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AMIGA FORMAT news cow di Finally, less than a month after the deadline for final bids for the company, Amiga Technologies has been sold. We’ve all been waiting for a resolution to this saga for such a long time now, any announcement of a new owner seems incredible. But on 27th March, we received a press release from a company in America stating that they had, subject to regulatory approval, bought Amiga Technologies, lock, stock and barrel. The company in question was not Viscorp, or even QuikPak, but one that a lot of hardcore Amiga owners might never have heard of - Gateway 2000. Gateway 2000 are best known in the States, but even over here they are a major PC clone manufacturer. In the past, the bidders for Commodore's best-kept secret have been seen to be somewhat underfunded, with even Escom finding little budget for the Amiga line. Gateway 2000, on the other hand, had revenues last year of just over $ 5 billion, a net income of over S250 million and sold over 1.9 million PC systems. It has not yet been disclosed how much Gateway have paid for Amiga Technologies, although we do know that they have bought the company and all its assets including all patents, trademarks and trade names. So far Gateway have been quiet about their intentions toward the Amiga. Will ihey want to develop the Amiga to make a viable alternative to the $ Rick Snyder, Chief Operating Officer and President of Gateway - the guy in charge. Wintel Mac duopoly? Or do they only want the technology for a set-top box application? - they have already developed the Dimension range of big screen home Pcs incorporating CD- ROM, television, fax and so on. All Rick Snyder, president and Chief Operating Officer, has said is: “This acquisition is good news for Gateway and customers of Amiga Technologies. It will strengthen our intellectual property position and invigorate a company that has been a pioneer in multimedia solutions and operating systems technology."

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CD32-£12.99 I £8.99 RISKY WOODS XENNON 2 £11.99 £4.99
MANAGER STACK UP £7.99 2 £11.99 £1.99 ARNIE £2.99 NINJA WAR
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BY COACH £8.99 ¦ VALHALLA £14.99 MulTMf DU & UPGRADES MISCELLANEOUS (TIMS 100*48 ZIP CARTRIDGES--------------(11.99 X5 100MB ZIP CARTRDGES ------- (49.99 fa 8X SPEED COROM .... APACHE 1 JOYSTICK .... QS2 TURBO JOYSTICK .. PYTHON 1M_ ALPHA RAY-- QJ JUNIOR-- BOX Of 10 HO DISKS... A1200 OUST COVER... INTERNET PHONE .. 100 DISK BOX.._ OP STICK .. AMIGA SPEED MOUSE.. Postage and Packing Mil ba charged at coil aak POPULAS £12.00 ff (TITS?. Tfffce Amiga games required all the lime Write or Phone for a up-to-date stock list - Seperate Over 18 cdrom list (Over 18 only- orders via credit cards switch
only for over 18 stuff).
5000 M. COLOUR - DISK LABELS (29.99 1000 M. COLOUR - DISK LABELS ....-..(7.99 500 M. COLOUR - DISK LABELS---------(4.50 100 M. COLOUR - DISK LABELS---------(1.25 1000 WHITE - DISK LABELS--------------(7.99 MOUSE PAD.____________________ wtscn reads a 1541 dti* and proOuces a C64 Graphics Format Converter AppleM Emulator - Demo version (Tb-t 8*k imago a Ouk imago s simpJy a dock- Package vt .2 (converts ppm. Tii arvt koala programs emulates an Appto j(« it supports by-block copy o' the disk, stored as a No graphics 'fas 'rom c64 to .vnga 0I amga an ol ther display modes o an
Apppl J. - ARC64 Arehhivo Processor vl.2 ( to c64 requires Amos lor the Amiga Primary & Secondary pages ot text. Hiros A chrvo to list and extract t«es from POO. Copy ISBtF File Reader (By Koriy Gray • faro. Mixed Sound.Joytbck. language card.
T64. Artuve. 064 Zipcodo and Lynx Tns program «rt read and copy the con- LoadRAM Iload Appte2000 programs into archrvos Capade to convert between 064 tents ol a Osk written w-.*.h CBM 158l dnvo) AppleM and Zipcodo FS1S41 v0.5 ts a fal-bfawn A-mgaDOS tifa 064 (Is a program to convert C64 pro* system. Wh«h processes the CBM 1541 Acevi M*c*novt grams (rom datasette to Arr-ga Me lormat disk tormat The CBM t54t floppy drive AmlgaAGA-ENV (is an 8 bt refresh code for use With the A64Package etc) has boen tho standard d sk drrve for the rewrcten Now upto 1.8 times faster then Frodo vl.5 (frodo s a
multitasking tree- C64 computer sertei the refrosh in ShapcShifter 3 1 (and 25 ware c64 emdator tor the Amiga OS2 1 UNT64 (By Alan Inglcby • is a very small times faster than 3 0) and a 68020 (or be«er) and requited, as program that wrt convert the c64s 164 tape Ami Mac Tools v2.001 (This is an Amiga well as copy* ot the ongna) c64 roms images nto a format that allows them to be version of Mac Tools 2 Cei. Only confans UND54 Archivo File Processor i Th,s pro. Used m the A64 pockage on the Am.ga the binanes) gram is designed to o•tract, list or test files Easy 1541 vl.1.1 (is designed to
provide APC Namos vi.2a (is a freowaro renaming from d64 disk images. Tea tape images. EAST access to the Commodore t$ 4t ut.Wy which is usefd lor people who use and pOO program images from PeeCee dnve (and compatPlesi to manage ofa PC disks to mterehango Mot bowteen C64 omulators 5 25* Cisks lormattod using standard CBM AMIGA (with CrossOOS) and Macircos".
Magic 64 v1.1 (Ttv» tarn sure you dont OOS 2 6 flesystom CrossMAC Domo vl.O (This is a demo want to spend thousands on emulating a Sim Disk (By Eelko do Vos • First Ihero version and as such it s read only verson c64 so this emulator can hotpsharewaro was und64 now there is Sim Osk This Ittfa Ot CrossMAC I with a regulation tee ol only S25 program will be franstormed into a library CyberWB-End i.ls an external Video dover Mako POOO (Smco Mag 64 camo along i which can be used os a 1541 diskdrrva for tho Maontosh emulator ShapeShiffer).
Wantod to run 4. Unfortunately • extracted simulator DoubleR (By Manus Grogor is a svnplo a« my (64 and d64 Met unco Frodo doesnt SYS vl.O (This program is not an omulator meuse-harvdlmg enhancement t&r Shape support them hercs a bttfa Aroxx scnp for but was wrnten by a farmer e64 user who Shifter) turnng c64 binaries into POO Mes whfah wanted a roset tor the Am.ga) New icons for EMPLANT i Replaces the Mag« 64 does understand tired icons that come w*h Empiant).
OverS 0.711 8y Daniel Kahlln (The ArruH EMPCD Oevico vl 3 (By N ola Saimona .
Sucessor to OverFour is an Amiga totrom Apple 2000 vl .3 (By Kevin Krakon) is the This device a tows the Empiant mac emuia- C64 transfer program package Supports premier Apple H Emulator for the Amiga At tion to use a CO-ROM drive not connectod senal transfer al 38400 boad 8n2 using its current level il accuatety omu'aios a 64k lo Iho Emplani SC& Port) only a RS-232 level converter (Like tho V - Apple » with sound Appo il Roms are EMPDIAG vl.O (Hardware Diagnostcs for 101 taj.AuWer email [tfrOstackenkthse] needed Emplani).
Speccy 97 & The Flash ROM - Now In Stock NOW!!
Wppknfions- n or mo'cat* tor Can runS modes and n Fast A- the A m tre-PC- Mec ROU TestV1.0 (By Thomas Kessfar ts far all users of ShapeShH who want to verify their ronvimage a , who want to know the exact version : and subversion).
MapRZ2 vt.1 (By Christoph f.odegi
• MapHZ2 The MMU n used to treat Noed* momoryi Ismail bugs fixed
from last version).
A* V1988- DUNGEON MAPPER V0.3 This is the fir*t version of something called Dungeon Manpcr It will work on Workbench I*. It allow* you to design your own map* for game* like Dungeons and Dragons which can be very useful! It also ha* Tetri* on it if you boot it from Workbench A* V1994-CHEATS COMPILATION Hus dtvk i* a demo which give* you a taster of what sou can have if sou buv the rcgcstered version.
A* V2041 - F1GP Ed v3.03 Formula One Grand Iyix WC Editor A FIGP-Ld n.m- engli'h tninslation files A Track data for GPDisplav A* V2056 - TREK-THE GUIDE V1.6 Trek-Thc guide i* a complete Star Trek Database. It contain* a listing of all the Trek series' complete wnh an episode synopsis, original airdatc. Director and Writer Credit* and Gue*t stars VIDEO A+ 4434 - BLACKOAWN V2-1 3-level Dungeon Master style Alien Breed • charge around the maze level*, shoot lots of alien*, find the lift A: move on but do it in 1st person perspective view A+ 4442 -SCORCHED TANKS V1JJ5 The awesome artillery lank
game. This one contains loads of goodie* like 0 wcajxm* and 13 shield types as .. .aii... ..... .....i... A+ 4451 -LAST UP is a car game for one or two player* It t* excellent tr two player inode There are about 10* different track- for you to race around Some of them are quite ca*v at the start but a* you go on they get a lot harder. On the truck* they have thc*e square* which if you dnve oxer it shoot* ys-u on even faster they s ou are already going A* 4454 - BATTLE TRUCKS is a one or two player game in which you choose vout own truck and then buy it You can add nnros. New motor* or even
buy a brand new truck with your win- A* 4467 - JOUSTER 3 If you haven't heard of the good old favorite. !ou*i.
Then you're a pretty young or fairly old dude. Anyway, this game bring* lousi to Ihe Amiga and also ha* improvements such a* poweruns. Etc You can even ha*e a ptcrydaciy I a* a steed. For I or 2 players.
A+ 4468 - PATCH LEMMINGS 2 RUN FROM HO Patch to allow Lemming*2 to run from hard drive.
A+ 4469 -CRITICAL HIT is a highly detailed fantasy combat game, which re-creates tahletop war gaming on the Amiga (require* I MB RAM) A strategic war game with excellent graphic*. 3 D landscapes and a wide variety of fantasy combat figures and scenery • Campaign and map designer A+ 4472 -CULTURE TANK A single screen tank combat game vs ith up to 6 tank*, which may he human or computer controlled. Team or all-againvt-all imxlc* 3 ivjiesof weapon including missile* and flamethrowers A* 4552 - H.E.R.0 A big Interactive event i* going to take place We arc about to release a game which wc had
to miss for a long hme now (too long if you a*k me'). Coming soon is an Amiga version ot the old Activision game H E R O. And that's not all You can he a part of it* release A+ 4555 - TRAIN DRIVER SIM V1.6 Profile chart gcncfutcd in real tunc showing nest 10 mile* • Fog. In addition to Dry Wet - visibility 100 yards, scry slippery tail ¦ Daia updated and more crossovers added between Crewe and Carlisle • Key press detection improved - Now creates timings for any custom train : If. On the Startup screen, you type in a different Code from the built-in train* in the Save drawer. And then set
all other parameter*, and then click OK.
The program will look in Train* and sec if a file exist* A* 4558 -INTMERCS Rehelsurt type strategy game. Require* 2!
Or two players Complete w ith four seenart AA 4559 -WORMS MAPS The*e are a bun. Ha map* me and mv flatm.
The anuga version of worm* A+ 4561 - ELDRITCH V1.35 Top-view adventure liack-and *la*h C0023B C0040 CD051 C0059 CD060 CD061 CD067 CD078 C0205 C0234 £1.99 El.99 E4.99 £7.99 £2.99 £2.99 £.99 £7.99 £8.99 £1.99 NEW DISKS £11.99 £11.99 £12.99 £19.99 £19.99 £29.99 £29.99 £17.99 £17.99 £12.99 £29.99 £8.99 £17.99 £17.99 £24.99 £5.99 £14.99 A* V1043 - SUPER DARK V2.1A A screen blanker with some special fcatute* It is sim Ur to the After Dark screen blanker in the PC and Mi worlds Features include a lot of different scree effect*, a screen locker, and mote 2 A+ VI964 - COLOUR WORKBENCH Allows you to
basically change your workbench scree lo purple or w hatever colour you fancy. It also change the font from the u*ual workbench one to one that
* ? V1362-CHECKERS TOOLBOX l»cdible Amiga diagnosis program Runs
self test on i fc. Chip*, all the port* and even the disk dnve'
All your J hardware i* tevted and di*played in graphical
mfoima-1 oca Every Amiga owner should have a copy’ Find out I
mtut it wrong with your AMIGA before going to the I repaareT to
get n fixed It nu save you a bob or two! I A* V1405 - VIRTUAL
UTILITIES Ccetamv S uuls containing everything needed for any K
Anuga user to nuke virtual memory from their hard- I drive The
Amiga is foaled into (hinting it has massive I amount* of RANI
when really it only has a small I aaront mapped to a file on
(he hardilrivc.
A* V1719- TELETEXT V2.3 View Teletext (also know a* Tcletek*t. Vidcolcxt. * Cecfax. Skytcxt. Supertext ctc.t on your Amiga. It i*
• sntaWe fcr any PAL Amiga (read WJ System require- eeacs link
systems ret) 1 for mure info, because it uses fl the parallel
port to interface with the hardware. An I dcctroMc switch is
provided to easily switch between I the TelcText decoder and a
printer AA V1335-LIBRARIES & DATATYPES This is a disk packed
full of Amiga Workbench 3 0 I I rfeanes and Datatype*. There's
47 Libraries from A to ¦
7. All libraries cot ered are right up to date and w aiting to •
be installed The disk also have installation notes to aid the
beginners also files in the L and Dew1 Do* Dnver* drawer* that
can be copied or assigned V1641 - SUPER KILLERS V10.0 The
latest collection of virus killer* like AntiCicloVir ¦
* 2 2a. Virus Checker *6.43. VimZ II vl 07. And VT I »2 67. Req
the use of LHA which is in the c directory. I A* V1039- HD
INSTALLER (AB) B-sight an A1200 machine and are hav ing trouble
with yxM hard drive why not inuall it correctly.
* ' V1136 - DtSKSALVE 2 Repair your hard drive w ith this,
* ? VI326 C: COMMANDS & UBS The C and LIBS disk contain* over 100
commands lie 2
• whm the C directory Over 20 LIBRARY * arc within 2 Ae LIBS
directory Use them fee your disk*. They can ¦ be used to spice
Uie disk up in appearance and in usage ¦ V0490 - MESSY SID II
cace lawled will read MS Do* disk*. Convert any text ¦ i*c»
files on to an Amiga do* disk so that they can be j
• oaVd into any standard Word peoce**or. The ptssgratn
* *R also convert the text hack to your IBM disk* A* V1611 -
SNOOPOOS V3.0 Log s all she dowhtrary call* and more when you
run a pr -gram This is handy for both the programmer and the be
panel Have you ever installed a program to your h«48nse and
then discovered that it w ill not run with- «¦( a certain
library but you don't know which’ “? V1928-VIRUS WORKSHOP V4.8
Tni. .. tbe one and only Virus Workshop bv Marku* || Sctoall
Now in ihe Version 4 8 . Test it! ¦ »? V0424 - ANTIFUCKER A
program to stop the Flickering when you use the ¦
* ? V1669 - TUOE V1.0 i« a very extensive and easy wav of
degrading your I fi-tane fc« all sorts of purposes ft is useful
fee playing ¦ oU rone on A1200* for example which need kickstan
¦ I ? There u a GUI version included a* well av a CLL B wo*« to
nysvi people will have no trouble using it A fl fagVs rseful
tool for all Amiga owners Good V1523 - REL0K1CK V1 1 ANOTHER)‘i
version of ReloKKk. Calalud of Dual Chew d*i ReloKKk 1.4. so I
decided to improve on that’
* . V1356-NOERRORS VI.3 fc» rxua function is to hide physical
disk errors from fl disks and hard disks, so these disks can
then be fl awed wsS»Mt DOS showing rcad wrile crrcrs
* • W0662 - OCOPY V3.1 TO cs wct cm the Amiga. No new Features
over 2 fl ta( hat been updated with new code information. I “
• j r!*,;r Jisk full of utilities for those A1200 and H
* .-w-ser* .sit there w ho can not for the life of them H pi o4
there favourite games or demos to work. H
- V1360-WB2.0 TUTORIAL ”Wrr is a kr more options open to you than
iu*t play • ¦ jm In the chapter* Files Explained .V Menu* W M(t
vs explain the working* of WB2.a* the manual* ?
With your Amiga V1242-RE0RGV3.11 ¦ a taf Ask c nmizer that can be used for floppy disk* fl aau‘ N»_* Ask* Support* new Kickstan 2.04 features ¦ axalaj hard anJ soil link* arsJ High Density dnve* ¦ “• V0685 - APRO ASTROLOGY V3.5 Ae V0298 - HORTHC VI.3 (AB) The late»i update on the public domain 'C‘ environment fee tt»c Amiga that I am aware of.
* ? V0523 - DICE C COMPILER (AB) Coeumv Matthew Dillonv full
featured powerful C ceapuler and environment sy stem.
* ? V0786-PASCAL Contatm everything needed to program in Pascal,
la.hades A6$ k 68000 assembler Blink. Linking soft-
* et and FCQ. A mode*! Pascal sub vet compiler.a
* ’ VI041 • DIGITAL BREAD BOARD i a full GUI digital logic
circuit simulator Digital Breadboard cuncntlv supports 2 and 3
input etc
* ? V1056 - DEVaOPER Ccoums the official Commodore dcvclooers
kits for the Amiga Guide and Commodore Install utilities.
* ? V1060 - CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN Sescral tcrtific routines for
the electronic enthusiavt lachadev PCBtool. A circuit board
design tool
* ? V1209 - GNU C+* COMPILER (3) [HD] Thoo di'k» comivis of the
latest vervion of the GCC easiroement. Compiler, dnver.
Asvembler. Linker, header Ales mhne code generation of librars
- ? V1213- PROGRAM LANGUAGES ACE v| 02. Is a PD Arnica BASIC
compiler which, in conjunction with A6SK «v Blink produces
stand alone eireuiahlcV run time 'hared lihranes are required
- V1227-GAO TOOLS V2.2C A vundard Amiga shared runtime library
which makes nk« quicker t easier to build standard requesters
into prsgramv Dc'igned with CBM's guidelines in mmd
* ? VI384 - HOW TO CODE IN C (AB) Coses Dcbucgine. Intuition and
Graphic. Kixlbibliotck.
T-p A Tncki. Anropa A'tnFranC. Dov Intuition. WB
• nr. Dmake. GadToolsBox and Power Source.
* ? VI430 - N.O.U.K V37 (ABCD) Pirtxov of the Commodore Native
Developer Update Km that can be licensed fee di'tributioo.
Include' the fd : Aits, hbeancs. Startups. C include files, and
* ? V1905-MATHS FORMULA EDIT V2.1 blaebScnpt is a formula editor,
which is used to mte- pate mathematical formulas into word
processors or DTP programs It has an extensive amount of mathc*
cueacal and physical symbols and many control codes tor
creating fractions.roocs, exponents.
* ? V1909 - REQCHANGE V3.6 Patches Intuition. ASL. ARP A RF.Q to
use the Req Tcoi* rroucstcrs in'tead. It also adds a couple of
extra features, like an Assign Wedge, the possibility to send j
Arexx commands when a patched requester appears. &
• esoal option* to configure how the patche* behave. J
* * V1919 - MOTOROLA CROSS ASSEMBLER'S 2 Assembler* AS0.
I Must be over 18 and Card orders only. No chq from above
(right O Frcxw Denmark With Love Vot t f 1999 a Ffom Denmark
With Love Vo 2 £1999 O From Denmark With Love Vot 3 £19 99 O
Ficm Denmark With Love Vof 4 £19 99 O Ffevn Denmark With Love
Vo« 5 £19.99 O From Denmark With Love Vot 6 £19 99 O From
Denmark With Love Vot 7 £19.99 ? From Denmark With Love Vot8
£19.99 O F«mii Denmark With Lovo Vot 9 £19 99 ? FrtmOenmark
With Love Vot 10 £19.99 ol 10 disks. Order all to disks tor ”
Danish - From Denmark vrth Love wuaiinin 0**Tfl9.WMCli '
Ccpy gl-tcd pictures a' Danish Girt* All Hijh Quality and tn-on
by w*t Dan »l G.rt£fl0!frjrashc-s A - -1 pictures are in BMP.
GIF. JPEG, and 1 Kodak PCD Formats i al »mm Denmark wen Lover
Please order by votumo A* V0575 - HOME BUSINESS PACK (6) QED.
Text editor Text Plus 2.2E. Word Processor i A Spell. Spell
Checker & Dictionary Bba*c. A Database program. DATA EASY.
Another database ! BizCale. Loan calc. LCD. Calc. SPREAD.
! Spreadsheet Budget. Personal Finance UNITS.
! Various conversions. CLERK. Small business : account* SI PLRIH PER. FLASHEKCOPY. Copier * TYPIST. Typing Tutor BOOTX. Virus Killer. SYS- INTO. System analyser DOSMANAGFR. Directory program. FONTLIST. FONT MANAGER. Utilities.
PRINT STUDIO. Printing Tools (6 disks) A+ V1114- PRINT LABELS UTLS Includes various programs like DOC DUMP *2.1. ENVELOPE PRINT v I 20. INLAY MAKER *14. MC MASTER v 1.1. BANNER *1.0. LABEL PRINT A+ VI279 - PRINT A CARD Want to print a business card or any other type of card then this is the software for you A* VI222- PANASONIC STUDIO The PaiuPlus driver i* a software for controlling primers with live Commodore Amiga jvrsonal computer.
A* V1236 - INVOICE PRINTER invoice printing that we help aid any small business.
"? V0928 - LITTLE OFFICE Its the all rounder do everything, all knowing, all seeing?? Well ki* ju*t say it* very good A* V1179 - FILE-O-FAX wav designed to enable computer operators to be able to work at their leisure without worrying about forgetting those important mcetings.what they had to do on any particular day or locating business colleagues tele no's.
A* V1467-AWARD CONSTRUCT A very handy tool for creating your very own awards and certificates. There are many sty le*, font* and giaph- ic* to choose from could also be’ u*cd to make small poster*, sign* or leaflet*. Easy to u*e and very effective A* VI069 - PRINTER DRIVERS HP DeskJet 550 colour driver. Dcskjct 500. Dcskiet 500c.
Ricoh HP 1200 400dpi. Canon LBP. Canon BJ300.
Bl 130. BJ 10c. Canon_48. Canon PJ 1080a. HP PaintJet A+ VI278 - MAIL-O-DEX An excellent way to keep names, addresses. Phone numbers, comments etc and then pnni out labels load* of them in 1,2.3 and 4 column* A+ V1044 - FANCY PRINTING BANNER Vl 4. GRAPH PAPER vI 2. DISK PRINT A+ V1357 - CITIZEN MANAGER The Citizen Print Manager ha* heen designed tn conjunction with Irseesoft A* VI051 - EASY CALC PLUS is a spreadsheet designed to be both easy to u*e and fast If the program looks nice, that wouldn't to be bad either Unlike miser software wlserc the author writes the program first, then baits
on a help system, I have designed the help into the program from die beginning V0366 - 600 BUSINESS LETTERS Over 600 Standard business letter* on this disk. Can be u*cd a* they are or insert part% into your ow n letters A* V0390 - AMIGA FOX DTP The first AMIGA PD Desk Top Publishing program I Exclude* various extra feature* over the old Word I processor. Test Editor. Graphic* editor and load* more.
A* V1680 - AWARD MAKER 2 This is a very good tool for the creation and printing of ' Award* ansi certificates. There arc hundred* of type* to choose from then you can choose a font a border and ai** *ome of the text etc. Very good result*.
A* V1862 - INVOICE DATABASE V2 Intra is a rather *imple. But therefore ca* lo u'c data- j ba*e program that w a* especially designed to deal w ith I
J) voice information. E very hod v. as we like it V1995 -
BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR This is by far the be*t typing tutor
for vcai* I have seen I on the Amiga It t* worth every .ingle
penny It con- The Flash ROM SSHT*.*. luaoraei] (Teo'i) Only
09.99 ~ * v Emulators far the ~~ - - - Amiga The Amiga has tho
greatost nurrbor o' tuir.a rrwnu 1 omul*,ors Th«'* a'« AM 04
LOHUM j fof |ho Qf* Spectrum. Videogames and somo exotic
computers Thu cd is realty up-to-date.
C64 The A64 Package v3.1 FULL VERSION (is a comprehensive emUalor.'uNrty package to assisi Commodore 64 users in upgrading to the Amiga By C*h Dugan Ouestomcs) The A64 Packago vS.Old DEMO VERSION (Is a comprehensive omuiator utilrty package to assist Commodoro 64 users m upgrading to tho Amiga By Cs" Dugan Questoncs) Run C64 vl 51 Commumcotion program far Amga 4 C64 Its not a modem program or anything tko that, but a network system which onaWes you to send C64 ffa from the Amga over to the C64 6 start them) TransNIb v3.11 (By Matt Franos • Amiga front-end 6 TransNt 64 2 (C64 Fronc-end).
064 to Zip Code (This utifay wiD convert between D6*2iPCODE. 064 etc AXF 64 (This is an updated C64 emUtor which claims to be faster than 1-odo Requires os2 or os3 1541 (is a command lino cv based program Samples from the Speccy 97 Games Library Archive I* V0817-A500 PLUS EMULATOR Have AMIGA 500 and want workbench 2.0 then just install thi* disk onto your floppy I 3 version of workbench or your HD for complete WB2 compatibility.
A* V1178 - K1CKSTART 3 EMU Kickstan 1.3 3.0 emulator and decibel patch program will give you the option lo have kickstan I 3 or 3 x(as used in NEW Amigasi in your Amiga Ttus is much enhanced over the version tnat was given away free.
A* V1336- THE BBC EMULATOR Contains command* to allow existing file* to be transferred from a BBC w ith DFS by means of a senal cable.
A+ VI659 - MSOOS AMIGADOS V2.3 This IS a very interesting utility which should be useful to any me who use* both Pcs and Amiga* The tool allow* you to ctcatc a directory on which you can store MSDOS commands and then they can be used through the shell a* if the* were AmigaDoscommands. Great.
AA V1868 - PC TASK V3.1 is the first and only software 80286 emulator for the Amiga range of computer* Tranvfer files betw een your Amiga anJ MSDOS. Compatible with MS Window s 3- AA V1931 - ZXAM v2.0 The latcvt Spectrum Emulator available. Basically it allows you to run Spectrum software on sour Amiga Requires the AGA chipvet bstt doe* require vV'B3» and a 6S020CPU or better A* V2059 - FRODO V2.0 is a multitasking freeware C64 emulator for the Amiga OS2 I & a 680*0* arc required, a* well a* copy* of the original C64 ROM*, which are not included If really small. There arc icons which allow you
to change the one's voo already use to some they have They hav e also included some bxkdrop* fee you to use ''•f V1968- STAR TREK BACKGROUNDS Hercs *oinc new background* for w« rkbctKh all ha*ed around the Star trek T:N:G scrtc* I A* V2062 - I CONOGRAPHICS V3.0 ¦ is a collection of eight colour icons for Workbench 2 ¦ and 3. All standard system icon* are included, with ¦ many additional icon' (PD'Sharcware procram*. Differ.
¦ cnt type* of data, custom drawers, and Tool Manager.
| A* V2064 -100 USELESS PATTERNS T I02 background partem* m 2.4.8 and 16color*.
. AA V2069 - BREATHTAKING PATTERNS MWB 1 Tht* package contains 11 photo-realtsuc background*: £ Beach png. BrtcksGrey iff. Clouds png. Confcttiiff.
B Mountain* png. Pebble iff. Storm.ilf. Stucco iff.
Tenare png. Thunder png. Valley.pne AA V2070 - MWB ICONS, PATTERNS A collection of really nice MWB compatible stuff.
OFFICE & PRINT A* V1247-TEXTURE MAPS (ABC) A collection of texture* for u*e with the any program that will take high re* texture*.
AA V1554-IMAGINE BUDDY (AB) Here * some feature* of the new mterfxe Draggable and Sizeable text and index windows Button Gadget* for the Search and Move function* Improved Seoicliing The text i* now poviiioncd al matching hypertext link* and all matches arc highlighted for visibility.
A* V1229 -MAIN ACTOR VI. 53 This is an all round animation utility that will ctcate.
Play bark, time and edit animations of any length or format (including graphic* card*I Vers good (AB) A* V1811 - IMAGESTUDIO V2.0 (AB) is written for the casual graphic* u*cr who w ishes to convert or manipulate various graphic* format* on a modest Amiga sy stem.
A* V1891 - IMAGEDESK VI.6 ts a program to catalog picture directories by generating small rcprcscntant* ofihe picture* A+ V1907-P0VRAY RAYTRACER Render* in a window on a nubile screen (even Workbench) with colour slunng simple HAMHAMS support autodcicci* Cvbergfx Screen and render* in direct Colour (l5fl6 24Bii) if possible.
A+ V1922 - REAL 30 V2.X OBJECTS Objects are pretty large in sire, cspcssially the 4 cylinder engine, you might run out of memory pretty Vast.
Ms Amiga 4000EC30 * FPU is now equipped with I8 IB RAM. And I can now raytncc 11 of my object*.
• I 3Mb. *o you'll need a healthy chunk of memory • No Slicing
was used in modelling, lo keep things as small as passible. *
Space Doors open using the new Slates function. * Marquee of
Space Door lights.
Packing (Roppy Disks) .00 -10 Disks £1.50 45 - 20 Disks £3.25 A* V1745 - TERM V4.2 [030] latest version of this very well known comms terminal program Version 4 ha* even more features and although it ts not for beginner* it i* probably the be*t available A* V0979 - NCOMM V3.0 lv a comms program ba*ed on Comm * 1.34 w ith lots of very nice enhancement* Ha* new function* over v2 0 A* V1722-AMIGA TO PSION S3 A IS a implementation of the P*ion link protocol which is c g. built into the Psion S3 S3a ROM It's mam purpose is to provide vice versa nf* like File access.
A* V1269-THE OCT AMED TUTOR Welcome to the Octamed Tutor, a simple guide through the basics of thi* excellent music program V1207 - OCTASTUFF Welcome to OctaStuff. A di*k based around work with OctaMED 3 and 4.
A+ VI882- ART OF NOISE TRACKER NEW tracker. NO ProTrackct Clone’. 8 channel*, fm synthesis, drum sequencer, wave table synthesi* sists of two game*, one is called the letter game and the other one is called the w ord game A+ V2003 - REM DATE V2.0 is a calender, reminder and filcofax all in one.
A+ V2019-TEXT ENGINE v3.0 Allows you to make your every own letters and document* then print or *tore then on disc.
TIPs, CHEATS & RELATED I spooler VI I PSITILS_VIR16.LHA i !83Ki a a V2104 - HOCUCK V3.0 HDCIick is a program-sclccior HD-menu With HDClK'k, programs can be started very ea*tl) bv *clecl- mg gudgct* with your mouse.
A* V2105 - BOOT & C COMMANDS Contain* vartou* simple little utilities which can he u*cd within your *tartup-*cquencc or from workbench.
Blank the Border. Gadgets for Workbench.
Bootscrecns. Ktckmappcr. Workbench sounds, system spped hacks, start a program, softboot. And the he*t launcher for your apiication*.
A* V2106 - WINDOWS 95 TASKBAR Contain* various program* lo enhance your workbench with window* 95 utilitic* for the Amiga A4 V2109 - MAD HOUSE SCREEN BLANKER V2 is a modular screen saver like others Wc tned to make the nuin program (the ‘scrser'i more configurable and .
To program nice blanker* - here i* the result, we hope ; you like it! M* modules.
A+ V2112 - SOLVES FOR MANY ADVENTURES This is a collection of over 100 solves, walkthni* and hint* for a bunch of old adventure games - text adventures. Graphic adventure* and a few odds and sods : A+ V2114 - EPSON STYLUS COLOR II DRIVER j This driver should enable voo to dnve both II and lls j printer* upto tbjir full resolution of 720dpi • (*cc later A+ V2115-BOOT UTILITIES Banger Menu *3.3 • Startmenu activate CAPS L-xk. J efxNsard-support CpuConuollOft • MMU ba*ed voft- j ticker, replace* CPI' command DarkSound v2.5 • Change* Vvorkbeneh Sound* each boot.
A* V2116 - LIBRARY FILES Board* 2.7 - Board* librars V 2 7 • 300 Expansion boards known. Dfunc v38.7 • Multipurpo»c librars.
ClT'TXTiGFX-'DISC*. Identify vJ.O • ;xpan*ton*. I Hardware. Alerts. Functions (V4.0i. LtbGuide • ' Biggest Guide of Amiga shared libraries A* V2117-NEW DATATYPES akPNG43x. AkPNG.datatvpc V43.1 (PNG).; HMPdt405. Bmp picture dautype *40.5 for = OS 3.0.!
Decompressor!)!. Datatype for multifortnat cotn- nressed file* Dirdataispe0'l6. Directors daiatvpe VI 6.1 DtypcGuide. Guide of dautype* A* V2118 - XTRUDER V3.2 By Martin Wulffcld. Thi* virus killer can detect more than 244 lilevira. Ha* a screen mode- and font sensitive I GUI along with a comprehensive Arexx interface and I lix-ale support Minor update!
A* V2119-HP DESKJET600 PRINTER DRIVER HP Dcskjct 600 h.’w 600 dpt printer dnver Vl.Oa bug- fixed for 6000) support.
A* V2120-JAPANESE TEXTS EDITOR V3.0 This is a demo of JIWA. A processor for writing in I tipane*e character* Include Htragana Katakana and I lanji nvode through ronunjt Input | A+ V2121-GIVE STARTMENU I A MWB look and style! (V2 2l Collection of biuslves I and icons in the MWB *ytle f«K use with StaitMcnu v2 0 This i» version 2.2 and lu* *everal enhancement*: | installei xnpt More bru lilc* I pdatcd logo dc*igns. 1 New- Startbutton image New StartMcnu Icons. I A+ V2123 - MAGICRABBfTS ICON C0LLECT.17 Style 8 colors MagtcWB icons Also *om additional ;
* tuff like. IB Navigation button* and other fun thing*, j A+
V2124 - RAYLAB RAYTRACER VI.1 With thi* package you get Two
executable* raylabOOO I
- for any 68k Amiga RaslabSSI • for Amiga* with I
020. FPI’ nr better Ihe ibvumentation (both in ascii I and in
AmigaGuide formal). I A* V2125 - SYSSPEED V1.51 The
Specdie*ter. Thi* program will run vanou* tc*ts on I our
anuga computer and give rc*ult*. J A+ V2126- OFFICIAL STAR
PRINTER DRIVERS The Star driver is a *oftwarc for
conttolling a printer I with the Commodore-Amiga per*onal
computer with I the purpose ol creating high qualitv output
V2127 - EASY-TO-USE ACCOUNTS V3.1 (AB) An intuitive &
easy-to-use account* program, spcciallv I designed to he
suitable for non-computer-user* a* well I a* expert*
Feature* include: • Multiple account*, with I optional
minimum & maximum limit*.
EUROSCENE PRO IFF & PCX 2 AMOC 243 HOTTEST 4 VARIOUS 1-1500 ILLUSIONS 30 EMERALD MINOS ARCADE CLASSICS ZOOM 2 cheek price* when ordering Special Diveoum* PC TASK 4jL Advanced 486 PC Software Emulator Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 33 40 or 50MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclocked) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? '040 fits Standard A1200 - no PROBLEM & IS SUPPLIED WITH A HEATSINK & FAN ? UP TO 32MB OF RAM CAN BE ADDED ? KlCKSTART Remapping ? Optional SCSI-II interface ? Can ACCOMMODATE A 72-PIN INDUSTRY STANDARD SIMM ?
68040 60 HAVE BUILT-IN FPU, 68030 CARD has OPTIONAL PLCC PGA TYPE FPU (FLOATING POINT UNIT) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't void warranty ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE SO YOU CAN STILL USE PRODUCTS SUCH AS OverDrive HD or CD Zappo CD-ROM or Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
M 8mb 16mb 32mb £89.44 N A N A £ 109.94 N A N A £139,9 £179.94 £24999 £159,9 £199.44 £269.99 £219.9, £289,4 £l79w £21949 £289.99 £249.,, £289,9 £359.99 £319,, £359,9 £429.49 £449.„ £489.99 £559,9 Omb 4mb RAM8 £39.»» £69.44 RAM8s33MHz FPU £59.4, £89,4 68030 33MHz&FPU £894, £119.44 68030 40MHz £109.4, £139.4, 68030 40MHzsFPU £129,, £159.44 68030 50MHz £129.4, dSft* 68040 25MHz (int. Fpu) £199.9, £229.99 68040 40MHz (int. Fpu) £269.« £299.44 68060 50MHz (int. Fpu) £399.„ £429.„ SCSI-II Interface for the Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards
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£2999 Disks 50 Disks ei Colour Labels £] w 100 Disks & Colour '-ABas£2499 The Classic QUARTERBACK Quarterback
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Button banks ? FlLETYPE-SPECIFIC POP-UP MENUj » CibutiGRAi RTG supporteo ? Independent Hotkeys ? Script system to execute COMMANOS UPON events ? Multiple CUSTOM MENUS WITH SUB ITEMS ? Automatic Filetype Creator to CREATE ANO TEST ? A FONT VIEWER ? LlSTERS FIELDS FOR TITLES, RE-SORTING BY FIELDS, plus a Version' field ? Colour re-mapping of button icon images with support for 'Magic Workbench' etc. ? Selectively hioe UNWANTED DRIVE ICONS ? CUPBOARD SUPPORT FOR CUT, COPY ANO PASTE IN GAOGETS & LlSTERS ? RESIZE, ICONIFY, ANO SCROLL BUSY LlSTERS WHILE BUSY ? ICON and Lister snapshots are stored
separately from
- so you could snapshot your CD-ROM icons! ? Listers can now
Internal Opus CLI to quickly test commands & Arexx scripts ? Many new internal commands and many *91 I new Arexx commands HAVE BEEN ADDED OR EXTENDED WITH NEW FEATURES. YOU CAN NOW EVEN ADO YOUR OWN INTERNAL COMMANDS!
Workbench 2+& Hard Disk Requirec At last, the long awaited PC, Task 4.0 is now shipping featuring:- Aovanced 486 software only emulation, Dynamic Compilation for faster EMULATION, UP TO 16MB ACCESSIBLE UNDER MS-DOS, MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA & SVGA supported, up to 256 COLOURS ON AGA MACHINES, CyberGraphics support, Multiple haro DISK files and partition SUPPORTED, CD-ROM and High Density drives supported, Run MS-DOS APPLICATIONS IN A WINDOWS ON YOUR WORKBENCH! RUN Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mode! Many times quicker THAN VERSION 3.1!
Requires Kickstart 2.0 and a 68020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER.
Radically enhances the printouts you normally get by replacing the Amiga Printer System with the Faster and Visibly Better TurboPrint System. Options incluoe Poster Printing, Colour Correction, Dithering, Colour Balancing, On-Screen Preview and Much More... Most printers are supported -call to check.
STOP PRESS - Version 5 now includes "Graphics Publisher" to individual colour correct, rotate, twist and more. Enhanced TrueMatch New drivers TurboPrint s Printer EnAarament Software If you have a printer - you MUST get TurboPrint. It CALL ABOUT UPGRADES WELCOME Th Month In View The Gateway to the future is open. Mick Veitch is rather over k % excited by some special news this month... Finally, we have a winner.Would the people with the multi-million dollar PC business and a strange fetish for cows please step forward and claim their prize. For the Amiga has at last been sold. Let their be
celebrations and much merrymaking.
Although we have been predicting an end to the sale, we were a litde surprised that it all got sorted out quite so soon (hence the last minute sticker on the cover of the mag). But as you have come to expect from our award-winning news coverage, we managed to cram a lot of research into the small amount of time available to us. The answers to a great many of your questions (WTio? How? Why?) Are tackled in our extra news coverage, starting on page
10. The long wait is over. Hurrah!
Well, although that news rather overshadows everything else we have in the issue, I think you’ll find that there is plenty of exciting stuff here. We have reviews of MakeCD 2.1, the SX-32 Pro, RDB-Salv, Soft-Logik's finally completed PageStream and Ben has been plating around with monitors until his eyes went (more) funny.
Mm And there is plenty to be getting on with in the Creative section this month too, with a new tutorial on PersonaI Paint, the conclusion of the Music-Xseries and more. Oh, and did I mention the results of the Reader Survey, a Myst preview, ea rc-rcicascs... ® Nick Veitch Editor THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT AMIGA FORMAT MAY 1997 i PERSONAL PAINT TUTORIAL P84 Distorted, strange, fuzzy round the edges. And that is before I did any image processing. Get to grips with Personal Paint.
O** P% X; The Amiga has, officially, been sold.
Find out all the exclusive details... 12 NEW AMIGAS!
Direct Software reveal plans for a new 'Power Amiga'.
%R-I 14 MORE CANDY... Win three months worth of free downloads from Digital Candy's BBS.
The results of our huge reader survey plus the lucky winner of £200 worth of top Amiga goodies.
SERIOUSLY SjCQ 61 WEB EXPLOSION Design your own imaginative web pages with the help of these two Cds.
48 PD SELECT A selection of games, a demo of Pretium and some useful utilities.
63 MAKECD 2.1 CD burning made easy!
64 SX-32 PRO Pat McDonald soups up his CD32 72 WORKBENCH A new-look Workbench this month. Don't miss it!
67 RDB-SALV You won't need it very often but it's a real life-saver!
AMIGA IMAGINE 5 Features aplenty, but is it useable? Find out with Graeme Sandiford PAGESTREAM 3.2 Finally ready for commercial release - but just how good is it?
69 LONG TERM REVIEW This month Ben Vost and Mick Donnelly take a long term look at Dopus 5.5. 70 CD-ROM ROUND-UP Mick Veitch looks at the latest CD-ROMs.
PPAINT Join Nick in our new tutorial.
86 MUSIC-X The concluding part - "Live" playback and Notator-X.
88 REAL 3D 2 Graeme Sandiford masters the morphing tools and creates some softly flapping wings.
90 CINEMA4D 2 The Boolean and Polygon tools.
John Kennedy explains... 94 ADVANCED AREXX Paul Overaa concludes his look at hashing.
97 MAILBAG & GALLERY Browse through the Gallery pics and read our plea for help!
SUBSCRIPTIONS benefits of being a subscriber.
78 AMIGA.NET MUD, MUD, glorious MUD.
Dave Cusick reveals all... Coverdisks Scala vl.1 Now is the time to get on the Internet and Ben Vost shows you how.
The Amiga's most famous multimedia program - brought to you with this issue absolutely FREE!
Shoot down the enemy goblins in Blasted, Plus: more shoot-em-up action in Witness - an up-to-date Defender clone.
& Ben Vost rounds-up ¦ three great monitors ideal for use with your Amiga.
Find out exactly which one suits you best.
34 MYST The best-selling PC and Mac game is coming to the Amiga.
PREVIEWS There's plenty of new games to look forward to over the next few months... Two great Cds with this issue.
AFCD13 is packed full - Loads of Internet related software, Scala
1. 1, Blasted, Witness and BattleDuel, a demo of TurboPrint 5 and
loads of useful patches.
PLUS: Scene Storm - a second CD packed full of demos from The Scene. Don't miss out... 38 READER GAMES 36 ELECTRONIC EXPLOSION Andy Smith looks at some re- releases from Electronic Arts.
The good, the bad and the really, really ugly - Andy Smith has plenty to say.
42 GAMEBUSTERS Hints and tips plus the complete solution to Elvira.
Coverdisk Instructions "World of A1200” & "Top lOO Gamma” or "Epl bo upgraded to 1997 version for £12.99) Cdi « TOTAL MEMORY EXPANSIONS e; Aa1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU. Unlike other memory expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA port, our TOTAL memory expansions include unique software that will enable the maximum amount of expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA port, our TOTAL memory expansions include unique software that will enable the maximum amount of memory to be used even with a PCMCIA fitting device.
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SQUIRREL ONLY 777777 or when purchsed with a SCSI device SURF
SQUIRREL or 0? 4 when purchsed with a SCSI device Our highly
rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga
All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth 1 I - ) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities. - tected programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. 2sss9*s*w Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises ’ the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily
proAnti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use, includes a full 50 page manual.
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removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI
interfaces. The Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known
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No need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. Full instructions and software supplied.
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APOLLO 1230 PRO £149.99 (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders [made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Mastercard, Visa, Switch. Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm r- Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
J r T Li £209.9 A50Q4420mb Hard Drive £109.99 £139.99 £174.99 £209.99 340mb 540mb lOOOmb 1800mb APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM £19.99 8MB SIMM £39.99 OR 16MB SIMM £79.99 WHEN 32MB SIMM £169.99 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELERATOR your order HARD DRIVES
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable,
screws, par titionmg software, full instructions and 12 months
All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple: if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
[ txJBHk . FREE •HOW TO FIT YOUR U HARDDRIVE’ video and Stakker disk to increase the drive's capacity with eveiy hard drive ordered TOTAL SCSI CD-ROM DRIVE Fully featured SCSI CD-ROM drive for use with the A1200 or A600, Features include superb metal enclosure with in built mains power supply.
Includes all software, cables and instructions for immediate use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio CD player soft TOTAL CD-ROM DRIVES 2 speed £129.99 4 speed £159.99 6 speed £209.99 8 speed £249.99 Prices include Squirrel.
Add £30.00 for Dataflyer or Surf Squirrel m vywcir rniMi ware included. No extras needed! Just plug in and go. Choose sire Dataflyer SCSI interface.
A I DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to Polar opposite the Masons Pub.
Either PCMCIA fitting Squirrel interface or internally fitting What’s up?
Direct announce new Amiga Northampton's Direct Software launch their new machine.
HiSoft whippet out Download faster with HiSoft Systems' new serial port.
Connect up with NetConnect Active’s easy online solution is finally released.
Get down and Party TcP invite you all to their party in Copenhagen.
AMIGA FORMA'I news cow di Finally, less than a month after the deadline for final bids for the company, Amiga Technologies has been sold. We’ve all been waiting for a resolution to this saga for such a long time now, any announcement of a new owner seems incredible.
But on 27th March, we received a press release from a company in America stating that they had, subject to regulatory approval, bought Amiga Technologies, lock, stock and barrel.
The company in question was not Viscorp, or even QuikPak, but one that a lot of hardcore Amiga owners might never have heard of - Gateway 2000.
Gateway 2000 are best known in the States, but even over here they are a major PC clone manufacturer.
In the past, the bidders for Commodore's best-kept secret have been seen to be somewhat underfunded, with even Escom finding little budget for the Amiga line.
Gateway 2000, on the other hand, had revenues last year of just over $ 5 billion, a net income of over S250 million and sold over 1.9 million PC systems.
It has not yet been disclosed how much Gateway have paid for Amiga Technologies, although we do know that they have bought the company and all its assets including all patents, trademarks and trade names.
So far Gateway have been quiet about their intentions toward the Amiga. Will ihey want to develop the Amiga to make a viable alternative to the $ Rick Snyder, Chief Operating Officer and President of Gateway - the guy in charge.
Wintel Mac duopoly? Or do they only want the technology for a set-top box application? - they have already developed the Dimension range of big screen home Pcs incorporating CD- ROM, television, fax and so on.
All Rick Snyder, president and Chief Operating Officer, has said is: “This acquisition is good news for Gateway and customers of Amiga Technologies. It will strengthen our intellectual property position and invigorate a company that has been a pioneer in multimedia solutions and operating systems technology."
Petro Tyschtschenko, president of Amiga Technologies, will remain as president of the newly-formed arm of Gateway, Amiga International. He is very positive about the deal and commented: “Gateway 2000 will give us new life and energy for the future.” THE FACTS
• Escom liquidators have agreed to the sale of Amiga Technologies
to Gateway 2000
• AT will be renamed Amiga International
• Petro Tyschtschenko will remain as president
• He promises new Amiga products by the end of the year.
QUIKPAK The latest pretenders to the throne gracefully bowed out of the great AT contest with the following statement: "Gateway 2000 is a tremendous success story - continually scoring top marks in customer satisfaction surveys based on service, support and product reliability. Gateway 2000 is a leader in its market, and brings to the Amiga Community a wealth of resources and knowledge.
While we are understandably disappointed that our own bid was unsuccessful, we at QuikPak remain as committed as ever to the future of the Amiga. We have devoted a large portion of our energies to developing the Amiga market and supporting the community, and we have no intention of abandoning our position now. The Gateway 2000 purchase may represent an excellent opportunity to breathe new life into the Amiga platform. We've maintained all along that we believe in the future of the Amiga, and stand by our statements.
Thank you once again for your continuing support, and we look forward to bringing you new information as it becomes available. We look forward to working with you, the user, and all our other partners in making the Amiga's BEWILDERED AND SUSPICIOUS?
Reaction from the Amiga industry has varied from bewilderment and elation to suspicion born from a lack of positive information for the past year or so.
“I think we’re seeing a logical diversification by a large technology company here. The Amiga will be a nice sideline to their $ 5 billion PC clone turnover. They sound dedicated to the platform and thus far I’m convinced that they’re genuine.” Jason Compton, Editor-in-chief, Amiga Report and ex-press officer for Viscorp "HiSoft welcomes the involvement of such a highly successful I ¦ I (dji'l I 1 1 and professional company and we look forward to hearing their I plans for the Amiga. We will certainly continue to support and commit to the Amiga in whatever guise it appears."
David Link, MD, HiSoft Systems j- | “I guess you can’t keep a good platform down. It does J I make me wonder why. If all these serious PC & | manufacturers snap up the Amiga technology, it failed in the first place?? Maybe this time?!’’ Barry Thurston, MD, Scala UK Ltd.
- -"Gateway 2000’s purchase of the Amiga promises to be very
exciting! Already we have seen the U.S. press sit up and
finally fmm take notice of the Amiga simply because Gateway
2000 are the f ® s new owners. I believe the future will bring
more than just new technology and new developments. Perhaps
we’ll finally start
- - gaining proper attention and this year will mark the
beginnings of a renaissance for the Amiga in the eyes of the
world. The Amiga is still the leader in desktop video with
hardware like the Video Toaster Flyer, Vlab-Motion, and
software like our own ImageFX and Aladdin 4D. And others like
Monument Designer, Scala and many more.” Kermit Woodall, Nova
Design " "We appreciate the fact that with Gateway 2000 a new
owner is going _ X'J to take over Amiga Technologies, who can
provide a strong base for a ' y future development of the Amiga
and the Amiga market. We hope that . |. Gateway 2000 will be
interested in the future of the Amiga itself as f* an
alternative computer system. With their economic strength and
market position, Gateway 2000 can start the creation of new
products with a vision for the future, not being limited by
short-term financial constraints. Insofar, we believe that
there are big chances for the Amiga future if Gateway 2000
understands the heart and soul of the Amiga and it’s users."
Wolf Dietrich, General Manager, phase 5 tflittcrsot "We at Blittersoft are extremely pleased not only because the Amiga finally has a new owner, but also that it would seem that this new owner is a company with the capability to take the Amiga forward, as it deserves. Although the plans and aims of Gateway have not been made public, the formation of "Amiga International" would indicate good intentions. We hope now that this news will inject much needed enthusiasm and confidence not only for past and future Amiga owners, but for developers alike. There is a whole host of great possibilities
ahead and the Amiga future can now be considered very bright indeed."
X Paul Le Surf, MD Blittersoft future as bright as possible. And, we look forward to the opportunity of working with the newest player in the Amiga field.
Gateway 2000."
VISCORP Bill Buck has long since left the company and after the well-publicised attacks on VIScorp by Amiga luminaries like Carl Sassenrath, they have gone extremely quiet. VIScorp declined to give any comment on the new owners of Amiga Technologies.
NEW TOTAL TOME Bruce Smith Books, the publishers of the extremely popular Total! Range of Amiga books are just launching a new title for the range. Total!
Amiga Arexx is written by Amiga Format's own Paul Overaa and covers a whole range of Arexx topics suited to everyone from the absolute beginner to the self-avowed Arexx expert. Total! Amiga Arexx is priced at £21.99 and is available from Wizard Developments on 01322 527800.
ARTWORKS 00 BACK TO BASICS That haven of high quality clipart for DTPers, Artworks, have just launched a pack called Basic Clips for DTP which consists of its popular sets 'Frames, corners, strips, motifs',
• Badges, banners, bubbles and bursts' and 'Signs and symbols',
for just £25.
This new pack which contains over 300 high detail clips is available in CGM, EPS, ProDraw and DR2D (great for DrawStudiol, only from artworks. Contact them on 01469 588138 or email to: artworksuk@aol.com. CHEAPEST AMIGA CD-ROM EVER Amiga Format just saves you more and more money! In an offer in conjunction with Sadeness Software, you can now buy their Utilities Experience CD (reviewed this issue - 92%) for just £2.99!
That’s right, only £2.99 plus the usual charges for postage and packing. Not only that, but the excellent AGA Experience Vol 8 is now only £9.95 and Women of the Web is just £19.95. Call them right now on 01263 722169 Direct Software are moving into hardware in a big way. The software guys who say they can get hold of anything, have announced that they will soon be launching what they have somewhat confusingly called a “Power Amiga". This machine doesn't use a PowerPC processor (yet), but is, in every other way, a power user’s dream. It’s based around an AGA machine with an '060 processor and
graphics card, all in a custom-built tower case. Best of all, Direct say they will take your existing Amiga and turn it into a Power Amiga so you don’t have to buy a completely new machine.
We don’t have a price at the moment, but Direct assure us it will set a new precedent. The Mkl Power Amiga will be launched at the World of Amiga show on the 17th May. If you can’t be there, call Direct on 01604 722499 for further details.
Upgrade your machine to a new Power Amiga with the help of Direct Software.
New Amigas from... anyone ordering NetConnect and quoting 'Amiga Format Net( Connect Discount’.
We will have a full review of NetConnect in next month’s Amiga Format, but for details right now, contact Active Software on 01325 352260 or email them at acdve(S enterprise.net. Flat caps and transfer nl.inc PD’s monster modem bundle just got cheaper. The Format Gold-winning Dynamode modems (92% AF96) have been reduced in price to make them even better value - and you still get a 33 disk Internet and comms software set, worth £35, with any of them. The 33.6k modem has been reduced by £20 to just £109.99 and although the price for the 28.8k model hasn't changed, the 14.4 has also been reduced
to £69.99 from £79.99 - an ideal and cheap introduction to comms. If you want to use these modems for faxing, for an extra £40, you can have GPFax, which normally retails at £49.95. For further details you can contact Online PL) on 01704 834335 or 01704 834583.
Power turn up the turbo Power Computing, the company that offered the Amiga's first sub-£100 68030 accelerator with FPU and memory, are now offering the brand new Apollo Turbo 33 card for the A1200. This board comes fitted with a 33MHz CPU and FPU and has an 8Mb SIMM pre-fitted. The card comes with a battery backed clock, is compatible with the PCMCIA slot and can have its memory expanded to 32Mb. Best of all the price for this card with 8Mb fitted is just £139.95 and it is only available through Power Computing. Call them now on 01234 851500.
Get Online chMnov O HiSoft have just announced the forthcoming availability of their new product - The Whippet. Faster than a greased greyhound, the Whippet is a fully buffered external serial port for the A1200, capable of transferring data at speeds up to 400% faster than the built-in serial port. The Whippet plugs into the PCMCIA port and will work with any comms software that offers a choice of serial port destination. Transfer rates of up to 230 kbps are easily possible and an industry standard nine-pin connector is offered along with a more traditional 9 to 25-way adaptor. The Whippet
will retail at £49.95. Call HiSoft on freephone 0500 223 660.
Netconnect finally launched By the time you read this. Active Software will have released its long- awaited NetCtmnecl CD-ROM. With fully registered versions of AmiTCP 4.5 dialup, VoyagerNG, AmFFP; AtnlRC, MirmDot II and an easy install script for over 80 ISPs worldwide, NetCtmnecl looks set to make getting online as easy as saying "dialup connection".
As a special offer for Amiga Format readers, Active Software have kindly offered to give a £10 discount for everything is accessible from a menu running down the left hand side of the page. The graphics are small, but pleasant, and there are some really good things here, like a listing of cabinet ministers, biographies of top Mps and so on.
There is even a comedy section, with some amusing (and some tedious) political anecdotes. If you are wondering wether there is anything bad about this site, well, there is the manifesto... The NEW COMMUNIST PARTY of Britain starts off well www.geocities.com CapitolHill 28 53 homepage.htm , with a striking logo, but soon degenerates into huge tracts of text, which for some reason all seems to be centred.
The site of the nations “most Wired” party, the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS www.libdems.org.uk initially appears similar to that of the Tory party. Its simple graphical icons don't strain your bandwidth, and make the various parts of the site easy to find. Even the policy pages have an intelligent search engine which allow you to pick out the things you are interested it. The Lib-Dems don't have an amusing anecdote page, but they do have an amusing game, where you can help Paddy Ashdown run his campaign, sending Mps to marginal constituencies. The winner will win a night out with the real Paddy!
If you like the idea of an election game, you could do no better than to check out the FANTASY POLITICS GAME www.election- uk.com game.shtml and choose your own fantasy cabinet from a list of real Mps and celebrities. If the idea of having Prince Philip as Foreign Secretary, the Spice Girls as ministers for employment and Tiffany from EastEnders as Heritage Secretary appeals, then go for it.
Back to the serious stuff though. Er, the GREEN PARTY www.gn.apc.org . Apparently, this is in fact the Green Party of England and Wales. So if you live in Scotland or Ireland, apparently they don't care. Maybe those places are green enough already.
Although these pages have plenty on how to join the Manchester Airport protest, they are lacking in some ingredients - like a manifesto. They do have over 60 candidates standing though, and contact details.
If this is all too much, I strongly recommend a trip to the NATURAL LAW PARTY pages www.natural-law-party.org.uk , whose "scientifically proven" solutions to the problems the nation faces will be solved by "establishing permanent groups of experts practising Aharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme, including the technique of Yogic Flying."
Finally, you could try the good old Beeb www.bbc.co.uk election97 frames et.htm , which also has a good list of Political party homepages (except for Sinn Fein, whose site doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Shame) or the less sombre Yahoo Compuserve site www.ge97.co.uk where you can always have a dummy run on Yahoo's special UK voting booth.
Remember, with Feudalism, it was your Count that voted.
LH Publishing is expanding its product line. The publisher of DrawStudio want UK Amiga users to have better access to many software packages currently not available in this country. The new product list is quite varied, including disk tools like DiskSalv 4 from Dave Haynie to PageStream 3, Soft-Logik's killer desktop publishing application.
Many of the core products now on LH Publishing's sales list are publishing orientated.
PageStream 3 is at the top of the tree priced at £125. Those looking for a cheaper package might like PageStream 2SE, now costing only £25. TypeSmith 2.5. is also being imported from Soft-Logik.
LH showing its support for Amiga products running Amiga fanzine, AmigaEm. For further details LH Publishing can be contacted at 13 Gairloch Ave Bletchley • MK2 3DH Tel:+44(0) 1908 370 230 Fax: +44 (0) 1908 640 371 email: larry@em.powernet.co.uk NEW FROM IAM IAM, otherwise known as Intangible Assets Manufacturing, may not be that well known in the UK, but many of their products are legendary.
DiskSalv 4 (£19.99), is a tool that can be used for backing up as well as correcting disk validation
* 11M Scan Select a pattern for filtering of the disk scan.
DiskSalv 4 - for just 20 quid it may prove indispensable.
Errors, undeleting files and so on. Just as famous is the video, the Deathbed Vigil, documenting the last day at Commodore. This is now available from LH Publishing for only £12.99 in PAL VHS.
In addition to these new products, LH Publishing also distribute Professional Page 4 and DrawStudio.
In an extra gesture of goodwill LH Publishing have announced that anyone ordering goods worth £20 or more will receive a free copy of their long DiskSalv 74 Copyright © 1991-1996 by Dave haynie- DCC, the Danish Group of Computerfreaks, is having a party. Not like one that you or I might host with a few friends some music and (probably) boooooze, but one on a grander scale. They are hoping for an attendance of around 600 people for their first event between the ‘29th June and 6th July this year.
The event is to take place in Copenhagen and will involve coding competitions throughout the week with prizes being offered and also a chance to meet coders from all over Europe.
There will be networking available and discos, showrooms, kiosks and cafeteria for those bodily needs.
Sleeping arrangements aren't mentioned in the press release that Amiga Formal received but usually involve dormitory arrangements and large rooms for groups of ten people.
Best of all, TcP (The Copenhagen Party) only costs 350DKR (The Kroner is valued at about 10 to the pound, so only 35 quid!) For entry and sleepover.
Tickets can be booked through the British Travel Centre on 0171 839 3952 (there is a booking fee of 45DKR) or directly through the organisers on 0045 44 92 93 77.
By now you'll have ripped the Cds off your copy of Amiga Formal and been playing with them for a bit. But the fun’s only begun. Digital Candy, the makers of the Scene Storm CD are very kindly offering the chance for Amiga Format readers to receive three months worth of free downloads from its widely- acclaimed BBS - something that normally costs £15. Just send off the attached coupon and then get your modem out and call the Digital Candy BBS on 01889 579
You will receive access to the demo scene’s most popular bulletin board and get free email access, 14 online CD- ROMs and multiline access at speeds up to 33.6k. Cut out and post to: Digital Candy • 35 Fernwood Drive Rugeley • Staffordshire • WS15 2PX Your name: Your address: Postcode: Telephone: In conjunction with our Coverdisk version of the original Scala program, Scala are offering a copy of their latest version MM400 and five copies of the low-end version Hi'100 to the lucky winners of the following competition: All entries should be sent to: Free Scala Competition • Scala UK LTD • Mill
Studios • Crane Mead Ware • Hertfordshire • SC 12 9PY The draw will take place on July 1st and winners will be notified by post and in the pages of Amiga Format.
So here goes.... Ql. What does Scala mean:
A. The best multimedia package this side of Alpha Centuri
B. An Opera house in Italy
C. "Ladder" in Latin Q2. What is the maximum number of pages
supported in Scala MM400?
A. 100
B. 1000
C. Unlimited Q3. What does the “MM” stand for in MM400 If you
don’t feel lucky and want to upgrade to a full copy of Scala
anyway, Scala are offering very attractive upgrade prices from
the Coverdisk version. MM400 costs just £99 and if you just
fancy IFF100, you can get that for only £19.99. EASY ACCESS
FROM M62, Ml and Al comvtb - aaa a
TM62 M62I ARMLEY (rjrn Mr’test jo--. M i From tilt Ml follow
ugnt onto Mi21. Take Ail} EILnd Rtf turnoff from Mt21. Follow
ugnt for Alt This merges with the Armley gyratory fog MilWtK
)unction 22. Ai2 to Atmley gyratory, from ffxAl take the
turnoff for Ail merges with the ASS (bypassing town centre)
which meets Arm ley gyratory.
|E-Mail: sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk WEB: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk FAX:0113 231 -9191 BBS:0113 231 -1422 COMPUTER CENTRE LOW COST DELIVERY
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99
• Next Week Day £5.99 r~.
• Saturday Delivery £15.00 I ti Delivery subject to stock
Plrur allow S working day* (or I cheque clearance. Price* are
¦»¦; jr- ¦ correct at the time of going to j A pre**. Please
check our latest M mm SmMS’ fc. FcJ prices before ordering. All
sales are suhji-et to our standard terms | Master B [ ¦ C
&conditionv )y available upon j SWITCH IM RAM Expansion CD
ROM Drives Squirrel I face 17" Monitor £399.99 Inc I St Starter
• A1200 dust cover
• 10 xDSDD disks + labels
• Top quality joystick Only
• Deluxe mouse matA I Q Qf
• 3 x A1200 games £. I TtfJ Heavy Duty PSU 200watt £69.99
MagicPack Includes, Wordworth V4SE, Datastore. Organiser,
Turtsocalc 3.S. Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenic* 1.2SE, Pinball
Mania & Whizz.
Monitor £279.99 Includes Speakers Software Specials
• Vista Pro Lite full ver. £9.99
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• Blitz Basic 2.1 £19.99
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Accelerator Cards Blizzard 1230-50 £159.99 Blizzard 1260-50 £479.99 (New!! 200Mhz Card...Call) Ultra CD ROM Drive: Ultra 6 Speed IDE £189.9 Ultra Drive Kit £119.99 Amiga T echnologies SCSI CD ROM . New Price!
Squirrel scsi-n lnterface*£45.00
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JUJJ A Surf Squirrel SCSI-II Interface
• When bought with any modem or SCSI device £99.95 if bought
separate Octagon GVP SCSI Card £99.99 SCSI4I interface card for
bigbox Amiga'. AfOOO'ZOOf) etc. Internal SCSI CD ROM drives
Sanyo CRD254V,4Speed £89.99 Panasonic 506B*8Sperd £129.99
Toshiba 5701 «i2Speed £149.99, Him SCSI Enclosures Single
Case£69.99 Dual Case£l 19.99 Mini Tower Case £37.99 Desktop
Case £45.99 FulltowerCase_£77.99_ Hard Drives Monitors Disk
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI
1. 2Gig...£ 159.99 540Mb......£151.99 1,6Gig...£ 166.99
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2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions &? Seagate rnjrrsu
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Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data Modem.
Ibrowse Web Browser £24.99 Net & Web £29.99 Net & Web 2 £59.99 Pro MIDI Interface £19.99 Technosound Turbo 2 £29.99 Megalosound (Sampler) £27.99 Aura 8 16 £29.99 £74.99 Final Writer 5 £72.99 Final Writer Lite £39.99 Wordworth 6.0 Office £49.99 Mini Office (All Amigas) £39.99 Blitz BasicV2.1 £29.99 V34+ Fax Modem PRIMA Amazing Price Performance
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Only..£89.99 Complete with cables & Amiga N-comm Software Bargains V32Bis 14,400 Fax Modem £49.99 V22Bis 2400 9600 Modem £24.99 Amiga SurfWare bundle when purchased with any Modem only-LV.y9 Modem Accessories Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M.£6.99 10M.£8.99 I5M.£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor £6.99 Miscellaneous The Prima ATOM Heavy Duty PSU £69.99
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PRIMA (Ml Pro-GRAB Only...£ 129.99 24 R TPCMCIA,idaptor'£39.99 Power Scan v4. £89.99 256g scale on AGA Amigas. 64 g scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.99 24 bit colour scanner. 16.7 million colours We also carry a wide range of cables & adaptors , in stock Call f Delivery £1.50 per
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Disk labels x500 £6.'
Disk labels x 1000 £9.* THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT 'The Amiga is a never ending source of interest and fun."
ML Mullins, Middlesex Back in the hazy days of summer, we invited all our readers to take part in the Amiga Format reader survey.
The response was huge and here, at last, are the results... Real Power!
The fact that so many of you took the time to fill out the survey form really goes to show how keen and dedicated you all are. We had literally thousands of returned questionnaires and it has been a considerable task collating all the information. But we can now reveal just what systems you own, what you use your Amigas for, what you really think of A 'and who the Amiga Format reader really is. Read on... We were really pleased to see how many of you had upgraded and added a variety of peripherals. This shows just how committed to the Amiga you are and upgrading is the only way forward if you
are really serious about your machine.
Nearly 84% of our readers own an A1200 This was no surprise to us - although we do still do our best to cater for the 14% of you who still use an A500.
89% of you are using WB3 or above This is really excellent news. Other owners should consider upgrading as soon as they can.
A third of our readers have an A1200 with a 68030 accelerator And I'm sure none of them would ever go back to life without it.
The average AF reader has 6Mb of memory And 33% have 8Mb or more!
87% of readers have a hard drive If you are one of the 13% that don't it is something you should strongly consider.
Almost half of you have some form of CD drive It is really heartening to see how many of you have monitors, printers and second floppy drives.
71% of our readers use their machines for games As we suspected, many of you like to have the occasional game on your old pal. Nearly two-thirds of you perform some sort of word- processing activity, and a third are well into 3D graphics. A healthy 20% use theirs for video work, matched by an equal number who run business software.
Games 71% Word processing 64% 3D graphics 36% DTP 33% Music 30% YOU'VE GOT IT ALL!
Already Own Intend to buy Second floppy drive 76% 6% HD floppy drive 18% 16% Mono printer 36%
0. 5% Colour printer 51% 11% Modem (14.4K+) 21% 18% Modem ( 9600)
1% 3% Sound sampler 34% 10% Digitiser 15% 17% Monitor 51% 22%
'After having used IVIacs and IBMs, I can safely say the Amiga
is far superior."
Rick Martin, Ohio, USA Your favourite mag "A friendly and enjoyable read."
D. Hardoland, Scotland TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT... Amusing features
More... Reviews (56%) Features (53%) Workbench (44%) Your
opinions of Amiga Format are really encouraging. Nearly half
of you buy the magazine every month and a similar number read
the mag right through from cover to cover.
You can be sure that we’ll be taking on board your other comments.
A quarter of you found AF a litde too technical at times so we’re introducing a feature concentrating on the basics very soon.
47% claimed to buy every issue In fact only 17% claimed to buy this great tome only rarely or occasionally.
56% claim to buy the magazine on the strength of the interesting features Nearly half also say that the Coverdisk plays a major part in a buying decision, so it is lucky we have some rather excellent disks. Sadly for the arties, only 4% reckon an interesting cover makes them buy.
Issue 84 (May 1996) carried the most popular cover A Zardoz inspired Lightwave rendering.
A close runner up was issue 88's (September
1996) giant question mark. Are we beginning to see a trend?
45% reckon they read every single word A further 46% reckon they read almost all the mag and nobody admitted to reading less than half.
Your comments have been noted.
Just Right 51% A bit techie 24% Less... GameBusters topped the poll with 26%.
But 31% of people wanted more, so it must be about right. Amiga.net and the Real 3D tutorial followed close behind, but again with similar percentages demanding more.
Full Commercial Software 34% Intelligent views The chart above shows what you want to see on the disks with a pretty even ratio of demos, software and Shareware.
The chart says it all. We aim to be accessible to everyone.
E know that you are dedicated and committed but what do you use your machine for and what do you do with yourselves when you are not glued to your Amiga?
W I'd just like to take this opportunity to say hello to the other .5%. We haven't forgotten you.
46% in fact - so it's just as well Amiga Format is such great value for money.
23% are professional and 15% are skilled labour.
The majority of these were students, typically using the Amiga for word processing and spreadsheet type activities, but also for preparing reports and whatnot. Well done.
F winner; lhe'rthVoTloft areiS' £200 dwick fromHe W "I love my A1200 and will stick with it."
A. Serrano Jordan, Spain AND THE REST... We also asked you a
whole bunch of questions about new Amigas and Viscorp, some of
which have become irrelevant in the interim period.
However you thought:
• Having a hard drive as standard and better functionality was
most important.
• You would pay between £500 and £750 for an improved machine.
• 33% of you also thought that Ocean should release TFX, as you
want to play it NOW!
GET CONNECTED The Internet is the buzz word of the nineties and if you want to keep up it's time to get online. Ben Vost has all the information you need to get you connected... Share a fag with her virtual Majesty on the official Royal Family web site. The address is: hTte W¥OfLroyiLooY.uh IS ..... _ 2 'satm. H A ¦ ¦¦ II ar II H BI- ~ I The Internet has changed immeasurably since most people heard of it in the early '90s. In those days, if you wanted to get online, you had little choice in ISP, you had little choice in software provided and you had little to do once you were actually
Fortunately, everything has changed since then. Nowadays it's probably easier to get online than it is to reformat your hard drive - and we know you do a lot of that. Not only is it easier to gel online, but there's also more to do there once you get to "cyberspace the information superhighway”. For a start, anyone online in 1992 would have looked very oddly at you if you were to mention the web, robots or Java: they'd probably think you were discussing some sort of artificial arachnid with a caffeine problem. It's still true that Amiga owners will look oddly at you if you mention Java, but
all that is set to change this year with at least three projects devoted to porting the cross- platform language to the Amiga.
The Internet as we know it today is actually the outgrowth of a top secret military project started at the height of the Cold War. It was assumed that nuclear weapons would be flying around and the most important thing was to keep communication channels open. The origin of the Internet was a network called ARPAnet which was designed to support military research. The idea was to link this network with others that the military ran, but in such a way that if part of the combined networks was blown up, messages to and from other parts of the networks would still get through.
Previously, computer networks operated in a very rigid manner which meant that if one machine in the network was lost so was the whole network. TCP IP was born.
TCP IP works on the basis that the network it is being run on is definitely unreliable. It gets around that fact by enclosing each packet of information that is sent in an "envelope". Each computer in the network can read the address information contained in the envelope and then pass the packets on in the best way possible.
In this respect the Internet really does work like a huge post office system, where mail will get sent by rail or road or plane, depending on what is available, and then passed to individual carriers to deliver. As long as the envelope is properly addressed, the mail will get through no matter what, even if it takes a while.
With this kind of power, it is no wonder that big companies, institutions and universities all clamoured to connect up to the AMFTP.l * connected with "AmiNet Wu Archive US A" wuarchixm.wustl.edu S 1 £?
svstems amiaa aminet util arc Local: U-ar GETTING ONLINE WITH NET&WEB2 Hi Soft 0500 223 660 Cost: £169 with 33.6k modem, other options available.
BrainkillekJgF Disk .info Grab .009 Grab .009 .i Net&Web2 consists of Ibrowse 1.1, the excellent First Steps: Surfin' book and Termite TCP. It's a very nice package that gives you the tools you need to get online and deal with mail, FTP, the Web and even Telnet. While TTCP isn't quite as user-friendly as Miami, it doesn't use MUI and is still very easy to set up. The installation process shown here took about two minutes without the calls to the ISP.
Connect... |ii iliil!
ISP is using. This will almost certainly be the default
255. 255.255.0 14 files [ o], 1 Disconr Once you've installed
Termite TCP, load it up and you are presented with this
window. Before you fiddle around, it's a good idea to call
up your ISP and ask them for a few details.
For Termite TCP to work you'll need to get a DNS IP address (DNS stands for Domain Name Server and it's a computer that translates all those icky 123.456.34.234 numbers into proper words. Of course, you need to type in an IP address like this to get to a DNS server in the first place!). You'll also want to check what Netmask your that Termite uses, but it's worth checking.
Lastly, you'll need to check out your modem settings. You can usually get away with just having ATZ or AT&F for the modem initialisation script, but TTCP doesn't have any modem lists like Miami to fine tune your modem. (Having said that, the Enterprise modem shipped with Net&Web2 doesn't appear on Miami's list either - it still seems to work with the settings for the Speedcom modem however.). ®This is where you'll enter those modem settings and the phone number for your ISP. If you are using a Surf Squirrel or a Multiface card, you'll want to enter the appropriate device in the serial device
box (unit numbers 200 Typo- so* to fl.
150 Opening fiSCII mode data connection for bin Is.
AMIGA FC IGV Received 20425 bytes in 00:00=24.,92.; 819 byte s = T- 1 0.1 no 11 XI Mar it i« 1) torn Ain ittt nt Ain itss tamr Aug ir im I0t4 Aug 17 If" BrsrveerWO 628 CwfcJnfO 1848 040 008 188880 Gr«0.008rib 1428 (ED ? ?
I 4 It «ti » iortO Jar it itw » Mr it itW i tts Rm6 nn*7Ton5B5TR«r expanding ARPAnet over the course of the seventies and eighties.
At the present moment in time it is very difficult to even estimate how many computers are connected to the internet but there are figures that suggest that the number is in the region of 50,000,000 and growing all the time.
Amilp I H00»8rwn»KJwwiwtea hr »;¦ AMIGA* Esasaasr-*- 7pei7 *i« 7X0*7 r arm «bft*40J* KfdltO'Mtra All.** |«W6UJr.[4l lifclfc!
EDEJ0 E=ZZ All i alt* AttLKat* AULhar AmySTPilat* AmySTPita arct* arcraadna EASY ACCESS So just how easy can it be to get online with the Amiga? In the bad old days, when the favoured TCP IP stack for the Amiga was called KA9Q or AmigaNOS, it was best if you had a helping hand to ease you into it, and even then you needed to be proficient in Shell use to be able to do much. The only net programs were ports of hoary old Unix greats like Elm. And Tin and there were no web browsers.
Now, in the brand new sparkly late nineties, you have a much wider choice.
There is just one limitation - MUI.
Nearly all net programs use MUI to create their interfaces and although there are non-MUI programs for FTP, IRC and the Web, they tend not to be as good as their MUI-based counterparts.
Although I’ve put this forward as a limitation, all it really means is that you'll need a decent Amiga so that MUI doesn't drag your machine's performance down. A decent machine in this instance would be a minimum of an Amiga 1200 with a hard drive and some fast RAM - not too taxing, eh?
HELPING HANDS Once you’re online (and you can take a look at our handy guides for getting online with the three main contenders), what can you do? It all seems so overwhelming when you first start and a lot of people lend to look down their noses at beginners, probably because they had to go through the same derision when they first started. Never mind this vocal minority and just be polite and explain that you are a “newbie" and you’ll find plenty of people willing to step forward to give you a hand, especially Amiga net people who seem particularly helpful.
There have already been plenty of guides to being polite online and I'm sure that you can search through that Domain Name Server. Translates numeric Internet addresses (like
158. 152.23.5) into more human- friendly text addresses (like
subway.demon.co.uk). Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a great way
of bumping up your phone bills. It's a text-only chat system
where you type to people across the world.
Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions. An easy and standard way of attaching files to your emails, which, traditionally, are only plain text.
Frequently Asked Questions (list). Before asking a question of someone on the net it's best to check that it hasn't been asked (and answered) many times before.
HyperText Markup Language.
The scripting language that is used to lay out web pages.
Virtual Point of Presence, a phone number you can dial (usually local rate) to connect you to your ISP.
Point-to-Point Protocol. The way your machine communicates with your ISP's machine.
Universal Resource Locator. The way web (and sometimes FTP) addresses are presented.
Ta Ta For Now.
(I think this one is fairly self- explanatory.)
Internet Service Provider.
File Transfer Protocol.
The system you use to get files.
Modem INIT Command I atilt HP Phone Number |90*4S07*S*M Serial Device Name [torlcd. Device Baud ci SS40O
I. ___i- -.i-i__ ¦ iwnlllMIAiy Cl RT* CT1 More Options U“ 1
Cancel 1 become available if you hit the "More Options"
button). The only reason that a 9 appears in our phone number
is so I can get past the Future switchboard - you don't need
® Remember those DNS and Netmask numbers I asked you to get. Well, now you enter them in these boxes.
A lot of ISPs use more than one DNS server and you can add an alternative DNS Name Server (DNS) S Addreee
194. 42.224.I30 Network Mark 2SS.2tt.2UO Default Domain
rmttomuk.co.uk Irnod Addreet More Options | ..... 1 Cancel
gives you a user@isp.co.uk type address, your default domain
will be isp.co.uk. If on the other hand you have a
user@hostname.isp.co.uk type address, you will still need to
use isp.co.uk here. Lastly, fill in your email address as
given you by your ISP.
, Once you've entered all the pertinent details, you should choose the "Record Login Script..." function and 7TCPwill link up to your ISP and wait for you to enter things like your login name and password.
Once you see a message saying "PPP initialisation complete" (or something similar) you can disconnect. The Login script window shown will then appear and you can check the details for yourself. If they're all OK, you can hit the Use button and save your settings.
You've just completely set up Termite TCP for use on the net.
£L £L SL Dc-loto Batch M Receive Binary 200 Type sot to A. anrfftp AMIGA® 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection Tor bin Is.
Readng f3e fat_ Received 20425 bytes in 00=00:24,02; 319 byte s Wirenet £14 Only available Yes - 5Mb unlimited 01925 496482 http www.personal.u-net.com ~wirenet as a yearly sub for £115 enormous pile of Amiga Format back issues or read through the First Steps Amiga Surfin' book you got with your Net&’Web 2 bundle for more information, but the main points are as follows: @ Always check to see if there is a FAQ (Frequendy Asked Questions list).
@ NEVER USE UPPER CASE FOR TYPING EMAIL OR NEWS, it’s rude and looks like you’re shouting.
@ If you use a signature on your emails, make sure it is four lines or less in length.
Likewise, if you’re looking for a guide to HTML, then reference any of the many tutorials we have run in Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper in the past, get hold of a book, or take note of the splendid tutorial that Mike Smith gives on our AFCI).
IT'S GOOD TO TALK We talk about the net a lot in Amiga Format. For the same reason that people talked about the telephone in the 1920s, or invited their friends in to look at their new TV set in the fifties.
It’s exciting to be able to communicate with people on the other side of the world while sitting at your desk at home. It’s good to have the power to publish and say exacdy what you want, and to find people who agree with you (or not, the arguments can be as interesting as the praise) and it’s good to escape the “corporate” attitude of commercial considerations in the mainstream media. OK, you might not want to download every single new bit of software going, you might find 90 per cent of the websites out there tedious in the extreme (and a lot of them are), but it’s all made worthwhile by
those sites that you'll end up going back to time and time again and by the fact that if there is software that you want you can get it immediately (and even talk to the author if you don’t understand something).
Get online, in this age of technology it’s something you can’t afford not to do. 'Fj If you go online you can even have a go at creating a web page of your own... GETTING ONLINE WITH MIAMI m iLo«i: rad loads of it but don't worry) which will mean you will be using an 0345 or 0845-type number.
Brainkiller Disk .info Grab .003 Grab .003. 14 filos [0], 1 Discom AFCD13:- ¦n_themag- lnter net Mia mi 20 g Aminet: comm tcp miami2 Og.lha Cost: $ 35 from Holger Kruse Miami is, without doubt the nicest bit of software for connecting to the net that I have ever seen on any platform. It is so easy to get to grips with, this step-by-step guide is almost redundant but then you wouldn't believe me - you need to see it for yourself. First things first though - if you want Miami to work you'll need a recent version of MUI already installed on your system.
®Once you’ve sorted out your net account with your ISP, plugged in your modem and installed Miami, you should run Miamilnit. It brings up this pleasant welcome window. Notice the Continue and Back buttons.
These let you change your mind at ® Unless you have a MultiFace or I O Extender card in your machine, or you're using a Surf Squirrel, the default settings shown will be enough. If you're not sure what serial device your modem is plugged into, you can select devices through the gadget and try different numbers for the unit starting at 0.
Every step through the setup process, a nice touch.
®Next you need to setup your modem. The only problem comes if you don't see it in the comprehensive list on the left-hand side of the window.
Even if you don't see it it's worth looking for a related modem, maybe one made by the same manufacturer will be listed. As a last resort you might need to resort to typing in the appropriate AT commands, but it's unlikely this will happen.
®This bit's easy too.
All you need type here is the telephone number you've been given by your Internet Service Provider. These days, it seems that most are using VpoPs (ha!
More jargon! There's £00 Typo *ot to 0.
150 Oponinq RSCII modo data connoction for bin Is.
V xfingfikSst- AMIGA AMIGA?
Rocoivod 20425 bytos in 00:00=24.92.; 019 by to 5 WHAT CAN I DO ONCE I'M ONLINE?
EMAIL Probably the most important online service is email. At Amiga Format we use it every day, receiving as many as 50 mails a day both from within Future and from the Internet at large.
Email is cheaper than sending a letter, talking on the phone or sending a fax and can carry a lot more information including programs, pictures or sounds.
You can find some of the mail packages we recommend on the CD. Elm is a traditional Unix mail package port that is somewhat difficult and old-fashioned, but very powerful, while YAM and Metatool are modern MUI-based programs with all sorts of nifty features. It's worth your while to try as many as possible before settling on one exclusively, just so you can find what features you particularly want.
NEWS The Amiga isn't doing as well for newsreaders as it is for email packages at the moment.
There is Tin, but like Elm it's a bit of a bugger to install and get running. You might be better off with a combined mail news reader like Thor or the forthcoming MicroDot II from Olli Wagner, author of Voyager.
Just as this piece was being laid out a new contender was uploaded to Aminet called FFNews. This is a MUI newsreader that look like it's going to be very popular since it’s easy to configure, fully featured and very powerful with handy things like kill files and filtering for those annoying "MAKE MONEY FAST!" Articles.
FTP On the other hand, the Amiga has the best FTP client for any platform in AmFTP, by Matthias Mischler. Since AmFTP is a MUI program it looks good and is very easy to set up. At the time of writing this article there are plenty of other FTP clients to choose from, but none of them are worth a second look when compared with AmFTP.
Aminet's ADT server is unique among file libraries.
It gives you an interface which shows the files that were uploaded the previous day, so you don't have to pick through all the directories.
WEB There are three choices for browsing the web on the Amiga at the moment - Ibrowse, Voyager and Aweb. A Web's sole "advantage" over the other two is that it shuns MUI like a rabid dog shuns water. The latest version does handle a lot of HTML tags and also has frames support which extends to asking the user which frame they would like to view.
Voyager is another good choice. For a lot of things it is a fine browser, but the current release doesn't yet support as many tags as it should and sometimes tables and other tags are formatted oddly. However, its preferences editor is well laid out and easy to understand and find things in, an attribute that would be well emulated by other browser authors.
Finally, the cream of the crop, reviewed elsewhere on these pages - Ibrowse. Its frames support and speed of use mean that it is the best web browser for use on the Amiga at time of writing. Given the speed of change on the Internet chances are only fair that it still will be by the time you read this!
IRC AND TELNET Although there is less and less call for Telnet as a service on the Internet thanks to the Web and dedicated IRC and MUD clients, it's still a handy thing to have. Fortunately, most TCP IP packages come with some sort of Telnet client built-in as part of the installation. IRC again provides Amiga owners with an opportunity to outshine other platforms in the shape of AmlRC, another Olli Wagner production.
ST Jec xkreimto some formation about your Internet provider: of IP address. Many providers assigi dynamic IP to their customers. I*, you get a different address each time you log in. In this case select 'dynamic'. If your Internet provider has assigned a fixed, dedfcated IP address to vmr Amkja select 'statin' and enter the IP address n the oadoet IP address loginoame |name password I password Use login dialog [77] Back Paren Re-fresh MakeDir the login name manually directly Shew Th Mr of HMOim a Mgrac**, l« you can type n twd at ar* Ilyax Internet yorktr raqjrw aft**** formationottm rrcrd.
Ken typo » Rename
• fliatar rocrpcr ate own tto the At ktw of* button* Delete Tt**:
CU the current phene nrrtor Xmmr. CM (he next ptore rarter W
H*nw th8M* Batch ? C Receive Binary Now we're getting
technical! For most ISPs these days, you'll be able to leave
your IP address as dynamic. If it's fixed, your ISP will have
given you a number when you signed up. The number will look
something like this:
123. 345.244.12. If that's the case, click on Static and enter
that number in the top box on the right. For protocol, it's
unlikely that you won't be using PPP and your ISP will tell
you if that's the case. All you will usually need to fill in
are the login name and password boxes. You will have been
given a hostname (which will be your login name) and chosen
a password when you talked to your ISP.
Contbue Prvivt-J (3 ppp _j sup caip 6- (5 dynamic _| static _JSHrp ) TIA This is the bit where Miamilnit checks what you've input. It takes your data and uses it to ring up your ISP.
The only interaction required of you is to click on the buttons labelled "Send Login ID" and "Send Password" and that will almost certainly be all. For some reason Netcom don't use a standard format for logging in so you’ll need to preface your login ID with "uk,ppp," and then type Nearly there now.
This window will appear once the dialler has done its stuff. All you need do here is type in the real name you want to use on the net and check which options you want output. If you don't have a printer attached to your machine, make sure you uncheck the printer output at the bottom after that. Don't worry, you don't have to do this every time you want to get online. Part of the reason that Miamilnit rings up your ISP is to train the dialler script for your requirements.
Once Miamilnit has successfully connected with your ISP, it will hang up and move on to the next bit.
Pimm ante* yar "V* name (a g. ‘Joe Srrrti') end your u»«r name on you- A r*9a e.8 ymtfOki the belov The tuerneme you etooee can be afferent Iren the login* you S |P«XOIR Machlrrl ccrihy lul S | |PftXDIRMamir*1)og lul HI*' IUI |6enVo»t User cun* |oente»l Last stop. You can now load up the proper Miami program itself and load your Miamilnit settings through the menu option shown.
Although the whole setup of Miami should take you less than five minutes, this doesn't mean that Miami is in any way lacking.
There are a lot of options that you might never look at but if you ever decide to set up FTP or HTTP servers it's good to know that Miami is as fully-featured as it is easy to use.
Otherwise you'll be waiting for ages while the Amiga goes off to try and find that non-existent inkjet. Other than that don't change anything.
200 Type set to A. anryftp MVIIQA® 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for bin is.
RmSng tic Est_ Received 20425 bytes in 00:00:24,92; ©19 byte s Ibrowse 1.1 There were a fair few raised when this program first arrived but what do we think now? Ben Vost has the answers... SPEED DAEMON When Ibrowse was first announced back in the middle of 1995 we all chuckled at the name and waited for something usable to appear. Ibrowse is now the most feature-laden of all Amiga browsers and still manages to cruise the web at a very respectable speed, notwithstanding its Even with the fact that Ibrowse uses MUI for its interface, which makes it less suitable for bottom of the range Amigas
than, say, Aweb, it is still remarkably fast even for frame- based sites. Unfortunately for Amigas that have to rely on chip RAM for image viewing (i.e. those without graphics cards), this quite often means that a page with lots of pictures will lose them when you go to a different page and then return.
Still, loading the images again from the cache is faster than having to download them again.
MUI interface.
V MUI The most impressive new feature and the one that Amiga browsers have been lacking to date is the addition of frame support. Now, not everyone likes frames, rightly pointing out that they make a web site slower and more awkward to navigate, but it remains that without frames support (which you can turn off if you like), there are a great many websites to which an Amiga owner has no access.
SMALL IS GOOD Ibrowse now also includes support for some client pull commands including cmeta http-equiv=refresh for those title pages that have no buttons on them but which automatically send you onto the next page. These are big and obvious features. Where I Browse has really improved is in the smaller things that really matter. For instance, the internal dithering of images on a palette-based screen is a great improvement, meaning that AGA surfers need no longer run on a memory- hogging and slow 256-colour screen - a 64-colour one is much faster and not half bad looking.
This dithering only works on images that are decoded internally, GIF and JPEG, so your PNG images will still be banded with colour unless you are running on a 24-bit screen. But that’s not all. The way URLs now work is much improved and you can actually drag 'n' drop links directly off the web page into your hotlist, across to another browser window or into a fastlink button definition. It would be nice if these URLs could also be dumped into Ibrmnse's internal Mailer, but then you always have the option of copying a URL to the clipboard.
LOOKING FORWARD This version of Ibrowse is an interim free upgrade. Even though it offers pretty major features such as frames, it is only a step towards Ibrowse v2 which will, it is hoped, include support for things such as secure socket layers (for safely giving confidential info over the web) and even JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the main internal benefits that browsers on other platforms have and its inclusion can only help the Amiga as a surfing platform. Version 2 of Ibrowse will also, hopefully, take more leaves out of NetScape's book by adding internal mail and news services (but
leaving out the section that says the program needs to be nearly 10Mb in size).
In short, Ibrowse is, without doubt, the premier web browsing application for the Amiga. Others are trying to catch up, but they all fall a fair way behind the ease of use and features that Ibrowse currently offers. 'S DISTRIBUTOR: HiSoft 0500 223660 PRICE: £29.95 but look out for Net&Web and other bundles. Upgrade: Free of charge on http: www.hisoft.co.uk REQUIREMENTS: MUI, 2Mb chip and a hard drive.
SPEED: About as fast as a MUI browser can be.
ACCESSIBILITY: Nothing to it.
FEATURES: Frames is the biggest new addition.
VALUE: Can't be beaten.
OVERALL VERDICT: I'm so looking forward to version 2.
Connected with "AmiNet WuArchive USA." (wuarchive.wustl.edu) GETTING ONLINE WITH NETCONNECT At the end of the installation process you'll be presented with this AmiTCP configuration window.
Earlier you will have been asked what country's ISPs you want installing and now all you need do is pick your ISP out of the list you have installed.
This is as easy as clicking on the gadgets to the right of the what the DNS servers are or find out how to set up a proxy for your web access.
Brainkiller Disk .info Grab .009 Grab .009. | 4 files [OL 1 Disconr Active Software: 01325 352260 Cost: £59.95 but Active are also doing packs with modems NetConnect is the new kid on the block. In essence it is a collection of Shareware programs linked into a special version of AmiTCP in order to give you a seamless and easy way to get online. NetConnect comes with a web browser, email package, FTP client and pretty much everything else you'll need. It installs simply using the Commodore installer program and doesn't ask you any tricky questions.
Text boxes, apart from that NetConnect pretty much sorts everything else out. You won’t need to find out I -• 1 I.W.] Ocom Co»4r, (BBStB CQ Ooe« . PoK 5KlW r Emm ft* t *en*
• ovProvWlnfo i Q_J i Next click on the User page and enter your
login name (remember, if you are using Netcom you have to put
their odd way of logging-in in your login name field). Enter
your real name (I'm sure I wrote mine down on a bit of paper
somewhere) and the email address that your ISP will have given
200 Typo- set to FI.
P Opsning FlSCII mode d ta connection -for bin Is.
AMIGi Awl rGA Received 20425 bytes in 00:00:24.92; S19 byte- s AirMail A new MUI-based MIME email package, and this time it's commercial!
Email packages on the Amiga are quite common now, you have plenty of options to choose between. This one’s a bit different in that it is the first -Amiga email package to go commercial.
That doesn’t really alter its status - you can still download the demo version from Aminet, and you can still register it like you would an ordinary Shareware application, but it does mean that you might also be able to buy it from your local dealer.
AirMail is a fairly comprehensive MIME mail package. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of MIME, which stands for Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions, you'll be pleased to know that it is quite transparent to both the sender and receiver of emails (as long as both are running MIME mail packages), it just gives you the opportunity to attach any kind of file to your email and have it automatically decoded and saved or viewed at the other end.
Ipdl ¦ r rEnnsai irsir i * DISTRIBUTOR: Toysoft (toysoft@spots.ab.ca) PRICE: $ 35 REQUIREMENTS: MUI 3.8 SPEED: • • • • O Very fast at retrieving your email ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Only needs standard Internet-type knowledge to get up and running.
FEATURES: • • • • O The Forms feature is unique.
VALUE: •••00 Very good - if there's a decent manual.
OVERALL VERDICT: Already pretty good, but I'd like to see more.
CUSTOM FORMS AirMail adds a new twist to MIME with its custom message forms. These are usually found in internal Mac and PC mail packages at big companies and can be used for different kinds of memos.
The AirMail documentation 1 received with the software doesn’t tell you how to create your own forms, but it does come % Although Internet access is quite cheap, it will cost you at least £10 per month. In addition to your connection fees to your ISP which will range between £8 and £17 per month including VAT, you'll also have your phone bill to contend with (or someone else will if you live with your parents).
The most important thing to bear in mind is that once the initial novelty has worn off, you should only go online after 6pm during the week or at any time over the weekend. Nearly every single ISP offers local access so call charges for these times should be 2p per minute for weekdays and 1p per minute for the weekend on BT, and if you are lucky enough to be on cable and have a local dialup access number this can be as little as Op per minute depending on your cable operator. Getting email doesn't take long on the phone, and downloading stuff from an FTP site can be swift. At 33.6k you should
be able to download a megabyte of material within six minutes depending on your connection. The real phone bill eaters are the web, news and IRC MUDs. Make sure you pay attention to how long you are online for these services because it can slip by rapidly as you type or browse. Even so, given a daily access to retrieve any new email and a quick look at the Amiga Web Directory for the latest news, your phone bill should only go up by a couple of quid a month.
With the usual “Aaargh!” and “Memo” kind of thing. These forms can only be viewed by other Airmail users - people who use other mail packages will just receive a standard-looking email, but it’s a nice addition and one which I suspect will be much-used as AirMail gains in popularity.
But message forms in email arc an inconsequential cosmetic touch. What about the package’s real features?
AirMail is quite well-equipped to deal with POP3 mail, the protocol that most ISPs support. It also handles SMTP mail for both outgoing and incoming messages and is easy to configure.
Whether AirMail is worth the money at the moment is a matter of personal preference. Personally, I would like to see a proper manual detailing the creation of forms and a few more of them. Other than that, this is another superb piece of Amiga net software. 'Z?
Parer Refresh MakoDir
o E] [ Show arryftp ivi r Lastly, just click on the modem
settings page and choose the modem you are using from the list
offered. If you can't find it here, you can always click on the
Generic model or another modem you know shares the same
chipset. If you are using another serial port you'll need to go
to the Serial Settings tab.
® Double click on the NetConnect icon and this dock will appear. Clicking on the left most button will connect you to your service provider and the button will change to show you plugged in (as we are). The NetConnect interface is customisable and you can add new buttons and menus to it to suit your tastes. As it stands it all works straight "out of the box", which is great for newcomers.
KkOtd Science Weird Science Ltd. I Rowlandson Close, l.eicesler, Leicestershire. I.E4 2SE Tel +44 0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk The Amiga System Booster C, enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb collection of tools to push the capabilities of the Amiga to the limits. Nearly all the fantastic utilities can be started by simply direct from the compact disc. No de-archiving required. The the contents include a collection of screen blankers, mouse tools & commodities, backup, file management,
cache programs to optimise system performance, data recovery, CD-ROM utilities, virus killers and a whole host more. Tvz 'jliMS vW complete CD32 developers with iluild CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package, Enforcer, Workbench 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 tools and
documents with the updated native developers kit, SANA h
package and the installe.
Package. Also included is vast amount of info. fqe- Atpciyyr. Tuttitozp '' a 3 The Amiga Repail Kit CD come: complete with the all with all III tools required to backup and resell your precious data on hard drives.
;iVSoft Stskyt •* will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by softw, failures or physical damage.
.R5S8K5»aw La is a superb program that will allow you to restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed o, written. Utoismity can recover files from normal or corrupted disl .•zssmsi'rre: Kwfe d K All stored ready to us discs. Provided with 1 lists and 25 megs of module players for Iets CD can be 'y from the CD- ROM, without the need to install any files on to your Hard Drive.
Many different computer platforms.
This 7 years titanic work provides over a ¦ • fl a, Aminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the sites latest software uploads. Each volume contains about 1.1 gigs of archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a simple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The search facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. Aminet 18 is available in April and Aminet Cds 13, 14, 15, 16 are still available at £14.99. rltli UilU FOR A SUBSCRIPTION. AS EACH NEW CD IS RELEASED WE WILL CHARGE YOU AND DISPATCH YOUR NEW AMINET
The Euro CD contains a vast variety t programs and data for the Amiga the Aminet mould. However this Ci differentiates itself by have the contents ready to run without dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 megs, Demo’s 65 megs. Disk tools 12 megs, Fonts 12 megs, (lames 57 megs, Misc. 6 megs.
Modules HO megs, Music 21 megs, Objects 12 megs. Pictures 118 megs, Presentations 23 megs.
Printer I meg. Programs 23 megs, Samples 4 megs, System 10 megs. Text files 26 megs.
Utilities 16 megs and Vidules 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
AUSIO ZD International Distributor: SEE US AT THE WORLD OF AMIGA SHOW IN MAY r GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438
F. mail: amiga@gtigermany.com VjyJJc Cds 21 - WITH ALL a
filesystem for accessing your PC drives from the Amiga.
Our system will provide any WB program with access to any of your PC drives'?, including CO, Zip, Jazz and fixed hard drives. The PC acts as slave machine and can therefore not access the Amiga, however our kit contains alt you need to access a PC from an Amiga. Simple Installation on both machines. The system is WB 2.04+ and Win95 compatible and the PC can perform other tasks simultaneously.
'4 OVER £ 25.00 PLEASE ASK FOR THE FREE CD OR IT WILL NOT BE SHIPPED ,*feW s In-To-the-Net CD provides a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up JASttMIA is done automatically for you with the connection program ly*fji.-If IcjJ J provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple . .
Questions. In addition the CD contains all the tools r* ’ 1 ' ' required for both the beginner and expert, full instructio.
On getting connectet I and many very helpful documents , the Internet and IV IHV. The tools include AmiTCP. Mail.
In addition there is a secti clip art ' " • s upuvr i iu aim |
f. a.v Hard Drirr imlallalloa possiblt bid no, rrquir~b y. mBny
morB HmL 3 ,ogs
• . iBrowso Is surely
• J-' ‘ ' "he tradition continues with the release of the latest
Assassins ’him ate Games CD Vol. 3. Over 500 new games and a
enhanced menu system f 'ained on the compact Jim ‘ctly from the
menu system :olades front amongst .’Incompact discs, both ’Id
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the previous two ipact discs. All games playable direct from
the CD A&DJjJS DU JDL 'J Front Weird Science conies a superb
Workbench 3.0+ Utilities CD with the very best utilities
presented ready to run directly from the CD. No installation
necess presented with both 'New Icons’ and and an assign
sequence that enables user also sets it up ready fat contents
have been indexed categorised utilities uiuila launched from i
Graphics. Disl Workbench, Music, Business Performance. Text,
Programming and more.
QA-fUULlifr-J-J 1,078 Weird Textures 3 000 Jpeq Textures Dem Kom Magic Workbench Enhance NFA Utilities Experience NFA AGA Experience 2 Scene Storm Zoom 2 Oh Yes! More Worms Octamed 6 Clip Art CD 3DCD-1 Objects 3DOD-2 Imaqes Retro Gold Card Games CD 17 Bit LSD CD 3 17 Bit 5th Oimensio A mos PD CD UPO Cold Imaqine PD CD Multimedia Backdrops Sci Fi Sensations 2 Assassins CD Volume 2 iTELEPHONE ORPER H0TUNE|B ¦ •' ' ' '¦r vm rjirnjj UK POSTAGE 50p EACH EXTRA ¦ , Tui 1 l: Kv. .
Read & Write to & from the PC.
Load files directly from the PC.
Up to 45k sec for Amiga PC.
I_Up to 29kfsec for PC Amiga.
I Join a PC to your Amiga via the parallel port 2' i Weird Science is the Official UK Registration Site for Miami I f I f ~1 UzJj z)ZJ rULL J IJ SHOW.
Supports extensive hardwar Pentium Processor. FPU Written by the leaders for the world's }'" In MS-DOS through u, r«rw.
Mode as used Doom an compatible (T.M M3 Sfi.
Files. The quick start auto configuring, an Just requires MSDOS and Windows , The Secal programming language for the Amiga combines the advantages of both unique feature of integrates the elements high level statements. .4 make it possible ¦’« write assembler, AH f the procedure (editing, be done in on command line CjLQiJAL AMJ(jA (OVER 200 DEMONSTRATIONS OF FULL COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS AND 7 FULL VERSIONS) M
• 4 AmIf v’ '
- V V , Vision Ben Vost tries to avoid getting square eyes as he
looks at a selection of new monitors.
Restricted to these poor quality screenmodes. Anyone that has an Amiga with Zorro II or Zorro III slots can take advantage of the huge increase in graphics power that a third party graphics card can offer. Adding a graphics card to an ECS machine, in particular, can give it a new lease of life.
Biggest usable screenmodes (DblPAL) arc the nearest thing to a noninterlaced display, but they arc very slow and really cheap VGA monitors still won’t use them because their refresh rate of roughly 23kHz is too slow for monitors geared towards 31kHz modes.
Fortunately, not all Amiga owners are Using computers can be hazardous to your health, everyone knows that. What most people don’t seem to realise is that the main danger does not come from repetitive strain injury when typing (most home users don’t do enough to give them sore hands), nor from bad posture, although we could all do with sitting up a bit, but from eye strain and radiation from your VDU.
You monitor is quite possibly the most important part of your computer since it’s the part you spend most time staring at (unlessyou’re a real mouse fetishist).
CURSED Unfortunately, the Amiga is cursed with a heritage of mixing both video-style monitors and high resolution screen modes for productivity, which tends to mean that the average £150 VGA monitor is not going to be suitable for 95% of Amiga users. Of course, it is a great boon and a real money saver to be able to plug your Amiga straight into your family TV, and for a lot of purposes this is quite sufficient, but what if you want to do DTP, graphics or surf the net? At this point, the Amiga’s standard Workbench resolution of 640 x 256 pixels becomes laughable (and awkward since the pixels
are twice as high as they are wide which can cause problems if you are doing graphics).
The only solution is to move to the PAL Hi-Res Lace mode and take advantage of squarer pixels and an extra 256 lines of resolution. But this mode (necessarily) has a huge flaw which means that most Amiga owners will never use it - it is interlaced. This is down to two things: historically, the ECS chipset wasn’t fast enough to drive a screenmode of that size that wasn’t interlaced, but more importantly, it is interlaced to sync to a video signal so that things that Amiga owners take for granted, like being able to genlock graphics with an incoming video signal, arc made possible.
Even today, the AGA chipset isn’t really powerful enough to drive that size screen at a decent speed. The VIEWSONIC PT775 £645 (ex. VAT) For dealers call ViewSonic: 0800 833 648 Suitability: Any Amiga with a hardware flicker fixer (including A3000 A3000T), PicassolV, limited AGA compatibility (no games or PAL NTSC modes) ViewSonic's range of monitors seems to be huge. At last count they had over 19 different models to suit all price and size ranges - and they were introducing further models at the CeBit show, including a flat panel LCD monitor that we will hopefully be covering in a future
edition of Amiga Format.
The PT775 is aimed squarely at the graphics professional and its clean lines and flat monitor tube make it look a designer's tool right away. The monitor has two inputs, standard D-Sub for VGA-type connections and BNC for the best in performance. Although ViewSonic are aiming this model at the professional market the only cable they supply with the PT775 is a standard heavy gauge VGA cable for the D-Sub connection where one might imagine that a BNC cable might be more appropriate.
The picture quality for the PT775 is absolutely superb and the SonicTron screen (the same sort of thing as Sony’s Trinitron method) gives a beautifully crisp picture. Colour balance seems fine right out of the box for my lighting conditions and although the 1152x900 screenmode that I use isn't one of the PT775's preset screenmodes, setting it up using the on-screen display and four controls is easy and intuitive.
The control panel has a button labelled 1 and one labelled 2 and two in-between that have up and down arrows on them. To set a particular attribute simply hit the 1 button and use the up and down arrows to get to the setting you wish to change, then hit the 2 button.
This brings up a new panel in which the up and down arrows control the amount, the 1 button exits the current panel and the 2 button switches the panel to its complement - in the case of horizontal position it will be horizontal size.
While the quality of the overall display is extremely high, there are a couple of niggles. On the screenmode I am currently using (1152x900 in 24- bit) there is a slight bending in of the picture at its extremities (hooking) that the controls don't seem to be able to do anything about.
Another problem that the controls have no effect on is the moir£ effect that happens whenever a cross- hatched requestor pops MICROVITEC GPM1701 (M1764) Prices vary. They have been made available at Just £399 inc. VAT recently, but may be sold out.
For dealers see AF ads Suitability: Any Amiga.
Also works with graphics cards.
¦ Nearly all application software these days, unless designed specifically for video purposes, will work better on a graphics card than it does on native chipsets, with faster screen updates and higher colour ranges. Art programs like Photogenics and Art Effect are almost different programs when on 24-bit high resolution screens compared to their sluggish performance in 256-colour or HAMS on AGA. Even A1200 owners aren’t excluded - they can put their machine into a tower with Zorro slots.
SOMETHING FOR ALL So, for A1200 owners who have no intention of going to the expense and hassle of putting their machine into a tower case, we have a monitor that will sync down to 15kHz (video resolution) so that it can cope with DblPAL and PAL screens for apps and games respectively, while for the graphics card brigade we have two monitors designed specifically for high resolution work.
Up. It's not a problem when the colours are fairly similar, white and grey for instance, but when you are using black and grey or black and white, the PT775 is not a happy bunny.
Adjusting the Moir6 control doesn't seem to do anything about this and neither do the convergence or focus controls. Again, I stress this is on very high resolution screens, but the purpose of this monitor is to display these kinds of resolutions so it is still a failing. Overall though, this is an excellent monitor and well worth the money you can expect to pay for it.
Seem half as evident when using MultiScan or standard PAL screenmodes.
Overall, this monitor is a good deal at just £400 and you’re unlikely to find a monitor as well-specified for the price anywhere else. If you are going to be using Amiga screenmodes and have no intention of moving to a graphics card, then this is probably the monitor you should buy.
• Inputs: Fixed 15-pin D-Sub
• Controls: Contrast Brightness, Horizontal and vertical size and
position. Pincushion, Pin balance, Trapezoid, Parallelogram,
Colour balance 8 white field colour temperature.
• Memory: 32 settings Range: H: 15-64kHz V: 50-120Hz B: 110MHz
• Standards: EPA Energy Star MPR-II supports DPMS MicroVitec have
been associated with the Amiga for quite a while now. Their
first monitor, the 1438 was designed to work in all Amiga modes
from 15kHz PAL up to DblPAL and beyond.
Unfortunately, it was somewhat underspecified, especially in the controls department. The GPM1701 is far better specified and conforms to MPR-II specifications so you shouldn't end up growing another head while using it.
The controls are set using a similar configuration to the ViewSonic, but brightness and contrast don't require a trip into the OSD menu, they can simply be adjusted by pressing the appropriate controls.
The picture quality of the GPM1701 is reasonable, but nothing brilliant. On AGA screenmodes the monitor gives a slightly blurry image in DblPAL, but Multiscan is nice and crisp. The biggest problem is the slow refresh time when changing between different screen modes and the way that the screen seems to shrink back into place whenever you switch to and from DblPAL modes. The problem doesn't Suitable for any Amiga, but fairly basic, the GPM1701 is your best choice if you have an AGA machine.
It might be worth mentioning that you will be unlikely to be able to get either of the ViewSonic monitors from your local Amiga dealer. Even if you do, because he won’t be selling many of them, you'll be paying a price premium, so unless you get on really well, it may be worth your while cruising through one of the enormous catalogues that pass for magazines in the PC market. Check through for the best price you can find and look out for delivery charges and VAT, but don't expect any kind of support. In fact you may well find that some dealers will tell you that these monitors won't work on
your Amiga. As long as you pay attention to the suitability chart that we give for these monitors you can guarantee that they will work on your setup.
"Check through for the best price you can find and look out for delivery charges..." Join us next month when we'll be having a look at printers. This is the one area where the Amiga really suffers, so If you've been having problems getting your printer working, or if you're just not sure which one to buy, don't miss our comprehensive round-up.
VIEWSONIC 17GA £449 (ex VAT} (a 15" version is also available for just £269 ex VAT) For dealers call ViewSonic: 0800 833 648 Suitability: Any Amiga with a hardware flicker fixer (including A3000 A3000T), PicassoIV, limited AGA compatibility (no games or PAL NTSC modes) It's a funny old world, innit? Back before the PC got Windows, the word multimedia meant combining visuals with sound in a presentation format, you know, the sort of thing that any old Amiga was perfectly capable of doing right out of the box. These days, of course.
Multimedia (notice the capital M), if you're a PC hardware manufacturer, seems to mean putting speakers on something, or adding a CD-ROM to your PC.
• Inputs: Fixed 15-pin D-Sub Audio in (twin RCA jack) Mic out
(3.5mm mini jack)
• Controls: Contrast Brightness, Horizontal and vertical size and
position. Pincushion, Raster twist Tvapezoid, Parallelogram,
Colour balance & white field colour temperature. Volume.
• Memory: 21 settings
• Range: H: 30-69kHz V: 50-160Hz B: 86MHz
• Standards: EPA Energy Star MPR-II TC092 supports DPMS When we
originally arranged to get this multimedia monitor from
ViewSonic, we were under the impression that multimedia in the
instance of this monitor's name might connote the ability to
run video resolution signals through it a monitor to suit all
Amigas. So you can imagine our disappointment when we
discovered that the DblPAL and PAL signals we were trying to
pump through the screen were met with "No Signal" reports from
the monitor. It seems that even monitors are meeting with a
debased meaning for the word multimedia.
That having been said, the ViewSonic 17GA is still a very nice monitor at a good price if you have a 3000 or a machine equipped with a graphics card. The speakers are unusually full-sounding for built-in types, almost as full- sounding as the old Philips CM-8833
2. The other "multimedia" add- is a built-in microphone which you
can attach to your sound sampler for those all- important
voice notations to your important word-processed document
(yeah, right!). However, the controls on this model aren't as
comprehensive as those on the PT775 and the Invar shadow mask
method of making a CRT screen isn't as precise as the
SonicTron, which accounts for the 17GA's .27 dot pitch (still
sharper than the MicroVitec’s .28 though).
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CALL TD6EE HOW MUCH YOU CAN 6AVE.. OWER ?ii1 ii n or ;v.
£1.493 POWEa ZORRO SLOTS ill j i JlTC* rv Won i 3D CHIP CD ROM I mil JTUi VI i j dk 1 GIG HD I 4 v IV 64 BIT 22 MEG IV jPUWEki MONITOR 060 The new Power Amiga is here at last. Supplied ready to use with CDROM, 3D chips, moni-l lor, and plenty of RAM Finally, an Ami p that comes with everything you need to create stunning work whatever field you choose - Graphics, Editing, Music, etc... Fully compatible with existing Amiga software. And of course, a whole wealth of software made especially for Power Amigas including Direct Software’s own Haunted" along with; the full backing and support from
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Utilise the incredible enhanced graphics options on your existing software.
The difference you'll see when taking the step upto 1280 x 1024 in true 24 bit will blow yourj mind!
Just think, with the power of the 060, you can process images in real time - with no dela d Emulate the most powerful PC’s and Mac’s with ease.
The Power Amiga will be unveiled to the public at the 1997 Afcrid of Amiga Show.
CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR POWER AMIGA TEL01623 455398 05 MARLBOROUGH ROAD KIRKBYIN A6HRELD NOTT6NG17 7HR M nAKH AIDTTUCO JL" f FAX;Of 604 722488 CONTENTS The latest games, the handiest hints and some clever programming from you!
Previews: All the latest games explored and displayed... MYST Yes, it's definitely coming. We chat to Canadian developers clickBOOM about this gaming phenomena.
© ELECTRONIC ARTS Guildhall are about to release half a dozen EA classics.
Catch up With Electronic Arts: You just can't keep What'S On a good game down.
Offer right here.
- ¦% $ 40-49% Under 40% The absolute pits.
GameBusters: Tips, tippety-top cheats and hints.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
90+% Bl The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% I fl These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% | Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69% Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet.
We've got news of some excellent games due for release over the next few months - in particular, check out our exclusive chat with dickBOOM on page 36.
And although this must be the first time in Amiga Format's history that we haven't had a new game to review - had we had a couple more weeks in our schedule it would have been a very different story.
We are not unduly worried by the current, momentary, lack of new software. As you can see there's loads of stuff coming - next month we're going to be swamped judging by the number of new games we've previewed over the last few issues. Until then, enjoy!
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
Gfi PREVIEWS Wasted Dreams p32 Action and adventure from Vulcan.
Castle Kingdoms ......p32 Mutation's third Fun 'n' Value game.
Alien Presence .....p33 Resource management and city building on alien planets.
©GAMEBUSTERS Hints and tips to all your fave games, including Elvira.
READER GAMES Amigas Rule V3 Giles Haydon Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. No, really, oh dear, oh dear.
Birdie ..Fraser Hay Top manic platform action from someone who knows their onions.
Skirmish..Dave Johnson & Dennis NG Full-on eight player fun. The kind of game that will drive you nuts.
Alien Pong Trilogy ..Gareth Griffiths Read what's been said above about Amigas Rule V3 and apply it to this.
Hostile Horizon Auburn Hodgson £50 winner! Simple Reality shoot- em-up that looks excellent.
Cavern Commander ..Rob Benjamin A Thrusty Lander kinda game.
There's certainly plenty of life in the Amiga games market, here's where you can find what goodies are currently in development. It will make you smile.
_ _ I _ to cooperate or fight in a Deathmatch ¦ ! I Nkind of mode. Wasted Dreams takes lllf _r~ I r1 H j y*;' -"Ta Cr- | iW jr- ) place across some areas mm mm ¦ »“ 11 III V ¦ V __I J I -.-!¦ ¦ V V 1. .. ay __1 V- - V unspecified number of playing zones.
All the animations have been filmed and with all the characters having their own personalities this looks like it's going to be one of those highly visual games that's actually fun to play. Well, we're hoping - we'll let you know what we think of it just as soon as we get the chance.
Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures... ® Three bald-headed blokes, yesterday.
For the rhetorically minded here's how Vulcan describe the game: Mystery and suspense from a gigantic alien adventure in a violent reality. No, we don't understand them either but we can at least reveal that this 12-14 disk epic features some 300 animated sequences of the game's characters and that one or two players can join in the fun and elect Vulcan keep expanding their Mini series (have I made the gag about it being a bit of an epic series yet? Oh.)
And the latest addition to the stable is the animated action adventure game Wasted Dreams.
CastS® The third title in Mutation's Fun 'n' Value series - which has been reduced in price from £14.99 to £12.99 from this release onwards - is to be Castle Kingdoms.
PREVIEWS Alien Presence: Dawn of the Sixth Sun GAMES UPDATE A couple of snippets of games news to pass onto you lot. Vulcan have added Strangers AGA to their mini series. This is the beat- em-up we featured in AF94 from the Slovakian programmers Ablaze. The game's due for release on 30th April and features a total of eight levels with a mouth-watering six player Deathmatch option. Watch out for the full review next month.
Vulcan have also picked up the rights to publish the game formerly called Enigma (not the one that was called Atrophy then Atrocity and is currently in hiding). We featured Enigma back in AF91 and because of the horribly complicated situation surrounding the title, the game's now being called The Final Odyssey. It's an excellent looking maze game in the same mould as Chaos Engine et al so we're looking forward to getting our hands on this. No release date has been announced however, so watch this space.
A game featured a while back in Reader Games which looked like it had the potential to be rather good was called DNA (I managed to call it Psyche which was a mistake because that's actually the name of the development team). The game had a couple of bugs that needed ironing out but this has now been done and the game now goes under the working title 'Formerly DNA'. Psyche are currently looking for a publisher for the game, so if any software houses are reading, give Paul Nordovics a bell on (01229) 773823 for more information. Here's hoping that we'll get the chance to review the game properly
in the next couple of months... Apex Systems have dropped out of the Amiga publishing world. After just two releases they have decided to concentrate their efforts on developing games for other publishers. This is good news because it means they haven't abandoned the format at all, just repositioned themselves.
One of the first titles they'll have for someone else to publish is this space strategy game.
Prepare yourself for battle and brush up on your magic-spell making because you're going to need it as you work your way through the Black Castle.
Mutation are also working on future Amiga releases with Monster Football, Kartoon Racers and Tin Toy 2 in the pipeline.
We've no details on these games as yet but will bring you some just as soon as we can. ® It's a resource management combined with warfare game. You have to find and use resources and turn them into weapons.
These weapons are needed to to fight the six alien races.
The game boasts some 50 different types of buildings and facilities and some 19 occupations to occupy your civilian population.
With 70 tradeable items and 100 planets spread across 25 star systems, the traders among you should be well catered for and with decisions concerning how and where to hit the bad guys the more aggressive among you should be just as placated.
As soon as we receive news of who's going to be publishing Alien Presence and when you can expect to see it, we'll be passing it on. As ever, in the meantime enjoy the pictures. Further information can be obtained from Dave Kirk 01709 890552 ® Build Destroy Structures Small Prison Block Cost: 600 credits Personnel: 10 Guards Power usage: 10 units On planet: 0 Cryogenic storage for up to 1,000 criminals mm Credits: 10,000 ELS Knowing what to buy and when is crucial if you're going to build a thriving city. There's no point having a prison for example until you've got a fair sized community.
Canadian developer publishers clickBOOM burst onto the Amiga scene last year with Capital Punishment Now they plan to release a conversion of the enormously popular Myst We sent Andy to talk to clickBOOM's Alexander Petrovic... £ 11: If ti v Mk ndy Smith: This Myst game is one of the best-selling PC and Mac CD-ROM games ever. What exactly is it all about?
AP: Myst is a terrific puzzle adventure game. Basically, it set a whole new standard for adventure games. It's just so completely different - you are not in a hurry to complete your task, you can't get killed or kill anybody else. It's really all about clever puzzles which have been put together with amazing graphics and excellent sound effects.
The important thing for users unfamiliar with Myst is that it's a CD- ROM only game. But that doesn’t mean it's one of those games that has just been copied onto a CD - the actual game is huge, some 600Mb!
That's very impressive when you consider there's no intro recorded with a camera and then rendered just to eat up some space on the CD.
You're right though, it's an International phenomena and is, in fact, the best-selling CD-ROM game of all time as well as being the bestselling game of 1996 on both the PC and Mac.
AS: Why are clickBOOM publishing the Amiga version of Myst when Broderbund published the PC and Mac versions ?
AP: The story of Amiga Myst started last summer when the fake demo appeared on Aminet. Amiga users' hopes soared, but it turned out that the demo was just a CanDo stack made illegally. But the interesting thing was that this demo showed Amiga owners that Myst could well be done on the Amiga.
Everyone who saw the demo got on Cyan's case (Cyan are the developers of the original Myst for Mac). Furthermore, Amiga Format ran a great news article inspiring a lot of Amiga owners to pester Cyan for an Amiga version. Seeing the sheer strength and enthusiasm of Amiga owners for this game, we at PXL computers and clickBOOM stepped in, and after several months finally purchased the license.
What most Amiga owners don't know is that a Japanese company, Sunsoft, actually own certain license rights to Myst, so it was ultimately Sunsoft we signed an agreement with.
AS: You've said Myst is a great looking and sounding game, but just what captured the PC and Mac gamesplayers' imagination?
AP: It's very hard to explain why Myst is such a great game to someone who's never seen it before. It's when you actually play the game that you PREVIEW SPECIAL s Thic begin to understand the depth and intelligence of it. It's a game with an unbelievable atmosphere and we're absolutely convinced Amiga gamers will fall in love with it - just as every player on every other format has.
AS: But surely a CD-ROM only game with a high tech spec requirement is just cutting out too many Amiga owners? Can you really sell enough to justify the development of the game?
AP: Every copy of Capital Punishment had a registration card in the box and on that card we asked users, amongst other things, what their hardware set up was. After receiving Capital Punishment cards from players we realised that most active Amiga gamers have at least an '030. And that's AGA owners because Capital Punishment was AGA only.
The only major challenge we see with Myst is that it's CD only. But then again, it's very obvious why some Amiga owners don't yet have a CD - because there's been nothing around really to justify buying one. Until now.
Myst created a hardware revolution on the PC and Mac and we're confident it can do the same for the Amiga - now there is a good reason for every Amiga owner to buy a CD and accelerator board.
AS: When should Myst be available then and how much will it cost?
AP: We are targeting Mystior a summer release but the exact date isn't known. The price should be around £30. We will inform you on both of these points as soon as we have something more concrete.
AP: We are working on another, original clickBOOM game, but I can't say anything at the moment. What I can tell you, is that we're going to be looking for beta testers for Myst. The AS: Assuming that Myst does as well as you're hoping, does this open the door for clickBOOM to get hold of other games that haven't appeared on the Amiga yet?
“Myst created a hardware revolution on the PC and Mac and we're confident it can do the same for the Amiga."
Quake for example?
AP: Most definitely. If Myst proves that the Amiga is back then we will bring out some more great games very soon. We feel this is something that should have been done a long time ago. Because of the lack of games like Myst, a number of Amiga owners have abandoned the machine in favour of other platforms. We're going to bring them back.
Game is very big and very complex and we want every single part of it to be perfect. Furthermore we want to make sure it works perfectly on any Amiga setup. So, we're inviting Amiga users to contact us if they'd like to be a beta tester. All those that are interested should provide us with their exact computer hardware setup, as well as their postal and email addresses. There will be a limited number chosen, and they will all have their names in the game's credits.
Please note that registered users of Capital Punishment will get precedence, so keep those CP registration cards coming in! Cj Once you've enjoyed the pictures, contact clickBOOM and become a beta tester. It could be good fun... CLICKBOOM CAN BE CONTACTED AT... PXL Computers clickBOOM 1270 Finch Avenue West • unit 13 M33 2G4 • Toronto Canada email: info@clickboom.com Point your web browers at: WWW.clickboom.com games cupboard!). Theme Park's still riding high in the charts on other formats and Bullfrog found the formula so successful they've just released the brand-new Theme Hospital.
Build your theme park, install rides, keep the punters happy with chips and burgers and start coining it
- excellent fun that prompted Steve , McGill to say: "If
entrepreneurial skills are your strength, then beware - you're
likely to be addicted to Theme Park for years. If not, you'll
probably only be addicted for a few months."
And he wasn't wron.j a Park's an excellent ga od to play today as it e 'er . . Is.
VERDICT 90% n Toam formation Oh goodness, I don't know.
Four, four, two sounds good to me. It won't help me win though.
And what a terrific game it is too. Not quite Format Gold you understand but jolly good stuff.
Electroni plosio from E.A are about to be re-publishe second and third chances.
THEME PARK £14.99 A truly glorious resource management game with gameplay to satisfy even Sid Meir fanatics (he of Railroad Tycoon fame, which Guildhall may or may not release if they can track worth hunting down. Amiga Format give Guildhall the thumbs up for making this one available to the Amiga gaming community once again, go get yourself a copy.
RE-RELEASES VERDICT RE-RELEASES ThDrc* arc dsfiroid? Noar n*iu Points P «ind 3. Sa st.W on course.
The Amiga Format Dori turn the lights off befor VERDICT 88% WING COMMANDER £9.99 Wing Commander is an "...atmospheric, cinematic-type cocktail of shoot-em-up, flight sim, role playing and all round good fun."
So said Derek Davis way back when this first appeared.
There's a real Star Wars feel to the game as you troll around the cosmos in an attempt to thwart an battle the cat-like aliens who's only aim is to destroy everything.
The strength of the game lies in the way Origin managed to blend all the above game genres together into a smooth and satisfying playing experience. Especially suited to those who like to identify with a game character and watch them evolve.
Hope he's wearing very expensive leathers because it all looks like it's going to get very Nick Veitch rides a motorbike you know. That explains a lot of things.
Y. Cathy makes fc climbs into be ROAD RASH £9.99 Before road
rage became an accepted phenomena of driving in the latter
part of the stressful nineties there was Road Rash. You and a
bunch of other ruffians spend your days riding motorbikes like
And should you think any of your chums are doing better than you are then thump 'em in the chops. With a bike chain or baseball bat if you fancy.
Road Rash is an excellent racing game, as well as the 14 opponents you've got to beat there are ordinary road-users to avoid as well as the odd cow in the road! Win a race and you get some dosh. Save your dosh and buy yourself a faster bike - you know the kind of thing.
It's adrenaline-i no mistake. Actuall the game's good poi mistake and watch yi skidding on your bac couple of hundred ya having to run all the : your bike up. Havl i becoming i 1 do and y ping stuff and gt's another of k make a rself go
B. for a ! Go VERDICT Bullfrog!) That's as good today as it was
when it first appeared, in '93.
Piloting your Apache helicopter in a kinda isometric 3D viewpoint, the idea's to work your way through the game's five campaigns with a little bit of attention paid to your tactics.
The game made great play of the fact that you could think about the order you tackle the individual missions that comprise each campaign and although there's not too much to think about because it's all fairly obvious, it did give the player a tremendous feeling of freedom within the game. That, coupled with the high-tension action, resulted in a very satisfying gaming experience.
Desert Strike proved to be such a hit with the publffthat the sequels are . .
Ioat with a helicopter on the bat rterday. Come here when you'vi VERDICT Wing Commands of the fabulous al lefing screen. All part there the game has.
PGA GOLF £9.99 Golf eh? I've never understood it myself but some people obviously love it. Fortunately, you don't have like golf to enjoy a good golfing game, and PGA is still tops.
Slots Options There are three courses, a computer players to pit yourself against in full-blown four round tournaments (I assume full-blown tournaments are played over four rounds, but haven't got Sky so don't sit and watch it all day. Everyday).
Look at all those people - they obviously like ¦ their golf. And why not eh? Each to their own. 1 Seriously folks, the game is dead easy to play and thoroughly enjoyable. Guildhall are also releasing PGA Golf Plus round about now for just £14.99. This is the same game as PGA but has an extra three courses - jolly good value is what we say.
VERDICT Blimey is that me? I'm a long way from the hole aren't I? Bet I get it in though.
I Sur t ey , Sngfonrf .
No it'V . N? s ¦Jiome of tfte ESERT STRIKE £9.99 This was ano- game (but sp Meeting up with the lads for a few shandies. Wentworth in Surrey, it appears, is the home of the Volvo PGA Championship.
The big X is Kclue as to where to land... Good, that'll come in handy when I'm playing some triv machine or other.
Game They're what keep the Amiga alive.
They're the fruits of many a late night's debugging (or not in some cases!). They are, of course, the... There's a bit of a change to the Reader Games this month. In the past Epic Marketing awarded a CD to every game featured on these pages. That's now changed and they're only going to award £50 worth of Cds to the month's best game (with the odd CD awarded here and there on our recommendation under special circumstances). We're still awarding our £50 prize to the month's best game too so it's still well worth getting those games in - remember though if you're creating something using Reality
or something similar then it's going to have to be significantly different to merit a mention here.
On to this month's selection.
We're not here to ridicule our readers' efforts, the idea behind this part of the magazine is simply to offer our help and advice on how the games could be improved. That's not to say we don't have a laugh at the really bad ones because we have to be honest and admit that we do.
Now, enough of all that. Let's get straight into it with a look at this month's submissions... AMIGAS RULE V3 AUTHOR: GILES HAYDON LANGUAGE: PLATFORM CONSTRUCTION KIT The best thing about this game is the sentiment behind it. You're out to convince your dad to buy an Amiga instead of a Mac or PC and to that end you have to negotiate your way through this platform game collecting disks and various bits You again.
Walking on Amiga Street. Grab the, ahem, disks and things and, well, ?
Give up.
Nm ir.n S IF;€£ V A of computer equipment while at the same time avoiding the Macs and Pcs that run and bounce around the screen.
It looks awful and plays just as bad. The Platform Construction Kit has to take some of the blame for this because the tool is so limited, but even so this is one of the worst looking games we've had in for a long time. Even Spectrum owners would have avoided this back in 1982. Simple timing problems are one thing but they're just not enough to build a whole game around I'm afraid. And quite what your main character is supposed to be I have no idea. Sorry Giles, this is just dreadful. Keep going though and keep sending the games in - after all, they can only get better. ® Verdict: An awful
looking game that plays just as bad. The gameplay heralds from the dawn of gaming when simple timing problems ruled and that just doesn't cut it in 1997.
Don't feel too bad though Giles, the problem lies more with the Platform Construction Kit than anything else.
This is more like the standard of games we've come to expect from our readers. Birdie's a simple enough game: You run about the screen turning the grey blocks coloured by running over them and at the same time avoiding any baddies on the screen.
The gameplay's as old as the hills in this one too but at least it's been well implemented and is playable.
It's surprisingly playable actually.
You find yourself frantically jumping here and there as you attempt to get away from the baddies (hang around in the same place for too long and the baddies work their way towards you, which is good). The baddies are probably the only part of the game that could be improved however. If there was Verdict: A simple idea but one that's well implemented and highly polished. Not the most original game in the world but fun for a short while. If anything, it just falls on the wrong side of the addiction frustration fence.
Easy to go rushing into a bad situation and it can all go pear-shaped before you've got the chance to change direction and save yourself.
Good stuff though Fraser, a simple playable game that's not going to rock the world but is fun and entertaining - more please. ® some way of fighting back against them - either by shooting them or jumping on them then I'd feel the game was slightly fairer. As it stands it's good fun but the level of frustration is slightly too high. The speed of your main character actually contributes to this because it's all too AUTHORS: DAVE JOHNSON & DENNIS NG LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 Now this is a grin - especially when you've got a bunch of mates playing.
Again it's terribly simple: fly a small plane around the screen and shoot any other planes that get in your way.
Because as it stands it's frantic and that's the best thing about the game. Maybe if collisions didn't kill you immediately but wore down your energy or something then the bouts wouldn't last so long either (especially in one player mode when you're fighting seven computer controlled planes) because at the moment they can last a long time! ® Every time you score a kill you get two points and every time you get shot you lose a point. The first person to get to eight (alterable) wins the round.
I Simple as that.
1 This could well have been a full commercial release on something like the Atari VCS 2600 because it's pure competitive gameplay with very basic graphics. Although this game does manage to be more addictive than frustrating it can be rather tedious to take off, fire one shot and then have an enemy plane crash into you before you have a chance to move out of the way. Obviously you can't increase the number of shots (you can only have one on screen at a time) because then you could just hit the autofire and let your plane get on with it but maybe if there was some kind of shield you could
activate now and again your life expectancy would be greater than a few seconds. That would have to be tested though 1 ! I Ul !. I !. I UN, 2 EB B3 ; m H |r..133._i.B. la1 .EB & 2 & & X A, . & S EB EB EB in eb ... m m Verdict: A very simple game that's actually a lot more fun to play than it looks.
The gameplay's great at the moment but not very sophisticated and the sheer pace of the game allows no room at all for tactics.
AUTHOR: GARETH GRIFFITHS LANGUAGE: AMOS PRO Some things need radical changes if they're to be improved. Merely changing the background graphics often isn't enough. It's certainly not enough in Alien Pong Trilogy which is just Pong really. Except it hasn't got a one-player mode so it's pretty useless actually.
ALIEN PONG TRILOGY I don't want to give Gareth an unnecessarily hard time but really there's not too much to say about this. Even the options screen doesn't do much because the only gameplay feature you can corner in Cleveland St. What a dreadful reason to include a game in Reader Games eh? I won't do it again, I promise. ® change is the bat speed. A whole host of features would need to be added to this to make it anywhere near enjoyable to play. Still, Gareth's backgrounds are half-decent and there's this huge scenario all about the planets in the solar system playing pong instead of going to
war or something (I didn't read it all because it went on for too long), so that's a brownie point. Sort of.
Alien Pong Trilogy is a simple two player game of Pong. That's all there is to it. The only reason I've actually included the game is because Gareth lives in Monkmoor in Shrewsbury and a couple of my mates live around the HOSTILE HORIZON AUTHOR: AUBURN HODGSON LANGUAGE: REALITY much to say about the game beyond that it's a Reality shoot-em-up in which you fly left-right shooting things and collect the tokens they leave behind. These Verdict: A Reality shoot-em-up with all of that kit's limitations. But WITH graphics of such a high standard Auburn should be doing it for a living.
Having already said that I'm only going to feature games created with Reality if they're doing something special. I'm really pleased to be able to include this one. The CAVERN COMMANDER This is the sort of stuff we want to play around with. If only Robert could add a little more polish and maybe invest in a decent paint package, to draw the graphics with before importing them into his games, we'd be even more pleased.
As it stands though. Cavern Commander is a very simple, very addictive fun game.
Well done again Robert. ® BAUTHOR: ROBERT BENJAMIN LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN Stalwart of the Amiga Format Reader Games section (and winner of last month's £50 prize with Fred the Frog) is American Amiga fan Robert Benjamin.
I'm sure Robert will be the first to admit that he's no artist and probably not the best programmer in the world but one thing he constantly impresses us with is his ideas.
Cavern Commanderis very simple. It's a sort-of but not really, kind of Thrust or Oids game. Combined with that really old Lander game that people used to play in the College's computer department. Steer your ship (which looks a lot like a grey egg) down through a cavern avoiding the missiles (easy) and collecting fuel and little people as you go.
That's all there is to it. The levels get harder and harder and you've got no extra lives to play with so it's a shame the collision detection seems a little bit suspect at times. But it's still fun!
Once you've cleared a level you just can't help having a go on the next. And once you've died there's always a feeling that it was indeed your own fault so you just can't help going back and having another go to see if you can do it right this time.
Verdict: It looks absolutely terrible and the collision detection can have you crying 'foul' at times but otherwise this is another playable and highly addictive game from the Robert Benjamin stables.
And, once the game's been feature we'll be passing the exceptional ones onto Epic Marketing who'll take a look at them with a view to publishing them. There's nothing guaranteed but you never know - you might just get a phone call in a couple of months time. Please remember to make sure you put a contact number or address on any of your submissions and can you also enclose a otograph of yourself so that other i see who's responsible for the ma i created. The address to r Games to is: Games • Amiga Format uth Street 3W game featured in our Reader wins the author £50 worth of inning entry also
wins £50 from ution though: don't bother me you coded three it straight away and sending in I years ago, chuck it in the bin.
POSTAGE & PACKING , _ *22 _ A TEL : 01268 571157 EUROPE -£200 r *lC(44t&t ft&tXs FAX : 01268 733731 POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE - £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD - £ 3.50 REST OF world - £ T 50 Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa email : 100307,1544@compuserve.com EMAIL : 100307.1544@compuserve.com premiermo@compuserve.com
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AF04 premiermo@compuserve.com 14 ORWELL COURT, HURRICANE WAY,
WICKFORD. ESSEX SS11 8YJ Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm.
Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of
going to press.Most titles are despatched same day, but can
take up to 28 days. VAT is included
* 320 Approach trainer 9.99------- Acid Attack Compilation •
Gloom. Guardian.
Sbdmarks 14.99 ...... American Gladiators ...... 9.99------ Arcade Compilation • World Snooker. Jigsaw Puzzleman a. Naughty Ones. Mu hptayer Soccer Manager, ur Plummets House o' Ru* .. 14.99 Assassms Games ...... 19.99 Awrtno . 6.99------ 817 FLYING FORTRESS 12.99-- Badands Pete . 4.99-------- Earahee 7.9912.99 c-wpanan 2 ...... 16.99 • ---- Basket island .. -14.99 • Batttetoads ... 9.99 . 12.99----
BLOBZ___________________ 12.99 - 3UTZ BASIC 2.1______________18.99-- sogrtis ... 12 99 - x*rp«r Bob .... 3 99 ----- i-avo Romeo Delta MEATHLESS .
22. 99 -
- ----899 4 99 ---------
7. 99 7 99 7 99 .....14 99 3nAaI Footbao...... BcCba n
Stu . S-eWe & Squeak. .
Junp W Bum
* noul .. Cannon Fodder...... leotrelokJ S or
AMP MAI ?amp Manaoer 94 D.Di$ k.. 7.99------- CHAOS ENGINE
2------------ 19.99-- Championship Challenge World o Snooker.
~est Match Cocke! Challenge. Int One Day Cocket; Treble Champs 2 14.99-- CIVILISATION ..
12. 99-- 9 99 9 99 9 99 7 99 7 99 ......
CcckWiSer ...... CAA) Football The Manager
CL© 4 Country ..... COLONISATION
12. 99 - Cosmic Spacebead 10.99--- COVERGIRL POKER
...7.99- C alt lor AMOS ..._.... 17.99-- Cncket
Captain .... 3 99 • CRICKET MASTERS 16.99 -
Thompsons Olympic Cha« 6 99 --- Caroerous
Streets .
• Strip Poker ______ 3.99--- 17 99 ---- Stoke... COGFIGHT.... Ore
1 or 2 Cs»on Dog...... brie... 7 99 7.99 ---- Data
Disk .. Exsemo Racing .. 'creme
Racing Data Disk... ’ Grand Prix circuits ... S STRIKE
* 17A ......_ ... «r*asy Manager 9S96 y World
Dizzy .....
5. 99--- ¦CLDS OF GLORY™™” Soccer ....
Harder .... Errand ..... 3
99 ----- FccOal C-rector 2 Glory. . .
16. 99 -
14. 99 -
12. 99 -
16. 99 - F-xoaS Statistician Pro FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX..
L**xy Force 3*erv*orks .... Global Ettect . 4.99 GLOOM - ... 7.99 7.99 GLOOM DELUXE 7.99-- G Gooch- WC Test Match .... 7.99----- G Gooch-W Class Cncket 7.99 . G Gooch - Battle lor Ashes 4.99 --- Guardian .... - 7.99 7.99 Gun Fury . 14 99 ----- Gunshp 2030 .... - 12 99 ---- Heimdall . 4.99---- Heimdall 2 .... 7.99 9.99 Heller Skelter .. 13 99 ----- Hiitsea
Lido ... 12 99 Humans 3 10.99
- 9 09 INTER BASE » M INTER 0«OCf ’7M iVTffi ' OOf*D IN iNlf R
IAL* _ . *99 - - isKk-OnD ’99 - - iresmeaontf Acad ««*ur » »
Int 1 Day Cncket (OEM) 4.99-------- Int Sports
Challenge ...... 12.99------ IntOS -AMOS ..
16.99 -..... J NicUaus Greatest 18 Holes 6 99 ------ J
Nicktaus Designer Clip Art.. 7.99 ..... Jet
Pilot ...... 16.99 -..... Jetsthke
..... 9.99 Jigsaw Puzzlemaoa 3.99------ Jimmy
While's Snooker ... 12.99 ...-
KGB .. 12 99 ------- Kick on
3 ...... 9 99 ...... K«d
Pix . 10.99 - .~ Leeds
United ...... 3.99 .....
Legends • 8.99 8.99
LmoolFire 4.99-------
LenlGng..._ .. - 19 99 ----
LOOP* ... 17 99 --------- Manyk Mayhem
Compilation • Legends.
Poan. RoadkrH .. 14.99 ...... Marvens Marvelous Adv's .....4.99 ----- MEDIEVAL WARRIORS_______ 3.99--- Minskies the Abduction 14 99 --------- Morph ..... .... 7 99 8 99 Multi Media Experience 24.99 -- Napoleonic* 7.99------ Naughty Ones ... 3 99 12.99 NINE LIVES __________ 3.99-- Odyssey 9.99------ One Day Cncket 8 99 ----- On The Ball League Edrton... ...... 8 99 ---- Operation Combat 2 ... 4 99 ------ Pegasus ...... 12 99 --- PGA European Tour . 12.99 PGA Goil
...... 8 99 ---- PGA Goll Plus Courses 12 99 ----- Pinball Dreams & Fantasies.. 12 99 - - Pmbat Fantasies . 12.99 12 99 PmballDtusons ... • 12.99 12 99 Pinball Mania . 12.99 - Pinball Prelude .....16.9916.99 16 99 Prtfighler . 6 99 -- Player Manager 2 7 99 -- PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA . 7.99 - Popeye 2..... .... 7.99-- PowerBase vG5 (Database) 12 99 - Powerdnve 9 99 9 99 - Powergames ... 12.99 Prerrkere 4 99 12 99 Pro-Tenrxs Tour 6 99 -- RaRoad Tycoon 12 99 -- Reach tor the Slues
1299 -- Roadkl______ 7 99 7 0 Road Rash __ 7J»- - 3j&.urcr_ Sent WcrtJ d Scxxm 969’ *4 99-- SWOS 96.97 DATA ShM- Warm biteM Service 8 99 ----- Silent Service 2 ...t2 99 -------- Simon The Sorccror t ....12 99 12.99 12.99 Skeleton Krew ...... 7.99 - SKIDMARKS ...... 7.99-- SLAMT1LT ______ _... 19.99 - Soccer Team Manager 10 99 ..... SPACE HULK ._... 12.99-- SPECIAL FORCES ...._... 8 99 --- Speedbal 2 .. 12.99 Spens Legacy 19.99--- Sporting Spectacular Football Director 2. Ft GP
Circuits. Rugby Coach. DaJy Doublo Horse Raong Euro Supertoague 14.99 • Star Fighter .... 19.99--- STARLORO------------------------ 8.99-- Streetfrghter 2 12.99------ Strider . 8 99 ------ Stnder 2 .. 8 99 -------- Strip Pot ..... 7.99 7.99 Subversion 4 99 ... Super League Manager ...... 7.99 7.99 7.99 Super Skidmarks .. 7.99---7.99 Super Streetfighter2 Turbo... ---------14 99 SUPER TENNIS CHAMP 7.99-- Super Tennis Champ 2 DO
5.99 . Syndicate 12 99 -..... Test Match Cncket ... 4.99------ The Games ... 10.99------ Theatre ot Death . 9.99------- THEME PARK ...... 12.9912.99 - Timekeepers . 12.99----- • Timekecpors Oato Cksk 5 99 Tiny Troops . 17.99----- Torvak ... 4.99------ TOTAL FOOTBALL .12.99-- Too mg Car Cnallenge 12 99 ---- Treble Champions 2 . 4.99----- TrodcSers .... 16 99 --- Turbo Pack 3
. 3 99-- UFO...------- 12.99-- Ult Soccer Manager Ddsk - 8 99 - Valhalla 1 Lord of tr ory 14 99-- Valhalla 2 Betore the War 1499- Vathalla 3 Fortress c4 Eve 17 99 -- Virtual KarWg 12 99 - Voyager 6 99 - - Watch Tower 12 99 - Wembley inert Soccer 4 99 ’ » WemWey Rugby Lee** ’99 White Death 4 »- Wing Commander Wizkxl Wcricfrid 4 99- Wondertfcg 4 99 - World Class Rugby 0€V 4 99 - WORLD GOLF- 12-99-- Wcrtj c Go* WcrtSc* Soccer WcrVJs * War 4 »-- WORMS_ 899 -- WORMS DRECTORS CUT . T«J9 - WrWm 3*9 - XP8- ***9-- zee wolf 2 - wt& rm* am-- Zoct________ _.--199 Zort 2 6*9 - EDUCATIONAL
10'10 Maths Numbers 6-16 10'10 Malhs Statistics 6-16 10’ 10 Spelling Puncuabon.
10 10 Structured SpeBmg... Kid Pix . 9 99 G106 Parachute Joust .
1299 ---------
12. 99-------- '0 99 -------- JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES
Adaptor Analogue Joystick Adaptor...... Automatic
Joystick Mouse SpMter .109 ,.(AAR)29.9 ..._ . 7.9 (AAR)
19.9 Crmser Joystick.
Gravis Anatog Joystick Intomal 880K Floppy Onve A500 Interna) 880KFto« yDnveA600A1200 49 9 JUPITER JOYS' Meuse 309 d* 2 Bunon Meuse 400 dp 2 Bunon Meuse 4C0 dp 3 Buflon Mcusemat Joystick Vcuse Ertenson Cable Joystck Y Sptoer . Lo*c 3 Delta Ray AmcAre JY156 Lo*c 3 Alpha Ray - Auofire ... Lo*c 3 Sigma Ray • Autofire POWER SUPPLY UNIT Qiackoy Pedals SV129 . ScrwnbMt 3 Speakers S8203 Saeerbeat 4 Speakers S8204 ...... Screert** 5 Soeakers S8205 Screerbeat 25 Speaker SB 225 . Saeecbeat Pro 50 Speakers SB250... Scw eoat RCA Adapter CaWe
10. 9 ZplW Sixer Pro A e Joystick.. Amiga CDROM 999 . 24 99 19 99
r 13 14 99 14 99 999 1699 1999 12 99
9. 99 1299 1699 9 99 Amrer Se* 1 Z3.4.S. kmet
14.15.16 or 17 ...... Arw*t9A02
... K-ot Ltfar, K-M Classes Pk*
Air»yt Cotour ________________ Axu&n* Games
Assas s Games " . . .
Se«sabons 2 Card Games ..... CO Boc* (Roi C032 games your A1200) 32 99 xm wrte ._...32.99 C»c Professional IFF & PCX Libraiy 2. 9.99 Epx C- ecbon II ....16.99 Epc Zncy&CXd 97 ..28 99 Rash Rem 16.99 Teres ..... 9 99 FrwhFonts 1 or 2 .19 99 woOut c4 the Net . Mage Yforkbench Enhancement Meetng Pearls 3 . M jtmed-a Tocriul 2 . Network CD2 .. Ocwmed 6 ..- .. Professional
Foots a Clipart..... Professional Uwities 1-1500...... Scene Slorms ...16 99 Set Ft Sensations II . 16 99 Sound .ibrary & GRX Lbroty .. 19 99 Sound Studio 29 99 Sound Terrihc 1 .. 9 99 Sound Terrific II 16 99 Speccy 97 .. 16 99 Texture PortfcAo 32 99 The Beauty I Chaos ... 9 99 Tho Colour Library .. 9 99 The Learning Curve .....16.99 TheLtght
Rom ...32 99 The Light Rom 2 ...32 99 The Ughi Works 24 99 The Sound Library 1 9 99 The Sound Library 2 ... 9 99 UPD Gold ...24 99 UPO Set 1 ......16 99 Weird Science Animations ... 9.99 Weird Science Cipart .... 9.99 Weird Science Color Art ... 9 99 Weird Science Fcnts . 9 99 Worid ol Clipart ... 9 99 World c4 Clipart
Plus ......16 99 World ol Games .. 9.99 Work! Of GIF ... 9.99 World c4 Photo ... 9.99 Work! Ol Sound . 9 99 World Of Video 9.99 Zoom II ... 9.99 PD & SHAREWARE @ £1.25 Each GAMES G060 Mega 21 Games ama&ng 21 games G06I Dragon Cave bniiant 3D po*2le games G064 Take Them Out u»e lo operation wo» G065 Desime Moon Base, arcade conversion G066 Tank Battle player lank battle game G067 Arcadia ..the best arknoxJ done G068
O-Boid ..cross letns and invaders G069 Dimension X 2 player light cyde game GOTO Nebular exceBeni shooi em up G071 Gala tic .exceuents levels arcade G072 Hyper-Ball speed ba» • level edio- G073 Ghost Ship ...very good 3d adventure GO7-1 Battlement hunch back ol notcha GO75 Mega Game COIecbons III 3 top game G076 Madonna Nude Puules lor 18. Only GO77 Gravity massive space oxptonrvg game G078 Cyber Netc bnllant 8 way blaster G079 Donkey Kong ....A1200 G080 Crazy Sue II .best ptalfor to date G081 Super
Skoda Challenge (& track edrior) G082 Star Trek smvtar to raid 2 but harder G083 Doody very cute & extremely addict G084 V onder Lard amazing graphic G085 Dcluxo Pacman best over rotoase G086 Card Games Collection G087 Wzard Domains dungeon type games G088 Kaiatnz (not A1200) arcade toms dooo G089 Air Aces II very playable shoot (hem up G090 Olhello .best pd version G091 Mouse lmposs*ie .. very addictrvo puzzte G092 Tetren most poksh ever release G093 Slnkeball bnlliant base baa done G094 Trailbtazer (not AI200) ...bnftanl G095
Fighting Warnor bke street f htor G096 Oommoes only one ol it kind on pd G097 Total Wars., strategy like chess m space G098 Battle Car 2 3D car roacmg G099 Nestct Card Game .. G100 Roulele ....amencan roulete excellent GlOl TrailWazer 2 ....C64 conversion G102 E-Type 2 ...very good asteroid G104 Oescender Game .tank.search G108 WibWe World Gddy large platform game G109 Cash Frut ..good fruit machine GUO Amos Cncket .....cncket games Gill Exlream Violence 2 player battle out
Gl 12 Enigma Machine challenang puzzlo Gl 13 Mega Bail 2 ....break out done G114 Bounce & Blast brilliant platform 1 VlO Gt 15 Zombies & Defender 2 fantastic games G116 Mercaneries Simulation 30 ...wars games Gl 17 Life .simUaticn very interesting Gl 18 Transplant dozen of level last arcade Gl 19 Kiawz the Kat greai ptotlorm games GI20 Highway Hon like spy huntor on the c64 GI21 Operatikn Firestorms bnlhant G122 Castle Kumquat smvfar lo aken breed G123 Black Dawn brilliant graphic adventure G124 Mona 5.4 the latest dungeon & d-agon G125
Bridge .....good version of bndgcs Gl26 0rk Attack bloody adventure G127 Rebounce 2 player futuristic break out G128 Road to Me* ...bn*ant car racmg G129 Supertom Cat ....new vertical shoot em up G130 Kungfu Charlies mix with platform G131 Raid 4 latest vertical scroll shoot em up G132 Quizmaster very good Quz program G133 Elevation games base on lift ??
G134 impenal Walker.
G133 Elevation .games base star wars game G136 Amos Loadsa Money .best fruit machines G138 4 L C D Dream 4 ..small hand held games G140 Time Runner (WB2-3) brtlianl graphic G142 Amos Cncket 2 amos cncket simulator G143 Mugsy Revenge gangster graphic adv G145 Bobby Garden . Digger .....bn’Jiant G146 High Octane...fast car reacing (notv.01.3) G147 Time Runner amazing graphic adv G148 Space invasion 2 fantasiic gaiaxmn G149 AulomobJes pd verson of Skidmarks G1S0 Bandit Mama bnlliant Irut nuichno demo G151 Prciect Buzz Bar biifcanr asteroid G152 Gun Fight (not
A500) .... G153 The Real Popeye 64 .....a500 1 3 only G1S4 System Defend, brttaitn delender system G155 Amiga Boy game boy emulator *16(0$ G156 Dethell *1 Space recommandod G157 Overtander bnSant arcade moon alert G158 Serious Backoammon the best 0 pd bg G160 Un-SensiWe Soccer .smvtar to sensi Gt6t Fruit Mania bn&ant fruit machine G162 Tndde Treai .....like doom on the pc G163 Football Manager .new verson G1&4 Solo Assault 30 like wing cenvnander G165 Seed of Darkness graphc adventure G166 Nano Ry superb 1 GI67 The Great Gold Ra-d GI68 Ant
War VIS ....not 1.3 G169 Zeno Morph ......great graphic Gt 70 Task Force ...nvnd shadow clone G17I Green Five. Amazing 3d graphic Ike GI72 Professional Bmgo Caller .. G173 Martial Spnl ..like street fighter 2 Gl 74 6 Excellent Card Games cofiection G175 Bktz 2 ....fast acton shooting games Gl 76 Exit 13 ......bnllianl puzzle G177 Temporal Misplacemen: ..graphic adv G178 A Day al the Races horse racing games.. G179 Boulder Ongoal w«h80 levels G184 Battle Force
excellent text advcnturo G185 Gnu Choss tho best chess with 10 levels G186 Sword Of Yigg graphic adventure G187 Powor Tetris .. lor t or 2 player G188 Super Smashing Toths ...... G189 Chess II & Checker G190 Gravity Force 2 ...1 or 2 player G191 Schneb4z puzzlegames G192 Dcicxe Gala v2 3 2 pfayor G193 Tho Knlhan Incodenl kko eliteZ'epic G194 Quanlum maze cotlecl S escape type G195 Rag to Rohes like monopoty G196 Wipe Out mindless Masting games G197 GodzJIa ..another
shoot em up G198 Super Mega Frut all new hurt machine G199 Driving Maniac 3D car racing very last G200 Planet Fall luner lander done G201 Buck Tooth Adventure.
G202 Pongo 2 ....maze type games G203 Super Obliteration similar to pang 2 G2D4 Super invasion II new spacing invader G205 The Shoperd bnBiant populous closne G207 Puckman ... pacman G208 Super Battle Zone 30 ......not wbl .3 G209 M’A'S'H. Similar to lemming and verms G212 Hangman anyone for a game’ G213 Ace Space ...nice platform game G214 Cokxirmar»a puzzle game G215 Harry Haddock bn&ani plartorm games G216 Margie Fonder smash upcartank etc G2I8 HeW»pto» .....play l*o desert stnke G2I9 Cow Wars, very addoted 2 player
games G220 Island ... play tie monopoly G222 Lottery Professional this verson use G223 Monopoly board games-the best version G224 Jet Wity 3 excellent pailorm games G225 Flamming Engmi G226 Power Macrtnes G227 Suicide Machine opera ton wo« styfe G228 Zaxxon 30 . c64 3D Master EDUCATIONAL E019 Kid Paints superb paint special for kids E020 Colour !| computer colouring book E021 Treasure Search Imd hidden treasure E023 Learn & Play2.....educaton programmes E024 Spanish Translator ....spamsh'english E025 Mr Men (WB1.3only) .story adventure
E026 Astromy tutorial on solar.1 star ect system E027 Simon & Space Maths .maths games E028 D-nosaurs teach you all about dinosaur E029 Wo»kJ Database ......requre (2*meg) E030 Story Land2 interact puzzle games rec E03t Language Tutor teach you 4 languages £032 Talking CoJounng Boci talking dpint E033 Easy Spell2 improve your lod spetmg E034 Scrabble .require 2-4 player, bnlhant E035 Words, .can help you sohe the crossword E037 Evolution ..breed your own hybrid E038 kj Test • Iq games pack t exed'ent £039 Typng Tutor very good typxig tutor E040 Chess Holpor
hclptcach how to play E04t Basic Tutor loam about amga basic E042 Amiga Tutorial 7 ...part tutorial E043 Computer Care how to care lor anxga E044 Gude To Lower Back Pam ...... E045 Kid Alphabet display all alphabet letter £046 Fraction & S.lcuest maths & games £047 Malh Master tcactvlost you on maths E048 Stoam Engine v2 ....graphic & tutorial E049 Petrol Engine.. .tutorial 4 animate graphic E050 Gas Turbine Engine tutorial 4 graphic E051 Stirling Engine tutorial 4 arum graphic E052 Dream for Angel meaning of dream E053 Invisible World brilliant
recommended E054 Fish Tank . ...turn your amiga into fish tank E055 Demolition Mission simple game lor kid £056 World Power solve crossword puzzle £057 Worm Hole game ideal lor chAJ-en £059 Cross Mazo 4 Cryptcivig2 ... £060 Vorb Quiz . Find the word 4 it related.bm £062 Tarrot .clairvoyant m a instance E063 G allow ....fancy a game of hang marV E064 Maths Dn» ...teach all basic math sUi E065 Error info ...info why your amiga crash BLANK DISKS 10 e 3.99 20 0 6.50 50 0 12.50 100 0 22.501 WE ALSO SELL SONY PLAYSTATION. SEGA SATURN. AND PC GAMES. JOYSTICKS AND
4MB RAM EXPANSION FOR A4000, SX-1 AND A1200 RAM BOARD ... 8MB RAM EXPANSION FOR A4000 .... 16MB RAM EXPANSION FOR A4000 OR CHECK OUT THE SPECIAL RESERVE INTERNET SITE @ http: special.reserve.co.uk On-line, easy-to-use, secure ordering via Internet with free fast delivery. Cheat Zone. Game Links. 100‘s of game reviews & much, much more!
47. 99
59. 99 .39.99
79. 99
99. 99
4. 99
10. 99
4. 99
9. 99
12. 99
44. 99 A500 Software
m. ONG FORTRESS .....14.99 FOR THE ASHES .....9.99
m 100 SHAREWARE GAMES) 9.99 CRYPT ......11
99 K ARA CRICKET 96 • ..12.99 ¦CW FODDER
13.49 r RFOLD SQUARES .....4.99
lONSHIP MANAGER 2 9&97 2199 ENGINE ......9.99
ENGINE 2 92% • ....23.99 .TION
...13.99 IS CHESS X .4.99 GIRL
STRIP POKER ..11.99 KT CAPTAIN ...3 99
* GS. DATA DISK 94 95 .....9.99
...11.49 FxjHT
..9.99 i
...13 99
..15.99 T* NIGHT HAWK 9 99 STEALTH
4.99 1 GRAND PRIX .....7.99 GOOCH
* .12.99 FURY
SPECIAL RESERVE BOOK OF 1001 CHEATS ......1.99 UFO (XCOM) STRATEGIES AND SECRETS 13.49 FOUR AI200 GAMES FREE Lemmings, Trolls. Rome S Civilization OR FREE FOOTPEDAL Designed lo work in conjunction with joystick or steering wheel. Ideally suiled lo driving & flighl games.
170 MB 2.5" HARD DRIVE 250 MB 2.5" HARD DRIVE FIXING KIT FOR A1200 HARD DRIVE SIMM MEMORY 72 PIN. 70NS. 32-BIT. SUITABLE FOR MOST PC S LEADS ...17.99 .30.99 . .. .67.99 All pnees include VAT and carnage to MOST UK mainland addresses.
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R ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE & VAT Cheque P.O. Access Creditcharge Switch Visa _ lease use this box to add any optional fast delivery charge BLOCK CAPITALS please) Name & Address_ AMIGA FORMAT nter membership number (if applicable) or MEMBERSHIP FEE (ANNUAL £7.50) Some things are more important than playing games. Solving them completely is one of them which is why you've come to the right place.
Low-down dirty cheats are GameBusters' stock-in-trade. Dust don't admit to anyone that you've been here. Right?
Another big beasty attacks and you'll need something better than a dagger if you're to win through.
His game is donkey's years old, and it's not terribly good (AF19 61 %). But if we get letters asking for the solution, we can only assume that at least someone's trying to play it. Here then is the complete solution. I thank you.
T ? Go to the courtyard and collect some hay. Now go over to the souvenir shop and take the large shield. Then onto the armoury shop where we get the sword, crossbow and another large shield. Go to the library and take the spell-book and then go over to the kitchen and give it to Elvira.
? Take everything from the larder and ask Elvira to make Herbal Honey - then eat it!
? Now head upstairs and collect the laudanum from the bathroom and then search the bedrooms (make sure you don't enter the vampire's room yet) for crossbow bolts. Now go back downstairs and head for the garden shed - make sure you use the target range for practice on the way and keep looking in the bushes and trees for ingredients (you very rarely have too much of anything in this game).
? Once at the shed, take the key from the tin, plus the hammer, maggots and silver cross that are there. Now go to the herb garden and take everything that's close and then head back into the living room. Take both the fern and the wooden stake.
Now you've got the stake you can head up to the vampire's room and you should use the stake to kill her (hey! Even I'd have guessed that!).
Now get the crossbow bolt and vampire dust. Head straight to the blue room and take the Bible and have a look inside it.
? Go down to the torture chamber in the dungeon and get the salt. Now go up and out to the meadow. Using your crossbow, shoot the bird. Pick up a feather and a key and retrieve the crossbow bolt. Now go towards the maze, enter and head for the centre.
Along the way, pick up any herbs close by. Don't get too close to any goblins that may appear but shoot them as soon as you get the chance.
When you reach the middle of the maze you should see some eyes looking at you through the hedge.
? Choose an appropriate spell and shoot at the eyes. Once you've done this it's safe to enter the nest and get the ring. Look in the pond for ingredients too. Return to the kitchen but if the cook enters, throw some salt at her. Tell Elvira to make up spells. Now check out the dumb HELPING HANDS THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK I still enjoy playing The Empire Strikes Back but wondered if you have any cheats for it?
Clive Parker Lincoln Easy peasy Clive, and because you do indeed obviously read the mag try this: for the cheat mode load the game and on the title screen hold down the HELP key and type: XIFARGROTKEV Try this too: during the game if you press C, D or L then C3PO, Darth and Luke will appear. Finally if you press the number keys (but not on the keypad) you'll hear some groovy speech and sound effects.
Waiter (by clicking on it) and retrieve the key using the glowing prior spell.
Go into the chapel, take the prayer scroll and put the ring in the cross.
A hole will appear and if you enter you will find yourself underneath the altar.
Take the crown, use the prayer scroll, put the crown on the crusader and get the sword.
? Go to the battlements of the castle.
Shoot at the grey knight and note where he falls. Now head down to the dungeon and take the insects and the webs. Go into the torture chamber and there you will see a ring on the floor, pull it and take the bones and the key.
Now it's time to go to the catacombs.
Go over to the skull above the door and get the dragon's blood. Then dispose of the monster that stands in your way. Take the iron and stone keys and put the bones in the empty coffin.
? Go back to the torture chamber, take the tongs and go to the foundry.
Look in the box and take the crucible that you'll find there. Put this in the fire along with a crossbow bolt and a silver crucifix. Retrieve the silver bolt and head off to the stables. Shoot the dog using the silver bolt and get some horse hair.
? Go to the end stable and pull the ring. Take the key and head back to the kitchen. Use the tongs to get some coal and when you've got this head up to the turret where the cannon is. Light the cannon.
DESERT STRIKE & F1 STRIKE EAGLE II ? Go to the armoury and drop everything except your weapon. Wear the armour and knock off the gatekeeper before reading the notice.
Take the key and go back to the catacombs. Raise the lid of the coffin that doesn't have the bones you put in and you should now see a secret passage.
Enter and swim along until you are able to surface, then go down again to find the grill.
Unlock the grill and you'll find the grey knight. Take the key and go back up the wall and along the way gather some moss and then climb the broken tower and open the chest.
Inside you'll find a dagger and a scroll. Take both of these and go to the catacombs. Put the stone key in the stone key shaped indent and get rid of the handmaiden using a a spell.
Insert the crusader sword into the pentangle. Kill Elvira using the dagger and scroll and that’s it. You've finished at lastl I am writing you this letter to obtain some information about the the following games: Desert Strike and F1 Strike Eagle II.
Kurnauth Dharmasing Mauritius It's always nice to hear from the Mauritius branch of the Amiga Format fan club, so here are a few hints and tips for you: Desert Strike: try these level codes: Level two BQOQAEB Level three KULTOE Level four WEIVVJT and here's a cheat too: type the password as BQQQAEZ and you'll have 10 lives and infinite ammo.
F15 Strike Eagle II Pressing Ctrl, Alt and R during play renews your weapons supply.
SETTLERS I used to play Settlers ages ago and have been getting back into it. I used to have all the level codes but can't find 'em any more.
I've worked my way back up to level 18 but was wondering if you could give me the codes for the later levels because they were the best ones (if I remember correctly). Thanks in advance.
Steve Green London Happy to help Steve: Level 20 Beacon Level 21 Pasture Level 22 Omnus Level 23 Tribute Level 24 Fountain Level 25 Chude Level 26 Trailer Level 27 Canyon Level 28 Repress Level 29 Yoki Level 30 Passive LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or have a solution to a question in the magazine, don't keep it to yourself, write it down or send it in on a disk and we'll do our best to print it.
HELPING HANDS Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW Lords of the Another game that came out a long time ago and which people are still requesting tips for is this cracking (but not quite Format Gold) strategy feudal England management game. Feast your eyes on our top tips to get you to the top... Seasonal Tf*h* 20 E3E1 Gold. Crown per 100 head.
Dispatch-message f*| r mwm't} of "m Jok r Cruwiu. 40 -+-40 iron 0 f Wood ti Arms o S fs £ *¦ jk. V"T Vs & s_
- VA fa The treasury from AD 1267 AD 1326 OH 400 EE1 In order to
build castles and armies that produce results, finances have to
be kept under a tight rein.
Basic Strategy ? Your first goal should be to increase the population of the county you start with and this is best done with a decent farming program. As soon as you've got some men to spare though you've got to raise an army and defend the town cross. Fail to do this and your county will be completely undefended and therefore open to attack.
Are a cash crop... you can raise them fairly quickly and sell the wool they create ? Get involved in stone, wood and iron products as soon as you can or save up some funds to buy the resources you need. Start production as soon as possible but bear in mind that you're going to need a good sized population (about 1,000 men or above) before you start seeing much output.
England and Wales as they looked yesterday, 300 years ago. Probably.
? Once you have started production however you have to weigh the benefits of arming your troops with weapons first (which toughens them greatly, and makes it a lot easier to acquire new counties) or building a castle (which makes it much easier for you to fend off attacks against you).
? If you plan on expanding into a couple of counties quickly, you might as well wait to build a castle until you expand your territory. A castle is less useful in the centre of your kingdom because you're much less likely to be attacked there. Remember though, don't expand too quickly because it's important to keep each of your counties happy and growing at a nice steady rate.
Farming You may find it easier to specialise in one crop type in each county.
If you mix crops in a county you'll have to deal with the drawbacks that each crop has. The chances are you'll be short of food more often than if you'd specialised.
? Each crop type feeds people to different degrees but each type also grows at different rates.
Feeding and growth levels are balanced though, so each crop type produces the same amount of food in the long run. Use as many fields as you possibly can without going overboard. You don't want to create a decline in fertility or find yourself requiring a dis-proportionate number of serfs to look after the crops.
? For grain you should only use as many fields as you have labourers to look after them. But with any crop there will be events that appear from time to time that will kill them off, or destroy your stores, so it's always a good idea to have a little extra in reserve to cover these eventualities.
? Always make sure you keep some grain back for sowing. If you forget to do this and miss a sowing season you can lose a whole year's worth of food.
Remember that the grain you harvest has to last for four seasons.
? When you allocate labour for sowing, make sure you've got enough men to harvest the resulting crop. It takes 1.5 times as many men to harvest as it does to sow. If you can’t fully harvest the grain you may have to cut back on the sowing to save on grain and labourers. Don't overplant early on because one field can feed plenty of people and to farm too many hurts the fertility.
? Consider using grain when you're starting out as it's the cheapest crop.
Though it's very labour intensive and unlike cattle or sheep, you can build up a stockpile without having to worry about maintaining it.
Cattle Try not to eat your cattle - they don't give birth fast enough to replace what you'd probably eat. They are a viable food source however in that you can eat the dairy produce they generate each season without killing them. Invest in your herd by purchasing more cattle.
The birth rate just isn't enough to keep the herd growing without some outside influence.
Sheep Try not to eat your sheep - they don't give birth fast enough to replace what you'd probably eat. Sheep are a cash crop in that you can raise them fairly quickly and sell the wool they create for gold.
? Sheep are, like cattle, an indirect food source too. This is because you can use the gold you've got from the wool to buy grain. Used this way HINTS & TIPS sheep can feed as many people as any other crop.
? Because merchants have to convert the wool to grain however you must wait for them to arrive in your county (and they've got to sell both sheep and grain), so it's a good idea to stockpile your grain to hold your people through famine times when the merchants aren't arriving.
? To get a sizeable flock in a reasonable time you may wish to buy additional sheep from a merchant.
? Sheep only give birth in one season a year so you won't see 'em growing every season but their annual birth rate is significantly higher than that of cattle.
Building an army Any type of weapons at least double the effectiveness of your fighters. Build or buy weapons as soon as possible. Use maces and axes for a more aggressive army because they are much better on the attack. Use spears and axes for a more defensive army.
? Arm your soldiers with maces and spears if you're short on gold because their wages will be less this way. Archers and crossbows are invaluable for whittling down foes from a distance. No moderate to large army would be without them, after all.
Use knights only when you can afford their wages.
Fighting battles Surround your enemy to fight them from all sides. Attempt to lure your enemies into marshes and attack from the edge of the marsh. Use any knights you've got to outflank or outrun the enemy.
? Use your archers at the start of a battle and keep them out of hand-to- hand combat because they stop firing.
? If you can lower your enemy's morale from a distance using your archers it's perfectly possible to cause a rout without taking a single hit. For this very reason you should concentrate your efforts on removing enemy archers as soon as possible.
Defending against siege If your forces are large enough, try taking on the enemy in battle but be careful because you don't know what the enemy is armed with until the battle commences. If you plan on sallying forth, garrison some troops inside your castle. If you don't then don't waste weapons inside the castle walls but garrison your peasants inside the castle.
Designing castles Don't place the central defensive point on the outer edge of the castle as that makes it much easier for the enemy to launch infantry attacks on it.
Add plenty of storage space for food and men and halls are good for this.
? While building, look at the info box's listing for men and food for guidance. Castles tend to be capable of storing about two seasons' worth of food for the r largest possible garrison (at normal rations) so if you put less than the maximum amount of men in the castle you'll find the food reserves last longer.
? Remember that a moat buys extra time in a siege and requires only labour to build. Try for a concentric castle design with the central defensive point in the middle. Try starting with a small design though because you can expand later.
? Towers, gatehouses and keeps all add a defensive bonus to your side against infantry, ladder and tower attacks that happen within one square of them. Therefore, the best defended castles will place these structures no further than two squares apart so that their defensive ranges meet (clever eh?).
V Build a gatehouse on the castle otherwise you will be unable to head out or escape from a siege. There you go then folks, that should see the whole kingdom in your hands before very long!
Tom my GUN It shouldn't take any of you very long to get these yourself, but just in case you're particularly cack- handed, here are the level codes: 442244 Paradise Island Fairground Sky Fortress Space Mountain 867377 835000 730098 David Trenholme Darlington Primal Rage When swapping the final disk before a fight press the left mouse button instead of the joystick fire button.
Then if you're losing your fight press the mouse for a 'new challenger'.
Graeme McDouall Telford Tommy and his mate take on wild veggies. Release the trapped tomato by shooting the lock.
EXILE Here are a couple of additional cheaty type hints for anyone keen to use their Action Replay Cartridge. It gets pretty technical so don't come crying to us if you give it a try and get hopelessly stuck!
Freeze the game at the Action Replay screen type D 1199E at the prompt and press return. Keep pressing return for about 15 lines until you get a line saying RTS (end of routine).
There will be 3 lines in between these points saying ANDI.W 3FF (the first line) and ADDI.W 3FF and another ADDI.W 3FF,D0. If you change all of the 3FF values to 760 (by typing A instead of
D) then if you type D 108DE and list a few lines you will find a
line saying BTST 5. Change the 5 to 2. Now when you restart
the game you should find that you have increased firepower.
These codes work on the A500 version, the same changes can be done on the A1200 but the code is at a different memory address.
Oliver Pike Stratford upon Avon Not harmful directly, but the robot will usher you towards harm if you let it.
Vertigo takes to the air and swipes at Diablo with his tail. Tail swipes are good for knocking down the opponent's brain strength, but not much else.
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1997 AGA version features include:
• True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on
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T : ..la-fur ‘ y 'c wili's ¦IMfejji.i'TlJ'f Hmfl cuikiik! Of -•at L'239 PAP “If any product deserves 10 10, Ihis is it Andy McMillan Install & Setup The new main interface Kids Category selector Export screen 1'xpliH pcilniU** REPLACEMENT WORKBENCH RWB8-2 • WB1.2 (2disks) RW89-3- WB1.3 (3disksj RWBIO-3 • WB2.04 (3disks) RV®9-5- WB3.0 (5disks) PRINTER DRIVERS DRV5-1 • 100 Printer Drivers Aminet set one reduced!
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• .iViT- |N‘' i| r "eluded BHHBb|
• MHuiwKi.Va' the A- K
r. ciucft Manic Miner.
¦c i fiAfllty S-j da e. Mortv mole 71 Startrek, Thrust, Jet Set Willy, The 7A Hobbit, Strip Poker, Danger Mouse.
WU The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under I jffi J Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac. Barbarian.
W !¦ Sanxion and thousands of other classic I spectrum and C64 game files. All BBBjffJJ games are ready to run direct from CD, hU3000 Speccy 9ames ' 1'300 C64 SPECCY CD’87 & C64 GAMES,97 JKL.
Available for the month of publication only!
¦Mk Nothing But Gifs AGA LSD collectim One !S| licurnti ol Ihe very best 600mb ol the very +agos gif-n lor ¦ftAw+jv a ¦-- CD197X £5 99 PcD'9 f5 00 17bit 5th Dimension LSD collection Two OCOmb of ihe very besl Anolher 600mb ol Amiga PD software. JbjpgthA greet Amiga software.
UH Games. Demos. Utils BrlWhffl Games. Ulils and Betc CD157 £699 demos. CD78x £5 B ft Epic Encyclopedia r LSD collection Three The 1996 release. 1 ft 3 The third in the series JjJB Inc: 4mbAGA and of Amiga PD sott- 2mbECS versions. HD ware. Rated 90%-ish.
Required. CD222x £20 ft WI W CD127x £5.00 Includes KL0SIVK IJTO footage, »*wr before seen Features Include: ’10 Subject catagories.... UFOs, Strange-Life. Unusual-natural- Phenomena. Ghosts. Paranormat-Persons, Mmd-over-Matter. The Unexplained, Myths-and-Legends. Mysticism and Freaks-of-Nature.
• Thousands of pictures...
• Hundreds of samples Many articles have full spoken dialog.
• Dozens of huge film-clips.... Including AA files
(Audio&Visual) films 'j Rr ::n!i-ii:ndinl. I'll r;:n. • OFC:.‘
re 030-040-060 processor enhanced IJ IPARANORMAL ENCYCLOPEDIAS
exciting mew Amiga I Multimedia titles featuring hun- I dreds
of detailed articles covering ft every thing from UFOs to Sea-
I creatures. Spoon-bending, H Ghosts, Aliens and much more.
¦ Film-clips, Samples. Aniinalions Colour mono photo's and more.
- ";,c rI cm ¦Qm L. JhtnG. Robocop, Batman. Total ~ Recall.
2001. Aliens and many more. .
People. Places, Sci-fi.
Space, and more.
Amiga Catalogue Disk Contains mfoim.itimi on ®pr6000 Amu in Public- Domain Odfnos Donuts, •iiuI utilities, .isweII Ss a full list ol over I !S0 Amitj.i Of) ROMS • ge 1B', AMINET FOR £10.99 '.‘.'HEN YOU JOIN OUH SUPER SUBSCRIPTION.
I Available now, the standard I A1200'“ version of the well ¦ loved Epic Encyclopedia.
This release has a new ’one-screen* interface but contains the same amount of articles.
HD not required, rii rnpfe Around 6,000 all-lime classic Commodore i 64 sid (game) music I tracks. 100% just I like Ihe original.
Just (CD223C) £7.99 CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE ON: 01793 432176 Oh yesl more worms contains hundreds of I new levels and data to enhance Worms'" 5 even more... AMINET SUBSCRIPTION EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Just £9.99 (CD201) A new mu t -media
- ifi, Hi any IncLdes details cn i Time * avc . SCI--I series.
JPO peep Abductions. The JFK assassination. Voodoo, Crop
Circles and all things Unexplained.
(CD433) £24.99 This CD contains a mixed bag of L 39H information thni NOBODY '.',(1 • LAFbBm you to know ¦li * Fm about, and Id* ' 11 includes tons of megabytes of text documents and photographs relating to UFO sightings, etc. rni7Qi ENCOUNTERS ™ INSIGHT DINOSAURS Insight dinosaurs has been produced in association with The Natural History Museum in London. It features hun- i dreds of photo's, illustra- l tions. Video clips, narration I and sound effects.Includes 1 both ECS & AGA versions.
(CD114) £19.99 DeskTop-VIDEO CD 2 (CP404) £14.99 This new CD contains hundreds of new backdrop textures. Over 200 full colour antialiased fonts in sizes upto 200pts. Video titling clipart I and loads more Video tools etc. (produced by Almathera) Includes: SCALA _Uunljuis over 1000 digital elevation maps for use with
• is Lightwave3D.
I . VistaPro. Scenery r,- Animator ( 1 andWorld “ Construction Kit.
Includes thumbnail renders.
DEM-ROM (CD203) £14.99 Mov V.iko- Mr S;:cciul H ft - ir BiH special ¦|M 1 ettecls.
Req: AGA Amiga. 4mb ram SFX (CD184x) £19.99 Fax:01793514187 PLEASE SUPPLY PRIORITY ORDER FORM email: epiaraiketing@dialin.net ITEMS NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS Send to: EPIC 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, UK. SN2 2NF Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 6:00pmts Overseas Orders: +441793 514188
• If you live in Australia or New-Zealand you can[purchase any of
our CD-ROMs from our Sydney based office. Send your orders to:
EPIC. 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW. 2233 Tel: (02)9 520 9606
Fax: (02) 9 520 6077 Tor prices in Australian SSS simply double
the UK £££ prices listed.
TOTAL GOODS VALUE Issue: POSTAGE & PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED Dave Cusick once more sifts eagerly through the contents of the PD and Shareware mailbag.
SOREFIST By ..Snake soft Ware .Licenceware PD Library .....Fl Licenceware No of disks .....One Price £3.99 + 75p P&P When I was a schoolboy in the early eighties, practically all my friends owned a horrifically rubbery 48K ZX Spectrum. I used to laugh at the tacky keyboard feel and the noisy and sometimes unreliable software loading procedure. But their computers had a whole 16K more than my trusty Acorn Electron and a far wider range of software at their disposal, so my criticisms may well
have been fuelled by jealousy.
A few' of those friends spent hours on end playing a game called Renegade, an unimaginative but reasonably addictive beat-em-up featuring traditionally Spectrum- esque monochromatic graphics and ropey animation. Renegade was later followed by a sequel which I believe was (in a fit of originality) christened Target Renegade.
Over a decade later, Sorefist is an attempt to bring the violent fun of Renegade to the Amiga. In contrast to the memory-efficient multi-load Spectrum version, Sorefist requires a megabyte of chip memory to function. However, with colourful graphics, a smattering of sampled musical effects and a reasonable array of fancy moves on offer, this is a definite improvement on the original, in terms of presentation if not necessarily in terms of gamcplay.
As well as four difficulty levels there is also a Turbo Mode, in which the action becomes blisteringly fast and smooth and the gameplay apparently tougher.
Whilst Sorefist is scarcely a beat- em-up of StreetFighter 2 calibre, it is nevertheless a commendable attempt to breathe new' life into an 8-bit classic.
OFFENDER By Fred Bayer Ware ...Shareware PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 + 75p P&P Another attempt to recapture the magic of a classic of yesteryear, Offender is a near-perfect recreation of the infamous Williams coin-op Defender. It requires an Amiga with an 020 or faster processor and an KPU, and whilst the graphics are scarcely stunning (being based as they are on those of an aging arcade machine) the result is a game offering some extremely slick and smooth
blasting action.
In case you happen to have been living on a remote desert island for the last fifteen or more years, the objective in Defender And its many clones is lo use your highly manoeuvrable space fighter to protect humanoids from abduction by alien landing craft. If an alien craft gets hold of a humanoid, you must quickly locate the craft and destroy it, then catch the falling humanoid and safely return it to the surface of the planetoid below. Wave after wave of alien starships must be fought off, so the odds are greatly stacked against you.
As well as the usual laser beams you have at your disposal a hyperspace drive, which can be used in emergencies to whisk your starship instantaneously to another part of the planetoid. You also get a few smart bombs, which wipe out every alien craft on the screen at the moment of detonation.
Offender is every bit as playable and addictive as the arcade original.
Unfortunately this demo version only contains two levels, so seasoned Defenders will finish it within a couple of minutes. However what is here serves handsomely to whet the appetite for the full version, which is available from the author for SI5.
The registered version also includes more sampled sounds than this demo.
PREMIER SIXES V1.6 By ....Robbie J Mappin Ware .....Freeware PD Library....available from author No of disks .....One Price £1.50 Football is, in the opinion of this particular reviewer and, I dare say, a large proportion of the population of England, the greatest sport ever conceived. In the wake of Euro 96 the Beautiful Game seems more popular than ever.
Given the opportunity, most football fans will happily drone on for hours about the sort of players and tactics their favourite teams ought to be using, a fact which might well explain the incredible success of many managerial games over the last few years. Whilst Championship Manager still reigns supreme as the ultimate footie management game, in recent months there have appeared a few' cheaper yet still eminently playable alternatives.
Premier Sixes, unsurprisingly enough, offers you the chance to guide one of ten top Premiership teams through a six-a-side tournament. With real life players who are all realistically rated, a variety of tactical options and plenty more besides, it offers a surprising amount of depth for a PD program.
The game is controlled via an intuitive mouse-driven interface, and runs on any machine with at least a megabyte of memory. Actual matches are presented in a similar fashion to Championship Manager, with a basic commentary for the highlights, and some standard crowd sound effects to accompany the goals and any near misses.
To free the beautiful spell. The game take PD Libi-ary FI Licenceware the form of an attractively presented, No of disks ..Four viewed-from-above castle romp, boasting Price ......£6.99 + 75p PtjfP a multitude of sampled sound effects which really add a new dimension to the Without a doubt. Dark Citadel is one of the adventure. Whenever Marlon attempts to most accomplished budget adventure perform an action, he tilts his head games to have appeared for some time. In upwards and tells you whether or not he the mould of
commercial offerings such as has been successful.
Valhalla, it is a polished brain-bender Whilst the author has deliberately which is sure to provide hours of tried to avoid producing a game in which entertainment. Incorrect actions lead to death, or in which The plot is suitably contrived, casting a minor omission on one level renders the the player as the brave knight Marlon. Game incompletable, Dark Citadel could who must enter the Dark Citadel to find a scarcely be described as unchallenging.
There are three levels, each one containing sufficient puzzles to keep even the most proficient adventurer occupied for quite some time.
In addition to the pleasing graphics and superb sound effects, Dark Citadel has an intuitive interface and a responsive joystick control system. In short, it is extremely hard to fault and would make a far better purchase than many commercial alternatives. It requires a megabyte of memory to run, and because the numerous sound samples have to be loaded from disk, a hard drive is also extremely useful, if not absolutely essential.
Power of the full package, but to make it fully usable in its own right.
Premier Sixes is apparently available in three different flavours - English, French and Italian. On completion of the game a special code is displayed, and as an added bonus the author has said that the first person to send him that code will win a free copy of his next game.
PRETIUM DEMO By David On- Ware ...Shareware PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 + 75p P&P Pretium is, according to its author, “a quality personal finances software package” which is "as simple to use as writing in your checkbook [or chequebook, as we Brits might say...], but advanced enough to take advantage of the power of your Amiga”.
The program works by allowing you to create groups of accounts, the idea being dial an individual might for instance have a savings account, a cheque account, and various credit card accounts all grouped together.
Providing you are running Pretium in a screcnmode with at least 16 colours, the various accounts are displayed in different shades so as to make differentiation easier. The example accounts group, though rather brief, clearly illustrates the way in which the system works.
Entering account details is a reasonably simple process, although it might take some getting used to, not least because using the TAB key to move between fields is more a standard Windows feature than one familiar to Workbench veterans.
Once entered, transactions are automatically sorted by date. Account reports can be easily generated, and these can of course be printed out for future reference.
Pretium is actually a commercial package costing $ 54.95, but there are enough features enabled in this demo version not only to hint at the Amongst other features, the full version is capable of importing and exporting data in the Quicken Interchange Format (QIF), meaning account details can be readily moved between your Amiga and Macintosh or Windows machines.
AMIGA CLUB INTERNATIONAL UTILITIES By Various Ware Various PD Library Roberta Smith DTP No of disks .....One Price ..90p +f50p P&fP This disk contains a triumvirate of utilities, ranging from the indispensable to the frankly rather specialised.
DiskSalv2 is perhaps the single most useful disk salvaging program ever conceived (except, presumably, for its commercial successor DiskSalv
3) . Capable of recovering data long after opposing programs have
given up and pronounced a hard drive partition well and truly
mangled, it will happily restore precious files to a handy
target directory. It was created by Dave Haynie, something of
a legend amongst long-term Amiga users anyway, and indeed it
is amongst the most worthwhile candidates for Shareware
registration in the entire history of our beloved machine. It
is nothing short of essential.
Top 10 courtesy of: 5TH DIMENSION LICENCEWARE 1 Lower Mill Close • Goldthorpe • Rotherham • S. Yorks S63 NBY WHERE TO GET THE DISKS 5th Dimension Licenceware 1 Lower Mill Close Goldthorpe Rotherham South Yorks S63 9BY Tel: 01709 888127 email: Phil@ware5d.demon.co.uk Classic Amiga Software 11 Deansgate Radcliffe Manchester M26 2SH Tel: 0161 723 1638 F1 Licenceware 31 Wellington Road Exeter Devon EX2 9DU Tel: 01392 493580 email: steve@f1lw.demon.co.uk North Staffs PD PO Box 476 Stoke on Trent ST1 2JY Tel: 01782 279670 Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 6JE
Tel: 0181 455 1626 Robbie J Mappin Holywell Cottage Wentworth Road Swinton South Yorks S64 8LA Other good PD libraries Trark2l:ile is a Freeware program which allows you to rip files from NDOS disks and save them to any device in either original or decompressed form. It recognises a wide variety of file headers (81 of them, in fad), many of them specific to certain commercial games.
Although legally it is probably on precarious ground, Track2FiIf might prove useful to some.
Finally, Fabrizio Farenga's Easy 1541 allows owners of old Commodore 1541 and compatible
5. 25” drives to access them from their Amiga, via a cable
plugged into the parallel port and a supplied set of commands.
Whilst the latter two programs will doubtless be of limited appeal, DiskSalv2 is of such incredible value to all Amiga owners that those without a copy would do well to get hold of this disk.
WHITE RABBITS By ......Andy J Campbell Ware .Licenceware PD Library 5th Dimension No of disks .....One Price £3.95 + 50p P&P Ever since Lemmings proved just how successful a good puzzler could be, programmers everywhere have strived to produce a simple yet addictive game that could simultaneously tax the old grey matter and entertain Joe Public for more than a few minutes at a time.
White Rabbits is the latest such attempt. Whilst it is not quite in the same league as any of the games featuring those lovable suicidal rodents, it manages to be reasonably engaging and thought-provoking.
The objective is to guide a rabbit through 60 levels, avoiding traps and reaching the exits within increasingly strict time limits. The game is mouse controlled, with a couple of clicks causing our brave bunny to eagerly about as necessary.
With passable if unspectacular graphics and a few bearable tunes to accompany the action, While Rabbits manages not to annoy, even if it does fall some way short of audio visual excellence. Presentation is largely a secondary consideration in games of this kind anyway, and importantly White. Rabbits has both a responsive control mechanism and plenty of long-term appeal. Since a good deal of gaming awaits those prepared to give it a chance, it should not disappoint the puzzle.game fanatic.
EGG SCRAMBLE By Entactogenic Design Ware ...Shareware PD Library .....North Staffs PD No of disks .....One Price ..50p + 75p P&P I must confess to having been eggstremely eggcited when I First caught white of this title. Would it be better than the nest or might it not be a hatch on the competition? It really wouldn’t matter feather or not it was any good, I decided, hatching a plan simply to use the game as an opportunity to crack some feeble volks which everyone would have bird a thousand times before.
Egg Scramble is a bizarre platform- based arcade game in which you play a bird competing against a computer controlled feathery foe to collect eggs and transport them to your nest.
Making things rather more interesting are a variety of collectable bonuses which have varying effects, both on your score and on the gameplay in general.
The presentation throughout is nothing short of excellent, and the attractive intro screens are accompanied by suitably catchy music. Egg Scramble, also has some of the busiest in-game graphics I have ever seen in a Shareware game, with all soi ls of strange things flying around the screen.
Impressively the programmers have managed to maintain a frenetic pace throughout, with the numerous sprites not causing any noticeable slowdown in the action.
There are only three levels in this demonstration version, but the full version, available from the authors for a fiver, features fifty levels, as well as extra music, a saveable high-score table and numerous other enhancements. Cj APPLAUP SOFTWARE 33 York Road, Church G-resley, Swadlincote Derbyshire DEI1 9Q£ Fast thinking puzzle game comprising: 1 ¦ Intuitive Controls I ¦ Tutorial Mode 1 "Jn ¦ Learn as you play r ihwioimi m ¦ Challenging difficulty curve I 1 ¦ Toe tapping tunes I ¦ Multitudes of power ups I 1 ¦ Random level mode I ¦ Bonus sub game s and much more...! -3 ARWI&A
FORMAT - "(rood md Solid” 77% AMI&A COMPUTING - "...Challenging wd well presented” Please send me copies of ‘Blockhead’ for £14-99 (inc P&P) for the Amiga I enclose a cheque PO IMO for_(payable to ‘Applaud Software’) Name _Address_ _Postcode_ Please note: ‘Blockhead* requires a minimum of l-5Mb of memory to run.
Experts on the Amiga &VideO peripherals Super Scan fe External AMIGA RGB CVBS (Video) SVHS (Y C) PC 1 to VGA double scan converter For all AMIGA users and PC users using VGA monitor display AMIGA, PC, VCR, TV programmes and TV games.
Special design suitable for AMIGA 500, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 computers.
Connects to the AMIGA 23pin RGB port.
Adapts all the inputs to standard 31.5KHZ VGA signal. Gives better and clearer display on your small-pitch, high resolution VGA monitor.
• Supports switchable AMIGA (RGB), SVHS (Y C), CVBS (Video). PC
Specially designed flicker-free daughterboard - optional. When this board is installed it will eliminate the flicker phenomenon from all AMIGA 15k modes.
• 8Mb true zero wait state ram card for AMIGA A1200.
• With clock and TWO FPU SOCKETS: PGA and PLCC.
• Uses the standard 72pin Simm module: 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb or 8Mb.
• Battery backed up RTC included.
• Fully compatible with PCMCIA card, and specially designed
re-location of memory into C0-D7 to get more memory when using
the 8Mb SIMM.
• Very good performance (2.33 times than A1200, tested by Sysinfo
• Memlink' software included.
Video Magician Internal Amiga to VGA double scan rate converter for AMIGA 2000, 3000. 4000 computers.
Double scans all AMIGA 15k video signals into VGA 31.5k signals. No AMIGA specification monitor needed.
• Supports all AMIGA display modes and FLICKER FREE with your
AMIGA in 15K mode.
» 24bit full colour resolution.
• With RGB encoded signal in CVBS, SVHS (Y C) output.
• 100% plug and play, no jumper or switch to be adjusted.
Automatically detects the NTSC PAL system and all modes of
AMIGA display for output in VGA, CVBS, SVHS.
• Strong expansion ability: a. Video decoder daughterboard -
optional: b. SVHS (Y C) Genlock daughterboard - optional.
• Flicker switch equipped - if you want to have a look at the
original flicker image of the AMIGA (Normally records the AMIGA
video signal into’ VCR so you can see the quality of display on
the VGA monitor as a preview), the flicker switch is very
Enquiries welcome Bio-Con Taiwan Corp. 1st Floor, No.2, Alley 8, Lane 223, Sec 4, Cheng-Kung Road, Nei-Hu, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-7902761 or 7927590 Fax: +886-2-7902730 E-Mail: biocon@msl.hinet.net All Brand names and trade-marks are the property of their respective owners.
Blittersoft At last there is a custom made Amiga 1200 Tower that provides all the expansion you could possibly want, whilst maintaining compatibility in a “future-proof' design! This fantastic system, sold exclusively by Blittersoft, allows you to upgrade in a unique manner: Amiga PC £ 89.95 £ 89.95 £299.95 The Infinitiv 1200 Tower is custom made for the A1200. In it's standard form, it is a Midi sized unit which is upgradable with "snap-on" 3.5”and 5.25" bays. The motherboard is mounted on a slide in tray for easier installation. There are various add-on modules available but we also provide
two complete kits, detailed below : Infinitiv A1200 PCI : Infinitiv Tower, Uprated PSU. Built in Keyboard adaptor (Amiga PC), PCMCIA adaptor. Expansion l»oard offering Zorro II x 5, ISA x 2, PCI x 2 and full Video slot. £369.95 Infinitiv 1200 PCI KB : As above but includes an external case and cable to re-house your existing A1200 Keyboard. £399.95 £379.95 Picasso IV is a completely new development comprising a superb new Graphics system, flicker fixer, 4 channel stereo selector and amazing expansion capabilities!
64-hit Cirrus CLGD 5446 Chip 4Mb Fast EDO RAM On-board Flicker Fixer VGA O p, Stereo in out, Video S-VHS FBAS in out, TV in. Amiga Audio in. CD-ROM Audio in Genlock compatible with Pablo II New Picasso 96 Software Ports for additional MPEG. TV-Tuner 3D Chip and Sound Modules Tower Upgrade Kits for the A4000 The A4000 can also be upgraded to increase the number of Zorro III slots as well as add PCI and ISA slots for our “all-in-one” Pentium cards. This opens up the same Amiga Mac PC power house that the Infinitiv range gives to the A1200. In addition, the full height Tower unit also vastly
increases the expansion capabilities for new peripherals.
Our system comprises of a full height Tower offering huge expansion capabilities as well as 7 Zorro III slots, 3 PCI slots, 3 ISA slots and 1 Video slot.
Amazing performance can be achieved with l**e * 200. So why not add a ppC f°r high powered accelerator!
Has atrl Blizzard 1260 (50MHz) for A1200 £399.95 Blizzard 1240T ERC (40MHz) £249.95 Blizzard PPC 603e (Requires 68030) £279.95 SCSI-II for all CyberStorm versions SCSI-II for Blizzard 1260 and 1240 Tower 4000 PCI System Picasso IV 4Mb Infinitiv Tower + Amiga PC Keyboard interface £159.95 Infinitiv 3.5" “Snap-on” bay £ 12.95 PCMCIA Adaptor £ 24.95 Infinitiv Zorro II ISA PCIA ideo expansion £189.95 External Keyboard case £ 49.95 IDE Cable 2.5” to 3.5” £ 14.95 Infinitiv uprated PSU £ 49.95 Infinitive 5.25” “Snap-on” bay £ 29.95 Infinitiv Video Slot Interface £ 39.95 Power Adaptor £ 9.95 Windows
95 Keyboard £ 19.95 High Density Infinitiv Floppy £ 59.95 Macintosh Add a performance PC!
Our PC Pentium Boards are easily fitted to the Infinitiv Tower system. This means that you can take advantage of a super-fast Pentium system (up to P200!) All conveniently located in a stylish case.
O Processors from P75 to P200 3 2 x Serial Ports. x Parallel Pori O PCI or ISA based systems O EWE and Cache O Floppy and HDD Controller. Keyboard socket O 64Mh RAM capability.
O OnBoard SVGA output on ISA model Pentium PCI Board £349.95 Pentium ISA Board - On hoard VGA £369.95 Pentium CPU 1 RAM Pentium P120 £ 99.95 Pentium Pi33 £129.95 Pentium P150 £149.95 Pentium P166 £249.95 Pentium P200 £429.95 8Mb SIMMs £ 39.95 16Mb SIMMs £ 89.95 32Mb SIMMs £149.95 8x CD ROM drive (Internal SCSI) £149.95 PCI S3 ViRGK 2Mb 3D (U G 4Mb) £ 59.95 Sound Blaster AWE 32 PnP £149.95 Integrate, add a Mac!
The Siamese System is the means to allow the Amiga and PC to integrate neatly.
O Single Monitor automatically switches between PC and the Amiga Screen.
O Share Keyboard and Mouse across both platforms.
O Serial networking with all Amiga mounted PC drives.
O High speed SCSI network with suitable SCSI interfaces.
O Read and Write on any PC Drive at high speed, including Networked Drives.
O Text Clipboard, Cut and Paste between Amiga and PC.
O Full Arexx support built in.
O Share Printer, all Amiga output sent to PC printer.
O Access to low cost PC products eg. 16 bit Sound Cards.
O Amiga MCI controller from AmigaDos or Arexx, (Media Control Interface).
O RTG - Retarget the Amiga video to your PC Video board!
Siamese System 2.0 £ 199.95 Siamese-Mac Pack 2.0 £219.95 Also includes a full Macintosh emulation module.
PHASE 5 HAAGE AND PARTNER CyberStorm MKII 060 (50MHz) for Storm C v2.0 £229.95 A4000IT) or A3000(T) £479.95 Storm C v2.0 - Upgrade option £149.95 CyberStorm MKII 040 ERC (40MHz) for Send in your original disks from ANY language!
A4000(T) or A3000(T) £319.95 StormC Starter £ 99.95 CyberStorm PPC 604e-150 • £499.95 StormW'izard 2.0 £ 49.95 CyberStorm PPC 6O4e-l80 • £359.95 Storm C Starter + Storm Wizard £124.95 CyberStorm PPC 604e-200 * £699.95 ArtEffect £ 69.95 SCSI-II for all CyberStorm versions £ 89.95 ArtEffect 2.0 £149.95
• All require 68W0 or 68060 placed in socket VARIOUS VILLAGE
TRONIC CatWeasel - Floppy controller. Interfaces a PC High
Picasso IV £299.95 density disk drive to read Amiga. PC and
many other Picasso 11+ £199.95 floppy formats at high speed.
Pablo Video Encoder £ 79.95 CatWeasel 1200 £ 59.95 Ariadne £149.95 CatWeasel 4000 £ 59.95 AmiTCP £ 69.95 OS3.I packs A500 600 1500 2000 £ 74.95 Graffiti Chunky Graphics adaptor £ 59.95 OS3.1 packs A1200 3000 4000 £ 89.95 Aweb-II E 39.95 OS3.1 A500 600 1500 2000 ROM only £ 44.95 AsimCDFS 3.5 £ 49.95 OS3.1 A1200 3000 4000 ROMs only £ 59.95 MasterlSO £129.95 MainActor Broadcast £149.95 ImageVision £ 49.95
I. iana Network cable + Envoy (I.8M) £ 59.95 World Construction
Set 2 £279.95 Liana Network cable + Envoy (5.0M) £ 69.95 ACE
(Atari 800) and Apple 11 Emu's £ 19.95 QPCx is an all new
(Software only)80x86 emulation for any 68020+ Amiga! With
features such as CPU Transcription, CD-ROM and ASP1 drivers,
VGA SVGA graphics, Soundblaster support, video card support
etc.. Pcx is the most advanced software PC emulator available
for the Amiga!
Pcx £ 49.95 Fusion is a multitasking colour Mac emulation.
) Works on all Amiga's w ilti 68020 or better processor ) Supports EM I’I.A NT hardware if present ) Supports all modern Macintosh operating systems (7.1.0 through 7.6) Virtual Mcmorj support (System 7.5.0 or Inter and M.MU required I } 68060 compatible (oplimnl code is used when 68060 Is deteclcdl ) Support for Piri»sso96 and Cybrrgraphx. Allowing virtually any video hoard to he used.
D Workbench video driver v«ith autoscrolling displaying up to 256 colours T Support for OCS. ECS. And AA video hardware ) Support for (iraflili hardware Custom QuickDraw replacement yields up to 6 video performance'.
:) Multiple video display support (up to 6 screens al the same time) On the fly resolution switching (System 7.5.0 or laicr) Custom chunky to planar conversion for fastest possible Amiga hardware graphics (2x the speed or EMPI.ANT's MACPRO video drivers!)
Slcreo audio via Amiga audio hardware } Slcreo audio via AMI com pliant devices ) hihcrTalk (requires Amiga Ethernet board) ) AppleTalk (requires EMPI.ANT hardware) Support for up to 14 virlual MAC devices, inrluding partitions, hardlllrs.
And virtual floppy drives Support for the CatWcavel disk drive enhancement Hulll-in CD-ROM support Direct SCSI and Serial access though EM PLANT hardware Serial and parallel support through any Amiga or compulihlr port Huilt-in flic transfer translation with filtering Clipboard sharing tTKXT only) Custom FPL' routines for high performance floating point operations ) '»100 hand optimised 68K assembly language for best possible performance ) Support for 256K. 512K. And 1 meg Macintosh ROMs ) Upgradable to PowerMac emulation when Amiga PowerPC boards become available (will require PowerMac ROMs)
Minimum Requirements: J Amiga compuier with 6X020 or beller processor (FPU recommended I } 4 Mb of memory and 20 Mb of hard drive space System 7.1.0 or later High density floppy drive 256K Macintosh ROMs Recommended Minimum Configuration: Amiga with 680.»0 or better processor w FPl' and Mmll } 8 Mb of memory and 50 Mb of hard drive vpaec ACA Amiga or video board System 7.5.0 or later 2s CD-ROM drive High density floppy drive ) 5I2K Macintosh ROMs Blittersoft Distribute Some Of The Leading Amiga Products Available - Take a look!
. 25k Surcharge on Access Visa (not debit cards). All prices fully inclusive of VAT. Postage and id specifications may change wit bool notice. Please telephone to confirm acknowledged. All orden subject to our terms and conditions of trading.
Trade enquiries welcome.
Blittersoft 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhlll Industry, Milton Key nes. MK8 OER. UK.
WemEMBTnmW**'--' e-mail: sates $ blit tersafl.com CONTENTS f*Th In-depth reviews of hardware and software that you can trust SERIOUSLY J IMAGINE 5 Just in case you're wondering - the red hair was originally for Comic Relief (I managed to raise £65), but now it's with me for a while, in these pages at least.
The news that Gateway have made a successful bid for Amiga Technologies couldn't have come at a better time. We have a lot of great products to show them that our favourite computer is still alive and well and really pushing the software and hardware envelope further with each passing month.
All we really need now is a fast processor for all those 3D packages... Has Imagine 5 been left behind by competitors with less features but far better ease of use?
Graeme Sandrford investigates.
PAGESTREAM 3.2 wrymoEq It's been a long time coming, but * mmL.uu Soft-Logik's DTP program is finally out of . V. . " beta. We find out if it's worth the wait.
Ben Vost WEB EXPLOSION Filling a CD with stuff for the web isn't easy because the §5 I 1 k- files are so small, but here we have two! Ben Vost offers §§ * his verdict on this bumper package.
T) MAKECD 2.1 'Ztttt Nick Veitch takes a gander at the latest
version of this innovative CD writing software.
Pat McDonald cruises back to ® give us his valued opinion on the ultimate CD32 upgrade.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
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AMIGA.NET | New person alert! I Cuddly Dave " Cusick gets all muddy.
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Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
40-49% J RDB-SALV Your hard drive gone up in smoke? No longer recognised by Workbench? You need RDB Salv as Ben Vost found out.
W long TERM REVIEW Our third long term test concentrates on Dopus 5.5. CD-ROM ROUND-UP Those silver discs just keep on spinning and Nick Veitch is there to give you his insights on A what makes them great. WORKBENCH No problem too tough, no question too rough, I for Graeme our top notch Amiga buff.
Under 40% The absolute pits.
Oft 00§®(a] ft® (b® ft Gil® Kn)0|]®'7S [pm®©[f®Dml - feoflft Di)®W® ft&Q® ®®K(i]|p@ftBft®[r§ g®Qflg)Di)ft Qfl[p)T ©dtodld® SamcsOBfeo Fora(°J§ ©Mft There have always been programs that take the Amiga beyond being just a games machine with a keyboard. The package that managed to get the most people to drop theirjoysticks and start to do creative things was Deluxe Paint.
However close behind this landmark product was a program called Turbo .St wwhich, while not as popular, caused almost as much of a stir through its revolutionary nature.
Detailed model of a US military Jeep even has a set of spades and shock absorbers - most impressive.
Turbo Silver was one of the first 3D modelling and rendering programs that would enable any Amiga-owner (with "Most sensible 3D programs integrate as many features as possible into a few, or even one, editor."
Surprisingly low system requirements) to create images infinitely more exciting and inventive than the shiny balls and chequered surfaces that most other affordable computers were so proud of In time the program's features and user-base grew larger and its name was from Turbo Imagine.
After a while into a ’ ’m“r' bitter and long period of competition with a program called Real 3D. This proved very healthy for both programs as both reached new levels of functionality and power. In the end Imagine, aided no doubt by distribution of 130,000+ copies of version 2 as a cover mount on issue 53 of Amiga Format, established itself as the Amiga’s favourite 3D package.
TOUGH COMPETITION However, things have moved on and there are a lot more 3D programs available and Imagine, now in incarnation number 5.0, certainly has its work cut out if it’s going make an impression on this market let alone regain its leadership. To be quite frank, Imagine 4.0 failed miserably to provide enough new features or a sufficiently optimised interface to make it a viable- choice for anyone who’s interested or already experienced in 3D animation when programs like Real 3D and Lightwave are about.
Strictly speaking the program’s problems don’t really lie in its range of features, in this respect it more than holds its own against Cinema 41) and is almost on par with Real 3D. However the area where Cinema 4D (and even the notoriously difficult to use Real 3D) COMPARING AMIGA 3D PROGRAMS The Forms Editor is probably the part of Imagine that is most over-looked, but it does have some interesting and sometimes even useful features. This editor is used for building models and works on a cross-section basis where the user defines several key cross-sections and the program attempts to smoothly
link them together. The result, not without some degree of effort, is usually smooth or organic objects. These can then be loaded into the Detail Editor where they can be further modified.
You will probably spend most of your time in the Detail Editor. It has the majority of the program’s primary model tools and it is also the editor that has benefited suffered from the most new additions. You can choose from a wide selection of primitive objects or use the program’s extrusion, rotation and sweeping functions to craft your own.
The Detail Editor also has an extensive range of object manipulation tools that enable you to pull, bend, stretch, taper and otherwise modify your object.
Program name Cinema 4D 3 Imagine 5.0 Lightwave 5 Real 3D Particle system no limited third-party extensive options Bones none yes yes yes Inverse kinematics limited yes extensive extensive Collision detection no no third-party yes Procedural textures no extensive yes limited Fractal landscapes yes no no yes Fractal trees plug-in no no yes Spline modelling yes limited limited extensive NURBS modelling no yes yes no Lens flares yes limited extensive limited Object deformation yes extensive yes yes Shrink-wrapping no no no extensive No. Of editors 1 7 2 1 Text features plug-in yes yes limited "Of
all the 3D packages available for the Amiga, Imagine has by far the largest selection of procedural textures."
Completely out-classes Imagine is the design of its interface. Most sensible 3D programs integrate as many features as possible into a few, or even one, editor.
But Imagine has all of its features spread across a quite ludicrous number.
It has been quite saddening to witness this poor program struggling over the years to keep pace with other 3D packages, while mercilessly burdened with more and more features without sufficient modifications to the interface to accommodate them. It's a bit like trying to turn a Mini into a people carrier by simply adding more seats. Imagine 5.0 now has no fewer than seven separate editors.
The metallic bits reflection map applied to them while body work has linear gradient.
For the benefit of those of you that have not used Imagine before, or at least not recently, we’ll briefly go through the editors and their functions.
The first that you will encounter is the Project Editor. You are taken straight here when Imagine is run and this is where you create or load a project and then return to render it. Here you can control things like the rendering method, picture size, camera effects, motion blur and file formats.
ATTENTION TO DETAIL This is also the editor that is used to define the surface properties of your objects. Of all the 3D packages available for the Amiga, Imagine has by far the largest selection of procedural textures and from version 4.0, you have been given control over how they interact if more than one is applied to the same object.
To help you visualise what your surface will look like when applied, the attributes requestor provides a preview of your surface mapped on to either a sphere or plane. And to further aid your modelling endeavours the Detail Editor also sports a NURBS-like blobs tool and the ability’ to apply Stage FX to your objects.
Speaking of stages the Stage Editor, as the name suggests, is the place where you bring all of the objects that you have created and set the scene or stage that they will finally be rendered on. You are given full control over adding lights and positioning the camera. The Stage Editor is also used for creating animations.
However this is not the place where you edit things like ambient lighting, backgrounds, global fog or even apply Stage Fxs. These things are handled in the Action Editor - yet another editor.
The two remaining Editors are the Spline Editor and the Cycle Editor. The Cycle Editor is probably the Form Editor's only competitor for the title of‘‘Most Unused Editor”.
Many of its features would have been better located in the Stage Editor. The Spline Editor is the program’s only implementation of spline-based modelling and it is hardly complete. It is pretty much limited to the construction of spline-based font objects which are then converted to polygons. While it does a good job of Imagine provides fairly intuitive hierarchical control of objects, which make animating hinges like this door easy.
"talented people have been doing great things with the program for years."
Doing this, a lot more should have been done with it and similar results can be achieved within the Detail Editor.
NEW ADDITIONS Well those are Imagine's main features (for a more detailed list see the feature comparison table), but what are the new additions to Imagine 5.0? Well there aren’t quite as many as you might have expected - in fact there are only two; support for Cybergraphics » screens and an r Arexx port. Of t course both are I welcome additions but hardly huge leaps forward in 3D E program P development, f The feature most needed - a severe revamping of the interface - is still missing. There are undoubtedly a great deal of potential benefits to be had from adding an Arexx port to a 3D
program, Lightwave being a prime example, but Imagines implementation of Arexx doesn’t make up for the short comings of the interface. If you are looking for guidance in creating your own Imagine Arexx scripts you will find a helpful and comprehensive list of commands, but no example scripts are supplied on disk or included in the documentation.
FEATURE PACKED The program does have a lot to offer in terms of features. There is a decent particle system, advanced (if somewhat confusing) bones, inverse kinematics and extensive modelling tools. But despite how good it might look on paper, when you are using a 3D program for pleasure you don’t want to be grappling with an unnecessarily complicated interface. If you are looking for a 3D program for professional use you will find the time overheads extremely costly.
I would certainly recommend tracking down a copy of Real 3D if you are looking for a recreational package.
It might be tricky at first but it is highly configurable and it keeps all its tools in the same screen. Professional 3D artists (with large wallets) will no doubt benefit from purchasing the ultra-easy- to-use Lightwave.
Ignoring all of the minor but annoying ’undocumented’ features and accepting that Imagine is looking a bit long in the tooth, it has to be said that talented people have been doing great things with the program for years.
Perhaps if enough of these people are still loyal to Imagine, then they will be able to make it better by utilising the Arexx port, but the chances are looking very slim indeed. 'Z?
DISTRIBUTOR: Impulse 001 612 425 0557 PRICE: $ 100 (about £60) REQUIREMENTS: 3Mb RAM, hard disk SPEED: •••00 Slow screen redraws - even on an '060.
MANUAL: *0000 Could be subtitled "a rough guide to misdirection and ambiguity".
ACCESSIBILITY: • • O O O Interface over-complicated and over-burdened.
FEATURES: • • • • 0 Great if you can find them.
VALUE: •••00 Only if you're prepared to work for it.
OVERALL VERDICT: It certainly has the tools - but it will be darned if it will let you use them.
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copy available on request._¦------- REVIEW With many others I
invested in the future of Amiga desktop publishing when
Soft-Logik released PageStream 3. Back then, this wonder DTP
application was hailed as the saviour for Amiga publishers, but
over the years, Soft-Logik have struggled to get it finished.
The killer desktop publishing application we've all been waiting for is at last finished. But have Soft-Logik got it right this time after years of beta testing?
Over half the alphabet seemed to go by before we finally saw a version resembling the finished article. That was version 3.1 which was released at the same time as a paid upgrade, V3.2. Now Soft-Logik are working on version
3. 3 and striving to improve this already heavyweight
To use and less complicated. Prefs for the program are now all together in a familiar looking tabbed panel.
Not having a graphics card in my A4000 (yet), I wasn't able to test PageStream running on a 24-bit screen, Three weeks have now passed since 1 took delivery of PageStream 3.2, and in that time I have been using it extensively for magazine creation, leaflets and so on. The really good news is that in that time I didn’t have one crash. Solid as a rock - and for me, running on an '060 Amiga 1200, this was the best news of all.
It still does some quirky things. For example, when you type white text over a black box, the whole block is white so you can’t see what you are typing. But on the whole, it behaved itself'as well as most applications. Even fellow Amiga users who I've spoken to are impressed with the way it now works.
CHANGE OF FACE Having last used version 3.0i, I was surprised to find that the most noticeable change in the finished version was the clean interface. These changes have made PageStream 3 easier but now that everything seems to have been sorted out and the program is more than useable, I intend to change UPGRADES With more and more Amiga owners upgrading their machines, LH Publishing realise there are probably quite a few PageStream 2 users out there who might like to have PageStream 3. For them, there is an upgrade price of £105, a saving of £20 on the normal price.
"PageStream 3.2 is undoubtedly the king of the desktop publishing applications on the Amiga."
This is an offer only available from LH Publishing. A separate upgrade offer is available in the US from Soft-Logik. Contact LH Publishing for details.
That situation. I understand that running the program on a graphics card makes a big difference to the speed and quality of the screen display
- something very important in DTP.
The program was quite quick in 64- colours under AGA, although speed is relative to experience and when I used it on another of my Amigas, an '030, it felt quite slow. Those who haven't used an '060 probably won't notice that.
TEXT HANDLING PageStream's handling of text is okay but there is still some room for improvement. On the plus side, the speed of text on the page is fine. Text can be easily placed inside shapes and formatted using powerful style sheets.
Wordworth users will be interested to know that with an optional filter Wordworth documents can be loaded into PageStream 3.2, and pictures can be included as long as the images are bitmaps and not CGM.
On the down side, the text based editor you get with PageStream 3.2 could be better. I'd like to see Soft-Logik hide the annoying formatting code. I also found that sometimes my text lost its formatting while going back and forth between the main program and the editor. The moral of this is simple.
Make sure your text is well prepared before you place il on the page.
It's worth noting that with the help of a few optional extras the text handling can be improved further. TexthX2 enables you to warp text while a True Type filter will let you use True Type fonts as well as the PageStream has its own printer drivers as well as supporting normal preferences drivers and PostScript.
You can apply many different attributes such as hyphenation, tabs, kerning, colour and so on to selected text.
Chw «t»t» Lor, I ? F u t ur *11 - H • *vv Images that are imported into PageStream 3.2, can have a number of effects applied to them within the program.
Compugraphic and PostScript ones it already supports (amongst others).
GRAPHICS HANDLING Like PageStream's text handling, there a number of good and not so good points about the way PageStream handles graphics. I'm glad to say that the balance is very much weighted towards the good. On the plus side, PageStream There are quite a number of extras available for PageStream 3. These include TextFX2 (£29.99) for warping text on curves and so on, a True Type font engine (£14.99), a JPEG import export filter (£14.99), a filter for importing Wordworth documents into PageStream 3 (£14.99) and finally Gary's Effects (£14.99) for applying special effects to graphics in
PageStream 3 and BME. All these extras are available in the UK from LH Publishing (01908 370 230).
Not only imports and exports many- graphic formats but also has a number of useful drawing tools of its own.
For me, the feature with the biggest wow factor is PageStream s. ability to mask graphics using structured objects. This enables you to create a heading, convert it to a drawing and mask everything J Plain iJ J _J»oH AJ _ji*«iu aJ i «•*» aJ _JUnd*rlln* »J _J«»Mr*crlR* *J !!«• |M»t | llldth ! !*¦ I (Outline jJ _jtut ica EXTRAS tlneAFtII ?
Outside the lettering when placed over an image. This results in the text appearing to be filled with the picture.
Formats like BMP, GIF, PCX, TIFF and so on, as well as Illustrator, DR2D-1FF and Freehand. If you have an extra fifteen quid spare, you can also get aJPEG import filter for PageStream 3 from the UK supplier.
With so much going for it, there isn't a lot left to be negative about.
There is one thing that annoys me though. The ability to place a graphic into a shape, so it doesn't cover your whole page and more when it appears on your screen, doesn't work - or at least it didn't work for me. No doubt there is work around, but with the help of the edit palette, changing the size of such an image, even one you can't see the whole of, is dead simple.
IT'S A KILLER All this brings me to conclude that PageStream certainly lives up to its killer application tag. A lot has changed since it was originally released. The ProPage import filter is gone for example, although Soft-Logik are reconsidering that. You don’t get the amount of clip You can also apply effects to pictures in PageStream - brightness, tiling and lots more. If the basic effects are not enough, more are available in the form of Gary’s Effects. On top of all that, you also get a bitmap editor in the form of BME, which is like a paint package where you can crop, touch up and image
process pictures. .As far as import filters, PageStream supports a wide variety of bitmap art you used to get with the original version either. Not to worry though because the company- bringing version 3 into the UK, I.H Publishing, tell me they noticed this as well and are giving away a CD with each copy of PageStream
3. Which more than makes up for the missing material. ' There’s a
lot more I could say but the bottom line is that PageStream
3.2 is undoubtedly the king of the desktop publishing
applications on the Amiga.
It's pricey and still not perfect but if you’re on a tight budget then you can get either ProPage (£49.95) or PageStream 2 (£25) and then upgrade later.. DISTRIBUTOR: LH Publishing 01908 370230 PRICE: £125 REQUIREMENTS: WB2.04 or later, fast processor and at least 4Mb extra RAM SPEED: • • • • O Nippy, considering how big it is.
MANUAL: • • • • O I haven't had any need for the printed version.
ACCESSIBILITY: ••••• A clean and easy to use interface.
FEATURES: • • • • O Almost everything the Amiga publisher requires.
VALUE: • • • • O Expensive - but well worth it.
OVERALL VERDICT: The killer desktop publishing application we've all been waiting for.
LH Publishing inform me that versions of PageStream 3.2 now shipping are doing so without manuals. There is a quick-start guide to get you going and extensive on-line help. Anyone buying a copy lacking a printed manual will be able to get a free one very soon.
Guides are applied from this panel. It isn’t as intuitive as simply dragging a guide from a ruler but you get used to it after a while.
MANUALS tamp klUIUitn | Horx |B»7.2 | K»rl |MpV.Z | 0K | | Image manipulation ? 3D modelling ?
MULTIMEDIA ? GRAPHIC DESIGN TECHNIQUES The art, design and technology magazine for Mac and PC Web tutorials & round-up ? Software DEMOS AND REVIEWS ? TOP DESIGNERS PROFILED ? DIGITAL ART SHOWCASED ?
Issue 7 on sale now Complete with dual-format CD-ROM Explosion There are websites that look nice, and there are websites that look great. A lot of this is down to the images used and the time taken to download them. Some sites seem to mix and match different graphic styles and end up looking a mess. Web Explosion gives you a set of matched elements which results in a website with a consistent style.
The package comes shipped with two Cds filled with clipart and images in GIF and JPEG formats and AIFF and WAV sound samples. The bundle also comes with a beautifully printed reference book that is half in colour and half mono. The colour section details all the custom-created clipart that Nova Development (no, not Nova Design - the people behind Image!'X, this is a different company) have put together.
FIND YOUR WAY It should be stated at thisjunclure that the Cds are actually intended for PC and Mac use and thus have no Amiga software on them to help you navigate their contents. Fortunately the book makes that fairly easy, but all the images are just listed by number. Speaking of the images, it’s hard to see exactly what use they could be put to on people's websites - usually if you want to devote the kind of screen area and download time to an image that's bigger than a
I. o-Res screen, you have a pretty specific image in mind. All
the same, I guess they could be used as the basis for new
buttons, etc., but they will need a lot of work to become
useful. 1 have a sneaking suspicion that they (and the Some of
the huge range of images that come on the two Cds that make up
Web Explosion.
CREATING ANIMATED GIFS Making anim GIFs on an Amiga isn't actually all that difficult especially if you have upgraded last month's Coverdisk Personal Paint to version 7. You can create them in the same way you would create a normal animation and simply save out the frames as identically-sized brushes for manipulation with a package like WhirlGIF or GIF Toolkit, or save them out of Ppaint 7 directly as an anim GIF.
As long as you keep your image size small and your number of frames down, anim GIFs can make a really good- looking low overhead addition to your web page.
Or like mis K TM You c «- an als
o hav * e bullets like these b ®BFI* aauties: & o f je- ® & ?
T 9 c 'A' o hr signs don't always look very attractive in your web pages so how about sprucing up those horizontal rules with a bit of colour?
Hen, P»?c ~j Brow»«r»»tch And you can round off your pages with buttons like these, predefined with appropriate text DISTRIBUTOR: HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE: Introductory offer £39.95. Normal price £49.95 REQUIREMENTS: None SPEED: • • • • • Low colour resolution images make for speedy download times.
MANUAL: • • • • O Nicely printed and laid out, but... ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O ...an HTML index would be better.
FEATURES: •••00 Where are the animated GIFs?
VALUE: •••00 Not bad value, but not that great.
OVERALL VERDICT: A nice bundle for the artistically hopeless, but don't expect to use everything on here.
Sounds) have been put on the Cds to fill the collection up.
On the other hand, all the custom buttons arc beautifully created and, unusually for a CD compilation, have been colour reduced where applicable to give the fastest possible download times. Each image is available in a variety of colours and sizes and they have been anti-aliased against both dark and light backgrounds to stop annoying fringing.
The bullets section has lots of different styles, but my main complaint is the lack of anim GIFs. Animated GIFs are still beyond a lot of people's capabilities and more of them would be a real plus point for this set.
FOOTBALL PHILIPPE ALBERT Mr Unflappable on the ups and downs at Newcastle TONY YEBOAH Why African players can’t settle in Britain j 'I u 1 TONY ADAMS “We’ve never had an offside trap” GREATEST FA CUP FINALS STEVE CLARIDGE JOHN McGINLAY JURGEN KLINSMANN BAKER VS MELLOR RICHARD SNEEKES DAVID BUUST PORT VALE BRIGHTON CANTONA How the enfant terrible has become father figure t _ at Old Trafford I Plus: From Busby to Ferguson - Manchester United have won EVERYTHING with kids 5Hak
- .. .
ISSUE 21 ON SUE APRIL 17 The update to the best CD-writing software brings even more features, but will Nick Veitch find it too confusing?
Not too long ago, we (and by that I mean a very small band of Amiga developers, as few people had CD writers at the time) were forced to use Commodore’s sad old BuildlSO software to prepare CD-ROMs.
Things have changed a lot since then. It’s no longer necessary to construct Cds in two stages. You no longer require an intimate knowledge of the block sizes used by the ISO standard and which level of the standard to apply.
With MakeCD writing a CD-ROM has become almost as simple as copying files from one directory to another.
We reviewed MakeCD in January AF93S6%) but this latest version sees several important changes including some useful new audio features. You can now play audio tracks without leaving the software (you can even adjust the volume). It is also possible to adjust the speed for audio reading (as some drives struggle to supply audio data at their SUPPORTED DRIVES At the moment MakeCD has specific modules for supporting Philips CD2000, Philips CD2600, Plextor, Sony, Toshiba , NEC Atapi and Yamaha writers. Most writers are supported though, as many of them are Philips CD2000 compatible (such as the
unfathomably popular HP4020 writer, the Mitsumi 2401 and so on). And even if they are not it can only be a matter of time. Most drives will work with the generic CD_ROM module, but this does not support CDDA. The drivers are updated on an ongoing basis.
““HR KtiSr B1WW3.-" SusLsa svsrJssss:---- ¦
r. U .. writ..
- IrBSSSS’SW"* j-1 atwJ Sj 1 (• tr.ee: * *.k 1 Mm; I'll Q-. IIW
|n l £} (ink. T"“ Cl j-J jeJ a=“i _ MakeCD now supports block
devices, for thoroughly testing ISO images before writing.
Stated speeds, resulting not in underruns. But in bad audio data). Also, there are more features for adjusting audio block length, start blocks and pause blocks.
TRY BEFORE YOU BURN Choosing to use the new Blockmedium target means that you can test out the creation of your ISO image without actually burning a CD. Setting up a blockmedium does mean turning over a whole device, which you can’t effectively use for anything else, but it does provide a more reliable way of writing to the CD.
Another welcome change is that MakeCD now leaves enough memory free for creating the ISO image when allocating buffers, so the more memory restricted won’t get a nasty surprise when creating disc images. It is also possible to change the chunk size of the buffers. Using a smaller size can help with devices which have small internal buffers, but obviously a larger size can give a greater transfer rate. Speaking of which, you now get a graphical display of the transfer rate as the software is working which can be useful for diagnosing problems.
SOFTWARE TO LEAN ON It is difficult to quantify some of the changes but the whole system seems much more reliable and stable. The major problem you will encounter with CD-writing software is the dreaded buffer underrun. We saw plenty of them in the early days, but it’s now almost a thing of the past.
Multisession support has been greatly improved. Writes can now start at ’arbitrary block values. Also you can simply add previous tracks from the CD- ROM as ISO image sources.
PRICES The authors of MakeCD have adopted a very sensible and flexible approach to pricing. A registered version for private use costs only 75DM (at current exchange rates, about £28), while for operating commercially (i.e. cutting one-off Cds on a paid basis) the price goes up. If you want to create production masters for mass duplication, you will have to negotiate an appropriate fee.
In order to accommodate all these changes and extra features, the user interface has changed a bit too. Some of the settings which were previously only available from the menu on the main screen are available on relevant windows (e.g. it is possible to toggle test mode on and off from the Write window).
Obviously this is good for those who know how to use the software, but it does tend to make the interface a little cluttered. This area seems to cause the most difficulty - until you get used to it, it can be very confusing.
DISTRIBUTOR: From the author or via Aminet. Angela Schmidt Angela.Schmidt@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de Patrick Ohly Patrick.Ohly@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de http: www.uni- karlsruhe.de -un60 MakeCD.html Tel: +49 721 695307 PRICE: see boxout SPEED: ••••O Faster than ever and vastly superior to competitors.
MANUAL: •••0 0 Sufficient on-line help.
ACCESSIBILITY: ••000 Can be confusing to newcomers.
FEATURES: • • • • • Easily the best featured software of its type on the Amiga.
VALUE: • • • • • Great value for all.
OVERALL VERDICT: Once you have used this software, it is impossible to do without it.
94% SX series of expansions for the CD32. When the first 32- bit CD console was released back in 1992, it seemed reasonably cheap at around £400. Nowadays, these units are changing hands in the £50-£100 ju ice bracket, making it the cheapest AGA compatible Amiga system.
"This expansion gives CD32 owners real computing potential."
After a long break from writing, please welcome back Pat McDonald looking at the latest SX expansion.
However, you can't do much with a CD32 except use Cds. If you wanted a “proper” personal computer, with floppy or hard disks, keyboard and fast RAM beyond the 2Mb built in to a CD3'-, the A1200 or a IBM PC clone seemed the only options. But this expansion, like all SX expansion systems, gives CD32 owners “real” computing potential.
Like the SX-32 Mark 2 (M'94 96%), the Pro model has high intact connectors to physically join onto a CD32. Unlike the Mark 2, the Pro model has a 50MHz. '030 CPU with built in MMU and a 50MHz 68882 FPU as standard - the Mark 2 only had 33MHz processors. A ribbon cable for SNAGS The SX-32 Pro packs a lot inside a CD32 case and this extra hardware inevitably means more power consumption.
Eyetech supply a suitable supply for £70. To keep the insides below 25 degrees Centigrade, Eyetech will also fit a fan in your CD32 if you like.
The SX- 32 Pro The only other negative point about a CD32 and SX-32 Pro is the lack of PCMCIA or SCSI interfaces. These aren’t technical, but practical problems.
THE GOOD NEWS You can plug in an MPEG FMV cartridge as well as an SX, but talk to Eyetech. They will fit SX expansions into your CD32 if you feel insecure about doing it yourself. Once fitted, your CD32 will behave beautifully fast - between four and eight times faster than it used to. To get the same performance out of an A1200 is not ;'jiiau iuluiiiuu ItayJ a-iaue-ls - ' a-aim fittmijim tom_ Jjsisii Cayj-Lm Iblurtaliiai Cowpafisons Against Systwt A686-NF jJ-zi'nrhj itoihb i Isi Ci.! Sy i You A688-NF A1200-NF 43006-25 A4088 0 The FPU is running at 25MHz. Motorola don't recommend it, but if
you want to halve the speed of your 882, there is a jumper to do just that.
Cheap. A Blizzard with FPU costs about £210, not forgetting £20 for an AlfaDuo
F. IDE interface for two IDE drives.
Even then, a CD-*'-1 with an SX offers a more potent AGA system than the A1200. CD32s have an Aikiko “chunky to planar” chip. Certain versions of Shapeshi lersupport this, although most software will run practically the same on both systems.
Connecting external IDE drives is also included as standard.
Up to 64Mb of fast 32-bit RAM can be attached. An onboard jumper can make use of SIMM modules which have access times faster than 60 nanoseconds. This gives a few percentage points of extra speed if you want to pay for faster SIMMS.
An internal 2.5 inch IDF. Drive can be fitted, and either a PC or Amiga keyboard
- again, this is chosen with a jumper.
The Pro includes five external D- tvpe connectors not mentioned yet; standard Amiga floppy, 25-pin parallel, 25-pin serial, 23-pin video and 15-pin VGA, for using cheap PC monitors. Add this to the built in composite phono video, 4-pin S-VHS and domestic TV display outputs; that’s five different graphics connectors.
This expansion transforms the CD32 from a second rank CD games console into a highly effective multimedia display system that interfaces easily to other video and audio devices. Maybe one day we’ll see “SX Lite" expansions - cheaper units just with extra RAM and processor enhancements. Or maybe we’ll see a successor - an ’030 based AGA CD Amiga with built in MPEG playback for just £200.
DISTRIBUTOR: Eyetech Group Ltd.
01642 713165 PRICE: £349.95 bare unit, £399 including 8Mb RAM REQUIREMENTS: A more capable PSU.
SPEED: ••••• Gives the fastest fully 32-bit Amiga based console yet.
MANUAL: ••••O Poorly produced but quite clear and informative.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Tricky for the novice.
FEATURES: • • • • • Everything except PCMCIA or SCSI.
VALUE: • • • • O Expensive, but compact, reliable and a massive power increase.
OVERALL VERDICT: Gives the CD32 lots more punch!
3. 5" DISKS & BOXES lACCESSORIES DS DD DS HD 50 £16.99 £17.99 + 1
x 100 Cap Lockable Box..... ...ADD £4 100 £28.99 £28.99 + 1 xl
00 Cap Lockable Box..... ...ADD £4 150 £39.99 £41.99 + 2x100
Cap Lockable Boxes .. ...ADD £8 200 £51.99 £51.99 + 2x100 Cap
Lockable Boxes .. ...ADD £8 500 £123.99 £126.99 + 5x100 Cap
Lockable Boxes .. .ADD £18 1000 £229.99 £239.99 + 10x100 Cap
Lockable Boxes .ADD £30 Reno 2x CD Drive with
Squirrel....£147.99 Internal Floppy Drive (600 1200) ..£44.00
External Floppy Drive ..£39.99 Disk Head
Cleaner £1.99 1000 3.5" Disk
Labels ..£8.99 Plus £2.00 Deliveryl CANON
Compatible, FREE Delivery & Printer Lead BJC-150 NEW!
360x360 DPI SHEET FEEDER £174.99 BJC-240 UP TO 720x360 DPI TEXT 360x360 DPI COLOUR 100 SHEET FEEDER 3 YEARS WARRANTY £189.99 MONITORS] Microvitec 14" (Free Speakers) 1 £274j99j NU VGN RAM IUM 68030 40 loMb £49.99 £129.99 14Mb £87.99 £164.99 I 8Mb £109.99 £189.99 Prices include VAT & delivery 1 il PA AP 116Mb N A £229.99 unless otherwise stated. E&OE.
Prices may change without notice. MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Switch & Delta accepted i32Mb More A' N A ' ailable - P £299.99 lease Call ¦J® El FUSION GENLOCKI Hi Spec Video Titling System With FREE Scala £99 MAMMOTH SELECTION OF RIBBONS & CARTRIDGES.
CALI FOR PRICES lACCESSORIES Amiga to Scart £10.99 Amiga to Sony Scart ..£10.99 Joystick Splitter Cable..£5.99 Joystick Extension Cable .£5.99 Printer Lead ..£4.00 Python 1M Joystick £9.99 ADD £2.00 P&PI WE ACCEPT | | Mastercard T Visa, Delta and Switch
2. 5% Surcharge on Credit cards, Not Switch Delta I White
Knight 25 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 BAH Fax 01920
822 302 White_Knight_Tech jmpuServe.Com Tel: (0115) 9444500
Fax: (0115) 9444501 VISA STORAGE £ 25 £ 45 £ 89 £ 159 When you
first receive your hard drive we think the last thing you want
to do is to have to re-format it. All our drives are set up
CORRECTLY. We can I even configure the drive to your
A1200 0Mb A1200 4Mb A1200 8Mb £49.99 j £69.99 - £84.99 1 Special Offers APOLLO 1240 25 £199.99 SUPER LOW SPECIAL OFFER PRICES AMIGA 17" 1764 MULTISYNC MONITOR £369.99 1240-4MB £219.99 1240-16MB £274.99 1240-8MB £234.99 1240-32MB £329.99 HOW TO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to Visage Computers.
Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH, VISA & DELTA BY PHONE: Credit Debit card orders taken from 9_30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday!
DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 17” Microvitec 1701 £479 14” Microvitec 1402 £ 259 14” Microvitec 1438S £ 289 17” Hi-Res SVGA £ 529 15” Hi-Res SVGA £ 259 14” Hi-Res SVGA £ 209 Genlocks LOLA 2000 £ 349 LOLA 1500 £ 175 RENDALE 9402 £ 295 RENDALE 8802-FMC £ 145 Video Digitisers Vlab Y C Int. Last Few at £ 199 VIDI 24 RT PRO Ext.
£249 VIDI 24 RT Ext.
£ 149 Networking AMIGANET Ethernet £ 179 ARIADNE Ethernet £ 179 AmiTCP IP Software £ Call LIANA Parallel 2m £ Call Hard Drives (3.5”) Bare
2. 1Gb SCSI-2 £ 329
4. 2Gb SCSI-2 £ 749
9. 1Gb SCSI-2 £1299
1. 2Gb E-IDE £ 179
1. 6Gb E-IDE £ 195
2. 1Gb E-IDE £ 215
2. 5Gb E-IDE £ 249
3. 1Gb E-IDE £ 285 A4000 T Accelerators I CYBERSTORM MK2
68060,50MHz £509 68040,40MHz £319 SCSI Controller £89
A1500 2000 Accelerators BLIZZARD 2060 & 2040 68060, 50MHz +
SCSI £525 AmigaOS 3.1 for 2060 £ 89 168040, 40MHz + SCSI £309
A1200 Accelerators I BLIZZARD 1260 & 1240 68060,50MHz £429
68040, 40MHz, N..*t™.r £ 245 I SCSI Controller £ 85 24-Bit
Graphics Cards I CYBERVISION 64 3D £205 CV 64 3D Scandoubler £
75 CV 64 3D MPEG Decoder £ 155 I PICASSO IV + F Fixer £ 299
Monitors ZIP 100Mb Ext. + Cable & Term £ 155 ZIP Disks (x 5) £
79 JAZ 1Gb Ext. + Cable 8 Term £ 465 JAZ Disks (x 3) £ 255
CDROM Drives (Bare) 4 x Speed SCSI-2 £ 99 6 x Speed SCSI-2 £
Call 8 x Speed SCSI-2 £159 6 x Speed ATAPI IDE £ Call 8 x
Speed ATAPI IDE £ 95 CD Writers (Bare, No S W) Philips
CDD2600, SCSI £ 349 HP 6020i, SCSI £ 399 Master ISO CD-R
Software £ Call Software SCALA MM400 £ 199 SCALA 400 + ECHO £
299 TV Paint 3.6 (needs CybergraphX) £ 749 ARTEFFECT £149
Backup SA(V £ 39 CLARISSA Professional V3 £ 179 ADORAGE V2.5
ANIMAGE V1 £ 99 AMIGAOS 3.1 A500 1500 2000 £ 89 AMIGA OS 3.1
A30003000T 4000 £ 99 Miscellaneous H W OKTAGON SCSI card £ 89
AT-BUS 2008 IDE card £ 89 Multiface III I O card £ 99
Specifications ?
Or Advice ?
If you need technical details on any of our products, or advice on the most suitable items for your AMIGA, then call us on 01920 822 321 White Knight Technology only deal with Amiga’s, and are renowned for excellent product knowledge, service & honesty.
If You Still Need Us, Then We’re Still Here Memory SIMMS 4Mb, 72 pin, 70ns 8Mb, 72 pin, 70ns 16Mb, 72 pin, 60ns 32Mb, 72 pin, 60ns Cartridge Drives (SCSI) r Always Call First To Verify Price & Availability Before Placing An Order E & O E - 11 03 97_ J 1240 25 0Mb £199.99 1260 50 0Mb £479.99 1240 25 4Mb £219.99 1260 50 4Mb £499.99 1240 25 8Mb £234.99 1260 50 8Mb £514.99 1240 25 16Mb £274.99 1260 50 16Mb £554.99 1240 25 32Mb £329.99 1260 50 32Mb £609.99 APOLLO 1230LC The 1230LC combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68030 25MHZ and 25MHz 68882 FPU, 1 X
72pln SIMM socket (4 or 8Mb). Real-time battery- backed clock.
APOLLO 4040 The Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into the CPU slot of the A4000 (A3000 T).
Comes in 40MHz 68040 8 50MHz 68060 versions, 4 x 72pln SIMM sockets (2 x 72pin SIMM for A3000 Desktop) 8 SCSI-2 controller.
APOLLO ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1240 1260 The new Apollo 1240 features a fan cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz (the 1260 uses the 68060 running at 50MHz), in-built FPU, battery- backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one of the best value accelerator cards available.
Amiga 1438 Multisync Monitor Including cables and stereo speakers £239.99 New Epson Stylus Colour 600, prints 1440 x 720 dpi £274.99 1230 0Mb £79.99 4040 40MHZ £299.99 1230 4Mb £99.99 4060 50MHZ £449.99 1230 8Mb £114.99 CALL (0115) 9444500 OR (0115) 9444501 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER
• OVER 150Mb of top quality Public Domain software including:
Compugraphic fonts 8 clipart. Imagine objects, top demos 8
music modules, essential utilities, games and lots more!!!
Also available: APOLLO 1230 40MHz £99.99 Ben Vost discovers a program that really could save the day - or your hard drive at least!
AFCD13:-Seriously Amiga Commercial RDB-Salv About Salvage Rettore An ambulance is an appropriate image for this program, particularly since it's a bit more wholesome than showing a padded cell and strait jacket.
Registered a while ago and forgot all about. KDB-Salv is one of those programs you won’t find yourself using very often unless you’re particularly careless with your machine’s hard drive, but when you do need it, it is invaluable.
The idea behind it is that it searches your corrupted package by heart, and it won’t let you use it again without one.
If the intro paragraph sounds a little realistic, that’s because it is. I had i exactly the problems I described, ) but RDB-Salv came quickly and efficiently to my rescue. As I say, J it’s probably not going to be on W my "most used” list, but if you don’t have it when you need it, you’ll be looking at losing all that data. Unless you’re the sort of person Ever had that sinking feeling? You switch your machine back on after a rather spectacular crash and you get the "disk going into the drive” Kickstart screen instead of your machine booting. OK, you think, it mightjust be that the drive's a
bit slow to boot - I'll reboot. Still nothing. Now you start to think something might be more seriously wrong, but you aren’t panicking just yet, you’ve got other tricks up your sleeve.
You bool with your emergency hard drive recovery disk, the one with with your copy of SCSI Mounter and DiskSalv.
You boot to Workbench and the icon for the hard drive with all your really important stuff on isn’t shown on screen. OK, time for SCSIMounter.
SCSIMounter finds the hard drive all right, but when you try to mount it it tells you that the drive has an invalid RDB, or Rigid Disk Block. OK. Now it's time to panic. You've got hundreds of megabytes of hard work, programs and stuff on that drive and you can’t recover it no matter what you do. Aargh!
BREATHE DEEPLY OK. Now take a deep breath. You forgot one thing. That copy of RDB-Salv you DON'T FORMAT!
Every Tuesday, on reader call day, people casually mention that they had something wrong with their hard drive, so they just reformatted it! The only time you should ever need to reformat your drive is if you need to change partition sizing on it. Along with RDB-Salv, there are a number of software tools, costing very little, that you can use to repair any damage that has been done to your machine.
First up, you should have a method of backing up your drive, in case you need to reformat. There's a backup program that comes with your Amiga, but my advice would be to get another. Abackup is a very good Shareware backup program, and AmiBack Tools Deluxe is a superb all-round package that not only acts as a backup program, but also optimises, repairs and recovers deleted files. However, it is a commercial package which retails for about £50.
Hard drive for partitions and looks for the information pertaining to partitioning info - the Rigid Disk Block.
Once found it can attempt to salvage what’s left of the RDB from your hard drive and recover the partitions for you.
It will also backup your RDBs and restore them should they gel lost, so that you don’t need to go through the long- winded process of having to salvage your RDBs - something that will have you biting your nails hoping that it will work (which it invariably does).
THINK AHEAD The only caveat I have for anyone backing up their RDBs is don’t put them on your hard drive. Keep a floppy disk with RDBs and emergency mountlists handy. The reason should be obvious enough. If you save your RDBs on your hard drive, and your hard drive goes down, what good will they be?
The same principle applies to backup indices and catalogues and passwords and serial numbers - it’s a pain to have to reformat your hard drive, but it’s even worse to realise that you don’t know that 30 digit serial number for your favourite paint that religiously backs up their hard drive every week onto hundreds of floppies, that’s a bitter pill to swallow. 'Zj DISTRIBUTOR: Angela Schmidt (Angela.Schmidt@stud.uni- karlsruhe.de) +49 721 695307 PRICE: 30DM (refer to docs) REQUIREMENTS: A hard drive!
SPEED: Every second counts when you're panicking!
MANUAL: Online documentation.
• •••• Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
FEATURES: There just aren't that many to be had.
VALUE: Invaluable, when you need it.
OVERALL VERDICT: Not often useful but essential for when you most need it.
% http: www.futurenet.com Hits the Internet on April 14th eRAIT'i „ Where’s my nearest cralt shop?
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Who stole Babylon 4?
Where can I get The Lost World trailer?
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How can I make my cross stitch even?
When is there a craft fair near me?
Where's my nearest Anchor supplier?
Name the Doctor in the Who TV movie?
Who directed Star Trek:First Contact?
Who directed the smash 12 monkeys?
What film made the most money in '96?
TotalNet, How can I publish my own Web pages?
What's the best entry level bike?
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What's the best TB- 303 clone?
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Where can I buy a new Fender amp?
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Cycling Plus Total Bike Mountain Biking UK Mountain Bike World Total Football Sailing Today VIDEO GAMES Official PlayStation Magazine PlayStation Power Edge GamesMaster PC Gamer Sega Power ulure I PUBLISHING Vow ooooooOoo o. ..tv. LONG TERM REVIEW Nick Donelly has also been using Dopus 5.5 since it came out. Here's what he thinks of it: We want to see more reviews written by you. Tell us what you think about Final Writer, Personal Paint, PageStream, CanDO and Imagine, and we'll print it for everyone to see.
Remember we would also like a photo of yourself and if you have something you've created with the software, or a photo of your hardware set up, then send that along too!
Still using Workbench? Wake up and smell the multitasking future! Dopus 5 will take your early 90's operating system and hurl it into the 21st century. Dopus sets free the Amiga's multitasking power allowing simultaneous file handling, program groups, user-definable menus, program execution from text or graphics-based buttons and many more advanced features.
While Dopus 5.5 is a great program it is not perfect.
I get redrawing bugs on screen and sometimes listers freeze up and there are also some important improvements that I think could be made to the program.
You should be able to lock button banks to positions on the screen, not just snapshot them there - they should become part of the screen. You should be able to edit the standard menus as easily as you can create your own since there isn't even a "Copy disk" function in the icon menu (although there is one on the pop-up - Ben).
However, overall this is an excellent program which has revolutionised the way in which I use my Amiga. I would give it 92% (and more if the niggles were fixed).
Multitasking, well 1 could just run another Opus 4 ifl really needed to copy more than one lot of files at once. However, after many jokes from Greg Perry about me being a luddite, I decided to take the plunge.
The first week or so, I was complaining incessandy about Dopus 5's shortcomings and I have to say that 5.11 had a lot. 5.5 is far superior and 1 look forward to new revisions with interest.
It is a big package to get to grips with and I still feel that some things need better explanation - the Userl, User2, etc. commands being a case in point, but other than that some trial and error will get you going.
While Dopus 5.5 is a real boon for people who run screen resolutions of 640x512 or higher, it can sometimes get a bit cluttered on a normal PAL screen, but then I guess you just need to alter the way you work with it.
The User commands in Dopus are its most powerful feature, but their use isn't well explained in online or hardcopy documentation. Follow my lead and you'll see how powerful they are:
1. Edit filetypes and pick a picture format you've defined to use
an external viewing program. Go into the edit window and copy
the settings. Now double click on the Userl command in the
main edit window and paste your settings (but remove the "Run
Asynchronously" tag).
D irectory Opus 5 might be considered by many to be too new for a long term test, but if you own it, you'll know that tweaking it and adjusting settings can mean that you rapidly become very familiar with its power and foibles.
Speaking personally, I was very happy with my Directory Opus 4. It worked to perfection and was very fast and I was loathe to make the move to five. 1 didn't like the “looseness” of it with windows all over the place and when it came to
2. Repeat this for your other file types - especially for
pictures sounds and animations.
3. Set up a button in your toolbar that looks like a viewer. For
the click command simply enter Userl.
Now no matter what the file you have selected is, when you click on your new tool it will show it or play it. What I have done is set up a User2 command for each of these filetypes that edits whatever file is clicked on and I have assigned it to the right mouse button function on our new button.
One other complaint is that while you can run Dopus as a Workbench replacement, it doesn't keep the same keyboard shortcuts, so, while attempting to create a new drawer, you can find yourself opening new listers. But these arc minor niggles and at long last, I can see that Directory Opus 5.5 is possibly the most important piece of software available for the Amiga today. © DISTRIBUTOR: Wizard Developments 01322 527800 PRICE: £49.95 OVERALL VERDICT: The future of Workbench.
96% silver platters.
T. xt Position Equations abound in one of the graph plotters.
Explore one of A. C. Clarke's 7 wonders with Fractint.
VERDICT 92% £2.99 Cr..«. K«v I D.I.t. K.v I | Copv* K.v I | Stop | 84 K.V. | | J I I 1 08:84.80 • J Ntitler is one of the useful utilities for video enthusiasts.
We have been a little remiss in not reviewing this CD previously, as it was released some months ago. Never mind though, for although some of the utilities may have been updated in the interim, this is still a very impressive collection.
I would warn purchasers against adopting the Sadeness 01263 722169 recommended screen preferences, if you value your retinas, but aside from that, the CD is well put together (though the assign script is a bit hidden away).
The utilities are organised into a fairly familiar range of drawers, from Business to Miscellaneous, and contain a wide and varied selection of tools. The miscellaneous drawer is actually one of the most interesting, as this is where you will find things like Amiglobe, an excellent on-line atlas, Agaswitch, which turns off your AGA chipset without rebooting and the rather fantastic Graph2D, which will plot your functions.
The only area which seems a little weak is the disk tools. Apart from several different CD filing systems, there are very few disk reorganisers or virus protection programs here. But there is certainly plenty of useful stuff and it's well worth the excellent-value asking price. © 501 IUNDS TERRIFIC II Weird Science 0116 234 0682 I never saw the original Sounds Terrific CD, so it is a little difficult to compare this one with it, but I imagine it was organised in much the same sort of way.
Essentially you have not one, but two Cds, full of everything musical. For a start, as you can imagine, there are hundreds of MODs.
Obviously the quality of these varies horribly, from the "I know it's supposed to be experimental, but my brain hurts" to the quite listenable to.
As well as including loads of MODs in standard Soundtracker format you will also get to hear loads of tracks compiled on the PC.
These are also in a standard Soundtracker format and it would be interesting if you could spot any general differences between them.
If that isn't enough for you, there are plenty of samples, roughly corresponding from the ST01 disk to ST68. Any number of drum loops, cow bells and dogs barking can be found here.
IM In addition, there are several dozen WAV files which range from rather legally dubious samples to the quite bizarre. I now know what an upset Panda sounds like for example. There is also a whole load of Midi-type stuff tucked away on the second disk, and a whole host of LHA'd utilities.
All the sounds and modules can be played through an expertly constructed AmigaGuide file, which uses the tremendous HippoPlayer and Play16. The disk also comes with a copy of Timm Martin's Sid, which can be useful for rooting out the files you are interested in if you don’t have a more up- to-date directory utility.
There is only about 30Mb of PC specific stuff on each disk, so you still get over 1Gb of musical nonsense for your delectation, which can't be bad value. © expand 1 grep
B. uk gIndxblb grops tw ll «G*|| Fui «cc g loolcb lb grot tv 0 1
ot ll find GccFtndHi t groups o= || o lj tind-prou Ides gneqn
gs “CHI o 1 lex gcolc gnroff ° H gper 1 gsbj -’ C ll ocsJ
twrsJI o ll fold ' gendiff ¦ gprof Bslp This CD does have a
rather useful install utility though.. Weird Science 0116 234
0682 Are you a geek? In this context, it seems to refer to
anybody who is interested in the darker arts of programming
the Amiga, for this CD is essentially a collection of source
code and programming utilities.
This collection is put together under the auspicious title of Amiga Developer Environment. From what one can gather from the associated documentation, this group is a loose collaboration of independent Amiga coders, up to all sorts of things. The idea is that by sharing these projects that various people are working on, either as completed files or just as work in progress, other programmers around the world will have access to a huge amount of data.
If you want original GNU source for a whole range of UNIX-style applications, a Fortran compiler, the complete Emacs source, an alpha version of a Java-like language, the latest implementation of X-Windows, a Unix Postscript interpreter and all sorts of other stuff, this is probably the only CD you'll find them all on.
Hopefully future releases of Geek Gadgets (the compilers plan to issue a CD every three months) will be better presented, because much of the stuff on the CD is very difficult to find and not terribly well explained - but obviously if you are a true geek, that won't bother you. ® a?(x(Ibrary
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RoioaOS Include files fron flnigt Tech 1.4 Hb RnI aaOS FD files fron Rnlga Tech 48 Kb b I nut iIs - GNU binary utilities 4.5 hb gcc - GNU VC** ObJ-C compilers 7.9 Nb Ixenul - UNIX enul lib. Dev files 5.2 Mb Ixtnul - Ixenul llbnlx Includes 856 Kb libeniga - RnlgaOS runtlna library 581 Kb) Rbort Install VERDICT 78% £19.95 Workbench Learn all about SCSI chains, hard drives and the secret messages contained in Workbench. Graeme Sandiford is taking the lesson. Send your own queries to: Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
UNEXPLAINED A QUICK GUIDE TO... HARD Dl I have Workbench 3.0, a 200Mb hard disk, a 4Mb RAM expansion and a Canon BJC-210 ink jet printer.
Every time I play a game, or use a program like Personal Paint (he Amiga either locks the mouse and keyboard out and I have to reboot, or the Amiga just, crashes and displays a software failure message which is either 8000 0001 2 3 4 or 8.
Where can I get a BJC-210 driver for the Amiga because I have to use other printer drivers or Easy print?
Richard Downer Bradford Try using the Amiga without the RAM expansion. If it still crashes, try using the Amiga without the hard drive. If it still crashes, then I’m afraid the A1200 is faulty and you'll need to get it repaired. If it only crashes with the other hardware, then either:
1. Your PSU is struggling, (not very likely)
2. One of the items is faulty,
3. The memory or hard drive isn’t fitted properly. In particular,
check that the memory expansion is securely fitted. I don’t
know of any PD drivers off hand, although Canon do produce
their own commercial driver. Perhaps our loyal readers will
help us construct a list of printers and where to get suitable
My system is as follows, a 6Mb A1200 running Kickstart 3, Workbench 3 and a
2. 5" Hitachi 810 hard drive.
1. I am considering purchasing the Mk2 SCSI Powerstation by HiQ.
Can I install a second hard drive which would work in
conjunction with the one inside myA1200?
I would also like to fit an internal tape drive and would like to know which one you recommend, the SyQuest or the Iomega?
2. How exactly does the Blizzard 1240 40 connect inside a tower?
Some people have said that it fits inside the Amiga and just
uses the extra power supplied from the tower’s PSU, while
others said it uses up one bay in the tower and the fan is
powered by a 3.5” HD connector.
Alasdair Simpson Mid iMhian Hard drives are like floppy drives but much faster, and can hold more data. There are two common interface standards: IDE and SCSI. IDE drives are usually cheaper, SCSI drives are more flexible.
_ The Amiga A600.A1200 and j A4000 models have built-in 1 interfaces for IDE hard disk drives, although the operating system refers to them as SCSI devices, probably just for a laugh.
®The A1200 and A600 were designed to house the smaller-than-usual 2.5" IDE hard drives. These drives are quite expensive and smaller capacities,
I. Ho, not directly. It's not possible to chain a 2.5 " and 3.5 ”
drive as an IDE Master Slave pair. Unless you are lucky, the
2. 5 ” drive will not have any ju mpers FLASHER I’m having a
problem with my A1200. I have a Blizzard 1230-IV with 8Mb
SIMM, a 2 speed external CD-ROM via Squirrel, 1.7Gb 3.5” IDE
hard drive and external floppy.
Upon booting up (whether from floppy or HD) the power light quickly flashes off and then on, causing my machine to reboot. This happens randomly and it is really frustrating when in the middle of an application or game.
The problem seems to have started since fitting my HD inside my A1200 such as 40Mb or 80Mb, are more common.
It's possible to squeeze a slimline 3.5" drive into an A1200.
This saves money and gives better performance, although a special adaptor cable is required.
®The A1200 can be fitted with a SCSI interface by means of a card which slots into the PCMCIA slot, an add-on card for an accelerator or a dedicated card which fits inside the case. The Amiga can then use SCSI hard drives.
Alloiving you to set the drive to operate in this way. As you know, 2.5” drivers were designed for notebook and laptop computers and it was thought unlikely that two would ever be used together.
That said, I have heard of some IDE buffer systems designed for CD-ROM drives which apparently offer up to four IDE devices at one time. It’s possible that you could connect two hard drives using this approach.
2. How it fits depends a great deal on the design of the tower. I
can’t imaging it fitting any differently than any other A1200
accelerator card. The power for the fan is no great deal - it
can be “bonowed" from the floppy disk drive connector if all
else fails.
MONITOR MADNESS VISION EXPRESS I have an A1200, 2.5" 120Mb hard drive, an Apollo 1220 with 4Mb of fast RAM and an external drive. I am looking for a cheap monitor and saw an advert in AF offering to convert an Amstrad 464 monitor by buying a custom made lead for £10. As I have seen adverts for Amstrad monitors for as little as £15, could you tell me if it's worth my while buying one? Would the picture be clearer than my portable TV? Is the Amstrad monitor old fashioned in design or will it look okay sat next to my A1200?
Also, while I am using Deluxe Paint 4 from my hard drive, is it possible to load an audio CD into a CD-ROM drive and play my Oasis Cds at the same time, or would I have to play them form my Hi-Fi in the next room and annoy my neighbours?
Keith Charlton Billingham The Amstrad colour monitors have resolutions very similar to that of colour Tvs, so I would advise that you keep saving, and look out for a second hand Philips or Commodore badged monitor. The Amstrad monitors are quite large and bulky, and could not be described as state- of-the-art.
Yes, you can play audio Cds. There are dozens of utilities available which will give you a "remote control" window on your Workbench, and from there you can select a track, play, pause and fast forward. Many players will also remember the names of the tracks on the Cds and will display them. A Hi-Fi CD player with similar features is very expensive.
BORDERING ON THE EDGE I have a problem with my screen mode and am looking for help. I have a Microvitec 1432 monitor. When in multiscan, productivity or dblpal mode I do not get a full screen. There is about a one inch blank, grey strip down either side. What must I do to fill the entire screen?
I have tried adjusting the overscan, but this will not allow me to go any wider.
Mr B D Walker Wakefield I'm afraid there isn't a lot you can do about this. You'll have noticed that the horizontal adjustment on the Microvitec isn't good enough, and sadly, that's about it. There may be a few hacks to the monitor drivers to increase the screen a bit but you'll always have a border of one size or another.
MONITOR I own an A1200 and 80Mb hard disk with a Blizzard 1230-IV and 4Mb of fast RAM. I also have a PC with a SVGA monitor. I thought it would be nice to use the PC's monitor with my Amiga so I bought an adaptor to plug it into the Amiga and ran Productivity mode.
Everything works fine for about 10 minutes but soon I get small white lines flashing in certain places of the screen. As time goes on more spring up.
Any idea what they are and how to get rid of them? It got so bad one time that the whole screen went blank. The monitor works fine on the PC but the same thing happens when I run Super Hi-Res Laced through my television.
Could it be a hardware problem on the Amiga?
I want to get a multisync monitor for the Amiga, but I'm not sure if the flashy white lines will crop up on that as well?
Andrew Gillen via email Although in theory the Amiga can drive a PC monitor, in practice this isn't always the case.
The problem is, that by default the Amiga is very good at producing video signals for use with televisions. The AGA chipset provides a feature to increase the frequency of the video signals to drive a monitor. Sadly, the frequencies are not exactly what most SVGA monitors require. Some monitors will work fine, others will work for a few moments and then the image will "drift" leading to all sorts of flashing lines. It sounds as though this is exactly what's happening to your system.
You might try dragging the file "VGAOnly" from the StoragelDevslMonitors directory into your WorkbenchlDevslMonitors. When you reboot, this driver will attempt to adjust the frequency to better suit the PC monitor. It's sometimes also worth experimenting with a program called MonEd as this fiddles with the Amiga hardware directly. You'll find this on this month's AFCD in the AFCD13:-ln_The_Mag- Iworkbench drawer. Be careful with this though - it can potentially damage your monitor. In any case, it's unlikely that this is due to a problem with your Al200 and so a multisync should work
And I was wondering if it could be a power supply problem as I just have a standard PSU. I have had similar crashing problems in the past but 1 had it fixed by Dart Computer Services and everything seemed OK until I got my HD. Should I invest in a bigger PSU or could the problem lie elsewhere?
Mark Brockhank via email There are several things which could be wrong. The first is that there isn ’I enough power to drive your A1200 and all the extra hardware you have added. Try disconnecting the external floppy disk drive - you shouldn’t have much use for it now anyway. Then try using the computer without the CD-ROM drive. If either of these makes a difference, then I would blame a lack of power and suggest you gel a new PSU.
If your Amiga is still crashing, then does it crash when the hard disk is being accessed'!
Or does it crash if you simply leave it alone?
If using the hard drive causes the crashes, it’s possible that the drive’s MaxTransfer setting is incorrect and this is causing corrupt data to be read. Adjust it using HDToolBox.
If you need more power then the Format Gold winning Prima Atom from the First Computer Centre (0113 231
9444) is ideal.
If the computer crashes all by itself then I would have to suspect a faulty Amiga. Try running il with no extra hardware at all - if it still crashes, then I’m afraid it’s time to bring it back to Dart, NO DEFRAG I have some problems defragmenting my 1.6Gb hard drive with the supplied defragmenting program. Workbench takes up 250Mb, and Work takes up the rest, and it’s Work which I can't defragment.
1 have an A1200, Blizzard 1230-IV and 8Mb RAM.
Are there any decent programs out there for the larger drive or is there any help you can give me?
Jonathan Freeman via email The Amiga Workbench doesn’t come with a defragmenting progium, so I don't know which one you mean when you say the “supplied” one. I would recommend the
* ¦ Quarterback Suite (Wizard 01322 527810) though. Remember, you
can easily defragment a drive by copying all the files off it,
and then copying them back on again.
Obviously this won V help you much at the moment, although perhaps you should reconsider your partitioning decision, anil maybe split Work into two drives.
Analyse and Repair Volume JW Recover Loet Dolotod File* l*Ql Optlmlie Volume CfBl Idlt Volume A program designed specifically to help you find and correct disk errors, recover files that have been accidentally deleted, and optimise your disk access.
Available: Volume* Device* Fireball I QBTool* IT'S ALL IN CODE I have an A1200, Magnum, 16Mb RAM, CD-ROM and now a modem! I have been reading about the adventures of the Internet and so here 1 am - but I haven’t got all the software I need. I have a file sent by a friend via email but how do I decode it? 1 think it’s called “uuencoded” but I’m not sure.
Hadge Hughes ida email In order to send binary files as electronic mail, they need to be converted into a suitable code. One way to do this is to use UUENCODE, which takes a binary file (such as a program, or an archive of programs) and converts them into ASCII text. It looks like gibberish, but when decoded out pops the original message. These days most email programs use MIME instead, which is a similar variation.
To decode a UUENCODED file, you need a suitable decoder. There are plenty of them about, and if you have FTP or Web access you should visit the Aminet site and perform a search. You can then use the decoder on your file, and the software should pop out the other end.
TOWER POWER Reading your recent article about tower cases for the A1200 (Intrinsic Tower Case, AE97 p64) sparked a memory. An advert in one of your previous mags, (AE96 p56) showed tower systems, made by a German company called Micronik Computer Service, for both the A1200 and the A4000.
This tower system allows you to put the whole A1200 inside and gives you five Zorro-II slots and three PC-ISA, a double IDE-bus hard drive adaptor, a 200 watt PSL with connections for 1x3.5” and 3x5.25" devices, a PC keyboard interface, and keyboard case for your original Amiga keyboard.
On contacting Micronik I was told that the price for all of above was 583DM, which roughly translated comes to about £225.
1. Will my set-up be compatible with this Tower svstem? I have an
A1200 expanded with a Bliz .ard-IV 50MHz with 16.Vlb EDO RAM,
a Squirrel SCSI interface with a Quantum 850Mb hard drive and
a Reno CD-ROM attached to it. 1 also have a Power Tab 12x12
graphics tablet and an internal 2.5” IDE hard drive.
2. Would I be able to use a cheap 8 speed IDE CD-ROM with this
3. Could I use the new graphics cards with the Zorro slots, i.e.
CyberVision 64 3D or Picasso-IV?
4. Would I be better sticking with what I have got and just
getting a more powerful PSU?
N. Ireland
1. In all honesty I don 'I know for sure, because no Micronik
tower cases have ever been supplied for review. However, your
system isn V that out of the ordinary and so it would be a
poor lower case indeed which jvoiddn V house all your
equipment. Perhaps you should have asked Micronik when you
were speaking to them!
2. The A1 API IDE CD-ROM drives connect to the Amiga ’s internal
IDE interface (via a buffering interface for good measure).
Although it’s relatively straightforward to connect a CD-ROM drive at the same time as a 3.5 " drive, the 2.5 ” drives arm ’I always keen on the Master Slave protocol and may not work. If the tower includes a double IDE interface, it should circumvent the problem.
3. Yes. As long as the graphics card will work in a Zorro-II
slot, it should work perfectly. This is one of the main
reasons for buying a lower expansion in the first place.
SCSI PROBLEMS I have an A1200 with a DataFlyer SCSI card.
This is connected to an external Hewlett Packard hard drive and Toshiba CD-ROM drive.
The HP hard drive works fine when connected on its own, that is, with the CD-ROM drive disconnected. The CD-ROM works fine on its own, that is, with the hard drive disconnected. But when both are connected to the SCSI ribbon the Amiga takes approximately 23 minutes to boot up. The HP hard drive is reported to have read errors, and the CD-ROM drive is missing.
At the same time the Amiga has slowed down to such an extent it is unusable. The mouse takes 10 to 15 seconds to respond, windows take longer. How do I get the CD-ROM and hard drive and the Amiga working so I can use everything at the same time?
* o|w_ ...] SSB nj.
M. J. Lewis via email Welcome to the nightmare world of SCSI, a
special twilight zone where everything is possible and nothing
is quite what it seems.
The SCSI standard is a great idea, but sometimes things can go wrong. In this case it’s definitely the SCSI set-up which I would blame.
You must make sure that you have arranged your SCSI peripherals in a chain. At one end of the chain will be the DataFlyer interface, and at the other (for the sake of argument) the CD-ROM drive. In the middle will be your hard drive.
The middle of the SCSI chain.
One more tip: when setting the SCSI ID values, start with low numbers first. For example, set your hard drive to 0 and your CD-ROM to 1. The SCSI interface itself will usually be set to ID 7.
It is essential that the devices are terminated properly. Failure to terminate the first and last item on the chain will produce all sorts of bizarre errors - including the sort of behaviour you describe. In this case, the CD-ROM drive must be terminated, and the hard drive must have any terminators removed. The SCSI interface inside the Amiga should be terminated automatically, so you don't need to worry about it.
The DataFlyer is automatically terminated but you'll need to check your other SCSI devices.
How you actually terminate a SCSI device varies. Most modern devices will have a jumper pin devoted to switching on or off the termination. Some older drives will have a little pack of resistors, looking like a thin, inch long set of pins joined at the top. These resistor packs (usually in threes) should be removed to switch off termination.
.v.-l EXPANSION EdpQPEQ jili f .*».. I. • o'j* :» ¦:*:* 5 v *:•* * t» * * * ..... It sounds as though both your devices have their termination switched on. Try and discover which device is easiest to switch off, and then place it in
4. If all you want is a new box, then you will be spending money
on hardware you don V need (all those extra slots). However,
if you are seriously thinking of getting a graphics card, then
the tower would be a good buy.
ALL THAT JAZ I have a computer set-up including an A1200, with 2Mb chip RAM, an 8Mb trapdoor memory expansion, and an internal 170Mb hard drive. I also have a SOFTWARE SHORTCUTS Workbench Knowing the special key combinations at the Shell and Workbench can speed up operation of your computer ten times over. It may take a little time to master all the combinations, but even knowing a few will make a difference. Here are some of the more important key presses you should know.
WORKBENCH Right Amiga and "E" Open up command line box Right Amiga and "1" Open up Information box Right Amiga and "A" Select all icons on screen Right Amiga and Tidy up screen display Right Amiga and "K" Close active window Right Amiga and "N" Create new drawer in active window Right Amiga and "R" Rename active icon SHELL CTRL and " " Close Shell window Cursor up Repeat last command Shift and cursor left right Jump to start end of command line plain CD11- connected to that, via the serial port (through Sernet).
I intend to get ajaz drive (the better looking one) from Technomatic but I'm totally confused about all the connections (Squirrel, Surf Squirrel, DataFlvcr SCS1+, SCSI and SCSI-II). I don't want to have loads of adaptors (if I do need any, which do I get?) To connect the Jaz drive to the PCMCIA slot; and what sort of connector is at the back of this "better looking” Jaz drive?
Once I've got it all together, how do 1 set it up? Would 1 use a SCSI ID selection of “0” (HDToolBox thinks that my internal hard drive is a SCSI one, and identifies it as SCSI-0), or would it be a SCSI selection of “1”.
I've also seen that the Surf Squirrel has a much faster serial port connected to it. If I was to use the Surf Squirrel to connect to my CD'1-' could I still use Sernet? Will the serial port connection mean faster copying of files from Cds to my hard drive?
Joe London Belter looking Jaz drives? Well, whatever you say Joe! Ay the Jaz (ugly or not) is a SCSI device, you will need a SCSI interface for the A1200. Which you get is a matter of choice.
If you want absolute ease of use then the Squirrel or Surf Squirrel are ideal. They both consist of a small box which connects to the PCMCIA slot on your Amiga, and a lead which you plug into the Jaz drive. It couldn't Continued overleaf 4 SCSI PROBLEMS SCSI Device.
No termination.
I've just bought an Eagle 1200te tower unit from Blittersoft. I also bought a Blizzard-1240 ERC and a Blizzard SCSI board so I could take the 540Mb Quantum ProDrive SCSI hard disk out of my A590 hard drive and mount it in my tower unit.
Lovely? Well, no. The problem is the connector from the hard disk is 50-pin (presumably Centronics) while the connector on the SCSI board is 25-pin, which itself runs a flat ribbon cable with a 25-pin D-type connector for external devices.
I have been unable to get a flat ribbon cable (with or without connections for extra peripherals) that will allow me to connect my hard disk to the controller. I find this very odd because the A590 has a pass through port at the back which is 25-pin! I've tried getting an adaptor but they don't seem to exist and I've tried to get a cable made up but RSD Connections tell me it's impossible and Brian Fowler doubts it could be done.
Jeff Jeffery via email The hard drive has a standard 50 way IDC connector, designed for internal use via a flat, wide, 50 way ribbon cable. This is common in PC's for example, where an internal SCSI interface has a 50-pin connector to link to all the internal devices. All SCSI devices designed to fit into a drive bay will have this 50-way connector, there's no getting away from it.
It's not Centronics though, as this term usually refers to the large, chunky connector on the outside of cased devices such as scanners.
You can recognise it because it has little clips which snap onto the attached plug.and hold it in place.
The big problem as far as you are concerned is that your SCSI interface has a 25- way D-type connector. This is, frankly, nuts.
Nearly all devices make use of the 50-way connector as this is more reliable for lengthy external connections.
Are you 100% certain that there isn't a 50-way socket or series of pins on the SCSI card available for connecting an internal 50- way cable? For example, my Warp Engine processor card has a SCSI interface built-in, and the only access is through a 50-way socket.
If the only connection is via this 25-way lead, then yes, you have problems. The 25-way connector, like the if both end Centronics one, is into designed for external use. The 50-way ribbon cable is designed for internal use. I've yet to see a cable which combines a mixture of both.
Obviously it can be done: as you say, inside your A590 there is a system of wiring which takes the incoming 25-way cable and turns it into 50-way IDC header for connecting to the hard drive. This connector is your best hope: try taking it apart and use it to marry the two wiring systems - mounting the drive internally.
Alternatively, try and get a refund on the SCSI interface and buy a different one with a more standard interface for internal use, rather than external.
Devices are mistakenly terminated then you could run all sorts of problems. Just follow this simple diagram.
Amiga, with SCSI Interface and termination.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just DID YOU KNOW... ...THAT WORKBENCH CONTAINS SECRET MESSAGES?
Concentrate on our areas of expertise
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LJ Graeme Sandiford Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
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Your Amiga: O A500 O A500 Pius O A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 O A2000 O A3000 O A4000 Kickstart version Ol.2 o 1.3 0 2.* 0 3.* Hard Disk: .Mb Manufacturer: ... Extra RAM fitted - type, size, (Mb) and manufacturer: Ever since the dawn of the computing age when Alan Turing put AT woz 'ere on the inside of Colossus, computer designers have hidden secret messages in programs and hardware.
Almost everyone knows of the Commodore's engineers love of the B- 52’s, but there are messages in Workbench too. They're just a little trickier to get at: Workbench 1.2 and 1.3 For the secret messages to appear on these old and outdated machines you will need to:
• Hold down both sets of Alt and Shift keys
• Press each of the function keys in turn and you will see the
messages appear. As with all these secret messages, having a
third arm is practically essential
• You can also try ejecting and reinserting a disk in DFO: for
further information (while holding down the keys).
Workbench 2.x There are further secrets just waiting to be revealed in this version of "Commodore's" operating system: To discover what simply...
• Make sure Workbench is active
• Hold down the CTRL key and both sets of Alt and Shift keys
• Use the mouse (don't let go of those keys yet!), and choose a
menu item from Workbench's menus
• Finally, release the keys and choose "Last message..." from the
Workbench project menu.
To see further messages, simply repeat the above steps choosing a new menu item each time.
Workbench 3.1 There are two ways of finding the secret message on Workbench 3.1. The double-jointed method is shown step-by-step, below, but if you have a current copy of MultiCX you can find the message in a much simpler fashion. Simply choose the Workbench "About..." menu command and then hit the "More..." button that appears at the bottom of the window that comes up.
Make sure that no more than 16 tasks are running when Workbench is booted. The easiest way to ensure this is to rename Wbstartup.
• Reboot
• Press and hold the right mouse button
• Keeping the right mouse button held, press and hold down the
CTRL and both sets of Alt and Shift keys,
• Select "About..." in Workbench's Project menu
• Move the resultant window to one side (do not close this
window) and start again by pressing the right mouse button
• Within about fifteen tries or so, a new, insidious About box
should appear... be simpler. The Jaz drive comes with two
50-way convectors, but many manufacturers take the internal Jaz
drive and re-house it in a standard SCSI box which presents the
Centronics style SCSI connector (could this be the reason for
your “better looking” comments?). This means that it will plug
directly into the lead from the Squirrel.
The stunningly attractive Jaz drive. If it's in a SCSI box (like this one) it'll plug straight into the Squirrel.
Details of other hardware: Setting up SCSI devices does require tinkering with the SCSI ID value.
However, remember that although the Amiga is under the impression that the internal hard drive is SCSI, it most certainly isn V - it !s IDE, arid its ID is therefore irrelevant.
The Jaz drive's default ID setting will be fine.
The connection to the CD32 might be faster using Surf Squirrel, but remember that the serial bottleneck exists at both ends and you won't be speeding up the CD32 !s serial port, only the A I200's.
The A1200 might be able to run other tasks faster while transferring data from the CD’2, though. 5 Eyetech's Spring Specials: Full A1200 towers from £99.95; High speed A1200 serial port £49.95; 17"Multisync monitor £399.95; Accelerators: '030 251 IHz FPU £79.95, 040 25MHz £189.95, '060 50MHz £439.95; Data fax modems from £29.95; SX32Pro-50 £349.95; SX32MK2 £189.95; Enhanced PSU's from £39.95; WOMB bootable IDE Zip drives £119.95;; CDPIus system from £139.95; Mousemat 99p The Top-Rated Eyetech CDPIus for the A1200 2-speed and 8-speed CDROM drives What do the reviewers say?
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Make your CD32 into a high Amiga User Int'l Amiga Computing Amiga Format “95% - Definitely Recommended" "90% - A Dream lo Use."
Blue Chip Award "96% - Absolutely Top Notch" Gold Award powered, portable Amiga!
The SX32Pro and SX32Mk2 add... v 33 or 50MHz ‘030 MMU CPU and FPU socket (33Mhz FPU socket only on the SX32Mk2) V Simm socket for up to 64MB of 32 bit fast (60770ns) RAM (up to 8MB fast (70ns) RAM on the SX32Mk2)
• » Buffered IDE interface for internal 2.5“ hard drive and
second hard drive, SyQuest. Jaz or even 8 speed CDROM (optional
extra on the SX32 Mk2) n Sockets for RGB video (23 pin). VGA
video (15 pin).
Parallel port (25 pin). Serial port (25 pin), Floppy disk port (23 pin) Jumper-selectable for PC or Amiga keyboard input (external adapter on SX32Mk2) ... to the CD32’s existing mouse, joystick, keyboard, audio. RF. Composite video and SVHS ports.
SX32Mk2 - sale price - £189.95 SX32Pro-50 - sale price - £349.95 Genuine Amiga 89-key compact keyboard £34.95 SX32 floppy, hard drives 20MB-1.1GB, RAM - Please ring Just a few SX32 Combo packs left - SX32 Mk2 or Pro-50, CD32, keyboard, 4MB memory, hard drive and enhanced power supply - at unbeatable prices!
2- or 8- speed external CDROM unit In quality CE-approved case with heavy duty PSU Leaves trapdoor free for accelerators memory expansion and the PCMCIA slot free for digitisers, modems, samplers etc Option to add additional HD's, CDRoms, SyOuests, IDE Zips, Jazs, ATAPI tape streamers etc powered from the CDPIus unit Comes with special Eyetech 060-corrpatible Mk2 4-device EIDE buffered interface board - easily fitted In minutes with no cutting drilling (Note that IDE CDROMS must never be directly connected to the A1200 without a buttered interlace) Gold plated audio phono sockets’ at rear
and front panel headphone socket and volume control Complete with 'Cllck-and-Go' Installation software r B L___ 22 AMIGA HEALTH WARNING If you have recently fitted - or intend to fit - an IDE ATAPI CDROM to your A1200 (other than an Eyetech CDPIus unit) without a buffered interface then your Amiga is in risk of serious damage arising in the future.
The A1200 - unlike A4000's and PC's - has NO internal IDE buffering. On the A1200 the IDE interface connects directly to the A1200 processor chip which itself has insufficient output to drive more than one IDE ATAPI device (and only then on a short data cable) for any sustained time period. To the best of our knowledge the Eyetech CDPIus is the only A1200 ATAPI CDROM supplied with a buffered interface as standard. We are now making this 4-device buffered interface available separately for use with other kits and D-I-Y CDROM installations. At only £39.95 it is a small price to pay to preserve
your Amiga's health.
MI2 interface now available - Compatible with all popular hard drives and accelerators - including '060 models Considering a PowerStation? The CDPIus is now available with an alternative, 230W, CE-approved, PC MiniTower or Desktop case (which can also power your A1200) - for only £25 extra (•«« ».dt mt) LOOK!
17”Microvitec Multiscan Monitor 15-64KHz, 50-120Hz All Amiga PC scan modes to 1280x1024. Autoswitching £399.95!!!
FOR YOUR DIYA1200 TOWER T CONVERSION AND PARTS . Mini-tower desktop case with 200W PSU. CD & 0 HD Zip bays. A1200 powerconnector block, resistor. Cable clamp, instructions £49.95 Tji Full tower case with mountings for A1200 n motherboard & PCMCIA accessories with 230W PSU. A1200 psu connector. 10 (total) CD HD Zip E floppy bays and provision for fitting a PC motherboard £99.95 PC or A2000A1200 keyboard adapter-no soldering or shield removal needed. £49.95 Full-sized A2000 keyboards for tower conversions etc (needs A1200 keyboard interface) £49.95 Replacement A1200 internal floppy drive
mecha- T nism with faceplate for tower mounting £29.95 n Internal floppy drive extension ribbon cables (60 Q cm)to mount your internal drive in the full tower floppy drive bay £12.95 . _ • External floppy drive (23m-23f) extension cables W for external floppy drive to minitower desktop floppy drive bay (60cm) £14.95 JJ Rewirable I EC (monitor)plug for Pctower. PSU etc AC mains outlet £6.95 The Amazing Iomega IDE Zip Drive Another first from Eyetech V Can be used in place of - or as well as*- the internal hard drive V Use a different bootable cartridge for each application or family member V
Ideal for transferring multimedia data between Amigas and or other platforms Fits In any Amlga desktop mlnltower floppy drive bay or In external case ‘ The ideal way to backup your data The IDE Zip drive fined in on A1200 Bare IDE Zip drive (inc Eyetech ZipPrep tools) - Just £119.95 100MB Zip cartridges Just £14.95 1 or £39.95 3 (*A60Q 1200 buttered interface needed) EYETECH'S ONE-STOP INTERNET SHOP S U R F BT ISDN LINE NOW ONLY £199!!!
The Eyetech ZorroII ISDN Adapter gives you high speed Web-browsing and video conferencing on your Amiga for only £189.95 3 months unBmRsclkteslcsB access Internet usage.
Interned reference book and lull (but restricted usage) Internet software (TCP IP.
WWW. FTP. EmeA Telnet.
Term and IRC) £39.95 Upgrade lo M irvestncted software -anytSP. FuB TCP stock. IRC. FTP. Term. Mali.
WWW browser with frames.
Q Telnet etc £44.95 Modems
I. 14.4 modem & psu £29.95 V 28 8modem. Cables £69.95
33. 6 modem, cables £89.95 T Oats A phone cables n Modem cable
(2m) £5.95 V ¦ 10m,2way phone exmn 2.95 V 1m modem lead
FCC68-4 6 10 UK BT phone plug £5.95 Amiga Driver Software for
Epson Colour Printers and Scanners EnPrint for the Stylus
Colourll lls Pro .
ProXL 200 500 600 800 820 1500 v Unbelievable photographic quality output 'Preferences' A stand-alone printing program ScanQuix for all Epson scanners
• 24 bit scanning with full range of editing options -. F .
V Scan-to-disk' option in Jpeg or IFF formats printed output Stand-alone use or integrates with your Art package (Photogenics.
ImageFX, AdPro, XiPaint. Pagestream 3, Dpaint5, ArtEffect. Ppaint) Also available lor HP, Mustek (Peregon) end Artec scenners EnPrint v2.1.3 printer driver - only £29.95 ScanQuix v3.0 scanner s w - onl £79.95 A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits D-I-Y and Bargain Corner Hard-to-flnd parts for your Amiga project Herd drive cables end coses
2. 5"-2.5" 44-way hard drive Csbles lor A600 & A1200 £9.95
2. 5" 3x44-way hard drive cables tor 2 x 2.5' drives (6cnw6em)
3. 5" power & data cables tor A600 S A1200 £14.95
3. 5’ tull fitting kit lor A600 S A1200 (contains everything)
3. 5'external hard drive case £19.95
3. 5' removeable drive deluxe external HD case £29.95 3 X 40-way
IDE cable tor 3.5' HD CDROM ~85cm 2' 9' £9.95 Custom 3 x 40
IDE cables to 1.5m 5' (enclose drawing) £19.95
3. 5' hard drive to 5.25' bay mounting adapters £6.95
2. 5' hard drive to 3.5" bay with 3.5’ data power cable adapters
3. 5' tloppy SyOuest Zp drive to 5.25' bay mounting adapters
£6.95 40 pin m-t detachable data cable torextemal 3.5'
HD CDROM's £12.95 Slimline external floppy IDE SyQuest IDE
ZIP IDE Jaz case £12.95 CDROM cables, cases and Interlaces
IDE ATAPI CDROM case with 40w PSU, audio & data connect's
£59.95 4-device buttered EIDE interface tor A1200 A600 £39.95
4-device EIDE interlace tor A4000 £29.95 44-way to 44-way
140-way unbuttered IDE interface adapter £19.95 Audio & video
cables end edepters
3. 5mm stereo lack plug to 2 x phono plugs tor CDROM £6.95 CDROM
standard 4 pin inverted T audio connector & phono plugs£9.95
Phono plug x 2 to phono plug socket x 2 audio mixer leads
£6.95 2 x phono socket to phono plug mixer adapters (Gold
£3.50) £2.50 Stereo 2 x phono plug to 2 x phono plug 1.1 m 4'
(4.8m 16' £9.95) £4,95 Power suppose end PC towers Zdesktops
with Integral psus Enhanced metal cased PSU lor
A600 A120Q CD32 CDROM external HD (fit your old lead -
instructions provided) £39.95 200W Ready-to-Go A500 600 1200
psu w Amiga, mains cables £59.95 Mini-tower or desktop case
with 200W 230W PSU. CD & HD Zip bay. Power lead connector
block, resistor, cable restraint etc, & full instrins £49.95
4-pln M-F extension cable from PSU to external HD CD 0.9m 3'
£9.95 23 pin m floppy drive connector to 4 pin HD CDROM power
plug £9.95 A1200 Internal cooling tan - dissipate that extra
power! £14.95 VGA 23-15 pin Adopter lor A500 600 1200 (most
monitors) £12.95 23-15 pin buttered VGA adapter (all
Amigas monitors) £24.95 GG2+ board - use PC cards in big-box
Amigas £129.95 ChlpUp 1 to 2MB Chip RAMupgrade tor
A500 A1500 A2000 S £99.95 A2000 keyboards (new) for
A2000 3000 4000' ('adapter+£5) £49.95 50MHz capable PGA FPU
tor SX32Pro-50 or accelerators £59.95 Videomaster PCMCIA
concurrent sound+25tps video digtiser £69.95 A1200 Workbench
3.0 disks (5) with WB3.0 5 user manuals £19.95 Two-and-a-half
new A1200 Expansion Products from Eyetech PortPlus - high
speed serial and parallel port expansion 2 x 460Kbaud buffered
seriel ports with low CPU overhead PC 8 Amiga compatible
parallel port transferring up to 500K bytes sec v Optional
high speed PC-Amiga & Amiga-Amiga networking software Leaves
PCMCIA A trapdoor free; accelerator friendly A very easy to
fit PortPlus - just £99.951 New! PortJnr-1 high speed serial
port - just £49.95 Qulckcam for the Amiga ; V Use a low cost
PC Qulckcam to capture IFF images on your Amiga V Fully
multitasking - including window resizing even whilst
digitising V Compatible with all Amigas with standard Amiga
printer port A WB1.3+ Quickcam hardware adapter and software -
only £39.95 I "The fastest drive I have tested on any platform
- David Taylor - Amiga Format February 1997 Important Note! 3.5"
hard drives - even those described as 'Slim'- are usually
1725mm high and will not fit in an A1200 without significant
modifications to the case and metal shielding - which itself
reduces the value of your computer.
All ln8tantDrlves from Eyetech are less than 20mm high and fit perfectly.
V Rated 99% - AUI November 1996, 95% - Amiga Format February 1997 No hole drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required All drives are brand new with a 2 year warranty and come Inclusive of full fitting kit and easy-to-follow pictorial instructions v Ready-to-use with WB3.0 and over 45 top quality utilities installed and configured to the Toolsdaemon menu system.
V AV drives come with a fully licenced version of Optonica's Mme multimedia authoring software AND internet access software (shareware) preinstalled
2. 1 GB AV £229.95 2.5 GB AV (~3MB s) - £239.95 Apollo
Accelerators - Unbeatable pricing Entry level A1200
Accelerators - Unbelievable value 25MHz ’030 with MMU & FPU.
(5 Mips) - Just £79.95 33MHz '030EC with FPU. (7 Mips) - Just
£89.95 Power UserA1200 '040 '060 accelerators (no tower req'd)
25MHz '040 with MMU & FPU. (19 Mips) - Only £189.95 33MHz '040
with MMU & FPU. (25 Mips) - Only £229.95 40MHz '040 with MMU &
FPU. (30 Mips) - Only £259.95 50MHz ’060 with MMU & FPU. (40
Mips) - Only £439.95 A Standard A1200 is rated at 1.3 Mips.
All measurements from Sysinfo »Speclal memory pricing with
accelerator purchases« 4MB* - £19.95; 8MB - £39.95; 16MB -
£69.95jJ2MB - £149.95 (60 70*ns)
2. 5" InstantDrives for the A600, A1200, SX32 & SX32 Pro 21 MB
Ideal for users of mainly CDROM software on the CDPIus and
SX32 £34.95 344MB A 2.5’drive ideal for the SX32Mk2 and for
the A1200 A600 £129.95 540MB A fast, superslim drive with
ample capacity for most users £149.95 810MB A superb,
superslim drive ideal for users of serious applications
1. 08GB This top-of-the-range superslim drive is perfect for the
SX32Pro £229.95 Next Day delivery to EC and USA Canada.
Worldwide delivertea In 2-7 daya from receipt of faxed order and payment details, (ag SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) UK m land 2 next day insured deiy charges: S w, cables, buffered i f £2.50 £3; 2.5' drives, accelerators, mem boards £6 £7; 3.5* drives, modems, psu's £8 £10; CDPIus £10 £12 Ring tax email for other delivery coats UK bank building society cheques. Visa*, Mastercard*. Switch, Delta, Connect, Postal Money orders accepted. * A 3% surcharge is applicable to all credit card ordors.
Due to space limitations some ol the specs given are indkxtive only - please ring write for further details. Please check prices, specs and availability before ordering. It ordering by post please include a contact phone no. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis. E&OE.
All prices include VAT at 17.5%. VAT is not applicable to non-EC orders Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 01642 713 185 Tel Int'l:+44 1642 713 185 Fax: +441642 713 634 eyetech@clx.compullnk.co.uk http: www.eyetech.co.uk ~eyetech Voted AUI Amiga Company of the Year 1996 7 faxcVetel - faun- "Pno!Ds4 At Last - Professional Colour and Sound Videoconferencing -for all '030+ Amigas with HD & 6MB Works with most Amiga sound A video digitisers (ProGrab, Vlab. Technosound etc) Works with 28.8 modems, ISDN etc Simultaneous text, video,
audio A file tranfer Rlng wrlte for further details Full Cocktel software - £99.95 High quality colour conferencing £amer nb £159j9 This Months Sale Specials Data fax modems with psu
- V32 14.4Kbps data. 9.6 14.4 fax £29.95
- V34 28 8Kbps data, 14.4 fax £69.95
- V34+ 36.6Kbps data. 14.4 fax £89.95 20- pin Zip RAM 4x1 Mbit
chips 60ns for A3000, Octogon, '386 board etc £9.95 A1200 RAM
boards (clock, FPU skt) £34.95 SCSI ext Zip drives w PSU (no
cart) £129.95 SCSI cable 25wD(m)-50w Centr(m).1 m £9.95 Slim
external floppy drives £34.95 Stereo speakers (pair), amp & psu
£14.95 Metal CDROM case (no psu) £5.95 Amiga microswitched
mouse £9.95 Amiga CDROM disks - cur sc! N - 4 for £10.00
EYETECH There's nothing quite like it for, erm, running up the
telephone bill.
Dave Cusick investigates the mysterious world of Multi User Dungeons... The impression the media gives is that the Internet would be nothing without the World Wide Web. Of course, seasoned surfers know that there are a great many aspects of the Internet that are far more entertaining than static, non-interactive pages of text and graphics could ever be, perhaps the most obvious of these being Internet Relay Chat channels and newsgroups. There arc also plenty of MUDs, which offer users the chance to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds and interact with like-minded gamers via their Internet
The acronym MUD stands for Multi User Dungeon. Although it is now used to describe an entire genre, originally the term Multi User Dungeon referred to a particular game, which was created by a chap called Roy Trubshaw on a computer system in Essex in the early 1980s. Essentially similar to the infamous “Colossal Cavern"-style adventure games which were developed on mainframe computer systems in the heady days of computing, MUD offered its players the exciting and novel possibility of being able to talk lo one another as if they were all in the same ...but using a dedicated client such as
AmiMUD is easier.
RUNNING A MUD SERVER If you really get bitten by the MUD bug, it is even possible to obtain MUD server software from Aminet, documentation for which is available on the Web. However, before you even consider undertaking something like this there are plenty of important things to think about, not least of which is the virtual necessity of a permanent Internet connection. Many of these issues are relevant when considering whether to set up any sort of server on your Amiga, and as such will be discussed in Amiga.net next month when we take a look at setting up your own Web Server.
Room, participating together in a fantasy role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons.
MUD was later substantially modified by Richard Bartle, and became popular when access to the game was made possible through JANET (the Joint Academic NETwork which links British universities) which enabled bored students across the nation to immerse themselves in the fantasy world. Over the following few years, various MUD-stvle games sprang up on other academic servers. Amongst the most notable were Alan Cox’s AberMUD, which was so named because it originated at Aberystwyth University in Wales, and James Aspnes’ TinyMUD, incarnations of which are still popular nearly eight years after its
A few commercial MUDs also appeared, including Richard Bal tic’s MUD-2.
These days there are numerous MUD servers operating around the world which can be accessed over the Internet, running a variety of fantastic lands using a wide range of hardware and software systems. Anyone with a passing interest in any genre of Although they are not graphically in the same league as.
For example.
Internet Quake on a PC contemptible.
MUDs are peculiarly fascinating and addictive.
An1MUD Gabriel* ‘So gtS PPTS3 Give ne a computer adventures or traditional tabletop role playing games will find at least one MUD to suit their tastes.
If all this sounds like it might be worth investigating, then there are basically two ways in which you can try out MUDs on your Amiga. The first is simply to use an ordinary telnet client to contact a rembte host - for AmiTCP users this will probably simply be a case of opening up the shell and typing Telnet address port . Unfortunately the telnet approach is less than perfect, not least because telnet clients rarely have scroll bars and you may not get to see a great deal of what is going on before it scrolls off the screen never to be seen again.
A far better approach is to obtain a dedicated MUD client - I would recommend AmiMUD v2.7. which is available on Aminet in the game role directory. Once you have set it up on your hard drive using the included installer and the MUI configuration program, ensure that a TCP stack is running on your system and then load up the MUD client itself and dial up your ISP as usual. Once you are connected to the Internet, go to the File menu in AmiMUD and Set Address to “medievia.com” and Set Port to "4000".
Then choose Connect.
After a few seconds you should see the Medievia title screen appearing in the Output window.
You will then be asked for your adventurer’s name.
Since this is your first time in Medievia, you can make up an imaginative moniker for your hero.
Assuming you come up with a name that somebody else is not already using, the server will not recognise you and so will ask if you wish to create a new character. Answer ves, and then enter a password for your character. Don't forget to make a note of this password for future reference.
That's all there is to logging in to Medievia, and almost all MUDs use a similar procedure. Once you have logged in, ever)' game is controlled slightly differently, often using a simple text-based menu system. Generally there are various quests which your character has to undertake, but these may not be immediately apparent - that’s all part of the fun. So is familiarising yourself with the vast array of in-game commands available on any given MUD; this process may take some time, but most games offer hints to newbies. Besides, veterans of the old text adventure games will recognise the sort
of instructions that servers will understand, such as North, Up, Say and Take. Many newer software systems recognise quite complicated strings of commands, so it’s worth reading any on-line documentation.
One last thing: 1 would strongly advise getting hold of Qnline-o-meler or a similar call display program, so that you can keep an eye on your phone bill... 'fj AmiMUD Home Page http: www.logicom.it personal ggre co amimud.html At present this simply outlines the program features and offers quick links to the latest archives on Aminet but it would be wise to bookmark this for the future if you intend getting into MUDs.
Incidentally, AmiMUD is Shareware, and the freely available distribution archive contains a version of the program with some extremely useful features disabled.
Regular MUDders should register, not only to reward the author for his considerable efforts, but also because the full version they will receive includes an Arexx port which can be used to automate certain tasks such as logging in to a MUD.
The MUD Resource Collection http: www.clock.org muds Although it has recently moved and some of the indices do not quite function correctly, this site is definitely worth visiting for its informative FAQs.
The MUD Connector http: www.mudconnect.com An invaluable resource which includes an exhaustive list of servers and a wealth of useful information.
NB: entering this site with Voyager NG is not, at the time of writing, a good idea... funny things happen.
Stick with Ibrowse or A Web.
Medievia Home Page http: www.medievia.conv.8080 This is the Web presence of a very successful and well crafted fantasy MUD.
Discworld Home Page httpJ discworld.imaginary.com:5678 There is even a game based on the popular series of Terry Pratchett books, and it is a particularly accomplished and entertaining MUD with a nice walk-through introduction for newbies.
Threshold MURPE http: www.counseltech.com thresho Id This "Multi-User Role Playing Environment" emphasises traditional role-playing as opposed to out-and-out hack-and-slash adventuring. As such, in addition to the usual player guilds, there are complete player-run clan systems, businesses and religions - there's even a legal system.
If lurid colour schemes are not to your liking, it is possible to run Medievia in monochrome... USEFUL MUD WEB SITES SPECIAL OFFERS Choose your Free Gift when you subscribe!
1 DD Readers CD Readers Exclusive Gift Choose from 2 CD product includes manuals in Wordworth 5 format on the CD-ROM
• WORDWORTH 5SE This cut-down version of the award- winning
Wordworth 5 is optimised for a low overhead system with the
standard amount of memory and no hard drive but a single floppy
Still fully functional, this version of Wordworth is ideal for the user who doesn't need fancy add-ons.
• ORGANISER 2 Amiga Format 92% Described as the best Amiga PIM
Organiser 2 won an Amiga Format Gold award. With its simple interface and loads of clever features you'll have no excuse for ever forgetting anything again.
• DATASTORE 2 Catalogue your video collection or use Datastore to
generate a database for your business. Link to Wordworth to
produce your business correspondence.
Storing information has never been easier.
* All packaging shown for illustration only - actual products
shrink wrapped, excluding retail packaging. Includes full
* MK-
• WORDWORTH 5 Amiga Format 92% Hailed as "another Digita triumph"
by Amiga Format back in April of last year, Wordworth 5 offers
versatile word processing that integrates easily with the whole
family of Digita software.
• ORGANISER 2 Amiga Format 92% Described as the best Amiga PIM
available. Organiser 2 won an Amiga Format Gold award. With its
simple interface and loads of clever features you'll have no
excuse for forgetting anything again.
• DATASTORE 2 Catalogue your video collection or use Datastore to
generate a database for your business.
Link to Wordworth to produce your business correspondence.
Storing information has never been easier.
• MONEY MATTERS 4 Amiga Shopper 90% Keeping track of all your
finances is easy with Money Matters 4. Winner of Amiga
Shopper's Star Buy award.
DIGITA CD Including
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* 3 CD CODE: AFC010 Full commercial software Font Machine plus
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The full version of the spreadsheet TurboCalc 2.1. plus Tiny Troops and two great Breakout clones.
AMIGA FORMAT Achtung! Accelerate!
The full version of rendering program Cinema 4D 2 plus a demo of Worms: The Director's Cut.
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Offers And Books Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345
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.£259 FPU 33MHz picc ....£10 50MHz pga.
....£39 crystals .... .£5.00 MEMORY SIMMS At Gasteiner we have simms & memory for all ram cards & accelerators made for Amiga computers A500, A600, A3000, A1500, A2000 & A4000 30PIN SIMMS 1MB ... £10 4MB ... £25 72PIN SIMMS 2MB ... ..£9 4MB ... £19 8MB ... £29 16MB .
£79 32MB .
.....£139 SCANNERS 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 2YZ EX VAT INC VAT GT 5000 EPSON ......£350.00 ....£411.25 GT 8500 EPSON ......£700.00 ....£822.50 GT 9000 EPSON ......£600.00 ....£705.00 ARTEC 600DPI FLATBED SCANNER with amiga software £269.00 BEST BUY HARD DRIVES WE SELL HARD DRIVES FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS. WE HAVE SCSI OR IDE HARD DRIVES TO FIT AMIGA A500, A600, A1500, A2000, A3000 & A4000 WHATEVER CONTROLLER YOU MAY HAVE IF IN ANY DOUBT PHONE OUR TECHNICAL PEOPLE SCSI FASTEST DRIVES EX VAT INC VAT 730MB INT SCSI.... .....£99.00 .
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5. 0GIG ..... £449 IDE 2.5" SUPER SMALL HARD DRIVES 1
70MB . .....£69 340MB .
.....£89 520MB 540MB ... ...£129
810MB . ...£159 1GIG ...
1. 3GIG ...... ...£259 2GIG ...
..£119.00 2 SPEED ...... ....£99.00 8 SPEED
. ..£169.00 CD WRITERS PINNACLE ....
..£645.08 RICOH 2 SPEED ... ..£386.57 YAMAHA 4 SPEED ..£699.00
400 . ..£219 EPSON 600 . ..£300
EPSON 800 . ..£399 HP640.... ....£249
HP870 .. ..£379 MONITORS INC VAT
MICROVITEC 14" Amiga Technologies... .£199 MICROVITEC
17" Amiga Technologies... .£349 SAMSUNG
15" ... .£259 SAMSUNG 21" (NEW) .....
......£1059 SONY 15" ...... ...£329.00 SONY
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SQUIRREL .... ......£50 SURF ... ......£89
Why on Earth would a man of my stature U (which as you can see to the left, is getting bigger 1 all the time) dirty his U hands with writing a IV tutorial? Well, I just M can't stop playing with Ppaint anyway, so I thought writing a series of tutorials, and sharing all I have learnt over the H time I have been using this ¦ software, would give me a ¦ good excuse and get that W wretched Andrea slave- r driver production person off my back. So please, write in and say how good it is.
Also this month we say ¦ goodbye to Darren and his L Music-X tutorial, and have a little sniffle into our hankies at the end of the Arexx hash sorting saga.
Whatever will we get up to next?
PERSONAL K PAINT Who was that transparency overlayed man? Nick Veitch gets to grips with the Amiga's best paint package.
MUSIC-X | Concluding his Epic, Darren Irvine introduces Notator-X and gives you some iund advice on playing live.
BEGIN END CJE1 C0E2 (M3 CK4 HI 11 PAUSE 44 ? PLAY ?* REC08A I (lock: OO01 .O Husic-X V2.8 - J» 3 1W4 Written bv Talia "flrnour Pierter" Written 8v Sa*p1 TG 12 DIPIG SY-34 418934 Even!
K ‘! -ve guitar Ret s-latd-bak Ret piecesx2 Ret pieces Ret dub bass Re I II programed percuss in 1 Ret 12 pp ul MW £.1 Mf £»1 Mf bl Kt ui mi SEND IT IN!
REAL 3D 2 Kip* This month Graeme Sandifford gets all soft and fluffy with some gossamer- light animations. You will believe a polygon can fly!
We need YOUR input.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series?
Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: IJ CINEMA4D 2 The irrepressible Mr Kennedy goes beyond the primitive in his encyclopaedic guide to Cinema4D.
Arexx Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do?
Paint Packages Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
Cinema4D Surely some of you have some questions about our latest 3D giveaway?
ADVANCED AREXX All you ever wanted to know about 1 hash tables part two. Will the database work properly? What happens when files collide? Only Paul Overaa knows.
Contact us at: AF Creative • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
AMIGA FORMAT MAY 1997 You really shouldn't have any trouble getting to grips with the basics of Personal Paint. For a start, in terms of the interface, it is very similar (but not too similar to sue, oh no) to that old Amiga classic, Dpaint - even down to having more or less the same hotkeys for similar functions.
If you are a complete beginner though, and have never used a paint package before you should really study Mr Kennedy’s excellent guide in AF96.
Bitmap paint packages are great, and in some ways far more versatile than “true colour” packages. Because each individual pixel is coloured with a specific colour, you can change the entire picture just by fiddling with the palette. At the bottom of this page you will find an explanation of the palette window buttons. To call up this window, simply press “p".
It is important to remember that the size of the palette also affects the size of the image and the amount of memory it will take up. Image sizes have become more important again thanks to the Internet - nobody wants to spend ages downloading a graphic that is unnecessarily large, so choose the CONTENTS Chapter 1: Palettes Chapter 2: Drawing Tools Chapter 3: Brushes Chapter 4: Image Processing Chapter 5: Animation Chapter 6: Further Projects palette with care. Also remember that if you adjust the palette after you have created your picture, some parts of the picture may be altered too.
To guide you through last month's excellent Coverdisk giveaway, Rlick Veitch will be conjuring up some hot tips... Have fun with this month's rather frightening project, and join me next month when we will be looking at some of the bizarre things you can do with the drawing tools! £5 P IS FOR PALETTE Ithe arrow indicates the colour that is currently selected. You can change this by clicking on any of the other colour bars, or by clicking on any colour in the palette at the bottom of the main toolbar.
2 These three sliders adjust the Red, Green, and Blue components of the currently selected colour.
3 The Hue, Saturation and Volume (Brightness) sliders can also be used to adjust the current selected colour. The HSV colour model is simply a different way of specifying colours.
4 If your total colour palette is more than 16-colour, you can scroll through all of the colours using these arrows.
5 This gadget shows the currently selected colour, and its number in the screen palette.
6 Click on a colour, click on this button, then click on another colour. The first colour will be copied into the position of the second.
Edit Color Palette -o _ 22 G: 2 d B: 22 h: 0 s: 0 v: 9 J Proceed Cancel 7 Select a range again - using exactly the same method as you did for number 6. All the colours in the range you selected will be re-ordered in descending or ascending order of brightness.
As for the button above, but the colours will swap positions.
8 9 Select a range as for number 6. The palette colours in between will be recoloured to form a gradient between the two selected colours. The left button uses RGB values to construct the gradient the right button uses HSV values - producing a subtly different result.
This button will reset the current colour back to its original value.
10 11 12 This button will reset all the colours you have altered back to their original values.
This button will temporarily hide the current window so that you can see what effect your changes have had on the main image. Just release the mouse button if you want to reveal the window again.
ER ONE PPAINT Now, if you like, you can adjust the palette. This may be necessary if the original image came from a scanner (like this one) or a digitiser. Simply choose adjust from the Colour Palette menu.
Adjusting the sliders will alter the values of all the colours to achieve the desired effect. Usually with dull images, increasing the contrast and the brightness by a bit works wonders.
First load a suitable image. Here is one I prepared earlier. It is best for this particular image to use as many colours as possible. Natural subjects are best, as they will have a palette with many shades of the same colours.
I Image. . . I Image. .. P Format. .. I We want to use the Env. Transparency (50%) process, so select it from the list and click on the "edit" button at the top of the window.
For the next part of our project, we want a duplicate environment. Ppaint has a buffer which can be used as a scratchpad. Just press 'j' to switch between buffers and to copy the current screen to the buffer (or use the menu).
Now we want to use a tool you may not have come across before. It is Ppainfs image processing tool, highlighted in the picture above. Click on this tool with the Right mouse button to bring up a requester.
I Edit the process again, and make the values in the slider higher, then repeat the process. Remember the higher the slider value, the more of the background image will show through.
We will be discussing these filters in a later section, but for now, just do as I say. Change the value in the slider from 128 to about 40. This makes the "rub through" image more transparent.
Press proceed twice, then click on the IP tool again twice. This allows you to process square areas. Now drag out loads of little squares randomly, and the image behind will start to show through.
Image: Current I Other I Brushes: Jt) 21 3J il 31 6l ZJ fil Si Repeat the process a few times and eventually you will end up with something like this! You may, or may not, want to have the transparency set as high as 255 for the central parts of the image.
If you really want to terrify people, you could try using exactly the same technique but starting off with an image instead of a blank screen. This one reminds me of The Wicker Man for some reason.
It does help though if both images have similar palettes. You can always use the Colours merge menu option to create a compromise palette in which neither image will look too strange.
MUSIC-X SysExpert AFCD13:- ln_the_Mag Music-X Darren Irvine introduces the concluding part of his Music-X tutorial.
MUSIC-X Perf: arnour piercer.Perf BEGIN END CUE1 CUE2 CUE3 CUE4 SET 11 PAUSE 44 ? PLAY » RECORD HITT] Bar Seq Bar Seq BEGIN END CUE1 CIIE2 CUE3 CUE4 SET 11 PAUSE 44 ?PLAY ?? •RECORD f 1 Clock: OOOI . Ol . OOO TT ST0RE 00:00:00.00 TT EDIT OOO1.o oo:oo:c Husic-X V2.0 - Jan 3 1994 Written bp Talin "flrnour Piercer" Uritten Bp Saf.p1 TG 2 ENPUG SY-34 [x1 t .... Prw.o- Ex1 C Re I -pe guitar Ext C- Re I s-la.d-bak Exl C-- Ret piecesx2 Exl C Rel pieces Ex1 C Rel dub bass Ex1 C Rel *1 programed percussion 1 Ex1 C-- Rel «2 pp Ex1 Henoi 418934 Even!
O Sag Hen ars 801 112 197 Dot 884 1 71 212 L •*r~ 4 7 005 272 4 6 006 272 2 6 007 312 4 16 088 1562 8 10 O 809 122 1 16 =EHH 1 418934 Events Music-X Operation Suspended.
Serial Port is nog available, Nenoryl Seq Men Bars Ch RESUME Out « » 001 112 1 10 t Rel Metronone Sequence Exl Off 002 192 2 2 C Rel offbeats Exl 60880 QQO 262 2 4 C Rel -ve guitar Ex1 08888 004 212 4 7 C Rel s-laid-bak Exl 08888 005 272 4 6 C Rel piecesx2 Exl 88888 006 272 2 6 C Rel pieces Exl Off 007 312 4 16 C Rel dub bass Exl Off 008 1562 8 10 C Rel 1 progranned percussion 1 Exl Off 009 122 1 16 C Rel 112 pp Exl Off The Author Name information is displayed when you select 'About Music-X'.
But then you remember - and it’s time to revisit the track that’s going to make you a dancefloor god. Except you’ve changed all the patches on your sound modules and forgotten which disk you’d stored the appropriate samples on. Of course, by trial and error you can get it all sorted out again, but the sensible thing to do would to have been making a quick note of the set up used at the time you wrote the tune. If you’re anything like me, any such note written on an actual piece of paper would be quickly lost. Cunningly, if you can develop a sort of short hand that refers to your setup, and you
can fit all the relevant information into a couple of lines, then Music-X provides a way of holding this information within You can suspend Music-X's operation so that other programs can temporarily access the serial port.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction and basic sequence recording Chapter 2: Basic sequence editing and creating a song Chapter 3: Effects - cross fading & the swing processor Chapter 4: Advanced song construction techniques Chapter 5: Conclusion - "live" playback & Notator-X Like it or loathe it, Notator-X does what it's supposed to, albeit, not in a very attractive way.
Over the last few months we've covered just about everything.
From the basics of getting started with Play Sequences, through various effects, right up to assembling the Play Sequences into a finished tune. In addition to its obvious sequencing facilities, Music-X has some extra features worth mentioning.
KEEPING TRACK OF THINGS So here’s the scenario: you've spent days writing a killer tune and put a lot of effort into getting all the sound module patches set up correctly. You've edited the end points of all your samples to perfection. All that stands between you and megastardom is the purchase of some half-decent tapes to record the thing onto. Except, as these things go, you forget to buy some tapes, and after a couple of days you sort of forget about your tune too. You get on with other things, and write and halfwrite a few more tunes.
Music-x : AMIGA SAMPLES E Music-X does support the use of the Amiga's internal samples, but not as neatly as a tracker.
A Sanple Nane Size Tune Oct High Note I 01 MetroTick.Sanple 598 298 1 869( A3) 02 DigitalSax 1568
- 288 3 093( A5) 03 Banboo Xylo 688 0 1 081( A4) i 04 Ganelan
2780 0 1 881 ( A4) 05 06 Drun Kit 6138 0 5 081 ( R4) 07 18 11
12 13 14 15 16 The 'Set Author Name' facility is useful for
noting down patch information and the like.
TuninglEZZfflllll i Song Title: flrnour Piercer_ AuthorMSanpl TG 82 ENP86 SY-341 Available ChipMen: 152K Largest: 139K the songs themselves. From the “File” menu, select “Set Author Name" and you'll find a handy space lor a couple of lines of text.
Of course, you’ll have to restrict yourself to making general notes here as to banks of sounds rather than which sound should be on every channel, but then, you have been using program changes in all of your Play Sequences, haven’t you?
Haven’t you? Well, it would be a good idea, wouldn’t it? This author information is also displayed when you select “About Music-X" from the “Mode” menu.
IMUSIC-X Sequence: sub rosa loop ; Event Type! NOTE Not for the fainthearted, but if you're brave enough you can delve in and change your play sequences at MIDI byte level.
GETTING SUSPENDED Although Music-X comes with a synth patch librarian, it is quite frankly rubbish, and only caters for a few very old and outdated synthesizers. You really need to get hold of a little program called SysExperl, which is available from most decent Amiga BBSs and from any of the Aminet mirrors on the Internet. SysExperl will handle data dumps from just about any synth or sound module, and you can use it to take weekly or monthly backups of your sound data. Give each of these backup files a reference number, and use this in the “Set Author Name” trick above - that way you can
always be sure of getting the correct sounds for your tune even months after originally writing it.
The thing is, programs like SysExperl (and for that matter whatever program you might be using to access a BBS or the Net) need access to the serial port, and of course, Music-X is busy using the serial port itself for MIDI. You could simply save your work, and quit Music-X before dumping your sound data, but there’s an easier way - simply select “Suspend” from the “Mode" menu, and Music-X will temporarily free up the serial port for other programs to use. Clicking on the “Suspend” information box returns control of the serial port to Music-X.
You can set up MIDI filtering to control which channels get what information.
OH NOT MORE FILTERS, PLEASE As well as the main sequencing screen, you can select “Set Filters” from the “Mode” menu to take you to the MIDI filter EVENT EDITOR ve1=884,128 dur=0 key=036( CD repeats=100 val=-1998 key=038( DD key=038( DD key=038( DD key=838( DD key=838( DD key=836( CD key=038( DD key=036 CD key=038C DD key=041 C FD key=038C DD key=036C CD key=038( DD veI=084,128 dur= ve1=884,128 dur= ve1=084,128 dur= ve1=084,128 dur= vel=084,128 dur= veI=084,128 dur= vel=084,128 dur= ve1=084,128 dur= ve1=084,128 dur= veI=884,128 dur= vel=084,128 dur= ve1=084,128 dur= ve1=084,128 dur= screen.
This lets you control which incoming MIDI information is passed on and recorded for each MIDI channel. You could use this to bar pitch bend or control change information from a channel that is dedicated to percussion. You can also use the large buttons on this screen to send various one-off MIDI messages, for example the “.All Notes Off’ control. I have found that the Portamento and Vibrato On Off controls from this screen are less than predictable, but you might have better luck with your combination of equipment.
BE AFRAID... BE VERY AFRAID If you’re feeling particularly brave one day, you might like to try selecting “Event” from the "Edit” menu in the Play Sequence editing screen. This changes the display from the by-now familiar piano-roll note editing screen to one full of numbers. That's right - you’re now editing your sequence right down at MIDI byte level. You can adjust the tiniest nuance of a particular pitch bend change or filter sweep. You can make tiny controller changes, or enter System Exclusive data by hand. You can rrrrms also make a tremendous balls-up which will require resetting (or
worse restoring from data backups) all your kit. Tread carefully in here, but if you’re armed with original sound module data manuals and have taken recent backups, feel free to jump in and play directly with MIDI data. It’s only in here that some System Exclusive data can be added, and if you're going to get the most from Music-X, sooner or later your going to find yourself needing to resort to this screen.
AND FINALLY... Music-X also supports the Amiga's internal samples, and you may well be wondering why I haven’t gone into how to use them. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if you really want to get the best from internal samples, then you’d be much better off using a good tracker such as OctaMED. Secondly, if you’re predominately using external instruments, then the Amiga’s samples will almost certainly sound a bit sad in comparison.
Although I've been spouting on for the last few months about how to do things, the last thing you should be worrying about is the “right” way to do anything when writing music. Let your ears be the judge, and if you find my way of performing a particular effect is cumbersome, well use your own - and drop me an email to tell me if you like.
Darren.irvine@virgin.net 'Hf NOTATOR-X If you are using Music-X 2.0 you will have noticed that it comes with a music notation package called Notator-X. Whether or not you feel any need to use such a package, is a moot point - with much of today's dance music relying on samples and repeating riffs, converting this into a music score can be fairly meaningless.
However, if you do want to see what your compositions look like in standard music notation, you can import your Music-X songs directly into Notator-X. Of course, for this to be worthwhile at all, you're going to need to be able to read music notation. Part of the beauty of sequencers like Music-X is that they let people with no formal musical knowledge record tunes just as easily as those with sight-reading ability and Music Theory level 8 exams under their belts.
Notator-X itself is about as comprehensive a notation system as I for one could be bothered investigating - a task not helped by the fact that I couldn't get it to run happily in anything other than a very annoying interlaced screen mode. Still, if you do have Music-X
2. 0, take a look at Notator-X and make up your own mind.
CHAPTER TEN Create your own butterfly complete with softly flapping wings.
Graeme Sandiford investigates Real 3D's morphing tools.
REAL 3D 2 This month our Real 3D tutorial has a distinctly insectoid feel. This is because we’ll be creating a butterfly complete with soft flapping wings - no legs though, unless you’re feeling generous. To get those smooth wings that bend gendy we’ll use Real 3D’s morphing tool.
The principle is quite simple, we'll create several variations on the same object (called target objects) and get Real 3D to fill in the gaps needed to provide a smooth transition from one shape to the other. This is a comparatively simple implementation of morphing, but the principles can be applied to other projects to create a variety of effects from rippling and changing surfaces to smooth camera and object movements.
As a side note, my anatomical knowledge of butterflies is sadly lacking. If you notice something that isn't right feel free to make any changes.
THE MORPHING TOOLS Run Real 3D and open a standard tri-view environment. Select the menu Create Controls B-Spline Curve, then go to the top view and draw a profile (the right or left edge) for the body of your butterfly - right-click when finished.
Next draw a straight vertical line alongside the curve using the menu Create Controls Open Line. Select the open line, shift-select the curve and go to the menu Create Freeform Rotate. Then enter 8 in the resolution requester.
Now we have the body of our butterfly. Mine looks like a mis-shapen dragonfly - hopefully yours looks better. Delete the lines, select the mesh and flatten it a little bit in the top view by using the stretch tool.
For the head, go to the side view and roughly draw an oval shape with the Menu item Create Controls B- Spline Closed. Duplicate it twice, move and reduce the size of the copies. Then duplicate and re-size the copies twice.
When you have something that resembles the previous grab, select the curves in order of position (the odd curves in descending numbers, the original and then the even in ascending order) and select the menu Create Freeform Build from curves.
Delete the lines and rename the head and body meshes appropriately. Make sure the head and body are touching and then go to the top view. Using the B- Spline curve, draw a curved line to define the shape of an antennae.
Go to the side view and use a combination of the rotate tool and the menu Modify Bend Endp. Move 2D to angle and bend the antennae into a natural shape.
Go to the front view and zoom in quite close.
Select the menu item Create Controls B-Spline Circ.
And then draw a small circle to define the thickness and a shape of the antennae. Select the circle and then the line and select the menu Create Freeform Coplanar.
Delete the line and circle you used to make the antennae and draw an egg shape with the ellipsoid tool. Use the Stretch, move and rotate as needed to position the new object on the end of the antennae.
Select the antennae and end bit, duplicate and mirror these objects. Create a new level, call it main or similar and cut and paste your objects under this level.
Create a new level called wings at the same level.
Go to the top view and zoom out a bit. Select the menu item Create Controls B-Spline Closed and draw the outline of one of your wings - draw as you want, but try and make it fairly wide, and then right-click when finished.
Move the wing so that it is roughly in the middle of the body and select the following menus; Modify Free form Reparametrize, Modify Freeform Distribute, Create Freeform Skin Curve and Reparametrize again clicking on V in the requester.
Rename this mesh as Iwing and delete the line. Copy the wing and then go to the menu Modify Bend Endp. Move 2D. In the front view click on the wing just left of the body, again at the end of the wing and bend the wing upwards.
Paste the original wing twice and, using the same method as before, bend the second copy downwards.
Now that we have our key morphing objects, select them in turn and go to the menu item Animate Create Morphing.
Open the animation window and play it forwards.
You'll notice the key objects are still shown and the morphing wing only flaps once. To fix this select the Morphing Open level and the menu Animate Edit.
This is the Key Editor. To stop needless re-drawing of key objects click on invisible keys. To make the wings beat, click on close and periodic and drag the black squares (which represent key objects) to half their size.
Use the same process to create another wing. Move the root level to control the position of the butterfly as a whole. As well as morphing an object's shape, you can morph the surface by creating two objects with different surfaces.
Morphing can also be used on cameras to enable smoothly panning view changes in animations. Use the menu View Camera Create Camera in conjunction with changing the view using the cursor keys.
CINEMA4D 2 ER THREE Want more than just primitive objects?
John Kennedy discovers the more advanced Boolean and Polygon tools.
Primitives are (lie simplest objects which can be created, but not all your models will look like a sphere with a box attached. Cinema4D has lots of ways of both altering primitives, and creating more complicated objects.
One of the easiest ways to change your objects is to make use of the “Boolean Operations". These operations allow you to create a new object from two existing objects. The term “Boolean" comes about because of the logical notation used. You can use these tools to either link two objects, or use one to alter the other.
Using the Boolean tools is easy.
First create your objects, and arrange them as required. For best results, you should “sub-divide” the primitives first, as this will make them more detailed and therefore allow the new surfaces which will be created, more scope for accuracy. Failure to do this will mean that your new objects mightn't be smoothed properly, and will look downright weird.
For the same reason, when using a Sphere primitive, make sure that you are not using a Perfect Sphere. Perfect Spheres are defined as discrete mathematical entities which cannot be chopped up into pieces. On the other hand, they do render quickly and accuratelv.
M K. A + B CD A OR B A XOR B « ¦ A *6 A-(B) A AND B Assuming two objects, A and B, the Boolean tools will create a new object as shown.
You can use this technique to cut holes or combine objects into new shapes.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Basic view and object manipulation Chapter 2: Introduction to materials and textures Chapter 3: Advanced object creation Chapter 4: Rendering modes and lighting Chapter 5: Other cool features Chapter 6: Animation Part 1 Chapter 7: Animation Part 2 Chapter 8: Final hints and tips C,incma41)'s most flexible object creation tools are the Polygon Tools. These tools act on simple two-dimensional (fiat) polygon objects, and convert them into three-dimensional objects. You can use these tools to quickly model a bottle, or a length of piping or the hull of a boat, so they are worth
getting to know.
Creating the polygon shapes themselves is easy: you can use the pulldown menu “Object" and the “Polygon" sub-menu. Remember to hold down shift when selecting from the list of objects, as this will let you define the size and number of edges and so 011.
A number of the Polygon Tools When the operation is complete, a new object will have been created. When you delete the originals, and render, you'll see something like this.
ESSENTIAL INFO The Object Toolbar makes it easy to get access to object creation tools.
USING POLYGON TOOLS If it's not already present on your screen, use the Window menu to bring it to the front.
The Expansion tool is where any extra Cinema4D compatible programs will appear. For example, if you have installed Cinema World then this is where you can run it from. Normally there will be nothing present.
All but the last two tools have a tiny arrow at the bottom of the icon, and this indicates that holding down the Shift key when you click on them will bring up extra information.
Don't forget this point, otherwise you will miss out on a lot of extra features. If you don't press Shift, the previous settings will be used.
The Ground and Sky icons will quickly create some objects, and these can have textures and materials applied like any other object.
Expansions (oxtra C40 tools) -?
Boolean operators Primitives -- Create polygon Polygon object -» - Special objects Ground object *- ¦*“ Sky object will depend on using a path. For example, you can make a pipe by forcing a circle polygon to follow a path, no matter how wiggly the path is. To create the path, use the simple polygon shape “Line”. Then, click on the "Edit Points” icon in the main toolbar (top l ight) and holding the ALT key, add more points to the line and move them around. ALT can be used to add more points to any shape.
When you create an object with the Polygon Tools, you can decide if the object is to have an extra face at either end - if you leave it off, the object will appear hollow. You can also control the shape of the start and end faces, by specifying if you want there to be a bevel. For example, here the square outline has been extruded twice: the first time with no bevel, the second time with a bevel on each face. *5 When you convert polygons into solid objects, don't forget to decide on a bevel or not. The larger the number (here 1) the smoother the edging effect.
4D Offer Got the Coverdisk - get the extensive user manual plus lots of example objects plus the optimised 68020 FPU version of Cinema 4D plus the complete version of Magic Link (allowing the import export of many file formats including Lightwave, Imagine and Real 3D) plus full technical support from HiSoft, all for only £79.95. Alternatively you can upgrade directly from the Coverdisk to the brand new version 3 of Cinema 4D for just £149.95. Extra new modules for Cinema 4D:
• CinemaWorld - allows you to create landscapes, mountains,
oceans, reefs, worlds and sub-worlds, all within Cinema 4D.
£39.95 disk.
• CinemaFont - use Type 1 fonts within your Cinema4D scenes,
either as splines or as objects. Comes with the Bitstream
500-font CD-ROM (contains Type 1 and Truetype fonts) while
stocks last. £39.95 disk.
• Faster render times and and fade flares) and this lets you
improved editing speed making build some great effects such as
it even easier to create your 3D highlights, glints, lasers and
To order, call free on 0500 223 660 armed with your credit card
(Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Connect, American Express) quoting
reference AFC431ZA. Or complete the order form and send a
cheque or postal order to: HiSoft Systems, The Old School,
Greenfield, Bedford MK45 SDE All prices include UK VAT and
postage within the UK; add £6 for guaranteed next day delivery.
Offers only available to Amiga Format readers and are strictly
limited - all offers will close 28 February 1997.
Free gift with all orders: Maxon Magic (worth £29.95) plus entry into a draw to win an SMD-100 VideoCD decoder with CD-ROM drive - perfect for home cinema!
Masterpiece. Many other real-life camera lens
• The addition of Visible Light characteristics, allows you to
create fireballs, jet • Soft light cones, engines, real
spotlights, • Inverse Kinematics now floodlights and more.
Supports joint limitation for the
• The new Lens Flares and Lens creation of real-world character
Glows are highly customisable animation.
(change their colour, reflectivity, • Enhanced raytrace dialogs position and radii; randomise with even more options.
Please send me the following: 68020 FPU version with manual and objects ?
£79.95 Version 3 Cinema 4D ?
£149.95 CinemaWorld module ?
£39.95 CinemaFont module ?
£39.95 Guaranteed next day delivery ?
£6 TOTAL £ ....Postcode . Daytime tel no .. Method of Payment:
1. 0 Cheque (payable to HiSoft Systems Sterling cheques on a UK
A C Only)
2. 0 Postal Order Order Form Personal Details Mr Ms. . . .
Initials ..Surname Address
...... Fast Seri You Iwr oo a 1200 dJ dds
0500 223 660 CALL "life even bigger and better this year So On With The Show ALL the exciting new releases from the leading Amiga developers Save £100’s On Special Offers Internet Village ICPUG Free Advice Centre High End Applications Presentation Theatre Novotel Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, London Saturday, May 17th 10am - 5pm and Sunday, May 18th 10am - 4pm The Whippet is a fully buffered, ultra high speed serial port capable of performing up to 400% faster than the A1200’s serial port. Data transfers with The Whippet are guaranteed to be much faster, much safer and much more reliable
than when using the standard Amiga serial port.
The Whippet really comes into its own when surfing the Internet. High speed drivers allow the use of web browsers, ftp clients, email clients, Usenet readers and other Internet tools, all at the same time without any loss of data and with full multitasking!
COMPATIBILITY Works with all Amiga comms software.
Works with all Amiga networking software.
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FEATURES High performance serial port, up to 400% faster than the Amiga serial port.
The Whippet is fully buffered for safer and reliable data transfer.
Up to 230,000 bps data transfer rate.
Industry standard 9-pin serial socket.
9-pin to 25-pin modem lead included.
The I Whit 95 Included Modem Lead FREE Adm Avoid the Idren £6 ? In advance Credit Card Hotline 01369 707766 Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to The World of Amiga at PO BOX 9, Dunoon, Argyll. PA23 8QQ HISoft Systems, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford, MK45 5DE.
Tel +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax +44 (0) 1525 713718 Wed yrww.hlsoftco.uk CHAPTER TWO J lv Miced ?K£X Are • cdktg Now it's your turn... Last month Paul Overaa began looking at the 'Key to Address Transformation' technique - now it's time to have a go yourself.
The best way to understand the hash process is to experiment for yourself. Try drawing a circular file with 6 records in it (records numbered from 0 to 5). Pick any record as a starting point and choose a fixed ‘step-length’ between 1 and 5. As you step around the file diagram, using the selected step length, mark on the diagram every record that you visit. Try to determine which particular ‘step- lengths' would allow every record to be visited. Repeat the experiment using a file which has 5 records, this time using step lengths from 1 to 4.
What you should have found is this: In the second case, step lengths of 1, 2, 3, or 4 will work. But in the first case only step lengths of 1 or 5 will visit every record. So what determines whether the whole of the file can be visited or not?
Well, a step length of 1 always works, but what about the other step lengths?
It turns out that it depends on whether the file size and the step size have any common factors. In the first case a file size of 6 has common factors with 2, 3 and 4, so only step lengths of 1 and 5 will search the file completely. In the second case neither 2, 3 nor 4 have common factors with 5 so all of these step lengths, plus the step length of 1 of course, will search the file completely.
Figure 2 shows the result of ‘stepping around- a file with eight records in it, using a step length of 2. It is quite obvious that, irrespective of where we decide to start, we will never look at every record.
The underlying hash access approach used in this month's example script is much the same as that used by some heavyweight database programs!
IN ITS PRIME 0 So, if we want to create a data-file based on the ‘circular file with fixed step length’ concept, we can now see exactly what we must do to ensure a proper search. Either we make sure that our step length is a prime number, or we make sure that the maximum file size is a prime number. In these cases, because there are no common factors, we know that this will enable us to (in the worst possible case) search the whole of the data-file. Neat eh!
2 If we choose the latter option, i.e. stipulate that the maximum file size used in a hash file application must 4 J EDI,FBI FindEnpty: Procedure expose PRIME record, parse arg n,step do while 'v(record.n.nane='*' I record.n.nane='+') say 'searching record slot' n n=(n+step) PRIME end say 'found enpty slot' n return n
- ---------------------------------------------- FindMatches:
Procedure expose PRIME record, parse arg n,step,key do while
record.n.nane=key call DisplayRecord(n) n = n + st ep
PRIME end ret urn ¦ *li I *«TiiiYiVifc irMin gu i ¦ppiil ext
entry node. Press FI for SE hell ? | F1 1: Odd a record £? MS
2: Remove a record 3: Find a record 4: List records 5 : Qu it
Se lect Opt i on!
To search for?
3 Surname ones ecord 6 Surname: First Names: Telephone No JONES PRUL NOT KNOMN Record 12 Surname: First Names: Telephone No JONES PETER 23132121 correspond to a prime number (n), then we can prove mathematically that: irrespective of the starting position, any step length that does not equal -n' will allow us to search every record in the file. In practice if n is the file size we can use one rule (hash function) to deduce a starting point between 0 and (n-1), and a second rule (perhaps using a completely different hash function) to deduce a ‘step length between 1 and (n-1). By being careful
with the choice of functions, we can use the differing step lengths to help reduce the probability of collisions.
If you create a number of different records involving the same surname you'll see that the example script's Find option will be able to locate them all.
THE EXAMPLE CODE You’ll find on the Coverdisk an example script that allows you to add, remove, find and list surname, first names and telephone number details in "...we make sure that our step length is a prime number, or we make sure that the maximum file size is a prime number."
DIFFERENT FORMS a record array set up using compound variables. As record data is entered the hash functions I’ve discussed are used to calculate a storage location based on the surname entry and, since the program is for illustration purposes, The form that the hash function will take is going to vary depending on the application. For the address book example mentioned earlier we might compute the first-attempt, i.e. a starting point for the search, by converting each letter in the surname to a number. One straightforward possibility is to convert each character in a surname into its ASCII
code and then add them together. Arexx provides a function called HashQ which calculates the mod 256 sum of the ASCII values of characters in a string and, used with a single character it behaves pretty much like Basic’s ASC() function. The sum produced must always be kept within the specified file size and the easiest way of doing this is to use modulo arithmetic. If the file size was PRIME then typical Arexx code might be: 1: Add a record 2: Renove a record 3: Find a record 4: List records 5: Qu it Select Opt ion!
Sum=0 do i=l to Length(key) To run the example script you'll need to open a Shell window and use the RX command!
Sum=sum+Hash(Substr(key,i,1)) end first_attempt=sum PRIME I’ve included a number of SAY statements which print details of the various locations being examined as records are entered.
MORE CRASHES To compute a step length we might use another characteristic - the length of the surname. This would ensure relative independence of the two search characteristics. It is unlikely, in the case of surnames, that the length of a name would approach the file size but it is common to incorporate the modulus restriction on the step length as well. A typical Arexx function that might be selected could be based on the formula... step lengths (Length(key) (PRIME-1))+l which produces a number between 1 and PRIME-1 as required.
I’ve also set the PRIME variable to a very low value (13) so that you’ll be able to able to see how the collisions increase as the circular file starts to become full. Collisions do in fact increase drastically as a file becomes full so a good ‘rule of thumb’ in any real .
Program that uses these sorts of techniques is to allow for some 20% more space than is really needed.
Deletion from a file can also sometimes cause difficulties - a program must be able to distinguish between a ‘deleted record’ and an ‘empty record’. If it cannot do this your program will confuse deleted records (which are saying “don’t take any notice of this entry - but do make a further attempt”) with empty records (which tell the program “not to bother searching any more”). The method I’ve used in the example program is to initialise all records as empty by using a marker and to signify deleted records using a '+’ sign. When searching for a space to insert a new record then either of these
markers can be regarded as indicating free space.
WELL WORTH IT It’s well worth experimenting with these types of functions but don’t forget that if you are using disk based files you will need to make allowances for the fact that your record numbers will most likely start from 1 and not from zero.
Providing you are careful you will find this ‘Key to Address Transformation’ technique extremely useful - unless, that is, you really do make a complete hash of it!
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Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Avon • BA1 2BW or email to: amformat@futurenet.co.uk - putting 'Mailbag' in the subject line.
BEST BRAZILIAN Please pul ihe SWOS Editor on the floppy disk.Or alternatively can you tell me where I can get hold of it as I am a complete SWOS nut (I like having the correct players and formations in every major European and South American league).
I do not like it when teams in Brazil such as Athletico Miniero are portrayed as being one of the best teams in the country when, in reality, Botofogo, Corithians, Flamengo and some other teams are much better. Also the format of the Brazilian league is wrong - there are two separate leagues ending in a final to decide the Championship.
Where is the Copa Liberatores?
Europe has the Champions League but where’s South America’s equivalent?
Robert Pubser London Cor Blimey. Oh alright then, when we next have enough space we'll put an editor on the disk. But I don 'I want anyone ringing up or writing in complaining if it doesn 'I work on their version or if it screws up their Sensible World Of Soccer disks.
Not forgotten, and indeed not gone.
You can't keep a man like Mr McDonald from fiddling vigorously with his Amiga, and indeed, you can see the results of his latest investigations on page 64 of this very issue.
As for your other problems. I'm afraid Sensible Software (01799 516044) are going to have to help you out there. Anyway, I'll never forgive Brazil for spoiling Pat Jennings ’ birthday in 86.
ENCORE UNE FOIS I was in school doing the same, boring French, when suddenly my whole day was brightened up. "Why’s that?” I hear you cry. Well, the class was looking through a French textbook - and guess what - I spotted an Amiga 1200 playing Kick Off 2. You can imagine how happy I was. It was in "Route Nationale Book 2" page 45, the top picture.
Do I get an Amiga Format sweater?
Or if you can’t manage that, I suppose an A4000T will have to do.
Stewart Priest Glasgow Well, you might have got a prize, but unfortunately for you, it has been spotted before (issue ffty-sometliing) so instead of a nice prize you get a slap on the wrist for not having read every iss ue of the magazine cover lo cover.
First of all, can I say thanks for the excellent magazine. Also, can I say to other Amiga owners and AF readers, stop moaning! If you don’t like the magazine fine, but don’t keep writing in and whining about the Coverdisks et al.
If there aren't as many games being released, then AF can't put the demos on the disk. So there's nothing you can do by whining all the lime.
Phew! Despite the excellent standard of the magazine, I have a few suggestions:
1. How about a C tutorial for beginners? I’m sure loads of people
have compilers from old Amiga Shoj per or similar Coverdisks
and don’t have a clue how to use them.
2. Is there any chance of a DTP WT tutorial? I created this
rather groovy letterhead from a (very old) tutorial - AF65 I
think it was.
3. Why is the form for Workbench so jumbled up? It doesn’t seem
to make any sense whatsoever, there’s bits and pieces all over
4. As well as putting the files for the excellent Blitz Basic 2
tutorial on the CD, how about on floppies too for poor
students like me who can't afford CD- ROM drives?
Stephen Smith Sheffield
P. S. Whatever happened to Pat McDonald?
Thanks for sticking up for us, and now to answer your questions. Oh okay, it’s numbers again is il. Right then:
1. Perhaps
2. Maybe. We have done such tutorials in the past. The thing is
that everyone wants tutorials on their Coverdisk software,
plus Blitz, the Internet, etc, etc. We don't have enough room
to run a tutorial on everything.
3. It isn't anymore.
4. Space. When we have room, we may put a compilation of the
whole t utorial on the disk.
And Pat is back... Turn to page 64 to find out what he thinks about the SX-32 Pro.
PLACE YOUR BETS Please help me. I require an item of software for my Al 200 called The Horse Racing Betting Calculator which covers all the popular bets in racing. I am a subscriber to your magazine and find it sad and disappointing that my three previous requests for help in locating a dealer have been ignored by your staff.
Mr H. Thomberry Nottingham Well, I’m sorry if you haven V had any luck before, but as we have cdways said. I'm afraid we can 'I guarantee a personal reply to everyone who writes in. We have over 5,000 subscribers, so we couldn V even reply to all of them in a month. We never have offered a personal reply sendee, and rue never will, beca use we receive h undreds of letters a week.
Secondly, I have never heard of any software called The Horse Racing Betting Calculator. There are plenty of Pool Predictor type things in PD libraries, and some of these are also capable of horse racing prediction, but I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are after. If anybody does know wltat Mr Thornberry is after, and knows where to get it from, please write in and let us know.
SPECIAL PLEA CORNER It was a dark night the storm clouds gathered. Small fingers of rain clawed at the windows. A brief flash of lightning lit the dungeon where Amiga Format staff were struggling against their deadline. The thunder that Priority Double Black Hessage from Supreme Future High Command- accompanied it nearly drowned out the alarms of the Emergency Communication Device. Nearly.
Eyes barely open, a humble slave tapped on the keyboard to read the incoming missive: This is your Lord and Master- I have a chap here in the Command Centre with a dear sweet old mother-, who can t play Amiga Scrabble anymore because her disk is broken. Sort it out-, or I 11 make your lives miserable er-. That is-, more miserable.
Basically, we double urgently need a copy of the original Leisure Genius Scrabble game. Like now. If you have a copy, please call us on 01225 442244 to claim your special bonus lifesaving gratitude pack. The fate of Amiga Format IS IN YOUR HANDS.
THE WRITE STUFF I'm pretty much a newcomer to the Amiga, and I’m in need of a spot of help. However, I don't think that these questions are appropriate for Workbench, so I thought I’d try the regular letters page.
1. I’m a big fan of the Discworld books written by Tern’
Pratchett. There was a text adventure written by Piranha and
published by Alternative based on the first of these hooks,
Ike Colour of Magic. It was available on the Spectrum and CPC.
Recently I got a Spectrum emulator, and l wondered if anyone
has found The Colour of Magic on the Internet, and if so,
would they be prepared to help me get a copy?
2. I'm a budding writer and I bought an A500 specifically for
word- processing. I now have an A1200 but I've been largely
I need a word processor which will allow me to create an infinite number of footnotes. I have a copy of Fined Writer Lite S.E. hut this does not fulfill my needs. Can you recommend a suitable word processor?
Chris Spicer Warwickshire would say that, unless the game has been released into the public domain (which I very much doubt), it is illegal for you to run a copy of it, even on an emulator, if you don't own a copy of the original So there.
Secondly, infinite footnotes sounds like sloppy writing to me, but never mind - wliat you actually need is a proper DTP package such as Pagestream (see our review on page 58 or contact 1.11 Publishing on 01908 370230), ora markup processor.
Shareware game Herman (Coverdisk 88b) is still available, but the price has gone down! You can now get the password for just £3 and a SAE.
You gave away the source code for Alien Breed 3D lion Al'CDII. How can i get of copy of this? I can’t afford a CD player and haven’t seen it anywhere else. Please send me some details.
Paul Thompson Co. Durham Thanks for that note. In regards to AB3D II.
I'm afraid lhal the source code is so large that that is the only way we can give it away
- we only have two floppy disks on the DD version, and suspect
that many readers would lie less than impressed if they were
full of source code for several months.
As you are the first person to ask, we will send it to you on floppy, hut that’s it. A!o more. We simply don ’I have the time to send people stuff on floppy.
YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND I have installed Alien Breed 3D on to my hard disk. I would like to know why the aliens aren't all dizzy. I ask this because the hard drive spins really fast, and every time I load it up they always shoot me first time.
Martin Day East Sussex Maybe they live close to the cen tre of the disk, where the actual speed of the s urface isn ’ so bad. Or perhaps they have built in gyroscopes. Or maybe they are very dizzy indeed, but they're still good enough to beat the living daylights out of you... Aaah! A mutt's a guaranteed way to get AF's girly arties to love your picture.
Buster Stephen Boddy Harvey boasts that his cars only have 600 polygons in them.
Are you trying for a game?
Untitled Harvey Singh See what you can do with our Cirema4D giveaway if you put your mind to it? There are plenty more shots of Emily on the CD.
Emily in Garage Jonathan Scutt A judicious use of motion blur and good lighting can turn an average picture into a great one.
Speed J A Taylor I £ Dave Higton's hall is either moody and atmospheric or we only got the red channel!
David's Star Trek-themed image gets in for his recognisable characters.
Hall David Higton Jonathan Scutt shows that his graphical prowess isn't limited to 3D packages. This picture takes Cindy Crawford and makes her very attractive!
Space Sirens Jonathan Scutt CLASSIFIED To advertise in AMIGA FORMAT contact Jenny White on 01225 442244 ext: 2436 FREE TYPESETTING DESIGN SERVICE AVAILABLE NORWICH PP Uopl (AF), -in Molt.Ill Kcl. Norwich, NORF OLK, NK5 8111 Rlnu Howl fo« m i FULL PD olaFou»o ond Fioom» from our kirg* r diryo nt PD, lieoiMBwnia n. (onmH- I llil liHio 5 th dimension BRITISH FOOTBALL MANAGER (I M«j Cmp) 41.9S , AMIGA ASSIST! TELLS YOU ALL YOU WANTEO TO ' KNOW ABOUT YOUR AMIGA WB27J 3MB CHIP RAM li.fi ,o NATIONAL LOTTERY SYSTEM (ALL AMIGAS) ».»* GCSE PHYSICS (3MB CHIP RAM, 2 DISKS) £4.95 INTERNATIONAL GOLF (I
MEG CHIP. J DISKS) 45.50 COMMERCIAL TITLES EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE BY 10 out Of 10: moth*. H'stofy, geography tc vuitaCIa lor 3 to 16 y*irt ol ago £13.60 »ch.
GAMES: DESERT STRIKE £8.50. SUBVERSION £4.99, THEME PARK £13.50. ROAD RASH £8.50. SKID MARKS £650. DOG FIGHT £8SO. F19 STEALTH FIGHTER £13.50. I FI OP CMCUITS £4.99. LEEDS UTD C4.M, »0 GREAT GAMES MJ0- | TEL: (01603) 504655 FREE 24 Page CATALOGUE All Epson HP I Canon I Olivetti - Lexmark etc. Ink Jet Refills from £2.95 - Cartridges from £4.95 BULK INKS • Internet Phones • 1500 Clip Art CD Print Your Own Business Cards INK JET T-SHIRT TRANSFER PAPER MOUSE MATS - BASEBALL CAPS etc. Quill Marketing Ltd FREEPOST 1H3933 UNIT 2 Round well Works Norwich NRS OBR Tels 01603 748002 Faxx 01603 748003
o-mall Jetprlnt1Qaol.com Dept AF, PO Box 835, Wootton Bassett. Wilts SN4 8RX Tel 01793 853802 £T) PD . Shareware • CD-ROM kW f PD Sharewarefromonlys fs)[P per disk AF READER CD ROM SPECIALS (Limited Otter) Mere Warms £7-49 Odamad 9 £17-96 Henart CO £5-99 Epic M M Eacyclapabla £23-50 Maabaa Paarta 1 £9-99 Please add 50p PSP per order Dynamode Modems BABT - CE - V.Evrathing PC and Amiga Software
33. 6Kbs £107.22 Inc VAT (*28.8Kbs £82.25 Inc VAT*- P&P £3.50
& inns ONLY £1 1-3 DISKS £1.50 4 ms disks £1.251 PICK YOUR
10 Old Orchard Park Street Village | St Albans, Herts, AL2 2QB| Tel: 01727 768417 ¦ *1 HOM ll GAMES CLIPART ; FONTS ADULT | m UTIIJTH N MOOS J MAGIC WH DEMOS J NI » I Ol S U »UI ' « i i»xl ;ih n v'l i'si V(H1|‘K»* N SOI III Kl 1*1*1 1VII HUS I INSANITY PD H I CD's NOW IN STOCK Quality Next Day Service I AMIGA, CD-32 and PC CD's at the BEST PRICES.
| We still slock over 3000 Amiga PD disks at jus!
I 70p per disk. For a disk featuring our entire | listings and a free game, phone, or send 20p and an SAE.
! Please make cheques !_ .... lyoble to Mr A Varle CHROMA Creative Home Computing Genlocks • Accessories • Printers Monitors • Speakers Complete Amiga PC Systems • Support Services Books • File Conversion Photo scan Multimedia • Design • Video 01328 862693 email chromanet@aol.com web - http: members.ool.com chromanet With free software, quiz, info news & links Muin Media Computexs Torquay AMIGA SPECIALISTS OF DEVON 100'a of original boxed titles from £2.50 Indiana Jones FOA £10 PGA European Tour £5 CD32 Titles - Large Selection £5.00 Ring Now For Free List - New Stock Daily 01803
290055 a TQ°2USQWtll0n S HIGH STREET MICRO OVER 1,000 AMIGA TITLES INC.CD32 ALSO A VAST RANGE OF SOFTWARE FOR ALL FORMATS EVEN 8 BIT WE BUY-SELL-UPGRADE-REPAIR ALL MAKES OF COMPUTER NEW & USED PC'S IN STOCK LISTS AVAILABLE 20-22 HIGH STREET CREWE CW2 7BN 01270 250871 580964 (A500 +, A600 and CD32 only) Established I 16 Years Inclusive ?:» *1.«!»«J» A500 Internal Drive £28.99 A600 1200 Int Drive £28.99 KickStart 2.05 £19.90 Super-Buster 1C £15JM A520 Modulator Xchg 118.00 8520 CIA £1240 Telephone (0171) 702 9823 Tff Order by telephone quoting your Credit Card Number.
If paying by cheque please make payable to: "WISEDOME LTD" Wisedome Ltd, 20 Breezer’s Court, 20 The Highway, London E1 9BE ~dMt~ CompuleriServices WISEDOME COMPONENT SPARES We are the largest distributor and retailer of Amiga spares in the UK, with an inventory of some 150,000+ parts. Large quantity discounts and catalogue available to trade.
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR & VAT
* 90 Day Parts and Labour Warranty
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs
* Upgrades fitted free with repair
* If drive keyboard needs replacing add £10.00 (add £6.00 for
return carriage) AMIGA A1200 Repairs only £48.99 Fully
* * * .j.Repairs while-you-wait add £10.00 *¦ AMIGA mm AMIGA PC
KEYBOARD ADAPTOR (AD Amigas) £25.00 PC Keyboard £16 DART
Computer Services SALES 105 London Road (0116) 2470059
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A500 600 1200 PSU £25.991 A1200 Keyboard £3400 A600 Keyboard
£19.00 A500 M Board v6 £58.00 CD-32 PSU E25.00 CD-32 CDROM
Drive £35.001 CHIPS KEYBOARDS I CASES Postage & Packing add
£3.00 The most comprehensive interactive history of the
greatest show on Earth.
500 full-screen (HAM8) photographs of the greatest players of all time. Reports on every match played in the World Cup Finals (1930-1994). Overviews of each of the 15 World Cup Final tournaments together with voice-over (more than 2 hours) and photographs. Extensive statistics relating to each tournament and each national team. Comprehensive cross-referencing capabilities. Flexible match-finder facility, enabling quick and easy access to any match no matter where you might be.
Floppy version for ALL AMIGAS coming soon!
World Atlas CD-ROM AGA - ONLY Each Country is supported by economic, historical and cultural facts, including flags, as well as separate maps depicting major cities, rivers, mountains and geographical position.
Flexible and easy to use, this educational package is at once stimulating, accessible, informative and fun.
Football World Cup CD-ROM CLASSIC AMIGA PD Software FULL RANGE OF PD SOFTWARE CD-ROM, CD32 AND ACCESSORIES AMIGA GAMES AT SPECIAL PRICES PHONE FOR FREE CATALOGUE DISK 0161 723-1638 11 DEANSGATE, RADCLIFFE, M CR OPEN 12-9pm 7 DAYS r ADULT Cds & FLOPPIES CDTTTIES Girls, Girls, Girls £9 Pixels of Desire ..£15 Just 1© ....£15 FLOPPY TITLES Blondes .....£4 This is just a small selection of our titles, loads more listed in our u®s® k 7ICR0NINE 1 I90FTWARE (DEPT AF) 11 Chapel Street Rhydyfelin. Pontypridd Mid Glamorgan CF37 5RG
Brunettes .£4 Open all Hours ...£4 Aciult Stories .....£3 v_ You MUST be 10 or Over ¦ ARNOLD COMPUTER SUPPLIES Blank Disks £15-00 per 50 inc. labels DSHD Disks 12Z-S0 per 50 (Pre-formatted) PD LIBRARY Please send 4 1st (lass stamps for (dialogue
k. °“" rjm I ej Tel: 01704 034335 034503 Elk. L M O Fax or
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Please phone or fax lor latest prices.
Barry Voce 0115 4973 11 Campion Street, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GR OUTEf LIMITS BBS 0691 230044 QJU* LeWtA, PO &* 67. CTO4YQ C*V9 chi'ttcJ al 50plmit) at U Phone for your FREE three disk catalogue OR send 39p SAE OR 75p 1ALL ORDERS SENT OUT BY FIRST CLASS RETURN POST]
REQ.) - 26
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A60C Mervvy t»T f 1 SO A‘20C M TOfJ Mapvr 030 each £* X
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ABOVE PRICES INCL. LABELS & FREE P&P (Min order 10) FULL GUI INTERNET & COMMS PACKAGE (HD REQ.) - 33 DISKS ....£22.50 COVMS PACKACS ? DISKS f* 26 CS DISKS (r OuCATlONAl) 1 • ? Disks fs 25 VACICAL USER INTERFACE «OCS f • & ¦? 12 D S S PER ?ACK fAC* £6 26 A0C8* KJMS *. 11.1). 4& 6 • 16DS S R£R 5AC* LAO* £10 60 CO.OLR iff FONTS 1 2 4 3 *1 OiSKSPlRPAC FACH £ 50 VONOiFf fONlS i IMH' 12 DISKS PER PACK EACH £825 MAGiNf TDTURES 08 EC*S I' ll 4 3 9 D*S S PER PaCk EAC-H4 6 $ P£CTRJV. CAVES 11.1i. 4. 5 6 H 3 • 'i CiSKS Ffft PAC EACH iV 26
SPECTRUMCAMfS 6 • 1' DS PACK f?60 OR AU l fXSKi K)R On.t & COMMODORE 64 GAMES »1 2. 3 12 0 5*5 PER •’AC.K id 76 COMMODORE 64 CAMFS 4 11 Di K RACK f 7 60 OR AU 4 K)R ON'v 130 CG KCMPtOKAPWC C Jp AR-H 9 D«S S £6 76 CO EON’S 1.11. •) 4 4 6 • 16 DISKS PER PAC EACH £1060 CgeONrS 6 12 0SKS £826 SAMRU5 VAR’OJS KK * • *1 DSKS £7 60 DESKTOP VIDEO ¦! 4 11 12 DISKS PER PACK £826 SPECIAL OFFER - VIDEO GOLD COLLECTION -10 DISKS (NORMAL RRP £29.99) ONLY £6.75 FREE POGTAGE & PACKAGING OI i ALL ABOVE PACKS For two disks containing a catalogue of all our PD and Licenceware titles and a FREE game
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booklet www.anowpd.d6raofi.co.uk PD POWER r WE STOCK OVER
10,000 DISKS v pcr di,k y'0 NO MINIMUM ORDER FOR FREE
to: Or Phone 0374 150972 PD POWER (DEPT AF) 15 LOVETOT AVE
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SENSATIONS 2 £19.99 AMIGA REPAIR KIT £49.99 AMINET 17 £29.99
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Cheques & postal orders payable to: Online PD, Dept AF-O, 1
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92%) £69.99 £109.99
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92%) £99.99 ....£139.99
33. 6K V34 ......(Amiga Format Gold
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Group 3 14.4k (ax. BT A CE Approval. 112 93 page manual,
serial lead, phone lead.
MsUlabon gude. UK PSU. FREE PACK indodtt: 33 DISK SET OF SOFTWARE (or use with the INTERNET, B8S », FAX. COMMS INTERNET GUIDES getting Marled m(ormatW leaflets mdudng mformabon on BBS's, internet haws, popular smiey examples'. UseW numbers etc. DouNe phone adaptor 6 10Mb FREE BBS crtdta
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Dynamode Modems are highly rated in ALL the Amiga magazines * *
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12. 34
10. 58 ,100
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find come milk FREE labels.
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A600, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 FREE GIFT WITH EVERY
.....£17-00 PSU .....£17-00 DISK
DRIVES .£25-50 KEYBOARDS .£25-50
0171 252 3553 or 0171 252 3533 A whole heap of Internet
software, Scala 1.1, games, demos and utilities - AFCD13 has
some really cracking stuff on it!
There have been some changes this month to the old +Start Me+ and +Stop Met scripts that you used to have to run to get the best from the AFCDs.
Now they are both incorporated into one sparkly new script that does very flash things with the humble Amiga console. If you want to remove all the assigns from the CD once you've finished with it, you can simply double click on the +AFCD Setup* script again. It’ll know whether you've already set up assigns and act accordingly.
Anywhere else on the CD that you find an icon looking the same as this one, it will act in the same manner.
If you want to send us your work (of course you do!) Then don't forget to check the Submission Advice. It contains information vital to ensuring that your work gets published. If you don't follow the instruction contained therein, your floppies will probably get dumped. Nuff said!
Indices AFCD13:-Look here 1st!- lndices You asked for it, you got it. AFCD13 now contains a comprehensive guide to everything that has ever been on an AFCD. You can load these files into your favourite text editor or word processor and use the search function to find the entries you want. At this point in time, the indices are simple list commands redirected to files, but look out for our stonking fully-featured database coming very dawn of time, and one for all the games we've ever reviewed. Most importantly, however, you'll find a text file for all the Amiga Angels that have pledged their
support so far. Go easy on them, don't pester them day and night for info that might be really important to you, but that will only annoy them - remember they're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. If you have submitted your details to us, you might want to get in contact to update the info you've provided to include email addresses and times you don't mind being phoned at. We also could use some Angels who are good at games - you lot seem to be keeping your heads down.
This month sees a new addition to the Handy Tools drawer - DiskMaster 2.1c. This excellent program was once a full-price file manager, but since the demise of Progressive Peripherals and Software in 1992 (because of a fire in the framing factory next door which spread) the software hasn't been updated. Recently, a devoted DiskMaster user got in touch with Greg Cunningham, the author, to ask him if the program could be given to Amiga owners everywhere and Greg (bless 'im!) Said yes. You can try DiskMaster for yourself and edit the DM.startup file to provide your Amiga with viewers and players
for everything on the AFCD. We'll be looking for DM2 Reader Submissions from you!
Quit | I E- IN_THE_MAG In this drawer you'll find the programs mentioned on the Music-X, Workbench and Emulation pages, along with a host of the items mentioned in the Internet cover feature. As a special bonus, we've included the preliminary cover images created in Lightwave for our Internet feature. The final image took about six and a half hours on an '060 Amiga 3000T armed with 82Mb RAM and was rendered to somewhere in the region of 2500x3400 pixels in size.
SPOTLIGHT ON A HANDY TOOL If you've got a particular file viewer that you like, or need to use because you're running an older version of Workbench (particularly for AmigaGuide-Multiview), then ToolAlias will be of great benefit to you. Simply enter the name of the program you wish to change in the top text window, and type the program you wish to use in its place in the bottom window.
You can carry on adding new programs as you like to ensure that only your preferred programs get run, no matter what the individual icon says.
I Mu It iv lew (RntgaGuide Add Del Use Tiny tool, but very usefi have to run Workbench Other stuff in this drawer includes an index to all the serious reviews done in the mag since the Not very interesting in its default configuration, DM2 really shines once you've spent some time editing its config.
PD SELECT F1 Licenseware AFCD13:-PD Select- F1 We've gone F1 crazy this month with the entire PD Select directory being turned over to F1 Licenceware’s demo catalogue. You've got titles such as Sorefist (see this month's PD Select on page 84), EdWordPro, DOOPSI and Magnetic Fiction just for starters.
Since some of the programs need to run from a floppy, we’ve included the original DMS archives of every disk for you to unpack. Simply bung a floppy in dfO: and double click on your desired disk icon.
COVERDISKS Our full version of Scala 1.1 can be found in both this drawer and the Look here 1st! Drawer and you'll also find our two Coverdisk games here.
Both the games and Scala are detailed in the mag (pages 108-111).
Intriguing sites including reader submissions from James Caygill and Johnathan Hollins and an excellent guide to hardware that gives the reader instructions on how to do a range of things, from building a null modem cable to informing you what the 72 pins on a 72-pin SIMM all do.
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days.
The return address for faulty discs is: PC Wise Ltd, Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales C48 2YY.
A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead, you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application, phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm every Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
E-mail: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (put "Coverdisk" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly).
Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
C [ I • mausttaa I 1 lamware Pock mpF.rsJBSir. i-ii i-TuEufTiiii 'iPFiyflraitaiiiiOTiir Tony's icons are beautifully designed, but a little large for the AFCD.
9 .i-“L * f*.
Headquarters AFCD13:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Headquarters If you are one of our readers who also enjoy tabletop or role playing games, you'll like this. It’s based on BattleTech, the FASA giant robot combat game, and although it's a bit tech-heavy, if you're used to playing the board game, you'll know how to play it almost instantly.
Racer AFCD13:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Racer If on the other hand you like your games to be more arcadey, then try out Racer. You'll need to install it to hard disk, and it will be more likely to run if you choose the in-game music rather than sound effects. Don't be worried that the game pauses for a long time on the info screen, I think that's a reminder for you to register the game! You will need about 3Mb of hard drive space to fit racer on your hard drive, and if you're wondering what sort of game it is, well, it's a brave attempt on a Daytona clone for the Amiga, which should give you some
sort of idea of what to expect.
Camels, rabbits, special weapons and gorgeous graphics make BattleDuel a cut above the rest.
BattleDuel AFCD13:-ScreenPlay- Shareware BattleDuel BattleDuel is that grandaddy of ym p|jg|||y y computer games - UxmmmBC Artillery. You have to jjiijj! I.i .zt llgglllfc'iij aim your cannon at an ... . . Camels, rabbits, special weapons oblique angle to your , , and gorgeous graphics make enemy and judge wind BaWeDuel a cut above the rest.
Speed, direction and distance to ensure that you obliterate him completely from the scenery.
This version is a bit different to others we've seen on the AFCDs since it will work over a null modem cable or even a TCP IP network. This version also has additional weapons over the usual lead shot and is filled with loads of nice touches, like being able to shoot down balloons.
Inc yauie piays wen. V.unyido no, liny quid should be winging its way to you very shortly!
On the serious side we had Martin Sinclair's questionnaire (please fill it in and return it to him), Tony Parr's AF Icons, which are very nice, if a little large and, in some cases (notably music) inappropriate, but the winner for this month's Serious Reader prize goes to Mark Sweeney for his Freebase program, not as you might think, a guide to smoking crack, but a multi-format database which can be used for CD collections, addresses and whatever else you want to catalogue.
Well done Mark, you'll be getting your £50 prize very soon.
If the log looks a bit m jn % & » is rji rx „ ImpgHfei ¦ 1997Bvtsaikstueeticij, morphing between ifrariYf-'' two words.
Capital Punishment patch AFCD13: -Scree nP lay- UtiIities CapPun Patch If you've got an early version of this Amiga Format Gold-winning beat-em-up, you'll want to patch it to the latest version. That's the one that copes with all '040 and '060 accelerators and also gives you lots of additional options.
1 Personal Paint Patches AFCD13:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial PersonalPaint Taken advantage of our Personal Paint upgrade offer yet? This drawer contains new Arexx scripts and patches for Personal Paint 7 which all combine to make it an even better product than we said in issue 94 (90%).
SERIOUSLY_AMIGA COMMERCIAL Epic Encyclopedia patch AFCD13:-Seriously Amiga- Commercial Epic Yep, it’s patches galore this month with this one for Epic's outstanding Interactive Encyclopedia being upgraded for 1997. This upgrade makes sure that sound isn't corrupted on fast Amigas, and ensures that searches work properly.
TurboPrint 5 AFCD13:-Seriously Amiga- Commercial TurboPrint5 You read the review, now try the software for yourself with this demo of the excellent TurboPrint S. The only limitations on this version of the printer software are that it will only print on a limited area of the page - the left hand side and scalable fonts are not supported.
IXGuide might provide an alternative to both HTML and AmigaGuide documents.
Thi* It demo of IX Arexx
- Il »M V, tdtmti u%a a. «U ~ u c-sM ky u*-«.»
tloftaxvwf'Ana'MkMMBnal iiUinw«Vlr wruljOp..yn»MMn. IXGuide
includes built-in Arexx support for interactive pages - a bit
like Java on other platforms.
AmlRC scripts AFCD13:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Comms This month's Comms section is roughly devoted to two things: AmlRC scripts and FidoNet. The AmlRC scripts involve all sorts of things, from throwing people off channels with a humourous parting shot to grabbing URLs to the clipboard so that you can simply paste them into your favourite browser's location gadget. Some might need the latest version of AmlRC so make sure you're up-to-date with the version we've put in the AFCD13:-ln the Mag- lnternet AmlRC1.40 directory.
Magic Exchange AFCD13:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Workbench magic-exchange If you're the kind of person that likes MUI so much that they would like to replace everything that Workbench comes with, with a MUI version, then Magic Exchange should be a pleasure for you to install. It offers a dynamic task priority changer and sorting methods for activating and removing commodities over the standard Commodore Exchange program and, obviously, given its MUI GUI, looks nicer.
FidoNet Stuff AFCD13:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Comms Fidonet There's about 50Mb of material on Aminet devoted to FidoNet and it seems an odd place to put software that is devoted to ignoring the Internet but we've gathered it all together for you and sorted it alphabetically into seven drawers. There's no space here to go into every single file, so you'll have to explore for yourselves.
GFX card software AFCD13:-SeriouslyAmiga- Shareware GFXCard CyberUpdate2.22 AFCD13:-Seriously Amiga- Shareware GFXCard Picasso96 The debate is now raging as to which RTG software is best - CGFX or P96.
Try them both here and decide for yourself whether the mature, but slightly slower CyberGraphx is best, or the new and still a touch quirky Picasso96 software will suit your graphics card better.
AnimatED AFCD13:-Seriously Amiga- Shareware Graphics animated Marco Vigelius, winner of of Reader prize for serious applications comes up with this excellent animation editor. Like Cartoon Studio this is designed to work with standard anims, but unlike Cartoon Studio it doesn't have any size or colour limitations. This is only a preliminary release so that Marco can get more feedback on what future versions should hold, but already it's looking pretty good.
IX Guide AFCD13:-Seriously Amiga- Shareware Workbench ixg06d asso96 As good as it is, the AmigaGuide document type is looking somewhat out of date. It doesn't "do" inline images, it can't handle different sizes of text easily and it won't allow for any kind of formatting beyond word wrap. So along comes IXGuide to set all that lot right. It's a new kind of document browser that's more like a web browser with added inline Arexx support. It's at an early stage right now, but still worth taking a look at with the example document provided.
If you have not refilled before, you will require a starter kit. This will include Instructions and all equipment needed. Please contact us for a specific Refill Instruction sheet.
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HTML 3.2 specifications - tables and full frames (scrolling and floating as shown) now supported!
Internal Image Decoder - Fast internal GIF JPG decoding, GIF Anims, 24BIT CyberGFX support!
Graphical Printing - print web fages as they are shown!
Nhanced Features - POP-UP menus, MIME GUI, extra security, FULL FTP module and much more!
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only |
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• Full "get started" documentation
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33.6 Voice and Non-Voice Data Fax Modems ****** Your second,
free CD is jam-packed full of demos from The Scene. John
Kennedy guides you through... You might be wondering exactly
what "The Scene” is, because it's never mentioned much in
mainstream Amiga magazines like Amiga Format. The Scene is a
thriving sub-culture, built around Amiga programs (known as
“Demos" and "Intros") with astounding examples of sound and
graphics. The Scene is populated by groups with names such as
Sanity, Spaceballs and Virtual Dreams, and hundreds of avid
Within the Scene, the groups have the status of pop-stars (or they like to think they do) and their latest releases are eagerly awaited. The Scene communicates via disc based magazines, Bulletin Boards and the Internet, and by holding meetings throughout Europe.
The Scene Storm CD-ROM is a snapshot of the Scene, taken during 1995 and 1996. It captures the best examples of demo coding, disk magazines, graphics, music and slideshows. As an added bonus, there are 50Mb of example source code and all the tools you need to begin creating your own demos. '2?
CONTENTS OF THE CD Demos Nothing but the best. The most influential demo programs from all over the Amiga world. Turn out the lights, open a coke and chill out. These programs are pretty much state of the art in real time computer graphics.
Music-Disks Think of this collection of programs as miniature music albums. They are designed to be listened to, and although many feature graphics, these are of secondary importance to the music. You'll need to make sure that your Amiga is hooked up to some speakers or your hi-fi.
Mags The Scene keeps in touch through disk- based magazines. Here's a collection of the best of the last two year's magazines, and browsing through them will give you an excellent insight into how the Scene works, and who the main movers and shakers are.
» »!
Dvad A lion body from tti* UFOtrash Scanned from lh* Book:'Adnm« •* in Ro*well.N«w Mexico from 1947 7 von Buttlar Ploaco forward any Wf Or I* this just a "well" made “doM” 7 Hartmann. Berlin. Germany, to m. leo@zelator.ln-berlln.de Are you a fan of the X-Files7 Then you'll love this sub-sub-culture, which combines Amiga graphics and music with the search for extra-terrestrial life.
The aliens are among us, and they can program in 68x00!
Music-Disks provide you with a graphical front end, and multiple tracks: your own Amiga jukebox!
C0I VL! I l l DESt aZCil pack bESt aZCU e TISt iHTRo cOHTEHTs rOadhOqz nEHs lETTEr fROa tH ePITOR 9UESI vRITERs cOKTRZBs aZCii aRt gROUp ifffo IRS nOHTHs rELEBSEs fHCTs « rUrlOURs fINBLs vORDs | gREETz 'T-S iH ART IE TRUST!
Parties These folders contain the demos, intros, graphics and music from all the big Scene get-togethers.
You'll find some amazing programs here, as well as details on the groups that took part and how their work was rated by their peers.
Disk mags are how the Scene members keep in touch. Have a read and Some more pictures of Michael Jackson see what's happening. Resting at home, with his feet up.
• Scene Storm tries to make it as easy as possible for you to use
the programs and demos on the disk.
- 77- TT-
• touw is.
S s
• •• • ii i s 8 a i& is 5 a 8 a i i 3 I ¦srr ii 8 a 8 8 1 i 1 1 3
i“ ?
3!1 si 3 i 3 8 3 i
• It. .!» of the In*. «,UU. *» .f M« Woe.
1 r~ :________________________e"TW"TW ----- '¦ iL I •» I I I a 2 3 i 3 I i®.
S 8 5 1 1 3 3 sis: iST s 3 i 1 1 1 5 i ii li Er s s 3 3 3 3 I 3 ii It does this in several ways.
Firstly, all the files are organised into different categories.
Secondly, utilities are provided to make your Amiga as compatible as possible.
Thirdly, if your program won't exit properly you will get a warning telling you to reset your Amiga instead.
• Before you start attempting to run the various programs, make
sure you have clicked on the StartUp.Ist icon. This will
trigger important ASSIGNS required for the program to operate
correctly. You may then also need to click on "ClickForColours"
and "MagicColours" - make sure you are using an eight colour
Workbench for best results.
• If you are experiencing problems, make sure you have used the
Cache-Off program in the Trouble-Shooting drawer. If you have
an Amiga with an accelerator card, check to see if it is
possible to temporarily deactivate it: this is especially
important if you have an 68040 or 68060.
Modules Nothing but music, taken from the hottest demos around. Click on the ic 3 73 Trance (Xlnix: :racker lont I Stopl Eject iijjjEililSSill Add I D« 1Prefsi Mol Ini but that doesn't mean they are any less impressive Be amazed at the size of the files and the variety in sound and vision. The Intro programs know how to squeeze every last drop from every byte.
? | Intros Intros Intros are smaller I* 1 [ - ... 1 1 “ 1 Anathema
- ¦¦ifcTTCe ' Mel low I - ..I
l. “ .... 1 L- 1 Wunderbaum Ettech Cracktory
L=l ....I 1 - 1 III- . 1 fteo Illusion "¦ Polka 1
- 1 II- 1 i - ...1 Sooopex Factor Mlsc 1- 1 1- 1 Bronx
..... PY9»Y X They may only be smaller demos, but they are
still just as impressive as their bigger brothers.
1 JP You'll find some great examples of Amiga artwork in the SlideShows...
(c) Jason Brown -95 *44 (0)1507 56S31S IMPORTANT!
Demo programs are renowned for "hitting the hardware" at a particular low level. Although the Scene Storm CD does an excellent job of warning you, you should be aware that not all programs will work on all systems. Many of the programs require AGA graphics, and many will not work on faster processors.
If you have an A1200 with extra memory you should be able to run everything. If you have a different Amiga, or an A1200 with a lot of extra hardware you may experience problems with some programs. Sorry, this is just the way the Demo scene operates. It's exceptionally unlikely that any program will cause damage to your Amiga: if something goes wrong you should perform a warm reset (CTRL-Amiga-Amiga).
Ideal for titling and presentations, David Taylor finds out why Scala is the Amiga's favourite multimedia package.
David Taylor introduces two games this month. Both for the trigger happy gamers out there in Amigaland.
Witness Witness brings Defender bang up to date and incorporates the superb graphics of Amiga ace Project X. The Solar System has been overrun by aliens with only Earth remaining free. It is up to you to rescue the others from tyranny.
Off the screen. If one has already picked up a load, you can still stop it by destroying the main ship. This isn’t a permanent solution, but your aim is to clear the planet of all enemy ships before the drop ships carry off all the While you fly around the planet, small ships that you can fly through will appear. These are the main enemy ships which have to be stopped. As you can't shoot the ships on the bottom, you have to shoot the carrier before it lifts them small vessels. If this happens, you lose the planet.
You begin with four lives and each life allows you to sustain six hits. After each hit, your ship will flash briefly to signify this short period of invulnerability.
When you shoot some of the higger ships, you will see bonus collections that give points. Every 25,000 points scored will get you an extra life. -As you blast away alien ships you will obtain ‘power ups’. You must be careful to collect the same colour power-ups or you will Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... 9 CUZI "TBiTS" Boot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
Blasted Comical shoot-em-up action from the Pandemonium group. Blasted is mouse-controlled single-player fun. You are in control of a small catapult that starts with the ability to fire single shots. Two fantastically animated goblins move the catapult left and right according to how you move your mouse.
The aim is to shoot down enemy goblins who will attempt to hit you with "deposits" as they fly across the screen. There are also flying goblins that are on your side. They look very similar to the enemy, but are coloured green and marked slightly differently with a cross on their wings.
Make sure you don't hit these because doing so will stop your ability to fire for a few seconds.
The game is split into levels and your aim is to gain the hit accuracy rate required at the start of the level. This is why it's important not to hit the green goblins - while you can't fire the enemy can get across the screen and bring down your accuracy scoring. The game starts out quite gently with only 33% required, but increases from there.
Some enemies will drop power-ups when you hit them. The best one is "G" which increases your gun power. This can be powered up more than once, but each time you are hit by an enemy bomb, you will lose one level of power or, if you are already at minimal power, be frozen for a few seconds. There’s also "X" which will dear the screen of any enemy goblins that are on it at the time. "L" gives you a special laser which will bring down every enemy it touches.
You can progress through the first few levels simply by firing randomly, but you will soon have to team to aim properly before you fire. You can only have one shot in the air at a time, so every one must count. As you go through the levels, you'll find that you can carry across any powered up weapon, so it is useful to have obtained the double barrelled shotgun by level five.
There is another goblin who sits in the top right of the screen keeping score by holding up score cards, so keep an eye on these to see if you are near target.
This game came from Saddletramps PD, who are also responsible for 5D Licenceware titles
- you can call them on 01709 888177.
The game's authors are also offering a 50% reduction on their next game, if you register this one for only £5.
Send your cheque PO (payable to Ben Parker and Mike Burnett) to 25 Victoria Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire.
SK10 3JA.
Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: ol Morkbrnch_ , _ I S!! Slsktopyfron df8: to 1(8: insert disk, to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DEO Press RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Switch back to the single fire power of the previous type. The types are split between blue and orange. The blue give you plasma shots, while the orange build up fire shots. Being killed will wipe your power ups and you can't carry them from planet to planet.
You can also collect bombs, used to clear the screen and triggered by the space bar. The bombs are also part of your energy so each one you use reduces the number of hits you can take before losing a life.
At the top of the screen is a scanner that shows you the enemy still on the planet. Your position is always shown in the middle of the scanner and the others are shown in relation to that.
Tp copy’to (DEStInATION disk) In ... :o continue or CTRL-C to abort: cy lntfer 79, 0 to go Witness can be played directly from the Coverdisk if you have 2Mb RAM. If not, you'll need two disk drives and a spare formatted disk to install from the Coverdisk.
The disk will load the game directly on a 1Mb machine.
This is a 100% working freeware game coded by David Serafim with music by Ruben Monterio, released under the Black Flag name. Send your comments at cOntact@esoterica.pt. device DFI On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford • BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
V1.1 Amiga Format bring you yet another fully functioning software sensation. David Taylor introduces the impressive Scala.
Scala is a big program. It comes on eight disks so don't be surprised if you can't find all the fonts mentioned on these pages or any of the backdrops. The CD version contains the complete Scala install set giving you all the software you get when you buy the program for real.
Scala has got to be one of the Amiga’s best known programs and it revolutionised the way people thought about multimedia. With Scala creating multimedia is easy - even with a low spec machine. In fact, this program, complete with sample files, backdrops and fonts, will run on any l Mb floppy driven Amiga.
Scala itself can be loaded straight from the Coverdisk. If you arc using a floppy driven Amiga, simply boot the disk - if you try and load Scala directly from the Coverdisk from your copy of Workbench it won’t work. If you want to run the program from hard drive, there’s an icon which enables you to copy all the files across to the correct directories and de-archive the samples into its sub-directories. If you are running from floppy, there is also an icon for you to click on which will dearchive the files to a separate spare floppy for you. You can then load them into Scala from there.
GETTING STARTED Once you’ve got Scala loaded, you can jump straight in and start creating your masterpiece. Start a New Script and you will be asked to choose a background image for the first page. You can choose to leave this blank but to start out you should choose one from the examples - the Naive series of books and pencils are very striking. When you’ve selected a background, it will be displayed at the back of the editing screen.
The colour of the font you choose is determined on the main editing screen. The palette bar across the top of the controls allows you to select a colour. The chosen colour can then be applied to the front of the font - the actual letters - or to one of the effects that are available to you. You can use outlines or shadows and each one can SCALA Pdsemm Goudy + Gill Futura + Didot Franklin + Garamond W FS m r rhe Amigc ous multimedi 4 HelueticaN + compact CBI 5 j NeuisGothic + Beton SJ.
WWM I Eed in Norway, i world by stori rsified in maati mass ¦RUSH Load script saue script system Run!
New Change see Delete The main Scala screen lists the pages used in your project as well as any effects used as transitions between them. Page transitions are adjusted in exactly the same way as object ones.
The main editing panel. From here you can add text and pictures and choose font style and effects.
Have a different colour attached to it. If you want to apply an effect to a text string, just click on the effect and the box will be activated. The effect will then be applied on screen.
The Layout controls allow you to change the style of the effects and the page. Clicking on the Layout button will give you the control screen. On the very left is a directional pad which shows which way an effect is applied and underneath is the name of the effect.
The scroll bar goes down through the parameters that you can change.
BECOMING EFFECTIVE Of course, you want to do more than just slap text on a page, and wouldn’t it be nice if the text did more than just appear? To get the most out ol' the program, we’d suggest turning on the Bounding boxes in the layout, because it makes selecting objects on the screen easier. The boxes appear around each object on the screen, so you can see what elements are not part of the background. If you ever want to move an element, click on the Move button first and then drag it around the screen.
To decide how the text will come onto the screen, select the box for the text and then click on the empty icon box on the very left of the Scala panel. A whole effect panel will pop up showing a selection of effects and the speed that they will appear. Choose one and click on See to preview it. The effects are very similar to those you’ll have seen in the likes of Adorageor X-DVEand will be applied to the text you have selected.
When you have everything working as you want, you can start making some more interesting additions. Included with the samples are a set of symbols - useful buttons for inclusion on your pages. To add one, select the Load button from the main editing page where you were adding text. You will be asked what type of data you want to load. Select Symbol and then move to the Scala directory (or the additional floppy disk) and choose a Symbol. You can preview them by clicking on See.
The symbol will be added onto the page like the text was. If you want to add an effect to the symbol’s appearance, you can do this in much the same way as you did to the text.
THE LISTING PAGE On the editing page, you will see a "List” button. Clicking on this takes you to a list of all die elements that are contained on your current page. They appear in the order that you placed them, which is also the order that they will be displayed, effect after effect. If you decide that this order needs changing, simply pick up what you want to move and move it down to the place you want it to appear in the list. This list page also allows you to change or add any effects to the elements, preview the page or delete any elements. To delete an object, click on Delete and then
choose the first and last object that you want to remove (you can remove whole lists this way, so be careful). If you only want to remove one, click on delete and then twice on the object.
You’ll want more than one page in your project, so when you’ve finished setting up a page, click on Save and New and the page will be added into the main script. Create a second page in the same way that you created the first.
When you want to create a way for users to move through a project, perhaps not necessarily from one page to the next, but to any page they choose, you will need to add buttons. Click on the Button icon on the editing screen and you can draw an invisible box on the page (you will see the bounding box).
You can add inverse effects to your buttons which will be shown when the user clicks on it. Next to the button number on the button editing page is the name of the page that you will go to.
In order to be able to give a destination you need to add buttons in after you’ve created your pages so it’s a good idea to plan out on paper, how your pages will interlink, before starting.
SYSTEM PAGE If you click on the System page button, you can change some aspects of the program, such as level of expertise (use expert though as it gives you more features). Do not click on the ScalaPrint or Runtime icons as these will produce errors which were inherent in the original program. The ScalaPrint program can be run manually from Workbench to print out scripts.
FINISHING OFF On the main page you can choose the effects and the wait times for the wipes between pages. When you are ready, save the final script out. The script will be given an icon that uses the ScalaPlayer as a default tool. Only by hating the ScalaPlayer in the correct place will this work (this is set to be one directory above the script because it assumes that you will use a script directory). You can change this in the Icon Information on Workbench (select the icon and choose the Icon menu information item). The ScalaPlayer will not do anything if you double click on it.
This is all the information you need to get yourself up and running but obviously the best way to get the most out of Scala is to experiment and play around with the features yourself. 'Hf SPECIAL OFFERS These include:
• New and improved file formats (PhotoCD, GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc.)
• Professional Internet features including GIF animations and map
• Enhanced user interface
• 180 Arexx commands
• New 'plug-in' library system
• Create directory thumbnails
• Advanced vector text functions Quote order ref: AMF PP7 when
ordering '"z?
Upgrade from your Coverdisk to version
7. 0 of Personal Paint and take advantage of over 100 new
Choose either the floppy disk or CD edition* for just £24.95
• Readers with a CD-ROM drive are advised to get the CD version
which comes with extra artwork and support files.
ORDER HOTLINE 01225 822511 Kwntum Leap Tel: 01506 461917 Fax: 01506 414634 Experts in Digital Video Proudly present the industry standard video digitiser for Amiga computers worldwide Grab Pict“Jdlrf Vcr or Tvour Amiga!
30® Three Video Inputs Two composite (Video In) and one S-Video (S-VHS, Hi-8 etc).
Compatible with all television formats Automatically detects NTSC, PAL or SECAM.
Real Time Image Grabber Grab a video frame in a fraction of a second.
No need to pause the VCR or hold the camera steady!
High Resolution, True Colour Capture images in 16 million colours at resolutions up to:- 760x604 (VIDI Amiga 24RT Pro). 380x604 (VIDI Amiga 24RT).
Colour Preview Preview incoming video in HAM8 or greyscale.
Comprehensive Image Processing Average, Balance, Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Edge Detect, Emboss, Gamma, Saturation, etc. File Support All AGA Modes, ILBM, BMP, TIFF - etc. Time-lapse and Carousel Choose a time-lapse between capturing frames from half a second up to ten hours, then automatically capture a sequence to the Carousel!
Applications range from animators of plants flowering to security camera monitoring.
Designed and manufactured in Scotland by : Quantum I*ap Software Ltd., Livington EH54 6TS Wide range of applications Including DeskTop Publishing, Multimedia Presentations, Animation, Video Titling, Databases, Amiga Photo Albums, Newsletters, or simply Having Even More Fun With Your Amiga!
Works with all Amiga Computers A500(+), A600, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000 30 40 Easy to install and use Simply plug the VIDI Amiga 24RT into the parallel (printer) port of your Amiga computer. Then connect your camcorder, VCR, or TV tuner to the VIDI Amiga 24 RT using the cable provided. The user friendly software and easy to follow instruction manual and tutorial allow you to become expert in creating professional quality images on your Amiga!
M Incredible value at: 1 RT Pro Highest resolution for professional use COMING SOON MAY 1997 Editor - Nick Veitch Deputy Editor - Ben Vost Production Editor - Andrea Ball Games Editor - Andy Smith CD Compilers - EMComputergraphic Art Editor - Colin Nightingale Art Assistant - Cathy McKinnon Cover Image - Ben Vost Contributors Dave Cusick, John Kennedy, Larry Hickmott, Darren Irvine, Pat McDonald, Graeme Sandiford, Dave Taylor.
Assistant Publisher - Alison Morton Publishing Director - Jane Ingham Public Relations - Liz Ramsay and Jennifer Press 0171 331 3920 Overseas Licences - Mark Williams Tel: 0171 331 3920 Fax: 0171 447 3499 mwilliams@pne.co.uk Group ad manager Simon Moss mossy@futurenet.co.uk Sales Executive - Jenny White Promotions Manager - Tamara Ward tward@futurenet.co.uk Prod Manager - Richard Gingell Production Coordinator - Zoe Rogers Print Services Manager - Matthew Parker Ad Design Supervisor - Cherry Coad Next month we have something old, something new, something borrowed and something...
Admin Assistant - Cathy Rowland Colour scanning & Imagesetting Jon Moore, Chris Stocker, Mark Gover, Simon Windsor, Jason Titley, Oliver Gibbs Colour Originators - Phoenix Repro Printed in the UK by St Ives PLC AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth St, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Telephone 01225 442244 Fax 01225 732341 Email : amformat@futurenet.co.uk The Amiga games scene is buzzing with games. Some about to be launched, some fresh, some based on PC titles, revamped oldies and from all kinds of sources.
We reveal all in the next issue.
WWW Site: httpV vrww.futur*n*t.co.ukxomputin9 amigaformat.html Subscriptions, Back Issues & Mail Order Future Publishing. Somerton.
Somerset FREEPOST, TA11 6BR Telephone 0122S 822511. 9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 E-mail: subs@futurenet.co.uk Customer Services June Issue On Sale Thursday Telephone 0122S 822510 Member of the Audit Bureeu of Cvcuietions.
Registered Qrojlation 32,166 June - December 1996 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE RESERVE YOUR COPY OF This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just ten years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in Britain.
We offer BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
STRONGER REVIEWS. We have a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give clear buying recommendations.
CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future, Editors operate under two golden rules: 1st Computer Centre 15 0113 231 9444 Active Software 105 01325 352260 Applaud 51 01283 217270 Analogic 57 0181 546 9575 Bio-con 51 +886-2-7902761 Blittersoft 52 01908 261477 Direct Software 30 01604 722499 Epic 46,47 01793 490988 Eyetech 77 01642 713185 Gasteiner 82 0181 345 6000 Golden Image 29 0181 900 9291 Greytronics 65 0181 686 9973 HiSoft 66,116 01525 718181 Owl Associates 96
01543 250377
• Understand your readers' needs.
• Then satisfy them.
MORE READER INTERACTION. We draw on readers' contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages and the best reader tips. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group.
BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, better quality- magazines you can trust.
Printed in the UK.
All contributions submitted to Amiga Format are accepted on the basis of a non-exclusive worldwide licence to publish or licence others to do so unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing.
© Future Publishing Limited 1997.
2. 3 01702 306060 Premier Mail Order 41 01268 571 157 Power
Computing 114 01234 851500 Quantum Leap 112 01506 461917
Selectafont 105 01702 202835 Siren 8,9 0161 796 5276 Software
First 96 01268 531222 Special Reserve 41 01279 600204
Underground PD 105 01702 295887 Visage Computers 66 0115 944
4500 Weird Science 24,25 0116 234 0682 Wizard 4 01322 272908
White Knight Technology 66 01920 822321 World of Amiga 93
01369 707766 1 BLIZZARD 68030 ACCELERATOR 68030-50 4MB RAM
£159.95 68030-50 8MB RAM £179.95 68030-50 16MB RAM £219.95
68030-50 32MB RAM £299.95 APOLLO A4000 ACCELERATOR 68040 50MHZ
OMB RAM £329.95 68060 50MHZ OMB RAM £499.95 APOLLO 1240 -FOR
THE Al 200 68040 1240 25MHZ 4MB 68040 1240 25MHZ 8MB 68040
1240 25MHZ 16MB 68040 1240 25MHZ 32MB £199.95 £209.95 £239.95
£299.95 £399.95 £159.95 £169.95 £199.95 £259.95 APOLLO 1260
4MB 68030 50MHZ-50MHZ FPU 8MB 68030 50MHZ-50MHZ FPU 4MB 68030
GVP 68060 040 ACCELERATOR CARD A 68060 and 68040 accelerator
board for the A200 4000 running at 50MHZ and allowing up to
128MB of RAM, also comes with a SCSI-2 hard disk controller.
8MB 72-PIN SIMM 16MB 72-PIN SIMM 32MB 72-PIN SIMM £15.95 £30.95
£19.95 £39.95 £79.95 £159.95 £459.95 £549.95 £599.95 GVP A2000
68040 40MHZ GVP A2000 68060 OMB RAM GVP A4000 68060 OMB RAM GVP
PRICE £69.95 £99.95 £49.95 £59.95 PHONE ORDERS Wc accept most
major credit cards and are happy to help you with any Queries.
CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by chequ&PO please make payable
to POWER COMPUTING LTD and specily which delivery is required.
WARRANTY All Power products come with a 12 month warranty
unless otherwise specified. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand
with a lull Technical Backup service which is provided for
Power customers. MAIL OROER PRICES All prices listed are for
the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before
POWER CD-ROM DRIVES - INC. CABLE SW FREE WITH EVERY POWER CD-ROM DRIVE 2X CD-ROM DRIVE £99.95 4X CD-ROM DRIVE £139.95 12X CD-ROM £229.95 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE AND SOFTWARE (DIGGERS, OSCAR, CHAOS ENGINE, PERSONAL WRITE) £59.95 STYLUS 400 A4 720DPI £219.95 STYLUS 600 A4 1440DPI £289.95 STYLUS 800 A4 1440DPI £409.95 PHOTO PC-500 DIGITAL CAMERA £399.95 POWER COM PUTING LTD I :'"7 EXPORT ORDERS Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC resrdems. Can to ari™ mn BFPC Mem lUi OROSR TERMS At prices mclude VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All All orders
in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditcra cR trade, capos d ¦ever art enaac-t 3- reouest A1200 MEMORY CARDS - PCMCIA FRIENDLY A1200 RAM EXPANSION 4MB £49.95 A1200 RAM EXPANSION 8MB £69.95 A500 MEMORY CARDS A500 RAM EXPANSION 2MB £89.95 A500 512K NO CLOCK £14.95 A500+ 1MB NO CLOCK £19.95 A600 MEMORY CARDS A600 1MB NO CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB WITH CLOCK £24.95 MINI MEGA CHIP Increase your Amiga 500 2000 CHIP RAM.
Also includes a Fat Agnus Chip. No soldering is required.
SIGNATURE trademarks are acknowledged.
IN A HIGH QUALITY EXTERNAL CASE £179 .9S INCLUDING SQUIRREL SCSI AND THREE CD-ROMS WORTH £112 £49” Studio H NEW PHOTOREALISM WITH CANONS If you want to get the best possible output from your printer better even than on other platforms then you need the phenomenal printing power of Studio II. The package includes powerful Workbench drivers for use with your applications, plus special software that includes a professional Colour Management System and allows you to print images directly from disk in 8-bit or 24-bit precision.
All popular graphics formats supported £69 Twist 2 mm Eg cifti newv.
Ft SMD-100£1G935 NOW with THREE FREE Video COS The Squirrel MPEG Decoder (SMD-100) is a brilliant new concept for home entertainment. Using your existing SCSI CD-ROM drive you can now access the Cnt*.
MrnrlH rtf Hinitsl ir4or curtorh 9d.hit - ** CD-ROM drive you can now access the v.smie ugm.
World of Digital Video-superb 24-bit ' Lens ,lares and lens 9lows- quality video with crystal clear 16-bit “Cp • User defined menus, sound. With the SMD-100 you can play any ’ 0biect and texture lists.
Video CD or CD-i Movie through your * Definable object hierarchies.
Amiga monitor or through your home TV * And much- much, more, set. Comes complete with multi-function remote control unit. _ _ i+jjjhujjj* TOP Amiga Books Experienced Amiga reviewers waxed lyrical over Surfin' anc First Steps Amiga, awarding them the highest marks ev r given to any Amiga books (98% and 95%). Now you can: Y - own these two fine books for just £6.99 each, or an amazinc £9.99 for both. Written in Plain English, both are easy and s' fun to read, instantly understandable, a joy to have on your bookshelf.
CALL OSOO 223 660 FREE Megalosound This sophisticated 8-bit SS sampler connects to your printer port and allows you to sample Jiff directly to disk, thus enabling whole songs to be recorded with ease at a sampling rate of up to 21kHz stereo on an A1200. When sampling to 3fjf ram, rates of up to 56hHz are possible.
Phenomenal sound quality at a great price!
WehExpiosion £4995 The secret to a successful web page is graphics stylish, interest-grabbing screen gems that download quickly and keep your visitors coming back for more. Web Explosion is by far the largest collection of professional quality web graphics that you’ll find anywhere 20,000 GIF and JPEG images packed onto two Cds. Buttons, bullets, backgrounds, banners, dividers, clip art, photos, textures... they’re all here in a collection that caused CU Amiga to exclaim: “fantastic ... get this now!” Comes complete with HTML catalogues and a 120 page manual that makes finding the right
graphic a piece of cake.
The powerful Surf Squirrel interface W is at the cutting edge of technology for easy A1200 expansion. It provides both a high performance SCSI-2 interface and a fully buffered, high speed serial port that is capable of performing up to 400% faster than the A1200’s serial port.
High performance SCSI-2 hardware.
Compatible with any SCSI-1 or SCSI-2 peripherals.
CD-ROM and hard disk drivers included.
Includes a full CD32 emulator.
Low CPU usage.
Supports synchronous modes. 92%M Autobooting.
IBrowse - v £293S Try as they might, the competition simply cannot keep pace with the power and popularity of what Amiga Computing says is “still the better browser” and that was before we added full support for frames and better colour dithering!
Ibrowse always has been the most advanced Amiga web browser, and we aim to keep it that way.
* SurfSquirrel W £9995 Serial port compatible with u all modems
and serial I hardware. !
Multitasking drivers compatible with all modern comms and networking software'.
NEW LOW PRICE Twist is the world’s most successful Amiga database. Its range of powerful features coupled with its uncluttered interface
* 0! Makes light of all JwSr manner of tasks ranging from
building a simple card file for your CD collection to =
implementing a fully [ i, relational business | database for
* control and ¥ A invoicing.
Cinema an NEW V3 £199* NEW VS Cinema 4D is the award winning easy to use raytracing and animation system for your Amig?.
Equipped with a user interface that complies with the Amiga Style Guide, Cinema 4D is replete with every conceivable option, including:
• Window-based, realtime interactive modelliing.
• Direct modelling in 3D.
• Basic and complex primitives with infinite variations.
• Visible light.
• Lens flares and lens glows.
• User defined menus.
• Object and texture lists.
• Definable object hierarchies.
• And much, much, more!
Fully tested with a wide range of SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 peripherals, the original “Classic" Squirrel interface supports data transfer speeds of up to 1.2Mb per second on a standard A1200 and an astounding 3Mb per second with a 68030-accelerated A1200.
The Classic Squirrel plugs into your PCMCIA port and allows you to connect up to seven SCSI peripherals to your A1200 or A600.
Classic Squirrel Twist 2 £69 HiSsft SYSTEMS ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED POSTAGE £2, COURIER £4 (NEXT DAY £6) HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE HiSoft Systems Your Safe Passage Through The Jungle Phone 01525 718181 Fax 01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk imam hi'oAff

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