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All chans More recently, Jason Compton, Viscorp's erstwhile press officer resigned from Viscorp saying that he felt that the company wasn't the right place for him after all. Unlike Carl Sassenrath. However, Jason had no nasty tales to tell and complimented various individuals he had worked with. He plans to return to publishing Amiga Report on a more regular basis now that he has more time. 'Quikpak have already designed two new machines..." he uncertainty surrounding just who owns the Amiga may finally draw to a satisfactory conclusion in a matter of days. Surprisingly though, the company most likely to gain the rights, patents and assets of Amiga Technologies isn't Viscorp, but the relatively unknown Canadian computer manufacturers, Quikpak. After a series of shock revelations in early December, ii emerged that Viscorp is almost certainly no longer in the running to buy Amiga Technologies. An article printed by Bloomberg Business News reveals that the contract for Viscorp to buy AT was cancelled in early October. Hugh Jencks, Viscorp's chiel operating officer, blamed the problems involved in the deal on Fscom's bankruptcy and Viscorp's ignorance ol Herman law in general. Iml said that he still lielievetl Viscorp to Ik- the “front runners* for act|niiing Amiga Technologies. T Dave Robinson, a lawyer involved in the case, said that Viscorp is no longer the leading candidate but could still be in contention if they came up with the cash in time. The whole process has damaged Viscorp's ability to meet other business obligations, but Jerome Greenberg. Viscorp’s chairman, stated that they have new plans for increased binding. In short. Greenberg maintains that the contract for Amiga Technologies was allowed to expire because Viscorp did not believe that the assets justified the $ 40m price asked lor the company. Meanwhile. Toronto-based Quikpak. Who arc already the North American distributor for Amiga Technologies anti the manufacturers of the A4000T, are hoping to close a deal to buy Amiga Technologies by Friday 13th December. In a startling display of the cnlhusiam the Amiga industry has been missing for some time. Quikpak have already designed two new machines based on the Amiga 4000T, ready for production as soon as the deal has been worked out. The lirst is aimed at the North American video market and is called the 40601., a portable Amiga designed principally for use with the Video Toaster and Flyer, Newtek's respected Studio-on-a-card and non-linear video editor. The 40601., first reports suggest, has a built-in I.GD panel monitor to make it the ideal solution for outside broadcasts.

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Packed with games, anims, 3D models and more... PLUSn@ AMIGA
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306060 PDSoft 303061 L en It's Time for a hange of Gear ..... 95 .95 £49 £29 Ibnmw has already been voted the Web Browser of choice by Ihe press and Hs users alike Now. With version
1. 10. Irrowse massively extends its lead over the opposition
Some ol the feature* of Ibrowse version 1 111 are: fre§ Amiga
Surtin book Support lor 11 TML 1.2 and 3 as well as Netscape ”
extension* (*orth £6 9$ ) WMA
- sti your web browsing is a pleasure Frames are lully supported,
tvery copy ordered Ihe window layouts and user interface can be
customised to Irorn HiSoll helore your own liking, great
flexibility Christmas 96!
Compatible with all TCP IP stacks so surfing is cool and easy HotUst store’s all your favourite web sites, History list shows all the pages you explored during a session Cached pages for instant backward access Support* animated GIF, |PFC, interlaced 6i transparent GIF; play or view any sound, graphic or movie using the appropriate datatype Opens on any Amiga screen and supports all video cards e g Cyber! IraphX Load stored or cached pages from hard drive or CD-ROM.
Includes FTP plug-in to make downloading as simple as point-and-click Fast and friendly module for gopher hunting Built-in support (or email • send messages from any page with email link Superb manual and full technical support irnm HiSoft Requires 3Mb tree memory. 3.5Mb hard drive space and WB3 Upgrade only £5 on disk or free on Ihe web!
MediaMagic is a superb new product for designing and playing quality presentations on your Amiga, at the nght price MediaMagic sports an interactive, user-fnendly and intuitive interlace so that building presentations becomes a joy. Fully compatible with graphic cards.
The MediaMagic editor uses drag-and-drop for easy, hierarchical positioning ol objects and allows the editing of several scripts at once
* You can use- all sorts of graphic image* in your masterpiece
with MediaMagic * support for all IFF-ll BM data formats,
including ILBM-24, which are converted to HAM6 or HAM8
* You can incorporate a wide variety of music & voice samples to
liven up your presentation: MediaMagic supports common music
modules such as Sound-, Pro-Noisetracker as well as Octamed and
Octamed Pro (8 voice) & 8SVX tile*.
* Working with animations is easy with MediaMagic s support lor
IFF animations In AnimS, Anim7 and Anim8 formats.
Business charts can be created directly in the program OS 2.x and OS 3.x compatible , simple controls, fully multitasking Requires 2Mb RAM, OS2x up and hard disk recommended.
MediaMagic DiskMagic 2 DiskMagic is the friendliest file manager on Ihe Amiga and now version 2 lake* this fine product to new heights of uscability and functionality - probably the ca*ie»t-lo-u*e and most g • versatile file management utility on the Amiga Herr’s some ol Ihe things that you can expect: * Support lor l-ZX archive format, the new standard in Amiga compression.
Many new functions including super- fast delete command, extra hletype options, additional Akexx commands and internal functions.
* New output window preference
* File encryption DiskMagic 2 come* complete with a library of
icons lor gadgets and 95 a comprehensive user manual. £39
Upgrade £12.95 HiSoft C++ At long Iasi there is a new, and
extremely powerful. C lompiler lor the Amiga, at the right
price. HiSoft C * * comes in two versions.
Developer ami Lite, here's a brief list of features, call for more detail The Compiler compiles at high speed in line with Ihe Al 3.0 C* * standard, is Arexx controllable, integrate* seamlessly with the editor, include* a project manager and generates code for 88000-68030 and Ihe nH88l2 FPU CU version included
* The F-ditor use* multi-windows, is syntax-sensitive, handles as
many file* as you like, includes an Arexx interface and
supports full keyboard shortcut*.
The GC* * Debugger (DeveU*pcr only) uses multi-windows, wifh drag-and- drop tethnology, allow* breakpoint*, variable tracking and much more.
* The Dev pac 3 Assembler is included for low-level work.
The Easy Object Library (Developer only) ts included which ease* resource handling and use of data structures (bsts. Large arrays etc.). along with Bool’S!
Support, error handling with exceptions and online documentation
* The Hot Help (Developer only) system can be activated at any
time and give* you full, expandable online help even with an
Arexx port.
HiSofl C* * need* 4Mb RAM, OS2.X up & a hard disk.
£169 £79 l)vv*lopr.
Version SMD-100 The SMD-100 is a brilliant new concept for home entertainment Using your existing SCSI CD-ROM. You can now access the world of Digital Video - superb 24-bil quality video with crystal-clear In-bit sound 11ere's what you can do with the SMD-100 [’lay any VideoCD or CD-I Movie through your Amiga monitor or through your home TV set.
• Use the supplied remote control to skip tracks instantly, to
view your favourite scene* in silky-smooth slow motion, to grab
a frame’ with the ri*ck-sohd pause facility and move speedily
through the film with the fast forward and rewind functions Use
the SMD-100 as part of your Amiga SCSI chain or take it. Along
with your CD dnve. Next to your normal television. For
all-the-family viewing There are many hundreds of VideoCD
titles available, all featured in our extensive catalogue. The
SMD-100 VldeoCD MPEG player i command performance, time after
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Just Freecall 0500 223660 armed with your credit or debit card (all cards accepted) Rastage is normally £2 - £4 within the UK or £6 for a guaranteed next day service (for goods in stock). All prices include UK VAT Alternatively you can write to us or order through our web page. © HiSoft 1996. E&OE.
HiSgft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: *44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: '44 (0) 1525 713716 email: xilef@hisoft.co.uk :iyb page: timnt'.hisoft. co.uk JUIonth In View Could an end really be in sight for the tortuously long "who owns the Amiga" affair?
Arely is a good word. Il is a word that I like lo think describes how often we are .J JL surprised by events in the Amiga tljji|'j industry. But this is one such occasion.
- WlllIM were °f course aware of the difficulties Vucorp were
having in finalising a deal to purchase Amiga Technologies, and
it wasn't loo much of a shock when we learnt this month that
the reason for the delay was a lack of hard cash in the Viscorp
What did surprise us though was the news that a third party had entered the fray. Although we were aware that ( uikpak had vague interests in the Amiga market, being a major Escom creditor. Amiga distributor and manufacturer of the A4000T. We never suspected they wanted to buy the company.
Even more of a surprise was the revelation that they have already designed two new high- end Amigas. Ready lor production should they reach a deal with the Escom liquidator.
It is a deal which is far from finalised and it would be premature to proclaim that the Amiga's three year game of pass-the-parcel has finally reached the last piece of wrapping paper, but here's hoping. In the meantime, even the suggestion of an end-in-sight is going to bring confidence back to the industry. Here's hoping we have something more excellent to tell you next month... AMIGA FORMAT JANUARY 1997 5 ISSUE 93 JANUARY 1997 Quikpak A new player in the increasingly interesting game of 'whose going to buy the Amiga'?
Quikpak emerge as buy-out contenders.
12 NET CORNER A round up of what's new on the web.
14 OOH YOU RUFFIAN The puzzling platformer finally on sale.
The crowds thronged, bought and talked.
Page 17 17 SHOW OF STRENGTH Ben Vost reports back from Cologne.
Rr- AfEl U 58 DRAWSTUDIO At last, a powerful and feature-packed structured art package for the Amiga.
DrawStudio 66 MAKECD I a I UMIpiH | OOOOmn wbH| 74tf «* MakeCD ess : sa i is i s»mmr -sk.su « gjUsi'a
r. *f»
* r J jtJ mj •*- Mi !~r M. JL j t? I Jbt 31 j £2 =5 ¦ ’V* : gJ
aa igrJL.!
- ---riazs,
o. .nuMmmimn. mm CyberSCSI Mark 2 0 SERIOUSLY AMIGA 64 WORDWORTH
6 OFFICE The complete office solution bundled with the latest
version of Wordworth.
On the might of MasterlSO.
», Nick Veitch tests this new CD cutting software.
69 CYBERSCSI MK 2 Updated SCSI support for the Cyberstorm accelerator card.
Simon Goodwin is very impressed.
70 ZORRO INTERFACE EXPANSIONS Simon Goodwin reviews the BSC Multiface 3 and GVP's 10 Extender.
- - yvuro.- Cl .. m 1C I OO BT'ml!
4 ¦ ¦ ¦ AOO*T» * • VXM prOO Wordworth 6 J 94 MULTIMEDIA Adding special effects to your presentation.
96 BLITZ John Kennedy adds buttons and gadgets.
© REGULARS 52 PD SELECT Festive fonts and Xmas clipart plus all you ever wanted to know about colds and flu.
73 WORKBENCH Our experts give you the answers.
76 AMIGA.NET Darren Irvine scours the net.
80 SUBSCRIPTIONS A new superb offer.
98 MAILBAG So, what do you think?
86 MUSIC X Learn how to use this very popular sequencing program.
88 DRAWING A WAGE How to get started in computer arts.
90 REAL 3D 2 Animate your Real 3D creations.
92 AREXX Paul Overaa tackles recursive tree sorts.
Coverdisks We've given you me wnwdre Tor Tree - now discover exactly how to create your own music using your Amiga. Just slot in the disk and John Kennedy will lead the way... OctaMED 6 The full version of the Amiga's greatest music making package yours for free on our exclusive Coverdisk pllO fTj 26 CPC & MSX EMULATION Relive those classic eighties gaming moments on your Amiga. Simon Goodwin investigates the possibilities of CPC and MSX emulation.
Try our exciting demo of the latest game from Vulcan.
Plus especially for those without an A1200, the thrilling Gravity Fight p!08 You've got all the superb programs that grace the Coverdisks but you also get the chance to try out a demo of the fantastic new Format Gold winning art package, DrawStudio, and Virtual Karting Deluxe.
Plus much, much more.
(Tp SCREENPLAY 31 PREVIEWS What's gonna be topping the charts in '97?
34 BOGRATS Guide junior to safety in this puzzling platform adventure.
©38 CHAOS ENGINE 2 Do battle with the computer or your mates in this long-awaited sequel.
42 READER GAMES Find out how good your efforts were.
AGA Experience CD guide pl06 46 GAMEBUSTERS You asked for itr now you've got it
- the complete solution to Simon the Sorcerer plus hints and tips
on a host of other games.
Coverdisk Instructions Amf&A P109 C3T AMIGA FORMAT JANUARY 1997 of A1200” a “Top IOO GanMSw £k F Cds FREE with evwy Cf ROM drrs&'J!
DATAFLYER SQUIRREL ON purchased with a SURF SQ purchased with a SC NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £74.99 8MB MEMORY EXPANSION 33MHZ 68882 FPU (PLCC only when purch £34.9 MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 trapdoor fining memory expansions feature a battery *" 1 backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU.
M NEARLY DOUBLES THE f SPEED OF THE A1200 EXTERNAL SCSI HARD DRIVES 3IG SCSI HARD DRIVE 2GIG SCSI HARD DRIVE (deducf Jjr uicased i Top quality dnves m a top quality metal enclosure with cooling fan. In built power supply and SCSI ID selector 540MB SCSI HARO DRIVE DATAFLYER SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM driven and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the the same time as the IDE hard drive. The Dataflyer SCSI* will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives. SyQuest removable dnves. Tape back uo drives etc. Unlike dther SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI* is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600 The Dataflyer SCSI* easily installs into the A1200 A600 isanply pushes m. no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking
plate at the back of the *1200 Full instructions and software supplied ALSO AVAILABLE... CLOCK CARTRIDGE £19.99 ASIM CDFS £49.99 CACHE CDFS £44.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA CD £19.99 WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP 100 A1200 GAMES CD £7.49 EACH or FREE with every CD ROM drive!!!
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• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data CompresMon
• Fax Class I and II compatible, Group 3 • Hayes
• Fid 80 page manual • 12 Months guarantee 14400 MODEM £69.99
28800 MODEM EEJ £89.99 £64.99 NET AND WEB SOFTWARE £79.99
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order $ siren CD-ROM DRIVES COMPAClm 1230 LITE £99.91 A600,
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68030 with MMU and FPU. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM.
APOLLO 1230 50 PRO £159.99 As above running at 50mhz with two SIMM sockets. Can take up to up to 64mb of RAM. FPU ri yr- and MMU fitted as standard. ' &' * SIMM sizes can be mixed ' '’¦ *£¦ ¦ or matched. SIMMs can be single of double sided.
Fully PCMCIA compatible. -‘e .
APOLLO 1240 60 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pm SIMM (up to 128mb). Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor fitting accelerator.
W ivca £229.99 £299.99 £489.99 APOLLO 1240 25 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM £34.99 8MB SIMM £59.99 OR 16MB SIMM £99.99 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELERATOR HARD DRIVES ’ HARD DRIVES 0 a * Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software, full Instructions
- and 12 months guarantee.
All dnves supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket.
You can olug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
Il capacity with every hard drive ordered £89.99 £129.99 £159.99 A50Q4420mb Hard COMPAQ. DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM with Squirrel ONLY £139.99 6 SPEED + SQUIRREL £209.9i 8 SPEED + SQUIRREL £259.99 ULTRA CD-ROM DRIVE Superb IDE CDROM drive system for the A1200. Fully featured, top quality dnves in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply. All cables, instructions, software including CD32 emulator and audio CD player etc.. included for immediate use. The CfrROM interface supply plugs inside the A1200 (exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides a connector in the blanking plate at the
rear of the A1200. Next to the mouse socket.
PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET £169.99 MEDIAVISION RENO CD-RON Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply, SCSI cables, docking station and full instructions. Also includes stereo head- jdjmk fk- phones and carrying . , case for use as per sonal CD player v --- ZIP DRIVES Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per car tndge. Comes Complete instructions and cartridge ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel EZ FLYER Incredibly fast (up to 4x faster than a ZIP dove) SCSI dnve will store a massive 230mb per cartridge.
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Instructions and cartridge.
THE ULTIMATE FOR MAIL ORDER FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 7% 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND " Access, Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
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DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Allipdoei. MtW VAI l-i-si.ip iriii rnxklnr.
V ili he Chni(ii:il nJ-'Uili per order (U.K.),
17. 60 Europe ondi.r .SO rest ol tire world.
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RaQAQ VlWION CAN „ (XPfcNOfcD 10 » full 68060 AMIGA 68040ERC and 68060 ACCELERATORS fMa No* vihj can choc* between the h»mV4i£RC Cyberxjnrm II or ihc SrEfl ultra jvmcrfui 6NW) vervjen When you fit a Cybersfcftn U MobO I Accckrah* lo your A300Q, A300OT. A4000 or MOODY you an. Fa Ik I etanqde. Render a craftuc »rtn Imasine 2 0 software m pM 2 4mms ¦ Cap* du .ah a buswsc IHM nws ce. A vmhrl A4000 XufYLV
• leBprfx tah CvhrrM«Tm IK arc tally ptef aai piav and A4000 no
can choose die often d i SCSI-2 im uk IAMOO *n *ody haW SCSI
bosh itto their Amp
• Upto I Mh of »ur»iarJ SIMM* con he ithalWmJyoo on oen transfer
the 72Ptn SIMMS (ran soar Amp A4000 strardK cmo your rr*
• Oftuul SCSI-2 naWc is»bNe
• M ywr hndpt cunwdy only anm the coa o » Cjfcerwra II68M0ERC.
Von can alvm upfndr Iner lo the full bSteO procanr fceeim jt**a
Fxpandihlc in I2SMK 64-BIT ENGINE A2000 J000 4000 (T Scries) 3D
A*ti‘ILlll mii4-A I-‘»C1 s.uim Vlhlh with ..n-ll hxhlHji*. IV
,. c HkI ol lb. Pal honl i. ihc NTS' VIRGE GRAPHICS CHIP Iran
SI With DaptHa tUM t: jnk-I, (W.f.. ; Vo l*j c; .hUaHcUur.:
HfUf. * ' fftp T Tnbaar hfennf jni SluhnpE"nnAir In ujpcr lahUK
Rzjl T.mw IDRcumnx
* Vn uwl »nh C)6aGnf6X ID L*hno. C)6a.n** N *D a. cm oAa j tmuj
S'mMI ntte at ID Uibn to a. 4t n dnchfa OPTlOAAl t. Pk SK NS
• MPEG DcaOrr - aUed lo ibr Fcurc Caaacdnf 6. Po.uk ml tunc MPEG
juho 1 6 win. Jcvuinf A full Mil »n. Ta A.rtVrvh wnbw. |HQ iyU.
Nag IMABiira*.fa»C)6nGnf*Xbatbachi Smoiuhowtfar. OrJmihcuaM
4afc*4 hue uf« pd. Urnfc lo i C.tmiMi 6U5D ml MPEG buMk liras
(m™ C)btn»« 6I| fat i SPECIAL LOW PMCE • CjI la fall 4ak so.'
• Mmh*S»ikhtT »»lliracpKjxaslineA«*lff
IfaMftrJlofatal.'thcAisjfiJ.tIk.p.o uraiutit .suck ow Iras Ox
4jKxLitJ Vmei wpul to C)6cntuoa MUD', a*p» Bexhort.
Wi. HefinedurateARIJVAOOO«dtfatowil£falTtZfltralll Oct.fra £219.w (.Vni.inn (H}0- I D|SCON£lM0fl .IMt Jb297* lybcrstonn 0 SIMM RAM EiputtioiB fpha*- all for prx MPEG Decoder rfomancc figures o to b hoard baJ SIMM fined •required 2040erc Imnr Ulrtnl VII Hntaljf KcJl Tint Utxk Hqth IVRmuiKt K.|un'«n «Hh lull ll ttt ralr DMA
D. . Trtpa.t liN.iAjt.ti rti nraJlfHSUDn. Rc»|uir»vl lit
A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 40MH 68040 0Mb
Standard, Expandable lo 128Mb mm mis 60 Rtnojttot.il SIMM
SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Std, Exp, lo 1281256Mb iOMIPS witfi
60 Nanosecond SIMM fined 1240t erc Blizzard 20-iOERC Turbo
Accelerator Memory Board IV Blittonl XWERC n j .»|t. v* LOW
OIST I.M.J sfadi "Ha.
"*na ihc "pptlunn. I" upgrade l" ihc uunc prifomaiKc a. "ut Hlit ard 1240T ERCbond.Uvn.iniha.Vjhldonpi,fallA4nw»(™a
a. well a. lake id.tmip "I ihc built in SCSI ! Uwrlve The -ERC
Pr.xc.ut. uvd on thcv Sutd. At raided and .igunnnh mtcd fiOPR)
CPI', cptrannx il 40MH; with MMCIFFL: • in e.cellcni punMccd
ml cntnpaiii.cl. juiced *n*» A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR ) and MMU
50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard, Exp. To 1281256Mb 9 9IMIP5 *ttfi 60
NanoMcond SIMM fined 2M0ERC Turbo diMllz W » X MMI ITC use.
5 -Bti Fad RAVI F.xpiixDMcIo IZHMh l lWty V A1200 TURBO
ACCEURATOR ST f 7 - and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 t'ivJ 0Mb
Standard. Expandable to 64 192Mb J6 7TM PS wrtft Stnple Stded
6070 Nanoiecond SIMM r ct
12. 50-D Tuibo 50MHz 1*001 MMI uMb, J2-84 Fas ILAM ft rn
ExtnndiNc m 128 2VAIb Fast 60 Nanovcond SIMM RAM Fxpamiom The
Blizzard 1260 Turbo Acceieralor Memorv Board *ASH rfia Amip
Al200o*ncn Fill 6806G PO U with a K*arJ thj plup mo the npiw
skt' Yew AI200 »ill ufmie M twice cr even three umt the
speed ol in tMO KtscJ nppaiic jnJ op lo five tiflv* (he speed
al a suated A4COO! AivbMe sftwis urfi e the SCSHV Kit ad RAM
'" cd. d.BI ILWlim- 1260Turbo faiMHi6H06O A MMI FPI re7Q.99
|ttsl«dA ’ION (IMb. 32-Hit Fad RAM - Expandable lo 64192Mb
l«e-*2ET2E la . Al500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR . And MMU FPU -
50MHz 68060 L*iJ 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb U 7IMPS
mth 6070 Natutecond SIMM fined Blizzard 2060 Turbo
Accelerator Memory Board ctlcr. AI V)VMH rana. Ihc oik e Hv
Biirtird IM Tixto i IAI50VM0. Will opa* «tp » fnt umc. Ihc
ctd Uandnd A6OOO1 i
• sh FLU UB60 POWER 4 aho naMc hah in SCSI-.' Metfact1 II.«
ninlhcUUnlAISOOOUPj'dml («tBDijrd.TKIton1 060 Turbo 50MHz M060
& MMI FPL Mli Ixidi in SCSI , Omb, 52-Hd Fad RAM - Exrandahic
lo 128Mb • DcptAMpD' New Street. Alfrcton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP
01 773 836781 or FAX: 01 773 831040 email: 100271.3557©com
WON MORE AWARDS THAN ASY OTHER.. W7wif the Magazines think...
Kmt%a Shopper 91S STAR BIT * the Blizzard 1260 u destined In
become the ultimate ohjtxt 4 desire AI2QO ¦diners' Amijia
(¦mputins 92S BU E (HIP * uant the fastest imi?a in the *"rtd
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* 95S GOLD IbtinR How lo Order from GH.
SCSI-I KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV, 1240T F.KC and 1260. With additional 128Mb SIMM socket (Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to lOMhsix transfer rales uilb additional SIMM socket allotting extra memory to be fitted I B1 PHOW Simpfy Ul out orOer hrw Mr MirfX VISA MulmM. Accnv SwiUK (ortfwa Drill AMI I and lomturt CrrdrtthAr r (mod dorr c*fOs art lomtorfl rg DnoiB. Currys rU) ¦ WTTM HO TKAHSAOIOK SUKCMAHGJS' Pkisr Hotr Memory.
SJMM I »PU prices may (harsgr witboul warning due lo exhange rale fluctuations Please ronfum puce prior to ordering CAU TO CONfWM ' AVAILABUIT BcfOflE MAKING AVOHG XMWCY rovtsnus OU* OPENING TIMES AAE Monday to Saturday 9 Ooam until SOOpm BV POST or I AX include your name. TO&nt and daytaneermmg phone fai number plus order details If chargmg a credrt'debrt card mdude number and iaid from eipfry date (end issue number with Switch cards) Make Cheques (please allow 7 days dearance).
Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited GH PRICES Please remember to confirm pnees m cose you are looking at an ‘old' mogoiine. Prices can change (up or down) before the magazine's cower month has passed Please confirm before sending orders by post. Prices inc. VAT at 17.5%. DELIVER* We offer prompt shipment with fully insured eiprrss delivery options throughout the UK. Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost COST Of OfllVERV TO MAINLANO UK AD0RESSES ONLY Standard Delivery (2 to 4 working days from date of despatch) (7 E«pres$ Delwecy (ne»t workmg day from date
of despatch) • CIO NON UK MANIA NO DESTINATIONS please col for times; pnees etc STANDARD EXPORT Most items are available Worldwide, and at TAX EREE PRICES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Aimed forces Personnel (with CO s document) RESIGNATIONS AT VISCORP Tto o key Amiga experts have resigned from beleaguered Viscorp in retent weeks. First to leave was legendary OS guru Carl Sassenrath, who acrimoniously split from his former employers, basically because he felt they didn't have the best interests of the Amiga or Amiga users at heart.
All chans More recently, Jason Compton, Viscorp's erstwhile press officer resigned from Viscorp saying that he felt that the company wasn't the right place for him after all. Unlike Carl Sassenrath. However, Jason had no nasty tales to tell and complimented various individuals he had worked with. He plans to return to publishing Amiga Report on a more regular basis now that he has more time.
'Quikpak have already designed two new machines..." he uncertainty surrounding just who owns the Amiga may finally draw to a satisfactory conclusion in a matter of days. Surprisingly though, the company most likely to gain the rights, patents and assets of Amiga Technologies isn't Viscorp, but the relatively unknown Canadian computer manufacturers, Quikpak.
After a series of shock revelations in early December, ii emerged that Viscorp is almost certainly no longer in the running to buy Amiga Technologies. An article printed by Bloomberg Business News reveals that the contract for Viscorp to buy AT was cancelled in early October. Hugh Jencks, Viscorp's chiel operating officer, blamed the problems involved in the deal on Fscom's bankruptcy and Viscorp's ignorance ol Herman law in general. Iml said that he still lielievetl Viscorp to Ik- the “front runners* for act|niiing Amiga Technologies.
T Dave Robinson, a lawyer involved in the case, said that Viscorp is no longer the leading candidate but could still be in contention if they came up with the cash in time. The whole process has damaged Viscorp's ability to meet other business obligations, but Jerome Greenberg.
Viscorp’s chairman, stated that they have new plans for increased binding. In short. Greenberg maintains that the contract for Amiga Technologies was allowed to expire because Viscorp did not believe that the assets justified the $ 40m price asked lor the company.
Meanwhile. Toronto-based Quikpak. Who arc already the North American distributor for Amiga Technologies anti the manufacturers of the A4000T, are hoping to close a deal to buy Amiga Technologies by Friday 13th December.
In a startling display of the cnlhusiam the Amiga industry has been missing for some time.
Quikpak have already designed two new machines based on the Amiga 4000T, ready for production as soon as the deal has been worked out. The lirst is aimed at the North American video market and is called the 40601., a portable Amiga designed principally for use with the Video Toaster and Flyer, Newtek's respected Studio-on-a-card and non-linear video editor. The 40601., first reports suggest, has a built-in I.GD panel monitor to make it the ideal solution for outside broadcasts.
The other machine on the cards, so to speak, is the fi050T. A machine based on the A4000T it comes with not onh Zorro III slots as standard, but also PC I slots. I bis means that 3D fans can add one or more Pentium or I)Ft) Alpha P( II cards to their machine so that it can act as a render farm, while communicating with them via the excellent Siamese System that Quikpak vow to make an integral part of all new Amigas.
As well its satisfying the needs of high-end users, Quikpak also plan on producing an entry- level home use machine, though they weren't prepared to release any details at this stage.
Arntgu Formal will obviously Ik- bringing vou more on this exciting development next month.
In the meantime, latest news can Ik- found on our wclr-xilc: http: www. Futurenet. Co.uk computing amigafor mat.html AF SPEAKS TO QUIKPAK EXECUTIVE DAN ROBINSON MOUSEMATS WITH NO MERCY No Mercy software, PD dealers extraordinaire.
QUIKPAK'S DAN ROBINSON SPEAKS TO AMIGA FORMAT are also on the January sales kick. If you order £8 worth of floppy disks from their collection, they'll bung in a free raousemat for you normally worth £2.99. This offer will run until the 31st of January 1997, so get your skates on and give them a call on 01609 771 596 to place your order.
MICROPROSE CLASSICS RE-RELEASED WITH ACID Ten classic Microprose games are to be re- released at a special budget price. The reissued games will be published by Guildhall Leisure under the Acid Software label.
The ten games Include some fairly reoent releases, including AF Gold winning titles such as UFO Enemy Unknown and Sid Meir’s Colonization, both of which are to be re- released at the excellent value pnce of £14.99. Net Corner review of the software on our updated website at: httpVAwww.futurenet.co.uk computing amigaformat.
Html Five of the games will be available at the lower price point of £9.99, including Impossible Mission.
St&rloixl and FI 17-A.
Well, whether there is something there or not. The Americans are off. The Mars Pathfinder mission began on December the 4th, and with it came unprecedented up to date mission information from NASA.
Within hours there were diagrams of the Pathfinder's route, readouts of the vital telemetry For more info, call Guildhall on 01302 890000 or see our special feature next issue, on sale 23rd Jan. RICOH GO DIGITAL The RDC-2 is a new. Sub £1000 digital camera which boasts an impressive 768x576 digital resolution and 2Mb of internal RAM Presently there are few software solutions to use these cameras directly with the Amiga, but we hope to bring you some exciting news on that next issue!
E spoke to Dan Robinson, the man in charge of all Amiga business at Quikpak about their plans for the future... AF: What are your intentions towards the Amiga.
DR: To keep it going, build it up, add a new processor.
AF: Which processor?
DR: The DEC Alpha.
AF: Isn't that going to be pricey for the consumer market?
DR: Well, yes, but the high end isn't targetted at that. The machine with the Alpha is going to be a workstation. We will still be doing a low-end machine... AF: Based around the 68000 series?
DR: Yes. With 030, 040, 060 and when and if Motorola does it 070, 080 and so on.
AF: And will you have backward compatibility?
DR: Yes, 100%. As long as necessary there will always be a 68000 series parallel processor in the Alpha-based machine.
AF: Are you interested in buying Amiga Tech. As it stands?
DR: Yes. We hope to have the deal closed by next Friday. [13th Dec] AF: We have been waiting for five months for Viscorp. Why have you waited this long before making a move?
Every month Net Corner will keep you up to date with all the Internet happenings and great new Amiga related sites to visit.
If you have any recommendations for us, why not send us an email?
Just put "NetCorner" in the subject line and email your thoughts to signals at various points and even an astronomer's spotters guide to aid those of us with telescopes or large observatories to track the space vehicle on it's two year journey to Mars. You can even see the official maps of the landing site.
Of course the NASA web site is filled with all sorts of other bits and pieces relating to everything from early Gemini missions through to the present day - it's well worth a visit.
Amformatefuturenet.co.uk OPUS UPDATES AND SDK If you want to find out about the latest version of Directory Opus. Or indeed, download some of the extra goodies available for it (such as the software developers toolkit), then you should probably check out the Opus home page at: CLOANTO MAKE THEIR PRESENCE FELT This Italian software developer have always been known for their stylish and impressive software (and we'll be reviewing their latest release, Ppaint 7, next httpJ agnus.livewire.com.a u gpsoft . You can also read the definitive AF OR: We didn't. We were talking to Viscorp in April and
even before then.
We tried to work with Viscorp. We corresponded, tried to suggest how we could help, do a joint venture.
They never replied.
AF: It would be safe to say that you haven't been very happy with their progress so far?
DR: That would be an understatement. We are one of the major creditors. You know the "legal entanglement" that Mr. Jenck referred to the other day? [in statements Mr. Jenck referred to "legal entanglements" which postponed the sale of Amiga Technologies to Viscorp]. He may well be referring to us, but there's no point in discussing them. We offered them every option to talk to us.
AF: If Quikpak is successful in its bid to buy Amiga Technologies will you license the technology to Viscorp?
DR: Yes, we won't hold a grudge against them... although we might ask for a certified cheque in advance.
AF: Is it too early to be talking about new machines? We understand you have plans for a 4000 with an 060?
DR: Yeah, the 4060L. That's a portable design for the Video Toaster and Flyer.
There's also the 50S0T. That's a 4000T with Zorro and PCI slots together with Steve Jones' excellent Siamese System. These are interim machines as we work towards porting the OS to the Alpha.
AF: But what about the low end machines? In this country at least our major market is A1200 owners.
DR: Will we have a low end Amiga?
Yes. Will it be the 1200? No. That machine was great four years ago, but it has to be updated. It was a stupid idea for Escom to bring it back out at a higher price with no modifications.
AF: There are a lot of Amiga developers out there, people like Carl Sassenrath, Heinz Wrdbel and so on.
Are you calling for their aid?
DR: Absolutely. At the Amigafest in Toronto we invited everyone to give us their suggestions, to tell us how they would build the Amiga.
AF: Are you going to be updating your net activities to take account of the developers with net access?
DR: Sure, next Friday. There's no point jumping the gun.
AF: Tell us a little about Quikpak's core business. Making and selling Amiga 4000T's can't make you the sort of money you need to buy AT.
DR: No. Quikpak's core business has always been making chips, reliability testing, quick term manufacturing and the like. Selling Amigas was never necessary for us to be able to afford to buy Amiga Technologies.
AF: It looks like we're once again going through a very “interesting" period in the Amiga's history... DR: Hopefully a short one this time!
Month). Now they have a stylish and impressive website to match. At the time of going to press it was still very much under construction, but terribly tremendous nevertheless.
Check it out at: httpV www.doanto.com am iga i ndex.html BOING LOGOS GOING FREE!
Intangible Assets manufacturing are probably best known for their Envoy networking software, but they also produce a wide range of other software, and just at the moment they have a special offer going! While having a bit of a clearout. They discovered a large number of the original metallic Amiga Boing logos. While stocks last they are giving them away with every order, so Louderspeakers "This month we have managed to secure for you one of the most popular CD-ROMs ever..." Iiliols along with a source select switch to let vou (connect more than one source to the speakers
- ideal for telephone coiilcreiiring since the Kssential Pro
speakers ¦tie also equipped with a telephone jack input.
I lie Kssential Pro Speakers (model ntimher KS-ISO) should he available from your local computer dealei 01 limn S| ecial Reserve who can Ih- contacted on 11127(1 lit It 120-1. They cost just £5(1.95. AGA EXPERIENCE GUIDE PAGE 106 'RSD CONNECTIONS LTD ( ? The Bradford Column H l|Cr=l~l January Sale ?
EVKaintpulergi aphic. Creators ol the loniittl (¦old-winning range ol Phase C Ds.
Are having a (anuarv sale l liev are ollering llieii outstanding (ills at super low prices for one month onlv. From the 011 sale date ol this inaga ine vou have jusl lout weeks lo ring up KMC lomptiieigraphic 011 01255 431X8(1 quoting "AFJanuary Sale” to gel I'liiiM' I. 2 m at a pi ice ol just El4.11(1 each. I’liasr ¦I at only £24.09 and tuitnctor a mere 10.00 or free with any three CIDs. II you were to buv all these Cds at full retail price you would have 10 pay about EI30. But our ex. Itisive deal with EMC means that .-twijgrt I'oniml l eaders onlv can get all live (IDs for less than £7(1.
Remember, these prices exclude post and pat king.
Why not browse their web-srte and see if there is anything you fancy?
Httpvrwww.iam.com amiga GAMES GALORE Apex systems, who produced the rather tremendous 6-tris which appeared on a previous Coverdisk, now have a web site containing lots of information about A V i dims has jusl announced a set nl piolcssion.il lull range speakers called die Kssemial Pro Speakers. Thev liave .1 PM PC) (Peak Musi.
Power Output) rating l ISO watts and produce sen liigli sound qualilv ill.inks lo die -I” woofer and 2" tweeter that goes into each speaker.
R. i ensure vou have lull control ovei the streakers vou'vc got
bass and treble the games they have developed, and ones
planned for the future.
Not all their software is currently downloadable from this site, but it soon will be. So pop along and give these people some support.
Http: www.wafwick.ac. uk -csuaw at EM ALIEN BREED Now that our tutorials RSD on creating your own levels for Teaml 7's Alien Breed 3D II - The Killing Grounds have ended, you might like to check out what's going on at the unofficial tcqjport site. The site has plenty of background info, playing guides, tricks, tips, levels and other resources. Find It at http: www.thenet.co.uk
- obiwan breed tkg.
Htmi There's something about owning a 'real' arcade machine which appeals to me. A tew years ago I had three, and a pinball table, and lately I've been getting the pangs again and started making enquiries about getting hold of another pinball machine (one that works) and arcade cabinet.
During the course of one telephone conversation to a man in the trade, he asked me if I knew the whereabouts of an original Pac Man cabinet: apparently they are much In demand now. Not by arcade owners but by collectors. Not casual collectors like me, but 'real' collectors who buy them as investments. So, if you know of any original Pac Man cabinets kicking around, you could make yourself a few bob.
All of which brings me to REPLAY - THE GREAT GAMER EXHIBITION, which is running at the Museum of the Moving Image on London's South Bank until May
1997. All those old computers and consoles from the Industry's
early days, running original software.
You never know. If you look after your Amiga today K could repay your loyalty In spades Although there were plenty of examples made, so many have been junked that certain machines are now worth more than they originally cost: Vectrex. For example.
Collectors are starting to realise that old computers and consoles, together with a collection of original software, are worth bedding down and keeping for a rainy day.
So. What have you got to do with your Amiga to make the audience of Antiques Road Show 2025 gasp when Hugh Scully's grandson gives a valuation? Keep It In good working condition, obviously and retain the original packaging (sorry if this advice is a bit late for some of you but it's of paramount importance).
Don’t be tempted to sell your software and keep as much associated peripheral items as you can - a collection of the world's best-selling Amiga magazine should do nicely.
You never know, if you look after your Amiga today it could repay your loyalty in spades one day. Now where did I put the box for my A1000... Oh yes. I gave it to the bloke who bought the machine after I upgraded to an A2000 - Dohl Dale Bradford Is an avid collector of all sorts of things, but sadly there Isn't yet a market for empty cigarette packets.
Interesting bruises or fantastic excuses This may explain why we remind you that any opinions expressed here are entirely his own. Not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
Amiga Format’s Top 10 Reasons to... use MUI laiara iiJ 1 111 T liJ 1 UJ B auto _J thfdc _J tftn
- 1 (=1 Go on. Got it just 1 L c*** i for Stefan.
T‘ifit Normal fjHeSoocaTTT Twy, |XHalvMca 9~ Bg |HHetvatlca l~3~ 10 Ooh you Ruffian!
Ruffian Software arc finally releasing (heir eponymously titled jungle platfonner onto an unsuspecting public. You ¦niglu remember the title, we reviewed it back in issue 71 (May 95). Where Steve Bradley was unimpressed by the central character's habit of baring his rear to the world, a trend that ClickBOOM's Demona seems only too keen to follow up. He also felt that the method required to despatch the various enemies (spitting) didn’t encourage “nice" behaviour in young’tins. Still, you can find out for yourself by asking your local shop for the game which retails at a mere £14.99. ACL PDQ
VfiUI Continuing our series ol acronymic headlines we give you ACI.’s new accelerator board for the AI200. The A 1200x1 ships in the usual bewildering variety of configurations, but all are priced very reasonably with the -10MHz board (sans Fpl1 or memory) retailing lor just £159.99. The fully PCMCIA-compatible board is well equipped with two SIMM sockets offering expansion possibilities up to 114 Mb of RAM and a battery-backed clock. There is also an optional SCSI module called SCSIxl. This, combined with the aggressive pricing, the IS months warranty and the promised technical support web
site and BBS must mean Amiga users are once again onto a winner. For further details contact ACI.on 01933 (150677.
2 A lot of really good software requires MUI, particularly Internet software.
3 If you're a programmer.
MUI makes it easier for you to create a program with a nice user interface.
4 MUI increases your productivity with drag and drop, pop-up menus, rearrangeable listviews.
Appicons and appwindows.
This makes it easier to do what you want rather than I MUI looks great.
Forcing you to work in a particular way.
5 MUI is made by the SASG group which means that it is easy to register, easy to upgrade and shares the same kind of look as the rest of the SASG group's software which includes MagicWB.
6 MUI introduced groovy features like pop-up menus and tabs before any other Amiga software.
7 All MUI software shares similar features such as the ability to run on named UAJ lal without dear public screens, iconification, user-editable preferences for look and feel. This reduces the learning curve when you get a new piece of MUI-based software.
8 It's a good way to prove to recalcitrant friends that they need to get more RAM, a hard drive and a faster processor.
9 It's also a great way to make Mac and PC owners, restricted in how their programs look, jealous.
Stefan Stuntz needs the money.
No punishment for Effigy jg n iilnl Punishmmt, the game we gave 90 per cent and a Format Gold to back in Issue 90. Has hit problems with UK distribution. Effigy Software, the company named by ClickBOOM in their literature as the UK source.for the game, have released a statement explaining why they decided not to distribute the game after all. Unfortunately, it seems that quite a lot ol people have been having problems getting the game to run and Effigy weren't happy about the numbers of people complaining and so declined to sell the title. Ian Jenkins of Effigy assures us that he will
endeavour to assist the people who phone in any way he can but that they will not Ik- handling sales and distribution of Capital Punishmmt in this country.
You can contact clickBOOM in Canada at the following address: Pxl Computers, ClickBOOM. 1270 Finch Avenue West, Unit 13 M3J 2G4. Toronto, Canada jrkGE*1 IWROOM EASY ACCESS FROM M62. Ml amira - ...... C!%,!-r~rY Z I WORLD LEEOS CITY CENTRE CAAFtTS FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE "Tj iigflsihir: j I mw* OPEN 7 CaySA WEEK_| svv rcr. Ebl*! E-Mail: sales ntcom.demon.co.uk WEB: www.firetcom.dernon.co.uk FAX:0113 231-9191 BBS:0113 231-1422 1 RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face cssa LOW COST delivery Tel: 0113 231 -9444
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copy available on request Wow! What a show. I've been going to
Cologne since 1989 and it still surprises me that such a great
show can take place within a day's travel for anyone in Europe
and yet. It is mainly visited by Germans. Just think what you
missed - complete CD-ROM writing solutions including Amiga
software for less than £400, pressure-sensitive graphics
tablets from Wacom for only £150. 30-bit colour SCSI A4 fiatbed
scanners for less than £300 and ridiculously low SIMM prices,
not to mention new hardware and software being ably
demonstrated by its designers and authors for a solid three
days of throat-numbing customer help.
With more than 45,000 people attending the show, the noise, as you might imagine, was deafening. Stands were competing with one another for people's attention and events like the free climbing contest shouted for your participation in what looked to me like a seriously foolhardy way to spend your time. If you liked competitions, you could have won a Porsche Bossier or a race in a Formula One car along with umpty-ump lesser prizes like copies of the latest games and hardware. While this show is nominally all formats and there were plenty of stands showing off PlayStation games, PC hardware and
software and Were the Amiga faithful, other miscellaneous items unrelated to the Amiga (including, bi arrely enough, a stand for Encyclopaedia Brittanica), "All in all, the show was a great success and everyone came away vowing to return next year."
Video-related software, their replacement for Workbench called P- OS which was getting its first public airing, Cocktel a video conferencing system and QuickArrav. A kind of RAID system which mounts two extremely fast AV SCSI drives as one even faster single unit.
Continuing the roster of famous German Amiga "names". Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhc (Schatztruhc means treasure chest in German) were swamped on a continuous basis wrilh people four deep around the stand all clamouring for a word with John Potter (the author of Directory Opus and obviously something of a celebrity in Germany since people were asking him to autograph their copies of Dopus), Jason Compton, now ex- Viscorp but not at the lime. Michael Battilana of Cloanto, Urban Muller. Swiss supremo of Aminet and Angela Schmidt and Heinz Wrobel, both long-term Amiga developers involved with AT
but who arc "I would say that 80 per much better cent of the attendees known in their native Germany than over here.
Other celebrities spotted at the show included Dr. Peter Kittel sharing the VillageTronic stand as a representative of Pios. He was demonstrating the BeBox, the machine that some people say is the new embodiment of the Amiga spirit, but is.
At the moment, without any substantial software base, unless you run MacOS on it and then, of course, you miss out on the Amiga-like features in BeOS.
The British contingent at the show consisted of Jeremy Rihll from Digita, David Link and Richard Kicrnan from HiSoft, Tony laniri from Power Computing and the whole Gasteiner team, among others.
All in all, the show, while smaller than some previously, was a great success and everyone came away front it vowing to return next year.
Even though the name of the show has been changed from World of Commodore to Computer '96, there's no doubt that this show is the biggest and best in the world. O I would say that 80 per cent of the attendees were the Amiga faithful, sauntering out of the hall with monitors, scanners and bundles of software for their machines.
Of the stands that were Amiga-related, Phase 5 probably had the largest. It was a single stage affair with forbidding black walls surrounding a bar for VIPs. Arrayed around the outside walls were a variety of machines, the relativislic effects in the area proving that they were all going faster than man was meant to travel. Amiga Oberland also had a very large stand, selling hundreds of copies of Germany's premier raytracing program. No, not Lightwave, not Imagine, not even Cinema -II), but Reflections.
"Grabbing an A3 pad I began to sketch. This is an organisationally wise move because from there you can pluck out the best bits."
DRAWING A WAGE PAGE 88 With an installed user-base of more than 70,000 registered users, Reflections is probably the most popular raytracing package in the world. Amiga Oberland also sold out of CyberStorm II '040 and '060 boards on die first day of the show.
Introduction: Sound Trackers and OctaMED Amiga Format are proud to be bringing you a full version of the superb OctaMED 6.
Now discover how to make the most of it... When the Amiga first appeared, it offered something which no other computer could do: the ability to replay real sounds or "samples". It wasn't long before the first musical composition tools appeared, and these were known as "Sound Trackers". They presented the different notes in four vertical columns or tracks. These tracks scrolled up the screen, triggering the relevant sample as they passed by.
Sound Trackers were extremely easy to use, and instantly proved a huge hit with anyone interested in making music.
Sound Trackers have traditionally always offered the ability to play up to four sounds at once: a limitation imposed by the Amiga's sound hardware.
OctaMED broke through this four channel limit by means of cunning programming. OctaMED can actually replay up to eight samples at once, albeit at a slightly reduced quality. This makes it possible to create tunes of surprising complexity.
OctaMED has grown into one of the most powerful music composition tools around, and Amiga Format is proud to be able to bring you a full copy of version six.
This is the last of the OctaMED series: after this, OctaMED is transformed into a new product called “Soundstudio".
How it works LOADING A TUNE The easiest way to see and hear OctaMED in action is to load one of the demonstration tunes you'll find on the Coverdisk. Use the Project menu option Open to select the tune. These are the so called “mod” files (short lor "module") which contain both the samples which make up the song, and the construction details of the song itself.
O Op«n som noault JMSL 534,914 20 05 95
440. 270 20 05 95 26,016 30 10 94 315,356 23 05 95
710. 110 01 01 80 205,088 16 07 95 42,884 16 87 95 163,654
24 85 94 1-SYSTEH MOO 2-«tion.moo 2-Control.»od 3-RISK MOO
95-r»* r t _»*«• i *. Lol acidofil.moo ACIDJ3RT2 MOO Act
ion_For_You Rod Palt*rn |*(0?.t1nfoltacl dropTr~ ' Drawer
| Hodj1« Y*chno Fit* |2-Control.aod OK | Volu Parent | Load
a complete song from the Coverdisk.
This will load the Song and the samples.
Once the song is loaded, you can use the Song Play button in the Main Control window, in the top left of the display, to start it playing. You’ll notice the four track displays start to scroll up the screen. When the numbers in the tracks cross the highlighted bar in the centre of the display, the note or special event at that point is triggered. Think of it like an old piano roll machine.
"OctaMED has grown into one off the most powerful music composition tools around."
With the scrolling numbers equivalent to holes punched in a paper tape or a nail on a revolving drum.
If you don't hear anything, you should check that your Amiga's audio connections are hooked up properly.
You'll need to connect the Amiga's audio outputs to a monitor's audio inputs, or some other form of external amplifier and speaker system. You may use small battery-powered speakers for example, or connect your Amiga to your Hi-Fi.
You can pause or stop the song by clicking on the Stop button. Clicking on Corn will continue playback from Song Play Cont Block Play Cont STOP Use Play song to replay the complete song, and Block play to replay only the currently displayed Tracks where you slopped it. When you’ve listened to as much as you can stand, select New from the Project menu to clear out all the existing samples and we'll see how to start using OctaMED to make some music for ourselves.
LOADING A SAMPLE The most important part of an OctaMED song is the instrument.
Without an instrument, there is no sound. Octamed does not have any default sounds built-in: you must create or load an instrument (either on it's own or as part of a song) to be able to hear anything.
Let’s create an instrument in the simplest possible way - by loading in a sample. (Hick on the little folder icon in the Main Control window beside the number one. At the moment the box beside the folder icon will be empty, as there is no sample loaded. When the file requester appears, select a sample - from the Coverdisk (or CD) - and load it. You'll see the name appear next to the number 1, and another number (the sample length) on the far right.
The numeric keypad is the cluster of 18 keys to the right of the main keyboard (Sorry A600 owners - you don't have one!) And OctaMED uses it as a quick way of selecting and altering instruments.
Keys 1-9 Select instruments 1-9 Key 0 Select instrument 10 Key Select last used instrument Key . Change the first instrument digit (e.g. 05 - 15.15 - 05) Using the numeric keypad Key + - Next previous instrument Key ( ) Decrease increase current instrument's volume by one Key * Pick instrument number nearest the cursor Key Enter After pressing Enter, press key A - V to select the corresponding instrument SPECIAL NUMERIC KEYPAD SHORTCUTS Ctrl-4 Decrease current playseq entry Ctrl-6 Increase current playseq entry Ctrl-5 Insert current block to playseq Ctrl-0 Duplicate current playseq
entry Ctrl-. Delete current playseq entry Ctrl-8 Scroll playseq up Ctrl-2 Scroll playseq down Ctrl-7 Top of playseq Ctrl-1 Bottom of playseq "OctaMED uses the Amiga keyboard as though it were a two octave musical keyboard."
You can load as many samples as vou have memory to store. To load a sample into the number two slot, use the Numeric keypad to select the sample number (press 2 to go to the number two slot, and press I to return to the number one slot). The sample selected in this way is also the one which will be played.
PLAYING A SAMPLE Now you can play the sample. OclaMEl) uses the Amiga keyboard as though it .
0-1 Y A-2 Q 0-2 M A 1 s C l 7 A 2 2 0 2 0-2 X
1) 1 U B-2 w n-2 1 : 2 1) D i 1 0-3 3 D 2 n-2 C E-l 11 C 3 E
E-2 D 2 V F-l o 17-3 R F-2 E-2 G F 1 0 D 3 5 F 2 p E-3 B G-l
[ F-3 T G-2 F 3 11 (i I 1 G-3 6 G 2 G 3 N A-l |i~ i»|u 1,
ef-ia f i 1 It-x, '* | .V
* » T«. It. Is. 1 UP i pi c» _J*» _l« «2:21 Remember you can
quickly select which Octave to replay your samples by clicking
here or pressing F1 to F4.
Were a two octave musical kevboard. It’s a bit tricky to describe, but when you start pressing the keys you’ll soon get a feel for which key does what. The diagram on the left shows you exactly which keys trigger which notes.
ALTERING OCTAVES To change the octaves which the keyboard covers, you need to click on the cycle gadget marked OCT in the bottom right ol the Main Control window. By default this is set to ’’12” meaning the first two octaves. It can be changed to “23” or "34” to select different octaves. A shortcut is to use FI to F t to quickly skip octaves.
Try playing your sample after selecting a different octave. Some samples sound better when played higher in pitch, so you will need to remember this option exists.
Remember also that you can quickly select different samples using the numeric keypad.
TRACKS. BLOCKS AND SONGS It’s also important to grasp the way in which OctaMED songs are constructed.
The most basic element is the Track: this is one vertical column of numbers Continued overleaf 4 Samples The Amiga can replay real sounds through it's audio hardware, and these sounds are stored as "samples". A sample is nothing more than a collection of numbers, but when the numbers are sent to the Amiga audio hardware, out come real sounds.
Obtaining new samples isn't difficult. The PD libraries and Internet are full of sounds for you to use, and if these aren't enough you can always make your own. To create your own sample you need a little extra hardware in the form of a small box called a "sampler".
The sampler connects to the parallel port of the Amiga, and has an input socket for connection to a CD player, microphone or other sound source. The Amiga will use the sampler to convert the sound into a raw sample, which can then be saved to disk for later use.
"OctaMED can use its own special synthesised sounds or even drive MIDI instruments."
Shortcuts when editing DIY shortcuts And ,here’s more- Edit mode on off Chord mode on off Space mode on off Esc Shift-Esc Del Shift-Del page) Alt-Del Amiga-Del Delete note or command digit under cursor Delete note and command digits (on current Delete only command digits (on current page) Delete note and command digits on all pages Left Amiga-Del Delete chord.
When L-Amiga is held down, every time you press Del the note under the cursor is deleted and the cursor moves to the next selected track.
When L-Amiga is released, the cursor advances (as defined in the Keyboard Options window).
Return or A Insert hold symbol (+) Shift-Retum Insert hold symbols to all tracks of the previous chord F Insert I play note at default pitch Backspace Delete note and move following notes up Shift-Backsp Insert empty note slot Alt-Backspace Delete current track Alt-Shift-Bksp Insert new track Delete line Insert line Amiga-Bksp Sh-Amiga-Bksp Shift- 0 - 9 Shift-Ctrl-0-9 key 0 - 9 Tab Shift-Tab Ctrl-O Shift-Ctrl-O Ctrl-T Shlft-Ctrl-T
02) Shift-Alt-Z Shift-Alt-X Shift-Alt-C Shift-Alt-V Ctrl-Z Ctrl-X
Ctrl-C Ctrl-V Shift-Ctrl-V Ctrl-B Shift-Ctrl-B Ctrl-J
Shift-Ctrl-J Ctrl- Enter programmable key 0 - 9 Pick note
under cursor as programmable Highlight current line Cycle
command pages Create volume slide (using command OC) Create
generic slide (using any command) Create type 1 slide (using
command 03) Create type 2 slide (using commands 01 and Swap
block Cut block Copy block Paste block Erase range Cut range
Copy range Paste range Paste to selected tracks Range current
track Range current block Join block with next Split block at
cursor Swap note under cursor with following note, taking
account of the current spacing value Ctrl- Swap notes on
adjacent tracks Ctrl-K Kill notes to end of track
Shift-Ctrl-K Kill notes to end of block Att-Ctrl-K Kill notes
to end of block and actually remove the deleted part of the
block. In other words, the current line becomes the last line
of the block.
OctaMED lets you define your own keyboard shortcuts, in case the existing ones aren't enough. From the settings menu, select “Keyboard Shortcuts". You will then need to create space for the new shortcut, name it define the keys to be used and finally enter the operation you wish performed.
:S5 1 ALJK5 I *• l» imm p »in---• Hi, i, v* I P II P TR t" I which scrolls up the screen whilst Orl iMKDis placing. To start with, there are four Tracks - one for each hardware audio channel. The first and last tracks are sent to the left Amiga sound output, the two middle tracks are sent to the right Amiga sound output.
The length of the Track can be altered, but it defaults to a sensible 11 1 units long, numbered from 0 to 63. Each of these unit numbers refers to an empty “slot" in the Track, into which a note or some other event can be placed. You can control the rate at which the Track scrolls up the screen by adjusting the Tempo of the Song.
A group of four Tracks, is called a Block. Tracks at e always replayed in Blocks. So for example, you might create a drum and snare pattern in the first Track, some bass notes in the second Track and some strings in the Third track. This forms one Block - you can see there is no need to fill all the Tracks which make up a Block.
"At the top off the tree comes the Song. The Song is constructed from Blocks."
Some Blocks might have two Tracks used, some might have all Tracks used.
It's entirely up to you. In fact some people make use of the fact that different Tracks are relayed to differed Amiga audio outputs to create special stereo effects.
At the top of the tree comes the Song. The Song is constructed from Blocks. Once you have created all the Blocks you require (which are in turn created front individual Tracks), you arrange them into order to create your Song. When you replay a Song, you are replaying a list of Blocks one after the other. Each Block contains one or more Tracks, and each Track contains the OctaMED can do so much more than we've had time to explain here.
• OctaMED makes it easy to alter the volume of notes, create echo
effects, or to slide sounds up and down.
• OctaMED can use instruments other than raw samples (for
example, OctaMED can use it's own special synthesised sounds or
even drive MIDI Instruments).
• As the name suggests, OctaMED can even replay up to eight
samples at once. There are also built in facilities for sound
sampling (with suitable hardware). There just isn't space here
to do anything other than scratch the surface.
For more information, remember that on-line help is only a key-press away: press the HELP button for AmigaGuide instructions.
Amiga Format has recently published a tutorial on OctaMED S. and we plan to do an OctaMED 6 tutorial very soon.
Notes and events which make the sounds. And that's all there is to making an OctaMED Song!
RECORDING IN STEP TIME There are two ways to record notes into your Tracks: Step time and Real time.
Step time lets you use the cursor keys to move up and down the Track and place notes where ever you wish.
For example, you might want to place a Kick drum every four steps, and using Step time editing is the easiest way to achieve this accurately.
Try it now. L.oad in and select a Drum sample in the same way as before. Now make sure the Edit box in the Main Control window has a tick in it. Only when there is a tick in this box can you alter the contents of the Track. Now click in the Track display, and use the cursor keys to move to the first track. Scroll up and down to the top of the Track, and then place a Drum sample at units 0. 4. 8 and so on.
To do this, you only need to press a key on the keyboard. Depending on the key you press, the Drum sample will Ik' replayed in a different key. Pressing the Q key is as good as any!
If you want to overw rite or delete a sample, move the Track display up and Find your way around...
1. Track Display. Here is where all the tracks (usually four, but
more are available) are displayed.
They'll scroll up during playback.
2. Delayed start. Only start playback when a key is pressed.
A good way to make sure you get the first beat in the Track when recording in Real Time.
3. Stop playback.
4. Start the current Block playing back.
5. Start the entire Song playing back, including whatever Blocks
are included in the Playing Sequence.
6. Continue Song playback from where it was stopped.
7. Continue Block playback from where it was stopped.
8. Edit button. Must be on to allow changed to contents of Track.
9. Current Sample number (change with Numeric keypad)
10. Load a new Sample into the current Sample slot.
11. Display the Sample List: a way of organising samples into
different types.
12. Insert a space after every note.
13. Name of current Instrument.
14. Display details on the current Instrument (Sample or MIDI for
15. Insert a chord (multiple notes at once)
16. Adjust the parameters of the current Instrument
17. The length of the current sample. The button beneath brings
up the Sample Editor.
18. Current octave number. Click to adjust.
19. Slide bar to move up and down Track list.
20. Current item in Track list.
21. Reset elapsed time.
22. Elapsed time since song begun.
23. Bring up Block List.
24. Current status of OctaMED.
25. Bring up Playing Sequence (the list of Blocks which make up
the Song)
26. Bring up the Section window, to allow sections of Songs to be
27. Currently available memory.
28. A list of songs to playback.
29. Mute control: use it to temporarily switch off the Tracks
Down so that the unit is highlighted again, and either press a different key or the DEL. To delete it. You'll notice that every time you enter a note, the Track automatically moves to the next unit.
RECORDING IN REAL TIME Once you have entered all the Drum sounds, try playing your Track back.
Click tut the Block Play button in the Master Control window. This will start your Track playing over and over: the Track will scroll up the screen, and the highlighted notes will sound. You'll soon hear any wrong notes.
With the Track still playing, click in the Track list display again, but this time move over to the second Track.
If there is a tick still in the Edit box, you can now enter notes in the second track in Real Time. Simply hit a few of the keys on the keyboard, and they'll appear in the Track display. When the track loops around again, they'll be replayed.
This is a very good way to enter notes quickly. You can select the sample to enter, and play it on the keyboard with the other Tracks as a backing. If you make a mistake, you just have to hold down the DEL key to blank out all the notes.
- Song Play | Cont Block Play Cont _Dj_STOP_ Click here to repeat
the Block over and over - perfect for recording notes in real
Continued overleaf 4 "A Top Forty hit is virtually guaranteed!"
OctaMED and MIDI MIDI is the "Music Instrument Digital Interface", and it's the standard for connecting musical instruments to each other and to other pieces of equipment such as drum machines and computers.
Compatible hardware will have at least one MIDI socket. MIDI allows instruments to send signals which trigger notes: no sound is sent through the MIDI ports, only a special digital code. The code can be genet ated by an instrument such as a keyboard, or a computer program such as OctaMED.
OctaMED is fully MIDI compatible: although you will need an Amiga MIDI interface, which are available for about £20 from various dealers. The MIDI interface connects to the Amiga's serial port and provides MIDI IN, OUT and THRU connections. To use MIDI, you need only define a new Instrument.
Instead of making the Instrument a Sample, define it to be a MIDI voice.
It can then be used like any other instrument.
Using MIDI means that OctaMED is no longer limited to the Amiga's audio output capabilities: you can supplement the four or eight tracks of Amiga sound with up to sixteen channels of MIDI instruments. MIDI code are stored in tracks in exactly the same was as normal OctaMED tracks: the only difference is that the instrument is set up to be a MIDI part rather than an audio sample. MIDI instruments cost from about £100, and if you are interested in computer music you should investigate them perhaps by reading sister mag "Future Music".
4- BLOCK AND SONG EDITING Let's assume that you have finished recording your Tracks, and so have a Block which is more or less finished.
Let's assume it forms the introduction to your soon-to-be-completed Song.
Now you need to go to the pull down menus al the top of the screen, and find the menu entitled Block.
You'll see an option called New» which has several options. Stick to Append for now. This creates a brand new Block for you to play with.
To select which Block you are currently editing, open the Block list by clicking on the B in the Information window at the bottom of the screen. A keyboard shortcut is to press left ALT and B. From this window you can pick the Block to work with.
If you want to use some of the previously defined Tracks in this new Block, you can Cut, Copy and Paste them. Use the Track menu to select the Track you want to copy, and then move to the required Block and Track to paste it down. When you paste down a Track, you'll delete whatever was already stored there, so be careful.
To create a Song, you only need to create a list of Blocks to play. To do this, open the Playing Sequence window. To do this click on the Sq button, or press left Alt and Q. Using the Insert button you can add items to the playback list, and so create your Song. A Top Forty bit is virtually guaranteed!
THIS IS THE END... The best way to learn what you can do with OclnMFJ) is to have a jolly good play around. There are plenty of Mod files on Aminet - why not download some and see how they were put together. But we will be having more tutorials to help you along! 'Zj More than four channels When composing, you find you are limited by the default four channels. Good news - OctaMED will let you play five, six, seven or even eight sounds at once. It does this by mixing together the sound samples before playing them.
Please note that the number of tracks and the number of sounds aren't necessarily the same: as OctaMED supports MIDI it's possible to have a large number of tracks all open at once.
To create some new sound channels, first increase the number of tracks up to a maximum of eight. Next use "Set Options" from the Song menu, and dick on the number of channels you want to use. OctaMED will expand the existing blocks as required, and then halve any existing samples.
You will find that you can now work with up to eight sounds at once.
There are some si de-effects to playing more than four sounds, but try using the "High Quality" mode to reduce distortion. If you have an A500 or A600, this will only make a difference when using 5 or 6 channels due to processor limitations. It is also not possible to use synth or hybrid sounds in more than four channels.
0 | Song Options IffllCB Uae« | unna*ed 1 Channel Node Other Options _ 4 Chamels HIDI
I) 5 Omli 6 Channels J ? Channels 8 Channels _) 1-64 Ch Mixing
Q| Decimal Votvaes I Convert I _ fludio Euter Motive High
Quality Node No Slide on 1st Tiok Exit _l General shortcuts
Shift-Alt-Space Play song Remember that you may also use:
Shift-Space Continue song the Left Alt shortcuts underlined
Amiga-Space Play block in the Main Control window Alt-Space
Continue block Space bar Stop playing Ctrl-Space bar Reset
MIDI presets pitch benders mod. Wheels Shift- left
Previous sample Shift- right Next sample Alt-Shift- left 16
samples backward Ait-Shift-erighfc*16 samples forward
Shift-Ctri- Previous free sample slot Shift-Ctrl- Next
free sample slot F1-F5 Select octaves 1+2 - 5+6 in normal
mode, 3+4 2+3 1+2 - 7+8 8+9 9+A in MIDI mode (pressing F1 and
F5 cycles through several octaves) Ctrl- - (minus) Decrease
Tempo slider Ctrl- + (plus) Increase Tempo slider Shift-Ctrl-
- Decrease TPL slider Shift-Ctrl- ? Increase TPL slider Ctrl-1
Insert new block Shift-Ctrl-I Insert new default block Ctrl-N
Append new block Shift-Ctrl-N Append new default block
Alt-Ctrl-N Append and select new block Shift-Alt-Ctrl-N Append
and select new default block Ctrl-D Shift-Ctrl-D Delete
current block Delete last block Save IFF instrument Save raw
instrument Flush current instrument Flush all unused
instruments Ctri-S Shift-Ctrl-S Ctrt-G Shift-Ctri-G Ctrl-A
Automatic Advance Down on off (Keyboard Options) Shift-Ctrl-A
Automatic Advance Cursor Right on off Alt-Ctrl-A Track on off
Ctrl-W Automatic Advance to Next Advance with sound on off
Display free memory Ctrl-F Alt Set spacing value to length of
current range -1.
For example, marking a range from 000 - 002 sets spacing to 2.
(It's logical to subtract 1 since with a spacing of
2. The cursor skips from line 000 to 002 which is 3 lines long).
Other features OctaMED can save songs in a special 'multi-module'' format.
This makes it possible to save several songs which all use the same samples.
Use the "Set options” from the Song menu to change the name of the current song. The song appears in the title bar of the screen.
Each track can be given a different volume in relation to the others. Use this feature to fine-tune your mix. You can alter the settings from the "Set Volumes" option in the Song menu.
OCTAMED our i)STi Ji)io vi K- * II III II III II III II III II 111 II III II III n n If you wish to order the CD-ROM (only) using your Credit Card please phone our distributor Weird Science in 0116 234 0682 today.
Special New Year Offer from RBF Software From now until the end of February 1997 you can purchase the fantastic 64 channel, mix mode OctaMED Soundstudio at a NOT TO BE MISSED price.
Please add the following post packaging: UK £1.00, EC £2.00 R.O.W £3.00 RBF Software regret that they cannot accept credit card orders.
Payment can be made by cheque postal order international postal order giro cashiers check.
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Miga Development software.
Justness software ana more.
Ml of the archives are easily migu Technologies comes complt with the all the developers tools an docs, provided to the officio developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Ruild ( D and ISO CD. Envoy
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The software of the eighties - we all remember it. It ran on home computers from Amstrad and the Far East and there are now a choice of (IPC and MSX emulators that work pretty well on most modem Amigas. Fast memory is recommended, but you don't need a 6804(1 or ( 8060 to get them running at a reasonable pace.
The Amiga has two emulators for MSX software, and no less titan four that will run Amstrad CPC programs.
A-CPC and EtnuCPC are Amiga specific, while CPF. And Ami-CPC (or rather. PC- CPC) are also available for MSDOS machines.
MSX options are AmMSXI and 2, specifically for Amigas, and fMSX which started out as a portable (i.e. slow) emulator for Pcs and Unix svstcms, and CPC and MSX emulation is one of the growth areas on the Amiga emulator scene, with upgrades arriving on Aminct and in PI) libraries throughout the year. New versions have improved graphics and lile transfer options. We've included a list of contacts for vou at the end of this article.
Was re-written to make better use of the ¦Amiga, running more than four times faster as a consequence! This confirms that native Amiga code can run rings around compiled C, hastily ported from other platforms.
THE CPC RANGE Amstrad's CP(! Computers were popular in the mid 1980s. They were produced in response to Acorn's BBC micro and Sinclair's Spectrum, outselling the former but never quite matching the success of the Spectrum.
(!PCs were sold worldwide under a variety of names, including Orion, Solavox. Saisho, Triumph, Isp and Schneider, in Germany. Apart from the name and minor changes in messages and key layout, they're all the same.
The original 1983 CPC 464s had 64K of internal RAM and a cassette drive. The CPC. 66-1 supplemented this with a non-standard three inch disk drive in 1984, and soon after the memory capacity was doubled to I28K.
This CPC 6128 was the standard for many years.
Amiga CPC emulators can run software for 46-1. 664 and 6128 models.
Much later Amstrad improved the CPC graphics and attempted a relaunch, along with a keyboard-less GX4000 console, but there was little software support for the update.
MICROSOFT MASTERPLAN 13A MSX was one of the many Microsoft schemes that did not quite come off.
The name stands for Microsoft eXtended. In conjuction with the Japanese publishers ASCII, the I S micro monopolists devised a standard home computer, based on their own BASIC interpreter and oil the shelf chips from Zilog. Texas and General Instruments. It was marketed between 1982 and 1988.
MSX rights were licensed to around 40 manufacturers, mostly in the Far East, who came up with variants on the CPC EMULATORS Amstrad's decision to allow the free distribution of CPC ROMs means that CPC (and Spectrum) emulation has boomed in the last couple of years.
A-CPC Written on an A500 with Workbench 2. Devpat and twin floppy drives. It doesn't have a built in monitor, but can emulate the 'Multiface 2‘, if you've got the right ROM file. The demo is usable but crippled. The full version allows direct access to real CPC disks.
A-CPC works best on a 68030 and needs at least 1Mb of RAM. It emulates all the original Amstrad models and comes in versions for old and new processors.
AMICPC AmiCPC also expects a 68030 and like A-CPC it needs a ISKHz PAL monitor and objects to AGA mode promotion. It is faster than its rivals, but you need a 68030 or better to run most programs at full speed.
Sound emulation is limited to simple tones.
Most of the documentation is in French, with about four pages in English. This is a nice freeware emulator and well worth looking at.
It's coded in approved style with menus and tooltypes, multitasks well and doesn't tie up the Amiga, even if you leave it running in the background.
EMUCPC Also written in France, version 0.48 arrived on Aminet at the beginning of this year, and works well, although rather slowly. It requires Workbench 3.0 and at least a 68020.
EmuCPU multitasks but there's not much CPU time left. It's noticeably slower than its rivals in 16- olour MODE 0 on a 68060, which suggests that it may be relying on instructions which the 68060 has to trap and emulate.
EmuCPC is freeware with just two A4 pages of documentation, but some useful example files. It supports add-on Amstrad 'ROM' files, and comes with Amiga shell utilities to format read and write 180K 'disk' files.
There are no menus. Function keys, listed when you the start the program, change screen mode, reset swap disks and save and load snapshots. The original CPC keymap is emulated, with simple help text available on F7. As the Amiga keytops and CPC characters do not correspond. This is a common problem with all the CPC emulators - it would have been nice to have had an option to use the Amiga rather than the Amstrad keymap.
NEW VERSION EmuCPC is being actively developed and a new version. 0.7, arrived on Aminet as this article was prepared. This one can emulate the 6128 model and programs which change the display resolution part-way down the screen.
Perhaps the most significant advance is provision for fast parallel transfers from a real CPC to your Amiga.
CPE CPE is a relatively limited emulator, based on an early version of an eponymous emulator for PC dories, and an old Amiga emulator for obsolete CP M business machines. The assembler source code supplied needs changes for processors after the 68000.1 spent a while tweaking it with some success, but could not get the keyboard working properly.
Disk support is rudimentary and there's no emulation of CPC sound effects. CPE does indude a reasonable Z80 monitor. You're probably better off with one of the other CPC emulators, although real enthusiasts might find the source code interesting.
COMPARISONS EmuCPC and AmiCPC are freeware and work well on all the Amiga configurations that we tested. The shareware A-CPC has problems on faster machines, but direct support for three inch disks and CPC plus features - in the registered version - should win it a few converts.
MSX standard, all compatible with the same software on cassette, cartridge and
- eventually - floppy disk. Sony.
Yamaha. Toshiba. GoldStar. Daewoo and Philips got onto the bandwagon, and managed reasonable sales worldwide, but the hardware did not sell particularly well in the TK, where it was perceived as overpriced and outdated compared with locally developed micros.
The original MSX standard was followed by MSX2, with more RAM and twice the graphics resolution. This en joyed modest support in Japan and Europe. Amiga MSX emulators offer some, but not all, of the MSX2 features.
Software producers aimed for the mass market and most commercial releases run fine on MSX1.
K-Ar- . • . . •••,•. .
COMPARISONS CPC and MSX computers have a lot in common, because they're based on cheap, commodity parts from the mid 1980s. They both use the eight bit Zilog
7. 80 processor, running at around I MH , and three channel
square wave sound chips based on a General Instruments design.
Both have large ROMs for the day. Containing a simple
operating system and old-fashioned unstructured BASIC
The Z.80 processor is rather more difficult to emulate than the 0502 and 0510 used in most other home micros.
It has more registers than can comfortably be fitted into the 08000 • ones, and stores 10 bit values the opposite way round, requiring much swapping ol bytes.
The Z80 call onlv access a touil of 64K of memory at any time, but later users got around this with hardware to swap 'banks' of a few K front a larger pool, in and out of that space. This is hard to emulate efficiently on an Amiga without memory management hardware, and there's no officially sanctioned way to do it even with an Mml'. So emulation of programs which use more than 61k of main RAM may Ire substantially slowed.
GRAPHICS The most obvious difference between MSX and CI’G is in their graphics. MSX was aimed at televisions, with a low resolution of 256 by 192 pixels in a maximum of sixteen preset colours, like the Texas Instruments Tl 99 4A. The Memotcch MTX and Tatung Einstein micros were designed in Britain around the same Texas VDP circuit, which uses separate memory for the display and Z80 processor.
’.P( Is support higher resolution and more colours, sharing processor and display memory. Most GPGs yvere sold Continued overleaf 4 MSX EMULATORS There are two MSX emulators for Amigas - fMSX and MSX2. Both emulate MSX1 in full, with growing support for MSX 2 features.
FMSX runs at about 70 per cent of the speed of a real MSX2 machine on an A400Q 030.
And is just about usable on an A1200 with fast memory. It's freely distributable, with source code available.
The stability and system friendliness of fMSX belies its low version numbers, with versions from 0.4 upwards working well, and growing support for MSX2 features. By default fMSX simulates an MSX1 machine.
The original Unix version of fMSX is now at
0. 9; it was written in the USA and converted to Amiga by Hans
Guijt of Holland. The Amiga version requires Workbench 2 and a
68020 or faster processor. It's more than twice the speed of
the real thing on a fast 68040 machine, and manages about 425
per cent speed on a Cyberstorm 68060.
The AmigaGuide documentation is fine, and you can configure the screen update and interrupt rate for best results, adjusting the effective speed by a factor of about five times.
MSX1 emulation is good, but few MSX2 screen modes are implemented and the sound chip emulation is limited to tones, without support for 'white noise' hissing effects.
Fresh out on the streets is fMSX version
0. 8. This has slightly slower Z80 processor emulation than
version 0.4, but improved sound and screen handling. The
differences stems from support for the relatively large memory
of MSX2 systems.
FMSX used to implement memory bank switching by copying banks in and out of the simulated Z80's 64K space. Now it selects the required bank as it goes along, making code that does not switch banks rather slower, but massively improving performance on programs that do a lot of switching around.
MSX2 MSX2 is shareware and comes from Spain.
The demo version 2.1 on Aminet is time limited, stopping after just ten minutes, and lacks some of the features of the full version.
It requires Workbench 2 and at least 2Mb of preferably fast RAM. MSX floppy disk access requires mfm.device, part of CrossDos.
MSX2 is a bit of a hack, designed to give reasonable speed even on a 14MHz 68020. Tt disables multitasking and it's incompatible with the 68060 and multisync displays, but it's about twice the speed of fMSX on 68020 and 68030 systems.
The author claims that 68040 systems should be compatible once the copyback cache is disabled. Sound, graphics and processor emulation are almost complete, although still not quite perfect. Most MSX games run well.
COMPARISON fMSX just keeps getting better, but I still expect that a few 68020 and 68030 users will find the extra features of MSX2 well worth the S30 registration fee.
In a bundle wilh a monitor, allowing up to -10 pixels on a line a bit lu zy on a colour screen, 320 by 200 in four colours, or 160 by 200 pixels in sixteen colours chosen from a palette of 27. The favourite mode for games.
WEIRD DRIVES Peculiar three inch 40 track disks were used in early MSX and CPC micros. These have a nominal capacity of I80K per side.
The three inch Hitachi format was once a rival for Sony’s 3.5 inch disks, now ubiquitous on Amiga and most micros.
Hitachi opted for a narrower, oblong format to take advantage of Japanese postal concessions intended to allow cassette tapes to Ik- mailed at a discount rate.
MSX eventually opted for Sony-sized disks in Microsoft’s 360K or 720k format, which can be read and written on any modern Amiga with the bundled (TossDos driver. T he same is tme of three inch MSX disks - in 180k or 720k formal - if you connect an appropriate drive. O CROSS EMULATION fMSX is available for NetBSD, but lacks Amiga optimisations so you'll need a graphics card and quick CPU to do it justice. The same situation is likely if a Unix CPC emulator is ported to Amiga hardware. In either case, the native Amiga emulators are sufficiently good that you'll probably prefer them unless you
spend most of your time in NetBSD already. I've yet to see useful MSX or CPC emulators for Macs, • Shapeshifting is - for once - i an option.
Some text-based CPC softwa runs under CP M. The seventies business operating system. If you want to run this on an Amiga you're best off using a CP M emulator, rather than trying to load Amstrad CP M into a CPC emulator. You can find several CP M emulators on Aminet and I oftware LOWEST PRICES J BEST SERVICE Rap|D DELIVERY M ¦itt'l i) f j 3 f III U -j lit r W-l' y' |VI 3 ',’ ' *‘M ) GREY-TRONICS LTD HARD DRIVES MEMORY SIMMS ' TO 3 5" Disks £4.75 30 3 5 Disks £10.99 50 3 5 Disks £16.99 100 3 5 Disks.. £28.99 150 3 5 Disks.
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CoU for latest prices, as memory prices con cKonge doily.
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609. 99 32MB N A N A
269. 99
299. 99
324. 99
339. 99
419. 99
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677. 99 £119 Amiga Surfware Pack when purchased with any modem £
1 9.99 GP Fax Software £44.99 LSXxt *mdrcwx Si* I I ASX* x t
t marc I I AsO: x t A m« w. ZfiX I FREE OPUS 4.12 RAM BOARD
RAM BOARD A 33Mhz 68030 25Mhz A FPU 68030 40Mhz 68030 40Mhz
A FPU 68030 SOMnz 68040 25Mhz 68040 40Mhz 68060 50Mhz SCSI
49. 99
87. 99
79. 99 1 1 7.99
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137. 99
129. 99
164. 99
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35. 00 rr 7,,.
• Suit oil your modem needs
• Net software • E-moil £29.99
• Web Browier » IRC etc Fo.
PHONE UNE EXTENSION CABLES - 3M C3 99 - SM €5 99 - IOM £6.99-1 Sm £7.1 Dual Socket Adaptor 13.99 - Modem cable € 10.99 AFFORDABLE, FAST 33,600 bps, 5 years warranty - CE & BABT approved
* Up lo 1 34.400 bps using MNP5 4 & V42 bis Dala compression and
error correction
* Class 1 & 2 Fax Interface
* Strong metal cxternol case ? Front panel LEDS ALL PRICES
INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY unleu olhwwne paled) Delivery wdhrn 3
0181-686 9973 Moil order prices only FAX: 0181-686 9974
AloflenwbiceltoawtoMil)' E4CC Pnces Pock dealt no, chongr w*o
ntfiee Plcoie Jo- 6 »c»*ng doji fer cheque B dear flyover A
M2 5 Nobody Undersells US!!!!!
2. 5GIG £229
3. 2GIG £299 8MB RAM CARD FOR A1200 £79.00 4MB 72PIN SIMM £19.99
POWER SUPPLY £129 32mb BLIZZARD 1230 Mk4 £299 350MB SCSI £69
2. 5" 540MB £129 simm ram simm 4mb ram card for A1200 £59 £8.00
£30.00 £19.99 £29.95 £79.00 1mb 30pin 4mb30pin 4mb72pin
8mb72pin 16mb72pin fax 3.36 external fax modem £99 32mb 72pin
£149.00 FPU LOW LOW PRICE 20Mhz £8.00 33Mhz £10.00 50Mhz
£50.00 microvitec 14" £259 microvitec 15" £399 microvitec 17"
What better way to start '97 than treating yourself to some new games? And what Fellow Amiga stalwarts, Vulcan, prove why they’re so popular with the games buying public with the release of their corking game Bograts (check out the review on page 34).
Oh! The postman's just delivered something important. After you've read these previews, rush along to AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN It's good news month folks.
Guildhall Leisure, stalwarts of t Amiga games scene for several years now, have recently secured the rights to re-release some of MicroProse's classic Amiga games, such as Colonization, UFO “* and Fields oiGiory. Delights are going to be tempting you?
If you haven't got these games in your library (T- 90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69% Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
All Amigas ¦ Vulcan Software ¦ 01705 670269 What if there was a war and nobody came?
That's precisely what's happening now, apparently. There's these two alien races you see (the Klutes and the Furfurians if you're interested) who came to Earth to have a bit of a scrap because they couldn't afford fo devastate their own planet anymore.
The only thing is, none of us has noticed yet. These two alien races are dead small see, they've been at each other's throats down by our feet. They've been having a pop at each other all over the shop - on the beach, in the kitchen, in the garden - you name it and there's probably been a famous battle there.
And now it's time for you (and a mate if you can round one up) fo get involved in the action. Oh yes, folks. If you hadn't actually guessed what this game's all about simply from the title, you'll be pleased to learn that it's a strategy game based on you controlling small forces of tiny warriors battling other tiny warriors through the 65 available scenarios.
The game takes the familiar 'click on icons fo make your troops do things' format, which has proved itself a very effective method of control in the past. We're really eager to get our hands on this one and you can expect a full review of Tiny Troops next month. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the ground! 5 Continued overleaf 4 ZONE 99 2Mb Chip RAM, 2Mb Fast RAM with 030 25 CPU minimum ¦ Aurora Works and whistles planned for the commercial version (the current Shareware version only features 10 zones and is two-player only) they would like to stress that in order to appreciate the 640x480,
256 colour play screen, running at up to 48 frames per second you're going to need a porky machine. If the system requirements at the top mean nothing to you don’t worry, I've had a brief word with Ben and Nick who understand these things and they've told me not to worry about it. Aurora themselves admit the spec' is likely to change before the game hits, so we’ll keep you up with developments as and when they come in. 'Z) American coders Aurora Works have a treat planned for you come March when they release the commercial version of their Zone 99 game. It's a tank battle affair where you and
a mate (or you can battle computer controlled opponents) battle your way through up to 99 zones (spook!), hitting the hell out of each other in your hover tank and trying hard to reach the various power-ups before the enemy.
Although Aurora have loads of whoop-dee-doo features and bells EURO LEAGUE MANAGER Manyx ¦ 0181 542 2678 While we still wait for Eidos's (formerly Domark) Championship Manager 2 (ooh! That sounds like fun, when’s it coming out? Etc etc) Manyx look set to pip them at the post with Euro League Manager.
The game boasts English, Italian, French and a special Euro Fantasy League and Manyx are confident that the tactics budding managers employ to achieve success in one country is unlikely to reap rewards somewhere else - that sounds like the game's going to have some, not insubstantial, longevity, which is a very good thing.
Although the game doesn't currently feature real player's names or the correct 4* A Q| q gi Q| S3 B 1 '&2M23B ¦2=32313. SaSQ Spike's not been in the job long, give 'im a chance!
League and cup competitions (legal reasons mate, copyrighi and all that), Manyx are swift to point out that the game's going to come complete with an editor so you'll be able to change things to suit. There's also three difficulty levels included, so even Bristol City fans should be able to play the game - which is nice.
Manyx are confident their game, with its inclusion of several leagues, options for transfers (you can part-ex players for example) and so on. Will knock all the other football management games back into the Vauxhall Conference. We'll be trying the game out on the field just as soon as we jolly well can. O ‘Tf'taiC Order Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept;AF01 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE. CRANES FARM ROAD. BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE - £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 TEL : 01268 271172
FAX : 01268 271173 CIS : 100307-1544 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some lilies may not be released at the lime ol going lo press Most lilies are despatched same day. But can lake up lo 28 days VAT is included MO 1200 CD 500 1200 CD MO 1200 CD MO 1200 CO $ »et*Hi'i Krew SKIDMARKS SOCCER KIO Sine Oav* 5n S yMaN JUPITER JOYSTICK Mbus Mcutomar X +KKVcui* Erianece CattN XytWk Y Seeder Lofft )OMaR*y Aud JY1M 109c 3 Ad* Ray AAAr lo c 3 Sn r-a Ray A.nv«. POWER SUPPLY UNIT Oudgoy Peoas SVI29 Oudgoy II TjrooSV12« Screantwet 3 SpeaAers S0203 Sciesntaat 4 Speaxeri SB204 St ree'Eeial 5
Speaker* S0205 Sctoeobaal 2S SB 225
c. meooe.u Pro 50 Dp-oA-y SB2V SciaanMar RCA Adept* CabN Sc rear
baa' Power Sueoty D0I4 Sale Sa DO15 S*a*9iy 2 limafli 0016
Je". Merry . SweV*ow OO' P: ¦*«« Meet* Tri Bearn Boy* (X2’
Uxrwae Oero DC®2 U*e Tyecri d magi 0024 Te«r*l K26 Lae & Barr
1 0027 Trie GaHwu Sma*r 688 *MCk S«0 ‘ l Xft COM* Cvn-*- **«
r ChPini Dm Okm A320 Approac* T iir» 0 30 2...... K KUCMT*
Pool BO’tA-G'sgri B015 SbO Arw.*.W &:-’&,5)r*vi 34 EDUCATIONAL
1 EC02T+«Bow |4 Dw*» 1 EC03 Wens Catalan* 1 E«)6 TbOi Ccneapts
1 EO07 6.*. Tal» , EOT6 Dunn DTP EC»9 Colour Thw Add** ECOD
T**o Mtgriway Code Eot t Junto. Ma-10 1 E012 EMKBortc T'»»*
Sel (• ME 1 E013l*arr BPLay 1 | E0t4 Learn A Ptay J i Eot 5
T'«a*ure Hur*r i Eot 6 W'weied Ota Ot 7 Story Land 2 C1BV KGB
Kc»0"3 Ko O" 3 Euro Orion** KICK OFF W K- gp-i LEGENDS .
..... Luid O* Tihi Turopliass Moswngwn 01 Oocro M-Jwds.
Morpb Vu6U*»(n*«-* NAPOLEONIC* Vavy Mewe NECROMANTCS
• * UrtN.
O. Day Cra.
0" W 8a« I •* « 13n r PGA To** Go" Preai DiMNllmtMi PINBALL FANTASMS P«M» IPJSKXH Pdiab Mai m PINBALL PRELUDE TURBO PACK) JBB - VIRTUAL KARTING ...12 BB VITAL LIGHT . 4 98 --- Wwtaey mnoia ion......7 99 7 99 Wiuniitay Ru v Lnaijo" 7 99 WHITE OEATM 4 99 - 1 25 D341 Eraerjrda laavng Dug 125 t»42 G»H o* Spcxi 125 0043 Tri Run Hr.*., 125 0046 How To San A Cat 125 0347 C»*.«»r G*H 1 25 0049 Tacrno WartK* 125 0050 Jaau* l -a* Ac] 125 0052 Rave lenor 125 MUS* 1 25 4A328 Pre Ftoyd Tr* War Aem.. 125 4A329 No low** MCOOCytwma.
125 1A3J- IA*n« ' 25 Ucr32 Sd*xrt T»a;a Sa- * .4 wi 125 GAMES ’25 GC’4 2aNcon ’25 Gcl5Earo*yvaOero 125 GC-i 7 Me,riam ’25 GO’B Trie Fin H«r*.
125 GO’9 Amcd Game* 125 GOTO C e-wt G»K»e 125 G02iOued .i (peKMy) 1 25 G022 Bu **d 0023 8m 0.1 1 25 GC24 Demoiacn M***« 125 G025 Lady B«*j mca SCO or I200i 1 25 G026 DepV* Charoe ’ 25 G029 Duar ’25 G032R*a « ’25 G0J4 T * Ucrer
• 25 G034 Fiayaxr* ’25 GC36W W» 125 G33B CaKaAn Ccnswi 125 b-X
125 GOA3Sac*» 125 G041 GiNri 125 004? SmuH Hxa 1 25 G044 Om
Mail . A Edat* 1 25 G045 Revenge 0» Trie Muur* Cut** 1 25 G347
Whe K- rl 125 G048 WM-e Wcrid Gmdy 1 25 G051 Atlantia 125 GDS3
Legend O’ LoTran 125 G354 rcnCWK I'd l?00i 125 G055 Wi art War*
125 G056 Fc*ye»a (demoi
• 25 OCSTNw bvtAMNJI 22 Vt I--
- n *•
19. 99 - 12 BB - EDUCATIONAL COOS DeK.«* Ph' T*Acr CC»36 5ria-y-w
Oamc Me** C039 Umo* LabeH Coi * Word Powe* CO'2 Fonl Fa.ni
C013 Wine Mrwet Coi 4 AM«aeni C016 Garden De««ner COI 7 X
Boat UTILITIES U0O3 Tna Womtbop UC08 AceiOKl , U010Au* 3r*cri
Pr«* Orrver An-o» UtiUUM Aminat Set 1 O’ .
Aminet 7 89 10 XP9 Zee wot ZeeWcet? W*t* ism CHAOS ENGINE 3 It M IB M Club A Country TOO Core A1200 BondN S *»ronK »W »NT HasmOa.U ...... 12 W icSpaealwod 17 1rt) COVERGIRL POKER 7 OB - battle* AMOS 17 W CRICKET MASTERS ¦9 P d V rtSew
12. 99 12.99 Aitw-ik Cokn* C-64 Se'isosan* CO Bool CO Vo te C *p
Ar Fcnt* l *W m • or 2 Gateway GO» Ol o BADLANOSPETE
OdcMMmi COALA ..... COLONISATION PopuCru 2 IU»ni Raw V Th*
Ropc4» R*»y Wood* ROADKIll Road R V Rugby League Condi Rumai*
SENSIBLE GOLF Sere Wi*j c.r Voe 9491 Sen w d c* Son* MS SfuPtm
1B9B B9B O Far 1
* 99 1x01 Am e Beone*. Gurwe
* * U022 Bener 8**r vi 2 »99 U023 De-g'adB. 500 BO) 1200 4 gy
U024 Erlertnn A V«u* Kill* , 9tf U02S Acton Repu, F(- lr*s 600
, M U039 Amiqe Tulrnai ,!! U030 ACES Daiabote , ” U038 Numl-H
Pad For WO '99 yo» Caone Bate 7 99 U040 J R Comm 7 99 U04I R»;«
RapKn 9 99 U042 PiXN POON VV I” . ‘ 0345 0Scria
* ” LWMtajKo.14 ” L»48 P-xad Elector) U048 Ivme 9» U052 Emenba
Viru* Kaa- HMMV6 Ikiktont n 3D INTER BASE .
EURO CHAMPIONS EXK.E--------------
B9 7 99 799 799 Gfl Fita GLOBAL EFFECT---- Mee-dae He da* 1
- 491 8 99 SLA UTIL T SOCCER STARS BB Soccer Taw-1 Manage.
SPECIAL FORCES Sp-ml-gec* Sprier**! WorlrN SlW C'iMrler Star Ftgriiei STARIORO STREETFIGHTER 3 SliAe Fleet STRIP POT SUBVERSION SoC*’ Leeja Uaagar Trie three Bee.* r!
Jato-We JOHN BARNES LAST NtHJA ) Maryana Mawibu MEAN ARENAS Modtevai Wai'-.*» Mwpri MYTH ..... Naughty Om NINE LIVES Oparawm C.enpal 7 99 7 99 Out Ti SP035 S . .. SP006 5HNNI 1 SP007 A-vj* Ooal SIMULATIONS SMCrji 5 Sndaxn Game* I'd 1200) 1 SUM* Return To Fa i 1 SM003 Naj.yleon Warlate Sm *5 1 SMC*34 Wtaei tf Forltste I'd 1200| 1 SMW5 Card 5**11 1 SUC06 Sub An*. 1 SMO»7 ftouwna 1 SMCOe Act Ol War t SMKNtAooUama* 1 JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES AM*-At*ALOGUE ADAPTER REOUIREU Ti» Beauty Ol Chao* Tta Ccicul Library Tin L F'I Rom Tha Lv l Hoin 2 Tlw Lfi WorVi D0O2 Iron MaO-n 51-HW.w D0O3 Good
Mommg Vwaiam D004 Craap Shjw D0O5 Fr*ct«yi Horror Show 0006 To«» Raca* Smeehow D007 Ev* Dead nmaoi OOOS Baanan Caraxn D0« Roboccc IDO10 Vi Swear. DO' 1 Her Tna 0 W. 00*2 R» oe. O* Trie low Ar* 00’3 Predate* Damn I0J Capacity 3 5 On. Bo« 4 Player *ryVic« AtHptet 4 99 Amee. Fu»r«i Ga»ex« 94 90 AtAcwiax Spenar 14 99 CH FlCJ TST K tAMALOGUCl (AAA 29 aw I Iterw «* Orvt 49 99 Harw MCM *re«*y Ceva AWO 47 99 "e'dVsw • 99-- Help Cenpaeww* -raw W» i *.
Pjr Dm Ruff Air :« SW -N* w. AW59N 12 BB NO W EVEN MORE Lowest Priced Top Quality Products Official Oovernmrnt & Educational orders Including Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc ue,come Inkjtl, Bubbleiet Carlridges PriiiU-r Ribbons 2* ii lull ‘it 5i 1 ull it it 1 ull 2i 2 *W 2 74 2 54 2 34 Apple Stylewriicr
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22. 80
22. 60 4 95 4 811 1 60 1 40 Canon HI IO IOex 20 16 311
16. 10 1590 HP Deskjel 600 660C Trt Colour 24 18) 23 80
23. 60 5 70 5-55 5 35 5 15 Canon B1:«) Blk * Pk 3) BCH0BK 111(81
9 841
9. 60 HP Deskiet KS0C Black 24 (8) 23 HO
23. 60 2 29 2 14 1 94 1 81 Canon BJC70 Blk (Pk 3)BCVIIBK II 00 10
80 10 60 HP DeskJH 854K' Tri Colour 28 50
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17. 80 HP TlilnkJH. QuIHJH 10 80 10 60 10 40 “ “ '' 2 51
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16. 30 16 10 1590 (Hrirtll JP350 150 (Dble Cap) Black 30 00 29 80
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2 70 250 2 30 4 in 4 10
34. i 2 90 212 390 303 8 50 lor 2 x 20ml Refills 8 50 lor 2 x
20ml RHIIIs 8 50 for 2 x 20ml RHIIIs 8 50 lor 2 x 20ml Rhills
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Eockablr 3i~ BuiM. Dlam 100 Capacity Box 5 99 50 Capacity Box 4 99 140 Capacity Draw 18 99 Pwtt Covers CPI! A Monitor 6 19 Monitor 14 - 4.99 17
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Micro Perforated. Listing Paper 500 Single Sheet* A4. 80 gram. Laser Paper (suitable lor InkJet printer* Tractor Feed Address labels I across width. 31“ x I 100 Single ( oknir 3. Disk UbHs 1 99 1000 Single CiJour 3i Disk I-tIk-I* 899
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Disk l..il r|* 1099 3*” Disk Cleaning Kn 2 99 Parallel
Printer ( able (1 Hmj 3 99 Mouse Mat 6mm Thick - 2-99 8mm
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Apple Stylrwiitcr Canon B.I lU IOex 20 CaiMMi BJ 200 230 Epson Stylus 400 800 1000 Epson Stylus ( *4«nir Black EpstNi Stylus Colour Colour HP D Jrt 500 Series Black HP D jet 5*8) Sene* TrFCol Star SJ48 InkM Bubbleiet Refill Kits Laser Toners Normal UK Delivery £2.00, Next Day £7.50 Prices INCLUDE VAT (@17i%) Ring us or send cheques to: 01543 250377 01543 250377 Owl Associates Ltd, Dept 497, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE E*., Clear the way Your task is to get everything out of their way so they can wander aimlessly into the exit - yeah it’s sounding a bit like Lemmings,
but let's delve deeper. There are 60 levels to guide your chums through and Vulcan have decided to Try B° fs ?Uh our Ve°xUce«eotP'aV e de-~° Tricky blighter, Johnny Sprog.
Before you know it they’re out of nappies and off wandering round enchanted castles. There’s none of this crafty fags and games of doctors and nurses behind the bike sheds' anymore. It's all magic eggs and spikey pits. Oh lorks.
Bograts is one of those puzzle games where you're manipulating the environment in order to facilitate the progress of a dumb character. The dumb characters here just happen to be a couple of small green things called Bograts. They wander around aimlessly, simply changing direction whenever they come into contact with an obstacle (wall, block, whatever) or dying when they wander into something that kills them (spikey pit, flames and so on), where upon they re-generate at the level's start point and start wandering aimlessly again.
Restrict the simple, learning curve, beginner levels to the minimum. Alter the first couple ol levels you're in the thick ol the action as you have to figure out in just what order switches should be thrown, blocks should be pushed and lifts operated to get your chums to the exit. Fortunately there’s no time limit, but the pay-off here is that you have to work to save your position.
You're all heart Littered around most levels are red hearts - collect 20 of 'em and you can save your position in one of the five available slots. This becomes very important later as you find yourself having to step back a level or even two when you die because you haven't been able to save your game for a while. How do you die? The hearts you collect also equate to the amount of damage you (and your Bograts) can take. When someone meets death at the hands of an enemy blob you can say goodbye to five hearts. The game doesn't end until you can't afford to lose any more hearts. And you wanted
to save your position? Tough luck, bucko.
Defeating enemies is not as straightforward as you’d think either.
Only one of your two Bograts can THERE'S A BOGRAT IN ME KITCHEN... Because we're such helpful people here at AF, we've reproduced a typical Bograts level with some simple instructions. Don't panic, but be prepared to think some.
1 Ladder controlled by switch d A Pick this up and have an number 11. I *T extra bomb to play with.
2 A baddie that can only be AC killed by the blue Bograt. I O Switch to control the direction of belt 19.
3 Ladder controlled by switch A handy spring to number 10. I O bounce you back to 10.
4 Key that must be collected by the red Bograt.
5 You have to re-start the level from here.
A “T Collapsing walkway. You I only go over this once, 1 Q White key needed to I O open door 20.
6 Ladder controlled by switch 4 QA two-direction conveyor number 7. I J belt.
7 Controls ladder 6. Currently Collect key 18 and you the ladder's off. C. U can open this door.
8 You. Accessing the terminal O A This block can be that gives you a map view. AL I destroyed with a bomb.
9 A moveable block. Use thie f f Push block 9 over this fire to put fires out. r£ t ¦ to put it out.
Spikes. Put block 9 here.
1A The first switch you pull r A Key number 4 needed to I to start the Bogrets off. A* v open this door.
Your lovely offspring. F (" This block must be blown Bless'em.
R up before... 1"7 Lots of lovely hearts that f f* reaching the exit here.
O are crucial to collect. O V PUBLISHER: Vulcan Software 01705 670269 PRICE: £12.99 VERSIONS: A1200 only REQUIREMENTS: 2mb and a Joystick RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: ••OOO Confued in places SOUND: ••OOO Very little to look forward to.
ADDICTION: ••••O Lots of 'Just one more go' PLAYABILITY: •••00 Very tricky at times.
OVERALL VERDICT: Another cracking good game from Vulcan. One for gamers who like to spend hours pondering over puzzles. Requires not a small amount of manual dexterity too. It's almost excellent.
87 % deal with baddies, and he she it does it very well without any help from your good self, but this does mean you then have to think about timing your switch pull or whatever so that the baddie-eating Bograt meets the baddie first. And in the same vein the other Bograt is the only one of the pair that can pick up keys which you need to open doors. Again, you've got to plan your actions to get the key-picking-up Bograt to the keys. Oh yes, it's tricky stuff alright.
Plan ahead Damn tricky stuff. Each and every level will have the ol' grey matter chugging away, which is excellent.
What isn't so excellent is just how unforgiving the game is should you make a small mistake. OK, so that's part of the gameplay and you should learn not to make even small mistakes, but sometimes it's unavoidable. The graphics are not the best in the world. They look alright but sometimes they're confused, it can be difficult to see where a platform ends until you've fallen off the damn thing.
And once you've done that there's no chance of getting back. See what I mean about the importance of collecting hearts?
And it's not just a case of having to think about the solution that keeps you playing, once you've figured out what you've got to do, the actual doing bit is just as important - especially as in most cases you're only going to get the one shot. You'll find yourself hitting the space bar and loading up the latest save after even your slightest error.
Ends well Having said that, the consequences are a great sense of achievement, nay relief, and happiness as you see the last little Bograt trundle into the exit which is what every good game should give you. And this is a goodie.
It's better than the applaudable but not quite wonderful Blobz [AF 90, 71%) but it's not quite Format Gold material. It comes very close, but the confusing graphics take the edge off it (I mean why have platforms that are obvious because they have brown lines describing them and then go and have the same brown lines along areas that definitely are not platforms? Forget that though, Bograts is a corker. Very little is left to chance (though when you do manage to pull something off more by luck than judgement you'll be pleased. No, you will!) And some of the levels require a long and complicated
sequence of actions to pull off. The chances are you're not going to get it right first time though. Progress is usually achieved by tackling each of the level's puzzles one at a time - tricky when you have to keep doing the same preceding piece over and over and over again!
Bograts is great. I like it a lot. If you're at all tempted by games that can be solved with a bit of thought and application then you're going to ijiUT uv:i ijiuukbt ano uwv aiviica stoku always uiust koktiik aiwiua mw KKI.KASI'IS !! HlNAI. UATK (W :i2) AVAU AI5T.K OCT.IST, l’AIJITAI. LAJimSlllVIKlYI' K.AKI.Y Oct; UK A I.IT Y AVAILAliI.K [NOW.
HARDWARE LIST MEMORY CARDS 4 MEG SIMMS .£24.99 8 MEG ....£44.99 16 MEG ...£98.99 32 MEG ..£195.99 D ROM DRIVES EED .£69.99 SPEED £119.99 SPEED £179.99
£ IV 99 £22 99 .£13.99 £9 •)•) .CIX.W £4 99 £ IX 99 119 99 £'5 99 £1 49 £24 99 £|9 M 1AGNLM ACCELERATOR BOARDS 030 25 MHZ + FPU .....£98.99 030 40 MHZ ...£128.99 030 40 MHZ + FPU ....£148.99 MHZ ...£168.99 MHZ ...£248.99 MHZ ...£329.99 50 MHZ ...£498.99 D DRIVES 3.5 850 MEG .£148.99 Logic ...£i 62.99 ¦2 GIG ...£175.99 1-6 C.IG ...£184.99 ELITE ENGLISH FSSFNTTAI MATHS EXILE EXILE DAT A EXTREME RACING EXTREME RACING DATA DISK FI
722499 (241ir Amiga Hotline 01623 759498) FAX: 01604 722498
Multimedia system incorporated into a stylish CE approved
tower unit with built-in 200W+ PSU, with capabilities ol
housing and powering up to four IDE devices eg: CD Roms, Hard
Drives and SyQuest removable media etc. Plus external floppy
PCMCIA and Trapdoor slot is unaffected, still leaving further expansion possibilities eg: Memory, PCMCIA SCSI Cards, Genlocks, Modems, Video Digitisers etc. CD32” compatibility with CD autoboot option. Also reads Macintosh", CDTV', Kodak ’, Photo CD, PC Cds including multi-session and audio Cds.
Run Macintosh” software, including Multimedia, DTP, CD Games etc (requires Macintosh ’ software based emulator ie: Shapeshifter’ or Emplant') PC ready, can accept a complete PC setup to use in conjunction with the Gemini System or as a stand alone PC.
Easily and quickly connected and detached tor transportation.
Multimedia Station complete with: Dual Device Lead Quad Speed CD Rom 1 Gb Hard Drive CD Audio Output AC Power Rail Simply PLUG IN & PLAY!
Workbench and Cache CDFSII Pre-installed Multimedia Station II £399.95 MULTIMEDIA STATION IV Multimedia Station complete with: Quad Device Lead Quad Speed CD Rom 1Gb Hard Drive CD Audio Output AC Power Rail Simply PLUG IN & PLAY!
Workbench and Cache CDFS II Pre-installed Multimedia Station IV £449.95 TAURUS VIDEO SYSTEM File Management System Backs up all your data to video tape whether it be on your Hard Drive, CD Rom or Floppy Disk. Handles multiple partitions with ease.
Even backs up in long play mode (E180 VHS Cassette 1.6Gb+ storage). Maximum transfer rate 7Mb min.
Specification Taurus Interface & Cables Amiga Install Disk Manual Taurus Video System £39.95 Amiga Win95 File System Allows you to connect your Amiga to a PC via serial or parallel port and transfer tiles between the two machines. All the PC Logical drives appear on the Amiga as if they were physically connected. They are accessible from all Amiga programs as they are mounted as actual devices.
Specification Gemini Transfer Cable Amiga Install Disk PC Install Disk Manual Gemini System £29.95 DIY PARTS Bare Tower with MOW* PSU and Power Lead £59.95 £79.95 £59.95 £39.95 £59.95 £39.95 £19.95 £9.95 £199.95 £59.95 £109.95 £149.95 £9.95 £9.95 £29.95 A1200 Quad Device EIDE Leads & Cache CDFS II A4000 Quad Device EIDE Leads & Cache CDFS II Cache CDFS II. Atapi 1CD32 Emulation Software A1200 Quad Device EIDE Leads A4000 Quad Device EIDE Leads A1200 Dual Device EIDE Leads A4000 Dual Device EI0E Leads 1Gb Hard Drive Quad Speed CD Rom Drive 8x Speed CD Rom Drive SyQuest IDE EZ 135 Removable Hard
Drive Trailing Lead (Powers A1200 PSU & Monitor) CODA (CO out) « Audio Leads. 2 phono ¦ 2 phono Converter tor 2.5" hard drive to be fitted in a tower INTRINSIC COMPUTER SYSTEMS 38 Kings Drive Gravesend Kent DA12 5BJ TEL: *44 (0) 1474 335294 FAX. *44 (0) 1474 357560 Next day delivery after clearance ol payment (UK) £10.00 Methods ot payment. Cheque. Postal Order Money Order Eurocheque Locomotive Loc onot ive Locus Locust Locust tree Lode Lod i Loess Lofoten and Oesteralen Log Loganberry Log ic Logical positivisn Logic gate Logo. _____ .... H loconotiue is an engine for hauling railway trains.
In 1804 Richard Trevithick built the first stean engine to run on rails.
Loconotive design did not radical Iv inprove until British engineer George Stephenson built the Rocket 1829, which featured a nultitube boiler and blastpipe, standard in all following stean loconotiues. Today nost mn m iv Order your copy now on llJUU tOU FREE Fhe new Epic Inleractive Encyclopedia '97''' includes over 16.000 articles. 4.000 images. 200 sound clips. 200 film-clips. 3 search engines, over 1.000.000 words. National anthems, the ability to create your own articles, export any text images, guided tour. Kid's Explorapedia™and more. The 1996 version received ratings of 90% and 92%
from Amiga™ magazines all around the world. The new 1997 version has been updated and contains around four times the amount of information and data than that of it's predecessor.
Has lo be saiil lhal (he graphics sel new- precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation". Amiga I'ormat rhis CD certainly put' Grolier among others, to shame!" Amiga Computing Having just purchased your marvellous CD-ROM. I felt that I must drop a line just to say a big Thankyou to everyone involved in the production of such a useful program”. K Hull 0500 131 486 Also available from: EPIC MULTIMEDIA AMIGA SOFTWARE 43 Akers Wav. Swindon, Wilts. IK lei: 01793 514188 Fax: 514187 Weird Science 0116 234 06X2 - First Computer Centre 0113 2319 444 - Power Computing 01234 273 IKK) HiSoft 05(H) 223 660
- Sadeness Software 01263 722 160 - Capri CD Distribution 01628 891 022 Siren Software 0500 340 548 Megatronix01384 771 72 - DJ Software (021 382 7227 PI) Soft 01702 '06060 (iasteiner 0181 345 6 KXI - Direct Software UK 01623 759 408 - Epic (Austrailia) (02) 9 5209606 Minimum system requirements. AGA Amiga (At200 A4000) 4mb ram - 6mb recommended, Hard drive, and CD-ROM drive. E&OE Mention stabbing someone in the back and Andy Smith's eyes light up. He's erm, 'mad' for it. Or something.
The Gentleman chwidir I. a tough odvonary, lo don't pick him m your computer VtsV
* n A Total competition, that's what this is all about. You
versus the other person (who could be the computer if you so
desire) in a frantic battle to reach each level's objectives.
None of this cooperation nonsense.
Dust stab 'em in the back and stab 'em good.
They're going to do the same to you as soon as they get the chance, so get in there first.
But back to basics. You and a mate (or the computer) each control one of four characters who must run around a small area, attempting to collect things and complete small puzzles in order to reveal the exit.
Let's take the characters first The main differences between them are their speed and their level of intelligence. Some will rush around the place getting to all the objects before you, while others are more concerned with trudging around desperately trying to kill you at each and every opportunity.
Select Character For Pla *er 21 Basically, which ever one you pick as your adversary should dictate what kind of game you're going to have.
The differences between the characters though is not as marked as we'd hoped, certainly in the early levels at least, it seems to make very little difference who you choose as your opponent.
M. ; % i .y Obey the Baron C ’ each level starts you're told
what you have to achieve in order to open the exit. These
tasks range from pushing things from one place to another
(never very far), to throwing switches, to destroying specific
baddies. Points are awarded for completing a set task ahead of
your opponent and it's these points around which the game
In order to progress through the game you have to amass more points on each level than your opponent.
Mayer 1 ha. Picked up and activated a special weapon. This one freezes the opponent for a number of seconds.
Where is he? The excellent thing about split screen games is you can always check where your opponent is and what he's up to.
Tha pteyara taka on o noaty bunch of joguors. Each jag' kitted dropa a crystal and that's what tha pteyara ara raaity after.
Points are won by destroying baddies (including your opponent) and completing tasks. Points are lost when you are killed. And you will often be killed as all it takas is a couple of shots to polish you off. Even if your enemy has run out of ammo (each character is armed with a different weapon, but none of the weapons can fire more than a couple of shots before running out) if they manage to stand next to you and smack you in the mouth a couple of times you'll bite the dust.
The good thing about dying is that you're never dead for long and you can be dead as many times as you like during a level - all you're losing is points. The very bad thing about dying is that you drop all the items you've collected through the level and when they're on the floor your enemy can run over 'em and scoop 'em up. And yes, this does mean that in two player mode especially you can spend bloody ages stuck in the same room with your Of course, no Bitmap game would be complete without sungtessos. Pick this pair up and beeome Invisible!
Opponent as you each take it in turns killing and being killed over one keyl Ljn The two player mode is jptouiafi. DftBBwiHijMai you pick a set nu mber of levels to play (4, 8, 12 or 16) and these levels are selected from each of the and Chaos. Although you're still competing, you don't have to re-start a level if your opponent reaches the exit with more points than you (which obviously means you do have to restart a level in one player mode), you simply move onto the next level. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the set number of levels. It's much easier for your
chosen character to be 'upgraded' as well and this means you can take more hits and your weapon can fire more shots before running out.
In one player mode it's a faff. It's not a rip-roaring belter of a gaming experience, but it's satisfying. In two player mode however, things are much better. Not simply because unpredictable human, but because the game works better. In one player mode you'll be lamenting the fact that when you kill your enemy they only not usually long enough to gain a decent advantage over them. This doesn't matter quite so much in two player mode because the emphasis is slightly different and you get much more of a chance to do the old fave ouble the fun 'espite the fact that you Soma of the baddies aro •
bH odd. Watch out Brigand, thara’a a big btua Patar Lorro-
• tyta hand craaping up behind you!
PUBLISHER: Timo Warner 0171 391 4300 PRICE: £29.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: A1200 RELEASE DATE: Out now FliD 3 Levers to open your door.
Pusri the Battenes into tneir sockets, use the switches to chanae tne conveyor oelts.
Collect all trie circuits character with consummate ease.
The Navvy, for example, is supposed to be thick, slow and hard to,kill.
After just a couple of games on the seems to know where all the keys are and where all the short-cuts to the keys are as well. And as for slow, well, he manages to zip around the place well enoughl In one player mode Chaos Engine is very very tough. That means plenty of challenge for you, but unfortunately I found the enjoyment GRAPHICS: •••00 H looks hne but not amazing.
SOUND: •••00 Just about the same as the first game ADDICTION: •••OO Not as nvetting as hoped PIAYABIUTY: ••OOO Can take some getting used to but worth petsevenng OVERALL VERDICT: It's good but not brilliant. It's lots of fun with two players and worth a look if you loved the first version.
* •; * ¦TS&V ""P* because *• compote' __seemed to have way too much of an Your ImI objectives an describe by • character exited Th. Baron. Pay haad to what ha aaya unfair advantage. Two player mode?
Baeauaa thara's no way to ravtow tha objectives latar. Great fun. H ACCESSORIES - POST-FREE A500 A&00 A1Z00 Vust Cover £3 50 SNAP COMPUTER SUPPUES LTD 1H" Monitor Vust Cover £399 Moose Mat £199 35' Disk Cleaner £199 Amiga Mouse £999 Quickshot 'Python 1 Joystick £895 £11H9 til H9 £5 H99 £101H9 £9 99 £1899 £H5 99 £8199 '50 ’100 '25 0 5 00 100 CAPACITY £3 99 100 CAPACITY DRAWER £199 ZOO CAPACITY DRAWER £999 ONLY WHEN PURCHASED WITH DISKS All products are subject to availability.
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Itch equipped - if you want to have a look at the original flicker image of the AMIGA enquiries welcome Bio-Con Taiwan Corp. 1st Floor, No.2, Alley 8, Lane 223, Sec 4, Cheng-Kung Road, Nei*Hu, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-7902761 or 7927590 Fax: +886-2-7902730 E-Mail: biocon@msl.hinet.net (Normally records the AMIGA the VGA monitor as a preview video signal into VCR so you can I, tne flicker switch is very useful IhJ l (01263) 73216® Order Price £29-95 13 Russell Terrace Mundesley, Norfolk NR11 8LJ 9-30 - 8.00 Monday to Friday, 10-00 - 1-00 Saturdays You can either phone your order,
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The LATEST EBE reports! Including detailed S£T1 information. Aho. The very latest updates on the amahng news of fossilised Life signs found on a meteorite from Mars by NASA!
Science Fiction Art. On this CD, there are details about the War id's greatest Science Fiction artists! For example, we have created a special exclusive H.R. Giger (well known for his work on Alien) galleryl And loads more, such as disasters witchcraft, voodoo, cult, crop circles assassinations space, time travel, bigfoot. Worm holes etc etc. CD-X is retailed at t29 • 95 but we are offering a Pre-Order price of E24 • 95 (price includes i postage). Release date - Early '97 “ Women of the WEB is an all new CDRom which is compatible with any AGA Amiga, PC or Apple Mac. It's an Interactive
Multimedia Encyclopedia of over 500meg of images, text related info, MPEGS, WAV and MOV files for over 250 female celebrities.
Women of thtTH sdisplayed in superb HT documents whicivclwfce viewed using any W browser, ie AWEB, Ibrtlf foyager. Netsca (WEB browsers indudeiWbup for Amiga, Mac and PC, ready to runj k £24.95 m They are the Amiga equivalent of prize marrows at the local flower show. They are, of course, the... nd an absolutely fine selection of marrows we've got for you too! The standard of Reader's Games we re getting into the offices improves month on month and so we end up in the situation we re in now - absolutely loads of cracking games!
Naturally, some are of a slightly higher standard than others but the whole point of this section is not to tear apart little Johnny's attempts to combine gameplay and graphics, but merely to offer advice on how the game could be improved and polished. If you've always had a secret desire to create a game then get hold of one of the popular programming tools (Amos, Blitz Basic and so on) and give it a crack!
The worst you could do is have to listen to some professional advice on why your creation isn't quite up to scratch and the best you could do is win yourself a lovely £50 note. And there are commercial companies out there who pay lots of attention to this section. And we mean LOTS of attention. Get to it, my little Amiga horticulturists. .
GAME: CRAZYGOLF AUTHOR: ADAM GORE LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 It's a golf game - but on a wacky course.
And what a corker it is too! Readers with long memories will remember Adam's earlier game which featured in Reader Games (Zombies AFB5) and was described as 'Adam demonstrates that he's paid great attention to detail and has through mine fields of teleporters and make little taps along wooden walkways. It's great fun and extremely easy to pick up and play without being at all easy to get right. There's the right level of frustration here which makes it addictive too.
Ensured that the game has a high degree of playability'. The same can be said for CrazyGolf.
There are 10 wacky courses for you and a chum to play around on and controlling your ball is dead easy - move the crosshair by moving the joystick left and right and decide the strength of the shot by moving the joystick forwards and backwards. Easy as that.
What makes this so much fun though are the courses - you have to hit trampolines to get across stretches of water, you have to negotiate your ball This might upset some, but it's actually a better game than Sensi Golf. There's more that could have been added but Adam's (quite rightly) kept it all simple to start with and concentrated on making sure the features he has introduced add to the fun. Top drawer stuff or, as is the current office favo saying: 'lob's a good un © VERDICT VERY PROFESSIONAL AND VERY PLAYABLE. SIMPLE TO PICK UP AND PLAY AND CHALLENGING TOO. IF YOU COME ACROSS THIS YOU'D
GAME: ULTIMATE RISK AUTHOR: RICHARD BENWELL LANGUAGE: AMOS Despite the fact that this game could never be commercially released under its current title (without consulting Hasbro, anyway), here’s a rather splendid Risk game. Oh surely you know the board game? Conquering the world and all that? Anyway, what's so good about Richard's effort is the fact that the computer players aren't half bad (they're not superb, but they're not half bad). That and the fact that there's a lot of the game you can alter to suit. You don't want to play missions? Fine. You want to select your starting territories?
Possibly the only criticism that could be levelled at the game is the fact that the continents 'aren't coloured - it can get confusing when you can't remember if Greenland's part of Europe or North America. I can understand why Richard hasn't coloured them in (countries become filled with the colour of the army of whoever owns them) but surely there must have been a way round this?
Apart from this little niggle, Ultimate Risk is a most excellent game and easily worthy of this month's £50 prize. As it stands it's about as good as the versions of Risk that were released on the Amiga by Hasbro a few years back.
GAME: QUICKSILVA AUTHOR: MATTHEW COTTINGTON LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN It's Sonic, but on the Amiga. No, it really is. And with weapons too. There's a large variety of weapons as well and they're purchased from the armoury at the start of the game. The idea is to simply rush around the platforms collecting as many coins as you possibly can - get the required amount and you can then seek out a teleporter to take you to the next stage.
The levels are huge but the simple most impressive thing about Quicksilva is the sheer speed of the game. It's incredible! Your character goes flying round the screen like nothing seen before, collecting bits of fruit and coins, all the while shooting and blasting the hundreds of enemies that populate each level.
Quicksilva really is a marvel of a game, as a full-blown commercial release it would receive a very good review not only because it's so technically impressive but because it's such fun to play as well.
Nothing's too difficult but there’s so much of it you can't help just wanting to keep playing to explore some more. It's very easy to pick up and play and when you're doing that you can’t stop having fun as well. Really excellent stuff.
And because we’re such wonderful people we've included a demo of Quciksilva on this month's CD so you can have a go at this splendid game yourselves. Hurrah for us! '2?
GAME: BLASTED AUTHOR: BEN PARKER LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN Despite this being one of the more 'simple' games this month - by simple we mean the game mechanics - it's one of the more polished. You control this small catapult at the base of the screen which you move from left to right while firing at the pigeons that rush across the screen. If you manage to score enough hits you'll reach the percentage required to move onto the next wave. It's as simple as that really.
Well, it’s a little more complicated, because the pigeons fight back by dropping dollops of green goo at you. Should one hit you then you're unable to fire for a while. You're also prohibited from firing when you happen to hit some of the Red Cross pigeons (they're green for some reason best known to Ben). Hit pigeons do have a tendency to drop power-ups however so it's worth collecting them when you get the chance.
The screen at break-neck speed which inevitably means you simply stay in the middle of the screen and shoot. If there was more chance to actually aim at the targets the game would be more fun. The pigeons don't need to be slowed down a huge amount, but as it stands it's just too much of a lottery whether you actually hit anything or not. 'S5 Blasted is a very simple idea and although it looks great and has been very well implemented the biggest problem is the fact that it runs too fast. The pigeons race across VERDICT: VERY WELL PUT TOGETHER BUT UNFORTUNATELY JUST A TAD TOO FAST TO MAKE IT AS
MUCH FUN TO PLAY AS IT OBVIOUSLY COULD BE. PROOF POSITIVE THAT EVEN SIMPLE IDEAS NEED TO BE PROPERLY IMPLEMENTED IF THEY'RE GOING TO WORK AS THEY SHOULD Continued overleaf GAME: PLUNDER AUTHOR: NICK CHAPMAN LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN Not everything this month can be an absolute cracker and this one certainly isn't. It's a sideways scrolling hack-em-up in the Shadow ol the Beast mould. Or at least it would be if it was any good. At all.
To kick off, all your character can do is move left and right and chop with his axe.
I hero goes chop, chop, chop at some baddio types who, Ho hum.
Although it's not really a chop at all it's more a kind of rabbit punch, and you can only hit enemies that are about three pixels away.
Talking of enemies, well frankly, they're a bit of a joke. They look alright (hardly brilliant, but passable) but all they do is walk towards you. Then you rabbit punch 'em, sorry, wield your mighty axe and chop 'em asunder.
No, you rabbit punch 'em. Oh, but some of them fire arrows and things at you. Unless you walk towards them and hack 'em down first.
Apparently you have three lives. But contact with any of the baddies causes almost instant death. You can be chopping away quite merrily (standing on the spot because there are just too many of the baddies to risk moving right), and suddenly you’re down to one life. Two seconds later, the game's over and you have to do it all over again.
Everything is wrong with this game. Satisfying gameplay does not involve trying to move right one inch at a time while you continually keep pressing the fire button. Even with the autofire on and your finger held on the fire button you'd be hard pushed to find this entertaining.
Game: ROAD RAGE AUTHOR: BARNABY BYRNE LANGUAGE: AMOS PROFESSIONAL Overhead racing games, don cha just love 'em?
Course ya do. So do we. Normally. This one's for two or three players who get to race around a selection of tracks over a definable number of laps. But oh! There's weapons to boot! Each player's car is fitted with a front-firing gun which R prar P liJT I P*F PRE5ENTS 5 FT.
Ft 3 coRiMBy rjRnr cnr v.v
• i* ¦ D “3 “3 C * C3 e™ PU ftFTT r*ir The options screen where
you can alter the game's parameters Not that you'd really want
to much.
You can use to put the other player's cars in a spin when you hit 'em.
If you're wondering about the numbers on the track, then Barnaby's had the curious idea that instead of arrows pointing your way round the track you're supposed to drive over the numbers. Strange but true. The orange blobs are a small amount of boost. You simply drive over 'em and your car speeds up for a short while - unless you bash into the sides or the tyres in which case you lose your boost. The orange blobs stay on the tracks for the duration of the race so you can keep going over 'em every time you go round.
It S terribly basic this game. The Drive over tho numbers in the right order and drivo over the red Ns graphics are less than stunning and lo, boo„ Thj, „ abou, as „lcjl|ng ,hj, ono ,.m a|raid the control of the cars is very simplistic - there's no inertia to speak of and control is basically limited to accelerate or not accelerate. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it just means it's a little dull. Alright, it's a lot dull. Even when you've got three players blasting around, shooting each other and generally trying hard to imagine you're playing Micro Machines the fun wears thin very
Every game featured in our Reader Games section wins an Epic CD and the winning entry also wins £50 from Amiga Format and another £50 worth of Epic Cds.
If that doesn't inspire you to get those submissions in then nothing will.
Dust a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago just to try it on, we'll spot it and chuck it in the bin. After we've erased the disk for good measure.
And, once the game's been featured here in your favourite magazine we'll be passing them onto Epic Marketing who'll take a look at the really good ones with a view to publishing them. There's nothing guaranteed but you never know - you might just get a phone call in a couple of months time. Please make sure you put a contact number or address on your submission (which you'll need to do anyway, or we wouldn't know where to send the goodies now would we?).
GUlipillill VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT _ _ 60 TruchrruuN Levels n ttq J 1 J ~7 I I Realistic Gravity Equations Ingenious Puzzle Designs f ~ Empathy Related ¦P L T Movements In this incredibly addictive puzzle platform game you will have to trek through 60 challenging levels full of potential disasters just waiting lo happen.
Your baby Bograts wander aimlessly into danger so you will have to be alert at all times to keep them and yourself alive!
There are lift shafts, locked doors.
Conveyor belts, spike traps, fire hazards, slippery ice. Disappearing platforms, rope bridges, jumping springs, movable blocks, exploding blocks, teleporter zones and enemy fungi blobs determined to test your logical mind to the full.
On top of guiding your offspring to safety you also need to collect the magical eggs that have so eluded everybody else as this is your only chance of escape from the my stical castle.
Interactive Save Functions Full Animation Intro Hard Dnve Installable AGA Amigas only Joystick Driven Requires 2 Meg Future Datadisk Expansion Free Technical Support You have been warned these ingeniously w icked puzzles will dnve _ you Boggy.
Tt «Vl cost) being o paiml. A" a ) ftbgtnt u U tell mm. RsptcJolly vie* fyn fuo Jztiqtt([uf ojjijSpting lout dzr.iJzd to go ofcjj on o QaCattu* Art jm tlojgit tizq wut S0*fJj tuClttd up 11 bal 4iooi«a tote* ilul bejftae stouj Lttq art _ to Izort uoui rXldtu tort ifjded to Wsit tlot GatkWlu ” _ tie aflgiMi! 'iff. Flat fa ZUOdtd el)ogt«X% tk J ". A dutt(juf pontxt if tt tatte to_ guilt tit tioubfi mrnms Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House. 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth. Hants P027NA England L'K Tel: +44 (0)1705 670269 Fax: +44 (0)1705 662226 Email: Paul@vul-soft.dcmon.co.uk World Wide
129. 99 HIGH QUAIIIY 24 PIN CANON HJC 4100 “ ~ ¦ 214 99 ®
ft tUh .VMM CHIP Wvit.
Ware FREE mcc CHIP) RAM *Ofl A40t» AND S* ' S MB tSJMM ChlPt RAM »OR A4000 6 MB (SlUM CHIPi RAM (OR A4000 Chech exit the enormous looh around our vast range of Special Reserve Internet site software & hardware items at 6 http special reserve co.uk our Special Reserve club shops Amiga Software Amiga A500 & Compatible A1200 Software ACID ATTACK COMPILATION WHIN YOU BUY AMY ITEM AT THE SAME TIME AS JOINING O* RENEWING FOR ONE YEAR OR MORE SIX AMIGA GAMES FREE J WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN
11 4*1 DUNE ? 13 99 ELITE 4 49 FINAl WRITER 14 MB HDRi 6B 99
Macn*ie Enter -*rroersr-p rvAnoer tif appKarwei c MEMBERSHIP
TERMITE (KICKSTAHT 2 04.. 4 99 B 99 P*ei* use ffw boi tc jr, Optional f.iX debver l tl Class Post 50p posted -tern o» £3 hardware ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE A VAT O*ouep0 Acce sC*eOicha'geSen»chV.-srt CHAOS ENGINE EXILE TS FlElDSOf GlORY ri GLOOM (DOOM CLONE I C7 GUARDIAN KINGPIN OSCAR A DIGGERS PINBALL ILLUSIONS Jlfr.’ I k Irr: TO HO HPACK OF 10 MAXELL DD 3 5 DISKS WITH FREE DISK BOX PACK OF 50 MAXELL DD 3 5 DISKS 3 5 FLOPPY DISK HEAD CLEANER 699 18 99 699 MB* Games busted. Tips and cheats offered up freely. Advice and sneaky tactics given. And to what end all this helpfulness? To enable
you to get more out of your games, of course... SIMON THE SORCEROR We get loads of letters every month asking for help with some of the older adventure games, and this classic keeps cropping up. Luke Sykes from Hull kindly sent us the whole solution so we decided the only thing to do is to print it. Enjoy, it's here for you... Once inside the cottage read Calypso's note. Examine everything.
On opening the drawer you will find a pair of scissors, take them. Look on the fridge and take the magnet.
Going outside, make towards the compost heap behind the cottage.
Go back towards the front of the cottage and head right. You'll find yourself at the Blacksmith's. Near the barrel you'll see a rope; take it.
Pick the clapper up off the table.
Now head right, you'll see a dodgy geezer but don't talk to him just yet.
Go left towards a cottage and pick up the ladder. Go into the cottage. At the top of the stairs collect a specimen jar.
On your way out of the cottage, pick up the cold remedy found near the door.
Once outside, head left towards the cottage with the bees outside. Remember to examine everything Now go back towards the dodgy geezer. Walk right to the shop and have a look inside.
Now go right to the drunken Druid and go inside. It is important to look at everything and talk to everyone. On looking at the fruit machine you will discover some matches which you'll need to take Speak to the wizards which can be found by walking right To find out your quest tell them: "You'll do anything to be a wizard". Walk left, talk to the barman and watch his actions when you ask for a drink. Now go outside and head left to go out of the village Walking left you will find three paths. Take the bottom right path to the fallen tree stump. Try to go down, the tree stump will talk to you,
try to go down again and you’ll find yourself talking to Woodworm Walk down and walk left to the witch's cottage.
Look at the well and move the handle Pick up the bucket of water. Go inside the cottage and take the broom. If the witch should throw you out, go back inside and she'll challenge you to a fight Walk right to go back towards the tree stump. Continue right until you reach the Troll. Ask him if you can cross the bridge. Talk to the goat and then go back left until you are at the three paths again.
Now take the middle path to the right You will find a Barbarian. Talk to him and ask "What's the problem’", and then help him. He will give you a whistle. Walking right you will come to four paths. Take the first right to find Bard playing music.
When you have talked, Simon will head back to the four paths Use the top right path to find a hole. Look at the sign and talk to the hole. Doctor Von Dones will answer. Walk right to the centre of the forest and head up your nearest stairs.
You will find some doors. On the floor is some paper. Pick it up and look at it.
Go back to the centre of the forest and try to go into the Dwarf Mine. To do so you will need a beard. Look at the rock and pick it up. Using the map, go back to the village. Go into the shop and give the shopkeeper the shopping list. Now go right to the pub and ask the barman for a drink, while he is busy use the scissors on the dwarf. Use the map to go back to the centre of the forest. Wear the beard outside the Dwarf Mine and use the password 'Beer' to go in. Talk to everyone and go down the cellar to find the drunken dwarves. Examine everything.
Clapper with the bell and move the bell.
Now use the hair to climb up the tower where you will meet the Repulser. Tell her you have come to rescue her and kiss her.
Pick up Repulser and again use hair to climb down. Walk left to the crossroads and take the top path. You will see some vines, climb down them. You will meet Golum who you can give the stew to.
After using the map to take you back to the village, go through the Arch. On the left you will see the dodgy geezer who will talk to you. You should look at what he has, but tell him you’re not interested.
Go through the arch and left, back to the cottage with the bees outside. Use the Repulser on the door. Go inside and look at everything. Pick up the hat and the smokebox. Outside again, make towards Ihe beehive where you should use the smokebox and then take the wax. Now go into the pub and ask the barman for a drink. While he is busy, put the wax into Continued overleaf • Go back outside and remember to remove your beard Walk right until you find the woodcutter. Talk to him and take the metal detector he offers you.
Walk right to the gorge, now go right, then left, lefl back to the centre of the forest. Go up the steps to the right and go into the cave entrance. Walk right until you see a door, open it.
Go inside and talk to the character, consume the first bowl of stew. Ask him for another bowlful. Use the specimen jar with the stew. Ask for another bowlful and consume the stew.
When he has gone look at everything.
Move the chest, open the trapdoor and go down the ladder. Walk right and go back up the ladder. Leave the house.
Walk right and use your metal detector.
Carry on right until you come across the giant, talk to him. Now use the map to get to the Troll bridge and tell the Troll that you'll get him some goat Pick up the placard and walk right to the three paths. Take the bottom right path and continue right until you meet a crossroads. Go right and use the bottom path. You will come across a bell, use the 1 T3j a-lot.
• x y fe
* ’ t hcUtc Loot at Ope* Mm Consume Piot up Close Use Tatt to
Remote hka* Q&e This is what Nick says to every freelancer. Of
None of them boliove him anymore.
Ben visits Linda's house and is shocked to discover she's been living in poverty all these years, despite coming to work in all the latest DAG trendy clothes.
«¦ the beer barrel situated behind him.
He'll give you a voucher in a mo'. Walk outside and collect the beer, go to the centre ol the forest. Wear 1he beard to go into the Dwarf Mine. You will find a dwarf with a spear. Offer him a bribe or simply give him the beer.
Walk back up the stairs, go past the dwarf at the table and enter the mine. Go to the door and you will see a hook which you should pick up. Try the door and talk to the dwarves Leave the mine and remove your beard Keep walking left to the four paths. There you should take the top left path You will come to the stone table. Now walk right back to the four paths. Go left and left again, you will find a wise owl On talking to him he'll lose a feather which you can take.
Go the the Troll bridge. Going right you will see the three paths again. Take the middle path to the right. Continue over the bridge and you will meet an Oaf. Talk to him and ask him about beans. Simon will walk away after watering the beans. Go back and look at the beans, and pick them up. Go to the centre of the forest. Put on the beard and go into the Dwarf Mine. Go down to the drunken dwarves and use the feathers on the fat dwarf lying on his back. Get the key and head upstairs. Enter the mine. Use the key on the door, go in and say to the dwarf: "I've come to make you an offer" (and it's
in the inventory). Give him the beer voucher, saying: "Pah! Think nothing of it". He should reward you.
Go to the village and through the archway to the dodgy geezer.
Give him the gem, making sure he doesn't rip you off.
Now go to Calypso's cottage and use the beans in the compost. Pick up the watermelon. Go to the front of the cottage, go right and then straight up behind the Blacksmith’s cottage Go left and open the box Look at the empty boxes. Pick and look at the spell book. Take the rat bone, use the paper on the door and the rat bone in the lock. Pick up the paper and use the key in the lock. Walk out. Take the bucket and go down stairs.
Take the mints. Pick up the Flaming Brand and open the Iron Maiden, talk to the Druid, remove the ring and talk again. Use the bucket and Flaming Brand on the Druid Quickly get into the Iron Maiden.
Open the Iron Maiden, go to the frog and get the hacksaw which you should use on the bars. Go back to the village and to the shop and pick up the hammer. Going out of the shop, walk left, right, taking the middle path Walk right and go first right Use the watermelon on the sousaphone Go to the centre of the forest and up the steps to the right.
Walk into the cave entrance.
Go right, into the house. Walk to the ladder, use hammer on the plank.
Go to Scull island and take the Frogsbane Walk back to the ladder Continue right and use the sousaphone Enter the cave, remembering to read the sign. In the cave, give the cold remedy to the Dragon. Go back inside, pick up the fire extinguisher.
Go outside and look at the boulder, using the hook with the boulder (by clicking on the boulder). Simon will climb up Walk to the hole. By using the rope with the magnet and then using them with the hole you can collect gold pieces
- you need 48 of 'em. Walk behind the cave and look at the rock
Go to the village and walk through the middle archway. Use the
rock on the anvil. Go into the shop and pick up the white
spirit. Leaving the shop, walk back through the archway and
into the house. Give the Frogsbane to the frog. Go back through
arch to the hole.
Talk to the hole and give the fossil to the hole Enter the cave and go right until you see the hole Look at the dirt and take the Milrith Ore which you can use with the anvil on going back to the village. Go back to the centre of the forest, talk to the Woodcutter Enter his house and take the climbing pin. Use the fire extinguisher with the fireplace. Move the hook and pick up the mahogany. Walk back to the fireplace fo leave, go find the free stump. Talk to the stump and go to the crossroads.
Take the bottom right path and use the hair.
Look at the floorboards and use the woodworm with them. Use the ladder with the hole. Open the tomb and go inside. Open the tomb again, pick up the loose bandage and the staff. Go to the pub, into the back room, give the wizard's the staff and pay them. Now go fo the Dragon's cave. Behind it you will find icy ledges below the climbing pins. Go onto them, continue right and talk to the tree. Use white spirit on the pink splodge and talk to the tree again. Go to the witch's cottage. Inside you'll find the witch.
Challenge her to a fight. Keep trying the magic words on her until you win. She’ll turn into a dragon. Say "Abracadabra" luring her into a mouse. Click on the mouse hole and escape.
The end is near... Go into the Dragon's cave, walk behind it and use the climbing pin in the hole. Walk right and talk to the snowman. Consume the mints and walk up the steps. Now go to the Tower of Doom and walk to the door. Use the broom and consume the potion. Pick up the leaf, look al the bucket and pick up the stone. Go left and use the hair with the tap. Pick up the lily leaf and use a matchstick with it. Use the lily leaf with the matchstick to make a sail.
Sail to the seeds and take them. Use the stone with the seeds. Use the oil on the tap.
Move the hair and sail to the puddle centre. Talk to the frog and walk to him. Look at the edge of the water and pick up the tadpole. Talk to the frog. Consume the mushroom. Open the door and go inside. Pick up.Jhe branch and go back and use it on the chest. Pick up the shield and the spear. Go down the spiral staircase. Move the lever. Pick up the chest and use it on the block. Move the lever again and take the candles. Use the spear on the skull and pick it up. Go upstairs to the bedroom Take the magic wand and talk to the mirror. Look at the book.
Take the pouch and use the sock in it. Use the pouch with the hole.
Go upstairs, look at and take the book and the chemicals. Use the chemicals on the shield and the shield on the hook. Talk to the Demons, and talk again telling them you can send them back to Hell Ask their names and draw a square on the floor. Go down and talk to the mirror asking to see the lab. Go back to the Demons.
Talk and send them back to Hell. Go into the teleporter and go to Rondor. Talk to the attendant, look at the brochures. Use the elastic band with the sapling. Pick up the pebble. Use the catapult with the bell, walk to the pits and across the bridge. Pick up the floor wax Use the wand on Sordid Go back to the counter. Take the matches (found on the right). Go back to Sordid and use the matches on the pits. Use the wand in lava. Now go back to Sordid and use the floor wax with Sordid. Hurrah! You’ve just completed the game!
SYNDICATE I have discovered a brilliant cheat (or Bullfrog's superb game:
1. Start the game as normal.
2. When the main menu appears, click on Configure Company.
3. Enter your company's name as MARK'S TEAM
4. Click on ACCEPT.
5. Click on BEGIN MISSION.
6. Now you will be able to choose any territory. Then click on
7. Now go Ihrough the briefing screens and you will have
1,000,000 in your budget
8. Not only will all your agents have V3 mods but the Cryo
Chamber will be overflowing with agents and you will be able
to buy al the equipment and mods.
9. Now equip yourself and start the mission!
Patrick Harrison Doncaster SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER 95 96 I believe I've found a top cheat for this game which enables you to score a goal whenever you want (well, almost anyway).
The method is simple: send the ball directly towards the opponent's goal and before another player intercepts it, press the R key for a replay. Before the replay finishes press and hold down the fire button. When you do this the replay will be stopped, you will go back to the game except for the fact that all of the players will stop and the ball will have a free run into the back of the net. It is even possible to do this directly from the kick off (if the pitch isn't too slow) Ian Parkhouse Dereham COLONIZATION When you build a colony, name it Charlotte (capital C) and you should find you
have 50,000 gold in your treasury. You will also have the map fully discovered and will have access to every European Power's reports.
Glenn Harden Norwich The peoplo of Jamestown were very happy with the wide streets aflordod thorn by the local council planners.
“ 7 M,ck Davis’s Cartoon .fart°°n Clipart* C|par1 Vo|ume Qne is a KiJjVM I B new Amiga CD-ROM con- 1 B taming 500 commissioned cartoon B images, all of which can be used B 'royalty-free' Each image is stored as IFF. And all have been scanned K at the highest possible resolution 1 • -__ to ensure the best quality when
* printed. Supplied with a 30* page printed index of each image
Every image on this CD is 100% original and does not’will not
appear on any other CD- ROM . . ,... y .V'B '¦ 0181 8730310
or Fax: 0181 8730311 AH products and prices are sut ect to
change without notice. E&OE. Unttoxf to UK resldonce only.
dnve complete with Squirrel SCSI interface for the A1200.
Supplied with installation software Includes a FREE k J copy of
the Epic Collection 'it has to be said that the graphics set
new precedents m Amiga multimedia presentation* Graeme
Sand ford. Amiga Formal 'Why is it you are the only company
producing decent Amiga CD-ROMs' G. Hamilton 'If you're on the
lookout for some interactive refer- ence matenai then this fits
the bill* Tony Morgan. CU ’I worked on this title lor almost
two years and II still impresses me*' Vince Pike Epic AVAILABLE
FOR ALL AGA AMIGA’S (with 4mb+ ram & Hard drive) LightROM Go Id
3D Objects. LWOSiOBI Octamed Sound Studio CD32 Network set 2
Personal suite Reduced The Learning Curve DEM Rom Light ROM4
Octamed 6 CD Reduced Xi Paint 4.0 1078 Weird Textures 3000 jpeg
Textures into The NET (2cd) Multimedia Backdrops Sounds
fonts, backdrops and tools for special effects m pictures,
animations, titling and presentaions £49 99 KARA FONTS CD GIF
SENSATIONS (2CD) Contains around 10.000 I colour images
suitable for [DTP (CD 128) £19.99 NOTHING BUT GIFS i Features
thousands of I very high quality images I (CD197) £19.99 This
CD- ROM con- ¦ tarns over
• - 1°0°dig,
- ---tal elevation maps(DEMs) For use m VisiaPro.
Scenery. Animator or World Construe!tor Set DEM-ROM IMAGE CD-ROMS Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour images but also includes tons Of adult related samples, adult I music modules, tonnes of adult stones, adult animations.
L biack&white 70 s photos, adult games and more.
I (OVER 18) Sexy sensation this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images Viewers & graphic i converters are included for easy and quick access to any of « the pictures on any Amiga (OVER 18) INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to Hi access and explore the internet with ease The double CD set contains usable versions of f MIAMI. Voyager. IBrouse. AmiTCP and more In . addition the CD s contain many utilities for creat- N| mg your own WEB pages, down-loding mail, and ffk much more « * ".V s» pms are drecty vjwoe tor' ihp CO s IN-TO-THE-HBTMly. * This
superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general i index Concise, informative county histories Each L country is supported by a senes of maps epjetma regional position, major cities, eic HH WORLD ATLAS AGA Aminet set one 84 99 Aminet set two 24.99 Aminet set three 34.99 Aminet 14 October 1299 Aminet 15 November 12 99 Aminet 16 12.99 Amiga Repair Kit CD 49 99 Amiga System Booster 19.99 World Info 1995 Turbo Calc v2.1 Spreadsheet 9 99 Amiga Developers CD 14.99 Print Studio Pro 39.99 Magic
Publisher (4cd) 49.99 Meeting at Pearls 4 999 Mods Anthology (4cd) 29.99 Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult title It features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of I the “adult* nature Image viewers and coverters are mclud- l ed for any Amiga (OVER 18 ONLY) Adult Animations contains hundreds of naughty? Animations film dips for Adults only Viewing software Included lor 1 Ihe Amiga Limited first stocks sc order now. HURRY!!!!
1 (STRICTLY OVER 18's ONLY) Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimension colour images. 3D viewing software and top I quality 3D glasses are also supplied Available nov. | (OVER 18| Rated 90’ * Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue Images of the male body This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the I hundreds ol requests for a CD dedicated lo Ihe ladles I Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition I This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and I or sex acts THE HOTTEST AROUND The new Magic Workbench CD contains the m Li • Bl largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons.
% rs f B Backdrops and tools ever compiled Includes | well over 5.000 Magic WB icons. Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench back-
• drops in 8. 16 and 256 colours, over 1t$ L 30me9aby!es of
Workbench tods, gadgets.
V% patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities The CD also '"eludes Magic Workbench tf - "'” aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is tne perfect Workbench add on CD ROM This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500*. A600. A1200. And A4000 True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga " Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias Around 20,000 suDjocts covered from Aalborg to Zygote Hotlist editor So you can create lists of
subjects Hundreds of samples Music tracks and and over 300 samples Thousands of pictures Over 3.000 colour mono pictures included Dozens of film-clips anlmations Over 200 subject related film-clips View many film-clips "full-screen" New Zoom option ‘Now Includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles 'Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk 'Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects 'Kids Explorapedia Eight kid's interactive play-about sections 'Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis 'Subject creator Create your own subject
data ¦Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV ‘Upgrade your IP ¦ existing version U fl A to the 1997 version.
Ft1 • 1 ftl ~~ j4* • _ i
- g *'- -9 Qii Isfaifct.it I
* i« e Trra* I We took everyones valid comments with concern to
the first release of the I Encyclopedia and changed, modified
updated the whole product to the I extent that it now includes
over 20.000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic
Interactive encyclopedia is available now. It features a superb
new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips,
images, sound samples and subject information text The 1997
version now supports a multitude of new features inluding:
Colour images. Full-screen filmclips, National anthems, and a
unique lnter-ACTu feature which allows you to interact with
certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference
title for the whole family Available now'. 1 gigabyte MOGOrr.b)
ready-lo-fit Amiga hard drive Pre-formatted and installed vith
Workbench 1 Supplied with an cables and instructions With FREE
harddisk backup sw» GA 1GIG HARD DISK m.oVw LIGHT-ROM 4 £29 99
The latest issue contains thousands and brand new objects for
Lightwave "
L. Lk BlIGHT-ROM GOLD • Contains the best Lightwave " 3D objects
from LightROM issues 1.
2 and LightROM 3 LIGHT-ROM CD-ROMS JHE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA ‘97 MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER V2 AMIGA SCSI CD-R' CD-ROM AGA Experience 2 COWA"! 100% i Ammet 16 contains over 600mb of the very latest i Amiga software, including games, demos, animations.
I music, tods, comms. Patch- l es. Etc Available for £12 99 ¦lor £10 99 when you take out a subscription This CD was rated 95% in AF. It features all the tools and mforma- l tion, specifications etc needed to produce and develop Amiga software Includes the latest ver- I sions of the installer. CD press- mg software. CDXL todkit. Etc B original AGA mate- rial including pictures.
AGA demos. AGA games, and AGA tools Most mforma- lion runs direct from the CD ’Normally £19 99 EXPERIENCE 2 iTerr PHASE 4 Features around 600 QMS Amega disks MOVIE MAKER 4mb* Learn the trade secrets making SOUND-FX CD-ROM Contains over 15.000 Sample files PRO FONTS & CUPS Contains over 2.000 fonts and Ctipart pica.
ILLUSIONS 30 Create Weird 30 images with ease ADULT MEMSATION Aduff Only CO con- tairungoude men?
Choose any of the following CD BOUIs fBEt with every £25 you spend!
Gg Spend €25 choose one free (D PblB* fin rfexsn.. frmm T»'« mtr iSm POSTAGE COSTS Z Z 1. Standard (UKl £1 pnr CO Lzh (OvOT*i»)C2p*rCD 2 Nmxt Day Dattvory (UK) co.n £10 lot up«o 10 CO * J Santa Day Data vary (UK) townboiiM P-O A
* L~a 4. Caah on D hrary (UKl costs £17 for up(o 10 CO*»
BACKING™6 | AMIGA AU. THE WAY 1 imited I SCI-FI Sensation is an
exating K new CD-ROM containing over B * 3GIG of SCI-FI 'mages
an.ma- B tions. 3D objects. Sound FX.
H Documents Tnemetunes ¦ Scnpts & SCI-FI games Subjects mciudeo are B [ B --i “‘.0 D-ep Space 9 a*-o ¦ Thunderbirds. Robocop. Sea Quest DSV. Bladerunner. Aliens.
Terror hawks. 2001 Blake7 Battlestar Galactica. Tron. Total Recal. 2010. Space 1999 etc "Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you will always receive the latest available version.
Latforms Bcommodore 64 Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac. Gameboy. Atan ST. MSX Apole200 Atari 800 Atan 1040ste. Sinclair i QL. Unix and more Also features hundreds I of games.tools etc for most of the emulators | The FLASH-ROM is a companion' Emulators CD that I contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like Kelecovision. Nintendo. Gameboy etc Order code (CD260) £19.99* Order both Emulators & PloshROM for ,ust £29 99* (CD283) 4 EMULATORS UNLIMITED ? Mv flU Pont Studio PRO allows you to create and print a wide van- oty of business cards and labels Alsu features PictufCAT
Pnnter24 - A 24bit graphics print manager. 200mb of mono K & colour clipart, and hundreds of quality fonts Pnnt Studio PRO provides a versatile colour correction system, resulting in perfect colour output on most printers KS3 or high- er required __ I PRINT STUDIO PRO JR,
• :ioantos °ersonal Suite contains the full versions of
I,Personal Paint.
SCI-FI SENSATION v2.2 ____ Personal Sbase. Personal Write Personal Fonts and over 500mb of useable Art. Texts & Fonts Pamt. Image Processing.
Animation. 24bit Printing. Word Processing. Database and StereoGram Generator Pvfeh PERS. SUITE * - BATTLEZONE TEMPEST. COMBAT TRON SPACE WARZ. THRUST Q-BERT. HUNCHBACK MOOT PATROL. TRAIL BLAZER BREAKOUT CENTREPE0E CYCLES. BEZERK SNAKE SCRAMBLE PING PONG BREAKOUT NUMEROUS C64 CONVERSIONS A COLLECTION OF JEFF MINTER GAMES AND HUNDREDS MORE Over 600mb of unforgettable retro-gammg Now Includes easy to use Multimedia A, i»on in one go Subjects include Professional numerous iD mr. ' -JPBmhB . Bitmap Compugruphic fonts & Adobe fonts.
3fri.j fpffs Dsb-.- jjam'ji-mrat.-r: Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools Various Hardware projects. Hundreds of games including Mind teasers. Puzzle card, arcado and board games books, and more i|HH IlMINl SCON The Epic Interactive Quiz Show is an exciting now Amiga based CD-ROM 1 quiz game for the whole I Retro gaming at it's best. Around B 3000 all-time classic spectrum B game files on one CD-ROM B Emulators included for any Amiga B Games include Manic Miner.
H Skool daze. Monty mole. Startrek.
M Thrust, Jet Set Willy. The Hobbit.
RB Strip Poker. Danger Mouse. The XB Sentinel. Micro Olympics, Under Wuride, Undium. Atic Atac, River raid. Barbarian. Hunchback and around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy ‘96 also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
And a FREE copy of the new Amiga CD-NEWS fanzine!
SABM- WB12 (2distt)
S. WM- WBUIMbb) RWB10-3- WB2M|J0«U| RAS'3-S- OTTO (Sfcks) HMD
DRIVE SEWI SKS7-2- ABOO HO Setup & Install AHD7-2 - A1200 HD
Setup & Install
- e connected to an Amiga.
ATP3-1- Attpi IK Driven
- .‘21-2 - ZaptoA-cos Dr,vets SSS12-2 - Spiral SCSI Software
• tMPnntefOmtrs (Epson, Ctnor rt? Stir, etc) 1 t y ij i' World
of Clipart is a double CD- j containing around 40.000 1 mono
and colour clipari images
* 2, B K ft contained in over 100 calagories i in |FF G|F pcx
CDR EPS TIF & BMP Too,s ,or convertin9 BfS 'mages to another
formats are ifincluded Subjects include •" Animals.
Anatomy. Babies. Men.
Women. Trees. Reptiles. Insects. Xmas.
Religious. Planes. Vehicles, Ships Toys Zodiac signs.
Eye catchers. Humour. Cats. Dogs. Computers Technology. Sealife. Space. Symbols. Dinosaurs. Plants.
Nature. Ads. Tods. Astrology. Hands. Birds. Business Office. Workers Cartoon. Lion King. Education. Food.
Gardening. Holidays Houses & Buildings. Helicopters.
Children. Banners Medieval. Military. Monsters. Music.
Sports Transport, and more _ rtB flflBBB Insight dinosaurs has been pro- h B . Duced m association willi The EC Nqiurai History Museum in ™ B Lo,l(lon antl features the work of ¦ vz, BEiry world renowned dinosaur illustra- tors It features hundreds of ¦ photo’s, illustrations, video clips, narration and sound effects It is the ultimate A-Z of dinosaurs CD includes both ECS & AGA versions jjjjSlGHT DINOSAURS Features inlude: ‘AGA hi-res graphics
• Virtually every quostlon is spokon
* Upto 4 players teams can play
* 20 different subject catagorios ’Select from 10 differont
characters. Or add your own charactors.
megabytes of text documents ft and photographs relating to UFO I sightings and abductions etc This NEW CD rom contains around 15,000 all-time classic i Commodore 64 games and sw I emulator to run them on your Amiga In stock now' This new CD contains hundreds of megabytes of Blitz source-code Blitz tutorials, game graphics, sound-fx I fonts, many Blitz WEB page I and game music tracks, all ft which you can use freely in
• your own Blitz programs rhis CD contains almost 100 analioos
of the worlds most addictive and loved game Near all Ihe games
are ready to run directly from CD and archived versions are
also included Available Now' ENCOUNTERS ENHANCER HING BUT
TETRIS 064 GAMES CD v2 on cm* Fan:01793514187 'I 4*r.
PRIORITY ORDER FORM PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE & PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED EXP DATE The latest version of MUI, an excellent art package for kids and a disk telling you everything that you ever wanted to know about colds and flu!
So how does this benefit the user? Well, the interfaces are fully font sensitive and, once you register, you can configure practically any aspect of them, from the window backgrounds to how the buttons look. You could even create an interface that matches the looks of Windows 95 (if you really wanted to!).
There is an excellent editor allowing you to change the way the interface looks. This has more options than I can list here, but unless you register only the basic ones can be used. There are presets included for use with MagicWB and one for people who use a large screenmode.
There are various demo programs and scripts, and a comprehensive AmigaGuide document. Also included are snapshots of the program running, some material for programmers, Arexx scripts and even a selection of adverts for other SASG products (The Standardised Amiga Shareware Group).
MUI 3.6 I'lilitv By .....Stefan Stuntz Ware ...Shareware PD Library ..Online PD No of disks .....Two Price .75 » per disk + 75p p&p Loads of utilities these days require MUI and It's getting a cult-like following in the Amiga community due to it's flexibility and ease of use.
If you haven't heard of MUI then you're probably wondering what it does. The author describes it as "an object oriented system to create and maintain graphical user interfaces". Basically that means it's a quick and easy way for programmers to add interfaces to their software.
MU! 3.6: Easy-to-use and very flexible. MUI is becoming increasingly popular with Amiga users.
I can't recommend this more, it is an exceptional package that deserves to be on every Amiga.
ART EFFEX Kids Art Parkavr By ...Asa MargeHs Ware .Licenceware PD Library ..Arrow PD No of disks .....One Price £3.99 This licenceware offering is an art package for kids. It has a bright, colourful and easy-to-use interface yet doesn't fall down on features.
The program is controlled through either the mouse or keyboard (or both), and operates in much the same way as any other bitmap drawing package. There is a large panel of buttons at the bottom of the screen allowing you to access many sub-menus. There are features like sound, stamps (Inbuilt brushes) and the disk menu. The stamps are of particular use to children who are unable to draw complete pictures, and they provide colourful cartoons to spruce up those masterpieces.
It's hard to fault this - it's exceptionally fast and even has online help as you move the pointer over the icons. It is quite simplistic, but then this is good in a children's package.
I recommend this to anyone who has kids who don't have a similar package. For £3.99 you can't go wrong and if you still aren't convinced then there is a demo version available for just 75p.
THE CLASSIC GUIDE TO AVOIDING COLDS & FLU Amit aGui tc By Classic Amiga Software Ware .....Freeware PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price .£1.00 Continued overleaf 1 i i 1 i»i i i
* * * * ftft ft ft 5*?
Ft ftftftft ft ft ft ft ¦¦ AMOEBR : !INVADERS; SCORE 150 HIGH SCORE iso; BASES ft* ¦¦ M « 7i s PRESET- * PUM COLDS AND FLU: ...it's time to take your mind off the illness and get down to a serious game of space invaders.
Achoool Winter is here again and with If you are suffering from a cold it the inevitable rush of colds and flu. And need some help then this could If. Like me, the damn things seem to make you feel better. Oh yeah - the attract to you like magnets then The game is wicked!
Classic Guide to avoiding Colds and Flu may be of interest. BIRTHDATE HISTORY The disk contains an AmigaGuide V2.24 document which attempts to clue you Utility up on everything you wanted to know By ..John L Devoy about the little bugs. There's a Ware ...Shareware scientific exploration of colds and flu PD Library ..Online PD explaining why there is no cure but No of disks .....One the most interesting and useful Price ....75p + 75p p&fp section concerns prevention. Learn People have
always been fascinated how living a healthy life stops the by birth dates, particularly in the field fiend (is he implying I'm unhealthy of astrology. But people with a hatred then?). Treatment follows and then for Russell Grant need not fear as this finally a section concerning possible is much more than a simple astrology future developments. Predictor.
The most novel part of the guide On loading you are presented for me was the button named "Suffer with a requester asking for your name In Silence - The Greatest Healer". It and date of birth. You can then takes you into the classic Amoeba choose to print the information or Invaders game for getting rid of those view it on screen, sniffling blues. This package is pretty The program then tells you what useless after you've read everything, happened on your birthday, events, but it is nice to see something original even what your star sign means, and not just another clone. Discover what was
making the MW jAtlcM'7P G 4* ¦ ___1 _ .B ART EFFEX: As you can see... V, ¦*».
ART EFFEX: ...even complete idiots... IOC3ZE ART EFFEX: ...are capable of producing.. pSkv 1* DC ART EFFEX: ...something using Art Effex.
DOMAIN TITLES sclav fill* July 199-1 . - bSIIC*. IM0Mriftv . Mn. Cl .1., U„ InUucca apC.luu, .ava .. tV ,i(v Kin s.a, li -. I,,,I. NaCansUcI ..1,. ,... a,..l I lews rffSjKKOK Top 10 courtesy of: Tupe “ to see print count CLASSIC AMIGA SOFTWARE 11 Deansgale • Radcliffe • Manchester
• w 0161 7231638 1 Super Monopoly 2 MUI 3.6 3 Casino 4 Virus Z
Latest 5 Amiga Beginner 6 How to beat the Fruit Machine 7
Little Office 8 Text Engine 4.1 9 XXX Calendar '97 | 10 The
GRAPHICS) 14 Tudor Brae, Donaghcloney, Craigavon, • Co. Armagh.
BT66 7LF ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters • Halsall Lane Formby • Liverpool.
L37 3PX • ir 01704 834335 ARROW PD PO Box 7 • Dover, Kent • CT15 4AP CLASSIC AMIGA SOFTWARE 11 Deansgate • Raddiffe
• * 0161 723 1638 Other good PD libraries «¦ headlines round the
world, famous people who share the same birthday, the FA Cup
final result (in the year I was born Man United lost to
Arsenal!), and the cost of living.
The star sign prediction follows.
As always it's very broad and could apply to just about anyone. Also included with the program is an executable called Bmaster.exe, an editor for the package allowing you to add your own information and extra news events or birthdates.
The package is Shareware, and can be used for 30 days before registration. Looking at the amount of data contained here a lot of work has been put into this. If you have a conscience - register.
MARRYAMPIC By MaVaTi Ware .....Freeware PD Library..Classic Amiga Software B «• 4 I
* * a No of disks .....One
Price £1.00 Klondike AGA (a
PD patience clone) has created a massive following for itself,
mainly due lo its stunning HAM colour graphics. But if you
don't find that stimulating enough then maybe Marryampic will
spark up your interest.
This is a variant on the all time classic card game Snap - we've all played it so I need not explain the rules. The biggest difference between this and playing with cards is that there are Animals under the cards, and in order to clear a pair you must select the two cards as the appropriate animal sound is played.
Most of the sounds are clear and easy to recognise, but I found fhe lion sounded a bit like a pig. The graphics are excellent, especially if you have AGA or a graphics board as it uses 256 colours. The game moves along quickly enough, and comes complete with cocky messages that appear at the bottom when you go wrong.
CONTENTS nr DISK TtnO: FONTS Ch96, TRITON FONT FROSTY rwo«STmAS atfidCQLO ¦ _ :v¦; i s fvrs " IUORV FONT •••• •••• RlPTILiRN EiiLBoini mm This is a simple, no thrills, tun product, especially good fun it played with a group of people, It might even improve your memory.
BLUE ROSE GRAPHICS By .....Eddie Barry Ware Licence PD Librai-y .....Author (direct) No of disks ...Three Price .£4.00 One of the major falling points ol the Colourtonls Collection (reviewed in issue 91 and also by Blue Rose Graphics) was that it only contained a limited number of fonts. This pack is a much more useful with plenty on otter. I The disk contains a selection of colour [ fonts, festive clipart BLUE ROSE GRAPHICS: Get all festive with this I collection of
Christmas I clipart I BLUE ROSE GRAPHICS: Themed fonts make I this collection very I useful for titling. | and even a couple of music modules.
There are Ihree disks in the collection, the first is a demo disk, and the next two contain all the files. The preview is a slideshow of example pictures created using the images and fonts from the pack. There is an installer on each disk which uses the quick and painless Amiga Technologies Installer program. The images and fonts are of superb quality and are all extremely detailed. Experts and beginners alike can find a use in this package, especially during Christmas, so phone and place your order now!
This is a great little package, far superior to the previous fonts disk. If you use your computer for anything that requires clipart and fonts I'd certainly recommend you get this. O CONTENTS OE DISK TUIO: I RAB... Freezes Frames;f*!
The Cool way to Grab Images on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAIVSECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame m grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same I time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
[ And... with ProGrab'“ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a | simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. IV with SCART output satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player. The choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab Ibecause the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and viesv the full image on your Amiga screen ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from TV or satef'ite sources.
Grab images wdb your camcorder including S-VHS or. Take a signal fr TV with SCART outi WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY.
Camcorder or. Use the signal froir your satellite receiver or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRs video output including S-VHS ProGrab is just £129.95... J «t 95% STAR Buy .in: . *idv«h*if to thecoma* . were mgnHu jrd. ’Mgfy Reccc-me* A-esnes : - a* a w*xp0*r c* a Gr* '* M :omeR.- jrab24Rrnu» ttawtw* PioGwB'*' Voted The Best Video Hardware product to the Amiga Tfvs i especially peatng Decauve ;r 0 award comes freer the Amiga Shopper mai t ines readers Our Satisfied (ustomersl y s T represents 9 e.: MSUF1 value for money' ProGraD" STAGE 3... Use the grabbed image with your favounte
word processor. DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
ProGrab 24RT Plus
• Support on recent A rvgai and it alto fully AGA Cnipiet
compatible You can rende* images in any Workbench screen modc
resolution including HAV8 mode lAMIGA RAM permitting]
• Saves and Loadt imaget m I* IA IBM. IFF 1LBM24 JPEG BMP PCX.
And TARGA file format! ProGrab tavet ammationi at AmmS filet
and ammationi wrth sound | requires PCMCIA interface and
separate vound tom pie* | at AmmS » 8SVX filet A range of image
processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA orWyi and
dithering methods arc featured in ProGrab Version 2 6 «
Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom loader to
enable grabs directly from within the program - saving YOU
• Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities
Number of frames dependant upon Amigat RAM PCMCIA INTERFACE for
Al 200 and A600 Only £39.95 c ntLxJn the utm v-cruo*’ scrtwirc
ere ccenas rwi jjoi tA*vg r*x.- icAMYg tmffcs to ffVt tew
Up to I lips |fTK*X» yrG J vpi KC*X j «y o rx «i rurd on* :c to use by a f»rte» or otner parade percnera* caprtxKics Wme schxxJ s**rcie» reQd w-e Summer*** -c* gr. Tnnglieni rfb torts dPmGat antjnas n nbor r,.w rfcrmaocn r« «tn JowrMM jRjwt ya,BMW r- Hprror *a»*J -nftt a l TVArrfllhf fBW &fge Fie car &* rooW * ASCI *l Ir M m or Umd A f C JCW.1 y* use r yxr DW fltWtmm «u Vw : 7V V c ?roW VttqnSCJr br-j tRfwflirx ziattxtivW £44.95
• Release 2.6.x software now includes...
Satellite TV signals
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times area of
previous ProGrab software
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now compatible with composite PAL. SECAM
and NTSC Straight from the box' ProGrab is supplied with just
About everything you II need +
• ProGrab ” 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x
• Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable
• User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24.95 Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Surname: Postcode: Evening Phone: Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc. Card holder's signature: Issue Number: Post or FAX your requirements quantity trade pnees availableI on the order (orm BtfT provided Off. If you'd simply like further A information please contact... CHQ GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS ¦p* Department AMF Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP J*.
FAX: 01773 831040 ~ email: 100271.35570compuserve.com ProGrab Plus “ 3 £129.95 E PCMCIA Interface 0 £39 95 £ ProIeC* Teletext Decoder 0 £44.95 £ Standard Stereo Sampler 0 £19.95 £ Hhfi Stereo Sampler 0 £24 95 £ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Working Days! I or an additional £3 for Next Workng Day Delivery £ TOTAL £ ??????
Expiry Date ????
Daytime Phone: Initial(s) Card No County (Country): Address: I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ : made payable to Gordon harwood computers limited TT01773 836781 APOLLO ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1240 1260 The new Apollo 1240 features a tan cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz (the 1260 usas the 68060 running at 50MHz). In-built FPU. Battery- backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one of the best value accelerator cards available.
25 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 BAH Computers- Tel: (0115) 9444500 Fax: (0115) 9444501 1240 25 0Mb 1240 25 4Mb 1240 25 8Mb 1240 25 16Mb 1240 25 32Mb £229.09 £249.90 £267.99 £309.99 £429.99 1260 50 0Mb 1260 50 4Mb 1260 50 8Mb 1260 50 16Mb 1260 50 32Mb £479.99 £499.99 £617.99 £559.99 £679.99 STORAGE IBM HITACHI 2.5" IDE HARD DRIVES A500 ALFAPOWER APOLLO 1230LC APOLLO 4040 635Mb £214.00 1GIG £230.99 1 2GIG £249.99 1 7GIG £284.00 Externally cased hard drives for ihe A500 500*. Can bo populated with up to 8Mb ol RAM (72pln SIMMS) WAIT!
When you first receive your hard drive we think the last thing you want to do Is fo have to re-tormat II AH our dnves are set up CORRECTLY We can even configure the dnve to your specifications
• Drives are formatted & installed with WorkBench
• OVER 150Mb of top quality Public Domain software including-
Compugraphtc fonts S clipart.
Imagine obpcts. Lop demos & music modules, essential utilities, games I and lots more!!! _ The 1230LC combines Ihe best Price Performance ratio lor any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68030 25MH?
And 25MHz 68882 FPU. T x 72pln SIMM socket (4 or 8Mb). Real-tlmo battery- backed clock.
1230 0Mb £99.99 1230 4Mb £119.99 1230 8Mb £137.99 The Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into tha CPU slot of the A4000 (A3000 T).
Comes in 40MHz 68040 * 50MHz 68060 versions. 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets (2 x 72pln SIMM tor A3000 Desktop) 6 SCSI-2 controller.
4040 40MHZ £349.99 4060 50MH2 £599.99 ECALL ECALL £169.90 £174.00 £100.90 £289.90 Quantum' r 635Mb 850Mb IGIG £129.99 £139.99 £154.99 1 2GIG £184.99 1 7GIG £199.99 2 5GIG £279.99 Also available: APOLLO 1230 50MHz £149.99 72pln 70NS 72pin 60NS 4Mb £19.99 4Mb £19.99 8Mb £37.99 8Mb £37.99 16Mb £79.99 16Mb £79.99 32Mb £199.99 32Mb £199.99 Please cal kw latest pnces. As memory prices can change daily Microvitec 1402 Multisync Monitor Including cables and 25watt Stereo speakers £289.99 New Epson Stylus Colour 500.
Prints 720 dpi on standard paper only £259.99 A1200 RAM CARDS UJ f Kxl HAVE FOUND A CHEAPER $ (X MAGAflME CALL US AND WE 3 Q_ HULL 00 OUR BEST TO BEAT fT I A 1200 0Mb £49.99 A1200 4 Mb £89.99 A1200 8Mb £87,99 Visage Winter Specials Apollo 1240 25 £229.99 SUPER LOW SPECIAL OFFER PRICES 1240-4MB £249.99 1240-8MB £267.99 1240-16MB £309.99 1240-32MB £429.99
- 4t •* Surf the Net!
28,800 V34 FAX MODEM £109.99 33,600 V34+ FAX MODEM . £119.99 INCLUDING CABLES & SOFTWARE
V. V' New! Apollo1230LC 25MHz 68030 inc MMU 68882 FPU Amazingly
low price £99.99 420Mb 2.5" IDE Hard Drive £114.99 540Mb 2.5"
Limited Stocks...hurry!!!
MICROVITEC 14" 1402 MULTISYNC MONITOR £269.99 INC CABLES MICROVITEC 17" 1701 MULTISYNC MONITOR £529.99 INC CABLES CALL (0115) 9444500 OR (0115) 9444E 01 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER b i tow TO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to Visage Computers. Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS NCUJDNG SWTTCK V1SA& DELTA BY PHONE Credit Dehit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - C6.9S IN-DEPTH REVIEWS OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE THAT YOU CAN TRUST ® SERIOUSLY Welcome to the best reviews section in the business. As gS, usual, this month sees us picking apart the very latest hardware and software to find out what makes it tick.
It's interesting to see that Shareware authors who form the backbone of the current Amiga industry are going all commercial with Graham and Andy Dean's DrawStudio, a follow-up to their enormous success with ImageStudio.
The same criteria apply to Angela Schmidt and Patrick Ohly. Authors of MakeCD, also reviewed this issue.
Angela is probably best- known for her sterling work in compiling the Meeting Ben Vost ar s Cds.
Of course there isn't just loads of Shareware. There's bunches of new hardware just waiting to be covered in our hallowed pages, we just don't have the room for all of it. In the coming months look out for the new SX-32 Pro module for CD32 owners from Eyetech, Golden Image's superb eight-speed ATAPI CD-ROM drive and ACL's A1200xl accelerator card. On the software front we will have a mammoth CD round-up (we haven't done one for a while).
Personal Paint 7, Lightwave 5, TurboPrint 5 and more, more, more... AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90*% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an Af Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
70-79% Good products which may be worth buying, if you have a special interest in that area of computing.
60-69% Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
DRAWSTUDIO The brand new structured drawing package. John Kennedy delves deep and comes up grinning.
WORDWORTH 6 OFFICE The latest version of Wordworth heads up this new complete office ... . .. uJjisrawrTSTSinTsrw solution from Digita. *: .tm . , » ftam hi i -- Mi flit - . I. laa.
»v« u« m.iMta: yi U» Li' ttewl U8 MugQ Iffrtfc _J *»««! W- _J J_l| J-J -feJ J=*J ±J .HKlI
- 1 d J
• •• II .....
• *» ad *-*• J eiseJ JutAKECD Our esteemed editor examines this
German alternative to MasterlSO. The gleam in his eye tells us
he's already very impressed.
Crsisnuss CYBERSCSI JI IARK 2 Simon Goodwin stands well back as his machine goes into read write overdrive!
) M 1 -====¦ W?- M rq ------ ¦ QQ ¦ -= ZORRO INTERFACE EXPANSIONS These two boards are perfect for adding extra serial and parallel ports, as Simon Goodwin discovers.
WORKBENCH Graeme Sandiford doesn't get depressed by your problems - he views every letter as a challenge.
AIUUGA.NET In our monthly Internet extravaganza Darren Irvine looks at some of his very favourite haunts on the World Wide Web.
Possibly the greatest structured art package the Amiga has ever seen, but what does John Kennedy think? Read on... I Tlie very name "ProDrau" is slill enough to send shivers down my spine. It may have been one of the (1 rst structured art programs on the Amiga, but it was also frighteningly unstable and never made the vital transition to Workbench 3 and AGA safely. I have a horrible feeling it may have put many users oil the concept of a structured art program for life, so it's therefore well overdue that this void has at last been filled by DrawStudio-a new drawing program which is bang tip
to date and solid as the rock of Gibraltar.
The programmers, Graham and .Andy Dean, have the success of programs such as ImogtStudio behind them, and so it's fair to say DrawStudio is going to be a polished piece of software. But exactly how good is their first foray into the world of structured an?
Using DrawStudio is very different from using a more traditional paint program such as say, Personal Paint or Photogrnics.
In DrawStudio you can draw a line by selecting the line tool and clicking twice with the mouse, but that's only the start.
After it has appeared on screen you can then decide to alter its colour. Or make it thicker or thinner. Or maybe add some arrowheads. Or maybe move it around, stretch it, and change die start and end locations. In fact there is never a time when you are totally finished with it: at any point you can click on the line to select it, and then change it some more. Each time you fiddle with it, the page is redrawn to reflect the changes.
You're not limited to lines of course: rectangles (with and without rounded edges), ellipses and any other outlined shape can be created with a few clicks of the mouse. You arc then free lo experiment with the various attributes each of these objects arc given - for example, you may want die object outline lo be a thin black line, and yet the interior to be a light blue colour. No problem, that's only one menu opuon away.
As well as filling the object with solid colours, you can fill it with a pattern or a smoothly graduated shade: a fade from black to blue to white for example. You can either pick a fill texture from a menu of predefined patterns, or create a new one by selecting Edit. You can now drag and drop colours lo decide on your ideal shade and pattern. Fill can even be translucent, which means objects Defining a backdrop is easy. Not only can you select the colours, but also the direction and method of graduation.
¦ 41 |IKI I in Black |»« Black ¦ 7*1 Black jiW Black 47* Black HI Black hidden behind show through. This is a great way to give a sense of depth to an object, by placing some objects behind a semi-opaque backdrop.
Soon of course your page will contain lots of objects, and it's a simple task to move them around the page, align them, bring them to the front or send them to the back. DrawStudio has also borrowed the concept of layers from Photoshof , which means you can have multiple pages overlaid on top of one another - perfect for keeping track of complicated images.
When positioning objects, the powerful "snap" feature soon becomes essential. Unlike a conventional paint program, you aren't limited to an imaginary grid for your objects to lock WHAT IS STRUCTURED ART?
Structured art programs are as different as you can get from the more traditional “bitmap" orientated paint programs, such as Deluxe Paint or Art Effect. These programs are great for daubing colour over the screen and using image processing tools on digitised or scanned photographs. DrawStudio is not designed to be used like this at all. Rather than dealing with pixels of colour, DrawStudio deals with "objects". Everything you draw is an object which can be manipulated.
Similarly, the text you enter isn't stored permanently at that location and can be changed on a whim. In many ways you can think of DrawStudio as a program with an infinite "undo" button.
Although a structured art program can lack the instant gee-whizz approach of a paint program, in many ways it can actually be more useful. If, like me.
You lack the artistic ability to draw an object or scene in a paint program, a structured art program is a dream come true. You can spend as much time as you like creating the shapes, defining their colour and positioning them precisely.
At any time you can go back and alter a shape, change its colour or re-scale the entire image with no loss in quality. For creating graphs or diagrams it cannot be beaten, and at it's still possible to save the final image as a bitmap - the best of both worlds.
Imagine trying to draw and label a diagram in a paint program. Lining up all the boxes and text is possible, but not particularly easy. With DrawStudio the individual elements are stored as descriptions rather than bitmaps: the arrow you draw is stored internally as a line from point A to point
B. Once you've drawn it, you can still re-size and more it at any
To. Although a grid is very useful for creating charts and graphs, you can also control die way in which objects snap to other objects. This allows a line to snap to a point 011 a curve for example, without any overlap. The cursor changes shape depending 011 whether you arc snapping to a mid-way point, or an apex. Clever stuff.
Text is treated like any other object, which not only makes it very easy to place and manipulate, but also to change the colour. Like any other object, text can appear in any colour, or rendered with a texture or graduated fill. It's surprisingly easy 10 use DrawStudio to create exactly the text you want: whether that means selecting a typeface (DrawStudio reads Adobe Type I fonts), selecting a colour or warping the text to follow a curve or line in a particular way 0 EASY FOR BOTH OF YOU... A lot of time has been spent making DrawStudio easy to use. The tool bar may look pretty tame but
that's misleading. There are hundreds of options but instead of being bombard with them all at once, you only need to change what is relevant at the time.
Your Amiga will appreciate the control over the way in which the display is created. For top speed you can view a black and white representation, but you can also make use of 256-colour. 25! grayscale or 24- bit colour. Which mode you use is a matter ofjuggling your Amiga resources with what you need to see: if Continued overleaf 4 «¦ you want to see the transparency effects you will need to select 256- grayscale or 24-bit colour. DrawStudio will work oil most graphics cards too: certainly on my Picasso II CyberGraphX system the screen display was relatively speedy and very colourful.
The quality of the rest of DrawStudio's output depends almost solely on what you want to do with it.
All objects arc stored internally using 24-bits, so there are over 16 million colours to choose from. This keeps graduated fills smooth, for example.
Remember also that objects are stored as descriptions, this means if you draw a line or a curve you get the smoothest possible output. If you have a good printer, the final output will be superb.
DrawSludio is very clever in the way it can convert either an entire page or an individual object from structured format into bitmapped format. (There isn't the option to convert a bitmap object into a structured object but this shortcoming is due to be included in an update.) This means you can take your carefully designed and lovingly filled text, save it to disk as an IFF file (using anti-alias to remove any jaggies) and then use it in a desktop video program or import it into your DTP package.
The extra features of DrmuStudio mean that outputting drawings in structured format for inclusion into other programs is a bit of a non-starter at the moment. DrawStudio's own format is therefore only of use to DrawStudio. However, being able to print directly from within DrawStudio and also create and save bitmaps at any resolution is a suitable workaround.
Structured art can be converted to bitmap format. Take this image of sphere for example, created with graduated fills.
When converted... When it comes to file formats, you're totally spoilt for choice. As well as IFF, DrawStudio will save bitmapped graphics in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX or TIFF formats. As well as being an excellent drawing program, it will convert files for you. Structured art can be saved in PostScript format for professional quality printing and inclusion in other programs - even those running on other platforms.
It's also great to see an Arexx port present, which means it's possible to automate tasks: several example scripts jtre included which will create drop shadows and draw objects such as bursts, stars and pentagons.
'U, CONCLUSION There may be those who complain that DrawStudio runs using MUI. Stuff'em, 1 say. As far as I’m concerned it's irrelevant, and using MUI (a full version of which is included) results in a powerful and easy to use user- interface. Anyone who uses MUI as an excuse not to buy this software is simply stubborn to the point of stupidity.
Structured art programs should be considered a basic necessity for all DTP fans, but they also have plenty to offer any Amiga user with an interest in graphics. Everything from Web sites to desktop video work and presentations will benefit from DrawStudio's graphical expertise. The authors arc even talking about including an integral slide-show program in future versions, and there's no doubt that DrawStudio is capable of some very professional results.
This is another excellent productivity tool. It's powerful, well supported and an absolute bargain for the asking price. Trying to discover flaws isn't easy. Perhaps the Warp tools could have been applied to bitmaps as well as structured objects, and maybe there should Ik- more control on saving final images in structured format for existing Amiga software. However, it's possible to work round these shortcomings, and they shouldn't betaken as serious omissions.
DrawSludio is another superb way to make sure your .Amiga remains a useful computer. Team up with a bitmap graphics program and you'll have all the tools you need to create excellent illustrations, charts, technical drawings, web graphics and just about anything you can display or print.
Distributor LH Publishing 01908 370 230 PRICE: £59.95 REQUIREMENTS: 68020, WB 2.04, 3Mb memory, hard drive.
SPEED: ••••O Reasonably nippy.
MANUAL: ••••O Well written and produced, easy to read manual with plenty of examples.
ACCESSIBILITY: ••••• A clean and clear user interface.
FEATURES: ••••0 Everything has been thought of.
VALUE: ••••• Excellent price for a very professional product.
OVERALL VERDICT: A very useful graphical tool - every Amiga owner should consider buying it.
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Full Program... Demo Version.. New Wordworth Wordworth® the World's most popular Amiga word processor, is now even better with the release of Wordworth® 6.
Just look at these new features
• New drawing tools: polygon, regular polygon, bezier curve and
• More Arexx commands and macros.
• Password protection on documents.
• Watermarks.
• Improved RTF file support.
• Over 1000 pieces of clipart.
• 50 Compugraphic fonts. 1
• CDROM version. . *i.
• Plus many other minor improvements and refinements.
The Experts Applaud Since its launch in 1991, Wordworth- has grown to become the most successful and most popular word processor ever developed for the Amiga. After all, 250,000 users can't be wrong!
An Offer You Can't Refuse Wordworth" 6 is now available on CDROM* m at an introductory price I of just £39.99** (if you I already own Wordworthf H or any other word processor, you can upgrade for just £19.99**). r Amazing Value!
Wordworth' 6 for £39.99 is pretty incredible value. Better still, for just £ 10 more you can also buy the complete Digita™ range... Wordworth' 6 Office contains Wordworth* 6, Datastore’" 2, Money Matters’" 4 and Organiser 2, all on one convenient CDROM* (if you already own any of these Digita1" products, you can upgrade to Wordworth 6 Office for just £34.99**). .fT JL * I AMIGA And with the launch of new Wordworth' 6, Digita'" has clearly demonstrated its continued commitment to the Amiga community.
'Floppy disk versions also available ’•Plus £3 postage ond packaging Don't Miss This Special Introductory Offer Call today!
To order, telephone 01 395 270 273, facsimile 01 395 268 893, email sales@digita.demon.co.uk or visit our web site URL www.digita.com.
Telephone 01 395 270 273 Facsimile 01 395 268 893
Emailsales@digita.demon.co.uk URLwww.digita.com A MtvMf Ol T*
DortA G*Ol Thn ocWi n copyngfr CI996 Oyrto tmaeabonol L *»d
ond mpeoede* any prev«o any previowt Mvet No pan of An arken
may b otm *ad*™«»4. Used etewJh 0*rt are *e prop-* of
reipecfr* ca be agreed wne«g by *e company ai Ae kew a* pwctoM
WSJ«» every care ho»
• Ovtabgo and Money Moaen are eodeweWOipksHottffgiUd Al
etataerfcee Al ipacAc retp ew* and opecvaoM c4 *e buyer nwtf or
bet vXdt may xevr *d Lia A complete office solution. David
Taylor reviews the latest development from Digita which
includes a new version of the almighty word pro - Word worth.
Great minds think alike. Back in AFSS, when 1 reviewed Final Writn 5, 1 suggested bundling a whole set of software together as a suite something which has proven to he very popular on the I’d. It appears that Digita have also decided this sounds like a good idea, for the first time.
Digita have gathered together their stable of Amiga programs on one CD- ROM to give everyone a complete office solution. Wi ml worth has always been their biggest puller so wisely, they have- headed the bundle with a new version.
The CD-ROM only contains 22Mbs but that includes both English and German versions of the software and over 6Mbs of clipart in varying colour depths and divided into appropriate sub-directories. The quality of the art differs and it's not an exhaustive selection hut it's a decent resource il you don't have hundreds of clipart Cds.
FONTASTIC There's also nearly 50 fonts. I.ike the clipart, these aren't installed automatically when you install Wordniorlh 6 so you need to copy them manually onto your drive and then use the Install Fonts option to add them into the list available within the program. Digita should perhaps have checked the fonts more thoroughly before putting them on. Taking a look at the binary, there is a mildly sexist joke built in. You'll have the feminist's The new polygon tool lets you draw shapes of any type
- however irregular. You can also have text wrap, although still
only on one side.
On your backs for that, lads (and lasses).
And clipart called Bimbo probably won’t help your defence either!
SMALL CHANGE As far as the new version of Wontwortk goes, few changes have been made to the actual program. In all honesty, there are little more than tweaks and that hardly justifies a whole new version label. The biggest change is the addition of the fonts and clipart. Still, one definite improvement is the inclusion of what Digita call the Watermark. This allows you to make use pictures as backdrops with text typed over the top.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to actually "knock hack" the picture, only making it a backdrop, so you may need The bezier curve is created in an unusual, but effective way, using a triangle. It can then be edited in a more normal manner.
To make il faded within an image manipulator before using it.
There are also a few new drawing tools. The polygon tool lets you draw any type of object that von want with as many sides as you like. You can adjust the thickness of the lines and colour as well as the fill colour. On polygons with diagonal lines (such as the scrawl in the picture we've printed) the fill seems unsure of how to fill correctly and you end up with something that looks a hit like a child has coloured it in.
Although you'll probably never want to create an object that looks like that, it can happen accidentally if your hand slips.
I'lte points of the polygon art- marked by pressing the Ctrl button, hut you have to keep the left mouse button held down all the lime while you're drawing. Releasing it will join the last point up with the first. Also you only have the option of a single colour fill. I still hanker for the ability to draw an object and fill it with a bitmap. This could then be moved around inside to the right position. That would be a really useful and powerful feature.
Close to the polygon is the new freehand drawing tool. This helps you The regular polygon doesn't look quite right. Are those sides supposed to be the same length?
To make parts of your document more stylish. You could use it to ring a word to make it stand out for example.
Freehand drawing still creates an object which appears on the page, rather than becoming part of anything, so you can pick it up and rc-size it later.
WORDS ON A CURVE There's also a bezier curve tool, which allows you to draw a smooth curve bv defining the triangle that contains it.
This feature allows you to create text on a curse in a similar, although bv no means identical wav, to DrawStudio Of course, Wordworth has text effects, so there are already plenty of ways to create spirals and the like, but this is fast and quite useful. It would have been even better it you could create a bezier curve with more than three points. You would then be able to create an "S" shaped curve - something New Arexx commands have been introduced and a full list is available In the documentation.
You have to do using two curves at the moment.
I Jtsth in the new drawing tools section is the regular polvgon. This lets you draw a polygon with a number of regular sides (like a 50p piece). Bv default the number of sides is 5. But you can change this to anything between 3 and 20. Again, another useful tweak.
RICH TEXT The support for RTF format has been improved so that it now includes the following: text, lout name, size and style, justification, line spacing, paragraph indents, tab marker positions and paragraph space helm e alter You can also set which font the text will be mapped to when opened on a machine without the font used. RTF is a sort of expansion of ASCII, the format everyone uses so that text files can be read on any computer.
RTF takes this one step as an accepted formal that supports the above features, where ASCII would lose all file information, including fonts and anything but carriage returns.
There are more Arexx commands included to cover the new features, and a password protection facility allows you to ensure your documents are secure from prying eyes. If you have sensitive documents, like your (A’ for instance, volt can make sure it doesn’t gel tampered with.
All in all. Wordworth 6 can hardly be considered a major upgrade. The tweaks are very nice, but there are some serious tools still missing. Improved HTMI. Support (more than Final Writrr managed) would have been very useful.
In conclusion, few users with Wordworth 5 will want to upgrade just for these small additions - unless thcv also want the additional software. This is more an exercise in bundling than a new release but that doesn’t stop it being a fantastic program. O Bundled with Wordworth 6 come three other products to complete the Office suite.
Organiser 2 The excellent personal organiser complete with 96 Diary themes - they really should be 97 by now!
Datastore 2 The database program.
Money Matters 4 Offers financial management and control.
A good group of products and certainly the way to add value to the CD-ROM.
Distributor Digita 01395 270273 PRICE: £49.99 or £34.99 if you upgrade REQUIREMENTS: WB2. CD-ROM drive, fast processor recommended (030.)
SPEED: ••••0 You really need an 020 and even more to make the most of Wordworth.
MANUAL: •••00 Online help is what you get buddy.
ACCESSIBILITY: ••••O As easy to use as ever. If you do get stuck the online help is very fast.
FEATURES: ••••0 Everything you need.
VALUE: ••••• Exceptional value for money.
OVERALL VERDICT: Not money for old rope, but a mixture of cash-m and tweaks.
Until now, the IK market hasn't had much by way of CD-ROM writing software. Apart from MaslrrlSO (AWf5). The only tools available have been the ones from the Cnmmndorr Dnvlu im kit, which although functional, don't support many modern CD writers, and are a little, er, eccentric.
As Cds and CD writers become an increasingly large sector of the Amiga market, Imick Veitch checks out some new CD authoring software.
MakeCD Fortunately, we are about to be saved. A number of German teams are producing more up to date and easier to use software, an example of which we recently picked up at the Cologne show, MakeCD has been written by Patrick Ohly and Angela Schmidt (known for the Meeting Pearls Cds).
BASICS There are basically two parts to making a CD. Firstly, you have to build an image ol the CD - a big file containing all the data you wish to write on the CD. Stored together in blocks just as it should appear on the final disc. Secondly, this file needs to be written (with the aid of a CD writer) to a recordable disc.
The actual ISO image is an almost exact image of the final CD. Block try block. It includes all the file formal information, directors paths and so on. Since Amiga Cds are fairlv specialised, it is important to be able to fiddle around with these parameters.
ROCKY ROAD One w-ay of including extra support is to have a Rock Ridge extension. This is an adjunct to the ISO standard which was developed primarilv for Macintosh use. However, the .Amiga can hijack this iat ility, as most modern filing systems for the Amiga (sadly not including the Commodore one) can support this feature. Thanks to the MukeCJ) software, this feature can be used to include all the standard Amiga protection bits (instead ol just RWED supported by ISO9660).
So you can set archive, pure, script and hidden bits. Although it is a requirement that the users CD-file system must specifically support this feature, it is something which will be appearing in the next version of AsimCDI'X and we assume in later versions ol ArniCDI'S as well.
IN OPERATION Of course, one ol the most important things is how the software performs. Is it easy to use? Are tin- features uselul?
Does it actually work? I'm happy .to say that the answers to these questions are the same single word - Yes' MakeCD uses a series of well designed windows (which open on the Public Screen) to perform it's various tasks. You can read source data either from a filesystem device (such as a hard drive) or direct from a CD (although for audio functions, the source CD drive must support CDDA). A preferences menu will virtually set up the hardware configuration for you. And then you're all set to start cutting.
As well as standard ISO9660 Cds.
Makr(J) supports various other functions. You can automatically rename all ".info" files to be lower case (which solves conflicts under YVBI.3), opt for standard “PC" lilenaming. And a variety of Rock Ridge options. There are plenty of different image formats to choose from too. But most people will only be concerned with the “Amiga JSO9660" option. There are a set of preset options, corresponding to various Meeting Pearls Cds, but although you can save your preferences as defaults, there is no wav of adding your own selection of presets to the menu.
MakeCD also supports multi-session CD writing - this means that you can record 011 part of a CD. Then write other tracks to it at a later date (this is how PhotoCD discs work). It is also possible to delay "fixing up" the disc until later, something not possible with the likes of MasterlSO, and something which could l e useful if vou are dealing with a tight amount of disc space.
Although there is no manual as such with this version of the software, the on-line help (in the form of bubble lielpl and die text file 011 disk will give most CD-literate users the information they need. People new to CD-ROMs and CD writers may need to look elsewhere Ill's! Though.
MASTER STROKE Another stunning innovation included
* -n*i-_ ,1 r I 1MN. LI* •*.[.» LI1 I•*•* U* •»*«•• u* ¦* J U
¦* “•* E I I» « W. _J ClIt _| I T* r*i*. Maw!fc-wagPT! H ¦ I
JfcJ -trJ .l=J I _ISj JU J-aj MakeCD allows a huge range of
options to be set. Including CD12 support.
TRY IT YOURSELF The shareware version of MakeCD is included on this month's CD ROM. So you can try out the features mentioned here for yourself.
In Mtikri J) is ihe ability to create Cds asvnchronouslv. I bis means that the actual ( 1) is ( ut at the same time as the ISO image *s generated. Although this feature is still really in the “experimental" stage (you will have to test it 011 your specific equipment first, as it is more demanding on your SdSI interface, buffer memory and drives) it does mean you have the potential to master (IDs without having a huge amount of free disk space for the intermediate ISO image file.
On the whole this software pushes forward the boundaries of Amiga (ID writing. The interface is flexible and simple, (although I do advise running in a largish screenmode, as there can be a lot of windows to navigate between) the software appears to l»e very stable and it docs it's job vers well. O Distributor Angela Schmidt Patrick Ohly. Klosterweg 28 1501. 76131 Karlsruhe. Germany.
Email: Angela.SchmidtSstud.uni- karlsruhe.de PRICE: licenses from DM30 SPEED: ••••0 Seems to be on a par with other software of this type.
MANUAL: ••100 Non-experts may get lost ACCESSIBILITY: •••00 Quite a few windows - it may not be dear what's going on in all of them.
FEATURES: ••••0 What hasn't it got?
VALUE: ••••0 Low personal licence fee is excellent.
OVERALL VERDICT: Certainly the best CD-ROM software for the Amiga at the moment.
NEW FREE AMIGA DRIVER DISK Magnum 68030 68040 6 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 25 40 or 50MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclockeo) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? Up to 32mb of RAM can be added ? Kickstart Remapping ? Optional SCSI-II interface ? Can accommodate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM ? 68040 60 have built-in FPU. 68030 card has optional PLCC PGA type FPU (Floating Point Unit) ? Battery Backeo Clock Calender ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't voio WARRANTY ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE SO YOU CAN STILL USE | products such as OverDrive HD or CD Zappo
CD-ROM or Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase of 2.3 times - 2.88mips ? Available wiih 0,2,4 oh 8MB of 32-Bit RAM INSTALLED ? USES STANDARD 72-PIN Simms ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (FLOATING POINT UNIT) ? BATTERY BACKED Clock Calender ? Finger CutOut to help Installation ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't VOID WARRANTY ? 0-4MB - PCMCIA COMPATIBLE (for USE WITH OVERORIVE.
Squirrel etc.) ? Zero Waite State Design.
5. 5 O DIRECTORY ¦¦¦ pus5 HOW SHIPPING The BEST just got BETTER!
After 12 months of further DEVELOPMENT OPUS 5.5 IS NOW READY
Mode ? Workbench Replacement Mooe dramatically enhanced ?
OpusFTP capabiuty to access Internet FTP sites with a uster ?
Borderless Button banks ? Filetype-specific pop-up menus ?
Cybergraphics RTG supported ? Independent Hotkeys ? Script
system to execute commands upon events ? Multiple custom menus
with sub items ? Automatic Filetype Creator to create and test
Colour re-mapping of button icon images with support | for
'Magic Workbench' etc. ? Selectively hioe unwanteo drive icons
? Clipsoaro support for cut, copy and paste in gadgets ' 6
Listers ? Resize, Iconify, and scroll busy Listers while susy
? Icon ano Lister snapshots are stored separately from
Workbench - so you coulo snapshot your CD-ROM icons!
? Listers can now oisplay a background picture pattern ? Internal Opus CLI to quickly test commands & Arexx I scripts ? Many new internal commanos ano | many new Arexx commands have been added OR EXTENDED WITH NEW FEATURES. YOU CAN Workbench 2 + & Hard Disk Required NOW EVEN ADO YOUR OWN INTERNAL COMMANDS! £ RAM8 Omb (49n 4mb £89,, 8mb £119,4 16mb N A 32*b N A RAM8s33MHz FPU £79.99 £119,4 £149,9 N A N A 68030 25MHz & FPU £99.49 £139,, £169.44 £209.44 £279.„ 68030 40MHz £12944 £169,4 £199.44 £239.4, £309„ 68030 40MHz & FPU £14994 £189,4 £219„ £259*4 £329„ 68030 50MHz £16944 £209.4, £239.4,
£279.4, £349,, 68040 25MHZ £24994 £289,4 £319,4 £359,4 £4299, 68040 40MHz £32944 £369,4 £399.. £439„ £509.4, 68060 50MHz £499,4 £539„ £56944 £609,, £679„ 49 OPUS 112 . £50 Yes, at long last, a professional way to install a high CAPACITY HARD DISK WITHOUT CARDBOARD & GLUE! OUR PACKS OFFER YOU OUR EXCLUSIVE AND COPYRIGHTED BRACK-lT 1 200 FITTING SYSTEM & A CHOICE OF HIGH SPEED LOW COST HARD DISKS.
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• High Quality SONY Drive ? Robust Metal Case ? Anti-Cuck as
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System Quarterback Disk Suite
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AmfA, . At*.
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CyberSCSI + lUI ADIT Fasten your seatbelts and | | prepare for the CyberSCSI.
Simon Goodwin reveals how you can connect up to seven SCSI 2 fast drives to your Cyber-Amiga.
N a» C«c'.
OO ount E?
53 ' m ill Mm m CkitfMi eft] x ciioi nmui 1(1.1 TioHft rltMHIon Timeout No lun Hetvleoilon Hall the si e. Much simpler and with built-in 'flash' ROM - the Mark 2 CyberSCSI adaptor differs greatly from its predecessor. You can’t mix and match parts but the Mark 2 is much simpler because it no longer hits a built-in software driver. Instead of memorv on the S(’.SI board, the driver slots into a 'flash' ROM 011 die Cyberstorm itself.
The term 'flash' refers to the fact that the ROM contents are not truly permanent - they ran Ire updated with special software. It means users can upgrade armed with nothing more than a cheap update disk.
In practice it's still necessary to open the computer to move the jumper and the update only works from the shell 011 an unconfigured computer, so installation remains a hit of a bind.
I found the computer would not start up at all with the jumper set! I had to boot with it open, then close the link and run the update software. This went without a hitch and the St -SI interface was recognised thereafter. The manual warns of problems if the update fails or is interrupted part-way through.
SOFTWARE The SCSI Tools disk contains 5(H)K of files, including the vital MK2L'pDate utility. SCSKUtnfig is an alternative to Commodore's HDToolbox. It doesn't really do anything new, and Phase 5 warn that it may have trouble recognising disks formatted with other controllers.
UnitControl provides some extra SCSI-specific options. The other PERFORMANCE I hc CyberSCSI adaptor uses impressively simple hardware - one custom chip, a timing crystal, and the
K. AS21 6 SCSI 2 FAST controller.
I tested the board with hard drives taken straight oil other Amigas and they worked straight away although I took the precaution of making copies first. If you ignore the advice in the manual and lose a drive or partition, you've only yourself to blame.
Tlie SCSI interface is t|uite transparent in operation - the drop in CPU performance ranges from around 15 per cent 011 a very busy machine to under 5 per cent when Cl’l' and SCSI activities are essentially independent. It helps to move data in large blocks, as the interface interrupts the processor briefly after each transfer.
Unlike the Warp Engine and 41)91.
CylierSCSI doesn't delay interrupts from other cards when busy. Resulting in good performance even when networking or sampling data at high speeds.
The board comes with two rabies and the controller's SCSI ID is fixed at seven, so vou can't put two Cyberboards 011 one S( !SI bus. Sharing drives, as you could with most Zorro controllers.
Options control die protocol used to communicate with each drive, and are best left alone unless von know exactly what you're doing.
Other programs include Cdrii** CD-ROM handler.
And IhufimiCjifhf.
There’s no socket 011 the board for a drive activity light! You need to wire up a light for every drive yourself, which might look pretty on a fully loaded Amiga but seems inelegant.
VERDICT If you’ve already got a Cyberstorm Mark 2. This is the SCSI controller for you. It directly accesses tin- fast memory 011 the main Cyberstorm hoard, making it faster and more transparent than anv
Z. orro-bascd controller.
The Cyberstomi-tSCSI comlxi brings Phase 5 in line with all-in-one accelerators like the GVP 060 and Warp Engine, hut at a lower price. The combined unit is bigger and you get internal and external 50 way SCSI connectors at no extra cost.
The combination price of £670 reflects Motorola's new more realistic pricing for the 68060 chip. Now that Phase 5 have sorted out their SCSI problems, the performance of current 68060 hoards is much of a muchness and availability should now be a major consideration. O SPEED: ••••• Only limited by your drives.
MANUAL: •••00 Fine on hardware, scant on software.
ACCESSIBILITY: ••••0 Much better than Mark 1.
FEATURES: ••••0 A pity it's fixed at ID 7.
VALUE: • • • • • At £90 it's good value for money.
OVERALL VERDICT: If you've already got a Cyberstorm Mark 2. This is the SCSI controller for you.
Distributor: Harwood 01773 836781 PRICE: £89.95 REQUIREMENTS: Cyberstorm Mark 2 ?
Amiga 3000 4000(T) Zorro cards are often used to add memory, graphics accelerators and fast drive adapters. But they're jusl as well suited for more mundane interfaces like serial and parallel ports. That’s where the Multilace 3 and It) Kxpandcr come in.
F'.acli adds another two serial ports and one parallel poll to the standard Amiga.
PARALLEL PORTS how to add extra serial and parallel ports to his Amiga.
This screen shows some of the GVP tools in action.
It may be necessary to run the patch program for best results.
Parallel ports were devised in the 1970s to connect computers and printers. They're mainly used for output, but they can read data, given appropriate software. The Amiga paiallel port is commonly used to read 8-bit audio samples and digitised images from scanners.
Kiev can connect printers and plotters but are more often used with modems.
This becomes a demanding application as modem speeds increase.
Serial ports can also send and receive notes and control information for synths. Sound processors and keyboards. The standard for musical signalling is called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).
MIDI adapters for the 25 pin Amiga serial port ate cheap and widely available, but existing MIDI programs often talk directly to the hardware, with no support lot extra ports.
TESTING Both tin- products are Zorro 2 cards, which work on any Amiga with internal Zorro slots. Thev come with software drivers which must be installed into a Workbench 2 or 3 system to bring the board to life. Both suppliers use the quick and friendly Commodore installer.
Once the software has Ireen loaded bv the BindDrivers command in vour startup-sequence.
Programs can select the interface’s In name. Rather than Commodore's parallel.device and serial.device, the interfaces are known as gvppar.device and gvpser.device. or pit.device and duart.device for the BSC board.
I tilities let you tweak the serial configuration and intercept attempts to open a device, substituting a new name and unit number. This is a neat wav to make programs which call for a Commodore interface use a Zorro one.
But it handles every request the same way. Limiting its usefulness.
The back panel of each board has room for a 25-pin parallel connector.
Like the standard Amina one. And a cut- down nine pin serial connector, which carries the essential signals but lacks some embellishments ol the original RS-232 and Amiga implementation.
The nine pin socket is a cost-c tilting measure from the PC. Market. Modern mice, tablets and modems often come with the required t able, but standard serial devices will need a 25 lo nine pin adapter. There's no room lor a second serial port on the back panel, so it is routed to a connectoi on the Zorro card inside the Amiga.
BSC MULTIFACE 3 The Multifare 5 card was designed by IkSC in Cermanv, since taken over l A14-1 nion. And manufactured in Taiwan In AllaDala. It's a small cart I with a simple, rather old-fashioned design, using socketed Motorola interface t hips and a handful of glue' logic parts to convert them to the Zorro 2 standard.
BS ! Supplv tile best parallel port software. This includes I'lhul. A version ol ParNet re-coded for the Multiface port. And a driver for F.pson parallel port scanners. The serial ports are adequate but not exceptional, running at a top speed ol I 15200 bits per second. The second port uses a proper 25-pin connector on a living lead, unlortunateh clogging another Zorro card edge out e installed The Mitltiface documentation is a neat, well-printed paperback book, with about 00 pages ol Knglish text and diagrams.
It's clear and well written, onlv lacking in two respects it does not explain the hardware port mapping, for people who might wish to use the board from other environments like I nix.
Net BSD or Amiga Qdos, and there is very little information alrout MIDI, although MIDI support is claimed on the box.
The book savs that a timing crystal soldered onto the board must be changed before the Multilace 5 can work at the peculiar MIDI speed ol 31250 bits per second. I followed the instructions, but could not select the MIDI rale. Phone calls and email messages to AB-l’nion in Germany went unanswered. I cannot recommend this hoard for MIDI applications.
GVP IO EXTENDER (•VP's Input Output Extender is slightly higger and more complicated, assembled in the L'SA with modern sui face-mount techniques. It's a good looking board, although some features, such as a ROM socket and RS122 ‘feature connector', have not been implemented.
GVP let you re-direct port requests from the Workbench. BSC require shell commands, hut they do not support parallel port networking or scanners.
This parallel port is strictly for printing.
Power Computing's PowcrScan only works with the motherboard port, even though it comes from the same firm as the IO Extender! At top speed the GVP serial ports can rival Pa met, when used with PD Pronet software, but it's not included and you’ll require an IO Extender at each end foi full speed.
MIDI is supported bv the CA P Ixurd - you just select the required rate in the serial preferences - but I've never seen an Amiga MIDI interface with a nine-pin connector. Power Computing offers nine or twenty five pin sockets for the second serial port, as an optional extra.
The GVP hardware is impressive hut the documentation is not: a stapled bundle of uneven photocopied pages, vague and poorly printed. The key information for anyone hoping to write alternative hardware drivers is provided in a disk file, hut that's your lot. You’d also need a copy of the manual for the StarTech interface chip which handles all three ports, which I found, albeit in Amiga-unfriendly PDF format, on the StarTech web page.
The StarTech s top speed is an impressive ( 14400 hits per second. It has 16 bytes of buffering on each channel, reducing the risk of data loss and the load on the main processor.
Some other Zorro Ixiards cause problems bv blocking interrupts during drive access - these include the Cybersiorm 1. Warp Engine. 4091 and some of CAT's own boards. In this case you may need to run 'dVPpalrh’. Which is supplied, to reduce the si e of SGSI data transfers during last serial activity.
L. ’nlike BSC!, who provide full pinout details. GVP do not
document the 'standard' nine pin serial port. This is
generally useful information, even if you do not own an Amiga
expansion card, so Formal romps to the rescue with two
diagrams that show the 25-pin and nine pin connectors.
The DTE one is the original RS-232 standard, used on Amigas. Atari Sts and older PC Is. The nine pin one is used on later Pcs, laptops and SAM micros.
Each diagram is a 'jigsaw' piece so you GVP IO Extender Distributor Power Computing 01234 273000 PRICE: £69.95 (2nd serial connector £10) REQUIREMENTS: Any Amiga with internal Zorro slots SERIAL ••••• Fast, buffered, MIDI.
PARALLEL •••OO Just for printers.
MANUAL ••000 Power's Achilles' heel.
VALUE: ••••0 Cheap by Zorro standards.
OVERALL VERDICT: Serious Serial ports at last!
Can lit two together - whether the same 01 different
- to find out how to make a cable to connect a pair of ports. The
diagrams come from Mark Swift's documentation for Amiga Qd »
3.20. CONCLUSION There’s nothing to stop you filling up your
machine with these cards if you run a bulletin board or simple
network, and need lots of serial ports - but there's anothei
option which requires less Zorro spac e. The new Spider
interface provides e ight serial ports on one card, with its
own RISC, processor.
We'll Ik- bringing you a review of the Spider vcrv soon.
Most people will be happv with just a printer and one or two extra serial ports, and in that case, either the Multiface 3 01 I O Extender will serve you well. HS ! Have the edge in parallel port handling, thanks to the extra software the supply, while the GVP board has superior serial interfaces and is cheaper il you can get by with a lone nine-pin serial port. Thev're compatible if you want both at once.
Support for other operating systems is lacking, and both firms need to sharpen up their tec luiical support but both products are reasonably priced and till a real need. O BSC Multiface 3 Distributor Golden Image 0181 900 9291 PRICE: £79.95 REQUIREMENTS: Any Amiga with internal Zorro slots SERIAL
• ••00 OK but unexceptional.
• •••0 Useful input drivers.
• •••0 It's almost all there.
• ••OO Reasonably priced.
OVERALL VERDICT: Works fine, but no MIDI.
73% 1 dXnlDWB© £115 99 £12599 £145-99 £155-99 £169-99 £229-99 £249-99 £139-99 £12-50 £134-99 £Call £Call £20-00 £35-00 £40-00 £75-00 £80-00 ( £89-99 £149-99 £219-99 £289-99 £159-99 £569-99 £84-99 £89-99 £129-99 £239-99 £319-99 £479-99 £74-99 CO S-Co?
Ct) & =3 A) Our hard drive prices are reviewed on a weekly basis - call for latest pricing 2-5" 80mb £84-99 2-5" 420mb £124-99 2 5" 1 Gig £199-99 2-5" drives subject to availability IBEeTeBOTBS Apollo 1230 Lite Apollo 1230 Pro Apollo 1240 25 Apollo 1240 40 Blizzard 1230-1V Blizzard 1260 SCSI-II kit for 1230 Magnum 030 25 Magnum 030 40 Magnum 040 25 Magnum 040 40 Magnum 060 50 SCSI-II kit for Magnum s 3-5" EIDE 540mb 3-5" EIDE 850mb 3-5" EIDE 1 Gig 3-5" EIDE 1 -2Gig 3-5" EIDE 1 -6Gig 3-5" EIDE 2-OGig 3-5" EIDE 2-5Gig PowerScan b w £74-99 PowerScan Colour £159-99 Highly acclaimed parallel-port
fitting scanners for the A600 1200, high magazine reviews Epson GT5000 SCSI £399-99 Epson GT5000 Parallel £399-99 Our memory SIMM prices are reviewed on a weekly basis - call for latest pricing OUR ADVICE! BUY NOW TO AVOID CHRISTMAS PRICE SURGES!
Iomega ZIP Drive SCSI ZIP Cartridges (each) SyQuest EZ Drive SCSI Iomega JAZ Drive SCSI JAZ Carts (1 gig each) 72Pin 4mb (70ns) 72Pin 8mb (70ns) 72Pin 8mb (60ns) 72Pin 16mb (70ns) 72Pin 16mb (60ns) MEMORY SIMMs FAX MODEMS i A600 2mb Upgrade £19-99 A1200 4mb Upgrade £65-99 A1200 8mb Upgrade £89-99 33mhz FPU w Crystal £34-99 50mhz FPU w Crystal £65-99 9600 Modems 14400 Modems 33600 Modems £49-99 £59-99 £99-99 Our modem packs cannot be beaten! All units include free access to our BBS Midnight Express, where you can download 1000's of PD and Shareware programs for your Amiga - free of charge.
24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Information on accessing the Internet with your Amiga is also included...FREE!
Megatronix (UK) BBS See us on the World Wide Web at: Unit 3 Meeting Lane Trading Estate ¦ i , oi384 86-56-26 www.wodeD.com ~mh Workbench Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
A600 EXPANSION I've been a subscriber and great fan of your excellent magazine for a good few years now and I could do with some buying advice 1 have an Amiga A600 with an internal hard drive fitted by myself, a I Mb trapdoor expansion and an external floppy drive. I would like a new Amiga but have instead decided to upgrade my current model and wait to see what Viscorp.
Phase 5 or whoever have to offer.
I enjoy 31) modelling with your excellent Imagine 2.0 and Real 3 K'.overdisk programs and have decided I need more power. I am interested in buying the Turbo 620 from Power Computing. I plan to get the board first and then possible add 8Mb 72-pin SJMM at a later dale, however before I buy the board I have some questions.
1. I already have a 2.5 inch internal hard drive, trapdoor
expansion and an extra floppy drive all drawing power from my
Amiga's standard 60VV power supply. Would I be able to run the
accelerator and extra RAM without having to buy a new power
supply such as the Goliath or could my current power supply be
capable of running both the extra processor and extra RAM? (I
don't mind removing the external drive as 1 don't use it
2. If I do purchase the 62(1 and fit it with an 8Mb SIMM will it
disable the PCMCIA interface? I've heard some older A1200
accelerator cards do and I would like to have the option of
buying the Surf Squirrel some time in the future.
3. As the 68000 in the A600 is surface mounted to the
motherboard. I've heard that the A620 has to be installed
"piggy-back" on top of the processor. If this is true can I
still use my internal hard drive? The hard drive in my machine
covers up the 68000 and installing the accelerator would
surely mean relocating the hard drive.
4. As the Turbo A620 has a "standard 72-pin" SIMM socket does
this mean I can use SIMM advertised for P( )'s such 72-pin,
non-parity, 32- bit SIMM? If so what speed should I buy?
6. I have an old IBM PCCC VGA monitor. Can I use my Amiga with
this monitor if I buy an adaptor or do I need a multisync PC
monitor that will sync down to 15KHz? I don't mind if I still
have to use a TV to play games.
Richard Guest Retford, Notts
1. It's very probable that the existingpmcer supply would
suffice. The 68020 used in the accelerator you want isn 7
renowned for being greedy with power.
2. Ft slwuldn 7, as the extra memory is mnfrfteil into the
68020's address space and shouldii 7 overlap any of the space
taken up by the PCMCIA port.
J. Yes. The accelerator card clips on top of the 68000.
If your hard drive is covering the 68000. You will need to move the hard dnve somewhere else. Where. I don 7 know.
¦I. Yes, it's a standard SIMM socket which means almost any SIMM should suffice, but don 7 touch EDO ones. For this speed of accelerator, I'm sure even a 80ns one would do.
5. No, the monitor won 7 work with the A600.
Now for the severe buying advice. Forget the A600.
It s too limited. The A600 accelerator card is difficult lo fit. And certainly the one I used in my A600 simply didn 7 work. We were told they were going to be redesigned, but really don 7 see how it can get much better: a socket which clips onto another surface mounted 68000 is nei’er going to be reliable. Also, if you don 7 get any RAM for it, you won 7 notice much of an inipim'ement at all.
My advice would be to sell the A600 if possible, and buy a second hand A1200 instead. Take the hard drive from the A600 and stick it into the A1200. Use any spare money to gel a 4Mb trapdoor memory upgrade for the A1200 (you ran 7' use the A600 memory expansion in the A1200). You 'II be much better off in the long run.
MEMORY SHORTAGE My computer set-up is as follows: A1200, 64Mb GVP hard disk and a Power Computing CD- ROM drive via PCMCIA. As you can see the next item required desperately is extra CD MEANS PC?
I am thinking of buying a CD-ROM drive for my Amiga 1200. Please tell me if I could use Microsoft software such as Windows or any PC software with an Amiga with a CD-ROM.
Can you use personal CD players instead of CD-ROM drives if you get the correct leads?
I also have a half Gb hard drive, would this help in the running of a CD-ROM?
David Turpie Darlington, Co. Durham Simply buying a CD-ROM drive for an Amiga, does not make it PC compatible. In fact it's got absolutely nothing do with it Instead you need a PC emulator for the Amiga, which makes it act like a PC.
Currently there is only one (and I don't mean Highlander) software emulator I'd recommend, called PC Task. It can just about run early versions of Windows and other basic PC software.
No. Irs not just a matter of leads. Most personal CD players are not SCSI compatible: they simply don't contain the hardware necessary to connect to a computer. Having a hard drive is commendable, but makes no difference to using a CD-ROM drive.
Memory. I purchased an Apollo 120(1 with 4Mb RAM installed and tried to install it but it just didn't fit very well and I couldn't put the cover back on. Worse still, when I switched on my Amiga the hard disk spun up but that was as far as it would go.
I tried the jumpers to see if it was the extra RAM and with the CD-ROM drive removed, it made no difference. I sent it back and received Continued overleaf • «e a replacement bv leliirn wiill the same problems. I returned ibis and requested a refund as they could oiler no useful advice. My questions are: YOUR PROBLEMS SOLVED
I. Is there anything wrong with my Amiga? If so. Any ideas?
'2. Is the Apollo incompatible with my Amiga? II so. Why?
3. Is there anywhere near me where I could purchase an
accelerator memory expansion and have it installed?
I. As I have gone off the idea of an Apollo 12(10 (especially as
the component layout on the one I received did not look like
the picture in Siren's advertisement) any suggestions as to an
alternative perhaps with Smh RAM which does not clash with
5. Is there any real advantage of having an MMU?
I hope vou will be able to give some constructive advice as I am concerned about being able to use some of the more recent applications which require memory, such as Epic's Interactive Encyclopedia.
Colin Clifford-Smith Southampton, Hampshire
1. It 's unlikely there is anything wrong with the Amiga itself.
If there were, yon definitely would lime seen other symptoms
before now. It's possible you didn V fit the memory card
properly: it should fit home snugly, and he possible to
refilace the trapdoor without problems. I've seen some AMIGAs
which seem to require the expansion cards to be fitted
"up-side down ~ in order lo work - don 7 weary, there is a
sfieetnl key which makes sure the raid is llir right way up
for your Amiga - as they seem lo have a diffeient IH'.ll.
suppose il' possible that the memory card doesn ’I fit in your
Amiga for this reason, although I have my doubts.
2. It's not very likely that the memory expansion is incompatible
I'd guess al sevrralpossibilities: your power supply isn V up
to Ihe job Idid you try using the Amiga with the ('J)-ROM
drive removed I Dies ihe CD-ROM dine have it 's own power
supply ?i or the hard drive doesn 7 like Ihe memory expansion.
I've seen this happen before with older hard drives: the
aildition of the memory expansion speeds up the A 120(1 to
such an extent llial Ihe older drive can 7 boot up plof erly.
Sometimes a warm leset gels it cunning. Did you try using the
memory expansion without the hard drive connected!
To get the most out of Epic's Interactive Encyclopedia you really need to get your hands on some extra memory.
A. If there are no Amiga dealers mound, a competent IX or elri
Ironies repair shop should be able lo fit the card for yon.
Mail order is still the best way to gel A mi go hardware at
the moment.
¦I. The card in the advertisement's photograph could he an earlier revision of I'CII layout, or could use a diffeient colour of fibrrglass hoard: I wouldn 7 let that put you off. If you want to try a different make there are plenty about from suppliers such as Rower Computing till234 2730110) and Cordon Hardwoods 101773 H367RI).
AMIGA, PC AND APPLE I would like to partition the PC486 partition of my hard disk to IBM format and install Windows and PC software and run it all via an emulator. I am doing an Open University degree and need access to a PC to complete some of the modules which are supplied with software as part of the course.
I would also like to format a Macintosh partition for Mac use and run Mac applications. Is this at all possible? I was thinking of buying the Dataflyer SCSI interface and connecting a CD-ROM drive so that I could use PC and Mac Cds as well Amiga ones. I cannot use the PCMCIA Squirrel interface as the RAM board is 8Mb and disables this port.
James Bryce Stirling For the popular PC and Mac emulation packages, you don't strictly need to re-format a partition. All systems will allow a "hard file" to be created on an existing AmigaDOS partition. This is a huge file (the size of the hard drive you require - for example, 50Mb) which acts as a hard drive to the emulator. It's the simplest solution, but not as fast as a dedicated native partition.
If you are using a PC emulator such as PC Task, its possible to reformat a partition in PC format. Full details are given in the PC Task manual, and it does make a heck of a difference to performance. It makes it possible to install and run early versions of Windows, but its still not fast. In fact if you don't have a 68030 or better processor, its possible you may finish your degree before Windows finishes booting.
As with all software-based PC emulation, its best if you stick to running older MSDOS style software and not Windows software. Windows takes up too much memory and processor power at the best of times: through an emulator its almost unbearable.
1 Mac emulation is much better on the Amiga, as both machines share a common processor. Using the Emplant MacLite emulator or ShapeShifter. You can create a Mac format partition, and again this speeds up data access quite a lot. With 8Mb of RAM you will be able to run a lot of Apple software such as Word and Photoshop, although again a 68030 accelerator or better will help.
Both the PC and Mac emulation systems include device drivers for Mac and PC CD-ROMs, so if you get a CD-ROM drive they'll work with your emulated systems as well as the Amiga.
5. Yes. An MAH' is useful if you want to run virtual memory
programs, use debugging tools such as Enforcer or experiment
with Kukstart remapping. If none oj those thinly menu anything
to yon. Then their is no real advantage to you having an MAIL
1. 1 want to connect an AlitlOanil A12(H) together. Can I use a
null modem cable' The problem is the two computers are on
different rooms, on different floors of mv house. Is it
possible to run the cable outside the house, as one room is
above the other. I estimate the distance from port is about Ml
to lit feet. Will there be any data loss over this distance? I
have basic knowledge ol networking, so will I have to treat
this like a l_W. And use the A121MI as a filcscrvcr? I idcallv
want to access the hard drive on the A1200 from the AtitK).
2. I am also wondering il I should bin a CD- ROM drive. I want to
spend around £200. Hut I do not want something that takes
around a year to access disks. Also. St iSI would he an
advantage, because in the long term. I want to buy a Zip
drive, or something similar.
:s. If I buy a Zip drive, can I use I’t! Formatted Zip disks, that I saw advei tised in the Viking Direct catalogue (business supplies company, for the unknowing)?
4. I also own a Phillips CI i 220 with KMV cartridge. What
hardware would I need to bin to let me view video (4) movies
such as The Hunt for Red October, on the Amiga? Is it possible
on the Amiga? I read about the Super Squirrel MPEG pack from
Hisoft, but it is only a 2 speed drive. Will it he possible
to run this system on my memory situation?
I am also interested in writing to penpals all over the world. I product- a monthlv cat divk of nn I’D software, and I am willing to sw-ap anything!
Stephen Graham I’O Box S35J. Laras Ayrshire. Scotland KA308HG
1. Let. A null modem (aide i wind you need. .1 ftmil i uaUlx
shielded able should In1 able to strrh h for -III feet,
although you mux pud that xoti nerd to drop the baud rale pom
I' .21 Itt to 'llitlll or less.
2. Lev. C.lIROM drives me one.
I il gel one i I were you. I sr n Surf or ordinary St aiml and n SCSI CD-ROM drive. Yon should be able to get a i iuul speed drive for under £2t)(l.
I. liirmatling a ' drive is not n problem, so ilon V worry
about buying prr pnmattrd ones. Just get them as ilieuplx as
you ran.
4 lliso l I III 52’ 7ISISI have a box which will ConnerI to a SCSI CD-ROM drive and piny video Cds. ISMI) IIKI.MVI 12%.) I’lhs n as close as it gets jut a hardware solution taltlniugh I think SCAIA pmiliue nn MRRG replay Zorin mol for big box Amigas i I'herr are su twatr only solutions using various I'll Mi'll. Irplnx sijlwnre. Lull prrpirmann is pom so I wouliln 7 take them seriously.
COLOUR PRINTOUT I am mlcicsted iii taking single frames from mv video « aim order using Pro Cirab and then loading llicsc into liehixe Paint . To improve pit lure |tialii or lo make changes and finally pi int out a pit lure via Clcxidtimp .
I am looking lor a printer that will give near photographic |ualitv. A laser is the answci hut lather expensive, please advise on Epson (ioloui Stylus ’ 00 or Us and would mv E exidump he compatible. Also should I In- looking loi more RAM or a hard drive' Mr A. J. f iner Stone Staffs " rat Chotngraphii i iiahtx ~ is a very fuzzy term. suggest ou visit a computer dealer anti see an exam file ilumfi fiom some printers before sfientling an mane . I hot said, the Epson Stxlus is one of the best printeis aiounit, and you should be able to use it with Mexidump. Contact Eyetech lie : (II6J2
711IS5tas thrx have a dedicated driver fm the Stxlus.
Also, Deluxe Paint A is ven obi hat these da .
Tim Phnlogcim s - it s considerably better. The fust version nf this fun huge is available free fiom the Almathria Web site, and the second version is available pom most miga software drains. O IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and I wouldn't be more
easily Graeme Sandttord solvad by contacting the dealer from
whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Unfortunately we cannot reply personally.
Send your letters to Workbench. Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: (_ A500 A500 Plus A1200 A3000 A600 A1S00 A4000 C A1000 C A2000 Kickstart version O 1.2 O 1.3 Hard Disk: Manufacturer.
Extra RAM fitted - type. Six . (Mb) and manufacturer: Details of other hardware: NEWSGROUP OF THE MONTH DaMv&nA, Tayst, Beer, birds and bikes. If, like Darren Irvine, your interests are quite simple, you'll certainly enjoy surfing in his footsteps.
After several years on and off. Of floundering around in the rec.motorcydes newsgroup, trying to wade through the garbage, trying to make sense of the things Americans say, I finally sobered up long enough to notice that there is a UK specific equivalent, called appropriately enough uk.rec.motorcydes. If you’re a biker with access to the net then you should check out this site, for no other reason than it's pretty funny reading at times. Additionally, if you're one of the few Northern Ireland Amiga users who ride bikes that I don't know of (i.e. someone other than John Kennedy) drop into
ni.motorcydes and say hello.
CRANK This is a site that you really should check out.
I’m not usually a big fan of Zines but Crank really is something special. It's actually the online version of an underground magazine produced byJeffKoyen. Originally in Philadelphia and now in New York. Quite simply, it has some of the funniest articles and features that I've seen anywhere on the Net.
The feature in Crank number four on converting roadkill to explosive devices is particularly hilarious. Mind you, be warned, the subject matter is fairly adult-oriented, so I'd advise you to steer well clear of it if you're bothered by a bit of blasphemy and profanity (personally these are exactly the things that I like about the site).
As well as having hugely funny content, the site is well put together and visually attractive.
The only thing I can think of to complain about Crank is that some of the articles from the print version have been omitted from the web site. If you think your sides are up to a serious laugh, then Crank can be located at: http: www.btf.com crank TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY If you like techno then you'll probably have heard of Tokyo Ghetto Pussy. The Japanese girls behind TCP lend their particular viewpoint to pop orientated techno, and even if you're not a fan of this music you should check out this site to take the TGP Ego Test. Check it out at: http: www.
Sonymusic.de Music Dance Tokyo CAKE MAGAZINE ONLINE This is another online version of a print magazine, although slightly more mainstream oriented than Crank It has some excellent articles which arc well worth reading even if you don't think you'd be interested in the subject matter, which ranges from underground behavioural culture, such as body modification, to music reviews. They even have a few "interesting" fonts that you can download - we used 'Asswipe' for this tide.
Http: www.grunge.com
isn't exactly a friend of mine, more someone who's eccentric
orbit YOUR AMIGA ON-LINE The Return of Usenet Loser of the
Month M t- - evert more | I u » owe ol Cwtt c. Cake Magazine
is another good read on the web. With a few downloadable fonts
to add to the appeal.
It's been a few months now since I’ve singled out someone from the vast herd of lunatics inhabiting Usenet for my own particular brand of abuse. There have been a number of reasons for this, not least the threat of Formats lovely Andrea that I had better "stop insulting people or else". So. I had resolved to be a better person, nicer in every way. Every day, towards everyone that I met. This lasted about forty five minutes until John Kennedy phoned up asking to borrow my A1200 again, but I have managed to restrain myself in print for a few months now.
However, once in a while, even amongst the denizens of Usenet's alt hierarchy, an individual comes along who deserves a special mention.
This month, this dubious award goes to a nasty little specimen going by the name of Tim Sutter.
Mr. Sutter (tsutterOerols.com) in his infinite lack of wisdom has taken it upon himself recently to attempt to instigate a cross-posting flame war between three of alt's already pretty bizarre newsgroups: alt.slack, alt.life.sucks, and my own stamping ground alt.drunken.bastards. As well as setting up dozens of pointless crossposts, little Timmy thought it would be a good idea to send multiple copies of the same abusive, foul-languaged messages to the above groups - at the last count some five Hundred meaningless messages. Latest news is that Erols (a US ISP) have finally pulled his account,
but if he raises his ugly head again. I'll be calling on you loyal Format readers for a bit of support to drive him off the net permanently.
Occasionally intersects mine. In fact, E.S. isn't the sort of person you would like to call your friend at all. Since it doesn't do to get too close to someone for whom life is likely to end splashed across the front covers of the National Enquirer.
Mr Intei galactic's world is one of insanity and perdition, with a serious dollop of the surreal thrown in - just in case you thought things might Ik1 too normal. The opening page recommends that the site is best viewed with a "Psychic browser and astral galoshes", and believe me he means it.
If you like what you see on this site, you can catch more of E.S.’s alternative universe babbling on my favourite newsgroup (I'm not going to name it again, in case I land Our Esteemed and Illustrious Leader Mr. Veitch. Sir in trouble with the obscene publications squad
- I’ve mentioned it at least once elsewhere in this Amiga.Net).
For the descent into madness, set your browser for the heart of
fishness at: http: www.telepath.com path index.html
ALT.DRUNKEN.BASTARDS HOMEPAGE What can 1 say about this pager
It's the official homepage of the Usenet newsgroup of the same
name, and it is run by my friend Rob "Gon .o" Machado. It has
all the information and links you'll ever need 10 do with drink
and drinking on the Net. I beseech you to check it out (and
remember to tell Gonzo that I sent you) at:
http: www.primenet.com --aiachado dninkJttml XXXJOELS HOMEPAGE
XXXJoel is one of the most psychoticallv deranged people it has
ever been niv pleasure to meet. He is someone I can call a true
kindred spirit on the net. II you are not of a squeamish
disposition (and can stand a bit of abuse) check out is
homepage at: http: www.bway.net ~xxxjoel DARSY’S HOMEPAGE
Yes, it's the one you've been waiting for - my own homepage.
Far be it from me to be modest, hut this page is simply
outstanding. You will burn in the fires of hell for eternity if
you don't check out this site (yes. I’m desperate for visitors)
at: http:, www.geodties.com SoHo 1352 mainJitml You’ve
probably been reading through this article and fuming to
yourself about the self- indulgence of it all - af ter all who
am 1 to judge your tastes. But mv recommendation would be to
check out the sites before getting annoyed - thev rcallv are
all well worth a look. O ?
¦ 1 egj«f3
n. UvMnmlrti Welcome to the House Of Discount Madn where the
craziness is not cheap it’s FREE1 £ A couple of weeks ago I
appeared on Meridian TV's Cyber.Cafe programme, talking about
certain aspects of the Internet specifically how it related to
getting very, very drunk. They were quite nice about the fact
that my associates and I turned up somewhat the worse for
wear, and edited the programme so that I only looked a bit of
a drunken idiot rather than a completely useless drunken
moron. So for that small kindness they get a mention here. If
you feel inclined check out their homepage at:
http: www.meridian.tv.co.uk cyber GRUDGING MENTION iFREE FREE
Disks £ 59.95 NetConnect CD £ 59.95
33. 6 Modem £119.95
33. 6 Modem & NetConnect (CD or Disks) £154.95
33. 6 Modem + NetConnect for under £155! Amazing!
I DISKS COST £1.50 EACH. NO MINIMUM ORDER, ALL VIRUS-FREE AND USER-FRIENDLY 1 All games are on I disk and run on all Amigas unless otherwise stated.
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50p per CD for UK delivery £1 per CD for EU delivery £1.50 per CD ROW delivery £3 for 2-3 day delivery £4 for next day delivery £15 for Saturday delivery | UNDERGROUND P.D, 54 CARMANIA CLOSE, SHOEBURYNESS, ESSEX SS3 9YZ. TEL: 01702 295887 I 2 Name: ...... Amiga Model:.
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I I ...... Postcode:.
Save over £23 with Enterprise!
Buy NetConnect and get FREE connection to Enterprise (worth £20 e*. VAT or £23.80 inc. VAT)!
Send your order to: Postage and Delivery Active Software, PO Box 151, KMNMwpMM Darlington. County Durham. WtMMlu353£l2fi!3i!2M DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
CHAT CUENT] .mFinger m [FINGER CUENT] AmTerm *** ’ [NEW
COMMS BBS CUENT] & MUI 3.6 IsharewareI 33600 bpe DATA FAX modem
- true v34 Group 1,243 aend recefva FAX Enhanced AD PCM coding
Auto mode detection allows modem to connect wtth a modem that
la configured for differing connection modes Extended AT
command set Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future
specifications) BT and CE Approved Amiga aerial cable Included
Full "get started" documentation 5 year warranty - also
undergone rigorous Amiga teats Want to get connected?
Modem Offer & Specifications j PLATFORM GAMES ! Q 1)5 SUPER BLUE KID I ? 1036 NESOUICKGAME | ? 1318 INTRUDER ALERT | ? 1521 HAPPY MONSTER '? 1553 LANCE-O40T ID 1684 THE BIRDIES | ? 1701 HIDEOUS ,? 1462 CHARUE COOL
• ? 1572 Al 200 JIMMY5 j SPACE BLASTERS ' ? 1083 DE-GALAGA2 5 ¦
• ? 555 HUGO V2 5 DISK IQ875 MISSILES 2 DISK I ? 1062 MASH VI [?
1052 CHAR VII I ? 1168 S-TANKS V185 | ? 1468 SNAIL RACERS ¦ ?
? 1368 ALIENS F. P . ? 1445 10 C.W GAMES I ? 1448 METAMORPHI |
025 HUNTER PLUS [? 522 OSCAR CD Al 200 I ? 815 LEMMINGS PACK |
• ? 022 THE GOOS I ? 023 RIK DANGEROUS ¦ ? 1702 S.WOS MOON ? 026
HIGH OCTANE 2 .? 1057 Al 2 TURSO-JAM ¦ ? 1132 Al 2 LAST LAP | ?
1417 MANG FENDERS 2 ¦ ? 1506 AI200LEADLAP [? 1647 AI2
EXT-RACING I ? 1641 AI2 KNOCKOUT 2 | ? 974 FI EDITOR 96 ¦ ? 469
| ? 1171 2 DISK C ANGLER . ? 1373 ICE HOCKEY
• ? 1329 BASEBALL !? 1630 INTER CRICKET a ? 1669 TABLE TENNIS [?
[?ills UP TO DATE VI '? 1462 SOLUTIONS V2 | ? 1653 SOLUTIONS V3
? 296 RISK (GLOBE WAR| ? 476 CHESS GAMES ? 1443 L61AD0ERS
1623 FLEET 2 MEG ? 1671 BREED 1996 ? 1503 ANGST 4 DISK PUZZLER
GAMES ? 953 CHANEOUE 2 DISK ? 914 JINX A1200 2 DISK ? 1066
1270 DOOM RAVES ? 1213 ART CORE ? 1271 PIXEL STORMS ? 1302
1087 SHAKKAIAKKA ? 1105 OXYGENE VI ? 1104 7 OISK OXYGENE ? 1453
070 GRAPHIC unis ? 133 FRAC LAND ButlD ? 1460 A TO 2 PANT ?
AI7 APLAYER ? 200 £FX TRACKER ? 1681 PROTRACKER 3 5 ? 094
? 342 AMIGAOEUS ? 213 0«3I CONCERT V2 ? 248 EXPRESSION V2 ? 473
619 DRUMS 2 DISK ? 1588 5 DISK DANCE SAM ? 1666 URBAN 6 DISKS ?
VI.3 ? 414 V20TOV30 ? 313 VI .3 TO V2 0 ? 1779 MESSY SID VOU
VIRUS ? 160 M.V.K PLUS ? 1440 VIRUS CHECK 6 4 AMIGA UTILITIES ? 1076 AGA TOOL BOX ? 612 4 OISK TOOL KIT ? 1629 UNARCHIVER DM DISK & SYSTEM ? 166 SYSTEM TESTER ? 467 FILE UNDELETE ? L94 DISK OpnMISE ? 245 FIX OISK ? 168 HARDWARE MANUAL AMIGA EDUCATION ? 766 GEOGRAPHY ? 532 MATHS 5 DISKS ? 644 ENGUSH 4 DISK ? 486 LANGUAGES 4 OtSK ? 270 PLANETS 6 DISK ? 304 ENGINES 5 DISK ? 059 AMIGA TUTORIAL ? 1123 WORLD HISTORY ? 1360 AIGUIDE TUTOR The Gecko is an external solution to allow Amiga users to utilize standard VGA SVGA monitors | The Gecko comes with the main unit, power Ivv supply, and cubic. The
Gecko connects directly to the Amiga RGB port and supports many modes.
• Approximate Dimensions: 4 W x 6"D x 2 ‘H
• Power: Auto-sw itching I KV220V external Power Supply.
• Modes: NTSC. PAL. DBL NTSC and PAL. Productivity Modes, and
Video Toaster Support.
GERMANY k&l 02-21-923-0435 02-21-23-4802 (Fi KOLN CANADA I egendarv 519-753-6120 519-753-5052 tFi ONTARIO PO Box 1K25. Manassas. Virginia 20108-1825 t’SA. 703-330-7290.703-330-5752 (FAX) Internet: slnlpaw( *ix.neicom.com. CompuServe : GO SPAW (Amiga Vendor Forum) The PAWS (Portable Amiga Workstation) kit contains Case. 10.4” Active Matrix LCD. LCD Panel Driver (NTSC and PAL), laptop Power Supply. Ability to utilize laptop batteries that can be recharged internally (Duracell DR31 NiMH). Microtrackball. Link-lt. And APS Power Management Software.
• Dimensions: IH"W * 12 "D x 4 "H. 11 pounds in weight (Fully
Loaded System!
• Power: Auto-sw itching I KV220V external Power Supply Internal
monitonng circuit for battencs warns users of low power
situation and charges battencs when system is oft
• Batteries: Duracell DR3I Laptop Batteries or Compaq hxtended
Life Battery
• Battery Ufe: Average continuous battery life 1.25 hours.
Average normal battery life 2 hours.
• LCD: 640 x 480 Active Matnx Colour Panel 10.4" Diagonal
PAWS 1200 (Portable Amiga Workstation) ISA FRANCK (dll your favour!Ir Nerrlr Micro dealer or Suenl Pa» 30-42-777 at Ihe numbers helow 30-42-7732 F LSSOl Siamese System available now from HiQ Limited Call on 01525 211327 HiQ Limited JfcH The Storage and System Design Specialists TEL 01525 211327 Hit) Lid. I nil 1, Gable End. 2 The Square, llockliffe. Bedfordshire LIT 9NB AT LAST - A MAGAZIME THAT TELLS YOU WHAT THE MET IS FOR!
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• This CD requires WB 2 3, 3Mb RAM a hard drive and a CD-ROM
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01234 273000 68020EC 0MB RAM 68020EC 4MB RAM £99 95 £ 189.95 44 A B STANLEY STREET BEDFORD MK41 7RW TEL: 01234 273000 FAX:01234 352207 EMAIL: sales©powerc.
Demon.co.uk BLIZZARD 50 BARE BLIZZARD 50 2MB BLIZZARD 50 4MB BLIZZARD 50 8MB BLIZZARD 50 16MB £159.95 £189.95 £209 95 £239.95 £289.95 PRICES INC. VAT Back Issues Treat yourself to a back issue of Amiga Format. It costs just £5 for a back issue complete with Coverdisks or £5.50 for the new AFCD version.
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• Connects to PCMCIA Port
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10. ., SPEAKERS | yojrSPEj
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RRPxmr.- £159 £7" Inc VAT OW 9611 AMIGA M-1438S!££
• 14', 28mm Dot Pllcn
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AMI UK For the A600 A1200 £14 17" COLOUR MONITOR A1200 COMPUTER
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inc uai mon s 77 nimmo «-:ti £399 £499 AMC 3039 Inc VAT 3 5'
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VAT - ORI 3605 WORMS ASW 6192 I Uses J A4 Aifttrvs (rwf inc t
.99 • £9 AMC 3199 Inc VAT £24 iliC'A MAIL ORDER & BROCHURES
Knightsbridge please s 7 In DEBENHAMS PLEASE SEND ME FURTHER
INFORMATION ON AMIGA ‘Hanods w n«, Knightsbridge Debenhams imm
Arndale Centre Debenhams ammo. 97ArgyleStreet Debenhams
Queensv ay BOLTON Silica 16-18 Bradshawgate To: Silica.
Anglo House. Forsyth Road. Woking, Surrey, GU21 5RU GUILDFORD Debenhams imm Milibrook Debenhams wm St James Barton PI _John Dalton Street Silica 17-19 Clayton Street Debenhams mm.
Debenhams eate- Station Road Silica 112 London Road OPENING SOON Silica Fredenck Street HARROW HEADINGTON Imtial(s) NEWCASTLE Debenhams mmi Prospect Street CHELMSFORD Debenhams imm 27 High Street CHELTENHAM Silica 10 Pitville Street Debenhams m a»i Westgate Street Debenhams mm The Moor ica Silica Silica Debenhams imm Silica 116-118 Foregate Street Si ... Postcode .... Tel (Homey Tel
tWoitki: Which compute,(s). D any. Do you own?
502 SiNca 22 Lord Street THURROCK Debenhams mm Lakeside Centre Silica 11-13 Clifford Street Silica 52 Tottenham Court Road EDINBURGH Silica 141 George Street YORK Debenhams ,mm 334 Oxford St GLASGOW Silica 100 Stockwell Street YOUR HELPING HAND TO GETTING THE BEST FROM YOUR SOFTWARE OCR DRAWING A WAGE Have you've ever looked at games graphics and thought that you could do better? Jason Jordache has all the advice you need to get started in this competitive industry.
REAL 3D 2 Real 3D 2 has some really powerful animation tools. Graeme Sandiford shows you how to fly your spacecraft in this month's Real 3D 2 tutorial.
AREXX In the second part of our recursive tree sorts tutorial Paul Overaa reveals how you can implement these sort trees into your own programs.
MULTIMEDIA Swipes and shimmys - whatever effects you want to incorporate into your presentation, Ben Vost has advice on all the available programs and hardware.
BLITZ John Kennedy buttons up and adds even more gadgets and useful controls (or general fiddly bits) to his Blitz browser.
Well, what a lucky bunch of reader's you are. To kick off the new year we have instituted if not one but two new series for 5 i you. The first of these is a long II L fl overdue look at Music-X. This flY w featured as an AF coverdisk '“J ' back in issue 68, and proved very popular due to it's great sequencing and MIDI capabilities. We did run a huge tutorial series at the time, but so many of you have asked us to run more tutorials that we have finally 1 given in, and Darren sets out on a quest to fulfil your wishes this month.
Also, we have the rather long overdue second part of a series by Jason Jordache, concentrating on creating graphics for games. Jason's work used to appear regularly Nick Veitch n fhe Gallery section, and now he has a full time job working for games developers Bullfrog (of Syndicate fame) - so hopefully he should know what he's talking about.
Of course, all your regular favourites are still here. Paul Overaa will be concluding his look at binary trees, Graeme attempts to fly his spacecraft, Ben gets all swish with digital video effects and John Kennedy is convinced he is still appearing in panto (well, he keeps muttering about "buttons" and things).
That should be enough to keep you going - have a really excellent new year!
We need your input.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series? Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: AREXX Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do?
PAINT PACKAGES Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
REAL 3D2 Is their some basic model you would like to create but don't know how to?
Mr. Sandiford is master of the splines.
Contact us at: AF Creative, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath. BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting “Creative" in the subject line.
MUSIC-X Our brand new tutorial designed to help you get the most from Music-X.
Mul-X TUTORIAL fifTN ®msic-X Find out how to really get the most out of Music X in the first part of our brand new tutorial. Darren Irvine is the man who knows his melodies.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction and basic sequence recording Chapter 2: Basic sequence editing and creating a song Chapter 3: Effects - cross fading & the swing processor Chapter 4: construction techniques Chapter 5: playback & NoUtor-X Before you start recording tracks, it’s probably a good idea to make sure the metronome is operating correctly.
You can choose between the metronome placing an internal Amiga sample, playing a specific note on a specific MIDI channel, or not playing at all. Do this by clicking 011 the screen line where "Metronome Sequence" is displayed, on the bit that says INT. EXT or OFF.
SEQUENCER DELETE Henory: 275438 Events 11 4t 1 PREUIEH |_ & Seq hen Bars Channels CST Tine Sequence Nane 001 112 1 10 C Rel Metronone Sequence Tlu if arc other sequencing software packages available lot the Amiga but you'd be hard- pushed to beat Music-X for sheer enjoyment of use. The current version is 2.0, but older versions (and Music-X Jr) share many features. These tutorials will look at getting suited with Music-X.
Progressing on to more complex sequencing, and also covering some of the little tricks that can be achieved.
We'll start this month by looking at the most basic aspects of operating Music-X: Recording and Editing a single Play Sequence.
Bars of MIDI notes. The cunning part of the song construction technique is that a Play Sequence can contain any form of MIDI data, including other Plav Sequences. This makes Music-Xverv easy to use il you like lo be able to knock out a few different sequences and quickly paste them together into a song. It also lends itself remarkably well to doing different arrangements, or remixes of songs that you have written.
Music X s screen doesn't look like much to start with, but if you're serious about Amiga music making, you'll come to love it.
GETTING STARTED Although Music-X does support playback of the Amiga's internal samples, as with any other sequencing package, you really need some sort of external MIDI sound module or synthesizer, to make it worth your while.
The basic unit of a Music-X song is the Play Sequence, and you can have up to 255 (although this is probably far more than you will ever need). In ay Sequence is a group of inoie uiau oi a Pla1 T ine Sequence Nane Out a - Rel Metronone Sequenc e Ex1 0 0 08 Re I Unt it led a* at Ex1 0 0 0 00 » of 'Untitled*... RECORDING A PLAY SEQUENCE Click 011 the BEGIN button to make sure that you start recording from the beginning of a sequence. Click on the REG and then GO and the metronome will count you in for two bars, then record everything you play to the work buffer. Play a simple kick and snare
rhythm just to get started, and when you have finished, click 011 STOP.
Now click 011 the line that represents the Play Sequence location that you want to store your track in.
When it's highlighted click 011 STORE.
Give it a meaningful name by clicking in the description area (underneath where it says "Metronome Sequence"I and type in the name you want.
EDITING A PLAY SEQUENCE When you have recorded and stored a Plav Sequence, tile next step is to move T U T.O RIAL lo the Music-X editing screen - even if your timing is perfect, sou'll still need to tidy up the end ol bar marker.
Highlight (he sequence that you have just recorded (single click on il). And hit EDIT In addition to the piano keys down the left hand side of the purple screen, you will .see a number of coloured dots (the actual colour ol which is determined by the MIDI channel on which von recorded the sequence) and blueish ptn pic hats, flit- position of the dots represent the note played and the height of the bars represents the key velocity with which the note was played (i.e. note volume).
GRID CONTROL Before you go any lurther, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Grid tool. This changes the si e of notes that are affected by processes such as quantise, and il also changes die resolution to which von can move existing notes or add new ones.
When you click on Grid, you will see a requester that allows you to separately pick the resolution of note placement, and ol note duration.
Probably semiquavers are about rigln for most sequences, so click on the Semiquaver icons (a value of 48). And then on OK. If vou have recorded a lot of little tiddly nourishes you may well need to set a liner note resolution.
You can playback your sequence by clicking on the lape-rccorder like play control. If you lind that one or two notes are incorrect, vou can simply move them bv first clicking on Move from the list on the right hand side ol the screen, and then drag and drop any note that vou wish to move. Non could "If you're a ham-fisted keyboard player like myself, the Note Quantisation tool will be your saviour."
Lid up the timing ol all your notes in this wav. Hut it would just a little hit tedious, and ol course as with all sequencers, there is an automatic way ol doing it. Which brings us to... QUANTISATION If you're a ham-listed keyboard player such as myself, the Note Quantisation tool will Ix- your saviour. Bring up the Qu.tntis.uion requester In using the quantisation option Irom the Modules pull-down menu. You are given various i hoices relating to which conditions to quantise, hut for the most part, use "Start w duration" to quantise the position and lengths ol your notes.
Select "Entire Sequence" In quantise all your notes, and then click on OK. With a hit of hick (and some reasonable timing in the first place) your sequence will now Ik- perfectly timed.
II volt only wish to quantise part of your sequence, then you can do this too: click on "Select" from the options 011 the right hand side, and drawing a box around the desired notes. Do this in much the same way that you would select multiple items on the Workbench, by clicking in one corner ol an imaginary box surrounding the notes and dragging to the opposite corner. The selected notes will appear lo beeome hollow. II vou make a mistake in selection, use I nM.u k and start again. Then, w hen vou use the quantisation option from the menu, click on Selected Notes Ix-forc clicking on OK.
With a bit of luck you will now have a perfectly recorded and timed Play Sequence. Next month we’ll take a look at some of the other options available within the Editing Window, and we'll also be covering how to go about linking together your Play Sequences into a meaningful song. *5 "*¦ ;1 CHAPTER j'r Think you've got some artistic talent?
Jason Jordache has some advice on getting started in the computer graphics industry.
Sketches might only be brief, or detailed and coloured to a point of quality where straight scans can be made (though alwavs touch them up
- at the yen least remove the ring ol el tin- ideas of vour work
in . Perspective - try l focus on a oal. Before you start
creation some graphics work for tilt- names industry it's
important to look through the computet mags in the newsagents,
and votti own collection of games software to think about the
variety ol gaming genres on oiler, Non should soon gel an idea
ol the styles ol graphics you may lind vourscll creating. It's
very important to lind something you enjoy whether that be
cutie plalioriners or characters ol a more twisted nature.
While it's ideal to have as large a collet lion ol drawing methods and styles as possible, if you're trying to create something that bores then you could be setting yourself up for months of tedium.
DRAWING TIP Beautiful 16 million colour oil paintings look groat on screen, but their use in the majority ol games is dubious, (though a couple of static well drawn images are perfect for your demo dole). You could well be passed up for the guy who drew animation frames of a 32 colour sprite waiting around
- ;5 '•‘.Vi pixels from around a scanned sprite).
I chose side view sprites and screens because they came naturally, lilted perfectly with certain gaming genres and perhaps most ol all were easier than three- quarter perspectives and 111 I. Those on this page, made in Dl'iiinl . Are samples from a cutie platformer and a different style for a scene with rocky walls with platforms for the mouse character I was working on to walk over.
I seem to remember the skv in the mouse platformer being a llukc. I don't normally use the smears, blends and other colour modes as I find them largely useless, but one of the lew exceptions is the Shade function in the Mode menu I used lot the sky Vim'll need some basic knoyvledge of Dl'iiinl 3 for this example. I'sing the dolor Palette requestor I created a range of several colours via the Spread function, say from yellow to dark red.
Click on the yellow, click the Range button, then click on the dark red to mark off the gradient. When Shade (F5) is used from the Mode menu this range of colours will be used. To try it out.
Just splash a blob using one of the colours just created on screen, using normal colour mode , Sa(I-1 then switch to Shade. Using a large tip press either mouse button, while painting over the colour to cycle up and doyyn from vclloyv to dark red. I made my own tip, looking like the Iront-slasli symbol on the keyboard and picked it up as a brush. This made an effective pointer for designing clouds.
Waterfalls, platforms and characters were designed on the spare screen in Dl'iiinl and pasted over the background.
To spice up the background, little, repetitive, moving details help add life.
After a small looping anim of the background was saved, the mouse anim- brush could be added over the top and saved as a different file in case you rvanlcd to change the layout.
Dl’iiinl tries to keep down file sizes, so an area of screen that doesn't change from frame to frame isn't re-saved each time. Only those details, like a moving character, add significantly to file sizes, A large anim with only a tiny fraction of the screen changing, would save into a relatively small file on a bard drive.
M '3'
• ill ¦w f I GET CARRIED AWAY I was lured by the excitement of
games play ing, somewhat mistakenly projecting that image onto
actually creating games. On reading an article covering a gin
who was into graphics and thinking. I could draw that. I gave
him a call.
Nice guy. He sent me a bag load ol his work and I promised in return to send him some of mine in a week or so w hen "I'd finished a couple of projects I was working on." Meaning I hadn't anything to send at the time.
('¦tabbing an Ali pad I began to sketch, litis is an organisationally wise move, because from there you can pluck out the best bits, transferring them to screen - i.e. yottt niir I '."V
- is $ Looking back these examples look flawed, but this flat
little fellow came about through an experiment in fluid
animation, created via pixel pushing during flicking back and
forth through the Dpaint frames. The finished anim (just his
eight framed walk, other frames were kept separate) could then
be picked up as an anim-brush and pasted upon a suitable
background. The onion skin technique available in some graphics
packages makes this process easier, where a progressively faint
image of the frames surrounding the one you're actively working
on are visible.
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Real 3D Version 2 Graeme Sandiford discovers how to make his
spacecraft fly using Real 3D2's powerful animation tools.
Following on from Iasi month's installment, we'll be using the model ol the antigravity t rail th.it we built and texture-mapped. This month we'll c reate a track for it to race along and take our first look at Real 31 s phenomenal animation tools.
As with most good programs there are many ways of achieving the same end result.
We’ll be living our ag craft down a track and then getting it to turn around and head back.
First we'll use a faith basic method, velocity, which will speed an object in a certain direction - the longer the* line tlu- greatei the velocity. As this method onlv works in one direction we'll use a path-based method that will make the craft follow a urved line. Then we’ll use a third method dial will make sure that the craft is pointing in the i ight direction.
WIPEOUT 2 Load up the scene from last month’s tutorial, go to the top-view and zoom out by pressing Right-Amiga o and drawing a small square - the smaller the square, the greater the magnification. Repeat as needed.
If you have a slow machine take note of the size of the ship and delete it. Select the menu Create Freeform Mesh, enter a resolution of 64 and 8 and draw a rectangle, like in the image above, with two clicks.
Save the project and, especially if you are running low on memory, quit out of Real 3D. Load up your favourite paint package or image processor and set about drawing an image to serve as the surface for our track.
As usual you can do want you what you like without it being "wrong". I did have a nice Essence Forgegenerated Tarmac texture, but lost it. So you could try experimenting with textures like Fibre and Burnish.
If you don’t have this package, try to keep the image you paint random. This is best achieved with an airbrush - start with a large nozzle and dark colour and make them smaller and lighter with each pass.
This is used for the main part of the track, but we will also create an embankment which will need a different image. I've gone for diched black and yellow stripes.
Create and save a brush that intersects the pattern so it tiles seamlessly.
Re load Real 3D and your project. Go to the side-view and zoom out so that you can see the full width of the track. Select the points on the left and right edges, by shift-dragging and selecting the menu Create Structure Group.
Select the new group and move it upwards. This will create a concave shape that is slightly rounded at the bottom. If necessary resize the track so that the bottom of the trough is about twice the width of the ship.
Create a new level called track - cut and paste the mesh under this level. Bring up the Material Editor, create a material called Road and load in the first texture you created and apply it as a colour map with Y tiling on.
Create another material for the embankment and load it in. Turn tiling on the Y axis on and click on the material types in the grab. Set the Y-freq to about 20 - to stretch the texture decrease this or to increase it squash it.
Zoom out so that you can see the whole track, select the menu Create Mapping Parallel, select the Road material and draw a rectangle that covers the track.
Zoom in and make sure that the mapping fits properly.
Zoom back out again and create a mapping with the embankment material. When drawing it make it narrow so that it only covers the edge of the track.
Zoom in. Adjust as needed, duplicate and mirror it.
Create a new level and cut and paste the level with the craft under it. Go to the menu Modify PropertiesA elocity.
Draw a line down the track, select Create Structure Method PROCESSOR and then Animate Control Play forward.
The craft will move in the direction of the line you’ve drawn. Press right-amigaxu until things are as they were before step 13. Go to the menu Create Structure Method and select PATH from the animation methods.
M !i4l Enter the new level and select the menu Create' Controls b-spline knot. Define a curve, starting from the craft by setting knot points, that goes part way down the track and then doubles back up to the start.
TUTORIAL Recursive Tree Sorts Part 2 Last month's tutorial revealed how sort trees work, but how useful are they for programmers?
Recursive binary tree sorts, factorial functions - it all looks very complicated but it really isn't as difficult to grasp as it sounds.
Last month we looked at ways of sorting information using these tree sorts and discovered that their structure was very similar to that of a family tree.
Now before we continue, try and draw a sort tree for the following list of seven words... ENGLAND. AMERICA, FRANCE, RUSSIA, SPAIN, GERMANY and CANADA. Use exactly the same rules as last month but this time apply them alphabetically, rather than numerically. You should end up with the following tree... There arc a few points worth making about the 'mechanics’ of this tree construction process: Firstly, it was purely an arbitrary decision to make the “less than or equal to” decision correspond to the "left descendants" in the tree. We could equally well have used the reverse convention. Secondly
the decision pan of our rule could have been spill into “less than" and “equal to or greater than". Again the choice was arbitrary. What was imponant however was that we were classifying incoming items into just one of two types - so there was never any doubt about the exact position that an incoming item would occupy 011 an existing tree!
Haring worked through the creation of some binary trees chances are that you appreciate the type of questions that one asks as a tree is built.
You're probably also wondering what possible use such a structure can be!
Well, if you think about how the trees were created you'll realise that no matter where you are in the tree, once you've reached a node with a particular value then, by following the left descendant branch, all items found will be less than (or equal to) the value of the node you started from. So by starting at the root, and continually moving to the left (until we run out of left descendants), we can find the node with the lowest value. Suppose we do this - where would we find the node containing the next highest value? The secret here is to realise that any subtree formed using the right
descendant of a particular node will only contain values greater than the value of that node. So, if that lowest node has a right descendant, then all we'd need to do is move to that 'sub-tree' - and find the lowest node present in that sub-tree (again using the 'only go left' approach). If there isn't a right descendant then we have to move up to the parent of the node we were looking at because that'll be the node with the next highest value.
This type of tree searching 'jiggery- pokery' incidentally is a lot easier to understand if you have a few diagrams to refer 10 and the reason I’ve used a rather 'pictorial' approach in the tree building explanations is to let you see first hand the types of decisions that a tree-based sort routine has to make.
Sort macros used with word-processor programs like Final Copy could add useful new facilities.
AN EXAMPLE AREXX RECURSIVE SORT PROGRAM With some basic ground-niles for uee creation and searching under our belt it's time to look at some example code.
Let's suppose we've got a block of text, held in a variable called text (clever eh?), that we want to convert to an alphabetically ordered list of words.
Separating the words is easy - we can just use Arexx's Words() and Word() functions to collect the individual words in a compound variable like this... count Words(text) do i= I to count word.i=Word (tex t.i) end After this loop is complete we've got our isolated set of words each of which can be identified by specifying a given index value i. The next step is to build a tree structure and of course we need some way of representing the ‘tree' in memory. I'm going to use a compound variable set that consists of a stem called tree., a node field (that in reality will contain the index number of
the word being added) and left right fields that will hold the node numbers of any Ol ri 1 pqitp ¦S.i ri ¦¦ _Ifil'fi B”f sf .o’ff ¦ :.7,SrTf •• of low "fnorv ana non-existent nsnorv the instant thfie •cctitif.
also known aa "Enforcer hU*”) occur This,allows you to catch giaao of null polnltrs and son uninlllalIxea point ors In vpur progran, and B«on accassos which uould hava trashed low nmorv or othae*wise crashed tha syet lane off thaa accassos nay soon hernl ass on your ayston such as reads of tsssrifttr“irp wr FrsT«I?r i rwcsW . K'lrsT.WbK fit l» extrwj.lv inport ent that you in peat in a MnU. Or at tha very lent naks sura that your seflwarg Is tasta Kesad pa be lac ause basins islys:" pryce ¦ ll-t.
Ijiiw !» •.
Leones ( Ip 11;: developing [tools, software that la unusable In t nelr praaanca will slnply not ba used Uha naln differences between tha now Enforcer and tha previous Enforcers IrinTVr* HI. Lr.._.orl--- - enter ,?urc. F1lenane and path7 enter destination fIlenane and path?
An' BP??®!* Enforcer Enforcer L___da A fit, sorting example script in action.
Left right descendants present. In other words we're representing the tree using this scheme... tree.node.left tree.node, right By initialising the stent lo zero using an initial stcm.=0 statement all the left right descendant fields will be zero (and within the finished code a zero left right value will be taken to mean that there are no left right descendants). Another important thing to realise at this point is that the words themselves are NOT going to be stored on the tree since this would be a waste of memory (after all - i i s perfectly easy to specify and access the i’th word of the
text being examined by using the expression word.i). r«: r* fInd.keywords redone.first dfl:dletlonary Please wait...
K. rK.II erW«.J«StdSyNK i«u?S.*5?al«?rt5 UCTaSS? But If yoS* «at
stuck, you can pr»»» tha HELP Cay to accoas help.
Oulck lurniary of tho no»t tnportant now features In thla varalonS now ayaton functlona ana auMfrtad I full provides easy accaaa to all opt I.... *---*--- - jrwat ad I tor ground »unn»ry si in* non inpon*ni now laaiuraa aer 2 now svstan functlona ana supported full provldaa aaay accaaa to all optlona ha output tornaf can be.. t . Ualng a new f utput that scrolls off tha window can ba racaTlai aaaaoaa aant by, . Scripts can ba oeenodlty support lata run In.tha back«r support lata you cut and paste output poip«i» that usa . .library for 1 can 6a _ Ontln. H.l. covin all aaaacts or ortrallon
Sophisticated string handling, coupled with high speed sort routines, make two powerful allies for serious Arexx users!
You can see how this indexing arrangement is used by looking at the BuildTreeO tree building routine of the example sort program given in Listing 1. The first step is to compare word.i, the new word being added to the tree, with the node word (initially ihe root). If the new word is less that or equal lo the node word, two tilings can happen: Either there is no left descendant of that node, so the new word gets specified as that left descendant using... if treeamdeJeft=0 then tree.node.left=i or there is a descendant present (as indicated by a non-zero tree.node.left value). In this latter
case we make a recursive call to the same routine - only this time we're calling the BuildTreeO function like this... Buildl ree (i. Tree. Node, left) In other words we now starting the building process one node down - at the left descendant of the original node! Sneaky, and it does take a little thinking about, but basically this code is doing exacdy the same thing that we were whilst drawing trees by hand.
Even the humble text editor ED, could be endowed with indexing facilities courtesy of an Arexx sort macro!
?I Ed 2.88 Idle Perry Dave 8231-345674 ESP Ltd 0332-808881 Craner&co 3232-546786 .
Rx edsort.rexx * Pretty inurli the same thing happens in the other half ol the routine (when the 'less than or equal test' fails) only in this case we're then looking for the presence (or absence) of right descendants.
Once the tree lias been built extracting the items in order is easy. • Imagine that vou start at the root of the tree. To print the whole tree in order you'd need to print the left subtree, then print the root, and then print the right subtree, l low would you print the left subtree (which after all could contain any number of items)? Well you'd start at that first left descendant, print the subtree on the lef t of that node, then print the node itself (which constitutes the root of that subtree), and then print the subtree on the right of the node. This definition goes on and on... in other
words it is recursive and if you look at the PrintTree() routine in the example listing you'll see that it minors this recursive definition exactly- basically within a loop consisting of just THREE lines of code.
AND FINALLY... For simplicity the RX t unable trce_sort.rexx st rip! Shown in listing I is just sorting a statically defined list of words. ( n last month's Covcrdisk and this month's Cl) you'll find lioth this and an alternative version, called file_lrcc_sort.rcxx iliat reads words from a selected text file and writes the sorted output to a separate file. The sort routines used are. Of course, identical in both programs and although Arexx is an interpreted language (and therefore slow compared to languages like C) the speed of these routines should be quite impressive.
You should also find a file sorting version of the bubble sort method and on an A4000 040 a piece of text containing 327 words took 143 seconds to sort. The tree sort did it in under 20 seconds - these differences in timings increase dramatically as the number of items being sorted gets larger.
Of course with the tree sort things are helped by the fact that the sorting is achieved without physically rearranging any of the data but the real key. The thing that makes this magic work, is the recursive techniques used to create and search in ascending order a binary tree that holds indexes to the original list of words. So. Needless to say. The next time someone asks you what possible use recursion is to the Arexx programmer, you know what lo say. Better still - come up with ways of using these routines in your own scripts and macros. Who knows? You just might start some SORT of trend!
I2 LISTING 1: A COMPLETE RECURSIVE TREE SORT PROGRAM * tree sort.rexx - recursive binary sort tree example • ROOT-1; treeaxO; word.*'; text=‘just a small piece of example text' count=Words(text); tree.ROOT do i 1 to count word.i=Word(texti) end do iz2 to count call BuikfTree(i,ROOT) end call PrintTree(ROOT) exit • • BuMdRee; Procetfcae expose tree, wont pane arg i, node H UpperiwordJWJpperiwordnode) then do fteenodafcfcOtantoenodeMN else call BuRdneefttree.node.left) end else do fneenxhik feOtanneenodui fcx else caN ButkfTreeft tree.node .right) end return * . PrintTree: Procedure
expose tree. Word, parse arg node If node -=0 then do call PrintTree(tree.node.left) say word.node call PrintTree(tree.nodejTght) end return • • It's Bath Time Digital effects can make all the difference to the appearance of your presentation. Ben Vost finds out just how these effective FX can be achieved.
Intro. First steps and sorting out the graphics Graphical glory - More on the visual aspects chapter 5: SFX - Sprucing up with digital video effects I have included these two titles in the list because they can be very effective. If somewhat difficult-to-use, DVE generators. The add-on effects that Morph Plus gives to ADPro. In particular, are of very good quality. Effects such as ripples, and spherising your images, can look very nice when used correctly. Beware though, creating them really does require some knowledge of Arexx and or a batch processing program like Batch Factory. No price or
contact number is given because ASDG no longer produce software for the Amiga but you may be able to pick up a copy second-hand.
SOFTWARE ADPRO 2.5 MORPH PLUS Chapter 7: Finale - The finishing touches ADPro 2.5 is still Incredibly useful when you need to batch process images - as long as you know Arexx or have ProControl or Batch Factory.
ANIMAGE 169DM (about £67.60) ProDAD 0049 746 291 134 This isn't really a DVE program, but it does allow the user to layer, fade and wipe animations over a static or moving background and as such, deserves a place in this line up. Again, it is only available through ProDAD directly since they have no English distributor.
We're nearin)’ llie end of this preliminary phase of our multimedia tutorial. The hist element to consider is the final added touches for vour transitions. While Ski la offers lots of nice wipes it isn't able to give the viewer the kind of eyeball delights that a dedicated DVE package like Adorage or X-DVE is capable of.
The only problem with the two aforementioned titles is that they usually use their own proprietary animation format, in order to get the best possible playback speed for the necessarily complex motions involved in digital video effects. It is possible to save out sequences from these packages as frames, or even as ANIM format files, but obviously this won't give you the silkv smooth animation you require.
Unfortunately, unless you arc going to be able to use an external replayer in your package (this isn't a problem in CauDo, although control isn't quite so easy), this is your only solution.
KEEP IT SHORT As a general guide, you should lie careful about making your DVE's overlong or too complicated since the user is going to have to wait for them to load and some of the DVEs generated can take up to as much as 10Mb of disk space. At that rate it would lie worse than having to wait for the web!
Instead, try to make sure that they last no more than about a second and check playback speed on a test sample before you commit to using a particular level of resolution. By resolution here I mean that you can usually choose how many subdiv isions your picture is cut into. The more you have, the slower (and larger) your animation will be in HANDY HARDWARE VLAB MOTION £999 FROM White Knight Technology 01920 822321 Vlab Motion - capable of some really incredible effects.
Oh yes, one last thing. Make sure you know what your target machine is going to be capable of. It's going to do your patience no good whatsoever if you spend the next two days creating a high movement. Ham8 animation that won't run on a standard A500+. If it's relevant and at all possible, try the animation on a low spec machine (you could take die accelerator out of your AI200, for instance). If nothing else, it will help to prevent nasty timing problems from occurring.
Next month sees us going through the actual process required to put all the stuff we've been doing for the past five months together. Although we don't have the wherewithal to devote a tutorial to each of the packages you can use we will have a table comparing the main offerings against each other, just so you can be sure that you will be using the right package for your needs. 'If ANIM5 formal because there will be more happening on screen al any given moment.
KEEP IT SIMPLE Remember also that a DVE doesn't have to be flashy twirling pixels floating flaglike in space before twisting in on themselves to reveal your picture. Ii can be something as simple and effective as a lade or wipe. You'll say that Scala can do a very nice, very smooth fade and yes it can. But what if. Because of other aspects of your production, you end up needing to use CanDo as your primary compilation tool. Even if you arc using Scala. A cross fade can be even more impressive since .Scala only allows for a limited number of colours in text to Itc faded between, whereas an
animation frees you from that sort of limitation.
Another point to remember is that you don't have to restrict yourself to the dedicated DVE packages. Why not take a plane in tjghtwave, map your image onto it and then explode il or use a clip map to eat away at it over time. You could also use ImageF iX or ADPro to reduce the number of colours in your picture over time to two.
And then use a morphing package to turn that two colour image into another that you colour reduced.
DVE’s don’t have to be limited to the ones you are given, you can make them up for yourself.
ADORAGE 169DM (about £67.60) ProDAD 0049 746 291 134 Adorage was the first DVE package to surface for the Amiga and very good it was too. The current version supports even more different effects, but has no English distributor, much like ProDAD's other packages. By default Adorage saves its effects in the SSA format shared by ProDAD's other packages but can be forced to save as frames or as an ANIM5 file.
X-DVE (X-DVE 1 was on issue 88's coverdisk) X-DVE 2.5 £39.99 (through AF) This Italian program really lit our Dave Taylor's fires. He enthused over its splendid features and waxed lyrical at the smoothness of the playback achievable with the program.
Unfortunately, that smoothness relies on the XFA animation format which has to be foregone in order to comply with Scala's file format requirements.
X-DVE. Easy effects, but they take a long time to render, even on an '040.
If you're aiming at really high-end multimedia production, then this board will certainly help you in your endeavours.
Able to capture full-frame video at 25fps, the Vlab Motion is ideally suited for converting your 3D animations into video, or your video footage into animation. I know we covered video capture in a previous chapter of this tutorial, but the reason Vlab Motion deserves another mention is its splendid timeline method of adding effects to footage, some of which are incredible to look at.
This tool comes with no savers for animation formats like CDXL. But does have a full Arexx port so converting frames into the correct format should pose no obstacle.
The only problem with Vlab Motion is that MacroSystem, its creators, are no longer making it preferring instead to concentrate on their Draco and Casablanca systems... SOFTWARE EQUIPMENT UPDATE Since we started this tutorial series there have been a few changes in the line up of tools that can be used for your production. One of the main changes comes in the video capture section where two new products based around the same main bit of hardware have entered the market.
Omnilink are busy working on an adaptor to enable Amiga users to use the extremely popular Connectix Quick Cam to capture Lo-Res video and audio in 16 or 64 greyscales and output it as ANIM and CDXL with sound.
The camera itself is a little ball that sits in a cradle and you need no other cables since it Just plugs straight into your parallel port. You don't even need a power cable because the Quick Cam only draws 350 milliwatts - a power requirement the Amiga's parallel port can easily fulfil. We hope to have a definitive review of the systems as soon as possible.
AQCVid from Omnilink Corp. Price (not including QuickCam 0
594. 99) $ 59.99 Tel: 001 718 805 2801 Fax: 001 718 805 2601
email: sales0oink.com Cocktel takes the basic idea of using
one of the cheap video conferencing cameras like AQCVid, but
builds on the idea by giving the user the opportunity for
video-phone-like performance through a modem link.
You will still be able to save out your sessions, but it remains to be seen in what format it will be in.
Additionally, Cocktel is designed to work with colour cameras and can be used with proper video cameras as well as the little video conferencing jobbies.
Cocktel from ProOAO.
Price about £300 for camera, digitiser card and software, less if you only require individual parts.
0049 746 291 134 Blitz Tutorial A program isn't completely dressed without buttons says John Kennedy.
We’ve put some pictures in and tidied up a bit - now it’s time for some buttons. The buttons we’ll use for our Blit Browser are based on images, and unsurprisingly that requires some images to work with. So get out your favourite paint package and start drawing. We need a button for scrolling up. A button for scrolling down and a button for switching images on and off.
Blit lets us use two separate images for each button, and this allows us to create a little 3D effect by using shading around the button edges. The first image is shown as a default, and when the button is clicked, the second image is shown.
The best place to pinch potential gadget graphics is the Workbench. Use your paint package's ability to grab other open screens.
Perhaps the easiest way to start is to pinch some buttons from the Workbench, like these taken from a standard window: After a bit of work, yon should end up with images better than these.
Notice how the pairs are exactly the same, except for the swapping of the white and black shades which make up the outline. You can use different colours if you wish to make them stand out a bit more, but don’t go overboard.
Jj [X r* [X Remember, the point of the gadget is to make things easier for the user not to make the screen display look more technical and important.
Blit requires that the images used with the gadgets are dealt with as Shapes, and this makes it quite straightforward to load them into your program. In lad, all you need lo do is carefullv cut out each button as a brush in vour paint program, and then save them to the same directory as your Blit program, in normal IFF format, lix to use the same palette for each brush to avoid strange colour changes when you load them into the program.
Here is how you can include the Shapes into your Blit program: LoadShape 0, "upl .iff" LoadShape 1,"up2.iff" LoadShape 2,"downl.iff" LoadShape 3, "down2 -iff" LoadShape 4,"imagel.iff" LoadShape 5,"image2.iff" As we are now using Shapes II to " . We need to change the reference in the picture drawing routine to use Shape ( instead ol Shape II. II you don't remember to do this, weird things will happen when you click on the IT button after loading a page with a graphic image. To create gadgets I loin the shapes, use the following code: aapaaxfest 0,614,221,0,2,0,1 ; Scroll n : Ty.O«iyc
0,614,232,0,3,2,3 ; 93011 too 0,614,210,1,4,4,5 ; Urn** cn cff You can see that the Image gadget is slightly different in that it has an extra I where the other gadgets have a (I. This is the Hag which stands for “toggle on nil”. When you click on the Image gadget it’s going to lock to an on position or lo an oil position, rather than simply lick in for an instant like the up and down buttons.
As we specified die same gadget list as tbe existing proportional gadget, the buttons will automatically be attached to the same window. Make sure you remember to shorten the scroll bar and its border a little to make room for the three new buttons. Each ol these gadgets was 11 pixels high.
DETECTION To detect which gadgets .lie clicked, we need to add some code to the main loop in our program. So far we have used this loop to watch out lor menu usage, and also clicks on die scrolling gadget. Now we need to expand it to react to tbe other gadgets lieing pressed.
To start with, we’ll need to filter the messages a little more finch. I p until now there was only one gadget, and so we didn’t need lo work out which one had been pressed. That’s changed, and so we need lo include a Select Gadgetl lit command, in the same way in which we detect individual menus with a Select Menu! Lit command. Here is tbe changed listing: Case $ 40 Select GadgetHit Case 1 ; Scroll bar clicked
y. w=VPropPot(0,1)‘height PositionSuperBitMap 0,y.w Case 2 ;
Click on up button Case 3 j Click on down button Case 4 i
Click on Image button End Select As you can see it’s merely
.mother Select End Select statement and some Gases to check
for each gadget. We can use the existing code for the Scroll
Because il works in the same way il alway s did.
Now it’s time to make the buttons do something. Eel's start with die Images button. It this is switched on (which is the delaull I then any graphics arc displayed. II it's switched oil then they won’t lie displayed. First ol all. Let’s create a global variable at the start of the program which remembers tbe state On or Off. I sing Blitz's built in On and Off’values helps us avoid having to use numbers which can get confusing.
; Global variable images-On Now here's the code you place after the C-asc statement which detects the Image button being pressed. As you can see. It toggles the value between On and Off.
If imoBvOi Then ijxagnpdCf irmprn rn Finally, we should alter the Picture drawing code to take note of the state of the "images" variable. I'm going to tie this in with the code for a broken image, that is, an image which cannot be loaded. You might want to create a new section which draws an outline of the correct si e instead. Here's the changed section of the program: If n$ -"broken" OR images“Off y-WCursY x-WCursX Wbox x,y,x+16,y+16,2 Wline x,y,x+16,y+16,1 Wline x,y+16,x+16,y,1 Else ; T wf in imupw as a "shape" LoadShape 6,n$ ; Place shape in main bitmap y=wcursY x-WCuraX Wblit 6,x,y CALL
ME BUTTONS... Of course, you should feel free to add more buttons to the program - as long as they make it easier to use. For example, you might want to create some buttons which move immediately to the top and bottom of the document or that can return you to the previously loaded HTML page. Design and save the buttons as before. Here is the source code for loading and making them into gadgets. Again, you’ll find that the scroll bar needs to be shrunk to accommodate them.
LoadShape 0,"upl.iff" LoadShape 1,"up2.iff" LoadShape 2,"downl.iff" LoadShape 3, "down2.iff" LoadShape 4, "imagel.iff" LoadShape 5,"image2.iff" LoadShape 6,"topi.iff" LoadShape 7,"top2.iff" LoadShape 8. "bottcml .iff" LoadShape 9, "bottcin2 .iff” LoadShape 10,"backl.iff" LoadShape 11,"back2.iff" As for the “move to previous document" button, well that’s slightly more tricky.
Technically you should create a linked list of pages, and add a new link every time a new page is loaded. I'll leave that for you to do yourself. Here I’m only going to store the previous page, that's all. So it you load page 1. Move to page
2. Then clic king on the previous page button brings back page 1.
Clicking on it again brings hack page 2. And so on.
One change I’ve made is to include a search for a default page called "home.hlmr. If this document exists, it's loaded hv the Browser when it first starts. I’his makes it easy to create an index of often used pages. OK. So here are a few more global variables: j Global variable images-On previous $ ¦ "NULL" current $ ¦ " hccne. Html" Now here is the altered lines in the Load11 function: You can see that this section also changes the LoadShape from 0 to ti. As mentioned previously.
MOVE IT Now it's time to deal with the up and down gadgets. We need to make the window scroll up and down depending on which button is pressed. This shouldn't be vers hard - we've already been using the scroll bat to do much the same thing.
Here's how it's down. First of all we get the current value from the scroll bar's proportional gadget. This is always in the range 0 to I (don't get confused with the 0 and 1 in the r=VPropPot(0.1) command though here the 0 and I refer to the gadget list and gadget number respectively).
Wc then alter the value returned by a smidgen, and re-adjust the scroll gadget so it's knob moves to the right location. Then we scale up the value and use it to adjust the SuperBiunap.
Which effectively scrolls the display for us. We must remember to use Redraw to update the appearance of the gadget.
Here’s the listing for the l’p button. This is placed after the relevant Case statement in the main loop.
P-VPropPot(0,1) If p 0.02 Then p-p-0.02
y. w=p*height SetVProp 0,1,p,(10 height) Redraw 0,1
PositionSuperBitMap 0,y.w Here's what the program looks like
so far: : 0,04,199,0,2,0,1; Saril v* agaaftst
0,04,210,0,3,2,3 ; Stroll dsn 9n«)lbt 0,04,177,1,4,4,5 ; taps
cn cff 0,614,188,0,5,6,7 ; Ttp cf p*p :tn»Qyt?T
0,04,221,0,6,8,9 ; Bnmrfpff 9ipO br 0,614,232,0,7,10,11 ;
ttmrinm The code for moving to the beginning and end of the
document is quite easy.
Here it is, including the extra Case statements you need to include in the main loop: Case 5 ; Top of document SetVProp 0,1,0, (10 height) Redraw 0,1 PositionSuperBitMap 0,0 Case 6 ; Bottom of document SHARED previous$ SHARED currents previoua$ -current$ current$ =p$ Nothing too clever here: the variables are SHARED (if not. The load | function would make lip it s own variables of the same name) and then the previous page address updated.
Finally here is the GadgctHit code which occurs when you click on the Back button.
Case 7 j Previous document If load(previous?)=True Then Gosub process Here’s what the new Browser looks like, complete with half a dozen buttons: That’s probably enough buttons to be going on with! By next month we should have the brand new Blitz Support Suite in. And we might even be able to start taking advantage of its many features. For the complete source code developed this month, check the Goverdisc. • S Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Avon • BA1 2BW.
Ft THE GAMES THEY PLAY The lark of new Amiga games is obvious, apart from such stunning masterpieces as AB3I) II, but you do still find what's available and review them until it hurts and then some.
Plus, with all these independent software houses springing up, the Screenplay section is a bit chunkier and healthier.
I have read Amiga Formal ever since the loss of I hr Onr Amiga'. Al:'has filled the gap with its range of topics on everything .Amiga. Yes. I've seen the light and what a bounty I behold when I part with my £4.50 at WHSmiths.
Basically, it's a smashing read.
I always look at the readers' offers you have in case I can pick up a bargain. Recently I got Super Tennis Champs - You could expand this a bit and be on to a bit of an earner? A few oldies perhaps like Cauntlet 2?
Did you have any luck with your TTX Ocean bit in your readers' survey?
I think that Ocean would be surprised at the number of copies sold, for the little effort of releasing a finished game.
Maybe they think that not enough people have accelerator cards, but apparently accelerator cards still sell very well! Hopefully your readers' survey will show this. Go on Oc ean, release it as a Ghrissy present!! Please?
Book at Team 17 who released two versions of AB3DII in one box.
They covered themselves b because you didn't have to have an accelerator to play it but it was a great incentive to upgrade.
One more thing. I have a Speccy emulator, but because of iny '060 accelerator, things run at ZZZZZZoooooomtnmm speed! The only games I can play properly are things like Hrhrl Star because my reactions are only hitman.
Are there any speccy emulators out there, for the Amiga, that allow you to change the speed they run at? I have seen a PG speccy em which does this.
The only thing I can do is disable my '060. This does the extreme opposite and things run SSI-I.LLI -U.U XJOOOWWWW!
Phil 'you'll never catch me alive with a PC' Bennett Aylesbury Thanks for your comments. I'm sure you'll find AF much better value. We haven 7 yet c ompiled the results of the reader survey Iwe're still receiving them) hut a cursory glance through shows that lots of people have the ability and the will to play TKX.
have passed on your comments about Spectrum emulators. Off the top of my head, dan 7 have a solution for you, hut I’m sure it will he covered in our emulator series.
FASCISM DOESN'T RULE I have recently discovered the infiltration of Combat 18 propaganda via downloading an apparently innocent Amiga related document (Dcv asm agagiode.lha) to Aminct.
What concerns me most is their openness of being a white racist International terrorism Organisation.
Aminct has always been a clean, politic free international Amiga fraternity and therefore we must not allow any evil elements as such to get into the system.
Please raise the awareness and do something about it.
7! Frogman Coventry Well, it all comes denim to freedom of sfieerh doesn't it. Which is after all what the Internet is supposedly campaigning for - freedom of speech is for everyone, not just polite liberals.
WARP RACE by Mark Sheeky Crewe Created using Imagine 4, this took Mark SO minutes to render on an 030- powered A1200 with 32Mb RAM.
SHARE YOUR VIEWS TERMIGHT Let me start by saying, I have every copy of Amiga Format and this is the first time I have felt the urge to write in. Six months ago I opened an Internet account. I downloaded the necessary software from a BBS. And then proceeded to spend three or four months trying to get AmiTCP working. I asked local Amiga groups. BBS SysOps and anyone who would listen for help. I also went through my back issues of AF and read your Internet tutorials.
To take into account that it can get a non-computer genius like myself on the net. Something I could not do before at any price.
Brendan Murray (bmurray@indigo.ie) Many people have found out all they ever needed to know from the sources you have mentioned, but of course we accept that a piece of software like Miami or Termite, that does a lot of the hard work for you, is a better solution. At the time of the AF Internet tutorials, this software didn't exist.
Nobody I asked either could or would help and then I saw an advertisement in Amiga Format for Termite TCP. It claimed it could get you on the net within minutes, I sent off for it and it did.
In the November issue you gave Termite TCP 70%. Mostly because of its price - failing However il i disturbing llinl obviously offensive fiolitirul propaganda is being eovritly spread inil seemingly innocent ties.
IIMi lliis the illllhol 's intention ? Or was his work hijnrkrtl by ollieis I FAULTY CONSTRUCTION I have a gripe in do with the Reader (lames section in ,1 KH and the game I'ln rct Sliiebl reviewed therein. There are two things here that I don't' like agree with, a I the "language: unknown" line, and l»l the reviewers opinion that the game is technically something special.
OK. I'm willing to believe that it's a great game, and undoubtedly a lot of work has gonc inio it. II the author had written the Itl) engine I would wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer, tiling is. I'm 99'i sure that lie she hasn't. I mean, - come on - guys, is there no-one there that recognises a ill Construction Kit (henceforth 3DC.K) game when they see one? .1 - reviewed il in two versions'.
The crosshair in the centre of the screen combined with the liinny mouse pointer (with the double vertical bats) is a dead giveaway. I'm willing to bet that it also "shoots" with the lines from each corner ol the viewing area to the mouse pointer.
Ol course I've nothing against 3IICK. Though I haven't really played with il much. I.ugelv because I consider it too slow. And like I said above. I acknowledge that it still takes a lot of work to put together a game, especially a good one. But “technically tremendous"? I don’t think so.
Also I'm only 99% sure about this, which means there's a 1% chance that I'm wrong (it's been known to happen), in which case 1 will apologise profuselv to both the reviewer and the author.
Rtlp()3@uow.edu.au MUSICAL TRUTH I went along to Live '96 last week, and on the Yamaha stand saw a demonstration of their new DBXGSO (or something like that). Anyway, it’s the daughterboard that most of the PC mags, and Future Music have been raving about. I was just considering how much it would cost to buy a PC to run the card on, when the guy said that if you had a 'dead' machine like an Atari or an Amiga then you could still do the same thing using this. He then pulled out a box about the size of a US Robotics modem.
I now discover that it is the Yamaha MU10, and nobody seems to have reviewed it. The guy on the stand claimed that it came with everything to connect it with anything, and software for an Amiga. Basically I'm turning to you as the major Amiga magazine to see how truthful he was being.
Richard Peat Camberley We are on the phone to Yamaha now. If anyone else knows of Amiga hardware or software that we haven't covered, either let us know or get the manufacturers to get in touch.
created itsing 3DCK The thing about this game was that it was actually very playable, that lime and care had gone into the construction of the objects and indeed the construction of the game.
I can sent of see your point, but where would il all end f Should we only accept games that have been written in purr assembler? I think not. And isn V it more important that Ihe game is playable f THE VOICE OF REASON?
Dear Long Hair Bloke, I have a few things to say:
1. Get your hair cut.
PMA I've seen people moaning and commenting on the newsgroups and in magazines that their machine is dead, hut they're wrong.
Look at the new software developers and publishers who have been bringing us games, Look at .Andy
2. Get bcardv bloke to shave his beard off.
3. Tell Sven Harvey not to slag AP off.
No I'll do it myself: Hello Sven Harvey, How can you slag off All In reviews you must say what makes the game bad so that we know why we shouldn't get it. So let's see what reasons you have...
(a) It's shit (by the way AT if you-'rc to truly copy AP then the
abbreviation must be in italics).
(b) That's it.
Well, a good argument there.
Let’s see how well I can slag off AT
(a) It agrees with Peter Hull that Graphics aren't everything,
yet it gave AB3DII a good review.
(what’s that? The gameplay's good? Ahaha. I
(b) It's not funny and the 'jokes' are ones that were made by AP,
(c) It's shit.
However I'm still getting your mag through a subscription until my AP one runs out. Mainly for the Coverdisks. WHICH DON'T WORK ON .AN A500.
So. Piss off AP haters and in fact Ah' itself (you certainly won't be missed by me). You useless cretinous morons.
Geoff Pearce JOI652.266@compusenc.com THE REAL THING I just have a few words to say. The first thing is that you said you awarded the Reality Games Engine (which my brother and I wish to purchase) 66% in the pages of your most recent issue hut looking back at the review, you only reviewed the games and not the actual software application. Do you intend to publish a separate review or is that it?
On the subject of games, although it is very advanced, 1 find AB3D II very frustrating to play as it is very slow, even on my '030 enhanced 1200 - and it is too hard. I played it many times and I can't get past the second level. I'm going to try the Editor you have on the latest Coverdisk to see if that makes the game easier. Where can 1 get the patch for the editor?
Cormac McCartney Dublin The review in question was not of Ihe Reality system itself, but of a set of games that had been produced with it. The Reality system is currently going through some updates and possibly a change of distribution, and we will Davidson "ho brought us Worms, liis game is known by game users all over the world for being the most original.
He's now bringing us Worms: The Directors Cut and Worms 2. Then take a look at Breathless which brought us a new look at games with I * I pixel. This game could have started a revolution in the Amiga games industry, it showed us that there was a lot more to be discovered about our machine. This revolution has continued on with AB3D II and will continue further with Burnout from Vulcan Software.
Last year there were no CD-ROM games for the Amiga now you'll lind they're on there way with the release of Demislar. Kong Fu and maybe even Mysl.
Looking through AF, you can see a new generation of games developers.
Some might say that their games aren't all that good but just imagine what they'll be able to achieve in a few years time.
Vulcan Software have proved this to us. Many magazines didn't like Valhalla .
But now Vulcan plan to bring us six new titles of a brilliant standard. These are the type of people and companies that we should cherish. They are keeping the Amiga alive and they are the future.
If we brush them aside then we have no chance.
I've had enough of people saying my machine is dead. Dead means without life but I can tell you without hesitation that there is life in our Amigas. But we must not sit back, we should be telling software and hardware companies what we want. We should not be saying I'll let everyone else do it and I've got no time. Make time. I personally emailed a games developer and gave him my support and he emailed me back thanking me.
You can make a difference so don't become a part of the problem by moaning that your machine is dead.
Look at all the positive things that have happened and are still to come.
Author unhnowu I'm sure lots of our readers do remain optimistic ahoul Ihe future and of course we will be reviewing all the games you mentioned when they are released.
When I want a break from my work. I understand it's to avoid piracy but Team 17 could use a system so you only need codes when installing the game.
I just wish somebod) could do something about these do ) idiots that think it is good to rip the artists olT for the games that they create and make the people who do pa for the software suffer. A note to Team 17 - could you please print the codes, il you are going to use them, in clearer writing or write a registration into the game so that you may be able to trace the pirates. Lets hope that in the future there will be some better methods for controlling piracy.
Graham Clark dolph i n 8gra marye. U-net. Com PIRATE PAIN Ever since I got ihe demo ol Alien Hired I) III have been looking out for a copy and I managed lo gel one the olhei dav. When I got home I was really cheesed oil lo find dial in order to play the game I have to enter the code from a book wliic h is printed blai k on black. I am sure that I am not the onh one with this problem hul I cannot read the numbers so I had to go and pay £20 for somebody to ty pe it all out lor me.
I lad I realised that you needed a code book in the first place I would not have bothered buving the game even though it is excellent - the code will keep getting lost in m paperwork thus putting me oil pla ing Pirates always have Iteni and always will he a major problem in all software markets.
While we at AF can well understand the paranoia of games companies who have invested greatly in terms of time and effort, some protection methods become a severe detmmt to playing the game. In the case of AB.il) II. Ilie miles me printed in glossy black ink on a moll block background, presumably lo prevent photocopying, which is a severe deterrent lo anyone wanting lo play Ihr game whether lliey pool fur il or not.
A' you say, il is a simple mallei to type out the codes, so why bother ? All that happens is people with floor eyesight or people coming home from Ihe pub after a few Guinnesses can 'I play Ihe game they paid good money for. RZe Letter of the Month WELSH RAREBIT Since purchasing my Amiga, about four years ago, I have met many people who are only too keen to mock and insult my choice of computer. I put this down to the fact that most people neither know nor care about anything that can't run Quake - or other similarly dubious delights. People will always insult things they know nothing about
and that, as far as the Amiga is concerned, is most of the population of this country.
Commodore messed up, that we all know.
Escom didn't do very much to improve things, and so for Viscorp still haven't removed their fingers from their rear ends. So the ignorance will continue within the non-Amiga owning community. This harms the future of the Amiga. However, and at last the point of this letter, another thing that harms the future of the Amiga is the ignorance of the people that do own one. I haven't met many other owners, but those I have met have not really cheered me up very much.
One of them had a large collection of software. Unfortunately almost all of it was pirated games. He had over a thousand, which struck me as quite a lot. He also had an original version, which he probably pinched, of Pen Pal which he freely criticised as being badly written - all the output from it was filled up with odd characters that he hadn't put there. I tried to explain the concept of printer drivers to him. But if it involved more than turning the power on and sticking a disk in the drive, he didn't want to know.
Another was amazed that I was on the Internet. " I thought you had to have a PC to do that" he said. He was equally wowed by the fact that I had a printer other than a dot matrix attached. Again he thought that was beyond the reach of anything other than a PC.
He thought a hard drive was a chip you fitted somewhere, and when I said I had just bought a RAM board he responded "What's that then?"
The final person I'll mention thought the only thing you could do with an Amiga was play games, and could offer no satisfactory reason for the presence of a keyboard, other than text adventures (he was a bit thick mind).
I am not. By any means, saying that I am an Amiga wonder. I still get the shivers thinking about writing an Arexx script I still haven't worked out Intellifont to my satisfaction. I can't work out what half of the output from SnoopDos means and I must confess I haven't paid all my Shareware fees yet. I have however taken the trouble to find out as much as I can cope with about my Amiga, do what I can with it and pay for things as soon as I am able (never believe that teachers are rolling in it).
I hope I haven't come across as patronising to any other user. The point I am trying to get across is that if the people I have mentioned above are fairly typical of the 'established userbase' of the Amiga, who are supposedly supporting the machine then we might be in trouble. You must get to know your little silicon friend before you consign it to the scrap heap, and join the multitude already making regular, sizable contributions to the Bill Gates retirement fund. It can do considerably more than you think.
I have finished. Goodbye, and keep up the good work on the mag. Could you include my email address, and the fact that I would love to correspond with any other Amiga owners who find themselves living in a virtually Amiga interest free zone, or anyone else for that matter! (especially in the Cardiff area) Matthew Allen mallen@thenet.co.uk Well, we are entering another age of a form of computer illiteracy. When home computers first became popular, there was a generation who grew up with them. They were new and exciting and people wanted to learn everything they could about them. These days
computers are fust another fact of life. People may want to know how to turn them on and play games or run applications, but that's as far as it goes. It is sad, because these people never realise the power, flexibility and creative ability a computer like the Amiga can offer them. Hopefully every issue of Amiga Format helps to educate even experienced users in some new aspect of their machine.
Cu-online Your Internal I'rptxtor ? MB ? Awebu* Believe it or not the Amiga i perfectly capable of accessing the World Wide Web as this Amiga Web browser proves.
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Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own Public Domain or Commercial software products without having to program?
Well now it is no longer a dream - it’s REALITY!
REVOLUTIONARY new product from B.P.M. Promotions, a company involved in the AMIGA software market for over five years. This product is a BREAKTHROUGH in software design and allows anyone with an AMIGA computer, regardless of their age or intelligence, to create both Public Domain and Commercial software products in virtually no time at ail using nothing more than their computer’s moose' It can be used to create games, demos, educational software etc. much much faster and easier than ever before throughout the history of computers! REALITY is like nothing you've ever seen before on the AMIGA.
Now for the first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering ease and use it to create TOP CLASS AMIGA software in a few days by doing nothing more than clicking the buttons on your mouse or moving the mouse cursor around the screen! Everything is controlled from user fnendiy buttons and menus on the screen that s it! - it's so easy you wiH not believe HI No programming is required whatsoever!
Here Is a small example of what you can achieve In minutes with Reality by using nothing more than your Amiga's mouse:
• Create HUGE fully detailed scenery backgrounds for your games
using the background creation editors!
• Maho your games mam character shoot all sons of different
weapons each with different power values!
• Define monster attack patterns and choose from the HUGE amount
ot already made variations!
• Create intelligent enemies that home in on your main character!
• Add text messages to the software with hundreds ot different
styles ot text fonts to choose Item!
• Create SUPER intelligent GIANT mid level and end ol level
monsters Just like the very best commercial games!
• Produce scenery that your mam character reacts to: Ladders.
Ropes. Platforms. Traps, Switches etc elc!
• Define complex puzzles lo make your games much more
• Make other games characters that your mam character can
interact and communicate with!
• Select and define all sorts ot weapons, bonuses and objects
that your mam character can collect and use!
• Create characters that have to fight each other In a beal ’em'
• Produce ALL sorts of demo effects from groovy text scrollers to
on screen 3D rotation |ust like the very best PD demos!
• Create Educational software from a simpfe slideshow to a full
blown disk magazine!
• Add graphics, music and sound effects to your software with
The list Is ENORMOUS!!! - Test your software In seconds to see if everything is working the way that YOU want it to! There's no need for any slow compiling or testing like certain other packages!
REALITY can be used lo create many types ot different software products! It s ideal tor TOP notch games! Create HIGH speed shoot em ups. Addictive scrolling platform games. Beat 'em ups.
Point and Click Graphic Adventures. HUGE Arcade games, Puzzle games, Racing games, Card games and much much more! Even create your own mmd-blowmg special effects demos or user fnendiy Educational software! Just look at the screenshots in this advertisemeni and see Just what this system is really capable ot!
Over four man years of work has gone Into the development ot this software! The result is: A STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE CREATION SYSTEM!
Screenshots of games created with REAUTY It s versatile ¦ It's easy to use It's incredibly fast It’s the biggest ever breakthrough in Amiga software creation and has already been used to create twenty commercial games and a multitude of PD software!!!
If you can use an AMIGA you can use REALITY! All the hard work has been done for you! With once complicated programming routines reduced to simple mouse actions that anyone can understand! That's the hidden power of REALITY! Absolutely no knowledge of programming is required whatsoever! Reality is unique! It Is a completely new way of creating software!
What you get!
The very latest version of the REALITY software construction kit which incorporates a whole batch of useful and ossential utilities. These include: an Ammalion and Sound Studio, a Graphics toolkit, a Background creation system. Picture and Introduction creators, a FULL blown paint package. Text editing and disk utilities plus much much more! You'll also receive a fully detailed user fnendiy instruction guide and a handy hints and tips guide! Two further guides that will show you how to make two full blown games from scratch! Two full blown commercial games tbat have been created using REALITY
for you to adapt and learn from! Issue one ot the REALITY USER CLUB disk magazine! Two packed disks lull of sound effects, music tracks and a MASSIVE amount of graphic images that can be used in your own software! These include characters, enemies, weapons, bonuses, scenery, lonts and MUCH MUCH MORE!! You get everything you need for creating your own full blown top quality software with ease!
You'll also get FREE membership to the Reality User Club!
This WiH provide you with a phone helpline, a pen-pal list allowing you to contact and woik with the already-MASSIVE REALITY userbase trom around the globe! You will also have access to a HUGE range ol software that has been created using the REALITY system and 1000 s of graphic images, sound effects and music tracks which you can use in your own software! We are wilting to publish any software that you create using REALITY or it you wish you can have other companies publish your work! The REALITY user dub can supply you with ALL the graphics, music, sound effects and ideas that you need to
create supeib software with this system. ALL the hard work has been done tor you!
So what do you have to pay for this totally amazing system?
Only £29.99! This product is worth many times this pnee and only due lo forecasted large sales, low cost advertising and direct sales to the customer are we able lo otter it at this unbeatable price! By creating only one piece ol software you should got your money back many many times over! How much software do you wish to create? What more can we say other than you would be absolutely crazy not to take up this very special offer! Creating software Is much more Interesting than using it. And REALITY is the perfect fool! Please note that the REALITY package is compatible with ALL AMIGA
computers and is hard disk installable!
Please send a cheque. Postal order, International money order lo:
BT17 00S.
PHONE 01232 626694 - PRICE £29.99. UK postage C1. Overseas please add £2.
All payments must be in English Sterling! 2-1 hour depalch.
EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER Order NOW and receive a FREE never been released before guide on HOW TO DESIGN A WINNING COMPUTER GAME wntten by one of the TOP games designers in the business! Essential reading for any Budding games makers!
Your guide to the Amiga Format CD.
Ben Vost was determined you wouldn't miss out on any of the great programs and utilities.
This should be your first port of call when you put the CD in your chive The start me script doesn't need to be run if you boot up from the CD.
But otherwise will come in handy.
Make sure you read the Submissions advice if you're tempted to send us some of your work and have a look at some of the stuff we have here: Handy Tools As detailed last month, this drawer contains the software we use to put together your CO every month.
Try out PowarSnap. Mu riCX and ReKeylt to get your machine running really well.
AF on the web The Amiga Format website, the Nova Design website, more of John Shepard's acerbic wit and Mike Smith's HTML tutorial - what more could you want?
Animation More amazing Mand2000-generated animations this month, along with a demo of the current version of the OctaMED 6 and Bograts Both of these programs are detailed in full on our floppy disk pages.
Cologne show interviews Owing to the usual manic time constraints involved in a four week schedule, we have only been able to get these interviews onto our CD in the rather non-Amiga specific Quidrtime format.
Now this isn't all bad. You may have noticed while trawling through the contents of the CD that we have a program called Of on the disc You can use this to play back all the footage of Jason Compton and (Wolf Dietrich but be warned that it does need to load it all into RAM first so you will need a large amount of free RAM to see these Interviews. Oh yes. You'll also need a reasonably fast processor and either AGA or a CyberGraphx compatible graphics card too.
COVERDISKS Get to grips with this month's free complete software package OctaMED 6. Fully detailed on the floppy disk pages starting on page 108 and our extensive tutorial feature which begins on page 18.
PDSELECT We have eight demos in our selection this month. We were going to have more only a couple of them had naughty bits in and we felt that they weren’t suitable for the youngest of our readers no matter what they might say themselves.
READERSTUFF We have a bumper crop of more than 130Mb of material from our readers this month, mainly thanks to the winner of this month’s prize for serious software: 2uru Mmiy An example of some of Femi's sterling work for the AFCO.
Video Backdrops AFCD9:ReaderStuff Femi Hasani Yes, Femi has been sending us his great backdrops and digitised pictures for a few months now and we felt it was about time we recognised his hard work by giving him our reader award for this issue.
Even if you aren't into video on your Amiga take a look at the extraordinary quality Femi has achieved with Vlab and his video camera.
Quicksilva AFCD9:ReaderS»uff Maff CottingtorV Well done Maff, you win the prize for the best reader submitted game this month. Maff's Quicksilva is a no- nonsense platform game with hints of Sonic. Cods and a rather tasteless storyline. For that you win £30.
AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Comms Non-lnternet Thor24 I know it isn’t in the Internet drawer, but there are a lot of Thor users who are using it for QWK or Fido mail. Anyway, because Thor is such a pain to set up for everyone, the archives have been placed in this drawer for you to install just what you require from the program.
There’s an update for X-DVE owners to V2.60. AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Commercial DrawStudioDemo Our last surprise this month comes in the form of DrawStudio which we have a demo for on this month's CD. It comes in both normal and FPU versions, so choose the best one for your Amiga. Do take a look at this program, I personally haven't seen a better bit of software all year.
SHAREWARE With nearly 40Mbs of new serious shareware on the CD this month, it will be hard to pick out the best titles, but here is the Amiga Format choice - miss these at your peril: AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Graphics 3D DS9 There is a very nice Imagine model of said spacestation to be found here.
AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Misc Want some Thai? This drawer contains a Thai bitmap font and a keymap suitable for use with it.
AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Misc Constitution No not anything to do with stomachs, but an interesting, if as yet incomplete, AmigaGuide to the way the North American Constitution was formed and ratified. See, it's not just Amiga stuff that we give you... AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Program patches AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware CD- ROM GroovyPlayer This great looking audio CD player will have your PC and Mac owning friends groaning in envy. It even has all the functions you'd expect from a top-of-the- range Kenwood Hi-fi. Molto impressivo!
This drawer contains quite a few add-ons to programs like MUI and BGUI and new import export modules for the programs ImageFX. Photogenics and XiPaint AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Comms lntemet Mail-related YAM For those of you with a POP3 mail account here's the very latest version of the world's best POP3 mail program - YAM.
AFCD9:Seriously Amiga Shareware Workbench Ordering This is a cracking little Freeware file manager. It gets directory listings incredibly quickly and while it doesn't have the polish of Dopus or DiskMagic. It's more than capable enough for everyday use. Everyone should definitely try this one out.
SCREENPLAY COMMERCIAL In addition to the headlining Bograts we also have the following commercial demos on our CD this month: Virtual Karting Deluxe Demo AFCD9:ScreenPlay Comme«cial VKDeluxe demoI Fabio Bizetti's top-scoring 30 race-em-up gets iqidated.
New features indude an easy mode and a cheat mode that lets you upgrade your Go-kart's engine power, transmission ratio and grip. The only downside to this demo is that it exits after five minutes of play.
.disc mnei Jet Pilot AFCD9: ScreenPlay Commercial JP-1 tie leap into unknown gaming territory for tn with this entertaining flight sim that ¦ as complex as you want it to be. Pilot the werful F-104 fighter bomber in umpteen ussions deep into enemy-held territory.
SHAREWARE AFCD9 is another treasure trove of brand new and updated games from ail sorts of sources. One game you should make a point of trying out though is: Aerial bon AFCD9:ScreenPlay Shareware Aerial Racerv Ever played Skidmarks? Of course you have, and now you can play this shareware version of it called Aerial Racers.
DISCLAIMER This Amiga Format CD-ROM has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it. Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using this disc the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up to date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions do not use this disc DISC NOT WORKING?
If th* CD rt defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope Return postage will be paid Abiev Audio Video Limited. HarcourY. Halesf.cld 14. Telford Shropshire TF7 4QR A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read If. Instead you are evpenenang problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and Spm on
Tuesday Tel 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341 Email. AmformattHuturenet.co.uk tput "Coverdisk" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly) Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general AGA T25 We want you to really enjoy all the stuff on this special second CD so John Kennedy has produced a comprehensive guide to the AGA Experience.
(AGA SLIDESHOWS) More graphics than it’s possible to imagine - there are hundreds of images ready to pop up on your Amiga screen, including some exclusive images from some top feature films. Cor, it’s better than getting it out on uirianl LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT (AGA DEMOS) The Amiga's demo scene is where you'll find staggering graphics, look in the AGA_DEMO drawer, and you'll find the "Entertainment" director) is crammed with ama .ing graphics and sound programs. All you have to do is load AGA_Experl.l and you'll know what colour is all about. Run SCX-Alien to see some wicked solid !U)
USEFUL UTILITIES (AGA UTILITIES) The jewel of this CD is the vast collection of utility programs hidden away. You're going to be beside yourself when you discover the vast range of hard disk repair programs, CD file systems, terminal emulators, icon editors and dozens of Workbench commodities. There are even versions of MagicWB and MUI to update your icons and replacements for the Amiga Shell.
Ordinary audio ( Dr You can find out lor yourself bv checking out the large number of music modules. They range from Funk to Techno and Rave and will aulo-plav when you click on them. Just hook up your Amiga and start listening.
y are you m lor a treat!
This month we've managed to I secure one ol the most popular (!D-ROMs ever produced for the Amiga - just for you. This disk is rammed with games, utilities and Ldrmo programs designed to help you I gel the most from your Amiga Al200 or A4000. It will take you months lo find everything which is hidden on it.
And we think you'll agree you've got a bargain.
If you can hold yourself back, pause lor a few seconds. Although this CD was designed from the outset to be as instantly accessible as possible, many of the programs on the CD requite a few “assigns" to be set up. These are special settings which tell your Amiga where to look for particular files: for example, the Animations need to know where the animation player program is.
All you have to do is click on the icon marked "Clickme!” and this will be taken care of. There are a few more changes you might like to make (see “Ready Strut lv CO!"). These settings are onlv temporary and no changes will be written to your floppy or hard drives.
Now stand bv for some awesome AGA anion!
Want to be impressed right now? Easy - open the directory called "AGA Animations" and open the "Ready to Run" drawer. Now double-click on the file called "SpaceDock32". Neat huh? You’ll find other animations in this directory, including a very impressive MPEG film.
INSTANT GRATIFICATION PROGRAMMERS' PARADISE (AGA PROGRAMMERS) Information on making the most of the AGA chipset is hard to come by. What information there is has been collected and stored in this directory. You’ll find C and Assembler source code explaining the joys of AGA programming and chunks to-planar routines, as well as vital coding articles and example programs.
(MUSIC MODULES) I lere’s something which is almost impossible: could there really be more minutes of great tunes stored on this ( I) than there is on an DMS DYNAMITE Although there are hundreds of utilities and programs which can be run directh from the CD-R( ) f. There are many more programs stored in DMS format. DMS is .1 method of compacting an entire floppy disk and storing it in one file. In order lo use the programs stored in this wav. You’ll need ,1 blank disk to unpac k the software onto. Unpacking is easy: simply click on the icon of the packed program and you’ll be asked to insert a
blank disk. Wait a few moments, and you'll have a disk full of sof tware to use as normal. If vou want more control over the DMS process, there is a utility on the GD- ROM called "Easy IMS' which provides a graphical front end.
RENDERED SPEECHLESS We haven't forgotten vou 3D fans either. Not onlv will vou find dozens of 3D models for most rendering packages, but articles and utilities as well. There are plenty of files of interest to users of Imagine, l.iglilwave and Real 31). As if there weren’t enough on this .D.alreadv!
GRAPHICAL WONDERS (AGA PICTURES) The AGA chipset is renowned for its graphical abilities, and that's why you will find some stunning examples of artwork on this special AGA CD-ROM. Pictures are stored in HAM8 and 256-colour modes, ready to display when you click on them. You can also load them into your favourite paint program. You're bound to find plenty of images which will take your breath away!
Not had enough u-l- Don't worn, there's heaps more. Fora start in the “AGA_lexts~ directon vou'll discover hints and tips loi all AGA- owning Amigans.
In the "Diskmags " drawer there's enough material to keep you reading until next month.
AGA PASTIMES (AGA GAMES) Ready to test yourself? You'll find dozens of action arcade games and brain teasers.
Shoot-em-up fans will love Deluxe Galaga.
And cerebral sorts will enjoy a game of Uchess. Retro fans should look out for Deluxe PacMan and Poweroids. And if all these aren’t enough, there's an entire drawer full of Doom clones to test your hardware to the limits.
256-colour pics will look truly impressive.
Test your chess skills against the computer in this colourful version of Uchess.
Articles, reviews and gossip from the Amiga's best non-paper magazines have been stuffed in this drawer. And it's not all computer related news: watch out lor the latest Alien and t’FO stories... Well that’s all we’ve got room for unfortunatelv hut ihere's plenty more so have fun exploring. 'Zz READY STEADY GO!
To get the most from your AGA Experience CD-ROM. You should perform the following simple steps.
I you are using an Amiga with 1 2.04. If you have an i Workbench 3.0 (such as an
0) or 3.1 you will be able to make f many more of the programs
and the name suggests, an AGA t essential!
I are using a screen mode t least 8 colours. You can change i mode from the Workbench program 'ScreenMode” or dick on the icon called s" (this will change to I display which may flicker r using MagicWB, the r jumbled. Click on
* using a screenmode with 16 r more, the colours may appear . If
they are, click on the ' icon.
I like to change to the e, click on "Change ! Icon marked ""ClickMe!"
EXCLUSIVE Amiga Format special Offer SEND THE ORDER FORM TO SADENESS PD • 13 RUSSELL TERRACE MUNDESLEY • NORFOLK NR11 8LJ OR SIMPLY PHONE 01263 722169 If you enjoyed your free AGA Experience CD then you might like to try version 2. In an exclusive deal with SadENESS we bring Amiga Format readers the AGA Experience 2 at a special price of £12.99. (RRP £20) ! Priority Order Form l ! Please send me copy(s) of AGA Experience 2 at the reduced price i | Personal Details I enclose:
1. _J Cheque (for £12.99 payable to SadENESS PD) Sterling cheques
on a UK A C Only)
2. _) Visa _l Access ! Mr Ms Initials Surname Address Postcode
Card no Signature Expires Date i Daytime tel no.
Total amount enclosed Create musical masterpieces in minutes with this month's fantastic giveaway - the Amiga's favourite - OctaMED 6.
David Taylor introduces the new game demo from Vulcan. Brain-burstingly addictive but hair-tearingly hard!
Bograts is .1 game of* skill and Iasi thinking. You're a parent Bograt whose two offspring have bunked off on their own little adventure. They're easily pleased though, simply walking backwards and forwards Ismming style, until something blocks their path - even if that's a lire!
Your job is to save them by ensuring the path is safe.
Thai's right - it's a pu lc platformer and we've got a four level demo for you to explore. To plav the game, simph boot the (loverdisk and let it load.
There's also another game demo so you will Ik- asked if'vou want to plav Bogrtih. Answer Yes bv pressing ~Y" and then prevs Return .
W hen the first screen comes up. Hit fire to continue. When the first level has loaded, you’ll see the large green, emi. Bograt. In order to complete the level, the objective is not for you to find the exit but for vou to get your kids to it. This doesn’t matter in the first level, which is fairly straightforward, but it does later on when vou can't actually get through to places that your small children can. That is an essential thing to remember - just because there isn't a way through for yourself doesn't mean that they cannot complete the level.
You need to make use of the levers and objects on the screen to help your kids on their way. For instance, to release them from the first prison, you need to sutnd over a lever and press fire. The wall will he raised and the children will walk out. They will walk until they hit an object and then turn and walk the other way ad infinitum, unless they run into something that kills them. If they do get killed, they will be reincarnated but it will cost you some of your hearts.
These red hearts indicate how much energy you have and they can be found around the screen.
You've got your free software and your exciting new game demos.
Now find out how to get the most out of them.
Planet you need to make sure that your shot has enough power to get over it but not so much that it just shoots off the screen. The planets all have gravitational pull - the bigger the planet the greater its attraction. This means that your missiles don't fly straight and you'll have to judge the best way of compensating.
Align your shot using the arrow keys on the left.
»__ When you have finished your shot you can swear loudly as it flies past its destination - it will take a bit more practice to get used to the effects
- IIMl I -T- -.l- of gravity.
LjmtE After the shot you can move your ship around to a
* better position using the U ' arrow keys you can see in the
GRAVITY FIGHT p If you don't have an A1200, then don't despair.
There's also a demo of this two- player Scorched Tanks space
age game. It requires just a 1Mb Amiga and the demo has you
playing against the computer. To get started, just boot the
Coverdisk, answer "N" and press retum - then you won't load
Bograts. You can't load this directly f) from Workbench as it’s
been archived in to fit it on the disk. If you want to install
it onto a separate disk or your hard drive, then do the
following: Open a Shell and type: af93b:c unlzx x af93b:gf.lzx
ram: return .
The program will be unarchived to RAM and you can copy the directory out of there yourself. This is also necessary if you want to read the documents.
The game gives you control of a set of space ships. The first thing you have to do is decide the angle of the shot (using the rotation icons in the top left). You must remember to aim around the planets. When you have done this and set the power level of the shot (which decides how far the shot will travel), you can click on the fire button in the top right. If you need to shoot over the top of a V *¦ control bar. In the firing stage these can be used to scroll
* around the screen. You have a set amount of fuel you can a, v,
expend, but note that putting yourself in a better firing
position may also put you in a ‘ m better place to be shot at!
%) , JBjK +, If you like this, you can I r register for the full version, ' which comes with loads of
• 1 different levels and a two player competition mode which
allows you to play against your friends.
You need to send 12DM (about £5) to the author, Thomsten Grosch. The address is: Habichtweg 11, 63322 Roedermark, Germany.
The game itself can be run on a standard A500, but unfortunately the disk had to be made using the A500+ FFS system which allows an extra 50K to be stored. If you have a friend with a WB2 machine you can de-archive it on that as described above and put it on a OFS WB 1.3 disk for use on your machine. Then boot Workbench and load it up from there.
Your kids are anti what obstacles they need to overcome. To return to the action screen press fire.
You need to collect as many as possible - they also enable you to save the game. -As well as these red hearts there are three other things that you can either collect or utilise:
1. BOMBS Bombs are useful for destroying certain blocks. To use a
bomb, press fire and then run away. You have about two seconds
before it goes oil'and if either you or your children are over
it then you lose a life.
2. MAP ICONS If you go to one of these and press fire, you will
enter map mode and be able lo scroll around the screen to see
3. KEYS Make sure your wee ones collect the keys before moving
them along. If you do realise you've messed it up, restart by
pressing the Space bar and then move lo the R icon and press
If you want to install the game to hard drive, copy the game, and the -S- and -V- directories, into a directory. The game itself costs i 12.99 from Vulcan Software Limited, Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road. Buckland.
Portsmouth P02 7NA 01705 670269. Credit cards are also accepted. ® Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... 0 |EU juJ 1 Shell remat 1 rxxHast ell ifeat Boot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
?1 Workbench ol ftwiqaShell pa Shell process 4.
.•: diskcopy fro* dfl: to dfl: Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O). Taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: cj Morkb eh_ Shell process 4
3. •: df.kcopv Iron df S'.flkVSS.lT.,* When asked for the Source
disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Ml al fcmaShell DISK NOT WORKING?
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PIC . TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford «BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
SS ::: I!!!! =: El ” flU B8888 88888 B8C49 C-3 A8C15 54 C-3 B8BBB 55 - BBBBS 56 C-3 BHB8B 57 881 58 --- §8888 59 88888 68 C-3 88888 61 88888 62 88888 63 88888 3 ABC15
- 8BBBB 3 ABBBB C45 C- C44 - C43 C- C4Z - C41 C- C4B - 88 ISO In
an exclusive deal Amiga Format brings you the latest version of
the Amiga's favourite music program FREE on your Coverdisk.
See our detailed feature on PAGE The OctaMED screen has the three main windows open by default: the Main Control, the Block and the Information windows.
|0ckaHH Professicoal VC.(Bo - Seng: £ ftxlio-ifv lng 1993 Seng Play tort || | BD £||Hallelujah.8svx 23444 Edit... I Block Play Cent | Inst: Slist... | Iype... | EaraMs... D| STOP j _I Edit _| Space _| Chord Oct & 12 a Block 3 25 - Cud Page 1 1 haj 1 1 ]_ ]$ cj 1 1 _SgJ 5 34 Jj3y s: (pa-t 4) Il Chip; 128W3Fast; V7m rmtinaftM Hfti..... HittlRl il C- J8 88888 8BC49 C 88888 88C4B - GH2 7BBBB 8BC47 C-
- -- B8B8B BBC4I 88 88
- || ... 88 a InforNatian - (Tempo : SPD 64 61 88 ?HZ 78 88 88
88 88 ISO C-3 88
- K| OctaMED 6 (teUftD Professicral Vfe.8Bo - Song: SsnlhSco;
b n Spin St Ik tar JOB Main Contr Song PI Block PI °l . S i
Playing Si V| | 3 Rudio-Inasing tSS3 Mention music on the Amiga
and there is only one word that immediately springs to mind -
Oct iMEI). H has always been one of ihe Amiga’s most popular
programs not least because it manages to combine powerful music
creation features with an easy to understand interface.
To install the software you'll need to unpack the disks from the Coverdisk.
This will be done automatically by booting the disk. Make sure you have two spare disks ready - these will be automatically formatted and the software installed onto them. Next you need to boot Workbench, open Disk I and double click on the Install icon.
This will give you three choices -you can install to a bootable (loppy, a noil- bootable floppy or a hard drive. Vou can also install the two disks directly to a hard drive, bin vou will then have lo copv die files manuallv to the correct destination as the Install script won't work here. Id help you do this, you'll lind a log in the directors' vou install to, which gives you details of where all the liles are copied lo.
WINDOWS When you have the program installed, simply load it up and you’ll see the three windows used in the main editing part of Ot(aMEL). In order to start creating a song, you need to understand the methods behind modules. OilnMlillsongs are made up ol a set ol blocks. These blocks are. By default, divided into li-l lines, each line contaiuingjnformation about the sound to be played. There are. Again only by default, four channels on each line, which means that vou can have four different sounds playing at the same time. Vou can actually have up to 8 channels playing at once and can change
the setting for the song bv choosing Set Options from the Song menu (Keyboard shortcut: R-Amiga H).
On each one of the cells that this grid creates, you can enter a sound, which will most often lie a sound sample.
Sound samples are the most common type of instrument used and you can see a few in the sample songs provided.
If you need more, then search through Cds. The Internet or contact a IT) library. Of course, if you have a sampler, you can create your own - read on.
To load a sample, you need to click on the File requester icon in the top middle of the top window (it's the only icon on the screen without letters in it) or you can select I.oad Instrument from the Instrument menu. With a sample loaded, you can start making music. Try playing with the keys on the keyboard and the sample will be played as different notes. The keys for the lower octave are: S, 1), C, H.J. X. ('.,
V. B. N. M. The middle octave is: 'I. 3, 5.
IS. 7.Q. VV. F. R, T.V. L . 1..; .The upper half octave is: 9. 0. +. . I. O. P. (, ]. When you want to place a note into a cell, you need to switch to editing mode, by clicking the Edit button.
Then select the cell in the Block window and press the key you need.
Remember that a sample will play for longer than a single cell - it will often play through ten or more. To see how long it plays for. Click on Play Block.
Hooray! Your first note is entered.
There are lots of options that can be associated with notes, and effects that can be entered into the player.
00 Arpeggio 01 Slide pitch up 02 Slide pitch down 03 Portamento 04 Vibrato 05 Slide pitch and fade 06 Vibrato and fade 07 Tremolo 08 Hold and decay 09 TPL slider 0A Volume slide 0B Playing sequence position jump 0C Set volume 0D Volume slide using the Player Command type. You'll see that when you enter a note, a letter and number combination appeals. This shows the note name and the octave number. Next to ibis is a set ol live digits, which will appear as zeros by default. The first shows the instrument number and the following four digits can contain a hexadecimal code which will set a user
effect. To see a guide to ihe hexadecimal codes, read the Player Command Type Codes box. Typically a code will look something like "10(30".
You should note that above each ol the channels the number of the channel is shown and that it is actually a button. These will normally be highlighted as active. In order to hear how individual channels sound, simply deactivate the channels you don't need.
SING SONG At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the Information window, as a thin strip.
This window contains all the important controls for the song. On the very left is the song listing button. Click on this and it will show the songs loaded into memory - if you have enough RAM. You can have more than one. To add a new song, you click on the Sg icon and the song selector requester will appear. II you click on Add New. A second song will be entered into the list - if you want you can then load a song into this slot.
Next along is the Section list (icon Sc) which can Ik* used in a similar way to the Song requester to add new sections to songs.
On the far right is the B icon which will open the Block Cist icon. This requester allows you to add new blocks to the song. Selecting the different blocks will change the block shown for viewing or editing in the Block window.
Each block can be named and sequences of blocks can be kept together so that you know which blocks are Synth or Organ ones for example.
This list does not refer to the playing, order of the blocks within the song.
This is decided in the Playing Sequence window which is loaded from the icon 0E synth jump OF Primary tempo 11 Slide pitch up once 12 Slide pitch down once 14 Protracker style vibrato 15 Setfinetune 16 Repeat lines (loop) 18 Cut note 1A Slide volume up once 1B Slide volume down once 1D jump to next playing sequence entry IE Replay line 1F Note delay and retrigger on the left of the Block icon, named Sq. In this sequence you can insert or delete blocks and you choose the block to be placed in the space using the arrow keys in the window on the top left under the placing sequence list.
Separating all of these icons are small cells which display information about the currently selected song, section, placing block and which block that is. I'ndemeath is a memory meter to show how much memory your song is using. The rest shows information about the placing state, the editing slate and the time through the current song.
In the Main Control window, where you loaded the sample instrument, you will see more controls. These allow you to make changes to the instruments used. There's an Instrument Type for adjusting the setting and also Parameters for doing things like fine tuning the instruments and adjusting the names. You can move through the instruments using the arrow keys in the window.
Perhaps the most important window for instruments is the editing window.
This brings up the sample editor w hich is an integral part of OrlaMED 6. This window has its own set of menus including things like a set ol effects. You can change the volume and pilch ol samples, filter them, add echoes and much more. Samples can be cropped and parts can be cut and pasted. For close in editing, zoom in to see more detail ol the samples waveform.
SAMPLING Should you want to sample your own instrument, you ran do so using the Digitise button so long as you have a compatible sound sampler. In the settings for the sample is the option to show the sample in hertz, which some people might be more accustomed to.
There are a couple of sample songs included, which is a good place to make a start at seeing how the whole thing comes together. II you do get stuck, you can load in the OctnMFJ) help file, but some machines may have font problems Sixre* l»»l 1 DkI. LmI 1 totmia 1 1 K |i» lo Chord Creation |Q«a Mjor | Omar b Invert i on 5 (Cot moor lion mint 7 taic £ Hvxr So. 4th nojor ' third U Itmtl moor 7 Foorth B - off - Notes _jr.ii »im Elly QxrdlHitel PLAYER COMMAND TYPE CODES The first two digits denote the player effect and the second two the intensity.
The following is a list of the hexadecimal codes for the effects.
‘ [°nlr°' -LB® Sen, Pliy Cent || | It rllHijr Stem* | 4911 Blot* Plav Cont 1 W ai« 1 iw 1 j tf.t- Hrr | Ogxi (part 4) 1 Chord Oct ftttl ck Lilt IQ IQ ?«*» 1 113] l»*th |K2 1 | |«| »|M Ews R | | | Kali 1 E*it | i|ori*» p ]!»« lib &8 8SU 3 jj jjjjj gja 5(11 | Dr,on (port 41 I il¦=¦ ¦ IrfvufiM . Ithm - CM Uat ins to 5«| lBOTt Hn | fir I rtf | FFT to So*, j bppend Hen | 4 25 _| Sjoj liusrd Ui» 1 SjJ 1 n iJil SjJ 1 2 _SjJ 1 33 U4 25: CE»n wrl 4) 1 jitp: IS 17176 Fat: 1189224 | - Stowed - |40i--¦:¦!»!
Properties and settings are available for all the different types, like blocks and songs, so you can set different numbers of channels and the like.
Loading it. II this is the case, then simple load it into a word processor instead. II yon want to see what the keyboard shortcuts are lor operations, then select the Keyboard Short-cuts item from the Settings menu and you’ll see where thcv are assigned and make any changes you want.
Obviously there are many more feature’s, like Arexx, which there simply isn't room to cover here, so you’ll have to experiment a bit and read the documentation. 1-istlv. This is not the latest version of OctaSlED. The whole new OctaMEl) Sounds! Iidin is now available at a special AF price - see page 23 for details. • O CAN'T GET YOUR COVER- DISK SOFTWARE WORKING?
CALL (MOIU-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584- 0682 BffiXTRA!
Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE (AF82) If f inal Writer's pull-down menus won't pull down it is probably because you are running a menu enhancement commodity (i.e. MagicMmu). Such programs don't work correctly with Final W'rilct and should be disabled. In order lo print documents it is vital you have the correct printer driver installed in the devs printers drawer of your Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and configured using the printer prefs utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how to do this.
To print larger documents Final Writer requires more memory. If you're using the program on a 2Mb machine, try to maximise the amount of memory available by removing any utilities or commodities running in the background - if you still experience problems, use Workbench's prefs utilities to alter the screen to a lower resolution si recnmodc.
Lastly, it was inadvertently staled that Final Writer works on all 2Mb* Amigas. Sorry, but it's incompatible with old Kickslart 1.2 1.3 machines.
BREED 96 (AF86) If when double clicking the lmtall_ISired96 icon you get an error message telling you that the command IronX cannot be found don't panic.
This doesn't mean that your Coverdisk is faulty, it's just that some earlier versions of the Workbench disk don't contain the IronX command. To get around the problem: from Workbench open up a Shell window and type the following lines (pressing return after each):- copy c:execute RAM: cd RAM: execute AF86b:Install_Breed96 Have your blank formatted disk and your Himl 96 disk ready and insert the appropriate disk when prompted. Please note that even though the label for the Breed 96 disk says "A Hha" it is.
In reality, disk number T Rfib.
Guide document then try changing its icon's default tool from “Amigaguide" to "MultiView".
If vou are unsure of how to do this don't worry it’s not too difficult, (llick once on the icon called OrtVS_Tut.Guidr. pull down the “Icons" menu from the menubar at the top of the Workbench screen and select the “Information" menu item. This will bring up a window, in which halfway down you will see the words "Default Tool:" followed by a small box containing the word "Amigaguide". Clicking in this box will give you a text cursor, now using the backspace and del key erase completely the word "Amigaguide" and type in the word “MultiView", press return then click on the Save gadget (bottom
left corner).
It’s worth remembering that the same solution should work for other Coverdisk document files that trv to load tools (e.g. Muchmorr) that you don't have.
TYPESMITH (AF87) We apologise to any readers with older machines who have had problems with this disk.
We failed to state clearly, that unfortunately i teSmilli is incompatible with old Kickslart 1.2 1.3 machines.
A common problem is that not everyone's Workbench disk has a copy of the Amiga Installer tool on it. Once unpacked, some Coverdisk software needs "installing" before it can be properly used. The authors often include a script that will ropy the required libraries, fonts etc. to the correct place on your system. The icon for the script is usuallv a picture of a lloppy disk with a wire and plug coming out of it. If you get an error message Unable la often y our tool installer-'when you double-click such icons there is a solution. You need to find and then copy the Installer tool from another
disk to your Workbench lloppy disk or Workbench hard disk partition. If you are using floppies then use a copy of the Workbench disk and not the original, also you may need to make some space on your copy of Workbench by deleting some non-essential tools such as the clock, calculator etc. The Amina FormatCoverdisk 79a, Digila Organiser 2 demo and the AF (low-rdi.sk H8a, X-DYE. Both have the Installer tool on them. If sou don't have either of these Coverdisks then try searching for Installer on disks belonging to other applications that you own. Especially paint programs and word processors
etc. Installer doesn't usually have ait icon and is often in a drawer such as the (1 drawer which itself lately has an icon. So when looking for it make sure that you switch on Show:AII Files from the Workbench Window menu for every disk and drawer vou look through. When you find Installer simply copy it b dragging its icon into the L'tililies or (1 drawer of your Workbench.
GENERAL PROBLEMS The most common problems are Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one ol your own disks- If it's one of your own disks then that's the disk with the problem. Ditl you format your blank disks correctly? Tty re-fot matting them and do a full format not just a quirk format, use the verify option and make sure you formal from your Workbench, not from utilities like X- Cofty. Disable Dimlory Carliing. Hasliran and International Mode. Don't
decmnch to HD (High Density) disks as these can be unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it. 'Z?
Please remember that the technical helpline above is purely for difficulties you have getting the programs to work properly. II your disk is physically damaged, bent, broken with a loose or missing shutter, it should be returned lo the duplicators lor a replacement at the following address: AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB PLC This includes any system messages you mav get saving. “Read write error". "Disk invalidated" and "Checksum Frror In this case, the disk has been damaged and needs to be replaced.
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Jet Pilot: Take to the OH skies in our incredible demo of one of Vulcan's most ambitious games yet. Jet Pilot promises to be as realistic as you want to get... PLUS: Don't miss our massive CD roundup, reviews of Ppaint7 TurboCalc4, Golden Image 8x CD drive and reports on the Amiga Technologies situation... February Issue On Sale Thursday 23rd January RESERVE YOUR COPY OF You ran rnmr am mur of Amiga Formal al mam urMfrMs, iitrlmliiiu bvanchn of WII Smith and John Mrn icv ADVERTISERS INDEX 1 st Computer Centre 15 0113 231 9444 Intermediates 45 01279 600204 Active Software 78 01325 352260 Marpet
Developments 40 01423 71260 Analogic 16 0181 546 9575 Megatronix 72 01384 77172 Arrow PD 62 01304 832344 NetCom Internot Lid 83 01344 395500 Audiogenic 62 0181 424 2244 Online PD 68 01704 834335 Bio-Con Taiwan Corp. 41 00 886 2 790 2761 Owl Associates 33 01543 250377 8PM Promotions 103 01232 626694 PD Soft
2. 3 01702 306060 Bus Stop PD 62 01455 554982 Power Computing 81,
114, 115 01234 273000 Dart Computer Services 102 0116 247 0059
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713185 Siren Software 8,9 0161 796 5279 First Stop 68 0171
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6000 Software First 68 01268 531222 Golden Imago 61 0181 900
9291 Underground PD 78 01702 295887 Greytronlcs 29 0181 686
9973 Visage 56 0115 944 4500 Harwoods Computers 10, 55 01773
836781 Vulcan 45 01705 670269 HiSott 4 01525 718181 Weird
24. -25 0116 234 0682 HiOLid 79 01515211327 Wizard Developments
67 01322 272908 ISS s §0088 888 a. a 5 vs vs vs vs vs so
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¦ iT' 3 X u. s i ' o: * a *p c C O tf C a: Q 2 ' Z _ -o 2 c
a rsj rr» 5 z uj c F - ° c 0 2 p x a: X 0 0 ?
- N «C 5 c TO 0 44 A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W Saturday
no TEL 01234 273000 FAX 01234 352207 min delivery tj. So I *
this year. It is one of the best Amiga games of all time. AMIGA
FORMAT: GRAP best you're likely to see in an Amiga game. AMIGA
COMPUTING: GRAPHICS 96% the best beat-em-ups for a long time,
it's one of the best games we've seen for a while when you know
you're going to be fighting other human beings but even in one
play AMIGA COMPUTING: OVERALL 95% CU AMIGA: "It has the best
sound effects ups. Stunning lighting effects and backgrounds.
Some rl ‘he best the Amiga has ev "Capital Punishment could
take fighting games ” Final word: you will never ever need to
purchase and likes of Body Blows, Shadow Figh m ing game
ever!" Capital Puni COMPUTING: roph H ~ m tAV‘ TA full of
playability and pres. j .
A specially developed state- covering a combined area of p U M I S M E N T
- "This one keeps you fighting.
ING: "Do you want to see how beac you see it, you will love it." CU AMIG* game and it shows. Not only are the grap.
Play a part which is just how things should be in y . ._,oT p ular genre." AMIGA GAMES AWARD CU AMIGA: "Amazing animation speed. Spee Street Fighter 7." Technical requirements: AGA Amiga (1200 4000 CD32 with h About 1 5Mb of free space needed. FAST RAM is not necessary (but recommended). AM els are graphically outstanding, with either fog, mist, or thunder and lighting effects. The ics is certainly committed, and this is partly what makes Capital Punishment a great gam who are greatly devoted to the Amiga. A GA COMP AMIGA COMP AMIGA FORMAT GolI AMIGA FORMAT: PLAYABILITY V V rewarded ar
ion replay; realist L iMIGA COMPUTING: Fans of Boc it’s overall quality. AMIGA GAMES

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