Formal understand that senior figures from Amiga Technologies began having earnest discussions with Viscorp in February, shortly after the announcement that Viscorp would license Amiga chipsets for their interactive IV device (see Ah82. P.12). C z m VO VO a Continued overleaf in 5 LU Z for marketing and research into Amiga Technologies, it made sense to look for support elsewhere: "The fact is that Escom currendy does not have the financial resources needed to support the still ongoing costs of our operation, especially advertising, research and development. "To continue a successful Amiga business a solution to this situation has to be found. I checked a lot of possibilities, 1 looked into a lot of alternatives. I-adies and gentlemen, I personally think that Viscorp is one of the best solutions. It is a very interesting opportunity for our future." He then introduced William Buck. CEO of Viscorp. Who began to explain a litde about the Chicago based company, and their current development plans. Charismatic and exuberant. Mr. Buck Details of the actual negotiations and the final sum paid for the Amiga will be cloaked in sec recy until the period of due diligence is over and the sale goes through. But the statement does hint at a value of $ 40 million - considerably more than the SI2 million the company originally cost. “People have said to me 'Boy, you must really like the Amiga'" said Bill Buck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Viscorp. "But the costs of re-starting the Amiga far exceeded those of actually- purchasing the company - we have a lot to thank Amiga Technologies for." MORE INVESTMENT Major Amiga figures gathered for a hurried press conference at the World of Amiga Show in Hammersmith shortly after the announcement was made. Amiga Technology's Petro Tyschtschenko spoke for just over five minutes, and explained that considering Kscom’s financial troubles, and the need for more investment $ was frank about his company not having many firm and immutable plans for the Amiga platform: "We have to sit right down and work our strategy out," he said. "You tell us what you'd want us to do". After the conference, Mr Buck told Amiga Format “I'm really buzzing, I think all this is really great and I think it's good that so many people here care as much about the Amiga. ;vs we do." BRIGHTER FUTURE Viscorp's main reason for acquiring Amiga Technologies must surely be the safeguarding of the technology vital to their ED project. But with that technology secure, would Viscorp really have the need to continue to support and develop the Amiga as a home computer? Carl Sassanrath, Viscorp's director of software stated: "I have been telling people not to worry. We are all Amiga lovers here. Unlike Escom or even Commodore, Viscorp does not have a single IBM PC person in the development group. We are all solid Amigans from the very beginning. Personally speaking, I don't plan on killing the Amiga. In fact, I'tn hoping to build one killer Amiga!"

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* foy A V A i1 - ISSUE 85 mmm US $ 11.95 CD version JUNE 1 Hfl 1
See back 1 i r a cover for details of the CD Connections Is
your favourite joystick an old BBC micro analogue one?
Do you prefer PC mice? Find out how to connect them to your Amiga Buyout drama!
TekfUlagic 20 Don't let your old A1500 gather dust - give it a new lease of life with a super-fast '060 accelerator Escom to sell Amiga Technologies Full details, interviews and comment starts on page 11 The slickest shoot-em-up we've seen in ages, this raytraced wonder is a blast luiure I PUBLISHING Your guarantee of value
Super XL Drive allows you to store
3. 5MB on a high density disk.
3. 5 SUPER XL DRIVE Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
SCSI hard card which can fit 8MB of RAM on-board.
HC-8 SCSI CARD ......£99 £69.95 INT. DRIVES £10 £69.95 SYQUEST EZ £19.95 GENIUS £195 | & ZIP DRIVE EPSON SCAN POWERSCAN £99.95 PC881 A500 £30.95 PC882 A2000 ......£35.95 PC883 A600 1200 .£35.95
3. 5 IDE ...£POA
3. 5 SCSI £POA 120MB 2.5 IDE .....£89.95
340MB 2.5 IDE ...£169.95 510MB 2.5 IDE
...£289.95 850MB 2,5 IDE ...£439.95 1 GIGABYTE
The Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. The EZ
Drive stores 135MB on a single 3.5" cartridge and has a seek
time of 13.5ms. Comes complete with one 135MB cartridge. (A
SCSI interface is required)
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL £69.95
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ...£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE £49.95
Rapid Fire SCSI-II controller card.
Install up to 8MB on-board. For the A2000, A3000 and A4000.
DKB RAPID FIRE SCSI-II . £139.95 External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE ....£99 PLEASE CALL FOR HD SIZES MEMORY REQUIRES 30-PIN SIMMS SYQUEST EZ135MB £239.95 135MB CARTRIDGE .£19.95 The XL Drive allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
SCSI INTERFACE 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . . £40 512 X 32
SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . . £75 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) £POA 4X8
SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) £POA 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . £25 1 X4
DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X
1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12
GARY ...£19 PAULA ...£19
KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19
£15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 ____£85 WORKBENCH
3.1 A3000 4000 . . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
2. 04 ROM CHIP £25 SX-32 is an internal add-on card
for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port,
serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock,
controller for
2. 5" hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart, SX-32 MODULE ...£199.95 FOR ANY SPARES REQUIRED PLEASE CALL CHIPS & SPARES DISK EXPANDER FLOPPY EXPANDER DISK EXPANDER SX-32 Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. PRINTERS MONITORS FLOPPY EXPANDER VIDEO BACKUP SCART.....£49.95 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO £45.95 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20 Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance,
auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripheral for your Amiga
1200. Please call for more information.
A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) £629.95 A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) £799.95 4MB STANDARD ADD £125.95 4MB GVP ADD .....£159 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller.
Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
Call for details SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . £59.95 AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95 ACEEX V32 BIS 14.4 notbt approved £80 X-LINK true v3* za a 8i approveo£1 99.95 ALL modems include software and cables Award winning Amiga Genlock.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK £259 spsccai. Opi;e« squirrel seal Interface Included where you see this logo SURF SQUIRREL IO-EXTENDER A 2 0 0 0 68060 GVP G-LOCK GVP RAM MODEMS HI-SOFT SURF SQUIRREL ioEXTENDER 4MBGVPRAM .....£159 16MB GVP RAM ....£549 Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
SCANDOUBLER II ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them.
SCAN DOUBLER II ....£399 STUDIO II SOFTWARE ..... £49.95 SQUIRREL MPEG ..£199.95 MICROVITEC 1438 14" .£289 EPSON STYLUS INC.PAPER £489 EPSON STYLUS COLOUR Ms .£249.95 EPSON STYLUS COLOUR II . £335.95 EPSON STYLUS 820 ...... £219.95 EPSON STYLUS PRO XL INCLUDE STUDIO II SOFTWARE SQUIRREL MPEG Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Phono orders We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
Warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
Technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers ¦ail-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non- EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
¦ail-order teras All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB MegaChip does this by using Its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
MEGACHIP RAM A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot, A500 2MB RAM £90 MEMORY CARDS S12K RAM WITH CLOCK ____£24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM ...£29.95 £159.95 A 5 0 0 68020EC A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE £99.95 £189.95 A500 68020 EC 0M8 RAM A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM GRAPHIC VIDEO PICASSO II 2MB RAM £249.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT JNR PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£399.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT 2 VIDEO DAC ...£25 18-BIT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR VGA ADAPTOR £15 GLIDEPOINT Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips .Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) ALPS GLIDEPOINT £59.95 GENIUS TABLET High resolution pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software. Power Template
software includes templates for Dpaint V, Dpaint IV AGA, Ppaint 6.4. What's more you can create your own templates using this software .'for any 2.0 3.1 compliant software). When using the cursor it will emulate a 3 buttoned mouse.
GENIUS TABLET 12 X 12 £195.95 INCL PEN. CURSOR AND POWER TAB TEMP S W GVP GURU-ROM V6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. Please call for further information.
For GVP Only.
£49.95 GURU-ROM V6 The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II Interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface. PSU. Manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator.
MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc squirrel £179 X4 SPEED CD-ROM mc.SOUiRREi £249 AMIGA 4000 DUAL SPEED CD-ROM EXT. . £139 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM EXT. £199 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE £129 SCSI CABLE ...£10 POWER SCANNER Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)', Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection, Fully supports AGA chipset, Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non-AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with
2. 04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W ......£89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ....£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY £20 PC INTERFACE ? COL S W £49.95 PC INTERFACE * B W S W . . £39.95 FLATBED SCANNERS 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-5000 ...£479.95 24-BIT. INC ROWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 . £579.95 24-BIT. INC ROWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ...£729.95 24-BIT, INC IMAGE FX REV I S SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 SCANNER SOFTWARE FLATBED POWERSCANNER
SAW £35 WORKS WITH ALL EPSON FLATBED SCANNERS ixraraxL] FALCON 68040RC 25MHZ £399.95 FALCON 68060RC 50MHZ . £649.95 4MB SIMM ......£89.95 8MB SIMM ......£189.95 16MB SIMM ....£399.95 FALCON NO CPU .£349.95 SCSI ADAPTOR ...£29.95 All Falcon's come complete with a cooling fan VIPER 28MHZ The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock. 68882 coprocessor optional, instruction and data burst modes.
FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC .£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC .£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 VIPER MK1 SCSI-ADAPTOR £79.95 VIPER 28 MKII BARE £119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £179.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB.....£199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB.....£299.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB . £489.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR £69.95 VIPER 50MHZ P C 1 2 0 8 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ......£55.95 PC 1208 1MB ......£85.95 PC1208 2MB .....£119.95 PC1208 4MB .....£145.95 PC1208 8MB .....£249.95 VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£269.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£289.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£389.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£599.95 NAME ... ADDRESS .POSTCODE TELEPHONE NO.
MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 B ni POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W http: email j'jJJiE'DriY siLisJi Oui unique and highly rated external Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas A500 + 170mb HARD DRIVE £189.99 A500 + 250mb HARD DRIVE £209.99 A500 + 340mb HARD DRIVE £249.99 Additional RAM for the hard drive £89.99 per 2mb DATAFLYER SCSI+ ONLY £79.99 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface Discology Is the ultimate In disk copying power tor the Amiga. The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual aid Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. £19.99 EACH OR BUY BOTH for £24.99 Incredibly
fast (upto 4x faster than a ZIP drive) SCSI drive will store a massive 135mb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply.
SCSI cable, instructions and cartndge.
Wm ONLY £199.99 or £239.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 ZJ Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use, includes a full 50 page manual.
SIMMS AND FPUS 2mb £54.99 4mb £79.99 8mb £159.99 These hard drives simply push onto the side of the A500 or A500t arid will give your computer all the benefits that hard drives offer. The drives are supplied formatted, partitioned and have Workbench installed for immediate use.
Full instructions and software supplied.
The hard drive also has the facility to add 2,4,6 or 8mb of RAM inside It.
Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time bs the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate upto 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, had drives. SyQuest removable dnves. Tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ Is compat- ible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from Willsing any of the important expansion ports on vour A1200 A600.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
- This superb package Is a must for any CDROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software Including librarian features. Direct reading of 16bit audio samples, full support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD Discs.
Includes the 'FISHMARKET' CDROM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information packed spiral bound manual.
A4000 SCSI controller expansion card that allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be connected to the A4000. Includes full user manual and Installation software including CDROM drivers. Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices. - DATAFLYER 4000SX ONLY £59.99 ASIM CDFS only £49.99 ±,o“ s .on Our high speed 2.5" IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are format ted,
partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use.
Incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our £19.99 which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction
• MNP 5 Data Compression
• Full 80 page manual' 11 wm Amazing power for such a low pnce.
This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28Hz and
comes complete with a 68882 FPU to enable your A1200 to run
at 5 MIPS (million Instructions per second)! Uses standard 72
pin SIMMS and includes a battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
PANASONIC QUAD SPEED EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER ONLY £239.99 APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £179.99 Highly rated SCSI drive will 1 store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes Complete with power supply, SCSI cable, Instructions and cartridge.
An incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete with MMU. 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a floating point unit and battery backed clock. Runs at just under 9.5 MIPS (million instrx- tions per second!)
- 1-j ONLY £189.99 or £229.99 With a Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb
ZIP cartridge £15.99 APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99
• 4mb SIMM £79.99 8mb SIMM £159.99 68882 FPU £69.99 Order NOW for
immediate despatch FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (credit switch card
sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208
Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software)
or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD,
Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Alt prices include VAT. Postage and packing will be charged ot £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rosl of the world.
Amiga Tech. Sold again William Buck, President of Viscorp Details of the shock sale of Amiga to Viscorp - what will the new owners do for you?
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SCREENPLAY disk B The Shepherd S ; It's Populus with
* ;isheep! 50 levels of ‘1-.; shepherding plus Cybernetix and the
m highly addictive p106 It's packed with sound files and Ia
samples, there are Vl&jt 3D objects and : textures, demos «cm.
O2 ¦ of the latest and best Cds around and 'f you foN haven't
already COOCMOS *
* ** **** visited it, the JZ*•wwcvjw* entire AF web site is
also included on this CD.
Plus the full version of the excellent modelling program Real 3D v2.5 Coverdisk Instructions CD-ROM mr,MKT 11 Silent Paw’s 1996 Product Line
• 'I* PAWS - Portable Amiga Workstation for the Amiga 1200
Computer ecko « ANXDX I fff ajar * tlewj.
i*-«j*i:* flt 'U-ttCtl Wi ONI KIO all »«•» fatonlr Dealer Viele Micro oe Sckat Pa- Prorfwlioar MC "" al tie aaaberr helo |»W| KVM k & i
• :-:i i»w» k H N Quicker Silky-smooth scrolling 2 Music tracks
per table Action replay Manic animations Easy level Medium
level Ultra Hard level Stereo sound 256 colours True Hi-Res as
standard Maximum Multiballs Effigy Software Effigy Emporium'
Station Yard Station Hoad Ruskington Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34
9DG Phone & Fax 01526 834020 TOTAL: The Whole Experience A1200
Version Cflfigy Pinball Prelude 1 st Computer
Centre ... ...35 ......
.01132 231 9444 17 Bit Software
..... .103 .....
......01924 366982 Active Software ...
....120, 121 ..... 01325 352260
Analogic Computers..... 104 0181 546 9575 Care
Electronics .....
...30 ...... .... 01923 894064
Centurion PD .. .....119 ... 01274
677673 Dart Computer Services ......
.119 ...... ......0116 247 0059
Domork ...
...33 ...... ...0181 780
2222 Effigy Software
....8 ... 01526
834020 Emerald ...
...18 ...... ...0181 715
8866 Enterprise Pic ..
...73 ..... 01624
677666 Epic Marketing .. .70, 88
..... ......01793 490988 Everglade
. .117 ....
01463 240168 Fast Engineering Services . ..
.....117. 0171 252 3533 Five Star Software ...
55 01268 590091 Gasteiner Technologies ltd ..
...87 . ... 0181 345 6000 Golden Image
(UK) ltd ...... .119 .....
...0181 900 9291 Greytronics Entertainment
.. ...40...... ......0181 686 9973 GTI
Grenville ...... ......74 0049 20 178 8778
Hamilton Bank ...10
..... ..0800 303000 Harwoods
Computers . ..29, 46, 79 .... ......01773
836781 Hi soft
...17 ..... 01525
718181 Lcl .....
.117 ..... ......01491 579345 Micronik
. 56 0049 2171 72450 Ocean
Software ..... .24,
25 ...... ......0161 832 6633 Owl Associates ltd
. .... 103 01543 250377 Power Computing ltd
. ....2, 3, 123 ..... ......01234
273000 Premier Mail Order .
...66 . . . 01268 271172
Selectafont . .. .30... 01702 202835 Silent
Paw Productions ......
.....8 ...... ......001 7033
307290 Siren Software
.4, 5 ..... ...0161 796
5279 Software 2000 .60,
61 .... ......01827 68496 Special Reserve
... Wizard'Developments .
.36, 37 ..... 50 01279
600204 01322 272908 Visage ....
...66 ..... ...0115 964
TIMEKEEPERS P47 The original Timekeepers was hard, but if you
managed to complete it here are another 60 levels to try.
Mm aJIk1 Month In View In a surprise deal, Amiga Technologies has been sold to Viscorp. Have we really seen it all before... ulure PRODUCTION GROUP PROD. MANAGER Judith Green PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR Zoe Rogers PROD CONTROLLER Claire Thomas PRINT SERVICES MANAGER Mark Constance AD DESIGN Lisa Withey ADMIN ASSISTANT Cathy Rowland COLOUR SCANNING & IMAGESETTING Jon Moore. Chris Stocker. Mark Gover, Simon Windsor. Jason Titley. Oliver Gibbs COLOUR ORIGINATORS Phoenix Repro PRINTED IN THE UK BY St Ives PLC CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by
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David Taylor looks at the latest processor from Motorola.
CONNECTIONS P26 There are a host of cheap peripherals that, with the right information, can be connected straight onto your Amiga.
Simon Goodwin has all the advice on the right connections.
REAL 3D P96 Recreating parts of your home is made easy in this step-by- step guide. John Kennedy, our resident Real 3D expert guides you through.
TIME «IKS» L ii BLITZ BASIC P92 John Kennedy has got carried away with himself again, but you will find out how to code your own menus and requestors in this month's installment of the best Bliti tutorial going.
XP8 P36 It's a vertical shoot-em-up from WeatherMine. Steve Bradley was not impressed with the name but the graphics were remarkable.
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Reproduced here, the full text of the press release which m § announced the impending deal to m - SI 3' W the world.
Amiga Tech Sold Again .pll
• The World of Amiga ...p 13 Photogenics 2 on
CD-ROM ......pl5
• Success at CeBIT ..pl6 IL, April 12, 1996
ESCOM AG, a German computer manufacturer and reseller and
Visual Information Services Corp. fNasdaq: V1CP. Bulletin
Board), a developer of interactive TV (TTV) set-top-boxes to
enhance television use and viewing by providing Internet access
and electronic communications function, today Jointly announced
that a binding letter of understanding has been signed between
the companies The letter states that Chicago-based VIScorp
would acquire Amiga Technologies, Including the Intellectual
properties of the former Commodore Business Machines, excepted
Commodore trademarks. The transaction value Is approximately US
$ 40 million. Terms were not disclosed, and the pending
acquisition would be subject to approval by both companies’
boards of directors, New owners - new future for Amiga?
Escom to sell Amiga Technologies to American based interactive TV developers, Viscorp.
“This Intended acquisition Is part of VIScorp’s strategy to build market leadership In the fast-growing field of ITV", said William Buck, Chief Executive Officer. “As a result, we would own Amiga Intellectual properties, Including several that are currently used In our set top-box, Electronic Device (ED). We would also have control over the supplied chip sets used in ED as well as Amiga Inventories and access to the company's current sales and distribution channels."
Commenting the proposed acquisition, Helmut Jost, chief executive of ESCOM AG, said: “VIScorp has a clear vision of the Amiga technology potential for ITV applications. We are eager to support and work together over the term of the letter of understanding to ensure a smooth transition between the two companies. VIScorp anticipates the support of ongoing European sales of popular models such as the A4000T and the A1200 as well as the current developments and future releases of Amiga Technologies.'
• Amiga Tec
* old to Vis,
• Dealsho Jl byendoU
• ¦ expect n
• AV,sco'Pcurr, Am‘Sa chips, '-‘opbox
• Oeve opmen( d,str'bution o c°nt inue Petro Tyschtschenko,
president of Amiga Technologies stated “I am looking forward to
being able to take advantage of the research and development
support potential that an Amiga-related oompany like VlSoorp
can provide."
Commenting that the primary objective of the proposed acquisition Is to give VIScorp full access to the Amiga technology to support development of Its ITV device, Mr. Buck noted: “Our intention is to rapidly develop and begin manufacturing TV set-top interactive boxes - products that give home users capabilities such as telephone reception and dial up capabilities, facsimile, video games, pay-per-view options, electronic mall, and access to on-line services.
Including the Internet.'* just over a year ago, posu-d horrific financial losses (see AIM | and the subsequent * boardroom antics deposed chairman Manfred Schmii.
A mil’ll Formal understand that senior figures from Amiga Technologies began having earnest discussions with Viscorp in February, shortly after the announcement that Viscorp would license Amiga chipsets for their interactive IV device (see Ah82. P.12). C z m VO VO a Continued overleaf in 5 LU Z for marketing and research into Amiga Technologies, it made sense to look for support elsewhere: "The fact is that Escom currendy does not have the financial resources needed to support the still ongoing costs of our operation, especially advertising, research and development.
"To continue a successful Amiga business a solution to this situation has to be found. I checked a lot of possibilities, 1 looked into a lot of alternatives. I-adies and gentlemen, I personally think that Viscorp is one of the best solutions. It is a very interesting opportunity for our future."
He then introduced William Buck.
CEO of Viscorp. Who began to explain a litde about the Chicago based company, and their current development plans.
Charismatic and exuberant. Mr. Buck Details of the actual negotiations and the final sum paid for the Amiga will be cloaked in sec recy until the period of due diligence is over and the sale goes through. But the statement does hint at a value of $ 40 million - considerably more than the SI2 million the company originally cost. “People have said to me 'Boy, you must really like the Amiga'" said Bill Buck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Viscorp.
"But the costs of re-starting the Amiga far exceeded those of actually- purchasing the company - we have a lot to thank Amiga Technologies for."
MORE INVESTMENT Major Amiga figures gathered for a hurried press conference at the World of Amiga Show in Hammersmith shortly after the announcement was made. Amiga Technology's Petro Tyschtschenko spoke for just over five minutes, and explained that considering Kscom’s financial troubles, and the need for more investment $ was frank about his company not having many firm and immutable plans for the Amiga platform: "We have to sit right down and work our strategy out," he said. "You tell us what you'd want us to do".
After the conference, Mr Buck told Amiga Format “I'm really buzzing, I think all this is really great and I think it's good that so many people here care as much about the Amiga. ;vs we do."
BRIGHTER FUTURE Viscorp's main reason for acquiring Amiga Technologies must surely be the safeguarding of the technology vital to their ED project. But with that technology secure, would Viscorp really have the need to continue to support and develop the Amiga as a home computer? Carl Sassanrath, Viscorp's director of software stated: "I have been telling people not to worry. We are all Amiga lovers here. Unlike Escom or even Commodore, Viscorp does not have a single IBM PC person in the development group. We are all solid Amigans from the very beginning.
Personally speaking, I don't plan on killing the Amiga. In fact, I'tn hoping to build one killer Amiga!"
A subsequent press conference has now been postponed until the end of May, when hopefully the deal will be completed. Viscorp are expected to reveal more about their marketing strategy and development plans at this time.
Amiga Format will be bringing you coverage from that event, and you can also get full updates on our web site at: http: computing amigaformat.html BUT WHO THE HELL ARE VISCORP?
Founded in 1990 by inventor Roger Remillard, the Chicago based company was set up to take advantage of technology developments relating to the communications and media industries.
According to their "mission statement", Viscorp are committed to "providing easy to use and affordable technologies and services, that permit the average television viewer to take advantage of the Internet World Wide Web, on-line services and interactive television. The company is persuing a product development strategy to take advantage of current networked interactivity, by introducing a series of affordable products and services, that connect the standard TV set and the telephone so that networked interactivity can become a truly mass-market phenomenon."
In persuit of this they have already raised large sums of investment capital, claimed several patents in the interactive TV field, and of course, licensed the use of the Amiga chipset prior to buying Amiga Technologies.
VO !S 9 v- Ul Z 3 The main focus of the company is the Electronic Device (ED), an iTV set-top box which will integrate most of the web functions of a home computer with existing home entertainment and communications technology. The first Eds are due for release towards the end of '96, and Viscorp hope to add several more ED type peripherals to the range.
Interestingly, the relatively small team at Viscorp contains a rather disproportionate number of ex-Commodore Amiga personnel.
The big movers and shakers at Viscorp are: WILLIAM BUCK Chief Executive Officer of Viscorp since 1994, "Bill" Buck has an extensive history in financial circles, first getting involved in interactive television in 1990.
A military background (West Point graduate, ten years active service) may account for the John Glen similarities.
ROGER REMILLARD Founder of Viscorp, Mr Remillard holds several patents in the field of interactive TV, which he has now assigned to Viscorp. Prior to founding the company, he worked extensively in the communications industry.
CURTIS GANGI A business graduate and former member of the Chicago Board of Trade, Mr Gangi may be remembered by some Amiga fans as a director of Cinemaware, who produced Defender of the Crown. He was also part of the launch team for Commodore's CDTV. He now serves as Viscorp's Chief Operating Officer.
DON GILBREATH Now serving as Viscorp's Vice President of Engineering. Mr Gilbreath was an employee of Commodore from 1980-1991, and also played a major role in the design and development of the CDTV.
CARL SASSENRATH Perhaps best known for his work on the Amiga's operating system when he was Manager of Operating Systems for Commodore. Carl also created Amiga Logo and was heavily involved in the development of the CDTV, for which he created the CDXL motion video format. His past also takes in work for Apple and Hewlett Packard.
JIM GOODNOW II Now a senior software engineer for Viscorp, Mr Good now may be best known to our readers for his work with the Aztec C development system on the Amiga.
Are ancient seasonal forces toying with the history of the Amiga? In recent years, it certainly seems like it. Examine these rather interesting news highlights and make up your own mind: The industry is a little surprised to find that Kelly Sumner is resigning as MD of Commodore UK to set up UK offices for April showers _ Gametek Everybody's favourite.
David Pleasance assumes joint inAwMlk-i control of the company, aided » jJ by Colin Proudfoot.
Cor blimey! Commodore goes into voluntary liquidation Poor fej-cSl sales in a tough market resulted in a huge loss for '9J ( S3S7 million) and with no prospect of sSjfeiSj an immediate reversal of this trend, the management take the i I sensible option - protection gjjffifajSaK from creditors while they seek investors. Colin Proudfoot is optimistic: “The brand is too strong to die: we're confident that Commodore and the Amiga will come out of this a better, stronger company" Rather prophetically, the caption to our illustration of a disintegrating logo reads: "Could this be the last we'll ever
see of the familiar Commodore logo - or will it live on under the auspices of another owner?" - we scare ourselves sometimes.
Escom irbuy-ou After a year of so much ip saajea speculation, nervous waiting and what at times seemed Ij - "3j| like forlorn hope the assets of Commodore are finally unraveled and Escom are the surprise winners of the 1“ auction for the Amiga and all Commodore s trademarks and patents. Previously only interested in the logo. E scorn's Bernard Wan Tienen tried to reassure the Amiga community that their favourite computer was safe: "We didn't buy Commodore just to have it. We bought rt to develop the technology further and sell computers. “ *V * j t Shortly after posting huge losses and
booting out their Chairman. Escorn announce their intention to sell Amiga Technologies. After a year of neglect by Escom, who failed to put significant resources into marketing the product or even attempt to sell it with any real spirit in their shops, will the Amiga story finally have a happy ending?
Triumph Our award winning news coverage of Escom's successful bid for the Amiga.
The situation looked grim two years ago as the company went into liquidation.
CALLING DEVELOPERS AROUND THE WORLD Viscorp are keen to strengthen the bonds between them and the Amiga development community. That at least was the message they were trying to get across at the end of April, when their CEO, William Buck, issued this statement: "Recently, a number of Amiga- developers have contacted Viscorp to make proposals about the future of Amiga. Viscorp is ready to listen to all suggestions coming from the Amiga developer community.
In France, an Amiga developer asked if Viscorp would like him to officially represent the company to the french developer community in order to centralize their ides and proposals.
We believe this is an excellent idea and would like to extend this system to all countries where Amiga developers are active, so that there are official Viscorp representatives in each country who can centralize ideas and proposals".
If you would like to represent Viscorp in your country, feel free to contact David Rosen ( VP, Business Development or Raquel Velasco ( Director of Sales and Marketing Europe at: miga enthusiasts arriving at the opening of the recent World of Amiga Show in Hammersmith's Novotcl were stunned by huge queues as thousands tried to gain entrance to the exhibition hall.
WOA At one point admittance was suspended due to overcrowding, as the event-starved Amiga fans packed into the venue.
Top attractions inside the venue (apart from the d stand, which we are too modest to What a mention) included Amiga Technologies stand, where the prototype new Amiga was on Show!
Display, and HiSoft's stand, where a variety of net software and hardware were being demonstrated to an appreciative audience.
Other highlights included a look at Directory Opus 5.5. the Iomega Zip drive, the Micronics tower system and David Pleasance. Who promoting his Amiga-tributc album.
"Everybody's Girlfriend'.
Of course, an extra buzz went through the crowd when they learnt that Amiga Technologies was in the process of being sold, and that the new owners were looking around the show.
All in all. The event was far more successful than anyone had suspected, which can only bode well for another UK World of Amiga Show, perhaps even later this year.
NEW PRESIDENT POR COMPUSERVE Steven P Stanbrook has been made the new president of CompuServe. A British national.
Stanbrook will provide direction and general management of all International offices. This newly created position will also Involve affiliating relationships worldwide. Stanbrook previously worked as president of the Sara Lee Corporation.
ARTWORKS STUDIO SERVICES Artworks, producers of oompleted artwork, are extending their services. Readers will now be able to take advantage of the servloe. Previously only available to printing and publishing companies. In-house artists will either produce the Images themselves or create a computer Image from a supplied design Prices start at £20. For more Information contact Artworks, 3 Pond Side, Wootton, Ulceby, South Humberside DN39 6SF or telephone 01469 588138 HATES PAYS CREDITORS Hayes Mlorooomputer have paid all their creditors in full plus Interest. The news announced In London In
April means that Hayes, best known as the Inventor of the modem, has now emerged from Chapter 11 of Its court-approved Plan of Reorganisation.
Hayes originally filed for Chapter 11 protection In November and have since fought off two acquisition attempts from competitors Diamond Multimedia and US Robotics.
THC Icf COOL CUIDC FOR ABSOLUTE MG INN IRS Ioth - 11th Aubust IBBB BRIWrifllR HOTEL. BIRmiOOHHITl oenif (Teah. Va Confirmed Aw C5 e cro BY " *•' Sela) Of Honour A mvMr nufnavq jHvurwwM Beginners If you find computer manuals just a little too complicated or you don’t understand the jargon in instruction books then Bookmark Publishing may have the answer. Firsl Steps Amiga by Paul Overaa is a guide for absolute beginners. It's been written and designed with the complete newcomer in mind and assumes that the readers have no previous experience of the Amiga or of any other computer.
Using clear, everyday terms the book guides you through using the Amiga’s Workbench, understanding it’s windows, how to care for your disks and what Shell commands are.
Designed by Jeff Walker, First Stefis should provide a secure foundation to build upon.
The book costs £6.99 and can be obtained from Bookmark Publishing Tel: 01525 713671 ECTS SPRING '96 Organisers of ECTS Spring '96 say the show was their most successful to date. Nearly 10,000 people visited the three day show organised by Blenheim and held at the Grand Hall. Olympia in London.
This was a 16% increase on the number of visitors to the ECTS Spring '95 show and there was an impressive 22% rise in visitors travelling from overseas.
The strength of the show should mean that ECTS Autumn ’96 will be bigger, covering over two halls of exhibits. And the organisers also plan to combine the two shows in 1997. This will mean holding one big show in Autumn, rather than two smaller ones. The decision was reached after lengthy market research and consultation with the industry.
ECTS Autumn 1996 will take place at the Grand Hall, Olympia.
Hammersmith Road. London from 8-10 September.
All of you Irekkies oul there arc invited to celebrate Star Trek’s 30th Anniversary at Delta Quadrant ’96. The event will take place from August 10-11 at the Brittania Hotel in Birmingham and Denise Crosby alias Tasha Vat S.- Commander Sela will be making a guest appearance. Weekend events will include guest talks, videos, a charity auction and of course, a dealers room. Tim Gaskill of the Official Star Trek Fan Club will also be making an appearance. Tickets must be ordered in advance and cost £25 for 6-1-1 year olds and £35 for adults. For more information call Simon on 0860 948296 or email:
splimbefa Delta Quadrant is held in aid of the Terence Higgins Trust.
Delta Quadrant '96 ? The Bradford Column |P~~l|[g; * M "Crivvens man, they're all wearing green underpants."
Who's Steve Bradley talking about?
TIMEKEEPERS PAGE 47 vo VO J improved die programme while retaining the power and simplicity of the original Phologenirs package.
Arexx scripting will allow users to create macro scripts that can automate conversion, build animations or interface with other Amiga software. The scripts will also allow users to link Phologniirs 2directly to Lightwave 3 A Standard IFF aniiu tiles can he loaded in and saved and a new effects system introduces many new techniques including Radial Blur. Warp. I listogram and 31) Rotate. A powerful 32-bit Fractal generator will allow users to add unique textures to their images. Other new features include Virtual Buffers which prevent loss of speed when working with images target than the
memory and if you experience any problems with the new features there is I Ivpertext On-line 1 lelp with tutorials to guide you through.
For more information on 1‘hologrniit 2contact Almathera on 0181 687 0040 or email: Photogenics 2 on CD-ROM Another year, another new custodian ot the Amiga flame. In an industry where steady progress is perceived as a backward step, the previous owner's policy of treading water for the past nine months has done much to exacerbate the Amiga's decline.
The recent Escom 'trade-in' promotion is a good idea but Just upgrading owners of older machines is but a tiny step on a very long Journey. Surely it is owners of other machines who should be targeted to switch to Amiga anyway? All those Megadrive and SNES consoles, lying dormant under beds, presumably have owners who have not upgraded to PlayStation and Satum yet. And don't say everyone has changed to a PC because sales for titles which are less than AAA-graded are causing many a grown publisher to weep with frustration.
The Amiga needs a trade-in that will convert disciples of other faiths too, but they're unlikely to change to the Amiga of their own volition without a pretty impressive incentive, and £150 off the RRP could Just be enough.
Let's face It, there were plenty off avenues left unexplored by Escom The trade-in however. Is an Escom-the-retailer promotion, rather than something Escom-the-manufacturer have concocted, as it is only their stores currently participating in It. It would make a great deal of sense for it to be extended by the new owners to the whole retail community, as well as including other machines, while there Is at least a spark of excitement surrounding the Amiga brand, through the change of ownership and the recent announcement of new machines.
Of course, the new owners may Just have even better ideas of their own, because let’s face It, there were plenty of avenues left unexplored by Escom, and the fact that they are retaining the Commodore brand and trademark will cause many a commentator - who suspected that those were the only assets Escom really wanted from the sale - to adopt a smug 'told you so' expression.
Uke all silver linings though, there Is a cloud attached to the sale. Escom-the-retaller was the only national chain to give the machine support (albeit somewhat halfhearted). Freed from the shackles of ownership, and thus a moral obligation to stock It through Inter-company politics, It is questionable whether this support will continue.
Having said that, a new owner, who is not In direct competition with them, should make the machine far more attractive to all the thousands of Independent computer retailers out there who used to be the Amiga's mainstay - the next few months will be very Interesting Indeed.
Shoot Dale Bradford down In flames via fax. If you want to on: 01633 896087.
The opinions expressed here are those of a Keith Chegwln lookallke. But not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
JUNE 1996 NEWS X1PA1NT 4.0 UPGRADE Registered users of XlPalnt 3.2 are now able to upgrade to the CD-ROM version 4.0. XlPalnt 4.0 from Schatztruhe, is the first 2D. 24-bit paint program which allows anlms, presentable In a preview to be created quickly and easily. There are a range of new features and If you are a registered user of version 3.2 and would like to upgrade to the new program then contact Schatztruhe on 0049 201 78 8778.
MORE COLOUR PRINTERS Hewlett Packard have extended their range of printers with a new colour InkJet model. The DeskJet 1660CN builds on the popular DeskJet 1600C and ofTers unmatched colour print quality, speed connectivity and paper handling, ideal for medium and large- sized companies who require colour printing In a network.
Information technology, consumer electronics and car hi-fi.
There will be entertainment too. With 1.000 square meters of the latest game hardw-are and software. The show will run from August 28 until September 1. For more information contact Monika Brandt on +5II) 89-31632.
Organisers of the 1996 CeBIT show in March say the seven day extravaganza was a complete success. Over 600,000 visitors toured the 6.111 stands, and 88.8% of the exhibitors have expressed an interest in participating in the show in I lannover next vear.
I TcqU = j Spread | UNDO -j Hark Start f" If Hark End J |g J lopw | P| Ram?
- Snnr:i-* AmigaVac The design for the new Amiga has generated a
great deal of controversy.
Adrian Cole from Runcorn in Cheshire was less than convinced that the new model was an Amiga at all. In fact it bears an uncanny resemblance to a familiar household appliance. Perhaps it should be the 'CarpetVValker' rather than the 'MindVValker'.
Keep a look out for next month's Mailbag with some more of your ideas.
Special Game Engine Offer... Those of you who en joyed (he Game Engine on Iasi month’s Covcrdisk can take advantage of this special offer. Aspire are prepared to offer Game Engine (normal price £24.95) for £19.95 to Amiga Formal readers. Readers who take advantage of this offer will also receive a FREE DISK of extra: Sound samples. Graphics, Characters for inclusion in their own games created with Game Engine.
Complete the coupon and send it to: Aspire 2. Strathsprey, Pentre Hill, Flint Mountain, Clwyd CH6 5QN. Phone & Fax 01352 761798 j--------------------------------------*j ! Game Engine Order Form !
I ! Name ... !
I I I Address I I I I I I I I .. I I I j Postcode ...! ..... i | Cheque PO enclosed (delete as appropriate I I L--------------------------------------1 CeBIT Home Electronics J96 According to recent research, between now and the year 2000 the multimedia market is expected to increase ten fold. Bv the end of the current decade 50% of the total market will he taken up by products and services for the small office
and private user.
To try and meet these demands. TIM) exhibitors will use CeBIT HOME ELECTRONICS 96 as a platform for presenting their multimedia activities to the general public.
Categories on display over the seven exhibition halls include software services, games and publishing companies.
Freecall 0500 223660 Surf Squirrelis a fast serial and SCSI 2 PCMCIA interface for the Amiga A12IH). Includes lull software. © I liSoft I 996.
Freecall available within the UK, elsewhere call +4- 1525 718101 or fax +44 1525 71.1716 or email Call Us Now On 0181-715 8866 All The Latest Amiga Software Beef Up Your Sound !
The Little Gem Micro Mixer ' This 2 channel, stereo mixer features independent Hi and Lo EQ. Panning, and volume for each channel. Little Gem greatly enhances all your sound I input and output - samples. Mod | files, even games - it’s ideal for desktop video and music, and it's a great price too !
£32.95 £98 95 £59.95 £89 95 . £59 95 £79 95 £28 95 Blitz Basic 2.1 £32.95 £29.95 £28.95 £68 95 £42.95 £49 95 £29 95 . £34 95 £47 95 . £28.95 . £54.95 £57 95 Quad Speed £259.95
2. 4 Speed £164.95 £45 95 £39 95 £39 95 . £31.95 . £35.95 .
£22.95 . £22 95 . £89 95 Disk problems ? Hard drive looking
doubtful ?
You need Ami-Back !
Jlmjj r;r The Ultimate Bac*up Utility £179.95 £79 95 . £79.95 £99.95 £94 95 £319.95 £9.95 . £27.95 £24.95 . £59.99 £49 95 . £24 95 £39 95 £49 95 . £39.95 £34.99 The Ultimate In Disk Backup For Only £29.95 I Disk Drives Etc._ Squirrel SCSI interface .£59.95 Iomega Zip Drive inc. Squirrel etc .£call A500 Internal Floppy Drive ....£35.95 A600 8 A1200 Internal Floppy Drive . .£38 95
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clock £32 95 A1200 unpopulated ... £59.95
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SVHS ......£125.95 PCMCIA Adaptor for Pro
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AmiBack .... AmiFileSafe User .
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Directory Opus 5 Disk Expander Disk
Magic ... Gigamem ....
Infonexus 2(lnfonexus + Datanexus).
Video Back-up System Phono...... Video Back-up System Scart Communications Software Development Blitz Basic 2 I .. Dice C Compiler v3.0l .. DevPac 3 .. Gamesmith Hisofi BASIC 2 . Hisoft Pascal ... Intos . Disk Utilities _ Digita Datastore 3.. . .
Digita Organiser v2 . . .
Final Data 3 .. GB Route Plus Mailshot Plus . ...... Music Librarian...... Plants For All Seasons .
Twist 2 ..... Finance Cashbook Combo. .
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Unix and MSDOS partitions, and DAT and ape drives I When ordering don't forget to include the carriage charge I Charges within the UK are £3 50 for first class post, which usually arrives the next day. Orders over £100 arc sent registered post at £4.50. Next day courier service within the UK mainland 8 subject to availability is £6.00. Hardware is sent by Next QaytCp.ur'c.r Call for prices overseas, islands 8 Scottish Highlands You can pay by Credit Card (Visa. Mastercard, Access. Dela, Switch and American Express) - we only bill your card when we despatch the order, not before - or by Cheque
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WHAT'S IN THIS FE Technical Data „ .... Multimedia . Master ISO ..... Audio . Okay, so it Isn't quite as simple as bunging a few discs In a toaster, but with today's drives and software, it isn't much more complicated.. Each CD-ROM data track Is divided into individually addressable blocks of 2352 data bylev, i.e. one subcoding block or 98 frames.
A header in each block contains the block address and the mode of the block. The block address is identical to the encoding of minute, second, and frame number in subcode channel Q. Digital data uses mode one, which is structured like this: Sync Reid Header Field User Data Field Error Detection Code Reserved Error Correction 12 bytes 4 bytes 2048 bytes 4 bytes 8 bytes 276 bytes This may seem a bit "lossy", as only 87% of the space is used by actual data, but it does include fairly rigorous error protection - Cds are far from perfect - errors can easily occur, but as long as these can be kept
to a minimum and corrected accurately, your data will still be intact.
An uncorrectod error in audio data typically results in a brief, often Inaudible click during drive will ghcr ou JW)0k sustained transfer speed. I sloiv hard drive ran do be and manv newer "A r driv r»Mb transfer rates.
Robust and compact Th comprised inostls of. An coated by. Durable plastic.
The daw em ortiug method t*» be resistant t« scratches handling damage. Media I exported to be long, well t magnetic media such as ta Multimedia storage - Bee?
Data is Mor«’d digftallv. It i multimedia in that it an image*, gtapim sound, a information expressed “ fact there isn't really thing as a PC CD-ROM - on files on the CD determine The actual tracks on the CD can have two types as specified in ‘He control bit field of a subchannel in the disc structure. One of these types is CD digital audio (CDDA) tracks. The two-channel audio is sampled at
44. 1 Khz with sixteen bit linear sampling and encoded as twos
complement numbers. The 16-bit samples are separated into two
eight-bit bytes; the bytes from each channel alternate on the
disc. The stereo samples have to be interleaved to maintain a
simultaneous transfer and allow continuous playback from the
disc. Variations for audio tracks include pre-emphasis and
four track recording.
The primary error correction (the only type used for CD Audio data) is extremely powerful. The CD specification allows for discs to have up to 220 raw errors per second. Almost all of these are perfectly corrected by the CIRC scheme for a net error rate of zero. For example, tests using a typical CD-ROM drive show that raw error rates are around 50-100 per second. Of course, these are perfectly corrected, meaning that the original data is perfectly recovered, A sufficiently bad flaw may produce uncorrectablc errors. These very unusual errors are "concealed'' by the player rather than
corrected. Note that this concealment is likely to be less noticeable than even a single scratch on an LP. Such a flaw might be a really opaque finger smudge therefore Cds do merit careful handling.
Listening at worst. An uncorrected error In other kinds of data, for example program code, may render a CD unusable. For this reason, CD-ROM defines a second level of error detection and error correction (EDC ECC) for mode 1 data. Tho information for the EDC ECC occupies most of the auxiliary data field.
The error detection code is a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on the sync, header, and user data. It occupies the first four bytes of the auxiliary data field and provides a very high probability that uncorrectod errors will be detected The error correction code Is essentially the same as tive first level error correction in that interleaving and Reed-Solomon coding are used.
It occupies the final 276 bytes of the auxiliary data field.
This extra level of error correction for CD-ROM blocks is one of tho many reasons that CD-ROM drives are typically more expensive than consumer audio players. To perform this error correction quickly requires substantial extra computing power usually in the form of a dedicated processor in the drive.
Onnation density- Willi Unity achievable using optical ing, the m can contain some 040 bvrrs ol data on a disc less ih.iti nclies in diamrtrt : - Because Cds arc I by a well-developed lar to that usi-d to stamp out l.P rrconls. Unit cost in large quantities is small, typically less than II Read only medium - l)-R( 1 | is n ail only, it cannot hr ivntten on (more than once) or erased. This means that it is nevrt going to t [.-place lloppv disks or hard drives, hut it ts an excellent distrilnition foitnai.
Modest random access performance Due to optical read head mass and tin tlata is actually stored on the disk i access ("seek time" thee of CD is betfei th •an THEY DO THAT?
CD-ROM DEMOS TEXTURE PORTFOLIO IMAGES: C'Jirlr on Ihtt Jnillon lo trim iliriltrrffHjfit IV i(ittiWiM'JM ID, to MOVIE MAKER: SPEOAl. Lil I IX TS IMATIOSS: m ihu fdfau il y o® «mnj 10 » r »«ur rriliJance HBCXJI, V0 JAJ ?jOjojii Ajajsss I ll SYS I M»i 0££__j Exth I
H. r.p I Kt II I
C. nt.r Y: :i rcsillu ll sundnrd : the mtrnh images stored in a
platform % independent file formal an Ik* used on jmv
computer. «»n could easily load in many of the images
contained on this month's dmiga J'tthnnt CD on a P( or
A special file format is neccvsarv for two main reasons: firstly, ('I)s have modest seek time and high capac itv. Vs jpftification.
The file .system in which ( other (lire root rhrci ancestor to al in ihr s lumr. This iliciai lice «tnirltitc fni thrsolum 01993-1996 Rs inware Innovations Inc. Master ISO v1 .23 |oit 71- _Q| SCSI Inn» 1 Source Dir n'lt°"1 T-°“ wuh Master ISO you an select to oiMpjtto a DOS file
• can be
• t'-r-donehy' * Amnji hard-drive) or .• SCSI device S .-. h .'fi
is faster If you nave plenty of ¦•-luinnent.
SCSI Output FmdS D Irtctorlos Vo tune Size dproapp 1222S | 241 d Irtctorits File Vers (oie?
Upper Ca a?
Un I pro. I ibrarv RDPro.not os ftnirsOps Conpoottor fippScrjpt* _ Dlspliylntgt.a .
Belanceback.pic back Iineback ba lanceback.
C onpbjck.pic rMw, nfconvirt §k|iws«* pic m
- Nov-2126 U . I r » 3RRD iESTC »UL8E .tu N»xt Pm Mw r K A
constant readout I how many 1 selected and I will take up on t
Some I each vc in addition ic The path t hierarchy in .
Directory ii location in t This t he accessed with only .
Interleaving. The • of two separate sin [ rtfti clrT IhaTtLt 3- A 1 T I i Software by: Todd Modjeskl Anthony Mood Ben FuI Ier CHIP: 639.712 FHST: 10.084,120 Studloi 6_3 : S«* 0.881M ol Tit le,Unknoun 188K full, 9K tru, 56BM in use RIFF_Le» CDDR_Ro&tS ignif leant BTFFlRTiht BIFF_Stereo CDDfl_LaastSlgn 01
- ...- ..f?-jr
D .| C | Traci. .1 Track.t: D || K .| Track.3 Track.6 Track.9
Z 'Of infinitely more interest is to create audio Cds
of your own music... sampling data direct to a hard drive and
then mastering CDDA tracks" !'ill's alt: nil
i. « ,,n Tli.' Ii ,i.! Oi»iv-n:in jirrmii'* in 15 *nni£iioiis n-
Audio C Z m u c lie artificial genome in an embryonic
harvest shall grow to burn the humanity plague v . U .
From the killing gryutiils f y; Brr; futura genuflexion J- ''Three seconds after loading a level, I became a believer!"
'Wf - iljr ¦ "Amiga's brightest star for 96' il t&ifati http: www.leam C 1996 Toam 17 Software Ltd The Killing Grounds AH Rights Reserved 3 £40 i
M. lTft'W YOUR AMIGA THE FASTEST A1200 Even- Amiga has two
extraordinarily versatile controller ports. Each can read up
to 32 switches, two proportional controls, and messages from
light pens which are synchronised with the display. There are
dozens of variations on the theme of control devices,
including mice, track-halls.
Pens, guns and joysticks. Almost all of them will work with the Amiga, but relatively few plug straight in. You pay a premium for peripherals guaranteed to work as soon as you connect them to the .Amiga. Over the years this has been a nice little earner for dedicated suppliers, who sift through mountains of peripherals made for other micros and pick out the ones that can easily be tweaked for Amiga users. If you're the sort of person who finds the inside of a plug a mysterious and daunting place, you're well advised to pay the premium and buy your add-ons from people who The Well Connected
Amiga Simon N Goodwin adapts bargain peripherals to work on the Amiga can check them out for you. But if you're not afraid of changing a plug, or swapping a few wires around, you can equip your Amiga with an impressive range of control devices for a fraction of the price you might otherwise pay.
At a recent All Formats Fair I bought a three button Logitech mouse for £1. A chunky two-button analogue joystick for 50p, and an arcade-sized track ball for £3. These were made, respectively, for IBM PC, Tandy Colour and Atari 800 computers, but they can all be made Amiga-compatible with simple wiring changes.
.All diese peripherals are well made and work reliably. Supplies are plentiful and prices are low because most people do not know how easy it is to adapt them - not everyone has an Amiga, with it's over-engineered, all-purpose connectors. This article explains how to spot peripherals that will work on the .Amiga, and adapt them to work with vour hardware and software.
PART WORKS The most important diagrams are the charts showing connector pinouts and the table relating Amiga pin numbers to those of other machines (Table One). The pin numbers are usually- stamped on the connector, but the marks are small and hard to read by- electric light. The most common mistake is to count from the wrong end.
My diagrams assume that you are looking from the back of the adaptor plug or socket, or into the computer socket or peripheral plug.
The necessary parts are widely available for less than £1. Nlaplin part numbers are listed at the end of this article, in case you don't have a branch of Tandy, computer fair or electronics store nearby. (Table Two). It's your choice whether to chop off the old plug and replace it with an Amiga one, or build a simple adaptor. If you cut off the old plug, be sure to check the correspondence between wire colours and connector pins before you chuck the old one away.
PC MICE Mice produced for the IBM PC are cheap and widely available in many sizes and styles. Most can tie used with the Amiga, but choose carefully because the most common models are 'serial mice' which tie up the Amiga's serial port and require extra software to work.
Serial mouse drivers are freely available on Aminet and serial mice work fine with workbench and system- fricndlv Amiga programs, but they're not recommended because they need extra software and will not communicate with programs that read the Amiga controller ports direcdy, like most games.
You're much better off with a bus mouse. Finns like Logitech make these for use with newer PC clones. They often have a nine-pin inini-DIN plug instead of the older nine pin D-tvpe plug. Do not confuse these with PS 2 serial mice, which use the same mini- DIN plug but with fewer pins. These will not connect directly to the Amiga ooooo oooo Table One Amiga Game Port 1 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 PC analogue joystick - 2 7 6 - 1 4 3 PC Mini-DIN bus mouse 4 2 3 9 6 1 7 8 PC 9 pin D bus mouse 4 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 BBC. Joystick 1 - 13 10 12 - 14 S 7 BBC, joystick 2 • 13 10 15 - 14 6 4 Amstrad Spectrum joystick 5
9 7 6 - 4 - 2 - Atari ST & C=M mice 4 2 3 1 - 6 7 8 9 Tandy Dragon joystick - 4 6 1 - 5 3 2 Notes:
(1) Joysticks made for Amstrad CPC Atari VCS 40tV800, 48K
Spectrum. Commodore C16. Plus 4, CM and VIC-20 plug directly
into the Amiga and work with no adapter.
(2) NEVER connect anything to your Amiga without turning it off
CONNECTION SELECTIONS 6 7 8 9 Back of socket to plug into Amiga PC Serial & Bus Mice Amiga Joystick & Mouse NINE PIN D-TYPE controller port, as they return serial data like old Microsoft and Mouse Systems models.
A true bus mouse has direct signals from the two or three buttons, and four more signals to indicate the movement of the mouse ball. Along with power and ground, this means that nine connections are needed.
PC manufacturers also make trackballs and graphics tablets which can replace mice. Once you know the connector and protocol details, you can use these 011 the Amiga. In general you're best of! With a bus mouse, which will connect to the Amiga controller port, but the choice is wider if you're willing to use the serial port and serial mouse packages from Aminet.
THIRD BUTTON The third mouse button is extremely useful, but there is no direct support for it from the Amiga operating system; you need add-on software to make it work. I use MCX. By Martin Berndt. To make the middle button stand in for the left SHIFT key, so I can select multiple icons by holding the middle button and tapping the left button above each icon with no need to reach for the keyboard. A double click on the middle button swaps between screens.
These functions are configurable and supported by multi-purpose commodities freely available on Aminet. YAK is an alternative to MCX with a slightly different set of functions, including the usual ones like key shortcuts. Screen blanking and mouse acceleration. You can configure PowerSnap to use the middle button to select text for the clipboard. The middle button is also very useful if you run X Windows under NetBSD. The best PI) Amiga Unix.
ATARI TRACKBALL Atari trackballs were mass-produced in the early 1980s, with the success of games such as Missile (Command.
Trackballs work like big, inverted mice, made for the arcades, long before mice became popular. By modern standards the Atari C.X80 is extraordinarily solid.
Made with a tough ABS case, twin fire buttons and a massive, smooth-rolling ball in the centre. You can literally stand 011 it without doing any damage, the ball is almost impervious to dirt and dust, and of course there’s no need to clear a space to use it.
Over the last few years I've bought two CX80s, at the Stafford All Micro Show and a stock clearance at a local console shop, and adapted them to suit all my micros. The original model has a recessed switch at the back to select trackball or joystick emulation modes. 1 add two more Double Pole. Double Throw (DPDT) switches and a handful of wires, tacked onto the internal circuit board, to make it compatible with Amiga. Atari ST and Commodore 64 as well as the original eight-bit Atari.
Most of the internal circuitry implements joystick emulation; the conversion bypasses those chips to read the vertical and horizontal pulses directly. The plug and cable are unchanged.
FITTING THE TRACKBALL The trackball is held together by four screws hidden under the rubber feet on the underside. You'll see a circuit board around the ball, holding four chips and other components. The cable connections should be furthest from you, on the longest edge of the board.
The first switch selects between original Atari mode and the modern computer scheme. You must make two small cuts on the circuit board, and add wires to re-route the signals. It's pretty simple - 110 trickier than adapting an old A500 for 1Mb of Chip RAM - but don't risk il if you’re worried you might damage the board.
We'll make four connections to the top left chip, type 4019, and two to the chip near the middle 011 the right, marked 4098. First you must cut two tracks close to the 4019. As shown 011 the diagram. One cut goes near pin 4.
The other near pin 15. Make two cuts across each track, close together, with a sharp knife, and scrape away the track between them. Check that the traces either side of the cuts are isolated.
Solder four thin insulated wires to the board, each side of the cut traces. It's convenient to connect the wires to pins 1, 4. 5 and 15 of the 4019. The wires to pins 4 and 5 go to the centre, switched poles of the DPDT switch. The other two wires go to one end of the switch.
When it is pushed in that direction it re-connects the tracks we’ve cut. So pin 15 goes to the same pole as pin 5.
And pin 1 links to the pole of pin 4.
JOIN THEM UP The two connections at the other end of the switch go to CX80 TRACKBALL 4019 DETAIL 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 CIRCUIT BOARD INSIDE TRACKBALL 4098 DETAIL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 pins 4 and 12 of the 4098, fourth from the left in the top row and fifth front the left in the bottom row, respectively.
When the switch is in the second - Amiga - position, pin 4 of the 4098 connects to pin 15 of the 4019. And pin 12 to pin 4. Across the board.
The second DPDT switch swaps the connections to pins 1 and 4 of the D- type plug. If you don't need ST or C64 compatibility you can skip this and just swap the yellow and violet crimp connectors on the edge of the circuit board inside the trackball. Before reassembly, check the connections and make sure that the wires do not foul the ball or the mechanism.
Continued overleaf w The trackball has two buttons but they're wired together and the cable does not include a lead for a second button. The Amiga treats both like the left mouse button. You can get them working independently by replacing the cable and adding a new wire to the right-hand switch. I have not tried this, but have seen instructions in the Aminet file, AtariTBconv. By John H Lee. The same document also explains how to convert the older, beige CX22 Atari trackball.
ANALOGUE JOYSTICKS ANALOGUE JOYSTICK A normal Amiga joystick can return eight directional signals, corresponding to the points of the compass, including diagonals. The position of the stick is sensed by four switches which return a simple on or off indication - left or not left, right or not right, with no indication of how far to one side or the other the stick has been moved. This is called a digital joystick, and works line for platform games and most shoot- em-ups.
Proportional controllers are different, as their name suggests, because they return an analogue signal proportional to the angle of the stick.
These are suited to simulations, because they give more subtle control, and are supported by Microprose Grand Prix and some flight sims.
Proportional controllers contain variable resistors. Every time the screen is re-displayed a capacitor inside the Amiga is discharged through the variable resistor. Software infers the position of the stick from the time it takes for the capacitor to discharge.
The Amiga Hardware Reference Manual explains this circuit, and suggests that you use variable resistors with a maximum resistance around 500 K ohms. This is no problem if you're building your own, but the common analogue sticks made for IBM. BB('. And Tandy micros use lower values, typically 50-100 K. This limits the range of values that can be returned to perhaps 0 to
25. Rather than 0 to 250 on a real Amiga stick.
You can improve the range and sensitivity by adding extra capacitors inside your plug or adaptor. These augment the 47 nF capacitors inside the TANDY DRAGON ANALOGUE JOYSTICK Proportional controllers allow more subtle control.
While all the projects here have been easily and successfully completed by our experts, we would like to remind you that while it is extremely unlikely you could injure yourself while attempting these projects, there is a risk that incorrectly wired devices could damage your Amiga.
Obviously Amiga Format cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or any other ill-effects Amiga so that a larger charge can lie stored, lasting longer when discharged through the lower resistance. I get good results with 220 nF capacitors, but you can try anything from 47 nF to 470 nF depending on the stick you're adapting.
You need one capacitor for each dimension.
The horizontal one goes between pins 4 and 8 of the Amiga's port, and the vertical one between pins 8 and 9. II you use polarised capacitors, be sure to connect the negative sides to pin 8. If you make an adaptor for a PC or BBC.
Stick you should be able to fit the capacitors inside the socket at the non- Amiga end.
If the capacitance is too high you may find the stick unresponsive at one end of its travel, because the capacitor does not fully discharge in one display frame. The best value depends on the stick, the software, and the display rate,
- e.g. NTSC or PAL. Most programs follow Commodore guidelines and
configure themselves to suit the range of values returned by
your own stick.
I've used analogue joysticks made for Tandy. Dragon. BBC. And IBM computers. There are many models for IBM clones, but sticks for older micros are cheap and easily adapted. The BBC and IBM models use a 15 pin D-tvpe plug. The BBC. Wiring varies, as each socket supports two sticks. Dragon, Tandy Colour Computer and Tandy PC1000 slicks use a six-pin DIN plug for each stick.
Tandy 'TRS-80' sticks are well made, have two fire buttons, and useful switches which can lock the stick in each dimension, so that it is either free- floating or returns to the centre when released. 'Paddles' made for Atari eight- bit systems will work but are not particularly suitable as they use 1,000 K resistors and have one knob for each dimension.
WHAT NEXT This article has concentrated on the nine-pin controller ports, and while they’re surprisingly capable, they're only the start for Amiga add-ons. There are lots of other adaptors that can be used to make an Amiga compatible with common, cheap and useful peripherals
- VGA monitors, lightpens. Guns.
Samplers, scanners, controllers, keyboards and digitisers galore.
If this article has whetted your appetite, let us know what sort of hardware hacks you would find interesting. Check out the Aminet, but remember that Your Mileage May Vary- All the adaptors discussed here have been built and tested on Amigas from A500 to A4000 and use easily-available parts. But when you're shopping for add-ons. Check the connectors carefully before you hand over cash. Make sure you know exactly what you're getting, and remember that price is no guide to compatibility, unless y ou buy from Amiga specialists. O Table Two REFERENCES
(1) Maplin Electronics Catalogue: Part No. Description RK61R9 pin
D-type socket (for Amiga controller ports) RK60Q 9 pin D-type
plug (for adapters) BK59P 15 pin D-type socket (for PC BBC
analogue joysticks) FP27E Mood for 9 pin D type plug or
socket FP28F Hood for 15 pin D type socket FH36P DPDT slide
switch WW83E 220 nF capacitor
(2) Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (Addison Wesley, any edition)
N. B. File version numbers may vary,
e. g. SERMOUSE221 or LOGIMOUSE1053; in general, the higher the
number, the better.
Archives have extension .LHA or .LZH. offers you our AND... GH PERSONAL FINANCE - JUST 10% DEPOSIT WITH NOTHING MORE TO PAY FOR 6 MONTHS!
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* 1200• tNMb KirflDm*(toWe U*phd' toTTMre itfon ibxt': nd SuU
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sampler software Teletext Decoder £44.95 GENLOCKS 1149 95
ProGen Plus Genlock CD32 PRO MODULE CD32 Pro Module Upgrade!
CD32 £239.95 to Amtqa A1200 spec inc RGB Monitor Connection,
Real Time Clock, Parallel and Serial (25 Pin) Interfaces,
Socket for PLCC FPU, IDE HD Bay & Controller, External Floppy
Drive Connector, PS2 Simm Socket, PC-AT Keyboard Socket, Allows
simultaneous use of FMV card BLIZZARD Citizen ABC Colour inc.
Cable £137.95 Citizen ABC Sheet Feeder £34.95 Citizen ABC
Tractor Feed £34.95 INKJET PRINTERS Canon BJ30 inc Cable &
Driver £169.95 Canon BJC70 inc. Cable & Driver £229.95 Canon
BJ210ex inc Cable & Driver £214.95 Canon BJC610 inc Cable 8
Driver £399.95 Canon BJC4100 inc. Cable & Driver £289.95 HP
DeskJet 340 inc. Cable & Driver £224.95 HP DeskJet 600 inc
Cable & Dnver £239.95 HP DeskJet 660 inc. Cable & Driver
£319.95 Epson Stylus Colour Us inc Cable 8 Driver £229.95 Epson
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required to rake advantage of 720dpi printing on Epson Stylus
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* ;iHarwood- | lisT M r=r:J01 773 83678SI Security Checked Dept
AMF A4 , New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP FAX: 01 773
831040 fott take the top off. Take out the old ribbon and
reload it with a new one hull uipphed Swift ABC 224
KXP2123 2124 2110 KXP2IJ5 Suf LC200 9 Pin Star LC24 I (Y20 200
Scikntha SL9S Star LC24-XVLC240 How (o order: Enclose
chequcs PO made pavable to: CARL. PRODUCTS or use Acccss Visa
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SEEN BEFORE Yes its inie ihc new flexi 3 will remove banding &
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Other new features includc:-
• Balance control for picture enhancement • Select area to be
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InkCorreciion * Automatic poster mode for larger than A4 *
Gamma correction * Spooler for colour letter heads etc • Colour
separation * Now with Anti-Aliasing to get rid of jagged edges
* Large range of dithering (dot pattern) * Variable levels of
shingling to totally remove banding white lines.* Colour
catalogue function will prim a minature of each picture.
Conftgarable between I to 8 accross. • Star. Citizen.
NEC. Epson. Cannon. Hewlett Packard and just about any dot matnx or inkjet bubblejet Laserjet primer ONLY CARE SPECIAL £29.95 UPGRADE FLEXIDUMP TO FLEXIDUMP 3, ONLY £14.95 INC. RETURN MASTER DISK
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will not affect your guarantee. Also on all models listed below paper alignment is automatic, you do not hast to manually align. PRINTS AS GOOD AS COLOUR PRINTER. If your printer is not listed below please phone. Amiga Flexicoioc kits for Star LCIO. LC20, all Star 24 1080 81 1123 1124 Epson FX80. L£j800elcCitizenlMD*. NEC Pfe. P6* Please note colour kriscome complete with coloured ribbons! Anti Banding now included in software) COMPLETE KIT £39.95 Pic'n'Mix Pic'n'Mix QRAPHICS I FONTS CRM '2.1.7 ctimESE HEADHUNTER steel SHUDCMTAJr STAR BLOCK Unlike some of the chean and cheerful Font lWH STARS
SABPS POSTCY xtmv quvmme OREGONWET Miami tied to taking Pot Luck" when buying ClipArt? Now YOU can select your own preferences from the comfort of your own home Choose from over 3000 images in over 40 Categories Give yourself a break TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Available Formats suitable for all Amiga Programs (Hi-Res Bitmapped or Scaleable) All images are 8 to 256 Colours... suitable for both Colour and Mono Printers. All clips are artist drawn no scanned or traced images here!
Unlike some of the cheap and cheerful Font Cds and Disks doing the rounds, our Fonts WORK! Select from over 4000 Fonts in both TRUE TYPE or POSTSCRIPT (ATM) and leave the rest up to us!
For Bulk Buyers we offer some very special deals with Fonts from 7p each We have been in business since 1991 and pioneered the Pic n Mix concept Our service is unique with a TECHNICAL HELPLINE for all of our valued Customers FAX: 01702 200062 4S88T INK JET REFILLS" REFILLS (Microfiltcred Non-Clog Formula) all Colours from 87p per refill COMPATIBLE CARTRIDGES As good as original but cheaper! From £4 99 We have been supplying our Customers with Refill Inks for many years, and most of our sales are re-orders We demonstrate the quality of our Inks by providing a FULL COLOUR PRINTOUT with every
Information Pack. Who else does this?
IWOBBLE zAfcR® 2 ©tpomnd sto&VEW offiflTAi. Att&ttSS&A 5 H R APNEL I medusa STENCIL STRETCH E333EHS w ishbook!
POUIERUnCR oawwmm: Wml j For your FREE 46 Page Information Pack, either Write. Phone, or Fax us._ SELECTAFONT (Dept CU) 84 Thorpe Road. Hawkwell, Nr Hockley. Essex. SS5 4JT PHONE: 01702 202835 An exciting month for the Amiga, with some excellent looking games nearing release.
VALHALLA STRIKES AGAIN Vulcan are all set to unleash another episode in their legendary Valhalla series. Valhalla and Ihe Fortress ol Eve follows on in the familiar tradition of the previous games, but there are some jolly interesting differences this time around.
The control methods have been much improved, and this episode now features a fully mouse driven environment and improved viewscreens and maps. Vulcan have been working hard on the game's sound too so you'll be able to hear yourself and others walking along and thankfully, for those of you with sensitive ears, there is a new, limited speech option ("I'm scared").
Of course, as we keep saying, the real test of the game is how it plays, and from The new interface certainly looks better, although these are unfinished graphics.
The early material we have seen, it looks like Valhalla and Ihe Fortress ol Eve is an improvement over it’s predecessors there too.
The new control system is much more fluid. Added to this, Vulcan promise that the puzzles are much harder, so the four levels should offer even avid fans a decent challenge. Valhalla has attracted a bit of a cult following over the years, and this latest effort is sure to please the fans.
One thing that hasn't changed is that the game will still work on all Amigas, so all you A500 owners have something to be happy about.
Valhalla and the Fortress ol Eve is due for release on June 1st, and will be part of the Vulcan Miniseries range, retailing at £17.99. A bargain.
Continued overleaf 4 There was much mirth from staff of PlayStation and Nintendo mags when we attended the "games event of the year", the European Computer Trade Show. "Surely you don't need to go for the whole day, wouldn't five minutes be enough?"
Well, it wasn't like there were an abundance of Amiga developers there, but it was interesting to note that, for example, more people were queuing up to play the rather excellent Slam Tilt than there were clustered around the SGI pinball area.
Also, most of the developers working on the Amiga these days are small independent outfits who don't have the thousands of pounds necessary to buy space at the ECTS.
In fact, most of the people there didn't have the money, and many an exec, was looking around their stand hoping their bank manager didn't pop along to ask them why they really needed a huge catwalk outside their stand.
Still, there were plenty of Amiga people wandering around, and you'll see on the following pages that the number of huge banners you can afford to put up around West London bears little relationship to the quality of your software.
Every month we scour the world’s software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an A A Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
The absolute pits.
ON THE EDGE There are quite a few games on the very cusp ot being released and I caught up with most ot them at the recent European Computer Trade Show, and here is a rundown ot the titles you can expect to see released in the very very near future: DANGEROUS DARKVS SOUTH hFRICft) iTHI PLRDLft MftZIBUKO t RtCHRRD MRTHRBR G £*EK ||S|| t RICHARD THWffl-fl 11 £EE, -L I JRBUt-RNI ZIWEMR M £€SK i H-H-2 MIKE MOKOROSI R £ 5SK GETTING GREEDY CD AGA Amigas ¦ Greed ¦ Tel: 0031 546 817727 Greed would like to present you with their first Amiga game, Kang-Fu.
The small dutch company have been working lor the last two years on a platform game they're sure is going to be a winner.
Running on AGA CD machines only (A1200, A4000 and CD32), the game follows the exploits of a kangaroo who must fight enemies, negotiate platforms and do all the sorts of things that kangaroos normally do when they are locked inside a platform game.
The technical specifications of the game look really good. Greed are claiming 50 frames per second animation on dual playfield HAM screens. Apparently over 750 individual frames of animation have gone into creating this ten level game.
In addition to this, the disc is full of Dolby Prologic (i.e. surround sound) audio soundtracks, and plenty of spot effects. This game was drawing a lot of attention at the recent European Computer Trade Show, but unfortunately we were unable to obtain any pictures.
Next month we will take a more detailed look at what promises to be a smashing game.
Will be on release in the next few weeks.
This Hi-Res 256 colour horizontal scroller certainly looks like it has the technical excellence to be a great game, but how will it play? Join us soon to find out.
¦i.e.- I Wasn't Mabunda sold last season? SWOS Euro '96 will havo updated stats.
Vi=:i ciRr-o | | =r.„r r;c. I | SWOS EURO '96 A perennial favourite at the AF offices, those Sensible people have been at it again. This next incarnation of the firm footie favourite will include, yes, you have guessed already, a Euro '96 preset competition.
But that isn't all that's different, a few other tweaks have been made.
For a start, aftertouch passing is now possible on the deck as well as in the air. The keepers are a bit smarter too, and the data preparers have tried to assuage the anguish of many fans who wrote in to complain about how out of date the teams were getting.
SWOS Euro ‘96 has completed final testing, and is shortly to go into production, so you should expect a review next issue, There will also be a special upgrade deal for existing SWOS users - more details next month.
ATROPHY (OTM) Can their forthcoming shoot-om-up continue the OTM trend of games getting better as time wears on? This AGA only game was first mentioned in Af some months ago, but we have received word that it CHAOS ENGINE 2 (TIME WARNER) The long awaited sequel may just miss the very next issue, which is a shame since after the preview version we saw at ECTS, we can't wait to play it. The main difference between this version and the original is that two players now compete to collect treasure and complete the levels. If your mate isn’t any good, the computer will take you on using some rather
cunning Al routines (which were a real pain to debug) which adapt depending on how good you are. It's a shame Scottie is no longer with us, as we'd have loved to take turns giving him a good thrashing at this one.
It looks great, but how will it play? We'll find out soon.
Team Formation feMf.n J0-J3 With stunning animation, realistic ball movement, 2 player option and a highly intuitive control method, jfta Zr~ Kkjffhf is undoubtedly the best arcade football game available on your AMIGA EVER!!
'9HKMMR FEATURING ft 1 OR 2 PLAYERS ft 4 TOURNAMENTS ft 6 PITCH TYPES ft 50 INTERNATIONAL TEAMS ft OVER 1700 FRAMES OF ANIMATION ft SUPPORTS ALL AMIGAS Friendly Arsenal Deuicastli Chelsea United Couentru City i lllanchesti Tottenh.
|| Hotspu Cuerton Queens Pai Ujest Hai United lllanchesti United Bolton Ulandere HOWTO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Telephone 0113 2319444 Order by telephone quoting your Credit Card Number. If paying by Number, Post Code & Dept. Alow 5 working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. AF, UNIT 3, ARMLEYPARK COURT, STANNINGLEY RD, LEEDS, LSI22AE 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 NEW'BBS Sales & Technical line Tel: 0113 231 -1422 E Mi.lnlfsaf.rstcom demon co uW jiW:r»i;r
• 2-4 Week Days £3.50
• Next Week Day £5.95
• Saturday delivery £ 10.00 Del very subject to stock
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE OPEN
7 DAYS A WEEK RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face
Hardware RENO Portable CD ROM Squirrel SCSI-ll I
* *- bought - .h any SCSI devWa £14 *(lfbought u»«.l. Amiga 1200
Surfer Pack Magic Pack software ? 260Mb Hard drive 2Mb of RAM &
14.400 Modem with Internet Web software £559.95 Amiga A1200
Magic Pack+HD Magic Pack software ? 170Mb Hard drive A Scala MM
300 software £469.95 LOWEST PRICES EVER?
A I 200 I MB RAMSp«clof prfet.'.’ Iff * Al 200 2 MB RAM A I 200 4 MB RAM A I 200 MB RAM For 68012 llMhz Co Pro add 05 0 UK'S cheapest Amiga's A1200 Magic Pack Inc. Wordworth 4se Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenics etc. £354.95 AX'A'J Surf Squirrel SCSI-II Interface
* £79.95 PRIMA A500 SI lk RAM no clock PRIMA A500* I Mb RAM PRIMA
A600 I Mb RAM noclock MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £29
45 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £45 4* 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM
• Mb 72 Pin SIMM I* Mb 72 pin SIMM Imb 30 pm SIMM 4 Mb JO pin
SIMM £100 45 254 by 4 DRAM (DILs) 2S4by4ZIPPS Part exchange
available on your old jtsemory CalMor ricln£ SCSI device
GVP 4008+ H.DJRAM card £99.95 I Amiga Technologies 1241 Q-Drive
£239.95 Gn00.n.RCMCie - Chaos Software Pack Pack consuls of NW.
Faldo s Goi* PieMiflMll Sr Hft ati B* (Jnu n,.,T5C3l CD ftQH
drive*) Toshiba S401 B, sp~d £I4I.»5| Toshiba 3701 Bxt.TSpMd
£27S.9S| T oee. CD ROM dn*»» irt wuM to it ¦ A400Q tyit.m.
rTTTTl SCSI Enclosures : Case £69.95 Oual Cato £89.95 Hewlett
Packard CD-R 4020i| CD Recorder £817.9sl Master-ISO CD-R
software fuiO M1438S *£285.95' hen purchased wit a Computer
• £245 44 Accelerator Cards Viper II-28 £119.95 Viperll-50
£I99.»S Falcon 68040 RC £499 95 MC68040-25 Mhz £2092.95
MC68060-50 Mhz £2366.95 A4000T .«.Call for detail. £129.95
Monitors Hard Drives Peripherals Disk Drives
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Zip Drive InctoOa*
• 1 X tOOMb.artvsdg.
• T* Too*. FinAwarv £185.95 Zip tools available separately £I6.9S
Syquest EZ-135 £194.95 additional media £ 1 7.95 NfwMeji Mouse*
400 dp. ( 1 button) £ I 2 »S I Mega Mouse 400 dp. (2 button)
£11 45 [ New”Amiga mouse S40dpi (J button)£l 2 45 I Quality
Mousemat (4mm) £3.95 [ AmaData Crystal Trackball £34 95 I
Zyfi-2 Speakers (8 watts channel) £24 95 I Zyfi Pro Speakers
(16 wittsihannell £17.95 I Roboshrft (Auto mouse J.stick
switch) 14 95 [ Kickstart 2 04 2.0S (for use in A400) £24.95 I
CIA 8520A I O controller £18.95 I 48882 Co Pro 25mhz PLCC £34
45 1 68882 Co Pro 33mhz PLCC £39 45 I Zipstick Joystick £11.95
I Saitek Megagrip II £12 45 |
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A I 200 600 install kit inc.
loftware. Cables and instructions 630Mb..6l85.»5 850Mb...£
199.95 1,08Gig..£219.95 2.1 Gig_.£3 79.95, M1438S & Seagate
wjnsu cot:ncr 80Mb £89.95 !30Mb..£l09.9S 170Mb..£ I 14,95
2S0Mb..£l39 340Mb..£ 175.95 S40Mb..£l88.95
810. ......£237.95 I .OGig..£382.95 External Hard Drives for
all SCSI aware Amiga's 500Mb £ 199 95 I .OGig £314.95
2. 0Gig £759 95 4.0Gig£1069.95 only £295.95 or without speakers
£264.95 fAmitek I084S £199.93 Kor. Compoiite I lug I if «¦!. J
[Amiga External drive£49.95 IA I 200 600 internal drive£39.95
V500 500+lntemaidrive£39.95, CeelhctuvuVMO p.-Pt CR-wu"n,
Requires SCSI interface, ie. Squirrel GVP additional adaptor may be req. @ £ 15.95 Colour CCA Slerco Video. Digital RGB, Turtootcch realtime clock cartridge* £ 14.9S fits any Amiga Dehvery £ 1. 11 per _ _ “•.ri?’5 CD ROM Software Lmonitor dust cover £6.95, suprar ""Modem Modems I: Robotics WE ARE PREFERRED USRDEALERS|W| Supro MAModem 288 Illusions in 3D Light ROM 1 Light Work* Magic Illusion* Meeting Pearls ) MultiMedia ToolKrt 2 (2xCDs) Network 2 CO NFA AGA Experience Octamed 6 CD Prima CO Vol. I Professional Gifs Professional Utilities Sci-fl Sensations Space And Astronomy Speccy Sensations
II Ten on Ton pack (I Ox CD-*) UPO Gold CO (4 x CD-*) WPO Hottest 5 Weird Science Sounds Weird Science Font* Weird Science Clipart Weird Science Animation World Into »S XiPamt VJ.2 Zoom 2 vrH Iplo I I i iOObpi ( 43bti| e CUM I 6 2 Fai » Untqu. LCO Display N*wl! Aminet 11 Aminet 8 0 10 Aminet set I coBecOon,An«wtM) Aminet set 2 collection (Amt S4) e Personal Volte M»«l
• F.. on Demand ® CU.s I Fai
• C Discrimination 14,400 Data 14,000 Fax £104.95 a jj. OO
Data 14,000 Fax £193.95 ?own Amos PO COVer 2.
Animations (Double) Art won Assassins 2 (Double) BCI Net I or 2 (only £188.9!
New!! SupraExpress 288 Only U153,95.
Power Scan v4 £89.95 254 i‘ scale on AGA A **ga*. 64 $ scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.95 Epson GT 5000£399.95 Cokxr fetbed *earner ParaHe rte ace Epson GT 8SOO£529.95 Courier V34+ f you thought V3]bfii vaa fast wyVM £287.95
33. 600 bps.
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f: 'JTM M * Wi9 Steve Bradley reckons that this vertical
shoot-em-up is one of the most interesting to emerge for an
age... So XP8 isn’t the most inspirational of It isn't the
wailing oWiemale spirit warning of trending doom a- a-Banshee.
Nor is it a gathering of distant stars which appear to the
observer as a cloud of dust that is Stardust It isn't even a
Seventies rock 'n' roll film with David Essex and Ringo Starr.
It's XP8. Or expiate' - to atone or make redress or make
amends. ¦ a .
The name still, slight ¦ cough, SEUCK's.
I fi Your ship has loads of types of bullets.
Unless you're crap and miss the pick-ups.
No matter. XP8 is a vertically ¦HNing shoot-em up, that most iliStdiate and rewarding of game gOTes. And it comes forth from the county of Surrey from a team who afford themselves the name, WeatherMine Software. WeatherVane would have been nice but that's by- the-by. You've never heard of them anyway so it matters not a jot. It’s quite possibly their first, ahem, byte at the cherry.
Doesn't XP8 look nice?
¦ Take a peek at some of the screenshots, (oh, you have already?) Screenshots which, incidentally, do little justice to the pristine quality of the visuals. You really do wow at the ray traced spacecraft upon loading the first of five, huge levels. Obviously, you're looking at an AGA game, here It's fairly obvious where the inspiration for the game has come from, the writers hint as much in their letter to the magazine. Core Design's fabulous Banshee and the splendid Amiga Format gold winning Super Stardust from Team 17 (AF64 90%).
If you've never played Banshee, I urge A close-up of your beautifully rendered » spacecraft. If you choose to buy tho game.
Y r' ¦w~ mm* T ' 3uuk " h K 1 LI 1 « ¦!
• * ; *, k I
r. ¦. Jhl mL m a»k aHr b| 1 j£ 5
t. J Publisher WeatherMine Software Price £19.99 Versions
A1200 A4000 Release date Post to WeatherMine XPS is as
stunning a vertical shoot-em-up as there has been for many a
long month. The crafts are beautifully rendered and It's fun
to play. Can't say fairer than that.
8S% IMLI, m LOWEST PRICES BEST SERVICE BEST SIRVKE RAPID DELIVERY SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0181 686 9973 0181 781 1551 £369-99 Grade A. DS 00 D5 HD 50 3-5- DISKS £16-99 £18-99 . 100 CAP LOCKABLE BOX ADO £4-00 100 3-5- DISKS £28-99 £28-99 .100CAP LOCKABli BOX ADD £4-00 150 3-5- DISKS £39-99 £41-99 ? 2X100 LOCKABLE BOX ADD £8-00 200 3-5' DISKS 151-99 £51-99 • 2 X100 LOCKABli SOX ADD £8-00 300 3-5- DISKS £74-99 £76-99 • 3 X100 LOCKABLE SOX ADD £12-00 400 3-5- DISKS £99-99 £101-99 . 4X 100 LOCKABLE BOX ADD £16-00 500 3-5- DISKS £123-99 £126-99 1 5 X 100 LOCKABLI BOX ADD
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• tfects to home movies) ard tfe semi protessiono -(ei Ilweddirq
videos. Co'oc ate presertatic-n s ) FREE Scola HJ100 ierabes
you to add soeoo eject: over-ay text cn to yojr video) £98
AMIGA CD32 | C032 Machine Pack 7 Gomel
Pack -only Cl 74-99 SX1 Modulo.
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- 034-99 MONITORS FAX MODEM ID Arogc M 14385 _£287-99
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or Ponesonx Monitor TV----------------£174-99 Modem only *GP
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PRICES INCLUDE VAT 6 DELIVERY (unless otherwise stated).
DeEvety within } days (UK MAINLAND ONLY).
ADD £10-00 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY CALL OR SEND CHEOIES POSTAI ORDERS TO: GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, ¦ CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 0181 686 9973 IW order (rices «b FAX: 0181 686 9974 All offers subject lo ovoilcbility. EiOE. Prices Pock details may change without notice. Phase alow b working days for diegaes to dear (LACK Amslrod DMP2000 3000 C3-00 Amstrod DMP4000 ....-.£3-66 Amstrod PCW 8156 8512 103500 C3-00 Amstrod 9512-----------------------------E3-S0 Citizen 1200 LSPI0 Swift24 9 C2-85 Epson LQ
100 .E4-10 Epson LX80 86 90 £2-50 Epson LQ400 500 800 850 ....£3-45 Epson FX MX RX80 LX800 .....£3-45 NEC Pinwriter P2200 ....£3-50 Seikosho SP 1200 1600 2000 £4-00 Panosoni. KXP1123 1124 1180....E3 30 Panasonic 2135 £8-25 Panasonic KXP2123 2180 ......£4-00 Star LC10 20 100---------------------.£2-90 Star LC200----------------------------.£3-50 Star LC24I0 242OO ......£3-00 COLOUR Citizen Swift 24________________________£12-99 Ponosonic 2135 2123 2180-----£13-99 Star
LC10 20 100__________________________£7-00 Star LC200 .. £12-30 Star LC2410 24200 ....£12-50 ADD £2-00 PAP £164-99 ill prinlerc free lead 8 delivery DOT MATRIX 24 PIN COLOUR CI6490 mttrn 4F U» n 73 m m Z ¦o Travel through time and save the world. For tha is your mission... Time travel. World save. Shoot injuns and mummies. Steve Bradley sets forth to battle with the Legends... Legends has been around for an age now.
The game was finished some six months ago but, over the past year, coders Krisalis have concentrated their efforts on producing games for newer platforms and converting other titles for other mediums. £*t| Thankfully, Legends has 99 not been consigned to the dustbin, the publishing duties instead passed onto Guildhall Leisure, surely the most prolific of their ilk, in the past couple of years, as far as the Amiga is concerned.
It must have been two years (perhaps a little less) since Krisalis first dropped into the office with an early demonstration of Legends. They were then in the process of completing the first world and we at AF were all rather impressed.
At the time there wasn't anything like it available for the machine - the Always be prepared to check out every possible clue. It's an adventure, after all.
Cutesy RPG style so far being reserved for Nintendo's Super Famicom. The Zelda series on the SNES has proved to be massive and it remains a mystery to this day why nobody thought the Amiga a suitable platform for this style of game. Are we regarded as being too serious? Do they think we spend all our time playing Dungeon Master and the Ishar series?
Legends is a viewed-from-the- side-but-above role playing adventure game - take a look at one of the screenshots for the definitive perspective. You trot around the landscape in the guise of a fetching little fellow (OK, slightly cute) and Continued overleaf •* OF ?
A. Z ui ui cc u i i the humap i|a££ also of light entertainment
wbn it tried to destroy itself in the -lat&izoth century.
The Earth as a source of light entertainment? Our friends from a faraway planet have obviously been watching Leeds United of late. Or Father Ted. Can you save the world from relegation to the Beaier Homes League of planets? There's work ahead... 4 rattle up to people to discover what they've got to say for themselves and discover if they can offer you any clues to aide your quest.
Not all people are so friendly though, for instance, in the first world - a Red Indian camp some years past - your first task is to collect a bow and arrow. Within minutes you'll be getting chased by other dishonest injuns firing wildly at you, as well as others that prefer to give you a sound thwack with a fist. After the initial 'erbapetty (Arthur Daley used to say that) you discover that you can dodge and kill them without much ado and collect the resultant hearts which replenish energy - you lose plenty of health in the early exchanges.
The worlds are huge, too. The first is possibly the biggest - all right, so we haven't seen them all - but the games tester at Krisalis reckons that to complete the whole game takes six hours, and that's when you actually know what you're doing. So you can imagine the journey to enlightenment takes some time when you haven't the foggiest what's going on.
Some plot, perhaps with a biscuit? Well, basically, a couple of scientists have travelled back in time and handed powerful weapons to ancient civilisations who might want to do bad things with them. Hey, just a minute. Hadn't we agreed that the Indians in the Americas weren't exactly to blame for everything ever?
Anyway, only the professor and his assistant can save the world. You're the assistant and you have to possess the souls of each particular place and clock on to the next job. Otherwise everything goes horribly wrong, i.e. you get fed up and go and watch The Bill, or something.
• r jt You're the chap on the left Your arrows hit the wail while
his sail effortlessly towards your gut.
.. ’1wu For those not familiar with the Zelda genre, here follows an albeit brief description of what goes on.
You're a cutesy platformesque character. You wander around the landscape and chat with people - not in speech, mind, just text. The people you chat with offer services or give you clues as to what the blazes is going on. More often than not, you don't have the requisite coins or keys or whatever to make use of the service offered, but at least you know that you need said coins or keys.
A map offers assistance, too. Jingly- jangly music plays in the background and often there are secret games and hidden areas, as is always the way of these things.
America 1400AD is up first (the aforementioned Red Indian place - probably now a 'reserve' or a drive-in McDonalds perhaps). It's huge, probably the biggest world in the game. You're heap the little Red Indian and collecting (read 'finding') the sacred bundle is the goal. Dotted around are pick-ups which you slot in the inventory. The warp crystals allow you to beam to different parts of the reservation, firesticks are needed to blast rubble in order to open blocked entrances.
There is most certainly plenty of head-scratching even in the early parts of the game. You know you need certain implements but finding them is another matter.
What Legends glaringly lacks is a save option of any kind. The aforementioned first world is huge and it takes a deal of time to complete. A password is given upon completion of a world, but you can spend a couple of hours in America, die and have to start the bloody lot again. Having to retrace steps for an hour and more is asking a darned lot.
Each of the worlds has guardians Quite clearly, you can walk on walar. Look to your left.
He'a moat certainly walking, and It's on blue atuff.
Vol* Cnl'T WftLK MftTBRS Gadzooka. In Medieval England you occaaionally tum into a hog. In the Auatrallan level you tum Into a aix pack of Four X. Okay, a lie.
In the winking of an eye, a big lace cornea oul and you atari levitating, ifa the damn truth I tell you.
¦ mi ti i ¦
• n rm rrvi n and sub games (America *¦
- worm bashing, England
- duck shooting, Egypt - alien bashing and China - I ijpagEfil
the Great Wall dash) In America you battle B£ipSgi| swooping
eagles and ¦¦H How to gat past the bouncer into the nightclub?
You'll be needing a ticket.
Bears, in Egypt, crumbling mummies while Medieval England harbours the giant Robo Knight - he, rather unfairly, carries machine guns. Oh, and there's a fire-breathing dragon to contend with.
Once you've got the hang I of controlling the little fellow, you can dodge most of the enemies that come your way Often as not, they've got a set movement pattern so you can sit tight and await time and space then tinker on through.
The Egypt level ie mercifully
• mailer then the Red Indian one. You can gel through M in a day.
Legends is a quirky, enjoyable game. You can enjoy it even after scratching your forehead to the flesh.
Because your enemies constantly regenerate you can always boost your health by killing them again and again.
This is rather a pain at first but soon becomes a blessing. You know if you lose energy, a few easy killings will boost you back to maximum health.
Each world offers its own challenges and visual variety. In Egypt you come up against wandering mummies and Tutankhamens and bouncing and, erm, sharks. Anyway, In Medieval England witches hover the trees, soldiers hunt and occasionally you change from human to frog, which is rather a shock first time around. You won't get bored of the scenery. The only problem is that you'll struggle so much on the first, enormous stage and have to start it so many times (because you can’t save your position) that the initial enthusiasm you worked up for Legends dies a death before any progression is made.
But there is no doubt that much time and energy has gone into producing Legends and it's gratifying that games like this are still appearing on the Amiga. The PC version was coded by Pete Harrap, a veteran of the industry.
Although it looks a cutid, Legends is a horribly stubborn cookie, a game that requires patience, tenacity and puzzle-solving know-how. You won't regret buying it because you'll almost certainly get your money's worth. 5 The space ship shoots around a space reserved lor crop circles. True, honesl.
|| Publisher Guildhall Leisure Price £29.99 Versions A1200 A4000 System requirements AGA Release date GRAPHICS Tulancartoonsy Especially in Egypt. The visuals are grand.
SOUND Muafcey. As luck would have it You won t tear your hair out, at least ADDICTION Oh yes, it is, even when you haven't the faintest ( 8 PLAYABILITY Oy A save option would have made us happy.
IYEUU VEIMCT A sprawling Zelde-esque RPG adventure. Don't let the cute exterior fool you - Legends is mighty tough, but worth persevering with.
JUNE 1996 elcome again to another dose of games that have some qualities that set them apart from the rest - they've all been designed and written by you, the readers. We're not looking to GAME: ZOMBIES AUTHOR: ADAM GORE LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 The inspiration for this A1200 only game is very obviously Alien Breed because that's pretty much what Zombies is all about. Your viewed from above character is trapped inside a maze of rooms with numerous aliens wandering around. The rooms are mostly locked so the player walks over keys which can then be used to open the doors. Contact with aliens
causes much harm and usually death, so the player's armed with a gun with which to shoot the baddies - all very familiar stuff.
Adam’s pinched his ideas wholesale but he's implemented them well. The graphics are of a high quality (though a little dark) and the take cheap shots at the lamentable (though some do deserve it), we're here to give constructive feedback to those readers who've put their blood, sweat and tears into creating what they think is a top game. Onwards... sound too is certainly adequate if not remarkable. The gameplay is good - the player is able to make use of his superior speed and ability to move diagonally to get enough distance between himself and the aliens in order to kill-em off and though
there's not a huge amount to the game it's been well thought out and carried through.
Although Zombies is way too derivative and simplistic to make it in today's commercial world, Adam demonstrates that he's paid great
- attention to VERDICT: GOOD GRAPHICS detail and AND SOUND
COUPLED WITH gameplay that WORKS AS has ensured IT SHOULD.
ULTIMATELY that the game THOUGH ZOMBIES IS A NOT- has a high
GAME: BLOB KOMBAT AUTHOR: DAVE MCGLASHAN AND DAN BLACKBURN (PINK PIG SOFTWARE) LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 This A1200 or A4000 only game is simplicity itself. Two or three players (there's no option to play solitaire in Blob Kombat) each control a small blob that they must then bounce around the screen in an attempt to land their blob on top of their opponent's blob. Every time one of your opponents lands on your blob you lose a life. Lose all three lives and you're dead, the last one standing is the winner.
The idea's simple, the graphics are simple and the gameplay takes but a few seconds to get the hang of, but as long as you've got someone to play with. Blob Kombat is immense fun. Although almost any competitive game that requires two or more humans to play is bound to be entertaining, Blob Kombafs sheer simplicity keeps it addictive. There are few fancy scenery tricks, just a couple of platforms here and there with a few lifts and other features for the players to make use of. There is one gameplay feature though that helps to make Blob Kombat the playable fun it is and that's the inclusion
of special bonuses and power-ups. Smaller blobs appear at random positions around the screen and when collected can affect your opponents blobs dramatically - including freezing them for a few seconds while you then bounce around the screen wreaking havoc.
Blob Kombat is great fun. It's not flash, it's not fancy and although it does eventually become repetitive and tedious it's got more than a few laughs built in.
GAME: EMOTIONAL CONFLICT AUTHOR: ASA MARGETTS LANGUAGE: AMOS PRO This is a text and graphics adventure game.
Well, it would be if it had more than three or four graphic locations. Asa admits that it's a bit short and a bit easy but promises more to come. Here's a brief taste of what it's all about: You start in your hallway at home. You wander round, meet a woman and ask who she is. She tells you she's your mum, which you accept and wander off. You later discover that you need to somehow get hold of some money and as she's the only other person in the house you figure you've got to get the money off your mum. Now, if you've played adventure games before you'll realise that one golden rule is pick up
just about anything you get the chance to, which is how come you end up with the lounge's cactus plant in your pocket. You head back to your mum and the same conversation happens but now there’s more: "Oh yeah, I forgot, here I got you a plant" "Thank you, here's a fiver for being so nice."
Silly, illogical, primitive but actually quite entertaining. The language is a bit suspect, but Emotional Conflict shows signs of promise. If you happened across a fuller version it would give you a couple of hours of chuckles.
And here I* what you can axpact to aaa when you are in ona of thosa stunning zaro gravity dogflghta... Enter every few seconds to resolve the combat,
d. There's absolutely no reason in the whole world y this game
and yet there's something so addictive : resist buying another
load of Chemical Weapons
1) and making another 'run' (50,567 credits at star iily, and the
temptation is to just keep upgrading holds, better lasers and
shields) and making more fun wears off in minutes, but the
compulsion to ou at the keyboard for hours (there’s no save g
GAME: JINX AUTHOR: CARL SYRES (CYNET SOFTWARE) LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 Jinx is a diamond collecting puzzle game reminiscent of a game called Xor that appeared on the Atari ST. The player controls two characters who must work together to collect a set number of diamonds from each of the game's 25 levels. But, of course, it's not that simple. Most of the diamonds are tied up in traps and puzzles that the player must solve in order to extract them.
The traps and puzzles are all logic problems that involve various objects that must be manipulated by the player. Teddy bears for example can be pushed but only move one way. Beach balls can be pushed but only fall, rubber ducks will keep moving in the direction they're facing until they come up against another object or wall and exploding bottles can only be triggered when something collides with them, say a teddy bear, rubber duck or beach ball.
Each level comprises several screens and the set number of diamonds varies from level to level. The two characters often have to work very closely together, for example, you may want to move an exploding bottle from one platform to another and will have to use Jake as a bridge while Jobe pushes the bottle across. You only control one character at a time but switch between them by pressing Fire, Jinx is tremendous. You've got to like puzzle games, but if you do, find yourself a copy as soon as you can. The graphics and sound are good and the gameplay is of the highest quality. Absolutely
I i lake and )oba pondar how (hoy're going to gat the diamond. H the duck gate out if II ahoot acrosa the screen and hit an axploding bottle which will destroy a diamond... «.put a couple of teddies in the way though and the duck won't be able to get out Clever stuff eh?
That blue block bars the way.
But push the rocket and It'll shoot up destroying the block... ...there you go. Lust one of the many, many puzzley bits In the excellent game that is Jinx.
Foe all Zocro-5 Amiga.', this (4-Bit high speed graphics engine Hitter offers up to IftfO 11200 pixels in H-Bu colour or 1024 x pixels in True 24-Bit Colour, with 2Mb of dtspby memory (4Mb user upgradeaHei Cybervision 64... 2Mb - 4299"" Cybervision 64... 4Mb - £399” LIMITED OFFER to FBOTOGEWCS ltte software with (vbihmsion Tcxtiirizv. Add aw**. - |- .;iRtinl Sllltg NEW SECOND GENERATION OF THE FIRST EVER 68060 AMIGA ACCELERATOR W1i«i you fit CyiXTSloem II10 your A3QOO. A3000T. A4000 or A-WCOT you an.
For example. Render 1 graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in Jus* 2.45 minute*... Compare that With a massive 10 .At nuns on a standard A4000 TM0.25! With no jumpers Cthnsiorm II is ftjlh plug and play and A-W00 users an choose between SCSI-2 and SCSI Fast and Wide options (AjOOO users already hase SCSI hurR into their Amiga hatdware)
• I p to 12 Mh ot rundard SIMMs on he retailed and you on even
meter dr '2Pm SIMMs from sour .Amiga A500O umgli into sour new
• Optons mdude a SCSI-2 mukalr re a SCSI Faal and Wide module
'.liuiW* i» ApnlMar 061 Cyberstorm II 68060 50... 50MHz 68060.
0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb) £699” SCSI-2 Module £99” SCSI Fast &
Wide Module 'April May 96) £149” SIMM RAM Expansions' Please
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• Mn le disihhxl ssuli simple hcwmke -m modrfiaunns While stocks
Docs nix mvjiiditc the Amiga's Wanaruy 1230-IV Turbo - MM? Wtjn Mml 0Mb. 32-Bil FaM RAM - Expandable 10 IfflMh_ Fast 60 Nanosecond 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-Bu. '2 pm Icall jut ltuyr SIMM [Nicest_ Motorola Maths Co-processor b88H2 PGA lype FPU. 50MHz_ SCSI-IV KIT sCsl-2 Module for 1230-IV and 1260, willl additional 128Mb SIMM socket THE WORID’s FASTEST A1200 030 ACCELERATOR!
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CompBnlfy Fact hadh ftngramed nr Older Sofwan*" ¦
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Wi.ihMMT £.eQQ.9?™ 0Mb. 52-Bit Fad RAM • Fxp to Mmh *777
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Fast 60n s rMh SIMM RAM Expansion £109*!
SOMHz 68060 A1500 A2000 10880 ACCELERATOR & MMU 0Mb-Expandable to 128Mb AsZjlk J071MM with 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers AI500 and A2000 owneis lie sane speeftatxm as the Buzzsd 1260 Tuibo.
Ha also tothxlcs Ixiik in SCSI-2 interface' So, it you want ihc fastest A15W2M) aruunil wilh FT'li 6W6O POWER It j ifii jrJ HO tm1 2060 Turbo : Mil; »»is MAIL with Built In SCSI-2 Omh. 32-Bit East RAM - Expandahle 10 l2RMh_ CORDON HARWOOD “03 COMPUTERS Gordon Harwcxid Computers Limited Dept. AMF B7 New Street, Alfrclon, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 01K RAXCE HAS BO V MORE AWARDS THAS FA ) Hilll R. Amina Shopper uiid' tl* Hlizzunl IjbO is destined In hno me the ulllmslie obfnt of desire for A Lm ou ters' 91S STAR Bt Y Award 4in(i(d (omputmn ..If |v.u aunt the fastest Amiga in It* U rtl gel this
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SCREENPLAY JUNE 1996 n 5 a. z Ui Ul cc u t Some useful hints, some handy cheats and an indispensable guide to successfully managing your own championship football team.
CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER William Downey from Unsworth Everton Oxford has played 15 Branch Tranmere seasons of Irwin Man Utd Championship Hottiger ....Newcastle (be Manager and now decided that he's careful - you lose a gleaned enough knowledge to design lot of money when his very own guide. So, here it is. He goes abroad).
Italy . Italy Forest WBA Wolves . Sheffield Wednesday . Derby ¦ They won't score goals and some of them may give away pass backs.
VO ov n T“ OJ z D Championship Manager: Coleman may be a great defender for Crystal Palace but remember that he's not quite as impressive in attack.
1. Man Utd ..£10 million
2. Blackburn £17 million
3. Arsenal ....£10 million
4. Newcastle £6 million
5. Liverpool ..£4 million
6. Aston Villa £3 million
• THE BEST DEFENDERS Coleman Crystal Palace (no good in attack)
Chettle Forest Warhurst Blackburn (best position
is defence) Babb Liverpool (best at left back)
Watson Newcastle Copper Forest Campbell ...Spurs (best at
left back) Mattio ..Liverpool
Minto ..Chelsea Short ..Derby Tiler
Forest Jones .Liverpool Curie
..Man City Charles Derby Awford Portsmouth
Williams .....Forest Scales Liverpool
• THE BEST MIDFIELDERS Prembridge Derby Speed Leeds
Giggs ..Man Utd Batty Blackburn
Lee ......Newcastle Sherwood Blackburn
Stone .Forest Anderton ...Spurs Woan Forest
Daley .Wolves Keane ...Man Utd Sharpe ..Man Utd
Kelly Leeds Rednapp Liverpool Polleck Middlesborough Marsh West
Ham Simpson Derby Sinclair QPR Ward Crew Lampty Aston Villa
Wilcox .. Blackburn Draper Leicester Berry . Milwall Allen
Oxford Harks Derby Thomas Liverpool Flitcroft Man City Merson
Arsenal Newton Chelsea
• BEST ATTACKERS Sutton ....Blackburn
Fowler ....Liverpool
Clough ..Liverpool
Clark ......Newcastle
Wright ....Arsenal Melli Vern .
Collymore Hunt Bull Bart-Williams Johnson .. n
Hignett ..Middlesborough
Walsh ....Man City (only good for the first
season) Hutchinson West Ham White ....Leeds
Cantona Man Utd
Bright ....Sheffield Wednesday
• BEST GOALKEEPERS Tames ....Liverpool Walker
..Spurs Flowers Blackburn
Miller ....Middlesborough Watson
DEFENDERS Lewis .... Leicester Watts
....Sheffield Wednesday
Harkness ..Liverpool Stubbs
Dodd ......Southampton MIDFIELDERS
Hall .Southend
Butt .Man Utd Thompson
Bolton Parlour ..Arsenal
Oaks ...... Luton
Lawton ..Man Utd Burley
..Chelsea ATTACKERS Whelan
Leeds Tones ....Liverpool
Hartson Luton Dickov
..Arsenal Scoles ..Man Utd
More ....Middlesborough Barm by
Spurs Kamisky Forest Toachim
Kitson ....Newcastle Rosier
..Man City Armstrong Crystal
Palace Spencer Chelsea
Roy .Forest Ince
......Man Utd Flo
.Sheffield Utd
Ruddock Liverpool
Rush ......Liverpool Le
Tissier ..Southampton Quinn
....Man City Conte ....Italy
Salako ..Crystal Palace Sharp
....Leeds William points out that although
some of these players perform well and get called up to the
International squad, they will not score goals and some of them
may give away pass backs.
If you get these players on loan they may fool you. William got Spencer on loan and he scored five goals in three games but when he actually bought him he only scored one goal in 18.
• SUPER SUBS Shipperly Chelsea Gabodini
Derby Lee ...Forest
• BEST FORMATIONS c = centre I = left r = right s = sweeper s =
support f = forward b = back a = attacker d = defender m =
1. SW, DL, DR, MBC, MC, MFC, S, AC, AC, AC
2. SW, DL, DR, DC, MBC, MC, MFC, S, AC, AC
1. Never have your goalkeeper as captain.
2. Sell defenders and goalkeepers when they reach the age of 28.
3. If there's someone you want to buy but he won't come to you,
take over Blackburn, then let Blackburn buy him, then list and
fine him and if your club has enough respect he should come to
WORMS The elusive GBH has been busy again with some cheats for Worms on the A1200. On the title screen type 'TOTAL WORMAGE' with one space between the words Total and Wormage.
The screen will change colour and you can start playing with three sheep and one banana bomb. These can be increased via the Options menu.
Matt Mecham from Gosport is another Worms fan. He's been playing the game all day and all night and he's discovered a few things he wanted to tell us about.
• SECRET PROD MOVE To access the prod move, stand next to an
opposing Worm and press away, away, towards, towards. Have fun
watching the poor harmless worm slide down an icy slope and
into a mine.
• DESIGNING CUSTOM SCREENS After designing a screen, save it
like: name.gfxy.WRM Substitute the letters for numbers (1-5), g
for gravity, f for friction and x,y for the sea colours. Put
the gravity and friction to one for high leaping slidy frolics.
To add a message that will appear on the Worms screen when the
customs level has loaded go into Workbench and bring up the
information box on the Dpainl icon (or whatever paint package
you used). In the comment box type your message in capitals.
Press enter and click on save. H ¦ put the gravity and friction
to one for high leaping, slidy frolics.
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Standard ? Enable Disable Switch ? Low Power Consumption « Thru
Port for Extra Drives 49 £ .99 THE BEST DISK BACKUP SYSTEM ON
backup. Ideal to protect R EXPENSIVE SOFTWARE LIBRARY.
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Cheques should be made payable to wizard developments ORDER HOTLINE [bdem™ 01322-527800 01322-527810 BETWEEN 9AM AND 5.30PM, MONDAY TO SATURDAY, TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD.
TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE RETURN THE ORDER FORM BELOW TO - WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH MA6j V(A U. RAM 8 ’ A1200 SMB ft ah Accia* Art* Speed Increase of nearly 2.3 times ? Available with 0, 2, 4 or 8mB of 32-Bit RAM installed ? Uses Standard 72-pin Simms • Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender
• Finger CutOut to help Installation ? 0-4mb - pcmcia compatible
Both Modems have the following Specification ? 14.4* or 28.8k Speeds (v34 (28 8k), v32ws, v32. V, v22bis, v21) ? Cable & So*'ware Supplied |N-Comm fc ? Automatic Fallback & Forward for Optimum Line Performance • GP Fa* Software Option • Internet Compatible 1 ? Send and Receive faxes from your Amiga • BABT BT Approved (Legally REOUiREO FOR use on a BT line) ? MNP 2-5 & v42, TITAN 28 8i v42bis • Sync & Async Operation • Group I -3 Fa* to 1 4.4k
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ENTERPRISE PukniHabMm I* ill Amp.
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owners - Amiga Shopper 90% - £49.99 Tower System From Micronik
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Opus 4 worth over £50 A600 I MB RAM Expansion - £29.99 with
FREE Opus 4 worth over £50 10 2S DD Disks with Coloured Labels
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Disks with Coloured Labels - £34.99 Speed Increase o? Over 5 6
times •! f Oft ? 680EC30 Processor running at 40MHz | OMB
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higher SIMM sizes) ? Kickstart ReMapping ? Optional SCSI-II
interface ? Can accommodate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM ?
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Zero Waite Stofe Design.
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£17999 2mB £19999 £23999 4mb £24999 £28999 8mb £349.99 £38999 DIRECTORY OPUS s Advanced File Management Software for all Amigas IDEAL CD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH ADVANCED DIRECTORY CACHING, FILTERING AND ARCHIVE HANDLING NOW SHIPPING CALL ABOUT UPDATES FROM 5.0 AND 4 Price Ovf»' £ FI P© select Simon Carless rummages through the latest offerings from the Public Domain and selects only the very finest to review for you this month.
Ml'SK MAMA music -tlisc. The strange scrawled.
By .Banal Projects No of Disks .Three Available from most good PD libraries.
I leliiotislv ignored by a loi of people on its release last year, this wonderful produc t is a great example of the diversilv ihe Amiga PD scene allows.
Mama is a tvpicallv cptirkv Finnish release, in the form oi an ethnic dark visuals centre on a rotating world map. Which von can control with vour mouse. ( lick on certain highlighted countries to hear any one ol seven tunes featuring the natives of that country. The smart thing about this is that we re not talking 'Deep Foresl’-stvle sample- stealing from Amazonian Indians to make commercial lechno. Instead, the music I kulele has created MAMA Click on the flashing country on the spinning globe.
5 * ¦ix m tn Vi r. Vin Yin Yin 1 fin Vvn Vin MAMA There are seven different tunes to choose from.
Continued overleaf ' authentic sounding native compositions. Thus, as a tribute to ever-allahle A -'stall'writer Steve McC.ill. we gel the Scottish com|«)sition. "Scotland - The land” featuring bagpipes a-go-go. Many of the oilier cotn|M sitions are haunting, charming, or just plain weird. The Eskimos ccinirihiile an limit llapapi song and traditional Eastern plucked instruments show up in the Chinese effort. "Sinaiar". You can boot up commerce mining stations, and much more exotic structures. II in doubt as to where you're ing, you can always turn an advisor, who gives excellent advice on
what's going wrong. Alter game rating although 1 d like to blame it on the advisor, I suspect it was just down to my ineptitude. Soon, yc get to building a space port, then a and then the lun really starts. Breec into a game ol space trading and whilst you try to keep hold of and stop its Internal problems spii ol control.
Registering the game with the author removes many ol the restraints on this galactic part of the game, and if you get into Brood 96, this ib highly -ecommendod. The graphics are neat, the game engine is superlative, and it's all so well thought out that it can't help but be fun to play.
Absolutely top marks.
BREED 96 Damian Tamawthy ..Shareware Available mutic Br tory game d PD libraries.
This, and proves it in a big way. One ot the best freely distributable games I've ever seen, it provides a Sim City meets Moga-Lo-Mania in space scenario, with a simple, easy to use interlace, and all the lun ol building up your own city on a remote planet. You hove to make decisions as to to research towards.
You're given the ba9ic building-blocks residential blocks, food generators, etc), but SOUND S Above: A selection of folk music from all over the World.
Right: Simply click on the tune that you wish to sample.
In taw imm n in».*n IIII Mill IIIII11 llti ilflt CMMIIK i aim iim iim n»n« nihn.i«n noun iiRirian iiavistiric-i*i miiiiiriar
- IB IUII SOUND S A little egotistical perhaps?
Y ¥“ Jlt Alt
- A*- Hbmi SNAIL RACING Snail number two races to victory. Simple
graphics and basic gameplay do not detract from the fun of this
fully featured snail-racing simulator.
Pri Russ in 128 w. C lw Jhift Load iivt it.: lIKrttin Crriir* _|li,»; ? 1 ht* k 1 We1 0 HH rJirr DM tltu is. IX 1 * » fT un | iw | lit; MINDGUARD: Concentrate on the blue band to tree your mind from a host of strange subliminal messages.
«¦ Mnmn from any of its three disks, and it's a very, very professional product. One can't help but agree with some of the text which flashes up alter you've been watching a while: like almost all musical styles, “techno will dry up sooner or later, but ethno never dies."
By ..Spoon No of Disks ...Two Available from most good PD libraries Proving that ethnicity is indeed alive and well Sound 5 also centres on traditional music. It’s one of a series of excellent multi-author compilations, which aims to cover a I mm
* rx:i erawan ik mi ‘1 'f.sUI limn
* »i:m snra v cswi idCtaSI a KM HUM :ib ct | i i:«i: _yU Mo
tKiphrr Qj lntnvi-?nn,i IIKnwn Cirritrs SismL Cso.ated JS
different style of music in each compilation. After previous
volumes dedicated to funk and trance, this time round it's folk
music which gets the once over.
There's an 80k limit 011 the tracks, to allow the makers of this release to get plenty of songs onto two discs, but the tunes still sound great. Traditional music from all over the world is included; Latin American samba, traditional American bluegrass, English medieval music. Argentinian tango, and many more styles besides. It's well presented, well organised, and there’s good additional information about each song. In addition, there's a chart which allows you to vote for 1 he best song composed from all the volumes of Sound. The most popular three are featured in the current issue. That's a
nice idea, and a clever touch. However, it's perhaps a little egotistical to start the music-disc with glowing quotations from satisfied fans of these releases. Let the music do the talking, you Spoons!
MINDGUARD V2.05 UTILITY By .....Lyle Zapato No of Disks .....One Available from Aminel and most good PD libraries Every now and again, A Terrets out one of those utilities which will literally change your life. Mindguard is a prime example of this. But what does it do? Well, it jams and or scrambles psychotronic mind-control signals, of course. Mr. Zapato has managed to isolate 10 known mind- altering broadcast sources, from the CIA to the KC.B to the UN, who are beaming subliminal messages directly into our skulls. As the author puts it, “if you
think protecting your hard drive from viruses is important, but give no thought to the safetv of your mind, please consider this program."
Basically, this is a conspiracy theorist’s dream, and some of the messages that Mindguard filters are intriguing, to say the least. Who would have suspected that subliminal suggestions such as "A Global Citizen
II) Card Would Be Fun" or “The Pope Knows Best" were floating
through the ether, destined for our craniums? It gets worse.
"Cute Kittens I ligh 011 CIA Subsidised Catnip"?
"Walt Disney is Not Cryogenically Preserved"? The Mindguard picked up all of these messages, and more.
Fortunately, there's a 'De-psych' option which allows you to filler out all post-hypnotic suggestions, subliminal images, and political social propaganda, just by concentrating on the blue band 011 the screen. Ok, so this is a spoof program. Or is it? That's what they'd want us to think, isn't it? Even the information in the documentation about the author of this utility draws a sinister blank: “I am Lyle Zapato. I cannot tell you more." When it comes to clandestine utilities like this, trust no one. Not even AT.
GAME By ..Miss E.R.Summerfield No of Disks .....One Available from most good PD libraries This fully featured snail racing simulator is a great example of the British sense of humour. It aims to take you away from those traditional gambling sports of horse and greyhound racing, and on to a pastime where the green vegetables are ubiquitous and all the competitors have antennae. Initially, you get a choice of whether to train snails, or simply bet on the outcome of snail races. If you choose the training option, you need to feed your tace snail on a _________
choice of sugar. " "'JS* 2 PD SELECT ; JUNE 1996 ULTIMATUM: Chunky solid buildings but a little too jerky.
.A* crisps, lettuce, cabbage, or apple. I wouldn't have imagined snails liked crisps much, but then I'm not a professional snail trainer, so 1 bow in judgement to Miss Summerfield. In any case, you then have to wait and pray as your diet-refined snail zips happily along the track. Believe me, the feeling of euphoria when he beats his comrades is unimaginable.
Sadly, my plan of spreading snail pellets over the competing snails' track wasn't catered for within Snait- Riicingi Darn. But it's still a highly amusing, if rather lo-tech, production: laughably simple, but simply a laugh, the kind of game it's great fun to play multiplayer. The icing on the cake is a suitably arthritic, slightly off-key musical rendition of “King Of The Road” which accompanies the game.
Interestingly, the group which the authoress is associated with. NFA, also make a popular National Lottery number-generator. Anyone for a snail-racing Lottery ball-picker? It’d certainly be more innovative than Anthea Turner.
POWEROIDS V1.2 GAME By .Matthias Bock Ware ...Shareware No of Disks ...One Available from Aminet or most good PD companies This is another game which features on this month's (ID and although many people seem to I POWEROIDS Just as good with one player as with four.
Sneer when they see yet 'another' clone of an ancient I game idea, they tend to forget, that the idea being copied must have been great in the first place, otherwise the authorsjust wouldn't bother making another version. Having said this, of course, some conversions are belter than others, and on the 'Asteroids'- rlone side of things, the commercial games Stanlust and Super Stardust are probably the best things going.
But Platinoids, despite the terminally awful name, is one of the best PI) clones around. Ils attractiveness seems lo be down to the basic addictiveness of the ‘Asteroids’ idea, along with some attractive (if small) raytraced game graphics, and up to four players asteroid-atomising at once.
As regular readers of this column will know, the multiplayer option often redeems a lot of the public domain games reviewed. It all seems so much more fun when you're pitted against your friends, doesn’t it?
In this case that type of view is somewhat unfair on Poweroids, because it's a good one-player game too. After all, the vector graphics barely juddered along with one ship on screen, when the original game came out. So the idea works just as well with one player, as it was originally intended. The way the asteroids and saucers explode is especially smart, as they fragment into lots of tiny... fragments. An excellent conversion ULTIMATUM GAME By Full Moon Available from Aminet or most good PD companies This 3D tank game, in the vein of Balllaone and Cybersled, is
one of the better games to come out of the Aminet archive in recent months.
From the arcade-like neon-flecked title sequence to the speech and pictures of the colourful characters you're fighting, it's obvious the authors have aimed for a consoler type vector game on the Amiga.
The plot is suitably nalf cinematic; you need to fight a series of eight evil Transgressor gang members to preserve law and order on a futuristic Earth. Why can’t you be the baddie for once. Innrn? The makers of Ultimatum have actually done very well, with a couple of problems. The main one ol these is that Ultimatum was programmed in AMOS, and it's safe to say iLs vector engine isn’t the fastest around.
Therefore, at least on a normal A1200, it's a tiny bit too jerky for my liking. However, it's still playable, and the buildings and hazards look reassuringly chunky and big. The layout of the game screen is very well- designed anti arcade-like (possibly cribbed off one of the similar real arcade games out there?), and there's a very good slats screen when you win or lose, giving you all the information you could possibly need. And lots you don't need, naturally.
Any game where you get lo play with lasers, missiles, and special big boomy weapons is fine with me, and having a camera inside the missile as it speeds toward the target is a particularly nice touch. Who said voyeurism wasn't fun? O TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of: ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW1 61E.
Tt 0181 4551626
1. Source and Code 3
2. Roberta's Little Blue Plastic Disk
3. Shakespeare's Set
4. VARK 12
5. Pro Lottery
6. Cinnamon Cats Bitmap Fonts 2
7. Looney Tunes Clipart
8. Hit Kit 2
9. Picture This 2 Vol 2
10. Vision Master ns ihi mutai rtuiK.* *;• iwijaioh a cmin,
H» irtu5' jmm .cirsr to ei:g«gt the sucnv mi a«t cu picps
*E* cr.i5 i««p|fif»ci hk&m it cones cpnlv t»jkh is his hutch.
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• y your modular expandable through Top-Case" system And now for
some technical specifications the left pictures give you an
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Further, you can see an Top- Case™. Mounted on the towers' top,
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Micronik' accessoires RAM card, expandable up to SMB, ind. Clock and math co-pro socket with standard PS 2 SIMM modules I 42 RAM card with 4 MB RAM, ind. Deck and math co-pro socket .....C 109
* 20 A1200 infinitiv™ tower. (AMIGA-keyb.Slnterface) Z 190
Keyboard case for AMIGA™ 1200.
For the original keyboard, solderfrec assembly C 29 Keyboard case for AMIGA™ 1200, inci. Interface, spiral cable and flexcablc for external connection of the original internal keyboard ..L 75 AMIGA™ 1200 internal keyboard, original keyboard for the A1200 ..... micronik' infinitiv - tower infinitiv™ A 1200 tower .... i 169
* 169 infinitiv™ PC-tower, ... infinitiv™
A 1200 Z tower case, ind ZORRO -II™ bus board. PC
Keyboard ..* 295 Pokeyboard interface for the
AMIGA™ 1200.
I 42 Installation through soldorfree flexcable AMIGA™ 1200 Interface keyboard extension.
Installation through solderfree flexcable, both interfaces are connected through an 5-pole plug £ 55 3-way ROM-switch for the AMIGA™ 1200, suitable for ROM V 1.3, 2.0x & 3.0 or 3.1 (pair) £ 20 AMIGA™ 1200 battery backed up realtime- dock.
(prevents your A1200 from beeing loosing its' mind after restart! ) ..... L 8 Double IDE-bus harddrive adapter .
For using 2,5" und 3,5" harddisk drives at the AMIGA™1200. Ind. Powercable ------ ..* 10 VGA-adapter for AMIGA™ 1200 4000, from 23 pole on 15 pole multi sync VGA..... .18 POWERSTATION external | for the AMIGA™ 1200 (i.e. A500. A600. Through standard plug I. 23 amperes, featuring on off-switch and additional con-nectors for 1 x 3.5"and 3 x 5,25" devices ! .C 55 A 1200 internal original disk drive, suitable for the A1200, 880 kb. Ind.
Mounting material .. L 29 External disk drive, suitable for all AMIGAs™ ( maximum 4 drives ), featuring on off switch and connector for aditional drives on the back. 880kb .. I 38 A1200Z MAGIC infinitiv™ tower, featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots and 3 PC-ISA slots, 170 MB hdd. Magic software-package.. :680 BUS 1200 Z1. AMIGA™ 1200 bus board.
Featuring 5 ZORRO™4l slots and 3 PC-ISA slots j£ 169 BUS 1200 Z2. AMIGA™ 1200 bus board.
Featuring 5 ZORRO™-ll slots, 3 PC-ISA and an optional video-slot, additional this version contains even an PS 2 - SIMM-socket ......L 199 A4000 infinitiv™ tower, featuring 7 ZORRO™-ll slots. 3 PC-ISA and an video slot ..... j£ 275 BUS 4000 Z, AMIGA™ 4000 bus board, featuring 7 ZORRO™-ll -III slots. 6 PC- ISA and 2 video-slots ....* 169 We are present at THE WORLD OF AHIGA in London 13 th to 14th April t we accept the following payment: Prices subject to
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MscroniK Computer Service BriickenstraBe 2 • 51379 Leverkusen Tel. 00 49 2171 72 45-60 Fax 00 49 2171 72 45-90 SERIOUSLY AMIGA JUNE 1996 A JAZZIER DRIVE AMIGA FORMAT VJ Nkk Veitch starts burning those Cds on his Amiga with the help of this new CD-ROM cutting software.
CO JAZ DRIVE DO The Jaz drive uu The Jaz drive is good news for any Amiga user involved in graphics, multi-media or any other space-hungry computer activity.
CD-ROM ROUND-UP I Strange, supernatural Strange, supernatural things are going on in the CD-ROM pages.
Ffi SERIOUS REVIEWS CO TEKMAGIC 2060 30 The old A1500 shares the same processor as the A500 and although this is outdated there is a still a great deal of unfulfilled potential under the ageing frame. David T®lrf®r unveils the Tekmaqic 2060, the fastest solution on the market.
C’y GENIUS NEWSKETCH 1212HR Ofc This new graphics tablet is huge both in physical size and in the range of features that it provides. However while Amiga artists will be jumping for joy, they may not be alone as Graeme Sandiford finds out.
Rt GAME ENGINE O 3 Making platform games may not be as much fun as playing them, but this new games-creation tool makes things a little less tedious. Graeme Sandiford gets together all the sprites and boing noises he can find and tries to create a game.
It's big, but it's small and it's a dream come true for most computer users - it's the Jaz page 68 C~t MASTER ISO O Nick Veitch st; kVaRJJTVl The out-dated A1500 gets a new crack at the whip. David Taylor revs up the old beauty.
The problem with the standard A1500 and the A2000 is that they both utilise the same processor as the A500. While the A500 (and yes, the A500+ and A600) can still do some fine work for home users, the A1500 was built for expandability.
Realistically, serious work, like graphics and 3D work and even word processing for large and complex documents, requires something faster than the old 68000.
The new Tekmagic board is the fastest solution available on the market.
It comes with either an 040 or an 060 and the processor is fitted with its own fan to ensure that it doesn't overheat.
Both the 040 and the 060 are 50 MH . And both include integrated FPUs. They have instruction and data caches (4K for the 040 and 8K for the 060).
The board itself is physically easy to fit. It's just a case of opening up the machine and slotting it into the CPU slot. However, there were some real problems getting the board to work.
There wasn't anything wrong with it, just a multitude of jumpers that required setting. For some reason, the default settings wouldn't work, which struck me as a slightly odd way of sending the board out. The problem was solved by referring to the manual and working through each of the jumpers in turn.
JUMP AROUND You may well ask why there are so many jumpers in die first place. Thankfully there are lots of good reasons. The board doesn't simply update the processor, it also has a set of four SIMM slots to accept standard 72-pin memory SIMMs. This is doubly.helpful because it means you can add 32-bit memory to a machine that normally only uses the slower 16-bit. With SIMMs added, tasks such as rendering are much faster. The four SIMM slots mean that you have the option to add up to 128Mb of memory.
There is also another set of slots that allow you to fit some of the (AT1 custom 64-pin SIMMs, but these slots will only allow you to fit a maximum of 64Mb of RAM.
Only four of the total eight SIMM slots can be occupied at any one time.
You can mix 72-pin and GVP SIMMs, but using a SIMM socket disqualifies one of the slots of the other variant. A single double sided 72-pin SIMM disqualifies two GVP slots.
.Although nothing is explicitly mentioned in the documentation, it seemed impossible to get the board to work without a SIMM added, because there was no position for the jumpers to become a magazine reviewer so that you have every conceivable board to fit your hard drive onto using the SCSI connector off the Tekmagic. Otherwise, some sort of secondary null board that could be used to house any hard drive might have to be found as a way of getting around it, but that would seem a waste of the A1500’s slots.
With any RAM inserted, devices added, and jumpers set correctly, you simply need to put the Amiga back together and re-connect it. When the Amiga has booted, there is still some software to be installed. Without the correct libraries, the Amiga will not Ik- able to take advantage of the built-in WHAT'S ONBOARD?:
1) External 50-pln SCSI- II connector.
2) 4 SIMM sockets for the 64-pin GVP 4Mb or 16Mb SIMMS, which can
be used in conjunction with standard SIMMs, with some
3) 4 SIMM sockets for the standard 72-pin SIMMs. A maximum of
four of the eight SIMM sockets can used at any one time.
4) Internal 32-bit DMA SCSI-II controller.
5) New processor, either SOMHx 040 or. As here 50MHz 060 with own
colling fan attached to avoid overheating.
FPU, resulting in under performance.
So, while it would still seem very fast, you would be not taking full advantage of your new board if you missed out this simple step which is dealt with swiftly through the Commodore Installer.
POWERHOUSE At this point in time, it is also worth pointing out that you must have at least Workbench 2.04 ROMs installed in your machine. Therefore old A2000 owners must have already upgraded to this or to WB3.0 3.1.1 can’t imagine that anyone who is considering spending £800 on a board would still be running WB1.S, but you never know.
Be set with 0 lb configuration, but it would be foolish to run this card without at least one SIMM, due to the speed increases this gives.
32-BIT RAM The board is made in such a way that the computer will always try to use up all of the 32-bit memory before switching back to 16-bit RAM. Although this does mean that it will speed up many programs, there are some programs that are not 32-bit pure and therefore will not work with the new system. However, this is not a very common problem.
Should any programs not work because of the 060 processor (like the system tester AIMI, hence the lack of actual benchmarks!), a jumper can be set to use the original 68000 processor.
The board also adds a SCSI-11 controller, which the makers claim has a data transfer rate of up to lOMb second. However, unlike other SCSI controllers that can be fitted to the A1500. You cannot mount a hard drive on the board itself. There is simply no room left after everything else has been packed on.
This means that you have to find somewhere else to situate any devices.
There is the bay underneath the disk drives which can be used if you don’t have a CD drive fitted and. Obviously, if you are fitting a SCSI CD drive, then the problem is irrelevant.
The Tekmagic has an external SCSI port that is instantly accessible as soon as you fit the board anyway, because you have to remove the plate at the back in order to fit it. This external port might solve problems with the fitting of SCSI devices, but it does make it seem pointless having a box Amiga.
Since the Tekmagic is blameless for this problem, the only solution seems to Part of the software supplied is a program that can Ik- used to remap the KickStart ROMs to RAM which will get the best performance possible out of your system.
If you are considering speeding up your A1500, instead of upgrading the machine itself, then you should think carefully. The A1500 is not a new machine. Sure, with this board in it, the new OS and a graphics card to make up for (or rather in order to surpass) the lack of AGA chipset, you have got a real powerhouse capable of out performing most A4000s. The cost though will make your bank manager blanch and there will come a time when the old girl is just stretched to the limits of TEKMAGIC 2060 Power Computing 01234 273000 Everything you could expect from an accelerator board and more than it
could have got away with.
VALUE • •« Very fast lots of features, but £800 still seems a little steep for the MIPs £.
PRICE £799.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1500 A2000 OS 2.04+ SPEED • • • • • "An exceptional board, but you pay for its features" Not quite as fast as the 1260. But close.
MANUAL ••• • • Careful reading, especially of the jumper section is essential.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • 85% So long as you follow the instructions, then it’s plain sailing. Some of the terms might confuse the novice.
Expandability. Having said that, with that amount of kit, you will be able to do very serious work and if it can satisfy your needs, then so long as your needs don’t change, it will still be just as capable years down the line.
The overall cost is likely to be in the realms of a Pentium PC, which would still be faster in some respects of processing power, but would fall short in areas like video.
LIMITS TO OLD TECHNOLOGY If you arc committed to the Amiga (and hopefully you are), then you should weigh up buying this card against upgrading your machine. When doing this, you might like to consider that while the manufacturers claim that the 040 version clocks over 50 MIPs and 8 MFLOPs and the 060 80 MIPS and 12 MFLOPs. The board did not perform quite as well as the Blizzard 1260 in the A1200. It wasn't a difference you are likely to notice in normal use and in test renderings compared to the A4000 040. It ran rings around the Amiga's top machine.
It might seem that I have been going to extremes to point out any flaws on this board. Do not misconstrue this as dislike for the equipment. It has certainly transformed our office A1500, which had previously only been turned on over the last year to copy a few disks.
It now has pride of place on Nick Veitch's desk and with a rather exceptional set of other cards inside, the machine has been used heavily.
Indeed, it’s now the new main machine and has been working overtime cutting the new Amiga Formal CD that's on the cover of this month's CD edition.
Without a doubt, we have discovered that the A1500 can still be a very useful machine, despite its age.
The question is, have you got a spare £800 to spend on the equipment needed to gel the old thing up and running again. Unfortunately, the answer is probably, “no". Zj ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE mp PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIBUTORS.
YOUR ORDER WILL BE DESPATCHED ON THE SAME DAY VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 SOFTWARE I We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TITLES Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p lo total lor poslago & packaging SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 Dept (AF 09) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 01827287377 How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk codo.
Eg U01 Ageno. Some titles nave a number In (). This moans frie title comes on (.) Number of diBks. To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A120CVA4000 only PER DISK .
W1TH0RDEF CHOOSE FREE DISK OF 10 OR MORE DISKS Pack price as stated. All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk ploaso add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) OVERSEAS POST t PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (WondwkJe add 50p per disk PAP) TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 USB2 PULL AGA- o*3*r prcor»n MT On A12O0 U600 CM EMULATOR w uOL A fctxrwm UBOl 0«SKSALV ¦ . ABACK UP .itot W81 3) U*03 THE CHEAT COMPENOKjM Kx Over 4*0 dam* U420 MOW TO COOt h C i2i **) . Many eiampt** US22 ACTION REPLAY V1 5 (AlOOBOO. Cadnd® cm Ou
U«23 ACTION REPLAY V4 lAt2COOAY) aama aa * UM5 PC EMULATOR V 2 31IWB3 orVy) SVGA PC et UOV) COPY A CRACK TOOL 2 more po-edu cooy prooram U6A0 NEW SUPER VTRjS KILLER (not WB3I »iU Slfc. V»ua UM0 FORECASTER V2-hbr*« racing predction program UMP0 ASSASIN COPIER Hot*i inckj* KcopyMJcopy etc UM4 SUPER OlfPER 3 (NOT W01 3) V teal diah coper UftVh AMITOOL PROFESSIONAL dik* deUbowi toe- U«M MEGACMEAT V3 . (mote oamea eneata) U'«l ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION KlT VI 2 • OOOd U702 V MORPH V? Create amoolh morph animation U *03 POOL TOOLS 2 (Laleali prechcta norae recrno UT05 TRONi CAD bear ceeiet ortun maid •
e.arrpca U707 GAME TAMER OA4|-(2 Foi ever, mw* gamaa a U70* LAST Will K TESTAMENT- wma yOoi Will U710 PERFECT PAINT V2 Eeay to uaa pe.m p»«*ge U714 INGlfJI JR KIT Teat M lor Am a UBX POOL W1ZARO • .toC**«) CxeBOOn US32 OCVOEW wr«ER P octmr c gram Warf urni yvooos VERNON, tetter e* U«vt FORECASTER 2 02 New fen* predc*on program US3* AUOO MAC.C 4 • Proctreckdr VS. E.cCc npper «0 MAOiC A Octamed prayer eac EMULATOR V3 (2C"S*| C64 emulator lateaf CTRL*) EMIAATOR V7 • SpecKan emulator wheel ’ VCR (2d!*h) 1 ER i?di»h I c M KIT V2 Ma
- ... imOF tONAL'* . PoSe&i aiSe ijiM PAINT Afro ANIMATE creel*
ycur own ar.m*t-- JIM MASTER S£*A VI 6 complete AseemOl*'
lergueg* U191 S«D II copy1 OeWm’movarji file using • mouse
1) 220 AAAOS-PAINT V oood pe-Y package lota of feature U222
GRAPHIC UTILir»(3lQrMn«8 convertor tool U220 SLIDE SHOW
CONSTRUCT ION KIT easy to maka I iMCMlVE R TOOLS pack mom
file* onto your do* Upl ODER 4 0 max peck more program* onto
lia ME A T COPIER (net WB3) 13 dish cop*» Wow
- FRACTAL UTIL toeda ot fractal program* Bull U262 LAND BUILDER
create realistic landacape* U264 COPY A CRACK TOOLS back up
youf aoir«e a U300 MESS* SID H medtonte PC' MAC etc N*» U301
AUTO DISK LOGGER calaxo»,o your Otu Umi GRAPHIC UBI 1(31 cad*
of bfd graphc utw U324 GRAPHIC UW 2 (S) even more graph* too*
U5S3 SCENERY MAKER more tartoacap* generator U334 EMULATOR
COLLECTION II (tot* ot amiMkxii U336 TREE COPY bee* jc cor;-
UU.’MOOCl 30 B- a--k‘ M u“ PDOl'TV- U»’ RACE RATER S-v» to » ?
Ur* STAR CA* ;. •*¦* ca'ju ua
• * cv *CCC. A HerUrw 1 MOUSE MAT worth £2 99 , I FREE MOUSE MAT
worth £2 99 with every order of £12 or over To claim your free
mouse mat just cut out I and return this token with your order
. Enclose an exira 38p alamp lo cover the postage and packing I
Oder orUy available with this token limited 1 Mouse Mat per
order exduding any other offer) ¦ Alternatively you may
chooae 1 FREE disk j USM EAGLE PLAYER_________ .
Umi DtU TRACKER i2d*kl pray •» muwe lormat*
- ----- V2 Maka onjm aerrpto* SSS]d,s.c OPY Poca. Collection Of
10 U8A3 OPTI Ulil* I • over 30 »a* UBM INTUlTlOfr BENCH MARK
* *****«***»***AMIGA ESSENTIALS************** KGROUND '2Tv ngr,
xi*ic, mao* .---1 LOADER •-* Hard &«. -renu
- INF E 3 i?d u ».ex» 'dor. Maoa i-w K AMOS PRO CO»AIAAND
E«TfJ5(» ¦‘pSvt 4SS8«O S f »Ie ST* (Ml
- ,;I'| IV *re tor em l Ctor
* •*« 54 ~ s . • V.M MAC.C ME’v-' (tom J'ei' WHHjS WORKSHOP
V5 1 - toe beat Veue ukar UM7 GRAPHIC CONVERTER (201 Converts
p«hKe* a*c »¦ TuMBOCAT Aoto :Ytco KKK dea iCr»ry ¦ 4UT0600T
[MSK MAKfcR V4 .kn’.i .-N« MA '.'.M STUCO V2-2C-T*e DISK
CLEANING KIT ..... Complete with dish a
rlaanlng fluid Quality MOUSE MAT
1) 723 U724 U725 C « Pl‘CR -* »»• C T SET ijP -eg -eo tor Th* co
- MA?AiA..- « WBT 1. Anvee .. ASSASSIN BOOT UT«. 50 boot btoca
creelor ua u5® 5*i5
• apaclal off*. Cl off If you order B or more RO dlaha U-2e
* »»* * _______________ U730 SOFT AGA lA500pua or MCC A mm 1 5
meg U731 A - GAMES O*AT tor over 500 gamea U732 MINI MORPHS
MKTIB 8TUOO aieaMtt pnrn rnuh uaaa PmfTtR tool mctuda* typeram.
*eooi*r *n
1) 782 HwfT IABCLS print 4U labelaibanner* U7*J ST AH PRINTER
STUDIO lor afl no printer* U794 SCMOe STUOtO lor *U Soho
printer* Mora ¦pacific pdnler »tvar lor the above prmter UTJJ
PANASONIC STUOK) - • A 74 pin printer driver 4 iXM U734
(«i) very hrniy M025 MONEY FOR NOTHING DIRE STRAITS hit wnQ
KAKTUS 2 • 40 tjnes compilition M12S ADAMS FAMILY M147 BAN3LES
• WiA 1*6 An Egrptan MtSO TIFFANY-1 Ttw» Were A*»e No* Ml 71
MAD0WA • LA* l Virgin Ml 73 JANET JACKSON-Rhyl** Noon 11177
(2 (Mu- MtCe RAVE mere flaw M282 A TO Z OF CM GAMES MJSlC (4)
OrJtrr M3t4 Oot TRACY tMMcmai |2| M3» STAR TREK & STAR TREK
NEXT GENERATION |2 U1 '2 WORD SORT prc e*S A U'77 •K.OW I mo-a
U) aO UNICOPY lartasbc die* coper U3M FRACSCAPE Vt 2 new (racial
arruar to VISTA U4O0 SOUND TRACKER V2 6 mu*ic maker U420 SPEED
BENCH (not W8 31 creete euto boot WE U429 NIB 2 v iy poputar
copier U4M THE RIPPER COLLECTIONinor WB3) Ota ol "* t vih.'
AMIGA iyi t'.' -le-nJi new tc-u Ski DeUrA'daUbaM on *1 r,M.»
'EH ¦ -.2 Hs- i S:a- No. Maga m U738 AWARO MAKER II • "lAWOl
of reedy made U737 ASSASSIN CRUNCH & COPY TOOL iVVB 1 J Onlyl
iAtPLOC€R V3 I powe J »*» cnxicner U 7*0 CROSS COS 5 l
rejdwnte PC AMIGA »«k U74I HDOlVl TOCS BO* • wikh dek Uha
1) 742 HOW TO CREATE AUIOBCOT DISK compief uBta U743 Util D*»
- ---- 11 3 ONLY) i it PO mag* re commero«M meoaproceeeor* coemg
Njndreda of pound* (not kl 3| UO*POWER CACHES SpwpM .*
de-loedng Acceaamg UV70 MAROORIVE SCCt fTY II CohecOon cI HD
McuriFy programa eg locked 2. Paaa-ord eto Oofi HARO 05K 4
«LCP®« 0'SK DOUBLER .Epul nor ‘WBI 3 U073 CHEAT FOR 000 •
garre* lo HO *g M He* Of f-Hr-bON Ltodal Comoei 2 4 - U075 OMS
I you'nard1to«py drr .. -•... nan* U442 SVSINFO !**! A p U444
FONT FARM h U457 WHOM - - U470 FINAL F..j _ ...--------- U473
FINAL FRONTIER 3 (4 (Jim) Star Trek maga ma . Y| repiacament ..
Mar planet prerKTon 4 hOi include* toll protect ..'47 ASTI _
..... .
U740 DISK REPAIR 3 U7VI MUSIC catalo . .
U75I SYSTEM Cf*ECKEH U7S3 HARO DRIVE Utll U7S4 PARBEfCH .nauue. icdroefe.
U7M PRO CAD erecttorw: Uteai circu* boerd dewgner ..... ..... 'HERmenu a,vem to u*e
• I Hrdredt or itmrg CCNS
* O "V*V n *nc-e oak (not 1.3) 4 C-oroe Mage WB roc drop hive (5
'OCO * or MQ eon.
. Many uMfuf printer uttta PRINTER STUOK) to. All model* lor ORWERS tar pet! Collection HARD DISK CLKCK HardDi'.e men., syetam U4BI PROTRACKER V Beal muae vmtet program U4IW WORK STATION 2dmh WBI 3 onlyl WB-repUcemam U4B5 HARD DISK UTIL pnil ©oaactior. Ol Harddiak utila U48B EASY PRINT (A500 o~y| lota c4 prinl ubl* U40B WORK MATE ’S bn Ham as* uN comp.iat on U501 THE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KIT (Mate Anvga No U504 HOT STUFF more UW (M* compuaion* USOS VIRUSKILLE" A D'S" RE SALVAGE«EPAIR KIT U507 DCOP* V3 PFIOFESSONAL_Eic *ent Da ccm I UV» U T BOOT BLOCK *0 • UM0 ULTIMATE BOOT Es_C..... U512
ZIRCON UTA.-30 MOST USE UTIL 2 tmearl DS21 PAJN V xofl par» oage UM' ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK orer 50 boocax* protector Umft CROSSWORD CREATOR (not NBJ WU- ..vit PERM CHECK * '..I = XXS PREO ’’iON i U5M CON CONSTRUC T- . KlT cm. -«.ng p-c UV» CON eody mede i4 dek, UMKi A6(X) NUMERC PAD EMULATOR • A600 on UM1 OEOHADER nd W9 • Ji A500 emulator TOC*, rrual to. An, Arvo* Own
• tot* more Hard Drive Uwa U7S7 IN tv CON AchivE(J) lOOO a cf
ryxmai uw TEXTURE STUOC R nd« ,*nou* 'e.Tu-e. tor uM
U»*» BOOKIE OEATER. Ga- eng p'og-ar- to rm LKW- HO GAME 'NS-AllVr 3 ewU« "to.* U*5* I «OT RiPPER V3 6 LA9*M -p MC LCR • ¦•.cc.ectori i ui-Xto MAGC OpvS VOL 2 1 ) '20) ... U1001 CAR DATA ANAl'STtoTeek yx. C* VIDEO TITLERS & VIDEO TOOLS U1I1 VctO NOTE Oatabaaa for yey Mao codecton IWO APPLICATION 2 **41 emri » veto TOOL D k ¦ • - " TeuauemvE « VCCO HAKE V4S3 The Meat r note OESATOP VWO '12 ihaat War CNMMMM Domna of fuwNona TuiTlTj 2 ¦ Grnw me WEOS HM U7M WB MENU LAUNCHER -TWdj U700 ICON PLUS .30ISK. KxvJredi U7B1 RELOCkiT t 4 lateei WBI 3 • U7®2 FAKE FAST MEMORY moke r ..... U777 TELE TI.7
RECEr-EP (Xdecf H ye, -eccr-v-, U7«1 DOSTRACe V2 Rphi e*d-aeon on why p '*«U** to am A "own Arnga actsey REC a to HO MOW T U70O WtNOOW BE *CH V2 (WB 23i 2 O*. Nee
- eeedea M cf otfj i eat ¦ . - -*IR CkagnOS'C test ,- a u*00
PRNT A CARO ncMde* man, reed.
I UBOl MULTI PR NT V4 tod d UK* UBCO DISK PRNT 1-H cueacrn. «u aba.
UB07 FONT A PRINT Loed* of ut-dea to tom cooecten RE COMMENCE0 | ai.'stsasKss . ulOCB B ... uiooe LOTTO LUNACY VS u.-....- BSB U'007 ALL NEW HAROCXSK A FLO* **Y 6 U100B HARDWARE PROJECT 2 (2) Bud cl VctO MANAGER (not A500 13) Vdao Catangurg ayalar* VctO TTTVIR • vary good ddao DM* PUZZLE GAMES II
U. SSM Otoe ol 41* wy MS pea games Mr i«usM
najJrg»r*ci Mc8sHSl*elM]«s Cite, PbuiHteiB « * loo manf lo IS
M0N0R0LV & COVIHDES £TitXI£T PRINTER PACK 5 dluk peck with all
tha latest prlntlna programs specialty designed tor printing
out high quality documonts. Text A plcturaa ate and It Is even
able to print out AS booklets (very handy). Eaay to uae.
A mutt tor any Amiga owner with a printer Printer P»ck (5 d«sk») only £4 99 ¦ orvi ¦VI swusa .r'.'i 0660 ' ,r„U 0665 0660 SPA f G«j (DEFEND Br*ara Defend* L N SPACE Reeonvrewded 0771 STAR VOID (2 0** DHL 101 GAMES PACK 2 oeame E166 CROSSWORD CREATOR • d 6 SCIENCE an 0 KiOPRIX areal 1 ASTRONOMY PA WW.WW.O0 |Sd|HpK |M,WK * 0326 MEGA GAME COLlECTtOffS III 3 lop game* 0331 GRAVITY ma**** ipece oxptonng game 0333 CYBER NETIC Bnham 6 -ay Waiter 0334 DONKEY KONG - (At200 order cod* AOA296) 0334 CRAZY SUE « beat plaflorm to daw 0342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (& track editor*) 0344 STAR-TREK crrwar to
RAC 2 but harder 0356 DOOOY very cui* A ed-emeh aOdmrve 0346 WONDER LAND amazng grapNe* recommend, 0362 DELUXE PACMAN - DeM j men ever reieaaec CARD GAMES coaecton WIZARD DOMAINS Oingeon ryp* game* G370 KALATRtZ in* A1200I area* T*n* Son* 0373 AiR ACE ¦ Very p«ar*t*t vm m «4 0364 OTHCUO Deal PO r*«n G306 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very adacav* puza* 0360 TETREN mo*r poaaned Tear* »*. Rereaaec 0302 STRIKE BALL cefhenf Btucai cton* 0306 TRAILBLAZER D.W** «n* A1200) 0400 FIGHTING WARRIOR «* Street Font*.
G404 DOMINO* S 0*y one * *• W«d on PO 0406 TOTAL WARS alraiegy Ilka cnee* n aoKe G411 BATTLE CAR 2 30 car raong 0431 NESTER CARD GAME- hour* * fun for a quid 0436 ROULETTE American rouiene e.ceeem 0436 TRAILBLAZER 2 C64 conversion 0444 DESCENDER GAME lari, search 4 descender 0446 O0HDOX e.ceaem arcadepuzzio game 0446 PARACHUTE JOUST qu4e cfayabe 0464 CASTLE OF DOOM VG graitoc edvenlute 0463 WIBBLE WORLD GIDDY Large pMTtorm gam* G467 CASH FRUIT good hull mecnme* G478 AMOS CrlCKfT cnchei game* 0486 EXTREME VIOLENCE 2 p«yer b*t» out 0489 ENG AM MACHINE .ery chehengna puZZI* 0490 MEGA BALI 2 vew
ptovabie Bw&f con* 0661 BOUNCE 4 BLAST t**** ptoftorm KVTO 0492 ZOMBCS A DEFENDER 2 from game* 0464 MERCANERY S6AAATI0N 30 -ar* game* 0400 TRANSPD 0401 KLAWZ th I! HIGHWAY 0431 OPERATION FiRESTO 0434 CASTLE KUMOUAT aarvtor 10 A»*n BraM 0434 BLACK DAWN t «Lan( graobc ad.
0436 MOWiA 5 4 The afeff Ourgeon* 4 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY rt W oftrftffcfaariCDcJto wy bed PD jaeet no-Oit NWDCA I Tttf» UrtcpA Sc hrwiwyBM Wmi'D 4EQA 21 GAMES arnaung 21 game* G2M DRAOON-CAVf Mtoi 30 puzfle game* XJADRfX very adfctrve eiceAera TAKE CM OUT IM Cderabon Not Q2S3 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcade convereon 0272 TANK BATTLE 2 payer tare MO game G27» ARCADIA the Deal ARXNOlO clone G300 OBOtD croea TETRtS and WVAD6RS 0303 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME 0310 NEBULAR E«*4 m 3D ahoot *m up 0316 GALACTIC E«*d*nt 6 tovea arcade 0317 HYPER BAIL Speed Dal • leiel eddor l reC64
PROFE_____________ MARTIAL SPIRIT W* S?raet Fghfa. II 6 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES coSecBon BLGZ 2 'aal action shooong game* EXIT 13 Bnibant puzzle TEMPORAL MISPLACEMENT - Graphc aOventure A OAV AT THE RACES V Good home racing game BOULDER ORIGINAL with 60 levers BOUIDERDASH cav»lev* axiiiruciion kil BOULDER COLLECTION 2 3 160 IwvW (2 «****) BOULDER PACK -en 640 level* on 6 OtU ALIEN NET WORK- n** Space tovaders BATTLE FORCE e.ceiem •*«! Advemur* GNU CHESS the teat cnee* m 10 toveto SWORD OF YGG Graphc advemure POWER TETRIS tor 1 or 2 pMyer.
• NEY besi If uK maefvnea MR MEN OLYMPIC 12 Oaui many events lo
comptefe imaH hand held gamea ES (2 d«h*} baaed c -
_______320) Bniiai 1 a***) One Ol iho Ilf si CRICKET ) ffe-
Aro« CrtoKB* emulator ' REVE'fGE gangster g pnc adventure
7 rs s«rassr ' (not Wbi 3) 0808 AL»EN GENOCIDE (2) S G809
PuCKMAN One -If me Pener PacMan around 0900 SUPER BATTLE ZONE
30 (ror WBI 3i Q0O1 M'A'S'H a lANTWAR 21 amvor to LEMMINOS 4
WORM "i toed* ot Weapon* :Briilianti 0904 LAST SOLOiER i2i
multi *v*i piat»arm gamaa 0905 CYBER TECH (2) o.cwterv AUEN
BREED Cion* owe HANGMAN any on lor a game ’ 0907 ACE SPACE
rvee platform game 0906 COLOURMANIA aiide.Kiainz type puzzle
game 0910 HARRY HADDOCK Br*anl pattormer gamea 09'2 MANGLE
FENDER BnBant Smash up omei c*f*1*n*.a elc lo em Ertremer.
EMtcuv* Get * 0913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vol 1 4 2 I2dl 0914
HELICOPTER «*a Deean SW* 0914 COW WARS Vary e*)K»v* 2 player
game 0916 ISLANO Oka Monop ’y 0919 COP THE LOT Ptc Laiaaf
Ictoer, pmdesor 0920 LOTTERY PROFESSK»*AL 0921 MONOPOLY rboard
gamei The be*) vemton 0922 JET WVLY 3 pwtorm ga"w 0923 FLAMM64Q
ENOME Sicert car racaw game 0824 POWER MACH64ES Grapnca*, tnkaY
0925 SU IDE MACHINE Operabon Wot vya 0926 ZAXXON 30 Sveeo C64
30 baalar garre 0627 BoiNG V3 Great piadorrer Recommended 0928
P-jNTEP Anoneaed nor** raong aam* 0929 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d|
-toiudes LON KMG 0 WHEEL CHAIR GLADIATOR - Great *un to play
ptoyers 0671 ORAVTTY FORCE 2 1 or 2 payer wruef Oon 0672
SCHNEBfTZ Commeroaf quaot, puzzle game* 0674 DelEXE QALA v2 3
(NEW) feature 4 bounce gam 2 player RECC44MENOED get I now G476
& escape Type game* 0870 RAO TO RICHES Irka MCNOPOLY 0664 WIPE
OuT mnOess baacng game* 0865 GOOZH LA Another altoOl am up NEW
101 GAMES PACK 3 New 101 pack 3 contains ovsr 100 games. Runs
on all Amtoas.
Onty [1199 OFFER: boy any 2 packs together I recant ¦ trse 14 to*an lor usa with neit ordtf This oftar csnrcl M useC -IT any oChar cvrrert oNf and is subject to conftbont GAMES HINTS & CHEATS II 0» yoa Ind IM 6 0M M i cattail MW 6 aanr 9Mea'1 *¦ aaa •» iXOiefpana'deatMeo'McNaitdafi'acfMEOUiiK tNMSNtr to. Tw MM - NMM ta at Lngai W 1FK JMOMI AaMaaC an 21 Afy ta 30 adventure RECOMMENDED 0934 RJROCKEJ NEW) very good rcoar game car racog game i37 SKID RACER (not A500i - Eicellent car racwg gam* E040OUlOr TolOWEROACK PAIN h
* e*n* * how to *|-M back own RECOMMENDED F041 KlO ALPHABET
»*p a * alphabw
• 042 FRACTION a SnOUCST mama 4 game* C.ceAem F043 MATH MASTER
toacbeetoaia u on mem.
F044 STEAM Ef«GINE V2 graph* 4 hAodrU r 046 PE TOOL E NO INF fiAonal 4 anvmaOon grata*, F044 GAS TUROINE ENGINE Uaonal 4 arwn graph* 8047 8TIRLP4G C740INC UWW 4 COVJ Orf AM • OR AN:.f. n.SUHV. '-to C .« f051 INVISIBLE WORLD bntoam RlCOMMrNWr) row FISH TANK tom ycv* Amo mto a FlSHTANK r OS4 Df MO: it os MISS ON a.Nj i osk w-on: howr n a-.-.* . - r 0*1 w r»v r .N- g 1(7- APR. I i-.ATCwin.avn *.»" row CROSS UkZC 4 CRYPTOKWO 2 eaoaeanr u« a .
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F 061 KhO JAMES B6LE 4d) comptoaa B*e* E066 TARROT cMrvoyenc* m an ¦¦¦¦¦• GALLOW fancy a game K hangman’ . .1 MATH ORALS laachea *4 baa maPi* akRa V good F0T1 MC ¦026 WOROfi can help you aoTve me croeawon) rojr OSWALD Large cotourful cartoon g ¦030 EVOLUTION breed you. O roi IQ TEST . O GAMfS (• ____ f033 TVPWKi TUTOR try oood typ-KJ *AC TOM CHESS helper nelpaVeecHea how to pto.
¦036 BASIC UOOR leem *Oou( Arn-ga beeto pn*rem EDUCATION A 21 GAMES PACK 1 Ct*at*r d fe wry 3aK d todcra ar iaa a" 12' yM paa 4 «.t' Pat F002Ctxou»» it » .. _ fOOl *nr AsulU 5I.AKCH 'mo y* r«» ,r roo* IFARN 4 PLAY I Inc* A1200) m Wi* 4 game.
E0O4 IFARN 4 PLAY H more educaeon (-ogam.
E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Spamab. Frvgeah 8006 MR MEN (WBI 3onfy, bntoanl atony to oi.
FOOT BACK TO SKOOL vol 1 FO06 BACK TO SKOOL vol 2 rooo BACK TO SKOOL vo* 3 4 gamaa riOO LITTLE TRAVELLER world wide 8101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY 8103 OWCOV8RY OF THE ATOM . . _ _ ;S leach you all 0 WORLD DATABASE requU ___ 1 STORY lANO ¦ raarecov pu zN gamaa RECOMMENDED E011 EDUCATION PACK 1 “toito PO- :czmi cl totlo-n jr»m rmgng Van n*i 4 k ?at cnadrana pa lng pragrem PACK- Amaxng rc*ecton c4 pmoam* v Locate Mar poetoon* etc Uual for 8075 WORLD WAR 2 g D eaay 10 ui
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good demo 0 KlO PIX (non e.twllont poinbny p.ograma E100 CHESS
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EacaAant da* r 171 CHILD FAVOURITE- Educabon pmg-em 817? ANR1A.
LANO - leem about anarvete 8178 FRANTIC GUIOC TO COMPUTER C7D)
brew* 4 l 8177 CYBERPUNK 2 for CybarPur* Neau only 8178 STAR
8165 WORKBENCH OU®€ On kn*
I. mo learn 4 PLAY j Latoei educaeo. .
F240 4AANCV n et*R GOES CAMPING i24) E241 COMMS OUE)€ VI 1 u F242 OulOC TO WEATHER guide RFCOMMENDED f?45 MATH ATTACK- Masha ______________ r 24? ANIMAL LANO Ideal tor young tod* I .ceOen. r?43 PICTURE MATHS • Math* program for klda r 246 or DINNER GUIDE TO WB 3 (At2O0or*y) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) feet* ebouf pUnal ennr
* ''48 KlO ONLY 6 excellent game* lo play with 8260 SANTA -Help
a*m* collecl preaenta I’ 281 BIRTHDAY HISTORY V? 2- E252 BAR
rrflDf R reope* for 1000* Of drtokar«0CMa«a E783 BEOINNER
warrvog aid lor leacrvng mama RECOMMENDED C I Jl PICTURE PUZZLE
b.MHenf JiOSAW type game C I n WORD FACTORY Brimanl. Leech kW
new word* C123 KID 0*5K I - BrllUenl eOucenon peck ei24 KKJD18K
2 8129 KlO DISK 3 (OTP) D-e-iog prggrem for luda F142 KID DISK
5*6-2 «*eke fulTof bnwenf game* E125 JURASSIC PARK tot* or
avformeiion on dmoeeura E 126 CHILDREN SONG 2 conram* 5
e.ceOen. aor a C127 MiNO SHU (A500 on*,| Bnaar* Ctoneae
Aarmtogy n on ae*y TV ID HISTORY BOOK ____ .F TRAVELLFR
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laachaa yc rto- to pka, chaaa r 150 INTERNET-FULL gu-» to
m**me« 4 *u« *m n.«y net Cli 4 SMELL TUTOR (heto) Meal * *r
R 162 CellWE PANT 0RAPI4C TUTCR V i 4 * WCCA44EN0F0 r 163 JAPANESE war*, to K Pe Hurt -oae
- --------- I A500I 3) lateal COLOURING BoOk Kanngvakriyi 1 MM M
t*» » «w K*m t» M »e par 9« »%i F164 PAINT IT (nor A500I 3) Ul»
1-1000 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC VARIOUS PACKS Any pack comes on
5 disks only £4-95 per pack Now you can play 100s & 100s ol
Spectrum 48K games on your Amiga. Any pack below is complete 8
ready to run on your Amiga. Full pnnted instructions provided.
Vema.iwBKt HIM KnttiatHiii c*rc« totfu-awBKi outna SPECIAL OFFER Take all 3 ol the above packs & 50 new Spectrum games (total 400) For Only £1999 More Spectrum games available ...screen shot from AMIGA COLOUR FONTS Pack (Packs 1 Of 2) MONO FONTS Pack (Packs I or 2) High Dually Ions Be use •« Opart or Pwvxwl Ptnt VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (1, 2. 3 or 5) COLOUR WORLD MAP (Packs 1.2 Of 3) High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Packs 1,2,3, 4 or 5) High Quality tools lor WORDSWORTH or any OTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs I, 2 or 3) REAL 3D VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1. 2 or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS
OBJECTS (Packs 1,2 or 3) TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Packs 1.2 or 3) (Please slale lor which pack above) We also slock many mote packs. Please phone.
The very latest version. Now you can play real Commodore C64 games on a your Amiga All packs below are complete & ready lo play directly on your Amiga. Printed Instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games ...£4-99 SPECTRUM GAMES pack C64 & 100 original games ..£8 99 C64 & 200 original games £16-99 PS C64 V3 A 100 GAMES PACK SCOflEO 88". WHEN REVIEWED IN AMIGA SHOPPER ISSUE 54 AGW7 AI200 l TL - AGA TESTER SYS* 0 Me GAOS* ACTION REPLAY V4 OrcSto ACTION REPLAY 46*099 MAOFIGHTEB 2 Brto*nlS***iF 6*r doe AGA100 AGA BUTZ SCREEN BLATMFR AGA101 FAST Glff 2 dnoWy GlPF p In WorxDsnch AGA 102 AGA DIAGNOSTIC • NEW r tom Malar AGA 103 BLACK BGARO AGA dac*ni Imap ptocewor AGA105 OUCK GRAB AGA AGA acmn gra» AG A A1 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS
0AGA00I EXTENSION DEMO Stomng d*mo last lanMupa AGA25* PACKMAN AGA • The D*W o*cman yet arm and ¦ roUing c$ r. Mowd« u Vw Mat AGA d*mo AGA252 ROCKET PD Sco*r ttru* ctone DntaN (Rpxi tor AGA002 FRACTAL GOCRATOR *KUI n 256 colour* AGA003 WORKBENCH HACK reaA*-bar** «K A&A3X NEW SUPER KILLER ncoqn nqm c* wu* Mu« tor al »I2M tw AGA007 MNDWARP «ry tr* Ore tor to* A1200 AGA0H SLEEPLESS NP&HT 3 AGA0I2 PLANET GROOVE Supw *1200 Demos AGA013 MotOfl WVAOER 2 (2 UM) Bnksnl INVADER gsme AGA015 POINT Of SCALE Gr**l A1200 only denes AGA016 O«0MAS Fenygooddamo AGA01? WORLD Of UAN&A i4 **» magrrftcari
J*c*rm* AGAl 10 WORU) BEYONOS 113| tUmog 256 ctfcw tonusy art Lmm Aw utwi teamans AGAl 14 SMELLS LKE CHANEL No S MOM Wtara d O r« AGA121 MAGC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK (5 dwsl AGA 133 AGA UTIL vl 412 (2) AGA oil corrtxlaticn AGA135 AGA UTIL V3 &412) mora ot atoove AGA137 MULTIBOOT • 4 o*aram r*w« A500 EMU AGA 136 OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARO DRIVE INSTALLER AGA'» WB3 HARD CXSK PREF I MSTALLER nsaMyg AG* 140 CROSS DOS PLUS »5 i iiMMa PC taaa AGA142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 - Wni m*r ap g*nn AGAl44 SPEAK & SPELL • educational aotorara tor ktdi AGA 146 KELOGIAN0 • Entiarl pUltotm gwnn AGAl50 ACTION REPLAY V5 NEW
UPDATE TO V4 AGA'60 GlGER TR12 nry BmM 256 cctcx* Taira AGA'62 FATAL-BLOW hb* STR£ET-*lGHTER 2 dona AGA‘66 GESTATION (3 d*si Tha JlimMa AGA oamo AGA'72 VIOEO TRACKER AGA iXmai* pmo raw AGA'74 MAGC WB EXTRA VW 1 * 2 |2 d*ttl AGA'09 FRIOAY AT 0 anolhet brABW AGA damo AGA190 ASSASSIN MULTIVISON AGA ac vntmg M AGA'92 ALIEN FRENZY 2 pay* pasting • po«er AGA’94 BIG TME SENSUAL 12 *so SPACE BALL 2 AGA20C MASQUERADE * tNMr* puuw gamn AGA202 RAM JAM 94 i cant b* dona (2 MU) AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN i2 Mui W» 2 drve AGA206 TREASURE OF TUTANKMAMUN etWcalon* HO AGA230 LOVE (2 dwU) a*ncW Wmrfl DEMOS
AGA23’ AGA UT6. 7 4 8 12 Mui Mcra USEFUL UN AGA234 KNOTT* Samng AGA Mdng txtx* twin AGA240 LOTTERY W*M£R RcpAu*, .a r-tn e *v ttoarea (X ornrg a taoipoi GOODUCK AGA241-256 AGA GAME-GAL ORE AGA O1'0 olscX game.
SEE PAGE 1 FOR MORE AMIGA SOFTWARE LOTTERY WINNER11BUSINESS SOFTWARE ' u007 TEXT PLUS 2 2* E**v 10 o**d aora procM*cr LXC3 BAMt INC. Hem* axojrti pmgrBm UO80 LABEL DESIGNER D**gn your own taMti U144 DESKTOP PUB* fSMNG Th* l-v PD DTP avatlaow U120 BUSINESS CARD MAKER (noI A1200) v*iy good U160 600 BUSINESS LETTER V*fy lutrvf, G*1 J now U101 DafA BASE WORKSHOP (?) Into ol data OaM U121 SPREAD SHEET Vary am, o wrw« mwi U183 QUO BASE Vary powwrfui DataDaM Easy lo u** U'95 ASABASE Prea a nm ¦ Tha &aa« aattBaaa yto U239 ‘IEXi BASE Saw* aaay K waraw Otuots* UZ56 PEM4Y WISE Vary pow iY OatahM U297
VISCAIC GrNtf dataOaa* KM (k tonnoni U343 LITTLE OFFICE DJHaba* Wordpioc**»or'iprawl U3.5 home business journai i.., u um dautMM U364 HOME ACCOUNT- Account program U366 AMIGASH Ragwoad as toa DaM actoon pmg U386 LORAN NOTE BOCK Draoasa 6 ¦«»« mao U360 DATA BASE compiaoon Baitmar lo daw U397 FORM x *« aJfTED Dawg. «n» tyoa X tom EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF LOTTERY WINNER PREDICTION PROGRAMS UFO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER 100s & 100s of real life (Jocumenlabons ol UFO sightings, kidnapping, animal mutilations [& lots more Very interesting read 6 disk set only £5-99_ osnoi Urvstxce»CM4I1 «a tm •* « nok
W). Ran i* KtoitoOltNasK* 9 DISK pack only £8 99 XGXK3 BEA D€MO kfflQ ¦« SQFTWARE2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS X&X2S4 ovn VIA Mw 25* «W War X&XJS5 OEUOMT EXPLORE Eraton dm AGA2SE KEFEBEN »6X 0m tn (X Mm MMSIWINOMISI RAVE gnnt raw (FUK AGA2S6 OXYGENE fa nattc Qeno XOA2S9 INTEL-OUT AnAtw rtxy gxxd Oinro This is the Big one! Nearly 2000 original disks trom the SOFTWARE 2000 library included on a Double CO set. For the title list just take a look at this double page advert for examples of titles 8 packs which can be found on these Cds. No lucky dip or unknown software. Full description of every
disk title. Easy lo use menu system on both Cos which lets you explore the contents of both Cos without disc swapping ... Excellent see below EXAMPLE OF DISKS FOUND ON THE DOUBLE CO SET 294 - VARIOUS UTILITIES DISKS 118 - EDUCATION DISK 252 - ANIMATION DISKS 133 - DEMOS 181 - AGA DISKS 225 - MUSIC DISKS 92 - TOP SAMPLE 8 FX DISKS 18.-+DEMOS (Adults Only) 402+ VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - with an estimate ol around 1000* Amiga games 100s ol IMAGINE OBJ, 600 AMIGA FONTS.
100 QUALITY B8W 8 COLOUR CLIP ART - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST ALSO INCLUDED ON THE CDS ARE «AJW SOME JUSTICE » Dmo « T» mo* Grbff -r»i Me BECOrWNOEC ¦OX2E2 TO THE DEATH Wry govt STBEET-FIGMTER clcn* AGA283 GEORGE GALAXO (2 daui Srtkad multi Ml sNxttptoftxm pm* RECOMMENCED AG4265 MISSILE OVER ZENON f2 dual Bnfcart 30 mwi* amnardw -to tontn* gracho 4GA266 TEAM HO* DM0 PLATFORM Eatol One pMttrm AGA274 IAJS*C 2 SURVIVE (2 (Jsoi 8 mMtrt irvtc rTttMnMCM Wa* worm gating AGA271 RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II (2 d*M| AGA278 CHANNEL Z ISSUE 1 (AGAl |2 Musi AGA 0*5* da* m*p*nn RECOMMENDED
Arced* claw convenor AGA297 BOMB PAC Edtemtly good g*m*p ay
AGA290 ROCKET 2 1*1 dMO underground Br 4.*nt gnphc* im Games
from CO) E*n bwite *fto 2 c*ay*f» AGA300 UAGC MB V2 D*modwr%m2
AGA302 TUTANKMAM B|2 EduC«rtv€®6«an Ujr*«r AGA3C6 TIMEZONE |2)
Vary good gmonc aOMnKm AGA307 0ENTAWCX.F Doom oemo AGA3C* NAXIS
• R*« y Wowi aftal AGA graphics can do AGA310 FEARS «2dl Doan
etna flame AGA312 JINX 12d) Fvustc aread* MS* AGA313 RAM iAM
THE TASTE C€M0 wOed data: AGA315IEX irrSTC Nm AGA damoa AGA220
KLONOBCE 3 (4 (ktUi ?€ mgwnid I 2 MEG Wa Mac have a a1 ol 25
carda kx aCcvt Hitodnda c4 guvty M*g* WB .cons & t»a «lr«i»
AGA348 DESK TOP MAGlC - 32 anrviiM acur Ban*** AGA389 WAR Of
THE WcflLDS f jl 30 pm« AGAJ9' PSSST ArvpvvwrolSe*!' jarn
AGA OfEARi BrMara 30 gar* pyt a3 m* DOOM cn AGA393 PC EMULATOR
V3 LatoM PC wrvjiMa AG*400 HYPER RACE |2) Sup* taong g*m*i
mor* cotooftf AGA422 RCGE RACER D*mo on to* A»no* AGA423 CRG
DEMOS (2195 •*» •** o» AGA426 0RIGW 2 |2 Ml). Anwng_ USS9 ADORE
SS PRINT V? 1 Stor* 6 pmt adorttt U681 TEXT ENGINES V4 i & 36
000 word «paUchac«ar U680 INVENTORY 2 D*U*l homo cmtonti lor
msurarx* UT12 EDWORD PROFESSIONAL Toly Be OM U7§'eaSVCA4 *
Uaurv* tfrMd ihMi ma. 92563 c*4 U7S* PAY AOVCE ANALYZER- Unt.
Proa U7B' ACCOLNT MASTER V3 Lett cX Knrson* & aa*. To 1*002
ADORE SS PRNTING Pnrt n MM on iabati U08B PAY ADVICE VI Account
pnjgram U810 LABEI MAKER Pnrn taMk *tc IN* U900 THE MONEY
PROGRAM Accnuntt U9S4 ON* OHM Ona or the Deal Invoice me*er»
U9« OUCK-HLE Vary faal 4 aAoani ttaiabaae Over 600Mb per CD
Menu Compatible with all AMIGAs No duplicate data Easy to use
menu Available Now Below 5 all new game packs released due lo
popular demand With any ol lhe«e game packs you know exactly
wtoal sort o games you're buying LA* cu previous P4KKS each
comes on 5 tksks. And useig the latest dsk packer we can put up
lo 5 game iksks on io cn* dak So you get ip to 2S Top games to*
only £4 99 All games and instructions wXI auto run when con «
ctawd on
• All game packs contain different games * Compatible with ALL
AMIGAS Board Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Arcade Games Pack 3
(5 disks) £4.99 Puzzle Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Card Games
Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Tna pack « kkml tor imy Amlq« owner who
doeenl own a CO ROM dnvw and
• van* a Virgo amotvtt ol (to* vary (alesi scXlworo al nwwtxri
coal T «sepacks wiba 100%tOWed wtiil newcraawnionto
IB(«to*»ymort» Al ar? Poed Atog LHA *r*h has • nao d mn 31. («*
to 30 »»s wcrth d vXtoare kcrr toe to d» padu H iy toiwiW as
you grt 3 trw toi soTMre per d» Various latest Games (10 disks)
only £9.90 Various latest Utilities (10 disks) only £9.90 Yt*y
togh guakry ckpari sufUbie tor any Part or DesMop Puttahmg
package COI Aocoots COZ Aircraft C04 AlphaDot 1 COO Animals (O)
COT DaDlos & Children COO llnars (2 disks) CIO Borders C11
Building Cl 2 Business C13 Cats & Dogs C14 Comics Cl 7
Halloween C18 Logos Cl® Maps C23 Space C24 Sports C25 Teddies
C20 Transport & Travol C27 Weddings C2® Women & Men (2) C30
Xmas C31 Disney Clip Art G32 Comte Clip Art any OTP Of Pam
Packaga CLIP-ART VOL 1 (5 disks) CLIP-ART VOL 2 (5 disks)
CLIP-ART VOL 3 5 disks) CLIP-ART VOL 4 5 disks) CLIP-ART VOL
S (5 disks) NEW CS4 Games files (EMULATOR INCLUDED) ONLY £24-99
»7op for psp New Titles UlTWATE TOCW TENNIS (2 M*S) - P«MfI
larvw pm« CW4K ANGEL -inaWBIJ) S»«rt) arcaO* -rt»« RA4SC THE
TTTAMC - Good 30 garr* PHANTCM - E icaBi r* (DEFENDER M)
MACOONA-cANO - (VtAora pm* amior to 2IOOL (net AI200) G95*
KNOCXOUT - Mr. JbWUSr awtv Wry »»r*vo G958 OLMGEON HERO - 30
Gmpmc wtkmniura wmier lo DOOM G960 MORTAL KUMOUAT 3 Wo-d Out
fun txMif-arrvup G96t COOE NAME NANO S mrt) ThruM •» • (NANO
FLY 2) G962 MCRO MARKET V3 - Qm ncto by Ouyrg Mww GrM ganw.
G963 PCKFfUIAMA-lyaiMtawrvtrviskiryaj G966 LETHAL FOF4MULA AtNv jra amtar lo E283 0EG* 4ERS TVPWG TUTOR E254 WORD PUZZLE PRO - OwaNt Oewwwoni or x*w pu M* E2SA KC D4SK 7 - Ance«r oducabonW progrwm E25* EARLY LEARNER «g* 6) - Taecto your UM now lo reed E257 A-Z COUNTR*S OE THE WOF4LD E258 IM COUNTIES - SrmMr to Mow OM NM «rWy on ENGLAND WALES SCOTLAND A NORTV«RN iRf LAM} E24» bask: ElECTROMCS VI 5 C2 d*ai - For tow Moctfpraa ton E»i MASS VE GOCE TO THE KTERNET V23 045 POVEFOfkOOW - Nww A**eroe3 gwma *«*¦ txtoen graph** t0**X ULTMATLH - Th lAitaK 30 tank bwRto UIOIO WB? MSTALLER rmtm*
AWOA6CO WorlttwrKTt to HD USOII TURBOCAT PRO VI 2 (not WB1 3) owot* cukg « U1C12 TEXTWMNE (no. WBI 3) - The y wontoroewwx toRTW'WT TN* *r*U vmrwtr. HgNy r*ommer«)ed U1013 04ARV 2000 - UM MM tow ¦ r«to (Mry HARDWARE PROJECT III PACK •• K»IUix»W« i« Bu« «ans rf prods rojirg ar Kcwulcr br m WX a W T» S'S ran JS w r. you WCO1A1200 N)W«SaiMaU i'200 ialnnsttrMilaiE30 Uat44PC to » * cn yo» »nqx vx i PqW tfcom to yax 1 nxni -» rntThx coK tMyafSinxbwjrm- . 34»acxW|£S SERIOUSLY AMIGA TEMPLATE CO Previous models have come in only two flavours, but the PowerTab is looking far more tasty.
Newcomers to the computing world, may find using a mouse as an input device a little odd at first.
Despite the fact it doesn't really look that much like its name-sake, mice are actually quite good at doing the job they were intended for - enabling users to take advantage of GUIs.
However, while this is a more intuitive input device for navigating directories and manipulating files than having to use your lingers to type commands, the mouse leaves a lot to be desired when used as an artists' tool.
Many a would-be computer artist has uttered curses over our little beige vo 01 c 111 z 3 With its huge active area and powerful options, the PowerTab works well with both 2D and 3D programs.
Friend as most people from a traditional arts background have found that a mouse is no substitute for a pencil, crayon or brush.
The main reason for this is that you don't have as fine a degree of control over a mouse as you would a pencil or similar implement. The very act of taking hold of a mouse renders your thumb and forefinger, your two most useful digits, all but useless. Of course a more non-tcchnical explanation is that we’ve all been using slithers of wood or plastic to draw and write with for most of our lives.
TASTY OPTION The best solution for this artistic dilemma is usually buying a graphics tablet. These wonderful pieces of tabular technology make it possible to use a pen-like system which is more natural for most artists. Unfortunately graphics tablets generally come in only two flavours: fancy and very expensive or cheap and tiny. With the arrival of the Genius I2I2HR there is now a third option between these two extremes in price and performance.
At £200, the 1212f lit. Known as the PowerTab. Is larger than the usual pocket-sized tablet in this price bracket It measures a massive 16x 10-inches, however, as the name suggests, the active area of the tablet, or the part where the puck or stylus can be registered is actually only 12x12-inches, although this is still pretty big.
As standard, unlike some of Genius' smaller tablets, the I212HR is supplied with both a puck and a stylus. The stylus is the pen-like input device that most Mton In lW I p «.,FT lOMXHVlnUII Templtle Crvaioi people associate with graphics tablets.
ABOVE: Imagine using all of Photogenics' features without the need for loads of menus.
ABOVE RIGHT: Adding program commands to a template is surprisingly easy.
A puck is essentially a fancy mouse with extra buttons and a cute little clear plastic protrusion with a crosshair. This crosshair enables you to trace simple images and effectively digitise them.
This is possible because you can actually have several sheets of paper between either the stylus or the puck. This ability is generally more useful for CAD or other precise 3D work where you need to create an accurate representation of a shape.
Even with a crosshair, doing this accurately can be a difficult task if the puck is not ergonomically designed, not to mention uncomfortable. Thankfully the 1212110's puck has been well designed and its five buttons are placed pretty sensibly, including a big one on the end which reduces the number of muscle spasms in your hand.
However, to be quite frank, there is nothing special physically about the 1212HR as there have been several tablets that, despite being smaller, have had similar hardware options. Nor is the stylus pressure-sensitive. What makes the PowerTabso special, and why we’ve dedicated two pages to it. Is the software that is supplied with it. The software comes in two parts Powrrlab and PowerTemplate.
GENIUS 1212HR PowerTab is the general control software that enables the tablet to communicate with die Amiga. The special bit of software however is the PowerTemplate package. This is used to create templates that govern how the tablet behaves and provide access to a range of special features. The program's interface is reminiscent of a PD circuit board design program. The version supplied with ihe tablet is unregistered so you can't save the template, but you can obtain the registered version for a price that is still to be confirmed.
BUTTON BANKS You have an area of the screen that represents the active area of the tablet and you can assign specific functions to particular areas. Typically Uiis would involve setting an area for visible mouse movement on the screen and then assigning special areas around it to perform specific functions. These areas are usually button banks that contain a number of buttons specified by you in rows and columns. Each of these buttons can be made to perform a particular function. This can be anything from tablet specific functions such as recording a macro to executing a command in your
favourite program.
Using the Event editor you can choose to activate an internal command, a keypress, a string of text or DISTRIBUTOR Power Computing 01234 273000 PRICE £195.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2 or 3 SPEED • • • There is a bit of a time lag when using Dpaint"s mouse tracking option, but that's most likely the fault of Dpaint.
MANUAL • • • The manual is a bit sketchy, but provides you with enough information to get started.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • While a fair amount of knowledge of numbers, a menu command, an Arexx command, a DOS command and even an Arexx script. You don't even need an in-depth knowledge of the program, as the editor can search for active programs and select their menus or gain direct access to their Arexx ports.
• There are three templates supplied, for Dpninl IV. Dpaint V'and
Ppainl 6.4, which provide easy access to ihe programs'
features. PowerTemplate can either print out your template or
save it as an IFF and it's also possible to import bmshes for
use as buttons.
It is possible to create templates for just about any program including Workbench. Use with a 3D program, for example, would combine the accuracy and absolute coordinates of the tablet with it's power to make creating accurate objects and accessing special functions much easier.
At £195. The PowerTab is certainly not something that every Amiga-user is going to buy for the sake of convenience but it is sure to find a happy home with many an Amiga artist because the Pawn lab is very much a power-user’s tool. 'Zf the Amiga helps, things have been kept as simple as possible.
FEATURES • • •• • One of the few tablet and software combinations to make full use of the functionality of a graphics tablet.
VALUE • • • • At just under £200 it sounds expensive, but it's definitely worth it.
"Finally, a graphics tablet that can really "work" with your Amiga” 9*1% ' . Or lotal Football is so hard rt promises to make Begbie out of Trainspotting look like a shandy drinking g,rl, and if THAT'S not enough chuck in a stonking FA Cup photo supplement for good measure.
It's rough and tumble all the way in the May edition of Total Football, as Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce heads a line-up of the game's toughest players in our special Hard Man Issue. Joining him are the likes of Julian Dicks, Tommy Smith, Norman Hunter and - yes - Vinnie Jones as Total Football celebrates everything that makes Football a MAN's game, as opposed to fiouncy ponce sports like cricket and hockey. And yachting.
i We'll be bringing you l»Xkl»K1LTi3 interviews with Dicks, Pearce, Hunter and Smith, along with the definitive guide to the world's hardest players, history's toughest tackles, and lots of other punchy (geddit?) Stuff.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA JUNE 1996 a serious limitation because it means that you can only have colour gradients as backgrounds.
The Animation editor is where you create the animation frames for your character and baddies. There isn’t exactly a huge array of options, but there is more than enough tools to get your characters waddling and jumping around the screen.
Once you’ve got most of your elements, you need to bring them together in the Construction editor. As well as the elements already mentioned you can also add sounds and modules. The sounds can be easily assigned to various events such as your character jumping or finding a bonus item.
When you’re satisfied with your game you can save it to distribute to your friends or even a PD library. However, don’t expect to be able to produce commercial quality games as this product lacks the necessary power and flexibility. While this is the case. Game Engine is still an excellent introduction to the world of games creation. ® Unfortunately, the Background editor is not capable of loading pictures, so you are limited to various shades of colour.
GAME ENGINE 1.1 Aspire 2 Tel: 01352 761798 PRICE £24.95 (See page 16 for AEB4 Coverdisk offer) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AGA Amiga You shouldn't expect to be producing any bestsellers, but there are enough tools for beginners.
VALUE • • • • Game Engine is good value and should provide an affordable start In designing games.
"Without doubt the easiest way to create a platform pa me" SPEED •••• The program operates quite quickly and the games run sufficiently speedily once they've been compiled.
The manual is adequate, but a bit sparing with details and overall use of the program.
85% ACCESSIBILITY •••• The program itself is child's piay to use. But installing it to hard disk is a pain as there is The platform game is perhaps the most consistently popular genre in the computer entertainment industry. There is something about bouncing your way around a multitude of levels, collecting stuff as you go, that appeals to most gamers, especially younger ones. Personally I don’t much see the point of games where you don’t get to play the role of a military commander or beat people up, but there must be many others who do, because platform games usually make up the majority of
PD games.
As a result of this popularity, most game designers, at some time, find themselves creating platform games.
Game Engine, as you will probably have deduced from last month's Coverdisk, is a game creation tool designed specifically to create platform games.
What's more it has been designed to enable just about anyone, who can read and use a mouse, to churn out as many platform games as they can think of.
This should bring the art of games development within the grasp of the common Amiga-user.
It achieves this goal through the use of a modular system that enables you to edit and create the various elements of your game in dedicated editor modules.
These elements can then be combined in the Construction editor to create something recognisable as a game.
The Object editor is used to create the objects that will inhabit your game world. This can include things like obstacles and ledges. In order to place these objects on the screen you have to load up the Map editor. This gives you control over the general layout of the current level you are working on. By using these two editors it’s possible not only to create objects that your character can interact with, but also add variables to those objects such as making them slippy like ice or sticky like mud so that your character moves quicker or more slowly over surfaces.
The Background editor is what you use to make a nice pretty background, but while the Background editor can load in colour and copper palettes, it is incapable of loading in pictures. This is POSTAGE & PACKING .¦__TEL : 01268271 !!5rOPE :ffil .SES??
REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: CIS ¦ 1QQ307 1- Dept:AF06 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ fvtarvFn9em-7pm Sa«&Sm 10anv4pm Plea* rcte Seme Res may rW be released a tie Ira d gang to pressMM Mas are despEfched same day, but can late tpfc 28 days. VAT is nduded A1200 CWMtr* S-crem*.,
S. -aca’a T*dC* Uaragar Tail Uatcn C-c.ei Tarrmnaior 2 ThaClua
T*ia Gamaa Their Fm*»t Hour THEME PARR Tiiirioei'iawk Top Gear
2 Total Fool tel Tconng Car Challen Tc*ie« olSotW Kajuc *20
12 99 12 99 12 99 SrtU" 'X2CmJC Amiga CDROM 12 99 Trvu»*n*»ia» XL
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Opo'fltico Staaan OrauMai Ga"w* Oulrjr Eu'c*ia Ovenon) Paiiowi
PGA E jiopaan Tool PGA Tout Go* PrOal freems I «iI«mi Pnoal
lArton* Pnoal Uarva FHNBALL PretUOE Sir„“ssaoi.„™ °e*e PoHo
PcAceGuww i o*2o»3 Pae*-X» 4 Afmiao lands Popuaju* 2 FOWlftBAM
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S.* Pnme Me.nt PRIMAL RAGE Protect X Pio Tanms Tour PoSPovv
Plan as Game PUTTY SQUAD Quo*! F y Gxir, 1 cu } Reecri tor Th*
S»»i Rewm* fWoBarcn Aaa O' The **-*% Hv, Wood* 2299 - 12 99
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Laadartnen) WorU Cm Go* WORLD CUP YEAR 94 Wort) O' C»pan Worn
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Wort) O'Sound
• Vert! W ‘ x*aJ wona c* Gm Wort) c* Socm Worts ar W» Wort)* c*
legend WORMS lOa’ABAHi 1299 24 99 24 99 CDROM 1 Fraeehaei
A320 Aoproach T.ana* B«ly B«:r«» BiOba n St C»iu:« Roc. 2
Coc.Wiser Co«W0rt) Corporal**!
Dawn* »gonaaana FootPal: Glory HrJ-v»«l Hem*M»2 AOA1 XJ270 J »iodau» f*w* Clp An jaM*r«a ua«Nna3 Woman From letooa 1 or 2 0 99 TOK Paiciaio* Ueu
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" 50 13 50 7 50 11 50 8 50 9 99 9 99 Mixina 9 99 9 99 9 99 G
GoocP-Taat Mete* Spee*i G GaxYvWort) Oaaa Cuaat G GooO- 9*95
Cw» De- G Gooct Bacaa Y» r* Air** GROCSRS ENCYClOPfDM GuarMn
SmStmo Hanra Baxter* ArtRiaaco Haro ?*) * Heart c* China i!
CompUaOoo . JmpiTWi CX»..... 7N* Human* Oeeert Sea History
Ltne 1914-10 1299 Moo- 9 90 - HoOaCrt H**» 6 99 HUMANS 3..... H
lirmonal 10 99 IroJy Jcoe. A1larJ» Ail. 12 99 ¦ IndtftxapO**
too 10 99 lofcora txivjaau1* In tel-gent Strategy Gamaa C"**»
Bmp Saopa'Tv-x»i Caro**'* Rervu Oomoku 4 LrreOunmn Cr**t 19 99
trtome** *i O* Da, Oikef 999 FIFA S0CC* Fnal Cve" to W 1* W F*e
Force ’9 99 FlasfOaCK ’2 99 - f Sm 2 Hawnon Scenery 1.199
FOOTBALL STATBTlClAH PRO 7« *9 - - Gamar Gok) CoMeclton N Bum
J*Nln*e 7*cAFtktOtQoP '9 99 Gaarwor*» ’99 •
OlOOM . 1**9 «9 W Gloom Data De* ----- 12 99
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Ejqm 2 F’9 S’««W ' » aw aw ’7M 1999 Logic 3 OuAho GT Aulolira
JT155 logic 3 OuAiro JT154 leg-c 3 »|ni Ha, AuKrfne Looc 3
S« ha Ra» Ai* ri POWER SUPPLY UNIT OuOrOt •Npa Ad 8V136 0- »o,
PaOAe SV129 Oudyoya T tn Svi24 Seir.Mege,( iLA-eMim
• S*2W or 6BQ20 EC Bet k» AVX .
* ACn*N «!,.l. .U.n. So-ne CM FLIGHTSTICK (ANALOGUE) . Cheetan
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• Mare Frnao" Grtan* '8 i3l G*0*ar» f .ryvraMi RtStGHT De*OSAURS
Jiawj* Tit*«i 5 '0l KMPia Man: M*h» 4 51 Mara Draoona iB-13)
Ua-n* Mane 15-121 NortXsPTmaorB.q An Pctira Fracftcna i 7 10)
Raasixmg Wilt T o«a IS T«X The House iB 101 Peom HOOO IB. I
Sciooge «mai Carol Sxdmarts The Thiee Bear, (5 id Wind In The
neouneo VIRTUAL KARTING Warjora wemBlE* ntrkatoral soatR
WeirCley Rugty Leafloa WoHcNM Wonder OX} Wool Clan Ri«jti, 95
59 99 1299 I AAR 19 99 0RIVI A* XVA1200 49 99 SIMON TNE
SORCEROR 1 Slr Da. S Snoo-ar
• iTERNAL 8M McmSH MpjBBhCUMI Uuamerta Toofca 2 Neh«rtC02
Ociameoe ProleMOnel Font* 5 C.Ipen Profeuonal IFF A PCX Lbrary
ProlesBon -----’ **' Sound Lor Ta«turee i The Beauty O' Chao*
The Colcur I iCrary The Lgni Rem I Thy lg»ii Rom 2 The l ohl
Wort* UPO i H I Glamour Tate* Otei 1B Ony Amga I A®A Sanaaton*
A**n Om* Gha i or 2 Aven Prature* ’ 2 or 3 or 4 »i Anan* Oaam
On ’ « 2 or 3 Amiga RAM Expansions All chips 72 Pin Single
Sided Autoconfigures as FAST RAM 10 • 2 *9 20 • 5 10 10 • 12 10
100 • 22 50 .
RAM Board A1200 Bar* 59 99 RAM Eipenaion 4 MEO 72 Pm SIMM 59 M I RAM Erpenaion A MEG 72 Pin B RSOrtWoran 1 i» 2 or 3 O'enaarFarweea 'or 2 or: Photo ShAkO Pn Jo Gre voi 2 P ten * Paaa n ' or 2 texy SawMr • ScAndaraven Covar G'l* I Amioel Set 1 ui 2 Anxnal 7 or 8 or 9 e Am»nai 94-02 Amos CD Ammabcna Art sr. Colour C-64 SenaaiKKH CO Booi COWrae Ckp An
24. 99 1999 24 99 COMPUTERS 27 Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottingham
NG15 7LD Hl Tel: (0115) 964-2828 Fax: (0115) 964-2898
STORAGE The new Apollo 1240 features a fan cooled super-fast
68040 running at 25MHz, In-built FPU. Battery-backed clock
and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one of the best value
accelerator cards available.
HARD DRIVES £159.99 £179.99 £199.99 £219.99 £329.99 A500 ALFAPOWER Only.
..£99.99 Seagate .99 MEMORY Call for the best prices on RAM and memory upgrades It you have found a cheaper price elsewhere in the magazine, call us and we will do our best to beat it.
Quantum' 15' E IDE Before you purchase your hard drive from elsewhere, just look at what you 9«t EfiEE with our drives!!!
• Dnves are formatted & installed with Workbench
• OVER 100Mb of top quality Public Domain software including:
Compugraphic fonts & clipart, Imagine objects, fop demos &
music modules, essential utilities, games and lots more!!!
80Mb £69.99 540Mb £219.99 170Mb £99.99 850Mb £269.99 256Mb £119.99 tGlG £399.99 340Mb £169.99 1.2GIG £449.99 STOP!
AND THINK IBM HITACHI 2.5’ IDE The new Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into the CPU slot of the A4000 (A3000 T). Fully upgradeable to the Motorola 68060 CPU (call for prices and availability). Comes in 33,40, and 50MHz versions, 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets (2 x 72pin SIMM for A3000 Desktop) & SCSI-2 controller.
The 1220 combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68020 25MHz and 25MHz 68882 FPU, 1 x 72pin SIMM socket (1 or 4Mb). Real-time battery-backed clock.
Also available: APOLLO 2030 for A1500 A2000 APOLLO 620 for A600 Only £299.99 4Mb Only ...£379.99 40MHz 040..X599.99 50MHz 060...£699 4Mb £179.99 CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964-2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER HOWTO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to , “Visage Computers". Please allow I 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH & VISA DELTA BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 STANDARD - £3.95 Master ISO on making Cds with your Amiga, you will need software, which as Rlick Veitch discovers, only leaves you with a choice of one.
Ur I to TN?
TN File: | Next Pape | fjl Okay, it isn't everybody that has the equipment or perhaps even the need to cut their own Cds. Or is it?
The price of CD-ROM cutting equipment has continued to fall since the first "desktop" units were introduced a few years ago when you would have had to think about finding £5000 for the hardware. Now you can pick up a reasonable kit at a tenth of that price and suddenly, the whole thing becomes more reasonable.
The thing about recordable Cds though, is that they are different from normal SCSI devices in two major ways.
The first difference is that Cds have an almost universal file format, called ISO9660. This is as different to normal Amiga disks as a MAC or a PC file format, so you need software which can re-order your files into this new format.
Secondly, and rather more obviously, the CD is a write once medium - i.e. you can "save" something A listing of selected files will appear on the right but don’t be fooled - you can’t rename, move or even remove entries from this list.
If you plan disc cutting to the disk, but you can't then edit or delete it. The CD writer actually burns pits into the foil of a special CD to record the data - a process which is a little hard to undo.
Another thing worth bearing in mind is that a lot of older CD drives (and here I mean the ordinary CD drives, not CD-ROM drives) cannot support multi-session disks. This means that you have to write everything you will ever want onto the disk in one go.
This is why you need software like Asittiware's Master ISO. A demo version appeared a few issues ago on our sister magazine Amiga Shopper, and is also included in the commercial demos section of A CD l. Quite simply, the purpose of this software is to organise a list of files you wish to pul on the CD- ROM, rearrange them to fit the ISO9660 standard and then write them to the CD.
One major difference between Master ISO and similar software currently available for the Mac is that writing the CD is a two-process operation.
Firstly, the software will generate an ISO image of the disk, and secondly, it will write this to the CD.
Obviously, the disadvantages of this are twofold: it takes longer, and you need an extra 660Mb of disk space to hold the full CD image. It does have some advantages though - if you w-ant to run off a few copies, you only have to make die image once which can lie a big saving.
The other problem is that the list of files cannot include duplicate entries. I suppose this is rather obvious, but an option to rename files would have been nice. It is also not possible to go through a device and select only some files or directories, it's all or nothing.
This means you have to have another drive or partition specifically to hold all the stuff you w-ant to put on CD.
If you w-ant to include audio tracks on your disks (made a lot easier by using Asim CDFS, the CD filing system from the same company) these can be added to the track list. All the digital data. I.e. your AmigaDos files, will occupy one track, but it’s easy enough to create extra tracks for the audio.
It seems like this is not a glowing review, but actually Master ISO works consistently well. It is being continuallv updated with new features and the ability to support more CD-writers and compared to the only alternative, Commodore's ('J)Iiuild kit (which was only available to registered developers), it is tremendous. It is not difficult to be the leader in a field of one, which makes the improvements all the more impressive, and I have no hesitation in recommending this software. 'Z) There is possibly only one thing (hat is certain in the computer industry, and that is that if some activity
is processor-intensive, creative or just fun it will take up a lot of memory and plenty of hard disk space. Anyone who is involved with any kind of creative work on a significant scale will either have a huge hard drive or be saving very hard for one.
Whether involved with music, video, graphics or multimedia the amount of disk space required by more and more people has increased dramatically. As part of their sales blurb on their website JUNE 1996 (http: Iomega give an example of one ol their clients, Antblin Imaging. I'ltis Steven Spielberg- owned company is responsible for a number of special effects in TV shows.
On average each image they render lakes up about I Mb of disk space. As you can imagine, at around 25 frames per second, that's a heck of a lot of disk space even for just a few minutes of footage.
BIG BROTHER Traditionally, large production houses usually have rows tqiou rows of hard disks in a big room somewhere. That, along with the storage methods of many other media professionals, looks set to change with the arrival of Iomega's latest hard drive. The Jm drive is based on similar technology as the increasingly popular ip drive from the same company. However while each .ip cartridge is capable of storing HNIMb of data, the Jnzcan handle Kill. Yes, you did read that correcdy 1Gb. As in 1024Mb of data.
A hard disk with a storage capacity of one gigabyte is hardly anything special, in fact it is becoming close to the norm. However the fact that, like the Zip, ihejaz is removable is quite literally revolutionary. To put it into context, this is a bit like having a rewritable CD-ROM - a medium with enormous storage capacity that can be taken from one machine to another conveniently. This is real god-send for people who are producing a CD-ROM as it means you can build an ISO image of a CD and then take or send the cartridge to another machine to have the CD cut. This provides an easy way to
master CD-ROMs without the need to invest in an ex| ensive CD-ROM writer.
Another good way to look at the SERIOUSLY AMIGA JUNE 1996 THE ALTERNATIVES The Jaz is not the only large-capacity removable storage solution available on the market today, but it does compare favourably with most of the existing options.
Magneto Optical systems are an excellent method of transporting large chunks of data around - the cartridges are quite robust if a little large. However while each cartridge can hold 1.3Gb of data, the drives are still very expensive.
The Jaz's main competition is going to be the SyJet from Syquest.
This drive has the edge over the Jaz in the size department with the ability to store 1.3Gb, and more surprisingly it looks more stylish. Its performance is also nearly identical to the Jaz and if the reliability of the SyJet is proven it could cause Iomega some serious headaches.
For most people though, being able to store 100Mb on a disk is quite enough, which means the Zip drive is an excellent mass market option. The drives have been surprisingly popular and may, in a few years time, even succeed in killing off floppy disks.
From your system. Although it is ;i slight you have to ejec t and reinsert the cartridge, it probabh extends the lifespan ot the disk. When the disk is l eing accessed it is quite noisy, hut would prohahlv not l c noticed in an office.
VERY FAST When you look at ihc performance the iic is capable of. You begin to understand why it might be .1 little noisy. The Jaz is capable of a burst rate l()Mb-se and a sustained transfer rate of around liMb-sec. Which is. I'm sure you’ll agree, quite impressive lor a 1 («b removable cartridge, lit fact it can be quite an un-seltling expelience to watch thc rtz and another fast SCSI drive transferring liles over a fast SCSI II connection - it takes a while to get out of the habit of checking that your liles have actually been copied.
JAZ DRIVE BETTER LOOKING Physically the Jaz has been designed veryr much in the style of the Z.i i. with a great deal of effort made to make it look attractive. At the time of this review there are only internal versions of the drive available in the UK. But most of the distributors have been using alternative casings so that non-big l«ix machines (which have suitable drive bays), like the AI200. Can still use them externally. The official casing is almost identical to the Z except that it has a few more designer nobbly bits and lacks the vertical supports that enable the Z.i i to stand on
its side.
The cartridges are again similar in proportion to a floppv disk, but unlike the Z.i i. the end that is inserted to the drive is rounded and is about twice the thickness of a Zi . As with the Z.ifi, Iomega aren't giving any secrets away about how tht- mechanism works, but from the si e and the fact that the cartridge seems to Ik- spinning continually, it would seem that, unlike the Zifi. It’s closer to a hard disk than a floppv.
A slightly annoying feature of the drive is that if it's not been accessed for a long period it will un-mount itself storage size of the Jaz is that each cartridge can store around 1.7 hours of I t -bit audio (44Khz) ora complete MPEG 1 movie. T he Jaz drive seems like an ideal way to transfer large amounts of data and can form an important part of your computer by enabling - excuse the romantic phrasing - limitless storage expansion. Of course it is not a particularly good idea to have a removable medium as your startup disk, but the Jaz's performance is at least equal or better than most
hard disks.
DISTRIBUTOR HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE £469.95 internal £529.95 external £99.95 per cartridge.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS SCSI interface SPEED • • • • • There are very few removable drives that can keep up with the Jaz.
MANUAL As yet there isn't one.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • When the Jaz tools are completed, installing the drive should prove a lot quicker.
FEATURES • • • • • As with the Zip you can write-protect and password-protect your cartridges.
VALUE • • • • For under £400 you could buy a 2Gb hard disk but adding another 1Gb of storage afterwards is going to cost more than £100.
"The Jaz is certainly an engineering marvel, but it may be more than most people need - at least for the moment" 93% The Jaz version of Amiga Z1 1 fools has yet to Ik- completed, but you can use the Jaz-as an ordinary drive. It takes HDToolbox a while to decide wltal it is.
But after that it works line aside from the fact you can't write or password protect the cartridges, «z Tools should be ready in a month or two.
(herall the Jaz drive is certainly an impressive mechanism and certainly looks as if it should go down well with a lot ol computer professionals. However it docs seem unlikclv that the in will enjoy the same degree of | opularilv as the Zi i. Over I million units have been sold world-wide already.
T he Jiiz's enormous storage capability is not really needed by the majority of end-users Intl. Then again, who would have expected two or three years ago that so many people would buy lOOMb-per-disk drives?
Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga Spread over numerous platforms are emulators ,or ApP|e Commodore 64.
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*-si1. Ba'cana'-.
¦¦ -1: ¦ spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy 96 also contains hundreds of ---- games aswell as hundreds of speccy game LLLUXlLLS cheats. Okay on any CD ROM drive connected to an Amiga FrHTrrHTj Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CUAMIGA 91% - AUI Over S THE SPECCY CD 1996 New Version (CD119) £1799 SPECIAL FX Vol:1 'Ac,u“'Ami,ja Sc'ocn shms John Paternak's “Movie Maker' series takes you step by step through the professional techniques of Special FX. Horror and Action film making Explained in every detail are all the camera angles, editing techniques, prop building, make up etc. all using
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pay**, to EPIC MARKETWG ~ W,Ht«W»M«»LmB|«.l1 HOPaCEMATCHXGI_ pa CD iOM Round-up & PHASE 4 DESKTOP VIDEO DREAMS ¦ E.M.COMPUTERGRAPHIC ¦ 01255 431389 ¦ £39.99 One of the most exciting areas of computer use is desktop video, also known as DTV. Due to its graphical nature this is something that the Amiga is very good at and as a result this is one of the more popular uses the machine is put to,
E. M.C. are better known for their exploits in the realm of DTP,
but there are quite a few similarities between these two
fields and there is good reason to expect Phase ¦! To be of a
similar quality as its predecessors.
They both involve pictures and images, only the ones in DTV are moling.
The disc contains oodles of high-quality fonts in bitmap, Type l and Intellifont formats.
There is also a large collection of backgrounds in a variety of formats including JPEG and IFF. They are also in PA1. And NTSC resolutions and are divided in to three directories; Scenic, Custom and textures. There's a selection of sound samples ranging from useful to just amusing and "Iff you are remotely interested in DTV then you must buy this - immediately!"
Directories devoted to useful files and utilities that are actually relevant to the rest of the disc’s contents. They include such things as PD titling programs, animations, button images and several DataTypes.
This really is a fine collection of excellent material that has been well organised and professionally presented. As an added bonus there are also demo versions of ImageVision, Dpaint V’and MMExperienee. 'Zj 96% TOOLS UNLIMITED VOL 1: THE BLANKER COLLECTION ¦ PD SOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £14.99 It's hard to believe, but this really is supposed to be a CD lull of screen-blanker related things.
Of course blankers are useful things to have around as they can save your monitors from phosphor-bum damage, but a CD full of them?
Well that is not a strictly accurate description of the disc’s contents, it’s really more of a theme.
In fact the directory containing the blankers is only the fourth largest on the disc after die fonts directory. The qal tnairJl "A slice off screen- blanker heaven" 81% other directories contain animation files, music modules, sound samples and excellent Newicons System xiersian 2.
As you might expect the collection contains just about every screen- blanker you’ve ever heard of and a lot you haven’t. Although it might be argued that this is poor subject matter for a CD, this is a good collection as far as collections of screen-blankers go. Zj «" AMINET 11 ¦ GTI ¦ 0049 6171 85937 ¦ £14.99 0 1 h Vfl 3 O s UJ vn As usual the AnuNet collection is crammed with loads of files and programs, except this disk offers far more than most in the series for one simple reason - the inclusion of Xi-paint 3.2. This one program is enough to elevate this CD from a mediocre collection
of PD and Shareware software to an incredibly good bargain.
Jjjjjjjjaaajjjj Although some people prefer Photogenics over this commercial 24-bit painting program, it still has loads of powerful features and is most definitely worth £15.
"£15 for Xi-Paint sounds like a bargain to me" 96% The thing that makes Aminet 11 so special isn't the Aminet files, it's the full version of Xi-Paint that's on the disc.
ENCOUNTERS ¦ 17 BIT SOFTWARE ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £14.99 11 DE JUDO »91 There you have it proof positive that there are blurry out-of-focus objects in the sky and aliens do visit Earth - they even own pubs.
I II come clean at the outset - I 'm a small-minded, stuck-in-mv- ways simpleton who lacks the intellectual capacity to 1 objectively consider the possibility of visitors from other worlds. There, that should save a few people from UFO fan | clubs the trouble of writing in and telling me so after the review of this CD is published.
As you have probably guessed this CD is full of things to do with UFOs and aliens. There's a very earnest warning on the back of the case that made me pause before opening it: “Sceptics beware, what you are about read may radically change your views". But, as I'm willing to risk all in the pursuit of truth, 1 opened it up and delved into some of the text files.
The files include documents that the FBI and CIA have apparently let slip as well as several Internet newsgroup discussions and details of government conspiracies and cover-ups. There are also some highly convincing photographs that prove beyond a doubt that there are strange out of focus objects living around the sky. Despite the overwhelming evidence on this CD I'm still not convinced - guess I’m just not smart enough. 'If "Somebody hold m' hand. I'm scared" 83% HOTTEST 6 ¦ PD SOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £14.99 This is the sixth disc in this popular collection from PD Soft, It's something of a
good old fashioned-style PD collection. It is essentially an update of PD Soft's Public Domnin Library and as such contains a wide variety of different files and programs.
As with volume 5 of this collection, the disc has its own GUI, however the search engine has been improved. This is a convenient method of locating the files you're interested in and extracting them from their archives.
The software on the disc is not quite up to the standard of previous collections, but should keep most people busy for a while. If "Plenty of PD in an accessible format" 82% vo cv fft r- Ui Z 3 Amiga Users can Surf the Internet from FAST • FULL ACCESS TO THE INTERNET FOR JUST If you live in the UK (including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Isles) the Channel Isles or the Isle of Man you have BT local call 0345 access no matter how remote your location!
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• icePent Engtth monwol S*C* to* Compat.b4*y it very bgh. You CO"
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Ond today 4 u Pill o leoder. With mony bgh qualify program, A r ot ortitt of roytrocmg It Tobbt J PieMer from Cofogne Germorvy.
Whom detotled obfech Uun the people Etpecolly hit tpac* .hip. of fomout toenc fietton film, or* uted to demontirot* the copabilih*.
Of a raywocmg program The obiect* or* highly detoJed and eatremly due to Ihe oppticaton of comple. Wrfoce tenure, of the model* Until now * wo* dfReuB to ocoutr* th*»* ob|*cf« to order to create one* own teen*, or ommaton. £29.95 Aminet Set 1 it the world t iorgeti collection of heely dutnbutobb AMIGA toftwar* Up to 10000 uter* acceu the vott otchivet rv ry day ond counlb it programmer! PuWuh drrectfy no Aminet Until recently occett to Anunet wot lethicted to International network uteri With A n*r*t Set I. con titling of 4 CD*, the complete arch™* it publithed ihe fir it time.
Thr, CMOMcolleelion, which n dated January 1995, offer, on aimow mevhouUibb i*tervo- of topvofu* Shorewor A wide variety of progromi n included Application*. Came*. Demo*, fcctur** Modt. Animationi. Devaloper Material tl contort approximately 4 gigabyte, of tofvwar* in 12 500 orchwe. And you Wtl *n,oy the comfortobb .Mrmterfoce £29.95 Amm t CO II dated April 1996 com.* of opproumtatofy 1,1 pgobyt*. Of toft-ar m 3700 orduv** Sec* the rebot of Amtoet CD 10 more toon 700 MB new loftwor* hat oppeared The cu em
* d*on ha* o tpeoaf bcu, on p *urev *w* toon 1000 pb*ur« horn to*
eeemet were mcbded Uter fnen y acceu »oftware make, toe Aminet
CD 11 o pboture to uw £14 95 All products are available in your
local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies
International Distributor: GTI Grenville Trading International
GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel ¦ Germany Tel +49-61
71 - 8 5937 Fax +49-6171-83 02 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245
The Workbench AddO" CMOM it toe .deal componton ID your
workbench On AbCDyouwil not only hnd to* Imp program*. Tor* or*
avofobb tor the Anuga. But you I abo ger to«m r*ody«ocun horn
th* CO In add-Sen to ton »* • on nWJe Kr - toe* miloi.
To* deurea program, to your horddnk Ik* CD coven al area, o* .Mer**! All to programmer the uter the creative and the garmr wj fwd what the, or* lookmg tor On Be.
CMOM me** at* mony thorewore progromi to** of them al a tpeclol poce. It you get regntered There n eg Shapeduftor tor 40• DM (m.teod ot 50 - DM). * oddmon to Ihn toer* .. a 50 MB Moc parMion. To that you con Oort ploying atound w*h Moc application* rlgki away Then tWe it Power Player lor 20 DM Imtleod o( 30 ¦
DM) , there are. Ol coart*, bod. Ot module* with *. To tkol you
con try It nghr owoy Ami Win the new Xll-ierver lor the Amiga
it available for S40, intieod ol $ 50 You con to v* more than
100- DM with ihi. CD Therefore you only hov* to tend in ihe
appropriate poge in the booklet to the author ol the program
£24.95 CD-Write WhaHU You ml conT writ* to youi CD.t CD-BOM.
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to* program oI your choc with mm The cotuenr* 10 MB Packer.
OvocW. A ctov* Prog-or.. 3 MB CMOM Ufttae* 21 MB Corwmmvcalton
ood Ntf«yk Prog o«i 5 MB Debuggmg Tod* 29 MB 0*-lopm*nt Tool*
13 MB Floppy. Hord Dnk on.
SCSI Program. 8 MB Educaeonai P-agram. 9 MB Gome* 35 MB Graph*, Program. 39 MB Mom Datoba-. Updated Verwon 7 MB M«* Tooh and Program 27 MB Mod. 12 MB Mum P+ogrom, 21 MB Vw« 13 MB Am.TCP and more (or N**wortong 60 MB Do u mahon CMOM Dotobotei ev 96 MB PotTeX 1 4 • nor pr ou. OvoJobb or on, CMOM 15 MB U*f*et 30 MB MTMlAtg*. ColecMnt oI datatype, benchmark program.. Icon, program, tor amateur rodto and *bctncal »bc- IrortK engineermg or* olio mduded £9.95 Aminet 11 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 Ne«Newt Offhne Vol I .t to* f»»t toik of o new benomMy pubtohed
* •*••* of Armgo CD-ROM, wtoch content al A mgcxelafed newv
group* from to* internet Every volume feature, about 50000
omcb* wh h contom he- rvmourv «*poW mfonnoPon about al o»*« of
the A go pret»rebo*et dacuwon. And Home waa A newveoder n
mcbded Netoiew. OW* a to* cheap obernot™* of getMigm touch
Utener £14.95 mnvm.
Aminet 10 St.ll ovoibblel £14.95 mr.V AMINET II Wo bench Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
APPLE DISPLAY Without any extra memory, the A1200 will have a struggle on it's hands. Even with extra RAM, you'll have to use all the speed-up options going (low detail, small screen size) to get anything approaching a good frame rate. The Magnum card will make a big difference and you'll be smiling from ear-to-ear when you first use itI Fitting a 3.5" drive isn't that difficult - I fitted one for a friend a few days ago. Sourcing the cables is the hardest bit but give Eye tech a call and they'll supply the necessary leads and a fully illustrated instruction book. Eye tech mount the drives by
drilling two small holes at the back of the case: I find that often the pressure ot the keyboard pushing down holds the drive in place with no extra screws required. Eye tech 01642 713185 I have* recently bought a monitor and wondered if you could tell me if it is possible and advantageous to connect it to an A1200. The monitor I am using at the moment is a Philips CM 8833 Mark III. If the monitor is compatible could you please tell me what cables and driver I would require. The monitor’s specs are: Apple Pei forma Plus Display M9I02Z 1) I Model Number).
Original video cable is terminated with a 15 pin connector and the other end seems to be fixed into the back.
John Sherlock Stoke on Trent - - 'Z. - • Your Amiga will run ¦ ~-i y*.J • 1 U faster than many Windows ir-n&M operations because It is a more efficient system.
I have the same monitor here, although it is connected to a Mac. I would have tried it with my Amiga hut for the fact that getting the relevant adaptor is not easy.
The Afrfde monitor doesn 7 terminate in the usual S YGA standard of plug, although Apple video modes are similar to S VGA because you can use S YGA monitors with them.
This means they work at
31. 1kHz, and as a result there is a definite 'maybe'as to
whether the monitor will work.
I am soon selling off my A500+ HD and buying a second-hand A1200 with 65Mb HD.
Seeing as it comes with Alien Breed 3D do you think that the A1200 will give it enough grunt for it to run semi-jerk free? I will be buying a Magnum '030140MHz card soon, with 4Mb RAM. But will the A1200 be able to play the game satisfactorily in the mean time?
Lastly do you know where I can get some instructions for fitting a 3.S* 420Mb Seagate HD into an A1200? I don't think it will fit without cutting the shield but fixing it down is going to be a job and a half!
Philip Goddard Cast Sussex Some do. Some don 7. You can really only tell by trying them. You would need to use dblPA .. Multiscan Ibtfduchi’ity or Suffer!2 modes - all are provided on your Workbench disks. You may also need to use the YGAOnly driver lint. Sadly that's all ran tell you.
Many monitors are I'ery picky, and non 7 sync down to the slightly lower frequencies put out by the Amiga operating in these modes.
Ihnoever, you have little to lose by trying it. You will either need to build your own lead or contact an Apple dealer who may be able to help you. Good luck, and sony we can 7 be of more help. Perhaps an AF trader has already attempted this trick and will write in and let us know!
I’ve had my A1200 since Christmas '93 and I’ve never until now. Seen the need to expand it. But having plaved vour (doom Deluxe and Breathless demos. I realised just how slow niv A1200 really was.
I’ll be getting a job this summer and intend to save up enough money to buy the new Blizzard 1260 accelerator. Because this piece of hardware will (if 1 get it) set me back a hefty £600. I thought I'd write in for some advice.
Firstly, will it speed up games (such its Breathless and Tkd') to a speed that equals say a I86PC? Or does it just speed up productivity software such as Lightwave and Image A?
Secondly, will it be able to run oft' my current (standard) Psl*. Or will I have to purchase a more powerful one costing me more monev?
I've heard the '060 not only uses up a lot of powci. But can also reach verv high temperatures when in constant use. Is this true and will it pose a threat to mv system?
ImIsiIv. Will there lx‘ any other cheaper A1200 ‘060 accelerators released in the near f uture and if so will they be able to be tter the speed and price of the Blizzard?
Noel O' Donnell Dublin An accelerator card with a 6S060 chip will run very fast compared to a stock A1200 - as long as there is suitable extra memory provided. It will certainly s reed up applications and any games which require a lot of processing: you list some good examples.
Gomparing the spent to a PC is very difficult indeed, because what can you compare it with ?
Windows ? Your Amiga will mn faster than many Windows operations because it is a more efficient system. Dtfom games? Well, maybe not: for the simple reason that the PC's graphics hard-ware is very good at displaying textures whilst the Amiga is good at scrolling and split-screen effects.
Ilinvever. Several programs are available for both platforms, and results would seem to indicate that the 6S0ft0 returns -IS6 Pentium lei els of performance.
Sorry to be so vague, but it's a hard question to answer as both processors are very different internally.
Your standard power supply should be OK. As 6SII6I) chips are actually quite eff icient at handling power: The main reason is that they run at 3.3 volts instead of 5 volts and this alone is enough to keep heat dissipation down to respectable levels.
Continued overleaf 4 0J.
FLOPPY PROBLEMS I am quietly going crazy I am writing a book and need to copy my work to floppy disk and hard disk so that I can edit it. I have had my new A1200 HD for three weeks and spent a lot of time trying to get it to do the above. I have read the sections in books and contacted a the helpline and the dealer.
I have typed in what I was told and nothing happens. Usually it says "Error can’t save file". The dealer suggests that I change the machine and we both try it at the shop. He has the same machine as me and has copied to floppy disk no probs. I am not computer literate and find many of the terms confusing but believe me I have tried.
The machine came with Workbench 3.1 and Workbench installed I have since installed Wordworth onto the hard disk which gives me quicker access. I am using the machine with no add-ons. There is just the monitor, power pack and mouse. I only connect the printer when I am writing a fresh piece or letter Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong as everyone tells me it is so easy.
Mrs 1 Blackburn Coleshill You can keep the printer connected all the time if you wish, there is nothing to be gained by constantly connecting and disconnecting.
When people say using computers is easy, they normally mean they are easier to use than they were ten years ago. Or easy compared to programming the video recorder, so don't get depressed.
When you see the error message 'Can't save file‘ it means just that
- the software is unable to store the file to the disk. Here are
some things to check:
1. Are you using the right sort of floppy disk ? Make sure you
are using disks marked ’Double Density' or 'DO' and not'High
Density' or 'HD' The HD disks have an extra hole.
2. Are the disks formatted? Before you can read or unite to a
blank floppy, you need to format it. Fo do this, make sure you
are using the Workbench Now pop in the disk. An Hon will
appear. Click once on the disk icon to select it and then use
the pull-down menu called 'Icon' and select the option marked
'Format' A window will pop up where you can enter a new name
for the floppy disk you can also decide to have a Trashcan
(not worth the bother) but also click on 'Fast File System'
for good measure. When you click on the 'Format' button the
disk will be formatted, and ready for use.
3. Is the Write Protect tab on the floppy disk clicked shut? If
it is. The computer won't be able to write to it or format to
4. Is the disk full? Some users are content to save their work
onto the disks which their Word Processor was supplied on.
Don't ever do this!
Instead, use a new blank floppy which you have bought especially.
Also, make a backup copy of the Word Processor disks in case you ever need them. Good luck!
M-SBMJMLJ fi be Emm a ataa n Is o You spin me right round., no. But really, you shouldn’t have any problems saving Wordworth tiles to disk, even If they are as silly as this one «“ Cheaper 1)60 systems ? would guess probably not.
As Motorola don V seem keen on churning them out in the quantities required to lower the price. Instead liny are concentrating more on llieir PowerPC processors.
I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to the first PowerPC accelerators, although your guess would he as good as mine as lo how long we’ll have to wait for those to afrfiear. Ll certainly won 7 he next month!
RETURN OF THE CD-ROM I have an A570 CD-ROM drive left over from when I upgraded from an AfiOO lo an A1200.
I can't link the A570 to the A1200 because a connection to an A500 is needed at the side of the drive, but 1 have opened up the A570 and noticed that it is possible to detach the drive from the circuit board beneath. This would mean that the drive could operate without the need for ail A500.
Would it be possible to attach the loose drive to a SCSI interface such as the Squirrel, or is there another wav (not serial linking) to use It would he fmssible if the CD-ROM drive in the A 5 711 was a SCSI compatible CD-ROM drive, bill I dan 7 think that il would he worthwhile.
You woubl have to buy an external SCSI housing which could cost up to £90, and then you (I only hair a single-speed dnve.
The question boils down to whether you want to buy a twin-speed dnve for around List) I including Squirrel) or spend around £150 to create your men singlespeed drive?
So, it ttoesn 7 make that much sense does it? Try contacting Pmver (lompuling or HiSoft for details on then current prices - they advertise in the mag.
CRASH BANG WALLOP This morning I turned on my Amiga and ii booted up as normal with Workbench bin when I loaded up OiskSalv 2 lo see whai files were on a blank disk ia unformat. Llie screen (timed into a SlorcoGrain. Verv messv and dolls'. 1 switched ii oil lor half an hour but there were still a few distorted lines on the screen. When it crashed I couldn't make out what the error was because the screen was just red lines. I suspect that it is the Graphics Chip or something.
Could you please suggest something as I can't afford to get it repaired professionally as I don't gel pocket money anymore. If you could tell me what the problem is I could probably get another chip and re-surface mount it.
Peter Lewis Stafford ll does sound as though it is the custom chip rrsfmnsiblr for the graphics, or the on-board Chip memory. Which is al piult. I 'nfortuiuitely it will need to hr professionals repaired. First of all, you will need to lest which pacts of the hardware are actually aI fault and secondly - and no disrespect is intended here - you may find re-soldering a surface mount chip beyond your capability.
GREEN COMPUTING I have an A1200 with Kickstart version 3.0, 2Mb dlip RAM and 120Mb hard disk powered by a Datel Goliath power supply.
1) I have been trying to create my own vehicles for use in Add's
excellent Super Skidmarks. Having decompressed the Imagine
project files supplied with Skidmarks, I proceeded to read the
Readme file and the section in the manual covering vehicle
rendering, where it states that the "bright green genlock
background colour required by the converter" is supplied as
part of the Imag.config file in the project file.
The trouble is that the genlock background colour supplied is in fact grey, not bright green.
2) I am going to purchase an accelerator and 8Mb of fast RAM. I
am considering the Blizzard 12301V as this appears to be the
fastest ‘030 based accelerator available. However, I am not
sure whether with 8Mb fitted to this board I will still be
able to use the PCMCIA slot and if so which '030 boards are
PCMCIA friendly at 8Mb and above.
3) Storage space is getting rather limited so I am considering
some form of mass storage device (hence the need to remain
PCMCIA friendly). I cannot decide whether to go for a very
large hard drive (1Gb) or a removeable media drive. The
removeable media drives would appear to have the advantage
that if one disk becomes corrupt I would only risk losing
100Mb or so of data (frustrating but not fatal), whereas with
the hard drive I could stand to lose ten times as much.
Also, as data seems to expand to fill the available storage space rather more quickly than one might expect the growth potential of a removeable media drive is tempting. What is your opinion? Would you recommend the Zip drive or the EZ135.
Oliver Masters West Midlands
1. You can adjust the Genlock colour to whatever you need from
the Preferences editor. Find the setting called 'GENC' and
you'll see the default setting is '010101' which is a very
dark grey. If you change the numbers to 'OOffOO' it will
become bright green.
2. The sneaky answer is to wait until the July issue of Amiga
They're doing a round-up of as many Al200 cards as they can get their hands on. In the meantime, yes, the Blizzard is PCMCIA friendly. The only problem is with the Blizzard 1260 which doesn't work with the standard Squirrel SCSI interface. However, incompatabiiities can always arise - check with suppliers that any peripherals will work with the board you choose.
3. The corruption of data is not a real reason for choosing a
media format as hard drives are now very reliable and you
should always perform backups anyway. The current price of 1Gb
drives is very low, and I recommend you get one of these first
and then worry about removable media. The Zip seems to be
prettier and slightly cheaper but the EZ135 has better
specifications: It's both faster and each disk holds mote.
TAB NOT GOOD ENOUGH Having recently acquired the A1200 Magic pack with HD, I am a little disappointed with the unfriendliness of the keyboard. The Tab key Is set to move the cursor a mere two spaces. According to the manual (2-6), K 'can be program-defined to move the cursor to a set position', but I can find no indication as to how this Is done.
The £ sign can be produced on the monitor by 3-key combinations (Shlft+3, AH+1 and AK+ShWt+1), but I need to Issue an extra printer command to get my 24-pin Epson to print it correctly.
Ideally, I would expect to be able to assign my printer output codes to the AH keys at least, otherwise they are pretty useless In practice. Presumably all this could be affected via the OS software, but I have no idea how to sat about K.
A. W Hamilton Cheltenham The precise function of the Tab key
depends on whatever program Is running at the time. For
example, with Cygnus Ed the Tab key advances four spaces.
There Is an option from within this program to define the
number of spaces which are inserted when the key Is pressed.
Tab can also insert a 'fab character' rather than spaces. This
Is a separate character code, and again, how a program deals
with it Is entirely down to the programmer. One program may
deal with the Tab as two spaces, another as six spaces.
I can only get the pound Stirling sign from a shift and 3: you might get different results depending on the software package you are using and the keymep you have set up.
Getting the printer to print It correctly Is sometimes the fault of the printer Itself, cured by setting a DIP switch or using a special control sequence. The OS will filter printer codes depending on the printer driver used: make sure you have the very best one for the Job, and consider using a page publisher such as Final Writer which uses ftk own method for printing. Wordworth 5 comes with drivers for practically all known printars, so consider this package as well.
Continued overleaf to -ALIEN FORMAT I have access to a number ol PC! Clipart files in JPEG. PCX and BMP lot mats, most of which I have been able to convert to IFF format for use in Photon Paint. However. I have some oilier WMF files and I haven't been able to find a datatype nr converter program that will recognise them. Can you advise me ol am datatype or converter that will handle this image format.
Robert Harvey Essex WME files are 'Windows Metafile Format', a hideously complicated formal for storing a combination of bitmap and vector images. This format is used by packages such as those published by Aldus. I doubt you would find an Amiga progam that could deal with them, and so I would therefore recommend that you try and find a V owner with the right software, who will be willing tit let you load the WME files and then re-save them in a slightly more useful format. O Right: An Alien? No, it’s just an alien file format, which is to say. Something other than an IFF.
SOUND ADVICE I have an A1200 with a Blizzard A1230-IV I recently bought the Aura sampler and tried to record, at a reasonably high sample frequency, directly to hard disk.
The sample frequency was set to 44kHz and I made a large hard disk sample. When I tried to replay the sample it was virtually impossible to listen to because every second the record lumped as if being strobed. I lowered the sampling frequency to try and remedy matters and it seemed to work but with noticeable quantising which I can't live with.
I am running SOMHz '030 with 8Mb of fast RAM so I don't think the processor is too slow and I think I have sufficient RAM. Is my computer capable of replaying 16 bit 44kHz from hard disk? Would a SCSI hard drive make a difference?
Are there any other commercially available 16-bit* samplers available for the Amiga which would provide better quality A-D D-A conversions from hard drive when using higher sampling frequencies1 Is there any way I can improve hard disk sampling with my current system or do I need a new computer?
Mr J Corbett Durham How fast is your hard drive? I'm assuming you have an Internal IDE mechanism, and this is probably where your problem lies. Some IDE drives are a lot slower than others, so use Syslnfo for a (very) rough indication of how fast the drive is going. On my system the IDE drive reportedly goes at about 600.000 bytes a second and the SCSI drive at about 4.000.000 bytes a second. I know that 44kHz means 44.000 samples a second, which equates to a data rate of 88,000 bytes a second but that doesn't give a true indication of the rate required to sample audio at that rate.
If your IDE drive works at less than 1.000.000 bytes a second. I would blame that. A more modern drive (and especially a 3.5" thive) would work better, and yes a SCSI hard drive would certainly work faster too.
In the meantime, try checking that the hard drive is formatted using FFS and that the Man Transfer rate is set to a figure such as Oxffffff There are other sound cards available (notably the Tocatta) but only for AMIGAs with Zorro slots, and not the A1200. Sorry.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format m aim to answer as many questions as possible Unlike some maqatines. We don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Mere are a few tips on Graeme Sandiford sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem
• Give full details of your equipment
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn’t be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill In. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street. Bath. Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: A 5 00 A500 Plus A1200 A3000 A600 A1500 A4000 C A1000 C A2000 Kick start version: C 1.2 0 1.3 Workbench revision: O 13 O 2.1
1. 3.2
3. 0 MN Volune nnx I wwi Mi mmmtm mum ointer 1=0000000 Pinter
£=0651133 Total memory fitted Chip memory available Extra
drive *1 ( 3.Sin S.2Sin) as DF: manufacturer.
Extra drive 2 ( 3.5irV5.25in) as DF: manufacturer.
Hard disk: Mb as DH Manufacturer:_ Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer:
1. 2
2. 04 2.05 Sanple Rate
illlllllllllllllllllllUIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIl Ihin vox
nnxI Details of other hardware: There are plenty of hardware
and software packages, such as frchnoSound Turbo Pro. That can
record and playback samples from hard disk. However you'll
need a fast drive to get the best playback The revolutionary
S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best
way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from
either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less
than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit
colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image
grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave
reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga
magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output ProGrab'"... Supports All r«ent Amigas and is also futty AGA Chipset f compatible You can render images in any Workbench screen ' mode resolution including MAMS mode (Amiga RAM permitting) If A* ' * 1 ProGrab’*’... J Saves and Loads Images tn IFF llBM. IFF ILBM24. JPEG. BMP PCX. And TARGA We formats ProGrab saves animations as AnimS Files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound
sampler) as Amm5 ? 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithenng methods are also new to I PtoGrab Version 2.5 x Photogenic* fully supports ProGrab with a custom loader to enable grabs directly from withm the program • saving YOU bme* ProGrab'".. Software has buiR In mono and colour animation facilities The number of frames is dependant upon your Amigas RAM ProGrab'".. Release 2.5.x software now includes
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions •
Even with low memory Amigas iM Hard Dnve System without Tie
need fcr an Wai requiring just I M3 Hard Drive Spacef.
Satellite TV signals
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the box!
| •Standard ProGrab hardware is Pal SECAM NTSC compatible Interlace mode options are avawoie with PAL & St CAM only NTSC Only models are available to special order which then suppott the interlace mode fuly Please as* us for u» details I ProGrab really does make it that simple!
MfK* or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver.
Or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRS video output including S-VHS camcorder For just £129.95... ProGrab is supplied with everything you'll need + ¦ ProGrab’*’ 24RT Plus Digitiser • Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for AI200 and A600 - Only £34.95 )Gr C 2 RT 'W-sena grtx vaUe fi ProG'iC'' VMM ai The Best Video Hardware
* r«g» This rs especaBy pieasmg because t'v aw,v the Am*ga Shopoe
mag.vnes -eades Our Satisfied Cjstomefsl lvoG’0'“ Amiga Srctee*
95S STAR Buy m irv crap anc Wr+J to me cr-gna cckxxi we .ver
Fee Mgnfy Ppccrmen3ec ahecher you we a VO G' rx Art* w* to the i* oGr« 2 RT Pvs its ProGrab* opOonalPCMC for senouVprofess orial i
• Faster Downloading T
• improved animation s includes the latest version software and
extends performance vg me foKowing benefits five times quicker)
to I tfps (mono) and 3 Sfps (colour) ProGr v Ang* Foms 93*-:
Goki Rating ¦*« « ?4Rt Pij a Qjt* itrpy the dg?«r aue for
menry • no ccne- Oqtv* cde*s so Ovh Ur nKnt femes than an,
ctrrr dgbse*
• Sound sampling and animation capacities (Separate
• Savmg of animations direct to your Amiga s hard d'tve
• freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port to use by a p'mter c npier
• i peripheral device ProGrab" supports any Amiga with Kickstart
2.04 or later i a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM. _ + A video
source CriWe wtf De 'equiretl :o match your own equipment set
up • As* f(x 0«art Get jr*«r hands on NEW ProGrab Plus Post or
FAX your requirements |Quanwy Trade Pnces AvaMabte) on the
order farm prowded OR if you’d simply l*e fartner
Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initial! S): Surname: Address: information
please contact,.
Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street. Alfreton. Derbyshire DESS 7BR FAX: 01 773 83 1 040 or.
01 773 836781 County (Country): Postcode: .
Daytime Phone:
* ° Gfi Evening Phone: ____ProGrab Plus *1129-95 i : ___PCMCIA
Interface«1)4.95 1 : ____V 2.5.x S W (User Upgrade)« M.95 i :
Optional FAST Courier Delivery * £6.95 i : TOTAL I : Overseas
Customers... Please call Jor prices, shipping etc A Card
holder's signature: 1 ..«* M CardNo ????
~ ~ nn nnnn nmmnm Expiry Dale ???? ?? KS& I enclose a
Cheque Bank Draft, Postal Order for i : made payable to GORDON
HARWOOD COMPUTERS U.MtTED here are currently two main choices
when it comes to deciding on an ¦Amiga IRC client - fhe well
established Grapevine, and ihe new upstart AMIrc. Both these
are excellent programs, but AMIrc might he said to have the
edge over it's rival due to the sheer number of features. That
said, unlike Grapevine. AMIrc requires ML'I, a fact that will
be enough to put some people off. Additionally, a new release
of Grapevine is expected imminently, and when it arrives, it
will just be a matter of downloading both programs and seeing
which you prefer.
Although both AMIrc and Grapevine have their own specialised way of performing most ol the standard IRC commands, both will also let you use the old-fashioned command line instructions for controlling your IRC session, and in some ways doing so for a while ran lead to a greater understanding of the way in which IRC functions.
ADVANCED IRC COMMANDS AWAY [reason] This command marks you as being away from your terminal, without actually ending your IRC session. You can use this command when you want to pop to the loo or go and make a cup of coffee, without actually logging ofl the channels you are on.
IGNORE |nickname 1 [userfqaddress] Itypc] Sometimes, for one reason or another, you will wish to not see messages from a particular nickname or address, and the “ IGNORE" command is the one to use. The type parameter specifies whicli types of IRC message IGNORE * ( This will ignore any "INVITE" messages from any user using the server INVITE [nickname] |channel] Sends an “INVITE" message to the specified nickname to join the specified channel. If no channel is given, the current channel is used.
This command is handy if you want to speak to someone on IRC. But you don't know which channel they are on - you can simply ask them WHERE TO GET IRC CLIENT SOFTWARE Both of the main IRC systems for the Amiga have their own sites on the Web. You can get information regarding specifications and release dates, along with links to let you download the software itself. The relevant pages are: Grapevine: http: -brian ml AMIrc http: pub support amirc Users on lireland darsy TheK nstn2695 tippet 0Hraith BjawJaBot Halich (?Muir_Wolf End of NRMES list.
Current modes for ire 1and topic protection, no messaging.
Halich hugs tippet, doesn't matter, I like u more Halich: What do you study?
Muggy (guest I3I? has joined the channel, darsy Suddenly Wakes up €fta»es» Ovan Node* caction* TheK «Join» taction* PI darsy Use of the ME command to perform "actions".
Cho: l Your Client Along with the usual scurrilous net rumours, Darren Irvine takes a closer look at some of IRC's more obscure commands.
(L) USER OF THE MONTH Did you know you were a Satan Worshipper? A
certain “Billy Bad Ass" has been making the case on
comp.sys.amiga.advocacy for why all Amiga users can be
described as such, with such cutting and incisive reasons
such as: we "Worship trees, and program sticks to heal
themselves* we 'Speak Klingon' and my personal favourite: we
'Live in Europe where the women don't shave but need to*.
Thanks for all this Billy, you sad boy.
ALL, or NONE. If you precede one of these with a minus sign, you will stop ignoring that type of message from the specified nickname or user.
Using the IGNORE command on it's own with no parameters lists who you are currently ignoring. For example: IGNORE jimbob ALL This ignores all messages from the user with the nickname "jimbob" OTHER USEFUL AMIGA WEB RESOURCES tthotfub darsy LlM sMagik Shokwave Rasput in Nada 's_8ball sTrumpet rubberban sLSD A tubby sRnguzHawk Arsiago sundaad viceLRG ¦xyicey Demon sbeebsie scenedra ' EuerClear Abeaker informed that you want to transfer the file. It is up to the remote user to continue the transfer using the next DCC command: DCC GET [nickname] [filename) This accepts the file transfer
which was initiated by the remote user's DCC SEND command.
DCC UST This shows the current DCC connections along with details of their types, status and nicknames involved.
DCC CLOSE [type] [nickname] [arguments] This aborts an unwanted DCC file transfer request. The arguments should be the same details as shown using the DCC UST command for that DCC connection.
DCC CHAT This establishes a direct client to client chat which, unlike normal IRC communications which pass through any number of IRC servers, allows secure communication directly between the two users. Once the DCC CHAT connection is established, the secure messages are sent using the normal IRC MSG command.
BEYOND CHATTING Although IRC was of course designed as a method of communication between Internet users, it has been expanded into a much more versatile system using what is known as the Client to Client Protocol (CTCP). This is a system which allows two users who’s IRC clients both support CTCP to perform client specific actions across the IRC network. Although new CTCP commands are being developed all the time, the most commonly used one is the DCC or Direct Client Connection command which is used for file transfers. One word of warning here is never to send or receive a file from someone
unless you know exactly what file is being transferred. It is possible for unscrupulous IRC users to gain control of or damage your local system by sending bogus password files, or getting you unwittingly to send your own. The options available for the DCC command are: DCC SEND [nickname] [filename] This initiates a file transfer procedure between your machine and that belonging to [nickname] - in the first instance [nickname] will be to join your current channel.
KICK (channel| [nickname] Kicks the specified nickname of the specified channel. You can use this il someone is behaving in an abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner. Note that unreasonable use of the " Kit IK" command will gel you a bad name on IR and it’s probably a good idea to leave any KICKing that has to be done to experienced IK 1 users - in oilier words let someone else do the dirty work. I’ltis. You will only be able to kick someone from a channel if vou have chanop status.
ME [description] Produces a description type message on the screens ofevenone on the current channel.
For example, my nickname is “Daisy" and if I type the command: ME is violently ill The other users will lie treated to the message:
• action* Darsy is violently ill NICK | nickname] Changes your
currently used nickname to whatever you like. If you do this
too often, other users will ihink that you have a bit of an
identity problem - in general the rule is to pick a nickname
and stick with it even time you use IRC. The only usual reason
for a change ol nickname is when two users with the same one
trv to use IRC at the same time - whoever is first on will be
allowed to use the name.
RUMOUR MILL Firstly this month, Rumour Mill would like to contribute it's own suggestion for an actual name for the Walker project - "Stupid Looking". Really, when has a stupid looking computer ever been successful commercially? Amiga Technologies would do well to concentrate on upping the specs of the machine rather than wasting time and money on silly case designs.
Additionally, it has been brought to Rumour Mill's attention that one of the Rumour Mill hangouts on the Internet, namely the Usenet group alt.drunken.bastards has been given a bit of a dodgy write-up by a magazine that we'll call ".Not" Well, all we can say is, you caught us at a bad time, really we're fun- loving and friendly (albeit drunken) people at heart and the two month long flame- war that you witnessed was an aberration.
NOTICE |nickname] Ichannel] |text| Works in .1 similar way to " MSG" but puts characters around your nickname as ii appears on ihe recipients screen. Many automated IRC processes (known as “Bots” which will be covered later on in this series) use “ NOTICE”, and so it is probably best to stick to using " MSG” unless im want to give the impression that vou are nothing more than a program.
NOTIFY [nickname] Adds ihe specified nickname(s) to a list of names who vou’ll be warned about when they start or stop using IRC. Note that including too many names in this list can slow things down quite noticeably, both for vou and other users on the same server.
Unless you are really looking out for someone, ii's best to avoid using NOTIFY.
Channel operators are shown in the Grapevine user window with a wand beside their nick.
New Web resources are appearing for the Amiga all the time, and some of the more established ones are enhancing their pages.
So here’s a brief look at some of what's available - from these links you'll probably be able to find a whole range of useful Amiga related material.
Amiga Resource Page http: webcom INLMI-amiga Distinctive Design -gfxdude Project Walker Pages http i'www doremi co ukwalker -morden httpJnwww.bangor.acuk -eeu013 walker.html Amiga Idea Share Page This is a great idea which lets Amiga users and application programmers come together to QUERY (nickname] [channel | Stans a private conversation with the supplied nickname on the optionally specified channel.
To cancel this private mode, use " QUERY” with no parameters. In effect, using " QUERY” is like issuing a series of “ MSG” commands. Be aware however that no conversation, even protected by QUERY, is secure on IRC'.. Any unscrupulous operator 111 any IRC' server anywhere on the Internet can eavesdrop on any messages, so Ik- careful what vou sav.
TOPIC |channel| [topic] Changes the channel topic for ihe specified channel, as seen when using the “ 1.1ST” command. In general, you'll need chanop stains to be able to change the topic.
CONCLUSION Whichever IRC client you end up using, there are a few basic rules about using IR( . Which can Ire basically summed up in ihe two words "Behave yourself.
I know it’s not like. Real, or anything, bin you should still treat others on IR(: as you would expect them 10 treat you (although this does NOT include asking strangers for jusi because you would like people to ask you strangely many IRC users are 1101 saddos). 'Zj increase the likelihood of decent software being developed for the Amiga. If you come up with a good idea for a piece of software, but aren't a programmer you can post your idea here, and perhaps someone will take on the project. Similarly, programmers can appeal for help and ideas concerning particular projects that they
are working on. The URL is: http: .com ennals ideas.html AmiCrawler You are almost certainly familiar with Web search engines such as Yahoo, and Web Crawler. Well, now there is a similar system dedicated only to Amiga resources on the Net.
The AmiCrawler search engine can be found at: http J area52 amicrawler' search.cgi Making the difference http: www, 1 ymir World Wjd-e yJhd d ©wst * u'u YjyJJS:1 4 as Contents -i iplore the net
- iT-~ “’ - =s- Natter on the net It’s phenomenally popular - in
fact it's one of Europe's most popular web sites. Not only can
you view the homepage of your favourite magazine, browse
through back issues and follow links to homepages of Amiga
developers, but there are also regular news updates from around
the Amiga scene as well as a daily world news service. Try it
Http: To advertise on Futurenet, Email Chris Rayner at or call 0171 447 3300 YOURS FREE... ONLY WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO Choose one of these fantastic products when you subscribe for 12 issues OR get them both when you subscribe for 24 issues.
C Amiga ?
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SPECIAL OFFERS y " 6 ¦j A600 version shown Description A600 code A500+ code Syndicate American Revolt Missions If you thought the original Syndicate ' (91%. AF49) was tough, the Amencan
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BACK ISSUES amiga Terminal Velocity Missed AF1 Don't miss out completely - order it now while stocks last... Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 & Quote reference No: AFP606 It's been a long time coming but, at last. Lightwave 4 is here. We find out whether it's still the greatest 3D animation system. Reviews of Slam Tilt, ImageVision and the SX-32. Plus Graeme visits CeBIT for a glimpse of the new Amiga.
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TOTAL GOODS VALUE POST & PACKING EXP DATE AMOUNT ENCLOSED CREATIVE TUTORIALS Qf DESKTOP VIDEO ¦fU The capabilities of your video deck will have a big impact Ol professionalism of your results. Steve MiCS guides you through.
Whatever your favourite hobby or pastime, whether it be editing your own mini films or creating your own ' • computer programs, there is always Xj| something new to be learnt.
A As John Kennedy pointed out in the Real 3D tutorial this month, after using the program for many years, he is still picking up on new features and learning tricks to simplify complicated operations.
Even if you think you're an expert there is bound to be somebody else who has found an easier way to do something. Sit back and read on... M BLITZ BASIC TUTORIAL At long last! Mm Kennedy has taught us how to create a program that can open a display, we also know how to use the Amiga's operating system to create a loop, this month find out about modular programming and file requestors.
M FINAL WRITER MASTERCLASS Nkk Veltch Introduces another Final Writer tutorial. More tips and tricks to help you improve the appearance of your documents.
Ih'zij lillij s ni nn i hjjjjjJju , b'Ji iijnj 1ID ns uja iiujiyhizj jjj Jn Jj 1 JjJIj LiVJJL Llil JJ ‘ i: i iijia jiiiit it'j'Ji iijb JJJUljif : There are certain features that are really essential for professional results. Steve McGill has all the necessary information.
The quality of your equipment is obviously dependent on the available resources.
If you're on a tight budget a camcorder with an edit terminal is enough.
Anyone really serious about video editing using their Amiga must be fully aware of all the features and limitations of consumer video decks.
They also have to be aware of the minimum specifications required of the deck that they plan to use as the source, or play deck.
For really professional results and extra creative freedom, the source deck must l e fitted with an edit terminal (see the boxout Terminal Editing for some more information).
The amount of money that the potential editor has to spend plays a very important role here. If money is very tight, a camcorder equipped with an edit terminal will be sufficient as a source deck. At least until you can afford to buy alternative equipment.
Perfectly usable results can still be achieved with just a camcorder.
If you're lucky enough to be able to afford some more equipment, the following items should be taken as a check list of essential features. This is assuming that there is an edit terminal located on the deck.
A JOG SHUTTLE DIAL The mechanisms of decks with jog shuttle dials allow you to picture search at varying speeds in both a forward and backward motion.
They also let you jog the picture just one frame at a time. This is particularly useful when cueing up the deck for frame accuracy. It means that you can cut on action shots that require a hixh degree of synchronisation.
A TIME-BASE CORRECTOR The biggest worn of video editors is to keep their pirtttrcs at the highest level of quality possible. As video is an analogue based signal, and editing is no more than glorified copying, repeated copying leads to generational loss and lower quality pictures. A time base corrector, digitally tidies up the varying mechanical time base errors that creep into video pictures and therefore serves to ensure that the video editor can squeeze an extra generational copy from his edits.
AUDIO DUB Many consumer decks offer I li-Fi stereo sound. This is achieved bv mixing the sound with the picture signal. Once recorded. Hi-Fi sound cannot be replaced unless it is carried out while copying, and this leads to a generational loss. All video recorders have a linear mono track which is independent of the video picture. This mono track ran he recorded over while at the same time leaving the video picture intact. Audio dtih is particularly handv for adding commentary and sound effects to make up for a previously sub-standard sound track.
INSERT EDIT Also known as video dub. Insert editing is the preferred editing method of the professional editor. Insert editing places the picture on top of prerecorded footage without disturbing the control track.
The advantage of insert editing is that the video control track remains unbroken meaning that the occasional glitches and drop outs that occur with normal assemble editing just don't happen. This results in a smoother production and. If timecode is available, an easier method of synchronising sound to visuals. 'I) TYPES OF EDITING There are three basic types of video editing available: ASSEMBLY EDITING INSERT EDITING A B ROLL EDITING All three are referred to as linear. That is, one section of video footage is recorded onto tape and followed by another section ad infinitum.
TERMINAL EDITING All video decks are controlled by a system controller (syscon) chip. This chip is basically a simple microprocessor which ensures that all the mechanics of the deck work in harmony with each other. As such, it means that the syscon can be interfaced with and slaved to another microprocessor such as a suitably The means of doing this involve a two way method of communication.
This communication is realised through a Philips designed interface known as the inter-IC bus (I2Q.
The I2C is designed to be bidirectional, which means that the video deck sends information to and from the Amiga.
The deck sends information such as counter pulses and time code.
The Amiga then sends the commands that are based on this input; commands such as stop, pause, and play.
C z m V VO VO 0 Panasonic and Sony have developed the most commonly used consumer systems.
Blitz Tutorial John Kennedy takes us on the next stage of the Blitz Basic experience with some modular programming.
Well, we're getting there slowly... 13 in Mtltle lSdfffndo ¦r listing One: Contains both a Function and a Statement.
Requestor or any other form of window used to alert the user.
The example Function is used to convert some values for us. Blitz, has a built-in function called "VW'ait" which pauses the program until the vertical blank is triggered. This is mainly of use when animating, but also has the effect of pausing the program for 1 50 of a second. Our function is used to calculate the number of vertical blanks required for every second of delay. So to pause for one second, the function returns the value fifty. Functions can also return strings, by the way - if you want them to, use a dollar sign like this: functions add_strings aS.b$ ) (S-aS+bS function return cS
end function FILE REQUESTORS You will have used a file requestor many times 011 the Amiga. Even Blitz Basic uses them when loading or saving a program. Adding a similar requestor to Now al last we're getting somewhere. If you've been following this tutorial, you’ll now be able to create a program which can open a new display, complete with menus. More importantly, you will also know how to make use of the Amiga’s operating system to create a loop which can deal with events (such as menu selection) and process them accordingly.
A reminder: as you are typing the following listings into Ted, your Blitz editor, remember that you don't need to type the comments. In other words, leave out the semicolons at the end of the line and everything following them.
This will help you to avoid RSI. I can only type this text without injury because as a trained professional, I have had my wrists replaced by specially designed bionic modules.
MODULAR PROGRAMMING Blitz Basic makes it relatively easy to split your program into individual modules.
This form of programming is to be recommended as it leads to easier debugging, and also allows you to build up a library of frequently used routines for your own use. With a program of any complexity - and an HTMl. Viewer program most definitely is not simple - you'll want to make things as easy for yourself as possible. For this reason, we'll now look at how to "Modularize" our Blitz programs.
When you consider it, there are two tvpes of program module: those that return values, and those that don't. For example, you may create a program module which performs some complicated maths and then returns an answer: this is termed a “Function".
Alternatively, you may create a module which displays an error message on the screen: this is termed a “Statement" as far as Blitz is concerned, and it differs from a Function because no value is returned. Let's have the obligatory example to make things clearer.
Listing One is a short program which contains both a Function and a Statement. You'll notice that both need to be named and defined at the start of the program before they can be used.
Although they appear at the start of the program, they won't be executed until they are "called" later 011. You'll also notice that it is possible to provide “parameters" or values into the code module. Blitz needs these parameters contained within curly brackets even if you don 't have any parameters you will still need the brackets.
The Statement in the listing is the code we have seen before to create an “About" box. However, it has now been re-written in modular form. The Statement will accept five strings of parameters, and these are contained within the brackets after the name of the Statement. The first string contains the title of the new window, the other strings will contain text which will be displayed in the window itself.
Converting this code into a statement makes it a lot more flexible: the same code can be used as an error Listing Two: Uses the normal old- fashioned requestor.
Function Return End Function Funct ion RjfAt oustHaIt ree Hindou se Hindou Statement your own Blit programs is pretty easy, and we'll use it to determine the name of the HTML file which we want to load and display.
Listing Three; Not very pretty and lacking in functions. This can be improved.
As you would hope, all the hard work in creating a requestor is handled by Blitz, allhough there are two methods to choose from. The first uses the normal old-fashioned requestor, which frankly, looks terrible. Listing Two, on the previous page, is a small program which uses it.
Before you use the file requestor function, you must use "maxlen" to define the si e of the path and name the strings. If you don't, your program may crash. When you enter and run this program, you'll see something a little like Listing Three.
Not the most attractive requestor in the world. It also lacks a few functions.
For example, most requestors will filter out certain files for you - you may not want to see .info files for example. Our HTML display program won't want to see any files which don’t end in .him or .html. We can improve things by using the all-singing, all-dancing ASL file requestor.
VARIABLE TYPES Blitz can store many types of variable. So far we have used string variables (for storing text) and the default numeric variables for storing numbers. The full list of Blitz variable types is as follows: TYPE SUFFIX RANGE ACCURACY BYTES Byte .b *128 integer 1 Word w *32768 integer 2 Long .I *2147483648 integer 4 Quick .q *-32768.0000 1 65536 2 Float .f *9*10*18 1 10*18 4 This listing is an example using this ASL requestor, in the form of a statement: it’s not a complete tvpe-and- nm program! The code within the statement is a little smarter than the first example, and it will
ask for filename of the file (only HTML or HTM files) and check to see if the file exists.
Most of the time you won't need to worry about the type of your variables. By default numeric variables will be of type Quick. If you wish to create variables of other types, use the suffix like this:
a. fa1 3 n print a.f If you wish to change the default type, you
can do so like this: DEFTYPE .f a=1 3 This means that
variables with a suffix will all default to be of type Float.
DEFTYPE can also be used to define the types of specific variables. For example: DEFTYPE ,fa.b,C This means that the default type of Quick is maintained, but variables a. b and c are of type Float.
If it does, it will load it into a string variable called "I If MIS" We do this to make processing the IITML code easier - it's faster to load in the entire page first, than process it character by character.
Listing Four has a few parts which need explaining. First of all, the use of the ''.Shared" command. Normally, when you write a function or a statement any variables which are used within it are unique to that code module. Every time you call the module, the variables are created from scratch and forgotten when the module is finished. You may have a variable called "X" in your program, and another variable called "X” in a function. Tbcse variables will be two separate variables unless you use the command "Shared". This makes them one variable.
The statement also pre-defines values in the pathS and patternS variables. Bv setting pathS you can define where the requestor starts, and by setting patternS you can filter out files which aren't required. This feature is missing from the simpler requestor.
PATH FILE: J | Ok | DRIVES |PRfeENT | Ct | CANCEL Using the ReadFile command will try and open the file supplied to it: in this case, the file name is in p$ which was obtained from the requestor. If the file cannot be opened (for example, if it doesn't exist) then the loading is aborted and the "alert" statement we defined earlier is used.
If the file does exist, the "Filelnput" command makes sure we use it. And points InkeyS to read from the file instead of the default keyboard settings.
Inside the While Wend loop, the contents of the file are read one character at a time and appended onto IITMLS. Eventually the file will be completely read and HTMLS will contain it all. When this happens, the variable cotint will contain the length of the string too. You could, for example, make sure that the count didn't exceed 5000 or to avoid the program spending too long loading data or extremely long HTML pages.
When you use the Statement from within a program, you'll see a display- like Listing F'ive which is considerably more useful and attractive than the older requestor. We are now ready to start processing the HTML files. We have all the code necessary to create a screen, a window, define menus and request the name of the HTML file from the tLser. Next 4F UJ IU cc u The first step is to open a new document, and create a heading for it. This example here, is the title page of a stunning new Amiga newsletter I am creating.
Now we need a copy o* the text to experiment with. You can either use en identical font in your paint package, or do what I did and grab the screen into Personal Paint directly.
2 AMIGA ONLINE W=T You can now use the IMPORT option from the GRAPHICS menu in Final Writer to load the brush. It will probably be too large to start with, so you will need to stretch it into shape.
6 . AMIGA AMIG : ONLINE a ONLI NE Re-size the image until it is approximately the same size as the text. You'll see the original text actually flows around it which is something we need to change so that the text lies on top of the graphic.
NEXT MONTH If there are any specific things you would like me to cover in this series, please drop me a line at Masterclass, Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW Alternatively you can email them to me at Please put 'Masterclass' in the subject line.
SHADY PICTURES Illustrations or screen shots can be processed in the same way.
And you can see the results in magazines which employ Art Editors who haven't yet got bored with the technique.
First create a blurred rectangle in your paint program. Make it roughly rectangular, a light grey and very blurred.
Cut it out and save it as a brush.
The hardest part is usually getting the image into the paint program where it can then be manipulated. Screen shots are easy, as they are always rectangular °BTauf _P®6 To a A r With some common Amiga programs, you can add real sparkle to your Final Writer documents. Nick Veitch shows you how in another Masterclass.
Totally blank, white pages for your documents, can be spruced up by using a simple little effect. This creates what is called a "drop shadow', and it adds an excellent degree of depth to the page. As with most effects it is possible to over-use it. But you should try it at least once.
Er°isk For best results, you will need a paint program which is capable of blurring an image. I'm using Personal Point, but you could also use Image FX. Art Deportment lAv or Photogenirs amongst others. The goal is to create a drop shadow as an IFF image, preferably in 256 colours for best results. The original text is then placed on top. And the shadow makes it look as if the text is floating over the page. We arc using the original black Final Writer text rather than an image of the text, as the Final I Voter text will always be sharper.
Once the image is blurred successfully, use the paint package to lighten it slightly. Again, Personal Paint can do this from its Process menu.
AMIGA ONLINE L AMIGA ONLINE You should end up with a lighter, fluffier image like this one. Cut out the image as a brush and then save it onto a disk.
Remember to keep the background plain white if you can.
AMIGA - • loA ONUNi CVJN5 AMIGA MtlGA ONLINE OrtLPJi: Firstly, we need to blur the text image. This will give the fuzzy edges which shadows have. Most packages are able to blur images easily, although you may need to use lots of colours to make it look good.
AMIGA ONLINE Welcome to the first issue of o brand new mogaxlne devoted to the Amiga and Com ms!
Double click on the graphic to bring up the requestor. Set TEXT FLOW to none. This means that the text will appear on top of the shadow graphic.
Once you have the text on top of the graphic you can do some fine-tuning. Change the size of the text and position it properly for your drop shadow effect.
Try some other combinations of text colour and shadow placement: you might be surprised at just how powerful an effect this can be.
8 9 10 =a 3 2 When you start to play with the background texture, the shadow effect doesn't work so well.
You can get around it with clever use of transparent colours (sec last month's masterclass for details on transparency) but it is rarely worth the trouble.
Now in Fintl Writer load in the shadow image you created.
Then load in the screen shot image, and position it on top.
With a little stretching you'll soon be able to get the shadow popping out underneath.
Graphic* oon rrprove ftx loo* of and dtxx n nl In IhM men HI • Mo*lerc*OM Nick Vartch 90N all crvoliv* Real 3D Tutorial Making a ceiling lamp L el's sum off with something simple like a ceiling lamp.
Lamps are usually easy lo create, so feel free to let your own imagination run wild. We'll begin with a basic design.
Hi is idea was pinched from my mother’s living room.
PROJECT 1 O Create a cable from the bulb to the ceiling. Make this a thin cylinder, and make it dark in colour. Use the cylinder tool, and then stretch it out to make it very thin.
* 7 Ouse stretch to shorten the length of two of the cables, and
move the bulbs up to fit.
Now create a base using cylinders. I created the first, then copied it and scaled it up slightly. I then copied the second and scaled it up again.
Now save the root object, which contains all the lights and the base, as one object. You can then load this into another scene when you need a fancy living room lamp like my mother's.
J ITT a Omake two more copies of the light, using "c" for Copy. Make sure you move up to the top level of the entire Light object, rather than the level of the bulb or lead to make sure you copy the entire object. Move the lighti"to space them out.
O Create a white sphere.
Remember to use the colour requestor from the Colour menu. If there aren't enough colours, use the Projects Screen menu to up the number of screen colours.
PROJECT 2 4 Making a spiral staircase First we need to define one of the steps which will make up our staircase. You may want to spend a long time creating the perfect cast-iron look, but for now we'll use a simple rectangle. Use the rectangle gadget, and then stretch the shape to look something like this.
Rename the object "step".
To make a staircase, we shall duplicate the step and then move it downwards and rotate it slightly. Let's create a Macro to do this for us. Make sure the Step object has been selected. Next go to the Projects menu, and select Macro and Define. This will start the Macro definition.
Now we need to perform the action which is to be repeated by the Macro.
First of all, select Copy (press "c") to duplicate the step. Then use Move (press "m") to re-position the copy of the step slightly further down the screen.
N m psjrt 9 Ever wanted to be an interior designer?
With Real 3D creating an entire house is easy.
This month John Kennedy shows you how to make a photo-realistic model of your own home.
Now that we have some furniture, we can turn our attention to creating a room to place it all in. This is a remarkably easy thing to do. As a simple room normally consists of four walls, a floor and a ceiling. I lowever, we'll create a room that looks a little more interesting.
Creating a Room PROJECT 3
• I L Onow create | the walls.
Use the Creation Atools Fence menu option to draw an outline of the walls.
Imagine you are tracing out the plan of the room. Don't worry that the walls are paper thin, as the virtual neighbours are very quiet.
Create the floor.
At the moment, the floor is nothing more than a simple, dark coloured rectangle. The floor will extend beyond the walls of this particular room as you will see.
Oyou will have to stretch the walls in height to a reasonable level, and position them properly on the floor. Let the walls pass right through the floor rather than risk a crack showing.
O Create a ceiling | to go on the top. Again, allow th»walls to pass through it rather than risk cracks showing. You can now load your ceiling lamp and staircase and position them in the room too.
| In- more you use Real 30. Ihe more you discover what ii is capable of. I’m still discovering features years alter first using the program, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so. Here is a little trick which you may find useful when creating complicated objects. It makes use of the ¦.Macro- command. Which can automate an operation as often as you need it.
I I ___ : i Now rotate the object around one end.
O Use the “a" key. And spin the step slightly: about 15 degrees.
When you have done this, return to the Project Macro menu and select "End Define."
Our Macro will have been programmed.
You will see the second step has vanished: it only existed as part of the Macro definition. Now make sure Step is selected, and call the Macro by pressing "e". You will see the Step is re-created, rotated and positioned downwards. Continue pressing “e" to create more and more steps until you have a complete circle.
O Create a new root as necessary, and then define a central pole to fit through all the steps. Then save this object, as you never know when it might come in handy!
Next month in r r!
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Http: Tulure IrvituiiK 'tom guarant ol Internet without tea's May Issue on sale 25 April Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
AMERICAN DREAM Letter of the Month f P This is just a quick lcilcr i send mv appreciation to Acid Software and the Blitz Basic 2 offer that I look up. Due to in) work I will Ih- sent overseas in the next few days, so I phoned them and asked what the turnaround was like for mailing out the software. A very helpful young lady look my details and assured me that it would be sent out that day.
That is what I call customer care, if only more software houses did the same.
Reading it then asked if I'd changed my name without telling him!!I Julian Smith Oerrr... I'm jolly sorry. It is probably our fault. It can be very confusing typing in the letters for publication, (especially the ones with terrible handwriting) and. In spite of the wonderful letters we get it is a rather tedious job.
I suspect your letter was wrongly accredited to whoever was next in the file. I assure you a full scale enquiry will take place, and no stone will be left unturned, nor body cavity left unsearched until I discover the truth. In the meantime, please accept a tremendous AF sweatshirt.
I purchased my first Amiga in college in 1988. I remembered seeing a friend on my floor with an A500 plat ing TV Sports Football It was love at first sight. (Me and the Amiga that is). I rushed home and purchased my A500 in a local store in Chicago. USA. I used my machine for games and hack then, the Amiga had the best games. I was so satisfied with the A500 that I did not upgrade to my A1200 S0 42MH . 65 Mb internal hard drive, until Feb 11)95.
It was the best choice I ever made. I am 2H years old now and still like to play games. I have considered buying a Sony PlayStation but my heart belongs to a little old computer named the AMIGA.
Darius Potts
P. S. Do us Americans ever win any of your competitions?
I'm glad to hear that you lie had lots oj fun and enjoyment from your Amiga, and I hope you continue to do so. It is nice that you have invested in the machine, because I'm sure you find your expanded A12IKI much more productive than your older machine.
Sometimes we allow Amencans to win our competitions, hut only if they really deserve it, and aie sorry about all that tea.
FUTURENET FINE Ooops! I've just seen my Idler in iliis month's -4 -'(81). Ii seems like ages ago when I sat at my keyboard, very pi**ed off, to rant and rave about mv rvCV7 SOMEONE PINCHED ME STAR LETTER Just got AF Feb 96. Started reading the letters page, star letter, was very surprised to see it was my letter. WHO THE HELL IS ROBIN WHITE?!! I sent you that letter, word for word, my smile turned from up to down when I got to the end and found out you had put someone else's name to my letter. I hope you have not sent him a prize. I know it is difficult for me to prove, but come and see my
Worms and Shadow Fighter are on my hard drive!!
How come you credited his name to the letter and not mine?? Even my brother can vouch for it, he thought it was my letter when he first started AMSGA FORMAT The world's biggest-selling Amiga magazine r a m problems accessing Futurenet and having seen it in print I just wanted to say that I'm not the Victor Meldrew I appear to be.
Look out for some dramatic changes coming to a Futurenet near you soon... Thankfully.lhe problem I was having was sorted out with the help of ftamiga and various newsgroups. The version ol Amosaic I’m using is fine, the problem was. That when 1 first accessed the registration page. I bookmarked it before it crashed.
Each time I attempted registration alter that I used the bookmarked address I had saved earlier, which for some reason repeatedly crashed. The glaringly obvious answer was to open a new URL window and re-enter the Futurenet address from here, rather than the troublesome bookmarked one.
Most of you loved it and a few of you hated it. Still you can't please them all.
I am now (and have been for a while) happily registered with Futurenet and although I'm not sure what caused this little incident, at the time it drove me mad. Hence my ¦anting email.
Thanks for taking the trouble to highlight my plight although I hope not to become A 's resident Mr Angry.
Keep up the sterling work.
Dean Penn Glad lo hear that yon got everything sorted out. It is worth checking out the Amiga Format pages on Futurenet, because they are currently undergoing a major overhaul.
DISK DOWNER What's happened to the Coverdisks?
Not so long ago the first thing I'd do when my subscription arrived would be to try the disks. Not any more. Whilst the “lull program" approach is useful (sometimes...). I for one much preferred the utility disks, with “something for everyone”.
I he srwol 2Coverdisk on issue HI was the first disk I've actually taken out of the wrapper in about five months (except for the sub’s disks which are great). As for Blitz Basic, I think we've had enough programming languages recently... Peter Kirby Continued overleaf Well, I really ran 7 understand why you would begrudge us the Biilz disk - it was genuinely new. Useful and eagerly awaited by a great many people. can I understand wliat you mean by you've had enough programming languages - I mean, yes, one a year is really excessive isn 7 it?
Anyway, I suggest you look out for the Cl) edition of Amiga Formal in future, as I’m sure even you rouldn 7 find fault with everything on there... HURRAH FOR BLITZ Oh well, better late than never! I have lo lhank you for pulling Blitz Basic on your latest Coverdisk and especially for ihe bargain offer inside. I've been looking for a copy of Blitz for a while now bill there are not many people who slock il.
Now though, thanks lo your greatness, I can have a copy for (the name now makes me cringe!)
As if it were released. This is not the case, and sadly may never be.
Although not completely your fault, a little homework before making such claims would be appreciated.
The worst offender has to be Amiga Action. The issue which was on sale at the time of the World of Amiga show contained a very misleading review of Subwar2050 CD*2 1200. The review even went into details of how beautiful the texture maps and shading were, and that considering the performance of the CD*2, the update was astounding.
Under £25! One thing though.
Even though I am going to make use of the offer and get the full package along with the manual l think I'd still like to get a separate book dealing with Blitz as they always seem to tell you a little more than the manual. Can you recommend any, as I haven't seen one around?
Colin Gray See, knew someone would be pleased.
Unfortunately there isn 7. To Ihe best of my knowledge, a separate book which covers Blit in detail. If someone has seen one, please unite and let as know.
NOT TFX AGAIN I read with interest your tnaga ines stance on not reviewing software until it's in its finished state. I agree entirely, hut on a number of occasions .I has referred to TFX Understandably, I w-as very excited about this, and convinced some of my friends that a copy of Subwar2050, on the strength of the review, was an essential purchase.
To my delight, the game was on show at the WOA, but it w-as very different to the game in the magazine, and disappointingly slow. So. I took it upon myself to pay a visit to the Amiga Action stand, were I found the reviewer!!
JUST BROWSING Three cautious cheers for Amiga Technologies and the A1200 Internet bundle (AF January 1996) It's certainly high time someone did something serious about making the Internet more accessible for Amiga users, and let's hope the bundle will include a decent Web browser. Software houses and individual developers who have bravely stuck with the Amiga through thick and thin have produced reliable, full-featured UbhKjS software for almost all areas over the fmmyCqAt last couple of years, but html '•*' viewers remain an exception. I want a good browser on the Amiga for two reasons - so
¦ ¦nQQQOH that I can look at what other ' J people have put on the Net the way they intended it to be seen, and so that I can develop and check my own pages for them to see. At the moment.
I'm left feeling like a hitch-hiker on the information highway, duly grateful to my boss for giving me a ride on Netscape via ISDN. If Netscape, like CompuServe before them, can't be bothered to produce Amiga versions of their de facto standard applications, here's hoping Amiga Technologies can take up the challenge.
Niels Grundtvig Nielsen I challenged him about his review, and he stood by it. So I invited him to follow me to where the game was being displayed. I lis face fell.
He said “This is 'not' the game I reviewed". That was obvious so I quizzed him as to whether the machine he reviewed the game on was a CD*2, and he said "yes". He went on to say that this must he a pre-release version, and that they were not doing themselves any favours by showing this. I listory shows that this was indeed the final release.
A rather bizarre box design, but It's what's Inside that counts. The Web software Is rather excellent.
Well, there are other developers Interested in the Amiga too. The P'Jami project to write a Hot Java browser for the Amiga is still ongoing, and HiSoft are also going to produce an internet bundle including the Ibrowse software.
I was pleased to read Steve's article on accelerators, as this is a pet subject of mine. It is so important to realise that a standard A1200just isn't enough anymore. I upgraded sold my 1200 (with accelerator) for a 4000 (well OK. Over doing it a little, but it was a bargain!). A 50mhz '030 (bare) with 4mb (from Special Reserve) is about £305. So, lot the Modelled on the ship from Alien Breed Tower Assault. Lost was created on an A4000 030 with an 060 accelerator.
It only took 10 minutes to render!
DMA Design Ltd TALKING SHOP Following the fact that Escom have spent ¦¦ a small fortune on purchasing Commodore and therefore the Amiga. I was wondering why, when I went to my local Escom shop, I had this conversation..... Me: Hi, do you stock them wonderful, better than PC anyday. Doesn't need 16 Mb of RAM to run PacMan, Amiga's here ?
Assistant: Why no, this be one of them there Business Computer shops.
Me: Why, you are not saying that Amiga's cannot do any business applications that a PC can, are you?
Assistant: Why yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.
Surely Escom would benefit from selling the Amiga's in their own shops at reduced prices to the overexpensive Amiga 1200 in other shops, by cutting off the shop cut of the £400 price.
Russell Ijrwis Now I'm a little confused. So far everyone seems to have said that the Amiga will be sold in the Escom High Street stores, yet the luuurvely manager of my local Escom store is absolutely adamant that they will not EVER be selling Amigas, and that the entire computing press has got it wrong. So who shall have the last laugh? Are Escom actually to sell Amigas or not? And when can I finally see them being sold in shops? Someone had better get them in soon, because even Team 17 seem set to jump ship due to poor sales forecasts... so lets show them that they're wrong.
Kevin Rochowski H seems odd that so many people are still having trouble with their Escom stores. Most Escom stores do stock the Amiga bundle, but as many of you have pointed out the sales staff are rather reluctant to actually draw attention to them. If you are having trouble getting hold of the Amiga magic bundle through an Escom store. I suggest you write, including the name of the store and store manager, to John Smith at Amiga Technologies, Hunting Business Aviation Buildings, 1st Avenue.
Stanstead, Essex. CM24 1QQ- Tel: 01279 680617.
As it usually takes some time for finished products to get into distribution, games companies usually supply finished m’iew copies at this stage, meaning the review and the game come out at roughly the same time.
Price of a PSX, von get a fab Amiga instead! Now what would you rather have?
Anthony Jan’is via email What happened with TFX is that, apparently just before they derided to release it, they hoped to get it into the Amiga Magic pack. Then, when they finally lost out on that deal, they became unsure as to whether they should release it at all. If you want to gel hold of it. Why don t you write to Ocean suggesting they should change Right. Ok. For the very last time. TFX was a completed game, and even is a completed game. Just because Ocean have still not decided whether to actually sell it doesn 'I alter that.
Basically, if we waited until games were in the shops before we reviewed them, the review itself wouldn V be in the magazine until four or six weeks later.
Their minds ? It is not a question of us not having done our homework, or reviewing an unfinished game at all. am no longer prefmred to waste my time and space in the magazine answering the same question over and over again, so in future.... I'm gleidyou enjoyed our accelerator feature. A better base level for the Atm fra means more software dwelopmmt, which is a good thing.
SUB WAR 1996 I have noticed in the last two issues of Amiga Format that there has been a special offer for new subscribers. I find this a litde disappointing since I am a subscriber who renews annually and have done so recently without a special offer. I understand you are trying to attract more subscribers with an offer like this but it will also have a negative effect because in future, instead of renewing I shall be tempted to let my membership lapse and then take out a new subscription when a special offer is made. This could result in you losing some business because there will be a gap
between my membership ending and when I lake out a new subscription.
One way round this is to make the offer available to members who renew. I note that the special offer is doubled if a two year subscription is taken out. I would like to know if I extend my subscription, for a further 12 months, whether I will quality’ for the special offer? And if so, if I extend my subscription to Amiga Shopper, to which 1 also subscribe, can I quality' for the double offer?
Mr F Coward Burnley Thanks for your query. can understand how some people get upset, but it is really a sad fact of life that sometimes you will miss out on special offers and what have you. remember very well a certain John Kennedy spending a huge amount of money on a
7. X-8 just one week before the Spectrum was launched. We try to
make things as fair as possible though, and if it makes you
feel any better, you got your subscription just before the
price went up. asked our resident subs person, Gill
Stevenson, about the resubscription problem and she says:
“There is no problem with subscribers using the form in the
mag to renew or extend their sub (there's a line on the form
that asks for a subscriber number) we’d much rather that than
them cancelling or letting their subscription lapse and taking
out a new subscription. This offer applies to AF only though,
and can't be used on AS or AP. " So there you go.
I. M. la- Content Bisson (AF January 1996) - here is the solution
to your troubles with the UFO bug. You were advised to buy
more fast RAM. Well that’s always good advice, but
unfortunately it won’t get rid of the UFO bug (I have 8. lb of
fast RAM in my dear A1200).
Well, me and a friend have exactly the same problem as you have - disk two has read write errors and some graphics files crash the game. There’s no way around the UFOpaedia bug (that I know ol), but we solved the battle section bug in this way: The bug occurs when the game is showing a Reaper beast move, so when you come to terror site where Reapers exist (only in cities as far as I know), save the game often (using the ? Icon). As soon as your soldiers spot a Reaper, try killing it as soon as possible (make those soldiers that arc far away from it throw grenades too).
Continued overleaf 4 Ih Xdl 1 imk Another impressive image created using Dpaint IV «¦ If you don't manage to shoot the Reaper dead, make all the soldiers that are close to it turn their backs on it (and preferably move away from it!). Then no soldier will sec it = die graphic isn't displayed = the game won’t crash!
Amiga users all over the world
- may the force be with you - never convert to the dark side!
Andreas Reutersward The Kingdom of Sweden Thanks for the tif . I have to say that I have never suffered from this particular bug, either on the A 500 version or the A1200 version. Hmmm... WHAT A CARD If I make Klondike card sets with pictures taken from any CD from a PD library am I breaking any FINAL WRITES I felt I had to write and congratulate you on your recent Final Writer 4 Lite offer. I feel, as many other readers must do. That the provision of software deals such as this one can only help the Amiga cause. Anything that encourages the use of the Amiga to a more serious degree can only
prolong the life of the platform. I was. At first, a little upset that you didn't mention you could not use the Amiga CG fonts unless you had Workbench
2. 1 and above, but on eventually receiving the upgrade I have
had no problem in using the many "Type 1 Adobe fonts"
available that the package also supports.
I, like many of my friends in the Amiga community, had started to drop my head watching the PC surge in front.
At work I use the PC and its lack of character and rigidity make me weep, as does the snobby.
Copyright laws? At the time of writing this letter to you I have over 100 card sets that I have made.
Also, how do I get a PD library to put them onto their lists?
I have just finished making 21 card sets with the pictures taken from the World Vista CD that I got with the 10 on 10 pack (and out of all the card sets only two cards are the same) but if 1 am breaking copyright laws I will not pass them on. If I am OK and a PD library would like them, then please can they get in touch with me and I will send them a copy of all that 1 have done. I have given my address so that people can write to me. I was thinking of asking for 50p plus p&p per card set.
UFO: Sneaking around coman.
With a large
* yellow arrow above your head is probably a disadvantage.
9 v £353 ,i f MM Mr M Pearson 7 Muschamp Tre Warsop Mansfield Notts NG20 ONL You would have to check with the copyright holder of the original wenk. To uneducated comments of their owners. I feel Amiga Tech. And Escom should blow the Amiga trumpet a bit more. What Escom and the rest of the PC world are going to have to realise eventually is that Amiga users have had the future of home computing in their hands for quite some time now and we are not willing to give it up unless the PC evolves into an Amiga.
Hopefully this will occur without the Amiga being swallowed up by some Intel IBM Escom backdoor trickery. Anyway a message for all in the industry and elsewhere - we are not going away despite all detraction, we are loyal, battered maybe, but also unbowed and unbeaten.
Geoff Minks North Wales That's more like it. I’m glad that you have found our Coverdisk souseful.
Be on the safe side. I would write to Almathera (you wilt find their address on the back of the pack) and ask them.
Usually people will only get upset if your use of their material u ould interfere with their business, but it is only polite to ask, because they would be within their rights to sue.
FINAL WORD I hate starting things on a bad note so... Totally brilliant magazine, keep up the good work even though it has shrunk a bit, saves on trees and all that. However, can we please have more utilities for hard drive users and maybe some more full PD games.
Now the bad bits. Firstly, what happened to the FULLY WORKING VERSION of Final Writnr There's no spellchecker or thesaurus so it isn't fully working is it? OK, you do say in the magazine that there was no room on the Coverdisk for these with the Amiga only using 880k disks, that is understandable but you should still not have said "Fully Working".
Secondly. I no longer feel that it is a case of fishing out the bad apples in Escom's sales staff, more a case of composting the whole lot and starting again with people who appreciate that there are other machines available. The Amiga still has a very important place in the computer workplace not just sat on the top of somebody's TV decoding cable transmissions.
C. S Atkin Lincolnshire It is fully working. What bit of it doesn
7 work then ’ It is a fully working version of the software.
Unfortunately it is hard to expres s in a few words on the
front cover exactly wliat all the features of a program as
complicated as this are, so if it is irally that important to
you, I suggest you read the disk pages inside the magazine. I
don7 think that excluding the spellchecker Idue to lack of
space) means that the disk was useless, or that the offer to
receive it and a load of extra fonts al a nominal price is
excessive. If I gave you a Jaguar would you bring it back
because the cigarette lighter was missing?
UPGRADE OR DIE Why is it that in your magazine you assume that your readers can all easily afford to upgrade their A500 + 600 machines to A1200s.
Do you think that nobody cams less than a journalist, that we are all in full-time, well paid employment? It certainly sounds as though you do! What about those Amiga users who are unemployed, or in low paid, part-time employment? How are they going to upgrade? I wouldn't be surprised if over 50% of all Amiga owners were unemployed or recently employed and that most of them had second hand A500's with 1 Mb of memory. Workbench
1. 3, a selection of PD titles and a handful of commercial games.
I myself own an A500 and I am in low paid, part-time
employment. It would take me at least eight or nine months to
save up enough for a brand new A1200. Although personally. I
would prefer to spend that money upgrading my A500 to maximum
specifications, then use it for non-gaming purposes such as
DTP. Music, word processing and 3D rendering work rather than
busing a basic A1200 and sating up for upgrades, again!!
Sometimes your magazine makes it sound as though most of the readers have hundreds of pounds to spend (more money than sense) on games and other software, but only a small few have that kind of money. Those people who want an A1200 with an accelerator, just for playing games, are wasting their money. If on the other hand they are using it for serious applications like 3D modelling and rendering, then fair enough.
Christopher Hindley Deeside The A500 and indeed the A500+ and A600 are very good machines. We do not assume that everyone has thousands of pounds to spare. All we ever do is urge fieofde to expand their machines, or upgrade if they can. We are not ignoring the A500, or excluding it from thr magazine. The majority of hardware and software released these days assumes that people have at least Workbench 2, and quite rightly. What is the point of buying a more advanced machine if nobody is going to exploit it‘s advantages. The reason we urge people to upgrade is because we want you to get the most
out of your Amiga, and if you still have an unexpanded, WII 1.3 Amiga, this is getting harder to do.
PLUG TIME Could you please print this shameless plug for an Amiga BBS.
For all you people with a modem (if not. Buy one) ring Plymouth's best Amiga BBS on 01752 366939.
You will get a free email address.
Fidonet address (just ask), 7CD- ROMs on-line, thousands of files, no ratios, 24 hours 7days a week, very1 friendly and helpful sysop. All speeds of up to 28800. Do your
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M. ; LOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH
* All prices Include VAT * All prices & specifications subject to
change without notice •* Fixed charge for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard H* We reserve the right to refuse
any repair * P&P charges £3-50 by Royal Mail or £6 00 + VAT for
courier * Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance WSP

* Ail sales are only as per our terms and conditions of sale,
copy available on request. Warn W* ® COVERDISKS COVERDISKS It's
the very first CD Amiga Format p | Amiga Formats P|
fbvCvtffMfSr Nucleus, Dialog Procedures and much more page 108
rnr~|f » pirjK Real 3D v2.5 Experience the thrills of
professional 3D modelling with this excellent software.
Page 110 PD Games A selection of the very best and the very latest PD games to keep you entertained until the small hours.
Page 112 Charley Cat We've collected all 14 of the popular Charley Cat animations for your 113 Web Pages Never mind if you are not netted, we bring you the entire AF web site on disc.
Page 114 CD Demos You will also find demos of the latest and best Cds around, with a useful sample of their contents.
Page 114 “urn YOUR DISC COMPILERS AMIGA FORMAT Ik. Moiur* bagg«« Mtt«g tag. ¦ This month sees the very first Amiga Format CD edition.
We won't say it has been easy, but at the end of the day we hope you like it.
If you have any suggestions or contributions, please let us know!
1 Graeme Sandiford 1 ~r. ' * L‘& A fully usable version of the award winning Nucleus, the complete Dialog Procedures package and much more!
The complete 50 level Shepherd god game, plus a fast and furious shoot-em up and an ingenious puzzler.
Shepherd Populus fans will feel at home with this month's excellent god game.
David Taylor introduces the games.
When you start the game, you'll see that everything can be controlled with the mouse. The bottom menu bar allows you to select your methods of divine intervention and an explanation of what you can do can be lound in the boxout.
The first thing you really need to do is buy some animals, because without them you won't get any energy. When you've bought a set of animals, you have to place them on the map and initially, they must be positioned close to your own Shepherd statue. You can then move the The goals are different for each level; you may have to destroy the opposition or simply fill your power meter.
The Shepherd is a complete game that has been released by its author. Obbe Vermeij, as Shareware. There are over 50 levels here, so obviously we can't supply a guide to all of them, but if you do need help then the lull manual, costing £1S. Can be obtained from the author: O Vermeij. Brasserskade 69.
2612 CA Delft, Holland. • This is the sub-menu that appears when you click on Buy , . , , ., . .
.... . ... ... Ilock picker pole using the icon and place Animal where you can choose a new flock or vegetation. ..... „ . . .
The Ilock closer to a lood source. As the seasons progress, your flocks will produce young and your powers grow.
Obviously, throughout the game the computer is doing the same thing. So you can also use some of your power to create disasters, such as an erupting volcano or virus infection.
Tin’ Shepherd is a god game very much in the vein of Populus, except that you control flocks of animals. These animals are your source of power and can be identified by their red bands. The computer's animals wear blue.
CYBERNETIX This fast and furious shoot-em- up will have your trigger finger aching. There are no real instructions, just load the game and play. Shoot everything in sight and stay alive as long as possible. The game is a horizontal scroller, so you can move along the screen. A little map in the middle of the top half of the screen shows the position of the asteroids and any other enemy crafts. Watch out for the attack waves that will appear and home in on you. A box in the top left shows how many lives you have and the number of smart bombs available. Smart bombs will destroy everything on the
screen and are activated with the Space bar. Everything else is joystick controlled.
An attack wave homes in with evil intent. Shoot-em-up!
PEG IT This is a 50 level demo (yes, there is a full 150 level game available from the author!) That has brought our office to a standstill. Peg I I . .. , An addictive game with is a variant ol the , , ~~ . ¦__.
Annoyingly cute characters.
Old solitaire game.
Except that you control a set of annoyingly cute characters who jump around the board as you dictate their moves. To add to the confusion, there are a number of special squares that are there to help or hinder you.
The objective is to complete the levels using only the number of jumps available to you and leasing only one character left. When you start to get to levels with trampolines and walls, you'll sec that it's not as easy as you first thought, 'eg ll is an exceptionally addictive game, so only start playing if you've got a few hours to spare. The full game is available for £5 from: Paul Burkey, 32 Cottage Close. Little Neston, South Wirral. 1.64 9RB. O INSTALLATION Cybernetix and Peg It can be played directly from the disk. Simply put the Coverdisk in the drive and turn your computer on. If you
have a WB1.3 machine you will then be asked to select the game using the F1-F3 keys, while WB2* users will have a nice menu system. The documentation for Peg It can be found on the disk and loaded through Workbench.
The Shepherd requires a separate disk to run. All you need to do is choose the unpack option and have a spare disk ready (it doesn't need to be formatted or empty, but it mustn't have anything you need to keep on it). Once the game has automatically unpacked for you, you just need to boot the new game disk. There are more instructions for The Shepherd, and you can read these by loading Workbench and inserting the new disk - a document file is included on there.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... Over 100 levels available on the three games, a brilliant front end utility plus a package for AMOS programmers and a text editor.
There are over a dozen pieces of software at your fingertips on this month's disk.
1 Bootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
F THE SHEPHERD'S GAME SCREEN 2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DF0: TO DF0: oi MorllrocR_ [jjL, 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
I Mj 4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Frl'JjKIT.i'SU! ¦" 5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE. For a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIBPLC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH Select the type of button you want to create from the toolbar or from the menu. Now draw a box on the screen as you would in any paint program, by holding down the left mouse button and dragging out a rectangle. Release the button and a requester will pop up asking you what you want
to be displayed in the button. If It is a text button, you can change the Welcome to Amiga Formats H if ISM frafitktBti-tntMtifMiMtii*
• bfCrtnd* font and the text displayed. Pictures can Ire added
and inserted into image boxes, but they need to be sized by
yourself before importing them. When you do import a picture,
you may find that the colours arc wrong, in which case you need
to grab the palette from the picture using the palette
You also need to choose the action that will occur when the user presses the button. This is done at the bottom of the requester. There are a variety of different types of action available, from a script to a program. There is also a cycling menu on the right which allows you to decide what Nucleus will do when a button is activated - so if you know that your user won't go back to the Nucleus screen, or if they will need the extra memory, you can have it quit.
There are also boxes that aren't buttons, these will simply display text or pictures, which can be used as backdrops.
When you have created the screen, you can save the whole thing as a project and also as an executable, which is the actual finished menu as a program. If you have text in the screen, you must make sure that the disk that contains the menu (if it is auto-booting) has all the fonts INSTALLATION The programs had to be archived to fit onto the disk. The disk will unpack them all automatically, either to a hard drive or a set of floppies (if you have WB2+). WB1.3 users can only unpack one disk onto a floppy. If you are a WB2 user, you need three spare floppies. All floppy disks need to be pre
formatted and completely empty.
NUCLEUS OFFER This version of Nucleus has all the features, but there are limits to the number of gadgets. In order to encourage the author to continue development of version 2. If you use Nucleus please upgrade to the full version. It costs £8.99 and can be bought by simply completing this form.
[""Title_Initials Surname_ | Your address_ I - I Description_Price_ I Nucleus Complete Package_£8.99 (P&P included) I Please make cheques payable to J Close.
| Please post your order to: Amiga Format Special Offer, Pixel Digital, Unit 6, Laurel | Business Centre, 15 Laurel Road, Liverpool. Tel: (0151) 259 4017.
| You may photocopy this foraj NUCLEUS Everybody gets to the stage where they decide they want to start personalising their own disks, whether they have just produced a compilation of their own favourite programs or made up a list disk or a collection of pictures. The question for novices has always been how to do this, but now. Thanks to Nucleus, anybody can create menus and selection screens simply using their mouse.
Nucleus can create either pseudo-windows or entire screens, depending on how you want you front-end to look. It uses any supported screen modes up to 256 colours. W hen you have chosen the options, including whether you'd like to include standard things like close gadgets, you move to the main design screen.
This is where you edit your menus and buttons.
So you think designing menus and front- ends is just for programmers, eh?
David Taylor explains why you _should think again.
ItrMMn at«ii*|Mn»Mfrm*frwnwWUtrt«HUt
T) ia*T«t *if*l«n«nt|t|(MNntaattliwltHftr(Mr« Nucleus was used to
create the front-end for this month’s games Coverdisk.
| _ Postcode.
I im Kent | rar i::mn 1*1 r,i n)| no new | |Min I l"""l w am animl rtunml |mckom| warn KulEUCWl IV DOW MI!!!
| i id JiJjJj | 1 » 1 C 1 Kill z.tftlift) n:li lllfrtd Oic* I tii fc I - J ] Dialog Procedures can be used to create AMOS programs with button interfaces like this example.
Used in its fonts drawer and that it lias the diskfont.library. rrTHrrJ-1* L L IL_ There are full instructions for using this program within the help guide that is supplied in the Nucleus directory. This version of Nucleus allows you to use everything, including saving your projects and executables, but is limited to five text gadgets and five image gadgets per page and only two images. The full version of Nucleus can be obtained from Pixel Digital for only £8.99 by completing the form below.
DIALOG PROCEDURES 3.6 This is unfortunately the only program on this month’s serious disk that will run on WB1.3 machines. The good news is that it is a complete Licenceware package from FI Licenceware. Dialog Procedures is a set of procedures for AMOS programmers (so obviously you do need AMOS to use the program) allowing you to create lull button interfaces within your programs without the need to install a separate extension.
Included in the directory is an example program called DalaMasler 5. Which everyone can use. Whether a programmer of AMOS or not! You'll be pleased to know that a new _
- I C 11 N( I £ f 11 C INSTILL T* ij*»j|t K) with tlw iNttUir
Kritt m km ti mi IN ItstiU paw tm If If ( l X tiff itrwct Iw
vIim ptrKtif Irm tlw Ntkitt, I mxttMd mu ti bu th kiutilltr
unit It fKt, th lutllltr CBWIBl Mlv th* IilM Mil Mtf for BOB
(htMt), Ml I or tomtit ft toti not tm tnfi tilt.
Foot ft mb mo txtorioBttf, I motif too to on oiom (It ttttiltm mom:
- tm cm wit too hum run.
- tm Mho otrtiN (htdltf.
- tm mo mo cmfortnit (m oon't htvo It tm nioo hoattUt) [• Ihot
into Inin or othor chintot to ttor l:liir-ltwtot flit. J Blacks
Editor is a fully featured text editor that includes full Arexx
Version 4 of these procedures is available from FI Licenceware for only £4.49 including p&p.
Cheques should be made to FI Licenceware at 31 Wellington Road. Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU.
Tel: 01392 493580.
SOUNDBOX 2 This is a small sample utility that can not only load and play samples, but also convert them between file types and add a few simple effects.
You can change the sample rate and volume and play around with the sound by flipping wave or sample. You can also change between stereo and mono and optimise the length of the sample.
BLACKS EDITOR This is a new version of the editor which has been fixed to work on WB2+ machines. It offers a lot of features, including Arexx support, so it's best if you make sure that you have KexxMasI running before you start the program.
(KexxMasI can lie started by double clicking on its icon in the System drawer.) The Arexx support allows you to use the macros that already exist, but also lets you record your own for vou to use.
All the other usual features of a text editor, like cut and paste, are here too.
THE OTHER PROGRAMS A version of Iprrjs. Called FasllPrefs, has been rewritten and optimised for use with WB3.1. It includes many new features, and includes a speed up in loading.
VolumeWalch. Is a small utility that displays a graph of your disk usage so that you can see what space is left.
Screen menu is a commodity that allows you to display a list of screens enabling you to jump to the right one when multi-tasking. The default hotkey, which activates Screenmenu when you click the mouse button over the screen gadget is the Shift button.
Ktoolly ies is a program that adds itself to your Tools menu allowing you to specify a text editor for use with Toollypes. Select the text editor from icons so that you can edit them in it instead of using the cumbersome Workbench options.
ClassPalch, which requires WB3. Will patch the system so that any program's GUI appears with a new look based on Windows 95. Hey. It's worth a laugh and some of the looks are quite neat. You really _ must read the documentation before using some of these programs, especially the last one. Which might crash your system.
1 VblunelBltSP Work be |- 60 full, 41M 75 full, 170H Ran Di |- 100 full, 0K If you have programs, load the documents into a text processor, like HU) supplied on this disk. 'I) VolumeWatch is a small utility that simply checks the capacity and usage of mounted volumes.
ISLSxT ’el »* Directory |dh1:dav* "e| is* Filenan* |OuickSrah Style: | 17 UB Only Save | Us* '? Jil kC” Rate _ Vbl. _ 227B Hz 64 Open I Save ?I’ IFF Option file Mono Stact Elay Stop 'r'jTniii Eornat _BI_ Bo* JL_ Besn. Bl 8 bit le-ite verify 17 Workbench Mo* 17 Graphical sector display 17 Advanced options... I F parses 17 Systen Gadgets 17 Eomat B Off !'
J Cancel | Select I Clear I Grab Hotkey |aIt f8 flay before grabbing (seconds) fl Show nessag* when grabbing? I Hide | Duit | DH8:Uorkbench3.8 0H1 :Uork MAC1: Ho* Bl One Drive I Canoel Soundbox 2 is an easy to use sound utility that can convert sound samples and add a number of simple effects.
ClassPatch has the power to change the way that your programs look. As it’s an early version, it may prove slightly unstable, but it's worth checking out the new looks.
AMIGA Welcome to the first ever Amiga Format CD-ROM. Over the next five pages we will show you just a small fraction of what awaits you on the shiny, new and quite tremendous AFCD1.
WELCOME A lol of you seem lo have been wailing for this moment for a long lime, and finally il is here - the firsl Amiga Formal covermounled CD. Over Ihe next five pages we will be taking you on a journey through the contents of this CD.
Obviously, we could fill the entire magazine with information about all the software, pictures, animations, sounds and data on the disc, hut you will find an awful lot of helpful information on the disc itself, so we are restricting ourself to a brief tour.
If you have an AG A Amiga you can also take advantage of the rather excellent graphical interface which our own Mr Sandiford slaved over for a considerable amount of time. Please note that some areas are very memory intensive though. For a full guide lo the GUI. See page 114.
Non-CD owners shouldn't worry though, we aren't going to devote this much space to the CD every month - but maybe you should take a quick look through and see what you are missing out on.
If vou have some contribution that you think other Amiga users would benefit from, please send it in to: CD .Submission, Amiga Formal, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW.
Now. On with the show... COMMERCIAL The star of this month's in the commercial section must Ik* Ural
31) . .Vs well ;ls the original version (which appeared on
.4 76), we have the lull release version of Ural 31) 2,
2. 49. This tremendous software is responsible for some of the
excellent images on this disc, and hits main more features
than the original.
Tnfortunatelv. It also has mm h higher system requirements. Please read the documentation on the disc. To install this software on your hard drive (which is highly recommended), simplv copy the files into a directors' and make the following alteration to vour user- PLACES TO GO WITH YOUR CD-ROM The comms drawer contains the latest shareware version of the increasingly popular A Web browsing software, and also the complete Amiga Format web-site for you to peruse.
Most of the pages will look better on AGA machines, but please read the Aweb documentation for more details about how to get the most out of your particular Amiga set-up.
Therc are plenty of demos of commercial software tucked away on the disk.
One of the most unusual is the Digital Universe demo, which is just fantastic, but take a look through the other drawers to find out what other software you can try out for free... You will find the 3D directory stuffed full of images, animations.objects and textures suitable for use with all the major rendering packages, including Real 3D. Lightwave, Imagine and Cinema 4D. Most of the animations are in HAM8 mode, but there are some surprisingly good 16-colour anims suitable for any machine - check out the cave drawer to find out what can be achieved on an original chipset machine.
Double-clicking on these two icons will set the correct screen depth and palette to display Magic Workbench style icons. You don't have to click on them to use the disk (it will take up slightly more Chip RAM), but it will make things a bit prettier. Oh, and thanks to the excellent AGA Experience disc, where we nicked the scripts from in the first place.
CIiikfortolours Resources hake Rssiens Aside from two excellent versions of Personal Fonts Maker from Cloanto and a special version of Wordworth. We also have a rather excellent version of top rendering software. Real 3D. This version is much more powerful than the original and Activa are now offering special upgrades to the latest version 3 - if you have the power to run it.
Please double-click on this before you try and access anything else on the CD. Or the chances are you'll get some sort of error message.
To help you around the CD. We have developed an excellent graphical front end. Which will allow you to view many of the images and animations present on this disc. You will need an AGA Amiga though.
Some of the software on the disk requires the excellent MUI system by Stefan Stuntz to work. We have included a version on the disk, but to avoid unnecessary memory usage, you will have to run it as and when you need it and remember to execute the assigns script first. Remember that MUI is shareware, and if you continue to use it.
You must register with the author.
Startup lilt*: ASSIGN R3D2: (pathname | ATTENTION CD32 OWNERS!
If yciu want tt run the software directly off the Cl), simply type: ASSIGN R3D2: AFCDI commercial; realSd Now you’re oil and awav. Many ol the functions are similar to the original cersion. And don't worn, we'll he including a tutorial in the next issue.
N Also featuring in this drawer art- two versions til Pn oua ‘mil Mnkn from Cloanto. This fantastic software ran he ttsetl to create your own mono or colour fonts for your Amiga. There are extensive amigagttide documents and a tutorial provided on the disc to get you started.
Finally for this section, we hast* reissued our special version ol Wortlwmth.
Which was very popular. If you lost your original disk, or missed that issue, this is for you. Look out for more Wori uiorlh (and hopefully Piiml Writer) files on the next disc.
DEMOS The Amiga Format CD is mil intended hi be just a colledion uf repackaged I’D, but raiher an experience, a useful resource and a showcase for other products. In the demos drawer you will find many interesting pieces of software for you lo try out. My personal favourite is the Digital I 'ini'n'sr software. I had such a great time with this software when we reviewed it (,T 'N!i) that I was determined to get a demo version ol it so you could all see how great it was.
T he demo version takes up over 3Mb of space in it 's archived form though, so the GI) was the only place we could actually put it. Digital Uniunse requires MIT, so please make sure you arc running a copy (either your own or the one included on the disc) before you try lo run this demo.
Also included in the demo section is a very useful relational database.
Tailed I wist, which you can play around with, a great collection of images from the Irxtarr Portfolio (ID (available from Ground Zero Software price £29.99) and lots more, check it out!
3D We couldn’t possibly have compiled a ( I) without putting together a huge collection of 3D images, objects, animations and textures for you. You will find that all the popular ray tracing software is supported, including Lightwave, Real 1) (which of course includes the versions featured on this disc), ('.in cm a - Jand Imagine.
I he images can be viewed either bv clit king on them, or you can view a slideshow using the AF graphical interface - this may take a long time as there are literally hundreds of images! You may find if you are low on memory that some images cannot he displayed through the graphical interface, and some of the animations may play hack faster through Workbench for the same reason.
The texture files are obviously intended for use as image maps in rendering - look out for the excellent samples from the Texture Portfolio III).
If you have a really great animation scene, but don't have the time or power to render it why not send it to us at the usual address and we could put it on a future CD?
9 Continued overleaf *0 DISC NOT WORKING?
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CO along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope. Return postage will be paid.
Ablex Audio Video Limited. Harcourt.
Halesfield 14, Telford. Shropshire TF7 4QR A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If. Instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 9.30am and 6.00pm from Monday to Friday. Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732279. Email: I Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
LlorisBcill. Term Uirr vv (winner of last month's PD Selection ol the month) and many more games for die trigger happy amongst you.
More serious users can choose from . 'Four Fh rough Time, or 'Fake .-I l ook.
Alternatively they can use one of the excellent art packages like Magic FainI box . Programmers can get stuck into tilt- special release ol AMOSzine or peruse the liiluition extension.
To ensure that you can run all these directly from the Cl), vou must double click on the Make,Assigns icon before 1*334 b-Njj ChrisFian fYjutncnfhalcr «- LICENCEWARE Within the l.icenceware direction-, you will find several sulr-di rectories. There are two for Nucleus. Ihe menu and interface creator. The first is identical to the version on this month’s Coverdisk. The second is a similarly constructed version of the latest release-, which came in alter the disk was compiled. As it was acquired so close to deadline, it wasn't possible to test it on all machines and therefore both versions have
been included. In these directories you will also find more examples and sample buttons than could be fitted onto the Coverdisks. But for further instructions, do read the Coverdisk pages starting on page IDS.
The larger I.item eware section focuses on FI I .icenceware. In this directory, you will find several complete I .icenceware releases, including the complete Itialog f mceilurr which is also on this month's Coverdisk. Blackboard r. the image manipulator. Istlial Formula, a complete game, and Thr (lun. A pub quiz type game. There's also a Demos directory which contains pretty much everv demo ol FI Licence-ware products available. Fltere's I'liuln, Fortress.
Running any of the programs. One of the game demos. I nk. Will not function correctly with the At .A chipset, so you should disable this before starting that demo if you have an AC A machine.
With games, applications and education programs included you should find something of interest.
New versions ol complete programs and upgrades to the complete versions from demos are available on all the packages, and you can find the address for both Pixel Digital, the distributors of Nucleus, and FI I .icenceware on the ( a verdisk pages.
Colonial Conquest II PUBLIC DOMAIN - GAMES Dip into the games directory and you'll find a PD games drawer containing some of the best PD games ever. This month's PD Selection is here, the rather groovy Hreecl 'Hr, more details of which can be found in the PD section on page 51. There's also all three of the games that are included on the games Amiga Shopper These are animations that have been submitted to our sister magazine. Amiga Shofifier. There's also a tutorial drawer that contains some exceptional animations that have been explained in detail in the current issue. The special PUBLIC
DOMAIN - SERIOUS SOFTWARE We've collected together a real treat for you from the Shareware world. The serious software has been placed in appropriate drawers and you will find many of the popular programs from old Amiga Format Coverdisks as well as new programs and also those that we've always wanted to include but have been unable to because of space restrictions.
In that light, perhaps one of the best things you'll find on here is the Image Engineer ,tm Sti ierview utility.
They both use the Superview library and the former is a complete image manipulator that can allow you to create some amazing effects.
Supervieiu itself is a last picture viewer and convertor.
Another impressive program is the complete Chaos I'm fractal generator, which can create complex f ractals refined to any depth. Amongst many other features is an animation creator which can be quite spectacular. All of these programs require a reasonably high system, ideally an '030 and FPU, although separate specs can be found in the documents.
Because fractals take so long to generate, and some of you might not have the machine to do so. We have created a couple of animations for you, more details of which can be found in the animation section.
Coverdisk, The Shepherd, Cybemetix and Peg III, so turn to page 106 for more details. In addition to these, there's Colonial Conquest II, a one or two player Civilization type game that sees you trying to conquer your way across the galaxy. There's also an editor included for this game which allows you to create your own planets.
The two popular Deluxe games.
Galaga and Paanan, are here in both standard and AGA format. Be warned that these games are fiendishly addictive, so don’t start playing unless you've got a few hours to kill.
The remaining two games are Solo Assault, an amusing space flight and fight game, and the ridiculously violent Zombie Apocalypse II. The latter is not for the feint hearted or easily offended. So be warned.
When you come to play these games There are a couple of things you should note. Firstly, some of them require a certain amount of Chip RAM to run, so if you have loo many things running in the background or on boot up, you won't be able to play them (Zombies 2 and The Shepherd can both fail). To avoid this remove some of the programs that you normally run.
Secondly, and most importantly, many of these games are Shareware. If you like them, you must register them.
The addresses for the authors can be found in the game's documents.
There are two text editors. HEJ) and i'ext Engine 5. And a set of music utilities, including the excellent IlippoPlayer, which won PD Selection of the month a few issues ago. There are also some completed music modules and pictures for you to play with.
The file managers you find, will come in handy when you start to get this CD every month. A couple of databases will help you keep track of the AF CD contents and there is also a Utilities directory.
There are too many utilities to list here, but in addition to the ones from the Coverdisk. There is also a backup utility, a Virus Checker and a multi-functional commodity. All of which are excellent.
As with the Public Domain games, we should remind you that these utilities are some form of Shareware and continued use requires you to register them. Ml of the details are in the documents.
Feature on animation not only shows you how to create these animations in an easy to follow slep-by-slep guide, but also covers every bit of animation software that you could possibly need.
Charley Cat We all have to give a big word of thanks to Charley Oil creator Anthony Whitaker here. He has graciously allowed us to collect together and include every single Charley Cat cartoon, so you'll find all fourteen of them here - they normally require 50 disks.
Note that you must double click on the AssignMe icon before starting any of the animations or they won't load.
NB. On Cowboy Cats, the first part will request a disk in dfO:. Cancel this; the animation will only miss one single background on the title screen - this was unavoidable.
Fractals This directory contains the animations created using Chaos Pro, the complete fractal creator that can be found in the Public Domain section of this CI).
Because of the complexity, they look over a complete week to render on an 060 machine working non-stop. For this reason, we have also included the individual frames, should you decide you want to use them. The animations have also been included in both 16 and 256 colours.
Continued overleaf e 0 ,, .... - r-»- o*"''* r-. »*'ifrttvn;, UV IiaMv 1MA0! 3D S*~»w*ixrr t4* -**kr+ Kettnr4.
* s AGA GUI The AGA GUI is not just a pretty face, it's your
guide to the contents of this month's CD.
Graeme Sandiford leads the way.
CHUMP* 1 «« “ «-»* .....*w* rv
* . ;• P *.A .rvit* There are plenty of screens like these to
help you through the contents of this month’s CD-ROM.
Get from one screen to another by clicking on the buttons. Be warned though, not all of the button-like things will do anvthing so pav attention to what the text beside it says to avoid getting sore fingers.
Rather than leave you to wrestle with Workbench, we decided to give you a nice pretty interface that should enable you to cruise through the disc's contents in style.
Unfortunately, this option is only available to owners of AGA machines but next lime we hope to have enough time to prepare two versions so that
F. GS-users can enjoy the benefits of this guided tour.
For those of you who are interested in how it was put together, we used a variety of software packages. The main ones where Twainl. Hrilliance and CanDo 3. ('jml)o was used to stick all the images together and make the whole thing interactive. This means you can The interface is divided into areas that more or less represent the corresponding areas on the disc. Where appropriate some of them are also linked to each other. As well as telling you about the various directories on the disc, some screens and buttons will actually display animations or images for you to view. It’s important that you
don't attempt to push the button again if there is still dist activity as your machine mav ttv to show two files at once not a good tiling.
Here’s your chance to visit one of Europe's most accessed Internet sites - without a modem.
Take the scenic route and tour our CD-ROM with the AGA GUI. If you don’t have an AGA machine, send enough letters and we may do an ECS version.
AMIGA FORMAT The world's biggest-selling Amiga magazine Welcome to the Amiga Format f ” home page, the home of the
* aat world's biggest-selling Amiga _ magazine This will soon be
a A bustling conduit of all sorts of information and files
related to every aspect o' the Amiga want this service to be
worthwhile to gou, so if you have any comments or suggestions,
please e-mail me.
Vew full contents Monthly circulation:
60. 008 (Jul - Dec 95) Issue 83 - on sole March 1996 Nick Veitch,
Editor Contact: Information
• News Amiga sold again!
• Features You can return to the main menu ai anv time by
clicking on a button labelled main. From the main menu you can
quit the interface and go about your business by die king on
the recycle logo at the bottom lelt of the screen.
Thanks to the multi-tasking abilities of the Amiga you can switch screens from the interface in the normal Amiga fashion ( lef(-amigaxm ).
COMMS What with the Internet being so popular and all. We just had to put on some comms-rclated stuff for you to explore. The great thing is. You can get a feel for the World Wide Web with the
CD. Even il vou don’t have a modem.
The CD contains the increasingly popular browser AVVcfcso that you can view HTML formatted documents. To run il enter die directory comms awebsoftware and double-click on the make assigns icon and then run the program.
Don't worry il vou don't have anv web pages because we have supplied some of the best - our own pages from Futurcnct. For a taste of an Amiga online experience simply run . tb and then select open local and load the file atitformat.html. Please note that if you wish to view images vou will need the appropriate DalaTVpcs. Also please note that, due to technological limitations, you won't be able to log on to remote links like the Aminct without a modem. O HISOFT The superb SuperDou CD-ROM is back!
Turn to the form on pag 86 to place L your order Using an excellent
2. 4 speed drive from Sony, this CD-ROM provides outstanding
performance at an amazing price. With a 360Kb s data transfer
rate and a 230ms access time, the SuperDouble CD-ROM provides
all the speed for the power user.
The SuperDouble is fully compatible with the new Squirrel MPEG card, supporting the industry standard VideoCD (White Book) formal The SuperDouble CD-ROM pack includes the award-winning AGA Experience CD-ROM - rated 93% in issue 79 of Amiga Format. This CD-ROM is Wsml- crammed full of pictures, utilities, demos and picture files from the Aminet archives on the Internet.
A full classic Squirrel is also included in the pack. This allows easy connection of any SCSI peripheral to the A1200.
The package has all the necessary drivers and software for easy connection of hard drives, CD- ROMs and removable disk drives, such as the Zip Drive, to your Amiga. 1b place you order simply turn to page 86 and fill in the code details.
CALL (MOM-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 Q oc ui O u =fc' EXTRA!
8 ui cn 3 B 5 § Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
WORMS (AF79) lie ainounl of telephone calls let the Coverdisk helpline about Worms suggests that main ol vou weren't verv careful when decompressing this game It is easy to ruin vour Worms Coverdisk by not changing to a blank disk at the collect lime in the procedure.
The result is that Worms disk One is decompressed over the Coverdisk. Losing the compressed Worms Disk Two file in the process.
Before using any Coverdisk write-protcct it first and then make a spare copy.
(if you don't know how to copy a disk see the box on page I la) ULTIMATE WORKBENCH UTILITIES (AF80) II vou are having trouble reading the documentation that accompanies the Workbench utilities it is likely that you don't have the tool that vour Amiga looks for when you double click on a doc icon; e.g. Muchmore, Multiview.
AmigaCuide etc. Or (hat these aren't set up properly on your Workbench.
You can use a word processor or a text editor to read the dot s, or use the program ordering included in the collection.
ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Many readers have phoned in saving they are having problems with ’ snootf 2. One meg A300 users who have two llop- p disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memory available to the game. I ntoruinatelv snoot 2 just doesn't seem to work at all with some accelerator cards.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE (AF82) ' ' : II Final H'ri rr's pull-down V** vCT' menus won't pull down it is
* *___ probably because you are running a menu enhancement
commodiiv (i.e. Magic Aim u). Such programs don't work
correctlv with Final Ivn crand should be disabled. In order to
print Final Writrr documents it is vital that you have the
correct printer driver installed in the devs printers drawer of
vour Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and
configured using Workbench's printer prefs utilities. Vour
Workl ench manual describes how to do this, lb print out larger
documents Final Writrr requires more memory. If you .ire using
the program on a 2Mb machine, m to maximise the amount ol
memory available to Final Writrr bv removing an utilities or
commodities running in the background - if you still
experience problems, use Workbench’s prefs utilities to alter
the Workbench screen to a lower resolution screenmode with
less colours and no backdrop pictures, lastly, it was
inadvertently stated that Final Writrr works on all 2Mb+
Sorry, but it's incompatible with old kickstart
1. 2 1.3 machines.
GENERAL PROBLEMS I often hear from people who have returned their Coverdisks for replacements several times and are still meeting with the same problems.
The most common are Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of your own disks? If it's one of your own disks then that is the disk with the problem, not the Coverdisk.
Did vou format vour blank disks correctly? Trv re-formatting them and make sure that you do a full format not just a quirk format, use the verify option and make sure you format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X-Cofiy.
Disable Dimlory Airhnig, Trushtnn and International Mode. Don't decrunch to I ID (High Density) disks as these can be unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it. 'Zj The five winners of the Blitz Basic competition will each receive a complete Blitz Basic set worth £75. The answer was, of course Blitz Basic 2.1. There were lots of entries but the lucky winners are: John Hopkiss, Warley, West Midlands. 5.A Furniss, Beighton, Sheffield. Paul Firth, Dewsbury, West Yorks. Stephen Cooke, Acocks Green, Birmingham.
James Nunan, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
111 z 3 This includes am system messages you mas get saving: “Read write error”. "Disk invalidated' and Checksum Error ' In this case, the disk has been damaged and needs to he replaced.
INCLUDES I-ANGUAGE COURSES Totally comprehensive (each is a compilation of with a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course of excellent quality (eg. "LCL ore the best for providing area' AMIGA COMPETING) with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: Top Seller MICRO (JERMAN (Beginners GCSE & Business) FAST AMIGA REPAIRS CALL FOR COLLECTION OR PERSONALLY DELIVER TO THE EXPERTS FOR FAST RELIABLE REPAIR OF YOUR AMIGA FOR ONLY £24-99 4 parts
24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Talking cartoon etc Nov Computer Talks MICRO KKENCII .Beginners - (iCSH.| CompNu Talk8 24 piogrdms • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter generator clc 30 programs including lilrn like ones • Fxlcmive speech 6i sou repb • Top ( D Musk etc: ( I) MICRO » RI N II (Beginners - GCSE)
* Geometry • Tngonomeiix • Statistics • Arithmetic eic MIC KO
ImiUSII (X years GCSE) MIC KO MATHS (I I vears - GCSE) WE
REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL A500, A600,1200,1500, 2000, 3000,
4000 & CD32 24 programs • Speak & Spell • Punctuation • Grammar
• Literature etc Inow Computer Talks,,
PSU .£19-50 DISK DRIVES ....£25-50 KEYBOARDS ..£25-50
0171 252 3553 E-MAIL PETER@FASTCOMP.DEMON.CO.UK 24 programs •
Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter
generator (I Mb) etc Isonware '.Choice 24 programs • Tuition •
Practical experiments • Learning by pictures
• Adventure game 11 Mb) etc PRIMARY MATHS COURSE (3-12 years) |
24 programs • Tables • Add • Subtract • Divide
• Muliiplv (Long & Short) • Fractions clc MK(iA MATHS (A level
course) 24 programs • Calculus • Algebra • Geometry •
Full-screen graphs clc £3 0)T TOTAl FOR 2 CIRHSLS. £10 OFT FOR
3. £17 OFT FOR 4 ’U jfp-irat LCLOiuvsjftSiOniCuTviKacpDtti rr
riL-*** All courses are on flopp disk and cost £24.99. except
CD MICRO FRHNCH which costs £29 99 i No hidden extras like VAT
or P&P C Ikxjucs pavablo to LCL Five catalogue. Trade enquiries
welc *ix-
THAMF.S. OXON R(.9 JOB Phone 01491 579345 sent within 24hrs
Tel: 01463 240168 Tel: 01463 240168 £9 99 £9 99 £1295 Dlih
Driver 1 76Mb High Dmufy 0"v* £59 99 Herd Driver 340VB) Hard
Dnve ©€ 2 5' £199 99 Cab* 6 Software for above £9 99 Internet
Drives A500 £30 95 A600 AI200 £35 95 Disks Double Density Fx Mouse 10 £2 99 50 £1000 100 £2000 Alien Breed 7 £20
99 Alien Breed 30 £19 99 Alien Breed 30 II £20 99 Alien Breed
Tower Anauit £70 99 All Tcrram R.xpr £10 99 Arc.«de Pool (1499
BubO* & Squeak £8 99 f«*e £1299 Cdoom £1799 Guardian £8 99
Jung* Strike £71 99 Kid Chao* .
£20 99 Kingpin .
£17 99 Min UtdPlc £19 99 PGA European Tour £1999 Roadkd £8 99 Sabre Team £24 99 Spen* Legacy £1999 Super frog £17 99 Supeoeague Manager £8 99 Super Skidmark* £1799 Super Siarduil £21 99 Ultimate Body Blew* £12 99 Watchtower 1TBA Werrokry Int Soccer £8 99 Worm* £1999 Arhnef 8 £12 9S Arrvner 9 £1295 Amoet 10 £1295 Competition Pro CD32 Pad £1599 SX 1 £189 99 SX32 £194 99 19 99 10 10 Structured Spelling £9 99 £20 99 10 10 French £9 99 £14 99 £14 99 10 10 German £9 99 £17 99 £1799 10 10 Es*cntw Science (9 99 £1099 10 10 Dnowur* £9 99 (19 99 £21 99 112 99 112 99 10 10 D-rvng Tot £9 99 £20 99 IH UI
Offer £8 99 IB 99 £8 99 £8 99 £8 99 £10 99 £10 99 Centrefotd Square* £4 99 £19 99 Bomber Bob £4 99 £19 99 Cr k« CtOLun £4 99 £1099 £1099 jg*.*w Pumemjnu (4 99 (21 99 (21 99 leed* UW £4 99 (1299 Foott Errand £4 99 (12 99 Genesis £4 99 (12 99 Bnde* of Dracula £4 99 (1095 110 95 Jigur.v Pinup* £4 99 (1299 (1299 Gearworks £4 99 (1099 (1099 Steve Oavis Snooker £4 99 £1999 (1999 FI Grand Prix Circuit* £4 99 (9 99 £9 99 faeryta* Adventure £4 99 £8 99 MdOplaycr Soccer Manage* £4 99 (1099 £1099 Eixcoean Suoene.*gue £4 99 £22 99 £22 99 Datfy Doutte Hor*e Pacing £4 99 . .„ aa Pro American Football Sim £4
99 t?l 99 I 71 99 football Dwtor 7 £4 99 £17 99 Rugby Coach £4 99 £ 17 99 international Arcade Action £4 99 L 1 4 . .
£14 99 SutMWion £4 99 L - . I 11 3 99 8ravo Romeo Dtlb* £4 99 . LI J TT £17 99 IFMUI Offer £1299 (17 99 Buy my *f the ebeve for 19.00 18 99 £8 99 £1299 £19 99 £8 99 £10 99 £1099 £1299 £1299 £19 99 £4 99 £4 99 £8 99 £8 99 18 95 E8 95 £8 95 £8 95 £1099 £4 99 £1099 £1099 £1099 £1099 £21 99 £10 99 £10 99 £1299 £19 99 EI9 99 £1099 £10 99 £1299 £6 99 £1299 £1999 £4 99 £10 99 (10 99 £1095 £1095 £19.99 £21 95 £24 95 £1299 £19 99 £21 99 (1295 £1295 £19 99 (19 99 £1299 £1299 £12 99 £1299 £1299 £6 99 £1099 £20 99 £8 99 £21 99 £9 99 £12 99 £1099 £1099 £8 99 £8 99 £10 99 £10 99 Rugby League Coach Sabre
Team ScnuOle Gcrf Scnune Wxrtd of Soccer 95 96 Shadowiand* Shag-fu Shuttle Simon The Sorcerer 2 Simpson* Skidmark* Sleepwalker Space Hulk Spem legacy Star Cru*adcr Sm»e fleet Superfrog Super Skidmark* Super Sxtdmani Data Disk Super Tcnnn Champ* Suprem-Ky Syndicate Tactical Manager Team I 7 Collection Vol 1 Termm.«for 2 femptro The Game* ttparsa Theme Park Tiny Troop* Total football Trackiut Manager 94 95 .. Treble Champion* 2 Turbo Trax Virtual Karting Watchtower Wembley infcrn.ihorvV Soccer Werr©iey Rugby League Wortd Cwn* Rugby 9S Wbnrn Wprm* Data D-*» Zeewolf I Zeewolf 2 HTTTrT f anUny
Marctger 95 96 FIFA Interruoonaf Soccer fighter Bomber Foottjal Gkxy Gkwm Gloom Data Da* Gloom Deluxe Graham Gooch 2nd Inning* Graham Gooch Data Disk 94 95 Guardian .
Hard Nova Hoc* Immortal Impact kkfcanpok* 500 Ammy Connor* Jimmy White * Whirtwmd Snooker John Madden Football Jungle Strike Juramc Park XG8 «x1 Chao*
• Jd Pu
• jngpxi Lombard RAC Rady Lure of the Tcmtxress Man United - The
Double Mercenary MK'oproie Grand Pnx Mig 79 Super fulcrum NBA
Jam TE Obt«*ion Ody**ey PC»A European Tour Golf PGA Tour Go*
Pr*w* Phiude PopuWuVfromned Land PopuCu* 2 Power mongrr 5 Wwl
Data Du* Pro Tcnnii Tour Project X Speoal EdrtKin Pnmal Rage Pu
drover Putty Squad Owa* Reach for the Sk** Rea*** Rnky Wood*
Poadkill Road Ra*h Robotop J lit S-VTHJTA I 688 AlWCk Sub AI20
Approach T',*ne» Ac d Attack CompMftor Guardian Roadkiii 6.
Super S»(drrvvk* Adaam* family Alien Breed 2 Alien Breed SE
Alien Breed Tower A**ault Alien Breed 30 Alien Breed 3D 2 (030
requiredl All Terra** Racmg At*dya Arabian Nignc Arcade Pool
Archer Mneans Pool Airopny Behind the Iron Gate Battle of the
A*hc* Bird* of Prey Rl.vk Crypt BiiU Bjmc 2 I BhU Bomber*
Bodyttow* Body Bkxw* Galactic Bream*** Budd*6 Squeak Budokan
Campaign Cannon Fodder Cannon fodder 2 Gvduu I % Champ«onibip
Manager 2 1 ' Citadel Cotoncaoon COW*so* Che** X Craft for Amo*
Cybercon III Deluxe Paint 5 Deluxe Video 3 Demo Maniac De*ect
Strike Dreadnought* Dune I Dune 2 fxie (itreme Racing 117
Cnaflenge F29 Retaliator £21 99 £26 99 £9 99 £9 95 £12 99 EI7
99 £1999 £21 99 £22 99 £9 99 £1099 £9 95 £1299 £17 99 £8 99 £19
99 £22 99 £4 99 £1699 £10 99 £59 99 £66 99 E22 99 £12 99 £1699
£12 95 £12 95 £12 95 £9 99
g. v.iMT.m itM.ii m Mock-E-Mouic Cyber*hoc Tw*n Pat* £ 14 75
Mcx»-e-Mou*c give* joystick centra! To all mouw function*
Cyber iJxrt convert* any standard Amiqa joystick into a Deadly
Autofire Stick- Dun Covert AI200 £3 95 CD32 £3 9S Joyitkki
Jupiter joystl* Hyoerpad MH* Affa-Oata 400dpi Mouse Amiga ST
SwitthaWe Mouse 1999 £4 99 £18 99 £1899 1TBA 1TBA £10 99 110
99 £20 99 £20 99 10 10 Early* 10 10 Junor Euennal*
10 10 Math* ,Number*| 10 10 Math* Agctjra) 10 10 Mam* |
Geometry1, 10 10 Mam* |Station*: 10 10 E**enl*ai Math* 10 10
Englnh £1295 £1295 £1295 £1299 £19 99 ITEMS SUBJECT TO
typesetting design service available MARKET PLACE PD 90p Per
Disk f Agima PD • 37 Catenby Peterborough • PE3 7JZ O an
GT6S) P ru»» Only £6 i Depc AF, Hagars Electronics.
7 High St. Slseemess. Kent ME I 2 I UD Morey bac. Scfv-i Pit- DELIVERY 2 DAYS Solkrrff Ttt 01929 SS5*93 E Alferrvahvety you could 0181 560 Pltwr miK tl*.Ut: 'Ktium.OixsflBHWSBf :ehouwthPd.0emof).co.u1i . 1 B8S: Capital BBS on
C. *-. r 24hrs J attt !9 T;eeh°v« PP ' ARNOLD COMPUTER SUPPLIES
Blank Ditks £is-oo per 50 inc. labels DSHD Disks £22-50 per 50
(Pre-foroutted) PD LIBRARY Pteose send El or 4 1st (loss
stamps for catalogue Amiga repairs undertaken T PD Disks from
50p Special PD Starter Pack for nee Barry Voce 0115 92b 4973
11 Campion Street, Arnold, Nottingham Ngs SCR ;h HORNESOFT AD
Lcil DejH iAf). 2) SlAaectl (low. WiiM« h*nV. SkrHvU Sd If
IrtTe* iOlle) 200 TI2S Ifce w Vm « Unb T lX w I * Nr*ui1k(Uia
Soire-Air lot ow lauiofm ink ved 11 In clni iuep « j Saf nm m
mem m ucbkmua is Dixtnovu. Coir In* kb** wee* Util* rm * n«no
mi keb of par fin tkn ¦* i neemil iritav lurecner n* pi ike U
pmc s* ;cv i«V)wpo4jp »«S1l iowpnkir* Uon ioltti%nn 0*«veee
Vmun (2) VD feirligM fa. Too (2) 1 Navigator N (2) n Virw
Vwrkvhop 95X M MBL keo 2*C Tin Phi AGA Uli* 24 Bi GAMES Deiuie
(.alaga V2A AGA Mortal tUenqual I The Shepherd AGA EXPERIENCE
COLLECTION 2 £19 99 ENCOUNTERS £19 99 WORMS £29 99 CDPD1 £7 99
ASSASSINS CD £9 99 3D ARENA £14 99 lube* VIA Alien lithfinrrr
Blah CamhaT AGA flying ligen RMWieidtVI.I 1020 BfQ) PRICES 1
free dhk »&lntn 10 ordered PAP 7Sp per order (ATAIOGUI!
Free on firvl order or phaneAAf
(f) . Roldnki My-Money with free upgrade to V1.1 £24.99 from
My-Soft 71 Springfield Ave Whitehaven Cumbria CA28 6TT
MARKET PLACE Bcauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Beth, Avon BA1
2BW Tel: 01 MS 44M44 _ VISA Fax: 01235 480325 We accept
cheques for payment AMIGA FOW1R SUPPLY £27-50 ? £2-00 p*p
Direct from muwHutbrar to IrltMi Standank Suitable tor A500.
A400, AI 200 PuiUC DOMAIN hum Mp par d*.CacatofmMp In «ifn**
1,000a of tMea In KEXidtn Sand 4 flrat dw Onto* or £1 tor a
cataiofue Tmephone Fex 0114 2 B86888 Free Upgrade lo VI. 1
(return original dick) titles 0122S 442244 NEW!
ROM No. 1 UfO: Inrim Undodwd RiMrfiH V1.42 MvipnWtrr VI2A JO fro VUUrr lUlrr V2.2I feiivirw V28 Medhouie VI.1 SWOSSId ( Kang Mm Id MISCELLANEOUS Cblwfcrr VJ.fclMOl Bookie Brelrr MF Super lottery Iff* Guide lo Ihe Interne!
Internet Uuh Inlernrl Ulih II frofe.1 UfO (6) 4star LIGHT fl GF Id V 1.10 II GPAnrMorie* Send C hrgun TOi lo: Surliehl Software (ATI 22S founUin Street, rr NEW SHOP OPEN IN 8HEFFKLD!
• 560 DPI Mouse (be«e) • £8 99
• Mouse Cleaning Kit • £9 99
• 100 Cap 3 5 Dt»k boa (with key) • £5 95 e Powwcopy Professional
• £23 99 e Tornado 14 4K Fa* Modem • £102 99 Foil DOC* list
ava-iAOIe. FWasr' sera SAE Alt prices include VAT and UK
J*L-v*f .
Oecjues and P 0 s made iyjt :o A W Penny % WODEM 00 8521729 4966 No subscription fee!
International Auoolexl Services PO Bo* 20258 Hoog Kong Must De over 18 to nMer*.
No D'--_ uj M‘0S C'3' :-5 a;c , CAPkl CD DlSTklBUTI©C vcbfv t“atbc£ HHISflC0i!
225- CO TITLES 1150. C032 TITLES 180. CDTV TITLES NFW RELEASES ERIC SCHWARTZ CD £24 99 HORROR SENSATION *£1999 HOTTEST 6 £19.99 AMIGAHOLICS PD THE 100% AMIGA PD LIBRARY Disk tutali inie conuins la tot I tilitio. Education. Clip Art.
Fonts. LSD Legal Tnob. Fish Disks Musk, and of cours: (iamcs. Demos* Slideshows W now slnck The F inal KmnUrr' max -»i £s and also all Infinite Frantiei disks. IirI Hokdvck' SS ie t V00 Send Mi or me fml eloss iinmfn or iaiiibnitu disk._ ACCESS DENIED The Ultimate Computer Hacking Adventure Minion One n now available in the UK Brought to you exclinively b, SOLO SOFTWARE Your only chance to
• Infiltrate a high iccuhty computer *y*tem!
• Decrypt top secret passwords!
• Destroy files with a deadly Logic Bomb!
And much more' seed ( hrqurv'POi to: Dtp! Al Amrgahohi* PI) llbChntff Riud Sotrii ~ r "iLITTiLiL--If- i l Kiddrrmmttrr. Worn I)) 10 I If ONI .Y £5-00 AMINET 11 £14 99 SCI-FI SENSATION 2 £29 99 EUR0SCENE 2 £12 99 WORKBENCH AD0-0NS £24 99 SPERIS LEGACY £25 99 JS Lee Street, Morley, Surrey RH6 8ER AAOO A AI 200 only (Overseas orders add £2 00) i MM Osti in cass sane t): ftr-SXmtaOH. Luts LS7W .umimfcllss nPro .
Not any longerl Now you can play Ova of the world's most famous courses without leaving the comfort of your own home.
Game features include:
• 1-4 players
• 3 different game modes
• atmospheric sound effects Price £14.99 inc. postage (payable to
Apex Systems) Compatible with al standard Amigas (A500. A500.,
AMO. A1200) Available from 9th April 19*4 APEX SYSTEMS ?
¦ GmIii, Cat. Rm4, GoMthorp.
Roth.rWi. S York, S43 VLU Enquiry Une 01709 90552 Credit Card Hotftne 0114 294 7 2S Programmers! I want your games I Mease send al demo disks to the above address FJLO. Dave Kirk Ol ter Limits Bulletin Board 0891 230044 li pi fcmputei Svsleirc 4Mb 72pln Memory Simms £60 8Mb 72pln Memory Simms £120 1-3Glg IDE 3-5" Hard Drives £180 li fi Knplw Moms Unit 517 Cotton Exchange Building.
Old Hall Street. Liverpool L3 9JR C1J1 284 38€€ ffflftBuro IPS
• * 'SRECTtXL' OFFER All OUR PD DISKS 0X1 Sop tACH Send * foil
Cuu STAMPS for our CatAlOCUl DISK and'iSHJ Write dtnm »our Same
urul Kddttw and tend Stamp in: AMICOM l»l Dept Al. 22 Chunh
View Close. Hstmeoit.
WtkfMd. Uni ) rk*hirr WF4 2PH M: 0421 68222'
j. O VCV 77 Vt J HI: X i 1C Ya MoN PD The Island of DISKovery
FREE CATALOGUE Dept AR 9 Lon y Wylan. Llanfairpwll.
Ynys Mon. North Wales LL6I 5JU Tel: (01248) 714591 Ojlomoiu' C 's, jpe-g's, V ovie's cmd mo)*e!
C'.ilU . .,t TRLIHQUSEPD B aiEoiTORosNE&eii*)**; it.- i.ipn ¦* 67.
,ll .-.I,.-. ti, , „vo
3. 5" 420MB
3. 5" 540MB
3. 5" 630MB
3. 5" 850MB
3. 5" I .OGIG
3. 5" I.2G1G £149.00 £149.00 £169.00 £179.00 £199.00 £209.00 J
CHIPS This Month's ; Special 168000 CPU Ut-iO Video DAC
(A1200) £19 *0 Kickstart 1 2 £4-20 Kickstart 1 3 £16.HO
Kickstart 2 04 £22.40 Kickstart 2 05 £1990 Kickstart 31 (A500)
£SR.OO Rom Sharer £19.00 NEW Modulators £29-90 Xchange
Modulators £18.00 CD32 ROM DRIVE £9900 1 A500 Motherboard 6A
£99-00 A500 Keyboard A600 Keyboard A1200 Keyboard A50O6001200
PSU C032 PSU A2000 A3000 PSU VGA Adaptor
188. 00 £10.00 £94-00 £18.80 £18-00 £08-00 £0.80
P. O.A.
- DART A500 5I2K w o clock A5(K)+ l MB w o clock A600 I MB w o
clock A1200 2MB with clock A1200 4MB with clock £119.95 A1200
SMB with clock £229.95 ZIP RAMS E89.95 2MB Optical Mouse £29.95
Optical Mouse Mat £5.00 Amiga PSU for A500, A600 & AlXOO £34.95
Apollo 1X20 28MHz Accelerator Give your A1200 350% Performance
Includes Clock & 28MH FPU 1220 Bare Board £99.95 1220 with 4MB
Memory £169.95 u J 'J 7 A I -J u 7 7 D 7 Auto Mouse Joystick
Switch £12.95 External Floppy Drive £39.95 9600bps MODEM only
£49.99 Includes software, all cables and connection to the
excellent Midnight Express BBS. Ready to download 100's of
Amiga files free of charge.
FREE DISK with every 10 you buy 1000's of titles to choose from including Education, Games, Business, Music, Fonts etc. We cater for all AMIGAs & all subjects DeskTop Dynamite Pack The essential Amiga desktop package that every Al 200 owner should not be without.
Pack inclucks QQ Digita UfeYJV*' Drn*tf *l onaqer Paint IV AGA Llennis & Oscar Game 100 GAMES PACK £4.50 100 TOP DEMOS £5.25 C64& 100 GAMES £4.50 Postage costs: UK: 75p per order Others: £2.50 (Disks only) Hurry limited stocks AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED PRICE 0NLY£4Z«99 Incl. And CD32 only)
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT_ __
* 90 Day warranty on all repairs
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10.00 AMIGA A1200
Repairs only £92-99 ul,Y Inclusive [ SPECIAL OFFERS AI ZOO
"DtfMAmitt VacAa £295 00
• Al 200 Computer -Deluxe Paint IV .. Pack Includes • Digital
Print Mrg. • Dannie the Mena. • Oscar
• Wordworth AGA -tYrHTBV Service HOME Tel (0116)2470059 FAX
(0116)2558643 gg BAHT Computer Services (AF) SI 'SJF omp
uter* Services 105 LofltfOfl Road Loicostsr LE2 Opf ’A « M.*,
a Division of D A Computers Lid I (Dept AF) 24 Wastwater Drive,
Woodcrest, Bradford, W Yorks BD6 2TN from 40p per disk.
Choose any PD tine reviewed in this mag and order it from Centurion PD at only 75p per disk.
1000'S OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE ATTENTION ALL DEALERS SEND FoflFRSINfOftMATION PACK S IM©M Add £1.50 P4P on chips, C3.00 PSP on Drives t PSUs We reserve Ihe right lo refuse repairs 8372A Imeg Agnus 8375 2Meg Agnus USA (A1200I 8374 Alice (At 200) 8362 Denise (A500) 8373 Super Denise 5719 Gary 8520 CIA (A500 *) 8520 CIA (A600 1200) 8364 Paula A50a») 8364 Paula (PLCC) A500 Internal Drive £Z9-95 A600 A1200 Internal Drive £35-95 CHIPS 256 GreyScale Scanners AlfaScan Plus Hand Scanner for the Amiga with Touch-Up and Mcrge-Il Software £99.00 Touch-Up Hi Merge-It Software* Separately £35.00
with Junior OCR* (needs HD & 2.5MB Memory) Separately £25.00 w ith scanner Add £10.00 with Full OCR" (needs HD & 2.5MB Memory) Separately £35.00 with scanner Add £20.00 with MultiPass (X'R* ineeds HD & 4MB Memory Separately £49.95 w ith scanner Add £30.00
• max 400dpi scanning resolution Scanner Pad C9-9S (Fiut Wrrn Am
Scanm*) Multiface III card AT-Bus-XOOS IDE controller
Octogon-1008 SCSI controller Tandem CD & IDE controller
AlfaPower A500 IDE controller £99.00 Ram Cards Memory 72pin
SIMMS £20.00 2MB £69.00 £29.95 4MB £79.00 £29.95 SMB £159.00
£99.95 CD Rom Drives & Hard Drives Hard Drives + controller
for: A500 (+) A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 120MB £159.00 540MB
£229.00 LOGIC. £279.00 250MB £189.00 630MB £239.00 I.2GIG
£299.00 420MB £199.00 4MB External RAM for A500 500+ £169.00
Mega Mouse 400 £9.95 Mega Mouse Plus £1 2.95 (Three button
version with X' cable Performance 97% A.U.I) All prices include
VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P for items under £30.00. £5.00 for
items over £30.(X). £8.00 P&P for Scanners. Speakers Ac Hard
Drives, £10.00 P&P for next day.
Goldcnlmagc accepts Access. Visa. Cheques & Postal Orders. F&OF Prices subject to change without notice Goods subject to availability Specifications subject to change w uhoul notice Hard Drives for A600 A1200
2. 5 "40MB £39.00 2.5" 340MB £179.00
2. 5" 60MB £59.00 2.5" 420MB £199.00
2. 5" 80MB £69.00 2.5 540MB £249.00
2. 5" 250MB £129.00 2.5"8IOMB £349.00 (includes instructions and
installation software) IDE Quad Speed CD-ROM Drives for
A5(XV5(X)» i requires AllaPowcr v6.8 + Hard Drive I C189.00
for AMXI A 1T(X) (inc CD32 emulalion I tl 89.00 for
A15 XVA:(XXVA3(XXVA4 XX) I inc Tandem I €1 Goldenlmage (UK)
Ltd Unit 65. Hallmark Trading Estate. __ _ ___ R fourth Way,
Wembley, Middx IIA9 0I.B u=:IBS 5 RJ Sales Hotline No: 0181
900 9291 F»:oi8i 900 9281 Multimedia At Its Best!
Simple and Easy-to-use Educating and Informative Entertaining and Exciting Powerful and Amazing!
The world's first truly AGA multimedia, interactive compact disc.
Designed tor beginners, new users through to intermediate (and higher!) Levels, it helps an Amiga user understand more about their computer and what it is capable of. Covers many subjects trom raytracing to the Internet and trom programming to music. Many ‘well-known’ experts and Amiga-buffs are contributing to this CD.
They otter help, answers, tips, tricks and more. Want to know how the experts create a WWW page? Global Internet show how!
Stuck using Internet software? John Kennedy explains all. Also contains forums, opinions and a look to the future with top Amiga developers. Comes with a FREE bonus beginners section with commercial programs, commercial demos and all the PD you need to Get Started, all ready-to-run. If you have an AGA Amiga with a CD player, then get this. PC multimedia CD’s are here!
-And Starring!
1|- Also!
• Full version ot Dopus v4
• Full version ot Octamed v5.04
• Other lull programs (TBC)
• Test Drive', exclusive version ot Wordworth 3
• Limited Version ot Ppalnt v6.4
• ‘Get Connected’ to the Internet
- all you need, all ready to go!!
• Essential PD to Get Started!
• Exclusive stutt trom various user groups and companies!
• Krroga MlOt AMOS Programming Octamed n Depth OTP Pnmers Open
• 30 Anenabon 30 Architecture WWW De*jgrv1u»ure
• The CO and German !¦
- Bitmap Graphics
• Ammaaon
• Storage EnVHoa
• internet etc etc etc* PO Section Amiga DTV AMOS Mande-on Muec
• imagine Mendaon Ed Wi*» Larry Fkdcnoft P*4e- ana Dava CiarVe
Simon & Co Mark Thomas Danny Amor Jason Joroacna Dale Hemanway
Davd Taylor John Kannaoy Jeremy Ford Juann Joyca Anorew
Campoeii Richard Bannister Spencer Jarvis Octamed Expen
- IK PuMshng ¦ The Room Upstart
- VS I
• Gttval internal Ud
• Fi
• Paragon (Freelance)
- Ground Zero Software
• Axiom Video Services
- AMOS Programmer ME0 Users Group Imag e Users Group German
version due September 96.
The Get Started CD should be available from most good Out May 1 996 CD mail order and high street Amiga rotailors All nghls reserved. Contents may be subject to change [AGA 4MB Amiga] only. £24.99 NEW!
SPACEBALLS present . Scene Storm is a glorious feast Af E O Ail ot tempting eye candy produced WEfVE I V ff lYi by the legendary SPACEBALLS Amazing graphic and audio delights to show your fnends what the Amiga can realty do' This CD is packed with every major scene production from 1995. Including all the releases from The Party 5 held m Xmas 95. Exclusive Digital Candy matenai is also included, ranging from music competition entries to a complete Development suite Scene Storm features an easy to use Magic Workbench interface that is simple to set up and a joy to use Much of the
contents of Scene Storm are presented as ready-to-run files through custom designed icons No more trawling through archives and filling your hard disk with files Includes Productions from over 20 Scene Parties held throughout the world in 1995 All ihe best demos and intros from the last year, slideshows, music disks, the most popular disk mags and charts Exclusive modules taken from the coolest demos as well as entrios Irom Digital Candy BBS Musk: Competitions. A complete development suite that will allow you to learn how to code your own demos. Development utils are included along with
exclusive and easy to follow source code All purchasers of Scene Storm that own a modem can register to quality for 3 months free downloading of the latest scene files from Digital Candy Bulletin 8oard This would normally cost £15. This BBS is classed as the scene board in the UK' Place your order now as this will be the hottest selling CD throughout Europe' The History of the Amiga Who Invented It? The old Commodore. Its bosses. Ideas, mistakes etc. The Escom rtvtvaJ and much more.
Amiga Environment What Is your Amiga? Why la It so special? What la the 'scene ? Who are Amiga Technologies and what do they do?
The Amiga Hardware Inside, outside, ports, chips all explained Workbench and DOS What Is It? Using It. Data and flle management. Workbench environment tips, Ihe CU, advanced WB and CLI tricks Programming AMOS, Blitz, assembly, C, Amiga E and AREXX examined Become an Artist Overnight Raytradng, 3D, animation, bitmap drawing analysed Become an Amiga Musk Maestro Octamed explained. MIDI discussed, musicians Interviewed Getting Your Words into Print Word processing. Desk Top Publishing, Printers. Cllpert etc Surfing the Super Information Highway Intro to the Internet. Surfing the Internet. WWW
design. Amiga Internet Providers, Amiga Internet software. The Amiga Technologies Internet pack taken lor a test DRIVE.
General Arena Emulation, Operating Systems. Storage Systems. Amiga In Business. Multimedia etc etc etc The Amiga Future Where Is the Amiga going? Amiga Technologlaa’ plana, Amiga visions, possible Industry comments. Amiga "Visions' ¦ the companies that will bring us Innovative products In 1996. We Interview Intersect Developments, Fields ol Vision and more.
And Finally Credits, thanks and anything we have torgottenl :Main Contents List: UTILITIES EXPERIENCE It's HERE! Zoom release 2 - now in ready-to-run and DMS formal' Do you want the latest PD CD-Rom that contains the latest PD to Apnl 1996? Contains | the greatest and latest PD from two superto PD libraries The interlace must be the most easy to use CD interlace on any CD. Coded by the co-author of I the superb new Get Started CD - just pomt. Read about the disk and dick to extract Superb and very easy to use The contents have also been updated so you get all the latest PD until earty Apnl
1996 and loads more as listed opposite Comes with an on-hne help routine. Multitaskng search routine and hotkeys function If you want 650MB s of the latest PD. Then look here! Two formats - ready-to-run and the DMS format (for shops etc) The pictures below show the enhanced DMS interface m action NEW - RELEASE VERSION 2 New Search Routine the multi-tasking searctvTind will seek file names or number y New 'Hot-Keys' Function lust press S for search or 'E' lor extract. Help* for help' Restyled, Remastered new help and information guide, restyled artwork' Superb'
• Greatest ft latest PD from March 1995 - April 1996 : Utils,
games, demos, slideshows, education, disk mags and more'
inching moil of tfMa ttfref ana loads of gnat PO software
• NEW! 100 Kk ndlke Cerd Games Deluxe Cardsets
• NEW' The complete Active Software Pro Pack collection
• NEW' AM the Professional Sound Samples (50 Disks)
• NEW' Over 25MB. Of reed-to-vlew use Magic WB icons etc
• NEW! Special programming themed area NEW! READY TO RUN & DMS Ft
LICENCEWARE volume one - FI-01 to FI-100 Sick ol Iho
run-of-the-mill old PD CD releases con- taing collections Irom
pre-1995?!? This CD contains the complete collection ot Ft
bcenceware titles trom F1 -001 to F l -100 Over 100 titles or
more than 200 disks! This CD is worth well over £500. It the
disks were bought separately There is something tor everyone on
the CD - games, utilities, tools, professional clipart and
music, beginners guides, educational programs and much more.
Some superb matenai is contained within this CD-Rom: Blackboard
v3 (image manipulation!. Ultimate Quiz 2 (general quiz).
Word Plus Pro (originally valued at £15!). Fortress (strategy God game).
Relics ot Deldroneye (voted best PD game ever by Amiga Format).
ERIC (voted second best PD game ever), Powerbase (databse program). GRAC (superb Monkey Island’ style adventure game creator wrth 000‘s ot copies sold on floppy). Introduction to WB (best selling FI Title). Absolute Beginners Guide to AMOS. Junior Artist (kids paint package) or Tots Time (one ot many kids educational programs). Use some ot the professional music within your games, with no extra charges.
What about the clipart lor your DTP documents? AMOS programmers have a Held day with this CD - AMOSzine, guide to AMOS and AMOS supplements. Something for everyone. With a very easy to use AmigaGuido© interlace with 80% ot the programs running straight Irom ihe CD. Remember that the programs are commercial, with copyright ownod by Ft Uconcowaro All programmers receive a royally (or every CD told. £29.99 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE - NOT PD!
£29.99 TEXTURE PORTFOLIO This collection of toxtures has taken a staggering 5 years to complete.
Phantasmagoria are a professional graphics company, based in Bnstol They have been providing textures and backgrounds for video, ray-tracing I etc. This CD consists of 500+ 24Bit backgrounds and textures, it includes the very high quality 24Bn JPEG files for video, graphics and multimedia work. Targa's for PC raytracmg and GIF format for video titling appli- | cations. The various sections includo Abstract I Phantasmagoria, Abstract - Oil Paints, Abstract - | Mixed. Animal Skins. Clouds. Fire. Food. Masonry.
Rock. Metal (6 sub-sections). Water. Wood Bark.
I Wood Gram. Miscellaneous No wasted space on this I CD-Rom - a collection of extensive tutonals. This CD I comes with a full colour multi-page reference booklet I for every single texture An ideal complement to a ray- I tracing CD such as Light Rom 3 etc Please nQte that I all these Textures are exclusive to thisJJP-Rom I and cannot be found on any other collection.
NFA AGA EXPERIENCE - VOLUME 2 So you were impressed with AGA Experience volume one?! So was the Amiga press! Hoi on Its heels comes a brand new release NFA AGA Experience volume 2! Following the same trend as the first, but offering even bet- I ter value for money. It contains loads of new and exclusive AGA material to show Irlends the capabilities of your AGA machine, at a low. Low cost. This contains AGA utilities, demos, games, tools, slideshows, animations and more! Compiled (in a similar style to Zoom release 2) within a Magic WB environment, it makes access superbly easy This CD is going
to sell like hot-cakes at the World ol Amiga show - order your copy before stocks run out!!
Many New Features FASTER QMS a quicker' Plus the Mag-rWB environment makes it instant' MORE READY-TO-RUN SOFTWARE 'low there is a lot more software ready to run straight trom the CO There are troublesome OMS than oekxo' MORE FLOPPY DRIVE FrtENOLY Users .rthout Herd Dr-ves w« 6nd tr« Coworts Bettor Pan the firw one We have even nctoded coor-Qtsks tor most ofthe popular A1200 COROM doves' LESS BABE SLIDESHOWS AND PICTURES Wo have not included any of thetonnQ and iroognal swims l slideshows that you will find on other .Honor Cds These are really iusi peodmg and we would father use the space on
thrs CD to Bnng you only THE BEST software around' A SELECTION OF UN-OMS PROGRAMS Ale have placed every program wo could fevd to decom- press DMS tries on tho CD This makes it a p*x:o of cake to got at the DMS Men either through dou- we icklng r Workbench or the interface ot your choice Ils so easy' MORE C032 FRIENOLY Due to some Dugs m the Arrsga operating system the first AGA Exper* *ce dd not work perfect* on a ner«wyk*a C032 - we have hopefully wryked arocnJ these prodems and the result i a -a treat tor C012 owners' ALL NEW AGA-ONLY SOFTWARE Shc* the »•** of the AGA Expeoence Vol 1
there has Been » massive amount of new top uaHy AGA software V.rfuaay nothing has Been repeated on mo CD from the first one Wo now nnvo many new sources of softwafo. Lo ensure a constant slieam of Qualify titles NEW USEFUL UTILITIES Aftor noarr'g some ot Ihe comment* fiorr. The maga me reviewers wo dooded to neate a drawer containg useful tools Inside tho Useful drawoi you m" find an con to copy DMS files lo RAD «nste*d of DF0 (speeding it up enormously!. TUDE (to make more domovgames run on 030-i.and some Boot disks tor this CO' Somelhmg for everyone PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE" like exclusive game
demos from the An-ga s top putwshers Exctos-ve verson of AweO for HTML Wee page-s-e dxs Mere detailed contents istngs compatitxMy details on the AGA demos etc etc » QMS Was now unpack more quickly, so you can get ot tho Mn you warn even LIGHT ROM VOLUME 3 £38.99 new release! - out Middle of Aprilll £19.99 Light Rom 3 is the most ambitious issue to date, consisting of 3 CD Rom s' Rom 1 is filled with thousands of Lightwave objects and scene files, building upon previous 1 issues. Rom 2 contains huge collections of 3D objetcs in different file for- I mats including Imagine (175MBs . 3D Studio
(100MB’s), Sculpt (30MB's) | and Real 3D (7MB’s). It also includes 700 textures in the JPEG format and J a Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts. Rom 2 also has a col- I lection ot 3D landscapes in the Lightwave. Imagine and 3D Studio file for- I mats and a collection of useful Amiga and PC PD programs Rom 3 is a 'DEM ROM . A bonus CD-ROM containing over 1000 digital elevation maps for use with VistaPro, Scenary Animator and World Construction | Set (available from Blittersoft) on any platform. All Lightwave objects, tex-
* lures and DEMs on this collection are represented with
thumbnail render- Ings Michael Meshew the author of Light Rom
1. 2 and 3, has produced a CD that offers the World artistic
talent for a reasonable price Texture Portfolio & Light Rom 3
for £59.99 HORROR SENSATIONS Horror Sensations is an innovative
I new multi-format CD-Rom containing anything and everything
to do with honor' Includes thousands ol images and pictures
trom tilms ranging from Hammer House ol Honor through to very
recent blockbusters. Also contains the gonest of animations,
horror stories, samples (I e screams, groans elc). Haunting
music tracks ( mods) Designed for use on the PC or Amiga this |
CD will delight any honor fan with masses of material1 OH
Over 50.000 copies ol this superb game were sold Dolore Xmas, and these were |ust Amiga sales Worms is one of the most popular games ol recent tomes across Europe This CD contains an extonsive number ol enhancements lor both the Amiga and PC version ol Worms It contains maps (over 1000 extra levels), a patch update to oiler enhanced loatures to the original game This is volume one in a forthcoming so nos II you are an Amiga or PC Worms Ian then get this now' £9.99 £18.99 AMIGA AND PC COMPATIBLE AMIGA AND PC COMPATIBLE ENCOUNTERS THE AMINET COLLECTION SCI-FI SENSATIONS vol.2 An exiting now
CD-Rom containing I over 1000MB s of science fiction I images music. Animations. 3D | obteas for imegm* and Lightwave sound FX. Documents text, them- tunes. Information and SCI-FI games Categories include Babylon 5.
Startrek (tho Original. TNG. Deep | Space Nine. Voyagor and the films).
Batman Dr Who. Thunderbirds. I Robocop. Biaderunner Aliens 2001. Batttestar Galactoca. TRON. I Total Recafl and many other films New version 2 « now avaaaWe [ lammg more SCI Fl data than ever before £18.99 £- AMINET COLLECTION VOL. 1 £24.99 £12.99 The Aminet CoHectior is a superb set ol four £12.99 COS for any Amiga user Contains Ammei 14 £12.99 PD ,,orn ,0 December 94 4 GIG s ot data1 £12.99 AMINET COLLECTION VOL.2 £26.99 Aminet 6 Aminet 7 Aminet 8 Aminet 9 Aminet 10 Aminet 11 Aminet 12 June 95 August 95 October 95 December 95 February % n ever UFO and i fans will not be disappointed with
this release Based on AmigaGuido it allows the interaction of texi files and images on every possible UFO story Received over 90% in a recent Amiga Computing review The only Amiga CD source for UFO and the unknown retat ed subjects Buy your copy before slocks run out £14.99 April 96 [Out Now) £12.99 Aminet Set 2 contains all the Aminet uploads June 96 [Pre-Order) £11.99 5'n« 'elease f PD from December t994 to November 1995 Gigabytes (four CD’s) ol games, utilities demos, pictures animations.
UIIVDIDTWJ slews iBifM 1 ~‘K' -¦•''¦'¦I- S-SCWn0M Si*VKI Dooks irom me Pro*ct Gmenlxag CD-Rom AMINET SET 2 OUT NOW| most comprehensive collection ever!
MEETING PEARLS 3 Coninnx I0M0 ol packing tools.
• and CG loots i 503- bemap. 190 IFF 139 Pgs 24 Imarypa 132 PCX
games ruonabia suporb custom ennan iteer face Parna! And tarn
P'O’rtded in« connection lo hoal conouiers Guide lila system
Soma stunnngh' ix ge aiwraiom soma over 5MB »n si o Suiteti*
lev both it hi Amiga anfl I DA»TEX 30M6 o ¦ HTML data Gel bcrh
mate CD* foi ooy fi1 « HTTP £9.99 £18.99 £18.99 £18.99 £8.99
£37.99 £36.99 £18.99 TURBO CALC v2.1 17BIT CD 5 LSD VOLUME 3
AMOS vol.2 Saw' 'I 5 % rs SOUND WORKSHOP I X , u,’. - O.g.D.i.t
OCTAMED 6 CD SPECCY 96 MIO sucptemams ate Vyousranlto grapiHca
anwon. D*k maga nas £18.99 Anvoa and Amoe P £18.99 £18.991
£18.99 £18.99 £28.99 CD BOOT v2 AMIGA EXPERIENCE ADULT
E. M. COMPUGRAPHIC In Stock NOW!! Only £24.99 per CD I We stock
many other 'compact discs. If you ido not see what you ¦ want
listed call us for ¦ possible availability I Remember we will
Imatch and try to beat (any compact disc price I listed within
this maga- Izlne. Call lor datalla!
* ugniwava and itea 30 Jr the Amiga and PC computer* Dna
exclusive aaoacr lor this CO is lha 246it Club s cotaeiv images
lor Lighh*ave YouT on* Sod item on 3D ARENA , A D 30 £19.99
reknoam lor h* amamg spaceships ol lamous «c*anco hctwn Nms The
ob) c1x ate complex highly detailed and team vary rear due lo
me superb surface tenure tech- UGHT WORKS £28.99 the AQA Amiga
Over 10 000 images on this quod per* CD AM images ara m 24 Bn
and MAM 8 Scpeib pnee tor 4 CD's' Sudani *or at AGA
owner* OIOA GRAPHICS £29.99 Send your order to: Active
Software, PO Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT,
N-H 01325 352260 *1 ordering add 75p for | Ord9ft outside UK add £1 00 | • vary CO for poataga Ma '.O.a payable lo Act!
Ind land to tha addr« | below You cen pre order Get I by credit card only - yeurl jntill ot Ihe CD-Rom. ZOONl| 2 H now | slock lor delivery pad or any profattuxtal mu8*ian* library oi ameiaur* ccdectton 4 600 modute*
• 4 000 samples. 568 Sonr. Scores 4500 CD £18.99 SOUNDS TERRIFIC
Arw»*ai« BuSdngs Cars | Carfoons Cets Computer* Dnoaeurs Dogs.
Fanuty F«h. I Flags. Insens Maps Madol Marary Mac 1 Pareng
Photo. Placet Planes. So-Fi. Sea Space Sporf Star Irak Swimsui
Trams War*' | You askad tor a cotour capan CO hare * Cotojr
csparf lor near* every occasiw* COLOUR UBRARY £8.99 'TOO
01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 30 RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360°
“Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone
before.” amiga format magazine “At the moment there’s nothing
like it. This game plays as well as it looks” 92% cu amiga
magazine As well as Real 3D v2.5 and the less demanding Real 3D
vl. 3, there are plenty of 3D objects and textures for you to
play with netted, iu the F web s Use the it Aweb it you bring
entiri on di excel Burn your Cl Find ou and rel cheap make ;
CD-RO your Ai 9 I I IJUJ uuuuuo ' -1 ’
• pz.
V f. s animations which took render Experience the thrills of professional 3D modelling with this excellent, full and complete software You will also find demos of the latest and best Cds around, with a useful sample of their contents i ? I fj i i ry a 1 For generally available Personal I nans.
2 DO NOT BUY THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS Shearer ..Blackburn Cole ......Newcastle

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