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The Amiga Magic browsing software (AMosaic etc.) into an easy-to- Pack (below) will use package, suitable for novices. However, as Jonathan Anderson told Amiga by a pack aimed n. At Net surfers. Rormal in October: Our intention is to include support for the Internet next year. This will be included in Workbench". We understand that Amiga Technologies had been talking to developers about this project even before the relaunch of the A1200, so the resulting bundle may not only include the relevant hardware, hut also proper TCP support through Workbench. I laving campaigned for such a venture (see AF78amongst others), we obviously think that this is great news. The basic Amiga setup is an ideal, low-cost solution for families or organisations who want Internet terminals. The Amiga, as a multimedia platform, is obviously ideally suited to this task, with its integrated sound and graphics capabilities. The only drawback so far is that there has been no concerted commercial effort to bring together the network software (TCP) and the AUQ0S ARRIVE, NEW ODELS ON THE WAY The new A4000s are now officially in stock, only slightly later than they were promised. The initial batch of machines are '040 only, the more powerful ’060 versions will follow in January. Although the A4000 doesn't seem to be priced very competitively, the common consensus is that the initial run will be snatched up at any price by people who have been starved of powerful Amigas for too long. These people mainly include corporate clients who use the Amiga as the centre of a multimedia, rendering, or desktop video solution. More new machines seem to be on the way. Petro Tsychtchenko, MD of Amiga Technologies, made an official announcement at the Computer Arena conference in Rome that an A1200+ machine was on the way for early ’96. Although he did not reveal any specifics. Amiga Format believes that the new A1200 will feature a 68030 processor, and include a SIMM socket on the motherboard to facilitate RAM upgrades.

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Document sans nom MPEG full motion ide
- find out how it holds key to the Amiga’s nit Breathless!
Uiure Your guarantee of value The mightiest Amiga game this decade Superior performance. Full on speed. Yours when you add the new Falcon 68040 060 accelerator to your Amiga 1200. It's like never hitting the brakes. State- of-the-art-technology for the ultimate rush. Seriously faster than a 4000 040 at a fraction of the cost. Fit the Falcon, feel the speed. If you dare.
1. 5 Times more powerful than the Amiga 4000 0401 RAM Access 3.5
times quicker than the Amiga 4000 040* Easily upgradable to
the 68060 Processor2 68060 Processor socket built-in Can host
up to 128MB of Local Burst RAM Fast SCSI-II III SMA Hard Disk
Controller (10MB Sec) PCMCIA Compatible and fully
auto-configuring 68040 OR 68060 CPU SIMM SLOT 4MB SIMM
......£125.95 8MB SIMM ......£235.95 16MB SIMM
.....£499.95 FALCON NO CPU ..£419.95 SCSI ADAPTOR
....£29.95 SCSI SLOT All Falcon's come complete with a
cooling fan VIPER P C 1 2 0 8 wmm £119.95 WARP ENGINES WARP
ENGINES .....£POA © The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB
RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional 5CSI-II
adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor,
instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE £119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £239.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £355.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £619.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR . £79.95 VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£279.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£325.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£435.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£649.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
VIPER 28MHZ FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ..£89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE iviper ii only) £69.95 4MB SIMM ......£125.95 8MB SIMM ......£235.95 i :¦ A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
* ag»V J Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
. - - The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate upto 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives, SyQuest removeable dri- i ves, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is
* compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop
you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on
your A1200 A600.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
Full instructions and software supplied.
DATAFLYER SCSI+ ONLY £69.99 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use, includes a full 50 page manual.
3. 5’ HARD DRIVE CASE £54.99 CD ROM DRIVE CASE £59.99 Include the
appropriate Workbench 3.1 ROMS, disks, manuals and fitting
Bring your Amiga into us for fitting for ONLY £10.00 WORKBENCH 3.1 for A500 1500 2000 only £89.99 for A1200 3000 4000 only £99.99 Our unique and highly rated external Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amlgas A600 MEMORY EXPANSIONS 1MB WITHOUT CLOCK £34.99 J 1MB WITH CLOCK £39.99 2mb £114.99 4mb £174.99 8mb £284.99 Phone for prices and availability 3 No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our £19.99 which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 24 Error Correction
• MNP 5 Data Compression.
• Fa* Class I and II compatible. Group 3
• Hayes Compatible
• Full 80 page manual
• 12 Months guarantee SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bis) £89.99
SPEEDCOM+BF (28,800 V34) £169.99 FREEPHONE 0500 340548
(credit switch card sales only) tel: 0161 796 5279 for
enquiries or fax: 0161 796 3208 F*EE
- sa&siS Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200
& A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws,
partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months
guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned
and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the installed
for immediate use.
Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug mouse into the mouse socket, you will be able to plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
85mb £89.99 120mb £104.99 170rnb £119.99 250mb £139.99 340mb £174.99 540mb £284.99 ~JM ' Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complele with power supply, SCSI cables, docking station and full Instructions. Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD player.
RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £174.99 WITH DATAFLYER £174.99 ' Top of the range external CD ROM drive. Suitable for use with any SCSI interface. Ideal with the AIWA ACD-300 ONLY £167.49 OR WITH SQUIRREL £209.99 WITH DATAFLYER £209.99 Amazing power for such a low price. This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU enable your A1200 to run at 5 MIPS (million instructions per second!! Uses standard 72 pin SIMMS and includes a battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +lmb £139.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £229.99 SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access, Visa. Switch, Delta.
Connect etc accepted Superb high quality, low cost Chinon external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality fan cooled case or available as an internal unit.
CHINON CDS435 INTERNAL £79.99 EXTERNAL £109.99 EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL £154.99 Amazing value quad speed external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality enclosure.
PANASONIC QUAD SPEED EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER ONLY £239.99 An incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete with MMU, 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a floating point unit and battery backed clock. Runs at just under
9. 5 MIPS (million Instructions per second!)
APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99 4mb SIMM £129.99 8mb SIMM £239.99 68882 FPU £69.99 Internally fitting A600 Accelerator features 68020 and FPU both running at 28MHZ. 72 pin slmm socket for up to 8 Mb of FASTRAM. Easy fit makes your 600 faster than a 30001!
APOLLO A620 ONLY £134.99 + 2MB £199.99 + 4MB £264.99 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Please phone first to check availability of any item.
From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the nght hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
(T- IIIEWS New bundles, new Amigas, more details.
Page 12 Advanced Amiga Guide looking good.
Page 14 Silica and SDL saved by buyout.
Page 16 page 12
0) GAMES Introduction
* y e NeC* O ASIM CDFS 3 ¦0 ASIM CDFS (Compact Disc File System)
has been around for some time and this latest version could
make all the difference in bringing your Amiga and CD-ROM into
J VWith the addition of inverse kinematics in Lightwave
4. 0, this popular 3D animation system will have only one weak
spot - collision detection. IMPACT! Adds this and real-world
physics to make creating animations easier and more realistic.
BREATHLESS | Breathless m Find out why the Amiga world has been set alight by this champion among Amiga games.
C 13 A 24-bit true-colour paint package with layers on Cl and at a reasonable price. We load up XiPaint and go in sea of inspiration for a pixel-constructed masterpiece.
Q¥| Amiga M1438S 0 I The first official new product since the demise of Commodore is a monitor - but is it any good?
M Leading Lap Racing games are ever popular, but what does this one have to offer?
C Zeewolf 2
* 0 Can this sequel live up to the potential promised by the
Amiga Format Gold- winning original?
Q Link-lt!
* 0 i0 If you have a two-computer setup, you need a networking
solution to get the maximum benefit from it. There is certainly
no shortage of networking options to choose from, but do you
know what to look for? Link-lt! Could be a simple and flexible
MainActor Broadcast 0 0This is a program that should be of interest to users interested in graphics and animation. MainActor Broadcast can load and save animations and images in many different formats.
Worms CD32 Now, this is going to run with my CD drive isn't it?
ZEEWOLF 2 Pinball wWPrelude Gosh! Pinball treated as if it should be fun and not a simulation. Can it be true?
GameBusters 'Hints, tips and cheats.
Re-releases As good as new... ¥| f CD-ROMs I I Aminet Set 2 follows on logically from Set 1 and is jam-packed with useful utilities, programs, pictures, demos and music. C=64 Sensations is a nostalgic CD of a bygone era and Gamers Delight II should appeal to all you game lovers out there.
PINBALL PRELUDE Great things are afoot in the Amiga world.
We were able to find out more during the Computer '95 Show in Cologne, Germany.
Turn to... page 19 Join us for a stroll through one of the most eventful years in the Amiga's history, as seen through the eyes of Amiga Format. _ r page 2 5 Coverdisks Coverdisk A: Ultimate Workbench Utilities - p132 Not a single package, but a collection of the most up to date, most vital and most useful Workbench utilities, from disk salvage software to file managers, virus checkers to image viewers - you can't afford to be without it.
A pleasant suprise David Pleasance is back in the form of Tangent Music Design
- a partnership intent on demonstrating the fact that the Amiga
can produce results just as good as any other music computer.
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Play our exclusive one- level demo and gain some insight into why we're doing cartwheels over it.
Imagine This ... EFFIGY SOFTWARE 2 MANOR CLOSE RUSKINGTON SLEAFORD LINCOLNSHIRE NG349HL ball Prelude Full Screen, Multi-Directional Scrolling On Table Animations Joystick Control Changing Balls Auto Detecting Multi-Ball (Big Machines have more balls!)
Imagine No More.
Send Cheque P.O For £19.99 To: ADVERTISER INDEX Cheques & Postal Orders payable to: Online PD, Dept AFI, I The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L37 3PX.t 17 Bit Software 90 ...... ......01924 366982 Active Software 02 103 01325 352260 Almathera . 80 0181 6870040 Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd Anco . . 92 0181 5469575 17 ......0171 7217625 Bus Stop PD .. 43 01455 554982 Dart Computer Services 74 ... ......01 16 2470059 Datel Direct Ltd 94,95 ... ......01782 744707 Digita International 60,61 ...... ......01395 270273 Domark
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23. 24 ...... ......01525 718181 Ireesoft .82
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......01491 579345 Micro PD 56 ..... .....01604
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Associates Ltd 116 ...... ......01543 250377 PD
Soft . . .54, 55 ......01702 466933 Power
Computing Ltd ......2, 3. 65, 146, 147
......01234 273000 Premier Mail Order 116 ......
......01268 271172 Sadeness PD .74 .....
......01263 722169 Siren Software 4. 5
......0161 7965279 Software 2000 . 98. 99 .
.01827 68496 Software Expressions 125
... ......01179 425987 Software First ......63
......01268 59009!
Special Reserve ...10, 11 .....01279 600204 Star Micronics ..73 ......01494 471 1 1 1 The First Computer Centre ..45 ......01132 319057 Trilogic ..74 ......0113 2350091 Visage Computers . .. 89 . .01 15 9642828 Weird Science ..29 . .....01 16 234 0682 Wizard Developments
78. 79 ......01322 272908 1996 In View Mick Veitch
boldly surges forward into a new year for the Amiga, one full
of hope, optimism and happiness for us all - apart from the
monsters in Breathless... MT ¦ems like ihe whole month :. If
not the full 24 hours st a good 20. In fact, he [hat he
terrified Binary uent. Probing phone calls, iclivily side,
that lucky Mr
o the recent show ill le obviously had a good came back with
loads of f great new products, 't let me sec in case I took
really excited by a new game, h
- over the last few months we hai seen some tremendous releases
There was Alien Breed ID. Worms and now. Breathless.
I was intrigued when I learnt that Power Computing were going to be publishing a game. Hell known as they for hardware and serious software, entering the entertainment market is a step. But I'm sure it was a step that wai very easy for them to lake after seeing Breathless - just as easy as it was for us to say: "He'd like lhat on our Coverdisk please".
If you haven't already played with l Coverdisk demo (how could you resist: then go and do so right now. Then you read the exclusive review ou page 47. A then you can rush out and buy it.
And it’s by no means the only great game we have for you this month.
After what seems to have been a very long and disturbing quiet period. Binary Asylum have jusl in ¦ iheir a« claimed ccicid ¦ races around BjBSSiBm puli goo laiulst api H||!P|||L i game. Cunningly named I ieewulj 2, it is a reworking I of Ihe original with more ’ things to blow up and more vehicles to do it with. Don't listen cresting of these (for me
- Gravity's IMPACT!
N for LightWave. This :m allows you to apply
i. such as gravity, to within a scene, and will at forces and
collisions, cresting thing according is MainActor Broadcast.
N a line of animation sing software, which goes beyond what you could do Ih old AdPro and FRED.
Well, there isn't time to mention the new Amiga monitor, our feature on David Pleasanec. The Link It! System, or even Pinball Prelude, because I think there's just enough lime for me to thrash leve McGill at SWOS 95 96 more time before the watchman throws us out of 9661 ulure Printed in the UK.
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I I Registered Circulation 75,854 January - June 1995 JANUARY 1996 c WWW.
Reserve.co 0 1U» Spectul AeieU 2 .liOMit Cui AO 1 4 W* iJi ALIEN BREEO 3D WORMS CHAMP MGR 2
18. 49 20.99 14 99 SUPER SKID MARKS 2
- PLEASE NOTE NOP - not A500 • . A500or A1200 N012 - will not
work on A1200 512K . Will work on 512fc machines HDR - Hard
Drive Required EDR ¦ External Drive Required « NEW Ham XS
SAVER « deduct amount ehown until date ehown
11. 49 21 49 11 99 799 1299 7 49 WORMS 18 49 2EEWO.F 2099 ,|2|
9394 Champ manager italia 95 CHAOS ENGINE i5l2Ki CHAOS ENGINE 2
6 99 AMIGA LEADS (Please state *v*&* when ordering) ANALOGUE
CONNECTS 4 DEVICES TO ONE ma ns Outlet and protects AGAINST
-1 5 METRES 2 X PmONO plugs to 2 x phono plugsi 599 WORLD OF
GOLF 20 99 1299 12 99 499 20 99 999 14 99 9 9 22 99 999 ALIEN
BREED 30 Blitz tennis
2 899 AtiEN BREED TOWER ASSAULT 20 99 AuEN BREEO 30 22 49
ARCADE POOL 10 99 Blitz tennis (WAS ANORE AGASSI TENNIS) 20 99
BREED 2 8 99 DETROr 21 99 DUNGEON MASTER 2 (HDR A 3MB* 23 49
10. 99 999 4 99 POWERDR'VE 20 99 499 10 99 21 99 12 99 il2K*
(5I2K* space quest 4 SPEEDBALL 1 4 2(5i2K| SPERiS LEGACY
CHAMPIONSHIPS 1992 1 49 1399 4 99 12 99 14 99 12 49 12 49 12
99 13 99 1799 499 12 99 12 99 21 99 22 99 FOOTBALL DIRECTOR 2
CRUSADE PREMIER MANAGER 2 18 99 4 99 20 99 14 99 999 20 99 20
99 12 99 1299 799 189?
11. 99 ALFA MEGAMOUSE 400 high quality aoo dpi 2 MICROSWITCHED
MAGIC PACKS Amiga A1200 computer with powerlui 32 bit CPU
combined with AGA chipset ottering superb graphics and sound
Built m keyboard, internal disk drive, TV modulator and many industry standard ports to allow connection to monitors, modems, printers, scanners. CD ROM drives, hard drives and much more Fully multi-tasking Workbench 3.1 operating system and 20 software titles WORDWORTH V4 SE. PHOTOGENICS V1.2 SE. DATASTORE V1.1. ORGANISER V1.1. PERSONAL PAINT V6.4. TURBO CALC V3.62. WHIZZ AND PINBALL MANIA PLUS FREE FROM SPECIAL RESERVE ZOOL, LEMMINGS. EPIC. SPEEDBALL 1 & 2. MYTH.
ESSEX 43 Broomfield Road.
Just around the comer from the bus station.
SAWBRIDGEWORTH, HERTS The Maltings, Station Road.
A few miles from the Mil. Near the station.
Hems bought in the shops carry a 5 Op surcharge on the Mail Order prices.
Members only but you can order as you Join WITH ONE CONTROLLER AND ONE GAME (hoove from boylono US*. Ponier Pro900n or Vlrtiro Flqhler IF Inteftoit for Solurn . 16 ...139.99
ShiNOBiX 39 99 SIM CITY 2000 32 99 STPEETCiGHTER - THE MOViE 32
DOT MATRIX ONLY 144.99 24 PIN 80 COLUMN. 192 CPS 64 LQ. 2
ONE YtAM £6.00 £$ .00 £10.00 Club benefits include regular club
magazines. £180 worth of XS Savers (coupons) per year, club
competitions and huge discounts across the range Members are
under no obligation to buy.
All prices include VAT and carnage to MOST UK mainland addresses.
Overseas orders must be paid by credit card Hardware items (battery or mains) are only supplied to the UK addresses Overseas surcharge C2.00 per software item or 25% on other items BATH _ Machine (Enter membership number (if applicable) or NEW MEMBERSHIP FEE (ANNUAL UK. 6.QQJ item Piease use this box lo add any optional fast delivery charge 1st Class PflftL5fiR-B£rfiQMedjtgm or S3 hardware'.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE & VAT I Cheque P.O Creditcharge Mastercard Switch Visa TRUST PCI 486 DX4 100 MULTIMEDIA PC
• Microsoft Windows 95 operating system
• Samsung 1272 M3 11 25 Gigi Super high speed drive
• Very attractive mmi-tower case
• Powerful 486 DX4;l oo Mhz processor tmore powerljl than a
Pentium P&Ol
• 128K cache upgradeable to 256K
• Fast i MB PCI 32-Dit graphics accelerator
• Enhanced IDE controller supports tour drives
• 5 anve Days. 4 PCI stots. 4 i6-b«t ISA slois
• Expandable to 64 MB RAM
• Samsung 14* Syncmaster 0.28 dot pitch SVGA award-winning
monitor with tiit and Swivel Stand
• Wmaows 95 Keyboard mouse and mouse mi
• Fined Quad Multimedia plus software SAMSUNG 14”
• M crosoft Windows 95 operating system
• Samsung '2~2 MB ;i 25 Gg: super mgr speec dnve I
• Large sculpted miditower case EE23
• 256K cache upgraoeabie to 1MB QJ222u
• Fast 1 MB PC I 32-CJt! Graphics accelerator
• Enhanced IDE controller supports lour drives
• 6 drive bays 4 PCI slots 4 16-bn ISA slots
• ExpandaoiG to 128 MB RAM
• Samsung 14' Syncmaster 0 28 dot pitch SVGA award-winning
monitor with tilt and swivel siand
• Windows 95 keyboard mouse and mouse mat
• Fitted Quad Multimedia p'us software CD32 CONSOLE OFFERING
P. O. BOX S47, HARLOW, CM21 9PH I , *,n or FAX * credit card
order on 01279 726*42 - aid we II FAX back| JJ*nc j WE ONLY
FEES UK EC WORLD' ii 3 i 3!
- I e DISK B' CO ROM | I I I I I SWITCH | llSSUE NO ) | £ , MAD
IN STOCK NOW CTUA $ Get yourself connected!
If) Z In the first of a new series on how to use the Internet. Darren
- Irvine nirksmu the, he.sl fjnail.sy.stems_ The Amiga is an
ideal Internet solution, and Amiga Tech.'s new bundle will be
emphasising this.
Surf's up for A1200
- new bundle promised Amiga Technologies have revealed to us that
there will be an Internet- specific bundle of the A1200 on sale
early next year. Although no specifics were given, we
understand that the pack will contain a modem, an A1200 with
hard drive and the relevant TCP and nctbrowsing software.
The Amiga Magic browsing software (AMosaic etc.) into an easy-to- Pack (below) will use package, suitable for novices.
However, as Jonathan Anderson told Amiga by a pack aimed n ¦ .
At Net surfers. Rormal in October: Our intention is to include support for the Internet next year. This will be included in Workbench". We understand that Amiga Technologies had been talking to developers about this project even before the relaunch of the A1200, so the resulting bundle may not only include the relevant hardware, hut also proper TCP support through Workbench.
I laving campaigned for such a venture (see AF78amongst others), we obviously think that this is great news. The basic Amiga setup is an ideal, low-cost solution for families or organisations who want Internet terminals. The Amiga, as a multimedia platform, is obviously ideally suited to this task, with its integrated sound and graphics capabilities.
The only drawback so far is that there has been no concerted commercial effort to bring together the network software (TCP) and the AUQ0S ARRIVE, NEW ODELS ON THE WAY The new A4000s are now officially in stock, only slightly later than they were promised. The initial batch of machines are '040 only, the more powerful ’060 versions will follow in January.
Although the A4000 doesn't seem to be priced very competitively, the common consensus is that the initial run will be snatched up at any price by people who have been starved of powerful Amigas for too long. These people mainly include corporate clients who use the Amiga as the centre of a multimedia, rendering, or desktop video solution.
More new machines seem to be on the way. Petro Tsychtchenko, MD of Amiga Technologies, made an official announcement at the Computer Arena conference in Rome that an A1200+ machine was on the way for early ’96.
Although he did not reveal any specifics. Amiga Format believes that the new A1200 will feature a 68030 processor, and include a SIMM socket on the motherboard to facilitate RAM upgrades.
It is unclear whether this machine will be sold as a stand-alone unit, or only as part of a bundle.
AdOOOs won't bo produced in lorge numbers initially, hul hopefully there- will be enough for those whose business depends on them.
• Unprecedented compo response ..pl4
• Getting started with the Amiga ..pl4
• The Amiga and the future of TV ..pi5
• Silica pull through with help of Amiga .... pi6 "It was about a
year ago that we thought of the idea. Another company had
always, in our opinion, wrongly claimed to be the de facto for
music computers. We decided that we would set out to prove that
we can produce world-class quality music using the Amiga and
give the five and a half million Amiga owners worldwide
something to be proud of."
Trouble in DAVID PLEASANCE PAGE 30 store Although ESCOM stores are now stocking the Amiga, it seems that some sales staff are not necessarily giving out the best advice. Amongst the complaints, one outraged Amiga fan told us that a store assistant had told for the Anvig8, him, “the Amiga is only tores could do a around for Christmas, High prot'l® a hidden agen [hen it will go out of but do their s production. If you want a machine with a future, you are better off with an Escom PC."
Amiga Technologies are very concerned about this situation and have made the following suggestions if you find yourself in a similar situation:
• Ask to speak to the Store Manager.
• If he or she is unhelpful, take the names of the people
involved and make a note of the location of the store.
• Forward these details, with a covering letter explaining the
circumstances to Amiga Technologies at: 1st Floor, 6 Bridge
Avenue, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 1RR.
The show must go on The World Of Amiga show will lake place early in 1996. There has been a certain amount of confusion because the show organisers were sadly let down over a venue for the original date. The event has been rescheduled to the 12-13th April and will now be taking place in the familiar venue of the Hammersmith Novotel.
The show is an important statement of faith in the machine by its new owners and. Judging by the reaction to the recent show in Cologne, it doesn't seem as if they will be disappointed. Obviously, an exhibitor list is far from complete at the moment, but we would expect to see some representation from overseas developers, such as Phase 5, MacroSystcms and Villagetronic.
For more details of the show as we get them, you can visit the AF homepage at: www.futurenet.co.uk computing amigaformat.html Or try ringing the organiser on 01369 706346.
After some extensive research, the incompatibility problem which prevents some games software working properly on the new A1200s has been tracked down to the floppy drive itself.
Official hardware reference manual is "ambiguous" in parts and advise developers: “When doing such low-level operations, ii is always a good idea to look and see what the OS is doing".
Programmers take note: do not try to make use of calls to DSKRDY anymore.
Fortunately, Amiga Format was able to prevent at least one near-disaster, by supplying the information in time for Binary Asylum to remaster their latest release, •ewolf 2 (reviewed on page 57). To work on the new machines.
All developers should now be aware of the difficulties with new drives and be able to adjust their software accordingly.
One of the hardware features, the DSKRDY line, which was present on all previous drives used in the A1200, is not supported by the mechanism used in new machines.
Normally, software applications would check to sec if the drive was on and spinning at the correct speed by either waiting for half a second, or by checking the DSKRDY line.
AmigaDOS, and therefore everything that works through Workbench, just wait for a bit and so they work fine.
Only games which work on very low-level disk access will be affected, bin, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there is any way around the problem short of remastering the disk, which many software houses may not lie in a position to do.
Amiga Technologies have admitted that the So the World of Amiga Show went ahead In Toronto from 8th December ’95, which Is good news for all of us. As I understand It.
Because I couldn't get there, the seminar line-up was as follows: Amiga on the Internet Frt. 5:00pm
- 5:40pm: Scala Multimedia Production Frl. 7:00pm to 7:40pm;
Amlga-PC Connectivity with Unklt Frl. 8:00pm to 8:40pm; CD-ROMs
and your Amiga Sat. 11:00am to 11:40am; Practical Modeling In
Lightwave 3D Sat. 12:00pm to 12:40pm; PC and Macintosh
Emulation Sat. 1:00pm to 1:40pm; Professional 3D Graphics with
Cinema 4D Sat. 2:00pm to 2:40pm; Structured Drawing with
DesignWorks v2. Sat. 3:00pm to 3:40pm; Non Linear Video Editin
Sat. 4:00pm to 4:40pm: Creating CD-ROMs on the Amiga Sun.
11:00am to 11:40am; 3D Digitizing with Vertisketc Sun. 12:00pm
to 12:40pm; How to make Money with Multimedia Applications Sun.
1:00pm to 2:40pm (thanks to comp.sys.amiga.advocacy for the
? | The Smith Column |EJ|g] PhPnOltieildl _ G i llu Wnrtri rJ imJita CK _¦ ¦ ¦ V ¦ ¦ ¦ W ¦ ¦ ¦ Ulhlch seems to show just a teensy-weensy bias towards the graphics end of the market It must be said. This aside, the notion that the Amiga Is once again attracting show goers and show organisers must be a good thing all around. Now we need AT and Escom to start ramping up that advertising for the Amiga because following the An unprecedented and overwhelming response lo the Coala competition sel by Amiga Format in issue 78 left stall agog at the flood of entries pouring into the office every day
since that issue hit the newstands.
In all. Over 2,000 entries were received. The competition, held in conjunction with Siren and Kmpire Interactive, put 10 Apollo accelerator cards up for grabs. The winners will be drawn and notified shortlv alter this issue goes to press.
Rat hel Mutton of Kmpire Interactive said, "gush gush gush gush" Amiga Formal would like to thank all the entrants who took part. The response was a boost for morale as well as an eye opener to the demand for accelerators out there.
Tim Amiga Is still the most versatile home ipvter around.
To the real Christmas rush for new Pcs and Macs, people are going to be sitting in front of boxes all over the world saying: "Waddya mean I need another 8Mb of RAM before the system will boot? Eh? Parity or no-parity? Do what? I just wanna play Worms is all. And waddya mean I can't load all of the system software because I need another hard disk?
Come off it bud!". If only they'd known.
Just think 11 you'd been given an Amiga for your first computer at Christmas... and If you have, then welcome.
Multitasking, plug It Into the telly, loads of Shareware, loads of games, loads of cost-effective (cheap) software floating around the place. Built-In sound, an OS that doesn't increase your system overheads. If you've got any sense at all. You are going to be one happy bunny.
D vantage “But I can’t play Command And Conquer! Bwhahhah"
* fWl 'f.TTiV ft "fffl rrtyy c| 1.1 J'Xim Oh please, you
can’t play Sonic the flaming Hedeplg or Super Plumber Boys
either can you? So what? You won't have to fork out god knows
how many hundreds of pounds to make your computer do what you
want it to do either.
This Is real plug and play bud. This Is real computing with a human touch. No one needod to buy a Rolling Stones song or get Oliver Stone to witter on about power to convince people that the Amiga could do what you wanted It to do, when you want it to do It from a base unit. So get into It.
The Amiga Is still the most versatile home computer around.
So Happy New Year and welcome to the real world.
These pictures illustrate some of the noteworthy features of the Advanced Amiga Guide software.
Contact Tim Smith on gashead@clx.compullnk.co.uk and gashead@teaml7.oom the opinions expressed Here an not always those of Amigt Format TIME TO GET STARTED A new multimedia language called Advanced AmigaGuide will be showcased in a CD-ROM package called Get Started.
Developed by Active Software, the CD is targeted at Amiga beginners and intermediate users with the aim of helping them advance in the numerous fields of Amiga productivity.
Amiga Technologies have shown interest in Advanced Amiga Guide. Chris Wiles. Managing Director of Active, wrote the following down on a piece of paper. “I don't think anything like this has been done before. It really does prove that with skillful AGA programming the Amiga is capable of PC-style multimedia interfaces."
Get Started should be available for neophytes in late January.
FTi Amiga - the future of television NEWS JANUARY 1996 ? The Bradford ColumnlH l|H If ever there was a moment for the combined weight of Amiga hardware manufacturers to showcase the potential and practicality of Amiga-based technology as the outstanding platform for a cable-television network, it is now.
The announcement by Tony Blair in October 1995 that, if elected, he will allow British Telecom to compete directly with private cable-TV companies wiped £1 billion off of the share value of said companies.
In combination with the new scheme introduced by the Department of Trade and Industry to allow on-line services to be sent into consumer’s homes by radio.
Cable-TVs chances of ever taking oil'are in danger of being completely crushed.
To combat the threat, the Cable Communications Association have spent £200,000 at the Telecom Manager's Association Show held in Brighton last month (November ’95). The money was spent on the presentation of future multimedia services including: FOFLASH: Budget details on Channel 39 Amiga controled MPEG television. An opportunity for cable companies to pre-empt BT.
Constabulary Information Network has so brilliantly and practically illustrated, the Amiga is best suited to, and most cost effective when working within this type of cable application.
A Wideband Internet Access - A full 8MHz cable channel feed with access to the World Wide Web at claimed speeds that arc 100 times faster than traditional methods.
A The linking of computer networks and telecoms to allow businesses access to locally-priced calls between offices.
Most important to the Amiga market, was the trial of television transmitted across a PC network. As the Cleveland Wideband access would mean that owners of Amiga technology-based set top boxes could enjoy video on demand, communicate with each other within their franchise area for free, and play network games such as Super Skidmarks and Gloom.
General Cable, die only cable company still trading in shares above their launch price believe that cable must demonstrate its unique capabilities to restore investor confidence, "a couple of years down the line most networks will be pretty well complete and investors will start to see some profits.” With the advent of Hi-Soft’s MPEG decoder and Amiga Technologies' pledge to licence their technolog)' to third parties, the Amiga’s future could truly be the future of television.
It Is a curious paradox that the Amiga’s saviour Is a company which, with their ‘pioneering’ strategy of selling high quantities of Pcs at very low prices, Is doing the most to undermine the Amiga’s success, by making Its price look disproportionately large.
After all, when a (highly desirable, if not essential) monitor Is added to an Amiga Magic pack. It comes In at a few quid more than a ‘base’ PC system. Surely it is not beyond Amiga Tecnologies1 technical capabilities to get the Amiga to interface with those same monitors which grace the average PC? That, at least, would be one positive benefit of being owned by one of Europe's largest PC manufacturers.
The Rmlga’s biggest selling point, over the years, has been the fact that It Is a 'real' computer but at a much lower price than those lumbering dinosaurs used In offices.
Now those dinosaurs have evolved to become quite nimble little things themselves, and anything which will help to regain the Amiga’s price advantage should surely be looked Into, shouldn't it?
It is something of a mixed blessing that Escom have now decided to stock Amiga In their stores. Yes. It's good that they - at least - will be advertising it, and it will have a greater High Street presence, but It’s not going down too well with a lot of the Independent retailers who have always been the backbone of the Amiga's success.
Anything which will help to regain the Amiga's price advantage should surely be looked Into, shouldn't It?
Some of them are afraid that, should the machine not perform to Escom’s expectations, they will slash the price In an effort to sell it through. Good news, you think?
No. The Independents will then be left with stock which they will probably have to lose money on to sell. Which hardly helps to build long-term trading relationships.
Many Independents are already selling Amlgas with a considerable amount of forbearance, knowing that profits made by Amiga Technologies will, eventually, filter back through to the parent company who are their main competition on the High Street.
So If Escom retail do unilaterally reduce the price of the Amiga, many of those independents will Just wash their hands of the machine altogether. Never to touch it again.
For the Amiga’s long- term future, I hope AT are keeping a close eye on their parent's activities.
Contact Dale Bradford by fax on 01633 896087.
The opinions expressed in this column are those of a fine, upstanding man - but not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
Mmg To find out more about the potential of MPEG, cable television, and the Cleveland Constabulary Information Network, turn to our feature on page 33.
MPEG PAGE 33 FANTASTIC FOUR SAVE SILICA Following the application for an Administration Order by SDL (13th October 1995), a group calling themselves Anglo Corporation PLC have stepped in and bailed the stricken retailer out in a deal involving an undisclosed sum.
The buyout vindicates SDL's management strategy of applying for the much maligned Adminsistration Order to protect themselves from debtors - debts of just under £8 million had accumulated over a period of 18 months, due no doubt at least in part to the limbo-like state state of the Amiga during that period.
The re-emergence of the Amiga, SDL's most successful product line, combined with the various announcements by Amiga Technologies of new Amiga lines and support equipment such as CD-ROM, should secure the future of the company.
When commenting on the buyout Stuart Tidy, joint Chairman of Anglo Corp said, 'Our immediate focus will be to concentrate on taking full advantage of the busy Christmas season.'
More plans will be unveiled neat year. For now though, the future distribution lines of the Amiga are assured. Hurrah!
From left to right. Mike West. Stuart Tidy. David Gosling. Tony Deane.
Amiga Format's iop 'J D roaion te buy... llJj Mctl MwtOr sard.
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2 3D games in general run faster (including F1GP).
3 Windows in Workbench are optimised.
4 Most come with memory expansions on board.
5 Rendering times in 3D packages are vastly reduced.
6 More powerful Amigas are more attractive to developers.
There .re many accelerators on ,h. Market a, ? Mu|tj.task jng js easjer to the moment. Look out for a round-up in March. 3 achieve and more efficient.
8 JPEG images compress and decompress quicker.
9 David Taylor of sister mag Amiga Shopper reckons they are the biz.
10 You'll be doing yourself a favour and making life easier in general.
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The Power Amiga As we were able to find out more about the project from a press conference during the Computer ‘95 show in Cologne, during November, we thought it only fair to update you on the current situation and explain the possible ramifications, along with a report from this most prestigious of European Amiga shows.
The conference was an event in itself and was something to behold. It was surprising just how many computer journo types were in attendance, between 60 and 100 people, so many it was hard to imagine they were all from Amiga titles - not to mention TV cameras. However, bearing in mind the gravity of the announcement made, it was quite understandable.
The highlight of the conference, however, was Petro Tvschtshenko’s, President of Amiga Tech.. keynote address where he made known the company's plans for the Amiga.
Mr Tyschtshenko pulled no punches with his explanation of why they had kept quiet about their plans: "We have a clear business plan; we do things consequently, step-by-step.
First we ramped up the production and set up an organisation to handle the Amiga market and satisfy the demand. Now that we have achieved this successfully, we will focus on research and development to bring new and better products on to the market. One of the mistakes the former Commodore made, was to do too many things at a time, too many promises and so losing focus on important aspects of its business.
We have learned from these mistakes and won't repeat them. Commitments and promises are nice, but facts are better."
Strong words, but what does this me.an to Amiga users?
"Our pre-emptive multitasking Operating System Amiga OS will be ported to the Power PC platform first. Our goal is to make our OS hardware independent to allow further ports on other platforms."
So what's so special about the PowerPC chip? Well, for starters, it uses a RISC; (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor which runs extremely fast for a surprisingly low cost. The first models are planned to use the MPC.604 chip from Motorola which can run at speeds in excess of 150MHz and should be available by the first quarter of 1997.
However, not only do the PowerPC chips run very quickly, they can also emulate other processors very well. This means that making the Amigas backward compatible is fairly easy and could also mean that the Power Amigas will be able to run PC; software as well.
While 1997 seem a long way awav Amiga Tech have been working with German peripheral manufacturer Phase on a new range of PowerPC; accelerators. The boards will boost the performance of the A1200. A4000 and A3000 to speeds in excess of 100MHz and will be available some time in the first half of 1996. O Continued overleaf Computer J95 Show Report AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES AND In this busy environment the stands that attracted the largest crowds was the Amiga Technologies and Phase V stands. This is quite understandable since several new products were on display including the A4000T, the Power Up
PowerPC board, virtual reality i-glasses.
Blizzard 1260, the Q-drive 1241 CD-ROM drive, music and networking software, as well as an all-new C++ compiler.
On the Amiga Tech stand I passed by Petro Tyschtshenko several times without recognising him as he was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt while handing out leaflets.
In keeping with the current Internet craze, the busiest section of the stand was the network area where several Amigas linked via the latest version of Interworks' ENLAN-DFS hardware and their l-Net 225 and T- Net software. The ENLAN-DFS adds ethernet connectivity through the A1200’s PCMCIA port while 1-Net uses the TCP IP protocol to connect to the Net. Of great interest to 3D buffs was the T-Net Lightwave render farm software, which makes sharing rendering projects between machines easy.
As there has been a drought of C++ compilers, it was little wonder that the Amigas running the new Storm C compiler were surrounded by eager programmers. We can expect to see Storm C shipping in its international version some time early in the first quarter of 1996.
Surprisingly, there were more people viewing the i-glasses than the Q-Drive. This may be because, although this quad-speed drive is Aside from ihe announcement from Amiga Technologies, the Computer
* 95 show in Cologne on 10- 12 November, was also the venue for
the unveiling of many new products. It was attended by over
50.000 eager and cash-laden Amigans just itching to get their
hands on the latest wares.
There was an astounding number of new products at the show, both software anti hardware, and the stands filled two whole halls of the massive exhibition complex.
Although nominally an all-format show, approximately 90 percent of the stands were dedicated to the Amiga. Despite their abundance of new products two of the biggest sellers were the Amiga Magic bundles and the new 1438 monitors.
Lots on offer The Maxon stand was the busiest software-only stand who had several exciting programs on display, as well as German 3D guru Tobais Richter who was showing his 1995 showreel. Cinema -II) iminn 3 I'm was being shown on the Amiga as well as beta version 4 on the PC and Mac.
Version 3 has several enhancements, including lens flares, inverse kinematics with limited movement and an incredible speed increase of between 2 and 10 times faster depending on the scene complexity.
There are also three new expansion modules: CinemaWorhl - for creating landscapes; CinemaFonl - for converting Type 1 fonts to smooth 3D objects; and Cinema lire - as the name suggests, a fractal tree generator.
Aside from Cinema -II), there were plentv of other interesting products that were on show on this stand, including DiskMAGIC, MaxonMAGIC 3. A collection of professional quality objects for Cinema
II) and MaxanMI l.TIMWIA. Computer J95 Show Report PHASE V STEAL
THE SHOW technically impressive, most serious Amiga users in
Germany already have a CO-ROM drive.
On the Phase V stand the Power Up and Blizzard 1260 accelerators were drawing a serious crowd.
The Power Up board was the board developed hand-in-hand with Amiga Technologies to upgrade existing machines to Power PC compatibility and performance levels. The first board should be ready for distribution in the first half of 1996 and will be based on Motorola MPC603e processor.
This RISC-based processor will accelerate an Amiga to 100MHz and a later board based on the MPC604 is expected to run at 150MHz. The first board, the prototype of which was on display at the show, will be for The o-drive 1241 cd-rom drive from the A4000 and boards for the A1200 and A3000 will follow. Aml?* Tech *., impms.iv., but _ , , overlooked by most people.
The Blizzard 1260 is the A1200 version of the amazing Cyberstorm 060-based accelerator and can boost the computing power of an A1200 to over 80 MIPS (Million Instruction Per Second). This is two to three times faster than most 040-based accelerators and is a real blessing for those A1200-owners who are into 3D graphics. This board should be in production sometime during the first quarter of 1996 when more of the 68060 CPUs will be available.
Also on show was the new Twist Organiserwhich is based upon Twist 2. Not only does il use the power, relational features, DataTypes and flexibility of Twist, it will be available in a stand-alone version too.
You can expect many of the programs featured on the Maxon stand to be available from HiSoft in the L'.K, during the early part of 1996.
ProDad s stand was another popular one with several v ideo and graphics products on display. Along with their range of high-quality genlocks, such as the Neptun range, the stand had plenty of exciting software.
The latest addition to the ProDad range is AXIMAOE which is an impressive-lookiug composition package. This product has several special effects modules, including perspective and warping effects, and can load in projects from Adorageand Monument 'I'itler, However, its main purpose is compositing animations and creating transition effects. As with ClariSSA.
AXIMAGEhas a flexible and highb configurable interface that enables you to open as many windows as you like. Along with these features AX MAGE has support for several animation and image formats and even works with Ylab- Motion board.
Aside from all of this, there were several other products, such as an incredibly tiny HD floppy drive from Dell that is little bigger than a disk, version 3 of the German rayu acer Reflections, Wordworth 5.
MiiinAelor Rmndcnst. The DraCo graphics station and several accelerators.
From the smiling faces and bundles of goodies it would be safe to sav that a good time was had bv all and hopefullv we can look forward a similar show in the I K soon. 1) Continued overleaf 4 ANTI GRAVITY EUROPE Anti-gravity (whose Impact!
System is reviewed on p.88 this issue) proudly take their places at the stand of Activa, their new European partners.
Who was there?
DIGITA INTERNATIONAL Digita International were also at the show. This Devon-based company will be familiar to most of you through products like Wordworth and DntaStorr which have become household names. Despite sharing a stand with MacroSyslems, Digita still attracted a lot of attention in its right.
The two most popular products were the new versions of Wordworth and Organisrr. The special preview version of Wordworlh 5 has several notable new features including: drag and drop style sheets, improved footnotes, background printing, wizards, support for 24-bit graphics cards, improved tables. Arexx support, cutting and pasting of paragraph formats, improved font handling and speed enhancements.
Digita can be contacted on 01395 270273 MACROSYSTEMS MacroSyslems have distribution centres in both Germane and the US and specialise in graphics hardware. Perhaps their most famous products are the Vlab and Vlab Motion digitisers. These boards were selling like hot cakes at the show on other stands, as well as their own.
However, their main attraction was the. .Amiga-based. DraCo graphics station. This monster of a machine is based on the 68060 chips as standard, but also has an option for adding a DE( 1 Alpha co-processor to give even more power. The DraCo also comes with a total of 10 expansion slots, a Vlab Motion hoard, a Retina graphics card, the Toccata 16-bit audio card, a quad-spced CD-ROM drive and lots more.
ACTIVA INTERNATIONAL & ANTI GRAVITY PRODUCTS EUROPE One of the most noteworthy stands belonged to a new partnership - Activa International &- Anti Gravity Products Europe. American company Anti Gravity Products joined forces with Ac tiva to expand their operations into the European market.
Anti Gravity arc a long-established company with their roots in computer graphics. Not only do they distribute
l. ightWave and just about every utility, they also develop their
own software and their production division. Anti Gravity
Workshop, are responsible for top quality computer graphics
featured in Honry I Blr.r I Tp tin' Kid. 17C5 and Tales from
the Crypt.
Their expansion and partnership with Activa will be good news for European animators since the company will he bringing a number of products previously only available in the US.
Activa International it- Anti Gravity Products Europe can he contacted in the UK on 0181 402 5770.
RasoPT UK-based HiSoft were at the show too.
Attracting a great deal of attention with the new Squirrel MPEG unit and selling quite a few Squirrel SCSI interfaces.
The Squirrel MPEG on show was a fully working prototype that was showing some choice scenes from Star Trek l and did a great job in stopping about 80 percent of the passing crowds.
This unit can be attached to most SCSI devices and can even be used, via a remote control, with just a CD-ROM drive to playback films. The unit will be available in early 1996 for around £180 and should do exceedingly well.
For more details, call HiSoft on 01525 718181.
MAGAZINES One of the pleasant side effects of the press conference was the presence of Amiga magazines from all over Europe.
Three of the most notable were front Germany. Spain and Poland.
Hie German magazine. Amiga Pitts, is published by the show's organisers 1CP, The magazine itself is perhaps the most varied of the three and covers a great deal of subjects, including plenty of reviews and some tutorials.
The Spanish magazine. Amiga.Info is actually published bv some of the students and professors of a Spanish university. It has a slight bias towards graphics, but is still very technical.
Although all three mags are verv technical, the Polish magazine. Amiga Magtuyn. Was even more technical. .As well as the usual reviews, there were several complicated hardware and * Surfing Starter Pack
* 199 plus P&P The powerful Surf Squirrel " interface is the
cutting edge technology for easy A1200 expansion. Providing a
high performance SCSI-2 interface. Surf Squirrel permits easy
addition of up to 7 SCSI peripherals, such as a hard disk, a
Zip™ drive or a CD-ROM to your A1200; Squirrel is also the only
SCSI expansion that is hot plug and unplug, requires no opening
of your Amiga, no technical knowledge *99.95 and does not
invalidate your warranty! Plus PiP But that's not all, Surf
Squirrel also has a fully buffered, high speed serial port that
is capable of performing up to 600% faster than the A1200's
serial port, so Surf Squirrel gets the most out of your modem
and your A1200 to make high speed file download, with
multi-tasking, a reality not a possibility.
The package comprises the Surf Squirrel Interface, SCSI drivers, CD32 CDTV emulator, serial drivers, and an extensive, fully illustrated, user manual. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Surf Squirrel SCSI Interface is ideal expansion peripheral for your A1200: The Amazing Surf Squirrel Interface Making the Connection EMAIL • NEWS • WEB • FTP GOPHER • TCP IP • USENET The Squirrel Surf Packs Surfing Super Pack
* 299 plus P&P X High performance SCSI 2 hardware for easy
expansion; supports up to seven SCSI devices.
• ff No technical knowledge required, easy- to-use setup program
'fa Compatible with any SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 peripherals, ¦jf Autobooting - boot from an external hard disk.
Hot plug and unplug - no need to power off to remove the interface.
All software drivers required for the connection of CD-ROMs or hard drives included.
Ir Includes a full CD32 CDTV emulator for use with a SCSI CD-ROM drive.
Fits externally - doesn't invalidate your A1200 warranty.
• jf High performance, fully buffered serial port to give
reliable data transfer at up to 230400 bps - dramatically
reduces the time spent on the phone and your phone bills.
Industry standard 9 pin serial socket for easy modem connection.
Serial port is compatible with all comms, networking, and serial hardware.
Start surfing with one of HiSoft System s Surf Packs. Designed for both the beginner and expert alike, the Squirrel Surf packs include all software, hardware and documentation to get you quickly, and easily, onto the information super highway.
Surfing Starter Pack Surfing Super Pack V32 Modem, capable of speeds up to 14,400 bps.
Surf Squirrel interface.
Termite communications software - powerful yet easy-to-use, perfect for BBS and CIX access.
Free CIX registration (worth £29).
Simple installation.
V34 Modem, capable of speeds up to 28.800 bps.
? Surf Squirrel interface,
- A1 ?
• it Termite software.
? Free CIX registration (worth £29).
¦jc All the tools you need for internet cruising, ready- to-go, no set-up.
? Simple installation.
How much faster is the Surf Squirrel?
Maximum data throughput (bps) 115200 * * £ £ HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel:+44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax:+44 (0) 1525 713716 email: hisofl@cix.mmpulink.co.uk Do you own a Classic Squirrel SCSI Interface?
Then send it back to us and upgrade to Surf Squirrel for only £64.95 plus £4 P&P! (UKonly) To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660. Armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for.goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT §¦• 17.5% Bars A,B and C are the maximum transfer rates obtained when downloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a V34 VFC modem. Bars E,F and G are the maximum transfer rates obtained when downloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a V32bis modem.
Order Hotline
(f) 0500 223660 Bring ihe cinema into your home and onto your
computer with Squirrel MPEG'". Playing the popular VideoCD
and CDI CD-ROMs as well as raw MPEG streams, Squirrel MPEG
brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit
stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Classic Squirrelor Surf Squirrel, and any VideoCD compatible CD-ROM. Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unit, with a SCSI CD-ROM, as an addition to your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Available from January 1996, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSoft Systems.
Squirrel 3FMPEG Two Magic Offers from HiSoft Surf Squirrel Squirrel MPEG I Special Introductory Offer | Order the Squirrel MPEG before 31 January 1996 for | Ihe low price of only £199 plus £4 P&P. (Allouter, will PC shipped before 28 2 %, no money I II be taken before despatch).
Touch More Amiga Magic Zip Drives ¦superDouble CD Pack SCSI Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft include everything you need to gel going on a SCSI-aware Amiga: Ihe Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including:
• Easy access driver* • Temporary unprolect
• tosstiwd protect • Cartridge initialisation
• Write protection • Cartridge eject CS1 Since being introduced,
the Zip'" Drive has caused a storm in the storage industry,
offering an unrivalled level of price, performance and
reliability. This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk
drive weighs in at just lib, has fast transfer and access times
(up to 1Mb s transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand,
your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized
disks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at
a level that will make you want to unzip your wallet
Price inc 100Mb cartridge, extra 100Mb cartridges £15.95 or less!
Order your Zip drive now to avoid disappointment!
The SuperDouble is fully compatible with the new Squirrel MPEG card, supporting the industry standard VideoCD (White Book) format.
The SuperDouble CD-ROM pack includes the award-winning AGA Experience CD-ROM - rated 93% in issue 79 of Amiga Format. This CD- ROM is crammed full of pictures, utilities, demos, animations and tools for AGA Amigas. The SuperDouble pack also includes the latest Aminet CD- ROM. This disk is brimming with the latest I’D, shareware, utilities, demos and picture files from the Aminet archives on the internet.
A full classic Squirrel is also included in the pack. This allows easy connection of any SCSI peripheral to the AI200. The package has all the necessary drivers and software for easy connection of hard drives, CD-ROMs and removable disk drives, such as the Zip " Drive, to your Amiga.
V____ Cinema4D Constantly doing battle with the Shell CLI? Stop this futile struggle with DiskMAGIC, the easy-to-use file and disk management utility from HiSoft.
Will have your objects move realistically through time and space.
Cinema4D also includes MagicLink, the flexible object converter.
MagicLink converts all popular object formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.) to Cinema4D format & back.
DiskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from the copying of disks and files, to the viewing of pictures and anims. In fact, after using DiskMAGIC, you'll wonder how you ever used your Amiga without it.
Order Hotline 0 0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 051)0 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders: please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK Zip is a trademark VAT (n; 17.5% of Iomega Inc Cincma4D is the easy-to- use ray-tracing and animation system for your Amiga.
Equipped with an intuition- based multi-tasking editor, Cinema4D is replete with every conceivable option including window-based real-time interactive modelling, direct modelling in 3D, basic and complex primitives with infinite variations, easy object manipulation, floating toolbars, user-defined menus, object and texture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A1200 etc.) & FPUs, and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of "virtual reality", breathing life into objects and scenes.
Whether you have your spaceship dock with a spacestation, or take a tour around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4Dit's so simple.
Just a few mouse clicks and you Professional Ray-Tracing and Animation for your Amiga The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44(0)1525 713716 email: hisqfl@cix.aviiinilmk.co.uk HiSoft DiskMAGIC SYSTEMS YEAR IN VIEW JANUARY 1996 LH months wore on. Though, and Amiga missed last Christmas, the analogy changed to granny being in hospital and she isn't coming out. At all. Ever.
Well Amiga did return, thank goodness, and. All things considered. 1995 will go down as being one of the more eventful years in its history. Join me now for a stroll through 1995. As seen through Amiga Format's eyes... AMIGA Disk 67c FORBiMT The year began for us with our January issue, launched, j somewhat confusingly, at the December World Of Amiga show. The show itself was excellent marred only slightly by the failure of the David Pleasance Colin Proudfoot alliance to Kjj2*B announce officially that their MBO had been successful (ahem), and the total collapse of Team 17's 'hard-drinking-
northerners' reputation.
Nick Veitch and myself met many of you on the splendidly-adorned AF stand and hundreds of you took advantage of our special show offers and subscribed for the coming year. I hope you've enjoyed it and trust you will all be renewing? Maybe we'll meet up again at the next World Of Amiga show... January's AF came with three disks.
_i Ufa_ Lion king j&’ ,-ft T, * including the full version of ' •**•¦««»« aicj , .... . * aCIW '.mtb, AMOS Professional and demos of i the wonderful SWOS. The pretty Lion King and ATR. Then-editor Steve Jarratt looked back over ' ¦= ww the previous year and called it 0 LlIM UMT«D "One of the most tumultuous . SiSSf years in the history of 0 I -* m i iickt, »*.*: . 'c*.
Commodore and the Amiga." He * should have stuck around... We promoted our AMOS Coverdisk with a competition for you to write your own game and a feature on what to do with it once you'd .; written it. SWOS was Gold rated, as was ¦ jf~ Theme Park 500, while Rise Of The Robots fife,' earned a stinging 19%.
In the serious section, Wordworth 3.1SE picked up a coveted Gold award and we were I Jk'. J so impressed with it that we... (see April).
T Elsewhere in the industry, Sony were .' Beginning to pick up significant coverage for some console or other they intended launching this year.
2NOv£iuibERui:CtilliBfcK DO Dale Bradford bids a fond farewell of the year 1995 and brings you the edited Amiga Format highlights.
Mavbc I could start with that old faithful "it was the best of times, it was the worst of limes...*', but 1 won't. Even though it was.
At the end of 1994 I was talking to a software publisher and he said that when Commodore first hit trouble, and the Amiga disappeared, some people in the trade were thinking along the lines of granny being in hospital for a minor operation. As the Aiimftnr JANUARY w Ourpop-tastkMarch '¦ cover heralded the i arrival of the jolly JF A jl useful Squirrel SCSI interface from HiSoft ' Very reasonably priced at £69.95, new editor - Nick Veitch quickly slapped a Gold on its cute little nuts (and bolts).
Steve Bradley spent far too long playing Death Mask, one of the first Doom-dones to arrive, but kept his Gold badge firmly in his pocket; despite the excellent two-player option, it didn't quite reach the standard we expect of a Gold.
We were all terribly excited when Ramiga sent us a tower case for our 1200, but there were considerable _ _ guffaws at the price.
We had received so many telephone 1 calls from readers wanting to know | more about Photogenics that we, rather 8 helpfully I thought, included a demo j t version of it as our Coverdlsk, along with » Super League Manager. RET Another brilliant Coverdisk. May had the full version of the "ohmybloodyGodrt • W isyouknow" Bars & Pipes 1 a - J Professional- a £300 product! V, ’,_j f Unsurprisingly, music played a fy key part in the mag's content. J v 1 The games Coverdisk compilers managed to squeeze I . 1 ' playable demos of both Alien itj * Breed 3D and Death Mask on to ' , tf a single
disk for a battle of the Doom-dones.
A switched-on AF newshound reported that German retail and PC manufacturer Escom had joined the buyout saga, which was still dragging inexorably on, while messes McGill 8 Bradley amused themselves for hours in the back room with Super Skidmarks 2.
This meant that poor Graham Sandiford was forced, against his will, to review TFX. He loved It and pinched one of Mr Bradtoy's Golds to hand away.
F ' Bradley, piqued that he had missed out 1 ® on a goodie, urged potential buyers of Whizz to "take a look __ " -a at life, instead.' Golds ~ In the serious section
* •* included the Piccolo SD64 graphic card - - and the Amltek »
" Fusion genlock.
The cover we'd waited all year to use was finally T pressed into service. Sold. At bloody last AF left A .] the rest of the industry sleeping with our I & exclusive feature on the sale which, happily, Jw coincided with our glorious '10th anniversary of Amiga' special issue.
Coverdisks contained Pegger. Magic Storybook and Vlrocop, and another exclusive centred on the Cyberstorm 68060 - a card for the man (or woman) who wants to own the fastest Amiga in the world, fluffy DICE optional. Other Golds from the serious section included Directory Opus 5 and Twist 2, an impressive database.
A touch of poignancy came through the David Pleasance column (which, due to magazine time constraints, was written some weeks previously) when his replies to readers' questions still contained phrases like "When our purchase of the assets of Commodore is completed..." It was to be his last column.
The rest of the Fi un' m imiu nniiiM mil I’n 3H trad* were of anticipation by the release of more details of some console or other. 3 DO retail prices were adjusted downwards to £349 in preparation for the scrap to follow.
The nights started drawing in and ¦ . . - _ . ,ft ' AF readers were given a very special 'jh package to fill their time. Beal 3D W" took pride of place on both our cover and Coverdisk. The complete four-disk original 1.4 version of this L f powerful rendering package, ¦¦ ” squeezed on to a single disk. Amazing, eh? Accompanying it was a delightful five-level demo of Tiny Troops.
Inside, 3D was everywhere (it was in our 11-page special feature anyway), and Stuart Campbell carried on where Steve McGill left off with his article on games 1 m' design, or lack thereof.
' Jg Pinball Mania, the AGA 'flagship' game from the j? I Amiga Magic bundle was released as a stand-alone ' M . Title, leaving McGill a little W. 2j underwhelmed, while gone- I '••• but-not-forgotten Steve ft Bradley returned to castigate Hollywood Hustler for being at worthy of no more than 15%.
The Falcon 040 board earned a Gold, with InfoNexus 2 just missing out and Deputy Ed, Sue Grant was coerced into reviewing Power Stitch 256 Plus.
Thankfully, SDL were bought out of administration by an outside company within a matter of weeks, causing only minimum disruption to Amiga supplies. It was confirmed that the machine would get a High Street boost with Escom joining Tandy in stocking it in addition to the hundreds of independent retailers still sticking by it It was announced that PlayStation (I've said it) sales had reached 50,000 in the UK - a success story causing the trade to begin counting the days until the launch of the Nintendo Ultra 64. In comparison, Saturn may just as well be re-titled Uranus, for reasons it's
probably best not to go into, while consumers were able to buy a 3DO for £199.
W. ‘ produced an in-depth report on N-ljgiL . J Amiga
Technologies first few P's ' V months in charge, ending with
a statement of account which concluded their efforts had
been "reasonably positive'. No damning I with feint praise
here... ) Features within the mag included how to start your
own diskmag and a three-page special E* - . from speed-freak
McGill focusing on accelerators, expansions and upgrades. He
then dusted down his chopper to review Coa a, the
curiously-titled helicopter sim from Empire. Something else
with plenty of fizz in it was - finally - Alien Breed 3D. It
earned a whopping 93% and the comment 'One of the finest Amiga
games ever".
Softwood were no doubt pleased with this issue, which saw both Final Calc and Final Writer 4 gain Golds, while Final Data missed out by a whisker. Well, a few whiskers anyway.
Snap Maps modelling tools got 90% and we were so impressed with them that we included some on our Coverdisk, while those of a gaming bent had a demo of Blitz Bombers to play with.
The trade pricked up its ears at the announcement of new Amigas for next year, and Power Amigas the year after, but continued its PlayStation worship for the most part. Having said that the fact that PlayStation software sales (by value) were more than double Saturn, .__3 DO, CD-i and Mega CD combined in If 1 1 U October proved that Sony's machine | *| 11 was dearly winning the console war.
I 'I Back in Amiga land, joining that H': c* 1; I|1 worrying incompatibility rumour of I' - r E3 » I 'II the month before was a gripe that » * il f I Scala (bundled with the HD Amiga L W* -4 j Magic pack) didn't actually work [ '.U| t jdj with the machine it accompanied, I ell JRJ Scala requiring an additional 2Mb.
CHRISTMAS revealing to the JANUARY 1996 Latest ms % «F °J ™ jollomg titles jor only I iw Aminet Box Set 1 or IUPD Gold, Multimedia Mil 2 or Octamed 6 Tit evict Science 1 Rowlandson Close,Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Telephone 0116 234 06X2 Tax 0116 236 4932 Email sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk Worth £19.95 With Every Order y* The Assassins CD The Assassins Ultimate Games Volume 2 I hundreds of games for the CD32. CDTV Amiga range ol computers. All of ihe games urc rssctl via an easy lo use menu system Also udcil on this CD are the entire Assassins floppy I to 250. M)
packed utility disks and other » games disks The games on the Assassins CD time 2 are not repealed from the first CD. But are cw games with full instructions for the games
• scd from the menu system This CD has been d «*n the CD32. CDTV.
Zappo. Power Drive and ca 401 It I Die CD contains .» cr 600
games and safihililv is cleailv slated lor each game on the CD.
DT ‘ 5tl0« for CD32 and for the £ 19.95 Network CD 2 Nelwoik CD has been long recognised as the definitive way to |oui a CD32 to an Amiga, with a plethora of aimed at the transfer of information between the two machines. It enables the access ol compact discs on Ihe Amiga by using the CD32 as a slave drive With ihe release of Network CD 2. Weird Science are proud io announce that the networking of the CD32 to an Amiga is about to change beyond all recognition, with emphasis purely on speed and ease of use N'elw*«k CD 2 provides a new easy one button set-up of any of the tools on both the CD32
and the Amiga Scrnel now runs at lor higher speeds ihan ever tv I ore ami imimics keyboard and mouse emulation from ihe Amiga Twin Express can mm he controlled by Directory Ope im*« im luiled Every aspect impioved with mans more feat £ 14.99 Offer only available whilst stocks last Please ask for your FREE CD when ordering Octamed 6 CD £29.95 including manual The Aminet Collection k all of the latest Aminet Cds and now offer the Aminet Cds on a Subscription basis.
For only £ 9 991 plus P&P) each Aminet CD will be as soon as it is released. Contact us for 2L M Mai Experience tm SpeccyCDl £19.95 G Experience m Meeting Pearls 3 £9.99 Groher2
119. % LSD Cdi I ms £14.99 2 Cds) Ail entire CD USD CD1 £ 14.95
LSD CD 2 £14.95 Light Rom £24.95 17 Hit Phase 4 £14.95 a -'*
general Artworx CD Lias PI) Gold ftsa Hottest 5 £14.95
Demomania £ 4.99 Clip Coining Soon Objects CD GFX Sensations
£ 14.95 it ounds Terri Tilmd Science 12 Cds) Fonts CD ip Art
CD Multimedia 'hit Access, Visa & Switch Welcome UK Postage
is £ 1.00 for the 1st item and 50p each item there after.
Overseas postage is double.
'or LightWh'e Amos PD CD & Imagine. Double (D Toolkit! Ik’ r Oj I Latest News % ® M of the following titles for only i MJ Aminet Box Set 1 or I UPD Gold, Multimedia Toolkit 1 or Octamed 6 JANUARY 1996 INTERVIEW TOP OF THE POPS The result of David, Richard and Ed's hard work is the album Everybody* Girlfriend, containing music created with and inspired by the Amiga - although not the usual 80s-style songs about computers.
"Whilst it is totally dedicated to the Amiga, the packaging won't reflect that it's an Amiga specific product” says David. "We believe that the album is so diverse that it will appeal beyond the Amiga market and obviously then we'll look to market it through distribution and the normal retail channels, but at the moment it won't be done that way."
Instead, the album is to be marketed directly to its target community - Amiga users. To begin with, you'll only be able to get hold of it via mail order directly from Tangent which cuts out distribution costs and shaves a few quid off the end price - £11.99 as opposed to the usual £14.99 in the shops.
Path Ex Commodore UK head, David Pleasance thinks that there has been enough bad Amiga news. Maff Evans catches up with him at the HQ of Tangent Music Design - his vision for re-establishing the Amiga as the creative machine.
On their own With the Amiga having been out of the marketplace for a year, it’s almost inevitable that the light is going to fall on other machines at the pro end of the creative market. This hasn't helped matters as far as Amiga musicians are concerned, since that's one area where the Amiga has been sadly overlooked for far too long.
This state of affairs prompted David Pleasance to team up with musicians Richard Knox and Ed Fermor to form Tangent Music Design - a partnership intent on demonstrating the fact that the Amiga ran produce results just as good as any other music computer.
"It was about a year ago that we thought of the idea." Says David.
"Another company had always, in our opinion, wrongly claimed to be the de facto for music computers. So we decided that we would set out to prove that we can produce world-class quality music using the Amiga and give the five and a half million Amiga owners worldwide something to be proud of."
The result is Everybody's Girlfriend, a collection of songs and performances from a number of artists, all worked into professional recordings by Richard and Ed. The title is a pun on the name ‘Amiga’ - the Spanish word for girlfriend - but there is another side to the name, as David explains: "To be frank, songs about computers would be boring after the first chorus.
We decided that if we based it loosely around the girlfriend theme it wouldn't be boring, but it would still be linked to the Amiga in terms of inspiration. We wanted to put a stamp of quality on the kind of product that Tangent could come up with, so we decided to make the album as diverse as possible."
The album does indeed contain a hugely varied range of music styles - from pop to rock to Spanish Flamenco guitar (see? It links even further).
“The one thing we decided not to put on the album was any dance or techno music." Richard points out. “Not because we’ve got anything against that type of music, but because we think it's been catered for more than enough in terms of computers in general."
“What we tried to do is aim at a live feel on virtually everything," Ed agrees.
“What we aren't used to hearing is PASSION Richard and Ed's live ambitions (playing under die name Passion) are a handy by-product of the album project, and David is keen to push dieir careers as musicians to the full extent, but it’s Everybody's Girlfriend that's taking all their time. At the moment Ed and Richard are working on a mix per day for 14 days to get things finished - a feat unheard of in studios. The reason for the light deadline is the usual chain of frustrating events.
David and Ed had the basic studio equipment set up in the house they shared when the property was sold by their landlord. The equipment was put into storage until they were lucky enough to find an unused, purpose- built studio in September. Some new equipment was duly bought and the project resumed progress. Such has been the interest with other musicians, that they haven't had time to work with everyone who wants to be involved.
“The phrase that rings in my mind," says David with a conspiratorial smile, “Is 'Volume two'. Obviously there'll be more time to do volume two." "Oh good." Mutters Ed with a sickly grin.
START TO FINISH The Amiga doesn’t just function as a studio tool and source of inspiration - it plays an integral part throughout the production process. Ed and Richard work on rhythmic patterns and sequence ideas with their images, transplanting them alongside ideas played live. The duo then bounce ideas off each other in the studio, beginning to program the tracks into the studio's Amiga.
Everything is played in live from a Roland MK-80 digital piano and streamed out of the Amiga to the rack of instruments via a Triple Play Plus interface - a clever box which enables the Amiga to play MIDI data out of something coming from computers that sounds like a live band. We're so used to hearing drums that is impossible to play unless you’ve got four arms or something, that we deliberately set out to make it so that it's possible for a drummer to play. It's a band thing - we can support anything from die album live. We can do everything in a live situation and use the Amiga as support."
© TAKE CONTROL The control hub of the studio is an Amiga Tower running a program that will be familiar to many Amiga Format readers.
"Everything that's been written has been done on the Amiga using Bars and Pipes," enthuses Ed. "Drum programming on Bars and Pipes is a doddle. I’m not sure we could get that kind of feel on anything else. It seems to come out exactly how I wanted it."
Richard takes up the recommendations: In a lot of cases we wanted the human feel in there and that's what Bars and Pipes is really good at. It tends to leave everything as it’s recorded."
"If there is a bugbear with Bars and Pipes, it's that there's too much on it" Ed points out illustrating the power of the classic program. "We use it as a standard sequencer, we don’t use all the tools. We find that the tools we do use. We use time and time again - things like quantize and Doctor of Velocity. That's about it."
And it’s all easily available too.
In fact Bars and Pipes was featured on the Coverdisk of AF71, so get hold of a back issue to put yourself in line with the pros.
Three separate outputs, tripling the number of channels they can use. The Amiga is even being used to produce the final CD master, thanks to a (rather expensive) gold disc cutter in the studio.
Ed explains how the Amiga is used to create the CD template: "We’ll spit everything down into a Sunrize card on the Amiga, cut and splice it how we want, spit it back out on to a gold disc and send that off to be glass mastered (the actual disc used to press up the Cds that will go on sale).
We haven’t got to that stage yet, so we don’t know what the pitfalls are going to be. I’m sure whatever they are, we’ll get round them.” One glitch that has surfaced in Ban and Pipes is that it won’t synchronise with the digital tape recorders used in the IT'S A MONSTER!
The fastest-growing area in studio technology is hard disk recording. The Tangent boys are pretty excited about a new product about to be unleashed on the pro music market that could revolutionise the use of digital recording systems... And it runs on the Amiga. A pretty pokey Amiga, but an Amiga nonetheless. Put together by Silicon Studios, it’s an extremely powerful, recording, sequencing and editing tool to rival the all-powerful Mac system. Pro Tools.
“It’s already made,” says Ed. Looking forward to getting his hands on it "but it needs an 060. It takes over the whole of the Amiga and turns it into a hard disk recording system with however many tracks you want. It will cater for virtual dynamics as well, so all your gates, compressors and limiters will be on board."
Tangent is due to be a test site for the new system, with Ed and Richard contributing ideas to enhance the specifications. One such idea to be implemented is the ability to trigger high-quality samples directly from the Amiga, enabling the system to act like a combined rack sampler and hard disk recorder - something unavailable on any other system. It’s also probable that it will be cheaper than anything else around at the moment. Who says the Amiga can’t be a serious music tool?
Studio. The problem could have been solved with lime and patience, getting Blue Ribbon in the US to turn back to the Amiga and sort things out, but time is one luxury that isn’t available. To gel around the problem, they save the sequences as MIDI files on to DOS disks and load them into an Apple Mac.
“One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the tiles we took from Bars and I'ipn transferred completely across to the Mac,” saw Richard, defending die program. "We didn't lose a note. Again that's something that worked very well in Bars and Pipes."
BRANCH OUT Although Everybody's Girlfriend is a showcase for the music capabilities of the Amiga and Bars and Pipes, David is keen to branch out even further and set up Tangent as a major force in computer audio.
"One of the things we’re pursuing actively is that all of the developers producing games need music. I’ve spoken to most of them and said.
’Look. I known you're already outsourcing music, so why not out-source it to somebody you already know who needs the money?’ They’ve all been pretty responsive to that so far.” So it looks like Tangent and Passion are names that will be cropping up more frequently in the near future.
Richard and Ed are working hard enough to get their career off the ground and David has enough vision to attack various entertainment markets.
“We’re also in close association with some people that are involved in producing 3D graphics and rendering animation." He elaborates, "So between us we can tackle any task."
Does that mean that Tangent Music Design could become a fully-fledged multi-media company?
“Of course, yes. I think it's very important."
Looks like the name Tangent could soon find its way on to your CD player.
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reasonable amount of storage space will own the future of broadcast media.
What secrets lie behind the chnology of full-motion video?
It so under-used and, more what could it mean for ture of the Amiga?
The only inroad has been made by MPEG, the standard set by the Motion Picture Experts Group.
While it may not have all the answers, it is a proven technology which is here now, not one still in the conception stage. It has a number of real world uses, not simply entertainment and, thanks to Hi- Soft’s new Squirrel MPEG device, it is a tool which Amiga owners can use cheaply and effectively. Combined with the Amiga, MPEG delivers a true multimedia system at the lowest price possible.
So let us now investigate the technology that lies behind MPEG and why the Amiga makes it great.
THE NEED FOR COMPRESSION Video information is notorious for taking up large amounts of storage space. A single snap-shot from video can be so detailed and contain so many colours that it can easily consume over 1Mb of memory or hard disk space.
When you consider that moving video requires 25 frames of video a second (or 50 "fields"), it's easy to sec that there are many problems inherent in combining computers and video.
How can you move about 25Mb of data a second? (Remember that the speed of a single-speed CD-ROM drive is only 150K a second, although the standard is now double-speed which is 300K a second). I low could you possibly store a thirty minute soap-opera which could take up to 50Gb of storage... Here you can see some of the visual "artifacts" cased by the MPEG compression algorithm. At the area of high contrast there is a noticeable "blockiness". This can be reduced by intelligent compression, but will always be present to a slight extent.
The answer is, of course, that is it impossible. At the moment computers powerful enough to store and manipulate data like this are not available. Even a fully powered-up Amiga 4000 with a 68060 and dozens of megabytes of RAM and SCSI2 hard drives couldn't get close.
Amount of data, it makes sense to move around a lot less. Why not compress the images and deal with them in this form?
Again, there are problems.
Traditional compression algorithms art- best when it comes to squashing data which contains a lot of similar values.
So if you can't move around this AUDIO STREAM VIDEO STREAM SYSTEM DECODER VIDEO OUTPUT AUDIO OUTPUT J L VIDEO DECODER TIME AUDIO DECODER CODE For example, an image which is a large, plain-coloured rectangle will squash down to a few bytes. However, a detailed image - such its frame of video - contains a great deal of data and it will squash down very badly indeed. The effort involved means that traditional compression routines arc useless.
THE ANIM AND CDXL STANDARDS You might be wondering how well the standard Amiga animation techniques work: after all. The Amiga has been replaying animations for years before other computers started to get their acts together. If you can remember the CDTV player, which used a special form called "CDXL". CDXL. Was in many ways ahead of its time, because it was capable of replaying video back from single-speed CD-ROM.
Unfortunately, all these systems suffered badly when asked to tleal with video. Video contains too much information and the poor old Amiga can’t cope with the files as they are still too large. CDXL was a good first attempt, but the quality was extremely low (HAM mode in a resolution on 16(1 by 128 pixels) and the frame rate poor.
USING JPEG Many art and paint programs make use of the JPEG system. JPEG is a standard for storing images. It analyses images mathematically to actually discard details which will probably not be missed. As a result, detailed images compress very well with JPEG. “Natural"
(i. e. photographic) video images in particular can Ik-
compressed to a tenth of their original size. Why not use a
system based on JPEG?
As you will have seen when you have used a program which uses JPEG, it takes a considerable time for the image to be saved and loaded. The image processing which goes on behind the scene is tricky and it is clearly Each frame is then split into three parts: an image which has only the brightness information, an image with the green component and an image with a blue component. The green and blue images have a resolution half that of the brightness image.
Impossible to make a decompression routine which would play back JPEG images in real time.
However, if you build a special chip which is dedicated to JPEG compression you can manage to grab and squash a video frame in real-time.
It is also possible to build a chip which can de-compress and display the original image in real-time too. These "Motion JPEG" or "MJPEG" chips are the heart of hardware such as the V'LAB Motion card. By grabbing chunks of video, compressing it and storing it on disk actually make it possible to edit video in a non-linear fashion; you can cut and paste segments of video as easily as text in a word processor.
There is still a fatal flaw, even with MJPEG systems - each frame remains too large and it takes too much time to shunt all the files backward and forwards to make it a viable means of distributing video. It is possible to play back a MJPEG sequence from a fast hard drive, but not from the much slower CD-ROM drives in use today.
Fine for video editing and mastering, but not for distribution to the masses.
MPEG is a compression standard which from the outset was designed to work at the sort of speed of which a CD-ROM is capable - about 1,5Mb a second. The plan was to make it easy and cheap to distribute video by using CD-ROM as the storage medium. CD-ROMs are a lot cheaper to manufacture and considerably more reliable than bulky tape. CD-ROMs can be pressed in seconds and they never stretch, break, or disgorge their contents into your expensive video cassette recorder. Each CD would cost pence to make and hold up to 74 minutes of video.
As a plus, a video sequence stored on CD would also be non-linear, in that any frame could be reached instantly (well, near enough instantly anyway) without having to rewind or fast forward. The advantages are plain, but how can it be achieved?
In order to work at the relatively slow data rates imposed by CD-ROM. It was necessary to make several sacrifices.
To start off with, the full screen PAL video image was simply too big to deal with and so it was decided to quarter the resolution to 353 pixels across by 288 lines vertically. It may sound drastic, but this still gives a quality which is very close to that of domestic VHS video tape.
The next big compromise was with colour. Experiments have shown that the human eye is more concerned with brightness detail, rather than colour detail. MPEG capitalises on this shortcoming by separating the image into brightness and colour information.
The colour information is then stored with half the resolution of the brightness information. Three 'chunks" of data are required for each image - the brightness (luminance) information, the blue colour component and the green colour component.
As the colour components are stored at half the resolution, this leads to the often-used shorthand 'YCbCr 4:2:2", where Y is the luminance and Cb and Cr are the colour components. (And what about red? If the brightness is known, the two other components can be used to extrapolate the red information in time for the display to be constructed.)
Compressing a frame is done as follows: First of all, each component of the video frame (there are three, remember, Y, Cb and Cr) is tlivided into eight by eight blocks. Each block is then processed by a DCT or "Discrete Cosine Transform" which is a mathematical function which converts the image into domain frequency, effectively storing the contrast between pixels rather than the pixel values themselves - this is the same basic technique used by theJPF.G image format. Since most video images don't contain areas of extreme contrast (black next to white, for example) this technique works very
Again, playing on the way in which the human eye works, higher frequencies (larger changes in contrast) can be converted more coarsely than lower frequencies (smaller changes in contrast). The resulting values are then arranged in a zig-zag pattern, which means they can be packed using traditional "Run Length Encoding" to save even more space.
Sounds complicated? That's because it is. And it takes a lot of processing power. There are plenty of other tricks too - MPEG allows different blocks of 16 by 16 pixels lo be compressed at different rates. For example, a person's face needs a lot of detail, whereas the background is probably slightly out of focus and can be coded with less detail.
On top of all that. MPEG deals with three different types of video pictures: the 1. P and B. A stream of video will consist of each type and the decision when to use each one will have been made by the encoder.
Unlike a Motion JPEG stream, in which ever)' frame is separate from every other. MPEG makes use of previous (and future) frames to predict the next image.
The different picture types are used to attain maximum compression. Type I pictures ("Intra" pictures) are constructed using data only from the original image. Type I must therefore be used at least several times a second, so that when moving backward and forward in the sequence, a true and accurate image can always be obtained.
A type P picture is "Predicted" from the nearest 1 or P type frame. P pictures use special motion compression techniques, which means that they will take up less space than true I frames.
The third type. Type B (or "Bidirectional") gives the most compression and are therefore used most often in the video sequence. They are constructed from both previous and forthcoming frames using averaging and special motion compression.
B frames do require a lot of memory, though, since several frames need to be held and processed at once.
Because of the average used, B frames also happen to keep noise levels down.
The MPEG file must also include the digitised soundtrack (which can be 16-bit stereo) and special timing information to make sure no frames happen too quickly or too slow and get out of sync with the sound.
It's very hard for a computer to decide which part of an image is more important than any other part and, therefore, is in need of more detail. As a result. MPEG encoding is still an extremely expensive process; the hardware to do it still costs al least ten times as much as the hardware to decode and display the MPEG images.
To play back MPEG images requires the following of an algorithm, or list of instructions. The instructions can be followed automatically and although it's THE AMIGA, MPEG AND THFFTWftt FRONTIER Although MPEG was designed for photographic images, photorealistic images like this rendered sequence from Star Trek can be realistically encoded. Unfortunately, editing Squirrel 51 MPEG SQUIRREL MPEG The latest infonauts on the full motion video trail are Mi-Soft, most noted in recent times for their revolutionary Squirrel interface. Their latest, hottest piece of hardware also sports the Squirrel
name, but this black box is no ordinal-)' SCSI device
- it's a stand-alone MPEG decoder.
The idea, if not the practicalities, are simple. The device attaches to the SCSI chain and accesses raw MPEG data, converting it to video and audio signals which can then be played on any TV monitor Hi-Fi.
A control connection to the Amiga allows the MPEG decoding to be software controlled and a SCART socket on the back delivers composite, RGB or SVHS video out as well as two channels of audio.
The SCSI MPEG Player lor your Amiga, Alan, Macintosh St IBM-PC Compatible The unit can act remotely too. So there is no real need to have it attached to a computer at all. Cunningly, the device can seek out compatible CD-devices attached to it.
You could just sit your Squirrel MPEG and CD drive on top of the TV and settle down to watch Star Trek VI. Or Hunt for Rrrl October, or one of the hundreds of other video CD titles that Philips have released.
The remote control handles visual search, pause, stop, play and, well, just about the standard controls you would expect to find on a VCR deck (except of course, record). The MPEG unit can act independently, because the decoding chip it is based around is very sophisticated and also because it has its own on-board processor.. But playing back video Cds is only a fraction of what you could potentially do with this unit. Since it accepts the MPEG stream over the SCSI bus, you can send any MPEG files to be decoded - from CD. Hard-drive or wherever. If you are connected to a reasonably fast
network (alas, a modem-based one is not nearly fast The image quality of the Squirrel unit far exceeds that of early MPEG decoders such as the CD , . ,,,,,, , , module or the early Philips CD-i units. There is now quite a wide selection of films available in enough), VOU could play back data played out from MPEG video CD format. Somewhere else.
Not simple by any means, it can be done. In fact, it is possible to squeeze the entire decoding algorithm on to a single chip, which will accept incoming data and provide a ready-to- use video signal.
Although we are only now seeing them appear on the Amiga, in a few years it is obvious that they (or their successors at any rale) will soon be integrated into die graphic components of all computers.
There are several software-only MPEG playback systems available for the Amiga; you only need to do a quick search on Aminet to dig up a few (amipeg04.1ha for video, mpega.lha for audio) and some example (lies too.
Unfortunately, being software, they are all very slow and are incapable of being used to watch anything other than short demonstration animations. Even with an Amiga running a very fast processor and a graphics card, it is not possible to achieve more than about twelve frames a second. Even on a Pentium-based PC tlie results are disappointing, and more and more users are buying hardware- based MPEG playback cards.
FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS The MPEG compression system does butcher the video signal quite a lot and although the quality is pretty much the same or a bit better than VHS it's not good enough for many people. The forthcoming MPEG-2 standard goes back to the full-sized screen display and requires a data rate of up to 8Mb a second. MPEG-2 may well become the next true video standard, as it provides a quality suitable for HDTV (High Definition TV) systems, as well as Wide-Screen format and multiple video channels in one data stream - ideal for satellite or cable systems.
At the moment, though, MPEG2 is still very much in the "not quite ready" phase and it will certainly be some lime before an affordable system comes out of it (and bear in mind that current CD technology is not up to supplying the data at the speeds required).
MPEG, however, is here already, at reasonable prices and with many real world uses.
An MPEG movie on home equipment is simply not possible yet and MPEG2 encoders are going to be even more expensive, which leaves a niche for MJPEG systems.
Genlocking features, allowing Amiga graphics to be superimposed over the MPEG picture. The quality of the genlock easily surpasses that of the budget range of genlocks available and could quite conceivably be used for FMV games, should anyone be thal interested in developing them.
The price of this rather amazing piece of hardware should be below £200 and it should be released in January, when the on-board software is finalised. Obviously, Amiga Formal will have a full and exhaustive review when the unit is finished.
You might think that the chances of home-users being connected to a super- fast network is pretty remote, but I'll wager that a significant percentage of people reading this are connected up for cable TV. The cable network is more than capable of delivering the data at a high enough rate for MPEG transmission. Video on demand is not a myth, it is possible with today's technology.
The Squirrel MPEG unit also includes limited Prototype for The theory and hardware behind MPEG are all very well. But how does it perform in practice?
It's not all that often that I've visited a police station and I’ve certainly never visited one voluntarily.
Yet. For the purpose of this feature, I found myself not only in the middle of a police station, but slap bang in the heart of Police Headquarters for the whole of the Cleveland. Teeside area. Scarev.
The reason? Simple. The Cleveland Constabulary Information Network (CCIN). A network that's set to revolutionise the working practice and procedure of Cleveland Police Force and, eventually, the whole of the UK Police Force.
The name CCIN belies the innovation and power of the up and running network. For it is, without prejudice, one of the most powerful and practical working set-ups to harness and showcase the potential of an Amiga network operating in conjunction with the practicality and convenience of MPEG video.
It is none other than a fully functioning prototypal pointer toward the future of television and interactive entertainment. A heady statement indeed, and one that needs to be qualified to appear credible. Here goes.
A network such as CCIN would also be perfect for recruitment purposes in an employment agency or similar.
The efficient and cost-effective running of a police force depends on the free How and accessibility of information at all levels of police operations. This applies to orders coming down to the ground from high command, to die ability of the beat bobbie to fully understand police procedure and the law, to the interrelationship and co-operation between the police and the general public.
Through the use of CCIN terminals, all of the above can be improved on and optimised.
Individual CCIN terminals resembles an overly large, blue swing bin with a monitor screen where the flap would normally be. Inside each terminal is an Amiga 4000 030 with A VISION OF PRACTICALITY asked is, "Why the Amiga?" Keegan offers the following by way of explanation: Tom Keegan, head designer of CCIN, is a man of vision and purpose. His vision is to cut through the inevitable inertia and miscommunication faced in a rigid command structured organisation like the police force.
Given that there's no room in the police force, or the world of commercial television, for sentimentality regarding the platform used by systems like CCIN, the big question remaining to be "The Amiga is an ideal multimedia system and much more cost effective than a PC After the troubles with Commodore we had a contingency plan which meant that everything could be transferred to a PC system if need be.
Thankfully, it looks as if we don't need to use that option now."
6Mb of RAM. A 1 2Gb hard drive, a Pegger MPEG decoding card, a Hydra network card and Scala's InfoChannel software installed. The monitor is a modified touch-screen CM8833.
There are 30 of these terminals dotted throughout the police stations of Cleveland and each one is a slave to the master A4000 residing in the video unit of Police Headquarters. They are connected through leased BT Megastream lines which, despite sounding fast, are merely standard dedicated copper lines, which aren't routed through an exchange: in other words, they're secure.
The master-slave set-up was chosen to avoid overload and the need for multi-plexing required of a client-server system. In effect, the master terminal can be thought of as a transmitter and the slave terminals as the receivers.
For much of what CCIN does relies on the ease of MPEG transmission and the ease with which video is absorbed by human beings.
UNBEATABLE "Nothing can match video for immediacy" enthused Tony Thompson, CCIN's on-line system operator. “If it was a choice between watching a video and reading an instruction manual. I'd watch the video every time. That's the beauty of CCIN and MPEG video. We can tailor-make training packages here in the video unit and send them down to our terminals for immediate use."
In practice, several of these training packages resemble an interactive Full Mouon Video game. .All the officer is required to do is press buttons on screen and select his own path. The MPEG clips are arranged in small, self contained blocks that, unlike standard video tape, ran be accessed in any order. This way, police officers learn things at their own pace and absorb more hard information due to the following of natural curiosity.
To help the video unit further optimise the training package aspect using MPEG video, each access is logged and stored on the terminals hard drive. Tom Keegan, the designer of CCIN. Is keen to emphasise, without any prompting, that this isn't "Big Brother watching you", but rather a mechanism that lets him further enhance the packages and analyse which are the most and least popular.
• Aside from training and appiaisal purposes, the system also
ensures that Pass exams with.
Programs THAT!
Totally comprehensive (each is a compilation of 24 with a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) jr1' ...of excellent quaiitv (eg. "LCL are rile best for providing help in this area" AMIGA COMPUTING) with far too many topics to list, hut some examples are: CD MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSE) J •F r Amiga with CD d s talk to vou in Fr ) programs including hlm-likc ones you reply • Top CD Music etc: 1 Extensive speech MICRO MATHS 11 years - GCSE)
• Algebra • Geometry • Trigonometry • Statistics • Arithmetic 24
programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business
letter generator etc ImICRO ENGLISH ,B years - CK'S.-, I 24
programs • Speak & Spell • Punctuation • Grammar • Literature
etc ts New Computer Talks
• Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter
generator (I Mb) etc
n Cn NCT h sics HMiHstry holog ar GCSHj V oicey 24
programs • Tuition • Practical experiments • Learning by
• Adventure game (1 Mb) etc J PRIMARY MATHS COURSE (3-12 years)
24 programs • Tables • Add • Subtract • Divide
• Multiply (Long & Short) • Fractions etc MEGA MATHS (A level
course) 24 programs • Calculus • Algebra • Geometry •
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3, £17 0IT FOR 4 ’AD wyraieLCl Counts
xtStoriCimfaaap&tpnoa&tafr All courses are on floppy disk and
cos! £24.99, except CD MICRO FRENCH which costs £29.99. Cheques
payable to LCL. Fite catalogue. Trade enquiries welcome.
LCL (DEPT AMP), THAMES HOUSE, 73 B1A.NDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON -THAMES, OXON RG9 IQB Phone 01491 579345 sent within 24hrs MICRO P.D. DISTRIBUTORS 302-304 Wellingborough Road Northampton NN1 4EP Tel Fax: 01604 493498 j Telephone .
Important events such as murder scenes and traffic accidents can be videoed and placed on the system.
"Traditional methods of information dissemination in the police force would see us sending out a video cassette with a scrap of paper, not knowing if anyone was bothering to look at it or not." With CCIN, the video is sent out to the terminals along with whatever information is relevant.
Particularly important information can be made to play in a closed loop when no one’s actually using the system. Keegan oilers an explanation: “Officers absorb the video information given out by the terminals subliminallv. It can trigger their memory at any time".
The second phase of the Cleveland network is the placement of terminals in public buildings, such as libraries and sports centres.
Keegan continues: "Crimestoppers on television is highly successful.
Its main drawback is that it's only 011 at a certain time of the day. If the public had access to one of our terminals, the chances of more useful leads coming in would be substantially increased”.
Finally, the video unit can cut their own CD-ROMs and CD32 software, allowing the sale of training packages to police forces around the country. Forces which don't have access to a system like CCIN.
The cost of £150.000 may seem like a lot. But in the world of public and commercial service it's peanuts. Cleveland Police hope to recoup the cost through the sale of similar systems to forces throughout the UK.
Amiga Format wish them well in their endeavours. Their success might just be the kickstart the Amiga needs to be taken seriously and given the high profile recognition it deserves and needs to survive against the PC. Colossus. '~J AMIGA- THE FUTURE IS ALMOST HERE With more than £1 billion being memory expansions; Amiga wiped off the value of cable Technologies with the Amiga companies shares, following hardware and CD-ROM drive; the announcement that the the games software industry Labour Party has entered into a with the numerous link pact with BT allowing them to games available; and the
compete directly with cable-TV cable companies: companies, the need for a Video on demand that cheap, easy-to-use and could be paid for as and when cost-effective technology ifs watched. Swapping and to harness cable's potential transmission of viewers' own is of paramount importance video clips - look at the success if the cable companies want of BBC2's Video Nation series, to survive. Marry the above to the As CCIN so elegantly potential of networked games - illustrates, the Amiga offers a fantasy-based Sensible Soccer the perfect solution to calm league would be perfect to kick the fears of
cable investors. Off with - and you're looking at Unlike CCIN, cable links offer a force that could wideband capabilities that simultaneously take on the would expand on and enhance might of BT and win the the already impressive ability imagination of the public in of CCIN. One fell swoop.
Imagine the potential of a The technology's there, coalition of Hi-Soft with their creating the demand is going to MPEG unit; Power Computing be up to those in charge of the with their processor and companies we've listed above.
.101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £9 99 Brilliant collection of over 100 of the very best PD games includes INVADER 2, Tetris. Monopoly etc. Far too many to list. VERY easy to use menu. Most games come with full instructions MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER COMPATIBLE WITH ALL A MIG AS All games are selected from an easy-to-use menu and most games come with full playing instructions.
F TETRIS + CARD GAME PACK BOTH PACKS FOR ONLY £7 95 Classic Tetris games combined with plenty of card games like Poker.
Pontoon, Black Jack etc.
one pack. A total of 13 disks crammed full of games £9 95 100
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COLLECTION OF LOTTtrtY PROGRAMS All FOR (2 95 Includes Balls (AGA). Pro Lottery and lotto Lunacy, supplied on three disks II 100 GAMES W| COMPATIBLE WITH All AMIGAS £9 99 Ithis rs the very latest 100 Games Compdabon Pack 2.
Contaavng some o( the very best m PD qames tte Zeus. Wonderland. Drago-it *s etc FAR TOO MANY TO UST HOME UTILITIES MH all FOR (9 99 loads of the more popular Home UtAties I are xLded m this 10 dW set1 Accounts. Ogyvsers.
Address Books m « SUPPLIED WITH INSTRUCTIONS £ 18 95 Now you can play 400 different 48K Spectrum games Runs on all AMIGAs C arr*s «r iude Skoot Daze, Manic Miner. Monty Mole. Star Trek etc 1500 FONTS Only £12-99 One of the fmest co&ectons of fonts a.aiab* Sutab* for Dpamt etc or Scala. Word Processor. WB. DTP etc Th-s pack convsts of nearly 700 afferent types of fonts Most fonts cone in vano-s sues, making an estimated 1S00 fonts SUITABLE FOR ANY AMIGA (IFF FONT) DE IHA TOOL INCLUDED HETSUnFETt , £599 All you need to surf the Internet highways with ease The 6 disks include AmiTCP, Mosaic,
Grapevine, EEF s Guide to the Internet and more UFO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER incredible disk set pack with real life documents and reports. UFO sightings, kidnapping etc - many previously unreleased. Bnlliant report of dose encounter with UFO. A must for all UFO fans.
COMPAHBlE WITH All AMIGAS All prices include postage and packaging for UK, Europe: add 10% for disk orders.
R O W: add 20% for disk orders to fly without wings.
A last frenetic, seat ot the pants 3D virtual racing game, for those who want to tty without wings!
VK is the fastest, smoothest, most detailed full-screen texture mapped game the Amiga has ever seen Combining all the tun and action ot karting into a totally reanshc and mind numbingly fast drying experience. VK is fast1 ? 25 Frames per second full screen action, its fasti ? Full texture mapped circuits ond scenery Fly-Py helicopter circuit previews ? Full 3D or 2D overhead game views ? Qualifying and intelligent computer opponents ? Realistic kart fx ? Beginners, Advanced, and Expert tracks ? 1 Oocc and 125cc Karts ? Hard disk installable ? Amiga A1200 (AGA) only - even faster on accelerated
machinesl Postcode Eurocard the only driving experience Available from most major stores (RRP £24.95) or available direct from CTTM for just £19.951 TO ORDER By phone Call us now on 01827 312 302 By fax : Fill in this coupon and lax it to us on 01827 670 10 By post OTM. 5 Albert Road. Tamworth. Staffordshire. B79 7JN, UK.
Name ____ Address_______________ Please charge £19.95 ? Postage iuk FREE. £3 Overseas) 10 my : L Visa L Access LI Mastercard Cafd.no. _ _ Card expiry Date Card Holder Name titdkterenti Daytimetelephone OTM Publications & Promotions Ltd.
5 Albe" Rooa. Tonrworth, Static*civ -e 879 7JN tel +44 (0)1827 312 302 Fa* +44 0)1827 670 10 Emo-t: OTM@OTMi’a oomon co.uk OTM would like to wish OS Amiga owners o f- merry Christmas and d r happy new year AMIGA Steve McGill takes a look at what's up and coming in the games another Amiga and a serial link. Top - can't do this with a SNES-stuff.
Unlike Virtual Karting, the construction of the courses is such that the player is always competing with one or other of the cars on the track; be they computer controlled or human.
To add to the playability and excitement, weapons and power pick-ups are also made available throughout the race. Clever and This month witnesses the highest mark I’ve ever given a game in my short career at Amiga Format. Breathless is staggeringly beautiful and, more than anything else, highlights the untapped potential of a well-coded Amiga in the 3D engine department. Check out why I'm constantly sneaking off to the back room for a quick game when Nick isn't looking (don't tell him).
The one off-putting aspect of Breathless is that its unexpected arrival has somewhat eclipsed Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice.
Zeewolf, due to its intuitive mouse control system is one of my favourite games, yet the control system isn't readily accepted by most players due to its original trickiness to master. I would have loved to have seen an improved joystick option to open the accessibility of the game's undoubted superior gameplay to more people. It's still great, though.
Pinball Prelude is a pinball game and a half.
The pleasant chaps at Effigy have played around with the physics and concept of pinball and come up with an amazingly entertaining game to play. Truly, they capture the spirit of independence that bums so bright among Amiga users and developers.
Hope you agree with me about Breathless.
I'd be pleased to hear your comments.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN ; 90+-° The creme de la creme. Only the very beet, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGokf - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69’-, Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59' Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet Avoid.
40-49 ’ Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appaling gameplay.
I Less than 40% The absolute pits.
AGA Amigas ¦ Black Magic ¦ 01302 890000 What Virtual Karting from OTM promised, it looks like Extreme Racing from Black Magic is going to deliver.
Here is a pseudo-mode 7 racing game with the pace and conflict of SNES classic Super Mario Kart. Whatever you think of the SNES and console-based cartridge software, it still can't be denied that the aforementioned title is one of the best multi-player race games available on the video game market.
Extreme Racing on the Amiga looks set to challenge and usurp that accolade.
Catering for up to four players at a time on one Amiga, that number can be doubled when combined with EXTREME RACING strategic use of the weapons can make the difference between winning and losing.
Furthermore, there are a multitude of camera angles to be played around with which let players adjust the view to their own personal preference.
In all. Extreme Racing has all the hallmarks of a classic in the mode of Super Skidmarks. While it's not going to be quite as pretty as Super Mario Kart, it looks as if it's going to push the little plumber off his gameplaying perch in the playability stakes.
We're really looking forward to the complete game. A linked up challenge with sister magazine Amiga Power has already been arranged.
All we need now is a pre-emptive box of Kleenex for their inevitable losers’ tears. & Continued overleaf •* GLOOM DELUXE 2Mb, 68020* Amigas ¦ Black Magic ¦ 01302 890000 Gloom from Black Magic kicked off the battle to see who could write and execute the best Doom clone on the Amiga. The original used the, by now familiar, 2"2 pixel mode, which gives everything that 'rough and ready', grungy feel. It played like a fast, frenetic dream (or nightmare, depending on how you looked at the game) and consequently was a resounding success with Amiga owners throughout the world.
This time round, that Antipodean Sibly chap has gone one better and introduced a far cleaner, more detailed, 1 * 1 pixel version, called Gloom Deluxe, which not only runs on A1200s, but will run on any OCS ECS machine with at least 2Mb of RAM and a 68020 processor.
We've had a look at a five level demo of the so-called Deluxe version and can report that, if the same pace and playability is kept up throughout, fans of the original aren't going to be disappointed.
Promenade. You have a million quid with which to turn it into a raging commercial success.
HILLSEA LIDO All Amigas ¦ Vulcan Software ¦ 01705 670269 The means to do this are entirely up to you.
The basic strategy revolves around attracting people to your part of the beach, making them stay there, keeping them happy and luring them into spending money on the beach attractions as well as in the promenade shops.
When the money starts to roll in, the player can buy more beach and promenade and put more shops and rides on the extra real estate.
To help things along - almost like a Sunday night bonus - the beach owner can put on a show on a Sunday night which, if it's been properly advertised, can bring in wads of dosh.
Like Theme Park, the punters Hillsea Lido is the latest offering from Vulcan Software's highly successful mini-series of Amiga games.
Despite initial reservations, Hillsea Lido exhibits all the hallmarks of a cult classic in the making. Heavily influenced by Theme Park, Hillsea Lido draws upon the marketing mechanisms of Peter Molyneux's baby.
You're put in charge of 30 metres worth of virgin beach and BUS STOP PD Again, the game can be optimised for your hardware setup; memory expansions, accelerators and hard drives.
SAMPLES 01 HOUSE SAMPLES (31 ADOBE FONTS (Hi CULT TV BIZARRE The Nazis never got over losing the Second World War.
Bo. C7 40
10) 4 Cotoor lae*BC2 50 D«-0r'voC*Mne.£3» 8mm K*CmW A.1 0 29
500* BOO & 1200 tXrtieo. * s £2 99 POOLS TOOLS RACE RATER
COP THE LOT 10 Cap Ben 1 50 51 • 100 101 -200 201 ¦ 500
50) • 1000 1000- 0 49 50p each 4Sp each Aopeacn 35peach Z9p each
LICENCEWARE ETC We also have lots ot good quality second nand
games at very reasonable prices Al present we have lots ol
RPG Adventure War Simulations. Sport.
Plattormers and Shoot-em*ups. So it you want a game and you can't lind it then we may have it.
You never Know All titles work on all Amigas, all titles are single disks unless otherwise stated in brackets ALL DISKS 90p EACH PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES & Pos PAYABLE TO BUS STOP PD. AND SEND IT WITH YOUR ORDER OR PHONE YOUR ORDER IN TO LISA OR CHERYL ON OUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE] OPPOSITE rel: (01455) 554982 EMAIL ;m &uiuoc0«*ron cov» 3*r*«o'l 'Kim 19c " M iTiii feocroJrC-Jfofi PIP 50p PEP CROEP NOT PEP D«K EUROPE ISO PEP IXV
LEICESTERSHIRE LE17 4DX As is obvious from this charming
picture, the option to switch between meaty and messy modes
has been kept in for the Deluxe version.
Exhibit their own individual artificial intelligence which lets the player interrogate them at any time so desired.
Throughout the running of the simulation various little dramatic events occur, such as shops running out of stock, litter building up, money collectors being robbed, health inspectors visiting... all helps keeping the players on their toes.
As the player progresses, there are more variables and items demanding the player's attention. Meanwhile, the little computer people residing in this micro-world seem oblivious to all of the hard work being put in by the player in the background.
Charming and compulsive, Hillsea Lido will receive a full review in next month's issue. Tt Land, shops and beach attractions are up for grabs from here.
When collecting money from shops, your collector can even be robbed.
WIZARD GAMES I NORTH MARINE ROAD, SCARBOROUGH, NORTH YORKSHIRE. Y0I2 7EY. Tel: 0I723 376 586 AMIGA - CHOOSE ANY 3 FOR £20.00 OR £8.99 EACH I0 Intelligent Strategy Game* Addarm family Amawig Spidern Battle Toads European Charopmns F(BaB FI5 Strike Eagle 2 Fat Man (A 1200) Football Glory Fun School 2 (8+.'6-e unde- 6) Fury of the furm Guardians (A 1200) Heroquest * Wuchlord |amet Pond 2 (A 1200) jet Strike (A 1200) K240 Kick Off 3 Europe (A500) Legacy of Sorasil Man Utd League Champa Marrma Adventures (AI200) Microprose Goff MrBlobby MapoletXKJ N k Faldo Out to Lunch Pinkie Premier Manager 3
(AI200.A600) Road KJ (A 1200) Soccer Superstars Stnp Pot (A 1200) Tactical Manager (luka Scottish The Ckie Top Gear (A 1203'ASM) Tower of Souls (AI200) Trapa & Treasure* Tnyval Purauit Trolh Vital Ught Voyagea of Discovery WemWrt In Soccer Weiter Supersports Zool 2 Behind the Iron Gate Cloacwtier (A 1200) Craft lor Amos Crash Dummies Crytta) Dragon Cybercom J D-Gene ration Deluxe Stnp Poker Denim (A 1200) Disposable Hero When Ordering please give one alternative also which Amiga AMIGA-CHOOSE ANY 3 FOR £10.00-PLEASE GIVE I ALTERNATIVE
• oc 1200) Football Morph (A 1200)
* » go to Heaven Football Director 2 Multi Player Soccer Man
Never Ending Story (500 onfy) Nfgel Manse* Pegaaua Pnoe * Done
Puffy'a Saga (noc 1200) Rampart Resolution 101 Rick Dangeroua 2
Road Blaatera (not 1200) Santas Xmas Capers Savage Shadow
Dancer Shadowworids Sir* or Swim Snapperaxzi Soccer Su- World
Cup Sooty * Sweep Striker Manager Spike in TransyFrania
Sta-breaker Steve Davis Snooker Street Hockey When Ordering any
games please state which Amiga £2799 Gtoom A1200 (Doom) £1800
Ultmite Soccer Manager A 1200*600 . £20.00 JtaKtonrUnwTtattaiW
!»!» WhMUpn .... _£l»» S vM-Go* I (II» WoM Cbu fcjp,
IS _ -------£1000 fewiMSmnr-MmCDJI. £1100 iMI!
Games subject to availability.
A PHONE CALL RESERVES YOUR ORDER. Open 6 days a week 9.00 - 5.30 Price inc. P+P (U.K.) mEurope + £2.00 per game. Rest of the World £3.00. Shop prices may vary.
Cheques or Postal Orders payable to; Wizard Games.
WIZARD GAMES, I NORTH MARINE RD, SCARBOROUGH, N. YORKS Y0I2 7EY Tel & Fax: OI723 376S86 S03299 Football FootOall Director 2 Galactic Warnor Rats Gearworks (punle) Graham Taylor Gu,Sw Huckleberry Hound Hudson Hawk Hungry for Fun Hyperior Irrpossomole Indiama Jones * Last Crusade Action Game international Soccer Jenmy White (not boxed) john Barnes Lethal Weapon Liverpool (not 1200) Man Utd Europe Mega Motion Mega Phoemx Mega Twins Mercs Streetfjghtcr Sender II Strfcer Sun Croswords Super Methene Bros Supernova Fruit Machne Switch Blade (not 1200) Switchblade H The 3 Stooges The Power Times
Crosswords Total Recall Tumcan TumtanH Ultimate Gold Ulumate Ride Votfied Winter Camp World Clump Boxing Manager World Rugby Worlds at War Xenon 2 American Pro Football Sim Arabian hhghts Armalite Ami* 2 Atomino Beast Lord Borobodur Brutal Sport BSS Jane Seymour Bimny Brttks Class-; Board Games Colossus Chess (not 12001 Cncket Dalek Attack Dennis A1200 Dinosaur Detective Agency England r«ial Conflict Fly Harder Fools Errand A320 Approach Trainer Awn Breed 30 ... Beneath • Steel Sky • AwgvCD Gudcf____________ Demomaniic £2099 £1499 £1999 £1299 Tho charts arc copyright ELSPA.
Those wacky lads from Wakefield, Team 17, have finally made it to the number one slot with Format office- favourite, Worms. Well done, lads.
THIS MONTH 'S FUL L- PRICE TOP-20 FG90° o Worms (Ocean Team 17) Sensible World of Soccer (Renegade) Super Skidmarks (Acid GuiM Player Manager 2 (Anco Virgin) Fifa International Soccer (Electronic Arts) World Cup Year 94 (Empire) Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin Interactive) Ultimate Soccer Manager (Impressions) Kick Off 3 (Anco) Cannon Fodder 2 (virgin) Flight of the Amazon Queen (Renegade) Sensible Golf (virgin) Skidmarks (Add) Animation Workshop (Empire) Colonization (Microprose) Super League Manager (Audiogenic) Combat Classics 3 (Empire) Jungle Strike (ocean) World of Soccer (Challenge) Dungeon
Master 2 (Interplay) Worms Ocean Tom 17 Alien Breed 3D r«m 1 Wembley Int. Soccer AjOogenc James Pond 2: Robocod Kin B Subwar 2050 Mtmpmx GlOOm Block Mope Rise of the Robots«, .w- rm wanw Super Methane Brothers Extender Q Super Skidmarks m software Fire and Ice Rencgede Mmdscepc Mortal Kombat v«gm Tactical Manager msquod Club Football The Manager Boms ltd The Settlers Blue Byte Football Glory ws»«i Formula 1 Grand Prix Atomino Psygnosls Indiana Jones: Atlantis PlaydayS Manotw Monkey island 2 ukosms IT* II aS' F ’ Alien Breed 3D ram 17 The Lion King virgin GlOOm Block Mogtc Sim City 2000 mm
Roadkill vsionSonvm Ultimate Soccer Manager i Guardian km Fears mw * James Pond 2: Robocod Virtual Karting oim Weekly chart updates can be tound on FutureNet. Future Publishing's own Internet site: http: v net. Co. Uk computing amigaformat. Html.
FIRST- COMPUTER CENTRE HOWTOORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Telephone 0113 2319444 Order by telephone quoting your cheque please make payable to: FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE" In aiw correspondence please quote a Phone Numoer, Post Code & Dept. Allow S working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT.AF, UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT. STANNINGLEYRD, LEEDS, LSI22AE.
• 2-4 Week Days £3.50
• Next Week Day £5.95
• Saturday delivery £10.00 Delivery subject to stock availability
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound compan
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders wekome Pr*rs a»* correct M the l«tw
at (omg to press. Please ctirckour latest pnees bHorr ordenn*.
AB sales a r wbfMt to our standard ttnm * condltionUtopy a rid
able upon rrqunl) laO€ 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113
231-9191 NEW! BBS Sales & Technical line Tel: 0113 231 -1422 (
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cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
. External Hard Drives for all SCSI aware Amiga's S00Mb£l99.99l.0Gig£299.99 c Hegb quaftty SCSl-ll dm*. InC PSU. SCSI IO wlwtur.
2. S" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and Instructions_ Seagate Fuprsu
cotamm 80Mb £89.99 130Mb. 109.99 170Mb. 114.99 250Mb. 1 29.99
340Mb. I 79.99 510Mb. 254.99 Quantum TOSHIBA ill M1438S .21
dp. I S 38 Khz. All Amiga modes. AGA compatible Stereo
speakers. Bit and swiveII stand.
Only £299.99 I or without speakers £274.99 I .9911 wll NEW ! NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!
Zip Drive £189.99 MlSOF T Zap T ooia Zip tools available separately £16.99 NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!
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New!! SupraExpress 288 Only £174.99 Sportster 288 only£!93.99 SuPr°j-MAModem 288
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Ammatlons (Double) I New!.' Assassins 2 (Double) BCI Net 2 I New!! C 64 Sensations CAM (Double) I CD-PD I I CD-PD 2 CD-PD 3 CD-PD 4 Demo CO I Demo CD 2 I New'.'E urourne 2 1 Fractal Universe I Fresh Fish 8 I NewJJGlobal Am.ga E apenence I GoldF.sh I I New'.' I 7 Bn The Slh Dimension 17 Bit Collection (Double) 17 Bit Continuation 17 Bit Phase 4 compendium 3 GoldFish 2 Grafix Sensations NewfJGroliers Encyclopedia 2 Illusions In 30 Light ROM Works Magic Illusions New!!Meeting Pearls 3 MoltiMedia ToolKit 2 (2xCD s) New.'.'Net work 2 CD NewfJNF A AGA Expenence New Prtceff Prima CD Vol. I
Professional Gifs Professional Utilities NewfJSciR Sensations Space And Astronomy Newf! Speccy Sensations II The Beauty of Chaos New'JWorSd Of Pinups 2 WPO Hottest 5 Weird Science Fonts Weird Science Clipart Weird Science Animation New" World Info 95 New.'JXiPamt V3.2 Consumables Printers Disks CITIZEN £19.99 £19 99 £13.99 £12.99 £16 99 £16.99 £7 99 £28 99 £ 10.49 Cl H £26.99 £24 99 £25.99 £27 99 £15.99 £36.99 £17 99 £24.99 £94.99 £8 99 £1.69 £7.99 tl J.99 £8.99 Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.49 100 30 x £9.99 200 50 x £15.99 500 x Branded DSDD 10 x £4.99 100 30 x £12.99 200 50 x £25.99 SOOx Bulk DSHD 10 X
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Jppm Colour.
New! Stylus Colour lls £270.99 | 710dpi. 2.SppmBlath. Ippm Colour.
New!! Stylus 820 £234.99 | 720dpi. 2.5ppm Black. Colour Upgradeable.
New!!Stylus Pro £499.99 |
720. 720 dpi. Photo-Real quality output.
EPL-3000 Laser Printer £439.99 4 ppm. 100 dpi. I Mb memory. 150 dwet ASF The perfect accompaniment for a high quality colour printer NEW! GT-5000. Okw ONLY!!£439.99 Printer Switch Box 2 way Printer Switch Box 1 way Printer Stands (Universal) I 8 Metre printer cable 3 Metre printer cable 5 Metre printer cable 10 Metre printer cable 'xtensi We would be happy to quote you on any make or model of printer that may not be listed.
EPSON Miscellaneous SJ40. Citlton Projot and many othors Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 | Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 Printer repair specialists call for quote I Citizen Swift ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour I Star LC90 mono ribbon Star LC10 100 mono Star LC10 100 colour Star LC240c colour Star LC240c mono Star LC 240 mono Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons consumables for all printers Lasers, Dot Matrix and PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills We stock a wide range of Inkjets old and new.
Sa»o a fortune In running c. Ribbons Ink Cartridges Canon BJ10 Star SJ48 Canon BJ200 230 Canon BjlO(lpack) Canon BJC 70 mono(1 pack) Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) Canon BJC 4000 colour (tingle) Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e colour HP.DeskJet colour HP. DeskJet double mono HP. DeskJet 660 double mono HP.DeskJet 660 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour Epson Stylus Col. II S 820 Mono Epson Stylus Col. II S 820 Colour Epson Stylus 820 colour upgrade Star SJ 144 mono colour (single) Covers All printer dust covers Paper Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets Fanfoid (tractor feed) ZOOO sheets Single sheet 500 sheets Single sheet 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack Emplant - Macintosh and PC emulations.
OS3.1 Light ROM 3 Emplant can be used with any accelerated Zorro based Amiga. With Macintosh and PC emulation modules. Emplant Is the Amiga's only all-in-one emulation solution.
Macintosh* Emulation Module A full generic' Macintosh with the speed dependent upon your processor An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC lie* An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900 Support for up to 16 colours (non-AGA). 256 colours (AGA) or up to 24 bit colours using third party video boards such as Picasso II. Cyber Vision, Piccolo SD64 Retina etc Built in intelligent multiple file transfer for transfers between the Amiga and MAC Support for AmigaDOS devices. CD ROM, direct Scanning, MIDI. SyQuest, Pnnters, Modems etc. Total compatibility through on-board SCSI interface (Option B and Deluxe).
Full 8 -bit stereo sound Requires Macintosh ll llx llcx SE30 256K ROMs (not supplied) Supports all Floppy formats (Even 800K Mac drives with additional AMIA interface).
£89.95 £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 'tew £239.95 £279.95 £279.95 £299.95 £109.95 £ 10.00 £ 89.95 £39.95 LIANA £179.95 E 49.95 Picasso II Bundles PICASSO II is the leading graphics card for any Zorro based Amiga The Workbench emulation offers 256 colours, even on non-AGA machines (Requires OS3 1) at resolutions up to 1600x1280 Choose colour depths including HiColour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit). No “Chip RAM limitations" and an in-built Amiga video pass-through makes Picasso II the best value graphics card around' £119.95 To Enhance your choices, we have a variety of excellent bundles, offering
fantastic value!
Includes TVPaint Junior, MainActor. Viewers etc Picasso II Standard 1Mb 2Mb Picasso II + TVPaint 2.0 1Mb 2Mb Picasso II Creativity 2Mb Picasso II Creativity Plus As Creativity pack but includes full CyberGraphics 2Mb Picasso II MultiMedia As the Standard pack but with TVPaint 2.0. As the Standard pack but with PhotoGenics 2.1 As the Standard pack but with Pablo Video Encoder and MainActor Professional.
2Mb Picasso II MultiMedia Plus As the MultiMedia pack but with MamActorBroadast.
2Mb CyberGraphX Software Full release for all graphics boards £119.95 DOUBLER 4000 50MHz 040 EMPLANT BASIC EMPLANT OPTION A (APPLETALK SERIAL) EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI INTERFACE) EMPLANT DELUXE (APPLETALK & SCSI) W586DX SX PC MODULE Now hdudn BOS) PC BIOS (AMIBIOS) FOR e586DX sold alone AMIA (800K MAC DRIVE ADAPTER) . MAC DRIVE MainActor Broadcast MalnActor Broadcast is a completely new Animation program lor any Amiga with OS2.04 or Better Over 20 Load Save modules (AVI. BMP DL.
FLI. FLC, GIF. IFF. IFF-Anim3 5 7 8 J, JPEG.
PCX, QuickTime ) with AVI. QuickTime and JPEG support up to 24-bit Index (lie tor taster reloading ol animations and playback trom Hard Drive Support lor any graphics card lor 24-blt as well as standard Amiga screenmodes Effects modules to apply effects directly into the animation (Text. Scroll. Scale, Rotate .)
19 Sound modules for sound music playback md compressed (OctaMed SM3) in 8 and 16 voices Joining, Convert, Split animations and autoswitch to optimal colour depth AREXX-Port tor external control, and MacroSystems multipic.library support.
MAINACTOR BROADCAST MAINACTOR PROFESSIONAL Ariadne offers a simple but effective Network solution tor any Zorro based Amiga Two extra parallel ports The industry standard software solution Envoy lOBase-2 (Thin ethemet. Coax cable) and tOBase-T (Twisted pair, western |acket) Socket lor a bool ROM and 32Kb CPU cache SANA-II compatible driver for ethernet and parallel port e586DX SX Emulation Module MDA. CGA. EGA. VGA. SVGA video modes (AGA is required lor VGA SVGA) Sound, Floppy drives, AmigaDOS partitions, Extended Memory, and more!
Print from Windows or DOS via Amiga parallel port.
Use CD ROM drive with any Amiga sided CO ROM drive Will run programs that require greater than a 286 processor Comes with both DX (FPU) and SX (no FPU) versions and 486 PC BIOS Liana is the ideal solution for a quick, easy yet efficient connection between any two Amiga s. Simply plug the special cable into the parallel port and install the Envoy software The software offers FileSystem import and export, network printing and multi-user support The Liana network driver is completely SANA-11 compatible £219.95 £249.95 £369.95 £399.95 £289.95 £309.95 £349.95 £529.95 £ 34.95 Ariadne Liana £219.95 C
59.95 AmiTCP is the most popular TCP IP implementation for the Amiga Connect your Amiga to heterogeneous networks and the Internet.
Supports Network-File-System (NFS) as a client.
Uses SANA-II Interface.
Optimised version for 68020* CPU included.
Full English manual.
Additional applications : FTP. Telnet, rsh etc AmiTCP £ 69.95 ATAPI + CDFS The new ATAPI Cache CDFS package offers excellent facilities for your A4000, A1200 or A600 Use an ATAPI CD-ROM drive with the A4000 A1200 or A600 IDE controller The Alapi device is able to support up lo 4 units with the A4000 and A1200 (not A600) With an additional special cable This may be up to two hard-disks or any number of CO-Roms This elfectively adds a ‘second" fully operational IDE port to the system CacheCDFS, excellent CDFileSystem software.
PlayCD (audio) and CD32-Emulator.
ATAPI ? Cache CDFS * CD32 £ 49.95 ATAPI Software + 4-Way Cable A4000 £ 69.95 ATAPI Software + 4-Way Cable A1200 £ 74.95 Amiga Computers AmiGA We can supply the full range ol machines al Ihe best possible prices. Call for availability A4000 40 68040 Processor at 25MHz.
2Mb Chip RAM. 4Mb Fast RAM 1 2Gb Fast SCSI-II Haro Drive Shipped with SCALA MM-300 £2099.95 A4000 60 68060 Processor at 50MHz 2Mb Chip RAM. 4Mb Fast RAM
• ! 2Gb Fast SCSI-II Hard Drive ' Shipped with SCALA MM-300
£2399.95 A1200 68020 Processor at 14MHz 2Mb Chip RAM £389.95
A1200HD 68020 Processor at 14MHz
• 2Mb Chip RAM 170Mb Hard Drive £479.95 Best Prices on Computers
Pablo Video Encoder PABLO is the Video Encoder option for Picasso II.
Expanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal, and one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port. All PAL compatible video devices can be plugged into Pablo, such as a colour TV or a video recorder PABLO VIDEO ENCODER AmiTCP
053. 1 A500 600 1500 2000
053. 1 A1200
053. 1 A 3000
053. 1 A4000 AMIGA OS 3.1 Now available for ANY Amiga' The full
Escom licensed OS3 1 packs will bring your Amiga up to the
very latest operating system OS3 1 Is more efficient, offers
more features and is becoming necessary for many high end
applications LIGHT ROM 3 is a three CD pack offering
tremendous quality and value to the user CD ROM 1 Over 4500
Lightwave eM obiects divided into categories including I
Anatomy. Aviaton. Botany Building*. Furniture, FX. _
Holidays. Household.
Logos. Musk: Ships. Space. Sports. Tools and Ven.cies Showcase directory features contributions from Lightwave artists around the world Every Lightwave ob|OCt is roprosentod in oasy preview thumbnail renderings (IFF TARGA & JPEG) CO ROM 2 Co ecbon of 30 objects m other formats including imag ne (175 Mb) 30 Studio (110 Mb) and Sculpt 30 (30 Mb) Te«tur s m JPEG format complete with thumbnails PD graph* programs and oemos for PC and Arrvga Couecbon Of 3D landscapes m Lightwave 3D stud* and imagme formats Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG toots CD ROM 3 Bonus "DEM ROM’ includes over 1000
OEMs (Digital Elevation Maps) for use with World Construction Set VistaPro and Scenery Animator on any platform Use OEM ROM (along with any of these programs) to create realist* backgrounds or flights through your favourite scenery to incorporate into L-ghtwave or other 30 programs as background sequences An OEMs include thumbnail renderings of their their 1000graphcai maps Doubler 4000 40 The Doubler 4000 50 Mhz 68040 accelerator delivers across-the-board speed increases tor all applications and system functions, translating into a significant productivity gam This powerful ‘plug and play"
accelerator is 100% hardware and software . Compatible, since it still uses a 1 Motorola 68040 processor. The I Doubler 4000 includes an on- | chip math co-processor, and will dramatically speed up any application - such as rendering
- that depends on calculations.
I Syslnto reports and increase llrom 18 76 MIPS ot the 1 standard A4000 to 37.72 MIPS with the Doubler installed! An integral cooling system ensures that the Doubler 4000 runs cooler and more reliably at 50 Mhz than the original processor WCS's friendly design makes it easy to create scenes with just the view you want You can work in multiple windows to lay out motion paths, adjust colours and modify ecosystems an at the same time Camera View shows a wire frame rendering of the scene of any animation frame Solid shaded, ecosystem diagnostic and animation previews can also be generated Camera
position and over 20 other attributes can be set interactively Haze, horizon, view arc. Vertical exaggeration and sun position are just a few of them World Construction Set Work) Construction Sel is a 3-D terrain modelling and animation program that oilers unlimited flexibility and control WCS provides a wealth ot solutions, whether you are creating tor video, print media, commercial or scientific applications, or just tor tun WCS requires OS 2 04 or greater 4 MD RAM (8 MD recommended) Both 68030 and 040 optimised versions are supplied.
WORLD CONSTRUCTION SET LIGHT ROM 3 £299.95 A e Mews, Crownhill Industry, Keynes. MK8 OER. UK.
6 Drakes Milton 01908 261466 01908 261477 01908 261488 01908 261499 Orders Technical BBS Order by AccessA isa Delta Switch or Postal Order Cheque No added surcharges - All prices fully inclusive of VAT.
Postage arx! Packing C7 00 (Next Day) £5 00 (Two Day) and CIS 00 (Saturdayl Puces and specilications may change without notice It * advisable to talaphona to confirm D«cing seecilicalion availability before ordering E«OE All trademarks acknowledged Ail ordore subject to our terms and condlbona of Wading, available on request Hours ol business 9 1 Sam • 5.00 pm Monday-Frlday TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME e-metl «esix1®ax ccmeurv* co uk Corrxmsetve : '00523 2224 http toww mag-net co lAUftaoft & f**?
SCREEN PLAY JANUARY 1996 i % V- Mtv If the Amiga was compared to King Arthur, Breathless would be Galahad - the worthiest and most able champion in the land. Steve McGill can't recommend it enough.
Wow, despite being an assertion verging on understatement, it seems ironically appropriate to proclaim that Breathless is going to be as significant and as important to the Amiga of the Nineties as the Juggler was to the Amiga of the Eighties. If you're new to the Amiga or don't know what I'm referring to, here's a brief explanation: The Juggler was a raytraced animation of a rotund figure juggling some light-sourced balls which reflected the surrounding environment. Nothing like it had ever been seen before on a home computer.
The Juggler single-handedly, so to speak, turned on thousands of adventurously curious types and tuned them in to the arcane lore and heady world of the Amiga. Consequently, the machine sold in droves and went on to become the resounding success that it is today.
Continued overleaf ' It is a tribute to the power that lies within the heart of an accelerated, AGA Amiga.
«¦ Breathless, meanwhile, has the potential locked within its exquisitely crafted code to repeat history. 8ut rather than selling Amigas - which it will as a matter of course - Breathless is more likely to sell accelerator cards by the bucket load. For it is a walking, talking, singing and dancing tribute to the potential and power that lies within the heart of an accelerated, AGA chipset Amiga.
In effect, it's probably the most opportune and timely advert for the potential of our underrated vanilla chum ever seen. At a stroke it casts aside the imagined inferiority complex the Amiga's been suffering from for the past year or so concerning the higher profile PC and Mac platforms.
What Doom does on the PC using brute processing power.
Breathless does on the Amiga using optimised elegance. Except, Breathless does it better Elegance is the keyword here.
Elegance and design and Amiga friendliness. The detail and size of the playing screen can be optimised to the processor used and the memory available You'll always be able to find a delaii window size versus running speed compromise without affecting the gameplay.
The 2*2 pixel mode resembles the look of Alien Breed 3D and, just like Breed 3D, Breathless is great to play in this screen mode. But, if you’ve got an accelerator installed, the difference between the 2*2 and 1 * 1 mode resembles the difference between squinting myopia and pin sharp focus.
Making the switch has a profound effect. It's like taking the jump from a cartoon world into temporal, in yer face, reality And, if you like recreationally tinkering with your perception, you'll be mightily impressed verging on Breathless' by the difference the change makes.
Breathless tunes into, tickles, thrills, titillates and teases your brain's inbuilt reality construct; a construct that's been created, shaped and solidified since you first learned to grasp an object in front of you.
When the hand eye coordination adjustment to Breathless is made, you'll find yourself doing ridiculous things, like trying to peer round corners, squinting to see what's up ahead in a poorly lit room, become illogically pensive when faced with a dark corridor. Such is the power of the game to affect you on a subliminal and direct level.
It's also why the game’s so compulsive. Despite following a formulaic game plot of finding keys to open doors, wasting nasties who get in your way, and picking up health, energy and shield icons, the environment and creatures change enough to keep you permanently interested and curious to see what's up ahead Furthering the sense that you're treading in a parallel world consisting of its own laws of physics reality and danger is the clever use of lighting: Flickering lights on some levels add to the spooky unsettling effect of seeing a behemoth shambling toward you; gun fire lights up the
immediate surroundings; light floods into dark rooms when you open doors. Terrific stuff.
The use of lighting might sound cosmetic, but internally your brain's registering the light levels on a subliminal level and is creating an UP, DOWN AND IN MY LADY'S CHAMBER Aside from the lantastic graphics, the one feature that puts Breathless streets ahead of other AMIGA Doom clones is the ability to look up and down within the 3D environment. Executed in increments, its use is essential to survival.
SCREEN PLAY JANUARY 1996 immersive parallel cognitive gestalt that not only appeals to the player on a mechanical level, but interfaces directly with their emotional responses. Scary, though not as scary as some of the creatures themselves.
The creatures found within the confines of the Breathless Arenas are assigned varying artificial intelligence levels. Some will stay within a certain zone Others attack you on sight. Yet others try to shoot you while dodging your return fire At first it makes some of them look a bit stupid; all they seem to do is run left and right But when you think about what you're doing - dodging left and right to avoid incoming fire - it makes perfect sense for them to do likewise It makes it harder for them to be hit and killed.
As for their look They look the biz. Some are guaranteed to give kids nightmares. Especially the shambling simian monstrosity and the Aliens. They frightened me as they drained my shields and health at an alarming rate It made it all the more gratifying when I put them out of their evil misery.
Even the structure of the game makes sense There are four worlds consisting of five arenas to each world. You take on an arena at a time.
Each arena increases in size and, unlike Breed 3D, there's an automapping display to hand for navigation purposes; if you get lost, the tedium of travelling over old ground kept to a minimum.
The map even highlights the various terminals dotted around the arena. Which, as you might have BREATHLESS Publisher_ Power Computing Price_ £29.95 Versions A1200 A4000 System requirements AGA chipset. 2Mb min Release date_ Out now guessed, is my cue to tell you about the terminals. They're where you spend your hard-earned credits.
There are new weapons on sale along with upgrades, keys, energy, health and shields. Judicious use of the terminals can increase the chance of survival. Save your credits and spend them wisely.
Phew. We've almost made It to the exit in one piece. If you haven't sussed by now that Breathless has impressed me more than any Amiga game I've ever played, let me spell it out. Breathless is the most impressive Amiga game I've ever played on the Amiga. Throw a book of superlatives at it and you'd still run out of praise for the game.
It plays sublimely. It demands discipline and skillful procedure from the player to make headway. It looks fantastic. It's exciting. It's scary.
It's fun. It's a work of interactive art.
It's brilliant At last the Amiga has broken through the 3D Doom engine barrier and proved itself capable of matching and beating machines costing multiples of its price. Things can only improve from here on in.
Its arrival couldn't have been more timely. Imagine you were trapped in a box canyon surrounded Graphics 9 out of 10 Take a look at the screenshots. Exquisitely beautiful. You should see it move.
Sound_9 out of 10 Perfect for the style of game. Even the ingame music enhances the excitement.
Addiction 9 out of 10 Monsters to see.
Places to see. Exits to find. I don't want to leave this world.
Playability 9 out of 10 Impeccable difficulty curve. Makes you work hard without ever feeling it's impossible.
By hostile Indians. You'd just fired your last bullet and the Indians were coming to get you.
Just as you were about to throw the gun at the first Indian to appear you heard the bugle of the Seventh cavalry in the distance and the Indians scattered like the wind. Breathless is that bugle call.
There have been so many detractors of the Amiga around. So many people willing to pour scorn and derision on the machine and its market that at times it felt as if we were surrounded by hostile Indians.
If enough people buy Breathless and make the necessary upgrade to drive it at anything like its peak performance, other developers are going to want a piece of the action and make the Indians go away.
So go on. Do yourself a favour.
Do your Amiga a favour. Do us a favour. Do the Amiga market a favour.
Buy Breathless.
If the Amiga was compared to King Arthur, Breathless would be Galahad - the worthiest and most able champion in the land. It can't be recommended enough. © rwri 1*771 THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR BOARDS ARE UNSURPASSED... Just Compare our Performance!
Mjlul.inJ Ivbi jmmi o HL Suncbri lilMM ‘•i.imlj Miiwmuh I l JiM wi[|i 1JMHV 04-BIT ENGINE .A3000 4000 ’4-BIT COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD.
For all Zorro-3 Amigas. This 64-Bit high speed graphics engine blitter offers up to 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Bit colour or 1024 X 768 pixels in True 24-Bit Colour, with 2Mb of display memory (4Mb user upgradeable).
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - 4329* 4Mb - 4439” Request your FREE Technical Brochure I m- pfu t 2&0 The World s Fastest Amiga!
CYBERSTORM ¦ THE FIRST Fl U 68060 ACCELERATOR FOR THE A-1000 losl fw Jetai4 that 4 *.».» tmftMu tun When Cyberstorm, a 30MHz 68061 board, renders a test grjpliie with Imagine 2.0 software, the processing time is FAST.
Just 2.43 minutes - Compare this with
10. 34 mins on a standard A4000 'OtO'231 Up to 12RMb of standard
SIMMs can be installed and you can even transfer the 72Pln
SIMMs from your A4000 straight onto Cybetstotm.
Options include a SCSI-2 only module, or a SCSI-2 and combined Fihemet expansion module teymsr fuur FREE Ttxhnical Bmbure Cyberstorm 68060 50 30MHz 680rO, "Mb (Expandable to liRMbi 4PHONE!
SlJiidjrU AHKV). 1»|I» i«ayi i Ed ¦ AlSix) 2 KX» with _’iKt*». KJ A iMh
R. Vvw 1 iihH) wilh «.xtHTShmn, '«K*il & »Mh piB £179» £199-45
£169* 1260 Turbo1 i rhe Armgi 1200s 30MHz 68060 &MMU £599-95
"Mb 32-Bit Fa* RAM, £Call 28MHz 68EC020 ifcJr A1200 TURBO i
MtM ft 4Mb, 32-Bit RAM Expandable to 8Mb Multi award-winning
BUZZARD 1220 4 4.Mb Tl'RBO Offers by far the best price
performance ratio of any A1200 32-Bn RAM expansion on lire
marker incorporating everything a good memory board should -
such as a Real Time Clock. RAM expandability, optional FPU
etc. With its Motorola Processor running rhe 32-Bil FAST RAM
at an amazing 28MHz, the 1220 4 has broken all the barriers!
Check the facts for yourself and Fit the BEST Amiga A1200 68EC02O Tuibo Memory hoard available
• Inicgrated 28MHz 68EC020 Clock Speed Doubler for up ro 300%
overall pedormance increase
• Factory Installed S Tested 4Mb 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mb with Blizzard Add-4 Board
• Integrated Battery Backed Real Time dock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation
• Can be disabled in situ for full games compatibility 1220 4
Turbo 28MHz 6SEC020 4Mb 32-Bil Fast RAM i Expandable to 8Mb)
a'A Add-4 Board - extra 4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM
add-on Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PLCC type FPU,
The Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Accelerator Memory Board iv the accessor to the market leading 1230-ffl and rhe highest performing 68030 accelemror available for lire ,41200! Nor only has there been an INCREASE in specifrcarion, bur also a DECREASE IN PRICE' Wilh irs 50MHz 68030 and Mml1, rhe new 1230-IV offers EVEN MORE fa LESS! Wirh a Syslnfo raring of Ml (using a M Nanosecond SIMM) you can see the 1230-IV Is very fast - a performance gain ot up lo 500W is achieved! Options via its Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Conrrollcr An industry standard SIMM socket provides for up ro
128Mb of auto-configuring 32-Bil FAST RAM tor 256Mb wilh the SCSI-2 option including its eura SIMM socked Motorola Maths Co-processor £99*5 68882 PGA type ITU, 50MHz SCSI-2 Module’ for 1230-IV Turbo (Wilh additional 128Mb SIMM socket) £89*5
• Easy Tiapdout Installation
• Battery Backed Self Recharge Rea! Trine dock
• High Performance DMA Expansion with Full 32-Bn wide DMA"'
• 68030 may lie disabled with a Simple Kevsrroke on Bool (ip
allowing' Full Games Compatihilily - Even Badly Programed,
Older Software!
• PGA FPL Socket allow mg Optional 30MHz, 08882 Fpi 1230-IV Turbo
50MHz 68030 & MAIL Omh 32-Bil Fast RAM (Expandable lo 128Mbi 1
4Mb SLMM RAM Expansion (Fast 60 Nanosecond) 50MHz 68030 A1200
£134*5 Blizzard products have always been al rhe forefrom of die Amiga accelerator market and we were the firs to launch 68060 boards with the amazing performance ihey bring Since lhat launch, there have been shortages of 6836(1 Motorola CPIs and production outpul has Huetraled.
Although supplies of these chips wen; expected to be fully on line by now, Motorola eannrt meet the demand We are assured however ihal by rhe early pan of 1996 Motorola will be in a position lo fulfil Ihe market’s needs and hence. Blizzard product delays (which are beyond our eooirol) shoukl disappear. Until then you may well ask.. Should I be tempted to buy on '040 instead?
Well, when the Blizzard '060s can be Two or Three times as fast yet cost as little as 23% more, why huv an W0 which offets a far low er price lo performance ratio! When we considered the possibility of producing an •interim ’040', we decided it was not a product wonhv of rfcvetopmcnt.
Lire facts are simple, if YOU want the FASTEST Amiga a t)S060 is tire ONLY way. Maybe you shoukl think abour reserving a Blizzard 1260 r» 2060 now - slocks are bound lo be limited when lire mighty 68060 returns! A small wail now, but an '040 will always keep your Amiga wailing longer!
NEW 68060 ACCELERATORS FOR THE AMIGA A1200, A1500 and A2000 RANGES If yoti’d like to know how to make YOUR Amiga .41200, .41300 or A2C00 as fas as any Amiga can be., ask for our free brochure which shows you how!
Blizzjnl ppxlud' hjvc « *wicnilv idiieml tlie Iu Ix-m nu ianr jccubtles arvJ j» jrd*' 1unjtd Shopper utJ *m sburt itrou uunt tbt fastest Amiga tn the U-eAi fm tuir nu' ptm
• lirnga t omputing ' Imtgas ivjb ®« amthmi Pnnmt cm' 10 4w|u
Formal but nnr as toon as inn get ctmmr' 95S ruins «on«oi.v
vtom vnii , iialft art) rtiiZtft KI.IK 1Available I si
Quarter‘96 BY ROST 01 FAX Include your rum* address end daytime
phone number phis order deUrh. H charging a credit debit cerd
indude, number and e*piry date (aho o$ ue number with Switch
c»nh) Make Cheques (alow 7 days clearance prior to despatch).
Number with Switch earth) Make Cheques (aflow 7 day) clearance pnor to detpatch).
Banken Buikhng Society Draft) or Portal Order) payable to Gordon Harwood Computer) the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED Dept: NEW STREET. ALFRETON, DERBYSHIRE. DE5S 7BP Tel: 01 773 836781 Fax: 01 773 831040 |fyf PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY BEFORE MAKING A LONG JOURNEY TO VISIT US. OUR OPENING TIMES ARE... Mon-Sat 9am until 5pm A PWCtS Please remember to confirm pnet) m use you are took mg at an old' magaone. Price) can change (up or down) before the magaeme') cover month has passed Please confirm before sending orders by port DELIVERY We shrp prompdy and
offer defcvery ol afl orders throughout Mainland UK & mort products overseas if your order o urgent we have pnonty despatch options with express dekvtry avaBable.
EXPORT Most items are available Wortdwtoe. And at TAX FREt PftKES to non EC residents ft overseas UK Armed forces Personnel (with COS document).
Please call us lor confemation ol pnees and carnage charges inball Is this the best pinball game on the Amiga?
New team of coders, Effigy, get right back to basics with this addictive pinball escapade.
Playability is king at Effigy's towers and looks, as I often remind Nick Veitch, aren't everything.
If. Like me, you found the much-hyped Pinball Dreams, Fantasies and Mania good- looking, but ultimately drab, you'll love Prelude - it's the exact opposite in that it plays like a dream, but unfortunately looks less than glitzy, So, you've got three tables - Past, Present and Future - but really you've only got two, because this otherwise top game loses the plot completely with the Future table, which is poorer than a very poor thing. In fact, if this is what the future is really like. I'm staying put. Let's take a look at each of those tables, shall we?
Complete this table by transporting things to the correct time zone. I couldn't, although Veitch claims to have had some success while he was idling away a few hours, but I had immense fun trying and, ahem, got two scores on the all-time top five for my troubles.
This is the best of the three tables. It's all very straightforward; there are a few neat, yet simple touches, like the side lane waterfall, but it’s difficult. Take, for example, the bonus multiplier which involves slinging the ball into the dinosaur jaws on the right of the table.
The best way to do this is as a backhand off the right flipper. The shot is a tricky little blighter, but once mastered, completing it is almost as satisfying as scoring at the far post with a diving header at Sensi.
Actually, I can only presume this to be the case because, despite devoting a fair part of my adult life to executing such a goal, I have yet to achieve it.
Other neat features include the multiball (achieved by completing a series Prelud r « i ¦-« .1*1 *¦ *i.i The Present is a good place to be. Perhaps not as pleasinq as the Richard Jones thinks it might be... pa„ , but much better than the Future.
Of hellishly difficult shots past the top-left flipper) splatting the rat when the little fella pokes his head up, and the rubber ball. The whole thing is fast, yet simple, and extremely addictive.
Table Two The Present is the most complicated of the tables with loads of ramps, shoots and flashy things, including a mini football game, a curious car parking facility and a rather fetching Smiley ball feature.
Like the Past, it's fairly easy keeping the ball in play, but hitting the scoring shots takes some application and involves the full repertoire of backhands, switching the ball across the flippers and, of course, luck.
The shot up the ramp to the big circular thing in the middle that gets you your multiball and the Smiley ball is particularly tricky. Took me ages to get it right and, naturally, I couldn't do it again when the time came to do the grabs. The mini football bit is excellent in a bizarre and pleasingly pointless kind of way.
The Present is a good place to be.
Table Three The Future is the table that lets the whole show down. Stop Press: Due to Effigy operating through mail order, they released it in an unfinished state with the promise of an upgrade as and when it was finished.
We'll get Rich to look at it again next month.
The End Bit Hurrah for Effigy. If it wasn't for the dreadful Future table, Prelude would have got a Format Gold.
But let's concentrate on the good things. After a glut of games that tried to emulate pinball tables, we now have one that involves a bit of lateral thinking.
It takes the basic premise of hitting a ball with flippers to create a game that requires skill and reactions and has a fairly steep learning curve.
It doesn't matter whether it's a pinball game, a footie game a beat-'em-up, or a flight sim, but any game that has those qualities is going to be addictive and, let’s face it people, it's good to get hooked. So, do it! ¦2 PINBALL PRELUDE Publisher_ Effigy Software, 2 Manor Close, Ruslington, Sleaford, Lincolnshire MG34 SHL.
Tel: 01536 834020 Price_ £19.99. Mail order only.
Versions_ A1200 System requirements AGA only, 2Mb minimum Release date_ Out now Graphics 7 out of 10 Hardly luxurious, but kinda fetching.
Sound_8 out of Cartoon-like sounds conducive to the action.
Addiction 10 out of 10 Top-quality hook factor.
You'll be gagging for more flipper action.
Playability 9 out of 10 Plays like a dream. Simple but alarmingly effective.
Overall verdict The third table is awful, but Past and Present are two of the best pinball adventures on the Amiga. It's only that third table that prevents Prelude from striking Gold. Let's hope the new upgrade has picked up on this.
Hottest 1. 2. 3 & 6 Set CODE: CD240 PRICE: £29.99 Software oFSwetfen Silent Mr©* Demo II Newtek Demo Heal Piohe Animatkm
l. uxo Trenagrt Amni CHM 64 Music Salamander CoHret Riot Hellowmt
Middle East Mania Plasma Force Add Fiendish Freddy-* I lor mi
Show Am ms Bakhuice Sounds Joe nf Scoopex PR* Its -an complete
classn .Amiga Various disk collection This i the 2nd volume
to he irlcasr on CDROM I Previously on I 500 flof |n disk*
only in DMS lurinut only I i you the e press i ¦ Froxxion
Honor Vocal Attack II Gel It up Run Anim Sculpt 3d Divine
Visions Pics Zeus Anlmallon Miami Vice Theinr ROM neeil- i»
»wl direct hard drne* You'II be oorted with Amiga Ulllltlea a?
You'll get software from all aspects of the Amiga Technical section. Artwork ui black A White and Colour, all 2.000 of our .You- Pamou* arlou.
Floppy disk library ' Antt Virus Workbench 2 ti 1 flocks ' Calendar* ; Copland | r|r|r File Kinder* Kile Changer * 1 ('-ni|ui isons Disk topie* Keylnxardlng Miruse Utils Kn him rmem* Editors Menu *v*trm* Nr, Wily Workbench J 0 Astrology Magazine*
• Archiver*
• Catdlcspilng Utilities
• Desktop call ulaloi*
• Trlcphunr utils
• Directory
• Disk utils
• Kile Viewer*
• Help
• File Copies
• Hard Drive utils
• Educational
• System
• Emulator %
• 4Do* Utils
• CAD Systems
• Video Utils
• Ma0c Workliench
• Game t heal*
• Stereogam*
• Desktop iMhlishlng THE COLOUR LIBRARY CODE: CDI82 PRICE: £9.99
The Image you need right no- o*e»
1. 700 photos!
What Categories do gou get:
• Animal* • Hike*
• Buds • I kit i*
• Building* • Car*
• Cartoon* * Cat*
• Computers • Dinosaur Fl-Liccnccware CODE: CD233 PRICE: £29.99
Sick of (he run nf Ihr null old releu.es con (Ufning
collections from p re 190.1 i mtom* only Dle»l i raplUco! I
mbit- ihc win Id. Also re tin illp art and *hinntnc rokmred
uages. | er1e 1ly w Mined |4Huir* hr superfoe Image* are
dlvktr.1 up ¦mm* tnley utr* to aid *ele. Ihci Flower*
llehcoptrr* Inserts Medical Military MoiL.it I'laies ka.ll a-r
Sr.Fl SniaTtan Sp«e Sports Star Trek Swimsuits Things Train*
Ihr hie* may le “Importable' Into most ol the | qniMr desktop
publishers art »lT iT ? "*"d)e*'A '*"r l ** rv",% We liave
Included sesrial useful utllltlr* in enhance thr performance of
tht* dl»e first is Filly GIF' This allow, vvo to "ew any .4 Ihr
luou-r. On HU* dl*C. Jitlo* to uie Srsoml I* Fhotovlslon'
xhicli I* a full fraluied iinogr manl| ulatloci and Mewing tool
Irom fidtw aie Vision CorpoviMloii Anotlier ixogrorn wliii h Is
also a luin favourite is Envision llitillshrr which Is a lop
quality desktop puMtahrr there aie of course l.swl* more ol
llir most ixamMi sh.iirw.iir title* Ml tin* diw and all come
with lull Iiisiiim «• AinlgaGuideC uiirrlaer with pi, up ..ms
running rakehift ¦•
• Musk Dream 2 Remember that the programs are cum lllrrclal With
copyright owned by FI December 1995 Ihe gredirst and 1 from
two superb t The interlace rniis any CD Coded In ihc thor of
the great Dead!
• Grapevine 17 I LSD I
• Unknown Territory
• the Reas) Simiilalnr
• Sur Trek TngTrivu
• l ull I ’ Episode* VI
• (idvssry hv Alcalrar
• Itir.iwired .('names!
• Ba ktlaminon
• Sulullack y I 0 leslyled 11 Extra. 1 lo flanptrn or RAD I
Superb ran' to use the conlenis luivr also laled v. you get
all the latest I'D UnUll 'ember 1995 and loads more tint listed
nuimr. Mulll-task- II you warn die Litrst ot greatrsi PD Softwi
then look Itere’ Tlie CD cuntiUns well over disks, iner 640Mb *
ol .Dili or 1.3 GIG » u Public domain mug.'" J Over I.OOOMb of
the best gr* ¦ quality Sound File*.
Pn ¦ Its a fkvuMr (».», Sef wuli Hie 1 I ,!| s.il„ l' I'euI VJVtw ale 'l!! " 1 What you do fell- The AGA Experience CODE: CD210 PRICE: £14 ¦ti'kn.ag '..i-'l |i.rkU!!i.W M II I I
* ll'l -sb»ws aiii.u.C- ¦.UVs i: |K Wll first Atnlg.i CD-ROM disc
live ‘-- AGA Experlernr This L* the first CD dedicated n. AI200
A4000 owner*, and feature* dir wry Iwst AGA-only software
released aver the past 3 year* Some of the main feature* Please
add .75p for each title orderet towards postage and packing.
Harkdrop* etc All lal appearance lo READY TO RVN Musi of ihe rniiieut. Run straight from thr CD There I* no nred to spend ages exttactliuf disks Wrll over .YOOmrgol ready- lo-run Itoi vilifliies disk mags, text file* rletnos game, ami inuc It more Onlv I hose mle* whlelt NEED CO Ire .ui| rrssed twve been these Include Ikr-mon and slldrsbnws which lurvr to Ire
* t red In DMS furnial F.xtrarting these t* a* simple as double
..Inking an lion In Workbench MAGIC WORKBENCH ?nlmil M-heiur
and icon* We Ivave *|ieni months making tin* CD thr very
snuiini Lxiking ( D available today Almost every program has .»
•ult.dilr Mitgli WB ir on We have even created iiMom Ray
Traied Icon* bn the CD. Any Amiga owner is guufdnieerl i« be
Wind- Over 18 products available upon request, call for details A tample of u haft on Hot tell 1
• Ac teed' Isomx Housel • The KnUflU Anlm
• Stack A The X Men •
• Tech Tech |Sodan|
• Lislrm to Ihe Fulilir
• Force 242 Music
• Robbed lleals I RSI |
• Walker AlUm 11 Mb I
• Walker Arum II llMbl
• Psychohall Ikrfrmil
• Hxixhi* Jumping Tiger * yuiei I
• Nasa Graphics" Frng AnimalUm
• Star Irek Anlinatinii * Sword of Sodan
• The Dr Hr Demo ..
• Deadly Jommln II
• ll Came from Ivvert
• Kvlie Muiogue
• Freddy Kiugai Sample
• Crusaders Frrekd I Air' l- 11. A mUM, 1UI 1
* Thing By The Rel el
* Ray of Hope II
* Guardian Dragon A •ample of what't on Hottnt 3 Illy Anim * Sic
knew Simulator rhle Slide • Jriman v| I |«rd iRisk’i • Vietnam
Confllrl i Lance Game * Ihh Mangtwf!
• Sleep Ui Bag 11 (or trim I
• A iiuriug Tune* II
• Judder ll Anim 2Mb
• At Tlir Movies |2MB)
• Tlie Wall IkefrensI
• Nmdilmare Slideshow
• Slai Tiek |T:N:G|
• Musical Massacre
• I'nllmllrd Bobs
• Sweel IcrusadersI
• Mechflght
• Coyote Strike* Bock
• Hoi Wired Crusaders
• 2nd (Scoopex)
• Vocal AlUick III
• Sllenls Blue* House
• Spaced Out Vol I
• Enigma Phenomena
• I Love Technology
• 3 Player Teirts
• Newtek Dig)view
• Daiing Game Anim
• Ice By Sllrnls
• Squamhle
• Super Iwinlrl*
• Irrnunal Anim*
• The Equalizer
• Jumping Jackson
• Melted Exfiertrnce
• Truckm on
• Air Wairtor
• Devil* No Rralltv
• Subliminal Vimm Font! 4.000 defeteol loot* ilw ••miiMillile DTP
luugrums . ntM More than 1.500 kml* yov need lo deiugn
docimeni* ihui gri noiired
• IFF Fonts Colour fonlfl. Black and While font*. Pom hrushe* IFF
Preview* ft Pic Fonls
• Fletcher Fonts All our famous 16 colour
• Oprraliini Thunderholl • Forgotten Realm*
• Sound tracker Jukes • CHM AVX» Dlflchl
• Tlie Juglrr Animailnn
• Crusader* Exp-miiem
• Dragon* Lair II Anims
• Sonlx* Exlrav.iganra
• Frantic Freddy Gulf War Conflict Amo* Multi Paini Eiho* Game
|WBI lAingerm of N.wiroi PtaySld *-2 ll Song* Track mo iRrdmrx!
Nopolemc War Sim 5 Mind Game* Sword of die Warlock Royal BouUlerda*h Seeing l* Believing Block Jack Uh Card Sharp Dtplomancv II Phrnamraa Ihrnensi My Tin Toy Anim 64 Tune* Again Amy v* Walker 2 Manic Rove* II Rodent Anim ai the Beach
• Sbu Deck Music
• Xenon III
• AinoiiLtlrd Light Aiilin
• Ixnding Se.iueme .
• 1000 Wa»ird Dreams • Burred
• Dralii by Sirreo * Aafrnnn
• Fratiale Muuniam*
• N'akkl*or ml* i Dav owl I .. Potato Head Circus Golden Oldies
Amy History How lo Run by RS I nnporllng Anlro Amos Frull
Machine font* for use with Dpuint A Vidro uruductio
• D.T.P Page sire .tin P.vge Seller 2 A all all supported on Hit*
• Esc Singes “astle ¦ liuSgs In Space Arum nl Tunib Mega e Killer
* The Base Crockett* Theme Vocal Aiiack i ronies N'evrrwhete Evil
Dead II Clothes Peg Anim* Art ol War Reflex i Liquid I Mega
Ball 2 . Editor Lemmlns Revenge font*. Pro Draw font* file* in
mixed lor nut* Bomb Jack)- Leiluil Exit ’Duil.il Magneiu Heat.*
Ill I a, PDSFonU ¦ 113 Disk packs, various for mats rnomllif
your letter* with: thousand* of exrrllrni looking rllpxn
• PMC Fractal Anim*
• Her Aninurtlon
• Allen* Mega Sample
• rhriMinax Musk
• Total Ke*tyle
• ToUl Reeoum
• HntrU
• Station ai Kliern
• Club Mu II :er. Dca'umeni. Or design h The Piofettlonal Fonta d
Clipart ITIROM This disc 0vr» v n Adobe Type 1 Prof Fonts &
Clipart CODE: CD02S PRICE: £9.£ What » .Vru'im Hottest 6 NOW
rtunou« CDROM Series which now twine* complete with an easy to
use menu system Tlir Menu is vrry easy to uy potnt and click
operation with a
(ill) Graphical Interface to Perform thr Uncamparilon ol ihr
cdrom lor you I DMS or LHA supported)
• MENU SYSTEM Our new ...Morn written menu system mil do thr work
lor you README IH«plav* tlir README TXT Ole in Ihr lew box u*r
the •crollrr bar on thr right Mile nT thr text lo moir thr text
up and down HELP ME This bottom will display our helpful advice
Doc ument DMS You can dick on the DMS button to uii|Mck thr
selected program lo a floppy disk I thr disk would be as ll you
ordered It directly from us I Ml linage* |IFF formal) in a
irulv speeuiulor -»»l lemon I leading* like Tlie Star lisle.
Mandelbrol Spirals. Blue Cauliflower and many more' Al*o contain* the rmwt up-to-date lract.il and monrlelbrot gmrralor*. Creator* (or the .Amiga Image* from Space Contains a srrllon of harkgrimnd and pictures puiurr* from-
• Spue * Shuttle* • Planet*
• Probes • Deep Space • Solar System*
• Amerind* • Symcr Explaralion All Ihe lalem viewers are also
provided lor easy 'uw Bitmap Font* In mono ideal lor use with
your wsxkfieoch and rlpalnt program* Mxl New L'llltiy dl.k.
• Sounds • Inairvmmt* * Moilules
• Ptcturr* • Clip Art • Educational
• Font* • Dpaint * lluslnrv*
• Graphic* * Music • Hard Dnve
• Utilities * Workbench * 1’omtns
• Virus * Killers • Video
• Emulator * • Hobbles • Programming
• Floctal* * Prinlers • Dalalvasr*
• Priming • Game • Sound
• Bualnev. • Animal tun • Home
• Prediction • Haul Drne • CDROM
• MED • Oclamed • Design Work
• Arno* • Cheats * Demo Makrr*
• Workbench • Obierl* • Degragrr*
• Modem • Virus Killer* • Programming
• 30 ‘Art Rrlalrd * Cad:Software 300 New Library disk*
• IOO Compaqraphic Fonts lot use wllli Workliench 2 0 and 3 0
machine* C.ninplrir scalable fonts, tr rcxMablr
• Klec.lronlr Teal* I Ready to rradl
• Alice in Wonderland • Mody Dick
• Tarzan • lluckleberrv Firm
• The Wizard of O* ’The Arabian
• Nigh1* * The Jungle Book
• The Heart of Itarkness 'The Book of Mormoi
• The King James Bible • Robert IxhiI* Steven.
• Edgar Rice Burroogh* • George Elliot
• Mary Wollslonecraft • Edith
• WhorIon • Mark Twain
• Home finance
• Inventory
• Label priming
• Mailing
• Word processing etc Tin* enure collection corns less than ju»i
one commercial game, spread sheer, word processor or brain
iionntng program LHA - You can click on ihe LHA button lo
unpack h) where you wunt I uses our rxcellrni GUI Inirrlucrl
SHOW • lick on llie SHOW IMAGE button when ihe option I*
given lo ditpiay GIF. IFF' etcjnclu file* (See Images In Siiorr
srcllon POV RAY and Frarwl *eellon»| tmsines. Or anybody that
wiuit* to prim ¦ a letter ¦ an invoice
• a huslnevs card
• a teller head
• Also has aoRw-arr like Spreorlslieel* ; Cataloguing system*
PRINT .'SAVE TEXT * This Button will print the current text box
to your printer or save it to a ... .. i i.i. IOO New feed Fish
Disk* Tlie follow on In Oie Hunt fiopuUr floppy dlf library
from bed Flxh disk. IOOI lo 1 IflO Thr latest Public Domain
aiul sharrwarr software born Mar- 1995 Co December 1995 r
computer ihe Leisure Home ami Database* Drskloi) Publishing
Financial Planing install any ol the «e button Its the ill the
mml up to CODE: 0200 Hottest 6 ZOOM release 2 New Updated
version CD234 PRICE: £18.99 s„,r„ the Mul(l l.isklng
se.iidifind will seek lllr names or iiundwrs Vrii 'Hut Key*'
function Just He** S for search or E fin rxirari. Pres die HELP
key lo read the help texl Neui SeiMiriiir l.ist tlultons Click
.1 button lor I Inline* or Demos etc en Ooer 200 New XH.k* 200
new disk scene Zoom release number I ot 1 st of June 1995
• Business • Gambling
• Ernulaturs ¦ Grnralugy
• Books ¦ Video
• Hinting ' and a hole lot rncer' New Double disc version
• Ncu Menu ryilrm An excellent menu syslrin which can view .uni
unpack all ihe Ilia nle* from Hie CDROM lo yuur Ivard drive
• Neur ¦Smrrt' Function* Tu search lor all Ihe Workbench title*
juM c(Kk on the search button and text wotklieo.h .mil all Ihe
disks will he displayed
• New Workbench emu'rumen I Excellent teadl to iun Amiga Worklwiu
h has Ireen provided on Ihe disc for rasv use
• Ocer 530 New Imtke
5. 50 new disks sutee L'lllltles I 1500 was r firmed New hem ami
Ullormallun llles reslylfd artwork- llpdalerl inluriiuiihxi.
Catalogue of New CDROM * orul contains Hie latest software
rlg»n upfo late Deiemlter 1995.
• Greatest A lale»t Utilities from tx toher l| to December '95
Ulllllle*. .uk! Load* ntorr laer above).
Knh.io, e your Amiga with powerful apptlrull-n* carefully sorted Hitougli out out many vrar* Our Menu system will iielp install any of Uie uuli tie* to any device.drive on your system Will urdhaNlrw any file Support* .Ml Amiga computers | 2 Co 4 0 Minimum Req Ami©* A500. CDROM Drive and I Mb uf memory. RrccutimrndesI 2Mb A1200 lor all ulllllle* in work your Wnrkbrnrli HUNDREDS of luogtain* I
CD. Mostly downloaded flora BBS * oroumf the World and slralglit
frora thr Intrrnrl ALL AGA Amiga Doom done* It you ihi night
Doom was hit possible on the Amiga, take a look at ihu CD lot
a real suipuse' BRILLIANT AMIGA-ifralrsl nnogrs We Inn*
created load* of very impressive AGA picluie* feu thi* Cl
These pictures are «i no cnher CD uid show what the Amiga Is
really a|Mlile op LATEST AGA Meea-tlrmos II you like lie mg
tin pressed by your Amiga you 11 find a gre,.i selet tk«i of
arrno* on nnrr Time ale nuiiv Will, h n.r so new dial vou
won't luvr even liealv uf brlotr - let alone *een' HIGH
QUALITY Ailw.nk ami pm kagmg You 11 lie more than impressed
with I lie quality ol live Amiga created artwork and |m
kagmg' PDSOFT 1 Bryant Avenue, southind-on-sea EsiEX. Ssl
2yd. 0k.
Tei (01702) 466933 EAX617123 BBS (0181) 2510077 8 9 ’ e bought separately There * something fo everyone oil Uie CD games utilities tool* pro frssaon.il i ll|*Mrl. Musk. Beginner* guide*, educa- lloaul piiigrurns and much more Some superb material I* cnnlalned urilhrn this CDROM-
• Blackboard v3.0 I linage manipulation)
• Ultima! Quit 3 I general quiz I. Word
• Plus Pro loilgnullv valued at LIS'I
• Fortress isirate God game I
• Relics of Detdroneye I voted best I'D game rvei by Amiga
• ERIC (v iteil second lw*l I’D game ever ' Powerbase I
database program I ’ GRAC .i| rb Monkey Isl.unl stylr adv
g.inir creator with 1000 * ofcoptr* *old on floppvl
• Introduction lo Workbench iBesl Seller':
• Absolute Beginner* Guide to AMOS
• Junior Artist I kids paliil pnrkagr i
• Tots Time tone ul many kul* programsl Commercial Software What
about the clipart for your DTP iJomnieuls'- AMOS programmers
tune a fleld lav with this CD • AMOS me. Guide lo AMOS and
AMDS sup Amiga Utilities 2 CODEi CD201 PRICE: £ Re* ruled.
Remasteretl New Iielp and mlortnatk .
Work' Which i» |u»l Superl?
All programmer* reloe a royally for et-ery CD *old LOADS 1 beb.ir
• Grealesl A Uiesi I'D frcun October 94 m December 95 Uulltle*.
(iames. Demos Side Shows. Educational Disk magii lne*. A more’
Stw: - A sele* lion of Active software Pro Pucks SEW: All
blufevslonal vaind samples NEW Over 22Mb ol read to virw use
WocklieiHli IcollS el NEW lot! Kloi-like Cord Game* Deluxr »et» LICENSED Amig.1 Report Disk mags I he entire 1995 roller lion »o Dr. ready t»-view A greal resourer for any Amiga owner VERY BEST • Emulator * Run IT Apple Mm Spectrum and C64 software Available to rxtning ZOOM Oicnrr. For X6.99 caff hrtUunt Klondike card game with Kllniih in
i. irdsets fhew include many qualltv ciuilsrsts we Iuivt
cre.itrrl our selves ami these air cnlv available on till* CD
Featuring EXCLUSIVE Bodysliup cunDet*' Our CM experts tune
spent months oI Irutllul work pretiarmg this disc. N inverting
Kies Irom 5 I I inch floppy disks. Searching tlirougli the
irilrrnrt site*, talking to prctfammrrs etc Amiga • Contains
Amuw toils to tie used for iopying A convrrilng (lie I 64
images bark hi your lri41 or into yi iur Amliw Also Ui luded
is tlir FULL irrslnn ot AIM Emulator Package Hex.* isui hn v
tw fc ' oes an.»*r "»s-a *r* ¦ »• *£.
- ,cr . v e. i»iu.
1 !«•* ¦ * ig , ¦ , oS.' Deevi* *v: r* »" ••'* y'tf"‘¦e T»« i» x* • »» 1 i« s. mn a».
MS-Do* Con tuba various HIM tool* lo he used wtlh the Ullage Itles The IHM Tool, sectkm Is consldrratdy larger llnui the Aung* Dir In I sere you can find a tool lo do suiualtv nrrMhme u huiT ner dreamed -g tu a ! ».« file Also Included are the Idlest Sluirw-are and I 'pgrarle -sanes ol CMS and ft 1.1 die M most. Imimoii IS t 64 Emulator s I - IklN Windows A the Am 11,1 Wh*« you do get:
• Animation* in Amin AM ..tvl F1.I lot mats
• Ptclure* in GIF f-rrmat
• Imagine Hi Ughwavc Obfecl* Avution.
Buildmc. T omputn* Earlh. Food. Gears House Hold items Land. Logos Mis*. Mvisli OriVinii Oullets Nlilps, Sivair Slants. Texl Tirys Tree Kll Vrhales Vtdm and Wratmn*
• Font* ha Imagine A Lutdwavr u-et*
• PSPOJtrrs »..r Iruagr A llrfilwa.r Khr, 24UI
• Imagine Attribute* Air Aiun.Mr. Hi i k lie. Ks CoinlKi
Disturb Dol Grid Envltome ill I'lllei Glass I rallrei.
I.ltktagu A I nders.,.
• Tenure* in ll I.ninat In miwms catagle* like
• MIDI tile* vaitou* lor mat.
* Over A.500 Muse Module*
* Over 1.000 Music VOC Files
* Over 1.000 Mu*K WAV Files
* Over 1.000 Music Samples
* Ready lo Kuo 100* i.| Mum. Lelatrd soft ware |U1 koge* Kdiloi*
Mixliu; Cnnvrrtei's.
Snjuencer s Drivrrs. Fliyei* Trarkers etc Amiga • «.e( die latest nhMewarr A PD vriioon Siaiial Track.. Pic. Trai kn MED. Noise Iraikei lldPUv'i Rljij -is. Sainjders Sound Pf l rw »l--e it tm -nrt- Drum HlaUei. Leu “N-kci Huuci Matter. W usV « wHrrd utilihe*. In Huvtn V,u Muir ixtmi. Mulh Media likikn I mim* MlgMWm. Mu.ii Vulr*:-. Suit. I f. IS Drummer ami mmh. In.ee Catagle* Include:
• llahyfon %. • Thunder Hud*.
• sur Trek • Next Grnerallon
• Deep Space 9 • Vmagei
• Harman • Ih Who • Moborop Blade runner
• Alien*. 2001 • luille.tai Cadacllra
• Trcm • Tirtal Recall rlc All ready lo tun direel from the CD
There are other tiiterr*lltig nnflwoir c atagie. Like Images
Came. I lljocrl. SCI FI Fonls Inlorinalion V«lll‘.i|ei Slorle*
Musn Samtde* :iD A |ects. Game Granhks Treds.
And Aiilii .iiv-ns in FU. Kl ANTM. Movies AVI Mm and MPEG for mats SCI-FI SENSATIONS CODE: CD207 PRICE: £ 18.99 is Ml eselling 1UT. Double dlsr CDROM conlaliung nei IOOOMI ol Sclera e fi. N,.n reUlrsI software | Ik J The S Pi CDROM ||AiM Sound FX Ixaiimenls Tunes 1 Infiuinanoti and Gome* I*''" W one ol lire reasons why we compiled Oils CD So dllvtlmr »r want lo rrnunurr I lie old days you can lust pull oui the CD. Plug n in A Everything is In ought lack We guarantee you! That yuu will not have seen many ol these amazing Mega demos as « high amount h.ur not (Men telrases belore Std Tune* In
here you will hod hundreds of Sal llitrl tunes All die tune* .«i» in Amiga
111) sad formal IM’T have all been rrnained mth It' Sidllayer lUe
evlensions «¦ they ate run*t l on a K as well ll«ey are
also runalde throu i Ilay Shi 11 e latest iriston* ol wtih
li is alvi ei the due are |ir nldrd Iri lire relevant Tool*
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N*r*r ih?K«i I OaMn'r lut* .i.|«r%*r*1 4 -Cl
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V«oMb . 4 r - A ater ht* 1 Ihr r-rml rri.trei h»» J Weettl
taro% *. Nnd-ta U-rr thaa I •»« wrt B h*Or*1 tarn rm Mr, Mr ,4
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mi e |.|uie inui li art I I I) um luduic ej-hiv iV*
.iniriilalliiii *U ln*l*ll il|H* limnliu: |*i’np*iii» yyrwlii
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e*ei leayiui Payment By Cheques or Poital ' r T"” lop
leyel KFADMt. P.l.lr like 1 now f«m Ihe INSTALL *rllpl lo
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Dire* if* treun Hu Ttir GoidFlsh CX * Per CM Aminet Series COM: 777 PRICE: £12 ' Tk* Best WttrltN at AGA ZEEWOLF ZEEWOLFIER In AP57 we bear witness to the hot fury unleashed upon SINISTER EVIL MEGA- GLOBAL CORPORATIONS by helicopter vigilante Zeewolf 2. Admire the intricate prose of our shatteringly accurate review, then play the coverdisk demo. And if that doesn't appeal to you, you're a cretin.
POWER ON SALE NOW k * r ¦¦ ¦ m .
Zeewoi Zeewolf 2, as you might already have guessed, is the sequel to the first Zeewolf. Is it moving forwards or backwards? Asks Steve McGill.
Zeewolf was a mission- based, arcade wargame that not only improved on, but bettered David Braben's seminal classic, Virus. Zeewolf put you in charge of a deadly blue attack chopper and offered a choice of three weapon systems with which to hand out justice to its enemies.
We loved it at Amiga Formal and awarded it a Format Gold in issue 66.
Zeewolf 2, though, is a sequel. To paraphrase a fellow journo in the games world, "if you ain't going forwards, you're going backwards".
So the big question that has to be asked is whether or not Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice is going forwards. The answer is a simple and resounding yes and no; both at the same time and with equal conviction.
The biggest improvements lie in the optimisation of the code. The 3D patchwork terrain moves faster and looks better; there are four world types as well - grasslands, desert, arctic, and toxic wasteland.
Ran These worlds are further populated with all manners of buildings, machinery and military paraphernalia.
Combined with the new look of the different worlds, they succeed in fleshing out Enemy helicopters make more of an appearance in the sequel. Exciting aerial duels are the test ot a true pilot.
F2 EES ¥2 r-1 Rather than stick with Destroyers and Frigates, Binary Asylum have opted to put in more boats and ships. From left to right they are: enemy Destroyer, an enemy Tanker, and a double-gunned son of a bitch, difficult to kill, Destroyer-based Frigate.
What was basically a bare bones collection of assorted objects.
Consequently, the new additions add to the atmosphere and help the gamer suspend their disbelief more readily.
Vastly improving on the original and drawing heavily on the influence of Jungle Strike is the inclusion of different vehicle types which the Zeewolf pilot can access by linking up with a remote link Camel (all of Zeewolf's vehicles are named after various animals).
We've highlighted the various vehicles in the box below.
O jjraH j • 1 n 1.
Pick up the Buffalo. Fly it to where you want to go. Then seek out the remote link Camel.
In that other great chopper game, Jungle Strike, the player was forced to use the ground and water vehicles in certain instances, due to the introduction of some crude mechanisms preventing them from completing missions in an alternative manner; for example, the hovercraft had to be used because the attack chopper couldn't fly past a bridge but the hovercraft could sail underneath it.
Zeewolf 2, thanks to its open- ended architecture offering complete freedom of movement, isn't quite so draconian. At least not at first. On mission 11, when the player is first introduced to the remote link boat, the mission can easily be completed without even thinking about the boat.
Come mission 19, though, the player is almost forced to use the boat through a lack of refuelling Camels. You're left with virtually no other option but use the remote link boat. It would have been nicer to see the player having to resort to the use of the remote link vehicles through dastardly mission design.
After all, SAM and AAA sites track ground vehicles but don't actually shoot at them. Protecting a mission objective with heavy batteries of antiaircraft missiles backed up with three or four Cobras (a mobile radar vehicle which homes missiles in on the Zeewolf) would ensure that all but the most kamikaze of pilots would resort to the remote link ground vehicles on offer.
Still, the new vehicles are a pleasure to use and spice up the flavour of Zeewolf 2 no end. The boat is a favourite of everyone in the office.
You can fire torpedoes, homing missiles and a straight cannon. It's the same with the other remote vehicles, each one has its own particular 'big' weapon. Top stuff.
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Surprisingly, though, the issue of controlling the Zeewolf
hasn't been dealt with in a satisfactory manner. Mouse control
is still as slick, intuitive and difficult to learn as ever.
It truly is worth persevering with.
Many people can t get to grips with the mouse and thus opt to use the joystick. The joystick hasn't been suitably upgraded to give the player the sense of utter control that's needed; you can't use the throttle with the joystick which makes it a very poor relative of mouse control There isn't even an option to use a two-button joystick or a CD32 pad This is an unforgivable exclusion. It shuts off too many people from the real joy of playing the game. And Zeewolf truly is an event waiting to happen.
So, we've reached this far and now the time's arrived to ask if Zeewolf has gone forward. The answer is a straight yes and no.
Yes, the inclusion of remote vehicles is a step in the right direction. And no, the mission structure isn't different enough to protect the game from the claim that it's more of the same - it would have been nice to see a structure similar to Jonathan Griffith's Conqueror. Overall, though, the game offers just enough to have edged forward in the evolution stakes.
I've still got no qualms about thoroughly recommending Zeewolf 2 Playing the sequel is like visiting an old and trusted friend who's suddenly taken to wearing trendy clothes and acting hip.
Despite all the hype about ‘next generation' consoles, a game's still to appear that offers next generation gameplay.
Zeewolf 2 is a next generation game awaiting recognition. Grab a piece of the future. Buy Zeewolf 2
- it's terrific. O Excepting the joystick, one of the finest
control systems ever.
Overall verdict Fans of the original will flock to the sequel. Anyone else should get in on the excitement now.
Invades your dreams and wakes you up wanting to play more.
As sparse and mute as ever.
Addiction 9 out of 90% ZEEWOLF Publisher Binary Asylum Tel: 01225 428494 Playability i oul of 10 E29 99 Of 10 Spruced up and prettified compared to the original.
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¦ Requires Workbench 1.3 or above, floppy or hard disk, 1MB RAM.
£49.99 Add £3 poitogc o«d pockogmg !TurboCalc3.5 I now understand why this I remarkable I software is so popular in Germany. Thank goodness Digita worked with TurboCalc's German creators to develop this English version. In a nutshell, a fast spreadsheet, at a friendly price and with a proven track record!’* I Datastore 2 ®riendly.
Lb That's how I I'd sum up Datastore. There are so many helpful features, like DigiSense for example it knows what I want to type and helps me type it! Time-saving features like that make all the difference.” Datastore makes storing information simple. Ready-made EasyStart'" templates means that you don't have to design your own database layouts. And, the wide range of automated data entry facilities ensures that you type as little as possible.
With Datastore, storing information has never been this easy.
¦ EasyStart1" Templates include: Address Book, Club Membership, Gardener's Guide, Home Insurance Inventory, Recipes, Video Vault and more.
¦ DigiSense " technology, like Auto Date’" which senses the date you want and helps you type it.
¦ List view lets you see multiple records on-screen.
® Phie is ihe only choice, I fhe only Amiga | paint program that does everything painting, image processing, animation and 24-bit printing there is no other choice for a computer artist!” Painting has never been so liberated! Personal Paint's unique virtual memory facility uses free disk space to supplement RAM, and in doing so, relieves memory constraints.
Quickly and simply print labels (using Wordworth).
On-line AmigaGuide help whenever you need.
Share information with Organiser, Personal Paint, Turbocalc and Wordworth.
Low price upgrade!
Call for details.
Requires Workbench 2 or above, floppy or hard disk, 1MB RAM.
I Money Matters 4 1 Organiser 2 Organiser 96 Pins Pack Diary Themes: Astronomy, Born On This Day, Celebrity Birthdays, Died On This Day, Disasters, Discoveries, Famous Battles, Firsts, Historical Days, Sporting Events, Trivia, 9 Religious Calendars, and more.
Supplements: Animals, Art, Astrology Astronomy, Award Winners, Bom On This Day, Computers, Culture Events, Died On This Day, Disasters, Discoveries. Famous Battles, Firsts. Gardening, Health.
History, Home Hints. Hotels, Internet. Measurement Units, Movie Classics, Music Milestones, National Country Days, Olympics (past and Atlanta 96), Our Planet, Recipes, Registered Charities, Religions, Restaurants. Sport.
Telephone Dialling Codes, Travelling. Radio Stations. Social Season Events, Theatre. Telephone Numbers, Useful Addresses, Wine Guide and more.
Wordworth News-the new arrival SALES HOTLINE 01 395 270 273 MI PIHM IN* II I»l % IT. Ml IM» k MW FONTM.I AND I’M lU.IM, The Digita Organiser features built-in intelligence that we call DigiSense. Like Auto Date for example, which senses the date you want and helps you type it, and Auto Start'" which automatically starts other programs when you wish.
¦ Easy-to-use personal organiser display with animated pages containing: Calendar, Diary, Task Lists, Address Book, Supplements.
¦ Daily Fortune Cookies (operating tips, proverbs, anecdotes and jokes).
¦ Prints pages for Day- Timer, Filofax, Rolodex, Time Manager.
¦ Mailmerge with Wordworth to create personalised form letters.
¦ Manual and automatic linking of related items.
¦ On-line AmigaGuide help whenever you need, so you can learn Organiser as you use it.
¦ Share information with Datastore and Wordworth.
¦ Low price upgrade!
Call for details.
¦ Requires Workbench 2 or above, floppy or hard disk, 1MB RAM.
£49.99 Add £3 postoge and pockoging I wished I'd bought the I Digits Organiser I earlier. Imagine, an organiser which looks and works just like the real thing! Now. I never forget birthdays or bills, and I really plan my time effectively. I've learnt a lot too with the Diary Themes and Supplements.** ¦ have made P P I some very I nerve wracking decisions in my lifetime joining Her Majesties Forces Parachuting volunteering for impossible things but one of the best decisions I have ever made was to buy Wordworth!** When Amiga Technologies wanted the best word processor, it demanded Digita
Wordworth the best-selling Amiga word processor in the world. Wordworth 4SE, created in English, German, French and Italian, is now included with every Amiga.
So, then, the world's most popular word processor becomes even more popular!
I dreaded P P I working out I my finances af fhe end of the month. I always seemed to end up owing more than I had left over. In fact, my finances were a bit of a muddle and a lot of hassle.
But not anymore, now that I use Money Matters. I know exactly what I owe, I am able to make sound financial decisions and plan for the future. Best of all, the savings in bank and credit card charges covered the cost of Money Matters in just a few months!** Use the power of your Amiga to do the work for you! Instantly see what you spend the most on, how this compares to last month, last year, or to your budget if s effortless!
¦ See your whole financial picture in one go.
¦ Easily reconcile standing orders and direct debits with your bank statement (and receive warnings if bank charges are likely!).
¦ Now includes Human Interface Protocol'" v2, which combines Workbench look and feel with the new super-intuitive HIP'" style.
¦ Share information with Datastore, Turbocalc and Wordworth.
¦ On-line AmigaGuide help whenever you need.
¦ Optional business-style reports and VAT handling for small business, clubs and charities.
¦ Low price upgrade! Call for details.
¦ Requires Workbench 2 or above, floppy or hard disk, 1MB RAM.
Existing Wordworth users can now look forward to Wordworth 5, and, provided you're registered, you'll receive full upgrade details in November. New features include Arexx, Fast Format," FontEffects," footnotes, style sheets and much more. Best of all, the upgrade costs just £29.99!
£49.99 AM £3 pouog. OM poOog. Ihgita -lntemation.il Limited Black Horse House* Extra uth EX8 Ijl.
Lek-phone HI W 2“0 27? Facsimile 1)1 ?9S 2bti 89? Email salestSdigu.i.dcmon.co.uk This game has passed the stringent test of being liked by David Taylor's games-hating girlfriend, so it's as addictive as ever.
Worms CD~ 2 WORMS 3D CD32 Publisher he question that remains to be answered is: What does the CD32 version offer that the disk version doesn't? Not a great deal, unfortunately.
When you boot the disc, you get a couple of the rendered animations of worms gearing up (taken, I assume, from the PC version), which you may have seen on TV. These animations have been reduced to quarter screen CDXL files and have suffered a little bit in the process. Still, they make a nice intro, even if you only want to watch it once or twice.
The game itself is identical to the floppy version, even down to the way it loads (although it is quicker from
CD) . It does take advantage of the AGA chipset to "enhance the
presentation of the game" and 2Mb memory to load in
additional samples, as does the disk version.
In case you missed last month's review of the floppy version, here’s a quick recap of the gameplay. You control a team of worms battling against other teams, controlled either by friends or the computer. The game is played in turns, where you get to select an action (usually a violent one) which will lead to the death of other players' worms and leave your team the only one surviving and therefore a victor. In sort, you take it in turns to blow the crap out of each other. The game has several variants, such as tournaments and leagues, but the real boon is that the little cute creatures look
and sound enough like Lemmings that you can joyfully imagine you are terminating those little beggars.
There are only two real bonuses of the CD version. Firstly, you get a CD audio track for each terrain, or can swap Cds for one of your own audio Cds and make the game play specific tracks for different terrains. Secondly, the use of the controller actually makes selecting the weapons and targets easier than with the original game.
One big downside, though, is that you can't simply sweep over the game area, as you could with the mouse, to see where everyone is. Instead, you have to select a weapon that allows you to target, such as a homing missile, so that you can get a look around. Because you can't look around, it is a annoying flaw that the screen doesn't automatically centre on action as you can't always see what's happening and even have to aim at worms you can't see, even if they're quite close by.
This version has more or less just been dumped to CD by Team 17. It's not a game that takes full advantage of the CD status - why, for instance, could the CDXL animations not be incorporated into the game? Maybe not each time there was a kill, but at least at the end of each level or game even. However, it is a brilliant game that's now available to CD52 owners, for which we should be thankful. 'Zf WORM HOLES TT Team Price £25.99 Versions CD” System requiremenls CD” Release date Out now 85% There seem to be quite a few glitches when trying to run this on anything but a CD32. The SimBoot
utility supplied by AsimCDFS could not boot it. It is possible to load it from Workbench, but only some CD filesystems would let me do this. From the standard CDFilesystem and AmiCDFileSystem and AsimCDFS, only the latter loaded the game, which then expected you to have a CD” controller plugged in for you to enter the code and play the game - a joystick doesn't work and the keyboard was locked out.
All was not lost, however, because, by accident, I found a way around it. Using a PD program called WBCDBooter, couldn't boot the disc (as I was using a SCSI, not PCMCIA, drive), but did free up the keyboard when I tried to load it from Workbench. You can then use the keyboard and the mouse to play the game. (WBCDBooter was included on Coverdisks of Amiga Shopper 55, or should be available from PD Houses, if you want to try it.)
All of this is ridiculously strange and I'm close to blaming the file systems, or possibly the accelerator card I had in, but other games run without a hitch. It doesn't look as if the game has been fully tested on all configurations, so you might end up playing around before getting it to run, although you should be able to in the end.
Telephone 01268 725500 Fax 01268 590076 I ?
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Callers by appointment only. All prices include VAT & Postage for UK Mainland. Add £2.00 to postage price for Europe and £3.00 for resl of the world. Next day service available £3.70. Please send Cheques PO's payable to: SOFTWARE FIRST, DEPT AF01. 8 BUCKWINS SQUARE, BASILDON. ESSEX SS13 1BJ.
Please allow sufficient time tot cheque clearance. Credit cards are not charged until day ol despatch.
Please stale make and model of computet when ordering. Some titles may not be released at time ot going to press.
We supply only official UK product. Fotmals supported include Amiga, PC, ST. Master System, Megadrive and Game Gear.
All prices subject to change without notice. All Items subject 10 availability. E&OE.
SPECIALS COMBAT CLASSICS 3 AMIGA DAWN PATROL AMIGA PREMIER MANAGER 3 . . . AMIGA UFO .AMIGA ZEEWOLF ....AMIGA £11.99 £13.99 . £9.99 £11.99 £13.99 January C T C 3 c CD ¦ On sale 3 O S Get rich!
Be a business success using just your Amiga.
We show you how!
Msnna £179*1
• maun £249 The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs
directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and
SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional devices to be
connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug'
which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any
other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SC5I interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator.
MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrel . £179 X4 SPEED CD-ROM INC.SQUIRREL £249 AMIGA 4000 DUAL SPEED CD-ROM EXT. . . . .£139 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM EXT. £199 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE £129 SCSI CABLE ...£10 QUAD-SPEED AMINET SET 1 (4 CD’S)......£25 AMINETSET 2 ..£25 AMINET S £12 AMINET 6 £12 AMINET 7 £12 AMINET 8 £12 MEETING PEARLS 1 ....£10 MEETING PEARLS 2 ....£10 MEETING PEARLS 3 ....£10 AMIGA TOOLS 3 ......£25 XIPAINT V3.2 ..£35 CD-WRITE
£39 CD-BOOT 1.0 ..£29 £54
* (R -m THE AMIGA IS BACK Power Computing Ltd no longer sell this
product due to the lack of support for VCD and CD-i formats
(i. e MPEG Films). This CD player will not play movies.
©f PCMCIA Smart Card Slot 32-bit 68020EC Processor AGA Chipset
16. 7 Million Colours Built-In Modulator A 4 0 0 0 TOWER 6MB
RAM 68040 25 or 68060 50 Workbench v3.1 AGA Chip Set
16. 7 Million Colours
1. 2GB SCSI Hard Drive
1. 76MB Floppy Drive 2 x 3.5" Drive Bays Monitor not included
with A4000T EnniHi EmmHa AMIGA J £2199 £2499 2MB of RAM
3. 5" Floppy Drive
2. 5“ 170MB HD Option Wordsworth v4se Digita Datastore v1.1
Digita Organiser v1.1 Turbo Calc v3.5 Photogenics v1.2se
Personal Paint v6.4 Workbench v3.1 Whizz 3D Game Pinball Mania
Game A 1 2 0 0 PACK All prices include VAT BznmsEHzna hard
drive versions.
Does not include disks or manuals 6MB RAM
1. 2GB Hard Drive
1. 76 Floppy Drive Eamaaa msmxE ZE £389 £489 £289 FOR ORDER FORM
SEE DPS ADVERT TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 POWER
crash helmet and his driving gloves, Steve McGill takes a test
drive in a game that hails itself as a Formula One Grand Prix
LEADING LAP Publisher_ Kellion 0171 284 7957 Price_ E29.99 Versions_ A1200. 500 to follow System requirements AGA machine Release date_ Out Now Graphics 7 out of 10 Considering the restricted palette, the 3D is convincing enough.
Sound_7 out of 10 Solid, let down by the annoyingly intrusive sampled speech.
Addiction 6 out of 10 Doesn't have the needed hook due to the lack of competitors.
Playability 7 out of 10 Could be more competitive in one-player mode.
Overall verdict_ Tremendous 3D engine somewhat let down by the lack of other cars on the circuits.
In all, a competent, enjoyable romp, but not quite up with F1 for immediacy.
Hailed as a "Formula One Grand Prix beater" by new kids on the block, Kellion, Leading Lap very nearly give the claim validity.
But not quite.
Before we discuss why, let's look at what makes Leading Lap a creditable pretender to the crown.
1) It's got a tremendous multiview 3D polygon based engine
driving it.
2) The frame rate is fast enough to ensure a smooth, believable
motor racing environment.
3) It makes use of extra memory, faster processors and FPUs.
4) The handling of the various cars is such that if you drive too
fast on a long bend the car spins out due to excessive speed -
incredibly realistic for a game which is more arcade based
than simulation.
5) It looks good considering the severe restriction on the
palette - you can switch on extra detail, clouds, and extra
distance viewing.
6) The driving has a reasonably good feel to it for a hybrid
between an arcade game and a simulation.
And then there's the but. An unfortunate but, but a 'but' nevertheless. There aren't enough competitors taking part in the race - four in all. To maintain a credible sense of conflict throughout a full race, there should always be someone to press for a place, or someone pressing for a place on you.
That doesn't happen with Leading Lap. At first, as familiarity with the handling of the cars takes place, you're only likely to keep pace with the fourth placed car if you're lucky. Eventually you'll work your way up until leading the races from start to the finish becomes nothing more than a learned mechanical response rather than skill.
Still, it's fun in a limited kind of a way to reach the giddy heights of being the winner all the time. With twelve tracks to race on it's going to take you a reasonable stretch of extended play before approaching anything like full competency.
In all, a competent, enjoyable romp. Not quite up with FI (reviewed on page 75) for immediacy and out and out pace, but still good enough to convince enough people to part with their cash for a few hours of solid entertainment. If you've got an Amiga friend, try out the serial link option; it's not bad.
You don’t have to acquire a French import to do it in style. Just load up a copy of Championship Manager 2 for incredible gameplay, addictiveness and a little savoir faire!
CM2 contains all the emotion and playability of the original, plus dozens of new features including the pressurised heights of International management!
“The best football management game in the world, ever!” ¦ GamePro COMING SOON ON AMIGA!
The game footbal fans wanted!
JANUARY 1996 SCREEN PLAY SEND IT IN If you have a hint, tip or cheat to share with other Amiga gamers, write to: Steve McGill, GameBusters, Amiga Formal, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW. Or, better still, send it on a floppy disk.
ALIEN BREED 3D Here's a combination set of hints and game codes for Team 17's fabby Alien Breed 3D.
Unusually placed step in one corner. Step on it and open the wall to reveal a secret store room full of goodies.
6. On level 5 (system purge), looking behind you often may just
save your life.
7. Try to exit a level with as much energy as possible, for you
never know what awaits you... Paul Ninnes Weston-Super-Mare
Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level
10- Level11 - Level 12- Level 13- Level 14- Level 15- Level
OHCEKKPPFKFFBDEM 1 - 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- Step on it and
open the wall to reveal a hidden store room full of lovely
ULTIMATE SOCCER MANAGER David Squirrell has found a method of doing a George Graham with Ultimate Soccer Manager.
1. Go to the Match Day Options.
2. Select "Select Team".
3. Using "Swap Player", put your worst player as the the last
(i. e. the bottom of the list).
4. Click on "View" from the side menu.
5. Click on "Transfer List".
6. Click on "Fast Sell". The player After doing this about 100
times, go and check your bank balance and see that you now
have some several billion pounds.
Warning: Once you leave the "Select Team" screen, the player is gone forever and you must repeat the process with another player.
David Squirrell GameBusters
1. From level 2 onwards, do not use the pulse rifle since it
isn't powerful enough to kill efficiently.
2. The best general weapon is the shotgun.
3. To kill the flying brown aliens, select the Plasma gun, shoot
a few times, hide round a corner, step out, shoot, hide,
repeat as many times as it takes to kill the boogers.
4. When using the grenade or rocket launchers, make sure there is
enough distance to fire, or else you will get caught in the
5. On level 3 (sewers), there is a partially flooded room that
has an Hints, cheats and tips. That's the staple diet of the
Here's Steve McGill and, boy, he's looking bloated.
Now goes to some insignificant Third Division club for a ridiculously reduced price. Don't worry.
7. Click the mouse button to return to the team selection team.
The player you just sold should now have gone and the green
line should be highlighting a blank name.
8. Click on "View" and again, hey presto, the player you just
sold is back.
9. Ouickly, sell him again.
10. Repeat steps 4-10 O* % Final ' 03 A new branch on the
SoftWoocl Family Tree Arumalict w&S 9tS*S 4,500 00 5,85000
7. 60500 9,886 50 I2.8S2 4S 98 4,387 SO 17063 I V S.703 7S ?71 8i
165 7,41488 288 36 214 9.639 34 374 86 line chon_ Bor -
Stacked line Area Areo Slocked Pie Scalier Sp lined Curve
I-1ft _ lJ' •. LiH 121 Lgb.1.? - ;:I3I V* Final ;»k i' il»«
•.pfraiWun Xmig.t ¦ luvc been nailing ft if. Over four years
in ihi I dmlttpnunisiasf. LiiuK ak hasalliln |H»u r I you
will ever need and then some! I Wiih us friendly imcriaer and
on lm« help lor hegmiu r 1" !
Anil expert alike. Final all allows easy atcess to the I mosl evlensne list of fejiiins e er including
• umprtluii'-ne i e:‘l*pi-leliinli 'ii ••-ilimiSd ! I ¦ H A
Redo * );illuie loni lliiipiil • hat.k r*-iii.tl e ta I
• 178 Maths Functions with comparison logical operators
• Direct support for PostScript™ & Preference Printers •Print
Spixilcr, Scaling.Auto-fit. Page Preview and Portrait landscape
printing options
• 2D 3I) Graphs with animation -Read and Write Unas 1-2-3 Wkl
Ivbo else bul Ibe World's leading Amiga home & office productivity software developer could offer you such a wide range of award winning programs?
A range acclaimed as Ibe best for your computer with individual programs having received Amiga format Cold, Amiga Computing Blue & Gold Chips. CV Amiga Top Baled and many, many others worldwide £ Final Calc Spreadsheet The answer to every spreadsheet users' dreams! With its flexible modes of operation, it's ideal for beginners and experts alike.
• Layered sheets for multiple linked spreadsheet operation
• Advanced Printing and font handling with auto-fit to page(s)
and complete document scaling
• Vast choice of graph styles including 30 and animated to show
calculation results actually as they progress
• Unlimited number of Undo and Redo events with listing
• Lotus 1-2-3 WK1 compatible S full text file import export
'.l»i«to running VoMncb J 01 orltUrr aiih a hard Jmrand £99 « a
minimum if 2 iVhif RAM ¦ Morr nxtmmemkd Inc. pCp HnalCcde jWF
Final Copy II" Word Processor Ji This powerful alternative is
the ideal companion for Amiga users with single or twin floppy
drives and a lower memory size.
• PerfectPrint1" output PostScript'- smooth fonts to ANY p
landscape and portrait modes
• FastDraw'" on screen drawing tools for creation of boxes,
lines, borders, arrows etc.
• Other features such as newspaper columns and import of graphics
and pictures with scale, crop and autoflow text nmniqt
Iiwthrx i l.CnA Jicffn nr lord Jnm ml a £49.m minimum q Imh tf
fnr RiV I libs ¦ I Mbi Jtorr rmdnmenkd « ptp * Final Writer
4 Final Word Processor Publisher The most powerful Amiga word
processor for users needing the highest performance and most
comprehensive range of features.
• TextBlocks'* - to position text at any size and angle
• FastDraw Plus'" - versatile selection of graphics tools
• TouchTools " & PowerUser Bars'* - One touch commands
• PerfectPrint’* - You just can't print better on your Amiga
• French. German and Norwegian dictionary options
• Output PostScript-* fonts & clip-art to all graphic printers
Supplied with 100 images and 120 outline fonts FREE!
£74.m running tiaihmib 2 01 or Lacravb a bard dmr and In* pCp a mmmtm cf2 iffrrr MU - Morr moammini i H„ ajDaia :vi«»r yi ¦ OC*C*VpP II So Wood Products Europe limited, (Department amf ), Seu' Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 "BP EAX: 01 773 831040 So IWood Inc | t ntted Stiitrs
* 1 M2 411 094) % EmeruU Quiuar Australia +6 .1585 2055
(tbertand | (iirmurn 1 +496 7.16500 CIS I Sa ¦11¦ * M 57 89 H
ProComp Surdrn
* 46 472" 0845 '**4 A Cultivated Approach to Data Management Now
in its third release. Final Data 3 " retains its case of use
and unique method of simple data definition and entry - hut now
includes more advanced features!
Even first time users can produce their own personal information files immediately! As you become more familiar, you can take advantage of...
• Running (alculations • Multiple lane Memos »An extensive Query
Requester and.. NEW Final Data 3 features such as. •Hidden
Columns • Redefinition of Data (eg. From Text to a Memo column)
• Graphics. Sound and Animation (Requires use of Datatypes
found in Workbench 3.0 or above) Why don't you become PERFECTLY
Final Cak redefines Ibe way spreadsheets should work - fast and intuitiie, whilst offering a range of ad tamed features.
Final Data 3 bus undergone a major upgrade uilb improiements that extend its capabilities but retain unique, easy data entry techniques.
If you mtuld like to dace an order or just require the FULL specifications for Final Calc or Final Data ,i. Please call our.. Order Line on 01 773 521606 Final Data 3" Database A powerful yet simple to use database with extensive features enhancing your potential to store important information EASILY.
• Easy definition of columns for categories of information such
as name, house number, street, town, county, postal code, phone
number etc. - no unfamiliar commands!
• Built-in routines for rapid label printing
• Print mail merge with word processors
• ’Memo' feature, acting like a 'Post It' note, to enter large
amounts of text within any record £39.k ‘Amgas ttab ftffn ot
hard dmn ninmng l tthnub f j or Im ftCp lakranla minimum if H2K
iffnr RAM Uilb ¦ Imhi oftW ..Naturally
• IMf) on sntem requirements Our prvducti an' Urn mod etimomUal
in limit use of system mourn% like olhen. Ur quote Ibe minimum
nquhed Id load our software, bul please mde Ibal as uilb all
profpums. "*.rr memory Uilesl Uortbcrub nun be nyuimt to access
all graftbual fealurrs fulh Ifni doubl. druse ask About to buy
a new games machine?
Is it worth waiting?
32 bit CD machines are fine, but they don't cut it where it really counts.
(Nintendo) They just don't have the power.
This does. 64 bit power. Nintendo Ultra 64.
The speed of silicon cartridge.
Not CD s - I - o - w. You can't buy it yet.
After all, nothing this good comes easy.
But do you really want something less powerful?
=M= WAIT FOR IT... TM and (r) are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd. © 1995 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
SCREEN PLAY JANUARY 1996 F1 Powerplus ¦ 1Mb Amigas ¦ £15 ¦ FG90% There are so many flaws and annoying occurrences within the hallowed code of FI that you'll probably think I've gone mad by awarding it a posthumous Formal Gold.
But there are two major saving graces which make everything forgivable and all right. Their names are speed and playability.
For F1 is quite literally the fastest driving game on the Amiga ever seen
- even on A500s The speed is such that sometimes when you crash,
you can't help but blanch. I've even been known to throw my arm
in front of my face in anticipation (but only during a bout of
intense concentration at the top level of play).
Sensible World of Soccer 95 96 Warner Interactive ¦ 1Mb Amigas ¦ £24.99 ¦ FG94% old for minimal improvements. Which means that if you own SWOS already, the price is too prohibitive to justify purchasing this update (for that is all it is).
So, onward to the differences from SWOS
95. The first and most obvious change is the updated data.
Newcastle are a blinding team to play now, as are Arsenal and
numerous other Premier league teams with foreign signings.
Collymore's great as well
- surely some mistake.
After-touch has been around for years, now you can add it to on the deck passes. It makes the ball look as if it's skating, but when you get used to it, it can fox your opponent It's back. Not that it's ever been away. This time round, though, it's not bigger, 'badder' and better than before.
It is, however, almost the same price as of and gain extra ground and time for the rest of the team to push forward, or fall back.
Players are star-rated in the team listing and their three main attributes are highlighted beside the star rating. So, if you were up against a goalie like Schmeicel or Seaman, you'd probably be best off using a striker with a high velocity shot.
When playing the management side of the game, players who are played to their full go up in value and when, as a manager, you're particularly interested in another team's player, you can highlight them to make following their progress easier.
Not a great deal extra on offer, but if you're still struggling along with an older version of Sensi- not SWOS - then it represents a must-buy. O On the menu this month is a couple of rather tasty games Steve McGill feels particularly partial to... Its secret is the hybridisation of an arcade-style merged into a hi-octane simulation engine, resulting in one of the most intensely competitive games ever conceptualised and realised. And that includes driving games on dedicated consoles.
As an added bonus, it splits the screen to let you race against a friend and also holds the driving line on a bend if the player centres the stick - incredibly clever and helpful.
In all, a highly competitive 'must-have' purchase for learners, drivers and nut cases like myself. 5 W » the Act thatall CD drhes arc pretty much Ac same In| a could be on loa winner HA tAclr unique selint p conUofc t-r playing audio dlsc«, Just IIKe a real n Ac CD* cover and wv created by T j Jfnlsto moct CD-R Cms fee uiec erf 3D t Jr«o*tment of Puttie Dtcnam oo*ctj In ¦ teen coated by Ourman 3D guru. 1 Welcome rc the Am l*a Format t magazine This will seen tie a t every aspect ot the Amuta I want t comments or sujwestions, please j Nick Velfch, Editor Conbcttamf'rmal .
: Christmas and BlMll et your hands on
b. Steve Bradley pas a busy pertcd when the CD32 *erxKC rf Roa
pmas and ull Scotsman Steve Me OH teview I dsdn t actually
tfay it at all. Crouch If D operuna sequence But I »xt ta By
Jove I'm exceed n£ yitefirst th*e couce j LC240C @ £179 Star's
three latest mono and colour mono printers are just what you
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Star Micronics U.K. Ltd., Star House Peregrine Business Park, Gomm Road High Wycombe, Bucks. HP 13 7DL Fax: 01494 473333.
A division of Star Micronics Co. Ltd.. I.won Pnce* »hown are RRP excluding VAT Window* i* * trademark of Micro»oh Corporation Rush me more info on Star's new LC printer range.
Name; Company: Postcode: Position: Address: A500 Motherboard v7 Fully populated (KS205) EXTERNAL DRIVE For A500 A600 A1200 A600 1200 Internal Drive C3S-9S CHIPS (f*iM tww CHIPS A500 Keyboard A600 Keyboard Al 200 Keyboard A500 600 1200 PSU A2000'A3000PSU VGA Adaptor
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Modulators Xchange Modulators
A) ! Spares are factory NEW am genuine 'ommoGore parts All come
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* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
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Bffit SENTt'Jpr-'E: INFORMATION PACK & SPARES CATNOdJE 101 Service HOTUNE Tei (0116) 2470059 FIX (0116)2558643 O C DART Computer Sendees (AF) 2E i&Jtf Compulerfserricesl 105 Undo* Road lelcester LE20PF A Division of D A Computers Ltd 8372A iMeg Agnus £14.30 8375 2Meg Agnus £24.30 LISA (A1200) £32*70 8374 Alice (A1200) £32-70 8362 Denise (A500) £9-60 8373 Super Denise £18.40 5719 Gary £7.60 8520 CIA (A500 *) £12.00 8520 CIA (A600 1200) £12.00 8364 Paula (A500 .)
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• Re-formatting software & instructions
YOURSELF 7 Then let us do It lor you it you cennot call In to
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Features hams psu, co irarsport 8urTOH8, headpmore socket. Use as Siarqalore Co player or with A800 1200 via Squirrel Interface. • £166 AIWA CD PLAYER + SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE * SPECIAL PRICE * £225 SQUIRREL PCMCIA SCSI-2 INTERFACE FORA600 1200 £64 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN hirescolour MONITOR Inc lead £289 PHILIPS CM8833 COLOUR STEREO MONITOR inc lead £209 PENPAL WORDPROCESSORfcrall Amigas £34 AMINET SET 1 £28 PHIUPSCM8833 COLOUR STEREO MONITOR £209 CITIZEN ABC 24 COLOUR PRINTER inclusing Amiga drivers & cable £159 AMITEK FUSION GENLOCK great value now just £98 99 AMITEK EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE - for
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ur..'o.-nactod »U«, c vary sliqr.ly doper.d:.-.q ,p«r. M«.
foe Encoded wwituqica check with the wnnantoc * they will
usuilly cuotmuc lo covet jud the mwhtne cioce wc covet the
drive tfoc 1 bwonrhv) INSURED CARRIAGE £S CO Ovbt~9ht Tovccd
eatrwvTOkdaj delivery £7 50 (Scofltsh highland! -please «8ow ?
A«»s) Sal delivery £12 E» mainland - Oease phore PRICES
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• Turbo Calc 3.8 • Digital Organiser
• Personal Paint 6.4 • Photogenica 1.2SE
• Whiiz • Pinball Mama,
• Chaos Engine • Pinball Fantasies
• Nick Faldo's Golf • Syndicate ALL FOR just £399 OPTIONAL 4 MEG
UPGRADE abt£160 extra 170MEG HARO DRIVE VERSION £499 Includes
software as above .Scala MM300 BRADFORD 01274 - 691115 FAX
01274 600150 TRILOGIC UNIT 1 Open 8-6 eon-frl, 8-4.30 Sat. 253
2350702 TRILOGIC YORK TOWERS op« io-| 383 YORK RD ii-3'sun * ’
LEEDS LS9 6TA There are some real gems in the Public Domain
treasure trove this month.
Steve McGill is your invaluable guide through the maze.
Mark Meany _ Licenceware KIDS ONLY By Ware_ PD Library No of Disks _ Price_ Seasoft _Three £10 Kids above the age of three are more than capable of spotting immediately when they're being patronised.
Parents aren’t always so astute.
Especially when the words 'computer software' and 'educational' are used.
Educational computer software for kids has traditionally been bought by well-meaning parents with more money dian sense. That isn't to say that there aren't any worthwhile educational packages out there. It’s just that finding one is almost as perilous a quest as searching for the Holy Grail in Macclesfield.
Kids Only is an exception to the rule. Not only is it fun to use, in order for the kid to succeed, logical, creative and applied thought has to lie engaged in; the building blocks for character in later years.
The seven games are an eclectic collection of memory, puzzle, musical and cognitive tests.
They are gradeable in difficulty enabling a range of kids from the age of about 3-7 to use and enjoy the package. Recommended, you know, for kids.
NOTHING BUT AMOS By - Neil Wright Disk Mag _Two Seasoft Ware_ No of Disks PD Library Price _ _£2.40 per disk or With the withdrawal of Europress from the AMOS scene, things might seem a bit grim for the programming language of die people.
Admittedly. Blitz Basic is gaining presidency due to its general superiority in all realms of Amiga programming - it's Acid Software and Mental Software's development tool of choice.
But that discounts the Continued overleaf «?
Been rolled, they can keep rolling with no penalty until a better character comes up. Top idea.
The game presents the usual challenges along with a few surprises that I'll leave you to find out about yourself. Thoroughly recommended, and edging toward that 'virtual' Format Gold that we hold in our heads for particularly good examples of a genre in the licenceware circuit.
BAYGON DEMO Melon Dezign available from the Internet via ftp at Aminet sites, eg.
Src.doc.ic.ac.uk, in demo aga mln- bts.dms) Another bizarre piece of psychedelia from Melon, released at the Somewhere In Holland party earlier this year, leaves us a little worried about what these guys have been slipping into their morning cocoa.
This time round our slice of Melon goes, partly, as follows: some crazy, kiddie-chalkboard, wireframe animations; a smoking (half-eaten), Japanese babe; some spare invaders casually stomping round the screen, along with an extremely strange, lolloping rap soundtrack. In any demo like this, it's the design that makes it and although this is A GALLERY II GREETINGS: It'S not just the grotesque that catches your eye.
importance of the numerous user groups dotted throughout the country. A lot of them are held together by the very popular Nothing But AMOS magazine.
Despite a longish absence due to editor Neil Wright's various commitments, it's back, continuing the tradition of providing AMOS users with useful source code, tips, graphics, and programs.
£4.50 for two disks might seem a bit steep, but if you want to gel the best out of the language and gain some useful contacts into the bargain, then you can't go far wrong with these disks.
Fans of the Amiga Format Gallery (go on, check it out now. In the letters pages) will be familiar with the name of Jason Jordache.
Famous infamous for some of the most attention-grabbing images seen iii our illustrious pages, this disk is a collection of some of his best work.
Primarily aimed at the card market. Jason's heading in the right direction, releasing these images into the Public Domain. Not only A GALLERY ll-GREETINGS By_Jason Jordache Ware _Freeware No of Disks _one PD Library _17 Bit Software Price _£1 per disk plus 50p p&p A GALLERY II GREETINGS: Jason Jordache, taking the Amiga to new frontiers.
Will people be able lo use them as they see fit - so long as the law of copyright isn’t breached, that is- they're bound to illustrate to other people just what can be done if you put your mind to it.
BLACK DAWN SIX By_7Soft Ware_Licenceware No of Disks _Two Library _FI Licenceware Price _£4.99 plus 50p p&p Possibly one of the best showcases for the software concepts of shareware and licenceware. The Black Dawn series of adventure games almost have a large enough following to take them out of the realm of cultishness.
It's easy to see why the series is so popular. Relying on the Dungeon Master concept, they place the would- be adventurer in strange alien landscapes and mostly invite them to make their escape.
Black Daum 6, the latest adventure takes the role-playing concept further than it ever has before. You can enter the game with a set of pre-rolled characters, or opt to roll your own.
To make things easier for the gamer, if he she doesn't like the attributes of the character that's just FASTVIEW V2.0 IOTIJTY PD Selection of the month Shareware (available from the Intemetvia ftp at Aminet sites, eg. Src.doc.ic.ac.uk, in gfx show FView20. Iha) Always helpful, especially when BBSs, the Internet, and CD-ROMs are bringing us ever more in contact with image files of non-IFF file format, is some kind of decent image-viewer.
Fview is, happily, that viewer.
Not only is it very fast (and comes in separate 68000 and 68020 versions, which is neat) and shows the full complement of IFFs, GIFs, JPEGs, and so on, it also shows HAM8 and 24-bit graphics in OCS ECS, by converting the file.
Most people should find Fview very helpful, even if you only seldom come into contact with GIFs, JPEGs, and suchlike. For those who have to deal with piles of image files regularly, or would like to, it could be invaluable. And what's more, it won't even ridicule you when you use it to browse your Little House On The Prairie GIF collection.
It'll load and decode the next picture whilst you're looking at the present one, and there's the option to save out the current screen as an IFF, whatever image it was loaded in as. There's optional dithering, and downscaling to make the picture fit the screen, too.
Incredibly far-out stuff, nobody can deny that it's impeccably designed.
At the end of the whole caboodle, they note, “you've just spent a moment in the Melon universe". Another moment and we might all start thinking this stuff was normal... perhaps?
To cap it all. It has been decided that the Kickstart icon we currently have is all wrong, so they've replaced it for us. Temporarily. With a grinning, yellow man, holding a disc, no less. Why. Thank you Melon Dezign. Crazy, very crazy, but also very inspired.
SURFING ON A JAZZ WAVE to Mac ft tz § rr kw -W ‘i vT « £S
* h *« DEMO Grooving Brothers (available from the Internet via
ftp at Aminet sites, eg. Src.doc.ic.ac.uk, in
demo sound Surfing 1. Dms+ Surfing2.dms) This music-disc is,
quite frankly, oozing class, right from the souljazz title
sequence, with the Motown diva looking sultry right at us. In
fact, the whole production is very Gallic: laidback, yet chic.
The very well- drawn, hi-res graphics are evocative of Blue
Sole and Talking Loud album covers in a way that manages to be
both old-style and new-school. And the acid- jazz soundtrack
from Chrylian is frankly astounding.
Only very seldom would you even be able to tell the songs were actually coming out of a computer, so expertly is the Amiga sound chip manipulated. And with six tunes to choose from, including such nouveau funk titles as A Travel in my Mind, and Surfing as a Spare Groover, there's a decent choice of listening matter.
SURFING ON A JAZZ WAVE: Jazr, one of the few musical styles that makes my hackles rise.
There's also quite a cute attempt to list and characterise what looks like Chrylian's record collection, with some comments on their styles.
Unsurprisingly, the artist formerly known as Prince gets an "unclassifiable” mark. But the artist still known as Chrylian and his French chums, most certainly get classified as top notch. '2?
WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH: F1 Licenceware 31 Wellington Rd Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU Tel: 01392 493580 17 Bit Software 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH Other good PD Libraries TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of: ACTIVE SOFTWARE PO Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT. N 01325 352260
1. Nucleus Demo
2. Breathless Demo (AGA)
3. Text Engine 5
4. Magic WB Extras 14
5. Navigator 2
6. AMOS AGA Extensions
7. Deluxe Galaga V.2.6C (AGA)
8. Magic Paint Box
9. Mystic "Fear" (AGA)
10. Introduction to DOS v.2 ? Available with 0, 2, 4, 8aib Of
32-B T RAM INSTALLED ? Uses Staaparp 72-p a S mais A1200 8MB
Ram Accelerator No 33MHz FPU FPU OmB £59.99 £99.99 2mB £11999
£15999 ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point utnj _ _ ?
Battery Backed Clock Cale aper a " ' ? ASTALLS AM VOTES I
MB £179.99 £219.99 ? 0-4MB - PCMCIA COMPATIBLE 8mr (299m
? Zero Waite State Pes gh ? 2 Year Warranty 33MHz FPU A* Eptl
Vista Pro, Imagihe etc. Our FPU pack comes with the timihg crystal ahd is compatible with most A1200 RAM Processor Accelerators such as our Apollo Maghum desigh. Hawk Buzzard ahd Viper If bought ihdepehdeht of our board the price is ItfreTI 1 I m HIIVIBT VERSION S. 11 NOW SHIPPING CALL ABOUT UPDATES FROM 5.0 AND 4.
DIRECTORY OPUS s Advanced File Management Software for alt Amigas Our the past 6 tears. Directory Opus has become ESTABLISHED AS THE MOST POPULAR DIRECTORY UTILITY OH THE Amiga. With the hem Opus S, the traditioh coat hues.
Much faster more ifficiiht and many new RFVOl UT ONARY FEATURES.
? Multiple configuration editors - which can be used WHILST PERFORMING OTHER TASKS.'
? Internal Multitasking allowing you to perform MULTIPLE OPERATIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY.
? AmigaGuide On-Line Help ? Advanced file type recognition system including OS3. X Datatype Support ? Extensive Drag n Drop’ throughout the program ? Advanced Apexx support ? Can even Replace £ Enhance Workbench!
49. 99 Workbench 2* & Hard Disk Required aairuRN External 1Mb
Floppy Prive for all AMIGAs Compatible with ALL Amigas High
Quality SOHY Drive Bobust Metal Case Ante-Cuck as Standard
Enable Disable Switch Low Porter Consumption Thru Port for
Extra Prints 2 Yenr Warranty ENTERPRISE, PeskTop Workstations
for all Amigas PRICES FROM Both Modems have the E0LL0W A6
Specification ? 14.4k op 28. 8 k Speeds vie ZS.StJ. viz BIS
vis. VSS. VSS, v22bk. VSI ? Cable t Software Supplied M-Comm
fob Amiga ? Automatic Fallback £ Forward for Optimum 1 me
Pereormaace ? OP Fax Software Option Sind and therm fasts
fbom yonb Amiga ? BABT BT Approved LtGAUY MOGHUD FOB *SL OH A
? MAP 2-51 v42. V42bis T0RNAD0l4.,* £99.99 £l 39.99 ? Sync t Async Operation 1A | | a ? Group 1-3 Fax to 14.4k x uhkway £129.99 £169.99 ? Fuur Hayes CoMPATniE ooft ? LIP Front Panel Display tornado as* £177.99 £ ,07.99 ? 2 Year Warranty X-UNK 28.8k Tornado & X-Link High Speed BT Approved Modems for all Amigas £229.99 £26999 SOOdP!
3 BUTTON MICE & MATS for all A mi gas s Afari Sts 12 14 2Mb RAM & Hard Disk Required €*P FAX Fax Soft wart Solution for all AMIGAs w* « M~u- Sekd I Receive Faxes erom your iiga via tour Modem. You cam evem
• inr erom rou eavourete appucavom tour Fax Device Amiga
Computimg .99 Fax Compatible Modem Required Easy Ledgers 2
Ixkrpakd Accoutring Software ' for all AMIGAs A new generation
of Professional Accounting software for the Amiga.
Casyledger 2 has sererai key areas as follows.
Ledger ¦ General ledger with optional account numbers Post receipts payments and journal entries. Reports include journals, audit trail'. Trial balance £ account histories. Cashbook. Prat 'd £ loss Statement. Balance Sheet £ Company Performance Ratios Password to maintain privacy Sales - Use open item or balance forward methods Invoice printing with automatic pricing. VAT catcrr atiorr. Discounts £ totalling, manual overrides Inter hand-written invoices, credits receipts £ journal atjustments Produces statements address labels sales analysis, aged balance lists, etc fully integrated with
ledger £ Inventory.
Purchase - Use open item balance forward accounting methods I trier supplier invoices, credits, payments £ journal adjustments Produces remittances, address labels aged balance lists, transac tion histories, etc fully iniegrated with ledger £ inventor rj inventory - Stock Control £ Price Book Handles three price scales with auto price changing, ftrirg of stocktake results £ goods in our movements, full integration with other hooks Reports include price lists re-ordering report, sales £ valuation, movement history etc Job Costing - ror Islimming £ Quotation Suites a wide range of invoicing
needs tor service industries, invoice the charges on a joh card Allows 32 strrlf at different charging rates. Transfers goods directly from Inventory £ fully integrated with Creditor and ledger ? Ultra Smooth S60dh ? Micro Switched Bottoms ? Amiga Atari ST Swttcmabie ? 2 Year Wtarrahty ? ALL J Bottoms cam be used om matey programs such a Opus S fOR A LIMITED PERIOD YOU CAN BUY EASY LEDGERS 2 AT THIS NEW LOW PRICE (was £199.99) OH A 28 DAY TRIAL PERIOD - CALL FOR MORE DETAILS 2Mb RAM & Hard Disk Required I MADEFX The Complete I map Processing Solution for all Amiga Bo other Image processing
package on the Amiga gives goa everylh pg you need from precise colonr correcUon tools to fantastic special effects that toggle the mind I Whether you are a print artist or a video magician. ImageFX Is simply the fastest the best and the most complete Image processing solution yon will And on the Amiga fj"j System Performance The easiest to use and most powerful Interface thumbnail Image loader lets yon see your Image before loading It. Bn U In Virtual Memory allows work on Images nearly any site, unlimited muttt-tevci true U0DO. Thumbnail Image previewing shows effect befitre using ft.
Multiple image buffers and brushes, precise region controls can restrict work to Just part of an Image nnegnalled Arexx support for macros and programming, user definable macro keys and menus, built In Macro A res* script recording, two powerful batch processing systems: IMP and AntoFX £ visual thumbnail image cataloguing system.
For au you FOOTBALL FANS, THIS IS Thl IDFAL MOUSl FOR YOU.' AAMEEM&0 ? Htsu Risotunon 400dpi MMNNmM % f ? Micro Switched Bottoms ? 2 Year Marramty for all A mi as Also A vAn able 10 Disks - 23 2D. High Ouahty with Coloured Labels £4.99 SO Disks - 2S 2D. High Ouahty with Coloured Labels £19.99 A500 SI2k RAM Upgrade £19.99 A500 Pius I mb RAM Upgrade £29.99 A600 I mb RAM Upgrade £29.99 ORDER HOTLINE 01322-272908 BETWEEN 9AM AND 6PM, MONDAY TO FRIDAY, TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE RETURN THE ORDER FORM BELOW TO - WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT,
DAI 2UH Order Item Price dame Address Post Code Phone 0o.
The long awaited follow up to Euroscenel, packed with over 600Mb of the latest and greatest Music, Graphics and Demos from the European Amiga party scene!
* . O oc ,
* ‘ 3j
* IU !
Phojog J CD from only £8.95. mm %, UpGrade from Photogenics
1. 2SE for only £ 37.00!* This widely acclaimed point and
manipulation package for the amiga. Upgrade from the special
Amiga bundle for only £37.00 and recieve the full version with
text support, Avanced warping tool, over 25 more paint and
effects modes, powerful image compostion system, over 30 more
file formats, alpha channels, an in-depth manual and many
extras, like Fonts, images, colour palettes and displacment
Upgrade now and see what makes this the ultimate paint and manipulation package for the AMIGA!
“UK upgrade £37 00. Overseas upgrade £40.00 Full RRP £59.95 Almathera is releasing a wide selection of essential classic titles at low prices to help those who are new to the Amiga market or simply missed the opportunity the first time!
• 1 7BIT The definitive Double CD collection of Public Domain
material. £1 4.95
• 17 BIT Continuation. Games, Processors, Demos, Fonts,
Animations and more. £8.95
• 1 7 BIT Phase Four. The fourth in the series back buy popular
demand. £8.95
• CAM Double CD from Club Amiga de Montreal The best PD, most
ready to run. £14.95
• Emerald Mines Classic 'Bolderdosh' style gome, over a 1000
levels, Dangerously oddictive! £8.95
• Froctol Universe Explore the infinite beauty of the fractol
universe and the Mandelbrot set! £8.95
• Video Creator Make your own exciting & mmd-bendmg videos to
accompany your music CD, Used by the BBC its a powerful tool
for combining images and animations using digital wipes.
AUI gave it 92%, Amiga Format 87% and AMIGA Shopper 89% £1 9.95 TEN top titles in just one pack, for amazing good value. This pack contains; the action packed tank simulator TEAM YANKEE, WORLD VISTA ATLAS. ILLUSTRATED SHAKESPEARE, PANDORA's CD, Almatheras classic titles CDPDI, 2 and DEMOl, plus three completely new Cds - FONTS & CLIPART, PHOTOGENICS PHOTO LIBARY and the COMMS & NETWORKING CD to get you up and running on the NETI All these for only £ 39.95 6 ll? 811|*7 •¦?!'!
SPECIAL OFFERS TEN ON TEN NAKAMICHI Quad speed 7 cd-rom jukebox The ultimate SCSI CD-ROM drive, stores and plays 7 Cds.
RRP £349.00 SYQUEST Ezl35 External SCSI Removable Cartridge HardDrive
• Speed and reliability of a hard drive
• 13.5Ms access ( twice the speed of the ZIP Q 29Ms.)
• Run applications from cartridge
• Each cartridge holds 135Mb (35Mb more than the ZIP Drive
• No compression needed
• Unlimited storage
• No Amiga drivers required
• Eosy to use
• Works with any stondard SCSI controller* (Squirrel, A3000,
A2094, GVP Etc.) £199.00
Only the best for the captains table!
3D Arena is entirely focused on 3D objects, animations, graphics and design.
Ready to run objects in Imagine, Lightwave and Real 3D. An exclusive collection from the 24Bit club Scotland, every graphics and animation utility that you are ever likely to need and much more.
AMIGA FORMAT SAID (Issue May '95) 94% "3D Arena stands head and shoulders over almost every other 3D CD-ROM" RRP £14.95 If you missed out on buying the award winning Euroscene 1, don't worry, You can buy Euroscenel and 2 for the introductory price of £19.95 Normal RRP: Euroscenel £14.95, Normal set price £29.90 HARDWARE ORDER BY PHONE: 0181-687 0040 • ORDER BY FAX 0181-687 0490 • ORDER BY MAIL Al.MATHERA. Southerton House. Boundary Business Court, 92-94 Church Road, Mitcham. Surrev. CR4 3TD. England.
..¦%= ......V v- . MAIL ORDER Title: ..Initial(s): .....Surname: . item .x ......: .. iiLm .t .....: .. Item £ * County .Postcode zip: ..Country: ..
Item .£ .....:..... Dayume telephone: Evening telephone: . Item .£ .....: .. CREDIT DEBIT CARD No: EXPIRY DATE: T Card Authorisation Signature Cheque Postal Order or Bankers Draft for: £ Payable to Almathera systems Ltd.
Switch Issue Number • P & P £2.25 for the 1st Item + £1 per extra item upto £7.50 Max. Hardware £7.50 per item (courier delivery) FMT SERIOUSLY AMIGA JANUARY 1996 03 ASIM 3.0 O J David Taylor takes a look at what might just be the most fully-featured CD-ROM filing system ever. However, is it really £50 better than its PD counterparts?
With the addition of inverse kinematics in the belated Lightwave 4.0. this popular 3D animation system will have only one weak spot - collision-detection.
IMPACT! Adds this and real world physics to make creating animations easier and more realistic. Graeme Sandiford chuckles maniacally and revels in the god-like power.
Q J XIPAINT 3.2 0 O Nick VeKch dons his favourite black beret, loads up XiPaint and goes in search of inspiration for his next pixel-constructed masterpiece.
Q«| MICROVITEC 1438 MULTI-SCAN MONITOR I David Taylor tries to save his failing eyesight with the Amiga's new monitor.
Graeme Sandiford shakes his head in disbelief as he finds a network solution that actually is simple and even works with those troublesome Pcs.
QC MAINACTOR BROADCAST 30 iohn Kennedy attempts to discover why this program is well worth £199.
1 HI CD R0M ROUNDUP lw I Nick Vietch raids Graeme's fabled stock of CD-ROMs and grins nefariously as he emerges with some choice discs, including the follow-up to the Aminet Set 1 CD.
SERIOUS The Universe is a complicated place and simulating in 3D can be a pain, but IMPACT! Could change all that p.84 "If you print without it, you have only yourself to blame!
'Review in German "Amiga Plus" Magazine Dec 95 TURBOP
- zssioncid Our enhanced printer driver system has now
Outstanding: TurboPrint will not only output 24 bit-graphics
directly from your floppy or hard drive in the highest quality
possible, but will also print from applications like Personal
Paint, Deluxe Paint or Brilliance with the full colour palette
available with AGA-graphics chipset. Although utilising the
standard Workbench printer interface, printout will not be
limited to the usual 4096 colours.
Perfect printouts from day one: TurboPrint combines ease of use with unparalleled output quality. Simply choose your printer, and go: With our brand new intelligent printer drivers you'll get fantastic results straight away.
Matching colours: With the new high-speed "True Match" colour management system up to 16 million colours are closely represented by the printout.
Various settings, like brightness, contrast, colours, and many more, allow for individual configuration.
Profr ' ifef Cl_ Printer 1 Cowl I» Sf»S rr ] j Irxt ) Poster] Hardcopy )jj L4l*ltaf,e (6r rm Type C| Diffuse | Sue Cl trr-Olf | V Pure I leek ? 1 Iru*mtih C»r octlon Snoot h mg PI Super| (ontr«it 1 71* _I 1 19* Colour 1 14i | nirror _-1 J i"' 1 Cancel I The Print Manager showing the Layout function Improved Graphics Print Manager: Our integrated multi-format print and display utility has been considerably improved. New functions include support for JPEG, BMP, IFF DEEP ILBM, and many more.
Any picture up to 16 million colours may be displayed either in true colour (with CybergraphX on third party graphics cards) or dithered with up to 256 (AGA) or 16 colours.
The new Layout function allows for precise mouse- controlled selection of printout size and position.
No need for test printouts: The Graphics Print Manager will allow the user to control the results of all changes made to the print parameters (Brightness, Gamma Correction, etc.) directly on-screen before printing.
Fttada epour printing dreams come true isal The Preferences Menu with 7 "Index-Cards" Easy to use: Intuitive and clearly arranged preferences menu.
Style guide compliant. May be hotkey-activated at any time.
Hard copy function for fast printing of screens.
Poster function for oversized printouts.
Compatible to your existing Amiga software: No difference in printing, except new levels of quality.
Will run on every Amiga model with Workbench 2.0 or higher.
Supports even the latest printer models, such as Canon 610, Epson Stylus Pro Color ll lls, HP 660 850.
Press Reviews about TP Pro 4 - "Best Choice" 'TPrint 4 is the new leader in every respect. It is simply the best choice” Amiga Special 9 95 "Hard copies with cutout-function, poster printing, a comprehensive manual and lots of improvements form an outstanding printer driver system" Amiga Plus 8 95 'The already impressive print results have been further improved, with the new True Match system playing an important role. Handling could not be much easier."
Amiga Magazin 9 95 RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE £49. 99 Ask for TurboPrint at your local computer store, or contact ¦llrseeSoft Meinrad-SpieB-Platz 2 D-87660 Irsee, Germany P0 Box 49«. Darttord, Tel: +49 (0) 8341-74327 Kenl- DA1 2UH, England Fax: +49 (0) 8341-12042 Tel: 01322-272908 Fax: 01322-281311 Dealer enquiries are welcome!
- .. cm iM.«t ifeerf of tor Printout Graphics jjJ lent ! I . ¦ I
Complete control over Cds is not as simple as "plug and play".
David Taylor looks at the "ultimate" in CD software.
Asim CDFS (Compact Disc File System) has been around for some time, but hasn't had massive market penetration (as I'm sure those from over the pond would like it to be called). This new version could make all the difference, because to say the features it offers are extensive is an understatement. This brings your Amiga and CD-ROM into universal harmony.
Asim CDFS 3 The first thing you need to do (except buy a CD-ROM player and attach it) is install the software. Because it's for a CD drive, it is really expecting a hard drive. It might, just might, be possible to use dtis with floppies, but frankly, at the price, this is serious software and if you need this much control, you must have a hard drive. To install the full set of utilities. I’d estimate you need around 400-500K free on your system partition.
Installation is via the standard installer, which is both a blessing and a curse. The script checks that you have at least the minimum 150K free before going any further. Should it find any errors, the script escapes, which can be annoying if it discovers a write- protected library, for example. The script escapes but with much of the software installed, you may no longer have 150K free on the disk, without which the script refuses to run. It can require some fiddling.
You can happily get by using the standard preferences, but should you want to customise the options, then it can be done very easily through a set of GUI preference programs. These programs arc at the heart of Asim and bring real power quickly to all users.
ASIM CDFS 3 Obviously, it allows you to access the standard (ISO 9660) discs, which covers all Amiga-specific titles. The power of Asim doesn't lie in this, although the number of buffers and amount of memory designated to each volume is useful and more flexible than other, cheaper CD filesystems.
Asim also includes CDTV and C.DS* emulation. You can set the software to detect a CDTV or CD*2 disc on boot and make it boot that disc, in theory.
Obviously, for CD*2 compatibility you need to be using an AGA Amiga with sufficient memory, but if you can't get a title to boot, all is not lost - the makers of Asim recognise that it might not work and have included a Simboot utility. With this you can boot the CD drive from Workbench. It isn’t 100 percent compatible, but you can’t expect it to be.
In addition, you can view Photo Cds. Which can be detected automatically. The software then gives you transparent access to the pictures, converting them to IFFs very quickly on the fly. In practice, it wasn’t completely accurate and didn't recognise some Photo Cds first time.
It would have been nice had a separate Photo CD viewer had been included, because should you find some photos stored on, say, a Macintosh HFS disc (which Asim can also read), you can't view them. There are, however.
Photo CD viewers available in the Public Domain, so it's not a problem.
DISTRIBUTOR Siren Software 0161 7965279 PRICE £49.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2, hard disk recommended.
SPEED • • • With so many different file systems to check, it can take some time for a Photo CD to appear, for example.
MANUAL • • • • Extensive coverage of every aspect, but a little confusing at times and really needs an index.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Installation can be tiresome, but the GUI preferences are brilliant.
Audio Cds and C.DDA are also well catered for, with a reasonably featured Asim Tunes program to allow you to play audio tracks from discs which have audio tracks on them. This doesn't mean just audio Cds, but also data discs which may have some audio on them.
You can set the software so that Asim Tunes is launched automatically when it detects CDDA. Asim Tunes lacks a little in aesthetic terms, but there are plenty of PD players if you want a change.
Asim has masses more to offer. You can use it to look at raw data tracks on Cds. You can use it to govern a hard drive with valid ISO 9660. High Sierra or Mac HFS image stored on it, or even a similar AmigaDOS file (this is a feature for CD developers). Considering the fact that Asim offers coverage of all CD systems, 1 can overlook the fact it wasn't 100 per cent reliable and got tripped up a few times. That was throwing everything at it; in day-to-day use, you'll never have a problem and if you do, it's only a case of rebooting.
Oh, it also comes with a free Fred Fish Fishmarket CD, in case you thought it was expensive. 'SS FEATURES • • • • • Everything you could need.
Occasionally flakey, but not enough to really notice.
VALUE • • • • It's not cheap, but offers so much that it's a bargain for serious users.
Better than just paying for CD32 emulation for example.
"It's staying on my system. That's good enough?"
H. Z C * 50 A 85% Running an animated universe is a serious
headache. Graeme Sandiford knows how to escape this tedium and
produce more realistic animations?
A common, and understandable, mistake k that people not involved with 3D graphics make is that 3D artists spend hours studying thick manuals and rendering scenes simply to make nice pictures or animations. Wrong. 3D enthusiasts expend so much effort for the ultimate creative buzz - virtual godhood. There's nothing like creating your own mini universe and animating carefully crafted objects and characters in an environment of your choosing.
However, godhood, like any profession or station in life, has its responsibilities and drawbacks. In most 3D programs you can't tell an object to bounce off the ground or off other objects in their environment - you have to move the object by “hand" to the ground and attempt to emulate the bouncing motion. To put it simply, running a universe is a serious headache, especially in complicated scenes, involving lots of objects.
So, how do you escape this tedium and produce more realistic animations?
Well, the best way is to have your 3D package emulate the natural laws of the physical universe, such as gravity, mass, velocity, acceleration, collisions and forces. Unfortunately, LightWave, one of the most popular 3D programs, does not have support for such features.
This is, with the addition of inverse kinematics in version 4, LightWave's only serious limitation and one that is patched by a new program from the US called IMPACT!.
So how does it work? Well, the basic idea behind IMPACT! Is that every object is given a set of characteristics, such as weight and other material attributes, just like in the real world and is then set free to interact with other objects and forces. A classic example of this is a bowling ball with a given initial velocity hurtling along the ground, hitting some bowling pins, which in turn hit several other pins.
IMPACT.'s interface makes use of MUI and consists of several independent windows and a menu system. The main window is where most of the program's operations are performed, while as many 3D views as you want, or as are practical on your system, can be opened. The program is very similar to LightWave's Layout editor in operation, enabling you to move, rotate, scale or stretch either the camera, a light, or an object with your mouse.
It is possible to load objects straight into the program, but generally it is easier for you to create a scene in LightWave and then import it into IMPACT! Later on. As well as loading LightWave scenes and objects, the program can also make use of envelopes so that you can determine how an object will behave over a period of time. However, a feature that would have been nice to have, but is missing, is saving motion paths of objects, although this can be solved by exporting your project as a LightWave scene and then saving the motion path.
Once you've loaded your objects into IMPACT! The next thing you need to do is to determine how they should behave. As far as IMPACT!is concerned there are only two types of objects; keyframe and kinematic. Keyframed objects are unaffected by any of the forces applied by IMPACT!and any collisions with objects. A keyf ramed object on set motion path will knock any kinematic objects out of die way and if a kinematic object collides with a stationary keyframe object, it will bounce off.
A nice feature is that keyframe objects can become kinematic at any point during the animation by specifying a time in seconds, or on contact with another object. An example of how this could be used is flying a spaceship through an asteroid field and then have it collide and subsequently bounce off an asteroid.
Speed kills. This car should have known better than to race along at 200 metres per second - especially as Graeme left a big concrete block in the road.
In order to control the movement of kinematic objects, you can either apply an “Engine", set an initial velocity, or combine the two methods. Setting an object's initial velocity is the simplest method and is effectively an object in a particular direction. To specify the direction, you are given control over both the objects linear and angular velocity which determine the objects direction and spin respectively.
The engines are one of the program's most powerful features. The manual describes them as “motion behaviour generators", which essentially means they determine an object's motion through external forces. In IMPACT! These engines can be applied to some or all of the objects.
The most obvious engine is gravity which actsjust like gravity on a planet - it pulls objects along a given vector (for example, straight down). By default this is the same as Earth's, but you can create your own gravities, even antigravity. A related engine is gravitation which is based on Newton's Law of Gravitation - in layman's terms, the way that the planets attract each other.
The force field engine is a radial force-generator that can either attract or repel other objects. As you might expect, it also exerts a reactive force on the objects it's attached to - unless the object is keyframed. This engine is great for creating explosions.
The thruster engine essentially pushes an object in a direction.
However, as the direction of this force is based on the origin of the object, it makes them move as if an engine were attached.
The torque engine is a turning force applied to an object relative to a specified axis. Continued application of this engine will cause an object's rotation to accelerate.
The last pre-defined engine is a weird one called springy thingy. This makes the objects behave as if they were all connected together by springs; like I said - weird.
Another way of governing the behaviour of objects is by giving them materials. These contain Activa UK 0181 402 5770 PRICE £164.50 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS LightWave, WB2+, 6Mb recommended SPEED • • • • The frames are generated very swiftly indeed, unless large numbers of objects are involved.
MANUAL ••• The documentation, such as there is, is good and the readme text is funny and informative.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• It should be at least as easy to use as LightWave - perhaps easier for some.
Information about an object's density, elasticity and roughness.
The density will effect things such as gravitational engines (the program also works out the object's mass from this, as well as its volume), the elasticity will determine how bouncy an object is and roughness will be a factor in evaluating friction.
Two other great features of this excellent program include algorithmic control and a collision shape option.
Algorithmic control enables you to control the movements of a group of objects as a body with formulas.
The collision shape option enables you to force complicated objects to be replaced with a sphere or a rectangle and thereby speed up collision calculations considerably.
This program is more than simply a cleverly thought-out piece of maths - it's an application that transforms I.igluWave into one of the most complete 3D animation systems available today. O The engines supplied will fulfil the needs of most "real-world” situations. It does require some practice to set up all the conditions correctly, though.
VALUE • • • • It seems pricey, but a lot of work has gone into making this software. You might expect a better manual though.
"Anti-Gravity have brought the real world to your copy of LightWave."
87% A 24-bit true colour paint package with layers. On CD. At a reasonable price? Surely this is too good to be true? Nick Veitch investigates.
The growing acceptance in Germany that the Amiga is still a force to be recognised, and the faint whiff of a feelgood factor in the UK. Have led to some interesting products, which have long been stalwarts of the market in Germany, being finally translated for the English-speaking market.
XiPaint is not really an introductory paint package, it is supposed to be a high end, true 24-bit painting engine. I say should be, because one of the first things you notice is how many features, considered standard on "lesser" packages, are not present at all in XiPaint.
XiPaint is very modular. Each of its requester screens is essentially a separate task, so you can be changing your colours whilst waiting for the airbrush tool to finish. Believe me, this can take time. Unfortunately, although there are some very undoubtedly great features in XiPaint. It is also missing a few of die basics. It seems to have been constructed in a modular way by several people, all writing code for routines they wanted to add. This means that bits they didn't want to do are missing.
But lets not be too hard on it yet.
One of the tremendous things about XiPaint is its screenmode support.
It can run on virtually anything and still give you a fairly realistic image.
Although it works internally on 24-bit image data, this is dynAMIGAlly rendered to various screenmodes from HAM up.
Obviously the HAM and HAM-8 (AGA machines) modes are slower than true colour ones, but they still work.
JANUARY 1996 SERIOUSLY AMIGA USEFUL LAYERS One of the most interesting features is the layer support. Layers are very useful for putting together composite images.
Say you have a picture of an attack helicopter and you have a background picture of some Colombian drug farm.
Stick them on layers and not only can you composite the image, but you can easily reposition the helicopter many times without hating to generate new images. It’s as though you have the helicopter on a transparent background and you can just move it around.
Well, that's the theory. In reality, to use the layers you do have to generate a new composited image every time, by selecting the layers you wish to combine from a list and then selecting a gadget which generates a new window for the composited image. This doesn't really bring it that much further on from more traditional methods and can't really be compared to the layers ability ofTVPaint, for example.
The file import routines are a bit suspect too. I had a perfectly valid Targafile, which both AdPro and ImageFX were happy with, but which kept giving errors on XiPaint. The default format for XiPaint is a strange hybrid, which includes a preview image.
Now, while il may be important to have a custom imagc format to save images (which may contain a number of layers in the case of projects), I think it is only fair that a Datatype is included, so other packages have a slim chance of being able to use them. ImageFX has preview icons, but saves them out as a separate file, for instance, which every other graphics package can safely ignore.
Thankfully, Xil'aint is available on CD, something which is to be commended. The CD includes plenty of example images and brushes; the only minus points involved here are that it can take quite some time to read a directory, because the requester seem to take ages to find and extract the previews for all the files.
This sounds like a terribly negative review, but I don't mean it to be - it's just that potential purchasers should be well aware of the limitations. On the whole, Xil’aint is actually quite a tremendous package with a lot of potential.
While there is a sense of it not being quite finished, it is certainly operational, functional, and capable of some very impressive results. It is perhaps more of an art package in the traditional style than anything else. Il is a lot easier to find similarities with Dpaint than with the likes of Photogenics.
The internet magazine A perfect body in 20 days, plus a mind to go with it - and all thanks to the Net A fitSS 2!JU |j ;rr j'UiJitli &L, Saltlt I fCviN J Anderson, David Gemmeld|| :hris Clarement, Rand & Robin Mil ulure Jilms, :7V, SiooHs, Comics, Video, Models and mine Issue +4 £3 on sale Thursday 7 December The ultimate guide to the electronic world Your guarantee ot Internet without tears SPECIAL HALF-PRICE OFFER 3 trial issues for only £4.50
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Please lick if you would prHn not to receive notice of any special often ot new products u Tho oher is only available to rtaden m the I* Offer closes 31 January 1996 Return to: nrt Subscriptions, Freepost (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA11 6BR W (c$ in Hhfflh HrflipD Mm uni* Tddbdit ©i) Fdfo NET AMF 601 AMIGA 1200 “Magic” The awesome new AMIGA 1200 "Amiga Magic" pack is here. Software pack Includes... Photogenics 1.2 SE Personal Paint 4.6 WordWorth 4 Datastore 1.1 Digita Organiser Print Manager Turbo Calc 3.5. Pinball Mania Whizz PLUS FREE Mousemat 8 Dustcover COMPUTERS 27 Watnall Road,
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STORAGE Quantum' A1200 OVERDRIVES HARD DRIVES 4000 Tower 25MHz 68040 CPU
1. 2GIG SCSI-2 HD 6Mb RAM AT IDE HD Interface, SCALA MM300 r
AND THINK A500 ALFAPOWER £2149.99 270Mb £199.99 420Mb £229 99 Call for details and prices on 060 version Seagate Externally cased hard drives lor the A500 500* Can be populated wilh up lo 8Mb ol RAM All 3,5" IDE hard drives require an adaptor cablo when titled into an A600 A1200 (£15.00 when purchased with a dnve) £19.99 when purchased separately H you have found a cheaper price elsewhere In the magazine, call us and we will do our best to beat it.
AMIGA M1438S High resolution colour multisync monitor for all Amigas.
Built-in stereo speakers.
£289.99 Belore you purchase your hard drive from elsewhere. Just look at what you get FBEE with our drives!!!
• Dnves are tormatted & installed with Workbench
• I00MB ot top quality Public Domain software including:
Compugraphlc fonts & clipart.
Lightwave & Imagine objects, top demos 4 music modules, essential utilities, games and lots more!!!
HITACHI 2.5" IDE 340Mb £169.99 540Mb £24999 810Mb £349.99
BABT approved FAX Modem.
Complete with all leads. PSU and Comms software Low Price .....£109 99 A500 1 2Mb N Clock £19.99 A500 1 2Mb W Clock £24.99 A500+ 1Mb ....£29.99 A600 1Mb N Clock ...£29 99 A500 1Mb W Clock ...£39.99 MITSUMI FX400 Internal IDE CDROM unit for the A4000 (requires tandem CDROM controller). Super-fast 600Kb Sec transfer rate.
FX400 CDROM ......£149.99 FX400 Plus Tandem CDROM controller card .£199.99 External SCSI CDROM for the A1200. Plugs into the PCMCIA port Fast 300Kb Sec transfer rate. Connect up to six other SCSI peripherals Dual Speed ECall "Please call - new drive STUDIO 2 - PRINTER Professional print studio for the Amiga. Enhance the output of your printer inc. 720DPI on Epson Stylus Colour Only .£49.00 Stylus Colour - II Inkjet printer offers photographic like quality when used with optional 720DPI printer driver (coated paper required).
Built-in auto sheetfeeder The Logic3 stackable storage box holds up to 240 disks.
Only .£12 99 Megamouse - 3 Button ....£14.99 Auto J Mouse switcher ....£14.99 AT-Bus 2008 IDE ......£69.99 From only .£299.99 720DPI Coated Paper (200 Sheets) £22 99 LOGIC3 SCREENBEAT ALFA DATA PRODUCTS SPEAKERS SB 3 (10W) ....£15.99 SB 25 (25W) ..£29.99 SB PRO 50 (50W) ....£39.99 SB PRO 80 (80W) ....£89.99 All speakers come with cables MEMORY SIMMS |4Mb - £129.99 !l6Mb- £399.99 8Mb - £239.99 16Mb-ECall 50MHz £749.99 The new Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits Into the CPU slot of the
A4000 (A3000 T). Fully upgradeable to the Motorola 68060 CPU (call for prices and availability). Comes in 33. 40.
And 50MHz versions, 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets (2 x 72pln SIMM for A3000 Desktop) & SCSI-2.
40MHz £699.99 The 1220 combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68020 28MHZ and 28MHz 68882 FPU.
1 x 72pin SIMM socket (1 or 4Mb).
Real-time battery backed clock.
Only ..£99.99 The world's first accelerator for the A600 is here... 25MHz 68020 CPU. 68882 FPU, 1 x 72pin SIMM socket
(1. 2, 4 or 8Mb).
Requires internal fitting.
£139.99 Accelerator card for the A1500 2000. Available in 25 & 50 Mhz versions, complete with 68882 FPU & SCSI-2 interface. Not compatible with GVP Cards.
From £299.99 HOWTO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Visage Computers”. Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH 8 VISA DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 STANDARD - £3.95 BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964-2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER CD RffMilin I *1 POSTAGE RATES UK - 75p Per CD, Max Cl.50 EU - £1.00 Per CD, Max C4 00 ROW - £1.50 Per CD, Mox £6.00 ALL ITEMS ARE IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE FOR SAME DAY 1st CLASS OR AIRMAIL DESPATCH SOFTWARE 1st floor offices 2 8 MARKET STREET WAKEFIELD WEST YORKSHIRE WF1 1DH TEL (01924) 366982 FAX (01924) 200 943 ijg ei= r STOP PRESS!!
AVAILABLE NOWI £19.991 SPECCY CD 2 £19.99 AMINET 8 £14.99 GATEWAY £9.99 GLOBAL AMIGA EXP £19.99 GROLIER 2 £26.99 COMING REAL SOON... ENCOUNTERS ' Forget the X-Files. This is the REAL Stuff!
The most comprehensive UFO Expose | ever produced on CD Just a smoll selection of what is included follows and is guaranteed not to disappoint: Officiol Patementi from Top Bran FBI.
CIA & NASA Text.
UfOrelated photogtopht Documented lighting* & abduction* Alien origins & technology Crop circles 4 corte mutilations I Cove'vps & Top Secret protects Documentation on M)12. Roswell. Area 51 Dream land Grunge 1 3 Redhght & S*mo Includes MUCH more that the Government DOESN'T woni you to know Pre order your copy now ond prepore to be shocked £14.99 WE STOCK THOUSANDS OF AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS.
UlTIMEDIA I £6 99!
UlTIMEDIA 2 £6 99!
B C CLIPART & FONTS £6.991 B C MODS & SFX £6.99!
BCI NET 2 £6 991 CHOOSE ANY 3 FOR £19.991 ASSASSINS CD 2 £19.99 AMINET SET 1 £24.99 AMOS 2 £19.99 ARCADE CLASSICS £14.99 Koytroce.* ‘ftuUi POV-MT CdtON Weird Science NETWORK CD 2 £14.99 £9.99 MEETING PEARLS 2 £9.99 MULTIMEDIA 2 £22.99 POVRAY CD £19.99 SCI FI SENSN.
£19.99 SNAP COMPUTER HOTLINE ESSORIES - POST-Fi A500 A(00 A 1 ZOO Dust Cover 19' Monitor Dust Cover Most 80 Column Printer Dust Cover Mouse Mat
3. 5" Disk Cleaner Amiga Mouse £3.50 £3.99 £3.99 £1.99 £1.99
£9.99 01703 457111 SUPPUES LTD
3. 5" DS OD DISKS ex-softwave p-remium £11.99 £11.99 £99.99 £5
9.99 £101.99 £199.15 £10.99 £19.99 £39.50 £98.99 £93.99 £11
(,.15 50 100 zoo 150 500 1000 1000 Disk Labels (not post-free)
CACH Citizen IZOD Swift 24 £2.75 £255 Citizen Swift Colour £99
5* Panasonic KXP 1080 1 IZ3 £3.25 £3.05 Panasonic KXP 2 23
£4.95 £4.75 Panasonic KXP 2 23 Colour £9.95' Star LC10 LCZ0
£2.60 £2.40 Star LCIO Colour £5.5 0 £5.25 Star LCZH-10 £2.95
£2.75 Star LCZH-10 Colour £9.9 5* Star LCZOO £3.00 LZ.80 Star
LCZOO Colour £9.95'
3. 5" DISK BOXES 100 CAPACITY £3.99 100 CAPACITY VPAWEP £1.99 100
CAPACITY VPAWEP £9.99 All disk* com• with oar replacement or
money book guarantee.
Disk labels are included with SO, tOO. 200 end 2SO quentitie* but are extra on quantitias of SOO & 1000 SOO labels £3. S3 lOOO Labels £6.46 AH products are subject to availability.
All prices include VAT. Delivery eherges: 4 days £3.9S - 48 hours £4. SO - 24 hours £5.00 E&OE HP DeskJet Canon BJ10 Twin InkJet Pefllls Alono £7 99- M SNAP COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD CD Fax: 01703 457222 Unit 12, The Sidings, Hound Rd, Netley Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA A I Iasi, Amiga Technologies has launched a new product. Hurrah! Is it one of the long-awaited new generation of Amigas that we all want to save our world? Nope, it's a monitor. In fact, it's someone else's (Microvitec) monitor rebadged by Amiga Technologies.
I think it's important, when considering this new peripheral, to recognise the flak Amiga Technologies are going to get. Everyone wants a new range of Amigas. The users (you lot) want it, the media (us lot) want it and the businesses (them lot) want it. So, the release of a monitor, one not even made by AT, is going to get some stick, which is a real pity, because it's not a bad monitor at all.
Yes, this monitor is a stereo version of Microvitec's 1438 - same specs, everything. However, before slating AT for just stealing a monitor, it should Ik- remembered that some of Commodore's monitors, which were really good, were actually no more than rebadged monitors from other manufacturers.
So this monitor, in my opinion, stands or falls on its own merits. Forget the other stulf.
The best thing about this monitor, for the majority of Amiga owners is that it is just a case of plug-and-play. You put the stereo leads from the Amiga to the audio in of the monitor, connect the 23-pin connector directly to the monitor port of the Amiga and connect the power. Unlike some monitors, there is no need for an adaptor.
Unfortunately, this is both a good and a had thing. Had the monitor come with a 9-pin connector and an adaptor, it would have been possible to connect it directly to display cards (like the Picasso) whose display modes the monitor can theoretically show, but would have meant using an adaptor to plug into the standard Amigas.
NOT A CRITICISM... AT could be criticised for producing a monitor that wasn't even designed for Amiga owners. However, whilst 9-23 pin adaptors are bulky and annoying, at least they exist. The manual, although worded in a very muddled way, suggests that users needing 9-pin input should get an adaptor - er, where from? Perhaps they could offer 9-pin versions specially to order, although that would doubtless be expensive.
The answer then seems to be that this is a monitor for normal Amigas. If you want to use an input different to the standard .Amiga, don't get this monitor. That's not a criticism. Complaining about that would be akin to buying some computer speakers and then saying that using them with your Hi-Fi was useless.
The picture quality of the M1438S is adequate. I prefer it to the old 1084 that I was forced to use when Nick stole my other monitor whilst I was away (damn his oily hide!).
Thankfully, it can show all modes including Productivity, which I don't personally use but on occasion receive pictures in. If you can't display them, you just lose the screen, which is annoying and means you end up converting the image, which is time-consuming.
One downside is that the space between horizontal scan lines is visible, but the display is clear and better titan some older monitors.
The sound output is fairly standard. It sounds OK. Would be fine for games, but is nothing compared to putting the audio through a stereo.
The monitor has all the controls on the front, making them reasonably accessible, although their size makes them a bit fiddly. While there are horizontal centring and vertical size controls, there isn’t a vertical centring control, which would have been useful. It also comes on a swivel stand, which makes tilting the display possible.
All in all, this is a compact and competent product. It won't revolutionise the world and there are other criticisms that could be levelled. Why, for instance, when the monitor has a 23-pin connector does the documentation show a 9-pin connector? Sloppy. The lack of composite input, available on the old Commodore monitors, is also a little disappointing. However, you've got an .Amiga and you want a general monitor that's easy to use? This is a possible (but not a definitive "the") answer. G The first official Amiga product since the demise of Commodore is a new monitor.
David Taylor takes a look at the... IT, n x Amiga Ml438S AMIGA M1438S MONITOR DISTRIBUTOR the brightness and so on controls you would want.
VALUE • • • Reasonable price, probably available for less than the RRP, making it a good buy.
Silica 0181 3091111 And many others.
PRICE £299 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS An Amiga MANUAL • • • • "Mice monitor, but not a revolutionary product by any means."
Some oddities, but the inclusion of the Signal Lead Connector Information box redeems it.
It's also multi-lingual.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• If you can't connect this, you are dead. See a doctor.
FEATURES • • • • 80% Could be criticised for lack of connectors, but has nearly all 10 (0 01 WHILE-U-WAITH That's a promise for computers!!
COMPUTERS AND MONITORS NEW LOW FIXED PRICE A1200 Attention Dealers Rins Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
- A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 CQUOTATION £39*95 £49*95 A500, A500+ &
A600 2-5" HARD DRIVES “V,.
For A600 & A1200 60Mb ...£59-95 170Mb ...£99 95 340Mb ... £169-95 ¦V, 80Mb ...£69-95 258Mb...£129-95 510Mb ... £249-95 All hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench loaded and include 2 5" IDE cable and software 2-5" IDE Cable and Software £9-95 APOLLO A-1200 Accelerators Please ring
3. 5" Hard Drives Call for best prices FOR BEST AFTER-SALES
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ACCESSORIES SCSI Interface AMITflR Genlocks sr.™: 2iA.VI‘;
Bins tor £249*95 • *« A1200 1 Meg Falter Agnus ... 2
Meg Falter Agnus ... 8362 Oenise
8373 Super Oenise ... 5719 Gary 8520
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Chip ... 68000 Processor ..... Power Supply
A500 A600 A1200 A2000 Power Supply ...
* All chips are availa
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(UK) Ltd ANALOGIC unit 6, Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, LOGIC
Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH M* All prices Include VAT
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for repair does not Include disk drive keyboard '719? “to ! *
We reserve the right to refuse any repair * P&P charges £3-50
by Royal Mall or £6 00 + VAT for courier * Please allow 5
working days for cheque clearance bISk W LinkUJlt!
Two heads are better than one, or so they say, and the same goes for computers - perhaps even more so. Graeme Sandiford finds out.
Having more than one computer certainly has its advantages; it means you may have twice the resources - another processor, hard disk, or CD-ROM. However, to get the maximum benefit from a two-computer setup, you'll need a networking solution, which is just what Link It! Is.
Nowadays, there are so many networking options that it’s hard to find a solution to suit your needs and budget.
Should you get an ethernet connection that provides a fast but expensive connection for several machines, or perhaps a cheap and cheerful serial link? Then you need to make a decision on what software you'll be using, which is especially difficult if it involves machines of different platforms.
Link It! Falls more closely to the cheap and cheerful category and provides a simple and cost-effective connection between two machines. This can either be between two machines of the same kind - Amiga to Amiga, or PC to PC - or differing machines. In order to do that, Link It! Comes in two flavours Windows and Amiga.
Installation was surprisingly easy, even when connecting a PC to an Amiga you simply connect the machines with die cable of your choosing, serial or parallel, and then install the software - five minutes hassle-free work.
Once installed and running, you can copy files from systems using a simple Directory Opus-like interface that lists the files on both local and remote machines in separate windows.
You arc given access to all of the available drives, including the RAM disk and CD-ROM drives.
You can select files by clicking on them, performing a Select All, or using a wildcard filter. It is possible to keep a log file to keep track of your activities and choose a file sorting method.
The performance of Link It!
Depends on the lead you use to connect the machines, because a parallel link is usually quite a bit faster, although Link It! Supports serial transfers up to 115200 - providing your machine is up to it. Of course. A useful transfer-related feature is a time and si e estimate, which will give you an idea of the total size of the files you want to copy across and how long it should take.
Another useful feature is being able to execute programs and Arcxx scripts on a remote machine, although this only works with an Amiga to Amiga connection. However, perhaps the DISTRIBUTOR Activa International & Anti Gravity Products Europe 0181 402 5770.
PRICE £45-50 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 3.1 or '95 for Pcs SPEED • • • • Although it is not as fast as an ethernet connection, it is as fast as your parallel ports can go.
MANUAL • • • •• Even though the program is a doddle to use. The manual is still very good without being tedious.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • True plug-and-play, even on a PC.
Most unique feature of Link It! Is its ability to convert different types of files as it transfers them. To do this, it uses external programs - either the ones supplied with it, mainly graphics-related programs, or your own.
There you have it. Link It! Is a flexible, yet easy to install and use, networking system. It is not quite as transparent to use as Sernet or Famet, which create a network directory, but is a darn sight easier to install and requires no technical knowledge - if you can use a file manager, you can use Link It!. If you want a simple way to transfer files between two machines, this is one of the best no-fuss ways of doing it. 1i FEATURES • • •« Does all you can expect from a file transfer program and even converts files for you.
VALUE • • « It is a little pricey compared with other serial and parallel systems, but. On the other hand, is much easier to use and also more flexible.
"A simple, no-fuss way to transfer files between two machines."
" 01782 744707 J 24hr Mail Order Hof-line W r buying direct from the manufacturer means both low pricea and a service second to none FAX 01782 744292 Full size velocity sensitive Midi keyboard PLUS Midi Master professional Midi interface. Total Package!!
A Full spexificotion Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi out sockets.
NEW LOW PRICE A Stylish case to match Amiga colours A Fully Opto Isolated.
Compatible with AU leading music packages.
49 Standard size, velocity sensitive keys with 10 velocity curves.
1 Supports all assignable Midi controller messages Supports all program numbers numbers & bank change messages Programmable channel pressure & velocity. • Pitch bend wheel.
• 6 user programmable ’ Program & Bank Change" memory 0
Transpose up lo lull range ol 109 keys. • Standard MIDI out 5 pm Din NOW OIML' C99.99 Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a large hardrive, extra memory, accelerator board or indeed any powerful addon then a standard Amiga power supply just cannot cope. The Golliath packs more A Fan cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug-in replacement.
A Full 200 wan output. A Also available for cd 32.
A With the Amiga Genitizer Graphic Tablet you can streamline the operation of most graphic or CAD | A c Genitizer Graphic Tablet utilises latest technology to offer up to 1000 dpi resolution ot the tip of o stylus.
A Complete 9"*6" digitizing area plus super occurote stylus combine to enable fast, occurote and easy control.
A Works by "mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most pockoges where mouse input is the usual method-Deluxe Point. Photon Paint, CAD Pockoges. Etc. A Supplied with template for Deluxe Point.. A This is the input method used on professional systems.
ROWER Explore the data hidden on Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Security & Membership Cards etc. Simply swipe your card and read the contents Reads trocks 1,2 and 3 Plugs into your Amiga Joystick Port.
GENIUS PUCK C 29.99 A Fast input of drawing by "tracing" is mode easy • plus “absolute reference" means you can move around the screen many times faster thon by a mouse.
A The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga 500 500. 600 1200 1500 2000 and "co-exists" with mouse.
A Unlike a mouse, the tablet gives absolute co
• ordinates so that tracking and menu selections ore possible
from the tablet foce.
A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text into your Amiga 500 500. 600 1200 1 500 2000.. A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
A Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
A Geniscan gives you the ability to scan images, text or graphics & even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.. A Scan Grey Software included to convert ho If tone images to true Grey scales.
Includes editing, zoom & processing features.
A Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT, DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut & paste editing of images etc. HAS THE ANDY SCANN THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEM: f V SYNCRO EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware and software package that works by directly controlling your vecond d»'*e at o »tov* devx* ignoring »h* 1*190 1 own disk dr**e tontrohef This way SYNCRO IXPRISS For A500 600 NOW VERSION
5. 0 delivers power to bockup programs, when other backup
systems fail.
A The most powerful disk backup system ever trock. Upto 85 tracks.
Ojdr rT conceived. A Totally “transparent" hardware |[ A Very simple to use requires no user interfoce. Switches out automatically when not A Powerful “SYNCRO MODE" octuolly synchronises in use. W Iyour drives to ochieve even greater bockup power! A Menu driven selection of start end IMAQMItir iqfifi rnPVRirHT APT * i»'"•9®1 »o •"«»»« * P*» «ven for your own use, of copyright nxrtenol. Without the WAHNINO ’SOB LUPTHIUMT AC* I fllven p rmi„KH, 0f ,K* copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
A * action replay gives you the power to K " FREEZE ANY PROGRAM AND TAKE TOTAL CONTROL!
J|j| Save the entire program in memory lo disk or even hard disk. The saved
* «' program will relood and run from the point where it wat
froxen. Perfect
• to transfer disk games to hard drive to load in secondill *
* Ail Game trainer feature gives you the power to find cheats
within any game.
* ¦*! Infinite UvfS, ENERGY, LEVELS etc. Intimate GAME BUSTING
POWER, A Screen Grabber option lets you freexe and save screen
to dak. Pictures
A) saved in IFF format suitable for all leading graphics
Ajl Powerful monitor functions give you all the tools to free re and hack the program in memory. Ful 68020 assembler disassembler. Breakpoint (trace- single step commands Remember that ACTION REPLAY lets you view the program in ifs frozen state- no other toolkit can offer this feature.
« Powerful hardware features custom logic and en-boord scratch ram so _ - No AMIGA MEMORY IS USED. _____ Works with up to 8 megs of Amiga RAMI tw* Very simple to install.. Just plug into AI 200 trapdoor.
For A500 1500 2000 A Fits into Printer Port.
Complete Hardware Software package including Sound Sampler T ACTION LINE BBS DATEL GOVAN ROAD.
ST4 2RS, ENGLAND INSTANT DOWNLOAD NUMBER 0891 516353 No subscription- Just pay (or the call* Mm.r*m FAX 01782 744292 V9IWV Aisnomas 9661. AMVnNVf Y Various effects can be added to animations - as well as scaling, rotating and fading it is possible to overlay and scroll text.
First and foremost, MainActor is an animation manipulation utility. It will load all formats of Amiga animation and allow the frames to be saved back in a different format.
For example, you can use it to update all your ANIM5 images into ANIM7. Which play back a great deal more smoothly. MninArtar will also load a lot of animation formats w hich are entirely alien to the Amiga: FI.I. Fl.C and QuickTime animations can also be loaded and dealt with as required.
Rather than dealing solely with prerendered animation files, individual images can be loaded and combined to create new animations. Alternatively, animations can be loaded and re-saved as separate, still images. Whilst the frames are in memory (or, more likely, cached into memory, with the frames themselves on disk). You can cut and paste them around.
The caching process means that accessing each frame is a lot faster than in previous versions, without the need for the memory to hold the entire animation in one go.
If you happen to have one of the big graphics cards, you will be beside yourself with jov (well, I was anywav). At last you can load and save animations in a special format to make the most of the "chunky" graphics format which often plays back images much faster than the native Amiga chipset is capable of and in up to 16 million colours.
MainActor Broadcast as we have been able to use the ANIM format for many years now.
Unfortunately, as anyone who has tried to create anything other than a simple cartoon in Deluxe Paint will tell you, all is far from perfect.
With the advent of the AGA chipset, images can now contain 256 colour palettes, with even more colours in HAM-8 mode. Faster processors and the growing number of graphics cards has encouraged the creation of new formats such as ANIM7, but for most users interested in graphics and animation the desired end result is simple. We all want images which are as large and colourful as possible, replayed as fast as possible for as long as possible. Tricky, but it is possible.
MainActor Broadcast is the latest of the "MainActors" series, which started out as shareware products and now join the ranks of expensive graphics software. It’s certainly a program which is long overdue; I for one have been eagerly awaiting a program with the same list of features.
Created loads of animations and looking to edit and play them back? This could be the solution according to John Kennedy... on might have thought that playing animations on the Amiga was pretty straightforward, especially SERIOUSLY AMIGA JANUARY 1996 MAIN ACTOR BROADCAST irroR Blittersoft 01908 261466 PRICE £199 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS S12K RAM and OS2.04 ( Hard drive, more memory and graphics card recommended, though not essential) speed e e e e e Very fast replay speed, especially with graphic cards.
ACCESSIBILITY •••• Pleasant screen layout although a graphical editing option would be easier to use.
Tir ?
Us. Sounds| Sound effects (including sound modules) can be added for each frame in the animation.
Of course, loading and saving is all very well, but there is that little matter of playback to take into consideration.
Previous versions of MainArlor seemed to take an instant dislike to my Picassoll card once I had installed the third party drivers, which are part of the "(iyberGraphics" package.
Happily, all is now well and animations will play back very smoothly indeed. The key is to load the animation in whatever format it comes in (ANIM, H I and so on) and then resave in a form optimised for your particular graphics card.
When next loaded, it will then replay at a blistering rate and, if your card has a video encoder available, you can play back the animation directly from memory or hard disk to video tape with excellent results. It's still impressive what an Amiga can do when you give it the right tools.
For that finishing touch. MainArlor will now support sound with almost as much flexibility as graphics. You can pre-program a sound sample for each frame or play back almost any music MODule file - there are a large number of libraries for replaying standard, compressed and extra high-quality modules. If you are recording to video, adding a synchronised soundtrack in this way can really add a touch of class.
It would be nice to see some way of keeping sound effects and sound It is still considerably different from a program such as SCALA in many important ways - there is no scripting language, interactivity or external control options - and this is a good thing. It's belter to concentrate on one particular field than try to master them all. Mam Altai is an animation processor, not an authoring tool.
MainArlor really pushes the Amiga's ability to replay animations about as far as it can go with the current level of technology. Alxnit the nearest competition to its editing facilities is FRED, the Frame Editor which comes with Art Department Professional. For plavbark. The Clarissa system is great for Amiga graphics mode animations, although it lacks support for alien file formats and graphics cards.
Sadly, development of AdPro has ceased which means that despite the lack of FRED's neat graphical display, MainArlor Broadcast is now an essential piece of modules separate, so that a tune could be playing as well as frame accurate spot effects, but that would really require a new MOD standard which is beyond the scope of an animation editor. In fact, MainArlor is getting close to a multimedia program.
Understands dozens of file formats, plug-in software modules for special effects and good sound support.
VALUE • • • Pricey for a graphics utility which in an ideal world we wouldn't need. In reality, it's absolutely essential.
"Pushes Amiga animation capabilities that little bit further."
90% Amiga animation software. Ideally, you would have all three systems at your disposal, but if you could only choose one, .MainArlor Broadrasl could well be the wisest choice.
The display might seem a little sparse, but that is only because all the features are positioned behind buttons and in menus. This is a reallv powerful program, with many options for further expansion. There is no doubt that it is expensive for what is an animation utility, but it is also an excellent program that many Amiga users have been waiting for. O PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIBUTORS.
YOUR ORDER WILL BE DESPATCHED ON THE SAME DAY VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TITLES TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 How to order To order any disk |usi write the disk title and the d«sk code, U01 Agene, Some titles have a number in (). This means title comes on (x) number of disks. To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Price ..99p per disk Please add 7Qp to total fox postage & packaging Pack price as stated. All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE m per disk . Choose i free disk WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS POSTS PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk lor PSP| I Worldwide add 50p per disk P»P) SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 07) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL ENGLAND
TEL: 01827287377 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 07) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 MLJSIO M002 MICHAEL JACKSON • scrg BAD M0C3 DO THE BART MAN M0C6 100 C$ 4 TUNES |rot A1200) MOOS BAT0ANCE REMIXED GUNS & ROSES -Itu re Crazy MC19 THE XMAS SONG IdSki wry fcjnrry M025 M0NEV FOR NOTHING • DIRE STRAITS nn scng M027 BLUES HOUSE 12 dsksi M064 C64 GAMES MUSIC Ml 15 MAH0NEV & KAKTUS 2 40 Lnes CorrpiKori M12S ADAMS FAMIV M147 BANGLES • Walk l*e An Egffrtar.
M150 TIFFANY • I ThnK Were Atone Nor M171 MADONNA • Like a V-rgn M173 JANET JACKSON • Riynm Natoc Ml77 »ET SHOP BOYS MIW SAM FOX • Please Me M186 MADONNA • bke a Vfjn VI68 JOE Le TAXI M1&9 MICHAEL JACKSON SrocCi Cnmna) M194 JESUS ONES 12 dsks) M205 RAVE • more Raw M262 A TO Z Of CW GAMES MUSIC 14) txfiarl M314 DICK TRACY rMadonrai |2| M335 STAR TREK & STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION 2 PRINTER MANAGER Top Utilities U437 PRINTER STUDIO e.ceflent pnm result.
U599 PRINTER TOOL Include* typewriter. Ipootor Me U792 PRINT LABELS print Mk Ub.l.b*nf-r» 1 793 STAR PRINTER STUDIO for all tur printer* U794 SEIKOS STUDIO for ad Seiko print***. Mon .pacific prim** DRIVEr lor Ota above prime U7S3 PANASONIC 9TUOIO • 9 A 24 pm printer OrW 4 uW.
U734 CANON PRINTER STUOIO not AMO (14) U7J5 PRINTER STAR 24(200 FONT DESIGNER • thorn.*** UTB2 CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER fo* *11 CKLmn prime UM4 CANON PRMTER STUOtO for *H model. For um ¦nh Canon prim**» 1 75? 150* PrfNTEP DRIVERS l*rge*f O VIDEO TITLERS & VIDEO TOOLS Util VIDEO NOTE 0M*Dm* lor your vdro cofMcOon U4J1 VIDEO APPUCAhON (2 «*k.} many video Bl*r proa U240 VIDEO TOOL (J) W*d* of nd*C uM* Recommended U9M TELESUB HUE n*w nd*0 UU*r U965 VIDEO MAXE V«J3The M*« In video U3U DESKTOP TOCO 1 A 2 (b**t video line tool) cataloguing «y»1em Down.--------- TEH fml 2 • Cm*f n*w V VTDEOTTTLER f
TELESCROLL 2 U921 WEDDING VIDEO AMM (2 dnU) RtquH* D Pant U92J VIDEO MANAGER (nol A500 13) Video Cetatogulnfl ty US2S VIDEO TTTUR • wry good video TO U046 DARKSTAR no 2 (vot 2 b) toad. O» utils =ATOfl C U027 ULTRAPAtNT & SllRF wunl ft 3D model program U592 KILL AGA- make okMr ...... - Jlay tetri* while copying lo U14$ XCOPY PROFESSIONAL very power*,! »** ccpter U169 PAINT AND ANIMATE ere** your own animation U1S4 MASTER SEKA VI.6 ccrrpolo Aasembcr language U191 SID II CopyAMeWftnovartun No uing a mouse U220 AMOS-PAfNT v oood palm package lots ol teature um. GRAPHIC UTILITV(3imaprxc6 convener
fool U2Z9 SLIDE SHOW CONS*mUCTiON KIT easy to make U240 ARCHIVER TOOLS pack more tile* onlo you' Os* U2*2 IMPLOOER 4 0 ai*fc peck mo*o prog rami onto disk U243 THE A-T COPIER (not WB3) 13 disk coplor Wow U254 FRACTAL UTIL wads ol tractai programs Bmi U282 LAND BUILDER c-ool* i.aBshc landscape.
1 MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 I FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2 99 w«h every order ot £12 or over To claim your free mouse mat just cut out I and return this token wnh your order * enclose an extra 38p stamp to cover the postago and packing. I Offer only available wilh this token (limited 1 Mouse Mat per order excluding any other offer) Alternatively you may choose 1 FREE disk U284 COPY S CRACK TOOLS DOC* up your software U300 MESSY SID II reaowme PC. MAC etc lies U30I AUTO DISK LOGGER catalogue your disks U321 GRAPHIC Util 1(3) load* ot onll gtapriic utils U324 GRAPHIC Util 2 (3) even more graphic tools
U333 SCENERY MAKER moro larx»copo oenerahon _____________________________ U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION II (lots ol emulators) U714 ENGINEER KIT - Teat kit for Anvg*
* .******.*****AMIGA ESSENTIALS************** DISK CLEANING KIT
99* Complole with disk & doaning fluid Quality MOUSE MAT
99* 10 blank disks A 10 labals
.....£4 99 50
disk protector
sloovos .C
- special offer: El off If you order 5 or more RO disks_ U337
MODEL 3D B U3M MULTI VISIO ..... U350 POOL TOOL- predict homo
«ilh best chonco U35I RACE RATER Similar lo above 0358 STAR CAT
?-create catalogue disk easir.
U3S9 SEEKER find 0*1 h* on tocoy 4 Harddm* U360 R P G |2| advonlure craalor U363 DISK REPAIR KIT-salvage 4 repair damaged Oisa 0372 WORD SORT process ASCII lUe 0377 NCOMM III more modem scflware • pachor ulil U3B0 UN!COP tantashe 9» cci-or U399 FRACSCAPE V1 2 now I'aclnl simitar to VISTA U400 SOUND TRACKER V2.6 music maker U42G SPEED BENCH (not Wbt 3) ceoie aulo bool WB U42S NI8 2 vory popular cooor UA36 THE RIPPER COLLECT*07 II447 SVSINFO lost 4 prim m*o O. , . - U444 FONT FARM lent croator edsor ««.gn n. 0457 WHOM 2 (3DISK. Deto.. databaso on 51 Him.
U470 FINAL FRONTIER t (2 disk! Star Trok mogorin* 0473 FINAL FRONTIER 3 (4 disk! Sla * ' .....K-HaroDi'-er . - - , Star Trok maga :no U480 HARD DISK CliCK-HardDrrre menu system U40I PROTRACKER V3-B«t mui-: writer program U492 VA3RK-STATI0N ?dltk Wbt 3 oniyi '.VB 'oplacement U495 HARD DISK UTIL btUl collection ol Harddisk ullls U4W) EASY PRINT (A500 cnlyi lots o' prim um U49* WORK mate 15 brvuaix disk Util comprlatton U501 THE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KiT (Kate Amga type) U504 HOT-STUFF- moro util disk compUitons U505 VIRUS-KILLER 4 DISK RE-SALVAGEREPAIR KIT U507 DCOPY V3 PROFESSIONAL - ExceOenf Dak
coder U609 UlT BOOTBLOCK 40 . Bootblock goneratc-.maker m-ni it tiuatc BiYtt. Qi fir'll 0461 ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK ov*. 50 boottwxk prwecior U555 CROSSWORD CREATOR not WB3) emsswerd ova.*. U561 PEFIM CHECK a lull POOLS PREDICTION program making program U568 ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT * U591 DEORAOER (hot WB 1 3l A500 emulator UB92 KILL AGA- make odor program run on A1200 U6GO C64 EMULATOR II utiL 4 doeurranl U601 DISK SAL V n * ABACKUP not WB1.3) U603 THE CHEAT COMPENOiUM lor over 450 gomes U620 HOW TO CODE IN C I2dish| . Many U622 ACTION REPLAY VI 5 IA5CKY6COI U650 COPY S CRACK TOOL 2 more powerful
cop, program U680 NEW SUPER VIRUS KILLER (not WR3| 3iL wus U689 FORECASTER V2-tvyve roong predcOon program U690 ASSASIN COPIER pots-, include Xcocyl'Dcoo, U694 SUPER DUPER 3 I NOT Wbt.3 V tosl »*? Cixver U696 AMITOOL PROFESSIONAL dm*. Database tool U699 MEGACHEAT V3 . Rmoro games cbeats) U700 ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION KIT VI 2 . Good U70? V MORPH V2 create smoom motpn ammahon U703 POOL TOCtS 2 tl atoVi predicts r-5'se racmg U705 TRONI-CAD-besl cmates orcsiil board - o.nmpies U707 GAME IAMER I3A4H2J For e.*en mom gamos cheats
- -------- . TtsiAMENT wrne your Wiil U721 F _____ .
U723 EXOTIC RIPPER rates as ihs l»st ooerdWarnc neper 0724 PARNET SET UP (2) -e-iured for Bio connocton UT25 PARNET CABLE MAKER INSTRUCTION savw €£ £* U731 A ~ 2 GAMES Ch£aT for oiir'’600 gamos n'‘ ° U732 MINI MORPHS deal* TERMINATOR 2 cttect U736 AWARO MAKER n * h id.eds Ot «eady made U737 ASSASSIN CRUNCH 4 COPY FOOL VV9 1 3 ON U738 S KICK PROFESSIONAL v3 2 Vanool K-swn 0739 TURBO (MPlODER V3 1 powerful disk crutxhor U740 CROSS DOS $ 1 plus roaO wr.le PC AMIGA dak U741 MD-OISK TOOL BOX . Man, ~oi au usi. HotomiTienued 0742 HOW TO CREATE AUTOBOOT DSSK compete u U743 Um Disk Maaer .3 MAKE AUTO
BOOT DISK U744 FRACTAL MANIA.BIOMORPH Bn! Ant co»ect«on U745 AF WORK BENCH (3) (WB 13 ONLY) replacement 0747 ASTRONOMY V2predict stai placet ptodktxn ..... - 4 HD) includo* salt-prolect U749 DISK REPAIR 3 it U750 MUSIC CATAL OGUE ,not A5O0 11 3, very U751 SYSTEM CHECKER TOOL must ‘c any Amiga o* U753 HARD DRIVE UTIL • lots mote Hard Drvo UtiN U758 WB MENU LAUNCMER-rrenu kystem easy lo use U760 ICON PLUS I30ISK) Hundied* ol stunr«ig ICONS U761 REIOCKIT t 4 eiest WB1 3 en-ulalor U762 FAKE FAST MEMORY make more okJ.' Toltware run U777 TELE TEXT RECEIVER doreci Hqtw, recixrmerided U781 DOSTRACE V2
displays inlormation on why programs re'use to run 4 moraors Amiga acov’ty REC U783 POOL WINNER GOLD mus! Lor all gamblers U789 HARD DISK MEF40RY V2 use MO as memcry (re MMU) U790 WiNDOV BENCH V? (WB 20) 2 ask new wc-kboncti
- .. ______ DIAGNOSTIC TEST V9 Anvga laud tmdng U600 PRINT A CARO
include* many ready made U601 MULTI PRINT V4 lot. Ol prnr.no
utY* U605 DISK PRINT pnm custom os» &b*N U807 FONT 4 PRINT
Loads 01 unite* ro view * p lont cotoction RECOMMENDED UB32
DIVIO 0834 FORECASTER 2 02 »4*w ik-«predcnon pmgram UB» AUDIO
MAGIC 4 Proof-ockot & Ewhc nppir U«l AUDIO MAGIC 8- Octamed
player eK UB46 CM EMULATOR V3 (2DISK) CM omulaKY latest DM*
SpfCTRLV EMULATOR V2 - Specnum latest UB50 EAGLE PLAYER i2d«k)
the best nuMc players U851 DELI TRACKER i2d-M) ploy all nvskc
k-mils U881 SONIC DRUM KlT V2 Mako drum sampiee 08*2 DISK COPY
Pad coAKBon of 10 disk copor* US*) OPT i-Utils 1 OV®. 30 t*.
Cccxera'Optimiio ok 0*55 INTUITION BENCH MARK V©5 (Not Wbt.3)
Syimto US86 COMPVtTE WB UTIL (2DISK. V«ry useful Util 001 0*87
DISK REPAIR KIT 4 «cuM disk reoa-r. UndWat*.
& A5COT .3, - RAMOOM DOT STEREOGRAM g n*t*ior 0951 FORTH PROGFUMMING (NOT WB 1.31 U957 SCALA BACKGROUND (2oN*| High quavty image 0960 PI*OGRAM I OADFR-New Hard D&i rrmnu 0961 MAGAZINE E 3 2d*k 09*3 AMOS * AMOS PRO N Kwnoa I *k.. •... rka D COMMAND £ .TENDON ol Dmi* Part insunt cn Mne to* evOY functon U9*1 VIRUS CHECKER V6.5* • AUTO UPDATE MONTHLY- 09*2 DIRECTORY O US V4 add Erta Co nandBOTTONS U968 TUPBOCAT Auto cataogue you' disk library 09*9 AUTOBOOT DISK MAKER V4 vo useful 0993 IMAGINE STUOIO V2 (20) The best PD mage (pkture) proceteor avaiioba Rival* nw fie commercial
• megsjyowi*yj costno hundreds o' pound* mot kt 3) U'209 POWER
CACHE 5 SpeeM -jp di» c-adrv. Accessmg U970 HAROORIVE SECURITY
n Ci.«tcn JhD securSy “w -Diw O aSueif R jEpiOnot Y Bt 3 U973
h'STAilt" 2 n«*f t* games b HD eg Jo.
2 Rise O' the Rsbc«*. MoW Comba ? S more 0975 DMS V? 04 Pro Crunch onwe osk (noil 3) 0976 MAGC SELECTOR VI 4Change Mage WB back drop 0977 MAOC WO ICON ARCHIVE (3l 1CCC) »(V MG oy i
- ------SSWOPOp-o'-c!
099* X-PASSWORD-i ______ ____ 0979 ICON ACHIVE 3) 1000 . Ol rvjrmai i_.
U9W TEXTURE STUDIO Rondo- .anous te.tu-es to* u» 0996 BOOKIE BEATf R gamr.unj prog-a" • U997 HD GAME INSTALLER 3 enta" wf g U998 EXOTIC RIPPER V3 b L uw» HO MEMORY r w cone UIOOO MAGIC Opvi VOL 2 &_______ U’DOt CAR DATA ANALYST-cneck you- C*r ped. manoe Ut»2 TURBO CAT JWB 243 rx,y, caUK g-e creator U1033 LOTTERY WINNER V2-new vwuv U’W 5 BASiC-ElECTRONCS Tmcn .. aboul sacrcr OHX)6 LOTTO LUNACY v5 Update taiest U1007 ALL NEW HARD-OISK A FLOPPY DISK TOOL UN 36 HARDWARE PROJECT 2 (2) Bu.« dorom m projects even txvr 10 M Amoas tr. A towc c Uia 9 DATA ALERT 3orpai U1910 WB7 04 INSTALLER PUZZLE GAMES
II Mass ve cofecooo ol ail the *vy tea puzzle games ever reieased rduoing scne c ne classes Ike ftfics Cute. Pctue-Pjzries etc. br too many to isl 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 ARCADE GAMES II CCUECIICN Of WE m BEST SOOT-BWFS.
WUST Fofl ANY GAMES PLWES 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 BOARD GAMES II Ttewytestosraji'-iKfte'reeisM Tf«sp» cent's re B'ss CHESS. CHEWE&S SC»«l£ vCWto-rSKUWES Seconreroe: 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 PRINTER PACK 5 disk pack wilh all Ihe lat&sl printing tr printing booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A must tor any Amiga owner with a printer.
Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4 99 G235 DRAGON CAVE brllhanl 30 pu Jie games G240 OUADRIX very addictive e.ceiieni G242 TAKE EM OUT Uto Oporabon Wort Q253 0EST1NE MOON BASE Arcade conversion G272 TANK BATTLE 2 player tank UlttVi game Q278 ARCADIA the bew ARKNOIO clone G300 O-BOID cross TETRIS and INVADERS G3B3 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME G310 NEBULAR E«cc r1 30 shoot *m up G316 GALACTIC E«ctHem 8 levels arcade G317 HYPER-BAll Speed t a . Lev*' editor G320 GHOST-SHtP Very good 30 adventure G32S 8ATTLEMENT Hinchback ot Notre Oamo G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS in 3 top games G331 GRAVITY
mas6 ve space exporng game G333 CYBER NETIC Bnrtiart 8 way Waster G334 DONKEY KONG - (AT2CX) order cede AGA296I G335 CRAZY SUE II boil pJttorm lo dale G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (A track edflorn G344 STAR TREK similar to RAID 2 but harder G355 DOOOY very cure 4 edremety adoase G356 WONDER LAND a mar mg grache* roctxnmenooa G362 DELUXE PACMAN - nest pacmen ever released G367 CARD GAMES collocWn G368 WtZARD-DOMAINS dimoeon type games G370 KalATRIZ I not A1200) arcade Teln* crone G373 AIR ACE it Very playable shod em up G384 OTHELLO best PD version 0366 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very addctrve purr* G390
TETREN most pohshed Tetris ever released G392 STRtKEBAtL onaant Basedai done G399 TRAILBLAZER Lnllmnl (not A1200I G400 FIGHTING VYARRIOR w* St*ee- Figure* G404 DOMINOES on*, one o' it. Kind on PD G406 TOTAL WARS strategy ike chess n t«wce G4t t BATTLE CAR 2 30 car ra&ng G431 HESTER CARD GAME- hours d Tun to- A quid G435 ROULETTE American roulette *«celk nl G438 TRAILBLAZER 2 C64 conversion G441 E TYPE 2- very gcod asterc-d groat graphic G443 OLEMPIAD DISK (2D| Otympd soon events G445 DESCENDER GAME tar* March 4 ooocanoor G446 OBLIDOX Okcekor* arcMepuj7d game G448 PAFTACHUTE JOUST qi»fo
puiyitWe G4S5 CASTLE OF DOOM VG graph* adventure G460 W1B8LE WORlO GtDDY Largo Wartotm game G467 CASH FRUIT- oood hurt machines G478 AMOS CRICKET croot games G4*8 EXTREME VIOLENCE 2 player bantu out G409 ENGIMA MACHINE very choierglng pur I G490 MEGA BALL 2 ve-v payable BreokOut done G49t BOUNCE 4 BLAST bnlkam platform tftto G492 ZOMBIES & DEFENDER 2 fantastic gomes G494 MERCAMERY SIMULATION 30 war* games G499 LIFE -WnulalCn very «n!*re»tirg ?600 TRANSPLANT da errs ol levels last arcade GS3t OPERATION FIRESTORMS OniiarH G534 CASTLE KUMOUAT snvtor to Alien Breed G535 BLACK DAWN brausrw grapNc
*lveraure GS38 LORIA 5 4 The lotasl Dungeons 4 Dragons 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £999 BrftnrafKWtiyawiOOite or, Md FO ginot ncLdw NV«G£R 2 DM Itow*, « FvhonarybW .‘EBr mi»c m rr*m W»t gsrret tore *e ¦VI BRIDGE Good vervon o' B*«ge ORK ATTACK bloody adventure REBOUNCF 2 ploy** tulunstc On ROAD TO HELL sxlUaM car r*on SUPERTOM cat New rtmcal Mi KUNGFU CHARLIES m. with plo RAID 4 latest .e*Tcai scrcn vx of SUBMASTER wy poodiMff G538 G540 G541 G542 0644 6545 G646 G548 G552 G66C G567 0657 uitr STARBASE 13 12 drettl Bnhant .ke MONKE ISLANO AMOS LOADSA MONEY besi bun machir*6 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2 diMsi many
v.onN to cexr©let* 4 L C D DREAM 4 small tw d held gomes NEIGHBOUR GAMES (2 disks) TIME RUNNER (WB23 Bnn.ent g-oi i7 GOLF (2 asks) One ot the first 4 best G 8 AMOS CRICKET 2 New Amo* 18 MUGSY REVENGE g 3 BOBBY GARDEN - 6iGGER iNfwl BtWe 4 HIGH OCTANE Fast car raona (iwt Wbt.31 5 TIME RUNNER ammna graphic ad.entu-e G SPACE-INVASION 2 Fantastic Galaum it AUTOMOBILES - PD version c* SKID MARK bmti i2 BANDIT MANIA Bnlluuit tnst machine demo IS PROJECT BUZZ BAR BniLam Asto-od 19 GUN FIGHT (not A5001 1 3 C THE REAL POPEYE *4 |A500 1 3 ontyl C SYSTEM DEFEND Br.ivam Oefen.Je- done 8 AMIIGA-BOY Game
Boy emulator • Teths 0 DET'tELL IN SPACE Becommondod 15 OVEHLA'iOEH Bnlkant arcade MOON ALERT 17 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON Tho Best in PD BG 1 STAR VOID 12 Oisk) Dnlkam Thrust '2 UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER very similar to Sensible car games RECOMMENDED FRUIT MANIA Bn iliant t 101 GAMES =»ACK 2 Thl ftp* rtf) 101 1 jat« cciroBxn Skk ? 1 cvwma Mix a Be tea APDgv'aMZea.
Mror&o Oj tWi w
• If 0)4181,10 Ml G774 TRICKLE TREAT - Ike Doom on the PC G775
Commaode* G79C GREEN FIVE Anuumg 3D g-apmcs G791 PROFESSIONAL
BINGO CALLER G792 MARTIAL SPIRIT ttui Street FgMer II 6798 6
EXCELLENT CARD GAMES coHoctlon G809 BLITZ 2 rest action
shooting games G81C EXIT 13 Bntianl puh le G811 TEMPORAL
MISPLACEMENT - GrapTwc adventure G812 A DAY AT THE RACES -
V.Good horse racing game G82C BOULOER ORIGINAL with *0 MwoMj "*
1DASH cat tCOLlEC 0839 BOULOER PACK with 640 »vM on 9
d ks G86C ALIEN NET WORK- new Space Invaders G86? BATTLE FORCE
e.collenl te.t advo-'Mro G863 GNU CHESS the best chess wflh 10
levels G868 SWORD OF YIGG Graph* arhenlum 6867 POV ER-TETRIS
lo* 1 or 2 pMyors G868 SUPER SMASHING TETRIS G870 CHESS II 4
CHECKER One ct the Best aroimd.
Must to* all CHESS or CHECKERS (Hoyo'.
G81I GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone G872 SCHNEBITZ Commercial qua d, pu Jio game.
G875 DELEXE GALA -2 3 NEW| loaitire 4 bounce game 2 player RECOMMENDED get * now 0876 THE KRILLIAN INCENDENT Ika ELITEZEpic G878 QUANTUM Mare crXoct 4 escape tow games G879 RAG TO RICHES - l*e MONOPOLY G884 WIRE OUT mmdlo.. Dlo.ting games G885 GODZILLA Ancatw* shoof em up NEW 101 GAMES PACK 3 | New 10! P*ck 3 contains over 100 games. Runs on all Amigas.
Only £1199. OFFER: buy any 2 packs togemer i receiva a ir*e I £4 tokan to* use mttt next order This offer cannot beusedmth | any other current offer and is subject to conditions .. RECOMMENOED G892 PENGO 2- Mace type game. Recommended 6893 SUPER OBII7ERATION B-ait Mlonoio very similar lo PANG 2 M. o' weapons RECOMMENDEO 0894 SUPER INVASION II New SPACE INVADER G897 THE SHEPHERD B'unnt POPJLUS RECOMMENOED G898 ALIEN GENOCIDE 2 Shoo' aiens set in woce G899 PUCKMAN One ol ms boner PacMan .vound 0900 SUPER BATTLE ZONE 30 (not WB1 3) G901 M'A’S'H a (ANTWAP 2| .im-wr fo LEMMINGS 4 WORM with oao*
ol Weapons (Bnllanl) G904 LAST SOLDIER (2) murtl leve pkatTorm games G905 CYBERTECH (21 e.eellent ALIEN BREEO Ctone G906 HANGMAN any one V a game ' G907 ACE SPACE nice platlorrr game G908 COLOURMANIA skdoKlaim type pun* game G910 HARRY-HAOOOCK- Bnlkant ptattorme* games G912 MANGLE FENDER - Bnlkant. Smash up other car*1anko otc to »n E ¦tromoiy addctrve Ger H G9I3 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vol I 4 2 (2d) G914 HELICOPTER - kke Doted StrM G915 COW WARS very adolct've 2 oayer game G916 ISLAND -Uka Monopoly G919 COP THE LOT Pro Lore*: Lottery preoctor G920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL G92t MONOPOLY (board gamol
Tho oosi v*-*Mn G922 JET Wq.LV 3 excellent piaitorm game G923 FLAMMING ENGINE Su®e b car racing oamo G924 POWER MACHINES Grapttctfy b-Ukam G925 SUICIDE-MACHINE Operation Wort style G926 ZAXXON 30 Supe-D C64 3D Ousie- (wme G927 BOING V3 Great pudormet Recommended 6928 PUNTER Animated horse mong game G929 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d) includes LION KING G930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADIATOR Great tun lo play G931 NIMBLE Bnlkant new amaCe puwle G933 BLACK DAWN 3 - THE NEW BEGINNING (2) Superb 3D adventure RECOMMENDED GW4 03 ROCKET (NEW) very qoW nxket game G9J5 BATTLE SHIP- the finest PD version ggwna Excellent car
D) |0u to! « hirfl to fK o*B t crtar la«i e mory jina' 5 9M pot
»th 13Xi c« gtrm creKshtiplml :cdM Kmmptfyi. 30Ht M. thMd you
teVi mirr, f m - MOM hr if Amga oMy C49S UcdBH t RmmiM vt 21
Arty % EOQ2 COLOUR ______________________ 6003 TREASURE SEARCH
»-vd Ik* redden hea.u'e EOO* LEARN & PLAY I no A1200) math*
& game* EOOS LEARN 4 Pt Y II more education program.
£006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR SpenOh Eroiah E006 MR MEN (WBt 30Wy) bnftant atory adventure Ett» ASTRONOMY tutorial On Kor Mr OC »y*tom EotO SIMON A SPACE MATHS math. 4 S*rvyi gama*
* compt ier ootounog book E021 STOR* iANO u raaractv* zra ga-ra.
RECOUMENOCD £022 LANGUAGE TUTOR toacha. You 4 language* E023
imorove yo«r k-T. Aoeang E025 SCRABOLC requ-e* 2-4 player
Ivflka.it E026 WORDS can ha«p you aohve tna C'o*awo*d E027
OSWALD La.ga eotourful cartoon gama EO30 EVOLUTION brawl your
own hybrid EG31 IQ TEST . O GAMES pack t e.ca*ant £033 TYPING
TUTOR very good tyw*g totor E03S CHE S3 HELPER hHpwtoacha* rxw.
To play £036 BASIC TUDOR learn about Amrga Ba* program
EDUCATION S 21 GAMES PACK Cttortoi cf M or, »M cf Mx*eo-a pre m
rd i T gm tax » wr, opM ca-bcacv U ah, w en - Aaga SmfKtoN|U«S
tutorial 4 £047 STIRLING ENGINE tu-onal A arum graphs E050
bnOant RECOMMENOEO E062 FISH TANK turn your Amiga into a
POWER *oto* c*o*«woto pur W *K good E056 WORM HOLE game ideal
lor chfldren E057 APPLE CATCHER caKh taflmg appto* bnOaM E066
CROSS MAZE 4 CrrPTOKING 2 e.catont -to. G* .
EOS9 VERB QUIZ Lnd the word 4 as related veto Ohaant E06’ KING JAMES BiBlE (4d) tomptota B«4a E066 TAR ROT cH-vcyanco m an meter* E0*6 GALLOW fancy a game o' hangman?
TO70 MATH DRILLS taacha* an base math. *MM V good E07I ERRCR MO gro* rtor-ato- a. » ahy Amgt crMha* E0 & WORLO WAR 2 grapNce tutonaa on wort) war kke Starprooa- motocube ate E076 SCIENCE *n axeNW cabtceon o' tova Ou (4 «W) ECHO KIOPRiX great children* pamOng program Eont ASTRONOMY PACK- Amajmg cotacom o' pro«*m.
Retoog to astronomy Locate star pooeone eto Uutl k E073 PICTURE A LETTER team to read • trst slap* E074 AmiGA BEGINNER OulOE totonoi On Anegas £0*5 NOOOY PLAYTIME Vary good demo E0*O KID PiX more eacaOoot pauflng program* E081 D T P FOR KIO easy to um. A.casam EO02 SING A RHYMES smo-e-long E094 HIGHWAY COOE TUTOR «*««n» on Nqhway code tone READ A LEARN (20) THREE LITTLE PtGGY Story £097 BACK TO SKOOC vet I coMWi o' He best E098 BACK TO SKOOL vof 2 £099 BACK TO SKOOL v«t 3 4 EtOO limE TRAVELLER «
(301 gale 4 tulonai E107 TRUMPTY FIREWORK ALPHABETEntertam-to
way to Warn Via alphabet E10* MOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 1 (2)
Excaton t 109 MR MTN OLYMPICS (20) man, •«-*, to com®ate .
E 1 tO CULT TV DATABASE (20) Mcma-on cn ear*y TV *a*a E112 HQW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 2 (2| EnftELlcTRONC WORLDS (3D) Com«*ea Kmg Je**** *b» El I* HOW THE EARTH BEGA' " “ Ell* WORKBENCH 2 tuton*» t E119 OlNO WAP Ou on dno*c _ .
E 120 JUNIOR MATHS Greet toemng ad lor toachng rrafli* RECOMMENOED E121 PICTURE PUZZLE bnOant JIGSAW type gan E122 WORO FACTORY Brfltonl teach kxMrmw £ 123 KID DISK t -Brflkant education pack E124K10 DISK 2 E129 KID DISK 3 (OTP) Drawing program tor tod* El42 KtO DISK 5*6-2 dak* HJI Ol brflkont gamer E 125 JURASSIC PARK tot* Ol mtormabon E126 CHILDREN SONG 2 conlane 5 e*cafter* song* E127 MING SHU IA500 only) BnOsnt Chweae Astrology KIDS DISKS 1.2. 3.4 AS Liceir* ca'ectcr a wxKdN au tv Mchnf ke* i tct ¦*.* -ranw; r* V 4 »-e rrr".
S JM1 em, (i n y we irprrth tv v* 9k vr to* KB53- WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 LSD DOCS 1-46 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC VARIOUS PACKS Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4-95 per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) MONO FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) H*gh quality toms tor use with Dpaint or Personal Paints VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (1, 2, 3 or 5) COLOUR WORLD MAP (Packs 1. 2 or 3) High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Packs 1, 2, 3. 4 or 5) High quality tools lor WORDSWORTH or any DTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) REAL 3D
VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Packs 1. 2 or 3) (Please stale lor which pack abovel We also slock many more packs. Please phone.
C64 & 45 games pack Spectrum V2 & 50 games I Vic 20 & 30 games All 3 packs for only £9-99 SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION Now you can play 100s & 100s of Spectrum 48K games on your Amiga. Any pack below is complete & ready to run on your Amiga. Full printed instructions provided.
• 108 HUB K 2 0HJ£7« .si&ubki 9Ufim SPECIAL OFFER Take all 3 of
the above packs & 50 new Spectrum games (total 400) For Only
£19 99 More Spectrum games available ...screen shot from AMIGA
- JDDD SPECTRUM GAMES pack The very latest version. Now you can
play real Commodore C64 games on your Amiga. All packs below
are complete S ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed
Instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games ...£4-99 C64 & 100 original games ..£8 99 C64 & 200 original games £16 99 I Soe tort for detail. This pack comes on a large number of disks, rrrp £39.99 I |l I I NOW ONLY £29.99 i C64 V3 & 400 GAMES iSpecial offer C64 v3 and 45, 100,200 games packs 11 with an extra 55 C64 games making 400 C64 jj games S utilities. Comes on large number of disks Ijwith games list and loading leaflet! Only £24-99 [See C64 or Spectrum box for more details.
AGA A1 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS AGA251 PACKMAN AQA - The best pacman yet AGA2S2 ROCKET P0 • Super thrusi done Drthsnt grsphc* tot I ex 2 pLfyera AGA253 REAL D€MO Stunnhg spec* tltecls AGA2S4 DIRT AGA B iltant 2S6 colour ortec* A6A2S5 0EUGHT EXPLORE Excefleri Demo AGA256 KEFEREN AGA Demo lob of eltocts A0M-3 MOTOR WtfDER 212 Asks) WW INVADER gxra ™“
• GMnsPOiNTORSCAieon-Taow,-™ 3SSSSSff4S5S5,1-(1» AGA260 SOME
JUSTICE 9* Oemo of the month Brtftant atari Smart
Stor..20Mb...£39.99 Smart Stor..30Mb...£49.99 Smart SW is an
edema) Hard orve efitfi plugs nto the PCMCIA MX n you' A60D o*
A 12(0 Ful WofkOarch mtta&ea ipiease state * r An»ga ycu o*r
so that •• can nstai r* ccnect WB tor your Amga 'M7, lo use).
Oroe* be e Oratmas ana we w« rckde 10Mb of the *«y TO from
the Amines FREE Fut pcrtatxkfy nsiatoon or r«rov*l takes onfy
seconds HgNy Recormended Supplied complete S ready to use Ifor
A600 I 41200 onlyI Multi-Start II (Rom Switch) Swscrt between
rt*»ons of Kkksttn on your Amiga irtfi atee. Huge* *nprwe
soffmre compatttoy wflh the A50: »3 ( ust t*t having 2 Ar»ga
nxxJett m 1) Tfn if the very latest verson Rftng is very
pfrple W stap ty step «nsfaBa(ion manuaf a mdudad No soWerhg
regured Complete with Romswrtch boards, all ribbons & cables,
manual and the IVB 13 Rom (brand new & boxed) RRP £44.99 CiC QQ
Now only For A500Plus A600 & A2000 AMIGA A600 RAM EXPANSION
A600 Official commodore ram expansion. Fits inside trap door
OAGA001 EXTENSION DEMO Stunmng demo law landscape awn and a
rotoUto city, at me best AGA derro AGA0C2 FRACTAL GENERATOR
lisdal in 256 cotou* AGA0C3IAORKBENCH HACK hacMoy.tMarWar elc
AQA0C6 NEW SUPER KR.LER ncogMM 5 Mb over 318 (* virus. Must tor
all A1200 owners
• Add an extra 512k of memory lo your A600
• Enables your A600 to run larger programs
• Lets your Amiga A600 run several programs at the same time
• Highly recommended for any A600 owner comic Wide slxwr
Recommended AGA021 MAGIC WORKBENCH improve me took ot ycxr WB &
add some lurciors lo-wWB RerUy BRILLIANT AGA022 WB 3 UTILITIES
loads of WB 3 only utildes AGA023 U-CHESS me test chess oa-ne
program so tar Oil requires 4 megabytes Bnlkant grsphics AGA02A
THE DEATH Very good STREET-FtGHTER done with B'coileni graphca
AGA263 GEORGE GALAXO (2 disks) Btolart muflt W tftool-piaflorm
mr$ »to commander *"Oi tanasttc grapfucs.
AGA2S6 TEAM-HOl DINO PLATFORM E.catont dmo pUWxm Note ttw disk was a commercial game AGA274 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE |2 risks) 8 etfetool muse masterpieces Wed worth getting AGA27I RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II |2 dsksi AGA278 CHANNEL Z ISSUE I (AGA) (2 ds**l AGA base is* magarnes RECOMMENDED AGA disk magazine toprC.dorroilnuSlc AGA285 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL 3 AGA235 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY • Board game Very artdcov* AGA296 DONKEY KONG Arcade classic ccnrtrscn AGA237 BOMB PAC Extremely gacd gamepe, AGA298 ROCKET 2 set d*ep underground Brttorfl graphcs Even Detle wth 2 player* AGA299 SCRABBLE • Now runs on at
Amgas AQA330 MAGIC WB V2 Demo ol version 2 AQA332 TUTANKHAM lt 2) EducaWn-Egypftan Munxny AGA305 TIMEZONE 121 Very gxd yaofnc aMntu-es AGA337 DENTAWOLF Docm Oemc AQA3Q8 NAXiS • Really shows wnaf AGA graphics can do AGA3I0 FEARS (241 ¦ Doom done demo AGA31? JINX |?d) Fantass: arcade puzzte £10.90 For a limited penod we are abto to offer tru» memory board & 512k ol memory at toss than had pneo AGACHO A12W FIX DISK COLLECTION I
rvt A5C0 SOFTWARE AGA3Q6 A1200 FIX DISK VOL 3 iN w ij, 95) AH
teu abort are dtwxed 10 make in, M* AWD-AftXi Nrcy,
ptDgrsmfcgvnia Wc rtfion rA12t»ASXO A MUST FOR AU AQA AM 3A
Bnllara Street Filler ctone AGA ICO AGA BUTZ SCREEN BLANKER
AGA10I FAST GIFF 2 dspBy GtFF prc In WohZxnch AGA 102 AGA
DIAGNOSTIC • NEW system tester AGA 103 BLACK BOARD AQA decent
Image processor AGA105 QUICK GRAB AGA AGA screen grate AGA110
WORLD BEYONDS 113) stumng 256 cotour lanuiy an leaves Aian
users breainte99 AGA114 SMELLS LIKE CHANEL No 5 Most DrJIiarti
demo ray trace pcture ever released cm mo A12O0 AGA121 MAGIC
FACTORY I STAR TREK (5 rfcks) AGA133 AGA Utk v1 «(2 |?) AGA uH
corrpftatxto AGA135 AGA Utl V3 M |2) more of Mwrt
AGA137IAJLTIBOOT - 4 diflerent versons A500 EMU AGA138 OFFICIAL
w«ed demo This is the Big one! Nearly 2000 original disks from
the SOFTWARE 2000 library included on a Double CO set. For the
title list, just take a look at this double page advert for
examples of titles i packs which can be found on these Cds. No
lucky dip or unknown software. Full description of every
disk title. Easy to use menu system on both Cds which lets you
explore the contents of both Cds without disc swapping ...
- TOP SAMPLE & FX DISKS 18t**DEMOS (Adults Only) 402+ VARIOUS
GAMES DISKS - with an estimate of around 1000+ Ami 100s of
100 QUALITY B&W & COLOUR CLIP ART - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST...... ALSO INCLUDED ON THE CDS ARE AGA139 V»E3 HARO DiSK PREF 4 INSTALLER mla%ng AGA 140 CROSS DOS PLUS vS i read'wnte PC Itos AGA142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 - latest manager games AGA 144 SPEAK & SPELL - educational software tor kids AGA146 KELOG LANO • brfcant ptattorm games AGA150 ACTION REPLAY V5 ¦ NEW UPDATE TO V4 AGA160 OlGER TRIZ very Dtayade 256 cokxtr Tetns AGA162 FATAL-BLOW new STREETFlGHTER 2 done AGA166 INFESTATION (3 disks) Th* lAimate AGA demo AGAI72 VIDEO TRACKER AGA jtorate demo mator AGA174 MAGIC WB EXTRA Vot t 4 2 2 asks) AG
A189 FRIDAY AT 8 anode* brfliant AGA demo AGA1S0 ASSASSIN MULTIVISION AGA pc sewing Utt AGA 192 ALIEN FRENZY 2 player ousting - power lo AGA 19* BIG TIME SENSUAL (2 disks) SPACE BALL 2 AGA2C0 MASQUERADE (2 tJsks) txi&anl puzzle games AGA2C 2 RAM JAM 94 (1 cenl be done |2 Osksi AGA2C4 COMPLEX ORIGIN (2 dskst reojtres 2 dsk drr.e AGA206 TREASURE Of TUTANKHAMJN • educational tod AGA230 LOVE 12 dskst stmpfy Dr.llianr DEI AOS AGA231 AGA UTIL 7 4 B (2 Osksi More USEFUL uftl AGA234 KNOTTY Slunnrtg AGA sidng pdure puzzles AGA240 LOTTERY WvtNER hopeful wll irrprove your cnarcc ol wtmng a ,*Apot
GOOD-LUCK AGA241 -258 AGA GAIAE-GALORE AGA 01 • l B ols ol games AGA3I5 ILEX MYSTIC New AGA demos AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 |4 Mks) HD reqjired & 2 MEG We as hart a Itsi ol 25 cards kx abovo Hundreds of quality Mage WB teens 4 bedidrops AGA368 DESK TOP MAGIC - 32 animated saeen danker AGA389 WAR OF THE WORLDS • Fj« 30 games AGA391 PSSST Amga rtftoo ol Spectrum games AGA393 FEAR II - Bnttart 3D game plays |ust Ike DOOM on the PC Guaranteed to impress AGA393 PC EMULATOR V3 Latest PC emulator AGA403 HYPER RACE !2l Siper raarg games AGA419 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES 3 latest AGA42I COLOUR WB make you* WS more
cokwlti AGA422 RIOGE RACER Demo on the Ameya AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMOS [2 diwsi AGA424 DREAM WALKER (2) -Demos AGA425 MYSTIC DEMOS 12195 Bcetent demos AGA42C ORJGIN 212 disks) Amazing 100 TOP DEMOS The Largest collection ol ttomos ever released mis pack contains over 100 top demos Must tor all Demos. Our top seller RECOMMENDED Only £7 95 suitable lor any AMIGAS Amiga games, 106b & 76O-WOO NEW Spectrum Games (Play direct from CO) NEW C64 Games files (EMULATOR INCLUDED) Nfliftar km tow rtMameimw CO-Aom* 6*for» ET Over 600Mb per CD ET Menu Compatible with all Amigas 0" No duplicate data ET Easy lo
use menu mm 1 ONLY £24-99 +7op for p«p SEE PAGE 1 FOR MORE AMIGA SOFTWARE L. BUSINESS SOFTWARE U007 TEXT PIUS 2 2o Em, to used -ord processor U023 BANKttvG Horn, acxol." P-or arm U088 LABEL OESK3NER Ckmgn your own taboti U144 DESKTOP PUBLlSHthJG Tn. C*« PO OTP avaiat*) U128 BUSINESS CARD MAKER (no* A1200) ve*» gocxd U160 600 BUSINESS LETTER Very rarxly Get it now U10I DATA BASE WORKSHOP t?l Uit» Ol dels bole U121 SPREAD SHEET Very aniy to u*e sprootl sheet U163 OuiCK BASE Vo*y po-ertu* Database Easy to use U195 AM-BASE PrcfMSoral II The best database yet U227 TEXTRA Can edit sevoial
dox irnenla at once U239 FLEXI BASE Small easy to operate database U258 PENNY WISE Very po*ertui database U297 VISICALC Great database lots o* «uncnons U343 LITTLE OfFKCE Databasoi'-ord pfocessc*'spread U345 HOME BUSINESS JOURNAL Easy to use database U364 HOME ACCOUNT- Accounl program U368 AmfCASH Regarded os the beet axourrt prog ExcoMnt U38S LOR AN NOTE BOOK Database & aorld map U390 DAT A BASE compmbon Best sorer to Date U397 FORM UNLIMITED Oesiqn any Type o* «omt U396 MORTGAGE CALC Ceiojlaie mortgage repay rate etc U559 ADDRESS PRINT V2 1 Store & pool aodrnst U681 TEXT ENGINES V4 1 &
36.000 oorU speacbec»er U668 INVENTORY 2 Oetac home conlonts. Tor erssuronce U7I2 EDWORD PROFESSIONAL Truty the besi acrjprcwseor U722 f ASYCAL- Masnv-e spread sheet max 92S83 cell U756 PAY ADVICE ANALYZER- Money prog U781 ACCOUNT MASTER V3 Lotsol tutcttons 4 easy to use U802 ADDRESS PRINTING Pnnt addresses cn Labels U8S9 PAY ADVICE V3 Accoirtt program U810 LABEL MAKER - Print labels e*c New U900 THE MONEY PROGRAM - Accounts U954 ONFORM One ol the best Itrvo-ce makers U955 OutCK-FILE • Very fast & off.oenl database U9S6 GEN-TRE Keep track ot your family tree U967 ABANK II New account sofrwnro
CI. IR ART Vfiry high quahty cfiparl suttabto tor any Paint a
DeskTop Pubkshing package NEW - MAGIC WB This new version of
Magic WB is fully compatible with any Amiga Even the most
basic Amiga can now run Magic WB.
Accent* Ajtcnit Atpftabet t AruneJ* 5) Bebrte & Cht»en Bean |2 d*Mt Borden Buev g U995 Magic WB 1-3 AGA021 Magic WB AGA For any Amiga (WB 1-3, -3-0) Special A1200 & 4000 UFO THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER 100s & 100s of real life documentations of UFO sightings, kidnapping, animal mutilations & lots more. Very interesting read.
6 disk set only £5-99 MAGIC WB EXTRA vol 1-12 (2 Disks Per Volume) TO ORDER ANY MAGIC WB EXTRA JUST WRITE ASKING FOR THE VOLUME YOU REQUIRE BACKDROP FOR USE WITH AbgVf C?4 Spots C2S looses C26 Tnrtspcrt & Travel C27 •Weosngs CM Women 4 Men (2) CM Xmes C31 Daney C«p Art C32 Cone C*p Art Venxe sutyects rt c*p an o the bgn«« g_air, Rasuts n sup* phtt OLA RECOMMEM3ED tor arty DTP or Pert PacAag* CPOt a* ART VOL 1 (5 disks) CP02 CUP-ART VOL 2 (5 deks) CP03 CUP-ART VOL 3 (5 daks) CP04 CUP-ART VOL 4 (5 disk*) CPOS CUP ART VOL 5 (5 disk*) UFO - ALIENS MULTIMEDIA 100s of documented cases ol UFO
sahtings. Adduction, cattle mutiations Slots more. Many wth pholos to dack up the claim, scxne are so secret only a recent law has made them available.
9 DISK pack only £8 99 VARIOUS B-D 1 (4 D) VARIOUS B-D 2 (2 D) MANGA B-D 2 (2 D) GLAMOUR FACE (2 D) NEW AMIGA LOGO (1 D) MAGIC SCENERY (2 D) SPECIAL OFFER Magic WB pack Magic WB Vol 1-6 total (12)...only £7 Magic WB Vol 7-12 total (12)...only £8 Each Pack above when unpacked will fill 12 disks lull ol Magic WB - Jusl like above retail at £1 98 per volume
• Very easy to unpack* CARD GAMES RACK 11 FOR ALL CATO GAME FANS
II pulton* SkkJKkSpionFWwSdaa Bnaje. Kcrcto ft ffwilhs 41 n«J.
Only £4 99 this pack contains 5 disks langa Bnfcanl pack ol 6 disks contamng some of the besi MANGA AkiRA Games. Ammaoons, Sideshows.
Demos. All based on the Japanese MANGA 6 disks only C5 95.
Runs on all AMIGAS LITTLE OFFICE 2 New Release includes: 550 Business Letters Word Processor Calendar Name & Address Database HARDWARE PROJECT III BuO tows of mpx reVJirv n acratow fcx an ASM t* less ran El 5. Insta« 3 5 Ha ri )Ojr A600 S A1200 ej yo» MM A6MA12CO li s tow a* W less than £30. Use 1« PC ds* (J-w ai your A-n-ga. AU a PcxkK MoO?n to your & many man, nwe.Ths card aniMOCMtferMpxwt) ......- ..3*»paacrtyE5 SPACE DOUBLER Epu VI -8 this doubles the size of your HD or Disk Drive storage capacity.
RECOMMENDED U971EPUV1-6 onty 99p SUITABLE FOR W0 2 3 B Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga & PC Spread over the two platforms are emulators for: Apple. BBC, Commodore 64.
Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac. Gameboy, Atan ST. MSX, Apple200, Atari 800. Atari 1040ste, Sinclair QL. Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games.tools etc for most of the emulators.
EMULATORS UNLIMITED newiii icon?) 1:1999 Sound FX Sensation an original new I Rvlwl V quality A Swpen* CD ns rs. Hund'cds o' Sound subjects B include Ammals. Wild lile. Nature.
Explosions. Creatures. Scary stuff ;= es. Car crashes, and hundreds more.
Suitable lor use on any Amiga configuration. Available Apni 1996 SOUND FX SENSATION SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting new CD-ROM i oGiG X mations. 3D objects, Sound FX, w Documents. Themetunes.
W M Scripts & SCI-FI games V Subjects included are.
. Babyionb. Siaitrek The ongi- nai. TNG. Deep Space 9 and Voyager). Batman. Dr Who. Thunderbirds, Robocop. Sea Quest DSV. Bladerunner, Aliens. Terror hawks, 2001. Blake7, Battlestar Galactlca. Tron, Total Recal. 2010. Space 1999 etc. Hundreds of miscellanous SCI-FI images, sound fx, SCI-FI music and more. CUAmiga rated 91 % Aul 93%_ e Hf EPIC LLECTIOH Arcade Classics is an original collection of ALL your old arcade favountes.
Including Amiga & PC venations of: PACMAN.
BREAKOUT, NUMEROUS C64 CONVERSIONS. A COLLECTION OF JEFF MINTER GAMES AND HUNDREDS MORE. Over 600mb of unforgettable retro-gaming Floppy drive required. Keyboard recommended.
ARCADE CLASSICS The Epic triple graphics pack contains a compilation of over 50,000 colour and mono graphic images on FIVE CD ROMS at an unbeatable price.... This set includes the high reated World of Clipart, graphics sensation and the new GIF sensation which contains around 10,000 colour clipart images. If your into graphics work, then this should be your one and only nes- sasary purchace, and at just £39.99 it’s a THE EPIC TRIPLE GRAPHICS PACK ASK FOR OUR FREE COLOUR CDROM LIST THAT CONTAINS DETAILS OF AROUND 100 AMIGA CDROM TITLES, INCLUDING GAMES 3D OBJECT CD’S, TEXTURES CD’S, ADULT
“ World of Clipart is a double CD- ki | , ROM containing around 40.000 mono and colour clipart images
• contained in over tOO calagories dk *r in IFF. GIF, PCX.
CDR, EPS. TIF, yr Ttr & BMP. Tools for converting « *’•' ,'t
images to another format are f•» jyf *, r included for both
the PC & Amiga Subjects include : Animals.
Anatomy, Babies, Men. Women, Trees, Reptiles. Insects.
Xmas. Religious. Planes. Vehicles, Ships. Toys. Zodiac signs. Eye catchers. Humour. Cats. Dogs. Computers, Technology. Sealife. Space. Symbols. Royalty. Dinosaurs.
Plants. Nature, Ads. Tools. Astrology, Hands, Birds.
Business. Office, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King. Education.
Food. Gardening. Holidays, Houses & Buildings.
Helicopters, Children. Banners. Medieval. Military.
Monsters. Music. Sports (football, golf, Aerobics, Olympics, etc). Transport. Trains. War and more. Rated 94% WORLD OF CLIPART Plus CD (t SCI-FI SENSATION v2 double cd FCD49X. LUCKY DIP VOLUME ONE rff FCD54. ILLUSIONS 3D FCD74. ESSENTIAL UTILITES K, - FCD12. HOTTEST 4 •« N - FCD47. PRO FONTS « CLIPART FCD60. MULTIMEDIA MANIA FCD159. SUPER CARS '95 ' A ft.
FCD163. LUCKY DIP VOLUME TWO •* FREE PHONE: hi Bm Urn, ol vriuina pirate reginal l«ar tnt Jij ffUNntta*.
’’’ Ttr.'jsands ot giu-
- :r -
• ’ rr Spine tingling horror type sounds. Horror stories. Eariee
music modules. Pictures & animations from hundreds of horror
films and heaps of real-life blood n guts. (Adults only) HORROR
SENSATION NEW Over 7000 royalty free colour images.
Subjects include: cats, aviation, animals. People, hi-tech, space, cars, trains, textures, nature, sports, pinups, boats, flowers, plants, seasons, birds, technology, raytraced. Cartoons, fantasy, art, reptiles etc, etc. cn PTion Contains our most popular floppy based software titles on one giant CD-ROM Now you can purchase the entire Epic cotlec- tion m one go Tnis compilation contains j*r hundreds of megabytes of Amiga sott- 1 E B ware, subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave.
Colour. Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts. Graphics converters. Music tutorials. Beginners guide. 3D stereogram generators.
Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools. Various Hardware projects. A number of classic demo s. Hundreds of games including Shoot em ups. Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games. The latest Assassins games. Emulators and the latest LSD utilities are also included. ’Supplied with printed Index.
THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 newpwcehkco O Retro gaming at it's best. Around 5000 all- time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM. Emulators included for the Amiga. Mac. Atan ST & PC (dos & Windows). Games include Manic Miner.
Skool daze. Monty mole. Startrek. Thrust.
Jet Set Willy. The Hobbit. Danger Mouse.
The Sentinel. Micro Olympics. Under Wurlde. Uridium. Atic Atac. River raid.
Barbarian. Hunchback and around 5000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy part 2 "H IsBriBBM mg instructions for most games aswell as hun- LLLLLLLLLLI dreds of speccy game cheats. Keyboard required. NTHTyTrJ Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CUAMIGA 91% - Aul Over 90% ¦ AC over 90% SPECCY SENSATION 2 Features hundreds of all-time classic C64 programs. Over 10.000 commodore 64 Megademos, over 30mb of classic C64 game tunes and more.
C64 SENSATION The Grolier electronic Multimedia encyclopedia contains thousands of pages ol information on every subject, with Thousands of great colour photographs and illustrations and hundreds of sound clips from the BBC this CD-ROM is an essential purchase for all CD-ROM users.
Rated 97% AC - 94% AF GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA mI Essential utilities is a collection of the most use- J ¦ M tools available. Categories include: graphics
* f converters, text, music tools. Printer drivers, i Virus
killers, memory utilities. Emulators, ’ 1 Business
applications including 4 XhI Wordprocessing. Database,
spreadsheets, diary ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Volume One GIF
SENSATION double cd Tr e largest correction o Magic Workbench
icons. Backdrops and tools ever compiled includes wen over
5.000 icons hundreds ot Mag W8 backdrops. And megabytes of
WB desktop enhancer tods The 5th Dimension is the 5th disc of
the 17bit collection. Contains over 600mb of new data,
catagories Include: Thousands of tools, games, demo's, music
modules. AGA software.
A complete reference library of occult esoteric, fringe and alternative reeBty. 40 mdBon words In over2300 textfUes.
Oxers UFOS. Atens & cxvenps. The JFK ccnspiracy.
Pofce, Artormtrve mecfcane.
Tare*, palm roadng & more.
Over 18 products available on request, call for details.
17BIT5TH DIMENSION MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER 2000 GREAT MYSTERIES Graphics Sensation is a collection ot the best graphics tools. 24bit images, animations and Imagine & Lightwave objects. Plus hundreds of texture files.
Rated 85% CU Lucky Dip volume 2 contains stacks of games, demos, clipart, fonts, music, tools, graphics utilities. Animations, Sound FX. Samples, and loads more, (now with Amiga front end) A bargainI This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and loved game Nearly all the games are ready to run directly from CD. And archived versions are also included.
Lottery Sensation is a compilation of basically every Amiga Lottery predictor freely available, and dozens of documents with previous draws, statistics etc. etc. Increase your chance of winning Millions!!!!.
NOTHING BUT TETRIS LOTTERY SENSATION LUCKY DIP Volume 2 GRAPHICS SENSATION FREE PHONE Order line: 0500 131 466 ¦"» 01793 514188 Fax: 01733514187 EPIC Marketing. 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. SN1 3BU. UK jViAFi;c£-rji iG.i (.AU3-r YLJ ) It you live in Australia or New-Zealand you can new purchase any ot the above CD BOM titles from our Sydney based ~ V_ premises. Send your orders or enquiries to: vltA EpfC 36 Forest Rood. Heathcote. NSW. 2233. Australia F«cffH)K»8UZ7 P tertso mnko cftoqum pwynbte to A SpfTERI Fc a Prto K pi mr 3 ¦ SaiL Fcr prte 1 m toub »» UK fg prtc If you arc
loo lazy, can't be bothered, or arc in any way suspicions of the regular Aminet releases, then this disk may hold some appeal. It is a four-disk pack and includes everything that has been added to the Aminet site since Set l was finished. Everything up until November '95 anyway. From a rough inspection, that means well over 1,000 archived files in all the familiar categories.
The disks work well and are designed to bold complete categories, so disk b has pix, gfx and misc. disk d has mods, comm and mus. You get the idea. This can be a little more confusing, because the searchable indexes on the disks do not contain the information on the other disk. So, for example, you could be looking for an application called plopsound. Which converts mods into fractal pictures.
Is it in the mus drawer (disk d) or the gfx drawer ( disk b) or even the util drawer (disk a). Only using the index on the correct disk will tell you for sure.
That minor niggle aside, the set is well stuffed with useful utilities, programs, FAQs, pictures, demos and music. If you have not yet started collecting Aminet disks, this is probably die best one to start with. 'If Iff you only buy one Aminet disc, this is It.
90% CD-ROM Round-up AMINET SET 2 PDSOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £24.95 PLUS P&P C=64 SENSATIONS PDSOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £19.95 There's big money in nostalgia.and if matchbox cars and Beano annuals can fetch big money at Solhcrby’s, why not relive the heady days of the C64. Ah, the thrill of 64K RAM, tediously slow floppy drives, tape megaloaders, low resolution screens and overheating power supplies.
As far as it goes, the C64 was the most successful 8-bit home computer and I’m sure a great number of older Amiga owners probably owned one, or aspired to own one. In the past.
This disc contains two emulators which will turn your Amiga into an almost fully functional Commodore 64: the acclaimed A64 and the bizarrely named Frodo.
The emulators are accompanied by a number of utilities for extracting data from C64 tapes, attaching 1541 floppy drives to your Amiga, plaving 64 music files and converting tape images between various different formats. You will also find a complete collection of around 7,500 original demos.
Unfortunately, probably due to copyright restrictions, there are no games, or even Basic programs included on the disc, so you will have to find original tapes and equipment, or tape images of software elsew here. Since both the emulators are available from other sources and do not take up much room, it is debatable whether this disc is any use il all you want to do is play your old 64 games. It is valid as an archive and nostalgic memento of a bygone era. Though. 'If Mo games, only demos, but a nice piece off nostalgia 76% GAMERS DELIGHT II Games, games and. Yes, more games. A simple
interface allows you to select from the best of PD and shareware games, and there arc hundreds of them. Most of these games have appeared on Aminet at some stage, but it is good to have them all together on one volume. Major negative points have to be awarded for not making the disc CD** compatible, though. 'It Doesn't work on the CD32, but there's a lot here.
80% Many games have appeared on the Aminet at some stage, but it is nice to have everything on one disc.
I Do you want in© taiesl PD CD-Rom that contains the I latest PD to November t 9957 Contains the greatest ! And latest PD Irom two superb PD libraries The interface must be the most easy to use CD interlace on any CD. Coded by the author of the great Deadlock disk magazine - just point, read about the disk and I click to extract Superb and very easy to use The con- I tents have also been updated so you get all the latest PD until early November 1995 and loads more as listed opposite Comes with an on-line help routine, multitasking search routine and hotkeys function. If you want the latest
or greatest PD software then look here! The CD contains well over 1100 disks, over 640MBs of data or 1.3 GlG’s of public domain.
Superb value CD-Rom at only C19.99 NEW!
Available to existing owners at £6.99 - call!
NEW - RELEASE VERSION 2 New Search Routine the multi-tasking search find will seek tile names or number v-' New 'Hot-Keys' Function just press S' lor search or E’ for extraci. Kelp' for help' V' New Directory Structure access 'Utilities’. "Demos", "Games* etc much more easify Over 200 New Disks Over 200 new disks since Zoom release one. In early 1995 S Restyled, Remastered new help and inlormaiion gutde. Rosiyled artwork1 Superb!
• Greatest & latest PD from October 94 - November 95 : Utils,
games, demos, slideshows, education, disk mags and more!
- Including most of this advert and loads of great PD software
• NEW! 100 Klondike Card Games Deluxe Cardsets
• NEW! The complete Active Software Pro Pack collection
• NEW! All the Professional Sound Samples (50 Disks]
• NEW! Over 25MB* of read-to-vlew use Magic WB Icons etc
• NEW! Special programming’ themed area Ft LICENCEWARI volume one
- FI-01 to FI-100 S«k ot the run-of-the-mill okl PD CD releases
containg collectors from pre-1995?'? This CD contains the
complete collection ol F1 Ltcenceware titles from F1 -001 to
Fl-100 Over 100 titles or more than 200 disks! This CD Is worth
weti over £500. Rf the d sks were bought separately. There is
something for everyone on the CD - games, utilities, toots,
professional ctpart and music, beginners guides, educational
programs and much more Some superb material is contained withm
ms CD- Rom: Blackboard v3 (image manipulation|. Ultimate Ouiz 2
(general quiz). Word Pius Pro (ongmaify valued at £151),
Fortress (strategy God game). Relics of Deldroneye (voted best
PD game ever by Amiga Format). ERIC (voted second best PD game
ever). Powerbase (databse program). GRAC (superb Monkey Island'
styfe adventure game creator with 000's of copies sold on
floppy), introduction to WB (best selling F1 Title). Absolute
Beginners Guide to AMOS. Junior Ariist (kids paint package) or
Tots Time (one of many kids ©ducauonal programs). Use some ol
the professional music within your games, with no extra i
charges. What about the clipart for your DTP documents? AMOS
programmers I have a field day with this CD - AMOSzine, guide
to AMOS and AMOS supplements Something for everyone. With a
very easy to use AmigaGuide© interface with 90S I o! The
programs running straight from the CD Remember that the
programs are I commercial, with copyright owned by F1
Licenceware All program- mere receive a royalty for every CD
THE AMINET COLLECTION KLONDIKE GOLD Have you entered the race to collect Klondike cards before your I friends7 Even the Amiga scene has gone Klondike mad' This CD | should comam over 300 cards, on release, an ready-to-run and i LHA format (tor BBS and HD use) Many, many exclusive cards from | Scene members Klondike III running * straight from the CD and a patch to allow | you to use the canto from the CD-Rom!
Also includes Card Games Deluxe Cardz I and tools such as DIY Reko. REKO GlO tor | Photogencs. REKO datatype etc £- AMINET COLLECTION VOL. 1 £22.99 £12.99 The Arrlnet Coltedlon is a superl) se! Ol lour £12.99 CD's lor any Amiga user. Contains Aminet 1-4.
£12.99 P0 ,rom 93 to December '94. 4 GlG’s of data' £1T99 AMINET COLLECTION VOL.2 £24.99 February 96 [Pre-Order] £11.99 Aminet Set 2 contains all the Ammet uploads April 96 [Pre-Orderj £11.99 smrre release 1 PD from December 1994 to November 1995. Gigabytes (four CD’s) of games, utilities, demos, pictures, animations, tools, modules and more Also contains 300 books tram the Proiecl Gutenburg CD-Rom Out ol Slock June 95 August 95 October 95 December 95 [Out Now] Expe ir Mr new release!
1 7BIT DIMENSION V FoUowng on from the f»ghly successful Phase 4 CD-Rom tNs CD contains hundreds of megabyies of data from me 17B-T Software Amiga PD itorary The 5th *sc m thts senes contacts only the very best, hand selected software mckxtng demos, games, utilities, graphics, artwork, disk magazmes muse modules and mucg I more The CD centered around an I ArmgaGutoe styfe mtertace wtveh aiows you I to read about each *sk and then un-dms the I Asks to floppy You cannof un-dms to RAD I wtm this release AMINET SET 2 OUT NOW TEXTURE PORTFOLIO lasmegona are a pfolesatonai company.
Bnaioi. Providng texture* and back- nds lot video ray Iraorg etc This CO con- al SCO- 2 Bu bockgroimds and textures, n iretodo* ma vety high (*ia*y 24Bit JPEG Me* tor tt vidoo graphics and rxjltimeda work. Tatga’s * PC nytracmg am) GIF lor vdoottongepptoaticm* M No waned score on m« CO-Rom - ertenan* Mto lale Thts CO comes with a tul colour muto-page reference pooklei lor every single texture A complete cosecnoi-. For Pro s and Amateurs ~.Bh Welcome to the Amiga's first truly AGA multimedia, point- and-ciick compact disc. Have you craved for PC-style muto- media CD's on your Amiga? This
rivals and beats many PC interfaces. A CD to help any Amiga owner, from beginner I through to intermediate level understand their computer John Kennedy drives you around the Internet. Steve Bye offers an AMOS | tutorial. Dale Hemenway shows how Amiga is used In professional I Animation. David Taylor warns about vires problems and also discusses emulation. Deiphus Visuals show you how to produce superb commercial | quality animations. MiDICraft enter- lin you to the delights of Amiga MIDI. StuHrl Morton teach- s you how to get into programming. Larry Hickmotl on DTP I and more This CD is like
getting 12 issues of your favourite I magazine - info online all the time1 Even experts will be entertained by this CD • there is something lor everyone Not to be | missed by anyone* Also includes ihe full version of Octamed
5. 04, an exclusive Wordworth Test Drive version. PD to Get I
Started and a full colour reference guide For more compte- I
tensive info refer to ihe .separate adveri lo.twsjssue new
release1 new release!
AMOS voi.2 r-'TTl' 1h % ’ '..eUL' r WS CUPART SOUND WORKSHOP "Mi! - _____ MICH ••** n ¦-~ i"~ venous tor- ma» (MOt MAI) hAMdi d MB s
* c to ktr to o crenge edt tor you own accAcatcn* Ch*r S000 »e*
1000 VOC Me* 1000 WAV ’003 serxxe* £29.99 £19.99 GIGA GRAPHICS
£18.99 LSD VOLUM1 31 £29.99 Out February 1996 data me Of wh.
Have nev oetcre oeen | mcmded o a CD-Ror at the time o' raiea**1 Coruin* see m Both reedy-to-run an arcriveo torn-et* demos, disk mags I comouOng arimt and I pclures. N*,s«c modjlee ongna: cs- ""¦rsr £16.991 SCI-FI SENSATIONS I SCI-FI SouMtoin « an exiting now CO-Rom con- I laming over tOOWB* ol *oonco ftcton imago*.
I muaic aramaikmi 30 object* lot Imagne and I lighfwnve sound FX. Documents,1e*1 men-,runes.
I ntormatton and SCI-FI games Categjne* include I Balaton 5 S*»mo* (tno Ongmai TNG Deep Space | Nino. Voyage and ire Mme). Barman. O' Who.
* nxinoeitxros. Rotocop. Biado'uivio' Akens. 2001.
| Battioctar Galactic®. TRON. Toul Recall and many other turns AH mo Into*- it 'oody lo nsi Irom mo CD Amga. PC and MAC nnxsnn M £7.99 £34.99 3D ARENA CD BOOT v2 GFX SENSATIONS!
DOUBLE CD-ROM £1 8.99 SOUNDS TERRIFIC THE LIGHT ROM COLLECTION Lighlwav* and RmI 30 tor m* Amiga and PC computer* One •itfcisw aspect tor trus CO n ibe 24Bl Ckib s cOtectslmages tor Ugntwave Youk or*, ind mem on nor*' Also anreuts Urn. Lutonals.
Pert o' any pnqtes*onei musoans Kxary o* Muicc«Ktoi 4 600 ToOjies .030 samotos 548 Son* sccres.
4600 artists across mo glebe. 700 toxlu'os. 30 landscapes 1000 OEMs lor Vista Pro ole a collocMn o( ttxocts oi Imagine 30 Stodo ana Sculpt 30 This CO I* avoMSlo now! 3 compact dec* sturted full with lightwave material ORDER FOR ONLY £39.99 £19.99 £16.99 £24.99 £14.99 AMIGA EXPERIENCE TEN ON TEN PACK C64 SENSATIONS MEETING PEARLS 3 you ha«e teen oetxe gr rfo-Nd about KKPWU ho*d PT«oanrg to a gao aco, tosT Al toe r*: yo. Rwo: a "e* 19* com* TOO ceet co*«o j many Vwet v-Cyecn You r c to K«ac set-o to nr re CO 256 oxu vtsrtsencr 4 also r•xrveo*: MEGA GAMES Cds Includes Ml version ol Scaiavi 13.
• magma v2. V*ta Pro vi The Edg* v1 721 X-Copy. Clanssa vi i atvj
demo versions including Image f X 2.
Interplay Tuibo Cat v3. IntoNEXUS v2 5 AH these are ready to run Irom the CO-Rom rWTTl £24.99 paper ( BMP) pc- tore* tor Wiroows and ( IFF) lot Am«ga Over too diftoicnt Speccy computer soeens and toads tape covers. SiuOed with over 150MB s ol Spoctnim gam** lor a myriad o' computers so» 280 Me*
GAMES I A Mega-Bundle containing 3 superb CD’s. The Assassins
vol- I ume 1 contains over 500 games, many ready-to-run direct
I trom a superb custom interface CD32 compatible. Gamers I
Delight contains no PD games - solely Commercial stuff 1 Power
Games contains Ions of PD games, many ready to run I !.om rn.
CD MT 3 CD* fer 24.99 Am aa 5 PC Llilliil £8.99 £35.99 £16.99
FONTS I A n o t r WS ANIMATIONS FRESH FONTS volume i coma os
626 Mbs of loots.
Doco (71 font*). Non-Latin (31).
Pcliuos (17). Sort! (23V Sans Serll
(31) . Scnpt ?7| Volume 2 comans 632 Mbs o' toms Oeco I 63 lam
San* Sent 29i Scnpt r36). Th-*n*n
(19) and moro' i This CO 2000- AttoOe and CG tones, sorw ps toras
500- Bdmac ’90 cototxed 240 iFF t39 Pgs 24 P-odiw. 600
Truehpy. ’32 PCX 300 GOOS and more' Map* Medea' Matary Use
“ero-g Pnoto Piaces Plane* So F Sea Scare Sport Star Trea.
Swvrwut T n* Wa-V You es«ed tor a cotow c*p*rt CO • 4 n' |
CM. 99 £8.99 CTQZI £8.99 mtTfl £9.99 rrwn £7.99 £18.99 NFA AGA
EXPERIENCE NFA have been serving the Amiga scene recently wnn
an amazing amount of effort. Wed known in the UK for their
Bodyshop senes. Excellent AGA-only Word disk magazine and
programs such as ‘Balls’, Boomm Eck' and ’enLock present
their first CD tor the Amiga. Unlike other scone releases,
this coniains AGA PD from tho last 3 years ol which 90°t.
Will run straight from the CD! Contains the best WB3*
utilities and creative software (tOOMB). The greatest AGA
games (100MB). High quality AGA slides hows (150MB). The most
outstanding AGA demos (200MB).
Entertaining and informative disk magazmes and the best ot the rest including the licenced Amiga Reports and all the Amiga Doom’ clones NFA have also compiled loads of exclusive wares for the CD: slideshows. Klondike cards and more. All this and contained in superb exclusive raytracod iconrfied drawers set withm a Magic Workbench environment makes the CD an absolute pleasure to use' This has got to be the most comprehensive CD-Rom for any AGA user. Want to show off the power ol your new AGA machine this Xmas? Got this if you do' £ 1 8 99 Active Software, Dept AF80, PO Box 151, Darlington,
County Durham, DL3 8YT rr_7 01325 352260 W * 1 sales@active2.demon.co.uk When ordering add 75p tor postage Orders outside UK add £1.00 on every CD (or postage Make cheques P.O.s payable to Active Software and send to the address above. You can also pay by credit card. Call to make sure CD's are in stock.
SPECCY 2 WORLD INFO 95 All Major Credit Cards taken Nfn» Multimedia At Its Best!
Simple and Easy-to-use Educating and Informative Entertaining and Exciting Powerful and Amazing!
Welcome to the Amiga's first truly AGA multimedia, point-and-click compact disc. Have you been craving for PC-style multimedia CD’s on your Amiga? This rivals and beats many PC interfaces. A CD to help any Amiga owner, from beginner through to intermediate level, understand their computer. John Kennedy drives you around the Internet, MIDICraft entertain you to the delights of Amiga MIDI, Stuart Morton teaches you how to get into programming, Larry Hickmott on DTP and more. This CD is like getting 12 issues of your favourite magazine - info online all the time! Even experts will be
entertained by this CD - there is something for everyone. Not to be missed!
And Starring!
Kev and Gareth Craft Steve Bye Malcolm La very Ed Wiles Dave Sullivan Larry Hickmott Peter and David Clarke Simon & Co.
Mark Thomas Danny Amor Jason Brown Dale Hemenway Gary Whiteley David Taylor John Kennedy The Active Software team!
Main Contents List: The History of the Amiga Who invented it7 The old Commodore, its bosses, ideas, mistakes etc The Escom rivival and much more.
Amiga Environment What is your Amiga9 Why is it so special? What is the ¦•scene’9 Who are Amiga Technologies and what do they do?
The Amiga Hardware Inside, outside, ports, chips all explained Workbench and DOS What is it? Using it. Data and file management. Workbench environment tips, the CLI. Advanced WB and CLI tncks Programming AMOS. Blitz, assembly. C. Amiga E and AREXX examined Become an Artist Overnight Raytracmg. 3D. Animation, bitmap drawing analysed Become an Amiga Music Maestro Octamed explained. MIDI discussed, musicians interviewed Getting Your Words into Print Word processing. Desk Top Publishing. Printers. Clipart etc Surfing the Super Information Highway Intro to the Internet. Surfing the Internet. WWW
design. Amiga Internet Providers. Amiga Internet software General Arena Emulation. Operating Systems, Virus Problems, Amiga in Business, Multimedia etc etc etc The Amiga Future Where is the Amiga going? Amiga Technologies' plans. Amiga visions, possible industry comments And Finally Credits, thanks and anything we have forgotten' Out Early February 1996 [AGA Machines] £29.99 Also!
- Amiga MIDI
• AMOS Programming
- AMOS Hands-on
- Octamed in Depth
- Octamed Hands-on'
- DTP. Printers. Clipart
- 3D Animation
- Architecture
- WWW Design
- CD Creation
- Bitmap Graphics
- Animation
• Amiga DTV
- Various
- Various
- All the other work
- MIDICraft
- F1 Ucenceware
- AMOS Programmer
- Octamed Expert
- Audio Imaging
- LH Publishing
- The Room Upstairs
- Delphus Visuals
- Global Internet Ltd
- Freelance Writer
- Freelance Artist
- Dalemation
- Freelance Writer
- Freelance Writer
- Paragon (Freelance)
• Full version of Octamed 5.04
• Test Drive', •xdusrve version of Wordworth 3
• Disk Mogic and Photogen ics demos, info and tutorials
• Essential PD to Get Started I
• Special upgrade prices to new Amiga products and software
• Full colour booklet guide Active Software (01325) 352260 All
rights reserved Contents may be subjecl to change
iNEThJ 5-Paint World 1 Color! • Aminet 9 Aminet Set 2 Aminet®
CD 9, dated December 1995, contains more thanl gigabyte (uncom
pressed) of software in thousands of archives. Since the
release of Aminet® CD 8 more than 500 MB new software has
appeared. The current edition has a special focus on games.
Nearly 1,000 breathtaking games were included.
AMINET® SET 2, dated November 1995, consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives. Whether you like applications, games, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy to use index files and search facilities make accessing it a pleasure.
120 MB Utilities 270 MB Documents 40 MB text software 19 MB Business software 75 MB Business software 36 MB Communications 630 MB Pictures & animations 84 MB Grophics & sound demos 170 MB Graphics software 23 MB Development software 150 MB Miscellaneous 3 MB Disk HD tools 630 MB Graphics & sound demos 129 MB Documents 250 MB Games 327 MB Games 110 MB Development software 34 MB Graphics softwore 10 MB Disk HD tools 1 MB Hardwore related 5 MB Hardware related 46 MB Miscellaneous 840 MB Music modules 156 MB Music modules 150 MB Communications ~ C. Music software * o 9 MB Music software 30 MB 106
MB Pictures & onimotions 10 MB 28 MB text software Utilities XiPaint V3.2 XiPoint is o leading edge, 24-bit paint program. It's suited to the demands of novice and expert alike, and within a short time, you too will be able to produce colourful and creative art in 16.8 million colours.
This version of XiPaint provides a professional paint program at an unbeatable price performance ratio.
Overview of Features: • Diverse point functions including colour, contrast ond saturation adjustment - Mask, outline, recolour ond fill functions • Airbrush with adjustable spray functions - Light-table function for manipulating montages ond animations • Text functions with anti-aliasing using Compugraphic fonts • Support for a variety of graphic formats - Unlimited Undo • Diverse manipulation of alpha channel • Supports many graphic cards • Layers to combine different projects • Arexx port • Drag & Drop colours • External filter module • Extensive documentation • 60 textures, 50
landscapes, 30 other pictures and many fonts included.
Q5 tfl ImetlMews Offline Vol. 1 g o NetNews Offline Vol. 1 is the first disk of a new bimonthly published series of Ami- q go* CD-ROMs which contains all AMIGA*- related newsgroups from the internet.
Every volume features about 70.000 articles which contain hot rumours, important information about all aspects of the Amiga*, press-releases, discussions and flame wars A newsreader is included.
NetNews Offline is the cheap alternative of getting in touch with Usenet. £14.95 All products ore avoilable in your local AMIGA-shop or through national mail-ordcr-companies International Distributor: GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH ZimmersmuhJenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel ‘49-6171-85937 Fox ‘49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 HARD DRIVES & RAM FOR AMIGA Nobody Undersells US!!!!!
OKTAGON 4008 SCSI CARD True SCSI II controller for your Amiga 1500 to 4000, upgradeable to 8MB using Zip Ram allows you to connect H-Disk, Syquest CD Roms etc. £99.00 MULTIFACE III ADDS 2 SERIAL & 1 PARALLEL PORT TO ANY AMIGA 1500 TO 4000 £79.00 SCANNER AMIGA A600 A500 A500+ RAM CARDS A600 1MB Ram £20.00 A600 1 MB Ram & Clock £33.00 A500+ 1MB Ram £20.00 A500 1 2MB Ram £15.00 A1200 RAM CARDS PCMCIA compatible (With Clock & FPU socket) EXTERNAL SCSI HDISK with 45W PSU FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS 340MB 540MB 850MB 1GIG 2 4 9GIG SQUIRREL £199.00 £229.00 £269.00 £299.00 £POA £54.00 0MB £49.00 2MB
£109.00 4MB £159.00 8MB £239.00 ZIP RAMS 2MB £99.00 MEMORY 30 64 72 Pin Pin Pin 1MB £25 £N A £35 2MB £89 £N A £69 4MB £109 £199 £109 8MB £239 £N A £239 16MB £389 £N A £389 32MB £N A £N A £699 FOR ANY AMIGA OR ACCELERATOR CARD EXTERNAL CD ROM (SCSI) FOR AMIGA A600 & A1200 SPECIAL OFFER
INSTRUCTIONS 40MB £40.00 120MB £79.00 340MB £165.00 510MB
£229.00 850MB £399.00 1GIG £P.O.A
3. 5’ HARD DRIVES IDE SCSI 270MB £99 340MB £119 £119 420MB £119
£129 540MB £139 £169 810MB £189 £229 1GIG £199 £229 I
Microvitek 1438 £259.00 Microvitek 1440 £399.00 Samsung 15"
£319.00 Samsung 17" £599.00 Samsung 20" £POA ACCELERATORS WITH
FOR AwiSa A500 500+ 120MB £179.00 420MB £199.00 810MB £269.00
1GIG £299.00 SYQUEST DRIVES Int. Ext.
A4000T 040 £2150 AMIGA A4000T 060 £2450 £159.00 £239.00 £POA £POA DOUBLE SPEED QUAD SPEED SIX SPEED PORTABLE CD FPU Increases the performance of your machine when adding these FPUs. Suitable for all Accelerator & Ram cards for A1200 and Amiga 4000 Computers 28MHz (PLCC) £24.00 33MHz (PLCC) £39.00 40MHz (PLCC)clk £59.00 50MHz (PGA) £89.00 Viper 68030 28MHZ 0MB £119.00 Viper 68030 40MHz 0MB £189.00 Viper 68030 50MHZ 0MB £199.00 APOLLO 68020 28MHZ 0MB £99.00 NEW!!! ApoLLO 68030 50MHz 0MB WITH FREE FPU £199.00 AMIGA A600 ACCELERATOR 68020 28MHz UPGRADEABLE TO 8MB RAM ONLY £209.00 IN STOCK 88MB
mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
SPANISH STEPS I ant one of the last Amiga (.Mill l.31 users in Spain and I’m having a loi of queslions, bul in Spain nobody ran answer. I'm hoping you can and dial's why I'm writing.
I'm trying to buy a hard disk for my computer and I’m not sure if all the disks I have can install to it. Is it true that the games disks on the Workbench which say "NOT A DOS DISK" can't be installed to the hard disk?
Secondly, can I install DOS games disks without installing instructions inside it?
What's the best program to manage the hard disk?
Some DOS games have 110 startup 011 the DIR, I think it's impossible to play with it without having to reset the computer and put the game disk into the disk drive (because 011 my Workbench screen, when I open the window of the disk, this is empty). Is it right?
Jordi Marin Visa Barcelona- Spain Disks which pof up on the Workbench claiming to be
XI) (IS and which return error messages when you try to access
them use their own file system, rather than the standard
Amiga one. Liy default they cannot be coined to a normal hard
drive partition.
However, there arc utility programs around which cun pike a small nan-AinigaDOS partition and you might lie able to use one of these. However, many games simply don V gel an with the Operating System and will therefore never know what a hard drive is, or how to use one.
I 'm, sorry hut I 'in not i uile sure wlial exactly you mean here. a game is on a standard AmigalIDS format disk y ou should he aide to copy it to your hard drive. However, you will need to include a few ASSIGN statements so that the games knows tv look to the hard ilisk, rather than the floppy for loading data.
I suite such as (Quarterback Tools or Ami Hack Tools are -very useful to have around in case things go Continued overleaf • IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench. Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Your Amiga: Kickstart version: O 1.2 O 1.3 Workbench revision: VtvIN O 1.2 O 1.3 O 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 I have just bought a hard drive, but I have a few problems.
All New World of Lemmings will not install on my Games partition. In the ReadMe.txt (on the program disk, showing all icons) it tells me to put the command... Assign L3: [Drive name] L3 ...in my user-startup (and yes I did put my HD partition 'GAMES' where it says [Drive name]) and I also created the L3 directory in my games partition. I reset the machine, ran the Install program and it says "please insert volume 13 in any drive" - but this should not happen if I have assigned L3 to a directory!
Now my hard drive has a checksum error on disk block 8S038 and I've had to format the thing, three days after buying it!
Peter Ford Middlesex Putting GAMES in the assign isn't good enough, you need to put the drive name as well. For example, if your GAMES directory is on the partition called HDO: then you would need to use the line: Assign L3: HDO. QAMES L3 If GAMES happens to be the name of the entire partition, you would need to use a line like this: Assign LS: 0AMBS.L3 It is vitally important to remember to include the root device and put a colon (:) after it.
Checksum error aren't that uncommon, especially if the drive is being used for games playing sessions. As you have discovered, when they occur you will need to re-format the drive (copying all the important files off first).
It's a good idea to have two partitions on the hard drive to help out in backup situations like these, and remember also the QUICK and FES options should be used when formatting to save yourself a lot of time. However, a disk utility suite such as QuarterBack Tools or AmiBack Tools will fix the checksum error without re-formatting the disk.
Total memory fitted Chip memory available Extra drive »1 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Extra drive 2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer.
Hard disk:_ Mb as DH _ Manufacturer: Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware:
I. Dual speed drives are the standard and frankly, in ms opinion
at least, you would need a good reason for anything faster.
T'hrrr are no games on the Amiga that I know of whirh require
an extra quick drive and when reading files the difference
between a read lasting two seconds and one lasting four
seconds is pretty insignificant.
«“ wrong with your hard drive. The A migaDOS disks which appear empty aren't true AmigaDOS disks, but use their men filing sy stem.
You are right in thinking that you can only play them by booting from them: in which case a special program in the disk's boot block is loaded and this starts the new filesystem.
In short, buying a hard drive won 'I make playing all games easier.
CD-ROM CONUNDRUM I'm looking for a CD-ROM drive and have a few questions that I hope you can answer:
1. The price of dual-speed drives is pretty reasonable, hut are
these drives any good? I've seen your review for the ( speed
2. Are most CD-ROM drives user-friendly?
Are they easy to use from Workbench and easy to actually plug in? Where do they plug in? PCMCIA?
3. What exactly is the storage size of a CD?
1 heard it's about the size of 500 floppies? Is this true?
4. Most importantly, due to the immense amounts of data that can
be shoved on to Cds.
Will 1 need more RAM than my standard 2Mb?
If so. Is it possible to get trapdoor RAM even though I've got my hard drive inside there somewhere?
2. CD-ROM drives appear on your Workbench like any other disk
icon. You can do anything you can with a a hard drive
orflopfry. Except write to them.
They work much faster than floppies and a bit slower than hard drives. Fitting them depends on which interface you go for. A SCSI interface such as a Squirrel is a good choice it connects to the PCMCIA slot and a lead is connected to the CD-ROM drive.
4. You won V need any extra memory, although getting some is a
good idea as it will speed up your Amiga a good bit (there is
still room in the trapdoor for memory).
3. You could squeeze more than 500 A miga double- density disks
on if you wanted, since there is about 600Mb free on a CD-ROM.
I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do here, but guess you are trying to load a sequence from an external MIDI sequencer into Music-X. o matter what the exact plan is. The first thing to do is gel the clocks working together. Fetch system (the MMTS and the A miga) ran have an internal clock or an external clock. You will need to set up the equipment so that one is operating internally and the other externally: it doesn V matter which, but one selling will work better that the other. This will allme only one clock to drive both systems.
Try selling Music-X to accept the PI AY STOP commands as well, since this will make your life easier. Then match the tempo on both systems. .Vote you can play a sequence on Music-X and the MMTS should play along in time.
!] you want the sequencer to act as a MIDI source for Music-X (so that the songs stored on the MMTS will appear in Music-X ready for editing and sailing), your rest bet is to play the song through several times and each time record only one channel MUSIC MAYHEM (.mild you please inform how to use (that is.
Load and Save) Music-X (.Amiga) front Alesis MMT8 Sequences. I have tried setting Music-X Master Clock to Midi-Clocks, but keep getting several error reports.
Alan Jones Please can you save my (questionable) sanity.
Consists of a cable from the AUX port of my CD” to the serial port of my Amiga, with some totally useless software (Twin Express & PARNET), neither work. So my qilKtion is, have I bought a duffer, or am I using the Mkware wrong?
1. 1 recently bought Monkey Island 1. My problem is that when I
launch the program from hard drive or from floppy (using
Workbench) all the graphics are odd-looking.
By the way, did you video store now dea as console software'
2. My second problem is alul ne afr to my Amiaa. I ffoolishlvl
bought a ;now that the Blockbuster bn Amiga software as well
James Thompson Rotherham VthgjlBt problem is easy fixed by
altering the MAXTRANSFER setting for your nard drive. Use
HDInstall, Advanced settings and knocl fhe large hex mimhpr
whirh .iftinnktSNMroriakung an F. That [ i Go to Parition
Drive, theif Advanced Options; then Change... and finally
change the MaxTransfer setting by deleting an "F".
2 You will need toYun Pamet or TwinExpress on both the CD32 and the Zuniga. If you don't have suitable ware on CD-ROM. Many of the PD compilation disks this hidden away somewhere. It can still be a right pain to get it all working though, so you will have to pepevere.
I didn't know that about Blockbuster video. I'm off there now to see what they have.
Of MIDI information. Music-X is not great for recording multiple channels and even if it does work, they will all end up in one track. For better results, Ban and Pipes can record all the channels at once and sort them into different tracks.
BIG DRIVE BOTHER I’m sorry if I am taking your time with my questions, but here in Portugal there is no one able to answer them for me and I think you are the right person to do it I own an A600 with 2Mb of RAM and I would like to ask you for some advice in terms of hardware.
I saw in AF76 one advertisement from First Computer Centre where they announce 1,05Gb hard drives for A600 (Page 88).
1. Is it possible that my computer with just 2Mb of RAM can
support such a huge hard drive?
Would I lose speed with it?
2. If it is not possible to add this HD, what do I need? More RAM
(if so, how can I get it) or a smaller HD (which size)?
3. In AFT 3 (page 21)1 saw what I think is a RAM card of 20Mb
from Mitsubishi Electric for PCMCIA that fits my computer. Am
I right?
How can 1 get one of those?
4. And last. I have a Commodore MPS 1270A InkJet Printer
connected to the parallel port. I use the Po (Portuguese)
Keyrnap configuration and the EpsonX CBM-MPS-1250 printer
When I use Ed from WB, and I use it a lot. I am never able to print some characters that are specific for Portuguese, like accents.
They are displayed on the screen, but do not appear in the printer or, someumes, they are replaced by other 'funny' symbols. What is the problem? Can’t Ed support specific letters when sending them to the printer driver? Is there a printer driver that fits my printer better?
I would be very grateful if you gave me a quick answer because I have to buy the hard drive before my parents change their minds and I don’t want to lose this opportunity of increasing my computer capacities.
Joao Ramalho Portugal 1,2. You don't need any extra RAM. Although the hard drive will require memory for disk buffers, and so on, you should still have more than enough left over.
You won't lose speed, although if you did happen to have Fast RAM fitted, things would go faster.
Currently Fast RAM is only possible with a soon-to-be- availabte-honest A600 accelerator.
3. The card in question was not strictly Amiga compatible and the
art person responsible has been suitably tortured by being
forced to watch the omnibus edition of HollyOaks. The same
family of cards includes RAM sizes of several hundred K to
several Mb and these are available from many dealers, not only
Amiga ones: PCMCIA is a good cross platform standard.
4. Ed is not the world's best too! For text editing.
You would be much better using a dedicated wordprocessor, like Final Writer. A program like this has its own fonts and the page is printed in graphics mode, line by line, rather than depend on the printer's character set and the printer driver's international experience.
BOOT DELAY I have recently bought a brand new Amiga 1200 and 1 was hoping that you could answer a few queries that I have.
1. When I reboot my Amiga, it takes about 30 seconds until the
screen prompting you to insert a disk appears, whereas on my
brother’s Commodore Amiga it takes roughly five seconds.
Is there something wrong with my computer?
2. When I opened my Amiga 1200 package, I noticed a Commodore
power supply supplied with it - surely this can’t be right,
can it?
3. Some lime ago I heard about a game that was being released on
the PC; it was called Xcom: Terror From The Deep. Are there
any plans to release this on the Amiga?
4. Is there any way on Earth that I can get Falcon (the game) to
work on my A1200? I have tried everything I can think of to
get it to work (even praying!), yet it won’t co-operate.
Thanks a lot for answering these questions, hut there is just one more thing to ask you. My brother has written a diary program in C and he was wondering if you would like a copy of it to put on the Coverdisk? It has an encryption mode, log ins, passwords and lots of other features. What do you think?
Scott Parker Norwich
1. Some Amigas, especially those models with IDE interfaces
(A600.A1200, A4000) with no hard drive present, can take a few
seconds to look for one before booting. Fitting a hard drive
makes this delay vanish, as it is caused by the Operating
System searching in vain for a drix e. Also, some memory
expansions seem to cause a delay. As long as the Amiga starts
to reboot within a minute or so, this should not cause
2. It's likely that the new Amiga owners either had access to the
slock of power supplies, or simply didn 7 have time to re-make
the plastic moulds for the power supply casing.
3. No, in afraid there are no plans to release Xcom on the
Amiga. You could, of course, write to MicroProse and put
pressure on them to change their minds.
4. Falcon is just too old. Buy Gunship 2000 or TFX.
Continued overleaf ¦* If you have a program you think AF might be interested in, the best thing to do is to send it in I marking the envelope clearly “Coverdisk submission ") for the attention of Graeme Sandiford.
THE NET AND THE A500 After about 2-3 years of constant nagging, complaining and moaning I have finally convinced my parents to get me a modem for my A500 with 512K of chip RAM. I will be getting a Sportster 288 and 1 have also got a chance of an upgrade. I would like to visit Web pages with graphics and I'm not sure what kind of RAM upgrade 1 would need.
I could have either an 020 accelerator with 4Mb Fast RAM or an 020 accelerator with 2Mb chip RAM and a 2Mb Fat Angus. What would you suggest?
1 have installed MU1 (don’t you need it for certain packages?). Could you please suggest what packages (PD shareware if possible) I could use for a TCP IP package, a Web browser, an IRC. Program and a mail reader?
I would really appreciate any help or advice you could offer, since I am a complete novice to comms and the Internet.
Dave Sussex I would honestly advise getting a new Amiga, preferably an A1200. Even a second hand one would be money well sfient. For starters, the A500 is not really up to handling the serial rates which a 28. SK modem would produce. You need to mess around with alternative serial drivers and it's a messy business.
If you are sticking with the A500, a I4.4K modem is more sensible and a lot cheaper. You will need more chip RAM if you want to see Web images, although they will be rather sad in the limited non- AGA colour modes. Go for the Agnus upgrade.
Yes, you need Magic User Interface to run Amosaic, the Amiga Weh browser, fbw will also need AmiTCP (version 4 is a demo shareware, but useable or the commercial version of the AmiTCP package pom BlitterSoft) and Grapevine for IRC (Internet Relay Chat). There ate several mail programs - one of the best is MetaMail. All are available from the A mine! Internet sites; as soon as you get on-line you can use FTP to download them.
As you are a total newbie, I would strongly recommend you start your on-line life by dialling into a few Bulletin Boards rather than jumping into the Internet immediately.
Please help! I am computer illiterate, but have a 12-year old son with an A600 which has no addons apart from a printer. He keeps asking if it's possible to use a CD-ROM and, as I've no idea what he's talking about. I'm referring the TOO MUCH?
Please Kelp me answer a question about North C programming language. I have North C installed to my hard drive and I copied a utility called MUCHMORE to my C directory to read text files.
Even though it's been copied, it still will not let me open any of my files when I dick on them! This appears as: "Error while opening C MUCHMORE 205". What do I type at the CL!, or do I change the default toll to ED since I don't know what to do. Please help me.
Dwayne Bhatia Fife Your problem has nothing to do with North C as such. Error 205 means that the file OMUCHMORE cannot be found. This is what appears in the text file's icons next to Default tool.
Try changing this to be CMUCHMORE and checking that the MUCHMORE program really question to you. Can a CD-ROM be used with the A600 and, if so. What equipment is needed to make it work?
Most importantly, what does it cost?
Hope you can help us.
Ann Firth Liverpool A CD-ROM drive is a disk drive which reads CD- ROM disks. These are like floppy disks, except they are slightly faster, hold about 500-600 times as much information and cannot be written to. They are popular on the A miga for distributing PD software, and some games.
The good news is that it is possible to connect one to an A600. You will need a Squirrel SCSI Interface and a suitable CD-ROM drive, which means (the bad news) it will cost between £100 and £300 depending on the speed on the drive. HiSoft and Power Computing, who advertise in this very magazine, will be able to help you further.
However, it has to be said that although the A600 will be able to make use of the Public Domain software available (utilities, pictures, sound effects and so on), please understand that your son will not be able to use the CD-ROM drive for CD games. The A600 is not quite up to that job; an A1200 is required.
This is because most CD games are written for the CD32 console, which is effectively an A1200 with a CD-ROM drive, with no keyboard and a black box.
STANDARD OUTPUT 1 recendy purchased a CITIZEN ABC 24 dot matrix printer which I use frequently. I am currently thinking about using it for drawing up Cvs, but I do not have a program that will fully utilise the printer's internal fonts and font sizes.
The program should work like Wordworth, or the Mac program I used whilst in college, MacWrile, where you can type a sentence or paragraph, select it with the mouse and convert the colour or font or size in die menu, but using the printer's own internal fonts.
The system I use is an A600 with 2Mb.
I hope there is a program available, and if you know of one, could you tell me what it is, where to get it and how much it costs.
Jason Culligan Ireland When selecting fonts in Wordworth there is is in the C: directory on the hard disk. Vou can check to see exactly what is going on with a program such as SnoopDos, available from any Public Domain library. Run SnoopDos and then try to read your textfiles: SnoopDos will display what is happening in its own window.
The option to use only the fonts which are directly produced by your printer, rather than send the finished page to the printer as a graphic image.
Protext is the original printer-friendly word processor, and it may suit your needs as well. However, when using only printer fonts, you may be disappointed at the lack of flexibility this offers.
If you want to keep your text crisp and sharfi but you are afraid your printer might let you down, consider producing your document as a PostScript file and bringing it to a bureau where it can be output on a good laser printer.
NULL DEVICE I hope you can help me with this quite major problem, at the moment I cannot print from my Amiga, every time I try and print from any application, even Workbench and Dopus, I get the message “Cannot open printer.device". In the devs drawer in Workbench, there is a file called printer.dev. I have tried replacing this with the one from my original system disks; I have also replaced the printer cable, but to no avail.
James Lewendon Reading Your Amiga is more than capable of printing; it sounds as though there is nothing more complicated than a little naming problem. Tliepiinter device must be called printer.device, if the file can V be found in the devs: directory then any application will fail.
Also make sure you have a parallel, device in the devs: drawer. You can use a PD utility like Sysinfo to check that the printer.device is present. Run it before and after attempting to fnint something and use the DEVICES option to see if it exists. *5 .. Rapid Frame with both VHS and S-VHS!
'ng on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
_ STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing rility from either TV or satellite sources.
Grab images witn your camcorder including S-VHS.
Or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output ProGrab' Support* all recent Amiga* and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution Including HAM8 mode |Amiga RAM permitting).
ProGrab'*... Saves and Loath Images in IFF ILBM. IFF ILBM24. JPEG. BMR PCX. And TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as AmmS files and animations with sound |requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as Amm5 ? 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines |AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogenic* fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader to enable grabs directly from within the program • saving YOU timel ProGrab'*... Software has built In mono and colour animation facilities.
The number of frames is dependant upon your Amigas RAM.
ProGrab"1... Release 2.5.x software now includes...
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions -
Even with low memory Amigas (All Hard Q'rve Systems wuncut the
need for an MMU.
Satellite TV signals.
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software.
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the box!
I Standard ProG'oo hardware .'5 PAL SECAM NTSC compatible interlace mode options are available with pal & SECAM only NTSC Orty mod® are available to special order when men support the interlace mode fu V Please ask us fcv full deteJs | STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver.
Or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's video output including S-VHS.
Mat* rai jder Oted as The Best Video Hardware product (or ine is rs espeoaiy pleasing because the award comes bom me A*»gA Snopper magvnes readers Our Satisfied Customers* F 1 ' V* For just £1 29.95... ProGrab is supplied with everything you I need + ¦ ProGrab'* 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mams Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable
• User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for At 200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrab's optional PCMCIA interface includes me latest version software and extends performance for senous professionai users - offering the following benefits
• Faster Downloading Times iup to FiVE times quicker;
• Improved animation speeds of up to II fps imonoj and 3 5fps
• Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler required)
• Saving of animations direct to your Amigas hard duve
• Freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port for use by a printer or
other parallel peripheral device ProGrab' supports any Amiga
with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM.
951* STAR Buy and ifnwrfo Me S ngetf cfcx s *e were mghedy imp vied WxwyojAreaWfleographer 10 the PrcOab 24RT Pus its a why**' Star Buy mat 93“t Gold Rating scn*profes r + A video source catx'e svill be tequrfed to mate Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Plus - Post or FAX your requirements (Quantity Trade Pnces Available) on the order form provided OR, if you'd simply like further information please contact... Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initiallsl: Surname: Address: County (Country): Postcode: Evening Phone: Daytime Phone: _ProGrab Plus « X129.9S inc. pSp i PCMCIA Interface % I.Vt.95 inc. p&p A _V 2.5.x S W
(User Upgrade) 8 M.95 A tlonal FAST Courier Deliver)' % A6.95 A Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc Card holder's signature: CORDON HARWOODO©© COMPUTER St33CS Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton. Derbyshire DE55 7BR FAX: 01 773 8,3 1040 or... TELEPHONE 01 773 836781 ...V. G ' TOTAL I Card No Expiry Dale | Valid From: (Snitch Onlv) Issue Number: (Snitch Only) I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for & made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED Real 3D Tlitorljil The Spinning Cube real actors and combine them with the 3D rendered objects to create alien abduction scenes or add amazing special affects to your home videos. If you have a hard drive and genlock, you could replay extra long animations from disk, combine them with live action and record your
epic back to tape... Before we get carried away, we’ll need to master the simple things, such as creating more than one image at a time and simple movement.
Next month we'll start dealing with more complicated movements and sec how to create spaceships which move in realistic orbits.
Go to the Animation item in the Project menu and select size.
This will set the number of frames in the animation.
Remember, each frame will need to be rendered individually, so keep to small numbers to start with - try ten.
Let's start with a simple animation.
Begin with a brand new project and create a cube in the middle of the screen.
Rename it so you can keep track of it easily. We are going to make a short animation of the cube spinning around.
© Notice how some extra bits and pieces have appeared in the title bar. The arrows allow you to step backwards and forwards through different frames (we'll come to the “X" later). When you do, you'll see the Frame number change. Note that the frames are numbered 0 to 9.
If you want to render your own version of Babylon 5, you'll need to master animation. There is so much to this fantastically broad topic that we'll have to look at it over several months. Rest assured that when all the hard work is over, you'll have all the tools you need to create your own miniature feature films.
Making an animation requires all the skills of a director, lighting engineer and stage artist in one, not to mention the ability to create realistic objects. The finished film is made frame-by-frame and each frame is a separate image which has been individually rendered.
When the frames are played back in sequence, the objects spring to life and move around the screen. Cars will whi . Past, planets rotate and the sun can rise and set. You can also change the shape of objects, so they "morph" into different objects over time.
Your finished feature can be replayed using the tools which came with Real 3D, or stored in standard An into format. You can then load the animation into any paint program, (Deluxe RainI or Pmanal Paint) and add the finishing touches.
You can even combine digitised images of PROJECT 1 Static images can be a little dull. This month John Kennedy really starts to get things moving. Hold on tight!
F Owe need to control accurate the placement of the viewpoint* that is, the invisible camera which "sees" the objects and displays them on screen. Use the Creation Observer option and click just beneath the cube in the top left. You may have to move it into position (use Move, like with any other object).
Ouse the Animation menu's Play command (or press Shift and P together) to see the cube rotate. Since the cube has four sides, a continuous rotation of 90 degrees will appear like a complete turn. This has saved us a good number of frames.
Ogo to the Wireframe screen (press w) and you will see the cube drawn from above.
Press the PLAY button and you'll see it spin.
Unfortunately, the viewpoint is from directly above, which isn't very interesting. Go back to the editor screen (press e) and we'll try to sort it out.
Onow go back to the Wireframe screen.
You will see the cube from a different angle, although it may not be perfectly square on.
We'll see how to enter the position numbers accurately next.
©You will also be asked to enter the number of degrees the cube should be rotated. Although it will take a spin of 360 for one complete spin, enter 90.
You'll see why soon. Make sure the frame count states from 0 to 9: if you have been clicking on the arrows, the frames may be different.
Ogo to the Projects Animation window again and select Rotation.
When you do, you'll be asked to select a point to rotate the cube about - click on the centre of the cube in the top- left view. Think of sticking a needle through the cube at this point and spinning it around.
Continued overleaf 4 J*) Use the arrow keys to move back to Frame 0.
Into the box named Pos:.
Copy the numbers from the screen below. Now press the REC button. The frame number will increase, and the new positions will be stamped into place.
(D Now we can think about rendering the images. Go to the solid screen (press q). The important settings are highlighted in yellow; namely, the frame number set to 0. The Name field set to point to RAM disk and the images given a name. Check also that you are in Fast mode and that Single is switched off. Now click on render.
? | Ram Dtsk 100% full, 0K f | gj | [& nn [ c testone0 testone4 testone8 teltaCcnvert ? A a testonel testone5 testone9 mil nn testone2 testonefe nn c= testone3 testone?
©After a few moments, the rendering will be stopped. Go to the RAM disk on Workbench and you'll see ten little icons.
Each is for the images that you have rendered. If you click on them, they should be displayed in turn. However, let's make a true animation file from them.
©The program we need came on the distribution disks and is called DeltaConvert. This program takes a selection of stills and creates an Animation. There are three different types of animation file; Fast. Small or AnimS. Use Anim5 if you want to use the animation with other programs (Deluxe Paint. Viewtech and so on).
ANIMATION TIPS You need to feed in the name of the still frames (remember J the path to RAM in our case) and the first and last index numbers (which are 0 and 9). Then feed in the name of the finished animation (with path) and wait. When all is finished, you can load the animation into Deluxe Paint and watch It. If you selected the Fast or Small options, you can use the DeltaPlay program included.
Stick to small numbers of frames to start with.
Remember, each frame needs to be rendered individually, so if you render an animation with 100 frames you need to render 100 images.
• Experiment with the Fast and Small delta animation formats.
Fast produces larger files, but they play back faster. Use
Small if you haven't a lot of memory spare.
• The Anim5 standard is good: but Anim7 is better. The image and
animation viewing program Viewtech comes with a utility to
convert Anim5 files into Anim7 format.
Anim7 will play back very smoothly indeed, even from hard disk. Personal Paint also supports Anim7.
• You can create you animation in any mode you choose: not only
Fast. If you use the IFF-24, then many more colours are used
and using a program like Deluxe Paint and its dithering
feature, you can create an animation with much more detail.
• If you set up animations to render overnight check you have
enough disk space to store all the images. Never leave the
monitor on. Only the computer, and make sure there is adequate
ventilation. An Amiga sitting on the living room carpet is not
adequately ventilated.
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- EU I-U I-U I-U U U I-U U U U I-U for you) for you)
Import... Eaport.. | Maintenance... | Optimize... I-U I-U I-U
- 1 for you) I Poll... File request.. Iconify | J Quit Spot's
main screen can initially appear a bit confusing, but you'll
soon get the hang of it.
Darren Irvine takes a look at getting started with the Fidonet mailer Spot.
Having read my receni introduction to Fidonet, you may have been tempted to download a copy of Spot and give it a go (who knows - you may even have been able to use my ultra brief installation guide, wonders will never cease). This month. Amiga.Net takes a closer look at Spot and hopefully clears up am blemishes that might be obscuring voiu understanding ol this useful program.
NET_2_443_13_I8 BflD flfll GOU) GOLD_ NEWMUSIC ntiiGfljmsic GOLDJTMIGfi corns jiflGS GOLD j EBflTE GOLD J)OMIMATION G0LDJ10VIES GOLD_GENERflLCHflT MI_IMTERMET CYBERSPflCE INTERNETJJK COMTRflCT VfiX NI_EflT RI ft1IGfl_0S4EM MfllNFRflME COMHS RhiGfl_coftis CLUBJWIGfl NICHfiT GOLDPTS Message list THE AREA LIST WINDOW This is ihe first window that you’ll see when you run Spot. Hat h of the areas that you are connected to are shown in a lisi on the right hand side of the screen. Beside each Area name are three llags indicating the type of messages held in that area - when each of these flags is
unset, it is represented by a dash. The first Hag "I" indicates that mail has arrived in this echo front the last Import. In a similar way. The second llag - "F." - denotes that you have sent mail in this echo that has vet to be Exported. The last flag ”1’" indicates that there is mail in this echo addressed to you to which you have not replied.
Moving right across the screen front these three Hags, you will see a number beside each 262 1 - 0 19 21 1) 108 4 - 24 2 - 2 7 28 3) 6 55 192 6 (2) 18 (8) 9 4) 70 61 45 1 for you) 2 3 0 0 6 2 1 17 2 6 1) 2) 6) Area name. This is total number of messages stored in that area. If some of the messages in a particular area have not been read, the number of unread messages will lie shown in brackets.
Additionally, if any of the unread messages are specifically addressed to you. This number will also he displayed.
THE MESSAGE LIST WINDOW In the Area List Window, the area that is currently selected is highlighted by a blue bar and if you click on "Message List" you will be given a scrollable list of all the messages contained in this area.
For each message in the area, details are displayed of who the message was from, who it was addressed to and the subject area. Unread messages arc marked with an asterisk to the left of the message sender’s name.
Beside the asterisk, another flag gives more information as to the state of the message. An F” again indicates that this message has not been Exported by you and a 'K' indicates that the message has been marked as "Kept".
Von will notice that the lines are displayed in a variety of different colours and formats, and the meaning of these at first incomprehensible variations is as follows:
• Messages sent by you are plain black text on a gray background.
This is the simplest case
- from now on things get weirder.
• Messages printed in inverse video (grey on black) are messages
sent to you to which you have not replied.
• Messages to which you have in fact replied to are shown in bold
(black on grey).
• The message that is currently being read is displayed as a
variation of the above options - if you haven't replied to the
message then it's shown as reverse video text on a white
background and if you have replied to it, then it's white text
on a grey background. Confused?
As if the above wasn't enough, von can further cloud the issue by “selecting" a message JARGON JaijonArti - Term covering both Fidonet Netmail and Echomail.
Import - The act of unpacking a bunch of messages downloaded from your Boss node using Trapdoor Export - Pack up any messages that you have generated ready to be uploaded by Trapdoor. Note that even If you don't explicitly select ¦Export-. Spot will prompt you to do so when you poll.
Thread - A group of messages all traceable back to a single message.
Or messages, by clicking on them (for instance to select a range of messages to print or delete).
In this case, the colour blue is introduced to confuse things still further:
• Messages originated by you are plain black on a blue
• Unreplied messages are the inverse of this, with blue text on a
black background.
• Replied messages on the other hand are bold black text on a
blue background.
None of this makes much sense until you’ve been using the program for a while, and eventually everything will start to become clear.
THE MESSAGE WINDOW When you double-click on a particular message in the "Message List" window, or click on the "Messages" button, the actual text of the message itself will be displayed. If the message is longer than one screen of text, you can use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen, or the arrow keys to move up and down.
Along the bottom of this window are a row of eight buttons, allowing you to navigate your way through the list of messages in the current area. The firsl button marked "Write" is fairly self-explanatory, and allows you to send a new message to the current area. Similarly, the next button "Reply" allows you to reply to the message currently being read.
The next two buttons marked with " " and " " symbols allows you lo page through the messages in the current area one at a time. If you prefer you can use the left and right cursor keys to perform the same function.
Next along there are two buttons marked "R " and " R". These perform a similar function, except that instead of moving through ihe message list one message at a time, these move to the previous or next message belonging to the same discussion thread as the current message.
A "thread" is a group of messages that arc associated with each other. Generally (but by 110 means always) messages in a thread will share a subject line and be about a similar topic.
The last two buttons marked "Areas" and "Message List” respectively take you back to the appropriate window.
Of course, there’s much more to Spot titan the three windows described here - I haven’t even touched on the features available from the pull-down menus, but hopefully this should be enough information to get you over the initial "??" Stage that goes with using any new program.
There is some good documentation supplied with the Spot archive (cunningly called Spot.doc) in addition to the same material supplied in AmigaGuide format, so you should be able to use these to help you get to grips with some of Spot's more obscure features. '5 RUMOUR MILL It's all been a bit quiet on the Fido front for me recently due to an unfortunate "LHA" related debacle on The Heart of Gold - the system through which I get my Fido feed. So as usual all the dodgy stuff this month comes from the lntemet.Comp.sys.amiga.advocacy, filled with the usual PC and Mac loonies who are continually
under the impression that sensible Amiga users can be swayed from the true path by mere processor speed, availability of software and cheap peripherals (slap my forehead with a kettle lead, what am I saying).
Worry not, however, because conclusive proof has been found that the Amiga and WB is a superior system to a Window's ‘95 running Pentium. The redoubtable William Lear (of Amiga Report infamy) has come up with a number of points why the Amiga is the better machine. Chief amongst these is that when moving the mouse pointer around the screen - "I'm talking rapid circular movement" - the mouse pointer left images of itself on the screen, whilst the Amiga mouse pointer suffers no such hideous deformity. Lear concedes that the images left by the Windows mouse pointer are "not permanent". Well
William, you've certainly convinced me.
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XOMTV ONES Out To lunch Power games SaC*aTaam SorebiB Soccer
92 93 S*-ivt*s Soccar Mamawnai jhadc»*gra«r SIMON THE SORCERER
I 12 99 Syndcata 12 99 Tornado 9 W ' Burns 8 91 WEMBLEY INT
SOCCER - Aemfiey Hugtry Laague 7 91 World ClaaaT$ Lgby94 9 M F
School Malhs ) 11| 17 99 F School Paw 5 C-aaia ;5») 17 99 F
School Soenng Fan :?-i j| 1799 Groaett ErcvttopeAe --- 2
Muaawwon ErcycCpeOa-----I MSIGHT CMNOSAURS--1 101C I soar**
Mams (5 1j, 16 99 1O10 GarmanlA 1« 16 99 1IV10 French (A 16)
16 99 1010 Ano [sseraea 11|18 99 lO'IO MaB-e AgeUs (A Ifi 16 99
10 '0 Msf-s 1*»" H*fs (6 If 18 99 1O10 Maths Siawics 16-161 18
99 1010 Slrvxicred Spehnp 19) 16 99 All- CCS War*! Ngksbfranch
22 99 !sssst2JisT?i EDUCATIONAL 10 10 Onosavrn Al Ages 1 CH
FlKXTSnCK ANALOG (AAR) 29 99 Chaatth *25- Chaasah Bwg
CcxrX*f* cr Pro Joyped ky 0032 Jraewhan Sieervj Whaar 2 Grens.
Anarog JoyMO (AAR) 29 99 GRAVIS ANALOG PRO J0»ST1CK(AAR) 54 99
Grans Adv Sw«ch Joyaaci i Qrara Gerr*peo Mouse 1099 Mouaancsjaa
Mouaemei Joysiio Mouaa E'tensron Cable Joysticn Y SpMlar Logo 3
Dana Ray AutaAra JY156 Logc 3 OuMro GT A»jM6r Jt 156 logc
30»Mro JT154 QuWyM rparl Quojoyjotfgrser Ororoy Peda« O-Wr
Ou*k»y U Turbo serw. Uagsgrp 2 AuloAre MX2S0 $ *«• Ue egx 744X 2 Anen« (AAR) 13 99 Scrwta 3 Speesett S82Q3 Sc-ewrCw* * Speakers S8204 Sctterpeel 5 So»es SB206 Sc-eenpe** p 50 Spsws SB250 !
Sctt**®e*1 RCA Aoacker Catae ScreeroMi Power Sccoh Suncom Analog Er e II . Analog AAR)i 4 wb Suncorr. Fhgfc Maa (Analog) (AAR) 27 99 Svnox- FX23X- (l & » -! HaiWd «AA»I 1 7 99 Suncom Snk SlK*-------------------------' Suncom Tac 2 9X-1 con .1 WcoOSto Low low ’*fi Low l»gi 10 S» 699 399 5 99 IV) 499 20 1150 1350 750 1150 950 50 2750 3250 1750 2750 i«25 2250 '00 5250 8250 32 ® 52® 29® 42® 10 Caoooe, 3 5* Op Sc.
50Cao*sr, 1 5* Oaa Be.
100 Caoachy 3 S' Osa Bci 4 F*a»*c »*• Aoacxa* JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES
3. 5" Blank Disks iiCe-Ci6.) 13 99 uur - 3 j p we I Ptna or Be Aa
i3.) 16 99 re F'acsor* (7-10) 10 99 nr.i A» T-cAa (5-121 10 99
CrtMrl «!* ¦¦¦• InHnrr + ' I n+tnrc T Tun Crlif M* - - :
Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30
Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
UPGRADE OR DIE Does anybody remember the days of the A500 (I'm talking about the early ones, without those, then expensive, 0.5 Mb RAM expansions). Everybody was satisfied, simply because die Amiga was the best games platform. Then games like Dungeon Master and Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, among other 1Mb- ooly games started to appear, pushing the Amiga even further.
It did not take long before every decent Amiga owner purchased extra memory for their loved ones.
The result was more spectacular 1Mb-only games to hit the shelves. Everybody from the Amiga user to the producers seemed to earn a lot in this.
Why did things stop back then? Most people still have 2Mb RAM, 68000(020 processors and too many are having a hard time with floppy-only systems.
Those systems are just as good as they have always been, but the owners of them should not whine and complain about the fact that Commodore did a lousy job; games developers are sidelining the Amiga; Dark forces will never appear on their computers; and so on. The PC and console market is.
V Why are Amiga owners so reluctant to upgrade? Do we perhaps need more games tor accelerated Amigas only?
Unfortunately, way ahead of the Amiga when it comes to games , of certain types. J My message to the people is: "Go on, sell whatever valuables , you own and buy some powerful f gear for your Amiga (68030 RAM d Jlujf boards or a CD-ROM drive)'. * Then ask the market to bring out really hot stuff.
And here goes to the games producers: "Produce some really hot stuff that depends on extra hardware and I promise you that the people will follow the high technology race. I bet that if It was not for hot games, the average PC would still be a normal 386 without a sound card".
The reason I’m writing this is because I own an A1200 030 50MHZ 10Mb RAM 425Mb HD and I can't wait for a game not only to benefit from, but actually depend on my powerful processor. (Please Nick, let me read the classic lines: "By the time you read this... Take a look at page... Full review next month... etc) By the way, could anybody tell me if there exists a mouse joystick switch that can handle a CD32 pad, because the Alfa autoswitch does not Hauk Langlo Norway Vou are right. For some reason Amiga owners seem very reluctant to upgrade their machines, which surely restricts what programmers
can do. Many programmers are finding that in a lot of ways, they have pushed the boundaries of the hardware to the limit.
Lean tell you, though, that a special version of Gloom, designed for accelerated Amigas, will be hitting the shelves soon, and hopefully we will give you a full review in the next issue.lf it is successful, perhaps more software developers will follow this lead.
CUSTOM KIT Could you encourage Sensible Software to release a proper team editor (for player values, abilities, nationality, etc.) for their excellent game Sensible World of Soccer.
Lb be lair, the custom teams are not exactly flexible and an editor program must already exist in order to have entered all the original (and now out-of-date) data. It could easily be distributed through the Public Domain for little cost and would greatly increase the lifespan of the game.
Also, on SU'O.S. the player values for the national teams can sometimes be displayed bv importing them into the custom teams and playing them against a clitb team. This has crashed mv Amiga a few times, but if it works it is useful to see the values of each player.
Finally, whatever happened to the very promising llnllle Isle IT: 5 rjL "Release a proper team editor for the excellent SWOSdemands a reader.
Continued overleaf ¦ Gallery REALISM Created by Andrzej I’lielila
ii. s .C7J-:Rm:c23 11-300 BISKWIF.I. POIAND Created using Real 3D
v1.4. Tim Hughes Gwent Interesting you should mention it.
Because we are just at the moment attempting to bring you a quite tremendous saved game editor for Stim. Which will allow ou to adjust almost an thing in the game as regards to pla er attributes, worth and so on. Ijxtk out for it on an AT Cm'erdisk near you soon.
Hattie Isle II looks like a Ini of a non-starter pn the Amiga at the moment I'm afraid, but Blue Byte may reconsider in the future.
Being an avid fan of strategy games I was unable to resist buying a copy of Microprose's UFO Enemy I 'nkiunen A( ..A from mv local computer shop at a bargain price (£12.99). I ut was dismaved to lind that there was a bug on disk two.
Not a problem - the shop was finding another copy and should be able to get it to me by the end of the week.
In the ensuing time I I have a query regarding a letter in your "Workbench" section. A reader enquired as to whether or not an acceleratorfFPU will speed up the running of TFX. The reader is advised that it most definitely would.
What I would like to know is how can you speed up a game that is not available for sale? Having seen TFX advertised for some time in most if not all Amiga magazines, I have tried in vain to secure a copy of this eagerly-awaited game. My most recent enquiry to Post Haste of Canterbury resulted in me being advised that Ocean had put the game on indefinite hold and is not available anywhere.
I don't know if you can throw any light on this situation, but I find it rather disconcerting to read about software that doesn't exist.
Thank you for your attention.
Geoff Ashden Kent When will Ocean release the long-awaited TFX7 attempted to salvage the information from the dull'disk. I was partially successful in recovering all but one lile and this would only be used bv the CFOPacdia section of the program, so it would Ik- playable until I get the new disk. All seemed to be going will until the turn-based battle section where a bug occurred.
I phoned the Microprose helpline and explained about the repaired disk possibly being the It does exist, it is finished and has been for months and months. Basically, the game has been suspended. Initially this was because they were hoping it would be bundled with the relaunched A1200, but that is not the case.
Currently, Ocean is considering when to release the game.
Cause of the problem, but could they help anyway.
It turned out that this was a known bug caused by a memory allocation problem in the later revision of the A1200 and that only a few instances have occurred so that they are not doing anything about it. The only advice given was to buy some Fast RAM, or take the program back to the shop and get my money back!
Two points arise from this:
1. Surely all the Escom A 1200s now back on sale are the new
revision and hence will be incompatible with I T(P
2. I low many other shops will be as understanding as ANTICS in
Plymouth, who allowed me to exchange UFO for another program
without questionr II Microprose wish to sell this excellent
program to the new Amiga 1200 owners, tliev are going to have
to update it. But the I lelpline operator did not seem to
think that this was going to happen.
I. M. Le Couteur Bisson Plymouth This is the first we have tome
ticross this particular problem, but these things sometimes
happen and without knowing too mans of the details, it is
difficult to know whereto apportion the blame, Programmers are
given very definite guidelines as lo how their software should
work, and sometimes these guidelines are ignored.
Something as simple as (hanging the make of floppy drive used in the A 12(111 caused a great many games to have problems, because the coders had ignored the advice. Fortunately, there are usually ways around this and I would suggest that you try running the excellent PI) program Half h half, which is also cm the AF66B ('.overdisk. Xot having a ''new" A1200. We ran I test this here, but it may work.
M'sarep bout fail at by no BEAUTY & THE BEAST TAG HEUER MISS AMERICA Hand drawn by Andrew Bolt from Lancs.
Created by SJ. Edmunds from Lincs.
Created by Jon Court from Glasgow PD AMONG THE RAINFORESTS Well here I am. Amiga Format is my favourite magazine and 1 would like you to print my address in your magazine, because 1 want to start a PD library with my friends here in Brazil.
There is not one PD house here in Brazil but sadly, on the other hand, there are many piracy houses selling Amiga games, utilities and demos. The people who are interested in this project should send us a copy of his her game, utility or demo to: The Factory PD Rua Sagrado Coracao De Maria,
li) Apto 407 Praia Do Canto Vitoria- E.S.- Brazil CEP 29055-770
At the moment we're only working with AfiOOs. A500s and
AI200s. We don't yet have the A4000... We don’t swap
commercial games so please state dearly that we don’t like
piracy swapping.
People wanting to swap their state-of-arl shareware, please write to us first.
I would also like to tell you that your magazine is amazing - I love it. But I think that the PD and Gamebusters sections could be a bit bigger.
Claudio S.M. Brazil Well, I really have no idea how many people read this magazine in Brazil, hut we do get some mail from that direction, so I hope you get a good response.
know what you mean about the PI) and Gamebusters sections. My problem is that I think all the other sections should be much bigger tool Cz The roleplaying A fantastic 16-page pull out and keep encounter special.
Eight pages of maps detail this meeting place that’s designed to be used in the past, present and future. _, OVERSEAS BLUES The launching of thi* InterContinental Ballistic Missive was prompted by a situation which plagues the mail-order industry. An example follows, along with a solution: Like most of your regular readers, I thoroughly enjoyed the AMOS Professional Coverdisk of last January. So much so, in fact that I decided to order the User's Guide as well. Then came the bad news. Even though the Guide was advertised in the most recently available issue of AMIGA Format you’d run out by
the time my order came in. I've since written to Europress directly, so that It may all work out anyway, but another problem still exists.
When issuing International Money Orders, my bank charges $ 12.00 to convert US$ into British Pounds or vice versa. To give you some perspective, $ 12.00 is two hours wages for me. Now let's work it through: An overseas reader sees an ad in the latest issue of your magazine. The cost is £17.99. If this item were on the shelves of his local shop, it would work out at $ 28.97, but it's not so he has to send overseas for it The advertiser wants £4.00 for overseas postage, so the total Is now £21.99 or $ 35.40. The bank adds $ 12.00 to exchange currencies, so our hero lays out $ 47.40 for his £21.99 Int.
Money Order.
He sands his order off and waits two weeks.
The order is returned unfilled because the Item 1s not available for whatever reason.
The bank redeems the returned £21.99 money order for $ 35.40, and charges another $ 12.00 for the transaction.
Our hero now hat $ 2340 In a hand which once held $ 47 A0.
Losing $ 24.00 (four hours wages) to the wind in faded attempt to purchase $ 28.97 value item hardly seems just Because the overseas customer is literally putting his money at risk, he is deterred from making purchases from suppliers and manufacturers who insist that currencies be changed at the customer's end.
Now for the solution: since the customer is already willing to pay for the exchange of currencies, I suggest that the manufacturers add the exchange fee to the price for overseas orders and then accept U.S. funds which would later be exchanged by the manufacturer.
This way, if an item is not in stock, the customer's payment can be returned without the bank charging anybody anything.
R. .. i iIlj iilu Ina -----nluulu'i everyixxjy wins, everyuooy s
happy. Except maybe, the banks.
Please pass on this suggestion to your advertisers.
Robert Koch USA.
Richard Garfield interviewed U The inventor of Magic: The “ Gathering talks to arcane about the game. How he came up with the idea, how it became successful and what he feels about it today.
A revolution in Advanced Dungeons Si Dragons With Skills 9- Powers you can finally create that Magic User with a long sword in each hand that you always dreamed of. We review it throughly And there’s the usual cocktail of news, competitions, and over 50 reviews of new games, books and miniat ires.
Plus - The ten most ridiculous skills ever from ’blathering’ to ’blubber’ we explore them all. For you.
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Call our Order hotlh on Directory Opus 5 Save £10 off the recommended retail price of one of the most useful and time-saving utilities for your Amiga. Directory Opus 5 (A 72, 95%) more or less replaces your Workbench and makes many of those file management tasks much easier. An essential utility for the well-organised Amiga.
ADO pH©®® fiwsIM® 08®g6®(g SKKifl pXSteSgSlJDg 01225 822511 AF Price £49.95 New. For beginners and experts alike, this book will make sure that you literally "get the most" out of your Amiga, whatever you want to do with it. Section A gives you the low-down on how your Amiga works and section B helps you to explore in-depth the myriad of possible uses for your Amiga. The book contains a full glossary to ensure that you are familiar with all the technical terms and it comes with a free disk with carefully selected PO and shareware programs to make your Amiga faster and easier to use.
DICE 3.01 AMS501 The Serial Killers £9.99 Clock Cartridge AMFCLO ~ 3?7ffi£i;.99 The Serial Killers AF Price AMFSK £29.99 Save over £30 when you buy this complete C programming language from Amiga format. The Recommended Retail Price is £129.99. This full package comes on five disks, with a 450-page manual. New features include: a revision control system: link libraries for
1. 3. 2 and 3; extra link libraries: higher maths functions, such
as FPU: support for bitfields, pragmas, etc. If you are Into
programming, buy it now!
Nothing can beat the thrill of playing the best Amiga games head-to-head with another human player using a serial link cable.
And Amiga Format can bring you that experience with this specially selected pack of three of the best-ever serial link games - all for under £30.
The Serial Killers kit includes WW1 flight sim Knights Of The Sky.
Driving games Stunt Car Racer and Lotus 2 plus a three-metre serial link cable - everything you need to get hooked up and running.
DICE 3.01 £94.95 Turbotech Clock Cartridge Your Amiga will always know what day it is with this handy device which sets the correct time and date. The Turbotech Clock Cartridge simply fits into the disk drive port (or on the back of your second drive). Comes complete with software.
Save £2 off the recommended retail price.
Get the most out of your Amiga 4th edition Personal Paint 6.3 and Personal Fonts Maker 2 Description Ppaint 6.3 & Pfonts Maker 2 Order code AFPP AF Price £49.95 Take advantage of our very special Afmail order offer and get the truly excellent Personal Paint, plus the bitmap font editor. Personal Fonts Maher.
Personal Paint is a paint, image processing and animation program, and is an Ideal graphics package for programmers and the more serious Amiga user.
Personal Fonts Maker offers support for standard mono and colour fonts, as well as outline fonts and AGA screen-modes. The program uses the same graphics engine as Personal Paint and enables you to create bitmapped fonts of your own, which you can colour and use for posters, business stationery, album covers and so on. PFM is easy to use, has lots of features and gives results that are really impressive. Now you can get both these great programs for a bargain price of £49.95. Music-X 2 Amiga Format Binder Description One binder Two binders
- (TROT- Pi] This sequencer package.
I (85%, AF60), Is one of the H most ground-breaking II releases since the original ¦ Music-X made such a huge * 8! SK i; 1 :;HT: jj 1 impact back in 1989.
1 Music-X 2 is a full MIDI sequencing package for [ controlling synthesizers, drum machines and any other MIDI SAVE £100 equipment, or you can use it with internal Amiga samples. The leading sequencer for the Amiga.
Description Music-X 2 EVEN LOWER PRICE Order code AMFMX2 AF Price If your magazines live In large piles on the floor and you can never find the one you want, then keep your Amiga Format collection neat and tidy with these practical, yet stylish black-and-silver AF binders.
Why not buy two and save on the deal?
is--1- Binders AF108 AF Price £5.99 AF109 AF Price £9.99 Mouse 'n' Mat At last! A quality replacement mouse at a bargain price, complete with mouse mat. The 260dpi resolution mouse is 100 per cent Amiga- (and Atari ST-) compatible and both buttons are fully micro-switched for maximum reliability and performance. The tastefully-coloured neoprene mouse mat, essential for keeping your mouse free of dust and dirt, is 5mm thick and has a non-slip backing surface.
Another Amiga Format Gold, after using Digita Organiser you’ll wonder how you ever kept your appointments in order.
Easy to use, but packed with features, this is truly the King of electronic Filofaxes.
Truly indispensable for all scatter-brains.
Description Order code Mouse ’n’ Mat Description Order code Digita Organiser v.l AF Price £12.99 AFMM AFDO AF Price £34.99 Helm Aladdin F A true multimedia authoring system. Helm earned 91% in AF53. Create image editors, databases, information managers, or educational courseware. Helm Is an authoring system and a graphics program, combining paint and image processing tools with a scripting anguage. A hypermedia database manager and user interface objects.
This Disney-inspired platform adventure not only looks great, but it also plays brilliantly and earned a glowing Format Gold award in AF66. And now Aladdin can be yours tor £10 off the RRP. AF games editor Stephen Bradley was so enchanted by Aladdin's spell that he wrote: "It's just like being a real baggy-trousered sword-wielding little man in a cartoon in Khartoum. Or somewhere".
• A1200 only Description Black code Aladdin Helm AFAL AF Price
£16.99 AF Price £99.95 AMF503 Communicator III If you have a
CD32 and an Amiga with Communicator, you can use your CD32 as a
CD-ROM - and it brings many new features, including AGA Viewer
(view CD pictures and animations in 16.7 million colours),
Virtual CD (select which menu the CD boots with) and more.
Comes with software and leads to connect to the serial port.
AF Price £69.99 Description A600 A500+ 1Mb RAM Upgrades | A600 code AF6H1M AF Price £29.99 A500+ code AF5P1M AF Price £29.99 A500+ and A600 1Mb RAM Upgrades If you have less than 2Mb RAM, you are at a serious disadvantage, so why not take the opportunity to upgrade at this low price. These boards for the A500+ and A600 plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector. Built to the highest standards, they are fully guaranteed for a year.
Gloom AF Price £15.99 Magnum Top of the A1200 chart for a long time and given a well-deserved Format Gold, Gloom is an excellent, atmospheric and darned frightening shoot-'em-up. There’s levels, maps, mates and secret rooms aplenty, and to spice things up you get to blast your way through ghoulies, devils, general nasties, weapons, blood and gore. This is the Doom-clone the Amiga has been waiting for. You don’t want to miss this one.
Get it today!
This A1200 expansion card allows you to upgrade your machine to meet the pressing demands of modern software. The bare board will accept standard 72-pin SIMMs (up to 8Mb), which will double the general speed of your Amiga and can also accept a PLCC FPU unit, to speed up maths operations. The unit has been designed to accept 4Mb of memory and still allows PCMCIA devices to be attached to your machine. Battery-backed clock included.
Description Magnum RAM 8 AFS MR 0MB RAM AF Price £55.99 AFS MR 2MB RAM AF Price £115 AFS MR 4MB RAM AF Price £169 Fears ' Fears should be a compulsory purchase on every gamer’s list," said our reviewer In AF76.
In a head-to-head fight between Gloom and Fears they would either kill each other, or would have to settle for an honourable draw. Both these games push the standard A1200 to its limits. Fears manages real-time, full-screen texture mapping, optional dithering of the textures, re-sizing of the windows, use of the CD32 controller, and that all- An Amiga Format Gold with 92% in issue 71, Super Skidmarks 2 was described as "the best driving game In its class ever seen on the Amiga". This is a racing game that’s all about control, skill, timing, confidence, aggression, instinct and ability.
Add it to your collection nowl NEW!
Super Skidmarks 2 AF SS fJJJlffl £15.99 £15.99 Mini Office American Revolt Missions If you thought the original Syndicate (91%. AF49) was tough, the American Revolt Missions Disk will test your skills to the absolute limit in a series of 21 fiendishly difficult missions.
You can’t buy this exclusive disk in the shops or from any other magazine, but you need a copy of the original four-disk game to use the Missions Disk.
£12.99 Mini Office CB95 AF Price | A collection of database, spreadsheet, graphics and word processor programs from Europress that you shouldn’t be without.
It can be especially useful if you are planning on setting up, or already have a small business.
AF Price NEW!
Software Established 1990 Expressions "Introducing some of the best public domain & shareware software. These are high-quality freely distributable disks at a fraction of commercial prices.
G321.. G322.. G339.. G372.. G414.. G420.. G440.. G441.. G442.. G445.. G506.. G507.. G510.. '' All disks are compatible for A500 A500+ A600 A1200, except (N which indicates not compatible for 1 * EDUCATIONAL (N.B. This includes some games) E033... Education ) .....Leotn German El 80... GCSE Maths .Syllabus taught disk El 85... Astrology ...Calculates positions of planets El 93... Astronomy ..A total concept disk E234... Colour The Alphabet ..Educational spelling gome E271... The Highway
Code ..All you need to know E023... Electronic Train Set (1 meg) ......Construct own train set E079... Treasure Hunt ..Great kids game E088... Pair Crazy ....Good puzzle game for kids E271... Dinosaurs ....Quiz on Dinosaurs E298... Stales of Europe ....Information on this continent. Good E299... Communicate ..leorn how to use sign language E311... The Internet ......A guide to the Internet E312... learn French (not 1.3) .French verb tester E315... learn 8
Play 3 (not 1.3) ...Education & Gomes E331... Jigsaw (2 disks) .Match the pieces in to o jigsaw E339... Dunks DTP ...Desktop publishing for Kids E350... Barney the beor (2 disks) Leorn & meet animols E385... What's its Name (N) ..Educational for kids E410... Birthday History Give detoils of events on your birthday. Good E411... Word Ploy .lots of puzzle gomes E413... Moorse Code Tutor (not 1.3) ......Guide to Moorse code E086... Wraithed I .Pub quiz style gome E035...
Education 3 Weather ond climate BUSINESS SOFTWARE B089... Journal .....Accounts Program B136... Amibase Prof .Excellent DataBase B140... Text Engine .....Excellent Word Processor B153... File-o-fax .As it sounds
B) 54... QED ..Beginners Word Processor
B175... Text plus VERSION 4 ..Excellent Word
Processor B134... AMIGAsh ...Easy-to-use
accounts program B137... 600 Business
letters ....All ready to print B240... Little
Office ....Word Processor, Database 8 Spreadsheet
B323... Onform .Invoice maker
B330... Easycolc ..Excellent
Spreodsheet B400... Phone locator ...Dialing
codes for Britain CREATIVE + GRAPHICS Cl 30... label
Designer .....Various label printers Cl 97...
Clipart Stars Logos Explosions etc Cl
98... Clipart .Valentines and Weddings
Cl 19... Clipart ..Christmas and New
Year C206... ABC Adventure Creator (N) Creole your own
adventure gomes C231... Audio Animation
Studio ...Create Cartoons C236... Word
Power .Solve crosswords 8 anagrams C256...
Print Studio ...Multi purpose printer utility
eller C258... Garden Designer Create your own garden,
excellent graphics C263... League
Database Easy-to-use football editor C389...
Turbocat Pro (not 1.3) .....Excellent catalogue
organiser C331... Signature Creator Customise
your signature MISCELLANEOUS UTILITIES M335... Error
Information ...Explains computer crashes M340...
Bar Tender (not 1.3) .Drinks and cocktail recipes
M204... Race Rater .....Cheek out form of
horses M213 .. 500 Plus Emulator ....Upgrade
for A500 M241... Winemaker .....Database tor
wine loverc M244... Lockpic
V2.0 ......Uncover copy facilities M259...
Easy Spell ..Spell checker helper M414
.. Joke Disk ...Thousands of jokes
M210... Pools Tools ...For football
pools M299... Tee to Green Excellent
golf-scorer M310... Personality Analysis ...Type in
answers to assess yourself M311... Cop the lot
Pro ...Updated lottery helper M332... Virus
Checker V6.5 ....New updated killer M333...
Disk Repair Kit ..Salvages damaged disks
DEMOS + RAVE D075... Girls of Sport .Pretty
shots of talented girls D166... Star Trek
Animations ......Animations of USS Enterprise D177...
Star Trek Animations Agotron No.17. More like above. Good
D287... Calendar
Girls Slideshow D3I2... Rave
Vision ......Rave music 8 Graphics D3I4...
Nine Fingers (2 disks) ......Good. Sequel to State of
Art D3I6... Jupiter Impact .Real pictures of
planet's collision M084 .. Pink
Floyd .....The Wall remix ADVENTURE
GAMES AdOOS.. All New Star Trek (2 drives, 2 disks). USS
Enterprise classic. Best one Ad007.. American Slat Trek (2
drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure Ad523.. Boomin Eck (not
1.3) Professional looking platform game AdOl 9.. Dungeon
Delver (2 disks) ......Difficult adventure quest Ad065..
Pixie Kingdom (2 disks) ...Tricky adventure game. Good
Ad070.. Rings of Zon ..Text and graphic
adventure Ad222.. Neighbours Adventure (2 disks) 8ring Paul
Robinson to court Ad245.. Iron Clods (2
disks) ...Graphic adventure Ad326.. Wibble
World Giddy .Really good platform game Ad421..
Glassback II ....Very good platform game
AdSOO.. The Devils Abode ...3D Horror
Adventure ARCADE + PLATFORM A010...
Breakout Classic bat 8 ball game
A011... Blizzard ..Horizontal shoot ’em up. High
quality A252... Leaping lorry ....Jump up the
escalators A514... Helicopter (not
1.3) Shoot 'em up A050... Master of
the Town (N) Destroy town with mouse A512...
Transplant .....Asteroids game A165...
Super Skoda ...Car racing game A520...
The X Moss Project .Simplistic shoot ’em up
A529... Egg Scramble One of the best platform games, limited
levels A207... Flogcatcher ..find the flags.
Very addictive A209... Games Galore Ten
(N) .14 excellent games A214... Parachute
Joust ..Fight for parachute on descent. V. good A221...
Revenge of Mutant Camels ...Good. Similar to Centipede
A524... Assassins 245 ...Packman + 3D
A525... Assassins 246 ....Lactose, Ooze and
Cruel A526... Assassins 247 Chino Challenge 2, Moose Drive ond
Antimatter A527... Assassins 248 (not 1.3) .....Air
Eight F-Ball and Mottix A531... Assassins 249
Trooper, Cunundrum and Revolver A243...
Tetren ....Excellent Tetris clone
A247... Quiz Master ...Quiz which includes
Editor A255... Amos Gomes .5 games including
Glossbock A327... Tetris Pro .Tetris gome with
exceptional variants A333... Icerunner (N) Recom. Brilliant
platform game. 10 out of 10 A338... Project Bun
Bat ..Excellent Asteroid type game A340... Depth
Charge ..Submarine game A341... Earth
Invader The best Space Invader game A433...
Harry Haddock .Really good platform adventure
A434... Amiga Boy ....Console games on Amiga!
A443... Nimble! ...New. Addictive graphical platformer A502... Cvberman ...3D Pacman gome. Excellent A503... Cnaneques (2 disks) .Like Lemmings. Good A504... Rebellion .Asteroids shoot 'em up STRATEGY + WAR GAMES Sim013. Bullrun (N) ......American civil war gome Sim513. Bridge ...The card gome Siml 02. Simulation I (1 meg) Recommended. 5 gomes including Metro Siml 09. Wheel of Fortune (N) .TV Quiz, computerised Siml 24. Napoleonic
Warfare .High quality simulation Sim528. Battleships .....Classic game, computerised Sim 143. Card Shop .....Well presented cord games Sim217. Act of War Excellent strategy games Sim218. Roulette .Casino Classic Sim220. Sub Attack (N) ....Also landmine + bomber Sim224. Strategic Games 3 excellent games Sim4IO. Island Excellent boord gome. Build hotels 8 money Sim414. Diplomacy (N) ......Classic, similar to Risk Sim415.
War (N) ..Top quality 8bit strategy Siml 58 Total War (N) ....Risk type game Sim428. The Shepherd .....Populous done Sim444. Ultimoted Quiz ....Pub quiz clone Sim505. Scrabble ......Board game, computerised SPORT Spl70.. Amos Cricket (N) Owzal!
Sp208.. Grand Prix Simulator (N) .Excellent Sp256.. Slomball .....Management game of US football-type sport Sp263. Soccer Cords ..Simplistic league-based game Sp299.. Top of the League ...Addictive football monogemenl game Sp307.. 18th Hole (2 disks) ..Excellent golfing game Sp325.. Mister Men Olympics (2 disks) Excellent game for disks as reviewed in AMIGA Computing Sp337.. Super league Manager 2 Updated soccer monogemenl gome Sp372.. Road To Hell ...Well
produced racing game Sp373. Wrestling (2 disks, WB2.0 upwards) ....Good fun graphics Sp376.. Unsensible Soccer .....Good football game Sp429.. A Day ot the Races Simple horse racing game SpS30.. Sport Challenge Hype Olympics, lots of events Sp532.. Friday Night Pool ...Pool playing simulation A1200 A4000 ONLY Sleepless Nights ...Compilation of A1200 utilities lottery Winner AGA .....Helps you to win!
AGA Killers. Updated virus killer Graphic WorkBench (2 disks) .Hard drive to install Videotracker 2 .AGA demo creator Foirlight ...29 meg of graphics on one disk State Of Art .Fomous, quality demo Roving Mad Me ...High quality music video lethoIExit Stunning demo Technotrack II ...Move rave music Tina Small. ..Slideshow of model AGA Mansell ..Nigel Mansell slides Minomist
Rave .Great dance demo Phoebe Cates ..High resolution slideshow A Beginners Guide learn all about WorkBench 3.0 Speak 8 Spell... Good for learning youngsters AGA Klondike (3 disks) ......Excellent patience card game Giger Tetris Tetris clone AGA Megoball .....Brilliant breakout gome Mad Fighter. ..... 2 player Street Fighter game Motorola Invaders (2 disks) ......Brilliant Space Invaders Pssst AGA Arcade AGA game Missile Over Zenon (2
disks) .3D missile command To the Death .Street Fighter clone Excellent Card Games III ..Restricted AGA version AGA Donkey Kong Re-hash of original. Good Battle Duel .....Multiplayer artillery gome Samurai Showdown ....Street Fighter clone Raketz V2.25 Multiplayer thrust shoot 'em up ! Blank disks 1 10 for £3.99 Mouse Mats I POSTAGE UK orders : 75p Europe : £1.50 World : £3.00 PRICES PD...95p per disk 90p each for 15 to 24 85p each for 25 or more 75p each for 50 or more FREE
1 Please enclose coupon with your order.
|_ Deluxe Mouse Mats £2.50 each j CD ROM Software : We now stock CD software. Please wnte pnone for prices Catalogue disks ] 75p each Details of over *QOO disks in our library updated regularly j HOW T Enclose list of disk numbers along with yc SOFTWARE E 18 Maple Road, Horf Credit Card Tel: 01179 425987 OKIIKIE ur Cheque Postal Order made payable to: XPRE5SIONS ield, Bristol BS7 8RH orders only T sT
9. 30am-5pm Mon to Fri) Get the most out of your Amiga 4th
edition New, for beginners and experts alike, this book will
make sure that you literally "Get the most" out of your Amiga,
whatever you want to do with it.
UNDERSTANDING YOUR AMIGA Section A gives you the low-down on how your Amiga works, including all the hardware and software. There's even a glossary covering all the terms that you're likely to come across.
WHAT YOUR AMIGA CAN DO Section B helps you to explore in-depth the myriad of possible uses for your Amiga: DTP, Comms, programming, Amiga games, music, graphics and multimedia. Again, there's a full glossary at the end of the section to ensure that you are familiar with all the technical terms.
FREE DISK Includes carefully selected Public Domain and shareware programs to make your Amiga faster and easier to use.
AMIGA FORMAT SUBSCRIBERS SAVE £3 As an Amiga Format subscriber you'll save £3 when you take advantage of this offer and buy this book for only £14.99. Order code Reader Price FLB522X £17.99 Subscriber Price £14.99 How to find your way around the Internet, CIX, CompuServe and other major networks.
Bulletin Board Systems: what are they, who runs them, what do they do?
You've got an Amiga and a modem - now make them talk to each other.
Namum This new book tells you everything you'll need to ihlms s know about CD-ROM, how it
• I works, and industry plans to ¦ exploit its full potential.
HH| PLUS TWO CD ROMS' a Included in the book are two CD-ROMs packed with Bf. hundreds of megabytes of f A'* , useful utilities.
Order Cods This guide was written with the full support Word worth COMPANION of Digita International.
It contains in-depth explanations of every aspect of the software and includes a bonus disk packed with fonts and clip art.
PtthMJsTV met, Modems, The Whole Explore the full potential of AMOS with easy-to- understand descriptions, diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines.
Produce your own Amiga games with a smattering of BASIC knowledge.
AMOS - and this book!
The Amiga is the world's premier low-cost graphics workstation and is capable of highly professional results. All it takes is the know-how... and all the know-how is right here!
Arexx: Your Amiga's Built-in Turbocharger This book contains everything that you need to know to get the most out of Arexx: "Your Amiga's built-in Turbocharger".
Amiga Desktop Video r It includes help for beginners and authoritative reference material for experienced users.
Price Order Code Price Order Code td Corish's Amiga Games Guide is the latest hints and tips book from the world-famous Corish Games Guide series. This new edition has more than 400 pages packed with lifesaving tips, cheats and solutions.
With this combination of hints, tips and a complete walkthrough solution, no-one who plays this excellent graphics adventure need ever feel lost again! Printed in full colour throughout.
A comprehensive PD directory.
Within its pages you'll find over 700 applications, utilities and programs for your Amiga. Order your copy at this special price of £4.95 and SAVE £10 All prices include postage and packing. Turn to page 137 for order form. Mm am a, 0m mm mm rrr bm am am Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 O' O u_ QC U4 Q & O a 1 3 a 2 I «r c o I ¦o I c
* * W-m g c « ’= E
- ® W O-P O u IL o ai nj m c bb J «»
* -E E IL S H (N Back Issues For just you can treat yourself to
a back issue of Amiga Format complete with creative Coverdisk
programs and great game demos
- or discover one of our special editions.
More great issues Digita Organiser AF78_December 1995 Coverdisks: Six of the best modelling tools from the Snap Maps collection of essential 3D textures. Two to four player mayhem in Blitz Bombers demo.
AF77_November 1995 Coverdisks: The complete package of Real 3D Classic giving you everything you need to create your own 3D world.
Plus, a demo version of Tiny Troopers.
AF76_October 1995 Coverdisks: Demos of the excellent file manager, InfoNEXUS 2, plus, packaged with InfoNEXUS, is Optonica's new multimedia database, DataNEXUS.
TimeKeepers is the game.
AF75 September 1995 Coverdisks: The Maxon Magic Workbench enhancement system, exclusive Odyssey training level.
AF74_August 1995 Coverdisks: Convert pictures between formats with Transition and become a footie manager in Player Manager 2.
AF73_July 1995 Coverdisks: Use the complete version of sampler Technosound Turbo 2 to edit and create sound effects. Plus, play around with a five-hole demo of Sensible Golf.
Coverdisks: Add JPEG support to your software with Pegger and create a book with Magic Storybook. Plus Virocop demo and 10 years of the Amiga feature.
AF71_May 1995 Coverdisks: Make music with the full version of Bars&Pipes Professional and thrill to our Death Mask and Alien Breed 3D alien-blasting demos.
AF70_April 1995 Coverdisks: Wordworth AFC, an exclusive version of the outstanding Wordworth word processor, plus King Pin and Bubble 'n' Squeak game demos.
AMIGA] FORMAT m m ¦ ¦ i» u« r r ml ma starts here (B This is the key to sorting your life out. Absolutely invaluable electronic filofax for remembering those vital dates and much more.
Worms We are talking about worms of the Team 17 kind... small, cute and very dangerous. By the time you have finished this demo, you'll want more, as indeed we did.
Or Missed AF? Don't miss out completely
- order it now while stocks last... ...AND FOR A SPECIAL TREAT
Other AF Specials still available are: No. 9 Beginners' Guide
AMIGA FORMAT Annual 1995 Everything you need to know to get
started with your Amiga.
New game reviewed ® ¦ ftrtikaattoRwi" g ¦ Now to plat CO Vtfeot' ¦ Half pnee CD” yaatdl No. 8 Amiga Format Annual 1994 Expert analysis of what 1994 had in store for Commodore and the Amiga.
’ * 1 HUi No. 7 Games Special The essential Amiga games guide.
Packed with features and interviews.
AMIGA CD” ISSUE 1 This magazine was written by various Amiga games experts and carries comprehensive reviews of the very best available on CD. The mag has a Coverdisc packed with game demos, plus in-depth features on FMV and the SX-1 and many other aspects of the CD32. Essential!
THE AMIGA FORMAT ANNUAL 1995 The ultimate buyers' guide to the current state-of-the-art in Amiga programs and add-ons
- every essential piece of hardware and software is reviewed,
rated and explained by Amiga Format's team of experts.
No. 6 Good Hardware Guide Expert advice on more than 200 hardware add-ons, from drives to digitisers.
Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 Subscrip tion Bizarrely, because of our obvious reticence to self promotion, we often neglect to pay any attention to the best value offering in the entire magazine. For the astoundingly low price of £48.75, you can receive the entire Amiga experience delivered to your door. Amazingly, instead of costing you more, this is a saving of 43-and-a-bit pennies per issue. And that's not counting the saving on not having to travel to the shops. Neither does it take into account the extra disk full of Public Domain, shareware and readers' contributions which
accompanies every single issue, or even the special newsletter packed with inside information and special offers for our loyal subscribers.
SUBSCRIPTIONS JANUARY 1996 Go on, you know you want to... AF 12-ISSUE UK SUBSCRIPTION: £48.75. ORDER FORM: RAGE 135. OFFER CLOSES 04.02.96 It's the ultimate Workbench utilities disk with ten essential programs to let you do anything you want to!
In Breathless, it's a fight to the death.
You need to know what you're doing.
So pay attention and listen up.
Breathless Probably the best- looking, best-playing game ever on a coverdisk.
When we first saw the demo disk of Breathless we knew it was special.
So special that we pushed hard to get it on to this month's Coverdisk. We're the first with the review and the first with the demo. I guess you could call that a scoop and an exclusive.
In the process, we've had to sacrifice any A500 600 offering. So severe apologies if you own one of those machines; if you’re even 011 the verge of upgrading to a new A1200, check out Breathless in the shop. It'll be worth it.
Anyway, the disk is self-booting. Wail a couple of minutes and the game will load in.
Once loaded, yon must try and find the exit on the level.
On the path toward the exit, you'll come across silver androids, a nasty gold android, a computer terminal, credits, health kits, shields, a coloured key and energy items.
Kill the androids, jack into die computer and collect the rest. Simple as that.
Difficult as that... In order lo use the computer terminal, press the space bar and then use the up and down cursor keys in conjunction with the return key to make a selection. Handy hint Nol: Buy the simple shot from the weapons accessories menu, it gives you double the lire power and makes progress easier.
If you've got fast RAM, bump up the detail or the window size. You can actually view Breathless in its full screen. 1x1 pixel glory on a standard, unexpanded 1200. Just don't expect it to run well.
Hopefully, it’ll encourage you to think about acquiring an accelerator. The full game has been optimised specifically to make use of accelerators.
If you do own an accelerator. 117 the following trick. Play the demo at a small-ish screen size and 2x2 resolution for a good ten minutes or so.
Then switch everything up to the best detail. The difference to the feel of the play is profound.
Good luck and we hope that you enjoy the demo half as much as we enjoyed playing it.
The most breathtaking playable demo we've ever had on a Format Coverdisk. Join Steve McGill as he catches his breath while explaining how to play Breathless.
DEAD AGAIN DEAD AGAIN, JIGGETY JIG The main secret to surviving this level is copious and skillful use of the sidestep. Before you can learn to sidestep, though, it's best to learn the rest of the control keys. Unlike the full game where you can customise the keys to your own desire, the keys are fixed. They are: to this demo) Numeric Keypad 7 - Look up an increment at a time.
Numeric Keypad 4 - Reset the Look Numeric Keypad 1 - Look down an increment at a time Numeric Minus Key - Decrease Window Dimensions Numeric Ptus Key - Decrease Window Dimensions '(' Key on numeric pad - 1x1 Pixel Resolution ")' Key on numeric pad - 2x1 Pixel Resolution T Key on numeric pad - 1x2 Pixel Resolution Key on numeric pad - 2x2 Pixel Resolution Space Bar - Open doors, jack into computer TAB - Access Map Screen Cunor up - Move forwards Cursor Down - Move Back Right Cunor - Rotate Right Left Cursor - Rotate Left Ctrl Key - Speed up movements Shift + Right Cursor Kay - Move Right Smft ?
Left Cursor Key - Move Left Left Right Alt-Fire W-BB - Weapons Selection (Not Relevant ABOVE: The map will help you out by minimising the covering of old ground.
Access It using the TAB key.
RIGHT! Unfortunately, the map doesn't scroll. So you'll still have to use your memory. Hard, but fair.
Check out the lava. The Coverdisk version Walk over the health power-ups and scour of the game has a big pool's worth. The floor to make sure you don't miss any.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really vary simple. Just follow the stages below... 1 Bootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
0 (HZ ¦ell Front trxMnl 31 M rcrari -snrmi ol Hsrktsacli_ _ I!8b!?|! Sisiicos frm dll: to dfI: 2 Type in the following line (with a rero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: oi asrsswcs_ i mi ¦. -: 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
KVWSti*" 5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endtli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd. PO Box 21.
Daventry, NN11 SRT X, Ivr I fretaeS Wtmjltaf l"v«K , Ithalrn [MB!
MU tttt),r|Os_ __ Itwfrti RTT It might sound like a mouthful, but this month's Coverdisk has more to offer than just a big title. After much badgering by readers, we have compiled a disk that includes the very best utilities for your Amiga.
David Taylor introduces the throng.
I. BMW Ordering is an easy-to-use file manager that will bring
order to where there was once only chaos.
This month's disk has been compiled with Workbench 2 and above users in mind, but so that we don't leave out 1.3 users completely, some of the utilities work with those machines. To use the utilities, you need to unpack the disk, which is done automatically by booting the Coverdisk.
If you have Workbench 2 or better, you can install to floppy disks or hard disk directly.
Workbench 1.3 users will have one disk installed directly to floppy. You must have some blank, formatted disks ready to unpack on to - WB 1.4 users need one disk and other users need three.
The whole process is automatic. Here's a list of the programs on the disk... FAIR SHARE A number of the programs on this month's Coverdisk are some form of shareware. If you find the program of use. Then you must register it. In some cases, this might only require you to drop the author a line.
Remember that supporting the authors encourages them to develop further programs for the Amiga and without these authors our favourite computer might not have survived recent events.
I i|*l: J iiiui.ii r It* I i** JdHiJ
• itfir J Dm* I t«nsV I ptittll IV. J J« J
• fcftir J ¦el MB I l.-t-l linihl JM J fllrtf- J SuperDuper is
one of the fastest disk copiers around and will soon replace
the Workbench copier.
Ordering Amazingly, it seems that most users, even those with hard drives, still don't have a file manager.
These programs allow you to access and manipulate files in a much more accessible and flexible way than through Workbench. Ordering is one such program that stands out because it has a separate, easy-to-use preference program, allowing you to configure it to your needs. What are the advantages of using a file manager?
Well, imagine you are browsing through a directory when you come across a picture. You want to see it. Which on Workbench would mean loading a viewer. Here, you can just double-click on the file. If you then want to copy it, move it or delete it, you can do it in seconds, whereas it might take a bit of annoying "dragging and dropping” on Workbench. There are full docs, but you should find it very easy to use.
SuperDuper 3.13 Copying disks is not exacdy a bundle of laughs using the diskcopy command, nor is it exactly speedy. Here's where SuperDuper comes in handy. It's about the fastest disk copier around and includes a fabulously simple interface.
All you have to do is load the program and tell it which disks you want to copy. You can also tell it how much buffering should be done, which is useful for those with lots or little memory. One of the best things is dtat you can have multiple destinations, so you can copy a disk from one drive, to two, three or more drives at the same time!
DiskSalv 2 There are some rather unfortunate times when you either delete files you didn't mean to, or format a disk you shouldn't have. Well, all might not be as lost as you thought. If you quick-formatted a disk, DiskSalv can recover it for you. Delete a file? DiskSalv can gel it back.
Ah, but what about disks with errors on them?
(Kin Far ha tilrtntn: 6 h-fll I Mr: 6 hue I Virus Checker is the essential program that can protect you from the dreaded viruses.
DiskSalv can repair damaged volumes, recover deleted files and bring about world peace. Well... Again, DiskSalv might be able to recover some of the data for you.
Despite its amazing power, DiskSalv is very' easy to use. The documents in the docs drawer explain it fully and, although the program is intuitive, should be read first. It has just been used to save my own hard drive, which was suffering from read writes, amongst other errors. But now it's OK. Hoorah!
Virus Checker
7. 18 It couldn't happen to me. Where would I get a virus from?
Oh, we’ve heard them all, but believe us, viruses do exist and
can be lethal.
Virus Checker is one of the best ways to stop a virus ever making it on to you system.
You need to install the program (as you may have to do with some of the others on this disk), but once set up correctly on your Amiga, it will sit in the background and scan any inserted disk for viruses.
The only time you will know of its existence will be if it detects a suspicious file or block, when it will alert you and ask whether you want to kill the offending items. Use with care.
TiffView 1.17 There are now so many different formats used for images that most picture viewers would be pressed to display them. Tif View can show more than just the eponymous I IFFs.
The program offers a great deal of flexibility over files and uses datatypes for some files, which is why you'll find the TIFF datatype from the same author on this disk. (The datatype needs installing to your system to be accessed by programs that use datatypes.) You can alter screenmodes and, better still, save out images as different formats.
Still not convinced? Well, there are tons more options too, like the ability to apply a gamma filter to an image, which allows you to brighten up any dark images you have, or darken light ones.
This is an unmissable program.
»u-' | tiWWinu* I fcwnui .l r, 1 n-a.o-a- *t *B a
K. in IU.1V _sJ_J I . (..tv. ut
il. V _J Vj b. hotn i.iarts *. B If Lrre VJL1 O-l Wtl LWUI
Tile Utt-t tills il_J I h mo¦* lb a vi 1-oi.tt yi_| am on
r-n 0 1 *1 1 Ol 1 VJ_] 0-1 Ml till o-i n i oi i yj_j o-i on
on o-i n i oi i vj_| a-i ori on Vu Mil Oust _| Irtu Vl. SuM,
_i brim 1.
Laeam nct« q*, la, i Arq The Ultimate Workbench Utilities Disk Despite all the refinements made to Workbench over the years, we still seem to be stuck with very dull requesters. Shoved in the top left-hand comer of your screen, they can be quite intimidating. Arq solves this by changing your requesters to animated ones, which can transform your Workbench.
To use it, you need to run it, which is best done from your user-startup sequence, which can be found in S:. Copy the program to your C: directory and then add the "run arq" line to your user-startup.
If that all sounds a little complex, don't womr, it's all explained in the docs.
This is the latest version, which allows you to attach samples to requesters, and includes a simple sample player.
Play lAod Sound modules abound 011 the Amiga, but how about a simple module player that allows you to load a module and skip through chunks, stop, pause and quit all through an interface.
PlayMod offers all these features and vet remains small enough to he popped 011 to many ol vottr disks.
AssignZ The Amiga often makes use of pseudo volumes, which means that a disk is assigned to a directory. Then, when the Amiga wants a files from a specific disk, instead of requesting the disk, it simply looks in the relevant directory. This works line in theory, but runs into problems when you don't have the assigns set up. Maybe because you weren't aware they were needed. Assign , takes away the hassle of entering a Shell and finding the correct assign.
Every time a volume is required, Assign pops up and allows you to assign it through an interface. So. If you are asked for information that you know is already on your drive, you can point your .Amiga in the right direction easily and painlessly.
A1200 FAQ To round the selection off, we included a set of Frequently .Asked Questions about the A1200.
This document takes each of the most popular questions and answers them in plain English. So if you've got a problem, the answer could well be here. O CAN'T GET YOUR DISK SOFTWARE WORKING?
CALL (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 VERDISKS Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
BARS2&PIPES (AF71) Many readers have had memory problems when Irving lo run Bars&Pipes, or access the Bars&Pipes tool AmigaPhone.
To increase the memory, disable Workbench utilities that are running in the background, disable external disk drives and use Workbench Preferences to change screen mode to the lowest resolution and least colours possible. Bars&Pipes should now load. Once running, use B&Ps Preferences menus to switch on all the memory savers.
When you try to load the song Brandenburg Demo, the Amiga asks you to insert Volume Internal Sounds Kit 1.
It's an instruments disk not included on the Coverdisk.
Instead, make a copy of your AF7IA Coverdisk, rename it Internal Sounds Kit 1 and put it in the drive. Brandenburg will find some of the sounds that it needs in the instruments drawer on this disk, but not all.
Instruments whose sounds can’t be loaded, can be fixed by clicking on the AmigaPhone icon at the end of their pipe and choosing a sample from the AF71A instruments drawer.
A set of manuals is now available to compliment the Ban & Pipes Coverdisk. For further information please contact Emerald Creative Technology (0181 715 8866), SENSIBLE GOLF (AF73) If you are using a 1 Mb machine and have an external disk drive, you will have found that the intro and tide load fine, but the game itself fails.
Switch off and disconnect the external drive which is taking up memory that Sensible GolJneeds. When playing, if it seems that you have control of the game and can do everything except actually strike the ball, your joystick is in the wrong port.
TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 (AF73) To use the fun-time effects, as well as some other Technosound functions, it is necessary to have an external sampling cartridge connected. If you do have a sampler, but find that it doesn't work properly with the software, try gradually reducing the program’s sample rate setting.
INFONEXUS DATANEXUS (AF76) Apologies to readers who are still using Kickstart 1.2 since the programs will not work with your machine.
Opionica are running a special offer on the full version of the software exclusively for AF readers. To find out more, contact them on 01455 558282.
REAL 3D (AF77) If you find that the program will load fine from floppy but fails to load from your hard drive it is possible that the MaxTransferRate of your hard disk is set too high. To remedy this you will have to refer to the documentation that came with your particular hard drive. 'Tj TRANSITION (AF74) If Transition's main screen flickers, it doesn’t mean that your Coverdisk is faulty. The programmers have chosen to use a high resolution screen for Transition's interface. Owners of a suitable multiscan or VGA monitor can configure Preferences so that the flicker is eliminated.
IF YOUR DISK IS FAULTY... Please remember that the technical helpline above is purely for difficulties you have getting the programs to work propvrh.
II your disk is physicalb damaged, bent, broken with a loose or missing shutter, it should be relumed lo Discopy I .alts for a replacement at the following address: AF DISK NUMBER XX DISCOPY LABS, PO BOX 21, DAVENTRY NN11 SRT This includes am system messages von mav get saving: "Read write error". Disk invalidated and "Checksum Error".
In this case, die disk has been damaged and needs to la- replat ed.
L_ A powerfuil sel c» catatog.ng loots Cataioguo your Rocord. CO Vdeo ar
* * " B conecbon with easo. And search on a _¦ - -- aspect or
»*ld KLL Suitable for use wii* Kickslart 2 4 3c
fcJElLH0n,vC500 ? CTG5-3. CATALOGUERS graphics Detweon tho
Armga. PC Mac an ST Supports GIF. TlF. IFF. PCX Like Osksafve
2. Hdbackup.
Rstem. Virus Checker, ana dozens more sa l Only csoo ? HDT5-2. HARDDISK TOOLS Suitable tor use stana-acne o* incor|ucton with Sea la etc 5 Qnfyci2 00 ?VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOOLS ? GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTERS Dozens of oasy to follow recipies ’' I* your a budding Ian Boolo or Floyd then this gourmott cookbook is |usl Ihe thing for k you. You II bo a professional in no time ¦w 'Be sore you test your ccobng on your in- laws first') Only £3 00 ? GCB3-1. GOURMET COOKBOOK I Around 100 scalable compugraphic fonts for P* I use with Wordwofin243. Pagestream.
S&jB1'1 I Workbench 243 High quality printout from fiuar • • Spont upto lOOpomt mr _ Onty £7 00 ? PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS flofi Procenna Ll,,l° Offico consists of a powerfuil y Wordprocossing package, a spell checker.
A diary systom. A namo and address data- tJasc- and a Poworf‘t|1 spreadsheet.
CL Compatible with all Amiga's but Workbench y£r " 2 or 3 IS recommended Only £7 00 ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE H you ve just got a new A1200 hard disk then to prop 4 install it correctly you II need _. The correct software This software comes supplied on 2 disks The first preps 4 parti- r ’ tons your harddisk, the second ratal . -1 . , * I Workbench correctly Only £7.00 ? AHD7-2. A1200 HARD DISK INSTALLER ¦ if you like a Mite flutter now and then but don’t like loosing real money the this is for you The Amiga Betting shop contains four great gamphng games Roulette. Furt machine s*n. Horse
racing etc 0*1, £6 00 ?ABS6-4. AMIGA BETTING SHOP 1 Mono Pagesetter cupart contains hundreds nSTMfi of great mono chpart images for use m any . Mm version of Pagesetter Subjects mctude Animats People Transport. Hi-tech.
Computers Sports, etc | Onfy £3 00 ? MPC3-1. MONO PAGESETTER CLIPS Now the weather is Okay it s time to put on your Shorts and drg the garden Now the res* a*. •• 3 ng th-s s tc ,se y me e«cuss mat you a*c ’ar tc busy aesgn.
Ng the garden to actual do «' °°'v C3 00 ? GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER An essential cQtecton of dsk recovery 4 safvago toofs for Workbench t 3. 2 4 3 SQMK Weather a floppy of your Hardos* has con- oeved an error ttvs package wsfl see you a '.nght Easy to use ? DRT5-2. DISK RECOVERY TOOLS B There are over 1000 Amiga viruses currently ‘doing the rounds* So catching one isnt a hard thmg to do. Th.s collection of Virus killers is updated regularly. So you can be suro you It be able to detect and kill all known viruses. Only £4 00 ?VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLERS j Miscelianous colour clipart images Around
j! U 100 *i all covering cats. Dogs. Cars, trees.
V* planes, boats etc Suitable for use m any Pamt or Desktop ftftB J Publishing package WI.' SlonyMoo ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART Word fmder P us is the most powerful; AM;i aos5*°'3 s:!v0f ava.aote tc date I . Sj'amj C'CSS*:'3Serc Ccl- |HuUU| u ns .1 ac! Da1', 0 owe* 5C 000 Engi sh J A' fjs. And ycu car easily add your own j Only £5 00 ? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER PLUS Open 6 days a week 9.30om-5.30pm Bkl J B ii you vo i ::! I y.impromenin Amiga the Tne Engineers Kit is what you need. You can lest your Drives. Your Hard disk. Memory.
Keyboard. Sound chips, graphics chips.
Mouse, joysticks etc Only £3 00 ? ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT Over 130 top quality colour images from the Lion King cartoon film Each image is stored as ready fo use IFF so can be imported into ANY pamt or Desktop publishing package Magic Workbench is an mavabve replace- ' in'enI Workbench Gives you acompteney niffird jSJ I oew 8 colour updated Workbench A hard I disk is highly recommended Vancus extras T-ff PL rj a,sks are avaJaWe *®p*,anv jj** Onfy £3 00 ? MWB3-1. MAGIC WORKBENCH A new two disk set of Workbench Girty bathmg babes Backdrops all in 128 gtoroms colours. Suitable onfy for Workbench 3.
Hoiyesoo ? WGB5-2. WORKBENCH BACKDROPS ? LKA6-3. LION KING CLIPART I Play hundreds of class-: Spectrum 48 games on your Amiga This very easy to use Emulator w* run on every Amiga. The faster your machine the faster smoother the games run Games Include Skod daze.
Manic miner. Little computei people. Monty I mole. Startrek. The Sentmai. Etc Packt (SPE5-3) Speccy em 4 50 games.
Only £5.00 Pack2 (SPG15-7) 100 clastic games.
Only £15 00 I Pack3 (SPG35-33) 400 clastic games.
Only E35 00 Pack4 SEH40-1) Speccy em. 50 games and tape deck Interface. £40 EMULATORS a The disk oouWer can Huratfy double the space avakabie on your hardtsk If you've got ar 80mb dnve you * end up with over 130mc If you ve got a 320mo dnve you Ii end up with over i 2gig hard disk _Only £5 00 ? EPU5-2. DISK DOUBLER I . • ,lk. An updated 2 «sk version Contains dozens of DfY hardware kits, take how to fit , your A1200 into a rrvm tower PC case. Dmkl . V 7 your own sampler. Memory expansion.
. K- CD32 Link ead etc. etc _ Only £4 00 ? HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS T'-M S: ati«. Ganws incUMs Sunrek trw Arcade game Slratrek TNG. Ana ihe Ongkwi Slanrek Decompresses to SIX ow.ee oo ? STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES
* - 1 ] The Professional mono clipart collection
* . JL « consists o* 10 disks featuring hundreds of jj VERY
high quality mono images. AH the M ’ * V-w- most popular
sub|ecls are included like: x Xmas. Animals. Transport.
4 4 , Eyecatchers etc Only £13 00 ? GFX13-10. PRO. MONO CLIPART Con,i;r s three superb easy ic use Tyo ng J lulors for tho Amiga Suitable for the corrv I Vpwi plote beginner or anyone who at the momont typos with one or two fingers ?TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS Free box of 10 blonk disks with order over £25 ? SPECCY I News maker 4 a Simple to use colour r Desktop publishing package Import your !T_ 9 own graphics, text etc Compabbie with al popular pnnter makes ¦ I Onty £4 00 ?NRL4-1. NEWS MAKER The Ultimate Chess 4 Tutor, suitable tor any 2mb. Amiga Contains tons of Inbuilt speech, and great graphics
Suitable tor the learner of sem-pro Croato your own fasonatmg 30 mage eye imagos with ease Tns package .ndudes The Random Dot Stereogram generator and a number of ready to use images Onfy £3 00 MAGIC EYE KIT iducts available coll for details.
?JIT4-1. CHESS & TUTOR ? RDS3-1 ¦ A huge collection of top quality professionally finished 3D Lightwave objects Includes Soul Hunter. Delta lighter. Vorton space craft. B5 Station. 2 jumpgaies. Nebular space dusi and more Roqu res Lightware.
Only £7.00 ? BF07-4. BABYLON 5 OBJECTS With this language tutor you could learn speak e*her SPANISH. FRENCH GERMAN ITALIAN OR JAPANESE Easy to use. And oasy to understand’7'’7 A I Basically this is a 3 *sk compilation of tools wh h should ready have been on Wcikberch og Virus KiDcr Fast ten editor and disp'ayor Mono system. File manager
* ¦ A few Vfortibench games and more . Only £7 00 ? SCF7-3. STUFF
COMMODORE FORGOT Text Eng»one V4 is the eas«sJ to use ¦ Wc
rdprccessor pac-age available or. The “ Amiga It even includes
a competent Sped ' check feature UatfMr*- Swtable lor an Amiga
Every Amiga Emulator mcludos emulators for Gamoboy. Commodore
Commodore VIC20. Vanous IBM emulators.
Spectrum emulators. Sinclair QL. Atari ST ¦ A now ropiacoment 2 disk Workbench that toaturos Startrek Icons. Backdrops, and amusing sound samples whenever you do anything wrong Onty £5 00 ?TNG5-2. NEXT GENERATION WB idrods ot Vory high quality protessionally ihed colour clip toots for use in any Pamt kage Excellent lor Video work, demo Classic Board games includes Amiga vana- tons ol Scrabble. Monopoly. Cluedo.
Backgammon. Chess. Othello. Tiles. Tic- Tac-Too. Cnbbage etc t •• • ? CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS Only £10 00 ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES ? AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR Sget your finances in order with this unique collection ol home finance software Keep track of your monthly outgoings Petrol.
Gas. Eloctncity. Mortgage Rent etc Onty £7.00 ? FIN7-3. HOME FINANCE jjrT » |)| A collection of Lottery Wmners He p your jfik U self beat me Lottery with ttvs superb disk
- » * Every week let your computer generate tne P 4 ’ 1 Winning7
numbers tf you play the lottery j mw then get this desk O-VE5
00 ? LWP5-1. LOHERY WINNERS « I 100 high qualify Amiga Bitmap
fonts I Suitable for use with almost any Arrvga FVTA T
package Induing Dpamt. Workbench, etc row?* Font sizes start at
6pt upto 50pf AKDl C IPB7 J Only £7 00 ? FNT7-3. FANTASTIC
FONTS "'‘s's ;k-es Space i-.aoe's F-cgge- •.* SS comm ana
AstenOOS Q- ¦P Berts Omega race Centrepede etc. . ¦ Su-tablo
for any Amiga es 00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS 2 |» P Amiga
Powei tools includes dozens of me II P’ m°sf useful! 4 most
powerfuil utilities avail- tieeyrf J a* ,° Virus killer, lexl
editor. Menu maker Sound & grapghis tools, and loads more Ip y*
Requites Workbench 2 or 3 P ~ t ' Only £5.00 ?ATC5-2. AMIGA
POWER TOOLS Password protect you valuable Hard dnve information
with this extensive and easy to use Password and File
encryption tool.
If you ve just purchased your Amiga you may bo a bit boggled how you use it properly. Won this fivo disk set take you through the CLI Shell. Workbench step by step showing you every thing you need to know, Only £9 00 AMIGA BEGINNERS GUIDE UmM| Sjppc.rts InKH undreds moro. .. 0nlv C3 00 ? DRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVERS ACCESS DENIED Only £10 00 ? PSW10-4, PASSWORD SYSTEM ? ABG9-5.
Vv 7'i- H-V Classic card games consists of around a ¦RfeS -HBj dozen superb card games like Poker K ilj fl Solitaire. Craps. Montana. Pontoon.
E ** Blackjack K- nd'ke. Spades Goi*. Rummy Only ? CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES Our Catalogue disk contains information on over 4000 public domain disks. CD-ROM titles. Packs, and ordenng information Essential tor Beginners « a collection of B hies essontiai for the smooth unmterupted J 1. Use of your Amiga All the most asked for |Tif| libraries and V«wers are mciuded like 1 * More. Muchmore. Ppmore. Etc Only £2 00 ? EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS 4MM Startrek Magic Workbench backdrops.
M An interesting 2 disk collection of Magic
• -- - Smrt'e* 6 cacudrecs S’.'irtrek ,-;v i k-'.e -ese ? STB5-2.
EPIC Marketing Victoria Centre.
138 Victoria Rd, Swindon. Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK Mail Order Hotli Ttie EPIC Collection CO The EPIC Collection CD ROM contains all the above titles and hundreds more. All DMSed onto an inavative GOLD CD ROM which you can update. (see our CD add for details) CDIOO £59.95 _AVHilabte to txly Nowittl We are open Monday-Satunlay 9.30am - 53(* m Cheques & Postal onfere eccepled. For UK txdetsclea.se add a trtald50p. Overeeas ottiere please add £1.00 oertBe. Med txdes are sent vnthn 48 hows. AIMoswtk on id Anxas utless stateO. E&OE BUY ANY TWO VIDEOS AND GET A THIRD ONE OF YOUR CHOICE ABSOLUTELY FREE Fantasy Football leogoe 2 - The Glory
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The XL Drive allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ...£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE .
£49.95 PC881 A500 £30.95 PC882 A2000
......£35.95 PC883 A600 1200 ..£35.95 1 GIGABYTE
3.5 SCSI ..£259 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI EXTERNAL £335
SCSI £CALL Cmssnnm £239 1 9 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI
510MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 810MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL
IDE .£95 M-TEC HD External IDE hard disk for the
A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and
upgradable to 4MB RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE ....£99 PLEASE
External PCMCIA 3.5“ IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE BARE
.....£99 OVERDRIVE 420MB ...£259 ZIP DRIVE 100MB
SCSI.....£179.95 100MB DISKETTE ...£15.95 ZIP DRIVE
EZ1 35 The Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. The
EZ Drive stores 135MB on a single 3.5" cartridge and has a
seek time of 13.5ms. Comes complete with one 135MB cartridge.
(A SCSI interface is required) SYQUEST EZ135MB £239.95
135MB CARTRIDGE ..£CALL Backup to S20MB onto a 4hr VHS
Version 3 has new backup modes tor Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
3 £20 FLOPPY EXPANDER Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy
drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76.
add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all
drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk.
Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
DISK EXPANDER ...£19.95 EXTERNAL CASES SCSI case suitable for CD-ROM HD DAT and Optical drives.
5. 25" SCSI or IDE CASE .....£79.95
3. 5' SCSI or IDE CASE ......£79.95 SX-32 SX-32 is an internal
add-on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port,
parallel port, serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB),
clock, controller for
2. 5" hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
SX-32 MODULE ...£199.95 CHIPS & SPARES 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . . . £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . . £75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) £125.95 2 X 32 SIMM (8MB) £235.95 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB)......£499.95 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) ......£30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) .....£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 ____£25 1 X 4 DIP .£25 256X4 DIP £5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12 GARY ...£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE .£25 KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT
AGNUS 1MB ......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ......£29 PRINTER CABLE .£6 RS232 CABLE ...£6 SCSI EXTERNAL £15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 . . . £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
CALL GVP HC-8 SCSI SCSI hard card which can fit 8MB of RAM
HC-8 SCSI CARD ......£99 GVP G-LOCK Award winning Amiga Genlock.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK £259 IO-EXTENDER Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
Call for details ioEXTENDER ..£59 Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MB GVP RAM ......£159 16MBGVPRAM .....£549 A 2 0 0 0 6806 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller.
A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) . . . £TBA A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) £TBA 4MB STANDARD ADD . . . £125.95 4MB GVP ADD ......£159 SPEC! A I. 0EEEW MODEMS ACEEX V32 BIS 14.4 not bt approved £99 X-LINK TRUE V34 38 8 BT APPROVED £229.95 TRAPFAX MODEM SOFTWARE . . £49 All MODEMS INCLUDE SOFTWARE AND CABLES HI -S O FT SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . £59.95 AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95 IF squirrel scsi Interface included uhere you see this logo SURF SQUIRREL Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal
expansion peripheral for your Amiga
1200. Please call for more information.
SURF SQUIRREL .....£POA SQUIRREL MPEG Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CD I CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
SQUIRREL MPEG ....£POA RAM EXPANSION I I POWER SCANNER 11 SCANDOUBLER II £159.95 A 5 0 0 68020EC ¦ FLATBED SCANNERS POWERTAB £919.95 TBC-ENHANCER NEPTUNE GENLOCK £99.95 £239.95 GLIDEPOINT £599.95 NEPTUNE-GENLOCK A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM ...£90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK .. £24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM ...£29.95 A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM MEGACHIP RAM MEGACHIP RAM The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection. Fully supports AGA chipset.
Display HAM8 24-bit Images on a non- AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities Included. Works with 2.04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ...£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W £49.95 PC INTERFACE ? B W S W . £39.95 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.* EPSON GT-5000 .. £489.95 24-BIT, INC POWERSCAN SOETWARI EPSON GT-8500 ...£579.95 24-BIT. INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ...£729.95 24-BIT, INC. IMAGE FX REV. 1.5 SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer
which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA, S-VGA and Multiscan monitors. Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
SCAN DOUBLER II ....£399 iJ; 0 0:•!i'I1.0o: s Reduction of quality loss when copying, colour and contrast correction, suppression of colour drop-outs, elimination of basically any copy protection. The video signal is edited in professional 4:2:2 studio standard and is sychronized entirely new.
disposes of blue-box keying, bypass, RGB-colour correction, a stereo-audio control with microphone input as well as an integrated test pattern generator for adjustment.
SIRIUS II GENLOCK £919.95 GLIDEPOINT Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips .Tap" for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) ALPS GLIDEPOINT ..£59.95 POWER TABLET Pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software.
POWER TABLET 12 X 12 . . .£195.95 INCl. REN, CURSOR AND ROWER TAB 5 W GURU-ROM V 6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. This ROM has a very fast transfer rate of up to 3.5MB S, maximising your CPU processing time. Guru supports all SCSI device types including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, scanners, Syquest drives etc.Guru ROM is compatible with Amiga OS 1.3 through to 3.1 and is SCSI -1 SCSI-2 compatible. Please call for further information phone orders We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries postal
orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
Warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
Mail-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
Mail-order terms All prices include VAT Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7RW As well as the exclusive Coverdisk, we also offer you the first review of this groundbreaking game.
The official AF historian takes a look back at the delights and catastrophes of the most turbulent year ever for the Amiga.
XI Paint, Impact!, AsimCDFS, Unk-it, A1483S monitor, CD-ROMs, Malnactor Broadcast.
We catch up with David Pleasance and discover that the Amiga world hasn’t heard the last of him yet.
In our continuing series on this tremendous raytracer, we explain animation techniques.
Your technical problems sorted out. Our experts field questions on everything Amiga-related.
The Zeewolf helicopter goes in for an overhaul and returns ready to take on another 32 levels of termination with extreme prejudice.
SAVE MONEY Siren Software Siren Software in LaBlittersoft 4th Level Golden Image Weird Science Golden Image Hi-Soft in a very special deal with selected advertisers, Amiga Format offers you the opportunity to save money on a whole range of hardware or software for your Amiga. If you are thinking of buying anything from mousemats to modems, turn over for details of these exclusive offers.
Power Computing Wizard Computing siren SPEEDCOM MODEMS Amazing value, high quality. High specification modems. Suitable for any Amiga and includes all cables, software. Manuals etc and 12 months guarantee Fully featured top ot the range models include full fa* capabilities IGP FAX software (£39 991 needed to send receive faxesi and fully Internet compatible siren A 1 2OO MEMORY EXPANSIONS AI200 trapdoor fitting memory expansion Includes battery backed dock & socket for an FPU.
Uses standard 32 bit 72 pin SIMM module to double the speed of the computer . Speedcom+b (14.4K) Only £79.99 'Mr Speedcom+bf (28.8K) Only £159.99 ** CD ROM DRIVES CHINON external complete with Squirrel only £129.99 AMAZING VALUE!!! ORDER NOW!
MEDIAVISION RENO' portable CD-ROM with Squirrel or Dataflyer only £159.99 Apollo 1220 + 4mb £214.99 Apollo 1232 + 4mb £309.99 To order, Freephone 0500 340548. Enquiries, phone 0161 796 5279.
To order. Freephone 0500 340548 Enquiries, phone 0161 7965279. Please see our double page spread advert m this magazine for further details These special prices are valid until 1st March 1996 or until stocks last Please see our double page spread advert in this magazine for further details.
These special prices are valid until 1st March 1996 or until stocks last.
Email: sales ?flevel.co.uk SPECIAL VOUCHER OFFERS!!
USE THIS VOUCHER TO MAKE FANTASTIC SAVINGS ON ANY LISTED PRODUCT ; B iHersoff Picasso II 2Mb Board £219.95 OS 3.1 500 2000 £69.95 OS 3.1 1200 3000 4000 £79.95 IjghtROM 3 (3 CD Set) £29.95 Sonnet Doubler 50MHz 4000 040 Accelerator £2",9.95 ImageVision £79.95 World Construction Set £99.95 CvberCiraphX Software £29.95 Level Develop Branded Products ' 4sht‘'7*5*225 fa»+ 44 WHIII, Bristol, TTIE Amiga Site: www.flevel.co.iik This voucher entitles the holder to the above offers, redeemable through Blittersoft, 6 Drakes Mews. Crownhiil, Milton Keynes. Bucks MK8 OiiR Orders: 01908 261466 Fax:
01908 261488 Double offers for your Amiga Buy Crystal Trackball & AlfaDrive for only £64.90 and SAVE £10 k einct Science £5 If you warn your Amiga lo really shine* you liavc io have an AliaCrysinl trackball wilh its third builon (or click 'n‘ hold. This model has a transparent hall which shines as vnu move il around Jusi plug it straighi inio your mouse port and go.
AlfaCrystal d™i umc j»v more ol your life swapping disks, simply plug in an AlfaDme and voui second dLsk driu* will take the strain Connects directly to your Amiga and wont invalidate vour warranty AlfaDrive Off Every CD Order Over the Value of £20 This voucher entitles the holder to £5 off every CD order over the Value of £20, redeemable through Weird Science, 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leics LE4 2SE Tel: 0116 234 0682 Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65. Hallmark Trading Eitatc. Focnii Way. Wembler, Middx HA9 OLB All prka include VAT. Pta* idd O 50 P&P. Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 fix 0181
900 92*1 to change wiihuut nonce Double offers for your Amiga Buy the MegaMouse or MegaMousePlus and get a 2-in-1 Scanning Pad FREE 2-in-1 Scanning Mouse Memo Pad MegaMouse If there s one mouse that stands above all the others. It s the MegaMouse.
No mouse has ever been ‘ *v rated higher than the $ ' MegaMouse by anv maga- ine. MegaMousePlus has three dicky things to take advantage of the latest soliWTire.
Tmoihtr hr 11lian I HiSoft SYSTEMS Twist 2 Tbrltld Sdwol (Vxlfcni l K TW *W (0) 1*25 '1«1M1 Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd -a iUnrtb&«! MVie«wiit!:Ai UiH« iu All prica include VAT Ptcae add £3*50 P&P Sales Hotline Not 0181 900 9291 Fix 0181 900 9281 'dL Goldenlmage accept* Accra. American notice Good* lubjcct to avaiiabuity * Via. Cheque & Poml Otden EicOE Pnco 5ub|«i to change without subftct to change without notkt
• *« Wizard TIN fOUUD!
DEVELOPMENTS Get a free copy of directory Opus 4.12 worth £50 with every order over £20" Huy directory Opus 5.11 and a black 500dpi mouse for just £59.99 (a saving of nearly £20) Buy an Enterprise Desktop Workstation or a Saturn External I mb Floppy Drive (from just £29.99) and get a FREE pack of 50 disks (normally £25) offer valid while nocks Ian 'Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer ofl int Rimer i ompuling produi i io the tiluc of ‘ or lbotc Ettn floppt ilntc wkl mil iko m.Iutir . Double tided douhlr dpH» J.' Customers can either return this voucher vrith their details aad
payment by Cheque, Postal Order, Access, Visa or Switch, or can call our order hotline on ¦lilt IttfOt N fOUHDS OFT TEN FOUNDS Off TEN FOUNDS OF 1
• Speed based on the 68040 25MHz CPU 2 Upgrade 68060 price
programme available soon Amiga case needs to be opened and
trapdoor modified 3 gal AI 200 600 internal drlve£39.99’
.500 500+1nternaldrive£39.99, 4 comptota waatha.
Gutoe RECOMMENDED 7*5 MATH ATTACK- Ma.______________ £242 ANIMAL -LAND Ideal tor young tods E.caAsnt £243 PICTURE-MATHS - Mams program tor tods E24* BEGINNER GulOE TO WB 3 (A1200 onto) E247 GLOBE FACT 2) tacts about (Manat earth E24* KIO ONLY * exc*«enl games to ptay wdh E2SO SANTA -Hep santa coeect peasants E251 BIRTHOAV HISTORY V2 2- E252 BAR TENOER rrope* lor KWH c* drtokUCxCUe* E2S3 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR d game* lor UOS ~$ Yi l EDUCATION A o. v J JlS JJ 21 GAMES PACK J L*T«! Education p*c* 4 new 21 oam* coaecbon ¦ (5 6 tk pack) o *i £4 95

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