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Willi the approach of the new millennium promising to herald a new dawn of open system hardware architecture, news reaches Amiga Format o a Sega rethink regarding their strategy on the struggling Saturn system and its place in the global entertainment hierarchy. Sources suggest that Sega will change over from using the current Hitachi RISC chips powering their console to the PowerPC.603. Regular readers of Amiga Formal know that this is none other than the same chip vaunted lor the new Power Amiga. Industry analysts and forecasters hint that the move will bring Sega closer to a deal with Mitlsiishita and their M2 console technology; leaving Sega with more resources to spend on software development. The single platform has long been the dream of software developers weary of the excessive costs levied on them by proprietary' console manufacturers such as Nintendo. Sega, and Sonv. The inhibitory cost of converting prime titles to other platforms would also be significantly reduced. HOW FAST? B- ¦ Good news for potential purchasers of Alien Breed 30 II (The Killing Grounds). In one of the most ambitious Amiga U,* marketing moves yet seen. Ocean are currently working on a deal with an unknown accelerator manufacturer to bring cut price expansions to Alien Breed 30 II gamers. At the time of going to press, the deal was around 70% complete The accelerator type and specification is still to be announced. The discount on the boards could be as high as SO per cent. If other developers and manufacturers follow the Ocean Team 17 lead, there could be interesting times ahead The real power ol the PowerPC range of chips lies in their ability to emulate other platforms operating systems. The repercussions lot the interactive entertainment industry could be fundamental. Anything written on an Amiga that was Operating System (OS) legal, whether Power Amiga or not, could potentially run on any platform sporting a PowerPC chip; wiping out in a stroke many of the worries regarding where new talent is going to come from. Of particular interest to all Amiga owners and coders will be the news that trvo ol the main designers ol the M2 technology, R| Mical and Dave Morse, also happened to have been part of the 'big three' involved with the design ol the original .Amiga. K| Mical is on record saving he wished that he could employ all til the Amiga coders and scrnetx still active on the scene; admiring their "wild eyed, wild haired, enthusiasm for the Amiga" and its related wares.

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Document sans nom Why you should get connected 32 of the hottest web sites over 4 Gb of Amiga software _ useful and unusual email addresses real time chat channels I PUBLISHING Your guarantee of value c D - R O M Diggers Oscar I Chaos Engine I REAR OF CD-ROM wmmrn £54| The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is
switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface. PSU. Manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator.
MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
1. 5 Times more powerful than the Amiga 4000 040 RAM Access 3.S
times quicker than the Amiga 4000 040 Easily upgradable to the
68060 Processor VIPER 50MHZ FALCON The Viper 50 can have up to
128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28,
VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£269.95
VIPER 50 4MB ....£289.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£389.95
VIPER SO 16MB ...£599.95 68040 060 FALCON 68040RC 25MHZ
. £399.95 FALCON 68060RC S0MHZ . £649.95 4MB SIMM
£89.95 8MB SIMM ......£189.95 16MB SIMM
.....£399.95 FALCON NO CPU £389.95 SCSI ADAPTOR
...£29.95 All Falcon's come complete with a cooling fan
aazmj The Viper 28 can have up to 128M8 RAM installed, full
Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board
battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor optional,
instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE ......£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £179.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £299.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £489.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR £69.95 CO-PROCESSOR FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 VIPER MK1 SCSI-ADAPTOR . £79.95 4MB SIMM £89.95 8MB SIMM ......£189.95 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ......£55.95 PC1208 1MB ......£85.95 PC1208 2MB .....£119.95 PC1208 4MB .....£145.95 PC1208 8MB .....£249.95 P C 1 2 0 8 FOR ORDER FORM SEE DPS ADVERT tel: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 R W ORDER HOTLINE 01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 30 RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS • MULTIPLE WEAPONS SYSTEMS • REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC • HD INSTALLABLE • AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 FREE DELIVERY “Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no
Amiga has gone before." Amiga format magazine “At the moment there's nothing like it. This game plays as well as it looks” 92% cu amiga magazine Our unique and highly rated external Clock Cartndge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not Invalidate the warranty.
Compatible vwth ALL Amigas ONLY £19.99 pfus £ 1.00 postage and packing) 2mb £99.99 4mb £149.99 8mb £259.99 A-yj'J-r IJATiLi Dill These hard drives simply push onto the side of the A500 or A500+ and will give your computer all the benefits that hard drives offer. The drives are supplied formatted, partitioned and have Workbench installed for immediate use.
Full instructions and software supplied.
The hard drive also has the facility to add 2.4,6 or 8mb of RAM inside It, Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
, The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such i as CD ROMS, hard drives, SyQuest removable drives, tape j back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from ublising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily Installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
Full instructions and software supplied.
- Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga.
The package composes the Discology Disk, manual and Discology
cartndge for making copies of heavily protected programs with
an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check
£59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface r £19.99 EACH OR BUY BOTH
for £24.99 Incredibly fast (up to 4x faster than a ZIP drive)
SCSI drive will store a massive 135mb per cartridge. Comes
complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and
ONLY £234.99 or £274.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 I Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful I tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a full 50 page manual.
A4000 SCSI controller expansion card that allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be connected to the A4000. Includes full user manual and installation software including CD ROM drivers. Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices. - 72 pin SIMMS suitable for Apollo accelerators. A4000, A1200 memory expansions etc. DATAFLYER 4000SX only £94.99 lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £114.99 8mb £219.99 This superb package is a must for any CD ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software including librarian features, direct reading of 16bit audio samples, full support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD Discs.
Includes the 'FISHMARKET CD ROM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page nformation packed spiral Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply. SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ONLY £189.99 Or £229.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 ASIM CDFS only £49.99
• S8K; Udf bound manual.
Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our £19.99 which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NC0MM comms software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction k A fes • MNP 5 Data Compression V J
s 1 y • Fax Class l and II ___ 1 i compatible. Group 3
* Hayes Compatible fyrPty : • Full 80 page manual ~7y •
12 Months guarantee r A x SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bis) SPEEDCOM +
BF (28,800 V34) i 85mb £89.99 120mb £104.99 170mb £119.99 250mb
£139.99 340mb £174.99 540mb £284.99 Our high speed 2.5" IDE
hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete
with fitting cable, .
Screws, partitioning software, full 1 instructions and 12 months guaran- . J| tee. All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have _ Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you will be able to plug the hard V drive into the hard drive socket. PLEASE PHONE FIRST! 1.
Si rer No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER immet FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (credit Switch card sales only) tel: 0161 796 5279 for enquiries or fax: 0161 796 3208 Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply, SCSI cables, docking station and full instructions. Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD player.
RENO CD ¦ WITH SQUIRREL £174.99 WITH DATAFLYER £174.99 Superb high quality, low cost Chinon external SCSI CD ROM drive In a top quality case.
CHINON CDS435 EXTERNAL £109.99 EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL £154.99 Amazing power for such a low price. This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28Hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU to enable your A1200 to run at 5 MIPS (million instructions per second)! Uses standard 72 pin SIMMS and includes a battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +lmb £139.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £214.99 SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER, M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa, Switch. Delta, Connect etc accepted Amazing value quad speed external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality enclosure.
SANYO QUAD SPEED EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER only £239.99 An incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete , with MMU. 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a floating point unit and battery backed clock. Runs at just under 9.5 MIPS (million instructions per second!)
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Please phone first to check availability of any item.
Include the appropriate Workbench 3.1 ROMs, disks, manuals and fitting instructions.
Bring your Amiga into us for fitting for ONLY £10.00 WORKBENCH 3.1 for A500 1500 2000 only £89.99 for A1200 3000 4000 only £99.99 Internally fitting A600 Accelerator features 68020 and FPU both running at 28MHz. 72 pin SIMM socket for up to 8mb of FASTRAM. Easy fit.
Makes your 600 faster than a 3000!!
APOLLO A620 ONLY £134.99 + 2mb £199.99 + 4mb £264 .99 From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the righthand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
'X- APRIL 1996 CONTENTS ISSUE 83 APRIL 1996 tr- Real 3D John Kennedy introduces another Real 3D tutorial. Learn how to render perfect goblets, lava lamps and wine glasses or alternatively you can re-create your very own copy of Amiga Format!
Model Monger Over 250 household objects - all in 3D. This ready - made cappuccino machine is only one of the many everyday household items. It's a dream come true for all you 3D modellers.
74 if.. sJSj -Cfrj - | ftfcll *~ll
• (Mil riMk «Utir~ •«€•«» I..UT- Month In View Nick Veitch picks
out what's caught his eye this issue.
¦y QHD Floppy § - Graeme Sandiford was completely won over by this small, simple and sexy little machine. He liked it so much he's still got it stick on his machine at home!
Qf| CD-ROM CJ I A looks at the latest CD-ROMS. Graeme Sandiford recommends what to buy and what not.
* 9 Graeme Sandiford talks us through what's on offer in the
serious pages.
C t Canon BJC-610 Ohr The latest Bubblejet printer from Canon allows you the quality of laser printing at an affordable price.
Macro Form 0 v* Modelling in Lightwave has been made much easier. Graeme Sandiford looks at Macro Form and its modelling tools .
Q Wordworth 5 O Final Writer may be facing fierce competition with the release of the latest word pro from Digita.
David Taylor takes a look at Wordworth 5's new features and decides whether it was really worth waiting for.
Light Speed It's never been seen in the pages of Amiga Format before. A review of another mag! And not just any old mag but a mag on video.
Money Matters O & Counting House 4 These two accounting programs battle it out for the title of Best Money Manager.
Graeme Sandiford referees.
O C Workbench J Whatever your problem, Graeme Sandiford is on hand to try and help.
OO Amiga.net Darren Irvine takes a look at the current crop of Amiga Web browsers.
0 Letters Whether you want to make a complaint or congratulate us, don't hesitate to put pen to paper. Nick Veitch will be only too happy to give you a reply. You might even win an AF sweatshirt.
Q Video I Steve McGill introduces his second video feature.
Editing may look hard but with the right advice and the right equipment even Jeremy Beadle can do it.
AAFinal Writer i f f.J There's still chance to get a copy of last months Coverdisk and Nick Veitch will show you how to use it. This month he shows you how to create the master page.
Get on the World Wide Web. John Kennedy continues his series of tutorials on Blitz Basic and begins teaching you how to create your very own Web browser.
5 REGULARS 105 9 Explore the net A definitive guide to the Internet.
Get logged on and wired up.
17 page ® SCREENPLAY Watchtower: An old style shoot
- em-up.
46 Premier Manager 3 Deluxe: Telford Utd v Romford.
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: All the familiar guys and gals.
Thomas the Tank Engine: plays Pinball on the CD32 Star Crusader: Wing Commander all over again.
Previews I A specially extended preview devoted to the latest offering from Team 17 - Alien Breed 3D II.
Ccharts J Sensi Soccer is top of the charts again. Who's racing up behind?
ft WatC*ltOWer J wA Chaos Engine clone from OTM gives Steve McGill the chance to get all philosophical.
Af Star Crusader David Taylor takes off on a mission to destroy peaceful civilisations, or will he be persuaded to fight the good fight?
Re-releases Mr mm Steve Bradley plays at being a soccer manager in this Deluxe version of Premier Manager 3.
It's hailed as the ultimate beat-em-up.
Graeme Sandiford dons his gloves and reviews the latest version of this arcade classic.
C 4 CD32 Check 3 I It's the kid's favourite. Thomas the Tank, Percy and Toby try their hand at pinball.
C JGamebusters J Hints, cheats and tips on games including Zeewolf 2 and Breathless.
Public Domain Horror stories and comics from the Public Domain and the 40k intros from The Party 5.
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Coverdisk A: ScapeMaker A collection of useful programs including ScapeMaker, a Breathless update that replaces the entire 3D engine and Fiasco 1.1 an excellent program that enables you to set-up and design your own database.
P116 Coverdisk B: Alien Bash II An eight level playable colossus that pays homage to the mighty Chaos Engine. Rescue prisoners, kill baddies, save money and become the all round good guy that you always knew you weren't.
TREE C I r T !
I mogonne ond you will r AM ABSOLUTE DEFINITION* currently ..toiling at £14 9 row common mythi eg Sit-ups for ABS' Sit-vps octvolly do t ________________ ______ _________________ _________ PE FINITIO N , ou o n ha. Crock hard * woihboard ' ABS in a few weeks* All thii FREE, take odvontoge ORDER TODAY!
“order rnsT JurocLAittT yodr" raEEcirf” Yes* I went reaults FAST and I warn to rjarafortri my physique ihe Wpf A57 »«y Plaase sard i krptaarpaclc.i which include*-he PIPf ASTiVHSl INSTRUCTIONAL VIDCO-CASSETTE *r a-Rnicboral PROCIAM and cotnpla.a MANUAL oeiyUi • Upodajt packirqardfardirglowiraaae eid 48 nvwa Uoi I arc tom Cheque P O payable -olUPTAST toe i TV* * apreopnaw Li I am erootrg CASH pleaee Jeapa-cf my cedat w.-hir I days ? I am ccOanrq Ur pJaata also anckne my r*EI GIFT NAMt Order within 30 days of the cover dote of . the phenomenol RIPFAST ABDOMINAL DEFINITION ABSOLUTELY FREE! Thu
amonng new program blows more ctnmnnr than nnnri' Altai isnrlrn 1) 011111 PLEASE SEND TO: RIPFAST U.K., P.O. BOX 34, LEICESTER, LEI 5SN OM.ce TV ¦irfkond Street, le«e t*r But please send o'de.s lo abase oddreis which .. a secure bos m a main oiixe OlUViet CASH J OATS Me. Cert pUas. .s. »fC 411110 POII Onlt o.fl o proper), sealed -cm ih «t..ouo*i . dcp. NO COINS _CHEQUE 0 - Fteete o«o- N doyi NO PetSONAl CA11ERS PlEASE - MAH OtDII Onlt ADVERTISER INDEX .Net ......26 .....01225 442244 17 Bit Software 94 01924 366982 I *t Computer Centre 15 .. ....01 132 2319444
Active Software ... 50 52 01325 352260 Almathera 71 0181 687 0040 Amiga Power 46 01225 442244 Amiga Shopper ......104 01225 442244 Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd 84 0181 546 9575 Arcane .....87 01225 442244 Centurion ......113 .. 01274 677673 Comedy Review 33 01225 442244 Dart Computer Services ......113 0116 247 0059 Datel Direct Ltd . .. 48, 49 01782 744707 Effigy Software 8 .... 01526 834020 Emerald Creative Technology Ltd 10 .
.....0181 715 8866 Epic Marketing 78, 80 01793 490988 Fast Engineering Services .....Ill .
0171 252 3533 Force Software .....120 .
....0374 792632 Future Net ......90 01225 442244 Gasteiner Technologies Ltd 83 .
.0181 345 6000 Golden Image (UK) Ltd Grey-tronics .....Ill .
27 .
.0181 900 9291 0181 686 9973 GTI 72 0049 20 178 8778 Harwoods Computers Hisoft .75. 93. 119 ... 16 ..01773 836781 01525 718181 Irseesoft 67 0049 8341 4284 LCL 113 01491 579345 Marpet 62 01423 712600 Micronik .....30 0049 2171 72450 Owl Associates Ltd . .43 01543 250377 Playstation 26 01225 442244 Power Computing Ltd 2, 3, 122, 123 01234 273000 Premier Moil Order 43 01268 271172 SFX ... 87 01225 442244 Siren Software ....4, 5 .
... 0161 796 5279 Software 2000 60, 61 .
01827 68496 Software Expressions 58 ..01179 425987 Software First .....45 01268 590091 Special Reserve 38, 39 . .01279 600204 Trilogic 72 .
0113 235 0091 Visage Computers 34 .
.0115 964 2828 Wizard Develooments 29 01399 97990R * APRIL 1996 EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick Veitch PRODUCTION EDITOR Andrea Ball TECHNICAL EDITOR Graeme Sandiford STAFF WRITER Steve McGill DESIGN ART EDITOR Julte Stuckei ART ASSISTANTS Linda Benson Maria Wilson PHOTOGRAPHY jonathon Fisher Photography PUBLISHING PUBLISHER Simon Stansfield ASSISTANT PUBLISHER Alison Morton MANAGING DIRECTOR Greg Ingham CIRCULATION ASSISTANT Kate Elston CONTRIBUTORS Steve Bradley. Tim Smith, Darren Irvine, John Kennedy, Dale Bradford, David Taylor, Simon Carless, Robert Folding ADVERTISING ADVERTISING
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Telephone 0122S 442244 Facsimile 01225 318740 E-MAIL ADDRESS amformatefuturenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT) WWW Site: http: www.futurenet.co.ulU omputinol amigeforma1.html SUBSCRIPTIONS. BACK ISSUES AND MAIL ORDER Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset FREEPOST, TA11 6BR Telephone 0122S 822511, 9am-6pm Facsimile 0122S 822S10 UK 12-issue subscription: £S4 (UK)
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subscriptionsefuturenet.co.uk CUSTOMER SERVICES Telephone
0122S B22S10 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magaxine comes
from Future Publishing, a company founded )ust ten years ago
but now selling more computer magazines than any other In
We offer: BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
STRONGER REVIEWS. We have a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give dear buying recommendations.
CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future. Editors operate under two golden rules:
• Understand your readers' needs.
• Then satisfy them.
MORE READER INTERACTION. We draw on readers’ contributions, resulting In the liveliest letters pages and the best reader tips. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group.
BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, better quality - magazines you can trust.
¦ ut rest uiure r misuse All The Latest Amiga Software Call Us Now On 0181-715 8866 Beef Up Your Sound !
Lyy- - TJ Hardware uisk L»rive» cit.
Squirrel SCSI interface ...... . . £59 95 Iomega Zip Drive inc. Squirrel etc... .
.... toll A500 Internal Floppy Drive .. . . £38.95 A600 & A1200 Internal Floppy Drive . . £38 95
2. 5” IDE Cable . . £8 95 Ram Cards A500 with
0.5Mb . £15.95 A500+ with I Mb . . . £19.95 A600
with I Mb .. £24.95 A1200 unpopulated . .. £59.95
A1200 with 2Mb ... . £129.95 A1200 with
4Mb ... . £179.95 A1200 with 8Mb ..... .
£299.95 Video Pro Grab 24RT-* SVHS ..... . £125.95
PCMCIA Adaptor for Pro Grab..... .. £34.95 Rendale 8802
Genlock ...... . £164.95 Rcndalc 9402
SVHS . . £279.95 Vidi 24 RT ...
. £144.95 Vidi 24 Pro RT ... . £219.95 Other
Tabby Graphics Tablet ..... .. £57.95 Utilities Software
Development Art Department Professional vl5. . .
. . £139.00 Image FX 2 . . £189 95 Morph Plus .. £89 95 CAD X-CAD 2000 . ... £22.95 X-CAD 3000 ..£119.95 Personal Suite Mixer !
This 2 channel, stereo mixer features independent Hi and Lo EQ.
Panning, and volume for each channel. Little Gem greatly enhances all your sound input and output - samples. Mod files, even games - it’s I ideal for desktop video and music, and it’s a great price too !
Includes : "Personal Paint
• SBase Personal
• Personal Write
• Personal Fonts Maker 2 PLUS DirDifF • 27 High Quality Kara
Colour Fonts • Nearly all of Eric Schwartz’s outstanding
animations • Amiga Dos Manual • Arexx Manual
• "How To” Amiga Guide • PNG Toolkit • Masses of pictures and
anims • 20 classic books (Dickens etc.) • And still loads more
All on one CD for just £49.95 !!!
Run PC Software on your Amiga !
PC Task 3.1 allows you to run software designed for IBM Pcs and compatibles on you Amiga ! PC Task 3.1 emulates a 80286 based PC (including the FPU), so you can run Windows 3.1 and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. It’ll even run Wolfenstein 3D. On an AGA Amiga you can run SVGA screen modes, and for basic tasks it doesn't need sucks of Ram If you justa want to run Dos. PC Task will run quite happily in justl I Mb of Ram. If you want to run Windows, you still onlyl need 6Mb ! PC Task gives you two computers for little | more than the price of one !
. £32 95 £98.95 . £59 95 £89.95 . £59 95 . £79.95 . £28.95 Blitz Basic 2.1 Dice C Compiler v3.0l .
DevPac 3 ..... Gamesmith ... Hisoft BASIC 2 ...... Hisoft Pascal .. Intos . Disk Utilities PC Task 3.1 £59.95 £29 95 £28.95 £68 95 . £42 95 . £49 95 . £29 95 £34 95 . £47 95 . £28.95 . £54.95 . £57.95 AmiBack .... AmiFileSafe User .... AmiFileSafe Pro ... CD Write ... Directory Opus 5 .... ... Disk Expander Disk Magic ... Gigamcm .... Infonexus 2(lnfonexus * Datanexus).
Video Back-up System Phono...... Video Back-up System Scan Communications_ GP Fax ..... Termite ..... Miscellaneous Do you want an Amiga DTP package that doen’t need loads of memory, an accelerator and a hard drive ? HOW about Pagestream 2.2 SE !
All of that famous Pagestream ease-of-use. And functionality all in one box for under fifty pounds !
Pagestream 2.2 SE ukes DTP into a new dimension - one where you only need Workbench 1,3. I 5Mb of Ram. And only one floppy drive. Just uke a look at these features : Typography Pagestream 2.2 SE allows you to use Comugraphic, Intellifont, PostScript and DMF fonts, with all the sundard DTP features including tracking, leading, paragraph indents, hyphenation and more !
Graphics Pagestream 2.2 SE has a powerful toolbox with a good assortment of drawing and editing tools. You can import pictures and drawings from many other programmes and print them in full colour.
Fast Printing Pagestream 2.2 SE comes with an assortment of printer drivers. Print at lightning speeds to PostScript and non PostScript printers including dot-matrix, inkjet and laser printers. You can even create colour separations !
Maxxon Magic . Studio II Print Manager .
I Productivity WP & DTP Final Writer 4 New Version . . £79.95 Final Copy 2 .. . . £49.95 Mini Office .... .. £37.95 Pagestream 12 SE .. .. £49.95 Wordworth 3.ISE. . . ...... . . £47.95 Wordworth 3.1 . . £74.95 Databases Digita Datastore 3 .. . . £45.95 Digita Organiser v2 . .. £39.95 Final Data 3 ... .. £39.95 GB Route Plus . ..£31.95 Mailshot Plus .. .. £35.95 Music Librarian . . £22.95 Plants For All Seasons ......
. . £22.95 Twist 2 ...... . . £89.95 Finance Pagestream
2. 2 SE £49.95 Disk problems ? Hard drive looking doubtful ?
You need Ami-Back !
Ami-Back is the solution of choice for all your data backup needs. Designed to be both powerful and flexible, Ami- Back gives you complete control over the backup process. There is no other Amiga backup program that can come even close to offering the features, ease of use, and reliability of Ami-Back And yes, Ami-Back even supports Amax.
Unix and MSDOS partitions, and DAT and tape drives I Cashbook Combo. .
Counting House . . .
Day By Day System 3 .. System 3E . Digita Home Office Money Matters 4. . .
. £59.99 . £49 95 . £24.95 . £39.95 . £49 95 . £39.95 . £34.99 The Ultimate In Disk Backup For Only £29.95 !
£44 95 £33.95 . £23.95 £48 95 Personal Finance Manager + .. . £19.95 Spreadsheets final Calc ...... . £94 95 DG Calc ...... . £26.95 Turbocalc 2 ... . £49.95 Music & Video 1 Music Aura 12 bit Sampler ..... . £79.95 Megalosound Sampler . £29.95 Technosound Turbo 2 Pro Sampler . . .
. £26.95 Music X 2 ..... . £49 95 Pro Midi Interface ... . £19.95 Little Gem Micro Mixer ...... £66.95 Video Titling Big Alternative Scroller 2 ..... £49 95 Rendale 8802 Genlock £169.95 Rendale 9402 SVHS .. £285.95 Education 1 Languages Beginners to GCSE Micro French ... . £22.95 Micro French CD ...... . £27.95 Micro English ... . £22.95 Beginner to GCSE & Business Micro Spanish .. . £22.95 Micro German .. . £22.95 Integrated Science Micro Science .
. . £22.95 Maths Primary Maths Course 3-12 .. . £22.95 11-Years to GCSE Micro Maths ... . £22.95 Micro Maths CD . £27.95 A Level Mega Maths . £22.95 Books £ Videos 1 Books A1200 Insider Guide . . £12 95 A1200 Next Steps ... . £12.95 Amiga Basic - A Dabhand Guide . £17.95 Amiga Disks & Drives Insider Guide . . .
. £12.95 Assembler Insider Guide ..... . £13.95 Amiga Total! Workbench New...... . £19.95 Amiga Total! Dos New ..... . £21.95 Amiga Total! Assembler New . £21.95 Amiga Total! Beginners New . £19 95 Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets £19 95 Mastering Amiga Arexx. .... . £17.95 Mastering Amiga Printers ... . £17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference . .
. £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 2 Vol2 . . £17 95 Mastering Amiga Dos Scripts . . £19.95 Secrets of Fronuer Elite .... . . £8 95 Secrets of Sim City 2000 .... . £9 95 UK Comms ... . £19 95 Workbench 3 A-Z Insider Guide ... £13 95 Book & Video Packs A1200 Beginner's Pack ..... £36.95 Workbench 3 Booster Pack . . £36.95 Videos Intro to the A1200 - Tutorial . £14 95 Intro to the A1200 - A Deeper Look .
. £14.95 1 Graphics 3D & Rendering Cinema 4D New ... . £179.95 Essence vol 1 + Forge ...... £79.95 Essence vol 2 + Forge ...... . . £79.95 Imagine 3.0 ... £99.95 Pixel 3D Pro II . . £94.95 Real 3D v3 ... . £319.95 Terraform for Vista . .. . £9.95 Vista Pro 3.0 . . £27.95 Vista Lite ..... .. £24.95 Painting Personal Paint 6.3 .£39.95 Photogenics .....£47.95 Pro Vector 3 Stylus Pro Pak ..£174.95 TV Paint 3.6 ....£329.95
Dpaint 5 £64.95 When ordering don't forget to include the carnage charge !
Charges within the UK are £3.50 for first class post, which usually arrives the next day. Orders over £ 100 are sent registered post at £4.50. Next day courier service within the UK mainland & subject to availability is £6.00. Hardware is sent by Next Day Courier. Call for prices overseas, islands & Scottish Highlands.
You can pay by Credit Card (Visa. Mastercard, Access, Delta.
Switch and Amencan Express) - we only bill your card when we despatch the order, not before - or by Cheque Please make cheques payable to Emerald Creative Technology Ltd.
EH All pneing includes VAT. We reserve the nght to change prices - you will be informed of any change when ordering. Faulty goods will be replaced or repaired if returned within 30 days of purchase.
Postage won’t be refunded on returned goods. We will refund if we can’t repair goods. It is the responsibility of the customer to check product compatibility with existing equipment before buying. E&OE Rapid House, 54 Wandie Bank, London SW19 1DW Fax : 0181-715 8877, eMail : EmeraldCT@eWorld.com
• Single platform dream nears reality......p 11
• The World of Amiga Show ......pi 2
• The Surfer Bundle - others follow .pi3
• Fresh interface for multimedia package . . . . Pi4 Dawn of a
New Development Program Will we see a unified platform
Willi the approach of the new millennium promising to herald a new dawn of open system hardware architecture, news reaches Amiga Format o a Sega rethink regarding their strategy on the struggling Saturn system and its place in the global entertainment hierarchy.
Sources suggest that Sega will change over from using the current Hitachi RISC chips powering their console to the PowerPC.603. Regular readers of Amiga Formal know that this is none other than the same chip vaunted lor the new Power Amiga.
Industry analysts and forecasters hint that the move will bring Sega closer to a deal with Mitlsiishita and their M2 console technology; leaving Sega with more resources to spend on software development.
The single platform has long been the dream of software developers weary of the excessive costs levied on them by proprietary' console manufacturers such as Nintendo.
Sega, and Sonv. The inhibitory cost of converting prime titles to other platforms would also be significantly reduced.
HOW FAST? B- ¦ Good news for potential purchasers of Alien Breed 30 II (The Killing Grounds).
In one of the most ambitious Amiga U,* marketing moves yet seen. Ocean are currently working on a deal with an unknown accelerator manufacturer to bring cut price expansions to Alien Breed 30 II gamers.
At the time of going to press, the deal was around 70% complete The accelerator type and specification is still to be announced. The discount on the boards could be as high as SO per cent.
If other developers and manufacturers follow the Ocean Team 17 lead, there could be interesting times ahead The real power ol the PowerPC range of chips lies in their ability to emulate other platforms operating systems.
The repercussions lot the interactive entertainment industry could be fundamental. Anything written on an Amiga that was Operating System (OS) legal, whether Power Amiga or not, could potentially run on any platform sporting a PowerPC chip; wiping out in a stroke many of the worries regarding where new talent is going to come from.
Of particular interest to all Amiga owners and coders will be the news that trvo ol the main designers ol the M2 technology, R| Mical and Dave Morse, also happened to have been part of the 'big three' involved with the design ol the original .Amiga. K| Mical is on record saving he wished that he could employ all til the Amiga coders and scrnetx still active on the scene; admiring their "wild eyed, wild haired, enthusiasm for the Amiga" and its related wares.
That PowerPC; driven hardware could help affect a power shift away from hardware manufacturers and proprietary Operating System developers is hevond doubt. That such a shift could revolutionise development practice and costs is the most exciting consequence of this potential.
"Your bank manager will love you for buying this program."
Graeme Sandiford stresses the benefits of Money Matters 4 PAGE 76 SX32 VirtuaScap• can be used within Lightwave to produce 3D landscapes.
New Lightwave Plug-in from the UK Kryonix design have almost finished work on a new utility for Lightwave called VirtuaScape. This plug-in will enable Lightwave-usen to generate 3D landscapes from within Lightwave. According to the author the results that can be gained are as good as those from dedicated landscape programs.
Some of VirtuaScape'i features include; control over environmental conditions like weather and lighting, shadow-casting clouds, trees and rocks, real-world scales and times of day. VirtuaScape should be available in April at a price of £54.99 and you can find out more or order a copy by writing to: 6 Kingsnorth Gardens, Folkestone, Kent England, CT20 2QW.
COMES TO THE UK The SX“ CD32 expansion module (see issue 82's Workbench and the Computer ¦95 show report in issue 80) has finally reached the UK market thanks to Eyetech. For £199.99 Eyetech will supply the unit along with a special Workbench 3 CD. The unit has several advantages over the rather disappointing SX-1 module not least of which is its superior engineering.
The SX3J features standard Amiga serial and ports, video and floppy disk connections. It also has a 15-pin VGA monitor output and allows the internal fitting of 2.5-inch hard disks and a 72- pin SIMM. The unit has been well
- received by the German and Polish Amiga press and we'll be
giving it a good going over soon. For more info contact Eyetech
on 01642 713 185.
The World of Amiga The second World of Amina show is set lo take place on 13th and 14th of April.
The show will be the first held by the Amiga’s new-owners Amiga Technologies GmbH and they will be looking to reassure the industry and Amiga-owners of their commitment to the Amiga. It will be held at the Novotel Exhibition Centre in Hammersmith. London.
Amiga Tech. Have promised a treat for all the family with various stands and activities including a Games Arcade, a Retail Area, a Presentation Theatre and competitions. Amiga developers and retailers will also be at the show with plenty of new products and bargains. You can expect to see: Power Computing Digita International Scala UK Hi Soft Gaxteiner HiQ Siren Software Blittersoft.
We'll also be there along with our sister magazines Amiga Shopper and Amiga Power, so be sure to drop in and see us.
Admission prices are £7 for adults and £5.50 for kids and tickets can be obtained by credit card by ringing the hot-line on 01369 706346.
FractalPro Image Library CD-ROM ...an absolute gem (VTU, Mar. 95, p. 61) Hundreds of spectacular FractalPro images. Superb texture wrap image source. Images can be viewed on ANY Amiga with CD-ROM (PC and Mac too). Auto-slideshows too! List $ 39.95 - mention this ad - only $ 29.95 FractalPro v6.10 NEW! $ 99.95 The ultimate Amiga fractal production tool got better - it makes Lightwave objects too! FractalPro has always been the best choice for fractal art and animation on the Amiga. Lots of fractal types and animation capabilities. Supports ECS. AGA. And 24-bit with super-fast fractal rendering.
Requires 2.04 (or higher) math chip. 1mb RAM. Full PAL compatibility, of course, with many resolution options.
BONUS! FractalPro Image Library CD FREE JobTracker v1.0 $ 69.95 Track your project billing time and charges In real time. Easy graphic user mtertaco tor a database ol clients and projects. Prints project session histories lor billing records. Requires 2.04 (or higher).
Rpaint v2.0 for AGA $ 79.95 A paint program, Arexx graphics language (the graphics that Arexx always needed!) And a presentation tool - all In one. Rpaint can even record your paint actions directly onto a usable script'. Supports NTSC and PAL resolutions on AGA systems. Requires AGA Amiga.
Distant Suns v5.01 CD-ROM NEW!
Over 1500 IFF images (planets, stars and more) - dozens of amms, 16 million-star Hubble catalog and the terrific Distant Suns planetanum all on CD-ROM. Displays in 16 colours (256-cokxirs on AGA Amigas!). Needs
2. x+. 2mb HD.
List $ 149.95 SPECIAL - MENTION THIS AD - $ 119.95 NouroPro Neural Notwork - roq 2.x+ & math chip - £99.95 BarPro Bar Code Graphics & Pnntmg - $ 99.95 VistaPro 3.05 latest release - for powor users - $ 89.95 Vista Lite - requires only 2MB RAM and 2.x+ - $ 24.95 Complete Amiga systems as well as many great buys on Amiga-related hardware items. Authorized Amiga dealer.
Ordering Information Send International Money Order m JUS ONLY (add $ 12 for air po»1 to the UK or Europe) to MegageM - or - To order by credit card, contact our fnonds at Chaocity - Phone 805 925 7732 FAX 805 928 3128 MegageM Digital Media 1903 Adna Avenue. Santa Mana. CA 93454 805 349 1104 tax 922 5003.
Vi tit MogagoM on the World Wide Web! Http: www.flx.net -megagem MegageM ScapeMaker 4.0 Special Price Reader Offer Scapemaker 4.0 has all tho great features of the 3.02 version you received on this Amiga Format Coverdisk and two MAJOR NEW features: Lightwave 3D Object Saver You get a whole now capability to savo Scapemaker 3D objects in NewTek's Lightwave 3D format. MegageM provides you with a second disk with 5 pre-configured LW 3D objects. If you place any of these prototypo objects in your RAM: disk. ScapeMakor 4.0 will use it to create a LW 3D object whenever you save a DEM from
ScapeMaker. You can convert VistaPro DEM objects into Lightwave format quickly - even in large batches with ScapeMaker's Aroxx features. Using this feature requires a math chip or 68040.
Boolean Logic Combinations of 3D Objects Now you can combine two 3D objects wilh AND, OR, XOR, NEG and NOT operations with a simple click ol your mouse. Use one object to drill holes' in another and much more. ScapeMaker 4.0 makes it easy.
To order the new ScapeMaker 4.0 Direct Please send payment of S34.95 - International Money Order in SUS ONLY
- (includes shipment to tho UK or Europe) to: MogageM 1903 Adna
Santa Mana. CA 93454 USA. Say you saw it in Amiga Format!
For Credit Card ordors by phone fax Call our fnends at Chaocity - 805 925 7732 fax 928 3128 This special roducod pnee offor of ScapeMakor 4.0 win be vahd until May 30.1996. By ta*ung advantage of ttvs limited time offer to Anvga Format readers, you w* save over $ 20. See ScapeMakor 4.0 on the World Wide Web' Mtp-J www flx.net -megegem & NEWS APRIL 1996 ? The Bradford Column I-1 Hfl packs incluch tin still poised to take the potential browser Surf Squirrel Interlace - the bundles could by surfer bundle Is s step lie your first step onto the morass of In the right direction, information that is
the Net.
Another project in the pipeline from a well known developer and modem manufacturer includes a floppy CD mix of software and Internet applications and an appropriate modem depending on the needs of the user. One of the hoped for programs will be an updated and easy to use version of 1-Browse (see page 88). Final prices, specs, and the mystery developer will make an announcement sometime within the next couple of months.
Gopher the Internet Bundle One of the knock on effects ol the Surfer Bundle will Ik- the proliferation of alternative services and bundles from third party developers.
Hi-Soft (05(H) 223660) already oiler M Wli'A two alternatives: The Surfing Starter Park and the Surfing Super Park.
Incorporating a mix of appropriate hardware and software - both One of the defining aspects of Amiga ownership used to be a generous Intravenous Injection of smugness, administered Immediately after the point of purchase. The best games with the best graphics, outstanding sound capabilities, the most useful utilities, the friendliest OS. Even the fact that It was the most expensive 'home' computer all contributed to that comforting warm glow Its owners felt.
While many of us wall and gnash our teeth In frustration at what has become of the whole Amiga experience since those halcyon days (which weren't that long ago), perhaps we should occasionally spare a thought for the manufacturers who produced the Amiga's rivals, Acorn and Atari.
Acorn, you say? Well yes. They tried. Really they did. Even to the point of calling the ST and Amiga a pair of turkeys In their ad campaigns (as In 'Don't buy a... this Christmas').
They desperately courted the affections of the software publishers and retailers, and although 'successful' would not be the first word that comes to mind to describe their attempts at mass market penetration (well, Zool and TH«y tried. Really they did.
Even to the point of calling the ST and Amiga a pair of turkeys... Manchester United eventually surfaced on the format, and It was spotted In several Argos window displays for a while) some schools and education establishments continued to buy the Archies.
Where are Acorn now? Being bought by Apple apparently, according to whispers in the trade, for reasons unknown - but you can bet It wasn't for their mass market penetration.
Then there's dear old Atari. As recently as 1992 they unveiled an Amlga-beatlng home computer (the Falcon, In case you'd forgotten), which enjoyed tremendous software support from one or two publishers. For a few months. The management looked around them, 'consoles' they said to each other, and set about bringing the world's first 64-bit games machine to market. The ST? Dead. Falcon? Same.
Jaguar will soon be the name on everyone's lips, they decided. Only it didn’t happen. Recently the console was reduced to a u99 RRP. Old anyone care? Did anyone notice? Certainly not the software publishers. Or the retailers. Or the consumers.
So take heart, fellow Amiga owners. It Is better to have an uncertain future than none at all. There are many publishers still developing software and peripherals for our machine, long after they've given up on Its rivals.
Contact Dale Bradford by fax on 01633 896087.
The opinions expressed here are those of a Welshman who Is 3 an ex-retaller. But not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
1 _ 2 "You can end up getting blown to bits all too often when you try to make your escape."
David Taylor seems to be fighting a losing battle... STAR CRUSADER PAGE 40 niblets ASIMWARB TO THE OK Multimedia newcomer ImageVision is a new authoring package that specialises in the creation of interactive multimedia presentations.
Although the Amiga has plenty of multimedia authoring programs, ImageVision has some fresh new interface ideas that should make creating presentations that include pictures, animations and sounds easy.
The program's main interface works a lot like a flowchart in that you can place icons onto the screen and draw connecting lines between them.
There are icons already setup to display pictures, wipe between different screens, run slideshows, play sounds and display animations. Because of the program's graphical nature it's very easy to use and no programming experience is necessary.
Although prices have not been set, you can find out more about this new This may look confusing at first, but ImageVisions icon based interface means you program by contacting the I'K don't have to wade through lots of code when creating a multimedia presentation. Distributors Blittersoft on 01908 261400.
Canada baaed Amiga software publishers Aslmware Innovations are bringing their range of products to the UK through the software distribution company Blittersoft.
Buttersoft will be stocking the AslmCDFS 3.6 CD-ROM filesystem, the Texture Heaven CD and the tdasterlSO CD-ROM writer controlling software.
Buttersoft can be oontacted on 01908 261466 or at their web sites: http: www.mag net.co. uk bsoft.
PENTIUM POWER The Pentltrator Is a new card for the Amiga 4000 that adds a full Pentium PC to your machine.
The Pentltrator card features high speed RS-232 ports, PCI and ISA expansion slots, an enhanced paraUel port. Internal IDE and floppy connectors as well as room for 128Mb of DRAM.
Prices for the board start at $ 995 without a prooessor and will be available from Antl-Gravlty Products on: 001 310 393 6650.
LIGHTWAVE COMPETITION I If you think you're pretty hot with Lightwave and want to get hold of some goodies while proving it, then you should consider entering the first annual Light Speed P Animation Contest. The competition is being organised B C- "? By the producers of the Light Speed video magazine Y~t 9 ** (reviewed on page 74 of this issue) who will be giving . . w % away 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes in each of 5 animation W 1 _ _1 1 categories as well as a grand prize for the best animation over all.
' - The categories are; Best Logo Animation, Best J Compositing, Best Character Animation, Best Short Story and Best General Animation. The prizes that are
- up for grabs range from subscriptions to Light Speed to some
serious hardware. All entries must be supplied on SVHS, 3 4",
3 4"SP and BetaSP and the closing date is April 15th. To
obtain the necessary forms visit:
httpJlwww.albany.net -dwarner or write to: Light Speed
Animation Contest - 1996 C O Digital Concept Productions 2763
West Avenue L suite 172 Uncaster, Ca. 93536. USA.
POWER AMIGA IS GO Anyone visiting CEBIT in Hanover this March should pay special attention to Hall 14. Amiga Technologies will have a strong presence there and are reputed to be showing a prototype of the Power Amiga Details are scant concerning what software the company will be using to show off the hardware Amiga format will be there and you can expect a full report as soon as humanly possible A Question of Inventory Confidential walks around the rumour mill pick up some disturbing whispers regarding our favourite machine. Allegedly, technical staff at Solectron informed F.scom Gmbh that
replacement of the current 14MHz 68020 processor with a 50MHz 68030 processor was technically feasible, relatively simple to do, and required minimal engineering and cost. Solectron also allegedly proposed the placement of two SIMM slots directly onto the A1200 motherboard.
Amiga Technologies allegedly rejected the proposal despite the fact that the difference in unit price between the 68030 and the 68020 is minimal. Could this be a smokescreen for the unveiling of the A1200 plus, or a sign of marketing incompetence? However, we can scotch an uglier rumour doing the rounds that the current Amigas are nothing more than excess stock and components that have been salvaged from the Philippines.
Comedy Review A brand new national comedy magazine packed full of reviews, features and interviews with funny people. The debut issue profiles big comedy names such as Stephen Fry and Spike Milligan, full coverage of the new Fast Show series and a look at the secrets behind the success of Fawlty Towers.
£i;oooffi at WH Smith and John Menzies With This Voucher i i i i I TERMS AMO C0M0ITI0MS ¦ 1 The voucher enbSei you to £1 00 oft «h*n you purchase a copy 0 Cometfy Review from tranches of W H | IsflBr. And jtfm Mcnhes w«wi pie UK ? Oner eicusnc lo M h Sm«i ana John Menrm 3 Mol eicnanoaue tar cash or any other mffchandaa 4 Voucher cannot be combined with any other promobonai crfter or staff dts- I count One voucher per purchase 5 Valid only tor issue one ¦ I Receipt to) T.n Mo Staff taftats j lL---------------J Telephone 0113 23 I 9444 24 HR MAILORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 NEW! BBS Sales &
Technical line Tel: 0113 231 • 1422 E Mail firvtcom q firstnri ca.uk T«fdUBi.Mlirr»MII¦ HOWTO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your Credit Card Number, if paying by cheque please make payable io: FIRST LOW COST DELIVERY
• 2-4 Week Days £3.50
• Next Week Day £5.95
• Saturday delivery £10.00 Delivery subject to stock availability
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders wekome Wedn COMPUTER CENTRE" In any
correspondence please quote a Phone liiii Nuniter, Post Code &
Dept. Allow S working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS:
ARMU GYUAtoer RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face f"
Wmig L 1 Inc. Magic Pack software ? 260Mb Hard drive 2Mb of RAM
& 14,400 Modem with Internet Web software WIICA | UK’S cheapest
Amiga's 1 ¦ Al 200 Magic Pack only" £349.991 I Amiga Magic Pack
? 1 70Mb HardDrive | Only!! £469.99 includesScala MM-300 mk;a
I rChaos Software Pack2 Hrajl Nmb Faldo’. Golf f3£|B@ First
Starter Pack 1§S| HsgggM »AI 200 dust Cover ggfS PH •
o.jHDD.HM,.* .i • - m ow
• ' -i' Iali for £19.991 1 1 ii(; M1438S *£275.99 When pure
hated withal a Computer. 1 Separate £295 99 l| RENO Portable CD
ROM Squirrel SCSI-ll lntcrface*£45.00 (A I 200 I MB RAMSpeciol
pn [A I 200 2 MB RAM IAI200 4MBRAM |A I 200 8 MB RAM fcor 68812
33Mhz Co Pro add PRIMA A500 S12k RAM no dock PRIMA A500* I Mb
RAM PRIMA A60C I Mb RAM no dock Mb 72 Pin SIMM Mb 72 Pin SIMM
Mb 72 Pin SIMM 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM Mb Jopin SIMM
Mb 10 pin SIMM 256 by 4 ORAM (DR-i) Mb by 4 ZIPPS 256by 4ZIPPS
Part Prima shareware CD ROM Valued at £ 10 free with Reno drive
SCO* Surf Squirrel SCSI-II Interface
• £79.95 Wv|Mmtkp.r no4who. Kll «nk itl R 4Uv|M wywit. GVP
4008 H.DJRAM card £99.99 |
* t*H Iwhitei Amiga! A«00O iOOO «t Amiga T ethnologies 1241
Q-Orive ‘Sssrsrr £239.99 ra.h ib hange available on your old
memory. Call for pricing.
Accelerator Cards VIPER C ¦ ) Toshiba5401 B.cspmu £153.99 Toslul)a370IBx6TS()«o £319.99 Tmh.b. CO ROM dn... am uuM to »t ,_loud. *4000 tytttm._ SCSI Enclosures " ngle Case £69,99 Dual Case £89.99 Hewlett Packard CD-R 4020 CD-Recorder .....£914.991 Master-ISO CD-R software n-twCall for details £349.99
V. perll-28 £119.99 Viperll-50 £199.99 Falcon 68040 RC £499.95
MC68040-25 Mhz £2089.99 MC68060-50 Mhz £2359.99. A4000T
Monitors Peripherals Hard Drives Disk Drives
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with AI 200 600 install kit inc. software,
cables and instructions 630Mb..£l85.99 850Mb...£ 199.99
l. 08Gig-£249 99 2.IGig-£379 99 [[¦ -jP" External Hard Drives for
all SCSI aware Amiga's 500Mb £ 199 99 I.OGIg£299.99
2. 0Gig £639.99 4.0Gig £1069.99 Cooltog f~l and HO
prapfdng yiartMMmmg aoftwara Requires SCSI interface, ie.
Squirrel GVP additional adaptor may be req. (a) £15.9S
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions_ Seagate u|nv.
Cotmam 80Mb £89.99 l30Mb..£l09.99 170Mb..£ I 14.99
2S0Mb..£l39.?9 340Mb..£179.99 5IOMb..£234.99 Quantum TOSHIBA
HmH] M1438S .28 dp. 15 38 Kmi. AM Amiga modes. AGA
Stereo speakers, tilt and swtvell stand.
Only £295.99 or without speakers £264.99 Amitek 1084 S £199.99 14* eCCA St.... Hoott... Compolu Vk)-.. RG8. I......I Monitor dust cover Copy holder £6.99 £9.99 Zip Dnve £199.99 Zip tools lyiilable separately £16.99 Syquest EZ-135 £234.99 additional media £ I 5.99 Amiga External drive£49.99 AI 2001600 intemaldrive£39.99 A500 500+lntemaldrive£39.99 I Ne-Mega Mcn.se* 400 dp. ( J button) £ I 2 99 I I Mega Mouse 400 dpi (2 button) £1149 1 I New" Amiga mouse $ 60dp. (J button)£ I 2 49 | I Quality Mouse mat (4mm) £3.99 f I AhaData Crystal TrackbaR I ZyFi-2 Speakers (8 watts channel) £26.99 1 I Zyfi
Pro Speakers (16 watlVcbanoH) £57.99 I I Robosh.ft (Auto mouse J.stkk switch) £9.99 [ I Kickstart 2.04 2.05 (for us* in A600) £24 99 I I CIA 85 20A I O controller £18 99 I I 68882 Co Pro 25mh« PLCC £34.99 I I 68882CoPro33mh*PLCC £39.99 | I Zipstick Joystick I Saitck Megagrip II £12 99 | Turbotcch realtime clock cartridge C14.99 fits any Amiga CD ROM Software T Robotics New!! SupraExpress 288 Only £174.99.
• HD Draplay
• V 4 Standard
• Ncomm Voh-•••
• upia iii.2eeee*(v4 b _
• Cum 1 Fu ) H«WBTI«T aifttTjTgg- Yorkshire’s Premiere InterNet
Provider ¦ AIT 6,,. d ¦ 14,400 Data 14,000 Fax £111,99
• 33,600 Data 14,000 Fax £193.99 Courier V34+ £287.99 33,600 bps.
One-time connection 13 of just £29.3. Then only 414.49 per month. IS- User-Modern ratio. Excellent Bandwidth. Comitted to a quality service _WEB Space available. Call for further details_ Power Scan v4 £89.99 256 g'fCito on AGA AmigJi. 64 S'scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.99 24 b*t colour scanner. 16 7 rrWllon colours Epson GT 5000£439.99 CoW flatted sooner Parato rcerface Epson GT 8500£569.99 Colou' flatbed scanner SCSl arallct interface FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 17 Bit The Sth Dimension I 17 Bit Collection (Double) £17.49 £24 99
£14 49 £14 49 £16 99 £16.99 £12.49 £24 49 £24 49 £16 99 £17.49 £8 99 £17.49 £8.99 £16.49 £22.49 £8.99 £14.99 £24.99 £8 99 £ 11.99 £17 49 121 49 £24.95 £24 49 £24 99 17 Bit Continuation | 17 Bit Phase 5 17 Bit. I SO compendium I or 2 I 7 B.t L SO compendium 3 I Amos PD COVer 2.
I Animations (Double) I Artworx I Assassins 2 (Double) I BCI Net I or 2 I C64 Sensations I CAM (Double) I CD-PD I£2 3 4 I Encounters UFO Phenomenon I Eric Schwani CD I Demo CD 2 1 Euroscene 2 I Fractal Universe 1 Fresh Fish 8 I Global Amiga Experience I Goldfish I 1 Goldftsh 2 Grafts Sensations Illusions in 3D Light ROM 3 £40 9 Light Works £29 9 MagK Illusion* £ 11.49 I Meeting Pearls 3 £8.99 I MultiMedia ToolKrt 2 (2«CD s) £ 19.95 I Network 2 CO £12.49 I NFA AGA Experience £17.99 1 Octamed 6 CO £24.95 I Prima CO Vol. I £9.99 I Professional Gifs £ 17.49 I Professional Utilities £ 17.49 I
Sci-fl Sensations £17.99 1 Space And Astronomy £16.99 I Speccy Sensations II £ 17.49 I Ten on Ten pack (I Ox CD’s) £37.99 | UPO Gold CD (4 x CD's) £24.9 WPD Hottest 5 £17.9 Weird Science Sounds £8.99 I Weird Science Fonts £8.99 I WesrdScienceCkpart £8.99 I Weird Science Animation £16 99 I World Info 95 £34.99 1 XiPaint V3.2 £39 95 I Zoom 2 £1199 1 Consumables Printers Canon £184.99 r, 30,..g. ASF Ml
• Odpi.roW I New? Canon BJC4I0C I Quality colour'faat mono pvmti
| New.' Canon BJC610 CITIZEN All Citizen prlnivn h.y. • J year
warranty ABC Colour printer £135.99 Simple (uniy « ABC) lorn.
14 pin pfkiuv Com** u namWd with W sheet Auto ih bwdav T'Ax.of
«Md opbonal M 114 W Citizen Printiva 600c £399.99
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buffered, high speed serial port that is capable of performing
up to 600% faster than the A 1200's serial port, so Surf
Squirrel gets the most out of your modem and your A1200 to make
high speed file download, with multi-tasking, a reality not a
The package comprises the Surf Squirrel Interface, SCSI drivers, CD32 CDTV emulator, serial drivers, and an extensive, fully illustrated, user manual. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Surf Squirrel SCSI Interface is ideal expansion peripheral for your A1200: The powerful Surf Squirrel'" interface is the cutting edge technology for easy A1200 expansion. Providing a high performance SCSI-2 interface, Surf Squirrel permits easy addition of up to 7 SCSI peripherals, such as a hard disk, a Zip'” drive or a CD-ROM to your A1200; Squirrel is also the only SCSI expansion that is hot plug and
unplug, requires no opening of your Amiga, no technical knowledge and does not invalidate your warranty!
The Amazing Surf fa Squirrel Interface
* 99.95 plus PAP Making the Connection EMAIL • NEWS • WEB • FTP
GOPHER • TCP IP • USENET The Squirrel Surf Packs Surfing Super
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expansion; supports up to seven SCSI devices.
No technical knowledge required, easy- to-use setup program included.
Compatible with any SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 peripherals.
Autobooting - boot from an external hard disk.
Hot plug and unplug - no need to power off to remove the interface.
All software drivers required for the connection of CD-ROMs or hard drives included.
How much faster is the Surf Squirrel?
It Includes a full CD32 CDTV emulator for use with a SCSI CD-ROM drive.
Fits externally - doesn't invalidate your A1200 warranty.
Start surfing with one of HiSoft System s Surf Packs. Designed for both the beginner and expert alike, the Squirrel Surf packs include all software, hardware and documentation to get you quickly, and easily, onto the information super highway.
Surfing Starter Pack Surfing Super Pack ¦jf High performance, fully buffered serial port to give reliable data transfer at up to 230400 bps - dramatically reduces the time spent on the phone and your phone bills.
"ft Industry standard 9 pin serial socket for easy modem connection.
Serial port is compatible with all comms, networking, and serial hardware.
Yf V32 Modem, capable of speeds up to 14,400 bps.
"Ml Surf Squirrel interface.
¦ff Termite communications software - powerful yet easy-to-use, perfect for BBS and CIX access.
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? Simple installation.
? V34 Modem, capable of speeds up to 28.800 bps.
? Surf Squirrel interface.
? Termite software.
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• A" AH the tools you need for internet cruising, ready- to-go,
no set-up.
¦fr Simple installation.
Maximum data throughput (bps) 115200 * £ * * HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: 4-44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: 4-44 (0) 1525 713716 email: liisofl@cix.compttlmk.co.uk IX' you own a Classic Squirrel SCSI Interface?
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© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT (p 17.5% Ban AJI and C are the maximum transfer rates obtained when dtrwnloadtng an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a V34 VFC modem. Bars li.F and G are the maximum transfer rates obtained when downloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a l'32bis modem.
Order Hotline (D 0500 223660 Bring the cinema inio your home and onto your computer with Squirrel MPEG ". Playing the popular VideoCD and CDI CD-ROMs as well as raw MPEG streams, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Classic Squirrel" or Surf Squirrel ", and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM. Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unit, with a SCSI CD-ROM, as an addition to your TV) Video and Hi-Fi sclup.
Available from January 1996, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSoft Systems.
Squirrel 3TMPEG Special Introductory Offer I Order the Squirrel MPEG before 31 January 1996 for the low price of only £199 plus £4 P&P. (All order* will IV shipped before 28 2 %. No money will be taken before despatch) Two Magic Offers from HiSoft Surf Squirrel Squirrel MPEG Web The Internet is expanding and becoming cheaper to access - to discover the benefits for the Amiga user, join us on our 9-page voyage of discovery... SURF THE NET You may nol be terribly interested in conuns and the whole Internet scene, but do you really know what you are missing out on? The Internet is a huge
resource, and with bundles of easily accessed information, gigabytes of Tiles and software to download it is an Amiga resource which cannot be ignored. The Aminet has been running for a third of the time that Fred Fish has been collecting PD. And yet it is already around four times ON THE NEXT 8 PAGES The World Wide Web revealed page 18 Why you would want to use FTP page 20 Electronic mail and Newsgroups page.22 Real-time chat via the Internet page 24
* -*----«*«-t .1----jj Qf Commodore, it was the owed remote users
to keep in that was going on. It is still »st lively and
frequently updated source of Amiga information. Sit back and i
let us show you what I awaits you online.
How Istssoil Siioe«al EA; I t The Internet has been around lor years. Since its inception to the present day it has mainly been used by academics to keep in touch with each other, pool resources and swap files for the greater good. The only reason anyone outside this rather exclusive circle has heard of die Internet is due to the concept and implementation of a new user-interface to the network, the World Wide Web and the browser programs that go with it.
Keyword query: U'
• S. ,ir. And T * Ik of Information: r*opl* (omrcul TrcUucal
topcrt* bn query option,: U s trh tot toTCToe U R«nm | 10 1
ffsnle II Duplay mole In | O BneJ I UD Inecn* mulls Instead of
staring at screens full of text, typing in arcane shell
commands and above all. Knowing exactly where you wanted to be
before you got there, web browsers provide an easy to
understand (well, easier anyway) way of accessing all this
information. Most modern computer users, and even those with
Pcs. Are familiar with the idea of a GUI (Graphical User
Interface) and can quite happily navigate their way through the
web. Oblivious of all the complicated networking dial is going
on behind the scenes.
The major difference between the so called World Wide Web (WWW) and traditional comms services isn't really anything to do with technology at all, but more to do with concept.
When you connect to a WWW page with your browser, all that is coming down your phone line is the same old binary data. In fact, the majority of the data that is transferred is just ASCII text. The difference is that this text has special commands imbedded into it which pass instructions on to the software you run on your computer.
These instructions tell the "browser" software in what part of the screen to display the text, what font it should be in and what colour etc This special text is known as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and can include links to other computers on the Internet as well as links to image files, which your browser can then display on screen in the right area of the page.
Making the interface of the browser graphic orientate makes the World Wide Web much more accessible, and is really responsible for the surge of interest in the Internet.
Savvy Search is one of the more reliable engines for finding things on the net.
WWW Browsers allow the user to move from one server lo another simply by clicking on "links” displayed on screen. These linking items may just appear to be some highlighted text, or a little icon or even a small part of a bigger picture, but the embedded codes will tell the browser where it has to receive the next screen of information from. Whether it is another document on the same server, or on a completely different machine in a different building, country or continent.
The WWW itself only came into being in 1990, as part of a project developed at the CERN laboratories.
Since then it lues obviously become the fastest growing part of the Internet. But why? Surely not everyone has a great desire to read other peoples research into particle physics?
Well, you'd be surprised. But as more and more people created web sites, there was a lot of overcapacity, so little sites gradually built up with home pages from the creators, information about their hobbies and so on. Il became cool on campus.
S«T S.vrySoich- 1 Dm each aeajrh rotire ) Noimal O Verbose 1 lormat DOWN TO BUSINESS Another very good reason for the popularity of the World Wide Web Ls that corporations have seen the opportunity to make money out of it.
This is not all bad, because it enables companies lo set up their own pages.
These give more information than you could get in a 30 second TV advert, and unlike TV adverts, the consumer doesn't have to look at them at all.
This is beneficial to the general public because it means the companies involved actually have to offer their customers some real, tangible benefits.
Possibly the most common example of this, since the groundbreaking Guinness ad appeared on Futurcnet, are screensavers - visit our product site and read some of the things we have to say and you too can have a free gift.
Many companies now offer genuine services via their WWW pages alongside promotion of their products. You can order wine from Sainsburys, flowers from Interflora - you can even check out the best insurance quote for your new motor.
A & HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS 5 HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS & HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS H0TT1 Starching tic Inlrrrwi Mo»lr Dalabair ¦¦¦ http: www.cs.cf.ac.uk Movics I u |f you have ever wondered what the name of Donald Pleasance's character in “The Great Escape" was.
Or how many films Lysette Anthony was in after "Ivanhoe", then this is the site for you - a huge searchable database of just about every film ever made.
¦ http: www.syr2.com
• The home of the authors of the excellent Digital Universe -
this site gives more info on this tremendous program and you
can also download a demo version - but be warned, it is over
¦ EzquerraHomePage.html If you like comic artwork, and especially if you are a Judge Dredd fan. You shouldn't miss the homepage of Carlos Ezquerra. The original Dredd artist. It hasn't been going very long, but there is already a wealth of great art there.
Http: www.scotweb.co.uk whisky mattfile protected maltfile search.html It would be impossible for us to compile a list of top sites which does not include this marvellous invention. Fill in a few details about your perfect whiskey, how peaty it should be. Which region it should come from etc. and the server will do the rest presenting you with a list of whiskey's you should try. Mines a Black Bush, cheers!
FOR MORE ON BROWSERS FOR THE AMIGA SEE AMIGANET ON PAGE 8« Most browsers cache the locations you have visited, so you can step back and forward through the sites you have already been to.
Mwk amiga ta gb&idt« htw The URL line gives the Unique Resource Location of the page you are viewing - it's just like an address really.
Nrr«ll. «l r iml'ncl Im. (•!•••• ft* Mil**.
___i it at i mm j ' ~l- » Mfirrii* «• (ft* t *'•" i(»• H»*t WHS- *0 fTN •**•*•» lata (MWWM*I *'•• .•1 rraWtlft «• • •a .aal «*1 - IN* NaltUftWla fanaaaa (ta •**»«* ot*»**«*fti* * Most WWW pages include links to other related pages, either on the same server or on a completely different server somewhere else GIVE ME FREEDOM Ai the moment you will find a lot of black web pages. Tills is a protest against American legislation to censor the net. By making server owners responsible for what's on their pages.
The World Wide Web has never had any form of censorship before, the contents of web sites have simply been down to the individual moral codes of the people dial created diem.
With the Internet being so hyped in national media, it was only a matter of time before the moral minority stepped in to spoil everyone else's fun.
A' jga :ecfno*og*3 GmbH AMIGA
A. .....
• T uTlAVu-**!* a ,r ¦-1 Caavri«m mi ftv eiv IAMIGAI BUT WHERE IS
The ''Home" button will take you to a default location - so you never need worry about getting lost.
It can take a lot of searching to find anything immoral on the net. In fact, finding things you may want to look at is one of the biggest difficulties with die WWW. For this reason, many search engines have appeared. These pages allow you to enter key words like "Lego", or "Bricks" and then they try to match them to anything in their own database. Given the rale at which pages appear and disappear, you still can't find everything you might expect to.
Continued overleaf e The old animated logo. When something is happening, it moves to let you know that the whole system hasn't crashed, it's just trying to get some data from somewhere.
These gadgets allow the user to go quickly to an often visited.
Predetermined site.
Graphics can slow down the transfer of pages, but most browsers give you the option of whether to load them or not.
Many pages include email links so you can send messages directly to the author of the site.
I DON’T UNDERSTAND How do I connect to the World Wide Web from my Amiga?
The first thing you need is a modem. The modem will be the link between your Amiga and a special computer server, known as a Point of Presence. Then you will need the browser, mail and network software for your Amiga. Amiga Technologies will be releasing a bundle containing a modem and the necessary software very soon.
What does this Point of Presence thing do then?
The POP is basically a link to a big computer hard wired into the Internet.
When you dial in, all the data you want to access is first sent to the POP. Which then sends it down the phoneline to you.
Isn’t all this folly expensive, contacting networks all over the world and that?
It is relatively inexpensive once you have all the hardware and software. Your service provider will probably have a POP within a local call distance of where you live. All you will pay for is the phone call, plus a monthly charge to the service provider for using their POP.
Is there any other way of getting connected? I don't want to run up huge pone bills.
Many cable companies are considering offering Internet connection as part of their service. This would mean you wouldn't actually pay any call costs at all.
But I live in a very remote area - there are no cable companies and I doubt if their is a POP close by.
There is still hope. A few companies are experimenting with a derivation of the pocket radio. This would mean you would connect your Amiga to a special transmitter receiver instead of a modem.
The connection would be a lot slower, but it would be free I WEB SIGHTS HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS ® HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS 1? HOTTEST WEB J Im.VSSDC Photo Q&ry 1 n*i« 1 T, „ J. «¦* movie.html Movieweb is the site to visit if you are thinking of going to the cinema in the near future. Although the great majority of the information here is corporate hype from the movie companies, you get more detailed information than you would from most movie mags.
Http: www.maximov.com If you want to find out what is really going on in the former Soviet Union, this is the site for you.
Personally endorsed by Michael Gorbachov, this site contains up to the minute news and comment on events in Azerbijhan. Chechnya and lots of places you've probably never heard of.
¦ http: www.users.interport.net
- outpost alula bionicwords.html This site has been included as a
warning. It is terribly pretty, but also quite bonkers.
Obviously, insane people have access to the net as well.
Watch out.
| http: nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov photo gallery PhotoGallery.html This is the home of the NASA photo gallery. There are plenty of pictures from around the solar system taken from NASA space craft. There are also lots of details on past present and future spaceflights.
FOR MOKE ON KKOWSEKS FOR 1IIE AMIGA SEE AMIGANET ON PAGE U» Get hold of all the programs, files, pictures, sounds, objects and anything else you can think of the easy way - use FTP.
The World-Wide Web is all very well for frillering away your time and diving this way and that throughout the Internet, but if you know what you want and where to get it from, loading in all those graphical pages can be an annoying waste of time It is hardly surprising then, that FTP clients and the sites they access are still so popular. Instead of spending all your valuable time downloading graphics and waffle, you get to what you want, faster. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol (and also, confusingly. File Transfer Program) and it is the long established method of transferring a binary
or ASCII file from one location on the Internet to another.
A link is established from the "client" computer through the Internet to the server where the files reside. Standard text is then transmitted back to the FTP client software, listing the current directory. Bv a series of simple commands the user can then move up and down directories on the host server, reading text files or downloading binary data.
WONDERS OF THE AMINET The main Aminet site can be found at: ftpJ ftp.wustl.edu -aminet but there is also a UK mirror, several German mirrors jmeqfEtimet” - -¦*-* and many more throughout the world.
What is the Aminet?
Only the largest (over 4Gb) *¦ •£- on-line resource for the Amiga known to mankind. Virtually every bit of PD software ever released is in here somewhere, as well as loads of documents, music modules, 3D objects, pictures and everything else you could possibly want. This is the source of the Aminet Cds (which unless you have free net access, will probably work out a lot cheaper than downloading even a few dozen files from the main archive) the latest of which you will find reviewed on page 81.
ANONYMOUSLY YOURS You will often hear FTP sites described as Anonymous FTP sites. The reason for this is that the established protocol for FTP requires you to logon to the host server. Obviously if you have never been there before, this would Ire impossible, so most sites allow "anonymous" logins.
The username is given as "anonymous" and the password is just your email address. Almost all FTP software is configured to transmit this information for you, so you don't have to worry about it.
Some servers do make some vague checks as to the authenticity of the email address given, and it is only fair to tell the people whose computer you are using who you actually are. So it isn't really worth just making one up.
Thanks to the multitasking nature of die Amiga, and indeed, the multitasking nature of the links established. It is possible to download more than one file at once. This isn't as stupid as it sounds. Often the botdeneck in transfers comes between one of the links between computers along the way. It follows then, that if you need to download a number of Welcome lo the Crnlrxl Int»lll«»n « Atenc; ¦ h tip: 'wvwv.mc3.com universa I pictures'casino i ndex.html Another place to keep up to date with the latest movie releases, this is where Universal showcase top films like Casino.
¦ - http:Vwww.odci.gov cia
* * A clandestine intelligence agency with a web site? Only in
America. Here you can find out loads of info about the current
chief (apart, presumably, from his home address), and even find
out what jobs they have going, and how to join! Quis custodiet
ipses custodies eh?
Files, especially from different sites, the quickest way is to download them all simultaneously. Otherwise your paying for bandwiddi you're not using.
ALL FOR ONE Although there arc plenty of Amiga specific FTP sites, you shouldn't neglect some of the other excellent resources out there. With a few helpful utilities you can also make use of sound and image files primarily intended for the Mac and there are also some sources of generic binary data.
Of course, the most accessed Amiga resource is undoubtedly the Aminet site and it's various mirrors across the world. Virtually every Amiga PD program as well as many support files and demos of commercial products are available here.
FAIR EXCHANGE Of course, FTP enables you to send files to remote locations too. But obviously you can’t just copy stuff willy nilly onto other peoples machines.
Usually areas which accept file submissions have special locations or directories for vou to send files to.
¦ http-Vokra.ucr.edu okra
• Lost someone? The Okra search engine is dedicated to email
addresses, so you can track down those you know to be on the
net but don't know their exact address. You can also enter more
details about yourself so people can find you.
With over 3 million entries, it's still far from complete - but it's a start.
HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS iOKRA-J netcituon Directory Service SURF THE NET ANATOMY OF AN FTP CLIENT PROGRAM RHFTP. 1 • nvinfctfd with 'fliFIP Suppor t Oenany' iflp.ca.tu-btrlin.de) ] ||Pirml| Re»ote; pub anga cou asftp Local: I
- jHcule
- iHeute _iHeute JPL47. Izx 184762 7;k. Info 1648Hegtc ¦» Send »
j |4 files 181, 0 dirs [01, 115K [«] [01, 3 diis 101, 1K 18K] &
Olsconnact Type sel to f. 150 Opening BINARY lode data
connection for fl*FTP1_47. Izx (104762 bytes).
Received 104762 bytes in 00:00 42,53. 2.4 kbyte s 226 Transfer coaplete.
Amftp AMIGA’ O Using Amftp, files appear in lister windows, just as they would with a file management program like Opus The pathname of your local disk for file downloads can be entered here.
This software even includes a gadget to let you create new directories for your downloads.
The remote path is basically the URL address of the ftp server you are connected to.
Clicking on this button will bring up a requester allowing you to easily navigate between directories.
Clicking on this button will refresh the directory listing, so you can see if more files have been added while you are connected.
EJ A filter gadget allows only certain filetypes to be selected, eg "B7.gif” When you have selected the desired files from the lister window, clicking here will access the remote site and "download" them.
Othe information window let's you know just what is going on and gives a complete transfer log.
The Send button is used to transfer files from your computer to the remote site.
D E3U Archie is a search tool used to find specific files. Sometimes it can actually be very useful.
The disconnect button will, rather obviously, terminate your session with that particular FTP site.
IQ I DON’T UNDERSTAND What it the difference between accessing a site with your FTP program or your web browser?
The FTP client will simply gain access to a server and give you a list of the directory you have asked for. You don't get a huge page full of graphics and teat, just a directory listing.
Well, how do you move about then?
You can move up and down directories using the ftp software, just as you would with a file utility such as Directory Opus.
How do I download a file then?
Just double clicking on a file will cause it to be transferred to your computer (the FTP program will have a default directory for such downloads). Then you can do whatever you like with it.
I keep seeing things about mirrors. What the hell Is a mirror?
Because popular sites are inundated by download requests, they can easily be overloaded, and because sometimes they are in a far off part of the network, mirrors are set up. A mirror is a duplicate of the original site, but run from a different server, usually in a different country.
So, can I Just download files and run them straight away?
They are archived usually, to save space on the server, and to reduce transfer time. Amiga files you find will usually be in LHA format.
WhafY all this Grip nonsense then?
Some systems aren't capable of transferring binary data via FTP. In these cases, the files are archived and then encoded into ASCII text for transfer. This Is usually more common on Mac and PC sites Continued overleaf ' WEB SIGHTS O HOTTEST Welt SIGHTS O HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS HOTTEST WEB ill ¦ t ittp: m»*mbofv.»ol com-'Me ' • IroseTV navcl acadamy.html Somewhat bizarrely, this site is dedicated to the belly buttons of the female cast of "cult" American TV show Melrose Place. Those crazy Americans eh?
¦¦¦ http: wrww.kodak com daihome dc40 Certainly one of the more stylish home pages are those of Kodak. The site includes an interesting "walkaround" of Kodak's new DC40 digital camera.
¦ ,. Http: www.xmission.com:80
- seer mcw indcx.html If joining the CIA doesn't really appeal to
you. You might want to join "the other side". No. Not the KGB.
The organised anarchists. And this is where to find out all
about various counter- intelligence strategies.
Sometimes the more interesting aspects of the Internet are those which rely less on technology and more on other people. It is interesting that by far the most used aspect of the Internet is simple email - sending an electronic message to someone else.
The fact that most large bulletin boards and more conventional on-line services have email gateways to the Internet may be partly responsible - you don't need to fiddle around configuring all sorts of different bits and pieces of software just to send an email message.
»tc ote ssyfes • to* disk ssyb« bob* sonsy but olot of toigs u* »s
• ft gotting annoyed vith trying to install 1C? IP and chasing
all the different clients.
But email is more than just chatting with your mates. An email is far faster than a letter - a reasonable time for a message to America is around 20 minutes. It is cheaper titan phoning too, if your service provider is only a local call away. And, it can be even more secure than either of these methods.
SAFE AS HOUSES Thanks to the evolution of computer aided cryptography, it is now possible to encode and send messages in all but perfect MAIL BONDING Both Usenet and electronic mail are text based systems.
They were designed to carry only text and not binary data such as programs, images or sound samples. However, it's possible to convert binary data into text and included that in messages and emails using a utility such as UUENCODE.
This program takes a binary file and converts it into text. The text may look like gibberish, but when used with a UUDECODE utility out pops the original binary file. This is how newsgroups can carry images or programs.
Several Email programs support MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. MIME uses a similar technique to bundle up all sorts of data (anything you can store on disk in fact) and converts it into a form suitable for transmission by email. The binary data is ¦‘attached" to the email, and when it is received the files are automatically reconstructed.
Receiving mail electronically is very fast, efficient and fairly eco-friendly.
Security. There are several systems available which will encode text using a Public key system, the inosi notable of which is PGP(Pretty Good Privacy).
These systems are not totally secure, but you would need a spare afternoon and a Kray or two to crack the code. Systems like this make text communications secure enough to transfer financial details across the Internet.
But as well as cheap, secure communications, you can also join in discussions with other people and find out what's going on in the world with the Usenet newsgroups.
NEWSGROUPS Think of Usenet as a gigantic global bulletin board, used by people all over the Internet to chat, fight, swap programs and do all the other things which people get up to.
Usenet is free. You can use it to post a technical question about your hard drive, or discuss the fundamental differences in Warp Drive technology between Galaxy and Explorer class star ships. You can take part in heavy weight political discussions, or spend your time- reading jokes.
But what actually is Usenet? Usenet is not an integral part of the Internet, it merely makes use of it (and various other networks) to propagate around the planet. There is no central Usenet site, your local service provider stores the last few days on incoming news, and passes on any it receives. Using a newsreader program you can tap into the stored messages, download them, read them, and if you wish, post some of your own.
At the moment there are at least 14,000 different newsgroups making up Usenet and there are several local groups on each providers site too. The newsgroups cover practically every subject you can think of, and a whole lot more besides. To make some attempt at organising them, they arc £? HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS O HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS HOT HoPJava ¦ » http: metro.turnpike.net HH N NiallT hot|.iva.html Will Hotjava ever be translated to the Amiga platform? Keep yourself up to date with this exciting development by calling in at the development home page.
• ).j http: csgrs6k1.uwatcrloo.ca -giguere rexx.html All you
ever really wanted to know about REXX and Arexx. This site
might not be graphically inspired, but there is a lot of useful
information and source codes here for coders.
Sorted into hierarchies: for example, the comp.* family include ( roups to do with computers. The groups beginning with comp.sys.* are related to specific computers, and so you'll find newsgroups such as comp.sys.amiga.an-nounce and comp.sys.amiga.networking in this USEFUL EMAIL ADDRESSES As well as emailing people you know, why not try these addresses?
Hisoft@cix.compulink.co.uk - Amiga developers, and creators of the Squirrel.
AlmatheraOdx.compulink.co.uk - The people behind Photogenic* and numerous Cds.
DarsyOspuddy.mew.co.uk - our own net guru and accomplished drunk, Mr D. Irvine.
AmformatOcix.compulink.co.uk - Guess. But remember to include the right subject!
PresidentOwhltehouse.gov - The President of the USA. God bless America.
GboOamiga.imnet.de - Gilles Bourdin, Amiga Technologies spokesperson.
OradeOcs.indiana.edu - The ex-Usenet oracle. Send it any question (put "tell me* in the subject line) and in a short while you will receive the definitive response.
Family tree.
There are several distinct hierarchies, and some of the more important are: alt: These newsgroups arc never moderated and therefore contain many "whacky and offbeat'' subjects, comp: Computer science groups, news: Groups containing infonnation about news networks and news software.
An excellent source of infonnation about Usenet and how to use it.
Rec: Recreational groups, so full of hobbies, arts and sports related groups, sci: Science newsgroups soc: Social issues newsgroups talk: Debate newsgroups misc: If it doesn't fit anywhere else.
Some of the groups are moderated, especially those not in the alt.* nee, and in these cases any posted messages must be passed by the person in charge before they appear. Obviously this doesn't appeal to everybody, which is why the alt.* groups are so popular and bizarre.
Some groups are for announcements only, and so it is not possible to post to them.
Each group consists of typed conversations, usually about their chosen subject. A typical "thread" is started when someone posts a question or makes an observation: subsequent postings share the same topic and carry on as long as the subject is interesting.
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS If you are a total beginner, there are a few things you should do. The first is to take tile time to find the right group to post in. Join several groups and read them for a while to see if your posting would be relevant. You should also read the "FAQ" or Frequently Asked Questions posts. Some groups post their own FAQs regularly, but make sure to join the group news.newusers.questions and news.announce.newusers as this will explain the various vital pieces of information you need to know in order not to get flamed.
Don't be afraid to take pail though: you’ll find Usenet one of the most useful and informative areas of the Internet. No matter if you have a technical question or a desire to talk about shoes, you'll find other people willing to help or chat with you.
Continued overleaf ¦* I DON’T UNDERSTAND I often us* * local bulletin board. Can I nrull anywhere on the nit from thin} Probably. Most BBS systems have an email gateway these days, but sometimes you have to us* a special address, and H may be more complicated to receive mail. Ask your sysop for more details.
I know someone In a far off and who has an until address, but I don't know what it Is. How can f possibly find it out (without tsklng them because that would be cheating).
Aha I There are a few WWW sites which are basically huge databases of peoples email addresses. Okra is on* of the more efficient ones (see our site guide on page 20).
What It the difference between ordinary mil and the newsgroups} Newsgroups are public forums for discussion. Any message you post there can be read by anyone accessing the service (and obviously, vice versa).
People In the newsgroup have started saying nasty things to me because I don't understand what is going on.
Should I tight back or just sulk?
Most Internet users are very friendly, but you could upset people If you ‘break the rules'. Find out if there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file for the group and read It - you are probably asking the same old questions or breaking some primitive taboo.
I heard there were lots of neat things you can do with email, like remote FTPing, anonymous posting and all sorts of other hoopy things.
Indeed you can, and Mailbas* can help you. Send a message to mailbaseOMailbase.ac.uk and include the following text: ‘send lit-lls e-access- inet.txt *. You will receive a very interesting document In return.
- ...
• I http: dragon.res.cmu.edu *• 1 • achurch amov Another
programming site, which may explain the rather minimalist front
ending. However, there is lots of information here for Amos
programmers of all abilities.
The Bitmaps are probably one of the more successful game developers, and their newly constructed web site is as slick and smooth as you would expect. Here you can find out about forthcoming releases, and there are also plenty of tips on some old classics like Chaos Engine and Gods.
.so http: bchannel.avonibp.co.uk pro ductioncos aardmnn aardman.html Aardman animation is the Bristol based company behind that successful animated duo. Wallace and Gromit.
This site not only has nice pics of your favourite characters, but also explains how the animations are put together.
• f http: www.ncwtek.com medium lw-imagcs.html The most
famous piece of Amiga software has it's own online gallery.
Not as vast as some other sites, this is the official Lightwave domain and has some useful product info too.
- igiawuaia tm ftr*C Real na*e | Ihernaie: I ] Use IdentO? | ]
Slip IOID’ _| Please select m IRC Kim lo i Info IRC
Karlsruhe Gerssny IRC Erlangen Gertany IRC Patterborn Gersary
IRC Berltn Geraany IRC Kaiserslautern Geraany IRC
Rachen Geraany IRC Colorado USfl Jain hau Eotl
• n.c9 GER lrc.rnait-karisriAe.de bbbl ¦SaigaGEP
lrc.unt-erlangen.de bM7 ¦feigaGER lrc.uni-paderbora.de bob-'
• flaiSaGER trc.fu-berlia.de bbtr ¦A.»gaf r Ire.
Lnforaatrk.uai-kl.de bbb7 sftaigafr Ire. Inforaattk reth-aachen
• attgafr trc.colorado.edu 0605 Port: |6ttS | Password: [
Jfkitojoln: jiaatgafr m AMIGAT Configuring AmlRC is simple
There are quite a few servers to choose from too.
Server naat I«rc.colorado.edu Count: |I8C Colorado USB Ccnnect |l Connect thread || Per Sent' Entry ||Petete Sami Cntry| networks: EffNet. Undenicl and Dalnet.
Which one you use is only a matter of convenience, and all software is compatible. Thus, in theory at least, if your friend connects to a server in London and you connect to a server in America, you can still communicate as though you were using the same server.
In practice there are sometimes unfortunate situations called "netsplits" which can temporarily separate people on the channel - so if a load of people suddenly slop talking altogether, don't be concerned.
CHANNEL HOPPING There are a great number of people using IRC all the time, and you might imagine that if they all tried to talk at once there would be total chaos. To avoid this, the IRC. System splits the conversations into different ’Channels". Each channel is like a separate room where users can meet to discuss given topics of conversation.
There are hundreds of channels such as amiga and amiga-cafe. And anyone can create a new one if they Fancy going lo a party? This is no ordinary parly - it's happening 24 hours a day all over the world. People from any country in the world pop in. Say hi, meet or make friends and then leave again. This is IRC.
Internet Relay Chat is a lot different from Electronic Mail and Usenet, because it's a "real time" system. When you use IRC., the messages you type appear within seconds on the screens of all die users world wide. Everyone wishing to take part connects to an IRC server machine and of course, in true Internet tradition it doesn't matter very much where the server is physically located. Any messages sent or received are then shared between all the participants. There are many of these IRC servers scattered all around die internet, and they are all interconnected to each other - or at least to
the other servers making up die same network.
Now we're starting to gel a little complicated, but all you need to know is that there arc many servers and at least three ARE YOU BEING SERVICED?
Getting a good service provider is the key to trouble-free net access. Ideally you will want one with a local Point of Presence, and one who can provide help for Amiga owners.
That's where it all falls down really, because none of the service providers officially support the Amiga, although the most popular one with Amiga owners seems to be Demon, so at least you can ask the other Amiga owners on-line for help. Which service is the best financially will depend on how much you use the Internet. Most service providers charge a flat rate, give you so many hours of free access per month and then levy a small charge for every hour more than that you use. Here is a small selection: Demon Internet ....0181 371 1234
CompuServe ...0800 289 387 Pipe* Dial 0500 474739 UK Online 01749 333300 mm want to start a new subject. Moving from one channel to another is easy, and if you want, you can join several at once.
THINK OF A NAME When you start your IRC. System going, you will have to think of a nickname.
Everyone on IRC writes under a short but catchy nickname and you can't be the exception. Some users pick the most ridiculous thing that comes to mind, some try to pick cool or hard sounding names and some pick deliberately misleading pseudonyms. If you are female, it might be a good idea lo start off with a good male sounding name for a while.
Think of IRC as a separate Internet utility like a Web browser or an Email system. You will need a special IRC.
"client" program to communicate with the server on your behalf. Using Telnet to login to a remote server is also possible, but a client program is always much faster and easier to use.
Before you get started, some words of warning. Using IRC can be HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS & HOTTEST WEB SIGHTS HOTTEST Wl'B SIGHTS |Vrgrtar1an RrAoarcrs : Y. ‘.
Rt» http-. www.cs.unc.edu -
• barman vegctarian.html Meat is obviously murder - but do plants
have feelings too? Find out everything there is to know about
the health implications of vegetarianism, and pick up some
interesting recipes.
26 An evil commercial empire sure, but it also has a very comprehensive section regarding shopping on the Internet plus some rather interesting link pages.
««• http: www.freud.co.uk A rather confusing but amusing site, whose primary function is to advertise a brand of vodka, but just to upset them. I'm not going to mention which one. Hurrah!
• hi http: www.vctmcd.ufl. edu wildlifc.html Have you ever
wondered how to teach crippled baby ostriches how to walk
Well, you can find out this and a lot more about wildlife and a career as a vet here.
This gadget will show you the current channel you are joined to.
Normally there will be a choice of dozens of active channels at any one time.
You will be kept up to date with how many users are online in your current channel.
Address: Either an email address, which is a unique ID of another Internet user which you can post mail to.
Or a WWW address, which is the URL of a website.
Archie; An Internet program which will search FTP sites to find a desired program.
BBS: A Bulletin Board System. A dial up site you can connect to using conventional com ms software (like Ncomm or Term). Some allow email access to the Internet.
Binaries; A term used to describe binary files, usually programs or data files, and distinguish them from text files. Binary files are often compressed or encoded.
Browser: The software run on your local computer, which interprets all the HTML data you receive from the WWW and displays it as text and pictures on your screen. There are many different Browsers available for the Amiga (see page 88) Client software; A client is software which runs on your computer to allow you to perform some particular Internet function. Amftp and Amlrc are clients.
Download: To receive a file from a remote source (which could be a local BBS) and store it on your own computer.
E-mail: Short for electronic mail, it Is a quick and convenient way of sending messages to other users of the Internet.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. To save endless repetition, most newsgroups or ftp sites have a file containing the questions new users normally ask.
FTP: File Transfer Protocol. A way of sending and receiving files from other computers on the Internet.
HTML; HyperText Markup Language - the codes used to generate WWW pages.
Internet: A vast network of computers all over the world, which YOU can access.
Modem: Modulator Demodulator. This is the box which translates information into audio data which can be sent along phone lines.
Newsgroup: A conference group where people can discuss worthy and unworthy topics.
PoP: A Point of Presence - a local phone number where you can dial in to your service provider.
Server A computer which stores WWW pages or files which can be accessed via a network.
Service provider. A company which allows you to connect to the Internet via It's computers.
Usenet: A huge text-based message area of the Internet.
WWW; Short for World Wide Web - the pretty face of the Internet.
The margin is used for displaying control information about the message that follows, otherwise things can get confusing.
This window displays all the nicknames of people currently on the channel.
When you first join a channel you will, by default, be given a list of nicknames of people already there
- so you know if any of your chums are on-line.
You can query the IRC client for various typ«of information at any time.
This text window will show what you are typing - the message is only sent when you hit return.
Working in oflices who effectively have free access.
Amiga owners have a lot to gain by making use of IRC. It's an excellent way to discuss programs with other users, and it is also possible to send and receive binary files such as shareware utilities and demos. You’ll stain make a lot of friends! O horrifyingly addictive. If sou access die Net via a dial-lip link from home, make sure you keep track of the time you spend on-line. Try and keep your access to weekends or evenings when the cost is lower. You will see many people who seem to spend their entire lives plugged into IRC - remember that many of them will be students and those n 1 ¦ T c 1
3? «oi( Oi-o ¥ m, -
• %C|| http: www2.disney.com stafk News docs HM T home.html More
evil commerce I'm afraid, but at least the Disney site has some
interesting online games and plenty of excellent graphics.
Http: www.lovenot.co.uk
* *** dating messages.him If you are spending too much time on
your computer, you soon won't have a social life - but you can
get a new one here, the home of Internet dating in the UK. Some
of the ads are quite amusing if nothing else.
Www.futurenet.co.uk Well, let's face it. I would've been sacked if I didn't mention Futurenet. But it is phenomenally popular, and does feature regular news updates as well as the homepage of your favourite magazine.
• » 1 http: underground.net - mH koganuts Gallerios sttos.html
You can never escape Star Trek. And why would you want to? It's
And here is a site dedicated to everything in the original series. Even the useless lizard creatures that Kirk beat up in “Arena" have a page.
“The Internet was invented by a man called Irving.
By mistake.” Official UK .net reveals the true history of the Internet and shows you how to get on-line.
Plus Uri Geller, Anita Roddick, Internet widows and the on-line spy society.
Chock Britain's best-selling Internet magazine.
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk Spring Issue on sale now.
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2 !
Top news for gamers this month concerns the deal being struck between Ocean and an , as yet undisclosed third party accelerator manufacturer.
Reductions of up to 50% on I accelerator expansions are expected to be offered to any purchaser of Alien Breed 3D II.
Considering the knock on effect this could have for the rest of the Amiga market, it's no wonder that there are a load of cheesy grins in the Format office this month.
The game itself, if it lives up to what I've seen so far, is going to be something special.
The level editor should witness a surge of new levels appearing in the public domain. The potential for some truly ingenious designs is being put into the hands of gamers at large.
Intricate relationships between the aliens and the environment can be built Combined with an accelerator the playing speed, pace and grim realism of the game may be too much for the more timid gamer.
Hopefully, if the accelerator offer is taken up in numbers. Ocean might get round to releasing TFXonce and for all.
I hope you like the extended Preview section this month. Breed 3D II is good enough to merit it. Enjoy.
FOF Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
The absolute pits.
We'll discuss Alien Breed 3D II in a minute.
But first, a thought or two. One of the biggest problems with games console platforms such as the Playstation, the Saturn, the SNES, and the MegaDrive is their lack of interactivity and commitment to consumer freedom.
Sure, each in their closed restrictive proprietary way can offer some pretty entertaining games.
Nevertheless, consoles play host to games that, through hardware restriction, ultimately dictate how they will play, how they will look, how they will sound, and how they can be beaten.
Commitment to freedom, rises above the consoles' restrictiveness and positively encourages true interactivity.
Take Team 17's Worms as a prime example. Players can access over 3 billion battle terrains by simply typing in random or deliberate numbers and letters.
They can also create their own terrains in an art package - imagination and ability being the only restriction on the result.
If that's not enough, the complete range of samples incorporated in the game can be changed and swapped about to anything the player desires.
The potential for comedy is staggering. Even without these customisation abilities, the range of options on offer is one of the widest seen in a videogame.
The Amiga offers a much wider entertainment bandwidth than that. The Amiga offers an entertainment system which can empower those who choose to be empowered by it. The Amiga, through its open architecture and Right Lighting will play a large pari in the strategy of the game.
PLAY A specially extended preview for what could be one of the best 3D games ever.
Alien Breed 3D II The Killing Grounds AGA Amigas and ECS Amigas with 2Mb and 68020 processor ¦ Team 17 ¦ 01924 271637 Alien Breed 3D II (The Killing Grounds) is going to incorporate all of the above freedoms plus some significant extras. If everything goes to plan this should be the game that finally proves anything the PC can do the Amiga can do too; especially when the price performance convenience ratio is taken into account.
While the engine used in Breathless displayed to the world the power potential of a modestly upgraded Amiga, the level design, the gameplay, and the intelligence of the adversaries could have been much better.
The time has come to dispense with the notion that key fetching and carrying tasks are the only objectives available in Doom styled games. Rather than rely on such a basic mechanism, Team 17 are putting a lot of thought into the mission structure of Breed 3D II.
"There will be times when a scrolling text message appears at the bottom of the Continued overleaf e © 5 i z IU III cc X «¦ screen. This is Reynolds thinking to himself. It might be that he needs to find explosive to blow a door open or destroy a structure The messages set tasks and give the player a guiding hand. It'll be much more interesting than searching and fetching keys to open doors," forwards Andy Clitheroe - Breed ll's coder and designer.
"To help, there are going to be multi-packs that can be picked up. These might contain a bit of I f" -I I health, some ammunition, and possibly even a new weapon. But you won't know until you've picked it up."
Unlike the boxiness of Breathless, Breed 3D II will feature multi-levels, curving corridors, rounded and irregular shaped rooms; features destined to make the corridors, rooms, and chambers more challenging by nature.
There are going to be 20 creatures inhabiting the 16 levels of the game. Probably above all other features, it is the artificial intelligence exhibited by the creatures which will enhance the playing experience. There are going to be four distinct intelligence patterns.
Each pattern has several parameters affecting how the creature behaves within that pattern.
Some will be overtly aggressive. Others will be cunning and summon help before tackling you, yet others will retreat when they realise they’re in danger of being killed.
"It is in this area that Breed 3D II is way ahead of any other similar games on the Amiga market," states Andy.
"In Breed II the creatures might not see you. They might miss when they fire at you. They might even hear you coming. But unlike Breathless, Fears, and Gloom the creatures don't just home in and fire all the time. They appear to think and act accordingly. That should enhance the play."
During the demonstration of the game, Andy showed me the artificial intelligence in action.
Across an unbridgeable chasm he shot at a robot on the other side. It turned and faced where the shot came from. It then moved away "It's making its way round to find me," explained Andy.
Eventually, the robot found him and he took great pleasure in blowing it away. "You could, if you wanted, be deliberately spotted, give your position away, let the creature communicate to his friends where you are, waste him, hide, and then take out all of the friends by grenading them when they arrive at your last reported position." Tremendous scope for strategic play lies in this area.
One of the areas of Breathless that we particularly liked lay in the atmospheric use of lighting. Breed 3D II might just have the edge here too. Light floods corridors when doors are opened. Gunfire lights up not only the surrounding area, but the creatures themselves - and this happens in real time. Linked to the use of transparent objects and water, the overall effect will result in atmospheric overload.
Lights can be shot out, plunging corridors into darkness. Light, as you might have guessed, is going to play a large part in the overall feel of the game An integral part of the game, and the part that will ensure that Breed 3D II will be an all year round seller is the editor. "It's a grab Jim. But not as we know it."
The editor allows the Said Spock to the Captain.
Gamer complete control over every aspect of the game other than the 3D engine: Don't like the aliens in level 2? Change them. Want to create a level with walls and objects that are damageable in the manner of Duke Nuke-em? Create it. Want to put Amiga Formats Real 3D disk to profitable use creating and rendering new aliens? Go for it.
The editor consists of numerous applications - all written using Amos - which gives complete power to anyone wishing to exploit it. The behaviour of the aliens can be completely customised. A particular alien could be made cowardly but then very communicative to other heavier aliens.
The look of the aliens could be changed to whatever you fancy. It could be your least favourite football star or your favourite babe; whoever, whatever.
Rooms, corridors, ceilings and walls can be created with customised textures added. If desired, and it'd add some interesting nuances to the overall design and gameplay, every wall and every door could be made a destroyable object. The Amiga would be able to take on Duke Nuke-em in it's own territory at far lower cost.
That's not all that can be done with the editor, but it does give a good idea of the potential. Once released, I can see the AmiNet and the PD libraries filling up with Amiga owner's creations. Something console owners restricted to overpriced formulaic games will never be able to do. Shame.
We'll fill you in on more aspects of the editor at a later date. Needless to say, what we saw was terrific. Coupled with the potential quality of the game and the sharp marketing Ocean are throwing behind it. Breed 3D II looks to have the potential to be the Amiga's brightest star. Breathless broke the mold with it's engine and graphics.
Now Breed 3D II looks as if it will fill in with some much needed innovative gameplay.
Look out for the review and a Coverdisk soon. ® What's So Funny Spike Milligan Stewart Lee & Richard Herring Bill Hicks Charlie Higson & Paul Whitehouse on The Fast Show Sean Hughes Armando lannucci Bill Bailey Peter Graham Linehan on Baynham Simon Day Father Ted Matt Lucas Jenny Eclair Lee Paul McGann Donna Evans Fawtty Towers McPhail Paul Merton Tim Firth Rebecca Richard E. Grant Front Stephen Fry Ray Michael Moore David Galton& Alan Simpson Nobbs on Reggie Perrin Dennis Pennis Mark Radcliffe Andrew Sachs John Sessions Nobby Shanks John Shuttleworth Tony Slattery Victor Spinetb Mark Steel
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charts as well as in the Afoffice at lunchtimes. Who'll be able to knock Sensi and Worms off the top?
Tracksuit Manager 2 wemwv* Player Manager 2 xnco Fears Many, Extreme Racing BbckMapc Alien Breed 3D ream i Alien Breed 2 iem v Gloom BbckMagK Roadkill Aod Software Ultimate Soccer Manager i Super Streetfighter 2 us aw THIS MONTH'S FULL-PRICE TOP-20 TOP-10 A1200 FG95% FG90% Gosh. There'* *o much going on here that I almost want to play the gome for another few solid days just to mnko sure I haven't made a horrible mistoko. There's certainly a lot of hot action goln The game ha* six levels in all, taking place over three terrain types. It adds to a lot of variety when you rhyme it off. Ti
gameplay is tho s I round though Steve McGill gets all philosophical about the latest offering from OTM... frivolous entertainment or market enemy?
Luckily, these Look out behind you there'* a grenade wielding tank. I won't fall tor that old...aaaarrrgggghhh. This pill box can only fire in oight directions. Hero we've placed the man so ho can't be shot.
Limitation of the control method. As soon as you start shooting with the central character, his movement is limited. He can no longer move forwards, backwards or to the side. He can only rotate in eight directions.
With limited incoming fire from enemies it's easy enough to stop firing, dodge a bit. And take out the main problem. But when caught in a crossfire it feels hateful. Sometimes, it's practically impossible not to get hit and killed. And that's bad.
Rather than hitting blokes on the run and ploughing on through the game, a lot of time is spent dodging and weaving until there’s enough time to let loose a shot or two. If you miss then it's curtains. What could have been entertainment has suddenly become a tedious workout in tactile relations between the player and his joystick. Not a great deal of fun.
To compound the firing flaw, there's also the matter of being fired upon by soldiers that can't even be seen on-screen. Your man can run faster than the screen scrolls. So, if he had been set upon by four soldiers, shot two of them and then decided to run for the safety of the top of the screen. He could reach it, have to wait for the screen to scroll to reveal more of the landscape and suddenly find himself shot dead by someone he couldn't even see. Incredibly, frustrating. Combined with the one stop shots, it just about kills the entertainment value stone dead.
The last of the criticisms, and it's one that some might consider has no place in the pages of Amiga Format, is that of philosophy. Not philosophy of the Machiavelli, Plato, Descartes, kind, but philosophy of the Amiga UK videogame marketing kind.
Publisher System requirements 2Mb.
2. 5MB Hard Drive Option Release date Graphics 7 out of 10 Looks
a bit like the Chaos Engine. Nice explosion routines Sound 6
out of 10 A bit wooden, but in keeping with the graphics
Addiction 5 out of 10 There's no driving reason to keep
playing Playability 5 out of 10 A couple ol serious flaws
detract from the playability Overall verdict One of the most
entertaining games yet publithed by OTM With a little
forethought it could have been worth buying There are now
glimmers of light regarding the Amiga's future. The smartest
companies are waking up to the fact that the SNES and the
Mega-Drive, no longer represent a gravy train of 100% sales
expansion. The brick wall of overpriced cartridges,
restrictive lapanese sales practice (entertainment tax
anyone?), and exponential consumer dissatisfaction has finally
been reached. Only select games are bought in significant
numbers and turn over a profit.
Dogs are killing innovative development off, ensuring losses and minimal returns.
This forms part of my problem with Watchtower.
You only have to play it for a short time to realise it's not going to sell in numbers; in effect, you could call it a dog. OTM may be the first to admit that themselves.
OTM probably know marketing and the law of supply and demand versus margins much more than they know games. At the price of £30, a few thousand sales will see them able to pay the programmers and return a modest profit from the overheads of publishing and distribution. No more, no less.
As such the game has to be looked upon as an enemy of the market for two reasons:
1) Amiga owners deserve more for £30. With a couple of changes it
could have been highly entertaining. At £20 less it might even
represent value for money.
2) Low sales of games at this crucial time act as a deterrent to
bigger companies researching the viability of the Amiga
market. In the face of the console collapse prospective
developers might just figure that Sony and Sony's
entertainment tax represents the better risk... APRIL 1996
Watchtower's price and level of playability, is so out of
kilter with what the market needs that you can only conclude
that everyone would be better off if it was given a miss. O
51% :i-» . Freara anua. Mscvt
* f»»c aaarao *• wttiiMt * maaiuf .-asw CAW- MKS IS ai «Ti il*
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Ensemble Hi-Fi. Wave Studio and Talking Scheduler plus a CD library ot 1000 Creative images sounds and effects SATURN CD S BUG 36 99 CLOCKWORK KNIGHT 29 99 CLOCKWORK KNIGHT ? 31 99 CYBER SPEEDWAY 26 99 DAYTONA USA 43 99 DIGITAL PINBALL 32 99 FIFA SOCCER 96 37 99 FORMULA I GRAND PRIX • 33 99 GEX- 3099 HANG ON • 33 99 HI OCTANE 36 99 MANSION OF HiDOEN SOULS 37 99 MORTAL KOMBAT ? 39 99 MYST 36 99 MVSTERIA REALMS OF lO«E • 33 99 NBA JAM TE 42 99 N* I QUARTERBACK CLUB 96 • 36 99 OFF WORLD INTERCEPTOR • 34 99 PANZER DRAGOON 42 99 PEBBLE BEACH GOLF 35 99 RAYMAN 34 99 RISE 2 • 36 99 R060TICA 29 99
PENTIUM MULTIMEDIA PC - WITH EVERYTHING! Inc vat ex vat SIXX P100 8 MB ? HOME PACK OR TOP TWENTY ... 1499.99 ... 1276.59 SIXX P120 8 MB ? HOME PACK OR TOP TWENTY ... 1599.99... 1N1JI ¦ w TWO NINTENDO ULTRA MV TO WIN SIXX P133 16 MB . HOME PACK OR TOP TWENTY ... 1799.99... 1531.91 SIXX P150 16 MB * HOME PACK OR TOP TWENTY ... 1899.99... 1617.01 QUAD DX4 100 8MB . HOME PACK OR TOP TWENTY...... 1199.99 ... 1021.27 (wilh Quad speed CD and Mini Tower cate. 486 PCI Motherboard and Intel DX4100 processor) AOOniONAL FITTE0 2NO 1 25 GlG HARO DRIVE 239 99 DELETE GRAPHICS CARO AND ADO DiAMONO STEALTH 64
5 TOP GAMES PLUS OSCAR AND DIGGERS ON CD The 15" and 1T Samsung monitors retain an the features o* me 14* model They r* e»uemely staWe and help make bght work o tasks socn as OTP. Word processing etc Ogrtai adiustment of screen settings and picture preference memory a*ows the user to store their prelered picture setup These models were awarded a Mac Format Class* m *sue 26 SAMSUNG IS SYNCMASTER GL (INSTEAD OF 14') 105 00 SAMSUNG 17 SYNCMASTER Gli (INSTEAD OF 14") 385 00 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT DYNAMICS COMPETITION PRO JOYPAD
269. 99 z
214. 99 IIKAM digital STEREO
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games and peripherals, many at rj* Thousands off discounted
games and peripherals, many at UNDER HALF PRICE or BELOW TRADE
19. 99 13.49 A1200 9.99 14.99 10.99 A1200 4.49 SAVE £6 SAVE £26
• = New or re-released 512K = Will work on 512K machine NOP =
Will not work on A500+, A600 or A1200 N012 = Will not work on
the A1200 Amiga A500 & Compatible TITLE OUR PRICE SAVE KINGPIN
512K| 5 99 NiGEL MANSELL S GRAND PRIX *3 99 24 99 12 49 499
699 22 49 12 49 20 99 81 MAGAZINE FOR DETAILS * T- gR»* -
£7.00 EC £9.00 WORLD £11.00 Club benefits include regular dub
magaz-nes. Club competitions and huge discounts across the
Members are under no obligation to buy All prices include VAT and carnage to MOST UK mainland addresses . Overseas orders mutt be paid by credit card. Hardware '* em$ (Oanery o» mains) are oniy suppled 10 the UK addresses j Overseas surcharge C2.00 per software item o' 25% on other items | (BLOCK CAPITALS p*ea»e) Jj I Name & Address I I I I- I Postcode_Phone No _ ! Enter membership number (if applicable) or I NEW MEMBERSHIP PEE (ANNUAL UKLOO) I litem_ l I i ALL OUR AMIGA MAGIC PACKS COME SUPPLIED WITH 20 SOFTWARE TITLES WORDWORTH v4SE PHOTOGENlCS v1 2SE DATASTORE. TURBO CALC v3 6 ORGANISER v1
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this box 10 add any optional fast delivery charge j 1st Class
Post 50DBec costeo item oi £3 hardware [all PRICES INCLUDE UK
POSTAGE & VAT I Cheque P O 'Access Creditcharge Switchi Visa
17. 49 £2 B17 FLYING FORTRESS 1299 £4 POLICE QUEST 3 13 49 £3
999 11 49 11 99 £20 £3 £3 BENEATH A STEEL SKY 24 99 £10 REACH
CRYPT BLITZ TENNIS CANNON FODDER 999 n 99 21 49 13 49 £1 £8
REQUIREDi 5 99 £9 CANNON FODDER 2 14 99 £15 ROAD RASH (5i2Ki
2 13 49 £3 CHAOS ENGINE (5l?Kl 999 flfl SENSIBLE GOLF 22 99
MANAGER 5 99 £24 OF SOCCER 96 22 99 £7 COLONIZATION 23 49 £11
SETTLERS 25 49 £9 1 rtssuS CHESS X N012 4 99 £0 SILENT
SERVICE 2 (NOI2) 12 49 £2 £3 SIMON THE SORCERER 14 99 £20
DETROIT OOGFGHT 11 49 22 49 12 99 £1 £12 £4 WING COMMANDER
,5I2K| 13 49 £3 0UNE 2 1399 £1 SPACE OUEST 4 13 49 £3 ELITE
(S12K) 4 49 £20 SPEEDfiALL 1 A2I512K) 7 49 £5 EUT6 PLUS 1299
£4 SPERiS LEGACY '899 £7 F117A STEALTH FIGHTER 2 0 13 49 £3
(512KI 12 99 £17 SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER 1099 £15 FORMJLA 1
GRAND PrtX i5t?K) 9 49 £7 SUPER SKID MARKS 2 14 99 £15
THEATRE OF 0EATH 512K| 1499 £15 TEST MATCH SPECIAL 12 99 £17
ir.HT 1999 1999 13 49 £10 ZOOL 2. LOTUS 3. PREMIER MGR 2.
999 £28 WORMS 1999 £6 JINXTER I512K) 399 £20 ZEEWOLF 21 4?
35 99 £3 WORDWORTH VI 2 SE 14 99 Amiga A1200 & Compatible' MONEY MATTERS 4 44 99 £5 PHOTOGENlCS V1 2 53 99 £6 VISTA PRO IllTEi HARD ORIVE REQUIRED 27 99 £1 WORDWORTH V 3 1 AGA EXTERNAL 01SK OR HARD DRIVE REQUIRED WORDWOR’H VS M 99 £44 When you join or renew at tne same tir buying anv item from our entire range you can choose one of the FREE OFFERS below.
QUICKJOY FOOTPEDAL FREE OFFER FOR AMIGA. WORKS IN CONJUNCTION WITH JOYSTICK OR FREEWHEEL STEERING WHEEL TO ENHANCE GAMEPLAY SUPERMODEL KELLY HIGH QUALITY LAMINATED MOUSE MAT OR GUYVER 1 VIDEO MANGA CARTOON ACTION (15) Please slate your choice as you order Overseas members add £2 carnage Existing memOets can renew early lo lake advantage ol these oilers All oilers are strictly suBiect to slock availability and may change Sony PlayStation ...299.99 FREE DOOM CD worth 44.99 or £40 worth of Extras Free 9 & COMPLETE WITH ONE CONTROLLER & DEMO CD ‘SEE ITEMS ARE ValUtb AT FULL SOP W Sega Saturn
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TWO NINTENDO 64’s TO BE WON 01279 A game that allows you to follow orders and aid the destruction of peaceful civilisations or switch sides and fight the good fight.
David Taylor launches his attack.
SCREEN PLAY Star Crusader Star Crusader purports to be a non-linear game where you get to choose who’s side your on. At the start you are (lying missions for the expanding Gorene empire whose noble goal is to assimilate other cultures, by liberating them from their own backward ways and showing them the glorious life they can lead by joining you.
From the very outset, you can tell that your missions are somewhat dodgy - destroying freighters that "V you've promised peaceful [ passage to - under orders from an unhinged commander I who locks up any dissidents.
¦S I You know that it's all too & I much, but what are you going O .27 Samurai 9 riNr to do? It sounds like you've got loads of options, but frankly, you haven't.
You end up reading screens of text, whispering mutinous thoughts to your comrades, but fly the nasty missions anyway. In the conversations your characters lines are spoken for you.
So you might be thinking - "So what, let's destroy the fools who oppose us whilst we have them on their knees" and your character will be saying something like "Well, I know it's wrong, but what can we do?" Shoot the commander and become a benevolent dictator mate, that's what you could do.
Even later in the game, when you do get some command, your missions are pretty much set out for you and you don't get the opportunity to direct as much as you'd like to.
The plot is largely veneer. This is more or less a Wing Commander rip- off with a few adjustments. You have a base to explore, which turns out to be a few rooms with not much going on. But, heh, this is just the glue that sticks the missions you fly together.
When you start out, you just obey orders, fly into space and do what you've got to do.
There are a variety of missions.
Simple all out attack is mingled with the odd stealth mission. The latter can actually be the most engaging as you fly the Intruder spacecraft deep into enemy territory trying to remain undetected so that you can launch a probe and scan their ships and databases. Unfortunately, the Intruder ship can be a bit crap and it gets detected all the time, meaning you end up doing a runner.
When you complete a mission - or fail it and turn tail - you get to engage your hyperjump engine. This means being at a complete standstill with shields lowered whilst the "Singularity Field" needed is generated. You guessed it - make yourself a sitting duck for the enemy to use as target practice. You can end up getting blown to bits all too often when you try to make your escape The actual gameplay of the dog fights isn't too bad. It gets a bit jerky on a standard A1200 when there's lots going on, but you can change the detail a bit to try and compensate.
This brings us to the system requirements for the game It's a minimum of an A1200 with a hard drive, because you've got ten disks to install. This seems like a lot, but see the box for more details on these boring bits.
The game is mouse controlled and you can get to grips with manoeuvring the craft very easily. The real downer as far as gameplay is concerned is the lack of weapons.
OK, you fly several different ships, with different payloads and speed capacities, but at the end of the day you're down to using lasers and a set of missiles. The missiles will miss unless they are locked exactly, which can be tricky.
Even when fighting Above: A Health minion trom which I wee destined not to return and the mission briefing screen where the commander tells you a load of cobblers.
Left: There are some nice, rendered animations that join the parts of the game together. Unfortunately, this one is from the mission failure screen where my ship Is destroyed and my head explodes in the vacuum.
Against enemy pilots with a poor ranking, it % takes forever to kill • them and their ships don't seem to get hit even when you’re bearing down directly V on them. However, when compared to the original Wing Commander Amiga game, it's swings and roundabouts. There's no doubt that there are areas of the game where Wing Commander comes out on top. It has better mission planning with navigation points to use and the prospect of proper ranks. In Star Crusader you only get promoted in times of red alert when the commander has gone off his trolley.
The game plays better in space.
The ships jump less across the screen as the computer tries to calculate where everyone is. They still jump a bit on a standard A1200 when there's lots going on, but it's good to be able to THE BORING BITS fly past one of your wingmen women and see how they're fairing in a fight when you're chasing someone else.
The game also has excellent sampled speech and some nifty rendered cinema scenes that hang everything together, explaining a bit more of what's going on. The animations are a little jerky, but it's surprising to hear the whole dialogue spoken to you.
At the end of the day, the graphics do look a bit dated and blocky, but the gameplay can become engaging. This is not a game that's l3Mbs of hard drive space made me take a look at the files, because that's a pretty poor compression rate for badly optimised code. The real reason isn't poor programming, but the massive animation files and huge speech samples that can go on for nearly a minute.
All the rendered anim interludes
• I going to enthral I most people and I doesn't touch I the
likes of Wing Commander 4 on the PC. But at least you don't
need a £1500 Pentium and 4 CD-ROMs to play it. A better
Starbase with more frills and tweaked gameplay using ships that
didn't look so naff would have been better. But this is a
portover and you don't expect them to do things like that. The
basic engine for the game is reasonable and there were
occasions when I got genuinely excited, but that tended to be
more on the stealth missions than in the dog-fights.
Released at £50, you might as well stick with the budget WC, but we found the game being sold for only £13 in FutureZone, which 1 - i. V is much more tempting.
STAR CRUSADER Publisher GameTek 01753 553445 £29.99 (but see review) Especially since when ¦«r ' you've finished with j it, you've got ten spare floppy disks out of it. O Left: The spacedock itself and inside it.
A bit limitad and not exactly spacious.
Have full speech and full colour animations and samples take up a huge amount of space, but don't compress particularly well.
The ten disks are down to this and not bad programming. In fact, the game uses the neat trick of rebooting the system when you start the game in order to free up as much memory as possible.
Versions A1200 A4000 SCREEN PLAY APRIL 1996 System requirements A1200 with hard drive (extra memory recommended) Release date Graphics 7 out of 10 Decent anims and the actual game is as good as could be expected, although it looks Pcish.
Sound 8 out of 10 The laser fire is irritating as is the engine sound, but the sampled computer and voices are spot on.
Addiction 6 out of 10 Good for WC fans, but is too limited for a "nonlinear" game.
Playability 6 out of 10 Easy enough to get into and controls pretty well.
Overall verdict If designed for the Amiga, it could have offered much more, but as a port, it's acceptable if a little dated.
APRIL 1996 SCREEN PLAY CLUB MHIfl ... COUMIRV IIHHRbE R RHHK HCCUUMI GROUMO MHMt SRFEI9 RRIIMG SERI I Mb CRPRCI I V SERII MG RUERRGF SERI I ICUEI r ERKRCE CRPRCIiy TERRRCE RUIRRGE (ERRRCE IICKFI I ol t e ¦ ha it Ena Un J G Grahan £2000090 H i ahkura L 181L0 15298 £15 230L8 215G6 £9 IHOtlE 1C 12 9 110 9 13 13 I' 110 Oi ruhv l 0 0 9 13 13 9 0 8 9 13 13 9 HhfiM 2 0 0 9 13 13 0 13 13 13 13 13 0 version contains is both titles and a few upgraded players and stats. Some of the players in the lower leagues are a year out of date, though. And Gremlin, in their wisdom have set no
recommended retail price so it's impossible to tell you whether it’s value for money. If you haven't got PM3and you can pick this up for a tenner then heck, why not.
But the whole package smells strongly of 'cash-in'. Gremlin aren't working on any new Amiga games so why not package a couple of their best sellers and call it "Deluxe"? If you can get this for £10, great, otherwise play Ultimate Soccer Manager, it's more fun. Cj rimiiii;i H mu W i ii ii mi ii 11 till Ml 1 [HI IIII 1 ¦ 1 I Ini mi t;i mi Kill II 1 RFIIIil ¦ ¦ 11 i ii t ¦ ill 11 SHI fill ¦ ¦mm uni t r4 ni ii ini ;i ii inn i W i n ii ii ii a k SIEMI Ill.liJI 1 I III 1 ‘ 1 SI III 1 i :i ii it i hi i ii :i ¦ Ii ¦ mi 1 III Ul III III 1) ¦ ¦mill mu i u Cl i a Mill III llll OH MMII ||v win im naiiii
U. U im IIN UN it it
• il 1 1 1 1 1 1 H NM.IN n 1 H* m«IMMI , rn
• UMU Ulthl Oil 1 10 UNI IMG 5 NI UN. T NT O' II V NIIM. NvtNNGl
VI NI IIIHII II' RKOll (MTNtllV IM Kmtl MUM Ma KNNtl 111 Nil
19 W " 'Nnniiv ' 1,1 NNNOM ItmimI 11 i IS i UNI : 1 i o Top:
Shadowy pictures ol made-up managers. They definitely take
Far Top: You can evon change the player ratings. But you wouldn't though.
Chop and change Liverpool or whatever team you see fit- If you do chop Liverpool, don't tell Graeme.
Premier Manager 3 Deluxe Gremlin Interactive 0114 275 342J ¦ A1200 1Mb ¦ 68% Well here's an odd fish. Premier Manager 3first jogged up and down the touchline way back in November 1994 (reviewed AF66 85%) By this lime. Gremlin's football management trilogy was renowned in the circles where young men gathered excitedly around screens arguing the benefits of 4-4-2 against the sweeper system.
And then, some months later Gremlin saw fit to release the Multi-Edit system which allowed you to swap and change names and statistics' That's if you bought the original Premier Manager 3, of course. And now you can have them both together.
But let us briefly tread old ground. Premier Manager 3 arrived during a hectic period for football management simulations. The old guard, primarily our friend here and Domark's Championship Manager were being challenged by the breezier soap opera that is On The Ball You wanl Tottenham Hotspur to play at Highbury, simply edit in the name. Makes things a bit too easy though.
First there was Premier Manager 3. Six months later came the Multi-Edit system. And now they're both together. How clever... Re-releases and later, the splendid Ultimate Soccer Manager with it's ground-building-before-your-very-eyes and 'bung' options.
PM3 is an altogether more sober affair, preferring the old school tactics of mass statistics. It's major advance was the introduction of a matchplay interface which let you watch the games in a variety of ways - you could see which players were following your barked orders And it also introduced a European transfer market - no problem gaining work permits for players here.
PM3 is undoubtedly one of the most difficult management sims. You start off as boss of a Vauxhall Conference team of your choice and you have to work your way up the leagues.
A cool feature, because one imagines most, if given the choice, would begin in Arsenal's Marble Halls or at Old Trafford.
However, both PM3 and the separate Multi-Edit system have already sold by the bucket load, and all the Deluxe CLIIR ORTH Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept:AF04 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ Qanwpm. Please note: Some ales may not be released at Die time of going to pres&MostWes are despafcted same day.but can take up to 28c TEL: 01268 271172 FAX: 01268 271173 CIS: 100307-1544 UK - FREE EUROPE -£2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Mcn-Fri 9an 7pm Sat&Sun 1 World Ol Photo .
World Ot Sound World Ol Video World of Football World of God . World ol Soccer Wortds at War WorkJs or Legend . 10.99 . 12 99 26 99 29 99 899 999 999 DUNGEON MASTER 2 Ewe - ... .
Elite ? • Frontier E ntxyo . Emerald Mines Empire Soccer 94 Ep'C Champeons 1999
17. 99 799 699 1299 22 99 22 99 WORMS.
Wreckers 19 99 WWF I or 2 .. 0 99 X-IT • Zonked ..16 99 XP 0 ... 1 ZEE WOLF 2 - WILD FIRE. 25.99 . 9.99 19.9919.99 1799 -- .-- 19 99 . -19.9919.99 12 99 --- 16 99 ~ ... 1299 --- .. 19.99 -19.99 12 99 ---- 17 99 17.9917 99 8 99 8 99 ---- 9 99 9 9919 99
10. 99--- 19 99 -----17 99 SPECIAL OFFERS 11 99------ Body Blows
Bubba n Stlx Chuck Rock Chuck Rock 2 Clock
Wiser .... Cool World Corporation ...
Crystal Dragon agonsione Fly Harder
. Football Glory ...
Heimdad Heimdall 2 ... J Nicklaus Despner Clp
An Jetstrike Last Nm)a 3 .... Mean Arenas
19. 99 19 99
12. 99 12 9912 99 19 99 ---- 10 99 ----12 99 ..-----19 99 12 99
- 19 9919 99
17. 99 J7 99 19 9919 99 - 19 99 - 10 99 -- 699 ------- 499 -- 499
9 99 9 99 9 99 8 99 ---- ----- 4 99 ---
9. 99---- 4 99 -- 4 99
- 12.99 899 899 -- 4 99 ----- 139 26 99 1789 ------
22. 99 -- .. ------19.9919 99 19 99 • - 22 99 ---- 8 99 -------
.. -26.99 - . -19 99 19 99 ..-- 13 9919 99
17. 99 19 9919 99
10. 9 9--- .. 17.99 17.99 - .. 12.99 ----- ----- 9 99 9 99 9 99
- ---- 999
- ----12 99
12. 99-- 7 99 -- .....12 99
- -,299 ....1299
- -12 99
- 1299 Morph Myth on Out lot unch Poworgames ...
Sabre Team Sensible Soccer 92193.... Seosele Soccer taamatonal
ShadowfKgiter SIMON THE SORCEROR 1. .
Steve Davis Snooker Syndicate Tornado ..... Warzone WEMBLEY WT SOCCER ... Wemoiej Rugby League 129
- 12.9 9 99 9 99 10 99 .....
12. 99 24 99 22.99 29 99 ---- 899 -- 1299 1299 --
22. 99 22.99 22.99 4 99 ...... ....
- -999 1799 1799 ...... 2299 -- 799 499 4 99 999-----
19. 99---- 12 99 - ----- 12 9912 99 --
- -22.99 099 ----- ---- 1999 1999 - 17 9917 99 - 19 99 -- 19 99
--19 99 . -19.99 - . ......19 99 ---- 17 99 17 99 8 99 699 ---
10. 9 9-- 12 99 ------
10. 9 9-- 14 9 EDUCATIONAL All C s Go To Heaven Spelling
(0-10)...... 13 99 ¦ 13 99 1099 Better Math Cave Maze
(8-12) Fraction Goblins (0-13) Growers Encyctopedia
INSIGHT DINOSAURS Jaguar XJ220 Junior Typist (5-10) . .
Kid Pix ...... Magic Maths 14-51 Maths Dragons (6-131 Maths Mann (0-1?)
Ncdilys Ptmeor Bq Ad. 13*1 16 99 Picture Fractions u-tO) 10 99 Reasoning With TioOs (5-12) 10 99 Tidy The House (6-10) 10 99 1299
• 29 99 13 99 10 99 1399 12 99 ------- ...... 9 99 ---- 9 99 --
19. 99 19 9921 99 10 99 12 99 12.99 1299 -------- . 19.99
59. 99 .66.99
17. 99 1299 1299 .... Attack SuD ..... AI0 Tank
Killer ...... A320 Approach Trainor ACID BLITZ COMPILER
Addams Family Aladdin Alton 8*OOd 30 AbenBreW 30 2-KlHing Grounds 22 9922 99 Allen Olympics ...... 19 99 --19 99 All Terrain H&cor 19.99 19.99 19 99 Artdro Agassi Te«*s 19 99 19 99 19 99 Another World 12 99 ----- Aptdyn 8 99 - ... Araotan Kntohis . 8 99 9 99 12 99 Arcade Pool 0 99 ---- 12 99 Archer Macleans Poo! ..10.99 --------- Atrophy - 19 9919 99 Award Winners 2 19 99 .... ...... B 17 Flying Forlross .12.99----- Barvho* .. 7 991299 Base Jumpers 9.99--9.99 Baitiecftoss ......18 99
Bane Isle '93 .... 17 99 Behind I ha Iron Gala 16.99 ...... .
Big Saa 19 99 Birds ol Prey 12 99 ----- Black Crypt.
Blasior.._ .. BLITZ BASIC 2.1 Bmt* Borrcers Blitz Teoms ..... Body Blow* Galactic Bravo Romeo Delia BREATHLESS... Cannon Fodder 12 99 -19 99 CarAaxx ... 8 99 --- CHAMP MANAGER 2------19.99-- Chwrp Uanr End 01 Season 1199 . CIVILISATION ________ 12.99-- Clastic Collection Delphino • Flasbbec* Cruise For A Coipse Another W vW. Fvlufe Wars. Cbe-anm Steam 16 99 -- Classic CoU - Lucas Arts • Monisland Indy Jones f iasf Cnisade Atto.Loom.Zak McKrakanMa-vacMansco 19.99-- ClockWiser 9 99 9 99 9 99 Club Football 9 99 9 99 --- CO ALA__________________ 19.99--
Colonels Bequest 10 99 --- Colonisation 22.99 --- Combat Classics 1 • FT5 11.688 Artac* Sot. Team Yankee 19 99 -- Complete Chess 22 99 -- Coro A1200 Bundle • Sktieion K e*.
Banshee. MvmJaM -12 99--- Core CD32 Bundle 2 BuDM Quick Roc* 1*2 Cosmic Specehead Cratt lor AMOS Cruise For A Corpse Cyt»ercon 3 .. Cyberspace D Genera hen Dark Seed Deluxe Pant V DELUXE VIDEO 3 Demomantac . Desert Stnke Dogfight .... Brutal Paws of Fury Brutal Football Bubble & Squeak Campaign 2 Cadaver'Pay Of Cannon Fodder ~~ 16 99 179 G GcOOCBW CLASS G Gooch - 9*95 Data Disk G Gooch Baaio lor ** Am** GROLIERS ENCYCLOPEDIA ..2 Gremlin Four Pack Lotus Premier Man
2. Space Cmsede.Zooi 2 13.99 Guardian Gunship...... GUNSHIP
2000------------ Hanna Battera Animation Hard Nova Heart of
China . Help! Compilation Sensible
Soccer Euro Champs.Push Oyer. Road Pash CooiSpor.
The humans Desert Srn«e 17 99 ---- History One 1914-18 12 99 ---- Hook 0 99 ---- Hudson Hawk Immortal Indy Jones • Atlantis Adv Indianapolis 500 Insight Dinosaurs Intelligent Strategy Games Chess. BnOgv.L BecAdammon. Checkers, fleryu.Gomoku J In Line.Chinese Chess 19.99 - Intematbnai One Day Cricket 9 99 ----- IntOS AMOS ..18.99 - ITS Cncket .. 18 99 ----- James Pond 3 .. Jmmy While's Snooker John Madden Football Jungle Stme F20 FEARS ...... Fieds 01 Glory FIFA Soccer Final Over Fire Force r lash back.
F Sim 2 Hawaiian FOOTBALL STAHSHOAN ..... Gamer Gold Collection - Sump H Bom - Jetsinke .Me* PatiosGo*.... - ...1 Gearwork* 7 99 --- Global Ettecl ...... ..... GLOOM ------ 19.991 Gloom Data Disk .. .12 99 Gtoom 2 1 Gloom Deluxe 19.99 - G Gooch Second innings K»ck Oft 3 ... Kjck OH 3 EurcpMn Oam * K d Chaos Kingpin ...... Kings Quest 1 2. 3. 4 or S.... F15 Stnke Eagle 2 F17 Challenge F19 Stealth Fighter F117A Steakhrlnhtor Exterminator Extractors..... EXTREME RACING _ 11 99 ---- -
19. 99 ---- 9 99 -- 4 99 -- turo ar C Kings Quasi 6 22 99
-------- Risky Woods Last Nmia
3 ..... 9 99 Roadkill Loading
Lap.....19991999 ...... Road Rash 10.99 Legends ol Valour 12
99 ...... . Robocop 3 10.99 t&Sure Suf Lany 1
cx2or 3 . 12 99 ..... Rotxnson s Requiem)A500.) 22
9922 9922 99 Lemmings 1 ..19 99 Rome AD92 12.99
------- LEMMINGS 3 .. .19.99 - Rugby League
Coach 19 99 ----- Links -The Challenge 12 99 ------ -
Rufl.an . 13 99 --- Lion King ..... .
19 99 SENSIBLE GOLF ......19.99-- Lombard RAC Rally 6
99 .... SB6BLEWC*tDW9XtS1W6 16.99-- Lotus Trilogy
LofU*'-2.3 . ..--- 9 99 Settlers 19 99 --- Luro 01 The
Temptress ...... 12.99----Shaq Fu 19 99 2199 -- Mi Tank
Platoon 12 99 ---------- Shuttle • S Flght S*m
Manhunter'New York* 12 99 --------- Siena Soccer Manhunisr
*San Franosco' .12 99 ----Skidmarks..... Marvens Marvelous
Adv . 19 99 SKIDMARKS 2---------- MegatravoDer 1 or 2
.12 99 -------- Skidmarks 2 Data Disk Messengers Ol Doom 19
99 ---- • SkJteNn ...... MICROPROSE
GOLF .12.99--SleepwaHer Mierobght Warriors --
19 99 19.99 Soccer KkJ Midwinter .... 10 99 ---- ---- Soccer
Team Manager Midwinter 2 12.99 - - Space
Academy . .... Mighty
Max .. 17.99 19 99 ..... Space Quest 1 or 2
or 3 or 4 12 99 ----- Military Masterpieces 19.99-------
Spens Legacy Mini Office 35 99 ------ Sohencal Worlds MONKEY
ISLAND 1 OR 2 . 12.99--Star Crusader Morph 7 99
8 99 Star Fighter Mr Nutz . 17 99 ---- Stnke Fleet
Music X 2.0 .27 99 --------- Stunt
Car Racer MULTI MEDIA EXPERIENCE 24.99 --Suburban Commando
Mutanr League Hockey . 17 99 17 99 --- Subversion ... 8 99
------- Napoleonic? 12 99 ...- SUBWAR 2050 ..
12.99 - Navy Moves 6 99 -------- Super League Manager 19 9919
99 19 99 Nigel Mansells W.Champ 8 99 ---- Super Streemgbter 2
20 99 ------- Odyssey 17 99 ------ Super Street FoMer
2 Tixbo ......20 9920 99 One Day Cncket ... 8 99
... Super Tennis Chomp 17 99 -----
Cfib€B*a.«W«DaPEIITX l 9.99 9.99 - Superlrog
. 12 99 On The Balt-League Edition
19 99 22 99 ----- Supremacy 10 99 - ------ Ooeralion Harrier
8 99 -------- Syndicate .. 12.99---
OperationSteaim it 99 - - Taclical Manager 19 99
.. Oriental Games 8 99 . TACTICAL MANAGER 2
.... 19.99-- Outrun Europe 8 99 ---- Test Match Cricket 7.99
- - Overdnve 8 99 ---- Terminator 2 6 99 Ovenord 22 99
- ---- TheCkie .. 19 9917 99 Polncian 12 99 ---------
The Games .. 10 99 --- PGA Europoan Tour 19 99 21 9921
99 THE KILLING GROUNDS....---22 99 22.99 PGA Tour Gofl 12.99
.Th*r Finest Hour Pinball Dreams 4 Fnmasies 22 99
-----THEME PARK----- Pinbau Fanlasies . 19 99
24 99 Thunderhawk Pinball Illusions ......19 99 19 99 Top 100
Games PINBALL MANIA .. .19.99 - Top Gear 2
Player Manager 2 . ... 13 99 ------ Total Football PLAYER
MANAGER 2 EXTRA.. -13.99 - Tounng Car Challenge Pole
Position ... 19 99 19 99 ...... TowetAssauB .
Pofcce Quest 1 or 2 or 3 12 99 ------ Treble Champions 2 Populous A Promised Lands 12 99 ----- ---- Triple Action -Vol 6 Super Terns Populous 2 ...... 12 99 - • AirSa * nme Bendtf -- POWERBASE V35 (OATABASE) 12.99--Turbo Trax Powerdrrve 19.99 19.99 19 99 Turning Pants Powerhouse 22 9922 99 - UFO Powwmonger & D'Dvsk 12 99 --Ultimate Body Btows Ptem Man Jmuin Edt Sys......10.99 • ---- Ultimate Golf Prime Mover .....17.99 .... Ultimate Soccer Manager PRIMAL RAGE ---------19.99--Virocop Protect X ......10.99 --------- Virtual Karting Pro Tenrws Tour 6
99 ...... . Vital LioW Pushover 8 99 --WATCH TOWER___________ Pussies Galore ....16 99 16 99 Wheel Spm . Putty 8 99 ..... ...... WikJ Cup Soccer Putty Squad .. ......19 991999 World Class Leaderboard Owak 9 99 ----World Cup Go« Quest For Glory 1 or 2. 12 99 ----- WORLD CUP YEAR 94.. RBI Baseball 2 . 6 99 ---- - World Ol Opa 1 Reach For The Sloes 12 99 ..... World Ol Games Realms 10 99 --World Ol GIF Red Baron 12.99 .. World Ol Pinups Voi 1 Rise Ol The Robots 17 99 12.99 12 99 World Ol Pinups Vol 2... log* 3 Ouatro JT154 Log* 3 Alpha Rny •
Autofit* Logic 3 Sigma Rny • Aulolire pdvVER SUPPLY UNIT Quickjoy Myvorpod SV136 _______ Outcfcioy Pedals SV129 9.99 Quickioy II Turbo SV124 10.99 RAM Board • A1200 - Bare ...59.99 RAM Expansion 4 MEG 72 Pin SIMM .119.99 RAM Expansion 6 MEG 72 Pin SIMM . 239.99 RAM Expansion 16 MEG 72 Pin SIMM445.99 Saitek Mogegrlp ? Autofiro MX220 10.99 Sartok Megngrp 7-MX73? |Annlogi(AAR)13 99 Screenbeni 3 Speakers SB203 12 99 Scieonbea! 4 Speakers SB204 . 11 99 Screenoeal 5 Speakers SB205 .....11 99 Scroenboal 25 Speakers SB 225 21 99 Screenbeai Pro 50 Speakers SB250 32 99 Screenoeal
RCA Adaptor CaWe......1 99 Scroeroeal Powor Supply .....7 99 Suncom Analogue Edge II1 Analogi(AAR) 14 S Suncom Fkatfl Max I Analog) (AAR) .27 9 SmMmEXJOOOiLsll *•*’"' ' ¦' ¦"* * External 00OK F loppy Dnvo Freewheel Stoerinq Wheel 12.99 GRAVIS ANALOGUE JOYSTICK (AAR) 19.99 lniemal880K Floppy Drive A5CO 47.99 KTERNAl 880K FLOPPY DRIVE AfOYAiaX. . 49.99 Mouse 10.99 Mousehouse .1.99 Moutomot ..... 199 JoysbduMouso Extension Cable 6 99 Joystick Y Splitter 9 99 Torvak 4 99 --- 999 Robin Hood 10*I 1399 .....
9. 99 Scrooge • Xmas Carol (B.| 13 99 -------- Skeleton Krew . 7
99 4 99 The Three Bears 15-10) 13 99 ..... Wind In The
Willows (6«l .. 13.99 ..... Wizard Ooz 13 99 --- 10
Capacity 3 5* 0 sk Box 199 50 Capacity 3 5* Disk
Box ..5.99 ICO Capacity 3 5'Disk Box 7 99 , 4 Plnyor
Joystick Adaptor 4 99 Acceferntor 60020 EC Bate to* A50G • 95
99 AMITEK FUSION GENLOCK 94.99 ' ologue
REQUIRED Wi FX2000 'tefl 4 Oqhl Hi- irustmastei Xl Joysbck
3. 5" Blank Discs 1099 1099 899 1099 1299 39 99 10 599 699 399
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tducuToalorders Inkjet. Bubblejet Cartridges Printer Ribbons
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KXP2123 2124 2180 4-95 4-811 4 60 440 Amstrad PCW82S6 LQ3500
Fab 285 270 250 2 :m) Seikosha SI 90 92 95 96 5-70 555 535 5
15 Amstrad PCW95I2 M Strike 260 245 2 25 205 Star LC10 20 100
2-29 2-14 1 94 1 84 Brother Ml009 1024 II09 1209 390 3 75 355
335 Star 1X200 300 2-85 2-65 245 Citizen !20D LSPl0 Swlft 24 9
2-85 2-70 2-50 2-30 Star 1X24 - 10 20 200 286 2 71 2-51 2-31
Commodore MPS1220 1230 4 50 4 35 4 15 395 Star LC240C, LC24-30
7-75 7-60 7 40 720 Epson LQI00 4 10 3-95 3 75 3-55 Toxin Kaga
KPH10 815 910 915 314 2-99 2-79 2 59 Epson
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lfi* Epson FX MX RX80 FX LX800 2 90 2-7S 255 235 Citizen 224.
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KXP1123 1124 1140 346 3 31 3 11 291 Star LC240C. U’24-30 9 20
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75 13-10 30-00
29. 50
29. 00 This must a-: Laslssflsm »l amiKihfagns - Ring femthogg
not 1 31" Disks Bulk Branded HP 59 S36 S66 5153 S288 DP HI)
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Mint Tower 5.99 Atari ST 3.99 80 Column Printer 3.99 Amiga
51X1 3.99 132 Column Printer 4.99 Amiga 61X1 3.99 PC Keyboard
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LtuXillUI. Z:.EMta«Q M.Bdi.i rgjB well, Ring for details If you are not sure If vour cartridge can be refilled.
Ring for Toners not listed Laser Toners All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ 17)%) & FREE UK Delivery 01543 250377 Rins us or send cheques to: q 1543 250377 Owl Associates Ltd, Dept 427, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE It's addictive.
It's Slam Tilt.
And it's exclusive.
_x POWER Thursday 28th March S'bFTWAlfi F T A division of SOFTWARE PLUS Britain's largest independent specialist retailer of computer games . Established 1981 Telephone 01268 725500 Fax 01268 590076 | ?
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ol Valour £999 Wheei Spm £1999 Deeocae £1099 Approach Tiarer £2299 lessee Sue terry 8 £1299 Wh;zz Cali Exile £1899 A cade Poo1 £899 leorze Sxxt Lany 1 £1299
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the Beam £21 99 Wend Cup Year 94 £1299 Fieds of Gory £1199
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Faldo Golf Odyssey Oserckive £1199 £7-99 £1999 £1099 Warns WWF
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lunar C .. £1099 Burnt i me £17-99 Patrician
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line 4 G iship 9000) Sensible Gulf .
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DAILY Telephone Orders: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7.00pm fiM|
Saturday & Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm Answering Service at all
other tlmea.
Callers by appointment only. ALU PRICES INCLUDE VAT & POSTAGE FOR UK MAINLAND. Add £2.00 to postage price lor Europe and £3.00 lor rest of the world. Next day service available £3.70. Please send Cheques POs payable to: SOFTWARE FIRST, DEPT AF04,8 BUCKWINS SQUARE, BASILDON, ESSEX SS13 1BJ.
Please allow sufficient time lor cheque clearance. Credit cards are not charged until day ol despatch.
Please state make and model ol computer when ordering. Some titles may not be released at time ol going to press.
We supply only official UK product. Formats supported include Amiga. Megadrive. PC. PC Rom. PlayStation. Saturn & Super Nos.
T lo change without notice. All items subject to availability. E&OE.
SPECIALS SIM CITY aooo..... . AI200 .
. . £7.99 FIFA SOCCER . . AMIGA .
. £14.99 POWER DRIVE...... . . AMIGA .
. . £7.99 RISE OF THE ROBOTS. .
. . AMIGA .
. . £9.99 TURBO TRAX . . AMIGA .
. . £7.99 Graeme Sandiford limbers up and practices his flying back flips. Its... owner as it has only been released for PC and 3D0. Grudgingly, it must be admitted that the PC conversion was almost arcade-perfect and as the Amiga version is being published by the same company, Gametek, there seems to be just cause to expect another surprisingly good conversion.
Fighter 2 Turbo Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, also known as Street Fighter X in Japan, is the follow up to Super Street Fighter 2 (88% in AF75) and contains the characters of its predecessor. It would seem the guys and gals have been busy honing their deadly skills, as each character, except Sagat for some reason, has new moves. Each character also has a Super gauge at the bottom of the screen which registers their accumulated Super power. When the Super gauge is full they can then let rip with a devastating Super combo by performing a super motion on their joystick or pad.
One of the many annoying glitches - the fighter's off the right of the screen.
After nearly a decade of development and refinement the Street Fighter series is revered by many an arcade-going pugilist as the ultimate beat-em-up Indeed, a whole sub-culture has sprung up around the globe complete with its own dialect and rules of conduct. There have even been reports of real fights breaking out in arcades in America and the far east over cheap tactics in the game.
Like many true gaming sensations, the success of this grand-daddy of beat-em-ups is based on several factors. These include unique characters with their own distinctive fighting styles, strengths and trademark special moves and a finely-tuned game engine that enables players to develop their own fighting styles and strategies.
The fact that Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo has actually made it to the Amiga is one in the eye for several species of console- THE ANCIENT ONE There is also a new hidden character who goes by the names of Akuma, Gouki and The Ancient One He’s a bit of bad-hat, after learning a secret killing technique from Ken and Ryu's teacher he killed him, presumably with said technique, and now roams the world beating people up to prove how hard he is - sounds a little insecure to me. He's kinda like a souped-up version of Ken and Ryu and has the added ability of _ shooting fireballs while in the air C
... ... ... and gliding r ¦ mysteriously across the screen to avoid strange reason Gametek Bison has moro trouble with his -~ uniform. X seemed a bit reluctant to send us a copy of the game so we had to pop into the local Electronics Boutique to purchase one. The first thing you notice about the game, even before you get it home, is the weight of the box. The reason for this is the 11 disks the game comes on which takes quite some time to install.
Another noteworthy fact about this game is that you need a hard disk
- an accelerator and Fast RAM is highly recommended.
The reason for the high number of disks becomes apparent once the Ken cruelly disregards Bison's pleas for help after his new uniform catches fire.
Sagat lets rip with his patented turning yellow and crashing the computer super move.
SUPER STREETFIGHTER 2 TURBO Gametek A1200 System requirements 13Mb of hard disk space game is loaded as the graphics are quite simply stunning. The backgrounds are at least as good as the PC version and character sprites are nice and big without the washed out look ot Super Street Fighter 2.
Unfortunately they don't look so good when animated For some reason, probably a cheap and quick solution for the slow-down caused by Ihe large sprites, the animation frames seem to have been halved. This results in characters that jerk around the screen as if being subjected to random electric shocks.
Aside from looking ugly this can cause real problems - there is nothing more annoying than being in a tight and having an opponent's list or loot appear from nowhere in the middle of your mush. This in itself is a pain in the neck, but it also throws the excellent Street Fighter game engine out ot whack. Experienced Street Fighters have a surprising awareness of the games technicalities. The animation frames I play an important part in Street Fighter. They not only give Sagat practices his circus training skills on Blanka.
You clues to your opponents next move, they also play an integral part in combos and general tactics. It's not nice to lace an opponent who, instead of going through several frames ot a reeling backward animation after a tierce blow, hits you back before you can follow through with your favourite combo.
BAD CODING While this may be more of a problem (or expert players the general screen glitches that appear especially when a character performs their super move is a sign ot bad coding. There have been several instances, when the computer has crashed when my character has performed its super move. This is just one of many errors that start getting on your nerves after a while.
8000 Thai Ken is such cad - this is only his first dale with Cammy.
The sound is unbelievably poor, especially as all the sound ettects needed were a lew cheap and cheerful tunes lor each of the characters background and some meaty thumping and kicking sounds.
Instead there is no background music whatsoever and each time a character is hit you hear a sound like someone hitting a cabbage with a ruler.
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo may have fixed some of the inadequacies of its predecessor, such as the abysmal graphics, but, it has now been robbed of its best feature - its playability. The sole redeeming factor about the x whole game is that it only cost £10. O JlJRHj Graphics 9 out of 10 Bcautilul backgrounds and big sprites galore.
Sound .4 out of 10 Worse than any cheap kung tu film you've ever seen.
Addiction 4 out of 10 The difficulty settings are too high to make it enjoyable for most people.
Playability 3 out of 10 One of the most playable games ever - butchered mercilessly.
If you like Street Fighter this game will reduce you to tears.
¦ each time a character is hit you hear a sound like someone hitting a cabbage with a ruler.
WH buying direct from the manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none PROFESSIONAL MIDI KEYBOARD & INTERFACE DEAL!
Full size velocity sensitive Midi keyboard PLUS Midi Master professional Midi interface. Total Package!!
I MIDI MASTER PROFESSIONAL FULL MIDI SPECIFICATION: ? Full specification Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi out sockets.
A Stylish case to match Amiga colours ? Fully Opto Isolated.
Compatible with ALL leading music packages.
49 Standard size, velocity sensitive keys with 10 velocity curves.
• Supports all assignable Midi controller messages
• Supports all program numbers numbers 8 bank change messages.
Programmable channel pressure 8 velocily. • Pitch bend wheel.
• 6 user programmable ' Program 8 Bank Change' memory •
Transpose up to full range ol 109 keys • Standard MIDI oul 5 pin Din means you move around the screen mony times foster than by a mouse.
A The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga 500 500. 600 1200 1500 2000 ond 'co-exists" with mouse.
WirnjpLoa GOLIATH HAS THE POWER Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a large hardrive, extra memory, accelerator board or indeed any powerful addon then a standard Amiga power supply just cannot cope. The Golliath packs more A Fan cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains leod.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug*in replacement.
A Full 200 watt output. A Also ovailable for cd 32.
THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEMS SYNCtO EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware end software pockoge that works by cfcrectfy cootroieig your second drive as o slave device ignoring the Amiga's own Ask drive control*r. This way SYNCEO EXPtESS delivers power to bock up programs, when other bock up systems foi.
A The most powerful disk bockup system ever track. Upto 85 trocks.
A Very simple to use requires no user interfoce.
A Powerful "SYNCRO MODI" actually synchronises your drives to achieve even greater backup power!
A Menu driven selection of start end It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use, of copyright material, without the given permission of the copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
T e Genitiser Graphic Tablet utilises latest technology to offer up to 1000 dpi resolution ot the tip of a stylus.
A Complete 9”x6” digitizing area plus super accurate stylus tombirt. To onabl. Hist, oiiurato and cos, A Unl.ko a mouse, the tablet gives absolute to control. , -ordinates so that tracking and menu selections . Works by "mouse emulation so the Gemtner will ar„ po„;ble from the tablet foce.
Vork with most packages where mouse input is tho isual method-Deluxe Paint. Photon Paint. CAD Packages, etc. A Supplied with template for Deluxe Point.. A This is the input method used on professional systems.
01782 744 j 24hr Mail Order Hot’ll A An eosy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan fraphics text into your Amiga 00 500. 600 1200 1500 2000.. A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
A Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
A Geniscon gives you the obility to scan imoges, text or graphics & even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.. A Scan Grey Software included to convert holf tone images to true Grey scales.
Includes editing, zoom & processing features.
A Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT, DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut & paste editing of images etc. | I I I ll_ AA VXIV AA k*A1200[ NOW PLAY YOUR FAVOURITE GAMES TO DESTRUCTION!
Mil fbj Save the entire program in memory to disk or even hard disk. The saved "MPW program will reload and run from the point where it was froten. Perfect Sj to transfer disk games to hard drive to load in seconds!! ‘ Mr Gome trainer feature gives you the power to find cheats within arty game.
" ly Infinite UVES, ENERGY, LEVELS etc. Ultimate GAME BUSTING POWER, m Screen Grabber option lets you freeie and save screen to disk. Pictures saved in IFF format suitable for all leading graphics packages.
Wcj Powerful monitor functions give you all the tools to freeie and hack the Nj*3 program in memory. Full 68020 assembler disassembler. Breakpoint B trace- single step commands Remember that ACTION REPLAY lets you view the program in it's froien state- no other toolkit can offer this feature I RFPIAY "atth Powerful hardware features custom logic and on-board scratch ram so ® No AMIGA MEMORY IS USB).
Works with up to 8 megs of Amiga RAMI tP! Very simple to instaR.. Just plug into A1200 trapdoor.
FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND 01782 744707 INSTANT DOWNLOAD NUMBER 0891 516353, No subscriplion- Jusl pay lor the call FOR THE AMIGA Multimedia At Its Best!
Simple and Easy-to-use y Educating and Informative Entertaining and Exciting Also!
Kev and Gareth Craft Steve Bye Ed Wiles Larry Hickmott Peter and David Clarke Simon & Co Mark Thomas Danny Amor Jason Jo'dache Dale Hemenway David Taylor John Kennedy Jeremy Ford Justin Joyce Andrew Campbell Richard Bannister Spencer Jarvis
- MIDlCraft
- F1 Licenceware
- Octamed Expert
- LH Publishing
- The Room Upstairs
- VS. I.
- Global internet Ltd
- Freetance Writer
- Freetance Artist
- Daiemation
- Freelance Writer
- Paragon (Freelance)
- Ground Zero Software
- Axiom Video Services
• AMOS Programmer
- MED Users Group
- Imagine Users Group
• Full version of Dopus v4
• Full version of Octamed v5.04
• Other full programs (TBC)
• ‘Test Drive’, exclusive version of Wordworth 3
• Limited Version of Ppaint v6.4
• ‘Get Connected’ to the Internet
- all you need, all ready to go!!
• Essential PD to Get Started!
• Exclusive stuff from various user groups and companies!
'ALL YOU NEED' SECTION The ’ail-you-need' section contains a carefully select ed collection of read-to-run material: This section encompasses full (or limited) commercial programs such as Octamed v5.04 Personal Paint 6. Directory Opus 4 and Wordworth Test-Drive' with com- ; mercia1 demos and superb public 1 domain as chosen by Ground Zero There are exclusive collections from
M. U.G.. the Imagine Users Group.
MIDlCraft. AMOSzme authors and Cloanto. The PD contents are highlighted and examined within the Get Started interface There is also a superb 'Get Connected" area, all you need, ready-to-rurvmstaii (an explained m the Get Started interface!!) To get onto the Internet Global internet will be providing the access, so immediate net surfing' There are many more reasons to buy Get Started - it’s like 3 Cds in 1 - Multimedia CD. Internet Software CD. Commercial Software!
GLOBAL .. 1 v»n» INTLKmLT »rnm.- Mntili
* »*»- Bvifcsr- Mmfc Out March 1996 [AGA Machines] £29.99
• Fast Rendering of 8 bit (256 colour) Images practically
instantaneous display ot 256 colour pictures even on sfoc* 020
Amiga There can be more Wan on 256 image displayed at on hma
with rhe paler f sharer
• Is a Stand-alone Platform Unlike Other “Hypertext" Products
(HTML Language etc) does not read Other programs such as MU or
Arm TCP to run
• Allows Text. Picture and Gadget Links as Opposed to it's
Pre-desessor ckck on a picture or animated gadget and move to
another page Retrace back to your ongmal position
• Allows the use of Sub-Modules Runnable as Commands tor
instance, play and show an animation as a command by clicking
on a button! The commands can allow you to ¦link' to anything
and anywhere Click a knk and enable the dictionary etc
• Multiple Fonts & Add Colour from 256 Colour Pallete you can use
as many afferent fonts as you kke Just use the normal Amiga
bitmap fonts m any sue1 You can also add colour to the ted from
a paaete of 256 colours fkghkgnt a word add colour Highlight
afferent hnks • add colour4
• Super Bitmap Window cater for AmgaGuide files which take up
more hnes than is available
• Downward Compatibility is able to reed old AMIGAQmde format
(and soon HTML pages)
• Drawing Tools AAG allows you to create hnes. Boxes, circles and
colour them by usmg simple commands such as ©DRAW 10-40.25-60
or OLINE 10.30.35 - usmg co-orrtnates and lengths The History
of the Amiga Who invented it? The old Commodore, its bosses,
ideas, mis- .kes etc. The Escom rivival and much more.
Miga Environment hat is your Amiga? Why is it so special? What is the
- »cene'? Who are Amiga Technologies and what do they do?
Ne Amiga Hardware .side, outside, ports, chips all explained Vorkbench and DOS Vhat is it? Using it. Data and file management. Workbench ..vironment tips, the CLI. Advanced WB and CLI tncks
• rogramming .MOS, Blitz, assembly. C. Amiga E and AREXX examined
• ecome an Artist Overnight aytracmg. 3D. Animation, bitmap
drawing analysed ecome an Amiga Music Maestro Octamed
explained. MIDI discussed, musicians interviewed Getting Your
Words into Print Word processing. Desk Top Publishing.
Printers. Clipart etc Surfing the Super Information Highway
Intro to the Internet. Surfing the Internet. WWW design.
Amiga Internet Providers. Amiga Internet software. The Amiga Technologies Internet pack taken for a test drive.
General Arena Emulation. Operating Systems. Storage Systems. Amiga in Business. Multimedia etc etc etc The Amiga Future Where is the Amiga going? Amiga Technologies' plans. Amiga visions, possible industry comments Amiga "Visions'’ - the companies that will bring us innovative products in 1996 We interview Intersect Developments. Fields of Vision and more.
And Finally Credits, thanks and anything we have forgotten!
J Main Contents List: The Gel Started CD should be available from most good CD mail order and high street Amiga retailers. All rights reserved Contents may be subiect to change ADVANCED AMIGAGUIDE - AAG German version due early April.
Powerful and Amazing!
The world’s first truly AGA multimedia, interactive compact disc.
Designed for beginners, new users through to intermediate (and higher!) Levels, it helps an Amiga user understand more about their computer and what it is capable of. Covers many subjects from raytracing to the Internet and from programming to music.
Many ‘well-known’ experts and Amiga-buffs are contributing to this CD. They offer help, answers, tips, tricks and more. Want to know how the experts create a WWW page? Global Internet show how! Stuck using Internet software? John Kennedy explains all.
Also contains forums, opinions and a look to the future with top Amiga developers. Comes with a FREE bonus beginners section with commercial programs, commercial demos and all the PD you need to Get Started, all ready-to-run. If you have an AGA Amiga with a CD player, then get this. PC multimedia CD’s are here!
- 4-And Starring!
Colour windows. The floating dc- tonary ana an animation example Advanced AmigaGuide (or AAG) is the language that resides behind the Get Started interface. It offers many enhanced and powerful features over the old AmigaGuide language. To the left of this box is a list of the features AAG contains. AAG could be used in a multimedia product, interface front-end, on-line help program , disk magazine and much more. Contact us for licence details. AAG should be available by May June 1996.
Advanced AmigaGuide (AAG) can be a direct replacement tor the current AmigaGuide In a native OS GUI version it looks very similar to the existing format, however it is very different. The languago allows more flexibility such as the co-ordination of text, images and ew_i-fin uusj in ¦' j.. i r* gadgets m upto 256 colours and can add more powerful features such as HTML decoding or use of multiple fonts on a page AAG car also read old AmgaGuide files It also uses the same techniques for writing - GUIDE' files (see second picture) ©NODE.
©LINK. ©COMMAND etc are the same as the old format, but new commands have been added such as ©IMAGE. OREM ©MOD, ©SECTION ©PAGE ©COLOUR ©BOX. ©DRAW.
©LINE. OGOTO OCENTRE etc etc This allows the user to quickly understand the simplicity of writing the doc- umentspagos
- Amiga MIDI
- AMOS Programming
- Octamed in Depth
- DTP. Pnnters. Cliparl
- 3D Animation
- 3D Architecture
- WWW Design future
- The CD and German Mkt
- Bitmap Graphics
- Animation
- Storage. Emulation
• Internet etc etc etc!
- PD Section
- Amiga DTV AMOS Hands-on
- Music (Soundstudio)
- Imagine Hands-on' AAG - GUI OS VERSION | It's HERE! Zoom
release 2 - now in ready-to-run I and DMS format! Do you want
the latest PO CD- Ftom that contains the latest PD to January
I Contains the greatest and latest PD from two superb PD libraries The interface must be the most easy to use CD interlace on any CD. Coded by the I co-author o* the superb new Get Started CD - |ust point, read about the disk and click to extract Superb and very easy to use. The contents have also been updated so you get all the latest PD until early January 1996 and loads more as listed opposite. Comes with an on-line help routine, multitasking search routine and hotkeys function. If you want 650MB’s of the latest PD. Then look here! Two formats
- ready-to-run and the DMS format (tor shops etc). The pictures
below t show the enhanced DMS interface action Superb value
CD-Rom at only £19.99 NEW!
New Search Routine the multi-tasking search'fmd win se«k Me names ot number New 'Hot-Keys' Function |ust press 'S’ for search or '£' for extract. Help" for help!
Restyled, Remastered new help and xilormation guide. Resty*ed artwork! Sup rt '
• Greatest A latest PD from early 1995 - January 1996 : Ums.
Games, demos, slideshows, education, disk mags and more!
- including most ol thn advert and loads ot great PD software
• NEW* 100 Klondike Card Games Deluxe Cardsets
• NEW' The complete Active Software Pro Pack collection
• NEW' All the Professional Sound Samples [50 Disks)
• NEW’ Over 25MB* of read-to-view use Magic WB icons etc
• NEW' Special 'programming' themed area NEW! READY TO RUN & DMS
NEW to ZOOM release 2 is the easy-to-use, ready-to-run format
as first demonstrated in NFA AGA Experience.
Allows the direct use ot PD straight from the CD-ROM!
MWCmare FI volume one - Sick ol the run-ot-the-mlll old PD CD releases contalng collections from pie-1995?!? This CD - - J contains the complete collection of Ft V'l: Licenceware titles from F1-001 to F1 -100. Over 100 titles or more than 200 disks! This CD is worth well over C500. If the disks were bought -- separately There is something for everyone on the CD - games, utilities.
Tools, professional cliparl and music, beginners guides, educational programs and much more. Some superb material Is contained within this CD-Rom. Blackboard v3 (Image manipulation). Ultimate Quiz 2 (general quiz). Word Plus Pro (originally valued at E15I). Fortress (strategy God game), Relics of Deldroneye (voted best PD game ever by Amiga Format), ERIC (voted second best PD game ever). Powerbase (databse program). GRAC (superb Monkey Island' style adventure game creator with 000's ot copies sold on floppy). Introduction to WB (best selling F1 Title). Absolute Beginners Guide to AMOS.
Junior Artist (kids paint package) or Tots Time (one ot many kids educational programs). Use some of the professional music within your games, with no extra charges What about the cliparl for your DTP documents? AMOS programmers have a held day with this CD - AMOSzme. Guide to AMOS and AMOS supplements Something tor everyone. With a very easy to use AmigaGuide© interface with 80% ol the programs running straight from the CD Remember that the programs are commercial, with copyright owned by F1 Licenceware AfLptoaram- QQ mers receive o royalty for every CD sold, £32.99 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE -
Thomas the Tank Engine CD32 ¦ The appeal lies in the vibrant graphics, the music and the sociability... THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE'S PINBALL Publisher_ Unleashing my five year old niece was an education in itself. Tasks have been deliberately limited so there are fewer rows of lights and sequences for high score bonuses. Some would say this restriction is detrimental to the game. Whatever you might think this restriction is real and slightly disturbing.
Thomas has been programmed by Spidersoft, the creators of the lacklustre Pinball Mania. In AF1T we gave Pinball Mania 76% and the verdict; "Nothing flash. Nothing Give kids anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine and they'll happily play with it all day.
Thomas has become the Dohn Travolta of the toddler set. With a toot toot and a hi diddle hey.
Thomas's enduring popularity with children of many different generations means that the acid test of Thomas The Tank Engine Pinball has to be letting one of the Thomas The Tank cognoscenti loose onto the game.
Versions_ CD32 70% innovative. It's all been seen before, only better." With Thomas the Tank Pinball, it's all been seen before in Pinball Mania, only less so.
But then things have to be put into perspective.
Thomas isn't aimed at adults. It's aimed at kids. Not only is it aimed at kids, it's aimed at young kids of three and up.
Much of the appeal of the game isn't going to be in the particular mechanics used to mimic a game of pinball, the appeal lies in the vibrant graphics, the music and the sociability of child adult interaction.
Up to eight kids can play against each other or against adults and part of the fun when playing against a five year old is pointing out to them the lights they should hit. When they manage to do so, praising them and cheering has an uplifting effect. Dust as effective is letting the ball drop down the middle when it's your turn and then feigning disappointment. It all adds to the fun.
The biggest disappointment is that the game doesn't play as well as it could-The box reports that there are three difficulty levels. Unless you play it on the easiest though the going's too hard.
It's impossible to get the ball to the top of the table except by accident and the flippers don't seem to send the ball in the direction they should, thus rendering Thomas more a game of luck than of any learnable skill.
If your kid loves Thomas and they're under the age of six, go for it.
In moderate usage the game is an entertaining and fun package. It's just that it's appeal is much more limited than it should be. Pity.
Puff Puff, Chuff Chuff, has Thomas been done justice or is he in a huff. Find out below while we kill Steve McGill.
SPACEBALLS present This collection of textures has taken a staggering 5 years to complete.
Phantasmagoria are a professional graphics company, based In Bristol.
They have been providing textures and backgrounds for video, ray-tracing ¦iixniiiMtnirpiri etc. This CD consists of 500* 24Bit backgrounds and Ip fl textures it includes the very higr. Ouai tv . -B.t JPEG I ? ¦ files lor video, cjrapnics and multimedia work, farga s I for PC raytracmg arid GIF formal fo* video titling applications. The various sections include Abstract - ¦ Phantasmagoria Apstract Oil Pamts Aosvact - .1 *ed Animal Skins. Ciouds F.*e Food Masonry Rock. Metal (6 sub-sections). Water. Wood Bark, Wn ' A !f J: Wood Grain, Miscellaneous No wasted space on this WlfJl Y § CD-Rom
- a collection of extensive tutonals. This CD jjf *' A comes with a full colour multi-page reference booklet single texture. An ideal complement to a w* * I • v! RaVtracin9 CD such 35 Liflht Rom 3 etc Please note J - 3. J that all these textures are exclusive to this CP- ill be the hottest selling CD throughout Europe1 iur pre-order now as AVAILABLE END OF FEBRUARY A *ir»t fo* If* Amiga Th* uFO phenom*oor. Rms hil th* computer with this excellent release Forget the X-F,i*» uFO’s are lor real • here s the Jgyyy; e ¦ evidence' the most :omprehens.ve UFO PI 1| | I com Dilation ever UFO and tn*
unknown' ,ars ¦' °’ O'SsaponteO w*n th« I l ..... ’*'¦ - • -Dso-'ce to*
- s0a' : v'-'o.-.- 'eutec Sublets Buy you* copy Defo** stocks nxi
• Ex-mililary and Navy testimonies
• Documents and text from the CIA, FBI. NSA, USAF and more
• Classified information on top secret projects such es SIGMA.
• Who are the men in bUck (MI8)?
• Alien origins and technology
• Cattle mutilations
• Crop circles
• Alien abductions
• Landings and sightings
• Recovery of crashed UFO discs
• Government conspiracies and cover-ups £ 1 2.TT Light Rom 3 is
the most ambitious issue to date consisting of 3 CD Rom s' Rom
’ * fmed .vm thousands of Lightwave oOjects and scene files
Duitdmg upon o-evous " rjjm issues Rom 2 contains huge
collections of 3D obietcs m different file for mats including
Imagine (175MBS). 3D Studio (100MB si. Sculpt OOMB's) 10(1 y
bRH and Real 3D (7MB's). It also includes 700 textures in the
JPEG format ana a Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG
fonts Rom 2 also has a coi- kfflnWhff"*! Lection of 3D
landscapes m the Lightwave. Imagine and 3D Studio file for-
mats and a collection of useful Amiga and PC PD programs. Rom 3
is a BHMLiiMI ,,nCM ROM', a bonus CD-ROM containing over 1000
digital elevation maps for use with VistaPro. Scenary Animator
and World Construction Wiijh Set (available from Blittersoft)
on any pJatform All Light wave objects tex- v f iyt tures and
OEMs on this collection are represented with thumbnail ren-
derings Michael Meshew, the author of Light Rom 1. 2 and 3. Has
pro- fp ' duced a CD that offers the World artistic talent
for a reasonable price $ f WB3- utilities ana ere- OOMBi the
greates* AGA Bi. N gn Quality AGA '•si including lh« licenced
AMIGA Reports and an the NFA have also complea 'oads of
exclusive wares iws Klondike cards and more All th.s and
• ’a,faced onrf*d drawers s*f witnm a Mage
• m*n! Makes th* CD an aosoiute pleasure to use' the most
comprehensive CD- to show oft tne power ou received at Xmas9
Texture Portfolio & Light Rom 3 for E49.99 SCI-FI SENSATIONS
vol.2 Sct-Fl Sensations -5 an ex'tmg now CD-Rom containing ove*
lOOOMB s of science fiction'mag *, music.ani- ¦ * mations, 3D
obiects for imagine ana L-gntwave.
¦ v yj *°und Fx- documents ext. Themtunes. Mfor- M mafion and SCI-Fi games Categories include Babyfon 5. Startrek (me On nat. TNG - Deep Space Nine Voyage* a*--d me Mms). Batman.
Dr Who. ThundertJ PS. RobOCOP. Bl*de*unner.
Aiens, 200*. Battiestar Gaiactica, TRON. Total Recall and many other films Ail the information is ready to run from the CO Amiga.
PC and MAC New version 2 s now avauao e cont»*ung more Scl- :tamed % tne most easy-to-use. Powerful and effective "kisk: npy ee seauence* on me Am ga Designed fo* me If oegrnne* * gnt through to a m.js.c e.pen HF ' r « Octamed will allow you to play uoto egnt chan- ArlfiflBV ne,s 01 *°und ary Ar,"9a By «*,no 3 ,aw Aminet 6 June 95 C AMINET COLLECTION VOL. 1 £22.99 Aminet 7 August 95 £11.99 The Am.net Collection 4 a supem set of fom Aminet 8 October 95 £11.99 CD s for any Am.ga user Contains Aminet 1-4 Aminet 9 December 95 El 1.99 P0 "* m ’93 lo December *94 4 gig’s ol rXaia' Aminet 10
February 96 [Out Now) El 1.99 AMINET COLLECTION VOL.2 £24.99 Aminet 11 April 96 [Pre-Order] £11.99 Am.ri*i Set 2 cowsrts an me Anvret uooaav Aminet 12 June 96 [Pre-Order] £11.99 s'-ce ' P0 from Decemoe, 1994 lo . NovemDer 199S Gigabytes cour CDS) of SgWW games, utilities, demos, pictuies, ammatioos SUBSCRIPTION SIRVICI IttllB'001’ modules PnO more. Also conlams 30C subscription SI.VICB Mimn»PnpetGuwrR 600MB AMINET SET 2 OUT NOW n»w version 211 MEETING PEARLS 3 MEETING PEARLS 2 C64 SENSATIONS TEN ON TEN PACK WS FONTS of network loots. 23MB of develop "0ute*» TURBO CALC v2.1 SOUND WORKSHOP
AMOS vol.2 fi'.-* u-P'. • .• 'Aodnws d'-.l IV IFF| lor Amiga Ovw i(X) (jift ent Sceccy :or putw formal!, ng than 100 func AWEXX ab'Miei ade lor Amiga PC and MAC corputai 3D ARENA GIGA GRAPHICS O • 0 • AMIGA EXPERIENCE LIGHT WORKS A0UIT SENSATIONS 2 CD BOOT v2 1700 cOxr law •**.
Cafegonet tucn as r *3 Anmais. Boats *• I Bu.ldng* Cert |W.'
Cartoona Cats ¦ TkJAi OrxMas Ocouui I Ctoga Fantaa, Far ‘ »JI rswrn Ma»» I J Medical. MiMary M«c. ¦ Pamimg. Pnoio. Pwces. Pianaa SoR. Sea Space. Spon. Star Trek. Swmaul. Trama. Wv»' You aa«M lo* a colour doan CO - no.. 4 »• lection grapnici V«a Pro .1 Th. Edge »1 721. X Copy Oarraaa *11 and domo trar- aiona including Imago FX 2, iniarplay Turbo Ca* v3 infoNFXUS v2 6 All tneee «r. Raad. «o run
- odaelc (• im» maiww oflendt yov m any way pieaae roTrair Irom
pur ctuning the CD Proof o* age (IS.
Ot*vi needed wren buying true CO No proot. No CO mmmmwT 'Till proreaaonai muaioana utrapy 0* amateur* CokecHon 4.6CO modUM.
14,000 uiiplat 568 SoniR aco*aa.
4500 malrumonia. 302 oclamod One e c me 24B' Lghua, We stock many other compact discs. If you do not see what you want listed call us for possible availability.
Remember we will match and try to beat any compact disc price listed within this magazine. Call for details!
Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151 Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
R,-. 01325 352260 Look out for the SALE sign. Offers end on the 22nd of April 1996. Normal prices (call) resume after this date. Please check availability before ordering.
Re-arm with Zephyr missiles and Zulu rockets then destroy everything... In Wild Justice more money means more lives... ALIEN BREED 3D A mysterious person calling themselves GBH sent in the following level access codes for Alien Breed 3D. Only this time, rather than simply being personal codes, they allow the player to start each level with all weapons available with full ammunition and max energy.
S. Ahmed from Manchester sent in the following access codes for
the impressively mighty Breathless.
World 1: No Code World 2: 181A59MRTR6999PD World 3: 181A59LRTR6999PT World 4: 181CEIDGLDRDSE4D FRONTIER Michael Newsham from Ipswich sent in the following handy hint for all Elite 2 commanders who're finding it a bit cramped in their spacecraft.
1) Buy one ton ol rubbish from any spacecraft.
2) Fly away from the spaceport
3) Display the cargo inventory screen (F3)
4) Click the left mouse button just under the box for your
5) The computer will think that you have got rid of your rubbish
and give you an extra ton of cargo space.
But, you will still have the rubbish.
6) Repeat steps four and five as many times as you like.
7) Fly to a spaceport and you will have lots of 'remaining' cabin
space (though the display might be a little scrambled). As
long as you have enough money you can buy almost anything for
your ship.
NOTE: The display telling you how much cabin space left might be a bit scrambled, ie. It might say that you have 653 tons of space left but you will only actually have the amount of space equal to the number of times that you clicked the mouse.
LEVEL 2: KOKO FNKP PPKF FFKF 3: OKKO FHKP PPKF FFKF 4: KPKO FPKP PPKF FFKF 5: PLKK NFKP PHKN FFKF 6: POKK NNKP PHKN FFKF 7: KKKO NHKP PHKN FFKF 8: PPKK NPKP PHKN FFKF Continued overleaf • 9 LLKO HFKP PHKN FFKF 10 LOKO HNKP PHKN FFKF 11 PKKO HHKP PHKN FFKF 12 LPKO HPKP PHKN FFKF 13 0LK0 PFKP PHKN FFKF 14 OOKO PNKP PHKN FFKF 15LKKO PHKP PHKN FFKF 16QPKO PPKP PHKN FFKF CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER Kevin Edwards from Wirral reckons that he's got the best gameplaying strategy for the excellent Championship Manager on the Amiga.The best formation to use is 4, 3, 1, 2.
Using a continental style, use 2 centre backs, 2 fullbacks, 3 centre midfielders, a support man, and 2 centre forwards. This will work on ail the editions of Championship Manager. Stick to this method and your team should always finish at least 20 points ahead of every other team not using the same formation.
Average player ratings should also be exceptionally high. Ratings have a bearing on the next season's player value. It can be used to advantage when bringing through young players.
Bring them on for 10 games a season when your team is winning about 4-0.
This results in their rating finishing around 9-80. The following season the youngster's value should rocket - keep doing this until he is worth around £4-5 million then give him more first team starts. Using this method Kevin managed to transform Ryan Giggs from a 3 million rookie into a 29 million mega star.
When buying players, go for those that are either thoughtful, responsible, or confident. They tend to play better. When looking at the player's statistics, go for those with consistently high stats, not those with even mixtures of 1's and 20's.
Here are examples of the best players; English version - Redknapp, Giggs, Bosnich, Collis, Clough, and Sharpe.
Italian Version - Asprilla, Maldini, both Baggio's, Desailly, Panucci, Ferrara, Fonseca, Giggs, and Melli.
Upon starting a new game look through all the cheaper players as their stats change with every game.
For those who still don't know the cheat, whenever an outfield player reaches 30 (34 for a goalkeeper), sell him at the end of the season.
Make sure he is insured and increase his value as much as possible. Next season, after the player retires, your bank balance will be show a healthy improvement.
As an example of what can be achieved using this guide, here are some of Kevin's records.
Best Bank Balance = £70 million Record number of goals from a centre forward; Cantona (80), a support man, Asprilla (47), centre midfield, Zaini (39), a full back, Finetti (28) and a centre back, Galente (19).
THEME PARK A500 Stewart Priest of Glasgow has sent in the following cheat for the A500 version of Theme Park.
Enter your name as MARK LAMPORT Enter your nickname as MARKL Now when you start the game, press and hold down C. A message window will appear saying: "MARK LAMPORT HAS CHEATED".
Look down at the money box and you will see the amount of money rising. When you reach the required amount of money, let go of the C key.
Then: Press Shift & Z and Alt & Z to get all the rides and shops.
| 1!
Si *1
- S! A I o 0» I. Illii § 2 ih 2 2 2 f *£?
C Ms lac .
SUQX ik-u. » m SIMCITY 2000 Christopher Page from Derbyshire has found a way to acquire large amounts of money for SimCity 2000.
All that is required is a Hex editor and a modicum of knowledge about how Hex numbers work: begin the game as usual, start a new city (or edit the map then start) and play as usual until your cash becomes negative.
Note the cash on a piece of paper, save the game and exit SimCity 2000. Load the saved game into a Hex editor (like NewZap from coverdisk issue 57).
This is where the hard bit comes in: convert the cash you had into the equivalent long word, two's complement hex value (many scientific calculators do this). For example: -100 is FFFFFF9C in hex.
Once you have the number converted find it in the file with the Hex editor (it should be near the start, usually the second or third line in NewZap).
Replace the four bytes with your required cash (in +hex of course) then save the file. Be warned, this can completely mess up your file if you change the wrong bytes. Make a backup of the unchanged file before you start editing. If the file doesn't load, or the computer crashes, try editing the file again.
O 2 ii 32 rn (A m CD J* ! I2 ° II .5 .5 a ZEEWOLF 2: WILD JUSTICE Trenton Webb of Binary Asylum sent in these handy hints for Zeewolf 2.
We've split the tips into two and will print the rest next month.
1. Every $ 250,000 earned in Zeewolf 2 is rewarded with an extra
life.These are only of use in continuous play, but for
tackling the trickier levels, a few extra lives never go
amiss. Here are some hints to help you build your bank
2. Always, always, always re-arm with Zephyr missiles and Zulu
rockets before completing missions. These count towards your
UNUSED WEAPONS BONUS. So, fulfil all but one of your mission
objectives and then raid the level's Camels so that the
Zeewolf finishes the level with as close to a maximum
compliment of weapons as possible.
3. Cannon rounds don't count as part of the UNUSED WEAPONS BONUS,
so use all the cannon shells available to destroy as many
objects - buildings, non-mission component enemies etc. If
you've enough spare cannon destroy everything (except trees)
on a level.
4. On most levels there are spare POWs for armour refresh
Even if you do not need armour
* vj n r- s v i! Hill 5 € »S « u o
0) S Q 0) 0) Q 0)
- i -j -«j -i -j i refresh, rescue the men to earn $ 5,000 per
5. There are often more men available for rescue than are
required for the completion of your mission.
On these missions rescue them all to boost your HUMANITARIAN BONUS.
Do not leave the rescue of extra men as the last part of your mission. The level will only be completed when the required man steps into the doorway and any extras left standing outside will not count towards your bonus.
6. An easy way to get a high unused weapons bonus on REMOTE LINK
levels is to ensure that you use all the munitions available
on the remote link craft. Their weapons are not recorded in
the scoring systems but what they destroy is.
7. Ecliptico landing craft, TERRAPINS shot in the water earn
$ 4,000. Terrapins that have been allowed to disgorge their
payload still earn $ 4,000 but you also get points for their
cargo - a minimum of $ 4,000.
8. Extra lives are also available by rescuing abandoned
These can be found in deserted bases on missions 13 and 18, see the maps below for their locations. One is also found on 31 but it's part of the mission. When these are dropped back at your base carrier an extra life will be awarded. '5 ¦ Even if you do not need armour refresh, rescue the men to earn $ 5,000 per POW.
Software Expressions Intrnrlnrinn cnmo nf thp kocl nnhlir Hnmnin H chnrouur Established 1990 Introducing some of the best public domain & shareware software. These are high-quality freely distributable disks at a fraction of commercial prices.
M430 .
E43I.. M432 .
8433. . M434 E435.. G505.. Ad545.
A550.. A551.. G552.. EDUCATIONAL (N.B. This includes some games) E043... leom and Play I ...Blackboard Maths etc. E423... Spelllris ..A Tetris spelling game E033... Education I .....learn German El 80... GCSE Maths .Syllabus taught disk El 85... Astrology ...Cokulates positions of planets El 93... Astronomy ..A total concept disk E234... Colour The Alphabet ..Educational spelling gome E271... The Highway (ode ..All you need to know
E023... Electronic Train Set (1 meg) ......Construct own Iroin set E079... Treasure Hunt ..Great kids game E270... Dinosaurs ....Quiz on dinosaurs E298... Stoles of Europe ....Information on this continent. Good E299... Communicate ..leorn how to use sign longuoge E311... The Internet ......A guide to the Internet E339... Dunks DTP ...Desktop publishing for kids E350... Borney the Beor (2 disks) leom & meet onimals E385... What's its Nome (N) ..Educational
for kids E411 Word Ploy .lots of puzzle games E413... Morse Code Tutor (not 1.3) .Guide to Morse code E424... Artistix .....Children's program E425... Typing Tutor (not 1.3) ...Suitable for beginners E086... Wroithed I .Pub quiz style gome E035... Education 3 Weother and dimote E044...leom4Ploy2 ......For the under 12 s E301... Jopanese Tutor (2 disks) (not 1.3) ...Tutorial & dictionary CREATIVE + GRAPHICS Cl 28... Big
Clipart ....Comic characters Cl 60... Deluxe Paint Tutor ....Pointing instructor C130... label Designer .....Various label printers Cl 97... Clipart Stors logos explosions etc Cl 98... Clipart .Volentines and Weddings C231... Audio Animation Studio ...Creole cortoons C256... Print Studio ...Multi purpose printer utility C258... Gorden Designer Create your own garden, excellent graphics C263... league Dotobose Eosy-to-use football editor
C389... Turbocot Pro (not 1.3) .....Excellent cotologue organiser C33I... Signoture Creator Customise your signoture BUSINESS SOFTWARE B136... Amibase Prof .Excellent dotobose B140... Text Engine .....Excellent word processor B134... Amicosn ...Easy-to-use accounts progrom B137... 600 Business letters ....All ready to print B323... Onform .Invoice moker
8330. .. Easycok ..Excellent spreadsheet
B400... Phone Locator ...Dialling codes
for Britain MISCELLANEOUS UTILITIES M335 ... Error
Information ...Explains computet crashes
M340... Bor Tender (not 1.3) .Drinks and
cocktail recipes M211 .. Training
log ...Charts fitness ond routines M213 ..
500 Plus Emulotor ....Upgrade for A500 All
disks are compatible for A500 A500+ A600 AT200, except (N)
which indicates not compatible for 1200 M244... lockpic
V2.0 ......Uncover copy facilities M259...
Easy Spell ...Spell checker helf
M414 .. Joke Disk (not 1.3) ...Thousonds
of jokes M210... Pools Tools ...For
football pools ARCADE + PLATFORM A010...
Breakout Classic bot & boll gome
A011... Blizzord ..Horizontal shoot 'em up.
High quality A252... leaping
lorry ....Jump up the escalators A512...
Transom .....Asteroids gome A520...
The X Moss Project .Simplistic shoot 'em
up A529... Egg Scramble One of the best platform gomes,
limited levels A209... Gomes Galore Ten
(N) .14 excellent gomes A214... Parachute
Joust ..Fight for porochute on descent. V good
A524... Assassins 245 ...Pockmon ?
3D A526... Assassins 247.....Chino Challenge 2, Moose Drive
ond Antimatter A527... Assassins 248 (not
1.3) .....Air Fight. F-Boll ond Mottix A531...
Assassins 249 Trooper, Cunundrum and Revolver
A534... Assassins 250 .All-rounder, bobble
ond quodrille A541... AMIGA Phantom (not
1.3) .Similar to Descender A543...
Gors .Goloxions ond invoders in all-in-one
A243... Tetren ....Excellent
Tetris clone A247... Quiz Master ...Quiz
which includes Editor A2SS... Amos
Games .5 games including Glassback A327...
Tetris Pro .Tetris gome with exceptional
variants A333... Icerunner (N) Recom. Brilliant platform
game. 10 out of 10 A434... AMIGA
Boy ....Console gomes on AMIGA!
A443... Nimole! ...New. Addictive grophicol plotformer A502... Cybermon ...3D Pocmon gome. Excellent AS03... Cnaneques (2 disks) (not 1.3) .....Like Lemmings. Good AS04... Rebellion .Asteroids shoot 'em up A5I5... Asi 240 ......Super Doleks ond (otapult A519... Asi 244 .Pocwot, Moster-blaster ond Stench STRATEGY + WAR GAMES Sim! 09. Wheel of Fortune (N) ...TV gome computerised SknOl 3. Bullrun (N) .....Americon civil war gome SimSl 3 .
Bridge .The cord gome Siml02. Simulation I (I meg).... Recommended. 5 gomes including Metro Sim 124. Napoleonic Worfore High quality simulation Sim528. Battleships (not 1.3) Clossic gome, computerised Siml43. Cord Shop ....Well presented card gomes Sim217. Act of Wot .....Excellent strategy gomes Sim218. Roulette .Cosino clossic Sim220. Sub Attack (N) ..Also landmine + bomber STAR TREKERS D058... Enterprise Animotion ....Leaving the
dock D166... Stor Trek Animation Animations of USS Enterprise DI77... Star Trek Animotion Agotron No.l 7. More like obove. Good AdOOS.. All New Stor Trek (2 drives, 2 disks)... USS Enterprise classic. Best one Ad007.. Americon Stor Trek (2 drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure A072... Stor Trek Gome (N) ..The Next Generation N412... The Stor Trek Guide (6 disks) All the information you need A081... Stor Trek Quiz ......Trek trivia Ad065.. Pixie Kingdom (2 disks) ...Tricky odvenlure gome.
Ad222.. Neighbours Adventure (2 disks) Bring Paul Robinson to court Ad245.. Iron Clods (2 disks) ...Graphic odvenlure Ad326.. Wibble World Giddy .Really good platform gome AdSOO.. The Devils Abode (not 1.3) .3D horror odvenlure M310... Personality Analysis ...Type in answers to ossess yourself M311... Cop the lot Pro ...Updated lottery helper M332... Virus Checker V6.5 ....New updated killer M333... Disk Repair Kit ..Salvages damaged disks ADVENTURE GAMES AdOOS.. All New Stor Trek (2 drives, 2
disks). USS Enterprise classic. Best one Ad007.. Americon Slot Trek (2 drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure Ad019.. Dungeon Dehrer (2 disks) ..... Difficult odvenlure juest U334. . AGA Killers ...Updated virus killer U399. . Graphic WorkBench (2 disks) .Hard drive to install U508... Videolraeker 2 .AGA demo creator U285... Foirlight ...29 meg of graphics on one disk U289. . Stole Of Art .Fomous, quality demo U290... Raving Jaod Me ...High quolity musk video U291...
lethal Exit Stunning demo D300... Technotrack II ...More rove music D305... Tina Smoll ....Slideshow of model D310 AGA Mansell ..Nigel Mansell slides D315... Minomist Rove .Great donee demo D509. . Phoebe Cotes ....High resolution slideshow E2I4.. A Beainners Guide leorn oil obout WorkBench 3.0 E300 Speak & Spell .Good for learning youngsters G321... AGA Klondike (3 disks) ......Excellent patience cord gome G322...
Giger Tetris Tetris clone G339... AGA Megaball .....Brilliant breakout gome G372... Mod Fighter ...2 ployet Street Fighter gome G420... Pssst AGA .....Arcade AGA gome G442... Excellent Cord Gomes III ..Restricted AGA version LATEST RELEASES AMIGA Solutions 1 .....A must for gamers. Recommended Revision Master .Create revision documents.
Excellent features e g language helper Remdate V2.2. Updoted diory & organiser. New go to dole' feature Ultra Accounts (not 1.3) ...New complete bonking progrom Mogic C64 (not 1.3) ......Emulotor for C64 topes & disks Guide to Comms & Internet (2 disks)... Simplified explanations & help AGA Scrabble (A1200 only) ..Board gome on disk Genocide Forth New ond good text adventure Super Spoce-bolls 2 player goloctic breakout!
Rodionl Gomes I ..Hover-hockey ond blonkoblok . Ultimate Red Dwarf Quiz (2 disks) (A1200 only) ...Great - 500 questions ond 3 difficulty levels E542... Q-Whizz (not 1.3) .The X Hies quiz SPORT Spl70.. Amos Cricket (N) 'Owzat!
Sp256. Slomboll .....Monogement gome of US football-type sport Sp263 Soccer Cords ..Simplistic leogue-bosed gome Sp299 Top of the leogue ...Addictive football monogement gome Sp307.. 18th Hole (2 disks) ..Excellent golfing gome p337... Super leogue Monoger 2 Updated soccer monogement gome Sp372.. Rood To Hell ...Well produced racing gome Sp376. Unsensible Soccer .....Good football gome Sp429 . A Day at the Roces Simple horse racing gome Sp530.. Sport Challenge (not 1,3) ....Hype Olympics,
lots of events Sp532.. Friday Night Pool (not 1.3) Pool ploying simulation Sp533.. Poker Manio Good Poker simulation SpS44 . Indi Cor Challenge (not 1.3) A good toeing monogement gome Sp540.. Professional Bingo .Good simulotor Sim415. War (N) Top quality 8bit strategy Sim428 The Shepherd ...Populous done Sim444. Ultimated Quiz ..Pub quiz clone Sim505. Scrabble .....Board gome, computerised Sim410. Island .....Excellent board gome.
BuildWels & money Sim4)4. Diplomocy (N) .....Classic, similar to Risk U324... lottery Winner AGA ... Helps you to v
I. . . AGA Killers. " 7 ' " A1200 A4000 ONLY U422... Bolls
AGA .Excellent lottery helper U235...
Sleepless Nights ...Compilation of A) 200
utilities Blank disks 1 10 for £3.99 ________________________I
Mouse Mats I POSTAGE UK orders : £1.00 Europe : £2.50 World :
£4.00 . . . W CAISHVIII yuilio VJ IU. . . IMJACI4 »L.L PRICES
PD...95p per disk 90p each for 15 to 24 85p each for 25 or
more 75p each for 50 or more FREE DISKS!
1 Please enclose coupon with your order.
L-------------J Deluxe Mouse Mats £2.95 each j PLEASE NOTE Prices are per disk, not per title.
JJ- Ad01_9_Dungeon pelve_r]s_£_1:90_ J Catalogue disks 75p each Dnae ol inv *000 *» « cu Kmn uodawa rtjiMty J HOW T Enclose list of disk numbers along with yc SOFTWARE E 18 Maple Road, Horf Credit Card Tel: 01179 425987 ORDER ur Cheque Postal Order made payable to: XPRESSEONS ield, Bristol BS7 8RH orders only
9. 30am-5pm Mon to Fri) PUBLIC DOMAIN APRIL 1996 starts with a
superb thing tunnel, and then carries this on in different
colours and directions at an often mindblowing pace. It’s
backed by a pumping techno soundtrack and is an essential buy
for all techno and graphic freaks.
Icons on the subject for your partitions and default irons.
Unfortunately the icons get their colours from the pictures so you have to use the image, in order to use the icons.
FLAVOUR DEMO AGA Ever wauled Baywaich on your Workbench, or the -Files appearing every time you boot up? Then these collections of icons are what you need. Accompanied by backdrops, the images are 256 colours and very well digitised. Mosl of the collections feature a Hi-Res picture and several By .Various Ware ..Freeware PD Library ....On Line No of disks .One Price 75p per disk + 5Op p&p Continued overleaf PD Select This month Robert Polding checks out what's on
offer in the Public Domain, while Simon Carless takes a look at the 40k intros from "The Party V" in Denmark.
* *7 ..* ...... 1Vfl«A PD Library . No of
disks . Price
By ......TMC
Ware ......Shareware PD
Library 17 Bit Software No of
disks .Two
Price C1per disk * 50p p&p MAGIC 64 (164 Kmulator
By ... Michael Kramer
Ware ...Shareware PD
Library ......Network No of Disks
...One Commodore 64 emulators are now
commonplace in the PD scene, but to find one that gives the
real C64 a nm for it's money is a rare thing. While many
emulators require games and a real C.64 ROM this one is 'ready
to run' and includes one of my all time fave games, Hubble
Hobble'. In order to get the full pleasure you will need a
68030-40 processor, although it will happily chug along on a
68020 (1200). You will also need 1.7 MECs of free memory to run
it. Because it has to load the ROMs into memory.
If you've seen the new Playstation you must have seen the game intros with those impressive texture mapped images in full rendered 3D. The effects in this demo resemble these sequences with superb spinning texture mapped objects, that look stunning.
Unfortunately they don't Iasi too long but at least they put the AGA to a level it deserves. The music also has a pumping bass that accompanies the effects with tremendous style.
A demo is often a boring affair, with lots of text and very little happening.
But sometimes some rebellious coder breaks the chains and brings you a rush of images and sound. Braincell.
HELLSPAWN By ......Stove Amotl Ware ..Licenceware PD Library ...9th Level Publications No of Disks Five Price ..£5 APRIL 1996 PUBLIC Comics are something that can appeal to people of all ages, from Viz to Beano. This one is aimed specifically at the adult audience. The comic on disk uses a crude system of having the viewer load each picture, but there are some excellent quality AGA images. The story is about a group of demonic superheroes sent to create Hell on Earth. It sounds corny but gives way for an amusing and bloody comic,
beginning with a monster on the David Letterman show! The artwork is flawless, showing tremendous detail and accompanied by a dark soundtrack. This will be a monthly comic priced at five pounds (inc P&P), which is actually very good value because it works out at £1 per disk. Again, note that there are some graphic (in the other sense of the word) scenes.
DARK FICTION By ..Various Ware ..Freeware PD Library ....Saddletramps No of disks .... One Vice .. Hop s tin- title* suggests iliis is ;i collection ol stories, tailing into the horror genre. These grizzly stories are written in a 'Creepshow' style and presented in a book-like interface.
The titles range from ‘Cry' to T'rban Horror' all with plenty of strange goings on that bloodthirsty horror fans will adore. There are several stories that contain language that could offend, but this has to be expected in ibis type of writing.
THE PARTY 5 - 40KINTROS DIMOS Ivare Freeware AGA. Some work better with fastmem.
Available on the Internet via ftp from the Papa demo archive: ftp idIs20.ira.uha.de pub TheParty‘)5 intros ) Following on from last month's Party 5 demo reviews, this month we take a look at what the 40k intro competition had to offer. What delights can demo scene whizkids lit into 40960 bytes?
The disadvantage of 40k intros is that there’s no real room for spectacularly pixeled pictures or extravagantly sampled guitar tunes: blocks logos and beepv 'chip'-tuncs tend to predominate. On the other hand though, there's plenty of room to concentrate on spectacular code and tlesign work. The biggest advantage being that you can lit at least 20 intros on one disc. Compare that to the one demo you get normally - more bounce to the ounce, more splash for your cashl The winning intro, was C.rrrp. by the Artwork & Polka Brothers. It featured some smart, phong-shaded vector objects, as well as
nice distortion effects and a superlative lightsourced. Metallic ring.
Headcase by Axis, placed second, opted for the ambient approach, with some more of the increasingly ubiquitous donuts, swirling over a mandelbrot background and an original real-time explosion effect.
Meanwhile, the third-ranking intro. Free Your Mind, by Scoopex, has a nice approximation to a famous PC demo, with a face struggling to break through a distorting vector block.
A lot of the lower-placed intros were just as excellent, if not better than these three, and Abyss' and Passion's intros have especially excellent design, with Subject's Commodore 64-style tune in the Passion intro worthy of added praise.
Finally, Tekken by Syndrome fits the Playstation classic into just a fraction of a disc. Honest.
Well, ok, it’s just some digitised, blurring kung-fu footage, but what do you expect in 40k?
PROTRACKER SUPPORT ARCHIVE VOL.3 i i ll.HiFS By Havard Pedersen Available on the Internet via ftp from the Aminet archives: eg ftp srr.doc.ic.ac.uk. mus edit pts-upp.lha If you're at all interested in making music on the Amiga, and you have a copy of Pndradter- the module composition tool by Syndrome: You which (Mamed is get your 40k s based on - then wor,h' this support archive is absolutely excellent for both beginners and more experienced 'trackers'.
It features full AmigaGuide documentation to Ibntracker. With clear instructions on how to use the program .and basic suggestions for how to go about making a tune. This incorporates the original Protraeker docs, but has been extensively enlarged and linked, making it a very useful resource.
In addition, there’s a good module-ripping program, so that you can try to grab your favourite tune out of a game or demo and listen to it any time. Or play around with it yourself, if you feel like it. There are also some very useful assembler source codes for replay routines, which coders will no doubt have a field day with.
Finally, there's selected sound samples and songs to show you how it's all done. They're of a consistently high quality, too, so there really is something in this collection for everyone interested in MOD music.
This is especially tme as Protracker, despite only using 4 channels, is still a viable alternative to Octamed. Please note that Ibotracker is also a freelv distributable program, and is available from Aminet or your local PD company. I'd recommend version 2.SB, but many people prefer the MedRes, redesigned, 3.0+ versions.
STELLAR - GALERIE REMIX DEMO AGA Available on the Internet via ftp from the Aminet archives: eg ftp src.doc.ic.ac. uh, demo aga str- gale-mix.lha Just recently, a new trend seems to have started within the fertile imagination of the demo scene'. Whether it be because demo coders can't get round to coding any new routines, or just because it's an interesting concept, demo crews have started releasing remixes of their demos. Essentially the same effects but with different design and style.
Thus, we get Stellar taking their demo Galerie, and remixing it for 1996.
Galerie Remix won the first demo competition of 1996, at Jidda in Finland. One thing especially to lie commended about this remix is that it's been tweaked to run on a normal A1200 with no fastmem, albeit a little sluggishly.
The PC musician Dune. Together they construct a breakbeat, cut-up guitar accompaniment to rival any recent demo-tune. Stellar indeed. Ci In any case, the demo itself is nothing short of excellent. Stellar like playing with light, whether it be a lightsource swinging ethereally across a Galerie logo, or bright lightspots swooping down alien tunnels. It’s simply a wicked example of linear, effects-based demo-making. The routines are original and intelligent with it.
The music especially impresses this time round. It's that man Groo again, with a mysterious co-credit to
1. Cinnamon Cats Bitmap Fonts 2
2. Man in the Mirror (Anim)
3. Picture This 2 Vol 2
4. Navigator Video Titler
5. Dd Base 7.3 & Invoicer
6. VARK 10
7. Snatch Pack 7
8. En-Lock 8
9. Roberta's Little Blue Plastic Disk
10. Nucleus TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of:
ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb,
London NW1 63E.
Rr 0181 4551626 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH NETWORK 22 Walden Road Sheffield S2 3P] tr 0114 281 9103 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield
W. Yorks WF1 1DH » 01827 287377 ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall
Lane Formby Liverpool L37 3PX n 01704 834335 SADDLETRAMPS 1
Lower Mill Close Goldthorpe Rotherham S63 9BY Other good PD
YOUR ORDER WILL BE DESPATCHED ON THE SAVE DAY nIFfflST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TITLES SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 Dept (AF 09) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 01827 287377 How to order To ordei any Otsk |Ust wme me disk Me and me dsk code, eg U01 Ageno Some titles have n number m (). This means the title comes on (-) number of disks To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIQAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Price ..99p per disk Pleese edd 70p to total tot postaae S packaging Pack price as stated. All otders same day despatch Pot the vory latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add 50p p TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 Top Utilitie: U027 ULTRAPAlNT 4 SURF D5"l 4 ID "vx uO*6 C ...... uoseo UI3' TETRA COPY puv Wm wnh copyitoio did GrZ UI45 XCOPY PROFES&CNAl very pcmeAj du «X *r toe PAINT
AND ANIMATE PN» your own •rvmanon 164 MASTER SEKA VI 6 KILL AGA make c-dar program run on A1200 C64 EMULATOR II uHl i fkcument 0ISKSA1 V n . ABACKUP loot Wbl 3) THE CHEAT COMPENDIUM *or over 4» gamee ' -TW TO COOE IN C |2dtSk| . Many lurpes DON REPLAY VI S |A500,600) ¦ cartndge cn aw TiON REPLAY V4 i At 200 ONLY I same a* above PC EMULATOR V 2 31fW®3 or*,» SVGA PC *rua» COP. 4 CRACK TOOL 2 more pewet-41 CCC, Pwarn NEW SUPER VIRUS KHER .not W«3l kk JjJ. Ma FORECAS'ER V2-1C»*e -acmg gradct«r program ASSAS'N COPiER (*A»i rcufc Xcc*7»iDcccy eic Super CX P1R : NO» wsi 3, v fast a*. Cc©e« AmtTOOc
PROFESSONAi os. Aa-abase v» AntAATlON CONSTSxT N?IT VI2 • good V MORPH V2 create vro»" morj i antmaoon POOL TOOLS 2 II HD preoct* home raang TRONi CAD best creates orcuH board - eiarroo* GAME T AMER I3A41 (2) For ever more games cheats LAST WILL 4 TESTAMENT *-te you- Wrll Pf RFECT PAINT 3? Easy to use paire package ENGINEER KIT Te*t ut tot Am-ga MAGNUM • • REGARD Best d-s* maga me creator FONT FARM V3 • loads o» lonts « lord viewer EXOTIC RiPPER rate* at me Dev (trurdgrachc upper PARNfT SET UP (2) -eQo rad 'cs the conneciion PARNCT CABLE MAKER INSTRUCTION • save EetEs AREX MANUAL kw Wbt 3)
complete manual ASSASSIN BOOT UTIL 50 bool Bock creator uU SorT AGA iANOOjilui ot A6OO1 & mm 1.5 meg U630 POOL WIZARD • («00®all| predcbon U*K OlVlOC NO WINNE R Predrror c-og-Mfi »or uH wtm UTTLE WOOOS Vf RVON 7FTTFR Eke U634 FORECAST R 2 02 Nee ho e predcton program U*» AUOO MAGIC 4 Proctracker V3 Fifff rooar U643 AUOO MAGIC * Otameo r-e.e- e*c 4 CA4 EMUkATOR VJ 12C-1SK. CM • A Si C*“-VEM LATCR V7 Spactr U650 EAGLE PLA.IR i2dek »* Mil -v. ..... U651 DEL TRACKER .2du pa, a V maN 1 u-p*t i i r.v U62) U04S U650 i*oo
* MOUsTMATworth £ 9 j I FREE MOUSE MAT worth Q 99 every order of
E12 or over To daim your tree mouse mrt gut cut oU I and return
tha token wti your order ? Enclose an extra 38p samp to cowr fw
postage and pecfcng I 0*if orty avaiabte weh token (Smtfed 1
Meuse Mat per order extkxJng any cSher ewer) ¦ Alternatively
you may choose 1 FREE disk I ____- - . (fYiatir tncs cCTwener
* HC*«VEP TOOLS pk -o» Mm 6c your dak U24 2 U24S THE U2S4
FRACTAL UTIL I Ml LAND BULDCR 0««w»-wr v proo-ameo IjtMa ccoar
.AN- '-OMP.J *1. .
M • 2- S» Rl pa R .
K'ft".' '“-J" 1.1* P1.
S*l R| C ' €*¦'? «2 a ex.* ST t RE C . * AM s’ .vi • • pr x.kCuAu-x. • U 5* SC ALA BAO UW P»KX,RAM I . L*4! MAGAZPrE I .' !.«« »*• * U96J AMDS 4 AMOS P *C COMMAND EXTIN jON u»e: pro GAMBLE Sv©e- VH vadctor U97I DELUXE PA NT 4BU00. Sy EM (2| Ge he mod OU TOOLS rack jp you- v-Ww*-* U300 MESSY S© si -sad-write PC' MAC etc Hie* U30I AU’O D»SK LOGGER catalogue your diU U32' GRAPkOC LRU 1(3) toad* ot bntl uM* U324 GRAPHIC UN 2 (31 ever -nora or*ipNc loon MIM SCENERY MAKER more iantbeape generator!
EMULATOR COUECTVON II (IMt at...... ESSENTIALS************** ..cat ..ca-1 ..C4I ..C I noro PO dlaka DISK CLEANING KIT ... Complsta with disk » claiming fluid Quality MOUSC MAT ... tO blank dlaka A 10 tubal* . 50 dink protector aloovoa .... ¦ special off or: Cl off tf you order 5 or U336 MULTI VISION (2) U3S0 POOL TOOL predict horse with bast chance U35I RACE RATER SimiUu to above U3SA
STAR CAT 2 crMla catalogue dtsk easiv U359 SEEKER l*id «sl (He oo Doppy & Harddnvo U360 R P G i2i Nnaotuie cieaiot I OtSK REPAIR Krr-sa'viiWt & 'Span damaged disk .• WORD SORT p-ocass ASCII It" - U’.1 I U724 U770 U729 U 30 U731 u V U736
t. * I ’ ty.’.la U730 . -4..
- UPDATE MDNTK.Y Edra Cr r-ardBUTTONS Bom. Latav .ncoi beef Veua
w J E-*-| : m 4 magx menu i . J WORKSmOP V» 1 t»e ... _____ 7
GRAPHIC CONVERTER 120) Ct ve-N p tu-e» 1 is?sss8 S& sarjrjr-ss'
U993 1MAO1NI STUOIO V2 (20) Tka taM PO mage (PCture) proca**or
a.ateb* Rnaa e.ar tra comvneroai rrajk* onxaaecv* mbo M pouxM
(not «1 3) Udt» POWER C*OI S N*e4* * da- oadnc A eaamg U970
HAROORiVI S« : _R Ty 11 Cdedon hQ aacuf.
Prcyinug Inckcu- 2 P-* ‘ U973 CHEAT »C« 600 • .. . IlSOOplu* O I GAMES CHEAT k...... MINI MORPHS creale TERMlNATO : 2 edeci U377 NCOMM III rtwr rtYWom (ortwata . Packer util U380 UNICOPY lantaslic *4k copier U3OT FHACSCAPE VI 2 new fractal similar to VISTA U400 SOUND TRACKER V2 6 muuc maka- U420 SPEED BENCH (not Wbl 3) create aulo boot WB M002 MICHAEL JACKSON • torg BAD M003 00 THE BART MAN MX* 100 C$ 4 TUNES (WAI200) BAT-0ANCE REMIXED M0'7 GUNS 4 ROSES Vou'tfCruy M0'8 THE XMAS SONG (Otk) vtry funny M32S M0t£V FOR NOTHING DiRE STRAITS Nlscng M027 BLUES HOUSE |2 M*s) M3W C$ * GAMES UUS M115
MAHONEY 4 KAKTUS 2 • 40 tx« anp«ien M12S ADAMS M147 BANGLES -**1*6 An EgyfOEn Ml 50 TTFANY • I Thr* W* r* Acre 11171 UAOOfiA LMI Vryr Ml 73 JANET JACKSON ¦ Ndcr Ml 77 PET SHOP BOYS U144 SAM FOX PlMwUt M186 MADONNA LmaVtgr M1» JOE LeTAJU MCHAEl JACKSON Smoofi Cwnn* M194 JESUS ONES (2 ftKSl M205 RAVE • mort R*W M262 A TO Z OF C$ 4 GAMES MJSC (41 bnhant M314 DICK TRACY (Uadcma) ?)
M335 STAR TREK 4 STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION |2| ASSASSIN (.HUNCH 5 COPY TOOL i ._ . .. .. S KICK PROFESSIONAL v3 2 Various K LU.il ¦ TURBO IMPLODER V3 I powedu disk cnmcnaf CROSS DOS 5 I plu* rewVwMe PC AMIGA d*« I MO DISK TOOL BOX . Rrany rr r, *%. A* Reedrmwxbd ? HOW TO CREATE AUT0600T DtSK ccnpbte uM 1 Util DIM Maker .3 MAKE AUTO BOOT DISK 4 FRACTAL MANIA.BIOMORPH Bnrtuart ccAecbon ! * _ ONL-1 placemer-f sofr-orotaa U&99 PRINTER TOOL Inctod** typewriter. SpooWr M 0792 PRINT LABELS prim dn. Lebelafrenner.
U791 STAR PRINTER STUOIO to* alt etar pmler* SEIKOS STUOIO lor *H Imo prlntor* More U425 NfB 2 verv_popular coper U436 THE RIPPER CollECtx: :TXN not WB3 Of* ol npper* UT3J PANASONIC STUOIO - • 4 4 pin print* dnv*r 4 U734 CANON IfWfflR STUOIO ftotAWOjUJj j aMfktogameatoiCagZ.
U»75 0MS V2 * Pm C"A" rrn dw (rati J) U»7« MAGC SelEC*0« v «Crang* Ma WB bop. Dee U977 MAGC WB «CON ARCM . F 1 TOCO t ct MG cona
- ______ _ v-DiSK) Deta-P . 70F»*A4 FRONTIER 1 f?d.
U473 FINAL FRONTIER 3 4 Oak, Si* 1400 HARD DtSK CUCK-HareOrve menu system 46! PROTRACKEH V3-Be« rrs*C *r!f- program 462 WORK STATION l?d*k Wbl 3 orWl MB -fo e-wnt 495 HARO DiSk Util om cdecnor of Hanwak uMs MM EASY PRINT lA500 e»Wyl Ob d prr* uta U490 WORKAMTE-15 Dhkant dsk uN comp * U50I THE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION K U504 HOT-STUFF TYHiAdRCmc___ U5U5 V*US KS_l£R 4 DISK HE SalVAGf.Rf PA« KIT U507 DCORY V3 PROFESSIONAL “ U509 ULT BOOTBLOCK 40 . BooKK.. _ US 10 IA.TMATE BOOT- BLOCK CcAecbon 11 U512 ZIRCON UTH-30 MOST USE UTR. 2 brdkare US21 SPECTRA PAINT ill Veh tyood rein package US50 SCENERY
CONSTRICTIONKIT fractal RoccmmendW US51 ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK over 50 booCWxk probe** U555 CHOSSWORO CREATOR im* WB3) cro*WO"J maker U561 PERM CHECK a lull POOLS PREDICTION pnwam U568 ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT -con making pfogram U50W ICON leady maoe 14 d*M U590 A0OU »*UMtRIC PAD EMUl TOR (A600 only) U591 DEGRADER (not W8 1 3) A5O0 emulator U749 ... U747 ASTRONOMY V2 U749----------- ASTRONOMY V2 predct Oar paret predlcbor DISK REPAIR 3 ilfoftP, 4 HO 1 rvcxb* Mft-prptet MUSC CATALOGUE inot A500 |! 3| very ea*y to ui 1 SYSTEM CHECKER TOOL mutt «or any Arrtga cmner 3 HARO DRIVE UTA. . Iota more Hard
Drva lAa ¦, PRO CAD abdrowc Latett orcuf Board de«gne 0 WB MENU lAUNCHERmanu tyttam easy to u*e 0 »CON P. US )0«Sk 1 -wm of tttweng CONS 1 RflOCKiT 1 4 abtt Wbl 3 erryxatov 2 FAKE FAST MEMORY make more oOer seWwar* m 7 TelE TUT RECEIVER twojea H Vy mcor-mervaad t DOSTRACE V2 d*c-*yt riormator on wh, program
• to run A monaor* Amiga acrv«y REC POOL WINNER GOLD "V* »or at
HARD Disk MEMORY V2 j*e HO a* memsr, MM.
W1NOOW BENCH V2 iWB 2Gi 2 d - U444 CANON PtflNTER STUOIO hr *4 nMN tor uaa TsnXtIro RS large*! C. PASS A- “¦
- w tmaone 3 ek: -es *PU mot • U995 PaOGAUBuS V2 -vtt to VIDEO
APPUCAT10N 0 Bttb) •*"» MM 6D*r prog 250 VOEO TOOL », *-» or
nd*C d. Pbcw n*M 944 TafSUBTTTLf iMMa* MS (XCO HAU 141] Th» MM
¦ Nn M3 CtSKTOP mO I iJlbml *6MS6t toe* VDCO TTTUR 2 VBCO
Ttn» ¦ KST
- ---J. I (Ml Ml Jl £¦*, to ue* aMc mm 0 WHO AI4M (2 Mil MM 0 PaM
ZMXSZ m WMOUMT veto MANAGER Ire* A500 13) Vtoeo Ctt*torX"6 W
VotO TTTLBI - wry pood video Wm 0CC MAC. OpvS Vol . 4 20 u
100i car OATA ANALYST heck car partormanca I U1CC2 TURBO CAT
.WB 2A3 cwyi ceuog-e c-aator U1003 LOTTERY WINNER V2-nea
var* on U1005 BASC-ElECTRONCS-Taacn »¦ about aacwonc* UICOOK
LOTTO LUNACY V» Update lab*! Toibh predcior U1007 All NE W
B-ikJ Oorera ol prrvect* ever h«a to N Amq aa v. e low*- ca»e
0l6O9 DATA A EHT 3•ipla.r* why vcur comnxer crattU U1010 WB2 04
GAMES II Mass * cohdion cf al M wy oesi cwffle gmes ever
released, rctxlng some ol the cassa W Ribcs Cube. Pduro-Punlis
nc. Tar loo ran» to M 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 ARCADE GAMES II
* ie vBiy Dest board a nes e»er reeased The pack cortans ihe
very lares: OlESS. CHECKERS. SCRABaE.
MONOPav 4 CCWlNOES Reccrmeroec 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 PRINTER PACK 5 dltM pack with all the latett printing programs specially designed for printing out high quality documants, teit A pictures etc and It Is aven able to print out AS booklet a (very handy). Easy to usa.
A must tor sny Amiga owner with s printer.
Printer Pack (5 disks) only C4 99_ IV!
INI G222 MEGA 21 GAMES imm 21 game* 0236 DRAOON CAVE brdert 3C puziw gam 0278 ARCAOIA he bett A ..... 0300 OBOC eroaa TETRIS and INVADERS 0303 DIMENSION » 2 pKw U0KT CvClE GAME 0310 NEBULAR EuaMar* SO ahoct am t« G3te GALACTC E*ceHanl B level* arcade 0317 hyper-BAlL Speed Del • bveiedlor G320 GHOST S»*ip Very good 30 adventure 0325 BATTLEMENT Hunchbec* of Not-. Dame G320 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS IN 3 top game* 0331 GRAVITY ma»w* .pace etptoflng gwne 0333 CYBER NET 1C Bnkam 0 wa. T.aiiei 0334 DONKEY KONG |A 1200 order code AOA290) 0335 CRAZY SUE II bett pUfiom to daw 0342 SUPER SKOOA CHALLENGE (4
feck editor.)
0344 STAR TREK amxlac lo RAID 2 but harder 0355 DOODY very cule 4 e.Uemtty addclivo G35fl WONDER LAND unvarmg g-kphici recommended G362 DELUXE PACMAN • bett paonan ever ieiea*od 0367 CARO GAMES collection G304 OTHELLO b 0180 MOUSE IMP .
G390 TETREN mott poOahed Tetn* » G382 STRiKEBAll Ontkent Ba*eba dene 0399 TRAlLBLA f R bHIiant (not A12001 G400 FIGHTING WARRIOR we Street FoNer G404 DOMINOES ore, one of a* kmtj on TO G4O0 TOTAL WARS vrtteg, be cKeee r apece 04! T BATTLE CAR 2 30 car recng G431 NESTER CARO GAME hour* ot An kr a *, G4S5 ROULETTE Anwur roueae exeaere cue TRA., RIAZFR Jf44 tmmei G441 0443 OLEMPIAO C . ... 0445 DCSCENOER GAME tan* aaarcK 4 aeacender G446 0euOOx* G40O W-.B8LE WORLD GOO* La-g. Pbtk t game 0407 CASH FRUIT (»od tru* rnadma* 0470 AMOS CRJCKET cnekaf garw» G400 EXTREME VKCXENCE 7 play*, battle out
G469 ENG IMA MACHINE vary fhalbngno pjr;« 0490 MEGA BALL 2 •*- pwyabb B-ea.Oul clone G4D1 BOUNCE 4 IU AST bniUrK plat!u n 10-10 0492 ZOMBIES & DEFENDER 2 toMHK game.
G4»« MERCANERY SIMULATION 30 war* game* G499 LIFE -.khulaton very ntefettng 0500 TRANSPLANT do an. Of level, teat arcade 0501 KLAWZ THE KAT gteal platform game 0611 HIGHWAY HELL Ilk* SPY HUNTER on Ihe C6- G531 OPERATION FIRESTORMS bottom 0534 CASTLE KUMQUAT envun lo Alum Breed G536 BLACK OAWN tirvuenl uiapf*c advorKuto 0630 MORIA 6 4 The tale*l Dungeon* 4 Otagon* 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY n 99 BrtkneoMouf MtiOOtftnl rey ten FO gve* kMm h viOEB tttm Moxp* M I Fruc'a'riDlH «EP! W*» t| G539 BR.OGE Gcod verwen ot BnOg* GS40 C«x attack wood, adveraa* G541 RE BOUNCE 2 c*a*er kAmMc breakout GS42 ROAD TO
HELL Max car raang GS44 SUPERTCM CAT New -wocei thnot em GS45 KUNQfU CHA«.«S mi wbi pbttorm brtt G646 RAO 4 iwv verecai *croa anocx em ia GS46 OulZVASTER very good gju pmgnvn GS52 ELEVATKDN game* ba«ed or ttl ” G660 IMPERIAL WALKER Ua»ed on STAR WARS gam* G667 STARBA5E 13 (2 »Wl Bnfcanl be MONKEY ISLAND G657 AMOS LOADSA MONEY bett fru* machine* G6S9 MR MEN OLYMRKC (2 (Mfcl) many event* to avrpleto G66C 4 L C D DREAM 4 umall hand he game* G064 NEIGHBOUR GAMES .? D«k*' haaed on in* TV *ane* G665 TIME RUNNER (WB23) Br-kart graph-: G067 GOLF |2 d«««) (*» ol Ihe l.r»i 6 bett GOLT G666 AMOS
CRICKET 2 New Amo, crckel emulator G669 MUGSY REVENGE gii-gib- gngn. Adventure G672 JIGSAW (2 d ttun «ry pbvable ygiaw geme.
G673 BOBBY GARDEN • DIGGER I NEW) Bndianl G674 HIGH OCTANE Fail car racmn .rev Wbl .
GC75 TIME RUNNER amarng graph.
0680 SPACE INVASION 2 Fania.lit 0661 AUTOMOBILES PP v*r*.«!
MARK brill 0682 BANDIT MANIA Bnikarl Inal n G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAP BnlbN Aafenxd G689 GUN FIGHT (not A500I 1 3 0690 THE REAL POPEVE 64 |A500 I 3 ont.)
0692 SYSTEM DEFEND Bnuant Oebndet done G698 AMGA BOY Gam. Boy wnulalc. . Tetn* G732 DETAIL IN SPACE Recrvierendwl G735 OVEPLANDER BnHant arcade MOON ALERT G737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The bett m TO BO G77I STAR VOID (2 D«-l Cnlkam Tlwutt 0772 UN S£NS«LE SOCCER very emilar to Senwtw Sxceaarm RECOMMENDED G773 FftuiT MAN-A Bhfcenf fnaf madvne G774 TRICKlt TR£A1 vko Doom cm lh* PC 0775 FOOTBALL MANAGER New veruon G782 SOLO ASSAULT 30 Ike Wng Commander 0783 SEED 04 DARKNESS Br-kanl graph*. AtNentuio' 0785 THE GREAT GOLD RAID very edddiv* G7B7 ANT WAR VI 9 (LATEST) not 1 3 G766 ZENO MORPH Great graph**
0789 TASK FORCE very good MIND SHADOW done G790 GREEN FIVE Amating 30 graphic* G79I PROFESSIONAI BINGO CALLER G792 MARTIAL SPIRIT ike Sheer Fighter II G798 6 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES collection G809 BLITZ 2 Iasi action choohrg game* G810 EXIT 13 Bnkant pu2 l* G011 TEMPORAL MISPLACEMENT Graph.. arNenture G612 A DAY AT THE RACES V Good t*«*e r*cng game G02O BOULDER ORIGINAL wtt 80 level* G02I BOULDER DASH cavwtovel conetrucaon kit G022 BOULDER COLLECTION 23 160 *: i2 db.ii G039 BCXADEH PACK wen 6*0 bveto on 8 d*k.
G06O ALIEN NET WORK new Soace Invader* G862 BATTLE FORCE e ce*er* wt advemum G663 GNU CHESS Te bett eh**, war to Wvee G668 SWORD OF YIGG Grapkac adiereue OS70 CHESS * 4 CHECKER O* cf re bett erouto mutt tor a* CHESS or CHECKERS obyer* "HI ASUHI SLARCM Ire r* h KAHN 4 PVAY I (nor A1200) maoha 4 game LCARN 4 PLAY U more educaaon program* con SPANISH TKANSi ATOR Sparueh Enghah G071 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 payer fwutt don* G072 SO* E8iTZ Ccren.ro* pu.-» game* G075 DELEXE GALA v2 3 (NEW) Yevr 4 boxce ga 2 peyer RECOMMENDED get a no.
G076 THE KRALIAN MCENOEN? B. EUTOCpK 0876 OUANTUM-Mare coaad 4 eecape ,x* game* G879 RAG TO RCMES be MDNOPav G684 WIPE OUT-mmoies* oamw E011 EDUCATION PACK 1 him *• eeam e* toucaton* pvym rvgag hon n»M i k to aMatm graa Suatat tt in, Uwp SdatpancM'CtK G885 GODZILLA Ancttwr ihod em up NEW 101 GAMES PACK 3 New 101 pack 3 contwis over 100 games Runs on all Anuaas only Cll 99 OFFER: bv» any 2 packs logamer & recewa a tree f 4 token loi us* eflh nen order. This oftei cannot ba used wfh any other current otter and is subject to conditions 0606 SUPER MEGA FRUIT Al new Irull machireo G000 DRIVING
MANIAC 3D (Ml vector xke IrvhSOOl cat racng very •*» RECOMkftNDEO G609 PLANET FALL • Luner Lander clone G091 BUCK TOOTH ADVENTURE V*rv good muio level shootcoaeci em uo RECOMMENDED G092 PENGO 2 Ua e type game* Reconvnanded 0093 SUPER OBLITERATION Blatt atten d ver, trmaar to PANG 2 tots ct weaoorvs RECOMMENDED 0094 SUPER WVASKDN II New SPACE INVADER 0097 ShEPHEPO Bnkarx P0PLA.JS ctr* RECOMMENCE!
G096 ALIEN GENOClOE 12) Shoe* akene sat r soace 0099 PuCKMAN O* or me oarer PacMan anxmd 0907 0906 G9I0 HARRY G912 MANGLE FENDER .... c»-s i*n»» etc to wm Exwemer, adocsrve Gel * G913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Voi i 4 2 (2d) G914 Hel COPTER be Deten Str*e G915 COW WARS Very MOCliv* 2 Owf* game 0910 ISLAND LM Monopoly 0919 COP THE LOT Pro Latett Lodery C'edcKv G920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL 0921 MONOPOLY I board ga-re) The bett version G922 JET WILLY 3 e«c**err! OlaBorm game G92.T • LAMMING ENGINE Superb car racing gem* G926 ZAXXON 30 Superb C64 30 b --- 0927 BOING V3 G-eal platlonrer Recommended G926
PUNTER Animniod horse racing game G920 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d) nduOes LION KING 0930 WHEEL CHAIR GIADIA’OR Great tim lo play Q93I NIMBLE Bnoarc new arcade DU7 I* G933 BLACK DAWN 3 ¦ THE NEW BEGINNING 21 Superb 30 adventure RECOMMEFtOED 0934 R3 ROCKET ,NEW) very good roCei game 0935 BATTLE SHIP- the Freest TO vertton G936 LAST LAP F**1 car rac.ro gam* G937 SKID RACER (net A500) - Exceaent car raang gem* GAMES HINTS & CHEATS II CreHIWBrHiaHHriPipN’tMKi ft 07 TRUMP TY riRCWOMK ALPHABET Enaenaneig ry°HSrTS*0.mOP PHOTOGRAPHS r • 00 MR WEN Ot VMPC.S (TOi .
F’lOCUt TV DATABASE v»)r El 12 HOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 2 (2) F*11 VfljcTROMC WOPLD4 (30) Ccwfeb Krg uamee SO.
1116 MOW THJ r ART.. DC GAN Bg Bang theory Ci 10 WORKBENCH 2 lutonai* on Wc-» Bench 2 E119 DINO WAR Oug on drwaaum Cl20 JUNIOR MATHS Greai toammg ad to- toachmg maewHECOMMfNOCD C 121 PICTURE PUZZLE bnbam JKASAW Typa game* Cl77 WORD rAC’ORV B-Ukant. Leach Ud* new word* £123 K® DISK 1 r Ci24 KID D(fLK 7 I 12* KID DISK J (L £ 142 KtD DISK 5 4 « 2 oi**a I- £ 126 JURASSIC PARK tou of mionnation ------- £ 12« CMHDR8N BONG 2 coniame 6 a.oetem aonga C127 MING SHU IA6O0 only) B-tttom Chmea* Aetrotogy KIDS DISKS 1.2. 3. 4 S 5 fiiHrt coattton V •OmPv* prcgrani low ly taa ing an rreui Ktwctt *Nk -Mamnt
te Vn I gam win 1 »0U orx, C«M V war MptraW, lar ON, He (• Oat arCMtX£»4lx !
E120 ASTRO n PRO VJ • The to E 131 Cl* I TV DATA 0AM » (J D4K F!32 WORLD HISTORY BOOK E133 LITTLE TRAVELLER " (21 UK x *KfS Oudetohe Tv £.44 CHESS 4 TUTOR Cl50iNTtRN«T FULL F«0t CLI4 Shell Cl«2 CELUK PART £ 103 JAPAFE 5C HjayxLEttrrrwetteirgto.
£104 PANT iT l-«or A600l 3) eleef ColOuRMG BOOK £105 KEY BOARD TRA NCR Are e.ce«enf fore tutor E100 WORO POWER- E100 CROSSWORO CREATOR ...... T-FVAI 0*0 to raerne* 4 MehgNe, «ll Tl tOR iherpi oew tor eaonrtor Ah' ORMHC TVT* V 1 4 . ‘COLMEXCD £109 Chf ss " 4 TUTOR drbaret Chaea 11 E170 HISTORY OF AVIATION VO 1 f utte £ 171 CHAO FAVOURITE • Coucaecm pro*.
£.172 AN.MAL IANO . Ea re abojf aremreab £ 1 76 FRANTS GUOE TO COMPUTER (20) U C 1 77 c VBCRPUNK 7 to* CybaH»unk f-eak.
£170 -.TAR -Al. T S'AB’MK S*.I .I'JUTCA GUCE ,4) £161 SKJNATUR* CFMATCRcuetom-aye ownevbhr.
E102 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 conxvehaneve gjtoe to wue E 104 IMAOINI S VOFO 2 Oak* 1160 WORKBENCH Z3 OlhOE On the helpContoleta £210 LEARN A »*VAY 3 I ale* I education 4 game* FV40BARNC* THE 60All OOE8 CAMPING i.Mt atlbx trarah £241 COMMS OuiOC VI 1 ueng modem* lor boomer.
E242GUI0C TO WT AIMER 13d) comptete weather gmda RECOMMENOI O f 7*5 MATH ATTACK- Mam* retalad oamae tor toda £247 ANIMAL LAND Ideal to young k-M F.ceilani 7 Ol OOF FACT(2l tact, about ptanat e
• 7*6 KIO ONLY 0 a.ceaerl game.
£260 SANTA -Hatp oil* ccXtacl p* E261 BlHTMOAY HISTORY V2 2- E262 BAO IINOC" mc«a* tor 1000. Of 0 0263 B£QINNER TYPING TUTOR 1022 L VE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 LSD DOCS 1-46 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC VARIOUS PACKS Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4-95 per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) MONO FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) High Quality tohts lot uao with Dpam! Ot Pataoha! Paaits VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (t, 2, 3 Of S) COLOUR WORLD MAP (Packs t, 2 or 3) High qualify world map COMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) High quality fonts
lor WORDSWORTH or any DTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) REAL 3D VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1. 2 or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs t. 2 or 3) TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Packs t. 2 or 3) (Please state lor which pack above) We also stock many more packs Please phone Sjpycjj'jJ Of Jarj C64 & 45 games pack ¦ Spectrum V2 & 50 games • Vic 20 & 30 games I; All 3 packs for only £9 99 | SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION pir | SPECTRUM GAMES pack I See left for detail. Thla pack cornea on a very large I number of disks. Rrp £39 99 [NOW ONLY £29.99 [? £2.45 for parcel poataga (dua to the vary large
[™ barof«tt* v, ffy, peck) Now you can play 100s & 100s ol Spectrum 48K games on your Amiga Any pack below IS complete & ready to run on your Amiga. Full printed instructions provided.
¦ WBN1 Mitta tawBKt atten uumiti cwtna SPECIAL OFFER Take all 3 ol the above packs & 50 new Spectrum games (lotsI 400) For Only £19 99 More Spectrum games available . Screen shot from AMIGA The very latest version. Now you can play real Commodore C64 games on your Amiga. All packs below are complete & ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed Instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games ...£4 99 C64 & 100 original games ..£8 99 C64 & 200 original games £16-99 AGA Al 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS AGASi FAOIAAN AGA The oes Dacron yet AGA2S2 ROCKET PO • 5-cer rnjp dent Van grophcs tor 1 or 2 p»,ero AGA2S3 REA. DEMO Sru-mng sseoa *"«•» AGA254 OtHT AG* Bntkrs 256 aXv "ecb AGA2S5 DELIGHT EXPLORE Excetent demo AGA256 KEFEREN AGA Oamo tots of .fed. AGA013 MOTOR INVADER 2 (5 *»» Bnih.ro INVADER gam. JJJJSJS AGAO’5 PONT OF SCALE Graat A12C0 only daroot AGA25S OXYGfcNt Fanasoc derro SOFTWARE2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS GAGW1
EXTENSION DCMO Stsvrg Wto. La* terdxape anrr and a roumg ct, rooa-dad at me Da* AG* damo AGA0Q2 WCTAi GENERATOR n 254 roojro AGA003 WORKBENCH HACK tocMortmnfcec "to AGA006 NEW SUPER KAIER recognise* f««M 3lfl Types & mu Mus* Tor ¦ A1200 ownero AGA0C7 MINOWARP van tiro! Oamo tor tha A1200 AGA011 SLEEPLESS NIGHT 3 AGA012 PLANET GROOVE Siper A1200 Demo* A GAO IS PONT Of SCALE Great A1200 only damo* AGA016 CHRCWAS Fairly gcod damo AGA017 WOPLD 0* MA.NGA (4 dttos) megntcent Japareaa come side snow Ratom nendod AGA259 INTEL-OUT Another very gocd derno AGA260 SOME JUSTICE 94 Demo ol ha morPi
Broker* *Nr1 effect RECOMMENDED AGA262 TO THE DEAT ertn eicetiero gropfycs AGA263 GEORGE GALAXO |2 OaMi BrtSant mu* mat tPootpiatlomi gana RECOMMENDED AGA266 MISSILE OVER ZENON (2 dBui Brlkart 30 mude commander wan lantasac jrapnes AGA266 TEAA4-KX DtNO PLATFORM EacaUant dno pOSonr This is the Big one! Nearly 2000 original disks from the SOFTWARE 2000 library included on a Double CD set. For the title list, just take a look at this double page advert tor eiamples ol titles t packs which can be found on these Cds. No lucky dip or unknown software. Full description of every disk title. Easy to
use menu system on both Cds which lets you explore the contents ol both Cds without disc swapping ... Excellent, see below KXAMPL1 OF OltKS FOUND ON THI DOUBLE CO SET 294 - VARIOUS UTILITIES DISKS 118 - EDUCATION DISK 252 - ANIMATION DISKS 133 - DEMOS 181 - AGA DISKS 225 - MUSIC DISKS 92 - TOP SAMPLE S FX DISKS 18*..DEMOS (Adults Only) 402* VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - with an estimate ot around 1000* Amic 100s ot IMAGINE OBJ 600 AMIGA FONTS.
100 QUALITY B&W & COLOUR CLIP ART - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST ALSO INCLUDED ON THE CDS ARE AGA022 WB 3 UTILITIES bad* ot WB J only utatm AGA023 U-CHES5 the cast chew gam program to tar Out reqvro 4 megsbyte* BnSarrt oraphcs AGA024 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN Groat oacadrop AGA»0 A1TO FO CXSK COLLECTION t AGACST AI200 FIX tWK 2 CCUECTlOh 2
• GA4S* PROCWT Vi *a aw -vn AJ00 SOFTWA« AG*:« A'20G FO CASK «Ol
J *»• »i Al iMM « m am AGA274 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE (2 AWSi 8
«»c*4ent rrnjsc r'etwroroces Wri «or»t g rg AGA271 RAVE
(feat) AG* oeM de« megamea RECOAWENOED AG* Mi maga ne «K
IAC NO CX‘ - Bce*0 game Vary adocwe AGA296 DC**EY KCNG Arcaaa
daaw cowsen AGA297 BOMB PAC Ertrorrwy good gamepiay AGA298
ROCKET 2 set daeo underground Bnfcaro graphca Even Dene* ertn 2
payers AGA299 SCRABBLE t*Ow rjns cn a An»ga» AGAJ3C MAGIC WB
V2 Derro ot wroter 2 AGAM2 TUTANKHAM 11(2) Eaxahon Cgyphan
lAjnyny AGA305 TIMEZONE 2i VW good grapho eJvanli et AGA307
DENTAWCLF Doom demo AGA308 NAXIS ¦ Realy shoes ehal AGA grapNca
can do AGA310 FEARS |2d) • Doom ctor« damo AGA312 JINX (2d)
Fanuaoc arcada pu 7M AGA313 RAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO ecxed Samo
AGA315 ILEX MYSTIC New AGA dercs AGA320 KLCNOIKE 3 (4 ftahsi HD
ropurad 4 2 MEG Wa alto have a tot of 25 cards tor atcv»
Munaeoi o' ojaaty Wag WB ccns 4 CecxJropa AGA388 DESK TOP
UAGlC 32 arv-ewj « w run... AGA3B9 WAR OF T « WORDS • Fud 30
games AGA39I PSSST *t-iji wnar J Soectru- ga- e» AGA39C FEAR il
- BnAaro 3C gare Mrt u* «M DOOM cr ma PC Gueraroaed to mcreu
AGA393 PC EI4AAT0R V3 • Jiea? PC r «« AGA400 HYPER RACE at Sw
mahe w -»rro cos j*J AGA422ROGE RACER Oamo cn fe Amiga AGA423
MYSTIC DEMOS 0 95 eiceiem demos AGA426 ORIGIN 212 diMl. Arna.-
ruga games.
AGAIX AGA BJTZ SCREEN BLANKER AGA101 FAST Gff 2 dtspBy GlFF pc to Wontx*** AGAtO? AGA DIAGNOSTIC NEW tytfero taww AGA’03 BLACK BOARD AGA dacant imaga proceveor AGA 105 OutCK GRAB AGA ¦ AGA tcroen g-abt AGA110 WORLD BEVONDS 1 (31 Uummg 256 cotou tanuay at Leaves Alan users trraaihess AGA 1’4 SMELLS LIKE CHANEL No 5 Moel tnllant demo ray pcture ever released on the A120D AGA12I MAGIC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK IS dthsi AGA'33 AGA UH. V1 » |2 (?) AGA UN cotrpilakon AGA'35 AGA Utl V3 44 |2) more of eOove AGA’37 MULTIBOOT ¦ 4 dHWrt verson* A500 EMU AGA138 OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARO DRIVE INSTALLER AGA 139
WB3 HARD DISK PR£t A INSTALLER ruuikxj AGA-40 CROSS OOS PLUS vS t road»rt* PC Nea AGA i*2 SUPER LEAGUE 3 lateai manage game.
AGA'*4 SPEAK k S ELL Mxanma softaaro tw Mja AGA'46 KELOG LAND - tmAant piadom- games AGA 1*0 ACTION REPLAY V5 - NEW UPOATE TO V4 AGA’60 GlGER TR1Z ry p be 256 co*Dur T r.
AGA162 FATAL SLOW nee STREET FIGHTER 2 acre AGA’« f«STAYX)N (3 daw The u»ma«a AG* dare AGAi 72 VOEO TRACKER AGA tAmaia Oarto -e*a» AGA'74 MAGIC WB EXTRA VO 1 4 2 (2 dau) AGAiftS FROAY AT 0 P *ar AGA damj AGA’90 ASSASSN MULTTVISION AGA pc J* AGA’ 92 ALEN FRENZY 2 pta * Mating . Pc*w -C AGA’94 B*G T14E SENSUA. (2 «aha SPACE B*u 2 AGA2C0 MASOUERADE i.2 MU OnAarrt pu m games AGA202 RAM JAM 94 b cam! M dona i2 dehai AGA2W COMPLEX ORIGIN (2 Mb) raquiroa 2 dih dove AGA206 TREASURE OF TUTAWLHAIAJN athxalronal too AGA230 LOVE 12 daMl ancfy trniiam DEMOS AGA231 AGA UTIL 7 4 812 dO*». Moro USEFUL uW
AGA234 KNOTTY Stunnng AGA aldmg pduro fcirrlea AGA240 LOTTERY WINNER Njpahilty *4 mprove your Chance of awirg a lackpH GOOO-LUCK AGA241-258 AGA GAME-GALORE AGA 01-18 tots of games 1660 & 706-Yooo NEW Spectrum Games (Play direct from CD) NEW CM Games tiles (EMULATOR INCLUDED) j O' Menu Compatible with all Amigas i S’ No duplicate data | ET Easy to use menu (V'VOUMU d ONLY £24 99 Available Now Betow 5 al r»«w gam© pac*s released due to popular demand Wrtn any ol these gam packs you Know exoctty what sort of games you re buying Like our previous packs, each comes on 5 and us*ng the latest osk
packer we con pm up to 5 game disks on to one *sk So you got up to 25 top games lor only £4 99 Al games and instructions wl auto run when con s ekeked on
• A« game pocks contaxi drfierent games * Compatible with ALL
AMIGAS Board Games Pack 3 (S disks) .....£4.99 Arcade
Games Pack 3 (5 disks) .....£4.99 Puzzle Games Pack 3 (5
disks) .....£4.99 Card Games Pack 3 (5
disks) .....£4.99 w A1200 & A4000 only The Ultimate AGA
Games Voi 1 This is the veiy latest 101 games cxxnpilatkxi pack
design for any AMIGA A1200 or A4000 only. All games run from a
veiy easy to use menu. Highly recommended for any A1200 or
A4000 Price only £14.99 RRP £19.99 Non CD ROM Owners This pock
is deal lor any Amiga owner who doesn’t own a CD ROM drive and
wants a large amount ol the very latest software al mwwnum coel
These packs will be 100% updated wUh all new or drtemnl on tho
1st of every month. AH software are packed using LHA which has
a ratio of approx 3 1. (up to 30 dteks worth cf software from
tho 10 ask pack). Highly recommondod as you gel 3 ttrnes moro
software per ask Various latest Games (10 disks) only £9.90
Various latest Utilities (10 disks) only £9.90 100 TOP DEMOS
The Lhigesi collection ol Oomoa ever reWa*ed inis peck contains
over 100 top demos Mutt lor all Demos. Our top solter
ac«v« program LABEL DESIGNER Oawgr ,ou« ow« taDaw DESKTOP
AI2O0I .ao jood «O0 BUS*»ESS LETTER Van, hand, Oaf a now DATA
BASE WORKSHOP (71 low or dau Data SPREAD SHEET Va- aatv to «a
tpwaad rear QUCK BASE Vary oomv*u' DataDaaa Eaay to um AMSASE
Pi*aM yw Tha om» satatwaa yat U22* TEXTRA Can aoe se.*ta
dtxumanit al onca U239 FLEXI BASE Smai aaa, to opa aia daiaoaM
U256 Pef r* WTSE Vary rowa-tu. DaiaMM U297 VtSiCALC Groa'
OaiaData to® ol tuncaont U343 LITTLE OFFICE DaiaDawaawxwO
ptocaMC* wpvaad U345 -OWE BUSINESS XXJRNAL Eaty to um datatiaaa
U364 rOWE ACCOUNT A«ounl program U36S AMIC ASM Regarded at toe
taat aotxuxit pmg (tcaManl U385 LOFUN NOTE BOOK DataDawa A wo"d
rrwp U390 DATA BASE compttafon Itailaallae to daw UM7 FORM
UNLIMITED Oaaion any type ol tom U396 MORTGAGE CALC Catoulato
mongaga repay raw av U559 ADDRESS PRINT V2 I Slot* 4 prim
addreu U68I TEXT ENGINES V4 I 4 36.000 wo»d apatknochar U688
INVENTORY 2 Datall horra conteiw* lor tnauranca U712 EDWORD
PROFESSIONAL T A, tha Oaat acvdprocaiaor U722 EASYCAL. Maiwa
tptaad ilwat max 925B1 can U756 PAV ADVICE ANALYZER Money prog
U781 ACCOUN7 MASTER V3 lot* of Imdvria A eaay to uaa U»2
A00RESS PRINTING Pmt .vioroaaa. on vabals UW9 pay AO VICE V3
AccqlM program UstO LABEL MAKER Pnnt laDaw He Na.
U900 Th€ MONEY PROGRAM Acroun*.
U954 ONFO«Af OnacF ha treat Irvoca troMn U9S5 QutCK-FILE Van, 'am A alktwni dataPaaa U956 GEN tre Kaap traca of your fanaly baa U95XABANKH Naa accoxxv txoPvtara RECOMMENDED U956 ACCOUNT MANAGER V3 Naa koxrt program NEW - MAGIC WB This new version of Magic WB is fully compatible with any Amiga Even the most basic Amiga can now run Magic WB.
U995 Magic WB 1 -3 For any Amqa (WB 14,44) AGA021 Magic WB AGA Special A1200 & 4000 MAGIC WB EXTRA vol 1-12 12 Disks Per Volume) TO ORDER ANY MAGIC WB EXTRA JUST WRITE ASKING FOR THE VOLUME YOU REQUIRE BACKDROP FOR UU WITH ABOVE VARIOUS B D 1 (4 D) VARIOUS B-D 2 (2 D) MANGA B O 2 (2 D) GLAMOUR FACE (2 D) NEW AMIGA LOGO (1 O) MAGIC SCENERY (2 O) Very high quality clipsrt suitable for any P*mt or Desktop Publishing package Babaa 4 Cmr UFO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER 100s & 100s ol real life documentations ot UFO sightings, kidnapping, animal mutilations & lots more. Very interesting read.
6 disk set only £5-99 C2* Sports C2S Toddla* C26 Tian*por1 4 Travel C27 Waddmga C39 Woman 4 Man (2) C30 Xmaa C3i Oronay Cnp Art C32 Come C*p An Vancus utowcts of dp wt of ha Ngnau quart, Raauta lupax prorn out RECOMMENOED tor any DTP c* Pa ro Pacaag* CPOt CLIP ART VOL t (S MM) CP02 CUP ART VOL 7 tS MM) CP03 CUP ART VOL J (S dMi CPO* CUP-ART VOL 4 IS MM) CP05 CUP ART VOL 5 IS MM) ALIENS MULTIMEDIA 100s ot HocunwHsd cases ol UFO stfungs. AtWuction. Cattle nuBlatKns slots mote Many »im ptwos to Cat* op me dan. Some ate so secret only a recant la* nas mat* tnem available 9 DISK pack only £8 99
SPECIAL OFFEl Magic WB pack c WB Vol 1-6 Magic
• cr Magic Wl tot4ri (12)...only £8 Each Pack above when unpacked
will fill 12 disks fun of Magic WB - Just lik* above retail al
£1 M per volume
• Very easy to unpack- CARD GAMES Manga Akira Bnkart padiof 6
asks contarang some of tha ban MANGA AktRA Games Arwnanons.
Demos Al based on ** Japanese MANGA |6dNks onfy Cmtt LITTLE OFFICE 2 New RetoaM includes 550 Business Letters Word Processor Calendar I Name 4 Address Database PACK II K» All CaflC GA4C ‘ANS FxiwPMr 9UJO Sxton Snag* un**« r» Im pan a t tui Only £4 99 the pack contains 5 desks HARDWARE PROJECT III Bub toon u Eroea rcuanq in noma V an A50C to Cs bm £15. Rsal 3-5 HI n UtfMOOIAUOO Put I'M A503X6COA1200 n ibwwcaw ten Iessbart30.ua 144 PC do *w 01 you AT.94 am a Pociet tAjoam, to yru Amja 4 man, maty mw.Ths auO [save yoj i££ tncxlor beynners) Sdnpnonlya ;.?!v mMm Epu VI 6 this double* the » of your
HD or Disk rt5,E?o°Sffi5 i,y No 57 & 58, Top Floor Glasshouses Mill Nr Pateiey Bridge Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 5QH Tel: +44 (0) 1423 712600 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 712601 Marpet Leading manufacturers of RAM expansions to all major distributors and dealers, are offering a SALEH of all their products, SLASHING up to 20% off recommended retail prices.
Why not purchase your requirements direct from the manufacturer?
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A500 Plus Expansion to 2Mb RRP £29.99 Our price £21.99 RRP Our price A500 Expansion to 1Mb ..£19.99 ...£16.99 Also available with clock £24.99 ...£20.99 External Drive Amigas) A600 Expansion to 2Mb Also available with clock £39.99 ...£32.99 Uses 32bit, 72 way Simms Built in real-time clock Optional maths co-processor Various configurations RRP Our Price 0Mb ...... 1Mb .....£59.99 £99 99 ..£49.99 f ft*. 44 2Mb ..... £110.99 4Mb ..... £145.99 8Mb ..... ....£309.99 ..... £267.99 33MHz F.P.U. .
.....£49.99 ..£38.99 (and crystal) Also S-port (connect CD32 to Amiga). With CD and networking sofhvare £21.99 A1200 internal real-time clock £10.99 Ring for best prices on 30 and 72 way SIMMS, hard drives, modems, mice etc and we will try to beat any genuine deal.
- xn - I rl . T Sin-A V , n REVIEWS M CANON BJC-610 High
quality colour printers have been out of the reach of all but
the most affluent of home-users for some time. However now
Canon have brought out the BJC-610 for under £500, more people
will be able to enjoy the luxury of colour printing.
CC MACROFORM OO Graeme Sandiford installs this Lightwave plug-in in the hope that he'll become a better modeller - find out if he's right. CO WORDWORTH 5 OO David Tsryior writes like he’s never written before in an attempt to find out if Hlordworth 5 really is better than Softwood's Final Writer.
3 If you're looking for some 3D models to use in an animation set indoors then join Graeme SandHord as he tries out 250 household objects on CD-ROM.
"T If s a video thafs a magazine for users of a program, but is it any good? Graeme SandHord finds out.
~]C HOME ACCOUNTS VS COUNTING HOUSE w Graeme Sandiford puts two new accounting packages head-to-head.
7Q FOUR SQUARE HIGH DENSITY DRIVE 3 Few Amiga-owners have HD floppy drives, but this good-looking new drive may change this. Graeme SandHord puts it on his desk and has a good pose.
APRIL 1996 I Graeme SandHord and Robert PoMing survey the best new Amiga CD-ROMs.
HI tt s 1 Canon BJC-610 Canon's range of Bubblejet printers have long been one of the most popular lines of computer peripherals. Aside from providing unprecedented qualitv for their price, the BJ range owes much of its success to its incredible support across platforms.
Bubblejet printing is a unique process where ink is heated until it forms a bubble and then shot at the page while still hot. This results in relatively quiet, fast and high-resolution printing that is ideally suited to colour.
While not able to equal the quality of a laser printer. Bubblejets have always managed impressive resolutions and the BJC-610 is capable of printing at 720x720 dpi (dots per inch) which is actually higher than some laser printers. The appearance of images is further enhanced by reduced bleeding of the ink because it dries so quickly.
FOUR COLOURS The BJC-610 is 4-separation colour A4 printer which means that it uses four different colours instead of three. A three colour printer attempts to generate all of its colours by mixing differing amounts of cyan, magenta and yellow inks. This usually means that when they try to create black they produce a very dark maroon.
The fourth colour used by the BJC- 610 ts black which provides belter outputs when printing dark colours and means that you don't have to waste other colour inks when printing text.
The BJO6I0is essentially aimed at the small office market where it will Ik- needed to perform general printing functions and periodic colour printing.
I lowever there is no reason why it can't be used in the home too. Especially as the prices of the various coated papers have fallen.
Physically, the BJC-610'k quite attractive and fairly unobtrusive. It has a more or less upright design which is becoming popular with a number of Although this print from True Brilliance 3 is still slightly banded it's not bad at all and certainly better than the Canon Studio default.
MEDIA MADNESS pathetic pun), the true lesi of the quality of the output is how closely it matches what's on screen. While it must Ik- said that this has a lot to do with the driver software - see Driving Ambition boxoul - the BJC-610 produces excellent quality images for its relatively meagre price.
If you are looking for a printer that's capable of producing images that are of acceptable quality for presentations or simply for your own gratification, then the BJC-610 may be just the printer you're after. '-J Gone are the days when you could only use photo copier paper in a printer. Nowadays you can cram in pretty much anything that will fit.
The Canon BJC can also accept a surprising number of different printing media, including; transparencies. BubbleJet paper, Hi- Res paper, high gloss film, glossy coated paper, back print film and fabric sheets.
CANON BJC-610 With a maximum resolution of 720x720 dpi in colour, incredible media handling, speed and quality there's not much more you could expect.
VALUE • • • • Laser quality in full colour for under £500 has got be good value.
Canon UK Ltd 0121 666 6262 www.europe.canon.com PRICE Maximum RP £527 - typical street price of £445 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2.04 or better and 2Mb RAM recommended.
SPEED • • • • With the right driver this baby can really motor through even fairly large pictures.
MANUAL • • • • • There are several manuals and all of them are very good at taking you through setting up the printer and using its features.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Installation is straight-forward, but the Cannon Studio needs a bit of fiddling with.
"If your line of work or hobby demands quality colour printing then buy this!” APRIL 1996 printer manufacturers. This gives the printer a surprisingly small footprint and means that a place can be found for it on most desks - even one like mine with its, uhh... "unique" Filing system. One of the aspects of the vertical design which is quite neat is the paper collection tray.
This is located at the base of the printer and slides into the body when not in use. The printer also comes with a sheet feeder as standard which can hold approximately 100 sheets of AT paper.
50 sheets of transparency Film or 10 DL envelopes.
QUALITY OF OUTPUT Other hardware niceties include automated cleaning of the print head.
After a while, especially after a period of inactivity, printer heads tend to get clogged with ink which reduces the image quality by producing thin gaps.
By using the operator panel located on the front of the printer, you can clean the print head without having to open the printer and shove a cotton bud around inside.
The panel also provides you with information about the printer's status such as the dpi mode, the sheet feeder mode and warns you if the ink is running low.
Of course the most important feature of a printer is the quality of its output. One of die major contributing factors to die quality, aside from the method itself, is the resolution the printer is capable of. The BJC-610's main rival is Hewlett Packard's DeskJet 660C and. In terms of resolution, the BJC-610 has it licked.
The resolution of 720x720 dpi in both colour and black and white modes compares favourably with the HP 660Cs 600x300 in colour and 600x600 in black and white.
The BJC-610 also has a small advantage in the speed department, with a maximum printing speed of 205 cps (characters per second) in HQ mode and 0.55 to 1 ppm (pages per minute) in graphics mode compared with 134 - cps HQ and 1.67 ppm.
However while the BJC-610 looks impressive on paper (excuse that One ol i hr mosi common gripes aboul l.ighhvinv n llial Modeler, ihe pari ihai rreaies objects, could be improved upon. Verv often, after swapping from another 3D program, users found it hard to gel Modeler to do whai ihey warned ii to.
MacroForm is a collection ol over 20 addon tools for Modeler, developed by One and Only Media to meet ihe needs of a tricky project thev were working on. As well as adding a host of new power modelling features to Lightumv's Modeler ihe creators of MacroForm intended to make creating objects easier for beginners.
MacroForm is splil into two groups: ihe Productivity Set and the RailTool Environment. However the crux of the system is a useful macro called KeyMaster. Ii enables you lo gain quick and easy access to the other tools through the function kevs and set up an environment that suits you.
Align and Outer is a Productivity Sel tool that helps you align objects. It needs two layers and at least two objects and then it can be used to align objects to each other on an independent axis.
Distance and Angles is a tool that more than replaces Ijghtwavr's measuring functions. Nol only does it ic*ll you the distance between two points it also provides you with their angles in all three view windows.
Dimensions is a tool that is great for resizing objects as n works on absolute values
- so you just type in a new size for an object in feet, inches or
whatever. NewBox simply creates cubes with rounded edges. Slice
and Dice gives you a great deal of control over creating
segments from existing objects by.
You guessed it, slicing and dicing them.
APRIL 1996 The RailToolz macros are the really powerful elements of MamiFornt. They can be used to create and modify organic objects by making use of Modeler's rails. Perhaps my favourite of these is RailMold which can be used to create beautifully smooth curved surfaces. When used with meshes it can produce excellent organic and aerodynamic shapes.
RailRout is another powerful tool that creates routed object like slides or channels. There are other tools which enable you to perform a number of tasks including bending objects along a curve and stretching and squashing objects DISTRIBUTOR Activa UK A Anti-Gravity Products 0181 402 5770 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2.04 or batter, 8Mb of RAM. Hard disk and Lightwave 3.5. 68030 CPU and FPU recommended.
SPEED •••• Bearing in mind the processor- intensive nature of Lightwave and the complexity of the objects, it's pretty good.
MANUAL • • • Takes a while to get into but is quite thorough and informative.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • If you can use Lightwave you should As you can imagine armed with such an array of powerful tools 3D artists will be able to build pretty much any object imaginable. Unfortunately, despite its host of powerful tools, there is one problem with MacroForm at the moment.
Along with several other macro using systems, it won't work with the 1260 board. This is because the Rexx Plus Compiler is not compatible. But.
Despite this problem, MacroForm still transforms Modeler into the program it should have been. O FEATURES ••••• A tremendous range of useful macros that literally transfoiiii* Lightwave'* Modeler.
VALUE •••• For the privilege of getting even more out of Lightwave this Is definitely a good deal.
"Modelling in Lightwave will never be the same again" 90% "If you print without it, you have only yourself to blame!11* 'Review in German "Amiga Plus" Magazine Dec 95 TURBOP The probably best 24-bit printer driver system has no Outstanding: TurboPrint will not only output 24 bit-graphics directly from your floppy or hard drive in the highest quality possible, but will also print from applications like Personal Paint, Deluxe Paint or Brilliance the full colour palette available with AGA-graphics chipset. Although utilising the standard Workbench printer interface, printout will not be limited
to the usual 4096 colours.
? («•] Tyt 1 Pester 1 Hfdfyy Perfect printouts from day one: TurboPrint combines ease of use with unparalleled output quality Simply choose your printer, and go: With our brand new intelligent printer drivers you'll get fantastic results straight away.
Matching colours: With the new high-speed "True Match" colour management system up to 16 million colours are closely represented by the printout Various settings, like brightness, contrast, colours, and many more, allow for individual configuration.
|Cpi»n_StylntCelor J ttn £ ¦r«F*U»l Text 1 Pester 1 Hardcopy | Landsiaye (Graphics) Typ» £]_ Stic Ci Diffuse | .. EZJ
* red after Printout Graphics _*U le»t ? | Pure Black Sett
lays... | ? I Iru latch (arrrction
* 1- Smoothing 21B m J »«• The Preferences Menu with 7
"Index-Cards" Easy to use: Intuitive and clearly arranged
preferences menu.
Style guide compliant. May be hotkey-activated at any time.
Hard copy function for fast printing of screens.
Poster function for oversized printouts.
Compatible to your existing Amiga software: No difference in printing, except new levels of quality.
Will run on every Amiga model with Workbench 2.0 or higher.
Supports even the latest printer models, such as Canon 610, Epson Stylus Pro Color ll lls, HP 660 850.
Press Reviews about TP Pro 4.1 • "Best Choice" "The test prints on the DeskJet 850C were better than those produced by Studio ... I was impressed with how easy it was to get to grips with and the quality of the prints using the default settings."
Amiga Shopper 3 96 "TP4 is the new leader in every respect. It is simply the best choice" Amiga Special 9 95 "The already impressive print results have been further improved, with the new True Match system playing an important role. Handling could not be much easier."
Amiga Magazin 9 95 RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE £49.99 The Print Manager showing the Layout function Improved Graphics Print Manager: Our integrated 24-bit print and display utility has been considerably improved. New functions include support for IFF, JPEG, PCX, GIF, BMP and many more.
Any picture up to 16 million colours may be displayed either in true colour (with CybergraphX on third party graphics cards) or dithered with up to 256 (AGA) or 16 colours.
The new Layout function allows for precise mouse- controlled selection of printout size and position.
No need for test printouts The Graphics Print Manager will allow the user to control the results of all changes made to the print parameters (Brightness, Gamma Correction, etc.) directly on-screen before printing.
Ask for TurboPrint at your local computer store, or contact Dealer enquiries are welcome!
If IrseeSoft
- I IEF!A.LD Rapid House.
54 Wandle Bank.
London. SW19 1DW Tel: 0181-715 8866 Fax: 0181-715 8877 PO Box 490.
Dartford, Kent, OA1 2UH Tel: 01322-527800 Fax: 01322-527810 Ask lor out developer intormation (e-mail: lrseeSott@l-online de) Meinrad-Spiefi-PI. 2 D-87660 Irsee, Germany Tel: +49 8341-74327 Fax: +49 8341-12042 Pla&e pour printing dreams come true MZJ5d David Taylor takes a look at the latest version of the Amiga's most popular word processor. How much more does the new version offer?
When Wordworthappeared years ago, it was an impressive program that allowed you to produce some very nice looking documents. But this new version makes the original look very limited indeed.
Wordworth 5 is a package that can be used by professionals and home users alike. It can be used to create stunning documents, whether they are school projects or posters for the church fete.
This is much more than just a program to write letters. This latest version of Wordworth is a document design and creation package as much as it is a word processor. Newsletters, presentations, reports, projects - these are the things Wordworth 5 excels at.
Placed on an extended Workbench, Wordworth can have its toolbars placed outside the main window, leaving an uncluttered workspace.
So what are the improvements on version 4? Ah, well, there never really was a Wordworth 4. A version different to 3 has been bundled with the new Amiga's and there might have been some confusion as to whether Wordworth 5 was the same as that in die bundle. To avoid it, the bundled version was called 4SE and this version 5.
The enhancement that users will find most immediately useful is the new Wordworth 5 David Taylor takes a look at the latest version of tfaetTlrtl patent a* _ From Left: 116 in Frt KM1LJA1A1 Em £ 0 Qi| & Mr & It appears to be impossible to write a WP on any platform that doesn't suffer the occasional screen -quirk-.
Drag and Drop Style Sheet option. Style Sheets allow you to set up the default styles you want so that you don't have to adjust evcrydiing all the time.
These arc not just a case of preferences for fonts. Within style sheets you can set up the font size, colour, background colour, style, spacing, paragraph tabs, justification, etc. In other words, the entire settings for a paragraph are stored within each style sheet. You can then just pick the style you want for each bit of text and drop the style onto it. Transforming it from boring looking text into the new look of your requirements.
COMPILING TEXT This is especially useful for people who are compiling text from several different sources. If, for instance, you were compiling a work newsletter which had several contributors, who work on different machines or even different platforms, you can get them to give you a PC disk (which both Macs and Pcs can use) containing their text as ASCII.
Import the ASCII into Wordworth and then drop the style sheet on. It will automatically be transformed into the setting you use for your newsletter. This is obviously much quicker than importing the text, selecting it and then manually adding the fonts and tabs.
Style sheets can be based on previous sheets, so that if you always me one font, but in different sizes or colours, you can quickly build up a library of sheets. When you have your sheets set, you can save them within a document template.
Templates are documents which contain certain bits of infonnation that you want to use again and again. You can save default parts of text within a template as well as the settings for style sheets. So, if you want you can have letterheads or newsletter logos, etc all set up.
TEMPLATES The fact that templates save text as well as settings is something of a mixed blessing, because there is no way of saving style sheets separately - they must be included in a template. So, if you're hall'way through a document and you create a new style, it's very fiddly to include it in your default set up.
To make sure that sheets arc included when you start up, you save them within the "normal" template file that Wordworth loads when starting up.
However, if you're hallway through a text when you create a new style, how can you save the sheet as default, without saving all the text as default too? You have to work around the problem. Save the document and then open a new one. Import the style sheet from the saved document - you can do this, but the document has to be saved first, it can't be read from memory - and then save the empty document as the new default. Hopefully this fault will be rectified soon.
WORDWORTH PD The next big thing is the inclusion of Arexx support which is going to make people very happy. The best thing about Arexx is that even if you don't use it yourself, other people will create their own Arexx macros and circulate them so that everyone can use them.
I'm confident of this because it's already happened. The first volume of SERIOUSLY AMIGA APRIL 1996 2:46 PM q untitled 1_ j ?!_ Shannon Book jjj pTj F j ... ?
E£ & Text boxes for laying over pictures.
Ji is vlN ?JQJ Drawing tool bar for placing text boxes and pictures, etc. Additional Tat box Font and Text settings.
M m '.i a S3 " SSIkua absolutely free.
Despite all the added features in this new version, there are areas that could still lie improved and hopefully they will Im The problem with Style Sheet preferences haring to be set within templates is not the only prefs Continued overleaf 4 monograms.
And. When you're feeling overwhelmed by all the features, you can still relax with Playtime, which gives you a little sliding puzzle 10 solve.
Wordworth uses Agfa™ Intellifont™ to scale fonts without loss of quality. It's, rather nifty as this version comes with 50 Compugraphic fonts f a ¥ • Iffl Wordworth I'D, including templates and Arexx, has been released and can be found on the Coverdisk of this month's Amiga Shopper.
Leading on from the addition of Arexx is die set of Arexx wizards.
These are interactive tutorials which you can launch, leading you through certain processes so that you can see how to do tilings. These wizards are very useful and can direct you in many different aspects from creating an invoice or using the mail merge facility to creating your own World Wide Web page.
FILE FORMAT SUPPORT Digita have also developed an idea called FontEflects™. These are a set of adjustments tltat can be applied to any font. They include the ability to scratch a font, set an oblique (which means slanting the font either way) and use small capitals as normal letters, i.e. Wrtte like this.
They are not major extras, but they're handy little things that you'll find useful from time to time.
Wordworth hits also been improved in it's file format support. You can now load ‘24-hit images and import tables from TurhoCalr and documents from Final Writer or Final (lofty II Of course, these new additions are supplemental to the already impressive - array of features of Wordworth 3. You can sel up documents designed as double page spreads, adjust the number of WORDWORTH'S INTERFACE Wordworth 5 11996 Oigita International 0 | Styles IQ Mo style Nornal Notes Table Caption A| vt Header information Body copy text Toolbar which can b« set in various positions.
Drag'n'drop style sheets.
The main tent area.
Columns, import pictures and run text around them. You can set the program to autixorrect common typos like "teh” instead of “the". There's a Librarian facility to allow you to simply grab common text and insert it instead of retyping it all the time. E.g. "Yours sincerely".
You can have multiple text boxes so that you can lav text over the lop of pictures as captions, for example.
You can even ask Wordworth to read a document back to you. Albeit in a hit of a robotic voice.
Then there's the Text Effects, which are not to lie confused with the FonlEffects™. These arc a set of preset and variable effects that allow you to do fancy tilings with text, such as spiral it. Set it in a circle, etc. It's useful for rotating text and quickly creating logos or 4r*»tt; 3 MS FrwiLrft Q 1 fro* lop. |1*4 ip 1 tMtfc ILTtio | fWTS 1 _________ .cist f-__1 |or*r Color: »| Dart Rod |
• ocdor Stvdo: ? L» 1 imctaMU pljHooo
- - rio* p Hono | Stand Off: [CTT5 1 &r»d Colour: ? Yellow |
Ihtfnm: p||M......I fa*c*r.
Mo fail ha BB You can import tables directly from TurboCstc, the spreadsheet program from Digita. They are then treated much like pictures.
Frm t« US w (dim 1 ¦ problem. Although you can set the toolbar to be opened automatically when you want it. You cannot set it to open the Style window or Drawing tools window automatically. You have to open them each time you load up, which is just a bind. Also, if you set Wordworth to open on Workbench as opposed to on its own screen, it will always open up to the full size of Workbench.
This somewhat defeats the object as far as I'm concerned. I wanted to be able to open Wordworth as a normal one screen sized window, on a larger, autoscrolling Workbench. This would mean that I could have the ToolBars, Drawing Tools and Style Sheet windows all hanging outside of the Wordworth window and not inside obscuring the view of the page.
You can give the effect of text wrap by fiddling around with new text boxes
- but what a drag!
It is possible, but it does mean resizing the window whenever you open a document. These should be settings that could be included within the program's preferences. It doesn't take- long to open a toolbar from a menu and re-size a window, but it is tedious.
I would also like to have seen the inclusion of standard picture setups within either the style sheets or the Librarian. This would mean that you could simply drop a pre-sized picture with a frame and caption over the top, all grouped together, onto the page and then fill in the blanks. It would have saved repetitive work, which is what computers are best used for.
Although being able to import different image formats is excellent, the feature support for them within the program is varied. You can re-size pictures and the program will scale them appropriately, including EPS Belowv: Import a picture and drop styles on. Quickly.
WORDWORTH 5 pictures which are scalable without loss of quality, which is obviously very good.
But, you can only import rectangular images. It is possible to use colour 0 as transparent and allow text to runaround very close to the picture, but it still seems to contour in straight lines, rather than curving around the image.
One way of getting around this is to make sure there is no runaround on the picture itself and then place invisible boxes behind it in a variety of shapes with appropriate runaround set on these.
Again, this is a cumbersome solution, which runs into problems if you want to place the picture in the middle because you only get the choice of running text either left or right around the box. Not both ways. It also means constructing irregular shapes from boxes and ellipses, because irregular shaped drawing tools arc not available.
Even the inclusion of the ability to draw an oudine manually would have been helpful. As it is, the closest you can get is using straight lines of various lengths to surround a piece of clipart.
But this still means messing around with additional text boxes over the top of the picture in order to give the Distributor Digita 0139S 270273 Price £69.99 (£39.99 for registered Digita users) Upgrade from 3.1 £29.99 Upgrade from other version or other WP £39.99 + £3 PftP System requirements WB2+. 3Mb free RAM. 2 disk drives, hard drive very recommended Speed • • • • Very fast on a fast machine.
Although one area that has been improved, slower machines suffer.
Accessibility • • • • • Despite being feature packed, a little computer literacy is sufficient impression it's running around. This will, unfortunately, give Quark press users something they can quietly scoff about.
Some of these niggles will be easier to change than others, but they are the fly in an otherwise excellent ointment, which may serve to soothe some of the Amiga's problems. After all. This is a very important release for the Amiga.
The machine is constantly criticised for its lack of professional level word packages, something which Wordworth certainly is. All we need now is for the Amiga’s printing speed to be rectified although, thankfully, this version of Wordworth docs allow background printing so that you can carry on work whilst it chugs along.
Wordworth 5 is an extremely powerful program with all the features that most people will need. With a few tweaks, it could be a pinnacle of achievement. It is also available at a very reasonable price which is a great credit to Digita.
For those users who don't need a powerhouse of a program maybe Wordworth 5 isn't enough of a change but the more ambitious users among you should, at least be tempted by this program's latest features O especially with the ample documentation.
Features • • • • Stuffed to the gills, but I still want more. There's no satisfying an AF reviewer.
Value • • • • • Upgrading from any previous word processor, whether from Digita or not for £40. Yes please!
"Eagerly awaited and not one to disappoint. Another Digita triumph" 92% ALMATHERA TELEPHONE ORDER LINE: (+44) 0181 687 0040.
Upgrade your old Pa nr proton to Photogenic§ and save £15!
For a limited period you can upgrade any old Amiga paint, graphics or image processing package to Photogenics 1.2A, the latest word in 24-bit paint and image manipulation software for the Amiga. Take full advantage of the power and flexibility that the Amiga offers, don’t be limited by the inconvenient and archaic interfaces that your old products use.
Just send us your payment and any proof of purchase for a rival product (Photocopy of manual or disk, receipt, or just quote us a line from the manual by fax or phone) and we'll send you back the latest version of Photogenics 1.2A by return. Plus you can continue to use your old software while you wait for Photogenics (normally dispatched within two days). See for yourself why all the Amiga magazines gave their top awards to Photogenics. Upgrade now to the future of Amiga graphics software.
This otter is ONLY available for direct orders from Almathera. Please do not embarass your local dealer by asking him to honour this deal. Only the English Language version of Photogenics 1.2A is available through this competetive upgrade program.
Ptioiogenlcs 1 2A requires a minimum of 2Mb of RAM (4Mb minimum if used with hard dish), a 68020 or higher CPU and Kickslart 3.0 or higher CyberGraphX required for 24-bit operation on third-party graphics cards teg Pcasso II. CyberVision64) TEN ON TEN PACK.
TEN top titles in just one pack, for amazing good value. This pack contains: Normal RRP: Euroscenel £9.95. Normal set pnce £24.90 £14.95
• The action packed tank simulator TEAM YANKEE.
• Almatheras classic titles CDPD1, 2 and DEM01.
• PLUS three completely new Cds -
• COMMS & NETWORKING lo get you up and running on the net!
Only £ 34.95 Make your own exciting mind-bending videos to accompany any music CD, From Motzart to MeatLoaf there's nothing VIDEO CREATOR can’t handle! It's simple. Just put in any music CD and use the awesome 32-bit power and easy-to-use editor to create professional quality music videos with any number ot excellent effects!
3D Arena is entirely focused on 3D objects, animations, graphics and design. Ready to run objects in Imagine. Lightwave and Real 3D. An exclusive collection from the 24Bit club Scotland, every graphics and animation utility that you are ever likely to need and much more.
AMIGA FORMAT SAID (Issue May 95) 94% “3D Arena stands head and shoulders y tj|) over almost every other 3D CD-ROM" £19.95 ORDER BY PHONE: 0181-687 0040 • ORDER BY FAX: 0181-687 0490 • ORDER BY MAIL CUT OUT OR COPY THE ORDER FORM AND SEND TO: ALMATHERA, Southerton House. Boundary Business Court, 92-94 Church Road. Mitcham. Surrey. CR4 3TD. England.
"IX- TtV- ..Inilial(s): .....Surname:. Title:...... Address: £ TOTAL £ ISA Card Authorisation Signature FMT2 man Cheque Postal Order or Bankers Draft for: £ Payable to Almathera systems Ltd.
Switch Issue Number • P & P £2.25 for the 1st Item + £1 per extra item upto - D-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-R01 Aminet Set 2 AMINET® SET 2, doted November 1995, consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives. Whether you like applications, games, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy to use index files and search facilities make accessing it a pleasure.
Utilities Documents text software Business software Pictures & animations Graphics software Miscellaneous Graphics & sound demos Games 120 MB 270 MB 40 MB 75 MB 630 MB 170 MB 150 MB 630 MB 250 MB 110 MB 10 MB 5 MB 840 MB 150 MB 30 MB Development software Disk HD tools Hardware related Music modules Communications .C Music software - Al Aminet 10 Aminet® CD 10, dated February 1996, contains more thanl gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives. Since the release of Aminet® CD 9 more than 500 MB new software has appeared. The current edition has a special focus on fonts. More
than 1,000 were included.
25 MB Business software 54 MB Communications 25 MB Graphics & sound demos 27 MB Development software 5 MB Disk HD tools 22 MB Documents 111 MB Games 52 MB Graphics software 18 MB Miscellaneous 233 MB Music modules 54 MB Pictures & animations 43 MB Utilities qb 5-Paint XiPaint V3.2 XiPaint is a leading edge, 24-bit paint program. It's suited to the demands of novice and expert alike, and within a short time, you too will bo able to produce colourful and creative art in 16.8 million colours.
This version of XiPaint provides a professional paint program at an unbeatable price performance ratio.
Overview of Features: • Diverse paint functions including colour, contrast and saturation adjustment - Mask, outline, recolour and fill functions • Airbrush with adjustable spray functions • Light-table function for manipulating montages and animations • Text functions with anti-aliasing using Compugraphic fonts • Support for a variety of graphic formats • Unlimited Undo • Diverse manipulation of alpha channel • Supports many graphic cards • Layers to combine different projects • Arexx port • Drag & Drop colours - External filter module • Extensive documentation • 60 textures, 50
landscapes, 30 other pictures and many fonts included.
Qb & InletMews Offline Vol. 1 AMIGA is a regisfred trodemork of ESCOM AG.
NetNews Offline Vol. 1 is the first disk of a new bimonthly published series of Amiga* CD-ROMs which contains all Amiga*- related newsgroups from the internet.
Every volume features about 70.000 articles which contain hot rumours, important information about all aspects of the Amiga*, press-releases, discussions and flame wors A newsreader is included.
NetNews Offline is the cheap alternative of getting in touch with Usenet. £14.95 All products are available in your local AMIGA-shop or through national mail-order-companies International Distributor: Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel +49-61 71 - 85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 TIULO IO SVVAXt; SALE °E UV
* 5.50 ERV JUST SAXE LLLLs BfcBin ¦ - - iimiP1"'"'1'¦ • - AMIGA
540MEG £169 £185 £199 £239 850MEG 1GIG 1,2G AMIGA PERIPHERALS
• Formatted & Partitoned.
• Workbench installed.
• All cables, instructions & fixings included.
• NO cutting or drilling of case
• NO need for larger power pack
• Mailorder collection & return carriage add £15 AT 200 MEMORY
£219 U Vf T£ 16MEG ONLY £379 O TRILOGIC, UNIT 2, 253 NEW WORKS
2350091 SERIOUSLY AMIGA APRIL 1996 Monger Above: Doesn't look
too comfy does it?
Some missing polygons needed to made it doublesided .
Below: A beautifully smooth glass.
Perhaps the most rewarding part of _ 3D graphics is creating a highly detailed and beautiful H model. For most 3D artists the ultimate 1 compliment is to be told that their work has been mistaken for its real-life counterpart such as the incredible animals in Jumanji.
However, creating objects that appear real is an extremely time- consuming process and few animators can spare the time needed to always build their own models. This is why model collections, such || - reviewed here, more and more j|| popular.
Model Monger - Interiors I is intended to be a collection of 250+ photo-realistic models that are typically found inside a house or office. As the objects are described as photo-realistic you'd expect them to be highly detailed and of sufficient quality to be used professionally. The objects are all of an interior nature so some of their prime uses will include C1AD visualisation and animations set indoors.
The CD is not Amiga-specific and therefore its contents are stored in a variety of formats. The ones of interest for most Amiga-owners will be the Lightwave ones, although Imagine 3 users will be able to import the DXF objects as well.
The disc also contains the same objects for use in 3DStudio. All of them, except the DXF meshes, are not archived and are therefore ready for use from within your 3D program without having to go through a lengthy de-archiving process.
From Cappuccino machines to dumbbells - Graeme Sandiford checks out a new range of 3D household objects.
U Finding your way around the disc could have been made easier - there is a viewer program, but it’s for use with Pcs only.
However there is no reason that you couldn't use the PD program SltoivObj to view' the objects.
There is a "road-map" document that contains a brief description of the objects in each directory.
You'll find a relatively wide variety of objects on the disc everything ranging from cappuccino machines I to Tvs and even a set of dumbbells.
While the disc's contents cover a great deal of objects there QUALITY • • • • The majority of the objects are of a very high standard indeed - more than good enough for professional use. However some of them have slight polygon flaws that need to be compensated for by making them double-sided.
DISTRIBUTOR Activa UK & Anti-gravity Products PRICE $ 45 (approximately £30) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Lightwave and a CD-ROM drive.
SPEED • • • Rendering times are significantly lengthened due to unnecessary points in certain objects.
Left: It's a shame the office budget won't stretch to a cappuccino machine.
We'll just have to stick to whipping up muddy water.
Notable absence - there are no texture maps. This would have been a welcome addition, enhancing the appearance of the objects when rendered and thereby making them appear more realistic. The only other gripe I have with the collection is that some of the objects are un-necessarily large - containing more points than are really needed.
If you are going to be involved in any projects that will involve using indoor scenes then you will find this Cl) a very valuable tool. However you might also consider the ho Objects Household Items collection, reviewed in lf'81. As an alternative. 'St FEATURES • • • • "YSWWr The objects would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a few good texture maps.
VALUE • • • • • For the measly sum of $ 45 dollars you get over 250 high quality household objects - this is good value in my books.
"They really are photo realistic and they're cheap as well" 93% LZJL Right: Work those gluteus, hamstrings, calves etc. T It's got to be an AF first - not only are we reviewing another mag, it's in the form of a video cassette.
Here's another example of the high quality animations on tape.
M Table of Contents IBI WARNING 00:00 INTRODUCTION 01:37 MOTION CONTROL 01:41 ITS ONLY ID 11:45 ALPHABET SHF 57-70 ANIM. SHOWCASE 1:0157 RFV»W: Wnriri CS.
156:12 ORDERING INFO 131:11 Light Speed is a monthly magazine for Lightwave-uscrs. Previously only available in the US this video magazine has been converted to PAL and is now- available in the UK from BliltersofL Despite initially sounding like a strange format for a magazine, a video tape is an excellent medium for a magazine dedicated to users of a 3D program. When writing for a printed magazine it can often be difficult to explain certain procedures and techniques.
Rto m *Vr| I I REGULAR FEATURES The video contents are displayed for you at the he ginning of the tape on the contents screen, complete with the time indexes for each section. There appear to be two regular features. It s Only 3D! And the User Showcase. The former is a 3D-modelling tutorial that takes you through basic techniques and concepts. It is presented by Dave Warner in an amusing, if somewhat corny, manner. The User Showcase shows oil'some of the better contributions from readers - or should I say watchers?
Two of the tutorials in issue 3 are based on camera movement. The fust uses 4 null points patented to each other and the camera. According to the instructor there is good reason for this, but we are left to figure it out for ourselves. The second is in a similar vane, Inn with just two null points. A third tutorial shows how to model a spaceship and even includes how to add hull lights.
And it's not only tutorials. There are also reviews of products on the market. This month saw the review of World Construction Set I and there was also a brief report from the '93 SigC.raph computer graphics show.
Initially Light S wed was quite painful to watch because the reviewers and ttttots where a bit too corny. However, on reflection, the content was actually quite good and after all. These guys are not professional presenters. At the moment l ight Sfwed has a few rough edges, but it holds a great deal of promise for the future and has plenty to offer newcomers to Lightwave. 'I?
Mot slickly produced, but there's a great deal off enthusiasm.
- .JL- ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT
Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour
video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or
taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals.
This real time PAL SECAM IMTSC7 24-Bit colour frame
grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on
the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for
its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has
earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video
magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player , the choice is yours STAGE 2... sc a.: .
Wish to screen preview ,j Ij Grab images with your camcorder including S VHS I grabs frames in real time, there's no need for t|||| j _________ I Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources ProGrab Supports all recent Amiga* and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including MAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting!
ProGrab8". Saves and Loads images in IFF 1LBM, IFF I18M24. JPEG. BMP PCX, and TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as Anlm5 files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampier| as AnimS ? 8SVX files A range of image processing effects, palette computing routine* |AGA only) and dithering method* are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.* Photogenic* fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader to enable grabs directly from within the program • saving YOU time!
ProGrab'* Software has built m mono and colour animation facilities The number of frames is dependant upon your AmigaS RAM ProGrab'" Release 2.5.* software now includes...
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolution* Even
with low memory Amiga* (AH Hard Dnve Syucrm with* the need for
an MMJ or. Take a signal rrom a TV wilh SCART output or. Use
the signal from your satellite receiver or, Grab TV or video
pictures from your VCR's video output including S VHS For just
£129.95... 3to6rab is supplied with everything you'll need + ¦
ProGrab"" 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x
Software ¦ Mams Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting
Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ? And extends performance oGiabs optional PCMCIA Interlace includes the i '.enous ixofpss onal users offering the foHOw Faster Downloading Times (up to FIVE times c improved animation speeds of up to 11 fps jm Sound sampling and animation capacities l« Saving of animations direct to you Amiga* hard STAGE 3... Use the grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
PnHjRABL,u( srvnsi?tygT ai pJer VJUC 1 The Bwt VidfO H it&osir On- Satisfied Customers' 95*. SIM Buy m renwu ar SMI i- Amy. (Jim »J"« GoUl bong me.
ProGrab' supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later 4 a minimum of I 5Mb. Free RAM NTSC Only model* «*c .* « icppon the *X -Mcc mode Get ymm hands on NEW ProGrab Plus Post or FAX your requirements |Quantity Trade Prices Ai alaWel on the order form provided OR. If you d simply like further information please contact Mr Mrs .Miss Ms: Address: County (Country): Evening Phone: i d miiv nninc: ??????
Valid From: (Switch Only) Issue Number: (Switch Only) made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED CORDON HARWOODOOC C0MPUTERSC3OCD Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DESS 7BR FAX: 0 1 773 83 1040 or... TELEPHONE 01 773 836781 ProGrab Phis ' 9129.95 * PCMCIA Interface * *H95 * V 2-5ji S W (l Ser Upgrade) • S4.95 * Optional FAST Courier Delivery 8 *6.95 * mru r Card No Expiry Dale I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for i Oterseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping e Card holder's signature: Counting House DISTRIBUTOR Money is perhaps the single most common thought lhal occupies peoples minds. Whether ils finding ways of making, spending or simply keeping hold of it. Managing Ihe money we have can lake up a
greal deal of our lime.
Making effective use of our finances can be even more of a headache especially if you are running your own business. This is supposed lo be w here computers come to Ihe aid of the common man by making dealing with such monotonous tasks easier and more accurate.
COUNTING HOUSE Applied Research Kernel 01983 551 496 e-mail: richardOark.co.uk PRICE £59.95 (cash only version) £99.95 (cash and credit) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2.04 or better. 3Mb of RAM.
6Mb of Hard drive space.
SPEED • • • • Although the accounting processes are quite demanding general operation is still quick.
MANUAL » Fine if you are interested in flowers, but useless otherwise.
ACCESSIBILITY • • The entire concept of rooms in accounting is confusing.
FEATURES •• • • Although it takes time to find them there are actually some good accounting features.
VALUE • • • Despite being half the price of Easy Ledgers 2. Its unwieldiness can be a liability.
"Everything you want in one room, or should that be six?"
81% Unforlunalcly Ibis is seldom the rase. The traditional method of scribbling down figures on several scraps of paper and making a "best guess" evaluation of your current financial status, is often less of a pain in than more modern methods. This is why the interface of an accounting personal finance program needs to be given a great deal of consideration as things can be confusing and awkward enough without having lo wrestle with an uncooperative interface.
NOVEL INTERFACES Both of the products on review here have taken a novel approach to their interfaces. Money Mailers 4 shares the style and many of the interface concepts of its stable-mates Wordworlli.
Organiser and DataStore. Money Mailers has a definite Workbench feel complete with icous and windows.
Counting llouse however has a completely unique approach to accounts package interface design. The program's creators have chosen to base their interface on a house - that is a house in as much as it consists of several connected "rooms".
As you might expect, because of the different intei fares, the programs work in quite different ways. As mentioned before, Counting House's interface is quite... unique.
Each group of related functions are kept in a room and can be accessed by- moving from room to room. The rooms include an Inventory room for keeping track of items that you buy and sell, a Library for keeping track of different mediums such as magazines, tapes or disks, a Management room that provides access to reporting functions for final accounts and a Traders room where all the transactions take place.
This may all sound a little confusing at first and lo be quite honest it is. I can appreciate the intention of designing an interface that closely resembles the way in which a real office works, but if you are a self employed person working by yourself this may only serve to confuse you. Even if Ihe program's working methods are only superficially different it may be enough to put off someone who only has a basic grounding in accounting procedures.
In an attempt to make up for the program’s fiendishly confusing working methods there is a quick tour room that will take you on a guided hyperlink lour of Counting House's features. Users can also avail themselves of the program's on-line help and tutorials. However, these don't make up for the lark of a manual which has been substituted with a 133-page security check system.
Incompreheusibly instead of using a manual as a security check, like most Money Matters 4 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Regular Transactions are. As you might expect transactions that occur at regular intervals.
Once set up. This transaction will be automatically calculated every month, week or day.
Other programs, (Counting House has a list of flowers and other plants.
Money Matters 4 has a far more sensible and easier to follow system.
It comprises of multiple accounts that appear as icons on a desktop. Any number of accounts can be created and given a name that the user can readily identify.
The accounts you create operate on a simple Debit and Credit method that will be familiar to anyone who has a bank account. All of the accounts can be linked via their transactions. As well as normal accounts there are special ones such as Regular accounts which can be used to specify transactions that occur on a regular basis and Types which enable you to specify a range of difTerenl types of transactions.
More importantly Money Matters actually has a manual. Admittedly it's not a fantastic one, but it is a manual lhat will help In get you started in using the program and provide a useful printed reference. This, combined with a simpler interface makes Money Matters by far the easiest program to gel to grips with.
I lowcver in terms of features and power Counting House has a definite advantage. Once you get past the troublesome interface you'll find that Counting House is actually based on sound accounting procedures and is more geared up for use in a business environment. For example the program is already set up to produce a Trial Balance, lYading and Profit & loss Report and Invoices. It also includes extensive Credit tools in the Cash Sc Credit version. What's more you can build hew features yourseir with Sbase 4 Pro - which I suspect is the prime tool used in Counting House's creation.
Using Counting House as a personal finance manger, but Money Matters could conceivably double up as a small business accounting program.
Despite the hideous and confusing interface of Counting House, both products perform their given task quite well.
However while Money Matters 4 would be my first choice in personal finance managers, if you were running a small business, I think that it’s worth paying the extra money for the case of use of Easy ledgers 2 (reviewed in AF66), iustcad of grappling with (hunting House's complicated interface. © DIFFERENT MARKETS MONEY MATTERS 4 While Money Matters lacks many of (stunting House's business-specific features it is not short or it's own useful tools. In particular, the new ones for version 4 include a l.oan Calculator, a Currency Calculator, Insurance Inventory and Digiscnsc.
And in order to help you make your financial planning easier you are provided with a budget tool and several reporting functions including a variety of charts.
While Motiey Matters is not intended to provide a solution to the money management problems of small businesses, to a certain extent it could still be used in this role.
And in conclusion, while it is obvious that both of these products are aimed at two very different markets, the distinctions between their features are not so dear cut. You would probably have to be a little bonkers to cousider DISTRIBUTOR Digita International 01395 270 273 PRICE £49.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2.04 or higher. 1Mb of RAM.
SPEED • •« General operation is pretty nippy but graph drawer is a little slow.
MANUAL • • • The manual takes a bit of getting into, but the on-line help is good.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • The intuitive interface is a joy to use and if you can make sense of a bank statement you'll be OK.
FEATURES •• • • There are more than enough features for the home and most small businesses.
VALUE • • • Fifty quid will probably stretch most home users' pockets, but then again it should save you money in the end.
"Your Bank Manager will love you for buying this program" 87% I | Basically this n a 3 disk comprtaton ot J toois which should 'oa'ly have been on | Wwf "J| Workbench eg Virus Killer Fasi ie«t odiiof and displayor Menu system. Frio I ' *1 manager. A tew Workbench games and
Te«i Er gme is me easosi to use I” the Ar iga It even mciudos n
cotrpe- Bl S5rwl!t£ ,onl Sp®"check 'eaturo.
StrHftaRKi3 M Suitable lor all Amiga s a Only E3 00 ? TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE KT f~* fk News maker is a sunpie to use colour y MM Desktop publishing package Import L?*??!?? Ejl your own graphics, text etc. Compatibl IfifiSj" with all popular pnnter makes TjHij Only £4 00 ? NRL4-1. NEWS MAKER Create your own fasonatmg 30 magic eyo images with ease This package includes The Random Dot Stereogram generator and a number ot ready to uso images.
Onty £3 00 ? RDS3-1. MAGIC EYE KIT Professional graphics converters, can L convert 3;aph .s between :ne Anioa.
PC. Mac & Alan ST Supports GIF.
TIF-IFF'PCX’BMP 0,c I UiBS "a Kickstart 2 or above rocommended rLrX Only £5 00 ?GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTERS : A s'« disx coined ¦on ot Video titimg
* video wipes, torts Video M'mv B rflJBB Subtitio gonerator.
Video backdrops ai Suitable lor use stand-alone or mcon- !_
(uction wuh Scala etc Only £ 12 00 ? VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING
TOOLS A collection ot essential hard dnve . A ¦ maintenance
tools bke. Dtsksalve 2.
K f J Hdbackup. HD Menu system Virus Checker, and dozens more.
£rS.:rr r,| Only £5 00 ? HDT5-2. HARDDISK TOOLS Wd'd PromsmilLjnte 0f1ice C(X's's15 °*a powertuii IpaflbaM 7 Wordp-ocessmg package, a spell checker. A diary system, a name and BC "y address database, and a powerluli |',w'Y tfj spreadsheet Kickstart 2 or above Only £7 00 ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE
* mcmi ir««l Around 50 scalable compugraphc fonts lj%gM m icr use
wills Wordworth2S3.
I»n*rr Pagestream, Workbench 243. High
• miSEri quality printout trom 5po«nt upto 100po«nt OBSt Only £7
00 ? PSF7-3. C0MPUGRAPHIC FONTS "*"* d if you ve just got a new
A1200 hard cisk then to prep 4 install it correctly
• r you II need the correct software This
- H software comes supplied on 2 disks
* ** If your gonna do it. Do it property ____S | Only C7 00 ?
AHD7-2. A1200 HARD DISK INSTALLER 1 Dozens ol easy to loHow
reccies J If your a budding Ian Boele or Floyd I ihen this
gourmett cookbook is |ust the I thing lor you. You'll bo a
professional in J no limo. (Bo sura you last your cooking I on
your In-laws first1) Onty £3 00 GOURMET COOKBOOK ? GCB3-1 3T
?| Mono PageseRer dpart contains hun- Hiirfifc I a"Ws 01 O'®3*
rr*ono cllDaf1 ,rna9®s ,or use in any version of Pagosetter
Subjocis include Animals. People.
JF 0,0 0nly £3 00 ? MPC3-1. MONO PAGESETTER ART _si [u'C’-.ased o-- Ar ga , u iPjit'tfll "¦•ay 3 M bogged how you use it Q|KjU| properly. Well this five disk set take you n-cugh me- CLIShoii. Workbench step I M 'jMBfaB by step showing you ovory thing you need to know Only £9.00 ?ABG9-5. AMIGA BEGINNERS GUIDE An essential coiecton of disk recovery 4 salvage tools tor any Amiga Weather a floppy or your Harddisk has concieved an error this package will soe you allnght. Easy lo use Only £5 00 KS 2 • ? DRT5-2. DISK RECOVERY TOOLS It s time to put on your shorts and dtg the garden NOT Now the
best way to get out ol doing this is to use the excuss that you are tar to busy designing the garden to actual do it!.
Only £3.00 ? GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER A cdecbon ot over 100 popular and more unusual printer onvers Supports the canon. Panasonic. Star. HP. Range ot printers aswetl as hundreds more.
Very easy to use installation procedure Only £3 00 PRO. PRINTER DRIVERS Mtsceftanous colour cfcpart images
- Around 100 in all covering cats, dogs.
« cars, trees, planes, boats etc
* 5 Suitable tor use m any Paint or Desktop Publishing package.
J Only £9 00 ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART Word ' -.dc Plus is me most pcwe-fu AM gd cr-.v-AO'd solvei available v [23H: *ve Can anagrams cross*-.
|HLmJiJD • -!-• i •
- IliJ English words, and you can easily add your own Only £5 00
? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER PLUS The-e are over 1000 Amiga viruses
cur- rontfy 'domg the rounds' So catching one isnt a hard
thing to do This collection of Virus killers is updatod
regularly, So can be sure you ll be able to ?VIP4-2. VIRUS
KILLERS ? DRV3-1 b * ~ _ J Mage Workbench is an mavative b w
dtt r ~ • p «* 1 compietley new 8 colour updatod t 31
Workbench A hard d sk is highly rec- ommendod Various extrns
disks are jl Q available soperally Only £3.00 ? MWB3-1.
MAGIC WORKBENCH I M you ve got a temprementai Amiga the
• E-gnee'sK-t s r-oec B :• vv , v.,-1 • na'3 disk. Memory.
Koyboard. Sound chips, gaph hips. Mouse, joysticks etc .... ?
ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT &.«• 130 • : a..ai fy cc Ovi*
• 4 1 -rw i«y iu*? Ciao* I Cac* HHHRJ maige s stored as roady
to use IFF so If'tBI can De imported n*o ANY pant or Desktop
publishing package ? LKA6-3. LION KING CLIPART Essential for
Beginners s a coiecton of files essential for the smocth
umnterupt- 4B ed use of your Arrnga All the most nfW askea ,0f
libraries and Viewers are I included like More. Muchmore.
| etc. Only £2 00 ?EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS ~Z An updated 2 d*sk verson Contains yi ** • nr dozens ol DIY hardwa-e Ms. like how to tn your A1200 into a minitower PC
• , case, build your own sampler, memory X* y expansion. CD32
Link load etc, etc. 0n|yM 00 ? HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS ¦
Three Stratrek games Includes Startrek the Arcade game Stratrek
TNG. And the Ongoal Startrek Decompresses to SIX disks Only
£6.00 ? STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES ¦ Pby hum**» ol OM« Spectrum 48
games on your Amiga This very easy to use Emulator will run on
every Amiga. Tho tastor your machine the tastor smoother
- Ithe games run... Games ocfude SkooJ daze. Marvc miner. Lflle
computer people.
Monty mole. Startrek. The Sentmal. Etc I Play your Old Commodore 64 games on I I Packl (SPE5-3) Speccy em 4 50 gemet. Onty £5 00 your Anvga includes around a dozen ol U Pack2 (SPGl 5-7) 100 classic games. Only £15 00 the most loved C64 games and the lat- ¦ Pack3 (SPG35-33) 400 classic games. Only £35 00 est and tasiest available C64 emulator ¦ Pack4 (SEM40-1) Speccy em, 50 games Remember the good old days' ¦ and tape deck interlace. Onty £40.00 _| Onty £5 00 ¦ (CD119) Speccy CD 3000* games Only £17.99 ? CBM5-2. C64 EMULATOR & GAMEsNdSPECCY EMULATORS The disk doubler can kturatty double the
space available on your hard«sk it you've got an 80mb dnve you'll end up with over 130mb runs on any Amiga silently in the background.
Only £5.00 ? EPU5-2. DISK DOUBLER ip ~1 The Professional mono ckpart co*ec as tion consists ol 10 Osks teatunng hun- J* dreds ol VERY Ngh quakty mono T * images Subjects are included like: A Xmas. Animals. Transport. Peopie.
j, 0 Eyecatchers otc Only £13 00 ? GFX13-10. PRO. MONO CLIPART ? TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS yH sunrat U89C WorVOencf b»a®CCi H An inreresfing 2 On* coaectcn of Maon H W0f«0«ncfi Stanrek 8 cofom 6ac»d-ws ¦ H you love Sianrak you I cvo these ?STB5-2. STARTREK MAGIC WB WE EPIC LECTION Amiga CDROM Version?
°n|y £7-00 ?JIT7-3. CHESS & TUTOR 2 ¦T' aUH With this language tutor you could PkMlC] SPANISH [l&ljrSjB AbANfsf ,. Languages nc 28,00 ? LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTORS tl ft [| u,_ Coniams Vitlualy every ono ol Ihose advertised lilies plus Ihousands moie . A-J ja_1 ol our mosl popular floppy Based soltware rifles on one gianl CD-ROM Now i -1 S _ you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. This compilation con- I LJ tains hundreds ol megabytes ol Amiga software Features a superb new B multimedia Amiga front-end Catagones include Coiout. Bitmap.
Compugraphic lonts & Adobe lonts. Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide. 3D stereogram generalors. Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer S tools, Various Hardware proiecls. Hundreds ol games including Shoot em ups. Mind leasers, Puzzle, card, arcade, board games etc 'Supplied with primed Index rrninn it ciqoh B'Y' L Mi : -It "- 1-3 ;a-v F-j.e- ¦ "iHfll BlacNack. KkmrMe. SpwMs. Go".
? CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES H nd-e-ds of Vor* ri-gn quality p'o es ¦ I Arl c*KXia»y fevshed colour cl » fonts tor
• ' ai-y Par* [Ackagc E ce’--e i *7 Video work, demo making etc
L ilVfrV Dnly £5 00 ? CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS A new
replacement 2 disk Workbench ' ,nal 1«a,“'®5 Startrek icons.
Only ?TNG5-2. NEXT GENERATION WB Oassic Board games includes Amga i 1, ] vanabons o* Scraco« Mcrccc-y I • W| Ckiedo. Backgammon. Chess. Oth o.
J!.* * Tiles. Te-Tac-Toa. Cnbbageetc ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES nrg at.,- On'y £5 CO ?AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR rjjB gr Pj A collection of Lottery Winners Help k dak if your self beat the Lottery with this
• superb disk r 'W • B . Every week tet your computer generate U
J I the Wmntng'’ numbers It you play the Lottery then get this
disk Only £5 00 ? LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNERS Get your finances m
order with this unique coiecbon of home finance software Keep
track ot your monthly out- goings: Petrol. Gas. Electricity.
Mortgage. Rent etc.. Only £7 00 ? FIN7-3. HOME FINANCE Arcade classics V2 contains vanoahons of classic games i*e Space Invaders.
Frogger. M *s4e command. Astenods.
O-Berts. Omega race Centrepede etc Suitable for any Amga Only £5 00 ?ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS 2 PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS_ PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS UK Office. Open Mondny-Saturday. EpfC 138-139 Victoria Rd. Swindon. Wills UK P&P In UK = 50p lofal. Overseas P&P = C1 per title. Catalogue disk available @ C 1.00 MACHINE_ PA YMENT METHOD CREDIT CARD DETAILS A JulAYFiJ LS-rjj lGi CA U Srrs=tA L.LA ) m The Epc Cotecbcxi versxxi2 CDROM (onjercode: COIOOx) is also W, available frotn our Sydney based office for (is! $ 40 + $ 2.00 P8P
• Send your cxder to: w’r iSSS? EPIC 36 Fores’ Road. Heathcote.
NSW. 2233. Australia. Agj, PbraCIMOMPIteMptaaw mfaSAE. Ptowso
it's simple and it's sexy.
What more could Graeme Sandiford want from an HD drive... DISTRIBUTOR Brian Fowler Computers 01392 499 755 PRICE £89.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2* SPEED • • • While not blisteringly fast this drive won't keep you waiting around.
INSTALLATION ••••• True plug-and-play - no fiddling around with software patches and the like.
FEATURES • • • • Reads Double and High Density disks with equal ease and looks nice too.
VALUE • • 4 A mite expensive when compared with other drives, but worth it just for the sheer pose value.
"There may be other HD floppy drives that are cheaper, but there are none that are so attractive" 88% Square drive). Produced by the European PC-manufacturer DELL, is a new external HD drive that gives Amiga-owners another reason to upgrade - it's a seriously attractive piece of kit. The most notable characteristic of this drive is its diminutive size. The drive itself is scarcely larger than the disks it holds, measuring under 4 inches wide. 5 1 2" long and 1 2” high.
Despite* the recent introduction of new portable data storage technology, such as the Iomega Zip drive, floppy disks have not kicked the bucket just yet. Even though being able to store 100Mb on a single cartridge is beneficial to most serious users and a real God-send for anyone involved in professional graphics or multimedia projects, the humble floppy is still going to be the choice of most users for the meantime, anyway.
However, surprisingly few Ainiga-owncrs have made full use of this medium by purchasing a I ligh-Density drive. The DX9 (a.k.a. the I'our Instead of going for a standard beige plastic casing. DELL have given the DX9 a black ruggadised exterior. Aside from making the drive look nice, this surface also serves a practical purpose. Because of the drives small size and its unusual sliding eject-mcchanism, it would be difficult to eject a disk if the drive had a smooth finish - especially as most people tend to only use one hand. The apparent quality of build seems excellent except for one thing -
the lead at the back that connects it to the Amiga or another drive. This lead slots into the back quite loosely and, while it may actually be quite secure, it gives the impression that one or two good twists in the wrong direction might damage the connection.
Installing an HD drive has caused a number of our readers problems, most of which are due to the software patches that most drives need fitted to work correctly. You can imagine our surprise when we found that there where no such patches included with this drive. After deciding to try and just plug ihe drive in, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was really auttxonfiguring and needed no software.
There might even be reason to suspect that some sort of paranormal goings-on might be involved as the drive even worked with Nick Veitch's cranky old A3000 that simply does not like floppy disks or any other external drives w'e've tried.
Performance wise the drive is not likely to set new speed records, but neither is it a slouch. However, there is one detail you might want to bear in mind if you are considering purchasing this machine. There is no through-port which means that the LY'Zwill have to be at the end of any floppy drive chain and that you can only have one l)X9 attached at any time. Despite this minor inconvenience, this is definitely a worthwhile purchase for anybody wishing to buy a high-quality, not forgetting darned sexy, external HD drive. Now if only I could detach it from my home machine, it's somehow
managed to get stuck... 'Zj Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools lor the Amiga & PC.
Spread over the two plattorms are emulators lor. Apple, BBC. Commodore 64.
Commodore VIC20, Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atan ST, MSX, Appte200.
Atari 800, Atanl040ste, Sinclair OL. Unix and more. Also features hundreds ol games.tools etc lor most ol Ihe emulators Sound FX Sensation is an onginal new CD that contains hundreds of megabytes of high quality samples A superb CD for game makers, demo makers, or even film makers Hundreds of Sound FX subiecls include Animals. Wild life. Nature.
Explosions. Creatures, Scary stuff.
Science fiction samples. House hold noises, car crashes, and hundreds more EMULATORS UNLIMITED B'J J 1 | T 'II ' 1 I SCFFI Sensation is an exciting .1 i y X matrons. 3D objects. Sound FX.
Jfc. Documents. Themetunes Scripts A SCI-FI games F jjJI X Subiecls included aie F-Il v-'iin, Si.irl'OH nal. TNG. Deep Space 9 and Voyager). Batman, Dr Who. Thunderbirds. Robocop. Sea Quest DSV. Bladerunner. Aliens. Terror hawks. 2001 Blake7.
Battleslar Galactica. Tron, Total Recal. 2010. Space 1999 etc "Buy SCFR Sensation Irom us and you are guaranteed to allways receive the latest version. CU Amiga: 91 % AUI: 93% Aicade Classics is an ongi.
L ' » & 1 - ¦ el IliiiiililF .1" S&mwf RUNNER GALAXIANS.
ARCADE CLASSICS RatGdd7°* AC (CD76; Suitable lor use on any Amiga configuration THE EP, LECTION SOUND FX SENSATION icdi M V'1 ADULT SENSATION Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest sell- Xxb mg adult utie ii foutures over 4.000 ugh quality 756 l jHcukiu images ot the adult' nature image vieweis . And coverters are included lor every configuration ol Amiga (OVER 18 ONLY) ADULT SENSATION 2 The new batch f m Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4.000 new KJ ¦ coloui linages but also includes Ions ol adull inlaled IqI samples adult music modules. Ions ol adull stories.
IlVTfl adult animations, black&white 70's photos, adull games and more (OVER 18) ¦ fcnsl SEXY SENSATIONS J* Available now. This CD contains around 2,000 espe- B ¦ daily chosen high quality GIF Images Viewers & graphic converters aie included ’or easy and ju ck L™ . Access to any of the pictures on any Amiga (OVER 18 ONLY) (CD169) C 19.99 ADUL T SENSA TION 3DEXCLU3 ve’ This CD actually contains over 2,000 true 3 B B Dimensional colou' -mages 3D viewing software I Band top quality 3D glasses are also supplied k™ Includes superb new Multimedia interface.
Available Nowl (CD145) £19.99 SPECIAL EDITION PACK (Ordercode: CD180) ADULT SENSATION 1 A 2 FOR JUST £29.99 +PAP World of Cliparl is a double CD- 7* if ROM containing around 40.000 A . I mono and 00,00r d«part images i’tt contained m over 100 catagones
* » w in IFF. GIF. PCX. CDR. EPS. TIF yy& BMP Too,s ,or
convert,r 9 r , images to another format aro ClIP '* !
Included for both the PC & Amiga "I Subjects include Animals.
Anatomy. Babies. Men. Women. Trees. Reptiles. Insects.
Xmas. Religious, Planes. Vehicles. Ships, Toys. Zodiac signs. Eye catchers. Humour, Cats. Dogs, Computora.
Technology. Sealife. Space. Symbols. Royalty. Dinosaurs, Plants. Nature. Ads. Tools. Astrology. Hands. Birds.
Business. Office. Workers. Cartoon. Lion King. Education.
Food. Gardening. Holidays. Houses & Buildings.
Helicopters, Children, Banners. Medieval, Military, Monsters. Music, Sports (football, golf. Aerobics. Olympics, etc). Transport. Trains. War and more Rated 94°o WORLD OF CLIPART Plus °°uble co SCI-FI SENSATION v2 °wmea, CD11B| FCD54. ILLUSIONS 3D FCD74. ESSENTIAL UTILITES FCD12. HOTTEST J FCD47. PRO FONTS & CLIPART FCD163. LUCKY DIP VOLUME TWO FCD181. TERRA SOUND LIBRARY FREE PHONEEmb&mt&ggEmtgm EL :t your into Horror [an I . J ROM W [9 “ no B Thousands of gru- BBiHI L some images tons of gory amma- IkflflflHH °ns Bloody games Spine tmgtmg horror type sounds. Horror stones. Eanee music
Pictures & animations Irom hundreds ol horror films and heaps of real-life blood n guts. (Adults only) HORROR SENSATION NEW SPECIAL FX VoT.1 -Artu- s**-" John Patemak s ‘Movie Maker" series lakes you step by step through the professional techniques of Special FX, Horror and Action film making Explained m every detail are all the camera angles, edit mg techniques, prop building, make up etc. all using easily available domestic equipment and materials. This Multi-media AG A Amiga title Contains over 60minutes of video footage MOVIE MAKER SERIES new Contains ow» most popular floppy based
5J W i« Jso1tv..irC' g-.j-M CD ROM K !i: 1 ¦n 'ij.»r*ytes ware subjects include Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 30 objects for Imagine & Lightwave.
Colour. Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts. Graphics convertors. Music tutorials. Beginners guide. 30 stere- ij- ogram generators Hundreds ot Sound FX and g" K" - samples Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools B3ili j Various Hardware projects Hundreds of gamos nf tW ¦ including Mind teasers. Puzzle. Card, arcade and p board games and more ‘Supplied with Index book THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 new in (cotooxi ci9 99 Retro gaming at it s best. Around 3000 all- time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM Emulators included for any Amiga Games include Manic Mmer.
Skool daze. Monty mole, Starlrek. Thrust.
Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit. Stnp Poker.
• Danger Mouso. The Sentinel. Micro Olympics. Under Wurtde.
Undium. Atic Atac. River raid. Barba nan Hunchback and around
3000 other classic spectrum game tiles including multi-load
games. Spoccy ---- ''6 also conl.uns hundreds o’ documents con
MHHpHJBBgHj taming instructions for most games asweti as
jfVlVlVlH'MB I hundreds c‘ speccy game ct-eats Okav on any
PqjuJjJJjSd 1 CD MOM drive connected to an Amiga A Rated: AF
GOLD 95% • CUAMIGA 91% ¦ AUI Over 90% • AC over 90 THE SPECCY
CD 1996 (coii9) £17.99 The largest collection ol Magic
Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled Includos
well ovet 5.000 Icons. Over 600 soloctod Magic WB backdrops,
and megabytes ol WB desktop enhancer tools utilities Suitabl©
lor any Kickstart2'3 based Amiga MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER Hthe
Groller electronic Multimedia encyclopedia contains thousands
ol pages ol inlormation on every subiect. With Thousands ol
great colour photographs and illustrations and hundreds ot
sound clips trom Ihe BBC Ihis CD-ROM is an essential purchase
lor all CD-ROM users hated 97% AC - 94% AF GROLIER
ENCYCLOPEDIA_(cd46„ £24.99 This NEW CD rom contains Thousands
of all-time classic Commodore 64 games and emulator to run them
Available shortly. Order now as stocks are bound to go quickly
Lucky Dip vo mw 2 contains W0T ' JB st.irks o* 'i i-f. Riem;v
' "¦ part foots music toos BP”! R M :* i: L .."u-X Samp.es
a-T B Iront end i A b.irgmn' LUCKY DIP Volume 2 coi83 ts.99
PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS_ This CD contains almosl 100
variations ol the worlds most addictive and loved game.
Nearly all the games are read lo run directly from CD. And archivod versions are also included.
R«s CD contahs nkxmallon lhal NC60DY wants you lo know about and ndudee tens ol megabytes d text deenrerxs and (Xiolcgratfs reWrg to UFO sxytixjs and atxluo WtseesxKS 1941 aswel as hurv dreds tor "dassfetf dxxxnents.
C64 GAMES CD ENCOUNTERS (C0182) £29.91 NOTHING BUT TETRIS icdiaq ra.99 PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS Ol "793 514188 f«c 01793 514187 UK & EUROPE Open Monday-Saturday. EPIC -138-139 Victoria Rd. Swindon. Wilts. UK _pap In UK = El perBUe. Omrmnri P8J =g2 perWte, E&OE MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS swe jj i or If you Ive in Austrjifci or New-Zoaland you can now purcJiase any of the above CO FfOM Mes Irom our Sytkiey based [xermses Send your orders or enquefes to: EPIC 36 Forest Hoad. Heathcote. NSW. 2233. Australia.
Pteese mew cheques peynhie to EPIC MARKETWG iPiloeXH e ewxIeSHJ. FcvprtjeH liwWAwilWnplrifaMeewUKmprtweSMiil ~ TOTAL GOODS VALUE POST & PACKING EXP DATE AMOUNT ENCLOSED CD-ROM Round-up PHASE 3 ¦ E.M.Computergraphic ¦ 01255 431389 ¦ £24.99 EM are famous for their quality clipart and fonts, which have become essential elements for many DTP users. This new CD is the third in their series and has much of their library on it. There are fonts in just about every ty pe you could possibly want and it also caters for users of Pageslmim, 1‘rol'age, Wordworth and any other program that uses scalable
fonts. The clipart is, as always, incredible widi superbly scanned images in formats everyone can read including 256 and 16 colour versions. There is also clipart on the disk covering areas such as Sport.
Transport, World ( lips and Events. If vou haven't already got a CD full of fonts and images, then this is an essential buy. © NOTHING BUT GIFS AGA ¦ 17 Bit Software ¦ 01924 366982 £19.99 A CD full of GIF images and nothing else sounds quite boring and frankly, after you've looked at some of the images, you can't help but feel it is a bit of a waste.
I lowever, if you want a great selection of digitised, rendered and hand drawn images this is a huge collection. The image quality is excellent on most of the images, but some of the tenderings are somewhat basic and there is quite a lot of repetition. The section called 'glamour' is somewhat deceiving - they say there are babes in swimsuit's but I found it hard to find any wearing one! The interface is easy, wilh thumbnail representations to choose your images from and die Amigaguide viewer shows a description next to many of the images for quick browsing. If you need a good collection of
high qualitv images and have a program that can import them then this is a reasonable collection of images you may find some use for. © "Lots and lots of pretty pictures" 86% F1 LICENCEWARE ¦ Active Software ¦ 01325 352260 ¦ £32.99 Licenceware is a concept that allows authors of small programs, that aren't usually suitable for commercial release, to sell their programs for about £5. This disk is filled with their first hundred products and caters for almost all users. There are some very useful programs for beginners, as well as some superb educational software that will keep the parents happy
and give the kids a reason to buy! For the more serious users there is a selection of high quality programs, such as the excellent Blarkboard 3 image processor. There are also several games, including some remakes of Spectrum classics. A few of El's music disks contain a variety of modules, ranging in style and quality with some music manipulation software. The interface is Amigaguide. With a choice of viewing the programs in alphabetical order and the option to put the programs onto floppy disk. Overall a good disk with an excellent selection of programs. © "A good all-rounder" 91% Continued
overleaf w "Another fine Aminet collection with an added bonus" 91% «- AMINET 10 ¦ GTI ¦ 0049 6171 85937 ¦ £14.99 Yep, it'* dial time again - yet another Aminet CD. However, this is a special edition and not just because its the tenth. Aminet contains the full version of I’agntrrnm i 2.2and a special edition of TyprSmilh v2.5. Both of these programs were the best of their kind and are a worthwhile addition loanv D l l’ enthusiasts software collection.
Of course there is the usual collection of programs and utilities taken from the site itself. For the price of £15 getting loads of Pl and Shareware plus a full commercial program can't lie bad.
Mm-n j-m ! ,-¦ fo- J "A decidedly average hodgepodge of mods" 75% Maximum MODS ¦ LEGENDARY DISTRIBUTION ¦ 001 519 753 6120 ¦ 534.95 (£22) .As you've probably guessed from the title, this is a CD-ROM stuffed full of'music modules. In total there are over 4.2(H) modules which, according to the manufacturers, if played continuously amounts to 241 hours of music.
This disc is intended for use with lx th the Amiga and the PC so programs have been supplied for both machines. The Amiga front-end can he installed to disk and looks very* much like a hi-fi (4) deck. You can select more than one file bv holding down shift and you can also perform searches.
The modules themselves arc okav. But it’s very hard to find the type of modules that you like as they are not categorised.
.As a module CD Maximum MODs is only average and is hampered by the lack of categorisation. £ ja.. TEXTURE PORTFOLIO ¦ GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE ¦ 0117 9076733 ¦ £29.99 This CD got into my good hooks straight away by containing a colour printout of the images it contains.
Texture Portfolio is a collection of textures that I have been waiting a while for and now that it's arrived I'm quite impressed by the professionalism of its production - except lor a few duplicate images.
The images are well categorised, so you don't have to go wading through the wrong directories living to find a particular type of file. Of course the printed index helps a great deal as well. Not only can you see what ail image looks like you'll also find its file name written underneath.
The images are of excellent quality and should be perfect as multimedia backdrops. However in.tin of them are a little too abstract to be used effectively in 3D applications. O "A collection of images of the finest quality" 92% ID S e a S a EXTERNAL SCSI H DISK with 45W PSU FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS 340MB 540MB 850MB 1GIG 2 4 9GIG SQUIRREL £199.00 £199.00 £229.00 £249.00 £POA £54.00 I ¦SPEED CD ROM PLAYER FOR AMIGA AMIGA A4000T 040 £2150 AMIGA A4000T 060 £2450 100MB ZIP DRIVEE199.00 ALFA-POWER HARD DISK FOR AMIGA A500 500+ 120MB £179.00 420MB £199.00 810MB £269.00 1GIG £299.00 SYQUEST DRIVES
Int. Ext.
88MB 105MB 200MB 270MB ____ ____ BOTH THE ZIP & SYQUEST DRIVES NEED SCSI CONTROLLER ON ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS £219 £269 £229 £279 £339 £389 £349 £399 £99.00 NEW!!!
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your machine when adding these FPUs. Suitable for all
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Workbench Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly
no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet
strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send
your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street,
Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
PORTABLE PROBLEMI IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... My problem is that I recently bought a Zappo SmartStor plus 261 Mb hard disk drive.
Af ter three replacement hard drives and one replacement A1200 the unit eventually started to work. However, recently my workbench partition vanished and having made no backup copies I had to re-format the drive. This was unsuccessful. The partition wouldn’t format so I initiated a RDB reset and repartitioned the drive. Now 1 have two partitions, AQ0:(X)PY (8111b) and no default tool. When I try to format either partition the message “Please insert disk to he formatted into drive AQ0" comes up. Once formatting has started the message “Format Failed Error During Format” pops up.
Unfortunately the company who sold me the drive. Calculus Computer Stores.
Preston, has ceased trading and so has the parent company Indi. Please could you help me or pass me on to someone who can, as 1 am getting tired of having to wait for disks to access whilst playing games and running Wordworth.
* 1 Ft J2L Ja. .ML A Partitioning a drive is not hard - If you
have the right software.
James Wilson Cumbria Orgh, sounds like a messy system. The first lesson is of course lo make backups, but that's easy lo say after the event. The next lesson is not to mess around with the RDB. I'd guess the hard drive is now thoroughly confused. Did you receive a utility such as RDPrep or HDToolBoxf If not. Go ash a PD library and gel one. You need this utility to properly frrep the drive and partition it. You should noI perform any formatting at this stage.
Use a diagnostic program such as SnoopDos to determine the name of the device driver and use Information to feed this into the HDToolBox icon.
Then prep and partition the hard drive, and when reset and bark to AmigaDOS, format it using the standard Amiga formatting command, although make sure you use ITS.
LACK OF BREATH I own a 1200 with a 120 Mb HD, 4 Mb Ram. A 50Mhz MBX 1230XA and a dataflyer SCSI device. Even with this spec I still couldn't run last months Breathless demo at 1*1 pixel display at a decent speed on any screen size bigger than the minimum. Is there any way to expand further, maybe using the SCSI device, for around £200, to make games like Breathless run smoothly?
Jonathon Pollard Sadly, no there isn't any way of using the SCSI to speed up the processing power of the Amiga. SCSI is nothing more than an interface and it won’t provide any kind of performance boost no matter how much you spend on it. If you want to enjoy the 1 ‘1 pixel mode in larger than minimum size AND enjoy super-smooth movement then you'll need more power - and that means a 68040 or a 68060 card. Sorry!
At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don’t just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions: I'm writing regarding the letter "CD-ROM Conundrum" in 4F 80 page 106. Not wanting to appear stupid, but having ''S ' jdalready used up my PCMCIA slot how would I connect a CD- ROM drive? If a CD drive can be used as a portable CD
* audio player, can it be done the other way?
* WW Oxon There are other ways to fit an SCSI interface to an
AT200 other than the PCMCIA slot. Firstly, there is the
Datafiier SCSI interface which fits inside the A1200 to the IDE
Many accelerator cards also feature optional boards for SCSI interfaces. Yes. Some portable CDJtOM drives can double as audio players but this does not mean than any portable audio player can be used as a CD-ROM drive: they lack the necessary SCSI interface.
Graeme Sandiford
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
DRIVES ZAPPED Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street Bath. Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: C A500 O A500 Plus C A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 C A2000 C A3000 O A4000 Kickstart version: O 1.2 O 1.3 Workbench revision: O 1.2 o 1.3 C 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 Total memory fitted_ O 2.x O 3.x O 1.3.2 O 3.0 Chip memory available Extra drive »1 ( 3.5in 5.2Sin) as DF: manufacturer: Extra drive 2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer Manufacturer: Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer.
Details of other hardware: Continued overleaf 4 THE FRENCH CONNECTION I have been given my system by my father who lives in Switzerland and so all the documentation is in French. My first problem is where I can buy some English manuals from.
I have seen the ROM chip E586 Module advertised - is it possible to fit this to my A-max card to enable me to emulate a PC or would I have to buy the EMPLANT board? I have been told by my father that if I crash the computer while using the A-Max emulator, I won't be able to use it without it being reset. How can I reset the card myself? How much would it cost to install a AGA chip to allow me to use VGA graphics if I get PC emulation?
If I have the Genlock card installed, it prevents the monitor from displaying the picture. The monitor is plugged into the smaller screen port. I understand that I won't be able to see the output from the Genlock card via the monitor but is there any way to make the screen usable at the same time as having the card plugged in? Is there any way to use the monitor with the genlock card via an adaptor as the sockets are two different sizes?
I am also having trouble getting decent quality out of the printer. This page was printed using the graphics option at 300dpi. I have used the NLQ setting on the print menu but it doesn't print correctly although the quality is better. How can I get the quality of the NLQ page and have it print out correctly? The word processor I am using is Excellence! V3.00. Ryan Felber Somerset I would strongly recommend that you get on-line as soon as possible so you can chat about your AMAX problems with other users. In the meantime, the PC emulation module you describe is solely for the Emplant board so
it will be no use to you.
Are you sure you need to reset the AMAX card, rather than only having to reset the computer? The only way I can think that the AMAX card would need resetting would be if it contained its own battery- backed memory. Not having the documentation to hand I don't know for sure, but there may be a reset switch on the card. Alternatively removing the card and replacing it may reset it. I'm not convinced that simply hard While there’s no PC module for A-Max. There’s supposed to be one tor Emplant.
Resetting the Amiga (switch it off for 30 seconds) wouldn't solve the problem though.
I'm not sure which model of Amiga you have, and this makes a difference. Plug-in Genlocks for the Amiga are few and far between. I can only guess that when the genlock is used the output to the monitor is switched off to prevent overloading the video circuitry (this is what the OpalViskm card does anyway). You should be able to view the genlock output on a video compatible monitor, or a television set with a suitable input. This is the best you can do with that set-up.
First of all, try a modem word processor such as Final Writer or Wordworth. Secondly get hold of a printer utility program such as Turboprint Professional (Wizard Developments 01322 272908).
Tor v1.«fl - By flerco Negr I - ?8-Jan-1996 yJ-» r ¦ t. 4 ¦ f »o~ 1.
• it («n mp I ant : work: mp I ant jdp.frtd work:adpro.
Adproscripts: work:adpro fradscrlpts: work J adpro lucy: work:conns lucy downloads: lucy:down(oad uploads: lucy:uploads Ec y:up I c arabs :c onns Nconn ork :coi rfcifra ass ass ass ass ass :: You would be surprised at the amount of things loaded into memory at startup.
«- MEMORY SHORTAGE I bought an Amiga AliOO ill 1993 and I am pleased to say that I have only had a few minor problems with it... until now! The problems started when I fitted my 2.5“ IDE hard drive.
First, the 'graphics memory' displayed on the Workbench screen decreased from around 1,300,000 before 111) installation to 1,162,544 after - surely the 111) does not take up this much memory? Even when I disconnect the FID the memory only goes up to 1.600,000. .As a result of this low memory, the computer crashes frequently even when games are run from (loppy. Again, when I disconnect the HI), games still crash frequently. What can I do?
Another problem is running of programs from HI) such as Pagrsrttn II. Kindwords III. Home Accounts 2and Syndicate, which, even when correctly launched, display the message - "Unable to open your tool 'Pagesetter II” and so on. What can I do?
If these problems cannot be easily sorted. I will ill in usr: anltcp:usr in uunatl: usr:natl n uuI ib: usr:lib uuspool: usr:spool uunpws: usr:uun«ws u stuff: %&otoaon «n an an an an upload an arabs: an an nal lao uar ¦ uuitv RniTCpVSC' onics: plx: photogenic* : tost stTCP: consider upgrading to an A1200 with an accelerator with 4Mb RAM - what is the best accelerator to buy if I will be using programs such as Pagrsrttrr II and Wordworth 3.1 St: most of the time? 1 don't understand the difference between PLCC - type FPU. PGA - type FPU.
MMU and the actual processing speed in Mhz.
Could you please explain it all as if I'm a six- vear-old.
Gary Benson Bristol Although a hunt drive does take up memory, it shouldn't consume that much. Type “addbuffers" and the name of the drive to make sure that nothing daft is happening: you should get the default number 30 returned. An extra RAM disk liasn V suddenly appeared on your Workbench has it? One possibility is that there is a program being executed from the startup-sequence or user-startup scripts or from within the WBStartup drawer and that this program is taking the memory. It's really bizarre that removing TT the hard drive still leaves you wrth a memory shortfall: ij I were you
would get hold of some virus checking software immediately.
When installing software onto Hard disk there is more to it than copy ing all the fries into a new drawer.
The software will frequently want to access various files, and in many cases it only knows where they ate because the path is set up something like "pagesetterfile.dat". When you run from floppy, the disk itself will Ire called ~pagesetter: ~ and so this is haw the program can find the data. However, when you copy the files to hard disk there is no disk or device called "pagesetter " anymore. Instead you need to f ml the computer into thinking there is by using "assigrt", If you enter something like: assign pagesetter: u'ork:utilitres pagesetter Then when the sof tware tries to find
"pagesetter:" it will look in the Work partition of the hard drive, and then in the utilities and pagesetter drawer. Add the assign to the user-startup script so that it is executed every time you switch the computer on.
When Mr Amiga wants to go faster, he needs a great big chip called a "processor". I.ike a food processor, the faster it goes, the happier Mr A rniga is.
1‘rocessors are measured in painful units called "mega-hurts", lire more "mega-hurts", the better. 30 mega-hurts is good, 50 is better. Mr Amiga sometimes also needs an extra chip to help him with really, really hard sums. These chips are called FPUs and they are special because they come in two flavours: PLCC. Chips don '1 have any sharp bits at the bottom, but have wire around the edges and PCA chips which have sharp bits at the bottom. You need the right sort to fit into the socket you have on your accelerator card.
Mr Amiga sometimes forgets things because he doesn’t have enough memory. Sometimes he can get the food processor to help, if it has a magic part called an "MMU". Wilh special programs, the MMU can help Mr Amiga remember more than normal.
Tfibtii, '7 V, 3iook Comics, Video, Model mid moie... a Sr.
& r y Worldbuilder Mom to orate your own history, maqi« and roliqion
liv. t'.vss-N-.i-hvJX-tdX.kf. • _ MIDDLE EARTH'.
THE WIZARDS Overnight sensation or Matjie beater?
Read our verdict PC BACKUP The major partition of my HDD won’t validate but I can still read from it. I have tried Disk Salv but to no avail. I have considered buying the commercial version as a last resort but 1 have had another idea (over 100 Megs worth of data would be lost if I just formatted the disk so 1 don't really want to do that). I have access to a PC with enough space (250 Meg or so) on its HDD to fit die contents of the dodgy partition of my HDD on. What I am hoping is possible is that 1 can upload the contents of my disk onto the PC's HDD and format my drive. Then download what I
uploaded to the PC. Please can you tell me what cables and what additional software (if any) 1 will need for both machines and just how I would go about executing this task. Cost is a major factor so keep it as cheap as possible (but no D1Y cables thanks).
Do you think there is a large risk that if 1 do format my HDD that it won't work again.
On a completely different point 1 would like to have a directory on my HDD (the small partition that 1 can still write to anyway) which holds scripts whose names can be typed anywhere from DOS and the scripts will be executed. Ahh, just create a path to that directory and make sure the properties of the scripts were set with a script flag I thought. Unfortunately this does not work and 1 seem to remember you saying about Pure but you weren't sure. So, how could I do it (I really don't want to put them in G because I don't really want them on my System partition).
Nick Donnelly Cambridgeshire As you say, the disk is invalid and so you cannot unite or delete anything mm it. It’s caused when the Amiga is suhtched off or crashes when something is being written to the drive. When this happens to my system I use a commercial package called AmiBack Tools and this sorts the pniblem out in a few moments. HiSoft sell their own disk utility suite too. However, your plan to back up the hard drive to a PC and then reformat will also work. In fact, it will de-fragment your drive in the process which will speed things up ever so slightly.
To transfer the files you can either use some floppies and spend an entire day carrying them hack and forth, or else connect the two computers together using their serial ports. To do this you will need to buy a NIJIJ. MODEM cable.
You could make one up and save some money: it's not hard, honestly. You will then need to use terminal emulation software on each machine (Ncomm or Term on the Amiga, Terminate on the PC). Then copy all the files over using Modem. If you have a partition that you can still write to on your Amiga, use it to store LHA'd versions of the files on your broken partition. Sending LHA'd flies will be quicker. Um.. that's exactly how it works! If you create a script file and set the script bit like this: protect ymirscript +s and then add a line such as: path add myharddrive. Myscripts then it toil!
The PURE bit is only needed to force some AmigaDOS commands into being resident a completely different kettle of fish altogether. All I can suggest is that you make sure you include the PATH command in the user-startup drawer so that it is active every time you reboot.
IT’S THE SFX READER AWARDS 1995 a MI 12 Monkeys, Max Headroom, David
http: www.futurenet.co.uk WHO WON?
Rssutiom Smi HOW!
Which Web browser?
This month Darren Irvine takes a closer look at the current crop of Amiga Web browsers that are appearing to challenge the traditional Amosaic.
Working properly, since Aweb makes extensive use- of datatypes.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the only way to legally obtain a ropy of Aweb is to subscribc to the bi-monthly Dutch .Amiga Magazine, and no beta versions are available. These restrictions may seem a bit tight, but the author has had problems with illegal versions of Aweb being made available on the Internet.
Hopefully however. Aweb will be available from the usual Aminet mirrors by the time you read this. An announcement concerning the release will lie made to the Usenet newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.networking and coinp.sys.amiga.mi.se. IBROWSE The developers of Ihrou’se are some of the old developers of Amosaic. And have 2 years of web experience from porting the original .VMosaic. Although it is by far superior to the old system, unsurprisingly Ibnwse is similar in some ways to Amosaic- chiefly in it's reliance 011 MUI.
There are many new features however, including support for multiple windows and multiple network connections. Despite the use of MUI, Ibrmvse is reputed to be much faster than Amosaic - typically 1.5 to 5 times faster For lilt- past couple of years. Amiga users have had to make do with A Mosaic when browsing through the pages of the World Wide Web.
When it first appeared. Amosaic actually wasn’t all that far behind the then standard NCSA Mosaic browser. Unfortunately, there have been some major developments in the field of 1ITMI. Browsers since then - chiefly by the ubiquitous NetScape and also by Sun with their Hotjava system.
Bono* 44 If fm tfca fc* wHtk to «a Soemimf No paMtytlfm
• on tw Mwg n-dti mfj IKNMdLMvyUrvrfei Tht raWlsrmajn li *i*i«t
fftrfrm I ''i 1 tilt “l.t'lrtVw L T-kf_ A.i.1 y BBSS The
browser we’re all used to - Amosaic.
Both the NetScape and Sun systems are proprietorial extensions to the original I ITMI. Standard, and as yet neither is available on the Amiga, although agreements between the two companies have ensured neither gets too far ahead of the other.
Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to Amosaic currently under development or available as Beta versions. I ll take a brief look at each in turn, and try to outline the advantages and disadvantages of each system.
However, until they're all available, it really wouldn't be fair to make a final judgement as to which is the better system.
AWEB Although Awebs main claim to fame is as an HTML- 2 compatible Web browser, many people will also be attracted to it by the fact that it doesn't require the dreaded Magic User Interface (MUI) to be running on your machine.
Instead it relies entirely on Amiga-native U()()PSI gadgets instead.
Developed and designed completely by Won Rozijn, Aweb can run on either the usual AmiTCP stack or alternatively on Inel225. It can also run without a TCP IP background system, allowing the loading of local HTML files. Due to the fact that MUI is not needed. Aweb should be much faster and less memory hungry than Amosaic.
Aweb can run in its own screen, or as a window on Workbench, and if s ou are thinking about moving to A Me from Amosaic, you will be glad to know that it supports A,Mosaic style hotlisls.
You will need to be running OSS.x in order to get Aweb Just when things looked like they were becoming clear on the Browser front AT have confused the issue by releasing an Amiga pack containing their own browser and their own Internet software based on a version of the old Commodore AS225r2 rather than AmiTCP. The pack includes a 2Mb Ram A1200 with a 270Mb hard drive and a 14K4 modem. The included browser is called "Voyager" - the new name for the much rumoured "MindWalker".
AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES SURFER PACK Welcome to the THORAX Test Web Site Hi, and welcome to this exciting Web site which was created to test the authoring tools provided by the HTML editing program THORAX for the Amiga. As you can see, there is no problem including graphics and there is also support for some of the more NetScape friendly HTML tags as well.
Not exactly a browser, but apparently 'The HTML editor of the Future*.
NEW AMIGA NET SOFTWARE - THORAX It remains to be seen which of the new Web browsers proves to be the best in the long run.
If you are interested in creating your own HTML documents to place on the Web, you will need an HTML editor - so far a type of software few and far between on the Amiga.
Via my usually unreliable RumourMill sources, creating pages to put on the Web, then many of the users accessing those pages will be doing so using NetScape, and so being able to create NetScape compatible HTML documents is a bonus.
Unfortunately Thorax can't be used as a standalone browser, since - apart from not having the code to do so - it can take quite a long time to display each page - several minutes in some instances. So far the program is not available even as a Beta, as the author has decided to restrict testing to a user group
- perhaps taking note of the illegally released versions of Aweb
that have been doing the rounds on the Net.
Whenever a version becomes available, you can be sure I'll let you know where to get a copy because Thorax should become an extremely useful addition to the Amiga Web developer's Arsenal.
I can bring you news of a system under development called "Thorax".
The finished version of Thorax will apparently support some NetScape style extensions to the standard HTML language definition - such as the handling of background textures and frames, as well as more standard extensions such as forms.
You might be wondering what use this will be to you as an Amiga user, as none of the currently available browsers (nor those on release soon) will support these extensions.
However, it is a fact of life that if you are when accessing the Nel and up to 30 limes faster when performing screen-refreshing activities such as resizing a window.
Perhaps more importantly, i nunc will support all HTMI.I - 3 and NetScape commands. Like Aweb, BmunemU work with either AmiTCP or AS22! , and can run without either for local page accessing.
A version of Ihrmuse is available now for download from the Omnipresence' Web site - see the boxoul for the address.
RUMOUR MILL This month (in a shock change of tack) Rumour Mill brings you news of something that might even be true. Amiga Technologies GmbH has done a deal with set-top appliance manufacturer VISCORP to develop an Amiga- based set-top system. This new system will integrate things such as phone lines and Internet technology with your TV set. And is set to provide a complete and practical solution for interactive TV services.
The system will also be of use in Home Shopping systems and will allow games to be played across it's network.
JUGGLER Yet another system in the early stages of development is ugg er. When it becomes available, i gg erwill also not require the use of Ml! I - a major factor in some people's estimation. Juggler will provide support for all IITML codes up to HTML - 3. But no support is intended for NetScape or Java extensions.
P'JAMI Perhaps the most oddly named of the current systems. P'Jnmi is also about the furthest behind in development terms. It is intended to be a port of the .Sum Java system to the Amiga. A number of different developers are involved and so far they ap| ear to still be at the stage of reverse-engineering the existing .Sun Holjnva browser.
CONCLUSION Well - so far the front runner in the browser stakes appears to be Awrlj. With Browse following a very close second. The screenshots of A Web certainly look very nice, and it looks like shaping up into a very nice system indeed.
I Browse appears to be the furthest along the development cycle and a Beta version has been available for a while now - however it still requires use of MUI and if you are one of those people for whom this is a problem, you will have lo wait for the release of Aweb until you can start browsing.
Current Amosaic users, on the other hand, will already be using MUI and should take a look at Illtmuse as soon as possible. 'Hz FINDING MORE OUT For more information concerning the various Web browsers either available now, almost available or under development check out the following Web pages.
Juggler http: sweet.ua.pt -celso juggler P'Jimi: http: metro. Turnpike.net N NiallT hotjava.ht ml Aweb: http: www.iaehv.nl users paul heavenly.html http: www.omnipresence.com amiga http: www.omnipresence.com amiga Making the difference http: wwvv,futprePRt.co.uk 1 P'Djni zdnr yJufkl WjiJa rlmj d?OW$ &t at: a SS3BSM3ij GameBusi i i To advertise on FutureNet, E-mail Simon Richardson at srichardson&'futurenet.co.uk or call 0122S 442244.
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk SERIOUSLY AMIGA APRIL 1996 Steve McGill inroduces the second part of his video series.
At the end of every Beadle's Hot Shots. Jeremy Beadle invites the TV audience to send in their own productions. He promises that every video shown will win the creator £500.
Cue the imiIis and aahs from the studio audience and then listen to what he has to say next; "All we need is the idea, we'll even help you with the editing."
This last part is important, for it implies that editing is difficult. In a way.
Jeremy's correct. Editing can be the most dilliculi part of any production to get right. It's also the most satisfying to get to grips with.
As a consequence though, watching Hot Shots is as good a place as any to pick up lips. Pay particular attention to the length of each production, the length of cuts, the continuity of the pictures and sound, and the use of special effects.
Each shot has a natural life time.
Exceed this limit and the shot becomes boring. The knack lies in finding the point at which a shot starts being interesting and the point where the interest in the shot expires.
Just as Jeremy implies, editing is the most important part of a final production. It can also be the most difficult. It's the area where all the best shots and the best EX - both sound and graphics - are bolted together and shaped into a flowing narrative.
The inclusion of a j shuttle on the serious competit the KRP Edit Plug editors on a budget.
Do I want to use Timecode? The answer is a resounding yes. But first you have to find out if the source deck supports any proprietary timecodes other than the counter pulse - checkout the Timecode. Burning For Accuracy lx x.
The Panasonic NVS-88 camcorder writes VTTC timecode to tapes. The (¦anan EX2-Hi and Sony I'ltV JWJOwrite RCTC to tapes.
Of the edit controllers currently on the Amiga market, only the Iitlropilol can read VITO. Whereas the Ecii! Plug, llama A-Cut, and lAil Male can all read ROTO. Linear Time Code is trickier.
At the moment, only the KKP TICS series and the Vidco iilol will read and write I.TC. How much do I have to spend? The overriding factor aiming to thwart your decision is that of budget. It has to be The Amiga has played host to several Edit controllers which when used properly can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce a video. By definition, they allow the editor more time to Ik- creative and experimental.
I ..1st month in DTV we looked at all the camcorders on the market with edit terminals. These terminals allow them to be controlled externally by an appropriately equipped Amiga. There are certain ground rules and questions The KRP software is the most powerful software available on any •I'-*1 should be asked by anyone system costing under £500. Just a pity it isn't the easiest to use. Preparing lo buy an edit controller.
Than the Edit Plug, it probably represents the easiest route into computer editing.
Next month we'll look al the price of putting some typical editing set-ups into practice. From basic assembly editing configurations to three machine set-ups that make creative use of a genlock. We’ll cover a set-up for those on a tight budget and another for those with an aim toward starting their own business. Sec vou then.
The Vidro tilol costs in excess of £1000 RRP. Look out for special offers around half that price.
More convenient and easier to use than the Edit Plug is the Hama A-C.ut. It costs £189 and features a jog shuttle dial which allows the editor _ to control a compatible source deck (the Panasonic I IS-1 Old) ami Sony EV-SIOOI) for example) using the jog shuttle. Selecting where you want cuts to start and finish is as easy as pushing a button. Ultimately less versatile and expandable balanced against the cost of software, hardware and the results you expect to achieve.
The best value and least expensive of the current crop of edit controllers is the KRPEdit Plug. It comes in two guises - the cheapest of the two can control two source decks and one recorder, it costs £125 and represents excellent value for money. For ihose of you who expect to make use of a video mixer, there is also a version of the Edit ’ wgwhich has a General Purpose Interface (GPI) attached. Ii costs £25 more but increases the versatility and expandability of your set up.
EDIT CONTROLLERS AND WHERE TO GET THEM KRP Edit Plug and TES range. Tel: 0141 762 2510 Hama A-Cut. Tel: 01256 708110 Video Pilot: Ambervane. Tel: 01792 476076 Edit Mate: CamUnk. Tel: 0181 543 3S00 Timecode, Burning For Accuracy controller and the source machine. All of the edit controllers in this month's DTV can control source machines using the counter pulse.
RCTt Rewritable Consumer Time Code is a time code protocol developed by Sony for use with video decks such as the EVS-9000 and camcorders such as the Canon EX2 Hi and the Sony TR3000. This time code can be written onto Hi-8 and 8mm tapes after the footage has been shot. It is a digital code which gives every frame of video a unique identifier. It is the only one of the codes here that can be read by the edit controller while in pause mode. The KRP Edit Plug, the Hama A-Cut. The Videopilot.
And the Edit Mate can all read RCTC directly. The most convenient of the time codes outlined here.
VITC: Vertical Interval Time Code is embedded in the vertical blanking interval of the video picture. This requires the edit controller to have the picture pass through it so that the time code can be read. Although highly accurate when used with professional decks, VITC isn't usually reliable enough with consumer equipment. Only the Videopilot can read this type of timecode.
There are four types of time code available with consumer equipment PRIL 1996 COUNTER PULSE: It is the counter pulse that keeps the video picture stable and synchronised. Unfortunately counter pulses can never be as accurate in editing as a proprietary time code because there’s no way of differentiating between one pulse and the next. Counter pulse information is transmitted along the control line between the edit LTC: Longitudinal Time Code is an audio signal. It's recorded onto the mono linear track of a source deck. Also known as SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) or
EBU (Engineering Broadcasters Union).
The KRP TES series of edit controllers and the Videopilot can not only read UC they can write it as well. This is particularly powerful when experimenting with non-master tapes.
The World's FASTEST AMIGAS are on this page!
NEW SECOND GENERATION OP THE FIRST EVER MOM AMIGA ACCELERATOR When you fit Cybentotm II to your AjOOO, AJOOOTT. AulOO or A-RXXTT you on. For example. Render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in Just 2.45 minutes... Compare that w ith a trnssnr I0.JI miro on a *11111101 A RM) 1H02A' Wuh no jumpers Cyherstorm II is hilly plug and play and A4000 usets an choose twwwn SCSI-2 and SCSI Fast and Wide optiuns t AJOOO users already have SCSI built into their Amiga hardware).
• Lip 10 I2BM eft osdwd SIMMs tan he nailed and yni can cm
tnrwftt ihr Tpm SIMMs hum your Atnigi ARM) sought into your
ties Clbostenn
• Opum hr We a Scft-2 nidulr. Or a SCSI Fan and Ivde motUe I
MaMU m A nlAUn % Cyberstorm II 68060 50... 50MHz 68060, 0Mb I
Expandable to 128Mb) £699-9* SCSI-2 Module £99-* SCSI Fast &
Wide Module i.AprWMay V6) £14** SIMM RAM Expansions 'Please
call fir a range of aMM prices!
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - £299‘95 Cybervision 64... 4Mb - I8JJ® ? R-'i l i V? Photoxyi fWT Ihtcianj UTT haerjui .perrr f* tnj& lb, I mim .Hba jrafftwa pm-fcxgr frAjOOvA tfir lixbMc 270UI jar pn.aMi pS*» nw«n Mb in bmhu Sjamt Taara. AM usertc n n«®ftii«tra*itK ChatPuMi Own* M Tp f mn SrdW Mnhmi« torn* jot tramtm Jtwpan tuft nfmw tadwftail fyurrs sb«in an1 in WPS and laktv ham cumftirmr fkr nrmanw irsss wry ecu GO' .lorBrunt raring* we mmmlsirni 50MHz 68030 A1200TURBO ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb 50MHz 68060 A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR & MMU 0Mb, Expandable to 64Mb 68EC020 A1200 TURBO 4Mb.
32-Bit RAM Expandable to 8Mb Blizzard 1220 4 4Mb Turbo Memory Board Offers by far the heS price performance ratx) of anv AI200 52-Bit RAM expansion on Ok* market irkor- poraling everything a gr«xl mcmoty Ixjatd should such as i Real Time Clock, RAM expandability. Optional FPL' etc W ith us Motorola Processor running the 52-BR FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz. The I220 1 has broken all thehatijetv' Oicck the facts lor lour-s-ll and fit the BENT Amnu AI200 68EC020 Tuitxi Monm hoard available
• Can be druhled ft sxu ft» full games cotnpaiibtlRv
• Integrated 28MHz 6SEC02U Ovk Speed Duublet ibr up to 300b i
svTaii pcrfomoncc Rxrx-ase
• Facltxy Installed X TeUed 4Mb 52-BR FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mb with Bbzzatd .Add-1 Board
• Integrated Batten Backed Real Tune Clock
• Easy Trapdotx fnuallation - no modifications required and does
not mvaiidate the Amiga Warranty in** AVI 6 fillhml Int JlMr
tor KMU Ur ft uW «u* .sir 11 The Blizzard 1230 MkIV Turbo
Accelerator Memory- Board is the highest performing 68030
arccleraur available la the AI200' With itt 50MHz mm and Mmll.
Wuh aSvslnfb rating of 991 i using a 61) Nanosecond SIMM I you
can see Ihe IIV)-IV i, very fia.
A perfoeraanet gun of up to SOW is achieved' Opaicns via its Fast Eapanston Bus include Modules silt, is a SCSI-2 CoBrollo An industry siandard SIMM socket pimides for up to 128Mb of autiHonligunng 32-Bn FAST RAM lor up to 256Mb with the SCSI-2 option using us extra SIMM socket)
• May hr doubled wxh ftmplr kesgrokcon Boot I p k« Ful Games
CotnpxMty earn wuh liasly Programed eu Okkn Software!
• HuBery Basked Sc« Rccbargc Real Tunc lick
• High Mtemancr Expanwrm wuh Ful 52-Bu wide DMA
• PGA FIT Sockrt aDtruuig Optional SOMHz 8882 FP1
• Easy Trapduor ImaallalKm - no modifications requited and does
invalidate the Amiga Warrants The Blizzard 1260 Turbo
Accelerator Board idtrn AMIGA AIM owners RufOWi POWER wuh a
hsani that amply phigs into the tnprfcvv shut Now your AIM wdl
iperale al twice cr even thrtv tunes the spenl id an s « hascd
upgrade and up to five levs the speed if a gandird AtftU ft
ytvi want THE FASITST AIM as-idahlc. Ft a Hhzzini 1260 Turbo to
your Amgi now!
• May b) dwafted with Sunph- kessaruke m Bool Lp fcr baft Games
Gmpuhluy Esets wsih ikadh Pngramed or Omer kftwarrf
• Itqdl Frdien tftfts 52-Hu Fas RAM lExp to trtkfts) SCSI IV kit
SCSI-2 Module lor 1260 and 12504V rnh atMvmal Ums sZxlv «.ka
f-'lC 50MHz 68060 A1500 or A2000 TURBO ‘ ’ ACCELERATOR & MMU
v-'y' 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb The Blizzard 2060 Turbo
Accelerator Memory- Board 'fitis AIS00 and A2000 owncts the
same qxvdkation that the Bh zanl 1260 Turbo arhlescs Ivu aho
indudcs IsuiR m SCSI-2! So. Ft mu want the (west AI50ti-2000
auvnvl with H LI. Ta««l FOWER. Ft a Blizzard 2lM to yuur Amga
now' 1230-13' Turbo 50MHz 68030 S MMT OMIs 52-Bg Fad RAM
iFxpandalitc in I2SMIsi__ 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion (Fast 60
Nanosecond) 32-Hu, 72 pin ((mII fur larfjtr SIMM prigs)_ £179*
1220 4 Turbo 28MHz 68EC020
i. Mb 52-Bil Fast RAM 1 Expandable Hi Hmln Add-4 Board - extra
4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 32-Bit F3st RAM add-on £19** £169” £109*
Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PGA type- FTC. SDMHz £99*
Motorola Maths Co processor 68882 PLCC type FPU. 55MHz _ THE
SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV and 1260 (With addliional I2SMI) SIMM socks) £59* £89* 2060 Tur6o SallIz 68)60X MMI with Built In SCSI-2 Omh 52-Bu Pad RAM tExpandihle n 12-SMh)_ THE WORLD'S FASTEST A1200 030 ACCELERATOR!
How to Order from GH... |Y PNOM Sempiy cjU ou l«* W* jutpt VISA Uasterurd, Access, $ *ytih.
( w«L Dwj AW* and LomOdrt CmJtUfufqe ItoI Mon m lomOerd Daxoov (grrys ttc) • WITH MO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES1 & IY POST or TA* irdudt your lum. Addmt and djyun*mram; pMrw 1ti ffumbtf plus orStr (J*tjds it tKar a crtdit a«it card «)utSr nunter and ualid tiOAfipry data (and .sue rumMr *9 unhl Mate 0*«m [fdease aJc- 7 days Omt***).
OratB or Postal Omen payatte to Gordon Kanwod Of R HAS OH HAS WON MORF. AWARDS THAS AS) OTHER... GORDON HARWOOD " 03 COMPUTERS Gordon Harwood Computers Limited Dept. AM F 86 New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DESS TBP GH PRXIS Bnu to lontwm prxes m use you are «4aj at an ofcf Pnees un eNanq* (up or down) DeTore De nsa aavwS cover scftith Mas passed Pwase (onfirm be'or* yenAng cnlen by post Pntes esc VAT at 17.5% HE Wbat the Magazines think... 0CIMRY Me oHer promp* ship«er* ** mured express de£*ry opecm throu9hoaat the UK. (ixope and MorV de at a Mfy modest cost If ordennq by post pfeasa uR to
tonfano dfAvery c-jrjes UPCKT Most dens are avadabie *0*0**. And at TAX WE PRXES to non K resdtnes and most overseas UK Arwed forus Personnel (wth COS donmenO Please ul us for (onfanabon o' pners and unsafe charges etc £XP £SS 2 4 A** 01 773 836781 or FAX: Ol 773 831040 Email:gharwood@eworld.com AMIGA S mipprr uiul * ihr Hitzzanl 1260 a dniintd In hrvmr 'Jv uitimaU +j*1 nf dntrr for A1200 m*m 91S STAR Bl A«ani imiga nmpulimg If pm uunl tfv fatieU Amiga in Ihr InrU get tha hrnni’ 92S BUT (HIP lUing Amiga tnrmal Kidr -m tbr fatinlA1200 m tftra-rid 95SWHi)Raung GH MARRANTY Manufacturers
standard nan antes apply or. Ask about GHS id ter professoftai «(osOy dcmen tana Ask GH kr 64 deteh E TOP TITLES AVAIL .... ... - 10 Experience £19.99 PHASE 4 £9.99 you'rt no* 100% delighted with vour purchase. Return if within 30 days for a no quibble. No questions osked refund!
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831040 Writer tutorial PART 2 In the second part of this
masterclass, Nick Veitch gets even more masterful and explains
just how useful master pages are.
The Iasi Final Writer tutorial (At82) looked at text styles and how to apply them to your own text to make creating documents easier. In a way, we ate doing the same thing this month, but this time with the pages of the document.
A master page is a template upon which all the pages of the document are based. Whatever appears on the master page will also appear on any other page in the document. If you are setting up a large document with many sections, you would probably design a master page lor each section.
In essence, the master page is the same as any other page. You can type in text, load graphics, insert special functions - but really you are building a frame for your entire document.
The elements of the master page should be useful, but not disu-act from the contents of the page. Things like page numbers and section guides are a good idea, to help readers navigate through a large document.
To begin editing the master page, simply choose "Edit master page" from the View menu or click on the gadget from the tool bar or palette.
Click on this gadget to edit the right hand Master Page.
A top heading for your page is de riguer as far as I'm concerned - otherwise how are people going to know what they are supposed to be doing? This is probably one of the most straightforward things to add to the master page.
It is easiest to position this item as a text object, rather than editing the header and footer margins of the page. Simply type the text you want into the normal text box and then select it (by clicking and dragging or just multiple clicking on the text). Now select the Text Object gadget from the tool pallete. The text will now magically appear in a small box all of its own. You can position this anywhere you like on the page and resize it to your hearts desire. If you want to change the text style or colour, double click on the box and a small window will pop up, allowing you to make
In this sample document text objects were also used for the index sidebars.
A few people have encountered problems using Workbench Compugraphic fonts with Final Writer. As we stated in the last installment this is a far from ideal situation, but they will work.
Unfortunately, older versions of the fonts (such as those supplied with Workbench 2) are incompatible, and many PD fonts are incorrectly formed and will not work either.
MOV£, dont redly caie do you gclngto keep repeating trt iU more nonsense The great white fish n ,JS?ton.Andt°«y trdh, I have got a lot mi awful lot of text for_the don't redly care do yoL going to keep repeat! Nj other subheading greet white fish mov ScSfs Mastering On some occasions it is useful to access the Tools from the tool palette, instead of trying to find everything in the menus. The tool palette can be turned on (it is off by default) by choosing Preferences from the View menu.
Under the Main subheading, you will find the gadgets for turning on and off various palettes. I recommend that for this tutorial, you turn on the Tool palette.
Bulws Bor dm Buttons Displor Text Blocks Text Flou Options jLeft J Right f” None
- Content • Type Specs Define., i Coordinates : Position™
I Distance I0T25- Save to keep repeating this great white
fish moved ®on. And to tell youths ofhan lust gene.at on
rnSe orse-s.amiust "ext until I fi" up the page- Cow-1 Cc*ovr-1
ss* d St, J ia:_LxIj _iU I-,.** 1 • Sssysr receding this ot
white fish moved ;c£ Andtoteliyouthe than lust generate on few
screen shots. But VO matters worse, am ju text until I fi" up
the page.
- Pao® 2- The side index things here are created in two stages.
The first stage is to simply create some soiid graphic boxes,
create one box using the Tilled box tool from the palette. It
is a good idea to work out the size you need by calculating the
space down the side and dividing it by the number of sections
you will have. You can now double click on the box and set the
exact measurements in the requester which appears.
When you have one correct box, duplicate it, and place it exactly underneath the first (again, the position can be entered directly by double-clicking on the box and entering the correct values. This is also where you can select the colour of the box}. I have coloured the remaining boxes yellow, so when printed out on a mono printer, they will be a very light grey.
To overlay the text on the boxes, simply type in the text, select it and create a text object (see explanation tor the page header}. The text was then rotated through 90 degrees using the menu option Graphics Rotate tool. You can obviously rotate the text to any angle you want, but a right angle is more conventional for this sort of thing. The final touch is to double- click on the box and change the text colour to white so that it can be read out of the black (and to To number ali your pages, you can include a special page number function on the master page. Chose Insert item Page Number
from the menu, and a It symbol will appear.
You cannot put this in a text object (as it will just appear as a hash symbol} so it must remain in the main text area.
To avoid the page number being obscured by text on the main page, edit the header and footer margins in the layout preferences, to leave enough space for the page number.
T *t boxes can be changed in a similar way to graphic objects. Double clicking on them will bring up this requester.
A certain extent, grey} boxes.
Use | Cancel M Opnoof - I a Real 3D V jtorial Creating a hollow glass and contents Malting your own image can be a little tricky, so let's look at an example step-by-step. We'll create a simple tumbler, but you'll he able to adapt the technique to create wine glasses, lava lamps or anything.
' any of the Real 3D demo pictures you may have seen show various pieces of glassware. This is mainly because Real 3D is . Excellent at modelling the optical properties of glass.
M Create a cylinder, and change the name to OUTSIOE to help stop you from getting confused. By default the cylinder is solid, which isn't much use as we want to make a hollow shape to hold liquid.
1 rain ssaa ¦¦¦ eS| -M Q Copy the cylinder and change the name to INSIDE. Again, this is a solid cylinder. Use the Sizing tool to make it ever so slightly smaller, and then Move the object up so that it peeks out of the top of the OUTSIDE cylinder.
©Make sure the INSIDE object is selected, then select Operations AND NOT from the Modify menu. All going well, nothing will have changed. However, now you can delete the INSIDE object. Notice anything odd? The object still appears to be present - now press Right-Amiga and ! And you'll see something odder still... The INSIDE object has been used as a tool to hollow out the OUTSIDE object. Real 3D doesn't totally redraw the new shape, but has a stab at it. You'll need to render it in LAMPLESS mode to see what has happened. It doesn't look very exciting with this lighting level, but stick with
Let's add something. Firstly, make sure the default materials have been loaded. Select the OUTSIDE image, and make the material Glass. This makes our tumbler transparent. Now create another cylinder, and place it inside the glass. Alter the colour.
When you render this object, you’ll notice two things.
First of all. Rendering time has increased a heck of a lot! This is because calculating all the extra transparency effects takes a lot of time. Secondly, you'll notice that your glass is clear and you can see the liquid inside. You may want to experiment with finding a suitable material for the liquid - the default tends to look a little like blood (yuck).
More hints and tips for creating objects with Real 3D, courtesy of the very three dimensional John Kennedy p rt 7 Creating a magazine A magazine or book is very easy to create in Real 3D because you can load in the cover as a scanned image: that is. Assuming you have a scanner or digitiser. If not you'll either have to scour CD-ROMS or PD libraries for suitable images, or load up a paint program and give it a bash yourself. The technique can be- adapted to include photographs or paintings which always add realism to a room scene. Of course there is nothing to stop you using a previously
rendered scene as your starting image.
Oscan in (or draw) your cover image.
The more colours you can manage the better, but the resolution isn't quite so important - there is no point scanning a cover to 1024 by 1024 if your finished render will be 320 by 2S6.
O Create a new material, and use the scanned image as the mapping. Stick to ¦Parallel", but play with the other settings if you want your magazine to look extra glossy or dull. The "Smooth" gadget gives a better finish, and selecting "Unshaded" is good for backdrop images.
O Assign the object to have this material. Make sure to adjust the mapping (press v) and drag the line along the bottom edge from right to left. Try dragging the line elsewhere in the shape and see what happens.
Render the image in LAMPtESS to see that you have the mapping assigned correctly. For ultra-realism.
You can create the magazine from a selection of flat rectangles - one for the front cover, one for the back and four for the edges.
On sale now!
Ultimate DIY TurboPrinl 4.1 Light ..... Brti '“esa?
ShopperChok* Discover the best ways to expand and enhance your Amiga.
David Taylor introduces our new series this month.
We have an exclusive, special Lite version ol IrseeSoft's excellent printing enhancement program, TurboPrint 4.1. There's something tor everyone in ShopperChoice: Aural Synthetica patches, Wordworth extras, Grime, DiskSystem 3, plus loads more!
This new modem from Online PD is bundled with a software pack to cover all aspects ol Comms.
The latest printer from Canon, the BJC-610, is the new leader on the Amiga tor colour printing.
Find out why.
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk computing amigashopper.html AMIGA Back to Basic To make this Blitz tutorial a little more interesting, let's try to make a real program over the next few months. I'm sure you've heard of the World Wide W eb. So let's start to write a program which can display Web pages on the Amiga.
Before we can get stuck into the 1ITML though, we need to know a little about how an Amiga program works. A program written in Blitz, or in fact any Amiga programming language, usually follows the same pattern:
1. Open a screen display
2. Open a window display on the screen
3. Perform actions
4. Shut down the window
5. Shut down the screen SCREEN DISPLAY The screen display is
all-important, as it is the screen which determines the
resolution of the display (the number of pixels wide and high)
and the depth of die display (the number of colours it can
display at one time). The screen can also be in a number of
different modes: I-oRes. HiRes. Interlaced, super IliRes and
so on. These modes effect the appearance of the display:
remember, although a low resolution display is normally 321)
pixels across, there is no reason why it can’t actually be 640
pixels across with only 320 pixels showing at a time.
Once the screen is opened, a Window is usually placed in it. Windows are at the core of the Amiga's user interface. Programs, messages and requesters appear in Windows, and each can operate individually. When you click on a gadget inside a Window, the program running there receives the instruction. The operating system knows which Window to send the instructions to. Even if there are multiple programs running at once. Sometimes a program will open a Window on its own screen, sometimes it will make use of the Workbench display. If a program opens on the Workbench it is obviously limited to the
settings of the Workbench screen and is unable to pick size, depth and mode for itself.
SCREEN TEST Let's start by writing a program which will open a screen display, then open a window. It's also vital to know how to close them again - because if you don't do it. No-one else will. Each screen created consumes memory and if you are not careful you'll soon run out.
Creating a screen is achieved with the Blitz command SCREEN, and there are two versions.
The first is shown on Table 1.
Here are some examples: SCREEN 0.5, "My first screen" Open a 32 colour low resolution screen (320 by 256) entitled "Mv first screen" SCREEN 0.28 Continuing his series of Blitz Basic tutorials, John Kennedy explains how an Amiga program works and invites you to learn how to create your very own Web pages.
Open a 16 colour high resolution (640 pixels across) interlaced screen (512 lines high) with no title.
If you want to write a program to test these examples, base it on something like this (See Tutorial List A). The mousewait keeps the screen open so you can see it (click the mouse to close) and the CloseScrecn stops us building up a large collection of empty screens.
This version of Screen is useful for creating a standard screen with no messages.
Sometimes however, you require a little more control over how a screen is created. Table 2 shows what the second version of the screen command looks like: Some more examples: SCREEN 0.0.0,320.256.5.0. "More screens’M.O Open a low resolution 32 colour screen in the left hand corner of the display. 320 pixels across. 256 pixels down. A tide is given and normal pens are used.
SCREEN 0.0,100.640,256.2.S8000. "Hires", 1,0 Opens a 4 colour high resolution screen of 640 pixels across, starting 100 lines down the screen.
Continued overleaf e SCREEN Screen number, Mode, [Title].
Screen number Each screen is given a number so you can tell them apart.
Mode The number of bitplanes, which is a measure of the number of colours possible.
Bitplanes colours 1 2 2 4 3 8 4 16 5 32 6 64 SCREEN screen number, X, Y, Width, Height, Depth, Vmode.Titles, Dpen, Bpen, [Bmap number] Pick as many as you want and add them together.
Add 8 to the mode for HiRes mode.
(Only valid for bitplanes 1 to 4) Add 16 to mode for interlaced mode.
Title Allows you to give the screen a title. This part is put in square brackets to indicate that it is optional - you don't have to have a title if you don't want one.
Dpen The special "pen" used for drawing details such as the title bar.
Bpen The Block pen for drawing any borders.
Bitmap number An optional reference to the area of memory which the screen uses. A little advanced for the moment.
Table 1: Creating a screen - Version One Table 2: Creating a screen - Version 2 ¦ OTHER SCREEN COMMANDS ShowScreen screen number HidcScreen screen number This command will move the screen to the back of any other displays, and then move it back again.
BeepScreen screen number Clauses the screen to Ha'll, as a wav of gaining the attention of the user. Normally too irritating to use!
LoadScreen screen number, filename I.palette Load an IFF screen image from disk and display it in the existing screen. The palette is a special Blit object we'll cover later.
SaveScreen screen number, filename Save the current screen display to disk using the supplied name.
MoveScreen screen number', Xpixels, Ypixels Alter the position of the screen by the number of pixels stated. This can be used to move the display in a very smooth way. As you can see from this program (See Tutorial List B).
WbToScreen screen number Assign the Workbench display a screen number, which means you can open windows and play with the normal Workbench display. Try this program for an example (See Tutorial List C).
Now that we have a display open, we can define and open a Window. We need to open the Window in order to print text and create a general display for our program inside it. You can display on the screen without a Window, but this way is usually best.
As you would expect, there are a large number of complicated commands for opening a Window. I lere we go.
WINDOW window number, X, Y, Width, Height, Hags. Title. Itl’en, Bpen, Igadget list Window number As widt screens, each window has a number associated with it. Remember you ran have multiple screens open so you need some way of keeping track of them, X The X position of the top left hand corner of the new Window Y The Y position of the top left hand corner of Width, Height The size of the Window in pixels.
Flags Some special values to control various aspects of the Window. As with Vmodcs. The values need to be added together to combine all the features. Some features are too horribly complicated to be dealt with in too much depth at the moment.
Value feature $ 0001 Allow the Window to be sized $ 0002 Allow the Window to be dragged $ 0004 Provide a depth gadget $ 0008 Provide a close gadget $ 0010 With $ 0400 and $ 0001 protect die right hand part of the Window from stray graphics.
$ 0020 As above, but protect the bottom of the Window too.
$ 01 (M) Open the Window behind all the others, almost as a fake screen.
$ 0400 l-ook after all the Window borders to make sure they cannot lie drawn on $ 0800 Open a Window with no borders $ 1000 Make the Window active when opened Tide The name of the Window Dpen The pen to lie used for drawing details such as the title.
Bpen The pen to be used for borders.
GadgetList A list of user-defined buttons to put in the Window ACTIVE WINDOWS Window 0,50.50,100.200.$ 1401.
"Window Cleaners for hire", 1,2 This opens a window 200 pixels wide. 100 pixels high, at position 50,50 on the screen.
The Window is active with a full set of gadgets. When adding together the special flag numbers, remember they are in hexadecimal (base 10) and so a scientific calculator would come in very handy.
See Tutorial List D for the program you would need to write in order to see the window open.
Notice the order in which everything is done:
1. Open the screen.
2. Open the window,
3. Print in the window.
4. Close the window,
5. Close the screen.
You must remember to close the Window when you have finished. If you don't, and then you close the screen. Very Bad Things will happen - you have been warned.
Here are some fun Window commands to keep you busy: Wplot X, Y, colour Plot a point in the active Window.
Wbox XI, Yl, X2, Y2, colour Draw a solid rectangle in the active Window.
XI .Yl is the top left edge and X2.Y2 the bottom right.
Wcircle X, Y, radius, colour Draw a circle of a given radius in the Current window.
Wellipse X, Y. radius 1, radius2, colour Draw an ellipse with the given radii in the Current window.
Wlinc XI, Yl. X2. Y2, |Xn, Yn], colour Draw a line connecting the points WCI.x|colour| Clear the Window, to the optional colour if supplied.
There are plenty of other Window commands too. So make sure to use the Blitz on-line help facility to find them. Press Right Amiga and I lelp together for a full help screen. Try Tutorial List E and see what happens when you take Windows a little too far... Sadly we have run out of time, and we still haven't got started with the HTML decoding yet. However, keep playing with the Screens and Windows and we'll be read)’ to gel stuck in next month.
TUTORIAL LISTING A; Example Screens in Blitz Basic Screen 0,4, "My First Screen" MouseWait CloseScreen 0 End B; Moving Screens in BUTZ Basic Screen 0.0,'Hello" For y=1 To 256 MoveScreen 0,0,1 Nexty Fory=1 To 256 MoveScreen 0.0.-1 Nexty MouseWait CloseScreen 0 End C; Playing with the Workbench Screen WbToScreen 0 For a=l To 10 Hide Screen 0 ShowSreen 0 BeepScreen 0 Next a MouseWait End D; Opening a Screen with a Window inside Screen 0,0 "My Screen" Window 0,10,30,300,100, $ 140f,"Window Cleaners for hire", 1,0 Print "Hello, I'm in a Window I" MouseWait Free Window 0 CloseScreen 0 End E ; Window
madness ; Open screen and windows Screen 0,4, "My Screen" For w=0 To 4 Window w,w*30,100,100, J400,"’,1,0 WCLsInt (Rmd'16) Next w ; Have some fun!
Fora=1 To 100 w=lnt(Rnd*5) Use Window w Wcircle Int (Rnd‘100), lnt(Rnd*100).
Lnt(Rnd*20), lnt(Rnd"16) Wmove lnt(Rnd‘220), lnt(Rnd*156) Next a MouseWait ;Shut Windows and Screen For w=0 To 4 Free Window w Next w CloseScreen 0 End m 73 SPECIAL OFFER £24.99 RR» J34.99 Praised by all. Blitz Basic is really the all in one single most useful development package for the Amiga - and now it's capable of even more impressive results, with improved editors and extended AGA features. Take It started life as a Coverdisk submission for Amiga Format, it ended up as a Format Gold winning commercial release from Audiogenic - written in Blitz.
A fast smart playable and gory Doom clone that made some people who played it feel sick. Already hailed as a trailblazing classic - written in. You guessed it Blitz.
Advantage of this offer for the full, boxed software and ring- bound reference manual.
Blitz Basic 2.1 Order Form Please send me copy ies of Blitz Basic 2.1 at a unit cost of £24.99 I enclose a cheque for ......made Payable to Acid Software I wish to debit my ? Access Visa J Mastercard p ease tick It's one of the whackiest, fastest, funniest compulsive and most popular driving games ever on the Amiga - Super Skidmarks was written in Blitz Card number .Expiry date ... Name ..Address ......
Postcode Signature ... How to Order Complete this order form and send it to: Amiga Format, Blitz Basic Offer, Acid Software, Guildhall Leisure, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster DN3 1QR.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Mailbag Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Of the Millennium Falcon. If I am asking too much, then is there a way that I could get hold of the pictures on disk eg. Are they in the PI) library and would I actually need C4D to load them up?
The pictures shown, your review and your recommendations - especially that it would suit beginners like myself - have- inspired me - I am buying this program without delay and I just wanted you to know that without AF I would never have looked at it twice. Keep up the fantastic work.
Seen. .a*. fK Oi ¦ (Q T 0 * PICTURE PLEA Is it possible to obtain copies of the pictures in your magazine legally, especially poster sized! The ones that I want are Tobais Richter’s Cinema -ID STAR WARS creations - especially the close up Lee Stanford Leeds
P. S. On system requirements.
Where it says ‘Workbench 2’ - that means 'Workbench 2 and above’ doesn’t it?
thought you were going to ask for a giant poster-sized picture of l.inda for a moment there. Kr, the images we used never existed anywhere in a physical form, so the only "pictures' we have are the ones printed in the magazine.
A whole bunch of Cinema 4d pictures were uploaded to Aminet recently, so you can probably get hold of them via your local BBS (ask the sysop) or umit for them to appear on an Aminet CD.
If you want to have a hard copy of the pictures, most print bureaux should be able to output them for you (take the image along on a PC disk, and ask what image format they want) but bear in mind that the images were designed for display on screen, so if you have them fninted out A3 size, they will look quite blocky. Andyes,WB2 does mean Workbench 2 and above.
BEBOX DE LU LOP I heard a rumour that the new computer platform “BeBox” will probably be the new AMIGA RISC machine that we're all waiting for, I don’t know whether this rumour is true or false, but if Amiga Technologies intend to release a new Amiga model, then I think they must convert some current Amiga productivity tides like Final Writer 4, Scala. lM400, Rea! 3D V3.0, to new RISC code.
Come on A.T. act quickly and give us RISC Amiga with AmigaOS V4.0 (with network and internet capabilities). I don't want to lie a slave of Intel and Microsoft. I don’t want to be a clone. A.T. don't let us down. We trust you.
Sinan Gurkan Istanbul Turkey The Bebox is not related to the Amiga in any way at all - at least not legally or financially. In spirit it follows the concepts of the Amiga. But it is still in development, and although it looks like a nice machine, it is difficult to see it having a great commercial impact.
MORE SHAMELESS PLUGS Myself and my friend David White (you printed his letter in API l May
1995) are starting a Disk-BBS. Which will be packed with PD games
and the like.
He is currently writing a game in AMOS from your excellent AMOS Pro Coverdisk to AM0S was one of the most add to this. Popular Coverdisks Anvwav, in ever for AF.
THE FINAL WORD I was both amused and saddened by the pro-UFO letter from Joanne Bishop (issue 79) concerning the * Interstellar travellers visit ~Jiri If' earth in their IHH converted ton- drive hubcap.
__ "Roswell Slideshow" review in issue interstellar 77, and by Afs opposing response. Travellers visit I can't quite agree with either earth in their viewpoint expressed. At 43,1 am converted ion- probably one of your older readers dr've hubcap, and hopefully pretty stable. Yet I have long been puzzled (not - obsessed) by the UFO phenomenon. I was a complete sceptic before 1963, when I was confronted by something I couldn't explain. I'm completely familiar with civil, military and "unusual" aircraft types and with what can and can't be explained by known man-made aerial devices, yet I have
seen anomalous objects two or three times over the years since.
Interpreting these phenomena is a very subjective affair. It's likely there are SOME genuine mysterious occurrences and I'd equally subjectively say I now incline to the view that UFO-related phenomena are not "alien" but probably of malignant spiritual origin.
I'd take issue with Joanne over the Gulf Breeze episode. "Not proved fake" is indeed very far from being proved true, and in the Waters case, there were plenty of reasons to regard the story as being of questionable reliability. A friend of Waters, with no obvious reason to lie, actually claimed he had helped fake the photographs. Jim Schnabel's weighty book, "Dark White", which delves deeply into many famous UFO encounters and, importantly, into the way in which they were investigated, lists a number of other reasons for doubting the authenticity of the case.
However, that isn't proof either. The pages of AF are supposed to be about Amiga-related issues, so unless UFOs ¦Mk. Turn out to be Lightwave objects projected by some advanced VR system. I don't see the subject going ¦ * much further here. But I would just like to say before parting that I too felt slightly insulted by both Mr - McGill's way of describing the 'believers' and by Afs response to Ms Bishop's admittedly rather petulant letter. You claim to keep an open mind, but that wasn't what came over.
Should you print my letter, if Ms. Bishop and friends - or anyone else
- have any firm evidence or first-hand experiences to recount I'd
really like to hear about it. Perhaps it would be possible for
them to drop me a letter via AF? I'll certainly repay any
forwarding costs you might incur.
Keep up the good work on the best Amiga mag!
Steve Clark Isle of White Well, that just about wraps it up for UFOs. Hubcaps on bits of string or visitors from distant worlds7 Cunning cinematography or psychic forces beyond our ken? Coincidence or magic - you decide, but whatever you think, don't tell us-the truth is out there, not in the AF letters pages (which are all obviously made up. As one helpful reader suggested - except obviously the one he sent us otherwise arrrrrrgh - fatal paradox error -****random letter generator application failed result -127 order for the Disk-BBS to work, winced sonic people to write to us. If you want
to join us or have a game you would like us to distribute - in AMOS. BlitzBasic or any other language the Amiga supports - write to me at the following address: Stewart Priest 45 Thomwood Drive, Thomwood, Partick, Glasgow.
Gil ITT, Scotland
P. S. Everyone at Amiga Format is welcome to join us too.
Well, alright, hut this is the Iasi lime, or the advertising people will hr gelling very upset.
GENESIS HELP ME IF YOU CAN I own a Commodore CDTV with a keyboard and an Amiga external disk drive, I know it’s old but it still works great. However, I have broken the mouse and cannot find anvone who stocks them. I’ve been advised my only hope is the second hand market. So do any of your readers have one they could let me have? The model is CD 1253 with a small round 4-pin plug.
Kate Mountford Stoke on Trent Cor, this is turning into the multicoloured swap shop. If anyone wants to swap a CDTV mouse for a ridiculously coloured sweater and a bottle of John Craven s liair-dye, please write lo us at the usual address.
By Cary Clement MECHANICAL MENACE NO CHRISTMAS IN FEBRUARY Haring recently purchased a printer I thought I would put printhead to paper.
Sorry its not one of those grovelling letters more to the point it's to complain of two niggling faults, one of which may have been put right?
First of all. Why am I reading the December issue in November and the Christmas (Jan) issue in December. If you could print the corresponding lottery numbers for the future month that would be a different matter.
Now in the latest issue (79 Christmas 1995) you have dropped the month (January) from the cover, does that mean I will actually be buying the Jan issue in January or w ill it lie a case of back to the future with February on Uncover?
The second niggle. Because of the above confusion could you please state the closing date for all future competitions.
S. P. Benton I Vest Midlands Listen right - Christmas is whan we
tell you it is okay? Can't you read or something?
Yes il does gel confusing. Believe me. Il is more confusing for us who actually work on the magazine. We have Christmas in October and Halloween in August. Since the magazine is now published 13 times per year, and because in the more orthodox calendar there are only twelve months, we have to invent something for the extra issue to be called.
So, since the inception of AFIST (Amiga Format Issue Saving Time), the nth issue is known as Christmas.
You still gel January (albeit at the beginning of December) but from theron in, the months begin slip ring bark by a few days until the next Christmas.
Happily. If you live in New Zealand or somewhere, because of BST (British Shipping Time) you will probably get at least one issue in the year in the month stated on the cover. hope that has cleared everything up for you.
Why, il's so simple a child of four could understand it (and if there are any four-year olds out there, can you please explain it to Scottie).
GREAT PAD 1 am writing to all those A1200 owners who haven’t got a CD32 joypatl. You don't know what you are missing. It’s amazing when you’re playing Cloom and you need to sidestep, no need to search for anv keys just comfortably touch the joybutton and voila! Quite a few games are greatly enhanced with a CD32 pad, so all you A1200 owners out there who haven’t got one. Get one. If more owners gel a CD32 joypad, more games will have the option and the gameplay will be greatly enhanced. Also all you programmers out there, try to include some options for a CD32 pad as many keyboard functions can
be reassigned to the joypad.
Scott Bridges Kent There are a n umber of games which do feature support for the joypad - and you are right, some are much belter.
PLAYSTATION OWNER: I’ve got a Plays tation.
AMIGA OWNER: Does anyone fancy a go on SWOS?
SATURN OWNER: I've got Daytona USA.
PLAYSTATION OWNER: Pah! That's nothing! I’ve got Ridge Racer11.
SATURN OWNER: Oh look, here comes the PC owner.
[Enter PC Owner] PC! OWNER: I’ve got Doom.
And Heretic loo, that’s good.
AMIGA OWNER: Fancy a go on Gloom, then?
PC OWNER: Oh, I’ve seen that. It's very blocky. Isn’t it?
The monsters look like cardboard boxes... Oh my! Is that the time? I should be editing my CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, trying to make Hexen work. It's really good though, even if I do still need to shell out another £300 to make it work. Goodbye.
[Exit PC. Owner] PI AYSTATION OWNER: Goodbye. Hey, your Amiga is rubbish. I bet your Amiga can't handle three zillion million frames per second 3D animation with fifty six billion bit sound and tri-lincar mip-mapping, can it?
AMIGA OWNER: No. But neither can yours.
PLAYSTATION OWNER: No... hut what’s so special about yours then?
AMIGA OWNER: Well... The Playstation doesn't have the capabilities for a Keyboard. Hard drives. Floppy disks. Modems, 3D modelling. Word processing.
Sound sampling. Scanning. DTP, Paint programs, printers AND they're easy to use... PLAYSTATION OWNER: They're coming out next Autumn.
AMIGA OWNER: Give me strength.
[Exit Amiga Owner] PI AYSTATION OWNER: What's a Hard Drive?
SATURN OWNER: I don't know.
[Pause] PIAYSTATION OWNER: Our Joypad's better than your's.
There's a moral there somewhere.
That just about wraps it up. Oh!
No... On behalf of Amiga Power, would you kindly stop playing Worms so loudly. Wear headphones. Or don't play it. Tch.
Open plan offices, ell?
Oh, and what happened to Actual Reality? I have been reading since issue 30 and I remember with fondness the moment I flicked to the back of the magazine and read witli amusement. It was amusing, entertaining, witty and er... funny!
Stuart Brown Preston Well, il 5 not Harold Pinter is il. Bill an amusing effort nevertheless.
Amiga Power can suffer - we have to listen to them playing the tediously noisy Marathon! Tj THE PROS AND CONS I was browsing through my brother's magazine (Issue 79) when I came across a review for Citadel. The little orange box caught my eye and to my horror I saw it criticise my beloved computer. The A500 is still a capable machine and many people are proud to own them. So in future I would like you to stop putting down my computer and have a go at the PC instead.
Laura Chappell Bowden I just thought I would write and tell my fellow Amiga Format readers what they are missing by not upgrading their machines.
I have just treated my A1200 to a Blizzard A1230-IV running at Somhz. WOW! It makes all the difference believe me. Alien Breed 3D.
Fears. Sim City 2000 and of course programs such as Final Writer and Pagestream all run like a dream, and you should see the Amiga Format Breathless demo running at 1*1 pixel mode with a full screen. This is how Amigas should be. Putting the rather sad PeeCee to shame.
So come on all you A1200 owners dig deep and upgrade, it's worth it in the long run and the future of our beloved Amiga may just depend on people upgrading. As for all the A500 and A600 owners it's about time you got an A1200 in the first place let alone an accelerator card for one!
Jonathan Taylor Suffolk Well I've finally done it! What you asked. I've finally upgraded my old and venerable A500 to an all singing all dancing A1200.
I was one of those sad people who was happy with the A500, it did everything I wanted and I could see no reason to change it but I was wrong. In every way the A1200 is a much better computer and I wish I had upgraded it sooner.
I have had a computer of one sort or another since the ZX81 first came out and they have all had one thing in common - they were never expanded or upgraded and so were overtaken by faster and better equipment.
This will NOT happen to the Amiga, it is a great computer, one that can continue to grow and survive.
So I urge every A500 user to upgrade now.
Then add the memory, add the CD drive, accelerate the machine and software support will return when manufacturers see increasing sales of machines.
R. G. McCarthy Surrey I’ve been an Amiga owner now for 6 years
and for the last 2 years I've had an A1200.
After reading issue 80 (Jan 96) I totally agreed with what was said about accelerators and extra memory.
They are the way forward for the A1200.
Sell your gold teeth, sell your mothers, sell a kidney, everyone who owns an A1200 must buy an accelerator.
If more A1200's have hard drives and accelerators and extra money then programmers will write software that will push the A1200 to the limit Escorn should and must sell the A1200 with a hard drive as standard, the A1200 ? (if H happens) is a big step in the right direction.
A500’s and 600's are well past their sell buy dates, everyone connected with the software side of the Amiga should concentrate on the A1200.
Dean Brookes Derbyshire FAST AMIGA REPAIRS CD Rom Drives & Hard Drives Hard Drives + controller for: A500(+) Aisoo A2ooo Ajooo A4ooo 120MB £159.00 540MB £229.00 l.OGIG £279.00 £299.00 250MB ‘ £189.00 630MB £239.00 1.2GIG 420MB £199.00 FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
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A500, Aboo & Aizoo £34.95 PAWS - Portable Amiga Workstation for
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A FAX MACHINE With this device you can now use your Fax machine as an A4 Scanner without using the telephone line.
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...of excellent quality (eg. “LCL are the best for providing help in this area' AMIGA COMPUTING) with far too many topics to list, hut some examples are: pin in and CD32 only) EST. 14 YEARS 1 CD MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSE)
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• Wordworth AGA • Ivr RTB Warranty .Workbench 3.0 A500 Internal
Drive £19-95 A600 A1200 Internal Drive £35*95
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HENIJ-Y-ON-THAMES. OXON RG9 1QB Phone 01491 579345 sent within
24hrs AMJ A m WIAT EF VERDISKS A stunning collection of useful
programs including the full ScapeMaker program and the
excellent Fiasco.
Top quality Chaos Engine tribute that's highly addictive. A previously unreleased, complete eight level game.
Locate the prisoners, find the keys and blow the guardian to smithereens. Steve McGill can't get enough of it.
An eight level Chaos Engine clone with pace, verve, action, and big guns.
You are a burly, power armour suited dude and the aim of the game is to rescue the prisoners.
In order to fulfil this altruistic task, your man must locate all the prisoners on each level, rescue them, find a key to reach the end of the level and blow the guardian to smithereens.
Along the way, there are monsters to be killed and money to be collected. When a monster is killed it's skull is normally collectable, and this counts as money. There's also money embedded in the walls around the levels which can be shot and then collected.
The money can be put toward buying power ups and extra weapons in the weapons shop. It can also buy extra health. So be judicious and Alien Bash From left to right: Use key F4 or the second fire button on a two button joystick to cycle through the available weapon types: Plasma gun, rocket launcher, and grenade launcher.
Each weapon can be made more powerful through pick-ups and upgrading in the weapon shop at the end of each level. This icon lets you know the current power of the selected weapon.
The number of rocket grenade packs currently being carried.
RUN, STOP, STOP OR I'LL RUN AND I'LL SHOOT To cycle through the available weapons press F4 or the first four numeric keys. To increase or decrease the range of the grenade launcher use the up and down cursor keys.
Most important is the use of the function keys F1-F3. They affect the action of your man.
4 * S No matter what your man was doing, as soon as this key is pressed he will stop dead when he shoots. He can still be rotated in all eight joystick directions.
Run while shooting. This is handy when under fire from multiple enemies.
Number of lives left. Whatever you do, don't let this number reach zero or else you have to start again.
Starts off as two bars which you can see here. Three more energy bars can be bought as the game progresses. Makes your man bigger, harder, and cleverer.
Amount Collected. Collect as much as you can. The more cash collected the more formidable the power armoured hero can be made.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... A tremendous month for the Amiga Format Coverdisk.
Thank David "Coverdisk King" Taylor from sister magazine Amiga Shopper for the acquisition of Alien Bash II from Pixel Digital the 'Games Masters'.
Ibootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
A GAME PANEL BETTER THAN HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU M| cl Hri I gaSle 11 _ eg She 11 process 4 .HB3.8: diskcopv fron df0: to dfl: 2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter 0), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: D1SKC0PY FROM DFO: TO DFO: 0 I Horxptncii__ 1 m ci iknmm _ 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
I M ci totMftsU __ fes iiKvatisJ BiiJPti'sBri? A"k' 4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Ml If stopped, the man will stay stopped when firing. If he's running and fires, he will continue running. Can be very useful when the player wants to stop dead.
Luaing cylinder 79, • to 90 prudent about how you spend it.
Much of the appeal of Alien Bash II lies in exploration of the terrain and interaction with the environment. There are trips to be tripped, switches to be shot, secret areas to be accessed, and nasty things to be neutralised.
Using the rocket launchers and the grenades is great fun, especially when you’re ready to finish a level.
Of especial note is the choice of control toggles you have over your little armour suited bloke. If this method of control had been used for Watchtower (reviewed on page 36 of this issue), it would have been greatly improved.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PIC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH This month's disk contains a storming collection of programs that would have your Amiga's taste buds tingling, if it had any. David Taylor serves up.
Looking, access codes for each level and autosave of the last level code you reach as well as many more new features.
FIASCO 1.1 When this program appeared recently, we were mightily impressed. Sure, there are plenty of databases around for the Amiga, but one that gives you such amazing features and yet is designated Giftware by its generous author, was too good to be left unnoticed and so we have managed to fit it onto the disk for you to use.
Remember that it is Giftware though and that you should send some token of appreciation to its author for all his hard work. You can find the Designing your own database is easy, even when using datatypes.
SCAPEMAKER This program can !«• used to convert images into Digital Elevation Maps for use in scene rendering and animation packages, such as Vista, Vista Pro and Srenrry Animator. The program can load pictures in IFF format, but for more information on this see the Readme file.
Load the program and then select the Load IFF item from the menu or button. Click on the region button and define the area of the picture you want to use. Re-sizing the window as you want. Click on the close gadget and you'll go back to the main interface. Now click on the MakeDEM button and the program will convert the image. A greyscale preview will Ire shown.
You can now save out the DEM file lor use in other programs.
Of course there are many more options available. The Extntde option will convert a picture to positive heights like mountains, while the Carve option does the opposite and makes valleys. There is a scale factor slider which allows you to stretch the heights of DEMs. Inset mode allows you to combine two images into a single DEM file anti smoothing allows you to graduate the difference between neighbouring heights. All the other options can be experimented with and shouldn't be too confusing.
BREATHLESS UPDATE Amiga Formal has managed to obtain the file which will allow you to update the amazing Breathless game from version 1.0 to 1.1 - so you do require the original game. The update can be installed by double clicking on the installer icon. This uses the Commodore installer utility. If you don't have that, you can install it manually to the Brrathless directory.
This update replaces the entire 3D engine that generates the game. It optimizes the frame rate by about 20%, adds mouse control and game configuration saving. It also adds improved keyboard controls, smooth up down address in the documentation.
Using the program is very easy. There are details on the whole program within the documents, but it is very easy to set up your own database anti design it yourself. First choose the Mask mode from the Control menu. You can now design the database.
Select the type of field that you are going to create from the Fieldtvpe menu item in the Field menu. Click the mouse at the position where you want the top left comer of the field to be and then press return. A requester will pop up asking you to set up the parameters for the field, such as a name for the field and the size you want it to be.
N[ Fiasco: MorklT FiascoJ.I.Hain Umaned ?| S ||Hork:Daves.l»OraMer Multinedia.Files picturgs RtieOTS Hdrr ogs HorduortW . .fricfcGrab | MiniPlay _|_.BEx.change Breathless owners! An engine update for FREE!
ScapeMaker If your Amiga can use them, then datatypes can be used to insert pictures of most types and sounds.
INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE The programs on this disk work on a variety of machines. The ScapeMakcr on any Amiga as should the Xsae utility. The source code for Blitz can be loaded Ihe other utilities require WB2 and above. Breathless requires a minimum ot an will work better on that system too.
In order to install the software, simply boot the (.overdisk If you have a Workbench 1.3 machine, the programs will bo WB2 and above owners can install to cither 3 floppies or directly to a have pre formattcd empty floppy disks ready, if they want to install to floppy, the Coverdisk.
The program can set up simple text fields, but it can be used for much more ambitious projects, using Arexx scripts or ( II.I commands as well as external programs.
Fiasco requires Workbench 2 and I Mb of RAM, but works better on WB3 and especially nit machines with a hard drive. Distribution is so large that we had to splii it into three sections in order to lit it onto the disk.
Inside the main section is the main program and the English documentation in amigaguide format. The other liles. Such as the German docs and dvi files can he found in the other sections. This will mean that you'll have to move files if you want to install them in one drawer on the hard drive, although it should run fine if you just double click on the program.
You will need to install a library to the Libs: drawer on your Workbench disk - in order lo see the library you may need to use the See All Files menu item from Workbench.
ANALYSER There are Iols ol Lottery analyser programs around, hilt this one offers loads of options within a compact program. It has a record of previous draws, which you need to keep updated. In addition to keeping track of the draws, you can use the program to predict numbers for you. In order to use the program, make sui t- you click oil the Click Me Now icon first. The program is very simple to navigate and is designated Winware. Which means that should you make a massive win on the Lottery, you should remember the author.
Its the way, don't think that we condone gambling just because we've included this program. (Gambling is a wicked sin. That's our pre-emptive strike against all of you who are going in write in complaining that we’re trying to corrupt the youth of today.
BLITZ BASIC 2 CODE In this directory, you'll find a calculator written in lllitz Basic 2.1, with the entire source code supplied by the author. David Howe. You can load the code into your Coverdisk version of Blit from the .A '81 Coverdisk and adapt it and enhance it yourself. T he executable version if the calculator can ol course he used In anyone as a normal utility.
XSIZE This small utility was fitted onto the disk at the very last minute as there was just enough space left. You can find the program on the actual (inverdisk. Not on any of the de-archived disks.
This program should work on any version and is simply launched from Workbench. It allows you to resize any windows in any direction instead of just from the sizing gadget.
T his is done by holding down the left button or by using the hotkey (default Control). All the authors ask for is a postcard. O Open... oo Options. .. Statistic.. Reload Reis d* Save 0BS Save as... Qi) Inport... di Export... dt About... d?
Hith scrollbars ol Hfe Field! Datatypes_ ID 1 Max Chars |60 Hidth |20 Height |10 Virtual _J Scrollbars _| Qefer Loading _| Save Gadget _|E1ay innediately _| Display tilenane _?] Border _ J Script j III Edit Script... T (~ Use oun value iype J Use old value Quo value Ok | Cancel | The field type requester allows you enter in the attributes for the field very easily.
CALL (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
INFONEXUS DATANEXUS (AF76) Apologies lo readers who arc slill using Kickstart 1.2 since the programs will not work with your machine. Optonica are running a special offer on die full version of the software exclusively , for Ah' readers. To find out more, contact them on 01455 558282.
REAL 3D (AF77) If you find that the program will load fine from floppy but fails to load from your hard drive it is possible that the MaxTransfer Rate of your hard disk is set too high. To remedy this you will have to refer to the documentation that came with your particular hard drive.
WORMS (AF79) The amount of telephone calls to the Coverdisk helpline about Worms suggests that many of you weren't very careful when decompressing this game. It is easy to ruin your Worms Coverdisk by not changing to a blank disk at the correct time in the procedure. The result is that Worms disk One is decompressed over the Coverdisk. Losing the compressed Worms Disk Two file in the process. Before using any Coverdisk write-pro- tect it first and then make a spare copy (if you don't know how to copy a disk see tile box on page 115) ti f£' ULTIMATE WORKBENCH UTILITIES (AF80) If you are
having trouble reading the documentation that accompanies the utilities it is likely that you don't have the tool that your Amiga looks for when you double click on a doc icon;
e. g. Muchmore, Multiview, AmigaGuide etc. Or that these aren't
set up properly on your Workbench. You can use a word
processor or a text editor lo read the docs, or use the pro
gram Ordering included in the collection.
ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Many readers have phoned in saying they are having problems with Zeni'olf 2. One meg A500 users who have two floppy disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memory available to the game.
Unfortunately Xraml 2 just doesn't seem to work at all with some accelerator cards.
GENERAL PROBLEMS I often hear from people who have returned their coverdisks for replacements several times and arc still meeting with the same problems.
The most common are Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important lo note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of your own disks? If it’s one of your own disks then that is the disk with the problem, not the Coverdisk.
Did you format your blank disks correctly? Try re-formatting them and make sure that you do a full format not just a quick format, use the verify option and make sure you format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X-Copy, disable Directory (aching, Trashcan and International Mode.
IF YOUR DISK IS FAULTY... I’lease tememliet that the technical helpline above is purelv for difficulties vou have gelling the programs to work proprrlv If your disk is phvsicallv damaged, bent, broken with a loose oi missing shutter, it should be returned to Dim op v labs for a replacement at the following address: AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB PtC TIB HOUSE TI EDWARD STREET BRADFORD BD4 7BH Ibis mi hides anv svstem messages vou tnav get sav ing: "Read write error" Disk invalidated and "Checksum f’rror In this case, the disk has tiecn damaged and needs lo Ik- replaced.
GHC5 offers you our LOWEST Prices Ever GH n a farmiy buvneo ertablnhed n 1955. Wppfymg system unce 1987 With over £40 imkon worth ol unm supplied, and a quarter ol a mSon nappy customers orx traoxig record leaves others suixliigt SO, HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHERE TO BUY YOUR AMIGA EQUIPMENT?
ItmY llic qucuvxi nc mknl in j mem tuney «ten gnenr thmie c4 im rrnqpes, onrooiei TOP THREE MtoflOm wen No. 1 PRICE Ai GH imill pi ihe BEST nwnll daL Irv* it mu prtco, nokvnc ihcm wdi our Krvxe. Ml vuul we vrtYr Numhm I for.
¦Mtitn No. 2 SERVICE Urn n IX Kno. 1 pnunrr l YOU No. 3 PRODUCT CHOICE EmvOmqfcaywAmiRi IlinkU am [Nnr ml *1 nv nhx jo* need HOWTO ORDER FROM GH... AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES AMIGA 260Mb HD SURFER PACK £569.95 A1200 * 260Mb Hard Dme * 14400 Internal Modem (with Internet Web Surfer, Tele Conferencing E-Mail S STP File Transfer M Wordworth V4SE, Datastore 1.1, Organiser 1.1, Turbocak 3.5, Personal Paint V6.4 AMIGA MAGIC PACK £394.95 AI200, Wordworth V4SL Datastore 1.1. Organiser 1.1, Turbocak 3.5, Photogenics 12SE. Personal Paint V6.4. Pinball Mania, Win t Print Manager AMIGA 170Mb HO MAGIC PACK
£494.95 A1200 ? 170Mb Hard Drive pkit the "Magic Pack1 software (shown above) and Scale MM300 Amiga 1438s Monitor £294.95 10 - Bulk Unbranded 3.S* DD 50-Bulk Unbranded 3.S" DD 10-TDK Sony 3.5'DD 50-TDK Sony 3.5’DD 10-TDK Sony 3.S"HD 50-TDK Sony 3.5‘HD
0. 95 £15.95 £6.95 £29.95 £6.95 £29.95 AMIGA BOOKS
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ABC Tractor Feed PHONE GH... tut d m*e» ottuon cjrb
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c7*qu« ipta*
* v. 'Mysdnrirvfi ft«0fP0 wyttlo GonJon Harwood Cotcmwi UwlM GH
PRICES... »» »I nfe VAL it v» cjnd*u m d 175%. Fc» 4fl IX *nd
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ProGrab PCMCIA Interface £34.95 Sampler Stereo £19.95 Stereo
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other sampler software Teletext Decoder £44.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE
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Racing Alien Breed Tower Assault Alien Breed 3D Theme Park AGA
Space Hulk Leading Up Zuas legacy Photogenics Studio II Dev Px
3 GENLOCKS £149.95 ProGen Plus Genlock CD32 PRO MODULE CD32 Pro
Module • Upgrades C032 £239.95 to Amiga A1200 spec inc .. RGB
Monitor Connection.
Real Time Clock. Parallel and Senal 125 Pin) Interfaces, Socket lot PICC FPU. IDE HO Bay i Controller. Enernal Floppy Drive Connector, PS2 Simm Socket. PC-AT Keyboard Socket Allows simultaneous use of FMV card
0. 95 £3J5 £12.95 £13.99 £29.95 £1799 £24.95 12395 £26.95 £2395
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WARRANTY... NurtZirrmn xmevflrnimwiwxlym.xa SB ««»w«w««««*»¦-
IT iMoaonkiuixus Umw our isanjanl MmMy aor u nmpnteruiie
o nbo cfar inhamd anj OMM b umn M too )wu mpuUx a fad odndon
Imilt far minimal Aon nm. Silt far details Urn choose an option
that mils lour pankular needs bed Our Gold Senlce’ Is pried
from as hull as illlt Ufa*e Warm* Hm fa a opait mat Heme
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bfartes peen of ttldlebima tun cot fa eccOat lamp ttei as lent
in Mi mqtvu* ibodd » «» * «* for BLIZZARD 1220 4 - 28MH7 -
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FPU for 1230 MkIV £99.95 1260 - 68060 Turbo-A1200 £599.95 2060
Turbo inc. SCSI-2 A1SCKV2000 £699.95 SCSHV Kit - SCSI-2 for
1230 MkIV S 1260 £89.95 SOFTWOOD PRODUCTS £99.95 £74.95 £39.95
£39.95 final aic Final Writer 4 final Writer 4 Lite Final Data
3 CYBER PRODUCTS French Dictionary (FW 4 Full ONLYI) £19.95
German Dictionary (FW 4 Full ONLY!) £19.95 Norwegian Dictionary
(FW 4 Full ONLYI) £19.95 EPS dip Art Packs.. CyberVision 64 •
2Mb - A3000 4000 (S Ts) £299.95 CyberVision 64 • 4Mb •
A3000 4000 (t Ts) £399.95 CyberStorm II 68060 - A3000 4000 (8
Ts) £699.95 SCSI II Kit -For CyberStorm II £99.95 SCSI Fast and
Wide Module £149.95 for CyberStorm II (Available ApriWay 1996)
SCSI II Kit -Fon CyberStorm I £169.95 Accents Animal 1 Animal 2
Birds Business 1 Business 2 Education fish Flowers Food Holiday
Insects Nautical Sampler Sports Tools Travel SIMM MEMORY
£102.95 £109.95 £196.95 £229.95 £351.95 £389.95 4Mb SIMM 70ns
4Mb SIMM 60ns 8Mb SIMM 70ns 8Mb SIMM 60ns 16Mb SIMM 70ns 16Mb
SIMM 60ns AMIGA MEMORY BOARDS £29.95 £29.95 £29.95
05. 85 ECALLI £CALLI ECALLI Pro RAM 512K with Clock 500 Plus 1Mb
600 1Mb (No Clock) 6001Mb with Clock US Robotics Sportster 14
4 (NCOM) US Robotics Sportster 28 8 (NCOM) Motorola Modem
28,8 (NCOM) SCANNERS Epson GT 5000 Epson GT 8000 UMAX S6e
Adfarmt Scanning Software Reguraf Mega Mouse II 400dpi - 2
Button Mega Mouse II Plus 400dpi - 3 Button Alfa Data Optical
Mouse Alfa Data Trackball Python Joystick Zipstick Joystick
Saitek Megagrip II Zi-fi Pro Speakers Amitek Amiga Modulator
Amiga Power Supply Mouse Mat Parallel Printer Cable -1 Metre
Mouse Mechanic - Mouse Cleaner FLOPPY DRIVES Amitek External
176Mb £84.95 Amitek External 880K £59.95 Amitek Internal 880K
for A500 500. £39.95 Amitek Internal 880K for A600 1200
PERSONAL FINANCE DEFERRED PAYMENT PIAN FOR PERSONAL INOMOUAlS VISITING OUR SHOWROOM AVAILABLE ON PURCHASES OVER fSOO PAY A MNMUM OF 10% OEPOSIT NOW. THEN N0TMNG MORE FOR 6 MONTHS' Dixrg that pvrol rxi on WIN N Ful timlhiw Enjnte marges) or conww fu 19*1*01 MR norma mmu jmngonenB fc.OmMAM2PIMm*rMDr«Lft|nmtatB4MJ7%perlMi, W km* IW 6 rods oil «so*ceve FREE Agwrm LA Cow VM*n «* telM cn «OJ» s SubiecT lo subt and an EIB unngmw be Rent cOTM us pro to nag to Ear) Aokxoi vwemns Citizen 8 Pin Mono Ribbon Otizen 24 Pin Mono Ribbon Citizen 9 24 Pin Colour Ribbon Epson Stylus Colour - Mono Cartridge Epson
Stylus Colour • Colour Cartridge Epson Stylus Colour II - Mono Cartridge Epson Stylus Colour R - Colour Cartridge HP DeskJet 300 S00 ¦ Mono Cartridge HP DeskJet 300 S00 - Colour Cartridge HP DeskJet 600 660 - Mono Cartridge HP DeskJet 600 660 - Colour Cartridge HP DeskJet 340 Portable • Mono Carl.
Canon 600E • Black HI Capacity Cart.
Canon 600E- Cyan Cartridge Canon 600E - Magenta Cartridge Canon 600E -Yellow Cartridge Canon600E-CM.Y.X. 4Padc Canon BJC4000 Black Tank Canon BJC4000 Colour Tank Canon BJC4000 Black Cartridge Canon BJC4000 Colour Cartridge Canon 8J10 BJ200 Black Cartridge Canon BJ30 Cartridge Canon BJ30 Tank -3 Pack Canon BJC70 Colour Cartridge Canon BJOO Colour Tank Canon BJOO Black Tank Canon 800 820 Black Cartridge Canon 800 820 Cyan Cartridge Qnon 800 820 Magenta Cartridge anon 800 820 Yellow artridqe Canon BJ30 inc. Cable & Driver £184.95 Canon BJOO inc Cable & Driver £289.95 Canon BJ200ex inc. Cable &
Driver £209.95 Canon BJC610 inc. Cable & Driver £409.95 Canon BJC4000 inc. Cable & Driver £289.95 HP DeskJet 340 inc. Cable & Driver £224.95 HP DeskJet 600 inc. Cable &0river £239.95 HP DeskJet 660 inc. Cable & Driver £319.95 Epson Stylus Colour lls inc Cable £269.95 Epson Stylus Colour II inc Cable £334.95 (Studio I ivgdmrvd For TM i printing on Epun Stylus h) Self fit 2.5" A1200 IDE Hard Drives... 540Mb Self fit HD £249.95 810Mb Self Fit HD £329.95 1Gb (1000Mb) Self Fit HD £399.95 GH Fitting Service - We collect your £CALL A1200, fit the HD and Re-Deliver PRINTER CONSUMABLES INKJET PRINTERS
CD ROM DRIVES FLOPPY DISKS £139.95 £194.95 £179.95 £149.95 £34.95 £34.95 MODEMS NEC External Twin Speed & Squirrel £169.95 D2 External Quad Speed 6 Squirrel £289.95 MICE'TRACKBALLS JOYSTICKS DOT MATRIX PRINTERS £10.95 £12.95 £28.95 £32.95 £10.95 £11.95 £10.95 Street Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP FAX: 01 773 831040 Computers ACCESSORIES SOFTWARE Amiga Hardware e~ Software Supplier Ahlv3A CD-ROM TITLES A collection of 10 CD-Rom titles from the USA with the greatest collection of software ever compiled on the Amiga range of computers. Each CD-Rom contains over 1.2 gigabytes of the following:
Art. Business. Comms. Games. Virus Killers. Clipart. Pictures. DTP & General Utilities.
A must for any CD-Rom drive owner!!
All files are in a compressed format with decompression software included. A vast majority of the software can be installed onto a hard drive or loaded from floppy disk.
SPECIAL OFFEP TO ALL READERS Buy any 2 CD-Roms for only £80.00 and choose a further CD-Rom for only £20.00 (one order per customer only) lCK catalogue titles available Each of the following titles is open to offer. Please phone us with the best price available.
The best offers from customers will secure your software title.
Final Copy 2 V2 Final Writer V3 Image FX V3 Imagine 3.1 Light Wave 3.1 Media Point Pelican Press Pro Pagestream V3.0 Personal Paint V6.1 Pixel 3D Pro Pro Print Protext V6 Scala MM400 Super Jam Vista Pro V3.05 Wordsworth V3.A Ad Pro Brilliance 2 Deluxe Paint 4.6 AGA Deluxe Paint 5.0 Only £9.99 per title or 2 titles for only £17.99 Dream Web Fields of Glory James Pond 3 Jungle Strike Kick Off 3 King Pin Klondike 3 Lion King Lords of Realm Megaball 3 Out to Lunch PGA Tournament Golf Pinball Illusions Premier Manager 3 Road Kill Shadow Fighter Skeleton Crew Soccer Superstars Aladdin Bloodnet
Bubble n Squeek Burntime Champ Rally Deluxe Galaga Detroit Subwar 2050 Super Stardust The Clue Theme Park Top Gear 2 UFO iES • Only £9.99 per title or 2 titles for only £17.99 AhlvSA Heimdall 2 Ishar 3 Jungle Strike K240 Burntime Cannon Fodder 2 Centre Court Tennis 2 Championship Manager 2 Crystal Dragon Cyber Games Dawn Patrol Death Mask FIFA Soccer Gunship 2000 Power Drive Premier Manager 3 Reunion Robinson's Requiem Top Gear 2 Touring Car Challenge Tubular Worlds UFO Universe Vital Light Whizz Wild Cup Soccer X-lt Zee Wolf Akira Alien Breed Tower Assault Alien Target All Terrain Racing
Arcade Pool Bandit Mania Base Jumpers Benefactor Bloodnet Bubblegun Kick Off 3 Euro Challenge Ruff 'n' Tumble Lord of Infinity Lords of Realm Mortal Kombat 2 Mr Slobby OverLord Sensible World of Soccer Shadow Fighter Soccer Superstars T-Racer Theme Park ~ x e CD-R.J iru for only £o0.00 We are . o confident that you will enjoy tbe.ie CD-Ronui that we will refund your money to you in full if you are not .mti.fied in any way with your pureba.ie. We bare oold over 50 of tbe.ie title.' To date witb full customer ,iati.faction guarantee. Wbat more can we .my?
Telephone your orders on 0374 792623 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm P ea.ie make cheque.' Or postal order,' payable to Force Software e3 .'end your order witb name and address included to: Force Software, 1 Chisholm Place, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, Scotland To receive our latest CD-Rom & disk catalogue please fill in details below and send to the above address .-a'" 5a ".'.Oa J.s'V.i.ii. Wanted, overstocks and discontinued lines ol Amiga CD-Rom and disk software.
PC CD-Rom software. Will purchase up to 1000 titles, please send list to the above address.
1. 76 XL DRIVE »] The XL Drive allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL £79.95
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ...£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE .
£49.95 PC881 A500 £30.95 PC882 A2000
......£35.95 PC883 A600 1200 ..£35.95 1 GIGA8YTE
3.5 SCSI ..£259 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI EXTERNAL £335
340MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 510MB 2.5 IDE
.....£CALL 810MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 1 GIGABYTE
2.5 IDE .£CALL OTHERS 120MB 2.5 IDE .£95 M
-T E C HD OVERDRIVE HD £99 £259 squirrel scsl Interface
Included uhere you see this logo ZIP DRIVE ZIP DRIVE REQUIRES
SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE m £ w k o o u c r UEST EZ135 The
Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. The EZ Drive
stores 135MB on a single 3.5" cartridge and has a seek time of
13.5ms. Comes complete with one 135MB cartridge. (A SCSI
Interface is required) 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB)____£40 512 X
32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB)____£75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) £125.95 2
X 32 SIMM (8MB) £235.95 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB)......£499.95
1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) ......£30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB)
.....£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . . £25 1 X 4
DIP .£25 256X 4 DIP £5 1 X
1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12
GARY ...£19 PAULA ...£19
KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19
£15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 ____£85 WORKBENCH
3.1 A3000 4000 . . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
CALL Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART ..£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO .£60 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20 Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
SX-32 is an internal add-on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port, serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock, controller for
2. 5” hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
5. 25" SCSI or IDE CASE .....£79.95
3. 5" SCSI or IDE CASE ......£79.95 Save 1.SMB on a standard
floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL
Drive 1.76. FLOPPY EXPANDER ....£10 Zorro II card that
provides an additional serial port, parallel port and
connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
Call for details ioEXTENDER ..£59 Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MB GVP RAM ......£159 16MB GVP RAM .....£549 Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripheral for your Amiga
1200. Please call for more information.
A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) £TBA A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) . £TBA 4MB STANDARD ADD.....£125.95 4MB GVP ADD ......£159 ACEEX V32 BIS 14.4 notbtabmoveo £99 X-LINK thus vja2ae bt Amovco£229.95 TRAPFAX MODEM SOFTWARE £49 ALL MODEMS INCLUDE SOFTWABE AND CABLES A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-11 hard disk controller.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK £259 GVP G-LOCK HC-8 SCSI CARD ...£99 ", SCSI hard card which can fit 8MB RAM on-board.
RAM EXPANSION POWER SCANNER POWERSCAN £399 0 OKS 68020EC ¦ FLATBED SCANNERS POWERTAB NEPTUNE GENLOCK £99.95 £239.95 GLIDEPOINT A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM £90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK £24.95 S12K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 4600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500-r 1MB RAM ...£29.95 a 68020 EC processor accelerator card for trie A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
MEGACHIP RAM .£159.95 A500 68020 EC OMB RAM A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM MEGACHIP RAM The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscaies at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection, Fully supports AGA chipset, Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non- AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with 2.04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ....£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 SAW ONLY £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W . . .£49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W S W . . £39.95 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-5000 ...£489.95 24-BIT. INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 ...£579.95 24-BIT. INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ...£729.95 24-BIT, INC IMAGE FX REV. 1.5 SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker
fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA.
S-VGA and Multiscan monitors. Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
Reduction of quality loss when copying, colour and contrast correction, suppression of colour drop-outs, elimination of basically any copy protection. The video signal is edited in professional 4:2:2 studio standard and is sychronized entirely new.
PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£399.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT 2 VIDEO DAC ...£25 18-BIT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR SIRIUS II GENLOCK Just like the Neptune-Genlock, the new Sirius II combines excellent quality with user friendliness. In addition, this genlock disposes of blue-box keying, bypass, RGB-colour correction, a stereo-audio control with microphone input as well as an integrated test pattern generator for adjustment.
SIRIUS II GENLOCK £919.95 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips .Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) £59.95 ALPS GLIDEPOINT POWER TABLET Pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software.
POWER TABLET 12 X 12 . £195.95 INCL. PEN, CURSOR AND POWER TAB S W GURU-ROM V 6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. This ROM has a very fast transfer rate of up to 3.5MB S, maximising your CPU processing time. Guru supports all SCSI device types including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, scanners, Syquest drives etc.Guru ROM is compatible with Amiga OS 1.3 through to 3.1 and is SCSI -I SCSI-2 compatible. Please call for further information.
Phone orders We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
Warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
Technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
¦all-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
Mail-order terms All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
00. *00 dpi up to • pi p m mono. Sppm colour HP 5L Laser printer
£449.99 4 ppm. *00 dp. I Mb of Ram.
HP 5P Laser printer £715.99 2 StarLC90*p-.mo»o £107.99 A5F buMt k*. Push tractor optional I Star LC100*pmcotour £129.99 , I BO cp» draft. 4$ tpt NLQ. Amiga drlverv I Star LC 2 40 24 pin mono £123.99 192 cpi draft.with ASF bulk In I Star LC240C 24 pm Colour £145.99 I ASF built in. 4 IQ font.
I Star SJI44coiou. £229.99 I Colour thermal Iranafar printer, low running
i. » p p m 3
• ppm IOC dpi. I Mb of Ram.
4 know what criticisms are going to be made of this game, so here's a boring bit that states the defence. A ten disk hard drive only A1200 port from the PC smacks of poor and sloppy PC programming being brought to the Amiga. However, the fact that the ten disks expand to only 5 056 CROSS MAT* 4 CRYPTOONG 2 r«KH .Ol oar-** COM* VtHO OulZ to) m* word 4 4* -etaied ve-» BrMkanl f 061 KING JAMES BIBLE (4d) corrcAeto Btoto £066 TAHROT ctarrvoyanc* m an mttant CO00 GAL LOW fancy a »»rn« of hangman’ T070 MAIM DRKIS toache* at bacc mam* ikda V good £0 1 (BRCR MO rkmHir a )i -y W *r& ,.«•« r 76 WORLD
WAR 2 g-acNca tutonala on world war be starproow mc-acub etc £070 5 rENC.E *n *ice**nt cotectcn ct ecence Mk* (4 oaAi) I C0O KlOPRiX greet chttdrene pamong program
• oai AS'RONOATY PACK Ama ng cooaceon d(ko»*m* reoarg to
aalronomy locale eta- povnona etc Moat tor attronomy xumk o-
ernhuttaef (* *akai E073 PICTURE 4 LETTER barn to read - fu*t
ttepa £074 AMIGA flCGlNNf R GulOE tolonai cm Anuga* EOSS NOOOY
PLAYTIME Very good demo £060 KIO P1X more e.caaenf pamong
progrem* £061 D T P FOR KIO ea»y I ' - 6 £007 BACK TO 5KOOL n»
1 ccdececn o toe £090 BACK TO SKOOL mt 2 n Woecrva) p«*t.
E099 BACK TO SKOOL M3i im. RCCOMmInOCO C 100 Lime TRAVELLER world Mr rOcrmaaon f 10’ WORLD GEOGRAPHY world rear, rrac 4 Hat E103 (WCOVERY OF THE ATOM •»» or r* Atom (2D 7 ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACILITIES With either Terrestrial or Satellite TV signals 8 SECAM o 9
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the bo*'
• SLirxiwd PtoGMb IvrtJ 10 days £3.95 - 48 hours £4.50 - 24 hours
£5.00 E&OE 11 am writing on behalf of the people out there who
are still on Kickstart 1.3 like myself. I have read many
letters from people complaining that they cannot afford to
upgrade their Amiga and that you should stop leaving them out
on the coverdisks. The general response from AF, in my view,
seems to be 'Unlucky mate, you've got to move with the times'.
I understand that you have to look towards the future and
supply coverdisks to those people, who are in the majority of
the Amiga population, with workbench 2.0 or above. I think it
would be in your best interest so as not to lose some of your
most devout followers, to offer a special price for Kickstart
chips and possibly ROM sharers in your mail order section. This
will enable people to join the throng of merry Amiga owners who
have 2.0 or above.
Alexei Schreier South Beds

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