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There are still Amiga owners going Into the stores, asking for new releases and being told that (Duh) ‘there’s no demand for Amiga software anymore.' If more retailers removed the blinkers then surely they would see that by choosing to stock Amiga software they would (I) obviously attract new customers, particularly If they spend a few bob in their local paper telling the world they can get Amiga-related goodies In the store and (li) make a higher margin on the products they sell because they wouldn't have to discount the price to match their local 'superstore'. My God, this Is so simple It might Just work! The opinions expressed in this column are those of a fine, upstanding individual who can take his beer like a man, even If he does cry like a baby when he falls over on the way home, not those of Amiga Format (who don't). With all those angry young men from Amiga Power now off being not quite so angry on other not quite so wonderful magazines, with the vast majority of software houses who grew fat and successful publishing Amiga titles now worshipping at the Altar of the Interactive movie, with so many of the retailers who moved box after box of A500s now building their own Pcs, and with all the ex- Commodore personnel who became household names now off 'pursuing other Interests', who Is there left to bring some crumbs of comfort Into the Increasingly bleak world of Amiga owners? More people than you might think. The add-on and peripheral market Is clearly still buoyant. The new, software houses who now publish Amiga software are doing quite respectable figures and there are still pockets of enlightened retailers throughout the UK who would be only too pleased to help you get your printer working with your A1200, and flog you some software too, of course. There is even a new store opening in Northampton that will be completely dedicated to the Amiga. Yes. Entirely. V J I M EE "Audiogenic have made a real effort with this one and it’s worth applauding them..." LARA '96 VISCORP OWNS THE AMIGA On July 24th, Viscorp put out a general letter to the Amiga general letter to the Amiga community explaining the situation with Escorn's bankruptcy and their purchase bid for Amiga Technologies. In it. Bill Buck states that because of the bankruptcy, Viscorp have agreed with the courts to continue to operate Amiga Technologies as a going concern until all the paperwork has been signed and they can start up Viscorp GmbH. Petro Tyschtschenko will continue to act as general manager for Amiga Technologies and he will be joined in the post by Raquel Velasco. Al Duncan, another ex-Commodore staffer will be joining Viscorp to look after sales and distribution of the Amiga and other Viscorp products in North America. Finally, Mr. Buck states that all the current engineering efforts will be combined and 'professionally managed', and he apologises for Viscorp's lack of communication over the past few months and puts it down to the busy schedule for the takeover of Amiga Technologies. On another front following the recent Amiga convention in Montreal, revealing details came to light over Viscorp's short term plans for the Amiga. These include AMIGA bringing out an 060 accelerator card and starting an architecture design group. It also came to light that a company in China called New Star had originally bought the Chinese distribution rights from Escom for 020, 030 and 040-based Amigas.

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Document sans nom £4.50 ¦ OCTOBER 1996 ¦ ISSUE 89 Hfl 19.95 ¦ US $ 9.95 Vour Amiga has the m power to mimic many other computers. Find put how to run Quark Kpress, Photoshop, 5 indows, or whatever ou want on the Amiga Multimedia Extravaganza A great new series starts this issue - we'll be taking you step by step through the process of mastering your own multimedia title.
Part One will show you the many different ways of obtaining digital images for your project SOUND ADVICE OctaMED Soundstudio - the latest incarnation of the Amiga's favourite soundtracker reviewed KICKING OFF AGAIN Does Anco's sequel to former footie champ Kick Off stand a remote chance of a return to glory?
IMAGE CONSCIOUS ImageFX is now, by default, the best image processor - but it still continues to get better Reviewed this issue: Lara J96, Tin Toy, ImageFX 2.6, X-DVE 2.5, CD-ROMs. PLUS: tutorials on OctaMED, Real 3D2 Blitz Basic, Internet Your guarantee of value Cut, Pick & Post, - Cut, Pick & Post, - Cut, Pick & Post Techinal Software ? *. V20S3 CfTAOEl BBS 1042.Q12 ? V1213 PROGRAM LANGUAGES Comms Educational Music mioj mm uns i drums Tips and Cheats New Utilities ¥2073 PRO-LOTTERY 96 3d & Graphics VI247 TEXTURE MAPS (ABC) GAMES Mress & Shop eMail: pdsoft@magic.exnet. ZTCp rrr nrerr?.
Rrrrrfr, cTrTrrTrraTTTHTi AGA EXPERIENCE 2 SCENE STORM C0286 rm rn £18.99 HP CARD GAMES “3,j '¦*-« nas MODS ANTHOLOGY C0319 - £29.99 C64V0L2 Special Offer Order Mods Anthology for £33.99 and get The Sound library 2 Free of charge.
Alt U SOUND LIBRARY 2| HOTTEST 6 UTILITIES 2 TEXTURE PORTFOLIO 30 OBJECTS WEIRD TEXTURES W B ADD-ONS CDROM BASED oft Back Catalogue SJ ro*iS40r«r -"tog SCI-FI V2.0 SOUND TERRIFIC 2 aan IT »i CO.* S3s MEETING PEARLS 3 £499 6499 6799 6799 £4.99 61799 62499 61699 6799 62499 6T799 Total Recall * Tror BatWatar Oalactic DEVELOPER 1.1 com- rr ttlM I ' 9 SAMC5 Racu cnutaianu I r el WWW Ljx Also Instock is Perional 5uite for £39.99 ADULT SENS 2
• pc iBf.the »j"iul Urgret Mi* »or» - h Both PC and Arnraa
W *C*X H«h rrwr-u-ttnr 256 cc*our anagr* (CVtriaOW ) PCX CUPART 2 HARD DRIVES A1200 A4000 Internal Hard Drives
3. 5 inch. Includes software, leads.
I GIG Mode 4 (Very Fast) £173.00 Inc
1. 6 GIG M 4 (Very Fast) £220.00 Inc RAM CHIPS 4Mb of RAM 72PIN
£30 Bmb of RAM 72PIN £60 16Mb of RAM 72RIN £120 32Mb of RAM
72PIN £200 64Mb RAM 72PIN £360 Q-Drive with PCMIA Port
connector - Quad speed Amiga External Drive £199 Hi-soft
scai*2 interface &DQIX2DQ ££0 Fii version of atapi cdrom
software £49 Megalosound sampler hardware and software (retail
boxed) £25 CD Write software (virutal) £35 All prices include
Vat Next Day Delivery £700 HARDWARE TURBOCALC 2.1 COOt C0718
NOTHING BUT TITH1S COOfc C027I payMfam.. -. y.IUi* Jar a *r»
ready to r - dlKte, "O"! M* CO. »nA •remold ottOO* ARCAK
CLASSICS £1499 £999 NATIONS 2 £'999 £1999 °S£2? £1999 £1799
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£699 OC0279 G SENSATIONS £1999 6T799 OCD267 ETVC OXLE£TlCN2
£1999 £1799 ° 260 vaS ENHANCER 6999 6699 OC92SC wCVlDOrarATT
£1999 61699 PC 005 Ready - Wildcat - PCS OC533! ARSENAL Kft 3
0*99 6999 O CD332 ARSENAL PILES 4 £499 £899 °crai3 ARSENAL »«&
5 £499 6999 O CP334 ArsENAL KES6 £14 99 6999 O COM* *«* ARSENAL
FA.ES 7 £1499 £1299 ° GA»*r;.ARSENAL 1 £1499 £999 O COT37 «W
GAMERS ARSE UAL 2 £1499 £1299 ocosso or rcryiAf nouEST 5 £-499
£999 OC0339 0» POTIXAX RE9JEST 2 I'* 9) £999 OCOS40 PCATHAA’CM
ARSENAL £14 99 £999 a COS*’ EolXAi'ONA 4ALL AGES £4 99 £999
o :0342 OS 2 ARSENAL £4.99 6899
o COM3 rc»»6£S £499 £999 OC0344 PERSOlA*. FXANtlAi £4 99 £999 a
cosas srs or arsenal 1 £499 6999 a CPS46 TECH ARSENAL 2 £499
£999 OC0S87 ML9CAT Ft£S 2 £499 6999 Adult discs (10)
o COS45 DREAMS*(16) £1999 £1799 O CC349 PRX1AL CXI AMD 3 (13)
£099 £1799 OC0360»errrrvATEliN«(l6) £1999 £1799 a COSM TAROA
rARir (16) £19.99 £1799
* B*4*r CA« * pnem ¦*v r' cr*t*v a *» “ a** IN «h r a** rw-a
»Va*« choc* t» f O' you may K gryoa at l*w Rrr pnc OC9292
TOKEN £1999 £1699 O C02O3 *0*15 N»0 96 £1999 £1699 ¦_AM6ATtXX53
£2999 £2*99 64499 63999 O C0226 G»V»RS DCUGMT2 62999 62490 O
C9247 PERSONAL SUTT £4499 £9999 OCWM MXUDOlADO-ONS 12* £2399
t"9 **** I
• 25 IS&XSL*!"*** 6339 O a 296 •* T Mtat o • M 6999 £699 D COST*
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PCMQS.ARE KWVtK 6X299 £999 0 $ 25T '• :** w *¦* £2999 £2499 O
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£2999 £2799 OCM20 'WW1T S£ 12 62999 £2799 em22fEW AMP E’«'3
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AMWr* £1*99 £1299 0 09246 AW*?C £1499 £1299 O C5293 AAWCT n
£1499 61299 O C0316 AMIMfT a £1499 £1299 ° *W AJ4NET © £-499
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you «rt t «m at £H.99 ana you C4K etop tW at any time by phone
cr fa* MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 trapdoor fitting memory
expansions feature a battery bached clock and a socket for an
Memory Expansion 8mb Memory Expansion 33mhz 68882 FPU (picc)
DATAFLYER SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II conlroller caid that converts tlie signals on the internal IDE interlace to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataller SCSI* will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CDROMS. Hard drives. SyQuest removable drives, tape bach up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interlaces, the Datallyer SCSI* is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you trom utilising any ot the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600. The Datallyer SCSI* easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back ol the A1200.
Full instructions ana software supplied.
ultimate in disk copying power lor the Amiga. The package
comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge
for making copies of heavily protected programs with an
external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check
DRIVES OR with a Squirrel or Dataflyer EACH OR BUY BOTH FOR I
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feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems
include out FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth £19.99) wtuch
includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms
software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards
from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free
software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 24 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression
• fax Class I and II compatible. Group 3 • Hayes Compatible
• Full 80 page manual • 12 Months guarantee ASIM CDFS 3.6 This
superb package is a must for any CDROM user. Includes CD32 &
CDTV emulation, audio CD player software including librarian
features. Direct reading of 16 bit audio samples, full support
for Kodak and Corel Photo CD Discs. Includes the FISHMARKET
CDROM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge
115 page infdrmabon packed spiral bound manual.
2. 5" HARD Al MIGA IN M IAI MC HESTER On immt* fer rib N l p OW
A500 +250mb Hard Drive c&.ifoiG i, 85mb 250mb 340mb & 540mb
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68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery
bached clock and a 72 pin socket (or a standard 72 pin simm
|up to 128mb). Fully featured, (an cooled trapdoor fitting
accelerator. .
Amazing value external SCSI CD ROM dnve in a top quality enclosure.
APOLLO 1220 ONLY APOLLO 1220 +4mb PANASONIC SIX SPEED CD ROM DRIVE WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER PANASONIC DUAL SPEED CD ROM DRIVE Access, Visa. Switch Connect etc acce . Del pted ta, OPEN: Monday to Friday 9an l to ( ipm Saturday 9am to 1 12pm Personal call welcome.
Ers Please phone f irst to APOLLO 1240 2Smhz APOLLO 1240 40mhz APOLLO 1260 50mhz 1240 1260 SCSI interface 4mb SIMM S5& ©Offlfflj mnciion Js Bury, rards on side aft of lights r premis
o the posite is Pub.
8mb SIMM KMLe)® ffm 16mb SIMM EZ DRIVES OR V . w(th a Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge ?
OCTOBER 1996 CONTENTS No Myst for the Amiga I In an unprecedented move, games company Broderbund has decided not to bring out Myst for the Amiga. We give you the lowdown.
The next generation in graphics cards will be hitting the UK soon with phase 5's impressive looking CyberVision64 3D and Village Tronic's Picasso IV.
Jf Demon Web Alert I “T The UK's best-known Internet Service Provider plans to give 5Mb of web space to all its dial-up customers - absolutely free.
F f Internet ZS U Tutorial You've got the essentials, but this is where the fun starts as Darren Irvine introduces IRC, Grn and AmiSlate.
The Amiga's top image manipulation software gets an update.
AF's own image consultant, Ben Vost, assesses the new features.
Instant O J) Drive Choosing a hard drive is one of the most important decisions you can make, as Graeme Sandiford discovers with Eyetech's new drive.
OctaMED Soundstudio The Amiga's favourite soundtracker surpasses any musicians wildest dreams with new 64- channel capability and bags of other features - it's music to John Kennedy's ears.
68 An almost forgotten digital effects package rises from ¦¦ obscurity to challenge the might of ClariSSA.
David Taylor is in dire need of FX.
80 rfj REGULARS 5 3 Resident PD guru VS)Pjl ppf Robert Poldina is vour auide for Vi I WlWT C C'C' V QG Blitz Tutorial
* The irrepressible John Kennedy is still pursuing the goal of
the ultimate Amiga web-browser.
This month, it means he has to explain compound variables, structures and lists.
Q OctaMED Tutorial For a really effective Med module, you need to learn how to control your effects.
Darren Irvine is your host.
Amiga.net The evil hand of commerce forces Darren Irvine to check out Amiga companies on the net.
Q Real 3D2 Graeme Sandiford goes on about meshes and b-splines, then pulls a bunch of flowers from nowhere!
QQ Mailbag
* 0 Nick Veitch fields questions and queries on everything from
Brazil to HD installable games.
Subscriptions Subscribe to the best Amiga mag and claim a gift!
Robert Polding is your guide for another month's offerings.
Workbench Your chance to get those tricky problems sorted out
- Graeme Sandiford is the man with all the answers.
© COVER FEATURE Coverdisks Your can run software from pretty much any computer platform on your Amiga - providing you have the right equipment.
Simon Goodwin begins his feature with an introduction to the art of emulation.
Font Machine Disk A Map textures or pictures onto your fonts Plus: VMM 3.5, EdwordPro 5.6 and Ultra Accounts 3 : The Art of Rocketry Disk B Direct your ship through space to complete your mission mastering the laws of gravity Plus: The Worms and Foundation Editor CD-ROJUI Another month spent slaving away ppv to try and bring you Rfflfria t*ie kes* collection of programs, pictures and utilities that we can find. Join us on a mu*time i'a ’Mn tour of Bath in conjunction with an extensive feature. Play the games, create your own fonts and discover whether or not your contribution made it onto this
month's CD » ...... mi**** Coverdisk Instructions
T) 'l D- L The Reality Games D I Pack 1 & 2 There are a
whole host of games in these two packs and the kit could mean
that we all have a bash at creating our own little epics.
Tin Toy in the House of J Fun Adventure Collect the stars, kill the enemy and leap over the gaps. This new adventure game from Mutation is loads of fun.
Ckick Off '96 J All that remains is the name in this complete reworking of what was once the best footie game in the world. Have Anco done enough to seize the championship from SWOS?
C It's Bath Time - Part One J Ben Vost embarks on the first part of his epic feature focused around creating a multimedia presentation. The opening chapter looks at ways of getting hold of the necessary images and graphics.
© SCREENPLAY ¦ QLara '96 a p 7 Just in time to miss out on England's sad performance against various second-rate cricketing nations, now you can lose too!
Alien Breed 3D II Compo!
HpU Win a fabulously fast A1260 accelerator and a host of other prizes in this terrific compo.
MULTIMEDIA O Previews Andy Smith looks at a selection of forthcoming Amiga titles.
Gamebusters J We've got the full and complete solution to Flight of the Amazon Queen.
CH Alien Breed 3D II Tutorial mP Andy CIKheroe, the creator of AB3D II, shows you how to design your own levels.
PAWS 1200 (Portable Amiga Workstation) What the hell is this?
The PAWS (Portable Amiga Workstation) kit contains Case, 10.4" Active Matrix LCD. LCD Panel Driver (NTSC and PAL). Laptop Power Supply, Ability to utilize laptop batteries that can be recharged internally (Duracel! DR31 NiMH). Mkrot rack hall. Link-lt. And APS Power Management Software.
• Dimensions: I8’W * 12‘.'D x 4i"H. 11 pounds in weight (Fully
Loaded System)
• Power: Auto-switching IICV220V external Power Supply. Internal
monitoring circuit for battcnes warns users of low power
situation and charges battenes when system is off.
• Batteries: Duracell DR3I Laptop Battcnes or Compaq Extended
Life Battery .
• Battery Life: Average continuous battery life 1.25 hours
Average normal battery life 2 hours.
• LCD: M() x 480 Active Matrix Colour Panel (10.4" Diagonal
Measure) The Gecko is an external solution to allow Amiga users
to utilize standard VGA SVGA monitors.
* The Gecko comes w ith the main unit, power CvtvU supply, and
cable The Gecko connects directly to the Amiga RGB port and
supports many modes.
3 A mobile colour videophone with built-in mic and transceiver?
• Approximate Dimensions: 4"W x 6' D x 2:"H
• Power: Auto-sw itching 11(V220V external Power Supply.
• Modes: NTSC. PAL. DBL NTSC and PAL. Productivity Modes, and
Video Toaster Support.
A digital camera which stores pictures on disk?
A personal night vision viewer with infra-red and UV transmitters?
l. egendarv 519-753-0120 519-753-5052 iF» ONTARIO LlJsA Call your
favourite dealer or Silent Paw at the numbers below husck
Serde Micro 30-42-777 30-42-7732 (F) ISSOl GERMANY k & i 02-21
*923-0435 02-21-23-4X02 Fi KOI LK Blittrrsoft 01
-908-261-IA6 0I-908-2M-4XX (F) Mil TON KEYNES VW , PO Box
1825. Manassas. Virginia 20108-1825 (USA. 703-330-7290.
703-330-5752 (FAX) Internet: slntpaw@ix.nctcont.com.
CompuServe : iw GO SPAW (Amiga Vendor Forum) A m ADVERTISERS
INDEX Analogic .. 52 .
...0181 546 9575 Applaud Software . 34 ... ....01283 217270 Bustop PD ...... 74 ... ....01455 554982 Clickboom .48.49 .. 001 416 8686 388 Dart Computer Services .. 38 .
...0116 247 0059 Enterprise PCC 73 ... ....01624 677666 Epic Marketing . ..60,61 ... ....01793 490988 Eyetech .. 23 ... ....01642 713185 Fast Computer Services . ....Ill .
...0171 252 3533 Freestyle PD ... 38 ... ....01922 710985 Gasteiner .. 24 .
...0181 345 6000 Golden Image .. 109 .
...0181 900 9291 GTI 115 .
0049 201 788778 F(arwoods Computers ... ..30,88 ... ....01773 836781 Hisoft ..... ......10... ....01525 718181 LCL . 74 ... ....01491 579345 Marpet Developments .... 103 ... ...01525 718181 Microvitec ...... ......16 ... ....01244 391204 NBS Public Domain .....III ... ...01983 529594 Owl Associates .. 103 ... 01543 250377 PD Soft ...
2. 3 ... ....01702 306060 Premier Mail
Order . 37 ... ...01268 271172 Sadeness PD
..... .....II1 ... ....01263 722169
Silent Paw Productions .... .8 ... ...01908
261466 Siren Software .
4. 5 .
....0161 796 5279 Software First ... 23 .
......01827 68496 Special Reserve 37 ... ....01279 600204 The First Computer Centre ... 15 .
....0113 231 9444 Underground PD
74. .. ....01702 295887 Visage
..... 34 .
....0115 247 0059 Weird Science ... 42 .
....01 16 234 0682 Wizard Developments .. ......56 ... ....01322 272908 T3: Tomorrow's Technology Today
- answering all your questions about the amazing world o(
high-tech hardware. Coming to a newsagent near you soon.
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editor software will be pretty tricky to use.
Unless you have our exclusive tutorial, writtan by the programmer!
X-DVE2.5 P68 Paw Taylor ranted on about this so much I had to check it out, and I was surprised... AUEN BREED COMPETITION P40 The best competitions are always in the best Amiga mag.
Design a level and win a 1260!
LARA '96 P39 A little late to help England beat Pakistan, but you can still anjoy tha thrills o test cricket. You can even watch tha Amiga play itself if you are sad.
IMAGEFX 2.6 P58 That avil Mr Vost cunningly snapped a shot of the rest of the team, then did evil things to it with the latest version of the amazing ImaxfFX.
Month In View IS 'a fflia Audit Burssu of Circulations Rsghtsrsd Circulation 42,655 January - June 1996 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magazine comas from Future Publishing, a company founded Just tan Beer and idle comments set Mick Veftch off on yet another rant about all things Amiga... tips. Buying one of our magazines Is Ilka Joining a nationwide user group.
BETTER VALUE FOR batter quality - magazines you can trust.
You would think that working on Amiga Format would be enough entertainment, but occasionally, I have been known to visit local hostelries, to sample their wares and discuss weighty Amiga topics with all and sundry.
I happened to be there last night, and someone, who I wouldn't want to embarrass in print, suggested I must be finding it a bit hard to think of optimistic , things to say about the Amiga these days.
Well, I don't find it hard .
At all actually. Just take a , look at some of the things we have this - things like OctaMED Soundstudio. Wjjjlife This has matured from being a slightly better than average soundtracker into a quite tremendous musical tool. In fact, it is more suited to creating many types of music than more conventional, notation based software.
Then there's the latest version of ImagcEX. And the equally exciting X-DVF.
2. 5. Added to our demo of Art Effect on the CD, there's still
lots happening on the graphics front. Next month we'll be
taking a look at all the stuff pouring out of Germany, and we
may see some great A new games from Poland.
A T hings could certainly but the fight far from over. Why don't you turn the page and look yourself... Printed In the UK.
All contributions submitted to Amiga Formal an accepted on the bnlt of a non-eaclutive worldwide licence to publish or licence others to do so unless otherwise agreed in edvance in writing.
I Vbitch. Editor O Future Publishing Limited 1996.
• About HISoft
• Whar* J HiSott Product.
• Bookmark a Support O Usoful Link.
A w-w-w well wicked web browser The fully featured World Wide Web browser, Ibrowse makes surfing the net with your Amiga a breeze. Keep abreast of up- to-the-minute sports results, download the latest demos, browse the endless list of diverse and exciting web pages ... Cruising the whole wired world with Ibrowse is no more effort than clicking your mouse button.
B rowse features Ibtowse Soltware £29.95 Net&Web inc Ibrowse £39.95 Net&Web Pro (TermiteTCP Ibrowse & Em*!
£89.95 Takes full advantage of the latest Workbench 3 features.
V' Hotlist to store and organise your favourite web sites.
? History list shows all the pages explored during a session.
? Includes FTP plug-in to make downloading files as simple as point and click.
? Fast and friendly module for gopher hunting.
? Built-in support for simple email. Send messages from any web page with an email link.
Ibrowse needs
• 3Mb tree memory
• 3.5Mb hard disk space
• Workbench 3 or later
• Supports Internet connections via AmiTCP, AS225. Mlink or
• Requires a 68020 processor or faster ? Supports HTML1, 2 and 3
as well as Netscape'" extensions.
? Uses MUI (included), the new standard in user-interfaces for Workbench and the Amiga.
? FAB menus'" plus an intuitive drag-n-drop user interface.
? User interface and window layout can be customised.
? Cached pages mean instantaneous access to previously visited web sites.
? Open on any Amiga screen or video card, e.g. CyberGraphX.
? Play sounds and animations, view pictures and movies using DataTypes (not included).
? Manual written in plain English.
? Load stored or cached pages from hard drive or CD-ROM.
The Internet... Easy as 123 EASY TO CONNECT Net&Web is compatible with a wide range of Inlernet Service Providers (ISPs), including Demon Internet. InternetFCI. CIX EASY TO USE and many others, lust choose your ISP from our lisl and Net&Web will set up your Amiga to conned at their local point-of- presence.
EASY TO INSTALL Installing Net&Web couldn't be simpler, just enter your login name, password and Internet Serv ice Provider then sit back and let Net&Web do the rest 2 Surfing with Net&Web is so easy with the super-slick Ibrowse (available separately) the powerful MetaTool email program and the DaFTP program for file transfer.
Net&Web Soltwate £39.95 Net&Web Pro (ItrmteTCP Ibrowse & Em*) £89.95 Every Net&Web pack includes one month tree Internet trial with either The Net or Demon Internet!
TermiteTCP Your Gateway To The World Slep I: Call an Inlernet Service Provider (ISP) and obtain an internet account.
Enter your ISP into Termite TCP's GUI, or choose"Record Logon Script" to have TermiteTCP do it all for you!
Click on "Connect" - It really is that EASY!
Step 2: Finally, a TCP IP Internet connection for your Amiga that doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to configure and use!
10CM IP «»•»• frtnofi IP *KM«f torn 8er » (DN5) *
• »t*i 0N8 iP Addriu C«ftMI0o-«r
• M 112 t IMM 24 lermiteTCP Sollware E59.95 Step 3: PPP support
built directly in.
Supports multiple configurations.
GUI telnet and FTP clients supplied, with more in development.
Programmers' information provided for 3rd party products.
Patch library to allow AmiTCP apps to work with TermiteTCP.
Easy-to-use GUI configuration and operation.
Comprehensive printed manual that lakes the mystery out of the internet.
Written from the ground up at Oregon Research for optimum performance.
Runs on ANY Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or above.
Supports high speed serial cards such as the Surf Squirrel.
Punch those keys for free!
0500 223 660 To order any product, just Freecall 0500 223 660, armed with your credit debit card or write to us at HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MIC45 SDE, enclosing a cheque PO. Made payable to HiSoft.
HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School. Greenfield Bedford MK455DE UK Tel:+44 (0)1525 718181 Fax:+44 (0) 1525 713716 sales® hisofl.co.uk wipw.hisofl.co.uk alt pnees nOuOe UK VM Uof c HiSoll 1996 AM M P&P or £6 lor netI Oat OulstK UK. Please phone or lat lor pricing news
• Myst never quite makes it ......p 11
• Phase 5 on the ViRGE of 3D revolution pi2
• Opus 5.5 now shipping ..pl3
• OctaMED Soundstudio offer ......pl4 Myst not out on Amiga
Luck - enough to have an Internet connection? Then you may have noticed that a preview of a new game railed Myst w-as put up on Aminet on the 4th of August.
If you also keep track of what’s going on in the PC and Mac world then you will have recognised the title of this game - it was one of the most popular graphic puzzle adventure games ever sold on those platforms. So.
Strange, when practically every games publisher and their best friend are leaving the Amiga for dead. Broderbund are releasing one of their most popular games on our machine. I low odd.
The demo took a fair while to download since it was over 20Mb when unarchived, but the accompanying docs did nothing to dispel the notion that this indeed w-as a kosher Broderbund title.
Being the investigative types we are. We emailed the address shown in the documentation and asked a few questions of the uploader. It turned out that the uploader wasn't present but some of the coders responsible for the demo were, however, they didn't speak English. Still, they replied to our questions and wc managed to ascertain that the demo on Aminet was merely a taster to see if enough interest was generated enough to produce the whole game. The game would require a Hi-Rcs display (minimum 640x480) and a lot of hard disk space. And, if you didn’t have an AGA machine you could still play
Myst, provided you had either a Picasso II card or another RTG graphics card running CyberGraphX, which would probably make it the first commercial game to properly support graphics cards.
The email was signed by Ludi of Studio Vision Software team, plausible enough. But still our curiosity drove us on. We found Broderbund's UK office from their web site (www.broderbund.com) and gave them a ring.
The official line at the time was that they'd heard rumours of an Amiga version, but nothing concrete, we were told that Broderbund would be in contact. We canned on downloading the demo and eventualiv unarchived it took a look. Hev it's great, the Amiga's games scene could really pick trp if and when Broderbund decide to release it. We talked to Broderbund again, but they had some- bad news. “The demo has nothing to do with us." Still, we protested, you could use it to gauge response and then bring out an official product.
We can put a disclaimer on the GD with the demo. And. After all, it's not like you are losing any revenue over it. You aren't selling the game to Amiga owners anyway. But the legal eagles stepped in saying they didn't want to see the demo appear anywhere and were considering legal actions against the programmers.
Now you have it... Now you don't. Myst on the Amiga that never really was. Ben Vost investigates... While Broderbund bad a valid point in wanting to protect their intellectual property it seems they might have missed a golden opportunity. If you want to see Myst come out on the Amiga, why not write to Broderbund UK about it? Their address is: First floor, Allen House, Station Road, Kgham. Surrey TW'20 9NT.
"...fitting a hard drive is one of the best moves you could ever make..." INSTANT DRIVE PAGE 63 X-DV* GETS VM It Just goes to show you Just how influential our reviewers are (and how willing to listen to suggestions ClassX are) Following Dave Taylor's review of the superb X-DVE 2.5 on page 68 (AF Gold 94%) in which he suggested that the package should support virtual memory to make it easier for those on a budget to create large sequences.
ClassX have compiled a new version of the software that now supports virtual memory. Well how about that?
Phase 5 enter third dimension BL1TTERS0FT TAKE ON THE GERMANS Milton Keynes-based Bllttersof*. Have Just been appointed as a distributor for Phase 5 products in the UK.
Joining White Knight Technology and Gordon Harwoods.
Blittersoft con 01908 261466) have also got news of the PicassoIV graphics card to share with us this month which is based around the 64-bit Cirrus Logic chipset and has a built-in flicker fixer for A4000 owners.
Survival of the fittest The board will take up to 4Mb of EDO RAM for top speed and will work on both Zorro II and Zorro III machines.
Just like the new CyberVlslon, the PlcassoIV will have an expansion bus for an optional MPEG decoder.
TV tuner, sound chip and or 3D chip. The card also acts as a switch box for different audio sources so that you can choose between your Amiga sound. CD- ROM audio, a video source or even sound from the proposed sound chip add-on.
Finally, the board is also going to be genlock compatible.
When a guy as well-known in the Amiga community as Eric Schwartz gets involved, you know that things will start to happen. Eric has put together an archive containing several versions ol a picture he has produced so that they ran be disseminated in as many ways as possible.
In his readme accompanying the pictures he suggest printing it on posters, t-shirts, even putting it on the web. Schwartz aims to increase awareness of the Amiga its a brand, showing that the machine is a survivor in spite ol the changes in ownership over the past three years.
The archive is on this month's CD in the Serious shareware misc drawer. Take a look and then spread the image as far and wide as it will go. You know it makes sense.
The UK retail price for the PlcassoIV has been set at £399.96 and it will be available in September. Contact Blittersoft on: 01908 261466.
Phase 5, developers of accelerators, the CyberVision64 and CyberGraphX standard, have announced the latest addition to their innovative product line. The CyberVision64 3D is a new RTG graphics card based around S3's Video and Rendering Graphics Engine (ViRGE) graphics chipset.
Although S3 are being tight-lipped about the actual performance of their new chip, their web site (www.s3.com) lists ViRGE's capabilities in some detail offering information about the fact that ViRGE is able to perform real-time 3D functions such as bi- and tri-linear texture filtering, perspective correction, depth cueing and fogging, without giving you the all important polygons-a-second figure, which might mean that ViRGE can do all this at the same speed as an A500 with half a meg Chip RAM - although given S3's track record we doubt it.
ViRGE is also compliant with all the current 3D standards like OpenGl and QuickDrawGX which would mean the possibility of an OpenGL version of Lightwave for CyberVision owners.
Phase 5 plan to develop their own 3D library tailored to ViRGE's capabilities so that even if Newtek can't be bothered, we're sure that perhaps Maxon or Impulse can.
Software direct from Direct Software News reaches us of a new shop dedicated to Amiga products based in Northampton. Called Direct Software they claim that they are totally committed to getting the Amiga back on its feet by stocking the widest range of Amiga titles in the country. They already have stocks of hundreds of Amiga titles including 80 for the CD” and promise to try to obtain absolutely any title, no matter how old.
In addition to this commendable service Direct Software also stock titles that are usually only available through mail order such as BPM's Reality series. As if this wasn't enough, Direct are also putting together their own graphic adventure with rendered intros and full motion video clips.
Last but not least. Direct are planning an Amiga-only store, but they are relying on a good response from Amiga owners in order to be able to do this. As an incentive for this Direct retail all their software retails at prices below that recommended by the manufacturer.
For more details contact Direct Software on 01604 722499.
Phase 5 are also promising addons for the graphics card like an MPEG decoder that will play back full-screen or in a window on Workbench and a scan doubler. That would solve A4000 owners blues when it comes to choosing a monitor, since it will enable any VGA SVGA-type monitor to be plugged into your machine.
Perhaps the best thing will be that owners of Zorro ll-based machines will no longer be left in the cold as the new CyberVision auto detects Zorroll lll and works with either.
One last impressive thing about the new card is the fact that even though it is using new technology and offers new features, it will be available at a significantly cheaper price (but note UK prices have yet to be firmly set).
For a start owners of existing CyberVision64 boards, especially those that want MPEG capabilities, will be able to upgrade to the new board, complete with MPEG decoder for just 499DM (about £270), anyone wanting to buy the board will pay 449DM (about £240) for a 2Mb version and 599DM (around £325) for the 4Mb card.
The MPEG module should be available at the same time as the graphics card itself and will retail for 349DM (roughly £190). With the Scan doubler to follow at 149DM (about £80).
As usual, you will be able to buy all of the new CyberVision products from White Knight Technology on 01920 822321 when they come out later this year.
NEWS OCTOBER 1996 ? The Bradford Column ©[jDQOej ayo now available!
PAGE 39 GPSoftware demonstrates its continuing support for the Amiga with the release of the new version of the Amiga world's most popular directory and file management utility. Alter more than 12 months of extra development. Director)i Opus 5.5 is more of a new version than just a simple update and it contains many changes and enhancements over the original product.
After receiving many comments and useful suggestions from Opus users, almost every facet of the new program has been examined and subjected to user scrutiny, backed up by extensive field testing from very persistent Beta testers. This release extends the original Opus 5 concepts and provides many significant improvements in both operational power and usability.
Take a look at the following enhancements
• A new Icon Action Mode gives all the power of name mode Listers
but with icons.
• Button banks and Listers need no longer be activated first in
order to see right and middle mouse button clicks.
• WorkBench Replacement Mode has been enhanced. Use Opus 5.5 with
complete confidence to replace the standard Workbench.
• An integrated OpusFTP capability lets you access remote
Internet sites directly from standard Opus Listers.
• Button banks can now be borderless with a sleek minimal dragbar
instead of a full window border.
• New Filetype-specilic pop-up menus allow special menus for
icons and files.
Use Filetypes to add custom menus for different types of files and icons.
• Custom buttons have a pop-up menu giving access to an extended
selection of commands.
Directory Opus is invaluable in the AF office.
• New independent Hotkeys are nonsupported.
• New Scripts system allows functions to be executed upon most
system events.
• Custom menus have been improved with multiple user menus with
sub items.
• New Automatic Filetype Creator allows you to create and test
Filetypes with ease.
• A font viewer is now included. Just double-click on a font to
view it.
• Listers now have field titles, singleclick re-sorting by
fields, plus a new version field which reads the internal
version information from each file.
• New colour remapping of button and icon images with support for
'Magic Workbench’ and similar systems.
• Cybergraphics RTG now supported.
• You can now selectively hide unwanted drive icons from the Opus
main window.
• Enhanced clipboard support provides full cut, copy and paste in
gadgets and file Listers.
• Listers are no longer blocked while busy - you can now resize,
iconify, and scroll busy Listers.
• Icon and Lister snapshots are now stored separately from
• Listers can now display a background picture or pattern.
• A new internal Opus GLI allows you quickly test commands and
Arexx scripts.
• Several new internal commands and many new .ARexx commands have
been added or extended with new features.
You can now even add you own internal commands with Arexx.
For more details see the web page at http: www.livewire.com.au gpsoft Opus 5.5 RR1' is £59.99. Contact Wizard Developments on 01322 527800.
Markat Is dssrty still bssywt And when you think about It, It's not such a crazy idea.
There are far more Amiga machines installed In homes than all the PlayStation. Saturn, 3D0 and N64s put together, and look at the number of other stores competing desperately with each other to service their owners' needs.
As for the PC. Well, retailers are finding It increasingly difficult to sell software, mainly because every corner store, supermarket and garage now has a selection of CD- ROMs to tempt the casual purchaser. And with the blockbuster releases, the Grand Prlx 2s of the world, the chain stores inevitably slash the price so low that the smaller retailers would lose money If they tried to match It.
This results In the store either not stocking the title, and losing customers or stocking the title at a higher price and losing customers because he Is too expensive.
Yet while all this is going on. There are still Amiga owners going Into the stores, asking for new releases and being told that (Duh) ‘there’s no demand for Amiga software anymore.' If more retailers removed the blinkers then surely they would see that by choosing to stock Amiga software they would (I) obviously attract new customers, particularly If they spend a few bob in their local paper telling the world they can get Amiga-related goodies In the store and (li) make a higher margin on the products they sell because they wouldn't have to discount the price to match their local 'superstore'.
My God, this Is so simple It might Just work!
The opinions expressed in this column are those of a fine, upstanding individual who can take his beer like a man, even If he does cry like a baby when he falls over on the way home, not those of Amiga Format (who don't).
With all those angry young men from Amiga Power now off being not quite so angry on other not quite so wonderful magazines, with the vast majority of software houses who grew fat and successful publishing Amiga titles now worshipping at the Altar of the Interactive movie, with so many of the retailers who moved box after box of A500s now building their own Pcs, and with all the ex- Commodore personnel who became household names now off 'pursuing other Interests', who Is there left to bring some crumbs of comfort Into the Increasingly bleak world of Amiga owners?
More people than you might think. The add-on and peripheral market Is clearly still buoyant. The new, software houses who now publish Amiga software are doing quite respectable figures and there are still pockets of enlightened retailers throughout the UK who would be only too pleased to help you get your printer working with your A1200, and flog you some software too, of course.
There is even a new store opening in Northampton that will be completely dedicated to the Amiga. Yes. Entirely.
V J I M EE "Audiogenic have made a real effort with this one and it’s worth applauding them..." LARA '96 VISCORP OWNS THE AMIGA § On July 24th, Viscorp put out a general letter to the Amiga general letter to the Amiga community explaining the situation with Escorn's bankruptcy and their purchase bid for Amiga Technologies.
In it. Bill Buck states that because of the bankruptcy, Viscorp have agreed with the courts to continue to operate Amiga Technologies as a going concern until all the paperwork has been signed and they can start up Viscorp GmbH.
Petro Tyschtschenko will continue to act as general manager for Amiga Technologies and he will be joined in the post by Raquel Velasco. Al Duncan, another ex-Commodore staffer will be joining Viscorp to look after sales and distribution of the Amiga and other Viscorp products in North America.
Finally, Mr. Buck states that all the current engineering efforts will be combined and 'professionally managed', and he apologises for Viscorp's lack of communication over the past few months and puts it down to the busy schedule for the takeover of Amiga Technologies.
On another front following the recent Amiga convention in Montreal, revealing details came to light over Viscorp's short term plans for the Amiga. These include AMIGA bringing out an 060 accelerator card and starting an architecture design group.
It also came to light that a company in China called New Star had originally bought the Chinese distribution rights from Escom for 020, 030 and 040-based Amigas. Viscorp has since had several meetings with them to discuss future possibilities. It also seems that the Walker is unlikely to ever hit the streets.
Viscorp have also stated that a new machine (using RISC technology) isn't likely to be on sale within the next year, and there are no plans for a stopgap Amiga.
In fact VIScorp are currently undecided on which RISC chip to use and favour is falling away from the PowerPC standard. However, the company does see the Internet as a giant helping hand for Amiga support and updates and they are planning to operate a big server in order to try and meet Amiga users needs.
Ternet Demon Inter mmmmm Welcome to Demon Internet Have you changed to Ihe new London PoP yet?
ON THE WEB WITH DEMON Demon Internet Services, Europe's largest service provider, have announced that they are offering 5Mb of web space to all their dial-up account holders. Rather than being forced into a www.serviceprovider. co.uk users jbloggs kind of situation, Demon are offering their customers a far more professional and indeed unique www.nodename.demon.co.uk address.
Demon are also offering four CGI-bin scripts to help your web pages along and placing no restrictions on whether the web space is used for commercial purposes, something that most ISPs want you to pay more for.
For further details, give Demon a call on 018I 371 1234.
Future aims at early adopters with consumer technology mag Onex you've road tha review of what a superb product it Is. As a spi OctaMED Soundstudio at a reduced your order. Photocopies of this cou| VO ov e ee Ui 00 O IMGA mfcj'jiLW Send orders to: OCTAMED SOUNDSTUDIO 3 FOR UNREGISTERED USERS (NOT HAVING PURCHASED THE PREVIOUS OCTAMED V6) UK EUROPE ROW FOR REGISTERED USERS OF OCTAMED V6 IN EITHER FLOPPY OR CD FORMAT (you must give your ownercode details to obtain the prog at prices below ) UK £23.00 EUROPE £25.00 ROW £27.00 OCTAMED SOUNDSTUDK) RDPFY FOR UNREGISTERED USERS (NOT HAVING
PURCHASED OCTAMED V6 FLOPPY) £65.00 (includes years membership to the Med User Group ) FOR REGISTERED WITH USERS OF THE FLOPPY VERSION OF OCTAMED V6 (you must give your owner code details) £35.00 (All prices inclusive of postage etc) RBF Software.
169. Dale Valley Rd. HollyBrook, Southampton S016 6QX Enoland.
Please make cheques payable to RBF Software Future
Publishing is to launch a consumer technology magazine
targeted al the electronics marketeer's holy grail: the
early adopter.
The magazine, entitled 13: Tomorrow's Technology Today, comes from the same stable as up-market technology titles such as Edge and net: The Internet magazine and the first issue is due to appear in October.
The title will balance discussion of technology breakthroughs in areas such as home cinema, computing, photography, personal communications and hi-fi with reviews of the most innovative new devices. 13 will not AF READER OFFER page 64 of this Issue you'll realise offer to our readers you can obtain the I providing you cut out and return this are not accepted.
OctaMED Soundstudio Reader offer earn a lengthy buyers guide like many titles in the home electronics market, but will instead be features and news led.
"13 is an entirely new kind of magazine which reflects the way that technology has become an essential part of our lives - and that technology is great fun!" Commented publisher Stuart Anderton. "T.3 is a magazine for people who love technology; people who love what technology can do in their home and in their car. Our research shows that the same people who are into home cinema arc also interested in the latest computing gear and in personal digital assistants. Now more than ever people are fascinated In the whole gamut of technological innovation as it affects them, and T3 will deliver
features, news and reviews to satisly that need.
But T3 will keep its feet firmly on the ground, says Anderton: "We won't be doing any California dreaming about the influence of technology on society. We'll be talking about the technology itself; the actual products which are here now or coining in the near future."
T3 will cost £2.95 and the launch is backed with abovc-thc-line advertising in more than 20 consumer magazines and the national press, as well as promotions on the internet. 1-ondon poster sites and at two consumer electronics exhibitions.
"We took a camera out around Bath and took a whole load of photies from all angles..." IT'S BATH TIME HOWTO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Telephone 0113 2319444 Order by telephone quoting your Credit Card Number. If paving by cheque please make payable to: "FIRSTCOMPUTER CENTRE" In any correspondence please quote a Phone No, Post Code & Dept. Allow S working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. AF, UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, STANNINGLEY RD, LEEDS, LSI2 2AL 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 NEW! BBS Sales & Technical line Tel: 0113 231 -1422
• 2-4 Week Days
• Next Week Day
• Saturday delivery .1, itn'nn E-Mailulogfinteom.demon.eo.uk
• Saturday delivery £10.00 v .demon.to.ukiSmcom Delivery subject
to stock availability
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5% AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE F»« ofitr
trUll quotation on yt
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome
n. giwany peripheral!"*® I printers etc) A delivery tariff efi M
(SM is charged or atemative y you I FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE
OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK =:« UK'S cheapest Amiga's A1200 MagicPack
Includes, Wordworth V4SE.
Dauttore. Organiser. Turbocak fS
3. 5. Personal Paint V6.4, 2 Photogenic. I.2SE. IV Pinball Mania
I Whizz.
Hurry Limited St pecial limited offer...... [299.95 ocks Available e Lpjniga A1200 |P.'*1agic Pack nc. 170Mb HD & ScaJa Inc sante wdtwaiepaikas Magic Pack. But alu. Includes Scaia MM300(Req. 4Mb).
£469.95 Starter Pack
• A1 200 dust cover
• 10 ¦ DSDD disks ? Labels
• Top quality joystick
• Deluxe mouse mat
• 3 * A1 200 games Only £19.95 AMIGA A4000T
• 1.2 Gig SCSI Hard Drive 68040-25MhZ
• 6Mb of 32-bit Ram :srr,jrn,i,,d £2089.95 |( M1438S Monitor
On £285.95.rrr X | I PRIM A A500 SI2k RAM no (loch I PRIMA
A500* I Mb RAM I PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM no clock RAM Expansion CD
ROM Drives Squirrel I face LOWEST PRICES EVER Al 200 I MB RAM
£69 95 AI 200 2 MB RAM 474.95 AI 200 4 MB RAM 489 tS AI 200 8
MB RAM CI 19.95 For 68882 J3Mhz Co Pro add 435.00 * 419 95
129. 91 £29.95 Surf Squirrel SCSl-ll Interface
* £79.95 MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19 95 2 Mb 72 Pin
SIMM 426.95 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £29 95 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £59 95
16Mb 72 pin SIMM I Mb 10 pin SIMM £19.95 4 Mb 30 pm SIMM £56.95
256by4DRAM(DIU) (each,£6 95 256by4ZIPPS (each 46.95 Part
•¦change available on you ry C ll for r onj Octagon GVP SCSI
Card £99.95 SCSl-ll ncertace cartl k» tug bin »n-|«i A4000 2000
- Only!!£99.95
• Dokisec data transfer •v,fc«uW™,wW ® Ban wy or Mams powered • |
tOni, A..M. Tim.
• Kodak ei CO ?Ando CO ayranon buttons Ultra CD ROM Drives
Internal SCSI CD ROM drives' X43CE.4Sp.ed £98.95
TMNbaS40IB.4Sp~d £109.95 ' 01 B 6.7 Speed £232.95 Toshiba CD
ROM drt.es are suitable to At inside A4000 Desktop Systems
Accelerator Cards Viperll-33 £129.95 Blizzard ViperII-50
£199.95 Falcon 68040 RC £379.95 Ultra 4 Speed £169.95 Ultra 6
Speed £219.95 Ultra 8 Speed tISV 9 5 I J;li:.rd SCSI Enclosures
:.m £69.95 Dual Caie £89.95
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 600 install kit Hard Drives
Inc. software, cables and instructions 630Mb..£ I 55.95
850Mb...£l89.95 08Gig-£219.95 2.1 Gig-£299.95 External Hard
Drives for all SCSI aware Amiga's 500Mb SCSI £239.95
I. OGigSCSI £314.95
c. High quality SCSHI Quantum mechanism w*h a 10mt| Requires SCSI
interface, if- Squirrel GVP acklitkmal adaptor may be req. @ £
2. S" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Monitors Seagate
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Amiga I modes. AGA compatible.
Swivel) stand.
Only £295.95 or without speakers £264.95 Amitek I084S £199.931 Monitor, Con
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£14.45 £16.95 £16.95 VIDI Amiga 24 R Tl £139.95 Amiga 24 R T
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Aminet 1 2 Aminet 9 10 1 1 412 95 Aminet set 1 otte tH»ni AmnM
14) £24 95 AnunrtKf 2 coOectK-nAmntt 54) 424 95 Ammec set 3
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Sensations Vol 2.
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• LCD Dmptoy
• VIC Standard
• Ncomm Softwar.
• UptollS.2»0bp (.42bli
• Clan 1 Fa, I • S Year Warranty Power Scan v4 £89.95 | 2561
scale on AGA Am gas 64 gscak Power Scan Col. £174.95 | Epson GT
5000£399.95 Cotout flatbed wanner Parallel interface Epson GT
8500£529.95 Co'our flatbed scanrcr 5CSi'Pa Jilcl mtc.lacc
Power Scanner Software Including cable £59.95 1 Superb
Price Performance |ff V34 Fax Modem| Only£| 15.95 28,800
Baud Rate, BABT Approved id Comma Software Provided j (Modem
Accessories .| I | Phone Line Extension Cables...
SM.£6.9S IOM.£8.95 ISM.£10.95 Dual Socket Adaptor £6.99 GP Fax
software £44.95 Full Send and Receive Fax Software for Amiga
Computers with a _Fax Data Modem.
FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 ' Consumables Printers I i P 'i 11 11 111 I 43 95 CI2 95
44. 95 43 *5 47 95 413 95 48 95 45 95 413 95 411 95 418 95
412. 95
410. 95
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14" £299 15" £349 17" £499 All Prices exclude VAT 7 p MSI Distribution The Quadrant • Chester West Sealant! Road • Chester CH1 4QR Tel: 01244 391204 • Fax:01244 391207 CALL NOW ON 01244 391204 FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER The sincerest form of flatterv EMULATION FEATURE OCTOBER 1996 Simon Goodwin explores the history of emulation and takes an in-depth look at all the systems currently available to the Amiga user CONTENTS Where did the concept of emulation come from?
Page 18 An introduction to Apple Macintosh emulation Page 19 UAE - the emulator that enables other users to run Amiga software V Page 21 n OCTOBER 1996 EMULATION FEATURE C64 EMULATORS The Commodore 64 was the Amiga's precursor, from the same company, and many owners graduated to the Amiga.
C64 was the first popular emulator, still available in version 2 from many PD libraries. It's slow but usable, even on an unexpanded A500.
Requests to load files and directories access Amiga disks, rather than the amazingly slow Commodore 1541 drive. It works like a real C64, with arcane commands like LOAD "$ ",8:UST to see the directory of a disk! Sound and sprites are emulated well, although sprites may flicker as ECS Amigas do not support the full C64 sprite width.
Later emulators have concentrated on accurate emulation of hardware tricks used in C64 demos, trading speed for accuracy of emulation. The most There are a range of Commodore 64 emulators enabling you to play classic favourites like TNT, Froot and Commando at the original speed and in the original display modes.
HISTORY The idea of emulation dates back to the f i 1st computer, designed
- but never completed - by Charles Babbage in the 1840s. In his
'l.ife of a Philosopher' Babbage explained that his Analytical
Engine could perform ANY sequence ol analytical operations on
an unlimited number of figures, by trading time lor capacity il
necessary. In principle any computer ran emulate any other -
given unlimited time to do the job!
A century later codebreaker Alan Turing documented a 'Universal Machine' that could perform any computable process.
In 1937 this was just theory, but within a decade Turing and others built working digital computers, and problems of software compatibility were beginning.
The time needed to develop new hardware is dwarfed by the time spent converting existing programs that people would like to run on the new machine. Many computers have arrived, and worked, but disappeared for want ol software support.
Most programs supplied with the original IBM l'(were machine-translated from old 8080 assembly language into code for the newer 8088. This squandered speed, but gave the PC a foothold, so that enough machines could Ik- sold to justify writing genuinely new software.
When Apple introduced ‘Power Mac' systems they used new, cheap and speedy processors instead of the tried and trusted 68000-family chips. At first the Power Macs ran almost entirely as emulators, via two utilities - one that decoded tiSOXX instructions and one for Intel 80X86 programs.
Even now the majority of Mac sof tware is emulated, rather than run as 'native' Power PC code. The jury is still out on the Power PC itself - 68060 and even 486 processor boards are still selling well - but it seems clear that emulation is here to stay, and will In- more and more important in the future.
Amiga users benefit from a decade of programming effort.
You can find Amiga-specific versions of most common software tools, but there are some, like (hunt Xf rrtt on the Mac. Which have no equal on the Amiga. To run these, and stick with your existing Amiga investment, you need an emulator.
As computers advance it makes sense to use tin- hardware power of new machines to get old software working as soon as possible, even if it ends up slower than il might lie il rewritten from scratch. Most emulators arc slow because tliev iiiusi COMPUTER GLOSSARY Apple 2 One of the three first home computers (with Commodore's PET and Tandy's TRS-80 Model 1).
Commodore 16. A cut down home micro similar to the C64 and Commodore Plus 4 - the home business version of the C16.
Commodore 64. Best-selling 64K 8-bit computer of the mid 1980s. Made by the firm that later introduced the Amiga.
CPC Amstrad's 8-bit Z80-based home computer, rival to Sinclair s ZX Spectrum and the Acorn BBC Micro.
CP M Control Program for Microprocessors - the first OS to bridge the gap between different manufacturers' machines so they could share software; the precursor of MSDOS.
Mac(intosh) Apple's range of computers based on ideas invented at Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre, birthplace of Mice.
Windows and Pointers.
MSDOS Crude single-tasking IBM compatible PC operating system.
MSX An eight bit home micro standard adopted by many manufacturers, mostly Japanese. Based on Microsoft ROMs & chips from the USA.
Oric 8-bit British home computer. Rivalled the Spectrum - better sound but less software. Later sold to the French.
Personal Computer - usually refers to machines compatible with the Microsoft and Intel-based systems introduced by IBM in 1980.
QL Quantum Leap - the only British home computer based on the Motorola 680XX processor range, introduced (prematurely) in 1984.
TRS-80 Tandy's brand name for computers, mostly based on Z80 processors. Crude mono graphics and up to 48K memory.
VIC-20 Another Commodore micro, predecessor to the C64 but with just SK of memory and relatively simple graphics.
The cheapest home computer ever. An intro to micros for millions in the early '80s; under £100 with IK RAM.
ZX Spectrum The best-selling British micro ever, introduced by Sinclair in 1982 and subsequently developed by Amstrad.
More famous for cheap and playable software than for its simple but effective hardware.
Extreme is Frodo, which needs a very fast Amiga to run at full C64 speed, but can emulate almost all the 64's hardware peculiarities.
A64 misses a few hardware tricks but is perhaps the most polished C64 emulation, with a built-in machine code monitor and support for genuine C64 hardware via the third serial port. It's shareware from PD libraries. The full version is on C64 Sensations Cds.
Magic 64, from Germany, won't save and lacks sound unless registered, but emulates most of the C64 graphics.
AXF-64 is less comprehensive, but faster on limited hardware. Amiga C64 emulators do not seem to like Multisync displays though and I needed to disable mode promotion to get them to work on my A4000.
One of the most successful areas for Amiga emulation is running Apple Macintosh software. Until recently Mac hardware was very expensive, even by Amiga standards, yet Macs were based on the same 68000-family chips as Amigas.
Consequently Mac programs run on the Amiga, without translation, as fast as real Macs with the same processor. And since the Amiga, unlike the Mac is a multitasking machine, you can run other programs at the same time.
Amiga Mac emulators use a copy of the Mac system, normally held in a ROM chip and on disk, and intercept attempts to access Mac hardware, re-directing them to Amiga ports. It helps that most Mac programs are 'system- friendly' and rarely try to use Apple hardware that may not exist in the emulator. The main exception is Mac MIDI programs, which try to hit the Mac serial port directly, and fail on emulators.
Older Macs had vari-speed disk drives, incompatible with all other computers. The first successful Amiga Mac Emulator.
Amax. Addressed this with hardware to connect a real Apple drive to the Amiga. Modern Macs use standard drives, compatible with HD drives in the Amiga 4000 and available as add-ons for other models.
Emplant is a very successful Mac emulator, based on a Zorro 2 card which serves as a 'dongle' to prevent illicit copying of the emulation software. Sockets allow Mac ROM images to be copied to Amiga drives. Optional AppleTalk' Mac networking hardware is great if you want to link Amigas and real Apples. Other options include a rudimentary SCSI interface and a sound input port as yet unsupported.
Emplant ruled the roost for years, but it's been overtaken by ShapeShifter, a shareware Mac emulator which needs no special hardware. You still need a Mac ROM image, but Emplant comes with software for real Macs running system 7 or later, which copies the ROM to a PC-format disk for transfer to the Amiga.
Both are Mac 2 emulators, requiring at least a 68020 and System 7, which you can download from Apple or find on Mac magazine cover Cds.
The unregistered ShapeShifter is quite usable, although it only supports hard files rather than hard disk partitions, making disk access very slow unless you allocate a few hundred K of disk buffers for the relevant partition.
I use the command ADDBUFFERS MISC: 1000 where MISC: is the device containing the hard files, immediately after starting the emulator. Registered users can access hard disk partitions and SCSI devices directly, making file access much faster.
ShapeShifter has garnered more than 3,000 registrations at a price of S40 or DM 50. Prompting Utilities Unlimited to produce an undongled version. Emplant Lite, for A1200 as well as A3000 and A4000 systems.
Both Emplant and ShapeShifter work well on a monochrome screen, as on original Macs, but become painfully slow in colour, even on AGA Amigas.
The 16-colour ShapeShifter driver is almost unusable, and the 256-colour version is hopeless, even on fast Amigas. PD drivers improve the situation somewhat but colour displays are still very slow and jerky compared with a real Mac.
Emplant fares slightly better, thanks to patches into the Mac system which adapt it better to Amiga planar graphics. But both emulators benefit spectacularly from the presence of Zorro graphics cards, which support Apple-style chunky pixels.
The 256-colour, 1024x768 pixel picture, shown at the top right of this column, comes from an Amiga 4000 with a Picasso 2 graphics card.
The combination of a fast A4000 and Zorro graphics card gives very convincing Mac emulation, and you've still got an Amiga in the same box.
W s a & ?
N . ..._
- r “1 a» MAC EMULATION Itm ton ki ton to MtotW P % S3 S '*
interpret and translate programs for one machine, instruction
hv instruction, to suit another, and it takes several new
instructions to decode each old one.
Luckily computers keep getting faster so the overhead is tolerable, as long as you upgrade your hardware every few years. That's usually cheap compared with the cost of replacing your software and then learning how to use it all.
COMPATIBILITY If you've already entered lots of data it can be difficult or time-consuming to convert it lor a new package. With an appropriate emulator, you can carry on using your old software, and data. You might still need help to move the data onto the modem drives on your new machine, but a good emulator will make this relatively straight-forward.
Amiga 'handlers' can read disks from other systems as if they were in Amiga format. The best-known handler is Cross- DOS, bundled with Amigas since Workbench 2. This reads and writes the IBM l’('. Disk format.
Others include AmiCDFS, BKKS. Cross-MAC. Messydos (for old Amigas) Ql .FileSyslem and SP-handler. These do not solve the problem of running old software - they just transfer data from a variety of formats onto the Amiga - but they are often used by emulators to access files without worrying about where they're coming from.
Thus you can use PC, Spectrum, QL. MSX, Mac and Amiga floppies or Cds wills nillv, with no need to warn the computer or particular programs about svhat vou're doing. If 720K and 880K formats are not suitable, HD, ED and old 5.25" minifloppy drives are available as options. The Amiga disk controller is unusuallv flexible, while other machines need extensive hardware modifications to read 'odd' formats, like genuine Amiga disks.
Several C64 emulators allow connections to old. Peculiar 1541 drives, so users can move files onto Amiga hard disks, where they Can be accessed faster and more conveniently. Most Spectrum software was on cassette, so Spectrum emulators load tapes through the Amiga's existing ports. Many emulators support serial transfers, so if you've still got an old machine you can squirt data from it directly into your Amiga, These techniques involve a mix of hardware and software. Op the hardware side, you may just need a suitable lead, although some adapters need extra components. These can be made up
commercially for people who'd rather pay than do it themselves.
There are three ways to emulate hard drives. The simplest is to add an extra drive and dedicate it to a particular emulator. This approach works well with the built-in Emplant SCSI interface.
It's more efficient to dedicate a partition - a section of an existing drive to the emulator, storing files inside in the format expected by the emulated system. CrossDOS and BFFS handlers allow access to these files from Amiga programs, too.
The lazy approach is to create one big file on an existing Amiga partition, and treat that as a device in its own right, with emulator files and directory information inside. These ‘Hard Files’ do work, but are very slow because the Continued overleaf ¦* Amiga may have u read most of the file to find a particular entry inside.
Ul DC 3 5 Ul u. Z O 5 3 s ui CROSS EMULATION n AMIGA STRENGTHS The Amiga design is particularly well suited to emulation.
Amigas multitask, so they can emulate several computers at once. Each program or emulator can have its own screen, so emulators can use the display format that suits them best, and the user can scroll or swap between them.
Modern Amigas display up to 2f 6-colours in a variety of inodes. This is enough for all home computer displays but falls short of the latest Mac and l’(screens, unless ingenious but slow HAM modes are used. I’C Task. ShapeShiftcr and Emplant favour plug-in graphics cards for more colours and easier compatibility. AGA graphics are slow emulating systems with ‘chunky pixels' so graphics boards are recommended for serious PC, Unix and Mac emulation in colour.
The Amiga's blitter can convert graphics automatically. QI, and Atari ST screens use successive bytes for each colour, whereas the Amiga keeps each colour separately, as a 'bit plane’. Emulators use the blitter to extract interleaved bytes and write them to Amiga bit planes. Emulated programs carry on as if the interleaved display hardware is present. There’s no need to intercept or translate each access to the screen.
The Amiga has hardware "sprites' - image overlays that can It's quite feasible to run one emulator on another - indeed, it's a good way to get the best emulation possible for a particular processor. One of the emulators should be running programs in native code. It's bound to be too slow if you've got one processor interpreting instructions for a second, to interpret a third.
Apple Mac emulators for Spectrum and C64. Among others, work well on the Amiga under ShapeShifter or Emplant. Mac Speccy 1.1 is PD, fast and works even on a two-colour ShapeShifter screen. Mac Spectacle is slower, needing at least 16-colours, letting you adjust the screen to suit your desktop.
It's £10 shareware.
Emulators for Qdos proliferate, especially for the ZX Spectrum, unsuprisingly in view of its heritage.
Move without disturbing the background picture. Sprites speed up emulation of similar hardware in C64 and MSX systems.
Amigas oiler a choice of places to connect just about anything. There arc- three serial ports- the well-known one on the back panel, the keyboard one.
And a third synchronous port, ideal for connecting ('.64 and VIC-20 disk drives and other custom serial devices.
Cassettes can load through joystick or serial sockets, or via a sound sampler Most work well under Amiga Qdos.
Including Speculator 93, the PD predecessor of Amiga Speculator and Xtricator, a ZX-81 emulator. There are two good emulators for the Spectrum 128: ZM 3 and Spectator.
The most interesting Qdos emulator is ZM HT, an advanced cross compiler which generates 68000 programs corresponding to Spectrum code on the fly. It's the only Z80 engine that runs at a reasonable speed even on standard 68000s. It's published by Ergon of Italy, with demos in Qdos PD libraries.
NetBSD is not an emulator but a replacement operating system. This Amiga version of Unix supports many emulators including Spectrum, TRS-80, Apple 2, PC SAM Coupe and many others, as well as Unix applications.
And the parallel port. The controller ports suit light pens, guns, paddles and proportional controllers, as well as mice and digital joysticks, so emulator users can plug in their old peripherals and use litem just as they would on the original system.
Commodore changed the Amiga keyboard for the A1200, and this upsets some emulators. The A1200 - like most Macs - cannot detect combinations of more than two keys. This cripples keyboard controlled games - you might l!" * ” CT“ * PC EMULATORS Sis* V tit. I . MfcMM ** * i.» If * W* .
• , Witiw If u M Bbltif n' swr1 • i • i k -f 'at '(mmI IxItT w
timlit immi.
- Imi luti* i. hwn ii in *pit. •• PC Task is Emplant's main
competitor but it too is slow compared to PC's.
VO ov ffv *- 0£ Ui m O C O Transformer was bundled with early Amigas by Commodore.
IBM-compatible Pcs are the commonest computers in the world: several software-based Amiga emulators run PC programs, but they're rather slow and limited. The shareware leader is Chris Hames' PC Task, currently at version 3.1. This emulates an 80286 processor (vintage 1982) with support for Amiga hard drives, printers and CD-ROMs. The unregistered version will not write to disk.
I've used a registered copy of PC Task 2 for several years, and found it a reliable, if slow, MSDOS emulator. The main advantage of PC Task 3 is emulation of VGA and some SVGA graphics modes, using AGA hardware.
PC Task can run Microsoft Windows, but painfully slowly. On the fastest 68060 Amigas it's the speed of an average 386; a 4000 030 runs PC code at half the speed of an old AT 286.
PC Task's main rival is Emplant S86, from Utilities Unlimited. This 486 emulator supports the improved instruction set of later Intel processors as well as floating-point operations, but it's still software based and runs at a fraction of the speed of a 'real' 486 - or 586, for that matter. It requires at least a 68020 with Workbench 2, and displays are sluggish unless your system has hardware memory management.
It's hard to get Emplant 586 running because it needs a copy of the BIOS software from a real PC. That involves moving a PC chip to the Emplant hardware, and running an Amiga program to snaffle the code. Utilities Unlimited claim that almost any BIOS will work, but users report otherwise.
Commodore once bundled a PC emulator called Transformer with Amigas. It worked, even on an A500, and is still available from some PD libraries, but it's desperately slow. The 'Landmark' benchmark rated it as a 0.3 Mhz 286, a small fraction of the speed of IBM's first slowest model.
Transformer only runs on 68000- based Amigas. Needs two disk drives, and crashes if it finds more than 512K of chip memory.
IbeM is another shareware PC emulator, compatible with processors from 68000 up to 68030. It emulates MDA text and CGA (four colour Lo-Res) graphics, but it is even slower than PC Task
- Landmark rated our 25MHz A4000 030 as a 1.3MHz 286!
The shareware version is limited to a 2Mb hard disk partition and stops automatically after only 15 minutes.
There have been hardware- based PC emulations, most notably Commodore Bridgeboards and the AT-Once and Golden Gate models from German firm Vortex.
These out perform software-based emulators, but they're still slower than modern Pcs. I'll discuss the problems of software PC emulation in detail in the future.
Press two keys to move diagonally, and find that the third 'fire' button is not recognised. Joystick emulation can circumvent this A1200 fault.
RIGHTS AND ROMS OTHER EMULATIONS Emulators recreate the software environment of the original computer, as well as the hardware. This usually involves running a copy of the built-in 'ROM' software, copyright property of the original manufacturer. For legal reasons, many emulators expect you to proride your own ROM image, particularly if you get the program from a large, international supplier like Aminet. Amstrad is the main exception, generously allowing their eight bit ROMs to be freely distributed with emulators.
Otherwise you need to make your own copy and transfer it to the Amiga by tape, disk or serial link, or track down a ready-made image on the Web or an FTP site. It is legal to use an image of software you already own in an emulator, but you should not grab a copy from someone else's computer and use it at the same time as they use the original. That's copyright theft.
The position is similar when it comes to emulator applications and games. Program snapshots and disk images are available on Cds and on the net. Anti it's quite legal to use them if you own the original.
Such files are convenient because many old programs came on protected disks or cassettes, hard to load on the original machines, let alone the emulator. But there's nothing - apart from the lack of instructions - to stop people who do not own the originals from swiping free copies of other people's copyrighted works. This frequently causes legal hassle.
UAE They said it couldn't be done and - for a decade, at least - they were right, but at last there’s a working emulator that runs Amiga programs on other platforms. It's called I'AE, originally known as the ‘Unusable Amiga Emulator', even to its authors, as it was horribly slow and unreliable. Since then it's been upgraded to the point where some report that it runs hardware-banging games like Turtican and Amiga 11'ora.i at sensible speeds, at least on a 133 Mhz Pentium or faster... UAE is written in C and has been compiled on various workstations and power desktop computers, including Pcs,
Macs and Unix boxes. There's even a version ported to the Amiga itself and while this may seem the height of gratuitous hackerdom it presents a practical way of running old Workbench 1.3 titles, with emulation of useful hardware like Action Replay, on otherwise incompatible top-flight Amigas with Workbench 3.1 and 68060s.
UAE emulates die Amiga 300 1000 2000. All you need is a Kickstarl ROM image to get it running. The first version was Amigas can emulate most other mass market home computers, including the Atari ST. Acorn BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC Sinclair QL Atari 800. Commodore VIC 20. Oric Atmos and Tandy TRS-80.
Atari ST and Sinclair QL emulations are fast as those machines use Motorola processors. The ST emulator works well with utilities and productivity software, but does not support hardware-banging ST games at all.
Sinclair's QL. Based on the 8-bit version of the 68000, came out a year before the Amiga, with an excellent built-in programming language, reasonable graphics, and Qdos.
Emulation is almost perfect although you need a 68030 or better for more than four colours.
Amiga Qdos suits processors from 68000 to 68060 and comes with Psion Xchange. A rather good floppy-based business package and a handler to read and write Qdos floppy disks from pathetically slow because it did tealtime emulation of all the custom chips and DMA channels, but the current version is useable as it takes short cuts when it realises that a particular feature is not required. There's still a hardware problem with genuine Amiga disks, as only a real Amiga can read or write them, but you can get around this by loading disk images.
Authentic Amiga owners can sleep easv - UAE is slow on am but the fastest NIUEAU : I 23456789 The Oric didn't have great graphics, but it did have some great games.
The Amiga desktop, full source code and all the tools you need to reassemble your own version. Modern Amiga owners should be sure to get the current versioa 3.23; earlier ones were not compatible with AGA or faster processors.
The VIC 20 emulator, Apple 2000.
AmOric and EmuCPC are among the best of the Amiga home computer emulators. All are system friendly and run lots of software without problems.
The TRS-80 Level 3 emulator also works well, although slowly. The BBC emulator is fast as most of the ROM has been rewritten in Amiga code, but problems with unimplemented instructions on 68010 and above need curing with TUDE. An Aminet utility.
There’s rumoured to be a Dragon 32 emulator in the works, and one for the text-based OS Flex, but I've been unable to get the GameBoy emulators working and I've yet to try the Atari
800. Expect updates in future columns.
Modern computer, and no match for an A1200 vet. It has bugs, and will need a lot of work to add support for AGA and 68020 instructions, even when computers are fast enough to make this a practical proposition. Even so it's an impressive achievement and - unlike several spoofs - it really does emulate the Amiga conrincingly. UAE proves that any sufficiently last computer can emulate any other. Emulation is truly the future of computing. O CD EMULATOR COMPILATIONS The CD contains snapshots of thousands of Spectrum games, half a dozen Amiga Spectrum emulators and others for PC ST and Acorn
Archimedes. It's a mixed bag, padded with over 50Mb of unrelated files from Aminet late last year, about 100Mb of PC shareware and 55Mb of clip art with the Amiga GIF viewer VT.
Nonethless this is the most comprehensive collection this side of ftp.nvg.unit.no, and contains almost all the old Spectrum hits. The title most notable by its absence is David Braben's Elite, pulled after legal hassle. You also get Spectrum FAQ files (Frequently Asked Questions, with answers) and Spectrum manuals, supplied as ZIP archives in ASCII and Microsoft 'Write' formats.
64 Sensations Volume 2 If a strange collection. It includes full versions of the Amiga C64 emulator A64. Frodo (with source!).
AXF-64 and Magic 64 (unregistered), a couple of PC Commodore 64 emulators, and one for Apple Mac (or emulations). Most of the disk is occupied by hundreds of tunes for the C64 SID chip, with an Amiga player, and thousands of demos and disk magazines, some dating back more than ten years. Games are notable by their absence - reputedly because of legal problems with Volume 1.
Despite its name, the 64 Sensations disk contains other Amiga emulators besides C64 ones. There's a rare Atari 800 emulator. Apple 2000 with the necessary ROM image, and the latest Emplant software, plus C64 emulators for PC and Mac.
Emulators Unlimited is an Amiga-specific compilation, best described as 'shovelware'.
Some of the emulators are way out of date - the Amiga Qdos version is the second release, more than six years old. Buggy and incompatible with AGA. The IbeM directory contains a shareware update without the documentation or mountlist needed to use it.
The PC AT-emulator is useless unless you own AT-Once A500 hardware. Some of the emulators' are useless spoofs, and the Amstrad directory only contains the very limited CPE.
Despite its shortcomings this CD contains things that are available nowhere else, including lots of emulator source files, over 250 genuine C64 games and 2000 demos, hundreds of Spectrum snapshots and games for PC Oric and Apple 2. There are ROM images for VIC C64, Oric and Amiga. Useful though these undoubtedly are. Some of them are clearly infringing copyright and should not be used unless you already own legitimate copies.
Contact: Weird Science Ltd. 1 Rowlandson dose. Leicester LE4 2SE.
Continued overleaf ¦* AMIGA SPECTRUM EMULATORS http: www.Uni- Mainz.de -bauec002 5 Mac systems & support: ftp.support.apple.com 6 C64 CO: Weird Science.
I Rowlandson Close.
Leicester LE4 25E.
7 TRS-80 emulators: ftp.amigalib.com pub be misc TRS-80 programs: ftp.kisl.com tandy (11pm to 6am GMT) 8 TI 994A files: ftp: solutions.solon.com pub ti99 9 Spectrum programs and documentation: ftp.nvg.unit.no pub sinclair 10UAE: httpJ www users informatik rwth-aachen.de -crux uae.html II VIC-20 archive: ftp.hrz.uni-kassel.de pub machines vic-20 12 Utilities Unlimited. 3126 Maricopa 8101.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, USA; European distributor: Blrttersoft 6 Drakes Mews. Crownhill.
Milton Keynes. Bucks MK8 OER, UK.
1 3 Quasar Distribution.
PO Box 18. Southland.
Victoria 3192. Australia.
14 PC: PO Soft 217 Hamstel Road, Southend on Sea, Essex SS2 4LB.
15PD libraries including Smash PO and Oasis Computer Systems.
16 Apple 2 files: ftp.uni-kl.de pub apple2 1 7 Oric files: httpJ ariesienne.ensica.fr LOCAL OR 1C 18 Atari eight bit files: ftp: atari.archive.umich.edu' atari 8bit) NEXT MONTH This feature has taken a tour of the world of emulators and hopefully whetted your appetite for more. In months to come I'll look at existing and planned emulators in more detail, explaining how they work, and where to go for software and support.
Most emulators are available from Aminet in the misc emu directory. If you have no modem or CD-ROM drive, check out regular Amiga PO suppliers, most of whom have a good selection. This is not a complete list but a good start. There’s a selection of emulators on our cover CD, with more to follow. Check the new AF series for more emulator details, contacts and support.
A-CPC Amstrad 464 664 6128 emulator Status s Emulator 3 Pro?
3 A4 Commodore C16 and *4 emulator s 0 2 A64 Commodore 64 emulator s 6 2 Ami-CPC 6128 emulator s 3 3 Amiga Qdos 3.23, QL emulator F 1 1 AmOric Oric 1 emulator F 0 17 Apple 2000 emulator F 0 16 AppleOnAmiga, Apple ][ emulator F 0 16 Atari 800 emulator F 6 18 Atari ST emulator F 6 2 AXF-64 Commodore 64 emulator s 0 2 C64 Emulator v2 (A500) F 15 2 Emplant 586DX emulator C 12 14 Emplant Mac 2 emulator c 12 5 FMSX. MSX 1 emulator F 0 2 Frodo, C64 emulator S 4 2 KGB Spectrum emulator F 6 9 Magic64, C64 emulator S 6 2 McGavin Spectrum emulator F 0 9 MSX2 emulator s 0 2 PC-Task PC emulator s 13 14
Shapeshifter Apple Mac emulator s 0 5 Speculator Spectrum emulator s 0 9 Texas Tl 99 4 emulator F 0 8 Transformer PC emulator F 15 14 TRS-80 Model 3 emulator s 7 8 UAE. Amiga emulator F 10 0 VIC-20 emulator F 0 11 ZXAM Spectrum emulator s 0 9 Status codes: S = Shareware. F = Free. C = Commercial Recommended CPUs: 0 = 68000 only. 1 = 68000*. 2 = 68020*. 3 = 68030*. 4 = 68040* Programs coded 0 need patches to run on CPUs other than 68000. Code 2 titles require an A1200 or better (speed. WB3 or 68020 instructions required). Most systems marked 3 will run, albeit very slowly, on a standard A1200.
0 Aminet: ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet - and regular CD compilations. For emulator news, check Usenet’s comp.sys.amiga.emulations 1 Qubbesoft PO. Brnnwin Road. Rayne, Braintree.
Essex CM7 SBU. UK.
Also SJPD, 36 Eldwick Street, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 30Z. UK.
Both have Amiga Qdos 3.23 and hundreds of PO QL disks.
2 Atari. C64, C 16 PIus4 and MSX software: ftp.funet.fi pub atari pub cbm c64 pub cbm plus4 pub msx 3 Amstrad emulators and ROMs: ftp.ibp.fr pub amstrad emulator Amstrad programs and documentation: ftp.nvg.unit.no pub cpc 4 Frodo and Shapeshrfter cbauerOiphcipl.physik.uni- mainz.de Christian Bauer, Max-Planc-Str.60. 55124 Mainz. Germany AMIGA EMULATOR LOCATOR WHERE TO GET THEM: Speculator is the latest ZX Spectrum emulator.
Amiga emulators abound for Sinclair's ZX Spectrum, a simple, popular Z80 based home computer. The first only worked on original 68000-based Amigas but new emulators run programs at full speed, given a 25MHz 68030 or better.
First out was KGB Spectrum which ran - rather slowly - on 68000-based Amigas only and was incompatible with Kickstart 2. It was written by Troels Noerdergard of Denmark, and reached version 1.3, running snapshot files from Amiga disk. A snapshot is an image of computer memory - in this case. 48K plus a few bytes of processor context.
Until recently the king of Spectrum emulators was Peter McGavin's Spectrum version
1. 7. It loads snapshots from Amiga disks and cassettes via a
sound sampler.
This 48 K Spectrum emulator runs on any Amiga.
It's slow, like all Z80 emulations, on a 68000; you need an accelerated A1200 to run programs at full Spectrum speed. A500 and A600 owners can still have fun with text adventure games, widely available as Spectrum PD.
ZXAM is a more recent release, by Tony Pomar of Spain. Originally AGA-only, it now runs on Amigas with at least Kickstart 2 and a 68020. A special version is needed for 68060 systems.
ZXAM is not the fastest but has lots of nice Amiga- friendly features. It multi-tasks and supports Arexx. It can load cassettes via the joystick port and a small hardware adaptor.
It emulates the three channel Spectrum 128 sound chip, as well as the basic Spectrum hardware. A full Spectrum 128 version is in the works.
ZX Spectrum 4.71 is written by Jeroen Kwast for all Amigas.
It's shareware and supports programs that use Sinclair's Interface 1 Spectrum add-on, although the required ROM image is not included. It includes a screen-print option.
Despite the high version number, it's buggy and crashes on 68040 or above, even with caches disabled.
William James' Speculator is the latest Amiga Spectrum emulator. It out-runs the rest on some programs, and has several unique features.
Keyboard handling is the best of the bunch and it can read lots of snapshot formats, although it needs particular file-name extensions to correctly identify some. It supports cassette loading, serial transfer from real Spectrums and includes a handler to read MGT format Spectrum disks just like standard Amiga or PC ones.
Speculator comes with a good manual and Z80 software tools including a labelling disassembler and a fast cross- assembler that runs as an Amiga task. Spectrum printer commands LPRINT and LUST are re-directed to the Amiga printer device, and it can compress snapshots and save screens.
Unusually. Speculator translates Spectrum display updates into Amiga form on the fly. Rather than periodically rewriting the screen. This makes some programs faster and smoother but others slower. It supports multisync graphics modes, scan doubling to keep picture sizes consistent and suits all Workbench 2 or 3 Amigas.
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...to the CD32’s existing mouse, joystick, keyboard, audio. RF. Composite video and SVHS ports The SX32Pro further adds.
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Ds (clock. FPU skt) Slmma lor A1200 A4WXVSX32 £49-95 4MB 72 pin 32 bit SIMM £49-95 I?
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? Leaves trapdoor free for accelerators memory expansion Leaves PCMCIA slot free for digitisers, modems, samplers etc. Easily detachable for transport ? Option to add additional Hds.
CDROMs, SyQuests. Zips etc powered from the CDPIus unit ? Comes with special Eyetech 4-device EIDE buffered interlace board - easily fitted in minutes with no cutting drilling (Note that IDE CDROMS must never be directly connected to the A1200 A600 without a buffered interface) Complete with ‘Click-and-Go’ installation software Amazing value: 4-speed only £149 95. 8-speed only £199.95 Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N Yorks TS9 5BB, UK Tel: *44 (0)1642 713 185 Fax:+44 (0) 1642 713 634 eyetech@cix.compuserve.co.uk http: www.compulink.co.uk -eyelech Next day insured
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Software, cables £2 50 UK. £G05 EC Worldwide deliveries In 3-6 days from receipt of faxed order and payment details. Ask tor delivery costs.
Cheques. Visa*. Mastercard". Switch. Delta Connect PostaVMoney orders accepted
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VAT at 17-5% VAT ts rex appkcaUe to non-EC orders Next Day
Service £4.00 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT Overseas Postage Europe
£2.00 per item
R. O.W. £3.00 per item Credit cards not charged until day of
despatch Free postage in UK Tel: 01268 531222 Fax: 01268
531177 Email: SWFIRSTX@aol.com Internet:
http: home.aol.com SWFIRSTX AMIGA TITLES Wien breed Tower
Assault 13 .99 All Terrain Racer......1799 Approach
Trainer ...22.99 Archer Macleans Pool ......12.99 Award
Winners Plafinum Edition 13.99 (Lemmings. Elite 2 &
Civilization) Baft* Tor The Ashes ....8.99
BrdsOfPrey . 12.99 Buz Basic 2 1 .
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Disk 6 99 Cruse For A Corpse.....”99 Disposable
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Heart Of cnma.
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Football Glory...... Gloom ..... Guardian ... Kick Off 3 Euro Challenge Kick Off 96 ..... Help 2 Compilation ..... Jimmy Whites Whirt.v id S K24Q . K240 ... 9.99 Kngptn 12.99 Ksxjs Quest 5 . ’0.99 Kings Quest 6 .2199 Links The Challenge . ’2 99 Maths Algebra ......’4.99 Maths Statistics .....’4.99 Microprose Grand Pnx ”.99 Midwinter 1G.99 Mini Office...... 39.99 Nightshifi ..... *0.99 One Day Cncket 9.99 Overlord ...18.99 PGA Tour Golf Plus ......’0.99 Pinban Prelude . . .
20.99 Player Manager 2 ......13.99 Premier Manaoor 3 Dolux 95-96 14.99 Rage & Traitor Double Pack please call Rally please call Red Barry; . 12.99 Rise Of The Robots 8.99 Road Rash ..11.99 Robocod .... 4.99 Rugby Boss...... please ca* Sacra Team . 9.99 Scrabble ... 20 99 Sensible Golf 10.99 Sensible World Of Soccer 95 96 19.99 Sensible World Of Soccer Euro 15.99 Shuttle ..11.99 Simon The Sorceror 14 .99 Skidmarks ... 8 99 Soccer Stars 96 . 22.99 FIFA Soccer Kick Off 3 Euro On ihe Ball & Prarr-x Manager
3i Space Quest 4 .9.95 Speedbail ......4.99 Structured Spelling ... . 14.99 Super League Manager 17 99 Super Skidmarks ......14.99 Super Skidmarks Data D*sk . 11.99 Super Street Fiohter 2 ..12.99 Super Tennis Champs ..12.99 Syndicate .12.99 Tactical Manager 8.99 Tactical Manager Italia .....8.99 Test Match Cncket .....9 99 Thundertciade 4 99 On The Ball i Top Gear 2 .....9.99 Total Carnage ..7.99 Pinball Illusions Pinoaii Man a .
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21.99 ... 4.99
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CHAPTE Time Bath It'S Ever wanted to create your own multimedia production? In the first of a seven month tutorial Ben Vost starts to show you how.
CONTENTS DmGcQb [SdbQ eOsgs finxfl scsoCScDg} caiG G&ra gragMse hapter 2: Graphical glory -1 ¦ on the visual hapter 3: Moving pictures - Animation htptar 4: Sounds great - Using sound , I - Sprucing up ation Chapter 7: Finale - The finishing Welcome lo Ihe first installment in a seven month tutorial series showing you how to build a multimedia application.
We will he looking at all aspects of multimedia production, from sourcing the graphics, sound and animation, to arranging advertising, cooperating with companies and finally putting the whole thing together. We will look at the different media you can use for your production and what is involved with producing an application that can he used on a variety of platforms, including the World Wide Web.
The Cross Beth at the end of Bath Street. Photo's a bit wonky so It will need processing.
WWITTMFBH This month we will In- focusing on the graphic content of our production, what programs you can use and what MISCELLANEOUS 3D packages are a useful commodity if you are generating objects for your user interface such as buttons and gadgets.
Programs like Cinema4D which aren't too expensive are ideal for this kind of work as they can chum out high quality, but easy to produce imagery which can later be palette reduced to suit your application. Font Machine, the colourfont creator (there's a demo on this month's Coverdisk and CD) can be used to add more interesting typefaces to your production than the usual monochrome ones. Forge, a texture renderer for Imagine can be used to create seamless textures that you can tile for interesting backdrops.
Hardware you need. A selection ol the images we will use for the production feature on this month's CD-ROM and.
On future Cds, we will carry animations, sound samples and the finished product in a variety ol formats.
The images on the CD, were taken with a little compact camera with as much of a zoom lens as you ever get on a box like this. I wandered around hath and took a whole load of phones from all angles and these will he the basis for the user interface for the project.
After trudging around town lor many hours. I had to decide on the method ol development of these celluloid masterpieces. The final derision was based on the fact that since most of our readers are not likely to have 24-bit colour scanners, we would tie out Boots’ I’hotot 3) servile and pass judgement on it.
The first thing to point out is that it isn't cheap. Bools charge £5 for the gold (:i) that your pictures will be put on and then every 36 picture roll ol film will cost you £18.99 to put on the disc. You can take the disc bark in to have more pics put on it (that's what multi-session means), but doing it this way means losing space on the disc, a bit like when you partition a drive. If you don't have the kind of bulk requirement that we did for this project. Boots do offer a single image transfer service which is only 65p per shot, although there is a minimum order of ten shots. All these
prices were right at the time of going to press, but they might change - so don’t take our word as gospel.
One other thing - most Bools branches won't have a PholoCD processing plant (if any), so it takes a week to get your gold disc back, and the prints they supply in addition to your digital images.
One advantage ol using I’hotot I) for the processing of your pics is that you will have the images there, reads to use, in a varietv of resolutions from thumbnail to print. This will become more important as we explore further facets of multimedia production at a later date, Inn for the time being von will need to have some svay ol reading these I’hotot :D images.
Continued overleaf ¦* MULTIMEDIA JBX- ilk.. 1 am I sa area. : M i TVPaint 3 TVPaint is like Photogenics in that it creates 24-bit images, but differs in the fact that it requires a graphics card to work on. Its range of tools, although small, can be extended through Arexx and it supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets better than any of the other programs here.
TVPaint is an expensive option, but it offers the dedicated artist the easiest way of creating computer-based art.
Personal Paint Personal Paint rose from being almost unusably slow when it first came out, to being a bit of a speed demon with the latest release, version 6.4. New Amiga owners will know it best because it came bundled with all Amiga Technologies machines and although it looks very similar to Dpaint on the surface, the image processing functions, storyboarded animation and RTG support set it ahead of the pack.
(2) is much faster than earlier efforts and has added new tools
making it even more of a painters package. It works in 24-
bit all the time, even if your screen can only display 256-
colours and, as such, isn't geared to animation or icon
creation in the same way that the previous two were.
Mom Deluxe Paint Dpaint is a long standing Amiga application, probably the one the machine is best known for.
Although no longer in development it is still one of the most powerful programs available, and because it has been around for so long, almost everybody knows how to use it.
you can use lot this. Firstly, there's the ven popular Photogenics which will load PCD images in the lower resolutions (up to 768*512).
There's also a loader for ImageFX that will load in at all resolutions (including the 3072*2048 size). If you were sensible enough to buy AsimCJ)Ri as your CD-ROM filing system, then you will be able to use PhotoCD images directly in any program that supports 24-bit ll.li.Ms. In tbe shareware scene there is, unfortunately, very little to simply convert PCDs into IFF II.BMs. and what there is tends to be complex and written in German. Still, you could try PhotoCDGUIJ 2 (you'll find it on this month’s CD in the "ln_the_mag multimedia tools ” directory), it is in German, but it's pretty easy to
understand, with a little experimentation.
ALTERED IMAGES Even so, you will still need some sort of graphics manipulation program to allow you to massage these files into the sizes and colour depths useful for the application, let's have a look at how these images will be used in the application, or at least, our current idea ol how they will be used. It is very likelv that the project will mutate over time in accordance with the clients wishes and as that happens we will have to adjust accordingly, bearing in mind the different requirements for our images.
Our initial design guide is to make sure that we present a consistent interface to the viewer and so we have decided to have a bank of buttons down the right-hand side ol the screen with the main part of the screen taken up with one of two scales of maps, or showing details on individual items, such as the various tourist atuactions scattered around Bath and iLs surrounds. We could draw all this from scratch, but there are numerous artwork Cds devoted to backdrops and patterns already available; two that spring to mind are EMClomputergraphic's superb Phasr4 Drsklo i Vulro lino on and the I07H
Wrinl i'rxtum C Ids. These can provide you with working material to use to ensure that your backgrounds aren't just bland areas of solid colour.
LOOK AHEAD One thing you'll have to bear in mind when you are creating your user interface is what package* you will be using to present it. (Uinlh lias no trouble with buttons being odd shapes and it allows buttons to be animated, but Scttla requires the button area to be rectangular and will onl highlight the area you have clicked on - you can't have an alternate image lor vour button. So it ’s pointless you spending hours creating both images lor vour stunning 31) button, if only one is to be used.
Yvc won’i a luallv lie* discussing which package we art* going in use tn put together the package loi .1 few months yet. So it would he a bit pointless to go over it in any great depth right now. But it is something that you need to bear in mind.
GOOD PLANNING CHAPTER Again, when it comes to what resolution you should be working at (both si e and colour) it is worth bearing in mind how people will be accessing youi program.
Will they be looking at it on a TV set- If so. You will want to make sure that you don't have one pixel horizontal lines - they'll flicker like crazy. You need to ask whether the program you end up using supports the colour and size resolution you have chosen to adopt. I know it seems like a bit of a had to hold the camera through a grille for this one.
MULTIMEDIA bore, but good planning is essential to a large project, it’s no good working for six months on your production only to discover that the program you are going to use to pul it all together can’t handle branching paths or animations.
As for us. Well, we’re going to sit down first with paper and pencil (and lieer) to plan out our attack on the huge amounts of data that we'll be dealing with. You shouldn’t worry if art is not the skill you put first on a CV.
Scribbles with a biro can turn into something gorgeous once vou start applying the helping hands of a computer paint package. No. Vour main requirement for this project is going to he staying power.
I know, because I've done this sort of thing before, just how tedious it can he to have to paste pictures into a frame for the 357th time, wishing that there was a macro recorder intelligent enough to choose die correct colour background for a picture that's really dark, or that can discern when your picture would look much better if it was on the right-hand side of the frame instead of the left. But no. You have to he the robot, sitting there lor hours patiently entering in text, creating pictures or trimming sound samples.
But rest assured, il you have put the thought into the preliminary design process, your production will he more accessible and the appreciation of the user will he worth every minute you spent hunched up over your desk.
We will he delving deeper into the specifics of the graphical side ol the production next month when we look at how to take the perfect photo and the best ways of rendering those 3D gadgets and gizmos. Z?
IMAGE PROCESING ADPro Art Department Professional (or ADPro as it is known) is the Grandaddy of Amiga image processing applications.
It like Dpaint is no longer in development and user interfaces have progressed since it was last updated, but ADPro is still very good at what it does:- converting one picture format to another and performing functions on it.
If you intend to use Adpro for a whole bunch of pictures, it would be best to also buy ProControl, an Arexx- based batch processor for ADPro.
STRENGTHS: Arexx support, a wide variety of picture formats are supported.
WEAKNESSES: No internal virtual memory, non-visual user interface, no internal batch processing.
HANDY HARDWARE Graphics cards Graphics cards become particularly important if you are planning to make your application multiplatform as they offer resolutions that match those on Pcs and Macs. A graphics card can also show true 24-bit pictures which means that you won't have to work with an approximation all the time and they are faster than AGA graphics modes when you use 256-colours. The only downsides to graphics cards are that not every multimedia package will work with them, you have to have a big box Amiga to use them together with a decent monitor, and their cost. The best choices
around at the moment are probably the Picasso card from Bllttersoft (01908 261466) and the CyberVision from White Knight Technology (01920 822321) Memory You can newer have enough of the stuff. Although programs like ImageFX and Photogenics offer virtual memory you should try to avoid this solution as much as possible. Vmem is slow and not always that stable and it uses valuable hard drive space.
Hard drive space Just like memory, you can never have too much hard drive space. A 1Gb SCSI or IDE drive will set you back only as much as it would've cost you to buy a 240Mb drive two years ago, so make sure you have enough space.
ImageFX An excellent constantly-developing image processor, ImageFX has just reached version 2.6. This version gives the Amiga artist even more tools to play with and improves several others.
ImageFX has a visual user interface so that you can see the effect you are having on a picture and it also provides thumbnail previews of effects before you execute them STRENGTHS: Plenty of tools for your money, more file formats supported than ADPro, internal batch processor.
WEAKNESSES: The user interface is confusing at times, thumbnail previews are too small most of the time.
• Note that both Personal Paint 6.4 and Photogenics 2 have got
image processing features.
All the latest news and pictures of all the Amiga games that will soon be available for you to purchase. Oh yes.
50 odd levels so there's going to be plenty of challenge as you try to round up all the gnomes and guide them to safety. This one's not due for release for a couple more months yet but we should have a review copy winging its way to us in the not too distant future so we'll be able to tell you just how well the blend of Mario and Lemmings works. Sounds T0P: Mmphy Er Mrocity Enigma?
Good, at least eh? ABOVE: Gnomes. We're intrigued.
VO C Cl sc 111 m O H U O than ever, it s just that this ( Andy Smith .... . * .. .. ' month they ve had to sit on the side lines while we get on and review the glut of commercial releases that have arrived in the office this month.
Another quick look will tell you that not all of them were exactly, erm, welcome (j'ust because it's a rare commercial release, don't expect us to show it any favouritism - in the same way we wouldn't down mark a Reader Game simply because it didn't come in a posh box), but it's very heartening to see them nonetheless.
And anyway, with a little planning and a following wind, you may well find some of the better Reader Games that feature in AF over the next few months becoming commercially available as software houses really start to take an interest. Now's the time to get that game into us - you never know who else may be reading... Reader Games will be back with us next month, but in the meantime let's take a look at this month's titles: Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best most payable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
You'll notice, after a quick look through the Screenplay section, that Reader Games have taken a backseat this month. This is not due to lack of interest or V submissions - on the Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
• Less than 40% The absolute pits.
BOGRATS All Amigas ¦ Vulcan ¦ (01705)670269 Vulcan won't mind me calling them stalwarts of the Amiga games scene. I've just looked it up and it means, amongst others, redoubtable, robust, stout, strapping, sturdy, valiant and vigorous. Which is what they are when you think about them in the context of the Amiga games scene.
Bograts is a puzzle type game. Basically, you're this The name Enigma may not be familiar but that's just because you know it as Atrophy. I mean Atrocity. I mean it's called Enigma now.
All right?
Gnomes, on the other hand, is new. Billing itself as a mixture between Super Mario and Lemmings. The idea is to save the gnomes, and the game boasts some You're the green thing. Your Bograts are those things underneath the picture.
Character who's got to guide a couple of smaller characters to the exit of the level.
The levels, surprisingly, are of the 2D platform variety, with switches to be pulled, traps to be avoided, ladders to be climbed and bombs to be dropped.
Although I don't like the Valhalla range of games because I find them far too illogical and simplistic, I do like puzzle games where the solution may not be immediately obvious, but at least you can work out what you should be doing and you get the chance to learn from your mistakes. Rather than relying on the imaginative leap that needs to be made if you're to realise that getting the golden key involves putting salt on the slug. Which is the kind of thing that happened in Valhalla. I look forward to reviewing this one.
Vulcan reckon the game should be available in September, which means I shouldn't have to wait too long. Hurrah!
DNA All Amigas with 1.5Mb and above ¦ Applaud Software ¦ (01283)217270 Subtitled the Variety of Life, this game - which is also Applaud Software’s first toe in the pond of Amiga games - is a tactical wargame with genetic overtones. Apparently a whole load of baddies have been created after scientists discovered some alien genes.
The genes were introduced to humans - who then went loopy.
It's down to the player to clear the 36 (viewed from above) sectors that make up the game with a little help from an android type thing. Much like Laser Squad or UFO, the game uses the Action Points system whereby you have a set number of points to use up before ending your turn and letting the enemy have a go.
One of the most promising features of the game looks to be the fact that you can pick up genes from dead baddies, juggle them about, experiment with them and - if you find they're going to give your character some special advantage - introduce them into your character's DNA. We'll be checking out this mail order only game next month. Until then, look closely at your neighbour... Now, if I'd actually managed to get hold of a new gene this is whore I’d come Choose the aroa you wont to conquer and then go conquor it. Then choose to find out what I can do with it. But as you can see I haven't got
one yet. Another one and do tho same. And on and on until all sectors are conquorod.
WINGNUTS thinks...) and above the cloud- base there’s just thin air.
There are also a whole load of power ups and special items that can be picked up, or bought, as well as several game types including tunnel racing. So you don't have to limit yourself to just one-on-one dogfights. Although you could if that's all you wanted.
We're intrigued by the sound of this one and can't wait to get our hands on the thing - Forgotten Myths are hoping for a September launch, but that could depend on what publishing deals materialise. Whatever happens, you'll hear about it here first. Z All Amigas ¦ Forgotten Myths ¦ (01846)675453 Forgotten Myths are another new bunch having their first stab at a full-price game.
Wingnuts is a combat game set on some alien planet. The action takes place in an arena where the combatants fly around trying to kill each other. In planes. And helicopters.
And weather balloons. There's an airstrip on the ground of the arena, there's a large cloud-base halfway up (for hiding in me THE WORLDS's FASTEST and., now the BEST VALUE too!
68040 VERSION CAN M 6XRANOEO10 A FULL 68060 AMIGA 68040ERC and 68060 ACCELERATORS £l£» Now you can choo* bciwctn (he 68W0 -WERC Cybcntorm II c* the ultra powerful 680N) version. When you fil a Cvbcrsiwro II68060 | Accelerator lo your A3(00. A3000T, A4000 it A4000T you can. For mk I example. Render a graphic w ith Imagine 2.0 software in just 2.4mntt. f Compare dm with a massive 10.54 mms on a standard A4000 DW25' Widi N' no jnmpers both Cybenwrm lls arc fully plug and play and A4000 users can ckusc the option of a SCSI-2 module (A3000 users already have SCSI hull into their Amiga hardwire)
• Up to 128Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you can even
transfer the 72Pin SIMMS from yoar Amiga A4000 straight onto
your new Cybentorm.
• Optional SCSI-2 module available
• If your budget currently only coven the cost of a Cyberflonn
II68M0ERC you can always upgrade later to die full 68060
processor for extra power.
64-BrT ENGINE A2000 3000 4000 (T Series) 3D Version 24-bit colour accelerated graphics card. MM Ik all ZorrolLlII Amic* & Tower Sv cm AI200s with Tot-II hxkplincs Ihc o c of this great bcord is the NEW VIRGE GR APHICS CHIP from S5 W ith 51) captures flP&JJ it's able to fttcevs cwnffcx 5D fcKtwa ra furdware (eg. ShadoWcxtHtd surfxes) with Tnhccar KiHcnng and Sfudmg F»gging for mper rcalivik Real Tome 51) Rendering rf M When used wuhCyteGrafrfiX 50 bhrarv.C)beniwnM 3Dcffl even offer a broad ranee ol 50 folrtics fee any software devefoper OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS
• MPEG Decoder-added to (he Feature CcooecKr to provide real time
MffGaadio and video decoding a: full sik custom screens or,
in W'crtbcrsh windows (HQ display using I6C4 Bit modes from
CyherGrapftX Workbench). Stereo aujw output is provided vu the
supplied dedicated line output yack. Upgrade to a Cyhemswo
64 51) and MPEG bundle (from pnkbs Cyteniuoo 60 for a SPECIAL
LOW PRICE' • Call for full details now•
• Mcmtot Switcher • with integrated scan Iik doubler. Designed to
fit into the Amiga slot tins gives autcetuoc switch over from
the standard Amiga signal to Cybcn wn 6V5D's output. Both cards
may be fined inside AVIXV4QC0 models leaving three Zorro-lll
slots free._ Cybcrvision 61 3D- 1Mb Vmion £23?” i fn Umini
£299'” Lii ( ylKrvnirni 11WMH; 6HHHFJtC ¦ Umh ¦ F.x|undil»lc m
lASMls Cybcrstorm H SilMH Mni - 0MI • Expandable to !2SMh_
Cybcrstorm D SCSI-2 Module _ SidA5M **.iSW 2(H)0 0-* SwmUd
Al 200 MPEG Decoder Monitor Switcher Cybcrstorm 11 SIMM RAM
Expansions t phrase cull lor prsuM Maiubnl A* A UK) wiili
125»IV. ' 50 nmpamtitf MIPS pe AtS1H) 20I1I) with 2060, 'OOP&
iMh AlOtH) wiili CviviMomi. ‘U60& I.Mh BUZZARD 12304V,
• May be disahkd with Simple Kcvwokc in hod up • For Full Comes
tomrunWliy even ludty prupamnl ctdcr Software*
• tatty Kicked Self Retinrgc Real Tune Clxk
• High PerforaumT Expansion wich Full 32-BH wide DMA
• Easy Trapdoor Instillation • no mocMkabwis required l2t0T BtC
fib m Town) ¦ I25MV feaiutn PGA FT I) Socket allowing Opbuiul
%MHz. 6W2 FPL 2040erc A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU
• 40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60
Ninotvrond SIMM fitted & A1200T* TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU
for -TOWER SYSTEMS 40MHx 68040 - 0Mb Std, Exp. To 128 2S6Mb mm
with 60 Nimtwid SIMM fitted Blizzard 2040ERC Turbo Accelerator
Memory Board BNP Ik Bhuinl 2MERC i-a Mipct nra LOW COST taml
wbk-li oRtn ATOM owners the opportunity lo upgrade to the same
performance as our Blizzard 124GT ERC board. Iscn will then be
able to enjoy full A4O0MMO pown as well as take advawagc of the
built in SCSI-2 interface.
The "ERC Processors used on these bomb arc recycled and v igorously tested bSOJO CPI's operating at 40MHz with MMU FPl' - an excellent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative.
2M0ERCTurbo Mill Mml& Mwl'FPt CllO-wf'"*''
Q. sn . j2-Bii Fm RAM - Lvpurebblc lo !2RMh *3*7 I FULL
iLVaMiSlk* A150012000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU,FPU - 50MHr
68060 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb
* 71 MVS with 6OR0 Nanoierond SIMM filled Blizzard 2060 Turbo
Accelerator Memory Board oltmA1MNV2000oxnov ihc same
vpedtkanofl i the Blizonl IMOTnbo.
LAIWVMOv »ill open* XI up lo five urns the iptt4 of x .untod AWXIl J »iih FULL 66060 POWER A xl» indudo tali in SCSI-: mcrtae! II .,.viZ ».ml Ik fwea AISaBfOO mu»L.. fn i Blmad JW nwl_; 2060Turbo 50MHz 6W60 » Mml TPU axh buUi in SCSI ’ , 0Mb. 32-Bit Fw RAM - Expandable lo 128Mb * 1230-IY Turbo 50MHz 68030 & Mml 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM r-t rn Expandable lo l2H'25hMb Fast 60 Nanosecond SLMM RAM Expansions 32-Bit. “2 pm Icall for pneai_ Motorola Maths Co-proa'ssor 68882 PGA type Fpli. 50MHz SCSI IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-tV. 1240T ERC and 1260, with addiiional 128Mb SIMM socket I Hast SCSI-2 DMA
Controller - up lo lOMb sec transfer rates with additional SIMM socket allotting extra memory lo he fitted) Ptease Note Memory, SIMM 4 FPU pfKMmay change without warning doe to e»change rate tluctuiOons Please confirm prke pnor lo ordering CALL TO CONFIRM 1 AVAILABILITY 8EFORE MAKING ALONG I0URNEY TOVtStTUS.
Monday to Saturday.
9 Coam until S 00pm STANDARD GORDON HARWOOD ¦ COMPUTERS 33 DcpgLMFot New Street, Alfrcton -a Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 01 773 836781 or FAX: Ol 773 831040 email: 100271.3S57©compuserve.i Wbal the Magazines think... Amiga Shopper 91% STAR BIT the lllizzarl 1260 is destined to btcome the ultimate objett of desire for A1200 ounen' Amiga ( imputing 92% BILE (HIP "want the fastest Amt$ t ir. The ihrtd. Get this board' Amiga formal Hide on the fastest At200 in the UorUt '¦ 95% GOLD Riling OI K RANGE HAS WON!MORE .AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER.
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OrafU or Postal Orders payable to Gortco Harwtxid Computm Urnted GH PRKES: Please remember to confirm prices in case you are looking at *i c*f maganne. Pnces an change (up or down) before the magazine's cover month has passed Please confirm before sending orders by post Pnces me. VAI at 17.SY GH WARRANTY Manufacturers' standard warranties apply or. Ask about Oks comprehensive eflended options wfuch are afways recommended for professional users to eummise cosOy down tune. Ask GH for ful dtUfe iY PHONE Simply all our order lint Wt Kitpl VISA. Luvttranl Access. Switch.
ConnM. Twu AMEX and Lombard Crtdrtchargt (most store cards' ar* lombard it) Dions. Currys etc) • WITH NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES!
Horn lo Order from GH.
Reality ran The Reality Software Construction Kit could breath new life into the Amiga games scene.
Andy Smith checks out the bundles.
Publisher BPM Promotions 01232 626694 There are two of these games packs available at the moment: Reality Games Pack I and 2.
You can buy them for £9.99 each (inc p+p) or £12.50 if you buy both at once. We're almost done with the mechanical information, it just remains for me to tell you that the 1st games pack contains: Underwater Capers, Charlie Chimp and the Treasure of Tutankhamun, The Wrath of Gwendor and Charlie Chimp Special Edition 96.
The second pack contains: Joker Poker, Toy and Capers, Charlie Chimp II Special Edition 96 and Charlie Chimp In The Great Escape.
Let's have a look at each of ’em then: Underwater Capers Underwater shoot-em-up. Buy power- ups from the underwater shop and then fight the mid and end of level guardians. Average to not bad.
Wrath of Gwendor Sideways scrolling beat-em-up, like the old Golden Axe or Altered Beast.
But not quite as polished. Simplistic but moderately enjoyable.
Charlie Chimp Special Edition 96 There are 30 levels of platform action and BPM describe the game as 'one of the greatest platform games ever created'. I don't think it is. It's all right and better than most PD platty games but not by a huge margin.
Doker Poke Fruit machine sim with a Play Your Cards Right sub-game. Win cyber-money™. Pointless but actually a bit of a lark. I liked this one the most.
Charlie Chimp II Special Edition 96 Erm, more Charlie Chimp stuff.
But with new levels and new baddies. Fine, in an OK kinda way.
The Great Escape Spook I Another Charlie Chimp plaform adventurey type thing.
Dust like Tutankhamun really, except in a different location.
Again, not outstanding but not a complete turkey either (or should that be Poland? Groan).
All right so none of the games are breath-taking but with 8 games for £12.50 (a little more than £1.50 a shot) you can't really go wrong.
Especially if you're a younger gamer who likes not-too-taxing platform games with lots of chimps in them. 'If £9.99 each or £12.50 for both (Mail order only) Demo version tree to AF readers Versions System requirements All Amigas Release date Out now from BPM Promotions, GRAPHICS SOUND This is one area that could have a little more attention paid to it.
ADDICTION PLAYABILITY IVEMU VERDICT None of it's really outstanding, but together they'll keep you busy for a while.
Charlie Chimp in all hit glory.
Platform action. Nothing stunning but fun for a short while.
That chimp again. This tima in a priaon camp.
Complata with tanks and rats. And cans of oil.
Joker Poker. Gambia cybarmonay'“ in an attampt to win more cybarmonay"*.
Than play Play Your Cards Right.
In The House of Fun Adventure Andy Smith hurls himself into the adventuresome house for some unadulterated fun.
Wim V'-’' ' a * The start in the air should be collected for extra points. Although I don't know why you should get 700 for one and only 100 for another.
You know this kind of game already - move through the levels collecting stars for points, firing other stars at an assortment of baddies that come towards you, jumping over gaps and fighting end-of-level bosses.
That's almost all there is to it. The only other bits are in the box-out elsewhere on this page (I can't direct you to the box-out because Linda, the art ed, gets to say where it goes and not me). And it's quite fun to play as well. It's not amazing and it's not got anything that hasn't been seen before, but it's fun nonetheless.
What's your motivation in all this?
To break a dark spell that's been cast on the House of Fun by an evil clown.
Stupid isn't it? Adrian Cummings is the man behind the conception, graphics, sound and coding, as well as the packaging design and artwork, which probably means he was involved in that stupid plot idea. I'm not having a pop Adrian. I know people expect some kind of reason to be playing a game, but this one's just so, oh I can't be bothered with it, let's get on to something else.
A LITTLE OIL CAN Maybe we should chat about what other features are in the game? Like how you shoot stars to kill the baddies and how you can collect power-ups that make your stars bigger and porkier?
Maybe we should chat about the fact that if Tin Toy doesn’t kill a baddie in time and they run into him he loses some energy - which is cleverly displayed as an oil gauge (actually it's not that clever really, is it?) - and Tin Toy can replenish lost energy by collecting the little oil cans that can be found lying around. In the air sometimes. But hey! This is fantasy, right? Anything goes here.
What now? Andrea's going to insist I write more words to fill up the space between the pictures. But why?
You've played a hundred games like this in the past, you've got an idea of whether it's any good by looking at the score and the overall verdict, you've had a good look at the screenshots so you basically know all there is to know about it to make an Like that week we had back in June. (That was a nice spell.) Tin Toy has four spells, but they're like magical spells. Here's what they are, in fact. You don't get many, but you can find refills as you go around.
INFLATE When you want to reach something above you, but you cant jump up to it, invoke this spell and you can float up into the air for a short time. It looks like Linda after one too many bottles of Hooch.
HAT When you want to croaa a body of wator, or an araa of spikaa, invoke this spell and a big hat appears to carry you across. You have to be quick, though, because the hat starts to move as soon as it appears and you have to jump on quickly.
WHIRLWIND This spell spins you across the landscape quickly, it's good for whizzing through baddies too, but no good for whizzing across spikes because it doesn't work.
Like ell the spells, the whirlwind doesn't last long; be warned.
SMART BOMB Invoke this and kill all the baddies on the screen. Lust like a good Smart Bomb should.
Oddly, the sctual process involves Tin Toy removing his hat and a load of stars go shooting around the screen, killing baddies.
Informed buying decision. I bet you didn't know that Laura P Paul did the playtesting though. You would have found out if you'd bought the game because it says so on the packaging.
A BIG ISSUE It comes on two disks, but you have to use DFO when you need to swap - which is only the once - between disk 1 and disk 2. See? Now we're getting into the realms of too much information. I mean, you’d expect it on a couple of disks wouldn't you? It's only when games come on 12 or 14 disks that the number becomes a really big issue. And another thing, just to make sure you don't miss it - this game's only available via mail order. That means you have to send some money off in the post and then receive the game back through the post. You can't just walk into your nearest Electronics
Boutique or whatever and expect it to be on the shelf. It won't be. See? ® The first and of level boss is actually a tangerine with teeth and lags. Yes, well, it would be, wouldn't H?
Here you go, just to prove that you can Indeed ride a top hat (complete with faoe) across hazardous piaoae lisher Mutation (mail order only) Price £14.99 Versions A1200 System requirements A1200 Release date Out now from Mutation, 15, Burcote Drive, Anchorage Park, Portsmouth, Hampshire P03 5UD GRAPHICS All very nice and colourful. Belter than average, but only just.
SOUND eThe tunes are fine; it's the dreadful sound effects I really found grating.
ADDICTION ® Again, nothing truly amazing, but it's got a decent difficulty curve and plenty of challenge.
PLAYABILITY Once you get going, you'll RS enjoy it. Unoriginal, but ” ' good fun nonetheless.
OVERALL VERDICT Extra spalls tor you to collect are dotted throughout tha landscape. There's an extra hat spall to bo gained H only Tin Toy would just jump up and gal H... And not all the baddies are big. Soma are vary small.
Ilka this little tomato thing. But they’re easier to kill if you manage to hit ‘am.
It's a wacky, platty thing. Good fun to play and packed with ideas stolen from all over the place. Don’t expect months of excitement, but it's competent and a jolly good giggle to play.
O H o K 50 VO VO OV APPLAUP SOFTWARE 33 York Road, Church G-resley, Swadlincote Derbyshire DE11 9QG- PNA "A fine blend of RPG- and classic strategy!
- Computers-1 Tel: (0115) 9444500 Fax: (0115) 444501 STORAGE HARD
Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 BAH IBM HITACHI 2.5" IDE APOLLO
1240 1260 The new Apollo 1240 features a fan cooled super-fast
68040 running at 25MHz (the 1260 uses the 68060 running at
50MHz).in-built FPU. Battery-backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM
socket. Making it one of the best value accelerator cards
1240 25 0Mb £299.99 1260 50 0Mb £549.99 1240 25 4Mb £324.99 1260 50 4Mb £574.99 1240 25 8Mb £349.99 1260 50 8Mb £599.99 ,1240 25 16Mb £409.99 1260 50 16Mb £659.99 11240 25 32Mb £519.99 1260 50 32Mb £769.99 The Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into the CPU slot of the A4000 (A3000TT).
Comes in 40MHz 68040 & 50MHz 68060 versions, 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets (2 x 72pin SIMM for A3000 Desktop) & SCSI- 2 controller.
635Mb 850Mb 1GIG 1 2GIG 1 7GIG
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VISAS DELTA BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 STANDARD - £3.95 635Mb £C«II 850Mb £149.99 IGIG £199.99 1 2GIG £154.99 1 6GIG £219.99 2GIG £279.99 Seagate 540MB £218.89 850MB £239.99 1GIG £244.99
1. 2GIG £264.99 _ Exlemally cased hard dnves lor the A500 500+.
Can be populated wilh up 10 8Mb ol RAM (72pln SIMMS).
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Andy Smith reviews a trusty, old footie game - but can this new version live up to its reputation?
I 11 i m I Our most loyal readers may well remember the very lirst issue of Amiga Formal, back in 1989, in which the very first Format Gold award went to a football game called Kick Oil. The spooky thing is, I reviewed that game all those years ago and here I am reviewing the latest incarnation.
If you ever played Kick Oil, or Kick OH 2, or Kick OH 3 or Kick 0113 European Challenge, and surely most of you must have played one of those, you'll know how the first couple of games, with Dino Dini at the programming controls, were splendid.
You'll also know that when Dino moved on to other things and Steve Screech took over, he didn't manage to retain the sheer playability of the Dino versions, but still managed to produce a couple of games that weren't half bad. They weren't brilliant, because changing the game's playing perspective from above to the side, kinda killed the way the game played. The magic was lost.
The more traditional 2D view. And Holland are on their way to a forgettable victory.
HARD WORK The perspective's changed again for Kick OH ‘96, from the side to the more conventional lengthways viewpoint, but it's still not from above. There's even a 3D 'from-behind-the-goal' viewpoint, but this doesn't work well at all. This damn thing is just such a chore to play. I know you don't have LEFT: An action replay of a goal being scored in 3D mode. What was that keeper thinking of?
To have the game viewed from above for it to be a goodie - witness Total Football (AF86; 90%), for example, but you do need to be able to control your players, make passes, shoot for goal and use skill to beat the opposition. You won't get the chance to do any of that in Kick OH 96.
Here's a little fun thing you'll want to do if you ever play this; when you've got possession of the ball, just hold down the fire button and keep it held while you roll around the floor laughing as your mate attempts to tackle the ball off you. What funl BELOW: Here you can create your own Dream Team, using players from such footballing nations as Azerbajan.
Sen! Finals Final 14 inner duartcr Finals Spain Scotland Croatia England England England Turkey England Czech Repblic Turkey Hext Hatch Croatia 1 3 England last Hatch Mate* II ext OCTOBER 1996 SCREENPLAY RIGHT: This Is nonsense. One of my players is in the middle of this Dutch gang. I didn’t press any fire buttons and so this continued for about five real minutes.
O o «¦ On the most memorable occasion it happened to me, Holland managed to score 12 goals in injury time against me.
We're now going to start on the European Championship competition that comes pre-set with the game. Recently, I tore into Sensible Soccer's European Championship Edition because it didn’t take into account the introduction of the Golden Goal rule (the first team to score in extra time from the Quarter Finals onwards would win the match).
OUT OF CONTROL But, rule omissions aside, it's down on the pitch that things really count and it's down on the pitch that this game really starts to fall over.
Your player's highlighted with a black star, showing who's under your control, and the number of times the control switches to someone you don't want it to is outrageous.
There's not even a button you can press to change players voluntarily. Truly ridiculous!
Oh yeah, before I forget, if you play the game with a single-fire button joystick (like a Speedking, for example), you won't be able to make passes to your team mates if you are running with the ball. Or moving with the ball at all... Well, the same's true here. Get to the Quarter Finals and you're into extra time and then penalties (to be fair, there is the option to turn off extra time and penalties from the options menu should you so desire).
And here's another funny thing, and Nick will back me up on this because he was watching the game with me at the time... I was checking out the game in 3D mode, playing the European Championships to investigate the Golden Goal rule.
My team got knocked out, so I watched a couple of computer teams in one of the semis - Spain vs Scotland.
After full time, the score was 2-2; great, the Golden Goal was on.
The first half of extra time passed without incident and soon after the start of the second half, Spain made a dash for the Scottish goal.
Unfortunately, one of the Spanish players went down, in their own half, with an injury. The rest of the team seemed to carry on and, would you believe it, they scored.
I expected the game to end there and I would applaud Kick Off '96 for at least including one of the major rule changes of the Championships. But no! For some reason the ball came back to the bloke lying injured and a free kick was awarded!
Not only that, but the teams played out the rest of extra time without scoring. Now, guess the scoreline at the end of the game?
Yup you got it, Spain 3 - Scotland
2. What is going on? Crap is what's going on, I'm afraid.
Time for the final paragraph then. Kick Off 96 is dreadful. I've played around with better reader games. Don't be mislead by the fact that Anco have used the name Kick Off on the box - this game is just pants. CD ©GRAPHICS The 3D view is not very good and the 2D view is not much better, but the blokes running around are fine, nothing to complain about there.
©SOUND Appalling. The ball being kicked sounds like someone rifling the end of a deck of cards.
ADDICTION Almost none at all. You'll think the minimum three minute game time for each half is two and a half minutes too long.
PLAYABILITY As close to unplayable as they could have got it.
Dreadful, dreadful, DREADFUL!
IvilALL VERDICT Publisher Anco-Tel: 01322 292518 Price £19.99 Versions A500 500. 600 1200 System requirements All Amigas with 1Mb Release date Out now from Anco.
It brings a lump to your throat when you think how Anco have completely ruined the brilliant name that was Kick Off.
This game is absolute rubbish and I will never play it again.
I hope I've saved you ever having to play it too.
LEFT: Goalmouth action at tho other end of the pitch. And the grass behind tho goal goes wild! Well it will, if left for a couple of years... 9%
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Fears vj vo FIFA Soccer 19 99 -- Final 0*at ..1099 12 99 Fire Force 1999 Flashback 1299 ------ F Sim 2 Hawaiian Scorarv 13 99 ---- FOOTBALL MASTERS 16.99-- Footbat Statistician Pro 26 99 -- ¦ Gamar Go*d Coltaction - &xrt Vsu-n .
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• -• PRIMAL RAGE_____________19.99 - G Gooch - 94.-95 Data D*»
4 99 --Protect 10 99 - G Gooch - Same tor A»het 4 99 --------
Pro Torn* Tour 6.99 •• Guardian ...... 6.99
8 99 Pu*h(*mr ...... 8.99 - Gun she
...10 99 ----Puss** Gatore ..18
OUNSHIP 7000--------IM---PUTTY SQUAD .19
Hanna Barbara Animation. 29 99 --Reach For The Skies Hard
Nova...... 8 99 ---Ream ...... Head erf China ..12
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Secret 9596 1699 Insight Dinosaur* .---14 99 Sens Wtd ol Sixcer
Euro9616 99 intelligent Strategy Game* ChessBnjgt Shunto Go.
8ac»parnmon.Obac*ar».Rarju Gemoku SIM CITY 2000...... 4In 4 Ur*
C3*nt*m Chess 1990--SMeftifi .... int One Da,
Cricket 9 99 ----SLAMTILT ... IntOS -AMOS
-------....16.99--Sleepwalker ITS Croat 16 99 • - Soccer Stars
96..... Jsma*Pond3 8 99 Soccw Team Manage- Jmmy White t Snookor
12 99 Space Oieei 123 or 4 ic n John Madden Footbati
10 99 ---Spent Legacy ----19 Jungle Strike ......21 9921 99
SphericalWor«t 1799 KGB 12 99 --Star Crusader .... .19
Kick 0*1 3 Euro Champs .--- 9 99 - Star
Fighter ...19 KICK OFF 96 ..
.12.99 - Strea Fleet idea ... Kid Chaos .19.99
19.9921 99 STRIP POT .. Kingpn 10 9912 9912 99
Suburban Corrmendc Kings Quest 3 or 5 12 99 -
Subversion KinasOuest6 ...... 22 99 -
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Temptress. 12 99 --TheCkue Marvens Marvelous Adv 1999 Th*
Garnet Mega traveler 1 or 2 12 99 Thee Finest Hour 12 99 --
Messengers OI Doom 19 90 - THEME PARK ..22.99
-- MICROPROSE GOLF 12.99--Too Gear 2 17 9917 99 - M dvr inter
10 99 ----TOTAL FOOTBALL------22-99 -- Mighty Max 17 0919 99
..... Touting Ca' Challenge 12 99 ---------- MiKary
Masterpieces 19 99-----Tower ol Souls 19 9919 99 -- Mc*ph --7
99 6 99 Traps 6 Treasures 17 99 • 17 99 Mr Nutz .17 99 Treble
Charrptons 2..... 7 99 ----- Muse X 2 0 .. 27 99
---Trip** Action - Vol 6 • Super r*pw .
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Spin -19 99 - Operation Stealth 1199--Win Cup Soccer 17991799 699 Onerui Games 0 99 ---Wing Commander 12 99 - ... OvenonS ......22.99 ----Wider Go»d 12 99 -- PGA European tour 12.9912 09 Wi krd 10 90 -- PGA Teur Gorf ..12 99 --Wortd Cop Go* ----29 99 Pint** Dreams & Fantasies 22.99 ---WOflLO CUP YEAR 94.... 19.99-- PINBALL FANTASIES 9.99 19.9924.99 World o* FooffiaR 19 00 ... Pi real I tutors ... .19.9919 99 WoflLO GOLF- ..... 12.99-- Pineal Mania .... .19.99 Wo"d o' Soccer 7 99-- PINBALL PRELUDE 19.99 19.9919 99 WofWsntWar 6 99 Pole Position 19 9919 99 Worlds
o'Legend 12 99 -- Pop & Ptorxaed Land* 1299 --WORMS .19.99 -19 99 Populous 2 12 99 ---Worms Rentorcemoms 12.99 ----- - ~ PcwarBasa v35 (Database)!? 99---WWF 1 or 2 8.99 -- PoworOrvo 9 9919 9919 99 X-IT - Zonked 16 99 ----- Powerhouse 22 9922 99 - XP 8 . 19 99 --- Naughty Oies ... ..... Oul To Lunch .. PLAYER MANAGER 2 7.99 PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA Powergames ShBdowfohtor 9 99 Skeleton Rrew SIMON THE SORCERER 12.99 SkcJmaik* ... 899 Sieve Oawe Snooker 4 99 Symdcate 12 99 Torvak 4 99 Total Carnage ... - Unverve 4 99 VIRTUAL KARTtNG--- Wv*one
Wembley mtt Soccer asss""'*’ Wonderooo World Ciass Rugby 95 Bener Spekng (6-10) 13.99 - Bone' Mxtta 11?-16 13 99 Cave Ma e 18-12) 10 99 - Frsdlon Gocer* (8-131 10.99 - Irwght Oncaaivs Junor Typst |S-10) ......10 99 - Kid Pi* 10.99 - Manv Math* |4-5) ... . 13 99 - . . Oregon* t«-t3 10 99 Maths Mama (8-12) . .13 99 Picture Frae* o* J?-10l 1099 - Reasonng With Troile 5- 2 10 99 Tidy The House (6-10) 10 99 Rob* Hood 18.1 13 99 Scrooge - Xmas Caro; (6.1 13 99 - The Three Beers (5.10) 1399 Wnd In The Willows (6*i 13 99 Wizard Ol O' 13 99 • n Sox .
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Mean Arenas 4 Player jcysock Adaptor * 99 Accelerator 66020 EC Barn for A50O • 95 99 Amrtee FuMc* Gerock .....94.09 Analogue Joystick Adaptor 4 oo Autcmaiic Jcysttk'Uouso Sputter JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES AAR -ANALOGUE ADAPTER REQUIRED SPECIAL OFFERS EDUCATIONAL ZEE WOLF 2 - WILD FIRE 25 99 - 9 99 9 99 9 99 12 99
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D015 SteaChy 2 (1 meg).... PD & SHAREWARE E009 Cc*our The Abhabel E0t0 The Highway Code Eolt Junior Math* 0039 Bob _______________1 GO40 Sector 1 G04i Gu*h 1 G042 Smurt H-rtit 1 G043 Super league Manager 1 G0*4 (Xrz Matter 4 Ed** 1 G045 Remngo Of The Mu!*-4 Cemei* 1 0046 T»vk Attack 1 G347 Wt-te Knijpii .... 1 G048 W«H9 World Gwr 1 G051 Atlanti* • G052 AtNentufe SotrtMn* (not 1200) 2 0053 Legend Of LoP«*h 1 G054 Itn Clad* (not 1200) 2 0055 Wizar* Wars 1 G056 Four*** (demoi 1 G057 Neghbcjn Adventire 2 G058 Space Rescue 1 0059 Oungec* OeNer 2 SPORTS SPOOl Top O Th* league l
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129. 99 HIGH QUALITY 24 PIN CANON BJC 4100 ¦ . 215 99 ~
7 99 £12 9 49 999 It 99 13 49 499 21 99 OOYSSEY ON THE BALL • WORLD CUP ORGAN1SEH .
ORGANISER 2 PERSONAL PAINT V6 4 PGA TOUR GOLF PINBALL PRELUDE 20 99 999 39 99 44 99 44 99 12 49 .14.99 20 99 10 99
12. 49 16 99 799 41 99 5 99 £24 PlAyEBMANAGEp 15 99 £19 POPULOUS
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149. 99
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10. 99 A1200 Software £12 ACID ATTACK COMPILATION 140 GUARDIAN
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6. 99
18. 99
MANAGER 19 99 £15 VIRTUAL KARTING 12 99 WATCHTOWER 17 99 WOROWORTH V 3 1 AGA (HDR) 56 99 „ WOROWORTH V5 65 99 7 99 £5 ALIEN BREEO - T,ASSAULT 3 99 £6 ALIEN BREED 30 8 99 £21 ALIEN BREEO 30 2 .
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* !& Team Tetri* SnuWvng Oft* SSL, fc, Wuer" 68000 CPU Video DAC
(A1200) Kickstart 1 2 Kickstart 13 Kickstart 2 04 Kickstart 2
05 Kickstart 31 (A500) Rom Sharer NEW Modulators Xchanoe
Modulators CD32 ROM DRIVE A500 Motherboard 6A A500 Keyboard
ismoo A600 Keyboard 119-00 At 200 Keyboard I w oo
A50tV60CV1200PSU Emfo C032 PSU Uf-ee A2000TA3000 PSU Lbfoo 25
£19-50 £4-20 £ 16-80 £22-40 £19-90 £58-00 £15-00 £29-50 £18-00 £55-00 £59-00 QUIZ ) WmttftHam* I S-1H»*PwOuU I Wheel H «or*iH* ISS’BL.-.™,, PUZZLE » Smpet i Oitajn.
I Hova 8 Dog s1™" :oSs»- I Ua rotes i Wed Puy I Traca ARJOJ2) I OouOH Shut".
I JuweEm iase iK-r JPHWM* j&ssa J Trar im ruts ISKW" issrf- J I00d.im«l PlcKO) JkrMUIIi . A* 4 Bn j Maoacc A Grow!
J Rn-lJin J Pacific Com?
J SUHlH* 18.
J BMW* 4 Runnud J SaeyWnS J The MlV.
J Cuudta Sc tullet J Irtwlm j l«maiet 18.
JBUWt 18.
J Hud* I 8.
J Hud* 7 18.
J Dwamt I 8* J Owam* 2 '8.
J We BaOn • .
J Pam Andewon J Han} TjrgH ifcfc.
J turn jtim J SW«?1 J DhuwPaamar J Puyrjn WorMs BANOfTS J Cwarrurt J loadiAMo-wy J W***SUdor j ftindti Mama J 1‘utlMiru J Pc*HM»r.j J Super irutt, J WlrtUM *Tur1 Mich J ftxkKngwE Meet DRIVING j Skoda Cnatang* J Bam* Car* II J 4ute*boMe* J VocwOrr* J Rammfl Engines J Marked -erOer.
J tm ComCuaboe J URLao 1113 I MUU L [
- DART Computers Services f& C-Cr 4 H.U.. I’up .. A Division ot
D. A. Computers Ltd IIS J!es- Add £1-50 P&P on chips, £3 00 P&P
on Drives & PSUs We reserve the right to refuse repairs
ATTENTION All DEALERS 3u Company otters mo most r cet iho
Sealer repair serv Service HOTUETei (0116) FAX (0115) 2558643
DART Computer Serrcas (AF) ttt 106 London Road Lelcsstw 112 OPE
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 00
* 52-99 SPECIAL OFFERS PC keyboard adaptor tallows you lo use a
PC keyboard on your Amiga) Available forA500U A600 A1200 A2000
A.1000 A4000 and CD32.
PC keyboards (Charry Chlcony) ......£16 00 A500 Motherboard v6A .. CD32 Power supply ..... £25 00 JS'SKKSf"*’ CD32 Rom Drive ...£35-00 A600 1200 Internal Drive AMIGA REMUS FIXED PRICE ONLY £42*99 lncl.J£S£J
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 Day warranty on all repairs
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs 8372A Imeg Agnus 1X4-50
8375 2Meg Agnus £24-50 LISA (A1200) £52-70 8374 Alice iA1200i
1J2-70 8362 Den se lAbOQt £9-90 8373 Super Dentse £18-40 5719
Gary £7-90 8520 CIA (A500 *) £12-00 8520 CIA 1 A600.-1200i
£12-00 8364 Paula (A500 .I £12 54 8364 Paula (PLCCi £19-70 and
CD32 only) CHIPS £29 95 £35 95 CAT DISK £1 OR FREE WITH EVERY
1200-4000 Complete with ovet 200 C64 games only £6 00 C64
game Oisis avaWNe separate See Cat Ors* lor more rto UFO
INFO Finding the truih (3) Pro*ct UFO (61 Out or space 1.2.3
(3) Roswell Slides |2| Paranormal invest (2) Abens Multimedia
AGA i9) DACO MUSIC MIXES for Amiga 1200 400 1 Bk Chari Mix
11 Bag Chart Mi.
7 Reach uw Pm Bag | 12 2 unltd megamt.
3 Push the feeling on 13 jx megam.x ISJU-re 6 Kgcm "i“ 7 16 8«! Clan m. .
1 ’W''"""' 17 LouM 8 Ui Cn 1995 mu ia Bead meoamu 9 Oyn-'f D.01 nagimu 19 PtMw, 10 Tea do . Rugae*. » P.Mg, niAKSTATlOVWII J AH* Tt* Can,at c&as,
* &c*e*a»c*7 Sffifm*"11" f-AjfWnm Crawford Co* 1 l Jl "am
And*'»i.nH A He Awn Biwt t?i W* 'Wt ffl OH OH OH Plwmjin iM
S|jt»pt»l Anna SlaitiM? I ayluyjh |;]lp ftibes I 6 »am SiM« 4
• * 2 P AeyW-vm HI Cawndarfrn* :7i Ca-~l* 0*1 J pi OamlAnom* )
‘P. M-VVQ- 1 &X** (J Lr-OfM HaM* h C 71 ItMi H.Of* VrM tu. SM
-,J| Ot»"» La**» ?
CStfSSm lulu Devin* Busty Duity OU T«a*y hmn i&SS.
DEPT AF. 106 WOODSIDE WAY. SHORTH HEATH. W1LLENHALL. WEST MIDUNDS WV12 5NH ISPS'1*" iCHCon uMl TUB fciiii eliL UL a cuua; U'iLV ITIl'KLX'IT l L CVU Lnav AKL ClL l: 1-iA ? Value ’N’ Purt EFEW1G
- fTAnpik!
Value WtiyrPctyjiyiQ ejForLess !
Fun Serie* ¦itzMi ra.C5Q AQQ It'm an unorthodox stance, but the batsman cracks the ball through the covers for a four.
I aspect.
The feet bowler tries fool the medium paced Is he going to fall lor You bet he Is... Cricket has never been one of my favourite games. In fact I don't like it very much at all. I don't like playing this game either, but that's because I don't like cricket computer games. I can tell you it's good though and I can tell you that if you have even the vaguest interest in the sport that you're going to like this.
The only six Andy Smith ever gets are of 'the best' variety. I think you know what we mean.
Essentially it's the same as Audiogenic's earlier cricket games that use the same engine (Battle For the Ashes, Grahame Gooch World Class Cricket and Brian Lara Cricket) but with some added extra features and some really annoying gameplay flaws rectified.
SECOND OVER New features include a beefed up computer opponent (it's not so easy to thrash a team when you're playing an International) and the introduction of an Arcade option. There are 12 international teams and 18 county sides included, with 1996 stats, you can select to field yourself or have it done automatically. This is probably one of the biggest improvements because now, when you're fielding for yourself, you can choose which end you want to throw the ball to. And fielding for yourself is surprisingly easy once you've spent a few minutes practising.
There's also the inclusion of the Six-Hit button. This is basically an option whereby you can hold down the fire button before you make a batting stroke and if you get the timing right you can attempt to knock the ball out of the park. It takes some getting used to but it's a welcome inclusion.
As for the rest of the gameplay, well it's pretty much the same. It's had a couple of bits polished and spruced up, but essentially it's like all the others that have come out of the same stable (to mix a sporting metaphor). That doesn't mean it's going to get downmarked - Audiogenic have made a real effort with this one and it's worth applauding them for finally listening to what people have been telling them for years.
As for the fact that I don't like cricket, that doesn't matter. This is top-drawer stuff that works well and is enjoyable to play. You want to be playing it in two- player mode because it's more fun, but you'll still find it challenging enough on your own to keep you at the crease for a good long while. © Publisher Audiogenic 0181 424 2244 Versions A1200 System requirements All Amigas with 1Mb Release date Out Now O GRAPHICS They're not stunning, but they're fine.
©SOUND Not a lot to get you excited here but. Then again, what did you expect?
O ADDICTION Hmmm Once you get going it's hard to resist.
PLAYABILITY Not the easiest, but put a little effort in and you'll pick it up soon enough.
OVERALL VERRICT This is great. They've improved the annoying bits and kept the core of the satisfying gameplay.
- OS OCTOBER 1996 The scoreboard at the end of the over shows
that England have got off to a good start against the West
Indies. There's still that Lara chap to dispose of though.
Lurk around the Design your own level for Team 17's Alien Breed 3D II - The Killing Grounds, and soon you could be whizzing down sinister corridors at breakneck speed courtesy of a brand new Blizzard 1260 accelerator! Alien Breed 3D II was created to take advantage of the phenomenal power -N, available to accelerated Amiga owners - now that power can be yours!
All you have to do is design your own level for the game. You can draw it out anyway you like, using the AB3D II Editors (included with the game) as an IFF graphic, or on the back of an envelope. Just make sure it is legible, and you should probably have a key, explaining the detail in the map. You could also include pictures of aliens you could populate the level with, weapons and wall textures - basically anything you want. The winner will have produced the most exciting, novel or unusual level, as decided by the judges.
V iNIM K INIM K iNIM K iNIM K- iNIM K INI j: vt win: ia win: w win: u win: u win: %?
What terrors H next corner... Hi
• A* c Send your Entries to: Team Alien Blizzard Breed 17
Competition Amiga Format • Future Publishing 29 Monmouth Street
• Bath • BA1 2DL Rules: • 1 I he judges decision is final • 2:
No really, it is • 3: No correspondence will be entered into •
4: No kicking, biting or scratching • 5: Employees of Future
Publishing. Team 17. Ocean, Pearson and the C 'IA are not
eligible to enter • 6: The results will be announced in the
Christmas issue ot Amiga Formal, on sale 28th November • 8; I
here will he no rule number 7. 9: We mean u about the decision
being final. 10: Closing date lor entries to reach us, 1st
November 1996.
X M K iNIM AT iNIM K iNIM K iNIM K iNIM K Weird Science Ud. Rowlandson Close, I nicest er, Leicestershire. I.E4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 06X2 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk » Terrific 2 e ('onuiiung
1. 700. object* n DXF lonnat for mml 3D mulcting program* on PC"
and Amiga, superb object* will render in Lightwave. Imagine.
Tnicspacc. Cic.
Calc gone* moke 'election a easy This CD platform*. A* **11 a the great module*, midi filr* ami cample* provided we have alvo vnutred the vupeib Waltabuui Muuc Collection of prulc**ronal Itixtrumeni sample* in both WAV and IFF formal' Included are 4,400+ modules dried and letted,I 400 extra large modulej (over ,100k each,) 795 Screamlracker modules, 1,000+ categorised midi Containing over meg* of raylracrd image* in colouis A(iA III A OIF fotmal* A (it'I front end enable* all of the image* to he viewed AI*o gical I graphic* ulililic. Lor | both Amiga ami II ()*.- Him mileic.l image* for both
the Amiga and the PC Aiubui.) Vvmh Houvhkl V mt S»iH Animal. M mh tmlrun.nl 'I mb Ship* f kiftN-n 7 mb Spue lOinb S«*«*. I ' mh So. Tr.» - mb So. Was 14 mb rnbo.il; about Instrument samples in WAV' At IFF formats, 100's of utilities for F( A Amiga and as a bonus ihc complete MulH raft collection of Mull files Sound* Terrific Vo I I i* m mm mm gm Mill available for £ 14 99 | ll«man ! Mb I amp.
RuiMiii) 14 mb Laml Lngm I iimpttui .'Imh Mmc 0*0 I mb Mara.
U Wbn 7 mb Novell!
H. ul * mb • »£* • Tort* I urmaiis IV mb K 4 4 In mb NEW
NowAv Hobl«| ±£ 14.99 2 each ARTWORX E 9.99 UPO GOLD £ 19.95
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ound iudi.. is mall, here and wet! Woeih the mm,i Muh
fabulous emlmm including full mixing facilities. I*re module*
m, •ample*, notation editor (include. PrintingI.
64 channels, new mutt command*, more foe cola *upporl, no sample iire limit*, fasunem factluy and urre. SuundSludio has hfed Amiga muiic rrration lo height* A must for all The t OH tc.dmbtw mmd fat, fast rmm » uagr.t peed Om bwUwm pmi «the .»mifn ram to n, mm am hath mmchimei.
WrM •H up a! Ike iperd
• r*M. Am balk mm,turn, if - all ol mp mmnan Sir no maw nnami I
peed* mad li man ikefailra iryhamrd and moan mm be rmmlMed mm
he lllli Twin l.iprti tarn maw It Kcemtrmlled £5.
!*£ 14.99
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Technologies come, complete wah the I If | all the dr,eloper* loot, and does. • ( ' 4 provided to the official developer* The CD a a goid mine of loots a information Included art Ike complete CD32 developer, toot, wah Build Cdamd ISO CD.
Eurtn 2.0 package. Enforcer.
M. xekbench 2 0. XO 31 loot.
O SET 1 U£ 19.95 £ 19.95 AMIGA DEVELOPERS CD CCK11K& v:cck In-To-The-Net AU that it required is the an,wen lo a Jew lirnplr questions contain * all thr tools required for both thr hegtanrr and expert, fuU instruction i »« getting connected and man, very helpful documents on the Internet and HUH The toolr include AmiTCP. Mad, FTP HUM and manr more In addition there u a section on WWW page creation with clip an and creation tools Easy Hard Drive installation possible and desirable but not rrquutd SET 3 AVAILABLE NOW £ 29.99 Specials comes complete with Out-Of-The-Net Elf NOTE We will price match
any advert in this magaiine Volume 1 FREE pn mol any a In t maga w b-t I- Ibr WWW .M. M. M.U b pm tWO CD s only £19.95 Ullfyil 1 1 IJ1 Jk C if A fu l»v «V. A tw f*. A ,+ r. THE L EARNING CURVE *- mmi* Imre* mot be + «-w- rwm t* IH bm Mo . M rw» «** t«» ¦-9) r r; 1,1 * u,n~ .ccoi, 'Ac a*4 Switch Welcmc VI Pout’ it t l.Mfer the fir,t itm cd J9 tack item thereafter. Overtime ie double.
Mekfor UtttmeOm or U will tot b, lUffeF 3 - -4~: ff omAwm
v) y?
The section of the magazine devoted purely to furthering your enjoyment of games. By cheating your way past the really hard bits and getting to look at parts of the game you might otherwise never see.
FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN. AGAIN Right, an explanation: Steve McGill got halfway through delivering a full solution to this game before disappearing off. He didn't tell anyone else where he'd left the rest of the solution, because he didn't know himself.
After being inundated with letters from you asking for the rest of the solution we’re going to start again (the reason for starting again is that the first half was written by Chris Osborne of Merseyside and this one's written by Spiros Konstantis of Warwickshire and the solutions are slightly different).
Look, just follow this solution from the beginning and you'll be absolutely fine. Trust me... PART 1: GETTING STARTED.
Use the curtain cord and pick up the wig that is on the table. Pick up the sheet and the other sheet. Use either sheet on the other sheet and then use the sheet rope on the radiator. Next, use the rope to climb down the laundry chute.
Move the ladder and pick up the .
Comedy breasts and the crowbar. Go back up the laundry chute and use the crowbar on the chest then look at the chest. Go down the chute and walk to the door up the stairs.
Talk to the bellboy about the key and convince him to give it to you.
Pick up the key and use it on the red door downstairs.
Talk to Lola and when she gets into the shower give her the towel.
Use the dress, go upstairs and walk to the truck. Pick up the hay, pick up the oil and use it on Rico in the car.
When you crash, look at the waterlogged seats and open the duffel bag. Look at it and open the plane's hatch. Talk to Sparky and get the beef jerky.
Go outside and give the beef jerky to the piranhas and pick up the propeller. Use the knife on the lily stem and use the propeller on the lily pad. Next, walk to the path at the top of the screen and cut the vine with your knife.
Go back to the crash site and down the path on the left. Use the vine on the support rope and pick up the banana. Go back up the other path. When you find the gorilla, talk to him and convince him that gorillas don't exist in the Amazon.
Walk to the pinnacle and go to Trader Bob's. Talk to him, give him the beef jerky and buy the vacuum cleaner. Go back to the pinnacle and walk to the jungle. Go up the top path until you reach two men. Talk to Bud and tell him that you will find a cure for his rash, then talk to Skip and convince him to give you the comic book (the one that Sparky wants).
Look at the comic and use the torn page on the comic coupon. Go right twice and down and give the banana to the monkey with the coconut. Go up and tell the gorilla in the suit that he doesn't exist again and go through the hollow log.
Go up the path, use the vacuum cleaner on the wasps and pick up the orchid. Walk to the right and look at the carvings. After watching the Amazon woman, do what she did. Talk to the bedraggled prisoner and get the puppet. Apologise to Faye and follow her.
Go back to Trader Bob's, give him the orchid and pick up the fishing net.
Go to the crash site and give the comic book to Sparky. Use the fishing net on the perfume and pick up another banana from the same place as last time. Walk to the jungle and catch the beetle with the fishing net.
Continued overleaf 4 «¦ Now go to the mission and exchange the file for her dictionary.
Now go to Trader Bob's and give Naomi the perfume. Go outside and use the knife on the coconut. Talk to the witch doctor about a rash cure and give her the coconut and vacuum cleaner. Go to the Floda camp and pick up the flower. Go inside and walk past the secretary.
She will stop you so tell her that you're the fumigator. Go to the kitchen and talk to the cook Give him the banana and pick up the dog food and the cheese bits Go right, open the mail bag and look at it. Open the foot locker and pick up the squeaky toy. Go outside and give the squeaky toy to the dog Now go to the jungle and give the flower to the sloth.
Use the scissors on the sloth and give the hair to the witch doctor. Go back to the jungle and give the lotion to Bud. Go to Trader Bob's and buy the record. Now go to the Floda camp's library and look at the couch.
Use the record on the phonogram and use the lift to go down. Open the red door and look at the boxes. Use the can opener on the Uh. Us. What? Us. The comic book do9 ,0od “n and ,hen 9° back on the keyhole! Yeah, that', bound to upstairs. Next, walk down and give work. I'll bet people have tried it. The letter to John.
Open the first door and look at the duty roster (note the name of the colonel). Open the second door and move the cabinet. Go out and go down twice. Open the blue door and tell the soldier that he's needed for kitchen duty.
Open the brown door, pick up the book and use the knife on it. Go right twice and then go up to the fire exit. Pick up the super weenie serum and use it on the dog food. Walk up the stairs and use the key in the door.
Use the mannequins, talk to Azura and use the wall panel.
Go back inside, pick up the pencil and use the elevator. Give the dog food to Klunk and start a fight.
Open the green door and use the pencil on the writing pad. Go back to the room with the safe in it and use the piece of paper on the safe. Open it and look at it.
Go to the hut the dog was guarding and use the key on the padlock. Get the rocket pack and walk to the Amazon fortress. Go to the jetty, talk to Charon and give him the beetle and tell him that you want to go to Sloth Island.
Walk to the temple. Go through any door and pick up all the bodies, some should produce bones so pick them up too. Do this in the next room too.
When you find the dinorat give it the cheese bits. Go to the entrance room and put all the bones, apart from the arm bone, in their appropriate holes.
Use the arm bone on the socket and put a coin in the slot. Move the arm bone and walk through the door.
After you get rid of the ghost go to the door on the right.
Keep going until you find the zombie women. Talk to the leader and convince her to open the sarcophagus. Pick up the mummy wrappings and convince her to open it again. Open the sarcophagus, pick up the crown and use the knife on the m i. t 03 w O « 0 «fHli Pilflllaloe x £ | S ® i 1 £: .9-3 s'
- c a G) P. ™ ® o| S °-j
o oiE o ° j “ 2 _ 8 ' °
- Iis11 sJ £s!
Fills: Mr. O E ®TJ Ol Vi I n X_x It It n m ! 5 6. § il § * j II!
:!§!¦ -Si !
IS SI 4 a r~i iiiiiil | .5 I S £ 8 I 5 1 ifiillj!i| i I i 111111 s
• ill ! Pi!
S if I* mil I ft Iflill
- c v. *« o i It! !!'
• O i'tiio-S.
£ a. -S 8 S £ 2 « 1 § | | •§ 1 III' 8 III I Z © a s - Si!
Ui£ ° m 0*2?
In - a § t m r- m £ Oil jc n £ O e» ! | a o t mi* s tfill!
UllHlI I * t! § i 3 f 4?|s aS| sarcophagus. Move the sarcophagus and go through the door.
Use the knife on the tree sap and pick some up. Move the fountain head and pick up the blue jewel. Go left (don't use the lever) and use the puppet on the stone disc. Now go and use the lever. Walk to the mouth and use the stone disc on the spindle then use the vine on the spindle. Go back down and connect the vine to the pulley.
Use the bat on the pulley and go and pick up the pick. Go back out and use the bat on the pulley again. Now go back up and enter the door. Use the pick on the stalactite and pick up the flint. Use the flint on the lighter side and use the mummy wrappings on the arm bone. Use the lighter on the makeshift torch and use the pick on the hole to the left.
Go back to the giant statue and enter the left door. Use the lit torch on the snake and walk through the door.
Walk to the door with the light and then go right. Look at the support rope and use the lever. Tell Ian to untie the rope and use the lever again.
Go through the door and walk left. Pick up the big stick and walk to the sarcophagus door. Use the tree sap on the bat, then pick up some more tree sap and use it on the stone bit. Go left and look at Ian's pulverised body. Use the chunk of rock on the sticky stone bit.
Now go back to the door you made with the pick and use the big stick on the crypt. Look at the crypt and use the mummy wrappings on the mask. Walk to the place where the red heat rays are and use the mask on the lizard's heads.
Before you enter, go up the stairs until you find the body and then look at it. Now go through the door and use the sticky bat on the green jewel.
Next, go to the statue and insert the two jewels into the statue's eyes.
Go through the right door and use the stone key on the statue. Go down twice and give the cheese bits to the dinorat then follow it.
Keep doing this until you reach a room. Move both wall panels and look at the markings. Go through the door on the right and press these buttons (starting from left to right): 1st = the second button on the bottom layer and 2nd (when the patterns change) = the third button on the layer above the one you just used.
Go through the door, give the crown to the ghost and pick up the skull. Go back to the other room and use the chair. Next, go to Trader Bob's and buy some alcohol. Put the alcohol into the rocket pack and then you need to go to the pinnacle and use the rocket pack.
PART FOUR: VALLEY OF THE MISTS Follow Faye. Walk to the distant clearing then to the clearing and use the knife on the branches. Give the branches to the dinosaur and go left.
Use the horn to scare away the dinosaur and go to the right.
When the monsters start fighting, pick up the gun and use it on Frank.
Talk to Faye and tell her to turn round her mirror then use the gun on Frank again. Next, give the mask to Sparky and then use the gun on Frank (for the last time).
1. Talk to every character in the game (until they start
repeating their words).
2. Look at all the objects that you pick up or you won't be able
to make any progress in the game.
Spiros Konstantis Stratford-upon-Avon Continued overleaf 4 mi Is|° "Ms ¦5 E p 111!.
11*3 f o-Si 1 oj a ».
PIS S’0.11 ¦ S|-° o Z ; E x qj ¦ 4* a o T |£ g 1!
ill fig QK ¦ ?l!i .
Mm •
* - E 3 1 0 £ ® E I!*:l mu ¦c a ®.? W u * c 5 ji «z 0 ! 5E •!
ISI55 lllfl 1 5 .S E s ! O! S| U|f| £ i s 5 § Ill i5® s H eg™
• ® • c §.a S ¦* ° 2 £ • « 5 5 € 2 ® £ e E c 1 si !
I I'll a f ¦£ 3*? § ® £ 0 0 c c
Q) C O (A x o o u (Q C 0) 3 * ( £ 5 UJ S cn 3! * Osf ?) -
UI.C'D O (Q s ° f 2 £¦ C ° c
Q. « n « c .c i i!ir itu* 0 Tj U 3 .
1 Q.I ! ¦ 1 s 9- S - !!d: ¦s sSS §111 JlJi E « * « ?si § i* i
o E E e E * P *•
* -8 I S
Q) a, *•» E cis'Ox'fN ? £ &«£&stif § 1 S ¦£ -s S i f I ? I 1 e i
If 2: « -3111 s'| g flii: S!* * £M 15 S2 M? *
* ! §.1 - * *1 § i | J f 11 - ul; s a -8-Sil s s 3:
St3S'-Eiio£52i°ii c rS * i: 5 ? » |! Ill Ms!
J s t It vs . 3 “ CHARLIE CHIMP AND THE TREASURE OF TUTANKHAMUN wc « You emerge into a room with two doors. Go through the left door. You'll enter the Guarded room. Give the jar of wine to the guard and he'll let you into the Treasure room. Collect the golden dagger and from the Treasure room return to the Chapel heading left until you reach the king. Give him the dagger and collect the bag of sweets he gives you in return.
Head back to the Chapel. From here, go down, left, down, right, through the door, left, down, and right. You should be in the Pleasure Dome. Talk to the princess and give her the bag of sweets. Take the ring she gives you and go back the way you came. Return to the Underwater location and give the ring to the mermaid. She gives you her heart (aah! How sweet!) And you should take this to the Chapel and give the heart to the man there. He gives you a book of music in return. From here, go down, left, down, right, down and left.
Give the book of music to the flute player and take his old flute. Return to the Pleasure Dome (surely you know the route by now?) And head right past the princess. Get as close as you safely can to the snake and play the flute. The snake runs off, so get the fire potion and return to the Underwater location. Go left, up and left. Pour the fire potion into the lava and collect the key.
Finally, take this key to the Treasure chamber where you collected the golden dagger and use the key to unlock the chest.
Chris Spicer, Weddington From the start room, pick up the skeleton key and use it to unlock the cell door. Go right until you reach the room with the door and go through it. Head right to the Chapel and talk to the man in there.
Pick up the water potion Head left and go back through the door again.
Next go down and pour the water potion into the water. Now you can enter the water.
In the Underwater location, talk to the mermaid and then go left and up.
In this room collect the chicken. Go back the way you came and return to the chapel. From here, go down, and follow the layout of the game until you reach the Cellar location. Talk to the woman there and give her the chicken. She will give you a jar of wine in return. Go up and then through the door.
UFO (A1200 version) Gamers beware! This little tip involves playing around with the game's code using a Hex editor - if you're already confused then don't bother trying it.
If you're comfy with Hex then read on
- but note: Amiga Formal will take no responsibility for you
messing up your game disks if it all goes wrong... Back up your
save disk and then load up your hex editor. Now insert your
save disk, go into the drawer that you have been using to save
the game in and load the liglob.dat file.
When it's loaded, change the first eight numbers to: 64646464, then save it. This should give you 1.68 billion pounds when you load the save game back in and start playing.
Alisdair Comb Blyth WATCHTOWER Infinite lives Infinite grenades Infinite time 54266 47773 68978 There you go, you should now be able to get a lot further in the game than you did before. Don't forget to send in all your hints and tips folks.
Not everyone's as thoughtful as OTM when it comes to releasing codes and passwords and the like.
HISTORYLINE 1914-18 Watchtower has proved pretty hard for a lot of you so OTM have finally decided to release some of the level codes. Hurrah! Simply type these in, and play away... When asked to enter code xxxxx from page x, enter one of these codes below instead and the cheat mode will be activated.
Next, you will be asked to enter a code xxxxx from page x again, this time enter either another cheat code, or enter the correct code from the manual to start playing.
LEVELS Second 14127 Third 15364 Fourth 85488 Fifth 19491 Sixth 02179 This may be a few years old now, but it's still a goodie and it's just been re- released on the Combat Classics 3compilation. And anyway, as well as all the codes for the French option (that reminds me of a trip I had to Amsterdam once...), here are all the codes for the Central European Powers too: LEVEL FRENCHCODE CENTRAL EUROPEAN POWER LEVEL FRENCHCODE CENTRAL EUROPEAN POWER 1 PULSE PULSE 13 SIGNS GOTHA 2 GOOSE CIVIL 14 HOUSE BALON 3 SPORT MOUSE 15 SIGMA PAUSE 4 BIMBO VENOM 16 SEVEN ELITE 5 TEMPO NOISE 17 ZOMBI INFRA 6
P. Casson Bristol.
Again, this little tippet involves playing around with the game's code so only proceed if you're confident. The same Amiga Format disclaimer as the one above applies here too... To get Alien Breed 3D to run from your hard disk, drag the disk 2 icon into your AB3D drawer. Then use a text editor to edit the AUENBREED3D file and add AB3D2 to the second assign command. Save this as a replacement for the original and boot up as normal. It still asks for the second disk but just click the mouse button to proceed.
Steve James Cardiff TIP, TIPPETY TOP Your tips are needed Here's where you can actively hBH members of the Amiga gaming community, and at the same time swagger around with a self-satisfied grin, by sending in hints I tips on the latest games.
If they're good and work and are at least sort-of-cur there's a good chance they'll get in print. You'll become overnight and someone who's not as good at games able to get more from their Amiga - and maybe playing for a while longer. Send all your hints and.tlps GameBusters, Amiga Format, SO, Monmouth !
4 f Jm i * Capital Punishment could take iiphtinp panics into the next millennium.
Capital 1’umshmenl has been proclaimed as the ultimate video panic: It looks impressive, frame rale is hipher than anv lipht mp panic I c seen.'
Bgwopg Punishncnt is ccrinq ScptG b r Fridov 13th Receive a FRF.F limiteil-edition Capital Punishment T-shirt!
,iil,iblc only it on pre-order a full panic now at a special discount price of only £25.
Alien's not tough enough? Levels too easy? Want to map your mate's head on top of those flying things? Now you have the technology.
Andy Clitheroe introduces this guide to creating your own Killing Ground.
Click on the add point button and put four points on the screen like so: Now click in the new zone' button and join the four points in clockwise order, finishing on the one you began with.
- ¦BczFcrrr Firoon Dust when you think it's safe to switch off
your gently smouldering Amiga power-supply, put your feet up
and wave a cheery goodbye to the game you've sweated over for
almost a year, someone pops up and says something like 'Hey,
since there’s all these editors and stuff in your game, how
about some tutorials to explain to 3oe Public what they're all
So here I am, shackled once again to my faithful A1200, frantically trying to remember how everything works, like an A-Level student asked a .This } first stages in Put in some more points which you can join up in the same way, producing a slightly more complex level. Remember, zones MUST be convex (have no ‘dents' in the sides).
Oarciaan 9H1EDEJHH T _____ , m
* .
RameaEH .HD ail It.1ml, u n d Now the level as it stands isn't terribly useful, because the end zone is where we want to put the player. Select the little man' icon, move the cursor over a different zone and press e’. This places the end zone somewhere more difficult to reach.
This leaves the way free for the player start position to be placed in that zone.
Next, click with the LEFT mouse button and hey presto!
Okay, enough easy stuff. Time for something a little trickier, like, ooh, a door!
Click on define door', then select an appropriate zone with the RIGHT mouse button. Press V. This defines the roof of the zone as a door. Then select a neighbouring zone with the RIGHT mouse button and click with the LEFT mouse button on the point which will form the LEFT end of the wall which borders the door zone. Repeat this for any zones bordering the door zone.
10 j J DA i j 11 L 1 1 .
30 IS nmtn HEE BDE nrr.Pt raise and lower speed, and a delay before closing. If you want to see the level now, click on the Define clip file' button, type A, then press S' and then type 'a*. Quit the editor, run the linkup program, type 'a' when prompted, then type pm a' and pgc a' into the shell prompt. You can now run your level! When you've finished, reset and reload the editor.
Time for an alien, hidden behind that door.
First though, we need control points so it doesn't just bumble about doing nothing. Click on add control point' and place control points on your map - generally anywhere there's a corner or a junction.
I • i
- 13 ¦ A L_j Now link every zone to a nearby control point.
Click on 'link zone to control pt', select a zone with the
RIGHT mouse button and then a nearby (and accessible) control
point with the LEFT button. Repeat this for all zones. Zones
can share control points, you can put several control points in
a zone (although you can only link the zone to one of them),
and a zone does not HAVE to contain a control point (but it
must be linked to one nearby). Select add object' and click
with the LEFT button in the zone behind the door. An alien!
This is, of course, only a minute fraction of the features
available for editing, but that's a story for another time. Try
expanding your level with stairs, more rooms, big caverns, more
aliens - anything you want! If you're VERY lucky. I'll be back
next time with more help on some of the more obscure but
satisfying parts of the editing package.
Click on the 'link control points' button and link all the points in both directions (ie click on one point, then a second (resulting in a red arrow) then the second AGAIN, then the first again (resulting in a pale blue line)).
Once you've done that, you should see something like this.
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copy available on request. Aaaal -Ur FP select SHAPES MANAGER A
game, an art package, programming aid, video tools... This
month, Robert Polding reviews a truly mixed bag of goodies.
Something for everyone!
By ..John J. Cassar Ware ..Freeware PD Library .....Various No of Disks One Price ..Depending on library This little program will be cherished by all Blilz 2.1 users. It is designed to grab, paste and edit shapes (such as sprites), for use in Blitz 2.1 programs and games. The interface is simple and looks superb, although the menus don't fit too well on a low-res screen.
This programme must not be mistaken for an art package, because it has no drawing facilities, but is to be used in conjunction with one.
The program is very easy to use; you simply load the image, draw boxes around the objects you want to use and enter the Edit mode. Here you can animate, rotate, flip, cut, paste and generally improve your sprites.
There are several example screens provided, so you can grab and animate a few sprites, and get the hang of the program.
NAVIGATOR TITLER PRO 2.0 This is a very effective program, and makes the Blitz Basic package even easier to use (unbelievably), it is also so easy to use any user should be able to create their own sprites with this.
If you use Blitz, then this is an invaluable purchase, and should be available from all major P.D. libraries.
By ...Aiichie! Den Outer Ware ..Shareware PD Library .....Various No of Disks One Price ..Depending on library As you should know, the Amiga is one of the best machines for video work; Continued overleaf 4 _g J-WINDOWS 40 By .John Houseley g Ware Ucenceware m PD Library ...FI Licencewart O No of Disks ....Two
Price ..£4.99+ 75p P&P Amos is a great programming language, but 0H it has lost a lot of people lo Blitz Basic. One of the main reasons for this is the support Blitz has for the Operating System, such as Ujl being able to open windows and use Jjj adds about 200 new commands that allow B0 other similar extensions, but this claims to This is not a 'false' extension (there have Workbench windows on Amos screens), but uses the full multi-tasking environment, and also allows you to use the AGA chipset It gives you full control over Workbench windows, full support
for menus, a replacement for the Amos file handling to bool. The documentation is in its video output, combined with a cheap genlock, can produce excellent results.
The author claims this titler is "designed for ease-of-use and speed" and "the use of virtual reality techniques makes Ntitler about 100 times faster than traditional 3D animation systems". These are quite extreme claims, but are they justified?
I feel that to a certain extent they are. This is a package that has an excellent interface, including a realtime preview window, and is so easy to operate a console user wouldn't be lost.
The program has been designed with both the expert and beginner in mind, as there are options to either use the program on its own, or export in Anim-5 format and use it with your own programs.
It is, however, designed as a system that can do almost all the features you could need (for basic titling), such as assigning sound samples and shaping letters.
There is also the Nwiper program provided that allows you to wipe screens, wrap pictures around shapes and animate them.
Combined, these utilities could be used for many different productions, from Aunt Martha's wedding to a small news production. This is shareware and if you want to use it regularly you should register and then you can begin producing your very own filmsl REFLECTIONS ART PACKAGE By ..Adi Design Ware Licenceware PD Library SeaSoJI No of Disks Two Price £4.00 There is little choice when it comes to decent art packages that
don't cost an arm and a leg. This is one that SeaSoft claim to be: "a commercial- quality art package... with every possible painting option included," and it does almost live up to this.
The interface is similar to that of the now ageing Photon Paint package; it has a horizontal icon bar containing all the features of the program. While it is an excellent package, it doesn't have the speed and flexibility of the current market leaders, such as Personal Paint.
This is suited to people who don't need the complex image processing features of other packages and want a cheap and reliable package. It has some unique (although not all useful) features, such as the ability to play music while using the programme.
It is fairly fast and easy-to-use, and has a disk full of examples for you to play with. It supports HAM and all standard screenmodes. Some of the tools are outdated, such as the text tool, as you can't type directly on to the page.
These small problems shouldn’t stop you buying the package since it is still good and probably one of the best licenceware art packages around. If you haven't got any modern art packages, then this is a sensible option, especially when programs such as Dpaint retail at around £50.
Educational programs are great for your computer, especially if kids can enjoy using them and gain something from them.
This Amos-written program is designed for 5-8 year old kids and has a simple, large interface that makes the programme perfect for the age group. There are instructions for the parents included, but none for the children since they must work it out for themselvesl The games are designed with very simple, bright graphics and there are various animations when you win or lose. The speed of the package is reasonable, although the animations are quite slow and jerky. The major problem is the sound.
Rather than using sampled By ... Ware .... PD Library .. .....SeaSoft No of Disks . Price CL50 LET S LEARN 2 sounds, the internal Amos sounds are used and anyone who has heard these will know how irritating they can be. They may not prove much of a problem for the kids, but could drive the parents crazy if the children keep winning, so it would be best to give the child a walkman while playing!
The games included are Anagrams, Mazes, Pairs, Time and Sequences, and each have different characters for the child to play with.
This is only of real use to younger children due to the levels, that are very easy throughout.
This is a good package that could improve many aspects of a child's learning and, moreover, it's fun.
VARK 13 By ......Vark Ware ..Freeware PD Library .....Roberta Smith DTP No of Disks One Price ...90f ? 50p P&P This is yet another offering from the popular Vark series of compilations.
It contains a very wide range of utilities, from game patches to pointer animators.
The quality of the utilities on this WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden • Suburb London-NW11 6JE » 0181 455 1626 SEASOFT Unit 3 • Minster Court Courtwick Lane • Littlehampton West Sussex • BN17 7RN = 01903 850378 FI SOFTWARE 31 Wellington Road • Exeter Devon • EX2 9DU
o 01392 493580 Other good PD libraries .syujuj.'fi.'i-ii'.pwiwi
¦»- disk are variable, from good to very poor. They do all have
a use, however, and some good points.
The best utility for me was the DMS interface written in Blitz. This is smart and easy to use, and looks cracking. There are several utilities for specific pieces of hardware software, such as a Zappo CD booting utility and a cheat for Tower Assault.
The disk is well laid out, using MagicWB drawers and nice icons for the programs. There is also a new version of the Installer program included, written by Amiga Technologies, that has new features and has been optimised.
There is also an AmiTCP set-up program for modem users and a new AmigaGuide viewer. To get the best use of the disk, you need to be using MagicWB and have 16 colours or over on Workbench, but most of the programs don't need this.
This is a well-polished compilation that could prove useful if you have any of the programmes or hardware that is supported and is freeware, so it doesn't cost too much.
DREAMSTREAM By . Wore No of Disks...... Price . ......£3.50 This was originally going to be a commercial game, but never made it, so is now licenceware.
The game is quite hard and is not for people who are easily frustrated, as you only have one life.
You are a secret agent in the game, and have to explore various levels to find objects, while avoiding booby traps, turrets and other strange enemies. You are armed with a pistol, the ability to use things and to leap over gaps in the floor.
The levels are well-drawn, though the sprites are very small. The sound is adequate and the shooting adds atmosphere to the game.
This is a well-presented production, with a clear opening screen and a simple introduction to the plot. Unfortunately though, the controls are slow to respond sometimes and there is also a serious problem here because the character can't move diagonally. If this had been implemented and the player given more than one life, the game would be more addictive.
As it stands, it is OK, but that's it.
If you are patient and like puzzle- action games, you may like this, but don't expect to get hooked. 5 TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of: ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby Liverpool L37 3PX n 01704 834335 834583
1. Famous Ladies - 8 colour backdrops
2. AmiCDFS v2.21
3. Voyager - web browser
4. Full GUI Internet Pack (24 disks)
5. Magic Trek Icon Pack
6. Magical User Interlace (MUI) v3.3 (2 disks)
7. Magic Trek Back Pack
8. Virus Checker v8.3
9. Online Games Pack
10. Bloodfest v22 (2 disks) o n H o CD m zi VC VC NEW FREE AMIGA
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The musicians amongst you will be pleased to find out that OctaMED Soundstudio is now ready, both in the floppy and CD versions. With 64 hannel sound and now with improved direct to disk recording, this package has progressed from a programmers tool to a fully featured music package. And you still don't need to be a musician to create some great sounds - but don't take my word for it read the review and then check out our very special reader offer on page 14.
Ben Vost Discover the new features of X-DVE 2.5 and take the opportunity to upgrade at a special AF price REVIEW M IMAGEFX 2.6 Widely appretir JO Widely appreciated for its extensive range of picture and animation file formats, ImageFX is getting better still. Version 2.6 sees a multitude of new features and has been taking a good look at them.
Ca INSTANT DRIVE O J Attaching a hard d O J Attaching a hard drive can be complicated and many people are put off. This latest drive from Eyetech is not called Instant for nothing though. Turn to Dave Taylor's review and find out just how easy expansion can be.
M OCTAMED SOUNDSTUDIO It must be one of the Amiga's ®“lt must be one of the Amiga's favourite programs. Jeim Ifiaaidy is our resident musical expert and he's given OctaMED Soundstudio the once over.
X-DVE 2.5 .
OOThe first version of X-OVE featured on last month's Coverdisfc. This issue Dave Taylor reviews the very latest version 2.5. What new features are there and just how useful are they? Read on to find out and don't miss the chance to upgrade from your Coverdisk - turn to page 78 to take advantage of our superb offer.
ImageFX has long been a favourite in the Amiga Format offices, this new version only improves its image.
Nutoxiy further with support for the SCSI version of Epson scanners (finally!)
And for Newtek’s ancient Digiview Gold, although not in a PAL configuration alas.
For Video Toaster Flyer users (again, not many of those in the UK).
ImageFX now saves Flyer images as well as loading them and the whole interface is much more lightly integrated with the Video Toaster environment. Fargo's new Fotofun, a printer that can print onto mugs or print postcards, also now has a driver.
But you can look that lot up in the table.
The interface has been improved for a lot of the tools that ImageFX users take lor grained, including adding new methods to the Gaussian Blur tool The main panel hasn't changed at all in the progression to version 2.( - it's still as confusing as ever, but veterans should have no trouble finding their way around.
However, and this criticism has been levelled at previous versions too, it is still an awkward program to use at times. For instance, ImagelXs AutoFX and IM I’ programs are supposed to make batch processing simple. Nova even give you what they call EOT scripts, that's Effects Over Time to you and me, but AutoFX has to have a sequence of files to work front. It can't just keep reloading the same picture which means that you need to have While ASDG, Electronic Arts and many other software companies devoted to graphics products have quit the Amiga scene, the guys behind ImiigefXhave just kept
plugging away, adding new features and refining old ones. (There's a table of the new features 011 the opposite page if you just can't wail to see what's in the box). Hopefully, if there's time, there will also be example animations for some of the new effects in the In the Mag ImageFX drawer on the CD.
So what do you get for your upgrade price? There's a set of five disks for installing ImageFX and it's extras and an addendum to the 2.0 manual. This addendum is much thicker than the one I received with ImageFX 2.1 - but then a lot has gone on since then (and it also contains the addenda for all versions from 2.0). One of the main things that people like about ImageFX is its support for such a wide range of picture and animation file formats and various image-related peripherals. This is improved in the current version even WHAT'S NEW IN 2.6?
• Updated Video Toaster support Not that it matters much to PAL
Amiga owners, but ImageFX now supports the full Toaster 4.1
software including the scanner renderer and preview modules.
Clips can now be saved back to the Flyer as well as loaded.
• Updated CyberGraphX support This has been improved to fully
allow 24-bit brushes and complete compatibility in Cine Morph.
• Fotofun driver A driver has been added for Fargo's new Fotofun
• SuperPrefs Printer This replaces ImageFX's previous printer
output preferences and offers the ability to allow ImageFX to
render the image for the printer, rather than using Workbench.
• ScanJet update The ScanJet scanner module now support the 3c
and 4c models and SCSI is now supported through more controller
cards than previously.
• Digiview Support ImageFX can now be used for scanning using
Newtek's old Digiview digitiser. It doesn't appear to support
PAL modes though.
• Wireless No A flying wire removal program. This is what the big
special effects studios use to make you think that Peter Pan
can really fly. We will be trying it out and putting the
results on the CD-ROM as soon as Andy's leg gets better (he was
trying to fly without a wire).
• IMP and AutoFX updated IMP has had an option added that allows
you to skip frames in a sequence to get a quicker idea of what
your batch will turn out like and AutoFX now has a file
• Lightning module You can now have multiple bolts of lightning
rendered at the same time and the slider that was previously
used for randomise has turned into a random number generator
button, a far more sensible idea.
• Bubble Once you've got fed up making Aero adverts this, like a
lot of special effects filters, will soon lose its appeal, but
until then, you can put loads of coloured bubbles all over your
• Colour Balance This tool will help you colour correct an image
if. For example, your scanner has a green tone overall, this
will help rebalance your images.
• Displace This tool used to be called Distort, but obviously it
was felt that having a tool called Distort in the Distort menu
would probably lead to confusion hence the name change. That
having been said, the new Displace function is far more
powerful than the original.
• FilmGrain Want to give your animations that gritty film feel
rather than deaner-than-clean video?
FilmGrain allows you to add a specified amount of noise to your image to simulate conditions on celluloid.
• Fire This is a major new effect which works well.
Simulate fires as small as a candle's flame or as large as a forest fire by altering the parameters. You can have either wood or gas flames. Wood burns across a yellow-red range and gas is blue. The effect can be animated, but don't expect a looping animation because of the fractal nature of the flames that.
• Gaussian Blur A panel dedicated to the best of blurs instead of
just a convolution matrix. ImageFX provides you with two
algorithms for your blurring requirements.
• Liquid Liquid is another wave generator which pulls the image
round rather than distorting it.
Remember the "Give it Away" video by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Then you'll know what the effect is like.
• Remove Grain The opposite to the FilmGrain effect this one
comes in particularly handy when scanning printed colour
• Sparkle This is one effect you won't use much. It adds a
starburst to any pixels that fulfil the criteria you set.
• Sponge This new drawmode behaves just like the Dodge tool in
Photoshop and picks colour up off your picture as though the
image were wet and you were dabbing at it with a sponge.
In conclusion then, ImageFX in its current incarnation is a great piece ol software. It has loads of new features and the team behind it are obviously committed to pushing the envelope* as lar as it will go.
I would love to see a major change in the interface for version three that increases the user-friendliness to match most of today's applications, otherwise magrl-Xcould find itself ignored in favour ol the new breed ol image processing applications like I’hotogrnirs 2 and Art FfferL flic Program doesn’t really need anv new features added to its already IMAGEFX 2.6 large range, it just needs better access to those features. So, to anyone who has an earlier version ol ImageFX I say. Yes, rush out and get youi upgrade. To people who have never previously used ImageFX I say yes. Go and get it.
But be warned, you won't find it easy to get to grips with.
And to Nova Design themselves I say. This is a smashing hit of software, but take a look at how other software houses are putting together their graphics applic ations and take some leaves out c l their hooks. ImageFX is too damned awkward to use at the moment and it needs some massaging.
Masses of hard drive space lo achieve anythin); worthwhile. (There is a script that will take one picture and clone it with a new numeric extension for as many frames as you require).
There also seems to he a bit of a problem with the Mghtning module. It completely ignores any regions you have set up for masking areas of your picture. This is a great shame because the module has been vastly improved, with the ability to just have the branches from a bolt rendered, instead of the whole thing, multiple strikes rather than just one at a time (although here I would like to see the ability to save tlie parameters for one strike and then apply them to all the others I have created), and a simplified interface.
DISTRIBUTOR Wizard Developments 01322 527800 PRICE £149.99 (ask about upgrade pricing) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Min 2Mb & hard drive. Workbench 2.04. SPEED • • • Not bad, but it could certainly be improved.
It would be nice to do something else while waiting for a redraw.
MANUAL •••• ImageFX's manual is clear and concise.
The Addendum isn't bad either.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • ImageFX has always had a somewhat confusing interface design.
FEATURES • • • •• Second to none in terms of the sheer quantity of its features. ImageFX has now increased its lead even further VALUE • • • • • Without a doubt you certainly get good value for money. How much do you think it costs the big studios for a wire removal package?
"ImageFX is the archetypal flawed genius.
It just needs an interface rework to be perfect."
80% The new Gif Sensation double CD gontains around 10.000 full colour images. Viewer and converters are included on the CD. Subjects include: Vehicles. Space. Science fiction, Textures. Landscapes, Sunsets, Money, Cartoons. Fantasy. Sports. Raytraced. Classic art and loads more.
CD128) £19.
World Atlas GIF SENSATION double cd Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
An adult onlt cdrom!
I This superb highly rated Amiga CD- ROM World atlas leatures a flexible interface allowing quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, rivers, lakes and mountains. Background culteral and economic information is available at a glance Basic national facts are represented graphically and comparative to the UK. For ¦ A1200.A4000. & CD32 ~new Ma9'c Workbench CD contains the ¦ largest collection of Magic Workbench
j Hj Backdrops and tools ever compiled Includes gf AH wel1 over 5 000 Ma9'c WB Over 600 J specially selected Magic Workbench back- drops in 8. 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets.
J £ patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench & aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+, A600. A1200. And A4000.
R - Yt ialml Includes images only suitable tor persons over 18 WORLD ATLAS AGA new i: ANIME BABES Japanese erotic art (CDi9i) Only £19.99 MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 Hi ft AduJi ADULT SENSATION ONE Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga s largest selling adult title. It features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the “adult" nature. Image viewers and coverters are included for every configuration of Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY) out now! (CD01) £19.99 ADULT SENSATION 2 The new batch jxar Sir-siiiom2 Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour images but also includes tons of adult
related samples, adult music modules, tons of adult stories, adult anims. Black&white 70’s photos, adult games and more (OVER 18) out now! (CD115) £19.99 SEXY SENSATIONS Available now, this CD conlains around 2,000 especially chosen high quality GIF Images. Viewers S graphic converters are included tor easy and quick access to any ot the pictures on any Amiga.
(OVER 18 ONLY) OUT NOW! (CD169) E19.99 ADULT SENSATION 3DEXCLUSIVEI This CD actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images. 30 viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied.
Includes superb new Multimedia Interface.
(OVER 18) Available Now! (CD145) £19.99 ADULT SENSATION 4 Available Soon this CD actually contains hundreds of naughty? Animations film clips for Adults only, j Viewing software included for Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now for immediate despatch upon release. (OVER 18) (CD146x) £29.99 ADULT MENSATION Adult mensation is a unique collection of colour photoshots of hunky men in various poses. The wildest most mouth watering man size Image selection ever Whether you want bulging biceps or steaming shap- ley men then order this CD now! (CD164) £19.99 «ECIAL EDITION RACK LT SisKSAITOK
l:AlvT 1 £ (Order code: CD 180) FOR JUST £29.99 * PSP These goods are for Adults only, and will only be supplied to persons over the age of 18.
This amazing new CD contains everything you need to connect to the Internet.
It features all of the programs you need to get connected. It also includes the best ggyffilPPWfrg H of the net. So you can try before you buy! We've also included ono months nation- Hal free internet access so all you should pay is the local phone bill (Ip a min*.)
Includes special offers on internet software and hardware, and details on how to set up your own web and ftp sites etc. Absolutely no knowledge of the Internet or Shell required you simply slot in the CD. Click the mouse a few times on the relevent icons and you're connected! There's even a complete database of hundreds of the very best web sites to visit. Excellent!
• This Amiga CD contains everything you need, "It’s easy to setup
and use,
• It's supplied with one months free internet access,
• It’s great value.
GET ON THE NET new lit ICD221 £24 99) The Epic Interactive encyclopedia is an exciting new Multi-Media Amiga CDROM, It features a superb 256 colour interface, Hundreds ot film clips, sound samples and subject information.
EPIC Aminetsetone 31.99 Aminet set two 34 99 Aminet 10 feb'96 14.99 Aminet 11 april’96 ',14.99 Aminet 12 june'96 12.99 AGA Experience 2 1999 Worms extra's 9.99 Software 2000 2999 F1 Licenceware 29.93' Anime Babes (18) 1999 Octamed 6 29.99 World info ‘95 19&9 17bit 5th Dimension 1999 2000 Mysteries 2ljS9 The colour Library 9,99 Sound Library (2cd) 19 99 LSD Compendium3 19.99 Meeting at Pearls 3 9 99 CD32 Network set 2 3499 Graphic* Sensation 19.99 Illusions 3D 599 Super cars '95 4 99 Graphics Pack (5cd) 3999 Super Bundle lOcds 1999 1500 Utilities 5.99 Hottest4 499 Terra Sound Lib. 499
INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA B Features include: 'true Multi-media Interlace unlike anyll-a-.j seen un tin.'Amiga.
• B "Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias r-256 colour
AGA interface 16colour A500 version available soon ¦C5S53BI
‘Very latest information trom around the World . ‘Thousands of
subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich M ‘Hotlist editor so you
can create lists ot particular subjects ¦ ’hundreds of samples
including full spoken media show ‘Hundreds ot Images in full
colour and 16 shades of grey ’Import new subjects from the
Internet or from floppy disk
- .• -£*1 -Export data to printer or file and use if in your own
proiects Whaf users have said... This is just Brilliant! - Very
Impessed - Who needs Enxxxta?
The presentation is second to none - PC Users, eat my shorts! -1 love it!.
THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA 4mb recommended (CD222) £29.99 Contains the very latest Amiga archives from the Aminet site. Includes games, demos, utilities, Graphics, modules, demos, product demos, comrns, patches, fonts, clipart, blah! Blah! Blah!
Available now!
Contains over 10.000 old Commodore64 mega demo’s.
Thousands of classic C64 sid tunes that sound exactly like the real thing. C64 pictures.
C64 information and C64 emulators. Great fun!
This brand new updated CD contains the very latest AGA utilities. Demos. Images and aames. All accessable directly from the CD. The makers claim there are virtualy no duplicated files from the first CD.
The cfeta CD ROM contans the very _ , -4 & bestMobeandPostsafJfcntsavai- UK&Si able aswol as thousands d hxfi I a. quafcty dpart mages rt PCX. IFF and K mEMT tPS wtncii are sutaHe kx use ri any MkhO * " 1 graphics and Desktop pubishing ¦¦¦•£& package. A geal value CDROM.
BCI CLIPART & FONTS (CD192 £9.99) ExpenBa2 AMINET 12 June’96 C64 SENSATIONS 2 (CD2.., ¦ AGA EXPERIENCE 2 (C02io) E19.
This data CD ROM includes hundreds ot high quality Advanced Military images, including hundreds of different aircraft and helicoptors. Great for just browing or desktop video publishing.
This CD includes over 5,000 brand new levels and maps- for the game "Worms' aswell as qame patches to update ana enhance the features of the onginal aame. If you love Worms, you II love this.
This most comprehensive collection of Lightwave and Imagine 3D objects ever compiled onto
CD. It also contains hundreds of texture files, and example
images. All files are usable direct from CD.
ZOOM ZOOM 2 Zoom 2 rrtxtes the very blest sofwareiptoAphT96, t ndudes the v&y latest games, demce and utibes It ateo rrkxJes over 100 new ktondke cards. The compiete tone Pro pack, oer 50 dtsks of samites. 25mb of Mage Workbench and a speaal "pro- granmers'section (CD211 £19.99) ADVANCED MILITARY OH YES! MORE WORMS (cd2Q GRAPHICS SENSATION LU CHOOSE ANY ONE OF THESE CD ROMS 2 FREE wrTH ANY ORDER OVER £25 ILLUSIONS i* PRO FONTS i CL PART HOTTEST a TERRA SOUND LIBRAR) Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools lor the Amiga. Spread over numerous platforms are emulators tor:
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EMULATORS UNLIMITED + Re-version rsions ot BEATBOX and PLAY n RAVE 2 RL .’a BP Mfak.- H -I'--" I FI..-.Ill rtS AST• F-l ¦ 11 M I f- COMMAND IIWinH»IV. I-' uGEF.
A COLLECTION OF JEFF MINTER GAMES AND HUNDREDS MORE Over 600mb ol unforgettable retro-gam- Ing. Keyboard recommended.
Now Includes Multimedia Amiga Interlace.
• Actual Amiga Screen shots SAMPLES. Over SO ddsks contauns
instruments and sound effects BEGINNERS. Included are a
number of disks aimed soley tor the learner EDUCATION. This CD
contains around 80 disks fun ot educational software »trnccrim
»i yvA»c fc rn» n 7 HARDOtSK TOOLS tools tor becking-up.
Installing and prepmg your harddnvo John Paternak s "Movie Maker" series takes you step by step through the professional techniques of Special FX. Horror and Action film making Explained in every detail ate all the camera angles, editing techniques. Prop building, make up etc. all using easily available domestic equipment and materials Available on video or Amiga CD ROM MOVIE MAKER SERIES available now (CDI841 t29 9 Amiga CD Features Include: 'SOminules Ol audio. Sarryxied ar very nigh quality 'AGA 256 colours. Requires MMAm 'Multimedia interlace. Un»e yarn m seen 'Hundreds ol images.
A agwqnriHM 'Video lootage. Cmnrel, spoto! Tron CO '4mb+AGA Amiga. Ttqpec Anpi woxnc £14.99 Retro gaming at it's best Around 3000 all-time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM Emulators included for any Amiga. Games include Manic Miner, Skool daze, Monty mole, Startrek. Thrust. Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit, Strip Poker, Danger Mouse. The Sentinel. Micro Olympics. Under Wurtde. Undium, Atic Atac. River raid. Barbarian.
¦ L:a:* : ;''d 300C o!her Classic Spectrum game files including mutthtoad games Speccy 96 also "‘'irr ::l fw» *mf-~s CO'*- taming insfructions for mosf games asweli as hundreds of speccy game cheats. Okay on any CD ROM dnve connected to an Amiga ¦ 3 r* |HP|Mp)Lp||| b. I 2 r, jk i I ill r ; • P- IB
• • • H." • stones. Pictures & animations from tons of horror
films and heaps of real-life blood n guts. This should have
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eco HORROR SENSATION Contains 1200 our most popular tloppy
based sollware lilies on one gianl 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the entire Eptc collection in one go. Subjects include* Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D oDiects tor Imagine & Lightwave. Colour.
Bitmap. Compugraphic tonts & Adobe tonts.
Graphics converters. Music tutonals.
Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds ot Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools. Various Hardware projects. Hundreds ol games including Mind leasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more.
Supplied with tree colour index booklet', with details of most titles contained on the rom. Order your copy now!
THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 new!!i UTILS. Over 150 disks containing numerous tools and utilities asweli as LSD tools and ASI utilities.
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Fax KP) BO 6077 To. Pncw n AutKaHn SSS serpy aoufcfc f UK at
pnco _ It’s a wired world Get to grips with all things Internet
irr The only remaining problem then is the difficulty of
fitting a drive. 2.5" drives have always been easy to fit. But
they cost more than 3.5" drives. 3.5" drives have had a few
problems, namely that they require you to “modify”, ie cut away
at, the case of your Amiga, and that they could consume too
much power resulting in you paying again to upgrade your power
This new drive from Eyetech solves all these problems. There is no modification to the case. Simply unscrew the Amiga's case and lift up the keyboard. Make sure that you have- taken the anti-static precautions recommended - I can't say I've ever had any problem with static, but Eyetech are proud of their unique antistatic devices. Take out the 2.5" cradle and connect the data ribbon. There is an anti-static cable to be attached and the power lead, which goes onto the floppy power connector and has a thru-port for the floppy power to be attached to. The drive is secured using industrial
strength adhesive pads.
The drive is now ready for action. It takes about five minutes to fit in total and that’s if you have a problem unscrewing the case. The drive boots up and operates quickly. It is possible that a hugely expanded AI200 will need a new power supply, hut if you've just got an accelerator and an external floppy, you should be fine.
Eyetech have partitioned the drive ready for use and it comes with Workbench and lots of PD utilities preinstalled. This is excellent, because it means Eyetech have done most of the work for you giving you Workbench enhancements that would take you hours to set up. The Workbench menus, vastly extended, give you access to the utilities.
Also installed is MMExfmimtewhich is Optonica's excellent multimedia authoring program. So you get all the work* done for you and a free commercial program! If there is one complaint, it's that the Workbench partition could have been a little bigger.
Still its not set in stone and if you need to change it later, you can do so - with a little work.
INSTANT DRIVE ¦ mou ¦ wn Eyetech 01642 713185 PRICE £219.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A600 A1200 SPEED • • • • « Any hard drive is fast but this one is very nippy.
Clocked at an impressive 1.5Mbs sec by Syslnfo.
MANUAL • • • • • Every aspect has been covered. There are also a series of diagrams but the quality is poor.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • Provided you're not frightened of wiring a plug then you should have no problems here.
FEATURES • • • • Well thought out partitions and pre-installed software save you lots of work. Some more could have been included.
VALUE • • • • A little above the going rate, but worth it for the work Eyetech have put in.
"Yet another brilliant excuse to expand your Amiga."
95% There is no doubt that fitting a hard drive is the one of the best moves you could ever make.
You suddenly begin to wonder how on earth you ever put up with all that waiting around for your Amiga to boot up. Af ter all. No other platf orm is even shipped without a hard drive nowadays.
That's not purely down to the hundreds of Mbs of space that their OS's require.
Imagine a hard drive based Amiga community and the killer applications that could be written for them.
The next generation of Amigas will, almost certainly, be shipped with a drive fitted (let's just hope it's an acceptable size). No. The days of a floppy based machine are numbered and it's about time. Current Amiga owners have been reticent to buy a hard drive for a number of reasons. Partly because of the price, partly because they are not confident opening their machine up (opening a PC up is de rigeur, but Amiga owners don't like to break that seal), and partly because they don't really appreciate the benefits of a hard drive over floppies.
It must be understood that the amount of work and the speed that you can do. On a hard drive based machine, is so far ahead of a floppy Amiga that there isn’t even a comparison. The fact that you can find and retrieve files without searching through stacks of floppies, that you can expand your system using software enhancements - MUI (love it or hate it) and extra libraries and commodities like Ashell and MultiCX - means you can make your Amiga feel like a whole new machine. It's like Workbench 4 now.
Well, almost. A decent system can also use virtual memory and so a hard drive expands your system in more than just one way.
So. I've convinced you that hard drives are a very good idea, but there are still doubts about the other reasons. Well, as far as price is concerned, you’ll be pleased to know that the cost has been dropping consistently over the past year to the stage where a 1.2Gb (that's 1200Mb!) Is now available for around £200. Prices may continue to drop but it's really not worth waiting unless you • are very strapped for cash, because they aren't going to come down that much more in a hurry.
Too scared of DIY to fit a hard drive? David Taylor may have the answer with the new drive from Eyetech.
OctaJUIED The next generation of sound tracker is upon us, and John Kennedy tries not to get too mixed up as he samples its delights.
Programs, and offers us a glimpse into the future of electronic music composition as a whole.
FIX IT IN THE MIX What makes Smimhliidin so special is that it is no longer tied to the Amiga audio chipset. An extra software level has been introduced to separate the software samples from the sound hardware. This is software mixing and it allows the Amiga's CPI' to process the samples before deciding what to do with them.
Soundsludio allows multiple tracks of samples, and they can be combined in the mixing section where their position in the stereo image can be controlled as well as a degree of echo added. The ( Amiga 8-bit 1 Amiga 14-btt _) Toccata 16-bit _| Stereo _) Deiftna 16-bit _| Smoothing _) Disk 8-bit _ _) Disk 16-bit _) MaestroPro 16-bit Mixing Frequency Requested: 115000 |Actua i Max. Channels Mix Buffer Size Volume Adjust Panning.
Make up the finished song. You'll probably have come across these songs at some time or other they are called MOD files.
Tracker programs are extremely easy to use.
And even relatively non-musical people can compose surprisingly good tunes. In fact the only person I have ever come across who really cannot make pleasant sounds with OctaMED is AF Editor, Nick Veitch.
Soundstudio is also MIDI compatible, which means that via a suitable hardware interface costing around £20. It can be used with external sound hardware such as drum machines and home keyboards.
Trying to find an Amiga owner who hasn't heard of OclaMhJ) would be like trying to find an open Escom shop these days. OttaMEl) is the definitive tracking program, and is responsible for thousands of MOD files produced by the talented and lion- talented alike.
If there was a problem with trackers ii was that they were always lied very closely to the Amiga's hardware. Tin- four channel hardware meant four channels of sound to play with, and that was that. OrlnMIJ) however was always one step beyond the hardware, offering eight tracks of sound and MIDI support, whilst rivals were still struggling trying to create a standard Amiga-friendly application.
Now (MaMEI) the next generation is upon us and, once again, it leap-frogs any competition. Simply put, Sounihlmlio is the ultimate in tracking MUSIC TRACKING Music trackers are music composition systems which were designed to make the most of the Amiga's internal sound hardware.
The first trackers were four-channel, eight-bit sound but ingenious programming (and some help from external hardware) has pushed the sonic envelope back further than the custom chips designers could ever have imagined.
All trackers work in much the same way: a scrolling list of note values moves from the bottom of the screen to the top. The user can then use the standard keyboard to enter the notes, which are stored in the selected tracks.
These tracks are then organised into blocks to This is the exciting bit - samples are separated from the hardware which makes all sorts of effects possible.
Resultant sample can be replayed using the standard Amiga audio chips, or sent to external hardware such as the Aura.
The data can even be streamed direct to disk in 8 or 16-bit formats.
It's like a form of audio raytracing, as the samples are calculated and saved.
Creating new sound samples in this way means you can save on precious channels: for example, pre-mix vour own percussion loops and squeeze four channels into one. Or create huge tunes to trigger from multimedia programs without worrying about MOD replay utilities. It even makes it possible to create data suitable for direct inclusion onto audio CD’s: your compositions need never appear in analogue form before being burnt onto CD.
There is a trade-off for this new mixing power and it's a simple one: the faster your Amiga runs, the better the sound quality. Or, the slower your Amiga, the poorer the quality.
If you want to use the mixer (and it’s by no means compulsory) you'll need at least an ( 8020 in your Amiga: preferably more by means of a Blizzard or similar accelerator card. An Amiga with a good nippy 68030 and 4Mb of fast memory is an ideal system for experimenting with this latest version.
You will definitely be able to hear the difference between mixed and nonmixed modules, and the extra flexibility is worth it in many cases. The built-in smoothing process makes a big difference, and when outputting directly to disk you Won't be able to believe your ears.
REMEMBER THE SEQUENCE Mixing facilities aside, Soumhludio is still a hard working multi-functional music sequencer. .As the demo tunes on the CD-ROM testily, it's possible to create some superb music. Many different instrument types are supported: 8 and 16-bit samples, synthesised sounds.
MIDI instruments and all can be mixed and matched as needed. A new slave mode means that linking a second Amiga is an easy way to gain four extra hardware channels. It also means that using a different sequencer on a different piece of hardware to trigger Amiga samples is straightforward.
Command Pages Tempo ) Pan 0 Note Ve loo tty Channel Volume 5 Preset Change Channel Pressure Modu tat ton Uhee t Pltoh Bend Don't Intermix Type 1 Tracks Eatt | Musicians of the old school will appreciate the notation editor, although by design it's never going to replace a professional uotational output system. As the manual states, 'tracker music and traditional score music art- hard to reconcile and much would be lost in the process.' The new, improved notation window has been redesigned and now supports a special Compugraphic font for top class printed output.
BUYING SOUNDSTUDIO Soundstudio will happily deal with MIDI files, and it makes a good, although minimalist MIDI sequencer.
This CD-ROM is the pinnacle of music creation 011 the Amiga and it's a must-have for all music fans. As well as containing the program, all the documentation and programming examples the disk is crammed with modules and samples. There’s loads here - get it immediately.
Enough windows for you? Now you are getting an idea as to the power of Soundstudio. Can be a bit frightening though... OctaMED Soundstudio is available on CD-ROM (see the special money off voucher in the news pages of this issue!) And also floppy disk. If you have no choice but to purchase the floppy version and are not simply "upgrading* from version 6 at the lower upgrade price, you will also get a free years membership of the Med User Group.
FLOPPY DISK VERSION WITH PRINTED MANUAL (FOR NEW USBtS).... Registered V6 users see the Med User Group Members prices below (For those interested in the CD please read prices further on) ORDERS FROM WITHIN UK: £70.00 ORDERS FROM WITHIN REST OF EC £00.00 ORDERS FROM REST OF WORLD: £90.00 This price includes postage, two installation diskettes, plus a laser printed manual and a years free Med User Group Membership.
PRICE FOR CURRENTLY REGISTERED MED USER GROUP MEMBERS: (These Prices also apply to registered V6 purchasers) As a member, all you have to do is include your MUG registration number.
As a registered V6 owner, you need to include the "ownercode" given in the "about" window of the program.
(These upgrade prices only relate to the floppy version, not the CD) (no MUG registration number, or no V6 ownercode details, no deal!)
ORDERS FROM WITHIN UK: £35 ORDERS FROM WITHIN REST OF EC £40 ORDERS FROM REST OF WORLD: £45 COMPACT DISK VERSION: Upgrade prices for the Weird Science V6 CD purchasers are given in brackets, but please remember that to obtain this upgrade offer directly from RBF, you must quote the "ownercode" details that are displayed in the “about" window of the program. They cannot give you the upgrade price without this being quoted with orders.
(Registered V6 owners, (floppy), can upgrade to this CD if they want to) ORDERS FROM WITHIN UK: £35 (£25) ORDERS FROM WITHIN REST OF EC £40 (£30) ORDERS FROM REST OF WORLD: £50 (£40) Please note that all the above quoted prices relate only to orders that are made directly to RBF Software in the UK. All prices quoted are inclusive of postage etc. Send orders to: RBF Software.
169, Dale Valley Rd. HollyBrook.
Southampton S016 6QX ENGLAND.
METHOOS Of PAYMENT Orders accepted via postal order, cheque, cash (by registered post only), made payable to RBF Software Outside UK: Giro order. International money order.
Bankers draft or Eurocheque, made payable to RBF Software The above prices will NOT apply to other suppliers of the CD-ROM version as they have their own prices due to various things like importation duties, taxes etc etc Should you have any difficulties obtaining the CD version, or if you have any questions e-mail: rbfsofttfcix .compulink.co.uk Or post to the above address, however, PLEASE note: ...NO RETURN STAMP, OR IRC NO REPLY.
OCTAMED SOUNDSTUDIO V1 NEW FEATURES Software mixing of samples before output Sound panning and echo stereo effects Direct to disk recording Up to 64 notes at once Sample length limited only by available memory (samples can be held in Fast memory) Improved support for Aura 16-bit sound module More player commands More accurate sample loop settings Support for loading S3M and FastTracker 1.0 modules Support for Aura. Toccata.
Maestro Pro and Delfina RBF Software PRICE See Boxout above.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Any Amiga, 68030 processor or better recommended.
MANUAL ••• Comprehensive AmigaGuide supplied on CD.
Printed version available for additional fee.
ACCESSIBILITY • • Music trackers are always fearsome looking beasts and, with multiple windows open, Soundstudio looks like too much to handle.
FEATURES • • • • More features than you could shake a large feature stick at. And then some.
The CD-ROM is great value for money, not only do you get the program but a zillion samples and modules too.
"Definitely the best in Amiga tracking programs. There is and will be no equal."
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Wan 6P1 on the Internet as part of Futurenet - http: uuu. F uturenet • co • uk Or why not E-mail us-, eh? - mhaukins3futurenet.co.uk
2. 3$ Umil recently. People- who have needed aniiualiou on die
Amiga have used CjariSSA. A new version of dial program is out
now and although excellent, it's probably out of die price
range ol most home users. .Y- M7: 2. 5 is a program from Italy
dial now offers an alternative. I.ike CjariSSA. It offers a
new format of high quality animation, so that you can have
smooth .minis that make the standard format look very poor.
Also like (JtniSSA, A M -. Is really designed lot- video
enthusiasts because it allows von to create professional title
sequences within minutes. (Aciuallv. That last part is not
strictlv true. It allows you to set up the script lot the
animation in minutes, hut then needs quite a long time to
render the sequence. ) l lie code for the program has been
completely re-wrillen and now comes with libraries optimised
for different processor speerls. Despite this, even Olid users
will have to leave complex sequences rendering for hours.
INDEPENDENT EFFECTS I' til ike* conventional animations, von don't have to set the position of eat h part of the animation for each frame.
The Y M -: s stem works by using separate objects and assigning movements or effec Is to each object.
These effects are independent of one You sampled the delights of X-DVE 1 with last month's Coverdisk. David Taylor finds out exactly what the new features are in the very latest release.
? I H-DVE by ClassH v2.58 Pateg37H77TTC 322-3If-BB2B47-BBBfceIS~ 0 | Object setup Brush:anim2.888B7_ Start: [ET EL In Pause Out Tot. [250* Sec [5- Light J Ok D ~6i~usir Mod | Del ~| Rep | another and can be made at different speeds and started at different points.
You decide what frame an animation starts in. With what effect and Ibr how many frames. The last stage is the number of frames required to complete t he second effect which is used to remove the object. II you want a background to remain then just keep it in Pause inode.
I he ef fects are obviousb not just simple movements of objects as this would be very tedious. There are masses ol different effects split into four sections. The simple movement effect is necessary for working with animated objects so that animated brushes can be made to “walk" across the screen. There are also simple effects which split the object into sections in a variety of ways Each object is assigned effects over your choice of frames.
The main screen uses scripts which contain objects that have effects defined.
PREPARED FOR THE WAIT Theseareframesfroma500frame'256co,ouranimationthattookan030A120036 hours to render. Using very small blocks requires a lot of processor time so a fast Amiga or a lot of patience is required. Reducing colours, frames and using larger blocks reduces the waiting time to minutes.
• Ability to load the first frame of an animation as a Brush
• New MultiBrush object to make X-DVE2 work with image sequences.
• Attributes like 3D, Bevel. Shadow, Outline can be applied to
any object before its rendering.
• Object anti-aliasing to eliminate jagged contours.
• Multi-line Text object with programmable spacing and alignment.
• New 40 effects family called "Warp" which act as pre-programmed
solid-state DVEs.
• 3 New "Wind" formulae with lots of variations, from a
Galaxy-like effect to a spray one.
• Single object or whole animation preview, controlled by a
VCR-like control-pad.
• Endless loop (good for spinning logos) or single shot
• Render speed doubled for 3Ds. Warps and light sourced objects.
1 16 of degree precision for angle computations (no more jumps with slow 3D rotations).
Greater compression speed for XFA animations.
Ability to render and show any frame of the animation.
Better play speed for XFA animations under 0S2.X Direct support of picture DataTypes (only under OS3.x) Added "Floyd-Steinberg” remap mode for objects.
Added "StarField" object for the creation of perspective starfields.
Pause point positioning with the visualisation of the object's shapes.
Support for the NTSC video standard (60Hz refresh).
Support of perspective pause point for 3D, Wind, Slide and Warp effects.
• 28 New Slide effects (Bounce. Snake, DoubleSnake, ...). v* m x
o c in 5 3 o
• Replication function with support of perspective pause point.
• New "Slow" play mode for XFA animations.
• Faster rendering for non-remapped AnimBrushes and MultiBrushes,
Slide effects and animation and object preview.
• Faster 3D rendering engine for perspective effects.
• Support for 256 colour ColourFonts (useful for Font
Machine-generated fonts).
• "No Loop" mode for AnimBrushes and MultiBrushes.
• Editor screen with support of any screen mode.
• "TurnX" and "TurnY" Slide effects with true rotations.
• Croma key support during object positioning. Object positioning
also with cursor keys.
And ilu-n bring ii bac k together 01 keep ii splii apart ovri a number of frames.
The Wind el Ire Is. Which were also available in version I. have been extended to include a new set of warp effects. These bring the object in. In a similar way to movement but by warping a side so that it appears to work in three dimensions.
Slid* effects ere the simplest type of effect but are essential.
PICKING POINTS When you work with an object you can decide its start and end positions, where appropriate, although it won't always Ire necessary when using ellec Is where the object materialises or disintegrates. You can decide points, including the Pause position where the object will be held, by entering the co-ordinates or by positioning it with the mouse.
When you are in the positioning screen, you can use the keyboard to re-si e the object b moving it through the . Axis.
Once you have set an effect, you can dew the effect in a preview screen, whit h has a new interface so that volt have complete control over the frames.
For some reason the preview interface responds badly to the mouse click to stop a preview, but you only need lo hit the space bar.
If you want to see how the whole animation is coming along, then you can preview the whole thing.
DATATYPES Objet is can be a variety of types. X-l 7‘.
Can handle simple pictures and lext, bin t ail also use animation brushes and.
New in I his version, starfields lor those animated lilies in space. Another bonus is die lat t that ii can handle any lilt- lm in.ii through datatypes. This tloes mean that vou ate reliant on third parts programming and sometimes, because datatypes are not commercial, may crash the computer. Datatypes are also a little slow, but I'd still rather have the support for files like this than not at all
- a criticism made of ClnriSSA.
When using text, vou can choose any font and colour and vou can now Continued overleaf * hair multiline text In using a “v" divider lo show a line break. To make the text lit as you want, you ran justify left. Right or centred. The fold support has also been expanded lo include the Colourfont type which Font Slarhinr uses (demo on this month's .overdisk). You can customise the lonl within the text requestor and this, coupled with the creation power ol Font Machine.
Means you can have ama ing looking text doing some stunning things.
I .inked with the new hoop lealttre. You can easily creak- things like living logos.
BOXES OF TRICKS XllYF 2. also allows some vers neal tricks. In addition to pause point positioning, you can use the mouse to set the rotation of an object so that sou can view it in perspective. This is done using the mouse alter swili liing between the two positioning modes, using the tab key. The best trick though, is the use ol the new multibrush object, which allosvs you to selec t an animation made up ol Iff Irames hs selecting the filename and extension name. I bis means that you can create an X-I)VE animation and save it out as frames and then create a second animation with the
first animation played as an object within the second.
Animation within animation and all with the click ol a mouse!
At first it might seem that keeping Hack of the different objects and where they fit in llu- animation might be trickv, especially as there can In- up to 10(1 separate objects and up to 10000 frames. The placement of objects is taken care of by a separate window which shows the objects in graph form.
Each section ol an object's life is shown in a different colour so that you can easily see where it appears and how many frames it uses for the different stages. Should one be out of sync, you can edit the frame usage of an object from this window which makes management ludicrously easy.
Rendering the animation can be done in a couple of ways. The first is the usual IFF frames, which can be used for a standard Anim format animation and which are rendered to disk. The second is to use the XFA format that was created for X-l) 17.'. This lormat produces very smooth animations, but despite its different compression levels, vou are likelv to run into problems unless vou have a lot of RAM. Because the- animation is created in memory.
Unfortunately virtual memory isn't supported so you need a machine with around lOMbs of RAM for decent sired animations.
When vou have rendered an animation, vou can use a separate utility lo view it so that voti ve more Iree RAM.
Which can also convert animations between formats. This utility is redistributable so that others ran use it to view vour XFA anims.
Th. Management screen gives you an overview of the objects and their placement in the animation.
Terms ol usability The program is very intuitive and even il vou haven't vet had the chance to use the first version vou cerlainlv don't have anything to worn about.
All in all. This is a program that is absolutely essential for home video enthusiasts and is even suitable for semi-prolessionals. It doesn't have the super last animation format that (JanSSA now has. But it does have masses ol leaturcs and costs a fraction ol the price.
I iiloi Innately, there is no official I k distributor, but you can upgrade limn last month's Coverdisk version for oulv tIII. 'I?
Objects can be pieced easily using the mouse.
You can adjust the timing of objects in the management section.
EASY TO USE While the X-l)I -, interface has been brought more into line with the standard Amiga colour scheme, it has been kept very close to the original in Ol H-UVK by LlasaH v .bH Uate:'2J H ’ mb 2 0 I Shorn Sot Framos Bi “I ¦I i Object Nane |Bru»h:ro bot .
- ft OB 1 B 1 Bt 1 1B» 3B MB j H r OB 1B 1
128. ...... 1 1 B SB L ' OB 1B 1 SB 1 1 B SB OB 18 1
B------- 1 1B 3B 1 0k | Cancel______] J X-DVE 2.50
DISTRIBUTOR FEATURES • • • • • Sure, there could be more,
but you’re pretty spoilt for choice.
VALUE • • • • • A remarkably sensible price for such a powerful product.
"Even a standard Amiga owner can dump cool anims to tape. Video titling made easy!"
ClassX Upgrade from AF Coverdisk - 01225 822511 PRICE £39.99 (Upgrade Price) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB 2. WB 3 recommended, fast processor and extra RAM also recommended.
SPEED • • • Considering the complexity of the effects it's not that bad - but it can take time.
MANUAL • ••• Thorough, but sometimes a little confusing.
94% ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • A dream to use and you can get up and running immediately.
* 100 CAP LOCKABLE BOX ADD £4-00 50 3-5" DISKS £16-99... £17-99 .
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RAM-------------------------- 33MHz PLCC FPU aOfl £2
p&p .. APOLLO A1200 ACCELERATOR Magnum 1220 28MHz 68020
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upcoming events, win a copy of Photoshop for Windows, find out what Microsoft is up to with Stonehenge and much more.
Tutorials: Discover how to get scale correct in your own images and find out how to get accurate 3D models. Plus, artists like Gary Marsh and Charlie Ward reveal some of their secrets. And we finds out how camcorders and computers can be used together with devastating results.
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Enterprise supports education through the Internet in conjunction with Datalake http: www.enterprise.net education http: westlake.co.uk datalake General Enquiries: 01624 677666 Quote code: AF Subscription Hot Line: 0800 269146 E-mail: sales@enterprise.net All Trade Marks acknowledged Technical support: 01624 612880 E-mail: Support@enterprise.net INTERNET SOLUTIONS Enterprise pic, 64 Bucks Road. Douglas. Isle ol Man IM1 3AF.
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Model Name: I Address: I I | GO! I ASTEROIDS I ? 693 MISSUS
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PC MEMORY I am writing in desperation to ask for your help and advice with obtaining the best form of PC emulation for the A1200 I have a 120Mb HD A1200 which is fitted with a Blizzard 1230 SOMhz accelerator board and a 50MHz FPU. The machine has 10Mb RAM in total (8Mb Fast and 2Mb chipll have been using PCTask version 3.0 for emulating, which gets me into DOS without difficulty. (I have partitioned my hard drive and allocated 50Mb of it for PCTask) The problem is that if I try to use a program like Lotus 123 or Supercalc V. the program will only recognise the conventional memory, (which is
minimal after the programme is loaded), rendering the application virtually useless I have both DOS S O and DOS 6.2. but irrespective of what command I try. Such as “Emm386', I cannot get the system to use the extended memory.
It seems that all the DOS memory management commands require a 386 processor or higher. Due to work commitments it is vital that I do spreadsheet modelling at home in Lotus 123 and it would be criminal if.
Due to such a bask requirement I had to follow the masses and switch to a PC.
Please advise on how I can overcome this problem and if there is any way of employing a more powerful hardware emulator for the A1200. Like the KCS PowerBoard for the A500 or emplant for the A4000.
According to the PC Task manual, you should be able to use the extended memory manager HIMEM.SYS. included as part of MSDOS You need to add a line like this: DEVICE* C 'DOS HIMEM SYS to your CONFIG.SYS file As the name suggests. EMM386 is only for 386 processors and above, whereas PCTask 3 emulates a 386 processor. However, the manual recommends experimenting with shareware and public domain utilities such as EMS40.SYS. which should be available from PO libraries.
Bulletin boards or the Internet. The next version of PC Task (version 4) is said to emulate higher members of the Intel family, which should improve matters somewhat and would be well worth buying. Wizard Developments are distributing PC Task in the UK and have an upgrade program, so give them a ring.
At the moment there are no hardware- based emulation systems for the Amiga. The KCS PowerBoard has ceased to be and the Implant system is actually software-based.
W R Charles Birmingham
1. Will the accelerator I have make it possible to run programs
like Gloom Deluxe.
A500 GOODIES I haw an lined with 4Mb RAM. I haw a 49Mb (AT Impact scries 2 A5M0-HD+ hard drive with a Supra Imho accelerator lilted. 1 am running Workbench *2.05 and Kickstai t
37. 175. Now to a lew questions I’d like to ask.
11 does it make AoOO-compatible programs run faster? If I was to upgrade my accelerator, what would be the best one to get without going over the top 011 price?
2. I am thinking of buying a CD-ROM drive.
What would I need to buy to make one lit my computer? Also, could 1 use a PC CD-ROM drive, or does it have to be an Amiga CD-ROM drive? Is there a lot of software that will run on my machine, or is most of it solely for use with A1200 machines?
3. When I try to load some of the programs 1 have. I get a
message on screen saying: "Unable to open multiview". Why is
this and what can I do to make them open?
I would like to thank you for an interesting magazine, although you could do a few more articles for the A500 users, since not all of its can alford to upgrade to an AI200.
Also, have you ever thought about having an "articles for sale" section in your magazine - Continued overleaf O PRINTER PROBLEMS I have recently brought a second-hand Amiga 500*. I am new to computers and. Although I'm thrilled to bits with it. I would like a printer compatible with the A500+. I have been to several shops who have given me conflicting information. I am looking into the possibility (and price!)
Of black'n'white or colour.
Be disappointing. Black and white text should be fine, but detailed colour images may be poor. In this case, its possible to buy dedicated printer management programs, such as TurboPrint which will make a big difference.
Finally, I wouldn't recommend buying a second-hand printer. It's easy to end up with something you can't use. Both a manual and a warranty are very useful to have.
For instance, the cheapest colour printer. (Citizen ABC), at £149 appears on the surface to be good value, but would it be compatible? Or would it be advisable to consider a second-hand printer? At the moment I only use the computer for fun and letters to friends (if I could print them!). I feel that at the huge age of 37 (and being female I), that I am a total amateur on the subject of computers. Although I use a computer at work. I am a very small cog in a huge machine.
Mrs. L Mackenzie Essex First of all. Being female has nothing to do with getting a printer connected to your Amiga. Nor has being 37. The big problem, as you have discovered, is a lack of sensible advice. In theory at least you should have no problems using a printer with the Amiga and the Otizen printer is good value. You should be able to get it up and running straight away.
Getting the most from the features of the particular printer you i finally decide on depends on how well the software you have can cope.
Some software, for example Wordworth and Final Writer, will come with printer drivers which can work with practically anything.
However, your A500* may be lacking the necessary expansions to use these packages. You may find you are using the default printer drivers and so the results (especially when printing colour images) may
1. So, the accelerator only speeds up the computer slightly. It
does nut increase the amount of Chip RAM available, nor does
it upgrade the graphics chipset to till AGA compatibility
(something which is physically impossible anyway). Both would
be required to run Gloom. Since "goingover the top" is not
something which is possible to do on an A500 these days, my
advice would be lo stop spending money on the A500 and buy an
A1200 as soon as possible.
I I think this would be very helpful to all Amiga owners?
A. Roe Surrey The question that I would like to ask you is.
What is the highest speed of drive that the IDE interface will match? I have aJTS 850Mb HD already connected to the IDE interface, a Blizzard 1230 and 4Mb Fast RAM. I understand that I can still lit an IDE CD-ROM drive and it will not interfere with either of these extras.
TheJTS is a very fast HD and I would like to read and transfer files at the highest possible rate. I believe that this all depends on the speed of the interface - can the IDE interface keep up with an eight-speed CD-ROM drive? Or would it be more compatible with a quad- or six-speed CD-ROM drive.
P. ('.assort Bristol An eight-speed CD-ROM drive will work at
approximately I Mb second and it's very likely that your hard
drive works at least at this speed. It's therefore not a
problem to use an eight-speed drive.
However, ask yourself if you really need this speed: have a quad-spent CD-ROM drive in my Amiga anti it's more than enough.
2. Since the GVP hard drive has an external SGSI port, any
single- or double-speed SCSI CD-ROM drive mechanism will be
suitable. You will need an enclosure and power supply, but a
little shopping around should sort you out for under £100.
3. It sounds as though some images, sound samples, or other IFF
files are trying to load and run the utility Multiview, but
are unable to locate it. They can'I locate it because it's
part of Workbench 3. Not 2.
It's a utility which will display images, play sound samples and read AmigaGuide documents using its Datatypes. You won ’I have a Datatypes either; think this answer neatly deals with your last point too. If you don ’I upgrade, you miss out.
I intend to buy a CD-ROM drive in the very near future to replace any existing set-up of a networked A120() and CD32. I am interested in the IDI- drives from Siren, but my dilemma is: Which speed of drive should I go for?
Ask yourself whether you really need an eight-speed CD drive before splashing out your hard-earned cash.
SHARED SCANNER I am looking for a flatbed scanner which will work with both my Amiga 1200 and my brother's PC. In several PC magazines. I have seen the Epson GT-5000 parallel version advertised for £299 » VAT. Including software for the PC If I get the Powerscanner software will this work with my Amiga 1200? Also, what is the difference between the GT-5000 and the GT-x 5000?
Andrew Parker Cheshire Yes, as long as you get the Amiga Powerscanner software, the scanner will work with both the Amiga and the PC As I understand it the GT-x has a smaller footprint and is faster at scanning (not really an issue when using the parallel port to transfer data).
You should note that as long as one computer is connected to the scanner, images can be saved to floppy disk and transferred in that way; if you use JPEG compression, all but the largest images can be shared in this way.
Graeme Sandiford Chip memory available O A500 O A1000 0 A2000 C A500 Plus O A1200 C A3000 O A600 O A1500 O A4000 FLAKEY A1200 I own an A1200 that is three years old and I am having an extremely annoying problem with it.
As soon as I turn on the power, the computer turns on and after a second or two it resets itself several times. After a few attempts. I finally get the disk to load the request screen. I then insert a disk, and some time later, the computer will again reset itself. This time can vary from a few seconds, up to 10 minutes.
This problem occurred earlier this year, but I didn't know what to do about it so I left the computer where it was and unplugged it.
However, last week I thought I’d give it another try. The machine worked perfectly for a day or two, but after that it went back to its old self and started resetting itself again. My Amiga is plugged into an extension cable and I thought it might be this that is causing the problem. However, after several trial-and-error tests I found that this was not the cause.
Graeme Kettles Scotland Its very unlikely that an extension cable could cause this problem, unless it was very old and contained some loose wires; in which case it is a fire risk and should be disposed off immediately. There are three possible faults which I can think of.
First of all, check that the computer isn't crashing at the same time as some other electrical appliance in the house is switched on or off. This includes washing machines, central heating and even fluorescent tube lights.
It could be that these are causing "mains spikes". You can check for these with a mains noise monitor (about £20 from a good electrical or electronics shop). You can buy a mains filter for about £20 which should stop these spikes from crashing your Amiga.
Alternatively, the power supply could be on its last legs and in need of repair. The easiest way fo check is fo swap it with a friend's PSU for a while and see what happens.
Make sure you press the power supply plug all the way home into the socket on the Amiga.
Finally, there could be a problem with the computer itself. A chip or wire could have worked loose and needs to be pressed home.
Or there could be a more serious problem which requires repair or replacement. In this case, you'll need the services of a professional.
Questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don’t Just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods
Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the
form below as best you can.
I have acquired a Viper accelerator with 2Nlb Fast RAM for the last two years. The system has been working great, although it was short of memory from time to time. To compensate. I made use of the MMU to run VMM.
The problem only started since I took the 2Mb SIMMS and replaced it with 8Mb. The system accepted the extra memory after I reconfigured the jumpers, but the MMU ceased to function. I checked with Syslnfo. Which read “all in order" apart from the disabled MMU.
I took the 8Mb SIMM out and replaced it with the 2Mb lo test if the SIMM was causing the problem. Nothing changed. I've been earthing myself before changing the SIMMS, so I couldn't have damaged anything. I couldn't see any switches or jumpers on the accelerator that 1 might have tampered with by accident.
The only thing I did after installing the 8Mb SIMMS was running ReMapKS to copy the ROM into the RAM on start-up to speed up the OS operations. Could that be the problem?
When I run a memcheck on the system it gave me an error message of byte size f ail, memory fail at location 0060000(1.
C. Chan Coventry There is no way that ReMapKS would have written
anything to any EPROM on the Viper hoard. In act, it's
unlikely there is any chip on any commercially available
aerelerator which can he rr-pmgramined.
The problem is caused by ReMapKS.
In order to reposition the Operating System ROM into lint ll M. Anil therefore speed things up a little, it is necessary to constantly remap any jumps and calls lo the OS routines - a ter all. The memory location will have completely changed. In order to perform this remapping, the MMU is usually used Isometimes custom logic on the card is used I and the Mml ’ can only he used to run one task at a time. As a rrsull. Thr VMM utility will no longer function. I'm afraid you will have lo choose between OS rrmapping and the virtual memory: you can ’I have both at once.
C64 EMULATION I have just read a letter where a reader wanted to connect C=64 drives to his Amiga and transfer files. Sadly, Graeme couldn't help him.
This, and more, is possible with the complete A64 package V3.0 from Questronix. I bought this through Reuben at I’ D. Soft (a very helpful guy) and recommend it highly as an emulator and interface to C=64 peripherals. If Reuben can't help you, try: Questronix. PO Box 340265, Hartford. CT 061-0265. USA. Tel: 203 2966037.
P. S. Keep the Amiga flag flying! (And bring back Pat MacDonald!)
P. P.S. Why do A500 users still whinge about covcrdisks? My A500
can handle everything my A1200 can, except AGA.
Mike Denman Dorset Thanks for the helpful suggestion. It's only because it was so comprehensive that you can get away' with your first P.S. message. As for your second, of course your A 50(1 ran handle everything but AGA. Isn 'I that thr entile point though? *5 O 1.2 O 1.3 O 2.x O 3.x Extra drive 11 ( 3 5in 5.2Sin) as DF: manufacturer.
01. 2
01. 3 0 2.1 O 1.3.2 O 3.0 C 2.04 2.05 Extra drive »2 (
3.5in 5.25in) as OF: manufacturer:
- IT UPGRADE OFFER at an exclusive Amiga Format price... When you
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• Arexx support
• Datatype support for images and animations
• Full light sourcing effects
• 34 slide effects, 40 Warp effects
• Optimised code for maximum speed Minimum System requirements:
Workbench 2.0+ 1Mb Chip Ram 2Mb Fast Ram Suggested
Configuration: A1200 + 68030 + FPU + 8Mb Fast Ram + HD If you
would like to purchase your upgrade by cheque please make it
payable to Future Publishing Ltd. (Sterling Cheques on a UK A C
Only). Enclose the Order Code Number, description and price.
Send your cheques to: Amiga Format Mail Order Future Publishing Ltd • Cary Court Somerton • Somerset • TA11 6TB SPECI AL OFFEI J TYPESMITH MANUAL AND J 2 MORE FEATURES! Now available fi Now available from Digital Register your TypeSmith 2.5 cover disk for £39.99 and receive:
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H BGUcdem H BGUcdem Wilh Hints No Hints Get the most from your TypeSmith cover disk!
The TypeSmith cover disk in Amiga Format gives you the world's only Amiga font editor and converter. If you've taken it for a test drive, you'll have realized that TypeSmith is a powerful program with hundreds of features. If you really want to get the most from TypeSmith, there's no substitute for the official instruction manual. It describes how to use every feature, and is an invaluable reference.
You'll also receive the full TypeSmith package which includes an extensive AmigaGuide help system and additional features! Arexx support allows you to automate TypeSmith for faster use. Even if you don’t know how to use Arexx, you’ll appreciate the included Batch Convert macro which allows you to convert an entire drawer of fonts at once!
TypeSmith originally sold for £130, but now you can order it for just £39.99! And through a special arrangement with Digita International, now you can order locally without having to pay high overseas postage and packing! Order now from Digita!
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O Cheque payable to Digita International O VISA Access No. _ Exp._ Mail to: Digita. FREEPOST. Exmouth EX8 2YZ.
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Central), email support©sottlogik com. Or mail fo SoftLogik. 315 Consort Drive. St. Louis. MO 63011 USA.
£jjfces VI) jrth Darren Irvine takes his regular monthly look at some of the Net's newest Amiga resources, and offers some completely reasonable and unbiased comments on the online Amiga world.
M Richmond Design Ltd.
STAGE MANAGER® MIDI Show Control MIDI Show Control Product!:
• -;on
• yflPIlcy vCT Richmond Sound Design's Midi
• MTS-232 - UlDl-to-StnaUStnal to-MDI CotU Traiu aior control
systems will be of
• MMC-16 - MIDl-to-ParalUl AclualorJParalitl-to-MlDl CoHvintr
interest to you if you are
• Product Summary involved in theatre or concert
• Aeccnontt production.
TAKING CONTROL As usual tills month lots of nt-w Amiga related stull has appeared on the Web. Amongst the usual "Kcwl" homepages and software sites. I've noticed a few pages belonging to companies that are producing actual real-world Amiga- based products.
One such company is Richmond Sound Design who utilise the Amiga as part of their “MIDI Show Control Stage Manager" system.
This is a system which is aimed at theatre managers and can control lighting consoles, audio consoles, maybe a sampler or two and various other hits and pieces such as effects units and tape decks.
It can also he used in conjunction with automated scenerv movement systems and pvrotechnics - in short, a svstem that can be used to control all aspects of theatre production. The Stage Manager 12(H) svstem includes an AI2IM). Colour monitor and 12 output MIDI interface, and the Stage Manager 40(H) has an A-KHH). Also available in an industrial rack mount version.
If you would like to tiud out more about this svstem then check out Richmond’s home page at: http: www.show-control.com LASER STARS WEB SITE CONSTRUCTION DETAILS If you are interested in designing your own Web pages using your Amiga then the Laser Stars site should be of interest. The pages at this site have been designed on an Amiga, and they contain lots of relevant information for the budding Web page designer. From an initial guide to what hardware and software that you will need to get started, through to a discussion of different image formats (such as Interleaved GIFs).
Laser Stars goes on to consider slightly more esoteric aspects of Web page design such as math typesetting and image processing.
There are also tips on how to choose a background for your pages, and how you can use an image processing program to (for example) minimise the contrast of the background picture so that foreground text is highly readable.
There is also a brief comparison of the features of the various Amiga Web browsers.
Laser Stars' URL is: http: www.achilles.net -jtalbot bio amiga.html WIRENET AMIGA INTERNET DOWNLOADABLE GIZMO OF THE MONTH In the first of • new irregular Amiga.net feature. I've decided to give a mention to a piece of software that is freely downloadable from the Net which I have found either amusing, useful, or just plain weird.
This month pride of place goes to Andreas Tetzl's LogicSim. LogicSim is a great little program that can be used to simulate digital logic circuits, and uses a full graphic user interface to design and edit the circuits.
You can add most logic circuits to your design, including an unlimited number of gates (AND. Oft NAND etc), various flip-flops and a user-definable dock. The program also features a 7-segment LED display simulator, and an oscilloscope display for displaying the logic function of your circuit.
If you're interested in logic circuit design, or you would just like to find out about it (the program has excellent help documentation) then LogicSim is just for you. The URL to head for if you are interested is: http: www.sax.da %7Eatetzl LEFT: Also of interest to performers and production people might be Geodesic's MindEYE system.
ABOVE: Visualcom are a Dutch company making interesting use of Amiga A1200s in their hardware systems.
Another company producing an Amiga based hardware and software system aimed at the performance market is Geodesic Designs.
Inc. Their "niindEYE" system is a package for the creation of real time video light shows.
The hardware takes sound from the built-in microphone or from a stereo mini-plug and feeds it to the software through the second mouse port. The software creates a light show that moves to the music. The list price is $ .r)95.00 which is pretty steep, but il it's the sort of thing you are interested in. It might be worth contacting Geodesic for more information, and there is also a downloadable demo version available from their web site.
Geodesic claim to be the people who “...made the Mindljght back in the 80's, although, it's hard to remember that far back!" They are certainly right in my case, as 1 don't remember it. The L’RL of Geodesic's homepage is: http: www.pair.com geodesic me mindeye.htm or you can reach them by e-mail at: geodesic@geod.com BUILT IN AMIGA Visualcom is a Dutch company that aims its products al providing an “In-store communication system". At first this doesn't sound like il might be of much interest, but A new Internet Service Provider (ISP) called Wirenet Amiga Internet (WAI) has been set up to
provide access and support for Amiga users, not as a sideline to other platforms, or with poorly supported, out of date software, but with the latest and most powerful Amiga Internet software. Wirenet's own access is provided via U-Net so their connection should be fast WAI intend to supply a comprehensive suite of software, including an integrated news and mail package, a GUI based ftp program for downloading software and other files, and the latest World Wide Web browser. A custom installer will be used to configure the various software packages to your system, with a minimum of input from
the user, with telephone support provided in the event of any problems.
If you don't yet have access to the net. Or are thinking of changing ISPs, then WAI might be for DEJA VU So yet another company involved with the production of the Amiga has bitten the dust. As you probably know by now.
Escom UK's 1000 employees received the disturbing news that the company would have to shut down after no buyers were found for the operation.
Although receivers for the company have stated that discussions can still continue with potential investors, the high costs of continuing the operation have forced the shutdown.
In the nick of time as it were. Escom's sale of Amiga Technologies to Viscorp was finalised on July 18th, and Viscorp takes complete control of all Amiga-based assets on the 19th of August.
When you learn that its latest product is basically a television monitor with a built-in Amiga 12(H).
Then it becomes interesting purely for curiosity value at least.
If you would like to find out more, check out Visualcom's home pages at the following l RI.: http: www.luna.nl -visual AMIGA SUPPORTS THE 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES Several I'S-bascd Amiga companies have joined forces to provide computer support to the press agencies attending the Games.
A series of high-end Amigas are being placed at the heart of the media editing room for use as an on-site editing tool for video footage taken by various reporters and media producers.
The Amiga will be getting some positive media coverage and also a chance to demonstrate its prowess handling complex broadcast and video graphics. 'Z?
Wek w to tty mmdYW Home Page TV tmiEYE tr' *t u tn*-tr t*r Design*, hr.. a juArv ( Km hrmr arvl » hra*r the Amiga Hi' nuhIIYI m t Aamga kartnnfe Ovmt packer irram* ireal *nr *»tr fcg* ify-wi TV turfcr«r fzkrt mb4B m Ar V«fc-«m»-T.f't» nr t B*n a * »-• m-|l« and f** i 1 !•' tty t ware tit M,f.Ar irecmimcnse p«t TV »• Bwar- cieatra a z*M th W that r. V*I t the na.:» Li*t hv»: S595.00 OtoJtac Inc.' TV 'WR.ftIE.lni ' AT* Wu t afrwirarvlEYE uim. «tkh uif ift upgraded ljJ t.l j|jbLin3tea.| W ma tV MmdLtgM Lack u rive aMv-ugh. * haidto remember Hut £ar bark' Download lhi« . nnga drmo to
experience a sample !!’ you - they intend to have local call access throughout most of the mainland UK and Northern Ireland. The URL you need for more information is: http: www.u-net.com -wirenet Wirenet Amiga Internet are an interesting new ISP catering specifically for Amiga users. If you don't already have Net access or are thinking of changing ISP, they might well be worth a look.
M i n d E Y E Making the difference http: www,futurenet.co.uk 1 rOJiix yuur Wo JiJ V JiTa Wfijj uruyjz'df The at.....1 Digital ~ 1 Universe | Contents Th* world*« Digged-• ailing Amiga magazine Explore the net . 'T A Jv,w . I-I ¦ «• ..... H ...I .... IjfflMB Mil AT SCRIOUt • AT CREATIVE • Af REGULARS * AF SCREENPLAY - Af COVERDtSKS Amiga.net asrsarriisKr""" a
• sss. ¦
• new: Knrs- sar Natter on the net ‘ ST-------*----- It's
phenomenally popular - in fact it's one of Europe's most
popular web sites. Not only can you view the homepage of your
favourite magazine, browse through back issues and follow links
to homepages of Amiga developers, but there are also regular
news updates from around the Amiga scene as well as a daily
world news service. Try it now!
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And... with ProGrab™ you needn’t be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
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STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device)) Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the grabbed' image wth your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS or. Fake a signal from TV with SGAJ2T output ProGrab' Support: all recent Amiga: and o alio fully AGA Chipici compatible You can render image! M any Workbench screen mode lesoftitton including HAM8 mode (Armga RAM permitting] ProGrab" Save! And Loadi imager in IFFfllBM. IFF ILBM21. JPEG. BMP PCX. And IARGA file formats ProGrab saves animations as AnlmS files and animations with sound Irequlres PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as AnimS ? 8SVX fries.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ftoGrab version 2.5 i Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom loader to enable grabs directly from wittwi the program saving YOU time1 ProGrab'".. Software has built In mono and colour animation facilities The number of frames Is dependant upon your Amigas RAM ProGrab'" Release 2.5.x software now includes
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Aflows the highest resolutions -
Even with low memory AMIGAs (At Hard One Systems .v'Txxf. re
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support the inierlace mode hjOy Please as». Us k* full dcu; |
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FAX: 0 1 773 83 1 0«0 Or... TELEPHONE 01 773 836781 ProGrab Phis" *£129-95 £ _ .PCMCIA Interface * £H95 £ V 2.5.x S W (tscr t pgradel 8 £4.95 £ Optional FAST Courier Delivery * £6.95 £ TOTAL i Card No Expiry Dale Overseas Customers... false call for prices, sbtppiiin etc Card holder s signature: You too could create a flower like this using the excellent new b-spline modelling tools in Real 3D2.
Graeme Sandiford shows you how... page 94 MORE PLEASE Glancing through the first replies to our Reader Survey, it appears that the tutorial section of Amiga Format is an area that you would like to see expanded. With the decline in commercial games and indeed serious software, it is only sensible to devote more of the mag to helping you get the very most out of the excellent software that you have purchased for your Amiga.
So. If there are any areas that you would like to see covered then please do not hesitate to let us know.
Send any ideas that you do have to: Amiga Format Tutorials, 30 Monmouth Street Bath. BA1 2BW.
TUTORIALS INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET 7 W Once you've got your machine connected up to the Internet, chosen a browser and sent a few emails you'll be wondering what else you need. This month Darren Irvine trawls through some of the other Internet-related software available.
Q "y OCTAMED TUTORIAL 7 mL There are plenty of little tricks in OctaMED which help to make your music more interesting. Darren Irvine looks at the Echo utility and the Sample Offset command.
Q REAL 3D2 The second version of Real 3D saw the introduction of support for b-spline tools and b-spline patches. They might sound complicated but Graeme Sandiford is here to guide you through.
% BLITZ TUTORIAL John Kennedy adds some new features to his browser program.
TUTORIAL Soft Options The tutorials so far in this series have shown you how to actually get your Amiga connected to the net, how to set up the basic Web browser Amosair, and taken a look at the various options available in terms of email software for the Amiga, This month, Darren Irvine takes a look at some of the other Internet-related software that you might want to use on your Amiga.
Grn allows an Amiga-like method of subscribing and unsubscribing to th« many Usenet newsgroups.
Although these systems cover the basics of Internet access, there are other types of software that you will want to run. And this month we'll take a look at a few of the options.
NEWSREADERS Although the choice of newsreaders for accessing Usenet newsgroups is not quite as wide as that available for email systems, there are still a number to choose from. If you have already gone to the trouble of installing ' 'Won vour .Amiga for email, then it makes sense to go the whole hog and set it up for Usenet news as well (and Fidonet if you are using that too).
There are a number of alternatives, however. Two that 1 have used extensively, and had few problems with are Tin and Crn - actually programs at the opposite ends of the approach to reading news.
Tin is a Unix ported program with a very similar look and feel to the Him mail system. It runs in a strange text only mode in a 111 window, and was the newsreader originally supplied bv ISPs such as Demon who provided any sort of .Amiga support at all.
For all its 70s look and feel. Tin works surprisingly well, and if you can get over its lack of support for anything fancy, then it's a perfectly competent newsreader.
(iHn. 011 the other hand, is derived Irom the term Gadtools Reads News, and as you might expect from such nomenclature, is an Amiga Gl'l-based system. (iRn is instinctively much friendlier to use titan Tin. But it is occasionally prone lo crashing if your system isn't set up 100% correctly in terms of the various assignments required for accessing your ISP's news host.
Again, there are more choices available and sometimes the best thing to do is lo ask someone else you know who is already using an Amiga newsreader what they think - if they are anything like mysell lltey will have installed two or three before settling 011 the one they are currently using, and will, henceforth, have ironed out any operating w rinkles in their system - you may as well pick their brains and avoid the same headaches yourself.
IRC IRG is basically a real-time conferencing system, allowing Internet users all over the world 10 meet in discussion areas known as "channels", and bold a conversation amongst themselves as il they were all in the same room, rather than connected to diverse computer systems anywhere on the planet.
IRC uses a client-server model of operation, where individual users run "client” software on iheir computers, which communicates with an IRC “server" program running on a system anywhere on the net. The servers handle the routing of messages from JARGON BROWSER A piece of software used to navigate the World Wide Web by displaying the Hypertext pages and allowing the user to select any of the links displayed.
The definitive Amiga browser was Amosaic but there are a number of others available now on the Net which are better - you can use the experience you had installing Amosaic to try out some of the following: Ibrowse, Voyager, or Aweb - all have easy to find homepages on the Web - use a search engine such as the one at http: www.yahoo.com to find them.
IRC Internet Relay Chat - the Internet's realtime multiperson chat system.
ISP Internet Service Provider. A company such as Demon Internet or Atlas who basically sell access to the Internet. They have host machines that are on the net full time to which you dial in using a modem to connect to the Internet RIGHT: AmiSlate allows real time graphical communication across the Net. If like me. Your drawing skills aren't up to much, you can import graphics files and add plain text.
When you want. There is a new Amiga-specific ISP called WAI - see this month's Amiga.Net for details.
One client to another.
There are currently two main choices when it conies to deciding on an Amiga IRC client - the well established (Iraprvinr, and the new upstart AmlRC. Both ol these are excellent programs, hut perhaps AmlRC.
Might he said to hat e the edge over its rival for the sheer amount of features.
That said, unlike lim irvine, AmlRC requires Mi l. a fact that will he enough to put some people oil. Additionally, a new release ot Crttfm'ine is expected imminently, and when il arrives, it will l eallv he a matter ol downloading both SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol. One of the two main protocols for accessing the Internet over a telephone connection. The other is PPP - Point to Point Protocol.
TCP IP Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol.
The basic mechanism by which all data is passed across the Internet. Also the name given to the sort of software required to get your computer onto the Internet.
USENET This is the news system carried on the Internet (purists will tell you that Usenet is not PART of the Internet, but for all intents and purposes it may as well be). There are literally thousands of groups dealing with everything from fans of aardvarks to Amiga networking.
A miSlnh’ is a "Whiteboard" system.
GETTING HOLD OF THE SOFTWARE AmiNet is the place to look for Internet and comms related software that doesn't have its own specific homepage. Tin, Grn, Grapevine, and AmiSlate can be found on AmiNet. Use one of the following sites: ftp.wustl.edu systems amiga aminet comm tcp ftp.uni-paderborn.de pub aminet comm tcp ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet comm tcp For AmIRC check out its own homepage at: http: www.vapor.com support amirc programs and seeing whieh one that you prefer.
Although both AmlRC-and (.rii in'inr have their own specialised way of performing most ol the standard IRC commands, both will also let you use the old-fashioned command line instructions for controlling your IRC session, and in some wavs doing so for a while ran lead to a greater understanding of the way in which IRC functions.
AMISLATE IR ! Is a great chatting mechanism in a situation where there are many people chatting to a group of people but it is somewhat limited in a one to one manner. Sometimes it can be useful to be able to transmit ideas graphicallv rather than in text form and this is where ImiSlntf c »ines in.
In effect what this means is that you can use .1 miSlntr to contact any other Irnt.V fl e-mnniiig internet user and the program generates a shared "whiteboard" - a reasonably competent "paint" style window to you and me.
When you select a colour and draw a line or drag out a box. Then exactly the same pattern that forms on votir screen forms at the other end.
Now that ou have seen what kind of software is available for use on the Internet, there are still lots more things to learn - for example, how to get the most from aspects of the net like IRC or web search engines.
You may also want to think about getting into designing your own web pages and all of these things can be accomplished fairly easily using your Amiga on the net. O Wed 09-Auf-95 14 24 ID r, Workbench Saeen Anuj. Momc Heme
- LSLsHMPIPrw [http ethann emte tndK. Mml JI-t| j T*UI u • tc«t
of my hard loader AMIGA ABOVE: browse was developed by the
same team of people who brought us the seminal Amosaic. In many
ways it shares a similar feel to the original but in this
latest version you will find that HTML support has been greatly
OctaMED Tutorial Darren Irvine takes a look at a few of the techniques that you can use to get that little bit more out of OctaMED 1 5.
&|On Off| | | = 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 Space _| Chord 1oooo- 00000-- 0000 0-- 00000 - - 1 0O00-- 00000-- 00000 - - 1 O 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A relatively simple bassline created in a single track - not very interesting really.
Q-l On Off | | | - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0OO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 F - 1 D r i c - 1 Dft 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 F - 1 The same bassline after a bit of echo has been added - note the 'C‘ command and associated data values (in this case volumes) - making it much more interesting.
SONG A song is basically a number of blocks strung together. A song need not be composed entirely of separate blocks.
MOPULt Although you can save song data on it's own. And load the samples used in it separately, it is common to save both song and samples in one file - known as a‘Module*.
Mm Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
A standard set in the 80s which allows muskal instruments to communicate with one another and with computers.
Now lhat you've got to grips with the basics of song construction using OrtaMED, it’s time to look at a few special tricks that can be used to get the most from the program.
One of the easiest techniques that you can use to instantly make a track stand out is to use OrtaMI-D's Echo utility.
This works best on short samples such as bass notes or acid style t ills.
Iligbligbt a range of notes that you want to echo - usually the entire track.
Select “Note Echo" from the "Edit" menu or use Amiga+E. You will be prompted for an echo distance and .1 minimum note volume. The lit si of these is the time delay between subsequent echoes. A good technique to remember here is that if your track mostly has notes that are. Say, two or four spaces apart, then select an echo distance of three. If the track is mostlv spaced three apart already, try an echo distance of four. Selecting echo distances in this way works best to make the track "lill out". The minimum note volume is the volume at which the echo will stop - for most natural sounding
effects, use one as the minimum. When you are happy with your selection, click 011 "Do Echo" you will instantly see the echoed notes appear in the track.
Flay the track now to see what a difference the echo has made. You will see how using the echo feature has added a control into columns two and three of the dalablock - in this case the C command.
THE 19 COMMAND If you have a sample that has a dynamic timbre, such as an analogue svnth filter sweep sound, you can use the Sample Offset command number 19 - to really make a track stand out. As the name suggests, this command efTects the point from which a sample begins to play. What this means in practice is that you can use it as a sort of filter-cut off value - almost as if you were controlling a synth. This is because if you start your filter-sweep sample at JARGON Here's a quick refresher on some of the terms used throughout OctaMED.
SAMPLE The Amiga's internal sound system operates by playing back long strings of numbers which are a digitised representation of a sound - these strings are known as “samples*.
TRACK This is the bask unit of a song composed on OctaMed (hence the descriptor - ‘tracker*).
BLOCK A block is a group of up to 64 tracks, played concurrently.
Chord TOO00 00C32-- 0 0 0 0 0-- 10 0 0 0-- O0C32-- 1 0 C 1 6-- 0 0 0 0 0-- O0C16-- 10 0 0 0-- 0 0 1 3 2 - 00C16-- 0 0 0 0 0 - 10C32-- 00C16-- OctaHED Professional tf5.88f - Song: unnaned Elay Son9T~C°nt Song |[*1 I l9|r Lslil le... | Edit SynthS... J -‘J em Chip: ***168*976 Fast: *8*2347264
- Stopped - _1 Freeze Display Use of the '19' command in all its
glory - add a bit of percussion and you're halfway there.
Reversing a sample is easy - just click on edit sample when you've selected the appropriate sample. Drag with the mouse to highlight the part of the sample that you are interested in (it might be the entire sample) and click on "Reverse", then play the sample to see what it sounds like, and click on "Reverse” again to return to normal if you don't like the change.
The features mentioned here are only a small subset of what you can actuallv do using OrlnMI-J)- only using it extensively for yourself will teach you all the tricks. OrlaMKI) can also be used to control external sound devices via MIDI, and we’ll be covering that at a later date. '! playing.
F KEYS: change currently selected octave.
APOSTROPHE: toggles double line spacing.
DELETE: removes the current entry beneath the cursor.
NUMERIC KEYPAD: toggles individual tracks on and off.
Different points, you will have caught it at different values of the filter in the original sound. Sounds confusing? It needn't be - once you try the 19 command out for yourself all should become apparent.
To get started, create your original track using an appropriate sample.
Next - go down each step in the track and manually type in "19" in columns two and three of the datablock. Beside the sample number itself The easiest way lo do this (note that you must be in Edit mode here) is to go to column two, and hold down the “I" key until the whole track has been covered. L)o the same holding down the “9" key in column three.
The last two columns are used to enter the Offset value used by the 19 command - this value is in Hex, and each hex unit equates to an offset of 256 bytes from the start of the original sample. To get a classic acid style filter sweep, start with an offset of zero, work up to a value (which will depend on the length of the original sample) and then back down to zero again. Note that if you try this and find that you can't hear anything, chances are that you have set too high an offset value, actually past the end of the sample.
PITCH SLIDING Another useful and easy to use feature that makes your tracks stand out is to pitch slide one note to another. What this does is add the appropriate amount of pitch shift in the space between two notes for the first note to appear lo slide up or down to meet the pitch ol the second note. You can enter pitch slides manually - there are two types, with control numbers one and three respectively - but it gives more meaningful results lo use the "Pitch Slide" option from the “Edit" menu instead. Note that Pitch Slide is a command that is most effective when used sparingly - too much
and the effect is spoiled by the fact that your track will sound as if it has been recorded onto a dodgy tape.
REVERSING SAMPLES You can make existing samples go further by editing them - either by cutting and pasting sections of the sample around or by reversing part or all of the sample. A good idea here is to load two versions of the same sample and keep one original whilst editing the other. Then you can use the un-edited sample for most of your song, and the edited one as part ol a break, or when moving from one section of the song to another. Partially reversing a sample works best on samples such as breakbeats and longish vocal samples.
COMMONLY USED KEYS ARROW KEYS: moves the edit cursor around the block, and from track to track.
SHIFTED ARROW KEYS: up and down shift through the available blocks, and left and right select samples.
ESCAPE: toggles edit mode on and off.
SPACE: stops a song, block or sample while it's il V5.00f - Song: unnaned OctaHED Profi it |aitered_flangeways nmm EUV Song lejna Display! [8831424 Buffsize: |31424 | Range Start: Range End: t m|n*T »• "v v »****• Clay Display 1 Zoon Xn I Range Display Mon itor Pitch: |428 | C-2| show an 1 Zoon flut I Sanple | Buffer D ig it ize Range Show 1 Pla« | Cut | Erase | Clear | Copy 1 Paste | Reverse| _| Ereehand _| Loop Loop Point Gl Start J | | 8| 8 | Chip: 8881622824 Fast: 8882255816
- SI Freeze Display Editing samples couldn't be easier - just
highlight the relevant section and cut, copy, or in this case
Real 30 Version 2 Welcome to another tutorial on the stitnningh powerful and inlimtelv complex Kml 11)2. One of the most important and powerful features, added in version 2 of Krnl 51), is snppott lot l -splines and b-spline patches (also referred to as meshes).
OCTOBER 1996 CREATIVE FLOWERING WILDERNESS Don't worn, although they sound complicated thev’re artnallv tpiite soli and accommodating. If-splines at e ureal modelling ami animating tools as tltev ate not based on polygons. This means that tin s ate not constructed from straight lines, lint are based on mathetnatic alls defined curves.
This makes them great lot creating smooth and organic surfaces as well as smooth animation paths. Olliet applications int little advanced texture-mapping and shrink wrapping, but we re going to lie concentrating on some basic modelling. We'll be trying lo create a (lower in this tutorial and making use of the "squishiness" ol spline patches and their organic curvature.
First off. Make sure your working environment has at least one top view. If you don’t, you can simply change a view window to a top view by pressing right-amiga 3 . Next go to the tool window and click on the icon labelled Ctrl.
This will have doubled your points so that they are of an even number. However they are still untidy (important later on). To fix this click on the icon with three knots evenly spaced on an arch or on the menu Mod ify F ree f orm D i stri bute.
Delete the line because we don't need it but we will need more than one petal. Go to the menu Project Macros Record, select the mesh, duplicate rt. rotate the mesh about 45 degrees on its end and select ProjectMacros Record again.
- --
- -- r?
pssiSS ! ! . -« .1. ( ( V Wd Once you’re happy with the shape, press your right mouse button. Click on the icon labelled Free and from the new icons click on the one with two lines and a down arrow (to the left of mouse-pointer) or use the menu Modify Freeform Reparametrixe.
Spline tools are ideal for creating smooth and organic surfaces.
Graeme Sandiford shows you how to use them to create this beautiful rose.
- - kJ v --*
* Jrira
* uw-r~. '..i~ tr.
%-1- i This will bring up a new set of icons, the one you need to select is a closed line that looks like a puddle. It can also be accessed from the menu Create Control B-spline Closed. Go to your top view and draw a petal shape.
This will spread out the knots evenly which is important, as with the Reparametrize function, because the knots will be used to create the patch for the petal. Do this by selecting the menu Create Treef omVSk incurve.
Now select Project Macros Repeat Current and enter two, or however many copies you want, for the repeat count This should give you four petals, you may want to position and rotate them very slightly in any direction afterwards for random positioning.
Vh*. N.L L I.-. . . itrj liiflP r*ia -v ... 1 • IBS-iS; S ¦- aifc11- *Kl"
N*k». Select the petals and select a few knots by shift dragging the pointer over them The thing to bear in mind when selecting them is that these points will form the creases in the petals so keep them in the style of the flower you re creating.
Nent. Select the menu Create Structure Group - this will group your points under a new level Now move your new group or selected points either up or down (delete the group when you're happy) - for a greater effect try moving other points in the opposite direction.
At this point you might want to copy the petals - if you are modelling a many petalled flower like a rose rather than single layered ones like a lily Position the hot spot in the centre in the top view, select the menu Modify Bend Circular Move 3d Ml r=1, feir sm Go to the front or side view and click in the centre of the petals again Pull the line out to the left end of the petals, left-click, move the pointer up until you get the shape you want and left-click again If you re making a multi-layered flower, paste the group of petals you copied earlier into a new level. You may considor
scaling-down this new layer slightly and rotating it. Then repeat the bending process. Repeat this step as many times as needed.
Again, depending on the type of flower you may need squeeze" sections of the flower - such as the base To do this create a new group and select the menu Modify About COGs Size 3d. Move to the top view scale reduce the size of the selected points.
If your flower needs them, create a central bud and one of those base thingies that connects to the stem (sorry never liked biology or botany at school).
Create tho bud as you see fit and try using the lathe tool for the base.
And there you have it. You should have created for yourself a beautifully rendered rose that would look completely at home in any English garden. If there are any particular areas that you would like us to cover in this tutorial then please write to us with your suggestions at the usual address.
To create a stem draw an open spline using Create Controls B-spline Curve and a circle with Create Controls B-spline Circle. Then select tho line, then the circle and the menu Create Freeform Coplanar. Create some leaves in the same way as the petals. Apply some materials and render.
Blitz Tutorial Who would have thought creating 'compound variables' and 'Lists' could be so much fun? John Kennedy knows how to convince the most wary of us in his Blitz tutorial.
• in List shamelessly stolen from the programming language (I and
it's a good idea to pay attention since you'll find
"structures", as they are known, cropping up time and again.
To deline a new variable in Blit , use the NEWTYPE command like this: NEWTYPE .person-type nameS age addressS height Preparing to add some new features to the Browser program, we'll need to look at some of the special support for variables Blit Basic includes.
I've used these features to add support to the program for links. There was already support in the listing for detecting the a tag and displaying the link text in a different colour, hut now the program can actually do something about it!
3. This Is the part which stores the four co-ordinates we need.
You can comment out the Wbox line to see If all is working: if
it is.
The link text should be erased with a solid rectangle.
The code for testing if the mouse pointer is over a link is easy thanks to us using a List to store all the co-ordinates.
First, we need to add the following to the main event loop: ADVANCED VARIABLES We saw a few months ago that Blitz can store values in variables of several different sorts. Byte. Word and floating variables can all be defined, depending on what you need them for.
Blit also allows you to group together existing variables to make new "Super variables''. This is an idea End NEWTYPE This creates a new type of variable for us to use. The name of the new variable must begin with a full stop. It's important that you realise that it doesn't actually create any variables, on!" A template which we can use.
Let's create a variable and assign some va george.person-type name="Gcorge" george.person-type age=28 george.pcrson-tvpc addrexs= " 52 Arcacia Avenue" george.person-type height=l 79 Nprint gcorge name,george age,gcorge address ,george height 280 MWS goodbye Close gadget selected Case VpropPot Pos it ionSuperBitMap Redraw
5. Note: at the moment if there Is a lot of link text and it
flows over on to the next line, tha program won't cope vary
wall. It'll be a good programming exercise to fix this bug
(hint- split the flowing text into different rectangles and
add them too to the List).
There are a lew tricks here. Notice how you need to specify the variable and the variable type, then use a slash and specify the sub-variables (name, age and so on). Notice also how you leave the "$ " sign off the string name.
It can he a bit tedious having to tvpe "george.person-type " so much, and so the command USEPATH can be used, like this: USEPATH george.person-type name="George" age=28 address="52 Arcacia Avenue" Vheight=179 It's also possible to set up all the variables in one go. Like this: george.person- type name="George",28,"52 Arcacia Avenue",179 Creating compound variables (that is, variables which contain several parts) can help your programs retain a little more structure and order. When writing some programs, database applications, for example, deciding how to store the data is. In the first
place, the hard part.
Using NEWTYPF. Can help simplify matters a great deal.
MAKE A LIST If you have done any form of BASK!
Programming, you'll know all about arrays. An array is a special tvpe of variable, which contains one value. You reference the particular value you want bv means of an index. For example, whereas the variable... A l.ist is a chain of variables, linked to another. The operations you can perform are limited in so far that you can add or delete variables to the chain, or move to the first item, or move to the next item. That's all - you can't move to a specific item, only to the next link in the chain. Think of a l.ist as an array in which you cannot use an Index.
This sounds like quite a limitation, hut it's not. In piactice, you will Ih- looking through the variables in the
l. ist, one after the other, anyway and so there is no need to be
able to speedy a particular element.
You might be wondering why you would want to use Lists in the first place. The advantage of the List is that only essential data is stored. When you dimension an array, it's possible that you aren’t going to use every element in the array - nevertheless, this memory is still reserved for you. A List only takes up as much memory as is needed.
Imagine that you need to store information about a three-dimensional object. Non need three co-ordinates, X.Y and Z to reference the colour (a single bvtc in this example) at that point in spare. If the X.Y and Z co-ordinates range from I to 1000. Yon might use a traditional array like this: dim colour.b(IOOO,IOOO,IOOO) You can see straightaway that this one array has consumed 1.000,000.000 bytes of memory. Not many Amigas have this much memory available!
Using a List, you can only store information when it is actually needed.
Like this: NEWTYPE .pixel
x. w
y. w
z. q colour.q End NEWTYPE dim list space.pixel) 1000) This
creates a List with at most 1.000 elements. So far. None
exist, so let's add some: Addltem colour!)
Space! ) x= 10 spaced)-100 space! ) z=S4 space! ) colour=23 Addltem colour!)
Space! ) x=l 23 space! ) y= 10 space! ) z=343 space! ( colour=99 You can continue adding variables to the List until 1,000 items are present.
To look through the List and print out all the co-ordinates which contain a colour, you only need to do this: ResetList spare!)
While (Nextltem space!)
USEPATH space)) N Print Vx, y, z. colour Wend Think about how much hard work it would be to print out the List using the more traditional three-dimensional array anti you’ll he convinced. O THE LISTING Whenever the Browser program finds a link embedded in the HTML document, it addresses the location of the "hot spot" and the address, to a List variable called "hyperlinks!)". We need to store four co-ordinates, described as an imaginary rectangle around the link text, and a string. The code defining a suitable List variable can be found as pics dotted around the spread.
That's about all we have space for at the moment. Remember, the full listing is on the CD-ROM. And you can also find it on my Web site: (http: www.web zone 1 .co.uk wvvw johnk). locations 10 ...can store only one value, the array... dim locations! 100) ...can store up to 100 different values.
MnouseX MmouseY VpropPot ResetList These values are addressed like this... locations! 1)=99 Ioeations(50)=l2 ...and so on. Blit Basic supports arrays like these, but also adds a new concept: the List. Like NEWTYPE and structures.
Lists are more a C programmer's plaything, but they are very useful.
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Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
APHRODISIAC Letter of the Month MAXIMUM SPACE Jusi a few lines to draw your attention to the best "write up" of the A 12(H) I have ever seen outside of an Amiga maga ine. It appears on page 156 of the |til issue of Atiizik and is by a jungle musician called “The Aphrodite", who. It seems, lias been a long-time fan of the Amiga - unusual in the dance hi , where the standard creative kit is usually an Atari 10*10 running (f liasr. ('.heck it out. I reckon this guy deserves an At' sweatshirt for his services to the marque - see if you agree!
Don Griffith Cheltenham I'nfortunately, huge multinational publishing company that wr air, I can V seem to inti that particulai issue of Mu ik. Perhaps someone could send us one? We'll send it hack honest. Mayhe this Aphrodite chap is an avid AF fan anyway ?
R J • M k SPENDING SPREE I own an Amiga 1200 with 6Mb of memory, a Blizzard 12301V accelerator, a 3" MI hard drive and (il)*2 console. Like most Ainiga-useis. I have stuck by the machine, only to be let down by everyone concerned. I bus games and Cds; I am currently saving for a ( 1) K ) l drive and a few ol the new games titles. I’m not a nerd who sits there and works out ’silly’ mathematical problems. I cannot program in anything hut BASIC - I just enjoy using the Amiga’s luu and friendly environment.
But... one year ago I was play ing games like U n gand Max Overkill tin, yes. A sad PC! (Not mine. I hastilv add!). Now.
Let’s get this right, all of these good games run on i.Mb. 23MH .
48BSX? I own a 6Mb. 50MII Amiga with a hard drive and so does my male. He’s also got a Zappo drive. 1CI Seagate and a CD’’2. I bet we’re not the only two in Europe to have this set-up.
I also bet there are enough high-spec Amiga* to give any !’ ! A run lor its money, but what am I playing apart bom .S’lVO.S ‘Vol- Continued overleaf • s A .3 (jSiM * t - I
* .. 11 s. * • ff SWOS '96 may be a superb game but it would be
nice to have the option to play some hard drive installable
I recently decided to change the 80Mb hard drive in my A1200 to something larger. Wisdom indicates that it is cost- effective to buy the largest capacity drive one can afford and I opted to fit a 3.5“ drive on grounds of maximum space for minimum cost.
I was aware that it wouldn’t slot straight in and that a certain amount of juggling would be required. I do, however, know my way around the inside of my machine and I reasoned that a reputable company would not sell me an unsuitable drive. A 500Mb drive was ordered and it came complete with instructions.
It didn't fit. You could get the thing in and the instructions were reasonably clear; but it was just too large to allow the keyboard to sit in its correct place. The machine would go back together, but there was a very slight bow to the top of the plastic casing. The company had obviously had complaints about this, because the instructions said: "Please do not phone us to say the cable is too short it will fit". It will, but not properly!
Anyway, it all went back together, the tension on the top casing was not noticeable and the drive continues to work well. But when I changed my memory card for an accelerator card, problems started. I switched on my machine one day to find the accelerator was working, but my fast memory had disappeared.
The problem was caused by the hard drive. The motherboard is protected by a metal sheet turned down on one edge, presumably for tensile strength. This sharp edge is positioned almost over the edge connector. The hard drive (its positioning in the machine dictated by the short ribbon connector), is 'ideally' situated when pressure is applied by closing the casing, bringing the sharp edge of the sheet down on expensive accelerator circuitry, like a knife!
I was able to repair the my board by restoring the insulation on the circuitry. The accelerator card is now protected by a sheet of plastic.
Nevertheless, this state of affairs is not ideal and I will now have to buy another drive.
This does not apply to all 3.5“ drives. The Eyetech drive is obviously slimmer and. Equally obviously from the photograph in the ad. Does not affect the placing of the keyboard.
Nevertheless. I would suggest that Amiga-owners consider their options carefully before purchasing a nonstandard drive. Is the comparatively small financial saving worth the hassle? My "saving" is going to cost me the price of a new 21 2“ drive.
Tag Gorton Cornwall There are a couple of points here.
Many companies do sell drives that will not comfortably fit inside the Amiga casing without a certain amount of modification. This isn't a problem, so long as their customers are aware of this situation before they part with their cash. If you want to cut up your casing and install an oversized drive, that's up to you, but you should be informed that you will have to do this before you buy the drive.
There are some slimline 3.5“ drives which will fit in the A1200 without much jiggery pokery. And these do not tend to be much more expensive than their larger counterparts.
Well done for spotting the problem with the casing. I have never been a fan of the metal shielding, and to be honest it's only real value is to stop you inadvertently dropping things onto your motherboard when you have the lid up. A good strip of cardboard can often be a better insulation material though, as some plastics can build up a static charge which could zap you (not so bad) or some expensive RAM chips (very bad).
Thanks for your comments and you've won a nice AF sweatshirt.
After reading the review of the Graffiti graphics card in your August issue, I decided to buy it since I've got a demo of Nemac IV which supports the ’chunky screen-mode'.
When I phoned Power Computing, they told me that it is not currently in stock and might never be because they aren't sure whether there's a big enough market for it.
UNAMERICAN GRAFFITI Now, maybe I’m wrong, but I would say that the lack of this screen-mode is probably one of the reasons software houses are leaving the Amiga, since, if you look at the PC market most big names now use this style of display, whether it be Doom- clones or something else.
What I am trying to say is because of its cheap price, if everyone had this card, maybe the software houses would produce Amiga-versions of some of these great games.
Also imagine AB3DII supporting this - it would improve it no-end, (I say this, since even on my S' 10Mb, A4000 30 it's only really playable at its lowest resolution and original AB3D screen-size).
But as usual, it looks like a good idea isn’t going to take off ¦ (Even S’H'OS is still on floppies.) There is nothing, absolutely nothing!
Yes, there are some brill arcade games that run on an A500, but Amiga owners want a HIFA Soccer that requires a hard disk and 6Mb: they demand slick 3D car games, like Car 6" Driver, which in fact runs on my Dad’s 1 Mb 386SX!
Amiga Tech should demand that all games have to be installed on to a hard disk. It’s a gamble, but the PC did the same and won. All new games should be 2.04 based - because the man I spoke to at Power Computing told me that there's no point in releasing the card without the support of the software houses.
Please, please, include some options in future software to support this card, (and patches for older software too). PC software has support for various different video and graphics cards in its games software, so why doesn't the Amiga? If it increases sales, it will be good news for everyone, software houses and Amiga-users alike.
NO DOUBTS HERE To all you Amiga-users out there who are starting to doubt the Amiga: Did you see Babylon S on Sunday 16th June...? I rest my case.
D R. Minns Chester
M. Barnes Kent It is. Unfortunately, one of those vicious
circles. The software developers won't support the card unless
it is in wide use, and obviously the manufacturers can't sell
it in sufficient numbers unless there is some software which
supports it The Graffiti card - an excellent product that we
may sadly never see.
Ves, I know, it’s not fair on ORG chipset, but we've got to move on.
I mean, look at Microsoft: "If it doesn’t run. Upgrade your PC".
Compare this with the great leaders at Amiga “Oh. It will not run on AlOOOs - come on chaps, let’s shelf that 6Mb hard disk version and start on the 512K".
So, come on, everyone upgrade! Save your money and buy a hard disk - it need only be a £50 120Mb one: it will do just line. Buy memory, buy accelerator cards and let’s get the Amiga back to doing what it does best, running slick games and programs better than anyone else. I bet none of you have tried Seagate's range of 3.5 inch hard drives. 1 have lilted 1Gb drives to A 1200s and even A600s - they are slimmer and very quick, so they’ll lit under the keyboard without a squeeze!
Try this - 72pin SIMM, 32-bit RAM - £50 for 4Mb. That’s not even as much as a Playstation game. Put £20 away a week and in three months you have the fastest A1200 for 10 miles.
Ask anyone who has left the Amiga for the PC world and they’ll all tell you that the Amiga takes big chunks out of Pcs in every way!
“Ihit it's not fast enough; the 3D games are crap anil swapping disks is slow!" Swapping disks is just so insulting to our computers; it should be able to just load it all in without floppies. I'll always be an Amiga boff, but unless we all rally together as a team, we'll always be laughed at by the Mac and PC- users of this world.
Think about it. What do you really want? The best computer in the world to date, or a ’has-been’?
Come on Amiga-people, put your money where your mouths are... You won’t he let down.
DanielJones Blackpool Some people legitimately point out that they bought their Amiga in the first place because it was affordable anil they uiouldn 'I have to shell out loads of money upgrading it . Some of these people are the same people who have gone on to buy P('.s strangely.
Hut the average users system is generally getting mine advanced. It will be easier to tell when our survey has been compiled, but a lot of you now have ACA machines, and a significant number also own some sort of accelerator card. Hopefully we will be able to present these figures to games companies who may reconsider producing ntore III) installable software, and games which make use of accelerators.
HAPPY AND CONTENT Why do 1 Mb A500 owners complain about "software incompatibility" and "not enough money to upgrade".
Listen, most software will work on your crummy machines, like the excellent H'orasor Sensible Socrm; Why do you complain?
I have an A600 and a few weeks ago 1 was stuck with 1 Mb RAM. Until, that is. I took advantage of your A500+ and A600 2Mb expansion offer. I suggest that all A500+ and A600 should enroll in this offer, because 2Mb is becoming a new standard and 1 Mb games may be a thing of the past in the next few years.
In the August Issue of your excellent magazine, pages 77 (Workbench), 103 (Mailbag) and 97 (Real 3D version 2) all refer to Real 3D.
On page 103 and also on page 97 (the new tutorial) you show, once again, the excellent head of, shall we say, a lizard.
As I have followed and saved every tutorial of Real 3D by John Kennedy I was quite disappointed to see the new tutorial by Graeme Sandiford. Mainly because I would like to achieve something truly wonderful, such as that lizard head. (Also, I do not have Real 3D version 2.)
Would it be possible to give us one more tutorial, showing how to achieve this, including that wonderful texture. Perhaps you could stick it on one of your future Coverdisks? This would be Mv favourite Amiga magazine is Amiga Formal. I originally bought your main competitor, but I fell there really wasn't much to read, il you know what I mean.
Finally, can someone give me a copy of the Final Writer 4 I.Hr Coverdisk because I have lost it?.
Paul Bowen Birmingham 11 is true Ilia! Some oj I hr most successful Amiga games ever. Run CHIPS AMD DISKS of great benefit to us 30-users, who have not managed to go any further than your brilliant tutorials.
Even if my A600 should not be up to doing this, it would give me great satisfaction to try and get a little further than the basic shapes, etc Thanking you in anticipation of your help.
L. H. Vye-Parminter Cardiff The lizard-head picture was generated
using Real 3D2.
However, it wouldn't be impossible to create such an object in the original Real 3D.
I will have a word with the elusive Ur Kennedy and see if he will do just one more encore on some more advanced modelling techniques.
The beautiful liiard head which illustrates the power of Real 302.
Happily on a standard machine.
Lost iit Outrageous. Surrly meryone files them away securely, knowing that sooner or lain they will be looking for a particular disk with a particular program on il. Well, just this oner we may hr able to help you, hut we've got our ryes on you my lad.
STAND BY MY MACHINE I would like to congratulate you on the article you did regarding lilting a Pci Atapi CD-ROM to an Amiga. I've wanted a CD-ROM for some time now. But they have always been out of my budget range. But not any more thanks to that article.
The only real problem I had LUSCIOUS LIZARD was getting hold of a lead, so that I could still use my hard drive as well as the ( D-ROM Alter searching all over, I managed to track down an IDE BUS adaptor from Micronic in Germany, which only cost £10, but with P&P as well, the price is £32.
The adaptor is just what the doctor ordered. It's just a shame that you don’t seem to be able to get hold of it in the UK.
It is actually possible to get a CD-ROM up and running for the same price as an external iloppv drive. I believe that before long there is going to be a very large upsurge of interest in the CD area of software. I know that the CD editions of your magazine vanish like gold dust at our local VVH Smith.
I just hope that Mr Buck is watching this surge of interest.
With the savings to be made using the Atapi PC Tower cases, it can't be long before the new owners start putting re-vamped A1200s s into nice Tower units and give it a sensible price tag.
A lot of people revert back to the old days of 8-bit machines when they see Amigas in an all-in- one unit and sadly label it as a games machine, not knowing what a brilliant all-rounder it is.
Amiga-users worldwide have stood by this machine. Now is the time for new owners to stand by us.
We have been fed with false promises in the past, but this could be a bright, new beginning, let's hope so.
Is there any chance that Amiga Format may do a Tower hardware project for the Amiga in the future? I know there are PC case kits on the market, but these tend to lie a bit pricey. Keep up the good work.
K. Atkins Hull Well, we were supposed to he doing a round-up of
tower systems in this very issue, hut shipping problems and
several thousand Orangemen foiled that plan I’m afraid.
Hopefully we will he aide to bring you that feature next
Continued overleaf • ARE HERE issue, and we will be
including a "Build your oum " option for comparison. Kreft
rending... ARTISTS AHOY?
I am trying to code a AG Fstyle game. I am going to do the programming (in Amos Pro) and my friend Steven is going to help me work out lire story and come up with other ideas, but I desperately need an artist who can save their work in IFF format, non- AGA. (like Dpainl. For example).
I need an artist to draw all the characters and backgrounds. We are going to release the game in the Public Domain its shareware.
Please, could you print this letter so that if there are any readers who are are interested, they can write to me.
F. nclose some examples of your artwork if you like. I would
prefer it if you were a teenager - I am only IS myself.
Mark Wadham 25 Rosh n Close SI. Austell Cornwall PI.25 3 UN TO PC OR NOT TO PC In Brazil Amiga-users aren't numerous, but we do exist! I decided to write because in South America it's almost impossible to find information about the Amiga ‘twists and turns' (Escom. Amiga Technologies. Viscorp...). Despite all the insults I hear from PC users, I am not interested in selling my machine and buying the most recent "PC PENTIUM WINDOWSGATES".
I wish for some security and stability... and the ridiculous idea of selling and buying, buying and selling a computer annually seems poor and vulgar.
I had a ZX81. A Spectrum and a MSX before I bought my Amiga and I never regarded them as just machines.
I was recently asked to teach computing and I tried to convince the school's Principal to use J cr m m r Windows I hope wine of out talented readers fret in touch, and of course we would dearly like to see thr game when it is complete.
MIXED BAG As a voting boy I was alwavs told to voice my opinion, so brace yourselves because here I go... To anvonc considering put chasing an Amiga 12(H) - go and get one now! II you buy tine second-hand, the prices are perfect. You can pick one up for around £200 and. Believe me. You won't regret it. Just think to yourself: "I can expand as my budget allows; I can enjoy excellent serious software and be amazed at superb games with top- quality graphics and sound".
One snag though. PIRATES!
Go away - we don’t need vou, so why not try your luck with the PC!
Instead. (I'm pleased to get that olT my chest).
The software for the Amiga in high-street stores has nearly vanished, but don’t cry - just take a look through the Amiga Formal software galore. You gel a better Amigas. He didn't know anything about it and almost gave me an "OK”, but at the last moment a PC-user told him: "You'll never find someone to repair it if it has a defect" and: "Nobody can live without Windows".
AMIGA I'd be happy if you could inform me if. Living in South America. I could collaborate with your magazine and if not please print my address so I can exchange information about my country and Amiga software with other AF readers. As we say in Brazil: ATE MAIS VER (meaning goodbye)!
Claudio Morrein Padre Pedro Alencar No 31 - Blios Apt. 02. Fortaleza. Ceara Messejana Brazil We are always pleased to hear from our overseas readers. I think review than the back of a box and it's cheaper, cheaper, cheaper... To Viscorp. A small suggestion for success - advertise! Yes. I know it costs, but I'm sure it’s worth it. Look at Pentium, lor example: bloody expensive computer, but great adverts on TV to attract attention and increase sales.
I do hope the Amiga 12(H) is not a dying machine
- it would be such a crime to write it off as a waste of money
and time.
It's far from that and us Amiga- owners are praying that Viscorp will do the right tiling.
Just one other thing to those at AF- you do a line job with your mag each month, and now with a
CD. .. "yes. Yes. Yes". If you could tell us the postal address
of Viscorp, then maybe a few letters of support wouldn't go
Mr. P.J. Vallier Fast Sussex Well. wouldn' have liked growing up in your household then. Did you used sometimes people here forget how lucky they are, as it must be much harder to keep up to date in places like South Africa. South America and Australia.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for the magazine, please write in. Our overseas readers are just as important to us as our readers in the UK.
In the meantime I hope that your fellow South Americans read this and get in touch. As we say here. "Cheers mate".
FOND FINAL FAREWELL I recently came to the painful conclusion that the Amiga-scene is dying a rapid death and consequently sold my A600 off cheaply to help finance a Pentium.
As this shall regrettably be my final letter to you, I’d just like to say a few things.
Firstly, thanks for such a superb magazine. Amiga Format matured from humble beginnings to become one of the best in its field, totally dedicated to the Amiga. It's a classy read, sometimes funny and always informative, even when I didn't agree with what you had to say.
Secondly. I would like to wish you and the rest of your staff to innl on about the relative merits of garden versus processed peas, or the injustice of being sent to bed at 8pm when independent research shows that a young child's mind is most receptive to new information later in the day?
Anyhow, thanks for your comments.
Viseorp’s contact address, should you want to give them an earful is: III North Cana! St. Suite 933 Chicago. II. F 0606 USA 001 312.655.0903 voice 001 312.655.0910fax 5 every success for the future. Do you still truly believe there is hope for the Amiga-range after it has been mauled by Escom? If so. You have much more faith in this company than I do!
Virtually no space is made available to the machine in my local stores so how can it possibly go on and I gave up on Escom a long time ago - ever since their guarantees proved to guarantee nothing.
If PC Format is anything like your magazine, at least I shall be in for a great read. Thanks for the many years of pleasure which you have given me. And so long!
David O'Conner South Yorkshire We are sorry to see you go. As you will now no doubt know. Escom have paid for their foolishness, and maybe the Amiga has more of a future than anyone realised. I hope you have fun with your new machine, though I think you'll quickly realise it can never replace an Amiga.
As for PC Format I should think you will find it fairly similar to AF in many ways. I think they have a larger collection of AF back issues than we do... NOW EVEN MORE Lowest Priced Top Quality Products Official Government Including Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc welcome Printer Ribbons MATH Lull lz iz UL BLACK Lall lz iz lib Am*trad DMP2000 3000 2HO 265 245 225 Panasonic KXP1080 1180 90 289 2 74 254 2 34 Amstrad DMP4000 366 351 331 311 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 495 480 460 440 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3500 Fat.
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Other products available:- 4 x CD-ROMS, Hard drives, ’030 Accelerator etc.. All at competitive prices.
A600 l Mb w o clock - £16*95 A600 l Mb with clock - £24*95 3-5" External Floppy - £39*95 COMBINATION OFFIRI Runs at up to 2*95 MIPS - Uses standard 72pin simm - Zero Wait State - Optional Floating Point Unit - Real Time Battery Backed Clock PCMCIA Compatible (up to 4Mb) 0Mb - £44-95 4Mb * £94-95 8Mb* £144-95 , . ___ __ Internal Real Time 33MHZ FPU • £38-99 Clock now only £8-99 AMIGA FORMAT COVEt Design your own colourful fonts with Font Machine. Plus the latest version of VMM and the fabulous EdWordPro.
A gravity game that has entertained for years. This new version has more bells and whistles than a football crowd.
Tha Ar j sjJ Jt i Jcetry Gravity games have been doing the rounds for years. Sister mag. Amiga Power.
Recently made one number two in their all time top one hundred. All it takes is a simple idea, polished til it shines and everyone is hooked.
M fits the bill exactly.
The game can be played by either one or two players. Two players can play together or against each other. The basis of the game is simple, you Ilv a space ship in an environment where the gravity pulls you down (as it would). This means mastering the balance between thrust (forward on the joystick) and gravity so that you can glide effortlessly around the screen. Too much thrust will accelerate you too much and you'll ffv into the wall or ceiling, damaging your craft. Too little and you'll drop on the floor.
To direct the ship, you can rotate it and, should you find yourself flying towards an abject, you can turn around and thrust the other way to counteract your ship’s inertia. Control of the ship is done through the joystick or keyboard. If two Another fine collection of programs for you. Convert fonts into Amiga colourfont format. Master gravity control and take advantage of the latest versions of some Amiga classics.
Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... players are playing then ihe screen is split and you can bolh use a joystick or one or both use the keyboard.
When you play the game in one player mode, you'll see a sel of objectives, which arc containers llial need collecting and reluming lo your base. Two players can play together to complete the mission or you can choose the dogfight option where die aim is lo blast each other out ol die sky. You have two weapons, normal shot (lire button) and missile (pull back on joystick and you also gel a number of credits for a nice new ship, which you can trade in later for a better one. If you can afford it.
To choose the controls, use the left shift button for player one and the l ight shift button for player two. The type of game is selected by FI - One player. F2 - Two player co-operation.
F3 - Combinative. (Incidentally, some 030 owners playing single player may find that landing on landing sites is impossible this seems to be overcome by pressing lire just as you land. This demo of U3 can be registered, either through the authors in New Zealand or through FI here in the I Ron 01392 493580. It costs £10 and offers lots of new features.
THE WORMS An absolute classic arcade game. You control a worm which continues moving and grows constantly, becoming longer as you go. The aim is to get the longest worm you can and use it to trap the other player. You cannot hit walls, turn back on yourself or hit any part of your body or the opponent's. Trap the other player by forcing them to use a single width between vour body READ ME!
The software on this disk has had to be archived to fit it all on. Workbench 2 users will find the disk does everything tor them, but Workbench 1J users need to format a single, spare disk in order to unpack the R3 game. Workbench 2 users can have the game unpacked to a spare disk, which will be automatically formatted or to hard drive. If you are using WB U you'll have to use the game from Workbench, so after the game has been unpacked load WB first. Foundation Editor requires an AGA Amiga and can be unpacked to another spare disk or directly to hard drive too. The Worms game can be played
directly from the Coverdisk on WB 2+ machines, but, like R3, must be played through Workbench on WB 1.3 machines.
And the wall - llu-y have nowhere to go. The game ran be played against the computer or against another player and the controls are joystick, mouse or keyboard.
FOUNDATION EDITOR This isn’t actually a game, but a pre-preview. It's the editor for a new Settlers Cwilisntion type game being written by Paul Burkey. It's AGA only and the editor looks really good. You can use it to develop the landscape vou want to play on.
Including land height and vegetation. The mouse moves the spot on the map and then you use keys to effect a change. Left All places the current object and Left Amiga removes it. F8 flattens to the current height. I. loads a new map and S saves tile current one.
Paul is looking for feedback, maps, graphics and sounds for 11is game. We can’t wait to see it and hopefully we’ll he able to get a demo. Fmail the author on paulbfh sneech.demon.co.uk. O DISK NOT WORKING?
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC . TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford. BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
ClassX vl.83D Date:22 85 19' FontHachine - | Shadow Select 1 &| Front PI Plaswa Resolution! Get Font Load Show Load Show Edit j Get Front Save Save Exchange Free Load 1 Get Border Prefs Save JJ Quit | Border Texture 1 Antialias Font Machine David Taylor introduces another program for Desktop Video enthusiasts and the latest version of the virtual memory package, VMM.
To use. Click 011 llic Assign Demo icon, before loading. This makes an assign needed lor .1 librarv and von ran cancel this afterwards In either re-booling or double clicking on the I nassign icon.
You’ll see that die interlace is very- intuitive.
In tile background a separate screen displays the font, the texture to be applietl and the palette, f.irh section lias its own controls in tile bottom ol the screen, next to the toolbar.
II you want to dive straight in and see what the program t an do. Select a predefined demo project using the Load button. Alternatively, start a project ol your own by selecting a font from the Font section. You will see il appear in the screen and you now need to select a texture to be mapped onto it. You need to decide where ibis should be and whether it's 011 the front or 011 the side (the fonts can be made to appear 3D). Textures can lie just a simple picture, for ClassX arc ihc* company who brought you X-l) T., last month’s (loverdisk and this month we have another program from them.
Designed for DTV Amiga users. Font Maihini1 can take normal fonts and map textures or pictures onto them. The louts are then saved as Amiga colourlont format. II you don’t have an application that uses this format, then it will he ol little practical use, but it’s still tun to use and have a look at the results. I his version is onlv a demo so you cannot save out fonts any larger than 25 point.
Ul a § example a person, or more “normal" like fire.
At the end of the day, they are all simple picture files, so you can use whatever you want.
To install the software from the Coverdisk you need at least an Amiga with Workbench 2. Some of the programs may have higher system requirements and may even need additional files, such as libraries which are not included in the package. De-archiving the programs is simple. Simply boot the Coverdisk and select which package you want to install by pressing the corresponding *F key.
If you are de-archiving to floppy, then you need to have three disks ready. Don't worry about formatting them as the Coverdisk will do that if necessary. If you are installing to hard drive, then you can do so directly. If you have a non-standard hard drive like a SCSI one, you can boot that and install everything by using the All to HD icon. Remember that even after de-archiving the Coverdisk, you may have to install the program using the Installation icon for it to work.
If you don’t want to load a picture, get Font Machine la create a texture for you. I.oad a brush and click on the cycle gadget where “brush" is displayed. This will allow you to choose from plasma or pattern. Both of these types can be user-defined, and are created by clicking 011 the I.oad button.
II you don't like the way the font looks with your texture then remove it by clicking on the Free button and load another. The Palette selection next to Texture allows you to change the resolution and the number of colours.
Adjust the look of your f ont using the sliders along the top ot the toolbar. These allow you to choose the number of pixels to be applied as 3D, bevel or shadow effects. Each effect is activated by clicking 011 the button next to it. Active ones show a tick. When you have got the effect you want, click on Save Font and the font will be rendered and saved out.
If you want the lull version of the program, it is available from CilassX who can be contacted on 00 39 587 749206 or emailed at: classx(b pisoft.it. VMM 3.5 let's be honest about this. You ran never have enough RAM. It doesn't matter if you trebled your memory when you bought that 4Mb SIMM. As soon as you try and do anything with graphics, especially with today’s powerful, memory hungry applications, you'll run out of RAM as soon as you open anything bigger than a thumbnail. You could just go out and buy a new SIMM hut if, like most of us, you're not made of money, then there is an alter
native. All you need is an .Amiga with an MMU and 2Mb RAM. You also need a hard drive for the program to use space as virtual memory.
You need to install the program and note that the user' interface has two versions, one which uses MUI and the other which uses the BGUI library, so you'll need one of the two.
When you load you'll see an interface which shows which programs are ready to use VMM. If you want to add one to the list, it's just a case of selecting the executable from the file requestor.
O| Workbench .MM VM V3.3 Tasks Prograns Menory Rat Tasks Prograns Code Data ShE Y Y
- ----D E F N Y Photogenics N N PowerCachet?
N N nungwal11?
N N Enforcer ?
N N Fastcache |Photogeni Code PI Don't use W Data PI Use W Save I Use W The VMM interface allows you to select programs that will use virtual memory and the amount you set aside.
EdWordPro 5.6 has a multitude of features including a built-in calculator.
You also need to set up an amount of space that VMM can use as a memory file and where that file should be placed.
Now when you use a program that is enabled for VMM. You will find that it can use much larger projects and will load them in using the new memory file. The list of programs that can use VMM is extensive from Final Writer 5 and WotrdWorlh 5 to nil 31) and Lightwave.
Some programs, like Photogenic.t 2, may have built-in virtual memory, but you will lind that VMM is far faster. You must remember that virtual memory is much slower than proper RAM as it is running from hard disk and as such is no real substitute if you are going to make constant use of it tor the same task. However it will allow you to work with far larger files than ever before. My humble 6Mb Amiga suddenlv has 56Mb!
Don't forget that this is a Shareware program and if you want to keep it, you must register. The cost is 30DM (about £15) and all tile details are in the guide.
IBiai mm Miscellaneous Add Erogran| Jjy | Add Dir I Add Iask | Down I Bottonl Delete | Sort | Add Hin. PUBLIC alloc.
Min. non-PUBLIC alloc. | B Cancel v ;IM. ,5i InautUm 11 ! Mr cMft cm prrtUtCMS) Id t M I
• 41
- »m taring 19M C*MH itgre) - s Jm F»k Htr IK iu* tal tag Uf let
Km N ¦iNlMKf m Mil IrMSKliMS _JU jfc, fayWt | 2J Ultra
Accounts 3 can use multiple accounts and can display your
finances in graphs.
EDWORDPRO 5.6 Always popular and now updated again, IcdWonll’m is one of the finest word processors around in the Shareware world. It has recently been updated and now offers such features as auto-correct as well as the usual text editing features that you'd expect from a powerful text editor. There's full Arexx support, which means, amongst other things, that you can integrate the AS irllShareware dictionary interface and files so that it can spell check in any number of languages. (The AS iell package is available from Aminet or can be found on A CD number 2.) The program can be used to
write anything from a letter to a novel, but 1 find it also works excellently as a system editor for editing AmigaDOS scripts, especially as it allows the insertion of the Esc character which so many editors won't. Also included in the package is a calculator which can be called internally or used separately. The program can be registered so that you can use direct saves instead of always having to use the Save As function and you can have the benefits of Arexx scripLs. This costs £15 and is available from FI Licenceware on 01392 493580.
ULTRA ACCOUNTS 3 This is a home finance package which will allow you to use multiple accounts and set up debit and credit standing orders. You can predefine details of common transactions to save you time later and have the program remind you of important events such as bill payments.
Accounts can Ire set up with minimum and maximum balances and all files are saved in a password protected encrypted f ormat so that your details are safe. Should you wish your finances can also lx- displayed in a graph for you to make an easier analysis of your income and outgoings.
The program is very intuitive to use, but full details, should you need them, can be found in the docs. This program is Shareware and although the registration fee is £10, the author says he is willing to accept “poverty” registrations if you send him something for his efforts. Read the guide for details. 'Jj CAN'T GET YOUR DISK SOFTWARE WORKING?
CALL (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 VERDISKS Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Mam readers have phoned in saving they arc having problems nidi Zeeinolf2. One meg A500 users who have two floppy disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memory available to the game.
I'nfortunalcly Zeetmlf 2just doesn’t seem to work at all with some accelerator cards.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE (AF82) II liual Writer's pull-down ; menus won’t pull down it is probably because you are running a menu enhancement commodity (i.e. MagirMenu). Such programs don’t work correctly w ith final Writer and should be disabled. In order to print documents it is vital you have the correct printer driver installed in the dew printers drawer of your Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and configured using the printer prefs utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how to do this. To print larger documents Final Writer requires more memory.
If you’re using the program on a 2Mb machine, trv to maximise the amount of memory available bv removing anv utilities or commodities running in the background - if you still experience problems, use Workbench's prels utilities to alter the screen to a lower resolution screenmode. Lastly, it was inadvertently stated that ‘mu Writer works on all 2Mb* Amigas. Sorry, but it’s incompatible wilh old Kickstart 1.2 1.3 machines.
BREED 96 (AF86) II when double clicking the lnslall_Breed% icon you get an error message telling you that the command run.Ycannot be found don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that your Coverdisk is faulty, it’s just that some earlier versions ol the Workbench disk don't contain the IconX command To get around the problem; from Workbench open up a Shell window and type the following lines (pressing return after each):- copy c:execute RAM: cd RAM: execute AF86b:Install Breed96 Have your blank formatted disk and your Breed 96cli.sk ready and insert the appropriate disk when prompted. Please note that
even though the labal lor the Breed 96 disk says ",4 86a” it is, in reality, disk number ,4 Rfib.
OCTAMED TUTORIAL (AF86) If you are a Workbench 3 user experiencing problems in trying to read the OctaMFS) tutorial guide document then try changing its icon's default tool from "Ainigaguide" to "MultiView”. If you are unsure ol how to do this don’t worry it’s not too difficult. Click once on the icon called (ktV5_7ut.(dude, pull down the "Icons" menu from the menubar at the top of the Workbench screen and select the "Information" menu item.
This will bring up a window, in which halfway down you will sec the words "Default Tool:” followed by a small box containing the word “Ainigaguide”, clicking in this box will give you a text cursor, now using the backspace and del key erase completely the word "Ainigaguide” and type in the word “MuluView", press return then click on the Save gadget (bottom left corner). It’s worth remembering that the same solution should work for other Coverdisk document files that try to load tools (e.g. Muchnum) that you don’t have.
A common problem is that not everyone’s Workbench disk has a copy of the Amiga Installer tool on it. Once unpacked, some Coverdisk software needs "installing” before it can Ih- properly used. The authors often include a script that will copy the required libraries, fonts etc. to the correct place on your system. The icon for the script is usually a picture of a floppy disk with a wire and plug coming out of it. If you get an error message 'noble la often your tool 'Installer' when you double-dirk such icons there is a solution. You need to find and then copy the Installer tool from another
disk to your Workbench floppy disk or Workbench hard disk partition. If you are using floppies then use a copy of the Workbench disk and not the original, also you may need to make some space on your copv of Workbench bv deleting some non-essential tools such as the clock, calculator etc. The Amiga Formal Coverdisk 79a. Digila Organiser 2 demo has the Installer tool on it. If you don't have that (loverdisk then try searching for Installer on disks belonging to other applications that you own, especially paint programs, word processors etc. Installer doesn’t usually have an icon and is often in
a drawer such as the C drawer w hich itself rarely has an icon. So when looking for il make sure that you switch on Show:AII Files from the Workbench Window menu for every disk and drawer you look through. When you find Installer simpiv copy it by dragging its icon into the Utilities or C drawer of your Workbench.
GENERAL PROBLEMS The most common problems arc Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur is it the Coverdisk or one of vour own disks? If it's one of your own disks then that's the disk with the problem. Did you format your blank disks correctly? Try re-formatting them and do a full format not just a quick format, use the verify option and make sure you format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X- dofry. Disable Directory Caching, Trashcan and International Mode. Don’t
decrunch to HD (High Density) disks as these can lie unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it. Hi FAULTY DISK?
Please rcmembri that the technical helpline above is pinch toi dilficulties you have getting the piogiams lo work properly. II oui disk is phssnalh damaged, licnt, broken with a loose ot missing shutter, it should Ik- relumed to the duplicators lor a replacement at the following address; AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB Pt-C TIB HOUSE Tt EDWARD STREET BRADFORD BD4 7BH fins includes any system messages you marge t saving: "Read write error" Disk invalidated and "Checksum Krror" In this case, the disk has Ix-cn damaged and needs to be replaced.
Replacement Mice ..£6.95 McgaMouse 400 .....£9.95 McgaMousc Plus (3 Button) .....£12.95 Optical Mouse £29.95 Crystal TrackBall ...£34.95 Pen Mouse ..£19.95 Auto Mouse Joystick Switch £12.95 d IP A500 512K Ram Board w o clock ......£15.00 A500+ 1Mb Ram Board w o clock......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board w o clock ......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board with clock ......£30.00 A1200 2Mb Ram Board with clock......£69.95 A1200 4Mb Ram Board with clock......£79.95 A1200 8Mb Ram Board with clock ...£119.95 FPU 33MHz
.£33.00 AlfaPower Hard Drive controller A500 .. .£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000 ......£69 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99 Multiface III ...£79 NEW MULTI I O CARD FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high speed serial card. Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously. Output through 8DB25 plugs.
Electromagnetic interference suppression. Suitable for Chatline operations, Internet (SLIP PPP Dial up). Remote terminals. Barcode readers. Serial Printers. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your Amiga with SPIDER ...£299 (BBS&L Specially made hardw are and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfapowcr on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200 comes, with full IDE Fix software ...£59 Connexion New Ethernet Card FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Features:
• 10Mbit Ethernctcard ft»r A2000 3000 4000
• 16 Bit-Zorro-Bus Design - gives highest transfer rates while
minimizing CPU load
• 32 Kbyte 16-Bit-Cachc-Mcmorv helps minimize CPU load
• BNC-Connection - use with 10 Base2 (ThinEthemct)
• AUI-Connection - for connection to all Network Standards
Adpators (Transceiver)
• SANA-II - compatible driver - compatible to all Network
applications that arc based on SANA-11
• 100% Commodore A2065 compatible
• Autoboot via Netzwcrk - integrated BOOT- ROM BOOTSERVER for
..£185 _ External Floppy Drive for all
Amigas ......£39.95 Internal Floppy Drive A500 500+
......£35.00 Internal Floppy Drive A600 1200+ A-Grade Double
Density box of 50 disks including colourful labels ...£35.00
...£13.00 IMJilffliflHU_ FOR AMIGA 500 500+ 1500 2000 4000
AT-Bus hard drive controller A2000 .
- £69.00
- £99.00 £159.00 £179.00 £199.00 Alfapovver-0 controller 0Mb
Alfapowcr-120 120Mb hard drive Alfapower-250 250Mb hard
drive .. Alfapowcr-420 420Mb hard drive .. Alfapowcr-540 540Mb
hard drive ..£209.00 .Alfapowcr 850 850Mb hard drive
..£229.00 Alfapowcr-1.0G 1 .OGig hard drive
Alfapowcr-1,2G 1.2Gig hard drive .. Memory for Ajfapower-Plus
(new) marked Alfapower-Plus £249.00 £269.00 2Mb
SIMMS ..... .£30.00 .£30.00 .£60.00
.£89.95 4Mb SIMMS ..... 8MB
SIMMS ..... Memory for Alfapower (old)
Every 2Mb Zip-Rams FOR AMIGA 600 1200
IDE-120 120Mb hard drive £79 IDE-210 210Mb
hard drive £99 IDE-250 250Mb hard drive
.£119 IDE-340 340Mb hard drive
.£120 IDE-420 420Mb hard drive
.£199 IDE-540 540Mb hard drive
.£199 IDE-810 810Mb hard drive
.£249 IDE-1.0G 1 .OGig hard drive
.£349 IDE-1.2G 1.2Gig hard drive
.£399 FOR AMIGA 1200 IDE-540 540Mb hard drive
.£129 IDE-850 850Mb hard drive
.£149 IDE-1.0G 1 .OGig hard drive
.£175 IDE-1.2G 1,2Gig hard drive
.£179 IDE-1.6G 1 6Gig hard drive
.£199 IDE-2.0G 2.OGig hard drive
.£239 CHHSE3_ DD floppy disks (50) including
multicoloured dak labels ......£13.00 DD
floppy disks (100) including mull,.cleared duk labels
3. 5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 ? Install software
...£15.00 Colourftil Mouse
Mat .....£5.00 Optical Mouse Mat
.£5.00 2 in 1 Scanncr Mousc
Pad ......£9.95 Contoured Wrist Pad
.....£5.50 Plain Wristrcst
...£3.50 2Mb SIMMS
...£30.00 4Mb SIMMS
...£30.00 CD CLEANERS CD
Rom Cleaner £6.00 Automatic
CD Rom Cleaner tbanery porertd) ...£19.95 Laser Ixns Cleaner
.£9.00 Complete CD Rom for all
Amigas Quad Speed CD Rom for A500 .....£129 (needs
Alfapowcr V6.8 or higher) Quad Speed CD Rom for A600 A1200
£149 (inc CD32 emulation) Quad Speed CD Rom for A1500 A2000
A4000 .£109 ' External IDE CD Rom Upgrade Kit
comprises of: Metal case, screws. Power Connector (draws power
from disk drive port) Power Connector (for optional external
Power supply), IDF. Ribbon cable. Stereo Audio Cables.
Kit price £39 Special Offer for this Month €22£Dl Multi Media Speakers 25 watt (pmpo) .....£29.35 Multi Media Speakers 100 watt (pmpo) ..£39.95 Multi Media Speakers 240 watt (pmpo) ..£49.95 Multi Media Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)* ..£59.95
* 3D surround sound A1220 APOLLO Accelerator Board
..£99.95 A1220 APOLLO Accelerator
Board + 4Mb .£139.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator
Board 33MHz .£119.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board
+ 4Mb 33MHz ...£169.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board + 8Mb
33MHz ...£180.00 All prices include VAT. Please add £3.50 P8cP
for items under £30.00, £5.00 for items over £30.00, £8.00 P8cP
for Scanners, Speakers & Hard Drives, £10.00 courier for next
Golden Image accepts Access. Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65. Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, W'emblcy, Middx HA9 0LB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 6 00900 j UjJ3DIQ ff®
• CD-ROM Disks
• Games
• PD Software PHONE FOR FREE CATALOGUE DISK 0161 723-1638
W. * fiftltlPSPJ. Ly?
HYIfr down vour antt and Address and send Stamps to: AMICOM PO Dept Af, 22 Chunts Vim Close. Hjsmmft.
Wakefield. West Yorkshire WF4 2PH.
Tel: 0421 682227 OCTO BER 1 996 Free typesetting design service available MARKET PLACE K OisRS DSDD 30p each Pteate add B'an_DSHO 35p each so. Pan LofS G LIVE THE AMIGA FREEBEES ON 7 CATALOGUE ¦innan ,0DKKS lfBn iJtQRRQ 75disks saw Ouer 6000 disks from only s5p each ¦ we stock me West PD. Fred Fish. TMG. Score and morel We also proeide COS for all Anxia formats. Mease cel lor details.
Cataloeue Ouk M II v free il »u sand a Ask and an SSFic So lot me lies' PD and me htandkesl service around, contact - Treehouse PD B Oaktree Close. SjotwJMti. Warcham. Dorset BH20 5BP Tel: 01929 5 5389 3 E nilWfchooscolbM.tlemon.co.uk Allemaiivelv you could caiMHUnporl BBS: Capital BBS on 018 I 560 891 1 F24hrsJ Please make chciues (HS|ayaMe to Treehouse PO pmicjwiiji-, ’i*w a*.', ’mcimtajcm. Ok* am. Nir. «.
• mi’. Am *maK ftonrm sem nr. Zjer*.
Mu; *• n* jrur uumj-. Tm m -mumi caraoaa « niMi t* • t lit utr. :run. Ly H llfflPTO PUBLt TJTrtl (OPT aDOQ-j W Wm '5 cnouMRST. PctmofcujH. Dttk. V PC4 6jV DISK PRICES FROM 60P1 HUGE PD DATABASE ?star light Os.rmr Sr-on (21 91% I) fantrcM f «K*o» (2 91% labirt III 91% Thr Ones (op 111 94% Virus Wmiskop 91% Mid BU rrs 90% Tin Pm M.A iHaK 24 %% knmLoul 91% GAMES OdweCdy V2 * ma ROM Me. 5 UK tnrvm lYvWrfhrd kairi*V2 42 Skaprvhrtln V12 A Brulhirv* lAGA) Rrablt Ivmo Dnl VlaUer Mtofc-t Vi 21 MadhouwVI I SWOSS Ed Champ Man Id MISCEUANEOUS Eft's Guidr lo Ihe Inla-rnrt Intcmrl l'l.k infrmrl I'lih II
Promt LfO (fci Vveh Brass sees Term* V4-2 Mrtjload (mailt AmlCTll) Hippo Ham Soon 4 OR MGPMVIIO flGPVcmorir* SmKhnwrvTOk* Surlichl Software tAI) 221 Founiam Slteel.
Trcds 1S2T OAI MS111 212 7*14 AwnlrsKlWrr Uab ( onslul AC.'
Rn.mid.VII iO.'ORIQi mas I Irrr ds* JdT fo lOordrrrd fir T'.pprt ordrr ( AlAliH.l I* frrr an first order or phnnr Sal if)* - oi disks eg 72 Pin 72 Pin MOUSE MAT .....J MOUSE HOLDER ......?
Outer Limits B ulletm Board 0891 230044 y dul+ ( lamowr (T ifs, 3pegsy Aaovies ana a whole lot more!
8 Mb 39.00 16 Mb 84.00 full range of SIMMs & D MMs also available.
100* pre-tested 5 year guarantee .. technical support TEL 0 I 48 3 727 33 3 • FAX 0I483 747 722 Capri CD Distribution pbST ALL AVAILABLE -w-n- TITLES IN STOCK "CD 225* CD TITLES 15CK CD32 TITLES 190* CDTV TITLES NEW RELEASES MOVIE MAKER VOL 1 £29 99 ZOOM RELEASE 2 £19 99 AGA EXPERIENCE 2 £19 99 HOTTEST 6 £19 99 EMULATORS UNLIMITED £19 99 AMINET 12 £14 99 AMIGA DEVELOPERS CD £19 99 MORE WORMS VOL 1 £14 99 AMIGA UTILITIES 2 £1999 SCI-FI SENSATIONS 2 £19 99 EPIC COLLECTION 2 £19-99 WORLD ATLAS £29 99 C64 SENSATIONS £19 99 SOUNDS TERRIFIC 2 £19 99 WORKBENCH ENHANCER £9 99 3D IMAGES £9 99 AMINET
SET 3 £34 99 NFA UTILITIES EXPERIENCE £14 99 BACK IN STOCK ’HUTCHINSON S ENCYCLOPEDIA £9 99- LAST FEW LEFT -GROUER ENCYCLOPEDIA £24 99- OFFER 1: -LOCK N LOAD £4 99- OFFER 2: -CDPO 1 £4 99- THS tS AST * Skki. SELECT** OF T* TTTLfS « SPEOk OF«ERS At PliASEWRTEOBRMifORTKuffESTllST .L*S£ ¦ RK-m-hi e* % .1 -.« _ CAPRI CD DISTRIBUTION DEPT AF10. CAPRI HOUSE. 9 OEAN STREET, MARLOW. BUCKS SL7 3AA (Visitors Welcome) _ TEL FAX 01628 891022 _ WW YjtAXxf SaiGiUJfcJlfi WALC'sM- mmm ‘Plus Aerv»ber*S Only (Z-lub C o online- fop details* Outer Limits, PO Pox 67, Kidderminster, l yiO A A2 flails ehafgtfd
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the terrier thru munis .
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from only TjOjJ per disk BARGAIN HARD DRIVES FITTED 85 -500Mb
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Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter gen c
| IK K( INI.I. IS11 (8 years (iCSH 24 programs • Speak &
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KO SPANISH (Beginners • GCSE & Business) | Computer Talks am'
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NBS Public Domain 8 Watchbell Lane Newport, I.W. PO30 5XU 4 w AV NBS Public domainATIONT Issue 18 of our exclusive 36 page catalogue is now available. Why struggle with tiny print? No need lo squint with fuzzy text! Our latest read anywhere edition contains: Games. Utilities. Business. Music.
Demos, and much much more. Send SAE or phone for your copy.
Public Domain Introduction Packs New Ow ners Pack Childrens Pack Compiled fur the new Amina owner or anyone wanting to discover the wonderful world of Amiga PD!
Pack contains: Database, Copier.
Word processor. Selection of great ( ames. Virus Killers. A fab demo.
Plus our latest catalogue (Please slate Amiga model I A selection of fun and educational programs for the young. Includes: Arfistix, Storyland, Childrens fa uurites. Word Factory, and Kids Disk 1 & 2. We will of course include our latest catalogue as well!
Price onlv.... £5.00 £5.00 Price only.... HORlZON .SOFTWARE RI EKING DETAILS Svnd our order plus y our name. Uddrrxv (HI.( C K CAPITALS PLEASE!) And a cheque or!’ ( made out lo NBS. You may phone or FAX with your ACCESS or X ISA card number. Deliwry should he NEXT DAY!
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TOUCH TYPING TUTOR £3.50 A-CHORI) Guitar chord tutor £3.50 FAST FRET Speed vour fingers £3.50 DRAGON TILES Brill Shanghai £3.50 AMIGA Cds Complete I IM) lihrar) on 4 Cds. £25.99 Amos library collection. To clear.... £5.00 Various other CD & CD32 titles for £5.00 Amiga Dust Covers (State which) £1.00 TEL (01983) 529594' FAX (01983)8215991 iiuenes 13 Russell Terrace Mundesley Norfolk NR11 8LJ email:Rich(« sadeness.demon.co.uk http: www.sadeness.demon.co.uk (uk) http: amigamall.com sadeness (usa) ' Hotline: n (01263) 722169
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9. 30 - 6.00 Tues to Fri
10. 00 - 1.00 Saturday, Postage Rates add £1.00 per CD title (£4
Max) Ordering Info Credit card orders are subject to a 2.5%
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subject to a surcharge • II ordering by cheque, please make
payable to .SAdENESS Sollwaie 4 AGA Experience Vol 2 94%
Amiga User Int. • 85-90% Amiga Joker "One of the best Amiga
Cds 1 have ever used!"
• 89% CU Amiga "A very well put together CD"
• 90% Amiga Computing • 82% Amiga Format (82% - what A JOKE!)
£15.99 , par 1 ¦* The Utilities Experience Vol 1 The Utilities
Experience is the latest in the great SadENESS Software CD Rom
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Aminet Box Set 3 Third in the Box Set series. 4 CD ... set of
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£11.49y Magic Publisher ' 4 CD set of fonts and clipart.
Complete with 100 page booklet. £44.99, Amiga Developer A CD
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Contains source codes _ _ tutorials etc. £13.99 ; Alien reed W £24.99 httpJ www.sadeness.dereon.co.iik Women O he WEB A massive HIUL multimedia guide to every celebrity you could possibly thiniqV. Well over 300 meg of pictures, movie dips, and text info. Release date - Sept I Oct 96 ? 30 The 'X' CDROM This multimecSa HTML title features over 600Mb of UFO and Paranormal related info.
Contains Web sites Animations. Sound samples.
Text files and mote.
Subjects covered include: UFO's and Alien Life Forms. Crop Circles.
Est. Release date - Nov Dec 96 http:ffwww.sadeness.demon.co.uk m ® “ i 1 y P ?
JC r It's an easy question to answer this month as Ben Vost takes you on a guided tour through the plethora of programs on this month's CD.
If you want all the best new shareware, then you’ve come to the right place. A CD5 has all the greatest new programs from Aminet to enable you to spruce up your Workbench, plat music, edit web pages and so much more there wouldn't be the space in the whole magazine to tell you about it all.
On the fun side, we have some of the greatest shareware games including graphic adventures (1)WEsychoRescue Elvis), Doom clones (Trapped, AMRWolf) and conversions of favourites old and new like Diamond (laves (boulderdash), Scions (Wanraft II) and Aerial Racers (Skidmarks). We even have a game you can play over the Internet - llattlcDuel, a remake of the old Artillery game. Now how about a internet multiplayerversion of Worms} As usual, we have a great range of Reader Submissions, ranging this month from tunes to talking time pieces, from birdie to blackjack and from Amos extensions to add-on
levels for Worms.
GENERAL ADVICE Most of the programs are designed to run straight from the CD, thus saving your hard disk space, but they often need assigns to make them work properly. If you see icons like these two in a drawer you should double click on the one with the arrow pointing to the right before you start using the program, and double click on the icon with the arrow pointing to the left once you've finished with the program.
If there isn't an icon, but the program still asks for assigns, your best bet is to install the rather excellent and terrific MultiCX (AF€D4:Serious Shareware Workbench MultiCX
2) to your hard drive and run the program. One of MCX's abilities
is to allow you to assign things on the fly and this can be a
big help. If you find MCX's tooltypes a bit of a headache to
handle, then you should install MCX Prefs (the MCXP316 drawer
in the same directory as MultiCX). This gives you a GUI prefs
tool which allows you to change MCX's settings.
I So what's new? Well, we were going to bring you an exclusive demo of Myst for the Amiga (it would have been an exclusive because it was over 20Mb in size and not even a certain Amiga mag could fit that many disks onto two floppies), but alas, alackaday, we couldn't. For the full scoop check out our news pages on why we couldn't put the demo on the CD and why we think Broderbund are meanies. So what else do we have for you? We have the images to go with our Multimedia running tutorial, the Bath extravaganza, in splendid PhotoCD format as well as conversions to 24-bit IFF files, just to make
it easier for you, dear reader.
In addition to these gorgeous images, taken with my own fair hand, we have demos of all three new products from the rather groovy Haage and Partners; Storm C vl. 1. Storm Wizard vl. 1 and Art Effect v (yes, you guessed it) 1.1. Art Effect is a brand new image processing and paint program that German magazines arc already calling "Photoshop for the Amiga", it really is superb and I urge you to check it out immediately.
In addition we also have all the updates COVERDISKS This is the drawer containing the Coverdisks from the floppy version of AF and the top secret subscribers' disk filled to the brim with all manner of wondrous goodies that only subscribers can access, ha ha! Get a subscription and you too could see what's on it.
SREENPLAY We have no commercial game demos this month, but the shareware games scene is positively vibrant with new releases. Office favourite has to be the early demo of PC smash WarCraft II, a game similar in concept to Dune II.
READER STUFF We have some smashing submissions on this month's CD including an AmigaGuide to the causes of World War II and Fraser Hay's addictive but tricky game. Birdie, as well as utilities to remind you of the date and for packing and unpacking DMS archives.
+3tart Me+ magiccolors
- 4-t-1 Assigns 3 This drawer is where you'll find sample
animations from ImageFX and all the pictures for the Bath
multimedia experience both in PhotoCD and IFF ILBM format for
your viewing pleasure. You'll also find listings for the Blitz
tutorial and much more besides.
This month we have three top notch demos from Haage and Partners including Art Effect, PageStream 3.1 updates and so much shareware that we couldn't possibly tell you about it all here. You'll just have to go exploring... PD Select is our area for shareware stuff we can't categorise. This month we have a pretty groovy selection of new mega demos, some of which won't quit back to Workbench - you have been warned.
We are particularly on the lookout for icons for the AFCDs and we need is icons for the following file types: Animations Pictures Mods Programs (some demos, etc. don't have icons) Anything else you can think of would also be greatly appreciated. We would prefer the icons to follow the MagicWB style (although we'll look at anything) and if we choose your set. You'll get a big thank you and your icons used forever after on our Cds... isn't that nice?
Icon see for miles and miles If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem.
Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope Return postage will be paid. Ablex Audio Video Limited. Harcourt Halesfield 14, Telford Shropshire TF7 4QK CIS1 A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read If, instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line This is open between the hours of 2pm end Spm on Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 792341.
Email: amformatiirfuturenet.co.uk Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
Amiga gent Zuhaus?
There are some serious questions we should be asking about the future development of the Amiga. For a start, why is it that most Amiga hardware development is going on in Germany? Both MacroSystems and Phase 5 are developing next generation machines based around faster processors. And in fact, the most popular range of accelerator cards also comes from Germany. If you add this to the software output of companies like Maxon and ProDad, you'll soon discover that German companies have quite a large slice of the Amiga market.
AMIGA FORMAT So, why is this? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? And why are so many German companies still developing for the Amiga? In the next issue of Amiga Format we'll be presenting you with the detailed facts and background on a host of German companies and assessing their impact on the future of your computer. Also, Got mit uns, we'll be bringing you reviews of some of the latest German software and hardware, like Haage & Partner's Storm C compiler, and the rather fast Cyberstorm II.
Be there, or be in the dark... RESERVE YOUR COPY OF SAVE Non .111 u m iu- .tm i.sMic ni Ami}} l-oini.ii .il in.iiiv iu s,i'4cni .
In* ludin hr.iik lies of 11 Smilh .111(1 lollll Mcn ics.
November Issue On Sale Thursday 26th September 10M...GD-R0M...GD-R0M..XD-R0M...GD-R0M...GD-R0M...GD-R0M...GD-R0M...GD-I01L.GD-R1 Workbench Add-On Volume 1 XiPaint V4 The Workbench AddOrt CD-ROM u lb* .(tool com poo ion to you.
Workbench O" thit CD you will not onty find the bait program. Ihot ora avoiioble for the Anvgo bur you will olio gal thorn reodytoeun fiom the CD In odditio" to tfiii there it an mloBer ttnpt that initalli the denied program. «o yoixr hardditk Tko CD cow i oB orooi ot intereii. Oil, the programme* the user the creative ond the gomer w.J find -hot they ora lookeig for On diil CDROM there ore many shareware programs, to*ne of (hem at a toeciol price it you get registered There n e g Sbapethrfser lor 40- DM (instead at 50 - DM), in oddition lo th.. then is a 50 Mb Moc partition, so that you can
stait ploying around with Moc applications light away Then there n PowarKayer for 20* DM feisteod of 30-
DM) , that ore. Ol course, loods ot modules with ti, so that you
con try it nght owoy AmiWm. The new XII server lot the Amiga
Is available lor $ 40. M stood ot $ 50 You can la ve more thon
100 DM with thii CD fbeta)ore you onty hove to land m the
oppropnaie pog in the booklet lo the outhor of the pogrom
C2495 Magic Publisher On this unique CDROM Sat you will Imd
oil you need to create nice looking documents If you worst to
write o book, if you want lo design
o poster if you want to create WWW Pages lor the Internet or
o mogoxme. All you neod you wS Imd on thd morveloui CDROM There
are more than 10 000 Font, (Colour Font* Bitmap Font*.
Iff Font,. Adobe Fond. InteAifonts. Tiuefype Fontt ond DMF Fontt|.
More than 5 000 cKparti and 150 printer driven Mony of these cue eulukva to Mog«c Publisher You will olio find o complete mttoHolion of PotTav more thon 300 MB), co"toning oH ttt font, luplo 600.600 dp.) In order to create good looking documents, that u Final Writer 4 SC and Wordworth I 10 M -otod os the best wold processors on the Amiga For creating good looking Interne* WWW Oocumerm there are all available Free Shareware program lor the Amiga, inctudng mony backgrounds ond special oport for thit purpose The 100- poge, booklet contain, pnntotd of afl font, and dipan Atpecial BBS section
alto provided C49 95
• •••••••••••••••••• Amiga Developer CD vl.l The official
developer CD ham AMIGA Technologies contom, a» the material you
need to ston devetop.ng software forAnwga computer, Thit
includes The CD32 develops* pockoge In addition to the o-tginal
five dak tel datribuoon you will Imd the 'BuAdCCr CD write,
pockoge Pockoge, contributed by 3rd pome, Th WBPath and
AciionfSSM poclogot. Courtety of Rolph Bobel, The Envoy .2.0
developer kit, courtoty ol I AM. Inc. The tNet 225 developer
kit, veruon 2. Coursety of Interwork, Inc. Th •btkometer
Courtesy of Angela Schmidt. The Enforcer v3764 courteiy of Mike Smx Information m Support of forthcoming ope o*rng system devetoprtient* Addtnonal develop * motenal BOOPSt godga' and mioge clastes The AMIGAOS 2 04 ..ample code, as port ol the o*igirscH 2 04 NaUve Developer 1. The RKM 2 04 code examples The complete set of registered Iff forms; Iff example ond stress toil filet All IFF packages released by Commodor»AMIGA. Inc., covering 1986 through 1992 Th comd *37.1 MIDI develop , kx. The SANA-II standard pockoge ond develop * kit. The Imralet v43 1 pockoge Inlet notional iuppo-1 malenal
Sample text uttng the Ml 1508859-1 choroctor se* Tmndatlon gutdallnat The updotod 3.1 Nofrv Derelope. Kit *C* ond auembly language heodet l.le*, linker and runtime Itbratiet Syttom documentation and tutorial texts E*ample code covonng the Amgo OS 3 0 ond 3.1 featurei. The NewlfF ,39 pockoge The AmigaGu-Je and OotoTypet n documentation and example code Reference material The i collection of Amiga Guide Volume I orttdet. Covering Spring 1987
- through Jonuary Februory 1989 The complete AimgaGv do Volume W
2 arliclei in Am.gaGuide formal covering January February 1990
® through Morch Apnl 1993 alto included aim the pnnxob*. Issue,
m 3 PuUScr.pt ond Poge Stream formot. Hardware related artolei.
The 5 Include, & Autodaci its A nigoGwde laimoi Cl4.93 Aminet
Set 1 Ami net it the world i lotgoit collochon of freely d
slributoble Anugo software Up to 10 000 users access the vail
archives ervery day and counAeu programmers pubtoh directhy no
Aim net Until recently octets hi Ammet was restricted to
mternohonal network uteri W*h Aminel Set I consisting of 4 Cdi
the complete archive it published the httl W-e. This
CDROM o»ee«ton. Which is dated Jonuory 1095.
Offers on olmost morhojstble reservoe of topvalue Shareware A wide variety of programs it included Applications. Gomat. Demos, ftduret. Modi. Animoeont. Oavelocai-Matenol * contams approximately 4 gigabyttt cf toftwate n 12 500 archive* ond you wvl e«|oy the comfortable utenwedoce C29.9S Aminet Set 2 AMINET SET 2. *sed Navemba* 1995. Connth of approximotoly 4 gigabytes of softwcre m 12 000 archives Whefhe you like apphco ttoni. Garnet, communtcohon* or programming the SET gnet you oB you need Easy to use index files and teotch locilihet moke occatting 4 o peciuie £34.95 AMINET SCI 3. Dated
July 1996 contitlt ol opproxima* *, 4 gtgobytoi of tob-om in 9 000 archtvat Alto included are fuB versions al Imagine 4 0. X.fW 3 2 OctoMEO 5 0 ond tome commerool gomes Whether you like applicatsoni gomes commumcohont or programming. The SET gr.es you all you need 95 MB Utioet. 79 MB Document* 400 MB to-t toftwate. 12 M0 Dstl HO tools. 7 MB Hardware related 756 MB P-cMes & Anrmotton,. 20B MB Grophict tolfwore 394 MB Graphics & sound demos. 561 MB Gomes 64 MB MrsceHonecu. 6B5 MB Music modules. 28 MB Mutrc software. 131 MB Commumeottont. 91 MB Development Software. 68 MB Bus-ieis software Eosy
to um mdex He* and teoich facAres make accesting it o pleasure. C39.95
• •••••••••••••••••A Gamers1 Delight II Thit CD containt 1070
garnet for the Commodore Amiga from dffer mg catogories Action
Jump & Run. Cord Gomat. Puxxle* Strategy Games - a whole range
of computer entertainment awoinl Gamers Delight wiB hold you
captivated for hours ond guotontoet long!ait mg pleasure 70
games are commercial vertions no putAc domain & no demos! Thu
CD tan be run on ony Armgo with CDROM drive. 1 MB free memory
ond Joytfcck Joypod C26.9S Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill The Meeting
Peorlt Volume III coMotnt 650 MB of the fined FD toh wore no o
special uter Interface which has been created to oHow you to
find the program of your choke with eote Th content* 10 MB
Pocker. Cruncher. Archive Program, 3 MB CDROM Utilises 21 MB
CommumcolKjn ond Network Program! 5 MB Debugging Tools 29 MB
Development Toolt 13 MB Floppy. Hord Disk on, SCSI Programs 8
MB Eduamonol Program. 9 MB Gome, 35 MB Gtophici Programs 39 MB
Internet Movie Datobose Updated Veoion 7 MB Mid. Tools ond
Program, 27 MB Modi I? MB Muilc Program, 21 MB Pictures 13 MB
AmrTCP ond more for Networking 60 MB Documentation. CDROM
Databases, etc 96 MB PotTe* I 4 not previous ovodoWe on ony
CDROM 15 MB Utilhe, 30 MB MTMl-Poget Collertom ol daWypet.
Benchmark program leant programs lor amateur radio ond
efedncaf dec- itomc engineering ore alto Included C9.9S Mods
Anthology Do you like Mu,x» Do you like Computer,! Do you hk.
Comps4arMutk» Then, this ederton d what you needl 4 CD Roms M of MuucModulesI Mere thon 18000 mods of ony formot MOO, S3M XM. IT. Amiga Sy-* ** ) oS to tod b, Compo..., « poortf. By Groups then by Kindt. Ol itorad « uncompressed form
• eodoNa under oUih. Mote plodonrt Co sg along web IIMBof Mod*1
Un ASCII. An-goGwde ) ond 23MB of Moduto ftoyer, ond Trocker,
lor many «mputo*, Released h the ful og man.
Bom more thon 200 "vwou |PC and A tugo Scene) who provided wuh o pe-soriai mfoMe ond pktuva. O, we4 ot mony prenoudy vnretoased modufetl Enjoy thet 7-yaoa Wo vc work! Prepare to Itlan to 1000* hourt of MwK* C29.95 Aminet 12 Still available I C14.95 Aminet 13 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 NerNewt OfHme Vol * o the hrst duk of a new bimonthly published tenet of Amiga CDROMs which containt all Amiga related new* groupt from the internet Every volume feature! About 50 000 artclet which conrom hot rumours, important information about al aspecn of the Amga press release* discus won, ond Borne wart.
Amrnel CD 13 dated August 1996, cotstilM of approximately 1.1 gigabytes of software «s 2400 archival Since the reieote of Anwiel CD 12 more ihon 800 MB new toftwore ho. Oppeored The current edition hat a tpec.nl focus on animations several hundred animations horn the internet ware included User friendly occett software makes the Aminel CD 13 o pleoiure to use C14.95 A newveoder .s nchtded NetNew* Offtne it the cheap ofcernotive of geeng n touch w«h Usenet 04.95 All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies International Distributor: frlBB GTI
Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen • Germany Tel +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 ON THE GAMES DISK Experience the thrills of gravity hampered, rocket assisted, puzzle solving in space with R3. PLUS: The Worms - classic arcade action and a preview of the forthcoming Foundation ON THE SERIOUS DISK Font Machine - ClassX's utility which enables you to create and use multicoloured Amiga fonts.
PLUS: VMM 3.5 - you'll never run out of RAM again with this excellent virtual memory manager EDWordPro 5.6 - The latest version of the finest shareware word pro Ultra Accounts 3 - keep your finances in order with this accounts package AMIGA FORMAT DD version 1 COURIER CHARGES £7 05 EACH WAY
- A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 EQUOTATION

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