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Amiga software developers arc also 'porting' their existing products to PowerPC compatible code - Maxon, for example, already have a working version of their popular ravtracing program Cinema -II) (see AF79). Although undoubtedly the hardest part of the project will be porting the Amiga's unique operating system to this new processor, the future of the Amiga is looking very good indeed and you can be sure we will keep you up to date with new developments as they happen. MAY 1996 NEWS Amiga Tech. Have taken their time with the development of the new Amiga but, at last, the "MindWalker" - on show at CeBit. Once again, il seems lliat Amiga Technologies are intent on avoiding the mistakes that their predecessors, Commodore, made. When they were first established the company was immediately bombarded with requests for a new Amiga, but rather than make promises they couldn't keep. Amiga Tech simply staled they were researching new ideas. Now, when they have a functioning prototype, they are ready to unveil the first new Amiga in 4 years - codenamed MindWalker. Don't worry, by the time the production model is available Amiga Tech will have hopefully thought of a less '‘unique" name - like the A1400 or something. The machine was on show in March at Europe's premiere computer show - CeBit in Hannover Germany. .As you can see from the pictures on this page the design is something of departure from the Commodore design ethos. Instead of the usual beige box or an equally beige all-in-one unit, like the A1200, Amiga Tech have opted for a revolutionary design that looks nothing like an Amiga - or pretty much any other computer. - Affectionately dubbed the "Hoover", the new Amiga was designed not to look too much like a computer so that it can easily blend into Amiga your living room without visitors thinking you arc some sort of computer nerd. You could quite easily introduce this new Amiga to people as. "My silver box. That allows me to connect to the Internet and do other cool things". However there is a lot more to the new Amiga than simply a different look. The main thrust of the requests from Atniga- ttsers.

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Document sans nom I £4.50 MAY 1996 ISSII&84
19. 95 US$ 9.95 £ i '' "1 if' ¦ 11 n A ?
V m
• , ; iFi 11 , t ijL , Lsn 11 f- Updated at last! The Amiga's
favourite raytracer now has the power to match the PC !¦ Ima A
multimedia L that re, The silver ball sensation from 21st
Century Tur Stru I W New Amiga!
Uiure PUBLISHING Your guarantee of value Details, pictures and comment on the successor to the A1200 The XL Drive allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL £69.95
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ...£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE .
£49.95 INTERNAL DRIVES Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
3..... £20 FLOPPY EXPANDER Save 1 5MB on a standard floppy
drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76.
which can fit 8MB of RAM on-board.
SUPER XL DRIVE LI VIDEO BACKUP 3 HC-8 SCSI CARD .....£99 GVP G-LOCK Award winning Amiga Genlock.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK £259 IO-EXTENDER Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and R5232 port.
Call for details £69.95 SYQUEST EZ £19.95 £199.95 External IDE hard disk tor the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE ....£99 PLEASE CALL FOR HD SIZES MEMORY REQUIRES 30-RIN SIMMS ZIP DRIVE 5T £239.95 £19.95 POWERSCAN £99.95 pX :'vjrri.V 1 ?
F liMi £99.95 ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI £199.95 ZIP DRIVE Inc. Squirrel .. . .£249.95 100MB DISKETTE ...£19.95 tIP DRIVE REQUIRES SQUIRREl SCSI INTERFACE
3. 5 IDE £POA
3. 5 SCSI ...£POA 120MB 2.5 IDE .....£89.95
340MB 2.5 IDE ...£169.95 510MB 2.5 IDE ..£289.95
850MB 2.5 IDE ...£439.95 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE . £CALL
DISK EXPANDER (WITH HD PURCHASE) £ 15 The Syquest EZ135 drive
is an ideal storage device. The EZ Drive stores 135MB on a
single 3.5* cartridge and has a seek time of 13.5ms. Comes
complete with one 135MB cartridge. (A SCSI interface is
required) Rapid Fire SCSI-II controller card.
Install up to 8MB on-board. For the A2000, A3000 and A4000.
DKB RAPID FIRE SCSI-II . . £139.95 RAPID FIRE SCSI HARD DRIVES SYQUEST EZ135MB 135MB CARTRIDGE EPSON SCAN UEST EZ135 6 8 0 2 0 EC M -TE C HD £30.95 £35.95 £35.95 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . . £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . £75 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) £POA 4X8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) £POA 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . . £25 1 X 4 DIP £25 256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12 GARY ..£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE .£25 KEYBOARD 1C
.£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ......£29 PRINTER CABLE £6 RS232 CABLE ...£6 SCSI EXTERNAL £15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 . £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19 2 04 ROM CHIP £25 FOR ANY SPARES REQUIRED PLEASE CALL SX-32 is an internal add-on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port, serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock, controller for
2. 5' hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
PRINTERS MONITORS CHIPS & SPARES DISK EXPANDER DISK EXPANDER SX-32 MODULE SX-32 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller.
A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) . £629.95 A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) £799.95 4MB STANDARD ADD £125.95 4MB GVP ADD ......£159 s ij !•: c ( a i. o i;n Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripheral for your Amiga
1200. Please call for more information.
Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MBGVPRAM ......£159 16MBGVPRAM .....£549 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . £59.95 AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95 ACEEX V32 BIS 14.4 not bt approved .£80 X-LINK TRUE V34 28 8 BT APPROVED £ 1 99.95 ALL MOOEMS INCLUDE SOFTWARE AND CABLES squirrel scsi interface included where you see this logo SURF SQUIRREL A 2 0 0 0 6806 GVP RAM MODEMS HI-SOFT SURF SQUIRREL ioEXTENDER SCANDOUBLER II ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display
SCAN DOUBLER II ....£399 MICROVITEC 1438 14" .£289 EPSON STYLUS INC.PAPER £489 EPSON STYLUS COLOUR Ms £249.95 EPSON STYLUS COLOUR II . £335.95 EPSON STYLUS 820 £219.95 EPSON STYLUS PRO XI INCLUDE STUDIO II SOFTWARE STUDIO II SOFTWARE ......£49.95 UIRREL MPEG Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
SQUIRREL MPEG £199.95 phono orders We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
¦ail-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non- EC residents Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders wekome.
¦ail-order terais All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trade marks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and.conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES Diggers Oscar Chaos Engine jjlT VIPER 28MHZ CO-PROCESSOR FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ..£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 VIPER MK1 SCSI-ADAPTOR £79.95 P C 1 2 0 8 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ......£55.95 PC1208 1MB ......£85.95 PC1208 2MB ....£119.95 PC1208 4MB .....£145.95 PC1208 8MB .....£249.95 £59.95 £49.95 High resolution pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software. Power Template software includes templates for Dpaint V, Dpaint IV AGA, Ppaint 6.4. What's more you can create your own templates using this software (for any 2.0 3.1 compliant software). When using the cursor it will emulate a 3 buttoned mouse.
GENIUS-TABLET 12 X 12 . . .£195.95 INCL. PEN. CURSOR AND POWER TAB TEMP SIW in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM .....£90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK . . . £24.95 S12K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 tMB RAM ...£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM ...£29.95 A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£399.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT 2 VIDEO DAC ...£25 18-BIT GRAPHICS AOAPTOR A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM . £99.95 A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM . .£189.95 GVP GURU-ROM V6 VGA ADAPTOR £15 GENIUS TABLET MEGACHIP RAM A 5 0 0 68020EC GLIDEPOINT ALPS GLIDEPOINT A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. Please call for further information.
For GVP Only.
Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips .Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) GURU-ROM V6 The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What’s more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD. CD32 Emulator, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc squirrel £179 X4 SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrel £249 AMIGA 4000 DUAL SPEED CD-ROM EXT. .. £139 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM EXT. £199 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE . .£129 SCSI CABLE ...£10 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-5000 ...£479.95 24-BIT, INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 ...£579.95 24-BIT, INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ...£729.95 24-BIT. INC. IMAGE FX REV. 1.5 SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not
just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection. Fully supports AGA chipset, Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non-AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with
2. 04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ....£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY......£20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W £49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W S W . . £39.95 SCANNER SOFTWARE FLATBED SCANNERS POWER SCANNER FLATBED POWERSCANNER SAW . £35 WORKS WITH ALL EPSON FLATBED SCANNERS The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock. 68882 coprocessor optional, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE £119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £179.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB......£199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £299.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £489.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR £69.95 DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 ? NEXT DAY £5 QSAT £10 ?
MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28 VIPER 50 BARE . £199.95 VIPER 50 2M8 ... £269.95 VIPER 50 4M8 .£289.95 VIPER 50 8MB £389.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£599.95 CREDIT CARD NO ... EXPIRY DATE SIGNATURE TOTAL AMOUNT (inc. Delivery) £ SYSTEM OWNED DESCRIPTION ... VIPER 50MHZ TELEPHONE NO.
.POSTCODE ADDRESS NAME CLOCK CARTRIDGE Our unique and highly rated external Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date In Its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate upto 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives. SyQuest removeable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600, The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
ONLY £199.99 or £239.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use, includes a full 50 page manual.
A4000 SCSI controller expansion card that allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be connected to the A4000. Includes full user manual and installation software including CD-ROM drivers. Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices.
33mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £49.99 40mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £69.99 50mhz 68882 FPU (PGA) £79.99 lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £99.99 8mb £159.99 All FPU's are supplied with crystal oscilators DATAFLYER 4000SX ONLY £59.99 ASIM CDFS 3.0 This superb package is a must for any CD-ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software including librarian features, Direct reading of 16bit audio samples, full support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD Discs.
Includes the 'FISHMARKET' CD-ROM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information packed spiral bound manual.
ASIM CDFS ONLY £49.99 SPEEDCOM Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse mouse socket, you will be able to plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
Siren Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our £19.99 which Includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
MNP 2-4 Error Correction
• MNP 5 Data Compression
• Fa* Class I and II compatible. Group 3 Hayes Compatible Full 80
page manual
• 12 Months guarantee 0,»t0 Order NOW for immediate despatch
FREEPHONE 0500 340548 for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279
SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bls) £7!
SPEEDCOM+BF (28,800 V34) £159.99 FREE BSS&ciiu 85mb £89.99 120mb£l04.99 170mb £119.99 250mb £139.99 340mb £174.99 540mb £284.99 SCSI ROM CD DRIVES UndLViL Double speed CD f DRIVE complete wi ?0M th Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Ultra low profile 3,5' drives for A1200.
Come complete with cables etc (as per our 2,5' drives). Simple to fit, you do not need to cut the case of the A1200. Similar power consumption to 2.5' drives.
Cables, docking station and full instructions.
Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD player.
RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £164.99 WITH DATAFLYER £174.99 Amazing power for such a low price. This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU to enable your A120O to run at 5 MIPS (million instructions per second)! Uses standard 72 pin SIMMS and Includes a battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
Amazing value quad speed external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality enclosure.
ZIP DRIVES APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 -flmb £139.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £199.99 Highly rated SCSI drive will store iOOmb per cartridge. Comes Complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
DIRECTIONS: incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete with MMU, 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a floating point unit and battery backed clock.
Runs at just under 9.5 MIPS (million instructions per second!)
ONLY £189.99 or £229.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer IOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99 4mb SIMM £99.99 8mb SIMM £159.99 68882 FPU £69.99 All pnces mclufle VAT. Postage and packing .nil be Cbaiged at £3.50 per order (U.K.I, £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest or the world.
C Introduction Graeme Sandiford talks us through what's on offer in the serious pages of this month's mag.
ImageVision mm It's very unusual to find a multimedia program with an artistic approach but that is exactly what ImageVision is.
Graeme Sandiford gives it the once over.
7 CSX-32 The SX-1 failed to deliver what was expected of it.
Now, with the arrival of the SX-32, there seems to be fresh hope.
David Taylor takes a look.
Video Steve McGill introduces his third video feature with some tips on how to set-up a DTV system on a budget.
Final Writer This months Masterclass looks at graphics. There's still chance to get a copy of AF82's Coverdisk and Nick Veitch will show you how to use it.
1 Real 3D Simple animation techniques were covered in an earlier tutorial. This month John Kennedy gets a bit more complex with orbiting balls and automatic tracking cameras.
AC Brtz Basic 1 John Kennedy finally gets round to telling us how Amiga programs actually work. He's also got a few things to say about IDCMP flags and pull-down menus.
Month In View Nick Veitch tells you all about his favourite bits.
The fight s to a head as ne Sandiford PD Select The Public Domain can be a real gold mine and we've pulled out the best nuggets for you this month.
|ths and lesses of Final ' 4 Lite and n orth 5SE.
84 n | CD-ROM Graeme Sandiford scrutinises the latest offerings on CD-ROM.
A round up of the best value images, sounds, games, programs and utilities.
88 108 B Final Writer v Wordworth The two big Amiga word _____ havebeen j Ar-ff MSSAUtfH ing it out for • j-*| xjrj f __ rfj REGULARS 9 59 Mailbag Whether you want to make a complaint about something or congratulate us on what we've got right, don't hesitate to put pen to paper.
Workbench Whatever your problem, Graeme Sandiford will try very hard to give you an intelligent answer.
Amiga.net Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions - otherwise known as MIME. Darren Irvine explains about it here.
NEWS The Future for Escom New financial backing for Amiga's owners.
11 MAY 1996 12 The New Amiga A special report from CeBit in Germany.
? The World of Amiga Show I 3 Find out what's on where at the forthcoming show - you'll be surprised... 6 9661 AVW S1N31NOD SIMMs J You can never have enough of it. John Kennedy tells you all about memory.
J Loch Ness Andrea Ball visits Ira Curtis Coleman to talk about special effects, monsters and the Amiga.
35 Slam Tilt: Taking pinball games for the Amiga to new levels.
The Final Gate: Full Motion Video action for the CD32.
"T Track Suit Manager 2 m a Does it make the grade as a sequel or is it simply more of the same?
Steve McGill dons his footie boots and checks out the latest football management game.
Slam Tilt Hr mL Pinball whizzard Richard Jones flips his flippers and gives his verdict on the latest Amiga pinball game.
§ Games Check Hr Some games are well worth buying, others are not.
Ji Q Charlie J Cool & HrO Harry's Balloons.
They might appeal to someone!
Test Match Cricket & J I Treble Champions 2 Two new games from Challenge Software. Steve McGill gives his verdict.
C The Final Gate CD32 0 mm Jump on your speedboat and aim your gun. There's men hiding in the bushes just waiting to win that Oscar.
Cy| Gamebusters It's all there for the taking. Hints and tips on Zeewolf 2 and the Flight of the Amazon Queen.
Charts We've all gone soccer mad.
Previews J I Steve McGill visits the Bitmap Brothers to talk about Chaos Engine 2.
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LOCH NESS P24 For a bit of peace and quiet this month, we sent Andrea to see some chap about Ted Danson and the Loch Ness monster. The outcome was, I have to say, surprisingly interesting.
DON’T FORGET P20 If there is one thing you never have enough of, it's memory (or is it hard disk space, or money, or beer?) But what memory do you need and are all SIMMs similar?
BLITZ BASIC P105 John Kennedy has got carried away with himself again, but you will find out how to code your own menus and requesters in this month's installment of the best Blitz tutorial going.
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BLIMEY! Escom seem to have stolen my vacuum cleaner to use as a prototype casing For the new Amiga. I must say I didn't really believe Graeme when he came back From CcBit, but unless he is playing some incredibly bizarre practical joke, the successor to the A1200 may look more at home in the cupboard under the stairs than on your desktop. But once you get past the rather unconventional exterior, there are some truly wonderFul Features. A CD-ROM drive as standard is a blessing, and thankFully, PCI ports arc included which should ease the connection oF cheaper hardware designed For the mass
market. Check out the latest news on page 12.
I was a little distracted this month though, because Slain Till arrived. This is the First pinball game I have ever played and wished that someone would build real liFe tables based on it. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Jones on page 42, except I thought he was a little harsh on the Pirate table (because he isn’t any good at it).
Oh, and watch out For the next month page...® SuperDouble CD Pack Squirrel MPEG A Squirrel VMPEG I he superb SuperDouble CD-ROM is back! Using an excellent 2.4 speed drive from Sony, this CD-ROM provides outstanding performance at an ama .ing price With a 360Kbs data transfer rate and a 230ms access time, the SuperDouble CD-ROM provides all the speed for the power user.
The SuperDouble is fully compatible with the new Squirrel MI’FC. Card, supporting the industry standard VideoCD (White Book) format.
The SuperDouble CD-ROM pack includes the award-winning AGA Experience CD-ROM - rated 93% in issue 79 of Amiga Format. This CD-ROM is crammed full of pictures, utilities, demos, animations and tools for AGA Amigas. The SuperDouble pack also includes the latest Aminet CD-ROM. This disk is brimming with the latest PD, shareware, utilities, demos and picture files from the Aminet archives on the internet A full classic Squirrel is also included in the pack. This allow s easy connection of any SCSI peripheral to the A1200. The package has all the necessary drivers and software for easy connection
of hard drives, CD-ROMs and removable disk drives, such as the Zip "' Drive, to your Amiga.
Bring the cinema inlo your home and onlo your computer with Squirrel MPEG'". Playing the popular VideoCD and CDI CD-ROMs as well as raw MPEG streams, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Classic Squirrel'" or Surf Squirrel'", and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM. Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unit, with a SCSI CD-ROM, as an addition to your TV.
Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Available from March 19%, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSolt Systems.
Ja is a revolutionary 1Gb removable hard disk system for any Amiga with SCSI.
Like a Zip drive on steroids, Jaz provides astonishing performance. Offering data transfer rates of up to 6MB s and access times of under 12ms.
For full information on this amazing SCSI peripheral contact HiSoft Systems.
Studio V2 Professional The original colour management system for your Amiga Use Studio 2 to get the most out ot your printer With its powerful Workbench drivers, you will get outstanding printed results from your applications, every time.
£5 99 plui PAP Studio 2 brings professional colour management to the Amiga, ensuring that the colours on your screen match the colours on your printer.
Studio 2 is also directly supported by the popular printer manufacturers, and always ... includes drivers (or their latest (V' mwc.mWc pn.H oplwo .printers ' Minin, preference program Cinema4D Professional Ray-Tracing and Animation for your Amiga DiskMAGIC Easy File & Disk Management Cinema4D is the easy-to- use ray-tracing and animation system for your Amiga.
Equipped with an intuition- based multi-tasking editor, Cinema4D is replete with every conceivable option including window-based real-time interactive modelling, direct modelling in 3D, basic and complex primitives with infinite variations, easy object manipulation, floating toolbars, user-defined menus, object and lexture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A1200 etc.) & FPUs, and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of "virtual reality", breathing life into objects and scenes.
Whether you have your spaceship dock with a spacestation. Or take a tour around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it's so simple, lust a few mouse clicks and vou will have your objects move realistically through time and space.
Cinema4D also includes MagicLink, the flexible object converter.
MagicLink converts all popular object formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.) to Cinema4D format & back.
Constantly doing battle with the ShelECLI? Slop this futile struggle with DiskMAGIC. The easy-to-use file and disk management utility from HiSoft
E) iskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from the copying
of disks and files, to the viewing of pictures and anims. In
fact, afler using DiskMAGIC, you'll wonder how you ever used
your Amiga without if.
Order Hotline (D 0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660. Armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, (or only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (tor goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs, e 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44(0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44(0)1525 713716 email: hisoft®cix.compulink.co. uk i All price* include UK VAT (ft 17.57c Zip, Jaz arc trademarks of Iomega Inc New moneyr New Amiga In spite of disappointing financial results, investors are still behind Esconi. That was the message the company was keen to get across in the wake of poor financial results, and shortly before Amiga Tech. Revealed their prototype new Amiga at the CeBit'96 show (see over the page for a detailed report).
Essentially, the company has made new shares available to raise over 30 million DM on the investment markets, money which will stem fears of a takeover and scotch rumours that Escom has become over extended with expansion into amongst other things, the Amiga market. Gilles Bourdin of Amiga Tech. Was confident, "this gives Escom a more solid financial base, enabling it to develop successlully."
• PowerPC Amigas still on schedule .p 11
• Unveiled at CeBit - The New Amiga pi2
• Scottie defects to Team 17 ......pl4
• Surprises in store at the World of Amiga . . P 16 PowerPC Amiga
Update Progress is being made on the next generation of
Amiga's, and they may even arrive on time... Whilst it may be a
little hard to believe, such is the nature of these projects,
the development of the PowerPC-based Amigas is actually
progressing on time. Amiga Technologies are still expecting
their new generation of super Amigas to be ready in the first
half of next year.
Despite a horrendous S85-million loss made last financial year by Amiga Technologies' parent company, Escom, development has and will go on unhindered. Contrary to some of the wild rumours that have been circulating which claim that the loss in profit is due to the acquisition of the Amiga, the apparent poor performance of the company is due to its continued expansion.
The last financial year not only saw the purchasing of the Amiga's technology, but also of this Summer, By which time work should be completed on a OS (Operating System) capable of handling this new technology.
Eyetech should crack open the champagne for a job well done.'
David Taylor reviews the successor to the SX-ll PAGE 75 the development of several new lines of PC's and peripherals and the acquisition of the Rumbelows outlets in the UK. According to Gilles Bourdin, PR Manager at Amiga Technologies, “the company has already received financial backing from several major banks, and will not only Ire able to cover its losses, but continue to expand and develop new products", which will include the Amiga.
Phase 5's progress on its line of PowerPC accelerator boards is also progressing on time and should Ire reads sometime towards the end Judging by developments in the computer industry in general, it would seem that Amiga Technologies have indeed made the right decision when embracing the PowerPC as the foundation for the next generation of Amigas.
At this year's CeBit show it was confirmed, as speculated on in last issue's news, that a PowerPC model of the Sega Saturn is being worked on. A fully working prototype from Hitachi was on display and plays, with Sega Rally at least, faster than the original model. This, along with other developer projects, bodes well for support of the PowerPC platform.
Amiga software developers arc also 'porting' their existing products to PowerPC compatible code - Maxon, for example, already have a working version of their popular ravtracing program Cinema -II) (see AF79).
Although undoubtedly the hardest part of the project will be porting the Amiga's unique operating system to this new processor, the future of the Amiga is looking very good indeed and you can be sure we will keep you up to date with new developments as they happen.
MAY 1996 NEWS Amiga Tech. Have taken their time with the development of the new Amiga but, at last, the "MindWalker" - on show at CeBit.
Once again, il seems lliat Amiga Technologies are intent on avoiding the mistakes that their predecessors, Commodore, made.
When they were first established the company was immediately bombarded with requests for a new Amiga, but rather than make promises they couldn't keep. Amiga Tech simply staled they were researching new ideas.
Now, when they have a functioning prototype, they are ready to unveil the first new Amiga in 4 years - codenamed MindWalker.
Don't worry, by the time the production model is available Amiga Tech will have hopefully thought of a less '‘unique" name - like the A1400 or something.
The machine was on show in March at Europe's premiere computer show - CeBit in Hannover Germany.
.As you can see from the pictures on this page the design is something of departure from the Commodore design ethos. Instead of the usual beige box or an equally beige all-in-one unit, like the A1200, Amiga Tech have opted for a revolutionary design that looks nothing like an Amiga - or pretty much any other computer.
- Affectionately dubbed the "Hoover", the new Amiga was designed
not to look too much like a computer so that it can easily
blend into Amiga your living room without visitors thinking you
arc some sort of computer nerd. You could quite easily
introduce this new Amiga to people as. "My silver box. That
allows me to connect to the Internet and do other cool things".
However there is a lot more to the new Amiga than simply a different look. The main thrust of the requests from Atniga- ttsers. Was for a more powerful and expandible version of the A1200, This is exactly wrhat. Despite its concept car-like outward appearance, the "Walker" is. It, like the A1200 at its inception, is intended to be an entry-level machine that can still be pxpanded later on.
However, times have moved on now and people are demanding more power from their computers and to meet this need the “Walker” has been fitted with a 680EC8U CPU running at 40MHz. If users are going to be involved in a lot heavy mathematical calculations, such as 3D graphics or image processing, they will also have the option of fitting an FPU (Floating Point Unit) straight onto the motherboard.
ADD-ON AND ON AND ON... Having learnt a lesson from Commodore's mistake of not supplying enough of their machines with fast memory, or even making a provision for adding memory without an expansion card, the new Amiga has a new memory system. It is now- possible to add industry-standard SIMMs to the motherboard.
Up to a maximum of 128Mb of RAM can be added in this way via two SIMM sockets that can mix-and-match different sized SIMMs. The machine is going to be supplied with either five or 6Mb as standard (including 2Mb Chip RAM), which will mean that the machine will be able to perform at its best. You can expect the "Walker" to be on the same performance level as many accelerated A1200s, especially if you add an FPU.
I lowever the real triumph of design is its incredible modular expansion system. Thanks to a unique expansion bus you will be able to add-on a variety of different peripherals.
You will be able to choose between adding Zorro or PCI expansion slots as the bus supports both types. This means you'll be able to take advantage of either relatively cheap PCI peripherals from PC manufacturers or make use of existing and new Zorro-based cards. In this way you can enjoy the benefits of cheap hardware, take advantage of the new PowerPC boards that will soon be available and not have to throw away your existing cards.
MIX AND MATCH This innovative expansion system will give purchasers of new machines the opportunity to cither opt for monster tower system straight-away. Or to build their machine up piece by piece as their budget allows. This kind of flexibility and number of expansion options is unavailable on any other platform and should hopefully bring a lot of serious-minded computer-users back to the .Amiga. As the "Walker" is essentially a souped-up A1200 it should retain a high level of backward compatibility. This means that your existing software collection should run quite happily on it.
The “Walker" is still in the prototype phase of development and some of the features and specifications may he changed slightly, but this is going to be the first in a new generation of Amiga's. The final model should go into production, along with Workbench 3.2. towards the end of this Summer and should do very well this Christmas. It should cost approximately 1500DM (£700-750) and will, like most Pcs. Come supplied with a quad- speed CD-ROM drive, HD floppy drive and a hard disk around the 500Mb mark.
On a related topic the next, next-generation of Amiga, the ones based on the PowerPC processors, are still on schedule and should be with us in the first half of 1997. The modular expansion system of the "Walker” is likely to form the basis of these new machines and indicates that we’re in for a real treat.
To find out more about these new machines and many other Amiga-related things why not visit the Amiga Technologies WWW page at: http: www.amiga.de. CeBIT 96 With grounds equal to the size of most town centres, the new Amiga was by no means the only new product on show at CcBit ’96.
Amongst the legions of boring PC products there were some innovative new products that will be of interest to Amiga-ow-ners.
Perhaps the two most intriguing items were two new- removable storage devices. Iomega and SyQuest arc set to clash heads again with the forthcoming arrival of the Jaz drive and the SyQuest Ayjet. The companies are already in fierce competition with SyQuest's E7.135 and Iomega's 'drives struggling for portable media dominance.
Both the E 135 and 'drives are impressive products that oiler outstanding value, but these two new products will be offering over 1 (Gigabyte of portable data storage capacity. As you can imagine, having I Gb of data on a single cartridge is certainly good news for people working in areas of the computer industry that have data storage requirements, such as those involved with multimedia, graphics and music.
The Jaz drive is pretty impressive and has many similarities with its little brother the Zip drive. It has similar styling (a floppy-drive-mecis-walkman look) and the cartridges appear quite similar. The drive accepts 1Gb cartridges and can manage sustained transfer rates of between 3.77 to 6.73Mb sec with a maximum burst rate of about lOMb sec. The Jaz will be available in the UK early this Summer and will cost about £500.
SyQuest s answer to this new drive, is the Syjel, a slim-line 1.3Gb drive with a rather gorgeous casing that manages to look both futuristic and classical at the same time. Performance wise there is little difference between it and the Jaz - it has a sustained transfer rate of 4Mb sec and a maximum burst rate of lOMb sec. O If you want to see the Amiga "Walker" for yourself then pop along to the World Of Amiga Show - checkout our guide.
SHOW-GUIDE PAGE 16 Declining PC Sales Hit Escom Hard Escom. One of ihc leading PC manufacturers in Germany and parent company of Amiga let Imologies Ginbh, announced a loss of $ 85 million I'm the year eiidingl J95.
Blaming falling sales on a drop in market demand and inventors write offs, the results arc already sending shockwaves throughout the global PC and I S high technology sector.
Following suit, Compaq, the world's largest personal computet manufacturer, witnessed an acute drop ol 16 per cent in its share price. Related to investor fears of lower profits due to failed sales targets, the company has adopted an aggressive strategy of lower hardware prices and higher marketing spend in order to compensate.
3 The growing educational world of multimedia is opened up to be explored.
4 The drive doubles up as a CD player that can be connected to your Hi-Fi.
The trends are viewed by analysts as a sign of increasing consumer dissatisfaction with the complexity, difficulty of use. And expense of the PC.
5 Access to non-Net users of Aminct's prestigious and massive files.
Scheming Celt Turncoat Defects 6 Kodak photo CD access is as easy as installing simple to use software.
7 Provides a firm base for Amiga MPEG add- Opens the world of Full Motion Video CD's.
"Tall Bloke". "Scotiic". "McGill ". “Scheming Celt Turncoat."
Whatever name chosen to call him. The story's the same.
Steve McGill (47) has coldly and callously chosen to delect to those wacky Wakefield teamsters. Team 17 (where all old Amiga Format employees seem to end up). We have of course, sent advanced messages ol sympathy to Team 17.
We're also prepared to counsel them for the three months it takes before they decide to sack him.
8 Takes up a fraction of the physical space required to store hundreds of floppies.
Amiga Format are going to covermount a CD-ROM from next month onwards.
Lie yyill be sorely missed by the office cleaners.
Amiga Format’s Top Ten Reasons to buy a CD-ROM Drive 1 Massive storage potential of 650 Mb equivalent to over 700 floppy disks.
CD-ROMS can store - hundreds of images like C% Cheaper production costs of CD's leads to cheaper software.
EUROPEAN UNION BACK ATTEMPTS TO IMPROVE INTERNET USE University ) A1200 MISTAKEN FOR PC SHOCKER At CeBIT '96 there was of a new Internet PC N e t C o r n e r PROVECTOR-USERS GET ON-LINE SUPPORT The Amiga's favourite vector- wili Market In Turmoil ? The Bradford Columnjl-1 I|P=Ln NEWS MAY 1996 Leisuresoft, a seasoned UK hardware and software distributor, has been placed into voluntary administration as of Monday 18th March 1995.
Viewed as a move intended to protect Leisuresoft's creditors, the fate of the struggling distributor is viewed as further evidence of poor market conditions, (see Amiga Formal82. Bursting Bubbles’) As if to reinforce the feeling of gloom, Mindscape has recently posted a £6.9 million loss for 1995.
Cited by Mindscape as a reflection of a slacker than projected market, high development costs and intense competition, the beleaguered company sees the year ahead being as tough, if not tougher than 1995.
Although not good news for the .Amiga market, it does point to the need of a middle ground, easy to use. Affordable machine which is neither too expensive in hardware or software terms.
The release of the new Amigas in conjunction with the Surfer bundle could provide relief for a struggling industry.
E. Starkey. Chesterfield. Mr G. Hamkin, Nottingham. Mr. Eric W.J.
Ashton, Lancashire.
L Sgt A.J, Brady, Germany. S.D. Turnbull. Cambs. D.J. Berge, Netherlands. Graham Farr. Staffs. David lee. Cheshire. Mr E. Fortune. Fife. Mr I). Beasor. Germany.
A V as possible, is heating up with two of the best known manufacturers producing sub-flOO 14.4K modems.
USRobotics are now supplying their Sportster VI Modem at the new low Hayes Microcomputer Products are supplying their similarly specified ACCURA puts Internet-capable dudes. Lee and Ken Stranahan have set up a website to promote their new video and CD-ROM package.
Access Denied is a video guide to moviemaking on a budget and producing special effects.
T two f modems within the fiscal grasp of more computer users, so be on the look-out for these and other cheap modems from your local STRANAHAN BROTHERS GO ON-LINE Two of the foremost Just about every TV show you can think of and loads of films, you can expect to i wealth of useful
• Access Denied site is located at: http: users.aol.com stranah
NEW LIGHTWAVE SITE As well as the official Newtek site, there's
a new i for in French at the moment.
Fronch Wave contains plugins, images and utilities, ail for Lightwave Ih* f nglish version of the site should hopefully be up and running by March 31st (by the time you read this) and can be found at: http 'www.planete.net -dr ullhet website dedicated to this fab package. Based in Franco, and written mostly Sadly, the subliminal messages Escom are transmitting to the trade, by their almost bloody-minded intransigence, inactivity and reluctance to spend any money whatsoever, are sending even the most Amiga- devoted software publishers off to the (perceived) sunnier climes' elsewhere.
Not that they necessarily are sunnier, of course. The blggest-selllng Amiga release of recent years - SWOS - was converted to the PC almost a year later and, quite frankly. It hasn't set the world alight. Sales figures can only be a fraction of the Amiga's, and no wonder: It's a bloody travesty. It's managed to lose all the charm of the Amiga version and scrolls (even on a Pentium 133) like an Atari ST release from 1987. The door's still open. Sensible, and If this Is the way forward you'd be foolish to close it behind you.
If an AT CD-ROM drive arrives sometime soon, purchasers will have an absolute bean feast on CD32 software. I’ve seen shops selling reasonable titles for as little as £2.99 each lately, which should comfortably fill the void before new titles are released.
Having said that. If AT’s previous sense of vibrancy, timing and marketing nous is anything to go by. Most of those shops will have been converted Into cafes, opticians and fast food operations by the time the drive appears... I've never been one of those cynics who questioned the Great Lord Escom's Intentions when he flashed the cash at the liquidator, but witnessing the recent machinations of the Escom marketing machine Is causing even a simple soul like me to think a bit.
The Commodore name has been tagged onto a range of anonymous PC peripherals and is being thrust in front of consumers everywhere. Maybe I take things too personally, but It’s a bit like seeing a picture of your beloved ex- glrlfrlend In the local paper after she has got engaged to a red sports car-driving fool who frequents the Golf Club.
In comparison, the amount of creative marketing (and cash) apportioned to the Amiga Is virtually nonexistent.
Actually, forget about virtually'. And forget about 'In comparison' too. They're like a kid with a complex new toy.
Who ends up playing with the packaging Instead.
They're like a kid with a complex new toy who ends up playing with the packaging instead Yes, he Is a Welshman. But that doesn't make him wrong.
Shoot him down In flames via e-mail at: 101560.2770 @compuserve.com or fax him on: 01633 896087.
Tho opinions expressed here are those of a Welshman who Is an ex-retailer, but not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
"You are a rubber suited hard dude placed at the bow of a powerboat armed with a big gun."
Steve McGill on The Final Gate THE FINAL GATE CD** PAGE 52 World of Amiga Show E E C HISoft Bltttareoft HIQ HISoft Bltttarsoft HIQ *!
VO Os Os T- s If you're a real Amiga fan then you can't afford to miss it. Get your tickets and we'll see you there.
FLOORPLAN OF NOVOTEL EXHIBITION CENTRE To Amiga Thaatra Exciting things are afoot in the Amiga world; there’s a brand new Amiga (see pages 12 and 13), loads of new hardware products and oodles of software. Of course the best way to keep up on events in the Amiga world is to read the wonderful mag that you’re holding in your hands right now, but if you are looking for a more corporeal experience then you’d better book your train ticket to London right now. The World of Amiga show is making it’s triumphant return on the 13th and 14th of April and is definitely worth a visit for any Amiga-user
worth their salt. Tickets will costs £7 for adults and £5.50 for kids.
The show is being held at the Novotel in Hammersmith (London) and will be the venue for many an Earth-shaking event and release. Two of the biggest crowd-pullers will be Amiga Tech. And Micronics.
Amiga Tech’s stand will obviously be attracting a great deal of attention as the fust new Amiga in four years will be on show in the UK for the first time. Called the Amiga MindWalkcr, at the moment at least, this new machine features a futuristic casing, a 680EC30 processor, on-board SIMM and FPU sockets, a quad-speed CD- ROM drive, a HD floppy, a hard drive and a revolutionary new expansion system as standard.
Micronics will be turning a few heads with their A1200 tower systems which will be shown to the UK market for the first time. This new tower casing operates on a plug-in system that will enable Al 200- owners to slot in their mother board and peripherals quickly and easily.
Of course there will be tons of other stuff on show as well, such as the Surf Squirrel (and hopefully the new Jaz drive) from HiSoft, the SX-32 from Eyetech, the Siamese system from HiQ and a host of accelerators, SCSI controllers and hard disks from companies like Power Computing, Gasteiner and Siren Software.
Oh I almost forgot we’ll be there to, with the rest of Future Publishing's Amiga titles. ® 01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 30 RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS • MULTIPLE WEAPONS SYSTEMS • REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC • HD INSTALLABLE • AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 “Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before.” AMIGA FORMAT MAGAZINE “At the moment there’s nothing like it This game plays as well as it looks” 92% CU AMIGA MAGAZINE OUR AWARD-WINNING PENTIU.
PC FORMAT S BEST MULTIMEDIA A CLEAR WINNER NOW WITH EVXKKnEcDI TOP TWENTY Microsoft Works 3 extensive word publisher, spreadsheet and database suite of programs, plus Doom 2 Screen Saver and EIGHTEEN top games These are all full games, all UK versions and they’re the very best in computer entertainment SIXX PENTIUM MULTIMEDIA PC Pentium Pi00 or higher CPU on a Pentium PCI motherboard with the latest n»gh performance Intel Triton chipset including 256k asynchronous cache plus EDO memory and Pipeline Burst* mode cache support IBM 1700 MB high speed hard drive & 1 44 MB Floppy 256K cache and 8 MB
or 16 MB RAM expandable to 128 MB Fast S3 Trio 64-bit graphics accelerator play s Video CD s. EiDE 6 drive bays 3 PCI slots and 4 16-brt ISA slots 14* Syremaster 0 28 dot pitch SVGA with tilt and swivel Windows 95 keyboard, mouse and mouse mat Creative Labs Multimedia hardware FITTED CREATIVE LABS MULTIMEDIA DorVt take our word tor II' See the Jan 96 edition of PLAYSTATION CD'S
• = New or re-release title I PC Format to compare 1 our P100
PARK IN- 36 99 NBA • .38.99 0RT TYCOON OXE • 34 99 INBALL • 37
99 .Bl- 3799 D METAL 37 99 3799 OMMANDER 3 36 99 UT 38 99 i 34
ALLOW ANALOGUE CONTROL 9 99 bi directional printer lead 9 99
99 £9 chaos engine o 49 £5 CORE COMPILATION VOL 2 BANSHEE
12. 99 Latest six speed CD Rom fast, runs games seemiessiy and
plays music CD's Creative Labs ALL-NEW Sound Blaster t6 Plug
n Play Stereo sound card. Creative Labs stereo speakers &
UK MAINLAND ADORESSES luwiHT'oanioicnnivnrM now..u ct io.loot
TV I 214.99
Thousands of discounted games and peripherals, many at Kk ¦
289. 99 VERYHiG" h- quality inkjet w a-5 PAGES PER MINUTE Cfl£E
19. 99 17.99 12.49 a,2oo 21.49 14.99 9.99 SAVE £6 SAVE £12 SAVE
• = New or re-released 512K = Will work on 512K machine NOP =
Will not work on A500+. A600 or A1200 N012 = Will not work on
the A1200 Amiga A500 & Compatible 22 99 699 6 99 14 99 9 49 £20
22 99 Overseas members a03 £2 carnage ock availably and may
change 25 49 £9 12 49 £2 U99 £20
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ENGINE I512KI 999 £16 CHAOS ENGINE 2 23 49 £6 club football • the mgr 599 £24 COLONIZATION 23 49 CM COLOSSUS CHESS X iN012 499 COVER GIRL STRIP POKER
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11. 99 £18 GUNSMIP 2000 1499 £2 HEROQUEST 2• THE LEGACY OF
1399 £3 INNOCENT 9 99 £28 JiNXTER(5l2Ki 399 £20 JURASSIC PARK
13 49 £1 KGB(5l2Ki 12 49 £2 KINGPIN 799 £5 KINGS OUEST 6 24
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UTILITIES Amiga A500 & Compatible Amiga A1200 & Compatible
Sony PlayStation ...304.99 WITH DOOM CD worth 44.99 or £40
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Open 10am to 8pm (5pm on Sundays) 01279 600204 (horgt cord or personal SAWBRIDGEWORTH The Mattings. Station Road.
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OVERDRIVE 250 MB HARD DRIVE FOR A1200 5 A600 25 OVERDRIVE 1 25 GB (1272 MB) HARD DRIVE FOR A1200 4 A600 21 mmm m Pmniim available s ALL OUR AMIGA MAGIC PACKS COME SUPPLIED WITH 22 SOFTWARE TITLES Wordworth v4SE. Turbo Calc v3 6.
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wanted to know about memory, but um... forgot.
Memory is one of the great essentials of computing.
Along with processor speed and hard disk size it's essential to gel the right amount.
Although the Amiga is typically frugal with memory, it still needs quite a lot to perform at its best.
Memory is measured in units called “bytes", and one byte can store a value between 0 and 255. The next step up is a "kilobyte" or "Kb" which for reasons of binary arithmetic, isn't 1000 bytes, but 1024 bytes. A Megabyte ("Mb") is 1024 times 1024 bytes. A "Gb" is 1024 Megabytes.
A common trick which console game manufacturers play is to quote cartridge sizes in “Megabits". Since there are eight bits in a byte, they can say their game is "8Mb" and actually mean "1Mb". Tch.
The answer to the question “How much memory do I need?" Is simple. It's always "more than you currendy have".
T he standard A1200 comes with 2Mb of Chip RAM. Permanently attached to the main circuit board (so does the CD32 by the way) which is enough to run Workbench, one or two utilities and an application. However, with no Fast RAM, the A1200 can struggle. When you start to get low on memory strange things can happen - unexplained crashes, bizarre printing problems, corruption of data - that kind of thing.
Any Amiga, but the A1200 in particular, is improved beyond measure when 4Mb of Fast RAM is added. A tiMb set-up should really be considered the minimum lor games users. (Most games are normally written expecting only 2Mb of Chip RAM and won’t even notice any extra memory).
With 6Mb you can start to experiment properly with your Amiga, and explore its capabilities in depth.
Everything from animation to desktop publishing to programming becomes a lot faster and a lot more fun. Add more memory and you can start to play with topics such as image processing at a professional level. Ray tracing speeds up and more complex models are possible.
MEMORY FOR BEGINNERS Physically, memory looks rather dull. Most memory these days is in the form of “SIMMs" or “Single Inline Memory Modules".
SIMMs are actually small circuit boards with individual chips soldered directly to them, and they clip into special sockets. They were originally developed by Xerox as a way of simplifying the expansion of the memory of laser printers, but these days they have become the new standard, replacing DIPs “Dual Inline Packages" and ZIPs “ZigZag Inline Packages".
As SIMMS are so popular, most Amiga expansion systems come with sockets for one or more SIMMs, and this makes expansion and upgrading quite straightforward.
SIMMs are almost, not quite, a standard. There are many different types and it is essential get the right sort. To start with, SIMMs come in different capacities. The usual sizes are: 1Mb 2Mb 4Mb 8Mb 16Mb 32Mb 64Mb 128Mb Not all expansion boards can deal with all sizes. Different boards deal with different modules in different ways.
Some can mix and match (for example, one 4Mb and one 8Mb) some can't.
Check before you buy! If the board you arc buying has one SIMM, it's worth buying the largest SIMM you can afford.
If you buy a 1Mb SIMM and then realise you need a 4Mb, you will recover only a fraction of the price you paid for the 1Mb SIMM.
You'll also hear about SIMMs having “parity". Parity’ takes the form of an extra bit in every byte, and it is used by some Pcs to check that the memory is reliable. With modern memory, parity checking isn't very relevant anymore and the extra chips required simply increases the price. When shopping for 2Mb of Chip RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. Trapdoor expansion slot allows cards with extra Fast Memory to be added. Alternatively, a card with a faster processor can be added, again with sockets for extra Fast Memory. There is also a PCMCIA socket on the A1200, to which up to 4Mb of
Fast RAM can be added. The PCMCIA socket is not as fast as the trapdoor, and the performance of memory added in this way is poorer.
2Mb of Chip RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. Using expansion modules such as the SX-1 or SX-32. It is possible to add up to 8Mb of Fast RAM.
Five 72-pin SIMM sockets on the motherboard. One socket is for Chip RAM. And can be fitted with 1Mb or 2Mb modules. The four other sockets are for Fast RAM and will support 1Mb or 4Mb SIMMs. It Is not possible to mix these: they must all be a 1Mb or all 4Mb. Tip: when buying an A4000 with 4Mb of Fast RAM, make sure it is in the form of one 4Mb SIMM rather than four 1Mb SIMMs.
512K of Chip RAM. A trapdoor allows up to 512K more. An expansion bus allows up to 8Mb of fast. Various hacks and plug-in processor accelerators make almost any amount of memory, selcri non-parity SIMMs to try and save a few pounds. Parity memory should work perfectly in Amigas. But nothing will he gained.
An often overlooked aspect of memory, is speed. SIMMs are usually rated as operating at 60. 70 or 80 ns (nanoseconds). With no form of processor acellerator, 80ns RAM is usually sufficient. However, if you lit a processor which operates much faster than the standard A1200's 68020, you will need to ensure you have memory with the correct rating.
Speed of accelerator card Speed of memory 80ns. 70ns, 60ns 70ns, 60ns 60ns 25 - 28 Mhz 33 Mhz 40+ Mhz You can use faster memory with slower processors (nothing will happen) although using slow memory with fast processors is not recommended, and could lead to crashes and errors. Some processor cards will detect slower memory (or can be set to detect it) and will work fine, albeit at a slightly slower rate than maximum.
You can tell the speed of the SIMM by examining it closely for writing.
There should be a rating printed on it: a number ending in -6 or -7 or -8, or possibly -60, -70 or -80. If it saw -7. This means -70ns and so on.
SIMMs differ in other ways as well.
Some are double-sided, some are singlesided. Some have three chips on the board, some have more. Individually these SIMMs may work perfectly well, but when combined they may not work.
In some cases there is nothing you can do but call in Scully and Moulder.
A new form of memory, F.IX), has appeared in the last few months. EDO stands for "Extended Data Out" and it describes the way in which the chips present their data to the memory bus.
EDO chips are claimed to improve VIRTUAL MEMORY A phrase you will probably have heard is ‘virtual memory".
To an application program, virtual memory is no different from ordinary memory and can be written to and read from as normal. However, virtual memory is actually stored on a hard disk rather than in a memory chip. Intelligent software “caches" the memory as pages and copies them to and from disk as needed. Obviously this is a lot slower then ordinary RAM. But it also makes it possible to run memory-hungry software on less well endowed hardware.
Some programs. ImageFX for example, include their own “virtual memory" routines although in these cases the term is misapplied. True virtual memory requires a processor with a MMU (memory management unit) and works in the background unknown to the applications.
Virtual memory is one area where the Amiga lags behind operating systems such as Windows, but check out Aminet for programs such as “Vmem” and “Vmm".
Performance on Pcs, but Amigas are unlikely to see any improvement. On the contrary. EDO RAM may fail to work - although when we tested an 8Mb EDO SIMM with a Blizzard 68060 card it worked perfectly.
Older SIMMs came in 32 or 30-pin packages, and you'll still find these lurking on older Zorro cards or GVP hard drives for A300s. Hardly anything uses this size anymore, as we've all gone 32-bit which means 72-pin SIMMs are de rigeur.
SHOPPING FOR MEMORY Recently the price of memory has taken a considerable dive, and you should now be able to source 4Mb SIMMS for around the £50 mark.
Several reasons have been put forward: the launch of Vvindows95 prompted speculation that more memory would be required, but the amount was over-estimated and there is now a glut. Certainly several American RAM manufacturers have since been forced to file for bankruptcy.
When shopping for memory, the advice is obvious: check the goods are exactly what you need, and then shop around and haggle like crazy.
The low size and high price of memory makes it a target for thieves. Many business people have returned to their premises in the morning only to find that they have suffered a burglary.
Instead of taking entire computer systems, the thieves only remove the SIMMs. SIMMs are not marked with a serial number, and so it is impossible to trace them.
On a smaller scale, employees sometimes “borrow" memory from office machines and take them home.
Often the memory isn’t missed until the next company audit.
When buying a SIMM privately make sure the seller has a legitimate reason for selling it. If you knowingly buy a stolen SIMM, you are actively encouraging their theft and also financing other criminal activities. How would you feel if your memory was stolen in a break in? More selfishly, if you buy a SIMM in suspicious circumstances, how do you know it will work properly? Thieves aren't renowned for their static sensitive precautions. What will you do if the SIMM is faulty? What sort of guarantee is there?
When you are buying an acellerator card with memory fitted, make sure to ask if the SIMM is brand new, unused and guaranteed.
You can check by looking at the vert- top of your Workbench window.
Assuming you have Workbench 2.04 or greater, you'll sec a measure of ¦graphics mem" (Chip RAM) and "other mem" (normally "Fast RAM").
Continued overleaf e memory possible from 2Mb Chip RAM expansions to 68040 cards with sockets for 64Mb of Fast RAM.
Practically the same as the A500 but with 1Mb of Chip RAM as standard. Again, many custom expansion methods exist.
1Mb of Chip RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. Adding a card to the trapdoor allows the Chip RAM to be increased to 2Mb.
PCMCIA slot allows Fast memory to be added, but it's not that fast... Early models came with 512K of Chip RAM, plug-in Zorro cards allowed up to 8Mb Fast RAM. Plug-in accelerators provide processors with their own memory bus and therefore considerably more than 8Mb.
Most A3000s were shipped with 1Mb Chip RAM and 1Mb Fast RAM in ZIP packages on the motherboard. Adding extra ZIPs is easy (once you have entirely taken apart the A3000).
The new Amiga has two SIMM sockets on the motherboard, for up to 128Mb 111 This tells you the amount of memory you have free - so a standard Amiga 1200 will display "0" for other memory as it comes with only Chip RAM as standard.
To see how much memory is available, open a Shell window and enter AVAIL. You'll see a list of Available memory (as the display at the top of the Workbench screen), In-use.
Maximum and largest.
Ui ee a 5 UI IL UI s s I I The Maximum is the amount of memory which is free after the Operating System has taken some.
Largest available memory is the size of the biggest currently available concurrent chunk of memory.
The Amiga's operating system deals with requests from programs and allocates and frees blocks of memory.
After a while the memory starts to “fragment" and the OS cannot allocate large chunks.
The same amount of memory is still available, but the pointers which the operating system uses are scattered here and there. Some programs will simply fail if they can't allocate a large enough chunk of memory. The only way to de-fragment the memory is to switch the Amiga off and then back on again.
Other fragmentation occurs because of the way in which the Amiga has Itoen expanded. For example, an Amiga 4000 with memory fitted to the motherboard, and to a processor accelerator and to a Zorro card may have a huge amount of free RAM.
However, the operating system is unable to merge them all into one continuous block and so there may be two or three pools of memory, each several megabytes large. A program such as S sinfo will detect these pools and list them separately.
If you arc in a low- meinory situation and don't really want to have to spend money on more hardware, there arc- several things you can do to save money and make the most of the RAM you have.
* First of all. Check your ENV: file in RAM to make sure there
isn't any data stored from programs which you have long since
deleted. Remove them from
F. NVARC.: and re-boot.
* Then check the screen modes you are using. Use as few colours
as possible, and cut down the screen size.
A four colour workbench may look less interesting than a 16 colour, but it also uses a lot less memory.
* Don't store unnecessary data in RAM disk when you can keep it
on disk.
Don't mount a RAD disk unless you have to.
* If you have a MMU, make use of Virtual Memory techniques.
As the Amiga stores all the data for graphics in Chip RAM, using a graphics card such as a Picasso or Cybervision makes a large difference, and frees up a lot of Chip RAM.
This makes the most difference to the number of programs with detailed screens you can have running at once, and is also very helpful to any applicadon which stores data in Chip RAM. Such as some Desktop Publishing software.
The Amiga A1200‘s P .MCL port is mapped in memory to the same location that some accelerator cards would place their second bank of 4Mb.
And this can cause problems. If you accusing a Squirrel you may find fitting an extra 4Mb or a single 8Mb SIMM causes the SCSI interface to stop working or vice versa. This is a problem mainly with older or cheaper memory expansions.
If you have a card with 8Mb fitted, you can check where your memory is with the “showconfig" command. Memory starting at S2000000 is a problem, memory starting SI (1)00000 will be fine.
Some acellerator cards or utilities offer the option of caching the Kickstart ROM in RAM. This means that the ROM data is copied into a block of RAM. And patched so that it appears to be in its original location. This speeds up the Amiga because by its nature.
ROM is slower to read than RAM. 1) AMIGA MEMORY TYPES CHIP RAM The Amiga has a main processor (the 680x0), but also its custom chips which handle graphics and sound. These chips operate independently of the processor they cannot for example, be sped up by adding a processor accelerator. However, both the processor and the custom chips need to access memory. The 680x0 needs to write to the memory to create the data needed for the video display, and the graphics hardware needs to read from the memory in order to make the display.
Part of the Amiga's hardware is therefore dedicated to making sure that the right component has access to the memory at the right time.
This obviously slows down access to the memory, as there will be times when both the processor and the custom chips want to access the same location.
All Amiga's come with Chip RAM as standard: they have to otherwise they wouldn't work as there would be no memory for the video display. Chip RAM is limited to 2Mb in the current range of Amigas. The A4000 has a jumped on the motherboard marked “Chip RAM 2Mb 8Mb" but this does nothing other than cause regular outbreaks of speculation on Usenet.
Vo o erv T- § FAST RAM Only data which is important to the custom chip set needs to reside in Chip RAM. An Amiga can also be fitted with extra memory - memory which cannot be accessed by the custom chips.
This is referred to as "Fast RAM*. The reason why is obvious: fitting Fast RAM to an Amiga will often increase it's speed - sometimes by as much as a factor of two.
With Fast RAM present programs and their data are free to reside outside the reach of the custom chips and the processor therefore never has to wait and can operate at full speed. Adding Fast RAM to an Amiga with only Chip RAM is the simplest way to speed it up.
FASTER RAM It is possible to add memory in such a way that it can be accessed even faster than Fast RAM. Take the Amiga 4000 as an example. Memory placed on Zorro II expansion cards can only be accessed 16 bits at a time.
This means to read the full complement of 32-bits of which the 680x0 processors are capable it needs to read it in two goes. However, memory placed on a Zorro III expansion card is fully 32-bit and will therefore work a lot faster. The A4000 suffers another problem in that it's motherboard was designed primarily for operation as a 68030 machine.
When a faster processor (a 68040 or 68060) is fitted, the processor cannot access the memory fitted on the motherboard at full speed. This is one reason why most A4000 68040 and 68060 cards feature their own sockets for extra RAM.
SLOW RAM The (now ancient) A500 had a trapdoor expansion which allowed an extra 512K of RAM to be added to the standard 512K of Chip RAM. The performance of this RAM earned the title 'Slow RAM*.
THE MAN FROM ESCOM EXPLAINS “How to get an A1200 for f a„ Amlqa 1200, call in to your local “.fYOu-d' to upgrade to the amazing powero 9 **. * *» “¦'» hcom ,u; T0««. ¦« »w our bi nj ne ,M,„C P„,. Iu« «,« ¦ 1 x Amiga A1200 ¦ 1 x Two Button Mouse ¦ 1 x Power Supply
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• Wordsworth Print Manager ¦ Digita Organiser
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Turbocalc 3.5 • Whizz * Pinball Mania NORMAL PRICE £3ggoo trade
or A600 Computers must be in full working order.
OPENING TIMES Monday-friday 9 30aro-* 00pm Thursday 9.30am-8 00pm Saturday 9 00am-5.30pm Sunday tQ.OOam.4.00pm OFFICE WORLD OPENING HOURS Mondav-fndav 8 Ooam-8 00pm Saturday 9 00am-6 00pm Sunday 10.30am-4.30pm THE EASY WAY TO CHOOSE A PC T ESCOM UK LIMITED. 3 RIVERSIDE WAY, RIVERSIDE BUSINESS PARK. IRVINE KA11 5DJ. TELEPHONE: 01294 222600 FAX: 01 294 223200. Registered in Scotland Reg. No. 137446 Window-. 95 or OS 2 Warp n pre-loaded an syitemi Omt* iopiicil-om supplied o'. CO. VjouqH are j.piijB'e fc»an additional rr.»rgr wauc fom 22mi Frtruary im ?*e inrri iiudr* igp and Pentium* (VomM' 'w
air required trademarts or intr» Con&iho* Pi n ana demi air correct a: i-nr of going 10 pm Of'rn artiiaomti ar»5 spenflcattar chjrqrr without nonce. IrterOM warranties and credit facilities available suh-ect to status on lettered systems only Ail (SCOW systrmi come with 12 months’ wjrranty. Written quotations Miumtrom *int Retail finance lw. P08o» 202.Claypit lane. Leeds ISI BOG € «0€. All products may noi be jvailab Andrea Ball takes a trip to Watford to talk to Ira Curtis Coleman about his latest film project and why the Amiga remains his favourite machine.
Special effects is by no means Ira Curtis Coleman's only profession. He was a design consultant engineer in video, computers and electronics before he entered the film world. He has since worked with some of the top names in the industry and he has done much of his work using his favourite machine - I he Amiga.
Band of bright light across a screen of flickering black bats. It was Coleman's job to generate and emulate all the necessary images himself.
“We emulated radar screens and footage of the boat moving up and down Loch Ness. I even went out with an underwater camera anti directed it to gel tile images that I wanted. These images were then altered to make them look more interesting."
After developing an interest in technology at an early age (he made his first record plaver aged only seven).
Coleman went 011 to develop the first Hi Hand video machine, the first triple standard pneumatics, and the first oflline editing suite in the UK. He was also responsible for the first colour Coleman's latest venture is the film Loch Ness, starring Ted Danson and Joely Richardson, which opened in February.
For those who haven't yet seen it. Ted Danson plavs a cynical scientist, keen to disprove the existence of the mythical monster. He embarks on several trawls up and down Loch Ness in a boat packed full of the latest monster spotting hardware and it was for this part of the film that Coleman's expertise was required.
"The director was one of those people who knew computers and wanted specific things on the screens in the boat. He wanted lots of graphics and he wanted them to look as real as possible."
:=: :K8 ISS =
r. ra.r=: a r res s ms. t; These types of display are usually
generated on very specialist equipment which cannot be run at
the required frequencies. This means that trying to film them
causes belts of dickering and all viewers would actually see
would be a microcomputer to be used on TV.
SCALAR ANALYSIS PROBE I le became known in the industry as 'the great modification man' because, if a piece of equipment failed to do the required job, he would simply modify it until the right results were achieved.
While he designed the equipment for 1 lie film Alim, it was not until he was approached to do the Bond movie.
Xa’rr Sin Sever Again, in 1982. That his involvement in the mov ie industry really began. Up until that point he had simply designed the equipment bef ore handing it over to the directors and then leaving. But 011 Xevrr Say Xnm Again he was called in to build the system and then asked to stay on and take over the whole technical side.
LOCK-UP SYSTEMS “I found that when you're an engineer you 'become' an engineer. You have to deal with very boring technical people and I realised I was becoming very boring. I was living electronics, thinking circuits and talking about equipment.
But when I got on the floor of a film set. With designers anti art people, life suddenly became interesting again."
As his work in the film business progressed. Coleman continued to develop new groundbreaking equipment. He designed the first "lockup" systems for film cameras enabling the film camera and the sound cameras to move around f reely without a direct connection between them.
The film Drains, which later became tbe TV series (Mfiital City, was probably Coleman's most challenging work to date. He created a Dealer Room complete with HiO telephones.
24 desks, flashing lights and 120 monitor screens. He then developed a computer that drove everything 011 the set and locked up all the different MONSTER a sources. But Loch Ness was a challenging in a different way.
"Everything had to be seen to look as real as possible. We had to move lock, stock and barrel up to this village hall by Loch Ness. We had to have this boat built and make it look as real as possible and then produce lots of graphics. It w-as at times like this that die Internet proved invaluable.
MULTI-TASKING “We were in the middle of nowhere, it takes five days for anything to arrive - and that's just from London.
“But, using CiX and Demon, I was able to call up some colleagues and get them to put stuff direcdy in my mailbox. The computer industry was really useful."
So. Why have Coleman and many of his counterparts in the film industry chosen to use the Amiga for so much of their work? The ultimate reason for Coleman at least, is dial the Amiga is one of the only machines that has the ability to accept his custom boards.
"The director was one of those people who knew computers and wanted specific things on the screens in the boat. He wanted lots of graphics and he wanted them to look as real as possible."
"I have special boards that plug into my machine dial prevent flickering of the kind we mentioned earlier. On a normal Amiga, using images like the ones I have generated, the screen would be flickering all over the place. I can design and build the boards to prevent that flickering and the Amiga allows me to put them in it."
“They had a wonderful product with the Amiga but they didn't listen to good advice."
Coleman believes the future of the Amiga market depends on what Escom do with their power.
“They have got to do a RISC chip and they obviously are doing that. The PC Mac parallel operating systems are the future. If they get that together and produce full 24-bit and have a decent alpha channel then they can come back.
But what they have to do is talk to people and encourage people to write for the machine.
“If Commodore had done that in the early days and encouraged the developers they wouldn't be in the state they are now and it's a real shame."
Despite the current problems with the .Amiga, Coleman's work on Loch Ness left him with every right to be satisfied with the machine’s capabilities.
“Everyone who came to the preview seemed to be quite pleased with the results, including some of the fishermen who'd been out on the trawlers. They said it was lifelike to them. If someone says to me "Oh, this is all done by people doing graphics”, then my job isn't done properly.
“My main task is to make tilings look as real as possible so you don't give them a second look. That's the whole point of film making." 5 The fact that the Amiga is a multitasking machine also makes it extremely desirable to people like Coleman.
“The multi-tasking nature of the Amiga means that I can have other modules sitting in the operating system that can drive those special boards. This enables me to have different things in the machine all operating at the same time. I can take the Amiga and modify' it so it performs the tasks that I require.
“As yet diere isn’t an IBM that multi-tasks properly, they're getting there but they're also taking their time about it."
Although Coleman has consistendy relied on the Amiga to do his work he is now being forced to look at the possibility of using other machines.
“I am now designing boards that can he used in IBMs and possibly in Macs because I don't feel that we can rely on Escom. We could never really rely on Commodore because they never took anybody seriously.
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For the original keyboard, solderfree assembly £8 © We are present at THE WORLD OF AMIGA in London 1 3th to 14th April ?
7 m m MicroniK we accept the following payment: Prices subject to change without notice. All prices include VAT but exclude delivery !
All trademarks acknowledged.
Tel. 00 49 2171 72 45-60 Fax 00 49 2171 72 45-90 Computer Service BruckenstraBe 2 • 51379 Leverkusen REEN play We've been accused recently of talking the market up and making unrealistic claims about the Amiga.
True, we're certainly biased toward the Amiga, but we're never unrealistic. Merchants of doom will point to the lack of releases on the platform and point out that it spells the platforms demise.
It doesn't point to the demise of the Amiga, it points toward the stupid situation whereby developers and retailers have taken on board the ridiculous hype about the Playstation and PC CD-ROM.
Countless numbers of companies and organisations are falling into receivership.
Sales are flat on ALL platforms. The promise of the good days of 91 92 coming back with the advent of Playstation is nonsense. Not until developers start producing next generation gameplay rather than rehashed tired old formulas with motion capture and texture maps will the market pick up again. As the Bitmap Brothers pointed out when I visited them, "we know the Amiga so well it means we can experiment with Al and gameplay in a way we cannot afford with other platforms."
Combined with the residual market of the Amiga and new machines on the way, it's time developers woke up... Steve McGill takes a trip to London to meet the Bitmap Brothers, creators of Chaos Engine 2.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
AGA Amigas ¦ Separate A500 600 versions ¦ Bitmap Brothers Time Warner Interactive Tel: 0171 391 4300 Ask any seasoned Amiga gamer to name his all time top five Amiga games and you could almost guarantee that at least one of the titles mentioned would be a creation from the Bitmap Brothers.
For such has been the Brothers' impact on the world of videogames that they have iconified themselves in their own lifetime.
They wear classics like Xenon, Speedball, and The Chaos Engine on their sleeve as trophies.
Historically, it's easy to see why. Bitmap games assisted the ST and Amiga in breaking the back of the eight-bit Spectrum, Commodore, and Amstrad, triad. They also helped carve the elusive rules of superior gameplay and defined the reference games for a legion of upcoming developers, publishers, and games journalists to turn to and learn by.
Part of their success lay in their unstinting philosophy of non-discrimination against the proprietary platforms used to host their games.
According to Simon Knight, Big Bitmap Brother, "The most important part is the game. The platform isn't too important."
Of course, the Amiga and ST were the most profit likely and technically advanced home platforms at the time of the Bitmap's biggest chart successes so that probably helped as well.
Nevertheless, the Bitmaps coupled their worthy philosophy with a coding ability that made them the envy of the industry. And it's this exquisite ability which makes the decision to forge ahead with the sequel to the Chaos Engine so exciting for Amiga gamers.
Unlike many software houses, the Bitmaps have a tradition of improving their sequels. Play the original Speedball and then The absolute pits.
_i 0.
Z IU iu QC U Irt VO ffl A » s Speedball 2 to see what we mean. The sequel can truly be considered to be an advance on the original.
A quick visit to Bitmap Headquarters at Wapping Wall in London soon convinced us that Chaos Engine 2 is going to offer gamers a radically different game which will at the same time retain the essence of the original The reasons for this are threefold.
1) The thrust of the interaction between the player characters
has been made competitive rather than cooperative.
2) The artificial intelligence routines of the computer
characters, including the monsters, have been optimised and
improved; it now takes up to a third of the game code.
3) There's more interaction between the characters and the
Due to this shift in emphasis, it's worth expanding on the above mentioned differences.
The Chaos Engine, whether played by two people or one, always involved two characters on screen. Their relationship to each other was basically cooperative verging on ambiguous. Competition certainly occurred between two human players but Chaos Engine 2 will encapsulate this style of competition as well as actively encouraging players to shoot each other and to try and trip the other up at every opportunity.
Experience and bonus points will be awarded to the first character to accomplish set objectives. It's the fulfiling of these objectives that leads to major conflict. When it was pointed out to the Brothers that they might just be responsible for war in domestic households they merely laughed and said, "we certainly hope so."
The artificial intelligence routines are possibly the most interesting part of the game.
They'll inject it with the atmosphere and believability that aids gamers towards the bliss of 100% immersion. The intelligence has been improved in every aspect of the game.
"Although the original intelligence worked well enough, the hardest part was making the CPU character more responsive. Now, if the player isn't all that good, the Al will slow down and stop the CPU character from winning every time.
At this point, I started playing the game to see for myself. The first difference between the original and the in-progress sequel is immediately evident. Whereas the original had six characters for the player to choose from, the sequel has a slimmed down four. Simon Knight explained, "The more characters you have, the harder it is to give them noticeably different traits and characteristics.
"Four is the optimum number taking into account the memory consuming extra animation frames we've opted to put into the game.” The competitive nature of the play is disconcerting at first.
The CPU character zips off with the intent of a predator hunting its prey. It becomes immediately obvious that the learning curve in the game will be steeper due to this. Not that that's a bad thing.
"If the player isn't much good, the Al will compensate and slow the CPU character down."
Another aspect of the Al is the way it controls the in game music. "It's much more reactive than most games." If you're covering old ground it'll quieten down, whereas if you're surrounded by bad guys and nearing the end of the level it has an amphetamine like urgency that spurs you on to greater effort.
The last of the major differences will lie in the interactivity of the characters with the background.
Characters can shield themselves from bullets by leaning into walls.
There are overhangs that can be passed under and through, which adds to the three dimensional feel of the scenario.
And, in a move guaranteed to delight Chaos Engine veterans, walls and platforms can be jumped off. If there happens to be anything underneath it will be killed. Terrific.
The whole game going to take place over four different worlds in four different time periods and offer four levels per world. There will also be four bonus hidden levels making a grand total of 20 levels in all.
Additional extras will include the casting of spells, extra weapons power ups and a cornucopia of new enemies to do battle with. It's going to be released in the third quarter of the year, in plenty of time for Christmas, and, with any luck the predicted high sales curve will encourage Time Warner Interactive to rethink their policy on the Amiga market.
All that's needed is more confidence and direct action like their decision to take Chaos Engine 2 off of the shelf. Cj Data Disk ¦ AGA Amigas ¦ 2Mb Siltunna Software ¦ Tel: 01302 890000 One of the marks of a good software house is that they aren't afraid to admit to mistakes in their games.
Siltunna Software are one such company. Rather than feeling stung, stressed out, and pissed off about some of the criticisms of the original Xtreme Racing game (reviewed in AFB2, 81%), they've opted instead to correct the errors. Not only that, they've chosen to rely on a two pronged attack to dissuade cynical dissent.
The first prong of their strategy involves dealing with owners of the original game. If you've bought Xtreme Racing and feel disappointed, the data disk contains a patch to improve the playability. This patch has been put onto the Aminet which means that most PD Houses will carry it shortly. Failing that method of dissemination, Amiga Formal will be putting it onto one of our coverdisks (as well as our upcoming CD-ROM) asap.
So why are we being so kind? Easy. The original Xtreme Racing was like the Bridge on the River Kwai. So near, yet so far. Not only could it have shown to the world the superiority of a smartly programmed A1200, but it dispensed with the myth that somehow you need a multimillion dollar 'Dream Team' to produce highly playable and entertaining games.
Technically and metaphorically. Super Mario Karl was blown away. Unfortunately the gameplay let it down. To make amends and enhance the experience of playing, the data disks offer extra courses, different traits for the cars, better grouping and themes more akin to an Amiga game rather than a console. Full review and details, as they say, next month.
UpsWWBii I th Jst Sh 3n 5Tih 7ih The road to hell is dangerous, troublesome and extreme.
Not to be confused with Gotham City, this is shot from Gothic City.
In mil is ii mi Ill (D FILES on SHLE 25th APRIL Wiiij i'J'Jt z'jwar rj-jjjjyj jjj iiia ii j j i Jyulsj Ivaj rla'Jd ’juna huij Ijjrn to Rdge 49jor.the char JMZo b colour1 W! *-¦ VI Sensible World of Soccer (Renegade) Worms (Ocean Team 17) FIFA International Soccer (Electronic Arts) Soccer Stars 96 (Empire) Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin Interactive) Combat Classics 3 (Empire) Super Skidmarks (Add) Colonization (Microprose) USM (Impressions) Flight of the Amazon Queen (Time Warner Int) World Cup Year 94 (Empire) Zeewolf 2 (Binary Asylum) Cannon Fodder 2 (virgin) Player Manager 2 (Anco)
Powerdrive (us Gold) World Cup USA 94 (US Gold) Rise of the Robots (Mirage) Turbo Trax (Arcane) Super League Manager (Audiogenic) Super Tennis Champs (Audiogenic!
USM Add-On Impressions Qmortal Kombat Formula 1 Grand Prix Pwaptus Qmonkey Island 2 xm Football Glory w squad Qciub and Country BomsM Htactical Manager msquad Treble Champions 2 challenge The Settlers BiueByte Atomino Psygnosis ?Due to be reviewed soon.
Tracksuit Manager 2 Alternant Player Manager 2 ako Alien Breed 3D ream 17 Alien Breed 2 team 17 j Gloom OactMjpc Subwar 2050 Mamprose Soccer Stars 96 impn Ultimate Soccer Manager impressions Coala Empire Rise of the Robots Mirage FG90% TOP-10 A1200 95% FG90% 79% 73% 85% 81% FG95% FG95% 84% All The Latest Amiga Software Call Us Now On 0181-715 8866 Hardware liisk urives etc. Squirrel SCSI interface ...... £59.95 Iomega Zip Drive inc. Squirrel etc. . .
. . . . £call A500 Internal Floppy Drive .. . . £35.95 A600 & A1200 Internal Floppy Drive . . £38.95
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0.5Mb .. . . £14.95 A500+ with I
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. . £24.95 A600 with I Mb* dock ..... . . £32.95 A1200
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..... . . £57 95 Utilities Software Development Blitz
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v3.0l ..... £98.95 DevPac 3 . . £59 95
Gamesmith ... £89 95 Hisoft BASIC
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Utilities AmiBack ..... . £29 95 AmiFileSafe
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. . £68.95 CD Write ... . . £42.95 Directory
Opus 5 . . £49.95 Disk Expander
. . £29.95 Disk Magic ... . . £34.95
Gigamem .... £47 95 Infonexus 2(lnfonexus ?
Datanexus) . £28 95 Video Back-up System Phono £54.95 Video
Back-up System Scart . . £57.95 Communications GP Fax
£44.95 Termite ..... . . £33.95 Miscellaneous
Maxxon Magic . .. £23.95 Studio II Print
Manager .... . £48.95 Productivity WP & DTP Final Writer
4 New Version...... . . £79.95 Final Copy 2 .
. £49.95 Mini Office ... . . £37 95 Wordworth
3.ISE . £47.95 Wordworth 3.1... .
£74.95 Databases Digita Datastore 3 . . . £45 95
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3 .. . . £39.95 GB Route
Plus . . £31.95 Mailshot
Plus . . . £35.95 Music
Librarian ... . . £22.95 Plants For All
Seasons ..... . . £22.95 Twist 2 .....
. £89.95 Finance Books Intro to the A1200 - Tutorial
Intro to the A1200 - A Deeper Look.
Personal Finance Manager * . £19.95 Spreadsheets Final Calc ... £94.95 DG Calc ..... . . £26 95 Turbocalc 2 .. £49.95 Music & Video I Music Aura 12 bit Sampler . . £79.95 Megalosound Sampler ...... . £29.95 Technosound Turbo 2 Pro Sampler . .
.. £26.95 Music X 2 .... £49.95 Pro Midi Interface .. . . £19.95 Little Gem Micro Mixer ..... £66.95 Video Titling Big Alternative Scroller 2 .... . £49.95 Rendale 8802 Genlock ...... . £169.95 Rendale 9402 SVHS . £285.95 Education Personal Paint 6 3 ..£39.95 Photogenics .....£47.95 Pro Vector 3 Stylus Pro Pak ..£ 174.95 TV Paint 3.6 ....£329.95 Image Processing_ Art Department Professional v2.5.....£139.00 Image FX 2 ....£189.95 Morph
Plus .....£89.95 CAP_ X-CAD 2000 ....£22.95 X-CAD 3000 .£119.95 Personal Suite_ Includes : "Personal Paint
• SBase Personal
• Personal Write
• Personal Fonts Maker 2 PLUS DirDiff • 27 High Quality Kara
Colour Fonts • Nearly all of Eric Schwartz's outstanding
animations • Amiga Dos Manual • Arexx Manual
• 'How To" Amiga Guide • PNG Toolkit • Masses of pictures and
anims • 20 classic books (Dickens etc.) • And still loads more
I All on one CD for just £49.95 !!!
Beef Up Your Sound !
The Little Gem Micro Mixer ! This 2 channel, stereo mixer features independent Hi and Lo EQ. Panning, and volume for each channel. Little Gem greatly enhances all your sound input and output - samples. Mod files, even games - it's ideal for desktop video and music, and it's a great price too !
Little Gem £66.95 Languages Beginners to GCSE Micro French £22.95 Micro French CD £27.95 Micro English . £22.95 Beginner to GCSE & Business Micro Spanish ...£22.95 Micro German .. £22.95 Integrated Science_ Micro Science ...£22.95 Maths_ Primary Maths Course 3-12 ...£22.95 11-Years to GCSE Micro Maths £22.95 Micro Maths CD .£27.95 A Level Mega Maths .£22.95 The Language Used To Write Worms !
Blitz Basic is a next generation Basic with features borrowed from Pascal.
C and others. Basic, the friendliest programming language of all time, has been given a new lease of life with more power than ever before. It can be used to program any kind of software from valuable applications to entertaining arcade games. The Blitz compiler takes Basic code and creates very fast, compact, standalone programs Blitz also supports AGA screenmodes for super colour, super fast programs !
Blitz Basic 2.1 £32.95 Quad & 2.4 Speed Amiga CD Drives High Spec SCSI CD Drives At Incredible Prices !
Packaged Complete With Squirrels !
Our Quad Speed external multi session SCSI drives come complete with audio in and out ports. Squirrel SCSI Interface & software .CD32 emulation, and 12 month warranty. 600k s transfer rate, 190ms access time.
Our speedy MPEG Compatible. Multisession 2.4 Speed drives come complete with audio cables. SCSI Cables. Squirrel SCSI Interface & Software, CD32 emulation, and a 12 month warranty. 230 ms access time, data transfer rate of 360k s. What a great deal !
Books & Videos A1200 Insider Guide . A1200 Next Steps ... Amiga Basic - A Dabhand Guide...... Amiga Disks * Drives Insider Guide . .
Assembler Insider Guide Amiga Total! Workbench New...... Amiga Total! Dos New ..... Amiga Total! Assembler New Amiga Total! Beginners New Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets Mastering Amiga Arexx ..... Mastenng Amiga Printers ... Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference . .
Mastering Amiga Dos 2 Vol2...... Mastering Amiga Dos Scripts . Secrets of Frontier Elite .... Secrets of Sim City 2000 UK Comms .. Workbench 3 A-Z Insider Guide Book & Video Packs_ A1200 Beginner s Pack . Workbench 3 Booster Pack . Videos £12.95 £12 95 £17.95 £12.95 . £13.95 £19.95 . £21.95 £21.95 . £19.95 . £19.95 . £17.95 . £17.95 £19.95 £17.95 . £19.95 . . £8.95 £9 95 . £19.95 £13.95 £36 95 . £36.95 Quad Speed £259.95
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looking doubtful ?
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| Graphics | 3D & Rendering Cinema 4D New . . . £179.95 Essence vol 1 + Forge .... . . . £79.95 Essence vol 2 + Forge .... . . £79.95 Imagine 3.0 . . £99.95 Pixel 3D Pro II ... . . . £94.95 Real 3D v3 . . £319.95 Terraform for Vista ...... . . £9.95 Vista Pro 3.0 ... £27 95 Vista Lite ... . .. £24.95 Painting Dpaint 5 jJjjIMjJ'jT The Ultimate Backup Utility Ami-Back is the solution of choice for all your data backup needs. Designed to be both powerful and flexible. Ami- Back gives you
complete control over the backup process. There is no other Amiga backup program that can come even close to offering the features, ease of use, and reliability of Ami-Back. And yes. Ami-Back even supports Amax.
Unix and MSDOS partitions, and DAT and tape drives !
. £59.99 . £49.95 £24.95 £39.95 £49 95 £39.95 £34.99 Cashbook Combo. .
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Day By Day System 3 .. System 3E . Digita Home Office Money Matters 4. . .
The Ultimate In Disk Backup For Only £29.95 t r?
When ordering don't forget to include the carriage charge !
Charges within the UK are £3.50 for first class post, which usually arrives the next day. Orders over £ 100 are sent registered post at £4.50 Next day courier service within the UK mainland & subject to availability is £6.00 Hardware is sent by Next Day Courier Call for prices overseas, islands & Scottish Highlands.
You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard. Access. Delta. All pricing includes VAT but not carriage. We reserve the right to Switch and American Express) - we only bill your card when we despatch the order, not before - or by Cheque Please make cheques payable to Emerald Creative Technology Ltd.
VI s change prices - you will be informed of any change when you order. Faulty goods will be replaced or repaired if returned within 30 days of purchase. We will refund if we can't repair goods. It is the responsibility of the customer to check for compatibility of a particular product with existing equipment before buying. E&OE Rapid House, 54 Wandle Bank, London SW19 1DW Fax : 0181-715 8877, eMail : EmeraldCT@eWorld.com Tracksuit Mana It's the sequel to one of the finest football management games of all time. But does Tracksuit Manager 2 live up to the reputation of it's predecessor?
First of all there was eight bit Football Manager by Kevin Toms. It spawned a million imitators which, although improving on the original formula, never quite seemed to deliver the same encapsulating experience.
Until, that was, Tracksuit Manager made an appearance. With the arrival of this game the whole concept of the football management game was turned on its head.
Tracksuit Manager offered in depth tactics and allowed room for analysis of each players progress. It also broke ground by offering a running commentary which let the manager see who was playing well and who wasn't.
EaI'IO PajI i«Sf Sporting Knife Tnmncnc n nor'triiL ron hcu SIIIJ0N=:.-=5V-i sacv«r gs Sic iMiami ______ mil m The concept and the features reinforcing the concept helped make Tracksuit Manager one of the most successful football management games of the time. I was working in retail when it was released and couldn't order enough of them into the shops to satisfy demand.
But time stops for no game. Since then, Tracksuit Manager has been surpassed in terms of tactics, tricks and features. When asked to comment on the commentary device in Tracksuit Manager, Steve Faragher - Editor of top Role Playing magazine Arcane and all round connoisseur of computer football management games - said that he would "nick it for my perfect game." Heady praise indeed.
But, how does the sequel shape up, taking into account the considerable length of time separating the two? Have Alternative done enough to deliver the goods to an expectant Amiga public? Or are we all going to be disappointed?
THE SECOND COMING Before tackling the questions, let's take a look at what's on offer.
There are two versions. One for the A500 600 and another for AGA machines. There are three disks for AGA and two for ordinary machines. The only real difference between the two lies in the quality of the picture back drops; AGA graphics take up more space.
Alternative recommend that you make copies of the disks and use the backups. The game uses a protection system based on coloured symbols. Conveniently, ali of these symbols are printed on the label of disk two, dispensing at a stroke with the need for the manual to be around at all times. Nice one.
Unfortunately this thoughtfulness is let down by the lack of a hard drive installation program.
After selecting the team you want to play - it can be any team in the English football league - you have to choose from one of five character types for the manager. There’s no mention of the difference between the characters in the manual, so although the categories are fairly self explanatory, the difference they make to the game is hard to fathom.
* It's also at this stage that the option exists to play against
someone else.
As with most things, this adds spice to the prospect of winning leagues, cups and the like. Knowing that someone is trying their best to beat you amplifies the experience and it may be on this feature that Alternative will pick up a tidy amount of sales.
The layout and the design of the game at first seems like a hybrid of On the Ball and Super League Manager. The control centre for access to the various features of the game is in the style of an office. There are several functional icons cunningly disguised as office furniture. Super League Manager adherents will probably be disappointed to find that you can't drink from the coffee cup. In all, there are 11 access points out of the office. From these you can pick a team, buy and sell players, find another job, converse with staff such as physios and coaches, analyse data, scout out the
opposition, and generally take control of all aspects of the game.
ON THE BALL Once you become completely familiar with the navigations skills required, you can start to hone your team and get in tune with the beauty of the tactics and strategy. For it's here that Tracksuit Manager 2 excels. Everything you could possibly want to know about your players is there to be analysed; past form, present form, strengths, weaknesses, fitness, value, psychology, ratings, and discipline.
Where they play on the field and how they play isn't just down to the formation, style and tactics chosen by the manager, Individual players can have specific instructions such as hanging back in defence or supporting the attack issued to them. As such, it makes the whole process feel organic and evolutionary; you just know you'll tune your tactics to perfection in the next match.
In all, it hangs together well. If the manager stays in tune with the individual performances of his players, results Above: David Ginola grabs a quick drink of Newkie Brown after scoring a well worked goal.
Publisher Alternative Software Price £25.99 Versions A500 600 & A1200 4000 will come. One criticism concerns the team selection though. It would have been nice il you could swap players when all of the stats on each player are displayed in the attributes screen.
Instead you have to go back to the previous screen and carry out the placement from there.
Direct ability comparisons while on the job are therefore hard to carry out.
The running commentary, while groundbreaking in its day, seems quaintly static now. However, it still represents one of the better ways to hone your eye on individual players and assess their performance. You can tell exactly whose got the ball, what they're doing with it, and whether or not they're being outfoxed by a classier opponent.
But, with the likes of Player Manager 2, On the Ball. Premier Manager 3, and Ultimate Soccer Manager offering match views that let you build up a bigger picture in your mind's eye, it seems too limited by today's standards.
Perhaps a hybrid of commentary and visual matchplay would have been better.
So, despite being a self contained and entertaining game, Tracksuit Manager 2 hasn't moved with the times as much as it should have.
It doesn't offer anything groundbreaking, innovative, different enough or unique enough to make it an outstanding purchase. It's solid, dependable, and fun.
Wait until Championship Manager 2 is finally released before making a final decision to buy. 'Tj System requirements 1Mb Release date Out now GRAPHICS k Clever use of colour doesn't disguise that it's mostly text.__________ iSOUND 1 Music is cheesy. FX are passable.___________ | ADDICTION r Yes it comfortably makes the grad of addictive.
PLAYABILITY Fiddly mechanisms make it a bit niggly to control. ‘ Doesn't fulfil the promise of its pedigree, but it's still fun to play and ultimately that's what counts.
HOWTO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your Credit Card Number. If paying by
• 2-4 Week Days £3.50
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tariff of juit £5.00 It charged or alternatively you |0*"MI
i-t'’ the M loic«
* «n Ml JI Futoe vpn ot ASI 1 W2*flt fmtton IT. Ail to Armfty pu
LT n merges -lft the Ail iVr-pawnf to.
* a.auo« upon taut RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face
Hardware Amiga 1200 Surfer Pack UKS cheapest Magic Pack
software + 260Mb Hard drive 2Mb of RAM & 14,400 Modem with
Internet Web software Magic Pack Inc. Wordworth 4se Personal
Paint V6.4, Photogenics etc. £354.95 £559.95 Chaos Software
Pack First Starter Pack ? AI 200 dust cover » 10 x DSDD disks ?
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CftTs EiEHM1438S *£285.95 MC68040-25 Mhz £2092.95 MC68060-50 Mhz £2366.95 A4000T Amiga A1200 Magic Pack+HD Magic Pack software + 170Mb Hard drive & Scala MM-300 software £469.95
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AI200 I MB RAMSp.doIprK.! ',~.9S AI 200 2 MB RAM I79.9S AI 200 IMB RAM 2III.9S A I 200 a MB RAM 2170.95 For48882 Umh CoRro*dd 15 00 PRIM A A500 512k RAM no dock PRIMA A500* I Mb RAM PRIMA A400 I Mb RAM no dock MASSIVE REDUCTIONS I Mb 72 Pin SIMM £29.95 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM C47.9S 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £43 95 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £235 95 Imb 30 pin SIMM 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM 256 by 4 DRAM (DIU) I Mbby4ZIPPS 256by4ZIPPS (e-ch)£6.9S ~ ige available on your old CaM_for_£riclng.
Accelerator Cards Viperll-28 £119.95 Viperll-50 £199.95 Falcon 68040 RC £499.95. RENO Portable CD ROM Prima shareware CD ROM Valued at £ 10 free with Reno drive (Internal SCSI CD ROM drives)
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CD ROM drives are suitable to fit inside A4000 systems.
SCSI Enclosures Single Case £69.95 Dual Case £89.95 Squirrel SCSl-ll lnterface*£45.00 Surf Squirrel SCSl-ll Interface
* £79.95
• When bought with any modem o, SCSI device **»5 if bought
GVP 4008+ H.D. RAM card £99.95 | SCSUHnwfat'«nlto.b,,0o.A.™p.AW»]M0«.. Amiga Technologies 1241 Q-Drive Quad .p+cd txttmal TjQ nr CDRom Drlv*. (or tCJT.TJ Al200. ... PCMCIA.
Hewlett Packard CD-R 4020i CD Recorder umdTnm. £9 I 4.95 Master-ISO CD-R software %mi( Call for details £349.95 Monitors Peripherals Disk Drives Hard Drives
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mechanvmi wVh . I Cm accau now. Inr.mal PSU. SCSI ID wlector.
Cooling Ian, and HO prvpping pa UOonlng toftwan.
Requires SCSI Interface, ie. Squirrok’GVP additional adaptor ntay be req. @ £ I S.95 Supraf&XModem Modems
2. 5” Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Seagate mfrTsu
cc.v.vr j 80Mb £89.95 l30Mb..£l09.9S 170Mb..£ I 14.95 250Mb..£
139.95 340Mb..£l75.95 540Mb..£2l7.95
810. ......£321.95 l.0Gig....£42l.95 Oditabotics El MI438S .28
dp, 1508 Khz. All Amiga modes, AGA compatible.
Stereo speakers, tilt and swlvell stand.
Only £295.95 or without speakers £264.95 Amitek 1084 S £199.99 14 " Colour CGA Stereo Monitor. Composite Video. Digital RGB. Analog Input* Turbotech realtime clock cartridge £ 14.95 fits any Amiga Delivery £1 per _ “*w«sc CD ROM Software .Monitor dust cover £6.95 Zip Drive
• I X 100Mb cartridge
• Zip Tools software £199.95 Zip tools available separately £
16.95 fSyquest EZ-135 E234.9S I additional media £ I 5.95 Amiga
External drive£49.95 A I 200 600 internaldrive£39.95
500 500+lntemaldrive£39.95 New-Mega Mouse* 400 dpi ( 3 buiuxi,
£ 12.95 I Mega Mouse 400 dp. (2 button) £11.45 I New .'Amiga
mouse 560dpt (3 bolt on )£ 12.45 I Quality Mousemat (4mm) £3.95
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watts channel) £26.95 | ZyFi Pro Speakers (16 warts channel)
£57.95 Roboshift (Auto mouse J.stkk switch) £9.95 Kickstart
2.04 2.05 (for use in A600) £24 95 CIA 8520A I O controller £18
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Zipstick Joystick £11.95 Saitck Megagrip II _£12.95 Amiga
Modulator Amiga PSU £17.45 £24.95 £14.45 £14.45 £16.95 f 16.95
• Up to I 15,200bps (vdltMs)'
• Silent A Adaptive Answer '
• VJ4 Standard
• Ncomm Software
• Flash ROM
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In price £16.95 £17.45 £8.45 £17.45 £8.45 £16.45 £22.45 £8.95 £14.95 £24.95 £8.95 £11.95 £17.45 £27.45 £24.95 £24.45 £24.95 FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Yorkshire's Premiere InterNet Provider One-time connection fee of just £29.38 Then only £14.69 per month. IS- User-Modem ratio. Excellent Bandwidth. Comitted to a quality service.
WEB Space available. Call for further details.
® Personal Voice Mail
* Fa. On Demand Class l Fa.
T Call Discrimination
• 14,400 Data 14,000 Fax £111.95
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fdV|J r- ta 2nevvS New!! SupraExpress 288 I Power Scan v4
£89.95 | ¦scale on AGA Am as. 64 g'sok non AGA I Power Scan
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GT 5000£399.95 jr flatbed scanner Paralel interface I Epson GT
8500£529.95 The amazing new graphics tablet for the A iuga
developed with First Computer . 94% rated in Amiga Shopper
Requires 2.04 WB o» above.
Scanners mierfai Amos PD CD Vcr 2.
Animations (Double) Artworx Assassins 2 (Double) BCI Net I or 2 C64 Sensations CAM (Double) CD-PD I 2 3 4 Encounters UFO Phenom Eric Schwartz CD DemoCD2 Euroscene 2 Fractal Universe Fresh Fish 8 Global Amiga Experience GoldFish I Goldfish 2 17 Bit The Sth Dimension I 17 Bit Collection (Double) 17 Bit Continuation 17 Bit Phase 5 17 Bit LSD compendium I or2 17 Bit, LSD compendium 3 Aminet 8 9 10 Aminetset I collectlon(Am«nM 1-4) Aminet set 2 collection (Aminet 54) Grafix Sensations Cgroliwrs Encyclopedia 2 Illusions in 3D Light ROM 3 Light Works Magic Illusions Meeting Pearls 3
MultiMediaToolKit 2(2xCD's) Network 2 CD NFA AGA Experience Octamed 6 CD Prima CD Vol. I Professional Gifs Professional Utilities Sci-fi Sensations Space And Astronomy Speccy Sensations II Ten on Ten pack (I OxCD's) UPD Gold CD (4 x CD's) WPD Hottest 5 Weird Science Sounds Weird Science Fonts Weird Science Clipart Weird Science Animation World Info 95 XiPaint V3.2 Zoom 2 Consumables Printers Canon £3.95 £12.95 £4.95 £3.65 £7.95 £13.95 £8.95 £5.95 £13.95 £14.45 £14.45 £13 95 £12 45 £16.95 £16.45 £7 45 £28.95 £10.45 £1.95 £26.95 £24.45 £25 45 £27.45 £15.45 £36 45 £17.45 £24.45 £44.45 £8.45 anon
• tablr mono printer. 20 pagv ASF buift if anon BJC70Colour £4.95
£8.95 £17.95 £4.95 £8 95 £17 95 £12.45 StarLC90«p.nmono £105.95
1 ASF buift in. Puth tractor optional.
| Star LC 100*pmcoiour £ 125.95 100 cpi draft, 45 cpt NLQ. Amiga drivers- I StarLC2 4 0 24pinmono £117.95 I 192 cp. Draft,with ASF buift In.
I Star LC240C 24 pin Colour £139.95 ] ASF built In. 4 LQ fonts.
I Star SJ 144coiour £229.99 I Colour thermal transfer printer, low running £169.95
• F buift in.
£235.95 anon BjTJSi*' 185.95 rh quality mono printer, virtual 720 ¦ ew.'.'Canon BJ2I0 720 dpi.
- ------£215.95 no printer. 7 20a 2*0 dpt. Colour upgradeable
ewJ Canon BJC4 100 £283.95 wlity colounYui mono printing. 7
20.160 dpi.
EwJ Canon BJC610 £410.95 lanced colour printer, wrtual 720 dpi £135.99 Simple «• eaiy « ABC) to w 24 pin pHnCer.
Comet at ttaiuWd wfth SO there Auto Oteet feeder Tractor feed optional at 114 *9 Citizen Printiva 600c £383.95 tOO dpi colour. I 200 dpi mono printer, Dedicated Amiga driver loftware. Uie't advanced Micro Dry print Technology HP340 Port *bie £220.95 Colour upgradeable portable printer HP600 £231.95 Colour upgradeable mono mk|eC Col. Ka !4i 99 HP 660 Colour £330.95 New colour inkjet from HP.
HP850 Colour £423.95
600. 600 dpi up to 6 p p m mono. Jp.p.’m colour HP 5L Laser
printer £436.95 HEWLETT® PACKARD All Cititen printer* hai
ABC Colour printer CITIZEN Miscellaneous
* rintor Switch Box 2 way £12 95
* rinter Switch Box 3 way £17 95
• rintcr Stands (Universal)
1. 8 Metre printer cable I Metre printer cable Metre printer
cable 10 Metre printer cable £12.45
* arallel port extension cable Stylus Colour II £330.9S 720 dpi.
4ppm Black. 2ppm Colour.
Stylus Colour lls £242.95 720dpi. 2.Sppm Black. I ppm Colour.
Stylus 820 £202.95 720 dpi. 2.Sppm Black. Colour Upgradeable OL600ex £374.95 LtD laser printer. 6 p p-m. I Mb of Bam.
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Authorised OKI dealer EPSON OKI Ivupfc n Tcchmdup PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Sava a fortune in running costi with your Ink bubble jet. Compatible with the HP Detk|ct teri.t, Canon BJI0 20 80 I 10. 200 100i 130. Star Sjf 8. Citiien Projet and maey etlwn Single refills (22ml) £6 95 Twin refills (44ml) £12.45 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.95 ~ II colour kit (88ml) £27 45 | Bulk refills (l2Sml) £24 95 Printer repair specialists call for quote Ribbons I Citizen Swift ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour Star LC90 mono ribbon Star LC10 100 mono Star LC10 100 colour Star LC 240c colour Star LC 240c
mono Star LC240 mono Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour We stock a wide range of consumables for all printers Lasers, Dot Matrix and Inkjets old and new.
I Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons £11.95 Ink Cartridges Canon BJ10 Star SJ48 Canon BJ200 230 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e colour HP.Deskjet colour HP. Deskjet double mono HP. Deskjet 660 double mono HP.Deskjet 660 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour Epson Stylus Col. II S 820 Mono Epson Stylus Col. II S 820 Colour Epson Stylus 820 colour upgrade Star SJ144 mono colour (single) Covers All printer dust covers Paper Fanfoid (tractor feed) 500 sheets FanfokJ (tractor feed) 1000 sheets Fanfold tractor feed) *000 sheets Single sheet 500 sheets Single sheet 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.45 100 x £29.95 30 x £9 95 200 x £54.95 50 x £15.95
500 x £118.95 Branded DSDD 10 x £4.95 100 x £35.95 30 x £12.95 200 x £63.95 50 x £25.95 500 x £142.95 Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.95 100 x £33.95 30x£l 1.95 200 x £S9.95 50 x £17.95 500 x £134.95 Branded DSHD 10 X £5.95 100 x £47.95 30 x £15.95 200 x £84.95 50 x £25.95 SOOx £190.95 ( £6.95') lD.sk labels x 100069.95 J Disks 4F «: z UJ UJ o: u w SIAM A Crocodile Multiball. Two balls, three Uippers, lots o1 panic Richard Jones says the latest ottering trom 21st Century is a whole new ball game... Slip the ball up the mode start ramp to. •». Start the mode.
The Amiga's best pinball game is brought to you courtesy o! Scandinavian coders Liquid Design.
Finally there's an Amiga pinball game that has broken the mould. Until now flipper games have either been perfectly-scrolling, good-looking and ultimately boring reproductions of The Real Thing (Pinball Mania, Illusions) or they've been quirky, curious things (Pinball Preludes) or they've been crap (Thomas The Tank Engine).
Actually, there is a fourth category for surreal French pinball games. It has one entry - Ultimate Pinball Quest.
And do you know something? For years, people who choose silver balls and flippers as their favourite stimulant, have been muttering-. 'Why can't they get it right? What we want is an Amiga pinball game that doesn't try to replace The Real Thing, but develops it - we want sub-games, and video sequences and loads of top technical trickery .'
In short, pinball games that try to imitate The Real Thing are stuft and nonsense Real pinball machines have been trying to introduce a video game element tor years.
Slam Tilt at last says. 'Hang on, f'm a video game. Maybe I should include some little video sequences., It's a cunning plan. And in this case it works rather well Slam Tilt is not an unqualified success, but it moves the Amiga pinball genre on so far that you can safely ignore most of the previous games. The future of Amiga pinball games starts here.
So what have we got then?
VO T T r- § Weli, Slam Tilt is a huge game, there are too many leatures.and video modes to look at all of them, but let's take a peek at each of them, starting with... PIRATES A seafaring theme. Some might say nautical, but nico.
But not us. A similar table to Mean Machines in that it's t bit tussy and the video Nautical, but nice: The Pirate table has many hidden depths.
Naiine process for activating the video bits can be a bit of a too. Ft involves firing the batl up the lane just to the le r and then, when the ball lands on the top ) ft up the mode chute. Here are some good things on offer: Shark Attack: A simple, if chilling scenario. You will be « by a large-finned beast unless you can hit enough ramps and loops and things to put 54 seconds between you and the big fish. Those with a keen sense of the morbid might enjoy Knife Throwing: Throw knifes, avoid canon fire keep the ball lay, sweep the floor. This one will keep you busy. Or not V i can't do it. Vou
don't really have to sweep th you are supposed to dodge cannon hails by using the flipper keys and lob knlvos using the hnturn key.
Crocodile Multiball: Easy-peasy two-ball multiball r the more worthwhile by the hilarious music.
Overall: There * to this table, bu await?
Why do pirates always waar patches'* Answars on postcard please ir; Use the top flipper to
• hoot the tricky little ramps to the right.
Yvaur Simple, yet cunningly ettective, Night 01 ' Demons boasts some top features, More multibatl mayhem. This time 1rom deep space.
ACE OF SPACE ribly the finest pinball table In the history ot the Amiga. This is the only computer pinball table I've ever played where I'v Space Bat i Top. This chap gets pummelled every time you h« • bumper.
Middle. Drop the werewolf or suffer the ghastly consequences.
Bottom. The ghastly consequences of not dropping the werewolf UGHT OF DEMONS s compared to the clutter ot . But Night Ot Demons comes a close a Ot Space in the Urn ot top Amiga pinball »rs might find the squelching noise made ssh In the Exterminate Vampire mode, a tad Veep the ball in j tSpace Bo Us you. A fantastic table, it's simp you have to do is whacV the ball into the Space Station t the bottom lett ol the screen and hit the approp start. But you can have loads ot modes lit at on breathlessly, finish one and another is upon you Here are the best bits; The Death Planet: Brilliant. In
video mode walls and have to dodge them using the I flippers. It’s the same theory as Ihe I on Mean Machines. But that was a bit dull and this is whlte- VnucVle mayhem. Ridiculously simple. Very exciting.
Btaml: Blast video targets - including a banana, a space station and a cyber cow - by hitting the appropriate ramp.
The mechanics are identical to many ol the leatures on son ol the other tables This way it's just a lot more lun.
Iu can always turn the volume down.
Limpto plan. Alter shooting the appropriate ite the mode, a bat tlutters around the video , tiring the ball up more ramps, you can unload a t it. Crude, t ; The sight ot the poor chap on the video screen I as the ball hits the bumpers is one ol this nents.
S gruesome beast lurches towards lair by hitting the Nerewolt Trap pi, you havo to tap the flipper keys as i can to shoot the last approaching werewolt and I sorts ot unpleasantness.
I space between : Expertly crafted table. The best.
FW Tiff'!
Overall: Simple, yet llendishly ettective.
St 94% IV Why do pinball fables often feature semi-naked women?
Answers in an envelope please with toads ol ramps and llashy things, Mean it plays - it looks tantastic and plays iject ot the exercise is to go and the video mode. You could just play lor but you'd bo a rather sad Individual il you did.
Nk the ball into the hole at the top-leh ot the table to activate ere again to start it. The highlights One Race: Use the llippers to steer your car around the brilliant, you’ll do this six times, collect the ol a maximum bonus and an extra ball. II you ate mortal, you’ll crash alter a tew seconds, swear a lot and o! No Score Hashing up on the screen.
R ™ ) Th«
- S vid CUI O' O all, the object ot wh' i and collect a nice t
Overall: Good, in a methodical and ighhlj mechanical kinda way.
88% Chicken Race: You are in a head-to-head race with a psychopath who's probably got no licence and been drinking heavily. The its down and the later you leave it beloie confidently trap on the lett ol the table, the more points you get iail to hit the trap belore the time runs out, your car ii totalled by the psychopath and you climb Irom the wreckage a d player.
,s and slightly unnecessary thing, g something lar more important, you notice that your car is overheating and eventually explodes. You can prevent this happening il you stop i're doing and hit a lew lights. Or you can plode, which is lar more satisfying.
Don't worry, you've got plenty more.
Slam Tilt is the biggest, best and most imaginative pinball game on the Amiga.
Adventure, intrigue and tantastic tlipper action.
SOUND Hard rock, haunting melodies and loony tunes. Fantastic.
ADDICTION I The only pinball game that grabs you by the, er, balls.
PLAYABILITY I Brilliant. Flipper control is everything you could possibly Compelling pinball action packed with humour and hidden depths.
Plays like a dream.
GRAPHICS The tables look great, the video modes are simple, yet cunningly conceived.
Versions A1200 A4000 System requirements Release date Out now Publisher 21 at Century The World's FASTEST AMIGAS are on this page!
EwJUt 64- urt ENGINE A3000 -4000 4-Bli COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARO, For all Zono-3 Amiga**, this 64-Bil higli speed graphics engine blincr offers up (u 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Bil colour or 1024 x 7(vS pixels in True 24-Bit Colour, with 2Mb of display memory HMIj uxi upgradeable).
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - £299” Cvbervision 64... 4Mb - £399” LIMITED OFFER free PHOTOGENKS LITE SOFTWARE WITTICYBERVISION 64s IWEF FboioG&iKS Iff): I'ouvrjul pboti&images such as Emhtss, Solaria. Teauiize. Add Soise eli. As uvll as Pumi Tads hi; Omit 1‘asiek Craym. Ml Tifu & more Brilliant! TPtKbagin,8 u Awn for illustration purposes only aiul is nui inchulah i JiMRI NFW SECOND GENERATION OF THE FIRST FA’F.R 6WX 0 AMIGA ACCFLERATOR When you Fil Cyberetorm II lo your AW. AWT. A4 MK» or A400OT you can.
For example, render a graphii with Imagine 2.0 software in Just 2 4S minutes... Compare that with a massive 1034 mins on a standard A-1000 OiO 2S! With no jumpers Cyhersiorm II ts fully plug and play and A4000 users can chouse between SCSI-2 and SCSI Fast and Wide options (A3000 users already have SCSI hutlt into tlteir Amiga hardware).
• Lp it* 12KMh 11I standard SIMMs can k installed and you can
even transit? The ~2Pin SIMMs from your Amiga A4000 straight
onto your new CykoJUm
• 1 )ptioo» include a S-2 module or a SCSI fast and Wide module
(AiutloUe in April May % Cyberstorm II 68060 50... 50MHz
68060. 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb) £699« SCSI-2 Module £99” SCSI
Fast & Wide Module (ApritMay % 1 £149” SIMM RAM Expansions
(Phase call for a range of SHIM pricesI NJDil.tOl i | nuihIjhI
A HRWi. O i'i I a hmki Willi ( lx Tmnnn IKW1X nT ](w 50MHz 1"
BREED ; with all Blizzard | 1260 and 1230-IV Accelerators ! FOR
Die stocks last!
0Mb as Standard, Expandable to 128Mb
9. 91MIM with 60 ffanosecontf SIMM fined The Blizzard 1230 MkIV
Turbo Accelerator Memory Board b the highest pnlotmns 68010
accelerator arailjhle for the AIM'With ilx 50MHz 68010 and
MMI', (he re* 1230-IV offers EVEN' BETTER PERFORMANCE at a
LOWER PRICE1 With a Syslnfo numg of Ml fusing a 60
Naitoyxffinf SIMM! You can see the 1230-IV is very fast... a
perfoniunce gam ol up to 500* is achieved! Options via its
fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2
Controller, industry standard SIMM socLct provides for up lo
128Mh of auhH'onfipmng 32-Bit FAST RAM lor up to 256Mh with Ok
SCSI-2 option using its extra SIMM soctetf
• May he doubled vsith stmple Keystroke on Btx n lip for Full
Games Compatibility, even w ith Badly Programed or Older
• Battcrv Hacked Self Kechatge Real Time C
• High Petfomanee Expansmn with Full 1 -Bit
• PGA FPL' Socket allowing Optional 50MHz, leevi FPC ’
• Fisy Trapdoor Insullalion ¦ no mtKllTicaiions requited anti
does not invalidate the Amiiy's Warranty rtT 50MHz 68060 A1200
* 0Mb, Expandable to Mmb
78. 71MIPS with Single Sided 60 of 70 Nenoiecond SIMM fined The
Blizzard 1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board ¦nun Ft U 68060
POSTER »i jm nip asTTsr A1200 available. Til j Bfozud I2M)
Turbo n»»'
• May k disabled wuh Simple Keystroke on Boa Full (unm
G.mfunNlicv Even had)1 Pnigrami OmcrSofavait*
• High Feifwmanre Expwwon - Full Jmkt wide1!
• Bonny Hacked Sell Recharge Real Time Clod
• Docs not inulxlale ilic Amiga s Warranty 1260Turbo ' Mhz «»is
mmi reqq Omh, 32-Bit fat RAM - Exp, to MMIl *-'77 SCSI-1VKit
x.M-i Mixluli-1™ I2w £0095 rilsv TRAPDOOR „mii:v.n a . Mv« *82
1 installation. Fast 60n’s i lh SIMM RAM Expansion £1 32-Bil
?2 pin Single Sitlol taKfrimttrSBtM "*V7 I-- - ' 1230-TV Turbo
50MHz 68030 * MMU 70-„ Umli, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable lo
!2HMh *117 Fast 60 Nantisccond 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion £109”
32-Bil. 72 pin (Call fur Larger SIMM [niits)_ Motorola Maths
Co-processor rQQ w 6X882 PGA type FPU. 511MHz SCSI-IV KIT
SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV and 1260, tJl0 „ with additional
FfkllW 50MHz 68060 A1500 A2000 111 ‘ T0RB0 ACCELERATOR & MMU j yV; Jpy OM*1 - Expandable to 128Mb £& 3671MIPS wilh 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fined The Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offco AI5W jivl AZG00owlets ihc sure •pccifi.atxin f dxr Blizzard 1260 Tuitxi, but ibo mriudo tali in SOI L aaoba! So, t vxi turn the funs AI300-2000 around nth FEU 68060 POTOt ft a Rbnaid' 3*0 ix»' 2060 Turbo 50MHz 68060 « MMI1 with Isuih In SCSI-2 Omh. 32-Uit h.1 RAM - ExpmdaMe to 138Mb_ CORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS &&& Pleas* not* Memory SIMM and FPU prices may y change . Without J warning ' due to
exihanw rale ¦Mx
- iiM, ’ ...-a.. 9am until Snm Gordon Harwood Computers Limited
Dept. AMF 'B! New Street. Alfrcton.
Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 01 773 836781 or FAX: 01 773 831040 harwood@applelink.apple.com What the Magazines think... fmigu Shopper said’ the Hlizzarl 1200 U tkslincd h beiome lire ullwiale objetl of desire for A Ijoo owners’ 91“« STAR B1T Awarcl ImigcT GimpMing II inu mint thefnlcstAmiga in the Vvrld. Gel this l» inl 92% Bll t (HIP Rating Amiga formal * Hide on Ihe fastest A1200 in Ihc B vrUL 95°* GOU) Rating How to Order from GH... BY PHONL Simply ufl out ordet W We VISA. Mwtertifd. Auni. S Conn«t Delta AmtX and Lomfijrt CrtdiUhazge (moM store unh are Lombard eg Dtiom. Cuiry* et£) - WITH HO
TRANSACTION SURCHARGIS’ BY POST or FAX. Mdud* »ou rum*. AtMmt and daytme,1 evening phonet'Iaj numb** pin • o*de* details rt cha og a credit debit card Hktwd* numb** and vafcd fmnv'eipiry date ' land «ue number with Switch cards) Wake Cheques (piene allow 7 days clearance), Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Kiiwocd Computers limited.
GH PRICES: Pleas* remember to confirm prices in case you are looking at an okf magtume. Prices can change (up or down) before the magazines cover month has passed Please conlmn before sending orders by post. Prices me VAT at 17.5%. DEI VERY We offer prompt shipment with fully insured eipress dekvery options throughout the UK. Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost If ordering by post please call to confirm defcvery charges EXPORT Wost items are available Worldwide, and at TAX FREE PRKES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Armed Forces Personnel (wrth Cos document) Please call us for
confirmation of prices and carnage charges etc GH WARRANTY Manufacturers' standard warranties apply 0*. Ask about Gws comprehensive enerded options wh h are always recommended fc* professional users to minimise costly down time Ask GH fo* full detarfs VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT AN EVER EXPANDING RANGE OF AMIGA GAMES AT INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES Hillsea Udo The S«itice Management Stnwlator Valhalla Before The War The Second Ever Speech Adventure VULCAN Valhalla Ana The Lord Of Infinity The First Ever Speech Adventure In tht. Row Itvrf pmj«l ,uu pi*) loftMy* mmct un hi* «ju**u ol
luirrd ra whidi munkt i* ihr ultmuu- g «jJ You hfflB yaw 400*1 in the Vn »M. It all amlrt ihc eye o4 Gjnimimh Vwxrm Deer in the Jnapcoa*
• "* meet the Koval Gwnfcmm. H* abmc .hie me van a)• B «jrrd ow
vow «n. Wthc HwM OeKery mJ dui hi :'*«*»• »«K Mataftolr*. I-
tke Royd Cwer* ytm
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If you navs « - («««« a Vulcan SoTtiuar. Mi. Tt*n ox «M liM to taM rn* oooortunitu to nank you for suoeorww m. to,, urttt us W*»n ar. 100% committal to ttw platform am our M in J uiy iwi IK ar. Wood to present th. .00%. four tlttn a. our catalogue to Ut We stnve to produce excellent duality software .no at to. Urn. Tin. We arnress moating poomj policies with to. Initiation of ou Mims, nut (CenecKrs eononsl As vwcan now opsralss Mail Ord«f only we In atx* to reins, all titles at mcrsdiofg loui onces. T30 for a oame* oot any iron.
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£169 £185 £199 £239 AMIGA PERIPHERALS
£12.99 £39.99 FPU SOCKET 540MEG 850MEG 1 GIG 1,2G l I II VRI)
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YORK ROAD, LEEDS LS9 6TA TEL 01274 691115 TEL 0113 2350091
Effigy Software One of the best pinball games released on the
Amiga. By definition that makes it one of the best pinball
games around.
Plays around with the concept of pinball and Newtonian physics in an admirably frivolous frisson of gameplay and fun. There are three tables in all, each one representing a distinct era of time.
The first set in the past is completable. The second is probably the best, and the third gives the player a pseudo 3D view which adds up to one of the most original versions of a tiring genre.
Tilt that wallet now.
ZEEWOLF 2: WILD JUSTICE AF80; FG90%) Binary Asylum You keep on missing this one guys.
And you shouldn't. Some day soon, one of the console developers is going to pick up on the potential of this game and claim it as their own.
Zeewolf 2 puts you in charge of a blue helicopter which is viewed from a first person-ish perspective.
It has three weapons systems plus a whole battery of remote link vehicles to call upon in missions of particular difficulty and sensitivity.
You have to bring peace to the world by rescuing prisoners and hostages and killing as many of the enemy as possible. It's open ended enough to be described as the thinking man's shoot-em up and one day soon it's going to be recognised as representing the kernel of next generation gameplay. Go for it. NOW.
FEARS (,AF76¦; FG92%) Manyx Truly inspirational use of the AGA chipset merges with a Doom-clone so tough that it probably offers the best value for money of any game on the market at the moment.
Also included is an editor and an advanced editor to create your own dungeon scenarios, as well as that all-important link-option.
Enabling you to hunt down and kill your beat friends.
ODYSSEY (AF76; 85%) Audiogenic Beautiful little platform-baaed arcade adventure that plays at a pace aet by the gamer himself. It can be fast; it can be slow; it can be in between.
Requires a bit of thought on the best way of overcoming seemingly insurmountable problems, but the ability to change into any one of ten creatures certainly helps. Great) SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 (AF7S, 88%) US Gold Despite the smallness of the sprites, the excessive number of disks and disk swaps. Super Streetfighter 2 manages to capture the gameplay, combos and special moves of the arcade original in a way that excited our resident Streetfighter champion, Graeme Sandiford to sum it up as: "Surprisingly good, except for the graphics".
GLOOM A1200 (AF7S, FG91%) Guildhall One of the main contenders for the accolade of top Doom-clone on the Amiga, Gloom was created, developed and programmed using Amiga-only software: Devpac2, Blitz Basic 2, Art Department Professional and Deluxe Paint It puts the proverbial finger up to developers with pretensions of global grandeur and proves that you don't need a marketing-budget the size of a lottery-win to create successful, exciting games. O FANTASY MANAGER (AF7848%) Hit Squad A terrible attempt at implementing fantasy football leagues on the Amiga. In a fit of console mentality, Anco
figured that by licensing the right to print pictures of David Baddiel and Frank Skinner they could get away with the minimum of programming.
So many fundamental mistakes in terms of design and user friendliness, it quickly becomes apparent that it's a cash in of ridiculous proportions. Even at the budget price of £9.99, it's still a waste of time.
SUBVERSION (AF76-, 10%) Guildhall Any feature of a game can be twisted round and made into a benefit. So, from an advertising point of view, Subversion boasts hundreds of thousand of different combinations of play and ten levels of difficulty. In reality, it presents you with one sub-standard ZX Spectrum screen which is so poor it doesn't even make it on to the glossily packaged box. Avoid.
DISASTER AREA Cover thine eyes, sweet child, from these ABOMINATIONS Harry may be a manky brown hedgehog and Charlie may not be so cool but for under £10 Steve McGill reckons they're worth a look at.
MAY 1996 I 1 SCREENPLAY Publisher NRC Software 131 Gunnersbury Avenue Acton London W3 BLE into disrepute before they could actually start shipping the game.
Therefore, the creators have decided to go it alone and release Charlie J Cool onto the mail order circuit. It's not a bad idea, for despite being stunningly average and suffering from some of the worst platform mechanics of the genre, there will still be people willing to buy and play it.
Versions A500 600 & separate A1200 Release date Out Now Harry's Balloons Designed as a sporting challenge, Harry’s Balloons is certainly very different.
The player is put in charge of a manky brown hedgehog character called Harry, whose principal purpose in life lies in helping balloons defy gravity and change colour.
The action takes place on one static screen and extracts much tactile jiggery pokery from the player as well as demanding a modicum of brainpower at the same time.
Hinging on the ability to keep balloons in the air while changing their colour is the essence of the game. To be expected the game becomes increasingly difficult and demands ever more juggling to progress.
To help, the occasional power up falls from the heavens and makes the job easier for Harry to execute.
As with most games, it's much more fun when playing with or against someone else. It also distracts the players away from the impression that Harry's Balloons doesn't really belong on the Amiga platform. This is more suitable for the likes of the C64 or the Amstrad CPC. Some people will love it, but then there are still plenty of people buying Rise of the Robots.
Grab a hold of the demo. Who knows, you might just think it warrants a quid less than a tenner. If ODHS Charlie J Cool was reviewed by the illustrious Stephen Bradley in issue 67 of Amiga Formal.
He gave it 50% and concluded that it was "stunningly average stuff indeed".
There's not much more we can really add to that, it is "stunningly average". The reason we're looking at it again this month is due to the unfortunate circumstances the game found itself in.
Charlie J Cool was never published because Rasputin fell The plot, just like any platformer, is mostly irrelevant and attempts to disguise some of the fatal design flaws such as great leaps of faith, certain falls that instantly kill you, and a propensity toward pixel perfection to make certain jumps.
You could do a lot worse for your £10, so if you've got money to burn, the address is in the little box at the end with the game score. 'If Charlie looking incredibly cool. The idea, surprisingly enough, is to dodge, jump, collect and kill across 28 levels of horizontally-scrolling action, picking up keys along the way.
Publisher I Collide Design 501 International House 233 Regent Street London W1R 8QD Price £8.99 Versions A500 600 1200 Release date Out Now 40% J™ » Publi Football Management games are one of the most popular genres known to the Amiga.
Alternative Software, after years of deliberation, have finally brought the seminally popular sequel to Tracksuit Manager- Tracksuit Manager 2 is reviewed on page 37.
To help celebrate the event, those ever generous chaps from Alternative are offering a state of the art Goodmans 14” colour portable television. Not only can this telly double up as a personal monitor for the Amiga, but it will also tune into all of the terrestrial broadcasting stations carrying highlights and live matches from this summer's European Championships.
Lust answer the following three easy questions and send your answers on a postcard (postcard only please) to "They Think It Hasn't Started. It Hasn't Yet", Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Alternatively, send your answers via e-mail to amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting Alternative Compo in the subject line.
The postcards with the correct answer will be drawn on the 30th May. The winners will be informed thereafter. Good luck
1. Which two UK teams have been drawn in the same group of the
European Championships?
A) Wales & N. Ireland
b) France & Germany
c) Scotland & England
2. How many men make up a football team?
A) 1
b) 11
c) 111
3) What is the name of the England Coach?
A) Fingers Malone
b) Del Boy Trotter
c) Terry Venables LOIS, CLARK AND THAT WEDDING: Behind the scenes
of The New Adventures of Superman PLUS!
HEW ISSUE i OUT HOW! 1 "I probably care more about what's going on in the third division ot the Bolivian Football League than I do about the Perrier Award..." ...says Felix Dexter, the tunny one in The Real McCoy.
Tired And Hazy Guy Steve Martin on Sergeant Bilko, and why he’s spurning cinema for the stage Stumped Again!
Nick Hancock, Lee Hurst and Rory McGrath on the return of They Think It’s All Over... PLUS The 50 Funniest Films Ever Naughty Little Prankers How To Write A Sitcom Win Another Big TV And The Whole Hot-Damned Freaking Comedy Month In Melon-Funning Review Issue 2 Is On Sale Now t[,|ure Look at our Internet pages, here...
I. ..
http: www.futurenet.co.uk entertainment comedyreview.hlml
S•Irct taan f« » Ena 1 a ind Wh R Nana H t F Bowl F F d R
Gooch R Opanar 3 2 2 c Qpanar Opanar 1 1 § D Lathwa1 H
Opanar 3 2 3 f Bit**, e ifpsu: 1 Had § ?
G Thorp.
H Stroke 2 MXK 1 3 H Hutu in I S t roke 3 U H 2 2 I J Lew t * Russel I P sksc: f Sp 4 n ?
3 K DeFre 1 t R Middle 1 Sp I n 3 3 U 8 1 Med I i N He C agua L Te I 1 3 Fast 1 3 p 8 f 1 I I PIN IDIp (Nlh IR1 m V lw (C In 9 p1avar 0 bow 1 art 0 H'K J Pari of Iho complete lack ol appeal in the game is the presentation. Lust look at the wodge of system font text. Lovely.
The manual (which incidentally to save production costs is a photocopied rag held together with two staples) covers four other games in the same series.
All of your actions are carried out by pressing the keys and the game is so badly programmed that the mouse pointer is exactly the same colour as the background. They would've got away with it too if it hadn't been for that pesky mouse.
In conclusion, Test Match Cricket isn't just an enemy of the Amiga market, it's a blood sucking leach. Burn it off with a cigarette today.© IIICKH Publisher Challenge Software Tel 01302 890000 The game comes on two disks. One of them is a save game, although it really should be a 'please save me game' The game cons you into thinking that some of your input is actually worthwhile but after you've played for a mind numbing time (this could be anything from five minutes to two hours
- time and the desire for life loses all meaning during play) you
realise that the only strategy that exists lies in the swapping
around of either the bowlers or the batters. And that small
amount of excitement only lasts for a brief five or six
Price £999 Versions A500 600 1200 Release date Awaiting Publication System requirements 1Mb Release date Out Now Verdict If you see a sticker on the box saying 'Special Buy' don't believe it. It is the work of a con artist 5% Gosh. It's not often you come across a game that pulls back the bounds of expectations and redefines a new category of Amiga software.
First it was the computer game, then it was the videogame. Then, when the software houses decided they wanted to actively seek out potential adult buyers of their products, they coined the pretentious phrase 'interactive entertainment'.
Test Match Cricket goes one further than that. It's full blown 'non-interactive boredom'; from the graphics, to the method of 'noninteraction' to the gameplay, to the time taken to play the game; nothing is of interest. Quite literally nothing.
It's designed badly, it's unattractive, it lacks a feasible control interface. It's terrible.
Ohiiin jion Publisher Challenge Software Tel 01302 890000 Surely God, if he lived up to his reputation as being almightily compassionate, would protect his Amiga flock from the blasphemies represented by the very existence of this game.
It is anathema to the ten commandments of value for money. It follows the same poor programming route as Test Match Cricket and most certainly doesn't end up in Damascus.
If you like repetitively and almost aimlessly pressing buttons, go for it.
Otherwise put your money toward a more gratifying management game.
There's plenty of them around © Following in the concrete boots of Test Match Cricket is Treble Champions 2 Given that the 2 at the end of the title of this game strongly implies that there was an original, it makes you question the existence of such a thing as God Versions A500 600 1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date Out Now Verdict Win the treble for being the most boring, waste of time football manager in ever such a long time.
1TSA3 i 2211 tSct SSI! Mf riicc in* MMGI S ftlMIHMI IX HMI Hnt C 5% There are better games in the Public Domain than this. Don't waste your money.
It's terrible. It's tiresome. The acting is laughably mediocre - but hey, that's enough about Steve McGill... n ames with Full Motion Video (FMV) are still being flagged as the great white hope in some videogame publishing quarters.
G The ethos behind FMV’s unfounded implementation is that it is one of the best methods of attracting adult audiences toward the interactive videogame medium. Videogames, after all, are more associated with Toys 'R' Us, monopolistic practices, and spotty 14 year old kids.
Realistically speaking, FMV in a game represents tenuous thinking at best and a total waste of resources at worst. You could probably count the number of people on the fingers of one thumb who think that Rebel Assault has high entertainment value.
Yet, that's not to say that FMV games are necessarily a dead loss.
Take The Final Gate on the CD32 from Alternative Software. A threadbare plot suspended by disbelief above a chasm of raucous laughter holds the whole production together.
You are a rubber suited hard dude placed at the bow of a powerboat armed with a big gun. The powerboat embarks on a dangerous journey upriver. Your job is to shoot computer generated objects heading toward the craft. It's very reminiscent of the poor man's Space Harrier used in Microcosm. Which basically means that the core of the game quickly becomes tiresome.
But strangely, it doesn't quite make it into the realm of exceedingly boring. For there are real people lurking on the banks of the river intent on shooting you too. Returning the favour produces the best laughs of the game If you shoot the potential assassins - the baddies are framed in half a rectangle - a 'Good Shot' cutaway comes into play. Following on from that are the parts of the game which, if Alternative aren't careful, could easily give it a cult status. The shooters fall over in a mock death that can only be described as laughable.
Hopefully Alternative don't think we're being cruel in the criticism of the game. It's terrible, but not so terrible that it lacks charm. I've really warmed to it and made a point of showing it to as many people as possible. The death sequences are something special and the actors look as if they've graduated from the Ed Wood school of mediocrity. Hilarious.
On the downside is the fact that the game resets after just three lives, works inside too small a window to be comfortable for a Space Harrier derivative, and doesn't give the player the option of using a mouse.
With a bit more thought, it could have been real fun. As it stands, it's firmly resident in the also ran camp of CD32 FMV releases.
But somehow that still doesn't stop The Final Gate from being just a little bit lovable. 1) INTERAC Mr. Happy here appears if you make the hit.
Then you're treated to the best acting in the worid.
The best part of the game is shooting real people on the side of the riverbank. If you hit them then see boxes 2 and 3. If not look out for boxes 4 and 5.
VO ON 9 1" § If you miss, Mr Happy isn't so happy and he cuts away.
It's very hard not to die after a human hits you.
Steve McGill looks back to the good old days to see what's still on offer.
Re-releases strategic planning. Like placing your men in the most advantageous positions.
The action is planned in such a manner that you have to constantly be on top of play. If not, your men will die unnecessarily.
Priced at just £15, strategy fans and role play fans should consider it a must buy. 'Tj Space Hulk Hit Squad B 0161 832 6633 B £14.99 B 78% A combination of Alien Breed married to Dungeon Master with a few of its own ideas thrown in besides, Space Hulk certainly has a strange relationship with the Amiga.
When released on the 3DO last year many of the game critics praised it's beautifully rendered backdrops and creatures. Surprise surprise, the Amiga was used to create them using Real 3D.
Relevant trivia aside, the scenario involves a team of marines known as Terminators who have to wipe out an infestation of aliens known as Genestealers.
Manno a manno, the Terminators are no match for the Genestealers. That's why the crux of the game relies on careful methodical and PGA Tour Golf Hit SquadB 0161 832 6633 B £14.99 B 80% Proving that old classics never die, they just get released and then released again if they're good, The Hit Squad have tapped into a sure fire winner with the re-re-release of PGA Tour.
Awarded a Formal Gold in the heady days of issue 22, PGA offered a visit back to the old days of Leaderboard and concentrated on the playing techniques and fluid feel of the game rather than adding on flashy extras.
There are options to gently introduce gamers to the skill of the game. Options such as a quick practice on the driving range and playing a test round are open to the cautious gamer.
Unfettered by clutter, the PGA Tour plays well, and despite the dated appearance of the graphics, holds onto that timeless appeal which appeals to armchair golfers throughout the UK. 'h You can spend hours working it out for yourself or alternatively follow these step by step instructions for 3oe King and Binary Asylum's hints for Zeewolf 2.
Chris Osborne from Merseyside will be sent an unknown consignment of prizes for this terrifically handy Flight ol the Amazon Queen walkthrough.
FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN First a few general points about the gameplay. You play Doe King - throughout - he's not the brightest of guys so he relies on people to tell him things. Basically it doesn't matter what YOU have worked out. If Doe hasn't sussed on he can't do it. So it is vitally important that you spend time examining everything, even if its purpose is obvious. Ask as many questions as the game allows. When you are reading something it may read differently the next time. Keep going till it repeats itself. It's the same with people and things.
Most of the puzzles are really simple provided you have followed the above instructions.
There are many sequences and things to do which don't affect the outcome of the game.
Start in bedroom: Look at chest, use curtain cord, look at posters etc, pick up wig. Pick up sheets and other sheets, use them to make a rope, tie it to radiator and descend through laundry chute.
Downstairs: Move stairs, get crowbar and false breasts Try to open door, it's locked Go back to bedroom (up rope).
Bedroom: Open chest with crowbar, get towel and descend rope.
Downstairs: Climb stairs to the left into foyer.
Look at key, talk to bellboy After conversation pick up key, go back downstairs, use key on door and enter the dressing room.
Talk to Lola. Give towel to Lola, get dress and walk outside. Use the dress and go upstairs (watch cartoon feature) and go outside to the truck.
II f |1?
SD5.S I oi c £ "o 5 n c 5 » * “I* 5 5 ¦ III If* S c Ol 9 S 2 I* fc a O Z X 0 z Q» Si 6 III O £ - o OL r (A IU O o z I LU X » c* J I € J-S I I’tll ¦hi lii i Hi!* Ifi : s i z f if lit lllilt ' f Hi!!.
? Iilii
- r Is * i I!
It x a s 3 S 2 S g = = « o • 1 = E « s a ¦o s e I «£ S “ o III “ ® -o ~ ¦» -o = 2? 52: SJIII look at the blueprint. Go northeast to the waterfall, look at the bug, walk east, come across the gorilla again at the hollow log.
Talk to the vicious dinosaur (gorilla). Walk south to Jimmy and Mary Lou. Talk to Mary Lou and Jimmy. Give the banana to monkey and get the coconut. Go back to the hollow tree, cross it and go north to Orchid. Look at Orchid, go east to temple entrance, look at carvings, hide and watch amazon woman enter then press the buttons on the carving.
In the jail, talk to the prisoner with the puppets. Talk to Faye and follow her to the throne room. Head back to the pinnacle and then to the crash site. Talk to Sparky. Give comic to Sparky and go to trader Bob's. Read the sign and plaque. Cross the river.
Talk to Chief. Enter Trader Bob's, give beef jerky to Bob and pick up the vacuum cleaner. Go to Orchid (watch cartoon), use vacuum to pick up wasps, pick Orchid and go to Jimmy.
Talk to Jimmy and then prepare to tune into next month's exciting serial of Amiga Format.
¦ ...hide and watch amazon woman enter then press the buttons on the carving.
At the back of the truck, pick up the oil and use it on the 2CV.
At the airport, talk to Anderson for a bit - it doesn't matter what you say
- then knock him out. Inside the plane wreck, open the duffle
bag, look at it and get the knife and lighter. Look at the
seats and get the coupon. Talk to Sparky and talk to Faye.
Open the hatch and step outside, use the jerky on the pirhanas, pick up the broken prop, use the knife on the lily stem and use the prop on the lily pad. Walk to the north path where you'll come across a parrot. Cut the vine with the knife, walk back past the plane and take the other path towards the bridge.
At the bridge, use the vine to repair it, walk over it and pick up the banana. Retrace your steps to where the parrot was and meet the gorilla.
Talk to the gorilla, walk to the pinnacle (watch the cartoon), go to the jungle. Read the sign, take the north exit and cross over tree. Talk to Skip, and Bud. Look at comic book, use the torn page with coupon and 01 _ (O r C CO ® -c ® S TO ® m TO E «
* 1 •- I f si
• £ § g S 15111 I § § $ %
o 7* c rt U 0 f -E S?! ® 2 « 5 -c -c o O 8 !i
o 2 II 11 l!
¦5 5 n TO ®
- C T3 ® 2 T -c § I 8 8
0) *- II 2 •» 3 • t o H £ c
0. S a Ui c -1 2 ° 9 TO .. TO K (A r* § I 3 I i £ f | 81 I P3 x
- a «¦ S y if a .§ § £-§|o * III 11 “llll 1 3 x ao : « 2 e o •:
THE SECOND Following on from last month's handy tips, here is
the concluding tips to help all of you hellfire helicopter
pilots bring peace, harmony and destruction to the world. Take
it away Trenton.
Binary Asylum think that 292% is a good score. Let them know how paltry it really is. • Or the number of shots you fire compared to the number of hits. It's possible to get this over 100% on remote link levels. Binary Asylum's best score is 292% (Seb Grinke 14 12 95). Can you beat it?
• It is vital that you remember that the REMOTE LINK VEHICLES are
disposable. Use them to tackle targets that threaten the
• As stated in Dollars, Use all of the REMOTE LINK VEHICLE'S
• On Mission 9, the remote link enemy transport helicopter used
to drop the bomb is SUPPOSED to die.
Don't waste time trying to save it once the bomb has dropped.
¦ Binary Asylum's best score is 292%.
Can you beat it?
• The Barracuda's torpedoes are the longest range weapons in
Zeewolf 2 - the full range of the scanner So use them to
destroy all sharks BEFORE they get on screen. Line up and track
your shots on the scanner where the torpedoes will appear as
yellow dots.
• Radar tanks make ALL anti-aircraft units in their vicinity much
more accurate. They ABSOLUTELY must be your first target when
you find one close to Mantis Cobra sites.
• Look before you leap. Many Watchdogs patrol an area, which
means that they can temporarily stray away from the
Mantis Cobra units they support. So wait until they move and
shoot them when they are away from anti-aircraft positions.
• ECM Watchdogs - the ones that fill the scanner with static -
also give radar support. So twice as many reasons for them to
be brutally destroyed!
• The scrambling effect of ECM Watchdogs has a limited range. So
if you need to get an idea of the area they patrol fly out to
sea. Or another 'clear' zone, then switch to your TACTICS
SCREEN so you can view the whole map
• ECM Watchdogs break remote links. So scout the area with the
Zeewolf before taking a remote link craft in to a potential ECM
area. ECM Watchdogs are particularly hazardous As usual,
rescued hostages can be used to repair armour. Use them
When using the remote link Kestrel, so fly over land wherever possible.
• These Ecliptico APCs appear harmless but they are not. On later
missions (16*) they can release Saboteurs (green men) So
destroy any Mules you see as Saboteurs will destroy the Zeewolf
instantly if they touch it!
• Certain enemy units do not appear in your gun camera (most
notably enemy radar dishes on ships and buildings). This is
where your Gun Camera Lock indicator (see manual p16) is
useful. It will turn green when lock has been established. As
per normal this does not guarantee a hit, but does indicate
your computer has identified the target. © Eteatien ‘TKail
&iden Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or
Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept:AF05
WORLD- £ 3.50 TEL: 01268 271172 FAX : 01268 271173 CIS :
100307-1544 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some
lilies may not be released at Ihe time of going to press. Most
titles are despatched same day. But can lake up to 28 days. VAT
is included OOCfcWtMT Cool Word Corporation Crysup OregcYi
Dent.* Football Glory Hermdal Haimda* 2 Joguar XJ220 j Nicklaus
Des*gir“r Cip At Jo«u*o .
Last Mryi 3 MeanAieras Morph Myth.
Out To Lunch Powercames Sabre Team Sha dowf.gr t*r Skeleton Krew SIMON THE SORCEROR 1 Steve Davis Snoc**r Syhdcate Torvak TcUl Carriage Universe War one WEMBLEY INT SOCCER.
Wembley Rugby laaguo Wo« chid WofYj*- fcj Word Class RiiyPy 96 A10 Tank Kaer 12 A323 Approach T na«*r 26 Amam* Fam*y & Aladdin Awm B'twd 30 IhnenM 30 2-Killing Ground* AH terrain Racer Ilk Ajxoya Arabian KnghU Arcade Pool Arche* Macleans Pool AsMivn* Game* Uraph* Award Wimots 2 B 17 Flying Fortres* Ban Ur MerolgK Wamors Mdwmier Mdwmlor ?
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FOOTBALL STATISTICIAN PRO 28 99 Gamer Gold Collection - Bomp H
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Super Tanr.i Champ 9 99 9 99 9 99 Superlrog Supremacy Syndcate
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Pinball Man a PINBALL PRELUDE Pray*. Manager 2 . PlAVER
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4 Pronvsad Lands Popuioua 2 POWERBASE V35 (DATABASE) Powerdrwe
Powerhouse Powermcnger 6 D'Dd* Prom Man 3 Multi Edil Sys Prime
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19 99 19.99 Space Crusade Zoo) 2 13 99 ---
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12 99 ------ Help! Compilation • Serin Soccer £urv Champa.?ush
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(12-16)..... Cave M.ire (8 12) Fracbon Goblns (8 131 JiXiicr
Tvp,y (S-101 Kid P.*..... Mage Maths (4-5) Mams Dragons
(6-131 Maths Mania 18-12' Neddy • P Time or Pictiro Fractions
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Fieascnng w»i TtoM |5-12| Tvjy n* House (6-101 PcCm *iocd »•) Sc»ocdo Xmas Carol (6.)
The Three Bears (S-10) Wnd In Hie Wfows |6-) Wi antCHO Clock Wiser Club Focfba!
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Deluxe Pane V 59 99 -..... DELUXE VIDEO 3 ... 66 99 - - Demomaruac 17 99 - Desert Strike .. 12 99 --- tXtfgtt 12 99 --- • 9 99 9 99 9 99 999 9 99 -
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Arvdcqu* joystick Adaptor * 99 AuicvnaiK Joysnck-Mcuw Spun* 14 99 CH FUGMTSTlCK (ANALOGUE) |AAR) 29 99 SPECIAL OFFERS 1 Cheetah 125- 7 99 Competiticn Pm Joypad 1r» C032 13 99 Externa1800K Floppy Drive 59 99 Fio »h9ai Stoenrg Whee' ......1299 Body Bkiwt 1299 12 99 Button Stu 4 99 ---- 4 99 Chuck Rock 4 99 -- 4 99 Chuck Rock 2 4 99 -- 4 99 GRAVIS ANALOGUE JOYSTICK (AAR) 19.99 Iniornal 880K Floop. Dm A500 4 7 99 INTERNAL B80K FLOPPY DRIVE A600A1200 49.99
• Arose 1099 19 99 19 99 21 93 1099 12 99 12 99 12 99 -- 2299 ---
- --- gag 1999 1999 -- 32 99 32 99 24 99 24 99 Amiga RAM
Expansions All chips 72 Pin Single Sided Autoconfigures as
FAST RAM Elite 2 • Frontier Embryo E morail Menas RAM Bonrd
lor A1200 - Bare ...59.99 RAM Expansion 4 MEG
SIMM ..59.99 RAM Expansion 8 MEG SIMM 139.99 RAM
Expansion 16 MEG SIMM.....445.99 8 99 8 99 10 99 12 99 ---
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Http: www.futurenet.co.uk May Issue on sale 25 April Keep an eye out for the next edition of Computer Arts Launches: Thursday 6 June PD SELECT ' MAY 1996 Rage. Rabies starts off with an excellent cinematic opening sequence, featuring copious amounts of animated robots, guns and gore alongside the credits. But it then flips into a relatively normal linear, effects- based demo, which is a bit of a disappointment.
Sure, there's a nice line in virtual rhetoric, with quotes suggesting "cyberspace embodies" and "reality is 80 million polygons a second", but it's all a bit conventional. The soundtrack is effectively dark metal industrial though, and, on the plus side, there are a couple of routines which stand-out.
This is one of the very first demos on the Amiga to showcase bumpmapped vectors, an effect which generates indentations in the surface of a vector-object - very smart. There is one other gorgeous effect that's definitely worth mentioning, a water-distortion featuring interference between Continued overleaf ' Malcolm Lavery was the clever chap responsible for Magic Paint Bor. A program we awarded PD Selection ol the Month to back in issue 79.
He certainly hasn't rested on his laurels.
Teeny Weenys has been around for quite a some time but it hadn't really caught our attention until now.
In ess .’nee it's similar to Lemmings, Lost Vikings, and another PD Selection of the month, A t 0 E 0 There are various objects dotted e the screen, and part of the i tof t does. The Teeny Weenys can c helpful obj.’cts in their extra din large pockets.
Written in Amos Pro, t c 0 £ *5 PM select What's lingering in the depths of the Public Domain? We pick out the best of this month's offerings and Steve McGill guides you through them.
RABIES By ....Rage Ware ......Freeware AGA+HD needed Available on the Internet via ftp from Aminet archives: eg. Ftp src.doc.ic.ac.uk, demo tp95 rabies 11-3 J.lha Yet more Party 5 releases, and this time a typically dark and sinister release from Swedish cyberpunks TEENY WEENYS By ....Malcolm Lavery ...Licenceware Library ....PI iicenceware No ol Disks - One Price
.£3.99 plus 5Op pSp specially composed for the demo so it fits in with all the effects. When the mushrooms explode, we get a nice cymbal clash. Cool, huh? Ok, so it's not going to rock your world and leave you gasping for oxygen because of its genius, but you may actually end up watching Dream With Me a lot more often than most demos.
Why? Because it's lightweight, artistic, and really quite funny.
DREAM WITH ME: The morphing wire frame animation style could easily be adapted in an advertising context and earn some money for the coders.
INSIDE INFO: Every boy, once they hit the age of about 11, knows how this works.
ripples, but it seems a bit out of place in the rest of the demo, which is much more in the cyberhorror style.
Now if this demo really did have 80 million polygons a second in it, I'd be impressed, but nevertheless, it's still pretty smart, and well worth getting hold of. Bonus marks for making it run on a normal A1200.
DREAM WITH ME DEMO By ..Scania Ware ......Freeware Available on the Internet via ftp from the Aminet archives: eg. Ftp src.doc.ic.ac.uk, demo tp95 scn-dwm.exe This is the kind of beaten track style demo it's always off the nice to see. Dream With Me is simply one long continuously moving 2- colour animation. So you think this pales in comparison with Silicon Graphics rendered true-colour anims?
Umm, it does. But you don't get many of those running on your Amiga, so you're stuck with stuff like this instead. It's actually excellent fun, with lots of weird metamorphoses, some exploding mushrooms a la 'Tintin in Tibet', lots of bouncing balls, and plenty of surreal Scandinavian japes.
Flying stickmen whose heads get blown off by lightning? Pacman pursuing jerky running men across the screen? We got em here, guv. The coder has put some shadowing on the anims, too, so it doesn't look too blocky, and the music has been INSIDE INFO By Michael Warren Leighton Ware .....Freeware PD Library Roberta Smith DTP No of Disks .....Five Price £2.60 plus 50p p&p Roberta Smith does it again with a collection of almightily charming and interesting technical animations.
Each animation covers the rudiments of the internal workings of different types of engines. It would be hard to point out which were our favourites, but leanings definitely point toward the two and four stroke engines. You can relate to them easily and follow what's happening in a manner that's far easier to absorb than standard technical diagrams.
The only drawback with each of the anims is the lack of any support text or animations to guide the user on each stage of an individual engine's process.
Nevertheless, the animations are beautifully drawn and perform their function effortlessly. More than half let you slow them down with the function keys. This makes it much easier to follow exactly what's going on in the whole process.
Hopefully, Roberta Smith will start producing CD-ROMs with this kind of content. Their use, both from an inquisitive and educational stance, is invaluable. What's more, I've learned how a Sterling engine works. I can't fiollt-fioycc fie.211 SIX STAGE GUIDE BaPflSS LOW-PRESSURE COMPRESSOR ~ URNES ¦ DUCT TURBINE iJL HIGH-PRESSURE EXHf I TURBINE C-f '1 ft I J BURNER I UUI1BU S11JN CHAMBER DR UE SHAFT ys ON ON r- s RTR ' STRF TER nr i COOLER INSIDE INFO No longer will servicing your DT125 seem like a chore. Just imagine it running as fluently as this animation and you'll have the job done in
half the time.
INSIDE INFO. "Ladies and Gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. We seem to have lost the body of the plane. There is no need for panic."
Copynghi © 19?
Michoal Uorrcn-Lcici LIVES:02 SCORE:89093584 LEVEL: BORIS BALL Here we've already picked up the power up which lets you shoot bricks out from the paddle.
|A| Sticky bat lul Expand bat UNIX) TEST CLEAR EXIT understand why it was invented, but at least I know how it works.
Each disk is available individually at 90p plus 50p p&p, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there's a saving to be made from acquiring all five disks at the same time.
BORIS BALL By Ben Wyatt Ware .Licenceware PD Library .....FI Licenceware No of Disks .....One Price ..£3.99 A few years back, Breakout and Arkanoid clones epitomised the aspirations of the tactile gamer. So many were released offering vaguely similar features that they soon became passe.
There then followed a bit of a lapse. No qualitative Breakout clones were released as such, although the PD scene always remained a refuge of the genre.
The best known to date is MegaBall. It played sufficiently well, but had enough bad points to be considered flawed. At least, that's what Ben Wyatt, the author of Boris Ball reckoned.
So much so in fact that he's written his own version. According to Ben he's taken all of the annoying bits out and hopes that it meets the approval of all the closet MegaBall players out there.
I can't speak for them, but I can speak for myself. The power-ups are mostly useful, the non-useful ones are ghastly - but they do add to the fun. Recommended to all but the most cynical of cynics.
ROSWELL CRASH SLIDES By Oki Ware .....Freeware PD Library ..Online PD No of Disks ...Two Price .... 75 ) per disk plus 75p p&p The last time we looked at a Roswell slide show in issue 77 of Amiga Format my comments stirred up a bit of a storm in a flying saucer.
Some people couldn't accept that the opinion I gave about UFO's was my own - okay, I'll confess now, the aliens made me say it. They don't want to be exposed. All they really want to do is watch the X-Files in peace and have a laugh at the naivety of human beings.
TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of; PD WORLD 20 Princesses Parade, Waterside, Crayford, Kent DA1 41D.
Tt 01322 552835
1. Kryten Utils
2. Deluxe Cards AGA
3. The )oke Disk
4. Amiga Demon 1.01
5. Custom Worms Levels
6. Term V4.4
7. RemDate V2.2
8. T.U.B.E
9. Workbench 3 Backdrops
10. Nostram Cheats V5 Roswell Slide Number 2 isn't up to much. A
motley black and white collection of digitised pictures with
no accompanying text makes the whole production about as
tedious as discussing the subject matter of UFO's with Frank.
Best avoided unless you're into mutilating cattle. © WHERE TO
Wellington Road Exeter Devon EX2 9DU ”01392 493580 ROBERTA
SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London
NW11 6JE ” 0181 455 1626 ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall
Lane Form by Liverpool L37 3PX ”01704 834335 Other good PD
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ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means lor A1200 A4000 only Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p to total loi postage & packaging Pack price as stated. All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) PER DISK . CHOOSE I FREE DISK WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS ROST S PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for PAP) Worldwide add 50o per disk P&Pi Dept (AF 09) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 01827287377 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 9
WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 MUSIC M302 MICHAEL JACKSON song BAD W03 00 THE BART MAN MD05 100 C64 TUNES (not A1200) M3C6 BAT-OANCE REMIXED M017 GUNS & ROSES • Wx re Crazy M018 THE XMAS SONG (dsk) very kjnrr, M025 MONEY FOR NOTHNG - DIRE STRAITS W song MET BLUES HOUSE |2 (JSks) MOW C64 GAMES MUSC Ml 15 MAH0NEy 4 KAKTUS 2 • *0 Lxes ccmplaucn M125 ADAMS FAMILY M147 BANGLES-Walk Out An Egrpuan MI50 TFFANY -1 Thn» We re Aone No* M17I MADONNA - Like a Virgin MI73 JANET JACKSON • RhyWn Na»n Ml 77 PET SHOP BOYS M1&* SAM FOX - Please Me M1B6 MADONNA • Lika a Virgin
Ml88 JOE Le TAX Ml & MICHAEL JACKSON Srroon Cnrnnal M1W JESUS ONE'S (2 daks) M2C6 RAVE - mere M262 A TO Z OF C6* GAMES MUSC (4| Onfcarv M314 OtCK TRACY I'Uadcrmal |2| M335 STAR TREK 4 STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION 121 PRINTER MANAGER U4Z7 POINTER STUDIO ticeRent print re.uit. US99 PRINTER TOOL Include. Typewrite. .pooler etc U7W PRINT LABELS print Ohh lebett bennen U793 STAR PRINTER STUDIO tor all War prlntera U794 SE IK OS STUDIO lor all Seiko prInter* More M-Kific printer driver lor the above printer U733 PANASONIC STUDIO - 9 4 24 pin printer driver a mil.
UTJ4 CANON PRINTER STUDIO not AMO (1.3) U735 PRINTER STAR 24700 FONT DESIGNER - thomrare U782 CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER lor a« Ctazen printer owner* conWntng many uaeful printer uW* « driver* US84 CANON PRINTER STUDIO lor an model* for u*e VIDEO TITLERS & VIDEO TOOLS 1(1 VKO NOTE databeee for your video cobcOon 431 VOCO APPLICATION 2 dim 1 many ndeo «Nr prog U2» Vof.O TOOL O) toed* of vldao uW* Recommended UN4 TELESUBTTTLE new video Mar UttS VIDEO MAXE V4.33 The Meet In rfdeo U3&2 DESKTOP VIDEO 1 A 2 (bee! Video titer tod) catalogiM (yter Donna of funttona TELE mli 2 - Great new VOEOS Mar WE
DOING VIDEO ANIM (3 Mu) RaQuirea 0 PMM ... tuawaSweww.*. UU3 VDCO MANAGER (not A500 13) Video C VOCO TTTLER - very good video Ittter U027 ULTRAPAINT A SURF point A 3D modal proyam UO*6 DARK STAR no 2 I vol 2-5) 060* Ot utils U068 OISK MAG CHEAYOR creole* M magaz*te mg 10 dak Great UI45 XCOPY PROFESSIONAL very powerful t**k copier UI69 PAINT AND ANIMATE creato your own animation U164 MASTER SEKA V1 6 complete Assembte language MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 I FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2 99 with every order ot E12 or over To da»m your freo mouse mat (ust cut oul and return this token with your order •
enclose an extra 38p stamp to cover the postage and packing | Otter onty available with this token (kmrted l Mouse Mat per order exdudmg any other otter) ¦ Alternatively you may choose 1 FREE dish | U240 ARCHIVER TOOLS pock note Me* onto you* tek U2A? (MPl ODER 4 0 tek pock more programs onto 04* U2*3 THE A-T COPIER (no! WB3 13 dia. Cooioi Wow U2S4 FHACTAL U’lL Iced* Ot Irociai programs Bn’ U282 LAND BUILDER create renlisnc landscapes U284 COPY A CRACK TOOLS boc. Up you- software U300 MESSY SID II reediWflte PC’ MAC elc lilo* U301 AUTO DISK LOGGER catalogue your U321 GRAPHIC Util 1(3) loads
ol bull nphc ulii* ESSENTIALS* U324 GRAPHIC Util 2 I3l oven more graphic loot* U333 SCENERY MAKER more landscape generation U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION I (tot* Ol CtoMtOfS) U33S FREE COPY bock up commercial giuno» OISK CLEANING KIT ..... Complete witH dish & cle Quality MOUSE MAT ...£2 99- 10 blank dleka « 10 label* .....£4 99 SO d(*k protector aleeve* .....
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¦ nlng fluid " ubied dosgnei U337 MODEL 3D Brilllanl 3__ „ U338
MULT 1 VISION (21 (ksMiles uilWies POOL TOOL predict norse mm
Peel chance U3S9 SEEKER tmd low file o _ U360 R P G (2)
adventure creator U383 DISK REPAIR KIT salvage A repair damaged
fc*k U372 WORO SORT prccet* ASCH Me 0377 NCOMM III more modem
software . Packer util U380 UNICOPY fantastic d*k coper U399
ERACSCAPE VI 2 new fractal similar to VISTA U400 SOUND TRACKER
V2 6 music ma.or U420 SPEED BENCH (not W81 3i create auto boot
WB U42S NIB 2 very popular copier U438 THE RIPPER COUf
CtlONfnol WB3I lot* o« npper* U442 SYSINFO tel A pnnt mlo on
your AMIGA *y% U4A4 FONT FARM loot creatonedrtor.1 design iytw
foni U467 WHOM 2 (30ISK) OeteiVdatabase on 51 Alms U470 FINAL
FRONTIER 1 (? Mk Star Trnk magaz-to U473 FINAL FRONTIER 3 (4
dik) Star Trek mogazvie U480 HARD DISK CLICK-tte'dDrive menu
system U49t PRO TRACKER V3-Besl mufiic writer program U492 WORK
-STATION i?o*k Wt)t 3on',i W& -epiacemenl U495 HARD DISK UTIL
boll eolocbon at Hard*** u'« U496 EASY PRINT (A500 only) loli
ol pnm uti» U496 WORK MATE 15 brilhenl de». UU compikilon U501
util ka« compilaticm U506 VIRUS-KILLER A DISK
cotwn U50B un BOOT BLOCK 40 . BooWock generator maker n floppy
cr r 50 0O0»K Ck protoCWr U556 CROSSWORD CREATOR (ml WB3l
croaawrtro makor U5B1 PERM CHECK a lu« POOLS PREDICTION program
U5fta ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT icon mq.v; program U5A9 ICON ready
mado (4 dak) U590 A6CO NUMERIC PAD EMULATOR (AAOO only) U591
DEGRADER (not WB 1.3) A500 emulator Top Utilities U592 Kill AGA
make 0«er program run on A1200 U600 C64 EMULATOR II utiL A
ixomem U601 DISKSALV II . ABACKUP irot W01.3 UI5Q3 THE CHEAT
COMPENDIUM lor over 450 game* U620 HOW TO CODE IN C I2diski .
Many e.ompies U622 ACTION REPLAY VI 5 IA5IXV600; • tanrxJge on
4s U623 ACTION REPLAY V4 |AI?00 ONLY) same as above U645 PC
TOOi ? Nvve powedul cop, program U680 NEW SUPER VIRUS KILLER
(r.n WB3i -dls 316- virus U669 FORECASTER V2-rorae racing
preoction program U690 ASSASlN COPIER ir.rl„w ¦co«iyiT c«ry etc
U694 SUPER DUPER 3. INOT WB1 3) V tail r»s« ccpter U696 AMI
TOOL PROFESSIONAL disk databaae tool U699 MEGACHEAT V3 . Rmora
oeme* cheat,) U7CO ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION KIT VI 7 . Good U702
V MORPH V2 craale Stnootn morph animation U703 POOL TOOLS 2
lLa»6l) predicts horse racing U705 TRONI-CAD-boat create
circuit board * OijPieres U707 GAME TAMER (3A4H2) For even mc*o
gamoi cheat* U708 LAST WILL A TESTAMENT wnto your Will U7i0
PERFECT PAINT 32 Easy 10 use paim package U7I4 ENGINEER KIT
Teal kit lor Am.go U7I8 MAGNUM 1.9 REGARD Beat disk moga »te
creator U72I FONT FARM V3 - toads O lonls . Font viewer U723
EXOTIC (UPPER rate a* If* |»V so, vlgrBCh neper U724 PARNET
SET UP (2) roqunod fc- too connection U725 PARNET CABLE MAKER
INSTRUCTION inve fUTs U726 AREX MANUALroot Wbt 3 complete
manual U729 ASSASSIN BOOT UTIL 50 boot bloc* creator uti U73C
SOFT AGA |A5O0piua ry A600| 4 non 1 5 meg U731 A Z GAMES CHEAT
tv ova' 500 games U732 MINI MORPHS create TERMINATOR 2 effect
U73B AWARO MAKER U * hundreds Ot toady made U737 ASSASSIN
Vnnous K slan U739 TURBO IMPLODER V3 1 powerful disk cruncher
U740 CROSS DOS 5 1 plus read wrrte PC AMIGA tfek U741 HD-DISK
TOOL BOX . M r,'r»e «. U»s Hoconvnonowt U742 HOW TO CREATE
AUTOBOOT DISK complete toll* U743 UW Ois*. Ma«o y3 MAKE AUTO
ONLY) replecemerl a star planet predicbon 4 HD) inclusoa son
protect U747 ASTRONOMY V2 U749 OlSK REPAIR 3 , U750 MUSIC
CATALOdu (no *500 U751-------*-------- U753
- ----- Jt *500 (1 3) ve 7 easy to use SYSTEM CHECKER OCX. MuV W
an. Amiga owner HARD DRIVE UTIL . Lot* mom Ham bmre Ute
- ---- 1 circuit board doignot U75B WB MENU LAUNCHER menu system
easy to use U760 ICON Plus 1301SK1 Himdreos d slunnng ICONS
U761 RELOCKIT 1.4 latetWOI 3 emololor U762 FAKE FAST MEMORY
moke more older aoftwnm nm U777 TelE TEXT RECEIVER p pK cl
HiglVy rocommeodod U781 DOST RACE V2 di*piny* vifjrmalior. On
wny programs refuse to run & monitor* AMIGA octiv*y REC 1OLD
must for oil gamblor* HO as momcyy ire MMU) ~ - workbench U7B3
BENCH V2 (WB 20) 2 O*.
. . DIAGNOSTIC TEST V9 Amga loult tmxv) UBOO PRINT A CARD includes many ready made U801 MULTI-PRINT V4 ON of prrthng .ibi U805 DISK PRINT pnni Custom dak -ilxro U807 FONT 4 PRINT Loads ol ufcrtte* to view & pnm y»u- fonl collection RECOMMENDED U832 DIVIDE NO V. _______ _______ UTTlE WOODS VERNON ZETTER 81c U«4 (ORECASTCR 2 02 I9ew h©r*o predcton program ua»9 AUDO UAGO 4 Proct-acer V3. £•« npov USAS AUDIO MAGO 6 Octameo piayot etc US46 C64 EMULATOR V3 (2DISK) C6A emulator bteit :CTRUM EMLAATOR V2 • Spectrum e...... U650 EAGlE Pi A*ER (2dd«) m« best muse ployed U651 DELI TRACKER Ji.| play all
nutc lyrrua Ushl SO»flC DRUM K(T V2 Ma«e Xum samples uSa2 DiSk COPY l'ac» conecton 0* 10 »*» copier* USS3 OPTiUtn l '-.or 30 Os. (XC- vOptimrfc* etc U665 INTUITION BENCH MARK V«.5 (Not W81.3) tyvnto Uaw. ColAPl i- T E we UTIL (20ISK1 wiry useful UW otf U887 DISK REPAIR KIT 4 tocudo OiM repair, undelete U9» STEREO-SCOPiO V2 a (not A5001 3) KAMOOM DOT STEREOGRAM g eratcv U951 FORTH PROGRAMMING (NOT WB t 3i U9S7 SCAi A BACKGROUND (2«**» ) Hoh quaHv mago U9N0 PROGRAM LOADER '*«•• Hard Da* rrwnu U961 MAGAZINE E 3 K®rve Ictw, ruwm U963 AMOS A AMOS PRO COMMAND E XTENSiON U967 PRO-GAMBLE S-jpc- h se
p-edrcbon program U978 DELUXE PABT 4 BlOOY SYSTEM ;2i Get tfe rr a* cw cf Delue Parc nun enkne i-v e,e*v vnctKr U96 V«US CHECKER V6W AUTO UPDATE MONTHLY - U’»82 DIRECTORY OPLS V4 win, C-ommsnl BUTTONS U963 MAGIC WB 4 MAGIC MENU - Both Latest .arsons U9B6 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5 ' tr» besl V-us kWe- U9S7 GRAPHIC COWt HTER (2D| Co'-vO't* pKlure* elc U9B8 TURBOCAT Auto cotaKouc your 0 si wvary U989 AUTOBOOT DISK MAKER V4 very useful U90H IMAGINE STUDIO V2 (2D Trie best PD .mege (psOure) prccessor avauobie Rvaa even tn* ccmrrercui Ifiage processors costing hundreds o' pourvto (not »1 3) Lfi'i’r POWER
CACHES Speeds up da. KkSdng Accessvw U970 RARDORIVE SECURITY II Co!.ctKyi J HD Mcurif, programs eg Lockout 2. Password elc U97I HAPD-DS* & 'LOPPY DISK DOOS.ER ifpul not Wbi 3 U973 CHEAT FOR S00 • GAMES LEVEL COOE V3 3 «2) ua:4 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 install Mo games to HD ej 7jx 2 Ree O toe Robw* Mwui Combat 2 » more U975 DMS V2 O* Pro. Crunch ontce k*A roll 3i U976 MAGIC SELECTOR VI 4-Cfwngo Mog WB back ycp U977 MAGIC WB ICON ARCHIVE (3) 1000 t ot MC. Core U998 X PASSWORD prccoci yOto hardTtoppy Onve U97B ICON ACMivEt3) 1000 1 of normal toons ran, »inwi U994 TEXTURE STUDIO Render various
tetoure* lor use wtoi irr.ap.no 3 etc req FPU (AH 13) U»f, PRO GAMBLES V2 mult tor a I gamtoiers U996 BOOKIE BEATER oamMng progrom to -in U997 HD GAME INSTALLER 3 mstal more games 10 HD U998 EXOTIC RIPPER V3 b Latest npper U999 HO MEMORY (new collection) retire MM U1000 MAGIC OPUS VCX. 2 4 3 (2Di mo-e Do( u* buttons U1001 CAR DATA ANAL V ST -chock your Cji- podormarvco U1002 TURBO CAT IWB 243 only) catalogue creator U1003 LOTTERY WINNER V2-new wKStom U1005 BASlOELECTHONlCS Twu:--. All about electron** J1007 AIL NEVY HARD-DISK & FLOPPY HOOfl HARDWARE PHOJECT 2 |2( Bund dozens ot Koyecta. Even
how to lit Amiga* in a tower case ) 1(109 DATA ALE BT 3 r.pln.n* why your compute crashes 11010 WB2 04 INS T ALLt R -irislall A500. AflOO to HO PUZZLE GAMES II Masswe cdatoc ol al the *€fy 0«l puffle games eier released rduSnq scne ol classes Ike Ribcs Cube. Ptn e-Puzzies elc. Lar loo mai to xs 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 ARCADE GAMES II COLECTION Of T* VERT BEST SHCOTBWfS MUST FOR AWY GAKS PLAYEF S DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 BOARD GAMES II
* he «r.’ seK tca-'O aa'nes f&ease3 Tns pao.
Conars Tie very CHESS. CHECKERS MDNC*D.V & OOMISC€$ Become 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 PRINTER PACK 5 disk pack with all the latest printing programs specially designed lor printing out high quality documents, text A pictures etc and It is even able to print out AS booklets (very handy) Easy to use.
A must lor any Amiga owner with a printer.
Printer Pack [5 disks) only £4 99 J ¦ OM ¦VI E Arcade conversion 101 GAMES PACK 2 ¦ PRICE ONLY £10-99 J Tin e re vey an rm» lot I gtrei oxWkn piQ 2.
Ccrom; tfite :u Ntybni r P0garr«i*eia4.
Iftrtemiry ir"* l rcwHrjif »t"M La iKu )UCATIQN & GAMES PACK Lai Bit education pack & r*w 21 gam* collection (S disk pack) only M 95 H2W W itPM If N t un furii rfl iw jrw ore MuitfWffiCifUjcicra G278 ARCADIA the Ee&i A 0300 0-8010 com TETRIS and INVADERS G303 DIMENSION X 2 player UGHT CYCLE GAME G310 NEBULAR EuoRir* 30 Shoot om up G316 GALACTIC E«coflom 6 lovea orcodo G3I7 HYPER BAI l Speed bail . Levo edior G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 3D advontuio G325 BATTLEMENT Hunchback d Njtre Dame G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS III 3 lop gamos G331 GRAVITY massive space game G333 CYBER-NET 1C Bntlianl B way
biaste G334 DONKEY KONG - (AI2CO order code AGA296) G335 CRAZY SUE II besl pbilform to dale G342 SUPER SKOOA CHALLENGE (A track edscmi G344 STAR TREK similar to RAID 2 but harder G355 OOOOY very cuV 4 oOremely adckctwo G356 WONDER LAND amazing graphcs reccvnmended G362 DELUXE PaCMAN • t**t pacman ever released G367 CARD GAMES CollecWin G366 WIZARD DOMAINS dungeon rme gomais G370 KALATRIZ inoi A1200| a»cade Tetne clone G373 AIR ACE II Very ployabki shxrt em up G384 OTHELLO best PD version G38S MOUSE iMPOSSIBi F wiry artdcwe psizzla 0390 TEIREN most polished Tains ever reeased G392 STRIKEBAIL
bHIutnr Bmaboll cone G399 TRAILBLAZER brrilianl Inol A12001 G400 FIGHTING WARRIOR ko Street Fighter G404 DOMINOES o Vy one ol it, kind on PD G406 TOTA1 WARS strategy like chea* n tpace G411 BATTLE CAR 2 3D cat raong G43I HESTER CARD GAME- hour* cY ton tor a qukJ G435 HOULE TIE American roulette e»ce«ent GAM TRAILBLAZER 2 C64 convorawn G441 fc-TYPE 2- vory qcoC asteicrfl greai graphic G443 OLE Mpl AO DISK (20) Oympc »pon events 0445 DCSCENDEH GAME lank. March 4 descervtor G44b OBLIOOX o.couont arcoda’puzz o game G448 parachute JOUST quite playable G455 CAST1E OF OOOM vG gmtihc. .vf-emuro G460
WtRBLE WORLD GiDDv urge otattorm game G467 CASH FRUT good Iru4 maciwies Q478 AMOS CRICKE T cnck«t games GASH EXTREME VIOLENCE 2 payor battlo out G488 ENG IMA MACHWE very chaiienQng puzzle G490 MEGA BALL 2 wiry payabo BroakOul clone G491 BOUMCt & BLAST Ofifcdbl pla3orm 1OI0 G«92 ZOMBIES & DEFENDER 2 lamsetto gomes G4M UfRCANERY SIMULATION 30 war* game* G499 LIFE -emulabon very wieresimg G500 TRANSPLANT rtoronc ol level* ‘on arrado G501 KLAWZ THE KAT great patform game G5t I HIGHWAY HELL Irko SPY HUNTER on Iho CM G53I OPERATION FIRESTORMS bnnarn G534 CASTLE KUMQUAT mviar to Alien Brood 0535
BLACK DAWN brtliont graphic adventure OS38 MORIA 5 4 Tne latesi Dungeone A Dragons 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY €999 B*na«F»TC *riOCclN
• try MU FD jane hOxni NVJ«n l Ttoo Maxpxy K FeborenyBlS V£P»«»B
G2S3 OESTINE MOON B G660 4 LC D DREAM 4 small hand hold game,
G6M NEIGHBOUR GAMES (2 »***( ba«d on the TV Mines G665 TIME
RUNNER (WBZ3) Bmiiani graphic G667 GOLF (2 disks) One ol the
lint 4 boat QOLF G668 AMOS CRICKET 2 f4ew Amo. C.reel umuiator
G669 MUGSY REVENGE gangeSer graphs adventure G672 JIGSAW |2
Oraka) very playable nu* gamm G673 BOBBY GARDEN . DIGGER |NFW|
Brilliant 0674 HIGH OCTANE Fast car racing mo WB' 31 G675 TIME
RUNNER amazing graphic advonfure G60O SPACE INVASION 2 Eanta.lv
Gala.a.n G6B1 AUTOMOBILES PD version ot SkiD MARK bnlUam G682
BANDIT MANIA BrUhard tnut machine Oomo G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR
Bmarv Asteroto G6®9 GUN FIGHT (not A500l 1 3 G69C THE REAL POPE
YE 64 (A500 1 3 only I G6W SYSTEM DEFEND Brtent Detete done
G698 AMIGA-BOY Game Boy emuator . Tolra G732 DTTHFll IN SPACE
RocommprvJed G735 OVERLANOER Bhliani arcade MOON ALERT G737
or«am Thrust G772 UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER very sirrrtar to Sensftle
Soccoi garnet, RECOMMENDED G773 FRUIT MANIA Bnlkant hoil
machine 0791 PROFESSIONAL E G792 MARTLAL SPIRIT ike Snoot
F.ghtor II G798 6 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES coltelton G809 BLITZ 2
Iasi action shooting gamos Gfl'O EXIT 13 Bnhanr puzzle G811
RACES V Good horse racmg game G82C BOULDER ORIGINAL w*h 80
mveis G621 BOULOERDASH cav»1evef construction kit GB22 BoiA OCR
COU ECTION 20 160 level (2 MM) G839 BOULDER PACK w«h 640 level*
on 8 Oaks G66C ALIEN NET WORK now Space invaders G662 BATTLE
FORCE excellent led adventure G663 GNU CHESS Iho beer chos* wm
10 tovoh G868 SWORD O YIGG Graphc ad ennxe G867 POWER-TETRIS
lor 1 or 2 players 0868 SUPER SMASHING TETRIS G539 BRIDGE Good
vervon ot Bndao G540 ORK ATTACK bloody adventure G541 REBOUNCE
2 player futuristic breakout G542 ROAD TO HELL bnharv car raong
0544 SUPERTOM CAT New vertical Mioot em up G545 KUNGFu CHARUES
mi. W'h etotfonr Dr* G546 RAIO 4 late: vortical soon thoot om
up 0546 QUIZMASTER very oooO quiz program G552 ELEVATION games
based on lift ft GS60 IMPERIAL WALKER Bated on STAR WARS game
G567 STARBASE 13 2 Oeksi Bwhant like MONKEY ISLAND G657 AMOS
LQADSA MONEY bait Irurt r G774 TRICKLE TREAT kke Doom on me PC
Cc-nrrante G7B3 SEED OF DARKNESS - Bribant graplvc odvenluio- .
Y ikW ciive G908 COLOjRMANIA uidaKlatnz rype puzzle game G910
HARRY HADDOCK. BfiMn! PUitlormcr gurran G9'2 MANGLE FENDER
Bnftant Smash upoWer cars'tank. Etc lo wm Ememeiy addictive Gel
« G913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vol 1 4 2 |2d) 0914 HELICOPTER Ike
Dovirt Stnke G9i5 COW WARS Vey acWictrve 2 player game G9'6
ISLAND -Like Monopoly G919 COP THE IOT Pro l atei Lohery reOcw
G920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL G921 MONOPOLY I board gamoi Tho bo.1
version 0922 JE T WILLY 3 e.ceftem platform game G923 FLAMMING
ENGINE Superb cw racing game G924 POWER MACMW6S Graphcalty
onikam G925 SUICIDE-MACHINE Operation Wolf Wyte G92fl ZAXXON 30
Superb C64 30 busier game G927 BOING V3 Great platloimer
Rocommeodod G928 PUNTER • Animated horse raong game G929
• Great ixi to play 0931 NIMBLE • Bhlkanl new artado puzzle
G933 BLACK DAWN 3 THE NEW BEGINNING (2) SteHb 3D adventure
RECOMMENDED G934 R3 ROCKET (NEVZi vory good rocket game G935
BATTLE SHIP the finest PD version G936 LAST LAP - Fast car
racing game G937 SKIO RACER (nof A500) Ekcehonl car racvig gan»
G886 SUPER MEGA FRUIT All new (run machine G888 DRIVING MANIAC
30 dm WKIor like InOiSOOl car raong very last RECOMMENDED 0889
good mjin «voi Shcolconecl em up RECOMMENDED G892 PENGO 2 Maze
type gamos Reconvr*nOec G893 SUPER OBI ITERATION Blast asterod
vary similar to PANG 2 kxs of weapwis RECOMMENDED G894 5UPFR
ocre HECOMMENKD G898 ALIEN GENOCIDE (2| Shte awns set in space
G8WI PUCKMAN One ol the belter PacMan around G900 SUPER-BATTLE
ZONE 30 (not WTH 3) G901 M'A’S'M .» (ANTWAR 2) *milar 10
LEMMINGS S WORM, with load* of Weapon* (Bnfcant) 0878 QUANTUM
Mazo collect 4 escapo type games G879 RAG TO RICHES «ke
MONOPOLY 0884 WIPE OUT mvidtes biasing games G885 GODZILLA
ArvDther shool om up NEW 101 GAMES PACK 3 GAMES HINTS & CHEATS
II Do ion find 4 UK tt gfl mp i ctrtw met * tun germ' i dtf (*»
eW 1(Q)i cf gmrs tnHahWakerW codet Kocn r*pHyt. »•« K. Vxi,«)
yrp rouIWih mr» gin** - MiH ler *1 kng* **» WM G870 CHESS II 4
CHECKER One ol the best around must for all CHESS or CHECKERS
player* G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 (Xaye. Ihrusr done G872
SCHNEBiTZ Commercial quality puzzle games G875 DELEXE GALA v2 3
(NEW) Mature 4 bounce game f4 loken lor use wttti next order
Thi* o«er cannof be usM witf any other currem offer and is
subject to conditions.
Crtfcton d 9* very e«t cf *M*im DtoflTmnfxl i .’I *ne o»a. * wry peguBr ccrertiwe tv bdf |nm oral 4mqM| Soat PM* cWy HU E038 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 pari Mortal COW COMPUTER CARE how to care lor your Arrnge C040 GUIDE TO LOWFR RACK PAIN Modal about the opine 4 liow to avoid bock pain RFCOMMENDED C04I KID ALPHABET teplay* alphabet E042 FRACTION 4 SilOUEST math* 4 game. FuteHonr E043 MATH MASTER loacfieMtete you on mam* E044 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic & lutonol C045 PCTROl ENGINE Monal 4 orumabon graph-: E046 GAS TURBINE ENGINE tutorial A arum graphic F04 7 STIRLING ENGINE lutonol 4 onlm graphic E050 ORE
AM FOR ANGEL oiplamo the mean.rg ol dreonw E05I INVISIBLE WORLD bnlllnnl RF COMMENDED F052 FISH TANK tom your Amiga Into a FiSHTANK E054 DEMOL HON MISSION Bln**, game lor • !« E055 WORO POWER -idvo croMwoto puzzle* e«c gx«d F058 WORM HOLE rumple unrno toeal for Children C057 APPLE CATCHER catch falling „ *.* Dnlkanl E058 CROSS MAZE 4 CRY T0KING 2 eteHonl k-to nvrm C059 VERB OuiZ find the word 4 it* .elated veto BrtUlena E00I KING JAMES BIEIl f (4d) ccnpleie Bible EOOC TAPROT clarrvoyomaj Hi on InManl !OW GA1 LOW tancy a game ol hartgrnar 7 E070 MATH DRIl IS leacnen ,»n baalc main. Mrf. V
gioa C071 «P»«3R N10 J--I-1 -rtormetcn «1 to o-r( ,uur A-iga crashM C075 WORLD WAR 2 graphic* lutonol* on world war like Slarprnbn. Molocubo etc E076 SCIENCE on oKeHem catacacn c* *c* nce dak* I* & un C080 KIDPRIX great children, panning program EO0I ASTRONOMY PACK Amazng ccOecnon ol prcgrwn.
Ra*»lng to astronomy Locate *tar ponrlions etc Must tor natronomy oludenr or onthu»ulsl (4 dilksi E073 PICTURE 4 LETTER loam to read - Ural Mop.
E074 AMIGA 9EGINNFR GUIDE Mortal on Amiga, C085 NODOV PLAYTIME Very good demo E080 KID Pix more o.ceHem pttmllng program, E061 DTP FOR KID oasy to uoe. OctlW E092 SING A RHYMES W g a long CW4 HkiHWAY CODE TUTOR quewton* o” highway code E09G READ 4 LEARN (TO) THREE I TTTLE PIGGY Story E097 BACK TO 3KOOL vol I -iXleclicn ot the Eooa BACK TO SKOOl vd 2 in educational program, EOS9 BACK TO SKOOL vol 3 4 gome. RECOMMENDED EIOO LITTLE TRAVELLER wortd wtoo Information E tot WORLD GFOGRAPHV world with map & lout.
E103 DISCOVERY OF THF ATOM lulruiol on the Atom |2t)i JORl O DATABASE require* 2.MEG 1 STORY I asp 1 puzZb game* RECOMMENDED 7 i ANOUAGF TUTOR loaihes you 4 languago.
I 1*1 KING CCX.OURiNG BOOK lalkng Dpainl tinhanl 4 EASY SPE11 H vnpiove your kid* spotting 5 SCRABBLE require* 2-4 player Onttanl 0 WORDS can help you eolve the crcnwword ! OSWAI D l arge colourtul cartoon gome 0 EVOLUTION bmod your own hybrid 1 Q TEST . To GAMES pock 1 eiceHenl 3 TYPING TUTOR vory good lyp- y tutor 6 CHESS HELPER hMpfcrteeche, how lo play 6 BASIC TUDOR toatr nt-.ut Amiga basic orogram E011 EDUCA TION PACK 1 A SRACF MATHS merli* & S«non g EOOJ TREASURE SEARCH f««I Dmi filter, treasure E0O4 l EARN 4 PI AY 11 no* A1200) maths 4 games education progror E 128 ASTRO 22 PRO Vi The
late! Amrotogy program Ifiai catouutla. Fhn pooicon erf (XAneU. Time ot ec iae. Zodiac position, etc RECOMMENDED E 130 FRENCH VERB TESTER ttop ,Ou w*h yoor FraxK L ' 31 cut T TV DATA iiASE » ,2 DlSKl ntormMwn on oarty TV E 132 wont D HISTORY BOOK E 133 LITTLE TRAVEL! ER II (2) Wortd wide inlormolton E 134 X-FILES Guide to IN TV .erios E I 48 CHESS 4 TUTOR teectie. You how to play Che*.
E SO INTERNET-FULL o_.de to internet 4 superhighway r tot CLI 4 SHELL TUTOR rnolpi toael toi beg-tooi E ' 62 Pai'H GRAPHC TUTOR V 31 A RECOMMFNOf D E '63 JAPANESE r .»i r* to speak the Jtoartewi lorgaioe Et64 PAINT IT tnos AJ5001 31 Mteel COL OURING BOOK C '65 KEY BOARD TRAINER An e.cellenl typing tutor E106 WORD POWER- .pellrhock'croaaword .over,loach E 168 CROSSWORD CREATOR - deorgn croa.worrt. E '6!» CHESS il 4 TUTOR brtlkont Chea. Il game.
E ' 70 HISTORY OF AVIATION Vol t C.cetomt M.k E i 71 CHILD FAVOURITE - education program E 172 ANIMAL tANO Loa.n about animate E ' 75 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER (2D) DrtHlani 4 totviy E 177 CYBERPUNK 2 lor CytierPunk freoka orYy C 178 STAR TREK A S1ARTPEK NEXT Gf HE NATION GUIDE (6) must lor Star T rok (ana. Contain* 100. Ol picture* from Star Trek Mine. 2 E tm SIGNATURE CREATOR cuMoonao your own ngnah.ro E 107 TRUMPTY FIREWORK AlPHABE T Enlotloinlng way to loom the alphabet E 108 MOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 1 |2) Emelkint E I Oft MR MEN OLYMPICS 201 many event, to compete n E t IO CUT TV
DATABASE |2D| UltOmaMn on eorty TV none.
Develop your own
f. 115 f LECTRONIC WORLDS 30) Complete Kng Jwno. (WMo E 116 HOW
THE EARTH BEGAN- Big Ban0 theory Elt8 WORKBENCH 2 Mortal, on
Work Bonch ?
E t tO DINO WAR Quiz on dinooaur.
F 120 JUNIOR MATHS O*oal learning aid to' loach,no math* RECOMMENDED fct?t PICTURE PUZZLE bntaont JIGSAW type gome.
F 122 WORO FACTORY Brilliant, teach .Id. new word.
E 123 KID DISK 1- BrUtoi.it educabcm pock E 124 KID DISK ?
E 12B KID DISK 3 (DTP| Drawing progrom for kid* E 142 KID DISK 5*6-2 rfcok. Lull of brilliant oumoo E 125 JURASSIC PARK tot* of intormatlon on iMrto.aur. E 126 CHILDREN SONG ? Contain. 6 e.cellont wmge E 127 MINC. SHU IA500 onvi Bnliant Chinese Avnvogy F IBS WORKBENCH 273 GUIDE On line fokvComplele E2I0 LFARN 4 PLAY J Latent oducatton * game.
I 240 BARNFY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING 20) al abtot wwnei E24t COMMS GUIDE VI I unrrg modern, tor boginner.
E242 GUIOE TO WEATHER (3d) complete weather guide. RECOMMFNOFD E245 MATH ATTACK- Math, related geme. Fo ktd.
E242 ANIMAL-LAND ideal lor y«in0 kto, E.collorir E243 PlCTURF.-MATHS Mam. Piogram tor kid.
E246 BEGINNER GUIDE TO V,B J (A 1200 ordy) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) (act. About planet earth E248 KID ONLY 6 o.Cedervt game, to play with E250 SANTA Molp Minin roOeci preoenta E2S1 BIRTMOAY HISTORY V2 2- E252 BAR TENDER rac««. For 1000e ol ikir-.cocktarf. E2S3 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR KIDS DISKS 1. 2. 3. 4 A 5 Exwdur cokdor d excKaik puyim m or Iracrinj not .«rcui wftKli ehlf MMNig 7e V 4 garrw rKmm!
5 «Ui any C4 W or ortMr upvitt Or om. He aai CtWrCotKXCOW 4 **,•:•$ WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC Pi'StiiU|'|J 4SSpyrjkil rjlfer Now you can play toos : C64 & 45 games pack & toos ol Spectrum i Spectrum V2 & 50 games i 48K games on your j Vic 20 & 30 games ixskst i run on your Amiga Full |; SEE f-EFT FOR descript|On primed instructions provided HIM Mew: aura VARIOUS PACKS Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4-95 per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) MONO FONTS Pack (Packs I or 2) quaMy tone tar use «nm Doaml
or Personal Parks VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (1,2,3 or 5) COLOUR WORLD MAP (Packs 1.2 or 3) High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) Hrtps Quality toms tor WORDSWORTH or any DTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1. 2 or 3) REAL 3D VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs t. 2 or 3) TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Packs t, 2 or 3) (Ploase stale tor which pack above) We also slock many more packs Please phone.
The very latest version Now you can play real Commodore C64 games on your Amiga All packs below are complete & ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed Instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games ...£4 99 C64 & 100 original games ..£8 99 C64 & 200 original games £16 99 luam auria SPECIAL OFFER Take all 3 of the above packs & 50 new Spectrum games (total 400) For OnlyC19 99 More Spectrum games available ...screen shot from AMIGA SPECTRUM GAMES pack So® loft for detail Thla pack comes on a vary large l| number of disks, rrp £39.99 jNOW ONLY £29.99 J • £2.45 for parcel postage (due lo tf e very large [number ol diaka In this pad.)
AG A A1200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS 0AGA001 EXTENSION DC VO Snnnng oemo toil lardscap* arm and a 'otelng c*y. Regarded as » t»sl AGA tamo AGA002 FRACTAL GENERATOR ‘racial n 256 colours AGA003 WORKBENCH MACK hec*toyt»en«r me AGAC06 NEW SUPER KILLER recogiw* 4 «•» owr 316 rypMofwv* MutfkralAl200 «mn AGAO07 UWOrtARP ec, Am demo to t* A1200 AGA011 SLEEPLESS NIGHT 3 AGA0I2 PLANET GROCNE Secs' A1200 Demcs AGA013 MOTOR (NVAOEP 2 2 4»! Br*ani NVA06R jar* AEIA0I5 POINT OF SCALE Gmal At200 crty dames AGA016 0*CMAS Fan. Gooo aero ACA017 OF MANGA |4 dtu. Rnagntara Jwenece
SOFTWARE2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS AGA253 REAL DEMO Stowng K*ciei e8ec* AGA2S4 DIRT AGA B'ivmi 256 cdcm ellecB AGA256 DELIGHT EXPLORE EJCeMm demo AGA256 KEFEREN AGA Demo Ml ol afbctj AGA2S7 MNOMIST RAVE greet rave mu»c AGA256 OXYGCNE Ferteeec Oemc AGA259 INTEL-OUT Vrt* «y good Her* AGA260 SOME JUSTICE 94 Oemo (Ate iw* Bnur* rftod RECOMMENDED AGA262 TO THE DEATH wry good STREET FIGHTER a e*i met** gocftct AGA2S3 GEORGE GalAXO 12 9Wi Brtoarv "to* troApurto-i go-* RECCMMENDCD AGA26S UtSSXC OVER 2FN0N12 dmr Braws 10 m» AGA266 T£AM*0 D**0 PUTFQRM Ernies dno put This is the Big one! Nearly 2000
original disks from the SOFTWARE 2000 library included on a Double CO set. For the title list, just take a look at this double page advert for eiamples of titles * packs which can be found on these Cds. No lucky dip or unknown software, full description of every disk title. Easy to use menu system on both Cds which lets you eiplore the contents of both Cds without disc swapping ... Excellent, see below EXAMPLE OF DISKS FOUND ON THE DOUBLE CO SET 294 - VARIOUS UTILITIES DISKS 118 - EDUCATION DISK 252 - ANIMATION DISKS 133 - DEMOS 181 - AGA DISKS 225 - MUSIC DISKS 92 - TOP SAMPLE S FX DISKS
18...DEMOS (Adults Only) 402* VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - with an estimate of around 1000* Amiga games.
100 QUALITY 8&W & COLOUR CLIP ART - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST...... ALSO INCLUDED ON THE CDS ARE tone rctm to fxr WB ReaMBRKllA AGA022 *9 3 1 TXmES d 69 3 or*, J AGA023UCHESS febeg Jew jar* yogerno to CM vjXcT» ncScS*cm? SCR?ENGto« oec*»cc
* 6*00 *1200 Fa C*S* CcuECTOl 1
* G»0ai »t2«) la 06* 2 CCUECTKW 2 AGA0M FtElOOtfT VI 4 utmt -j-
* GAW AlWOfq 16 M *
• GAZTB CHANNEL I ISSUE 1 (AGA) 2 UeUi AGA base ds* fragur*t
RECOMMENDED AGA do* magumi in** deromu** AGA295 WORKBEICH
BACKDROP VOL 3 AGA295 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY Board gam* Vey adActiwi
AGA296 DONKEY KONG Artadt dau* rrrwvcn AGA297 BOMB F*C Emer-N
good gam*!**.
AGA298 RCCKE T 2 »•» deep i OegK-jol Bi Diars graprvca Even Mtle *t1h 2 p*«y*n AGA299 SCRABBLE ftoe rureon al Anvgas AGA330 MAGIC WB V2 Deiro ol veicn 2 AGA»2 TUTANKHAM 11(2) EducaUon EgypDan Murrvn* AGASIS TIMEZOME (2i Vwy gcod gmfVt ¦tvemn'M AGA»7 DENIAWOIF Doom dene AGA306 MAXIS RaaW Vicsn •!«! AGA graphics can do AGA310 FEARS I2dl Doom dcrs damo AGA312 JINX (2d) FertaMic aiced* (xuoe
* MUST FOP Ai, AG* *mi'i* CtoNERS SECXMUFNWD A6A»7 A1200 Utk AGA
AGA099 MADFlGHTER 2 Br«*W Sfeet ‘t Aw cor* AG A100 AGA BLITZ
decent linage pw*ssa AGA 105 OlACK GRAB AGA AGA screen graV.
AGA 110 WORLD BeiONDS 113) sljnnng 256 coo* fantasy ail I mwh. Alan uven. Awtr-eif, AGA114 SMELLS LIKE CHANEL 1*3 5 Uo« bi'llarf awm ray lie* picture over rolowod at me A12C0 AGA12I MAGIC FACTOR-* I STAR TREK (5 as»s; AGA133 AGA UTIL yl 4 )2 (2| AGA util CcmpKilon AGA 135 AGA UTIL V3 44 |2l iron ol aOo* AGA13T MULTIBOOT 4 dHetenf ver&ons A500 EMU AGA 138 OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARD 0RIVE INSTALLER Jum OaVTHE TASTE DEMO * 0*0 Wtk AGA 139 WB3 HARD DISK PR£F 4 INSTALLER rnUaBm; 1006 & 76o-if66o !
NEW Spectrum Games (Play direct from CO) NEW C64 Games hies (EMULATOR INCLUOEO) j O' Over 600Mb per CD j 0 Menu Compatible with all Amigas i 0 No duplicate data j 0 Easy to use menu o .11 tip mti i ONLY £24 99 ?70P FOR P&P new prici AGA315 HEX MYSTIC Ne* AGA deros AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 (4 «Wa HO reared 4 2 MEG We aisc nave a Hi d 25 cedi Ax aeow nrow d quair, M*gc WB cent 4 beOuXcpe AGA388 DESK TOP AIAGIC 12 eimrfed screei 0*e-e AGA3N WAP O T»C WK3R1DS FjiiOgemee AGA391 PSSST Amga r«n d Spertn n genM AGAN0 F£AR 11 Br»ee 30 g e pay* ud M* OOOM on fePC G«eeiM« 10 ivw AGAN3 PC EMULATOR V3 LaM PC
ei *ett AGA400 HYPER RACE (21 Si«)e germ AGM19 EXCELLENT CABO GAMES ) «w AGA421 COLOUR WB -**• yoa WB we m«mV AGA422 RCGE RACER Demo cr t* Ar a AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMOS (2 deai AGA424 DREAM WALKER Czl Demos AGA425 MYSTIC DEMOS 2 V5 e **ea de*os AGA426 ORX»N 2 (2 dW Ama.’og The LwrgeM co*ec»ion of demos ever released th& pack contains over 100 tcp demos Musi tor an Demos Our top se** RECOMMENDED OrPy £7 96 StMabM kx any AMIGAS AGA 1*0 CROSS DOS PLUS v5 1 'oa03eiie PC Um AGA142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 latest manager games AGA144 SPEAK 4 SPEU educate** sodwee la «Jds AGA 146 KELOG LAND rr**r» platlaT
genes AGA 150 ACTION REPLAY V5 NEW UPDATE TO V4 AGA 160 GIGER TriZ *ry pevade 256 ccAw Terrs AGA 162 FATAt-SlCW re* STREETRGHTER 2 dene AGA 166 if ESTATION 13 Ows. The Jana* AGA der« AGA 172 VCEO TRACKER AGA lArau demo mee AGA174 MAGC WB EXTRA Vd 1 4 2 (2 dwsi AGAIN FRK y AT 8 eceer tr*et AGA demc AGA 140 ASSASSN IM.TTVTSION AGA pc reerg jM AGA 1« ALIEN FRENZ* 2 CMSng - po-e x AGA 19* BIG TIME SENSUAL (2 dsrs SPACE BALL 2 AGA2CC MASQUERADE t.2 »ui puz» games AGA2Q2 RAM JAM 9* I carl De «ne 2 deal AGA204 COMPLEX OrlGN (2 Usui reo-res 2 ds AGA2C6 TREAiSURE OF TUTAMKHAMJN e-xcaicnal too
AGAZSOlCVE I2da*si wnpry ofcarr DEMOS AGA231 AGA UU 7 4 8 (2 Mai Mae USEFUL uU AGA234 KNOTTY Skmng AGA pdae par es AGA240 LOTTERY WWNER nc©e*je.- *e yoa chart* d emng a *WX GOOD LUCK AGA241 258 AGA GAME GALORE AGA O' 16 Ws ol games Available Now Beiow 5 ad new game packs released due so popular demand With any of these game packs you Know exactly wfial son cV games you're buyng Like our previous packs eacf comes on 5 *$ «. And usmg the latest *sfc packer
• e can put up lo 5 game dsks on to one d»fc So you gel up to 25
lop game* tor only £4 99 Ad games and nstnxVrs will auto nn
ehen «xn a efceked on
• Ail game packs conta*i decreet games * Compattde with ALL
AMIGAS Board Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Arcade Games Pack 3
(5 disks) £4.99 Puzzle Games Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 Card Games
Pack 3 (5 disks) £4.99 New Titles 04*38 ULTIMATE TOUR TEM4IS (2
dsMi - 0930 DARK ANGEL (new WB 1 3) Supert, a 09*0 RAISE THE
TTTAMC - Good 30 acNerbws p»mo G94I F*»tANTOM ExcWNnl
Voor-em-tD gevnes (DEFENDER 96) G9*2 MACOONA-LANO - BNMrW gam.
«-*• ZQOL (rxk A1200.
09*3 JOUST ¦ Ur Saar w C64 gwnos u«wMed Amgs gmpTwcs 09** OCLUXE GALAGA V2« T » vwy Wswf Gala® l yvy 09V, Crt*56 096 0968 0950 0960 0961 0967 0963 0966 E263 E764 E266 E266 E267 E25B LAZFR RACE Good Tron type gams EjdromeFy aOXM TRAJN-ORIVER SIMULATION - T » moef r «c twi sm MASTLR-BLASTER KM wnu •raypApr •hv txwrtos KNOCKOUT Mr* rhMtrucSon demy Mery addctrw DUNGEON HEFO 30 GrapNc *J-er*ure wniar to DOOM MORTAL KUSAQUAT 3 Weed CM kn Deai-err COOE fvAMI NANO Su»*t Thru* deww (NANO FLY 2) MICRO MARKET V3 - Go. Rwoi by Ixr Vum. C-oa. Game POK.I R MANIA - B you Ike poksr then rs S to. You
IETHAL FORMULA ~Ad«er*u*o snlar to Mcnkoy Island BE G*4NE RS TYPING TUTOR WORD PUZZLE F»RO Onto Oowwvord purdes or soNe purdss KID DISK 7 - Ar*WTo» hr* Dtuitarwv program EARLY LEARNER (age 3-6) To*d your kids how lo read A Z COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD UK COUNTIES - Sentor to nbove. But baaed erorely on ENGLANO WALES. SCOTLAND & NORTHERN IRELAND BASIC ELECTRONICS VI 5 (2 dotks) - For the elecboruca Ian MASSIVE GUIDE TO THE INTERNET V2 3 POWERDROID-96 - Now Asteroid gomo wRh br*«n« yaphcs IA.T1MATUM Tho lAxrwtlo 3D Ian* bafflo WT12 INSTALLER ental AVXV'ACOO WorVtwwxoh to HD TURBOCAT PRO VI 2 (no*
VVB1 3) create catalcguas TEXT-CNGINE V5 (no* WB1 3) - The very latest wordproceaaor w« wpoBchodier ThS n Pm M mien Hvhly reccmmendod DIARY 2000 - use M«l*e a real dary TOTAL ECLIPSE Oak Maga vm 1 NEW CHEAT DISK V2 1 (2 daks) - IrmfcxJos seme games cnaate ULTRA ACCOUNT - Anrthor vary good accounts program PRO LOTTERY- 96 - Tho very UmorU & bos! ToBery pro PRO ORCYHOUND - Lan ProGarrde bul tor dogs AUTO STEREO ORAM V4 latest Mage eye generator ELECTRON*; ADORE SS BOOK PROEOOTBALL 11 (2) - FootUU predctor Ike PtoGamMe REMOAYE Remerrtoo* rrportar* datoe SHAPE-SH TER V33 - The very Mteet Mac
errdator MESSY SO 3 Tho West EC- -AANG* ds* (Ohwy.
HO GAME dSTALLER 4 - Instal more gvnen to HD SOFT MEMOFTY Oxde yxxjr Cdrr«xAer memory Th* verem ctoee ndw»X)oU*W Gwe e« a try Fteccrrmended MAGIC USER WTE RE ACE V31 - UpdMe Irom verson 2 3 OFUC 40K EMULATOR (not t 3) At Mot t vwvks MSX D Errdetor V2 I (WB 30) MS* composer 900 AMIGA GASAES. »«NTS & CHEATS V4 (2 da-si VIRUS CHECKER V»2 (not WB 13) .Latest vers«n Non CD ROM Owners Th» p*c» e deal lor ary A rapa owror who Omil own a CO F40M iWo am) warm a kutjo anw* c* »¦ vmwy Mmf uyhwar* al mfwrun ooM Thee* paoo » lOCn. W»i al tpm a cn fe ia rf every mcr* *1 sciMwt art paoed oirq LMA »ncr *tti
a oio d 31. (4* to 30 (Jew eoTi (X w*warr korn n* 10 fc» pack) ’wxrmeajW as fx gel 3 Imes no* sofimr* per k* Various latest Games (10 disks) only £9.90 Various latest Utilities (10 disks) only £9.90 SEE PAGE 1 FOR MORE AMIGA SOFTWARE BUSINESS SOFTWARE U007 TEXT PLUS 2 2e Eaay lo ueel word protaeaor U023 BANKING Homo aceounl proqiem U088 LABEL DESIGNER Deegn your own i*Mlt UI44 DESKTOP PUBLISHING The baa! PD DTP available U12B BUSNf SS CAHt) MAKF.n (no A1200I very u«x-J U160 600 0USINE5S II TIER Von handy Gel 4 now UtOi OATA BASF WORKSHOP (2) lo«* d date baa* SPREAD SHEET Vary oeay lo im
ipreed U)*«( UiftJ OUICK BASE Very powerful [lalabate (aay to uee U195 AmlBASt Proleaaionai II The beet rtnlXiaaa y-t U227 TEXTRA Con edM Mveral documenla ai onoe U239 FLEXI BASE Sm*B eaey lo opersle dalabaM U25C PENNY WTSE Ven puwetfiJ dotebeae U297 VISICA1.C Great daiobaM km d ltm;*on* LITTLE OFFICE Oeiebome'word procemor.»c«eed MOUf BUSINESS JOURNAL Eany lo uee aaleba** HOME ACCOUNT Account program AaeCADH RagarM m We bml ecah*e (rag me U3M l ORAN NOTE BOOK Oalabaae a world map U3B0 OAT* BASE cornpmson Bawwwer io daia U387 FORM UNLlMdEu Dewgn any type d W- U3M MORTGAGE CALC C U9» ADORE SS
P«NT V2 . . .
U6«1 TEXT ENONESV4 1 I 16000. _____ J68S NVENTORY 2 Data* hema corearm lor rwuranca J712 EDWORD PROFESSIONAL Tnayftabae UTOExSyCAL. Maaana ipmad maa me* 925*1 c*4 U756 PAY AOVCE ANAL'ftR prog U781 ACCOUNT MASTER VIU* d Uitoa A aa B uea? ADORE SS PreVTUG Prm a PAY ADVICE VI A . .
U610 LABEL MAKER Pnra tabae a* Naw U900 THE MCNCY PROGRAM *a«M«i U9S4 CMOFM Ona d h. baa« Knew* me* U9S5 QUICK F*E Vary f*« * a LOTTERY WINNER EXCEUENT COLLECTION OF LOTTERY WINNER PREDICTION PROGRAMS HIGHLY RECOMMENOED pack only £4 99 I UFO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1 100s & 100s ol real life documentations ol UFO sightings, kidnapping, animal mutilations & lots more Very interesting read 6 disk set only £5-99__ UFO - ALIENS MULTIMEDIA 'Cfe X itretc xrs S jEO tfirarcoTd»TA»ml as-m 4nMra.tX)4l. J ar ioe n i xc« r* i tan m Jff 9 DISK pack only £8 99 CLIP ART Very high quality clipart suflablo tor
any Pant or Dosklop Publishing packago F201 AGA429 AfAOD U1010 U101I U1012 UI013 U10I4 U1016 U1016 U1017 U1018 UI0I9 UI021 U1022 U1023 U1024 U1026 U1026 UI027 U1028 01029 U1030 UICOI U1032 COI 002 COI C06 C07 COB CIO C11 C12 C13 C14 C17 C18 C19 C23 C24 C25 C28 C27 C2Q 030 C31 C32 AccenlD Aircraft AlpHobol 1 Animnle (5) Haitian A Ctllldron Boars (2 rliakn) Boiders Building Bueinoss Cnle & Dogs Comics Hallo woon Logon Maps Space Sports Transport & Travol Woddmgs Woman & Mon (2) Vanoue Mmca of Oto an of ne oaK) ReeUR n
VOL 2 5 disks) CP03 CLIP-ART VOL 3 5 disks) CP04 CLIP-ART VOL
4 (5 disks) CPOS CLIP-ART VOL 5 5 disks) Magic BackOrop am b
s. tagc *5 » vm na k«S £ mn WOW t m U toCr* MAGIC WB & EXTRA
OISK ! • 11» m t tar Migc« osa £jff VO Me W* I ’2 aw wr goK w,
Buio doans cf fxojeOs ncionQ ar x&e&y tr ar 4500 ti less Nr £15
lns*4li5H(Jr you A6£ 3 4 A1200 Put f s A5COA6COA1200 r a toawaa
fcr ess Nn £30 Use 144 PC as* (JfnB on you Anga. ZX a Pocxet
UaJen »you Anvga 4 many nary more Ths oxJd save you £££ (no*
tor De nrers) -------------------------------3 fc* pad crty £5
Epu V14Bm «a of (OUT HO or DM* "asKS*’ W71EFUV14 on*y99p
SufTABUFOftWBOT Word Pn»ca*»or Calendar Name I Addraii DatabaM
VMM kc* nr* * •• »« • Only £4 99 rapaxccnaraSdiu COME* T1BU
1TTK *U MMAI AMIGA 1200 “Magic” The awesome new AMIGA 1200
"Amiga Magic" pack is here. Software pack Includes...
Photogenics 1.2 SE Personal Paint 4.6 WordWorth 4 Datastore 1.1
Digila Organiser Print Manager Turbo Calc 3.5. Pinball
Mania Whizz PLUS FREE Mousemat & Dustcover COMPUTERS 27 Watnall
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A500 ALFAPOWER £2149.99 c% Seagate 270Mb £199.99 AND THINK 420Mb £229.99 Exlernally cased hard drives lor Ihe A500 500*. Can be populated with up lo 8Mb of RAM All 3.5" IDE hard drives require an adaptor cable when lilted inlo an A600 A1200 (£15.00 when purchased wilh a drive) £19.99 when purchased separately If you have found a cheaper price elsewhere in the magazine, call us and we will do our best to beat it.
AMIGA M1438s High resolution colour multisync monitor lor all Amigas.
Built-in stereo speakers.
£289.99 Before you purchase your hard drive from elsewhere, just look at what you get FREE with our drives!!!
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• 100Mb of top quality Public Domain software including:
Compugraphic fonts & clipart, Lightwave & Imagine objects, top
demos & music modules, essential utilities, games and lots
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Only .£49.99 PRINTERS EPSON Stylus Colour - II lnk]et printer offers photographic like quality when used with optional 720DPI printer driver (coated paper required). Built-in auto sheetteeder.
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MEMORY SIMMS 50MHz 40MHz 68040... £699.99 4Mb-ECall 8Mb-ECall 16Mb-ECall 68060... £899.99 The 1220 combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68020 28MHZ and 28MHz 68882 FPU, 1 x 72pin SIMM socket (1 or 4Mb).
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...page 67 C7 LIGHTWAVE 4 w m After much pushi CATCH THE WAVE MAN V After much pushing, shoving, resentful looks, sulking and my trip to Germany it was deckled that Nkfc Vettch would review this great program. Since then he's been muttering about inverse kinematics and rendering times - something to do with Lightwave I hope.
77 I MAGE VISION 4 This brand new n mm This brand new multimedia authoring system attempts to make creating multimedia easy enough for artists. Graeme Sandiford takes his palette in hand and attempts to draw himself a program.
7RSX32 J TheSX
* •w The SX-1 made plenty of promises that it didn't complete
fully, not least of which was to transform a CD32 into a
fully-functioning computer. The SX32 has come to do the things
the SX-1 should have, David Taytor makes sure it does the job
Graeme Sandiford IQ FINAL WRITER 4 LITE VERSUS WORDWORTH 5SE O These two battling behemoths go at it once again, but this time they've lost some features and are going for the middleweight title. Graeme Santttford attempts to find out which one has the best features left MAY 1996 04 CD-ROM ROUND-UP O I This month sees the arr O I This month sees the arrival of even more top quality CD-ROMs. Join Graeme Sandiford as he takes a look at a collection of sexy cars, an Atlas on CD complete with lots of information, a CD full of 3D stuff and one full of Workbench-related tools.
Software Established 1990 Expressions IntrnrJnrinn cnmo of tho Koct niihlir rlomnin R. chnrown 'Introducing some of the best public domain & shareware software. These are high-quality freely distributable disks at a fraction of commercial prices.
U422.. U235.. U324.. U334.
U399.. U508.. U285.. U289 .
U290.. U291 D300 D305.. D310.. D315..
0509. . E214 .
E300.. G321.. G322.. G339.. G372.. G420.. G442 G445.. G510.. El 93... Astronomy ..A total concept disk E234... Colour The Alphabet ..Educational spelling name E27I... The Highway Code ..All you need to know E023... Electronic Iroin Set (I meg) ......Construct own train set E079... Treasure Hunt ..Great kids gome E270... Dinosaurs ....Quiz on dinosaurs E298... Stales of Europe ....Information on this continent. Good E299... Communicate ..learn bow to use sign language
E311... The Internet ......A guide to the Internet E339... Dunks DTP ...Desktop publishing for kids E350... Barney the Bear (2 disks) learn & meet animols E385... What's its Nome (N) ..Educational for kids E411... Word Play .lots of puzzle games E413... Morse Code Tutor (not 1.3) .Guide to Morse code E424... Arlistix .....Children's program E425... Typing Tutor (not 1.3) ...Suitable for beginners E086... Wroithed 1 .Pub quiz style
game E035... Education 3 Weother and climate E044... learn & Play 2 ......For the under 12's E301... Japanese Tutor (2 disks) (not 1.3) ...Tutorial & dictionary CREATIVE + GRAPHICS Cl 28... Big Clipart ....Comic characters Cl 60... Deluxe Point Tutor ....Pointing instructor Cl 30... Label Designer .....Various label printers Cl 97... Clipart Stars logos explosions elc Cl 98... Clipart .Valentines and Weddings C201...
Clipart .Sporting objects C231... Audio Animation Studio ...Creole cartoons C256... Print Studio ...Multi purpose printer utility C258... Garden Designer Create your own garden, excellent graphics C263... league Database Easy-to-use football editor C389... Turbocat Pro (not 1.3) .....Excellent cotologue organiser C331... Signature Creator Customise your signature BUSINESS SOFTWARE BI36... Amibose Prof .Excellent database
8140. .. Text Engine .....Excellent word
processor Bl34... AMIGAsh ...Easy-to-use
accounts progrom BI37... 600 Business
letters ....All ready to print B323...
Onform .Invoice maker
B330... Easycolc ..Excellent
spreadsheet B400... Phone
locator ...Dialling codes for Britain
M335... Error Information ...Explains computet
crashes M340... Bor Tender (not 1.3) .Drinks
and cocktail recipes M211 .. Training
log ...Charts fitness and routines M213 .
500 Plus Emulator ....Upgrade for A500
M244 . .. Lockpic V2.0 ......Uncover copy
facilities M259... Easy
Spell ..Spell checker help M414 ..
Joke Disk (not 1.3) ...Thousands of jokes
M210... Pools Tools ...For football
pools E185... Astrology ...Calculates
positions ot planets . A total coi MISCELLANEOUS UTILITIES
(N.B. This includes some games) E043... learn and Play
I ...Blackboard Maths elc.
E423... Spelllris ..A Tetris spelling game E033... Education 1 .....learn German El 80... GCSE Maths .Syllabus taught disk EDUCATIONAL All disks are compatible for A500 A500+ A600 AT200, except (N) which indicates not compatible for 1200 A010... Breakout Classic bat & ball gome AOI1... Blizzard ..Horizontal shoot 'em up. High quality A252... leaping lorry ....Jump up the escalators A512... Transplant .....Asteroids game A520... The X Mass
Project .Simplistic shoot 'em uo A529... Egg Scramble One of the best platform gomes. Limited levels A209... Gomes Galore Ten (N) .14 excellent games A214... Parachute Joust ..Fight for parochute on descent. V. good A524... Assassins 245 ...Packman + 3D A526... Assassins 247 China Challenge 2, Moose Drive and Antimatter A527... Assassins 248 (not 1.3) .....Air Fight. F-Ball and Matrix A531... Assassins 249 Trooper, Cunundrum and Revolver A534... Assassins 250 .All-rounder, bobble and quadrille
A541... Amiga Phantom (not 1.3) .Similar to Descender A543... Gors .Galaxions ond invoders in all-in-one A243... Telren ....Excellent Tetris clone A247... Quiz Master ...Quiz which includes Editor A255... Amos Games .5 gomes including Glassbock A327... Tetris Pro .Tetris game with exceptional variants A333... Icerunner (N) Recom. Brilliant platform gome. 10 out of 10 A434... Amiga Boy ....Console games on Amiga!
A443... Nimble! ...New. Addictive graphical platformer A502... Cyberman ...3D Pacman game. Excellent A503... Cnaneques (2 disks) (not 1.3) .....Like lemmings. Good A504... Rebellion .Asteroids shoot 'em up A515 ... Asi 240 ......Super Doleks ond Catapult A519 ... Asi 244 .Pocwor, Moster-blaster and Stench STRATEGY + WAR GAMES Sim 109. Wheel of Fortune (N) ...TV game computerised SimOl 3. Bullrun (N) .....Americon civil war game Sim513.
Bridge .The card game Siml02. Simulation 1 (1 meg) Recommended. 5 games including Metro Siml 24. Nopoleonic Warfare High quaSly simulation Siml 58. Total War ......Risk type gome Sim528. Battleships (not 1.3) Qossic gome, computerised Siml 43. Card Shop ....Well presented cord gomes Sim217. Act of War .....Excellent strategy gomes Sim218. Roulette .Casino classic Sim220. Sub Attack (N) ..Also landmine + bomber AdOOS.. All New
Star Trek (2 drives, 2 disks). USS Enterprise classic. Best one Ad007.. American Star Trek (2 drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure AdOl 9.. Dungeon Delver (2 disks) ......Difficult adventure quest Ad065.. Pixie Kingdom (2 disks) ...Tricky adventure game. Good Ad222.. Neighbours Adventure (2 disks) Bring Poul Robinson to court Ad245.. Iron Clads (2 disks) ...Graphic adventure Ad326.. Wibble World Giddy .Really good platform gome Ad500.. The Devils Abode (not 1.3) .3D horror odventure D166... Star Trek Animation Animations of
USS Enterprise
0177. .. Star Trek Animation Agatron No.17. More like obove. Good
Ad005.. All New Star Trek (2 drives, 2 disks)... USS
Enterprise classic. Best one Ad007.. American Stor Trek (2
drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure A072... Stor Trek
Gome (N) ..The Next Generation N412... The
Stor Trek Guide (6 disks) All the information you need
A08I... Stor Trek Quiz ......Trek
M299... Tee to Green Excellent
golf-scorer M310... Personality Analysis ...Type in
answers to assess yourself M311... Cop the lot
Pro ...Updated lottery help M332... Virus
Checker V6.5 ....New updated killer
M333... Disk Repair Kit ..Salvages damaged
disks Sleepless Nights ...Compilation of A!
200 utilities Lottery Winner
AGA .....Helps you to win!
AGA fillers ...Updated virus killer Graphic WorkBeneh (2 (fcksj .Hord drive to instoll Videotrocker 2 .AGA demo creator Fairtght ...29 meg of graphics on one disk Stole Of Art .Famous, quality demo Roving Mod Me ...High quolity music video lethal Exit ......Stunning demo Tedmotrock II ...More rave music Tina Small ....Slideshow of model AGA Mortsell ..Nigel Mansell slides Minomist
Rove .Great dance demo Phoebe Cotes ....High resolution slideshow A Beginners Guide leorn oil about WorkBeneh 3.0 Speak & Soell .Good for learning youngsters AGA Klondike (3 itsks) ......Excellent patience card gome Giger Tetris ..Tetris clone AGA Megaball .....Brilliant breakout gome Mod Fighter ...2 player Street fighter game Pssst AGA .. Grade AGA gome Excellent Card Gomes III ..Restricted AGA version SPORT
Spl70.. Amos Cricket (N) Owzot!
Sp256.. Slamball.: ...Monogement gome of US football-type sport Sp263.. Soccer Cords ..Simplistic leogue-bosed gome Sp299. Top of the Leoaue ...Addictive football management gome Sp307 .18th Hole (2 disks) ..Excellent golfing gome p337 .. Super league Manoget 2 Updated soccer monagement gome Sp372. Rood To He ...Well produced racing game Sp376.. Urtsensible Soccer .....Good lootboll gome Sp429.. A Day ot the Roces Simple horse racing game Sp530.. Sport Challenge (not 1.3) ....Hype Olympks,
lots ot events Sp532.. Friday Night Pool (not 1.3) Pool playing simulation Sp533.. Poker Mania Good Poker simulation Sp544.. Indi Cor Challenge (not 1.3) A good racing monagement game Sp540.. Professional Bingo .Good simulator M430 .. Amiga Solutions 1 .....A must for gomers. Recommended E43I... Revision Master .Create revision documents.
Excellent features e.g. languoge helper M432 .. Remdote V2.2 Updated diary & orgoniser. New go to dale' feature B433... Ultra Accounts (not 1.3) ...New complete banking program M434 .. Jaogic C64 (not 1.3) ......Emulator for C64 topes & disks E435... Guide to Comms & Internet (2 disks)... Simplified explanations 8 help G505... AGA Scrabble (A1200 only) ..Board game on disk Ad545.. Genocide Earth New ond good text odventure A550... Super Spoce-bolls 2 player galactic breakout!
A55I.. Radiant Gomes 1 ..Hover-hockey ond blonkoblok A554... Charlie J Cool ....Platform gome SP553.. Quiz Board (2 disks) (not 1.3) ..Quiz board game G556... Numtris (A1200 only) ...Tetris by numbers G552... Ultimate Red Dwarf Quiz (2 disks) (A1200 only) ...Great - Sim224. Strategic Games ......3 excellent gomes Sim410. Island .....Excellent board gome. Build hotels & money Sim415. War (N) Top quality 8bit strategy Sim428. The Shepherd ...Populous
clone Sim444 . Ultimated Quiz ..Pub quiz done Sim505. Scrabble .....Board gome, computerised 500 questions ond 3 difficulty levels E542... Q-Whizz (not 1.3) .TheX-Fiiesc AGA Donkey Kong Re hash of originol. Good Roketz V2.25 Muhiployet thrust shoot ’em up LATEST RELEASES Balls AGA .Excellent lotti squiz A1200 A4000 ONLY Blank disks 10 for £3.99 Mouse Mats Deluxe Mouse Mats £2.95 each PLEASE NOTE er disk, not per title. Prices are
e. g. AdQ19 L . -jngeon Delver is_C1 90 j Catalog ue disks 75p
each [_ beta*olover 4000(JUainoixfcrar _uBd®MrjSuW»_ J PRICES
POSTAGE PD...95p per disk 90p each for 15 to 24 85p each for
25 or more 75p each for 50 or more UK orders : £1.00 Europe :
£2.50 World : £4.00 HOW TO ORDER Enclose list of disk numbers
along with your Cheque Postal Order made payable to: SOFTWARE
EXPRESSIONS 18 Maple Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8RH Credit
Card orders only Tel: 01179 425987 (9.30am-5pm Mon to Fri)
Please enclose coupon with your order.
Lightwave It may be the best known 3D animation system, but is it still top of the heap? And has cross-platform development weakened the Amigas hold on this increasingly important niche market?
LIGHTWAVE 4 MAY 1996 Mick Veitch sets off on an arduous journey of discovery.
For a long lime it has been a high profile favourite of TV shows and films. Lightwave and the Amiga have been used for countless projects, including SeaQuest dsv. The Robocop TV series and of course Babylon 5. In fact, it is only Lightwave and the video Toaster that have kept the U.S. Amiga market alive.
But now, having been unbundled from the Toaster for nearly two years, Newtek have decided to transport Lightwave to new platforms such as the PC and Silicon graphics systems. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
At any rate, version 4 of Lightwave for the Amiga has now been released - but is it the earth shattering event we've all been waiting for?
Is it indeed, still as impressive compared lo the increasing competition So far. The best use of a plug*in. The HUP system gives Lightwave access to a whole range of popular file formats.
• . ?' 7 •' y fit 4 * * «v I?
Iff v* '"l 111 The Inverse Kinematics system, new to this version of Ug ifwav*. Is an important tool for serious animators. It allows objects or bones to be linked together, and to on the* Amiga, never mind Ihe competition from other platforms?
CHANGES Hallelujah! Personally. I find Ihe most useful improvement, or al least the one which cures most of my frustration, is that lightwave now uses proper file requesters which have mnd- cons like a Volume list. My sanity thus saved, I can go on to find out what else is now.
There are. Broadly, two major improvements to the layout of Ijghtwaue. The first of these is the inverse kinematics system, which is covered in the turnout (See pt 9).
Briefly, this is a way of linking objects.
Particularly limbed objects, so that they will automatically rotate and move themselves towards a goal position.
Ibo second major addition is the plug in system. These are small routines of code which arc loaded into the main program lo perform a specific task, tor example, the most useful plug-in supplied with lightwave is probably the IIIIP support plug-in, which allows Lightwave to load and save in a variety of file formats (including Piet, JPEG. TIFF. YUV etc.). The loaders and savers are not built into Ughtwave, but the ability to use Ibis external rode is.
These plug-ins, as you will see, pop up all over the place and allow Ijghtwmr to be customised and perform a variety of tasks not previously possible. Bui first, let us consider the Layout window itself.
Disappointingly, there have been no changes to the available screen modes. You arc still stuck with the same old Hi-Res mode.
There- arc- still two higher resolution modes listed, but. As with earlier versions, these arc unreliable to the point of being unusable.
Usually the display itself is fine, but all the gadgets gel confused. Thankfully, the modeller works fine in these other modes ihough.
Newtek are relying on plug-ins to solve this headache for them. Quite reasonably, they seem to have taken the stance that the third LIGHTWAVE FOR BEGINNERS If you have never heard of Lightwave before (which seems unlikely) you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Lightwave was originally an integral part of Newtek's Video Toaster, the desktop video system. The Toaster has been a phenomenal success in the U.S. over the years, but has never had much impact in Europe for the simple reason that it only works in PAL.
One part of the Toaster system was of interest to Europeans though - the ground breaking 30 rendering software which formed part of the Toaster bundle. In fact it was so popular that many people acquired the Toaster just so they could run LightwaveI And who could blame them. Lightwave has been used in Hollywood for years now. On such high profile shows as Babylon 5, Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as SeaQuest dsv.
A little over a year ago. Newtek finally released version 3.5 of Lightwave, which did not require a Video Toaster - it had been “unbundled ". It was a great success, and encouraged Newtek to plan to expand the scope of Lightwave, by making it available for other platforms such as the PC and Silicon Graphics systems. Version 4 is the first version to benefit from this cross-platform development.
Automatically seek a target point. This allows limbed objects to move realistically, as you can see in the animation frames above There is space for four shader modules, which are really like little post-processing effects for the surface.
. Perhaps more importantly though, the The modeler is much the same apart from a little gadget hidden away, which allows access to the plug-ins.
« 1PC r® rrrnrrr* wet.
Party manufacturers responsible for all the different graphics cards should write their own software. At the moment, the only display plugin that exists is for the Cybergraphics card - and unfortunately, it has proved as useful as Newtek’s 1024x768 mode (ie. It doesn’t work).
SET THE SCENE A useful addition for those who use Lightwave more for animations than still frames is the provision of a "frames per second” setting in the Scene panel. If you create all your objects and attribute motions to them using realistic values, you can find yourself at a disadvantage.
Lightwave was previously set up to deliver a strict 25fps, which is fine for video work, but which is a bit fast for other anim applications, which can’t deliver full frame, full motion video. A realistic scene, shot in version 3.5, would have looked like a slow motion replay in these situations. With the new fps setting you can easily optimise your animation for any playback medium.
Some other improvements include the facility to hide the wireframes of selected objects in the main view. This was theoretically already in version 3.5, but had more bugs than a fisherman’s bait box. You now have the option to Hide all or Show All as well.
The Objects panel is not overflowing with new options. Apart from some slots for ubiquitous plug-ins (which will no doubt be utilised by kinematic systems and so on), there is only one major innovation, and that is Unseen by Rays. How many times have your nice reflective surfaces been ruined by catching a reflection of something? How many times have your tremendous props been ruined by some unfortunate lighting conditions? Worry no more. Unseen by fog is a similar scenario.
There are a few changes in the Image panel as well. If you are lucky enough to have a Flyer, you can now directly import Flyer clips.
And, more importantly, thanks to the HIIP plug-ins you can now load in a variety of INVERSE KINEMATICS Inverse Kinematics (IK) is probably the most important, and definitely the most powerful, new addition to Lightwave's arsenal of tools. It's long been considered the feature that has been missing from Lightwave 3.5 and the one that might transform the program into the complete 3D animation system. IK enables you to create character animations much more easily and realistically by restricting the movements of connected objects so that they move in a similar fashion to a human skeleton.
As IK is an animation tool it can therefore be found in the Layout screen. Lightwave's implementation of IK, like many of its features, is very intuitive and relatively simple when compared with other programs such as Imagine and Real 3D. The first thing you need to do. When creating an animation that will involve IK, is to set up the hierarchy of your objects
- making sure that they are parented in the right order. Then you
can attach a null point to the last object in the hierarchy and
add another as a Goal (or target) for it. Finally you set up
the IK options for each object and thereby determine their
range of motion. Once this has been done every time the Goal
object is moved the other objects will try to follow its
movements in accordance with their preset limitations.
Although this process sounds complicated it's actually relatively simple compared with Imagine's system. A useful feature of Lightwave's IK system is that it can be applied to bones so you can achieve all sorts of organic effects. IK really is an important feature and its application is not limited to simply animating characters - it can be used to create all kinds of animation effects such as imploding objects and oozing masses, as well as making objects track each other.
WAY 1996 LIGHTWAVE 4 CARRY ON SCREAMING Those of you with a few too many Amigas will be pleased to note that not only is Screamernet still included in Lightwave 4. It has also been greatly improved.
Screamernet is a distributed rendering system, which allows more than one machine to gang up on the task of rendering Lightwave scenes. One “server" holds all of the necessary objects and images, and issues commands to the other networked machines instructing them to render particular frames.
The remote machines use a streamlined render engine to create the final frames, and they can be of any time, so long as there is a version of the render engine available, and they can network to the server.
Any type of file network is okay, since the commands are sent via simple ASCII files, written to a specific networked directory. As a test we successfully managed to get Screamernet working on a serial network, although obviously this is not ideal.
A major advantage over the original screamer system is that it is now possible to set up a batch of scenes to be rendered - the original was limited to one scene file.
SILVER SURFACE The first, and indeed most useful addition to the Surface panel is the ability to preview your textures before you render. Unlike the PC version, which renders appropriately textured spheres in a little window, the Amiga version renders them onto a separate screen, with little captions underneath. The only thing that is really missing here is a “render all” option, for those moments when you have forgotten which surfaces you haven't defined properly yet.
The alpha shadow button is almost the reverse of the “unseen by rays” option in the Object menu. This allows objects to effectively cast shadows on background images.
The reflection mapping routines have also been improved, giving you a choice of various different file formats.
More flexible sequence control also allows you to give precise extensions for frames in a sequence, and the number of digits used for an index number.
Different methods - this makes for much more realistic effects, if you don't mind the slightly longer rendering times.
Speaking of which, the new Glow option is tremendously processor hungry. Making an object glow gives it a very nice penumbral haze which could find plenty of applications in just about any scene, from fireplaces to force fields.
It certainly saves an awful lot of fiddling about with semi-transparent luminous objects.
Bizarrely though, glow parameters can only be globally defined from the Effects menu , so you can't mix and match glowing objects. The amount of glow is specified in numbers of pixels, which is also rather upsetting because obviously this value will have a completely different effect depending on what resolution you render an object in.
There are a few new procedural textures scattered around, such as crust, and vein (which is similar-ish to marble), but nothing outstandingly great. Rather annoyingly, in my opinion, the Texture Velocity setting has changed to velocity per frame. Now this may be very useful for people working with odd sized frame rates, but some texture effects can be cunningly linked to objects to perform specific tasks in the “virtual” environment. It would at least be nice to have an option.
There is a slot for plug-ins which allows up to three different shader routines to be applied.
The only one we have at the moment (none are supplied) is the Blotch shader. Having layered shader effects means it is possible to create a variety of interesting effects.
MORE LIGHT Apart from a bit of a reshuffle, there aren't many changes to the Camera panel. You can now numerically enter an aspect ratio, but you could always choose custom frame sizes before, so that’s no real big deal.
At first glance the Lights panel seems to be much the same too, but there are some important differences, all related to lens flares.
Firstly there is now a setting for global flare LIGHTWAVE 4 MAY 1996 d' $ ' ‘ M* ' -v-tC" inverse kinematics may seem a little difficult to grasp, the execution of the idea is much simpler than the IK systems found in other software.
Lightwave is well-known for its prowess at rendering Mean and moody lighting effects are a Lightwave space scenes and animations. Trademark - for good reason.
Under the tools panel. Many of the plug-ins currently available are merely compiled versions of macros previously available as Arexx scripts, but they have the ability to perform more complicated tasks in a reasonable time frame.
Another minor but welcome change is to the static perspective view. This can now be manipulated via the mouse, as opposed to being always at the completely wrong angle or juddering backwards and forwards.
THIS IS THE END At the end of the day Lightivave 4 is a significant step forward. There are still some major features where it lags behind other systems but at least the facilities are there for improvement.
The plug-ins are a definite bonus but it does
- seem like Newtek are expecting others to do their job for them.
The Display mode fiasco is certainly a downer. I'm sure
lhere'11 soon be plenty of useful plug-ins for lhal but they
should have got it right in Ihe first place?
Sadly, although the plugins will make Lightwave a much better place to work, they will undoubtedly make it more expensive too... ® IMAGEVISION Lightwave's major advantage.
FEATURES •••• The arrival of plug-ins will open up a whole new industry.
VALUE •••• It isn't cheap, but it's all relative.
How much is Soft Image7 "There's scope for improvement, but it's still far and away the best" 94% DISTRIBUTOR Premier Vision 0171 7217050 PRICE £815 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 8Mb RAM (much more recommended). Hard drive, WB2 or better.
SPEED •••• Still pretty fast considering. Plug-ins faster than Arexx. Glow is s-l-o-w.
MANUAL • • • • An improvement. In total over 800 pages of useful info.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• Ease of use has always been WHO'S BETTER - WHO'S BEST?
The gratifying thing about all this cross-platform development is a rediscovered pride in the Amiga’s operating system. Many people may want the speed of the higher priced Pentium PC systems, which can certainty render scenes faster than the Amiga, but they are not quite so hot at creating them.
Ughtwave exists in two parts - the Layout and the Modeller program. Separating these functions makes creating animations a lot easier, and dramatically simplifies the user interface. As the Amiga multi-tasks, there is no problem, because you can run these programs side by side.
Unfortunately, there is a problem for PC owners. Even with Windows '95, running both programs simultaneously is not quite as easy. Although both programs run, the umbilical cord between them has been snapped - you cannot import and export objects from one to the other. If you want to make changes to a model while you are in the Layout program, you'll have to save it onto disk, navigate through Windows to the Modeller and then load It back in again. There are plenty of professionals who intend to continue modelling on the Amiga.
Intensity, which can be controlled by an envelope. Secondly, you can now customise your lens flares in many different ways, to stop them all turning out the same. The streaks can be adjusted in length, density and intensity.
SUPER MODELS It seems that the Modeller has been left behind slightly because there are far fewer changes to this engine. In fact, you would be hard pressed to spot any differences on first • , , , ] running the software.
The Modeller has been given the power of plug-ins, _ but they have been integrated less seemlessly. To add a plug-in, you have to run an Arexx macro for a start, which seems a little odd. And when you have added them, they are all operated from a button lister Over the course f most of its existence the Amiga has been respected for two main reasons, its multimedia and its graphics abilities.
The Amiga has always enjoyed the best software in these categories, and this, combined with the Amiga's custom hardware, has produced some phenomenal results.
It may seem odd then, that these two disciplines have never been combined. Very often most creative types have been put off of the Amiga's myriads of powerful multimedia programs, not because of any lack of features, but because of programmerlike environments. It would seem obvious that a more "artistic" approach to the working methods of multimedia programs would make them more accessible to more Amiga-owners.
ICON BASED Over the years things have improved a great deal with the arrival of programs such as CanI)o, Scala and especially Helm, However ImageVision is a new product that takes the evolution of multimedia authoring programs to another level. The simplistic interface of a paint package is combined w ith several multimedia tools.
The backbone of ImageVision is its icon system. ImageVision has several different types of icons that make up the foundation of any multimedia project you intend to create. These icons can be dragged-and-dropped onto the work area. I he system is so simple that pretty much anybody who can use a paint package and is familiar with file requesters should he able to a create a presentation within minutes.
Unlike programs like CnnDoand Sea hi that double as other kinds of tools, such as video tillers or application creators. ImageVision concentrates solely on producing multimedia presentations. This should be ideally suited to people who want to make interactive slideshows and business or educational presentations.
Thanks to this limiting of the program's uses it is surprisingly small, so small that it actually fits on a single DD floppy and that includes its runtime player. However, I was pleased to discover that the diminutive file size of the program was compensated for by the inclusion of a CD-ROM of example files and scripts.
As you can well imagine this is indeed the right kind of software to take advantage of the extra storage space afforded by CD-ROM technology.
The disc is packed with loads of useful stuff of a surprisingly high standard.
There are several good samples and animations that are reads to load into the program. There are also several useful icons, fonts and brushes that arc- ideal for creating buttons with.
I lowcver the real bonus is a tremendous collection of excellent background images.
These images are of an extremely high standard and cover a variety of textures that would be equally useful for video work. They're mostly hand- drawn and are a credit lo the artist - the liquid anti metal images are impersonal favourites, but there are plenty of other subjects to choose from.
JUMP AND SLIDE As mentioned before ImageVision works with icons. Each icon represents either a menu screen, where you can choose were to go next, or an event such as displaying an animation, picture or playing a sound. There are a variety of icons to choose from, which each perform a different function. The ones available are Jump - for jumping from one icon to another. Animation. MPEG Animation. Slide - for creating an automatic- slideshow of pictures. Sound, Return - for sending you back to the beginning of the script and the Subroutine - which will take you out of the current subroutine
back to the main script.
A typical session starts in the Script Window where sou simplv drag-and- IMAG5 W" ,v 4 saaarysia GjfiLa exited the Well those are the basic elements that make up ImagrVision and how the program functions. As you can tell.
ImagrVision's main selling point is not in its power, hut rather in its simplicity.
11 does not offer the same levels of power as CatiDo, or even the extra little features, like determining a button's shape In its brush, but it is infinitelv more simplistic.
U nfortunately this simplicity is not without its faults. For example, when drop your irons and then conned ihein to each oilier in the hierarchical order dial you need. This pai l of the process is pretty much like creating a flow chart and the only requirement is dial you have a fair idea of how your presentation needs lo be organised.
ADD THE BUTTONS Next, you simply need lo enter the specifics for eacli icon by double- clicking on it. The first item in the hierarchy is usually the best place to start and is often a menu screen, fade effect or a brief animation. If appropriate you will be given the choice of going to the GFX or Button editors.
Otherwise, for animations, slideshows and sample playing, you will simply be asked to select the necessary file.
IMAGEVISION The GFX editor enables you to add text, image brushes, backgrounds and even load ASCII files. However you are only given rudimentary control over these things and you have to rclv on external programs and just do your fine tuning in the GFX editor.
SYSTEM A1200 OR AA SPEED . • •• The geiNm operation of fnwgqWsfon if quit* speedy and tha wipes and animations playback smoothly.
MANUAL • • • Although thara la no printed manual, the online halp is thabest method for this type of program.
The Click editor is used to add the buttons to menu screens that will take you to the next icon (screen). These buttons can be round, rectangular or a user-definable polygon. Sounds can also be attached to a button so that when you click on it a sample will be played.
If you can uaa Workbench and package, you riiould have no t handling text, instead of loading large sections of text into a text object which could then he re-sized and moved, it's dumped onto the screen at the cursor position and then spreads itself over the rest of the screen willy-nilly.
Despite these small niggles and a surprisingly high price. ImagrVision is still an impressive package especially for beginners and arty tvpes who don't want the added burden of having to learn a scripting language. H There are a few features that could be added, but this program does the job it was designed VALUE For a program of such simplicity £100 la a tad steep.
"If you want to create multimedia presentations quickly and easily, then this is for you" WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!
We will match or beat any genuine quoted price A1200 RAM CARD WITH CLOCK & FPU SOCKET v J | J ?NJ J SIMMS FOR A4000, VIPER, APOLLO zj zj a
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for CD32 owners finally deliver everything that the SX-1
should have done?
David Taylor finds out.
Complaining about the SX-l when it first came out was not easy, because CD*2 owners didn't have any options as far as upgrading was concerned. Most owners had bought their new machine with the knowledge that an Amiga at heart meant a real, affordable upgrade future.
Unfortunately, the SX-l had more flaws than a skyscraper. It didn't even seem to have been designed by anyone who had seen a CD*2. For one. It didn’t fit properly and the CD lid would often dislodge it and cause a crash. It was unstable, a nightmare to fit and. Let's face it. Very cumbersome.
So. My fust thoughts about a new version were whether all these obvious criticisms had been rectified. At first, I thought they had.
The biggest improvement is that the whole expansion is now an internal board. It slots inside at the back and then screws on. Leaving the new ports'at the back. This makes the machine incredibly compact and. In reality, the closest yet to a portable Amiga and one with a CD drive at that! This also means that, unlike the SX-l. You cannot connect an FMV cartridge at the same time. This is not a major problem because not many people have got the FMV cartridge and anyone who has tried to use it with the SX-l will know that it's incredibly unstable. But the idea of an expanded CD*2 being carried
around for multimedia presentations is vers slightly spoiled by the inability to include MPEG.
On closer examination, I found that the screw housing on the CD*2 dips The board has got space on it for a
2. 5" hard disk and a 72-pin memory SIMM. The SIMM can be up to
8Mb in size and there are three jumpers that you need to set
manually to determine whether you've added a l Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb or
8Mb SIMM. The hard disk is screwed onto the board and is very
easy to connect. With some excitement I added my drive and the
memory and then went to slot the SX-32 into place.
To fit the SX-32, ail you need to do is manoeuvre it over the steel lip at the back and then line up the connectors and slot it home. This is easy when it's a bare board, but as soon as the hard disk was on. It wouldn't fit.
Down at the back and that there was no way my SX-32 with drive was going in there. The problem was not so much with the SX-32. It was the fact that the drive was too fat. I did solve the problem by unscrewing the CD*2, taking it apart and fitting the drive to the board internally, but I doubt many CD*2 owners will be too keen on that.
So. If you are going to fit a hard disk, make sure that it's a thin one!
With it fitted and screwed in. It's just a case of seeing what else it offers you. Well, an abundance of new ports for one. The first thing you have to add is a floppy drive and given the compact nature of the machine. I think I'd recommend the new Four Square drive from Brian Fowler. It is the smallest drive I've seen anti offers High Density support so that you can use l.76Mb HD disks anti PC and Mac disks too.
One port that was on the SX-l. But isn't on here, is for a keyboard. Where the SX-l allowed you to plug a standard external keyboard directly into it. The SX-32 has nothing, meaning that you need an adapter to plug one into the expansion slot that is on the CD*2 itself.
The one supplied to us was an old 1000 keyboard, which is fine, but lacks the Help key. Oh well.
When it comes to booting the machine, the priorities arc exactly the same as on a standard Amiga. That's to say the floppy drive takes precedence.
P3 SX-32 FEATURES MAY 1996 SERIOUSLY AMIGA If you have a disk in the floppy drive, the machine will boot from that.
Next up is the (ill drive, which it will boot if there's no floppy present and then lastly the hard drive, should it find no disk or disc.
In practical terms this means you can still boot CD®2 discs straight away without being aware of the SX-32 when using it for that, or you can go directly to Workbench on your hard disk. As it has to check all three devices, it does take slightly longer to boot than a standard A1200, but it’s nothing to worry about.
Testing out the new machine with programs like Sysln o show that it considers it over twice as fast as the siandard A1200 - don't forget that's with 4Mb fast RAM. The hard disk transfer is also fast - Evetech claim 1,5Mb sec with a fast drive.
SX-32 For CD*2 owners itching to expand then this is the answer, but there's more to consider than existing owners. The SX-32 offers all ihese extras in a compact unit that doesn't make the CD®2 any more bulky.
In comparison to an A1200, it doesn't have the ability' to upgrade the processor - you will always be stuck with the 020 (not that it s that slow); similarly you can add one hard disk and that's it - there's no way to link up SCSI devices for instance, but on the Hip side you can add a memory SIMM directly, something which you can't do on the A1200.
OK, it's looking pretty good for multimedia and all that jazz, but people who had been wanting to upgrade dieir old Amiga to an A1200 and then balked at the rather steep price, should be leaping for joy.
With CD*2s being sold new for under £150 in some places and this unit going for under £200, you can have the equivalent of an A1200 with a built in CD drive that's automatically available on Workbench, for less than the cost of the A1200 pack.
Of course, you won't get the software pack, but Evetech are promising that a Workbench 3 CD Distributor Eyetech 01642 713185 Price SX-32 £199.95 Keyboard £34.95 System requirements CD32 Speed • • • • Offers overall speed advantages and works best with a fast hard drive.
Manual • You don't really need one, but the one I got was about fitting a hard drive into an A1200. Bizarre.
Accessibility •••• It's as easy to fit as it could be with the constraints-of the CDJ2's design.
That doesn't mean it's hassle free.
Floppy port for up to four floppy drives daisy chained together.
Standard serial port for modems - which is much better than the PC type serial port included on the SX-1.
VGA monitor socket as well as an Amiga standard RGB video socket giving the CD1-' the ability to output to anything: SVGA. Rf. SVHS, composite and RGB!
Together with PD and Shareware programs will be shipped with the SX-
32. There is a floppy hard drive installation disk that will
partition and format the hard disk and copy Workbench from
the CD.
With the right marketing, publicity and coverage, the SX-32 could mark a turning point in the CD®2's, and even in the Amiga's, history.
What other platform can offer the power and expandability of a full computer with a built-in CD drive for under £350? None. O Features • • • • More than the SX-1 In most areas, less In a couple. Better than an A1200 in one respect not in another.
What can I say?
Value • • • • • £200 seemed a lot at first but then coupled with the price of the CD32, it's the cheapest Amiga ever.
"Eyetech should crack open the Champagne for a job well done. What the SX-1 should have been" 93% Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga & PC Spread over the two platforms are emulators for: Apple. BBC. Commodore 64.
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k X B This CD actually contains over 2.000 true 3 ¦ Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied L Includes superb new Multimedia interface.
Available Now1 SPECIAL EDITION PACK (Ordercode: CD180) ADULT SENSATION 1A2F0R JUST £29.99 +P&P World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM containing around 40.000
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BlflHjBL'- . .. '* :!! 2
• •• - i' I . J |S||iSg& ' 9 ' P-vU, Pis I'n.iyos _•! Yyiv
BHErSHH:i horror type sounds Horror stones, Eariee music
Pictures & animations from hundreds of horror films and heaps of real-life blood n guts. (Adults only) HORROR SENSATION 'Actual Amiga Screen shot: SPECIAL FX Vol: 1 John Paternak s "Movie Maker series lakes you step by step through the professional techniques of Special FX. Horror and Action film making. Explained in every detail are all the camera angles, editing techniques, prop building, make up etc. all using easily available domestic equipment and materials This Multi-media AG A Amiga title Contains video footage, stills and around 60 minutes of audio 4Mb* MOVIE MAKER SERIES NEW (CD184; Z
THE EPIC- LLECTION Contains our most popular floppy based B software litlos on one grant CD-ROM Now you can purchase the entire Ep c collec- tion in one go. This compilation contains Jj* hundreds of megabytes of Amiga soft- ware, subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave.
Colour. Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts. Graphics converters. Music tutorials. Beginners guide. 3D stere- rar ogram generators. Hundreds of Sound FX and ly samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools.
Various Hardware projects. Hundreds of games KL- . H f Xi____ including Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games and more.'Supplied with Index book. j ¦ THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 new mi icdiooxi C19.99 Retro gaming at it s best. Around 3000 all- time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM Emulators included for any Amiga.. Games include Manic Miner, Skool daze, Monty mole. Startrek. Thrust.
Jet Set Willy. The Hobbit. Stnp Poker.
Danger Mouse. The Sentinel. Micro Olympics, Under Wurtde. Uridium. Atic Atac. River raid. Barbarian. Hunchback and around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy 1 96 also contains hundreds of documents con- HfiBHpflHHsd laming instructions for most games aswell as BtfTHTFTI I hundreds of speccy game cheats. Okay on any rnQjBjuQyCObl CD ROM drive connected to an Amiga Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CU AMIGA 91% - AUI Over I THE SPECCY CD 1996 (con9) 07.99 The largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons. Backdrops and tools ever compiled.
Includes well over 5.000 Icons. Over 600 selected Magic WB backdrops, and megabytes of WB desktop enhancer tools'utilities.
Suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 The Grolier electronic Multimedia encyclopedia contains thousands of pages of information on every subject, with Thousands of great colour photographs and illustrations and hundreds of sound clips from the BBC this CD-ROM is an essential purchase for all CD-ROM users Rated 97% AC - 94% AF (C046x) £24.99 GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA This CD ccrtars nformatxxi that NOBOOY wants ycu to know about and ndudes tais of megabytes erf text documents and photographs relatng to UFO sittings and abductions etc sree 1941 asweiashuv dreds for 'classified’ docunents GAMES CD This NEW CD
rom contains Thousands of all-time classic Commodore 64 games and emulator to run tnem.... Available shortly, Order now as stocks are bound to go quickly.
Lucky Dip volume 2 contains stacks of games, demos, clipart, fonts, music, tools, graphics utilities. Animations.
Sound FX. Samples, and loads more, (now with Amiga front end) A bargain' This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and loved game Nearly all the games are ready to run directly from CD, and archived versions are also included.
C64 GAMES CD LUCKY DIP Volume 2 (CDi63)ts.99 ENCOUNTERS CD179) £14 NOTHING BUT TETRIS (cdimi E9.w PRIORITY ORDER FORM PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS NAME_ ADDRESS_ MACHINE_ PA YMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTS PACKING EXP DATE AMOUNT ENCLOSED spjo jff-j gj (_ u EsiTFij-xm&o If you live in Australia or New-Zealand you can now purchase any ot the ~ above CD ROM titles from our Sydney based premises. Send your 00 _ orders or enquiries to: EPIC. 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW. 2233. Australia. A
* jr7 Pleose make cheques payable lo EPIC MARKETING
ForiPllMlWpM * MndaSWE. Founts m«mn*nW»«H ydoi*l»tl»UKmprtc lir
UK & EUROPE Open Monday-Saturday. EPIC -138-139 Victoria Rd,
Swindon. Wilts. UK _P&P in UK = El per title. Overseas P&P = £2
per title. E&OE_ | = !¦ I -FI* *UI |[PBl |u|ff V|D|Q|a|®| 3lB]
IT'S PRC©ABLY GotNO TO CRASH NOW re-sind quit* simply. T«vt can
ba formatted quickly with style sheets.
YoucanstiU , obtaln*M««h FinalWSdi*- fur" *? **!?!«*.
Mom f Line 2 0 in It's the battle of the mighty Amiga Word Pro's. Take a ringside DISTRIBUTOR Softwood Products 01773 521606 PRICE £39.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2.04 or better, 2Mb of RAM.
SPEED •••• Even when performing demandina functions like FEATURES • • • • Unfortunately FW has suffered more than WW5SE in terms of cut-backs, but it's still impressive.
VALUE •••• £40 for a fully-functioning and still pretty powerful Word Processor has got be good value.
"Although somewhat It’s been a see-saw battle with each program gaining and losing ground with new releases and features. Effectively these two products have managed to split the market straight down Ihe middle. Separating those who prefer the power and flexibility of Final Writer from those who enjoy the intuitive interface and other innovative features of Wordworth. Final Writer is generally preferred by American Amiga-users, who are considered to be more serious- minded, and Wonlworth has gained the most ground in the UK market.
Forget Bruno and Tyson, Liverpool and Everton, Rocky and Apollo Creed, Coca Cola and Pepsi or even Captain Kirk and any Klingon unfortunate enough to cross his path - these rivalries are nothing compared with the bitter battle between Softwood’s Final Writer and Wordworth from Digita.
For years these two products have been trading blows in their attempt to win the coveted accolade of "The Amiga's No 1 Word Processor".
In the most recent round of this bout, Wordworth has made a grab for Final Writer's power-loving users by adding more powerful features to its arsenal. However the two versions on review are not intended to be feature- laden word processing behemoths, rather they are cut-down versions of their bigger brothers.
POWER HUNGRY The full versions of both these products have become extremely resource- hungry and you really need a hard disk and a fair amount of memory to get the best out of them. Both Final Writer Lite and Wordworth SE (Special Edition) will run on a standard A1200 - although their performances would obviously be enhanced with the addition of some extra RAM and a hard disk. As well as running better on low spec machines an added advantage of these new versions is that people who don't need the power features of the programs don’t have to pay for them.
MANUAL LABOUR Perhaps the most obvious difference in the two programs is their manuals. Final Writer has an amended version of its full manual, while Wordworth has a cut- down and almost entirely different manual. It seems that SoftWood have made a good marketing de - er, I mean given FW Lite-users the opportunity to view the features of the full version in case they should decide to upgrade.
The WWSSE manual is quite disappointing when compared with the full version - it doesn't really go into enough detail, especially as it is most likely to be beginners buying this version of the program. Nonetheless, both manuals are pretty good and Hws is augmented by an on-line help system.
The interfaces of both programs are essentially the same as before, so 1 won't bore you by going into too much detail - have a look at the main images and their annotations for an explanation of how the programs operate. However. I will say this.
R r Amiga Users can Surf the Internet from FAST • FULL ACCESS TO THE INTERNET FOR JUST If you live in the UK (including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Isles) the Channel Isles or the Isle of Man you have BT local call 0345 access no matter how remote your location!
What you get ? The highest possible connection speed available with todays modem technology ? FREE customised connection software for the Amiga. Comprehensive documentation and full technical support.
N FREE World Wide Web homepages with every connection.
? FREE POP3 E-Mail account.
N FREE access to news groups. Giving access to over 13,000 active groups.
The Cost ? There is a one-off connection fee ot £20 (plus VAT)* ? The monthly recurring cost is only £8 (plus VAT). There are no hidden costs - The only additional cost is your local-rate telephone bill.
Existing Internet users exempt. For further details https: wwws.enterprise.net subscribe For the best Internet Access, there is only one choice pic 64 Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man Call now Subscription hot line 0800 269 146 General enquires 01624 677666 Fax line 01624 613660 Technical Support 01624 612880 E-mail sales" enlcrprise.net E-mail support "enterprise.net D-ROM Round-up quality. As well as containing objects and animations the directories for each program also contain pictures and utilities.
3D GFX ¦ PEE JAY ¦ 0181 9853850 ¦ £21.99 In a way this CD is a follow up to the well-received 3D Arena published last year by Almathera. The organisation is pretty much identical and the contents are very similar. As with 3D Arena the main contents of the disc are aimed at users of 3D graphics programs and you’ll find plenty of objects, images, textures and even some demo versions of full programs.
The objects are saved in the following formats; Imagine, Real 3D, Lightwave and POV. As is often the case in any large collection, the quality of the objects varies a great deal. There is also considerable variation in the detail. There are more Real .3 Miles than you might expect and the animations, which arc provided in each format's director)', are among the best "There's nothing ground-breaking in this collection, but it is still great" 92% The disc also contains several files and utilities that will be of interest to graphics-minded individuals, not to mention the demo images that show
what programs like Cinema ID and TrueSpacecan do. Overall, this is another good solid collection of files, objects and utilities. ® WORKBENCH ADD-ON ¦ PD SOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £24.99 Workbench may be a great operating system, but it could still do with some modifications and improvements. This CD is designed to help people get more out of Workbench and their Amiga in general.
The disc is packed with loads of programs and files that should be of interest to most serious Amiga-users. There are music programs, modules, developer's tools, graphics utilities, fonts, emulators and more. All of the files and programs are uncompressed and can therefore be executed or made use of straight from the CD. An AmigaGuide file can be used to find out what's on the disc and it also provides information about the installation programs.
The contents are evenly balanced with something for everyone and as a bonus the CD contains all the files you need to run "This is yet another good general purpose CD from Germany" 87% Ml and the Xewirons. 'Hf SERIOUSLY AMIGA SUPERAUTOS ¦ PD SOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £4.99 I'm nol a big car fan like my youngest sister, but I can certainly appreciate a beautiful piece of engineering when I see it. This CD-ROM contains nothing but the best examples of the application of technology in the automobile industry. It's simply a disc full of pictures of cars taken at auto shows.
This may sound like a rather uninspiring theme for a CD-ROM, but after looking at the images most car enthusiasts, and a few others beside, will agree that this collection of shiny and sleek cars is definitely worth the measly £5 that it costs. There are 114 images in all of just under 50 cars and these are saved in IFF. GIF, TIFF and PICT formats. 1 "If you like cars, you'll love this" 90% WORLD ATLAS ¦ WISEDOME ¦ 0171 7029823 £29.99 The World is a big place, maybe not when compared with the rest of the Universe, but when compared with your house, city and even you it's enormous. Thai's why
its nice to have a guide to our wonderful planet and its nations and continents. Rather than relying on musty old adases that still have huge portions of its maps covered in pink, must people nowadays prefer the interactivity of a computer atlas.
World Allas is just such a beast and is one of the first to exploit the A1200.
A4000 and CD '-'s capabilities. The program was created with Optonica's excellent Mmexperitnce authoring system and the maps that are used are generated from Mountain High Maps information obtained from satellites.
Unfortunately, despite the generally polished appearance of World Allas, the interface is quite primitive and navigation can be a little tedious. For example while you are provided with a list of all the countries you cannot select the one you are interested in by simply clicking on it with your mouse pointer.
Instead you can only select the entry that is in the centre of the screen. The data for each country is a little sparse loo and is delivered without the benefits of good formatting techniques such as sub-headings.
Right that’s the whingeing out of the way. Now let's gel onto the good part of this package. Not only docs World Atlas provide you with geographical information, it also contains information about a country's population such as brief notes on its economy, history and culture.
.Although I personally prefer the no-nonsense HTML interface of World Info, World Allas will probably appeal to more people and it has much better map functions.
Whether you are looking for an Atlas for educational or recreational purposes, you can't do much Ix-tter than opt for this well- presented program. *3?
"A useful CD for all the family" 91% ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player.. the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGraP's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, thereS no need fa a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output airader T Ccnrnero We get* yx'rcof i fty so and v me iame w ProGrab Support! All rrcent Amiga! And n alto fuRy AGA Chipstt tompatiWc You can render image! In any Workbench icreen mode resolution including HAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting!
ProGrab™... Save* and Load! Linage! In IFF ILBM, IFF ILBM24. JPEG. BMP PCX. And TARGA file format!. ProGrab saves animation! A!
Anlm5 files and animation! With !Ound (require! PCMCIA interface and separate sound iampler| as AmmS ? 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routine! (AGA only) and dithering method! Are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogenic! Fully supports ProGrab with a custom loader to enable grab! Directly from within the program • saving YOU time* ProGrab™... Software has burff in mono and cotour animation facilities The number of frames Is dependant upon your Amiga! RAM ProGrab™... Release 2.5.x software now includes..
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highe!t resolutions -
Even with low memory Amigas [All Hard Orive Syttems without the
need tor an Mmj requiring ju« I Mb Hard Orive Space!.
Satellite TV signals
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the boat (•Standard 'voO *0 rvrdware 6
PAL SECAM NTSC CompaUXe interlace mode optons are a.aila&e w*m
PAL t. SECAM criy NTSC Only models are a aiahe to spec** order
wh h then support the interlace mode fully Please ask us for ha
decals i For just £129.95... ProGrab is supplied with
everything you'll need + ¦ ProGrab1" 24RT Plus Digitiser »
Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit
¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets
for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for Al 200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrabs optional PCMCIA interface includes the latest vcvon software and extends performance for senous professional use's - offering the following benefits
• Faster Downloading Times (up to FIVE t»mes au*c*erf
• improved animation speeds of up to I Ups (mono! And 3 5fps
(colour |
• Sound sampling and animation caoabdibes isepa'ate sound sampler
• Saving of animations direct to your Air-gas nard drve
• Freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port for use by a prmcer c
other parallel per'pneraf device ProGrab'" supports any Amiga
with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1,5Mb. Free RAM. (
+ A video souice cable wQ De required to match your own
equipment set up • Ask for details or, Use the signal from your
satellite receiver or. GraD TV or video pictures from your VctS
video output including S-VHS STAGE 3... Use the grabbed' image
with your favourite word processa. DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
PrcOao™ vexed as The Best Video Hardware. * ox fo me Ar* Tht! «s etpeoaiy please because me a.s.vd comes from try Arrpga Shocper maga nes readers Our Satisfied Customers' ProGrab™ Aznga Vw 95*» STAR Buy and remarks -e *Sn ense ans to me cngn (okx v we were mgnciy mpress anj Hgrey Peccmmenaed Whemer you are a vce jgw ‘ c Graprx Anri kx* to the ftoGrab 2*91 Plus cs a wooer U-«r ccnmrted 1 yOure oouh gn rrvAXcn 24 ** qgoser men « mts pr 2«RT wese'ts gm* value kr nxrey * o' Fcxm* 93* Goto Rating Xyac 24RT nus 4 axe sr*xy me ogcv- EjTO Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Plus - Post or FAX your
requirements (Ouarruty Trade Prices Available) on the order form prowled OR. If you'd amply like further information please contact GORDON HARWOODO g COMPUTER SC2C3G3 Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New' Street. Alfreton. Derbyshire DESS “HR FAX: 01 773 83 1 040 or... TELEPHONE 01 773 836781 Mr Mrs MLss Ms: Initial!*): Surname: Address: County (Country):
- A Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: ____ProGrab Plus *£129.95 £
: ___PCMCIA Interface 8 £34.95 £ : ____V 2.5.x S W (User
Upgrade) 0 £4.95 £ : Optional FAST Courier Delivery 8 £6.95 £ :
TOTAL I : Overseas Customers... .
Please call for prices, shipping etc j Card holder's signature: I, .-V Card No nn nnnn nnrr nm Expiry Date ???? ££SSS,t QQ I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ : made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED Wirklj nch Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Titles but PC tides as well. .As a hard drive will undoubtedly figure in the equation could I also be so bold as to ask your advice on which would best suit my needs, a 2.5 or a 3.5 system?
AMIGA & PC CD-ROMS Before I initiate my enquiries. I would like to apologise for any naivety contained within this letter, having only recently discovered your marvellous publication.
At present my system includes an A600 Amiga with an Atnitek lMb RAM trapdoor expansion and Workbench 2.05. What additional equipment would I have to add to my present system to utilise the vast array of CD-ROM titles on the market? Please note that I am not only referring to Amiga David Drummond Glasgow Actually muling the data stored on CD-ROMs requires, you guessed it, a CD-ROM drive. There are various ways to connect a drive, hut first of all you will need a suitable interface, ’ 'line are sei'eral on the market, and these include Ihe Squirrel SCSI interface MONITOR MADNESS I own an A600
and I wish to connect it to a colour monitor. According to the Amiga handbook I need a 23-pin to 15-pin adaptor but I have tried without success to obtain one.
Could you please send me details of how I can obtain the necessary adaptor and also if the monitors listed below are compatible with the A600. The monitor types are
1. Olivetti DSP2814 C
2. Goldstar CV440M Graham Glutton Chvyd You will need a 23-pin to
15-pin adaptor only if you wish to use a PC-style VGA or SVGA
monitor. As an A600 is not compatible with these types of
monitor, it is therefore unlikely you will need one.
If you are buying a monitor for your A600 you must make sure it is compatible with normal 15kHr video signals. If the monitor you want to buy can display video from a camcorder for example, given suitable leads of course, then it will be suitable for your A600.
PC style monitors which operate at 31.SkHz will not work. Some PC monitors are 'multisync', but few will sync down as low as IskHr. As for suitable leads, normally 15kHz monitors have a composite video connection or an RGB connection. In either case, any Amiga dealer will be able to source the leads for you without a problem.
Before buying a monitor make sure it is compatible.
Which attaches to the card slot (the PCMCIA interface on the side of the machine) and the Dalafher SCSI+ which fits internally. Ilotli interfaces will present a standard SCSI port which is compatible with any SCSI externally housed CD-ROM drive. These will let you read Amiga and PC format disks.
However, you cannot execute I'd programs - don 'I ex iect to be able to run PC games simply because you can read the disks. You would need an emulator lo enable you lo run PC software, and an A600 lacks the necessary speed and memory in order lo do this sensibly.
You don V need a hard drive to use a CD-ROM, but it is an extremely useful addition in any event.
Amiga A61IDs and A1200s were designed to use 2. 5 inch drives, and although it is mssible lo fit a 5.5 mechanism into an AI200, it’s quite tricky to use it with an A6IX). I would recommend you use a 2.5 inch device on this Amiga.
UP THE SPOUT I have two problems that everyone I have asked cannot solve. Even the shop I bought the computer from.
I have an Amiga A1200 with Kirkstart
39. 106 and Workbench 3.0. 2Mb chip RAM with no extra memory, 1
extra drive as DFI and no hard drive.
1) I think my printer is up the spout. I can print out anything I
want as long as it is in printer fonts only. II I use Amiga
fonts or graphics it goes hallway down the page and then
prints a line. It then leaves about six lines and prints the
next line.
1 have gone through the prefs in all my programs and in Workbench and set everything to minimum and I've also read the manual inside out hut with no result. Have you any idea what the problem is?
2) My Dad has a 486 DX2 88MHz PC (spit- spit). Could I network my
Dad's PC to mv Amiga 1200 and use his memory and hard drive if
I used a suitable program like PC Task: My Dad doesn't have a
printer but I don't have any word processing programs that
have any 'power'. If I want to write something out and print
it I have to put it onto a 720K disk and transfer it through
Cross-Dos and then print files. Most of the time it doesn't
work and it's very tedious.
Carl Matthews Bolton
I. Your Amiga is probably running out of memory.
There are two ways around this problem: fit mote RAM with a trapdoor expansion card or make the PARENT QtSDO None Pattern | Drives Work Yordvorth3'Documents "d!rT 491 1995 CDISK BAK 5858 CDISX RTF 5900 Cds4Fornat 8872 Cds4For*at BAK 8870 Cds4For»at info 484 CD-Wnte 5588 CD-Write BAK 5434 CD-Wnte info 484 Connodor.rtf 25488 Connodor.rtf BAK 25354 CoMiodor.rtf info 484 Conwodor ASC 23082 Connodor ASC info 484 Comnodor rtf 24813 Comnodor rtf info 484 Cvision rtf 5210 Cvision rtf BAK 8906 Cvision rtf info 484 CYBERV RTF 9184 DATAB RTF 4724 DpaintS 5490 DpaintS BAK 5386 Dpamt5 info 484 filesys rtf
6738 filesys rtf BAK 6738 filesys rtf info 484 linkit rtf 1233 lmkit txt tit None Pattern Drives Link-lt Is just one solution that will enable you to copy files between the PC and the Amiga with ease.
Most of what you have. Try running in a Lo-Res NTSC 2-colour Workbench and only loading and printing one page at a time. !j that doesti V ivork then you definitely need more RAM.
A program called Twin Express and then buy a NVU- MODEM lead.
Run the software on both the Amiga and the PC and you can cofry files very easily indeed. In fact it is ei'en easier than running terminal emulation software on each machine and using V.modem. which is something else I would have suggested.
2. You can 7 netmrrk to the extent of sharing memory, but you can
make it easier to send files backwards and forwards. Ask your
favourite public domain library for CHEAPER CDS I own an A1200
with an internal 120Mb hard drive and one external disk drive.
I I am thinking til Inning a CD-R M drive and was wondering il I could bus a i heapet PC drive and then buy the ncecssarv cables to fit il to my A1200. I have seen a double speed 11)1 drive lor under ttiO II this could Ik- done, whs are companies charging prices Ovet t ISO il dies ran use the i hea|M-t versions?
2. Where could I get the required cables anil how much would dies
Ik ? Where could I gel the software lo run the drive and how
much will it cost?
3. Would it Ik- cheapet and or better to bus a PC' drise?
Jonathan Licence Fsses The price of IS CD-ROM drives is dramatically lower than the Amiga ei nivalrnls. But that is usually because the IS.' Dnves rise the IDF standard whilst the Amiga drives use SCSI. The Amiga kit therefore includes the price of a SCSI iiilei nre. The good news is that it is nine seemingly possible lo connect IDF. CD- ROM dines lo AMIGAs and make direct use of their internal IDF inlerfaees.
)ou need s mini tt river sop ware railed "ATAPI" and you can pud mine details on I he Aim net, wheir then is a demo version It's a commercial product, and you should contact HlilleiSoft i til 'SIS 2trHtr*r) pn details on the so lunar and leads that you need.
MOVING ABOUT I have successfully installed Workbench 3.0 on my new 170 Mb hard disk (hopefully) on my A1200. Which also has 2Mb of chip RAM and an external 3.5 drive DFI.
Haring followed the instructions on the set-up disk the hard drive is partitioned into Workbench and Work. Installing Page.seller 3 was no difficulty as I used the program's installation. However, when I came to open Power Scanner - being apparently transferred to Work - when I clicked on the icon I got the message: ‘Cannot open your tool Power Scanner'.
In order to test this 1 opened a new drawer named Power Scan and dragged the icon into the new drawer on the hard disk. I found that then it worked perfectly.
With other programs that have their own
III) installation I get similar messages. Please tell me what is
wrong with the software on the hard disk. Are there files
missing on the software?
Bob James Devon ibis illustrates perfectly a problem with the official Amiga Installer software. Unless the Installer script is designed with a little thought, it can lead to problems. The problem occurs when you run the Install routine and the program will ask where you want the software to go.
Xnrmally you are offered a list of available devices which you can browse through until you find where you want the software lo go. However, there is often a degree of confusion at this point: is the Install script going to create the drawer for you, or do you have to create it yourself’ For example, if you are installing the latest utility called "SuperPlop", is the Install script going to create a drawer called "SuperPlop" and put all the software in it automatically f Or do you need to create a drawer called "SuperPlop" yourself? I guess it is this ambiguity which has caused your software
to be mis-inslaUed.
Sometimes the instructions stale clearly that a drawer will be created, sometimes they don "I. One thing you ran do is use the optioii to "pretend" to
2. It’s a memory problem. Your A1200 doesn V have a lot of free
memory after Workbench and Final Writer air loaded, so make
sure you arm t wasting any.
Keep the number of colours on-screen to a minimum and don'( use too many graphics or large fonts.
3. Free RAM is memory which isn V currently in use.
You can check the amount because it will appear at the lop of the screen in the Workbench display.
¦I. The Compugraphic fonts were included with Workbench 2.04 and up-you already have them on your Fonts disk. See this month i Final Writer tutorial on page 100 for more info.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... Installer is a neat program, but differences in the way some companies code their scripts can cause problems.
Know why I cannot get a printout from my printer? I would like to upgrade to the full version to lake advantage of the half price offer, but 1 do not know if it would run on my system as the information states that 2Mb of free RAM is needed.
Install (selfil any selling other than novice at the startI anil watch closely to see where the software is going. Otherwise be careful and keep in mind that there may not be a suitable drawer created automatically try the Installer.
VERSION NUMBERS As a recent convert to the Amiga I am having some difficult)' coming to terms with the Amiga operating system. I have an A1200 with 2MI of RAM, no second drive, no hard drive, Wordworth and Deluxe Faint. My printer is a Panasonic KX- P 2135 24-pin colour.
1. Which version of Kickstart have I got?
From the menu I get Kickslart version 39.106 and Workbench version 39.29. I know 1 have Workbench 3 because it says so on the from of the manual, but what do the figures indicate?
2. Haring the Coverdisk from the March issue of your tnag. Final
Writer 4 Idle. I would like to
3. What exactly is free RAM?
4. Finally, in your Masterclass you state that Final Writer
cannot use Bitmap loncs but will use Compugraphic fonts from
Workbench, such as C.G Times and CG Triumvirate. Where do I
find them?
K. Royle Oldham
I. You have version 39.106 of Kickstart. Often the version of
Kickstart is referred to as that of Workbench, so you have
version 3. There is an upgrade to Kickstart 3.1 available, and
this will increase the numbers (the Workbench will go up to
40. xx for example).
Final Writer Lite At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible Unlike some magaaines. We don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem
• Give full details of your equipment
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods
Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the
form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench. Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street Bath. Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: O A500 O AS( 00 Plus C A600 200 O A1500 000 C A4000 O A1000 O A1J O A2000 O A3( Kickstart version: O 1.2 O 1-3 Workbench revision: O 1.2 O 1.3 O 1.3.2 O 3.0 O 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 Total memory fitted_ Chip memory available Extra drive »1 ( 3.5ln 5,25in) ai DF: manufacturer: Extra drive »2 ( 3,Sin 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer Harddisk:_Mb as DH _ Manufacturer_ Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware: A division of SOFTWARE PLUS Britain's largest independent specialist retailer of computer games Established 1981 Telephone 01268 725500 Fax 01268 590076
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Mail it with "Let's Mime the Hard Bits" - Frank Zappa Want to send more than just plain ASCII text files on the Internet. Darren Irvine tells you how to use Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions.
Why have I introduced this months' Amiga.net with a partial quote from a renowned dead genius and abhorrer of brown shoes? Well, basically it's the only quote 1 could think of at short notice with die word "mime" in it - and that's what this months' article is partially about - MIME.
The primary use of email is the exchange of text in a person to person fashion similar to standard snail mail. But just as you might sometimes pop a photograph or maybe an audio cassette into an envelope with a letter, so email can be extended to cope with forms of data more advanced than ASCII text.
The biggest problem with doing this is that the whole Internet email exchange system was only ever designed to handle 7-bit data.
Although this was perfectly adequate for ASCII MetaTool Copynght © 1995, E F Pritchard n| m |t&| text files, almost all other file formats like graphics, sound and executable programs contain 8-bit data. This is because the Internet only really got going in the early '70s and there wasn't much in the way of interesting graphics files to send then anyway. So. The first step in sending such a file is to "encode" the data in such a way that it can be entirely represented using 7-bit characters.
Perhaps the simplest and most widely used system for encoding data is a set of programs called UUENCODE and UUDECODE, versions of which are available for just about every computer platform currently in use. And of course the Amiga is no exception - see the boxout for details.
Although UVEXCODE UUDECODE is a fairly straightforward and easy to use system, it does for the most part require command line operation, and never feels terribly user friendly.
A much more flexible system which is also more intuitive to use is called MIME or Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions.
MIME is an opcn-svstems standard for the exchange of text and 11011-text email. A message encoded using MIME consists of a series of data objects known as "partials". Each of these "partials" contains a data header which identifies the type of data encoded. The actual data itself, known as the "body" of the partial Rpntv 11 n | MailBox - darren Compose Mail Roses p | Compose - (1 69 Messages (343 7 KB) 49 Oct 11 Anna Gre 50 Oct 14 Espen Ski mS! Oct 13 HotFlash 52 Oct 13 Paola Kao 53 Oct 17 Anna Gre
• • 64 Oct 19 WVU B&E Contents Header it comms lha
- mm2 rtt
- mm I iff comms9txt Content-Subtype octet-stream postscnpt x-
lha Encoding quoted-printable | Dispatch | Send | Cancel |
RUMOUR MILL Last minute changes have turned into quite a major
delay tor the release of the Surfer pack. It seems unclear as
to what the exact problem was. But the software had to undergo
an extra thorough period of testing In Germany. Units are
expected soon.
A number of other companies are also working on Internet connectivity bundles, the most interesting of which seems to be from Hisoft.
A bundle consisting of a Surf Squirrel and the Browse software, which Hisoft have recently acquired a license for. Is one option, and the Rumour Mill has it on good authority that they will be offering a trial link-up with an Internet service provider as part of the package. A service provider that has heard of the Amiga? Now that is a little difficult to believe.
On the scandal front there have been plenty of interesting allegations as to the former piratical habits of a now slightly better known Amiga 'establishment" figure.
Cor. The things you read on Fidonet.
Can cither be encoded directly af ter the header, or "attached" to the original message. In this case it's referred to as an "external part".
On the Amiga, the only really useful implementation of MIME is the mail program Metatool. This program is an extension of a previous version of Metatool, which only handled the sending of MIME messages, and Metamail which only handled the display of incoming messages. If you are currently using a mailer such as Demon Internet's Mail or the latest version of Elm then you can add MIME functionality by using the older Metamail program to display incoming MIME messages.
Neither of these mailers can handle the composition of MIME messages however - if you insist on using Elm or Demon Mail, then you’ll need to get hold of the older versions of Metatool anti Metamail. All of these systems are available from any of the usual Aminet mirrors.
Metatool functions in a similar way to most implementations of MIME on other platforms.
The crux of the way in which incoming MIME messages arc handled is a file called "Mailcap" which is basically a look up table containing a list of all the possible MIME partial types that your system has been set up to handle. Against each partial type is the command needed to actually display or interpret the data. For instance, the line in "Mailcap" which handles GIF data would probably look like this: image gif; MultiView %s; label= "A GIF Image" This line instructs MetaToolto invoke the standard display program Multiview when a GIF image is encountered. Although die standard types included
cover the more usual data types such as GIF and JPEG for images, and IFFs and SVXs for audio files, it is possible to define your own data types and have them invoke whatever programs you like.
BASIC ENCODING If you don't fancy getting to grips with MIME, or if you're mailer can't handle it - you can still send files other than plain ASCII text via email by using a system called UUENCODE UUDECODE.
There are a number of implementations of this system, and you should quite easily be able to find one on an Amiga specific BBS or from any of the Aminet mirrors on the Internet itself.
UUENCODE UUDECODE has it's roots in the Unix operating system, and the syntax used by most of the implementations reflects this. Suppose you have a graphics file that you want to UUENCODE called "picture.gif", then the general format of the command to encode this would be: UUENCODE PICTURE.UUE PICTURE.GIF PICTURE.GIF. The first part of this tells UUENCODE to direct Us output to the file "PICTURE.UUE". This ‘.UUE* extension is only a pseudo-standard and you can ignore it if you want to. The parameter "PICTURE.GIF" is included twice - first to actually specify the name of the file to be
encoded and secondly to specify what the file will be called once it is decoded again. You can specify a different unencoded name if you want.
To actually send this picture, simply include it in the body of an email message as if it was part of the text message itself - UUENCODED files are of course plain 7-bit text files and any text editor should be able to import them. Next simply send the email message as normal. When it gets to it's recipient (or if someone has sent you a UUENCODEd file), the format of the decode command would be: UUDECODE filename This will take the 7-bit information encoded as text in the email message and reconstruct the original file in the correct format.
The file which handles the types of outgoing MIME partials that you can send is called "meta.types" and again is a look up table. This time it works in reverse, and when you attempt to add a certain file to a message in MetaTool. This file is used to identify the type of data contained in it. Thus the line: image jpeg jfif jpg jpeg j lells MetaTool that files ending in any of the extensions "jfif", "jpg”, "jpeg" or "j" are to be encoded asJPEG partials. Adding a new datatype is as simple as editing this file and adding a new line, and 1 have added MIME partial types for Amigaduide,
FinalWriterand Music-X 2.0. Remember however that the person to whom you are sending die message must have equivalents of any new data types that you add in their "mailcap" file, or their MIME system won't know how to interpret the message.
Actually using MetaTool to send a MIME message couldn't be simpler, as it operates on a drag and drop principle. You still have to use the key board to enter mundane data like who the message is for. But then you simply drag the partials onto the MetaTool window. The meta.types file is used lo identify ihe types of data being added, but you can override the automatically identified data type. Alternatively, you can use a standard file requestor to select which files that you wish to include in your MIMF. Encoded message.
So, if you've only been using email to send boring old text messages you know you’ve been missing out.
If you want to contact me about MIME or any other aspect of Amiga comms. I can be reached 011 both the Internet and FidoNet at: darren®plasina.thegap.com or: lido 2:443 13.18 2 JARGON HEADER - The information at the start of a mail message relating to the sender, recipient and subject matter - the 'From:", "To:", and "Subject:" fields. Also the line of a MIME message describing the contents of a given part.
BODY - The part of a message after the header. In MIME the body refers to the actual data in a given part after it's own header.
PARTIAL - A piece of a MIME message containing a particular data type.
MU A - Mail User Agent. This is just a TLA to describe the actual mail program that you are running on your machine.
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MeaatfaME. Plaaae mats cheque* payable lo EPIC MARKETING , A NEW BEGINNING More and more people have been J asking us for advice on how to get
J. , the most out of their Coverdisk ’ tff- software, or just for
more detailed advice on specific areas of the Amiga.
A Although we have obviously been running tutorial features since KEXCd the very first issue. I thought it was time to legitimise these as part of a section in their own right. Hopefully you will find something new and exciting every month, and we will also be showcasing your work in future issues. So why not give Sensi a rest for a few hours and do something new, something interesting - something creative... The Amiga is an excellent tool for home video - but what other equipment do you need?
Our own Steve McGill mvE has the answers.
• w The third in our series of features looking at DTV. Steve
McGill has some handy tips on how to set up a system on a tight
budget «¦ FINAL WRITER MASTERCLASS I UU Nick Veitch leads the
Masterclass ¦ w W Nick Veitch leads the Masterclass and guides
you through this mighty word pro. This month it's all about
¦ wfc Create your own objects and now make them move. We've already looked at simple animation. This month John Kennedy shows you how to make your objects follow more complex paths and how to move the Camera.
FlAC BLITZ BASIC TUTORIAL IvJ Blitz Basic is a powerful 1 ¦ we Blitz Bask is a powerful tool. John Kennedy guides yOu through it in this set of tutorials. This month he tells you all about IDCMP codes and shows you how to add pulLdown menus to your own programs.
Want to get into DTV but don't think you're budget can hold up to it.
Here's Steve Mgill with some prudent advice.
The second consideration has to be why you want to get into Desktop Video in the first place. What do you intend doing; making money, showing off to your friends, entering the lucrative market for training videos? Know your reasons. It gives you more of a focus.
Whatever the reason, you must have a firm idea of what you intend to achieve. No matter what equipment you own, all it can do is enhance and simplify- the ideas you already have.
Experimenting with equipment can spawn new ideas and help in the creative process. But there's no point in investing in a £1000 genlock when all you're going to be doing is overlaying titles on your favourite Chart Show compilation tape.
BUILDING BLOCKS The third consideration regards an appraisal of your abilities and highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and preferences. We’ve put together some boxes regarding some basic set ups. It's worth taking a look and deciding where your particular area of interest lies and building from there using that particular angle.
The real strength of Amiga DTV lies in the flexibility and integration of hardware with software. For example, say you decided that you wanted to put together a basic assembly editing set up.
After a few months you might decide that the addition of a genlock could help in the presentation of your edited videos. It would only be a matter of adding a genlock to the present system to gain access to professional looking tides and special FX.
The openness of the DTV ethic means that as and when they can be A sampling package with a time line is perfect for synchronising sound FX with video visuals.
(This software was included in AF issue 73 and ifs still available from Back Issues • see page 98) II I-Alt BASIC ASSEMBLY EDITING SET UP 00 09033 (Hi (10(10(1
III. 03060 HO 00000 00 00000 00 00000 00 00000 03 00 00000 oo
ooooo m 00 00000 S-POS £3 5-LEN 38 TEMPO lb The minimum
equipment needed to fulfil this set up is; a camcorder or
video player with an edit terminal (LANC or Panasonic 5 11
pin), a video recorder with an edit terminal or Infra Red
remote control. An Edit controller such as the Hama A-Cut or
KRP Edit Plug. Any Amiga (preferably one with Workbench 2 or
above and at least 1Mb of memory).
A system such as this provides the basics needed to teach yourself the language and vocabulary of video editing.
Haaai'v mm As well as being able to cut and paste various sounds from other sources they can be merged and have special FX added to them.
InjLLS-L’UUUU BASIC SOUND FX SET UP While the four channel, eight bit Paula sound chip may seem a bit old in the tooth these days, the Amiga can still be very useful for adding sound FX and short musical rifts. The minimal equipment needed for this is a sound sampler and software, a 1Mb Amiga and a music player such as ProTTacker or OclaMed.
There are literally scores of copyright free musical scores in the Public Domain. With a sampler and reasonable sampling software the potential exists to synchronise sound and visuals, easily and cheaply.
There are three primary considerations to be taken into account when considering an Amiga based Desktop Video setup. The overriding consideration is that of budget. For budget, more than any other factor, will ultimately decide what you can and cannot do with the equipment to hand.
I L-4-J-J 1 1 HM1I IV 1 • 1 ..., i 1 1_1 - f . .1
* h HmuttY mi 3333K irtfU.I l VV. JK | 1 isLnv ami 1 1 uiufum- 1
ucunim liitiii; £ 3 3 1 Ll'0l!
I uiaHiuu itmui!
UlUUfU uviMuat; iIUi.1 fflilU'LL1 TechnoSound Turbo II (OCopynght 1993 New Dum-jnnim:: All nriit:: reserved 00"00000" .. . OC* OOOOO 00 OOOOO iv 00 0*009 00 09033 f t 01 0J039 F3 1 1 03033 Gin 06 01099 00 OOOOO “* 00 OOOOO 00 OOOOO “a“ 06 OOOOO 00 OOOOO C3 01 0,5033 00 OOOOO G3* 06 01099 button of Pattern 00 00000 R3 01 03093 11 03099 G3B 06 01093 66 03000 06 OSO0O II 03093 «¦* 01 03099 00 00000_00 ooooo f» 13 79 i Mu!, i 11,11 1£38K I f ifi(il , I 0896* lieiimii UliliU lilgiOlili tilil: l‘(itVl£ S1011 i i ond
* tm i l .1 t: uuecuL' cviiiuau TechnnSound Turbo II afforded,
new software and hardware can be added to and integrated with
the existing configuration.
In a later edition of DTV, we'll show you how to use a genlock and a sound sampler to synchronise sound FX such as footsteps and hanging doors to a video sequence. It's an easy enough trick to execute and it produces surprisingly effective results.
Anyone whose ever used their Amiga in any manner connected to video quickly realises just how flexible and cost effective a well balanced set up can be.
SMALL BEGINNINGS I first started out with a genlock (RogcGen Plus), Deluxe Pain! IV, a Rombo Vidi-Amiga digitiser with RGB splitter, a 1Mb A500, a Tandy Realistic four channel sound mixer, a second hand rebadged Ferguson stereo video deck and a Sanyo infra red remote control Hi-8 camcorder.
BASIC TITLING SET UP The minimum equipment needed to start putting all those whizzy graphics and titles you've been creating to use is; a video recorder, an Amiga, and a genlock.
This used to be the system that Amiga mags stated was all you needed to get into desktop video. Features to look for on the genlock are Hi-Band video capability, background and foreground faders, external remote control, Arexx support and video pass-thru.
The camcorder didn't have an edit terminal, so I never bothered with an edit controller. This meant being reduced to punch and crunch- editing.
Considering that the only notable amounts of monev I made for a while was from videoing kids panics, editing accuracy didn’t matter too much - just making sure the pictures changed cverv five to ten seconds was enough to maintain viewer interest.
Personalised titles, as von will find if you follow a similar path, are worth their weight in gold. Mums. Dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grans, grandpas, if they feature in the video, should have their name genlocked onto the video when they first appear. That way. They talk about you and your name gets passed around. It works a treat.
When you’re ready to step up a gear, you'll need a good video editing deck with features such as audio dub, insert edit. Hi-Fi Stereo, timecode capability, and jog shuttle's.
We ll be taking a look at some top decks next month. So keep your ear to the ground lot video bargains and tune in here next month. © SETTING THE BUDGET In order to give you an idea about how much you can expect to pay for a system, here are the typical RRP's of some of the more useful equipment on the market. Bare in mind that there are several useful bargains to be had in the second hand market.
Camcorders All camcorders and video decks listed here include an edit terminal allowing direct connection to an Amiga edit controller.
Hi-8 - Canon UC8-Hi £900 Hi-8 - Sony CCD-TR750 £1000 Hi-8 - Canon EX2-Hi £2700 Hi-8 - Sony CCD-TR3000 £1600 S-VHS-C - Panasonic NVS-70 £800 S-VHS-C Panasonic NVS-88 £1200 S-VHS - Panasonic MS4 £1700 8mm - Canon UC-200 £6S0 8mm - Sony CCD TR-485 £800 8mm - Sanyo VM-EX370 £650 VHS-C • Panasonic NV-A3 £600 VHS-C - Panasonic NV-R11 £650 VHS-C - Panasonic NV-R33 £750 Edit Controllers KRP Edit Plug £125 (three machine version) KRP Edit Plug £150 (four machine version) Hama A-Cut £189 - Two machine basic assemble editing controller with jog shuttle.
Video Pilot £1000- Four machine controller with extensive timecode facilities.
Edit Mate - £169 Strange hybrid package. No longer available.
Video Decks Much like all the camcorders listed above, all of these video decks have an edit terminal making them ideal for use as a source deck of a recording deck.
8mm - Sony EC-C45 £399 8mm - Sony EV-C3 £250 Hi-8 - Sony EV-S9000 £1600 Hi-8 - Sony EV-CS00 £650 VHS - Panasonic HD700 £799 S-VHS - Panasonic NV-HS1000 £1100 Making the difference http: wwvy,futurenet.co.uk 1 sJu s i uiif TJDf 1:J r j ife rrdu nij GameBust U-crjTOEr a To advertise on FutureNet, E-mail Simon Richardson at srichardson@ f uturenet.co.uk or call 01225 442244.
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- PART 3 I ItegfeDMs Whatever document you are creating, it can
always do with some graphics. Our Final Writer 4 Lite Coverdisk
software can import any IFF images for use in your documents,
and memory permitting, it is an option you should definately
try and make the most of.
Graphics can improve the look of any document. In this month's Masterclass Nick Veitch gets all creative.
Although the full version of Final Writer 4 supports various file formats, including Tiff and EPS, you are restricted to normal Amiga images in the Coverdisk version - remember to convert any images you want to use first in a package such as Image FX.
This tutorial will show you how to import graphics, position them and make them work with text. Follow each step and you will see how simple it is to create professional looking documents.
Bored? List 4 Cunning trick numb*r one. Use the line tool to mark off the area the tent should not enter (select the line tool, click and drag out a straight line).
Come 8 As Finel Writer can load in IFF images, we can easily create logos and backdrops in art packages like Dpeint and import them into our documents.
Vou will probably naed a RAM
• xpansion ?or a poster like this, but a more modest version
could be created on a standard A1200.
12 0bt*SZ8t° q*®2£»» CREATIVE MAY 1996 Bored? Listlei 5 Double click on the line to bring up this Graphics Settings window (All objects will bring up an appropriate window if you double click on them).
2 Or you can use the graphic settings to enter the size. With large images, it is best to link them to the document. Select "None" for text flow as this is a background image.
6 Change the "Weight" of the Line to none, so it will not be seen on the final document. Change the Text Flow to "Right Contour" to push the text to the right.
NEXT MONTH In the next issue of Amiga Format, we will be looking at more ways of combining graphics with your documents. Giving a really classy look to everything from reports to Cvs.
In the meantime, if there are any specific things you would like me to cover in this series, please drop me a line at: Masterclass, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW Or alternatively you can email them to me at: amformatOfuturenet.co.uk putting "Masterclass" in the subject line.
3 Now we can start entering the text. Choose your font and enter the text you want.
Hmmm... we don't want the second line to obscure the mountain.
Real Tutorial Making an object follow a pre-defined path PROJECT 1 w o Move the small sphere, called 'TargetBall' in this example, over the side of the objects. This is where it will start moving from. Now from Projects, select Animations and Orbit. You can now draw out the path which you want the TargetBall to follow. When finished, click the right button and make sure it is set to move from frame 0 to 49.
Hen we first looked at animation, we saw how to make an object move by morphing it's position and or shape and si e. Now we'll take a look at some more precise ways of moving an object.
Make the path as complicated or as simple as you like. Now. When you move from frame to frame, (click on the « and » buttons at the top of the screen) you will see the TargetBall follow the path. Go to the WireScreen editor and press Play to see the ball move.
* the project so far. As we'll use it again. Now create a small
- this is the object we'll make roam around the landscape. Go to
the Projects menu, select Animations and Size. Enter 50 frames.
Doing things in this order ensures all our objects are present
in all SO frames.
Making an object follow a complex path PROJECT 2 Although it is possible to use the previous mode to define a path in all three views and so create a 3Dimensional orbit, it's not particularly easy. Also, once the path has been created it's no longer possible to edit it. And any changes require the orbit to be redefined.
Re load the landscape we created in the first project.
Create the target sphere again, but this time from the Freeform menu, select Create Curve and then Curve. Now, starting from the centre of your target sphere, draw out the path. I Cl O John Kennedy takes us through some more animation mayhem this month, with orbiting balls and automatic tracking cameras.
Part S Moving the Camera §
o far our animations have been limited to moving simple objects.
From the WireFrame and Solid editors, our point of view hasn't
changed. We can alter them now however, as the camera too can
be treated like any other object.
PROJECT 3 Re-load the landscape we created in the first project. Instead of creating the target sphere, weil add a camera object. You use the Creation menu, and select Observer. You can then click anywhere to add the camera. Rename it from the default Prz to something camera.
Make sure the camera is selected, and then use Projects An I mation Orbit to trace a path for it. If you prefer you could use the method from project two.
Whatever way you do it create a 50 frame animation.
If you want the camera to look in a certain direction as it travels around, here's one way. Use the method in Project two to create a curved path for the camera to follow. Use Freeform I Create Curve Circular loop to make a circle. Make this orbit for the camera in the usual way.
Now add an Aimpoint slightly ahead of the camera, but still on the path. Rotate the path slightly, and use it as an orbit for the Aimpoint. Now when you play the animation, the Aimpoint will move around always slightly ahead of the camera.
O~ ~ view from the camera as it travels around. If it doesn't seem central, use the Creations menu to add an Aimpoint object in the middle of the shapes.
As soon as you close the path (click with the right mouse button), press N and name the path something obvious. -Path" for example. This time you can see the shape we have created, and if you select Freeform I Modify ShowSpline you will see the exact shape of the path which the ball will take. However, you can also stretch, rotate and tilt the path as you want.
Use the Projects Animation Size to create a 50 frame animation again. Now click on the TargetBall in the object list, and then select Projects Animation Orbit but this time press the ‘ asterisk button on the numeric keyboard. You will be prompted for the shape to act as orbit so select the path object we created. Make sure it acts over the full range again.
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Blitz Tutorial miga programs work in a particular way and that's what we looked at in last months tutorial. A typical program opens a screen, opens a window, does what it needs to do and then closes the window and screen again. Yve also saw the code necessary to open and close the screens and windows.
At last! The secret of how Amiga programs actually work. John Kennedy helps reveal all with Blitz Basic.
This month we are going to take a step further, and deal with the "does what it needs to do" part of the program. It's quite tricky and we'll cover some advanced stuff so make sure to try out the example programs for yourself.
Think of how a well behaved Amiga program such as Deluxe Paint works. It opens a screen and window, and then waits lor you to do something. You can select what to do by using the pull-down menus and by clicking on the paint tools. However, when you aren't doing anything, neither does the program. It waits for you.
This is a very special kind of waiting, as it doesn't keep checking every few milliseconds to see if anything has changed. Imagine if Deluxe Paint spent its time checking every' menu and every gadget not to mention checking the mouse position and the buttons.
This would take up a whole lot of processor power, and on a multitasking machine like the Amiga, that’s not on.
When you aren't doing anything in Deluxe Paint, you can Hip back to the Workbench display or run another application. You should hardly be able lo tell that Deluxe Paint is patiently waiting for something to happen.
; Open a screen to plav in 4,““ ; Open a Window ,328,256,*140f,"Mv window”,1,2 ; Main loop ipeet Select WaitEvent Case C . Goodbye ; Shut down everything!
How does it work? Because that's the way the Amiga was designed. The operating system is always working in the background, and it’s the OS which keeps track of which menu is selected in which screen. The application programs wait for something to do by asking the OS to let them know when something changes. The application programs can hibernate until the OS sends them a special message, called an IDCMP flag.
Listing One: This shows the sequence of events that take place within a program.
Everything that can happen in a Window, from a mouse click to a disk being inserted, is reported as an IDCMP flag. Look at the table for the magic value associated with each event (the numbers are in hexadecimal). Every window has its own port which can receive IDCMP messages, and it is up to you to choose the (lags your program will respond to. And write the code that does it.
REMEMBER HOW IT WORKS Here's a recap of how a typical program works (See Listing One I. The program starts bv opening a screen and a window. It then starts it's wait, waiting until an IDCMP event occurs. When an event does happen, the program determines what the event was. For example, if you select the menu option "About", the program displays a window with text in it. One of these events will at some point be a signal to quit: it (Event Occurs) Process Event Menu Event?
Gadget Event?
Window event?
Could be a close gadget on a window or a menu option. When the quit signal comes, the program performs the code necessary to shut the program down.
Until the quit signal is received the program then returns to waiting for the next event to be handled.
Ok. So enough practical stuff. Time to look at a real example. Enter Listing Two into your Blitz2 compiler and run it. It will open a screen and a window (we covered the magic spells needed last month), and then it will wait for Flag Event $ 2 Window has been re-sized.
$ 4 Windows contents have been changed (a redraw may be necessary) $ 8 Either mouse button pressed.
$ 10 Mouse pointer has been moved $ 20 A gadget located in the window has been pushed down.
$ 40 A gadget in a window has been released $ 100 A menu operation has occurred in the window $ 200 The window close gadget has been selected $ 400 A keypress has been detected $ 8000 A disk has been inserted $ 10000 A disk has been removed $ 40000 A window has been made active $ 80000 A window has been de-activated End Routine Close Window Close Screen STOP ihe close gadget to he clicked. Until that happens, the program will wait around indefinitely.
The Repeat Forever slnfi' makes sure that the loop is always repeated (at least until something stops it), but the clever part comes next. The Select Case End Select commands are extremely useful for performing tests.
Select is used with an expression, and Case is then used to act on certain values. For example, assuming there is a value in the variable "age", you could perform tests like this: Select age Case 18 Nprint "Sorry, too young."
Case 19 Nprint 'just right."
Case 20 Nprint "Sorry, too old,” End Select Our program uses Select with the special Blitz variable WaitEvent, which returns an IDCMP value depending on what event has happened. Incidentally, if nothing has happened then this statement will wait (you can check this by putting a Print ”*" statement immediately after the Repeat - watch what causes an asterisk to be displayed).
The IDCMP code $ 200 means that the close gadget in the window has been clicked on, and so our program immediatelyjumps out of the loop to a routine called .goodbye. This shuts down the screen and window.
THE MENU PLEASE, WAITER So far our program is pretty uneventful and is certainly far from being the HTML display utility promised. Let’s add a little more functionality by way of some pull-down menus.
Adding menus isn't very hard: there are only two essential commands to worry about: MenuTitlc and Menultem.
One thing to remember is that you must define all the menus before opening the Window. When you close the Window, the menus will automatically be removed.
Listing Four: How to use more than one menu at a time.
MenuTide - menulist, menu, title menulist A number to provide an ID for the menu group structure, menu The number of the menu, starting with zero for a menu to the top right hand corner of the screen, title A text string containing the title of the menu, ie: "Project" or "Edit".
Menultem - menulist, flags, menu, item, itemtext, shortcut menulist Defines the menu group to which this item will be attached, flags Controls the appearance of the menu menu The number of the menu title under which the menu item will appear, item The item number. Zero is the top item in the menu, itemtext The text on the item menu, shortcut An optional string containing a shortcut key.
Note: the flag values are as follows: A normal select menu item A toggle (on off) menu item A "Mutually exclusive” menu item As 1. But switched on by default As 2, but switched on by default All that might look a little alarming, but here's the example code needed to set tip a menu. There are four items in the menu: Load, Save, About and Quit.
There are short cut keys for load, save and quit (the keypress is automatically handled for you - just pick a letter).
;Define mentis MenuTitle 0,0,"Project" Menultem 0,0,0,0,”Load ","I." Menultem 0,0,0,1,"Save","S" Menultem 0,0,0,2,"About" Menultem 0,0,0,3,"Quit","Q" That's all there is to it. You'll notice some extra spaces after the "Load" title, and that's because without them the menu text seems to get screwed up.
You might be wondering how our program can lest to sec which menu has been selected, but we have already covered this: it's all done with IDCMP flags. See Listing Three for the completed listing. It will open a screen with the required menu, and then wait for you to select one. When you do some text is displayed. You can quit the program either by using the Quit menu option or clicking in the close gadget.
Hey, it's almost starting to look like a real program!
If you look closely you'll see that there are two Select Case End Select statements inside one another. This is because the IDCMP flag tells us that a menu operation has been carried out, but not which one. For that, we need lo ask the special ItemHit value and this returns the number. Try putting in "print ItemHit" so you can see exactly what is happening.
You'll notice that one of the options is "About". Here is how to add a simple "About" box. After the print statement which says "menu item about", add the line "Gosub about".
Now add the following: .about ; This procedure puts up an about box Window 1,100,100,200,100.S 1002, "About",1,2 Use Window 1 ; Use the new window for i o Nprint"" Nprint "Welcome to my Program!"
Nprint " * Click to continue *" MouseWait; Wait for a mouse click Free Window 1 ; Shut the about window Use Window 0 ; Return to main window!
Return This little hlock of code opens a second window, makes sure it’s used for output and prints a message. It then waits for the user to click the mouse button, and vanishes. Before this routine returns, it makes a point of ensuring anymore output is passed to the original window, number 0.
I'll leave you with a slightly altered listing which demonstrates how to use more than one menu (Sec Listing Four). You'll notice it means yet another nested Select statement, and the additional variable McnuHit.
Sadly, we've still run out of time for some HTML processing, but we'll get to it soon! “2?
NEXT MONTH: How to add a file requestor to our program, ready to read in some HTML files.
O See for yourself!
O n H m 73 V 1 o' 1 tA rH,”’s * i I [ ¦HMHBKSO!
L_ £ It started life as a Coverdisk submission for Amiga Format, it ended up as a Format Gold winning commercial release from Audiogenic - written In Blitz.
X A fast, smart, playable and gory Doom clone that made some people who played it feel sick. Already hailed as a trailblazing classic - written in, you guessed it Blitz.
Praised by all. Blitz Basic is really the all in one single most useful development package for the Amiga - and now it's capable of even more impressive results, with improved editors and extended AGA features. Take advantage of this offer for the full, boxed software and ring- bound reference manual.
Blitz Basic 2.1 Order Form Please send me copy ies of Blitz Basic 2.1 at a unit cost of £24.99 I enclose a cheque for ......made Payable to Acid Software I wish to debit my Q Access Visa j Mastercard pin it tick It'* one of the whackiest, fastest, funniest, compulsive and most popular driving games ever on the Amiga - Super Skidmarks was written in Blitz Card number .Expiry date ... Name ..Address ......
Postcode Signature .. How to Order Complete this order form and send it to: Amiga Format Blitz Basic Offer, Acid Software, Guildhall Leisure, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster DN3 1QR.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Letter of the Month A CUNNING FLAN I've got one of those idea things, you know the things that come from the brain, and here it is:- Why don't you make two versions of Amiga Format.
One exactly like the magazine is now with all the adverts included, costing the small sum of £4.50 and another version without the adverts costing a slightly more expensive £50.
I know which one that I would choose, being the rich person that I am.
Russell Lewis An excellent idea. Hurrah I Somebody has finally understood my point I'm so happy, I could almost find a nice thing to say about Scottie. Send us your address and we'll be happy to supply an AF sweater.
YOU'LL NEVER BEAT THE (NORTHERN) IRISH I went to the Virgin Megastore in Belfast to purchase SWOS 95 96 and then in excitement and anticipation I ran home to play it.
The game is even better than before, with an almost unlimited combination of moves to put together and a slightlv higher difficulty level.
I had a look at the Premier league and Cole was at Man.United, Brolin and Yeboa at Leeds and Ginola at Newcastle.
This is great I thought, so I had a look at the Irish league team.
Glentoran, whom I support passionately. To my dismay the team had not been updated from the old SWOS, which was still out of date at the time. Of all the plavers in the team only four are still at the club and they are far from regulars, apart from that everyone else had left two or more seasons ago. This is the same situation for the rest of the teams.
It makes you wonder how accurate the team line-ups are for the rest of the World. The worst sin is that the boys at Sensible haven’t even split the Irish league into two divisions, something which came about at the start of this season.
This may not be important to anyone in England or elsewhere as most people would probably not know the difference. But for a game of £25 the least I could expect is an update of team listings. This is only a small gripe because I couldn't really complain about the overall game, but I do think it's a justifiable one. What do you think?
D. Court Northern Ireland II is a liil typical isn i it. I
remember earlier versions of SWOS which had England in the 9-t
World Cup instead of the llefmblic. Hopefully the Sensi lot
will update eiierylhing properly in time for the next planned
It’s a little disappointing, but you are obviously easily pleased if you support the dens.
Anyway, hopefully we will shortly have a .VIVOS editor on our Cxwerdi.sk. That will allow you to change the team line-ups. Characteristics and so on.
Ixsok out for it soon.
JUST A QUICK MOAN Why is it that Amiga users have to sometimes pay 50% more for the same hardware that is offered in PC type mags. I understand the market is smaller but people are not blind, perhaps they think PC hard drives won't work in an Amiga - well they do - as do modems and speakers. In some cases CD drives are useable too.
The prices displayed in Amiga mags must play a part in people moving on to other platforms.
Hating said that about hardware. I think Amiga software is good value for money at the moment. Thanks PUNISHER Ity A. (imr. aneich Tremendous pic employing Dpaint IV.
Imagine 3.0. and Photogenks to bring its stylish aggression to bare.
DMA Design Ltd to Escom, the future looks exciting for the Amiga.
Laurence Barber via email Well, that is a question only the hardware distributors can answer. But I'm sure reputable Amiga dealers would say that they provide support for A miga users, which is more than can be said for PC box-shifters.
Anyway, companies like 11iSoft do supply hard drives etc. at very reasonable prices - just look at the price of their Zip drives.
UNPLUGGED Nice too see that you have stopped printing plugs for BBS's. I mean if I were to mention that I ran a BBS called CyberPower BBS that's open 10pm to 7am. On 0144-322-6418 that it has Aminet access, Fidonet and all the latest Amiga news as it happens, 1 would be. Well I would be getting a free BBS plug. Lucky that 1 didn't then eh ?
Tom Davies via email Indeed you are. It s nice to see that someone appreciates my firm stand on this sort of behaviour.
What's happened to the support for the Amiga comms scene? I can appreciate that the internet is a massive success but there is a large number of BBS sites out there which you seem to have forgotten!
Almost all of the Public Domain software that gets reviewed in your magazine has originated from various BBS sites not on the Internet. Granted some new stuff does come from the Internet but the majority of it originates from the private BBS scene. I know, because over the last two years various magazines like NFA and PD Productions, have had over 100 reviews.
When you call a private BBS the sysop has control over what files are available. The Internet is running wild with pornography, piracy and files on how to blow off your arms. Once a file is on the Internet it is almost impossible to delete as it goes to hundreds of sites within a few days.
A private system is also generally used by only two to dtree people at any one time so the system does not slow down to a snail's pace on a Sunday! This does, however, restrict the number of users that can connect in a 24 hour period. But to compensate for this there are hundreds of private systems around the world including sites in many eastern block countries.
As far as E-mail goes the Internet wins hands down.
However, there are some really good mail networks that connect thousands of users across Europe.
To name but two "The Missing Link” and "Fidonet". Most private BBS sites will support fairs so we do our bit for the Amiga scene!
A point worth mentioning to parents who may be reading this article. Don't just buy your child a modem and give them an hour a day on the telephone. Sit with them and monitor what they are doing as there are some very very strange people out there. Give them some of your time, even if you don't really understand what they are doing you will recognise things like "Randynurse.jpg” and other such titles.
Well that's enough moaning on; I would now like to be blunt and ask for some plugs for our UK bulletin boards. All the latest issues of The Word are available and people may wish to upload the articles they want to be included.
All these sites are open from 8pm to Ham and are mail linked.
The Big Hard One Oil 6 2661610 NFA Headquarters 28800 bps Bugged Out BBS 0116 2375147 NFA Mail Dist site 14400 bps Warp Speed 0151 9286610 NFA Tempest Support Site 33600 bps Rigsby BBS 0153 0260160 Continued overleaf ' GOLDEN OLDIES Reai 3D - it does work, honestly.
I am writing with reference to the letter that was written by David O'Conner and printed in issue 79 of your (insert word of praise here) magazine. I am a games collector and the title of David's that I am particularly interested in is Battle Tech.
Well, there you go. We'll pass your letter on to David so he can think over your offer. I'm sure that some old games. In good condition, are worth a small amount of money. What price an original version of Lemmings? Or Starglider7 Or Xenon ? Or Project-X?
Your Real 3D problem sounds like the assigns are not being made properly. Simply add the following line onto the startup- sequence: ASSIGN REAL pathname Where the pathname is the path to the directory where you installed Real 3d.
You can view the picures using the utilities on the disk, or even using a normal viewing program like Viewtek.
I would like to tell David that his games are indeed collectable - H not all exactly prime examples of good games - but £50 a game is setting your sights a bit high! I would like to purchase Battle Tech for around £30-£40 - if it is indeed in "mint* condition - but obviously for less if it has missing manuals etc. I recently bought issue 78 of your (insert word of praise here) magazine as I saw that you were giving away Reel 3D, I liked the magazine so I've decided to continue buying it but unfortunately I'm having horrible problems with Beal 3D. You say that an A600 can produce the fantastic
images contained on the Beal 3D disks but I can't for the life of me get the pictures or the textures to load.
I've gone through Workbench and changed the icon path but I can't have done it correctly because when I try to load the files in question it requests some disk I don't even have! Please please tell me what the hell I have to do in order to load this excellent program, or is it that these pictures actually can't be loaded on an A600?
Aynsley Gray Basingstoke It) I. hum, S. Wain An A4000 with 10 Mb of RAM and Imagine 3.0 helped in the evolution of this cryptic picture.
It) Ote Prllnvm, (jt niluigni. Drumaik As Ole has proven, if you don't get picked for the Gallery first time, try try again. Picture created using Imagine 3.0. Independent 14400 bps The Hot Rock 0116 2387710 IF ANYONE CAN... I recently purchased a new Canon BJC70 colour printer. As you probably know, these printers are nearly all supplied with printers for the IBM PC's Windows and DOS only. Whilst it is thoughtful to include these in the first place, it naturally doesn't help us Amiga owners.
I'm a registered user of the Studio 2 printing package, through which I'd obviously be able to select a 'suitable' but not dedicated printer driver. When I returned my new printers' Warranty card, I included a letter outlining my concerns. This Warranty card and letter was sent first class on a Monday, and on Thursday morning of that same week I received a reply back from Canon (UK) Ltd.!
Enclosed was a disk of Canon printer driven (a reduced 'Canon Studio') including one dedicated to the BJC70. As if this wasn't enough, because the disk was a bit 'outdated' there was a note included stating that they'd informed the separate section of their company who produce the printer driven and had received a reference number and confirmation that I am to be sent the latest version of the BJC70 printer driver as soon as it's ready. Now that's what I call service!!
Not only had they shown that they'd actually read and taken notice of what I'd said in my letter, but had obviously acted on it extremely quickly, resulting in only a four day turnaround from the time I had put my letter in the postbox to receiving their Independent 14400 bps All speeds ot modem may connect to our sites from 300 bps upwards.
We believe that a lot of people buy cheap modems for a start and then if they enjoy what they see a faster modem normally follows. We are doing our best to provide a good service to our users and most of us have invested in high powered machines and large storage devices. We leave them running throughout the night for other people to use. All we are asking for is a little support from the magazines we buy even1 month!
Reply. Brilliant don't you agree?
I've no reason to suspect that other buyers of Canon products would be treated differently and Canon (UK) Ltd. Are to be congratulated.
David S. Duncan.
It isn't often that we get ietters of wholehearted praise for peripheral manufacturers, but it is nice when we do. I would agree that unlike some printer manufacturers. Canon do take a great amount of interest in the Amiga market. They certainly win the AF Best Printer Manufacturers of the month award, and I'll be sure to present them with their AF-pin badges when they next come to visit us.
Deck the Ripper of NFA Leics We are not totally dedicated lo the Internet, but it is a very visible area of comms. And the fastest growing. Even Amiga Technologies have got in on the act. But you are right in that the Internet isn I everything and we will hopefully be running some more conventional comms features too-1 seem to remember we had a large feature on Fidonet fairly recently and see no reason why we shouldn V continue to cover BBS services.
SENSIBLE SOLUTION As a registered user of Sensible World of Soccer I was interested to see that in your last issue Sensible Software have released a new version of the game. About six months ago. Being a registered user, I received an update of the game that was supposed to get rid of all the bugs and improve the actual game itself, so I was wondering if Sensible Software was considering doing the same with the new version. Also I wonder if you could you tell me if this version will he hard drive installable as I own an A1200 with “ CftPE COAST ooi ;-og.
HEBRTS OF OHK JEFLU IM _* Sensible World of Soccer *95-'96 - much more than just a de-bugger.
210 meg hard drive and it is very infuriating when software companies release games that cannot be installed to hard disk.
Stuart McCallum Isle of Wight As you have no doubt found out by now. You can V install SWOS ‘95- ’96 on a hard drive either. The game is more than just a bug fix though, and has several useful improvements, including the training option and better management of trial and loaned players.
Some games manufacturers still believe that piracy is a big threat to their income. One wonders whether SWOS would be topping the all-format charts if it wasn V ropy protected. But it is something which is an annoyance to many readers, as we are about to see... MORE BOTHER As a regular reader of your excellent magazine. I hope that you can do all of your readers a favour by printing my request. 1 own an A1200 with a hard disk and I try to only purchase software that will install onto it.
If any of your readers are in the unfortunate position where HD installation is desired but not available, then write to the software publisher in question pointing this out. If enough people moan about this problem, then surely something will have to be done about it. I.e. HD installation may become standard for all Amiga software.
By taking a little rime to raise the problem, the Amiga user may just get what they want from the software they buy.
Nicholas Rock.
West Midlands.
It certainly is the case that many people nine have Hard Drives and even CD- ROM drives, so it is hard to understand the reluctance of games companies to produce hurd-drive installable games. If piracy is the reason, there are other ways to protect against it. And all software can be cracked anyway, whether it has custom disk formats or not.
But when it comes down to it, it's a choice made by the software houses. If you want to change their minds, all you can do is write to them and convince them that you won’t buy their games unless they are made HD installable, if that's how you feel.
ITALIAN JOB Please print my letter because I've got a bit of a problem at the moment. It was Iasi weekend and I decided to go out to the computer shop and buy a game. I only had £10 on me then I saw this game with a £9.99 sticker slapped on it.
Great I thought as I took it off the shelf and gave the spotty kid at the desk my money. Oh hang on I haven't told you what the game was yet have I. It was a game called Castles a cross between Sim City and Populus - so it said on the box.
I rushed straight home to play my newly purchased game. I stuck the disk in the disk drive and turned on my beloved A500+. The game started to load, up came the title screen then a few moments later the dreaded copy protection screen. The copy protection itself was not a problem it was the fact that it was in Italian, as you can guess not my first language. I opened up the manual to see if I could find out how to change the language but bugger me that was in Italian too. Anyway, if you are Italian or you can speak Italian and you want to buy my game off me write to me at: 50 Mill Road.
Peterborough, PET 1SN.
Jamie Thompson.
Well, tlial speaks for itself If you did buy it from a shop though, you air entitled to your money back - unless it had a big sticker on it saying "Only buy this if you speak Italian. ” ® EVERGLADE 68 TELFORD ST. INVERNESS. SCOTLAND, IV3 5LS Tel: 01463 240168 lit Samiaai 688 Arrack 5ub A3 20 Approach Trainer AchI Attack Compilation Guardian. RoMkill f. Super Skidmarks 18 99 11999 19 99 11699 Addams Family Alien Breed 2.
Alien Breed SE Alien Breed lower Assault Alien Breed 3D Alien Breed 3D 2 |030 requiredl All Terr am Racing Ap*Jya Arabian N«gnts Arcade Pool Arcner Mdwm Pool Arropfy Bemrvd the Ron Gate Same or the Aihei Btfds or Prey 8t*k Crypt B« Ba« 2 l Bat Bonce's Body Blows Body Blows Gawcbc Breamress BuOC*e 6 Squeak Budokan Campaign Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder 2 Cardiaxx Championship Manager 2 Citadel..... Coiorvation Cotassus Cness x Craft for Amos CyPercon III Deluxe Pamt S Deluxe Video 3 Demo Maniac Desert Strike Dreadnoughts Di se i Dime 2 130 95 135 95 Centrefold Square* Bomber 8ob Cricket Captain
Jigsaw Pu tlemania Leeds Utd fools Errand Genesis Bndes of Dr acuta Jigsaw Pinups Gearworks Steve Davis Snooker FI Grand Pru Cccmts faeryt.ee Ad,enti*e Multiplayer Soccer Manager European Sopeneague Oarfy Double Horse Racing Pro American football Srm Football Cxrector 2 Rugby Coach International Arcade Action Subversion Bravo Romeo Delta Specie! Offer Buy any I of Ihe above 14 99 14 99 14 99 £4 99 14 99 £4 99 £4 99 £4 99 14 99 14 99 14 99 14 99 £4 99 14 99 14 99 £4 99 £4 99 £4 99 14 99 £4 99 14 99 14 99 119 99 18 99 18 99 18 99 11099 11699 14 99 £12 99 11099 121 99 126 99 19 99 19 95 11299 117
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PEI 11999 121 99 119 99 11099 11999 £1295 H2 95 H2 95 £1299 11999 Fantasy Mdw*ger 95 96 £8 99 £8 99 Rugby league Coach £9 99 Fears.
£1299 Sabre Team £20 99 FIFA Interraooral Soccer £19 99 Sen vbW Gorf £14 99 £14 99 Fighter Bomber £8 99 Senvble World c* Soccer 95 96 £17 99 £17 99 FootbaN Gqcy £10 99 £1099 Shadowtands £10 99 Gloom £12 99 Shag-Fu £19 99 £21 99 Gloom Daw Disk £12 99 Shuttle £12 99 £1299 Gloom Deluxe £1999 S*mon The Sorcerer 2 £20 99 Graham Gooch 2nd Inrwigt £4 99 Simpsons £8 99 £8 99 Graham Gooch Data Disk 94 95 £4 99 Skidmarks £8 99 Guaidian £8 99 £0 99 Sleepwalkpi £8 99 £8 99 Hard Neva £8 95 £8 95 Space Hulk £10 99 £10 99 Hoc* £8 95 £0 95 Spens Legacy £1999 Immoral £10 99 Star Crusader £19 99 Impact £4 99
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£9 99 PoadkJ!
£8 99 £8 99 10 10 Maths iStatnbcsj £9 99 Road Rash £10 99 10 10 Essential Maths £9 99 Robocop 3 10 10 Engusr £9 99 10 10 Structured Speltmg 1999 10 10 French £9 99 10 10 German 1999 10 10 Essential Science 19 99 10 10 Omosaurs £9 99 10 10 Driving rest £999 Special Offer Buy any I 10 10 products fer C2S.00 Auer. Breed?
£20 99 -J Aker Bred 3D £1999 Afcen freed 30 1 £20 99 1 I Aker arced T»**» AUAJt £20 99 LJ AS V»an Rater £1899 Arcade Pocx £1499 EL rfe 6 SqjejS £8 99 U Lite £1299 in Gxxm £1299 A Guaroan £8 99 A xnge StW £21 99 V tad Chaos £20 99 • Krtgpn £1299 .
Man utd Pk £1999 ¦ PGA Eixopean tent £19 99 Roadk* £8 99 Sabre Team £24 99 - Spera legacy £1999 Swtf»er Frog £1299 * Lptwage Manager £8 99 Staler Skidmarks £1299 Scper Stardust £21 99 Lkmufr Bod, frows £1299 WatcrxcMer £’BA Wrmoey trt Soccer £6 99 Wdrms £1999 Amnet 8 £12 95 k.
* rvd 9 £1295 A TTnet 10 £12 95 Compeooon P»o CD32 Pad £1599 A
SX-t £189 99 4 Sx-3?
£194 99 1 Dish Drives I 76*.*) High Denary Dove Hard Drives 340Mb Hard Drive IDE 2 5* Cable 6 Software for above Internal Drives A5O0 A600 AI200 Dish .
OcuWe Density (¦ Software House 10 50 12 99 110 00 I 120 00 VISA Official Gocernment _ 4 Educational orders NOW EVEN MORE Lowest Priced Top Quality Products Including Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc welcome inkjet. Bubbiejet Cartridges Printer Ribbons 3?" Disks Bulk Branded on m DD HD 10 Disks 55 56 S6 59 25 Disks S10 511 - - 50 Disks S16 518 524 536 100 Disks 529 S33 541 566 250 Disks 565 576 596 5153 500 Disks 5125 5148 5187 5288 All Disks Certified 100% ERROR FREE and INCLUDE FREE Labels Disk Boxes Drawers Lockable i buica.L’idnaa OumBnmAftilkl* 100 Capacity Bo* 5 99 3t 10 Capacity
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67 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 1063 10 48 10 28 988 Mannesinaim Tally 80 81 3 90 3 75 355 335 Star LC 10 20 100 600 585 565 525 NEC Plnwrlter P2200 P2- 3 03 288 268 248 Star LC200 9 78 9 63 943 903 Old ML 182 183 192 193,195 3 17 3 02 2 82 2 62 Star LC24 - 10 20 200 9 63 9 48 9 28 888 Panasonic KXPI123 1124 1140 3 46 3 31 3 11 291 Star LC240C. LC24-30 9 20 9 05 885 845 1 oil 2: I7S4 17 24 16*4 17 S4 17 24 1684 IS 20 1495 1460 19 90 19 50 194» II SO II 25 1090 6 00 5 80 550 8 50 8 30 800 29 00 28 60 2820 42 00 41 20 40 60 8 SO 830
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MIDNIGHT EXPRESS BBS ,44 (01384) 865626 & THE AURORA BBS .44
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_EDUCATION UTILITIES Super Crunchers CD Rom Drives & Hard
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£10.00 P&P for next day.
Goldcnlmage accepts Access. Visa. Cheques & Posial Order*. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice.
Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change w ithout notice.
256 GreyScale Scanners AlfaScan Plus Hand Scanner for ihe Amiga with Touch-Up and Merge-Il Software £99.00 Touch-Up & Merge-Il Software’ Separably £35.00 w ith Junior OCR* (needs HD & 2.5MB Memory) Separately £25.00 wiih scanner Add £10.00 wilh Full OCR* (needs HD & 2.5MB Memory) Separately £35.00 wiih scanner Add £20.00 with Multipass OCR* (needs HD & 4MB Memory) Separately £49.95 wiih scanner Add £30.00
* max 400dpi scanning resolution Scanner Pad £9-9S (Fun Wrrn Amy
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SIMMS Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65. Hallmark Trading Estate.
Mum _ W Fourth Way. Wembley, Middx HA9 0LB J ¦! Z2Z w " Sales
Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 A500 512K w o
clock £20.00 A500+ l MB w o clock £29.95 A600 l MB w o clock
£29.95 A1200 2MB with clock £99.95 A1200 4MB with clock £119.95
A1200 8MB with clock £229.95 Optical Mouse £29.95 Optical Mouse
Mat £5.00 Amiga PSU tor A500, A600 & Aizoo £34.95 Apollo 1220
28MHz Accelerator Give your A1200 350% Performance Includes
Clock & 28MHz FPU 1220 Bare Board £99.95 1220 with 4MB Memory
£169.95 Create a game without knowing the first thing about
programming or get hooked on the excellent Super Foul Egg.
It could be one of the best 3D games ever. This one level demo is just a taste of things to come.
The eagerly awaited demo from Team 17.
Prepare yourself for The Killing Grounds.
Alien Breed II Team 17 reckon the 3D engine driving The Killing Grounds has some zippily fast routines that not only match upcoming PC buster Quake, but beat it hands down.
You can make your own mind up because we've managed to secure a tremendous single level demo of the game.
Not from the finished version mind - Team 17 felt that it was important to give people a feel for the game without letting too much slip about The Killing Grounds final mission structure.
What you do get though is a spookily atmospheric level. It also lets you see many of the features which make it a potential Breathless beater; curving and flooded corridors, jumps, gnmgily realistic texture maps, realistic lighting, and scan’ monsters reliant on line of sight to spot you. In all it adds up to one of the best coverdisks we’ve had in ages.
You start with and a plasma gun that has to be found.
It's worth finding the plasma weapon just to see how well the lighting effects work. Try firing it off when you're inside the unlit tunnel section.
Also worth checking out are the looking up and down features; especially when you're standing on die ledge that can be jumped over. This feature moves fluidly rather than in increments like Breathless.
Incidentally, you have to run before attempting the jump onto the ledge. It can be a bit tricky to get your fingers in all the right places and press the jump key at the same time, but persevere because it's well worth it.
Everyone in the office who took a shot at the game was mightily impressed. Especially by the dark tunnel sections. *5 4 Once your Amiga has read the Info, It will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
WHAT THE CONTROL OPTIONS DON'T TELL YOU (AND WHAT THEY DO) This demo is an early version of the game engine. Therefore, the CD32 control options haven't been implemented. Pay special attention to the keyboard controls highlighted in this little box.
DIRECTION KEYS: Turn Left Left Cursor Turn Right: Right Cursor Forwards: Up Cursor Backwards: Down Cursor Fire Weapon: Right Alt Key Force Sidestep: Right Amiga Key Sidestep Left:.
Sidestep Right: I ACTIONS: Duck: D Look Behind: L Look Up: ] Look Down: Jump: 0 on the cursor pad MAP: Map On-ScreenJOff-Screen: Tab Zoom In: F1 Zoom Out: F2 Cursor Pad Keys 1-9: Scroll the map around the screen so that it doesn't interfere with your vision.
"5" Centres the map.
A one level demo of The Killing Grounds and the highly addictive Super Foul Egg. Two excellent games and the software to help you create your own. What more could you possibly want from your Coverdisks.
To make the leap of faith, run and then jump. If you fail, hold your nose.
There's a different feel to each of the little pockets residing within the whole level. Wading about in the water surrounded by unfriendly dungeon like walls is discomforting. Treading along in the dark and suddenly seeing a robot's searchlight scanning the tunnel is truly scary.
To help pacifv the baddies, there are two weapons included in the demo - the shotgun DUST IN CASE If playing Breed 3D 2 from floppy, be aware of the following. Some configurations may not read the created second disk if it's put into DFO: This can easily be fixed by placing the second disk in DF1: where applicable.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... 1 Bootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell Icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type ende i to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE. For a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Intt .. ...Jim : diskcopy fro* dfl: to dfl: 2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter 0). Taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOFY FROM DFO: TO DFO: GAME ENGINE Ever wanted to create your own platform games but been hampered by a complete lack of programming knowledge? Game Engine is just what you need. David Taylor explains.
RUNNING THE SOFTWARE You mighl think that it sounds unrealistic to create a game without knowing the first thing about programming, but Came Engine makes it possible. There are several separate parts to the program which allow you to design your own screens and levels using the available tools. You can also load in parts designed in other packages if you have used them.
You can use the Animation editor to link up the frames for the hero or enemies and then choose a background. The Construction editor can then be used to bring all the elements together. For details on each of the areas, take a look at the Game Engine - Screens F-xplained boxout.
SUPER FOUL EGG This game has caused quite a few missed deadlines in the office. It's an addictive variation on the Tetris game for one or two players and is really a clone of other games such as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Super 1‘uyo Puyo. As the multi-coloured eggs that are the equivalent of Tetris blocks fall, you need to manoeuvre them so that you can match the colours up. If you get a colour to land on lop of.
The software on this Coverdisk needs to be unpacked to three separate floppy disks. You therefore need to format three disks so that you have them blank and ready. Then simply boot the Coverdisk. Because of the amount crammed on, you will be asked to insert the other Coverdisk from this issue at one point because it has to take a few files from there.
The whole process is entirely automatic - just follow the on screen instructions.
Game Engine requires an A1200 to run and must be loaded through Workbench. Although it cannot be installed directly to hard disk, you nr next to, an egg of the same colour, it will join with it and if there are four or more eggs joined together they will disappear.
However, there's more to it than that. -As you complete sets, you will make a stone fall down on your opponent's screen. These stones cannot be linked up and prevent others from linking up with previous sets.
The best strategy is to set up lots of rows one egg short. This means when you drop a piece in, more than one set can be completed at the same time. This will cause a bombardment of stones to fall on your opponent instead of just single ones, believe me they will soon start swearing at you.
The game is remarkably easy to get into, but very hard to stop playing. The diagram shows can install the program to hard disk after the floppies have been unpacked. To do this, simply copy the contents of the main disk to your hard drive and add an assign for "GE Demo" either before running the demo or in your user-startup. You will still need to make sure that the data disk is in DFO: (the internal drive) when you run the program.
Users with two floppy disk drives should note that in order for everything to run properly, you must place the main disk in DF1: (the external drive) and the data disk in DFO: (the internal drive).
The different options available for you. Just try not to come to blows with your friends. 'Zj Note to A500 users: You cannot use this month's Coverdisk because it had to be formatted to Workbench 2 format in order to fit everything on. However, Super Foul Egg is actually A500 compatible. If you find a friend with an A500* or above, you can de-archive the Super Foul Egg disk on their machine and this will work on your machine. Our apologies: there was absolutely no other way to compile the disk this month. Unfortunately, there is no way that we can de-compress the disk for you - you will have
to find a friend to do it.
Super Foul Igg - Complete Game Player's eQQ CPU Level ¦* St 2PlayerS ,V 4s* | | -5 ap,T ai Practice *' t+ sf ? *Avi ' Difficulty ’J’ Colors The totally addictive Super Foul Egg is an easy game to play, but has several options that can be set to adjust the difficulty level. Adjusting the options is done by moving the pointer over the boxes and pressing fire.
1. This sets the players - you can play against a friend or
against the computer or play a practice game.
2. Set the level of ability of the computer opponent and set the
drop of eggs to manual or computer controlled.
3. Set the amount of layers that appear at the start arid the
speed of further eggs dropping.
4. The number of different colours adjusts difficulty. More
colours makes it harder to complete a group of eggs.
N L. *
5. This is used to select the control method.
Clicking on the icon will change between keyboard and joystick control.
6. This selects the level of the competition by setting the
number of wins required to win the entire game.
K*y s 'i Best Of..!
AEFT RrSWrvROT».XE tKf'P IW’.*"’ ...
* ;W* D 0s s 0 m 7 wins _« ? CD LlJins ¦ Game Engine - Screens
explained Getting around the Game Engine demo is easy. Each
part of the program is accessed through a separate screen.
Here's a guide to each of the editors... EXTRA Your Coverdisk
should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and
corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
FractalPro Image Library CD-ROM ?
- I r i 118 ' ¦ I WORMS (AF79) The amount of telephone calls to
the Coverdisk helpline about Worms suggests that many of you
weren't very careful when decompressing this game. It is easy
to ruin your Worms Coverdisk by not changing to a blank disk at
the correct time in the procedure.
The result is that Worms disk One is decompressed over the Coverdisk. Losing the compressed Worms Disk Two file in the process.
Before using any Coverdisk write-protect it first and then make a spare copy.
(if you don't know how to copy a disk see the box on page 115) ULTIMATE WORKBENCH UTILITIES (AF80) If you arc having trouble reading the documentation that accompanies the Workbench utilities it is likely that you don't have the tool that your Amiga looks for when you double click on a doc icon; e.g. Muchmore, Multiview, AmigaGuidc etc. Or that these aren't set up properly on your Workbench.
You can use a word processor or a text editor to read the docs, or use the program ordering included in the collection.
...an absolute gem (VTU, Mar. 95, p.61) Hundreds of spectacular FractalPro images. Superb texture wrap image source. Images can be viewed on ANY Amiga with CD-ROM (PC and Mac too). Auto-slideshows too! List $ 39.95 - mention this ad - only $ 29.95 FractalPro v6.10 NEW! $ 99.95 The ultimate Amiga fractal production tool got better - It makes Lightwave objects too! FractalPro has always been the best choice for fractal art and animation on the Amiga.
Lots of fractal types and animation capabilities. Supports ECS, AGA. And 24-brt with mper-fast fractal rendenng.
Require. 2.04 (or higher) math chip. 1 mb RAM. Full PAL compatibility, of course, with many resolution options.
BOHUSI FractalPro Imag. Library CD FREE JobTTacker v1.0 $ 69.95 Track your project billing time and charges in real time. Easy graphic user Interface for a database of clients and projects.
Prints project session histories for billing records. Requires
2. 04 (or higher).
Rpalnt v2.0 for AQA $ 79.95 ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Many readers have phoned in saying they are having problems with Zeewolf 2. One meg A500 users who have two floppy disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memory available to the game. Unfortunately Zeewolf 2just doesn't seem to work at all with some accelerator cards.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE (AF82) If Final Writer s pull-down menus won't pull down it is probably because you are running a menu enhancement commodity (i.e. MagicMenu), Such programs don't work correcdv with Final Writer and should be disabled. In order to print Final Writer documents it is vital that you have the correct printer driver installed in the devs printers drawer of your Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and configured using Workbench's printer prefs utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how to do this.
To print out larger documents Final Writer requires more memory. If you are using the program on a 2Mb machine, try to maximise the amount of memory available to Final Writer by removing any utilities or commodities runA paint program, Arexx graphics language (the graphics that Arexx always needed!) And a presentation tool - all in one. Rpalnt can even record your paint actions directly onto a usable ‘script’. Supports NTSC and PAL resolutions on AGA systems. Requires AGA Amiga.
Distant Suns v5.01 CD-ROM NEW!
Over 1500 IFF images (planets, stars and more) dozens of anims, 16 million-star Hubble catalog and the temfic Distant Suns planetanum all on CD-ROM. Displays in 16 colours (256-colours on AGA Amigas!). Needs 2.**. 2mb HD.
List SI 49.95 SPECIAL - MENTION THIS AD - $ 119.95 NeuroPro Neural Network - req 2.** & math chip - £99.95 BarPro Bar Code Graphics & Printing - S99.95 VlstaPro 3.05 latest release - for power users - $ 89.95 Vista Lite - requires only 2MB RAM and 2.x* - $ 24.95 Complete Amiga systems as well as many groat buys on Amiga-related hardware items. Authorized Amiga dealer.
Ordering Information: Send International Money Older In SUS ONLY (add $ 12 for air poat to the UK or Europe) to Mogag«M - or - To order by credit card, contact our friends at Chaocity - Phone 806 925 7732 FAX 805 928 3128 MegageM Digital Media 1903 Adna Avenue, Santa Marta. CA 93454 805 349 1104 fa* 922 5003. Visit MegageM on the World Wide Wetol http: www.fix.net -megagefn .
Ning in the background - if you still experience problems, use Workbench's prefs utilities to alter the Workbench screen to a lower resolution screenmode with less colours and no backdrop pictures. Lastly, it was inadvertently stated that Final Writer works on all 2Mb+ Ami gas.
Sorry, but it's incompatible with old Kickstart
1. 2 1.3 machines.
GENERAL PROBLEMS I often hear from people who have returned their Coverdisks for replacements several times and arc still meeting with the same problems.
The most common are Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of your own disks? If it's one of your own disks then that is the disk with the problem, not the Coverdisk.
Did you format your blank disks correcdv? Try re-formatting them and make sure that you do a full format not just a quick format, use the verily option and make sure you format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X-Copy.
Disable Directory Caching, Trashcan and International Mode. Don't decrunch to HD (High Density) disks its these can be unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it. ® IF YOUR DISK IS FAULTY... Please it-mcutbci iIi.h lhe (et hnical licl| line above is purely for rlillinillies vou have gelling llie programs lo work prnpcilv Ifvnur tlisk is phvsicallv damaged. !kth.
Broken with a loose or missing slmuei. N should Ik* returned lo ilic duplicators loi a replacement at the Inflowing address; AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB PIC TIB HOUSE n EDWARD STREET BRADFORD BD4 7BH 1 bis ini ludes anv system messages vou mav gel saving; "Read write error”. Disk invalidated and ' Checksum Error' In this case, die disk lias been damaged and needs to Ire replat ed.
CALL (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0*191 584 0682 68000 CPU Video OAC (A1200) Kickstart 12 Kickstart 1.3 Kickstart 2.04 Kickstart 2.05 Kickstart 3.1 A500) Rom Sharer NEW Modulators Xchange Modulators CD32 ROM DRIVE A500 Motherboard 6A £24.30 £24.30 £32.70 £32.70 £960 £18.40 £7-60 £12.00 £12.00 £12.34 £16-70 £8.50 £19-50 £4.20 £16.80 £22.40 £19-90 £58.00 £15.00 £29-50 £18.00 £35-00 £59-00 A500 Keyboard A600 Keyboard A1200 Keyboard A500 600 1200 PSU CD32 PSU A2000 A3000 PSU VGA Adaptor
ANO KEEP A FULL STOCK £38.00 £29.00 £54.00 £28.50 £2500 £65.00
P. O.A. r xxxfr i DART Computer Services (AF) 105 London Road
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IV * Pack Includes • Digital Print Mrg. • Dennis the Mena. •
• WordworthAGA - 1Yr RTB Warranty -Workbench 3.0 A500 Internal
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* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 Day warranty on all repairs
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs Our Company offers the most
competitive dealer repair service on all h fad.lt facility
SenriceHOTIIETel(0116)2470059,1, W(P116)25586«3 o are - DA
fil ( 'tftn fufrrKSrrvirt’*
- ME* Computer' A Division of D.A. Computers Ltd 8372A1 Meg Agnus
8375 2Meg Agnus LISA (AI200) 8374 Alice (A 1200) 8362 Denise
(A500) 8373 Super Denise 5719 Gary 8520 CIA (A500 *) 8520 CIA
(A600 1200) 8364 Paula (A50Q *) 8364 Paula (PLCC) ATTENTION ALL
DEALERS EST. 14 YEARS Add £1.50 P&P on chips, £3.00 P&P on
Drives & PSUs We reserve the right to refuse repairs
- -Paint Aminet Set 2 AMINET® SET 2, dated November 1995,
consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000
archives. Whether you like applications, games, communications
or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy to use
index files and search facilities make accessing it a pleasure.
Utilities Documents text software Business software Pictures & animations Graphics software Miscellaneous Graphics & sound demos Games 120 MB 270 MB 40 MB 75 MB 630 MB 170 MB 150 MB 630 MB 250 MB 110MB 10 MB 5 MB 840 MB 150 MB 30 MB Development software Disk HD tools Hardware related Music modules Communications qb Music software A* Aminet 11 Aminet CD 11, dated April 1996, consists of approximately 1,1 gigabytes of software in 3700 archives. Since the release of Aminet CD 10 more than 700 MB new software has appeared. The current edition has a special focus on pictures, more than 1000
pictures from the internet were included. User friendly access software makes the Aminet CD 11 a pleasure to use.
18 MB Business software 34 MB Communications 189MB Graphics & sound demos 21 MB Development software 2 MB Disk HD tools 52 MB Documents 72 MB Games 43 MB Graphics software 14 MB Miscellaneous 156 MB Music modules 122 MB Pictures & animations 25 MB Utilities 10 MB Music software qb XiPaint V4 XiPaint 4 is the new version of the leading edge, 24-bit paint program. It’s suited to the demands of novice and expert alike, and within a short time, you too will be able to produce colourful and creative art in 16.8 million colours. This version of XiPaint features animations as well as easy- to-use
Overview of Features: - Diverse paint functions including colour, contrast and saturation adjustment - Mask, outline, recolour and fill functions • Airbrush with adjustable spray functions Light-table function for manipulating montages and animations • Text functions with anti-aliasing using Compugraphic fonts • Support for a variety of graphic formats • Unlimited Undo * Diverse manipulation of alpha channel • Supports many graphic cards • Layers to combine different projects • Arexx port • Drag & Drop colours • External filter module • Extensive documentation • 60 textures, 50
landscapes, 30 other pictures and many fonts included.
Qb Workbench Add-On Vol. 1 g The Workbench Add-On CD-ROM is the 5 ideal companion to your workbench. On g this CD you will not only find the best pro- ' grams, that are available for the Amiga, but you will also get them reody-to-run from the CD. The CD covers all areas of interest, oil, the programmer, the user, the creative and the gamer will find what they are looking for. On this CD-ROM there are many shareware programs, some of them at a special price, if you get registered.
£2 A-9 5 All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies International Distributor: Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel *49-61 71 -85937 Fax *49,6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 WHILE-U-WAIT51 That's a promise for computers!!
COMPUTERS AND MONITORS NEW LOW FIXED PRICE Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
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A1200 80Mb ..£59-95 170Mb ......£89-95 340Mb......£129-95
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hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench
loaded and include 2-5" IDE cable and software 2-5" IDE Cable
and Software (if bought separately) ....£9-95
ACCELERATORS Apollo 1220 . £99-95 Apollo 1232. £199-95 SIMMS f
14. 4k .
28. 8k .
. £129-95 . £219-95 FOR BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500+ ..£29-95 A600 A1200 .. .£34-95 Cl 3*95 Upgrade to 9 Meg UNBEATABLE PRICES 0Mb 4Mb uf-to tiMtj tint! Tmts Genlocks Hama 292 .. £280.00 £239.95 L500......£69.95 L1500.....£169.95 L2000S ... £349.95 HMITfiR »«°* SIS ««“ ««*» SCSI Interface A1200 CHIPS 4* SPARES 4* ACCESSORIES 1 Meg fotter Agnus .... £1900 8520 CIA A600 A1 200.... .....£14-50 2 Meg Folter Agnus .... £24 00 8374 Alice A1 200 .....£30-00 8362 Denise ..£9-00 8364 Paula A600 A1 200 .
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......£4-00 6570 Keyboard Chip .... £20-00 10 Boxed Branded Disks .. ......£6 00 68000 Processor ..... ..£8-00 Printer Coble ......£6-00 Power Supply A500 A600 AI200.
£35-00 100 Disk Box ......£7-00 Exchange A2000 AI500 Power Supply .. £70-00 Squirrel SCSI Interfoce .....£59-00
* All chips are availe ble ex
- stock
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ANALOG C Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, fW O E A A O ETC
J LOGIC Kinsston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH V lO I Q M
* All prices include VAT * All prices & specifications subject to
change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard ¦ * We reserve the right to
refuse any repair * P&P charges £3-50 by Royal Mail or £6 00 +
VAT for courier * Please allow 5 working days for cheque
clearance 4B5T * All sales are only as per our terms and
conditions of sale, copy available on request.
.2 r» £ i I VI 4- ¦“ C 3 « m o ¦5 5 5 ¦g e ® « c -o i_ 2 nj 3 w sh
V) 5 01 _*¦ 3 -C TJ O +* !) ,*+- |l° I 5 c
• i I .or® ¦5 0 5 u Ol g * x ® ® _ P f ° i * 5 z 2 o 3 a o
o _ at8- ¦° ° - a» £ aj ¦ +* «. U c » •- u * c ¦° -Q o d ja o
£ 2 J3
a. « o c a c 3 C o
o Z «• ¦*- T3 "D ® £ C i t ns «] iff 2- £ 3
V) IB Q O C ' w C +* D a) _ T3 Cl A FRIENDLY WARNING!
Ol vi r- ® £ o w «5 m ® "5 *° 5s S’o £ 01 k. 01 5 g S-5 s»w i -o Ul - W u . 2. * X S|S + .- E +- 0X 1 £ * 8 « ¦H 2 O -O X 3 O V
* o X -C C u 4- Multimedia At Its Best!
Y Simple and Easy-to-use Educating and Informative y Entertaining and Exciting y Powerful and Amazing!
The world's first truly AGA multimedia, interactive compact disc.
Designed for beginners, new users through to intermediate (and higher!) Levels, it helps an Amiga user understand more about their computer and what it is capable of. Covers many subjects from raytracing to the Internet and from programming to music. Many 'well-known' experts and Amiga-buffs are contributing to this CD.
They offer help, answers, tips, tricks and more. Want to know how the experts create a WWW page? Global Internet show how!
Stuck using Internet software? John Kennedy explains all. Also contains forums, opinions and a look to the future with top Amiga developers. Comes with a FREE bonus beginners section with commercial programs, commercial demos and all the PD you need to Get Started, all ready-to-run. If you have an AGA Amiga with a CD player, then get this. PC multimedia CD's are here!
Tho History of tho AMIGA Who Invented It? The old Commodore, Its bosses, ideas, mistakes etc. The Escom rMval and much more.
Amiga Environment What is your Amiga? Why is it so special? What is the 'scene ? Who are Amiga Technologies and what do they do?
The AMIGA Hardware Inside, outside, ports, chips all explained Workbench and DOS What Is it? Using it. Data and file management Workbench environment dps. The CU, advanced WB and CU tricks Programming AMOS, Blitz, assembly, C, Amiga E and AREXX examined Become an Artist Overnight Raytracing, 3D, animation, bitmap drawing analysed Become an Amiga Music Maestro Octamed explained, MIDI discussed, musicians Interviewed Getting Your Words into Print Word processing, Desk Top Publishing, Printers, Clipart etc Surfing the Super Information Highway Intro to the Internet, Surfing the Internet, WWW
design, Amiga Internet Providers. Amiga Internet sottware. The Amiga Technologies Internet pack taken lor a test drive General Arena Emulation, Operafing Systems. Storage Systems. Amiga In Business. Multimedia etc etc etc The Amiga Future Where is the Amiga going? Amiga Technologies' plans, Amiga visions, possible Industry comments. Amiga "Visions" - the companies that will bring us innovative products In 1996. We interview Intersect Developments. Reids ot Vision and more.
And Finally Credits, thanks and anything we have torgottenl !- And Starr ing!
V K«v ana Gareth Craft Anvga MlOl
- MlOlCraft Sieve Bye AMOS Programming
• Ft Licenceware Ed Wdes Octamed tn Deem
- Octamed Expert Larry Hiewnon . OTP Printer* Cspert IH PuOUshing
Peter and David Ciarhe 30 Ammefton
• The Room Upstairs Senoc 4 Co 30 Arcrvtecture
- vst Mark Thomas WWW De*gr future
- GW»i internet ud Danny Amor
• The CO and German Mm Freelance Wnte* Jason Jomecne Brtmao
• Freeiance Am*t Daw Mem*o»ay
• Animation DaWmabcn David Taylor
• Storage Emulation ¦ Freelance Water jonn Kerned* imamet a* etc
- Paragon (Freelance) Jeremy Ford PDSecaon Grcund Zero Software
Justin Joyce A mga DTV
- Axom Video Semces Andrew Campbell AMOS ManOi-on
- AMOS Programmer Rcftard Barmtsler Munc (Soundstudwi
• MED User* Group Spencer Jarvis Imagna Manda-on imagine Users
Group ¦mg ! * % Also!
• Full version ol Dopus v4
• Full version ol Octamed v5.04
• Other lull programs (TBC)
• Test Drive', exclusive version ol Wordworth 3
• Limited Version ol Ppaint v6.4
• 'Get Connected' to the Internel
• all you need, all ready to go!!
• Essential PD to Gel Started!
• Exclusive stun Irom various user groups and companies!
German version due I September 96.
Only £24.99 Out May 1996 [AGA 4MB Amiga] The Get Started CD should bo available trom most good CD mail order and high street Amiga retailers. All rights reserved. Contents may bo subject to change UTILITIES EXPERIENCE NEW!
SPACEBALLS present.., SCENE STORM ¦ - NEW from the makes of NFA AGA Experience CD ¦ Utilities Experience The Amiga is renowned for it's Public Domain I software Particularly the utility and tools software stands out I as generally very high quality Ever since the Amiga inception J programmers (sometimes as a hobby, sometimes commer- j cialty) have developed programs such as ReOrg Disk Satv.
J SnoopOOS Virus Checker Tods Daemon etc etc How I many times have you seen a disk re-organiser (ReOrg) I or a snooper program (SnoopDOS) released m the commer- I cial world’ Hardly ever1 Simply because these PD programs j are so good' This CD contains disk programs, screen I blankers, comms utilities, file managers, patches, updates.
I music tods, graphics utilities and plenty of the latest share ware programs The Utilities Expenence CD allows you to I quickly and easily work through an amazing number of different programs in order for you to find your favounte As with the NFA AGA Expenence and the Zoom release 2 Cds. Utilities Experience contains both ready-to-run and DMS programs m an easy-to-use Mag»cWB environment If you want a great and complete source of utilities and tods then this is the place to look! This CD should be available at the WOA show £14.99 Scene Storm is a glorious feast of tempting eye candy
produced , by the legendary SPACEBALLS.
Amazing graphic and audio delights to show your fnends what the Amiga can really do' This CD is packed with every major scene production from 1995. Including ail the releases trom The Party 5 held m Xmas 95. Excfusrve Digital Candy matenal ts also included, ranging from music competition entries to a complete Development suite Scene Storm features an easy to use Mag c Workbench interface that is simple to set up and a joy to use Much of the contents of Scene Storm are presented as ready-to-run files through custom designed icons No more trawling through archives and filling your hard disk
with files.
Includes: Productions from over 20 Scene Parties held throughout the world in 1995 All the best demos and intros from the last year, slideshows, music disks, the most popular disk mags and charts Exclusive modules taken from the coolest demos as well as entnes from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions A complete development suite that will allow you to learn how to code your own demos Development utils are included along with exclusive and easy to follow source code. All purchasers of Scene Storm that own a modem can register to qualify for 3 months free downloading of the latest scene files
from Digital Candy Bulletin Board. This would normally cost £15. This BBS is classed as the scene' board in the UK! Place your order now as this will be the hottest selling CD throughout Europe1 £19.99 ECS AGA MIXED Ft UCENCEWARE volume one -FI-01 to FI-100 NEW - RELEASE VERSION 2 i n New Search Routine the multi-tasking searcMmd *4 seek fie names or nyrrper J New 'Hot-Keys' Function lust press S kv search or ¦£' for extract. Help’ for help1 Restyled, Remastered new help ana information guide, restyled artwork' Superb'
• Greatest & latest PO trom March 1995 - April 1996 : Utils,
games, demos, slideshows, education, disk mags and more!
• Including motI ol Ihit advert and loads ol gnat PD software
• NEWI 100 Klondike Card Games Doluxe Cardsets
• NEWI The complete Active Software Pro Pack collection
• NEWI All the Professional Sound Samples (50 Disks]
• NEW! Over 25MB* of read-to-view use Magic WB Icons etc
• NEW! Special programming themed area Sick of the
run-of-the-mill old PD CD releases con- taing collections from
pre-1995’” This CD contains the complete collection of F1
Licenceware titles from F1-001 to F1-100 Over 100 titles or
more than 200 disks' This CD is worlh well over £500. If the
disks were bought separately There is something for everyone on
the CD - games, utilities, toots, professional clipart and
music, beginners guides, educational programs and much more
Some superb material is contained within this CD-Rom.
Blackboard v3 (image manipulation). Ultimate Quiz 2 (general quiz).
Word Plus Pro (originally valued at £15!), Fortress (strategy God game).
Relics of Deldroneye (voted best PD game ever by Amiga Format).
ERIC (voted second best PD game ever). Powerbase (databse program). GRAC (superb Monkey Island' style adventure game creator with 000's of copies sold on floppy). Introduction to WB (best selling F1 Title). Absolute Beginners Guide to AMOS. Junior Artist (kids paint package) or Tots Time (one of many kids educational programs) Use some of the professional music within your games, with no extra charges What about the clipart for your DTP documents’ AMOS programmers have a field day with th« CD • AMOSzme. Guide to AMOS and AMOS supplements Something for everyone. With a very easy to use
AmigaGutde© interlace with 80% of the programs running straight from the CD Remember that the programs are commercial, with copynght owned by F1 Licenceware All programmers receive a royalty for every CD sold.
Its HERE' Zoom release 2 - now in ready-to-run and I DMS format' Do you want the latest PD CD-Rom ' that contains the latest PD to Apnl 19967 Contains the greatest and latest PD from two superb PD Itbranos The interlace must be the most easy to use CD interface on any CD. Coded by the co-author of 1 the superb new Get Started CD • just point, read about the disk and click to extract. Superb and very easy to use. The contents have also been updated so you get all the latest PD until early April 1996 and loads more as listed opposite Comes with an on-line help routine. Multitasking search
routine and hotkeys function If you want 650MB's of the latest PD, thon look here! Two formats - ready-to-run and the DMS format (for shops etc) The pictures below show the enhanced DMS interface in action NEW! READY TO RUN & DMS C29.99 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE - NOT PD!
£29.99 TEXTURE PORTFOLIO NFA AGA EXPERIENCE - VOLUME 2 So you were impressed with AGA Experience volume one?! So was the Amiga press! Hot on its heels comes a brand new release NFA AGA Experience volume 2! Following the same trend as the first, but offering even better value for money, it contains loads of new and exclusive AGA material to show friends the capabilities of your I AGA machine, at a low. Low cost. This contains AGA utilities, demos, games, tools, slideshows, animations and more! Compiled (in a similar style to Zoom release 2) within a Magic WB environment, it makes access
superbly | easy. This CD is going to sell like hot-cakes at the World of Amiga show - order your copy before stocks run out!!
A .____ . FASTEROMS* Tl* DMS now unpack mor» Quickly. 80 you can g* al If* ».*» you war* avan Many New Features . - cmx**- px*** m* wb*ovTronmoo« maka** mtanr MORE READY-TO-RUN SOFTWARE - No* d*ra » a kX mora softwa'* raady k 'un from me CD There are less trouNasoma QMS Mas than befcye' MORE FLOPPY DRIVE FRIENDLY U**'» without Hard Doves wil hrxj th* Cdwork* Denar than me frsi or* We have even inckxled bool-dtsks lor most oflhe poouUr A1200 CDROM Orves' LESS BABE SLIDESHOWS AND PICTURES We have not nckadad any ol meOonng and unongr*!
%wvn*u1 shdeshows that you wtfl bnQ on other ertenor Cos These are reeey just p* »ng and w* woukl (alhor use the w .«ce on this CO to Dnng you only THE BEST tclTwara around' A SELECTION Of UN-DMS PROGRAMS We have placed every program *e couW fmd to decom press DMS fees on me CD This makes « a p*ca o* cake lo get at me DMS Me* • ether through dou- Me cecking to WorVDench or the rterface ol your chc*ca trs so easy* MORE COJ2 FRIENDLY Due »o some pug* • me Arrvga ope'atmg sysiem me test AGA Experience »d not wo* perfectly on a networked CO32 we have hooefuty worked around these protxems and me
rest* is a reai irea! Tor CD32 owners’ AIL NEW AGA-ONLY SOFTWARE Stoca me rMease ot the AGA Expar*r*a VM l there r*» Been a masarve amount new ic gu*lTy AGA sc*ware WtuaRy nothng has Dean repeated on this CO frcvn me Vst erne We now have many new scxscas o *cfrwara to ensure a constant stream ol guafcy tees NEW USEFUL UTILITIES - Ahar heamg some C* me commena trom the megair reviewers we deodea to create a drawer conung tools m$ «Ja me Vte*iM drawer you w* Ind an con to copy DMS fees to RAD wsiead ol DF0 sioee *ng t up enormously* TUOE Ho make more demoagames hm on 030.land some DOOldSkS tor
mis CO’Someewng tor everyone PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE" IM exclusive geme de-os from the Amiga s top puDhshers Fickrwa verson ot Awe© lor HTML Weo page-*ke ttocs Mcve detailed coments bstngt corrpaUMWy detaes on the AGA demos etc etc £19.99 ct on of textures has taken a staggenng 5 years to complete '.agona are a professional graphics company, based in Bnstoi e been providing textures and backgrounds for video, ray-tracing etc This CD consists of 500* 24Bit backgrounds and textures, it includes the very high quality 24Bit JPEG files for video, graphics and multimedia work. Targa s for PC rayiracing
and GIF format for video titling applications. The various sections include Abstract Phantasmagona, Abstract - Oil Paints. Abstract - Mixed, Animal Skins, Clouds. Fire. Food. Masonry.
Rock. Metal (6 sub-sections). Water. Wood Bark.
Wood Grain. Miscellaneous. No wasted space on this CD-Rom • a collection of extensive tutorials comes with a full colour multi-page reference for every single texture An ideal complement tracing CD such as Light Rom 3 etc Please note that . J " i all these textures we exclusive tp tht»_CD-Rom i yk' and cannot be found on tny_QtheLcM9ctjon. M .
Mm This CD YWLlilA'* W J » Booklet ittoaray- TK V,* .
Note that A J VO *.• LIGHT ROM VOLUME 3 £38.99 new release! - out Middle of April!!
Gnt Rom 3 is the most ambitious issue to date, consisting of 3 CD Rom s! Rom 1 is filled with thousands of Lightwave objects and scene files, building upon previous I issues Rom 2 contains huge collections of 3D objetcs in different lile for- I mats including Imagine (175MB’s). 3D Studio (100MB‘s), Sculpt 30MBs) | and Real 3D (7MB s). It also includes 700 textures in the JPEG format and i Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts Rom 2 also has a col- I loction of 3D landscapes in the Lightwave. Imagine and 3D Studio file for- I mats and a collection of useful Amiga and PC PD programs
Rom 3 is a I‘DEM ROM', a bonus CD-ROM containing over 1000 digital elevation maps for use with VistaPro, Scenary Animator and World Construction naMfg Set (available from Blittersoft) on any platform All Lightwave objects, tex- tures and DEMs on this collection are represented with thumbnail render- 'TJ* ,r 9s Michael Meshew. The author of Light Rom 1. 2 and 3. Has produced a CD that offers the World artistic talent for a reasonable pnce Texture Portfolio & Light Rom 3 for £59.99 HORROR SENSATIONS Horror Sonsations is an Innovative I new multi-format CD-Rom containing anything and
everything to do with horror' Includes thousands of imagos and pictures from films ranging from Hammer House of | Horror through to very recent blockbusters Also contains the goriest of animations, horror stones, samples I (i e screams, groans etc), haunting music tracks ( mods) Designed for use on the PC or Amiga this CD win defcght any horror fan with masses of material' OH YES .MORE WORMS!
Over 50.000 copos of mis superb gamo woro sold boforo Xmas, and these wero just Amiga solos Worms is one of me most popular gamos of recont timos across Europe This CD contains an extensive number of enhancements tor bom the Amiga and PC version of Worms it contains maps (over 1000 extra levels), a patch update to oflor enhanced features to the ongmal game This is volume one m a forthcoming series If you are an Amiga or PC Worms fan then got this now1 £18.99 £9.99 AMIGA AND PC COMPATIBLE AMIGA AND PC COMPATIBLE ENCOUNTERS SCI-FI SENSATIONS vol.2 ¦ttrr THE AMINET COLLECTION A first tor the
Amiga The UFO phenomenon has hit the computer with this excellent release Forget the X- Files. UFO's aro foi real • here is the evidence' The most comprehensive UFO compilation over UFO and the unknown' fans will not be disappoint- od with this rolease Based on AmigaGude it allows the interaction of text Wes and images on every possible UFO story Rocerved over 90*. M a recent Amiga Computing review The only Amxga CD source for UFO and the unknown related subjects Buy your copy beforo stocks run out'
- Vn exiting new CD-Rom containing over 1000MB a of science
fiction | imagos. Muuc. Animations. 3D objects for Imagine and
Lightwave, sound FX. Documents text, them- | tunes, information
and SCI-FI games Categories mciudo Babylon 5.
Startrek (the Original. TNG. Deep Space Nine. Voyager and the films).
Batman. Dr Who. ThundertxrdS.
Robocop. Biadeomner Aliens 2001. Battlestar Galactica. TRON.
Total Recall and many other f*ns New version 2 is now available | containing more SCI-FI data than ever bofore £18.99 i ounrrc THE I :0 enomr lor,..: £- AMINET COLLECTION VOL.1 £24.99 £12.99 The Aminet Collection it a superb sei ot tour £12.99 CDS tor any Amiga user Contains Amine! 1-4.
£12.99 PD ,,om 93 10 December ‘94 4 GIGS ot data' £12.99 AMINET COLLECTION VOL.2 £26.99 £12.99 Ammot Set 2 contains all the Amlnot uploads £11.99 6lncG 1 pD trom Oecember 1994 to Novombor 1995 Gigabytes (tour Cds) ot games, utilities, demos, pictures, animations tools, modules and more Also contains 300 books from the Project Gutenburg CD-Rom Jun. 95 August 95 October 95 December 95 February 96 April 96 [Out Now] June 96 [Pre-Order] £14.99 AMINET SET 2 OUT NOWl Imo.f compnhtmhn MHTING PEARLS 3 AGA EXPERIENCE C64 SENSATIONS TEN ON TEN PACK WS ANIMATIONS NETWORK KIT ASSASSINS 1 01 A64 »3 tor It*
An*i) 5i«*di CoB*ClK n lor Arrvfl* MPC £18.99 £18.991 £8.99 £37.99 £36.99 WS CUPART AMOS vol.2 SOUND WORKSHOP I* ---Ov®r I
- « IT» * , Ql08t»Vl » ' -- -- Ol Oala on " Ihia doubt pW.r •
_MIDI Ilia* in
- - vanou* tor- man (MOI MM or MO * ot muaic to aaton to or
U*rga,*0M lor your own apcWcMona Ovar 5000 «a* lOOOVOCMaa 1000
SPECCY 96 Muk plalkvm CO
• muialor* loi Amiga.
Alan ST Mac and PC load* cT * AO* t Spacey ralatadi gama* *(• wanpapai (BMP) CX- lixaa lor W.ndo*a and ( IFF) tor Amiga Ovar 100 (Snararw Spaccy compuiar toad* or lapa covar* Stukad wan -R ft Sdtwara TI* sm (Sac m m MTW MO* Ol wtveh ha.o never Datora Nr inclixMd or a CO-Rorr & AMOS CO - IT* 0*Kifll library (MM Amo* PO ovar 2GO ditks Also ntiuda* *a*dy to nn 1800 acurc* Mm 100 to*, twrwx 280 Ctoxi banM 800 muac twr»» Amo* and Amo* Pro artonaona
* nciud**q Oamo* 9*m*a r 280 to Bargam1 Ttaa CD Rom « au* «SI«
*o« Am-gj PC »* UAC corrputort £18.99 £18.99 £18.99 £18.99
£18.99 £28.99 CD BOOT v2 COLOUR LIBRARY 1700 cotour tea* wvto
caiagona* »ocn Arwnai* Boal*. I Buwtog* Car*. I Cartoon* Cat* I
Corrpuiar* Omoaaix* | 0og* Fantaay I Flag* Intartt Map* I
Madcal MhfUry Uiac Panting Photo Piece* Plana* So-Fl. Saa Space
Sport Star Trek Sw«n»u« Tram Wan’ You atkad tor a cotour capan
CO • her* .« mi Cotour clipart tor naarty avary occauon AMIGA
tr* AG Anvg* Ovar 10000 imaga* on lha quad-pack CO All magas
are in 24 Bfl and HAM B Suparb prca tor 4 CD*' SuiUbW lor an
AGA Amiga ownan Want a (hctur* * a landecaoa’ Whal about a
animat £29.99 £28.99 £19.99 I Il"Jli £19.99 £18.99 £8.99 stock
many oth«f ics. If you not M* wfut you it Ustod can us tor When
ordering add 75p for poslag Drdera outside UK add £1.00 on|
Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151, Darlington,
County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
R,'-H 01325 352260 M ¦ salesWectlve2.demon.co.uk sanBB-u
E. M. COMPUGRAPHIC In Stock NOW!! Only £24.99 per CD JO.
S. ambar wa wttt and try to boat f compact disc price | ksiad
srttrvn this maga- , Call tor details credit card onfy The
definitive manager game returns for another season Another
sackful of CD-ROM releases fall under scrutiny, including the
excellent 3D-GFX | Discover how to improve your documents with
graphics in this month's Masterclass | A full motion video
experiment in schlock movie games. Find out how it plays
inside 770957 486059

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