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Where does this leave current .Amiga owners? At the moment Viscorp are keen to point out that there is definitely a future for the computer. Amiga development is to continue alongside the set-top box project. Work will continue on the operating system, on peripherals and on custom hardware and an update to the OS will be available later this year. Best of all, there will be a new Amiga computer. Looking further ahead, the development of the new OS will help shape the evolution of the most important part of the .Amiga - the CPU it runs on. The long-term future of the .Amiga computer is still up in the air, which was one reason for the meeting in the first place. Although the PowerPC is the natural choice, it is far from the only option. Several Viscorp people mentioned the DEC .Alpha chip, which is already available in versions running at 300MHz. The news that Phase 5 had announced work on their own PowerPC version of the Amiga was taken with a shrug from Bill: “If anyone wants to license the operating system, we will happily meet with them to sort something out.” The mention of the Dec Alpha could be significant. .As reported in AF previously, Macro Systems are already working on an .Alpha AXP card for the Amiga. The new “openness” at Viscorp could allow them to go one step further and develop full Amiga-clones based on the Alpha. VISCORP SUPPORT FREEDOM OF INFORMATION The new "open government" policy of Viscorp is an amazing transformation from earlier days. Bill Buck was keen to reiterate that the past is the past, and whilst there were many mistakes made by previous owners, Viscorp represent a new beginning. One of the first practical demonstrations of this policy is the decision to make all the Amiga technical documentation available on the Viscorp World Wide Web site. The intention is that this will be kept updated. Previously, official documentation was released through books published by Addison-Wessley. Although a reasonable enough arrangement, it did lead to some problems for developers, as often the volumes weren't published for months after new hardware or operating systems were actually in use. Very little documentation for AGA machines ever appeared at all. The new system should mean the provision of up to date information for developers and users worldwide, with the minimum of fuss and expense. 'Another flash bit of kit with no future?1 What does Dave Taylor think? GLIDEPOINT PAGE 67 EAGLES LANDING Blittersoft are distributing a new range of tower-based Amigas called the Eagle 4000T.

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Document sans nom . 3»waR 1 ! •«- IV A .50 ¦ JULY 1996 ¦ ISSUE 86 and discover how n See back cover for details of the CD ation of Is SWO nical or sei Your guarantee of value £129.95 VIDEO BACKUP SCART......£49.95 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO.....£45.95 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20
1. 76 XL DRIVE The XL Drive allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL . . .£69.95
1. 76 XL DriVE A4000 . ...... .£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE .
1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in
conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. FLOPPY EXPANDER
DRIVES ft 4MB GVP RAM 16MB GVP RAM £629.95 £699.95 £749.95
£125.95 £159.95 ¦ M-TEC HD External IDE hard disk for the A500
comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable
to 4MB RAM 6 8 0 2 0 E C £99.95 i EPSON SCAN £4791 POWERSCAN
full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically
de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles non
interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display
....£399 £199.95 PC881 A500 £30.95 PC882 A2000 .. .£35.95 PC883 A600 1200 ..£35.95 I
3. 5 IDE .f POA
3. 5 SCSI £POA 120MB 2.5 IDE .....£89.95
340MB 2.5 IDE ..£169.95 510MB 2.5 IDE .....£289.95
850MB 2.5 IDE ...£439.95 1 GIGABYTE 2.5
Fire SCSI-II controller card.
Install up to 8MB on-board. For the A2000, A3000 and A4000.
DKB RAPID FIRE SCSI-II £139.95 The Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. The EZ Drive stores 135MB on a single 3.5" cartridge and has a seek time of 13.5ms. Comes complete with one 135MB cartridge. (A SCSI interface is required) ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI.....£199.95 ZIP DRIVE Inc. Squirrel ____£249.95 100MB DISKETTE ...£19.95 SYQUEST EZ135MB £239.95 135MB CARTRIDGE .£19.95 SYQUEST EZ135 ZIP DRIVE REQUIRES SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ZIP DRIVE 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB)____£40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . . .£75 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) £POA 4X8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) £POA 1 X 4
STATIC COLUMN A3000 ____£25 1X4 DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12 GARY ...£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE .£25 KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ......£29 PRINTER CABLE .£6 RS232 CABLE ...£6 SCSI EXTERNAL £15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 .£89.95 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . . .£95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
COLOUR II . .£335.95 EPSON STYLUS 820 £219.95 EPSON
......£49.95 SX-32 is an internal add-on card for your CD32
and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port, serial port,
external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock, controller for
2. 5" hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
SX-32 MODULE ...£199.95 CHIPS & SPARES
- 32 Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CDI CD-ROM's,
Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and
16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripheral for your Amiga
1200. Please call for more information.
Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
Call for details A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller.
SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . . .£59.95 AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95 ACE EX V32 BIS 14.4 not bt approved £80 X-LINK TRUE V34 28.8 BT APPROVED £199.95 ALL MODEMS INCLUDE SOFTWARE AND CABLES Award winning Amiga Genlock.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK .... .£259 A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) A4000 68060 (0MB RAM) 4MB STANDARD ADD . . .
4MB GVP ADD . ioEXTENDER .£69.95 SQUIRREL MPEG SURF SQUIRREL IO-EXTENDER GVP G-LOCK MODEMS H I - S O FT £159.95 £459.95 SQUIRREL MPEG SURF SQUIRREL 68060 HC-8 SCSI CARD ......£99 technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
Mai l-order pri ces All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non- EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
Mail-order terms All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES FALCON 68040RC 25MHZ . £399.95 FALCON 68060RC 50MHZ . £649.95 4MB SIMM . .£59.95 8MB SIMM .. ... . £129.95 16MB SIMM £189.95 FALCON NO CPU . £349.95 SCSI ADAPTOR . . ... . .£29.95 All Falcon's come complete with a cooling fan POWER CD-ROM VIPER 28MHZ £159.95 CO-PROCESSOR FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...... . .£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA .....£79.95 VIPER MK1 SCSI-ADAPTOR . .£79.95 i P C 1 2 0 8 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ......£55.95 PC1208 2MB ......£99.95 PC1208 4MB .....£115.95 PC1208 8MB .....£185.95 £15 £59.95 MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 £49.95 ligh resolution pen and cursor controlled Taphic tablet, including cables and soft- are. Power Template software includes emplates for Dpaint V, Dpaint IV AGA, Paint 6.4. What's more you can create our own templates using this software jor any 2.0 3.1 compliant software). When using the cursor it will emulate a 3 buttoned mouse.
GENIUS TABLET 12 X 12 ...£195.95 NCL. PEN, CURSOR AND POWER TAB TEMP S W A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM . . .£99.95 A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM ..£189.95 A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits i*§ the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM . . . . . .£90 j MEMORY CARDS 5-12K RAM WITH CLOCK ____£24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK .£19.95 .600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM ......£29.95 ICASSO II 2MB RAM . .
3ICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£399.95 NCLUDING TV PAINT 2 VIDEO DAC . . .£25 8-BIT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
VP GURU-ROM V 6 RAM EXPANSION MEGACHIP RAM GENIUS TABLET A 5 0 0 6 8 0 2 0 E C GRAPHIC VIDEO VGA ADAPTOR LPS GLIDEPOINT MEGACHIP RAM GA ADAPTOR £249.95 .A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors ind accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. Please call for further information.
For GVP Only.
Ntuitive cursor control at your finger tips 'Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to he Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) GLIDEPOINT GURU-ROM V6 The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-11 interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrel . .£169 X4 SPEED CD-ROM INC.SQUIRREL .£219 AMIGA 4000 DUAL SPEED CD-ROM EXT £139 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM EXT. . . .£199 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE ..£129 SCSI CABLE ...£10 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-5000 ...£479.95 24-BIT, INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 ...£579.95 24-BIT, INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 . . .£729.95 24-BIT, INC. IMAGE FX REV. 1.5 SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DP1 (all Amigas
not just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection, Fully supports AGA chipset, Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non-AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with
2. 04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . .£169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ....£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W . . .£49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W S W . . .£39.95 SCANNER SOFTWARE FLATBED SCANNERS POWER SCANNER FLATBED POWERSCANNER S W .£59.95 WORKS WITH ALL EPSON FLATBED SCANNERS The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI -11 adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor optional, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKIl BARE £119.95 VIPER 28 MKIl 2MB £159.95 VIPER 28 MKIl 4MB £179.95 VIPER 28 MKIl 8MB £249.95 VIPER 28 MKIl 16MB £309.95 VIPER MKIl SCSI ADAPTOR . .£69.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£229.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£259.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£329.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£389.95 CREDIT CARD NO .. EXPIRY DATE SIGNATURE TOTAL AMOUNT (inc. Delivery) £ SYSTEM OWNED DESCRIPTION . .
ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 fl ijl POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W http: www.powerc.com email sales@powerc.demon.co.uk MEMORY EXPANSIONS CLOCK CARTRIDGE (plus £1.00 postage and packing) A500 & A500+ HARD DRIVES DISCOLOGY PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET A500 + 250mb HARD DRIVE £209.99 Additional RAM for the hard drive £89.99 per 2mb ANTIVIRUS THE ULTIMATE REMOVABLE DRIVE ONLY £199.99 or £239.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 ORDER NOW BEFORE A VIRUS DESTROYS YOUR SYSTEM Hi DATA FLYER
4000SX SIMMS AND FPUS ASIM CDFS 3.0 ** DATAFLYER 4000SX only £59.99 ASIM CDFS ONLY £49.99 ULIKH CD ROM DRIVE forthe fop quality top quality enclosure with built in power supply. All cables, instructions, software etc., included for immediate use* The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside A1200 exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) ides a connector in the blanking plate ext to the .. , PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER V DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.99 ULTRA 6 SPEED £219.99 ULTRA 8 SPEED £259.99 for computers fitting cable, software, full ir months guar supplied by us partitioned and
(WB2- IWB3 forthe for immediate use. Fitting is ainple; if you can plug the mouse E you can plug i the hard drive sir
0. 1 MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA Order NOW for immediate despatch
FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (credit switch card sales only) for
enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 ||p|d CD RO
DRIVE complete with power supply, SCS|||ji spbtes, docking
station and fujHjjll instructions. Also includes stereo "• '
-- : S headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD
ENO CD ITH SQUIRREL £164.99 ITH DATAFLYER £174.99 QUAD SPEED CD ROM 85mb £89.99 120mb£l04.99 170mb £119.99 250mb £134.99 340mb £169.99 540mb £214.99 A500 Hard Drive Interface £79.99 [ Util Ft ) ' i fj M
• 1 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren
Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY
quad speed external SCSI ROM drive in a top qua : enclosure.
DATAFLYER ONLY £239.99 Highly rate storeK cart pompletef
supply, SCSI instructions ar ONLY £189.99 or £229.99 with a
Squirrel or Dataflyer Amazing power for such a low price. This
, superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28Hz and comes
complete with a 68882 FPU to enable your A1200 to run at 5 MIPS
smfon instructions per second)! Uses 72 pin SIMMS and includes
a jattery backed clock.
Trapdoor fitting. APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb ONLY £179.99 APOLLO 1240 25MHZ £339.99 APOLLO 1240 40MHZ £449.9!
APOLLO 1260 50MHZ £574.99 4mb SIMM £79.99 8mb SIMM £159.99 16mb SIMM £319.99 Access, Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
All prices include VAT. Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the world.
LOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 (Tz Vidi Amiga 24RT Pro TUTORIAL Q ARexx 7 J Advanced programming techniques explored in our first Arexx feature. Paul Overaa looks at simple ways of solving simultaneous equations.
Amiga.net Tutorial By popular demand, Darren Irvine gets back to the basics with some indispensable advice on getting hold of and setting up AmiTCP.
DBLScan John Kennedy is determined to plug a standard SVGA monitor into his Amiga without blowing up either one of them. To that end he plugs in a new device that will double the scan- rate of your Amiga's output.
C Siamese imf Like most sane people, Graeme Sandiford, doesn't really enjoy using Pcs, but he's willing to try a networking solution that will enable him to combine the "power" of a PC with the Amiga's superior OS.
GlidePoint V a David Taylor looks at the latest alternative to the trusty mouse to see if there really is any competition.
QfiReal 3D Not content with completely re-creating his mum's living room, John Kennedy is intent on filling it with some tasteful decorations (or some old tat).
Ik ft ftB,itz Basic I J 9 John Kennedy's finally begins his web browser in earnest, with some cunning string handling routines.
Rfj REGULARS 9 Month In View Nick Veitch takes a deep breath and fills you in on what's been going on over the last few weeks.
O XiPaint 4 There are very few graphics programs that can perform more than one function, but Graeme Sandiford has managed to find one that can allegedly raytrace, paint and image process. The question is - is it any good?
¦J * CD-ROM I David Taylor has all the information on which of this month's CD-ROMs are definitely worth getting hold of and which should be left poised provocatively on the shelf.
C PD Select J J A stunning selection of games, demos and utilities.
Robert Polding guides you through.
Oft Amiga.net Confused by endless configuration files? Darren Irvine investigates a graphically orientated solution.
Mailbag An opportunity to let us know what you think.
AF n O H m H in Coverdisks A disk It can be a,lonely life so join your Amiga's together anc xpancfyour horizons. Johi| Kehnecky shows. You hovy to network yttar OctaMED Soundstudio It's the Amiga's favourite music package. We bring you Soundstudio, the very latest version p110 ADDING CHEAP CD DRIVES £ 3 Simon Goodwin examines the possibilities raised by adding industry standard, cheap, ATAPI CD-ROM drives to any Amiga. There are diagrams and complete instructions on installing the hardware, and obtaining the relevant software.
Previews We reviewed this shoot-em-up for you last month and now we've got a massive demo for you.
Plus: PD favourite.
Breed 96 ?t.nfc-i a i 1 Andy Smith takes a quick glance at what's on its way towards the Screenplay pages in the next couple of months.
Primal Rage It's a massive beat-em-up with fearsome dinosaurs. Join Andy Smith as he steps back in time and encounters some Primal Rage. The impressive graphics and playability should appeal to everyone - whether you're a beat-em-up fan or not.
Total Football %sr Martin Axford joins everyone else and gets caught up in football mania. This time it's not anything to do with Euro '96 but the latest footie offering from Domark.
J y SWOS Euro '96 With the European '96 Championships already upon us it's time to tear yourself away from the TV and get out your Amiga. You've heard the single, you've studied the form, now it's time to get down to the serious business of playing the game.
Reader Games “fr *3 Andy Smith hand picks another assortment of games written by you, the readers. Be prepared to take some outrageous criticism - but there are also some really promising efforts coming in.
Total Football: It looks like he's doing the can-can to me.
.S6UW® l » II iw*'- Primal Rage: You can have gore, or you can choose the less grisly option SWOS Euro 95 96: Can we ever have too much SWOS7 (No) Gamebusters Coverdisk Instructions We've tried to include some hints on older games for those of you who haven't yet bought all the new titles. There's also some hints on tackling the Amiga Format Alien Breed 3D II Coverdisk.
UTILITIES Hippoplayer 2.11 Apex Slideshow Maker Super Crunchers Amm Pro (2) Colour-A-Morph Virus Workshop 5.6 Messysid V3.0 The Best Lottery Text Engine 5.0 (WB2+) Word Puzzle Pro Pagestream Setter Fonts (5) Executive VI MCP 1.05 Electrics Designer Cop The Lot Pro 3 (2) CBIanker 3.6 (WB3) Tude VI.0D Gold Ed 3.0 (WB3) Scout (MUI) DOS Man Diary 2000 AMITCP V3.0 AGA (2) ZXAM V2.0 AGA Shapeshifter 3.08 (4MB) (HD) Easycalc V2.0B Essential Aminet 8 Super DMS MUI V2.3 Internet Utils 2 ASI Multivision 9 ASI Multivision 10 ASI Disk Helper 9 ASI Disk Helper 10 Amiga Fax 1.42 (WB2+) Stock Control Pro
1.2 Graphics W' Bench AGA (4) Virus Checker 7.17 (WB2+) A Backup 500 (WB2+) Video Tracker AGA Garden Designer (WB2+) Citizen Print Manager 2.1 Print Studio Pro Gamble 2.1 Image Studio 2.0 (2) Ncomm 3.0 Vark CLI Utils 9 Ultimate DMC Panasonic Print Studio Magic C64 Emulator AGA 200 Utilities Disk (WB2+) Super Duper Copier Video Tools BBC Emulator Disk Salv V4 Epson Printer Drivers Printer Driver Generator Pow'er Base 3.4 Pro Lottery 96 Pro Football (2) E001 E002 E003 E004 E005 E006 E007 E008 E009 E010 E011 E012 E013 E014 E015 E016 E017 E018 E019 E020 E021 E022 E023 E024 E025 E027 E026 E028 E029
E030 E031 E032 E033 E034 E035 E036 E037 E038 E040 E041 E042 E043 E044 E045 E046 E047 E048 E049 E050 E051 E052 E053 E054 E055 E060 E061 E062 E063 MU40 U186 U187 U188 U189 U191 U192 U193 U194 U195 F013 U197 U196 U199 U200 U92 U96 U107 U117 U120 U122 U133 U134 U138 U141 U144 U146 U159 U160 U161 U163 U164 U166 U169 U170 U177 U178 U180 U216 U09 U13 U23 U95 U106 U207 U208 U209 U210 U211 U212 U213 U214 U217 U219 U220 U222 U224 U225 U227 Shepherd Hugo (3MN3.0) Donkey Kong Mario In W Land Green 5 Mangled Fenders (N1.3) Poker Mania Deluxe Galaga Chaneques (2) Dr Strange II Mash Jump Em Super Combat III
(2) Skid Racer R3 Rockets (WB3) Duck Dodgers Deluxe Pacman (ECS) Bratwurst (AGA) Code Name Nano Klondyke (AGA) (3) Pucman Boomin Eck Applejack (AGA) Cybergames (2) Egg Scramble Coarse Angler (2) Alien Bash II The Last Soldier (2) Mortal Kumquat III Dark Angel Super Skiddy Things III Super Elf Squad Trap Em Galleons Emotional Conflict Push and Shove Lge Champs Speedway Cardz!
Prem Lge Manager Funhouse III Nesquick Funnouse II Burger Bar Wheelbarrow Sim Wooglies Knockout (AGA) Helsinki Force (3) Silly Soccer Coin Mania Nicky II Ultimate Manager 1.1 Toobs Hilt II Morton Strikes Back Racing Maniacs Knights (AGA) Pengo Friday Night Pool G015 G096 G102 G107 G123 G129 G128 G124 G135 G141 G142 G143 G144 G145 G150 G151 G152 G153 C156 G158 G159 G161 G162 G176 G177 G178 G179 G180 G183 G184 G185 G186 G203 G204 G205 G207 G208 G214 G210 G219 G220 G221 G224 G228 G234 G236 G237 G251 G252 G253 G254 G290 G291 G292 G294 G295 G296 G297 Please state Amiga MODEL WHEN ORDERING Effigy
Software Effigy Emporium Station arc! Station Road Ruskington Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 9DG Phone & Fax 01526 834020 Quicker Silky-smooth scrolling 2 Music tracks per table Action replay Manic animations Easy level Medium level Ultra Hard level Stereo sound 256 colours True Hi-Res as standard Maximum Multiballs Pinball Prelude TOTAL: The Whole Experience A1200 Version Ad Index 1st Computer Centre .. 41 .
01132 231 9444 Analogic Computers ...
0181 546 9575 Bustop PD
01455 554982 Centurion PD .. ....8. 01274 677 673 Dart Computer Services
0116 247 0059 Domark ....
52. . 0181 780 2222 Effigy Software .
....8. 01526 834020 Enterprise
Pic ...
01624 677666 Epic Marketing ....10,11 .
01793 490988 Eyetech Group Ltd ......
01642 713185 Fast Engineering Services...
0171 252 3533 Gasteiner Technologies Ltd
0181 345 6000 Golden Image (UK) ....
0181 900 9291 Greytronics Entertainment.
0181 686 9973 GTI Grenville ..
0049 20178 8778 Harwoods Computers . ....73,87. 01773 836 781 Hi Soft ......
01525 718181 Micronik ...
.0049 2171 7245-60 Mutation ...
01705 672616 Ocean Software ... 120,121 .
0161 832 6633 Owl Associates Ltd .....
01543 250377 PD Soft ..... ....24,25. 01702 306060 Power Computing .2,3,123. 01234 273000 Premier Mail Order ....
01268 271 172 Quantum ..
01506 461917 Selecta Fount ...
01702 202835 Siren Software . .4,5. 0161 796 5279 Software 2000 . 114,115.
01827 287377 Special Reserve ...
01279 600204 Visage Computers
0115 964 2828 Vulcan Software .. ..66. 01705 670 269 Wizard Developments ..47. ...01322 272908 EDUCATION Amiga Tutorial Artistix Amiga French Verb Basic Tutor Colour It Chemesthetics C-Encyclopedia (12) Communicate Dinosaurs Dinowarp D Paint III Tutor Dunks DTP Discovery Of The Atom (2) Easy Spell II Euromaps Fractions & Silhouettes Guide To Lwr Back Pain GCSE Maths Module I How The Earth Began (WB2+) Highway Code Tutor Inside Out Gas Turbine Inside Out Petrol Engine Inside Out Steam Engine IQ Test Invasion Maths Languages (1.3) Kids Paint Learn & Play
I Learn & Play II Mr Men (1.3) The Mind Mr Robot Speak & Spell Match With Humpty Noddy's Playtime Demo Noah's Guide To The Amiga Octamed Tutor Quizzbase Rock A Doodle Story Land II Simon & Space Maths Nursery' Rhymes (2) Starlab Treasure Search Talking Colouring Book World Database II Words II World War II World Geography Workbench II Tutor Spanish French German Back To School I Back To School II Back To School 111 Education Collection (5) Jack Frost Story Operation Desert Storm The Red Planet Keyquick Typing Tutor SEND 1 x FIRST CLASS STAMP & SAE FOR A FREE CATALOGUE DISK.
POSTAGE RATES: UK = 75p Per Order OTHERS = £1.50 Per Order PD DISKS ONLY ORDER HOTLINE: +44 (01274) 677673 9am-6pm 5TJp Per Disk CENTURION Public Domain Library (DEPT AF) 24 Wastwater Drive. Woodcrest, BRADFORD, West Yorks BD6 2TN WE SUPPORT THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS BBS +44 (01384) 865626 & THE AURORA BBS +44 (01942) 709263 GAMES IN THIS ISSUE I CD ROM UPGRADE KIT MOUNTING -- . . ... .
- ---- - S3 =¦ 1'Y*. I.' f' ¦ EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick Veitch
CONTRIBUTORS John Kennedy, Andy Smith, Darren Irvine, Simon
Goodwin, Dale Bradford, David Taylor, Robert Polding, Martin
tward@futurenet.co.uk PRODUCTION GROUP PROD. MANAGER Judith
IMAGESETTING Jon Moore, Chris Stocker, Mark Gover, Simon
Windsor, Jason Titley, Oliver Gibbs COLOUR ORIGINATORS Phoenix
Future Publishing 01225 442244 OVERSEAS LICENSES Mark Williams
0171 331 3920 AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth St, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW
Telephone 01225 442244 Facsimile 01225 318740 E-MAIL ADDRESS
amformat@futurenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT)
WWW Site: http: www.futurenet.co.uk computing
Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset. FREEPOST, TA11 6BR
Telephone 01225 822511, 9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 E-mail:
subs@futurenet.co.uk CUSTOMER SERVICES Telephone JULY 1996 VIDI
AMIGA 24RT PRO P58 The Amiga has long been recognised for its
grabbing powers but can this new digitiser carry on the
impressive tradition of it's predecessors.
PRIMAL RAGE P38 Before you skip past this page, can I just say that we all expected this game to be terrible, and were most surprised to find it emanently playable.
ATAPI P26 Continuing our tradition of finding ways to save you money Simon Goodwin shows you how to add cheap CD- ROM drives.
Jjfei r 65% 1 v5 mm INTERNET P90 After many faxes, phone calls and emails, here is the tutorial you've all been waiting for - how to set up AmiTCP on your Amiga.
TOTAL FOOTBALL P36 It may seem rather superficial, but what Total Football lacks in options it certainly makes up for in playability. One of the most exciting footy games for an age.
PD SELECT P53 Another selection of the finest offerings from the Public Domain. Many of these are also featured on the AFCD Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation December 1995 Month In View More surprises as this month we learn about the first true Amiga clone from Phase 5, and Viscorp's plans... Well, blow me! I wrote an article priority is the ED set-top box. They are for the industry magazine committed to producing a new Amiga, and a CTW suggesting that perhaps new operating system, amongst plenty of companies like Macro System other things (see page 12 for the full YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just ten years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in
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BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, jj j better quality - ™ ¦ ill Ikf* magazines you can V I U I V trust. P r B l i s h . G Well, blow me! I wrote an article for the industry magazine CTW suggesting that perhaps companies like Macro System or possibly even Phase 5 would consider producing a licensed Amiga clone. Three days later I receive a message from Wolf Dietrich of Phase 5 saying they are doing exactly that.
We should all be thanking them, not only for making me look clever, but for helping to AS&rap keep the Amiga dream m alive. While the Amiga is , certainly much better off in the hands of Viscorp, their first priority is the ED set-top box. They are committed to producing a new Amiga, and a new operating system, amongst plenty of other things (see page 12 for the full report) but having the platform supported by seasoned Amiga hardware manufacturers can only be a good thing.
Phase 5’s machine would represent a huge leap forward for the Amiga.
They deserve your appreciation, so please if you are able, send them support - all the details are on page 14.
Well, that’s cheered me up anyway!
Printed in the UK.
All contributions submitted to Amiga Format are submitted and published on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Future Publishing, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
Nick Veitch, Editor © Future Publishing Limited 1996.
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1 THE NEW DEAL The latest version of the ED is different from anything which has ever gone before: even the prototype Walker was designed as a desktop computer, relying on a keyboard and disk drives for die input. The Amiga version of Ed is a different concept entirely.
• Designed primarily for use as a set-top box or to be integrated
into existing consumer electronics.
• Improved design makes high speed data transfers possible.
• Expansion capabilities allow additional cards to be added, for
example cable modems.
• Huge 4Mb ROM, with built-in TV friendly Web browser, GIF and
JPEG support.
• Library support for new features, including sound compression.
• Keyboard socket and other "computer" expansions available.
• Chip and fast memory on board.
• Viscorp reveal future plans for Amiga.....p 12
• Phase 5 to release PowerPC based clone . . . Pl4
• Lightwave 5 on its way .pl5
• Bookmark publishing’s offer to AF readers . P 15 Viscorp Unveil
Future at Toulouse The Amiga is not dead. That is the message
that representatives from Viscorp were keen to put across at
their recent conference in Toulouse, France.
Bill Buck, head of Viscorp, opened the meeting with a flourish. Over 200 people from France, Spain, Germany, America, Italy, Norway and the UK had crowded into the Ecole Superior de Economic to hear what the future held for the xAmiga, and everyone knew that some impressive rabbits needing pulling out of some large hats.
Bill got off to a good start by standing in the middle of the stage and announcing that, put simply, ‘Viscorp is committed to the future of the Amiga computer’.
He went on to say that a new Amiga computer would be developed, but that it would not be the Walker - the Walker project has been cancelled. This is one of the first steps which the soon-to- be-new owners of Amiga Technologies have decided on, mainly because it would not offer a significant technological advantage for the price, or for the effort which would have to go into making it a reality.
SAY HELLO, MR ED As reported in Amiga Format previously, the core of the Viscorp business is the so-called “set-top box”: the marriage of television, telephony, the Internet and computers.
This is the way Viscorp see the personal computer evolving, and they have been working on the project for quite some time. They already have a three year old box, called ED, and tests in America have been extremely successful. But with the explosion of MOUSETASTIC AmiPC Power Mouse is a program that makes it possible to attach and, more importantly, use a standard PC serial mouse with your Amiga. The software costs $ 14.95 and you can also purchase the software and serial convertor for $ 24.95 or all this and a Microsoft ”J“ mouse for $ 49.95. More info is available from Legendary Distribution on
001 519 753 5052 or at their website; http: www.io.org - legend.
MONUMENTAL PROGRAMS ProDAD Inetemational have just converted the excellent Monument Designer 2 to English and ClarriSSA 3 is set to follow. Monument Designer is a superb proffesional-quality titling package with plenty of useful features and spectacular effects. It costs 399DM and to find out more call ProDAD on 0049 2206 82728.
SX-32 IMPROVED Following our review of the SX-32 in issue 84, Eyetech have made some improvements. A full and improved manual has been written and there’s a new CD32 SX-32 Keyboard disk bundle, with a CD32, an SX-32, a full Amiga keyboard, Workbench 3 and the choice of a 44Mb hard disk or floppy drive. All this costs £399.95 and is available from Eyetech on 01642 713 185.
THE REPORT Eric Laffont had the unenviable task of reading through more than 2,000 emails from Amiga users the world over, keen to express their hopes and suggestions for the Amiga. At the World of Amiga show in London, Bill Buck asked for ideas - and he got them by the thousand.
Users from over 100 countries took part, and the demands were simple. "Don't ignore us!", "More documentation!", "New better, cheaper hardware!".
Users wanted to express their loyalty, and yet they also wanted to make it clear that new and exciting Eric Laffont struggles hardware was essential to stop them drifting away manfully with IRC. To the PC platform.
Connected to (or built into) a TV set.
With a press of a button you’ll be able to telephone your friend, send a fax or call up a World Wide Web page. Viscorp plan to license the technology and then let others do the work of getting the disguised Amiga into homes worldwide.
Viscorp have plenty of rivals in the set-top box field, but their advantage is the ability to build devices which are powerful, flexible and most of all, cheap. This is why the original deal to license the Amiga operating system and chipset made so much sense.
As Amiga owners know7, unlike Windows 95 for example, the Amiga operates in a tiny amount of memory and is so small and efficient it can operate without a hard drive - the entire OS and custom ED software will be included on ROM.
This set-top box will also be an Amiga, although it might not look like one. Viscorp are determined not to break existing software. Having many excellent applications available gives it a headstart on any rival system, and inheriting the fanatical support of .Amiga fans world-wide is a bonus.
Where does this leave current .Amiga owners? At the moment Viscorp are keen to point out that there is definitely a future for the computer. Amiga development is to continue alongside the set-top box project. Work will continue on the operating system, on peripherals and on custom hardware and an update to the OS will be available later this year. Best of all, there will be a new Amiga computer.
Looking further ahead, the development of the new OS will help shape the evolution of the most important part of the .Amiga - the CPU it runs on. The long-term future of the .Amiga computer is still up in the air, which was one reason for the meeting in the first place. Although the PowerPC is the natural choice, it is far from the only option. Several Viscorp people mentioned the DEC .Alpha chip, which is already available in versions running at 300MHz.
The news that Phase 5 had announced work on their own PowerPC version of the Amiga was taken with a shrug from Bill: “If anyone wants to license the operating system, we will happily meet with them to sort something out.” The mention of the Dec Alpha could be significant. .As reported in AF previously, Macro Systems are already working on an .Alpha AXP card for the Amiga. The new “openness” at Viscorp could allow them to go one step further and develop full Amiga-clones based on the Alpha.
VISCORP SUPPORT FREEDOM OF INFORMATION The new "open government" policy of Viscorp is an amazing transformation from earlier days.
Bill Buck was keen to reiterate that the past is the past, and whilst there were many mistakes made by previous owners, Viscorp represent a new beginning. One of the first practical demonstrations of this policy is the decision to make all the Amiga technical documentation available on the Viscorp World Wide Web site. The intention is that this will be kept updated.
Previously, official documentation was released through books published by Addison-Wessley. Although a reasonable enough arrangement, it did lead to some problems for developers, as often the volumes weren't published for months after new hardware or operating systems were actually in use. Very little documentation for AGA machines ever appeared at all.
The new system should mean the provision of up to date information for developers and users worldwide, with the minimum of fuss and expense.
'Another flash bit of kit with no future?1 What does Dave Taylor think?
GLIDEPOINT PAGE 67 EAGLES LANDING Blittersoft are distributing a new range of tower-based Amigas called the Eagle 4000T. The basic unit will cost £1299.95 and to find out more call Blittersoft on 01908261466.
NEW MICE FOR OLD Golden image are currently running a special trade-in deal on their Hi-Resolution and three-buttoned Megamouse-Plus. The company will accept any mouse, whatever its condition and they will then supply you with the Megamouse- Plus for just £9.95. Contact Golden Image on 0181 900 9291.
STORM BREWING Thunderstorm is a new game from Sweden that claims to be a combination of Alien Breed-style graphics and RPG gameplay. Featuring a 45% isometric view the game is set in the future and will no doubt feature lots of running down dark corridors looking for things.
Even before the Toulouse conference, at least one major Amiga developer announced a commitment to developing a new .Amiga. Phase 5, who are already working on a PowerPC upgrade card for existing .Amiga machines, are now planning to manufacture a completely new Amiga based around this processor, hopefully launching in the early half of next year.
Explaining this decision, Phase 5’s managing Director, Wolf Dietrich, told Amiga Format “It is time for a radical leap forward in technolog)-, that needs to be borne by a vision of a computer for the next millennium”.
In line with this philosophy, Phase 5 promise that the new machine will use a highly redesigned chip set, enabling this new .Amiga to achieve “hitherto unknown performance”.
The operating system, which will have to be completely re-written to work on the new7 processor, will not be such an obstacle to Phase 5. Gerald Carda, Technical Director of Phase 5 explains: “As we are already developing an Amiga compatible PowerPC-Exec with an expansion library and a PowerPC CyberGraphx version for the PowerUp developments, it is only logical that the next step will be the development of the other components.” COMPATIBILITY “.An operating system that is compatible with Amiga-OS 3.x makes it possible for the user to continue to use existing software under CyberGraphX while
developers who already give massive support to CyberGraphx will be able to continue to maintain and develop their products. In this way w:e will be enabling Amiga users to switch to the new system without any problems."
A high degree of component integration should allow7 for dramatic improvements. Based on the PowerPC as the main processor, the new computer, is planned to include: hardware support for MPEG and 3D graphics, 24-bit graphics at a resolution of up to 1600x1200, 16-bit stereo sound input and output, video and genlock compatible outputs and some audio and visual processors built in. The system will be rounded off by a Fast SCSI-II controller, a network port and an ISDN interface.
COMPETITIVE PRICES Wolf Dietrich proudly claims: "In terms of performance the processor has no problems in keeping up with a Pentium. However, there is no sign of any comparable graphic performance anywhere on the PC - the features of our systems will be difficult to match.” In spite of the extravagant specification, Phase 5 believe that their .Amiga will not be a dream machine at an unreal price. In the words of Wolf Dietrich: "According to current price calculations we will be able to offer the good value for money for which our products are already renowned."
The price of the machine at launch, based on current market prices for the components will be around DM3,000 (£1,400) for a complete system and this would compete very favourably with current PC prices.
MOTOROLA BACKING Perhaps most importantly for Phase 5, they also have the full backing of Motorola, the manufacturers of the PowerPC chip. "We appreciate the powerful and innovative concept that Phase 5 represents and we fully support the efforts of this company as a partner in our strategy," says John Letham, Technical Marketing Manager, Motorola RISC Microprocessors. "We have had a number of joint meetings now and we are impressed by their know-how and vision."
What can possibly hold them back now? "By the middle of 1997 we will have invested seven-digit figures in this project", says Wolf Dietrich. "We have the know-how, the development team, the technical equipment, the support from third parties (especially Motorola) and the financial basis for this project.
“The only thing that we still need is massive and positive support from Amiga users. After all, such a project only makes sense if there is still a large number of convinced .Amiga fans. We therefore appeal to all Amiga fans to write to us, to send us faxes or emails (to the address specially set up for this purpose: aproject@phase5.de). Every positive reaction will strengthen this forward-looking project."
? The Bradford Column The latest version of Lightwave will be here very soon and you too will be able to create images like these.
' | vVXVVj Someone was telling me that, within a few years, there could be as few as ten software publishing operations left. How ridiculous, I thought, there are well over 100 publishing firms and many of them are doing extremely good business. His reasoning though, was based on the fact that to develop a new title these days can cost anything between £500,000 and £10M with a two year gestation period. Therefore it will only be the superpublishing groups who will have the cashflow necessary, and many of today's smaller publishers will be swallowed up by the bigger ones and be solely
development groups.
I'm not convinced, but it's a reasonable argument - and, if nothing else, it surely proves how foolish some of these companies are to write off the Amiga. What other machine can anyone (with a little application and a copy of Blitz Basic) design and write a commercial-quality package on for less than £500? Okay, the end result may not have the sales potential of some of the newer formats, but there are very few titles which sell in huge numbers these days.
It Is so often the 'one bloke with a dream' who came up with the original Ideas Publishers should actively encourage Amiga coders as it is so often the 'one bloke with a dream' who came up with the original ideas (Lemmings, Worms, to name but two - both written originally on the Amiga).
With such huge budgets having to be apportioned to new CD-ROM concepts, there is every likelihood of publishers 'playing safe' and producing endless variations on previousiy-successful themes and this only results in the consumers becoming increasingly jaded with the end product.
I don't know of any successful title, on any other format, which was written by a so-called amateur programmer. And if someone asked me how they could write a game on Saturn, PlayStation, or even PC, I wouldn't be able to tell them. But Amiga, that's a different proposition altogether.
The other thing In Its favour, from a publisher's point of view, is that there are many people out there actually writing games at home. They may need a bit of tidying up but with programmers funding their own development in their own time, the need for huge budgets is eradicated - they're being presented with an aimost-complete product.
I don't know, perhaps the answer is for me to start a publishing operation specialising in Amiga. Actually, that's not such a bad idea. Written any good games lately?
Shoot Dale Bradford down in flames via fax, if you want to on: 01633 896087.
Light Again Newtek have just finished work on the latest version of their excellent 3D program Lightwave. After being premiered at the NAJB show in the States earlier this year version 5 boasts several new features.
Premier Vision will be distributing this new version by the end of June and are expecting upgrade prices to be in the region of £265. The program will have all the features of the previous versions as well as 200 more. These include metanurb modelling, advanced bone and inverse kinematics functions, muscle controls and loads of new HIIp modules. For more details either isit NewTek’s website at: http: www.newtek.com or call Premier Vision on 0171 721 7050.
One of the most powerful and elusive 3D packages on the Amiga, Aladdin 4D, has been bought by Nova Design, the creators of ImageFX. Aladdin 4D is known for its spectacular particle systems and realistic gas and liquid effects. As well as adding several new features Nova Design will also be changing the appalling interface.
This should mean the program will come closer to reaching its potential and also become more widelv available.
The company is also working on ImageFX 2.6 which will also contain a range of new features and you should expect to see both of these products later this year. Contact Nova Design on 001 804 282 5668.
Is about starting on the Internet with your Amiga.
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Networking is something which is shrouded in mystery on the Amiga.
Is it really possible to link Amigas together? How? How fast is it?
How much willJt cost?
WHAT'S IN THIS FEATURE Easy PC Linking page 18 ParNet .page 19 TCP IP .....page 20 Master Mac Linking page 21 Oi 3 he answers are usually 2 T * Q£ Lit This solution has the disadvantage of costing money as the modems need to be dialed into BT’s network.
So, do without the modem. Use the Amiga’s serial ports, but do without the modems. For this trick you need a null modem cable, w hich is wired in such a way as to make the Amiga’s believe they each have a modem attached. Run the terminal software of each machine, and then you should be able to copy the files across.
Any problems? Yes, two. First of all this serial link isn’t particularly fast.
Serial links send one bit of information at a time, and this is a slow process.
Secondly, it’s quite a nuisance to use a terminal emulator and mess around with baud rates, bit protocols and Zmodem uploads. Serial links are great for games (Stunt Car Racer, Lotus, Knights of the Sky) but for serious data transfer they leave a lot to be desired.
Copying files between machines on a TCP IP network is made possible with FTP.
Here a PC has logged into an Amiga and is getting ready to send some files over.
A lone computer is a powerful thing, but a computer which is linked to other computers is more powerful still. A network is so much more than a convenient way of copying files. A I network opens up entirely new and exciting ways of w orking.
We’ve all seen how the Internet has exploded in popularity, giving everyone access to more information than ever before. Information access is what networks are all about. A network will let you share files with other users, so you can all w-ork together on a project.
Or many computers can make use of expensive peripherals such as large removable hard disks. CD-ROM drives or printers. Networking makes it possible for many Amigas to work together as one, rendering frames for an animation for example.
It’s not just Amiga’s which can benefit either. Networking has several standards which are cross-platform: in other w ords, you can connect your Amiga to Pcs, Apple Macs. UNIX boxes or even the biggest network of them all: the Internet.
I Mil Hi .1 f ft J Hi If you want to quickly copy some small files between two Amigas, the easiest way is often to copy the files to floppy disk and w alk over to the other machine. This no-tech approach is often called “sneakernet”. And the great advantages are that it works well and it’s very cheap.
However, when you want to copy lots of files or files which are too big to store on single floppy disks you start to run into problems. Yes, you could use external Zip or Jaz drives and sneak across with the cartridges. Or you could use Split and Join utilities to chop a file into parts and transfer each one at a time. It’s not a fun solution though.
Computers are supposed to be good at moving information, and relying on moving magnetic disks from one place to another isn’t particularly impressive.
If you have used a modem to dial into a Bulletin Board or the Internet, you’ll knowf that moving data is what they are designed to do. One way to C copy files between two Amigas is therefore to use two modems, and set one to dial the other. Using standard terminal emulation software you can then copy files using Zmodem protocols.
Confusing and full of jargon
- although in this case they Q are “yes”, “lots of different
ways”, “depends*' and “as little or as much as you like”. We’ve
gathered M together as much information on Amiga networking as
we could find. Everything from hardware to software is covered.
It's time the Amiga stopped working on its own. And became a team player.
Vvlf it. A Swapping files between Amigas and Pcs is such a common occurrence that many Amiga owners have CrossDOS permanently installed on their Workbench. However, networking between the machines is a little harder.
As always, Ethernet offers the easiest and fastest solution. Windows95 has built in support for TCP IP which makes a basic file-swapping link possible. If you like other operating systems, the freeware UNIX clone Linux is another option. It runs on the PC and with it you can do all sorts of clever things from linking via SLIP, using the Amiga as a terminal or running an Xwindows system.
Thankfully, there are less expensive and techy solutions.
The null-modern trick works perfectly, but the program TwinExpress is even easier to use and makes swapping files relatively straightforward.
(12) POUT
(11) BUSY
(13) SEL
(10) ACK (18-22) GND PARALLEL PORT s I m leH cfi eJ Modem General
Interface PPP Dialer TCP IP ¦ _ -- .
J. Uoit o | RTS CTS Flow control Serial mode 8N1 auto 1500
Networking systems which use the Parallel ports are going to
be faster by definition, as they can shift eight bits at a
time, instead of one.
One of the first parallel port networking programs was ParNet from the Software Distillery. Using a special DIY cable, ParNet is a very clever piece of programming. It creates a “networked filesvstem* in that the devices of the first Amiga are available from the second and vice versa. For example, imagine an Amiga 1200 fitted with a hard drive with two partitions called hdO: and hdl: connected up to an A500.
ParNet is a budget-basement networking solution for connecting two Amigas. It works using a special cable linking the parallel (printer) ports, and only works between Amigas: not with Amigas and other machines (that said, a program called ParNet-PC is available although it looks quite scary and is not recommended for beginners). There are various versions of the ParNet software available, and these are as follows: PARNET - the original ParNet software.
PARBENCH - ParNet with a new and easy to use installer.
PARNFS - an updated version of ParNet slightly more stable.
Various utilities are available which run on top of ParNet and these allow machines to send electronic mail to each other and take control of the mouse and keyboard on the remote machine. It is important to use a cable constructed especially for the job: do not use any other kind of parallel cable! The cable has the following connections. Try to keep it as short as possible, and use high-quality shielded cabling.
Double check the gender for the DB25 connectors you'll need to connect to your Parallel Port.
A500 A2000 Parallel port is Female so you need a Male connector.
A1000 Parallel port is Male so you need a Female connector.
ParNet is useful when one machine lacks a hard drive. It's possible to make a minimum floppy disk for this machine to boot with: it loads ParNet and then boots the rest of Workbench from the hard drive of the other Amiga. ParNet has also given a new lease of life to CDTVs. These were Amiga 500's in a smart case with a CD-ROM drive. Using ParNet other Amiga's could access the CDTV's CD-ROM drive.
With ParNet running, the A500 can access the two drive partitions on the A1200. Icons for them will appear on the A500’s Workbench. The A500 can load and save programs. The A500 can even access the A1200’s floppy disk port and RAM disk. This is the nearest to “real” networking you can get for free, and it's well worth investigating.
Over the years, there have been advances made to the ParNet system.
New installers have appeared which make it a lot easy to get the software up and running (ParBench for example).
Continued overleaf CABLE: Connect D7-D0, SEL, POUT, and BUSY across.
Connect ACK (FLAG interrupt) to SEL locally:
- D7-D0
- +--+- SEL
- V- ACK
- -GND Miami is a new piece of software that aims to end the
confusion surrounding setting up networking software such as
AmiTCP by providing a clear and simple graphical interface.
Erotocol EOF mode MTU IP lype Use CP Internet for Use BootP Online (18-22)
Q. evice gvpser .device Speed 115200 PPP 10Base2: A class of
cabling used with Ethernet hardware. Also known as "Thin"
Ethernet or ''Cheapernet" as it uses relatively inexpensive
co-axial cable.
10Base10: So-called "Thick" Ethernet cabling, using largish D-style plugs and sockets.
10BaseT: Ethernet cabling using plugs which look the same as those on the end of telephone wires.
ARCnet: A now defunct networking system similar (but not compatible with) Ethernet.
AS225: An implementation of a TCP IP stack for the Amiga, originally developed by Commodore.
AmiTCP iP: An implementation of a TCP IP stack for the Amiga.
Baud: The number of state changes on a communications line per second. Often confused with BPS.
BPS: Bits per Second. The actual number of bits that are transmitted across a communications link per second.
Client: A program which is used to extract information from a server.
CSLIP: Compressed SLIP. See SLIP. Then compress it a bit.
Demon: The UK's first (and one of the largest) dialup Internet access providers.
DNS: The database which contains all the Domains and their corresponding IP addresses.
Domain Name: This is an address of a given computer system on a network such as the Internet.
Driver: Software which is written to control a piece of hardware, such as a modem or a networking card.
Dynamic addressing: A system whereby the IP address of a dial-in Internet account is allocated from a pool every time the user dials in.
Envoy A peer-to-peer networking package for the Amiga.
Ethernet A networking system, using hardware which can transmit data at up to lOMbit second.
Continued overleaf 4 A null modem cable is used to connect two computers together via their serial ports. The computers can then run standard terminal emulation software and upload and download files using Xmodem or Zmodem. Serial leads are also used by many games to offer a "I ink "so that two players can play at once, or play against each other. Making a null modem cable requires two suitable connectors.and a length of cable. You need to connect GND together on both machines, and then connect RX on one to TX on the other, and vice versa. On a 25 way connector, this means connecting pin seven
together, and swapping around two and three. Some software requires additional connections to be made for “hardware handshaking". This means that RTS and CTS need to be swapped (four and five) and sometimes DTR and DSR (twenty and six). Some systems require a Carrier Detect signal. If so, connect pin eight to pin five.
0 o z 5 O 5 UJ Z Networking Application (e.g. Printer sharer) Network Protocol (e.g. Envoy) It was only when the SARIA-EI Ami SAN A-11 standard was developed that the .Amiga had any real chance of serious networking. SANA-II was created by Dale Larson, who worked as a Software Engineer at Commodore.
The idea was to create the network equivalent of a serial.device driver, and it would be used to separate the networking hardware from the network protocol.
Network Hardware (e.g. Brand X Ethernet card) The Amiga is a very flexible system, and so is the SANA-II standard. The SANA- II drivers are designed to allow multiple protocols to be used at the same time, and even use the same piece of network hardware. For example, a single Ethernet card with a single SANA-II friendly driver could be used both by a Web browser running on TCP IP. And share a printer using Envoy.
The advantage of using the intervening SANA-II driver is that it completely divorces the hardware from the software. For example, imagine you have an Amiga running the Envoy networking system, fitted with an Ethernet card. The Ethernet card came with a SANA-II driver, which Envoy happilv uses. Now, remove the Ethernet card and fit an AmiLink system which SANA-II Driver (e.g. driver for Ethernet card, brand X) TCP IP is a networking protocol. It looks after how data is transmitted and received, and makes sure it gets to where it is supposed to. It splits data up into little packets, and
addresses each one using a unique aIPu address. If the data arrives in the wrong order, or if a packet is missing, TCP IP will take care of it. This robustness makes TCP IP ideal for dealing with very large networks such as the Internet but it can also be used on smaller scale local networks too.
As far as the Amiga is concerned, there are several implementations of TCP IP. Perhaps the most popular is AmiTCP, which is available in demo form from Aminet and in full commercial form from Blittersoft. Escom managed to put together their own Internet pack, and this was based on a version of AS225r2 (sound familiar?). There are other versions available as well: a version called Miami is due very soon.
(See our Amiga.net tutorial on page 80).
VD r- b 3 Installing TCP IP is not a problem: configuring it is an entirely different matter. In inners order to work properly. The TCP IP needs to be set-up with vital information which is unique to your system. These settings are contained in various files scattered throughout the installation. This isn't really done to annoy you, it's a consequence of how flexible and powerful the TCP IP protocol really is.
The first information you need sets the name of your machine and its IP address. If you are setting up TCP IP to interact with the Internet via a Service Provider, they'll probably already have supplied you with this information. They'll also provide the address of the machine acting as a gateway. If not you can usually make up your own values - although within reason.
Some IP addresses have special meanings, so stick to using those within the following ranges:
172. 16.0.0 through to
168. 0.0 through to When using these addresses in
your own networks, stay dear of x.x.x.O and x.x.x.255. I
have had most success with the group as a "Class B" address,
and most software is happy with these values without messing
around with sub-networking and subnet masks.
You will also need to define the device driver to be used. Again, if you are setting up a serial link via a modem to a service provider you'll need to specify SLIP, CSLIP or PPP. If you are setting up a local network you should specify the device driver which came with your hardware: for example, an Ethernet card driver or a magPLIP driver.
Using TCP IP can be a nightmare as there are so many things that can go wrong. One common area of confusion is the use of Dynamic addressing. Some service providers give their customers a different IP address every time they log in. To take this into account you need to write a script which can detect the chosen IP address and set up TCP IP appropriately. It turns out that PPP is the dialup protocol for these situations, so find a PPP driver and devour the documentation.
Doesn't care about the hardware, as long as there is a SANA-II compatible driver - and there are a lot of drivers available. One of the simplest is a version of our friend. ParXet. Called magPLIP by Marius Groger.
The magPIJP consists of a SANA-II compliant driver and a description of the special parallel port cable you need to make. Once magPLIP is installed on tw o Amiga’s and the cable has been connected, you are free to run whatever network protocol and application software you wish.
Connects via the floppy-disk ports.
However. AmiLink also comes with a SANA-II compliant driver which means you don't need to stop using Envoy - you simph adjust the settings to make it use the new AmiLink driver instead of the Ethernet driver.
What SANA-II can't do is magically allow different network protocols to talk to one another. You cannot connect an Ethernet card to an AmiLink card, or an AmiLink card to a serial link.
There are ways to get these systems to talk to each other however, and we ll look at those later.
If you w ould rather trust a commercial package, Blittersoft in the UK sell Liana. Liana consists of SANA- II drivers for its own special (supplied) parallel cable. Again, once you have installed it you can rim what you like: however. Liana comes with the Envoy system which makes for an easy life.
Liana is the cheapest commercial You might be wondering why all this talk about SANA-II is important. You might feel that you are unlikely to ever buy an expensive piece of networking hardware. That's fair enough, but there is still a very good chance that you'll come across the SANA-II driver.
Remember, netw orking software Continued overleaf ¦* Welcome to the RmiTCP IP Installation utility.
Installation Op* ions InstaiI for Real Pretend to Install Log all actions to: Printer Log File None V" V: Abort Install AmiTCP is perhaps the most popular implementation of the networking protocol TCP IP. You can get hold of a demo version from AmiNet or a you can buy the full commercial package from Blittersoft.
Continued overleaf
- FTP File Transfer Protocol - used to swap files over a TCP IP
O 73 * z o Gateway A machine which acts as a link between networks. For example, a machine could be acting as a gateway between a local network and the Internet.
Host A machine on a network.
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is the protocol used for data transfer by Hypertext based systems such as WWW and Mosaic.
Internet The Internet is the worldwide network of computers. Open any newspaper, switch on the TV or ask your granny for more details.
IP Internet Protocol. This is the data communication protocol used as a common layer throughout the Internet.
IP address Every machine in a TCP IP network must have a unique, 32-bit address. The address is usually written "w.x.y.z" where each number is in the range of 0 to 255. Some addresses have special meanings.
LAN A Local Area Network is one in which the machines are located physically close together.
LINUX Free version of UNIX, available for many platforms including the Amiga.
Modem A piece of hardware which connects to a computers serial port, and allows information to be transmitted on the plain old telephone system (POTS). Thankfully no- one cares what it stands for these days.
NFS Network File System: software which allows computers to share hard drives over a network.
Null modem A cable which connects between two computers using their serial ports. The computers are given the impression they are linked by modem.
Parnet A set of programs and a special cable which provides a basic NFS for two Amigas, connected via their parallel ports.
Peer-to-peer A network in which there is no central server: all machines are equal and are both clients and servers.
C 5 VO VO G Plip Parallel Line IP - a standard for connecting an Amiga to a TCP IP network via the parallel port.
JULY 1996 NETWORKING incompatible with other non-Amiga platforms.
Ever wanted to swap a lot of data between your .Amiga and an inferior machine such as a PC or an Apple Mac?
Bored to the back teeth using CrossDOS to carry floppy disks back and forth?
Getting irritated trying to build a suitable null modem cable and then waiting for Zmodem to upload over a slow serial link?
How would you like to be able to send files back and forward at speeds of 400K a second or better? It can be done - although you will need to invest in some hardware: namely an Ethernet card. Ethernet is a networking hardware standard w hich has a theoretical speed on 10Mbit second. It's relatively cheap and easy to use and it’s widely available on PC and Apple systems. We'll look at some of the Ethernet solutions for the .Amiga next month in a lot more detail.
Now that the machines are communicating, what can you do? That depends a lot on what the machines actually are, and the protocol stack used to network them together. Let’s take a simple example to start with: two A1200’s networked using magPLlP. One ;hoice is to use AmiTCP to provide a TCP IP link.
If this is the case, then to check if machine can “see" the other on networking system, and is worth considering if you need to connect any two Amiga computers.
If you use the Internet, you'll also have heard of some more drivers: SLIP.
CSLIP and PPP. It is the job of these drivers to provide a link via the serial port and usually a modem. They are mostly used by a TCP IP implementation in combination dial-up connection to an Internet Service Provider, like this: Networking Application (e.g. Mosaic the WWW browser) Login: New Shell process 11 Welcome to AmigaDOS Shell with Requestor supression Type exit to quit.
11 Type Available In-Use Maximum Largest Chip 1711328 381760 2093088 1130264 fast 10045704 5682936 15728640 4194272 total 11757032 6064696 17821728 4194272 n i Network Hardware (e.g. modem) Systems which are linked via parallel or serial ports aren't perfect. They are still quite slow, and of course a standard Amiga only has two of each. This means that trying to network three or more .Amiga's isn’t possible. These Amiga- specific networking solutions are also Network Protocol (e.g. TCP IP) SANA-II Driver (e.g. CSLIP) Networking with ordinary, common or garden Apple Mac's is a little tricky.
The main reason is that the Mac has a serial port which uses a special plug, unique to Macs. However, a visit to a local Apple Dealer will sort that out, and you can then knock up a Null Modem. Using any terminal emulation program on the Amiga and a program such as Zterm on the Mac, you can upload and download files using Zmodem.
More advanced Mac networking requires a little extra hardware. It is possible to fit Ethernet cards to most Macs (SCSI to Ethernet adaptors are relatively common), and the Mac OS understands TCP IP which means FTP and other tools are available. You can have a little more fun though if you can make your Amiga think it too is a Mac.
Here's a PC networked to an Amiga using TCP IP. At last, the PC is able to have a sensible operating system on it by logging into the Amiga using Telnet.
MASTER MAC LINKING The Zorro-card based Emplant emulation includes hardware emulation of the AppleTalk system, which makes it easy to link the Amiga Mac into an existing Mac network.
The shareware emulator ShapeShifter supports SANA-II drivers which means any networking hardware already present on your Amiga will function, although Ethernet cards are the only option when linking up to other Macs.
Rumours of a hardware based AppleTalk adaptor have yet to amount to anything. The latest ShapeShifter is quite clever though, in that it allows two Amiga's to be networked using a PLIP-style link - which means two Amiga's running ShapeShifter can be networked using AppleTalk.
NETWORKING JULY 1996 protocol, AS225. It was a TCP IP package originally developed by a company called "Ameristar”. Release one was finished in 1991, and work on the more useful release two started. Sadly, although various betas where made available, the full package was never released. This has got to be one of the many times Commodore failed the Amiga community.
The problems with networking go back further, right to the point when the Amiga Operating System was created. Remember that the Amiga was ahead of its time, in providing a flexible multitasking graphical user interface when most people used DOS prompts. However, the Amiga was never designed to be a "multiuser" system.
Unlike, say UNIX, it is impossible to mark files as for use by only specific users. The memory management system, also adaquate for most single-user applications, isn't up to looking after different programs running for different users. To be blunt, the Amiga doesn't make a great network server
- and this hampers it's use in network environments.
172. 16.8.1 ytes tt1*32 tt1*32 tt1*32 it 1*32 tt1*32 tt1=32 tt
1*32 It 1*32 iSfcXS icmp_seg=2 i cmP_seq*3 lcmp_seq=4
icmp_ses=5 . I«»_seq*r6 rom; lcmp_»eg»7 54 byt*»
from 172,16.0.1: £4 bytes from A bytes from; ' bytes from bytes from;
£4 bytes from;
• fro® 172. 16.8.1: bytes bytes
172. 16.8.1 loss round-trip min avg max .Blgboy;Dump flraITCP4
ING pentlum 172.16. A bytes from 172.16. A bytes from 172.
I4 bytes from 172.16.
* 64 bytes from 172.16. you can read and write to the disks on
the remote machine. Envoy also includes support for printer
sharing and a whole host of other goodies.
However, Envoy only works on Amiga's - what if you want to connect up to Pcs or to Macs?
On other platforms, the easiest thing to do is return to the land of TCP IP. Getting TCP IP running on other platforms is frighteningly easy: Both the AppleOS and Windows95 have support built in and it’s only a matter of clicking a few boxes to get it set up.
Assuming the network hardware is compatible (i.e. it’s Ethernet).
NEXT MONTH: Wefl! Be taking the most comprehensive look at networking hardware ever, and exploring how you can get your Amiga connected to other computers. Don't miss it!
John Kennedy is co-author of the book "UK COMMS", published by Bruce Smith Books.
The netw ork, one of TCP IP’s many tools can be used. For example, if the tw o Amiga’s have been given IP addresses and, then each can “ping” the other like the example shown in Listing One.
This confirms that the hardware is working, and the software has been configured properly. The next stage is to actually try and do something, such as copying a file. To achieve this, it is necessary to use the TCP IP tool “FTP”. On one machine you must run an FTP daemon program, and on the other an FTP client. When they are talking, you can copy files backwards and forwards.
There are dozens of other TCP IP tools available. You can open a Shell on the remote machine, or play games such as Noughts and Crosses and Chess. You can even set up your own World (well, "Room" in this case) Wide Web system and send electronic mail backwards and forwards.
An alternative to TCP IP is to install the considerably more integrated package, Envoy. Envoy is a network filesystem which means, like ParNet, The Amiga has always been embarassingly poor at networking, and the implications meant a lot more than not being able to use a four player Doom clone with your mates.
The lack of networking support has always damaged the Amiga in the "serious" application sector.
Apple Macintosh computers have extra fast serial ports as standard, and the built-in software provides a system called "AppleTalk" which allows Macs to be easily inter-connected.
Ever since Windows for Workgroups appeared in 1992, networking on the PC became easy. A room full of Pcs can be networked together in an afternoon using cards which cost less than £50 each. All the Pcs can share printers and files, and data transfere is fast and reliable.
The ability to share data and peripherals is essential in the business world, and it's one reason that despite excellent word processing and graphics applications, an Amiga is not an ideal office machine.
Commodore did develop a networking THE AMIGA All© NETWORKING Listing One: Here is the Amiga testing its link with a nearby networked machine. The first time, the raw IP address is used. The second time, the domain name is used.
- pent I urn ping statistics 4 packets transmitted, 4 packets
received, 8* packet loss round-trip min avg max » 2 2 2 ms
?.Btgboy:Dump ftmiTCP4 bin , kets received.. 0* packet 3 ms
ping pent it® 56 aata bytes lcmp_seg=Q ttl=32 time=2 ms
lcmp_seg*l ttl*32 tlme=2 ms icmp_seg=2 ttl=32 tlme=2 ms
icmp_seg*3 ti1*32 tlme=2 ms ping statistics I packets
transmitted time*2 ms t ime=2 ms t lme=2 ms t ime=3 ms tlme*2
ms tlme=2 ms tlme*2 ms tlme=2 ms D] Rmi9aSh*U TTTBTi - PPP
Point to Point Protocol - used to allow a computer to connect
to the Internet via a dial-up line. Similar to, but better
than, SLIP or CSLIP.
Routing Finding the path from one host on the network to another.
Terminator Item of hardware sent back from the future and attached to both ends of an Ethernet network to stop signals from bouncing around and becoming corrupt (and evil).
World Wide Web The collection of linked pages of text, graphics and sound distributed all over the Internet. Access with a program such as Amosic, Ibrowse or Aweb.
Static addressing When your Internet Service Provider gives you a unique and un-changing IP address which you use every time you dial-up. You therefore have a static address.
ON-LINE INFORMATION Check out my own home page where I'll put pointers to on-line networking resources. The address is: http: www.webzone1.co.uk www johnk Usenet Huge bulletin board system which uses networks such as the Internet to propogate around the world.
Telnet A program which allows a computer to log in to a remote host over the Internet or other network.
TCP IP Transmission Control Protocol I Internet Protocol. The networking system used by the Internet.
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol, a way of sending TCP IP signals down a serial line and hence through a modem.
WAN Wide Area Network. A network spread over a large physical distance.
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, used to send mail over TCP IP links.
UNIX Powerful, multitasking operating system.
Very popular amongst Internet users.
POP Post Office Protocol - an electronic mail standard.
1. 1 FILMS 34
4. 7 FUNK 90
14. 1 HARDC 5
1. 1 HOUSE 329
57. 0 HW 15
1. 6 JAZZ 3 .5 JINGLES 83
8. 3 J0GE1 26
7. 5 JUNGLE 26
7. 5 MAYYM 6
1. 7 MED 50
6. 0 MISC 166
24. 7 PIANO 22 2A POP 6
1. 2 PRO 168
31. 1 PRZK 41
3. 2 RATED 144
17. 3 REAUST1 40
7. 3 RELAX1 150
20. 0 RELAX2 143
21. 2 ROCK 52
9. 3 S3M 79
13. 3 SCREAM 151
26. 2 SETS 493
52. 4 SLC 23
5. 0 SLOW 57
10. 2 SPARK 23
4. 2 SPEED 21
3. 3 SYNTH 6 .8 TECHN 381
74. 8 TOPTUNES 80
12. 3 VOICE 17
3. 6 WEIRD 30
4. 5 XM 24
* Video * Hard Drive uti
• Business ‘Keyboarding
• Emulators * Educational
* Astrology* Mouse Utils Magazines* Enhancements
* Menu sys ’ CJV.D Systems
* W bench 3* Magic Workbn
* Com ms * Game Cheats
* D.T.P • Stereogams
• Gambling ‘Emulator's
* Genealogy * Printing
* and a hole lot morel.
Menu system - An excellent system which can view & unpack all the lha files from the CD to your hard drive.
To search for all the Workbench titles Just dick on the search button and text workbench and all the disks will be displayed.
Excellent ready-to-run Workbench has been provided on the disc for easy use.
* Over 550 New Disks since Utils 1-1500 was released.
Enhance your Amiga with powerful applications carefully sorted through-out our many years.
2. 7Mb 1Mb
3. 7Mb
1. 2Mb 16Mb 5Mb
5. 1Mb 3Mb 3Mb 2Mb
1. 5Mb
3. 9Mb 4Mb 42Mb 11Mb
1. 9Mb 10Mb 2Mb 4Mb 34Mb 25Mb
1. 3Mb .4Mb
2. 5Mb 12Mb
1. 8Mb
1. 0Mb
7. 6Mb
3. 1Mb
7. 5Mb
8. 5Mb 30Mb
5. 2Mb 15Mb 3D OBJECTS
* Piofesskmal - There are images from some of the best grx
artist’s around.
Document will allow you to view all of [5 «nF the m?
The Indexes can also be viewed from CO.
341 All the objects you need assembled together on one convenient CD. This disc has over 650Mb of objects In DXF.
You Get software in Its our complete classic Amiga Various disk collection. This Is the 2nd volume to be release on CD.
Technical section, Artwork in Black & White and Colour, ail 2,000 of our Now Famous Various floppy disk library.
Utilities on the disc
* Anti Virus * Archivers
* W B 2.0 * Cataloguing
* Clocks * Desktop calcs
* Calendars * Telephone util
* Copy * Delete ’ System * Directory ?DirView ‘Diskutils
* Finders * File Viewers
* Changer's * Help
* Editors ? Comparisons
* 40os Utils * File Copies
* Security ? Disk copies
* Books * Video Utils There are over 800 Images in BMP format
Each of the Directories have been indexed. The Index can also be viewed.
Contains images which have all been generated or pro- ducded using a computer.
This disc contains every computer Generated image you will need or use one of the weath of software packages to create your own.
Enhance your systems backdrop with any one of these's We have seperated all the images pictures into 0 to Z directories with indexes in ¦ (fir’s: 1 ANATOMY
2Mb | EFFECTS 1Mb | FOOD 3Mb | FLYING 1Mb | FRUIT .2Mb 1
FURNT1RE 4Mb | GENERAL .4Mb | HOUSEHOLD 9Mb & Everythings
brought back.
* We Garuantee you! That you will not have seen many of these
amazing Mega demos as a high amount have not been releases
* Our C64 experts have spent months of fruitful work preparing
this disc, converting files from 51 4 inch floppy disks,
Searching through the internet sites, talking to programmers
etc. AMIGA - Contains Amiga tools to be used for copying &
converting the .D64 images back to your 1541 or into your
Amiga. Also included is the FULL Vusion of A64 Emulator
DEMOS - This directory contains our entire C64 Demos collection. They date back from around 1986 until April of 1995.
There are literally tnousands of demos and magazines.
Oh the fun I had looking over my old demos and reading charts in 5 year old magazines. The collection Is as complete as it could be for someone mall trading for years.
MS-DOS - Contains various IBM tools to be used with the image files. The IBM Tools section is considerably larger than the Amiga Dir.
In here you can find a tool to do virtually everything you have ever dreamed of to a .064 file. Also included are the latest Shareware and Upgrade copies of C64S and PCS4, the two most common PC C84 Emulator's.
SiD TUNES -In here you will find hundreds of Sid Player tunes. All the tunes are in Amiga Playsid format BUT have ail been renamed with PC SidPlayer file extensions so they are runable on a PC as well. They are also run- able through PlaySid. The latest versions of which is also on the disc are provided in the relevant Tools directories.
A joy tot!
EXCLUSIVE Software direct from the authors - several people contributed exclusive software.
FIRST Demo of Alien Breed 3D 2 The Killing Grounds - CD!!
AGA EXPERIENCE 2 CODE: CD302 COST: £18.99 MODULES - To play and use from the CD or in your own trackers. Exclusive Mods taken from the coolest demos as well as entries from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions.
MUSIC DISKS - Straight from the keys of the finest groups around including Razor 1911, TRSI, Suburban Base & Grass Hopper Development A pleasant cross section of material from the underground UFO Scene. Features fascinating material that the military & government have tried to keep under wraps.
Find out for yourself what is really out there!.
ASCII ART & BBS DOORS - Produced by the leading artists & coders, to enhance your own Bulletin Board sys.
DEVELOPMENT - A complete suite is included that allows you to learn how to code your own mind blowing demos. You will find development utils and exclusive, easy to follow source code with which you can create the effects seen in the latest ground breaking demos.
SCENE STORM • Is the most concise and easy to use Scene CD ever released. The files are presented in Ready- to-Run format, with a fantastic Magic Workbench interface featuring custom Icons.
Pointing and clicking is all that is required to run the files which are an individually commented with compatibility details and the ability to abort back to the WB.
This CO simply oozes quality from the very moment you see it The programs on Scene Storm will give your Amiga the biggest workout it has ever had, all without cluttering up your work disk.
AGA machine (a1200 a4000) is required to obtain full benefit of this CO.
Order SCENE STORM today - its the best thing to hit the SCENE STORM CD286 £18.99, uuztib £18.99 fT sc*.-*to Bm legendary d*M craw - EXCLUSIVE ‘internet1 style documents - using a special version of Aweb!
FASTER Unpacking of DMS files
- some DMS will unpack in around 2 3rds the time!
MORE Exclusive software, including several exclusive multimedia Amiga Guide docs - created by ourselves!
DEMOS Now have compatibiity info - & even tells you if it will exit back to W bench!
VIRTUALLY No software repeated from the 1st CD!
SEVERAL Special Worms levels - made especially!
MORE AGA Demos than you’ll find anywhere!
Downloaded straight from the Internet ALL AGA Doom- clones released since Volume 1.
The CD is packed to bursting point with the most jaw dropping Scene productions.. Releases from over 20 Parties, held throughout the world are featured including the famous Party 5.
Only those of the highest standard have been chosen, all of them proving that the Amiga is still the machine for graphics & music.
SLIDESHOWS - From the Scenes big name groups.
DISK MAGS & CHARTS-From Europe are ready, including latest issues of Raw, Rom, Grapvine & Scene Talk.
I’f- =' n $
* Surprising as ii may »«em to a lot of people there is still a
lively C64 scene today.
Although very afferent from a few years ago there are still a lot of people still heavily into the 64, And the rest of you, like us, have a lot of great memories.
* That is one of the t sons why we compiled this CO.
So anytime we w ufi io .emi- nisce the old days you „an just pull out the CD, plug it in I on FILES M I 8V0IC 37
8. 4 ACID 38
6. 2 ACOUSTIC 50
4. 9 AR10N 44
5. 1 ATMOS 12
2. 6 CHART 6 .3 CHIP 78
2. 3 CHIPTUNE 97
1. 9 COUNTRY 4
6. 7 CTP 14
4. 9 OEMO 38
6. 8 DREAM 4
6. 2
* Run the latest Mod4-Win & play all the mod or select on« ot the
the hundreds of other programs.
* Over 600 M b of completly NEW Modules! With No Repeats from
Sound Library.
* Our Menu system can NOW run .exe files, read .hip .wri and
text files etc. ber the
- Cor the Software that we have collected (hiring our great times
on the *64. Darting from ¦ present ¦ C64V0L2 CD301 £19.99 1984
to HOTTEST 6 New Library disks
• Games * Slide Shows
* Pictures * Meoa Demo CD 200 ¦ iwuii w nib a uciiiu I * Music •
Magazines £14.99 JPWswi
* Demos * Collections Mwaflwa
* Anims * Rave Demo 650Mb of I Ml
* Sampled * Sounds etc. brand new J K M 100 Now Fred Ft* Fish
disks 1001 to 1100.
Soflwara. I The latest - from Mar 95 to Feb 96.
Electronic Texta (Ready) rifaTs New m Hottest 4 Idlntti j sloe Hot
- Sounds
* instruments Contains all the best soft
* Modules
• Pictures ware to help any small busi
• Clip Art
• Educational ness or anybody.
• Fonts
* Dpaint
• Business
• Graphics
• A Letter or an Invoice
• Music
• Hard Drive
* A Bus’ Card or Letter Head.
* Utilities
• Workbench
• Spreadsheets
* Comms
• Virus
• Cataloguing Systems
* Killers
• Emulator's
• Typing Tutors
• Video
• Hobbies
* Databases & D.T.P
• Fractals
• Printers
• Financial Planing
• Databases
* Hard Drive
• Home finance & Inventory
• Printing
• Games
• Label printing & Mailing
* Sounds
• Animation
* Word processing etc.
• Home
• Prediction
• Octamed
• Design When you’re not working
• Amos
• Cheats with your computer the
• W B
• Demo Mak Leisure, Home and Hobby
• Objects
• Degragers programs you will keep
* Modem
* Virus Killers everybody entertained.
• 30
• Art Related
• Cad
• Compress Save money and time with this CD.
UNDMS Files to RAD: If you have enough RAM, you can now unpak DMS files to RAD!
MORE CD32 Friendly! If you have a CD32, you will find this CD easier to use.
Everything is now set-up to for any HD-less AMIGAids.
MORE Ready-to-run software - less time spent extracting boring DMS files) 100% Full CDROM again. Why pay for a half-full disc?
EVEN Better interface. Less directories, and a more logical lay-out MORE indexes. Now almost everything is fully indexed and described!
BETTER artwork - a lot better look to the packaging - it’s now ZZZ1" TEXTURE PORTFOLIO WEIRD TEXTURES CODE: CD315 PRICE: £14.99 MbmcwmIn 2Mx2M pixtb t hi venous term**.
Idea for 3d ray- tracing, Multimedia, Web page design, Desktop publishing, and gemal 2d illustrations.
AGA EXPERIENCE 1 CODE: CD210 PRICE: £18.99 The test Selection
• MUteftware NFA - Famous for their Word’ disk- mag, & Bodyshop
slideshows, are very proud to present their first Amiga
CD-ROM disc
- First CD dedicated to AGA owners.
EXCLUSIVE NFA - These quality titles were created by leading Amiga group NFA specifically for this CD.
These titles are all AGA.
READY-TO-RUN - Most of the contents run straight from the CD.
There is no need to spend ages extracting disks. Well over 300meg of ready-to-run hot utilities, mags, text files, demos, games & more.
MAGIC WORKBENCH - Colour scheme and icons. We have spent months making this CD the very smartest looking CD available today.
Received by the experts. Here are just a few quotes.
’if you ever wanted to find out about the World you won’t find a better package than the World Atlas’. - Amiga Computing 90%’.
WORLD ATLAS TURBO CALC v2.1 CODE: CD218 PRICE: £9.99 is the unique software solution that defines a new standard.
DESIGN • Extensive formatting options, all supported font formats allowed, no colour restrictions, various cell frames etc. FUNCTIONS - More that 100 functions covering arithmetical & financial.
DIAGRAMS - All common chart types supported, footer and header, legend and axis labeii-ing, output as IFF-flle or graphic printout PRINTOUT - Out in built-in printer font (draft mode) or as freely scalable graphic (req 0S2.0 or higher).
THE AMINET AN round best cdrom cot- LljiRjhu tecDons, Aminet 4 CD064 - £ 4.99 Aminet 6 CD175- £12.99 Aminet 7 C0184- £12.99 Aminet 8 CD208- £12.99 Aminet 9 CD238 - £12.99 Aminet 10 CD246 - £12.99 Aminet 11 CD293- £12.99 Aminet 12 (HEW)- £11.99 CODE: CD289 PRICE: £24.99 The Best utilities CD for use with your work* of original high quality photographic imaoes for use with 3d ragracing & zd art programs. Comes with a colour print out covering all picThe atlas will run on all AGA machines (C032, A1200 and A4000) and it is based on the Mountain High Maps collection Incorporating state-
of-the-art enhanced satellite maps.
The pages used have been specially designed to operate most effectively with the control system on CD32 as well as a mouse on other systems.
Economic, cultural, and historical facts are fully and dearly represented. Over 190 countries are included, each supported by 2-6 maps separately depicting major cities, rivers, mountains, and geographical position, together with national flag.
The Atlas has been extremely weil World Atlas... Must have taken a very long time to compile... The maps are of excellent quality and the final round up of details including population, religion, languages and GDP are very interesting’
- Amiga Shopper 90%’.
Whether you are looking for an atlas for educational or recreational purposes you can’t do much better than opt for this well presented program’ 191%’.
* includes a 24 page colour booklet U UIUIIIU IIQII II IUCAi f' '
- --Z ‘
- -¦* 'o--' ' ' .. iir- JP .
I. , l%, . Y.' - This is the ideal companion to your workbench.
Not only are there the best programs on this CD for the Amiga
but they are also ready to run.
The. A is also an installer that Installs the programs to the Hard Disk.
This CO woners all areas of interest The programmer, the user, the creative and the gamer will all find what they need.
There are many shareware programs on this CD that are a special price if you register them.
M Aminet Set 3 (NEW)- £19.99 Pre- order for release in three months.
Since the release ot Aminet 10 more that 500Mb of new software has appeared.
The excellent user-intertace has also experienced further improvements.
The Aminet continue to collect some of the best reviews from all major Amiga Magazines.
This Latest package from Wisedome is one of the best reference titles yet to appear on CD32. Qualiti and ease of use are the watchwords’
- CD 32 Gamer 92%’.
NET NEWS (OFFLINE) CODE: CO 298 PRICE: £9.99 BLANKERS COLLECTION CODE: CD295 PRICE: £13.99 This CD contains Blank ers that have been released for the Amiga. Many of the biankers are ready to use as well as some for graphics cards and KS1.2. Also includes The latest Shareware programs, lots of modules, animation’s and fonts.
ADULT SENSATION 2 NOTHING BUT TETRIS ADULT SENSATIONS GIF SENSATIONS ¦ CODE: CD279 PRICE: £19.99 Bveris oeu* CODE: CD294 PRICE: £ 8.99 This CO offers HetBSD 1.1 which is a full featured UNIX- alike operating system for the i386JLmiga, Sun3, Atari, VAX, DEC and spare. There are also additional programs and source packages.
This is Ihe first in a series of CD published quart- ty. Ail Amiga related newsgroups from Usenet and other networks are published sn this CD.
NetNews Offline is sne of the most interested CD released in 96.
“A I Deobfc CO Set Colour images in the following subjects: Animals, Vechicais, Sports, Technology, cartoon, Raytraced, Fantasy, Science fiction, art, Space and hundreds of more!. The perfect CD set for presentation and DTP.
This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most played game, nearty all the games are ready to run directly from the CO, and archived version are also at have for easy install.
Animals, People, Humour, transport, Inserts, Dogs, cats, Zodiac, Chritmas, Art, babies, technology, Cloths, Business, Educational, Eye catchers, Sealife, Space, Symbols, Christmas.
Is possibly the Amiga’s largest selling Adult title. Work with both PC and Amiga computers. Over 4,000 high resolution 256 colour images. (Over 18 Only) SENSATIONS JGD230 E; £19.99 PCX CLIPART 2 CODE: CD053 PRICE: £17.99 With a 250 Page Book is uanuned iuii of clipart etc. Everyone from Juniors to adults will simply love flicking through the 250 page book selecting the pictures.
' Directories such as Animals, joys, cultural Images, floral and natural images, girts, holiday images, literary figures, mythological images, scenery, transportation and work images. Bears, cats, dinosaurs, dogs, Insects, horses Egypt, Nativo Americans, Polynesia, Persia. Floral & natural Images include blcsscms, plar.ots. sky, the sun, trees, & weather.
1. 2 GIG ofSOFT- We have included several useful utilities to
eahance the performance Containing over 1000Mb of Science
fiction related software, images, Music, Anims, 30 objects
(Imagine & Lightwave), Sound FX, Documents, Tunes, Information
and Games.
3Mb CD Utilities 35Mb Graphic Programs 21 Mb Comms & Networking 5Mb Debugging Tools 29Mb Development Tools 13Mb Floppy disk, Hard Disk, SCSI 8Mb Educational Programs 10Mb Crunchers & Archivers 39Mb Internet Movie Database.
7Mb Midi Tools and Programs 39Mb Music Modules & Software 13Mb AmfTCP and Networking 60Mb Docs, CD Databases, etc 96Mb PasTeXvM 45Mb Utilities & HTML-Pages.
Each pictu. A on this (fisc, has no text, r.c BBS Doors, Ho borders taking up space.
* Comes complete with an oxw»iicnt Sno System which makes it easy
to view the images quiefcty.
* Saparfar soBection of photos taken by professional photogra
phers. They have been colour cor rected to assure quality.
* Contains Adult material and is not for the faint hearted If
this material offends you in any way please do no purchase
the ifisc Utilities Documents Text Business Pics & Anim
Graphics Misc Demo Game?
Dev Disk Hardware Comm Music 120Mb 270Mb 40Mb 75Mb 630Mb 170Mb 150Mb 630Mb 250Mb 110Mb 10Mb 5Mb 150Mb 30Mb 1,000 870 210 170 2,000 430 270 2,000 530 340 110 60 1,000 120
* animate
• Bikes
* Buildings Boats ’Cars
• Birds Cartoons
• Cats
• Fish Flags
• Dogs " Dinosau,
• Flowers
• Maps
• Computer
• Houses
• Hoticoptw* Men
• Fantasy
• Sea
• Medical
• Inserts
* Misc
* Military
* Painting Places
• Planes Raytrace
• Scenic
* Sd-FI
• Smarter!
• Ships
* Spcrts
• Things
• Trains
• War
* MIDI - files various formats.
* Over 6,500 Music Modules.
* Over 1,000 Music VOC Files.
* Over 1,000 Music WAV Files.
* Over 1,000 Music Samples.
* Ready to Run - 100’s of Music rettaed software packages,
Editors, Mixing, Converters, Sequencers, Drivers, Players,
Trackers, etc.
• Also includes loads of ready to run software.
* Thunder Birds
• Aliens
* Next Generation
* Deep Space 9 ’ Batman
* Bladerunner
* Total Recall
* Battiestar Galactica
* Babylon 5
* Star Trek
* 2001
* Voyager
• Dr Who ’ Robocop
* Tron all chips, all the pons and even the disk drive! All your
hardware is tested and displayed in graphical information.
Every Amiga owner should have a copy! Find out what is wrong
with your Amiga before going to the repairer to get it fixed.’
It may save you a bo5 or two!
~ + V1405VIRTUAL UTILITIES Contains 5 utils containing everything needed for any Amiga user to make virtual memory from their harddrive.
The Amiga is fooled into thinking it has massive amounts of RAM when reallv it only has a small amount mapped to a file on the hardtfrive.
' + V1719TELETEXT V2.3 View Teletext (also know as Teletekst. Videotex!.
Ceefax. Skytext. Supertext etc.) on your Amiga. It is suitable for any PAL Amiga (read s System'requirements link systems req ) for more info, Because it uses the parallel port to interface with the hardware. An electronic switch is provided to easily switch between the TeleText decoder and a printer.
* + V2000 BACK DOOR V6.0 This is the latest version of this now
quite well known game cheat database. There are cheats and tips
for hundreds of different games including a lot of recent
There are even long entries for games such as Dune II.
W hich is a tactical game, detaining good methods of play ~ + V2001 NATIONAL LOTTERY This program is more than just a random number generator. Ft uses uses a special History' formula with'Chaos Theory to produce a more accurate prediction.
' + V2004LOCKUP V4.0 is the newist version of the old utility Lockup w hich basically allows you to Lockup your hard drive with a password to enter"and get it going again.
" + V20O5SHAPE SHIFTER 3.2 is a multitasking shareware Macintosh-2 emultor for the Amiga. It allows you to run mac software witbour additional hardware. New updated vcrioo.
" + V2014MESSY SID 3.0 this is the latest verion of which will read and write PC Floppy disks 720k or l .44 if your drive can take it.
- + V2015MOV1E MAKER 2.0 (AB) have you ever wanted to create your
own movie and see it flourish in the Oscars, then nows your
- + V2026ROUTE PLANNER Highway trip planner. Requires MUI 2.2 "*
V2051 DOPUS 5 EXTRAS VOL 1 (AB) This set of disks contains a
selection of new archives for use with Dopus v5.0. ArcBvName -
Arc-script for Dopus5 and Lha LZX VI.O. DopusSll - Patch for
Directory Opus 5.0 & 5.10 - 5.11. DopusLhARexx2 - Handles LhA
archives from Dopus. DopusReg - DopusReg.lha: Opus 5.11 fix for
AFS problems.
Dopus_CIeanRAM - Dopus AREXX script tor cleaning ramdisk. LhALZXDirDOps5 - Modified LhaDir.dopusS to work with Izxdir.dopusi. piayer3_0opus5 - CDDA & soundptayers saver for DirOpush. Xpkdopus - XPK support for Dopus5 (ARexx&Executable).
' * V2060GFFT SPECTRUM ANALYZER GFFT Version 2.03 is the update to GFFT version 1.12. The GUI is improved considerably (allows any font and screen color setup, has progress indicator, uses tooltypcs, etc.). more features are added, bugs are fixed, and a’ new SpectrumAnalysis.guide is included (with lots of pictures) to explain spectrum analysis.
~* V2072V1RUS CHECKER VS.04 Best virus killer on tEe Amiga to date. Updated version with bug fixes and updated virus information.
OFFICE & PRINT CDROM BASED A: + V0575HOME BUSINESS PACK (6) Text Plus 2.2E. Word Pro QED. Text editor.
AZSpell. Spell Checker & Dictionary, abai Tocessor.
Bbase. A .. Database program. DATA EASY. Another database BizCalc. Loan"calc. LCD. Calc. SPREAD. Spreadsheet.
Budget Personal Finance. UNITS. Various conversions. I CLERK. Small business accounts. SUPERDUPER.
FLASHERCOPY. Copier's. TYPIST. Typing Tutor.
BOOTX. Virus Killer. SYSINFO. System analyser.
DOSMANAGER. Directory program. FONTL1ST. 9 FONT MANAGER. Utilities. PRINT STUDIO. Printing Tools. (6 disks) ' + V1114PRINT LABELS UTLS Includes various programs like DOC DUMP v2.1. Si ENVELOPE PRINT vf.20. INLAY MAKER vl.4. MC MASTER vl.l. BANNER vl.O. LABEL PRINT '+ V1279PRINT A CARD Want to print a business card or any other type of card then this is the software for you.
* £4.99 CD042
* £7.99 CD043
* £7.99 CD044 SOUND TERRIFIC £19.99 CDOS1 PRO IFF & PCX £9.99
CD057 LIGHT ROM 1 £39.99 CD058 GOLD FISH 2 £14.99 CD059 AMOC
2&3 £19.99 CDO60 HOTTEST 4 £7.90 CD061 VARIOUS 1-1500 £7.99
CD062 LSD TOOLS £7.99 CD066 TOWN OF TUNES £19.99 CD067
ILLUSIONS 3D £5.99 CD071 ULTRA MEDIA 1 +2 £14.99 CD072 ADULT
* £9.99 CD097 FRESH FONTS £14.99 CD098 W S ANIMS £17.99 CD099 LSD
£4.99 CD113 GIGA GRAPHICS 1,2,3,4 £29.99 CD114 THE LIGHT ROM 2
£39.99 CD115 FRED FISH TEXTURES £39.99 CD117 CD BOOT V2.0
* £4.99 CD147 CD WRITE £44.99 CD156 MAGIC ILLUSIONS £7.99 CD165
* £7.99 CD168 UPD SET 1 £24.99 CD176 CRAFTWORKS £8.99 CD183 GURU
ROM £49.99 CD186 GROUER ENCYCLOP £24.99 CD190 IMAGINE 3.0
£19.99 CD203 WORLD INFO 95 £19.99 CD205 ARCADE CLASSICS £14.99
CD213 LSD COMPENDIUM 3 * £14.99 CD219 FRESH FISH 10 £19.99
CD225 AMIGA TOOLS 3 £24.99 CD226 XI PAINT V4.0 £39.99 CD227
GOLDFISH 3 £19.99 CD228 GAMERS DELIGHT 2 £24.99 CD230 SEXY
SENSATIONS £19.99 CD234 ZOOM 2 £18.99 CD236 W S COLOUR ART
£7.99 CD237 OCTAMED 6 £29.99 CD247 PERSONAL SUITE £39.99 CD272
£19.99 CD280 3D IMAGES £9.99 CD281 NEW WORMS EXTRA £ RING CD282
£14.99 CD289 W B ADD-ONS £24.99 CD290 WORLD OF CLIPART £18.99
* £4.99 CD293 AMINET 11 £12.99 This is a disk packed full of
Amiga Workbench 3.0 Libraries and Datatypes. There's 47
Libraries from A to Z all libraries covered are right up to
date and w aiting to be installed. The disk also Have
installation notes to aid the beginners, also files in the L
and Devs DosDrivers drawers that can be copied or assigned.
A + V1641 SUPER KILLERS V10.0 The latest collection of virus killers like AntiCicloVir v2.2a. Virus Checker v6.43. VirusZ II vl.07. and VT v2.67. Req the use of LHA which is in the c directory'.
V1017POST V1.86ENH (ABC) PostScript interpreter which implements the full Adobe language. Supports Adobe type 1 and type 3 fonts, screen output, fife output, and primer output.’
- + V1593 EPU DISK STAKKER V1.7 Double your hard drive capacity
by installing EPU.
' + V1222PANASONIC STUDIO The PanaPlus driver is a software for controlling printers with the Commodore Amiga personal computer.
V1236INVOICE PRINTER I invoice printing that we help aid any small business.
' + V0928 LITTLE OFFICE | Its the all rounder do everything, all knowing, all see- : ing?? Well lets just say its very good.
A + V1179F1LE-0-FAX was designed to enable computer operators to be able to ; work at their leisure without worrying about forgetting a car game for one or two players. It is excellent in vo player mode. There are about 10+ different tracks for you to race around. Some of them are quite easy at the start but as you go on they get a lot harder. On the tracks they have these squares which if you drive over it shoots you on even faster they you are already going.
~ + 4452 SPELL TRIS Tetris style game but the main difference is you use letters instead of just shapes.
4454 BATTLE TRUCKS is a one or two player game in which you choose your own truck and men buy it. You can add nitros. New motors or even buy a brand new truck with your winnings from your races.
4457 SCREECH V1.5 This demo ame offers you the oppurtunity to run anything smaller than your car over! Improved graphics are
• * * V1745TERM V4.2 [030] latest version of this very well known
comms terminal program. Version 4 has even more features and
although it is not for beginners it is probably the best
~ + V0979NCOMM V3.0 Is a comms program based on Comm vl.34 with lots of I very nice enhancements. Has new functions over v2.0 ~ * V1722AMIGA TO PSION S3 A is a implementation of the Psion link protocol which is
e. g. built into the Psion S3 S3a ROM. It's main purpose is to
provide vice versa nfs like file access.
' + VI852FINALFAX 95 This is one of those arexx macros which are very handy for automating the more tedious jobs on your Amiga.
This one allows you to select options for GPFax from within Final Writer. That means that there is no need to switch from Final Writer to Workbench.
V ; fryTying ab those important meetings.whal they had to do on any particular day or locating business colleagues tele no's.’ Double your hard drive capacity bv installing EPU.
After installing EPU 10 any Device (HardDisk. Floppy.
Rad etc) every file which will be written to the device will be compressed & when any compressed file is read by any application it will be decompressed.
"* V1039 HD INSTALLER (AB) Bought an A1200 machine and are having trouble with your hard drive why not install it correctly.
~ • V1136DISKSALVE 2 Repair your hard drive with this, recommended.
A + V1326C: COMMANDS & LIBS The C: and LIBS disk contains over 100 commands lie within the C directory. Over 20 LIBRARY"s are within the LIBS directory. Use them for your disks. They can be used to spice the disk up in appearance and in usage.
“ + V0490MESSY SID II once loaded will read MS Dos disks. Convert any text (ase) files on 10 an Amiga dos disk so that they can be loaded into any standard'Word processor. The program will also convert the text back to your IBM disks.
A + V1611 SNOOPDOS V3.0 Log's all the dos library calls and more when you run a program. This is handy’for both the programmer and the beginner. Have you ever installed a program to vour harddrive and then discovered that it will not run without a certain library but you don't know which?
• + V1467AWARD CONSTRUCT A very handv tool for creating your very
own awards and certificates. There are many styles, fonts and
graphics to choose from, could also be used to make small
posters, signs or leaflets. Easy to use and very effective.
"+ V1069 PRINTER DRIVERS HP Deskjet 550 colour driver. Deskjet 500. Deskjet 500c.
Ricoh HP1200 400dpi. Canon LB P. Canon BJ300.
BJ130. Bjl0e.Canon_48. Canon PJ lOSOa. HP Paimjet.
~ + V1278MAJL-0-DEX An excellent way to keep names, addresses. Phone numbers. Comments etc and then print out labels loads of ' them in 1.2 J and 4 columns.
'+ V1044FANCY PRINTING ; BANNER vl.4. GRAPH P.APER vl.2. DISK PRINT '+ V1357CITIZEN MANAGER ¦ The Citizen Print Manager has been designed in conjunc- ! Tion with Irseesoft.
Ing smaller than your car over! Improved graphics i the way (whoopee)!. Req 020's with 1MB chip t and -5MB'fast ram or 030's with 1MB chip ram or 700kb EDUCATION chip ram and 300 kb fast RAM.
"+ 4459 SUPER EARTH DEFENSE V1.5 is a classical shooting game.
" + 4462 XASTEROIDS This is a 'port' of xasteroids, an X11 application. No X11 server (DaggeX or others) is needed to run the program! This program is using libXl 1 by Teije Pedersen!
You don't need this either since it is a link library that is compiled inlo ihe binary.
~+ 4463 BOULDERDASH 64 A complete OS-friendly (multitasking) Boulder-Dash with C64 graphics and sounds. 68020+. AGA only C requi: " + V1079KEYBOARD TRAINER This program only concentrates on basic keyboard skills, and is in effect, still a Beta Version. I think you will find it a vast improvement on most so called tutors.
~ + V0793AMIGA BEGINNER You asked for it! A tutorial for the beginner on using Covers the CLI and Worlcbei MWB& W B ench. Its great your amiga!
Uga. Als beautiful 16 colour icons for WB v2-ftt.
- + VI845DPAINT 4 BUDDY (AB) "* V1043SUPER DARK V2.1A A screen
blanker with some special features. It is similar to the After
Dark screen bfanker in the PC and Mac worlds. Features include
a lot of different screen effects, a screen locker, and more.2
' + V1964COLOUR WORKBENCH Allows you to basically change your
workbench screen to purple or whatever colour you' fancy. It
also changes the font from the usual workbench one to one that
is really small. There are icons which allow you to change
the VI051 EASY CALC PLUS is a spreadsheet designed to be both
easy to use and fast.
If the program looks nice, that wouldn’t’to be bad either.
I Unlike other software where the author writes the pro(Dbl.NTSC KS V39, asl.library. Will teach you how- to use Dpaint 4. It works by running along side ihe well known paint package providing hands on demonstrations of the various features. It is a very powerpacker.library. Smooth scrolling 1275(!) Original C64 levels+sounds. Cheats. Jo :k and keyboard control. User definable games and levels, two player game.
~+ 4464 BREAKIN’ BRIKS V1.0 Great version of the very coo! Breakout type game. For AGA Amigas only. Works with 2Mb CHIP memory! - ' Improved performance with FAST mem. Great GFX.
A + 4465 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER EDITOR V2.4 68020+ This is the first public release of Championship Manager Editor (CmEd). It was written because we had played the game to death and were looking for a way of putting some interest back into game.
' ~ 4486 OPACMAN AGA 15 levels and 5 bonus levels. The registered version has 50 levels and 15 bonus levels and extra gfx and other improvements. Features: Can use external Protracker modules and XPK for packed modules.
~ + 4467 JOUSTER 3 If you haven't heard of the good old favorite. JousL then gram first then bolts on a help system. I have designed good way of learning a program so you want to learn Dpaint then this System is one of tl ' rip into the program from the beginning.
A + V1184AMIGA DIARY Amiga Diary is a mouse driven diary capable of storing all personal events and the perfect solution to all those forgotten birthdays, missed appointments etc. ' + V0366600 BUSINESS LETTERS Over 600 Standard business letters on this disk. Can be used as they are or insert parts into your own letters ' + V0782FORMS UNLIMITED Designed to help you design and print different forms.
There are a wide number of options and controls which allow you to draw simple boxes, lines, etc in order to create forms for many differem purposes. Good.
• + V0390AMIGA FOX DTP ; of the best ways.
~ + V1881 AMIGATRAINER This is the one and only Virus Workshop by Markus Schmall. Now in the Version 4.8 . Test it!
Very powerful & flexible program to learn foreign languages. You enter the words yourself, so they'aren't related to any special language, school or boot, every one s vou already use to some they have. They have also included some backdrops for you to use.
' + V0424ANT1 FLICKER A program to slop the Flickering when you use the Amiga'in Hi res move.
" + ~V1669TUDE V1.0 is a very extensive and easy way of degrading your machine’for all sorts of purposes, ft is useful for playing old game on A1200s for example which need kickstart
1. 3. There is a GUI version included as well as a CLL
* + V1968STAR TREK BACKGROUNDS Heres some new backgrounds for
workbench all based around the Star trek T:N:G scries.
Word there are 2 additions to enter.
A ' V1897GEOGRAPHICAL ATLAS AmiGlobe is a geographical atlas that allows you to navigate in the wond map. Zooming everywhere, get country data, etc. Requires 2Mb of RAM. (AB) ' ' V2045 ICON LAN V2.96 OS3.0 icon editor. New Icon support.
~ + V2048CALC Arbitrary precision calculator language V2053BLITZBANK V1.53 [1.5MB] is a very powerful personal accounts system and is Abank compatible. 133 fixes two important buggs of the ; version 1.52 I couldn't wait for having ncwrfeatures because these buggs were really too annoying.
V2061 BERZBENCH V1.1C Probably the best patterns for WB V2062ICONOGRAPHICS V3.0 is a collection of eight colour icons for Workbench 2 and
3. All standard system icons are included, with manv version so
most people will have no trouble using it A ilforal' MUSIC
highly useful tool for all Amiga owners. Good.
- + VI523 RELOKICK V1.41 ANOTHER*!) Version of ReloKick. Galahad
of Dual Crew did ReloKick 1.4. so l decided to improve on that!
~ + V1356NOERRORS V1.3 Its main function is to hide physical disk errors from floppy disks and hard disks, so these disks can then be used without DOS showing read write errors.
" + V0662DCOPY V3.1 Best PD copier on the Amiga. No new Features over 2 but has been updated with new code information.
A " V1164 (AGA) ASA FIX DISK An entire disk full of utilities for those A1200 and A4000 owners out there who can not for the life of them get some of there favourite games or demos to work.
V1360WB2.0 TUTORIAL The first amiga PD Desk Top Publishing program.
Excludes various extra features over the old Word processor. Test Editor, Graphics editor and loads more.
‘ + V1680AWARD MAKER 2 This is a very good too! For the creation and printing of Awards and 'certificates. There are hundreds of types to choose from then you can choose a font a border and also some of the text etc. Very good results.
+ V1751 PRINTER DRIVERS CA.NON600 v2.0: EPSON FX S50 vl.O & LX 800.
HP4DRIVER v35.8. HP4LSETTER v2.0l + V1858DB V2.5 Small fast database program that 1 wrote after having tested numerous other PD database programs and always found something lacking or irritating me. They migBl have dozens of features not found in db. But they laclced | font sensitivity and a standard GUI look & 3.0 ' + V1862 INVOICE DATABASE V2 | Intra is a rather simple, but therefore easy to use database ! Program that was especially designed to deal with ! Invoice information. Everybody, as we like it '+ V1865LEGAL FORM GENERATR Generates custom do it yourself legal forms. Database includes
forms useful for EVERYONE, plus specialised forms for real estate, small businesses, landlords.
[ employers, etc. Can save you THOUSANDS.
'+ V1995BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR This is by far the best typing tutor for years I have seen ; on the Amiga. It is worth every single penny. Il consists i of two games, one is called the letter game and the other I one is called the word game. On tfie word game you j have to type a w ord in before the timer runs out. A must for all typers.
' + V2003REM DATE V2.0 Rem Date is a calender, reminder and fileofax. All in one.
I found it quite good to use and would definetlv buy the registered version which is availble from the author. ’ ~+ V2019TEXT ENGINE V3.0 Allows you to make your every own letters and documents then print or store then on disc.
• + V1269THE OCTAMED TUTOR Welcome to the Octamed Tutor, a simple
guide through the basics of this excellent music program.
' + V12070CTASTUFF Welcome to OctaStuff. A disk based around work with OctaMED 3 and 4.
' + V1882ART OF NOISE TRACKER NEW tracker. NO ProTracker Clone!. 8 channels, fm synthesis, drum sequencer, wave table synthesis.
You're a pretty young or fairly old dude. :) Anyway, this game brings Joust to the Amig i and also has improvements such as powenips. Etc. You can even have a ptery- daciyl as a steed. For I or 2 players. Check it out.
A+ 4468 PATCH LEMMINGS 2 TO RUN FROM HD Patch to allow Lemmings2 to run from hard drive.
- 4469 CRITICAL HIT is a highly detailed fantasy combat game,
which re-creates taoletop war gaming on the Amiga (requires 1
MB RAM). A strategic war game with excellent graphics. 3 D
landscapes and a wide variety of fantasy combat figures and
scenery - Campaign and map designer.
4470 PANIC SOCIETY V1.1 Hillery & her friends have taken total control of the world, as one of some 10 million people left, scheduled for transfering to the country of your origin. But someone has tampered with your environmental control causing you to awaken from a mind controlled state.
• + 4471 BRATWURST A Roketz-like game for two to four players.
Automatic zoom keeps all players in view- in the least possible
area, v ector graphics.
'+ 4472 CULTURE TANK A single screen tank combat game with up to 6 tanks, which may be human or computer controlled. Team or ali-against-all modes. 3 types of weapon including mis- siles'and ftamethrowers- 4477 WIZZYS QUEST is the best PD platform puzzle game I have EVER played, so despite its bugginess (see below) I thought I’d upload it to AmineL Wizzys Quest has 50 levels, getting progressively harder.
'+ 4478 BIACCOARCHIVE1 V1.0 Nibbler arcade clone by Maurizio Facca.
' + 4479 BOB THE AMAZING LEMON Amazing Pac Man clone which features a level editor, changeable music and many differem wall and floor types including appearing walls, ice and water.
• + 4484 REBELLION is a very good shoot em up. You are a little
spaceship which travells around space trying to pick up litue
aliens and destroying all the missies that are coming at you.
4485 LEGEND POUNDS ISLAND 1 sysiet additional icons (PD Shareware e programs, different types ToolManager dock icons).
Of data, custom drawers, and This release includes about 350 high quality icons.
’ ’ is aispli Every icon contains an alternate image that when the icon is clicked on.
" ' V2063MWB IMAGEDRAWERS FULL COLLECTION This is a full MWB image drawers' collection. 1 added 42 new drawers since the first release (SfWBDrws_474 . I w as tired of wastin' time every time I was scarchm' fix a particular image drawer, so I’collected all the drawers 1 round on Aminet in a single collection. I hope this could be useful to someone else, but if you still prefer searchin' through all Aminet files... good luck!!
- * V2064100 USELESS PATTERNS 102 background patterns in 2.4. 8
and 16 colors.
~ ~ V2068JTE MAGICWB ICONS 5Z6 7 8 JTE MagicWB Icons 5 - This package includes 90+ new Magic YB icons. JTE MagicWB Icons 6 - This package includes 37 new MagicWB icons. 1 WB pattern. 2 Tmbrushes and 96 lame Pattern icons. JTE MagicWB Icons 7 - This package includes 60 new MagicWB icons.
JTE MagicWB Icons S - This package includes 30+ new | MagicWB icons.
contains 11 photo-realistic backgrounds: Beach.png.
BricksGrey.iff. Clouds.png. Confetti.iff. Mountains.png.
Pebble.iff. Storm.iff. Stucco.iff. Terrace.png. Tni PNG-dataty'
of your Workbench to the right ~ " V2070MWB ICONS, PATTERNS A
collection of really nice MWB compatible stuff. Guide included.
Plaved TIPs, CHEATS There is a lot more options open to you than just playing games. In the chapters Files Explained & Menus, attempt to explain the workings of WB2.as the manuals ~+ V1416EYE OF THE BEHOLDERS This disk contains a selection of utilities and software for Eye of the Beholder II. Like end of level saved game file.
Eve of Beholder 2 special quests explanation. EOB2 Character Editor. Eye of the Beholder Solution. GIF pictures of all 12 levels in Eye of the Beholder.
' + V1363RPG. ASSISTANT AD&D play time dungeon master's assistant. The ver- sion you see here is a pre release of the program in Amig’aBASIC. Right now it will take characters in a text file and load them in to be displayed at will. It also rolls dice and has a handy dandy encounter screen that will : keep track of monsters & their current Hps ~ ~ V1687 (AGA) FIXES VOL 1 This program disk will help AGA machine users get some added compatibility out of their older software.
Attempt to explain the workings supplied with your Amiga.
A* V1 242RE ORG~V3.11 is a fast disk optimizer that can be used for floppy disks and hard disks. Supports new- Kickstart 2.04 features including hard and soft links and High Density drives.
A + V066SAPRO ASTROLOGY V3.5 Astro_22 as released is a starter program which accurately calculates the position of the planets, cusps and zodiac positions to within 30 seconds o! Arc. 1 intend lo increase the usefulness of the program to eventually cover all aspects of the subject which will appeal to pro'fessional as well as novice astrologers not wishing to pay 200* for a decent package. Updated version " + V0489AMI BASE PRO II This is the latest database program which is an update A + V0827REPAJR ITV2.01 An essential set of tools for recovery. Disk speed reports the speed of a selected
drive. DiskSalv- will tty’ to recover Double check prices when ordering as many of the above are Special Discounts HARDWARE Don't forget many supposedly incompatible programs will work on the AGA machines by suitable adjustment s Dy s of the boot options. (Hold down bom mouse buttons).
A + V1773ACTION REPLAY CHEAT This disk has on it a text file which contains loads of I codes for those people who have action replay devices.
There are cheats for hundreds of games. Good.
~+ V1848DIYREKO This disk has on it an Arexx macro which, when used in conjunction with ImageFX, will make reko cardsets for I Klondike AGA almosl automatically. Also included is a detailed Amiga Guide document explaining everything.
- + V1468GAMES HD INSTALL This disk provides you with the
software needed to install certain games onto’vour A1200. The
games that this disk can install are fiodyBlows. Goal. Lemmings
Superfrog, and Walker. Could be very useful.
+ V1662HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 Contains a variety of hard disk installer's for a few well known commercial games. These games are as follows: AlienBreed 2 AGA. Jungle Strike. Assassin (Special Edition). Body Blows, Goal. Ishar 2. Zool 2 AGA. Ruff as much data as possible from a corrupt disk. HDTool will install the OS3 disk caching and FFS to the hard
e. png. Tnunder.png, Vailey.png. You need a latatype and a
program to adjust the first 16 colors r Workbench to the right
* Internal 6 speed Commodore Branded IDE CD Drive with IDE-Fix
(registered ver).
* £75 | Commodore 6 speed CDRom Drive
* £50 for software ide-fix (shware version of the software is
also avaible for free with any cdrom or cdrom drive purchades).
* 540Mb 2.5inch hard drives £130 including install software &
internal connection lead.
Come down to our NEW shop show room & collect your h ware open 6 days a week.
Drive of a lesser operating system.
" A V1661 NATIONAL LOTTERY This is a national lottery prediction program called Lottery Winner. It consists of a database system which can record the National Lottery results from week to week until it has sufficient data to make certain types of predictions or just a random guess. Good.
A + V1679COP THE LOT Lottery prediction database which can store the previous lottera results and also select random numbers etc. A + V1771 COURSE FORM Like to put a bit of money on the horses? This utility allows you to enter the figures for the horses in a particular race, plus the course details, and then it will try to predict the winner of the race. Good.
+ V1778LOTTERY CHECKER 3D & GBAPHICS PBO-SOFT A+ V1247TEXTURE MAPS (ABC) A collection of textures for use with the any program that will take high res textures.
A ~ V1554IMAGINE BUDDY (AB) Here's some features of the new interface: Draggable We have set up a Special Offer for you.
- If you want more details on anv of the following disks or anj
Sizeable text and index window s • Button Gadgets
c,A S?all0!lv£!? sV',ro registered versions ring for Search
and Move functions Improved Searching ,on |a The text is
now-positioned ai matching hypertext links !: visibilit’ Here
we have an adventure game. Half graphical, half rarely usin
text based this game is played almost entirely using the mouse.
Sprites backdrops with objects to examine or use ~+ 4486 MASH
An excellent game. You choose to control either a Spud (a
potato on legs!) Or a Tank. You then need to tackle a w hole
load of obstacles in order to get the enemy on the other side.
Great graphics, great sound an allround classy.
'+ 4488 PSYCH EUAL An Alien Breed clone. You are a bloke with a machine gun w ho has to run about each level shooting other peo- j (a) Each shareware version below comes with a £5.00 discount for the registered version.
(b) Each PRO-Soti disk can be purchased for £ l ,00 each or £4.00
for all 5 disks. (Please note our min order £ 10).
’ (c) Order over 20 normal PD-Soft disks and gel all 5 Pro-Soft disks “FREE-OF-CHARGE".
And all matches are highlighted for visibility.
V1229MAIN ACTOR V1.53 This is an all round animation utility that will create, playback, time and edit animations of any length or format (including graphics cards). Very good. (AB)
- * V18111MAGESTUDIO V2.0 (AB) ! Is written for the casual
graphics user who wishes to con- vert or manipulate various
graphics formats on a modest Amiga system. There are several
commercial offerings ; available, however the casual user is
paying a lot of I money for many facilities and options they
would proba- [ bly never use.
V1891IMAGEDESK V1.6 i is a program to catalog picture directories bv generating small representants of the pictures, so called thumbnails.'
"+ V1907 POVRAY RAYTRACER Renders in a window on a public screen (even ; Workbench) with colour sharing, simple HAM HAM8 ! Is a great too! For checking lottery numbers. Good for office syndicates. Find 'A Datc'is a database which and Tumble. Body Blows 2 AGA. StarDust, Super Frog.
Walker. Rise ot the Robots. Bubble and Squeak.
Stores arid matches people up for blind dates. Sneaker is used to view and change binary files, technical users are always finding these programs useful.
V1 836MRBACKUP V2.1.4 is a hard disk backup program for the Commodore Amiga family of computers. Tt provides a wide range of ElfMania. Aladdin AGA and Moral Kombat 2. Great.
'+ V1885NEW HD INSTALL Hard Drive Install scripts for 3 games. Beneath a steel
- l... Cl Kk I- V'.- .' Ct.. , Ml V..., .. -I sky Flashback
King's Quest VI. New updated version (small bugs fixed from
last version).
'+ V1988 DUNG EON MAPPER V0.3 This is the first version of something called Dungeon Mapper. It will work on Workbench 2+. It allows you to design your own maps for games like Dungeons and Dragons' which can be very use full. It also has Tetris on it if you boot it from Workbench.
+ V1994CHEATS COMPILATION This disk is a demo which gives you a taster of what you can have if you buy the regestered version. The demo gives you a choice of about 15 games to chose from.
• + V2040SW CHEAT v4.5 Over 950+ game hints cheats.
• + V2041F1GP Ed V3.03 Formula One Grand Prix WC Editor &
FIGP-Ed non- cnglish translation files & Track data for
GPDisplay + V2056TREK-THE GUIDE V1.6 Trck-The.guide is a
complete Star Trek Database. It contains a listing of all the
Trek series' complete with an episode synopsis, original
airdate. Director and Writer Credits and Guest stars. It also
includes a section on very- rare promotional press kits and
values of them. There are cross references to episodes with you
favorite aliens, time travel, and much more! Much of the
information was supplied by Paramount. The full version (7
disks Shareware) contains over 170 rare promotional pics.
Sony: Contains the 1st seasons of the Trek series'.
V2073PRO-LOTTERY 96 PROGRAM + TEK ! Services to support Amiga file management and of till ’ ' " * Kand aliens. The level graphics are good and show a '' | backup restore of tiles tcVfrom hard disk.
A + V1837DISK DOUBLING V1.9B This package allows vou to create virtual partitions pn
• HD. Files stored in such partitions get automaticalIT pretend
to guarantee you a jackpot win, but it does genuinely improve
your chances ! Of regular small-medium wins. Ideal for
syndicates individuals.
Of detail plus the gameplay is not too easy either.
~+ 4552 H.E.R.O Something is going to happen. A big interactive event is to take place. We are about to release a game we had to miss for a long time now (too long if ~ + VO298 NOFTTHC VI .3 (AB) The latest update on the public domain 'C' environment for the Amiga that I am aware of.
~ + V0523DICE C COMPILER (AB) 1 Contains Matthew Dillons full featured, powerful C com- j piler and environment system.
'+ V0786PASCAL I Contains everything needed to program in Pascal.
Includes A68k '68000 assembler. Blink. Linking software and PCQ. A modest Pascal sub set compilers V1041 DIGITAL BREAD BOARD | is a full GUI digital logic circuit simulator. Digital Breadboard currently supports 2 and 3 input etc ~ + VI056DEVELOPER I Contains the official Commodore developers kits for the Amiga Guide and Commodore Install utihties.
'+~V1060CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN j Several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast.
Includes PCBtool. A circuit board design tool.
A + V1209GNU C+ + COMPILER (3) [HD] j Theses disks consists of the latest version of the GCC environment. Thus the compiler, driver, assembler, linker. Header files inline code generation of library calls.
A + V1213PROGRAM' LANGUAGES ACE vl.02, is a PD Amiga BASIC compiler which, in conjunction with A68K & Blink produces stand alone executable’s, run time shared libraries are required.
V1227GAD TOOLS V2.2C A standard Amiga shared runtime library which makes it I a lot quicker easier to build standard requesters into pro- [ grams. Designed with CBM's guidelines in mind.
~ + V1384HOW TO CODE IN C (AB) ; Coves Debugging. Intuition and Graphic, Kodbibliotek.
| Tips & TricE. Anropa AsmFranC, Dos Intuition. WB I start. Dmake. GadToolsBox and Pow er Source.
~ + V1430N.D.U.KV37 (ABCD) ! Portions of the Commodore Native Develot that can be licensed for distribution. Includ libraries, startups. C include files, and tools “ + V1905MATHS FORMULA EDIT V2.1 MathScript is a formula editor, which is used to integrate mathemaucal formulas into word processors or DTP pro- grams. It has an extensive amount of mathematical and physical symbols and many control codes for creating fractions-roots. Exponents.
" + V1909 REQCHANGE V3.6 Patches Intuition. ASL. ARP & REQ to use the Req Tools requesters instead. It also adds a couple of extra features, like an Assign Wedge, the possibility to send ly compressed and decompressed whenever you access them, in a transr + V2074PRO-FOOTBALL An extremely easy lo use. Yet powerful prediction system for use on both football poofs and football fixed-'odds.
Evaluates each match, and presents you with the most ;ely outcome. (Amiga Shopper Star-Buy. Ami; Formal Selection Of The’Month) em. In a transparent way.
V1838VMM V3.0 you ask me!). Coming soon is an Amiga version of the old Activision game H.E.R.O. .And that's not all.
Can be a part of its release.
~ + 4553 ARMORED COMBAT EDITION Full version of pete w storonskijS mangled fenders: Armored Combat Edition! Drive tanks from six different countries in a demo-derby game with weapons! This FULL VERSION is freely distributible. As long as all files are intact and present. Uses Memory Conservation Protocols to make sure the game will run on low memory A + 4554 BLOODFEST Captive & HiredGuns style 3d adventure "+ 4555 TRAIN DRIVER SIM V1.6 Profile chart generated in real time showing next 10 miles - Fog. In addition to Dry Wet - visibility 100 yards.
You for Amigas with a processor.
Mory manager 6S020+6S85! Pn 6S040.68030 or support autodetects Cvbergfx Screen and renders in direct Colour (l5 16 24fiit) if possible.
+ VI916XF1G V1.2 + V1932X-FILES GUIDE ray t if you are interested in the x-filcs. It contains over 674k The X-Files Guide disk is full of very uscfull information A+ V2075 PRO-GAMBLE V2.2 An easy to use. Vet surprisingly accurate, horse race prediction’ system. "Requires little racing knowledge - just any daily newspaper and 20 minutes! Generates predic- : tions in a useable format (eg: Placepot). And can even | calculate your winnings for you!
' + V2076PRO-GREYHOUNDS As Pro-Gamble, but for the dogs - Very user-friendly.
'+ V2077BOOKIE BEATER Ever been unsure as to which selection in an event you should back? Bookie Beater allows you to bet on more : than one. Safe in the knowledge that you'll make the same profit no matter which one wins! Can be used for anv 'bcttable' evenL This is an Amiga port of an XI l structured drawing tool that lets the user interactiely create and manipulate on w orth of text, ranging from episodes I and 2 to the x-files transcript. It also has a survey you can fill in and send : off to the auther of the disk.
V1949MORE HD INSTALLERS This disk contains the latest installers for the following games: ABASE. Arnie 2. ATR. Bump 'n' Burn.
. Naughty-ones. Rise of the Robots. Sensible World of objects such as lines circles rectangles splines text and other elements. Xfig can produce output in se ferent formats: Encapsulated PostScript.
In several dif- IBMGL (HP GL). Pic. PiCTeX. LaTeX. Box. Epic, eepic. Eepice- mu. Textvl. Tpic. X! 1 Bitmap. XI! Pixmap anti gif.
" + V1922REAL 3D V2.X OBJECTS Objects are prettv large in size, espessially the 4 cylinder engine, you might run out of memory pretty fast. My Amiga 4000EC30 + FPU is now equipped with l8Mfi RAM. And I can now raytrace all of my objects.
• 13Mb. So you'll need a healthy chunk of memory. * No Slicing
was used in modelling, to keep things as small as possible. •
Space Doors'open using the new Stales function. • Marquee of
Space Door light " + V2042RAY STORM v1.11 Fast raytracer with
many features '+ V2047SV1EW V5.10 SuperView V5.10 + Library
12.2 ~+ V2057IMAGINE OBJECTS 1 (AB) Contains a selection of
objects and extras for Imagine - BLOBS_PRJ - Project to
generate a blob animation.
DAN_CLASS1CAL - An Imagine 2.0 model of a classical guitar. DAN_ELECTRIC - An Imagine 2.0 model of an electric guitar. EAGLE_OBJECT - Eagle Freighter object for Imagine. MANGABABESDEMO - Sexy- female human 3D models by Tomwoof. PZKPFW1V - Imagine Object of Wwil Mark IV Tank.
T65_X_WINGFULL - Large. Detailed Imagine 2.0 X- Wing object.
V2065IFF256 720*460, CHIPS, DISKS & FLOWERBED IFF256 720*460. Chips. Disks & Flowerbed - Use as backgrounds with Scala or Euro-demos where text is put on top of a background wallpaper etc. A + V20661FF256 720*460, GRAVEL. JEANS & WOODFENCE To use as backgrounds with Scala or Euro-demos A + V2067IFF256 720*460, PENNYS, SAND & SQUARES To use as backgrounds with Scala or Euro-demos Soccer, Shadow Fighters. Lion King. MKII_PAFIX.
Parasol Stars. Rock'n'Roll. Skimarks 2. S) . Skeleton Krew, Super Stardust. SoftB3. Trolls and Uridium 2.
V1963VIRUS WORKSHOP V5.1 This version of Virus Workshop is as good as any of the very slippery rail - Data updated and more crossovers d Carlisle - Key press detection added between Crewe and improved - Now creates timings for any custom train If. On the Startup screen, you type in a different Code from the built-in trains in the Save drawer, and then set all other parameters, and then click OK, the program will look in. Trains and see if a file exists for that train.
'+ 4556 ZHANDULINHELMI ADV A Finnish text adventure with some graphics and athmos- pheric music 4557 POWEROIDS V1.2 Multitasking Asteroids, raytraced gfx. 1 -4 Players.
• + 4558 INTMERCS Rebelstart type strategy game. Requires 2MB.
For one or two players. Complete with four scenarios.
4559 WORMS MAPS These are a buncha maps me and my flatmates made for the amiga version of worms... Descriptions as follows TUNNEL.WRM Underground warfare. ISLANDS.WRM c!. SCRE, others or even better. You can check every single file on ...... ’ ’ vfilte there own or all together. If it finds a virus it will tell you VIDEO ! W hat it is and exactly what to do to gat rid of it This is . Probably ihe best version of Virus Workshop so far and well worth buving- ' + V1965 BALLS l+ V0817A500 PLUS EMULATOR ~+ V1196DESKTOP VIDEO Dot Matrix Stroller. Is a video titling program intended ; Balls is yet
another lottery predictor program, ally quite good apart from the £5 fee if vou want to get It is actu- Have amiga 500 and want workbench 2.0 then just install
1. 3 version of w orkbench or this disk onto your ft your HD for
complete WB2 compatibility.
~ * V1178KICKSTART 3 EMU Kickstart 1.3 3.0 emulator and decibel patch program will give vou the option to have kickstart 1.3 or 3.x(as used in NEW Amigas) in your Amiga. This is much enhanced over the version that was given away free.
~+ V1336THE BBC EMULATOR Contains commands to allow existing files to be transferred from a BBC with DFS by means of a serial cable.
"+ V1659MSDOS AMIGADOS V2.3 This is a very imercstingutility which should be useful to anyone who’uses both Pcs and Amigas. The tool allows you to create a directory on w hich you can store MSDOS commands and then they can be used through the shell as if they were AmigaDos commands. Great.
" ~ VI868PC TASK V3.1 is the first and only software 80286 emulator for the Amiga range of computers. Transfer files between vour Amiga amfMSDOS. Compatible with MS Windows 3+ A " V1931ZXAM v2.0 The latest Spectrum Emulator available. Basically it allows you to run Spectrum software on your Amiga.
Requires the AGA chipset but does require‘WB3+ and a 68020 CPU or better V2059FRODO V2.0 Frodo is a multitasking freeware C64 emu for the Amiga.
OS2.1 and a 68020 (or better) are required, as well as copys of the original C64 ROMs, which are not inc. for use in addingscrolling captions to video's. Flood Effect Joads an IFF picture'and displays it with a Oflood ectO so that it floods the screen.
V1156V1DEO TTTLER Generates professional looking TV titles and credits for the registered version, it can predict random numbers' or numbers from pre-emered numbers of upto 72 weeks earlier. A well presented lottery predictor, if your into all the lottery hype get this.
V1969AQUARIUM SIMULATOR 3d Aquarium Simulator (uses MUI2.0). check it out.
' + V1982SCOUT V2.1 your own video's.Outstanding abilities are very smooth scrolling, colour slides (AGA support)and usage of ; Update Kit the fd files.
Colour fonts. Limited demo version only.
Scout is a tool that allows you to monitor your computer system. It displays many differem things like _ tasks, ports.
| assigns, expansion boards, resident commands, mter- j rupts. Etc. | '+ V1983DOPUS UTILS 2 This is the second selection of utilities for use with the j most popular Amiga Disk utility Directory Opus.
A + V1997LOTTERY PREDICTOR Another lottery prediction system. This latest addition j has a few added advantages over the other available. For | a start this one uses intuition fully so it multitasks and it uses only a small window on your workbench. Also it looks very nice! The added touch of the lottery symbol ' makes all the difference. The best lottery predictor yet.
- + V1998AMIGADOS GUIDE V1.5 GAMES Ninja Rope-taslic!.
EAM.WRM Version of pic i found on AMFormat Gallerv. TRIPINTOWAR.WRM Wierd, spacy theme, with shafted palette (Was called NECROMUNDA.WRM in previous release). NECRO- MUNDA.WRM Ohh..You'll LOVE this one.
BEN2.WRM Another shafted palette. But kew-l though.
' + 4560 DUNGEON HERO Fantastic RPG like Dungeon Master '+ 4561 ELDRITCH V1.35 Top-view adventure hack-and-s!ash.
~ ~ 4431 BEST AGA TETRIS Best pentamino tetris, graphics, musics. 10055 assembler + + 4434 BLACKDAWN V2.1 3-level Dungeon Master style Alien Breed:- charge around the maze levels, shoot lots of aliens, find the lift & move on. But do it in 1st person perspective view.
- + 4442 SCORCHED TANKS V1.85 The awesome artillery tank game.
This one contains loads of goodies like 70 weapons and 13
shield types as well as new goodies.
- - 4449 PSSST This is a 1990's version of the old Spectrum
Classic PSSST Main features include: - 256 Colours. - Rea! Time
frame rate. - No C code !!!! ( I Hate C ) - Nice end of game
sequence. - Three Levels of play ( Slow. Normal.
'+ 4451 LAST LAP Arexx commands when a patched requester appears. & ) configure now the patches behave.
Several options to ( ~ + V1919MOTOROLA CROSS ASSEMBLER'S V2.0 Assembler's ASO.l. CODE REFERENCES A very handy program for those who want to leatn more about Amiga’ DOS or those w ho simply ’ j want an easy reference for'commands etc.. The program consists of an easy to use point and click system with a index.
' + VI999COP THE LOT PRO Yet another lottery program. This one will only generate random numbers. DiCTe'ts no option to actually’make any sort of calculated prediction. There is also a Numbers drawn database and a My guesses database to help you keep a record of the numbers you have been choosing.
COMMS A+ Works on all machines A* Req Workbench 2.0 or above AA Req Workbench 3.0 or above ) Prodc UTILS & POPULAB lact has ABC disk (le, three) (ABC) Why not check out our BBS (0181) 2510078 or email - ' + V1362CHECKERS TOOLBOX Incredible Amiga diagnosis program. Runs self test on ALO « PlSKS The disks contained within this advert are Public Domain or shareware unless otherwise stated. Please remember that the cost you pay us is only for the duplication and handling costs incurred, not for the programs contained on the disks and that the programs are not free they are shareware. If you like
it register it. Some programs are cut-down version of the full programs or time related demo version or freeware. We do not sell the software contained on these s disk.
M Frss rn-rA Ivsry cm»c& the same, but the A600 version is limited to two drives. A special cable can be used to connect another two drives to the Commodore IDE port, but they must be CD-ROM drives, as they are not recognised by Commodore’s hard drive software. Most people will get by with one of each, and have no need for the special cable.
Alternatively AlfaData offers an external IDE interface which plugs into PCMCIA. This sticks out of the side of the Amiga but saves delving inside the machine to make an IDE connection. If your computer lacks an IDE interface you can still add one. Special versions of the ATAPI software are available for users of Tandem and AlfaPower expansion. A500s require Workbench 2 and the latest version 6.8 of the AlfaPower interface ROM, available from Golden Image.
PERFORMANCE The performance of an ATAPI drive matches that of SCSI drives connected via PCMCIA or the Dataflyer which stacks onto the internal IDE port. It cannot match the speed of a Direct Memory Access (DMA) SCSI system based on a Zorro card or processor accelerator, but that only matters if you need full processor power while the drives are busy. The IDE interface is quite fast enough to keep up with quad speed drives, even on an A500. In practice even a double speed drive is quick enough for Amiga applications, such as CDXL, Commodore’s impressive proprietary scheme for FMV.
CD DRIVES CD drives known to be compatible with the Amiga ATAPI software are listed in the table. Other modern IDE drives should work, but for safety pick one from this list, and confirm the exact model number before you pay up. Early 1996 show prices ranged from £29 for iOOC: lS Launching the FudCD program to find the Device and Unit of yaur (D-Ron... You nay let the progran scan for CD-Rans bg clicking
- SCAN".
Is_a acL tapi. Device | aOtapi. Device Show £0-Hon only Top: Installing the bundled software is easy.
Above: The FindCD utility is indispensable for locating your ATAPI device.
Common, cheap and (usually) compatible, and all available to Amiga owners with an IDE port and standard ATAPI software.
HARDWARE A600, A1200 and A4000 Amigas have IDE interfaces built in, all supported by ATAPI. In hardware terms they’re much CD DRIVES KNOWN TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH AMIGA ATAPI SOFTWARE MANUFACTURER MODEL SPEED NOTES Acer 6825-P 2x Chinon CDS-5251 2x Chinon CDS-545 4x Favourite of Oliver Kastl.
Goldstar GCD-R542B 4x Digital output; fits A4000 well.
Mitsumi FX-001DE 2x The DE suffix is important!
Mitsumi FX-300 3x Mitsumi FX 400 4x ‘A* suffix = no headphone output.
Sony CDU-55E 2x Audio needs CacheCDFS 2.5+ Toshiba XM-5302B 4x Very short so fits A4000 nicely.
Wearnes CDD-120A 2x Wearnes CDD-220A 4x Until recently, with a few exceptions, there was really only one way to attach a CD- ROM drive to your Amiga - add a SCSI interface and use that to control a SCSI CD-ROM drive.
Cheaper solutions, such as the Tandem controller, allowed big-box Amigas to add an inexpensive IDE mechanism. However, this does not enable many drives to be used to their fullest potential. Now', however, with the introduction of a new' hardware standard and some Amiga software by- Oliver Kastl of Elaborate Bytes, you can add bargain drives intended for PC clones, via the cheap and cheerful IDE interface built into all Amigas since the A600.
Advanced Technologised Attachment Package Interface (ATAPI) drives are an important development, because quad speed IDE drives now' retail at bargain prices - under £40 for a double speed Sony drive, and under £50 for a quad speed Mitsumi.
In recent months I’ve bought half a dozen ATAPI drives, at All Formats Computer Fairs and the Stafford All Micro Show, and they’ve all worked fine, on Amigas from the A500 to A4000 060."
To understand ATAPI you have to refer to the PC. ATAPI drives plug into a PC interface called IDE which was intended to simplify and standardise the disk interface. This meant you could upgrade your hard drive without needing a new interface card or software. IDE was a success, and now most PC hard drives work that way.
The IDE interface is very simple and cheap at the computer end, which led Commodore to build an IDE interface into all Amigas from the A600 onwards. However PC makers were not content using IDE for hard disks. When CD-ROM drives came along they needed an easy way to connect them, and the first Cds, with custom interfaces, were soon supplanted by models that co-opted the IDE hardware.
The snag was that IDE was never designed for CD drives, and the manufacturers found a variety of ways to adapt it. Eventually ATAPI was born - a software standard for IDE CD-ROMs.
ATAPI CD-ROM drives are now Simon l l Goodwin looks at the latest hardware standard which allows the cheap attachment of CD-ROM drives to the Amiga without an SCSI interface.
Flhiga Uorkbf-nth 1457&3S graph Its wen 1 S*i 4-32 at her new 4F the double-speed Sony, via £39 for the quad-speed Mitsumi FX400-B1 (the B1 suffix indicates no headphone output) to £45 for the very nice Goldstar version. Lesser points to check are drive power consumption, the number and type of audio connections, disk carriage and squeaks when the laser head moves, from the drive and sometimes through the audio outputs.
CD-ROM UPGRADE KIT MOUNTING If you’ve got a desktop A4000 your
5. 25” drive bay is only about 200mm deep, allowing room for the
leads at the back of the drive. Most models can be squeezed
in, albeit tightly. Toshiba and Goldstar leave more room than
Other drives should also work as long as they support the full ATAPI IDE spec, but steer clear of the Elitegroup Vertos 300SSD, which comes close, but not close enough. Whatever model you choose, make sure it is configured as a ‘slave’ unit. You normally do this by positioning little jumpers on the drive.
You should not need to adjust the jumpers on your existing hard drive.
CD ROM Upgrade kit Kit with full ATAPI Software Tandem Zorro 2 IDE + CD controller Software and PCMCIA CD1200 Controller Kit, Software and PCMCIA CD1200 Controller £110.00 Prices do not include the CD ROM drive.
65 Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 OLB, UK.
Tel: 0181 900 9291 ELABORATE BYTES (OLIVER KASTL) Am Westpark 5, 81373 Munich, Germany CompuServe: 100447,3361 Internet: 100447.3361@compuserve.com ALL FORMATS COMPUTER FAIRS UK show information: 0181 856 8478 CD-ROM drives vary in their power consumption but typically need about an amp on both the +12 volt and +5 volt rails. The newer the drive, the less the power requirement. The five volt supply is generally adequate, but Amiga +12V rails have little spare capacity.
You’re asking too much if you expect to power the CD-ROM drive from the standard Amiga A600 or A1200 supply but if you’re using an accelerator or external floppies you’ve probably already invested in a souped- up supply, and may well have enough spare power to run the CD-ROM drive You're asking too much if you expect to power the CD-ROM drive from the standard Amiga A600 or A1200 power supply as well. The A500 power supply is much more substantial and often recommended as a stop-gap upgrade for A1200 owners.
GETTING WIRED One attractive option is to buy a cheap PC tower box, and put your drives in there, using the hefty internal supply to power them, and maybe your Amiga as well. These cost around £30 at an All Formats Computer Fair and give bags of room for expansion. But you’ll need to keep the IDE cable from the computer to the tower fairly short, as IDE - unlike SCSI - is really only intended for £39.00 £59.00 £69.00 £69.00 internal connections less than a metre in length. CD-ROM drives have a 40 pin socket, like 3.5” IDE hard drives, unlike the 44 pin mini connector inside the A600 and A1200.
The extra four pins carry power, normally supplied separately to Cds and larger hard drives. Adaptors are widely available, as many users squeeze a 3.5” hard drive inside their Amigas, but you’ll need one with enough spare wire to reach the CD ROM outside the machine. Cables intended for a second, external, IDE disk drive are ideal.
The A4000 internal hard disk cable has a 40 pin connector for a second drive, but you need to turn it round - plugging the opposite end into the motherboard - to get enough wire between the hard drive, in the rear bay, and the CD-ROM at the front.
Alternatively, move your hard drive to the spare 3.5” bay at the front, under the floppy drive. Either way, ensure that pin 1 corresponds on the motherboard, cable and both drives.
There’s no obligation to put an ATAPI CD-ROM drive in a case - they come fully enclosed and all they really need is connections for IDE and powrer to make them work - but they look a bit ugly. DIY enthusiasts could convert a box intended for one or two old 5.25” disk drives, although they’d need to make up their own audio cable. Golden Image have a neater answ-er, in the form of a CD Upgrade Kit w7hich includes mixing audio, data and power cables, a sturdy metal case and simple pictorial instructions.
SOFTWARE The ATAPI software is available in versions for four IDE hardware configurations: AlfaPower, Tandem, Amiga 4000 and Amiga 1200, which also supports the A600. The code for each is very similar, but you must use the one that matches the address of the IDE hardware on your system. All four are available in demonstration and commercial versions. The demos are on Aminet, in the disk cd-rom directory, and also available from bulletin boards and PD suppliers. The demo is fully working, but limits you to one hour of continuous use of the CD drive, putting up a requestor every ten minutes or
so to remind you. This is not as annoying as it sounds, as you only need to respond to the requestor when you next w ant to use the CD drive, and the time limit does not include the intermediate waits. It’s worth shopping around for Continued overleaf the software as prices vary from £20 to almost £50 depending on the supplier, and there are ‘crippled’ versions around which lack CD32 emulation and support for disks in Mac HFS and the old PC ‘Rockridge’ format.
The full software comes with a good printed manual, explaining all the software options however, this only covers the software, and says nothing about how to connect the drive. The installation software is first rate. It uses the standard installer and a program called FindCD to scan any device of your choice, looking for a CD drive. This works just as well on SCSI as with IDE.
The software itself has four major components. You get the ATAPI device, which translates messages from the Amiga file system to the ATAPI drive.
This is a small file, around 7K in size, vital because it adds the necessary CD functions onto Commodore’s own IDE control software.
The CD File System puts the CD icon on your desktop and lets you manipulate CD files as if they were on floppy or hard disk. In theory the ATAPI device will work with any CD File System, but it comes bundled with Oliver Kastl’s own CacheCDFS. There are lots of CD File Systems for the Amiga but CacheCDFS supports a sophisticated scheme to speed up access by removing the need to re-read data.
The third component is a CD player which works like a Hi Fi controlled from your desktop. You can select audio tracks and program them to play in sequence. Other gadgets let you set the volume and eject the current CD from the drive, but these do not work on all drives - it depends on the model. Again there are PD alternatives if you don’t like the interface or want extra features such as track names or Arexx control.
The full version of the ATAPI software may cost more than the drive, but at least you can try before you buy COMPATIBILITY The ATAPI package also includes CD32 emulation software. It’s not totally CD32 compatible, even with the add on software from Elaborate Bytes, but no less good than SCSI-based systems. The CD32 emulator works with SCSI drives as well as ATAPI. Real CD32s have Workbench 3.1, a small non-volatile memory to store level and high score information, special eleven button ACRONYMS AGA Advanced Graphics Array. Commodore's 32-bit Amiga chip set.
ATAPI A protocol allowing an IDE interface to control CD drives in a standard way regardless of manufacturer.
CD Compact Disk - digital data delivery system invented by Philips and refined by Sony, used for audio and later computer and video data.
CDFS Compact Disk File System - a program that converts the blocks of data on a Compact Disk into a form accessible to all Amiga programs.
DMA Direct Memory Access - a device capable of loading or storing data in memory without requiring continuous processor intervention.
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics - a drive designed to interface directly with PC expansion (earlier drives needed a relatively complex control unit).
PC Personal Computer - Used to refer to machines designed to be compatible with a 1980 IBM Intel design.
ROM Read Only Memory. Information that computers can read but not alter.
SCSI Small Computer System Interface. A way of connecting computers and peripherals, allowing communication between devices that share control and connections as required.
Keypads and a graphics conversion chip called AKIKO. All these can be emulated in software, along with the ‘cd.device’ code that controls Commodore’s decidedly non-standard drive mechanism, but many CD32 programs need tweaks to get them working on a ‘real’ Amiga.
A1200-owners who would like to add IDE CD-ROM drives to their machines needn't feel left out, as there is an external version of the Tandem especially for them.
The CD32 emulator has a start up menu to control processor acceleration, fast memory and keyboard emulation of the extra controller buttons. It can take a while to find the right combination for some titles. Other options divert data intended for the non-volatile memory to disk and control data buffering. Similar caveats apply to CDTV emulation, except that in that case the real thing runs Workbench 1.3, a 68000 processor and 16 bit graphics.
Some programs intended for Workbench 1.3 object to Workbench 2, but ATAPI requires Workbench 2 or better.
Titles intended for the whole Amiga range, from CDTV upwards, including PD collections such as Aminet, usually work fine. Pandoras CD, from Optonica, ran perfectly on the A500. The CDTV welcome disk also worked, but CD32 titles fell over on the A500, expecting a faster processor and 32-bit graphics.
JULY 1996 ATAPI DAYS ARE HERE CONCLUSION If you want a CD-ROM drive, and have not yet bought an SCSI interface, ATAPI deserves serious consideration.
The full version of the ATAPI software may cost more than the drive, but at least you can try before you buy. It’s a pity that the software is only available bundled with CacheCDFS, CD Player and CD32 emulator, atapi.device is all you need buy to put together a working system, and the extras just push up the price. You can save money on the software by buying it with extra hardware, but if you’ve got an A600 or later Amiga all you really need is the CD drive, IDE cable and an uprated power supply. The demo version works fine - the only problem is the time limit and periodic requestors.
At least A4000 owners can see what their extra hundreds bought them, because their machines come with a cable, ample power and even a hole the right size to fit most ATAPI drives. In this case you really can add a quad speed CD and be up and running for well under £50. But as you’ve got the potential for fast Zorro 3 expansion, you may prefer to take the SCSI route.
If you’re an A500 user with Workbench 2, the combination of AlfaPower Hard disk and ATAPI CD is very attractive.
One reliable expansion unit provides extra memory, hard drive and now CD control. The only snag is the number of Amiga Cds that only work on AGA machines. A600 and A1200 owners need to delve inside the Amiga to route their IDE connection to the outside world. If that’s a daunting prospect, and your PCMCIA port is free, the external CD 1200 controller is just what you need. It also saves you worrying about hard drive configuration as it provides an entirely separate IDE interface for the CD.
The add-on kits from Golden Image are aimed at people w7ho want a professionally packaged system and don’t mind screwing it together themselves. The CD drive case may seem expensive, especially as it doesn’t include the necessary pow7er supply, but you do get a lot of Amiga-specific kit, including two power cables and a through port that mixes the CD audio with the Amiga’s own sound output.
The total price is still good value compared with a SCSI set up, although you lose the further expansion possible with a SCSI adapter.
Tt p(M ° w 0 b ,.-* LOWEST PRICES dcct ccpvirF afe BEST SERVICE Rap|D DEUVERY BEST SERVICE SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0181 686 9973 0181 781 1551 3-5" DISKS AMIGA A1200 PACKS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE DISKS & LOCKABLE BOXES STANDARD PACK 2MB - NO HD Inc VAT Inc VAT £369-99 FREE LABELS & FREE DELIVERY BY PARCEL FORCE Grade A+ DS DD DS HD 10 3.5" DISKS ..£4.75 ....£5-99 25 3-5" DISKS ..£8-99 ....£9-99 50 3-5" DISKS £15-99 ..£17-99 100 3.5" DISKS £28-99 ..£28-99 150 3-5" DISKS £39-99 ..£41-99 200 3-5"
DISKS £51-99 ..£51-99 500 3-5" DISKS.....£118-99......£126-99 1000 3-5" DISKS.....£209-99......£239-99 + 10 SEE-THROUGH BOX ..ADD £1-00 + 100 CAP LOCKABLE BOX ADD £4-00 + 100 CAP LOCKABLE BOX......ADD £4-00 + 100 CAP LOCKABLE BOX......ADD £4-00 + 2 X 100 LOCKABLE BOX .ADD £8-00 + 2 X 100 LOCKABLE BOX .ADD £8-00 + 5 X 100 LOCKABLE BOX ADD £17-50 + 10 X 100 LOCKABLE BOX ...ADD £30-00 I MAGIC PACK includes: Amiga A1200 Computer - 2Mb RAM • 3-5" Floppy Disk Drive Built-In Wordsworth v4 SE - Word Processor • Digita Datastore vl-1 - Database Digita Organiser cl-1 -
Personal Organiser • Turbo Calc v3-6 - Spreadsheet
• Personal Paint v6*4 - Paint Package • Photogenics vl-2 - Pixel
• Whizz - 3D Platform Game • Pinball Mania - Pinball Arcade Game
STARTER PACK: Top quality joystick, A1200 dustcover, Deluxe
mouse mat, Disk head cleaner, 1 0 disks ONLY £15-00 NEW A1200
SURFER PACK Includes 260Mb Hard Drive + 14,400 External Modem.
Comes with Magic Pock Software but installed on HD. SHOULD BE
68020 6882.....£99-99 A1200 4Mb
RAM .....£109-99 A1200 8Mb
RAM .....£169-99 33MHz PLCC FPU add £2
p&p ......£35-00 APOLLO A1200 ACCELERATOR I Apollo 1220
28MHz 68020 4Mb...£199-99 Magnum 030 40 0 FPU 0Mb £139-99
Magnum 030 40 0 FPU 4Mb £219-99 Magnum 030 40 0 FPU
8Mb £289-99 A500 500 + 600 UPGRADES (inc clock) A500 up
to 1Mb (512K) ..£24-99 A500+ up to 2Mb
(1Mb) ...£28-99 A600 up to 2Mb (1Mb) .
£39-99 TOWER (A4000T 040 25MHz £2099 £223T A4000T 060 50MHz
£2359 -£2525 SPECIFICATIONS: A4000 Tower, 6Mb Memory, l-7Mb
Floppy Drive. 1*2 Gig SCSI Drive, Scala 300 Pre-lnstolled.
CALL FOR ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES AMIGA CABLES Amiga to TV Scarf ..£10-99 Amiga to Sony TV ..£ 10-99 Amiga to Amiga (Parnef Null modem)..£10-99 Modulator overhang lead 23M 23F...£11-99 Joystick Splitters .£5-99 Automatic Mouse Joystick cable £13-99 Joystick Extension Lead 10ft ..£5-99 Printer Lead ..£4-00 DUST COVERS Amiga 1200 500 500P 600 ....£4-00 Commodore Philips monitors £4-00 Star Cifizen Panasonic Printers £4-00 ACCESSORIES Amiga Disk Drive
Free Direc Opus 4-12...£39-99 Amitek 1-76HD Disk Drive .£86-99 Amiga Mouse (top quality) .£11 -50 Internal Drives A500 A500+ Ao00 A1200..£34 £44 TV Modulator (2yr warranty) £34-00 Deluxe Mouse Mat ...£1-99 1000 labels ..£8-99 3-5" Disk head cleaner ....£1-99 Python 1M Joystick ...£8-75 ADD £2 FOR DELIVERY AMIGA CD32 [CD32 Machine Pack 7 Games Pack .only £174-99 ISX1 Modular Expansion .£189-99 Keyboard for CD32 (Require SX1) ...£37-99 Disk
Drive for CD32 ......£42-99 CD32 to Amiga 1200 inc. software £29-99 CD32 to Scart ..£11-99 | Competition Pro Pad £15-99 ADD £2 P&P FOR ACCESSORIES ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY (unless otherwise stated). Delivery within 3 days (UK MAINLAND ONLY).
ADD £10-00 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY CALL OR SEND CHEQUES, POSTAL ORDERS TO: fif GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, ® CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 0181 686 9973 Mail order prices only FAX: 0181 686 9974 AH offers subject to availability. E&0E. Prices Pack details may chanae witnout notice. Please allow 6 working davs for cheques to dear a j| "5 * i j i | gab-1 j iii» tfH«f HARD DRIVES & CD-ROM DRIVES INTERNAL 2-5" + CABLE + SOFTWARE 180Mb 2-5" £69-99 250Mb......£127-99 120Mb 2-5".....£88-00 340Mb......£148-00 170Mb 2-5" ...£124-99 510Mb......£200-00 INTERNAL 3-5" +
SITTING KIT + S WARE Robust steel bracket system to repbce the 2-5' cradle inside the A12001 | • Both IDE and power cable ere provided Opus 4-12 free, ideal to [ qe your hard disk • disks full of essential software!
) MORE CASE MODIFICATION & MESSING AROUND 1850Mb + full kit .£199.99 l-2Gb + full kit .. £219.99 CD-ROM DRIVES I Ami foi GENLOCKS FUSION VIDEO GENLOCK I It is a high specification video genlock that is ideal fori both the first time user (for adding titles graphics &| | effects to home movies] and the semi professional userj wedding videos, corporate presentations...) ¦REE Scala HJ100 (enables you to add special I effects and overlay text on to your video) £98 FAX MODEM Modem only +GP Fax s w I Tornado 14-4k int £89-99 ......£129-99 Tornado
14-4k ext...£104-99 ......£144-99 Tornado 28-8k int...£169-99 ......£209-99 Tornado 28-8k ext...£l 89-99 ......£229-99 INK CARTRIDGES & REFILLS HP DeskJet 500 500C 560C Black ...£22-99 HP DeskJet Black Refill £7-99 HP DeskJet 600 660C Black ..£22-99 HP DeskJet 500C 560C 600 660C Colour ..£25-99 Canon BJ10 200 Black ..£16-99 Canon BJ 10 200 Black Ink Refill ..£7-99 Citizen Project IIC Colour .£34-00 Citizen Project IIC Mono £20-50 Add
£2-00 Post & Packing PRINTER RIBBONS BLACK I Amstrad DMP2000 3000 .£3-00 Amstrad DMP4000 ...... £3-66 Amstrad PCW 8256 8512 LQ3500 £3-00 Amstrad 9512 £3-50 Citizen 120D LSP10 Swift24 9......£2-85 Epson LQ 100 .£4-10 Epson LX80 86 9O £2-50 Epson LQ400 500 800 850 ....£3-45 Epson FX MX RX80 LX800 .....£3-45 NEC Pinwriter P2200 ....£3-50 Seikosha SP 1200 1600 2000 £4-00 Panasonic KXP1123 1124 1180....£3-30 Panasonic 2135 ....£8-25
Panasonic KXP2123 2180 ......£4-00 Star LC10 20 100 .£2-90 Star LC200 .£3-50 | Star LC2410 24200 ......£3-00 COLOUR (Citizen Swift 24 ...£12-99 Panasonic 2135 2123 2180 .£13-99 Star LC 10 20 100 .£7-00 Star LC200 ...£12-30 | Star LC2410 24200 ..... £12-50 ADD £2-00 P&P PRINTERS NEW PANASONIC 2135 24 PIN COLOUR £159-99 INKJET - DESKTOP & PORTABLE I Hewlett Packard 600 mono .£185*95 Hewlett
Packard 600 colour ..£210*00 Hewlett Packard 660 colour £325*00 Hewlett Packard 850 colour .£414*99 Canon BJ30 mono inc. sheet feed £169*99 Canon BJC70 colour inc. sheet feed ....£239*99 Canon BJC210 colour ¦ Offer ends Aug '96 ....£210*00 Canon BJC4100 colour £279*99 Canon BJ610E colour..,.., ..£412*99 Citizen Project lie colour £249*99 Citizen Printiya 600 colour ..New
£389*99 MONITORS . ”1 1 Amiga M 1438S .....£287*99 1 - '* imo , c__I__mta nn Samsung 14" only D Pal Mode .....£219*001 Hitachi or Panasonic Monitor TV ...£174*991 in Digital Video Experts Quantum Leap Proudly present the industry standard video digitiser for Amiga computers worldwide Grab pictures from any camcorder, VCR or TV directly into your Amiga!
Wide range of applications Including DeskTop Publishing, Multimedia Presentations, Animation, Video Titling, Databases, Amiga Photo Albums, Newsletters, or simply Having Even More Fun With Your Amiga!
Works with all Amiga computers A500(+),A600,A1200,A1500,A2000,A3000,A4000 30 40 Easy to install and use Simply plug the VIDl Amiga 24RT into the parallel (printer) port of your Amiga computer. Then connect your camcorder, VCR, or TV tuner to the VIDI Amiga 24RT using the cable provided. The user friendly software and easy to follow instruction manual and tutorial allow you to become expert in creating professional quality images on your Amiga!
Three Video Inputs Two composite (Video In) and one S-Video (S-VHS, Hi-8 etc), Compatible with all television formats Automatically detects NTSC, PAL or SECAM.
Real Time Image Grabber Grab a video frame in a fraction of a second.
No need to pause the VCR or hold the camera steady!
High Resolution, True Colour Capture images in 16 million colours at resolutions up to:- 760x604 (VIDI Amiga 24RT Pro).
380x604 (VIDI Amiga 24RT).
£149 Incredible value at: Inducing vai
• Colour Preview Preview incoming video in HAM8 or greyscale.
• Comprehensive Image Processing Average, Balance, Blur,
Brightness, Contrast, Edge Detect, Emboss, Gamma, Saturation,
• File Support All AGA Modes, ILBM, BMP, TIFF etc.
• Time-lapse and Carousel Choose a time-lapse between capturing
frames from half a second up to ten hours, then automatically
capture a sequence to the Carousel!
Applications range from animations of plants flowering to security camera monitoring.
Tel: 01506 461917 Fax: 01506 414634 RT Highest resolution for professional use Designed and manufactured in Scotland by: Quantum Leap Software Ltd., Livingston EH54 6TS The Amiga games floodgates may well be shut, but there's still a healthy trickle of good-looking games nearing release.
WORLD OF FORMULA ONE down with ridiculous minutiae like how tight the driver's seat belts are, they want to concentrate on letting the player have realistic decisions to make (wing settings, gear ratios etc).
Features include all the teams and drivers from the '96 season, practice and qualifying sessions and pit- lane strategy. We'll bring you a full review a bit nearer the chequered flag.
All Amigas ¦ Apex Systems If the fast-paced world of Formula One car racing is your thing then you'll be pleased to learn of Apex System's World of Formula One management sim. .
This one's due on the starting grid in October (just in time for the erm, end of the Formula One season) and Apex reckon they've got the level of detail just right. They don't want to tie the player Jacques looks like he's having a bit of trouble with his rear end (Ho ho!).
ACCESS DENIED AGAIN A1200, A600 ¦ Solo Software ¦ 01293 411929 Access Denied Mission One is reviewed on page 51 of this very issue and Solo are hard at it working on the follow up.
Mission Two offers a much improved game task and better graphics, speech and soundtrack.
The premise for the game is basically the same as the first one, in that you're a future hacker-type person who's using the Globe Net to do heinous things that should be left well alone.
There's also a sub-game included in Mission Two called Net Warriors and this joystick controlled affair supports one or two players.
The idea in Net Warriors is to protect your power sources (of which you have four, one in each corner) from the death sphere (a small projectile that bounces around the screen).
We liked the idea of Access Denied but the game had its shortcomings (check out page 51) which is why we're looking forward to the new-improved mission and we will bring you a full review when the game's finished.
Continued overleaf 4F £ _l Q. Z ui 111 u in I WALLABY A KANGAR V© ON 3 3 GREat Effects Development (which is neatly abbreviated to GREED) are the Dutch bunch behind a new platformer heading our way very soon. Despite the fact that the gang have actually been working on this game, Kang-Fu, for a couple of years now, it's their first release.
We've only seen a preview video of the game (designed for CD AGA Amigas - A1200, A4000 and CD32) but as you can tell from the grabs we've got here and over the page the game looks a bit spesh.
The Kangaroo's the hero, armed with a machine gun, boxing glove and boomerang (like kangaroo's do) which can be switched between at the player's discretion, the idea's to work your way through the 10 levels of bouncing baddies, collecting various power- ups and tokens.
All very much the usual run of the mill platform action, but the graphics are the key as Kang (as we'll call him until GREED tell us otherwise) progresses through the game.
Dual playfield HAM screens abound - that's HAM piccies in the background with normal 2D sprites running over the top, for all us non-technical peeps - and are put together extremely well.
The video demos one stage where Kang CD AGA Amigas ¦ Great Effects Development ¦ 00 3153 434 3608 is happily tripping through some jungly-type undergrowth when one of the leaves of a big erm, bush-type thing (useless info No1: The banana plant is actually a herb, in fact it's the largest herb in the World), turns into a chomping kinda Little Shop of Horrors affair and starts snapping at our chum.
It's actually done extremely well. There is none of this very obvious Dpaint sprite plonked on top of a Hi-Res background, oh no, not at all. It's all extremely well blended together.
Another scene shows Kang fighting an end of level guardian - a HAM picture of a dirty great gorilla - where parts of the gorilla are animated while he attacks Kang. OK, so the animation's not exactly smooth, it's more from the cardboard cut-out Captain Pugwash school of animation than your Wallace and Grommit, Oscar-winning school of sophistication, but it still looks all right.
We're looking forward to getting our hands on the full blown version of Kang-Fu, which should be in the office in the next few weeks, when we can give it the full Amiga Format review treatment.
(T- TIN TOY CAN DO IT AGA 2Mb Amigas ¦ Mutation Software ¦ 01705 672616 In keeping with what's rapidly becoming the theme of this month's Previews section we've got the first, exclusive, look at Mutation Software's first independently published game - Tin Toy in The House Of Fun Adventure (Amiga Format tip: make your special tricks to make it somewhat different.
Most noticeable in Tin Toy is the way the player can get his character (Tin Toy, I presume), to invoke special powers to get out of tricky situations. Got stuck down a hole? Simply blow yourself up like a balloon and float out of the hole! Can't cross that river of spikes? Create a magic top hat and sail straight across the spikes on that! You get the picture.
Mutation have come up with a guarantee of value 'n‘ fun for their range of games which they reckon will supply gamers with full-on gameplay at super low prices. Very good news if it happens and we'll be giving Tin Toy the full Amiga Format treatment as soon as we jolly well can.
Now, a bathroom level's fine with me. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I just don't understand why anyone would keep their toothbrush in an old tea mug!
Game names a bit shorter mate!).
Mutation have been around for donkey's years (five actually) coding games for other people but TTITHOFA (which we shall now refer to as Tin Toy for the sake of brevity) is the first one they've decided to publish themselves. The game's compatible with all AGA 2Mb Amigas and is due for a mail-order only release sometime in Dune.
There are some 20 levels of platform action for the player to indulge himself in and as you can tell from the pictures, each level has it's own special theme.
Again, as with Kang-Fu, the essence of the gameplay is very much in the normal platform mould but with a couple of dy _r _P Jlf JLLLP3 suitable for all AMIGA™ models through mainboard exchanging frame drive bays expandable as you like only limited Dy your controllers’ capabilities y your easy access from all directions through SNAP and CLICK system .plug and play" drive mounting-frames modular expandable through Top-Case™ system And now for some technical specifications the left pictures give you an imagination of the internal co struction of the infinitiv™ tower system. The red marks ar lines
show some extended drive frames in both the front- ar the back area of the tower. Further, you can see an To Case™, mounted on the towers’ top, which explains tl expandability of our solution. Each Top-Case™ expands yo infinitiv™ tower for an 5,25“ 3,5“ drive bay, ready to u and easy to assemble. Additional drives such as CD-ROI* harddisks, streamer tapedrives etc. will snap in easiely I using our sophisticated „click and snap" system.
Micronik' accessoires RAM card, expandable up to 8MB, incl. Clock and math co-pro socket with standard PS 2 SIMM modules ...... £ 42 RAM card with 4 MB RAM, incl. Clock and math co-pro socket .....£ 109 PC-keyboard interface for the AMIGA™ 1200, Installation through solderfree flexcable ......£ 42 AMIGA™ 1200 Interface keyboard extension, installation through solderfree flexcable, both interfaces are connected through an 5-pole plug £ 55 3-way ROM-switch for the AMIGA™ 1200, suitable for ROM V 1.3, 2.0x & 3.0
or 3.1 (pair) £ 20 AMIGA™ 1200 battery backed up realtime- dock, (prevents your A1200 from beeing loosing its’ mind after restart! ) ..£8 Double IDE-bus harddrive adapter , for using 2,5“ und 3,5“ harddisk drives at the AMIGA™1200, incl. Powercable .....£ 10 Keyboard case for AMIGA™ 1200, for the original keyboard, solderfree assembly £29 Keyboard case for AMIGA™ 1200, incl. Interface, spiral cable and flexcable for external connection of the original internal keyboard ..£ 75 AMIGA™
1200 internal keyboard, original keyboard for the A1200 ..... .....£20 VGA-adapter for AMIGA™ 1200 4000, from 23 pole on 15 pole multi sync VGA ....£8 POWERSTATION external powersupply, for the AMIGA™ 1200 (i.e. A500, A600, through standard plug ), 23 amperes, featuring on off-switch and additional con-nectors for 1 x 3,5"and 3 x 5,25“ devices ! .£ 55 A 1200 internal original disk drive, suitable for the A1200, 880 kb, incl.
Mounting material £ 29 External disk drive, suitable for all AMIGAs™ ( maximum 4 drives ), featuring on off switch and connector for aditional drives on the back, 880kb .....£ 38 micronik' infinitiv - tower infinitiv™ A 1200 tower, .....£ 1 infinitiv™ Potower, ......£ 1 infinitiv™ A 1200 Z tower case, incl. ZORRO -II™ bus board, PC Keyboard ..£ 2 A1200 infinitiv™ tower,
(AMIGA-keyb.&lnterface)....£ T A1200 Z MAGIC infinitiv™ tower, featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots and 3 PC-ISA slots, 170 MB hdd, magic software-package ..£6 BUS 1200 Z1, AMIGA™ 1200 bus board, featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots and 3 PC-ISA slots £ 1 BUS 1200 Z2, AMIGA™ 1200 bus board, featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots, 3 PC-ISA and an optional video-slot, additional this version contains even an PS 2 - SIMM-socket . £ 1' A4000 infinitiv™ tower, featuring 7 ZORRO™-ll slots, 3 PC-ISA and an video slot £ 2 BUS 4000 Z,
AMIGA™ 4000 bus board, featuring 7 ZORRO™-ll -III slots, 6 PC- ISA and 2 video-slots ....£ !
We accept the following payment: We are present at THE WORLD OF AHIGA in London 13th to 14th April Prices subject to change without notice. All prices include VAT but exclude delivery !
All trademarks acknowledged.
Tel. 00 49 2171 72 45-6 _ Fax 00 49 2171 72 45-S MlcrotliK Computer Servic BruckenstraBe 2 • 51379 Leverkuse rpqt of dri Pi p q cn Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail OrdGr or oio • inrion7 -iczaa REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issug No) & Expiry DatG to: CIS . 100307-1544 POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE - £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 TEL: 01268 271172 FAX : 01268 271173 CIS : 100307-1544 Dgpt:AF07 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE. CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time
of going to press. Most titles are despatched same day. But can take up to 28 days. VAT is included 500 1200 CD 688 Attack Sub 10.99-- A10 Tank Killer .12.99--- A1200 Desktop Dynamite Pack - Oscar, Wordsworth,Deluxe Paint 4 AGA, Digita Print Manager, Dennis.. 12.99 - Addams Family 8.99 - - Aladdin .. 19.99 - Alien Breed 3D . 22.99 22.99 Alien Breed 3D 2 ... 22.99 22.99 All Terrain Racer .....19.99 19.99 19.99 Archer Macleans Pool....10.99 - - Assassins Games . 19.99 Atrophy .. 17.99
- Award Winners 2 .....19.99----- Banshee 7.99 - Base Jumpers ..9.99--9.99 Battlechess 19.99 Battle Isle'93 17.99 --- Big Sea .19.99 - - Birds of Prey 12.99 - - Black Crypt ...10.99 ---- Blastor ...17.99 - - BLITZ BASIC 2.1 ....22.99 -- Blitz Tennis ..19.99 - - Bloodnet (18) ...19.99 22.99 - Body Blows Galactic . 22.99 - Bravo Romeo Delta .8.99 - - BREATHLESS . 26.99 - Brutal
Paws of Fury .19.99 19.99 Brutal Football . 13.99 19.99 Bubble & Squeak ....17.99 19.99 19.99 Budokan 10.99 --- Cannon Fodder 2 ....19.99 ---- Cannon Fodder 12.99 -19.99 CHAMP MANAGER 2...19.99-- CIVILISATION .10.99-- Classic Collection - Delphine - Flashback, Cruise For A Corpse, Another World, Future Wars,Operation Stealth ....16.99 --- CHAOS ENGINE 2 .19.99 19.99 - ClockWiser ... 9.99 9.99 9.99 Club Football 9.99 9.99 - COALA .. 19.99 - Colonisation
...22.99 - - Combat Classics 1 - F1511,688 Attack Sub, Team Yankee 19.99---- Core A1200 Bundle - Skeleton Krew, Banshee, Heimdall2...... 12.99 - Core CD32 Bundle 2 - Bubba n Stix, Premier,Chuck Rock 1+2.- 16.99 Cosmic Spacehead .17.99--- Covergirl Poker (18) 12.99 --- Craft for AMOS 17.99-- Cyberspace ..22.99 - - Deluxe Paint V .59.99 --- DELUXE VIDEO 3 ..66.99 -- Demomaniac 17.99 --- Desert Strike 12.99 - - Dogfight .12.99 - - Dune 1 or
2 ..12.99 --- Dungeon Master 2 .. 22.99 -- Elite + ....12.99--- Embryo ..17.99 17.99 Emerald Mines . 12.99 Epic 12.99-- European Champions ....10.99--- EXILE .... 9.99 19.99 19.99 500 1200 CD Exterminator .17.99---- Extractors ..... 19.99 EXTREME RACING .12.99 19.99 Formula 1 Grand Prix 8.99 ---- - F1 ...12.99----- F29 .10.99 ---- FEARS ..
19.99 19.99 FIFA Soccer .19.99-- Final Over ....10.99 12.99 Fire Force ..... 19.99 Flashback .....12.99-- Football Statistician Pro ..26.99 ---- Gamer Gold Collection - Bump N Bum + Jetstrike+Nick Faldos Golf -19.99 Gearworks ....7.99 --- GLOOM 19.99 19.99 Gloom Data Disk .12.99 - Gloom 2 19.99 Gloom Deluxe ..19.99--- G Gooch - 2nd Innings ...11.99 - - G Gooch-Test Match....19.99 --- G Gooch-World Class ... 9.99 --- G Gooch-94 95 D Disk. 4.99 ---
Guardian ...... 8.99 8.99 Gunship .10.99--- GUNSHIP 2000 8.99 -- Heart of China ..12.99---- Help! Compilation - Sensible Soccer Euro Champs,Push Over, Road Rash, Cool Spot, The Humans,Desert Strike 17.99--- History Line 1914-18......12.99 - - Hook ......8.99--- HUMANS 3 ...19.99 19.99 Immortal 10.99 - - Indy Jones Atlantis Adv..12.99 ---- Indianapolis 500 ......10.99 ------- Insight Dinosaurs . 14.99 Intelligent Strategy Games Chess, Bridge. Go, Backgammon,
Checkers, Renju, Gomoku,4 In A Line, Chinese Chess .19.99--- Inti One Day Cricket 9.99 --- IntOS-AMOS ..16.99-- ITS Cricket ...18.99 ------- Jimmy White's Snooker .12.99 - - John Madden Football ...10.99 --- Jungle Strike .... 21.99 21.99 KGB ......12.99--- Last Ninja 3 .. 9.99 Leading Lap .19.99 19.99 - Lemmings 1 . 19.99 LEMMINGS 3 19.99 - Links-The Challenge 12.99----- Lion King .19.99-- Lotus
Trilogy 9.99 Lure Of The Temptress..12.99---- - Marvens Marvellous Adv 19.99 Messengers Of Doom ....19.99------ MICROPROSE GOLF ...12.99-- Microlight Warriors ....19.99 19.99 Midwinter ......10.99----- Mighty Max ...17.9919.99 - Morph ..... 7.99 8.99 MUSIC X 2.0 27.99 -- Multi Media Experience..24.99 ------ Mutant League Hockey ..17.99 17.99 - Napoleonics .12.99------ 500 1200 CD Nigel Mansell's W C 8.99 ---- Morph
Myth . Naughty Ones Out To Lunch .... Powergames ... Sabre Team ... Shadowfighter ..9.99 Skeleton Krew . SIMON THE SORCERER .12.99 Steve Davis Snooker 4.99 Syndicate .....12.99 Torvak ...4.99 Total Carnage Universe 4.99 VIRTUAL KARTING .
Warzone 4.99 Wembley Inti Soccer .... Wembley Rugby League 7.99 Wolfchild ......4.99 Wonderdog ..4.99 World Class Rugby 95... 9.99 Zool 8.99 Odyssey 17.99------ One Day Cricket 8.99------ On The Ball-W Cup 9.99 9.99 ---- On The Ball-League 19.99 22.99 --- Operation Harrier 8.99 ------- Operation Stealth 11.99 ----- ----- Oriental Games 8.99 - ---- Overlord 22.99 ------- PGA European Tour 12.99 12.99 -- PGA Tour Golf .12.99-------
Pinball Dreams & Fant...22.99 -------- Pinball Fantasies .. 19.99 24.99 Pinball Illusions 19.99 19.99 Pinball Mania ... 19.99 - PINBALL PRELUDE 19.99 19.99 - Player Manager 2 ....13.99----- Player Manager 2 xtra.... 13.99--- Pole Position 19.99 19.99 -- Populous & Promised ...12.99----- Populous 2 ...12.99------ PowerBase v3.5Database12.99 ------- Powerdrive ... 9.99 19.99 19.99 Powerhouse .22.99 22.99 --- Powermonger & D Disk..12.99 --- Prem Man 3 Multi Edit Sys.10.99 ---- ---- PRIMAL
RAGE 19.99-- Project X ......10.99 ------- Pro Tennis Tour ...... 6.99----- Pushover ......8.99 ------- Pussies Galore . 16.99 16.99 PUTTY SQUAD ...... 19.99 19.99 Reach For The Skies.....12.99------- Realms ..10.99------ Red Baron ....12.99------ Rise Of The Robots 17.99 12.99 12.99 Roadkill . 8.99 8.99 Road Rash ...10.99----- Robocop3 ....10.99 ---- ---- Rugby League Coach ....19.99 ------ ---- SENSIBLE
GOLF ...19.99-- Sens World Soccer 95 96 1 6.99 ------ Sens Wrld Soccer Euro9616.99 ------- Settlers ..19.99----- Shuttle ...12.99------- Sierra Soccer ...16.99 ---- Skitchin .17.99 17.99 17.99 SLAMT1LT ... 19.99 - Sleepwalker . 8.99 8.99 --- Soccer Stars 96 ......24.99 24.99 -- Soccer Team Manager ..10.99------ Space Quest 1,2.3 or4..12.99------ Speris Legacy .. 19.99 19.99 Spherical Worlds .....17.99--17.99 Star Crusader ... 19.99--
Star Fighter .. 19.99--- Strike Fleet ...10.99----- STRIP POT (18) ...... 9.99 9.99 Subversion ...8.99--- Super League Manager. 19.99 19.99 19.99 Super Skidmarks .....12.99--12.99 Super Skidmarks D Disk 12.99 -------- Super Streetfighter 2......20.99 ------ Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo 20.99 20.99 Super Tennis Champ.....17.99 --- Superfrog ..... 12.99 Supremacy ...10.99----- 500 1200 CD Syndicate .....12.99 Test Match Cricket ..7.99--- Terminator 2 .6.99---
The Games ..10.99 ---- Their Finest Hour ....12.99-- THEME PARK .22.99 22.99 Thunderhawk ...4.99-- Top Gear 2 ...17.99 17.99 - TOTAL FOOTBALL 22.99 -- Touring Car Challenge...12.99-- Tower of Souls .19.99 19.99 -- Traps & Treasures ..17.99 ----17.
99 Treble Champions 2 7.99 ---- Triple Action - Vol 6 - Super Tetris + Airball + Time Bandit.....9.99 ---- -- Turbo Trax ...19.99-- Turning Points ..12.99---
U. F.0 .... 8.99 8.99 -- Ultimate Body
Blows ... 22 .99 Ultimate Golf 8.99 ---- Ult
Soccer Manager 19.99 19.99
Uncovered ....17.99 ----- Vital
Light .....19.99 ----19 .99 WATCH TOWER
.16.99 Wheel Spin ... 19.99 Wild Cup
Soccer .....17.99 17.99 8 .99 Wing
Commander ...12.99 - -
Wizkid ...10.99 ---- - World Cup
Golf 29 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 WORLD CUP
YEAR‘9419.99 -- World Of Clipart . 9 World Of
GIF 9 Worid Of Pinups Vol 1 (18).- 9 World
Of Pinups Vol 2 (18).- 12 World Of Photo . 9
World Of Sound 9 World of
Football .....19.99 ---- - Worid of
Golf 17.99--- World of Soccer 7.99 -......
Worlds at War ..6.99---
WORMS 19.99 -19 99 Worms
Reinforcements .12.99 ---- - WWF 1 or
2 ..8.99----- X-IT-
Zonked ...16.99---- XP
8 ...... 19.99 -
Zeewolf .12.99-- Zee Wolf 2 - Wild
Fire ....25.99 ----- - SPECIAL OFFERS A320 Approach
Trainer..12.99------ Body Blows ..12.9912.99
---- Bubba n Stix .4.99 ---- 4.99 Chuck Rock
2 ...4.99---4.99 ClockWiser ...
9.99 9.99 9.99 Cool World ...8.99-----
Corporation ..4.99 .....
Dennis ... 12.99
Dragonstone 4.99 ----- 4.99 FIELDS OF GLORY
8.99 8.99 8.99 Football Glory ... 8.99 8.99 ---
Heimdall 4.99 ------- Heimdall
2 .... 4.99 7.99 --- Jaguar
XJ220 ... 4.99 -----
Jetstrike . 9.99 9.99 9.99 Last Ninja
3 .. 9.99 500 1200 CD
7. 99
12. 99
- --
12. 99
- ---
12. 99 --
12. 99
- --
12. 99
9. 99
- ---
7. 99
4. 99
12. 99
12. 99 --
12. 99
- ---
8. 99
12. 99 -
7. 99
7. 99
- ---
- --
- - 8.99 EDUCATIONAL Better Spelling (8-10).....13.99 -------
Better Maths (12-16)......13.99------ Cave Maze
(8-12) ...10.99------- Fraction Goblins (8-13)
..10.99-------- INSIGHT DINOSAURS.. -14.99 Junior Typist
(5-10) .10.99 ---- ---- Kid
Pix ...10.99 ------- Magic Maths
(4-5) ...13.99 ------ Maths Dragons (6-13)
....10.99-------- Maths Mania (8-12) .13.99------ Picture
Fractions (7-10) .10.99 ----- ---- Reasoning With Trolls
5-1210.99------ Tidy The House (6-10) ...10.99------- Robin
Hood (8+) ......13.99 ---- ---- Scrooge - Xmas Carol
8+.13.99 ---- ----- Skidmarks ....8.99-----
The Three Bears (5-10) .13.99 ---- ---- Wind In The Willows
6+.13.99 ------- Wizard Of Oz ...13.99-----
Capacity 3.5' Disk Box . 7.99 4 Player Joystick
Adaptor 4.99 Accelerator 68020 EC Bare for
A500 + 95.99 Analogue Joystick Adaptor .. 4.99
Automatic Joystick Mouse Splitter 14.99 CH FLIGHTSTICK (ANALOG)
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Sensations 19.99 CD
Boot ...32.99 CD
Write ..32.99 Clip
Art ..... 9.99
Fonts . 9.99
FreshFonts ....19.99
FreshFonts 2 .19.99
Gateway .. 9.99 Giga
Graphics 24.99 Gold Fish 1
or 2 .24.99 Graphics
Sensation ..14.99 Hottest
4 .. 9.99 Hottest
6 ..14.99 Illusions in
3D 4.99 Meeting Pearls
3 9.99 Multimedia Toolkit
2 ..24.99 Network
CD2 .14.99 Octamed
8 .....24.99 Professional
Fonts & Clipart 9.99 Professional IFF & PCX Library 19.99
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& GRX Library 19.99 Textures
1 32.99 The Beauty Of
Chaos ...... 9.99 The Colour
Library .... 9.99 The Light
Rom ...32.99 The Light Rom
2 32.99 The Light
Works 24.99 UPD
Gold 24.99 Amiga RAM
Expansions All chips 72 Pin Single Sided Autoconfigures as FAST
RAM RAM Board - A1200 - Bare 59.99 RAM Expansion 4Mb 72 Pin
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Expansion 16Mb 72 Pin SIMM .279.99 WE ALSO SELL SONY
COMPUTERS 25 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8AH Tel: (0115) 9444 500 or: (0115) 9444 501 VISA STORAGE The new Apollo 1240 features a fan cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz, In-built FPU, battery-backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one of the best value accelerator cards available.
Only £299.99 635Mb 850Mb MGIG
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The 1220 combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68020 25MHz and 25MHz 68882 FPU, 1 x 72pin SIMM socket (1 or 4Mb). Real-time battery-backed clock.
Also available: APOLLO 2030 for A1500 A2000 APOLLO 620 for A600 4Mb Only....£349.99 Only £99.99 50MHz 060....£699.99 CALL (0115) 9444 500 OR (0115) 9444 501 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER HOWTO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Visage Computers”. Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH & VISA DELTA BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 STANDARD - £3.95 With the European Championships getting under way this month, Martin Axford discovers that you can never have enough football. No, really.
Holland's centre-forward tells the 'keeper, "That'll do nicely."
The ref never appears on the field of play, preferring the comfort of his black box.
Struggling market. As for new talent, Treble Champions 2 (AF84, 5%) Torquay United are to lift themselves §lf|• Third Division.
Befitting manner. As if scoring a goal isn't going to annoy your opponent enough, you are provided with the opportunity to somersault to your heart's content, simply leap and turn or frollick with team-mates on the ground in front of adulating fans. For an unlimited amount of time. Or, at least, until your opponent thumps you.
Not only is this great fun, but it also reflects the fact that whereas fans used to do the elaborate goal celebrations on the terraces (reflected in FIFA Soccer's whistles and foghorns) it's the players who get more excited now.
PLAYABILITY With 50 international teams to choose from, along with the dubious inclusion of an All Star team, and the option to play friendlies, in a league and either cup competitions or tournament, Total Football adheres to a strict formula. The same formula which allows you to alter the length of the matches, the standard of refereeing and the type of pitch (there's a choice of six though the difference they make is negligible). But as soon as you've gone through the motions and altered your team's formation, the recurrent formulaic approach suddenly falls apart.
The beauty of Total Football is that it has a high level of None of this bodes well for declare a tactical war on the Domark's Total Football, a megadrive opposition; to view the opposition's conversion, which originally claimed formation; to alter a team's formation to look like FIFA Soccer and play like during the match (other than at half- Sens - a claim which has been made time); to substitute players; to choose too many times in the past to be taken the number of teams entered into a seriously. But having spent the past league or tournament or to change week playing Total Football,
growing the standard isometric view. These callouses on my once baby-soft finger are all things you won't find in Total tips in the process, my scepticism has Football and while that should matter, vanished and been replaced by a it didn't bother me one jot.
Rather silly grin instead. While its predecessors have concentrated on implementing as LESS IS MORE many options as they possibly can, In Total Football, Domark have taken and at best making the game look like a gamble. Many things which have a third-rate ITV Sports presentation, appeared in other similar games have one major sacrifice has always been been ignored made - playability. I with the end ;,Tv I don't care if I can result, a rather T watch my centre- plain looking forward score the game. For ¦ same goal from instance, there is var'ous angles, at no option to . T different
speeds or view replays; to • jfjjBB have to read a tedious commentary
H. Irdcf" j J describing everything from his initial ft ’. Run
into the box to the colour of his j£* - underpants, if the
game isn't fun to play. Such features, I believe, have been
used in the past to disguise the fact that football games on
the Amiga are rarely anything more than a poor excuse to
capitalise on a growth area in a dying market.
FEWER STUNTS But Total Football is different. Its only gimmick is in allowing players who have scored to celebrate in a ¦ ' -.gap; ¦gvs Two Brazilians execute a i*, perfect crab kick. ¦ Team Formation Si Zanb i a aneroon LEFT: Results from one of the three knock-out competitions.
FAR LEFT: Altering your formation is the only hint of tactical strategy.
BELOW: There are 50 j international teams to choose from. Don't you feel spoilt?
Ir gent i
- 4 VllGk roat i a irat; !
Team Selection short passing movements, searching through balls with swerve from the after-touch option, or hopeful hoofs upfield on the off chance that your front men can capitalise on the fact that the defence are still backtracking from your own half. At times the action can be painfully slow yet choosing different combinations of teams and mixing up the short ball with the long can easily increase the tempo substantially.
Crisp, sweeping passing moves are the game's showpiece. Each player is afforded the talent to either control the ball and set off on a jinking run or pass first time. And yet the ball fails to stick to players' feet. One can easily rob the opposition with a sliding tackle or intercept passes. Every player appears to have a different capacity for speed and each presents an obstacle for the ball. (The ball will hit you rather than travel through you.)
Too many footy action games work on the premise that if a tackle isn't committed within a certain radius of the player with the ball, then tough luck. Which is hardly realistic.
However, there are things which niggled me the first time I played Total Football and continue to do so. There Notice the Dutch forward swinging at the ball which is ten yards behind him? How I laughed. A-ha.
..... ..MiErar -V Vr.V * is no option to manually change the player you control. And this creates one major problem because sometimes the switch between players isn't made fast enough. Often I have been controlling a player off the screen when trying to shoot or tackle in the opposition's half and then given away a free-kick just outside my own area.
NO SCORE I've also found it almost impossible to execute headers or significant volleys, the like of which a computer opponent manages. Then there are the goalkeepers. Never have I played a game in which the 'keepers are so good. Again, there is no option to control them manually, which would have eliminated the problem, or even a choice of difficulty levels. Instead, prepare yourselves for more no-score draws than Grandstand's vidi-printer.
Another moan in the direction of the goalkeepers is their inability to kick the ball anywhere other than straight down the middle of the pitch.
While they have no problem passing it to a defender, their kicks out to the wing (and this goes for their throws too) sail straight into touch. Great.
Such complaints may leave you in doubt whether to buy this but, however frustrating it may get sometimes, Total Football is also one of the most rewarding footy games I've ever played and certainly the finest of its kind the market has seen for a long time. FT?
A French defender -« • mocks the English forward's chances of scoring.
Will he? Won't he? Pah, never know. Actually, I remember if he scored o Publisher Domark Price £29.99 Versions All Amigas System requirements 1Mb Release date Out now j GRAPHICS ' Crisp and colourful with footballers moving like they should.
J© I©.
SOUND Sampled crowd effect with the additional sporadic shout for a goal kick, corner, full time etc. ADDICTION You're sure to become the Renton of the football gaming world. One fix is never enough.
O PLAYABILITY This should be the primary ingredient of any football game and thankfully it's here in abundance.
OVERALL VERDICT Despite its simplistic approach and some frustrating flaws, Total Football is the footy action game of the moment. The definitive companion for your summer.
JULY 1996 ft Camels Ordinarily Sit Down Carefully is the first part of a mnemonic referring to the age of rocks (Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous). Andy Smith, along with the rest of the dinosaurs, first appeared in the Triassic period.
Dinosaurs ruled by a handful of waring Gods) and decided that it was going to grow up to be something of a tearaway and threaten the nice peaceful balance of the galaxy. This wizard then hit on the wizard idea (that was the Seventies term then - I hope you're keeping up) of banishing one of the Gods to the middle of the moon. Like you would.
And to cut a long story short, this caused all the Gods to be imprisoned.
Then a meteorite slammed into the Earth, killed all the dinosaurs and released the Gods who are now going to fight it out for control of the planet.
Which is now called Urth.
A beat-em-up then. For one or Yeeees! Armadon hits Blizzard into the middle of next week with a stunning rolling special move.
Two players. Based on the coin-op of the same name. We'll deal with the one player side of things first because there are a couple of subtle differences.
Everyone, surely, knows the word dinosaur comes from the Greek deinos meaning terrible and sauros meaning lizard, but I bet you didn't know that actually dinosaurs were only around during the Mesozoic Era which finished with the end of the Cretaceous period. Then they all died.
Suddenly and without explanation.
Well, without an explanation that's been completely accepted by the scientific world.
Vertigo takes to the air and swipes at Diablo with his tail. Tail swipes are good for knocking down the opponent's brain strength, but not much else.
Diablo bites Vertigo's head and the worshippers bow theirs rrr : de$ pa r. This looks like-that scerrefrqm the end of Planet of the Apes, except that should be the Statue of Lfberty-, not the Acropolis in the background.
Until now of course. What actually happened you see was this: some wizard bloke (wizard as in like, a magician type, not the Seventies term for a guy who's sort of good at things and cool and stuff) from a parallel dimension looked at the young Earth (which was then populated by BRAIN DEAD Right then, pick your dinosaur and prepare to fight all the others, one after the other. Every time you win a contest (you can decide the number of bouts but the game defaults to the logical three) you win one of the new Urth's seven continents and along with that you gain some worshippers.
Worshippers don't actually figure much in the game, apart from the comedy smacking them around when you're in the middle of a bout, but they are important if you've got the gore option turned on because just before you fight the final battle (when you have to fight each of the other dinosaurs in a single bout contest) you get to chomp as many of them as you can. The more you chomp, the more spent energy you can replenish before that final battle.
During a fight you'll notice that as well as the normal life meter, your dinosaur also has a Brain Stem bar.
Basically, this is a kind of reaction thing. Every time you take a smack you lose energy and some brain power. If you lose all your brain power you're vulnerable to attack because your dino' is too thick to stop it.
Again, you're not going to worry about this brain stuff when you first start but as you peel away the layers of the gameplay you'll find it can become quite important.
In two player mode things are kinda the same really, except you and your opponent are fighting each other for control of the planet. One thing to bear in mind here is that if you've played a couple of rounds with one dino' and won a couple of territories and then you go and switch characters you're going to have to fight for those territories over again.
This is good because it sort of encourages you to stick with the same dino' for as long as possible.
This is great fun to play. Our very own Graeme here is the regular beat- Sauron's ears have exploded! Talon gets his own back, and no mistake.
AND THE CONTENDERS ARE Knowledge is power and to get the jump on your mates here's a quick guide to what the various dinosaurs do. Don't show this page to your mates or you'll be wasting your advantage.
ARMADON Good chap this one, curls up nicely for.special attacks and launches the spikes from his tail Does a mean jump in the air to use the spikes on his back in one special move.
BLIZZARD Your journeyman fighter. He hasn't got much of a range and he's a bit vulnerable to attack from the dinosaurs that have long tails or necks but he's got a quick punch and a nice roundhouse special move.
Spookily similar in appearance to Blizzard. Fights a lot like him too. Chaos has a much better name than Blizzard though so pick him given the choice.
SAURON Long tail, long neck and a good hind leg gouge. He can do a Primal Scream too which is also the name of a rather good indie band. Or at least they were, because they could have split up now for all I know.
DIABLO Same as Sauron really except Diablo means devil or something and that's a bit scarier than Sauron, which probably means lizard-like or something.
TALON Small but fast. A bit like a Peugeot 205 GT - I should know because I've got one. A Peugeot that is, not a Talon.
VERTIGO viiiAL t’lnimiuR Very long neck and a very long tail. The tail is good for reducing the brain power of opponents.
Also spits a lot which hurts your opponents. Use Vertigo against Blizzard and Chaos especially.
Continued overleaf Same bout and Talon fights back. Notice how Vertigo's brain strength meter has also suffered.
HIDDEN DEPTHS What really works though, and this is what separates the men from the boys in the world of beat-em-ups, is the hidden depths contained within the game. Primal Rage has gameplay that really does reward practice and that means you can get better at playing it, and we all know that if you can get better at playing a game you're going to enjoy it for longer. Witness that dreadful game Rise of the Robots, PLAYABILITY Gets better the more you discover. A quick blast on the training option should have you bitin' and scratchin' with the best of 'em.
And, of course, when you do win you get the chance not only to deliver the coup de grace, but to gloat about it afterwards. Hurrah!
em-up expert and he doesn’t like the game at all but I reckon it's great fun.
Hitting combinations takes practice but they aren't so impossibly complex you never get 'em and each of the characters has their own strengths and weaknesses which take a while to discover and exploit. Even if you're not much cop at this highly specialised genre you'll still find you can actually play the game because you can rely on the simpler stuff to get you through.
Great graphics (even if the characters couldn't turn around - tee hee), but the gameplay was bloody awful because it took absolutely no skill to finish the thing.
At the end of the day, Primal Rage is good stuff. It's not quite Amiga Format Gold material but it does get very close.
You'll enjoy this just because you're a beat-em-up fan and you should still enjoy it, even if you're not. ¦ The only downside is that you really do need a second Khh disk drive and even with one you'll find the amount of disk swapping becomes a bit of a pain (the game comes on fifi four disks and is not hard ¦' disk installable), so bear that in mind if you're an I impatient type who can't be ( doing with changing disks every couple of minutes.
Otherwise, enjoy. J SOUND Sparse spot effects, but they're OK. There's no charge in the voice of the chap who shouts RAGE at the start but it's adequate.
ADDICTION Jusk keeps you coming back for one more bout.
Versions A1200 System requirements 2Mb Release date Out now GRAPHICS Rather excellent dinosaurs, OK backgrounds and good animation.
Publisher Time Warner HOWTO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Telephone 0113 2319444 Order bytelephone quoting your 2-4 WeekDays £3.50 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 45 SteS&sr *Next Week Day £5.95 sales0fiN£VV! BBS Sales & Technical line Tel: 0113 231 -1422 COMPUTER CENTRE" In any •Sa t. .i-Hav Hpliv rv £ 10.00 Late Wedn 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 NEW! BBS Sales & Technical line Tel: 0113 231 -1422
• 2-4 Week Days £3.50 24 HR MAIL (
• Next Week Day £5.95 _ M _ NEW! BBS Sa . , , ' ,» nn
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subject to stock availability
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• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome ' EASY ACCESS FROM M62, MI
and the AI I LEEDS CUMHUILKL.LNIKL In any correspondenceplease
quote a Phone Number, Post Code & Dept. Allow 5 working days
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• S5 €9E i '9E My chaps get ready to exploit a corner. Nick has a
fiendish diving header trick for corners, or so he claims. We
have yet to see it in action.
Andy Smith sews three lions on his shirt, sings a bit and prepares to fail to qualify for the second round.
Euro ‘96 is billed as the biggest sporting event to be held in Britain for 30 years which is strange, because last year's Youth Olympics were also hailed as the biggest sporting event to be held in Britain for the last 30 years. Ho hum. Marketing eh? It's a funny old game all right.
Euro '96 is going to be absolutely brilliant. England versus Scotland at Wembley is going to be incredible. I can hardly wait. The Quarter Finals and onwards are going to be particularly exciting - due to the major rule change being introduced.
After 90 minutes the game goes to extra time and the Golden Goal Ferdinand rattles the post against Holland in the first round of the European Championships. Are you watching Mr Hoddle?
Rule has its first showing in a major European competition. The Golden Goal is the Euro '96 organisers way of saying sudden death and it works as you’d expect. From the Quarter Finals onwards, if the scores are level at the end of 90 minutes the teams play a maximum of 30 minutes of extra time and the first side to score, wins. If there's no score at the end of the period of extra time then the game goes to penalties as usual.
Sure, they may be exciting for a few minutes, but then the game is exciting enough without having your progress in the competition decided by a single kick.
¦as£SB This Golden Goal has been in debate for a long time but it's definitely happening according to the Euro '96 GOLDEN RULE GRAEME The Golden Goal changes the whole shape of the game, that 90 minutes now becomes very important. You don't I k Don't know about you, but I still like to see the Germans lose.
Come on Russia, give it to Kanchelskil* he'll do the business!
Want to be playing for I extra time at all because I any kind of flukey goal I can have you heading home. I reckon it's about ’ time this rule was introduced anyway because penalties have As a non-football fan the significance of rulings such as the "Golden Goal" and the like, pass me by. However as a devoted SWOS f acolyte, new developments in Sensible Soccer l always grab my attention - if only for me to squeal "that should have gone in, it always used to". SWOS 95 96 certainly had me crying after a number of surefire goals had been saved, but after a few exiting and
high-scoring games against Nick, I discovered there are new "scoring-spots" (which I will not divulge), i I It's a shame that you still can't install the game to j hard disk though, as I could happily sacrifice a J few Mb on my computer to get Liverpool performing just the way I want, and reduce the amount of swapping needed.
Always, always been a lottery.
Disk- DONESY Zii ( TVJr-j IrU-LZl On a brief journey from the 'real' world of Total Football back to the familiar clutter of the AF office, it was a ?
Joy to be helping little sprites rush around * the pitch once again. All right, getting stuffed when playing Bristol Rovers is always disappointing, but by the time I had got rid of the joypad and had a sweaty joystick nestling in my palm, the old magic was back and I humiliated Andy 2-0 playing Croatia against Denmark.
I Sensible is brilliant. The Euro '96 hook is a i L rip-off - you certainly don't need this game if you've already got yourself a 1 version of Sl VOS, but you f Q DO need Sensible World gi Of Soccer.
Here's a shot from SWOS '95 '96 where I'm creating a competition involving 16 European teams divided into four groups of four. Ho hum.
EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS FIRST ROUND OPAZEM l_PO»C £ PETEP SCWMEJCHEL ray OCA _”JP CE'-KI if £ nflfC FEPEF IWOLfi .ERKftn £ .€»!; PiSAGER if £ .VKOE Lfti.fiOi ROCERT _*APl.~ if £ ErtAM ?TEE*1 »nEL = EN RO€EPTPFOntCCK! Yf m KtlVLFOPT Z-Or»oP EOCAtj if £ JEM5PI AC .»0 = A ATA»K vrC if £ r«CHAEL LA'.'C-S'JP Rt_EN EOKSrC jf £ EptAN CAL»CP'-*P CAV-OP r« -EP if J f* EL 6€C» nd Press Office, who I rang to ed check with just this morning I (May 17).
,fthe I KA U I Maybe someone at ated Sensible should have rung them ark. I to° because then maybe they » a might have included this crucial s rule chafige in the game.
In Sensible's European r Championship Edition of SWOS ‘95 '96 they've stuck to Quarter Final and beyond matches going on for the full amount of extra time. Sorry chaps, this isn't true. First goal in extra time wins.
Sensi would, presumably, defend themselves with a 'Well no firm decision had been taken when we were putting the competiton together and we had to get the game out and on the shelves before the competiton started'. Reasonable enough you'd think but it isn't.
Today is Friday May 17. I have a boxed copy of the game (exactly like the one you're going to find on the shelves) and Euro '96 doesn't kick off until Dune 8th which is 22 days or just over 3 weeks away. Yes, things might have been a bit tight but I reckon there was plenty of time to get this rule included (the decision about the II L-DrlO j'rriiri-j.
1 Golden Goal was taken long before today, incidentally), so Sensi will have to come up with a better reason excuse.
I have another problem with this game. In SWOS '95 '96you can create a European competition yourself using the game's DIY Competition option. You can pick 16 European teams, have them in four groups of four, have the top two teams qualify for the quarter finals when the competition becomes a knockout contest. Hmmm, isn't that just a little bit like Euro '96? Well, yeeeess, but the major difference here is that you don't get to choose which teams go in which groups.
The smart money's on France to win the European Championships this time round and here they are banging one in against Bulgaria.
At the end of a hard season it's good to check out what's been happening in the rest of the world. I wish I'd put a fiver on Quezal Tepeque to win the El Salvadorian third division.
KA?I».':5EN Crtt- EO AriC-EP “Erl TOMCl -3A€P»C 0*-*6Pr»VK0
got a lot of time for Croatia, and they've got the best footy
strip I've seen in a long time. Unfortunately that isn't
obvious from this shot.
A version of SWOS Ed can be found on the CD, in the Games Editors drawer - but don't blame us if it screws up your saved games!
EXIT Here I've managed to buy Asprilla, Yeboah and Juninho for
Blackburn without spending a penny. This top trick will be
revealed next month.
Continued overleaf NICK The Spaniards open their legs and show their class (loosely based on a famous quote by David Coleman).
My assistant coach doesn't agree with my tactical changes to Blackburn for the next match.
He's put a big X above the team to show his disapproval.
A score-line you'll never see in the European Championships at Semi-Final stage because the game would have been settled by the Golden Goal. Are you listening Sensible?
Switzerland vs Holland here and Holland are in the white.
Sutter for Switzerland has just rattled the bar. Hard luck Sooty!
Mu& This European Championship Edition has little to add to SWOS '95 '96 - simply the inclusion of the pre-set Euro '96 tournament. This is a cynical attempt to cash-in on those championships and although there's a part of me that says 'Well, why the devil not? If they can get loads more people to buy the game then good for them. Have another Porsche Mr Hare."
But there's another part of me which shouts a bit louder and that says "Don't bother with it mate. If you've got SWOS '95 '96, then stick with that. This one's not worth forking out for."
At the end of the day you're left with what is still one of the greatest ever games for the Amiga. If you haven't already invested in a copy of SWOS, of whatever variety, then get yourself down to the shops and buy this version straight away.
But what about if you haven't got one of the SWOS incarnations yet? If that's the case, then this game should be at the top of your shopping list because it's absolutely brilliant!
Versions All Amigas 1Mb and above System requirements All Amigas Release date Out now Hi recommend this to anyone who's got SWOS or SWOS 95 96 already.
SOUND There are a couple of crowd chants and the odd whistle being blown but these are drowned out by the sound of yourself shouting at the screen.
This is SI VOS 95 96 with a pre-set Euro '96 competition. The dilemma is this: the game is brilliant, but this version offers 9 PLAYABILITY 10 cou*d be canned you'd make a mint selling it to everyone else.
GRAPHICS They've always been tremendous. And they still are.
ADDICTION As impossible to put down as all the other versions.
Publisher Time Warner Interactive 0171 391 4300 little more than the last. Sorry Sensi, I can't possibly HOWEVER SCORE I I HUM. ¦ j J r J They're not commercial releases, they're written by you. They are the... There is one sure way to make sure every game that you play is tremendous and that is to write the game yourself. Some of our smarter readers have already thought of this and done exactly that. Then the really, really smart ones send their creations into the Amiga Format office for us to offer some constructive criticism. And then we have a good laugh at the really bad ones too.
Here's your character at the start of a scenario. The view
volume is way too low which means you wander into trouble
HOSIER LANGUAGE: AMOS Laser Squad is the inspiration for this
action- points style skirmish combat game. If you're unfamiliar
with the format for this type of game, it's basically this:
your character(s) have a set number of points that can be spent
by moving, shooting and generally carrying out actions. Once
you've used all your action points you end your turn and the
computer forces have a go. The game continues in this fashion
until either everyone's dead or the scenario objectives have
been achieved.
Chris Hosier has made a valiant attempt to produce a game using the above formula and mostly it works. The only real gameplay criticism that could be levelled at it is the limited view the player has. The (dreadfully misspelled) mission briefings let you know exactly what you should be doing, but you're dumped in the middle of the action with very little to let you know who or what's around.
This could be rectified with a small mission map, or some kind of 'let me scroll around the place to see what's about' feature.
The graphics are crude, to be polite, and the menu interfaces are clumsy and awkward, but the gameplay's there and though it's very simple, it's fun.
Right: Here you are in combat mode. You're the blue dot, trying to kill the red dot.
Computer says higher and so on and so forth until you arrive at the number 78.
There's even a tournament mode, when several people (or computer opponents) try to guess the number in the fastest time. If you're the slowest to guess then you're booted out.
It's very well put together and it's all very plain and easy to play (the Amiga speaking to you is dreadful though), but there's no reason on Earth why you'd want to play it and, like the text-only Elite game, it's incredibly addictive.
Boot this game up and you'll find yourself playing the damn thing over and over again and enjoying it too! Cj So it's somewhere above 12 and below 59. This will take approximately 10 seconds to work out... GAME: LOGIC AUTHOR: GUY MOODY LANGUAGE: EASY AMOS Like last month's text-only Elite variant, this game is absolutely bonkers. It's just plain crazy! The idea's as simple as this: the computer thinks of a number and you have to guess what that number is. Got it?
Suppose the computer has thought of the number 78, your first effort is, say, 630, the computer tells you to keep your guesses below 100, so you then guess 25. The computer then tells you to go higher. You go 85. The computer says lower. You say 70. The VERDICT: AN INSANE IDEA THAT'S WELL IMPLEMENTED AND ALSO TREMENDOUSLY ADDICTIVE. THE ONLY REAL PROBLEM WITH LOGIC IS THE SIMPLE FACT THAT NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PAY GOOD MONEY TO PLAY THIS.
Continued overleaf 4F :oiiputer JULY 1996 SCREENPLAY fcoHputer ™* ¦ PPBpT *-- : wes You see that funny blur above the number 20 in the middle of the screen? That's the mouse pointer that is.
The game plays cribbage fine. The graphics are adequate and everything else is as it should be, if only the bloody mouse pointer was visible when you needed it (when For some reason best known to the Brazilians, you change shape when you come up against the end of level guardians.
Ever heard of that), and if that's the case then let's hope his mates send some more of this high-quality stuff.
The playing area's a screen-sized affair complete with a release point and a goal. The idea's to guide a ball from the release point to the goal using bits of pipe (various shapes including the usual right angles and one-way pipes and so on) and making sure the ball doesn't bump into any of the obstacles (magnets, wrong-way pipes etc.) or walls.
That's about the size of it really except to GAME: CRIBBAGE AUTHOR: M. FRENCH LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN All right, so it's cribbage. You either enjoy playing cribbage or you don't. If you do, then surely every computer cribbage game is going to be like every other computer cribbage game, so why have we picked this one out?
Someone once said "Less is more, and God dwells in the details" and that's the phrase that springs to mind with this offering from FrogProgs (a butcher from Witney in reality), as it's a classic example of how just a tiny detail can make all the difference. The tiny detail in this game is the mouse pointer - you can't see the damn thing!
GAME: PIPEZ AUTHOR: DARREN MYATT LANGUAGE: AMOS Here's a genre that's been tackled by many a reader - the Pipemania clone. This one's especially good though because it's been well designed and implemented. The levels start just taxing enough and become very difficult.
GAME: RAZOR AUTHOR: DANTE MENDES LANGUAGE: AMOS PRO discarding cards for example - as soon as you move the pointer down to pick one it disappears. You then have to move the mouse around randomly until a highlighted border appears around one of the cards).
We know that all games have limitations, but the key to great game design is to put yourself in the shoes of someone who's never played the game and make it as easy as you can for them. And that means if you're using a mouse pointer, make it easy to see.
Say that as you progress through the levels you're given route choices to the next levels (including bonus ones - coo!).
Darren's done a great job here, everything's all very straightforward and easy to use (although new pieces of pipe and obstacles do take some trial and error to discover exactly what they do, but then that could be sorted out if there was some kind of small manual to go with the game).
Not quite up to the high standard set by last month's puzzle-em-up Jinx, but not far off. Keep it up Darren and let's see some more real soon.
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If you haven't got all of the latest Amiga titles then this month's Gamebusters is for you. We've included some hints and tips for some older games.
They'll drain your energy faster than you can kill them.
AB3D II - THE KILLING GROUNDS George Robinson from Norwich has discovered a cheat for the issue 84 demo of Alien Breed 3DII. All you have to do is play the demo normally, collect some ammo and then when you press escape to quit or die, you will keep the same amount of ammo you collected the last time. This will allow you to clock up huge amounts so that you never run out.
George also has some other general tips on the game: To kill the red floating blobs, side step round the corner a bit so that your gun can just fire past. Then fire quickly when the red blob comes into view. If they try to fire, quickly side step out of the way. They usually take about five shots to kill.
Use the same tactics to kill the big red robots, but never position yourself directly in front of them because they'll drain your energy faster than you can kill them. They take about four or five shots to kill.
The small blue robots are fairly easy to kill, but avoid their shots none the less. It takes about two or three shots to kill them.
Alex Carr from Maghull in Merseyside has sent us these cheats for the following old classics.
ZOOL Type 'GOLDFISH' on the title screen to access the cheat mode. The IIS ?
mm m a
• * mm .1A ZOOL: The game where little Ninjas do battle with a
selection of brightly coloured sweets.
Following keys will then be activated: F1 to F6 - to skip from world to world.
1 - for invincibility 2 - to skip to next level 3 - to jump to the same level on the next world.
4 - for suicide There is also apparently a secret shoot-em-up section on level 2-1. To get to it, you'll need to get past the first two crumbling platforms with spikes underneath, then just after the second, drop down next to the spike and onto the platform above your head to the right.
PRINCE OF PERSIA Pressing caps and the number 2 - skips levels one to four.
BART VS THE SPACE MUTANTS Type 'COWABUNGA' on the title ¦ 5 § “ 11 5 jo * 5 *0 c O .g g -c g 1 T3 C g
• is c 73 C CO 13 C JO 2 8 a
* •8
- Q == s h S ¦c .01 ¦ LU z o 5 g 3 u- g 01 c 0 g g -C c 0 c j
g c a g E- E 0 0 g -C 01 c E *5 0 a g g g 0 -C g ?*
• ¦¦ Q. c Q. i g 0 E +* ¦0 g - g IE -C g 3 0 - ** g c 01 !E 0
Ol c d. 0 V i- ¦*-* s: g c
0) 0) 3 2s g -c g 3 X* g -Q g -x g E g g -c u « x g ® ¦*= c" c g
g g oi g g to a-c 3 0 g 01 c s'| g x ¦81 -§ 3 O I?
G r? -C 0) £ 8s 0 01 o g £ g s
o s
0) «• ‘5. 01 cm g
• 5 3 8*8- J: g 3 -t: g | « 5 ¦o Z fe3
o E g
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* to ,c .q I *= o _a CL 3 o a TO g CO qj £ « § £ 3 I I
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- is 0 g -Q g € C5 1 g 5 g S c g x 1 g -c g 5* C § 8 2 m 73 O "
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- Q 0) 8l 15 o o D (0 O t: 0) "O g ¦o c g ¦*-.
G ¦c g S 2 O) ¦o c g g g 3 g -c g £ is iS O Z X 73 It 5 5 g g 3 o- 2 c g 8 g a V. g -Q g o 2?
O O O) g g O) *o c g 2 I g -o g £ c g x g -Q g
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of w § uji E" o 0 z I 0 a 01 c c g
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G £ 0 -c O 2 ¦c 0 JO .a £ .t: (A ¦c g £ "0 g £ c £ g g is c 01 3 0 JO -Q 0 g c
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a 01 c 0 X a 0 g g 0 T3 g $ _ 0 2 CL sz 3 g -C 0 -C To g ~c c
c H- g si g g •O c g • c*i 0 ro x g 2 JO 4F Somins.
4 &
• it itit k
• * V TOKI: If you didn't know, it's a monkey in scuba diving
gear. And yes, the monkey can swim.
Screen, 'EAT MY SHORTS' during play or 'SHEEP IN A GROUP WEARING HATS' somewhere else to get you infinite lives.
To jump straight to the end of level one, enter the tool shop and buy a key. Then go and buy some rockets from the novelty shop. Go though the red door in the grey building with the washing line. Next, stand adjacent to the door and push upwards. Hey presto, look what happens.
TOKI Typing R, turns the playing screen upside down, activating the function keys as level skippers. Press N to get the screen the right way round again.
Also, if you type ‘KILLER1 while playing F1-F8 will level warp.
PREMIER MANAGER 3 Dohn McConell from Inverness in Scotland has sent us the following cheats for his favourite footie games.
This cheat will give you a good team and loadsa dosh: At the start of the game start a TWO player game. Pick the team you want to manage and any other team.
When the game starts SELL the good players from the numpty team to your team. Do this by offering the club nil dollars. Pay the player more than he wants so you can buy him. Next go to the TELEPHONE screen with the numpty team, phone the good team and try to buy one of their rubbish players. Offer the club 9999999 dollars for him.
Offer the player enough money so that he will move teams. Do the same for his WAGE and CONTRACT.
Keep doing this until you cannot buy any more players. You should now have a good squad and lots of money. Make the manager of the numpty team resign so you do not have to bother with the other team.
SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER This cheat makes you win any game you want. When you start to play a match and the players run onto the pitch, press W. You will now go to the match results screen and you will have won 2-1.
BREATHLESS Tiziano Cappiello has sent us these treasured access codes.
FIRST WORLD First Arena Second Arena 181CG3HML13DSE2W Third Arena 18LCIE5UL7H:SEQV Fourth Arena 17EC6F14MWHDSEQQ Fifth Arena 18SCSISCK4THSDQP SECOND WORLD First Arena 18QSJP3KMDIHSGPD Second Arena 181CKCO401PHSGPG Third Arena 183CHD3GMC1HSCPF Fourth Arena 181BBU28MC1HS8PA Fifth Arena 181B2N7UHG1HS8P9 THIRD WORLD First Arena 1818G9HGT6DNS8PT Second Arena 181BFV28M8VNQ8PW Third Arena 1818H8KUHSBNQ8PV Fourth Arena 8N28LP00K9RNQ8PQ Fifth Arena 17AQIP8WOGRRW8PP LAST WORLD First Arena 17DA8JOUUBBRW8SD Second Arena 176BTAQMJTDRWOSG Third Arena 17984198UBBRWOSF Fourth Arena 173RRS92R73RWOSA Last Arena
© 8CLQ9J66S7RRWOS9 ¦ Sell the good players from the numpty team to your team.
C tu € *G C to £ o tu
- ST "o ¦c tu -Q LU .V. W ~6 0- tu (£ -c 0 c o » ® .c S' co is
=5 C 5» 0 3 Qj LL 2 -c E LU tu 2 ) ¦C r-
- E D a nS 2 O
o 2 ill “ O- 8 « I yj TJ O) C ® d) ° -S r m S *- CO _ c £ « 'Z
o »- .®
- 1 - (6 -E -o ® -S ®
Z. to -n D O S Sit 5- 8.
.c s S: 0 tU co d c to
* o £ o |Sa CO c S ' ® 1 8 3 5 a'0
• *- u -c 0) 0- c Q 10 I ° u 2 ** 2 •- to to c o ~ O %aZ 2
to to 8 s S 8.S O -c -C d •§ .E
o | o
o O o CO U X .£ o 3 4-» c -g E "ro 2 C U
o E Q.
a) to di E £ d 3 | ~ £ S § 8 . y »- TJ *5 to o o*
• “ O 0) ® d) 2 E jo d o -C
o l | E
- Q o CO o
0) QC £ § o 0 .S to V. to Q) to £ to T3
Q. c Q ° »• i?
8 3 05 o Cl) ¦*- rC CD S-s 3 ?
Tu o ¦c « tr tu 3 -Q £ to Q) 5 5 WO*3 d)
Q) W ¦S Q) % to jo to m 05 (0 i_ O CO LU CO ~ r 7 2 ® i o Q-
TJ d " o % C CO c ® s CL O tu w d co £ ® « Q_ U) ft tu 2. Cu
o x
d) U to 52 r 5=| 7, ® co Si o
i. ® E w .c TJ
o ° c a co to I* to to £ 5- i o 2'
d) O CU to c II
o s to Q. c to to o d to S tu O - -c Tr ® | « cu a 8 o o a e
to 2 f- -5 to a ° TJ - 0 0)
o tu X ''' i m x. x: D o c E CO U) 3 O 3 0 E • a O £ JO
~o ¦ TJ O 3 Q) ¦4-* : o
• MB (0 c
• M a 0 *0 0 ro a c CO ~o 0 G (0 _c o
• mam CO 3 O * £ 0 E L. O Z *1 D 3 o CO • T5
• • O Lira 0) Si U CO a 0 c
• MB U) E I 3 o K. U) c o c o
• ¦M
* - _3 0 0 K. c o O c • T3 TJ £ 0 CO •
• MM co" 0 z CO CM CM 0Q G Z LU 0 o (0 “D £ 0 £
• M I X -C a 3 O CO o CO JZ 0" c *N 0 D) CO k. O £ $ L. a 0 (0
0 z Q_ _J 0 CD ++ 0 0 _] * o 0 E O TJ 0 -Q LU ?: 1 if) For
all AGA Amiga's.
pig CHEQUE or P.O. for £14.99 (Made payable to !fi. RiCUMMINGS) to: § * Over 20 level « platform action. Ll I ? Written in WO% e JJ making full use g| AGA hardware.
™ ? Value 'N' Fun mea
• g you get full-on 51 gameplay at a « super LOW + price, when
U.K. Add £1.00 for Joygrseas.
Allow 14-days max. for i iibn is*&J4M Value UUKy P SMo gFor Less !
- TOWER ASSAULT (512K) ......8.99 ...£11 ARCADE POOL
9.49 B17 FLYING FORTRESS ......10.99 ...£6
GAMES) 9.99 BLACK CRYPT 11.99 ...£1 CANNON
FODDER .....13.49 ...£1 CENTERFOLD SQUARES ......4.99
CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 2 ...21.49 ...£8 CHAOS ENGINE (512K) 7.99
...£18 CHAOS ENGINE 2 .23.49 ...£6 AMIGA A1200
fast delivery @ http: www.reserve.co.uk secure ordering FREE
QUICKJOY FOOTPEDAL FOR AMIGA for use with most car racing
games. Works in conjunction with steering wheel or joystick OR
EURO 96 FOOTBALL 72 panel, PVC, stitched football ABSOLUTELY
10. 99 ..£2 .£24 .£19 ...£3 .£14 ..£73 ...£1 ...£3 ...£1 .£20
...£3 ...£6 ..£18 .£64 ...£6 .£17 ...£7 ...£9 ...£6 .11.49
...£3 Other offers available - please call.
Overseas members add £2 carriage. All _offers subject to stock_ AMIGA FORMAT (BLOCK CAPITALS please) Name & Address_ Postcode Phone No Machine J Enter membership number (if applicable) or MEMBERSHIP FEE (ANNUAL £7.001 item item 1st Class Post 50p per posted item or £3 hardware ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE & VAT Cheque P.O. Access Creditcharge Switch Visa
149. 99 ...7.99 ...6.99 ...7.49
12. 99 .10.99 SIGNATURE Inevitably some games listed may not yet
be available. Please phone to check availability.
SAVE = Saving oft lull retail price. Inter-Mediates Ltd. The Mattings. Sawbridgeworth, Herts.
Prices may change without prior notification. Sent to press 16.05.96 E .& O.E. CITIZEN ABC 24 PIN COLOUR PRINTER ...144.99 CANON BJC 4100 COLOUR BUBBLEJET PRINTER ...244.99 HUGE RANGE OF RIBBONS & INK CARTS rj CLUB FOOTBALL - THE MGR ...5.99 COLONIZATION 15.99 COLOSSUS CHESS X (N012) ...4.99 COVER GIRL STRIP POKER ...11.49 DAILY DOUBLE HORSE RACING 4.99 DATASTORE 2 35.99 DELUXE PAINT 3 6.99 DESERT STRIKE .11.49 DUNE ..11.49 DUNE 2 ..13.99 ELITE (512K) ...4.49
PUSH OVER. ROAD RASH. COOL SPOT & HUMANS * ... .16.99 ..£18 HOME ACCOUNTS .... ...9.99 .
..£40 INDIANA JONES FATE OF ATLANTIS ADVENTURE . ..13.99 £3 JINXTER (512K) . ...3.99 .
..£20 JURASSIC PARK ...... .13.49 ...£1 K240 (UTOPIA 2) (UNBOXED) ...5.99 ..£24 KINDWORDS 3 .. ..21.99 ...£8 KINGPIN ...... ...7.99 ...£5 LEMMINGS ... ...4.99 ...£5 LOMBARD RAC RALLY (512K) ...6.99 ...£1 LORDS OF THE REALM ..22.49 .
FUTURE WARS 18.99 ...£6 MAN UTD PREM LGE CHAMPS 5.99 ...£2 MICROPROSE GOLF .....9.99 ...£25 MINI OFFICE ...33.99 ...£26 MONEY MATTERS .34.99 ...£15 MORTAL KOMBAT .9.49 ...£20 NICK FALDO'S GOLF (512K)......5.99 ...£29 NIGEL MANSELL'S GRAND PRIX 5.99 ...£4 ODYSSEY ......20.99 ...£5 ON THE BALL
- LEAGUE EDITION .....11.99 ...£18
...37.99 ...£2 ORGANISER 2
44.99 ...£5 OVERDRIVE
...6.99 ...£19 PERSONAL PAINT V6.4
..44.99 ...£5 PGA TOUR GOLF (512K) 12.49 ...£2 PINBALL
3+ ED ...20.99 ...£9 PRIMAL RAGE • 22.99 ...£7
1 ROME AD92. MYTH. EPIC (HDR) 5.99 ...£9 ROAD RASH (512K)
.....10.49 ...£2 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 14.99 ...£2
.20.99 ...£9 SENSIBLE SOCCER - INTL ...11.99
..17.99 ...£2 SENSI WORLD OF SOCCER 96 19.99 ...£10
MANAGER .....4.99 SUPER SKID MARKS 2 ..14.99
...£15 SYNDICATE ...13.99 ...£1 TERMITE
(K S2.04+) .....35.99 ...£3 THEME PARK
16.99 ...£18 TOTAL FOOTBALL •
.....22.99 ...£7 TRIVIAL PURSUIT (HDR) ..3.99
...£6 UFO - ENEMY UNKNOWN ......11.99 ...£1 ULTIMATE SOCCER
MANAGER 19.99 ...£10 WINTER OLYMPICS .....9.99 ...£23
WORDWORTH V1.2 SE ..16.99 ...£33 WORLD CUP YEAR 94 GOAL.
STRIKER. SENSIBLE SOCCER 12.49 ...£17 WORMS ......17.99 ...£8
......13.99 ...£16 ZEEWOLF 2
...23.99 ...£11 A1200 Software ALIEN
BREED-T ASSAULT ......8.99 ...£11 ALIEN BREED 2
8.99 ...£21 ALIEN BREED 3D
.14.99 ...£15 ALIEN BREED 3D 2 - TKG ......22.99
...£7 ATROPHY* ...19.99 ...£10 CIVILISATION
AGA (UNBOXED) 12.99 ...£17 COLONIZATION 15.99
HEIMDALL 2 ...17.99 ...£12 FIELDS OF GLORY .....10.99 ...£6 GLOOM ('DOOM'CLONE) ......14.99 ...£15 GLOOM DELUXE .20.99 ...£9 HIGH SEAS TRADER .....22.49 ...£12 JUNGLE STRIKE .12.49 ...£15 KINGPIN ..7.99 ...£5 MONEY MATTERS 4 .....41.99 ...£8 ON THE BALL (HDR)
.20.99 SIM CITY 2000 (HDR & 5MB) ...12.49 SIMON
THE SORCERER ......14.99 SLAM TILT* ...19.49
22.99 UFO - ENEMY UNKNOWN ......14.99
......27.99 WORDWORTH V5 .65.99 CD32 Games ALIEN
BREED 3D .14.99 ALIEN BREED 3D 2-TKG ......23.99
A1200 ... DUST COVER FOR A600
• ••• 4 MB RAM BOARD FOR A1200 +CLOCK .. ......99.99 inc
.. .....169.99 inc VAT 8 MB RAM BOARD FOR A1200 +
CLOCK .. .....149.99 inc VAT 8 MB + FPU RAM BOARD FOR
A1200 WITH CLOCK & FAST 33 MHZ FPU .. .....199.99
inc VAT 4 MB (SIMM CHIP) RAM EXPANSION FOR A4000 ......36.99
inc VAT 8 MB (SIMM CHIP) RAM EXPANSION FOR A4000 ......79.99
Grand Prix, K240 and Bart Simpson (for any Amiga) ONE YEAR
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you join (or a year and we'll give you a choice of great FREE
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Hundreds of pages of information on our internet site at www.reserve.co.uk. Amazing club shops at Chelmsford, Essex and Sawbridgeworth, Herts.
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discounts SWITCH .(ISSUE NO..
y. . ¦: ' ' !f;sl*r h-. .'j* Sw jiw l« ak-eic*!
Libv b ' dmflrtfd Si f it • nt* » Pr *f cis*. If y-** ills'll ~ «: if* 411 ir. C. in lav W3V !b»'- «C" u i* W- '•i'-'Wfri.
Iom : 1 - G't U- Zow fi 4 a'. S'M« « pi;stbl*. Ihen rnth h-n'U Rani and a» -n safety deposit S*r r,wbor pr«ridfd vdu mill *hp !:*» tard.
- In.iCr the 6a:: is »!* ¦ 11•:at :n 6-rtw • * a S'*.* 5ii11 tk,
!.? 1 j *¦¦ ft;*-' '.fCiritji prMTimvr tonpanv rallf-d Stlilrc
S»‘'w;. Up haw e«» '.t.ror«ad fhat s M4rkik3 on a vir«i
tlinmatw s-rcqrw H.sl .pat r •:»¦- s '¦•- ,';*u t--' i-.jf - f’
-f--.r it «-:=itc objective 15 to in'prt i Innic B nb
(*[*,; ? It. !fc* logic t«sl i; keU *n a disk uhirh it alsn in tap sifot? Deposit ho*.
J - Hr fciirw Basilisk’s pissunrd is not kr.cun bv os, therefor* it is «p to t*u to decr»t it ond ore it to k hs Hr tasil sfe*s persml file Sfter ¦.•on have detonated the losic banb yon are ado'sed t* I os off.
Press 0nu noose be*ton Your mission Dim, etc etc There's another page of this yet... Andy Smith's too thick to play on the Information Superhighway (he'd get run over), but at least he gets the chance to pretend
IRIJHCMHG... Look! Here you are travelling around the city!
The Future is, and always has been, an interesting place. I wrote that incredibly cringeworthy intro way back in AFA (November 1989) for the game Interphase and it's been a constant source of amusement among my reviewing chums ever since. I've included it here to give any newer readers the chance to chuckle along too because, for the sake of balance, there has to be at least one deliberate laugh included in this review.
You're a future hacker (it's 2054).
You work for a corrupt organisation We're into the game now and things are panning out just fine. I think I've had enough of this particular cab driver... 1 - Do vdu offer- any d iscouats?
I' - Ho problett, hare's «y crtd-card.
3 - Tika ne to tha Cyberzon* Pub or I'll blew yoyr- head off. (You point yeur gun at his headz Yes I do. For trips ovar dRR kilmetres tha fares go down by -a quarter.
But I doir't expect that you'll be travel Has that nany hilenetres and so tha fare stilt stands at 15 credits: 1 - O.K. then, hare's ny cred-card.
L 2 - Taka ne to the (yberiono pub or I'll bleu your W head off. You point your gun at his head.1 A reason why it takes that long to play is because there are screens and screens and screens of text to be read. They're good screens of text, the writing is good - atmospheric, well paced and entertaining - which is nice. And there are a lot of them. Nice, if you like reading.
I don't want to kick Solo when they're down, because I Access Denied does actually show promise. It's not innovative or full of amazing visuals (ahem) or anything, but it's better than | your average PD offering in this vein.
I am appaled though that they have the gall to charge some £13 (inc P&P) for a game that's going to take minutes to play. Solo are actually planning an Access Denied Mission Two for the end of the year and I'm looking forward to it because I'm sure there's going to be loads more depth and challenge to it. As for Access Denied Mission One, It's not good, big or clever and I can't recommend anyone buy it.
The price is £12.95 including post and packing. Send cheque IMO PO to: Solo Software 35 Lee Street Horley Surrey RH6 8ER Publisher j Solo Software Price £12.95 (inc P&P) Versions A600 A1200 Release date Post to Solo GRAPHICS Readable text, but it could have been in a bigger font SOUND A dreadful background drone interspersed with a very rare piece of good speech.
ADDICTION While it lasts, yes PLAYABILITY Generally all right Hardly exceptional, but adequate.
So much promise, so little delivered. There are good PD games around that are more fun, will last longer and are a whole load cheaper. Access Denied? I wish it was.
TOTAL REALISM TOTAL Team Formation With stunning animation, realistic ball movement, 2 player option and a highly intuitive control method, is undoubtedly the best arcade football game available on your AMIGA EVER!!
FEATURING ft 1 OR 2 PLAYERS 4 TOURNAMENTS & 6 PITCH TYPES & 50 INTERNATIONAL TEAMS $ OVER 1700 FRAMES OF ANIMATION & SUPPORTS ALL AMIGAS Friendly Bl League jPI CuP Tournament i & Options 4F E O select What's lingering in the depths of the Public Domain? We pick out the best of this month's offerings and Robert Polding guides you through them.
Tricks-Gift jK TftQl p mm mik? Ot?
Mm mis? Twe mm miw wf mm asi*? Mm mm mm mm nm am MMT ms ain mm?
Gauss mis? Mm COM Min MMT mm asin mm Above: I'm not entirely sure if this sort of outrageous advertising is ethical, but then, if the game's good it doesn't really matter.
Left: The graphics are bright and cheery and the music's bearable if you don't play for hours at a time.
It seems like the rabbit prefers chocolate flavour milk NESQUICK advert for Nesquick (in German). The platformers.) A problem that does arise during the game is that the messages that appear on the screen are all in German. Although not a great flaw, this could have been avoided. The introduction of the Locale preferences in Workbench would break the language barriers, and in many games there are startup menus that allow the player to choose their preferred language. Apart from this little quirk this is an excellent effort that is highly above average for a PD game.
GAME character of the game moves much By ....Scodz like those in the now ageing 'Scooby Ware ......Freeware & Scrappy-Doo', with great fluency.
PD Library ......17 Bit Software The aim of the game is, like many No of Disks .....One platformers, to collect objects while Price £1.50 shooting or avoiding enemies, but it won't satisfy shoot-em-up fans as you Platformers, I have to admit, aren't my have to collect shots, so you can't favourite games. I can, however, still just run and blast! The game is recognise a great achievement in a designed for the younger player but, good one. This German number is thanks to the graphics and playability, excellent fun, and presented
with it can be enjoyed by almost anyone Continued overleaf style. It starts with a funny digitised (unless you really can't stand ROTATOR GAME e 0 E 01 By ....Timothy Gilbert Ware ......Licenceware Library 5th Dimension Licenceware No of Disks ...Two Price .£3.95 + 50p p&p Licenceware games are often better than PD offerings, and this game is certainly no exception. Following in the style of the now ageing
Executioner and Exile (re-released a small time ago), this floating piatformer has an added challenge when moving: gravity.
The aim of the game is to collect all the crystals on each level while avoiding the spikes and obstacles, it sounds like it should be easy but the game certainly isn't easy.
However you will play it for hours (as I did) just trying desperately to get onto the next level and then ultimately the next world.
The animation is perfect, as are the graphics. The sound is also excellent, for example, when you finally collect the last three of the crystals you are rewarded with a little speech, which I thought was a very nice touch.
There is a hard disk installer provided, so if you enjoyed the game as much as I did it can stay on your HD. There are options for saving, so you can continue where you left off, and the ability to choose your levels from all the worlds when you complete them.
The controls are a bit tricky at first as you have to get used to being careful with the gravity, but this is soon mastered and once done manouevering becomes easy. £4.50 is great price for an excellent game.
Freeware o CL MENUS & MORE (M&M) UTILITY By .Axel Sodtablers Ware ....Shareware PD Library .....17 Bit Software No of Disks .....One Price £1.50 PD Library ......17 Bit Software No of Disks .....One Price £1.50 Most puzzle games are simple, boring affairs that can be finished in seconds, but this one matches many commercial efforts and is highly addictive. The major falling point on first loading is the apparent lack
of speed, but this was soon rectified when I got onto the second level, and the ball began to launch all around the screen.
The concept of this game is to guide a ball around using arrows.
These are made by pressing the mouse and moving it in the direction you want, then waiting for the ball to move onto it. You must stop the ball hitting walls and other obstacles placed around, and finally make your way to the exit. The graphics aren't incredible, but adequate for the game, and the sound is much the same. The high points are easy controls, mindbending levels and the addiction.
Again the presentation is excellent, the titles at the start look stunning and the game has a polished feel.
To see a Public Domain programme with these abilities, and with an excellent interface. It isn't ImageVision, but it does have the ability to create programmes you could use for disk magazines, hard disk menus, simple presentations and even complex Arexx utilities, that could control your applications. Even the installer script is written using the programme, and it shows what it can do by having a real-time progress bar, standard Amiga requestors and Arexx to copy the files. There are several examples included, and looking at them allows you to become quickly acquainted with the programme,
but it may still be too complex for first time users. If you need a utility for a presentation or a menu and can't fork out for ImageVision, then this is an easy and well-programmed utility.
Please note the Shareware status, and if you like the programme then you must register.
PIC-IT GAME By .....Rob Massey Ware ....Shareware PD Library ......17 Bit Software No of Disks .....One Price £1.50 is a quiz with the look and feel of an American game show. I have to say this is one of the first P.D. quiz games I have enjoyed using, although after answering all the questions it lost it's initial appeal. It only really becomes fun if you have a pal around, a few beers and some good music.
By answering the questions, part of a digitised picture or a famous phrase is revealed. It's very much in the style of Catchphrase and the winner is the first person to guess the identity of the person in the picture or what the phrase is. The control is easy and the questions vary in difficulty.
The game can become quite close and exciting, and you also learn the answers when you get them correct (so you can practice and thrash your mate next time). If you have a small general knowledge this could help a bit (there aren't too many questions) or you could become incredibly annoyed because you can't answer any. The shareware charge is just £3, and this includes an extra disk with new questions and pictures.
3 Tea* Editor 3 Flff-Ed 1 t'claren 2 F«rrari 3 Eenettan 4 Muiris 3 Lmer i -crdan 7 $ «cb«r jHcla.
Iherc edes |_| firm® tattinen I_I R: 3»jir fnltluMt 1 1 2-3**n I i?| Honat li - !opyr19h~ ; Oliver P.obert Tea*' Driver 5 Car 5eCb*j Lap Fecirii CiFicr: I.smj Car Central S’.anceri l ticrs In-tia-e r*»rs 1 Car Contrc; 1 Sound San l*s Infomat ici Graphics Statist :£ speed Factcrs 1 1istfllar«is r £ V 3?
• Vrislered - FlfiF-Ei SLIDER: Watch the clock ticking away as
you try to put the numbers in order.
Rsa_Fo ataiogs- Extras FORMULA 1 EDITOR: One of the best racing games of all times has now been made even better.
FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX EDITOR V3 EDITOR By ....Oliver Roberts Ware ......Shareware PD Library 17 Bit Software No of Disks ......One Price £1.50 F1GP has become a cult game across all platforms. However, the Amiga version lacks some of the speed and impact of the PC version. Now, thanks to the introduction of F1GP- Ed, this has changed. Now you can customise almost every part of the game. The most impressive feature of the programme has to be the ability to increase the frame rate, allowing you to play at 25
frames per second (on a fast machine). As a result the game is much smoother and more enjoyable to play. In this third version there is also the ability to edit the car, the crew and the helmet colours on the workbench (as long as you have enough free colours). The interface is easy to use and looks fantastic. Also included in this version is the 1996 data, extra sound samples and new cockpit designs. There have also been several bug fixes and documentation improvements. This shareware package is excellent and an essential add-on to FormulalGP.
CHARLIE J COOL DEMO By ...NRC Software PD Library ......17 Bit Software No of Disks .....One Price £1.50 This game seems to be popping up all the time. You might remember the R t l| Undo SLIDER: A stunning interface and smooth controls result in a slidy slick game.
Review in AF84 when it was deemed "stunningly average". This demo lets you decide for yourselves. Despite the low rating, platform buffs will be able to try it, without forking out £10.
The demo consists of four levels, one for the A1200, and they are reasonably good fun to play. If you can ignore the flaws in the game engine you may like it, but if you like a game that is well programmed then I can only recommend you avoid this title. The graphics are bright and the game has Mario-style levels, with springs and enemies galore. For younger players the technical problems will not pose a problem, and they could find a great deal of enjoyment from playing. The full game is available via mail order for £9.99. For more information see the review.
SLIDER V2 GAME By .Joseph Carlson Ware ....Shareware PD Library ......17 Bit Software No of Disks .....One Price £1.50 On loading this game I was overcome by the unbelievably cool interface and presentation. The whole look spells 'slick'. When I started to play with the controls and look at the graphical touches I began to realise that this is the best version of the Slider-style game I've ever seen (where you have FORMULA 1 EDITOR Above: A multitude of decisions to be made before
embarking on F1GP.
FORMULA 1 EDITOR Left: Choose your favourite colours for your flashy motor.
To put an image or numbers in order once jumbled up). After completing the numbers on all levels I decided to try the pictures. They are displayed in 32 colours, and look flawless on an 8x8 square puzzle. My only problem was when I tried the smaller sized boards, as the images had no defined edges and were often tricky to solve. Despite this the game is great and has to be the best in its genre.
On an ECS machine, without acceleration or a graphics board, the game only opens a slow 16 colour screen, and loses some of its impact, although it's still very enjoyable.
A flicker-free resolution is also recommended, although not essential, as the game opens a 640x480 screen. The game isn't strictly shareware, the author simply requests an e-mail with thanks.
SLIDER: By far the best in its field.
WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH F1 LICENCEWARE 31 Wellington Road Exeter Devon EX2 9DU ® 01392 493580 TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of: 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorks WF1 1DH ® 01924 366982 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorks WF1 1DH » 01924 366982 Other good PD libraries
1. Boulderdash 3D AGA
2. MUI v3.3
3. Wormnoiz
4. Worm Maps 1
5. Worm Maps 2
6. Virus Workshop v5.9
7. Skidmarks 2 Cars AGA
8. Agene v5.0
9. Slider v2.0 AGA
10. Spectrum Solutions 1 BccK ycur seat 23th June SERIOUSLY AMIGA
JULY 1996 67 68 81 £ SIAMESE SYSTEM The Siamese system, a
unique way to get the best out of both the Amiga and the PC
is finally near completion and it's looking very impressive.
Graeme Sandiford puts aside his PC prejudices to see if it
really does work.
F*"] GLIDEPOINT w It might not really put up much of a challenge to the supremacy of the trusty mouse, but David Taylor felt the new GlidePoint certainly had its bonuses. Like durability and impressive good looks.
Cft XIPAINT 4 wO This German painting program has always shown a great deal of promise, but has it really maximised its potential with the addition of a raytracer and animation support. Graeme Sandiford attempts to find out.
O* CD-ROM ROUND-UP O I David Taylor has been glancing over the huge pile of CD-ROMS that have landed on his desk this month. It seems there's almost something to interest everyone, except perhaps, potential movie-makers.
CO VIDl AMIGA 24RT PRO Digitising images on the Amiga has been a favourite pastime of Graeme Sandiford's for quite some time but the new digitiser from Quantum Leap fails to live up to the high reputation of the 24RT.
Dblscan I Your PC monitor can now be compatible with your Amiga. Just slot in the new video card from Blittersoft and Graeme Sandiford will reveal all.
REVIEWS JULY 1996 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Grabbing images from your favourite videos or TV programmes or the real world is one of the coolest and most fun things you can do with your Amiga. Known as digitising, this process can be used in a variety of professional applications such as desktop video work and graphics.
However, in the “early days” there really wasn’t much of a professional market as the technology wasn’t up to producing images of sufficient quality for commercial use. At least that was the case until Rombo brought their range of high-quality digitisers to several home computing platforms including the Amiga.
The first version I recall using had me and a friend enthralled for ages, despite the fact it could only handle 16 shades of grey and had a huge delay between the preview and the actual frame that was grabbed.
As things progressed a colour module, that had to make several slow passes before it could generate an image, appeared. This required you to have a perfect still-frame video that could pause at a frame without any distortion. Then came that wonder of wonders the real-time colour digitiser.
Unfortunately, after a while the Vidi range of digitisers went out of circulation. But now they are back with a vengeance in the form of the Vidi Amiga (24) RT Pro.
IT'S A RE-MATCH This digitiser can grab images in full 24- bit colour in real-time. However in its absence a new king of Amiga digitisers has been crowned - the Pro Grab 24 RT (reviewed Aflb 93%), and the Vidi is going to have a real battle on its hands if it’s going to reclaim that title.
The physical unit itself has remained pretty' much unchanged in appearance and in its capabilities. The box that does all the hard work is much the same as before, a relatively compact unit with a parallel, S-VHS and two The Vidi Amiga 24RT was by the far the best digitiser on offer. Can the new Pro live up to the reputation of its predecessor?
Composite ports. Unfortunately it has an infuriatingly short lead from the unit to the Amiga’s parallel port, which means the unit can barely be placed beside your Amiga. There is now an independent power supply so that the digitiser won’t draw pow'er from the Amiga, which is not a particularly good thing to do.
Both the Vidi Amiga 24RT Pro, the one on review here, and the ordinary' Vidi Amiga 24RT are capable of grabbing 24-bit images. However the Pro version has double the horizontal resolution which means it can be used to capture screens in all of the standard Amiga Hi-Res modes (maximum of 760x576 with overscan), while the standard version is limited to Lo-Res modes (maximum of 380x576).
According to the manual the capture time for an image should only take 1 50 second (interlaced) or 1 25 second (non-interlaced). Despite this capture time there is still an incredibly annoying delay (much longer than Pro Grab) between the frame on display, the one you wish to grab, and the one the software actually captures. This is a serious pain in the neck even if you are familiar with the footage you wish to grab and often means you have to try' several times to capture the frame or frames that you want.
However this is still not as annoying as the delay between frames if you attempt to capture a sequence. I don’t know, maybe I’ve been spoilt by Pro Grab’s 25 frames per second capture rate, but you might expect maybe ten or 4F A even five frames a second. Instead the software only gives you the option of grabbing images in one second and longer intervals. While setting a capture rate of a few minutes is great for a time-lapse sequence like capturing passing clouds, it’s useless for creating animations that will play back at anything near normal speed.
VIDI AMIGA 24RT PRO POOR QUALITY If all this fails to reduce you to tears then the abysmal quality of the grabs will soon have you pounding your desk in anguish. If you decide to use the default software settings for your grab you will be rewarded with a crackly image that looks so bad you’ll wonder if you haven’t grabbed an image from a Russian TV satellite. Quite how they managed to take a product that was so good and then distribute it as such a vasdy inferior package is beyond my comprehension.
I tried long and hard to find something good to say about the new Vidi Amiga, if only for all the good memories tKat I have, but the closest I came was the image processing features of the program. While not particularly outstanding, and certainly not good enough to rescue the images grabbed by the hardware, they are quite extensive.
Overall the new Vidi Amiga Pro is a big disappointment and, as it costs nearly twice the price of the Pro Grab, it really doesn’t stand any chance of reclaiming it’s position as the Amiga’s premier digitiser. D?
DISTRIBUTOR Quantum Leap 01506 461917 PRICE £249 (Pro version) £149 (Standard) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2 INSTALLATION •• •• You should have no difficulty in setting up the hardware or the software.
MANUAL • • The manual is hard to follow and quite sketchy with details in places.
FEATURES ••• The software is miles behind the Pro Grabs in terms of both the interface and the supported features.
QUALITY •• It's a mystery how they've done it, but the quality of this once great product has been severely reduced.
VALUE • • Considering the poor quality of the images and the fact that it costs twice as much as the Pro Grab, the Vidi Amiga 24 RT Pro doesn't sound like good value to me.
“Save yourself £100 and buy the much superior Pro Grab” 65% Way above the rest?
What benefits can an external tower system add to your A1200? There are now several systems that offer SCSI housing, additional IDE bays, Zorro slots, video slots... We wanted to know which ones offered the best expansion capabilities and which ones suited different users. So, we set John Kennedy on the case (if you’ll excuse the pun) and next month he’ll be presenting a full round-up of the available systems. If you are looking to expand your A1200, this report will be the one for you.
Regulars will be in next month. As well as Answers and the Public Domain, there’ll be the Comms column, the excellent Coverdisk and the How to... series. The tutorials continue with HiSoft BASIC, CanDo, Music and AMOS.
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Reviews Well, release date changes caught us out last month, but we’re going to put our neck on the line again and say that next month we'll have reviews of the Surfin’ Squirrel, Photogenics 2, the Genius 1212HR graphics tablet and Infrarexx - the system that allows you to control infra red controlled systems with your Amiga! There’s more, but let’s not tempt fate by mentioning their hallowed names.
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August issue 65. On sale Tuesday, 25th June 1996 4F The latest video card from Blittersoft enables you to use PC monitors with your Amiga but does it really work?
You run, the video output can always be displayed on the SVGA monitor: the output is even provided as a standard 15-pin SVGA plug w’hich means you can connect a cheap PC monitor without any extra adaptors.
The card works in full 24-bit colour and the new, improved screen mode will look exactly like the original - except it will be on your new monitor.
The image will be slightly darker because of the way the card works, but a tweak of the monitor’s brightness control gets it back to normal.
All screen modes under 18kHz are supported, which means any software which opens a PAL or NTSC screen will work perfectly. An exception is the rarely used Super Hi-Res modes, which contain too much information for the DlbScan to deal with. No big loss there.
Interlaced screens are fine: as long as you don’t mind the associated flicker.
This card is not a flicker-fixer and that’s the big difference between this and the Power Computing card - it’s also the main reason why this card is a lot cheaper.
Who needs it? Any A4000 owner who wants to use a cheap PC monitor. If a video card is also present in the A4000, the doubler is still useful: it means the card can be used for Workbench and most applications, whilst the scan doubler ensures older software and games can also be used.
The price is tempting enough too, especially if you happen to have access to a PC monitor and fancy giving your eyes a treat from the old colour portable. It’s good to see new hardware arriving, and I await with interest the promised DSP card from the same developers.
SUPPORTED SCREEN MODES The following screen modes will be scan doubled by DblScan 4000. Note that Super Hi-Res modes contain too much detail and aren't displayed perfectly.
Euro36 Hi-Res (640 by 200) Euro36 Hi-Res Interlaced (640 by 400) Euro36 Lo-Res (320 by 200) Euro36 Lo-Res Interlaced (320 by 400) Euro36 Super Hi-Res (1280 by 200) Euro36 Super Hi-Res Interlaced (1280 by 400) NTSC Hi-Res (640 by 200) NTSC Hi-Res Interlaced (640 by 400) NTSC Lo-Res (320 by 200) NTSC Lo-Res Interlaced (320 by 400) NTSC Super Hi-Res (1280 by 200) NTSC Super Hi-Res Interlaced (1280 by 400) PAL Hi-Res (640 by 256) PAL Hi-Res Interlaced (640 by 512) PAL Lo-Res (320 by 256) PAL Lo-Res Interlaced (320 by 512) PAL Super Hi-Res (1280 by 256) PAL Super Hi-Res Interlaced (1280 by 512)
DBLSCAN 4000 DISTRIBUTOR Blittersoft 01908 261466 PRICE £149 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A4000 A4000T or any Amiga with an A4000 compatible video slot.
SVGA style monitor MANUAL • • • • A couple of sheets of paper is all that's supplied, because that's all that's needed.
• ••• Insert the card, connect a monitor and that's it - no
driver software means total compatibility. You can even see the
GURU again. Which is nice.
FEATURES ••• All modes under 18kHz are doubled, including interlaced modes. Works with video cards too.
Flicker fixing would have been nice though.
VALUE ••• Fills a gap, but a fully- fledged graphics card doesn't cost much more.
“At last A4000 owners can display all the essential screen modes on one monitor. And about time too!” 87% The video output from an .Amiga can occasionally be a bit embarrassing. Yes, it’s terrific for video work because it works at the same frequency as Tvs and Video Recorders. The AGA chipset, can display millions of different colours, and it’s perfect for use with a genlock for creating scrolling titles and so on. This “video friendly” approach also means that unlike a PC, no special monitor is required for an .Amiga. The downside is that many users demand die better picture quality (and
larger screen sizes) which dedicated monitors provide. Unfortunately, most computer monitors are designed for PC compatible systems, and that means they work at completely different frequencies from standard video. The AGA chipset tries to provide screen modes which are compatible with these VGA rates, but can’t quite pull the trick off. So, although some PC monitors will display dblRAL or dblNTSC modes, many won’t
- even so called “multisyncs” which can handle a wide range of
VIDEO CARDS .Amiga Video cards are one solution, however, they require special driver software in order to work: for example, using the CyberGFXsystem, the Monitor Preferences program sprouts a few new screen modes. Applications which allow the screen mode to be selected (for example, Workbench) can then open up using the card, and benefit from the extra speed and colours.
The drawback is that not all application software will allow the screen mode to be selected. Some can be forced, but the success rate isn’t 100%. Worse still, most games will talk straight to the video hardware and bypass any extra video cards - if you have a VGA monitor and you run a game, chances are you won’t see a thing.
The DblScan 4000 is designed to get around this problem once and for all. It works in the video slot present in an A4000, taking the standard video signal and upgrading it into totally SVGA friendly modes. No matter what software TEL: 0181 345 6000 fax: 0181345 6868 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonto London Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm MEMORY SIMMS Lowest prices guaranteed for SIMMS for A4000 Viper, Apollo, Magnum, Hawk and many other cards - Phone for details today!
72PDM2£IT 2MB . B .....£39 4MB £44 8MB .£79 16MB .....£179 32MB .....£359 3 OP IN 16 BIT 1MB .£15 4MB .£70 Limited stock so hurry! For FPU see our offer!!
RAM EXPAmm Lowest prices guaranteed A1200 RAM CARDS wim clock & fpu socket 2MB .£89 4MB .£94 8MB .£149 A600 RAM CARD 1MB .£20 1MB WITH CLOCK 35 A300 RAM CARD
0. 5MB .....£15 A500 PLUS RAM CARD 1MB
£20 80MB ...£69
120MB ..£89 170MB
210MB .....£109 250MB ... £11
340MB .....£129
540MB .....£189
800MB .....£249 Complete with software
and cables STOP! & E Lowest prices guaranteed.
Viper, Apollo and many other cards - Phone for details today! ''¦¦¦ VLPER 2 8MHz 50MHz 0MB .J....£119 ...£199 4MB ..._!W63 ...£243 8MB .£198 ...£278 16MB .....£298 ...£378 BLIZZARD 1230 somhz 0MB ...£189 4MB ...£233 8MB ...£268 16MB £368 APOLLO 28MHz 50STHz 0MB .£95 ...£199
4MB .£139 ...£243 8MB .£174 ...£278 16MB .....£274 ...£378 Apollo 040 coming soon - Ring for price!
Very limited stock so hurry!!
A600 Accelerator .£99 MODEMS • MOTOROLA 28.8 FAX & MODEMS ...£149 Limited stock only NOW WE ARE SURFING!
SYQUEST - INTERNAL & EXTERNAJ |88MB EXT. £233.83 MfJXT. £351.33 ..... ...... EZ 135 EXT .£163.32 IOMEGA Z1PP 100MB £163.32 JAZZ 1GIG INT....,.., .£445.33 JAZZ 1GIG EXT. .....£480.58 SCSI Card or Squirrel is needed to run SCSI aevices on Amiga fe PRINTERS EPSON COLOUR II .. Ag B COLOUR IIS ... PRO XL-A3 .M .J STYLUS COLOUR H .... PRO A4 J HEWLETT PACKARD 320 .....A., .. 660 .....£299.08 CD-ROMS NEW 2 SPEED .£116.33 NEW 4 SPEED
.£198.58 NEC 6 SPEED.. ...£351.33 CD-WRITERS PINNACLE ...£739.07 RICOH 2 SPEED ..,.....,...£927.08 SCSI Card or Squirrel is needed to r devices on Amiga THS-COPRO FPU INCRE* MIGA RAM CARDS & accelerH 28MHz 33MHz ....¦ 50MHz .....1 Buy FPU witl get FPU for h Do you really want someone i ro install Workbench Pubi:-: -r : I charge more jor it?
MONITORS MICROVITEC 1438 SAMSUNG 15" ...... SAMSUNG 17” ...... SONY 15" . SONY 17" . GASTEINER 14" ...... GASTEINER 15" ...... GASTEINER 17" ...... VGA Adaptor needed.
SYQUEST CARTS 44MB .. 88MB ... 105MB .. 200MB .... . 270MB .. EZ 135 .. ZIP CARTS 100MB .. JAZZ 1GIG .. REMOVABLE save money
540MB .....£139
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J. 3GIG .....£179
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Bg .£289 Complete with software
and cable FORA4000 &A1200 SCSI HARD DRIVES fXVAT VAT me VAT
100MB .....£49 ’B £25.00 ...£4.38
£29.38 5 MB .....£139 £21195 ...£4.90
£32.85 TslG .£219 £25.00
...£4.38 £29.3!r2GIG .£399
£42.95 ...r7.52-'€50.-7
4GIG .£799 £39.95 ...£7.00
£46.95 EXTERNAL SCSI CASE with power supply...... £13.50
...£2.37 £15.87 SCSI Card or Squirrel is needed to run SCSI
Devices on Amiga £10.50 , JJ £12.34 r onr a nT)C ,£poa
jhUH epoa FOR A600 & A1200 | SQUIRREL . ,.J W......£50
...,F £195 LOR Al 300, A2000 & A4000 OCTOGON 4008
£99 SCSI Card or Squirrel is needed to run
- PHONE FOR DELIVERY CHARGES Small consumables and software items
under the value of £59 please add £3.50 P&P. Other items except
lasers, courier service £10 per box. Off-shore and Highlands:
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subject to change without prior notif ndemarks acknowledged.
Worlwide delivery H .
Government and ma flflc purchase orders welcome.
Trade enquiries welcome.
TEL: 0181 807 2000 4F U m 2 O c in g O The benefits of the Amiga's superior operating system combined with the speed of the PC should mean users get the best of both worlds.
System faster than the average Amiga, at the moment at least, and can make light- work of several processor-intensive tasks. In short Pcs are great at grunt work like rendering 3D scenes and other number-crunching exercises.
Despite what they may tell you, there are very few PC- owners who actually enjoy using their computers.
Trouble is, that while Amiga-users usually develop an unnatural affection for their machines because of its wonderful operating system (OS), there are things that the PC can do better.
Don't get me wrong, the Amiga is still my (and many others) first choice for many computing tasks. But, unfortunately many people are forced to use a PC at work either because they are much faster or because they are considered the standard machine. It has to be admitted that the PC is much control the relevant system functions of the PC.
HiQ offer two options, a ready- configured PC and unit or just the Siamese unit by itself. This way both those who already have Pcs and just want to connect them to their Amiga can just buy a unit, and those who don’t want the hassle of buying and setting up a PC can get one already configured. If you are going to buy just the unit you will have to make sure you have Windows 95 installed, as this is the only version that will work with the Siamese.
NO EASY TASK The unit itself is quite tiny, rather simple looking and could easily fit into your palm. To be quite frank I had no illusion about how difficult a task it would be to install the card and its software. Not because of the product itself, but just by virtue of the fact of having to fit any new item of hardware to a PC - Windows 95 plug-and-play, indeed. Sure enough a job that should, on paper at least, have taken less than ten minutes took at least two hours, due to a hardware conflict.
Continued overleaf ¦+ Wouldn’t it be great to have the best of both of these computing platforms? Well, that’s exactly what the Siamese sets out to do by networking the two machines together. If you are not sure about the term networking, then you'd do well to flick back to the feature in this issue by my learned j colleague, John Kennedy. Amazing stuff eh? Aside from being a darned good feature, it explains the principles behind networking and highlights some of the benefits of the Siamese system.
However the Siamese system does far more than your common-garden variety of networks. As well as enabling the sharing of resources such as disk space and printers, the Siamese combines the video output of the two machines so that you can neatly switch between the two and even share the same monitor. Likewise, the Amiga’s mouse and kevboard can be used to Personally I'm not a big Scully fan, but the guys at HiQ seem to be big admirers.
The process of installing the Siamese board is relatively straightforward - only a little more complicated than installing a sound or game card on a PC. The Siamese is quite happy to sit in a 16-bit expansion socket in your PC and the main part of the installation involves simply taking one of your serial interfaces and attaching it to the Siamese. You then use the serial lead supplied to provide a replacement serial interface in one of your PC’s spare 25-way D type sockets. The rest of the hardware installation is done externally and simply involves attaching the correct leads from your
graphics card, the Amiga’s video output and the Siamese’s video output to your monitor.
As the Siamese employs a SCSI networking system and most Pcs don’t come configured with a SCSI card you invariably encounter problems trying to fit one to a PC. However I was quite surprised, and more than a little disappointed to discover Uiat there were some incompatibility problems with two of the A1200’s most popular SCSI controllers - the Squirrel and the Blizzard range (both the 1230 and 1260 versions). Apparently these problems are not due to the Siamese and may be sorted out soon. By the time you read this the Surf Squirrel should be ready and will work with the Siamese and Phase V are
considering producing a If you have a high- spec PC you can get it to play multimedia files with a few simple commands from your Amiga.
Bottom Left: the Siamese system is made up of several programs.
Bottom Right: Amiga 96 can launch any program you like and switch to the PC's display.
Dot U. modified SCSI interface if there is enough demand.
SCSI NETWORKING The SCSI network prorides the most basic of services and the most useful, sharing devices. This enables you to access a drive from both machines so that files can be passed between them quickly and easily. The down-side to SCSI networking, as illustrated by the problems already mentioned - if you don’t have two well-behaved controllers ami Shortcut to Pnt4_32.exe then the network is unlikely to work properly. We managed to successfully use an Adaptec controller on the PC and both an Octagon 2008 and DKB 4091 in the office A4000. The list of working controllers is growing all
the time and you should contact HiQ about which one you should get, not to mention buying one of their low-cost controllers while they are still in stock.
If your budget won’t stretch to buying two SCSI controllers or you want to try out the system with an alternative method of networking, you’ll be glad to hear that you an also use the serial ports to network your machines.
Obviously this is not going to be anywhere near as fast as the SCSI network, but it will mean that you won’t Adobe Photoshop File Edit Mode image Filter Select Wind flower.jpg (RGB. 1:1) Uin9S ' j S.onosc * Tools | Dopus H T & & 9 MAKING THE RIGHT CONNECTION If you can read and tell the difference between serial and parallel leads you should have no difficulty in installing the Siamese hardware.
Some of the programs that may never make it to the Amiga include killer applications that originated on the Macintosh like Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress.
The diagram above represents the Siamese card as viewed from the back of a PC. All you need to do is plug your Amiga's video cable into the socket on the right, your graphics card output to the middle one and then your monitor lead to the one on the left.
Fa |q Brushes Options IF ?
• • • • • m i A W| w ?
35 1 s Picker X Swatche Fitting the serial throughport is a little trickier as you have to unscrew and attach some serial connectors - dead easy. After that's taken off you just need a SCSI controller - if you haven't got one already.
? Draw rectangular selection. Use Shift, AH. And Ctrl have to splash out 011 any extra kit. At the moment the serial network is working steadily at 5K second, but by the time you are reading this it should he doubled to 1 OK second. Like I said, not blisteringly fast hut ail acceptable budget option.
The one step in the installation process that had me in a cold-sweat was the setting up of the monitor. After having an unpleasant exploding monitor experience in the past, I have since been warv of attaching monitors J o to mv Amiga. If you intend to use the J O j video switching abilities of the Siamese system so that you need only one monitor, and intend to do so with a standard SVGA monitor you will need to modify the frequency of your Amiga’s video output. To do this you'll need a program such as Atoned. There is a section of the manual dedicated to explaining how to do this, but if you
are not sure of what you’re doing with the Amiga you’d be well-advised to get a more experienced friend to help you.
Lightwave is just one of many Amiga programs that are now on the PC as well.
SOFTWARE Right that’s the hardware out of the way, the more interesting part of the system is the software. As mentioned before you need to have W indows 95 installed 011 your machine. Despite being a scandalous waste of resources, Windows 95 does have some good points mainly its virtual memory and networking features. Installing the software on both machines should take no more than about 15 minutes and is very simple. Once installed, you'll he able to set the degree of interaction )g (CMYK, 1:1) LightVVave Modeler 4.0 Grid 500 mrn I ) m 73 o c IA § o between the PC and Amiga hv running D O
the program again or changing the icon Tool types manually.
The operation of the Siamese system is broken down into several small applications. One of the most useful is Control PC wh ich, as you might 7 J D expect, can be used to control your PC.
It does this by switching control of your PC’s mouse and keyboard to the Amiga so that you can type and move your pointer around with your Amiga's keyboard mouse. You can also use the PC Printer function to print through a printer attached to your PC.
The Server handles the communication between the two machines and must be running for anv O of the other programs to work. It also enables you to switch between the Amiga and the PC by pressing left- amigaxo. You can also use the commands Scopy and Slist to copy files to and from the PC and view the contents of one of its directories.
The Arexx handler is potentially an incredibly powerful tool, as it can be used to control the Siamese system and in turn, the PC itself. Imagine being O O able to render a Lightwave animation, saving it as an AVI file and then having
o o it dumped across and played on the PC.
The MCI command controls the playback of multimedia files and even audio CD on the PC. An example of how this might work would he to ty pe; mci play cdaudio. This would result in the current audio CD in the CD- ROM drive being played or an unpleasant hi-pitched noise if you have a data CD in the drive.
Those are the basics of the Siamese system, but there’s a lot more to it.
W hile there are still a few bugs to he worked out, HiQhave achieved an incredible feat by producing the closest integration of the Amiga and PC platforms yet. It has to lose marks for the slight hardware incompatibilities but this is a svstem that shows a great o deal of promise and there are even more features on the wav... Q DISTRIBUTOR HiQ Systems 01525 211327 PRICE Main Unit £129.95 PC prices £975-£2000 (no monitor or Windows95.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Amiga: WB2+, 020+ CPU, 2Mb RAM and SCSI interface that supports Bus Arbitration INSTALLATION ••• While not especially complicated, if you're unsure you should get a more experienced friend to help out.
SPEED •••• The serial interface is as slow as you might expect, but the SCSI network zips along at some speed.
MANUAL ••• A little skimpy but tells you all that you need to know.
FEATURES •••• Just about everything you can think of is catered for or is being developed.
VALUE •••• For such a complete and unique way of getting the best out of both machines, £130 is more than a fair price.
“There may be a few problems but it has the potential to be great” Rh'Mjtvund VULCAN SOFTWARG LIMITGD 15 PROUD TO PRG5GNT AN EVGR EXPANDING RANGE OF AMIGA GAMES AT INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES Valhalla And The Lord Of Infinity The First ever Speech Adventure Valhalla Before The War The Second Ever Speech Adventure Timekeepers Tne Simpllstically Complex Puz2le Game Hillsea Lido The Seaside Management Simulator VULCAN SOFTWARE i irsi ever speech dventlre TH£ S£ASID£ MAN |M£NT SIMULATOR Before ,kWar LoicIn Infinity SL 9L 3 01 CU 3T qj qj m TJ ‘ i S_' * -n i : r. ¦ ¦ ¦ ; if.ii ¦ a™sa aztxk.
,. . . . 94% CL 90% All AMIGAv ! 'JvT rote. J** 'txL IlitU Dmc I.T*u]U k In this lour level prequel you play Infinity's mentor on his quest of hatred in which murder is the ultimate goal.
You begin your quest in the Servants Hall under the watchful eye of Garantonds Sorcerer. Deep in the dungeons you meet the Royal Guardsmen, but whose side are you on?
Be scared out your wits in the Haunted Gallery and dual in conversation with Mestophiles. In the Royal Chambers you will meet all the members of the Royal family including the little Prince star of Valhalla And The Lord Oi Infinity.
.Ml Abkpv I Meg nun. I n«il Dnwa IlaJ Dmc IxoUlLaMc.
Ten long years hav e passed since Infinity murdered Garamond. The King of Valhalla and claimed the crown, yet Ganunonds young .son and heir to ihe throne escaped the slaughter. Now come of age. The Prince is returning to enact vengeance for his lathers death and claim his birthright. In the first ever Speech Adventure you are the Prince's mentor on his quest. Inching your way through tour vast levels in the chilling castle of Valhalla you enter a world crammed with logical puzzles and richly interactive characters.
Mi An«a, I Ms- a,.o. . ku,- tfci.cn. Hjld Dmc IsMiUjbk-.
The hmekeepers are an elite police force from Garth s future established to protect the14th dimension Iheir latest mission concerns the antes of a psychotic warlord who has hidden nudear devices in four different tune zones 1 pWoors of N men have been chosen to travel back in time to locate and disarm the bombs lisaig your skill and judgement you must organise delegate, coordinate and manage each platoon through 60 treacherous levels in order to find the devices that threaten Garth's future, but beware for the levels are nddled u*th complex puzzles obstactesand traps Our destiny ism your hands
VIAmEj.. I Mtj ran. M u,- Dmra. Dmc fc-Cilbt-k- Millsco l*du I* Hie fame in »Wcli you aw* a ilicc oj coastline, fat your business skills to Hie test as you endeavour to turn an empty stretch cj beach into a sun drenched fold mine.
You must employ cunninf decision mokinf tactics in every aspect oj the fome. The pcsitianinf oj your shops, the prices you chorfc jor water sport hire, the shows you choose to book or your theatre ond the amount you poy your stajj arc just a jew oj the many elements involved in buildinf the jincst seaside resort in the world.
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Put simply if you're not registered then you mont even knom mhat you’re missing, can you afford to miss out on Valhalla III erne Fortress of eve), Tlmekeeperscexsa s.on Disk), Bograts Crre Puzzkng MisatSventure) and Jetpllot cine R«Nst;c. Fugnt Smaisior) all of mhich are just a feu of our forthcoming titles that mill not be available anyiuhere else other than direct from Vuican Softiuare Limited. Want To Play? Then Join Today!
Rn m tn m & ru r j Id Id Id Id in id u) u Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants P027NA TEL (01705) 670269 FAX (01705) 662226 FONTS vtjpr OBBBJUI chmESE fflfflm HEADHUNTER ST1IL WMNLX POSTCY Wny be tied to taking Pot Luck” when buying ClipArt? Now YOU can select your own preferences from the comfort of your own home. Choose from over 3000 images | in over 40 Categories. Give yourself a break " and TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Available in Formats suitable for all Amiga Programs (Hi-Res Bitmapped or Scaleable) All images are 8 to 256 Colours suitable for
both Colour and Mono Printers. All » clips are artist drawn no scanned 1 or traced images here! Rzft T®YBfl 9CEK For your FREE 46 Page Information Pack, _either Write, Phone, or Fax us._ SELECTAFONT (Dept AF) 84 Thorpe Road, Hawkwell, Nr Hockley. Essex. SS5 4JT FAX: 01702 200062 phONE: 01702 202835 JET REFILLS REFILLS (Microfiltered Non-Clog Formula) all Colours from 87p per refill COMPATIBLE CARTRIDGES As good as original...but cheaper! From £4.99 We have been supplying our Customers with Refill Inks for many years, and most of our sales are re-orders. We demonstrate the quality of our Inks
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The problem with new “pointing devices” is that testing them means putting aside your preconceptions and habits, born from years of using a mouse. It’s difficult with any new device to not try rolling it around the desk and you expect the buttons to be where your fingers naturally fall. Surprisingly though, this new device is remarkably easy to get used to.
The GlidePoint is designed for use with the IBM PC, but has been ported over with software by Power Computing. The most important result of this is that it is a serial device. There’s an adaptor from the PC serial port to the Amiga’s supplied, but this is going to hog your serial port and leave your mouse port empty (unless you have two joysticks).
Has the mouse had its day or is this another bit of flash kit with no future. David Taylor finds out.
To get the software running, you just need to install it in your WBStartup drawer. You could install it elsewhere and start it manually when you need it, but this seems poindess. When you do add it to WBStartup, you need to add DONOTWAIT to the tooltypes and I can’t see why this wasn’t included in the first place by default. It will start up using its own settings, but you can adjust these by opening the interface.
There are three buttons on the GlidePoint and you can assign either left or right clicks to any of them. There’s also the option to adjust how responsive the surface is. Considering how small the device is, it’s surprising that you have to reduce its sensitivity - if you don’t you’ll whizz across the screen when you move your finger an inch.
GLIDEPOINT Unlike a mouse, the GlidePoint sits stationary on your desk. You then control the pointer by putting your finger lightly on the pad and moving it around. The pointer moves with your finger. You can initiate a click or double-click of the left button by tapping once or twice on the pad and this is undoubtedly the best feature.
The software, which is a commodity, allows you to run the hardware with any system compliant program, which means almost all applications. The only problems seemed to occur with some AMOS games. However, although The software is a commodity and allows you to customise the hardware's functions.
Ggg Holf7: [co-bo (cTbo Ei:lkn £ fr:3fe I e + 1 Upaei BjI?i Cl v4dwa E 1 'jagc24w«Ei:fcr LcIBjBji (*| U »q-C3u 3n| buikr| rognB m 1 txu»| fljil | running Workbench and housekeeping tasks is quite effortless, drawing freehand in paint programs is very difficult. It would take a lot of practice and even then I’m not convinced you could be accurate enough. The big problem is that you have to hold down the left button to draw, which is not as simple as it is with a mouse.
When you do get used to the pad though, you find yourself holding it between fourth finger and thumb and sliding your index finger around. It’s DISTRIBUTOR Power Computing 01234 273000 PRICE £59.95 REQUIREMENTS OS2.1+, A1200 with Fast RAM recommended SPEED • • • Too fast sometimes and lagging behind others. You get accustomed to it though.
MANUAL • • • • There’s not that much you need to know, but it’s all covered.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • The interface is easy, but having to compelling. The problems come to light with mouse clicks. Single and double left clicks are easy enough with the pad or one of the buttons but it’s tricky holding the right button down and sliding your finger around the pad because the right button sits under your palm. I solved this by installing the PD utility MenuStay, which means that you just need to click the right button once and the menu stays on screen until an item is selected or it’s cancelled.
There are also several problems with the software. Like the Power software for their external high density drive, it insists on showing you its screen on boot up, even with the popup tooltype set to “NO”. This is very irritating and it slows down booting considerably. The software itself is not 100% stable either and the GlidePoint stopped working for no apparent reason a couple of times. It also ran incredibly slowly on an A1200 without Fast RAM.
Despite the problems, the GlidePoint is the closest yet to a rival for the mouse. It certainly beats the dire attempts of things like the Pen Mouse hands down, but I suspect the PC drivers for it are more reliable. It’s not as cheap as a mouse and it’s unlikely to replace it, but it feels very durable and for pose value, this is definitely the pointer with the best looks.
Add the DONOTWAIT tooltype to the icon to use with WBStartup seemed annoying. Why wasn't this done already?
FEATURES •••• It's very seductive and great fun to use, but at the end of the day, it only does the mouse's job.
VALUE • • Sure, it's durable, but software hiccups and a high price make it less tempting.
"It's fun but although the mouse may look boring in comparison it's still more functional.1' 60% AF o S 3 in D o s LU in It's the paint package that can not only paint, but also image process and raytrace too.
With all these abilities rolled into one integrated package, Graeme Sandiford looks at how good XiPaint 4 really is.
XiPaint looks set to breakdown the boundaries between these disciplines because it offers Image processing, painting and raytracing features all in one fully integrated program.
If the name sounds familiar to you it’s because we reviewed version 3.2 of XiPaint in issue 80 and it was Graphics products on the Amiga have always been fairly rigidly categorised. They all seem to fall into three distinct groups; 2D painting, 3D raytracing and image processing (we’ll just conveniently forget about fractals for now).
Now however, the latest version of XIPAINT 4 INTERFACE If you are trying to create several shades of colour then the Shadebox should be just the ticket.
Not only does XiPaint allow for multiple brushes it shows them for you too - even if they are not loaded.
Logically the Toolbar is the place to go if you want to make use of one XiPainf’s many tools.
Here's a smashing picture by some talented German fellow. He's obviously been using XiPaint for ages because getting results like this is certainly not easy.
Although not intended as an image processor, the program has its fair share of filters to call upon.
4. 0:pictures moi Preview Gradient_NorthEast Gradient_East G rad
i e nt_S o uth E ast Gradient_South Gradient_SouthWest
Gradient_West Gradient_NorthWest Emboss North ip ON Author H.
Beilschmidt Version i.o 23 The built-in Picture Loader enables
you to see a preview of an image before it is loaded in.
5. Point % from left _ | 50
5. Point % from top f 50 4 Colors Close brentajpg brentajpg.
Gardasee.j gardasee.j himmel.jpg himmel.jpg. himmeli.jp
himmeh.jp |XiPaint4.0:pictures | N) Directory mentioned in
last months’ CD-ROM Round-up as it was given away free with
Aminet 11. As with it’s predecessor, XiPaint 4 is supplied on
This not only makes installation a breeze, because there is no need for disk swapping, but it also means that there is plenty of room for including useful files and utilities.
However there is no printed manual which is a shame as some people, like myself, prefer to have a printed reference to a program as well as on-line help and text files - even if it is very good.
The program’s interface is uncomplicated, but quite flexible and a tad reminiscent of programs like Photogenics and TVPaint. You can have as many or as few windows or requestors open as you wTant and, because they are non-locking, you can freely move from requestor to requestor. This could come in very handy, for example, when loading a picture executing an operation and then loading another picture or the original you don’t have to bring up the requestor again.
One of the most unique features of XiPaint 4 is the built-in raytracer. As far as I know there is no other 2D package on any platform that has a raytracer.
You shouldn’t expect a great deal of each other. The areas of a layer that have no paint on them will let the layer below show through. This enables you to have several independent elements that can be edited separately and then combined. While XiPainfs implementation of this feature is not easy to follow, it’s still very powerful.
Another new feature that has been added since version 3.2 is support for animation. As the Guide file points out, this is a new and not yet fully- implemented feature. While it is possible to create sequences of images you can’t yet save an anim file, playback 24-bit animations or load animbrushes.
However there are some handy third party add-ons that may be able to help in that department (subscribers see this month’s subs disk).
Reviewing XiPaint has been an immensely frustrating process - the program has so much potential, but the implementation of its features could have been a lot better.
XiPaint 4 does seem a little faster than version 3.2, especially in HAM8, which helps improve the program’s functionality quite a bit. But it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for either an image processor or a painting program. Despite this, I’ll certainly be paying close attention to XiPainfs future development and in die mean time I’ll be trying to make use of it more effectively.
IA m 2 o c IA TRACE THOSE RAYS Although you can't really expect the built in raytracer that is featured in XiPaint to be equal to the raytracers featured in dedicated programs like Lightwave or Imagine, it is still a very useful addition to XiPaints already well- rounded arsenal.
You are given the choice of several basic object shapes, materials and surface properties. You can then choose where you want to position your object, and where you want the camera and lighting. The next stage is to render your object, complete with shadows.
3 o that it’s not equipped to perform image processing functions - it has several tools at its disposal. These include SNN, Grayscale, Hue adjust, Contrast, Brightness, Inverse, Colour cycle, Aequidens, several blur types, Gradient, Emboss, Smoothing and Smear.
However, unlike Photogenics and Deluxe Paint V, XiPaint lacks natural media emulation. Which means that it cannot copy the way that traditional art materials such as oils, watercolours, pencil, chalk and charcoal interact with the textures of different types of paper.
This adds a whole new range of options to a computer artist and can make creating paintings that don’t look quite as “clean” as most computer generated images much easier.
It’s a real shame that XiPaint is lacking in this department as it would have made it perhaps the most rounded, in terms of features, of all the graphics programs around.
Perhaps one of XiPainfs most powerful features is the implementation of multiple layers. In computer graphics terms, layers are like sheets of glass placed on top of Raybox complexity from a non-specialist program but XiPaint 4 is surprisingly well-endowed with easy-to-use features so you don’t really need much experience in 3D graphics to use the raytracer. For more detailed information on the ravtracer’s abilities and how it works have a look at the boxout above.
As with previous versions XiPaint has great support for different display systems. Everything from a humble 16- colour screen to CyberGraphX is catered for, so that even though the program operates in full 24-bit mode, whatever your system is you’ll be able to both view and save the images in the mode of your choice.
As you could probably guess from its name, XiPaint is intended to be more of a paint package than an image processor. However, that doesn’t mean surround Diffuse shine 3Joss vlirror rranslucent fraction rows Agate Ambient This is a picture of XiPaints unique raytracing module.
I suppose it should really be in the boxout above - never mind, eh.
Width Height Smooth RoLCam.X RotCam.Y Shadow po~|pQ-|po~l XIPAINT 4 FEATURES •••« No other package has anything like the range of tools at XiPaints disposal. However there are some obvious ones missing as well.
VALUE While £50 seems a fair price, there are better programs, like Photogenics, available. However, there is still none quite as varied.
DISTRIBUTOR GTI 0049 6171 85937 £49.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 2Mb of RAM SPEED Another major addition to XiPaints already considerable range of tools is support for the creation of animations.
It's a lot faster than version 3.2 ever was, but it's still a few yards behind the likes of Photogenics, ImageFX and co.
If you're looking for a superb all-rounder then XiPaint is certainly worth a quick glance" 76% Although not a particularly poor manual in itself, the fact that there is not a printed version c V© VO is a major nuisance ACCESSIBILITY The interface has plenty of potential, but is still - a little bit too quirky and fiddly.
That's a promise for computers!!
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EPIC MARKETING ¦ 01793 514188 ¦ £14.99 Ah, I’ve got to admit,
I’m a sucker for shoot-em-ups. Forget all this Doom nonsense;
give me a ship and tell me what to shoot and I'm off. This CD
is version 1.1 of the Arcade Classics pack. It contains pretty
much ever)7 PD shareware arcade game ever produced, which is
why it’s been updated - the nature of PD games is that the
author constandy improves them or sorts out any bugs. Also, a
new menu system has been added which looks very pretty, but is
basically reliant on three separate IFFs.
These react when you click on parts and so it doesn’t have the instant feel of more “real” front-ends. Still, that’s pretty much by the by as it does work and gives you easy access to the files.
This CD is dual format (Amiga PC) and so to make room, everything has been kept archived. The front-end allows you to de-archive easily, but then getting out of the menu to run the game is a hassle. I’d have preferred to be able to run the games directly from the CD, but given that’s not the case, at least they’ve made it as easy as possible to get the games off the CD.
As far as the disc’s contents go, all of the greats are here, from Deluxe Galaga to WipeOut to Transplant to Deluxe Pacman to... you get the picture.
1078 WEIRD TEXTURES ¦ GROUND ZERO ¦ 0117 907 6733 ¦ £9.99 Cds have been a real boon for 3D users because, amongst being able to circulate masses of large objects or scenes cheaply, it’s also an ideal medium for top-quality textures. This CD supplies, wait for it, 1078 textures that are incredibly wreird. Each texture is supplied in a variety of file formats so that the CD can be used on different platforms (except that they aren’t supplied in TIFF or BMP format so PC owners might have to convert the files anyway unless their package supports GIF, w7hich isn’t too common).
Amiga owners get them as IFFs or you could use the JPEGs if you w7anted. Well, you could use any of them, but those two are the most useful. The textures come in 256x256 pixels and tessellate, i.e. will join seamlessly when repeated. A 24-page colour booklet allows you to locate the texture you w?ant without having to search the CD or even refer to thumbnail indices. The downside is that the textures are a little too wreird to be of general use.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER V.2 ¦ EPIC MARKETING ¦ 01793 514188 ¦ £17.99 Another collection of utilities and PD games, this time designed around the popular MagicWB setup. MagicWB is a system that gives you much nicer icons than the standard ones and some funky backdrops and so it will come as no surprise that there are a hell of a lot of icons and backdrops (some very nice) on this CD. Thankfully, that’s not all there is. There’s also a set of programs, some of w7hich are relevant to MagicWB, like Iconian, and others which aren’t, like Ncomm 3. That's not to say the non-related programs are bad;
there’s an excellent selection, but incongruous to the title.
"There's a lot of fun to be had with all the icons and pictures" 82% There are lots of Workbench games and a huge archive directory containing masses of programs. This CD is full of interesting stuff and you could spend hours searching through its nooks and crannies. It’s not the most original title ever, but you’ll find loads of good stuff on here. '3 Continued overleaf 4 u i SCENE STORM ¦ ACTIVE SOFTWARE ¦ 01325 352260 ¦ £19.99 This is a CD created by the UK’s own Demo BBS, Digital Candy. It contains demos, intros, music, diskmags, UFO material, etc. It was a refreshing change to As well
as demos there are music take a break from the usual mass of PD collections included. Utilities and browse through a CD of largely original material. The demos have been collected from over 20 parties that occurred around the wrorld over 1995 6. It ran flawlessly and just needed a quick assign script running first. The demos could mostly run from disc and each time you started one, you w?ould be informed of any system requirements, whether the demo multi-tasked and whether it was possible to exit the demo. This is much better than just running the demo immediately and then crashing because
you’re not running an adequate system.
Buying the CD gives you the right to three months of free downloads from the Digital Candy BBS and if you want to visit the BBS and find out more about the scene or the CD, then the modem number is 0191 232 5527. *£5 in 3 o cc LU in JOHN PASTERNAK'S MOVIE MAKING SERIES VOLUME 1 ¦ EPIC MARKETING ¦ 01793 514188 ¦ £29.99 Does John Pasternak know that his name is being abused?
Every once in a while somebody comes up with the bright idea of making a multimedia CD that will teach you everything you need to know about something. Except that they don’t. What they do is produce a CD w’hich contains some CDXL video taken from an old video tutorial. They cut it all into bits and tell you that it’s interactive because you can decide w?hich bit to watch, when. What? Your VCR doesn’t have fast forward?
Such shameless poor quality cash-ins are embarrassing. OK, so is this one any different? No. It’s dreadful. It requires a minimum of an AGA with 4Mb RAM. I ran it on an 030 with 4Mbs of Fast RAM and the jerkiness of the playback was distressing. Add to this the fact that there were some fiddly pseudo-VCR controls that gave you the fabled interactivity, i.e. you can see the footage, a film clip and details of what you need to do the stuff, and it’s starting to look bad. The fact that the background on the film keeps changing colour around the quarter screen image and the jury has returned its
The actual ideas and films are useful to potential home film makers and the special effects are reasonably convincing (so I guess this CD is really Certificate 18) and if you manage to duplicate thanks to this CD, you’ll be very pleased. It’s just a shame you have to use this CD to get the info. Maybe someone knows where you can get the original ideo? Oh, and the warbled voice is really irritating too.
"An ideal present for a movie maker you really hate" M*C Mfflu •_ I cannot explain how poor the quality of the video is.
AGA EXPERIENCE VOLUME 2 ¦ ACTIVE SOFTWARE ¦ 01325 352260 ¦ £19.99 What can you expect us to say about Cds like this? It is a general purpose PD shareware CD covering every area. In terms of quality, this one pulls itself above the rest through the inclusion of different categories. As well as the usual utilities, there are also animations (although not that many), demos, slideshows and music modules. This is rather lucky, because the release of new utilities has become a lot less frequent recently.
Some of the utilities are new, others are just the best that have been around for ages (like ReOrg), while others are not quite the latest version (tut, tut) -
e. g. Virus Checker. Likewise, some of the games are golden
oldies, so most interest is generally to do with the creative
stuff. It’s an ideal library CD, but only if you don’t have
many other PD discs. By the way, in case you hadn’t guessed,
it’s really for use with AGA machines although plenty of the
programs will run on ECS. Cj "What can we say?
It's a really useful variety pack of utilities and games V The best part of AGA AMIGAS the world'8 fASTEST- NO QUESTION.
Ant i m .0 1 son 2000 tuml.ird a 1.200' Standard A 40001 ENGINE A3000 4000 24-BIT COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD.
For all Zorro-3 Amigas. This 64-Bit high speed graphics engine blitter offers up to 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Bit colour or 1024 x “68 pixels in True 24-Bit Colour, with 2Mb of display memory (4Mb user upgradeable).
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - £299‘95 Cybervision 64... 4Mb - £399*95 FREE PhoioGenics LITE...Powerful software for image manipulation - the ULTIMATE 24-bit graphics package forA3000 or A4000! Includes 27 effects for processing pbotos'images sucb as Emboss. Solarize. Texturize. Add Xoise etc. as well as Paint Tools inc. Cbalk Pastels.
Crayon, Felt Tips & more - Brilliant! (Packaging is shown for illustration purposes only and is not included) LIMITED OFFER free PHOTOGENICS UTE SOFTWARE WITH CYBERVISION 64s NEW SECOND GENERATION OF THE FIRST E TR 68060 AMIGA ACCELERATOR When you fit Cyberstorm II to your A3000, A3000T. A4000 or A4000T you can.
For example, render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in Just 2.45 minutes... Compare that with a massive 10.34 mins on a standard A4000 '040 25! With no jumpers Cyberstorm II is fully plug and play and A4000 users can choose between SCSI-2 and SCSI Fast and Wide options (A3000 users already have SCSI built into their Amiga hardware).
• Up to 128Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you an even
transfer the "2Pin SIMMs from your Amiga A4000 straight onto
your new Cyberstorm.
• Options include a SCSI-2 module, or a SCSI Fast and Wide module
(Amiable in April May 96) Cyberstorm n 68060 50... 50MHz 68060,
0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb) £69995 SCSI-2 Module £99-95 SCSI
Fast & Wide Module (April May ‘96) £149-95 SIMM RAM Expansions
(Please call for a range of SIMM prices) A1200 with 1230-IV,
'030 & i.Mb 1 Standard A lOOO, '040 IA1200 with 1260 060 & 4Mb
Comparative MIPS performance figures measured using Syslnfo.
Each board bad the appropriate SIMM fitted (required to
activate accelerator).
A1500 2000 with 2060. '060 & 4Mb A4000 with Cvberstorm, '060 & 4Mb m50MHz gill ( ffljP 68030 SRLn ¦ A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR & MMU KILLING GROUNDS ALIEN BREED 'with all Blizzard 1260 and 1230-IV Accelerators FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY!
Omb as Standard, Expandable to 128Mb
9. 91MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 1230 MkTV
Turbo Accelerator Memory Board is the highest performing 68030
accelerator available for the A1200! With its 50MHz 68030 and
MMU, the new 1230-IV offers EVEN BETTER PERFORMANCE at a LOWER
PRICE! With a Syslnfo rating of 9.91 (using a 60 Nanosecond
SIMM) you can see the 1230-IV is very fast... a performance
gain of up to 500G is achieved! Options via its Fast Expansion
Bun include Module' uch a' a SCSI-2 Controller. An industry
standard SIMM socket provide' for up to 128Mb of
auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM (or up to 256Mb with the
SCSI-2 option using its extra SIMM socket).
• May be disabled with Simple Keystroke on Js&khiiz.
Booi Up for Full Games Compatibility, even Jzaf&f xxPr. C Older' ftturv'
• Battery Backed Self Recharge Real Time Clock
• High Performance Expansion with Full 32-B:: wide DMA Q HhSP
• PGA FPU Socket allowing Optional 50MHz, 68882 FPU
• Easy Trapdoor Installation - no modifications required and does
not invalidate the Amiga's Warranty While stocks last!
fH 50MHz 68060 A1200 TURBO
• Accelerator & mmu Omb, Expandable to 64Mb
38. 71MIPS with Single Sided 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The
Blizzard 1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers Amiga
A1200 owners FULL68060 POWER with a board that simply j plugs
into the trapdoor slot! Now your A1200 will operate at twice
or A even three times the speed of an ;040 based upgrade and
up to five ML times the speed of a standard A4000! If you
A1200 available, fit a Blizzard 1260 Tuibo now! Mtfffif)
• May be disabled with Simple Keystroke on Boot Up for Full Games
Compatibility... Even badly Programed or Older Software!
• High Performance Expansion - Full 32-Bit wide DM4
• Battety Backed Self Recharge Real Time Clock
• Does not invalidate the Amiga's Warranty 1260 Turbo c VU;
a-MMU Omb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Exp. To 64Mb *777 SCSI-IV Kit
SCSI-2 Module for 1260 and 1230-B’. With additional 128Mb SIMM
socket Fast 60n s 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion £ 100-95 32-Bit. “2
pin Single Sided Call for larger stmts) " 7 1230-IV Turbo
50MHz 68030 & MMU Omb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb
Fast 60 Nanosecond 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-Bit, 12 pin (Call
for Larger SIMM prices)_ Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PGA
type FPU, 50MHz SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV and 1260,
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50MHz 68060 A1500 A2000 ffZ Jft TURBO ACCELERATOR & MMU Omb - Expandable to 128Mb 3&71 MIPS with 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers A1500 and A2000 owners the same specifiation as the Blizzard 1260 Turbo, but also includes built in SCSI-2 interface! So. If you want the fastest A1500 2000 around with FULL 68060 POWER... Fit a Blizzard 2060 now!
2060 Turbo 50MHz 68060 & MMU with Built In SCSI-2 Omb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb_ GORDON HARWOOD BS® COMPUTERS Please note: Memory, SIMM and FPU prices may y change cj without j warning due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
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50MHz' Look out for the MOTOROLA MOTIVATED logo - your guarantee of our commitment to quality and reliability - BEWARE of 'docked' CPUs!
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D-ROM..XD-ROM...GD-ROM...GD-ROM...GD*ROM...GD-ROM..XD*ROM..XD-li9M...CD-ROM..JS Workbench Add-On Volume 1 The Workbench Add-On CD-ROM is the ideal companion to your workbench. On this CD you will not only find the best programs, that are available for the Amiga, but you will also get them ready-to-run from the CD. In addition to this there is on installer script that installs the desired programs to your harddisk.
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The usage and installation of CDBoot is very easy, also for
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full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW AT HOME WITH A600
1. Is there a decent, cheap, five and a quarter inch, disk drive
for the Amiga? I have a Commodore 64 emulator and I want to
run the original games.
2. 1 want to expand my 1Mb Amiga A600 to 2Mb. What is the best
upgrade on the market at the moment? I have a 1Mb A600,
Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 2.05.1 have no external disk
drives, no hard disk and no extra RAM. I have an Epson FX 850
3. What is the difference between Workbench 2.05 and 3.0?
4. What is the best Word Processor for my Amiga and
Paul Bowen Birmingham
1. Not that I know of. You'll find plenty of original games
available from Public Domain libraries.
2. The best way to upgrade is to take your A600 to an Escom store
dealers and get an At200 at the special trade-in price,
alternatively, if you have an original drive the A600 docs
The A600 is singularly poor at expansion (beyond sticking an extra 1Mb in the trapdoor - which is what you should do), and any boards which I have seen were unreliable. By the way, you are quite unlikely to have Kickstart 1.3, as all A500s came with Kickstart 2 ROMs fitted. An Amiga 600 has 1Mb of Chip memory as standard.
3. Workbench 3 added several new features to the desktop, but
also saw the addition of useful concepts such as 'Datatypes'
and more streamlining in the way Workbench was organised.
4. Using Blitz to type letters makes you a Anyone with a pre-AGA
Amiga should definitely brave person, unafraid take advantage
of the upgrade A1200 offer.
That other people may see you as a loony. The lack of memory and hard drive means that you cannot use the superb Final Writer and WordWorth programs. Instead you will have to raid the PD libraries looking for a good text editor, such as Ed Word (which happens to be on the coverdisk of issue 63 of our pretty younger sister mag, Amiga ShopperJ.
MSDOS BOTHER I have been given some disks by a PC owning friend (or fiend) which have several tracker MODS on them. Unfortunately, the disks have 7 been archived compressed using MSBackup.
I wondered if you knew of any utilities that can restore these disks to the Amiga?
Ian Briscoe Surrey Although MSBackup uses it’s own proprietory method to stare files, you ca n use a progra m called PCRestore. This is easy-to-use and PD and if you’re a subscriber you’ll get a copy on this issue’s disk.
SWAP SHOP I am the proud owner of an Amiga 600 with 2Mb of Chip RAM and an internal 2.5” 60Mb IDE hard drive. In the May issue of your excellent magazine I noticed that Escom were advertising a £150 trade-in on my old machine to a new Amiga 1200.
Seeing this as a brilliant opportunity to upgrade, I ran straight down to Escom.
However, to my dismay the people at Escom seemed to know very little about Amiga’s and don’t even sell a version with a pre-installed hard drive. It is my plan to take my old hard drive and install it in a new7 A1200. My hard drive is currendy set up with two partitions, one with 6Mb containing Workbench 2.05 and another containing everything else. I also have a copy of HDToolBox. My questions are these:
1. Will this be possible?
2. How do I install the new version of Workbench?
3. Will the 6Mb partition be large enough to contain the new'
I would be ever so grateful if you could help me out as I wrould hate to miss out on this opportunity to upgrade to a new machine.
Mark Bowler Nottingham oI Workbench_ q| PtsteSaIv Version 2 Copyright a 1991- CevIce For Scan (Tt sidin&Tc If your hard disk is trying to commit suicide, use DiskSalv to save it, Continued overleaf Yes, the new hard drive should work without difficulty with the A1200. In fact, it should ru n slightly faster. The best way to install the new version of Workbench is to boot the A1200from the floppy based Workbench disks, and then reformat the hard drive with a command such as: format drive hdO: name Workbench ffs quick format drive hdl: name Work ffs quick You'll need to substitute the name
of your drive. If it isn’t hdO: - try dhO: for example.
Remember to have backed up any important software from the drive to floppy first, as this will delete everything. You can now install the new version of Workbench. If there is no disk supplied to do this automatically (which there really should be), you can simply make sure you have selected everything on the Workbench 3.1 floppy (use ‘show all’ and 'select all’) and drag the files over to the new, blank partition. Do the same with the Extras, Prefs and any other disks.
Six megabytes luill be ample, although if you want to enlarge it this is the ideal time - use HDToolbox before the formatting procedure.
3. B8 ROW 39.186 Copyright S 1985-1992 CoHnodDre Rni.ga, Inc. RlL
flights Reserved.
This will be a familiar sight to those of us who have slow-booting hard drives, but it's nothing too serious.
A format and set two parudons, Workbench from backup.
On final booting I do exacdy the same floppy request as before. I phoned the supplier and gave them all the details. They said they were well aware of the problem and indicated that on switching on the machine it was necessary to carry7 out the Ctrl. Amiga left Amiga right key operation for the machine to boot from hard drive. They agreed that there was no information in the documentadon on this requirement. The three key (warm reboot) did work. The drive is an IBM unit.
My question is, from what I have described, is there any input that would allow7 direct boot LEAKY BOOT I attended the World of Amiga show and took the opportunity to purchase a hard drive. I subsequendy installed the drive in my A1200.
The documentation stated that on following instructions, with Workbench already installed, the machine would boot from the hard disk. All I got on the screen was the logo requesting a Workbench floppy. There was no LED light from the hard disk.
Thinking the disk had not been installed with Workbench, I opened the case and checked the fitting again, this time I performed ZIP ZAPPED?
I have a question concerning my Zip drive which I bought from Fourth Level Development. I use FLD Momiga software to control it. I have installed ImageFX software. When I boot up to Workbench, and the Zip disk with some of my programs installed on it isn't in the Zip drive, the computer displays a message asking me to place 'Grafik' (the name of the disk) in any drive, and then states that it can't find "grafik:lmageFX".
Requires. For example, when you install ImageFX it alters the user-startup sequence by adding some assign statements. These create shortcuts to the precise locations of the ImageFX directories and files. If you install the program on hard disk, this procedure works fine - however, try it on a removable disk and as you discovered, you run into problems.
The best way around this problem is to keep all your applications on the hard drive, and only store data (for example, pictures and animations) on the removable disk. This isn't a great solution I know, but when you start removing disks which are assumed to be permanently connected you must expect problems.
Let's say your program (let's call it 'SuperPlop') is installed on a removable disk (called 'Grafik'). When you examine the start-up sequence you may see something like this: ;BEGIN SuperPlop assign SuperPlop: grafik:applicationslsuperplop assign SuperPlopPictures: grafix:applicationslsuperploplpictures ;END Superplop Now these commands will work perfectly if you boot your Amiga with the ZIP drive present. However, if the disk isn't present the Amiga will display an error whilst booting and demand you replace device 'grafik'. There are two ways around this problem. The first is to remove the
lines completely, and place them in a new file by themselves. When you want to run SuperPlop you can then insert the Grafik disk and execute this file.
The second way is to add a little extra AmigaDOS to the assign statements, like this: assign nil: grafik: EXISTS if not warn ;BEGIN SuperPlop assign SuperPlop: grafik:applicationslsuperplop assign SuperPlopPictures: grafix:applicationslsuperploplpictures ;END Superplop endif This will cause the assigns only to be executed if the disk 'Grafik' is present at startup time. Of course, if after booting with the disk removed you wish to run SuperPlop you will need to insert the disk and either reset the Amiga or enter the assigns by hand (or execute the file in which you have made a copy).
I suspect that has something to do with Assigns but I don't know what to do to avoid the Amiga asking for a disk which isn't present. I would be very glad if you could answer me.
Martin Berg Sweden When you start storing applications on removable disks, you need to be extremely careful about where you install the various files which it from hard drive in the normal manner?
Mr L Smee Middlesex I have found that some drives simply refuse to boot from cold, and as you discovered, require a warm reset. The drives seem to take longer to spin up to speed, and by the time they are ready the Amiga has decided that there is no-one at home and tried to boot from floppy instead.
Some older drives work fine on an A1200 until an ext ra processor is fitted, and then require the warm reset to boot. It’s a pain, and there often isn't a lot you can do about it.
I have discovered that some drives (Connor THE SX FILES I have recently upgraded from an A600 to a CD32 with SX-1, 2 Amitek floppy drives, a Citizen ABC printer and a Goliath power supply. Could you please answer a few questions about my new set up:
1. 1 am totally confused as to whether I can fit an internal hard
drive. My SX-1 has hard drive connections internally, but a
mate says I cannot fit a hard drive in there. Most 2.5" hard
drives advertised in AF are for 600 1200s but some (like
Gasteiner) say SX-1 as well. Do all 2.5" fit, only those
advertised for SX-1, or is my mate right and none fit?
2. When I bought my CD32 setup I did not get any form of
Workbench and my old copy was sold with my A600. Where can I
get a copy of it?
3. Is it worth getting an SX-32 and getting rid of my SX-1?
4. 1 know you did so a couple of years back, but I think you
should run a tutorial again on how to fit a hard drive into an
A600, A1200 and the SX-1 (if you can fit one).
James Macleod Grimsby
1. 1 don't know where your mate got his information from. The
SX-1 can most definitely support an IDE hard drive drive
through its IDE interface, but it was designed to accept them
externally. Most newer 2.5" mechanisms will fit internally,
but it is always worth checking with the supplier first.
2. It is tricky to know who to ask at the moment: Escom may have
some lying around so ask in the local shop. Be prepared for
blank stares though. Workbench has appeared on at least one
CD-ROM, although I can't remember which. Ask Almathera as they
will know.
3. Depends. If you only need the hard drive interface, then no -
because you already have one, but see issue 84 of Amiga Format
anyway for the full review of the SX-32.
4. I'll ask the editor. Please sir, can we do a hard drive
fitting feature, sir?
Mechanisms typically) have an extra set of jumpers marked ‘CAM’ err similar, and fitting or removing a jumper can make the difference. Sometimes removing the link to pin 1 also causes the drive to boot from cold
- if you try this and it breaks your drive, please don’t blame
me. All I am saying is that it worked on one disk I tried it
As a last resort you can create a boot floppy disk which loads, checks to see if the hard drive is present and then resets if it isn’t.
I have an A1200, Kickstart 3.1 Workbench v3.1 with 2 Mb RAM and a 2.5” 120Mb IDE Continued overleaf DOUBLE DISK DRAMA My son recently bought a second hand A1200 with a 120Mb internal SCSI hard drive and a Hawk accelerator fitted with 2Mb of fast RAM.
We also have an A1200 with a 540Mb external IDE hard drive and an Apollo accelerator fitted with 4Mb of fast RAM.
On the 120Mb hard drive there was a large amount of software that he did not want while on the 540Mb there was a lot of serious software he did. We decided the quickest thing to do was to join the two hard drives and copy the required files over. Easy, I hear you say - not for us. We followed the hard drive manufacturers instructions, changed the names on the 120Mb partitions, gave it a boot priority of 1 and the external drive a priority of 2 and what happened? NOTHING - just a blank screen and nothing would load. We changed the priorities round and still nothing. Please tell me where we are
going wrong?
Following this we decided to fit a null modem cable between the serial ports and use SerNet from the PD library. After many hours and following the various instructions we finally managed to get the two machines on line in as much as we could write on one machine and receive the message on the other but still could not transfer files.
Finally, in desperation, we gave up and copied approx. 70Mb of information off the original floppy disks and yet it took ages. Please tell me where we are going wrong.
R Good Nuneaton 'connected the drives togetheryou plugged the external drive into the A1200 fitted with an internal drive. In theory this should have worked: with no need to mess around with boot priorities or anything like that. You can hold down the two mouse buttons at switch-on time to select the drive to boot from.
However, it sounds as though for hardware reasons the Amiga doesn't like having the two drives connected at once.
You did the next best thing, using a null modem lead. SerNet works (although slowly) and the fact that you were able to send and receive messages proves the cabling worked. The next step would be to check the client server status of the SerNet setup, and check that you had actually mounted the remote drives as devices. Sounds complicated? It is, which is why I would normally recommend using a utility called 'ParBench' instead. This disk (available from all good PD libraries) installs ParNet (so you need a parallel cable instead of the serial cable) and makes it a doddle to use. It also works
much faster than SerNet.
Remember though that with a null modem cable connected you are free to use a terminal emulation program such as Ncomm or Term to transmit and receive files using Zmodem. This is much less hassle than using floppies!
You don't have to splash out on a networking system to transfer files - you just need a null-modern and a comms package.
INConn v1.92 Copyright © 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 Daniel Bloch & co 38460 support e N ex t l Renove VO VO
• - - gy A slight degree of confusion here. First of all, are you
completely sure that there is a SCSI hard drive in the A1200s?
Have you fitted an internal SCSI interface? Remember that
although HDToolBox says the internal disk drive is using the
SCSI device, it isn't. It's an IDE device.
You can only use SCSI drives if you fit an extra, third party SCSI interface to the A1200.
I'm therefore assuming it's actually an IDE mechanism.
I'm also assuming that when you say you Unable to open Nconnl.font Unable to open Mconn2.font CONNECT 28808 0 hW.lM il»ll NO CARRIER onnen Workbench Screen 3E 1BU-BS Hct ion Target Nane Opt ions Res.
Count Process Nane reel b oryOpus Jpen reel boryOpus Open red boryOpus Open rec boryOpus Open red boryOpus Open rec boryOpus Open red boryOpus Open red boryOpus Open red boryOpus Open red boryOpus Open grabs:Gral grabs:Gra grabs:Gral grabs: Gral grabs jGraL grabs:reaI3d.iff grabs:rea 13d. Iff grabs:reai3d. Iff grabs:rea grabs:rea 8 Status |Monitoring system activity flpen Log. . . | Setup . . ._| Eunct i ons... | Hide | ftuit | £ause | qisabie | Save Settings | Even Scully and Mulder would have to admit that SnoopDOS is the tops for investigating strange goings-on where Amigas are concerned.
= 1 Cdown X O 2.1 O 3.1 O 1.3.2 O 3.0 Mb as DH Quantum hard disk drive from Gasteiner. I have two questions:
1. My work partition on the hard drive is only 17% full out of
96Mb, yet I cannot install games such as EOBII and Syndicate,
which need 3.5Mb free - although it seems that other programs
can be installed. What is going on?
I have installed all the programs that came with the Magic Pack plus a few extra utilities and also Colonization and Worms successfully j
2. I found an AGA fix for Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker on
Coverdisk 52a but when I loaded it up I only got a screen full
of bright colours that became one colour when I clicked the
mouse and did not do anything at all.
Am I meant to wait for a long time or does it not wrork with the new A1200? Please help me as one of the reasons that I purchased the drive was to avoid disk swaps in games like EOBII.
Shane Harry Salisbury
1. You may have loads of space on the Work partition, but maybe
the games are trying to install on the Workbench partition .
Obtain a utility such as SnoopDos to see where they are
writing files. They may be trying to copy new fonts or
libraries, and the default location for these, is Workbench.
2. AGA fixes don’t always work, as often many versions of origin
al games exist. Be caref ul with them.
Have you tried the options from an earlier letter, using ReloKick and other utilities ?
UPGRADE PROBLEMS I recently upgraded from the Amiga 500 to the Amiga Technologies’ A1200. As we now know there is a problem with software compatibility with the internal drive.
I have quite a few games that have built up over the years since the A500 came out, when you pay £20 to £30 for software you expect it to work on the machine that it is made for. So faced with the problem of losing 50% of my favourite programs I have tried some different ways to save some of them.
FB1080S CD1 Cdr 0 She I I Grn l The list below are some ways to help your readers get some of the software to work:
1. If a high density disk has been used then tape up the lefthand
slot, as the disk drive doesn't recognise HD disks.
2. If you have an external disk drive try booting from there.
Hold down both mouse buttons on boot up, select boot options.
3. Try changing to the original chip set, as above but select
display options.
4. Try loading from Workbench if it is a DOS disk. Double click
the icon. If there is no no icon select ‘show all’ from the
pulldown menu and double click on the main program file.
5. Similar to the above but using Directory Opus double click on
main programme file. If it works try adding an icon and load
from Workbench.
6. Use a degrader like Relokick 1.3. This has quite a good
success rate.
Using the above methods I reckon I am getting about 75 - 80% success. If you get some extra fast RAM this percentage will go up.
Here are some titles that run with Relokick: Seek and Destroy Lancaster Silent Service Fields of Glory ECS Africa Korps Dass Boat Blitzkrieg May 1940 Vulcan Action Stations R Finlay Tyne and Wear Thanks for your suggestions, I’m sure many readers will benefit from them. Remember though that not all of the problems (and subsequent solutions) you describe are due to the new floppy disk drive Amiga Technologies have used in place of the original Commodore device. Most of the problems (all those solved with ReloKick for example) are due to differences in the Kickstart ROM and will affect any A1200
in the same way. V J SlHJl de DEMONlUP I IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as gBS possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on Graeme Sandiford sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in, photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: O A500 O A500 Plus O A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 O A2000 O A3000 O A4000 Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer: Details of other hardware: Kickstart version: O 1.2 O 1.3 Workbench revision: O 1.2 O 1.3 O 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 Total memory fitted_ Chip memory available Manufacturer: Hard disk: Extra drive 2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Extra drive 1 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Stop Press! It’s EYETECH’S Spring Sale of Upgrades and Accessories for your Amiga A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits Rated 97% -AUI February 1996, featured CU Amiga May 1996 No
hole drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required All drives brand new, partitioned, formatted and with 2 year warranty ALL AV DRIVES ARE NOW SUPPUED WTTH A FULLY LICENCED VERSION OF OPTONICA’S Mme COMMERCIAL MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING SOFTWARE PREINSTALLED Hard Drive Prices Hard Drive Accessories 630MB 3.5“ £149.95 Power Data cables £16.50
1. 08GB AV 3.5" £199.95 Full fitting kit (with s w, cables,
antistatic kit, 36 page pictorial instruction book) £27.50
1. 28GB AV 3.5" £229.95 Uprated PSU (connect your old power
lead-instructions provided) £20.00 Please ring for the latest
prices Mme manual, backup disks & examples £14.95 SX32
Internal Expansion for the CD32 The SX32 adds... RGB video
(23pin) VGA video (15pin) Parallel port (25pin) Serial
port (25pin) Floppy disk port (23pin) Internal 2.5“ hard
drive port Internal SIMM socket for up to 8MB of 32 bit RAM
...to the CD32’s existing mouse joystick, keyboard, audio, RF,
composite video and SVHS ports.
This is what the SX1 should always have been - maintaining the reliability and portability of the CD32 whilst adding most of the expansion facilities of an A1200. It makes the low cost CD32 ideal as a compact portable Amiga (with CDROM and Kickstart 3.1 built in!), a multimedia delivery platform and, of course, an expanded games console. It comes complete with WB3.0 and utilities on CDROM and a hard drive partitioning, formatting and Workbench installation diskette.
SX32 - Make your CD32 into a real Amiga: £199.95 Amiga 89-key compact keyboard (400mm x 160mm) £34.95 External Floppy disk (black) £39.95 Suitable SX32 internal hard drives 40-1000MB Please ring.
Or treat yourself to the Eyetech CD32 SX32 combo pack - a brand new portable Amiga with CDROM, hard drive, clock, memory expansion and keyboard for an unbelievable £399.95 Inc VAT - Please ring for further details.
Amiga User Int’l Amiga Computing Amiga Format "95% - Definitely Recommended’ "90% - A Dream to Use” "93% -A Job Well Done” Videomaster PCMCIA Ideal tor multimedia applications Stereo audio & video digitizers in 1 package Digitise video & sound at 25fps concurrently Generate 25fps anims direct from video Suitable for A600 and A1200 computers Unbelievable value at only £69.95 GG2+ Bridgeboard Use low cost PC ISA cards in your Amiga.
Drivers provided for: 4 serial ports modem cards 3 parallel ports 2 IDE hard drives 1 NE1000 NE2000 ethernet card (SANA-compliant) GG2+& drivers £129.95 2xser,1xpar, 2xlDE card £30.00 NE2000 ethernet card £35.00 Chip RAM expansion for A500 A2000 ? Upgrades 1MB chip RAM machines to 2MB Essential for graphics and multimedia work No soldering required £129.95 - Only from Eyetech at this price Unbelievable, near-photographic quality 24 bit print output from any hard drive-equipped Amiga with Workbench 2.04+ Amiga ‘Preferences’ driver with simple ‘Click and Go* installation
Printer calibration utilities & control over shading, colour correction and dithering Stand-alone IFF picture printing program with seating, rotation and exact positioning Scanned actual printed output Memory Expansion Epson Color Stylus Printer Driver - £29.95 Exceptional value!
A1200 RAM boards with dock, FPU skt No RAM £49.95 4MB RAM £99.95 8MB RAM £169.95 4MB 72 pin 32 bit SIMM £59.95 8MB 72 pin 32 bit SIMM £119.95 33MHz FPU & Xtal £39.95 Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green Stokesley, N Yorks TS9 5BB, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1642 713 185 Fax: +44 (0) 1642 713 634 Email: eyetech@cix.compuserve.co.uk Next day insured delivery charges: Hard drives, boards, SX32 £8 UK, £16.05 Europe. S w, cables £2.50 UK, £6.05 Europe.
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Laser Toners All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ 171%) & FREE UK Delivery Ring us or send cheques to: 01543 250377 01543 250377 Owl Associates Ltd, Dept 452, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE VISA E & O E One of the things that makes the Internet so useful is the flexible way in which the protocol used by every Internet application (TCP IP), can be adapted for a huge range of purposes. This very flexibility also makes developing new Internet applications troublesome and, more importantly, can make TCP IP a tricky system for the end user to install and get to grips with.
When you first get an Internet account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), you are given a number of (at first) meaningless IP numbers and domain names, and it can be a real struggle to discover where to put these in terms of the setup of your Internet software.
For a long time the only real choice if you wanted to get your Amiga connected to the Net in the proper way using TCP IP (there are other methods, but all of them unsatisfactory) was to run AmiTCP. Now don’t get me wrong here, AmiTCP is a very flexible implementation of TCP IP and I’ve been using it for years myself, but one thing it isn’t is easy to install.
Sure, ISPs, such as the ubiquitous Demon Internet who support the Amiga, have ahvays provided an installer script to get users of their system up and running relatively painlessly.
Other ISPs have not been so forthcoming, and one of the questions I get asked mostly frequently is “how do I set up AmiTCP”.
Unfortunately it’s not a particularly easy question to answer quickly, but if you turn to our new' tutorial on page 90, it'll give you some hints on getting started.
The new' system provided by Amiga Technologies is of a similar nature to AmiTCP- countless text files that must be updated by hand if you want to tweak your TCP IP setup.
Although both these systems mirror fairly closely the original implementation of TCP IP (on Unix) they certainly don’t win any prizes in the user-friendliness stakes.
MIAMI Although my own AmiTCP system is fairly stable, I w'as still very interested to hear about a new' ? | Miami - Modem-baaed Internet for Amiga_ General f Interface PPP Dialer TCP IP f ± Device gvpser .device Unit 0 Speed j | 115200
- j I RTS CTS Erotocol EOF mode MTLI IP lype Use CD PPP Flow
control Serial mode I auto 8N1 1500 dynamic IP address Use
EootP TCP IP implementation for the Amiga which uses a GUI
based system to control all of the relevant TCP IP parameters.
The new system is called “Miami”and is due for release sometime
in June or July, and so may well be available by the time you
read this.
The configuration is to be completely GUI- driven, with no fiddly environment variables to set up or configuration files to edit. It also incorporates it’s own phone dialer (something which always had to be obtained separately from AmiTCP and fiddled with separately too) and supports both SLIP and PPP type Internet connections.
Installation is handled by a separate program, called MiamUnit, which is said to be able to automatically configure Miami for your respective Internet Service Provider. And since Miami has been designed to specifically replace AmiTCP (and also the older Commodore AS225 system) most of your existing AmiTCP compliant client and server applications should still work under the Miami TCP IP stack. In theory at least, installing Miami on top of an existing TCP IP setup should be a relatively straightforward operation, and shouldn’t affect the operation of any Internet applications you are already
using. Similarly, Miami should be Darren Irvine takes a look at a new Internet TCP IP stack that looks like giving both Amiga Technologies' new system and the old favourite AmiTCP a run for their money.
(L) USER OF THE MONTH I was going to give this award to the sad
loony who was advocating the use of special HTML tags in Web
pages to stop them being read by people browsing using
Microsoft's Win95 program Explorer, but, as usual, even this
pathetic nonsense was out- saddened. A certain Leon Blackwell
posted a message (under a thread title of "Telepathic Bond
between Amiga Users") suggesting that you couldn't rightly be
considered a "hardcore" Amiga user unless you were a slavish
fan of either Star Trek or Babylon 5 - preferably both. The
sad thing was that he appeared to approve of this fact. You
know Leon, some of us manage to use our Amiga's without a
regular Star Trek fix.
I S |E3|EE3|ie: Add 1111 Mill Add) lnit string AT&F1 &C1 &Do r User name krusel Password p Setting up your dialer script is also done under GUI control - this means no more endless mucking around with multiple files to edit.
Even the individual TCP IP services can be modified using the Miami GUI, making adding support for new Server processes extremely simple.
fairly simple to install as your first time Internet TCP IP system.
EXTRA FEATURES In addition to simply providing an easy to use alternative to AmiTCP, Miami also comes with a number of add-ons, such as an estimated phone-bill display, support for multiple ISP phone numbers and setups, and even a built in Domain Name System (DNS) cache. Although features like these have always been available to run under AmiTCP, they have had to be obtained and installed separately, with no guarantee that installing a new piece of TCP IP related software won’t screw7 up the rest of your system, resulting in lost hours (or days) as you try to get things back to the way they
were before.
THE DOWNSIDE Well, of course there is always a downside, and rather predictably for such a graphical system, Miami requires version 3.3 of Magic User Interface (MUI) and so, if you’re one of the born-again MUI haters, you’ll probably stop reading about now. That of course leaves the rest of you to consider that probably using MUI isn’t too bad (it means nice features such as full drag-and-drop support and context-sensitive help bubbles among other things), and you can get around to considering Miami's other big draw-back - it costs money. Admittedly not a lot of money - the registered version
costs $ 40, and a time-limited demo will also be made available, so that you can see if it’s suitable for your needs without shelling out the cash.
To sum up then, it’s possibly slightly too early to say whether or not Miami will be worth it’s registration fee (there are a number of other replacement TCP IP systems expected to be announced very soon) compared to the old AmiTCP system. And certainly, it will need to be exceptionally good to persuade users of the new7 Amiga Technologies to pay money for an easier to use version of something they already have. As with the development of Amiga Web browsers, the once mosdy static area of Amiga TCP IP stacks is starting to become hody contested, and over the next few7 months the overall winner
will emerge. Whatever the outcome, all this activity is very good news for the Amiga Internet user.
The original plan was for Rumour Mill to bring back some cutting and incisive news from the World of Amiga Show. Due to circumstances beyond the control of Rumour Mill (the free bar) this will no longer be possible. Rumours of possible extremely dubious behaviour by Rumour Mill's own field operative cannot be printed here for reasons of security (and embarrassment). Instead, here's a couple of pictures of Amiga.net's Darren Irvine engaged in some "networking" with some "notable" people on the Amiga scene.
RUMOUR MILL - AM£UA sOsh'jL&f Contents APRIL 1996 - ISSUE 83 Explore the net uaaatco 11 A»ni 1996 FEBRUARY 1996 - ISSUE 61 The world's biggest-selling Amiga magazine A defntve yjit to the Internet. Gel ioggea on end wired up.
AMGA SOLD AGAIN' Shoot it Yourself Tha aa nicha araa that tha Amiga claarlg tenlMtis la low coat, high quality vidao wort. To ha raid a tha start of a otw ragolor faatura, wa shew gov Just whg your Amiga and I camcerdsr should ha talking to tach othar.
Coverdisk A: BLITZ BASIC If* fott. Fantastic and fraa with this cevarflisfc - tha emasmg programmin
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HkewratCT. R Cwcaps. IL.jgni 12. W- ESC i *0 • »W» re r*«*ii*r
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WietM Cormooor* f a trnaactiaa »*;«¦ •
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Joiai Kcio.'dy turn; Ancgj oito j vnTiui tdfStooH i- AE
SCREENPLAY - AF COVERDISKS _!• 63-1 I tala rtarch l 996 .
• Prsvitws a f5*ci8lly ixtaooM prtvitw ocvctM to tna letast . -Ti
offtnng fron Teem 17 - Alitn BrstC 30 II.
• Charts Sthsi Scccr is too of tna cherts again, who’s racing uo
car. 1 rtf’
• Wetchtowsr a CfASt Eflgtaa clona from OTM 51 was Slavs ncGtll
tha chanca to get ell philosophical
• Star Crusadar Devis Teylor takas off on a mission to destroy
paecaful civiiisetioos. Cr will ha ca cr KiS to fight Y tha
good fight? T J
• Ra-ralaasas Sttva 8refl!ay ploy* at &amg a soccar monagar in
that Oaluxa varsior.
Of Prsmicr Oenagar 3 Looking for some atmosphere, fear, excitement, tension, apprehension, and fun? Steve McGin was. He found it when he reviewed Breed 30.
Alien Breed Light ROM Volume 2 PDS*rt • 0*702 466933 • (30 99 0-4 f ut Osat mlfWi O-aofU Ini *tr j* w itgMfcn • tvys caMactiaa Cf 36 ftfa*. To: «f *m*c* «n -tnw *r -w «rfti WMmTm ikox *e*ma :»1M* canactto* mi jaw aw atm fvrvw te-sre* Ifjaewrv+etit rjrci. Mcmi «n tM ttjacu «rs stsrso » lPg»f+**% first niatcmstmiiBMfl-iuspgetMrSOoaaapf CM cf I’M *WMt Umgs 1Wok r«r » • CO »t a* Mc*jm it urn a jrsat Cm cf tww wr aj for vw ngKUM®* Tmf*'«*t§. M »it» tM fvat : tz. : tpet mi » t*c«'!a« if4«*. *»it» tftnsaafl :¦*»« «f rrtfr*: acjaeta ar* iwiirn Having graced you witn a few Opt on setting your
Amiga up for emai. Darren Irvine strides Snskty on into the only partaiy chrSsed world of RC YOURS FREE... )NIY WIILN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO Natter on the net
* • .• ra r K -l~c BJIW.
Thera's no ooust edout it. W era wlmassing Ptggatt fignt tra Amiga. Amiga ownars, and AMIGA cavtlocar* rveva rvtr stan tinea tha Amiga concaot Pacama reality That this fight could altar me course of heme computing history I* Cay©“ «ntWv if th* Amiga doe* tha ummoginaOla. And lose*, itll ntraid * *cc rs cf darter*** end taefmo s'avary for Am-ga owner*, joa PuOlic. And the rest of me world a grave scenario indeed And one mat must ntv»r m eiiowec to happen.
L U IT* cattacttoe '.boose one oi these Tenlestic products when you subscribe or I? Issues
* 1 (IX »p»: a 5*:i. Wars ta • Maitay tsiscum s' tpacatr-s* ax
*a-f KttWd cejactt.
W tSaTS set Us self *no*tt® f i«* cwiactisr. Tvn* it oru a 9000 m®c *f eo cta.
Rtf aail rmo » *atv s' sw r-jt arroa. Car*. : r«i and smaa** Ow C-aciar* uai wa icrtK 1 imM mi! 1-. Ra •» im Klrj ff-aiierj tMOMi mwi' sajacu jtf»taaUl|. TnaooOB ttaa it »u a -.gtyrrtit eanacttca. Uara ar» uwii ftiaa ee uts c »: uct« »: an Us nrst etc u ac-ia cf ttri. Wars art still Organiser Z AMIGA mPMAT Q7X Money Matters 4 AMIGA ShnPFf R 90* »fvcir trar* el gourfwar-cec nabsg ¦ 91 * ii Wi 'c-:
• Supar straat Flghtar 2 Turho it s netiac as tha ultimata
Daat-am-up Sreama Sancifcro oom ms glcvas and raviaws tha
latast varsion of this erceda classic a«.aro*wimiBC ¦M»f*wcr»
AfMoi It’s phenomenally popular - in fact it’s one of Europe’s
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daily world news service. Try it now!
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk To advertise on Futurenet, Email Chris Rayner at crayner@futurenet.co.uk or call 0171 447 3300 4F ONLY WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO Choose one of these fantastic products when you subscribe for 12 issues OR choose two when you subscribe for 24 issues.
ZEEWOLF 2 xfMlGk AMIGA FORMAT 90% |iggpk Helicopters, guns, tanks and 32 Hbjj staggeringly playable missions. Action fans and anyone who likes to think on their feet will lap up this gem of a game.
AMIGA FORMAT 92% ALIEN BREED 3D AMIGA FORMAT 93% If you've got an A1200 then you positively need this game. Tension excitement and rock solid gameplay. A classic, matey!
ORGANISER 2 Organiser 2 is the latest release of Digita's award-winning software. We gave it a stonking 92% in the February issue and gave you a time limited working version to sample on the coverdisk.
"The best Amiga PIM currently available."
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A600 version shown AF6H1M AF5P1M Gpid Siwwm V Hiximn V lata Setts) Orntb Iffpt 0pu*6 Hmm. I II HaffiW.
KAXMMB.P.'s W Mini Office FLB0799 iWorduor gita International Motes Table Caption Wordworth 5 AF W5 03 Fro* Left Win I Fron lop! W in ; ddtit 16.78to "I Huk I DBCttorJ H Cwn Border Colour! » ParitBed Boeder Styte: ? Double Une Tlvtoesi: ?liMone Rac rt Hone I BridCotor; 1 Yetoa !
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- j AMIGA For w • VIDEO ADDICTION w NUCLEUS Design your own menus
and front-ends.
Plus: Dialog Procedures. Blacks Editor and much more.
A ¦mu raetfc-nfu 81 Coverdisks: Ultimate Amiga programming language Blitz Basic
2. 1 plus the demo of Zeewolf 2.
[AMIGA FORMAT I * Lightwave Coverdisks: The demo of Digits Organiser 2. Plus an exclusive three level demo of Team 17's Worms.
AMIGA FORMAT Terminal ~r"r Velocity!
The Shepherd [1 THE SHEPHERD The excellent 50 level god game.
Plus: Cybernetix, the fast and furious shoot- em-up and Peg It.
FORMAT Encounter L the Web Missed AF? Don't miss out completely - order it now while stocks last... Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 & Quote reference No: AFP607 Amiga Technologies sold again: Viscorp buy the Amiga - full story, comment and analysis from the industry. Plus, read how to burn your very own CD and learn how to get connected. Reviews of Legends, Tekmagic 2060 and the Jaz Drive.
84J 1 Coverdisks: A one level demo of Alien Breed 3D II plus, create your own games with the Game Engine.
Coverdisks: A fully working version of Final Writer 4 Lite and the upgraded Gloom Deluxe demo.
* Coverdisks: A collection of programs including the full
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|||gapP And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... wjth software, mm* s-:: -e ..3 re :•* s:-ee*~ .re. e. H I--?: :e:?..3e :-e ?-e H g-?os •%2~e5 ¦* -ea :-*e :-e"e3"ee: rr If® a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Camcorder User commented... 'If you're looking for a high resolution 24 bit digitiser then, at this price.
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Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS... or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output... ProGrab ... Supports all recent Amigas and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting) ProGrab ... Saves and Loads images in IFF ILBM, IFF ILBM24, JPEG, BMR PCX, and TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as Anim5 files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as Anim5 + 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom 'Loader' to enable grabs directly from within the program - saving YOU time!
Or, Use the signal from your satellite receiver... or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's video output including S-VHS.
ProGrab ... Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities.
The number of frames is dependant upon your Amiga's RAM camcorder ProGrab™... Release 2.5.x software now includes
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions -
Even with low memory Amigas (All Hard Drive Systems without the
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Requiring just I Mb. Hard DriveSpace).
¦ ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACILITIES With either Terrestrial or Satellite TV signals.
« LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area available with previous ProGrab software.
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PCMCIA Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrab's optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for serious professional users - offering the following benefits... ¦ Faster Downloading Times (up to FIVE times quicker) ¦ Improved animation speeds of up to 1 lfps (mono) and 3.5fps (colour)
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• b A video source cable will be required to match your own
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At present we have lots of RPG.
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You never know.
_ _____________________ We've introduced two new tutorials for you this month. We've had loads i of letters from people requesting ’ information on how to get connected , h* mm to the Internet, via their Amiga.
JS Darren Irvine is our resident expert in this area so this month he introduces the first in a new series of tutorials devoted to getting started.
Our second new tutorial deals with mathematics. Paul Overaa has created a program in Arexx which can solve complicated simultaneous equations. So if you've been pouring over your maths text books and you're looking for some help then we may have the answers.
It's tutorial number 10 and we've moved on to creating household appliances to put in our re-created living rooms.
Join John Kennedy ...p96 Qfl INTERNET TUTORIAL Amiga.net has always been a valuable source of information for those connected to the Internet, but what about people who have yet to get on-line? Darren Irvine goes back to the very beginning with some advice on obtaining AmiTCP.
:: AREXX 7 ©s Many people wince at the thought of tackling simultaneous equations but Paul Overaa has created a program that can solve them for you.
QC REAL 3D mjXJp John Kennedy wasn't happy with the decor in the room he created last month Join him on an interior design course with Real 3D.
1 no blitz i Well it looks like we finally got there. John Kennedy introduces some Blitz code for parsing HTML documents.
TUTORIAL JULY 1996 CREATIVE Select a sensible place to install - I'm using RAM: here so as not to mess up my existing setup.
OurAmiga.net series has dealt with some of the software available for the Amiga Internet user, but there may be some of you who aren’t sure how to get started using the Net, and this series is for you.
Although as mentioned in this month’s Amiga.net, there are a number of new systems becoming available to let you connect up your Amiga, the old favourite AmiTCPis still the tried and tested method.
As well as the AmiTCP software itself, you’ll also need to get hold of a dialer program such as Dialup which will, as the name suggests, actually call your ISP and make your connection to the Internet. There a number of dialers available, all with slightly differing syntax. Although the example setup here uses Dialup, you can use whichever your ISP supplies you with or you can get hold of. Since you’ll almost certainly want to use the Web, Amosaic also has to be obtained separately. See the boxout for details on where all these programs can be obtained.
GETTING STARTED AmiTCP is available as several different releases, with the latest being the ... „ .
° Well - here we go.
Commercial version 4. Since hardly any Time to bite the bu,)et software currendy requires version 4, and get started.
Darren Irvine gets back to basics and looks at how to get and set-up basic Net software.
And it has a number of annoying nags built into the unregistered version, it is probably best to start off installing the non-commercial version 2.3 (or the beta of version 3 if you can get hold of it). After you have downloaded the software or obtained it from your ISP, unarchive the AmiTCP archive to RAM: or a temporary working directory. Now create a directory on your hard drive where you want the AmiTCP system to live - calling it “Amitcp” wouldn’t be a bad idea. Now, we’re finally ready to get started - in case you hadn’t worked it out already, click on the icon marked “Install AmiTCP”.
ALL THOSE NUMBERS Although the number of questions asked by the AmiTCPinstaller isn’t great, if you’ve never seen them before it can all seem extremely confusing - asking about IP number this and SLIP connection that. Fortunately almost all of the questions asked are answrered with details that will have been supplied A few years ago this choice would have been a simple one, if only because there were so few ISPs to choose from.
Now, with new service providers popping into existance on an almost weekly basis, a bit more thought has to go into making your mind up.
There are a number of factors to consider before making your choice.
The most obvious of these is to try and pick an ISP within a local call distance of where you live - given the number of ISPs this is becoming easier. Also try and choose the service which looks like being the best value for money. On the other hand, it may well be worth CHOOSING AN ISP to you by your ISP - it’s just a case of getting them in the right order.
The most important of these is your Internet Protocol or “IP” number. This is a series of four numbers separated by decimal points. Since you will be using a modem connection, you will also need to know whether your ISP supports the use of SLIP or PPP. This fact determines which driver you select.
You will also have been given the IP number of the computer belonging to your ISP which is the Destination Address for your system. This all seems like a lot of jargon, but have a look at the screenshots and everything should become clear.
AND ODD NAMES AS WELL The details that you will have been given by your ISP will also include various names, again interspersed by- decimal points. You will probably have decided on a “Host” name for your paying slightly extra for an ISP with a good reputation for reliability - asking people on the local comms scene for advice will come in handy here, since ISPs quickly acquire a good or bad name in this area.
Other factors that may play a part in your decision are whether or not the ISP supports the Amiga (and it has to be said here that most don't). If you are interested in having your own pages on the Web, you should also find out which ISPs offer the best deal in this area (some offer a certain amount of space on their Web servers for free, whilst some charge a small annual fee).
© V- }% w fr jS .
R. fj f. . » i r t f r DC . V j ' y-, '
- f gpT f ''l i r_v_: Arv ? : vU? ' 'a fyf y.- G 'vv
* ¦« At V A- InstalLAmiTCP (19% done) Enter your desired user
e. g: Oliver or harry or fbloggs or osaith Valid characters: a-z,
fi-2, 0-9 and You can use any "user name” you like, and you
can set up as many others as you like later on. User names
appear on the left-hand side of the at sign C'@') in email
address: user @nodename.demon.co.uk. arren Proceed Abort
Install Help.
Fit 7 computer itself. This is the part of your Internet address that goes in front of the ISPs own “Domain” name to form what is known as the “Fully Qualified Domain Name” or FQDN. In my case, my Hostname is “plasma” and the Domain name is “TheGAP.com”, giving a FQDN of “plasma.TheGAP.com”. This, along with my default username (which you will also have to supply in your setup) forms my complete Internet email address of: darren@plasma.TheGAP.com If you’re account is with Demon, your address will be something like: username@someoldsystem.
Demon.co.uk Other ISPs will give you email addresses based on your username, your hostname, and their domain name. You will have been told by your ISP the FQDNS of their “Name Server” and you should enter this when prompted.
Once all these details have been entered, you have to make a choice as to where they will be stored - whether to store files representing the environment variables in ENV: or whether to make changes to your S:USER-STARTUP file. Personally I prefer the latter, as it makes it easier for you to see exacdy what is going on.
This name determines part of your actual email address - the part that comes before the sign.
And this bit determines the rest of your email address - this is the name for your system which you will have agreed with your ISP.
Tf ) * )A Proceed GETTING CONNECTED After installing AmiTCP, you should copy Dialup (or whichever dialer program you are using) to your C: director) , and create a script file to get things up and running. I have called mine “Genesis” since that is the name of my ISP, and the file contains the following: echo “Calling GENESIS” dialup pw=“********” lin=“plasma-du” pn= “ATDTO1232560551 ” echo “Waiting for Connection” wait 5 echo “Starting AmiTCP” run nil: nil: online rhslip.device 0 echo “Here we go....” run startnet One or two things probably need explaining here. The second and third line
tell dialup which phone number to call and what to use for a login name (lin) and password (pw) - these will be given to you by your ISP. I’ve rather cunningly blanked out my password here - obviously you should type in your actual password rather than asterisks. If you are using something other than Dialup you should substitute it in this line - check the documentation that comes with your dialer to find the exact syntax to use.
The sixth line runs the AmiTCP program “online” and activates the driver which I’m using - in this case rhslip. If you’re using a different driver such as “ppp”, substitute it here as Enter your node na®e max 8 characters)
e. g: kfs-uk or ncc1781 or evil Don't include the domain part
C. non.co.uk). This is the 4-8 character name you chose for
yourself when you opened your account with Demon This forms
the right hand side of your email address, i.e.:
darren@ nodename .demon.co.uk. InstalLAmiTCP (19% done) €1
Abort Install plasma Help... appropriate. In the case of some
dialer programs, this line will be integrated with line three
- again check the appropriate documentation.
The last line actually starts up the AmiTCP system. The script “Startnet” is created by the installer and resides in AMITCP:BIN. If you have any problems it’s always a good idea to have a look in here and make sure all the various IP numbers have been set up correcdy by the installer - feel free to modify them by hand using an editor if they appear to be wrong.
CONCLUSION Once you get AmiTCP up and running, you’ll need to get hold of the software to handle such things as Email, Usenet News, and of course, Web browsing.
Over the next few months, we’ll take a look at the various choices to be made in these areas and how to set each type of application up on your system.
GETTING HOLD OF THE SOFTWARE AmiTCP software is widely available on the Internet, but you can't get hold of it until you're on the Internet, and you can't get on the Internet until you get hold of the software. And so on.
Fortunately, most ISPs will be only to happy to download the software for you - if they aren't then you'd probably be better of taking your custom elsewhere. Alternatively, many Amiga related BBS will have the archives that you need. They also appear in the Comms drawer on this month's CD.
If you do have another internet account to get hold of the software, the addresses and paths you need are: AmiTCP src.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet comm tcp Note that both versions 2.2 and 4 are available in this directory Dialup src.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet comm net Dialup14.lha Amosaic max.physics.sunysb.edu pub amosaic i « y j . _ y
• f j
- ' 7 ' - ' yrf' 2 - • ' r & ¦¦'?: “ ¦ * t' * .¦ %y~i .. J .
F , j r ' -• A'.
InstalLAmiTCP (30% done)___ © ¦K j - Enter your _pumeric__ IP address Given to you when you set your password)
e. g: or You don't _have_ to enter
the 158.152 part) Enter IP Number below ?.?): T194T36 2.33
Proceed Abort Install ZZ3 Help.
T7T A £ fr- Now it's time to start putting in all those meaningful looking numbers supplied to you by your ISP.
JARGON BROWSER - A piece of software used to navigate the World Wide Web by displaying the Hypertext pages and allowing the user to select any of the links displayed.
DOMAIN NAME - The text equivalent of an IP number. When you access an Internet site via it's name, behind the scenes this name is translated into the IP Number by a computer belonging to your ISP known as a Name Server.
IP NUMBER - The 32-bit number representing the "address" of a particular computer on the Internet.
You will need to know the IP number of your own machine, as well as the machine belonging to your ISP that is to act as your gateway to the Internet.
ISP - Internet Service Provider. A company such as Demon Internet or Atlas who basically sell access to the Internet. They have host machines that are on the net full time to which you dial in using a modem to connect to the Internet when you want.
SLIP - Serial Line Internet Protocol. One of the two main protocols for accessing the Internet over a telephone connection. The other is PPP - Point to Point Protocol.
TCP IP - Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol. The basic mechanism by which all data is passed across the Internet. Also the name given to the sort of software required to get your computer onto the net.
MONTHLY + VAT access no matter how remote your location!
? The highest possible connection speed available with todays modem technology ? FREE customised connection software for the Amiga. Comprehensive documentation and full techincal support ? FREE World Wide Web homepages with every connection.
? FREE POP3 E-Mail account.
? FREE access to news groups. Giving access to over 13,000 active groups.
? There is a one-off connection fee of £20 (plus VAT)* ? The monthly recurring cost is only £8 (plus VAT). There are no hidden costs - The only additional cost is your local-rate telephone bill.
Fisting Internet users exempt. For further details https: wwws.enterprise.net subscribe Call now For the best Internet Access, there is only one choice Subscription hot line 0800 269 146 General enquires 01624 677666 Fax line 01624 613660 Technical Support 01624 612880 All trade marks acknowledged E-mail sales@enterprise.net E-mail support@enterprise.net Remember being given loads of simultaneous equations to solve at school? I do! But at school most of us are only ever involved with fairly small equations, e.g. having to solve for two unknowns like this...
(1) 2 x + y = 7 A set of simultaneous equations with three, four,
or a dozen unknowns, would you know how to solve them?
Your Amiga could and Paul Overaa has written a utility which performs this task automatically.
(2) x + y = 3 In this example by subtracting equation
(2) from equation (1), and then back- substituting the first x
value obtained, it’s quite easy to work out that the
solutions are.... x = 4 and y = -1 Two unknowns are fairly
straightforward, but now try it with half a dozen or more
unknowns and you’ll soon see that the work involved grows.
This is why so much effort has been put into techniques which are suited to computer based solutions and it’s just one of these methods that I’ve programmed.
Fortunately, you don’t need to understand how the program works in order to use it. So, if you’d rather skip the ‘mathematical basis’, and just concentrate on learning how to use the program - then read on but ignore the boxout that deals with the maths.
SOME MODERN NOTATION In order to use the program you do need to be familiar with a particular sort of notation. In a nutshell you need to be able to enter your equations using matrix form and here’s how it’s done: First look again at the example given earlier... 2 x + 1 y = 7 lx ly = 3 To produce a ‘matrix form’just remove the coefficients from the ‘x’ terms and place them in a left-hand- side coefficients array. Then do a similar thing with the x’s and the right hand side coefficients so that you end up with this type of thing... I 17 1 1 = 1 I I 13 1 1 I I x I I lily I 1 Mathematicians often
write such equations as a general form Ax=b, so following this convention I’m going to be calling the left hand coefficients matrix the ‘A’ matrix - and the right hand side matrix the ‘b’ matrix. It’s convenient to identify the individual elements of the matrix, i.e. the individual numbers present, by using a subscript notation. With this arrangement the top left element of the ‘A’ matrix in our example is called A(l,l) and the bottom right element A(2,2). Similarly the top element of the ‘b’ matrix is b(l,l) and the bottom element is b(2,l).
THE PROGRAM AND HOW TO USE IT The program, when it runs, will ask you for the dimension of the simultaneous equation system you wish to solve. This is the number of variables involved. For FIGURE ONE - ENTERING THE COEFFICIENTS AREXX GAUSSIAN ELIMINATION PROGRAM (V1.00) PAUL OVERAA(1995) What dimension system do you wish to solve? 4 A(1,1)... ? 1 A(1,2)... ? 1 A(1,3)... ? 1 A(1,4)... ? 1 A(2,1)... ? 2 ...etc. (here you enter the complete set of coefficients) B(1)... 7 198.14 B(2)... ? 386.26 B(3)... ? 299.78 B(4)... ? 91.38 the earlier example it was 2, for the equations I’ll be looking at in
a moment there are four equations with four unknowms - so this will be a four dimensional system! Once the terms of the equations have been put in the program prints the input data and then makes a first ‘estimate’. In many cases this will be exact, but on other occasions it may be necessary to make two or three additional attempts.
How do you tell when you’ve got a reasonable solution? Some equations are difficult to handle because the equations themselves are mathematically awkward, or because the coefficients have come from experimental data which is itself subject to error. Either way the resulting ‘ill- conditioned’ equations are a pain to solve - although my script handles many types of ill-conditioned equations surprisingly well. Unfortunately, knowing that particular equations are ill-conditioned doesn’t always help us and it’s important to recognise cases when the program has not been able to produce an accurate
As results are printed, estimated error levels (as delta-X values) are provided. As a general guide you should look at the delta-X terms and when they become close to zero (and your solved X values are not changing) then the program will have found the solution to your equations.
A SAMPLE SESSION WITH THE PROGRAM Here’s a nice easy example to get you going: The idea is to solve this four dimensional equation lx + ly + lz set.
+ It = 198.14 2x + 3y + Oz + 4t = 386.26 lx + Oy + lz + 2t = 299.78 Ox + ly - lz + 2t = 91.38 The program will use XI, X2, X3, and X4 to label unknowns - the Continued overleaf Programmed by Paul Overaa (1995) Version 1.00 MAIN BLOCK PRECISIONS 4F Ul LU U AREXX GAUSSIAN ELIMINATION PROGRAM (WITH PARTIAL PIVOTING AND ITERATIVE REFINEMENT) NUMERIC DIGITS PRECISION SPACE = '20'x LF = 'OA'x TITLE = LF||'AREXX GAUSSIAN ELIMINATION PROGRAM (V1.00) • Paul Overaa (1995)'||LF PR0MPT1 = LFU'What dimension system do you wish to solve ?'
PR0MPT2 = LFJI'Press RETURN for next estimate - any other key (+RETURN) to quit'||LF PR0MPT3 = LFU'PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED IS AS F0LL0WS:||LF||LF ERR0R1 = LF||'These equations are invalid - no solution possible'||LF||LF ERR0R2 = LF||'Aborting • an error has occurred during processing'||LF||LFINVALID_0PERAND=48; INVERSE_L.=0; U.=0; X.=0 signal on syntax Writech(stdout,TITLE) Writech(stdout,PROMPT1); pull N call CollectO I* INPUT ROUTINE - 7 call DisplayO * PRINT PROBLEM - 7 call EstimateO * .. Get initial X estimate 7input$ =" do while Length(input$ )=0 call RefineO *
X. I=X.I-DELTA_X.I * Adjust XO values 7 end
Writech(stdout,PR0MPT2); pull inputs end exit * Logical end
of program! 7 * ELIMINATE WITH PARTIAL PIVOTING Estimate: do
PIV0T=1 to N-1 LARGEST=PIVOT do R0W=PIV0T+1 to N if
LARGEST~=PIVOT then call InterchangeO I* Row interchange
routine 7 do R0W=PIV0T+1 to N MULTIPLIER 1
C. ROWS.ROW+MULTIPLIER*C.PIVOT * Do this at the same time
(easier) 7 end end BACK SUBSTITUTION do R0W=N to 1 by -1
X. ROWS.ROW do C0LUMN=R0W+1 to N
X. R0W=X.R0W-
Interchange: do C0LUMN=1 to N copy=U.PIVOT.COLUMN
C. LARGEST=copy return ITERATIVE REFINEMENT (First compute
residual vector) Refine: do R0W=1 to N
R. ROWS * Initialise 7 do COLUMNS to N
R. R0W=R.R0W-B.R0W end Now compute DELTA_C0 do R0W=1 to N
Finally back substitute to find DELTA_X() do ROW=N to 1 by -1
MATRIX Collect: do R0W=1 to N do C0LUMN=1 to N
Writech(stdout, A('||ROW||l,i||COLUMN||i)...'); pull
A. R0W.C0LUMN=U.R0W.C0LUMN end INVERSE_L.R0W.R0W=1 * Set up
identity during input loop (convenient) 7 end INPUT ROUTINE B
VECTOR do C0LUMN=1 to N Writech(stdout,lB(l||COLUMN||a)...');
Writech(stdout,PROMPT3) do R0W=1 to N COLUMNS Writechfstdout.
Writech(stdout,Left(U.ROW.COLUMN, PRECISION)||SPACE) end
C0LUMN=N Writech(stdout,Left(U.ROW.COLUMN,PRECISION)|| V)
Writech(stdout, ' X'||R0WH'} = '||Left(C.ROW,PRECISION)'}
’||LF) end Writech(stdout,LF) return PRINT CURRENT SOLUTION
CurrentSolution: do 1=1 to N Writech(stdout,'X'||r =
'||Left(X.I, PRECISION)) Writech(stdout,SPACE||'delta-X' I)
Writechjstdout,' =1 Left(DELTA_X.I,PRECIS!ON)||LF) end return
Syntax: if rc=INVALID_OPERAND then call Writech(stdout,ERROR1)
else call Writech(stdout,ERR0R2) exit mechanism is the same no
matter what the unknowns are called. All we need to do is
strip out the coefficients using the scheme mentioned earlier
to produce this sort of equation description... minimise
potentially error prone division operations.
RESIDUAL ERROR: A value or set of values which attempt to estimate the 'incorrectness' of the solution.
SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONS: These are sets of linear equations (equations which do not involve unknowns containing powers) with more than one unknown quantity to be found. To find two unknowns you need to have at least two independent equations To find three unknowns you'll need three independent equations etc.. SKELETON INPUT OUTPUT ROUTINES: This means exactly what it says... bare bones simple routines without fancy graphics or sophisticated editing facilities.
UPPER TRIANGULAR LOWER TRIANGULAR: Matrix terms for coefficient arrays in which only the lower and upper areas of the matrix contain nonzero coefficients.
I 111 II 198.14 I I 2 3 0 4 1 386.26 I I 1 0 1 2 1 299.78 I I 0 1-1 2 1 91.38 For initial experiments the easiest way to run the script is to copy it to the RAM disk and then open a Shell window and make RAM: the current director)7 (by typing cd RAM:). Then run the script by typing ‘rx arexx_gaussian The program will introduce itself, ask for the dimension of the system to be solved, and then prompt you to enter the coefficients.
Once you’ve done that the program will display the equation set and provide some first estimates of the unknowns. It will tell you to either hit Return to produce a refined solution set, or to hit any other key (plus Return) to quit the program. As you interact with the script then your screen display will look something like the outputs shown in 3i x- 5 2 JARGON COEFFICIENT: The number which comes before the unknown quantity. For example in the expression 3x - 5y the coefficient of x is 3 and the coefficient of y is -5.
ELEMENT: One of the numbers in the array or matrix GAUSSIAN: Gauss was a mathematician who a lived long time ago. The basic method used in this month's program was named after him.
Iterative Refinement: To produce a solution by making additional attempts as long as the answers are getting better.
MATRIX: An array of numbers much like you'd find in a BASIC type array. In the simultaneous equation mathematical sense a matrix is simply an N x M set of coefficients. Mathematicians have worked out powerful ways of working with these objects as whole units.
PARTIAL PIVOTING: A mathematical technique based on swapping numbers around in order to expect, rely heavily on the use of array variables to represent matrix data.
Arexx has no array variables but it does support powerful compound variables which can be used to mimic the array variables found in other languages.
These AJRexx-specific compound variables do not get the exposure they deserve in most computing magazines so a recap of the basic ideas are clearly worthwhile.
An .ARexx compound variable is an entity7 whose name contains at least one period and at least two other characters. The name may not start with a digit or a period and, if there is only figures one and two.
With this example the first estimates are all we need since the zero residual error (delta X) values tell us we already have good answers. If you substitute the X1-X4 program results, w hich do of course correspond to the x=2.1, y=-3.5, z=101.4 and t=98.14 variables in the original equations, you’ll see that they are in fact 100% correct. So, that’s the basic idea of how7 the program is used.
SOME NOTES ON CODING With most high-level languages, programmers would, as you might The first thing to bear in mind is that this program is not a 'toy' application. I've gone out of my way to make it a tool solid enough to be used with the sort of linear equations that crop up in real life.
The basic technique used is called Gaussian Elimination but I've made some, fairly standard, concessions to help the accuracy of the computer based solution: Firstly, I am using something known as partial pivoting to minimise errors in the coefficients matrix.
PROGRAMMING THE MATHEMATICS Secondly, I'm attempting to iteratively refine the answers produced by estimating the errors and using them to 'guide' the solution to the best possible values.
The overall technique is given the rather long winded name of 'Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting and Iterative Refinement*. How does it work? Well, our input data goes into matrices 'A1 and 'b' so the equation we want to solve can be written as... A x = b. -1 Now if we can perform a set of operations L on matrix A, such that the resulting left hand side is an upper triangular matrix U, then we're able to pre-multiply each side of the equation to produce this arrangement...
- 1 -1 L A x = L b -1 ie U x = L b The upper triangular type of
matrix can be solved by back substitution and, since we will
know U, b, and the inverse L matrix we can therefore compute
the required 'x' values. In the program the inverse L matrix is
obtained in rather a sneaky way - we load it initially as an
identity (ie O's in all elements except the leading diagonal
which are all 1's) then whatever we do to the left hand side
coefficients matrix we do to the identity matrix. By the time
the left hand side is in upper triangular form the inverse L
matrix will be known.
The program goes through all of the above operations and, having got the left hand side in upper triangular form, it then back-substitutes to find the unknown 'x' values. The partial pivoting technique used initially to minimise errors is not enough because floating point computer arithmetic is not (in general) exact. Residual error analysis is therefore also used to modify and help improve the solutions obtained. I've stuck to a fairly standard implementation of this approach and have broken the program up into lots of small clearly labelled sections and routines - so those of you who fancy
looking at the mechanics of the script will be able to identify the code related to the individual parts of the method.
If, incidentally, you would like to brush up on the maths involved then most standard 'A' level and graduate level numerical analysis books will include details of solving simultaneous equations by Gaussian Elimination - it's a technique which is very well known!
identity during input loop (convenient) * end * INPUT -
WritechCstdout BfHCOLUMNlI1)... '); C.COLUMN = Readln(stdin)
B. COLUMN=C.COLUMN end return * Linear Programming, a technique
used by lots of big businesses, relies heavily on the use of
large sets of simultaneous equations.
FIGURE TWO - THE RESULTS THE PROGRAM PRODUCES USING THE EXAMPLE DATA PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED IS AS FOLLOWS: 1 1 1 1} X1} = 198.14} 2 3 0 4} X2} = 386.26} 1 o 1 2} X3} = 299.78} 1 1 1 1} X4} = 91.38} X 1 =
2. 1.000 delta-X 1 =0 X 2 =
- 3.500 delta-X 2 =0 X 3 =
101. 40 delta-X 3 =0 X 4 =
98. 14 delta-X 4 =0 Press RETURN for next estimate • any other
key (+RETURN) to quit one period, it may not be the terminal
character. So x.l and U.r.2 are both valid compound symbols.
The first part of the name, i.e. the portion up to and
including the first period, is called the ‘stem’ of the
compound variable and so the stems associated with the
compound symbol examples shown above are x., and U. The
remainder of the name is called the ‘tail* and these may be
constant symbols, simple variable symbols or nulls.
When Arexx encounters a compound variable name it generates a ‘derived name’ by replacing any references to simple symbols in the tail by the values of those symbols, so simple one dimensional arrays are easily set up by defining a compound variable with a tail that consists of a single variable name.
To represent two-dimensional arrays we use tails with two components.
For example to set up the identity of an N x N matrix we could use a loop like this one...
a. = 0 do i=0 to N-l
a. i.i=l end If N was set to 3 this loop would produce a matrix
with the array equivalent of this formation of values... 110
01 I I I I 10 1 0 1 I I I I 10 0 II One particularly
interesting characteristic of these variables is that large
arrays do not have to be predeclared before use (as they do
in languages like Basic). The very act of initialising the
stem ensures that all elements which subsequently receive no
other value will take their value from the stem. Needless to
say you will find many examples of compound variables use in
the example script.
You’ll also see that I’ve stuck to using skeleton input output routines and have kept all program 1 O statements wrell away from the ‘guts’ of the program (See listing One). This is deliberate and the idea is that serious users will be able to swap my 1 O routines for their own if they feel it is necessary. If, for example, equations with several dozen unknowns frequendy need to be solved then it would be best to store the coefficients in a disk file.
NOW GET CRACKING As Arexx scripts go this program is fairly large and it actually took quite a while to develop and test. You’ll find the code for the utility on page two of this feature and on this month’s CD- ROM. You’ll realise this is not the sort of Arexx code that you’ll come across very often. I searched Arexx libraries for about six months before deciding to write my own program.
Once you’ve experimented with the script, and got the hang of it you should find the utility fairly straightforward to use. The benefit of course, is that you never need worry about tackling simultaneous equations again!
This month we’ll see how to add more colour and detail using textures. We’ll also have a look at how textures can be used to create “fake” objects, saving on memory and rendering times.
First of all we'll try to create some wallpaper to add to the walls. Load up your favourite paint package, and sketch some designs.
You'll only need to draw a single strip of paper, because we can make Real 3D repeat the pattern as many times as is required. If you have access to an image scanner, why not scan in some real wallpaper designs?
Onow apply the material to the wall object. Use the 'B' key shortcut. Did you notice the pattern for the wallpaper was upside down? After experimenting with applying textures, this is the most reliable way I've found. Use 'V' to control how the texture is painted on, and drag it over the wall like this.
When you render it (remember to use at least LAMPLESS mode to see the textures) you'll hopefully see something close to this, with the wall paper texture repeated and covering all the walls.
I've removed the ceiling for this bird's eye view.
Creating the floor requires a similar method. I created a wooden plank effect, and snipped out a brush which looks good when repeated. Again, if you have a scanner you can digitise a real wooden floor or real carpet.
Building a TV set Ol found that the Art Department's "Sphere" tool does a good job of warping an image to make it look as though it is on-screen. When making the material, make the image UNSHADED again, and add a little specularity and brilliance.
When you render it, it should look roughly like this - I've always wanted a widescreen set. Don't forget to render a remote control too, or you won't be able to switch it on. As you can probably guess, we can now create an image to appear on the screen O Create a TV set from various squares and cylinders. If you're perfectionist, find the instruction manual which came with your telly, as they often contain wire-frame diagrams to get the measurements. Make sure the screen is defined as a rectangle right at the front.
Last month we left our house in a particularly sad shade of conservative grey.
John Kennedy is going to show us how to brighten things up a bit.
O Adding a little "Brilliance" to the floor texture gives an excellent reflective surface, but dramatically increases rendering times. Leave it until you have finished all the other objects. Notice how at the moment, the detailed textures in the wooden floor don't look so hot. We'll come back and fix that later.
Add some windows using some digitised pictures.
I've taken an image, and cut two windows out of it. Then I've blurred them slightly and drawn a border and a frame to make it look a little more window like. Once again, the images are upside down to make locating the texture easier.
Make a flat rectangle the same dimensions as the window image, and paste the window material onto it. Stick the window to the wall and add a sill-type object underneath. Render at gas mark 8, and here's one I prepared earlier.
You can use I the same technique to create other simple objects, such as plug sockets and light switches. There is very little to be gained modelling objects like this unless they are going to be seen in detail. An accurate drawing mapped to an object will often achieve the same result.
Whoops! Upside down - do you think anyone will notice?
Onow you'll need to alter the material used on the screen. First set the index counter in the top right hand corner to reflect the number of frames in the animation. For each frame in the Real 3D animation, a new texture is loaded. When the index is reached, the texture frames start from 0 again.
If you like creating animations with Real 3D, take your favourite one and split it into frames. Resize it so that it'll fit on the virtual TV screen and if you have the time, process each one to give it a slight curve. Save each frame of the animation with a name such as: picture.iff.1, picture.iff.2... Onow you need to create an animation. Here the camera is moving closer to the television set whilst the on-screen texture changes.
Remember that normally animations play back at 25 frames a second, so you need to take this into account when you are creating the images which will appear on the television set.
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Internet: http: www.futurenet.co.uk E-Mail: gmaster@futurenet.co.uk JULY 1996 CREATIVE Listing Three: Processing the tags is a matter of recognising the strings and calling the necessary function to do all the hard work.
Select text file Read in file Process file Display file hunk$ ) (initx ( (chunk$ ) I initx-28 l$ : chunks Iine_break SIFTING THROUGH Our program therefore needs to be able to go through the HTML document, picking out the tags and acting on them accordingly. Half the work is creating a reliable method of picking out the tags, and the other half is the code which does what the tags require it to.
A note for those who are already into HTML: there is no way I’m going to spend time covering every7 single tag as defined by the HTML2 and HTML3 standards. Sorrv, but if vou are J7 J interested you should find adding support for these tags an excellent exercise in Blitz programming. When you see the listing, you’ll soon discover Listing One: Here is an overview of the the HTML viewer program in glorious colour.
Set up fonts Set up menu items Set up screen display * ¦ Main Loop Wait for menu item Load Quit About Shut windows pHnt ABQUT box i w7here any new tags can be inserted.
Remember flow charts? I have a vague recollection of them from school, but Listing One describes roughly how7 this program wrorks. You might find it useful to look at it w7hilst viewing the source code (which incidentally, is on the CD-ROM).
Loading the HTML file is already something we’ve seen in previous installments, so here’s how the parsing process works. The label “.process” indicates where the processing starts, and it assumes it is starting with a blank page. It therefore resets all the fonts and clears the screen. It also assumes that the text it will be processing is by default normal text rather than a tag.
Now the main loop (which is a WHILE WEND) looks at each letter in turn. .After some fiddling to ignore extra linefeed characters, if the letter is the “ ” sign then we know that a tag is jrocess_text ;y about to appear. We therefore set the variable “tag” to true and continue to load in letters and build up a string, tS, with the tag itself. Once we get to a “ ” we jump to a routine which deals with the tag, called “process_tag”. (See Listing Two) If we don't get a we continue loading in letters and passing them to the text processing routine (process_text). This routine builds up a string
(called “chunk”) until it w7ould reach the end of the screen, and then prints it. (See Listing Three) That’s all there is to it: the next stage is to look at “process_tag” in more detail. (See Listing Four) Here we strip any excess spaces (Blitz is very good at providing commands to make this and other string processing fast and efficient - it rarely gets the credit it deserves) and use the Select Case construct to deal with the possible tags.
Most require that the text already stored in the chunkS is printed 4F CREATIVE JULY 1996 COMMON HTML TAGS - table of html codes Draw a horizontal line Take a new paragraph Force a carriage return Text size 1 (huge) Text size 2 Text size 3 (medium) Text size 4 Text size 5 Text size 6 (small) Bold text Italic text Underline text Typewriter font Display an image Create a link to another site a in HTML to "switch off" a particular option).
• turn MORE TAGS Now we can start to look at the code required to
perform the functions demanded by the tags. Listing Six hasn’t
got any advanced tags, but you should be able to grasp what is
happening. The horizontal line tag draws its line and then
calls the .new_paragraph routine to move the text down the
screen. Pictures aren’t yet supported, and currently a small
square is drawn in their place.
Links are detected, but at the moment nothing is done about them other than displaying the text in a Blitz Basic HTML Browser Wtlcomt to flat ttrtftlt Gaspt What’s this, some Blitz code for parsing HTML documents? Yes the fine has finally come when we can start to get our teath into some real programming. So far we’ve seen how Amiga programs work, and how Blitz can be used to deal with Intuition to create screens, windows, menus and even file requestors. That’s more then enough words for a story so let’s get started.
Our program therefore needs to be able to go through the HTML document, picking out the tags and acting on them accordingly. Half the work is creating a reliable or picking out the tags, and the other half is the code which does what the method or picking out tags require.
A note for those who are already Into HTML there is no way I’m going to spend tims covering every single the HTML2 and HTM.3 standards. Sorry, but If you are interested you should find adding support for these tags an excellent exercise in Blitz programming. When you see the listing, you’ll soon discover where any new tags can be inserted.
Listing Four: Processing the text is deceptively easy: we wait until it would wrap (preferably at a space to avoid splitting words), and print it all. At the moment, it doesn't take different font sizes into account.
Immediately - for example, you can see that it would be obvious to print the previous stored text when we are asked to take a new paragraph tag or print a horizontal line tag.
FONT OF ALL KNOWLEDGE Let’s now deal with the HTML code which looks after the business of changing font size. If you have used HTML before, you’ll know that you can use the tags H1 to H6 to control the size of the text displayed. To achieve this, at the start of Listing Five, I’ve written code which defines six Amiga fonts of suitable sizes.
The fonts used in the headings are Times, whilst I’ve used Helvedca for the body. This looks quite smart, although of course you should choose the fonts which you think are appropriate. These are the sizes which I’ve had most success with.
hr P br H1 H1 h2 Jh2 H3 h3 h4 h4 h5 h5 H6 h6 b b i J u u tt tt img src=" picture.gif " a href=,,URL" a (The slash " " is always used different colour. You’ll see some lines are commented out for the moment.
The “title” tag is used to change the title at the top of the Window, because this is a pretty simple thing to do.
If you know HTML, this is where your can start writing your own code for processing tags. Some will be harder to implement than others of course, and if you want to build yourself a Netscape Navigator, you have a lot of work in front of you.
BLITZ ON THE NET As you would expect, there is a great deal of material regarding Blitz Basic available on the Internet.
As well as the excellent mailing list (blitz-list@cc.helsinki.fi) there are plenty of Web sites too. For starters, make sure you check out: http: www.man.ac.uk ~mgbe4cd1 Blit zJ tutorial.html Blitz Basic HTML Browser WtkaQ* to ygftt Thit textihfluM be Underlined Tha text fbould be In Bold Thit textshouldbe in Italia Tha text thould be plain, boldjindffllined,and Italic But this should be boidaaditalic But this should be unfitted and italic But this should be boMaadita&c Above & Below: Here is the parser in action. You'll find the code and some test files on the CD-ROM.
© the fantastic 48-PAGE EURO ’96 supplement jPPHk BEER! BSTINGf EUROMANIA is TOTAL FOOTBALL including: a-J”™ snm.
Featuring Terry Venables • How The Championship Was Won • Gaz from Supergrass on Man U • The Greatest Ever European Championship Matches • Ally McCoist Gets Jock-ular • Rob Lee Exclusive Interview
• Footy Totty • Italian Sunday League
• Why Wales Are Crap Reviews • Letters
• Euro-tunes • Euro-cake Euro-ties
• Euro-bloody-everything! Phew!
Football's fabulous the 1936 European Lnampionships Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
YOUNG TALENT Letter of tela Month I am 13 years old and working on a project to write a PD game. I am looking for a programmer and an artist to help them draw all the characters and background stuff. If anyone is interested then please write to: 101 Sole Farm Avenue, Great Bookham, to subscribe for the CD version of Amiga Format so that I can receive more of the same every month.
P Casson Bristol Thanks very much for your excellent tips. Obviously the best way to access the Amiga Format CD is to have a CD drive fitted to your Amiga, but we realise that not everyone has one or can afford one. That is why we ran a special offer in the last issue for a Squirrel CD-ROM from Hisoft.
I am glad that you are able to access the files though, and I'm sure your advice will help many other owners, if anyone else has any tips on how to get the best out of the Amiga Format CD, or you have more suggestions about what you'd like to see on it, please drop me a line and you too might be the lucky recipient of an exclusive AF sweatshirt.
Surrey KT23 3DG.
I would prefer if you were around my age and if you lived in Surrey.
Sean Talbot Surrey DISKONTENT I felt that I must write and complain about the distinct lack of information in the magazine regarding this months’ Coverdisks. As I am on a ‘restricted’ budget, I cannot afford to buy magazines ‘willy-nilly’ and I was rather annoyed to say the least to find that both of the main programs on your coverdisks were “useless”. Why were they useless? Coverdisk 84b - AB 3DII demo: This was the main reason that I parted with £4.50 (apart from the magazine itself), but why oh why did you have to hide the system requirements in a millimetre high font on the Coverdisk? Come
on AF, surely you JUST REWARDS Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent first AFCD and to pass on some advice to owners of a CD32 and a "conventional" Amiga. If you have Weird Science's network software you can view the AFCD through this set-up, although the larger file will cause a crash.
If you don't have this set-upf buy it soon, or the Communicator III from this very magazine, because I find this a most acceptable stop-gap until I can save up for a CD-ROM drive - although the appearance of the SX-32, with its parallel port and other useful features is currently a serious option.
I will say though, that the transfer of files onto my A1200 hard drive is slow through the serial port.
It took three hours to transfer the commercial drawer and I wouldn't even recommend trying to transfer the 3D drawer, as it works out at around 100Mb every 24 hours.
Thanks again for this CD, it has persuaded me could have put in the Coverdisk section that it required 4Mb of RAM! There was not one reference to the system requirements in a legible text anywhere in the magazine. Please, please, correct this in future... I like the magazine, but not enough to fork out £4.50 for the mag itself... [and so on] N P Rowe Plymouth Well, we applied the standard test in this situation - we held it up three feet in front of Graeme, who managed to read it perfectly at a distance of 1.3m (and he warn’t even weaiing his glasses). The system requirements are always in the
same place on the disk.
I’m sure there were a lot of readers who didn 1 have the necessary hardware to make use of this disk, but as it was such an important release, and since there was a full game on the other disk, we felt that it would be unfair to those people who could use this disk to deny them of it.
I long ago became resolved to the fact that our disks neuer please everybody. I would however, like to say that we do have to make considered judgements a nd we try to cater for everybody, but that is simply not always possible.
I recently managed to scrape together enough cash to get myself an accelerator for my 1200. Since I’d got quite a lot of money, I decided to go the whole hog and get myself a Blizzard
1260. Wow! What a difference. Alien Breed 3D went from almost
unplayable after level 8, to super smooth. Of course, it
wasn’t all smiles, as Formula 1 Grand Piix won’t work at
all and Worms is a pain in the behind to get going
properly. That said, I’ll get on with the real point of
this letter.
Basically, now I’ve got a super fast Amiga, I’d like to get some games that will take advantage of it. Unfortunately two games that really would run fantastically have not appeared yet, and don’t seem to be in a hurry to either. I speak of TFX and First Encounters. So here is the question AFWhere are they?
TFX was previewed way back in the mists of time and was even reviewed in your excellent publication last year.
Then....nothing. Not an electronic sausage has been heard from Ocean about... Continued overleaf Sim City 2000 - wouldn't it be damaging to the industry to see games like this put on magazine Coverdisks?
Many of you obviously braved the crowds and trekked all the way to the recent World of Amiga show. Here is a collection of your thoughts: Stadium Capacity : 25000 Attendance : 2514 Local Team : Cricket Dromedar i es Wins-Losses : 26-14 Rename I'm soiry for butting in, James A Taylor of Swansea, but for the answer to your question, please see last month’s Amiga Format. Or indeed the month before, or in fact, any of the approximately six issues where we have discussed this. Listen, this is Ocean ’s number, ring them: 0161-832 6633 BLAH BLAH, RANT, ETC. I have subscribed to your publication for
18 months and prior to that bought it from the newsagents from Issue 38. [text has been heavily cut from this point on] Rant, blah etc. Rant, rant.
3) I have subscribed for two years now, as we have heard in
previous letters, there are less pages and more to pay etc.,
but what galls me is that my loyalty is not repayed.
New subscribers are offered Organiser 2 (49.99) or Money Matters 4 (49.99), I am offered the big ZERO. Why??
4) Rant rant rant. Blah, rant rant etc.
5) Could you please not have any more Doom clones as I hate them,
could we please have some older classic games if possible,
this would keep those Victorian A500 owners happy, educate new
A1200 owners what the Amiga was all about in the good old days
and also maybe give the software houses as little pocket
Games such as: Kn igh ts of the Sky, Mon key Islan d, Sim City with the Editors, A Train I know I have moaned a lot but number 3 is a real bug bear of mine, as next time I will let my subscription lapse and then rejoin at your expense. Many thanks Simon D. Copestake (sony I do not know my subs number as I am in work and it is 4.30am) Liverpool Sony, had to cut you back a bit there.
Ok, your first point is a very good one.
Knights of the Sky - far too good to be given away?
SSPIPH 25 FEET 2S FEET 15,000 FEET ROTARY 100 1 LEWIS MAX SPEED-' LENGTH: WING SpftN: CEIL5N&: ENGINE: HORSEPOWER ftRMftMBHT: Air«DH2C&B) and one that was dealt with last month, but it ’s worth going over again for the people who obviously don’t pay attention.
Basically, you can use the form in the magazine to claim your free gift when you re-sub scribe. Simply fill in your subs number on thefoi'm when you do so.
As the offers are subject to change, it is only possible to find out what current offers are from the latest issue of the mag.
In answer to your second point, there are a few things you haven’t considered. The first and more obvious one is that Monkey Island, Knights of the Sky and many others come on Continued overleaf "My son and I, both A1200 owners went to the World of Amiga Show last Saturday. The stands were great but the influx of people coming in as soon as the doors opened was tremendous and overshadowed what should have been a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Instead everyone was pushed and jostled around the tiny hall that was the exhibitors arena.
We did manage to pick up some bargains in the form of RAM cards and a modem. On the whole we found the prices to be very good and trading to be fair. Most standholders had their prices clearly marked and with those there was no problem. We witnessed and experienced two instances however, where staff at stands with no prices visibly displayed, charged erratically. The whole atmosphere at these two stands was sadly one of being ripped off. We still enjoyed the show, there was a brilliant atmosphere, staff were happy and chatty and all in all it was a good day. I am sure that a lot of people have
learned some helpful lessons for the next show and last but certainly not least, the Amiga and it's fans are definitely not dead!"
Frank Szafran Hull "We joined a queue a few metres from the door and slowly made progress until the queue just stopped. We found out that Amiga Technologies had underestimated the number of people who would turn up, there were now two or three hundred people waiting outside the hall with all the allocated people in, that is the We were really impressed with Mark's pictures of motorbikes, which is why we've included two of them this month DMA Design Ltd second bad point. We got talking to a couple of others in the queue who were friendly; one of them had come from Portugal to go to the show.
That is the first good point, everyone was friendly, even giving advice to each other about which CD-ROM's are worth buying.
Secondly, there were some good bargains with a lot of large hard drives at very cheap prices. I managed to get a Quad speed IDE CD-ROM drive from Siren for £150 and a 4Mb RAM-8 card from Wizard for £80. There were some great things on show including the Squirrel MPEG and Surf Squirrel, Alien Breed 3D II, and quite a few Amigas to play around with. It was also a chance to go star spotting including David Pleasance and of course yourself Nick. Generally, it was an enjoyable, even if a little crushed, day out."
Martin Garratt This World of Amiga show seems to have been just a bit too popular according to most of the letters we have received.
"A friend and I made our way from sunny South Wales to the Novotel in Hammersmith for the "World of Amiga" show. It was the first time my friend had been to a computer show and I had regaled him with tales of the wonderful hardware and software bargains that could be had, the product demo's etc etc. Unfortunately, once inside, all optimism evaporated. The exhibition area was woefully small and the number of exhibitors pathetic. Whilst I'll give full credit to those who were there (although I have some reservations regarding Gasteiner's "Sold as Seen - No Warranty" sales pitch), I must ask
where were the rest, notably Silica and Blittersoft who were actually shown in the advertising blurb?"
Mark Williams Amiga Technologies put on a good show within the confines of the space they had."
David Green "...where is the bar?"
Darren Irvine "what happened to the events advertised for the show that just were not there. I refer here to the "Games Arcade", the "Competitions Galore", and of Well, it was a shame that so many of the exhibitors didn't share our view that a large number of Amiga faithful would turn up. More exhibitors would have meant more space for the whole exhibition.
We all thought that it was a great opportunity for Amiga owners to meet Amiga Technologies and converse with each other on diverse topics such as "who would buy anything that looked like that?" Or "where is the cheapest '060 card?".
Although overcrowding did become a problem, it was certainly a busy day for AF. All the staff are sorry if we didn't get to talk to everyone, but there were just too many of you!
Hopefully the success of this show will provide the foundation for another, bigger show in the future. AF will certainly bethere, and we hope you can make it too.
"Let those that were not here call themselves accursed" as Shakespeare might have put it - the turnout of dealers and developers was not so overwhelming.
Course, the almost non existent "Presentation Theatre". Please do not tell me that the games arcade was actually meant to be the Team 17 stand running AB3D117 Or even the Power Computing stand running Breathless? (or whatever was running on the A1200 on the Future Publishing stand -1 could not get close enough to see, too many people!). And what about Amiga users like myself, who went there with one thing in mind: spend money on some decent software?
There were no stands there that I could see selling new Amiga games, or serious Amiga software.
Okay, so I did get Photogenics for £30 (bargain!) And for the same amount I could have got Opus 5, but that was about it.
In summing up then, the show wasn't a patch on past Amiga shows and a real let down to some of us. I only hope that Amiga Technologies and the shows organisers realise this and improve it all by 200% for next year - that is if there is a show next year."
Keith Elcombe WHAT A CIRCUS!
"...apart from being, I suppose understandably small, I thought the show was really good. It was nice to see that even though some "leading brand" people didn't bother coming (whither Silica, Harwoods, Blittersoft?) All the mags were there to support the Amiga (except I didn't see an AUI stand - are they still going?) And several disks so they simply wouldn’t fit.
Secondly, there has, for many years a “gentleman’s agreement ” between magazine publishers, not to put full commercial games on the Coverdisks of Amiga (or PC or Mac) mags.
The reasoning behind this is that giving away software harms the games industry, because people can simply buy magazines and get games cheaply.
Obviously, some companies are more gentlemanly than others. Some magazines have already been breaking this agreement, so it will be in teresting to see what happens.
NETTED, NOT NOTTED Has the Amiga Format metamorphosed into the chameleon species called Amiga Internet Monthly. In April’s ediuon there were a total of nine pages devoted to the net, and believe it or not some .Amiga nuts do have a life outside their ‘girlfriend’ and its’ endless Black Widow’s web.
There are plenty of devoted mags out there, so try and leave it to .net mag etc. Mark Saunders Lancs Very well. Just for you we will depiive everybody who is interested in the Internet and never run anything about it again. Spoilsport.
On second thoughts, no we won’t.
So, because we have a regular Amiga.net column and we have done one feature on it, we are overdoing it.
Well, I’m sorry, but you re out of order.
Last month we had about nine pages on Cds (more, if you count the roundup) and I expect if you don’t have a CD, you511 be complaining about that.
INNOCENT PARTY I am writing in response to a letter that you published in the March issue of Amiga Format from Andy McDonnell. To make HMV’s position regarding Amiga software clear. The problem that Mr McDonnell rightly underlined is unfortunately, beyond our control, it does not lie with the retailer but with the software houses and suppliers within the .Amiga market.
We endeavour to stock a full range of .Amiga products in all of our stores and will certainly back the format for as long as new quality releases are produced. This is becoming more and more difficult to do as more and more software houses opt for the PC as their main focus. We can only sell the products the publishers give us to sell. We are not in a position to force the likes LucasArts to produce Dark Forces or TIE Fighter for the Amiga.
Darren Newnham Games Buyer HMV £5 THE LOVEABLE HOOVER Well, I am pleased that Amiga Technologies have taken steps forward and come up with a decent Amiga design. I know that the new Amiga exterior design is just a concept but unfortunately my living room is not a vacuum cleaner showroom. I would like to inform Amiga Tech. That MY LIVING ROOM DOES NOT CONTAIN CARPET CLEANING EQUIPMENT! There is nothing wrong with a big box design like the A4000 which can comfortably support a monitor, if you want it to fit in why not give it a CDTV style design, but don't you think that the 'fitting in' design
of the CDTV, CDI and PCTV was a bit of a mistake? All failed miserably (and continue to do so).
Away from the exterior design gripes may I shout thank you in an excited voice for the inclusion of a hard disk, a high density floppy drive, a CD-ROM of decent speed and decent memory, there is hope for the Amiga yet.
I would just like to finish and say that the inclusion of a 3D graphics card would be a wise step, as all the 'next generation' consoles include them. 3D cards are emerging on the PC as well. Shouldn't we follow suit? I have yet to see any 3D games running at a decent rate on an Amiga at the type of resolutions and screen sizes seen on the previously mentioned mind-rottingly useless console things.
Also, will Sound-Blaster cards (of the 16-bit+ wavetable MIDI sounds variety) be made to work in the new Amiga with the correct drivers? This is one inclusion that could interest some of the big third party developers from the PC market.
James Tunnicliffe Hull As one of your older readers I can remember this machine when you could get the Light Programme on the left hand side of the dial. I like being a computer nerd and I don't mind if my visitors know and anyway how can you balance a monitor or tea mug on top of it? Is this a ploy to sell high profit extras, such as monitor stands and mug holders? Last week I spotted an Amiga Magic pack in Tandy's window in Ayr. I think I deserve a prize for observation, for although the pack was in the centre of the window at eye level, it had two radio cassette type things partly obscuring
it and each had an A5 size card with their details covering even more of the box.
To add insult to injury there was no card to describe the Amiga or any indication of price. Surely as the trend in the shops, judging by this and other readers experiences, seems to be to ignore the Amiga, the last thing we want is a machine that blends in with other Hi-Fi toys. How do they expect businesses to take the Amiga seriously when it looks like a nostalgic copy of a 1950s wireless? It doesn't matter, to the general public, how good the technology is, if it doesn't look right, no- one will buy it.
Angus Blair Ayrshire So the new Amiga is going to look like a pensioned-off "scutter from 'Red Dwarf'"?
Ok, I can live with that. But in black and silver to blend in with the living room?
Black and silver will stand out like an elephant at a mouse convention - why not be bold and do cases in different colours - even transparent - that would truly fit into the decor. Why not, like DJ mixer manufacturers, do 'limited editions' in camoflauge (for the war game fans), with football club stickers (for the footie fans), on car badge stickers (for the F1 fanatics) - It could become a design icon, something which no PC will ever do! Finally, if the case is brightly coloured, Escom will not find it so easy to hide it in their shops and generally ignore it, as is now the case with the
D Griffith Cheltenham Well, opinion is divided on the design, but perhaps it will be more interesting to see if and when the machines will be actually launched, given the recent news events. However, I hope you have read the news piece in this issue about Phase 5 - I'm sure their machine won't look like a vacuum-cleaner.
Not all uweagames n m magazines Edge is the UK’s leading monthly interactive entertainment and videogaming magazine are ttia aama fllr It delivers unrivalled coverage of the technology and pioneers shaping the future of digital entertainment And it truly defines state of-the art UK ecicr June 193-5 £?.50,;;.- Piaijsiaiton o soimn a iltntsnoo S4a PC a Racing to warns tna millennium: Psygnosis p .wars j up wipeout pnaz I Inside issue thirty-three: World exclusive look at Psygnosis' new wave of interactive entertainment, including Wipeout 2 and The Fallen On sale now The future of interactive
entertainment i Piaustation • Saturn ¦ tlintenoo S4 ¦ PC ¦ 300 ¦ arcane ¦ net ¦ munimenta ¦ cst 1 S»*le Editor_ Display: 5598 Buffer |5598 'Irnijnrjl Hjorn crrsfjinr- I't-L.XI.ni ll L.lll_(JnlUtlltJ A A » fVVV v r v gageDiajay Range Show | Play I Cut I Erase I Clear I Copy Ifrwhaod I l x» Iqqp Point f*;S.tart.Ul .UfllJ& OctoHED Soundstudio VI Preview - Song! 15 Tines o| Hain Control_ Song Play Cont [I | 81 [g|[s n-tess2 Block Play Conti Inst: S-ist... I bf Dl ST0P ll I Edit _J Space Length |i~ I 1:6 8:2-3 STO JJ 57' JiTt l)lsol 1 1 Sal Chip: 1424736 Fasti 1126736 A demo of the new OctaMED
Soundstudio, the full OctaMED 5 tutorial, EdwordPro 5.5 and MagnifiCAD The exclusive demo of XP8 will keep the trigger happy content, while Breed 96 caters for the more strategically minded After Steve Bradley awarded this new shoot- em-up 85% last issue, we chased the programmers to create a special demo just for AF readers. XP8 is a classic shoot-em- up. You control a space ship in this vertically scrolling game and the enemy attacks in waves. All you need to do is shoot everything. The actual objective is to destroy five communication dishes. Power ups appear from underneath buildings that
you destroy and one tip is to make use of the barrels marked with a radioactive sign. Shooting these will destroy all ground forces on the screen - especially useful when three of the dishes are lined up next to each other.
When you gather power ups, you can swap between weapons by pressing the space bar. There is an options screen at the beginning of the demo that allows you to change many of the game’s parameters like difficulty, weapon intensity and shield integrity.
Shoot everything, collect power ups and shoot some more. Especially satellite dishes, Left: Watch out for the frightening, floating apparitions of Nick Veitch.
W jp 'jt*» j? Jp Ti ~ rrfrrn This demo has been specially created for AF- watch out for the waves of Nick Veitch aliens half way through! You can get the full game for £19.99 from Weathermine Software, 50 Talleforth Road, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2FY. ® A massive demo of the new shoot-em-up and a new shareware game that's taken the PD world by storm.
David Taylor leads the way.
F BREED 96 (V1.3) 2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: 4 IMPORTANT! READ ME FIRST! INSTALLATION Imagine a cross between Civilisation, Dune 2, K240 and Sim City. Breed 96 is a fantastic strategy game that won our PD selection of the month last issue. You can play one of four races and the aim of the game is to colonise your planet and build enough forces to overcome the other races.
Other races will also be attempting to conquer each other and your planet. You can strike up alliances and trade with them, but if you do, your allies may request your help against attacking enemies. The advantage is that they'll also come to your aid if you're attacked.
You start the game on an empty planet with the ability to build a variety of centres. In order to advance your race, you must research other structures that you will then be able to add to your colony. Research is made by clicking on the second button along.
The button on the very left is for choosing buildings and placing them on the planet surface. When you select a building, the outline will appear on the planet and you can choose where to place it. When you are planning your colony, you should note that you will need to run roads through the colony and that repair robots need a thickness of two squares to be able to pass between them. If you want to cancel placing a building you have selected, press the Escape button.
To start your colony, you need to place a power station, a food generator and a In order to fit these two great games on the disk, we've had to archive them. Unpacking them is done automatically, but you do need two spare disks. These disks must be preformatted by you and be completely empty.
Note that the XP8 disk must be FFS, which is the Workbench 2 type disk that holds 878K.
Information about formatting a disk can be found in your Workbench manual. Workbench 2 and above owners can simply boot the Coverdisk and follow the instructions from residential dome. Power stations can power up to about 18 buildings, while food generators can supply food for around ten residential domes. Each dome holds 50 people. Your colony will expand quite rapidly, so make sure that you have enough domes to cope.
As time goes by, you will discover other worlds and develop relations with aliens, but remember to keep your colony in order with adequate commerce centres and law enforcement. You can manufacture space ships that can trade or attack other worlds.
The game can be saved at any point by clicking on the Save game button in the options screen. For this operation, you must make sure your disk is write-enabled (i.e. the disk tab is down). There are many other screens for you to explore and many other game features too.
Note that you cannot colonise other planets in this version, so space stations are of no use. In order to colonise other worlds, you need to register the game, which costs $ 20 Australian (about £10) or $ 25 Australian (about £13) if you are sending a cheque in foreign currency. The registered version has scenario settings (like missions), different game difficulties, more intelligent aliens and even more. Registration is available from the author at: Damian Tarnawsky, 4 5 King Street, Raymond Terrace, NSW Australia 2324.
More details about the game and registration can be found in the documents.
There, inserting the empty disks when asked. If you have a Workbench 1.3 machine, you need to boot your Workbench and then insert the Coverdisk. Open the disk and double click on the Install icon. You will need to insert the spare disk when asked.
Note that you need an A1200 to play XP8. It can be auto-booted, but Breed 96 requires you to boot your Workbench disk to play it. (There are instructions in the game's docs about how to create an auto-booting game disk.)
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... Iboot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH _ eu Shell process 4 }.UB3.8: diskcopy fron dff: to dfB: Insert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DF8 ess RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: nsert9diskVtoncopy7?o (DESTINATION disk) in device DFB Press RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: siitir 810 90 4 Once
your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Ess 4 opy fron dfl to copy fron (1 , .obe cylinder .. _ k to copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device DFB 8H to continue or CTRL-C to abort: Shell proce 33,8: diskc o[ fintgaShe 11 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
; •_ cess 4 $ .HB3.8: diskcopy fron df0: to df8: nsert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DFB Press RETURH to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: _ J OctaMED has been with the Amiga for as long as most of us can remember. David Taylor introduces the new version which promises to revolutionise Amiga music.
OctaMED Soundstudio V1 Preview - Song: 15 Tines ? I Main Control Song Block Play Cont | 01 [9||syn-bass2 | 3816 Play Cont Inst: Slist... | Type,.. | Earans... | Edit... Pi .... STOP I Edit I Space I Chord Oct BI12 ?1 Song Annotation 1 1 996 wodfile by Mark M Salud - read annotation text Load Text... 1 Save Text¦..| Discard Text| VI Show After Loading This is an OCTAMED nusic nodule created by ne, Mark M Salud, of San Diego, California. To play the nusic nodule, you will need a nod player Infornation - (Tenpo - SPD 33 5)
- laf" 1 1 _ 1 1 saJ~ 1 30 El0 22: | Chip: 1422864 Fast: 1180656
| - Stopped - When you load the demo of OctaMED Soundstudio,
you can load in two demo modules and the program will display a
small file giving you information about the module.
OctattD Soundstudio VI Preview - Song: 15 Tines qI Main Control Display: 5598 Buffer [5598 (Range Start: jff iky mKfvjfi
- A - A * .
Rv v W vv V | Nix -
- Stopped - OCTAMED SOUNDSTUDIO The Amiga’s favourite music
program will not see version seven. Instead, we’re getting a
whole new package named Soundstudio. It offers some remarkable
developments such as up to 64 independent audio channels and
14-bit playback through the .Amiga’s standard hardware! This
month, we’re very pleased to be able to let you sample the
program’s delights (excuse the pun) with an exclusive demo.
The most significant of the new features is the mixing routine. Instead of the old 4- channel mode which was tighdy tied to the audio hardware of the .Amiga, the mixing routine is hardware-independent, and can use several output options. Supported output devices are .Amiga (8- and 14-bit), Toccata (16- bit), Maestix (16-bit) and Delfina (16-bit). It’s also possible to record digital sound data directly onto disk at the desired resolution (8 16) and sampling frequency.
Based on the mixing technique used in five to eight channel mode, the new Mix channel Short: MMD0 nusic nodule Author: nark.sa1udOtonn i e.tn i snet.con Uploader: nark.salud@tonnie.tnisnet.con Type: nods ned Filenane: 15Tines.lha Requires: nod player that supports MED Octa*€D Soundstudio VI Preview - Song: 15 Tines o| Main Control ____________- S Song Play Cont I | 81 E [syn-bass2 ] 3816 Block Play Cont Inst: Slist... | Iype... | Earans... Edit... n of STOP _| Edit _| Space _J Chord Oct BI12I A y ¦ ¦IP IP 88:881R| mode can play 64 notes at once using the normal Amiga sound capabilities! You
can also bring your song to life with effects such as echo, and use it to record part of your song direct to disk as a sample.
As well as all the advantages of the last version of OctaMED, there are masses of other improvements too. The notation editor, which didn’t appear in version six, has returned considerably enhanced and now includes up to 16 staves. There's a new7 window which allows you to do powerful search and replace operations on notes, instrument numbers, commands or any combination!
Note that in order to run the annotation editor, you must copy the font from the fonts drawer on the disk to your fonts directory on your Workbench disk.
A much more comprehensive list of new7 features can be found on the disk in the readme file. .Also on the disk, you’ll find two modules that have been converted to play back in the new7 14-bit mode and also a couple of samples for you to try out within the demo.
The demo is save disabled, but you can get more information or an upgrade to OctaMED Soundstudio from RBF Software. Their address is: RBF Software (OSSV1), 169 Dale Valley Road, Southampton, SO 16 6QX or you can visit Elay Display I Zoon In Range Display Monitor Pitch: p»T1 1 Show 611 Zotm Out 1 SarpltK | Xsuffer 1 Digitize 1
- -1 Range Sww 1 Play 1 Cut I Erase I Clear 1 Copy 1 Paste 1
Reverse || Ereehand _J Loop Loop Point BlStartUI i 8lB l
SjNono 8 | B:Enpty SafW fllliEg: Sgn ~U8 22: Chip: 1411856
Fast: 1129112 | - Stopped - |Hix - A h . A $ A A i .k j» v’t
... ywy *v v Vvwvv vvvvv~' ]Range End: W_
- Ml IE I Mix -----80:00|r| ed pa A V their WWW site at:
http: www.compulink.co.uk -octamed or E-mail
rbfsoft@cix.compulink.co.uk. A telephone answering service is
also available on: 01703 785680.
Upgrade prices are set at £35 for registered OctaMED 6 users and £70 full price.
OCTAMED 5 TUTORIAL In addition to the Soundstudio demo, we also have the official tutorial guide to OctaMED 5.
This is simply an extensive amigaguide that you can work through as a guide to the features of the program. If you’re an OctaMED user, then this guide is heaven sent.
If you don’t have OctaMED 5, then you can obtain it from this month’s Cover CD which contains the full package. If you’ve got the CD version that is. Sorry, but there wasn’t room to include it on the floppy.
MAGNIFICAD Computer aided design is an excellent way for your Amiga to help you plan out projects.
MagnifiCAD is a very accessible program that allows you to use its features and tools to plan out 2D designs. You could create a house floorplan, that can be made on several levels, or design an office or any other room for that matter. It can output DXF files for use in other design packages.
MagnifiCAD allows the use of four different types of drawing elements: polylines, arcs, text and symbols.
The polylines and the arcs are the common drawing elements and they are the real elements that make up a design. The other two types, text and symbols, play a supporting role in a drawing.
A polyline is a series of connected line segments, and may be open or closed. A polyline may consist of only one line segment. A special polyline type, the rectangle, is constrained to preserve its rectangular shape.
.An arc is represented by the parameters that are used to generate it, not by line segments such as in polylines. .An arc can be open (a partial circle) or closed (a full circle or ellipse). Text elements consist of a character string and can only be placed horizontally.
Symbols are elements composed of several The form might look familiar to OctaMED users, but There is a built-in Sample editor to allow you to mess Heh, heh! You can even compose on OctaMED using you'll soon see that there are many additions. Around with the samples themselves. The standard set of notes.
This program is also shareware and you should read its documentation for more information.
IOP EDITOR MagnmiHU 1.1, i£i1993-9b Hnders uranll Imagine users will know7 that wrhenever you get a new object, it’s almost always got a path attached to it for textures that either aren’t on your machine or are in a different place to the one the object expects.
IOP Editor makes it easy to identify these and to change them to one that suits you quickly. The program’s features are all easily accessible from an obvious graphical user interface.
A I Inagine Object Path Editor vl.B - newSPftCE.FIGHTIig 0| Detailed Path List_I I BIB a I Workbench.
Part Nane MINGS SIDE THINGY'S.1 HINGS.1 HULL HULL Brush Texture Nane leftwing.colour general.pan rightwing.colour hulltop.colour hulltop.reflect Ran Disk TOOLS MagnifiCAD is a computer aided design program and you can see how many tools are available by viewing the toolbar down the left hand side. The whole thing is laid out in the way standard paint programs are.
Pick, Select elements to pick them (0 elements selected), Laver! 88B8 Section_ You can now design multiple layers of 2D plans and have your house redesigned in minutes!
Other elements and are useful for repetitions.
When the symbols are created, they are placed in a library7 of symbols, from w7hich they may be retrieved and repeatedly placed in a drawing as many times as necessary7.
MagnifiCAD requires Workbench 3 and is shareware - read the docs for the registration details.
EDWORDPRO 5.5 Edward has long been popular with .Amiga owners as a replacement text editor for Ed, the rather lacklustre editor that comes with Workbench. While perfectly capable of producing letters and much longer documents, Edword really shines w7hen you are creating AmigaDOS scripts or the like. It is a package that is teaming with features, including all the obvious ones like find replace. It also has a calculator with manv functions that can be called (the calculator, incidentally, can also be used standalone from Workbench) and the program supports Arexx too. The Arexx interface has
24 new7 commands including FindFile, GotoDoc, SetMargin and Getlnput.
There are many scripts supplied with ones to reformat text to margins as wTell as left, right or fully justified blocks of text.
K U In addition, you can record and playback your own macros so that repetitive tasks become simple. This is brilliant for multiple documents on which you need to perform the same set of functions. These macros can be saved and loaded back in for future use.
Among its main new7 features are an auto- complete function w7here the program will automatically try to complete a w7ord based on a loaded Keyword file. This function is enabled by pressing Alt and the space bar. For programmers there is a Find Function facility7 to locate functions and procedures within source code. The editor itself can now7 be opened on any Public Screen as wrell as on its owm and a Help menu has been added too.
EdHord Pro V5.5 - work:teHp Rl E HordV5.5 DocuHents Features' I ' y 'Sy' y ' y ' y ' y ' y'yt' y ' j ' y ' y ' y'y' y ' y 'y V y ' y 7y Ct WWW W 5* K 'A ' y ' y'ASy'S y' y K' y ' y K ' y 'A ' y ' y 'A
- Professional V5.5 ----======== FEATURES MARTIN REDDY, 1996 a I
Calculator [BIB rful, oeneral purpose text editor which offers
a facilities. It was initially released as a Share- at tine it
has undergone a nyriad of inprouenents e current version which
provides an indis..... As you night expect, the basic function
o role, t off e current version which provides an indispensable
Uht expect, the basic function of EdHord it offers all the
rudinentary facilities , fer, but what nakes Ecftford that bit
nore C.
EdWordPro has many features including this excellent calculator for quick sums.
Tenp | inag ineInaps New Path AFC02 H) test Browse Reset inagine:naps Cancel Save
- TT7TZZ The Imagine Path Editor allows you to edit the to
textures assigned to objects very easily.
Paths INSTALLATION The software on this disk has been archived to fit it all on. You require a WB2 machine to de-archive them. All you need to do is boot the Coverdisk by inserting it in the internal drive (dfO:) and turning your Amiga on. You need three spare disks to install to, but they do not need to be pre-formatted as the disk will do this automatically for you. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and choose the disk you want to install. The programs can be installed directly to a hard drive, but it is suggested that you create a test directory to install to so that you can easily
remove the programs should you want to. If you have a PCMCIA or SCSI drive that is not accessible on boot-up, load up Workbench and then insert the Coverdisk.
There is an Install icon on the disk that will let you install everything to a hard drive from there. Note that in order to run the annotation editor, you must copy the font from the fonts drawer on the disk to your fonts directory on your Workbench disk. In order to see the fonts drawer, you must select the "Show all files" menu item from the Window menu on Workbench. All the contents of this drawer must be copied.
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE CanDo is a rather excellent package, designed to help you create your own applications and presentations quickly and easily. It does this job so well in fact, that we used version 3 to create the GUI interface for the CD.
Due to last minute technicalities, this disk will not boot directly from CD-ROM. Most files and software are usable if you have a mouse and external floppy drive though. We apologise and we hope to have sorted this problem out in time for the next issue.
The comms drawer contains the latest shareware version of the increasingly popular Aweb browsing software.
You will also find a drawer full of useful PD and shareware, and also the software which allows you to take advantage of our fabulous Internet offer (see the opposite page for some more details).
Please double-click on this before you try and access anything else on the CD, or the chances are you'll get some sort of error message.
To help you around the CD, we have developed an excellent graphical front-end, which will allow you to view many of the images and animations present on this disc. You will need an AGA Amiga though.
Version 2.5 is installed on the CD and is ready to run (make sure you run the assign program first though!).
Using CanDo is fairly straightforward, and there are plenty of examples on the CD to get you started.
The important thing to remember is to click on the “Browse” mode in the CanDo panel to use the applications, and to use the Design mode to add new buttons, scripts, sounds or whatever.
Hopefully we will be able to do a special deal for manuals in the next issue of Amiga Format.
If you would like to get hold of the latest version, you will find details of the upgrade offer on the actual CD.
PLACES TO GO WITH YOUR CD-ROM This month you will find a full version of CanDo 2.5, the multimedia authoring software and the full release version of OctaMED 5, including the official Amiga.guide tutorial document.
Upgrade offers for this software are included on the CD.
There are plenty of demos of commercial software and Cds tucked away on the disk. We have an excellent demo of Optonica's MMExperience, yr'J
• * ¦ w-- nm jssl, OctaMED Possibly the best known sound
tracker program ever, the CD contains the full commercial
release version 5.0. OctaMED enables anyone, with or without
any musical knowledge (or indeed, talent) to come up with some
cracking tunes. It can be a little daunting to use at first,
but don’t worry, because we've also included the giant
Amiga.guide official tutorial for this version to get you
If you like what you see, it would probably be a good idea to check out the Demo drawer on the CD as well, where you will find a demo version of Soundstudio, which is essentially, a vastly improved version of OctaMED.
You will find the 3D directory stuffed full of images, animations,objects and textures suitable for use with all the major rendering packages, including Real 3D, Lightwave, Imagine and Cinema 4D. Most of the animations are in HAM8 mode, but there are some surprisingly good 16-colour anims suitable for any machine - check out the cave drawer to find out what can be achieved on an original chipset machine.
Double-clicking on these two icons will set the correct screen depth and palette to display Magic Workbench style icons. You don't have to click on them to use the disc (it will take up slightly more Chip RAM), but it will make things a bit prettier. Oh, and thanks to the excellent AGA Experience disc, where we nicked the scripts from in the first place.
Welcome to yet another Amiga Format Cover CD. We have, as you would expect, another disc full of images, animations, PD, Licenceware and a whole load of other excellent material.
Some of the software on the disk requires the excellent MUI system by Stefan Stuntz to work. We have included a version on the disk, but to avoid unnecessary memory usage, you will have to run it as and when you need it and remember to execute the assigns script first. Remember that MUI is shareware, and if you continue to use it, you must register with the author.
Tin I'mt ion* a standard procedure and you won’t be charged unless you use the service after the one month trial which starts after your call. Once you’re on-line though, don’t give out your number to anyone.
To install the software, including a demo version of AmiTCP 4, double-click on the install icon. If the install script asks you to choose the names of your boot and main disks, don’t panic if yours are called something else - simply assign them using Shell with a similar line to the following; Assign DHO: yourdrive: where your drive is the name of your boot partition. Do the same thing if your main partition is not called Work, but substitute DHO: for DH1: Make friends, or in Graeme's case, enemies, all over the world with Grapevine and Internet Relay Chat.
Install the software and a quick phone call later you'll be browsing the web.
Jll I.
Dikk&m te ( $ : jtfue -deimre wwA' iwr*r%T OX 34m M Ime i. FwrNHtScvKtl Ltd. Ubr 73. CHEL 24 Rwa&iy Red. Lt*4». LS? T B T«i *44 (0)113 294 4224 F»r *44(0) 113294 4321 iLSiif Ren* sending HTTP request; welting for response.
°1 .Chenn«t, J.o.lr)»d. Brapevln* Internet Relay Chet Client 1.182 Copyright 1993-1993 by Brian J. Cerveny. Fill rights reserved.
Halting list subscriptions: najordo*to *tal I .cryogen Ic. Con FTP support site: ftp: Vftp.cryogenic .coev'pub 'grapevlne Refer to the nanual for Information on registering Brapevlne.
Attempting connect loo to server f lrstnet.es. nfc on port CM?
P yournane |ch**ky bugger looking for an argument for owners of the Picasso card.
There are some demo AVI files in the examples draw7er taken from the latest season of BabylonJ - they’re great with the volume up.
You will also find the rather controversial but incredibly powerful Mac emulator, Shapeshifter.
Obviously we cannot distribute the Mac ROM image or the system software on disc, but the complete distributable archive is there, ready for use.
Obviously, we have also included the very latest version of Virus Checker to protect your disks from umvanted visitors. Make sure you use it!
| p23 - 0g0 88 i'-A 80 m 08 i-j [828 C-5 28 88 M 1029 88 |838 88 88 B-3 You will find the demo version of OctaMED Soundstudio in the Demos drawer.
Worth a look, just so you can say that you’ve done it.
You will also find some commercial demos in the games section, both of released titles such as Slam Tilt and XP8, and the upcoming Alien Breed 3D and Capital Punishment.
We have included the ‘060 update for Breathless and a saved game editor for SWOS ( but don’t you dare come running to us if you accidentally turn Yeboah into Beardsley).
PD There are plenty of PD and shareware titles to be found in this drawer including some quite amazing utilities.
Our favourite of the month is probably TapAvi. We have included the older version which will work on AGA Amigas, although a newrer version exists but only If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope. Return postage will be paid.
Ablex Audio Video Limited, Harcourt, Halesfield 14, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4QR A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 9.30am and 6.00pm from Monday to Friday. Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732279. Email: support@futurenet.co.uk Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
FIRSTNET SOFTWARE Due to sustained media hype, just about every computer-owner has probably considered connecting their machine to the Internet.
However most are put off by the complexity of configuring the necessary software, not to mention finding an ISP (Internet Sendee Provider) that knows anything about the Amiga. Well this month could be your lucky month because we’re giving you the chance to sample the delights of the Internet for free for a whole month. After this free period you will be charged £12.50 per month if you live in the Leeds area or £15.00 elsewhere in mainland Britain.
All the software you need is in the FirstNet drawer of the comms directory' and includes email software and a web-browser.
All you need to do is call FirstNet on 0113 294 4224 and they will sort out your user name and password and provide any further information you need. Be prepared to give them your Access or Visa card number when you call as they will need this. Don’t worry7 it’s GAMES It’s another veritable games fest this month with indispensables such as the latest version of Breed’96, the rather tremendous Super Foul Egg, the quite astounding if you stop to think about it Alien Bash 2 and the just plain bizarre Train Driver- a remarkably lifelike simulation of BR’s amazing rail network.
If you have ever w7ondered w7hat it’s like to drive the 10SR from London to Carlisle you now have the opportunity7 to find out. The simulation even includes the AWS system, which prevents you from speeding through yellow7 signals into the back of the Edinburgh sleeper, although you can still turn off the warnings and speed through stations doing a ton. It is wrell LICENCEWARE There are over twenty7 Licenceware tides from the ProSoft and 5D libraries this month. Among them you will Find useful programs such as ProGreyhounds (w7hich Linda didn’t need w7hen she went to the dogs), several games, a
pools predictor and an assortment of Lottery programs ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIBUTORS.
YOUR ORDER WILL BE DESPATCHED ON THE SAME DAY VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE mm- We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TITLES TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code, eg. U01 Agene. Some titles have a number in (), this means the title comes on (x) number of disks. To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Pack price as stated. All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p to total for postage & packaging 99P PER DISK + CHOOSE 1 FREE DISK WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add 50p per disk P&P) SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 01827287377 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 9 WILLS
STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 SOFTWARE2000 O Top Utilities ! KILL AGA- make older I 064 EMULATOR II utiL i run on A1200 I I I DISKSALV II + ABACKUP (not JM fc I HOW TO CODE IN C 2disk) + many U622 ACTION REPLAY V1.5 (A500 6 00) • 1 I THE CHEAT COMPENDIUM MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 with every order of £12 or over. To claim your free mouse mat just cut out and return this token with your order + enclose an extra 38p stamp to cover the postage and packing.
Offer only available with this token (limited 1 Mouse Mat per order exduding any other offer) Alternatively you may choose 1 FREE disk U886 COMPLETE WB UTIL (2DISK) very useful U887 DISK REPAIR KIT 4-lnctude disk rei gg3ENTlALS************** DISK CLEANING KIT ...£2-99* Complete with disk & cleaning fluid Quality MOUSE MAT ...£2-99* lO blank disks & 10 labels .....£4 99 SO disk protector
sleeves .£ -99
* special offer: £1 off if you order 5 or more PD disks U334 U335
U967 PRO-GAMBLE-Super horse prediction program U978 DELUXE
PAINT 4 BUDDY SYSTEM-(2) Ge: the most out of Deluxe Paint
Instant on line for every function U981 VIRUS CHECKER V6.54 -
Command'BUTTONS U983 MAGIC WB & MAGIC MENU - Both latest
versions U986 VIRUS-WORKSHOP V5.1 - the best Virus killer U987
GRAPHIC-CONVERTER (2D) Converts pictures etc U988 TURBOCAT Auto
catalogue your disk library U989 AUTOBOOT DISK MAKgR V4 -very
useful U993 IMAGINE STUDIO V2.(2D) The best PD image (picture)
processor available. Rivals even the commercial ER V3.1
powerful disk cruncher image processors costing hundreds of
pounds, (not k1.3) plus read'write PC AMIGA disk U969
POWER-CACHES Speeds up disk loading. Accessing.
Recommended U970 HARDDRIVE SECURITY II Collection of HD security not WB1.3 & I similar to VISTA programs eg Lockout 2. Password etc U971 HARD-DISK 4 FLOPPY DISK DOUBLER U973 CHEAT FOR 800 ? GAMES, LEVEL CODE V3.3. to HD.eg 1 (2 disk) Star Trek magazine 3 (4 disk) Star Trek magazine
- HardDrrve menu system U757 your hard floppy video eoflecdon
many videotWerf urn U431 U250 U984 U965 U352 U671 U513 U920
U921 U322 U923 Y8XEO1 & 2 (beet 2 system. Dozens off - ,00°
VIDEOS tltier Y©£0 TTTlSt • BEST to ties video tffter ' print
U807 FONT 4 PRINT Loads of utilities to view 4 print your font
M003 DO THE BART MAN M005 100 C64 TUNES (not A1200) M006
hit song M027 BLUES HOUSE (2 disks) M084 C64 GAMES MUSIC M115
MAHONEY 4 KAKTUS 2-40 tunes compilation M125 ADAMS FAMILY M147
BANGLES • Walk Lie An Egyptian M150 TIFFANY -1 Thnk We're Alone
Now M171 MADONNA - Like a Virgin M173 JANET JACKSON - Rhythm
Nation M177 PET SHOP BOYS M184 SAM FOX - Please Me M186
Smooth Criminal M194 JESUS ONES (2 disks) M205 RAVE - more Rave
M262 A TO Z OF C64 GAMES MUSIC (4) briSant M314 DICK TRACY
PRINTER MANAGER PRINTER STUDIO excellent print result* U599
PRINTER TOOL Includes typewriter, spooler etc U792 PRINT LABELS
print disk labels banners U793 STAR PRINTER STUDIO for sH star
printers U794 SEIKOS STUDIO lor an Seiko printers. More
specific printer driver for the above printer U733 PANASONIC
STUDIO-9 & 24 pin printer driver ft util.
U734 CANON PRINTER STUDIO not AMO (1.3) U735 PRINTER STAR 24 200 FONT DESIGNER-shareware U782 CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER for all Citizen printer ownera containing many useful printer utils A drivers all models for use VIDEO TOOL (3) TELESl®TTTLE Sff”1'* 2’-Great waaSiuses loads of features WEDDING VIDEO AMM (2 cfisks) Requires D Ptint
3. 4 Very high quafiy CAPTWN MAOffl® exeeflenf video tftler
V(D£0I4ANAGSI (not A5001 J) Video Cataloguing system VIDEO
TTTLER - very good video «ier U884 CANON PRINTER STUDIO for
with Canon printers 150+PRINTER DRIVERS largest collection
APPLICATION (2 disks) 1 yt vWeo toad* of ’ ULTRAPAINT & SURF
paint & 3D model program I DARKSTAR no 2 (vol 2-5) loads of
utils I DISK MAG CREATOR creates disk magazines TETRA COPY
plav tetris while copying to disk. Great i XCOPY PROFESSIONAL
very powerful disk copier i PAINT AND ANIMATE create your own
animation MASTER SEKA V1.6 complete Assembler language
. “ ‘ i a mouse lots of feature GRAPHIC
UTILlTY(3)graphics converter tool I SLIDE-SHOW CONSTRUCTION
KIT easy to make i ARCHIVER TOOLS pack more files onto your
disk IIMPLODER 4.0 disk pack more programs onto disk I THE A-T
COPIER (not WB3) 13 disk copier.Wow . FRACTAL UTIL loads of
fractal programs. Bnll : LAND BUILDER create realistic
landscapes . COPY & CRACK TOOLS back up your software i MESSY
SID II read write Pa MAC etc files I SOUND TRACKER V2.6 music
maker I SPEED BENCH (not WB1.3) create auto boot WB I NIB 2
very popular copier I THE RIPPER COLLECTION(rtot WB3) lots of
nppers I SYSINFO test & print info on your AMIGA sys i FONT
FARM font creator editor design new font ’ WHOM 2 (3DISK)
Detaildatabase on 51 films I FINAL FRONTIER 1 I FINAL FRONTIER
3 I HARD DISK CLICK-I PROTRACKER V3-Best music writer program
! WORK-STATION (2disk WB1.3only) WB-replacement I HARD DISK
UTIL brill collection of Harddisk utils EASY PRINT (A500 only)
lots of print utils IWORK-MATE-15 brilliant disk
utilcompiiation THE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KIT (state Amiga type)
lations ¦ HOT-STUFF- more util disk compi VIRUS-KILLER 4 DISK
copier i ULT BOOTBLOCK 40 + bootblock generator maker i
MOST USE UTIL 2 brilliant SPECTRA PAINT III Very good paint
package i SCENERY CONSTRUCTION KIT fractal .Recommended
ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK over 50 bootblock protector I CROSSWORD
CREATOR (not WB3) crossword maker PERM CHECK a full POOLS
PREDICTION program i ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT icon making program
ICON ready made (4 disk) I A600 NUMERIC PAD EMULATOR (A600
only) DEGFtADER (not WB 1.3) A500 emulator 2 (3) even more
graphic I SCENERY MAKER more landscape generation EMULATOR
COLLECTION II (lots of emulators) FREE COPY back up commercial
games MODEL 3D Brilliant 3D object designer MULTI VISION (2)
disk files utilities POOL TOOL- predict horse with best chance
RACE RATER Similar to above STAR CAT 2-create catalogue disk
easily SEEKER find lost file on floppy 4 Harddrive
R. P.G 12) adventure creator DISK REPAIR KlT-satvage & repair
damaged disk WORD SORT process ASCII file NCOMM III more modem
software + packer util UNICOPY fantastic disk copier fractal!
I FRACSCAPE V1.2 l .TSocSnant0 UP (not WB1.3) for over 450 games iny examples
i) - cartridge on disk ACTION REPLAY V4 (A1200 ONLY) same as
above i PC EMULATOR V.2.31(WB3 only) SVGA PC emulator 1 COPY &
CRACK TOOL 2 more powerful copy program 1 NEW SUPER VIRUS
KILLER (not WB3) kils 316+ virus i FORECASTER V2-horse racing
prediction program i ASSASIN COPIER (lots) inclurfe
Xcopy3 Dcopy etc
• SUPER DUPER 3. (NOT WB1.3) V fast disk copier U696 AMITOOL
PROFESSIONAL disk database tool U699 MEGACHEAT V3 + (more_games
cheats) U700 ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION KIT V1.2 + good U702 V
MORPH V2.create smooth morph animation U703 POOL TOOLS 2
(Latest) predicts horse racing U705 TRONI-CAD-best creates
circuit board + examples U707 GAME TAMER (344)-(2j_For even
more games cheats U708 LAST WILL & TESTAMENT- write your Will
U710 PERFECT-PAINT 32 Easy to use paint package U714 ENGINEER
KIT - Test kit for Amiga U718 MAGNUM 1.9 REGARD Best disk
magazine creator U721 FONT FARM V3 + loads of fonts + font
viewer U723 EXOTIC RIPPER rates as the best sound'graphic
ripper U724 PARNET SET UP (2) required for the connection U725
MANUAL(not WB1.3) complete manual U729 ASSASSIN BOOT UTIL 50
boot block creator util U730 SOFT AGA (A500plus or A600) & min
1.5 meg U731 A - Z GAMES CHEAT for over 500 games U732 MINI
hundreds of ready made U737 ASSASSIN CRUNCH & COPY TOOL (WB 1.3
only) U738 S.KICK PROFESSIONAL v3.2 Various K-start U739 TURBO
+ many more disk uBs. Recommended U742 HOW TO CREATE AUTOBOOT
DISK complete utils U743 Util .Disk .Maker v3. MAKE AUTO BOOT
DISK U744 FRACTAL MANIA+BIOMORPH Brilliant collection U745 AF
WORK BENCH (3) (WB 1.3 ONLY) replacement U747 ASTRONOMY V2
predict star planet prediction.
U749 DISK REPAIR 3 (floppy & HD) includes soft-protect U750 MUSIC CATALOGUE (not A506 (1.3) very easy to use U751 SYSTEM CHECKER TOOL must for any Amiga owner U753 HARD DRIVE UTIL + lots more Hard Drive Utils U754 PARBENCH installer (complete) U755 PRO CAD electronic. Latest circuit board designer U758 WB MENU LAUNCHER-menu system, easy to use U760 ICON PLUS (3DISK) Hundreds of stunning ICONS U761 RELOCKfT 1.4 latest WB1.3 emulator U762 FAKE FAST MEMORY make more older software run U777 TELE TEXT RECEIVER project. Highly recommended U781 DOSTRACE V2. Displays information on why programs refuse
to run & monitors Amiga activity. REC U783 POOL WINNER GOLD must for all gamblers U789 HARD-DISK MEMORY V2 use HD as memory (re MMU) U790 WINDOW BENCH V2 (WB 2 3) 2 disk new workbench replacement, includes lots of useful utilities U791 COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST V9 Amiga fault finding ' made U830 POOL WIZARD - (football) prediction U832 DIVIDEND WINNER - Prediction program for use with LITTLE WOODS. VERNON. ZETTER Etc U834 FORECASTER 2.02 New horse prediction program U839 AUDIO MAGIC 4 - Proctracker V3. Exotic npper U843 AUDIO MAGIC 8- Octamed player etc U846 C64 EMULATOR V3 (2DISK) C64 emulator
latest U848 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2 - Spectrum emulator latest U850 EAGLE PLAYER (2disk) the best music players U851 DELI-TRACKER (2disk) play all music formats U881 SONIC DRUM KIT V2 Make drum samples U882 DISK COPY Pack- collection of 10 disk copiers U883 OPTt-Utils 1 - over 30 disk copiers Optimise etc U885 INTUITION BENCH MARK V6,5 (Not WB1.3) sysinfo )(y useftj| CQ| repair, undelete, soft protect diskmate, sysinfo, etc U950 STEREO-SCOPIC V2.a (not A5001.3) - RAMDOM DOT STEREOGRAM generator U951 FORTH PROGRAMMING (NOT WB 1.3) U957 SCALA BACKGROUND (2disk) High quality image . D-protect yt
___ U979 ICON ACHIVE(3) 1000's of normal Icons (any Amiga) U994 TEXTURE STUDIO. Render various textures for use with Imagine 3 etc req FPU.(not 1.3) U995 PRO-GAMBLES V2 must for all gamblers.
U996 BOOKIE BEATER- gambling program to win U997 HD GAME INSTALLER 3. Install more games to HD U998 EXOTIC RIPPER V3.b Latest ripper U999 HD MEMORY (new collection) require MM U1000 MAGIC OPUS VOL 2 4 3 (2D) more Dopus buttons U1001 CAR DATA ANALYST-check your car performance U1002 TURBO CAT-(WB 243 only) catalogue creator U1003 LOTTERY WINNER V2-new version U1005 BASIC-ELECTRONICS-Teach all about electronics U1006 LOTTO LUNACY V5 Update latest totteiypredictor U1007 ALL NEW HARD-DISK 4 FLOPPY DISK TOOL 2 (2) U1008 HARDWARE PROJECT 2 (2) Build dozens Of projects, even how to fit Amigas in a
tower case U1009 DATA ALERT 3-explains why your computer crashes U1010 WB2.04 INSTALLER-install A500+ A600 to HD U998 X-PASSWORI drop icons 4 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 install Of the Robots. Mortal Combat 2 PUZZLE GAMES II Massive colection of al the very best puzzle games ever released, inducfing some of the classics Bee Rubies Cube, Picture-Punles etc, far too many to Bst 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4-99 ARCADE GAMES II COLLECTION OF THE VERY BEST SHOOT-EM-UPS.
MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4-99 BOARD GAMES II The very best board games ever released. This pack contains the very latest CHESS, CHECKERS, SCRABBLE.
Recommended 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4-99 PRINTER PACK 5 disk pack with all the latest printing programs specially designed for printing out high quality documents, text & pictures etc and It Is even able to print out A5 booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A musltor any Amige owner with a printer, Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4-99 IVI iSI BRIDGE Good version of Bridge ORK ATTACK bloody adventure REBOUNCE 2 player futuristic breakout HELL brillia ROAD TO I brilliant car racing I BOBBY GARDEN G674 HIGH OCTANE Fast G675 TIME RUNNER
- 3) adventure 1 your own hybrid AES pack 1 excellent (not A1200)
like Street Fighter X its kind on PD to Sensible G448 PARACHUTE
JOUST quite Ggrs.
’ Large platform fruit machines G455 CASTLE OF DOOM VG graphic adventure r i Large G460 WIBBLE WORLD GIDD' G467 CASH FRUIT game G488 EXTREME VIOLENCE 2 | G489 ENGIMA MACHINE very challenging puzzle . Ipie Breakout done out G774 G775 G782 G783 G785 G787 G788 G789 G790 l programs on pack i (5 disk pack) only £4-95 G222 MEGA 21 GAMES amazing 21 games G235 DRAGON-CAVE brilliant 3D puzzle games G240 QUADRIX very addictive excellent G242 TAKE EM OUT Hke Operation Wolf G253 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcade conversion G272 TANK BATTLE 2 player tank battle game G278 ARCADIA the best ARKNOID done G300 Q-BOID
cross TETRIS and INVADERS G303 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME G310 NEBULAR Excellent 3D shoot em up G316 GALACTIC Excelent 8 levels arcade G317 HYPER-BALL Speed ball + level editor G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 3D adventure G325 BATTLEMENT Hunchback of Notre Dame G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS III 3 top games G331 GRAVITY massive space exploring l G333 CYBER-NETIC Brilliant 8 way blaster G334 DONKEY KONG - (A1200 order code AGA296) G335 CRAZY SUE II- best platform to date G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (4 track editors) G344 STAR-TREK similar to RAID 2 but I G355 DOODY very cute 4 extremely i G356
WONDER LAND amazing graphics recommended G362 DELUXE PACMAN + best pacman ever released G367 CARD GAMES collection G368 WIZARD-DOMAINS dungeon type games G370 KALATRIZ (not A1200) arcade Tetns done 6373 AIR ACE II Very playable shoot em up G384 OTHELLO I G491 BOUNCE 4 BLAST brilliant platform 10 10 G492 ZOMBIES 4 DEFENDER 2 fantastic games G494 MERCANERY SIMULATION 30 wars games G499 LIFE -simulation very interesting G500 TRANSPLANT dozens of levels fast arcade.
G501 KLAWZ THE KAT- great platform game G511 HIGHWAY HELL like SPY HUNTER on the C64 G531 OPERATION FIRESTORMS-brilliant G534 CASTLE KUMQUAT similar to Alien Breed G535 BLACK DAWN brilliant graphic adventure 6538 MORiA 5.4 The latest Dungeons 4 Dragons 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £9-99 Brfcnl cdecwi of owr 100 of fie very best PD games includes INVADER 2, Tetris, Uoncpofy efc Far loo many lo 1st VERY easy to use men. Most games come att Mhsftudons MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER M games am seiecfcdfc* an easy COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS G386 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very addictive puzzle 6390 TETREN most polished
Tetris ever released G392 STRIKEBALL brilliant Baseball done G399 TRAILBLAZER I G400 FIGHTING WARRIOR I G404 DOMINOES only one Of i G406 TOTAL WARS strategy like chess in space G411 BATTLE CAR 2 3D car radng G431 NESTER CARD GAME- hours of fun for a quid G435 ROULETTE American roulette excellent G438 TRAILBLAZER 2 C64 conversion G441 E-TYPE 2- very good asteroid great graphic G443 OLEMPIAD DISK (2D) Olympic sport events G445 DESCENDER GAME tank, search 4 descender G446 OBUDOX ewellem arcade puzzle me DD U r-good G478 AMOS CRICKET cricket G490 MEGA BALL 2 very playable BLAST brilliant c PACK 2
PRICE ONLY £10-99 Tftss toe very teas rew 101 games compiaton pack 2, cortaring some of tie very best in PD games Be Zeus, Wcrderiand. Dragorfles elc.
Far too many lofe.
COMPATIBLE WTO ALL AMGAS AH games an selected from an easy to use menu & most games come with fid playing instructions TRICKLE TREAT - Glee Doom on the PC FOOTBALL MANAGER - New version SOLO ASSAULT 3D like Wing Commander SEED OF DARKNESS - Brilliant graphic acventure* THE GREAT GOLD RAID - very addictive ANT WAR V1.9 (LATEST) not 1.3 ZENO-MORPH - Great graphics TASK FORCE very good MIND SHADOW done GREEN FIVE Amazing 3D graphics PROFESSIONAL BINGO CALLER MARTIAL SPIRIT like Street Fighter II 6 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES collection BLITZ 2 fast action shooting games EXIT 13 Brilliant puzzle TEMPORAL
MISPLACEMENT - Graphic adventure A DAY AT THE RACES - V.Good horse radng game BOULDER ORIGINAL with 80 levels BOULDERDASH cave level construction kit BOULDER COLLECTION 213 160 level (2 disks) BOULDER PACK with 640 levels on 8 disks ALIEN NET WORK- new Space Invaders BATTLE FORCE excellent text adventure.
GNU CHESS the best chess with 10 levels SWORD OF Y1GG Graphic adventure ’ POWER-TETR IS for 1 or 2 players I SUPER SMASHING TETRIS G548 RAID 4 latest vertical scroll shoot em up G546 QUIZMASTER very good quiz program G552 ELEVATION games based on lift ??
G560 IMPERIAL WALKER -Based on STAR WARS game riBant - Eke MONKEY ISLAND best fruit machines disks) many events to complete G660 4 L.C.D DREAM 4 small hand held games G664 NEIGHBOUR GAMES (2 disks) based on the TV series G665 TIME RUNNER (WB2 3) Brilliant graphic G667 GOLF (2 disks) One of the first 4 best GOLF G668 AMOS CRICKET 2 New Amos cricket simulator G669 MUGSY REVENGE gangster graphic adventure G681 AUTOMOBILES - PD version of SKID MARK brilliant G682 BANDIT MANIA - Brilliant fruit machine demo G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -Brilliant Asteroid G689 GUN FIGHT (not A500) 1.3 G690 THE REAL POPEYE
64 (A500 1.3 only) G692 SYSTEM DEFEND - Brilliant Defender done G698 AMIGA-BOY - Game Boy emulator + Tetris G732 DETHELL IN SPACE Recommended.
G735 OVERLANDER Brilliant arcade MOON ALERT G737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The best in PD BG SUPERTOM CAT New vertical shoot em up.
G545 KUNGFU CHARLIES mix with platform brill.
Radng (not amazing graphic ad SPACE-INVASION 2 - Fantastic Galaxain G771 STAR VOID (2 Disk) brilliant Thrust G772 UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER very ! “ q (not WB1.
Soccer games. RECOMMENDED G773 FRUIT MANIA - Brilliant fruit machine.
101 GAMES G892 PENGO 2- Maze type games. Recommended G893 SUPER OBLITERATION Blast asteroid very similar to PANG 2 lots of weapons RECOMMENDED G894 SUPER INVASION II - New SPACE INVADER G897 THE SHEPHERD Briliant POPULUS done. RECOMMENDED.
G898 ALIEN GENOCIDE (2) Shoot aliens set in space.
G899 PUCKMAN One of the better PacMan around.
G900 SUPER-BATTLE ZONE 3D (not WB1.3) G901 M'A-S-H a (ANTWAR 2) similar to LEMMINGS 4 WORM, with loads of Weapons (Brilliant) G904 LAST SOLDIER (2) multi level platform games G905 CYBERTECH (2) excellent ALIEN BREED Clone G906 HANGMAN any one for a game?
G907 ACE SPACE nice platform game G908 COLOURMANIA slide Klatnz type puzzle game G910 HARRY-HADDOCK- Brilliant platformer games G912 MANGLE FENDER - Brilliant. Smash up other cars tanks etc to win. Extremely addictive. Get it G913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vol 1 4 2 (2d) G914 HELICOPTER - like Desert Strike G915 COW WARS. Very addictive 2 player game G916 ISLAND -Like Monopoly.
G919 COP THE LOT Pro Latest Lottery predictor G920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL G921 MONOPOLY, (board game) The best version G922 JET WILLY 3 - excellent platform game G923 FLAMMING ENGINE - Superb car radng game G924 POWER MACHINES. Graphically brilliant G925 SUICIDE-MACHINE I G926 ZAXXON 3D Superb f G927 BOING V3. Great platformer. Recommended G928 PUNTER - Animated horse radng game G929 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d) indudes LION KING G930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADIATOR - Great fun to play G931 NIMBLE - Brilliant new arcade puzzle.
G933 BLACK DAWN 3 - THE NEW BEGINNING (2) Superb 3D adventure. RECOMMENDED G934 R3 ROCKET (NEW) very good rocket game G870 CHESS II 4 CHECKER One of the best around, must for all CHESS or CHECKERS players G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust done G872 SCHNEBITZ Commercial quality puzzle games G875 DELEXE GALA v2.3 (NEW) feature 4 bounce game 2 player RECOMMENDED, get rt now G876 THE KRILL IAN INCENDENT Hke EUTE2 Epic G878 QUANTUM-Maze collect 4 escape type games G879 RAG TO RICHES - like MONOPOLY I WIPE OUT-mindless blasting games I GODZILLA Another shoot em up NEW 101 GAMES PACK 3 New
101 pack 3 contains over 100 games. Runs on all Amigas, only £11-99. OFFER: buy any 2 packs together & receive a free £4 token for use with next order. This offer cannot be used with any other current offer and Is subject to conditions.
GAMES HINTS & CHEATS II Do you find it hard to get past a certain level in mvy games? 5 disk pad: with 1000* of game* chedsbelplevel codes action rtpbys, poke* etc, should help you Iwih nany games - sizable tor il Amigis only £495.
Updated & Released on 28 Jufy-95 I DRIVING MANIAC 3D (ffll vector like Indi500) car radng- very last. RECOMMENDED G889 PLANET FALL - Luner Lander done G891 BUCK TOOTH ADVENTURE Very good multi level shoot collect em up RECOMMENDED IBAT i LAST LAP - Fast car i G937 SKID RACER (not A500) -1 SUPER MEGA FRUIT- Ail new fruit machine t car racing game URS teach you E020 WORLD DATABASE requires 2+MEG E021 STORY LAND II Interactive puzzle games RECOMMENDED E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR teaches you 4 languages E023 TALKING COLOURING BOOK talking Dpaint briliant E024 EASY SPELL II Improve your kid's spelling E025
SCRABBLE requires 2-4 player. Brilliant E026 WORDS can help you solve the crossword E027 OSWALD Large colourful cartoon game E030 EVOLUTION breed ’ E031 IQ TEST + IQ GAM E033 TYPING TUTOR very good typing tutor E035 CHESS HELPER helps teaches how to play E036 BASIC TUDOR loam about Amiga basic program GALLOW fancy a game of hangman?
E070 MATH DRILLS teaches all bask: maths skills V good E071 ERROR INFO gives information as to why your Amiga crashes E075 WORLD WAR 2 graphics tutorials on world war like Starprobe mol ecu be etc E076 SCIENCE an excellent collection of science disks. (4 disks) E080 KIDPR1X great childrens painting program.
E081 ASTRONOMY PACK- Amazing collection of programs relating to astronomy. Locate star positions etc. Must for astronomy student or enthusiast (4 disks) E073 PICTURE 4 LETTER team to read - first steps E074 AMIGA BEGINNER GUIDE tutorial on Amigas E085 NODDY PLAYTIME Very good demo snim graphic graphic DREAM FOR ANGEL explains the meaning of dreams 1 INVISIBLE WORLD brilliant RECOMMENDED FISH TANK turn your Amiga into a FISHTANK E054 DEMOLITION MISSION simple game for kids E055 WORD POWER solve crossword puzzles etc good.
E056 WORM HOLE simple game ideal for children.
E057 APPLE CATCHER catch falling apples brilliant E058 CROSS MAZE 4 CRYPTOKING 2 excellent kids games E059 VERB QUIZ find the word 4 its related verb. BriHlant easy 1 SING A RHYMES slng-a-!ong HIGHWAY CODE TUTOR questions on highway code READ & LEARN (2D) THREE LITTLE PIGGY Story E097 BACK TO SKOOL vol 1 collection of the best BACK TO SKOOL vol 2 in educational programs BACK TO SKOOL vol 3 4 games. RECOMMENDED E100 LITTLE TRAVELLER world wide Information E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map & text.
E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tutorial on the Atom (2D) AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part tutorial COMPUTER CARE how to care for your Amiga E040 GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial about the spine & how to avoid back pain. RECOMMENDED E041 KID ALPHABET displays alphabet E042 FRACTION 4 SILOUEST maths 4 games. Excellent E043 MATH MASTER teachesrtests you on maths E044 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic & tutorial E045 PETROL ENGINE tutorial & animation graphic E046 GAS TURBINE ENGINE tutorial & anim E001 KID PAINTS superb paint special for kids E002 COLOUR IT brilliant computer colouring book E003 TREASURE SEARCH find the
hidden treasure.
E004 LEARN & PLAY I (not A1200) maths & games E005 LEARN & PLAY II more education programs E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Spanish. English E008 MR MEN (WB1.3onty) brilliant story adventure E0O9 ASTRONOMY tutorial on solar star etc system E010 SIMON & SPACE MATHS maths & Simon games EQ11 EDUCATION PACK 1 Packed wkh dozens of eductffcral programs ringing from maths & science to educational games. Suitable tor any Amiga.
5 (M peck only £4-95 EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PACK Cobctta of fee wry belt of tktdkM programs and 121-game pack. A very popular combination tor Idds (runs on al Amigas) 5 disk pack only £4-95 E061 KING JAMES BIBLE (4d) complete Bible TARROT clairvoyance in an instant E047 STIRLING ENGINE tutorial 4 ankn E080 KID PIX more excellent i E128 ASTRO 22 PRO.V3 -The latest astrology program that calculates the position of planets, time of ecipse. Zodiac positions etc. RECOMMENDED El 30 FRENCH VERB TESTER should help you with your French.
E131 CULT TV DATA BASE II (2 DISK) information on earty TV E132 WORLD HISTORY BOOK E133 LITTLE TRAVELLER II (2) World wide Information.
E134 X-FILES - Guide to the TV series.
E148 CHESS 4 TUTOR - teaches you how to play chess E150 INTERNET-FULL guide to internet & superhighway E161 CLI 4 SHELL TUTOR (help) Ideal for beginner E162 DELUXE PAINT GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 4 4 RECOMMENDED E163 JAPANESE • leeches you to speak the Jaoanese language E164 PAINT IT (not A50O1.3) latest COLOURING BOOK E165 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent typing tutor.
El 66 WORD POWER- spelicheck crossword sotver teach E168 CROSSWORD CREATOR - design crosswords E169 CHESS II 4 TUTOR brilliant Chess II games E170 HISTORY OF AVIATION Vol 1 Excellent disk E171 CHILD FAVOURITE- Education program E172 ANIMAL LAND - Leam about animals El75 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER (2D) brilliant 4 funny E177 CYBERPUNK 2 for CyberPunk freaks only E178 STAR-TREK 4 STARTREK NEXT GENENATION GUIDE (6) must for Star Trek fans, contains 100s of pictures from Star Trek series 2 E181 SIGNATURE CREATOR customise your own signature.
E182 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive guide to virus' E184 IMAGINES VIDEO 2 disks E165 WORKBENCH 2 3 GUIDE On line help Complete E210 LEARN 6 PLAY 3 Latest education 4 E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) E241 COMMS GUIDE V1.1 using modems for beginners E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) complete weather guide. RECOMMENDED E245 MATH ATTACK- Maths related games for kids E242 ANIMAL-LAND - Ideal for young kids. Excellent E243 PtCTURE-MATHS - Maths program for kids E246 BEGINNER GUIDE TO WB 3 (A1200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) facts about planet earth E248 KID ONLY. 6 excellent games to play with E250
SANTA -Help santa collect pr« E251 BIRTHDAY HISTORY V2.2- E252 BAR-TENDER - recipes for 1000s of drinks cocktails E253 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR E104 DESK TOP GUIDE TO MUSIC (30) guide 4 tutorial E107 TRUMPTY FIREWORK ALPHABET Entertaining way to leam the alphabet E108 HOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 1 (2) Excellent El09 MR MEN OLYMPICS (2D) many events to compete in.
E110 CULT TV DATABASE (2D) Information on early TV series E112 HOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 2 (2) develop your own.
El 15 ELECTRONIC WORLDS (3D) Complete King James Bible E116 HOW THE EARTH BEGAN- Big Bang theory.
E118 WORKBENCH 2 tutorials on Work ” E119 DINO WAR Quiz on dinosaurs E120 JUNIOR MATHS Great learning aid for maths RECOMMENDED E121 PICTURE PUZZLE brilliant JIGSAW type games E122 WORD FACTORY Brilliant, teach kids new words E123 KID DISK 1- Brilliant education pack E124 KID DISK 2 E129 KID DISK 3 (DTP) Drawing program for kids E142 KID DISK 5 6 6-2 disks full of brilliant games E125 JURASSIC PARK lots of Information on dinosaurs E126 CHILDREN SONG 2 contains 5 excellent songs E127 MING SHU (A500 only) Brilliant Chinese Astrology.
KIDS DISKS Excellent collection of educational programs. Ideal for teaching Idds various I subjects while retaining the fun & game element.
5 disks only £4-99 or ortef separately tof only 99p per disk.
I only £4-99 or orter separately for only S Orter Code KP DISK & no, 1-5 EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PACK Latest education pack & new 21 game collection WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC VARIOUS PACKS Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4-95 per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) MONO FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) High quality fonts for use with Dpaint or Personal Paints VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (1, 2, 3 or 5) COLOUR WORLD MAP (Packs 1, 2 or 3) High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) High quality fonts
for WORDSWORTH or any DTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) REAL 3D VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Packs 1, 2 or 3) (Please state for which pack above) We also stock many more packs. Please phone.
Games pack Spectrum V2 & 50 games Vic 20 & 30 games AN 3 packs for only £9-99 SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION j 0 U rj SPECTRUM GAMES pack See left for detail. This pack comes on a very large number of disks, rrp £39.99 Now you can play 100s & 100s of Spectrum 48K games on your Amiga. Any pack below is complete & ready to run on your Amiga. Full printed instructions provided.
9ECfflUM+BQAiE3PK1 0MJ£4« 8PKTM + 100QAK8PK2 0W£7« ? 200QA1EPK8 OWMUI SPECIAL OFFER Take all 3 of the above packs & 50 new Spectrum games (total 400) For Only £19-99 More Spectrum games available ...screen shot from AMIGA The very latest version. Now you can play real Commodore C64 games on your Amiga. All packs below are complete & ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed Instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games £499 C64 & 100 original games HIIHIII £8-99 C64 & 200 original games MIMM £1699 PS: C64 V3 & 100 GAMES PACK SCORED 88% WHEN REVIEWED IN AMIGA SHOPPER ISSUE 54 + £2.45 for parcel postage (due to the very large jnumber of disks in this pack).
AGA A1 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS SOFTWARE2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS OAGA001 EXTENSION DEMO Stunning demo, fast landscape anim and a rotating city, regarded as the best AGA demo AGA002 FRACTAL GENERATOR fractal in 256 colours.
AGA003 WORKBENCH HACK hacKloy bianker etc AGA006 NEW SUPER KILLER recognises & kills ever 316 types of virus. Must for all A1200 owners AGA007 MINDWARP very first demo for the A1200 AGA011 SLEEPLESS NIGHT 3 AGA012 PLANET GROOVE Super A1200 Demos AGA013 MOTOR INVADER 2 (2 disks) Brilliant INVADER game AGA015 POINT OF SCALE Great A1200 only demos AGA016 CHROMAS • Fairly good demo.
AGA017 WORLD OF MANGA (4 disks) magnificent Japanese comic slide show. Recommended AGA021 MAGIC WORKBENCH Improve the look of your WB & add some functons to your WB. Really BRILUANT AGA022 WB 3 UTILITIES loads of WB 3 only utilities AGA023 U-CHESS the best chess game program so far but requires 4 megabytes. BriHiant graphics AGA024 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN Great backdrop AGA251 PACKMAN AGA - The best pacman yet AGA252 ROCKET PD - Super thrust done brilliant graphics for 1 or 2 players AGA253 REAL DEMO Stunning special effects AGA254 DIRT AGA Brilliant 256 colour effects AGA255 DEUGHT EXPLORE
Excellent demo AGA256 KEFEREN AGA Demo lots of effects AGA257 MINOMIST RAVE great rave music AGA258 OXYGENE Fantastic demo AGA259 INTEL-OUT Another very good demo AGA260 SOME JUSTICE 94 Demo of the month. Brilliant whirl effect. RECOMMENDED AGA262 TO THE DEATH Very good STREET-FIGHTER done with excellent graphics.
AGA263 GEORGE GALAXO (2 disks) Brilliant multi level shoot platform game. RECOMMENDED AGA265 MISSILE OVER ZENON (2 disks) Brilliant 3D missile commander with fantastic graphics.
AGA266 TEAM-HOI DtNO PUTFORM Excellent dino platform Note: this disk was a commercial game AGA274 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE (2 disks) 8 excellent music masterpieces. Well worth getting AGA271 RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II (2 disks) AGA278 CHANNEL Z ISSUE 1 (AGA) (2 disks) AGA base c£sk magazines. RECOMMENDED AGA disk magazine topic.demo music AGA285 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL 3 AGA295 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY - Board game. Very addictive AGA296 DONKEY KONG Arcade classic conversion AGA297 BOMB RAC Extremely good gameplay AGA298 ROCKET 2 set deep underground Brilliant graphics.
Even better with 2 players AGA299 SCRABBLE - Now runs on aD Amigas AGA300 MAGIC WB V2. Demo of version 2 AGA302 TUTANKHAM ll(2) Education-Egyptian Mummy AGA305 T1MEZONE (2) Very good graphic adventures.
AGA307 DENTAWOLF Doom demo AGA308 NAXIS - Really shows what AGA graphics can do AGA310 FEARS (2d) - Doom done demo AGA312 JINX (2d) Fantastic arcade puzzle AGA313 RAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO wicked demo.
AGA315 ILEX MYSTIC. New AGA demos AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 (4 disks) HD required & 2 MEG. We also have a list of 25 cards for above.
Hundreds of quality Magic WB icons & backdrops AGA388 DESK-TOP MAGIC - 32 animated screen blanker AGA389 WAR OF THE WORLDS - Full 3D games AGA391 PSSST Amiga version of Spectrum games AGA390 FEAR II - Brilliant 3D game plays just Ike DOOM on the PC. Guaranteed to impress.
AGA393 PC EMUUTOR V3 - Latest PC emulator AGA400 HYPER RACE (2) Super radng games AGA419 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES 3 latest AGA421 COLOUR WB make your WB more cotourful AGA422 RIDGE RACER Demo on the Amiga AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMOS (2 disks) AGA424 DREA.M WALKER (2) Demos AGA425 MYSTIC DEMOS (2) 95 excellent demos AGA426 ORIGIN 2 (2 disks). Amazing This is the Big one! Nearly 2000 original disks from the SOFTWARE 2000 library included on a Double CD set. For the title list, just take a look at this double page advert for examples of titles & packs which can be found on these Cds. No lucky dip or
unknown software. Full description of every disk title. Easy to use menu system on both Cds which lets you explore the contents of both Cds without disc swapping ... Excellent, see below EXAMPLE OF DISKS FOUND ON THE DOUBLE CD SET 294 - VARIOUS UTILITIES DISKS 118 - EDUCATION DISK 252 - ANIMATION DISKS 133 - DEMOS 181-AGA DISKS 225 - MUSIC DISKS 92 - TOP SAMPLE & FX DISKS 18+++DEMOS (Adults Only) 402+ VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - with an estimate of around 1000+ Amiga games, 100s of IMAGINE OBJ, 600 AMIGA FONTS, 100 QUALITY B&W & COLOUR CLIP ART - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST...... ALSO INCLUDED ON THE CDS
ARE 700-1000 NEW C64 Games files DEGRADER AGA090 A1200 FIX DISK COLLECTION 1 AGAQ91 A1200 FIX DISK 2 COLLECTION 2 AGA09i RaOCKIT V1.4a latest, tun A500 SOFTWARE AGA306 A1200 FIX DISK VOL 3 (New July 95) AS asks above are designed to make any older A500-A600 Amiga programa'games etc run on your A1200 A4000 A MUST FOR ALL AGA AMIGA OWNERS RECOMMENDED AGA097 A1200 UTIL - AGA TESTER. SYSINFO etc AGA098 ACTION REPLAY V4 Complete ACTION REPLAY.
AGA099 MADFIGHTER 2 Brilliant Street Fighter done AGA100 AGA BLITZ SCREEN BUNKER AGA101 FAST GIFF 2 display GIFF pic In Workbench.
AGA102 AGA DIAGNOSTIC - NEW system tester AGA103 BUCK BOARD AGA decent Image processor AGA105 QUICK GRAB AGA - AGA screen grabs AGA110 WORLD BEYONDS 1 (3) stunning 256 colour fantasy art. Leaves Atari users breathless AGA114 SMELLS UKE CHANEL No.5 Most brilliant demo ray trace picture ever released on the A1200 AGA121 MAGIC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK (5 disks) AGA133 AGA UTIL v1 & j2 (2) AGA util compilation AGA135 AGA UTIL V3 &4 (2) more of above AGA137 MULTIBOOT • 4 different versions A500 EMU AGA138 OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARD DRIVE INSTALLER AGA 139 WB3 HARD DISK PREF & INSTALLER installing AG A140
CROSS DOS PLUS v5.1 read write PC files AG A142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 • latest manager games AGA144 SPEAK & SPELL - educational sofrware for Icds AGA146 KELOG UND - brilliant platform games AGA150 ACTION REPUY V5 - NEW UPDATE TO V4 AGA160 GIGER TRIZ very playable 256 colour Tetris AGA162 FATAL-BLOW new STREET-FIGHTER 2 done AGA166 INFESTATION (3 disks) The ultimate AGA demo AGA172 VIDEO TRACKER AGA ultimate demo maker AGA174 MAGIC WB EXTRA Vol 1 & 2 (2 disks) AGA189 FRIDAY AT 8 another brilliant AGA demo AGA190 ASSASSIN MULTIVISION AGA pic viewing util AGA192 ALIEN FRENZY 2 player Wasting + power up
AG A194 BIG TIME SENSUAL (2 cfisks) SPACE BALL 2 AGA200 MASQUERADE (2 disks) brilliant puzzle games.
AGA202 RAM JAM 94 it cant be done (2 disks) AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN (2 disks) requires 2 disk drive AGA206 TREASURE OF TUTANKHAMUN - educational tool AGA230 LOVE (2 disks) simply brilliant DEMOS AGA231 AGA UTIL 7 & 8 (2 disks). More USEFUL util AGA234 KNOTTY Stunning AGA sliding picture puzzles AGA240 LOTTERY WINNER hopefully will improve your chance of winning a jackpot. GOOD-LUCK AGA241-258 AGA GAME-GALORE AGA 01-18 lots of games 1000 & NEW Spectrum Games (Play direct from CD) (EMUUTOR INCLUDED) Over 600Mb per CD Menu Compatible with all Amigas No duplicate data Easy to use menu ONLY £24*99
+7opforp&p Available Now Below 5 all new game packs released due to popular demand. With any of these game packs you know exactly what sort of games you're buying.
Like our previous packs, each comes on 5 disks, and using the latest disk packer we can put up to 5 game disks on to one disk. So you get up to 25 top games for only £4.99. All games and instructions will auto run when icon is clicked on.
* All game packs contain different games. * Compatible with ALL
Board Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Arcade Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Puzzle Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Card Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 New Titles G938 G939 G940 G941 G942 G943 G944 G955 G956 G957 G958 G959 G960 G961 G962 G963 G965 E253 E254 E255 E256 E257 E258 E259 E261 AGA 429 AGA 430 U1010 U1011 U1012 U1013 U1014 U1015 U1016 U1017 U1018 U1019 U1021 U1022 U1023 U1024 U1025 U1026 U1027 U1028 U1029 U1030 U1031 U1032 ULTIMATE TOUR TENNIS (2 disks) Excellent tennis game DARK ANGEL - (not WB 1 -3) Superb arcade adventure RAISE THE TITANIC - Good 3D adventure game PHANTOM - Excellent
shoot-em-up games (DEFENDER 96) MACDONA-LAND Brilliant game similar to ZOOL (not A1200) JOUST III Brilliant C64 games with updated Amiga graphics DELUXE GALAGA V2-6 The very latest Galaga. Highly recommended LAZER FtACE Good Tron type game. Extremely addictive.
TRAIN-DRIVER SIMULATION The most realistic train sim.
MASTER-BLASTER Kill various monsters with bombs.
KNOCK-OUT Mini destruction derby. Very addictive.
DUNGEON HERO 3D Graphic adventure, similar to DOOM MORTAL KUMQUAT 3 - Weird but fun beat-em-up CODE NAME NANO - Superb Thrust done (NANO FLY 2) MICRO MARKET V3 - Get rich by buying shares. Great game.
FOKER-MANLA If you like poker then this is for you LETHAL FORMULA -Adventure similar to Monkey Island BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR WORD PUZZLE PFRO Create Crossword puzzles or solve puzzles.
KID DISK 7 Another fine educational program EARLY LEARNER (age 3-5) - Teach your kids how to read A-Z COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD UK COUNTIES - Similar to above, but based entirety on ENGLAND, WALES. SCOTLAND & NORTHERN IRELAND BASIC ELECTRONICS V1-5 (2 disks) For the electronics fan MASSIVE GUIDE 70 THE INTERNET V2-3 FJOWERDFIOID-96 New Asteroid game with brilliant graphics ULTIMATUM The ultimate 3D tank battle WB2 INSTALLER - install A50Q A600 Workbench to HD TURBO-CAT PFIO V1 -2 (not WB1 -3) - create catalogues TEXT-ENGINE V5 (not WB1 -3) The very latest wordprocessor with
spellchecker. This is the full version. Highly recommended DIAFTY 2000 use just like a real diary TOTAL ECLIPSE - Disk Magazine 1 NEW CHEAT DISK V2-1 (2 disks) Includes some games cheats ULTRA ACCOUNT Another very good accounts program PRO LOTTEF7Y 96 The very latest & best lottery pro PRO GREYHOUND - Like ProGamble but for dogs AUTO STEREO GftAM V4 Latest Magic eye generator ELECTRONIC ADDRESS BOOK PRO-FOOTBALL 1-1 (2) - Ffootball predictor like ProGamble REM DATE - Remember important dates SHAPE-SHIFTER V3-3 The very latest Mac emulator MESSY SID 3 The latest PcoAMIGA disk
converter HD GAME INSTALLER 4 Install loads more games to HD SOFT MEMOFTY - Double your computer memory. This version does not require HD or MMU. Give this a try. Recommended MAGIC USER INTERFACE V3-1 Update from version 2-3 ORIC 48K EMULATOR (not 1 -3) At last it works MSX II - Emulator V2-1 (WB 3-0) MSX computer 900 AMIGA GAMES, HINTS & CHEATS V4 (2 disks) VIRUS CHECKER V8-2 - (not WB 1 -3). Latest version Non CD ROM Owners This pack is ideal for any Amiga owner who doesn't own a CD FROM drive and wants a large amount of the very latest software at minimum cost.
These packs wiB be 100% updated with all new or (ffferent on the 1st of every month. All software are packed using LHA which has a ratio of approx 3:1, (up to 30 risks worth of software from the 10 dsk pack). Highly recommended as you get 3 times more software per dsk.
Various latest Games (10 disks) only £9.90 Various latest Utilities (10 disks) only £9.90 100 TOP DEMOS The Largest collection of demos ever released this pack contains over 100 top demos. Must for all Demos. Our top seller RECOMMENDED Only £7.95 suitable for any AMIGAS SEE PAGE 1 FOR MORE AMIGA SOFTWARE LOTTERY WINNER EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF LOTTERY WINNER PREDICTION PROGRAMS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED pack only £4-99 BUSINESS SOFTWARE U007 TEXT PLUS 2.2e Easy to used word processor U023 BANKING Home account program U088 LABEL DESIGNER Design your own labels U144 DESKTOP PUBUSHING The best PD DTP
available Very high quality clipart suitable for any Paint or Desktop Publishing package COI Accents C02 Aircraft C04 Alphabet 1 C06 Animals (5) C07 Babies & Children C09 Bears (2 disks) CIO Borders Cl 1 Building Cl 2 Business C13 Cats & Dogs C14 Comics C17 Halloween C18 Logos C19 Maps C23 Space C24 Sports C25 Teddies C26 Transport & Travel C27 Weddings C29 Women & Men (2) C30 Xmas C31 Disney Clip Art C32 Comic Clip Art Various subjects of cfip art of the highest quaRty. Results in super print out. RECOMMENDED for any DTP or Paint Package.
CP01 CLIP-ART VOL 1 (5 disks) CP02 CLIP-ART VOL 2 (5 disks) CP03 CLIP-ART VOL 3 (5 disks) CP04 CLIP-ART VOL 4 (5 disks) CPQ5 CLIP-ART VOL 5 (5 disks) U128 BUSINESS CARD MAKER (not A1200) very good U160 600 BUSINESS LETTER Very handy. Get i U101 DATA BASE WORKSHOP (2) Lots of data base U121 SPREAD SHEET Very easy to use spread sheet U183 QUICK BASE Very powerful Database Easy to use U195 AMIBASE-Professional II The best database yet U227 TEXTPA Can edit several documents at once U239 FLEXI BASE Small easy to operate database.
U256 PENNY WISE Very powerful database.
U297 VISICALC Great database lots of functions U343 LITTLE OFFICE - Databases word processor spread U345 HOME BUSINESS JOURNAL- Easy to use database U364 HOME ACCOUNT- Account program U368 AMIGASH Regarded as the best account prog.
Excellent U385 LORAN NOTE BOOK Database & world map.
U390 DATA BASE compilation - Bestseller to date U397 FORM UNLIMITED Design any type of form U398 MORTGAGE CALC Calculate mortgage repay rate ©tc U559 ADDRESS PRINT V2.1 Store & print address U681 TEXT ENGINES V4.1 & 36,000 word spellchecker.
U688 INVENTORY 2 Detail home contents, for insurance U712 EDWORD PROFESSIONAL Truly the test UFO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER 100s & 100s of real life documentations of UFO sightings, kidnapping, animal mutilations & lots more. Very interesting read.
6 disk set only £5-99 UFO - ALIENS MULTIMEDIA 100s of documented cases of UFO sghBngs, abducfion, caffie moSafions & lots more.. Many with photos to back up 9ie dam. Some are so secret only a recent law has made hem avafetfe.
9 DISK pack only £8-99 U722 EASYCAL+ Massive spread sheet max 92583 cell U756 PAY ADVICE ANALYZER- Money prog.
U781 ACCOUNT MASTER V3 Lots ot functions & easy to use U802 ADDRESS PRINTING Print addresses on labels U889 PAY ADVICE V3 Account program U810 LABEL MAKER - Print labels etc. New U900 THE MONEY PROGRAM - Accounts U954 ONFORM One of the best Invoice makers U955 QUICK-FILE - Very fast & efficient database U956 GEN-TRE - Keep track of your family tree U957 ABANK II - New account software. RECOMMENDED U958 ACCOUNT MANAGER V3 - New Account program Magic BackOrop 7f»s is ideal lor use wih Magic WB or normaJ A1200 woricB (W32 users require NICKPREF to use he BackOrop) Various Back Drops 1 (4)
...£3-99 Various Back Drops II (2) ... Sexy BACKDROP . NEW AMIGA LOGO BD ...... MAGIC WB & EXTRA DISK This is the way to obtain Magic WB extra. Each pack below wi Hi 12 fete when mpacked, (wry easy to unpack ty cfcidng a few buttoos).
MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (01-12) 1 ......£6-99 MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (13-24) 2 ......£7-99 MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (25-36) 3 ......£7-99 AGA21 MAGIC W3 VI -2-THE LATEST MK3CW3 FOR A1200 U995MAGICWB1-3- lfcisbrfieA50Q1-M50k&A6CO CARD GAMES LITTLE OFFICE 2 New Release includes: 550 Business Letters Word Processor Calendar Name & Address Database All this for only £1-99 CQMEATlPLEyroi ALL AMIPAS PACK 11 FOR ALL CARD GAJfi FANS I you fte Poker Sadc Jaa Safes, Pcrtxr, Ssteire. Britos, Kbxte ec. Far his pa* is a eust Only £4-99 fe pack contains 5 asks HARDWARE PROJECT III Build dozens of projects including an
accelerator for an A500 for less than £15. Install 3-5 Hd in your A600& A1200. Put your A500 A600 A1200 in a towercase for less than £30. Use 1 -44 PC disk drive on your Amiga, add a Pocket Modem to your Amiga & many many more.This could save you £££ (not for beginners) .3 dfok pack only £5 SPACE DOUBLER Epu V1-5 this doubles the size of your HD or Disk Drive storage capacity.
RECOMMENDED U971 EPU V1 6 only 99p SUITABLE FOR WB 2 3 £1-98 £0-99 £0-99 £1-98 £1-98 £4-95 Magic Scenery BD (2)..... Glamour trace ...... All New BackDrop 96 (5).. CAN'T GET YOUR DISK SOFTWARE WORKING?
CALL (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 g I I 5 tc iu i s LU in 3 EXTRA!
Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
I J 0* ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Many readers have phoned in saving they are having problems with Zeewolf 2. One meg A500 users who have two floppy disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memory available to the game. Unfortunately Zeewolf 2just doesn't seem to work at all with some accelerator cards.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE (AF82) If Final Writers pull-down menus won’t pull down it is probably because you are running a menu enhancement commodity (i.e. MagicMenu). Such programs don’t work correcdy with Final Writer and should be disabled. In order to print Final Writer documents it is vital that you have the correct printer driver installed in the devs printers drawer of your Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and configured using Workbench’s printer prefs utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how' to do this.
To print out larger documents Final Writer requires more memory. If you are using the program on a 2Mb machine, try to maximise the amount of memory available to Final Writer by removing any utilities or commodities run- WORMS (AF79) The amount of telephone calls to the Coverdisk helpline about Worms suggests that many of you weren’t very careful when decompressing this game. It is easy to ruin your Worms Coverdisk by not changing to a blank disk at the correct time in the procedure.
The result is that Worms disk One is decompressed over the Coverdisk, losing the compressed Worms Disk Two file in the process.
Before using any Coverdisk write-protect it first and then make a spare copy.
(if you don’t know how to copy a disk see the box on page 115) ULTIMATE WORKBENCH UTILITIES (AF80) If you are having trouble reading the documentation that accompanies the Workbench utilities it is likely that you don’t have the tool that your Amiga looks for when you double click on a doc icon; e.g. Muchmore, Multiview, AmigaGuide etc. Or that these aren't set up properly on your Workbench.
You can use a word processor or a text editor to read the docs, or use the program ordering included in the collection.
Ning in the background - if you still experience problems, use Workbench’s prefs utilities to alter the Workbench screen to a low er resolution screenmode with less colours and no backdrop pictures. Lastly, it wras inadvertently stated that Final Writer works on all 2Mb+ Amigas.
Sorry, but it’s incompatible with old Kickstart
1. 2 1.3 machines.
GENERAL PROBLEMS I often hear from people who have returned their Coverdisks for replacements several times and are still meeting with the same problems.
The most common are Read Write or Checksum errors w'hich occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of your own disks? If it’s one of your owm disks then that is the disk with the problem, not the Coverdisk.
Did you format your blank disks correctly? Try re-formatting them and make sure that you do a full format not just a quick format, use the verify option and make sure you format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X-Copy.
Disable Directory Caching, Trashcan and International Mode. Don’t decrunch to HD (High Density) disks as these can be unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it.
1 IF YOUR DISK IS FAULTY... Please remember that the technical helpline above is purelv for difficulties von have getting the programs to work properly.
If your disk is physically damaged, bent, broken with a loose or missing shutter, it should be returned to the duplicators for a replacement at the following address: AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB PLC TIB HOUSE 11 EDWARD STREET BRADFORD BD4 7BH This includes any system messages you may get saving: “Read write error”, "Disk invalidated and "Checksum Error”.
In this case, the disk has been damaged and needs to be replaced.
There were loads and loads of entries for our "They think it hasn't started. It hasn't yet" competition. Unfortunately though, there can only be one winner.
Mr S. J. Gasking from Leicester is the lucky recipient of a Goodmans 14", colour, portable television which should be winging its way towards him very soon. Congratulations and thanks to everyone else who entered.
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk music totalguitar.html p zgzxsr 78 wngs to play from UU an,,
* *°Nation examples on CD 2 great competitions! IS
X o 9 L- -,i_ i_X35~STI Lf-fcr.
AlStlC 1K.V r.
r. ocK : .V «V IT.
• .*" ds.
TECHNIQUi Each month, we print full tab and notation to a classic guitar song, with a backing track on CD to play along to.
Sae Total Guitar ___ The only guitar mag to rate reviews, so you can tell the best buys at a glance. Plus, hear them for yourself on CD.
We compare guitars, effects pedals and amps and tell you the best of the bunch. Plus, you hear them side by side on CD!
INTERVIEWS We talk to the stars of the guitar world, pick their brains for playing tips, and teach you their greatest guitar parts.
PLUS EVERY MONTH: Current album tracks from new and established artists o Reader demos
o The best competition prizes
o And much, much more... I&A Got any problems? We answer your
guitar-related queries, from buying equipment, to setting up
and playing.
Re 9d U&fVLTo*?* ~ Vi »l n .hp PC- m'"" ¦ Covtv We’ve got all FORMATS covered Whatever your computer, whatever your interests, we’ve got a magazine for you.
Look for them wherever quality magazines are sold.
I your UlUre guarantee ’tBusBisc of value http: www.futurenet.co.uk ARNOLD COMPUTER SUPPLIES Blank Disks £15*00 per so inc. labels DSHD Disks £22*50 per 50 (Pre-formatted) PD LIBRARY Please send £1 or 4 1st class stamps for catalogue Amiga repairs undertaken Many more items stocked.
Please phone or fax for latest prices.
Barry Voce 0115 926 4973 XX Campion Street, Arnold, Nottingham Ngs 8GR IE M HORNESOFT P.D X £_
- -EST 1990- Dep! (AF), 23 Stan well Close. Wincobank, Sheffield
S9 1PZ Tel Fax: (0114) 296 7825 Mon to Sat 9.30am - 7.00pm
- 0¥M 16000+ DISKS AVAILABLE - PD from just 30p a disk, we also
stock 3 types of licenceware: FI Licenceware 5th Dimension
Licenceware Hormon Software.
For our catalogue disk send 2 x 1st class stamps or a SAE.
JUST M ROM SO UCENCHKUfc INTERNATIONAL GOLF If you like golf you will lox-e this: with over 4 courses and loads of game-play this was a commercial release, now Licenceware you get the full game for just £4.50 inc postage (not WB13 compatible). Also requires 1Mb chip memory.
"ffl CREDIT CARD SALES: (0114) 296 7825 f e e v 0122S W22W+ _._Halsall Lane, Formby, _ ¦S Liverpool L37 3PXffl _ ADVERTISIN £60 + VAT per Company entry AMIGA FORMAT MARKET PLACE Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Tel: 01225 442244 Fax: 01225 480325_ We accept cheques for payment AMIGAHOLICS PD THE 100% AMIGA PD LIBRARY Disk catalogue contains latest Utilities, Education, Clip Art, Fonts, LSD Legal Tools, Fish Disks, Music and of course Games, Demos & Slideshows.
We now stock The Final Frontier’ mag at £4.50 and also all ‘Infinite Frontier- disks, incl. ‘Holodeck’ SS @ £3 00 Send SAE or two first class stamps for catalogue disk.
50p each .and more!
BLANK DISKS 50@ £1600 + p&p , cofttact - areham,"Dorset BH20 5BP bouse@thPd.demon.co.uk support BBS: Capital BBS on 64 f 24hrsJ afc|gf9.TrrettimPPJ 80a Tet 01929 553 Alternatively you could 0181 560 Send Cheques POs to: PD PlSKS FROM jQP Dept AF Amigaholics PD, 55* Special PD Starter Pack for new ¦m rk«»o, A1200 owners. 8 disks, includes 236 Chester Road North, Games Utilities Cat jjj* Kidderminster, WorcsDY!01TE ONLY £5-00 Convert your Amstrod COLOUR MONITOR £10 1 custom made leads will convert your old Amstrad Monitor to work with your Amiga giving a crisp R.G.B. colour picture & optional
quality amplified stereo sound.
128 (CTM644 0) Picture Only ACCESS DENIED The Ultimate Computer Hacking Adventure Mission One is now available in the UK.
Brought to you exclusively by SOLO SOFTWARE Your only chance to...
- Infiltrate a high security computer system!
- Decrypt top secret passwords!
- Destroy files with a deadly Logic Bomb!
And much more!
If you have got what it takes then send a cheque postal order for £12.95 inc P & P (payable to Solo Software) to 35 Lee Street, Horley, Surrey RH6 8ER A600 & A1200 only (Overseas orders add £2.00) Capri CD Distributi@C m den* 225+ CD TITLES 1150+ CD32 TITLES 180+ CDTV TITLES AGA, Animadons. Business. C64 Games. Demos, Education.
Fred Fish, Games. Music, Slide Shows, Sound Samples, Spectrum Games PD 90p Per Disk DIY MADE £6 £10 £31 £40 £9 £15 £6 £10 4 6128 (CTM644 0) Inc Stereo Speakers 76128 PLUS (CM 14) Inc sound 6128 Green (GT-65) Picture Only Dept AF, Hagars Electronics, 127 High St, Sheemess, Kent ME 12 IUD Tel Fax 0I79S 663336 Money back approval P&P inc CQ PO SHB DELIVERY 2 DAYS FREE!! Mouse Mat with lO disks HORROR SENSATION •« £19.99 HOTTEST 6 £19.99 AMINET 11 £14.99 SCI-FI SENSATION 2 £29.99 EUROSCENE2£12.99 WORKBENCH ADD-ONS £24.99 SPERIS LEGACY £25.99 SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 £27.99 EXILE £29.99 BACK IN
STOCK ‘HUTCHINSON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA £9.99* ERIC SCHWARTZ CD £24.99 AGA EXPERIENCE 2 £19.99 GIF SENSATION £19.99 AMIGA UTILITIES 2 £19.99 EPIC COLLECTION 2 £19.99 ENCOUNTERS £19.99 WORMS £29.99 For a disk catalogue send £1 to Agima PD • 37 Gatenby Peterborough • PE3 7JZ Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to AGIMA.
No Men STD are CDPD 1 £7.99 ASSASSINS CD £9.99 3D ARENA £14.99 NEXUS PRO £19.99 POWER GAMES £9.99 PANDORA'S CD £4.99 X. ilogue disk available) gue disk, en| No Mercy Software, 3 Hill Great Thirkleby, Thirsk, North Yorks Y07 2AX m Sf*Ed L OFFER * ALL OUR PD DISKS ONLY 50p EACH THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF THE TITLES & SPECIAL OFFERS WE HAVE.
CAPRI CD DISTRIBUTION DEPT AF6, CAPRI HOUSE, 9 DEAN STREET, MARLOW, BUCKS SL7 3AA • TEL FAX 01628 891022 Send 4 First Class STAMPS for our CATALOGUE DISK and INFO Write down your Name and Address and send Stamps to: AMICOM PD Dept AF, 22 Church View Close, Havercroft, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 2PH.
Tel: 0421 682227 Ssssshhhh!
Don't tell anyone. But it you send a bttn* ois* ana SAE to Pro-Soft. P0 Box CR53 Leetls LS71XJ- mey'n sena you some tree software I £ V LONG LIVE THE AMIGA.
ROM No. 5 UFO: Encim Unclothed knight-. V2.42 Shapcshiltcr V32A Breathless (AGA) .11) Pro Master Blaster V2.2I Faslview V2.ll Madhouse VI.I SWOSS Fd ( lump Min Fd MISCELLANEOUS G Blanker V LB (HD) Bookit- Beater MP Super Lottery Fit's Guide to the Internet Internet Ulils Internet Mils II Project UFO (6) Aqua Sim Hippo Player Scion V4.U9 FI GP EdVt.10 FI GP Accessories Send Cheques POs to: Starlight Software (AF)
22. t Fountain Street, Leeds LS27 0AL Tel: 01 I t 252 76r 4
Owgene Vision (2) Vl) F.iirlighl F.utori' (2) Navigator II
(2) iru-. Workshop ! onogr.iphii S Midnight Itl.inkcrs lin
Pin AGA Utils 24 Speed 8 knot koul GAMES Deluxe Galaga V2.6
AGA Mortal kumqu.it I Ihe Shepherd H |HTs|Klce Rating (2)
Mangled Fenders fonihat Ed Galleons Pro Football (2) Lubes VI
.( Alien I ishfinger liloli ( onih.it AC.A Fixing Tigers
Penguins Poxxeroids VI.I (020 RFQ) PRICES
7. »p per disk I free disk with every 10 ordered P&P 75p per
Free on lirsl order or uhone SAE ( )= - of disks 93" 95° 99" 95" 9(»" 90" 96" 90“ 91" FAST, EASYTO DOWNLOAD IMAGES & GRAPHIC FILES CHAT FORUMS, GAMES & SHAREWARE OF GLAMOUR FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
* NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE 00 No subscription fee!
International Audiotext Services P0 Box 20258, Hong Kong Must be over 18 to modem.
Oufer Limits Bulletin Board 0891 230044 G amoui* Gif'S; Jpe-g's; ] Aox ie's cmd more!
(Sails charged at 39p mirt (ckeap rate) 49p min (all otker times) Oute r Limits, PO Box 67, Kidderminster Proof of aqe required. We do not supply or condone the use of illicit hard core material VIS' WE REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL A500, A600,1200,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 ? FREE GIFT WITH EVERY REPAIR ? 1 PLEASE SPECIFY BARGAIN HARD DRIVES FITTED 85-500Mb ...Call MOUSE MAT .....?
EXCHANGE SERVICE MODULATORS ...£19-50 PSU £19-50 DISK DRIVES ......£25-50 KEYBOARDS ......£25-50
252 3553 E-MAIL PETER@FASTC0MP.DEM0N.C0.UK j) ’ ¦ j * % i * 4
J* )* S
* * %* mm gum Tt"«
* ¦ IT* ' ¦ *' * ."1%
* . Rai 15*
i. - iyv. 9 H It jfi' “ * r I* * A* h f * he artificial genome
in an embryonic harvest T
- ft t i * shall grow to burn the humanity plague * .«•&. M..
from the killing rouhcls W y&BFZZ'.l'. I futura genuflexion
*v Three seconds after loading a level, I became a believer!"
ALAN DYKES EDITOR C9 AtylGA ft r jj "Amiga's brightest star for 96" P * NICK VEITCH EDITOR AMIGA FORMAT u mm m http: www.team 17.com 1996 Team 17 Software Ltd.. The Killing Grounds. All Rights Reserved.
Fonts. Everyone uses them. Everyone probably wishes they had more of them.
Next issue, you will have the power to generate your own Compugraphic (and Postscript) fonts for use with Workbench and a whole host of serious software. Why?
Because we have the full Typesmith package on our Coverdisk (and CD version purchasers will get a huge collection of fonts as well).
RESERVE YOUR COPY OF You can reserve any issue of Amiga Format at many newsagents, including branches of WH Smith and John Menzies.
ORDER HOTLINE 01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 3D RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS • MULTIPLE WEAPONS SYSTEMS • REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC • HD INSTALLABLE • AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 FREE DELIVERY SUPERSTAR Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before.” amiga format magazine At the moment there’s nothing like it. This game plays as well as it looks” 92% cu amiga magazine On this issue's CD CANDO 2.5 Not only does the CD contain the full release A powerful multimedia authoring system which will soon have you
creating your own fantastic presentations, interactive i -p software and applications.
Version of OctaMED 5, it also features the full, official tutorial for this package and a demo version of the excellent new OctaMED Soundstudio package, plus lots and lots of samples and MODs.
As well as all the latest PD and shareware utilities, we can also bring you a special suite of software configured for use with service providers, FirstNet - which includes a month's worth of free connection charges!
Yet more excellent pictures, animations, samples, and even some great reader submissions Thrill to the power of MMExperience, OctaMED Soundstudio, and a selection of other CD titles As well as a demo version of the fantastic XP8 (AF85 85%) you'll find a whole host of PD and Licenceware games on this disc.
AMIGA FORMAT CD version 1 All prices include VAT ? All prices & specifications subject to change without notice ? Fixed charse for repair does not include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve the right to refuse any repair ? P&P charses £3-50 by Royal Mail or £7.05 for courier ? Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance ? All sales are only as per our terms and conditions of sale, copy available on request.
2 INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL, SECAM and NTSC Straight from the box!
(* Standard ProGrab hardware is PAL SECAM NTSC compatible.
Interlace mode options are available with PAL & SECAM only.
NTSC Only models are available to special order which then support the interlace mode fully. Please ask us for full details.)
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