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Break their silence 16th May 1997, London: Gateway 2000 have commited themselves to supporting development of the Amiga as a computer platform. The announcement came at a press conference on the eve of London’s World of Amiga show in Hammersmith. Among the changes, Amiga Technologies is now to be named Amiga International - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000, Inc. Unsurprisingly, Amiga International didn’t have details of new machines, or future directions for the operating system, because the company was only about two weeks old at the time. The only concrete development plan is for a new version of Workbench before the end of the year. However, Gateway reiterated the fact that they were committed to bringing the Amiga back to the forefront of computing and proposed a three step plan to achieve this: 1. Support the existing Amiga community. 2. License the Amiga technology. 3. Develop newT standards for home computing and video. Yoffvegotafnmdin thebusinessT® The second step is seen as one of the most important for the continued success of the .Amiga as a platform and also as a set of open standards. Jim Taylor, Gateway’s Senior Vice President for Global Marketing stated: “We believe that Amiga can be one of the most important computer companies in the world." A visibly cheerful Petro Tvschtschenko then J welcomed all the attendees to the press conference and explained that .Amiga International would continue to be based in Germany, but a sales office would be opened in London. He also stated that .Amiga International w as looking for a Research and Development manager but said that R&D would not be conducted in-house, or at least not to start with.This means that a wider range of developers can be ‘employed’ to set new standards, and develop Workbench further.

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Document sans nom STILL ONLY £5.50 ¦ JULY 1997 ¦ ISSUE 99 Hfl 25.50 ¦ US $ 14.95 iCOND H ®1, 5S 1 - 650WW* UTPiwatcnals way to re-house your Amiga 3 JiiuiiJ 3I .iiiUiD US US 31l±J JuilS -S3JjifiLnii3J£3 9 771363 006008 ulure I PUBLISHING Your guarantee of value
* d( wvd Sciea r rtrrriT Q HOUSE, TROON WAY BUSINESS PARK, ___
* i !
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Including the full versions of Directory Opus 5.11, With 95 megs Utilities, 79 megs Documents, 408 megs Text Software, 12 megs Disk HD Tools, 7 megs Hardware related. 756 megs Pictures & Animations, 208 megs Graphics software, 394 megs Graphics & Sound Demos, 563 megs Games, 685 megs Music modules, 28 megs Music software, 131 megs Communications and more. Aminet Set 3, dated July 1996, consists of 4 gigabytes of software in 9,000 archives.
Including the full versions of Imagine 4.0, XiPaint 3.2. Octamed 5.0. The Amiga System Booster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb collection of tools to push the capabilities of the Amiga to the limits. Nearly all the fantastic utilities can be started by sim, direct from the compact disc.
I' ' ~ contents include a vast collection of screen blankers, commodities, backup, file management, cache programs to optimise system performance, data recovery, CD-ROM utilities, virus killers and a whole host more. Tkk Aminet Set 1 or 2, consist of 4 gigabytes of software in 12,000 archives. The software is on four compact discs. With Utilities, Documents, Text Software, Disk HD Tools, Hardware related, Pictures & Animations, Graphics software, Graphics & Sound Demos, Games, Music modules. Music software, Communications, Amiga Development software, Business software and more. All of the
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3 ilm Geek Gadgets contains virtually all of the tools you need to get started programming on the Amiga, including advanced C, C++, Fortran and ADA compilers, linker. EMACS editor, ke", source code control systems (res & cvs), text and file utilities, GNU debugger, text formatters (groff & TeX), and much more. Everything comes with complete source code and all binaries have been compiled from the supplied sources. All tools on the Geek Gadgets CD can be run directly from the CD- ROM, without the need to install any files on to your Hard Drive.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package. Enforcer.
Workbench 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 tools ana documents with the updated native developers kit, SANA II package and the installer package. Also included is a vast amount of info. A mmS p?Amdg & (sMhmdmis, The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete with the all with all the tools required to backup and rescue your precious data on hard drives.
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International Distributor: GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga@gtigermany.com Provides a filesystem for accessing your PC drives from the Amiga.
Our system will provide any WB program with access to any of your PC drives, including CD, Zip, Jazz and fixed hard drives. The PC acts as slave machine and can therefore not access the Amiga, however our kit contains all you need to access a PC from an Amiga. Simple Installation on both machines. The system is WB 2.04+ and Win95 compatible and the PC can perform other tasks simultaneously.
PLEASE ASK FOR THE FREE CD OR IT WILL NOT BE SHIPPED In-To-the-Net CD provides a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the connection program provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the CD contains all the tools required for both the beginner and expert, full instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents on the Internet and H H'W! The tools include AmiTCP, Mail, FTP, WWW and many more. In addition there is a section on VVH U page creation with
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Another trying month of ups and downs as Rlick Veitch struggles to grant your every wish... Make no mistake, it has been a very busy month. It began with me coming back from holiday and checking up on Mr Kennedy, who had been charged with the task of completing the very finest and most authoritative DIY tower feature ever, as we have been promising you for some time. A few swift beatings later, and the project was complete, as you can see for yourself on page 18.
I was pleased to discover that all sorts of other things had come in and been reviewed - the Apollo 4060, the cunning ProTel Teletext digitiser, Power Computing’s budget CD-ROM drives and a new version of Final Writer.
But before I could get comfortable and settled back into my chair, I was off to the Gateway press conference in London. You can read for yourself exacdy what happened on page 8, but I must say that the AF team are all pretty optimistic about the situation now.
And then on to the show itself. Well, it seemed to be great but I didn’t see all of it because I was besieged by you lot! Ben and myself answered literally hundreds of questions at our stand.
However, I must say a particular thankyou to Nathan Barry, and all the other lifesavers that provided me with some lubrication when I thought my throat was drying up. Well done.
Nick Veitch Editor INSTANT UPGRADE KIT TOWER POWER P18 The ever-ready John Kennedy warms up his soldering iron and dusts off his mecanno to bring you the definitive DIY Tower system.
POWER CD ROM P69 They're CD-ROM drives at an incredible price, from that nice Italian chap at Power Computing.
ARTEC A6000C VIEWSTATION P66 An A4 600 dpi scanner for less than £300? You'd better believe it... TESTAMENT P38 It's the first gold-rated game of the year and it's so addictive we've had to physically restrain Andy Smith from playing it all the time.
BEGINNERS GUIDE TUTORIAL P86 In response to all the snivelling, whimpering pleas we've received. I'm glad to announce the first installment in our beginners series.
AMIGA FORMAT JULY 1997 8 THE WAY AHEAD Gateway reveal plans at London press conference.
9 WOA REPORT The whos, the whats and the wherefores of WOA.
Virgin Amiga users - first off Workbench.
New accelerators and a new graphics card from PowerUp developers Phase5.
13 MYST HERE SOON... clickBOOM pledge their support for the Power Amiga.
SERIOUSLY ea AMIGA 62 DOPUS MAGELLAN A new version but is it any better? Ben Vost investigates.
88 DOPUS 5.5 Discover a whole new way of working with your Amiga.
Ben Vost kicks off with installation.
90 PPAINT Nick Veitch reveals the awesome power of Personal Paints brushes.
A jgMsfik.
t. mSm BHHI!
W I Sjgt£ .... 9SB3I 1 64 FINAL WRITER'97 Softwood claim this is the only package worthy of the title 'document publisher'. David Taylor finds out if they're right.
66 A6000C VIEWSTATION A new flatbed scanner at a great price.
69 POWER CD-ROM Two new CD-ROM drives that don't cost the earth.
67 APOLLO 4060 Jeff Ranasinghe speeds up his A4000.
70 PROTEL Decode and display teletext pages with this little white box from Harwoods.
55 PD SELECT Games galore plus two new art packages reviewed in this month's PD Select.
Wipeout, but for the Amiga. Find O WOKKBcNvXi out what we thought on page 55.
Genlocks and video work - it's all covered here.
80 AMIGA.NET The postman is dead! Everybody's doing email! Find out what the very latest programs have to offer.
94 ADVANCED AREXX Paul 'Daniels' Overaa works some more Arexx magic in his crypotology tutorial.
92 CINEMA4D 2 John Kennedy jazzes up his scenery using Cinema4D's Special Objects.
GULARS 73 LONGTERM Oliver Hodgson gives us his pro - Word worth 6.
74 CD-ROM ROUND-UP The latest CD-ROMs put to the test.
REVIEW views on the other mighty word 82 SUBSCRIPTIONS Don't miss our great new offer.
97 MAILBAG & GALLERY Q Drives - your findings. Plus all the great Gallery submissions.
& r .v»' Find out who won this month's Gallery prize on page 100.
18 John Kennedy discovers how to turn your Amiga into a skyscraping power house.
Ben Vost concludes with a glance forward at what else looms on the Amiga gaming horizon.
ULATIO 44 READER GAMES Eight new games written by you! Andy Smith gives them all a thorough going over and picks out a £50 winner.
49 GAMEBUSTERS The complete solution to Valhalla and the Fortress of Eve (well, the first part anyway) plus hints and tips for all the latest blockbusters.
ESS sc PLAY 36 PREVIEWS Andy Smith takes a long look at Cygnus-8 and decides that it looks very promising indeed.
GAME CONSOLES Simon Goodwin emulates a whole range of hand-held consoles and the Atari 2600.
40 SQUIBBLY SHIBBLY A new game from Miracle FX Productions.
Discover whether it's worth looking out for.
38 TESTAMENT Find out why this Doom clone was worthy of a Format Gold.
Coverdisks Pretium Get your finances in order with a useable demo of this new accounts package.
CD-ROMs :r - : = ; Over 640Mb of the latest Shareware and demos on AFCD15.
Plus a whole host of fonts, clipart and images on your second CD.
Phase 7 is a full commercial package, free with Amiga Format!
Road rage reaches the Amiga in Rush Hour. Plus Tetris with a difference in Wormtris.
Rush Hour What’s up?
The World of Amiga Comprehensive show report.
Phase5 PowerUp Expanded project and new accelerators.
Weirdness on the weh Strange goings-on in Net Corner.
Design your own animation.
Break their silence 16th May 1997, London: Gateway 2000 have commited themselves to supporting development of the Amiga as a computer platform. The announcement came at a press conference on the eve of London’s World of Amiga show in Hammersmith.
Among the changes, Amiga Technologies is now to be named Amiga International - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000, Inc. Unsurprisingly, Amiga International didn’t have details of new machines, or future directions for the operating system, because the company was only about two weeks old at the time. The only concrete development plan is for a new version of Workbench before the end of the year.
However, Gateway reiterated the fact that they were committed to bringing the Amiga back to the forefront of computing and proposed a three step plan to achieve this:
1. Support the existing Amiga community.
2. License the Amiga technology.
3. Develop newT standards for home computing and video.
Yoffvegotafnmdin thebusinessT® The second step is seen as one of the most important for the continued success of the .Amiga as a platform and also as a set of open standards.
Jim Taylor, Gateway’s Senior Vice President for Global Marketing stated: “We believe that Amiga can be one of the most important computer companies in the world." A visibly cheerful Petro Tvschtschenko then J welcomed all the attendees to the press conference and explained that .Amiga International would continue to be based in Germany, but a sales office would be opened in London. He also stated that .Amiga International w as looking for a Research and Development manager but said that R&D would not be conducted in-house, or at least not to start with.This means that a wider range of
developers can be ‘employed’ to set new standards, and develop Workbench further.
In a conversation with Gateway’s Stephen Johns (their director of corporate development), we asked why Gateway hadn't got involved in the first auction that took place in April 1995.
He replied that he had only just started working at Gateway when Ted Waitt had burst into his office holding a clipping and shouting “Why aren't we onto this?!
We should never be caught out like this again!". .And they weren’t.
Speaking to developers, dealers and former Amiga employees, it swiftly becomes apparent that everyone has confidence in Gateway, and this new found confidence was reflected at the World of .Amiga show that followed.
(fNc oooaooo p robte*rr))} Online by What a great show! That’s the Products emerging for the first time at verdict from all the people, both the show included Phase5’s PowerPC-based developers and public, Amiga accelerator cards. They were demonstrated Format spoke to during the World of Amiga showing fractal images generated in almost show and after it. The UK Amiga industry is real time by the monster PowerPC chips, now clamouring for a new show at the end with full-screen MPEG animations playing as of November this year to build on the a backdrop. Hardware seemed to be the success of this
one. Watchword for the weekend with Power 66 A 9rea* success, as usual. It was most encouraging to see crowds of Amiga enthusiasts (that was just round the bar!) And to hear the refreshingly realistic attitude of Gateway towards new developments. We'll be back. 99 David Link, HiSoft Systems marketing!
Computing, Gasteiner and HiSoft selling out of their stocks of external CD-ROM drives. Blittersoft also completely sold out ol Phase5 accelerator products and PicassoIV graphics cards on the first day.
Tower expansions were very much in evidence reflecting the mood of the moment, with more and more Amiga owners moving to Zorro. The Amiga International stand was fully kitted out with Micronik tower cased Amigas.
There was a new optimism in the air that stemmed from the .Amiga finally finding a home again. This was reflected in people being willing to invest money in their machines once more. There was nowhere you could look that wasn’t 66 The best show in the last five years. Long live the Amiga! 99 It was spot the celebrity time in the hotel bar who's that bloke with the beard?
Tony Ianiri, Power Computing Epic (above) had lots of competition entries and LH publishing (right) were showing off DrawStudio.
Greg Perry on hearing that we'd used our DOPus T-Shirts as dusters. Only kidding!
Visibly cheerful and gesticulating madly - Petro and Jim Taylor, Gateway's vice preesident for marketing, at the Press Conference 66 We were very pleased with the attendance at the show and would like to thank the entire Amiga community for their continuing support. We were able to meet with a number of people developing new hardware and software for the Amiga and we look forward to working with them to bring new products to market. We would also like to thank the organisers of the WOA and look forward to next year's show. 99 Stephen Johns, Gateway 2000 Continued overleaf 4 filled with people
with their arms full of new kit.
On the Saturday evening, a tentative developers' conference was organised by AmigaSoc and hosted by Kermit Woodall, who performed a similar function at the Gateway show in St. Louis earlier this year. Several suggestions were heard and conflict arose over whether to implement HTML as a replacement for AmigaGuide or not, but on the whole it was quite an AMIGAble affair, apart from a few people who wanted Gateway to provide the solution to everything, immediately. The stand was then taken by Ben Hutchings of in order to save duplication of effort and bring new standards to our platform. For
further details, visit AmigaSoc's website at: http: uk.amigasoc.org the .Amiga Developer Network at: http: www.amiga.org developer and the IC OA site at: the Jay Miner Society who presented the details for an independent industry body called the Industry Council Open Amiga initiative, otherwise known as IC OA. He called for developers to join IC OA http: www.znet.com ~colin icoa. Dan Petitt of Digita (above left) gets his picture in Amiga Format at last! The AF stand (centre) was busy giving advice and selling magazines, and the show was well attended (right).
Low cost delivery Tel: 0113 231 -9444 LARGE SHOWROOM WITH FREE PARKING AUTHORISED REPAIR CENTRE We offer a FREE quotation on your Amiga or any peripheral (monitors, printers etc). A delivery tariff of just £5.00 is charged or alternatively you can visit our showroom. We can also arrange a courier pickup at an additional cost of IOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK £"'°°
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99
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FIRST KIRKct COMPUTE* Al L RD CENTRE MIKE'S CARPETS Please allow 5 working days for rS cheque clearance. Prices are correct at the time of going to press. Please check our latest prices before ordering. All sales are subject to our standard terms & condidons(copyavailable upon c request). E&OE.
FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE E-Mail: sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk WEB: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk FAX:0113 231 -9191 BBS:0113 231 -1422
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Squirrel SCSl-ll Interface
* £79.99 “When bought with any modem or SCSI device £99.95 if
bought separate Octagon GVP SCSI Card £99.99
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ROM drives Panasonic X2x 2 Speed £24.99 Sanyo CRD254Vx 4 Speed
£89.99 Toshiba5701 xi2Speed £115.99 TeacXI6 xi6Speed £152.99
AI 200 4 MB RAM£75.99 AI 200 8 MB RAM£89.99 For 68882 33Mhz Co Processor Add Only £19.99 Amiga Magic Packs Includes, Wordworth V4SE, Datastore, Organiser, TurbocaJc 3.5, Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenics 1.2SE, Pinball Mania, Whizz & now also Directory Opus 4.12. A1200 - 2Mb Ram - No HD £299.99 A1200 - 6Mb Ram - 260Mb HD £429.99 A1200 - 68030EC 40Mhz - 10Mb Ram A1200 - 68040 25Mhz - 18Mb Ram - I. A1200 - 68040 40Mhz - 18Mb Ram - I. . All HD Versions Include Scala MM300. All 68040 £19.99 £29.99 £29.99 PRIMAA500 SI 2k RAM noclock PRIMA A500+ I Mb RAM PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM no clock lltra 4 Speed IDE
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Inc. 250watt PSU MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £20.99 8
Mb 72 Pin SIMM £41.99 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £79.99 32 Mb 72 pin
SIMM £137.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £10.99 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £29.99
256by4DRAM(DILs) (each)£4.99 Part exchange available on your
old memory, Call for pricing.
Amiga T echnologies SCSI CD ROM First Starter Pack
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Peripherals, eg Monitors, Printers & Memory etc Call for
2nd User Bargains Available Totally re-furbished Units with a minimum 3 month warranty for sale, also all your Spares Repairs catered for Accelerator Cards Blizzard 1230-50 £139.99 Blizzard 1260-50 £399.99 SCSI Module £89.99 (New!! 200Mhz Card...Cali) SCSI Enclosures Single Case£49.99 Dual Case£l 19.99 Mini Tower Case £37.99 Desktop Case £45.99 Fulltower Case £77.99 PRIMA 2XSpeed Only.... £6 9.99
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2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Mega Mouse+400 dpi (
3 button) £12.99 Mega Mouse 400 dpi (2 button) £11.49 Amiga
Mouse 560dpi (3 button) £12.99 Quality Mousemat (4mm) £3.99
Golden Image AM ST Trackball £17.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers (8
watts channel) £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers (16 watts channel)
£57.99 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 (for use in A600) £24.99 CIA 8520A
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II_£ 12.99
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI
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Interface£45.00 12 Month Warranty.
] Roboshift Auto Switch (Mouse Joystick Auto Changer) £9.99 Amiga External drive£44.99 A I 200 600 internal drive£39.99 A500 500+lnternaldrive£39.99,
3. 5" Hard Drive Install Kit £ 19.99 Includes set up software,
cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
[Amiga Modulator lAmiga PSU £34.99’ £29.991 Delivery £1.50 per _ - CD ROM Software Miscellaneous Software Modems 1078 Weird Textures £12.99 l7Bit& LSD Vol. 1 2 3 £17.99 17Bit 5th Dimension £ 17.99 3000 JPEG Textures £12.99 3D Images Objects £8.99 AGA Experience I NFA £12.99 AGA Experience 2 NFA £12.99 AGA Toolkit 97 £8.99 Amiga Desktop Video 2 £12.99 Amiga Developers CD £ 12.99 Amiga Repair Kit £39.99 AmiNet 13 14 15 16 17 18 £12.99 AmiNetSet 1 2 £23.99 AmiNet Set 3 4 £26.99 Arcade Classics Plus £12.99 Artworx £8.99 Assassins CD Vol. 3 £17.99 C64 Sensations v2 £16.99 Card Games CD £12.99 Dem
Rom £12.99 Demo Collection v I £5.99 Emulators Unlimited £17.99 Encounters £12.99 Epic Collection 3 £ 17.99 Epic Int. Encyclopedia 97 £25.99 Euro CD v I £12.99 Gamers Delight 2 £28.99 Geek Gadgets £17.99 GIF Sensations 2 £17.99 Giga Graphics 4 £28.99 Golden Demos £17.99 Graphics Sensations I £17.99 Guinness Disc of Rec. £17.99 Horror Sensations (18) £17.99 Hottest 6 £17.99 Into-the-Net £17.99 Illusions In 3D £17.99 Insight Dinosaurs £4.99 Kara Collection £29.99 Learning Curve £17.99 Light ROM 4 £24.99 Light ROM Gold £17.99 LSD Compendiium 3 £ 17.99 Magic Publisher £39.99 Magic WB Enhancer
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Booster £ 17.99 The Spectrum CD 96 £ 16.99 The Personal Suite £ 17.99 Utilities 2 (PDSoft) £17.99 Utilities Experience £13.99 Weird Sc. AMOS PD £16.99 Weird Sc. Clip Art £8.99 Weird Sc. UPD Gold £17.99 Workbench Add-Ons £20.99 World Info 95 £17.99 Women Of The WEB £20.99 | X-CD £24.99 Zoom 2 £18.99 E3MT“ Heavy Duty PSU £59.99
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PRIMA V34+ Fax Modem ice Performance ate®Class 1 Fax CE approved.
£89.99 It Amiga N-comm Software :ax Modem £49.99 00 Modem -24.99 Amazing Pri
• 33.6 Baud R
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V22Bis 2400 96 (Amiga SurfWare bundle when purchased
witl ai iodem Amiga SurfWare Software Pack The complete
software suit for all your Modem needs.
• Net Software ®Web Browser
• E-mail •IRC....Only IQ QQ 30 Days free Internet trial, fci I
7,7 r GP Fax Software..only £44.99 Full Send and Receive Fax
Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data Modem.
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5M.£6.99 10M.C8.99 I5M.£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor £6.99 FREEH Prima Shareware CD-ROM with every order of CD-ROM software over £20 Printers Flatbed Scanners Consumables Ribbons Citizen Swift ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour Star LC90 mono ribbon Star LC 10 100 mono Star LC 10 100 colour Star LC240c colour Star LC240c mono Star LC240 mono Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons Ink Cartridges Canon BJ 10 Star SJ48 £17.99 Canon BJ200 230 £18.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £12.99 Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) £10.99 Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) £17.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) £16.99
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Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 Cables We carry a massive range of Amiga & Generic cables always in stock, Custom cables can usually be delivered within 2 days, from your order.
M HEWLETT PACKARD CITIZEN COMPUTER PrfNTERS HP340 Colour Portable £179.99 Full Colour, 600x300 dpi Mono, 300x300dpi Col.
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Paper ABC Colour printer £119.99 Simple (as easy as ABC) to use 24 pin printer.
Comes as standard with 50 sheet Auto sheet feeder. Tractorfeed optional at £34.99 Citizen Projet-llc £ I 29.99 Colour Inkjet, 300x300 dpi, 70 sheet ASF Citizen Printiva 600c £369.99 600 dpi colour, I 200 dpi mono printer, Use's New Advanced Micro Dry print Technology.
Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets Single sheet 500 sheets Single sheet 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets £6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £13.99 £9.99 £10.99 Studio 2 New version 2.14b "If you want to get the best possible results from your printer, get a copy of Studio".
£49.99 or £44.y9 when purchased with a Printer.
TurboPrint 5 £49.99 Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack
H. Packard Glossy paper | High quality Inkjet Paper (500)
pack(10) READER ADS ARE COMING Amiga Format is interested in
running reader ads. If you are looking for a particular piece
of software or hardware, you have a user group you want to
publicise or you want to sell an expansion you no longer use,
why not send your ad (in no more than 20 words please) to the
following address: Reader Ads Amiga Format 30 Monmouth St.
Bath BA1 2BW NEW DESKJET Hewlett Packard are launching their
latest in the colour DeskJet series of printers - the HP
DJ670C for just £190 including VAT.
The 670C uses all the latest advances in inkjet technology and can print up to 4 mono pages per minute, or
1. 5 for colour. Its resolution in mono is an extremely
professional 600dpi while colour is at a respectable
600x300dpi. For more details contact Hewlett Packard on 0990
Net Corner CHRISTMAS SHOW Precision Events have announced the 1997 Christmas Computer Show to be held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre between the 5- 7th December this year.
With over 200 exhibitors (might we see Amiga International there?) And an expected attendance of more than 15,000 visitors, it looks like it’ll be busy. For more details contact Nav Mann or Julian Fisher on 0181 568 8374.
HAMA MOVE HOUSE Hama have moved to the following address: Hama PVAC Ltd Unit 4 Cherrywood Chineham Business Park Basingstoke Hants RG24 8WF phase 5 Phaseo have announced expanded plans for their PowerUp project. In addition to the original CyberStorm-based project, Phaseo will now also be launching a series of A1200 PowerPC accelerators and one for the A1500 A2000. As well as these new models, all of Phase5’s PowerPC accelerators will also come with SCSI on board, a first for Phase5 who normally like to charge extra.
The new accelerators should start hitting the streets by the time you read this, with the Blizzard 603e expected to sell for £299.99. This Have you ever wondered where you can get a rubber chicken mail-order? There are all sorts of places on the web which will entertain, amuse and then separate you from your cash. You can buy a wide variety of strange things there if you look hard.
Not quite so strange at first glance is SBEs seed catalogue www.seedman.com which will sell various seeds mail order all over the world. Except that is, for the strange seeds they sell - I mean. Blue Corn (as originally cultivated by the Navajo indians), Burpless cucumber, Loufa plants and 5" giant peppers. Of course, you can still get the usual rabbit repellent powder, Deerfly (?)
Patches and various "normal" stuff here too.
Still, if that isn't quite strange enough for you, how about buying board will come with a socket for a 68030, rated up to 50MHz, which you will be able to remove from your existing accelerator and fit to your new PowerPC accelerator. It will also take up to 64Mb RAM.
For owners of ’040 or ’060-based accelerators, the Blizzard 603e+ will have a socket suitable for your existing processor and should cost around £399.99. For owners of A3000s and A4000s, the CyberStorm PPC will come in a variety of speeds, the most expensive of which (the 200MHz 604e capable of a blistering 350 MIPS) should retail for about £699. The Blizzard 2604 for the A2000 will sell for £729. If you are an existing Blizzard or CyberStorm owner, all the new PowerPC products will be available at an upgrade price.
Even more interestingly, Phase5 have also announced a new graphics card which will plug directly into the PowerPC accelerators, particularly important for A2000 owners who have weapons of war? Fancy a nice BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle? Then look no further than Kurganmashzavod's site www.conveyor.com kurgan. which has a wide range of such vehicles for sale, some of which can be adapted to civilian purposes.
If you fancy something made in the good old UK, can we suggest that you pay a visit to the Vickers site www.vickers.co.uk which has a host of Challenger and Vickers tanks on offer, and even some 32m support bridge vehicles.
Of course, it's all very well having the hardware, but you need to be properly kitted out first. May we also recommend the Ultimate Weapons Systems page www.uws.com. This contains, among other things, a range of cut-resistant gloves, all available in tactical black.
Slow Zorro access. The CyberVision PPC will use the PERMEDIA chipset for superfast 3D performance, moving as many as 42 million textured pixels per second with Z-buffering, gouraud shading and OpenGL power.
For more details on all these products, call any of Phase5’s main dealers in this country: Harwoods 01773 836781, Blittersoft 01908 261466 or White Knight Technology on 01920 822321.
But enough of weapons. If you fancy getting your hands on a real pinball table or arcade machine, try the Worldwide Distributors site If you don't have £1000 to spend, perhaps the more mundane mousemat mug-type Internet shop would be more your scene. Is your life complete without a "you can find me on the internet" mug?
Www.webscope.com cybermugs homepag
e. html. What about an amusing "panic" button for your keyboard
www.sonic.net nutz or a T-shirt with your own email address
emblazoned on it www.multicom.org ct index.htm. That's about
it this month...what?
The rubber chicken? Oh, Okay, check out Archie McPhee's www.mcphee.com. werUp too II PXL computers and clickBOOM are proud to announce a cooperation with Phase5 Digital Products on making games for Power Amiga.
“We strongly believe that the future for the Amiga computer lies in PowerPC processor”, said Alexander Petrovic, PXL and clickBOOM producer. “Furthermore, we believe Phase5 is, and will continue to be, the Amiga hardware leader. Therefore, we have selected Power .Amiga as our future platform of choice."
Appropriately enough, the first ever Power Amiga game will be Myst from clickBOOM. It is a perfect opportunity for Myst and PowerUp accelerators to appear at the same time. Following Myst, other forthcoming clickBOOM “killer games” will be fully optimised for the PowerPC chip, as well.
Phase5 Digital Products highly appreciates the development of Myst for the PowerUp accelerators and the plans of clickBOOM to add PowerUp support to more titles in the future.
“We are happy to see how7 clickBOOM has realised all their ambitious projects in the past”, said Wolf Dietrich of Phase5. “.And we are excited that their new projects will be targeted for the PowerUp accelerators.” “Beside all the demanding creativity' software that we expect to come for the PowerUp boards, it’s good to see pow'erful games with real thrill also coming soon. What would such a powerhorse .Amiga be without some breathtaking amusement? Still fast, but less fun... It’s really impressive to see that clickBOOM is in the front line of visionary development for a new performance
dimension,” he said.
Support for Power Amigas will have several distinct advantages:
1. It will give users a valid reason to upgrade as soon as
PowerPC boards become available.
2. New clickBOOM games written for Power Amiga will be
breathtaking and a serious competition to the games on other
platforms. This, in return, will make the rest of the industry
look very positively on the Amiga market.
3. Impressive CPU power will allow clickBOOM a technical freedom
to convert any big game from other platforms to the Power
1 (-) Aminet 18 2 (D Aminet Set 4 3 (-) Amiga CD 5-6 97 4 (-) Amiga Format CD 13 5
(2) Aminet 17 6 (-) Tele-Info Vol. 2 7
(5) Aminet Set 3 8
(4) Meeting Pearls 4 9
(3) Amiga Format CD 12 10
(13) Aminet Set 1 11
(10) Aminet Set 2 12
(18) Scala Plug-In 13
(12) Amiga Developer CD v1.1 14
(25) Amiga Tools 6 15
(36) Eric Schwartz CD 16
(8) Amiga Format CD 11 17
(9) AGA Toolkit 97 18
(31) Mod Anthology 19
(7) Aminet 16 20
(5) Amiga CD 3-4 97 The exact timeline of clickBOOM Power Amiga
releases is still to be decided. Currently, dickBOOM's
strategy can be outlined in two steps:
1. Starting with Myst, a couple of forthcoming projects will
support both 680x0 and the PowerPC chip.
2. ClickBOOM will use this transitional period to work on a first
Power Amiga-only "killer" game.
After its release, all the following games will be Power Amiga-only.
For the Power .Amiga to ultimately succeed both companies obviously need your support and input. For information about the future strategy of clickBOOM visit their web site at www.clickboom.com and feel free to contact them at info@clickboom.com graduates with computer science degrees are almost certain of at least obtaining an interview for vacant positions. In some cases they may even command a salary premium over their male counterparts.
The role of a Producer, a comparatively new position, is attracting more and more females who, according to legend, have better organisational skills than males. As for graphic artists, around one third are female.
Of course, there is also sales and marketing. Many of the industry’s most successful Marketing Managers are female and a good sales person, of either sex, should never have difficulty in gaining employment.
One or two women have risen through the S & M ranks to end up running the company, so sales and marketing, particularly for the outgoing personality, can be a good route to success.
None of this means there is any overt sexism taking place however, and that it’s enough to turn up for an interview looking pretty. Females have to be suitably qualified. But when even Cosmopolitan magazine lists computer games design as ‘one of the 25 hottest careers for women’ (March 1997 issue) perhaps the computer industry is at last losing the stigma of being entirely populated with sad, acne’d nerds. Now, where’s that wig and C++ tutorial?
Dale’s looking forward to the summer when he can frolick in the fields like the little lamb he really is. The opinions expressed here are his, and not necessarily those of the all- powerful Amiga Format.
If life made any sense, I’d be the last, or certainly the penultimate, person anyone should ask for advice on careers. My own progress through the last decade has had as much sense of direction and purpose as, well, certain owners of the Amiga. Nevertheless, I was recently asked to step in as a last minute replacement speaker to address a group of young girls on the subject of a career in the computer industry. Happily, for all concerned, I wasn’t actually needed as it turned out, but during an 'exhaustive programme of research’ made in preparation for the event, some rather interesting
statistics were unearthed and, in the best Green tradition, I thought it might be appropriate to recycle them here, for the benefit of young female AF readers, rather than see them ploughed into that great landfill site in the sky for unused material.
If you’re female and wishing to embark on a career in the computer industry, something you might like to consider is programming. Perhaps not the most obvious, but certainly one where suitably-skilled female applicants are much in demand. Few publishers and developers like an ail-male office and females add a cultural balance and bring different ideas and perspectives to a project. For this reason, plus the fact that female coders are comparatively few in number (less than 1%, according to one recruitment agency), female Lil AMIGA SUPERSTAR 90% Marco Vigelius and Dale Hemenway, both
readers of Amiga Format and animation program author and animator respectively, have a competition for you. Send them your animations, which have to have been ADVENTURE Rs more and more studios, B e Cosgrove-Hal, turn to computers for animation pasiting, cels such as tlw become rare. I hope you mi agree that the; is a prize ujd morth entering for.
So uJtat are you uiaitrig for V Get to ujork !
Let's shorn mhat the Rmiga can do !
Created on an Amiga in the last twelve months, and you could win an animation cel from Cosgrove Hall's version of "The BFG". The closing date for the competition is November 1st this year and you can find out more details by contacting Dale at the following email address: dalemation@enterprise.net, or snail mail at: Dalemation,18 Sneyd Hall Road,Bloxwich,Walsall, West Mids. WS3 2NP BUY OUR 100TH ISSUE Competitions! We will have hundreds, nay thousands of pounds worth of prizes for our readers Reviews! We will be looking at Surface Effectors, 5Gb hard drives and Olympus MO drives, Modems, A Web
III and more Features! History of Amiga Format, reader stories, emulation _ Tutorials! Beginners' Guide, Dopus tutorial, all you ever wanted to know about the Internet or booed by our editor Workbench! Your problems solved and answered CD-ROM! Not one but two super soaraway Cds on our 100th issue!
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a) Use PCMCIA port for total external solution without opening up
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harming your Amiga.
Use Internal IDE port with AlfaDuo if you have
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I ZTz UTILITIES Welcome to part one of our Phase giveaway. EMC’s compilation Cds have long been regarded as some of the best available, with their high production values, quality content and ease of use.
On this CD you will find, among other things, a host of fonts in various formats including Workbench standard Compugraphic, and Adobe Type 1 formats, which can be used by a number of 3D rendering programs, TypeSmith (given away on AF87) as well as many DTP programs.
There is also a wealth of images (many in 16-colour, 256-colour and HAM formats) and some tremendously useful clipart (in both IFF and EPS formats) to use in your own projects and publications.
We are very pleased to offer you Phase 1 as an exclusive extra CD on this issue of AT, and look forward to bringing you Phase 2 next month. Although you will find later versions of almost all the utilities on this CD or Aminet, there are some which haven't been bettered, and hey, even old utilities are better than no utilities at all.
For a start there is Drawmap - a versatile world map viewer, the indispensible Magic Menu, and the rather useful Toolalias.
Get with the program - Nick Veitch unveils phase one of our extra CD giveaway plan... To help you get the most out of the CD, there are also a number of picture viewers which can handle all the different formats found on the CD and there are a couple of font viewers.
There is even a demo version of Pagestream 2 here, so you can try out all the goodies in your own DTP design. Have fun.
There are hundreds of top quality fonts on this CD - probably more than you will ever be able to install on your hard drive. That's why it is very fortunate for you that EMC have included previews of all the fonts on the CD, so you can see exactly what the it looks like before you try to install it.
abcdefghijklmnopqrstn Fonts, fonts and more fonts. Fortunately
each one has a preview screen (above) so you know what it looks
like before you use it. You must follow the instructions to
install the Compugraphic fonts on your version of Workbench.
The Clipfonts (left) are for use in paint packages such as
WHAT'S IMAGES There are loads of images on this CD which you can just enjoy looking at, or use for your own nefarious purposes.
The images themselves come in a variety of categories, from animals to trains, and many are also available in a range of convenient formats from 16-colour to HAM mode screens.
To make it easier to find the picture you want, each format drawer also has a complete thumbnail index of all the pictures contained within - useful even if you have a file manager program like Dopus, as you can then pick out the images you really want to look at, or use.
Bear in mind that many of the images on this CD may be copyrighted material - if you are going to use them for any commercial purpose, you must contact the original artists and get their permission.
There are a wide variety of images for all tastes, including some useful backdrop pictures.
Clipart is distinct from standard images because, in the most part, it is designed to be used in conjunction with text to enhance the look of a document or explain or illustrate something related to the main text.
You will find Lja a that the clipart '5', included on this CD covers a wide JhlJ range of subjects and v has a wealth of A potential uses, from ¦ j brightening up your f letters and disk H labels to illustrating v reports and projects. I There are three
X. main types of a jSjv clipart included on this CD - IFF, Si
colour IFF and EPS. The two IFF 1 1 formats can be used with
just about
* any standard Amiga software, including programs like Wordworth,
Final Writer and even Personal Paint.
The EPS format, which . Stands for Encapsulated [T ] PostScript, is designed for mjCy ) use with DTP systems which will be output to film j or to a PostScript printer. These images are supplied in a PC V standard form, which is compatible with DTP software and also the software which any output bureau is likely to use.
PARNET NETWORKING AND FINALLY If you are using a CD-ROM drive which is actually a CDTV, or on another Amiga which is networked up to your main machine, you will be relieved to know that this CD contains all the software necessary to get a Parnet connection up and running. Full instructions on how to get this working are included in the Parnet drawer |p 1 nniMwniMMm". Imre on the CD. Note _________ I ______I that you will need HIWORK | NETWORK | iHOJ| a proper Parnet cable to network two Amigas together.
MSTAU HUES This CD has been compiled to the highest standards, and thoroughly checked at every stage of development. It is highly unlikely that any of the files or the CD itself is defective but if you have difficulty using any of the files on this CD, please check out the copious documentation on the disc before sending the CD back or ringing up Amiga Format.
If it turns out that there is a media defect (i.e. the CD itself is damaged, which should be clearly visible), please return it to: PC Wise Ltd • Dowlais Top Business Park • Dowlais • Merthyr Tydfil • Mid Glamorgan • South Wales C48 2YY.
And if you enjoyed this CD, why not check out Phase 2, given away with issue 100 of Amiga Format.
BUILD YOUR OWN Build your own Tower of Power and show your PC-owning friends just what a monster of a machine you have.
Everything you should know about building a Tower Amiga from an A1200. John Kennedy has facts, figures and a few wise words.
He Amiga A1200 was one of the best Amiga computers designed. With an excellent AGA chipset, great expandability and all the standard Amiga features in one neat, desktop unit it offered great value for monev.
Times change though, and now Amiga owners want more. They want large, fast hard drives, CD-ROM drives, removable disk drives. .Amiga owners want to be able to expand beyond the limitations of the trapdoor and add graphics cards and Ethernet cards. It’s time to shake off the games console image and create a new .Amiga. An Amiga which can sit proudly next to any PC, and still maintain the features which make it a world beater.
You won’t find the definition of a Tower .Amiga in any dictionary, but there are three recognisable stages in converting an Amiga into a Tower.
Stage 1 Drive bay and Power Supply An Amiga expanded in this way keeps the A1200 intact but makes use of a lead to connect it to a mini Tower case.
Inside the case is a power supply and several drive bays. These bays are suitable for 3.5” hard drives and CD- ROM drives, and there is the possibility of using either SCSI or IDE. SCSI is the simplest method as it is designed to connect separate external boxes together. For example, a Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA interface can carry the necessary signals into the mini-Tower case where they are connected to an internal chain consisting of SCSI hard drives and SCSI CD-ROM drives. It’s also possible to add SCSI Zip and Jaz drives. An IDE system is cheaper, and it Re-housed Amiga As well as providing
power and bays for various disk drives, a Class 2 system incorporates the Amiga itself into the unit. This requires a full tower case as no other sty le of case is large enough to house the A1200’s circuit board. A successful conversion will contain the A1200, any peripherals, and provide access to all the necessary Amiga connections (monitor, serial, parallel, mouse, audio etc.). This system also requires an external keyboard: either an .Amiga keyboard re-housed or an A2000 or A4000 keyboard adapted, or a PC keyboard connected via a suitable interface. It’s important that access to the
trapdoor and PCMCIA slots are not hampered.
Stage 3 Re-housed A miga until Zorro slots This is the ultimate expansion for an A1200. As well as offering space for drives, the Amiga is also able to accept cards which were previously only of use to “Big Box” Amigas such as the A4000, A3000 and A2000. By providing a new daughterboard, the .Amiga can make use of graphics cards and, via a PC bridge-board card such as the Golden- Gate2, it can even use low-cost Ethernet cards. This is the Holy Grail for .Amiga expansion fanatics and it’s now easier than ever before to carry out such a metamorphosis - even for DIY fans.
There are several variations on these themes. The Siamese system for example, manages to link an .Amiga to a PC, enabling the two machines to share disk drives and closely linking the operating systems. It's even possible to build hybrid machines which feature both systems in the same box, or design “Twin Tower" beasts.
All these stages assume that the donor Amiga is an A1200 model, although A4000 Tower conversions are also possible. The A4000 Tower cases offer little more than some extra expansion slots and some more (and larger) drive bays. Typically, an A4000 after a Tower conversion will have two video slots (instead of one) and five ZorroIII slots. The number of drive bays will have been increased and enlarged compared to the pitifully small 5.25" bay in the existing desktop case. Some kits make use k of the A4000’s existing power supply, others Continued overleaf BUILD YOUR OWN WHY BOTHER?
First of all, why even think about transforming your Amiga from it’s
• CD-ROM drives Having the huge data potential of a CD PASS THE
PORTS carefully designed, nicely portable unit?
Commodore obviously spent time and money squeezing everything into one case, so what is to be gained by ripping it all apart and re-housing it in a huge, hulking PC case?
Practically all PC style cases feature a PSU unit, which provides more power than a standard Amiga PSU. This makes it ideal for safely powering heavily expanded systems with lots of peripherals and hard drives. Many problems are caused by overloading the Amiga A1200’s puny supply: even a modestly expanded system, consisting of an accelerator card and hard drive, can sometimes have problems. With the typical 250W PSETs inside a PC case, power is no longer a problem. These PSUs also have a straight-through connection for link to a monitor: this means when you switch on the computer the monitor
powers up at the same time. Obviously this isn’t a major breakthrough but it’s useful and saves on the number of 13A plugs connected to the wall socket.
PortPlus Jr is easy to fit to the set of expansion pins on the A1200's motherboard, and provides a speedy extra serial port.
In order to use a floppy disk which has a suitable front l panel, Eyetech provide this ¦l adaptor board which i allows a standard drive mechanism to be fitted.
An IDE buffer board is essential to avoid overloading the A1200's internal IDE port when adding extra devices. This one provides support for up to four.
ROM on tap is irresistible. Aminet Cds and Amiga Format coverdiscs are the only two reasons you need for getting a CD-ROM drive. Traditionally, fitting a CD-ROM to an Amiga 1200 meant using a rather expensive SCSI mechanism housed in a suitable case with PSU and a SCSI interface.
With a Tower case, it becomes more practical to fit a cheaper ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive mechanism, and use the A1200's existing IDE interface to drive it. Suitable software is excellent value for money and will do anything a SCSI drive could, but for less.
W hen you have a lot of empty drive bays, it makes sense to make use of them. Remov able disk systems such as the Zip, Jaz and SyQuest units can offer you unlimited drive space on relatively cheap cartridges. They are even fast enough to replace hard drives - just imagine having multiple systems all set up and configured by booting from different cartridges.
The A1200 was designed to accept a single 2.5” IDE hard drive. This size of hard drive is expensive, and not particularly fast. Many A1200 owners have opted for a 3.5” mechanism instead. Although obviously larger, these drives have the advantage of low- cost, higher capacity and the ability to use two drives at once via a Master Slave agreement.
The Eyetech Tower uses a specially modified case which allows an A1200 to be fitted easily and securely. This is definitely one of the easiest solutions to building your own computer.
There are some problems in fitting
3. 5” drives into a vanilla A1200. If the drive isn’t very slim,
it won’t fit and you will have to remove or cut the metal
shielding. Larger drives will cause the case to bulge, and it
is impossible to fit a second drive internally. The larger
drives also have a different powder requirement to the 2.5”
mechanisms, and so an extra 12 volt line has to be found
(usually by tapping into the floppy supply).
All of these problems are solved by mounting the drives in a Tower, and a PC case comes with lots of ventilation and a ready to use power supply.
The biggest single advance in AI200 peripherals has been the development of Zorro card adaptors. This makes it possible to add graphics cards and other goodies.
If you have spent a lot of time and money building up your A1200 system, it can be hard to justify scrapping it and starting all over again. Now you don’t have to - an Amiga 1200 can be expanded to use high speed high resolution graphics, Ethernet cards and even ISDN terminal adaptors. There’s no reason why you can’t keep your Amiga state-of-the-art.
Drive bays Zip drive Floppy drive A1200 board Zorro slots In order to fit an external keyboard you'll need an adaptor card like this. It passes a ribbon cable into the motherboard connector, and presents a standard external 5-pin connector at the rear of the case.
Here's the Eyetech Tower system, which places all but the keyboard and top casing of the A1200 into the case.
The PSU has been removed in this image.
Building your own Amiga Tower system is not an easy undertaking and before you even start you must understand what is involved. You will need a degree of intelligence, dexterity and some experience with electrical wiring! If you are ham fisted and don’t know a ground signal from a 12 volt line, please don’t attempt this - gel someone else to do it for you!
That said, there are a growing number of conversion kits which mean that it has never been easier to convert your Amiga into your dream machine.
You still need to be happy taking your A1200 apart, but anyone with a little patience and a set of basic tools should be able to perform the task without major mishap.
• Housing the A1200 The is the core problem, and once you have
this licked everything else will fall into shape. The new case
for the Amiga is based around a PC style Tower case.
These are available for under £100 and always come with a beefy power supply and tonnes of space for disk drives.
The problem is that they are designed to accept PC motherboards, not Amiga 1200s. Whilst PC motherboards have a standard shape and standard positions for mounting holes, the A1200 is totally different.
Unfortunately PC case design varies widely between different manufacturers and so it’s not possible to give explicit instructions.
This is the stage when you will have to rely upon your own ingenuity. You will need to find a way to mount the .Amiga’s circuit board firmly and without risk of short-circuiting. It might "The new case for the Amiga is based around a PC style Tower case."
Be possible to use the plastic spacers to mount the motherboard to the PC’s casing, or even superglue small blocks of wood or plastic. Drilling holes in the steel casing is not fun. And if you decide to take this route your best bet is to visit "There's no reason why you can't keep your Amiga state-of-the-art.
a local metalwork shop. Mark the new' holes in felt-tip and pay a
• Style You can’t overlook the fact that an Amiga in a Tower a
separate keyboard is like totally kool. At last it looks like a
‘real’ computer, shaking off the games machine image. Your
friends will be amazed at this easy-to-use, powerful,
video-friendly ‘PC’, with an operating system which can run
rings around their Windows MS-DOS systems.
Professional a few quid to drill them properly Attempting to do it with an ordinary hand-held drill is dangerous and not recommended.
W hen deciding upon the position of the motherboard, try to make it possible to get access to all the standard ports: you do not want to finish building the case and then discover there is nowhere to fit your Squirrel PCMCIA interface. If you plan on making use of a Zorro card adaptor, remember to allow' space for expansion cards to line up with the slots in the back of the PC case.
TOOLS Performing your Tower conversion will require some basic tools, depending on the complexity of your approach. Buy a ready made kit, and you can get away with using a screwdriver. Opt for the full DIY option, and you'll need soldering kit metal cutters, pliers and a multimeter to test voltages.
If you can’t work out how to bring the rear of the A1200 to the back of the PC case in order make its mouse, parallel serial and video ports available, don’t panic. You will see pre-punched holes (maybe with the centres still in place) in the back of the case, and these are designed to accept the 25 and 9-way D-Sockets. A visit to Maplins or other electronic supply shop will provide you with suitable plugs, sockets and ribbon cable to connect the .Amiga’s ports to new sockets mounted at the rear of the case.
Remember to add two phono sockets for the audio output.
.All this sounds like hard work, and believe me, it certainly is. One of the best solutions I’ve discovered is to use a pre-adapted case from Eye tech.
This is a standard PC Tower case, which has been adapted to accept an Amiga A1200 with minimal fuss. The entire A1200, minus top cover, is slotted into the case which means that trapdoor, PCMCIA and all the ports at the rear are readily accessible.
J Even better, the price of this Tower isn’t a great deal more than you would pav for a standard PC case, so save vourself a great deal of hassle and consider this option strongly. Blittersoft also advertise their Infinitiv system w hich consists of a specially designed case: obviously this is the simplest solution of all, as you will only need to drop your .Amiga’s motherboard into the specially designed tray. The Inifinitiv system Continued overleaf BUILD YOUR OWN includes all manner of peripherals to make Towering up the A1200 straightforward, including keyboard, PCMCIA and power
POWER The PC's PSU will have at least two power connectors, and one of them will look like this (two black, a blue, a yellow, a red, and an orange). This connector needs to be grafted to the Amiga power supply plug, and the easiest way is to snip off the connector, bare the wires and use an ordinary terminal block. Once again, check the voltages with a meter before performing this operation: the best way is to bare the remaining cable from the Amiga's own power supply and check the voltages associated with each lead. Then check the voltages coming from the PC's PSU and mate the relevant wires.
Remember not to let the bare wires touch - connect them to the terminal adaptor whilst you are testing them. There will be a metal sheath from the Amiga's power connector, which should be connected to the metal chassis of the Tower case.
• Adapting the The PSU inside a PC case does not come terminated
in the same style of connector as the Amiga’s external PSU.
The Amiga power connector is unique and you won’t find one in any Maplin's catalogue or Tandys.
It is theoretically possible to mount the external power supply inside the new case, but this is not recommended for the following reasons: The Amiga PSU is designed to sit outside a case. Build it inside a metal casing and it may well overheat there is no cooling fan built in to the Amiga PSU.
Taking the Amiga PSU apart to mount it is not a good idea. The PSU is encased in plastic, and if you remove this you expose the mains voltages which can easily toast you, your Amiga and probably go on to burn your house down. Don’t even think about it.
However, there will also be a pair of connectors which are designed to connect direcdy to the PC’s motherboard. These connectors carry the +12, +5 and -12 volt supplies which you must connect to the Amiga. It is essential that you get the 5, 12, -5 and ground signals the right way around to avoid economically catastrophic accidents. Try and borrow a multimeter to measure the voltages and doublecheck your work.
One of the reasons for putting the Amiga in a Towrer in the first place is to replace the Amiga’s struggling power supply with the beefier PC unit To adapt the PC PSU you will need to be extremely careful. You will notice that the PSU has a large number of leads coming from it. Many of these will be standard connectors for attaching to floppy drives and hard disks - these are totally standard and can be connected to your drives without alteration.
"These DC voltages will not kill or maim you if you touch the bare wires."
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS These DC voltages will not kill or maim you if you touch the bare wires - unlike the mains voltages present inside the PSU and entering it via the mains lead - but they will damage your Amiga if connected the wrong way round.
Don’t let the bare wires touch each other or the metal casing - they may cause sparks, damaging the Amiga or the PSU itself.
Connecting the PC pow'er cables to your Amiga can be done in one of two ways. You can either chop the end off your existing Amiga powder supply (or an old A600 A500) and join the wires together, preferably using one of those w’hite plastic screw terminal blocks used for wiring up car electrics. Alternatively, you can dispense with chopping up the Amiga PSU and connect the power to a suitable location on the Amiga - for example, the floppy disk port. This will let you introduce the 5, +12 and ground signals, but you’ll also need the -12 line, and this can only be inserted into the existing
powder supply socket.
Warning! Failure to take the proper safety precautions can lead to damage to your Amiga, and injury to yourself!
Neither the author nor Amiga Format can take responsibility if you decide to convert your A1200 and break it or hurt yourself.
• Never take a power supply unit apart. There are AC voltages
inside which can kill you instantly.
• Be careful when handling Tower cases. They invariably have
razor-sharp edges inside which can slice your skin off.
(I can show you the scars if you don't believe me!)
• Always test the DC voltages before connecting them to your
Amiga. If you mix up the 5, +12, -12 and ground lines then you
can damage your Amiga beyond repair. Remove all peripherals
when testing so that you don't destroy them too!
• Make sure your Tower case is properly earthed. If possible, get
a trained electrician to confirm that there is a suitable earth
connection between the power supply and the metal casing. This
is usually in the form of a thick green wire leading from the
PSU, and attached to the metal chassis of the case.
CONNECTOR The easiest way to provide power to the Tower Amiga is to use the existing Amiga power supply.
However, if you want to use the PC's own PSU you'll need to perform a bit of DIY. Please, please, please check the voltages yourself using a multimeter, as the colour of wires from Amiga Power Connectors have been known to vary. We cannot take responsibility if you damage your Amiga following these plans.
Looking into the Amiga's unique power connector, you'll find pins for 5v, +12v, -12v and ground. Sever the plug with at least 30cm of cable, and strip the ends. We'll connect this to the suitable output from the PC.
Mill r-'-
• _ The very best wav to work out w’hich J V wire supplies which
voltage is to measure them yourself with a multimeter. This has
twro benefits: it means that if I’ve made a mistake in the
following diagram, then you won’t care because you’ll have done
it properly yourself. Secondly, it means that no matter wiiat
colours your particular Amiga or PC wires are, you’ll have the
right connections.
However, if you want to trust me, the Power boxout shows the necessary colours and connections required to mate an Amiga with a PC PSU.
• Fitting an external keyboard With the Amiga safely installed
inside the case, you’ll nouce that you now’ need a new
keyboard. The A1200 keyboard is connected to the main circuit
board by means of a thin green ribbon cable. It is not possible
to extend this cable, and so some other method is required.
There are several possibilities. If you are a happy hardware hacker, there are some excellent notes on Aminet which contain all the details you need to make a few alterations to the A1200 to allow an A2000 or CDTV keyboard to be used. These keyboards come already cased and so are ideally suited. They do rely on you being able to track down an A2000 or CDTV keyboard though, which can be tricky.
From the front, the Tower looks like any other computer (although one with an internal Zip drive). Even the LEDs on the front panel work: all you need to do is connect them to the wires which are soldered to the LEDs fitted to the A1200's keyboard.
CONCLUSION There has never been a better time to roll your sleeves up, switch on the soldering iron and convert your A1200 into the ultimate Amiga. With all the parts you need (keyboard, IDE and floppy disk adaptors) readily available, there’s no excuse.
You have a choice of designing and building your own unique system based on a PC Tower case, or using one of the excellent kits from Eyetech or Blittersoft. Which ever route you decide to take, your Amiga will be more powerful than ever before! otherwise, consider the cost of replacing your A1200 if it goes Wtong.
In order to safely connect multiple IDE devices, a buffer card is required. A suitable card is available from Eyetech, and this will also make it possible to connect 3.5” hard drives or CD-ROM drives. In fact, the buffer card has two full IDE interfaces, wTiich makes it possible to connect up to four hard drives which wrould be enough for most users. Golden Image sell the AlfaQuatro card which performs a similar job.
• Floppy Drives The .Amiga’s internal floppy disk can be removed
and relocated in the new' towrer case, and any external floppy
drives can also be re-housed. The only snag is that the
internal floppy drive doesn’t have a standard front panel and
can look rather sad sitting with its internals showing. You can
buy a new7 floppy drive which does have a front panel (Eyetech
again) or buy a CatWeasel card from Blittersoft. The CatWeasel
allows standard PC high density floppy drives to be used, and
so will save you money and allow you to fit more onto vour
Although the A1200 has an IDE integral interface, it is not designed for use with cables longer than about 30cm, neither can it cope happily with more than one device. Trying to over-stretch it in this way could very well damage the interface itself, and possibly the Amiga’s processor as well. The signals need to be buffered to allow longer cables and multiple devices. Although reports of various experiments may prove If you prefer a bought solution, there are several to choose from.
Eyetech sell keyboard adpators, and these will let you connect a cheap (or expensive if you prefer) PC'style keyboard to the A1200. This is a good soludon, and lets you plug in the keyboard at the back of the tower case, just like a “real” PC.
• Adding IDE devffes As your .Amiga is now clearly in the process
of being totally transformed, you might as well take this
opportunity to enhance it even more. Increasing the speed of
the serial ports is a boon to modem users, especially with
33.6K and 56K modems arriving.
Eyetech’s “PortPlus” connects to the Amiga motherboard, and terminates in a standard 25-way serial connector.
Hisoft’s “Whippet” connects to the PCMCIA slot for similar results: both are perfect for cheap networking as well as modem use.
If you are using a SCSI system to interface with drives, the Siamese PC networking system will be easy to fit - in a large Tower case you can actually fit both the Amiga and PC motherboards, meaning you can have one box which is an Amgia, a PC and an Apple (via emulation) all in one.
As you know, the A1200 offers mem on and processor expansion possibilities via its trapdoor slot. However, the really cool Amiga hardware is based on Zorro cards, and these slot into special sockets which are part of the Big Box Amigas.
How7 can these cards be used on an Amiga A1200?
Zorro cards require Zorro slots, and that means a new daughterboard which is connected to the A1200 trapdoor connector. The Blittersoft Infmitiv system includes a specially designed card to achieve exactly this, and even 7 throws in some ISA and PCI sockets for good measure. Eyetech have a similar system, suitable for fitting to adapted PC Tower cases. Both these solutions open the door to Zorro cards, and that means faster graphics, flicker fixers, internal modems, memory expansions and odier wonderful cards. Hopefully, more Zorro compatible lb will and make more available.
EYETECH ® 01642 713185 email: eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk Web: www.eyetech.co.uk -eyetech Eyetech supply various components designed to make converting your Amiga as easy as possible. They also stock components suitable for the DIY fanatic.
Adapted Tower case = £119.95 Keyboard adaptor = £39.95 IDE Buffer kit = £39.95 Zorro slot adaptor = £179.95 PortPlus serial card = £99.95 PortPlus jnr = £49.95 BLITTERSOFT ® 01908 261446 email: sales@blittersoft.com Web: www.blittersoft.com Blittersoft supply the Infinitiv Tower case expansion system for the A1200, and the CatWeasel PC floppy drive adaptor.
Infinitive Tower 8r keyboard adaptor = £159.95 PCMCIA adaptor = £24.95 Zorro slot adaptor = £189.95 GOLDEN IMAGE ® 0181 900 9291 Web: v ww.reserve.co. u k gold Golden Image sell hard drives, CD-ROM drives and the AlfaQuatro IDE card.
AlfaQuatro IDE card = £59.95 HISOFT ® 01525 718181 Web: www.hisoft.co.uk HiSoft specialise in PCMCIA peripherals, including the Squirrel Classic and Surf Squirrel SCSI interfaces.
Surf Squirrel = £99.95 Squirrel Classic = £54.95 Whippet = £49.95 STOCKISTS Harwoods... always the Fastest Amiga Boards and NOW Mor Amigas too!
POWER PC TECHNOLOGY, POWER PC SPEED and POWER PC PERFORMANCE FOR YOUR AMIGA A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000 or A4000 from Harwoods; : AMIGA™ GOES POWERPC™ POWER UP YOUR AMIGA... A further dimension is being added to Amigas with our new PowerPC based BLIZZARD POWER BOARDS for A1200, A1200 based Tower Systems and A1500 2000 systems along with the new CYBERSTORM PPC for A3000I4000 systems.
You'll now be able to benefit from performance many times beyond the speed of the fastest 680x0 based boards.
Designed as upgrades for existing systems, Power Boards incorporate innovative dual processor technology where a fast PowerPC RISC processor is combined with a 68k CPU, dynAMIGAlly sharing memory and system busses.
While the onginal AmigaOS 3.x continues to run on the 68K CPU, supporting existing applications to provide backward compatibility, the PowerPC CPU is backed by comprehensive PPC Libraries which provide the functionality to integrate PowerPC into an Amiga multitasking environment.
Software developers can easily optimise their programs, step by step, porting single tasks to PowerPC code, which then run in parallel with 68k tasks.
Leading Amiga software vendors are preparing ported or optimised versions of their software packages already. It is anticipated that a large quantity of software products supporting the PowerPC will be available soon.
Power Boards will be delivered with a comprehensive suite of utilities, including the PPC library, as well as tools for creative users. Among them is a Public Domain GNU C compiler for PowerPC (including sourcecode), many demo programs and utilities with sourcecode. In addition to this software, free developer support is available via FTP site.
Last but not least, a PowerPC optimised version of CyberGraphX V3 with RISC optimised CyberGL 3D plus MPEG functions and libraries is included (along with a special GGX driver to support the AGA chipset) with full and comprehensive documentation.
Ranbeexpanded .... I jjr TO A FULL 68060 P KM jlklfM .llB Bf AMIGA 68040erc AND 68060 ACCELERATORS Wmf 64-Bit ENGINE A2000 3000 4000 a Series) 3D VERSION 24-Bit COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD.
For all Zorro-3 and Tower System A 1200s with Zorro II backplanes 1 jl The core of this great board is the VIRGE GRAPHICS CHIP from S3. With 3D capabilities, it's able to process complex 3D functions m haroware.teg. shaded & textured surfaces) with Trilmear Filtering and Shading Fogging for super realistic Real Time 3D Rendering. When used with CyberGraphX 3D library, Cybervision 64 3D can even offer a broad range of 3D facilities for any software developer. I CyberVISION 64 3D... 4Mb Version £169-95 I MPEG Decoder - added to the Feature Connector to provide real time MPEG audio and video
decoding ¦ at.id size custom screens or, in Workbench window (HQ display using 16 24Bit modes from CyberGraphX C Workbench’. Stereo audio output is provided via the supplied dedicated line output jack. Upgrade to a Cybervtsior 64 3D and MPEG bundle (from previous Cybervsion 54) for a special low pnce! £149-95 Monitor Switcher - with integrated scan line doubler. Designed to fit into the Amiga slot, this gives fii automat e switchover from the standard Amiga signal to Cybervision 64 3D's output. W&jj Bothcards may be fitted inside A30Q0 4000 models leaving three Zorro-lll skits free. £79-95 n
You can choose between the 6804Q 43erc Cyberstorm II or the ultra powerful 68060 version When you Wf fit a Cyberstorm II68060 Accelerator to YOUR A300G, A3000T, A4000 or A4000T you can for example, , P| render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in just 2.4 minutes! Compare that with 10.34 minutes on A P a standard A4000 040 25! With no jumpers, both Cyberstorm II models are fully plug and play and, fP I A4000 users even have the option of a SCSI-2 Module if they wish (A30Q0s already have SCSI built in.l. Ka
• Up to 128Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you can even
transfer the 72Pin JjHfl SIMMs from your Amiga A400Q straight
onto your new Cyberstorm. --sasl
• Optional SCSI-2 Module
• If your budget currently only covers the cost of Cyberstorm
II68040ERC, you can & j always upgrade later to the full 68060
processor for the extra power! 'vjgg jV Cyberstorm II68040 40
40MHz 68040ERC-0Mb, Expandable to 128Mb £ Cyberstorm II68060 50
50MHz 68060-0Mb, Expancapie to 128Mb £ Cyberstorm II SCSI-2
Module Cyberstorm II SIMM RAM Expansions (HeasecaB fefa range
of SIMM prices!
Blizzard o03e Blizzard 603e+ Blizzard 2604 Cyberstorm PowerBoard PowerBoard PowerBoard PPC 2040ERC TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD 1240T ERC TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD 603e 175MHz 603e 604e 604e 200MHz 150-200MHZ 150-200MHz PowerPC CPU Clock Speed A1200T* TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU for *TOWER SYSTEMS Am f 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128 256Mb EXPANDED TO A FULL 68060 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted. L A super LOW COST A1200 TurbC’ Accelerator Board, ideal for housing on any ’Tower System i: AT200 main board (mechanical dimensions, high power consumption and heat
emission require an active cooling cap, we therefore do NOT recommend fitting to standard A1200s without the appropriate modifications etc.). The 'ERC* Processors used on these boards are recycled and vigorously tested 68040CPUs ; operating at 40MHz with MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative Available options such as the SCSI-IV Krt ana RAM am shared with the Blizzard 1230-IV and 1260.
Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo 40MHz68040 and MMU FPU, 0Mb 32Brt Fast RAM, exp. To 128056Mb £199 95 A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
The Blizzard 2040ERC is a super LOW COST board which offers A1500 2000 ownerc the opportunity to upgrade to the same performance as the Blizzard 1240T ERC Board. Use5 will then be able to enjoy full A4000 04G power as well as take advantage of the buOt in SCSI-2 interface. Tne 'ERC* Processors used on these boards are recydec- and vigorously tested 68040 CPUs operating at 4GMHz with MMU FPU - excellent guaranteed competitively priced alternative r j Blizzard 2040ERC Turbo I 40MHz 68040 and MMU FPU, 0Mb 32Bit Fast RAM, exp. To 128Mb £299-95 68030 68040 68060 68040 68060 68040 68060 50MHz
25-50MHZ 25-50MHz 25-50MHz Companion Est. PPC Performance §175MHz @ 200MHz §200MHz @200MHz MIPS Approx. 250* Approx. 280* Approx, 350* Approx. 350' SpecFP95 Approx. 3.1 Approx. 3.5 Approx. 7.1 Approx. 7.1 Memory Option Max. 64Mb Max. 64Mb Max. 128Mb Max. 128Mb SIMM Sockets 114 4 LOWER CAN BE EXPANDED TO A FULL 68060 Fast Sam Fast SCSI-II Ultra Wide Ultra Wide SCSI On Board Amiga Compatibility A1200(+D A1200(+T) A1500 2000 A3000 40006T) Est. Availability Summer '97 Summer '97 Summer '97 Summer '97 EASY TRAPDOOR INSTALLATION... No modification necessary.
Reliable low heat output.
1260 TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU 50MHz 68060 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 64 192Mb
38. 71 MIPS with single sided 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
Offers Amiga A1200 owners FULL 68060 POWER with a board that simply plugs into the trapdoor slot. Your A1200 will then operate at TWICE or even THREE TIMES THE SPEED of an '040Wd I M| upgrade and up to FIVE TIMES THE SPEED of a standard A4000! Available options such as the SCSi-IV Kit and RAM are shared with the Blizzard 1230-iV and 1260. ' Blizzard 1260 Turbo 50MHz 68060 and MMU FPU, 0Mb 32Bit Fast SAM, exp. To 64 192Mb £349-95 A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU 50MHz 68060 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128Mb
38. 71 MIPS with 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted.
Offers Amiga A1500 2000 owners the same specification as the remarkable Blizzard 1260 Turbo (A1500 2000s will operate at up to FIVE TIMES THE SPEED of a standard A400Q) with FULL 68060 POWER and also includes built tfi SCSI-2 interface!
Blizzard 2060 Turbo 50MHz 58060 and MMU FPU with SCSI-2, Cmb 326rt Fast RAM, exp to 128Mb £499-95 Blizzard 603e Power Board - A1200(+t) The new Blizzard 603e Power Board is an inexpensive Power Up Accelerator for A1200 system owners who already have a board with a socketed full 50MHz 68030+MMU processor (these CPUs have a gold finish to the top surface) eg.50MHz Blizzard 1230-11, III, IV or similar. Featuring a 175MHz PowerPC 603e RISC CPU, the board has a socket for the 50MHz 68030, expansion capabilities of up to 64Mb high speed memory and built in SCSI-II controller.
JkV Imagine the performance from your A1200 with this low cost board!
LOWER PRICE' easy trapdoor , 'Nonecessary'00 A1200 TURBO ACCElStOR and MMU A heat output. 50MHz 68030 *0Mb Stan®C expandable to 128 256Mb Jf T"- 9.91 MIPS wWj second SIMM fitted. Y The highest performing 68030 Accelerator ava.labfe for your A1200. With its 50MHz 68030 and MMU, the 1230-IV offers BETTER PERFORMANCE at a LOWER PRICE- With a Syslnfo rating of 9.91 (using a 60 '• n s SIMM) you can see the 12304V ts vefy fast... a performance gan of up to 500% is achieved' Via its Fast ' Expansion Bus, an optional SC SI-2 Controller module can easily be fitted. An industry standard SIMM socket
provides ; for up to 128Mb of auto-configuring 32Bit Fast RAM (up to 255Mb with the SCSI-2 option using its extra JIMM socket).
Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo SOMHz 68030 andMMU, 0Mb 328it Fast RAM, exp. To !2&'256Mb JHBB £9‘- Fast 60 Nanosecond SIMM RAM Expansions-32Bit,72Pih Motorola Maths Co-Processor - 68882 PGA type FPU. 50MHz £4S Blizzard 603e+ Power Board - A1200(+t) The Blizzard 603e+ Power Board is the highest spec Power Up Accelerator for A1200 systems. Featuring a 200MHz PowerPC 603e RISC CPU, the board has a socket for a companion 68040 or 68060 CPU, expansion capabilities up to 64Mb of high speed memory and built in SCSI-II controller. This board is ideally suited to those owners who already use an accelerator
with either a 68040 or 68060 CPU 'Sa siie. Blizzard 1240terc or Blizzard 1260 owners or their equivalents) L If you want the BEST from YOUR Amiga A1200 - this is it!
Blizzard and Crbestorm produce use MOTOROLA 680X0 and PowerPC series proas*vs They run WITHIN the electrical timing speafkawm laid down by .Motorola to prevent any possible ovetkatBig'reiial.'ility probkms. So.
When you pay lor 3 ViMHz CPI for essnpfc, dats esadf whs v«i get not a , 33 « even a 25MHz CPC ‘docked’ lo WtHz1 Lode out for ihe MOTOROLA MOTIVATED logo - your guarantee of ow coromitinem I V to quality and reliability - BEWARE or "docketf CPU' T ERC and ERC processors used on selected J ;jfj ixaf& are recycled and vigorously tested 680 CPIs operating at MHz - an excrfteffl guaranteed an ly ‘ cofflpetitivdy priced alternative.
What the Magazines think,.. I Blizzard products have consistently achieved the highest magazine accolades and awards!
Amiga Shopper ‘..1260 is destined to become the ultimate object of desire for A1200 owners’- 91% STAR BIT Award Amiga Computing ‘-If mu u anl the fastest Amiga in the iorid. Get this board'- 92% BUT CHIP Rating Amiga Format . Rule on the fastest A1200 ni ibe'ioritL ‘ -95% GOLD Rating Blizzard 2604 Power Board - A1500 2000 If you own either an A1500 o' A2000 you can now take advantage of PowerPC technology with this 604e CPU RISC based board which has a socket for a companion 68040 or 68060 CPU, expansion capabilities up to 128Mb of high speed 64-Bit memory, built in Ultra-Wide SCSI controller
and a high performance expansion slot for expansions such as the CyberVision PPC. This board is ideal for owners of accelerators with 68040 or 68060 processors such as the Blizzard 2040 or Blizzard 2060 owners (or their equivalents), k kV- Want the BEST from YOUR Amiga A!50012000? - Look no further!
SCSI-2 MODULE for 1230-IV, 1240t erc & 1260, & ADDITlOf (Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - upto lOMtVs transfer rates with additional SIMM Blizzard SCSI-IV Kit 1230-IV, 1240T ERC and 1260 FEATURES May be disabled with simple keystroke on boot up - for full games compatibility, even badly programmed cl
• Battery backed self re-charge Real Time Clock. • High
performance expansion with full 32Bit wit
• Easy trapdoor installation - no modifications required
(1240T ERC fits in Tower!
• 1230-IV features PGA FPU socket allowing optional 50MHz 68882
FPU CyberStorm PPC Board - A3000 4000(+t) CyberStorm PPC is the
ultimate accelerator for Amiga 3000[T], 4000[T] and systems
with compatible CPU slots, offer blistenng 604e performance -
more than 10 times faster than any 68k based accelerator on
sale today! Available with dock speeds of 150,180 and 200MHz,
the companion socket for the 68k processor accepts either a
68040 or 68060 CPU. The board provides 64-bit wide extremely
fast memory expansion using pairs of standard SIMMs,
dynAMIGAlly shared by the two CPUs. Additionally, CyberStorm
PPC comes with a DMA driven Wide ULTRA SCSI controller on board
offering transfer rates of up to 40Mb sec for even the most
demanding of professional applications. A 32Bit high speed
expansion connector, with DMA access to the main memory, is
also provided for later upgradeability.
The 200MHz version of the CyberStorm PPC provides performance of more than 350 MIPS or approximately 8.1 SPECint95 and 7.1 SPECfp95*„.
Breathtaking speed that goes far beyond that offered by most PC systems.
In the second half of the year, an advanced graphics board will become available for the CyberStorm PPC expansion slot, providing a subset of the innovative CAIPIRINHA custom chip. By having a stand alone version of the DLRP (Display List Rise Processor), this board will offer superior display r capabilities through higher VRAM-based resolutions, pixel depths and vCrfu sPeec*s'as we ft the potential to begin developing software supporting the functionality of the forthcoming A BOX system.
PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Options with or without 68k CPUs will allow users to fit the CPU from their existing accelerator. Special pnees will be available to both BLIZZARD and CYBERSTORM board users. Delivery of Power Boards is scheduled for Summer 1997 following finalisation of CE approvals. Call now for full details.
’Quoted performance figures are estimations based on specifications from Motorola IBM and are relevant to the PowerPC processor only.
'Registered Blizzard and CyberStorm users' upgrade prices assuming use of processor from users' own board. Owners of other makes of board or those who don't already have an appropriate CPU - please call for prices.
Comparative MIPS performance figures measured using Syslnfo.
Each board had the appropriate SIMM fitted which is required to fully activate the accelerators speed.
? Std A500 600 1500 2000 0.55 0 "2 nw Standard A1200 1.33 Please note: Memory, SIMM and FPU prices may change without warning due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
A1200 with 1230-IV A1200 with 1260. 060 & 4Mb A1500 000 with 2060. ‘060 & 4Mb A40G0 with Cvberstorm. '060 & 4Mb THE PERFORMANCE OF OUR NEW POWER UP BOARDS WITH POWER PC PROCESSORS!
[nwIqwerTric computers ¦ Harwood computers The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals.
This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too! And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results... Real Time, after time.
Take a signal from TV with SCART output Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your ra-xc'tJf SCAR’oj:p„t sate :c"est; .CRoa.c' standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours. | !1111 'n1111 SslJ : - •- - preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there’s no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphic package. ProGrab really does i make it that simple! Use either Satellite signals or VCR output of TV or Video, including S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus...
• Supports all recent Amigas and is also fully AGA Chipset
compatible • Software has built in mono You can render images
in any Workbench screen mode resolution and colour animation
facilitie including HAMS mode (Amiga RAM permitting).
Number of frames is dependant on Amiga RAM
• Saves and Loads images in IFF ILBM, IFF ILBM24, JPEG, BMP, PCX,
• Release 2.6.x software now includes... and TARGA file
formats. ProGmo saves animations as AnimS files Additional
Teletext Facilities - with either terrestrial or satellite and
animations with sound ' requires PCMCIA interface and separate
TV signals.
Sound sampler, as AnmS + 8SVX files. A range of image processing Larger Preview Window - double resolution and four times area effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods of previous ProGrab software.
Are featured in ProGrab Version 2.6.x. Photogenic fully supports International Support - now compatible with composite PAL, ProGrab with a custom 'Loader1 to enable grabs directly from within SECAM and NTSC - straight from the box.
The program - the direct input method will save YOU more time Larger Preview Window - double resolution and four times area when handling large images. JBjp of previous ProGrab software.
ProGrab™ 24RT Plus costs just £99 95 E I and is supplied with just about everything you'll need*... | ProGrab™ 24RT Plus Digitiser Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software Ml Mains Power Supply Unit Jr Parallel Port Connecting Cable WM • User Manual Input sockets for Composite and S-VHS.
* A w eo source cabla required to match your own equipment -
ask us for details.
§§F * Standard ProGrab hardware is PAUSECAMINTSC compatible Interlace mode options are :jff __ available with PAL & SECAM only.
isF ProGrab supports any Arhiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later and a minimum of 1.5Mb free RAM.
Jfab images with your Camcorder including S-VHS Stereo Sound Samplers PCMCIA Interface-A600 1200 Two high quality 8-Bit Sound Samplers, specifically designed for use with our ProGrab 24RT digitisers, are available (PCMCIA Interface ProGrab's optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for serious or professional users - offenng the following benefits...
• Faster downloading times (up to FIVE times quicker)
• Improved animation speeds of up to 11fps (mono) and 3.5fps
• Saving of animations direct to your Amiga's hard drive
• Freeing of your Amiga's parallel port for use by a printer or
other penpheral
• Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler required, see right) PCMCIA Interface [ £29s _
•reqIJ!recj) ¦H I The Hi-Fi version 1 features the same 30MHz
A D convertor Jyfglp 1 used in the ProGrab, Kf? Is maximum
frequency Jhsssp is therefore only ¦ 1 limited by the Amiga's
It also has a higher band width (40Hz to 20KHz) than our standard sampler.
Standard Stereo Sampler E1995 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24-95 Camcorder User commented.. If you're looking for a high resolution 24 bit digitiser then, at Ibis price. ProGrab 24RT represents great value for money ProGrabn - Voted as The Best Video Hardware product for the Amiga. Especially pleasing because the auard comes from Amiga Shopper magazines readers.. Satisfied Customers!
ProGrab11' - Amiga Format 93% Gold Rating and comments like. ProGrab 24RT Plus is quite simply the digitiser to get ’ ‘Incredible value for money - no other digitiser offers so much for so little'and “Offers far more features than any other digitiser near the same price" ProGrab1* - Amiga Shopper 95% STAR Bus- and remark like... Sharp, crisp and faithful to the original colours, ue uere mightily impressed atul.. Highly Recommended. 'Xlxther you are a Videographer ora Graphic Artist, look to the ProGrab 24RT Plus. Its a winner' Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler - Amiga Shopper 92% STAR Buy. April 199".
CU Amiga said ProGrab™ is..;just the job for beginners and semi-professionals on a light budget and. “very bard to beat. For the money nothing can touch it' A61 to CHESTERFIELD PHONE GH... We welcome all major credit debit cards with NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES.
ORDERING BY POST OR FAX... to MATLOCK Please mdude your Name. Address and preferably daytime and or evening phone or fax number wtth your requirements. If using your debit credit card mctude its number and valid from expiry dates (also issue number with Switch cards). Please make cheques iakrw 7 days clearance), Drafts or P.O.S payable to... Gordon Harwood Computers Limited A38 DERBY 8, BIRMINGHAM GH PRICES... All UK and EC customers - VAT is included at the standard rate of 17.5% to all pnees.
UK overseas Armed Forces Personnel may be exempt VAT - please ask for details.
DELIVERY... We offer prompt shipment with fully insured express delivery options throughout the UK, Europe and Woridwde at a modest cost. If ordering by mail, please call to confirm the appropriate delivery charges.
AN EASY DRIVE FROM MOST AREAS, We're open Monday to Saturday
9. 00am until 5.00pm... GH WARRANTY... Manufacturers' standard
warranties apply or, ask about GH's comprehensive extended
options which are always recommended fix professional users to
minimise costly down time - details available on request.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT and are shown for personal users only. Business users please ask for VAT Exclusive prices.
ProTel™ Terrestrial Satellite Teletext Decoders__ Amiga or PC add ons tor grabbing terrestrial or satellite TV Teletext pages which don't need a dedicated Teletext TV Video to operate... _ required signal is simply the output taken from a standard VCR or a TV that provides a suitable video out signal. Once information has been downloaded, ProTel allows you to view pages instantly.. no more waiting whilst your TV searches! Jf ProTel™ fof Amiga Stand aipn? Unit designed to your Amiga I allq hg files to be Sported as ASCII Text ¦for use in your word processor or saved as IFF graphics for DTP
ProTel™ Amiga Teletext Decoder £44-95 ProTel™ for PC jk ?'0*c PC 'eietex- Decoder - internal ISA PC card
• Friendly software W
• Capture speeds of 1000 pages in 2 mins
• Background tasking • Easy configuration
• Save page flies (ASCII, BMP, ProTel formats)
• Native 32Bit Windows '95 application
• Requires 386DX PC and 8Mb RAM (12Mb Rec.), Windows '95 3.1 or
Workgroup 3.11, VGA display. Mouse and 1 free 8 16Bit ISA slot
• PAL and SECAM ProTel™ PC Teletext Decoder £29-95 ALFRETON TOWN
Petrol to RIPLEY If you prefer, you can collect your Amiga
goods from us... The Best of Both Worlds Amiga users have the
best of both worlds with Softwood's new Final Writer 97.
Building upon what is widely accepted as the best word processor for the Amiga, Softwood has added easy to use, trouble free desktop publishing functionality to Final Writer. With new Final Writer 97 it is possible to create just about any document you can imagine - quickly, easily and without frustrating program errors.
Final Writer 97 was born out of the necessity for a powerful, bug-free, simple to use way for Amiga owners to create newsletters, brochures and forms in addition to documents normally created in a WP. As you will see, Final Writer 97 does this and more. Over the years Final Wnter has matured from the first Amiga word processor to offer outline fonts (originally known as Final Copy) to now the first word processor on any computer to offer both word processing and a rich set of desktop publishing capabilities.
New Features Can you use the new features in Final Writer 97? Consider how you use a typical word processor. First, you begin entering text at the top of page one. As you enter more text it must be added to text you've already entered. With the exception of small text blocks in some word processors, you can't normally enter text anywhere on your page Now consider what you can do with a desktop publishing program In a desktop publishing program you can enter text anywhere on a page and continue that text on any other page. You've seen this technique used in newspapers and magazines where a
feature or article starts on page 1 and is continued on page 5. You've also seen columns of different widths on the same page as well as headlines that span more than one column and multiple lines. All of these layouts can be created using the new Text Frames feature.
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GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPTMMffl* NEW STREET ALFRETON • DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Tel: 01773 836781 FAX: 01773 831040 p-mail- infn@nhr rn nk ifiTz PART 10 EMULATORS Simon Goodwin tests the fast- advancing range of Amiga game console emulators.
AFCD15: IN THE MAG Emulators Games consoles are a _ real hotbed of .Amiga emulation effort, with a dozen in the works and several new ones released this year. You now have a choice of emulators for Sega Master Systems, Game Boy and Game Gear portables, and one for Atari 2600 consoles.
The star programmers in this arena are Marat Fayzullin and Juan Gomez, responsible between them for five of the seven emulators featured this month.
Their approaches are very different.
Marat writes in C on workstations, and relies on other programmers to convert and optimise his code for the CONSOLATION The first home game console was the Odyssey 100, designed in the 1960s and launched by Magnavox in 1972. It used screen overlays on a basic TV display, with extra circuits rather than ROM in its plug-in cartridges. It sold a respectable but undramatic 85,000 units.
Soon California arcade suppliers Atari arrived, with micro-processor- I based 2600 game systems. Drawing from their extensive arcade s 1 experience, Atari’s cut-down systems bridged the gap between the i earliest ‘telly tennis' units and true Mt. home computers.
The key to the console market was the use of plug-in cartridges, containing software for a particular games to plug in, was sold as cheaply as possible, with Atari making money on cartridge and controller sales - joysticks, paddles and later trackerballs all made their way from the arcade to the living room carpet.
V2600 There’s only one emulator for old Atari console software - V2600, by Alex Hornbv, Freeware with C source code J 7 and a Unix feel. The V stands for Virtual
2600. The latest .Amiga version is 0.7, but 0.81 runs under Amiga
Initial case-dependent command options select NTSC or PAL display in a screen or a window, and keyboard, joystick or mouse control (emulating a Amiga. This makes him very prolific, with GameBoy, NES, Coleco, MSX and Sega emulators to his credit - although not all of these have been ported to the .Amiga. Emulators based on Marat’s work are system-friendly, compatible and slow.
The AmiGameBoy graphic shows the Amiga key positions.
Juan Gomez, by contrast, is a ‘real' .Amiga programmer. Having cut his teeth on MSX2 (compared with Marat's fMSXin AF93) he had a fast, hardware banging engine for emulating eight-bit Zilog and Texas chips. In quick time he’s produced Game Gear, GameBoy and Master System emulators which S3 J make impressive use of the Amiga, with few rough edges. I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing games on his emulators; you will be too, as long as you’ve got some fast memory and a 32- bit Amiga.
MSX2 had some CPU compatibility problems and Juan’s new emulators start by asking you whether you’ve got a 68040 or 68060. They really ought to be able to read this from ATTN_FLAGS in ExecBase. I needed to skip my user- startup to run either on the Cyberstorm 68060, but had no problems on the 68040 Warp Engine. Juan’s emulators are efficient and run well on a 68030, but suspend multitasking.
Game. Once plugged into a compatible console, the game appeared immediately on the screen - impressive when earlier consoles were hard-wired for particular games, and microcomputer games had to be laboriously and erratically loaded from cassette.
BATS AND A BALL Inside the 2600 was just 128 bytes of RAM, provision for up to 8k of ROM (typically 2k) and a cut-down 6502 processor.
The custom chips are roughly half an Atari 800 set, with two and a half sprites (bats and a ball) and two sound channels. There’s no DMA chip, equivalent to ANTIC or DENISE, so every dot on the screen C3 C3 S3 must be generated on the fly by the processor - like a colour ZX-81.
At first, resolution was little better than on hardwired games units, with big, rectangular pixels. But this ensured compatibility with any TV and reduced the need for expensive RAM in the console.
The console itself, useless without paddle). Two controllers are emulated and may be swapped. Sound includes tones but not random noise.
The graphics are horribly low in resolution, but that's not the emulator's fault. It’s slow and cryptic, but it works.
If you’re a secret 2600 fan with a turbo Amiga, V2600 will hit the spot, but others will find it crude in every sense.
PLACES TO GO, THINGS TO SEE Emulators on Aminet http: src.doc.ic.ac.uk aminet utii emu History of Home video games http: yvww.sponsor.net ~Qchance Y's game and emulator page http: wvwv.srf.usc.edu ~hNftifVQame.html Amiga V2600 home page html Home Page of Marat Fayzullin http: www.freefiiQht.com fms Usenet game discussion comp.emulators.game-consoles Usenet emulator news recgames.video.dassic Atari lost its way when its founder Nolan 'Pong' Bushnell sold out to Warner Brothers. US sales collapsed in 1984, and Japanese companies that had previously made a living developing real arcade games
- ironically, often for Atari hardware - spotted the potential of the market and launched new systems with improved graphics and sound.
- Keyboard - CB32 J. , liM'j &£ Dei = Select Green = Select Help
= Start Yellow - Start Left flit = B Button Red = B Button Left
feiiga 5 ft Button Blue = ft Button Space Bar = 8 Button Reward
= B Button Left Shift = ft Button Forward = fi Button
- ftoiga Joystick - e M Fire = ft Button (Keyboard is always
- Standard Joypad Continue Most console emulators make good use
of CD32 and Sega joypads.
The first of these Japanese consoles, Nintendo's Entertainment Svstem (NES) was cheap and crude, with character-mapped graphics re-generated line by line, but easy to use if not to program. It was a massive success in Japan, then the USA, and finally worldwide. Rivals Sega introduced the Master System, technically superior but Nintendo CAMEBQY™ still based on a display of square symbols or ‘tiles’.
The Master System resembles home computers like the MSX range, or the British-designed Memotech MTX and Tatung Einstein micros. It’s based on a Z80 processor, with a variant of the Texas Instruments graphics controller used in those micros and the US- designed TI 99 4 and Coleco home machines.
GAMEBOY Nintendo followed up their NES with a tiny pocket games machine, similar to previous one-game LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) units but designed to run the lucrative plug-in cartridges. This product, the GameBoy, proves playability and long batten life is more important than graphical sophistication, in the hand-held market.
The cartridges were cheap to make, and profitable, because small mono graphics need little storage space. The 160 by 144 pixel screen is small in any .Amiga mode, and monochrome, but at least the LCD ghosting is eliminated!
There are four GameBoy emulators for the Amiga. The best two are WzonkaLad (bizarrely named to sound like the Finnish for “Game Boy’) and AmiGameBoy from Juan Gomez. Both are new for 1997 and use custom Amiga screens and hand-crafted Z80 engines.
AmiGameBoy re-uses the MSX2 startup window for desktop file selection and emulator control, but emulates on a largely blank custom screen, with just a colour flash in the border and no menus. It supports Sega and CD32 joypads, or one and two button Amiga joysticks, as well as the Amiga keyboard.
The startup screen lets you pick the controller, screen mode (PAL or NTSC) and select a ROM file. The size, typically 64k to 256k, and cartridge details appear when the ROM is selected. A simple help screen shows the controls.
You can return to the menu, quit, reset or continue by pressing ESC during emulation. Hotkey and menus duplicate the startup control gadgets.
GBUK is a port by Paul Gaze, based on Marat’s C code and the Amiga's Ltnix bridge, IXEMUL. It has Amiga graphics and reasonable documentation, although no icons. You need a 68020 (as a bare minimum) and AGA to run it.
Nice features include a grabber for screens and part-played games, configurable keys, font and colours.
Flaws are the lack of sound, a ten minute time limit and a ten pound Shareware registration fee.
VGB is another Ltnix port, unchanged for more than a year. It can boast full C source, an ASL file requestor, a choice of two screen sizes, optimisations for Amiga graphics cards and no Shareware charge. The snag is its sloth, especially on .Amiga screens. It requires a 68020 and Workbench 3, and prefers a 68040 and ‘chunky’ graphics card. On my Cyberstorm VGB version
0. 33 opened a little window on the Workbench, but nothing
appeared inside. It worked okay on a Warp Engine with Picasso
2 graphics, but painfully slowly on an eight-colour Amiga NTSC
Workbench, even with a 68040 to push it along. VGB is for
power users only.
PART lO EMULATORS WzonkaLad makes best use of the display, with colourful if crvptic information windows alongside the GameBoy display. It multitasks, requiring at least a 68020 and WB3, and needs a 68030 for full speed, although AGA is not necessary. Sega and CD32 joysticks are supported, as well as keys and Amiga joysticks. Abu get icons, an installer and an AmigaGuide.
WzonkaLad is regularly updated.
Versions from 0.56 to 0.64 fit between EMULATORS PART TO good, if a bit reedy. Many early Amiga games were also available on Master System, and look very similar despite different internal organisation. Rainbow Islands and Pacmania w7ere entertaining and very playable, if a bit rougher than their Amiga incarnations.
Graphics emulation is fast but imprecise. Strange things happen at the left edge of the screen during scrolling, and sprites skip across the screen in eight pixel steps, rather than moving smoothly. Palette effects at the top of the screen in World Grand Prix cause a lot of flicker. Despite these problems this emulator is well w7orth trying and with a bit more work it could be one of the best around.
With a native Z80 interpreter, like fMSX on the Amiga, this emulator could be fun. At present it’s sluggish, even on a Warp Engine with Picasso graphics, and lacks sound, but the core is present and it works. The code, compiled for a 68020, uses some instructions that a 68060 must emulate.
Right now7 MasterGear
1. 0c is best saved for programs that will not run on
AmiMasterGear, but it’s got potential.
Sega's Sagaii has impressive parallax scrolling.
World Grand Prix runs into graphical problems on AmiMasterGear.
NEXT MONTH Next month we return to home computers, with a look at emulators for veteran Commodore and Tandy systems, and those for Motorola's 6809 CPU - the ultimate, elegant eight bit processor, predecessor (just!) To the Amiga's 68000.
WzonkaLad running Parodius on an Amiga screen.
The emulators are freely distributable and available on Aminet. V2600 and WzonkaLad come with demo games.
The main problem of console emulation is that consoles do not have disk drives or serial ports, so there's no easy way to transfer the software you own on cartridge into your Amiga. Add-on disk interfaces are notoriously used for software theft. These, or an EPROM programmer, can create flat files of cartridge contents.
If you have a modem it's easy to find ROM cartridge images on the Web, often with documentation and even scanned artwork. This is legally dodgy, and you should not load files that you do not already own, albeit in cartridge form. Some cartridge suppliers have banned their ROMs from distribution this way. It's certainly illegal to sell them.
It would help if emulator authors and enthusiasts were to contact software owners and ask permission, so that these emulators could be used without legal complications.
Vectrex and many illustrious Spectrum software authors (with the notable exceptions of Ultimate and David Braben) have allowed their work to be emulated freely - but such generosity is rare on other platforms.
GAME GEAR Sega countered the GameBoy with a pocketable version of the Master System - the Game Gear. If you can emulate one you're close to emulating the other, so Amiga Sega emulators support both.
Typical Sega cartridges are 128k or 256k long; mostly graphics, based on a 16-colour, dual playfield display assembled from eight by eight pixel blocks. Sprites use the same format.
AmiMasterGear is Juan Gomez’s Sega emulator. Version 0.2, credited to ‘007’, is fast and runs most programs, but not perfectly. The startup menu is a subset of that for AmiGameBoy, offering only a choice of controls, and Game Gear or Master System emulation.
Polyphonic sound is emulated but not random noise, leaving only square wrave beeps, albeit in stereo. It sounds More bits Existing emulators for the Amiga run software for old eight bit consoles, but there are plans to extend the range to 16 and 32-bit versions like Sega's Megadrive and the Super Nintendo. NES is not yet emulated, but should arrive soon - iNES is the PC emulator, written predictably by Marat Fayzullin. His Colecovision emulator has been ported, with a Z80 engine written in Amiga machine code, but it's not yet ready for release. The author of Kyoto, a multi-platform Megadrive
emulator, is looking for people to port it to the Amiga.
Nintendo64 and Sony PlayStation emulators are beyond the powers of current Amigas (or Pcs for that matter) although PSMooSim is an interesting tool for dismantling and examining PlayStation files on an Amiga.
AmiGameBoy and VGB - slower but more compatible than the former, faster and less precise than the Unix ports.
Options to vary game speed and colours are excellent, but the unregistered versions lack sound.
SOFTWARE MASTERGEAR Marat is represented by MasterGear. Unix programmers seem to have a thing against icons, so this is another apparently empty drawer with the emulator, Amiga ' Readme and Unix documentation, .. _ MasterGear reveals the waiting for someone corresponding Amiga keys.
With a shell to dig them out. You also get two utilities - one for throwing away a 512 byte dummy header on some cartridge files and one for disassembling programs.
The converter Mark Van Hal is aware of these weaknesses and plans to address them. Unlike Juan’s effort, MasterGear runs fine on CyberGraphics and Pic as so 96 screens, if you use a promotion utility to intercept its attempt to open a screen. Mark plans a screen mode requestor, and faster Amiga graphics.
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Play audio discs.
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For those who already know CINEMA 4D, here are some of the new features: ? Direct 68060 support - rendering up to 100% faster.
? Brand new Material Manager with material previews.
? Materials now support colour, luminance, transparency, reflectivity, environment, fog, bump mapping, genlocking, highlights and highlight colouring as separate material attributes.
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? Palette sharing on 256 colour screens.
CINEMA 4D has a long history on the Amiga, being used all over the world by graphic studios, architects, television companies and enthusiastic amateurs.
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In his continuing quest to find even more games for you, Ben Vost has trawled the deepest oceans, travelled the wastelands and flown in trackless interstellar ace. And then he woke up... GAMES GALORE HIGH END So the future of gaming looks like it will be pushing more towards the high end Amiga, but high end these days doesn’t have to mean expensive. An ’040 card for your A1200 can cost as litde as £250 and a PowerPC card, which will offer more than 10 times the power won’t be much more. The next trick is the graphics system. At the moment, it’s only people with big box .Amigas that can easily
add a graphics card. If you have an A1200 and you want one, you either have to continually scan the small ads for second hand A4000s or buy a tower case - an expensive proposition if you want Zorro slots. However, Phased recentlv 7 announced the CyberVision PPC which is supposed to connect directly to the PowerUp board. However, since Phase5 are already recommending that the PowerUp board be fitted in a tower cased .Amiga, this still doesn't seem an ideal solution. What A1200 owners really need is for someone to come up with a PCMCIA-based true RTG 1997 looks set to be the year of the Amiga
gamer - or at least the year of the Amiga games announcement."
East month’s feature revealed that 1997 looks set to be the year of the Amiga gamer - or at least the year of the Amiga games announcement. News this month comes from clickBOOM who have now announced that they will be wholeheartedly supporting Phaseo’s PowerUp project, even to the point where they may well drop 68k development. Part of the reasoning behind this is the results of the survey they have on their website.
In it, they ask people what games they would most like to see ported to the Amiga from other platforms. At the time of writing, the most popular choices are Quake, Command & Conquer: Red Alert and the Secret of Monkey Island 3.
Because of the original publicity surrounding the porting of Quake, it’s perhaps not surprising that this was the most popular choice (it has been proven that it can be done). Other titles that have been popular include the Star Wars licenses, Tomb Raider, Grand Prix 2 and other 3D graphical glories - not an easy task for a 68000-based machine or AGA.
One of the main problems with cinematic games on the Amiga is the lack of a decent combined animation and sound playback format. We have CDXL, the first multimedia animation format but it's notoriously difficult to make use of, especially since all the tools for it rely on an advanced knowledge of Arexx and the shell. It's also limited in size and colour resolution (it doesn't support 24-bit colour). However, it is still possibly the best format we have at our disposal, at least until the PowerPC becomes the Amiga's stock processor.
When that happens we can take advantage of formats like MPEG, Quicktime and AVI which are a bit too processor-hungry for most Amiga users right now.
Having said that, there are a number of people working on a replacement for CDXL. All Amiga Format wants to say is, "Keep up the good work, but make sure you are all talking to one another so that there's no duplication of effort."
The only other slight problem is the lack of a standard interface for a multi-button joystick. The CD32 joypad is the closest we have, and that would be fine if more people wrote for it, but it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the heavy duty joysticks made for PC gamers.
Graphics card.
But back to the games. Since we printed the last Game On feature, we’ve actually received (or have been promised) early versions of quite a lot of software. One tide in particular that looked great was Foundation. Paul Burkey, the game’s sole author always wanted an update of Settlers, but with other things added. The result is a complex game of management coupled with the conquest strategies of utles like Dune II. A vast amount of detail goes into the creation of houses, feeding your people, turning raw materials into weapons and machinery', and the game really shines because of it.
NO PROBLEMS, JUST CHALLENGES GAMES GALORE * S2 : ' m fx b IS mmS (tr The Shadow of the Third Moon is a title coming from Italy in the next few months. It will combine a Wing Commander-type progression through ranks with a Comanche-style flight simulation.
Little touches like the fact that all the characters in the game have names and statistics mean that you are far more attached to your men than you would be to the nameless soldiers in Dune II.
While the graphics for the game look great, there’s also the sound. Birds tweet, the wind blows and you can hear the sound of hammers on anvils, drilling and other industrious noises as you look over your settlement, it's very atmospheric. There’s even a two player, splitscreen mode included where you and a friend can batde. Paul says he’s about two thirds finished with the game at the moment and he’s currendy looking for a publisher.
If you’re more interested in futuristic combat flight sims, what about The Shadow of the Third Moon. It’s a game written by Black Blade Design and looks somewhat like Comanche on the PC. It uses a voxel space rendering method that looks far more realistic than the flat polygons the .Amiga has traditionally Continued overleaf 4 FORGOTTEN WORLD? NOT LIKELY!
Scions is one of the new breed of "god"I strategy games. They are all proving to be pretty popular at the moment but unlike most others this one is being written for the Amiga. We talked to Jimmy Westerlund, one of the programmers at group DSP about the state of play at the moment.
Shouldn't be THAT hard to make", and since I didn't really have anything better to do we started to create Scions. And since we haven't found anything better to do these last two years, we have continued on it.
AF: Do you have plans for any other games?
AF: Will Scions support Graphics cards properly?
DSP: CyberGraphX, AG A and probably ECS will be supported. Gfx system support will be included as a library (we now only have an AGA library) so support for other gfx systems should also be possible to make. But we can promise at least CyberGraphX and AGA support.
AF: What was the inspiration behind Scions?
DSP: Why... WarCraft of course - about two years ago a friend said to me something like: "That AF: Thanks for talking to us.
AF: Firstly how soon do you think that Scions will be ready for an eager public?
* • More new titles, this time all from GeoSync Media.
1+2. H.A.R.D.Corps - a Command & Conquer clone.
3. Matrix Assault - a Battlezone- type game with a Tron flavour.
4. Max Rally - Motocross and rallying in this 3D motor sports
been lumbered with and the designers reckon that it really
shifts on a system equipped with... wait for it, a graphics
ON THE CD On the CD this month you will also be able to find an exclusive three level demo of another Doom clone called BrainKiUer (in AFCD 15:-Screen Play- commercial BrainKiller). Unlike Genetic Species, featured last month, it uses digitised humans rotoscoped and much less “cartoony” graphics. .All this combines to make it a pretty tense game as you wander around the customary halls.
Brain killer was written in Poland by a very talented bunch of guys, and is currently in a distribution deal in Germany, but as yet, no-one here has taken it up.
"...it won't be long before games (and serious) developers can turn to a central body..." If you liked Brainkiller, but felt that the atmosphere was all wrong, or the monsters could have looked better, or you would rather it was a fantasy game instead of a modern one, then Vulcan’s up and coming 3D construction kit should be of interest. It won’t be out for a few months yet, but it’s designed to allow you to create your own 3D first person perspective games. Speaking to Vulcan’s Paul Carrington, he said: “It’s going to be great, not at all like SEUCK or other low-end game creation tools.
Our 3D kit will work on AGA machines and all graphics cards and will create a .WAD-type file that can be played using the freely distributable player. It's going to come with a whole range of ready to go clipart but you'll be able to import your own IFF files too.” So it seems that the future looks bright for .Amiga gamers who are willing to upgrade their machines somewhat. With Gateway on the scene looking to bring the Amiga back to the forefront of computing, and new developer initiatives springing up independently, it won't be long before games (and serious) developers can turn to a central
body and ask for libraries and example code for RTG games, games that use the Internet for multi-player versions, games designed for sound card use and, of course, advice on how to work with the PowerPC.
R “T.
If you're in the process of writing a game for commercial release, why not drop us a line so that we can publicise it for you? Here are some new titles • that have cropped up in the time since last month's feature. Again, thanks must go to Amiga Flame, probably the best games site in the world!
GAME DESCRIPTION PUBLISHER DATE OF RELEASE Star Fighter D'Yammen's Reign Wing Commander type game Geosync Media TBA
H. A.R.D. Corps C&C Clone Geosync Media TBA Max Rally Sega Rally
clone Geosync Media TBA Matrix Assault Battlezone clone
Geosync Media TBA NEMAC IV Doom clone dickBOOM TBA BrainKiUer
Doom clone Titan Computer TBA Shadow of the Third Moon
Comanche type game Black Blade Design TBA Damage Extremely
violent shoot-em-up Suomi-Peli TBA Phantasmagoria Graphic
adventure port on five Cds Direct Software TBA FUBAR L_
Command & Conquer clone plus Q-Tip 1 ~ ~ M I 73 TBA fWfc
11 w 1a rio business Ever wanted access to all the best serious Amiga Software?
- Well here we are!
Opening June 1st, Amiga Serious is dedicated solely to serious software
- be it 3D rendering, image processors, word processors or
business packages.
Serious Software is brought to you by the team behind the technical service for Direct Software.
With our 24 hour hot-line and full technical support, we really are the first choice for serious Amiga Software £69*99 £1149*99 £19*99 £14*99 npi £179*99 £149*95
- jj .Jtti £89*99 £22*99 £call £44-99 £14-99 PCX £49-95 586 PC
software emulator PCX Task 4-2 £69-99 486 PC software emulator
Fusion £49-95 Multitasking colour mac emulator Commodore C64
'97 £9-99 Speccy 97 £9-99 I Browse 1-11 £29-95 Advanced Amiga
www browser Net + Web £39-95 Easy internet connection Net + Web
2 £69-95 Serious surfers complete solution Web Explosion £49*95
20,000 web page images GP Fox Into the net The ultimate in 3D
rendering packages. Rated 94% in CU Amiga. Lightwave is used by
some of the world leaders in computer graphics. You may have
already seen examples of Lightwaves power in the stunning FX
seen in X-Files, Star Trek Voyager + Next Gen and Dark Skies.
This product only has one limitation
- the imagination of the person using it.
Don't be fooled by Cheap imitations.
Lightwave has no equal.
Get into it!
Cinema 4D 3 £199-95 Excellent quotrty, inexpensive introduction to 3D ... compute-' graphics (Rated 90% Amiga Format) Photogenics 2*0 &?ea' aM'sourd pscessrg toot Personal Paint 7 2D ~* ng package ws mon-puto?* Deluxe Paint 5 Popular 2D pom? Package Adpro Scenes objects images and surfaces, including
3. 800 textures. Lightwave 3-5 end upwards Latest instalment of
the Amiga s favourite 3D program. Excellent vctfue for money
Lightwave 5 Lightrom 4 Lightrom Gold Umoue processor m.
seating 4 super;mpos rg Image FX 2*6 Art Effect 2*0 Imagine 5
ng and aouid dist £call Draw Studio CD Pom £74-95 Draw Studio
Floppy £59-95 Pagestream 3-2 £125-00 Wordworth 6 £39-99
Wordworth 6 Office £49-99 Final Writer ‘97 fcall Epic
Encyclopedia *97 £22-99 Inc. over 16,000 articles with the
ability to create your own articles.
Personal Suite CD £14-95 inc P.Paint 6*4, databases, fonts. -Pics etc Giga Graphics £19*99
10. 000 pictures 20b accepts gfx cards Aminet Set 1 or 2 £19*95
Aminet Set 3 or 4 £34*95 Each with 4 Gb of Software.
Utilities, games, music, HD tools, gfx + sound demos etc.
Women of the Web £19*95 Pictures, text, animations and sound
samples of the world's most beautiful and famous women Over
AGA Toolkit '97 £9*99 inc gfx, utilities, emulators, workbench etc. The Learning Curve £19-99 CD for alt ages. A magical journey through exciting diverse subjects Directory Opus 5-5 £49-99 Quarterback 6-1 £34-99 Turbo Cate 4 £39-99 Exce-.ient Spreadsheet package (93% Amiga Computing) Easy Ledgers 2 £119-99 Simple to use accounts package Suitable for business.
Mini Office £45*99 Brilliant ati-rounder me. Wordpfocessor spreadsheet, database + disk utilities.
Twist 2 £69-95 Worlds most successful Amiga database.
Turbo Print 5 £49-99 Studio II £49-99 Printer manager Scala MM4G0 £279*79 24 Hour Order Hot-Line 01623 455398 Please make cheques payable to "Amiga Serious" Postage Costs Standard UK 1-2 days £1 per item Next Day Delivery £10 (up to 10 CD's) 95 Marlborough Poad. Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham NG17 7HP FI SUTURAL 2, OLOXY ms, OVERBOARD UAL 2* OEX 1 VIRTUAL IIIKYUKEN CRASH 111 ISSU1i 4 i ON SALIH I CONTENTS The latest games, the handiest hints and some clever programming from you PREVIEWS A special in-depth look at the new offering from Applause Software - Cygnus 8.
There's trouble at t'mill. Possibly. Read the preview and all will become clear as crystal.
Andy Smith Every silver lining has a cloud and that's especially true of the Amiga gaming scene at the moment. While we all wait with baited breath to see what Gateway can do over the next few months it's good to know that the small software houses are plugging away - the good ones anyway. Our Game On feature last month showed that there is plenty of great stuff on the horizon What we don't want to see though is small software houses springing up all over the place pumping out rubbish games simply because they think gamers are desperate for anything.
We're all a little too smart to shell out our cash for sub-standard pieces of tat. Still, they're the exception, not the rule so we can ignore 'em and look instead to the bright future ahead.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69% • Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
Under 40% The absolute pits.
TESTAMENT We've had first-person action games before, so what makes Epic think they've got a winner?
A sucking chest wound is nature's way of letting you know you've been in a fire-fight. Like the chap above.
SQUIBBLY SHIBBLY T Platforming action starring a CfllJ chap who looks like he spends his spare time advertising tyres.
Come here to see if it's any good... READER GAMES Mr UFO .....Joona Palaste Fly around and collect boxes!
Denzil's Face ....Kerry Torchia Be a face! Collect coloured blobs!
Just two of this month's offerings in Reader Games.
©GAMEBUSTERS Complete Valhalla III guide and hints on Bog rats and Tiny Troops.
Wizio .....Stephen Eaborn Be a wizard in this top Mario clone.
Lazer ....Lee Atkins A cunning mirror-manipulation game.
Tickle Twins ....James Havers Rainbow Islands inspired platformer.
Slalom Special Lucia Carminati Swish and swoosh down the piste.
Federation ......Gordon Miller Space trading and combat game.
4 Letter Word ......M. Knight Change the letters and make a word.
PREVIEW After hours Cygnus-8 is played through a series of sub-games. Trading is merely one of these and trading is governed by the passage of time - basically this means you can't go trading at night when all the shops are shut (you can go down the pub though, hurrah!).
Should you want to go into a shop when it's shut though you can always try stealing their goods but then you run the risk of getting caught and thrown in jail - which is not much good for your health and stamina.
Your health and stamina levels affect what you can and can't do in Yes, well this planet's inhabitants might not win any beauty contests but at least they've got lots of things to sell.
Andy Smith spends some time with Applaud Software's newest baby... have to stick to the plot to make money. There are plenty of other opportunities for the player to make money - from shrewd investments through to robbing banks and fighting space pirates.
As well as making money though there's also the daily task of keeping yourself alive - securing food and lodgings for yourself is an important consideration as you wheel and deal.
His variant on the space trading genre from Applaud Software serves as a timely reminder that Vulcan Software are not the only company producing Amiga games.
The game is based around the player attempting to complete some 18 missions by trading commodities between planets to earn money. This is where Cygnus-8 varies from usual trading games because you don't Whenever you land on a planet you'll want to head for the various shops (left) and then buy yourself lots of goodies (right).
Cygnus-8 varies from usual trading games because you don't have to stick to the plot to make money.
The game - don't try robbing a bank when you're a bit knackered for example because you'll only go and get yourself caught.
And then there's the space flight.
Once you've got yourself a passport you're able to travel between planets (launch and guide your spacecraft through the ether with your joystick, pointing your craft vaguely at the planet you wish to visit in an Asteroids kinda fashion). Watch out when you are travelling in space though because there are loads of actual, real asteroids flying around the screen and every time ycu collide with one you lose some shield strength.
There's also some space combat to be entered into but it's not as you'd imagine. For a start, it's not real-time.
Suppose you want to land at a planet but there's a skull and crossbones over the planet - this indicates the planet's surrounded by pirates. You go for it anyway.
Space Invaders ®«§§Jj| Now you're presented with a static screen showing your Space Invaders- type turret at the bottom and a few pirate ships at the top. Move your barrel left and right until you think you've lined up with a bad guy. Give 'em a blast and if you hit them some of their energy is removed.
When they run out of energy they are destroyed. But you don't have many shots per turn and once you've run out you have to end the turn and let the pirates fire back at you. If they destroy you before you destroy them
- well you know.
And here's where you get to fight the pirates. Aim your gun and blast away. When out of power, the pirates hai pop at you.
Cygnus-8 looks very promising.
There is obviously a lot more to it than I've had the chance to see, but managed a couple of missions they've been a lot of fun. It's n action-packed adventure but it tain something aTS in the very REVIEW i Tz "The purple testament of bleeding war". Said Andy Smith, quoting from Richard II. No, we don't know why either... Simple really, that's the only quote with testament in it in my Concise Dictionary of Quotations. Besides, girls love it when you can quote Shakespeare and I'm in serious training when it comes to trying to impress girls. Maybe they'd be amazed at my display of courage,
bravery and skill at playing Testament.
Wolfenstein, but on the Amiga, clone. For those not 'au fait' (girls love that French stuff too...) with the history of first- person action games, Wolfenstein was the forerunner to Doom.
We've had games of this type on the Amiga before, but Testaments slightly different. Fleaven knows what the plot line is (it's all explained in the game) but it basically That's just what you want to see: guns, ammo and a nice involves finding a piece Of health boost - not that you need the health just yet.
Scroll on each of the Epic's latest, and one of the first games to appear on their new Islona label, is this first-person action game.
It's a Doom, but on the Amiga, clone - well, actually it's not it's more a A blue key is discovered (top) while the auto map (bottom) lets you see where you've been and where you've to go.
Game's 16 levels. Getting to the scroll piece though (which is really the level's exit) usually involves finding four different coloured keys which enable you to open colour-coded doors and access other parts of the level. The scrolls are usually somewhere behind the door you found the last key to. Simple. Find the keys to open the doors to get to the scroll exit. See?
Let's deal with your weapons first: there aren't many of 'em. You've got your basic handgun, a machine gun, a kind of fireball gun thing and a thing called the Double which is a more deadly kind of fireball gun. Now, there may not be many of 'em but somehow it doesn't really matter. You'll be so pleased when you get the machine gun (and even more pleased when you get some ammo for it) that you won't mind that you haven't got a huge array of vaguely similar weapons. When it comes to actually shooting the baddies (loads of different kinds from flying eyeballs to zombies to wizards and so on) it
REVIEW fTz doesn't take long to realise that it's a very imprecise science. Most of the time you can just point and shoot vaguely in the direction of a baddie and after a few hits it'll crumble dead. This might sound like a bad thing, but it isn't. It works very well, primarily because Testament is not about precise and accurate shooting, it's about atmosphere and tension. And there's buckets of that.
A great deal of time and effort has been spent on the game's difficulty curve. The first few levels are very well paced - not just in the number and ferocity of the baddies you encounter but in what weapons are available and the amount of ammunition you can find. The size of the levels themselves is also spot-on.
There's never a load of running around for running around's sake and yet there's more than enough space to feel you can get lost very easily. Play it and you'll understand just what I mean.
But why's it not like Doom and more like Wolfenstein? Well, because a lot of the little features have disappeared - you can't side-step or run for example. These are features we've all come to depend on but it's surprising how quickly you learn new tactics for taking on baddies that are stood in front of you. Getting good angles to fire into rooms from doorways, for example, becomes a primary concern. The lack of features does little to detract from the enjoyment of the game.
Testament is one of the best games of this type - it's wonderfully fast and smooth, even on an unaccelerated A1200, although you might have to tweak the screen size and decrease the amount of detail or turn the textures off - but you probably won't need too because it runs nice 'n' quick as it is.
The lighting effects are fabulous, the sound is used well - it's not brilliant but it certainly helps to give you the heeby-jeebies - and the whole thing hangs together splendidly. The designers know just where to put a baddie to cause the maximum concern and yet they haven't gone over the top.
Some of the levels are obviously harder than others (you'll be very thankful for the game's automapping feature) but with some patience, tactics and the occasional "Testament is one of the best games of this type - it's wonderfully fast and smooth..." 'close your eyes and go charging in' you'll find they can all be completed.
Even the fact that you can only save your game at the end of the level (there are six slots so you can build up a decent progress sheet) is good because it makes you work harder to reach the scroll and you'll be massively relieved to find it when you've got about a pixel-width's worth of life force left.
PUBLISHER: Epic Marketing 01793 490988 PRICE: £19.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: AGA Amigas RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: ••••O Wonderful looking and everything's fast and smoothly animated.
SOUND: •••0 0 The effects are not the best but they're well used.
ADDICTION: ••••0 Eases you in and grips you by the throat.
PLAYABILITY: ••••O Marvellous. Simply marvellous.
OVERALL VERDICT: A splendid game that concentrates on making the gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. Buy it!
Testament is an excellent game.
I've found it very difficult to stop playing because it's got that 'I'd like to finish this game' addictive quality.
Dust the shot in the arm the games' world needs right now. O Squidley Didley! Bibbley Bobbley! Lorks, Andy Smith's gone wibbly wobbly... his isn't going to be pleasant I'm afraid. Consider these points:
1. This is the first game from a new outfit called Miracle FX
2. The game costs a mere £6.95.
3. It's rubbish.
Alright, all new outfits deserve a bit of a break - especially with the games scene being what it is today - and we all like low prices, but that third point is just inescapable.
It's a platform game. It has been created using the Reality Software Construction Kit.
Squibbly is the game's main character (under your control) and the object of the whole exercise is to run around finding bits and pieces to give to other members of Squibbly's extended family. Grandad wants a PUBLISHER: Miracle FX • 14 Ducavel Hs 37 Palace Rd • London SW2 3EB PRICE: £6.95 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 2Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS:
• •OOO Unremarkable in every way.
• 0000 The silences are the best bit.
• 0000 About as addictive as cod liver oil.
• ••00 Simple, easy and very straightforward.
OVERALL VERDICT: It's a very average Reality game.
Spend your money on beer comics - anything else in fact.
Shintendo Shibbly is the game's end guardian. He glows too.
Bottle of rum, in exchange he'll give you something that's going to help you later - that sort of thing.
Dust like all those Dizzy games from years ago.
But as well as finding objects, Squibbly's trying to release members of his family that have been imprisoned. Find the yellow key to open the yellow cage - that sort of thing. It's all very familiar and all very samey.
So what's Squibbly Shibbly got going for it? Erm, it's colourful and that's about it because even the music is poor. Miracle FX are very proud of the "...two exclusive drum 'n' bass tracks..." that play along with the game and frankly they shouldn't have bothered because they're awful.
At least the game isn't infested with rats which is something I suppose.
But it's not as if it's a big game even - there are only about eight different tasks to complete, most of them involving opening a cage, getting a coloured key, opening the corresponding coloured cage to get another coloured key and so on and so forth. Thrilling eh? No, we didn't think so either.
We've had loads of Reality games in from readers for our Reader Games alright. Some have been decidedly poor and some have been very good, but at least all the authors who sent them in recognised them for what they are - home made games created using an off-the-shelf utility.
Unfortunately, Miracle FX haven't realised this. Dust because you can put a game together with Reality, it doesn't mean your game's up to commercial standards. This one certainly isn't and I can't see any earthly reason why someone would shell out seven quid for something like this when there are far better PD and Freeware games available.
Section and most of them have been POSTAGE & PACKING UK -FREE EUROPE -£2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Aminet 14.15,16 or 17 Aminet 94-02......_...... Amos Library Animations assji.„. A'cacfeClassics Pius.
Artwork Cotour.3 4D Sports Boxing .. 9.99-- A320 Approach Trainer 9.99--- Acid Attack Compilation - Gloom, Guardian, Skidmarks .14.99 - American Gladiators 9.99--- Arcade Compilation IV Snooker. Naughty 1s.
Multiplayer Soccer Man, Dr Plummets House of Flux, Jigsaw Puzziemania 14.99-- Assassins Games . 19.99 B17 FLYING FORTRESS... 12.99-- Badlands Pete 4 99 --- Banshee .. 7 9912 99 Barbarian 2 .. 9 99 --------- Basket Island ...... 14 99 ---- Battle toads . . 9 99 Blaster 12.99 - - BLOBZ ..... 12.99 - BLITZ BASIC 2.1__________18.99-- Bograts 12 99 ----- Bomber Bob 3 99 --- Bravo Romeo Delta ...... 8.99--- BREATHLESS . 22.99 - Brutal Football ... 8.99 Bubba n Stix ......
4.99------- Bubble & Squeak .. 7.99 7.99 7.99 Bump 'n' Bum ... 14.99 Burnout ...... 19.99 - Cannon Fodder .12.99-- Centrefold Squares ...... 3.99----- CHAMP MANAGER 2 .19.99--- Champ Manager 94 D Disk. 7.99---- CHAOS ENGINE 2 ......19.99-- Championship Challenge World of Snooker.
Test Match Cricket Challenge. Treble Champs 2, Int 1 Day Cricket 14.99-- CIVILISATION ...12.99-- Club Football The Manager... 7 99 7.99 -- Club & Country .. 7.99--- COLONISATION 12.99-- Cosmic Spacehead ......10.99---- COVERGIRL POKER .. 7.99-- Craft for AMOS .17.99-- Cricket Captain . 3.99---- Dthompsons Olympic Chall 6.99--- Dangerous Streets ..9.99 Deluxe Strip Poker 3.99-- Demonmaniac ...17.99-- Desert Strike ..... 7.99-----
DOGFIGHT .. 8.99-- Dune 1 or 2 12.99---- Dylon Dog .. 8.99-- Euroieague Manager ....14.99 - European Superieague 3.99------ Exile 7.99 7.99 - Exile Data Disk .. 5.99-- Extreme Racing 5.99--- Extreme Racing Data Disk.. - 4.99-- F1 Grand Prix Circuits .. 3.99---- F15 STRIKE EAGLE 2 12.99-- F19 STEALTH FIGHTER ...12.99-- F117A .... 8.99-- Fantasy Manager 96 96 8 99 --- Fantasy World Di**y 5 99 - - • Fears
...... 7 99 -- FIELDS OF GLORY 12 99 - 8 99 FIFA Soccer 12 99 ------ Fly Harder .... .. 8 99 Fools Errand 3.99 ------- Football Director 2 3 99 ------ Football Glory 8 99 ---- FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX 12 99 -- Galaxy Force . 5 99 ---- Gearworks 3 99 - - Genesis 3 99 - Global Effect ......4 99 GLOOM________ 7 99 7 99 GLOOM DELUXE...- 7.99-- G Gooch- WC Test Match .. 7.99------ G Gooch-W Class Cricket... 7.99--- G Gooch - Battle for Ashes. 4.99--- Guardian 7.99 7.99 Gun
Fury ....14.99--- Gunship 2000 .... 12.99 -- Heimdall 2 .. 9.99 Helter Skelter ....13.99------ Hillsea Lido 12.99--- Humans 3 .... - Impossible Mission 2025..... 8 99 Inter Base ..... 7.99 INTER OFFICE .12.99 Inter Spread 7 99 Inter Talk 7 99 Inter Work) ..... 7 99 International Arcade Action 3 99 int 1 Day Cncket OEM 4 99 Ini Sports Challenge .. 12.99 Jet Pilot 16 99 Jigsaw Pu lemania 3 99 Jimmy White s Snooker 12 99 PD & SHAREWARE @
£1.25 Each Leeds United Rash Ram ..... Fonts ..... FreshFonts 1 or 2 ... Gateway ... Gif Sensations . Gifs Galore ...... Giga Graphics . Gold Fish 1 or 2...... Graphics Sensation LOOP* .. 17 99 Manyk Mayhem Compilation ¦ Le Fears. Roadkill ... Marvens Marvellous Adv's - MEDIEVAL WARRIORS .. 3 99 Minskies the Abduction 14 99 Morph .
Mult Media Experience 24 99 Napoteonics .. 7 99 Naughty Ones 3 99 NINE LIVES--------3 99 Odyssey 999 Operation Combat 2 4 99 Pegasus ......12 99 PGA European Tour .. -- PGA Golf .. 8 99 PGA Golf Plus Courses 12 99 Pinball Fantasies . • ' Pinball ¦usions ... .
Pmbaii Mama . ' PINBALL PRELUOE _ Pkfiglttef .. 6 99 Player Manager 2...... 7 99 PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA ... - Power 99 Powe-Base v3 5 (Database) 12 99 Powergames -- Premiere . 4 99 Pro-Tennis Tour 6 99 Railroad Tycoon 1 239 Reach for the Skies 1M0P Roadk.li . Road Rash XS6 Jut of the Net : Workbench ing Pearls 3... ¦nedia Toolkit ork CD2 . incement led 6...... ;sional Ft Sci R Sensations II .. Sound Library & GRX Library Sound Studio Sound Terrific I .... Sound Terrific
II ... Speccy 97 ..... Texture Portfolio .. The Beauty f Chaos . The Colo® Library ... Play-; t .
Mb PC12vf Ram Board !
Haloj|||j Joystick Adapts utorjSSb Joystick Mouse' ompeftion Pro Xtra Cleai _______ orrcelr on Pro 5000 Blac Sens World of Soccer 96 971 CH h Hptstick (Analogue).
SWOS 96 97 DATA DISK .. £99--Cru ser Joystick J Shadow Warriors .. §g|--Gravis hjog Joystick .A Silent Sen ice 2 .1 fSB IntemaffiMjCFtoppvMjS SIMON THE SORCEROR . 189912.9912.99 Internal 89CK Ftopy Drive Skeleton Krew ... 7.99 - JUPITER JOYSTICK SKIDMARKS .... 7.99---Mouse 300 dpi 2 Button ... SLAMTILT . 19.99 - Mouse 400 dpi 2 Button... SPECIAL FORCES 8.99-- Spens Legacy -19 99 - Sporting Spectacular P-hatf Director 2 FI GP Circuits. Rugby Coach. Daily Double horse Racing. Euro Superieague 14 99
------ STARlORO______________ Streetfighter 2 ... 1 Stnder Stnder 2 Strip Pot ....¦ Subversion 9 Super League Maragli Super Skidmarks M Super Streetfighter 2 Tu SUPER TENkftS CHAJI Super Tennis Champ 2 ; Test Match Cricket.....§!
The Games .H THEME PARK Timekeepers ... Timekeepers Data Disk.
Tiny Troops . TOTAL FOOTBALL..... Touring Car Challenge.
Treble Champions 2...... Troddlers ..... Mousemat . Joystick Mouse Extension Cable.. Joystick Y Splitter ...... Logic 3 Delta Ray Autofire JY156 [M 1 Sigmafe'-AuSflre.
10. 39b------
12. 9912.99
12. 99 -
5. 9 9---
17. 99 -
12. 99 -
12. 9 9--
4. 9 9---
6. 9 9--- Amiga CDROM BLANK DISKS Zero '.'em).. .49.99 Th j|ight
Rom... . Ht" w 8.99 Thittght Rom 2 §§I Sprier 11-9? The
Light Works ...... Joystick 10.9» Sound Library 1;
Ubrarp::::..... UPDSet 1 m .... ,l 7® Wpd Science
Actions Weird Science C.pan .4 A60CVA1200 49 g Vveird
Science Csof An 'Tom Weird Science Fonts ..... ia oQ
World of Clipart . 1C QQ World of Clipart
Plus .... World of Games . ' k'SS World
of GIF ' I'SS World of
Photo ... 10 99 World of
Sound . .10:99 orld°, ° ...m
|12.99 Zo°™ 11 .....-j ' 3?" Ad ltTA tons' Sc Rat 5 Rakers
1||o5Z:7.B j || AdultjSen ons in 3D I H anHrTTTTTHB Girls I
ll [» iv*] 1, H;- Just 18 . So
Ho CDROM Oriental Fantasies 1 or 2..... AGA Experience
II .. 9.99 Pixels of
Desire .. Amiga Tools
3 .....24.99 Sexy
Sensations Amiga Utilities
2 ..19.99 The Page Three
Collection .
Aminet Set 1,,7,8,9.10,11,12 or 13..14.99 The World of Lana Fox .
10. 99 UFO ... 12.99 8 .99 Utt Soccer Manager
D Disk.--
- -Valhalla 1 Lord of Infinity 14.99
- -Valhalla 2 Before the War ... 14.99
- -Valhada 3 Fortress of Eve... 17.99;
- --Virtual Karting ... .
- ---Voyager ...... 6 99 Watcn Tower . .....
Wembley Int Soccer --
- Wembley Rugby l eague 7 99
- --White Death 4 99 Wing Commander 9 99
- Wootlerdog ..... 4 99 9 99 - World Class Rugby (OEMj 4 99
- -- WORLD GOLF-------------12 99 9 99 9 99 World of Golf
...„... 8 99
- Work) of Soccer 4 99 get ids Wortas at War 4 99 14 99 -
Worms .. 9 99 4 99 WORMS DIRECTORS CUT-
- -XP 8. ......16.99
- ---Zool ...... 8 99 I
rj.L a rai i i.i 10 1J Dinosaurs i. 12.99 0 10 Early
lO GMaffv! Algebra 12 99 :JT1'10 Maths Geo: e:- .• 6-'612.99
flO 10 Maths Numbers 6-16 12.99 10 10 Maths Statistics fr!6
12.99 10 10 Spelling Puncuation ..12.99 10 10 Structured
Spelling. .. 12.99 Kid Pix 10.99
Member Price 150 Great
Games 7.99 ...8.99 (Not
A129Q) Animated Workshop ...12.99
.11.99 (Create your own Hanna Barbers cartoon) Approach
Trainer ..9.99 ...3.99 Arcade
Action ..14.99 .13.99
(Multiplayer Soccer. World Snooker. Naughty Ones, Dr Plummet)
Award Winners Gold Edition 14.99 ..13.99 (Sensible Soccer,
Jimmy White, Eiite Plus & Zool) I Award Winners Platinum
Edition 13.99 .12 99 (Lemmings. Elite 2 & Civilization) B17
Flying Fortress ...14.99 ..13.99 Big
100 .9.99
...9.49 Binary Emotions ..19.99
..18 99 Black
Crypt 11.99 .10.99
Blitz Basic 2.1 19.99
Blitzkrieg ......7.99
...7 49 Bubble & Squeak ..9.99
....8.99 Cannon Fodder ..12.99
..11.99 Centrefold Squares 4.99
....4.79 Championship Challenge 14.99 ..13.93 (Trebie Champs 2,
World of Soccer, One Day Cricket Test Match) I Championship
Manager 2 ...20.99 ..19.99 Chaos Engine
2 .19.99 ..18.99
Civilization 14.99
..13.99 Club & County ..9.99
...B.99 Club
Football ....9.99 ...8.99
Colonization ....14.99
..13.99 Colossus Chess X 7.99
....7.49 I Combat Classics 3 ...16.99 ..15.99
(Gunship 2000, Historyiine. Campaign) Cover Girl Strip
Poker .9.99 ...B.99 Daily Double Horse
Racing 7.99 ....7.49 Dawn
Patrol ....12.99 ..1199
Deluxe Strip Poker 4.99 ....4 79
Deluxe Strip Poker 2 ...7.99 ...J 49
Desert Strike 9.99
Dogfight ......9.99
...S 49 Dreadnoughts Plus 9.99
Dune ...12.99
..11.99 Dune
2 ......12.99 ..11.99
Empire Soccer 14.99 ..1399
Euroieague Manager .14.99 ..13.99
European Superieague .7.99 ....7.49
Europress Mini Office ......39.99 .38.99
Exile .....9.99
...B.99 Exile Data
Disc ..7.99 ....7.49 F1
Grand Prix Circuits .4.99 ...A.79 (Not
F117A ...9.99
...B.99 F15 2
.14.99 ..13.99
F19 .....14.99
..13.99 Fantasy Manager 95 96 ......9.99
...9.49 Fields Of
Glory 14.99 ..13.99 (A50Q,
A500+ & A600) FIFA
Soccer ....14.99 ..13.99
Fools Errand 4.99
....4.79 Football Director
2 7.99 ...7.49 Football
Glory ..9.99 ...3.49 Gloom
Deluxe ..9.99 ...8.99 Graham
Gooch Test Match ..9.99 ....8.99 Graham Gooch
World Cricket 9.99 ....8.99 Gunship 2000
14.99 ..13 99 Impossible
Mission 2025 ..9.99 ...8 99 Interbase
2.0 4.99 ....4.79
(Create & manipulate databases) International Arcade Action
4.99 ....4.79 Interoffice 2.0 ...14.99
.13.99 (Fast word processor with 110.000 word spellchecker)
Interspread ..4.99
....4.79 Intertalk
2.0 4.99 ....4.79
(Network connection program) Interword
......9.99 ...8.99 Jimmy Whites
Srooker 12.99 1*99 KGB ... 12 99.1199 Lure Ot The
Temptress 12.99 .1199 Microprose Grand Pnx .
14 99 Micropmse Grand Pnx Editor Ca l......Cali Minskies The
Abducrion 14 99 13 99 Nucleonics ...9.99 8 99 Naughty
Ones ... 799 .7 49
Odyssey .....9.99 .899 PGA Tour
Goll .9.99 ...8.99 PGA Tour Golf
Plus. .14.99 13 95 Pinball
Prelude ......20.99 .1999 Player
Manager 2 9.99 .9 49 Railroad
Tycoon .14.99 1399 Rise 01 The
Robots .....8.99 ...8.49 Road
Rash .999 .899 Rjgby League
Coach 9 99 . 3 99 Sensible Wond 96'97
Update 9 99 ...949 (Able to convert Sensible World ot Soccer to
96 97} Sensible World Of Soccer 96 9719.99 .18.99
Settlers 12.99 ..11.99 Silent
Service 2 ..14.99 ..13.99 Simon
The Sorceror ...14.99 ..12.99 (Not
Skidmarks ..7.99
...7.49 Space
Hulk 12.99 ..11.99
Space Legends 13.99 ..12.99
Special Forces ..9.99
....8.99 Sporting Spectacular .14.99
..13.99 (Footaail Dir 2, F1 Circuits, Rugby Coach, Daily
Dcxi)le) Sports
Masters 12.99 ..11.99 (PGA
Tour Goll, indy 500. Advantage Tennis. Euro Championship)
Starlord .9.99
Subversion ..4.99
....4.79 Super League Manager ......9.99
...8.99 Super Skidmarks 14.99
..13.99 Super Skidmarks Data Disc 7.99 ...7.49 Super Tennis
Champs .9.99 ...8.99 Super Tennis
Champs Data Disc 7.99 ....7.49
Syndicate ..12.99
..11.99 Tactical Manager ..8.99
...879 Ten Ten Dinosaurs .....14.99
,.13.99 (For aii ages) Ten Ten Early
Essentials ....14.99 ..13.99 (For ages 3-7
years) Ten Ten English ..14.99
.,13.99 (For ages 6-16 years) Ten Ten Essential
Maths ..14.99 ..13.99 (For ages 5-12 years)
Ten Ten Essential Science 14.99 ..13.99 (For
ages 5-12 years) Ten Ten
French 14.99 ..13.99 (For
ages 8-16 years) Ten Ten
Geography ...14.99 ..13.99 (For ages
5-11 years) Ten Ten
German ..14.99 ..13.99 (For ages
8-16 years) Ten Ten Junior Essentials 14.99
..13.99 (For ages 5-11 years) Ten Ten Maths
Algebra ....14.99 ..13.99 (For ages 6-16
years) Ten Ten Maths Geometry ..14.99 ..13.99
(For ages 6-16 years) Ten Ten Maths
Numbers ..14.99 ..13.99 (Forages 6-16 years)
Ten Ten Maths Statistics ..14.99 ..13.99 (For
ages 6-16 years) Ten Ten'Spelling & Punctuation 14.99 ..13.99
(For all ages) Ten Ten Structured Spelling 14,99 .13.99 (For
ages under 9) Theme Park ......14.99 ..1399
Total Football ..14.99
..12.99 Touring Car Challenge ......14.99
..13.99 Tracksuit Manager 2 ...14.99
..13 99 Treble Champions 2 ....9.99
...8.99 Tuminq Points ..9.99
...8.99 uru tnemv unxnown A5Q0+, A600 & A1200) i4.yy
..u.yy Wembley International Soccer 9.99 ...8.99
Wembley Rugby League
9. 99 ...8.99 White Death 7 99 7 4P HI IIIV l VULl l
... Wing Commander
9.99 ...3.49 World Cup Year 94
13. 99 .12 99 (Goal, Sensi Soccer, Striker, i :tiamp Manager 93 +
data disk) World Of Golf .
9.99 ...8.99 World Of
Soccer ... .9.99 ....8.99 Worlds At
War ......
7. 99 .J 49 Worms ......
12. 99 ..11.99 XP8
18. 99 ..17.99 Zeewolt
12. 99 ..11.99 Zeewolf 2
22. 99 .21.99 - A1200 TITLES Acid Attack Virtual
Karting 14.99 ..13.99
Wembley International Soccer 9.99 ....8.99 Worms The
Directors Cut ...19.99 ..19 49
XP8 .....18.99
..18.49 JOYSTICKS & t- ACCESSORIES A Competition Pro 5000
Black 11.99 ..10.99 (Microswitched arcade
quality joystick with steel shat) Competition Pro Extra
Clear 14.99 ..13 99 (Microswitched joystick with
steel snaft & triple action auto) Competition Pro Mini
Black 10.99 ...3.99 (Hand held version of
Competition Pro 5000) Competition Pro Mini
Clear ..12.99 ..11.99 (Hand held version of
Competition Pro 5000) Cruiser
Black ..10.99 ..10.49
(Microswitched joystick with steel shaft) Cruiser Multi
Colour .10.99 ..10.49 (Microswitched
joystick with sfeei shaft) Cruiser Turbo 13.99
..12.99 (Microswitched joystick with steel shaft & turbo
fire) Logic 3 AM Action Pad ......9.99
...3.49 Logic 3 AM Attack 5.99
...5.49 Logic 3 Speed Mouse Amiga 9.99 ...5 49 Mouse
Mat ..1.99 ....1.89
Duickjoy Junior 4.99 ....4
79 Quickjoy Turbo 1 ..5.99
...5.79 Quickshot Python 10.99
...3.99 Zipstick Super Pro .....14.99
..13.99 Microswitched joystick with steel shaft & triple
action auto) MUSIC CD Alishas Attic Rules The
World .....15.99 ..15.49 Best 80's Album In World
Ever ...16.99 ..15.49 Blur
Blur ....15.99
..15.49 Club Mix 97 Vol 2 ....18.99 .18.49
Dance Zone Level 7 ...18.99 ..18.49
Hits Zone 97 ....18.99
..18.49 In The Mix
97 ..18.99 ..1849
Jamiroquai Travelling Without .....16.99 ..16 49 Jethro
Tull Through The Years 5.99 ...5.49 Kinks
Definitive Collection 15.99 ..15.49 Kula
Shaker K .....16.99 ..16.49 Ministry
Of Sound Sessions 7 .....17.99 ..“749 Now
35 ...: .19.99
..19.49 Oasis Whats The Story Morning 14.99 ..14.49 Spice
Girls Spice ......16.99 ..16.49 This Is
Techno 2 ..14.99 ..14.49 (3 CD
set) UB40 Best Of Vol 2 ...16.99
..16.49 Ultimate
Eighties 18.99 ..18.49 VIDEO
Apollo 13 ..14.99
..14 49 Babylon 5 Vol 22 12.99
.12.49 Braveheart ..14.99
..14.49 Broken Arrow™ 12.99 ..12.49 Cantona
Speaks ..12.99 ..12.49
Casper ......14.99
..14.49 Dark Skies 1 Awakening .....12.99 ..12.49
Desperado 14.99
..14.49 Die Hard With A Vengence ..14.99 ..14 99
Disney Toy Story 16.99 ..16 49
Dr WHO Dominators .10.99 .10.49 Dr
WHO Pertwee Years ....10.99 ..1049 Dr WHO
Warriors Of The Deep 11.99 .11.49 Harry Enfield & Chums 1997
.....12.99 ..12.49 Independence
Day ....15.99 ..15.49
Jumanji ......14.99
..14.49 Las! Action
Hero 4.99 ....4.99 Men
Behaving Badly 5 Part 1 .....12.99 ..12.49 Men Behaving
Badly 5 Part 2 .....12.99 ..12.49 NASA Video Collection
Vol 1 .....12.99 ..12.49 NASA Video Collection Vol
2 .....12.99 .7249 Outer Limits Vol
7 .....10.99 ..10.49
Showgirls ..12.99
..12.49 Spice Girls Official Video 1 .14.99 ..14.49
Star Trek 1 Extended Version 10.99 ..10.49 Star
Trek 1 Motion Picture 10.99 ..10.49 Star
Trek 2 Wrath Of Khan 10.99 ..10.49 Star Trek
3 Search For Spook 10.99 ..10.49 Star Trek 4 Voyage
Home ..10.99 ..10.49 Star Trek 5 Final
Frontier ..10.99 ..10.49 Star Trek 6
Undiscovered ..13.99 ..13.49 Star Trek Deep
Space 9 Vol 23 ...10.99 ..10.49 Star Trek
Generations .14.99 ..14 49 Star Trek
Next Generation 89 10.99 ..10 49 Star Trek
Voyager 3.6 .12.99 ..1249 They Think
Its All Over ......14.99 ..14.49 X Files
Abduction ......13.99 ..1249 X Files
Colony 1299 ..13.49 X
Files Master Plan ...14.99 ..14 49 X
Files Tooms 13.99 ..13.49
X Files Unopened File .....14.99 ..14.49 All
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Please state type of computer when ordering. Videos sold only to over 18s Please note that member prices quoted apply to Club First members only BACKING THE allthewav MS* 0£ j4 viCJQ A. UH»X k 3D Images contains thousands of colour rendered E images, covering Jj&J every subject.... Viewing tools Gif Sensations is a .double CD contain' ling around 10,000 I colour photo’s.... I Catagories include: Transport, The World of White XL T-shirt with official AMIGA logo.... ITS001) Only £10.99 +£1 mumm L Available now, the standard I A1200™ version of the well B loved Epic Encyclopedia.
This release has a new “one-screen" interface but contains the same amount of articles.
HD not required.
EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Amiga Catalogue Disk Contains information on ifc Gf)00 A1200 A4000 Around 6,000 all-time classic Commodore i 64 sid (game) music [tracks. 100% just L like the original.
CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE ON: 01793 432176 Oh yes! More worms contains hundreds of new levels and data I to enhance Worms™ I even more... Just £9.99 (CD201) Emulators Unlimited contains Software emula- on to°ls f°r the Amiga. Spread over numerous TffgEMl platforms are emulators for: Apple, BBC, Commodore 64. Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac. Gameboy. Atari ST. MSX.
Apple200. Atari 800. Atari1040ste. S nclair QL. Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
I The FLASH-ROM is a “companion" Emulators CD that contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like: Kelecovision, Nintendo, Gameboy etc.* Order code: (CD260x) £29.99 m SIXTH SENSE INVESTIGATIONS'u iron ¦ An amazing new Arcade Adventure available on disk or Amiga CD-ROM. 13 , Features include: 3 Dimesions, 3 Worlds (Normal. Cartoon and Robot), 5, - T-J 32Locations. 256 colour graphics, 2 Diffulculty paths, 8 Languages, Fully spoken I dialog and much more.
Floppy Disk: (SSG30-1) £29.99 SIXTH SENSE INVESTIGATIONS [THE LEARNING CURVE is a By Inew educ- FrRU-. 4 tional CD- ROM recently rated over 90%. It includes hundreds of megabytes of eductional games and reference material.
Highly recommended for any age group. Music, Maths, Spelling, GCSE, Science, Nature are all included.
| 3D Objects contains thousands and thou- sands of 3D DXF ¦ objects, suitable for i B-J use with Imagine™ or Lightwave™ MSMk Great Value CD!!!
EMULATORS UNLIMITED + Official Cornmoore Mouse Mat.
Size 220mm x 188mm ,f»nnf70l£3.99«w 3D IMAGES are included Available for the month of publication only!
B Nothing But Gifs AGA LSD collection One 600mb of the very best 600mb of the very colour images, great for ¦¦M&'ljS best tools, graphics ¦ multimedia presen- and music, taions. CD197x £5.99 CD18x £5.00 17bit 5th Dimension LSD collection Two P B 600mb of the very best Another 600mb of Amiga PD software. ¦KpPirLa 9reat Amiga software.
JhB Games. Demos, Utils Games. Utils and etc. CD157 £6.99 demos. CD78x £5 Epic Encyclopedia r LSD collection Three The 1996 release. The third in the series Inc: 4mbAGA and 0f Amiga PD soft- £g§M 2mbECS versions. HD ware. Rated 90%-ish.
MjJ required CD222x £20 CD127x £5.00 ¦I Retro gaming at it's best. BHHHfli ,1 Over 4300 all-time classic ¦ spectrum48 and igft Commodore64 game files on CD-ROM.
l Emulators included for the Amiga.. Games B Jhh include Manic Miner, J Skool daze, Monty mole, _ Startrek, Thrust, Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit, Strip Poker, Danger Mouse, II The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under B Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, Barbarian, B Sanxion and thousands of other classic spectrum and C64 game files. All games are ready to run direct from CD.
W 3000 Speccy games - 1,300 C64.
THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PARANORMAL I Is an exciting mew Amiga I Multimedia titles featuring hun- I dreds of detailed articles covering I every thing from UFOs to Sea- B creatures, Spoon-bending, B Ghosts, Aliens and much more.
B Film-clips. Samples. Animations, Colour mono photo's and more.
Features Include:
* 10 Subject catagories.... UFOs. Strange-Life. Unusual-natural-
Phenomena, Ghosts. Paranormal-Persons.
Mind-over-Matter. The Unexplained.
Myths-and-Legends, Mysticism and Freaks-of-Nature.
‘Thousands of pictures... ‘Hundreds of samples Many articles have full spoken dialog.
‘Dozens of huge film-clips.... Including A V files (Audio&Visual) films Req - : Recommended: c~" 'an- -x CD-ROM C 030-040-060 processor enhanced PARANORMAL ENCYCLOPEtMi, Thousands or' colour GIF images from qBstartrek. Babylon5.
TNG, Robocop.
Batman, Total Recall, 2001, Aliens and many more... SPECCY CD’97 & C64 GAMES*??
GIF SENSATION People. Places, Sci-fi Space, and more.
. Contains thousands our most popular software titles on one giant 650mb CD-ROM. Now you ”R can purchase all the new Epic disks in one go.
Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for J B Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts. Graphics converters. Music tutorials. Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of ¦" Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, and more.
Most titles are either usable from the CD or can be extracted to your HD.
Arcade Classics is an original col- ¦ lection of ALL your old arcade favourites. Including Amiga ver- Bsions of PACMAN. SPACE B INVADERS. ASTERlODS. MIS- Ek hsile command, pengo.
B • BH-R03GER .OAD R-WER m , * galaxians. Donkey kong.
AGA TOOLKIT ‘97 New utilities CD featuring 100% i AGA tools, ready to run from CD.
I CD407 £9.99 WOMEN OF THE WEB (16) Info and AGA images of famous i Holllywood females. 4mb+ ram I CD402 £19.99 PRINT STUDIO PROFESSIONAL 24bit graphics printing utility, i requires 4mb ram AGA chipset.
I CD253 £39.99 KLONDIKE CARD GAMES Over 300 AGA klondike card sets on one ready to use CD.
I CD231 £14.99 PERSONAL SUITE Includes Personal Paint6.4, i Personal Write, Super Base and many more. CD195x £19.99 GEEK GADGETS Sold as “Amiga Developers Enviroment" it contains hundreds of “essential’tools.CD424 £19.99 SYSTEM BOOSTER New utilities CD featuring 100% i tools, ready to run and archived from CD. CD425 £19.99 Includes easy to use Amiga Games Menu.
PERSONAL PAINT 7 The latest version on this amazing i art graphics package, supplied on mini-disc. CD406 £29.99 AMIGA REPAIR KIT Includes commercial versions of I DiskSalv aswell as many others.
CD250 £49.99 We stock over 100 different Amiga based CD-ROMS.
If you can’t see what you want, give us a call.... A new multi-media HBI html encyclcoed a for any AGA 4mt- Amiga Hbb7t' B Includes details on series. UFO people.
Abductions, The JFK assassination. Voodoo, Crop Circles and all things Unexplained.
INSIGHT DINOSAURS CD433) £24.99 Insight dinosaurs has been produced in association with The Natural History Museum in London. It features hun- , dreds of photo's, illustra- i tions, video clips, narration I and sound effects.lncludes
* both ECS & AGA versions.
(CD114) £19.99 DeskTop-VIDEO CD 2 (CD404) £14.99 This new CD contains hundreds of new backdrop textures, over 200 full colour anti' aliased fonts in sizes upto 200pts, Video titling clipart I and loads more Video tools etc. ] (produced by Almathera) Includes: SCALA I Contains over 1000 |Spp**i digital elevation maps for use with Lightwave3D, VistaPro- Scenery f f • *"BB Animator I ____3 andWorld Construction Kit.
Includes thumbnail renders.
DEM-ROM (CD203) £14.99 Movie Maker Special Effects Wm - H is a interactive B| H multimedia indepth ll mJBB guide to film special effects.
Req: AGA Amiga. 4mb ram SFX (CD184x) £19.99 PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE S. PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED Send to: EPIC 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, UK. SH2 2HF Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 6:00prrv Overseas Orders: +44 1793 514188 ’*¦? You r. Ajstraia or * can ocfcfcase any a* our CD-RCX.*s Tom our Sydrev cased c ce Sena your orders to; EpiC? 36 Forest Road, Heath cote: NSW. 2233 Tel: f02 9 520 9606 Fax: (02) 9 520 6077 Tor cxKes sn Ausfraiw- SSS *«m$ y double the UK £££ once5 ts&d I I INTO THE NET contains all the
tools required to access and explore the internet with ease. The double CD set contains usable versions of MIAMI, Voyager, iBrouse, AmiTCP and more. In addition the CD’s contain many utilities for creating your own WEB pages, mail, and much more.
Cartoon Most items are directly usable from the CD's IN-TO-THE-NET Suitable for any KS2 3 Amiga.
Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Includes images only suitable for persons over the age of 18.
Mick Davis's Cartoon Clipart is a new Amiga CD- ROM containing around 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used “royalty- free". Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every commissioned image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD-ROM.
The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga’s such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4000.
- £129 1 -2gig
- £159
1. 6gig
- £199
2. 0gig
- £239
2. 5gig
- £259
3. 2gig
- £289 Each drive is pre-formatted with WorkBench3, ready to fit
into either the A1200 or A4000.
Add £20 for connecting HD leads and software... Fitting service available..... (+P&P of £4) Marbleous - £7.99 Addictive 100 level puzzle game!
Kargon - £24.99 4 player dungeon & dragons adventure.
Sixth Senth - £29.99 256 colour AGA Arcade adventure.
Testament - £24.99 3D Zombie Blaster in the Doom mould.
SEE&Y &OMS THE HOTTEST AROUND Mr Modem 14,400 Only £69 Inc cables Islona is an exciting new Amiga games label dedicated to only releasing the very best games.
Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult title. It features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the “adult” nature. Image viewers and coverters are included for any Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY) (CD01) £19.99 Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour images but also includes tons of adult related samples, adult music modules, tonnes of adult stories, black&white 70’s photos, adult games and more. (OVER 18) Reduced: (CD115x) £7.99 with any other Adult CD.
Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images. Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER 18) (CD169) £19.99 Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now!
(OVER 18)% ~* Rated 90% AMIGA 3.5”HARD DRIVES MODEM We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes around 16,000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now, it features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features inluding: Colour images, Full-screen filmclips, National anthems, and a unique
Inter-ACTM feature which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: Draughts, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
1997 AGA version features include: ‘True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga™ ‘Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias und 16,00 from Aalbc ‘Hotlist editor yc .
Around 16,000 subjects covered from Aalborg to Zygote So you can create lists of subjects ‘Hundreds of samples music tracks Music tracks and and over 200 samples ‘Thousands of pictures Around 4,000 colour mono pictures All can be “magnified" upto full screen.
‘Hundreds of film-clips animations Over 200 subject related film-clips All can be “magnified" upto 4times in size.
‘View many film-clips “full-screen” New Zoom option ‘Now includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles ‘Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk ‘Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects ‘Kids Explorapedia Eight kid's interactive play-about sections ‘Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis ‘Subject creator Create your own subject data ‘Network compatible Can be run through a CDTV (Parnet) “If any product deserves 10 10, this is it Andy McMillan Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of the male body. This CD-ROM
has been compiled to forfill the hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies.
Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
) £19.99 The new main interface Kids Catagory selector Export screen
- 1 iMflu r •
• 4 jt*. - .a* Jm- vc r. 'f?*. ’ The main menu The Explorapedia
menu The subject creator Hotlist Manager Install & Setup
(3disks) RWB10-3 - WB2.04 (3disks) RWB19-5 • WB3.0 (5disks)
PRINTER DRIVERS IDRV5-1 • 100 Printer Drivers Aminet set one
reducec Aminet set two reduced!
Aminet set three Aminet 16 Aminet 17 Aminet 18 Amiga Repair Kit CD Amiga Developers CD Print Studio Pro Meeting at Pearls 4 Mods Anthology (4cd)
19. 99
34. 99
12. 99
12. 99 |
12. 99
49. 99
14. 99
39. 99
9. 99
29. 99 ' !! G A AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA’S (with 4mb+ ram &
PRODUCED IN 1996 1997 1993 1991 NO. OF PICTURES 4000+ 1300
'Requires an Amiga 1200 or 4000, a hard drive, a CD-ROM drive
and 4mb+ of ram. (6mb ram recommended) Personal Paint 7
29. 99 Octamed Sound Studio
29. 99 CD32 Network set 2
34. 99 Personal suite Reduced
19. 99 The Learning Curve 19 99 DEM Rom 1499 Light ROM4
29. 99 Xi Paint 4.0
49. 99 1078 Weird Textures
19. 99 AGA Toolkit 97
9. 99 Multimedia Backdrops
29. 99 Sounds Terrific 2 (2cd)
19. 99 ‘Upgrade your old version to the 1997 version.
“Simply return your current CD-ROM version along with a cheque of just £12.99 inc P&P Cacius HARD DRIVE SETUP SOFTWARE SHS7-2 - A60Q HD Setup & Install IAHD7-2 - A1200 HD Setup & Install £7.00 IATP3-1 ¦ Atapi IDE Drivers IAAZ7-2 ¦ Zappo Arcos Drivers ! SSS12-2 • Squirel SCSI Software £3.00 £7.00 £12 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA ‘97 LIGHT-ROM 4 £29.99 The latest issue contains thousands and brand new objects for Lightwave™ The Kara Collection™ is a professional and unique set of fonts, backdrops and tools for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentations. £34.99
Aminet Set 4 (Feb’97) is a 4 CD set of over 4gig of Amiga software. This is the definitive collection of Amiga patches, games, tools etc. Inc Opus5.11 AMINET sel4(£34.99) We can help you with virtually anything when it comes to the Amiga, from PI software to CD’s, Printer Drivers, Technical queries, transfering files from the PC and much more.
°lease call before you visit.... NEED SOMETHING? This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, etc LIGHT-ROM GOLD £19 99 Contains the best Lightwave™ 3D objects from LightROM issues 1, 2 and LightROM 3.
LIGHT-ROM CD-ROMS £54.99 WORLD ATLAS AGA KARA FONTS CD AGA Experience 3 contains 100% original AGA material including pictures, AGA demos, AGA games, and AGA tools. Most information runs direct from the CD.
Aminet 18 contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software, including games, demos, animations, music, tools, comms, patches, etc. Available for £12.99. Or just £10.99 through our subscription service.
Available Now!
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4. Cash on Delivery (UK) costs £17 for upto 10 CD's Some are
good, some are bad and some really are very ugly. Andy Smith
checks out the games that are, of course, the... And we love
all of em, even the ugly ones. Reader Games is all about your
Anyone who's interested in games will have sat down at some point and said to themselves "I can do better", and that's where this part of the mag comes in. All those readers who have had those thoughts and actually done something about it have the chance to showcase their creativity.
The idea of Reader Games is not to rate our readers' contributions however because we're not trying to help you make informed buying decisions here, we're just offering our advice on how the games can be improved and tweaked - as well as giving credit where it's due.
So next time you're sat playing a game and you're thinking "Why have they done that? Why didn't they do it this way...", do something about it.
It's not difficult - especially when there are some excellent ready made programming tools to help you out, such as Blitz Basic and Amos - all it takes is a bit of commitment and dedication and bingo! A tremendous game is born. And if it's really good you're going to be in with a fine chance of winning our £50 prize!
If the lure of mega bucks isn't enough to inspire you then remember that we also pass on the games that we think worthy to Epic Marketing who take a look at them with a view to future publication.
Now, once you've read through the next few pages, get yourself a coffee and start working on that game that's been kicking around in your head for ages... These purple 'things' push you all over the screen, mean 'things'.
* 4 * ?
¦ i A 1 9 * m
- tT si* burn a bit of fuel and move in that direction, turn left
and your ball's 'burner' moves left, press up again and you
burn a bit of fuel and move left - eventually.
Fuel is not your only concern either, there are baddies to avoid and the baddies get erm, badder the further you get into the game. On the first couple of levels they only make a half-hearted attempt to come after you but later on they make a much more determined effort to get ya and so the game becomes a chase around the screen as you attempt to grab the boxes and avoid the baddies. It works better than it sounds.
This is loads of fun to play
- it's very tricky though and your life isn't made any easier by
the smallness of your ball. Slightly less gravity, slightly
slower baddies and a bigger main sprite are all this really
needs to become something terribly addictive indeed. © MR UFO
Reader Games having already had his game Cubical Worlds
featured back in AF87. Despite my slagging off of Cubical
Worlds ("Poor graphics, poor control and poor pacing don't do
this simple puzzle and collect-em-up any favours."), ]oona
hasn't given up creating games. Thankfully.
Mr UFO is a little gem of a game. In a nutshell you're controlling a small ball which bounces flies around a screen. The aim's simply to collect a set number of boxes and move onto the next level but it's the controls that really make the game. There's gravity to contend with you see, pushing up causes you to Verdict: Excellent controls turn a very simple game into something that's hard to put down.
Loads of features and good pacing keep you playing and all Mr UFO needs is a couple of tweaks here and there. Commendable stuff Mr Palaste.
Of - especially getting used to letting the face fall when you're at the top of the arena so you can reach the icons that are near the centre, and to make things really tricky you've got the increased speed the face rotates at, the further from the centre it is, to contend with.
It really is tough to play - Kerry could possibly slow it down to start with and then speed things up after say, a certain number of points have been scored. Obviously the graphics need a bit of work too! ® DENZIL'S FACE AUTHOR: KERRY TORCHIA LANGUAGE: AMOS Another game that's based around a very simple idea and yet is very satisfying to play is this awful looking game called Denzil's Face.
Quite simply, you control a small yellow face by pressing the joystick right to turn clockwise and left to go anticlockwise. There are random blocks that give you points when collected and bombs that kill when collided with. Simply survive as long as possible and amass as many points as you can.
Easy enough eh? You'd think so... Don't press any direction and the face fails straight down (if it hits the arena boundary you die however) and it's this feature that allows you to move nearer and further away from the centre of the arena.
It looks dreadful and the sound isn't up to much but it's a whole heap of fun to play!
Surprisingly, because of the lack of complicated controls, it actually takes a while to get the hang Verdict: Another well exectuted idea that looks a whole lot worse than it plays. Very simple controls that turn out to be very difficult to master makes this addictive and enjoyable.
AUTHOR: STEPHEN EABORN LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN This month's prize winner is one of the best we've seen in Reader Games for a long time. It's a Mario game - but on the Amiga - and it plays like a dream.
You're a little wizard chap (no surprise there then) who's trundling around a landscape collecting gold coins and at the same time avoiding baddies.
What makes it so good is the pacing of the game - the baddies are never unavoidable and there's a variety of them.
There are loads of bonus objects to collect (using the old Mario fave of bashing your head on the underside of bricks to get the bonus to come out of the top) and there are loads of tricky areas to negotiate. You know - a gold coin on top of a pillar which is exactly the right distance away from the place you have to jump from to get to it. It's classic stuff but it's so well worked you just can't keep from playing it.
As well as gold coins to collect, your wizard chap has to seek out keys which allow him to move to different areas of the game. Again, it's the old fave - collect a key from one part of the landscape and then move all the way back the way you came to open the door you couldn't go through earlier.
Wonderful whole.
Everything works just about right, from the smooth controls to the spot-on speed and placing of the baddies.
This may not be original but it's one Stephen's paid attention to just how all the sum parts of the game come together to make a WIZIO of the most professional Reader Games I've had the pleasure to look at for a long time. Beating the pants off some commercial releases that have tried, and failed, to capture that pure Mario gameplay feel. ® Very Mario and very playable. The action is smooth, the controls great and the pacing superb. A winner all the way.
Verdict: A cracking Mario clone that's a joy to play. There's very little I could recommend Stephen change apart from the annoying 'dump you to the CLI screen' when you've lost your last life making you reboot every time you want to play another game.
A couple of minor gameplay considerations could have made this a whole lot better. It's very similar to an old Gremlin game from years ago called Deflektor(a game that came out before even Amiga Format was born). The very simple idea is to position mirrors around a screen and use them to bounce a laser beam from its start point to its target.
The mirrors can be rotated to make the beam go in different directions which is handy difficult trying to decide where to put the mirrors, let alone get them all correctly positioned within Lee's crippling time limit.
Should you fail to get the beam to its target the screen resets and you have to do the whole thing over again - fortunately you can keep trying as often as you like but it's just so annoyingly frustrating to be putting the last mirror in place only to have everything go and reset on you.
The other main problem with the game This was potentially great but a couple of silly little is that the mirrors just glitches spoil the fun. Details chaps, details. Don't seem to work sometimes - you put a because each screen is mirror somewhere, fire the laser and the beam littered with things to avoid. Just goes straight through it. You can usually A simple idea and one that get around this by rotating the mirror first one proves to be immense fun as you experiment way and then back to the orientation you put it with bouncing the laser around. Down in in the first place. Curiously the beam
What Lee hasn't got quite right though is will now go where you hoped it would. It's just a the amount of time you're allowed to complete real shame these little things let the whole each level - there really isn't enough. It's game down. ® Verdict: Mostly well put together but there are a couple of gameplay points that take all the fun away. Simply giving the player more time would have made such a difference, as would making the mirrors work first time! Special mention for the tremendous sound.
TICKLE TWINS AUTHORS: JAMES HAVERS LANGUAGE: AMOS c1 c c c' c' «r mjw fin Mfc mirornm **. *OTin
- u V the screen. Deliver all the diamonds from the screen and
you've completed the level. All the while you're avoiding the
baddies that patrol around the screen because contact with any
of Great graphics and good gameplay only slightly marred by
baddies that are too speedy.
Tickle Twins comes very close to being very good and then goes and trips itself up by not paying enough attention to detail. This is something that a lot of Reader Games are guilty of and it's very disappointing when it happens.
This is a simple platform game that owes a lot of its charm to Bubble Bobble. You're a little chap who has to scamper around a screen of platforms picking up large diamonds and then delivering them to a door in the bottom left of ’ L
* * cn isininiaiEiiirnnimrirn *¦* «, C’C'CV C « aiTnanrn **
nnr~i;ri » m ; «TYVr YY C L_1 L cncnaiTnniinrnmrninnrn » **.
ZfciVVVVVV' C mT3n n-Tnirnanni;ninnn'T nnrranir-imrnrnrn:r tf’lf'tf’li them (you start off just having to avoid the one baddie but more chase after you on later levels) causes death.
Simple, good looking fun. Or it would be if James had paid a little more attention to the speed of the game's sprites. It's all very well having fast baddies if your character is fast which, thankfully, James has done but there's no point having your character and the baddies so fast that the enjoyment is ruined. The baddie sprites in Tickle Twins are just too fast. The Twins bit by the way refers to the fact that the game has a simultaneous two player option and the Tickle bit refers to the fact that each of the twins is armed with a feather to ward off the baddies - a well timed tickle
renders them ineffectual for a couple of brief seconds (not long enough to be very effective In my humble opinion).
There is an option to slow the speed of both your sprite and the baddies down but this doesn't really solve the problem - those baddies are just too good at homing in on you quickly.
Verdict: Could have been a lot better if the baddies were slower. Slowing the pace of the game down helps a bit but doesn't solve this fundamental problem. Everything else is groovy though - but the music is very, very twee.
SLALOM SPECIAL AUTHOR: LUCIA CARMINATI LANGUAGE: ASSEMBLER I| BHIU 1 so once you get bored of one you can just ski down another.
And that's about all there is to it. It's not very adrenaline-pumping, but it is very well done. Your character flows nicely down the slopes and is well animated.
There is a severe lack of features though
- even the snow is just boring strips of slightly different
coloured greys.
Run The only real excitement comes when you're trying to beat your own records down the pistes but that doesn't really last for very long. Extra features and a couple of surprises are what's needed to add some spark. © TOH1H sth & 1 It's very simple but very well done. There really needs to be more variety to keep your interest.
1 This is Horace Goes Skiing - but on the Amiga.
It really is just a simple skiing game. You start at the top of the screen and have to negotiate the 20 odd gates as you travel down. The controls are very simple: a slight push left of the joystick and your character does a slight left turn, hold left a bit longer and your character makes a more severe turn. Push down on the joystick and your character goes a little faster (though not very noticeably) and pushing up puts the brakes on.
Complete the course by getting through the gates - miss even one and you're disqualified from the run - and you then get to do it all again with a different skier. Lucia has had the foresight to include more than one piste though
mm. u jatrii Verdict: Well put together and not bad to play but
there's just nothing very exciting about this game. Sure, you
could challenge a couple of mates to time-trial races but
even then the fun's going to melt away very quickly.
Buy goods from one space station and then take them to another space station to sell for a profit, and here's where Gordon has deviated from the plot a bit as you don't actually do any real flying. You simply pick your destination star. Hyperspace there and call up the local map to decide where you're going to dock. That's all there is to it unless you get jumped by pirates, the mafia or those pesky aliens the Nodrogs (Gordon backwards ho, ho). Then you're into the game's combat phase which is actually quite satisfying.
A small enemy craft (most looking like Tie Fighters from Star Wars) appears in your viewing window and you then move a crosshair around the screen firing your laser.
Hit the baddies enough times and you destroy 'em. If they get too many hits on you (there are only audible clues that they're firing) you die. Simple but effective.
There are loads of commodities to deal in, loads of upgrades to buy for your ship and plenty of missions to give you a reason to actually go somewhere. Despite the lack of any kind of flying this is a great little game that you can keep playing and playing.
Just like in Elite you'll start to believe in the game world and get sentimental about your character and ship. Fabulous stuff that just happened to come to us when there was an even better game to scoop the £50 prize. © Time to load up on juice and go visit another star system. Sirius anyone? Why the devil not... Verdict: A home-made version of Elite that only lacks the dogfights. Plenty in here to keep you playing for weeks and weeks and weeks. The only thing I'd have changed is the menus when you're in a spacestation - they could do with brightening up because dark text on dark backgrounds
is very hard on the eyes. Hats off to you Gordon.
4 LETTER WORD AUTHOR: M. KNIGHT LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC Here's an idea that nearly works but doesn't quite because too much is left to the player. 4 Letter Word is all about those games you see in newspapers, where you have to get from one 3 dictionary to get more than the S3 JILT game's initial ten words. This isn't so bad really but it is a bit annoying.
And it's very easy to cheat, but as M says in the readme doc, if you've got to cheat then you're beyond help anyway.
What it does do well is not let you just change any letter sometimes. Suppose you want to change the T at the start of the word, sometimes the game won't let you so you have to change something else - this is actually a good point because it makes things just that little bit trickier.
What's not so hot is that the game doesn't give you a set number of changes allowed before you've failed. You can just keep changing and changing until you get there. I cheated loads by the way. But that's probably because I'm beyond help and couldn't find much fun in here. Sorry M. MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE!
We love seeing your games!
We love 'em so much we give a whopping £50 to the author of the month's best game. Not only that though, we send the month's best game (plus any others we think are worthwhile) to Epic Marketing who have a long hard look at 'em with a view to publishing them commercially. Any games that we do send to them also win their authors' a fabulous Epic CD. A word of caution though, don't bother trying to slip any old PD game past us, we'll notice it and chuck it in the bin - after we've wiped the disk for good measure.
When you are sending in your submissions though folks, and this bit's important, make sure you include a contact address and make sure you let us know what language you've used to create the game Amos, Blitz, Assembler or whatever), because it gives the other readers a good idea what the package can do and might inspire them to get making games themselves. Oh, and if you could include a recent photo of yourself that would be great (don't worry, no one's uglier than us!). The address to send your stuff to, as usual is: Reader Games • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW.
In-depth review of) Microsoft s new browser INTERNATIONAL PHONE GfHLS FOR R PENNV R R1INUTE!?!!
Use Internet telephony and cut your phene bill 9 ¦ y on-line gameshows to internet discuss,ons 56KBPS ACCESS IS HERE... AND IT UIORHS t Upgrade your modem and of the Internet jet set PLUS more expert advice tor Net newcomers, try the Net for nothing with CompuServe, the next round of Internet regulation, more great Web site
- advice and another program- packed .net CD-ROM.
HONEjnftJS' everything, as they say. .vcu jjj PHONE 1‘lllH could ask tor.
Issue 8 ONTHE PHONE CRIES FOR RS LITTLE RS R PENNV R ffllNUTE PROTECT VOUR CHILDREN PLRV ONLINE GR01ESH0UIS CRERTE THE PERFECT UiEB SITE June issue on sale Thursday 29 May £3.95 with CD-ROM • £2.95 without http: www. Mtu Complete with PC Mac CD-ROM & FREE 32-PAGE MAGAZINE Who cares about the election? So what if Hale Bopp won't be back for a few more years? There are more important things in life - like how to get infinite lives and cheat your way past the Boss on level two of your fave game! Read on.. AND THE FORTRESS OF EVE Vulcan's third speech adventure has proved to be very popular with
you chaps and thanks to Vulcan themselves we're now able to bring you the complete solution to the game - er, but in two parts because it's a bit too big to fit in one issue!
Don't despair though folks, the second and final part will be in Amiga Format Issue 100 (Corks!).
Squint. Take the rose petals and put them in the tub of distilled water. Take the potion of perfume.
? Drink the perfume to allow you to put the seed on the compost heap.
Take :he opium poppy and put the poppy on the stone of autumn. Take the seed head. Give the seed head to the chemist and then take the morphine that's left. Give the morpnine to the goblin and he gives you a key for the locked door.
In here you will notice a mouse hole. Put the cheese outside the hole and take the mouse.
Take the wine and read :he book of the druids. Open the locked door and put LEVEL ONE Firstly you need to pick up the dog collar, the seed, the combination note and the piece of cheese. Find the levered door and gain access to the tomb of Reverend Squint. Put the dog collar on the tomb (nothing's going to happen immediately, so don't worry).
Search this area and take the honeycomb, the pins and needles and the nursery rhyme.
? Find the levered door that gives access to the area with the slug. Take the bread, bowl of sea water and the shoe. Put the sea water on the stand over the camp fire. The water disappears and you're left with the salt, so take that. Put the salt on the slug. Take the key that is revealed.
Find the chest that the key opens and take the spectacles. Put the spectacles on the tomb of Reverend the p ns and needles on the altar of discomfort and take the numb potion.
? Take the piece of paper with NOITNETNOC FO ENOB and take the p ece of paper that says you're beau:iful. Put the bread and wine on the Eucharist altar. Take the silk worm.
Put the silk worm on the mulberry bush and take the silk. Put the shoe and the silk on the tomb of Cobbler Cloth. Take the invisible potion and drink it so that you can take the sapphire from the tomb that shouted "I can see you! '. Drink the numb potion as this allows you to get close enough to tne beehive to put the honeycomb on top of it. Take the honey and give it to the peasant woman with the sweet tooth.
She will give you a clock key. Use the clock key on the clock so that the hands move and then put the mouse on the altar in front of the clock where the mouse will be exchanged for an hourglass.
? Put the hourglass on the altar with the weight suspended over it, operate the lever and take the grain of sand.
Put the grain of sand in the oyster and take the pearl. Put the pearl in front of the peasant who can't speak then look at it - the curse is lifted and he gives you a quiet potion. Drink the potion and take the sapphire from the tomb that shouted "I can hear you".
Put both of the sapphires in place on Continued overleaf either side of the chest. Take the backwards potion. Stand and face one of the arguing peasants, drink the backwards potion and look at the piece of paper with the odd phrase written on it. The words say 'bone of contention'. The peasants say "Ah- ha", the bone disappears and is replaced by a door key that fits the locked door.
T Take the mistletoe and read the book about Pan. Put the mistletoe on the oak tree stump, take the large empty carrier and fill the water carrier with water from the water tub. Put the filled water carrier on the stone of Aquarius and take the birth chart. Give the char: to the astrologer and he'll give you a fish. Put the fish on the pool of pieces and take the staff covered in seaweed. Put the staff on Poseidon's statue. The statue disappears and the staff is exchanged for some earth. Put the earth on the hole that blocks the exit. Take the Beetle and piece of Iron.
Open the door with the lever and take the milk bottle. Put the empty milk bottle behind the maid and tell her she's beautiful. The maid giggles and sloshes her milk about which fills up your milk bottle. Take the full bottle and put it in the butter churner.
Operate the button and take the resulting butter. Put the butter on the bread in front of the peasant man and take the cold potion. Drink the cold potion and operate the levers as outlined in the combination note (if the first carc is a two, then the first lever should be up to denote higher than two. If it's a king then that lever should be down to denote lower than a king).
When the safe opens, take the corn.
? Put the corn on Demeter's statue and the statue disappears and the corn is exchanged for a daffodil. Put the daffodil and horseshoe on the tomb of Blacksmith Spring and take the fleece. Put the fleece on the spinning wheel and take the wool. Give the wool to the peasant woman and she'll give you a white scarf. Put the beetle on the altar with weights suspended over it and operate the lever so that the beetle gets crushed.
Take the cochineal and put it in the clothes washing tub. The water turns red (as it would). Put the white scarf in the tub and then take it out when it has turned red.
? Give the red scarf to the fortune teller and she'll give you a broken mirror. Give the broken mirror to the suspicious peasant woman whereby she screams and disappears enabling you to operate the lever. Take Pan's birth certificate and put it on the map of Arcady. Take the reed pipes and put the pipes on Pan's throne. The last lock opens and you can move onto... LEVEL TWO Take the hat, jigsaw piece, coin and the bucket with something inside it.
Put the bucket to the left of the barrel of water and operate the tap. “ake the door key and open the door and take the strength potion. Drink the strength potion and lift up the log and give it to the woodcutter who'll give you a plank. Use this plank to cross the bridge. Take the pepper, the bowling ball, the gas lamp and the orange. Put the orange on the Florence Nightingale monument and take the oil of cloves.
? Give the oil to the boy with toothache and take the homework.
Give the homework to the teacher - who won't accept it and says ''That's wrong". Go back to the boy again and you'll find a doorkey. Open the correct door and take the sieve, jigsaw piece and sheet music. Put the sieve on the prospector's pool and take the gold nugget.
Put the nugget on the stone engraved with the AU symbol.
? Take the gold trinket and put it on the magpie's nest where it's exchanged for the key for the first gargoyle. Put the pepper on the key on the table where the village idiot says you can't have it and he'll sneeze it into the bush. Get the key and find the correct door and put the orange on the juice squeezer and take the orange juice. Take the chest key and the piece of paper that says "Er, yes". Find the correct chest and open it and take the bilingual pill - when you take the pill you say "Bonjour mon amie" once. You want to say this to the French tourist and he wakes up. Take the love
letter and give it to the journalist who'll give you a newspaper.
? Speak to the librarian and when she says "Do you want to join?" You can say "Yes". She replies "You'll need some ID". Give the newspaper to the groom and he'll give you his wedding ring. Put the ring on Flenry Vlll's monument and take the clever pill.
When you eat the pill you'll say "I love quantum physics" once. You want to say this to the mathematician and he wakes up and you can give him the homework so he can correct the mistakes. Give the new homework to the teacher and take the door key.
Find the correct door and give the bat to the boy who asks for it.
? Take the map of Avalon, the jigsaw piece and the door key. Put the map of Avalon on the monument of King Arthur and take the fishing rod. Now put the fishing rod on the angling pool HELPING HANDS I've been playing the game Legends for ages and just can't seem to get past the first level. Can you please help?
Rose Allcroft Newcastle-upon-Tyne No sooner said than done Rose.
Try these codes: Chinese World PEOJNCPC English World MHNJOPNC Egyptian World MKMJJCIB Spacial Ship MKLJKBLB Continued overleaf ¦» and take the fish. Give the fish to the fishmonger and take the chest key.
Open the right chest and take the bottle of cyanide. Put the cyanide on the altar with the poison sign and take the fearless potion.
Drink the potion and the prince will go near the altar with the treble sign, guarded by the dog. Put the sheet music on the altar and take the key for the second gargoyle. Open the locked door with the door key and take the jacket and the piece of paper with E=MC2 and another door key. Put the paper on the monument to Einstein and take the cube. Put the cube on the altar with the square root sign and take the chest key. Open the chest and take the stone deaf potion. Drink the potion and you'll be able to get near the busker. Put the coin in and take the tankard. Fill the tankard with ale from
the barrel and give the full tankard to the jailer - he'll drink the ale leaving an empty tankard but nothing else will appear to happen. Open the correct door with the key and take the nightcap, jigsaw piece and sunflower seed.
? Put the nightcap on the monument to Wee Willie Winkie and take the sleeping powder. Put the sleeping powder in the barrel of ale and refill your tankard. Give the drugged ale to the jailer and he'll fall asleep this time.
You can now take the key from the table and unlock the chain to allow the prisoner to escape. Notice a note on the floor. Go to the tree stump by the angling pool and take the forged passport. Give the librarian your ID and she gives you a book called Professional Bowling. Put the sunflower seed in the plant pot and take the sunflower. Put the sunflower on the monument to Van Gogh and take the shoes. Give jacket and shoes to the small boy and take the 'guy'. Put the guy on the bonfire and light it with the it match. Take the resulting ashes.
Put all four jigsaw pieces on altars and take the playing card. Put the playing card, orange juice, ashes and recipe book in the magic cooking pot and take the bowl better potion.
Drink the potion then drop your bowling ball on the bowling table and take the silver trophy. Put the silver trophy on the altar inscribed with the Ag symbol and take the key for the third gargoyle outside Eve's door.
When you insert the key to the third gargoyle a truffle appears. Put the truffle in the trough by the pig and take the door key.
? Take the stamped addressed envelope and insert the envelope into the letter box. The chest beside it will now begin to open so take the book of nonsense. Put the book on the monument to Edward Lear and take the strait jacket. Put this on the monument to Houdini and take the 1984 calendar. Put the calendar on the monument to George Orwell and take the key for the fourth gargoyle. Insert the key and you're onto level three.
Exactly what you do on levels three and four will be revealed in next month's GameBusters. True story.
Here's a handy hint for Team 17's little racer: In order to play the later tracks in two player mode you first have to reach them in a single player game.
Once you've done that, lose a race and enter your name as ATR. Now go back to a two player battle and you can select any of the otherwise hidden tracks.
- **• -¦ Now then young man, let's talk about the disgusting
state of your room.
Fancy getting unlimited bombs and lives? 'Course you do. Here's how you do it: Press the space bar to gain access to the main controls and then type 7EVEN (Return).
Thanks go to Eddie Ivanov, via the Internet for that one.
H 'I 5 d i
• S • * j i U1 »-m
* -MS 2, * V'.- ¦; « 7 i , Hsf 41 y-r IPS! 1 .4 ' • T.'-v 4 1 !
( i jc L * f i If only I knew the codes for the bases in mission two... Hurrah for AP.
TINY TROOPS Eddie's to thank for this one again: On the troop selection screen, move the mouse pointer to the top left of the screen and type a two digit number (02, 03, 05, 07 and so on) and you'll go straight to that level. Neat.
WORMS THE DIRECTOR'S CUT Here are some top tips from Richard Moss of Bradford on Avon.
Try typing these words in: This turns the bouncy title ball OFF.
Puts land mines everywhere.
Title ball is magnetised (no effect during the game though).
When playing the game there are loads of crates filled with loads of supa weapons (watch out for the Priceless Ming Vases - they're lethal!).
Title ball is affected by gravity (no effect during the game though).
Changes title ball to something else.
Worms can jump super-high.
No-one can move.
Turns the title music on off.
BOG RATS To access your character's special moves press the fire button three times followed by a direction. The moves vary for each player of course, but experiment and you should be able to pull the special moves off very easily. Try 'fire, fire, fire and down' for Corben Wedge's crushing body roll move for example.
Thanks again to Eddie Ivanov CAPITAL PUNISHMENT HELPING HANDS BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE Alan Potter is also having problems with Bane of the Cosmic Forge, he writes: "...There is a point in the game when I come to a draw bridge, there is a panel which has a Spring Winder, Autocoil Wrap, Transcux Pump, Truss Drivers and a Safety. If you use them in the right order then the drawbridge is supposed to fall. I can't seem to do it. Do you know the order?"
We do indeed, Alan. When you get to the control panel (which is rusted so you must use the Mystery Oil). The correct sequence is as follows: Safety, Pump, Coil, Truss, Safety, Winder. The drawbridge should now lower.
CAPTIVE I am writing to you as a last desperate attempt to get help for that 'classic' game Captive. I have reached level three on mission two on the planet Phooei and have searched everywhere for the codes for the secret doors and rooms. Please help!
J. M.Frame Huntingdon Ok J.M. Here are the codes for the bases in
LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or
have a solution to a question in the magazine, don't keep it
to yourself, write it down or send it in on a disk and we'll
do our best to print it.
HELPING HANDS Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street
• Bath • BA1 2BW Bear in mind that there is a bug in most
versions of the game that prevents you from opening a wall that
is supposed to open (this is on the level you're on - Phooei).
Above is the clipboard that you need, number 15099.
out the enormous Special Reserve Internet site @
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software, the Power Amiga will improve your existing software
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No other machine can stand up to the power of Power Amiga!
CALL NOW TO ORDER YOUR POWER AMIGA TEL: 01623 455398 95 MARLBOROUGH ROAD KIRKBY-IN-ASHFIELD NOTTS NG17 7HR e-mail:smflowers@ innotts.co.uk Dave Cusick trawls through the PD mailbag to bring you another helping of affordable excellence.
Unfortunately, owning an Acorn Electron at the time, I only occasionally stumbled across a review of a game which I could actually buy.
Many of the winners of the coveted Game Of The Month award only ran on the Spectrum or the Commodore
64. So it was with Uridium, a game which was so good that C&VG
saw fit to feature it on the magazine cover.
For the benefit of those who did not experience the golden years of computer games, I should perhaps explain that Uridium was a blisteringly good shoot-em-up, programmed by Andrew Bravbrook (latterly of Rainbow Islands fame).
The game boasted impressive scrolling acuon and offered a considerable challenge to all but the most hardened of gamers.
Thanks to Shoah it’s now possible to relive Uridium on your Amiga. The “Swim Around In Circles Mix” release of Torque is a playable but incomplete game, which is soon to be followed by a considerably enhanced version. There are a few bugs, but this is still an enjoyable blast-fest. Just as tough as Uridium.
With pleasing graphics and some nice sound effects, Torque is as slick as it is addictive. I await the “Big Mix” with baited breath.
When I was a youngster, my monthly trips to the hairdresser were invariably followed by a stroll to the local newsagent’s, where 1 would SLIPSTREAM DEMO purchase a copy of the then excellent By ..Niki Hemmings & Computer C'? Video Games. My pocket Richard Whittall money practically exhausted, I would Ware .....Freeware happily toddle home to catch up with PD Library ..PD Power the latest developments in micro No of disks .....One computer entertainment. Price ....50p + 75p p&p TORQUE
By ..Shoah Ware .....Freeware PD Library OnLine PD No of disks .....One Price ....75p + 75p p&p Games making heavy use of texture mapping are all the rage these days on PC and high-tech consoles. But the Amiga has always struggled to handle the calculations involved, at the sort of speeds necessary, to produce impressive results.
But with dedicated Amiga owners opting for increasingly powerful processors, there have recently been several attempts to produce genuinely stunning texture mapped products. Hot on the heels of Amiga Quake, comes this attempt to emulate the blisteringly fast PlayStation hit Wipeout.
Choose your effect from the floating menu. Here you can see we've got Blue Rainbow.
Choose whether to play on your own or with a friend... Under the working title of Slipstream, this playable early demo shows just what faster Amigas are capable of. Three executables are included on the disk, each running the game with a different pixel size.
The 2x2 version produces acceptable results even on an 020 machine, but for the 1x2 and lxl versions, which use a freely available chunky to planar graphic conversion routine by Peter McGavin, at least an 030 50 is recommended. Although several screenmodes are currently supported they all require the AGA chipset.
Features already present include some excellent light-sourced 3D graphics, shadows, tunnels, and translucency effects. At the moment though it is unclear whether Slipstream will ever be finished. I would strongly suggest every .Amiga owner who would like to see their machine running a Wipeout clone to get hold of a copy of this demo version, try it out for themselves, and then contact the authors to show their support.
PACMAN 96 .....Alcatraz Ware ..Giftware PD Library PD Power No of disks One Price 5 Op + 75p p&p As with Creepy Crawlies, this is a title which is utterly devoid of originality but is nevertheless terrifically good fun to play.
Coded by an Austrian group in C++ and Assembler, PacMan 96 is an extremely system friendly program. It multitasks quite happily, running on an ordinary dragable screen or even in a Workbench window. All screenmodes and graphics cards are supported and the game can simply be dragged to a hard drive partition from where it will run with no problems whatsoever. The concentration on making the game so obedient has not, however, been at the expense of colourful graphics or marvellously smooth gameplay.
Not since Snapper on my old Acorn Electron have I enjoyed playing a PacMan clone this much - indeed, with a wealth of options too, this may well be the best I’ve ever played. There are several tunes available, or you can opt to play without music altogether, or even without the traditional munching sound effects. You can play with a friend in the non-simultaneous two- player mode, and you can even create your own levels should you feel the ones supplied are too easy.
Your preferred settings can be saved to disk, and the high-score table is automatically saved for posterity.
Since the game was actually released just before last Christmas, the disk also contains a curious seasonal message which consists of a colourful greeting accompanied by a sample, played backwards, of several blokes singing what sounds like We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Aren’t Austrians nice?
ILLUSIONS Black Dragon Design Ware ..Shareware PD Library ....Saddletramps PD No of disks .....One Price ....80p + 50p p&p This is a fully working demo version of a strange paint package which is available for £4.99 from Saddletramps PD. .Although several impressive-sounding effects are disabled, this demo is still capable of producing some wonderful cycling patterns and pictures.
Instead of opting for a conventional interface, Illusions uses a novel series of floating menus which can be brought up with a click of the right mouse button.
Consequently becoming acquainted with the operation of the program can take some time, although once it has become second nature the system seems to work quite well.
As well as being particularly suited to the creation of nauseating, pulsing designs, Illusions is useful for producing simple animated images. Examples on the disk include a snowman standing amidst falling snowflakes and a fish swimming through a bubbling pool.
There is also some rather blocky clip art available for inclusion in your own images, so creating a really basic design should only take a matter of moments.
While Illusions is not the sort of sophisticated graphics manipulator that enables you to churn out truly spectacular works of art, it is a fairly diverting piece of software which is probably most suited to children - providing they can fathom out how to navigate the menus, that is... PUBLIC DOMAIN I PD selection of CREEP CRAULICS By ...Frank Schonlau Ware ... Shareware PD Library ......Classic Amiga Software No of disks .. .One Price . ..£1.00 + 75p p&p I suspect most people would agree
that bugs are nasty. Some of the less pleasant creatures on this earth can at least claim to be serving a useful purpose, but this is simply not true of bugs. The mere thought of them can be enough to make the skin crawl, and the bug fear factor has been used to good effect by numerous film makers over the years. I recently spent the best part of a week bursting into choruses of comedian Bill Bailey's bleak musical. Human Slaves Of An Insect Nation.
Perhaps my hatred of bugs is one of the reasons why I like this charmingly straightforward blaster (we gave ten levels away on the AF96 Coverdisk). On the other hand, the colourful sprites, wholesome sound effects and engaging gameplay may also have something to do with it.
Creepy Crawlies is essentially Centipede for the nineties. The objective is to annihilate the insectoid invaders, a task made considerably more difficult than it sounds by their alarming tendency to fire missiles at your 00I9II a ooooao f *
* ***** ** 4$ ± 4 4
* * * * * m 0 0
* *
* * * *
* * * ** *
* * *
* * * * **
* *
* * * * ***
* * ** * *
* ** * * * s
* * * * Kill, kill, kill. Just dodge the mushrooms and destroy
the centipede.
Spaceship. Bizarrely, some bugs leave trails of mushrooms behind them which can provide useful shelter but also obstruct your movements and block your bullets.
Incidentally, as with so many classic arcade machines, it is only possible to have one of your bullets on screen at any given time, so timing your shots can be critical.
This is nothing new, but Creepy Crawlies breathes new life into a tired gaming concept.
QQ2S14 OtWOQQ * * * * ** * * * * *
* ** * **
* * * m m *
* * * * * * * * * * * ** * ** * * * * ** * * * * ** *
* * * * * * * m * * *
* * 3Q0 * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * *
* * A * If you manage it then the screen will look something like
this. That's 300 points for the fly.
CARTOON STUDIO VI .3 By .Marco Vigelius Ware ...Shareware PD Library Saddletramps PD No of disks ..1 Price ..8Op + 50p p&p Cartoon Studio is described in the accompanying AmigaGuide file as “a true What You See Is What You Get IFF-animation program”. It is certainly amongst the most advanced Shareware animation manipulation tools available.
The uncomplicated interface sits at the bottom of a screen displaying the frame currently being processed.
Through this interface you can assign various events to individual frames in an animation. You might want to play an IFF sound sample or a Protracker module, or fade a frame in or out. You can step through the animation frame by frame using some VCR-style control buttons. The frame rate to be used during playback can be changed at any time, with a single cartoon containing several switches in frame rate. A freeware, stand-alone animation player program is included, and this can be placed on self-booting disks so that other folks can see the fruits of your labour.
Unfortunately Cartoon Studio places extremely strict limits on the format your animations can take.
They must consist of either Lo-Res 32-colour images or Hi-Res 16-colour ones. As the author says, these will probably be quite sufficient for most Amiga cartoon makers, but a little more versatility would have been extremely welcome.
Cartoon Studio is an effective and usable tool with enough features to make it a genuinely worthwhile addition to the animator’s software library. Registration only costs a fiver so it won’t burn a hole in your wallet
- and as well as rewarding an author’s dedicated efforts, you’ll
also 7 j be buying freedom from requestors.
LPD SET 1 By ..Links PD Ware Various PD Library ..Links PD No of disks .....One Price ....£1.50 inc p&fp The Lha archives thi* disk can be easily extracted through Continued overleaf this AmigaGuide interface.
15 kh: h 3C k Bf fi12Bo*3uerfag R ‘ 2B0p r = upp fif 2B0_»i ipatch R12B8tdself IM i.iirara i 2 tarchiS &*.arv_? J d*sguri8 f =ke2E fiickftx m i coniicr fe r sc art 2 arriia U11»95 Mu*doz*95 XtPCpnuer PUBLIC DOMAIN ' * 2 EAODIE5 TU-K SCORE LEFT s S C t H*2 36« r* rs »" oo CO 00 w o P-.
R- o CO o m vo i » V) JC i. 5 3 0 V) £ o JC 0 tc « a - o X +* •a o o * a U) o a- 5 0 a a. VI a (0 im 7J ¦o IQ V) H o .
V) 0) t 3 8 o a .o WHERE TO GET THE DISKS Classic Amiga Software
11 Deansgate Raddiffe Manchester M26 2SH 0161 723 1638 Links
PD 20 Stirling Court Grantham Lincolnshire ® 01476 401481
North Staffs PD PO Box 476 Stoke on Trent ST1 2JY ® 01782
279670 OnLine PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Form by
Liverpool L37 3PX s 01704 834335 PD Power 15 Lovetot Avenue
Aston Sheffield S26 2BQ Saddletramps PD 1 Lower Mill Close
Goldthorpe Rotherham South Yorkshire S63 9BY e 01709 888127
Other good PD libraries White Rabbits (af97) 2 Aerial Racers 3
Artistix 4 Dark Citadel af97) 5 MUI v3.7 6 The Sun 7 Animated
8 Kick-lt 9 PC Task 4 demo 10 Magic WB 1.2P op; 10 PUBLIC
DOMAIN TITLES This is a collection of Lha archives containing
a wide range of utilities and patches for your beige beauty.
The archives can be extracted using GUIarc, which is included on the disk, or through a simple AmigaGuide front-end.
Darc is a Shareware filefinder, wiiich can either scan vour drives j directly in an attempt to locate a file or store directory listings in a file and quickly search this instead. More powerful features include pattern- based searches and a multiscan mode, in which all inserted disks are automatically scanned - this is an ideal w7ay of managing your collection of PD disks.
DMS-GUIis a front end for diskmasher archiving and dearchiving operations, wTiich will appeal to Magic User Interface haters thanks to its standard Workbench Intuition interface.
DiaryPD is a fast and functional offering w hich should help busy folks keep track of their lives. There is also a Win95 taskbar clone - although it only emulates the window-switching functions and not the incredibly useful Start button menus.
There are plenty of hacks too; one enabling 15KHz monitors to display non-flickering interlaced modes, another making it possible to run 020 demos on faster Amigas.
There are versions of the ever- popular NoIconBorders, NoFill and NoDraw7 patches which change the way icons appear on the Workbench; and there is a small program which aims to solve hard drive boot problems which some owners of expanded A1200s experience.
BlizzRepair2 fixes a bug Blizzard 1220 owners may have come across whereby fast memory vanishes after a hard reset is performed.
There are also some IFF images showing how' to make various changes and additions to your Amiga hardware. There is a wiring diagram showing how7 to construct an Amiga RGB to Scart RGB lead, plus details on how to cure the flickering screens which plagued some early Al 200s.
Another illustration and its accompanying documentation explain how7 to power an expanded A500 using a PC-XT power supply.
Technical details about the A1200 are also included, as is an A1200 FAQ w7hich unfortunately can only be of use to those wiio can read German.
Even more frustratingly, there are details of how to install an A1200 in a PC Towner case which are also completely incomprehensible (never mind you'll just have to read this month's feature on page 18) to those without a German qualification.
Although it is of considerably more use to multilingual .Amiga users than others, LPD Set 1 contains enough interesting bits and bobs to make it wrorth a look. It's scarcely indispensable, but I’ve seen worse.
DUCK DODGERS By...David Worswick & Lee Martin Ware .....Freeware PD Library .....North Staffs PD No of disks .....One Price ....50p + 75p p&p There are a couple of interesting aspects to Duck Dodgeis. Firstly, and most obviously, there is the clear reference to Glen Larson’s spectacularly tacky sci-fi great Buck Rogers, a show7 featuring inordinately large amounts of spandex and wonderfully cheesy grins. Secondly, and less clear to those w7ho didn’t happen to be supporting Manchester United in the FA Cup Final Replay
against Crystal Palace a few years ago, is the apparent career change for Lee Martin, one-time top-flight defender and scorer of the winning goal on that memorable evening.
But all of this is inconsequential.
Duck Dodgers is in reality a belting arcade game wrhich reminds me not inconsiderably of Digger (aka Monsters), a playable 8-bit platform romp. Guide your hero around a series of platforms and ladders, shooting monsters with a stun-gun and then kicking them into waiting cauldrons. Unfortunately the stun gun only works w hen Duck is moving, and the monsters have an alarming habit of cornering him, making a degree of forward planning an essential ingredient.
The bright and colourful graphics complement the action well, and our eponymous hero moves particularly smoothly around the levels. In fact, the presentation throughout is extremely good, and the music isn’t too bad either. There are five different w7orlds with distinct graphical themes, and they offer varying degrees of difficulty. Each w7orld consists of a number of levels, so that completion should not prove easy... in fact, even the starting levels present a significant challenge.
Duck Dodgers is a polished product which will certainly appeal to platform fans. If I could only get past the first level... PC Task 4jO Advanced 4 6 PC Software Emulator 250w Amiga Power Supply Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase of 2.3 times - 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 2, 4 or 8MB of 32-Bit 3AM INSTALLED ? USES STANDARD 72-PIN SlMMS
• Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point unit) ? Battery Backed
ClociVCalender ? Finger IutOut to help Installation ? Trapdoor
overdrive, squirrel etc.) ? Zero Waite State Design.
* 39** s89« £109.99
* 129.99
* 12999 4am
* 69.99 8am
* 89.9*
* 109*9
* 13999
* 159**
* 179*.
* 249*9
* 319**
* 449*9 32am N A N A
* 249**
* 269*,
* 289*9
* 289*9
* 359*9
* 429*9
* 559*.
M8 !AM8 &33MHz FPU )8030 33MHz&FPU »8030 40MHz )8030 40MHz&FPU 8030 50MHz i8040 25MHz (inc. Fpu) *199** :8040 40MHz (inc. Fpu) t269« i8060 50MHz(inc. Fpo) *399.9* £0*99
* 119.99
* 13999
* 159.99
* 15999
* 229*9
* 299*9 Mgb
1. 2gb
149. 99 16999 49 Includes Brack-It System (norm. £35) & UK
* 429.9* SCSI-II Interface for the Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060
- Supplied with software - £79.99 O DIRECTORY PUSO CP 560 3
BUTTON MICE & MATS (or All Amiga* e Atari Sts Send Faxes TO AND
FROM rppi Fax Software Solution Y£UR AMIGA.
Amiga Format Gold. Amiga Computing 9 10. Fax Compatible Award winning 560dpi Resolution ? 90% RATING IN CU Amiga ? Micro Switched Buttons ? Amiga Atari ST Switchable
• All 3 buttons can be used with MANY PROGRAMS SUCH AS Directory
Opus 5 Modem Required.
44 Image fx 2.6 the best
- n* gm* Image " Processing Package there is for the Amiga. Amiga
Format Gold - CU Awards. Bubble Filter, + PARTS EaSyLiDGCRS 2 -
The ONLY FULL ACCOUNTS PACKAGE, Ledger Based accounts system,
Amiga Format Gold CALL ABOUT TRIAL OFFER Hard Disk & Fire FX,
Wireless Hooks, Shear & Straw modes, Enhanced Lightning
Effects, FilmGrain Add Remove, Liquid Distortion, Sponge
Drawmode, Sparkle Effect & much more are in version 2.6. 119*9
2mb RAM Required £ £12 33MHz FPU Kit - plcc type FPU & Crystal
£29.99 .99 BEIGE OR BLACK MAT £2.99 OR £1 WITH A MOUSE
* 30
* 50
* 90
* 160 I 79.m Disks 50 Disks & Colour Labels
• 14.99 Bocks £ Videos 100 Disks & Colour Labels
24. 99 sider Guide - A1200 sider Guide - A1200 Next Steps sider
Guide - Assembler sider Guide - Disks & Drives £14.95 £14.95
£14.95 £14.95 49 sider Guide - Workbench 3 A to Z £14.95 .99
i~al! Amiga - Workbench 3 ital! Amiga - AmigaDOS ital! Amiga
- Arexx ital! Amiga - Assembler £19.99 £21.99 £21.99 £24.99
NEW astering Amiga Scripts astering Amiga Beginners astering
Amiga Printers astering AmigaDOS 3 - Reference £21.95
astering Programming Secrets £21.95 £19.95 £19.95 £19.95
ENTERPRISE Single Workstation 507 x 95 x 315mm 24 v
Comms Internet
* *** STAR BUY **** £14.95 iigaDOS Pack £34.99 tal! Amiga -
AmigaDOS & Mastering iigaDOS 3 - Reference Usually £43.94 AVE
2UH Cheques should be made payable to WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS.
Prices include VAT & carriage to the UK mainland. Please add £5
to your order for EC destinations and £10 for other countries.
All products are subject to availability. E&OE. Advertised
prices & specification may change without notice. All sales are
subject to our trading conditions V*a$
200 Beginner Pack £39.95 ooks (Insider A1200 & Next Steps), a 60 Minute EO, 4 DISKS OF PD TO GO WITH THE BOOKS VIDEOS 29 200 Workbench 3 Booster Pack £39.95 ooks (Disks & Drives & Workbench 3 A to Z), a minute Video, 1 disk & Reference Card
- coov availahle nn rennpst Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards
Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor
running at 33 40 or 50MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT
Overclocked) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? '040 fits Standard A1200
of RAM can be added ? Kickstart Remapping ? Optional SCSI-II
interface ? Can accommodate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM ?
68040 60 HAVE BUILT-IN FPU, 68030 card has optional PLCC PGA
type FPU (Floating Point Unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender
? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't void warranty ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE
CD-ROM or Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
16mb N A N A
* 17999
* 19999
* 21999
* 219.99
* 28999
* 35999
* 489*9 Quaktbrback
6. 1 and Disk Suite Quarterback e.1 & Slatm** Tool Tools Deluxe
backup, Disk Recovery & Optimisation are two KEY TASKS THAT
the Best 34 99 Compatible with ALL Amigas ? High Quality SONY
Drive ? Robust Metal Case ? Anti-Click as Standard ?
Enable Disable Switch ? Low Power Consumption ? Thru Port for
Extra Drives 10 £OT99 Or my.99 with PowerCopy Pro 3 - The BEST
Backup System Get the Quarterback Disk Suite.
2mb & Hard Disk Required £ airuRN £xter*Al 1Mb Floppy Prire for All Ami a As by Qualified 'Technicians ? All Amiga Computers Covered ? Prices from as little as £29.99 ? Many repairs by Wizard require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Collection ft Delivery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test & VAT.
? Fast Turnaround ? All Technicians are Fully Trained & Qualified ? Upgrades bought at same time fitted FREE!
4. 12 (worth £50), MUI 3, MCP, Galaga AGA, Virus Checker, Mods,
ReOrg, Abackup and MUCH MORE.
All software can be installed with our custom click 'n' go system. All drives Power-Up your Amiga with this 250w Enhanced Amiga PSU FOR LITTLE MORE THAN THE PRICE OF A NORMAL 25-30W Amiga PSU! Designed for A500 600 & 1200. Encased in Steel Subsystem, All Cables Supplied, Monitor OUTLET ON BACK OF PSU, ONLY QUALITY NEW PSU'S USED,
Hard Disks etc. ORDER HolllNE 01322-527800 on MX 01322-527810
Yes, at long last, a professional way to install a high
you our exclusive and COPYRIGHTED BRACK-lT 1200 FITTING SYSTEM
A500 512k RAM Expansion fl4.99 A500plus 1 mb RAM Expan.
£19.89 A600 1 mb RAM Expansion £19.99 ALL with a FREE Opus 4 worth £50 4mb 72-pin SIMM 8mb 72-pin SIMM 16mb 72-pin SIMM 32mb 72-pin SIMM Pro System Complete A1200 HatcI Pisk Kits ARE PRE-INSTALLED WITH THE SYSTEM SOFTWARE & ABOVE DISKS - UNLIKE OTHERS WE PROVIDE THE DISKS JUST IN CASE!
CONTACT US ON INTERNET SALES@WIZARD-D.DEMON.CO.UK Other Products ALL FOR JUST ? A font viewer ? Listers fields for titles, re-sorting by fields, PLUS A 'VERSION' FIELD ? COLOUR RE-MAPPING OF BUTTON lCON IMAGES WITH SUPPORT FOR 'MAGIC WORKBENCH1 ETC. ? SELECTIVELY HIDE UNWANTED DRIVE ICONS ? CUPBOARD SUPPORT FOR CUT, COPY AND PASTE IN GADGETS & LlSTERS ? RESIZE, ICONIFY, AND SCROLL BUSY LlSTERS WHILE BUSY ? ICON and Lister snapshots are stored separately from Workbench - so you could snapshot your CD-ROM icons! ? Listers can now display a background picture pattern ?
Workbench 2+& Hard Disk Required At last, the long awaited PC Task 4.0 is now shipping featuring:- Advanced 486 software only emulation, Dynamic Compilation for faster EMULATION, UP TO 16MB ACCESSIBLE under MS-DOS, MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA & SVGA supported, up to 256 COLOURS ON AGA MACHINES, CyberGraphics support, Multiple hard DISK FILES AND PARTITION SUPPORTED, CD-ROM and High Density drives supported, Run MS-DOS APPLICATIONS IN A WINDOWS ON YOUR WORKBENCH! RUN Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mode! Many times quicker THAN VERSION 3.1!
Requires Kickstart 2.0 and a 68020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER.
Turboprint 5 Printer Enhancement Software If YOU HAVE A PRINTER - YOU MUST GET TURBOPRINT. It RADICALLY ENHANCES THE PRINTOUTS YOU NORMALLY GET BY REPLACING the Amiga Printer System with the Faster and Visibly Better TurboPrint System. Options include Poster Printing, Colour Correction, Dithering, Colour Balancing, On-Screen Preview and Much More... Most printers are supported -call to check.
STOP PRESS - Version 5 now includes "Graphics Publisher" to LOAD MULTIPLE PICTURES, INDIVIDUAL COLOUR CORRECT, ROTATE, TWIST and more. Enhanced TrueMatch WORKBENCH REPLACEMENT A FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The BEST just got BETTER! After 12 months of further development Opus 5.5 is now ready and shipping. Stunning new features include:- ? Icon Action Mode ? Workbench Replacement Mode dramatically enhanced ? OpusFTP capability to access Internet FTP sites with a lister ? Borderless Button banks ? Filetype-specific pop-up menus ? Cybergraphics RTG supported ? Independent Hotkeys ? Script system to
execute commands upon events ? Multiple custom menus with SUB ITEMS ? Automatic Filetype Creator to CREATE AND TEST Filetypes with ease CALL ABOUT UPGRADES Gasteiner LONDON’S AMIGA SALE & REPAIR CENTRE 0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345 6868 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 2YZ EXPORT, TRADE & EDUCATIONAI INQUIRIES WELCOME THIS MONTH’S SPECIAL OFFER JOYSTICK £29.00 £44.99 £59.99 £54.99 £69.99 MAT MOUSE TRACKBALL
33. 6 FAX & MODEM FOR ALL AMIGA £79.99 £69.95 £89.99 £99.99
£129.9 £149.9 £169.9 £199.9 £349.9 £70.00 PRINTER SMD400 £160
POWER SUPPLY A500+A600 + A1200 £9.99 £8.00 £4.00 SCART CABLE
PAPER 500PCS £10.00 £29.00 MINI PC CASE WITH 200 WATT PSU £35
£10.00 £14.50 £27.99 £59.99 £139.99 £39.99 £74.99 £84.99
£72.99 £109.9 £349.9 £199.9 £5 CHAOS PACK £12.00 A6001MB RAM
3. 5* CABLE £149.00 £159.00 £179.00 £199.00 £259.00 25" CABLE
MODEM CABLE SCSI CABLE £199.00 £339.00 £109.00 14’TV CD32 PSU
£59 £65 £79 £99 £54.91 £39.91 £199 £269 £399 £21.% £24.91
£39.91 A1200 RAM CARO Trapdoor fitting. Clock. FPU socket 0MB
Will fit all makes of RAM-CARDS & ACCELERATORS 33MHz 68882
picc gjjt £8*99 50MHz 68882 pga «f £29.99 CRYSTALS £4.99
have been selling slmms & memory for amlga computers for 10
years, we carry large stocks that fit all makes of ram cards &
WE ALSO SELL PC COMPUTERS STARTING FROM £299 WITH BLIZZARD 1230 iv Omb 4mb 8mb 16mb 32mb MONITORS MICROVfTEC 14” MICROVITEC 17” shop soiled Philips 8833 PRINTERS EPSON 400 EPSON 600 EPSON 800 30pin 1mb 4mb 72pin 2mb 4mb 8mb 16mb 32mb SIMM FPU For all A1200 & A600 AMIGA COMPUTERS
2. 5” IDE Super slim with cables & software 340mb £84.99 540mb
£129.9 730mb £149.9 81 Omb £169.9
1. 2glg £219.9
2. 5gig £349.9
3. 5” IDE Super slim fast will fit all Amiga a1200 A4000
computers with cables & software 340mb 420mb 850mb i-2gig
2. 5glg 3gig 5glg 10m s
3. 5” SCSI NEW LOWER PRICE May need seal controller to work with
A1200 & A( with squirrel, A2000 to A4000 with Okagon
1. 2glg £199.9 2gig £239.9 4glg £599.9
6. 4glg £799.0 8glg £999.9 External SCSI Case 45Watt PSU £59.99
WE ACCEPT SWITCH,DELTA,VISA,MASTERCARD AND AMEX. WE ALSO ACCEPT OFFICIAL ORDERS BY POST. PLEASE CD-ROM SCSI CD-ROM fits A600 & A1200 comes with Its own power supply & Squirrel 2 speed £129 6 speed £179 8 speed £219 16 speed £249 IDE CD-ROM Fits A2000 A4000 & A1200 with Alfaquatro (A12I needs case) 4 speed 8 speed 12 speed 16 speed AlfaQuatro rase for A1200 & A600 only speakers 80watts 120watts 3O0watts Squirrel surf oktagon 4008 mulitlface III zip drive Jaz drive SyQuest 230m b DELIVERY CHARGES HARD DRIVES a i i mu e n Ani in ' nay c con oucoiic oi cadakioc i s a nnirre In-depth reviews of
hardware and software that you can trust DOPUS MAGELLAN We've had to move fast this month. From a standing start without many new additions to Amiga software or hardware we suddenly got flooded with new kit just before the WOA show, during the WOA show and just after the WOA show. We've now got so much new stuff in we probably won't need to look for anything new for a good couple of months.
More proof, if proof were needed of a renaissance in the Amiga industry. Just you wait til you see what we've got lined up for you in the months to come... FINAL WRITER 5gp- Ben Vost c ec s ou't the additions to the latest version of
- -"*• the world's It's the real thing.
Dave Taylor casts a critical eye over £3 €3 £3 favourite file manager.
The new release of Final Writer.
• 1*1 Jeff Ranasinghe has a taste of paradise with the Artec
A6000C ViewStation 24-bit colour scanner from Gasteiner.
POWER CD- ROM DRIVE The CD-ROM drive in front is a Power.
L Ben Vost looks at a cheap way to bring your A1200 right up to the minute.
Ben Vost APOLLO f 4060 These are changing times - Jeff Ranasinghe checks out the Apollo 4060 accelerator.
PROTEL For a man. For a woman.
ProTel review by John Kennedy AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Fnnrl - Dnnh 80-89% 70-79% 60-69% 50-59% a VaporWare 4049% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
Is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Under 40% The absolute pits.
90+% AMIGA NET V It's good to talk.
Dave Cusick tells us about the new generation of email programs.
The man that likes to say Yes, Nick Veitch looks at all the new discs.
J«-** vs Si r..* ‘; WORKBENCH It's Work. It's Bench. It does exactly what it says on the pages, LONG £ TERM REVIEW Just do it.
Oliver Hodgson did with his review of Wordworth 6.
Et's get the jokes out of the way first of all. I never liked Dopus
5. 11. I thought it was laborious to configure and confusing to
work with. So much so that when I was working on another
magazine I gave it a relatively poor review. In fact, Dopus
Magellan s supplement has a section in the foreword that goes
like this: “...we have been buoyed by the support of Opus
users, many of whom have given us continual encouragement as
well as much valuable feedback and suggestions on future
directions for Opus 5. After a long struggle we are also
pleased to have been able to convert a number of neo-Luddite
journalists from superfluous glitz to dedicated followers of
fashion. (The wine’s in the mail, guys These insults
notwithstanding (and yes, the wine was lovely Greg), Dopus
5. 5 was a cracker. I spent a week playing with it and checking
it out and now I wouldn’t go back to using Dopus 4 (or
Workbench) for anything. Dopus 5.6 Magellan - to give it its
proper title - is an improvement on 5.5, indeed one I would
recommend that everyone get, although the number of really new
features in it isn’t that great.
However, the features that are in it are really useful, especially for hardworking Amiga Format staff. One boon in particular and something that I am sure that Amiga users with an FTP server everywhere (!) Have been crying out for since the introduction of the FTP module, is the ability to copy directly between FTP connections, something you previously had to do by copying files to your local hard drive and then copying them across to a new FTP window- afterwards.
"You can now change the name of a file, its date, its protection bits or add a comment."
A new version.
New features, more flexibility but will Ben Vost still like it? Read on... DOOZIE?
Alright. So I guess that not everyone is going to make as much use of that feature as I will, but how about this one for a doozie?
Click on an entry in a lister and leave the left mouse button held down for a bit. The “select” bar disappears and instead you are presented with a text cursor. You can now change the name of a file, its date, its protection bits or add a comment. You can get rid of your rename, protect and add comment buttons now, making your Dopus even more streamlined!
For those of you blinded by MicroSoft, Dopus now also offers you the opportunity to create a “Start” button - a button with menus and submenus that come off it when clicked on.
Personally, it’s not the kind of feature I like to use. I find that having to select an item from several layers of menus is more difficult than just adding new menus to the top of Dopus screen, but your mileage might vary.
Another feature that a lot of users have been asking for - and one that no doubt stems from the fact that Dopus only gives you a “bytes free” reading, rather than a percentage filled - is WBGauge. This puts w7hat looks a bit like another scroll bar on the left-hand side of listers and shows graphically the amount of space taken on the drive. A nice extra is the fact that you can choose two colours for the gauge bar, the second colour appears when the drive is more than ninety percent full.
Implementing commodity add-ons to Workbench into Dopus doesn’t stop there. The pop-up menus in Dopus now appear with drop shadows a la Magic Menu and Dopus is now7 more compatible with MUI and MCP. MUI users, whose frustration at not being able to use the MUI pop-up menu on Directory Opus 1097272 graphics mem 11082768 other mem MF0RMATI0N.TXT Dopus screens was palpable, can now unclench their fists and those people that use MCP can now replace Dopus' Workbench replacement tide bar with their own configuration. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t yet work with my favoured commodity, the deeply
wonderful MultiCX.
NEWICONS The other Shareware system that Dopus was notable for lacking support for is Newlcons. Not only does Dopus now7 support the infernal things, it can also discourage them by allowing the user to enable Neivlcons, but make use of a standard icon if one is present. Dopus ’ internal icon information window can also toggle between showing the standard icon image and a Newlcons one, but since the internal icon information window is still not up to the standard of Swazlnfo, I still use that instead.
Newlcons are not just limited to, well, icons, either. You can, if you so desire, Icon mode used to leave you having to deal with files in the same way as you had to with Workbench - a retrograde step if ever there was one. Now Magellan lets you use Dopus commands on icons too.
Wednesday 21-May-1997 11:42 Mwtcrjpg 3huUer*jpg use Newlcons for all graphical aspects of Dopus like graphic buttons (which can also now be animbrushes).
I’ve gone on about Magellan s new7 features for a while now7, but w hat is it like in use? Well, it certainly feels somew7hat faster on my machine at home, on a graphics card in a 16-bit screen, but here at work, the difference is less noticeable. But you could still say it’s faster since some of the new7 features help you w7ork more quickly than you were previously able to. For instance, the inline editing is really handy. Hitting right .Amiga ‘r’ to rename a file is easy peasy, but can you remember where you put that “change protections” button or command - or what its shortcut would be? Me
neither, but I know that I can just click on its entry in the lister and edit it there. Similarly, now7 that the environment editor has been a bit better organised, it is easier to find your way around it and thus spend less time in there rather than doing w7hat you should be.
.Although Dopus Magellan doesn’t seem like that much of an upgrade at first glance it rapidly becomes obvious that there’s a lot under the hood that’s been adjusted.
One of the best things about Dopus is its user configurability, not only in the program but also in the willingness of Jon Potter and Greg Pern7 to listen to users’ suggestions and act on them. Workbench is a pretty individual bit of software, so anything that is designed to replace it has to be pretty good. Dopus is and it’s getting more so with each revision. Waterjpg Lynx.jpg DISTRIBUTOR: Wizard Developments 01322 527800 PRICE: £30 upgrade £49.99 full package REQUIREMENTS: Dopus 5.5 It's even faster now, especially on a graphics card.
MANUAL: • • • • A new 50 page supplement but no index.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • If you're already using 5.5 - no proble FEATURES: • • • • Adds to an already rich feature package.
VALUE: • • • • People should be made to buy it.
OVERALL VERDICT: The best just gets better.
Version Aminet Inde: Assign Games Index Uuencode Edit Debug On Oft Address Book Some like it, some don't but Dopus now offers internal Newlcons support.
One of Dopus' most innovative new features is the ability to set areas where icons of different types will appear. So if you insert a new floppy (that hasn't had its position snapshotted) you can make sure it will appear in a narrow strip across the top of your Dopus screen, while any window you iconify can appear down the right-hand side of the same screen.
You can give the areas you set up different priorities so that even if there's little room left in one area, the icons will appear in the area you designated next.
The Snap To Guides feature allows you to pick up any text frame or picture and move the sides of it near to a guide.
With the ‘Snap To’ turned on, the box will slip to the guides and “stick” to ... but try putting one in the middle and you see that it doesn't work.
You can split text frames easily and then use them on the left and right side, flowing text between... New versions of Final Writer are always something worth looking forward to. As Softwood themselves claim in the press release that accompanies the product, Final Writer ’91 is the first and only product worthy of the description “document publisher”.
Well, I think they may be a little bit bold trying to claim that unique position for Final Writer 97- Digita might have something to say about that, but it does certainly do the job. To claim the title the Another year passes and the perennial release of a fresh Final Writer beckons. David Taylor finds out what's new.
Developers have been back to the library of Quark Xpress tricks and pinched a few of the good ones. (For those of you who don’t know, Quark Xpress is the publishing industry' standard package for page layout.)
SNAP TO IT The first new addition is the Guide line feature. You can now click the mouse anywhere in the margins of the page and drag out a single pixel line. These lines don’t appear on any printout and are simply there to help you align boxes. To bring a vertical line in you drag from the left and a horizontal line is brought in from the top.
You can have as many guides as you want and thay can be moved around simply by selecting the pointer tool and clicking on the guide. If you want to get rid of one than just drag it off the screen. You can also flick between showing and hiding using either the menu or a keyboard shortcut.
All of this is very staple stuff for the Amiga Format art team and it would be impossible to produce such a good quality magazine without it. How do you think they manage to line all the pictures up?
Them. This means you can line the text and pictures up exactly. You can also set out default templates with the guides on, so that you can use them to align other boxes in the future.
DOING YOUR ARTICLES The way text is handled has also been updated as you will discover when you start typing into Final Writer ’97. You can still start at the top of a page and type "the text remains fully editable... if you add text into the first box, the extra will be pushed on into the second.." down to the bottom, but you can now also take the Text pointer and click on any line on the page and start typing there. When you do this a new text frame will be created. You won’t notice the frame until you swap to pointer mode and click in the text. The frame borders will then be shown and you
can re-size the frame in any direction, making a small box or column.
Text boxes like this are very useful for creating boxouts (these are text boxes on pages usually about a connected issue or feature that don’t fit with the body of the text) and you can easily use text box properties to change the background colour of the box and the border thickness and colour.
Text frames are also quite flexible.
Should you type in a lot of text and then reduce the box size below that needed you can then click in the middle extension icon of the frame and the pointer will turn into a small page.
Click this anywhere and a new text box will be created to contain the remainder of the text. This is also resizable and so on. The good part is that the text remains fully editable, so that if you add text into the first box, the extra will be pushed on into the second.
It’s a shame that this “chaining” of boxes hasn't been developed as far as it should have been. There’s no way to unlink text boxes and there’s no way of linking two text frames that were created separately.
JUST DOUBLE CLICK The text frame properties need to be enhanced to make them much more useful.
To change the options of the text box simply double click on one of them with the pointer tool. This allows you, as said, to change the colour and border but also the text flow of other text around the frame.
But it’s when you start using frames, that you come across a few problems.
For example, you cannot flow’ text around both sides of a frame. This is really frustrating - you can either flow’ left or right, or neither, but not both, which means that text frames can’t be placed in the middle of a page, only on the left or right hand side. This has been a problem with Final Writer for years and I’m amazed that Softwood still haven't sorted it out.
Another anomaly is the way you can use objects with these frames. The plus side is that you can draw an oval and determine the flow’ outside of the object (again only left or right) while still using the shape as a background for a text frame placed inside it. However, you cannot then choose a text flow on the inside to automatically curve the text around it. The solution is to turn off the text flow’ on the box, enlarge it beyond the confines of the oval and then enter returns manually wherever necessary.
Final Writer 97 ? | Untitled - Main (Body) i exT names are dso quite flexible. Should Ihe gMdesanri vou type in a lot of tejrf KstickJ' to them, and then reduce the box [This way you car size below final needed pine the text and vou can then dick in the [pictures up ex- middle extension icon of tact I y with others the frame and the ponder jon the page. The
• will become a page. Click other use is to se th is an ywh er e
and a new joLit defou It t em - teid box will be created to |
• Sjjgjpiie remainder of the text. This is then arlso re-sizable
and so on. The good part is that the text re- _ .VI' ™ i mains
kJ I y editable, kr r . R-x«?,.. so that if you add & * * _
text into the first KI !
Final Writer 97 s ‘charing* of boxes hasnt be Main This guides, and the ability to 'snap' to them, are very useful and worth getting the upgrade for. You can see the guides in the screenshot - they are the feint blue lines.
You also find that importing a document brings it in without a text frame so you cannot re-size the body copy easily. You have to create a text frame after the end of the document and then cut and paste text in. If you an creating a newsletter, or pages for a magazine, you want to be able to flow’ text straight in.
PIXEL PERFECT To make positioning of frames and objects easier you can now move objects pixel by pixel (or in increments of pixels) using the keyboard arrow’s keys.
This means that in addition to the guides and exact pixel positioning PRICES Price £49.95 From v5 £19.95 From v4 £24.95 From other Softwood product £29.95 offered by object properties, you have this quick way of moving objects to the right place.
The other keyboard enhancement is a complex set of shortcuts for moving around cells within a table. To be honest, I don’t know why a sensible keyboard shortcut wasn’t included in the first place and these ones are a little strange - Ctrl-Shift to move up - so I doubt I’ll remember them.
All of the new features have been incorporated into the .ARexx interface, this means that they can be accessed from other software, or from macros within Final Writer.
I can’t help but wonder how many more half-hearted upgrades people will stomach. The Guides really are great but the text frames should have been developed much further. The HTML side still needs improving and the objects need their settings updating.
Integration of other Softwood products, so you could import spreadsheets, would also be useful.
You can’t help but wonder what Softwood are doing. Final Writer is a great product and FW97 as a whole is superb but the enhancements are ones that should be offered virtually, if not, 7 7 free to v5 users, not for £20. I wouldn’t say don’t upgrade, because the features are useful, but we want and need real development not just minor tweaks.
DISTRIBUTOR: Gordon Harwoods PRICE: see boxout REQUIREMENTS: WB2+, 2.5Mb RAM (more recommended), hard drive SPEED: • • • • • Still works well with an '030.
MANUAL: ••000 Flagrant padding to make up for lack of features.
FEATURES: • • • • • In terms of new features very slim but as a whole it's a bonanza.
VALUE: • • • • 0 As an upgrade a bit cheeky but as a standard purchase very reasonable.
OVERALL VERDICT: Takes the crown for document processors; takes the biscuit as an upgrade.
Need a scanner? Don't look any further.
Jeff Ranasinghe studies a new budget flatbed.
PLUG 'N' PLAY... One of the first things I noticed was that the device was SCSI only; a subtle fact not mentioned in the advert or by the staff when enquiring. With options such as the Squirrel SCSI and the Oktagon 2008 card (which I have installed) among others, evervone should be able to use SCSI devices. They are widely available, and not extortionately priced, however I would not be surprised if some Amigans found their stomachs churning at this requirement.
However, it does have its benefits, avoiding another Parallel port hogger, as w'ell as providing far quicker scans due to the SCSI’s superior bandwidth.
I found no problems with its behaviour as a SCSI unit providing, of course, that all devices per chain have a different ID number. In fact on an accelerated Amiga, accessing a Jaz cartridge and scanning an A4 page at high dpi resulted in no slowdown at all.
This w'ould suggest an efficient scan-to- disk on a SCSI-based system.
Not so long ago, the cost of flatbed scanners relegated them to those of us more well heeled. Of late though, the availability, choice and prices have made them more approachable. The question now becomes: have the standards dropped with the prices?
DISTRIBUTOR: Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 PRICE: £259 REQUIREMENTS: SCSI controller SPEED: • • • • • Pretty nippy - even on the highest resolutions.
MANUAL: 0000 Rather good for the Germans, Rather useless for everyone else.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • Install your software and away you go.
FEATURES: • • • • O Lots of good ones.
VALUE: • • • • • Pretty damn good.
OVERALL VERDICT: An excellent entry level scanner. Gives more expensive models a tough time.
Rhe manual provided is very nformative - but only if your ippreciation of the German language is iound. Still the diagrams and ecognisable wrords here and there nake it worth browsing through. I hink it’s a pretty poor show to sell the product without at least a skeleton tyiide in English. Fortunately, the nstallation from disk procedures are in i ur language and quite comprehensive.
The installer allows you to copy across lot only the stand-alone ScanQuix v3.0 scanning software but also ‘Loaders’ for ither applications. These include one ror the Shell CLI, but more usefully, hnageFX, ADPro, XiPaint, PageStream 3, Dpaint V and Photogenics.
SCANNING IN PROGRESS With all the above, the scan speed is nice and fast
- quicker than PC counterparts I've used. The 24-bit colours
pulled off are very close to the originals and the 8-bit
greyscale mode represents the brightness values of the subject
well. Also, any unevenness of the subject doesn't result in
strange disco-lighting effects. This is because the lightsource
used to illuminate the subject is a single white strip, not the
three separated colour style scan heads; the upshot being a
little play in terms of distance between the scan surface and
the subject.
Texture buffs will find this useful as you can now scan a hand or a pile of leaves and get realistic colours.
It is usual to doctor the scanned image to correct coloration and wdiat have you. In this instance, I found using a ScanQuix setting of Brightness and Contrast at full, then Photogenics “BriConGamma Effect” with Gamma up by 25% and Contrast up by 19% gave the image more ‘bite’ than the original.
A similar technique can be applied with other image processors, and, indeed is necessary for scans from most scanners.
The package suggests the device is capable of 600dpi, and technically it is.
It does produce images up to these staggering resolutions. However, the fly in the ointment is that for images scanned at over about 500dpi, a pixel sharp zoom up shows softening. This is most likely a fault with the optic positioning though it can't easily be rectified and I am not certain if this is a problem with all of the range. Assuming that it is, one should probably bear in mind that 600dpi is a high resolution - especially since it is in the entry level budget. Comparing cost against an Epson G5000, wrhich is only 300dpi and £100 the heavier, the Artec A6000C is favourable. The scans
are pin sharp and of high colour quality.
So here you have an effective tool for scanning art at a competitive price and, though the dpi shortfall is a disappointment, it isn't crippling. If you are on a budget this is a far better option than hand-held scanners and it’ll also give other budget flatbeds a severe run for their money.
Jeff Ranasinghe plugs it into his A4000 to find out just how good this accelerator is.
Sysinfo can't make head nor tail of the 68060.
18861 30,76 25, 3, 8,78 3,38 The 25MHz 68040 in the original Amiga A4000 040 has always been considered okay.
But next to the 68060? Well... A26Z0 25NHz PPISHERCURV '040 CPU HIPS FPU HFLOPS im 4,78
1. 81 ots of software will benefit from a more powerful
processor: rendering, CPU intensive games such as Gloom, and
other software which requires the user to wait for their
machine to work something out.
Faster processors are necessary to varying degrees and manufacturers have cottoned on, hence the immense number of accelerators available. The Apollo 4060 for the A4000s and A3000s, runs at 50MHz, with the option to upgrade to faster CPU chips (if and when they become available). It comes complete with 128Mb RAM capacity and a built in internal SCSI interface.
Having used the card for the best part of a year, I’ve found it very sturdy.
However, I discovered that certain software causes supervisor mode to kick in. Supervisor is when the CPU asks “What has that instruction asked me to do? Let me just check if this does the same thing...”. All activity other than screen display then halts, giving the impression of a crash.
When the CPU was designed, repeated functions from the 680x0 series were removed leaving the CPU efficiendy streamlined. Because of this, Cyberstorm and GVP’s 68060 boards suffer the same fate, and require software patching of the mischievous ENTER THE SUPERVISOR Because Commodore drowned before the latest CPU chip became widely available, various companies are implementing the 68060 differently.
With the Apollo you install the software before the card.
©751 Hi* jjiim liJfirtaS'i'jU ttHSTm aFTTH! Lit iJi: ailSMi iwaara t.U. 'iu tjM Iaioaawia Hid -13551 ftslralia A B !li)H 11 ri£riU§71l Siiiia;
ii. iM.n i 3?5!0atfaSEi!*£.T P Vjikiii J4424S6 instructions. The
Apollo has no patching software other than the libraries -
although this method is slower than the Cyberstorm's
CyberPatcher method. I found regrettably that supervisor
burst in with Lightwave, and ADPro among others.
This troubled me greatly as Lightwave is probably the program that would benefit most from the Apollo. I contacted Visage who supplied the board, who then contacted the manufacturers, but little was done.
Investigation suggested that supervisor was being called on behalf of the memory addressing system; it was looking for motherboard RAM and then, upon not finding any, re-routing it back to the Apollo 32Mb SIMM.
The motherboard RAM does not have priority in any way, it’s just that a particular instruction issued by some action taken by Lightwave, somewhere, was really hoping for the motherboard RAM. The installation of a 4Mb SIMM (£19 brand new) in the motherboard solved the problem completely for me.
PUT ON YOUR JUMPER The Apollo 4060 can access two adjacent identical SIMMs in one processor cycle.
There is also a jumper to support ED RAM (not to be confused with EDO). As well as the Data and Instruction caches, the Branch cache of the 68060 can be toggled, together with mapping of the ;?¦•!) Miiiiaii ItTTMHb iI7 DHRYSTONES A5OO-A6O0 STD B2O0O EXTRA RAH sun 1« 1 MS 1 W!i9£3 1 i mn ROM to Apollo 32-bit RAM, via the CPU60 command.
The internal SCSI port onboard is not the best but has worked for me without incident. It does, however, fail to properly recognise media changes, such as Jaz or Zip cartridge replacements.
One company have found a way around this and are working on an external SCSI add-on as well, which would allow the use of scanners, CD-ROM drives, etc. The 4060 is an impressive and reliable piece of kit. As with most new hardware, it’s more stable in the presence of the latest Buster chip (Rev 11 £15 - Dart Computer Service 0116 2470059 - you'll need a socketted Buster for this to work). The price shaves nearly £70 off the Cyberstorm with SCSI and £200 off GVP’s contender.
DISTRIBUTOR: Visage Computers 0115 944 4500 PRICE: £399.99 REQUIREMENTS: A4000 A3000 SPEED: • •••• It's a very good incarnation of the 68060. Need I say more?
MANUAL: •••00 Better presentation would've been nice.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • 0 Very much a plug and play affair.
FEATURES: • • • • O Shame about the lack of external SCSI.
VALUE: • • • • • Cheaper than the competition.
OVERALL VERDICT: A veritable jewel in the crown of good processing ability.
O C P Buv Now i
- Pay Later mm Please call for details IBM HITACHI 2.5" IDE
HARD DRIVES £114.98 £129,99 £173.99 £193.39 420Mb 720Mb 810Mb
1. 3GIG =22 WESTERN DIGITAL 635Mb 850Mb 1GIG
1. 2GIG
1. 6GIG 2GIG MEMORY 72pin 70NS 72pin 60NS 4Mb £13.99 4Mb £19.99
8Mb 8Mb E37'99 16Mb £74.99. 16Mb £74.99 32Mb £149.99 32Mb £14‘
850Mb 1GIG
1. 2GIG 2GIG 3GIG Please call for latest prices, as memory prices
can change daily.
1260 50 0Mb 1260 50 4Mb 1260 50 8Mb 1260 50 16Mb 1260 50 32Mb APOLLO 4040 The Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into the CPU slot of the A4000 (A3000 T).
Comes in 40MHz 68040 & 50MHz 68060 versions, 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets (2 x 72pin SIMM for A3000 Desktop) & SCSI-2 controller.
The new Apollo 1240 features a fan cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz (the 1260 uses the 68060 running at 50MHz), in-built FPU, battery- backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one of the best value accelerator cards available.
APOLLO ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1240 1260 When you first receive your hard drive we think the last thing you want to do is to have to re-format it. All our drives are set up CORRECTLY. We can even configure the drive to your specifications.
• Drives are formatted & installed with WorkBench.
• OVER 150Mb of top quality Public Domain software including:
Compugraphic fonts & clipart, imagine objects, top demos &
music modules, essential utilities, games and lots more!!!
APOLLO 1230LC The 1230LC combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68030 25MHz and 25MHz 68882 FPU, 1 x 72pin SIMM socket (4 or 8Mb). Real-time battery- backed clock.
CALL 0115 9444500 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER Also available: APOLLO 1230740MHz £99.99 B 1.2GIG £149.99
1. 7GIG £159.99 ||| 2.5GIG £199.99 j 3.8GIG £239.99 ffl 6.4GIG
.SCALL 1240 25 0Mb 1240 25 4Mb 1240 25 8Mb 1240 25 16Mb
1240 25 32Mb 4040 40MHZ 4060 50MHZ Quantum NetConnect CD
Version or 3.5” Floppy Disks £ 49.95
33. 6 Voice Modem £ 89.95
33. 6 Non-Voice Modem £ 99.95
33. 6 Voice Modem & NetConnect £119.95 Voyager Next Generation
(v2.10) £ 20.00 Microdot-ll (call for release date and to
confirm price) £ 20.00 AmlRC v1.32 £ 19.00 AmFTP v1.72 £
19.00 AmTalkv1.2 £ 12.00 AmTelnet v1.0 + AmTerm v1.0 £ 18.00
MUI 3.8 (when you buy Vapor products or NetConnect) £ 12.00
• 5% Discount when 2-4 Vapor products are bought, 10% Discount
for 5+
• Note that the Vaporware products are e-mail only but can be
sent on floppy for a surcharge of £2.00 per product.
Quality 33.6 Voice and Non-Voice Data Fax Modems Buy Your Vaporware Products Direct From Active!
NETCONNECT AND VAPORWARE PRICES Amiga 1438 Multisync Monitor Including cables and stereo speakers 33600 bps DATA FAX modem - true v34. Throughput to 115, 200 BPS via V.42 bis data compression Group 1, 2 & 3 send receive FAX (14.4) Voice CommandsDSVD upgradeable (by software) 'voice only Auto Answer 'voice only Full Duplex Speaker 'voice only Call Discrimination 'voice only Fax on demand 'voice only Simultaneous voice and data (S.V.D.) 'voice only Message playback via sound card speaker or headset 'voice onl) Auto mode detection allows modem to connect with a modem that is configured for
differing connection modes Extended AT command set Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future specifications) BT and CE Approved Amiga 25pin and Surf Squirrel PC 9pin serial cable included With Headphones and Microphone 'voice only Full “get started" documentation 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga tests £269.93 juirA ?- New Epson Stylus Colour 600, prints 1440 x 720 £269.99 INKJET CARTRIDGES Call for the best prices on inkjet cartridges, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, etc, etc. We will not be beaten on price ¦ GUARANTEED, Buy NetConnect and get FREE connection to Enterprise
(worth £20 ex. VAT or £23.80 inc. VAT Supported by ISP’s Worldwide NetConnect allows yo to select your countr then select an IS (easy!) - we have aboi 160 ISP's listed from 2 different countries (5 from the UK!). Nearl 100% of the WORLD i covered for any use who wants to connect t the Internet!
Postage and Delivery 50p per CD for UK delivery £1 per CD for EU delivery £2 per CD World delivery £3 for 2-3 day delivery £4 for next day delivery £15 for Saturday delivery Modem BY PHONE: Credit Debit card orders taken from 930am - 530pm Monday to Saturd: BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to Visage Computers Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH, VISA & DELTA DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151 Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
01325 352260 active@enterprise.net DELTA Bored with swapping floppies? Want to access the AFCDs? You need a CD-ROM drive.
Ben Vost looks into two low-cost options.
Which is always on our CD (in the - Look_here_lst!- Handv_Tools drawer). The CD-ROM bundle with the Viper card actually comes with the AmiCDFS drivers, so you shouldn't have a problem there.
The only difference will be that you probably won't be able to run AmiCDFS without a hard drive - but then you’ve got a hard drive already, right?
Because these CD drives are SCSI-based they're dead easy to set up. No fiddling around inside your machine (unless you have to fit the Viper’s SCSI cable), just plug in the Squirrel and away you go. There’s nothing to it, there really isn’t and within minutes you’ll have a machine ready to start sorting through the gargantuan pile-o’-stuff that we put on our CD even' issue. Yum!
Second) and one quad speed (600k per second), but since there are no titles currently on the Amiga that depend on any particular speed of CD- ROM drive, your only concerns should be how much you want to spend and how' patient you are.
SQUIRREL DRIVING The software supplied for the standalone CD-ROM drive is obviously the Squirrel drivers, based on the somewhat buggy Commodore CDFS, and in keeping with our CD-ROM pages, we suggest you change over to AmiCDFS Wordworth 6 Office CD AF93 95%), again worth £49.95. In effect you are getting all this for the price of just a Squirrel and Wordworth 6 Office.
If you go for the Viper bundle, you get all the software mentioned above, but instead of the Squirrel you'll have the neater solution of using the Viper's internal SCSI II controller. And this isn't the Viper IV, it's the big full-on 50MHz Viper Mark V with 8Mb RAM AF98 97%).
Reader surveys are great for us because they let us know what kit people have. Hopefully the results of our next one will show that CD-ROM drives are as prevalent on the Amiga as hard drives - and that absolutely everyone has a hard drive.
These CD-ROM drives might help with that. Thanks to Power Compudng you can now access those silver platters for less than £100 (although not much less, admittedly). There are two drives available, one dual speed (300k per These bundles from Power can effectively provide you with an instant upgrade kit bringing your A1200 right up to date in one fell swoop.
There are basically two bundles. One is just the CD-ROM drive (whichever speed you choose) plus a Classic Squirrel SCSI interface (itself worth
- £50), the Oscar and Diggers CD and the Chaos Engine CD from the
Spectacular Voyage CD32 bundle. You also get Personal Write and
INSTANT UPGRADE KIT SPEED: • • • • O About what you'd expect.
MANUAL: • • • • 0 Assorted manuals for the Squirrel etc. ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • You know how to insert a floppy?
Well, this isn't any harder.
FEATURES: • • • • • Lots plus all the AFCDs you can get.
VALUE: • • • • • Extremely good value.
OVERALL VERDICT: These bundles are excellent value for money, especially the ones with Viper.
DISTRIBUTOR: Power Computing 01234 851500 PRICE: 2x SCSI CD-ROM bundle £99.95 4x SCSI CD-ROM bundle £139.95 2x Viper CD-ROM bundle £239.95 4x Viper CD-ROM bundle £269.95 REQUIREMENTS: A1200 Book your hols with the help of your Amiga! John Kennedy discovers how to decode and display Teletext pages.
Teletext is one of the great British innovations. Developed in tandem between Philips and the BBC in the 1970s, today it’s still a triumph of content over presentation, providing up to the second news, weather, financial info and much more.
Most people know that the pages which make up Teletext are encoded digitally into a portion of the image which is normally hidden, and electronics in suitable TV sets can decode and display the text and crude graphics. Now with ProTel you can decode that data without a TV, using your Amiga to display the information.
HARDWARE The ProTel connects via cable to the Amiga’s parallel port, and you’ll need a switch box if you want to connect a printer simultaneously.
It is very important to realise that ProTel does not contain a TV tuner: it accepts a composite video signal and this means you must have a VCR or other video device (perhaps a Satellite decoder) available to supply the signal.
You must also have a really good reception: Teletext doesn’t like working with dny indoor aerials, so you may have to rethink about where your computer is sited for best results.
That’s all there is to the hardware: one box, one power supply and some DISTRIBUTOR: Gordon Harwood 01773 836781 PRICE: £44.95 REQUIREMENTS: Free parallel port SPEED: • • • • O Very speedy downloading pages. An interactive mode would be welcome.
MANUAL: 1000O More info needed (especially on Arexx).
ACCESSIBILITY: •••00 Once working it's easy to use.
An excellent use of ProTel: capturing recipes. Notice how the rather poor image saving routine doesn't even remove window borders, but saves the current screen.
FEATURES: ••OOO Could offer so much more than it does.
VALUE: •••00 OK, but you'll need to access a TV tuner.
OVERALL VERDICT: !ngred lent s 4 tbsp virgin olive oil 4 s iriQ le pouss i ns 4 cloves garlic, crushed 4 b a v leaves 1 bunch fresh thyne, washed Good hardware let down by lack of documentation and poor software.
Video leads which you will need to sort out for yourself. Most VCR’s have a SCART socket, so you will need to track down a SCART to phono plug or make use of one of those cheap and nasty video editing cable kits which include all possible combinations.
Check that the SCART connector you buy is for video out and not for video in, or you’ll be very frustrated.
This is the kind of information which would be included in any good manual, but sadly ProTel only comes with one A4 sheet. This could have been forgiven if the software was user- friendly and powerful, but it’s neither.
Once working, you’ll discover that it deals very differently with the information. Instead of selecting a page and waiting for it to appear, you select the range of pages you are interested in and the system captures them all to memory. You can then browse through, using the cursor keys or tapping in three digit page numbers.
So far, so adequate and reading Teletext in this way is a lot more Fond »®Drinlf TtUTEXT tO 1 *-X *.t. cl Uutwt ... s I P584 CEEFAX 1 584 Ft 82 May 188
AND BAY enjoyable than waiting ages for pages to update. If
you do read Teletext a lot, you’ll love the ease and speed of
You can also print pages, or save them as IFF images or plain text.
Nowr for the bad news. Screen modes are handled terribly: you cannot open a display on the Workbench or any public screen, and when you change mode you need to restart the program and so lose any cached pages. Pick the wrong mode, and you’ll only see a portion of the page and you can’t scroll around it. The software makes no attempt to understand any of the more subtle (!) Aspects of Teletext, such as zooming, flashing text or revealing hidden words.
IT GETS WORSE The Arexx port doesn’t seem to wrork, and the example on the back page of the inadequate instructions won’t even run. This is more than a nuisance: - a powerful .ARexx implementation wrould by itself make ProTel a useful tool. A combination of live information and the Amiga’s multitasking would produce a formidable machine.
Imagine having the latest news headlines displayed live on your Workbench as you wrork, or Stocks and Shares information inserted straight into a spreadsheet. I hope this aspect of the software in particular, will be addressed very soon.
Overall, the software is very disappointing and spoils an otherwise potentially terrific peripheral. I’ve used considerably better software three years ago on PC systems - software which allowed multiple pages to be opened, point and click support for page numbers, intelligent search routines which kept watch for particular key words and phrases. The scope is tremendous and has been thrown away.
If development is not to continue, then I hope at least the source code will be made available to let others have a bash.
Gripes about the software aside - if you are a Teletext fan, and assuming you have access to a tuner (a second hand VCR for example), you’ll find ProTel terrific fun.
New Eyetech EZ-Tower £119.95; 16 speed CDPlus system £199.95; High speed A1200 serial port £49.95; Accelerators: '030 25MHz MMU FPU £69.95, '030 33Mhz MMU FPU £84.95; '040 25MHz £169.95, '060 50MHz £389.95; Data fax modems from £24.95; SX32 Mk2 £159.95; SX32Pro from £269.95 The All-New Eyetech EZ-TOWER The easiest A1200 Tower 'BMP conversion - bar none! Ipi If you can use a screwdriver you could build your own aa A1200 tower system in less than half an hour! j s It Couldn't be Easier! J*** 10 «wve bays ;4 | buffered interface* as standard “. . . ?
Allows the use of - PCMCIA slot 3 Remove the case top and keyboard ribbon cable (No shield removal required).
Slot in the ribbon cable from the optional PC Amiga keyboard interface.
Mount existing and new hard and floppy drives and CDROM units in the bays using the screws provided.
Connect up the drives power and data cables.
Clip in the A1200 motherboard base into the custom backpanel.
N Push on the power HD FDD LED adapter and the A1200 power connector.
, Put back the outer case. Thats it! ... Now You've Got Tower Power!
- 16sp ATAPI * i 3 S'
- 100 MB IDE Zip driveflt * X * ’ |.
- 2 x 4GB hard drives*, Jm 1 ) Jf1 j on the standard
A1200pfes N=n BLMf250 Watt PSU ' a « * IDE hard drive portWT
-Tand A1200 ¦* * ] £ I V'~ - 0® jjj power cables • •*
Adapters* for using 1 A lY*TWTm standard *» standard PC floppy
*« "Jp !5? CSf ...,..... drives as DFO: and | sY,., r» • |
DF1: including high .jf PortPlus* 4" ' X" "' Pk density
Amiga and ||| j , gtiHHf provides 2 extra f ' ,k*F PC options
I | Serial & 1 extra * M fWlff Parallel port All A1200 rear
ports A1200 main boar; B are directly accessible with 50Mhz
060* & Space for A1200 Zorro slots* or 32MB* (behind) PC
motherboard* and cards (*optional extras) NEW! EZ-Tower and
250W PSU -only £119.95 EZ-Tower Accessories: PC or A2000 A1200
k b adapter - no soldering or shield removal needed. £39.95 7 x
Zorro II slots expansion board - including 2x video and 5 x PC
ISA slots with accelerator pass-through. Fits most towers.
£179.95 Replacement A1200 internal floppy drive mechanism with
faceplate and interface for tower mounting £44.95 Or buy a
CDPlus unit (below) and get an EZ-Tower* for just £99.95 (*as
an alternative to the regular CDPlus case) AMIGA HEALTH WARNING
If you have recently fitted - or intend to fit - an IDE ATAPI
CDROM to your A1200 (other than an Eyetech CDPlus unit) without
a buffered interface then your Amiga is in risk of serious
damage arising in the future.
The A1200 - unlike A4000’s and PC’s - has NO internal IDE buffering. On the A1200 the IDE interface connects directly to the A1200 processor chip which itself has insufficient output to drive more than one IDE ATAPI device (and only then on a short data cable) for any sustained time period. To the best of our knowledge the Eyetech CDPlus is the only A1200 ATAPI CDROM supplied with a buffered interface as standard. We are now making this 4-device buffered interface available separately for use with other kits and D-I-Y CDROM installations. At only £39.95 it is a small price to pay to preserve
your Amiga's health.
Mk2 interface now available - Compatible with all popular hard drives and accelerators - including '060 models The Amazing Iomega IDE Zip Drive The Top-Rated Eyetech CDPlus for the A1200 Another first from Eyetech 11 HiB Can be used in place of - or as well as'- f jBEp' the internal hard drive j Use a different bootable cartridge for . .1 each application or family member j | * Ideal for transferring multimedia data * between Amigas and or other platforms _____*** Fits in any Amiga desktop minitower ** floppy drive bay or in external case The CDPlus and SyQuest EZ135 drives.
The IDE Zip Drive is the same size as the EZI35 v The ideal way to backup your data The IDE Zip drive fitted in an A1200 Bare IDE Zip drive (inc Eyetech ZipPrep tools) - Just £119.95 100MB Zip cartridges just £14.95 1 or £39.95 3 CA600 1200 buffered interface needed) A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits InstantDrives are only available from Eyetech D-I-Y and Bargain Corner Hard-to-find parts for your Amiga project Hard, floppy drive cables and cases
2. 5"-2.5" 44-way HD cables for A600 & A1200 9cm £8.95, 13cm
2. 5" 3x44-way hard drive cables for 2 x 2.5" drives (6cm+6cm)
3. 5" power & data cables for A600 & A1200 £14.95
3. 5“ full fitting kit for A600 & A.1200 (contains everything)
3. 5" external hard drive case £19.95
3. 5" removeable drive deluxe external HD case £29.95 Metal CDROM
case (no psu) £5.95 3 : 40-way IDE cable for 3.5“ HD CDROM
~85cm 2' 9" £9.95 Custom 3 x 40 IDE cables to 1.5m 5' (enclose
drawing) £19.95
3. 5" hard drive to 5.25" bay mounting adapters £6.95
2. 5" hard drive to 3.5" bay with 3.5" data power cable adapters
3. 5" floppy SyQuest Zip drive to 5.25" bay mounting adapters
£6.95 40 pin m-f detachable data cable forextemal 3.5"
HD CDROM’s £12.95 Slimline ex:ernal floppy IDE SyQuest IDE
ZIP IDE Jaz case £12.95 SCSI cable 25way ’D'(m)to 50way
'Centronics'(m) (1m) £9.95 2 x 34pin-F, 0.6m ribbon cables for
mounting DFO: in tower £9.95 23p-M to 23p-F external Floppy
ext'n cable 0.6m £12.95; 2m £14.95 Audio & video cables and
3. 5mm stereo jack plug to 2 x ohono plugs for CDROM £6.95 CDROM
standard 4 pin inverted T audio connector & phono plugs£9.95
Phono plug x 2 to phono plug socket x 2 audio mixer leads
£6.95 2 x phono socket to phono plug mixer adapters (Gold
£3.50) £2.50 Stereo 2 x phono plug to 2 x pnono plug 1.1m 4'
(4.8m 16' £9.95) £4.95 Stereo speakers (pair), with amp
(16wPMPO) & mainspsu £12.95 Power supplies , cables and PC to
wers desktops with integral psus IDE or SCSI CDROM case. 4Cw
PSU. Audio & data connect's £59.95 Enhanced metal cased PSU
for A600 A1200 CD32 CDROM external HD (fit your old lead -
instructions provided) £39.95 Mini-tower or desktop case with
200W 230W PSU. CD & HD Zip bay, power ead connector block,
resistor, cable restraint etc. & full instr'ns £49.95 4-pin
M-F extension cable from PSU to external HD CD 0.9m 3’ £9.95
23 pin m floppy drive connector to 4 pin HD CDROM power plug
£9.95 Miscellaneous A1200 SX32 internal cooling fan -
dissipate that extra power! £14.95 VGA 23-15 pin adapter for
A500 600 1200 £12.95; for A4000 £24.95 A2000 keyboards (new)
for A2000 3000 4000" (’adapter +£5) £49.95 50MHz capable PGA
FPU for SX32Pro-50 or accelerators £59.95 Amiga CDROM disks -
our selection - 5 for £10.00 A1200 RAM boards (clock, FPU skt)
£34.95 Amiga microswitched mouse with mousemat £9.95 A1200
Workbench 3.0 disks (5) with WB3.0 & user manuals £19.95 Two
new A1200 Expansion Products from Eyetech PortPlus - high
speed serial and parallel port expansion «¦ 2 x 460Kbaud
buffered serial ports with low CPU overhead HR PC & Amiga
compatible parallel port transferring up to 500K bytes sec
BjBlp Optional high speed PC-Amiga & Amiga-Amiga networking
software adytl
- v Leaves PCMCIA & trapdoor free ; accelerator friendly & very
easy to fit £3 - PortPlus - just £99.95! E«J New! PortJnr-1
high speed serial port - just £49.95 Apollo Accelerators -
Unbeatable pricing |BBJBMI Entry level A1200 Accelerators -
Unbelievable value ,, , 25MHz ‘030 with MMU & FPU. (5 Mips) -
Just £69.95 § * 33MHz '030 with MMU & FPU. (7 Mips) - Just
£84.95 Power User A1200 '040 '060 accelerators no tower req'd)
-T: J ” 25MHz 040 with MMU & FPU. (19 Mips) - Only £169.95
33MHz '040 with MMU & FPU. (25 Mips) • Only £199.95 y|pplligf|
40MHz '040 with MMU & FPU. (30 Mips) - Only £229.95 ‘ . | 50MHz
'060 with MMU & FPU. (40 Mips) - Only £389.95 ’ ' ' A Standard
A1200 is rated at 1.3 Mips All measurements from Sysmfo
flBraiffa »Special memory pricing with accelerator purchases«
mmmWm,. JB 4MB*-£19.95; 8MB - £39.95; 16MB - £69.95; 32MB -
£149.95 (60 70*ns) Interface Island Where your Amiga does more
A1200 A4000 non-Zorro 4-device A1200 buffered EIDE i f £39.95
4-device EIDE interface for A4000 £29.95 PC A2000 A1200 ribbon
k b adapter £39.95 7 x Zorro II slots wi accel pass-thru.
£179.95 DFO: interface for Sony floppy £14.95 DFO: i f, with
Sony floppy & cable £44.95 DD HD Amiga & PC A1200 2x FDD i f
- for A1200 hard drive IDE port £64.95
- for A1200 clock port £79.95
- for A4000 IDE port £69.95 PortPlus 2x 460Kbaud ser + 1 x par
£99.95 PortJnr 1x 460Kbaud serial port £49.95 Zorro ll lll ISDN
adapter dual channel -128KB £159.95 GG2+ - use PC cards in Z2
slots £129.95 IDEPIus 3x2 IDE + 2x DD HD PC & Amiga floppies.
Expandable to10 x IDE dr ives £89.95 "The fastest drive I have
tested on any platform ...95%"
- David Taylor - Amiga Format February 1997 Important Note! 3.5"
hard drives - even those described as 'Slim'- are usually
1725mm high and will not fit in an A1200 without significant
modifications to the case and metal shielding - which itself
reduces the value of your computer.
All InstantDrives from Eyetech are less than 20mm high and fit perfectly.
Rated 99% - AUI November 1996, 95% - Amiga Format February 1997 No hole drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required All drives are brand new with a 2 year warranty and come Inclusive of full fitting kit and easy-to-follow pictorial instructions % Ready-to-use with WB3.0 and over 45 top quality utilities installed and configured to the Toolsdaemon menu system.
AV drives come with Mme multimedia authoring software preinstalled
2. 56 GB AV (~3MB s) - just £239.95 NEW - Superfasti .75GB
3.5"tower drives - £169.95
2. 5" InstantDrives for the A600, A1200, SX32 & SX32 Pro 344MB A
2.5" drive ideal for the SX32Mk2 and for the A1200 A600
£129.95 540MB A fast, superslim drive with ample capacity for
most users £149.95 810MB A superb, superslim drive ideal for
users of serious applications £179.95 1,08GB The high
performance superslim drive is ideal for power users £209.95
1,8GB This top-of-the-range superslim drive is perfect for the
SX32Pro £239.95 Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green,
Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 01642
713 185 Tel Int'l: +44 1642 713 185 Fax: +441642 713 634
eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk http: www.eyetech.co.uk ~eyetech
Voted AUI Amiga Company of the Year 1996 7 Next Day delivery
to EC and USA Canada.
Worldwide deliveries in 2-7 days from receipt of faxed order and payment details, (eg SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) UK m'tand 2 next day insured del'y charges: S S w. Cables, buffered i f £2.50 £3; 2.5" drives, : accelerators, mem boards £6 £7; 3.5" drives, j modems, psu's £8 £10; CDPlus £10 £12 Ring fax email for other delivery costs UK bank building society cheques. Visa*. J Mastercard'. Switch, Delta, Connect, Postal Money orders accepted. * A 3% surcharge is applicable to all credit card orders.
Due to space limitations some of the specs j given are indicitive only - please ring write for f further details. Please check prices, specs and.
Availability before ordering. If ordering by post I please include a contact phone no. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis. E&OE.
EYETECH Ail prices include VAT at 17.5%. VAT is not applicable to non-EC orders A500, A500+ & A600 Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.JJi
A1500 A2000 A4000......QUOTATION UNBEATABLE PRICES Please call
for latest best price A500 A500 + A600 A1 200 APOLLO
ACCELERATORS 1230 Lite .£69*95 1230 50 ..£129*95
1240 25..£199*95 1240 40 .£239*95 1260 50 .£399*95 4Mb.. 8Mb .
- I
- I u • C w a. V) Jo m ... O •5 © w o u -O 111 a Ul VI BABT
33. 6k .£79-00 COMPUTERS A500 With PSU + Mouse + Mat
....£79-95 A500+ With PSU + Mouse + Mat..£89-95 A600 With PSU
+ Mouse + Mat....£99-95 A1200 Without
HD ..£299-95 A1200 With 80MB
..£349-95 A1200 With 170MB
£369-95 A1200 With 420MB
£419-95 A1200 With 540MB
£429-95 A2000 (Available)
...Call A4000 (Available)
...Call 2*5" IDE HARD DRIVES All
hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench
loaded and include cable & software
60MB ...£55.00 540MB £1
29.00 80MB ...£65.00 81
OMB £1 39.95 170MB £69.00
1 .44Gig .£199.00 260MB
£80.00 2.1 Gig £249.95
420MB £120.00 3*5" IDE HARD DRIVES
2. 1 Gig £1 49.95
4.2Gig £249.00 Please call for other
capacities Btrade-in Your lower capacity HardDrive when you
buy any 2.5" or 3.5" IDE Hard Drive from us.
We will even transfer your data to your new drive.
CHIPS -2- SPARES -X- ACCESSORIES A600 A1 200 KEYBOARD ..£29 SCART LEAD ...£14 MONITOR CABLE £14 SQUIRREL INTERFACE ..£50 SURF SQUIRREL £89 A520 MODULATOR .£18 95 95 95 00 00 00 ROM 2 04 . .....£18 00 ROM 2-05 . .....£19 00 A500 A500+ KEYBOARD .....£29 95 AMIGA MOUSE + MAT .....£14 95 A500 A600 A1 200 CIA ... .
.....£12 00 A500 A600 A1200 POWER SUPPLY A1 500 A2000 A3000 A4000 POWER SUPPLY .CALL
* All spares are available ex-stock
* Please call for any chip or spare not listed here ANALOG ? All
prices include VAT ? All prices & specifications subject to
chanse without notice ? Fixed charse for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve the right to refuse
any repair ? P&P charses £3-50 by Royal Mail or £7-05 for
courier ? Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance W ?
All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions,
copy available on request.
LONG TERM REVIEW if Word processors are a daily part of my life. On the Pcs at college I am forced to use Word 6- big, slow, but hugely powerful.
On my A1200 I use Wordworth 6 - possibly the most powerful word processor on the Amiga. It is also quite quick and a lot smaller than the aforementioned behemoth.
This is where we invite youto tell us what you think of popular Amiga products. This month Oliver Hodgson looks at: Up until recently I was using an early version of Wordworth that came with the A1200 Dynamite Pack. Doh! It was great in its day but now? I think not.
Then came a Wordworth 5 demo on the front of, the now sadly defunct, Amiga Shopper. This was much nicer but slow and featureless. Then along came Wordworth 6. Digita were offering a very good upgrade deal so I went for it.
Installation from the six floppies (it is also available on CD-ROM) is fairly painless - it’s all done with the standard Amiga installer. Once that’s done, you just click on the icon.
GOOD LOOKING The interface is one of the best looking I have ever come across, far nicer in fact than its biggest rival - Final Writer which, for me, is a major factor in my choice between the two. The interface also makes it easier to use. All of the icons on the toolbar actually represent what they BEN SAYS Since it seems that nearly all our readers spend at least some time writing letters, it's a good job that the Amiga is so blessed with really decent word processors.
The competition between Final Writer and Wordworth can only be seen as a Good Thing since it just results in better and better packages at ever decreasing cost to the user.
As for which one is better? Well, why not take a look at our review of Final Writer 97 on page 64 and decide for yourself.
Do and if you don’t know what one does, you only have to click on it to see.
There are an almost bewildering amount of tools available, some that I would never have thought of using, like small caps and • bullet points, and some that I still don’t use like indexing and footnotes. You can even make your documents talk to you!
There are also a wide range of picture formats that can be imported.
These range from the obvious, like IFF and PCX, to the more unusual such as EPS and CGM.
Some that are notable by their absence are JPEG and datatypes but it’s quite easy to convert an image to a format that is supported with a graphics package. Support for fonts is good too - Wordworth can use Compugraphic, Postscript, and TrueType fonts. You can use your printers own internal printer fonts, and even Bitmap fonts!
NIGGLES I do have a few niggles though. Firstly, Text Effects is a wonderful tool for manipulating fonts, or it would be if it
a) gave you more control over font styles
- bold, italics, etc., and b) wasn’t quite so slooow. I am sure
that on a 68060 it positively rockets along but on my 50 Mhz
’030 it just crawls. It’s nearly as slow as a DblPAL screen.
Secondly, the help file is just not comprehensive enough. The program isn’t supplied with a printed manual so the help file should contain everything that the manual does. It does have a helpful ‘how to do’ section but it lacks a proper index and it isn’t searchable.
AND FINALLY... Finally, the styles palette.
This would be a great innovation if it were implemented in the same way as other packages - as a pop-up in the toolbar. I hate having the styles palette as a separate window! It could also do with a speed injection.
Overall though, this is a great package - rock steady and full of features. It’s great to see how much it’s grown up. Roll on version seven!
They're round and silver, and your Amiga eats them. Nick Veitch reckons he must be doing the round-up of the latest Cds again.
CARD GAMES Epic 01793 490988 The first thing that has to be said about this CD is that there are in fact only three card games on here - Poker, Blackjack and Klondike. In fact, as this is one of those "dual format" Cds, only about a third of the disk is actually taken up with Amiga software.
So how can three card games possibly take up 200Mb of space? Well, if I say that they all use the REKO cardsets you will probably guess. Yes, there are rather a large number of cardsets here, and as each one takes up around 650k, that's where all the space went. Effectively, this is a collection of REKO cardsets rather than of card games, and it should be noted here that some of them should really carry an 18 rating. I mean, if I say that one of the cardsets is called 'Big baps', I think you'll get the idea.
The games themselves include, obviously, Klondike - the perennial patience game of choice on the Amiga platform. The other two games aren't quite so enthralling. Although well presented, they don't really give you that much scope for actual playing. Video Poker is a faithful rendition of a video poker machine - i.e. you place a bet before It's poker - but the video arcade style - i.e. not a lot of skill is involved at all.
See your cards, and then can't make it any bigger, you need a pair of jacks just to get your money back etc. There isn't very much skill involved. Blackjack is fairly similar, although it does at least have Split and Double options.
It's a shame really, because there are some really excellent card games out there, which seem to have been excluded simply because they don't use REKO cardsets. Games like Cribbage, Gin, various proper Poker games and even a very playable Bridge game are available. ® VERDICT 56% £14.99 a real shame on this disk, as the objects which do have proper textures won't render properly if you don't move the models to the correct path or do a bit of reassigning.
Another confusing thing is that the Textures directory doesn't actually contain textures - at least not in the Imagine sense of the word. The "texture" files are just IFFs, which are called brushes in Imagine language. I know this is only a small point but it could be confusing and in actual fact there are no Imagine texture files on the CD at all.
Neither are there any scene files. These don't really take up a lot of room, and are quite useful really - they give you a quick idea of an object and of course, they can be a valuable learning tool for beginners.
The objects are, for the most part quite stunning though. There are some excellent architectural models (which I suspect came to this format via Xcad), a reasonable variety of vehicles, a disturbing abundance of tombstones and some excellent railway vehicles.
In spite of its many shortcomings in the areas of presentation and ease of use, this disc is still worth getting for the excellent range and quality of models. Many of them have appeared on previous Light Rom discs (and the texture images are all from the Textures Gallery
CD) , so may not be quite so indispensable to some of you. G?
VERDICT 66% £14.99 illustrates, (see page 30) there is no reason why some of these games cannot develop into full releases - the quality is certainly good enough.
Also, the now customary full commercial product on this Aminet CD is another game - Xtreme Racing. We rated this quite highly, and there has certainly been a lot of support for it on the Internet and on Aminet, so I can only assume that it is popular with Amiga game players too.
Ft AMINET 18 Weird Science 0116 234 0682 In common with some of the more recent Cds, most of this collection is made up of the inordinate number of Mods and pictures which are uploaded to the Aminet - 469Mb on this disc alone. The MOD scene is still particularly strong with literally hundreds of techno jungle music files here.
R r r rlf | T r r r r ¦RUSH 0 . -a J -A-= ?
T 2 3 i 4 3 6 » 8 9 to 10 11 12 i 13 14 15 to S. ?
14 17 18 n 28 21 IV, ?
22 24 26 27 (A o 28 29 30 SL & 31 32 33 »-* to 5 34 35 36 K CLEAR SPIN 157 0 0 0 You should also check out the utilities drawer for up to date versions of MCX, the universal cure-all commodity; Wbstartup+2.8, the latest version of this Mac-like startup manager; Ezcron, a new version of the Arexx event scheduler and various new screen grabbers, CD audio players and speed testers.
As ever, this Aminet CD is well presented, with it's invaluable index and auto- extracting AmigaGuide file. It's hard to imagine how we could ever award it less than an AF Gold. © On the business side of things, this CD contains the demo versions of two excellent products - PCTask and DrawStudio, which should be of interest to most Amiga users. You will also find a load of updates for Personal Paint, including some new Arexx scripts for those of you with Ppaint 7 or better.
There are also a load of great Shareware games here, including the rather excellent Wbasteroids and the compulsive and frustrating Rush Hour, which features on this month's Coverdisk. There are also quite a few tank games (does nobody ever get tired of writing these). As our Game On feature VERDICT 90% £14.99 AGA TOOLKIT '97 Weird Science 0116 234 0682 The box describes the AGA Toolkit '97 as "the very best utilities presented ready to run directly from the CD." Things however, start to go astray with the assigns script. Basically a new screen opens, and various information about the CD
appears in a telecaster type one- letter-at-a-time style. This is a nice effect, but soon drives you crazy having to wait 35 seconds every time you want to assign the CD.
On an organisational level, the confusion continues inside. The directories containing the actual tools aren't organised in any sort of familiar way. For example, if you look in the tools drawer, you will find the tools set up for use with this CD
- and the same goes for the devs, utilities.
Commodities and Wbstartup drawers.
To add to the confusion, some things, like commodities, are found in the "workbench" drawer, while things like datatypes are in the "OS" drawer. And why is I2DB (which converts Aminet index files into a database) in the OS drawer? However, On the graphics front there are the usual clutch of Mandelbrot things, the fantastic Amountains (including source) and the odd but nice Windowblender.
If fractals really aren't your scene, then you may find some of the more serious stuff like Tpaint, Magnificad, POVRay2.2, MiniMorph and MainActor more useful - they can all be found here.
As are plenty of other utilities, from programming tools to picture viewers, sound sample converters, MOD players, datatypes and web software. There is an awful lot in this CD.
Ultimately, this is an excellent collection of tools and utilities, only let down by the somewhat confusing presentation. © most of the utilities do run direct from the CD, and the AmigaGuide file included does enable the user to browse around fairly easily.
But anyway, on with the utilities themselves. If you are a user of Directory Opus, you will be pleased to find that there are loads of Opus- related files on this CD, including many updates and modules which offer features found in later versions, loads of extra images, buttons and filetype definitions.
There are plenty of other disk-type utilities (as well as file managers like Sid2 and Dirwork), including CD-ROM tools and players, disk organisers such as ReOrg and Flashdisk, recovery programs, and a host of installers for various games. Unfortunately, none of the text- readers for the game installers seem to have been set up properly.
VERDICT 82% £9.99 This month Graeme Sandiford delves deep into Amiga video and answers all your questions on genlocks. If you're nearing the end of your tether send any queries to: Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
DOUBLE DRIVE DEBACLE I own an A1200 accelerated with an ’030 board with MMU and CPU and 32Mb of fast RAM and Kickstart 3.0. I have a 540Mb IDE hard disk, a Squirrel SCSI fitted into the PCMCIA slot feeding a tower incorporating a Sanyo CD-ROM drive, another SCSI 540Mb hard drive, and in which is housed an external floppy drive (DF1:). .Ml the powrer for the system comes from the 200 watt supply in the tow'er.
I want to add a second SCSI CD- ROM drive so I can have both drives loaded with different programs, or one drive holding a program and the other playing a music disc. Although I have set everything up as per the book, and the extra drive is recognised, I cannot get it to run, except by nominating it as the main CD32 drive within the Squirrel set-up. In other wrords the Squirrel allows me to run either drive if nominated, but not together.
I have put the problem to HiSoft, but they have not answered my letter!
Can the Squirrel run two CD-ROM drives or not? The literature suggests that it can but how? If it cannot, why not? After all it is still a SCSI device and providing it is set-up with its identifying SCSI number, I see no reason why it can’t operate.
Fred Wells Leeds L AMIGA VIDEO The A1200 and A600 have built in TV modulators (the RF connector), which allow them to use any television set as a display.
Several Amiga's have composite video outputs - these signals are suitable to connecting to a VCR in order to review the computer's display.
The CD32 has an SVHS output, which better quality TV sets and VCRs can accept. SVHS keeps the colour and brightness information separate for improved quality.
The Squirrel is a fully featured SCSI interface, and will be able to run up to six different SCSI devices. If it can run one, it can run several - that s assuming that they are configured properly of course. I would advise you to check three things:
1. Termination. Only the end device on your chain of SCSI drives
should have termination switched on, either via a removable
pack of resistors or a DIP switch.
All Amiga computers (except the CD32) have a 23-way video port, for connecting the Amiga to suitable monitors. These give sharper pictures than with the RF or composite signals.
Using a genlock, Amiga graphics can be mixed with other video sources (for example, a camcorder).
The resulting signal can be displayed or recorded to video tape.
Amiga computers with Zorro slots can use third party graphics card such as Picasso and CyberVision to provide increased resolutions and greater speed for the Workbench and application software.
2. SCSI Ids. Each device must have a un ique ID, usually set by
DIP switches.
Make sure all are different, and in the range 0 to 6.
3. Driver software. This is where I suspect you might be going
wrong. If you want to access more than one CD-ROM drive, you
will need to create an extra CD device for each of them.
The way to do this depends on the CD- ROM file system you are using, but you may find that you only need to duplicate the CD0: icon in your DEVS: directory, and then edit the information it con tains to point to the new device at the relevant SCSI ID.
ON THE (GRAPHIC) CARDS I’ve just read your review of the PicassoIV graphics card in the April issue of Afand before I rush out and buy one, I have a couple of questions. I have an A4000 EC030 with 18Mb running Workbench Kickstart 3.0.
1. Is it absolutely necessary to use Workbench 3.1? It wrould add
about £100 to the cost if I had to upgrade.
2. The review states that you should have a ‘decent’ monitor.
Will my Microvitec 1438 be compatible? If not, what would you
Mark Bonshor Leicestershire
1. It was essential to have Kickstart 3.1 ROMs, but check with
Blittersoft 01908 261466.
2. Your Microvitec will be compatible, but a 15" or 17" monitor
will give much better results, as you will be able to view
1024 by 768 and greater screen modes and treat your eyes to a
higher dot pitch. Big money is involved though - think £300 or
2. I found a reference to the Hard Drive manual in the
documentation which came with my A4000, although I've never
seen the manual itself. If you want the technical details of
the hard drive, you will, need to contact the manufacturer
(Seagate, IBM, WD etc) and ask for a data sheet.
WINDOWS PAIN My daughter has an Amiga 500+ and she has been quite happy with it. I work Intel 80286 processor, whereas the A miga has a Motorola 68000.
In short, the A500 - especially an unexpanded one - is a very limited machine by today's standards. If you want to run good word processing and other software, please consider-getting an A1200.
NOT EASY AS ABC I first purchased an .Amiga 500 plus a Roctec Rocgen Plus Genlock as a hobby I have an A1200 with a 4Mb 68020 accelerator board, 250Mb hard drive and standard Squirrel SCSI interface and double speed CD-ROM drive.
1. I am unable to access all the The Picasso IV is a very nice
board in terms of both performance and price. We gave it a
whopping 88%.
Programs on several of your early Cds, namely Cds three and four. I rang HiSoft, the manufacturer of the excellent Squirrel interface, who were extremely helpful, but intimated that there was some incompatibility problem with their product and early issues of your Cds. Is there any way around this problem?
2. When trying to install a PD program my ‘Work’ drawer changed
to a disk symbol and whilst it works okay I would like to know
how I can change it back.
Mr N.J. Mills Oxford with Microsoft Windows Program Manager and I find it really easy |k to get around. Is there any way you can buy a ‘Windows’ program for the Amiga?
I am confused by the Mb, kB information. I know7 the Amiga 500+ has 1Mb standard (286 machine?) Wiiich can be upgraded to 2Mb with a 1Mb RAM board (maximum expansion is 10Mb).
It says on the Microsoft Windows software that 4Mb is needed. How7 would I do this and approximately how much would it cost?
A. Pickering Solihull on my retirement to do video work. This
went well until I decided to do some voluntary work for a
local scout group - creating their magazine. I already have a
Citizen 120D but I found that I required something more
versatile. I opted to go for a Citizen ABC but was informed
that my A500 would not be suitable. So I purchased an A1200
second-hand from Cash Converters. But the A1200 would not work
with my Genlock. Cash Converters will not refund my money
because there is nothing wrong with the A1200 so 1 am stuck
with the A1200 and the A500.1 would like to retain the A1200
and buy the ABC printer if I could get the Genlock working.
Fred Heather Southampton It's true that some genlocks simply won V work with the A1200. Why this is so I am not entirely certain, and it's possible that the genlock can be adjusted to work - perhaps any readers with more expertise in this area will get in touch.
However, I'm not sure why the printer won't work with the A500. If the A500 has a reasonable amount of memory and an up-to- date Kickstart, then there should be nothing to preven t you using it. The A1200 will however be a great deal faster and more convenient for any form of DTP work, especially if there is a hard drive fitted.
Continued overleaf
1. Yes. Either install a new CD-ROM filing System - we recommend
AmiCDFS which has been on all the Amiga Format CD- ROMs since
2. Use the IconEdit program. Load the Work drawer, and then load
in the image of an existing drawer.
The only way to run Windows on your Amiga is with an emulator - and you'll need a very powerful machine to do it.
1. Is it possible to install games etc. on to the hard drive of
the children's A1200 and run them from there? (They have a
number of programs on disk which I can copy but have no
installation program with them.)
2. Where can I obtain a copy of the Hard Drive users manual?
D. J. White Clzuyd
1. Unless the game specifically includes a hard disk installation
routine, then sadly the answer is no. Most games include their
own copy protection schemes and low-level hardware support,
and this means no access to hard drives.
Jjjii is zua Vihu-'jh'.n ?•u-iiilif! Znuia zuzi:a: uu :iu*; y?r. Jjluj!
Lib ui iiii iJiiC j*inESJ-* fuu zuHhbL: yuui* Eiiw uiy :u um jftin iiii-'jii’Tu iiiiL uuztei ‘Tin u Zzuumuizz uiitultel i'j'j.zu'j'j iiw* ' 'Ji-zhuziil -j Zzuznuus, joj-jliri z-mfo uz zun win: ynu First of all, try to remember that the Amiga and PC clones are totally Y different in their architecture, operating system, central processor and almost everything else. This means I you cannot buy an off-the-shelf version of Windows and run it on the Amiga: the Amiga uses its Workbench instead.
If you have adequate memory and an up-to- k date Kickstart A there is no reason why ¦s you can't run a Citizen ABC on an A500.
You can run Win dows if you use an 'emulator', but em ulators are slow (because they have a lot of work to do) and an A500 simply isn't up to the job. Even a heavily expanded A1200 or A4000 will struggle to run Windows.
Yes, the A500+ has 1Mb of RAM, but it's nothing like a 286 machine. The ‘286' refers to the
* SEND IN THE CLONE I bought PC Task so I could run PC programs.
When I loaded the programs I noticed that they were running
very slowly. I bought the Blizzard 1240TV accelerator with 8Mb
of RAM and then the programs started running very fast but only
286 and lower programs would run. Is there a program that can
run 486 programs or at least 386?
David Camilleri Malta Yes, there are two software based PC em ulators now available: PC Task 4.0 and PCX. Both will emulate a 486 processor, and in fact PCX has a good bash at em ulating a Pentium. See AF96 for more details, as the two packages were examined in detail as part of the seiies on emulation.
I have an Amiga 1200 and one day as I was using my D.Copy 3.11 decided to format one of my disks. The disk I accidentally formatted was my Workbench 3.0 disk. Could you please, please, please tell me where I could get another one.
Mark Catterall Wigan CACHE AND CRASH In your Christmas issue (AF92) you answered a letter from Paul Nines with respect to the 8000003 error. I also have this problem with Pro Draw, Dialling Codes, DSS8 sound sampler and a couple of others. They don’t like my Blizzard (1230 IV) either and I would like to know winy. It can’t be slow7 memory access as suggested because I have a new7 8Mb 60ns SIMM in my board.
All these programs work fine with the Blizzard disabled but this is a real pain because 1) I lose all my extra RAM and 2) VMM gets fed up not being able to use the MMU. Do you think it could be the ROM remapping facility of the Blizzard causing the trouble?
P. R. Jackson Portsmouth No, I don’t think any ROM remapping
would cause those problems. It would appear that the programs
you mention were simply badly written and don V operate with
the 68030 processor of the Blizzard. You could try switching
off the 68030s caches and checking to see if that makes a
OLD DRIVES NEVER DIE... I have an Amiga 500 with Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.32 and 1Mb. I recently bought a Spirit Technolog)7 HDA-506 hard drive unit from a boot sale but cannot get it to work on my Amiga. For a start I need to get the software for it and maybe a manual.
Do you know anyone who could supply them? The drive uses MFM type hard drives and connects into the PCMCIA slot on the Amiga. It has a 1.3 auto boot ROM. Is there any way I can get it to work if I can get the software for it?
Paul Newport Isle of Wight Wow... total confusion here. Firstly, the Amiga 500 doesn’t even have a PCMCIA slot. Secondly I try to avoid any hard drive with the letters ‘MFM’ or numbers ‘506’ as they are invariably very old, very slow and very unreliable.
As for software and manuals, I have no idea. Once again, it’s over to the dedicated Amiga Format readers for help.
A DRIVE BY ANY OTHER NAME 30808 45888 23890 92000 or vat: I5.88X Profit for the peur, 1394 I have an A1200, a Cobra board with a 68030 chip and 4Mb onboard, a 420Mb Archos Overdrive hard drive connected to a PCMCIA slot external disk drive and a Citizen Swift 9 printer.
I can't install TurboCalc 2.1 from the March Coverdisk. When I boot from disk 95a and select hard drive install I keep getting a request box 'insert DH0: in any drive'.
Peter Hedges Milton Keynes f ‘ - ¦¦ It sounds as though the installer is assuming your hard drive device is 'DHO:' when there is every chance that it is actually something like 'HDO:'. You can tell which it is by holding down the two mouse buttons when you reboot and going to the 'Boot Options' menu, as this will include a list of all the devices on your system.
When you have established which it is, you can then boot as normal using the 'assign' command to create a new device which points to your hard drive. For example, if your hard drive was called 'DHO:' you should enter 'assign hdO: dhO:'.
You may want to include this in your user-startup file so it happens every time your computer boots up.
Turbocalc's a great program when you can install it to your hard drive.
Composite Video Out I
* • 4 RF Modulated Output J STATE OF THE SCART I have an A1200
with a pre-fitted hard disk, 4Mb expansion card, a Power
Computing dual-speed SCSI CD- ROM (connected via a Squirrel)
and an external disk drive.
1. When using any software loaded from the hard drive the
internal floppy does not recognise a disk being inserted. In
Dopus when I select DFO: I get a listing of the Workbench
partition of the hard disk but I cannot access the disk in the
internal drive. However, I am able to boot up from DFO: and
when playing SWOS for example, I am able to save to DFO:.
I recently checked the hard drive configuration using HDToolbox and found that the 'Partition Device Name' shown for the boot partition of the drive is named 'DFO'. Could this be the source of my problem? If so, is it possible to change the partition name without reformatting the partition - it'll be hard to backup the drive without using the internal floppy.
2. I am having increasing problems with my external floppy drive
which generates read write errors on a fairly regular basis. I
have used a cleaning disk on the drive but this has made no
real difference. Could the problem be a lack of power from the
standard A1200 PSU or is the drive, which is now a few years
old, simply wearing out?
3. One of the main reasons for buying the memory expansion was to
make use of 5ca a MM300 which was included with the Amiga
Magic Pack, mainly for titling home videos.
Unfortunately, the Amiga seems to interfere with the VCR so that I cannot get a clear recording. I have tried connecting to the VCR using the SCART connector (which I normally use to connect to the TV) but have only succeeded in recording a blank screen. Do I need a special SCART lead for VCR use? Also, if I do eventually succeed in making clear recordings how would I go about recording sound at the same time?
Martyn Powell Kidderminster
1. Yes, this is most definitely the problem. I don't know how on
earth your hard drive was misnamed so badly, but this is the
root of all the strange behaviour. You can solve the problem
simply by using HDToolbox. Click on the drive Sound Output
Video Port * name in the top window and then click on the
"Partition Drive" button. You will see a text gadget on the
new window that appears. If your drive has more than one
partition, you might need to click on the segmented partition
bar at the top of the window in order to find the partition
that needs renaming. Once you've found the right partition and
renamed it (the usual names for the boot partition are either
DHO: or HDO:), hit the "OK" button and then make sure you
click the "Save Changes to Drive" button before exiting
2. I would guess that the floppy drive's heads are drifting out
of alignment. It's possible to alter the settings if you are
prepared to take the drive apart and play with a watch-
mender's screwdriver, or pay a professional to do exactly the
same for you.
3. As you know, the Amiga 1200 has three video outputs: the RF
signal, the composite signal, and the video port. The
composite signal is of average quality, but is the easiest to
The signal from the video port is a lot better, mainly because it's still separated into RGB components. Although a SCART lead will display the RGB information on a suitable TV, it won't be recorded to video tape for the simple reason that most VCR's don't actually accept the incoming RGB signal, even though they have a SCART socket. Instead they will only transmit the RGB signal. This is a common problem when trying to record high quality Amiga graphics.
The best solution is usually to buy a genlock.
This will generate a higher quality composite signal (or even an SVHS signal) which will record better. They also have the advantage of combining the Amiga's video with a secondary source, such as a camcorder.
As for recording sound, it depends on whether you want to record sound from the Amiga, from a camcorder or both. If you want several sources, you'll need an audio mixer (or get the GVP genlock which has one built in).
Some VCRs (typically NICAM ones) will have a pair of phono plugs for sound input. Others won't and you'll have to use the SCART socket again. As well as the RGB, SCART includes a pin which carries Composite though and sound as well, so you can get a lead made up to take the Amiga video and sound into the VCR in this way.
The A1200 has three video outputs: the RF signal, the composite signal and the video port. The signal from the video port is the best because it's still separated into RGB components.
Power IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just 0 concentrate on our areas of expertise
- we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in Graeme Sandiford questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn’t be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
YOUR AMIGA ONLINE A whole new generation of email programs have arrived and Dave Cusick finds out exactly what they can do.
Believe it or not, there was a time when Elm was the email client of choice on the Amiga (indeed, it still is, if your name happens to be Ben Vost). [Ben says he now uses Microdot II.
Ed] Even more unbelievably, that time has only come to an end relatively J recently. In the past eighteen months, industrious programmers have at last started producing powerful clients that are also easv to use.
J One of the first of this new generation of mail programs was the wonderfully tided Yet Another Mailer.
With an attractive and compact hfcroOot-n ft 156 (24. Fe- 97) 8 1993-97 Ovj*r Wagner. RT1 R»ghts Reserved !QJ d Prev ? Nt* Or B*piy d FotowUp sa fom.it ?a Moire Odcfe o
- hjl-d Image: jPRQGDIR: Icons left .IMG label: [Prcv Hotkey
|qjRSOR_L£FT interface, and through being Freeware whilst many
of its competitors were Shareware, YAM quickly earned itself
many admirers. Once upon a time, subscribers to ISPs such as
Demon, that did not support the POP3 mail protocol could not
use YAM without setting up some rather elaborate scripts and
daemons. Now that Demon have finally upgraded their mail
service, subscribers can switch to YAM or any of the numerous
other POP3-only clients.
YAM also features an extremely useful Arexx port, through which it is possible to run the many scripts keen users have produced. Most of these are available from the comm mail directory of Aminet. The most obvious use for a script is to make YAM the default email client for your favourite Web browser, so that clicking on a mailto: link would launch YAM. You could then compose a message, send it and return to browsing.
Setting up Microdot II to automatically sort out your incoming email for you is extremely straightforward.
There are now scores of mailto scripts, since almost even- Arexx- Workbench Screen literate YAM user seems to have produced their own version.
LESS MUNDANE Other less mundane scripts include GrabURL. This scans a message for HTTP and FTP sites and presents these in a window, from wiiich a browser can be launched to visit them. YAMlist makes it possible to maintain a mailing list on your Amiga. There are also several file server scripts, which open up the possibility of automatically sending software via email to people contacting you with a particular subject line - a possibility7 w’hich some PD and Shareware authors who issue updates over the Internet are already exploiting.
YAM is not the only email client that boasts really powerful features.
Similarly impressive is Microdot II, Oliver Wagner's latest creation. Olli, whose wonderful efforts for Vaporware have included AmlRC and Voyager, is still working on MDII and at the time of writing new time-limited demonstration YRM.020 -W5¥ Newstuff Instaif IA] Action: -GotoMsg PREVYou cwwe the fefeving pbcoKoUors m the Action PlF~.].r Gra* Total 2 ST
* k t«a.
k t ».
* test auth
* e T Surf Re: M Various ritemet services Yet Anotier Maier
Author of YAM YAM Maingbt Send "sutocrfee yam"
- rj Forrt; iaj Vie* mode: [ j | Image t Text 11
mbeck@eKxes3.ch yam@d$ ddft.nl OK He* Cancel mm 2728 1441 1128
- i • Ben Vost ben8sube«y deeon co.ufc Satmoff Kan c . A wat
ker tancaster ac u Steve KcNalty str'e8»acnaUy .deaon co Dave
Cusick daue8dcus deeon co uk Rick Johnson richard
johnsontuniuer .
I 23 24 84 24 84
24. 84 2623 Qo o Pm* Marcel Beck's excellent YAM offers a wealth
of powerful features... YOUR AMIGA ONLINE ifTz versions are
regularly becoming available from the Vapor Web site (which
is at http: www.vapor.com ). Although in time finished
versions of MDII will be distributed commercially as with
other Vapor products, as far as I am aware the only means of
obtaining a registered, upgradable version of the software at
the moment is by purchasing Active Software’s excellent
NetConnect (reviewed last issue AF98 92%) bundle, which
contains v0.156 of Microdot II. This is the version I’m using
at the time of writing, so don’t be too concerned if things
have changed slightly in newer versions.
A CUT ABOVE The reasons MDII is a cut above most Amiga mail programs are numerous.
Most obviously, it uses MUI and so features a fully configurable interface.
Graphical or text-only buttons can be placed at the bottom of each window, and the functions of these buttons can be changed to suit your needs.
Secondly, MDII is capable of handling both email and usenet news, something which to my knowledge only the hopelessly overcomplicated Thor was previously capable of. As a consequence of its dual role, MDII presents both news postings and email messages in threads
- meaning that messages on the same subject are grouped together
and can be folded up. This approach to email sorting takes some
getting used to (not The Vaporware support site, where the
latest demo version of Microdot II can be downloaded.
"YAM is not the only email client that boasts really powerful features.
N least because messages from you end up appearing in your own Private Mail inbox in case someone replies to them using the same subject line) but it works quite well.
As an example, if I sent Ben Vost an email accusing him of being a luddite, and he replied angrily, the response would be listed directly underneath my ...the most important of which is definitely the Arexx port.
Original message. If a heated flame war ensued, I could fold all the messages neatly away when sorting through my mailbox so as to save scrolling through them.
Microdot II is also to my knowledge the only Amiga email client which supports Rich Text Formatting. Virtually all PC mailers support this facility, which allows messages to include multiple fonts and styles. Clicking the right mouse button whilst the mouse pointer is over the message composition window will bring up a list of text formatting options. Although MDII does not yet support coloured text and advanced layout options these are promised for the near future.
GET SORTED Most importantly though, MDII offers the user some extremely powerful email sorting features. For instance, messages from mailing lists can be automatically placed in various folders so as to avoid cluttering the main inbox. Setting MDII up to do this is an extremely simple process; let’s take a look at a couple of examples.
Subscribers to Demon Internet will doubtless have joined the Demon Announce mailing list. To place all these messages in a single folder, first select the Group Overview window' by clicking on it. Then choose Create New Mail Folder from the Groups Menu. Enter a name for the Folder such as “Demon Announce” and, if you like, type a brief description of what the folder will contain in the Topic box. Then flick to the Mail Sorting options. Tick “From”, enter “owner-announce@demon.net” in the Match Against text box, and hit OK.
That’s all there is to it.
Not all mailing lists W'ork in the same way, of course. For instance, Net Connect questions and answers come from a variety of sources, so matching the “From” details would not w'ork.
Instead I use “To” matched against “Netconnect@*” (note the use of the asterisk as a wildcard), although there are other ways of sorting incoming email which would achieve the same effect.
DEFINITION Another nice feature is the option of defining several different signatures for your emails and news postings, and configuring Microdot II to use those signatures in various situations. To define your signatures, open the General Settings window' (under the Settings menu) and select Signatures.
You can then tell MDII which signature to use in any given newsgroup or email area group by choosing Edit Group Parameters from the Group menu and selecting the appropriate Sig Set.
It also possible to create follow-up and reply headers to accompany each signature. Headers (such as “So and so wrote on the 31st March...”) are frequently used by usenet fans w'hen replying to earlier postings, and can include various pieces of information such as the date when the original message was created (%d), its subject (%s), and the sender’s address (%f) and real name (%r).
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SINGER WAY KEMPSTON MK42 7PU The indispensable guide to getting
the most out of your software Every month I stand here
promising that we will react to your IJB 'If input on the
Creative Ti section. This month I am f very pleased to be able
to k give you more concrete fi evidence that we do K ft
indeed take your views II to heart.
Mm We've had so ¦ manY requests from people who want to see an explanation of the CLI and Shell scripts H|HH Workbench, and various BSB B things to do with Icons, on 'Mvm how to sort out hard drives and CD-ROM drivers, that fiilKNiw we ve been prompted to DOPUS 5.5 The luddite convert Mr Vost does his penance by explaining how to use the world's best file management utility, Directory Opus 5.5. commission an entire series to IbggBB deal with all your worrisome Workbench woes.
If there is some tutorial that YOU think we should be running, all you have to do is write in and let us know. See the box below on how to get your voice heard.
In the meantime this month we also start our Directory Opus tutorial. It is such a feature packed piece of software that we thought a tutorial was the only way to make sure you get the most out of it. In the coming months you will discover all sorts of shortcuts and ways to configure Opus that you never knew existed. At least, that's what Ben promised me.
And don't miss our other highlights this month, including the most lifelike photo of John Kennedy I have ever seen, and Mr Overaa's increasingly more cunning Arexx tutorial.
See you next month!
• o* G«d9*t Tit I* Bar Shrink Window ¦lench 42% fufl, 4,751 K
free, 3.457K in use ,lE t&l BEGINNERS guide v; You asked for it
and you've got it - the first in a series on how to actually
use your Amiga.
Utilities System Nome oday oday oday oday oday oday oday oday oday oday This image was not only artificially coloured in Personal Paint, but also forms the basis of this month's tutorial which is all about the fun that can be had with brushes.
We need YOUR input.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series?
Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: Arexx Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do?
Paint Packages Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
Cinema4D Surely some of you have some questions about our latest 3D giveaway?
Contact us at: AF Creative • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
ADVANCED AREXX CINEMA4D 2 If you want to know what this hideous visage has got to do with 3D rendering then I can only suggest you check out John Kennedy's increasingly strange tutorial.
How can an ancient Egyptian help you keep all your bits and pieces secure? Only PaUl q EZZIHL wmtu.u I P lwwtn Tt«» ran Km' - 1 J o •»•*•*« Call ¦ * I, I at.rk cd... W» J m Billet IV. Mind aw TI possibly JjO'l . , give us the zzr 1... j| CJKIJi ...I u»g j answers. M m,m Ktz WORKBENCH CHAPTER ONE Sorting out the Workbench Files and directories Disks and hard disks CD-ROMs Printers Chapter 2.
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4.
Chapter 5.
Chapter 6.
Chapter 7.
Chapter 8.
Robert Polding goes back to basics, kicking off with an introduction to Workbench.
An introduction to Shell Expansions he Workbench is the tool that allows vou to access vour disks, J 7 files and programs. It also enables you to organise your system.
While all this sounds rather daunting, 1 would like to reassure you that the Workbench is both interesting and enjoyable to use. This series is aimed at absolute beginners so I am going to assume that you have not used anything like this before.
When you bought your Amiga you will have received a version of Workbench, varying from version 1.2 to
3. 1 - the latter being the one used in these articles. If vou
have an older version it is possible to upgrade (see the
adverts in this issue), but you will have to find someone to
install the hardware.
Workbench 3.1 comes on six disks.
If you use a hard disk it will probably already be pre-installed, if not you will have to use the disk labelled ‘Install’, and run firstly the ‘Prep-HD’ and then the ‘Install’ programs - refer to the You will see that the icons shown in Figure 1 look somewhat different from the standard icons shown in Figure 4.
The change in appearance is due to the excellent MagicWB package (more details next month!).
Not all files come with an icon however, and in order to access these files there is a function in the Window menu (select Window Show All Files).
You will see that there are many more invisible drawers and files on your Workbench disk, and even in your RAM disk if you select this option, but it's still a bit early to start explaining these matters just yet. Stay tuned for more details on files and directories in Chapters 2 and 3.
Wmtmm a wwmmv manual that came with your computer for more information.
CLEAN WINDOWS Once you have the software running (simply insert the ‘Workbench’ disk when your computer starts if you’re using floppies), you can begin exploring the disks. When you open a ‘device’ a window will appear. Doubleclick reasonably quickly on the ‘Workbench’ icon with the left mouse button and you will see a window open.
Now click on the tide bar of the window (unless otherwise stated ‘clicking’ will be with the left button), hold the button and move the mouse. You will have an outline of the Window' when you keep the button pressed, release the button and it will move the window.
If you accidentally “pick up’ a window in this way don’t release the left button, instead press the right.
In the bottom-right hand corner of the window there is a box with a triangle in it. This allow's you to re-size the window, using a similar method to moving a window (try this yourself!), you might want to move and re-size window's when you have many open and Workbench gets cluttered. If they overlap this is one of the solutions. You can also close the window' with the ‘Close’ gadget (top left), and cycle the windows with the ‘cycle gadget’ (top right), (see Figure 1). Finally there is the ‘shrink’ gadget that allow's you to toggle the size of the window'. The best way to get to grips with
using windows is to experiment, don’t forget you can’t do any damage moving windows!
DEALING WITH ICONS The next step in understanding Workbench is dealing with icons. You have already opened the ‘Workbench’ drawer, and you will have seen that when you click on an icon it changes (see Figure 2). If your icons appear in a haphazard order you can organise them using the menu. Check the window is selected (blue title) by clicking in it and then press and hold down the right mouse button. Move the mouse to the CHAPTER ONE WORKBENCH WARNING!
You will quickly realise that clicking on an icon causes a change in appearance. The icon is indented and there is a change in colour.
You must be careful with some of the Workbench programs, as they can cause damage, for example don't use the HDPrep program if you have a hard disk as this could leave you in a difficult situation.
Another big no for beginners (unless you are sure about what you are doing) is using the 'Delete' item in the Icon menu. You must remember, as the requestor points out that if you delete a file you cannot easily get it back. Don't be scared to experiment to a degree, but if anything looks as if it could cause damage either exit the program, or even reset your machine my pressing the key combination of 'Ctrl' and the two 'Amiga' keys either side of the keyboard, but don't do this if any disks are being read, as you could cause permanent damage.
] Ml mwb oid MWB Old top of the screen where you will see several menus appear, select the ‘Window’ menu and then the option ‘Clean Up’. Release the button and the icons will clean up. The menu also show's you a keyboard short-cut. This can be activated by pressing the right ‘Amiga’ key (by the Space Bar) and the key labelled with a full stop. There are short-cuts with many items, and they are much quicker to use than having to access the menu every time.
If you want to keep the window permanently cleaned up, you will have to select the menu ‘Window’ and then the sub-menu ‘Snapshot’, followed by Buy a hard disk! If you don’t have one serious work will be almost impossible (unless you really like swapping disks). A hard disk is like a large, ultra-fast floppy disk, and once you use one you’ll never look back. All modern programs either require or recommend a hard disk, especially more complex packages such as Wordzuorth and Imagine. They also allow' you to run larger games (such as Monkey Island II and almost any other graphic adventure),
without juggling eleven disks!
If the idea of opening your machine and installing a hard disk seems daunting then you can get an external one - again look at adverts in this issue.
We will cover hard disks in much more detail in a later article. CD-ROM drives are now also becoming an almost invaluable addition to your hardware. If you w'ant easy access to hundreds of megabytes of programs and data this is possibly the cheapest way - again watch this section in the future for a more in-depth look.
The manuals that came with your machine are essential reading. There are also various books available, Wizard Developments (01322 527800) supply a range of books and videos for the beginner, although they’re not cheap!
Next month wre will be covering more advanced use of Workbench and introducing some free software that will dramatically improve the operation and appearance of your system. Until next time keep clicking!
Workbench Icons Tools Window Ms* Draver SON Open Parenl Close On Select Contents El A Clean Up Window To use the menus hold down the right mouse button and move the pointer to the top of the screen. Several menus will appear. Decide which you want (in this case Window) and then drag the pointer down until you reach the item you require. As you can see here, some items also have sub-menus.
RFCD12 Snapshot Show $ Ram Disk the item ‘All’ (to save the position of the window and icons, if you just want the window’ select the appropriate item (see Figure 3)). While on the subject of menus you may be interested to learn that you can select multiple menu items by clicking on them with the left mouse button (while keeping the right pressed), so for example you could rename an icon then execute a command (from the Workbench menu).
OPENING A PROGRAM Now open the Utilities drawer in your Workbench disk, from this double click on the Clock icon. Congratulations, you opened a program!
Since this is the first in the series I would like to stress an important point: mmm 4, KMTMt ? 1 Ram Disk 100% full, | m I There are several types of icon that you may encounter. When you get the computer there are five types of icon: tool, project, drawer, disk and trashcan. There are also different icons for the various programs.
Disk Tool FILE MANAGEMENT 'fJz CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introducing and installing Dopus 5.5 Chapter 2: The Lister Chapter 3: Easy filetype configuration Chapter 4: Button Banks Chapter 5: Using Dopus FTP tools Chapter 6: Ooh, I almost forgot... Directory Opus 5.5 is probably the Amiga’s first ever file manager to need a six month tutorial.
It’s such a massive program, with so many tips and tricks, we could probably fill the magazine giving you advice on what to do with it.
In a way it’s odd that I should be the one to present this series of guides on how to get the best from Dopus, after all, I didn’t give the original v5 a very good review (in another, inferior, magazine) and was accused of being a luddite by the program’s makers.
However, since firmly embracing the idiosyncratic program, I now even use it as a Workbench replacement!
Ajiyway, let’s look at Dopus 5 from scratch. If you are already a Dopus 4 user you are going to be in for a bit of a shock. You may have the same misgivings I initially had, wondering how on earth you are going to be able to adapt your methods of working to this new, alien application. The fact that Dopus is now more like Workbench is no reassurement - confirmed Dopus 4 users (like I used to be) are only going to be put off by Dopus 5’s initial RTG OPTIONS If you have a graphics card capable of high or true colour Intuition screens I strongly suggest that you run Dopus on a high resolution
screen in at least 16-bit colour. The real benefit in doing this is that you can then use programs like CyberWindow, Cyber AVI and CyberQT and rather than opening new screens every time you want to look at a picture or animation, simply play them back on the Dopus screen. This also has other advantages if you want to run other programs on the same screen, notably web browsers.
In his first installment Ben Vost introduces a new way of working with your Amiga.
Presented with this screen (figure 1).
That bar down the right hand side is the default button bar, but don't worn7, it doesn’t have to stay there and it doesn’t have to look like that either.
At the moment, our Dopus screen looks pretty ugly. If you are running MagicWTS, as we are here, you might want to alter the colour palette that Dopus uses. If you installed the ugliness in its default setup. The answer is DON’T WORRY .ABOUT IT! You are going to need to put in some time on Dopus 5, just like you had to on Dopus 4, but behind the new-look interface you’ll find a lot that’s familiar.
SITTING PRETTY Once you’ve installed Dopus 5.5 and registered your copy, you'll be FILE MANAGEMENT ...but behind the new-look interface you'll find a lot that's familiar."
Copy, move, delete and makedir functions. Also, if you are running on a screen that is close to a lxl pixel aspect ratio, then you can get rid of the borders on the lister toolbar buttons.
In fact, it has to be said that Dopus is really window bar and a green destination geared towards users at a higher window bar - very visible. Resolution than PAL: Hi-Res. If you are running in this mode and can’t run in any other, you might just be better off sticking to Dopus 4 and its limitations.
For the rest of us, moving to Dopus 5.5 will cause a little heartache to start with as you get used to it and redefine your buttons, etc. but it soon becomes heartwarming as you realise just how powerful a system Dopus provides the user with.
In the following months we will be looking in-depth at Dopus' component parts - the configuration tools, the Lister and the button bank and showing you how to achieve system nirvana by configuring Dopus to perfection. O MM MWBOpus stuff, this is an easy job. Just use Settings Environment edit... (RAmiga 4) to set the Dopus screenmode to 16-colours to give you some spare to play with after you’ve set up your MagicWB palette. Now7 go to the Palette secdon and click Load. It will bring up a requestor based in sys:prefs presets to start with, but just go for the volumes button and find the D0pus5:
assign. You should find a Ugly default settings get transformed after only a few minutes playing around into the beautiful example below left... Colours drawer here which you can enter and select “ClickForColorsl6”.
This will set up the default M VB2 palette and leave you with pens left over for changing the colours of custom buttons and lister gadgets.
Okay, so now wTe at least have a partially palatable palette for our Dopus screen. Of course, now all the lister gadgets look grey rather than green and red, but you can use the Lister Display section of the environment prefs to change them to the colours you like. I like to use bright red, green and blue and leave the rest of the colours unchanged. This gives me a red source LEFT, RIGHT!
Dopus has quite a lot of functions accessible through using the right mouse button. Right clicking over an icon or a lister entry will often pop up a new menu of things you can do.
Experiment and you'll see some new stuff, for instance, the ability to get rid of names under icons or the icons' borders (right mouse button in an icon information window's titlebar), the ability to be able to send picture files to Personal Paint or Art Effect and more.
DEFINING BUTTONS In the general scheme of things, the buttons that Dopus presents you with by default are alright, but if you’ve already used Dopus 4 or another file manager you are probably used to having your own buttons defined. No problem, it is simple to change buttons in button banks or in the lister toolbar. The best wyay to edit a particular button is to hold down an ALT key and click on the one you want to edit. This will bring up the button editor and pop up the window for editing the button you clicked on - this is much faster than selecting edit Lister Toolbar or Edit Button Bank
from the menus.
If you already know an earlier version of Dopus inside out, you might want to save yourself some grief by importing your button bank. You can do this by selecting Settings Environment Load... from the menu and then choosing your old Dopus 4 config file. One thing you will notice pretty quickly is that you won’t need quite so many buttons in your button bank any more because of the Lister toolbar. This means that, amongst others, you’ll be able to get rid of the HIDDEN HINTS Directory Opus has loads of hidden features that only show up with incredibly careful reading of the manual, but hey, who
has the time to read manuals? Right? So here's the low-down on some of Dopus' unsung heroes.
Here's what Mac users would call an easter egg: Choose About... (RAmiga ?) From the Dopus menu.
The familiar requestor appears with the animated Dopus logo, but if you hold down the shift key and click on the logo, you'll see pictures of Greg Perry, Jon Potter and his girlfriend Barbara, Leo 'Nudel' Davidson - a well-known Dopus fan who helped a lot with the development of Dopus 5.5 and Andrew Dunbar - a GPSoft employee.
And here's a very useful feature for people writing scripts: If you are writing a shell script - perhaps you want to create a slideshow - you can easily add file and path names to it with this method. Select the files you want to use and then either use Ramiga-c or Ramiga-shift-c. The former will copy the path and filename details for all the files you have selected, while the latter will solely copy the filenames. Brilliant!
This issue Ivick Veitch plays around with brushes, and produces some quite disturbing results... CONTENTS Chapter 1: Palettes Chapter 2: Drawing Tools Chapter 3: Brushes Chapter 4: Image Processing Chapter 5: Animation Chapter 6: Further Projects PROJECT: CREATING A STREET SCENE The basis of our pavement will be a rectangle. Select the rectangle tool and draw a shape which is wider than it is tall - just like a normal paving-stone.
A flat colour won't look very realistic. Use the airbrush tool to create a mix of lighter and darker colours (start with the dark colours and lay the lighter ones on top for the best results). You may need to adjust the palette first.
Now you have your fuzzy mess, use the image processing function to blur (or emboss) it, until you get a nice stone mixture. Pick up the stone mixture as a brush and then set it as the fill pattern (see last issue).
Fill in your rectangle, then pick that up as a brush. Lay a small bit of pavement (you'll need two rows of an alternating pattern).
Now pick up a selection (two bricks wide) as a brush and select it as the fill pattern.
Now you can fill a large rectangle with this pattern for the pavement. Create a tarmac texture in the same way as the stone (use a blobbier airbrush and darker colours) and fill the rest of the screen with this.
Now you can pick up your pavement, flip it if necessary, and plonk it down on the other side of the road. Some dashed lines in the middle are all that's required to complete the effect. You've just laid a road!
BRUSH BASICS Load in a suitable textured brush - there are two provided on the floppy disk and more on the CD version. This is the "sand.pat" brush. Load the palette from the brush too (Alt-b). You can always make your own... Right click on the fill tool to bring up the fill requestor. Now choose From Brush 1 and Okay it. Now when you fill, you'll fill with the brush you loaded in. Try it by doing a filled rectangle.
You can use this facility for all sorts of things.
You can even fool people into thinking there are more colours on screen by creating cunning dithering patterns (useful for icons).
BRUSH MANIPULATION Rotate (any angle) Does as the name suggests. Can produce distorted results in screenmodes where the pixels aren't close to being square x (flip horizontal) or - + As you can imagine, the picture becomes a mirror image These keys can be used to scale the brush up and down while maintaining the same aspect ratio Shift - This will double the width of the current brush, leaving the height unchanged y (vertical flip) quite simply turns the brush upside down £0;; h.v-2L Puts the brush into streeetch mode.
Click and hold the mouse, then drag out the shape you wish the brush to be - This will double the height of the current brush Produces gradial horizontal displacement in the brush Cinema4D is very special, not least because of all its special objects. The equally special John Kennedy describes how they'll save you both time and effort.
Chapter 1: Basic view and object manipulation Chapter 2: Introduction to materials and textures EMBOSS Emboss takes an ordinary IFF format image file, and uses it to create a three dimensional object. Rather than mapping the image onto the outside of an object, an entirely new object is created. The object starts off as a flat plane, but the average value of the Red, Blue and Green components of the individual pixels are used to determine the height at any point.
It should be remembered that even a relatively small image (say, 320 by 256 pixels) will generate far too many triangular facets for C4D to cope with, so the ‘Reduction’ setting is supplied to reduce the pixel count to more manageable levels.
Emboss can be used for special effects, or for more mundane chores such as creating a landscape.
Unlike the Fractal system, Emboss enables you to plan your landscape down to the smallest detail.
Remember too that you can map the original (or a different) image onto the object.
Designing, building and rendering images can be hard work. Cinema4D speeds up the entire process by providing some “Special Objects” which can be dropped into any scene to jazz it up.
These Special Objects, available from the Object Menu, make things much more fun and include a variety of tools wdtich you’ll find extremely useful.
Chapter 7: Animation Part 2 Chapter 8: Final hints and tips One cunning use of Emboss is to create a realistic human face. You’ll need two images for this: one a scan of a face, the second a specially altered version which provides the height information - for example, the tip of the nose would be white, and the back of the ears a darker grey.
What’s more, it’s very easy to pose the figure because it has already been defined as an ‘Animation-ready’ object.
When you select the Drag function in the main toolbar (the three arrow' button) you can easily rotate the figure in a realistic way. Select the arm joint, and the FIGURE When creating 3D scenes, it’s often desirable to have a human being present to provide a sense of scale.
This is especially true if you are designing a building, room, car or other ‘real world’ object. C4D makes it easy to add a human being by doing all the hard work for you - you only need to select ‘Figure’.
Entire arm including the hand will move. Select the torso, and the head, chest and arms will all move as well.
FRACTAL Instant craggy islands are possible with the Fractal tool. This will create a random object which is perfect for all manner of landscapes: even lunar surfaces or gently rolling hills. You can select the size of the new object, as well as the height and coarseness of the facets used to make it up. You will need to experiment with the settings: create mountains which are too high and the effect is an alien world.
Remember that you can treat the fractal object like any other, and so you can apply textures or adjust the CHAPTER FIVE CINEMA4D 2 attributes. You can also deform the fractal and adjust individual points.
O | Environment (s Environment Colour _) Environment Fog 3- RGB _ HSV ¦s%- 101 mwmmmmmmi
- xCJ Sun Adjust.
J Fog Distance Graduaaon Cl Circle | Show o| Sun CkxXtm Mi Hour* | 12 C»y 1 2i I Minutes | o Motfh 1 s Ubufle | St* | 1 ? 1 Shadow « 1 Cancel | You can set the height and position of the sun, but sadly there are no associated cloud objects.
SUN If you are too lazy to create a light source, or if you want to accurately model an outdoor scene, than C4D has the perfect solution: the Sun. By creating a sun object, you are creating a lightsource whose position can be altered to suit the time of day, day of the year and location: perfect for architects.
The sun is not white but pale yellow. As it nears the horizon it will become more red, as it does in the ‘real world’.
TEXT The Text object is a bit of a cheat, as it makes use of a set of predefined objects rather than generating font objects on the fly. However, it still works and is ideal for creating images for video work.
• Remember that any menu option with a dot after the name
contains optional extra settings, which will only appear if you
hold down the shift key whilst selecting them. The first time
you use Emboss for example, you will be asked for the name of
the picture file. However, subsequently the Emboss will, by
default use this same picture unless you hold down shift when
selecting it.
• The Environment Settings window is vital for providing the
finishing touch to your images. You can select Background and
Foreground images. Use foreground to superimpose text or add
the interior view from a cockpit: all pure black detail in the
foreground image will be treated as transparent.
• The environment colour available from the Environment Settings
is the level of ambient lighting. Keep it low, otherwise images
will lose contrast.
• You can also switch the Fog effect on, and adjust its colour
from here. The default settings work well, but experiment for
underwater or other bizarre results.
V and % n0!
Jth h V °fw Create your own mega-epic scrolling titles with ease using Cinema4D's text option.
The message you want to render can either be entered by hand, or read from a plain text file. Use the text file when you need to create long messages (“In a galaxy a long way away...”) and then move them slowly into the distance and into a slight fog for a wonderfully expensive looking effect.
Two different fonts are supplied: Diamond and Helvetica, although there is nothing to stop you designing your own. To do this you should create a new directory’, and inside build all the objects you need, saving them as the name of the letter they represent. For example, the object for the lower-case letter ‘a’ would be saved with the filename of ‘a’.
You will also need to create a file called ‘Description’ which contains information on the size and spacing of the letters - see the files created for the existing fonts for details.
GROUND If you need a surface on which to place your objects, look no further than the ground. Sometimes you need to create your own object - a desktop for example
- but if you need something solid then the instant ground object
is for you.
The easiest way to use it, is to open up the Object Toolbar - although the menu option under Objects will achieve exactly the same thing. Even though the ground is switched on, you won’t actually see it until you perform a render or specifically select it. If you do wish to select it, open up the Object Selection and pick it from there. By- selecting the ground you gain the ability' to apply a texture to it: for example, in the image below I’ve applied a grid image and increased its reflectivity.
SKY By default, w'hen you render a scene there is nothing in the background and everything appears to be in the middle of a black and empty space. You can change this in several ways: from the Environment settings you can use any image as a backdrop: for example, a picture of clouds. However, if you animate the viewpoint, the backdrop remains in exactly the same place and spoils the effect.
The sky is different - it is an infinitely large sphere which encompasses the scene. You can switch it on and off in a similar wav to the J ground (via the menu or floating object tool bar) and also apply a texture or colour to it. The sky-sphere may appear in the editing view but this is only a representation of it, as it will always appear in the distance when rendered.
If you try and use fog, you will find that your images have a totally fog- coloured background, irrespective of w'hat settings are used for the sky. This is not a bug: remember that the fog continues into infinity, and so will always eventually appear as an opaque object as you look through it.
Counter-Espionage For Beginners! - PsgC Vw® HI BE ¦9 mm ?$ si Paul Overaa concludes his introduction to the cloak and dagger world of cryptology and throws in a clever Arexx trick even hardened coders may not be aware of... it it i* »l ** U »J f You'll notice a big speed improvement with this month's script.
The trouble with last month's script was the fact that characters were being read, modified, and re-written on a one-by- one basis. That’s an awful lot of Readch(), BitXOR() and WritechQ function calls being made and it is this inefficiency that caused the script to run slowly. The way of eliminating this is to deal with much larger blocks of data - those that are the size of the cipher key itself. In this sense it is actually an advantage to use large keys but although this means that the encryption process becomes more address command ’list' key_name 'to' TEMP 'nodates nohead1 if
Open(tTEMP,'r') then do list_output=Readln(t) key_length=Word(list_outpui2) Close (t) block_count=sourceJength%key_length remaining_bytes=sourceJength-block_count*key_length [notice that integer division (%) needs to be used for the division operation!] i5?a?lTl|E TKST ; Mt»r Mkwtiet til* LISTING TWO LISTING ONE secure, there are limits to the size of an encryption key that can be physically typed. An alternative idea is to use another file to control the cipher replacement operations. Arexx makes this surprisingly easy.
The first step is identifying the size of the file that represents the chosen cipher key. Arexx’s address instruction can be used in conjunction with AmigaDOS’s LIST command to generate the necessary details writing the output to a temporary file. The nodates and nohead switches can be used on the LIST command line to ensure that only the file name, size, and protection flags values are sent to the output file and, because of this, it’s easy to identify the file size. We simply read the command output into a variable using ReadlnQ and extract the second word using Arexx's Word() function.
Listing One shows how it’s done.
An identical type of routine can be used to identify the size of the source file, i.e. the file that we wish to encrypt or decipher. Once this information is available it’s possible to calculate the amount of key sized blocks, and the number of any remaining bytes - see Listing Two.
THE MODIFIED ENCRYPTION APPROACH With last month’s approach the encryption of a 30,000 byte file would Brushes of simple graphics objects stored as IFF files make excellent cipher keys because the basic details needed to recreate the file are easily remembered.
Involve 90,000 function calls (remember each character required one Readch(), one BitXORQ and one Writech() operation). Now; let’s assume that we are always able to read kev_length number of bytes from a file into an .ARexx variable. The overall encryption process of each block would then take this form... source=Readch(s key_length) source=BitXOR(source,key) Writech(d,source) and if blocks were say 1000 bytes each we’re talking of three operations per block as opposed to 3000 per block with the previous scheme! .Any additional bytes can be dealt with in a similar fashion by using .ARexx’s
LeftQ function to ensure that the right number of bytes are written back to the new file. This is shown in Listing Three.
These new arrangements have actually made the cipher translation operations easier because no modulus operations are now needed. And because we’ve now' opted for providing the cipher key as a file we can use things like 8SVX sound files, pictures or even other programs!
You’ll notice in the example fragments so far that both the encryption key and blocks of characters from the source file are being read into .ARexx variables. Obviously there’s a limit to the number of characters which can be [f*Tz CODING CHAPTER ONE LISTING THREE source=Readch(s,remaining_bytes) source=BitXOR(source,key) Wr i tech (d. Left (source, rema i n i ng_bytes)) LISTING FOUR struct NexxStr * integer value * nsj value; ns_Length; ns_Flags; ns.Hash; ns_Buff[8]; LONG UWORD UBYTE UBYTE BYTE }; ‘length in bytes * * attribute flags * * hash code * * extensible buffer area * used
but I think that you might be surprised at how high this is. Internally Arexx strings are represented using a data descriptor known as a NexxStr structure and Listing Four shows how the various fields present in this unit can be represented.
It probably doesn’t mean a lot unless you’re into C coding so I’ll tell you what’s important - that UWORD entry tells us that the maximum size of an Arexx string is held as an unsigned word, i.e. as a two-byte integer value, which implies that .ARexx strings can be up to 64K in length. This in turns means that you can read a file of up to 64K direcdy into an Arexx variable (something you may find useful to bear in mind in many other file-based .ARexx applications)! So, with the potential speed increases, and the added bonus of being able to use cipher keys as large as 64K (one byte less than
this strictly LISTING FIVE Encrypt: if Open(k,key_name r') then do key=Readch(k,key_length) Close(k) end if Open(s,source_name,'r') then do if Open(d,dest_name,'w ) then do do i=1 to block_count source=Readch(s, key .length) source=BitXOR(source,key) Writech(d,source) end * of handling i'th block * source=Readch(s,remaining_bytes) source=BitXOR(source,key) Writech(d,Left(source,remaining_bytes)) say END.PROMPT Close(d) end * open dest * else say DESTINATION.ERROR end * open source * else say SOURCEERROR Close(s) return In this modified encryption routine Arexx's BitXORO and WritechO
functions are handling blocks as large as the cipher key itself (up to 64K)!
Speaking), all of a sudden this still simple block-based encryption method is starting to look quite attractive. Listing Five shows the complete encryption routine used by this month’s Coverdisk example and again you’ll see that the cipher-related operations are effected by just the two BitXOR() statements mentioned earlier with the bulk of the code relating to common or garden .ARexx file handling commands.
When the script runs it asks you which file you’d like to encrypt or decipher, for a name for the output file, and then for the name of the file to be used as the cipher key. Shordy after you enter this you’ll see the ‘.All Done’ message and your output file will be available for use. Then just arrange for any recipient of your encrypted files to have either a copy of the key file you originally used or details of exactly how to generate it!
ELIMINATING A POSSIBLE DISADVANTAGE... One of the good things about using say a picture file as a cipher key is that you only need to remember a (relatively short) file name yet the byte contents of that file itself is sufficient to offer a surprisingly high level of encryption security. There is, however, one disadvantage - namely that if you either lose, or perhaps inadvertently edit, that key file it then becomes impossible to recover your data.
One way around this is to generate picture or sound files algorithmically
(i. e. according to a chosen formula).
.Another option is to use a file, such as a plain .ASCII text file, containing say a well known poem or story that, at worst, could be easily recreated. .An alternative approach, and the one that I prefer, is to opt for simple graphics that can be accurately redrawn if necessary. A technique I’ve regularly used involves Dpaint I load the program and, using the default palette and font settings, pick a background and foreground colour and ty pe the text that I wish to use as a cipher key. The magnifying glass tool is used to help mark out a brush that is exactly the same size as the created
text area and this brush is then saved to disk as an IFF file.
I’ve proved many times that the byte contents of files generated in this way are repeatable and this means that, to regenerate the key, it’s only necessary' to remember the colours you used and the text chosen. The trigger that enables you to regenerate the cipher key might, for example, be simply the fact that you used red letters on a black background with the text being your full postal address. Not a lot to remember but the resulting IFF graphics file makes a very' effective cipher key.
OVER TO YOU... OK, so the secret is out - the approach I've oudined is built basically around just a couple of lines of .ARexx code and it’s usefulness stems from three things.
Firsdy, it’s simplicity7. Secondly, the fact that relatively large cipher keys can be used. .And thirdly - that in order to use these keys you need only remember a few simple things. These enable you to either specify or generate the key which is then subsequendy used to create or decipher an encrypted file.
It’s not hard to come up with alternative tricks of this nature. Melody lines of familiar tunes stored in Midi file form could easily be used to accurately generate a key file for controlling the encryption deciphering process.
In short the list of variations is endless and that should proride some food for thought. Rest assured that there are also some rather more esoteric, mathematical, methods for generating these all important key files but that particular topic, is most definitely a story7 for another time!
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We have also put together exclusive usable demos of our 2 latest CDROM products - Women of the Web and The Hidden Truth. The AGA Experience Vol 3 will be released in April ’97 and will be released at a lower RRP of just £14.99 (FOR AGA AMIGAS ONLY) jm gm OUT NOW t I 4i95 ¦GHOSTS I PARANORMAl M MSCIENCE FICTION SERIAL KILLERS WORMS: Directors Cut! £24.95 Andy Davidson, the mad creator of Worms, brings you the finest version of Worms with the all new, all singing, all dancing “Worms Directors Cut" Bask in the glory of 300 colours, super smooth scrolling and a host of new silly weapons that
your mother wouldn't like!
Giggle as you chuck a holy hand grenade, unleash a mad old woman or send in a herd of mad cows!
Add the magic of the all new Graffiti Mode and as many game enhancing options Andy could think Iaf QtfiC'KHl of the P uce possible the finest ever Amiga game. (AGA Amigas only) *1 1111 U - plus much mors ISYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Workbench 3.0 or later AGA Chipset (GFX Card recommended)
* 4MB RAM Min. (6MB* recommended) Hard Drive recommended Send
your letters to: Letters To The Editor • Amiga Format • 30
Monmouth Street • Bath • Avon • BA1 2BW or email to:
amformat@futurenet.co.uk - putting 'Mailbag' in the subject
THE HEAT IS OFF Having just read Jonathan Duke’s long term review of the Apollo 620 Turbo A600 accelerator (AF96), I thought I’d drop you a line to give an ‘opposite end of scale’ opinion. I have two A600s and an A1200; both A600s have Apollo 620s installed plus 8Mb extra RAM an internal hard drive and a Dataflyer SCSI+ SCSI interface - and no fan. Both have been upgraded to Kicks tart Workbench 3.1. I wonder if Jonathan’s overheating problems are connected to the fact that (going by the pictures) his A600’s top, clips down flush all round - mine isn’t screwed down tight due to the fact that
1. The Dataflyer cable has to come up between the two halves of
the casing, and 2. All the clips are broken - which probably
allows better ventilation.
Anyway, I think the long term user reports are an excellent idea - there really is no substitute for real-life usage over an extended period of time.
Jen Allen Sussex i Thanks for your comments. I’m sure there are many other users who have used the Apollo without any problem. As with many other things, the simple fact is that some individual processors are more prone to overheating than others - even ones which are theoretically identical. Extra ventilation does help, as do fans which you can buy separately from places like Maplins.
I'm glad you like the idea of our long term tests - but remember, it’s up to you to send them in... POWERING ON Things are looking up for the Amiga at the moment. Gateway 2000 have bought Amiga Technologies, Myst is being released and Direct are releasing the Power Amiga, a real machine that I’ll be buying soon. I really wish to thank Guildhall. I recently received their Guildhall Gazette, it was a good read and had good software offers showing that Guildhall support the Amiga.
Why don’t you have more competitions in Aflike spot the shot? And what about a competition for users who can’t afford to upgrade?
Is it possible to buy issues 77 through to 94 as mine were stolen? Is it true that the FI tracks on ITV are made on Amigas?
Alex Thyer Swansea Well, I’m glad you find so much to be happy about (although you might want to consider building your own tower system instead of buying one - see our feature on page 18). Guildhall are really still supporting the Amiga, as anyone who went to the WOA show will testify to.
We try to have many interesting competitions in the magazine, and there will be plenty in next months celebratory 100th issue, don ‘t you worry.
Em afraid it isn't possible to get most of the issues you mention, but try ringing our JL
* n 61 H i 3* Gateway 2000 - the future is looking bright. Keep
an eye on our news pages, we'll keep you informed every step of
the way.
Back issue department on 01225 822510.
If you mean are the graphics for the Formula One coverage done on the Amiga, I'm afraid we have no idea. If anyone at ITV does know, please get in touch.
MORE UPGRADE TALES With reference to Daniel Smith’s letter (AF96), I can understand his frustration at not being able to access Coverdisks. I have collected a large number of Coverdisks over the years and if you’re not the DIY type, upgrading can be expensive. (PD Soft do supply an emulator disk (vo817) which allows access to Workbench 2.04.) AF93 carried OctaMED 6 and the Bograts demo which is A1200 only - read the label Daniel!
You will probably not have sufficient memory to run the programs anyway. I have since upgraded to an A1200 68020 with Workbench 3.1 and reaped the benefits of stocked disks.
Ernest Cooper Oldham It does pay to upgrade, although we do sympathise with those who are unable to.
Q'ING UP In your reply to Mr. S. Longden (AF96) you said you would be interested in hearing from anyone owning a Q Drive.
I have owned one for the last three months and, in my experience, it works well with your Coverdiscs. The manufacturer supplies an instruction booklet in wiiich they appear to divide all Cds into five categories. These are: CD32 Games CDTV CD-DA (Digital Audio) Photo CD Ordinary7 CD-ROM Continued overleaf ¦ I run an Al 200 with 4Mb and a hard drive. When booting up from the hard drive the Q drive is set for ordinary CD-ROM usage automatically.
On this setting it runs the three AF Coverdiscs I have, plus Wordworth Office CD and Meeting Pearls Vol. 3. So far, no problems with any of these. If I want to play an audio disc it simply means opening the Workbench drawer, then the Utilities drawer, selecting the CDDA icon from the four relating to the Q Drive and double clicking. This is the sum total of my experience of the Q Drive therefore I cannot claim to have tested it exhaustively but possibly this information will be of some help.
H. R. Still Leicester THERE'S MORE... Reading the April issue, I
see you invite comments from owners of the A.T. Q Drive 1241
CD-ROM unit. I have had one of these since last October and
unlike Mr Longden I have never had any problem using any
magazine's CD.
He says that CanDo from your July issue will not run. It works fine on my system with 2Mb chip RAM, 4Mb fast RAM.
Perhaps his accelerator is the culprit?
From what I’ve read in your mag, some of these do not like the PCMCIA slot and split the fast RAM into segments.
CanDo may not like this. Any comments?
I have most of the Cds issued by AF and CU, Aminet sets 1 and 2, Weird Science UPD Gold set and some CD32 disks. Apart from some of the older PD titles, which won't run on an A1200 anyway, all work fine.
Mr R. Smith Bletchley Well, there you go. Whatever drive you use, the AF coverdiscs are produced to the most compatible standard, so any drive, with the correct drivers should read them fine.
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS I purchased an Amiga 1200 last year and I love it but my knowledge is very limited and I do not realise a portion of the machine's potential.
I subscribed to your magazine in December 1996 but I have to agree with some of your other readers - you do not cater for beginners. I simply do not understand basics like O.S, sound cards, setting up assigns, missing libraries etc. This means I can't get the most from your Coverdisks and I certainly would question the validity of the survey you mention in the April issue.
Would it not be worthwhile having a section each month for beginners? I'm sure it could be quite simple to organise. I feel like changing to an IBM PC but I know I would not be happy. Please help us beginners to keep the Amiga alive.
Mr. John Lloyd Blackburn I have purchased Amiga Format every month since I bought my A500+ from a friend. As I am still PAINT PICTURES I have just bought a copy of Amiga Format 96 and on the first Coverdisk it says Ppaint 6.4- full program worth £50. But the disk does not have all the pictures shown in “Using Ppaint 6.4” on page 19. Also, on page 22 there is a project showing you how to load four brushes with different palettes. The picture for Step 1 shows the brush loading mode with the picture types on.
On the Coverdisk there is only a few of the types available to use - you have shown that you are able to load JPEG’s, Crvpt, Plasma and GIF etc. I would like to know' how to access these and also where all the pics are that are shown.
James Studdart Deeside The example pictures are not all presen t on the floppy version for space reasons - but they are just that - examples. You can use any compatible pictures that you have for the tutorials in that issue, or just create your own - are you following the tutorials in the magazine? (seepage 90) Unfortunately the Crypt and Plasma libraries were also not included, and we will try to bring you these on next month's disk.
You can use the Dtype loader though to load learning how to use it, any little help would be handy. My brain is slower than the 500+ and even my grandchildren fare in the art of games better than me. On reading the 'Power Up' feature, I realised that some things could help me. I only have 1Mb and an extra disk drive but over 100 games - some from PD listings and some from AF.
If you think there are any floppy disks that could help me more I would be pleased if you could drop me a line.
Mr. C. A. Kelley Blackburn Why are there so many beginners in Blackburn?
Is it something to do with all the holes? Anyway, you'll be pleased to note that as from this issue we have started a beginners tutorial for you and all the other people who have written in requesting one.
Turn to page 86 to see the first installment which takes a look at Workbench.
In any GIF or JPEG images (or for that matter, any number of other formats) as long as you have the appropriate datatypes installed. Many of these datatypes are available from Aminet and PD libraries.
A BREED APART In his letter published in AF97, Paul Thompson said that he would like the Alien Breed 3DII source code but couldn’t afford a CD player. I had the same problem and took the alternative route and bought a CD32 and a CD disc called Network CD 2 plus cables etc. This came to a total cost of £50 and I find that I can use 95% of Cds on this system. This will give Mr Thompson access to the Cds he requires. The only Cds I have not tried yet are PC ones.
This is a cheaper alternative to getting a CD player and my system can also play 100% music Cds. The Network CD disc came from Direct Software (01604 722499) and cost £28.49 at the time.
A. Mandefield Hastings You sh ould find that you r CD32 can
access most types of disc (including PC ones), and although it
can be slow to transfer files to the Amiga this way, it does
work. And, as you say, you get a CD-player into the bargain.
If you wanted to, you could expand it with the SX-32 and
effectively have two Amigas... One last thing floppy users,
please can you stop writing in complaining that such and such
was on the CD and not on the floppy disk. There is
approximately eight hundred times as much room on the CD, and
many of the files wouldn't even fit on a high density floppy
QUALITY FEATURE I have an idea for a new regular section in your magazine. I work with a small SHARE YOUR TALENTS X: I'm writing to share with you and your readers an alternative way of obtaining some extra fonts for use within Cinema4D 2. Whilst waiting for the tutorial to start for this excellent giveaway, I took it upon myself to search for any additional fonts or related files. I found a great utility that will convert any PageStream Outline font to either a C4D font or CAD object (it also converts fonts for use with VideoScape).
The program is called Font Converter v1.0 by Martin Hoffman and I have used it without any problems.
My C4D Fonts directory is now bursting at the seams with converted fonts. Maybe you could include this program on a future Coverdisk? The program looks to load a font ending in .dmf (Outline) and also requires the same font ending in .fm (Metric). To allow the conversion of any font I also suggest you load up TypeSmith 2.5 (AF87).
Import the font you wish to convert and save it out as both an Outline (.dmf) and Metric (.fm) type font. Load the .dmf font into Font Converter and add depth to both inside or outside the character as well as the ability to bevel I the edges.
Neil Potter Suffolk Thanks very much for your excellent tips. I'm sure many other readers will be most appreciative.
Congratulations -you win a fabulous AF sweatshirt for your troubles.
Games writing team called The Quality Team. Our first commercial Amiga game is released this month by Epic Marketing. Soon we’re to start work on our next game and this is where your mag steps in. How about starting up a month-by-month ‘diary of a game’? You know7 the sort of thing; comments from the coder, graphic artist etc. etc. on what they have done that particular month and how the game is coming along. I know7 it is not a new idea but
1. It will let a lot of disheartened .Amiga users out there know
that new games are still being made for their machines. 2.
Will give us publicity, and 3. Of course, a lot more people
should buy your magazine because the feature will just be so
thrilling and informative.
David Dewar Milton Keynes As you may have seen, we have already done a huge games feature in the last issue (which carried on to this issue) and we will be covering infonnation on games in development, as we do every month, in our previews section.
Issue 98 included an extensive feature on Amiga gaming - we also talked to Aurora Works and Vulcan Software.
POCKET MONEY PRICES I have been with the .Amiga since 1990, with the good old A500, and have seen the computer mature with time. I have been with your magazine since issue 23 (and I’m only 14 years old) so, thanks to you and your wonderful team, I now consider myself to be an Amiga expert.
I have paid for all my Amiga set-up apart from the monitor and the printer.
1 have an A1200 with a Blizzard 1230 Mk-rv with 4Mb, 60ns, 32-bit RAM, a monitor, extra drive, (soon to be CD- ROM) colour printer and a massive 1Gb 2.5" hard drive. You may be asking if I am rich but I'm not. I have simply saved up my birthday money, Easter money and my pocket money. This just goes to show that even a 14 year old boy with £5 a w’eek pocket money can build his .Amiga into a computer that goes far beyond any PC. If a 14 year old boy can do it, why can’t the thousands of .Amiga owners do it too?
Scott MacDonald Cumbria THE BRAZILIAN This is the first time I have written to a foreign magazine so beware of my poor English. I’ve just subscribed to Afand I’m very' pleased with how fast I received my first issue (AF97) and also with all the bonuses that came with it. I live in Brazil’s extreme south, as we say: “Longe demais das capitais’’ - too far away from the big cities. You can imagine then how much the .Amiga is known here.
Some weeks ago I turned on my TV and I sawr our much beloved Workbench screen. It was Scala ’guming’ on the video magazine channel on the best cable TV w7e have here in Brazil! Professionals know7 and use the Amiga!
I graduated in medicine in 1995 and I have been an .Amiga fan since 1988 w7hen I bought my A500. Now' I own an A1200 *030 40MHz with 8Mb of RAM and a 170Mb hard drive. I advise every .Amiga user to upgrade now! I plan to buy myself a CD-ROM drive next month and an EZ230 SyQuest in a few' months. Let’s really push the .Amiga standard.
Marcos. V. F Do Canto Brazil Although I appreciate that it is a big country, you would be surprised to discover just how many readers we have in South America, particularly in Brazil and Mexico.
Maybe there are other Amiga owners not far from you after all. Be that as it may, there is always the Internet, which is a gteat way of contacting other users and exchanging ideas.
Beautifully blended colours really make this dark picture.
Blinky Bill Roy Hook Peter's obviously a real expert when it comes to compositing using Lightwave. We'd love to see more of your animations and artwork Pete.
Peteeyes Peter Baldwin :: - A great little graphic from Matthew here. Is it a basketball team's mascot, perhaps?
Charlotte Matthew Scott We're not sure what the pear's supposed to be saying, but we loved the texturing and lighting in this image.
Pera per caso Luca Tftjcchi Girish has sent us a variety of gorgeous images this month. This one is a lovely composition edited with alpha channels in Photogenics 2.
33. 6 External Voice Modem BABT Approved with PSU Cable and
1N-TO-THE- NET twin CD software.
Everything to access the internet on your Amiga or PC!
Complete Solution v _-
• • • Ptittersoft At last there is a custom made Amiga 1200 Tower
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maintaining compatibility in a “future-proof” design! This
fantastic system, sold exclusively by Blittersoft, allows you
to upgrade in a unique manner : Add a performance PC!
Our PC Pentium Boards are easily fitted to the Infinitiv Tower system. This means that you can take advantage of a super-fast Pentium system (up to P200!) All conveniently located in a stylish case.
O Processors from P75 to P200 O 2 x Serial Ports, 1 x Parallel Port O PCI or ISA based systems 0 EIDE and Cache O Floppy and HDD Controller, Keyboard socket 0 64Mb RAM capability.
0 OnBoard SVGA output on ISA model Pentium PCI Board £349.95 Pentium ISA Board - On board VGA £369.95 Pentium CPU RAM Pentium P120 £ 99.95 Pentium P133 £129.95 Pentium P150 £149.95 Pentium P166 £249.95 Pentium P200 £429.95 8Mb SIMMs £ 39.95 16Mb SIMMs £ 89.95 32Mb SIMMs £149.95 8x CD ROM drive (Internal SCSI) £149.95 PCI S3 YiRGE 2Mb 3D (U G 4Mb) £ 59.95 Sound Blaster AWE 32 PnP £149.95 Integrate, add a Mac!
Upgrade your Processor!
Macintosh PC Amiga Amazing performance can be achieved with Atni£a t*ie A1200, so why not add a ppC . Ii high powered accelerator!
Has arr° Blizzard 1260 (50MHz) for A1200 £399.95 Blizzard 1240T ERC (40MHz) £249.95 Blizzard PPC 603e (Requires 68030) £279.95 SCSI-II for all CyberStorm versions £ 89.95 SCSI-II for Blizzard 1260 and 1240 £ 89.95 Picasso IV is a completely new development comprising a superb new Graphics system, flicker fixer, 4 channel stereo selector and amazing expansion capabilities!
64-bit Cirrus CLGD 5446 Chip 4Mb Fast EDO RAM On-board Flicker Fixer VGA O p, Stereo in out. Video S-VHS FBAS in out, TV in, Amiga Audio in, CD-ROM Audio in Genlock compatible with Pablo II New Picasso 96 Software Ports for additional MPEG, TV-Tuner 3D Chip and Sound Modules
* **** Additional “Snap-On’
5. 25” Bav The Siamese System is the means to allow the Amiga and
PC to integrate neatly.
O Single Monitor automatically switches between PC and the Amiga Screen.
O Share Keyboard and Mouse across both platforms.
O Serial networking with all Amiga mounted PC drives.
O High speed SCSI network w ith suitable SCSI interfaces.
0 Read and Write on any PC Drive at high speed, including Networked Drives.
0 Text Clipboard. Cut and Paste between Amiga and PC.
O Full Arexx support built in.
0 Share Printer, all Amiga output sent to PC printer.
0 Access to low cost PC products eg. 16 bit Sound Cards.
0 Amiga MCI controller from AmigaDos or Arexx, (Media Control Interface).
O RTG - Retarget the Amiga video to your PC Video board!
Siamese System 2.0 £199.95 Siamese-Mac Pack 2.0 £219.95 Also includes a full Macintosh emulation module.
Additional “Snap-On’
3. 5” Bav * Picasso IV 4Mb £299.95 Got an Amiga 4000???
Tower Upgrade Kits for the A4000 The A4000 can also be upgraded to increase the number of Zorro III slots as well as add PCI and ISA slots for our ‘‘all-in-one” Pentium cards. This opens up the same Amiga Mac PC power house that the Infinitiv range gives to the A1200. In addition, the full height Tower unit also vastly increases the expansion capabilities for new peripherals.
Our system comprises of a full height Tower offering huge expansion capabilities as w ell as 7 Zorro III slots, 3 PCI slots, 3 ISA slots and 1 Video slot.
Infinitiv 1200 Options The Infinitiv 1200 Tower is custom made for the A1200. In it’s standard form, it is a Midi sized unit which is upgradable with “snap-on” 3.5" and 5.25” bays. The motherboard is mounted on a slide in tray for easier installation. There are various add-on modules available but we also provide two complete kits, detailed below : Infinitiv A1200 PCI : Infinitiv Tower, Uprated PSU, built in Keyboard adaptor (Amiga PC), PCMCIA adaptor, Expansion board offering Zorro II x 5, ISA x 2, PCI x 2 and full Video slot. £369.95 Infinitiv 1200 PCI KB :As above but includes an external
case and cable to re-house your existing A1200 Keyboard. £399.95 Infinitiv uprated PSU £ 49.95 Infinitive 5.25” “Snap-on" bay £ 29.95 Infinitiv Video Slot Interface £ 39.95 Power Adaptor £ 9.95 Windows 95 Keyboard £ 19.95 High Density Infinitiv Floppy £ 59.95 Infinitiv Tower + Amiga PC Keyboard interface £159.95 Infinitiv 3.5” “Snap-on” bay £ 12.95 PCMCIA Adaptor £ 24.95 Infinitiv Zorro II ISA PCI Video expansion £189.95 External Keyboard case £ 49.95 IDE Cable 2.5” to 3.5” £ 14.95 £379.95 Pcx is an all new (Software only)80x86 emulation for any 68020+ Amiga! With features such as CPU
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Pcx £ 49.95 Fusion is a multitasking colour Mac emulation.
3 Works on all Amiga's with 68020 or better processor O Supports EMPLANT hardware if present O Supports all modern Macintosh operating systems (7.1.0 through 7.6) O Virtual Memory support (System 7.5.0 or later and MMU required I O 68060 compatible (optimal code is used when 68060 is detected) 3 Support for Picasso96 and Cybergraphx. Allowing virtually any video board to be used.
O Workbench video driver with autoscrolling displaying up to 256 colours O Support for OCS, ECS. And AA video hardware 3 Support for Graffiti hardw are 3 Custom QuickDraw replacement yields up to 6x video performance!
3 Multiple video display support (up to 6 screens at the same time) 3 On the fly resolution switching (System 7.5.0 or later) X Custom chunky to planar conversion for fastest possible Amiga hardware graphics (2x the speed of EMPLANT's MACPRO video drivers!)
3 Stereo audio via Amiga audio hardware 5 Stereo audio via AH1 compliant devices 3 EtherTalk (requires Amiga Ethernet board) 3 AppleTalk (requires EMPLANT hardware) PHASE 5 HAAGE AND PARTNER CyberStorm MKII 060 (50MHz) for Storm C v2.0 £229.95 A4000(T) or A3000(T) £479.95 Storm C v2.0 - Upgrade option £149.95 CyberStorm MKII 040 ERC (40MHz) for Send in your original disks from ANY language!
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Pablo Video Encoder £ 79.95 CatWeasel 1200 £ 59.95 Ariadne £149.95 CatWeasel 4000 £ 59.95 AmiTCP £ 69.95 OS3.1 packs A500 600 1500 2000 £ 74.95 Graffiti Chunky Graphics adaptor £ 59.95 OS3.1 packs A1200 3000 4000 £ 89.95 Aweb-II £ 39.95 OS3.1 A500 600 1500 2000 ROM only £ 44.95 AsimCDFS 3.5 £ 49.95 OS3.1 A1200 3000 4000 ROMs only £ 59.95 MasterlSO £129.95 MainActor Broadcast £149.95 ImageVision £ 49.95 Liana Network cable + Envoy (1.8M) £ 59.95 World Construction Set 2 £279.95 Liana Network cable + Envoy (5.0M) £ 69.95 ACE (Atari 800) and Apple II Emu’s £ 19.95 Minimum Requirements: 3 Amiga
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ALL ABOVE PACKS HARDWARE * * Imew Reduced Prices * * Dynamode
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33. 6K V34 ......(Amiga Format Gold
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Group 3 14.4k fax. BT & CE Approval 112 93 page manual,
serial lead, phone lead, installation guide. UK PSU, FREE
PACK indudes: 33 DISK SET OF SOFTWARE for use with the
information leaflets mduding information on BBS's, Internet
basics, popular smiley examples!, useful numbers etc. Double
phone adaptor & 10Mb FREE BBS credits
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Solution) .....£44.99
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SOFTWARE PACKAGE DEALS Gerry Broad ] f Vv Amiga Public Domain
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Maidenhead. Berkshire SL6 2TE. UK. Quote AF July Tel Fax: (01386) 871740 We all know that the Amiga is the most creative of all the home computers currently available Since creativity is of prime importance to all Amiga owners, we have hand picked only the very best, and most innovative software titles.
• A600 - 2MB RAM & 20MB HD (NO PSU) '£20'
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NORTHWEST £13K-£18K+Benefits Highly successful developer and
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PlayStation require skills in C or 68000 (Amiga programming
background and Pmhareware experience very advantageous).
Well established company.
Excellent career opportunity.
Send Cys to: Aardvark Swift Consulting Ltd.
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SPARES We are the largest distributor and retailer of Amiga
spares in the UK, with an inventory of some 150,000+ parts.
Large quantity discounts and catalogue available to trade.
DART Computer Services SALES p“,,age & Packi"s add 105 London Road (0116)2470059 n t DT FAX 10116) 2558643 Uatxi !! 2HZ cm The Guild or Computer iServi AMIGA PC KEYBOARD ADAPTOR (All Amigas) £25.00 PC Keyboard £16.1 CHIPS KEYBOARDS CASES PSUs DRIVES | The uuiid of Computer Services Master Craftsmen PRICE This month we've got some fine demos, some gorgeous artwork and some great reader subs. On with the show... LOOK HERE 1ST!
Amiga Format has a tradition of putting some great things on our CD - things that haven't been ripped off of websites without permission or placed on our CD against the express wishes of the authors. This month's disc is no exception. You'll soon see for yourself as you peruse the wonder of the contents of AFCD15.
Animations AFCD15:-Look_here_1 st!- Animations Corona AFCD15:-Look_here_1st! - Animations MEG A Jbum AFCD 15:-Look_here_1 st!- Animations Plasmal AFCD15:-Look_here_tst!- Animations Plasma2 AFCD15:-Look here 1st!- Animations Skidmarks AFCD15:-PD„Select- Dazzle AFCD15:-PD_Select- Synergy AFCD15:-PD_Select- Xenophobia PD Select contains some cracking demos for you, fresh from the scene. There's nothing particularly offensive about any of them, but if you're nervous about bad language we suggest you don't run them anyway. Some of these demos have pretty stringent memory and processor requirements,
so if you can't get them to run off the CD, it might be worth your while copying them to your hard drive (but watch out, they can be pretty big) and then booting with no startup-sequence to run them.
These anim5 animations show off the potential of a new plug-in for Lightwave (look out for a full review next month) called Surface Effectors. Written by Prem Subrahmanyam, it uses null objects with special surface names to work its magic.
There are also two drawers in here, one contains Nick's anim, missing in action for the last few months, but back with a vengeance. The other contains some AVI demo anims from Prem's website. These use CyberAVI to show and they'll look even nicer if you have a graphics card.
COVERDISKS AFCD15:-CoverDisks- All the coverdisk stuff on this month's CD is in the drawers labelled AF99a and 99b, as you'd imagine.
Because of the nature of games, the copies of Rush Hour and Wormtris are also in AF99b as DMS files - just in case they don't want to work from the CD.
Wm m lii s MULTICX ....MultiCX is the king of ~ gjjjj, “ Z ~ commodities. Not only r li does it do all sorts of j things that'll make IspSE* I 7} your Workbench a joy £££££»»_i tZ £ ...~ to use, it's also tiny, y unlike other multi-
j. .... ... n; - . Function commodities.
Unless you're proficient with setting tooltypes, you might want to make use of MCX Prefs which is also in the Handy Tools drawer. Among some of the things MultiCX can do are the following:
• Screenblanking
• Mouse acceleration
• no drive clicking
• Border blanking
• Middle mouse button functions
• Memory flushing
• Assign Wedge
• New look menus and gadgets
• Opaque window sizing and moving
• much, much more... IN THE MAG AF ON THE WEB Emulation
AFCD15:-ln_the_Mag- Emulat!on Console emulators get a look in
this month with new emulators for the GameBoy, the Sega Master
System and that pinnacle of hardware development: the Atari
Boy we've got some great websites for you this month - especially if you are interested at all in games. On that front we have the splendid Amiga Flame, Intuition and Amiga Nutta sites, all hot off the net and we also have Oliver Roberts work of love that is the F1GP site including all the downloadable files. Other sites with new stuff on them include SASG central, the home of MUI, MagicCX, MagicWB and DFA; Asimware, the makers of MasterlSO and AsimCDFS; 5D Licenceware and more. All in all, we have more than 100Mb of websites here for you.
READER STUFF fcfaBdwlHhrWW 15=17 0 K*TRw" This is the ((registered shareware version of Beattac, The reg ..... loading saving__________ for detaits.Ctose to continue.
Vsavng,etc.See docs ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦a m m m ay© njftmm tbps ? Q ?
N Mr m Boom-chak-boom-chak. Be your own beat box, or better yet, use James'.
M _ i V -u J " V ¦J We've got more than 55Mb worth of reader submissions this month.
Here are just a few to whet your appetite: AFCD 15:-ReaderStuff- Stuart Anslow Hiya Stuart! (pun intended). Stuart is an expert on martial arts and here he imparts his wisdom on everything from kick boxing to kung fu.
It comes in a large text file matched with pictures and clipart.
AFCD15;-ReaderStuff- Martyn_Bampton Martyn has been sending us a lot of his icon sets since we first started asking for them, but now he says he's doing it for his own amusement.
Keep 'em coming in Martyn!
IE3i«a Martyn has been supplying AFCDs with great looking icons for some time.
AFCD15:-ReaderStuff« Tim_Quigley Think you know the difference between Leonard da Quirm and the Necrotelecomnicon? I thought so too until I tried this fiendishly difficult pub quiz-type game.
Disk Jcons M _1.0_SysDravers ========= I M _Other Jeons M _Game_lcons M _Dr avers M _Apps_lcons Templates 1.5JJpDate_ReadMe _ M _lcons_1.5 .guide
- S. .5 M Install 1.5 M WB.IFF AFCD15:-ReaderStuff-
JamesBoyd James has sent us a rather groovy drum machine that
he knocked up while saving for an MC-303. It only has a limited
range of samples but it is extremely easy to use and looks
AFCD15‘,-ReaderStuff- Dave_Higton AFCD15:-ReaderStuff- David_Cruickshank AFCD15:-ReaderStuff- Brian_ Whittle Dave, Dave and Brian keep those XTR tracks rolling in. Keep it up guys and we might well be able to do a CD just of your stuff!
AFCD15:-ReaderStuff- Marco_Vigelius A previous prize winner, Marco Vigelius offers us an updated version of AnimatEd this month.
But the £50 prizes this month go to: Tim Quigley for his entertaining Discworld quiz James Boyd for his Drum machine and a special prize for James Baldwin for his amazing DinoDoor anim. Take a look at it in the Gallery section. James has managed his own little mini Drastic Park using Lightwave and an undisclosed video grabber. Well done!
SCREENPLAY Soliton AFCD15:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Soiiton The new king of Solitaire games is here - step aside Klondike AG A!
Soliton is a MUI- based solitaire (patience) game which is
a) gorgeously presented
b) works on any WB3 machine (you just need enough colours to show
the cards, but the more the prettier obviously)
c) allows you to make your Brainkiller
AFCD15:-ScreenPlay- Commercia l Bra inkiller Here's a treat
for you. A three level demo of a new first person perspective
dungeon bash called Brainkiller. The game itself should be
available shortly and you can bet we'll review it as soon as
it's out.
BoulderDash AFCD15:-ScreenMay- Shareware BoulderDash If you like your gameplay fast and furious and your graphics back to 8-bit, then BoulderDash is the game for you. Blocky graphics but great gameplay in this old collect the diamonds game.
Pairs AFCD15:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Pairs You may remember we ran this game on an earlier Amiga Format CD.
This is a new version (1.32 to be precise) which comes with a trainer mode and a new graphics set which consists of fractal images - even more eye- burning than the others! As you may also recall, we said that this was a brilliant game and it still is.
Own cardsets. You can even convert REKO cardsets to Soliton and we have already included several alternatives for past versions. If you have a look in the Screenplay Utilities drawer, you may find some more. Why not send in some of your own to us?
Zero Gravity AFCD15:-ScreenPlay- Shareware zerogravity Here's a simple but addictive game. Zero Gravity is well laid out and very fast moving. It involves you trying to race down a tunnel, but some unthinking swine has put walls up through it at awkward intervals. Can you get to the end of the tunnel and beat the time? The game looks great, but how about a 1x1 pixel version for those of us with faster machines?
Omega AFCD 15:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Omega In the old days, dungeon-bashing games were played on huge mainframes using a text interface. Nevertheless, they became extremely popular, especially among students for some reason. You can roll up a fantasy character or even play yourself (if you choose to do so the game will ask you a set of questions designed to set your stats, answer truthfully otherwise there's not much point playing), then you are dumped in the familiar fantasy milieu, only instead of it being in full colour, full 3D with stereo sound, you'll find yourself represented as an "at"
symbol (@) in white on a black screen and the game is played with keyboard commands.
Nevertheless, the game has a strange pull reminiscent of, but predating, the extremely popular Infocom adventures of the mid eighties.
SWOSEd AFCD 15:-ScreenPlay- Uti I ities S WOSEd We've been asked for this sooo many times now we've decided to run it again. If you've got any friends that don't have a CD- ROM drive, then point this out as yet another good reason to get one.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA fTz v i JL Decompress | Compress Delete She* |Rename] lest file Vfevfle More ’Join Config AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Comms Other speak_freely-6.1b Speak Freely is a netphone application from Unix that has been ported to the Amiga by Martin Blom. It needs AHI v4 which was on last month's disc and it should give you bi-directional voice conversations over the Internet. Do give it a go and let us know how you got on with it - we're dying to find out!
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Hardware IDE-fix Oliver Kastl's seriously good CD-ROM software can be found here. It works with both IDE (ATAPI) and SCSI CD-ROM drives now, but unlike AmiCDFS, say, only works for a limited period of time before you have to register it.
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial iBrowse1.11 Here you'll find the patches for the latest update of Ibrowse to take v1.1 to vl.11. There are two separate drawers, one for 68000 owners and one for anything higher, and a drawer containing a new version of the newstring MUI custom class that Ibrowse 1.11 needs.
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Archivers Knack AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial Paranormal Encyclopedia of the Paranormal is Epic's newest CD based on their popular CanDo front end. This time they've decided to concentrate on all manner of dodgy things from spontaneous human combustion to the Loch Ness monster.
From crop circles to UFOs (or Identified Flying Objects in the case of Vince's dodgy flying saucer footage!). This demo is a Sca a script designed to give you a taster of what you'll get if you buy the full CD. Do it, before the men in black turn up on your doorstep!
Knack is a MUI-based archiver and dearchiver that can handle Lha, LZX, DMS and ZIP archives and PGP encrypted files. It's easy to configure and very good at its job, banishing that nasty ole Shell to the trashcan.
Waiting Eormat AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware GFXCard RTG_Master RTGMaster is an attempt at giving games programmers an API that they can work with to support most graphics cards on the market along with ECS and AGA by adhering to the programming strictures of one library.
Games written using the RTGMaster library will work on whatever RTGMaster-supporting hardware they are played on, freeing them up from the tyranny of custom chipsets, whether they be AGA or RTG.
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics cdgsxlgui2 AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics xltoolkitgui Two tools for CDXL for your Amiga.
The first is a program for better playback of CDXL files and allows you to put the file in a window on a static IFF background, playback at different rates and so on. The second is far more important. It helps you to create CDXL animations and can give you a hand synchronising sounds to your frames, and package the whole thing up for you.
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics tmd2tga Oops. A mistake. This directory should actually be called TMD2LWO. We must get round to sacking whoever's responsible for these Cds. Oh, that's me. Hmm. OK, well TMD2LWO is a program that converts PlayStation TMD format 3D objects into Lightwave objects. Games that the author has found that had such files include: F111X-Agile Warrior, Toshinderh2, Resident Evil, 7wisted Metal, a bunch of discs from European UK PSX magazines and US PSX Demo discs.
AFCD15:-SeriouslyAmiga- Shareware Hardware STFax If you've always wanted to be able to send a fax from your modem but you couldn't afford GPFax, then STFax might come in handy. It's a Shareware fax program that has all sorts of features including an address book, scheduler and Arexx port.
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Hardware EZPager EZPager is a utility that allows you to send messages to pagers through your modem. The only problem with it at the moment is that it only supports the following standards: Quix, TeLMI, Scall and Skyper. The author says he's planning support for further pagers, but if you have one of these your luck might be in. Let us know how it works for you.
AFCD15:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Virus Xtruder Always a useful thing to have on hand, a virus checker. You never know when you might need it. So it's a good job that we have one of the best on this month's CD - Xtruder.
Follow the instructions for a trouble-free hard drive.
If your AFCD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the AFCD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: PC Wise Ltd, Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales C48 2YY.
Your AFCD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead, you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application, phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm every Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
Email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (put "Coverdisc" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly).
Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
- 1 1-1 ---- -' £1----:----1-----1---:-1-1- 1 READER WARRANT
Every reader submission to the AFCD must have a reader warrant
attached to the accompanying AF_Readme file. You can type it in
off this page or take it from the various locations it is
stored in on the CD (Look_here_1st!, ReaderStuff etc). A last
reminder: this text must be in your AF_ReadMe, or your
submission won't go on the CD - it's Future policy.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format I hereby warrant that:-
(1) the material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
(2) the material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
(3) that there are no legal claims against the material provided;
(4) that I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
DISCLAIMER This AFCD has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it. Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using this disc, the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up to date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions do not use this disc.
? Do you want to display your AMIGA video on a VGA monitor?
? Do you want to get a flicker-free display from video and AMIGA in PAL NTSC mode?
- JO External AMIGA RGB CVBS (Video) SVHS (Y C) PC to VGA double
scan converter.
For all AMIGA users and PC users using a VGA monitor display AMIGA, PC, VCR, TV programmes and TV games.
Special design suitable for AMIGA 500, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 computers. Connects to the AMIGA 23pin RGB port.
Adapts all the inputs to standard 31.5KHz VGA signal. Gives better and clearer display on your small-pitch, high resolution VGA monitor.
Supports switchable AMIGA (RGB), SVHS (Y C), CVBS (Video), PC input.
Specially designed flicker-free daughterboard - optional. When this board is installed it will eliminate the flicker phenomenon from all AMIGA 15k modes.
B S 1 irlaA Iuadi »i9n Video magician Internal Amiga to VGA double scan rate converter for AMIGA 2000, 3000, 4000 computers.
Double scans all AMIGA 15k video signals into VGA 31.5k signals. No AMIGA specification monitor needed.
Supports all AMIGA display modes and FLICKER FREE with your AMIGA in 15K mode.
24bit full colour resolution.
With RGB encoded signal in CVBS, SVHS (Y C) output.
100% plug and play, no jumper or switch to be adjusted. Automatically detects the NTSC PAL system and all modes of AMIGA display for output in VGA, CVBS, SVHS.
Strong expansion ability: a. Video decoder daughterboard - optional; b. SVHS (Y C) Genlock daughterboard - optional.
Flicker switch equipped - if you want to have a look at the original flicker image of the AMIGA (Normally records the AMIGA video signal into VCR so you can see the quality of ay on the VGA monitor as a preview), the flicker switch is very useful!
Disp 8Mb true zero wait state ram card for AMIGA A1200.
With clock and TWO FPU SOCKETS: PGA and PLCC.
Uses the standard 72pin Simm module: 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb or 8Mb.
Battery backed up RTC included.
Fully compatible with PCMCIA card, and specially designed re-location of memory into C0-D7 to get more memory when using the 8Mb SIMM.
Very good performance (2.33 times than the A1200, tested by Sysinfo V3.22)
• software ijjjjjjjjjjjijjjjj Other services: 1. PCB
production; Low price, best quality, speedy delivery
2. 150 pin 1.27mm connector (A1200) available
3. Other components, OEM ODIVI production Bio-Con Taiwan Corp.
1st Floor, No.2, Alley 8, Lane 223, Sec 4, Cheng-Kung Road,
Nei-Hu, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-7902761 or 7927590
Fax: +886-2-7902730 E-Mail: biocon@msl.hinet.net All brand
names and trade-marks are the property of their respective
00015249 David Taylor introduces two complete games. Beat the traffic in Rush Hour and play a Tetris clone with a difference.
Keep track of your finances with Pretium, plus a host of other useful utilities. David Taylor has the details.
Ou know how7 it is. You’re playing a game that you know is stupid; you’ve got thousands of other things to be doing, but you’re just going to finish this level. Rush Hour comes from the days when gameplay w7as king. It is a complete rew'rite of an old C64 game and proves just how7 addictive simplicity can be.
On the face of it your task is simple.
You control the traffic lights on the level and your job is to keep all the cars moving as much as possible. To change the traffic lights from This is a complete game which works on any Amiga from WB1.3 upwards. It features seven cities and 47 levels and allows up to three people to play simultaneously.
Red to green and vice versa, you just click on the set of lights with the mouse The cars will come onto the screen from the entrances and make their way around the level stopping at red lights.
You must make sure they don’t get too backed up - the more you can keep the cars flowing, the faster they will get off the screen and as each car leaves the screen you get a point.
Should you get more than 25 cars backed up in a queue, or more than nine cars on a single street, you will lose the level. In order to win the level you need to get the specified number of cars across it - the number that you have left to get across is displayed in the ‘To Do’ number on the right of the screen. When you get the ‘To Do’ number down to zero, you enter a bonus stage where you continue until the level simply becomes impossible to manage and you can’t go any further.
This will help you rack up a high score.
TRAFFIC ROBOT When you are playing in One Player mode you may also find a traffic light robot on certain levels. You can place this on one crossing and it will automatically take care of that single set of lights. The robot will switch the lights ever}7 four seconds if a car is waiting or BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... This is an amazing game that will thrill Tetris fans. It has a host of new features that extend the gameplay in ways never seen before and it's a bit bonkers to boot.
Essentially this is Tetris. You use the joystick to move the blocks left and right, and press fire to rotate the blocks once through 90 degrees. You can then drop the blocks down by pulling down. Unlike some games this won't drop the block straight to the floor, it only accelerates, which means that you can then stop if you need to move it across.
The idea is to make complete horizontal lines by fitting the falling blocks together. If you can engineer it so that when you drop your next block into place you complete not one, but two or three lines, then you will score more than you would by completing three separate lines. This means a higher score, but you run more risk of blocking off lines from completion. As with other Tetris games, if you don't manage to keep the lines down and you end up filling the screen with unfinished lines, you will lose the game. Completed lines vanish to give you more room.
These are the basics of Tetris but Wormtris offers you much more. Attached to some of the falling blocks are bonuses - sometimes these are question marks and you don't know what they will do - which are activated when you complete a line with that block in it.
Some of the features are good, like Extend which adds a spare line on the bottom to extend your screen, or Bonus which ups your score. You can also get cash and the point of this is that if you have $ 25, you can push up and clear the pit if you are getting into trouble.
However, not everything helps you. There is also a UFO feature and you will note that some of the blocks that fall are actually sheep or worms. Odd? You bet. You can make lines with worms and sheep, but beware, dropping blocks on Worms will kill them and you might get a revenge feature from another block! The advantage of worms and sheep is that you can make up combination lines - they will drop down if you complete a line beneath them so you can use them to fill holes. Sheep will also explode when they get squashed or if you press fire when they are falling. This is useful for taking out
sections if you really need to, but be careful to avoid setting off a chain reaction with other sheep.
Laser blocks can be used to fire when they are falling and if you are quick enough, you can use it to clear the whole pit. There are also a lot of other hidden features that the author keeps secret until you comes across them.
This is a complete game but it is Shareware. The authors are only asking for 10 Dutch Guilders so if you want to make sure they develop other games like this, then you must pay them and help keep the scene alive.
The address to send your money to is: J van den Berge • Hontestraat 15 Oost-Souburg • Zeeland The Netherlands More details can be found in the games docs which can be loaded from Workbench.
Ibootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
«¦» w Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: 2 DISKCOPY PROM DFO: TO DPO: hu Shell mtKS 4 ~ 1,W3.«: iisfcutv trm dfl: tvdfl: ___ ¦sect disk tv c p* frvn (SMKE disk) w dwitt if* KTW U bcfia cvryu* «r tIX- tv akvrt: 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk.
Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Immediately if there are more than j three cars. If no cars are waiting, then the lights change automatically every ten seconds. You still have the power to override the robot and change the lights manually.
Some levels also have what are known as urgent cars. These cars appear with a flashing number on them. If they Watch out for cars with flashing numbers because they are urgent cars - not to be confused with cars that are simply indicating.
Are stuck at a set of lights the number counts down. When the car makes it off the screen the number remaining is multiplied by five and added to your bonus - you can see it is worth your while trying to keep these cars moving.
This game can be played from the unpacked disk by simply booting the Rush Hour disk, but if WB1.3 users have trouble, they should load it through Workbench. You should also note that there is a version for graphics cards and a level editor so that you can make up levels for yourself. Both of these versions can be accessed from Workbench.
If you like the game, then email the author and tell him so at andi@c-lab.de. Sisktvev frvn df«: tvdff: [¦sect disk tv twy.frtn (SWKE disk),
* ress K!8H tv cvmm* vr tt*L- iv device XI tv akvrt: device Mfi
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source
disk again, because it copies in chunks.
Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford *BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error then the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
David Taylor introduces a new finance package and a veritable host of other programs for you to get stuck into.
Date Description Year Category 1§ 1 19% 18 2 19% Opening Balance cash deposit This is a functional demo of a new accounts package from the States. It doesn't have all the features of the commercial package enabled, such as the PC Import Export feature, but it does allow you to create, save and load your own accounts and use many of the program's useful features. Compact writing means this program can run from floppy without trouble.
When the program loads, you might notice more than a passing resemblance to the PC’s top accounts package, Quicken. Indeed, the full version offers the ability to load and export files for use with Quicken.
_ ? I Credit Account: "VISA card1 Date Description Year Category 10 7 19% 10 8 19% Exxon Klucky Chicken food The accounts are colour coded, to make them easier to differentiate between, but essentially function in the same way.
5 11 H 1997 PRINT To get started you need to set up your own accounts group using the Create new Group menu item. The group will then hold all your own account files and you can choose to password protect either the group or individual accounts.
There are three ty pes of accounts, designed to deal with Savings, Cheques (or Current accounts) and Credit Cards. You can have more than one account of a certain type - so if you have more than one credit card you can have each one in a separate account. If there are any special circumstances attached to an account you can even add a memo to help you remember.
SETTING UP CATEGORIES Before you start inputting your figures you need to set up some categories. Go to the View menu, type in a new7 name and hit return to create the category.
Set up categories that suit your spending - things like Car, Leisure, Food. Etc. Categories can also contain sub-categories, for example you could divide your Utilities payments into gas, water and electric.
To enter a transaction, you simply click the mouse in the fields at the bottom of the account window7. The RO is a very configurable file manager that requires MUI and a hard drive. As you'd expect from many file managers, RO gives you two sections, one for a source and the other as a destination.
You can view volumes, buffers or directories in either side and the actions that you can perform on them are accessed from the buttons along the bottom of the RO window.
You can select a set of files and folders in one window and choose a destination in the other, then dick on "Fit" and RO will check to see whether there is enough room to copy or move the files across. This is much better than simply trying to copy them as it takes into account the number of blocks needed, rather than just byte size.
The bottom line of the RO screen shows things like memory usage, date and time and whether the fit is possible.
You can also attach actions like run, view and archive. RO comes with a prefs program so it is highly configurable but very easy to set up.
O I RO Copyright e 1994,1995 by Over Rummeyer Gtrectory j Buffer, (System 53* fW, 9.88CK free, 11M in use _iCC8: 100* e p. :_; HD8: 62* 1 _i®1: 37* 3
- JHD2: 7* 7 53* 9 .-3 BSD_1.x: 86* 3 .-i DF8 :
- Dfl: as-ROM: _f»lirCT4: _Mevs: * RaaJHsk: System: T
rasftcan: _Uork.
• .. ISPELL: JPEGTNP KEYHflPS: j L: _jLIB: _ j LIBS: _jj LOCflLE
.LOGS: v- c Cl Devs Expansion Fonts L Libs Locale Prefs Rexx
RexxC S Storage Syste* Toots Trashcan Utilities testarti?
Devs.info Disk.info Expansion, info Prefs.info Storage.info System info Toots.info Trashcan. Info Ut i t it ies.info HBStartup.info 36:54 59 36 54:25 48:57 38 31 22 23 55:3?
53-38 18: 19 35 57 54:25 28:09 55: 15 32: 19 1248 23 83 39:12 24 21 39: 12 35:25 35:40 51:22 11:33 35 23 19:38 40 23 35:45 32: 12 44: 15 SYS I RAM I ICO I HD1 | HD2| Cpo| DFO | Dfl ( SYS | RAM| Hdoj H)1 | HD2| Cdo| DFO | Dfl Ltoad | Asaiyi | Command | Comment | Change | Parent | Reverse | Dgk Lcopy | Betobd | Search | protect | Eapand | Root | Lfedate | info Lsvap | CopyDev | End | SetDate | Sbrir* | CuTent ( Icon j Help Friday 24-ftov-95 00 49 - 1 834 360 graphics mem, 3257.416 other mem, 5091.776 total mem The RO file manager is one of the best Shareware programs that we have seen for a
while, so take a look and remember to register.
OTHER STUFF PRETIUM Financial Software VI.1 DEMO ?I Credit Account: "VISA card* Window Title Sac | Cancel Start|Workbench AnigaLoad (Virtual AnigaLoad I Serious |tenp FIE The virtual device is highly configurable but is only the tip of the iceberg because AmigaLoad supports LED, LCD and MCI.
Every transaction category must appear in the list. If you enter one that doesn't it will be added in.
Credit Account: Date Descriptf 18 5 19% Snith's gifts 10 7 19% Exxon gas 18 8 19% Klucky C food 18 14 19% Pants R clothes 10 14 19% paynent b 11 1997 lElB 2 Balance
I. ... ¦~T -42.95 1 -56.83 1 -62.32 1 -86.87 I .871 0.00
data entry is split into fields over two lines. If you look at
the key at the top of the account window you’ll be able to see
that the date goes on the left, next to a description of the
transaction, with the category- below it. Next to that goes
the deposit or withdrawal, depending on which you fill in, and
under the amount is room for a memo on the transaction.
If you add in a category that doesn't exist, then you will be asked if you want it added into the list automatically.
One thing that you do need to note is that the Credit Card account works in reverse. This is because it assumes that your account is permanently in the red, with you trying to get it up to zero. To make this easier to understand the field for Debit is labeled Charge instead and Credit is kept for the amount you pay.
Year Category Cred 11 Balance 10 5 19% Snith's Gifts gifts
42. 95M T tin's birthday gift
- 42.95 10 7 19% Exxon gas
13. 88 I I
- 56.83 10 8 19% Klucky Chicken food
5. 49I I I
- 62.32 18 14 19% Pants R Us clothes
24. 55M I new Jeans
- 86.87 10 14, 19%, payment I I 86.87!
0. 00 Cleared: $ -07.58 Total: $ -5.88 "Set up categories that suit
your spending - things like Car, Leisure, Food, etc." If you
like Pretium then you can order the full version from IDD 204
NW 25th Street • Gainesville FL 32607 • USA for $ 57.95 (about
£40) including postage and packing.
“VTSA p-ard" Categories List car Expense
- 13.88 gas 1Expense
- 13.88 clothes Expense
- 39.54 food Expense
- 48.05 gifts Expense
- 42.95 salary Incone
431. 98 utilities Expense
- 87.41 electric lExpense
- 73.53 water 1Expense
0. 00 The Credit Card account is different from the others in
that you run up a bill and then try and reduce it to zero.
VISAGE MultiView is hardly the answer to your needs when it comes to showing pictures, because it is far too slow and restricted. Visage has become one of the most popular viewers recently because it is so fast.
Like a speeding bullet in fact. It can show pretty much any file format you throw at it and you can configure it in the icon tooltypes.
This is especially helpful because it means that you can do things like force the screenmode to be AMIGALOAD AmigaLoad is a really neat memory meter. The program is Freeware but you only need to mail the author to get a code to remove the message screen. The use of MUI means that the preferences are very easy to understand. You can select the program that suits your processor and the preferences and then start to configure it. By default you get a set of gauges, but you can easily change these to graphs or percentages. What is really exciting about AmigaLoad is that this window is only its
virtual version. A number of people have been attaching LCDs to their Amigas so they can use that as an output device. AmigaLoad supports these as well as moving coil instruments. If you want to know more about the MCI support, check out the docs and if you want to know how to add an LCD display to your Amiga, you need to get the LCDaemon software from Aminet.
This gives the support, and details how to make and attach the hardware. LED support is also detailed in the AmigaLoad documentation.
Used so that if a picture is in a format you can't view, you can show it on a screen that can. To use the program you simply need to either add Visage as the default tool in a picture's icon, or select a picture using the requestor that appears when you double click on Visage.
DROPVIEW You can use Visage with another program on this disk called DropView.
You can configure DropView to send pictures to a specific program, so if you set it to Visage (after both programs are installed) you can simply drag and drop pictures onto its icon to be viewed immediately in Visage.
VERSIONWB This is a small utility that opens a requestor and allows you to select files. It will then report the version number of the file you selected. This is much more detailed and versatile than the standard version command that comes as part of Workbench.
BLITZKICK This utility is a ROM rekicker for changing the Kickstart of an Amiga using a Blizzard accelerator card. This is the latest release and is only for those who know what they are doing!
AREXX TUTORIAL This directory contains the Arexx code for this month's tutorial. See page 94 for more details.
BOUM And finally Bourn is a quick Workbench game similar to Minesweeper. Just click with the left mouse button to clear a square and click with the right button to mark a square if you think that a mine is under it.
Your clues as to the location of mines are in the numbers that are revealed when you clear a square - the number reflects the number of mines attached to that square in any direction. To win a level you need to correctly identify each mine.
R A A ¦ A JULY 1997 A A Editor - Nick Veitch Deputy Editor - Ben Vost Production Editor - Andrea Ball Games Editor - Andy Smith CD Compilers - EMComputergraphic Art Editor - Colin Nightingale Art Assistant - Cathy McKinnon Cover Render - Lightwave 5.0 Contributors John Kennedy, Darren Irvine, Simon Goodwin, Dave Taylor, Dave Cusick, Jeff Ranasinghe, Robert Polding, Oliver Hodgson Assistant Publisher - Alison Morton Publishing Director - Jane Ingham Public Relations - Liz Ramsay and Jennifer Press 0171 331 3920 Overseas Licences - Katy Cunningham Tel: 0171 331 3920 Fax: 0171 447 3499
kcunningham@pne.co.uk Group ad manager - Simon Moss mossy@futurenet.co.uk Senior Sales Executive - Jenny White jwhite@futurenet.co.uk Marketing - Simon Howarth showarth@futurenet.co.uk Simon Steele ssteele@futurenet.co.uk Production Manager - Richard Gingell Production Coordinator - Zoe Rogers Print Services Manager - Matthew Parker Ad Design Supervisor - Cherry Coad Admin Assistant - Cathy Rowland Colour scanning & Imagesetting Jon Moore, Chris Stocker, Mark Gover, Simon Windsor, Jason Titley, Oliver Gibbs, Brett Caines Colour Originators - Phoenix Repro Printed in the UK by St Ives PLC AMIGA
FORMAT 30 Monmouth St, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Telephone 01225 442244 Fax 01225 732341 Email : amformat@futurenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT OR YOUR MAIL WILL NOT BE READ) I f Join the Next Amiga Revolution!
4 1 Siamese System RTG v2.0 NOW SHIPPING Full Pack £199.95 (no RTG £149.95) Software upgrade from v1.5 £79.95 Subscriptions, Back Issues & Mail Order Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset, FREEPOST, TA11 6BR Telephone 01225 822511, 9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 E-mail: subs@futurenet.co.uk Customer Services Telephone 01225 822510 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation New NoteBook Siamese System coming soon Notebook -- Any Amiga.
Notebook -- Desktop Tower Win95 NT PC PLU ABC 32,166 July - December 1996 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just ten years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in Britain.
We offer: BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
STRONGER REVIEWS. We have a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give clear buying recommendations.
CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future, Editors operate under two golden rules:
• Understand your readers' needs.
• Then satisfy them.
MORE READER INTERACTION. We draw on readers' contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages and the best reader tips. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group.
BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, better quality- magazines you can trust.
So vou want a Siamese System but need a P.O.?
!! P133 Siamese Packs from £899.95 call for brochure II Sisys 200MMX system Pentium MMX PCI Motherboard I 200Mhz Pentium MMX Processor I Matrox Mystique 3D graphics card « ! ||g * | Win95 ergonomic keyboard * IB*" ~~1 16 bit 3D sound card Siamese Hardware Software v2 RTG " Windows 95 Software t Microsoft Works V4 CE approved Mini Tower Case Please remember! Any company can build a PC, but only HiQ can integrate it!!
Developed Solely in the UK by HiQ Ltd and Paul Nolan Tel +44 (0)1525 211327 fax +44 (0)1525 211328 Try our internet page www.siamese.co.uk email steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk n memory I of jelly and ils very spei RESERVE YOUR COPY OF FORMAT i u can ivsciAx- am issue oi Ami at nian newsagents, including bi WH Smith and John Men ies.
AF office. Anythi Active Software 01325 352 260 0181 546 9575 +8862 790 2761 01908 261 477 01604 722 499 01793 490 988 01642 713 185 0113 231 9444 0181 345 6000 0181 900 9291 01773 836 781 Analogic Biocon Blittersoft Direct Software Epic Marketing Eyetech First Computer Centre Gasteiner Golden Image Harwoods HiSoft Owl Associates Power Computing Premier Mail Order Siren Software Software First Special Reserve Visage Computers Weird Science Wizard Developments 29 01525 718 181 96 01543 250 377 84, 112, 114, 115 01234 851 500 41 01268 571 157 4 0161 796 5276 41 01268 531 222 53 01279 600 204 68
0115 944 4500 2, 3, 116 0116 234 0682 59 01322 527 800 BLIZZARD 1230 MKV TURBO ACCELERATOR BLIZZARD 1260 MKV TURBO ACCELERATOR 68030 BARE £99.95 68060 BARE £369.95 68030 4MB RAM £119.95 68060 8MB RAM £399.95 68030 8MB RAM £129.95 68060 16MB RAM £439.95 68030 16MB RAM 68030 32MB RAM £169.95 £239.95 68060 32MB RAM £509.95 50MHZ FPU WHEN PURCHASED WITH THE BLIZZARD ONLY £29.95 BLIZZARD SCSI KIT FOR 1230 1260 £69.95 CYBERVISION 64-30 GRAPHIC CARD HI-RES 64-BIT GRAPHIC CARD FOR THE A2000, 3000T, 4000T AND INCLUDES 4MB OF DISPLAY MEMORY £159.95 SCANDOUBLER CYBERVISION 64-3D FOR FOR THE A4000T ONLY
Also includes a Fat Agnus Chip. No soldering is required.
1. 3 GIGABYTE A1200 INT. £129.95 2 GIGABYTE A1200 INT £159.95
£69.95 XL 1.76MB INT. DRIVE A4000 £65.95 INC. FLOPPY EXPANDER
ORDERS We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help
you with any queries. CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by
cheque PO please make payable to POWER COMPUTING LTD and
specify which delivery is required. WARRANTY All Power
products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise
specified. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand with a full
Technical Backup service which is provided for Power
customers. MAIL ORDER PRICES All prices listed are for the
month of publication only, call to confirm prices before
720DPI COLOUR £209.95 01234 851500 STYLUS 600 A4 1440DPI COLOUR
LTD 2-3 DAYS £2.50 ? NEXT DAY £5 ? SAT £10 ? MIN DELIVERY £2.50
__________________________________ ITEMS TOTAL (INC. DELIVERY)
. SIGNATURE EXPORT ORDERS Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome. MAIL ORDER TERMS All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged.
All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
PHILIPS A? 200 Access all of the PC drives. Read & Write to & from the PC. !¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Load files directly from the PC and save back out to the PC.
Up to 45k sec for Amiga PC and up to 29k sec for PC Amiga QdmJ NOTE NEW ADDRESS Phone 0116 234 0682 Weird Science Ltd. Fax 0116 236 0045 Q House, Troon Way Business Park, Email sales@weirdscience.co.uk Humberstone Lane, Leicester, LE4 9HA Web www.weirdscience,co.uk 1 The Sun in the Environment Window creates a sun lightsource. This sun is easier to use than the sun special object so try it first. For the utmost accuracy, get out an atlas and work out what the latitude of your house is.

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