etc), Mysticism, Mind over matter, Myths and Legends and more, this CD I promises to give you an "experience". Also for the first time on an Amiga multi- media CD. There are true "AVI" files (Audio & Video). Hundreds of colour images, masses of AVI's, and animations, hundreds of voice-overs, over 40 minutes of presentations around 400 subject synopsis', and hundreds of 'cross-refer- I enced’
SOFTWARE EXPLOSION! - New Release - Worth£20 I Place an order now of £25 or more and receive this CD free1 I Contains a wealth of software. Including: Workbench Games, Fonts, J Textures, Clipart, Multimedia Backdrops, Samples, Music modules.
H Business Letters, Tetris Games, 3D Objects, 3D Backdrops.
¦ Images. Colour Clipart. Tools and much more. (fcd449) Spend £50 and well send you another Mystery CD free.
Spend £75 and well send you another 2 Cds free! Etc... Mick Davis' Cartoon Clipart Volume One contains 500 commissioned high quality professional clipart images, all of which are royalty free. It’s supplied on one CD and "-comes with a 30+ page booklet showing all the images in "thumb nails". Every Cartoon ™ image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any ocher CD. A great value, high quality product.
Suitable for Amiga. FC. And MAC.
Insider Guide-A1200 £15 A Insider Guide - A1200 Next Steps £15 KL Insider Guide - Assembler £15 Vi Insider Guide - Workbench 3 A to Z £15 y Total! Amiga - Workbench 3 £20 1 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS £22 Total! Amiga - Arexx (new!)
Total! Amiga - Assembler £25 I Mastering Amiga Scripts I Mastering Amiga Beginners £20 I Mastering Amiga AmigaDOS 3 - Ref. £22 Anime Babes is an Adult containing around 5,000japanese colour images. Some people may find these images offensive.
This CD contains images of sexual acts.
Strictly Over i&years only.
Order. CD191 UK:£19.99 - AU5T:$ 40 [A Complete I Collection of I Premium Photos!
Includes 3,500 jHigh res JPEG i photos. 15.000 i Med res JPEG photos and 7.500
* B&W historical Photos.
BONUS! - 500 Sound effects and
o 1oO AVI files. 3 Cds & Full printed book.
Viewers Converters supplied, 'add £3 P&P Order. CV443 UK:£39.99*-AUST-.N A i Miami is a new [TCP IP protocol I stack to I access the [ internet by i modem, cable I modem or ISDN. Miami is 1 very easy to use. (Floppy disk) I Order. MIAMI UK:£23.99 - AU5T:$ 5& Order. CD423 UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 [The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal Order. CP422 UK:£29.99 - AUST:£60,00 Order. CD235 UK:£19.99 - AU5T:$ 40 Ratings in the Magazines.
Lightf?om4 £1999 AGA Amiga AGA Amiga All Amiga's A superb selection of Graphics CD-POMS suitable formainly 3D rendering with programs like: Lightwave3D. Imagine, Aladdin4D, Vista Pro etc. Amiga Format-???
CU Amiga - W Amiga Comp.-???
M- Also available are all other 3H and Schatzruhe CD-ROM titles , Mini Office SuiteA I Recently re-released by [Guildhall, this superb easy [to use office suite is great [for the home and small , business, It includes a I Word Processor with a spell checker. Database.
Speadsheet and more.
UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 A1200 - 020 - 6mb ram - 260mb HD -£429 A1200-030- 40mhz-10mbram-26C~?HD £549 A1200- 040 25mhz - 18mbra~ - ‘ -3 £699 A1200 -040 40mhz-19mb ram - 13gig HD £799 We can now offer you a range of full , Amiga Computer Systems - All machines are brand new and are the latest shipments from Amiga International (GatewayZOOO) k AMIGA Distributors resellers for ALL of these companies and more.
AD configurations are supplied with Woodworth.
Turbocalc. Datastore. Photogenics. Personal Paint, Organiser. Pinbail mania. Whizz, Directory Opus and Sea la MM300 MODS Anthology A 4 CD set containing over
13. 000 brilliant freely usable music modules.
£29.99 Aminet Set One or Two Each consist of 4 Cds containing thousands of games, demos, tools, patches, drivers and more... £19.99 ea Aminet Set Three A 4 CD set containing some of the latest tools, images, modules, animations and more. £29.99 Definitely BACK FOR THE FUTURE tpic multimedia r -
- Optional CD-ROM Drives - guildhall
- Amiga Systems - 4 speed 5C5I CD-ROM drive -inc interface etc.
£149 12 Speed SCSI CD-ROM drive - Inc: Interface etc. £229
Amiga Developers CD Includes everything you need to become a
software programmer developer.
£14.99 Print Studio Pro 24bit print studio, outputs very high quality results to any printer.
£29.99 System Booster Thousands of the latest Amiga tools, utilities and patches.
£19.99 Golden Demos This CD includes ALL the old Classic Amiga demos.
£19.99 Amiga Repair Kit A professional suite of disk recovery tools - Includes the full version of Disksalv 4.
£49.99 GIGA Graphics A 4 CD set containing
10. 000 IFF images, suitable for any graphics package.
£19.99“ REVIEW With modem prices continuing to tumble.
Power Computing have announced a package that they believe offers terrific value for money.
Dave Cusick is inclined to agree with them.
When I first invested in a 14.4k modem for my .Amiga around diree years ago, the Internet was only just becoming the buzzword that it is todav and 28.8k modems were only just starting to appear, boasting fairly heft)' price tags.
In those days, the classic argument for investing in the fastest modem you could realistically afford was that it would pay itself back in the long run because it would save you money on telephone bills.
That is still a sound reason for opting for the best your hard-earned cash can buy, especially considering the so-called “World Wide Wait”; thanks to the explosion in popularity of the Web and the resulting need for powerful hardware to pump graphics and sound files all over the world, a 28.8k modem is practically essential if you don't want to be waiting around while Web pages are slowly downloaded. A great manv J O j ISPs are already supporting 33.6k modems, which only really started to appear in significant numbers a few short months ago.
The Power Computing 33.6k modem is a sleek, lightweight affair, finished in cream plastic not dissimilar to that of the .Amiga itself. There are eight small lights on the front, cryptically labelled with the obligator)7 two- and three-letter abbre iations of the functions they represent so as to impart maximum confusion to nontechies. There is a small speaker on the top of the unit, and on the back are the usual sockets for the phone cable, the power cable and the serial lead.
Using the modem results in significantly improved performance when viewing complex Web pages.
Because this serial lead is of the 25-pin to 9-pin variety, an adapter is supplied to enable you to connect the modem to your Amiga’s 25-pin interface. (If you’ve opted for the Whippet or SurfSquirrel interface options on the modem bundle, this adapter will not be needed since these both have 9- pin serial interfaces anyway).
Surprisingly there is no modem power switch - once it’s plugged in, it's on.
Still, it doesn't seem to heat up in the same way as my aging
14. 4k modem does, so perhaps leaving it on while your .Amiga is
plugged in will not be such a problem.
The modem comes with a copy of HiSoft's excellent Net&Web bundle which includes all the software you will need to get connected to the Internet. The Net&fWeb documentation is good enough to make up for most of the deficiencies in the modem manual, talking things through in a manner straightforward enough for beginners to grasp. The software itself is also excellent - particularly iBrowse, which retails separately for £29.95, and is to my mind the most powerful browsing software currently available for the .Amiga. There is even an offer from Demon Internet of free set-up and 30 days free access
to their popular tenner-a-month dial-up account. In short, after splashing out for this modem you will have everything you need to get onto the Internet almost transfers are noticeably speedier than with a 28.8k, although unless you have a fast Amiga, various operations like screen updating will slow down the perceived speed of your connection.
The sound emitted through the speaker during dialing and handshaking is refreshingly inoffensive too. Fax and voice functions are supported as well, although I’ve yet to see any Amiga software which takes advantage of the latter function.
This is undoubtedly a sound investment for owTiers of 14.4k modems eager to beef up their Web-surfing power. Whether it represents such a good buy for owners of 28.8k modems is a little more uncertain, because performance may not be drastically improved - but nevertheless the 336 Desktop Modem is an impressive piece of kit which is bundled with some equally brilliant software, and is definitely worth considering as either an upgrade or a first-time modem. O immediately.
In use the modem is as impressive as you would imagine - although in general it is quite rare to maintain the maximum theoretical transfer speeds when connected to the Internet, data transfer is clearly much quicker than with a 14.4k modem. Occasionally DISTRIBUTOR: Power Computing Ltd* 01234 851500 PRICE: £89.95 modem alone; £109.95 inc Whippet Fast Serial Interface; £159.95 with Surf Squirrel SCSI-II and Fast Serial Interface REQUIREMENTS: A600 or A1200 for interface bundles SPEED: • • • • O Experimental new 56k supermodems aside, this is the cutting edge of modem technology.
MANUAL: ••000 Extremely basic and PC-orientated... but then again, plugging in a modem isn't exactly difficult.
ACCESSIBILITY: 4 • • • • O Plug it in, change a few of your TCP settings, and off you go.
FEATURES: • • • • • A high-spec modem, with a great software bundle and a nice money- saving ISP subscription offer.
VALUE: • • • • • Extremely affordable. The bundles including the various HiSoft interfaces represent particularly good value., OVERALL VERDICT: This is a compact, streamlined product which can help turn your Amiga into a power-browsing, supersurfing machine.
Eyetech's Summer Sizzlers Accelerators? Forget '030 50's - get 3 x the power for £169.95! - '040 25MHz (19 MIPS) £169.95, '060 50MHz £349.95; Forget mem boards! - '030 25MHz MMU FPU £69.95, '030 33Mhz MMU FPU £84.95; New Eyetech EZ-Tower £119.95; 16 speed CDPIus system £199.95; High speed A1200 serial port £49.95; 14.4K modems from £24.95; SX32 Mk2 £159.95; SX32Pro from £269.95 The All-New Eyetech EZ-TOWER SX32Mk2 & SX32Pro Internal Expansion for the CD32 STOP PRESS!!! What do the reviewers say?
The Award Winning SX32 Pro is now even more affordable The SX32Pro and SX32Mk2 add... "This definitely one of the easiest solutions to building your own tower." John Kennedy, Amiga Format - July 1997 If you can use a screwdriver you could build your own A1200 tower system in less than half an hour!
It Couldn't be Easier!
Amiga User Int'l Amiga Computing “95% - Definitely Recommended” “90% - A Dream to Use. ” Blue Chip Award “96% - Absolutely Top Notch ” Gold A ward Amiga Format 33 or 50MHz ‘030 MMU CPU and FPU socket (33Mhz FPU socket only on the SX32Mk2) % Simm socket for up to 64MB of 32 bit fast (60 70ns) RAM (up to 8MB fast (70ns) RAM on the SX32Mk2) n Buffered IDE interface for internal 2.5" hard drive and second hard drive, SyQuest. Jaz or even 8 speed CDROM (optional extra on the SX32 Mk2) Sockets for RGB video (23 pin), VGA video (15 pin), Parallel port (25 pin). Serial port (25 pin), Floppy disk port
(23 pin) % Jumper-selectable for PC or Amiga keyboard input (external adapter on SX32Mk2) ... to the CD32s existing mouse, joystick, keyboard, audio. RF, composite video and SVHS ports.
SX32Mk2 - sale price - £159.95 SX32Pro-50 - sale price - £299.95 Genuine Amiga 89-key compact keyboard £34.95 Eyetech 4-way buffered interface* allows the use of - eg
- 100 MB IDE Zip drive
- 2 x 4 GB hard drives* on the standard A1200 IDE hard drive port
Adapters* for using standard PC floppy drives as DFO: and DF1:
including high density Amiga and PC options A1200 main board
with 50Mhz 060* & 32MB* (behind) Fully usable PCMCIA slot V
Remove the case top and keyboard ribbon cable (No shield
removal required).
Slot in the ribbon cable from the optional PC Amiga keyboard interface.
Mount existing and new hard and floppy drives and CDROM units in the bays using the screws provided.
Connect up the drives power and data cables.
Clip in the A1200 motherboard base into the custom backpanel.
Push on the power HD FDD LED adapter and the A1200 power connector.
Put back the outer case. Thats it!... Now You've Got Tower Power!
250 Watt PSU 'and A1200 power cables supplied as standard fPortPlus* provides 2 extra Serial & 1 extra Parallel port SX32 floppy, hard drives 20MB-1.8GB, RAM - Please ring Special CPU Limited Quantity - SX32Pro-40SE. A Special Edition SX32 Pro purchase with 40Mhz '030EC processor (no MMU) - Just £269.95 * Space for A1200 Zorro slots* or PC motherboard* and cards All A1200 rear ports are directly accessible NEW! EZ-Tower and 250W PSU -only £119.95 EZ-Tower Accessories: EZ-Key A1200 adapter for PC & Amiga kbds- just push in the ribbon cable! £39.95 7 x Zorro II slots expansion board - including
5 x PC ISA slots for GG2 bridgeboard. Ethernet etc. With accelerator pass-through. Fits most towers. £179.95 New! - Single Zorro II slot adapter for graphics card - with built-in PC A2000 keyboard adapter and accelerator pass-through. (Available August 1997) £159.95 EZ-DF0 replacement A1200 internal floppy drive mechanism with faceplate, cable and interface for tower mounting £44.95 AMIGA HEALTH WARNING If you have recently fitted - or intend to fit - an IDE AT API CDROM to your A1200 (other than an Eyetech CDPIus unit) without a buffered interface then your Amiga is in risk of serious damage
arising in the future.
The A1200 - unlike A4000's and PC's - has NO internal IDE buffering. On the A1200 the IDE interface connects directly to the A1200 processor & custom chips A TALL TIMES which have insufficient output to drive more than one IDE ATAPI device (and only then on a short data cable) for any sustained time period.
We are now making the Eyetech Mk2 4-device buffered interface available separately for use with other kits and D-I-Y CDROM installations. At only £39.95 it is a small price to pay to preserve your Amiga’s health.
"A buffered IDE interface is essential to avoid overloading of the AllOO's IDE port when adding extra devices " - John Kennedy - Amiga Format - July 1997 ...Or buy a CDPIus unit (below) and get an EZ-Tower* for just £99.95 (*as an alternative to the regular CDPIus case) The Amazing Iomega IDE Zip Drive The Top-Rated Eyetech CDPIus for the A1200 8- or 12 16- speed external CDROM unit in quality, CE-approved case with heavy duty PSU Leaves trapdoor free for accelerators memory expansion and the PCMCIA slot free for digitisers, modems, samplers etc Option to add additional HD's, CDRoms,
SyQuests, IDE Zips. Jazs, SyJets, ATAPI tape streamers etc powered from the CDPIus unit Comes with special Eyetech '060-compatible Mk2 4-device EIDE buffered interface board - easily fitted in minutes with no cutting drilling (Note that IDE CDROMS must never be directly connected to the A1200 without a buffered interface - ask any qualified electronics engineer!)
Gold plated audio phono sockets at rear (CD+ only) and front panel headphone socket and volume control Another first from Eyetech Can be used in place of - or as well as’- the internal hard drive % Use a different bootable cartridge for each application or family member v Ideal for transferring multimedia data between Amigas and or other platforms V Fits in any Amiga desktop minitower floppy drive bay or in external case V The ideal way to backup your data The IDE Zip drive fitted in an .41200 Bare IDE Zip drive (inc Eyetech V2.0 Ziptools) - Just £119.95 Amazing Value 8-speed- only£179.95
NEW! 12 16-Speed - 2.4MB S (max) -only £199.95 Considering a PowerStation?
The CDPIus is now available with a, 230W, CE- approved, PC MiniTower* or Desktop* case (which can also power your A1200) - for only £20extra (*as an alternative to the regular CDPIus case) What do the reviewers say?
Amiga User International - 97% "... It all worked faultlessly ... " Amiga Format - 96% "... An absolutely superb bit of kit.." Amiga Shopper - 90% "... This is a quality product..." i- - ¦ .
_ _ A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits InstantDrives are only available from Eyetech D-I-Y and Bargain Corner Hard-to-find parts for your Amiga project Hard, floppy drive cables and cases
2. 5'-2.5" 44-way HD cables for A600 & A1200 9cm £8.95, 13cm
2. 5“ 3x44-way hard drive cables for 2 x 2.5” drives (6cm- -6cm)
3. 5“ power & data cables for A600 & A1200 £14.95
3. 5“ full fitting kit for A600 & A1200 (contains everything)
3. 5“ external hard drive case £19.95
3. 5" removeable drive deluxe external HD case £29.95 Metal CDROM
case (no psu) £5.95 3 x 40-way IDE cable for 3.5“ HD CDROM
-85cm 2' 9" £9.95 Custom 3 x 40 IDE cables to 1.5m 5’ (enclose
drawing) £19.95
3. 5" hard drive to 5.25“ bay mounting adapters £6.95
2. 5“ hard drive to 3.5" bay with 3.5“ data power cable adapters
3. 5“ floppy SyQuest Zip drive to 5.25“ bay mounting adapters
£6.95 40 pin m-f detachable data cable forextemal 3.5“
HD CDROM's £12.95 Slimline external floppy IDE SyQuest IDE
ZIP IDE Jaz case £12.95 SCSI cable 25way 'D'(m)to 50way
'Centronics'(m) (1m) £9.95 2 x 34pin-F, 0.6m ribbon cables for
mounting DFO: in tower £9.95 23p-M to 23p-F external Floppy
exfn cable 0.6m £12.95; 2m £14.95 Audio & video cables and
3. 5mm stereo jack plug to 2 x phono plugs for CDROM £6.95 CDROM
standard 4 pin inverted T audio connector & phono plugs£9.95
Phono plug x 2 to phono plug socket x 2 audio mixer leads
£6.95 2 x phono socket to phono plug mixer adapters (Gold
£3.50) £2.50 Stereo 2 x phono plug to 2 x phono plug 1.1 m 4'
(4.8m 16' £9.95) £4.95 Stereo speakers (pair), with amp
(16wPMPO) & mainspsu £12.95 Power supplies, cables and PC
towers desktops with integral psus IDE or SCSI CDROM case,
40w PSU, audio & data connect's £59.95 Enhanced metal cased
PSU for A600 A1200 CD32 CDROM external HD (fit your old lead
- instructions provided) £34.95 Mini-tower or desktop case
with 200W 230W PSU. CD & HD Zip bay, power lead connector
block, resistor, cable restraint etc, & full instr'ns £39.95
4-pin M-F extension cable from PSU to external HD CD 0.9m 3'
£9.95 23 pin m floppy drive connector to 4 pin HD CDROM power
plug £9.95 Miscellaneous A1200 SX32 internal cooling fan -
dissipate that extra power! £14.95 VGA 23-15 pin adapter for
A500 600 1200 £12.95; forA4000 £19.95 A2000 keyboards (new)
for A2000 3000 4000* (’adapter +£5) £49.95 50MHz capable PGA
FPU for SX32Pro-50 or accelerators £49.95 Amiga CDROM disks -
our selection - 5 for £10.00 A1200 RAM boards (clock, FPU skt)
£29.95 Amiga microswitched mouse with mousemat £9.95 A1200
Workbench 3.0 disks (5) with WB3.0 & user manuals £19.95 Two
new A1200 Expansion Products from Eyetech PortPlus - high
speed serial and parallel port expansion 2 x 460Kbaud buffered
serial ports with low CPU overhead PC & Amiga compatible
parallel port transferring up to 500K bytes sec Optional high
speed PC-Amiga & Amiga-Amiga networking software '• Leaves
PCMCIA & trapdoor free ; accelerator fnendly & very easy to
fit PortPlus - just £89.95! (WITH parallel port driver!)
New! PortJnr-1 high speed serial port - just £49.95 "The fastest drive I have tested on any platform ...95%"
- David Taylor - Amiga Format February 1997 Important Note! 3.5“
hard drives - even those described as Slim'- are usually 1725mm
high and will not fit in an A1200 without significant
modifications to the case and metal shielding - which itself
reduces the value of your computer.
All InstantDrives from Eyetech are less than 20mm high and fit perfectly.
Rated 99% - AUI November 1996. 95% - Amiga Format February 1997 v No hole drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required v All drives are brand new with a 2 year warranty and come Inclusive of full fitting kit and easy-to-follow pictorial instructions Ready-to-use with WB3.0 and over 45 top quality utilities installed and configured to the Toolsdaemon menu system.
% AV drives come with Mme multimedia authoring software preinstalled
2. 56 GB AV (~3MB s) - just £229.95 NEW - Superfasti .75GB
3.5"tower drives - £169.95 Apollo Accelerators - Unbeatable
pricing Entry level A1200 Accelerators - Unbelievable value
25MHz ‘030 with MMU & FPU. (5 Mips) - Just £69.95 33MHz '030
with MMU & FPU. (7 Mips) - Just £84.95 Power User A1200
'040 '060 accelerators (no tower req'd) 25MHz '040 with MMU &
FPU. (19 Mips) - Only £169.95 33MHz '040 with MMU & FPU. (25
Mips) 40MHz '040 with MMU & FPU. (30 Mips) 50MHz '060 with MMU
& FPU. (39 Mips) 66MHz '060 with MMU & FPU. (51 Mips)
- Only £199.95
- Only £229.95
- Only £349.95
- Only £399.95
2. 5" InstantDrives for the A600, A1200, SX32 & SX32 Pro 344MB A
2.5’ drive ideal for the SX32Mk2 and for the A1200 A600
£109.95 540MB A fast, superslim drive with ample capacity for
most users £139.95 810MB A superb, superslim drive ideal for
users of serious applications £179.95
1. 08GB The high performance superslim drive is ideal for power
users £199.95
1. 8GB This top-of-the-range superslim drive is perfect for the
SX32Pro £229.95 . . Oli A Standard A1200 is rated at 1.3 Mips.
All measurements from Sysinfo t Memory : 4MB - £18.95; 8MB -
£34.95; 16MB - £69.95; 32MB - £129.95 Interface Island Where
your Amiga does more A1200 A4000 non-Zorro 4-device A1200
buffered EIDE i f £39.95 4-device EIDE interface for A4000
£29.95 EZ-Key A1200-PC A2000 k b adapt'r £39.95 7 x Zorro II
slots w accel pass-thru. £179.95 EZ-DF0 interface for Sony
floppy £14.95 EZ-DF0 i f, with Sony floppy & cable £44.95
DiskPlus DD HD Amiga & PC 2x FDD i f
- for A1200 hard drive IDE port £64.95
- for A1200 clock port £69.95
- for A4000 IDE port £69.95 PortPlus 2x 460Kbaud ser + 1 x par
£99.95 PortJnr 1x 460Kbaud serial port £49.95 Zorro It Ill ISDN
adapter dual channel-128KB £159.95 GG2+ - use PC cards in Z2
slots £129.95 IDEPIus 3x2 IDE + 2x DD HD PC & Amiga floppies.
Expandable to10 x IDE dr ives £89.95 ¦ Amiga Drivers for Epson
Printers and Scanners Next Day delivery to EC and USA Canada. -
Worldwide deliveries in 2-7 days from receipt of faxed order
and payment details, (eg SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) UK m'land
next day insured defy charges: Sav, cables, buffered i f £3:
2.5’ drives, accel's, mem boards £6; manuals £7; 3.5’ drives,
modems, psu's £9.50: Twrs, CD+ (2day)£10 Ring fax email for
other delivery costs UK bank building society cheques, Visa*,
Mastercard*, Switch, Delta, Connect. Postal Money orders
accepted. * A 3% surcharge is applicable to all credit card
Due to space limitations some of the specs given are indicitive only - please ring write for further details. Please check prices, specs and availability before ordering. If ordering by post please include a contact phone no. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis. E&OE.
All prices include VAT at 17.5%. VAT is not applicable to non-EC orders Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 01642 713 185 Tel Int'l: +441642 713 185 Fax: +44 1642 713 634 eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk http: www.eyetech.co.uk ~eyetech Voted AUI Amiga Company of the Year 1996 7 EnPrint for the Stylus pH*5£fHt Range of printers Unbelievable photographic quality output '• 'Preferences' & stand-alone printing program ScanQuix3 for all Epson scanners 24 bit scanning with full range of editing options v 'Scan-to-disk1 option in Jpeg or
IFF formats '¦ Stand-alone use or integrates with your Art package (Photogenics, ImageFX, AdPro. XiPaintj Pagestream 3. Dpaint5, ArtEffect. Ppaint) Also available for HP. Mustek (Paragon) and Artec scanners EnPrint v2.1.3 - only £24.95 ScanQuix v3.0 - only £59.95 THIS fllONTH IN the internet magazine Itimate Net navigator?
Review in the next issue of .net the disc STRRTED ON THE INTERNET!
16 pages of expert advice for Met newcomers STOP THE UIRUS INIfflSION!
Complete guide to on-line viruses (and bow to kill them) UPDATE AND SURUIUEI How the Met can upgrade your software (for free)
sale Thursday 26 June £3.95 with CD-ROM • £2.95 without http:
www. Tutuco. Fancy a Twin?
HiQ are giving away one of their extremely highly-rated Siamese Systems with the brand new RTG add-on, just for you. Which is rather kind of them. Anyway, to enter for one just send your self- addressed postcard to: AF100 Siamese draw HiQ Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe, LU7 9NB For competition rules and regs see page 9.
Nick Veitch has found some gadgets that sound like cross-breed animals and bald-headed monks... Catweasel is nothing to do Math the seminal classic TV programme of the same name.
Rather, it is a small piece of hardware for your AI 200 or A4000 which will enable you to attach a standard PC HD floppy drive.
Even if you are lucky enough to own an A4000 (or perhaps a late model J ill j A3000) which is fitted with a high density IL drive, you may still want to consider the ' Catweasel. The problem with the Aini ga H drive (see the table if you don’t believe me). The advantage isn’t only with PC disks either, you will experience a marginal speed increase when accessing Amiga disks too. There have been other noble attempts to as you may think. I’m sure you could get one for less, but I was rather happy to pay Maplins £27 for my slimline internal drive, which works fine. You can easily work out for
yourself that the combination of a Catweasel and a PC drive costs only a little more than a replacement .Amiga high density drive.
There are a few different versions of the Catweasel, to suit your machine.
There is no real difference betweeen the two bits of kit, other than the shape of the PCB, which is designed to fit inside the A1200 or A4000 - so make sure you get the right one!
Provide PC HD support (in the shape of external drives like the Four Square), but these also suffered from speed limitations.
As well as providing a connection for two standard PC drives, there is also a connector to enable you to attach an old Commodore 1541 drive. The driver is provided in the setup, although we wrere unable to test this feature, as we didn’t have the appropriate hardware to hand.
All you need is a standard PC High Density7 drive, which aren’t as expensive BUDDHA IN A BOX STATISTICS SPEED: • • • • O As you can tell from the stats, it moves.
MANUAL: • • • O O Basic instructions are all you need ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • Simple to install and use. Once it's in, you can forget about it.
FEATURES: • • • • 0 Connect two drives and run at speed VALUE: • • • • O Not expensive when you consider the cost of a new Amiga HD drive... OVERALL VERDICT: An ingenious and excellent new solution to an age old problem The Buddha card is essentially a Zorro slot version of the Catweasel, but with extra features. Primarily these consist of four extra buffered IDE interfaces. This means that you can add an extra eight IDE devices to your big box machine - more than you might actually need. It can also be useful for resolving conflicts between drives. For example, if you have a Seagate and a
Western Digital drive, it will be much easier to have them on separate interfaces than to try and set them up as a master-slave pair.
The card itself only takes up half a slot, so there is enough room to fit another device in the PC or remaining video slot.
Copy files to PCHD disk from RAM Copy files to RAM: from PC HD disk Format PC drive Format Amiga HD disk A plug-in for Lightwave that really raises the rendering stakes? Ben Vost investigates.
Without Internet access or a subscription to VTU or Lightwave Pro, you probably won’t have heard of Surface Effectors by Prem Subrahmanyam. And that’s a real shame because it adds facilides to Lightwave that I’ve only dreamed of.
One of the biggest tricks to perform in Lightwave in the past, and the topic of much discussion in the mailing list, was how to create the impression of a pen creaung handwriting on paper. This is a bit of an archetypal problem and related issues were: how to burn a hole through an object with animation, or lay down skidmarks from a car. Surface Effectors is the answer to all these problems and many more. So, what is it? Well, Surface Effectors is a plug-in shader interface that allows you to use null objects with special object names to dynAMIGAlly alter surface attributes for the objects in
your scene.
STEP-BY-STEP SCENE The scene shown on this page is made with one object and two nulls. The object is a plane with the text stencilled into it so that it can have a different surface name.
The plane is given a 200 blue colour but no other attributes are changed. The text is given the same colour. Both surfaces have the Surface Effectors shader in use.
The first effector null is the one that changes the text colour from blue to bright red and has the following object name: 5_E LightUp R=255 G=0 B=0 L=1 DT=0.8 TF=1 Min=0 Max=2 tg=2 The first part is the name and the R,G and B values affect the colour of the surface.
The DT and TF affect how the dynamic trail work; in this instance it means that the colour will be 80 per cent faded in a second. The min and max values show the o A Active Software o « 1 Win ten copies of NetConnect with ten copies of Voyager NG as runners-up prizes!
Send your postcard to: AF100 Active Draw Active Software PO Box 151 • Darlington County Durham • DL3 8YT For competition rules and regs see page 9.
"Surface Effectors... adds facilities to Lightwave that I've only dreamed of.
Rw CAUSE AND EFFECT As it stands, Surface Effectors is designed to modify existing algorithmic and bitmapped textures applied to your objects in Lightxuave. The only “texture” supplied by SE is a fractal noise texture.
This works beautifully over time, in three dimensions, giving you the ability to create smoke effects or vapour trails, such as the ones in the example anim of the comet (see them on the CD).
Radius (in metres) of the effect of the null, and the TG attribute is for objects that have multiple surfaces with effectors only affecting certain surfaces.
The second effector, the one that creates the green zig-zag line that crosses the plane, is named as follows: SurfEff GreenBlob r=0 b=0 G=255 Min=0 Max=.35 DT=3 TF=3 tg=1 You can see that the Dynamic Trail value (DT) is much higher, resulting in a much swifter fall-off of the trail - roughly a third of a second.
The first null crosses the plane in a diagonal path following the text and the second performs a zig-zag motion across the plane. The green line "fades" in and out at beginning and end because I started it further away from the plane and thus less in its sphere of influence.
Surface Effectors isn’t very easy to get to grips with. It took me a while to understand the way that the effector nulls can have other nulls parented to them, that allow certain effector attributes to be changed dynAMIGAlly. For instance, you can have a surface effector that changes a surface colour to red, like the one shown in the example, but add a sub-null which is parented to the colour null and is just called Coir. Then, by positioning this new null at points in the scene that correlate to colour information (i.e. x=255 y=0 and z=255 results in purple) and moving this new null during
your scene, you can animate the kind of colour that the original effector null broadcasts, onto the surface it affects. There is a more friendly user interface (that only works with LW5.0) available for doing all this, but much like HTML, it is quite often quicker and easier to write the object names in by hand.
In conclusion, this is one of the best plug-ins I have ever seen for Lightwave, and at the price, it should be used by everyone.
• Cstorm II 060
• 82Mb RAM
• Picasso IV
• Lightwave 5.0 A4000-040
• 18Mb RAM
• Lightwave 5.0 SPEED: • • • • Doesn't slow Lightwave down at
MANUAL: • • • • 0 Not bad, but it could be better.
ACCESSIBILITY: •••00 Tricky to get to grips with but still loads easier than Imagine's texturing!
FEATURES: • • • • • It adds loads of features to an already feature-rich program.
VALUE: • • • • 0 99 bucks for this is laughable!
OVERALL VERDICT: Gives Lightwave a wow factor unmatched by any other 3D package.
DISTRIBUTOR: Prem Subrahmanyam 001 904 575 6051 between 11am and 6PM Eastern Daily Time (GMT-5) only!
Http: star.noblestar.net ~prems ppp.html Email: prems@star.noblestar.net PRICE: $ 99.95 REQUIREMENTS: Lightwave 4 or 5 -i ¦ This month we received two new ways to extend the storage capacity of your Amiga. One was just a hard drive so we put it back in the box for a bit, not really looking at it for too long. The other seemed much sexier, so that was the one that caught our attention first. It’s called the Olympus Power MO 230II and as the name suggests it’s a magneto optical drive. But unlike ones we’ve seen before, this drive gives the Zip a good run for its money in the good looks stakes.
As you can see from the pics, it’s a sleek black device that’s designed to sit flat or vertically in a stand and unlike the Zip, it can also be set to any SCSI ID thanks to a little rotary switch discreetly hidden away under a flush panel on the side of the drive. Like the Zip, it has two 25-pin D-Sub SCSI connectors on the rear and it comes with a rather odd power supply which attaches by a short cable to the drive at one end and has a standard plug lead at the other end. The only problem with this method is that for us, the PSU box kept falling off the cramped desk and yanking on the MO
drive. But why all the comparisons with the Zip drive? .Although the MO is about three times more expensive than the Zip itself, the cartridges are priced similarly, with the MO having the edge on price and seriously beating the Zip drive’s 100Mb capacity.
MOUNT UP Ben Vost takes a look at two new storage ideas from Gasteiner To mount the MO drive requires you to boot for the first time with a cartridge inserted, so that HDToolbox will recognise it and allow7 you to format it, but other than that you can use SCSIMounter to mount the drive if you attach it to the chain after your Amiga has booted. .All in all, it’s a very pleasant drive and certainly a great deal faster than previous MO drives we’ve seen.
Once we’d finished playing with the nice-looking MO we were sure there wras something else. Oh yes, that hard drive.
Ho hum. (At least, that’s what we thought until we saw7 the specs on the drive and its price). This unassuming little silver box is actually a five gig IDE hard drive! That’s right, five gig. And, of course, it goes like the wind. The reason for this is that the drive is the same physical size as a smaller drive, but it’s a higher capacity. This means that the blocks on the drive are squished closer MAXTOR 5GB DRIVE DISTRIBUTOR: Gasteiner Technologies 0181 345 6000 PRICE: £329 REQUIREMENTS: IDE controller OVERALL VERDICT: Great value and top speed.
Together and so it takes less time for the heads to get from block to block. This, as you’ve no doubt already guessed, results in faster access and read and write times.
But the fact that this hard drive has more capacity than most people will probably ever need is not the surprising thing about it. The best bit is the price at which you can purchase this piece of digital real estate. Because this 5Gb drive retails for just £329 - half the price I paid for my first gigabyte of storage - a Hitachi SCSI drive.
There’s only one caveat, and that’s not only easily circumventable, it probably won’t even occur. There’s a 4.3 Gb limit on partitions on the Amiga, but as long as you have a few partitions on this drive, you’re never going to run into trouble.
Other than that this drive’s no different from any other IDE unit and behaves in the same way, only faster.
Sleek, black and sexy, that's what the Olympus Power MO drive is.
SPEED: •••OO Pretty speedy for a MO.
MANUAL: • • • O O You don't need a manual, just plug in and go.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
FEATURES: • • • • • High capacity, fast, easy to use.
VALUE: • • • • O Although the drive is expensive, the media are cheap.
OVERALL VERDICT: Solid value for money if you get through a lot of media.
HiSoft's latest peripheral claims to offer drastically improved surfing speeds, but can it live up to its promises? Dave Cusick finds out.
FAST PCMCIA SERIAL PORT FOR YOUR ABQ0A1200 S OVERVIEW S'DETAILS IN USE • SOLUTIONS S SHOPPING BASKET The Whigsgsei A iPcfrU: II On graphically intensive pages your CPU speed will still be a big factor, but The Whippet certainly makes a significant difference to performance.
Made out of black plastic and has a slightly flimsy feel about it, but it fits snugly enough into the PCMCIA socket on the side of the Amiga. The advantage of using the PCMCIA socket is that you can simply slot The Whippet in and you won't have to worry about opening up your Amiga to install it. The O disadvantage is that if you happen to own a hard drive or SCSI adapter such as the Squirrel then you will obviously not be able to use The Whippet at the same time - in this case you would be better off investing in a SurfSquirrel instead since it combines the roles of the Squirrel and The
The Whippet actually has a 9-pin D- type serial port instead of the 25-pin variety' found on die Amiga itself. 9-pin serial ports are something of an industry standard these days, and a 9-pin to 25- pin serial lead is supplied to enable you to connect vour modem to die socket.
Rr There is a test program called The Hare on the installation floppy disk which can be run at this stage to check that everything is in working order. Assuming it is, the next step is to configure your TCP software to use whippet.device instead of the standard serial.device or any replacement device you previously used. This is simply a case of changing one string in your TCP preferences program, whether you happen to be using AmiTCP, Miami or TermiteTCP. While you're about it, you can crank up the baud rate used, according to how fast your Amiga is and what speed modem you happen to own, as
mentioned in the main copy.
Guidelines on appropriate values are also included in the excellent manual.
The standard Amiga serial port is
- not to beat about the bush - rather poor. It can often prove
something of a bottleneck because it's simply incapable of
dealing with the rate at which data could theoretically be
transmitted through it. For instance, in an ideal world anyone
using one of the latest 33.6k modems would set their Amiga up
to run at 115,200 bits per second - since computers should
generally be set to transmit at around four times the modem
transmission rate, to allow for peak performance with a 4:1
data compression ratio. In reality though the standard Amiga
serial port can rarely sustain 38,400 bits reliably, even on a
fast machine.
The Whippet is a greatly improved serial port interface which is capable of 57,600 bps on a standard A600 and 115,200 bps on a standard A1200.
Owners of accelerator cards could even set their machines up to use 230,400 bps, although in practice you would need a blindingly fast modem to make the most of this. Further, using high resolution screenmodes with plenty of colours will mean that the serial port will not run as quickly. Nevertheless, the Whippet offers massive speed There is an installation program included on the accompanying disk, which copies the a device driver into the Devs: drawer on your hard drive. It's worth noting that any device drivers you may have installed for other PCMCIA-socket hardware will have to be removed
prior to the installation of the new drivers, or you'll find that your Amiga cannot find The Whippet.
"The Whippet is capable of 57,600 bps on an A600 and 115,200 bps on an A1200, improvements for frustrated 28.8k and
33. 6k modem users.
Externally The Whippet bears more than a passing resemblance to HiSoft’s best-selling Squirrel SCSI interface. It’s INSTALLATION FLAT CAP The superbly written manual includes helpful information about the way in which modems and serial interfaces actually work, which will prove extremely useful to Net novices, as well as details of the pinouts on the Whippet's serial socket.
The package also contains demonstration versions of the comms program Tennite and the all-in-one Internet bundle Net&Web.
In use The Whippet makes a noticeable difference, although exacdv how significant the speed increases are is also dependent on the speed of your CPU and your modem. The Internet itself also proves a limiting factor, as does the quality7 of the telephone connection to your Internet Service Provider, so while in practice it's rare to obtain the maximum speed of which your modem is capable, the Whippet does at least ensure that your Amiga doesn't delay things further.
SPEED: • • • • 0 You'll certainly notice the difference, even on slower machines.
MANUAL: • • • • • Very informative and readable, and suitable for beginners as well as experienced users.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Setting your Net software up to use it is a fairly straightforward process.
FEATURES: • • • • O It does what it's supposed to do, and it does it well.
VALUE: • • • • O It's cheaper than buying a faster modem.
OVERALL VERDICT: A well-designed piece of kit which is everything the standard Amiga serial port should have been.
Distributor: HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE: £49.95 REQUIREMENTS: A600 or A1200, 1Mb, Workbench 2.04+ % With deft expertise, CD-ROM maestro Nick Veitch spins those wheels of steel and gives us the verdict... GEEK VERDICT 90% £19.95 AGA EXPERIENCE VOL 3 VERDICT 90% £14.95 Weird Science 0116 234 0682 The self-effacing title of the disk undersells what is actually an excellent development compilation, perhaps more accurately titled the Amiga Developers Environment.
The first disk of the series wasn't released long ago, but there are many additions and improvements already. The compilers have reacted well to the criticisms levelled at the first volume, and made an effort to begin the gargantuan task of
- m documenting the files on the CD.
Some of the highlights are the latest versions of the ixemul library, the Sadeness 01263 722169 We gave the first of this CD- ROM series away with our first double CD issue.
The developers have assumed that you have an AGA machine, and the CD provides the best collection of tools, utilities, games, icons and pictures for it, as well as music files, and GADGETS 2 games and demos which will work under ECS, so you don't have to have an A1200 A4000.
There's a wealth of new and old-looking tools on here. Highlights include the SCSIbench speed tester. Plotter 3D, Zjtools, the AmiBase database system and GFX LAB 24. There's a full version of X-Cad 2000 on there too, which may be useful for any engineering or technical drawing students out there.
As usual, there are numerous top quality pictures. Some seem out of date, (already released screenshots of Hellpigs and Nemac), but they're worth a look.
If it's pics of top models and actresses you want, check out the 27Mb demo of Women of the Web, which is linked in to the on-line documentation for the disc.
While HTML gives a nice display, it has two major disadvantages. Firstly you have to run a Web browser to read it. The default used seems to be the old version of Aweb, as this is the only one which is likely to run on an The Anime version of Dolly Parton checks her locks for body and hold in one of the many pictures.
Kaffe Java interpreter, an updated version of Perl, a PowerPC compatible C compiler and the latest implementation of X-Windows.
Possibly of interest to developers is the inclusion of a special alpha version of p.OS, the replacement operating system from ProDAD.
Although there aren't a heap of applications to test under the OS, and it is a bit slow, there is plenty of documentation to enable you to get unexpanded A1200. It is pushing the limits memory-wise. Secondly, it is currently impossible to run programs directly from the documentation, unlike AmigaGuide, (see the AGA Toolkit '97 for an excellent example of this in action).
While perhaps not quite as exciting as previous editions, this is still definitely worth getting hold of. & your own favourite applications ready for release. Example source, libraries, includes and extensive RKMs are included to help you out.
Again, one thing which could greatly improve this CD is more documentation, but the guides which do exist so far are excellent. G?
REVIEWS VERDICT 65% £11.99 Weird Science 0116 234 0682 This is, rather obviously, the second in a series of Eurocentric Cds, showing off the best of European Demos, tools, utilities, pictures and Mods. At 583Mb in size it is a little on the light side, especially considering that none of the files on here are compressed.
The largest drawer on this CD is artwork - over 140Mb of it. It has to be said that many of the pics on here are truly excellent, but they are also, as far as I could gather, also all available on the Aminet Cds or from the Aminet site itself.
The same could be said of nearly everything else that is featured on the CD, though at least here you have it in a ready-to-run form, which may be an advantage to people with limited memory or patience.
EUROCD2 While it seems like a reasonable idea to gather together the "best of Europe," especially the Demos, there seems little point unless there is at least some unique material or another added-value device. To be fair, the compilers do ask for submissions, and they even have a Website for users to upload stuff to , but I suppose anyone who does send in stuff must be also posting it to Aminet.
So basically this CD boils down to yet another compilation of stuff from Aminet.
A reasonable collection of stuff, and one that for the most part seems to work without too much trouble, but then again there is no index and no search facility. © Weird Science 0116 234 0682 AMINET 19 It seems surprising the amount of stuff which gets posted on the Aminet.
In amongst everything else, there's a huge contingent of games- related material on this CD, from actual Shareware games such as the esoteric Train_Driver, to the entertaining WBTiles and the, frankly sad.
There are also a lot of Worms levels, XTR racing tracks, hints and cheats and the latest version of the rather excellent FIGPEd utility from Oliver Roberts.
On the utility front you will find such indispensables as CDXLGUI, which brings a much needed front end to Commodore's CDXL player, the phenomenal Amibroker stock management software and the potentially useful HotStartup.
There are, as ever, tons of MODs which are always difficult to describe. Suffice to say they range from the melodic to the Design your own game maps with Power Crawler.
Nasty. There are also some excellent music utilities, including the OctaMED substitute, Symphonie Jr, and a few new sample editors.
If you're after pictures, you won't be disappointed either, as there are 239Mb worth on here. They are of variable quality, but so many are just fantastic that it seems harsh to gripe about the odd turkey.
Also included are two full commercial programs, the first of which should be familiar to regular readers - CanDo. Version 2.5 of this excellent multimedia authoring system appeared on our own cover Cds AFCD1 and AFCD2. If you don't have either of these issues, you might consider the Aminet CD, as it is now impossible to get the back issues for those particular Cds.
The second "full program" is Amiatlas, an excellent route-planner come interactive map.
Unfortunately the version on this CD is German only. This is a little odd, as at least the Shareware demo version of 2.0 had an English catalogue with it, which 1.3 does not. I'm sure it'll be useful to everyone in Germany though.
I can't see any reason why any future Aminet Cds would score less than an AF Gold.
The amount of Shareware and the incredible AmigaGuide front end, not to mention the powerful search feature is enough to strike gold alone, irrespective of whether there is any commercial software included.
VERDICT 90% £14.99 Boards and MOW PowerPC Technology for Amigas too!
For ail Zorro-3 and Tower System A1200s with Zorro li backplanes. I The core of this great board is the V1RGE GRAPHICS CHIP from S3. With 3D capabilities, it’s able to process complex 3D functions in hardware (eg. Shaded & textured surfaces) with Trilinear filtering and Shading Togging for super rea'istic Real Time 3D Rendering. When used with CyberGraphX 3D library, Cybervson 64 3D can even offer a broad range of 3D facilities for any software developer.
CyberVISION 64 3D... 4Mb Version £169-95 MPEG Decoder - added to the Feature Connector to provide real time MPEG audio and video decoding at Ml size custom screens or, in Workbench windows (HQ display using 16 24Bit modes from CyberGraphX Workbench). Stereo audio output is provided via the supplied dedicated line output jack. Upgrade to a Cybervision 64 3D and MPEG bundle (from previous Cybervision 64) for a special low price! £ 149-95 Monitor Switcher - with integrated scan line doubler. Designed to fit into the Amiga slot this gives tufl automatic switchover from the standard Amiga signal to
Cybervision 64 3D's output.
Both cards may be fitted inside A300CV4000 models leaving three Zorro-IO Aits free. £79-95 AMIGA 68040ERC AND 68060 ACCELERATORS You can choose between the 68040 40SRC Cyberstorm U or the ultra powerful 68060 version. When you fit a Cyberstorm II68060 Accelerator to YOUR A3000, A3000T, A4000 or A4000T you can for example, render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in just 2.4 minutes! Compare that with 10.34 minutes on a standard A4000 ’040 25! With no jumpers, both Cyberstorm II models are fully plug and play and, A4000 users even have the option of a SCSI-2 Module rf they wish (A3000s
already have SCSI built in).
• Up to 128Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you can even
transfer the 72Pm SIMMs from your Amiga A4G00 straight onto
your new Cyberstorm.
• Optional SCSI-2 Modus
• If your budget currentiy only covers the cost of CyberStorm
II6804CERC. You can always upgrade later to the fufi 68060
processor for the extra power!
Cyberstorm II68040 40 40MHz 68040ERC - 0Mb, Expandable to 128Mb Cyberstorm II68060 50 50MHz 68060 - 0Mb, Expandable to 128Mb Cyberstorm II SCSI-2 Module Cyberstorm II SIMM RAM Expansions (Please can for a range of SIMM prices) A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
The Blizzard 2040ERC is a super LOW COST board which offera A150(y2000 owners the opportunity tc upgrade to the same performance as the Blizzard 1240T ERC Board Users will then be able to enjoy full A4000 04Q power as well as take advantage of the built in SCSI-2 interface. The ‘ERC * Processors used on these boards are recycled and vigorously tested 68040 CPUs operating at 40MHz with MMU FPU - excellent guaranteed competitive! priced alternative.
Blizzard 2040ERC Turbo 40MHz 68040 aid MMU FPU, 0Mb 32BH Fast RAM, exp. To 128Mb £299-95 LOWER PRICE!
1260 TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU 50MHz 68060 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 64 192Mb
38. 71 MIPS with single sided 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
Offers Amiga A120O owners FULL 68060 POWER with a board that simply plugs into the tr slot Your A1200 will then operate at TWICE a even THREE TIMES THE SPEED of an ’04Q upgrade and up to FIVE TIMES THE SPEED of a standard A4000! Available options sucfil s the SCSHV Kit and RAM are shared with the Blizzard 12304V and 1260.
Blizzard 1260 Turbo 50MHz 68060 and MMU fpu. 0Mb 32Bit Fas 2060 TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU 50MHz 68060 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128Mb
38. 71MIPS with 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
Offers Amiga A1500 2000 owners the same specification as the remarkable Blizzard 1260 Turbo (A1500 2000s will operate at up to FIVE TIMES THE SPEED of a standard A4000) with FULL 68060 POWER and also includes built in SCSI-2 interface!
Blizzard 2060 Turbo 50MHz 68060 and MMU FPU with SCSI-2,0Mb 32Bit Fast RAM, exp to 128Mb £499-95 fUTfe LOWER PRICE!
EASY TRAPDOOR INSTALLATION... No modification necessary.
Reliable low heat output LOWER PRICE!
.41200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU 50MHz 68030 - 0Mb Standaflf expandable to 128 256Mb
9. 91 MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
The highest performing 68030 Accelerator avafeHe for your AJ200. With its 50MHz 68030 and MMU, the 1230-IV offers BETTER PERFORMANCE at a LOWER PRICE, With a Syslnfo rating of 9.91 (using a 60 n s SIMM) you can see the 1230-IV s very fast... a performance gain of up to 500% is achieved! Via its Fast Expansion Bus, an optional SCSI-2 Controller module can easly be fitted. An industry standard SIMM socket provides for up to 128Mb of auto-configuring 32Bit Fast RAM (up to 256Mb with the SCSI-2 option using its extra SIMM socket).
Blizzard 1230-IVTurbo 50MHz 58030 and MMU, 0Mb 32S4Fast RAM, exp. To tfSSSOMb fMpB £99-95 Fast 60 Nanosecond SIMM RAM Expansions-32Bit,72Pm £Call Motorola Maths Co-Processor - 68882 PGA type FPU, 50MHz MOTOROLA MOTIVATED Biizzanl and Cvbcrsorm produas use MOTOROLA 680X0 and PowerPC sries processors. They ron AtTTHPi the dectrical timing specification laid dawn by Moiofob to prevent any possSxIe overheating'reSaMsy problems. So.
When you pay for 3 SOWiz CPU for example, dais eeah what rou get- ra a ¥i. 33 or even a 2 MHz CPU ‘dodosf i 5®Sfa! Look out for the MOTOROLA MOTIVATED lego - your guarantee of our comnucmeis to qua&y and reliability - BEWARE of ‘docked’ CPIS TERC and ERC processors used on selected boards are recyded and vigorously tested 680)0 CPUs operating ai -KWHz - an esceflent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative.
BLIZZARD SCSI-IV KIT What the Magazines think... Blizzard products have consistently achieved the highest magazine accolades and awards!
Amiga Shopper12(0 is destined to become tbe ultimate object of desire for.A1200 owners'- 91% STAR BUY Award Amiga Computing ‘-Ifyou want tbe fastest Amiga in tbe World, get ibis board.'- 92% BLUE CHIP Rating Amiga Format ' ..Ride on tbe fastest A1200 in tbe World-' - 95% GOLD Rating I ABBS SCSI-2 MODULE for 1230-IV, 1240iac & 1260, & ADDITIONAL 128Mb SIMM SOCKET (Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - upto lOMi s transfer rates with addficna! SIMM socket-extra RAM; Blizzard SCSI-IV Kit £7995 1230-IV, 1240T ERC and 1260 FEATURES []V Std A500 600 1500 2000 0.55 0.72 i Standard A1200 1.33 1 Standard
A-iOOOy 4.43 POWER PC TECHNOLOGY, POWER PC SPEED and POWER PC PERFORMANCE FOR YOUR AMIGA A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000 or A4000 from Harw J' " P m AMIGA™ GOES POWERPC™ POWER UP YOUR AMIGA... A further dimension is being added to Amigas with our new PowerPC based BLIZZARD POWER BOARDS for A1200, A1200 based Tower Systems and A1500 2000 systems along with the new CYBERSTORM PPC for A3000I4000 systems.
You'll now be able to benefit from performance many times beyond the speed of the fastest 680x0 based boards.
Designed as upgrades for existing systems, Power Boards incorporate innovative dual processor technology where a fast PowerPC RISC processor is combined with a 68k CPU, dynAMIGAlly sharing memory and system busses.
While the original AmigaOS 3jc continues to run on the 68K CPU, supporting existing applications to provide backward compatibility, the PowerPC CPU is backed by comprehensive PPC Libranes which provide the functionality to integrate PowerPC into an Amiga multitasking environment.
Software developers can easily optimise their programs, step by step, porting single tasks to PowerPC code, which then run in parallel with 68k tasks.
Leading Amiga software vendors are preparing ported or optimised versions of their software packages already. It is anticipated that a large quantity of software products supporting the PowerPC will be available soon.
Power Boards will be delivered with a comprehensive suite of utilities, including the PPC library, as well as tools for creative users. Among them is a Public Domain GNU C compiler for PowerPC (including sourcecode), many demo programs and utilities with sourcecode. In addition to this software, free developer support is available via FTP site.
Last but not least, a PowerPC optimised verson of CyberGraphX V3 with RISC optimised CyberGl 3D plus MPEG functions and libraries is included (along with a special GGX driver to support the AGA chipset) with full and comprehensive documentation.
CyberStorm PPC is the ultimate accelerator for Amiga 3000JT], 4000 T] and systems with compatible CPU slots, offer blistering 604e performance - more than 10 times faster than any 68k based accelerator on sale today! Available with clock speeds of 150,180 and 200MHz, the companion socket for the 68k processor accepts either a 68040 or 68060 CPU. The board provides 64-bit wide extremely fast memory expansion using pairs of standard SIMMs, dynAMIGAlly shared by the two CPUs. Additionally, CyberStorm PPC comes with a DMA driven Wide ULTRA SCSI controller on board offering transfer rates of up to
40Mb sec for even the most demanding of professional applications. A 32Bit high speed expansion connector, with DMA access to the main memory, is also provided for later upgradeability.
The 200MHz version of the CyberStorm PPC provides performance of more than 350 MIPS or approximately 8.1 SPECint95 and 7.1 SPECfp95*... breathtaking speed that goes far beyond that offered by most PC systems.
In the second half of the year, an advanced graphics board will become available for the CyberStorm PPC expansion slot, providing a subset of the innovative CAIPIRINHA custom chip. By having a stand alone version of the DLRP (Display List Rise Processor), this board will offer superior display capabilities through higher VRAM-based resolutions, pixel depths and speeds, as well as the potential to begin developing software supporting the functionality of the forthcoming A BOX system.
PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Options with or without 68k CPUs will allow users to fit the CPU from their existing accelerator. Special prices will be available to both BLIZZARD and CYBERSTORM board users. Delivery of Power Beards is scheduled for Summer 1997 following finalisation of CE approvals. Call now for full details.
• Quoted performance figures are estimations based on
specifications from Motoroia BM and are relevant to the PowerPC
processor only.
* Registered Blizzard and CyberStorm users' upgrade prices
assuming use of processor from users' own board. Owners of
other makes of board or those who don't already have an
appropriate CPU - please caff for prices.
Blizzard 603e PowerBoard Blizzard 603e+ PowerBoard Blizzard 2604 PowerBoard Cyberstorm PPC PowerPC CPU Clock Speed 603e 175MHz 603e 200MHz 604e 15Q-200MHZ 604e 150-200MHZ Companion CPU 68030 50MHz 68040 68060 25-50MHz 68040 68060 25-50MHZ 68040 68060 25-50MHZ Est PPC Performance MIPS SpecFP95 § 175MHz Approx. 250* Approx. 3.1 § 200MHz Approx. 280* Approx 3.5 § 200MHz Approx. 350* Approx 7.1 § 200MHz Approx 350* Approx. 7.1 Memory Option SIMM Sockets Max 64Mb 1 Max. 64Mb 1 Max. 128Mb 4 Max 128Mb 4 SGI On Board Fast SOW Fast SCSI-H Ultra Wide Ultra Wide Amiga CompatibSity A120W+T) A1200(+T)
A1500 2000 A3000 4000M t Est. Availability Summer '97 Summer '97 Summer '97 Summer '97 from Prices from £280* from £329* from £490* from £460* CyberStorm PPC Board - A3000 4000(+T) Blizzard 603e Power Board - A1200(+t) If you own either an A1500 or A2000 you can now take advantage of PowerPC technology with this 604e CPU RISC based board which has a socket for a companion 68C40 or 68060 CPU, expansion capabilities up to 128Mb of high speed 64-Bit memory, built in Ultra-Wide SCSI controller and a high performance expansion slot for expansions such as the CyberVision PPC. This board is ideal for
owners of accelerators with 68040 or 68060 processors such as the Blizzard 2040 or Blizzard 2060 owners (or their equivalents).
Want the BEST from YOUR Amiga A1500 2000? - Look no further!
The new Blizzard 603e Power Board is an inexpensive Power Up Accelerator for A1200 system owners who already have a board with a socketed full 50MHz 68030+MMU processor (these CPUs have a gold finish to the top surface) eg.50MHz Blizzard 1230-II, III, IV or similar. Featuring a 175MHz PowerPC 603e RISC CPU, the board has a socket for the 50MHz 68030, expansion capabilities of up to 64Mb high speed memory and built in SCSM controller.
Imagine the performance from your A1200 with this low cost board!
Blizzard 603e+ Power Board - A1200(+t) Blizzard 2604 Power Board - A1500 2000 The Blizzard 6C3e+ Power Board is the highest spec Power Up Accelerator for A1200 systems. Featuring a 200MHz PowerPC 603e RISC CPU, the board has a socket for a companion 68040 or 68060 CPU, expansion capabilities up to 64Mb of high speed memory and built in SCSI-II controller. This board is ideally suited to those owners who already use an accelerator with either a 68040 or 68060 CPU (ie. Blizzard 1240terc or Blizzard 1260 owners or their equivalents) If you want the BEST from YOUR Amiga A1200 - this is it!
A1200 with 1260,'060&4Mb .38.-1 A1500 2000 with 2060, ’060 & 4Mb ..
38. -1 | A4000 with Cvberstorra. 060 & 4Mb - Harwoods... always
40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128 256Mb 30MIPS
with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
A super LOW COST A1200 Tuibo Accelerator Board, ideal for housing on any ’Tower System A1200 main board (mechanical dimensions, high power consumption and heat emission require an active cooling cap, we therefore do NOT recommend fitting to standard A1200s without die appropriate modifications etc.). The *ERC' Processors used on these boards are recycled and vigorously tested 68040 CPUs operating at 40MHz with MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative.
Available options such as the SCSHV Kit and RAM are shared with the Blizzard 12304V and 1260.
Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo 40MHz 68040 and MMU FPU, 0Mb 32Bit Fast RAM, exp. To 12&256MP £199-95 1 May be disabled with simple keystroke on boot up - for full games compatibiBty, even badly programmedrolcer software
• Battery backed self re-charge Rea! Time Clock • Hgh performance
expanson vsnh fufi 32Bit wde DMA
• Easy trapdoor installation - no modficatiorts required
(1240T ERC fits in Tower)
• 12304V features PGA FPU socket allowing optional 50MHz 68882
Comparative MIPS performance figures measured using Syslnfo.
Each board had the appropriate SIMM fitted which is required to fully activate the accelerators speed.
OUR RANGE HAS WON MORE AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER 1240T ERC TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD Please note: Memory, SIMM and FPU prices may change without warning due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
EASY TRAPDOOR INSTALLATION... No modification necessary.
Reliable low heat output B Final Writer 97 COMPATIBLE WITH ANY STANDARD VIDEO SiGNAL AND S-VHS!
[NEwi wiRPRici Take a signal from TV with SCART output The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals.
This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too! And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results... Real Time, after time.
1982-1997 We’ve been providing Commodore products since 1982 and today supply a range of 100% Motorola based systems j including Blizzard and Cyberstorm along with video products and other peripherals... The Best of Both Worlds Amiga users have the best of both worlds with Softwood's new Fmal Writer 97.
Building upon what is widely accepted as the best word processor for the Amiga, Softwood has added easy to use, trouble free desktop publishing functionality to final Writer. With new Fmal Writer 97 it is possible to create just about any document you can imagine - quickly, easily and without frustrating program errors final Writer 97 was born out of the necessity for a powerful, bug-free, simple to use way for Amiga owners to create newsletters, brochures and forms m addition to documents normally created in a WP. As you will see, Final Writer 97 does this aid more. Over the years Final
Writer has matured from the first Arnica word processor to offer outline fonts (originally known as Final Copy) to now the first word processor on any computer to offer both word processing and a rich set of desktop publishing capabilities.
New Features Can you use the new features m Final Writer 97? Consider how you use a typical word processor, first, you begin entering text at the top of page one. As you enter more text it must be added to text you’ve already entered. With the exception of smail text blocks in some word processors, you can’t normally enter text anywhere on your page.
Now consider what you can do with a desktop publishing program. In a desktop publishing program you can enter text anywhere on a page and continue that text on any other page. You've seen this technique used in newspapers and magazines where a feature or article starts on page 1 and is continued on page 5 You've also seen columns of different widths on the same page as well as headlines that span more than one cokirrm and multiple lines. All of these layouts can be created using the new Text Frames feature.
Fmal Writer 97 combines the most comprehensive Word Processing features, with Desktop Publishing functionality, in one easy to use package, for Amiga owners who want the best of both worlds. From simple correspondence to complex newsletters, Fmal Writer 97 handles aH tasks with ease, meaning for the first time on Amiga, Mac or PC, there's a product worthy of the name ’Document Publisher'.
With these new features you can: Enter text anywhere on a page Continue text on any other page Resize the space or frame that text is in Flow text around other text Set "Snap-To* guides to align text and graphics Position text and graphic one pixel at a time Softwood has not changed the way you are used to working in finai Writer, they have simply provided new tools. These new tools along with the features Final Writer already incorporates will allcr you to create newsletters, forms, brochures and other documents never before possible with a normal word processor.
Final Writer 97 truly offers the ultimate in document creation. Whether you are typing a simple letter or producing a complex newsletter. Final Writer 97 gives you the power to do your job quickly and easily.
Why should you upgrade?
You've kept your Amiga because it's stiB the most powerful, easy-to-use computer on the market. Now, enhance your software library by upgrading to the most powerful, easy-to-use word processor on any computer.
System Requirements: Amiga with a Hard Drive, Workbench 2.04 or above and a _ - minimum of 2.5Mb RAM (more recommended).
SoftWood Final Writer 97 £49-95 Upgrades are available for registered users, please call fa prices.
Other SoftWood Products... final Writer Lite Fmal Calc Final Data Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
Use either Satellite signals or VCR output of TV or Video, including S-VHS With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package. ProGrab really does make it that simple!
ProGrab™ 24RT Plus...
• Supports all recent Amigas and is also fully AGA Chipset
You an render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAM8 male (Amiga RAM permitting). -dpt
• Saves and Loads images in IFF ILBM, IFF ILBM24, JPEG; BMP PCX,
and TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as Anim5 files
and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and
separate sound sampler) as Anim5 + 8SVX files. A range of image
processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and
dithering methods are featured in ProGrab Version 2.6.x.
Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom loader' to
enable grabs directly from within the program - this direct
input method will save YOU more time when handling large
Software has built in and cotour animation Number of frames is dependant Release 2.6.x software now includes... Additional Teletext Facilities - with either terrestrial or satellite TV signals.
Larger Preview Window - double resolution and four times area of previous ProGrab software.
International Support - now compatible with composite PAL, SECAM and NTSC - straight from the box.
Larger Preview Window - double resolution and four times area of previous ProGrab software.
ProGrab™ 24RT Plus costs just £99-95 and is supplied with just about everything you'll need*...
• ProGrab™ 24RT Plus Digitiser Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x
• Mains Power Supply Unit Parallel Port Connecting Cable
• User Manual Input sockets for Composite and S-VHS.
? A video source cable will be required to match your own equipment -ask us for details.
* Standard ProGrab hardware is PAUSECAMINTSC compatible.
Interlace mode options are
- available with PAL & SECAM only.
ProGrab supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later and a minimum cf 1.5Mb free RAM.
Stereo Sound Samplers PCMCIA Interface -A600 1200 ProTel™ Terrestrial Satellite Teletext Decoders ProGrab’s optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for serious or professional users - offering the following benefits...
• Faster downloading times (up to FIVE times quicker)
• Improved animation speeds of up to 11fps (mono) and 3.5fps
• Saving of animations direct to your Amiga's hard drive
• Freeing of your Amiga's parallel port for use by a printer or
other peripheral
• Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler required, see right) PCMCIA Interface EZEEl£29-95 Two
high quality 8-Bit Sound Samplers, specifically designed for
use with our ProGrab 24RT digitisers, are available (PCMCIA
Interface required).
The Hi-Fi version features the same 30MHz A D convertor used in the ProGrab, maximum frequency is therefore only limited by the Amiga's hardware.
It also has a higher band width (40Hz to 20KHz) than our standard sampler.
Standard Stereo Sampler £19-95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24-95 Amiga or PC add ons tor grabbing terrestrial or satellite TV Teletext pages which don't need a dedicated Teletext TV Video to operate... required signal is simply the output taken from a standard VCR or a TV that provides a suitable video out signal. Once information has been downloaded, ProTel allows you to view pages instantly... no more waiting whilst your TV searches!
ProTel™ fof Amiga Stand clone unit designed to match your Amiga allgpmg files to be exfforted as ASCil Text fix use in your word "processor or saved as IFF graphics for DTP presentations.
ProTel™ Amiga Teletext Decoder £44-95 THE APPLE ALTERNATIVE IF YOU'VE REALLY GOT TO BUY A NEW SYSTEM TODAY... the next best thing to your Amiga could be an Apple Macintosh.
Just like your Amiga, all Macs are Motorola based but have had the advantage of PowerPC RISC CPUs for some time - remember, even Pentium Pcs in Windows1*1 systems are still merely CISC processors!
Like the .Amiga. Macs were designed from the outset to be an easy to use camcorder environment fully integrated - not 11 bolted on later. And... Macs not j only outperform other PC systems, but have recently become very competitively priced too.
Software: there are over 1800 tides specifically written for PowerPC Macs alone, phis thousands from pre PowerPC days which are still com- MM patible. Industry standards such as gjmfgd Word. Pagestream. Word Perfect.
FileMaker Pro, Excel. Quark Xpress. Photoshop and many others have been Creativity: Apple still lead the creative wodd - publishing, most web sites are authored with production video editing is dominated by the Tbe magazine jo« are reading now was put ProTel™ for PC A Prolei PC Teletext Decoder - interna! - ISA PC card:
• Friendly software ¦"¦*** W
• Capture speeds of 1000 pages in 2 mins
• Background taking • Easy configuration
• Save page files (ASCII, BMP, ProTel formats)
• Native 32Bit Windows 95 application
• Requires 386DX PC and 8Mb RAM (12Mb Rec.), Windows '95 3.1 or
Workgroup 3.11, VGA display. Mouse and 1 free 8 16Bit ISA slot
- MINIMUM Camcorder User commented... you're looking for a bigb
resolution 24 bit digitiser then, at ibis price. ProGrab 24KT
represents great value for money. * ProGrabn - Voted a.-The
Best Video Hardware product for tbe Amiga. Especially pleasing
because tbe award comes from Amiga Shopper magazines readers...
Satisfied Customers!
ProGrabn - Amiga Format 93% Gokl Rating and comments like... 'ProGrab 24RTPlus is quite simply tbe digitiser to get'. 'Incredible i alue for money - no other digitiser offers so much for so little' and "Offers far more features than any other digitiser near tbe same price' PruGrabn - Amiga Shopper 95% STAR Buy and remarks like... 'Sharp, crisp andfaithful to tbe original colours, uv were mightily impressed' and... 'Highly Recommended. Whether »ou area ideogmpber or a Graphic Artist, look to tbe ProGmb 24RT Plus. It's a winner' Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler - Amiga Sbopper 92% STAR Buy. April 1997.
Cl: Amiga said ProGrabn is... Just tbe job for beginners and semi-prtfessionals on a tight budget' and. Lay bard to beat. For the money, nothing can touch it ’ V ¦ 8P i EXPRESS 1 ¦ESEZbJ Native For your protection all Cards are fully Security Checked and 1 free
• PAL and SECAM ProTel™ PC Teletext Decoder for Macs.
OFFICIAL ORDERS... We supply Central, Local Government and Education Departments along with Major PLCs
- 80% market share in colour with Macs and post the Macintosh
- - Macs!
Internet and Communications: ail Macs are Internet Read)’ - many include built in modems arid fix facilities etc. and standards like Netscape and Internet Explorer ensure the Net is easily accessible.
Connectivity and Expandability: all Macs incorporate built in networking and external SCSI connections - adding printers, drives, scanners etc. really Ls plug and play!
Education and Edutainment: Macs offer you the advantage of all the latest software from the likes of Dorling Kindersley. Microsoft etc. to help with the whole family's learning skills.
Multimedia: Apple is the World's No.l Multimedia PC Vendor!
Recreation and Games: Some the top selling games are available on the Macintosh including Ultimate Doom. MYST. Rebel Assault II, Dark Forces.
Descent Full Throttle and many more!
WANT ONE? Well, if you really want more performance without paving the earth - and you want it now... contact Harwoods - it may be easier dun you think, especially with our finance facilities catering for both business and personal users (subject to status).
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This month Graeme Sandiford delves deep into Amiga video and answers all your questions on genlocks. If you're nearing the end of your tether send any queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
ASSUME THE POSITION I have an A1500 running Workbench 2 from a DHO: partition on my hard drive. My query concerns windows which open on the boot screen in addition to the usual drive icons. I have Virus Checker which opens a window in the same place every time I boot up and I have recendy added Tools Alias which opens a window which is partly hidden by VirusChecker. At times, both of these obscure some of the disk icons.
The disk and drive icons move themselves around so that they do not overlap but the two windows, that I mentioned above, always appear in the same place regardless. I know that I can drag them to a more convenient location in order to click on any buttons which may have been obscured but it is still annoying. I have tried using Snapshot Window or All, but although the drive light comes on briefly, on reboot they are back in the same place.
There doesn’t seem to be any way of changing the window position within the Virus Checker’s options or prefs and although ToolsAlias came complete with source code I don’t seem to be able to find anything in it which refers to window' position. Can anything be done? What about changing things on a floppy, and then re-installing that, to avoid disasters on my hard drive?
W B. Tarbuck Manchester You can *t store the position of the win dow which a program opens by using Snapshot, as Snapshot will only store the position of icons. Instead, you need to look at the way the program starts, and whether or not it looks at a ny files to determine its start position. Typically, well written applications will use their “Tooltypes To examine them, highlight the icon and select “Information ” or “Info ’’from the Icon menu. You may need to consult the documentation which came with the program, but many utilities allow you to control various aspects: including where the
initial window opens. You may need to enter a new tooltype to achieve this.
SPEAK TO ME A few friends from University' and I are going to be producing a joint project The Amiga A1200 comes with a 14MHz Motorola 68020 CPU (Central Processor Unit) as standard, which is pretty slow by today's standards.
As the A1200's memory is initially all chip RAM, adding any extra memory will increase performance, as it doesn't have to be shared between the custom chips (which look after graphics, sound etc) and the CPU.
The A1200 will accept faster processors on cards which slot into the trapdoor. These speed up programs and hard disk access many times over.
An Amiga given a faster processor but no extra memory will show little improvement: it's essential to add memory at the same time.
The most common upgrade processor is the 68030, which runs faster than the 68020. It's also available in versions which have faster clocks (33MHz, 50MHz).
For image rendering and other mathematical programs, an FPU (or Floating Point Unit or Maths Coprocessor) can speed up operations considerably.
FPUs (usually 68882s) are available in two styles: Pin Gate Array (PGA) and Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier (PLCC), and which you use depends on the socket on your accelerator card. Some speeds of chip are only available in PLCC form.
The 68040 and 68060 CPUs have built in maths coprocessors.
The 68040 and 68060 run quite hot and usually a miniature fan n is used to cool them down.
The 68060 is the last in the Motorola 68K family. The next generation is the PowerPC processor, and there are already prototypes of Amiga accelerators based on this chip.
Over the summer, but I live in Hull and my friends live in Leeds and Warrington. We wish to communicate via our computers and are looking into the possibility of voice conferences via a modem. I have an .Amiga and my friends Ip have Pcs.
Do voice modems allow' you to dial up other peoples computers and talk to them?
What hardware and software would I require and would it be very expensive? I have an A1200T, PPC603e and MC68030, 32Mb RAM, 1Gb hard drive, a Picasso graphics card and a x4 x8 speed CD-ROM drive.
Mark Duffill Hull No, the misnamed (in my view) voice modems arm’t acting as telephones. Voice modems can act as telephone answering machines, when suitable software is running on the computer.
The computer can pick up the call, replay a message and store any incoming messages on disk. Ive only used PC software, but if you scour Aminet you might find something. Some modems will apparmtly allow speech to be transmitted at the same as data, but I’ve yet to see this demonstrated. At the moment, modem manufacturers are trying to make their modems faster in an effort to keep us all from buying ISDN. Little do they know that BT’s pricing means that ISDN is too expensive for us anyway!
You Ye best bet is to either get Internet accounts and send each other electronic mail, or find a Bulletin Board which is common to all of you and send mail that way. Sending mail is often more productive than telephone conversations, as you can include source code, text, diagrams and so on. There are also programs which allow computers to share common “whiteboards ”for live diagrams, but these only allow communications between two Pcs or two Amigas.
CRASH HAPPY I own an A1200 with a Blizzard 1230-IV with 2Mb fast RAM, and an old 170Mb IBM 3.5 hard drive. Recendy, a program crashed and invalidated one of my hard disk partitions. Now, when I reboot, it runs the repair routine, but crashes after about a minute, which means that it does not have enough time to finish fixing the disk.
I have tried all the usual things; disabling the accelerator, removing the extra memory, removing the accelerator, removing all additional programs, etc. but it still crashes! Now the only way I can use the computer is by disabling the damaged partition (luckily it’s not the boot partition). Please help, before I do something drastic!
Mike Roome via email It’s a bad one, isn1 it? I would have suggested that you check to make sure that it is really the hard drive at fault by disabling the broken partition using the boot up menu.
However, you seem to be doing this anyway.
For some reason, the hard drive is really scuppered. All I can suggest is that you try to get in with a FORMAT QUICK command and sort the drive out before it crashes. It’s possible that the hard drive is really actually broken at a hardware level, and that the Amiga won’t be able to fix it. In any case, I think you II have to say goodbye to the data stored on it. If you want to reformat it properly without the repair routine trying to validate it, install it temporarily into a PC and run FDISK on it. You II lose all your data, but might get your hard drive back into a working state once more.
I have an A1200 and an A2000 with a PicassoII - both have essential upgrades such as a CD-ROM and a hard drive. I have a few questions about upgrading to one big system that can efficiently; render in 3D, do 24-bit image editing and 16-bit sound editing. I also want to be able to use a Genlock and ChromaKey, do direct to ideo recording and play games.
I currently have a PC to do most of this but I prefer to use an Amiga whenever possible.
1. What do you think of Blittersoff s new- PowerPC cards winch
have just come out for the A1200?
2. I like the look of the Infinitiv tower but would it be better
to go for an A4000T. What do you think?
3. Will a PicassoII work connected to an A1200T ZorroII slot?
4. Does the Siamese system allow any Amiga to be set-up with a
PC, or is it just the A1200 that is supported?
5. Is it possible to have an Amiga and a PC (running Windows93)
sharing files, and or devices, on the same network using BNC
Adrian Baum Portsmouth The Amiga can do everything that you need, although you might have to search for the necessaiy hardware. If you can find V-Lab Motion then you will be most of the way there.
1. The specs sound great. I look forward to actually seeing one,
and more importantly, seeing it run some software.
2. If you want ZorroIII cards then, you have no choice, go for
the A4000 Tower.
3. Yes, it should do - that would be the entire point really,
wouldn’t it?
4. Any Amiga with a suitable SCSI interface can be used.
5. Yes, but you will need an Ethernet card for the Amiga and a
utility called ‘Samba If you are running OEM2 release of
Windows95, or WindowsNT 3.31 and up, you will then be able to
see the Amiga’s hard drives appear as part of the Win dows
“Workgroup And very impressive and useful it is too, let me
tell you.
I have an A1200 with WB3.1, a 1.2Gb hard drive and an Epson FX-105 printer.
I am currently thinking of buying the Phase 5 603e PPC accelerator.
1. How7 many SIMM sockets are there?
2. Where could I find a 68030 processor and how7 much would it
3. Would I need to upgrade my PSU for use with my hard drive?
4. Does it come with a 6888x FPU or does it have a separate
socket for one?
5. What software is due for release or in development for use
with the 603e board?
6. Are there any PC emulators in development for use with the
board and if so w7hen will they be available? How7 fast are
they expected to be compared with a real PC?
7. The 603e and the 68030 are supposed to be able to run in
parallel, so could a PC emulator be written that would use the
603e to emulate the PC processor? The 68030 could emulate the
screen in combination with the AGA chipset so that the 68030
would, in a way, become another graphics chip?
If so, could this not also be implemented in the programming of some hardware intensive games applications so that each programmer could effectively program the 68030 to become a new7 custom chip to meet their own needs.
Andrew Miller Lanarkshire Continued overleaf YOUR PROBLEMS SOLVED fXi As no PowerPC cards have yet to come into the office for review, sadly it’s not possible to answer your questions. Rest assured we will be trying to bring you the facts on this promised card as soon as we can. You should not have any trouble sourcing a 68030 processor from any dealer of Amiga accelerator cards, and given the price of budget cards I wouldn’t expect you would have to pay more than £60.
INVALID RESPONSE I own an Amiga 1200 and have an internal 2.5” SCSI (I think) 420Mb hard drive attached. My problem started happening about a month ago but only occurs sometimes.
When I switch on the power, the hard drive light comes on and Workbench loads up, but the light stays on and the drive spins, seemingly accessing lots of files. .After a few minutes the light goes out and you can carry on as normal. Once I tried to save something to the drive while the light was still on, and a box popped up saying "Disk not validated.” I have tried loading SnoopDOS but it gets a software failure and reboots.
About a week ago the drive also got a checksum error. Quarterback 'Pools fixed it but I don't think this has anything to do with the main problem.
I have studied the user-startup and this has nothing "bad" in it, and we haven't altered the normal startup-sequence at all. What can I do ?
Alastair Battrick via email HELP ME, HELP ME!
I own a standard 1Mb A500+. I want to buy a 1Mb RAM upgrade which will go in the trapdoor slot.
Before I buy this, I have a few questions. How hard are these trapdoor RAM upgrades to fit (I have heard that it is quite difficult)? I don't want to fit it myself because I would probably end up breaking something. Could you do a guide to fitting trapdoor RAM in a future issue of Amiga Format? I can't afford to upgrade to an A1200 but, if I got this RAM upgrade, would I be able to play the other levels in Worms (the desert, alien, jungle and scrapyard levels )?
Please don't say contact a dealer who will fit the RAM for me because this will cost quite a bit more and I would be without my Amiga for a while. Finally, can you play Gloom Deluxe without a hard drive?
Ben MacDonald Rochdale If you really can't fit a card into the A500 trapdoor, then I guess you must also find it difficult to open tins of cat food, and tie your shoelaces. Really, in all honesty, it is not hard to fit a card. You won't break it. Here's how to do it (it's not interesting enough to make an entire feature about).
Remove all leads, and set the A500 upside down on a steady, level surface. If you are using the kitchen table, set it on a tea-towel so it doesn't skid all over the place.
Well, your hard drive isn’t SCSI because only IDE hard drives are available in this format.
The A1200 will claim that it’s using a SCSI, device to access the drives, but ignore that. However, SCSI or IDE is besides the point. Something is causing your hard drive to become invalid: you ’11 know this happens because the Amiga will spend several minutes writing to the drive as it fixes itself.
The problem is to discover what is causing the drive to become invalid. Make sure you check your system with a modern virus progi am, and never, ever switch it off whilst it’s writing to disk. This is especially true if you have installed a disk cache or some other form of speed-up progi am. If the drive becomes invalid by itself, without the in volvemen t of any other programs, it could be that the drive itself is broken. You might be able to work around it, by altering the set-up of partitions to avoid certain parts of the disk. This xoill involve you losing work every time you try it, but
it will at least (even tually) give you a zvorking drive.
I currently own an A1200 with a Blizzard 1230-TV and 4Mb fast RAM and I want to purchase a CD-ROM drive. I have seen various adverts for external drives but I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a cheaper PC internal drive. I could have this inside my PC, which is next to my Amiga, running from the PC’s power supply.
Then would it be possible run the lead from a Squirrel SCSI, from my PCMCIA slot to the CD drive? If this would work, what type of drive should I buy?
Now, wedge open the trapdoor using a 2p coin or the end of a spoon and lift it out. Place it somewhere safe. Now earth yourself (touch a water tap or radiator) and remove the memory card from its box and or protective wrapper. Make sure it's the right way around (there are only two ways), line it up and push it gently but firmly home. If it is not fitting, it's the wrong way around, so try again. It should slide neatly into place. Replace the trapdoor lid. If you are still scared, bring it to a local TV repair man and ask him to do it while you wait. He should be able to do it in about ten
minutes in return for a packet of crisps and a can of coke.
.•Also am I correct in thinking that a Surf Squirrel just allows you to fit more than one SCSI drive. I was thinking about the IDE interface everyone is talking about but is this more expensive? And would I need a different drive for this type of interface?
Russell Hodges via email To answer your first question as succinctly as possible, yes and no. Yes it will work, but only if the CD-ROM drive is a SCSI CD- ROM drive. There is nothing wrong zuith powering it from the PC’s power supply, and if you can sort out the cables to connect it to your Squiirel, then all should be well, I recommend Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM drives, as they are both fast and reliable. They are not, sadly, cheap.
Which leads to the second point: IDE.
An IDE hard drive will be considerably cheaper, and this too can be housed inside a PC in ordei' to supply power. Although the Amiga has a built-in IDE interface, you will need some kind of b uffer (such as the one from Eyetech or Golden Image), especially as you are likely to need quite a stretch of ribbon cable. IDE doesn’t like doing long (i.e. more than 30cm) distances.
A Surf Squ irrel does a heck of a lot more than let you use more than one SCSI drive.
Fo)' starters it also has a built in serial port which runs very quickly. It can also autoboot SCSI drives. Like the ordinary Squirrel all man ner of SCSI drives can be used - CD- ROM, Zip, faz and hard drives included.
Just a quick idea for future Amiga Format CD-ROMs. Unlike the PC the .Amiga has no good CD-ROM distributions of the UNIX operating systems (ultimately NetBSD and Linux) made freely available under GNU and the like.
Whilst Amiga Format couldn’t invest the time in producing a proper installation it might be an idea to stick some of the important files on the CD- ROM, maybe just by mirroring a couple of good FTP sites from the Internet, such as: ftp: ftp.uni-er 1 ange n. de pub Lin ux LOCAL 680x0 ftp: ftp.phil.uni-sb.de pub linux- m68k I sunsi te .auc.dk ftp pub os linu x7680x0 or good resources on the Web, such as: http: www. Cl a r k. n e t p ub 1 awr e n cc 1 i mix index.html While most people have access to the Internet to get these files a lot of people, myself included,
are limited to 14k4 28k8 36k6 modems and so the really large stuff (X with source, Watchtower, Kernels with source) is both inconvenient and expensive to download. A copy on the Amiga Format CD-ROM (with future updates maybe?)
Would be extremely useful.
YOUR PROBLEMS SOLVED Viewed looking into the computer Female 25way D socket £900! Pin Sysoi Pin ¦OS-OS » Otic
i. H.H 03;!i V.
• 063) 17 ET 4
- OSI3I :S
- ACX &
- 0*4!
- RST a 1!
- oa.i i!
- St I 't
- 060) SJ
- C 0 IS
- 0&7) to
- «a C-NO
- I'O 3 Fifty way ribbon cable connector IlfUl
- *•(»)
- Mil)
- *(1)
- MU)
- MU)
- MO)
- MO) ci
• rt* Cl ci 09
- «T n
- cn THE SCSI CONNECTION (1) I have just read the letter from
Jeff Jeffery in AF97. His letter was about his problems with
his Blizzard SCSI board. This card has a 25-pin connector( but
most SCSI devices are 50-pin. Well, this is not quite new. The
A590, A2091 and the A3000 external SCSI port are all 25-pin
Sub-D connectors. I myself have an A2091 and I have an external
TapeStreamer hooked up.
This was a common 'PC streamer (Archive Viper 150) and I had to connect it to the 25-pin external port as my A4000 030 didn't have any space left inside. And a TapeStreamer is most useful when it's external. Anyway I just made the cable myself.
It's easy to do if you're a bit handy with the soldering iron. It takes a lot of time’to take apart the flat-cable but it's worth it. With both pinouts it's just looking which wire to connect where. In fact half of the SCSI-50-connector is ground. If you want to connect it to a 25-pin Sub- D just connect the first wire to pin one, skip one, connect the third wire to pin three, skip one and so one.
Oh... and there was also a letter from Richard Downer who had a rebooting A1200.
You stated that the problem couldn't be the power supply. Well, my experience is that if you hook-up anything more than just some memory to the A1200, the PSU fails. This has always been a major problem with all nondesktop Amigas.
Enriko Groen via email Sorry to contradict you Enriko, but I stand by the original answer. The 25-way connector is designed for external use, and in Mr Jeffery's case he was trying to use it as an internal cable. This is where his problems start The A590 and so on, all do use the 25-way connector - they are external after all. Yes, Mr Jeffery is of course free to solder up his own cable, but its probably safe to assume he wanted to avoid this hassle or else he would have gone right ahead and done it If he does want to do it I strongly suggests he reads the next letter carefully.
I'm very argumentative this month!
Although the power supply which comes with the A1200 is far from great it is certainly more than capable of running extra memory and a hard drive at least. And I'm sure most A1200s fit on desks very nicely - where else would they go?
Also, and I’m not sure about the legalities of this, what about distributing the new Shareware version of Quake?
9Mb is a lot of data to download from their server and I’m sure it would find an audience in your readers (50% of all readers have 030 or better?).
Ben Matthew email As a big fan of Linux, I too would like to see this done, but it does depend on how much time, and free space, the disk co-ordinators have at their disposal. It also has to be considered that Linux is in no way THE SCSI CONNECTION (2) With regard to the question of SCSI interfaces brought up in Workbench this month. (AF97 page 75) There is a simple answer to all SCSI 50- pin problems: Maplins sell a cable which is .3mtrs long with three 50-pin female connectors on it. The first thing to do is to remove the middle connector and replace this with a 50-pin Centronics socket
taking note of the correct way round (pin 1 is the top left one looking from the back of the plug and the cable is masked with a red stripe for no.1). This gives you a cable with two 50-pin plugs
- one at either end, and one-50 pin Centronics socket in the
middle. You can then purchase a 25- pin to 50-pin cable from
either Siren Software or First Computer Centre. The cable and
Centronics plug are obtainable from Maplins. The order code for
the cable is DG52G SCSI Flat Cable @ £4.24, the socket is code
JB58N IDC Centronics 5WSKT @ £3.20 . There is nothing
complicated about the making of the cable I use a vice to
squeeze the plug on to the cables.
I hope this will help other readers. I intend to use this set-up in a tower unit using my existing SCSI devices that are all external.
John Ball via email Many thanks for some practical advice for all budding DIYers.
Even better, crimping the connectors onto the cable means you can do without soldering
- excellent.
Something which novice Amiga users should tamper with, without understanding how badly they can screw up their existing system (or to put it another way, if they don’t know what a disk partition is and how to make one, then they shouldn I bother even trying).
However, the idea is a good one, so consider it passed on.
Quake is of course totally copy right: not only the program but all the data which is associated with the virtual 3D world.
Once there is a working Quake engine and some freely distributable data, you can rest assured that we’ll be falling over ourselves to put in on the Coverdisk.
To help all you DIYers, here are the pin outs of two of the various SCSI connectors in use, including the 50 way cable and 25 D-style socket.
Have fun, and don't burn your fingers!
J IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just Q concentrate on our areas of expertise
- we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in Graeme Sandiford questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
YOUR AMIGA ONLINE Dave Cusick looks at ways of ensuring you don't run up an astronomical telephone bill.
Off-line, but it is all too easy to get drawn into an absorbing Web site and to sit there reading for four or five minutes. There may be absolutely no data being transferred either up or down your phoneline, but all the time the call cost will be mounting. With the advanced cache control features which most modern browsers have, there is simply no need to actually read all the important information whilst you are connected, even if you cannot be bothered to save interesting documents to disk yourself. Programs like Voyager NG have feature-packed cache browsers, so that while online, you can
quickly race through pages which look like they are relevant, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to sort through them in your own time later on.
Of course, if you really want to cut down those call costs then there is another step you could take: you could keep track of exactly how Waiting for that quarterly correspondence from BT can be a traumatic experience.
BT 4 lose '‘•nc .-e*r
* 137jO tn it*;
* »ic i *sr --
- !•*; im* u .
- 21 -«• » -» «V.
- V(
- - *' 1 *. • V -** *
- i V Access to the Internet can be costly. To the eternal
frustration of Internet users the length and breadth of the
United Kingdom, Oftel still staunchly refuses to allow BT to
offer their users free local calls. Despite the growing number
of cable companies who sell packages to their subscribers
allowing them to spend as long as they like connected to a
local number during off-peak hours, BT customers are forced to
pay around a penny a minute for Internet access - and that is
assuming they have registered their ISP's telephone number on
their Friends & Family list, J 7 and that they are able to take
advantage of the PremierLine service.
The upshot of all this is that those who, like me, are not connected to a cable service end up paying rather large amounts for their Internet calls. When I first took out an Internet subscription around two years ago, I was prepared for my telephone bill to rocket; but I wasn't quite prepared for it to go jg- TIME IS MONEY Once you are actually online, saving time and therefore money is generally a case of employing a bit of common sense and being aware of the fact that where dial-up connections are concerned, time is literally money. Most people sensibly write their email and news postings
With so many great web pages out there, it can be easy to lose track of how long you are spending online.
Straight into orbit, as it actually did.
UnPrequwthMtwiiiBitMi jxfoweb MwMea Syr.S-iAoc*. pci h 7X?.ra» »«? *« agafei
* -ac-v*e’ Abc*d»Aa much each call is costing. This not only
helps reduce the shock of receiving a phone bill, but it tends
to mean that you think extremely carefully before logging on,
and automatically become ultra-efficient when you are online.
But because telephone bills come quarterly and the urge to
connect to your ISP can come rather more frequently, it can be
very difficult to keep track of call costs in this way using a
pen and paper.
Fortunately there are plenty of computerised call cost loggers available from Aminet. One such program is NetOutlay v2.10, which is supplied with BT charging details and which will sit at the bottom of a screen until a carrier signal is detected, whereupon it will spring into life.
ONLINE TRICKS My favourite logging program though, has always been Online-o-meter, written by Ellis Pritchard (who also produced the SMTP-friendly email client Metatool). Online-o-meter has a number of features which are extremely useful. Firstly, it is reset proof. If you are the sort of person who is always trying out different software, it can be very handy to have a log program which does not lose important data just because your .Amiga has suffered a guru.
Secondly, as with NetOutlay, the distribution archive includes up-to-date BT charging information, which means the program can be configured in a matter of seconds via the friendly preferences utility. Charging information for several other companies, such as Mercury and Nynex, is also included. Online-o-meter can also be easily hopped between public screens using the Jump menu function, so that you could move it between, for instance, your browsing screen and your FTP screen with the minimum of fuss.
Rl NetStat Analyser - Totals Irr_, SwndFro*: f5T7557T557" To; 1517557139T Total Tim Online: 180:01.
Total Cost: |£00.l5l} RESCflH I MORE I QUIT! I Start I Step I fti 9 Call: 106:00.28 Longest 100:00.28 Data Online Cost Mo.
Flvg Cost: |.8378 On: |2j 65 t 7 Ue 21 05 1997 00:08,53 £88.0840 2 - 0 4 8 12 16 20 ¦ , i * i 8 M T V T f 8 Hourly Spread Dally Spread JXLJ v NetStat incorporates an extremely useful graphical log analyser.
Online-o-meter has another string to its bow too. Because it has an Arexx interface, it is possible to write a script for AmiTCP (or Miami, if you’re using that instead) that automatically launches Online-o-meter whenever you go online and stops it when you have finished.
MplETQutlav v2.10 - Configuration Cheap rate Cp nin3 I 1.40 Add U.A.T. VJ 117.5ft 1 X Peak rate Cp nin) 13.36 1 Subtract discount _J nMSMiiill& 1 X Weekend rate Cp nin) |0.85 1 Show call sunnary 1 Mininun charge Cp3 [4.20 Logger window X 1640 V 1256 Add tine CsecsJ [6 Hide logger _J Popkey |ctrl alt n Log file 1uuspool:NETOutlay.log Save i Cancel 1 NetOutlay is a functional non-MUl call costing program.
Tl« r»':'52"Ty Onlina Cost and Stopnet ArniTCP scripts are included in the Online-o-metei* distribution archive.
KEEPING TABS There is also a program called OnLine Stats, which is currently at version 1.3 and which was created by Giuseppe Liuzzo. Unfortunately this is CLI-based and the statistics it presents tend to be rather poorly presented as a consequence. Nevertheless, as well as providing you with an extremely welcome total cost for all calls recorded in the log file generated by Online-o- meter, this utility can tell you how long you’ve been connected for overall, the average time spent online per call, the average time spent online per day, and many more things besides. Although ARCHIVES
Online-o-meter: comm misc 0nline1_5(1)-iha OnLine Stats: comm misc 0LS13eng.iha NetStat: comm misc netstatl 82.iha NetOutlay: NETOutlay_2_10.lha j_ I this is dependent on you knowing the IP address of your ISP’s clock). Again, this could be done easily as part of a script procedure by running the call cost meter program immediately after haring set your system time.
TOP BANANA A third logging program which I’ve yet to really play around with (although my first impressions of it are extremely good) is Tom Watts’s NetStat vl.82. As with NetOutlay this automatically detects whether or not you are online (so long MetaTod IbrowseD” T35RT AmlTrack "I was prepared for my telephone bill to rocket; but I wasn't quite prepared for it to go straight into orbit."
Termite *rinj6 This can be more useful than the NetOutlay approach of simply waiting for a carrier to be detected, because various program settings can actually be changed via .ARexx commands, so subscribers to more than one ISP could have scripts which switch between various logfiles as appropriate, or which use a joint logfile but comment individual call records with the appropriate ISP name. Some helpful examples of how to alter the Startnet Online Log Stats 1.3 ~1996 by Giuseppe Liuzzo Statistics trtm 20-Jun-96 to ll-Sep-96 C28 days), Nunber of calls ... ..J ffi-o Tot l _ cost • • •
« • « * e • I « e e e e * * * « • e e e « • ® . - .
Global connecting tint. 51 hours, 44 »lfl« an«J 0 seconds .
Average cost per cal1 ...... * 47 Average tine per call in Mins Average cost per dag * 135 Average tine per dag in Min*.
Average of calls per dag 2.86 Th ere are 80 re-logged calls.
OnLine Stats provides some really helpful information, but it would certainly benefit from a more attractive interface.
I’m only starting out at this (my previous programming experience was Hmtted to Spectrum Basic), and I'm still on my first project l decided to start simple, and create yet another Online Timer. Hopefully though, this one will included a good logfile analyser that wifl add up prices from a speeded date etc. At least that* me plant! At the moment it's still kinds being developed, and doesn't do much over and above what other timers do.
(6 2 97) - I’ve added the first version of my NetStai Logfile analyser, again friis doesnT do much yet, just tell* you how many calls you made, total time, and total cost Wow ) (io 2 97) - Hmfflm, up to t.6.4 now - read ffie : file to see if I’ve added anything that takes your j fancy!
1(27 2 97) - Version 1.72 Is now up. This is a bu fc version of t.7 which is now available on Aminet!
1(7 3 97) - Version 1.73 now available. New features and an improved NetAnalyser (1.2). gsac 1(72 3 97) - up to version 1.76 Now! More new features, more enhancements to NetAnalyser (1-33) (26 3 97) - Version » - Now complete with Attov. Interface.
| (14 4 97) - version t.01 - Minor Update. Can now be icomfied (29 4 97) - version 1.82 - Minor Update Reduced CPU toad, plus bug fixes.
The NetStat web page at http: www.so-watts.demon.co.uk includes details of the latest versions in this extremely promising program.
Knowing these statistics may not change your life, it should certainly help you to think long and hard about your Internet O J connectivity practices.
.All the call-costing programs depend, to a certain extent, on your .Amiga having an accurate system clock.
If you do not have an accurate battery- backed clock installed, there are basically two options. You could use the Time Preferences utility to set the correct time prior to going online, but this is a somewhat laborious procedure to have to go through on a regular basis, particularly if you use a MUI preferences program and you do not have a very fast .Amiga. A better alternative might therefore be using the AmiTCP SvnClock command to set your system clock to the same value as your ISP’s server clock (although of course as you use a SLIP connection and not a PPP one), and it also features
Arexx control and a marvellous graphical logfile analyser. There is even an experimental program called NetSpeak included in the archive, which will play sampled sounds at specified intervals to warn you exactly how much the current call is costing. .Although it is apparently still a little unstable on some systems, NetStat could well become the ultimate cost logger in the near future.
CONTACT POINT You can reach Dave Cusick with comments, suggestions and feedback at dave@dcus.
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Please tick this box if you would prefer not to receive information on other offers UK READERS SHOULD RETURN THIS COUPON BY FREEPOST TO: AMIGA FORMAT SUBSCRIPTIONS, FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD, FREEPOST BS4900, SOMERTON, SOMERSET TA11 6BR OVERSEAS READERS SHOULD RETURN THIS COUPON (POSTAGE PAYABLE) TO: AMIGA FORMAT SUBSCRIPTIONS, FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD, CARY COURT, SOMERTON, SOMERSET, UK, TA11 6TB Call our order hotline on AFP708 & quote reference no: AFP708 The indispensable guide to getting the most out of your software ¦ ust because we're all having a I giant celebration doesn't mean | 0 we're
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I hope that those of
- you who wrote in L®- asking for a beginner's tutorial are
enjoying it so far.
V jggy If there are any specific points you feel we have missed out or glossed over, please drop me a line to let me know - we can't help you if you don't help As ever, if there is anything specific you would you have a tip which may ssei iilPw heip °ther readers r fB or us *or * at B matter), shy. As the ’. iM moment though, I B think we've our iBB IjjjgjB work cut out for us with the |H IMR, intricacies of B ppaint, Dopus and Arexx to contend with. I promise I'll start the next installment just as soon as I've finished this cake... BEGINNERS f guide v; It's Workbench. You all
know everything there is to know about it - or do you? Robert Polding is your guide.
CINEMA4D 2 Whayhay, watch those balls fly as John Kennedy helps you to get on top of C4D’s extensive animation facilities.
O I Work SW faU. 16M fr.
RKSZ73S Does Nick Veitch have a "thing" about Sherilyn Fenn, or is she just a good example for image processing?
We need YOUR input.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series?
Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: Arexx Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do.
Paint Packages Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
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Biggest project »t the moment i* getting tin* Web site op to stretch end deteils of the venous issues releted to this ere deeh with m the He far wees hv ta these pages ere* of the site Although empty et present this section will, from time to tune, contain deteils of other projects which might be of interest.
10KC6M other DOPUS
5. 5 Our own Dopus engineer Ben Vost assures me that when he
talks about the Listers, he doesn't mean that really good
episode of Red Dwarf with the evil clones.
. Info info.
Taking a break from hard-coding this month Paul Overaa explains the concepts of multitasking, with Arexx examples of course... these are an excellent free option with the advantage that you can remove colour restrictions, so you can create up to 256 colour icons of your own.
FULLY FUNCTIONAL So far we have only covered cosmetic changes to the Workbench, but there are also a massive selection of brilliant programs that can improve its operation. In our opinion, MultiCX 2 by Martin Berndt is the most useful. This is a combination of “Commodities,” such as the Blanker and Autopoint programs provided with your Workbench. It combines about 50 different programs and functions, ranging from blanking the screen to stopping the annoying click on the disk drive. This is an essential utility to have, and although it’s Shareware, it only costs $ 15.
MagicWB is an easy way to improve the look of your Amiga's Workbench.
Chapter 1.
CONTENTS An introduction to Workbench Chapter 2.
Sorting out the Workbench Chapter 3.
Files and directories Chapter 4.
Disks and hard disks Chapter 5.
CD-ROMs Chapter 6.
Printers Chapter 7.
An introduction to Shell Chapter 8.
Expansions A NEW STANDARD Models and configurations aside, there a loads of programs out there that can really improve your machine. Since its release, MagicWB by Martin Huttenloher has revolutionised the way Workbench is presented. It is now a defacto standard, supported by most developers. You’ll find a copy of the latest version on this month’s coverdisk.
The package is basically a collection of icons and backdrops, and includes one for every icon on the Workbench. This allows the Amiga to look and feel as good (if not better) than Windows or a Mac, and since the icons only use eight colours, they are very fast. The package also allows you to replace icons and there are “Dock icons” that enable you to use a program such as ToolManager (PD), to add an icon bar (see screenshot). Many of the programs are free (meaning they are Public Domain and you are free to copy them), but ToolManager is Shareware, which means that there’s a small charge for
it. In this case it costs £15 and you can obtain it using the registration program in the demo (available from PD libraries or on the AF cover CD).
Another Shareware package is the excellent MUI (Magical User Interface) by Stefan Stuntz. This allows you to change the interface of programs that support hoosing which programs to use to enhance your Workbench depends on a number of factors. Firstly, everyone has a different configuration requiring a different program. Secondly, your model of computer may not have the required memory or necessary chipset.
It, to your own personal taste. As shown in the screenshot, when it’s used with MagicWB, it can look very smart.
Unfortunately, if you haven’t expanded your system it can be slow and may need extra memory. Again, this is slowly becoming a standard and many Internet Web browsers now require MUI. One thing to note for both MUI and MagicWB is that a hard disk is essenual because both programs need a reasonable amount of space.
Newlcons is a free icon collection that re-writes the way icons are stored.
Designed more for people who use a Workbench with 32 or more colours, the icons are in a uniform style. On a slow Amiga they take time to render but with a graphics board and extra memory, they can look stunning. If you are dubious about paying for icons, We know that Workbench is powerful but Robert Polding has found lots of programs which improve its look and operation.
TO SUIT YOUR TASTE Many utilities enable you to change the look of your screen. The Font utility allows you to alter the Screen, Workbench and Default fonts, while Palette lets you change screen colours (and the way they’re organised on Workbench 2.1+). Pointer enables you to edit the pointer, both normal and busy.
You can set your .Amiga’s clock using Time (although this will not be permanent unless you have a battery backed-up clock) and Sound allows you to change the “beep” you get when something goes wrong. On the screenshot of the Prefs drawer there are also extra icons; these are for individual programs and you probably won’t have them unless you install them yourself.
J J Serial is for the configuration of the serial port, usually used for modems, simply select the background “Type” as picture and then find an image, preferably with a similar screen size and number of colours to your Workbench.
The Screenmode utility enables you to select the resolution and die number of colours that you use. Unless you have an A3000 and VGA monitor or a flicker fixer, the resolutions marked “laced” will flicker - guaranteed to give you a headache before too long.
Overscan allow's you to define the borders of your screen, for example, you could stretch the screen if it doesn’t fit your monitor size. Large overscan is also required for video work, as it eliminates the border.
If you have a printer you will need to select an appropriate driver (that you should have installed with Workbench or from the Storage disk) from within "If you've seen all the smart backdrops in screenshots from magazines, these are added from the WBPattern program..." the Printer utility. Select colour or black and white - “Density” changes the darkness of the printout (from PrinterGFX program).
The Postscript utility is for configuring a printer that supports this option, here you can alter scaling etc. Locale is a program with Workbench
2. 1+ which allows you to select where you live, thereby
translating programs into the right language.
And enables you to change the speed etc. so your .Amiga can use it. Finally, Icontrol and Input both enable you to select various things to do with the way your computer operates, for example, how7 long double clicks have to be and which key drags the screen.
If you have the CD version of AF, then you’ll come across all of the programs mentioned here, (although some of them are only in demo form).
If you don’t have a CD-ROM drive then you should find the programs stocked in any good PD library (check the advertising). Just remember one thing - if you use any of the Shareware programs try and register - there will be no new7 versions of any of them if the authors get no recognition.
The right mouse button - wherever your mouse is. The latest version looks excellent with MagicWT? Because it uses the same palette.
There are replacements for many of the standard requestors and files, often with added features or speed. Arq is a program that replaces the normal requestors with animations. If the style suits your personal taste, then this could make your computer that much more enjoyable to use.
Swazlnfo replaces the “Information" requestor for icons (click on an icon once and select “Information” from the Icon menu), adding new' functions and a far better layout.
.As well as the aforementioned programs, the Workbench comes with a large selection of configuration utilities.
These are located in the “Prefs” drawer of your main Workbench partition, (or Extras disk) and allow7 you to change things to suit your taste and set-up.
If you’ve seen all the smart backdrops in screenshots from magazines, these are added from the WBPattem program. To load a picture If you use a CD-ROM you may find the system supplied with Workbench somew7hat slow - or you may be using an old driver. Whatever the case AmiCDFS 2 is an excellent Shareware pack that is very fast and compatible with all Cds that we’ve found, and a snip at SI5. If you want to splash out, there’s another commercial package called AsimCDFS, but it costs a good deal more.
SMALLER PROGRAMS Cycle to Menu allows you to expand your cycle gadgets into a menu for easy selection - when you have many items this is nearly essential. For example, when choosing the Printer prefs you’ll find that Paper Format has many options and to cycle through them all can be annoying.
Magic Menu is an ingenious program that brings up a menu, when you press At last Nick Veitch gets around to explaining Image Processing effects, in a rather convoluted way... CONTENTS Chapter 1: Palettes Chapter 2: Drawing Tools Chapter 3: Brushes Chapter 4: Image Processing Chapter 5: Animation Chapter 6: Further Projects This month we are going to be looking at some of the image processing effects which can be easily achieved in Personal Paint. The basis of most of these effects is what is known as a convolution matrix.
If you remember anything about matrices from school, these will be easy to get the hang of and - hey! - even if you don’t, matrices aren't so tricky.
7 J Ppaint uses a five by five grid as the base matrix. Imagine that the very centre square (or cell) of this matrix is a single pixel in the image you are about to process. Now imagine what you want to do to the pixel. Then you enter numbers into the grid corresponding to what should happen to the colour values of that pixel.
It still sounds confusing doesn’t it, but try this. For a blur action, the centre cell in the grid might have a value of 3.
The cell immediately above might have a value of one, and so would the cells to the left, right and below the central one.
In effect, a quarter of the value of the current pixel would be blurred in all these directions.
If you try out this example, you will find that the image also becomes a great deal lighter. That’s because the values you enter into the cells are actually multiplication factors, so your central pixel is getting four dmes brighter. To adjust for this, you will have to enter a value into the DivF box. This is the division factor - essentially, all the values in the matrix boxes are divided by this number before being applied. This makes it much easier to work with fractional multipliers (you wouldn’t really appreciate ty ping. 142857 into every cell for a factor of 1 7), and as a rule of
thumb, this should be the total of the values in all the fields to avoid making the image brighter or darker. In our previous example, the DivF value would be 7.
Just to get a bit more complicated, it is also possible to enter negative numbers into the grid. The best example of this is when creating an emboss-type filter. In order to create the illusion of a shadow to the bottom right, negative values are entered in the corresponding cells. The net effect is that the edges of areas of colour have a negative bottom right edge to them - or a shadow in real language.
If you are still confused, don’t worry too much. There are plenty of effects already created for you, and thev cover J J 7 J the most likely uses for this sort of image processing. And if they don't provide exacdy the effect you were looking for, you can always edit them.
Remember that some of the effects can be used more than once to enhance the results, or you can use effects in combination with each other - “rise high” is useful before an emboss effect for example. Have fun with your effects, and I'll see you next time.
EMBOSSING DEC VS ~ ET TUT AMEN The usual candidate for a bit of embossing is some text. For best results, use white on black, or white on a solid dark background CHAPTER FOUR PAINTING If you really want to torture your friends and amuse your enemies, not to mention give all your relatives a terrible squint, you'll be wanting to play around with those SIRDS filters.
Basically, these filters turn greyscale images into those evil stereograms things. You know, the pictures which you spend hours staring at before someone tells you that what you thought was a swarm of ants on a TV screen after closedown is actually a majestic eagle perched on a rocky outcrop or something.
As well as the standard Random Dot Stereograms, Ppaint can also create the rather more complicated SIPS patterns, which are the same thing, but they use the juxtaposition of an image brush to create the desired effect (have the greyscale on the spare page and an image brush in use before you apply this filter).
See if you can find these geometric shapes cunningly hidden in the stereograms.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Basic view and object manipulation Chapter 2: Introduction to materials and textures Chapter 3: Advanced object creation Chapter 4: Rendering modes and lighting Chapter 5: Other cool features Chapter 6: Animation Part 1 Chapter 7: Animation Part 2 Chapter 8: Final hints and tips Still images are all very well, but moving pictures are considerably more impressive. Even a fairly modest Amiga set up has all the power needed to create animations, and Cinema4D is the ideal tool with w hich they can be created. Let’s take a step-by- step tour of the animation facilities, starting
with the very' basics.
Time to get things moving, with Cinema4D's comprehensive animation facilities.
John Kennedy calls "Action!"
INTERESTING RATES There are two inextricably linked values which you need to decide upon when creating your animation. They are the duration, and the number of frames per second. This makes perfect sense when you think about it, and it makes it J 7 easy to work out exacdy how7 your animation is going to be created.
Imagine you want to render a scene with a car driving past, and you want the entire sequence to last four seconds. Picture it in your mind to see ESSENTIAL INFORMATION
• To save time when rendering, use Scanline instead of Trace.
Adding shadows is all very well, but most of the time they can
be dispensed with: especially as each frame is only displayed
for 1 25 of a second.
• For really long animations use a Wireframe animation mode to
speed things up even more.
• When rendering, don't forget that you can adjust the frame
rate. Normally PAL works at 25 frames per second, but if you
drop it to 10 (fps) you will still get a very good idea of what
your final animation will look like in a fraction of the time.
If this is the kind of time required: one second would be too fast, ten too slow7.
Now7 PAL video works at 25 frames per second (fps), so let’s assume that we’ll be replaying the animation at this speed. This isn’t an unreasonable assumption, as with a low-resolution screen and the animation held in memory, 25fps can be reached relatively easily. When these values are fed into the Global Parameters box from the Keyframe menu, Cinema4D calculates that the animation will require 100 frames to be rendered.
Global Parameters Length Rate 4:0 25 100 Frames Cancel Setting the duration and frame rate lets Cinema4D calculate the total number of frames to be rendered.
It’s worth pointing out at this stage that you must keep track of the frame count. One hundred frames might not sound like a huge number, after all it’s only four seconds worth, but each 7 frame will take time to render and require storage space. Even if the rendering time for each frame is only just over a minute, that’s still almost two hours required - and you’ll need several free megabytes of your hard disk when they’re finished.
Obviously the view7 window's can only display one frame at a time and, in order to select which frame you want to display, you will have to open the Time control window7. To do this, select the Time option from the Window7 menu (or press Right Amiga and Z). This window7 allows you to step through your animation frame-by-frame. It’s also here that you create “keyframes”.
So exactly how do you replay all those lovingly rendered frames? Cinema4D comes with a utility program called ANIMGen. As the name suggests, this utility7 generates ANIM files from individual frames. To use it, you enter the first and last frames into the requestors where required. You can also select the speed of the animation in terms of how many fiftieths of a second each frame will be displayed for. The standard animation type is ANIM5, the most common and the oldest .Amiga format, and you can be sure this will replay using any player program. But you can change the type to ANIM7 if you
wish to replay animations using various “direct-from-disk” programs such as VieiuTek.
A i c irena 4t nrwiotn Eirst frame |Ram Disk.-frames.0000 Animation [Ram Disk.-frames.0099 Iype Cl Anim5 Build j Time [ Cancel j CHAPTER SIX CIIUEMA4D 2 PROJECT: RECORDING KEYFRAMES Here's how to record keyframes. First of all, make sure that you have the Time line set to zero. Now create a sphere object from the Primitives menu.
We're going to make an animation which has this ball moving around the screen.
Move forward another second, move the sphere again and click on record.
Again, a new keyframe will be created and you'll see the path linking the three positions of the sphere. Notice how it's not a perfectly straight line, but it curves. Cinema4D is smoothing the line as it goes to make for realistic motion.
Now move to one second in the future, by clicking the double-arrows pointing to the right. Next, move the ball slightly by clicking on the Object button in the toolbar (circled) and then dragging the sphere to a new location. When you click record this time, you see a new path linking the initial position with the old.
To fix the sphere's initial position, click "Record" on the Time window.
We have now created a keyframe event: at time 0, the sphere's location is known. No matter what happens, we can always move to time 0 and the sphere will be at that position.
By default the frames won't be saved, and that means you'll only see the sphere move around the screen and that's all. When you click on the Save box you get to enter a location to save all the individual frames. If there aren't that many, the RAM disk will do.
After rendering is complete, you'll have a whole load of images ready to play back.
You can now position the time slider anywhere you like, and Cinema4D will calculate the position of the sphere. It works out the "in- betweens" for you. Now you can start animating. Pick the mode you wish to use - I'd suggest Wireframe - and use Shift to bring up the list of options. Click on ALL otherwise only the current frame will be rendered.
Repeat the same moving process for second number 3. When you move to the end of the time slider, you'll notice the time given isn't the same as the duration - that's because the time starts counting from 0, and so it will always be short by the duration of one frame.
Other settings too, in order to discover which will suit your particular style of animation. Try changing the Time attribute to “cubic” and the object will start to speed up over the length of the animation.
Open the Time Control display (from the Window7 menu) and you can see this in action. This graph demonstrates how the rate of the object’s velocity increases - and you can tweak the control points in the graph to alter the curve.
As you might expect we’ve barely scratched the surface of Cinema4D's animation facilities. Not only can you animate the position of an object, but also its size, appearance and orientation.
Cinema4D has some extremely cool special effects built-in and next month we’ll find out how7 to make objects explode, melt and flutter. When you click on BUILD your animation will be created. It seems to overwrite the last frame in your list so it might be worth while copying that frame
- just in case you ever need it again!
ViewTek can be used to replay your animations, you should find it in the Cinema4D utilities drawer but if not it’s freely and easily available.
SMOOTH MOVER Remember how' the line which links the various positions of the sphere is curved? Sometimes you won’t want this to happen, and you’ll want the object to move in perfectly straight lines, changing direction suddenly. To make this happen, use the Edit Sequence option from the Keyframe menu.
You’ll see a window7 like this: Time Control Ej ?
Way 3000 .
2000 1000 Controlling the space time continuum can be done in two ways: One, using this graph, and two, being Q from Star Trek.
And you’ll notice that the Space and Time settings can be altered. By default, the Space attribute is set to Cubic. This creates a curve through the keyframe location points. Change it to “linear” and the movements will become straight lines. It’s w'orth experimenting with the We all know that the Amiga multitasks and does it well. But how? This month Paul Overaa takes time out from his Arexx coding to offer a beginner-styled explanation of how this particular system magic works...
o I Calculator IBIia r 7 I 8 I 9 1 Cbl Cel _4J _5J _6j _xj _*_i
_jJ _2J _3J _*J _iJ -z-J _££J _*J _=J MRS _ZJ _U _2J -£HJ _C£J
4 I 5 I 6 I x _U _!_l _«J -Xj tor IBIQ Calculator IpllPi r
- Xj _U _9j _CRj _CEj _4J _5J _6J _xj _U _2J _3J _i_J _®J _ £j
_*J y
- CHJ _C&J « I 5 I 6 I x | t | _J_I _3j _±J it or r Li aJ_cEj &J
_*j _±j Slj _*J _rJ XT And it wasn’t just the peripherals that
attracted attention. The idea of ‘timesharing’ developed where
many users, each with their own terminal, could interact with
the central processor in a way that made them feel like they
had the whole machine to §§ themselves.
We’ve come a long way since those times and there are now large and very sophisticated multitasking operating systems available, such as Unix, designed to cater for the needs of multiuser systems.
Multitasking is nothing new - it’s actually been around for many years. In fact some techniques used by the Amiga’s operating system (OS) have been derived from developments that first appeared on early mainframe machines.
It was over thirty years ago that the idea of ‘multitasking’ first started getting serious attention. Early mainframes cost a fortune and manv of the I O (input output) jobs they had to do were slow relative to the speed of the processors. It soon became obvious that during the time the computers were reading punched cards, printing results etc. the processor itself wasn’t actually doing much work. When printing, a few characters might be sent to the printer but then the processor would just sit there waiting until the printer indicated that it was ready to receive more characters. When this
signal arrived more characters would be sent as the whole do-something wait scenario started again.
This meant the processors at the heart of these expensive machines spent much of their time doing nothing. Operating systems were needed that allowed the processor to perform other tasks while ‘waiting’ - the idea of running more than one program at once was born.
How does a multitasking computer run more than one program or task at a time? Quite simply - it doesn't. But it does appear to do several things simultaneously by switching between "...the processors at the heart of these expensive machines spent much of their time doing nothing.
The various jobs giving each a chance to run in turn. Do that fast enough and you get the impression that everything is happening simultaneously.
THE AMIGA CONNECTION The Amiga’s operating system is considerably smaller, and rather less esoteric, than Unix and was designed with single-user machines in mind. So why, if the ideas of multitasking have been around for such a long time, did it take so long for a multitasking machine like the Amiga to appear. After all we had personal computers around long before the Amiga. Actually some multitasking versions of operating systems did become available on 8-bit machines but the processors were just not fast enough. So much time was taken up by the job of task switching that there was little
processor time left to do anything else!
When the more powerful 16-bit processors, like the Motorola 680x0 series used in the Amiga, came along things changed. Chips like the 680x0 are fast enough to earn' out the task- switching operations unaided. As far as die Amiga was concerned things were even better due to the underlying hardware design. Some clever custom chips utilised something called Direct Memory Access or DMA which allowed data to be read from, or written to, memory locations without the 680x0 processor being directly involved. Many operations involving graphics, sound, disk I O and so on are done virtually independently
of the 680x0 on the Amiga and, freed from these jobs, the 680x0 ends up with reasonable amounts of time available for running programs, task switching, and other multitasking ‘house-keeping’jobs. The result?
Multitasking on the .Amiga doesn’t just only work - it works bloody well!
Each program in turn has to be given a bit of time to run and, when this time slot is up, the program has to be suspended whilst another program is activated. The process of deciding which task should be running, and then MULTITASKING fTz kicking it off (getting it running), is called task-scheduling and the software which performs this task switching magic is called Exec (an abbreviation for ‘ Multitasking Executive’).
MORE TO IT THAN THAT As far as Exec is concerned Amiga programs can be in one of just three states: Running, ready to run (if given the chance by Exec) or waiting (also referred to as sleeping). A typical "The result? Multitasking on the Amiga doesn't Just only work - it works bloody well!"
Example of this latter situation would be a program which is waiting for a user to hit a gadget before doing anything - such programs can call a Wait() function which results in program execution being suspended until a gadget is selected by the user. Internally all this is managed by two task lists - a ‘ready’ list in task priority order, and a dauelir Prograns:Qe ickirab To®IType WINDOW Qa&oebir Piwiis :Qu i c kSrab ToolType DELAY TooIType MESSAGE Toolfalue YES ToolType B8SEFILE TooIType HOTKEY ToolType SAVEDIB ToolType (X POPUP TooIValue YES ToolType CX PRIORITY ToolType CCPOPKEY CbaogeDir
Programs:QuickSrab Open RAH:Quick6rab.8i8 Open RJM:Quick6rafc.QQ8 Status jHuuituriug systen activity jpea log... j $ ety.. Bide | Quit [ fause | Disable | Sye Settiugs | Euactious waiting list. As soon as a sleeping task is in a position to run, Exec will make sure it gets moved from the waiting list to the ready list. Managing this task rearrangment is not a trivial job but the beauty of Exec is that the multitasking is effectively transparent so programs, and programmers, rarely need to worry.
Eddy Carroll's SnoopDos process monitor is an invaluable tool for seeing what's happening underneath your Amiga's surface.
What other criteria does Exec use when deciding which programs should run? Each task has an associated ‘priority value' and running tasks remain running until one of three things occur: a higher priority task becomes ready to run, the program currently running enters the waiting state we’ve just discussed, or the currently running task exceeds the preset time period (called a quantum) which Exec allots to running tasks. Tasks of equal priority are given equal shares of the processor’s time and what Exec does in this case is cycle around that equal priority portion of the ‘ready’ list
‘time-slicing’ the processors time so that each task is given its turn.
Without multitasking, Arexx as we know it just couldn't exist on the Amiga!
Fl OiC| Not all multitasking schemes work like this. With some operating systems a task, once it has gained control of the processor, will keep running until it There's more to multitasking than just swapping tasks. No matter how many programs run in memory all must share the same, limited number, of system resources. Imagine the chaos that would be caused if one program suddenly decided it wanted to take over control of the parallel port hardware whilst another program was using it. These types of 'contention' issues, where two or more programs are trying to access or use the same
resources, cannot be solved at the hardware level, so a software solution was devised to solve the problem.
The Amiga's OS uses software entities, called devices, to provide an intelligent barrier between the real Amiga hardware and the programs.
Providing all programs that communicate with the Amiga's either voluntarily terminates or has to perform some kind of I O operation. If a higher priority task comes along it just gets placed in the ‘ready’ queue (although admittedly at the front). With the Amiga a task does not have this kind of say in whether it runs or not. There’s a great term for this - it’s called preemptive task-scheduling!
One of Exec's most importantjobs then is to organise pre-emptive task scheduling and it does this by maintaining an internal block of data known as a task control block for each running program. Each program also has its own stack area, a portion of memory which it uses to store data on a ‘last-in first-out’ basis. Whenever the execution of a program is temporarily suspended by Exec the contents of the 680x0 registers are placed onto this stack area whilst another program runs.
When that first program is again given the chance to run Exec retrieves the information needed to re-instate the 680x0 and lets the program continue running where it left off. The result?
Each program thinks that it has a ‘virtual machine’ all to itself!
GOOD BUT NOT PERFECT To be completely safe systems which multitask need the support of hardware features like memory protection which the Amiga unfortunately does not proride. This is why a badly programmed piece of Amiga software
- UzLd.
Hardware do so using system standardised methods, ail the potential contention issues can be solved. If, for example, a program wishes to gain access to the parallel port it must do so by trying to 'open' the parallel device. Providing the device is successfully opened the program then writes or reads its data using the parallel device and not the underlying hardware. Sometimes of course a piece of hardware will already be in use, and in these cases another program will not always be able to open the corresponding device. The device barrier allows programs to ask and be informed about what is
and what is not available for use at any given time. It is up to the program themselves however to take appropriate actions.
Can crash the machine bringing down not only itself but any other programs that were running. This is the one, and only, area where PC hardware scores over the .Amiga because all Intel chips since the 286 have supported protected mode programming although unfortunately MS-DOS, the underlying operating system, was not programmed with multitasking in mind. With the Intel 386 came a ‘virtual 86’ mode which allowed a program to run as it would on a conventional 8086 chip, but still enjoy the facilities of protected mode.
BOLT ON Up until fairly recently task swapping development on the PC has been a sort of ‘bolt on' affair and the net result is that multitasking was nowhere near as transparent or natural as that provided on the .Amiga. Because such limitations IBM and Microsoft created a new operating system OS 2 but somewhere along the line they got it wrong - and OS 2 failed to appealed to the masses.
Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95 however have, at long last, brought decent multitasking to general PC users and, despite the fact that these OS's are both memory hungry monsters PC users, in the main, think they are great.
What they don’t realise however is that we’ve had far better, and system efficient 3 J multitasking arrangements on the Amiga since the very beginning!
Make no mistake the .Amiga could certainly do with hardware memory protection but, now that Amiga programmers have learnt how to follow7 rules which allow7 programs to co-exist without this extra protection, it’s not a major factor anymore. So the message is simple. Despite all its ownership development troubles the Amiga still stands supreme in the world of cost effective single-user multitasking machines and it’s likely to stay that w7ay for a very long time!
FILE MANAGING CHAPTER TWO Sti Chapter 1: CONTENTS Introducing and installing Dopus 5.5 Chapter 2: The Lister Chapter 3: Easy filetype configuration Chapter 4: Button Banks Chapter 5: Using Dopus FTP tools Chapter 6: Ooh, 1 almost forgot... D Opus's Listers used to be simple affairs. They had some information written at the top of the window, a text gadget below and you could double click or click-m-click on an entry. There were only two of them and life was easy. Nowadays, living in the high-tech late nineties, things have to be a little more complex, if not more complicated, in order to
satisfy the average computer user.
However, this doesn't mean that you need to have a brain the size of a planet in order to use Dopus 5.5. Even in its default state a lister is pretty well set up for everyday use. But before we get into editing, perhaps it would be a good idea to look at exacdy how a lister is set up.
A lister is not someone with one leg shorter than the other as Ben Vost explains.
Start, you can simply double click on the backdrop of your Dopus 5.5 screen and you'll open up a lister showing a device list. Next up, if you have a director)' showing in a lister and you would like to open a subdirectory, but in a different lister window7, then you have one lister open and you want to look at a new director)', you can do this by holding down either shift key and double clicking on the desired director)'. Slightly more bizarrely, if you want to open a new lister for this directo 17, but you don’t want the two listers to take up any more room than the original lister, then you
can hold down both the shift key and the alt key when double clicking.
If there are certain directories that you access on a regular basis - say, for ' i can do one of two things. If you already have a second lister open and you’re not bothered about its contents, then you can hold down either shift key and drag ‘n’ drop the director)'you want to examine into this new lister. If you only Directory Opus 1608584 graphic* mem 10858688 other mem Wednesday Wun-1997 17:08 : ••• - -...-.J- . TT" ..- wm Show All New Draw "...this doesn't mean that you need a brain the size of a planet in order to use Dopus 5.5." Now, it has to be said that I very rarely use the command
or directory menus in Dopus' Listers. In fact, I rarely use the Lister status menu either. I prefer to just click on my windows’ status bars in turn to create a Source and Desunauon. But, and it’s a big but, the Lister toolbar is extremely useful and, just like a standard button bar, you can Alt-click on a button to edit it. For Dopus 4 users, getting used to the fact that you have a whole panel of buttons to use free with every lister can take some dme, but it certainly saves wear and tear on your mouse when compared to having to move from the top of the screen down to the bottom to click
on something and then move back again - particularly on a graphics card.
Right, the next thing to get to grips with is the fact that you can hav e more than two listers open at once. For a All the modes, in all the sizes, in all the colours... Jj-Mi liai) iiLtdz Games Index Viewtek Net buttons It's very easy to switch between lister view modes. Just use one of Dopus’ many right mouse button pop-up menus.
DEPECHE MODE Dopus has the ability to show you your files in one of three ways: Name mode, (the standard Dopus method).
Icon mode, (where files are shown in the same way as Workbench shows them) and Icon Action Mode, (where the toolbar from the lister is retained along with some of its functionality).
Dopus Magellan, the new version released recently, AF99 92%) offers more flexibility in Icon and Icon action mode, since they are fairly limited in terms of file actions.
IfJz ER TWO FILE MANAGING ANATOMY OF A LISTER ? | Workbench, 76.8M free Ithe red bar shows the directories, files and byte count selected and totals them respectively. The three buttons to the right are a command menu, a directory menu, (that allows you to jump to root or see a device list), and the Lister Status menu, (which tells you whether the current Lister is a Source, Destination or unused window).
D:[0 181 F:LO 13J B:[0 17185 This is a button bar. You can set up commands here in exactly the same way as you would for a standard button bar.
3 These titles can be rearranged by dragging them to the left or right so that you can have, for instance, the date first in the lister. If you click on them, it reorders the listers according to which title you have clicked on - the order can be reversed by clicking on the same title again.
This text gadget shows the path for the current lister.
If you want to change directory you can do it by typing the path you want in here.
5 The main lister body. You can scroll through it using the scroll bars at the bottom and right of the window and also by holding down the right mouse button in the lister and moving it around.
6 In addition to the normal window front to back and zoom gadgets, Dopus gives you two more, the iconify gadget that reduces the Lister to an icon on the Dopus screen and the padlock which stops Dopus from going to a custom lister display if one has been set up.
Name Access rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed rwed
- v rwed rwed rwed
- rwed rwed rwed rwed rw-d rwed rwed rw-d rw-d rw-d rw-d rw-d
rw-d rw-d rw-d rw-d rw-d Too 1. S Ut U i ties WBStartup
.backdrop .norecent flDPro.prefs Dews,info Disk.info
Expansion.info MUI.info Prefs.info Storage.info System.info
Tools.info Ut i I it ies.info WBStartup.info 12-M3F97 12-May-97
12-May-97 12-May-97 Yesterday Monday 12-May-97 12-May-97
21-May-97 12-May-97 Monday 12-May-97 12-May-97 12-May-97
Ji-May-97 %p4lav-97 66 Yesterday 56 05-Mar-97 3838 06-May-97
1233 13-May-97 2128 13-May-97 1233 13-May-97 1233 13-May-97
1233 13-May-97 1233 13-May-97 1233 13-May-97 1233 13-May-97
1233 13-May-97 1233 13-May-97 Workbench: Eb. Tmaps Comms
::CLCflT Fonts Graphics ¦itmt
• lag i©HB Mult imadia OpusS temp Text Twist 4ord worth-5
j3Dninfo ifimiTCP.info So'1*?!* *°- ¦ HrrtEffeet.tnfo
|RsimCDFS.j3uffer. Info Ben'sStutf.info Bbitmaps.tnfo
Bcomms.tnfo Bdisk. Tnfo Bhtffll.info BmagicWB.info held down...
Just one of Dopus' neat little tricks.
Instance, floppy disks - then it might well be worth setting up a few keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to get to them. In the office, I use the numeric keypad for the floppy drives: numpad 0 brings up dfO:, numpad 1 brings up (yes you guessed it), dfl, and so on. I use numpad enter for Workbench: and the decimal point on the numeric pad for ram:. The easiest way to set these up in Dopus 5.5 is to use the Settings Hotkeys... (RAmiga
8) menu item. You :_ can create as manv new hotkeys as you like
here, all you need to do is remember them.
When creating a directory' in a lister to bear in mind.
Hotkey to bring up a there are two things .you can create as many hotkeys as you like here, all you need to do is remember them."
The first is what mode you want to see your lister in and this is configured using the MODE= argument. The second is whether you want a new lister for your requested director)’ or not. If you do, then you should add the argument NEW to the line.
HIDDEN HINTS Drag 'n' Drop is a very useful thing to have, but don't you hate it when you have already selected the files you want to drag, but then have to do something else before you can return to the selected files? What invariably happens is that instead of dragging all the files you have selected, you end up just dragging the one the mouse is over, because Dopus is making a new selection.
Well, you can still drag all the files you have selected if you just hold down the ALT key before you start the dragging process.
If you used to have Dopus 4 you'll remember that you could click on the outside edge of a lister to get to the parent directory of the one you are in. You can do the same with Dopus 5 by clicking on the left edge of any lister. Unfortunately Dopus 4's ability of going to the root of the current directory by right clicking the mouse button on the edge of a lister has not been carried through to Dopus 5.
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Adapts all the inputs to standard 31.5KHz VGA signal. Gives better and clearer display on your small-pitch, high resolution VGA monitor.
Supports switchable AMIGA (RGB), SVHS (Y C), CVBS (Video), PC input.
Specially designed flicker-free daughterboard - optional. When this board is installed it will eliminate the flicker phenomenon from all AMIGA 15k modes.
Video Magician Internal Amiga to VGA double scan rate converter for AMIGA 2000, 3000. 4000 computers.
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: 24bit full colour resolution.
With RGB encoded signal in CVBS, SVHS (Y C) output.
• 100% plug and play, no jumper or switch to be adjusted.
Automatically detects the NTSC PAL system and all modes of
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• Strong expansion ability: a. Video decoder daughterboard -
optional; b. SVHS (Y C) Genlock daughterboard - optional.
S Ricker switch equipped - if you want to have a look at the original flicker image of the AMIGA (Normally records the AMIGA video signal into VCR so you can see the quality of display on the VGA monitor as a preview), the flicker switch is very useful!
• 8Mb true zero wait state ram card for AMIGA A1200.
• With clock and TWO FPU SOCKETS: PGA and PLCC.
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S Battery backed up RTC included.
• Fully compatible with PCMCIA card, and specially designed
re-location of memory into C0-D7 to get more memory when using
the 8Mb SIMM.
• Very good performance (2.33 times than the A1200, tested by
Sysinfo V3.22)
• Memlink” software included.
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Mmm Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Avon • BA1 2BW or email to: amformat@futurenet.co.uk - putting 'Mailbag' in the subject line.
RTFM Could you tell me where I can buy a manual for an Amiga CD ’2? I bought the machine some months ago, along with joysticks and various games, and would be grateful for any help you can give me.
J. P. Keane Huddersfield Given that the machine has been out of
production for years, I can’t actually think of who may have a
manual. You could try Amiga International on 0049 6103 58785.
UPGRADING In your April issue, you recommended upgrading Workbench from 1.3 to 2.04. Please could you give us an in-depth article showing us how to do this, for all .Amiga models, as I would like to upgrade my A1200 from WB3.0 to WB3.1. Also, could you print an index of previously reviewed technolog)' and software in AF, (with a percentage mark), as it would help your readers choose add-ons and software etc, with the reassurance of your independent opinion. .Another idea might be to take several Amiga “virgins” and let then loose with upgrade software, to see which company gives the best
support and instrucdon and which ones use language from the planet Vulcan.
N. J. Rathbone I think we probably recommended to upgrade to
WB3.1 whichever machine you had. At the moment there has been
a little halt in the supply of B 3.1 kits, due to a dispute
between Village Tronic and Amiga International. I’m sure there
will be some resoulution to this soon though.
.45 for a searchable index of products, we can V really put it in the magazine (it would take more pages than we have to list eveiy thing that has been reviewed), but we have put a searchable index on the CD, and it will also soon be live on the web page. I hope that will help, live long and prosper.
JAM TODAY If vou cast vour mind back to Christmas J J '93, you may recall AF54 with its reviews of Frontier, Alien Breed 2. Cannon Fodder, Settlers, etc, etc. Well, that was my first Amiga Format, which I bought to find out what I could do with a 3Mb A500 Amiga, (given to me as a Christmas bonus from my employer, whose son had just bought a new A1200).
On one of the Coverdisks was a music program called Sup erf AM! I never got it to work properly on the A500, nor indeed on the A1200 which soon followed. It was not until I got an accelerator and some fast RAM that I got it working as it should, even though it sounded naff just using samples.
Then your Bars & Pipes coverdisk came along (AF71) and I got a wonderful Korg X5 synth. SuperJAM! Lay forgotten in some dark corner of my hard drive. Blue Ribbon themselves were sucked into the voracious maw of Microsoft. .And then came the announcement in some other mag (shame on you!) That Microsoft had posted Blue Ribbon's software on CompuServe. I don't have Internet access - but I know a man who does.
.And it's all there. Including Bars Cf Pipes 2.5 and the B&fP version of SuperJAM! Free! And used with MIDI it is a wonderful program. So I suppose a grudging thank you to Microsoft is in order. Mavbe.
J Anyway, to the point. I would really appreciate some help with writing more styles for SuperJAM! I can't figure it out without a manual, and the original coverdisk article in AI54 is rather lacking in this area. So perhaps a mini tutorial could be arranged if you think anyone is still using this excellent program. .And did anyone else ever post any new styles on .Aminet which could J j find their way onto your excellent CD?
If anyone has a SuperJAM! Manual which they no longer require, I should Continued overleaf Vtou and Canon can!
Canon can and now you can too!
We've got two Canon BJC-240 colour bubblejet printers. The Canon BJC-240 utilises the new PhotoRealism print quality standard and gives users access to stunning photo-quality printwork. We're sure you're drooling so send that postcard to: Amiga Format!Canon competition SM1 Group 1 • Down Place Hammersmith • London W6 9JH For competition rules and regs see page 9.
CT- SHARE YOUR VIEWS AND NOW FOR LOT NUMBER 100... It's BASIC, but not too basic. Blitz is just about the most flexible BASIC language you will proc ess- "Processing HTML”,"Processing HTML Nothing is printed at f rst come across UNLEASH I Hi POWER
• .• ip : : --m WORK HARD ter count letter,1 (l$ )=18 IS=" "
tag : 15= proc ess_ If If End I f Mend _ Recently I have
acquired issues 1 to 10 of Amiga Format, surely one of your
most successful publications? The Coverdisks are also included.
I was wondering if you knew whether these issues are
collectable, or if they are thought to be worth anything.
Jamie Clarke Coventry You have an interesting question there. With collectable items, they are generally worth what somebody is willing to pay for them. I can't say we've had many people ring up the office to offer us thousands of pounds for a mint issue one, but there are people who keep all their back issues - many of them since issue one.
Whatever the market worth, you have done the right thing to keep hold of the Coverdisks, as this will increase the value of the issue.
Do we have any readers who work for Sotheby's, or would be prepared to put a value on a mint condition first issue of Amiga Format?
CompuServe (as we did mention previously), but there are two problems. Firstly, Compusewe do not have the necessary CIM software for the Amiga, Secondly, the files are NOT freely distributable, So if you use an Amiga, you can V get to the files, and legally, you can V get one of your chums to download it for you. I don’t know if a tutorial is appropriate, but may I recommend the unofficial Bars 8c Pipes website (which also covers things SuperJAM!)
Www.execulink.com ~itech b%26p. BLITZ BUMMER I am a Blitz Basic II user, so your Game On article particularly caught my eye.
Judging by the number of user games programmed in Blitz that you have been reviewing over the past months, there are many users out there. But where are the user-groups and who’s putting out the newsletters? I am keen to know. I have been using Blitz (with the Red Blitz site) for some time now. I’ve solved some of the problems you always encounter but still have the odd ones that leave me pulling my hair out.
Which, fortunately, I have enough of.
Can you help? By the way, I’m not connected to the Web and have no plans to be for the near future. My expenditure is currently being gobbled up on the video side.
Keep up the good work, it's a brilliant mag. Once you’ve gone we’ll know it’s the end.
D. R. Coe Essex Sadly for you, probably your best source of
information is the internet. As well as being able to download
the wealth of Blitz related stuff on Aminet, there are many
small clubs and “netzines ” which cover Blitz. One of the best
is Amiga Blast www.intercom.it ~fsoft Amiaablast issuel index
E.html which has been run n ing a series of in ternet
Another site worth visiting would be Red When Excited site, the home of the Blitz support suite. They can be found at: www.ldnQedae.demon.co.uk Also, Nether Realm Software are about to publish what looks like a great Blitz book.
You can contact them at: 2930 8th Street, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221, U.S.A. Tel: 001 330 9281738 FINAL STRAW I have long been a user of Softwood products having owned various versions of Final Copy and Final Writer I have upgraded from previous versions, in be happy to buy it. I can be reached on 01903 520828. And please; will someone write a score writing program like Sibelius 7. Go on, Deluxe Music doesn’t really cut it anvmore.
J John New Lancing, JKSzmex I do well remember issue 54, and indeed the SuperJAM! Disk. In fact I organised it for all you lovely readers.
I know that B&P and SuperJAM! Can both be found as a free download on Sabrina Online "Essentials" I was reading the section on new games in last month's AF and I was horrified to see that soundcards were mentioned quite a bit. The Amiga does not need soundcards, it has enough problems as it is.
Not needing soundcards is one of the Amigas main advantages over the PC.
Two of my friends have Pcs, one of them has a very cheap soundcard (which keeps switching itself off), one of them has a very expensive soundcard (over £200). Both of them have to write loads of batch files and a config file for every program which requires sound, or they get no sound at all. But guess who has the best sound out of the three of us? Me, because I put my sound through a stereo, and my friends lose all the quality from their sound because they've got naff speakers.
So, don't buy a soundcard, buy a stereo. If you already have a stereo, still don't buy a soundcard because that will encourage people to write stuff that needs soundcards.
And one last thing, if and when a new Amiga is developed. Please, please, please keep the native sound chip, even if you have soundcards as well. This will give us something to fall back on when the soundcards don't work.
James Rollison You're right that there is no point having a sound card unless you have a decent amp Ispeaker setup to play the sound through.
Even the very best monitor speakers aren't going to be able to deliver solid bass sounds - it is truly amazing what a difference it makes.
However, I think your friends problems just highlight the differences between the Amiga and the PC. The trouble is that virtually all the manufacturers set up their cards in different ways, have different drivers which do different things, and so on. Nothing new there.
The Amiga has standards, which by and large manufacturers stick to. There is now a standard for retargetable sound called AHI which does seem to be generally accepted as the way forward.
Developers writing for the AHI standard don't need to worry about what hardware the end-user has, because the AHI system takes care of it. You don't even need to have a sound card to use AHI, because it supports the standard Amiga sound chip too.
So I think your fears are rather unfounded. I don't think there is any reason to expect that the AHI standard will be any less successful than the various RTG systems currently in use. In fact as there is only one system for retargetable sound, it should be a lot more successful.
Order to support Amiga-related companies and legally gain improved software. Some of the Final Writer upgrades have not been cheap. The new Final Writer 91 is priced at £40 and an upgrade from my version 5 of Final Writer has been quoted by the Softwood suppliers as £30.
There's little logic in forcing a shrinking Amiga market to pay increasing upgrade prices that bear little relation to the outright cost of the new product. Softwood supporters who have legally upgraded in the past have paid a small fortune in fees but are Not so Final Writer, given the number of updates that have appeared.
Penalised for their loyalty by such excessive extras as exorbitant upgrade "offers.” Final Writer 91? It hurts me to sav this, as a still-loval Amiga stalwart.
7 j O 7 but Final Writer 91- no, this is my Final Write Off. I know that program developers need to feed their families but what do other readers think?
Adrian Beverley
E. Yorkshire This is a concern which 1 think was pointed out in
the review (AF99), in that there doesn V seem to he m uch of
an incen tive to upgmde at the price quoted. What do other
readers think ? We always like to hear your opinions - they
cheer us up in the morning when it ’s raining outside. &
Sabrina Online Sabrina boujht In+ernet access at the Computer
test vmy.
Ft me you Srioojed T VVn ILBS* yjqoirij or in the 2? l other room ft V+here? ©1996 "Worse odds than the lotto u huzzqT rneapS*, They serf ber- Tfciaht nouj Shes cyot Some trouble u '-fio n Internet aJ numbers .
2.0 different~ drvjelue - d 191 rum b Ore'? The rlcjht' one, and doesrtknou ujhicb Water Dance by Kris Dom Just when you think people are only going to send in rendered images you get a couple of cracking hand-drawn ones... Mean and moody, dramatic camera angle, but a bit too dark for print so we had to lighten it up a bit. See the original on the CD in the -Readerstuff- Gallery drawer.
Daleks in Dark by Eiden McDonald This great picture would probably look better spray painted on a wall, but I'm sure Douglas wouldn't do that. There is so much detail in this picture you can spend ages looking at it.
The Wish by Douglas Bayley Adam sent us a whole host of pictures of aircraft and other vehicles, but this is one of the only ones not set against a grey background.
Big 747 by Adam Mawson LONDON'S AMIGA SALE & REPAIR CENTRE 0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345 6868 Gasteiner 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 2YZ EXPORT, TRADE & EDUCATIONAL INQUIRIES WELCOME THIS MONTHS SPECIAL OFFER A1200 RAM CARD Trapdoor Fitting. Clock. FPU o»PlfJ M 111 n 11 WITH 4MB WITH 8MB WITH 4MB & 33Mhz FPU WITH 8MB & 33Mhz FPU FPU Will fit all makes of RAM-CARDS & ACCELERATORS 33Mhz 68882 picc £8.99 50Mhz 68882 pga £29.99 HARD DRIVES For all A1200 & A600 AMIGA COMPUTERS
2. 5" IDE Super slim with cables & software 340mb £84.99 540mb
I'lifi £129.99 730mb £149.99 810mb £169.99
1. 2gig £219.99
2. 5gig £349.99
3. 5" IDE Super slim fast will fit all Amiga A1200 & A4000
computers with cables & software iMg £4.99 £2.00 £4.99 £10
JOYSTICK HAT MOUSE TRACKBALL £29.00 £44.99 £59.99 £54.99
33. 6 FAX & MODEM FOR ALL AMIGA £79.99 340mb 420mb 850mb
1. 2gig
1. 7gig !.5gfg iig £69.95 £89.99 £99.99 £129.95 £149.99 £169.99
£199.99 £349.99 PRINTER SMD-100 m POWER SUPPLY FO A500|A600 +
have been selling simms & memory for amiga computers for 10
years, we carry large stocks that fit all makes of ram cards &
30 pin 1Mb £10.00 4Mb £29.00 72pin 2Mb £10.00 4Mb £14.50 g 10m s H SCSI NEW LOWER PRICE May need scsi controller to work with A1200 & A600 with squirrel, A2000 to A4000 with Okagon
1. 2gig 2gig 4gig
6. 4gig 8gig External SCSI case 45watt PSU Squirrel Surf Oktagon
4008 Multiface III Zip drive Jaz drive SyQuest 230Mb £199.99
£239.99 £599.99 £799.00 £999.99 £59.99 £39.99 £74.99 £84.99
£72.99 £109.99 £349.99 £199.99 £4.00 MINI PC CASE WITH 200
WATT PSU £35 CHAOS PACK £5 A600 1MB RAM CARD £12.00 A500+ 1MB
3. 5" CABLE
comes with its own power supply & Squirrel 2 speed £129 6
speed £179 8 speed £219 16 speed £249 IDE CD-ROM Fits A2000,
A4000 & A1200 with Alfaquatro (A1200 needs case) 4 speed 8
speed 12 speed 16 speed AlfaQuatro case for A1200 & A600 only
Speakers 80 watts £21.99 120watts £24.99 300watts £39.99
BLIZZARD 1230 iv 0Mb 4Mb 8Mb 16Mb 32Mb £149.00 £159.00 £179.00
14" MICROVITEC 17“ shop soiled Philips 8833 PRINTERS EPSON 400
EPSON 600 EPSON 800 £59 £65 £79 £99 £54.99 £39.95 £199.00
£339.00 £109.00 £15 EXTERNAL FLOPPY £199 £269 £399 £259 ARTEC
It's issue 100 so you know we've got something special for you. This month it's a CD that's 101 per cent full!
IOl° o ssffiSsXS SHI jssikkk- Get onlln® rtW V*** wrtvrT1 IN THE MAG LOOK HERE 1ST!
That's right. Our CD this month has an amazing 654Mb of data on it just for you. Unfortunately, I have less space this month to talk to you about it all because of all the other stuff that's in the mag, so pay attention.
First up, because some of you haven't even seen the hard work I put in on the set-up script, we've decided to move it to the root of the CD. Just a bit of clarification: to set up the disc, double dick on the icon, to get rid of the assigns, etc. double click on it again. That's all you need to do.
Also up this month is an interview with Stefan Stuntz that there just wasn't the room for in the mag. It's my usual soapbox piece Ben.Speaks!
AFCD16:-ScreenPlay- Commercial Vu!can This directory contains an AVI in two sizes of some of the behind-the-scenes goings on in the production of Vulcan's up-and- coming game Wasted Dreams.
Twister AFCD16:-ScreenPIay- Shareware Twister0.38b Twister How do you fancy trying your hand at a Rubik's Cube with seven squares to a side rather than the usual three? That's where DISCLAIMER AFCD16:-ReaderStuff- Tom_Mi les Tom Miles, on the other hand, has done a great job with his Netstat program. It's yet another call logger to check your phone bills but this one autosenses when you go online and off and can even give you a warning at a particular time interval to stop you getting addicted to the Net.
That's why we've decided to give Tom this month's Serious prize which is an issue 100 £100!
AFCD16:-ReaderStuff- David_Howe David has come up with a way of adding sound to your IFF animations. He's programmed a utility in Blitz that allows you to add sound effects to individual frames. It's good, but we want to see the next version where the frameiist is a bit more user-friendly.
AFCD16:-ReaderStuff- Dean_J_Wood Dean's come up with the novel idea of using the Amiga Format CD as a bulletin board for AMOS programming questions. He's even created his own interface for reading the text files that the questions come in. If you have any questions then send them to: A bit slack this month on reader submissions, I have to say. Come on you lot, get your programs, games and pictures sent to us! Still, what we did receive was pretty good quality: READER STUFF We've got a couple of special bits in here for you this month. First is a directory, containing scans of the first 99
issues of Amiga Format for you to do with as you will.
The second is the complete top 100 Shareware products listed in the magazine, so you have to The things we do for you -1 don't know... In addition to these special items we also have the usual line-up with Emulators, Amiga.net and Arexx.
Dean Wood 46 The Moat Western Coyney Stoke on Trent ST3 6NB Oh, and Dean, it might be a good idea to change the name of your program - it might give people the wrong idea about its capabilities.
This AFCD has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it.
Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur while using this disc, the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up-to-date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions do not use this disc.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA Commercial AFCD16:-SeriousIy_Amiga- Cornmercial C4D4_Examples If you want to know what Cinema 4D CD Edition is capable of why not have a look at the animations in this drawer? Some of them are pretty big and they are all HAM8, so they are going to be limited to AGA owners with plenty of memory, but hey, that's you isn't it?
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial PersonalPaint If you have Personal Paint 7 and want the newer version 7.1, this is the drawer for you. It contains the updater and all the new scripts.
Shareware AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware CD-ROM ANTCDF If you have a whole bundle of Aminet Cds and you hate having to search through them all trying to find something, then ANTCDF is the cryptically-named tool for you! It takes Aminet index files found on each CD and can search through a whole Aminet CD in about two seconds on an '030 A1200.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Comms Other CallMan CallMan is a simple phone number database, but it should come in handy for anyone with a modem since it can be used to dial numbers using the modem. It also calculates phone bill costs and can analyse your Miami logfile to give you a fairly accurate estimate of just how huge your phone bill will be.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics Rainbow_System The Rainbow System is a way of offering to graphics what AHI gives to sound. It consists of a main library and then a series of drivers. You choose the driver that best suits your Amiga and then any applications that use Rainbow will then work on your machine. The idea is that even if you don't have a graphics card, you will still be able to use software intended for graphics cards. We don't know of any software that thus far exists for Rainbow, but it's worth taking a look at.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics TheWave Even if you can't speak German you should find this little tool pretty easy to use. It generates interference wave pictures, you know the sort of thing - concentric circles fading into one another.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Hardware !DE-fix Oliver Kastl's CacheCDFS has opened up the world to IDE and ATAPI CD- ROM drives and their inherent benefits of cheapness and speed. Now IDE-fix97 is out and it works even better. If you are currently using a version of IDE-fix or CacheCDFs that came with your drive you may well READER WARRANT Every reader submission to the AFCD must have a reader warrant attached to the accompanying AF_Readme file. You can type it in off this page or take it from the various locations it is stored in on the CD (Look_here_1st!, ReaderStuff etc). A last
reminder: this text must be in your AF_ReadMe, or your submission won't go on the CD - it's Future policy.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format I hereby warrant that:-
(1) the material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
(2) the material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
(3) that there are no legal claims against the material provided;
(4) that I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
Want to upgrade to this version, but beware, if you are not registered, then it will stop working after 30 days.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound mp3enc AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound mp3info AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound mpega AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound mpegaplayer AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound mpg123 MPEG audio is ail the rage these days and these programs are the very latest versions of all you need to create your MPEG audio streams and play them back. With it you can turn a 650Mb audio CD into about 50Mb, but be warned, this can take ages to do!
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound AlgoMusic2_1 AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Sound Musiker And here are two programs that create "automatic" music for you. If you're short of ideas for a new melody for your MODs, then either AlgoMusic or Musiker might be just what you need.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Programming HRTmon If you miss Action Replay since you ditched your A500 and got your A1200, then HRTmon might be just the thing to put the smile back on your face. It's a memory monitor that can be used to add hacks to games, giving you extra lives and so on, much like Action Replay did, but all in software. The authors reckon that for optimum performance you need a "Level 7 button" attached to your Amiga, but it's all detailed in the docs.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Programming Pcq12d Fancy a complete Freeware Pascal compiler? Well, Amiga Format has one on the CD this month for you. It has no icons, so don't be surprised if all you can see is a 'readme' file.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Workbench DataTypes You'll find datatypes for animations (both IFF, MPEG and IFF Film) and pictures (BMP and IFF Deep) here along with a new v43 picture datatype library for CyberGraphX users.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Workbench SIP If you've ever used ARTM, then SIP will instantly feel familiar to you. It allows you to peek under the hood of your Amiga to see the workings underneath and get rid of windows and tasks that have crashed. This latest version now even supports the display of PowerPC tasks generated through Phase5's revolutionary PowerUp boards.
AFCD16:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Workbench 2000 Here's a useless bit of fun. This clock in reverse will countdown the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds 'till the year 2000 and pedantically, will also countdown to the start of the next millenium which will actually occur on the 1st January 2001.
If your AFCD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure that you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is no physical problem. Please send us the AFCD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: PC Wise Ltd, Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales C48 2YY.
Your AFCD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead, you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application, phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm every Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
Email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (put "Coverdisc" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly).
Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
Moving to Phase 2 (ahem) of our plan to conquer the world with superior CD giveaways, Ben Vost examines what's on the next disc in the collection.
Phase 2 is the second in the collection of EMC’s highly-rated CD library. Like Phase 1, it contains a mix of fonts, clipart and images leavened with a sprinkling of handy utilities all bundled up in a highly organised fashion.
PARNET NETWORKING Phase 2 is designed to be as easy to use as possible, and if your CD-ROM drive is a CD32 or CDTV, you'll know how awkward it can be to get files over to your main machine. Phase 2 has a Parnet installation on it and full instructions on how exactly to get it to work with your machine. I Fonts, fonts and more fonts. Sun and Cinnzig are ideal for Dpaint or Ppaint and Floydian is best suited to PageStream or another DTP package.
© 1985 E.M.Computergraphic © COPYRIGHT 1995
E. M Cowputeraraphic This disc contains more than 72Mb of fonts
in various different types.
There are bitmapped colour fonts and type 1's that are guaranteed to work with Imagine. Once you've looked at those, then you might want to beef up the fonts you can use in Wordworth, Final Writer and PageStream by installing some of the 146 fonts found in these directories in either CompuGraphic or Postscript format. Each of the fonts has its own IFF preview picture so that you don't have to install them all to find out which are to your taste.
IMAGES all of the Phase series, the images on Jisc are subdivided into categories, category contains three directories h all contain the same images in 16- irs, 256-colours and HAM, just to be that you can use them without being d to get out your image processor to them up. What's more, there's an index i each of these directories that shows ihumbnails of all the images contained at you won't need to hunt around for icture you want.
Some of the image categories on ? 2 include: 3abylon5, BorisV, Britain, SciFi & World Be aware that many of these images are copyright, so using them for commercial purposes without clearing them with their authors is legally dubious.
With shots from movies like Terminator 2 and TV shows like Babylon 5, you shouldn't be stuck for material.
There's also a wide range of photographic material like this from the America directory.
PHASE 2 CLIPART Phase 2 has clipart galore - over 130Mb to be exact, the vast majority of which is in easy- to-use IFF format. However, you'll find clipart in N the outdated IMG format that Wordworth still uses (and which is also supported by PageStream) and GEM clipart that can be used in Wordworth as well. The mono IFF clipart comes in a variety of categories, each in their own directory, including some of the following: In the colour clipart section you'll find everything from boats ' Tcrwatermelons.
Alphabet, Borders, Cartoons, Computers, Electric & Space & SciFi. AND FINALLY This CD has been compiled to the highest standards, and thoroughly checked at every stage of development. It is highly unlikely that any of the files or the CD itself is defective but if you have difficulty using any of the files on this CD, please check out the copious documentation on the disc before sending the CD back or ringing up Amiga Format.
If it turns out that there is a media defect (i.e. the CD itself is damaged, which should be clearly visible), please return it to: PC Wise Ltd • Dowlais Top Business Park Dowlais • Merthyr Tydfil Mid Glamorgan South Wales • C48 2YY Paint your own masterpiece Cloanto's award-winning Personal Paint 7.1 is truly groovy and we've got five copies of the CD version to give away thanks to Cloanto. Send your self- addressed postcard to: AF100 Ppaint Draw Amiga Format 29 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW For competition rules and regs see page 9.
ME EVER •* T* Play four levels of this new platform game and make the most of your back catalogue with our first set of patches.
David Taylor has something up his sleeve that will revolutionise your Workbench. It's Magic Workbench 2.1... have you hooked from the first moment you play.
The background story is a simple one. Monty the Wolf is out playing in the forest with his bouncv ball when his village is attacked by aliens. Monty rushes back to see the aliens taking off with all the diamonds that Monty’s village have used to power their township (dilithium crystals, we expect). Monty grabs a parachute and jumps onto the ship. Before they can leave the atmosphere Monty finds a lever he thinks will stop the ship and pulls it. In fact it opens the cargo bay and dumps diamonds over the planet.
Monty goes out to save all the diamonds, but the aliens have taken control of all the forest animals so that they are out to stop Monty. Monty’s only weapon is his ball which he can bounce off die animals to stop them.
You guessed it. This remarkable plot means that you have to help Monty- collect all the diamonds on a level while avoiding or incapacitating the animals that are around. The game is joystick- controlled. Fire throws the ball and if you come across an object you want to pick up, press down and fire. If you want to drop an object, press down and fire again. You can only cam- one object at once. If you want to pick up the ball after you’ve thrown it you just need to walk over it. If you cannot get to it or have lost it, press the space bar or hold down fire for two seconds.
There are several power ups available in the game. Boots make you go faster and stars make you invisible for a few seconds. The red ball is a new ball for you to throw. There are also a set of letters that can be collected.
These should spell out Monty and when you complete this you can play the bonus level.
On the levels themselves, you are aiming to make it to the pole. If you get to the pole and it isn't spinning it means that you haven’t collected all the diamonds on the level. When you have all the diamonds, the pole will start spinning and reaching it will complete the level.
Get the most from your BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... GAMES COLLECTION llmf aid U M hlBHW dll Cnttti: ID »rt:LU I Filial*: szizf p i HorKDencIT ol ftwigaShell lew Shell process 4 2 1eu Shell process 4
I. WB3.8: diskcopy fron dfS: to df8: [nsert disk to copy.fron
(SOURCE disk) Press Starting with this historic 100th issue,
AF is bringing you the add-ons and new utilities that help you
get the most out of your Amiga. That's why you'll find the new
release of Magic Workbench on the serious disk and why you'll
find the finest collection of patches and editors this side of
the moon on this Games Coverdisk. Over the next few months we
will also be bringing you a collection of hard drive
installers and data levels for your existing games.
SWOS EDITOR This has to be one of the most requested editors ever. This MUI utility can be used to automatically unpack and load the data for the SWOS teams.
The program allows you to edit the team and player settings.
Although using the program should be obvious, there is a full amigaguide to help you. Most importantly you should realise that it is designed to work with SWOS on a hard drive. If you don't have the SWOS hard drive installer, there are files you can delete from the floppy version - see the question and answer section in the guide. If you want to use the editor with the game installed on hard drive, but don't have the installer - then keep your eye on the next coverdisk.
Edit all the options with SWOS Editor. Get even more out of your favourite football game.
There is also a data file included on this disk that contains all the up to date English league information.
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT One of our favourite games of recent times. Since its release this patch has also been made available which provides a more stable game. It has optimised code for 040 gamers and also an improved quit capability. More importantly for many gamers.
Capital Punishment now works with Apollo accelerator boards.
To install this patch you need to boot the serious Coverdisk - not the games Coverdisk - and have to enter the hard drive path where you have installed the Capital Punishment game. If you want to read more about the patch, the readme file is included in the Archives drawer on the serious Coverdisk.
WW HU HU: rilSl l»m: hubt: flT ftMtin: QE
* n: •; flT ftu: 2_ Tyn: £_ a IsiS ALIEN BREED 3D II So you want
to get further in The Killing Grounds but keep getting killed?
This editor allows you to edit the level, health, weapons,
ammunition and more.
Requires reqtools library to run.
BREATHLESS This patch will allow you to play any of the levels.
CANNON FODDER 1 & 2 Patches for both games that will allow you to play any level.
DUNE 2 Edit saved games and give yourself a few extras credits.
F1GPED This game patch improves many elements of the game. To apply and use this patch you should read the documentation. When you open this drawer in Workbench you won't be able to see anything so you really need to use a file manager.
PINBALL DREAMS Solves some of the crashes that happen, especially for '060 users.
This is not a hard drive installer - watch this space.
SIM CITY 2000 Sort out all the bugs. Read the doc in a File Manager.
3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Idi HorKDencn ev Shell process 4 .HB3.01 diskcopy fron df0: to df0: Insert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DFS Press RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: heading cylinder 79, 8 to go Insert disk to copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device DF8 Press RETURN to continue or CTRL-C Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: Ibootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
DISKCOPY FROM DF0: TO DF0: E: Honwencn- lew anen process
4. WB3.8: diskcopy fron df0: to df0:
f. . ____ ) in device DF8
o begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: o| RnigaShell ol BntgaShell
to abort: To help you complete the level you may need to hit
buttons to open doors or collect colour coded keys. If you need
to reach higher levels, you need to O 7 search for a spring.
Pick up the spring and move it under the level you need to
reach then drop it. Likewise you can collect the barrels and
pile them up to reach further up the screen - or you can drop
the barrels on baddies.
If you like this game then you can get the full twenty level game for only £4. Call that a sensible registration fee?
Because we do. To get the full game simply send £4 to Anthony Sherratt at ASP Design, 111 Broadbent Avenue, Latchford, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 1UW. There are even reduction clauses for you to get a pound off the price - see die documents for details. You should note that you can play this game direcdy from the Coverdisk if you have J J 2Mb RAM. If you have less you need a spare floppy disk which will have the demo unpacked onto it.
RrD Add Power to your A1200 Power Computing have given us one of their Format Gold-winning complete upgrade kits, consisting of a Viper Mk5 with 8Mb RAM, SCSI interface and 2x speed SCSI CD-ROM drive (and lots of software) to give to you. If you want it, send an SAE to: AF100 Power Draw Power Computing • Unit 82A Singer Way • Kempston MK42 7PU For competition rules and regs see page 9.
£24 4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk.
Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks.
Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford .BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error then the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
While each release of Workbench has improved the look of the environment, nobody can deny that it looks drab and out of date. The new public release of Magic Workbench 2 is much more than a simple collection of replacement icons. It's a full, transparent colour management system that transforms all the j Ever committed to helping you get the best out of your Amiga, AF100 brings you the new Workbench enhancement system.
David Taylor introduces the package.
Aspects of your system, replacing icons with relevant photo-realistic images, new system fonts and professional backdrops.
MagicWB has already found a home on the Amiga and has been adopted by most Shareware authors and many commercial vendors as a standard, so that their programs come with MagicWB versions. This new version takes the concept forward, so it is recommended to any current users of MagicWB to upgrade to this version. This package requires WB2+ and a hard drive and at least an 8-bit screen, but has extra features under WB3. This public release doesn't have all the features of the fully registered version either.
One of the important new additions is a Magic-WB daemon program that sits in the background after installation and Because of the new’ colour system it’s between two and three times faster than older versions - nearly as fast as the original 4-colour Workbench. It also needs nearly 70 per cent less memory and only half the disk space.
"It replaces icons with photorealistic images, new fonts and professional backdrops."
Monitors the palette display. It works on any screen depth and resolution and on graphics boards, and takes care of the palette re-allocation when a new7 screen is opened and checks if patterns need re-mapping. Under WB3 it also enables you to determine the cursor colours without conflicting with the palette.
Once you have Magic Workbench installed, you'll wonder how you ever stood using Workbench before.
ICONS GALORE Aside from these utilities, MagicWB can be split into three areas where it offers enhancements to Workbench.
The first and most major enhancement is in its replacement of the Workbench icons. When you run the MagicWB installer (don’t try and install the package manually, use AmigaDOS script) - you can upgrade all of your system icons to the new7 system. The idea has been to create specific icons for even7 drawer and system tool. Each icon has been created with the idea of system part in mind.
As the author says, many of the original icons don't epitomise the tools well enough, meaning that it’s easier to browse and find things using just the names, which removes the point of having a graphical representation.
These new icons are designed to return the Workbench to a graphical one, where you see exactly what you are after by the icon. For example, the Palette utility in Preferences is shown by a painter’s palette, the Serial utility by a cable, and the utilities drawer indicated by a spanner icon.
There are more icons included on your Workbench than just the ones on your system disk, for example the default icons used by the system when creating drawers. These default icons are last replaced, including the one used by the RAM disk and the System partition. If you want to make adjustments to the RANI disk icon, you can’t simply do this to the icon used on the Workbench. You could make the adjustments manually, but the MagicWB package includes a tool to take the preferences from the changed icon to your system so that it is used even7 time J J J in the future.
This is also true of other icons that are replaced. While it is easy to replace icons, it’s harder to swap icons while retaining any icon information such as a tooltvpe. MagicWB. Though, does include a tool to do just this. Called Amiga Workbench 1.421 ,S32 graphics mem 2,238.483 other mem
o I Wo d | Workbench3.o 93% fufl, 7,420K free, 38M in use MORE
HTML With the proliferation of HTML pages hitting every
computer platform, the Amiga is not being left behind and this
HTML viewer is one way of making sure that even those without a
full Internet connection are not left out in the cold. This
utility uses MUI and allows off-line browsing.
It supports most of the new HTML tags and so allows you to view almost any HTML page that is currently around, if you have HTML pages on your drive from disks or Cds you can now look at all the pages and browse them without having to use any of the high powered navigation programs around.
ShutftB Fin»WrH What's more the author has taken the idea of being able to edit a page from other browsers so that if you look at a page you like or have created yourself and are proofing, you can quickly load the source HTML back into a text editor to make any changes you need to.
Start | Workbench don’t pay for the software they use. The requestor includes all of die informadon you need about the upgrade and for UK readers, costs only £15. To register first fill in all the details on the interacdve form, ensuring that you have selected the appropriate payment method. You can even install online if you want.
& We're Infested!
Golden Image have let 75 brand new black mice roam free around our offices! If you send in a self- addressed postcard, we'll round them up and send you one. Send your postcard to: AF100 Meece draw Golden Image 65 Hallmark Trading Estate Fourth Way Wembley Middlesex HA9 OLB For competition rules and regs see page 9.
The registration program for MagicWB does everything - all you need to do is pony up the dough.
IconUpdate, it can preserve the icon position, tooltvpes and default tool. All you need to do is start the program from within the Programs drawer inside the MagicWB package. A window will open that asks you to drop in the source icon (ie, the one you want to replace) and then asks for the replacement icon.
Drag and drop the icons onto the window and the icons will be swapped, with all the relevant information kept.
If you are interested only in changing the drawer icons that are used on your drive, then there is a separate script included that will do this too and preserve the attributes. Because the main installer only replaces the icons on your system partition, you will probably also want to run this script to replace the other icons that are bound to be used on your system. If you don’t use this you will have an unsighdy mix of old and new icons.
SWANKY FONTS As well as the icon replacements that are made, MagicWB enhances the system fonts. It cannot have escaped your notice when using Workbench that the fonts are rather drab. This svstem j includes a set of seven special fonts that have been designed specifically to be used within the system menus, window's and CLI prompts. All the fonts are installed in addition to your system ones and although they will be used instead of the originals, they won’t be deleted.
The fonts all have a “Xen” prefix. It may be that you find the fonts crop too closely to the edge of window's, and if you want to change this, read the MagicWB documentation for details on how to do so.
The last change made is to the backgrounds secuon. This part functions best under WB3 and by default only installs two new marble-type backdrops that are then displayed by default. If you want to make use of any of the others that are included in the package you can install the other backdrops manually from the Patterns draw'er in the package.
Like other features not included, not all of the patterns are there. This is because MagicWB author Marun Huttenloher has to encourage users to register somehow. This is also wiiy you now’ get a nag requester that reminds you to register the package w'hen the demon utility starts as Workbench loads.
As we always say, it is sad that the market has reached this stage, but developers will simply abandon the Amiga if users • New icons, new palettes, new fonts, new backgrounds and new utilities. MagicWB 2 is the injection of style that Workbench needs.
Jrkbench3.0 Other ~ Are you wanting to connect to the Internet?
AMITCP v4.6 DIALUP AmiTCP is a new full TCP stack, enhanced and developed by us and NSDi with full GUI control!
VOYAGER-NG Voyager Next Generation is already powerful with javascript, frames, tables, SSL (https:) etc!
MICRODOT-II A superb and brand new commercial email and news client, said to be the best for the Amiga!
AMFTP The industry standard FTP client and the number one FTP program on the Amiga.
AMIRC Again, the industry standard Amiga IRC client - said to be better that its PC and Mac rivals!
AMTELNET Use AmTelnet to maintain your web site, connect to external computers, play online games!
NET INFO Netlnfo is a new program by Oliver Wagner to search the net - traceroute, ping, services etc. AMTERM AmTerm is a comms program - connect to a BBS, send files to your friends Amiga PC Mac!
X-ARC Brand new Dopus like archive management tool which integrates with the NetConnect package!
1. Comprehensive Software ALL YOU NEED TO CONNECT AND SURF
NetConnect provides you with all you need to connect to the
- full TCP stack, web browser, mail, news, ftp, ire and telnet
You don’t need anything else, no need to worry about additional software. The CD version even includes pre-configured MIME-types (for web browsing), datatypes, additional online documentation and more!
NetConnect is a suite of commercially licensed Internet
software which means there is no need to register or purchase
any of the software contained within the package - no time
limitations, no hassle.
All the software contained within NetConnect are arguably the best in their class. You can add other commercial Internet software to NetConnect via the configurable ‘ToolsManager’ style icon bar.
pride ourselves in offering superb after sales support to all
our NetConnect lnternet users. We guarantee you will not get
better free Internet related support from any other rival
company. Support via:
• Telephone (during normal office hours - other companies charge
for this!)
• E-Mail (you can email us directly with NetConnect or general
Internet enquiries)
• Mailing list (subscribe to our mailing list - a general
NetConnect lnternet forum)
• WWW (the NetConnect web site contains news and upgrades for
registered users) Our aim is to help users with their Internet
connection after they have purchased NetConnect and we
understand that the Internet can be a daunting experience for
the beginner.
4. Quality Branded Modems We only supply quality branded modems
(Dynalink UK Ltd), which may cost slightly more than their
unbranded competitors, but they ship with a 5 year warranty,
the knowledge that a UK company offers support information and
you are buying a modem with quality (Rockwell based)
components. New 56k modems:
5. Connectivity Offers When you examine the competition you may
notice that we offer NetConnect users substantial savings when
they need to connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We
currently have two offers: save £20.00 (exl. VAT) from
Enterprise PLC or a free trial period with either Demon
Internet or Netcom. These offers add value to NetConnect.
6. Applauded by Experts NETCONNECT v I REVIEWS NetConnect has
received rave reviews by Amiga Internet experts from paper and
online magazines! Many of these reviewers recognise the
ease-of use of the package, the comprehensive collection of
software and the backup support we provided via our mailing
list, web site and telephone hotline (during office hours).
CU Amiga (June 97) - 89% Amiga Format (June 97) - 92% Gold Award “..if you're considering getting online, NetConnect is the perfect choice for the Amiga user.” Amiga Computing (July 97) - 92% “Only a fool would miss out on the chance of buying such an excellent suite of programs at such an affordable price.” theLair (issue 3) 5 5 “..best of its class.” (online http: amigaworld.com thelair) PureAmiga 98% (online http: www.pureamiga.co.uk) Dynalink 1456VQE Data FaxA oice Modem £119.95 Dynalink 1456VQE Data FaxA oice Modem & NetConnect £149.95 Dynalink 1433VQE Data Fax Voice Modem £ 89.95
Dynalink 1433VQE Data Fax Voice Modem & NetConnect £119.95 K56Flex modems need to connect to another K56Flex modem in order to use 56K technology (make sure your provider supports K56Flex technology). Call for further technical details.
• Quality branded Dynalink modem (supported by Dynalink UK Ltd)
• 33600 bps DATA FAX VOICE modem - true v34. Throughput to
115. 200 BPS via V.42 bis data compression
• Group 1. 2 & 3 send receive FAX (14.4)
• Voice Commands - DSVD upgradeable (by software)
• Auto Answer
• Full Duplex Speaker
• Call Discrimination
• Fax on demand
• Simultaneous voice and data (S.V.D.)
• Message playback via sound card speaker or headset
• Auto mode detection allows modem to connect with a modem that
is configured for differing connection modes
• Extended AT (Hayes compatible) command set
• Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future
• BT and CE Approved
• Amiga 25pin and Surf Squirrel PC 9pin serial cable included
• With Headphones and Microphone
• 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga tests
NetConnect v2 Announced!
If you thought NetConnect was good, look at the specifications for v2 (due out around the end of July):
• Wizard GUI - makes configuring your ISP a doddle!
• New programs - Netlnfo and X-Arc
• Re-written AmiTCP Dialler (MUI based, more control)
• Programs are now keyfile based (can be used with any TCP
• Extras pre-configured: MIME types, datatypes, online help files
• Updated, latest versions of the modules (Voyager, Microdot-ll,
AmlRC, AmFTP etc)
• Printed installation introduction guide
• Printed manual - using the Internet and NetConnect
• Plus many more smaller changes and additions Latest Technology
Modems K56Flex modems are here! Download software and web pages
upto twice the speed of a 28.8 modem. 56k modems will operate
at 33.6K speeds for uploading but you can cut your phone
bills drastically when using the 56K technology!
Isn’t it about time you upgraded that 14.4 or 28.8 modem? For further information about the new K56Flex (Rockwell developed) technology contact us!
It's dead easy!
NetConnect is super-easy to connect to the Internet! Just choose the provider, enter some user details (name, email address), select your modem and you are ready to r start surfing! NetConnect also comes with a configurable icon bar to launch and manage your Internet modules - you can even add j. other software if desired. All the software within NetConnect is supported with regular upgrades. Amiga Format concluded (June 97 issue): “Almost the perfect package for the Amiga Internet user”, “If you need to get online, this is the easiest way to do it” and “It’s good value for money too -
especially the bundle including the 33.6K modem.” STOP PreSS.....STOP PreSS.....STOP PRESS.
DESCRIPTION Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
- 50p per CD for UK delivery
- £1 per CD for EU delivery
- £2 per CD World delivery
- £3 for 2-3 day delivery
- £5 for next day delivery
- £15 for Saturday delivery 01325 352260 active@enterprise.net hr
NetConnect CD Version or 3.5” Floppy Disks £ 49.95
33. 6 External Dynalink Data Fax Voice Modem £ 89.95
33. 6 Modem (as above) & NetConnect CD or 3.5” Disks £119.95
Voyager Next Generation £ 23.00 Microdot-ll (call for release
date and to confirm price) £ 18.00 AmlRC v1.57 £ 18.00 AmFTP
v1.76 £ 18.00 AmTalk v1.2 £ 12.00 AmTelnet v1.3 + AmTerm v1.1
£ 18.00 5% Discount when 2-4 Vapor products are bought, 10%
Discount for 5+ Note that the Vaporware products are e-mail
only but can be sent on floppy for a surcharge of £2.00 per
AUGUST 1997 Editor - Nick Veitch Deputy Editor - Ben Vost Production Editor - Andrea Ball Games Editor - Andy Smith Art Editor - Colin Nightingale Art Assistant - Cathy McKinnon Editorial Assistant - Vicki West CD Compilers - EMComputergraphic Contributors Steve Farragher, John Kennedy, Simon Goodwin, Dave Taylor, Dave Cusick, Robert Polding, Paul Overaa Assistant Publisher - Alison Morton Publishing Director - Jane Ingham Public Relations - Liz Ramsay and Jennifer Press 0171 331 3920 Overseas Licences - Katy Cunningham Tel: 0171 331 3920 Fax: 0171 447 3499 kcunningham@pne.co.uk Group ad
manager - Simon Moss mossy@futurenet.co.uk Senior Sales Executive - Jenny White jwhite@futurenet.co.uk Marketing - Simon Howarth showarth@futurenet.co.uk Production Manager - Richard Gingell Production Coordinator - Zoe Rogers Print Services Manager - Matthew Parker Ad Design Supervisor - Cherry Coad Admin Assistant - Cathy Rowland Colour scanning & Imagesetting Jon Moore, Chris Stocker, Mark Gover, Simon Windsor, Jason Titley, Oliver Gibbs, Brett Caines Colour Originators - Phoenix Repro Printed in the UK by St Ives PLC AMIGA FORMAT What?
30 Monmouth St, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Telephone 01225 442244 Fax 01225 732341 Email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT OR YOUR MAIL WILL NOT BE READ) Subscriptions, Back Issues & Mail Order Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset, FREEPOST, TA11 6BR Telephone 01225 822511, 9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 E-mail: subs@futurenet.co.uk Customer Services Telephone 01225 822510 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation ABC 32,166 July - December 1996 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just ten years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in Britain.
We offer: BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
STRONGER REVIEWS. We have a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give clear buying recommendations.
CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future, Editors operate under two golden rules:
• Understand your readers' needs.
• Then satisfy them.
MORE READER INTERACTION. We draw on readers' contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages and the best reader tips. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group.
BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, better quality - magazines you can trust.
Printed in the UK.
All contributions submitted to Amiga Format are accepted on the basis of a non-exclusive worldwide licence to publish or licence others to do so unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing.
© Future Publishing Limited 1997.
You mean you want more Oerr. Sorry, we spent so much time doing this special celebratory issue, we forgot about producing another one. And there's still a tiny bit of cake left.
Oh well, I suppose we will just have to bring you some excellent reviews of Epic3d Racer, Flying High, a work in progress on Foundation, an update on the CyberVision 3D and the Phase5 Power Up board, a profile on Urban Mueller, two great Coverdisks and much more. Now have a heart and keep the noise down... RESERVE YOUR COPY OF September Issue On Sale Friday 8th August FORMAT You can reserve anv issue J Amiga Formal at mam newsagents, including branches ol 11 Smith and jolin Men ies.
ADVERTISERS INDEX Active Software 112 01325 352 260 HiSoft 35 01525 718 181 Analogic 60 0181 546 9575 Owl Associates 98 01543 250 377 Biocon 98 +8862 790 2761 Power Computing 114, 115, 85 01234 851 500 Blittersoft 14 01908 261 477 Quartz 54 0161 702 6737 Dart 54 0161 247 0059 Siren Software 4 0161 796 5276 Epic Marketing 48, 64, 65 01793 490 988 Software First 36 01268 531 222 Eyetech 67 01642 713 185 Special Reserve 43 01279 600 204 First Computer Centre 13 0113 231 9444 Sadeness 43 01263 722169 Gasteiner 103 0181 345 6000 Visage Computers 54 0115 944 4500 Golden Image 8 0181 900 9291 Weird
Science 2,3 0116 234 0682 Harwoods 76, 77 01773 836 781 Wizard Developments 59 01322 527 800 BLIZZARD 1230 MKV TURBO ACCELERATOR BLIZZARD 1260 MKV TURBO ACCELERATOR 68030 BARE £99.95 68060 BARE £349.95 68030 4MB RAM £119.95 68060 8MB RAM £379.95 68030 8MB RAM £129.95 68060 16MB RAM £419.95 68030 16MB RAM £169.95 68060 32MB RAM £489.95 68030 32MB RAM £239.95 BLIZZARD SCSI KIT FOR 1230 1260 £69.95 FREE BREATHLESS WITH BLIZZARD BOARDS BLI ARD 1230 IV URBO OARD £129.95 APOLLO 1240 25MHZ ¦ APOLLO 1240 33MHZ £149.95l£169.95 PHASE 5 CYBERSTORM BOARDS 68060-50MHZ (A3000T 4000T) £449.95 68040-40MHZ
Also includes a Fat Agnus Chip.
No soldering is required.
1. 3 GIGABYTE A1200 INT.
2 GIGABYTE A1200 INT STACK CABLE FOR ABOVE PHONE ORDERS We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries. CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to POWER COMPUTING LTD and specify which delivery is required. WARRANTY All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers. MAIL ORDER PRICES All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
BUNDLE WITH 12X CD £199.95 | 501 *onvxv n COLOUR SCANNER £129.95 BUNDLE WITH 4X CD £139.95 BUCK AND WHITE £69.95 BUNDLE WITH 2X CD £99.95
www.powerc.demon.co.uk EPSON STYLUS PRINTERS STYLUS 400 A4
720DPI COLOUR £209.95 STYLUS 600 A4 1440DPI COLOUR £259.95 FOR
_ .... TEL NO.
EXPIRY ISSUE NO. _ „ _ SIGNATURE EXPORT ORDERS Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome. MAIL ORDER TERMS All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged.
All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request. Please allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear before despatching of the goods.
PHILIPS Itlk Ah *-0 V Phone 0116 234 0682 Weird Science Ltd. Fax 0116 235 0045 Q House, Troon Way Business Park, Email sales@weirdscienc Humberstone Lane, Leicester. LE4 9HA Web www.weirdscience 1 All prices include VAT ? All prices & specifications subject to change without notice ? Fixed charge for repair does not include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve the right to refuse any repair ? P&P charges £3-50 by Royal Mail or £7 05 for courier ? Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance ? All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions, copy available on request.

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