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See the Amiga being extremely successful in its comeback. But I don’t see why the Amiga shouldn't be an attractive option as an affordable way of getting a powerful and impressive computer. However, it's going to have to sell an awful lot ol units in a Inirry if it's to have any liiiure to talk of," Romparl. Like Guildhall Leisure are a sales and marketing agency and over the past couple of years they've been as prolific as anyone in their Amiga release-schedulc - most recently Football (•lory, Crystal Dragon. Voyages nj Discovery, Behind the lion dale and Tarliral Manager 2. Their gamcs-labcl. Black lx-gend. Houses development-ialent in Eastern Europe, where some of the Amiga's most enthusiastic coders are based, as well as representing 11 Iv learns. But they’re gradually drifting towards the l’ . Content in the knowledge that it's a growing market and one unlikely 10 decline in the foreseeable future. However, because they have contacts across Europe, they're in as good a position as anyone to return to the Amiga when the market picks up, an option they haven't discounted. Leant 17 is a company who has built their reputation on the Amiga. The Amiga has been good to them, hut, like many others, they feel the future lies with PC CD-ROM titles and are winding down their Amiga-developmem accordingly. Certainly, though, they are prepared to cominue supporting the platform, providing the Amiga is selling in sufficient quantities to warrant the cost. However, ii scents dial thcv have little concrete plans after Alien Itreeil 31). Worms and S ieris legacy. Only time will tell... There is little doubt that the Amiga will return to prominence, though whether it reaches the lofty heights of the early ‘90s, only time will tell. Escom's new arm. Amiga Technologies, reckon that not only is there an installed Amiga user-base of 2.3 million (please take this with a pinch of salt) in the UK alone, they're also of the opinion that they can shift up to 50.000 A1200s before Christmas. Now, that would get the softies' eyes glinting. But it remains to be seen whether the established software houses will re- instigalc Amiga gamrs-drvelopment. Or if it will he left to firms such as Guildhall and Kompart to unearth the Amiga Technologies is going to have to do some confidence- boosting PR with the publishers. Talenl out ihere, while teams such as Binary Asylum and Vulcan weigh in with the occasional release. The likelihood is a combination of both, but Amiga Technologies is going to have to do some confidence-boosting PR with the publishers to persuade them to commit real development funds in the near future. But as every month passes, more and more software companies prefer to plough their resources into PC CD- ROM and console games. If the softcos do decide to produce more Amiga games, there is likely to be a gap of, at least, a year until they see the light of day. The next six months are the most ... ... . . POLE POSITION: important ill the history ot the Amiga Ascon s Amiga swansong? It Continued overleaf • appears so.

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Document sans nom THE WORLD’S B I G G E S T-S E L L I N G AMIGA MAGAZINE Empower your Workbench by adding system sounds and screensavers PLUS: F1GP Editor lAlhv is al1 the innovative exciting llli liy software coming from small independent publishers? Meet... Hack and slash your way through the huge training level of what looks to be a great game Dvv EXCLUSIVE!
Is the lOmega Zip drive the floppy of the future? Pl04 Your guarantee of value £129.95
1. 76 xl drive internal drives £30.95 £35.95 £35.95 overdrive hd
External PCMCIA 3.5" IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE BARE
.....£99 OVERDRIVE 420MB ...£259 2 TO 4 GIGABYTE
....£659 4 TO 8 GIGABYTE ....£899 2 TO 4
CARTRIDGE DL90 £12 4 TO 8 CARTRIDGE DL120 £19.95 dat
drives 128 OPTICAL .£479 230MB OPTICAL
1. 3 GIGABYTE OPTICAL......£1999 230MB OPTICAL DISK ......£29.95
new product £99 £259 Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and
3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. DISK
4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£1099 9 GIGABYTE 3.5
SCSI .£2199 HITACHI 340MB 2.5 IDE ......£189
510MB 2.5 IDE ......£299 810MB 2.5 IDE
......£599 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE ..£719 OTHERS 80MB
2.5 IDE ..£70 120MB 2.5 IDE .£95 £10
ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI £199.95 100MB DISKETTE...... £19.95
3. 5 super xl drive External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes
complete with an internal ROM switcher.
M-TEC AT500 420MB hard drives 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . . . £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . . £75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) ...£139 2 X 32 SIMM (8MB) ...£279 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB) ..£449 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) ......£30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) .....£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . . £25 1 X 4 DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12 GARY ...£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE .£25 KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB
......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ......£29 PRINTER CABLE .£6 RS232 CABLE ...£6 SCSI EXTERNAL £15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 . . . £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95
included where you see this logo The tower comes complete with
6 x
5. 25" drive bays.
5 x 3.5" drive bays. 7 x Zorro slots. 5 x PC slots, real time clock and a 230 watt power supply.
£349 ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles non-interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA, S-VGA and Multiscan monitors.
Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes with composite video 5-VHS outputs.
The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection, Fully supports AGA chipset. Display HAM8 24- images on a non-AGA Amiga (¦ image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with 2.04 ROM above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR £169.95 OCR (SOUGHT WITH SCANNER) . £20 OCR SOFTWARE .£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY . . £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W £49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W S W .£39.95 24-bit colour A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual. (Squirrel Included with Paragon flatbed scanner) EPSON GT-6500 £539.95 4A-BIT 12000PI SCANNER power scanner SCAN DOUBLER II Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any
£25 DISK EXPANDER Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape. Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART ..£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO .£60 £129 TANDEM CD-DE .....£69 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20 octogen scsi-2 SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 2000 4000. Upgradable to 8MB RAM.
OCTOGEN 2008 tandem cd-de Connect a CD-ROM, Syquest and any IDE hd to your A2000 3000 4000.
Comes complete with cable and s w.
ROM 2.04 or above.
Award winning amiga peripheral manufacturers HGVP gvp products emulation Mac and PC emulators for the Amiga.
£239.95 £279.95 £279.95 £399.95 £89.95 EMPLANT MAC BASIC . . .
INCLUDES OPTION A AND 8 E586 DX MODULE...... PC EMULATOR MODULE gvp hc-8 scsi A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto I28M8 of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) £699 A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) . . £829 4MB STANDARD ADD......£139 4MB GVP ADD ....£159 f of Groa' Inc. fcr more information.
Please call 01234 273000 £99 HC-8 SCSI CARD g-lock wfF a4000 68060 Award winning Amiga Genlock.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK . . . £259 DSS-8 SOUND SAMPLER .. £55 A 68060 accelerator board for the A4000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller. The board can be configured with either 4MB.
8MB. 16MB or 32MB industry standard SIMMs.
A4000 68040 (0MB RAM) £699 68060 (0MB RAM) £829 iTANDARDADD.....£139 ADD.....£159 i o-extender Zorro II card that provide?
Additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port. Call for details glidepoint Official GVP RAM SIMMs.
4MB GVP RAM .£159 16MB GVP RAM .£549 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips replaces the mouse or trackball and Tap' for an instant selection.
A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM £90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK . . . .£24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM ...£29.95 Pen and cursor controlled.
CLEAR to change without notice. Alt :rademarks are
acknowledged. All orders in iting or by telephone will be
accepted only s of trade.
Ur terms and conditions of lich are available on request.
For product information sheets please call 01234 273000 P0WER computing ltd r 44A B STANLEY STREET mm 01234 352207 Bedford MK41 7rw IS IN THE WORLD’S BEST-SELLING AMIGA MAGAZINE THIS MONTH A new logo for the Amiga-range; new Jon Anderson, is heading up offices in the UK; Amiga Technologies' office in this country.
And controversy over prices... p1Q AMIGA IXIEWS SERIOUSLY AMIGA Introduction 89 Flatbed Scanners 90 Yes, you really can afford to buy a flatbed scanner - thanks to a range of new budget scanners, but which one is the best for you?
ProGrab 2.5 96 Grab full-colour images from any video source with the speed of a very fast video grabber, like ProGrab24RT 2.5 Pro.
Batch Factory 99 The latest version of this program gives you a helping hand with all the boring and repetitive jobs you hate doing.
Iomega 104 Could this be the future of data storage? With a unit price of only £179, elegant styling and 100Mb removable cartridges for under £20, it certainly looks likely.
Apollo 1220 107 This new A1200 accelerator is attempting to set new performance- to-price ratios, but what about its quality?
Cross DOS 109 Transferring files from different types of computers can be a tricky business. We examine three filing-systems that should help things go more smoothly.
CD-ROMs 112 Our regular round-up of hot, new CD-ROMs includes a truly enormous collection of images on four Cds - all you need to get you started in multimedia and enough Spectrum games for the most hardened of Speccy fans.
PLAY Gloom ' p4i Are we all doomed? The first clone of the PC-hit arrives o,n tlje Amiga.
Every new Amiga game reviewed and rated!
Super Streetfighter 2 (left): Surely there should be rules against that? Turbo Trax (above): Does the world need another top-down racer? Arcane believe so... Games Check 59 Turbo Trax 62 CD32 Check 67 Base Jumpers CD32 69 GameBusters 71 Re-Releases 76 Previews 39 This month’s Coverdisk demo is but a small part of Audiogenics’ Odyssey.
There’s more on the rather cute-looking Tiny Troops and a look at coitvop conversion Primal Rage Charts 42 Gloom 45 Super Streetfighter 2 51 BrutaliPaws of Fury 55 Coverdisk A: Maxon Magic Add amusing, rude, or informative sounds to all sorts of system-events, and save your screen with the example, er, screensavers.
PLUS Oliver Robert's FIGPEditor v3 and loads of other useful utilities for your Amiga.
Coverdisk B: Odyssey p138 Hack and slay your way through this complete level of the forthcoming Odyssey. Battle little rock men, large birds and solve the puzzles in one of the finest demos ever to appear on our disks.
Jy III JUST BROWSING p30 A new version of Amiga Mosaic and some exciting news on a totally new browser means things are looking up for Web surfers.
$ A 0)
* S Vu-f__ .
WWW.m*: Tmctu .-m- iwirnae x in . Cfn Mm')'- w«i ..
- • * Hmmmr :¦ J Miw.AjMS? VsVBmpwm.
~- wu ©rf.utf ftt.Amis* H°TO«. Put ¦* (Mm ...pp -fthuKv ",- .. ity*»wuk AF OFFERS Special Offers Back Issues Books Subscriptions Order Forms 130 133 134 135 137 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just nine years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in Britain.
We offer: BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
STRONGER REVIEWS. We have a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give clear buying recommendations.
CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future, Editors operate under two golden rules:
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MORE READER INTERACTION. We draw on readers' contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages - and the best reader tips. Buying one of our ¦ ¦ magazines is like joining a nationwide user group. ¦ BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, better ulure quality - magazines you can trust. Publishing Month In View Tim Smith Column Dale Bradford Column Public Domain Workbench Amiga.net Letters and Gallery CD Extra Advertisers' Index Next Month Format Forum 7 12 14 81 117 122 125 142 144 145 146 PC EmCJI.AIION Desmceoe Mf .s c' PC Task 3.1 PC Task 3 allows you to run software designed for IBM Pcs
and compatibles on you Amiga ! It emulates a 80286 based PC, so you can run Windows 3.1 and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. On an AGA Amiga you can even run SVGA screen modes !
RRP £79.95 - Emerald Price £59.95 Upgrade from v2 £34.95 - please enclose your PC Task v2 disk Upgrade from PD version £44.95 - please enclose your disk Order PC Task 3.1 and Dir Works 2 together at the incredible price of just £74.95 !
Limited stocks only Image Erocessino «fi CA Haro ware C£ Rom Drives Quad Speed Drive £299.95 Double Speed Drive £199.95 Connects to Syquest Drives, DAT, Scanners, Hard Disks & More BOOKS VISA Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets Learn a whole range of coding ¦ tricks to enhance & improve your programming techniques £19.95 Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets NEW ...£19.95 Secrets of Frontier Elite .. . £8.95 Secrets of Sim City 2000 ...£9.95 A1200 Insider Guide ..£12.95 A1200 Next Steps £12.95 Amiga Disks 8
Drives .£ 12.95 Assembler Insider Guide ......£13.95 Desktop Publishing ...£ 14.95 mKmmmsmsm OS 3.1 for A500 2000 .£83.95 Includes new Kickstart Roms and Workbench 3.1 OS 3.1 for A1200, A3000 & A4000.....£93.95 Please specify which machine The amazing Squirrel SCSI interface lets you add SCSI devices to your Amiga 600 1200, including CD Drives (includes CD32 emulation) £59.95 Pro Grab 24RT v2.5 New Version .... £125.95 24 Bit Real-Time Colour Frame Grabbing Pro Grab 24RT SHVS ....£please call Rendale 8802 Genlock ......£159.95 Art
Department Professional v2.5. . .
. . £139.00 AD Pro Conversion Pack .. .. . £59.99 ASDG GT6500 Scanner Software . . .
. . . £89.95 Caligari 24 .. . . . £89.95 Caligari Broadcast v3.1 .... . . £249.99 ASDG Pro Control . . . £50.95 Imagine 3.0 .. . . . £99.95 Imagine 3 Rolling Upgrade program Includes Imagine 3.1 to 4 !
You must have Imagine 3 to qualify.
3. 1 & 3.2 in stock now.
£99.95 Imagine Hints & Tips ...£7.95 The Font & Clipart Book ......£9.95 Workbench A-Z Insider Guide .£13.95 Mastering Amiga Arexx £17.95 Mastering Amiga Printers .....£ 17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference . .. £ 19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Tutorial £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Vol2 ....£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Scripts .. £19.95 A1200 Beginner's Pack £36.95 Includes A1200 Insider Guide, A1200 Next Steps. Amiga Insider Video + 4 disks of shareware Workbench 3 Booster Pack ...£36.95 Final Copy
2 ....£47.95 Final Writer 3 ...£69.95 Mini Office .....£37.95 Pen Pal .£29.00 Pagestream 3 ..£ 174.95 Wordworth 3.ISE £44.95 Wordworth 3.1 ..£79.95 Maxxon Magic ...£23.95 Screen saver Morph Plus ....£129.95 Essence vol I + Forge .£79.95 Essence vol 2 + Forge .£79.95 Naksha Hand Scanner £69.95 400 dpi mono hand scanner for A500 & A500+ Pixel 3D Pro II .. £94.95 Pro Vector 3 New in
soon - call for details Pro quality structured drawing package Real 3D Classic ..£59.95 Real 3D v3 New £299.95 Real 3D 2.4 to 3 upgrade ....£ 166-95 X-CAD 2000 New Lower Price £22.95 X-CAD 3000 ..£119.95 Rendale 9402 SVHS ..£279.95 Squirrel SCSI Interface £64.95 Video Backup System + Phono cable. . . . £54.95 Video Back-up System + Scart cable .... £57.95 Vidi Amiga 12 AGA ...£64.95 Vidi 24 RT ....£149.95 Vidi 24 Pro RT £209.95 High Quality 24 Bit Real-Time Frame
Grabber Naksha Greyscale Hand Scanner for Amiga 500 and 500+ ....£ Tabby Graphics Tablet £57.95 AS Graphics Tablet Cashbook Combo .... £59.99 Counting House New .£49.95 Digita Home Office ..£39.95 Money Matters ..£34.99 Personal Finance Manager + ...£19.95 System 3E .....£49.99 Turbocalc 2 ....£49.95 masmasmm Gamesmith ...... £84.95 Dice C Compiler New £98.95 Full featured C compiler - the best!
Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5 £59.95 DevPac 3 £51.95 Hisoft BASIC 2 ..£54.95 Intos ...£25.95 Hisoft Pascal ......£74,95 v f ’ i7 W M 0 m ‘ IJ f-'fp Aminet 1-4 4 CD pack £24.95 Aminet 5 CD ...£14.95 Desktop Video CD ...£ 13.95 Essential Utilities vol I CD ..... £8.95 Giga Graphics 4 CD pack .....£38.95 Grolier Encyclopedia CD . £28.95 Runs on CD32 and AGA Amigas GFX Sensation CD ...£18.95 Lightworks by Tobias Richter CD. ..... £38.95 Speccy Sensation
CD .£ 13.95 ZX Spectrum Emulator + over S00 games Star Trek Multimedia CD .....£25.95 Arcade Classics CD ...£9.95 World of Clipart Double CD ..£16.95 Big Alternative Scroller 2 .....£49.95 Can Do 3 .....£229.95 Media Point v3 .£249.95 Montage 24 ....£259.95 Sea la HTI00 ....£49.95 Scala MM211 New Lower Price ...£94.95 Sea la MM300NEW Lower Price ...219.95 Scala MM400 ...£249.95 Scala Echo EE 100 £139.95 Package Deal - Save £39.95 I Scala
MM400+EEI00 .£349.95 AmiFileSafe .....£63.95 DirWork 2 .....£29.95 Directory Opus 5 £49.95 Disk Expander ...... £29.95 Gigamem £47.95 GP Fax .£44.95 Infonexus New ..£25.95 Studio II Print Manager ... . £49.95 Termite .£31.95 Video Back-up System Phono ..£54.95 Video Back-up System Scart ...£57.95 Quarterback Its back at |UST ..£29.95 Xcopy Pro .....£19.95 BarsSPipes Pro v2.5 .£199.95
Upgrade - v2 to v2.5 ..£79.95 Upgrade - coverdisk to v2.5 ..£ 149.95 Internal Sounds Kit ...£24.99 Multimedia Kit £24.99 MusicBox A or B .£24.99 Peformance Tools Kit .£29.99 Power Tools Kit .£29.99 Pro Studio Kit ...£29.95 Rules for Tools .. £29.99 Finance Management ¦¦ PatchMeiscer ....£79.95 SuperJAM! 1.1 + ..£59.95 SyncPro SMPTE Box .£151.95 Triple Play Plus .£159.95 Aura 12 bit
Sampler ..£79.95 Deluxe Music 2 ..£69.95 Megalosound Sampler ...£23.95 Music X 2 New Lower Price ...£44.95 Pro Midi Interface . £19.95 Technosound Turbo 2 £25.95 1 Deluxe Paint 4.1 .£54.95 Non AGA version Personal Paint 6.3 New Version £49.95 Photogenics .....£49.95 TV Paint 3 New Lower Price I £299.95 Brilliance 2 .....£45.95 Image FX 2 (AF 95%!!!) .....£184.95 Datanexus New ..£24.95 Digita Datastore .£45.95 Digita Organiser
New .£39.95 Final Data New ..£39.95 Twist 2 .£89.95 GB Route Plus ...£31.95 Mailshot Plus ....£35.95 Music Librarian ..£22.95 Plants For All Seasons .£22,95 ¦BS3BS Distant Suns 5.0 .£27.95 Vista Pro 3.0 ...£27.95 Vista Lite £24.95 Makepath for Vista £9.95 Terraform for Vista .. £9.95 VRL Bundle Packs - New Lower Prices Vista,DistantSuns.Makepath+Terraform . . . £54.95 Vista Pro or
Lite.Makepath+Terraform . . . £35.95 ADI GCSE Maths £19.99 ADI GCSE English £19.99 ADI GCSE French £ 19.99 ADI Junior Reading ...£15.99 ADI Junior Counting ..£ 15.99 Merlin's Maths ...£16.99 Paint and Create ..£ 16.99 Spelling Fair .....£16.99 Noddy’s Playtime £ 16.99 Noddy's Big Adventure £ 16.99 When ordering, please don't forget to include the carriage charges ! Charges within the UK arc £3.50 for first class post (which usually arrives
the next day), £4.05 for first class registered, and £5.50 for next-day courier within the UK mainland, subject to availability. Please ask for overseas pricing, and pricing for islands 8 Scottish Highlands. You can pay by : Cheque : Please make cheques payable to Emerald Creative Technology Ltd.
Credit Card : Visa, Mastercard, Access, Delta, Switch and American Express. We only bill your card when we despatch the order, not before.
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Adventure awaits the intrepid explorer who dares to wander into the world of Speris pi longer need battle way thr wSffing hours upon hours for the privilege of an alley I )isi ov er treasures,¦ use curious objects!
To overcome | puzzles and hazards, uncover the deepest darkest secrets of Speris and protea your rightful inheritance to the Kingdom.
No longer need you inflict pain upon your wallet by paying over inflated price% Kingpin is user-friendly, delightfully authentic and wonderfully undemanding towards our wallet's contents Speris Legacy is beautifully designed and crafted appealing to all yet alwat s | holding something i ha lg and verv special for the individual.
Amiga disk version £25.99 Amiga CD*" version £25 99 THE TITLES ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE FROM ALL GO( ( a linings p. Leigh . J (o 19 12) 260919 Man Tyndall Ltd Cardiff i 01222) 229065 Maughan Microcomputers Gateshead (0191) 493 2308 ¦Computer Store ley
1226) 28412-t The Computer Store
11. 11 i I .t 01 t22i369077 (a Miter Systems Ireland
(0121*73700 Alan Tyndall Ltd Gloucester (01452) 110693 Data
Gem London K Soft Covcntry (01203) 55 Topsoft Darlington
((11325) 486689 vorld Blackpool (01253)21657 The Computer
Store 1 t incaster (01302) 325260 Tile Computer Store
Bradford (01274) 7.32094 Harrison Musique I ) Higlas
(01624)66.3431 Electronic Megastore Kettering (01536) 312949
(i nnuter Cavern Reading (01734) 58.3062 FORMAT Amiga, CD32 &
FORMAT Amiga, CD32 RELEASE DATE July 1995 unit Now the best has 1 just got bigger, stronger and mightier than anyone could ever have imagined.. Alien Breed is now 3D Alien Breed 3D is «£an earth-shattering.
Jaw-dropping game of gigantic proportions.
HON MK.A DISK DISK VERSION VERSION VERSION DP STOCKISTS INCLUDING Alan Tyni Stroud j ((11453) 1 ir you are unable 10 obtain these titles front your local stockist, you may order them front Team IS directly using cheque, postal order or credit card.
Catgames Plus heffield
4114) 234 5QU2 City Contpufi Sunderland (0191) 56789' iemsoft
heffield it 11) 2“ Alan Tyndall Ltd Swindon (01793)430417
Double Dnye Computers WeymoiH (01305) 'WOO Truro Mirco Ltd
Truro (01872) (00 i3 Seventh L Wisbech (019 (5) 5; ereen A:
outhpor 01704)5 iud itionBmputers Lid Alan Tym Woreesie.
(01905)i tamfortH LongUknds House Wakefield Road, 01780) ®88 The Computer Centre Wakefield (01924)290159 P1924) miiil M TO1924) 26765a f dudes@teainl7.co.uk Sport & Business Walsall Wood (01922)59380 'orkshire, Confusion Reigns (Yet Again) On Friday, July 7 1995, Creative Equipment International released news that it would distribute the new line of premium Amiga 4000 Tower systems.
According to their proclamations, the first machines were due to ship with a specification of S40Mb hard disk, 6Mb RAM and a 2SMHz 040 processor, with a price set at a rather hefty S3,500.
Amiga Technologies responded swiftly and angrily to firmly deny that any of the information was true.
"There have been no firm distribution contracts or agreements signed yet for Northern America. There has also been no decision taken yet concerning the pricing of the Amiga 4000T in the USA."
That the machine will even be close to a price of S3,500 (about £2.300) will no doubt be cause for concern among Amiga developers and Will the new A4000 Tower cost a potential customers alike, hefty S3.S00 (about £2,300|?
AmiGA ere, then, is the new logo, which "elegantly counterpoints classical style with advanced technology in motion". Apparently... At the end of the day. It's just a logo, and it is better than many other efforts in the computer field.
However, we're sure you can do better. Send your designs on disk to “laigo Luddites" at the usual address.
New Landing With new A1200s currently being manufactured and assembled in France, the main questions remaining to lie answered are: How much?, and; What spec?
Pricing has still to be finalised.
When queried on the publication in another Amiga magazine of a price point of £350 lor Amiga-bundles, Jonathon Anderson stated: "Well, I don't know where they got £350 from, because I haven’t discussed pricing with anybody.
There's a meeting in Germany later this week (19th July) to finalise price points'1.
The only hard information Format could get from Jonathon regarding pricing was that the new Amiga 1200 wouldn't cost less than £300.
Unchanged nature of the Amiga 1200's specification.
No change to the expansion capabilities have been implemented: no Fast RAM is to be added and the same This is bound to disappoint an expectant market, considering the Put Up Or Shut Up While in discussion with Amiga Technologies UK, Format expressed disappointment that there wasn't any rudimentary change to the specification of the A1200.
We asked Jonathon Anderson what he would say to anyone who felt that the new A1200 wasn't good enough, with systems such as the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation appearing on shelves throughout the country.
"The Amiga, and this is a fact has the cheapest software of any other platform be it 16- or 32-b'it. You go out and buy a Sega Saturn game; how much is that going to cost you? £49. You'd almost get two of our titles for one of theirs.” And then, to reinforce his point he added. "Our market is a different place. I'm not competing with Sega.
Sony, or Nintendo. If parents want to buy machines without any educational content that's entirely their decision. If they want to have something with a keyboard and be productive as well as playing games, then the Amiga is the machine."
Lhat a bundlcs-only strategy might not be the stimulus needed for sales: "The trade would welcome a standalone price of £199 or £249 maximum".
"At £300 minimum, well, the market’s moved on. There's still a lot of Amiga Format condones this statement. We sincerely hope Jonathon can convince the industry that similarly specced machines to those being produced before Commodore went into liquidation are a viable competitive alternative to games consoles and Pcs.
Inlu iJ' Dale Bradford was not sure about the bundles-only strategy for the new Amigas.
We phoned around key industry figures to gauge their reaction to the news that the Amiga wouldn't be sold as a standalone machine; wouldn't have an upgraded specification; and wouldn’t cost less than £300.
Dale Bradford, General Secretary of
N. ASCR (National Association Of Specialist Computer Retailers)
reckoned Motorola 68020 processor, which has been around for
almost a dccadc, will still power the machine.
Jonathon defended the decision to go with the original spec on ihe grounds that they need the Amiga in the shops now. Regarding the £300 minimum price, for what many will consider old and under-powered technology, he countered, 'you have to see the stoty from both sides".
• New 1200s are being manufactured, but the big question is: How
much will they cost? . . . Pi0-11
• The D-VHS cassette stores 44.7Gb of data pi2-13
• BBC in talks with Amiga Centre Scotland pi4-15 A1200s Soon?
“Firstly we've had to put the production-line in. The buy-out didn't take place until April. At this late stage, to get to the front of the [manufacturing and production] queue, you have It) pay a premium - no one's going to put you to the front, unless you're prepared to pay for it."
In effect. Amiga Technologies are paying over the odds to hasten the people gagging for the machine willing to pay that price, but it will be compared with the Saturn and the PlayStation. I know they're a different market, but the prices are too similar for the comparison not to be made." Dale's verdict: "(amid have done better".
Mark Siblv. Chief programmer of Amiga games such as Super Skidmarks.
Guardian, and (doom, pulled no punches: "I'm getting sick of seeing so much cool stuff on machines like the PC and then having to design games around the Amiga's limitations''.
"If the new Amiga had some Fast RAM and a chunky pixel mode, it would not only equal the VGA chipset but would still have all the goodies of AGA.
Even if there was a wonder-Amiga waiting in the wings, releasing the same old AGA-machines beforehand means appearance of new machines into the shops. To help nullify the inevitable passing on of costs to the consumer. Pan European bundles with top-quality premium software are planned. No standalone machines will be sold.
No official decision on pack- contents has yet been reached. Scala MM300vn not be bundled with the A1200 as originally suited at the Frankfurt press-conference on the 30th May this year (AF74 p.lO). A significant number of A1200s planned for retail in the UK will also have 175Mb IDE hard dtives installed.
Again, no pricing-information was available at the time of going to press.
Tune into next month's issue for solid, and hopefully encouraging, news on the increasingly confusing topic of bundle pricing.
That no one will develop for the wonder- Amiga because the A1200 has become the 'standard'".
Most positive of the developers we contacted was Jolyon Ralph at Almathera. "The spec is a little disappointing, but it's something that's been forced upon them. It's inevitable given the time since the launch that they've had to go with the original spec." Regarding the pricing and the announcement of no standalone machines. Jolyon verged on the upbeat.
"In order to sell the machine at any price the software must be good. If it's good, the machine should sell."
"Amiga Technologies UK are doing as well as they can to get stuff into the shops. I now feel very positive.
Something's finally getting done. Pul it all down to Jonathon Anderson."
To Escom Shops Or Not To Escom Shops? That is the question.
Will Amigas be sold through Escom shops or won't they?
Again, a question that will be officially answered after Format has gone to press.
On this issue, Jonathon Anderson seemed to be as in the dark as anyone. ‘At one stage,' he said, ‘the decision had been made to use select shops for stocking Amigas, and then that was changed. So I'm really In the dark about that one".
No distributor is set to be announced until Format's gone to press, but it looks increasingly likely to be SOL.
Jonathon's past includes a stint at SDL as a bundling and promotional man and it seems a natural choice due to the past record of SOL in the handling of new Amiga-bundles.
New UK-Base for Amiga Technologies GmBH Six ex-members of Commodore have been recruited in a bid to provide expert sales and technical assistance to distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the United Kingdom.
Headed by Jonathon Anderson.
Cx-Silica Bundle Promoter and ex-Product Marketing Executive of Commodore UK, Jonathon sees his new role as the messenger of good news and cheer.
M 30
- ft IS VI ? | The Smith Column lEDfc _[J j '['"?] J XjrJ'I'rJ"V
Good God, one minute there's no Amiga to speak of; doom and
gloom are being spread In equal proportions to the mindless
glee of PC- and Mac- users, and the loss of one more
Independent computer company seems as inevitable as the Terty
Venables back-lash. And the next you know, we’ve got a brand
new logo and pictures of spanking new Amigas littering the
Internet and the BBSs. The ebb and flow of modem business
practice Is enough to upset the equilibrium of even the most
level-headed of us.
& Okay, the logo Is here. It's black with a red bit and maybe It’s a little 1980s In feel (not that the PowerPC logo offers any perspective on the 90s. It must be said). And that’s about It really. The more Interesting point at the moment Is the price for the A4000T. Right now there's a debate raging on the Internet regarding the $ 3,500 retail price for a basic A4000T 040 25MHz. The consensus appears to be that this price Is out of order. Ed Goff has had petitions calling for his resignation and the public image of Escom appears to have taken a dig. Nothing changes really.
Cast your minds back to the arguments that raged regarding the -death" of the Amiga. One of these, I seem to recall, was that had the Amiga not been flogged as a low- “Why, oh why," whlnged tkoM people who will always wtilnge, cvw £20 million Anew digital version ofVHS has been developed for the consumer market by JVC.
Intended to capitalise on the burgeoning digital broadcast and “computainment” markets, the new format is being hailed as a "catch-all digital recording medium".
While not capable of recording picture anti sound data as such, it can store broadcast, digital data, including audio, compression and encryption - the format offers manv advantages over existing domestic video equipment.
Namely, replay of signals is without loss. That is, no corruption, degradation or other interference mar perfect picture and sound-quality. Because it records the data stream, and digital broadcasting signals are multi-plexed, simultaneous multiple recording of programmes becomes possible.
Take advantage of the too- good-to-be-true, cut-price offers on Hi-Soft's Mexon Magic,
• Megalosound and the Aura.
Priced games machine following the less-than-effulgent welcome to the buslness-entertainment oriented A1000 - then the death of CBM might not have happened.
“Why, oh uihy,” whlnged those people who will always whlnge. Even after winning a £20 million lottery prize,"didn’t they price It up so the market could find It aspiratlonal? Why. Oh why. Didn't CBM ensure a decent price-tag to lift the machine out of the toy market and Into some serious computing to compete with Apple and Big Blue... I remember when all this was fields... you didn't want to do It like that, now did you?" And so on. And so on.
Remember that? Ulellit appears that now those same people are whinglng: "Why Is It so expensive? We gave it all that support. It's too expensive; it'll kill the market... bwaaaaahl I'll have to make do with my A1200 now and they should have given me an A4000T for hanging aroundl" Well people, life doesn't work like that. Escom Is going to have to pull the serious graphics-users back Into the fold by appealing to systems managers and corporate buyers. This, now concentrate, will help to raise the profile In the market, ensure future development and maintain the low-end Amlga-users with
future-proofed machines. Neat, eh? The market is no playground for an oldster trying to compete. So let’s wait a while, appreciate the new life (and that darling logo) and have some faith. Hrumph.
Contact Tim Smith on gashead@clx.oompulink.oo.uk and tlmbo@gashead.demon.co.uk The opinions expressed In this oolumn are not always those o! Amiga Forma.
Three cut-price offers on Hl-Soft hardware and software courtesy of Hi- Soft and Amiga Format.
In conjunction with this month's fabulous Coverdtsk. Maxon Magic and Afore Maxon Magk combine to form a collection of screen-savers, sound samples, animations and pictures, that no discerning Amiga owner should be without. Valued at £44.90, the promotional price is £19.95. The second Coverdisk-inspired offer is the Megalosound. An 8-bit direct-to-disk sound sampler that works on any Amig. And which you can use to create your own sounds for use with Maxon Magic (or OctaMED, Ban and Pipes, or any other music software). Original price £34.95; promotional price £24.95. Last but not least is the
Aura, the 16-bit equivalent of Megalosound Incorporating 16-bit sampling and 12-blt replay, the Aura is more than capable of integrating into a desktop video set-up.
Which also works in stereo, offers OctaMED 6 support and is compatible with the A600 and A1200 (it uses the PCMCIA slot). The 16-bit samples are CD-qualtty. Original price £99.95; promotional price £75. Postage and packing will set you back £3 per individual unit or £4 for any two or more. Next-day delivery costs £6.
Write to HiSoft Systems. The Old School. Greenfield. Bedford MK45 SDE or phone 01S25 718181.
FTn Primarily targeted to parallel developments in the digital broadcasting sphere in America, the format may also steal the show in Europe; Sky Television looks likely to adopt a European digital standard, using MPEG2 compression and Musicam multi-channel sound.
Os‘ Jusi: Pkusi D-VHS decks are expected to retail at no more than £250 above the price of a normal analogue VHS deck. The low cost rests on the uncompressed nature of the recorded digital data and the inability of the format to convert recorded signals. The signal must be routed through to a satellite or digital TV receiver. At this early stage, it's not yet known whether the "imbedded technology" set-top box. Built by VisCom, figures in JVC’s plans, but it can't be ruled out completely.
KRP lets it roll Just as important is the role of D- VHS as a digital storage medium. In standard play mode, a D-VHS cassette can store an incredible 44.7Gb of data.
DAT streamers maximum capacity of
1. 3Gb looks paltry by comparison.
The system's future depends on discussions with computer manufacturers and investigations into multimedia applications. Methods of Interlacing decks to computers are still being mulled over, although a PCMCIA Interface seems likely, as does downloadable software from television programmes. Watch this space!
Software Fifth Columnist SYMPOSIUM 98 PARTY A Joint Amiga and PC party will be held at Warwick University’s Olbbet Hill Refectory on 21st October from 9am to 12pm.
Hailed as a Klckstart for the demo-scene in the UK. The organiser, Rob Hill, hopes to use the admission fee to cover the oosts of hiring the Refectory and intends ploughing the excess Into competition prizes.
Admission Is a rather hefty £12 on the door. £10 In advance, and £8 If you're female.
More information can be gathered by E- malllng Silkpdcs. Warwick, ac.
Uk Alternatively, phone 01462 491863.
Tfr ""1 owners who decided to take up A the offer of free demonstration time on Microsof t's soon-to-be-released Windows 95 Internet service may have taken on more than they bargained for.
Included in the software was a background ‘sniffer¦’ program - The Registration Wizard - which checks out die contents of the user's hard drive and then reports bark to Microsoft Central.
Primarily of use to seek out rival companies programs so that the hapless user can then be bombarded with junk mail on similar products, the subsequent outrage on the Internet has still to abate.
Rest assured, if anything like this ever happens with the Amiga, we will pursue the perpetrators to the end of the virtual earth.
Bill Gates was not available for comments. Well, there's a surprise... VI m a m a s ui Anew range of video-related hardware and software for the Amiga has been launched by video company KRP Video Services.
The first of the releases is a three- machine edit-Controller, called the Edit Plug. Priced at £125. The device plugs into the Amiga’s parallel port and allows control of up to three machines; two source decks and one record deck.
The decks can be controlled using 5- pin, LANG, or learned infra-red terminals. Compatibility with Sony’s Rewritable Consumer Time Code (RCTC) and A B roll-editing with a three-machine set-up are other features.
Pitched to take on and beat Gold Disk's PC-based Video Director, die unit could push potential video-editors in the direction of the .Amiga market.
Also included in the new KRP range is an optional jog shuttle, which plugs into the joystick port, allowing video-editors to experience the convenience of fast and accurate shutding of video decks when searching for specific in and out points.
Older decks and budget decks lacking an edit terminal can be modified by a KRP serviceman for what the company claims is a moderate fee.
Expect a full review next issue.
KRP is on 0141 762 2510.
Gaining maturity.
Establishing a position In the local community and society at large. Moving up the career- ladder. Acquiring status, knowledge and wisdom. Learning from your mistakes. Oh. Really?
There may be some compensations to becoming Increasingly youthfully challenged, but I've yet to see them. Quite the contrary, In fact; things which brought you pleasure In your youth disappear (Oxo crisps spring to mind); you've never heard of the 'artists' on the latest NOW album (and you can't understand the words); then there's all the repeats on TV you saw decades earlier: and today's computer games are never quite as good as those you devoted whole chunks of your life to In the past.
Take football management slms; obviously nothing can replicate the thrill of your first time, but as you try more and more of them (and there are oodles) you tend to stick with one In particular. Stat-heads will probably have latched on to the Championship Manager Premier Manager series, for Instance.
Good os they were, however, nothing they had to offer could tempt me from the sublime delights of Player Manager. It wasn't perfect of course: there were no European competitions. League Cup. Ground Improvements, sponsorship, or Indeed hardly any of the 'features' that now Increasingly youthfully challenged, but Two yuft to ilti This is the Digitally Edited Both ITN and the BBC have had preliminary talks with Amiga Centre, Scotland, regarding the V-Lab Motion card and the DraCo m A 060 Amiga OS compatible computer, e w ¦ .. . Y
- *
• V:- •
- * ” ' «
- ~ "'rf huge archives of on-line text, radio and television by
over 9,000journalists.
Furthermore, any journalist with access to the network will be able to assemble and edit picture footage from their desktop computer.
D The Bradford ColumnlH Ift-j?!
The BBC. Have recently published a document, inviting bids from computer and television companies to win a contract worth £30 million for a complete overhaul of its newsroom broadcasting systems.
A vast computer-based network is envisioned, which will allow access to Users of Amiga Centre's Vlab Motion will be more than familiar with the techniques and technology involved.
Seem to be so essential. And. Get this, young people, the not even correctly named teams (Manchester? Bristol?)
With made-up players competed In divisions of 12, In colours that were either red or blue. Worthy only of scorn by today's standards?
No. What Player Manager delivered was the best ever match highlights. The slx-mlnute epics were almost as good as watching the real thing (better, If you supported Arsenal) and were accompanied by an on-screen text commentary. When one of your team had the ball, you knew who It was. And you could see how well he played throughout the game.
Just a simple addition, but It really did make a difference. Nothing I’ve seen since, on any machine, has bettered It. No. Not even SWOS or Player Manager 2. Which Is a damn shame (I can't remember which player corresponds to each number at my age).
Hey, Instead of Just moaning about It. Why don't I take a swig from the positive-thinking bottle, get off my bum and start writing the truly definitive footle-boss slm myself?
Let’s see nour. All the usual stuff, plus FIFA-style match highlights, together with on-screen text, displaying the player In possession’s name, and maybe even a sampled speech commentary for the CD-verslon.
That shouldn’t take too long. Now, where did I put my AMOS Coverdlsk?
Contact Dale Bradford by fax on 01633 896087.
The opinions expressed In The Bradford Column are only occasionally those of Amiga Format.
Anew family of multi-sync monitors released by liyama are making an appearance at a dealer near you.
Hailed as the most environmcntally- friendly monitors on the planet. The monitors also boast easy-to-use on-screen displays, new tube-tcchnology, capable of faster-than-normal refresh rates, and higher resolution displays.
Four models comprise the new line: two 17 inch and two 21 inch. Expected prices start at £575 for the 17 inch model MF-8617F. And terminate at £1,399 for the 21 inch model MF-9021E.
Anyone interested can switch on at 01438 745482.
VIROCOP COMPETITION Graftgold’s latest polished gent of a shoot-'em-up, Virocop, has spawned a very smart black jacket with a subtle 'Virocop' logo. If you look to the side, you can see an example in all its glory, modelled by Afs Art Assistant Linda ’Linford' Benson. Here's Jeff from The Clothes Show to give you a quick rundown. "A stunning little number. Its cunning blend of 70 per cent wool, and double-barrelled 15 per cent cotton and mixed fibres ensure both quality and durability. The lining is a joy and the black buttons stylishly simple.
Very much in the style of the American baseball jacket you can sport it both at work and play. It's fabulous."
We've got four jackets to give away. To win one, name one other Graftgold game that Renegade have Win your own stunning published and send it to: Me Denim's Getting On. Honest little Virocop number. Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW.
Ten O'Clock News a Vlab-equipped Amiga-owner could send edited Quicktime Video footage via modem from just about anywhere in the world and have it broadcast the instant it was received by the BBC.
So, despite inevitable redundancies in various departments, dotted throughout the Broadcasting House, due to this digital technology, freelance opportunities will open up to all with the requisite computing, shooting and editing skills.
Independent news broadcasters are cnrrendy looking at similar systems. Both 1TN and the BBC have had talks with Amiga Centre regarding the V- Lab Motion card and the DraCo 060 .Amiga OS-compatible computer. The BBC already make use of the Harlequin cards.
The outcome of the initial negotiations is still to be settled but, rest assured. A 'will be the first to report on the outcome.
Footage is digitised and stored on the BBC. Newsroom servers after filming. Journalists can view the footage using QuickTime Video - an almost universally-used standard for video transfer on the Internet - select footage needed and discard the rest.
Due to the cut-and-paste, word processor-like, manipulative quality of digital video and its unerring, undegradable nature, news footage can be edited seconds before going on air.
Theoretically, this means that Amiga Format. The Clear Exception. Official.
Titles does drop post-15, rendering these tides less appropriate. The clear excepuon is Amiga Format, which is a favourite with teenage boys”. Tell us something we didn't already know.
A miga Format is the seventh most popular published title in Britain amongst teenage boys, aged 15-19.
Competing against national newspapers and mainstream consumer tides, The Sun beat everything to first place, with Viz finishing a close second.
ImportanUv, though, Amiga Format came ahead of national daily, The Daily Express and weekly football magazine, Shoot. It just missed beating national TV-listings magazine Radio Times into sixth place by less than half a percent.
According to an advertising feature in Media Week, a trade magazine dedicated to marketing and advertising in print media, "...readership of computer games RaySiatnxi The Official Opus Beater Anew file-inanagemenl system from Hi-Soft is set to challenge the reign of Dopus.
DiskMagic's features are pitched firmly at the same turf already inhabited by Directory O rus. Thai is, configurability, archive support, and viewing and playing of anim, picture, and text files.
Whether or not the program is capable of ousting Dopus from its much vaunted and entrenched position remains to be seen.
Expect a review coming to you soon from the makers of AF Squirrels do it; with Zip!
Price inc 1 cartridge, extra 100Mb cartridges C15.95 or less!
The Best-Value Hard Drives and CD-ROMs Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft come with everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including:
• Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotect
• Password protect • Cartridge initialisation
• Write protection • Cartridge eject to be first in the long
Quad-speed £309 CD-ROM The fastest drive yet at a great price!
Fast 600Kh!sec transfer plus 190ms access, using the renowned Toshiba 5301 drive. Also available w o SCSI interface and or case - just call.
Super-Value CD-ROM Pack SCSI Hard Drives 365Mb iMmul £179 730Mb xnui £239 365Mb Mmul 04' 730Mb ntmui £309 540Mb intorad £209 Igbaamul £399 540Mb «mulG79 lGbotmul £469
2. 5" IDE Drives 40Mb tot £39.95 61Mb ml £79.95 Amu CD-ROM
mailable separately (a c 75
• The Almathera 10-on-IO pack of Cds; this is 10 Cds including
the Team Yankee game, 2000 clip-art images, the Illustrated
Works of Shakespeare, a Comnts, Internet 6 Networking CD, The
World Vista Atlas.
1000s of fonts, a complete photo library aiui much, much more!
Order Free with your Credit Debit Card 0500 223660 Zjpisa trademark of Iomega Inc A brand-new SCSI peripheral, the Zip'* may well revolutionise the storage industry.
This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at just lib, has last transfer and access times (up to Imb s transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand, your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized disks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at a level that will make you w'ant to unzip your wallet immediately!
These driv.es and associated cartridges (25Mb & ioOMb) will be available in late August '95 directly from HiSoft with especially-written driver and support software included. Trust HiSoft to bring you the latest innovations at the best possible prices!
Order your Zip drive now HiSoft has done it again with a brilliant multimedia pack of Squirrel SCSI interface, Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM and the Almathera 10-on-10 pack of Cds!
Just look at what you get:
• The amazing, trend-setting Squirrel SCSI interface which allows
up to 7 peripherals Ihartl drive, CD-ROM, Zip. Scanner elc.l to
be daisy-chained together.
• CD32 and CDTV emulation software so that you can all those
games and other titles such as Video Creator.
• The great-looking Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM drive; a fast,
double-speed CD-ROM with full SCSI specification plus complete
audio controls on the front SO that you can play music Cds
Plus an informative LCD panel.
All this, packaged together, at a truly superb price, with full 1 year warranty and technical support from HiSoft.
If you want a hard drive (either SCSI or IDE) then HiSoft has the one to suit your needs: whether you are looking for a small, internal drive for your A1200'A600 or an external 1Gb beast-of-a-drive for any SCSI-aware Amiga, we can supply.
Based on only the highest quality mechanisms from top suppliers, with full manufacturer's warranty, our hard drives are fully tested for all Amiga computers and come with our own additional warranty and technical support.
IDE drives are perfect for auto-booting your A60Q A121X1 and come with connection lead, fixing bolts & complete fitting instructions. Fitting is very straightforward but may invalidate your Amiga's warranty - check with us.
We offer internal or external SCSI hard drives, from 365Mb up to 2Gb. Internal devices are suitable for mounting in the A1500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 and come with necessary leads & screws whilst the external drives are supplied in our professional Squirrel 3.5" case (available separately) which includes integral power supply, all SCSI connections and connection leads of your choice (at extra cost).
Order Hotline ©0500 223660 To order any ot the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title, see the list opposite) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6, by guaranteed next day delivory (for goods In stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders: call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 There's More!
Here is a list of HiSoft titles lor the Amiga computers (prices shown are the individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interlace - £69.95, Squirrel Storage Systems - please call. Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99.95. Megalosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95, ProMidi interface - £24.95, HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95, HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95. Gamesmith - £99.95, Termite - £39.95, Twist 2 database - £99.95, Maxon Magic - £29.95, Upper Disk Tools - £14.95. VistaLite inc MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more.
Coming very soon: DiskMagic (disk tools) and Cinema4D.
Torchbe rWith the large software houses leaving the Amiga for the imagined 'greener pastures' of next-generation consoles, where is top-quality Amiga software going to come from? In this feature, we revisit the independent software scene and look to the future of software...
* ¦ ow long can the Amiga I survive as a viable.
¦ I commercial gaines- computer? It's certainly a question that Amiga-owners must be asking themselves at the moment, for despite the occasional quality release, the dearth in volume of new products on the shelves is slightly worrying.
The PC', and next-generation consoles (Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation etc) are taking a stranglehold on the budgets of developers, attracted by their global market compared to the Amiga's more limiting mainstays of Britain and Germany.
Tlie softens simply aren’t prepared to put money into development for a machine which hasn't been in the shops for a year, and the dragging situation at Commodore has served to convince many that their reticence is well placed.
But despite this gloomy overview.
Amiga games are still outselling their P(’.counterparts. And it's just possible that the next-generation consoles aren't going to be as massive as some fommoM.itors have lorecast. The £300 and above price point is three times the The £300 and above price point is three times the cost of a SNES. Who's going to buy the new machines?
Cosi of a Mega Drive or SNES. Who's going to buy the new machines?
Certainly, the* players arc* likely to be older than ihe average SNES-owner.
And Sega. Sony et al. Are going to have to attract the wealthy, twentv- somethings to their new machines if they're going to sell significant units.
Some of the software-houscs are.
Inevitably, going to get their fingers hurtled simply because the pot isn't expanding rapidly enough to serve them all. Desperate to join this perceived gravy-train, they’ve spent thousands on their next-generation development packages, but once the 3D-rendered intros have down by. The likelihood is that many of the games will be distinctly average.
The return of the lost boys
* .
Be in no doubt that some publishers who've departed the Amiga-scene for greener pastures, vowing never to return, will lope back to the market they know.
Glance back at the games charts a couple of years ago and the names of the publishers will be familiar. EA. US Gold. MicroProse. Gremlin. Psygnosis.
All the major players, had games in the upper reaches, yet despite the drift that many have made away from the Amiga, a peak at the charts today will reveal much the same.
There are MicroProse at number one with Colonization, and Virgin and Renegade both feature. Only now. The FOOTBALL GLORY: Black Legend's Sens Soccer wannabee almost made it. Nearly.
Majority have released their final Amiga title, at least until Escom get Amigas back in the shops.
Despite the fact that the essential hardware hasn't seen a shelf in a year, the games-market has held up remarkably well; certainly bcuer than many had predicted and some were laying the wreaths last Christinas.
One of the reasons for the steady llow of software - and. Let's face it, people haven’t wanted to stop Inning good games - is because the smaller GUILDHALL LEISURE SERVICES A sales and marketing agency, based in Doncaster, Guildhall, have been around for over a decade, but only in the last couple of years have they played a significant role in the Amiga games market, with a client-base including Acid, Black Magic Vision, Manyk and Pixel Blue. Renowned supporters of the Amiga as a platform, they've consistently released their titles on CD32 and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
The next couple of games to come from Guildhall are Manyk's impressive-looking Doom-done Fears and Andre Agassi's Centre Court Tennis Acid, Vision and Black Magic are Kiwi brothers in arms Between them, in the past couple of years, they've written some of the very best Amiga games and a glance at their track-recoa shows remarkable consistency - the lowest .
Scoring game. Roadkill. Was awarded a vary creditable 80 per cent THEIR RECORD READS THUS... Woody's World IAF47 84%). Overkill (AFS1 84%). Seek and Destroy (AFS4 85%). Skidmarks lAFii 90%). Guardian (AF69 89%) Super Skidmarks (AF71 92%), Roadkill (AF74 80%), Gloom AF75 91%) And of course, there are more releases scheduled soon.
GLOOM: Aaaarggghhh. The first Doom-done from Black Magic Is a corridor-wandering blastfest.
Rare's first big hit i Super Skidmarks.
Over two years ago, th« ball rolling.
Outfits have weighed in and taken a greater inarkeuharc.
Certainly, in six months time, it’s unlikely that you'll see the names of Gremlin. Psygnosis and MicroProse in the charts. More likely is that the names Acid. Black Magic. Binary Asylum. Black 1-egend and Manvk will Ik- seen in the upper reaches of the full-price lop 20.
A breath of life And companies such ;ls sales and marketing agency. Guildhall I.cisure Services, have discovered that the Amiga market has much more than a breath of life in it. They currently seem to have a monopoly on the excellent games coming from Down Under with Acid. Vision and Black Magic on their client-lisl.
Sufter Skidmarks, (iuartlian. Hnodkill and Gloom, as well as the forthcoming tears and Andre Agassi's ( nlrr Court Tennis are all quality releases, and far better than most titles coming from the more well-established acts. Guildhall's BINARY ASYLUM Ex-AF Editor Bob Wade set up Binary Asylum some three years ago, along with other ex-AF writers Andy Smith and Andy Wilton. In that time, they've only produced one game, but a successful one at that, the fine helicopter shoot-'em up Zeewolf (A 66 90%). But, why should we even recognij their existence? After all. They're hardly I prolific team
The answer lies in their attitude towj the machine and the gameplayers Pro Andy Wilton spent ages perfecting the i for the game and it was this attentic together with a desire to create a tt ring man's shoot-'em-up" which made Zee wo if Important and successful release.
Only the demise of Commodore has folks behind Binary Asylum uncertain as 1 future Amiga-development, though they , committed to a November-release of Zee wo f we were responsible for design, print, duplication and assembly of Skidmarks.
Over tile time this developed into sales and marketing and all administration, including registration cards. Vision followed via Acid and. More reccndy, Black Magic Software.
Basically we do what we consider a good job on behalf ol our clients anti the fact that Acid have recommended Vision and Black Magic to us. We believe, justify' the efforts we put into the labels. We also manage the Blit User database (2.IHWI members) and the Acid database (10.000)." Hunter remains optimistic about the future of the Amiga, but realises that it's their clients who call the shots.
“If our labels aren’t successful, then nor are we. We could do vcrv little if the products weren't good enough, but these guvs consistently create top- quality games. .As a business we remain flexible and. Therefore, do what our clients want us to do. Currently, and for tile foreseeable future, the Amiga figures highly" “We have always believed in the Amiga marketplace. It is a computer, not a console. It has a huge array of available software at affordable prices and an arrnv of enthusiasts who all fancy their chances of creating the next number one. And if your .readers "We have always
believed in the Amiga marketplace. It is a computer, not a console."
Managing Director. Giles Hunter, explains how the marriage came about.
“We started our relationship with Acid Vision two years ago. Working with their originally-appointed European Sales Manager. Benoit Varasse. Initially.
Reckon they’ve written the next numlicr one. They can talk to us and we'll discuss its potential with Acid."
Small is beautiful It's clear that the smaller publishers are vital to the Amiga's survival, but they're not going to support a machine that offers them little chance of. At least, breaking even. Binary Asvlum, a softco formed by three cx-ACstaffers, released their first title. Xerwotf, last Christmas to critical acclaim and sold sufficient units to justify a sequel.
Publishing Manager. Boh Wade, is understandably cautious of the market, though. “Everyone at Binary Asylum would like to continue doing games for the Amiga after moot] 2: Wild Justice, Iviit. Obviously, this is entirely dependent on sales of new Amigas. It's a lovely machine to work with and improvements to the specifications would mean we could get more impressive visuals out of it."
But Wade and co aren't about to commit themselves until the picture at Escom is a might clearer. “To my mind, one of dircc things can happen. If the relaunch fails completely, then it will be commercially impossible to create more games for the Amiga.
Continued overleaf 4 1
* 0 L ¥2 *0 -1 ’ it, I*.
X ays of ffthralling.
THE MANYK PERSPECTIVE Manyk is a small publishing company set up by Keith Wadhams. A man convinced of the potential in the Amiga market and the abundance of coding-talent spread throughout Europe. Their first game is the smooth-looking Ooom-clone fears.
Wadhams hopes to make it easier for writers to get games published without huge financial backing, and without getting ripped off. "I see myself primarily as the man in the middle. I can help games-tatent along and enable them to make good money v, ithout having massive overheads. It's a 50-50 partnership. You don't need a number one hit to make money.
I'm quite happy to stay in the Amiga market simply because it's so strong in the UK. I'd rather be a big fish in a small pond, than a small fish in a big pond, getting eaten by the sharks. Everyone’s going on about the strength of the PC but look at the computer charts and the top four are Amiga games. It's a big niche market and if wo produce quality games they will definitely sell."
Wadhams is dedicated to the machine, and hopes Escom will upgrade the Amiga-range in the future. "Virtually everything we do will be released on the Amiga (Manyk are hoping to release 10-12 games a year), either on CD or ffopfcy. Obviously, it depends on what Escom orbutTd like to see an A1200 with a CO drive and an 030 processor. We're putting the Amiga above the PC for the foreseeable future " vU FEARS: This is th* first game to arrive from the Manyk stable and many more are promised.
Fears has a full-screen option, as well as stairs.
Could it be the best Amiga Ooom-style game?
Iertainly, one of the advantages that foars iver Gloom is that there Is a gun in sight.
Amiga Technologies reckon that there is an installed Amiga user- base of 2.3 million in the UK.
W If it succeeds in a limited sense.
Then we may be able to produce further games using our existing 111) graphics technology. In order to justify ativ R&D into greatly improving the WORMS " 1 " This is likely to be engine or creating completely new Ieam 17.5 ,jna| bi9 types ol game, we would now need to Amiga game.
ALIEN BREEO 30: The final Alien Breed game, a series which has sold thousands.
See the Amiga being extremely successful in its comeback."
“But I don’t see why the Amiga shouldn't be an attractive option as an affordable way of getting a powerful and impressive computer. However, it's going to have to sell an awful lot ol units in a Inirry if it's to have any liiiure to talk of," Romparl. Like Guildhall Leisure are a sales and marketing agency and over the past couple of years they've been as prolific as anyone in their Amiga release-schedulc - most recently Football (•lory, Crystal Dragon. Voyages nj Discovery, Behind the lion dale and Tarliral Manager 2. Their gamcs-labcl. Black lx-gend. Houses development-ialent in Eastern
Europe, where some of the Amiga's most enthusiastic coders are based, as well as representing 11 Iv learns. But they’re gradually drifting towards the l’ . Content in the knowledge that it's a growing market and one unlikely 10 decline in the foreseeable future.
However, because they have contacts across Europe, they're in as good a position as anyone to return to the Amiga when the market picks up, an option they haven't discounted.
Leant 17 is a company who has built their reputation on the Amiga. The Amiga has been good to them, hut, like many others, they feel the future lies with PC CD-ROM titles and are winding down their Amiga-developmem accordingly.
Certainly, though, they are prepared to cominue supporting the platform, providing the Amiga is selling in sufficient quantities to warrant the cost. However, ii scents dial thcv have little concrete plans after Alien Itreeil 31).
Worms and S ieris legacy.
Only time will tell... There is little doubt that the Amiga will return to prominence, though whether it reaches the lofty heights of the early ‘90s, only time will tell. Escom's new arm. Amiga Technologies, reckon that not only is there an installed Amiga user-base of 2.3 million (please take this with a pinch of salt) in the UK alone, they're also of the opinion that they can shift up to 50.000 A1200s before Christmas. Now, that would get the softies' eyes glinting.
But it remains to be seen whether the established software houses will re- instigalc Amiga gamrs-drvelopment. Or if it will he left to firms such as Guildhall and Kompart to unearth the Amiga Technologies is going to have to do some confidence- boosting PR with the publishers.
Talenl out ihere, while teams such as Binary Asylum and Vulcan weigh in with the occasional release.
The likelihood is a combination of both, but Amiga Technologies is going to have to do some confidence-boosting PR with the publishers to persuade them to commit real development funds in the near future.
But as every month passes, more and more software companies prefer to plough their resources into PC CD- ROM and console games. If the softcos do decide to produce more Amiga games, there is likely to be a gap of, at least, a year until they see the light of day. The next six months are the most ... ... . . POLE POSITION: important ill the history ot the Amiga. . ... ' Ascon s Amiga swansong? It Continued overleaf • appears so.
FORTHCOMING GAMES Alien Breed 3D Andre Agassi's Center Court Tennis Baldies Blitz Bomber Championship Manager 2 Chaos Engine 2 COALA Dungeon Master 2 Empire Soccer A1200 Flight of the Amazon Queen Fears Final Over Frontier 2 Hilt Imran Khan Cricket Leading Lap Legends Limbo of the Lost Lost Eden CD32 Master Axe Odyssey Pheonix (Reunion 2) Pinball Mania Pole Position Primal Rage Seventh Sword or Me Simon the Sorcerer 2 Speris Legacy Star Crusader Thomas the Tank Engine Pinball Tiny Troops Total Football Tracksuit Manager 2 Wheelspin A1200 Worms Zeewolf 2 games we've seen this year. Elton is
now- working on a project with Audiogenic.
Out of tiny acorns... The untapped well of coding talent is YOU. The Amiga Format reader. Some of the games we've seen in our competitions have been superior to full price, commercial releases. When we demoed Charlie Chimp (AF46) - a game written by reader Brian Bell - with an offer to upgrade to the full version, he wits snowed under with requests - over 3,000 of them, and at £10 at time... blimey, that’s £30,000.
The Amiga remains the only enthusiasts' machine. A machine where, using a magazine Coverdisk featuring a programming language, you can sit at home and create the games you want to play. Sure, you may start with a Pong derivative, but this is where the writers of the future come from.
I low many PC enthusiasts arc doing the same? And without the Amiga, where is the next generation of games coders going to come from?
Hopefully, an even more important resource than the Amiga technology itself will cease to be ignored, be nurtured instead, and finally be given the prominence and recognition it deserves. Namely the PD, Shareware.
Liccnceware and Freeware coders, designers, and graphic artists still dedicated to pushing the envelope of current, happening now Amigas- Antigas imbedded in the homes and psyches of people in countless countries throughout the world.
Amiga owners communicate with each other from a radically varying viewpoint. This gulf in philosophy and psychology was illustrated beautifully in VIKTUA FIGHTER: Around £50 on the Sega Saturn.
Almost £10 of that goes straight to Mr Sega.
LEGIONS OF DAWN: A cult success. Ground support for Black Magic is very strong.
Home games W A miga-tisers are fanatically % devoted to their machines.
¦A. J When we recently ran a competition to write your own game in AMOS (see page 26), the response was phenomenal with more than 500 entries landing on our doormat.
Similarly, when we covemiounted Blitz Basic (AF32) - a language written by Acid's Simon Armstrong and Black Magic's Mark Sibly - again including a 'write-a-game' competition the reaction was anta ing. And Blitz has been used to write some ol Acid. Vision, and Black Magic's finest games.
Our sister magazine, Amiga Pawn’s August Coverdisk features a full game Tennis Champs, written by .A * reader Elton Bild, and it's one of the best The untapped well of coding talent is YOU, the Amiga Format reader.
BUT THE GAME REMAINS THE SAME It's interesting to note that the marketing campaigns of both Sega and Sony bear little relation to the merits of the machine or the games that will run on them.
Rather, the insidious logic behind the megallthic corporations' respective campaigns is to inject their silicon with kudos; seduce the opinion-formers. The early- adopters. And the Irfestyle-leaders with kitsch, coded advertising.
Their argument is that if they can capture this urbane and sophisticated, oh so important group, the rest will follow and purchase the machines in droves. Specious logic to say the least And while we're on the subject of specious logic, the belief that the PlayStation is going to be a mass market machine due to the desire and marketing muscle of Sony is foolishly optimistic While it's now possibly the most tired of tired cliches, look at the success of Betamax. But more relevantly, look at the success of the Sony MiniDisc. Retail outlets are positively brimming with the little blighters,
aren't they?
One circuit in all on a CD. At £50 a whack, thay saw you coming didn't thay, cool guy?
The hardware is there, but to generate something new and original in a game would require taking a risk - when you've just shelled out for a development system, it's always better to play it safe.
INDEN: No amount of camera angles can Ise the fact that this is a plain old beat envup.
A cartoon used by the Times to convey the different 'techno types' of the computing scene at large.
In the cartoon there are four terminals facing out toward the reader, each with at least one seat in front of it.
The first terminal features an empty chair with someone's leg rapidly disappearing from the scene; this chap is a Techno Phobe. Everyone knows someone like him or her.
The second chap is much more interesting. He's likely to have a job that would benefit from a computer and wants to be seen as the user and owner of such a computer. He also researches purchases meticulously and seeks advice from experts. Likely to own a Portable PC or an Apple PowerBook. This person is a Techno Boomer.
The third chap isn't a chap at all.
But rather, he's a team; a Techno Teamer. The Teamers probably represent the largest single group of computer users throughout the world.
They are corporate users who are typically team and job-oriented. They seek reliability above all other factors. • They are unlikely to be interested in computers other than for work-related purposes. If a computer is used at home, it's certain to be compatible with those found at work.
The last, but certainly not least, of the techno types is the Techno Wizard.
They are technology experts hobbyists (notice the lack of distinction made between expert and hobbyist) who Love of the machine motivates the majority of Amiga owners
- developers and users alike.
'Want it hot for not a lot'. The majority of Amiga owners and users fall into this category. Not so much a typecast as a philosophy and commitment to potential - the potential of creativity and self empowerment.
Smaller companies and individuals have pushed the envelope in ways that wouldn’t have seemed possible, cost effective, or relevant to PC developers - global market strategies mean nothing to the bedroom coder.
Individual Hair, drive, commitment, inspiration, aspiration.
Itelief. Faith in the superiority of the Amiga's internal architecture and, dare we say it, love of the machine, motivates the majority of Amiga owners - developers and users alike.
Take Paul Nolan, the originator and core programmer of Almathera's sublime Photogenics. I le wanted to use his Amiga for an A-Level Art project but couldn’t find an art package which satisfied his requirements. And thus, Photogenic* was born. Paid is an inspiration to us all.
With more support and feedback from users. I’hologenics could easily develop into a PholoShop-beMer. It was Jolvon Ralph, co-founder of Almathera, who. Upon using the original incarnation of Photogenics. Recognised immediately its potential for excellence and commercial success. He plucked the program from the domain of Shareware and catapulted it into the mainstream commercial consciousness of the Amiga scene.
T hat Photogenics has been a raging success is beyond question. What really begs to Ire asked is. Why haven't Escom or Amiga Technologies been in touch with Almathera about a licensing deal? It doesn't take a great deal of marketing savvy to realise that a I rowerful Amiga bundled with Photogenics and support software could take the graphics, educational, and professional market by storm.
But, this is still a honeymoon period in the history of the Amiga. A honeymoon with the potential of producing an immaculate conception.
Before we get accused of putting too much gravitas inter our copy and not enough substance, let's take a brief Continued overleaf 4 SEND US YOUR GAMES!
It may have been written using Blitz.
AMOS, Helios. C, Cor Arexx - if you have constructed a world-beating game in your spare time, send it to us. From next month we will select the best games we receive, and take them along to a software publisher for their views
- you could even see your game developed into a commercial
What you will get is feedback on your efforts, and a chance to appear on an AT Coverdisk... Send your games to: Readers’ Games. Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth St Bath BA1 2BW.
Look at the diffcrc-iu categories lhal tend to be embraced by that all encompassing of labels, Public Domain software.
Firstly, very few titles on the PD scene are actually true Public Domain.
That is. The author has willingly and altruistically given up all right to copyright of images generated, code used, and the use that their program can be put to.
No, more usually, the author agrees that anyone can make a copy of the disk if they don't make a profit by so doing and that the source and information files aren't tampered with in any way.
They also reserve die right to restrict distribution as they see fit. This type of software is referred to as Freeware and accounts for around 80 per cent of currently available Public Domain work.
Then there's Shareware. Again, copying of this software is actively encouraged and perfectly legal. If the Shareware is found to be useful by the recipient, they should register with the author of the work who, upon receipt of the fee. Will furnish the user with the most up-to-date version.
Shareware is constantly updated by the author. The users provide feedback on bugs, operations, features they'd like to see added to the program and. Effectively, the users become the equivalent of extended software testers.
The Shareware authors, and the smaller software houses are still carrying a torch for the Amiga.
In theory and in essence, this probably represents the best method currently known to man of fine tuning a program to near perfection. After all.
A Shareware author is only going to attract registration from others by offering something worth keeping that's useful to the end user.
Due to the lack of commercial restraints - such as deadlines, wages, licensing fees and fixed overheads - the author has more time and flexibility to include extra features that end users consider important.
Despite the seeming hordes of developers shutting up shop, the demo coders, the Shareware authors, and the smaller software houses are still carrying the torch for Amiga users.
Rather than ruthlessly exploiting the market for maximum return, their aim is to put back what has been so unfairly taken away; the belief that the Amiga is the machine of individuals with Hair, commitment, and vision.
The Amiga is to computing and video games what the hist of the V8’s is to Mail Max and the internal combustion engine; an elegant customised synergy of potential, elegance and handleability.
There's nothing cool about having to continually upgrade and spend evermore ridiculous amounts of money on PC hardware merely to obtain acceptable results from the latest games. Yet it's being done. And it's the Techno Boomers and Techno Tcamers who are mostly to blame. They swallow wholesale propaganda in the belief that it’s true; PC hardware manufacturers laugh all the way to the bank.
The Amiga is the hist of the renegade machines and still more than capable of fighting back against the brutal commercialism of the PC leviathan; even if it means the Amiga has to go underground and evolve into a PC-based Trojan Horse.
The Amiga's salvation lies in the hands of those committed to it's wellbeing. Individuals, groups of individuals, and committed software houses. But for their endeavours to work requires responsibility and diligence from Amiga users. Purchase only what's worth supporting. Pay the requisite Shareware fees to the authors.
And keep buying Amiga Formal - for 110 matter how much our opponents, enemies and competitors try to knock the Amiga, we are still the most significant computer enthusiast magazine 011 the world stage.
We'll not chicken out and ‘suspend' our Amiga titles. It's the duty of Amiga magazines to help shape markets, not Ik- a slave to them or give up when the going gets tough.
We are enthusiasts ourselves, and we're looking forward to seeing more games from you, our readers. Amiga Formal will continue to stand up for you and your machine. 'Zj _ don' ank account d you can't driv onder Vs Pm it's only your who picks you up a parties.
You see her across a crowded room. YOUR EYES MEET ond you know she's the one. The one person you didn't wont to be seen with this evening: your mother waving her car keys. Dear oh dear. If only you'd opened that LLOYDS BANK HEADWAY ACCOUNT.Vou'O have got a CASHPOINT CARD,50I off your first Orlvlng lesson and £2 off the others when you pay for 12*. You'd also have been quids In for discount vouchers and special offers from TOP SHOP and a whole host of other places. Well, FEAR NOT, for help Is at hand.
PIT InvHc Ranlr To rectlfv tflls situation simply FREEPHONE 0800 887 888, fin in tne FREEPOSTcoupon IjIUjtlo UdlllV below or pop Into your local branch. It's Just the sort of lift you could use.
Piease use block c»pii»is name: ..birth- Phone no:.
Address: postcode: ..... HAM 1 The Headway Account is for ll-18year olds still ot School.
Please send to: Lloyds Bank Pic, Freepost CV2870, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9BR SEPTEMBER 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA The co AMOS B MB Those of you with long memories will recall lhai January's issue contained a rather special Coverdisk - AMOS Professional. When the history books are written, look in the section entitled Ah' Coverdisks Which Shook The World and you will surely see AMOS Pro. Proudly sat alongside previous classics such as Imagine.
Music X and PageSelter ‘2.
Indeed, we were so chuffed with it.
We decided to run a competition, snappily titling it The Great Amiga Format AMOS Write A Game Competition, for those in any doubt of its nature. By May 1st, the closing date, there was an enormous pile of padtled envelopes to work through, their countries of origin proof of Ah 's impressive penetration; Finland, Sweden, America, Mexico, Australia, even Wales... As the 'bright spark' whose idea it originally was, it was decided that the least 1 could do was to donate almost an entire week of my life to sorting out the hundreds and hundreds of entries (yes, there really were that many) into a
short list for the A 'team of experts to choose the eventual winners from.
Now AMOS Pro is a good version of BASIC - Europress used it to create their FunSchool range - but I honestly didn't expert to see such a high overall By Dale Bradford standard of entries. The short list became a very long list indeed and it was only by being sadistically ruthless that I managed to end up with a top 13.
Now. Before I go through die shortlisted baker’s dozen, there will, by now.
Be hundreds of disappointed would-be programmers who have looked to see if they were on it and have returned here to find out why they're not. I'm sorry.
Really, I am. It was a difficult decision.
Some entries disqualified themselves by simply not working: unbelievable. 1 know, but there were more than a few which simply came up with AMOS error messages. Some run once and then locked me out when 1 came back to take a second look. Why?
Beats me. Two disks even had dodgy shutters and ended up stuck in my drive.
Rest assured, however, everything was looked at and persevered with (except the stuff which wouldn't run at all, obviously). If you didn’t win, don't just say "Oh, sod that, then"; many entries showed real promise and, with a bit more polish, would meet an enthusiastic reception in the world of shareware, or even beyond. Please see the AF Top Twenty Tips for Submitting Programs boxout opposite; the advice it contains applies equally well to submitting programs for competitions, Public Domain shareware and commercial publishers.
Surprises? The number of Bomberman clones, only one fruit machine (thankfully) and even a few Doom look-alikes. An honourable mention must also go to the authors of Movie Maker 2, a very entertaining program which, if it hadn't been for its libellous (and prudes may say offensive) nature, would have made it to the short list. So, who were the winners then?
The winners take it all ¦ First off, Martin Longstaff of Nailsea in Avon, for Ricochet, a one or two-player table tennis sim. A though based on the oldest game of all (Pong), it was extremely well done and very playable indeed. A few years ago, this could well have been a commercial release.
¦ P.D. Walsby of Colchester produced Gunslingers, again an old coin-op updated. Gunslingers had two cowboys shooting bullets at each other. If the bullets hit the rocks or cacti, they ricocheted off at unpredictable angles.
Great fun, slightly let down by being two-player only. One of the few on the short list which wasn't compiled, Gunslingers was a brilliant example of what can be achieved by using AMOS.
¦ lan Taylor of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire created Amphibious.
Graphically outstanding, it resembled Apidya in some respects. The player had to guide a tadpole to maturity as a frog by avoiding the bigger fish and gobbling up the small fries.
¦ Gordon Miller of Glasgow gave us It's Only Rock V Roll, a simulation of the music biz, where the penniless player starts out busking and writing bizarre songs. Perseverance leads to a record deal, nationwide tours, luxury toys and, er, more bizarre songs. The program generated lyrics for new songs the player wrote and were very entertaining in themselves. In a bizarre sort of way. It was even possible to view the band playing highlights from their concerts.
Original and very well written.
¦ Conks, from Lee Wilson of York, was, I thought, probably the most outstanding entry. Drawing its inspiration from the Lemmings Bill's Tomato Game genre, the player had to guide an odd-looking gonk from one part of the screen to another. A clear path had to be created for the gonk within a time limit; after which, he made a run for it. With nicely progressive difficulty levels, Gonks was very entertaining. Slick at it, Lee!
¦ Falling Down, from Paul Andrew of Hucksiepp, was a thoughtful little strategy game which required the player to drop red blobs down to the bottom of the screen, while keeping the blue ones up. This was done by manipulating the floors and was enjoyable, if a little ponderous after a prolonged session.
¦ In The Pipeline, from Robert Smith of Leicester, was a pure, unashamed clone of Pipemania, and jolly good it was, too.
If anything, the playing area of Robert's game was larger than the original, thus adding to the difficulty level -or perhaps I'm just getting old. As I found In The Pipeline trickier than I can remember Pipemania being.
¦ Another clone of an old 8-bil game came from Dave Kirk of Rotherham.
Blox took the Splitting Image Split Personalities concept and breathed new mpetition 32f THE AF TOP TWENTY TIPS FOR SUBMITTING PROGRAMS: 15 ty' ...but not without some merit.
Life into it with updated graphics. A nice little slice of nostalgia.
¦ BOMB was not only an apt acronym (Battle 0) the Master Bombers), it clearly described the game type - yes, a Bomberman-clone from Matthew Newton-Lewis of Stourbridge, West Midlands. Excellent introduction too, plus four-player capability, slightly let down by a fiddly method of control.
¦ Enforcer, from Black Widow Software of Birmingham, reminded me of an Ocean game circa 1991. Seemingly inspired by the Dirty Harry Lethal Weapon games (and films), it was an incredibly hard platform shoot-'em-up witil well-drawn graphics.
¦ Return To Xanlir, from Lee Bamber of Wigan, almost knocked my socks off.
The look and feel was of a Lucas Arcs graphic adventure, along the lines of Monkey Island. Even the text font used when characters spoke was identical.
Who would have thought that such a stunning-looking game could be programmed in AMOS?
The reason my socks stayed firmly on my feet was down to the gameplay - despite many attempts, 1 failed to make any progress into the game at all. Before I get accused of being totally useless, I must stale to my defence that Steve McGill also walked away from it muttering that he too was getting nowhere. So there.
¦ Boomin'Eck, from Mike Carter of Georgeham in North Devon, created one of the most playable of the Bomberman clones. His game used legless Lego men to zip around the mazes, and what fun it was too.
¦ Finally, Chris Gregan, of Co. Meath in Ireland, submitted what my notes refer to as a “battle-Lemmings-in-space type of game”, called MASH, which was rated highly by all those who saw it. Teeny- weeny Cannon Fodder-style sprites.
Itest your disk to ensure it works before you send it. Blindingly obvious, but some entries defied all our efforts to prompt them into life.
2 Make it easy to use. Don’t expect the tester to use their valuable time fannying around, copying fonts across from one disk to another. They won’t do it (although I did).
3 Don’t use crap disks with flaccid shutters liable to jam in the drive.
Forcing the tester to disassemble his machine will hardly make him kindly disposed towards your effort.
4 Don’t compel the tester to read page after page of text in between games. They won't 5 Try to keep disk-swaps to a minimum. One or two is manageable, but seven?
6 Don't be libellous or incorporate 'celebrities' into your game. Yes, I know, it's fun. But no-one will even consider doing anything with it.
7 Include a back-up disk. Yes, I know, it's twice the expense, but you've gone to all that effort writing the thing and packaging and posting it to miss out for the sake of a 30p disk is bonkers.
8 Don't bother writing a 24-page instruction manuals - it just won't get read.
9 Similarly, don't adorn your accompanying letter with highly- detailed 'humorous' drawings or messages to your fave AF person - send 'nutter' mail direct to the people concerned.
* 1 O Presen,atlon - keep it simple, I w but try to look as
though you value what you've done. Sending an original CBM
Workbench disk with a smeggy piece of paper sellotaped over the
top of it does not exactly give a very professional impression.
«| «| If you are going to use a fair I amount of text at least ensure it's grammatical. And get someone to check your spelling. Yes, it does matter.
Attempting to destroy each other can be so entertaining, don't you think?
In conclusion, then, AMOS Pro is a bloody good piece of software. All those who entered the competition must, at least, have a greater knowledge of programming than before and I would urge you all to keep at it. Despite many publishers deserting the Amiga market, there are still plenty who actively welcome submissions. Sincere thanks to you all for a very entertaining week. Can I have my house back now? '3 Keep away from over- I £ complicated concepts. Your game may have greater depth than Civilization and the effort involved in learning to grasp its fundamentals may indeed be worth it
but very few people will be prepared to spend longer than a few minutes learning to play it.
Particularly if there are hundreds of others to look at.
Try to ensure your game is I 3 stable. See if it still works after it has been loaded several times.
Volatile code will do you no favours.
M Don't waste everybody's time by just sending in a snazzy demo. If the brief requests a game, why send in a non-interactive cartoon, however good?
Please, please, please check your 1 disk is virus-free.
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At least if your creation is poorly- programmed but original, the tester will not have a 'benchmark' to compare it with.
¦ ft Games should be fun. Fiddly I 3 methods of control are not.
Make things as intuitive as possible.
Using 'U' for up and 'D' for down may be logical in an elevator, but it is not on a keyboard.
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The Amiga should have been the ultimate Internet home computer. John Kennedy looks at what went wrong, what's happening now and what's to come.
And a piece of software called a “browser”. It’s the browser that grabs the text and pictures from the remote site and assembles them into a cute display on the monitor screen.
Without a browser, the Web documents are merely plain text-files, filled with HTML codes and links to pictures and other pages. The codes determine the appearance of the rendering image, controlling the fonts, the layout and the position of graphics with "tags”. Without a browser, it’s simply a load of text and angle brackets.
The first browser was called Mosaic and it was developed as recently as 1993 by Marc Andreasen at the American National Center of Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).
After the initial success of Mosaic, Andreasen co-founded Mosaic Communications Corporation with ex- Silicon Graphics boss, Jint Clark. Their fust product was a program which almost overnight redefined what the Internet was and who used it: NetScape.
NetScape is special and there are versions for the Mac, Unix and Windows platforms. The bad news is that there is no version for the Amiga and it seems unlikely that there ever will be.
That's not to say there isn't a browser for the Amiga, because there arc several. First of all, there is Alynx- a version of Lynx, the text-only Web browser. Using Alynx is fast, btit has many drawbacks. It lacks the same “point-and-click" immediacy of Mosaic, and. Even worse, it drops the graphics.
A Lynx is great if you are in a hurry, otherwise forget it.
What the Amiga does has is SEPTEMBER 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Campuses p_ty.dop.Mj,MWMi StB t«fl,.Rf.WU«?-.. Hcmmy •••httlnroc.-.cj. When whin, i,. • wt..; . jd it BljewfctraP.tJiB.AwisWrt.RMpjHMf
• » **¦*¦!» minifJlsflSw. Amgs.H.MW.Pfsc “ " Canmksxe to the
support of-hm rawipt. Tf you wish.
More and more Amiga- users are discovering whal a useful resource the Internet is. Where else can you read your favourite magazine, catch up on news and gossip, and share problems with other users - all whilst downloading the latest software?
In many ways, the Amiga should be the perfect machine for use with the Internet, It’s got a fully multi-tasking Operating System, excellent graphics and there are millions of them in The Amiga's own version of Mosaic is more than up to the task of displaying pretty graphics.
NetScape started off as a rather nifty version of Mosaic, and was more suited for modem use. It responded faster, displayed images better and was generally more fun to be with.
Then the unthinkable happened: NetScape started tinkering with the HTML codes, the special tags which control the text and graphics. At first the changes were minor: the ability to centre text for example, but gradually the improvements started becoming obvious - accurate positioning of images, coloured and textured backdrops, user-defined tables, simply animation... On the one hand, HTML-users were not happy; here was an accepted standard that was being changed. On the other, the results were amazing. Page design was transformed, and more attractive pages meant more users and more publicity.
The additional codes supported by NetScape are easy to ignore on other browsers (for example, on Amosaic), but more and more page authors are finding it difficult to resist the new features.
Existence. Bizarrely, though, it’s the PC that has attracted all the publicity; quite possibly the worst machine for the job, featuring everything front nonstandard filename-handling, to poor task-switching.
One area in which the Amiga has suffered heavy criticism is over the World Wide Web; the collection of hypertext pages scattered all over the planet and linked via the Internet, To make use of the Web, you need a computer connected to the Internet Ol tttomo I 4 ete Docu nt vttw TIHti [The R»lg« Pwi jft.
W inm
now type in a destination URL in the URL gadget at the top of
the window.
NEW HOTLIST ACCESS - The hotlist is now available via a pop-up menu activated by a button next to the URL display. It is now hierarchical, allowing you to have topical sub-lists under the main hotlist.
MISCELLANEOUS - There are many other minor fixes and improvements which are not listed here.
I l ,.Ed£»k£ actnl = ¦ With quite a few improvements, the new version is far from shabby.
Density disks which make life a little awkward at times.
Secondly, because of the way Mac and Amiga graphics differ, it is only feasible to use the Mac-emulation in two colours, unless you have a graphics board (Picassoll, CyberVision, or that sort of thing).
This isn't quite as bad as it sounds, since all Mac software is very usable in two colours. If you do happen to have a graphics board, 256 or more colours are supported. In fact, a friend who has just spent over £1,000 on a new Mac tells me that my Amiga 040 and graphics card runs considerably faster than his Mac. Not bad for a $ 40 shareware program from the Aminet.
You will also need a copy of an Apple Mac ROM image; not the easiest thing to obtain. If you don't happen to own a Mac, you will need to try to discover a dealer willing to sell you the necessary chip and also find some way of putting it on to floppy. It can be a rather difficult process.
With the Mac-emulation running, you can then use the Mac-version of TCP IP to dial into an Internet service- provider and run all the usual Mac tools: Fetch for FTP: Futlora for mail; Nunteus for news; and NetScape.
Amosaic, a true version of Mosaic for the Amiga. Li has been around for a while, but only recently made it to version 2 - quite a landmark achievement.
Amosaic can be irritating to many, because it requires Magic User Interface to be running. MUI provides many advantages for the programmer and offers a gorgeous and user-definable display.
Unfortunately, it can also be deadly slow and consumes masses of memory.
You should be able to run Amosaic on an unexpanded A1200. But a far more comfortable system is an A4000 40 with a graphics card.
With the release of Amosaic version 2, has come several improvements, including the ability to have forms (special on-screen requesters), which was a serious omission in previous releases.
However, Amosaic is still lagging behind NetScape, and there are times when it would be very convenient to have NetScape on the Amiga.
No kidding. I'm using it right now. 1 can Amiga-M and flap to a screen which is running NetScape 1.1 and is busy browsing through the FuhireNet pages.
What's the catch?
The catch is that, with an emulation program called ShapeShifter. 1 have temporarily turned my Amiga into an Apple Macintosh. ShapeShifter seems to be one of those programs that’s simply too good to be true, but it exists and it works.
Because the Apple Mac (well, non- PowerPC versions) is based on the same Motorola processor as the Amiga, and With an emulation program like ShapeShifter, I can temporarily turn my Amiga into a Mac.
Doesn't feature clever custom chips for handling graphics or sound, in theory it should be possible to emulate the Mac on the Amiga, and that's exactly what ShapeShifter does.
ShapeShifter is a shareware program which runs on any Amiga with a 68020 or better processor, 4Mb memory and CrossDOS. It is possible to run it on an A1200, but an A4000 is a lot better for several reasons.
First of all. The A4000 has higlt- density disk drives as standard, which means Mac-formatted disks can be used as standard. The A1200 has double- i to enter t and send that information to a server for processing.
OVERALL PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT - Amiga Mosaic can now be safely iconified with the iconify gadget in the window title-bar. The window can be resized when downloading, and moved to and from public screens (via MUIPrefs) without crashing.
UPDATED GUI - A bouncing Amiga Boing ball now indicates a transfer in progress. Clicking on the Boing gadget will abort the current transfer. The navigation buttons can now be set to appear as text graphical icons, or both.
Tvvo, new buttons have been added which will take you to the Amiga home page and the Amosaic home page.
The addition of the snazzy, bouncy ball will probably mean nothing to most Amiga-users (who have no idea what Boing was about.). I I-I.J.J-I.Ji| I = = ¦*..*.'1 «¦« .1 ‘1 1 ~ l ~ »¦!
P. ...." . F,"!= “ 0 r « NetScape vl.1 for the Mac. Running on an
Amiga. How do you know this isn't simply a snapshot from an
Apple Mac? Well, you'll just have to take my word for it,
that's all. This 256 colour mode requires a graphics card, so
don't think you'll be able to get a display like this on an
unexpanded A1200 - sorry.
o r AVA Welcome Wakome to Sun'* HotUv«(on) home p»ge Hotlov* is «
tyntnuc. ExtwmW* WWW browsw th*t showcases many of the
capabilities of the Jeve(tm) language Java is * new
object-onented programming language developed et Sun
Microsystems to solve e number of problems in modem practice
Announcements Heck tie Web fat Fm (and Pr*i»y Sun is sponsoring
e H otJavo Applet Programming Contest with greet prises' The
Akfce 3 robin far Seta 0 an eveieUc The Alpha 3 release
contains bug fixes end e few new features including e 'stop"
button end support for the Gopher protocol See the ‘Releases*
section below for deteils l See the ‘Releases section below for
details TV* Alpha 2 n i support for lav* INM Hotlava is not
quite as advanced as NetScape... yet.
Sun's open approach could mean that it will eventually reach the number one spot.
I ( has to he said that, occasionally, NetScape seems lo hang when running on ShapeShifter, requiring a reset of the Mac-emulation of the Amiga, or both even. However, it seems to work most of the time and I have a feeling that making it more stable is only a matter of fiddling with some preference settings and caching options.
NetScape is very smart indeed, but it is no longer the hottest thing happening 011 the Net. Sun Microsystems is the name behind this invocation, which builds on normal Internet Web browsers.
The new piece of software which is causing the stir is Holjnva, a new browser. Holjnva differs from NetScape and Mosaic in that everything is automatically configurable by die software.
For example, if an image is stored in a new file-formal, Holjava will also fetch the necessary viewing-software at the same time as the file. The user secs nothing special happening, other than the image appearing on the screen.
This is made possible by the Java programming language which Holjnva understands. Java is a bit like C++ and offers an object-orientated environment
- in other words, its a pretty advanced U lBl Uny-lhlol dl-ul..
OTHER AMIGA BROWSERS Things have been strangely quiet on the
Amiga browsing front. Lack of time has kept my own Balloo
project from getting the attention it deserved, but there are
rumours of other programs.
Jesse McClusky (thought@eskimo.com) is busy working away on WebLink, which takes an HTML viewer and modularises it. This sounds vaguely like the way in which Hotlava works, but also adds scope for integral-mail and news-reading software. Whatever Jesse comes up with should be well worth investigating, though.
I Mosaic I All the latest information t here to download Amosaic.
• Amiga home page http: www.omnipresence.com Amiga MainPage.html
News, views, rumours and links to other Amiga sites.
• Amiga Format home page http www.
Futurenet.co.uk computing amigaformat.html Home of your
favourite Amiga magazine and the site of Nick Veitch's photo.
What more could you want?
• Amiga Shopper home page
http: www.futurenet.co.uk computing amigashopper.html Home of
your second favourite Amiga magazine. Regularly updated news,
reviews and links to other Amiga places.
• Amiga Web Directory
http: www.prairienet.org community ciubs cucug amiga.htinl The
ultimate collection of Amiga sites - an incredible number of
links, plus news and pictures. Check it out as soon as you can.
• Aminet http: wuarchive.wustl.edu pub aminet info www home.html
One of the several sites that contain the definite collection
of Amiga Public Domain and shareware software. Incredibly
• Alynx http: www.fhi-berlin.mpg.de amiga alynx.html Home page
for this useful tool.
• P'Jami http metro.turnpike.net N NiallT hotjava.html The Amiga
Hotlava porting project home page.
• Hotlava httpJ metro.turnpike.net N NiallT hotjava.html
programming language which lias little in common witli AMOS or
The Java programs are called "Applets" and their purpose is to add features to pages which the browser simply hasn't thought of- such as animations, sound and film clips. The browser becomes totally llexibie and the result will be more like an interactive game, titan a static page of text and images.
Animations and sounds are generated locally, using the resources of tlte client-computcr, rather than relying on information to lie downloaded.
Currently, there arc two alpha versions of the Holjava browser: one for SPARC-based Solaris machines and the other is for Microsoft Windows NT. This is hardly affordable hardware, but raw processing power is required to make tlie most of the new features.
I lowever. Sun have also stated that there will Ik- official Mac and Windows '95 versions as well, and the Mosaic Communications Corporation have committed themselves to building support into their NetScape browsers.
Thus, it would seem to be possible to run Holjava by using the ShapeShifter method. But the really good news is that plans are afoot to port it to the Amiga.
The P'Jami project has been set up to create an Amiga version of Java and Holjava. There are mailing lists available if you are interested (see the P'Jami home page for details).
An Amiga Holjava client would neatly sidestep the lack of NetScape, because many people believe that Holjnva could very well take over completely from NetScape to become tiie standard browsing software.
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• Yul Brynner was a Skinhead
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Your eyes won't turn red when you see the price either and they'll positively shine when you see how cheap it is to run.
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SONY ¦ a in Sony Computer Peripherals & Components UK Multiscan 20sev Mulliscan 17sf Multiscan 15st The Heights, Brooklands. Weybridge. Surrey KT13 OXW Tel: 0181 760 0500 A division o* Sony United Kingdom Limited Sony. Trinitron and Mutoscan are registered trademarks o» the Sony Corporation., GETTING CLOSER It's difficult to keep up with the software companies at the moment. Games we thought were just about ready for release are being shelved, while others are on hold. Core Design's Big Red Adventure has died a death, Rise of the Robots 2 has fallen by the wayside and the eagerly-awaited Chaos
Engine 2 won't see the light 'til January '96.
I’m sure that once the softies see the Amiga back in the shops, they'll jump back on the bandwagon. One or two might just find that the next-generation consoles aren't quite the Nirvana they thought.
Thankfully, there are a couple of cracking games this month. Gloom, the first of the Doom- clones is finally in our laps, and with contenders Fears and Alien Breed 3D nearing completion, we should all be lurking in corridors, strafing odd- looking creatures in the coming weeks. The Super Streetfighter 2 conversion also throws its hat into the ring - hop to page 51 for the low-down.
You may be wondering why we've dropped in the solution to the second part of The Secret of Monkey Island 2; LeChuck's Revenge in GameBusters. Well, we still get so many letters, we thought we'd try and pre-empt you.
Steve Bradley AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to ensure we keep you as up-to- date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appaling gameplay.
The absolute pits.
IN PREVIEWS THIS MONTH ARE... THEY'RE ON THE WAY page 39 SCREEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 1995 Audiogenic are holding the Amiga torch. We check out their latest arcade adventure Odyssey, as well as a new cricket game. Also, more pics of Tiny Troops and a glance at a coin-op conversion of Primal Rage.
ODYSSEY: Fight the King PRIMAL RAGE: A fantasy and rescue the wizard. Dinosaur beat-'em-up.
REVIEWS Preview ...p39 Charts .p42 Gloom .p45 Super Streetfighter 2 .....p51 Brutal: Paws of Fury p55 Games Check ......p59 Turbo Trax .....p62
CD32 Check ..p67 Base Jumpers CD32 p69 GameBusters p71 Re-releases ...p76 ALL WORK AND ALL PLAY THE TWO-IN-ONE MONITOR FROM MICROVITEC There's a new, highly versatile, dual purpose colour monitor that's unbelievable value for both business and games use.
Compatible with all workbench modes, the Auto-Scan 1438 has high performance electronics and an ultra fine tube for sharp, crystal clear images.
Designed and built to exacting standards for assured reliability and quality by Microvitec, the UK's leading monitor manufacturer, features include:
• 14" screen ® 0.28mm dot pitch ffl.
MjCROWITEC Microvitec Pic, Bolling Road,
• 15-40 kHz ® Fully autoscanning
• MRPII compliant Bradford BD4 7TU ® Designed and manufactured in
the UK Tel: 01244 377 566 Fax: 01244 373401 CALL NOW ON 01244
games that are nearly ready, but not quite, are ideal fodder
for the section we call Previews. Steve Bradley, once again,
presents... Previews ODYSSEY 1Mb Amigas, Audiogenic 0181-424
2244 Audiogenic are promising to support the Amiga. And if
truth be known, they're one of the few softies who have firmly
nailed their colours to the mast. While others flounder,
bluster and claim to be "watching the situation carefully,
before making a move", the house that brought us Graham Gooch's
Cricket and the excellent platform puzzler Bubble and Squeak,
are busy working on their next releases.
If you've hopped around the Coverdisk caves this month, you will already have a good idea about Odyssey. If you haven't, go, and do it now, and join the rest of us later. It's an adventure game, but one which involves vigorous arcade action, similar in some ways to their excellent game Exile and to Delphine's brace, Another World and Flashback.
It's quite astonishing that there are so few games of this style. The aforementioned are all excellent and even two years down the line, few games look as chop-smackingly splendid as Flashback and even fewer can match the fluid movement of the main protagonist.
Odyssey maintains the style of this infrequent sub-genre, pitting a wizard's apprentice (that's you) against the potent might of an evil king, who has seen fit to kidnap his sorcerous pal. Your task is to rescue the wizard, travelling through seven huge islands in the process, including the final reckoning, the king’s castle.
The islands have slightly different graphic styles, though the classical emphasis of the demo is very much adhered to throughout. In Exile, some of the puzzles are ridiculously difficult to solve and, at times, you're relying on inspiration, rather than perspiration. Odyssey, though, takes a more logical stance, but don't go thinking it's a walk in the park.
The game is in the final throes of testing and we'll be delighted to bring you the comprehensive review next month. Until then... SOMEBODY'S FAMOUS CRICKET 1Mb Amigas, Audiogenic 0181-424 2244 Cricket has long been a favourite at Audiogenic, so it comes as no surprise to learn that they’re currently revamping their Graham Gooch affair.
However, there will be a new licence this time around, the most likely candidate, a retired cricketer who recently wed... Go on, have a think. Mind, we bet Darren Cork is gutted. Changes, then.
Visually, it will look the same, but the batting, bowling and fielding has been comprehensively re-written. There will be a 'six-hit' option where you hold down the fire button as you swish the bat, a fine preference when you need runs quickly.
Also, the bowlers are rated differently and there are more variables - it's easier to bowl accurately with a better bowler
- and a manual fielding option allows you to throw the ball to
both the batsmen and the bowler's end. Triffic, and those with
the original will be able to upgrade to the new game at a
purse-friendly price. Again, expect the full review next month.
Better than Rise of the Robots? We'll find out in October. Oh, it will be... A Tyrannosaurus Rex with laser-eyes wandering a Scalextric track. Yesterday.
The screenshots of Primal Rage that we were sent turned out to be useless, so we had to go cap-in-hand to our friends on Sega Power. And, thankfully, 'tis the MegaDrive version Probe are converting.
Seven different dinosaurs do battle in Primal Rage. The beat- 'em-up is not yet extinct.
* PRIMAL RAGE 1Mb Amigas, Time Warner Interactive 01604 602800
It’s kind of worrying when we receive press-releases and
beneath the game title, a trumpet blows: "Product overview".
Yeeeuuurcchh. "About the game", or something, would have been
far more polite.
Anyway, Primal Rage is the game and mega-corp Time Warner Interactive are responsible for "Product overview" (erk, again).
Primal Rage is a fantasy dinosaur beat-’em-up, currently undergoing conversion from the successful coinop, with an expected release-date of October. It’s heading for every platform you can think of and probably some not yet invented. The best news is that it’s being converted for all 1Mb Amigas.
Probe, who recently converted the extremely successful Mortal Kombat II, are again at the helm, which should at least ensure that it’s better than Rise of the Robots.
And it will rear its fearsome claws in the month of September, or October.
TINY TROOPS 1Mb Amigas and CD32 Mindscape 01444 246333 In an act of unashamed over- indulgence, just two months on from the first shots we brought you of Tiny Troops, here are some more. Because we like the look of it. A cute strategy- game with six worlds and 72 battles to, er, battle, it looks like a cross between Micro Machines and Cannon Fodder.
The action is controlled using a mouse and on-screen Interface, and there’s a handy map which shows the whole level. Along the way, you head on rescue and assasination missions, which take place in Micro Machine- esque household venues. The game is due for release in early September, so ear to the wall with a drinking glass. RZ A division ot SOFTWARE PLUS Britain’s largest independent specialist retailer of computer games.
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£5199 Mean Arenas £1099 Gunship 2000 . £10 99 Shadow Fighter
.. .
£1099 Ishar 3 £2099 Megarace £2199 Hear*, of China £12.99 Shuttle . £10 90 James Pond Compilation £12.99 Micro Machines 2 ...... ..Call £11 90 Sierra Soccer .. ..£9 99 Jungle Strike £1799 Nigel Mansell Weed Champ £1099 Telephone 01 268 726500 Fax 01268 590076 SEPTEMBER 1995 SCREEN PLAY Top-10 CD32 1 Rise Of The Robots 18% Mirage 2 Microcosm 80% Psygnosis 3 Lemmings FG95% Psygnosis 4 Super Putty FG91% System 3 5 SuperSkidmarks FG92% Acid Software 6 Soccer Kid FG93% Krysalis 7 Subwar 2050 83% MicroProse 8 Theme Park 79% Mindscape 9 PGA European Tour 83% Ocean 10
Sabre Team 86% Krysalis 67% FG90% (Not reviewed) Top-10 A1200 1 Ultimate Soccer Manager 84% Impressions 2 The Lion King 69% Virgin 3 UFO: Enemy Unknown FG90% MicroProse 4 Football Glory 80% Kompart 5 Sim City 2000 FG90% Maxis 6 Premier Manager 3 85% Gremlin Interactive 7 Rise Of The Robots 18% Mirage 8 Roadkill 80% Vision 9 Civilization FG95% MicroProse 10Virocop 83% Renegade The Top Games 1 (-) Colonization (MicroProse) ....FG95% 2 (1) Ultimate Soccer Manager (Impressions) ..84% 3(5) ... Premier Manager 3
(Gremlin) ....85% 4 (2) Super Skidmarks (Acid Software) .FG92% 5 (3) Sensible World Of Soccer (Renegade) FG95% 6(18) . Theme Park (Bullfrog) .....FG91 % 7 (RE) Skidmarks (Acid Software) ...FG90% 8 (20) . FIFA International Soccer (Electronic Arts) ......79% 9 (7) Jungle Strike (Ocean) ..87% 10(8) . PGA European Tour
(Ocean) ....83% 11 (9) Manchester United: The Double (Krysalis) .....59% 12(14) Kick Off 3 (Anco) 75% 13 (6) UFO: Enemy Unknown (MicroProse) ....FG90% 14 (10) Cannon Fodder 2 (Virgin) ......FG90% 15 (13) Rise Of The Robots (Mirage Time Warner) 18% 16(-) Tactical Manager (Kompart) ......55% 17 (11) Championship Manager Italia '95
(Domark) ..65% 18 (12) F1 - World Championship Edition (Domark) ...76% 19 (RE) Tactical Manager (Kompart) .FG95% 20 (RE) Frontier: Elite 2 (Gametek) ..83% After the phenomenal AF rating of 95%, Colonization has hit the top of the charts.
These two events are surely connected, we hope you'll agree... Top-10 Budget 1 Brian Lara's Cricket Audiogenic (Not reviewed) 2 Super Methane Brothers 82% Guildhall 3 World Class Rugby 64% Audiogenic 4 Kingpin Team 17 5 Indiana lones Kixx XL 6 Cytron Psygnosis 7 World Of War Guildhall 8 Mortal Kombat Virgin 9 Premier Manager 3 Multi-Edit Gremlin (Not reviewed) 10 Battle For The Ashes Audiogenic (Not reviewed) THIS MONTH'S FULL-PRICE TOP-20 THE RETURN OF THE WORLD’S BEST CELLAR!
F The most eagerly awaited sequel in the history of gaming + Epic role playing in a dungeon world more realistic and intelligent than ever before f Features incredible new creatures that think for themselves and learn by experience f All new scenarios below and above ground - villages, forests and temples f Mind-blowing special effects include lightning, rain and magic t New easy to use point and click interface ¦ ' ©1994 Interplay Productions lid.
! ! ¦' ' © Software Heaven Inc. All rights reserved Interplay Ltd ftw [ - '!rf Interplay Productions. 71 Milton Park.
Abingdon, Oxon 0X14 4RX ¦ S' Tel: +44(0) 1235 821665 fax:+44|0| 1235 821777 VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT AN EXPANDING MAIL ORDER EXCLUSIVE RANGE OF AMIGA GAMES AT INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES £12.99 Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House. 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth Hants, PQ2 7NA Tel: (01705) 670269 Fax: (01705) 662226 TimEHEEPERS £12.99 £12.99 for the Amiga lo: Please send a copy of Mr Mrs Miss Ms . Address ..... enclose a CHEQUE POSI AL ORDER tor the value of Please make payable lo: I ii i an Soiln are Limited.
Please charge my ACCESS MASTERCARD VISA with ( lvdit ( aril Ximiber: Post Code Expiry dale .. Signature Telephone .
Send rtiw eunipltted ai der farm and payment to.
Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House. 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth. Hants PQ2 7NA The price • ! £72 V9 uu hides I I f an J, an ia c within the I K Mainland. Orders will he sen within run Jaw •! Receipt and suh ct t •• stack availability. Our Ref.: TIM I SCREEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 199S And from a darkened tunnel, emerged a shaken, nervous fellow, clutching a plasma gun. Steve Bradley lives to tell a tale of gloom... ¦ You're teleported into the first level and left with nothing but a gun. Go for it big time.
Some moons ago, we presented you with a double-barrelled Coverdisk of the first-person perspective shoot-'em-ups, Alien Breed 3D and Death Mask (AF71).
Death Mask wasn't exactly the Doom-clone the Amiga had been waiting for, limited fun though it undoubtedly was, and Team 17's impressive-looking Alien Breed 3D has yet to see the light of day. Over the past few months, we've used the term Doom-clone rather often. Let me explain, for it's just possible that you won't understand the term (he said, desperately trying not to patronise).
Anyway, a couple of years ago, Doom broke on to the PC scene - a game which single-handedly revolutionised the machine. People actually bought a PC simply to play that one game. You see, the action is from the first-person perspective (through your eyes, basically) and a gun points your way forward.
Roaming through tunnels, you blast everything in sight, pick-up boosters and head for the exit to the next level.
Doom has been converted to most platforms, though not the Amiga, and in the past two years the race has been on to produce a 30- engine which can handle both the necessary pace and graphic detail to satisfy Amiga-gamers everywhere.
A real 'Doomster' Step forward and park thyselves in the spotlit leather-seat coders Black Magic, friends of fellow Antipodeans Acid and Vision Software, for you are first in the tunnel.
So Gloom is the first ’real' Doomster to hit the Amiga. So what?
Well, ever since Doom took the PC by storm, Amiga-owners everywhere have been looking forward to seeing a similar-style game for our machine. No matter that it's hardly an original idea, Gloom or that games of its ilk are available on PD - we want what they've got, only without the hassle of reconfiguring the software before you get to shoot anybody.
Black Magic's Mark Sibly has written (or been involved in) some of the best Amiga games, including Skidmarks, Guardian and Overkill, as well as ace programming language Blitz BASIC (and BB2), which is part of the development software for Gloom.
The fine attention to detail prevalent in Sibly's previous titles is clearly in evidence here.
You can use pads, sticks, or the keyboard, play linked with a null modem cable and fiddle with the screen to your heart's content, adjusting the resolution, window size and graphic detail to suit. The resolution swaps the pixel size between large and small, and while the smaller pixels look better, they draw a mite slower.
Enough of that for now - we'll cruise past the plot at pace. You're teleported into a building and left with 1200 SEPTEMBER 1995 SCREEN PLAY nothing but a gun, or a 'standard issue plasma cannon', as they're known, and there are people and things who want to kill you. That's it, son. Off you go and the best of luck.
Access doors, enhance weaponry and collect the jugs of health. By jove, it's a simple idea. No, the question most asked of the Amiga Doom- clones is, "how fast and detailed is the 3D engine"?
Gloom is fabulously proficient in this only does it look splendid, there is very little slow-down (though, in two- player, split-screen mode the brakes are sometimes on), even when you're confronted with a gaggle of 'cultists,' as the enemy soldiers are known.
Meaty and messy Simple early doors Gather the weapon boosters and unleash a volley of bullets at the hapless fodder, but I'd recommend you use the 'messy', rather than meaty' mode.
Messy leaves the enemy's limbs and flesh scattered across the floor, and this is a good thing, particularly when you're in the more complex levels later on - you certainly always know where you've been, though occasionally they serve to obscure the power-ups a tad.
Gloom is best played with the keyboard or CD32 pad, because you can sidestep left and right, a great means to dodge fire and re-adjust aim. And creep around corners.
No passwords, though, and with 21 mazes to scoot and not a map in sight, the only way to progress is through sheer diligence, learning the layout and the most economical ways to punish the fearsome fellows Each maze has a secret room housing power-ups and some have bonus games (including Defender) and it's certainly worth checking every nook and cranny to locate them - they're generally found in parts where the scenery slightly differs.
Weapon boosters come in the shape of hovering fireballs and the green balls, in particular, are magnificent. When you get a full artillary, the next ball you collect slaps you with the mega boost, a double- barrelled blast.
It's one of the great feelings in a computer game, to march down a corridor, blasting enemy soldiers without taking on board so much as a scratch, their bodies exploding into a mushy morass. Corks, I hope my granny's not reading this.
After a bit of practice on the early levels, you learn the best routes to take, where the pick-ups and enemy are situated (and where you're likely to get ambushed), and how best to combat them, losing as little energy as possible en-route.
Importantly, the health bottles, which (obviously) boost your energy levels are often situated in the teleport exits to the next level.
To attain any success in Gloom, you need all your lives LOOK OUT intact when hopping into the tricky, later levels, where the going gets mighty tough. And in the early stages, there are no extra lives to be found, so caution is the order of the day. Be careful, young man.
The levels are split into three main sections, each with contrasting decor and evermore menacing degenerates.
Transparent ghoulies haunt the second phase, floating through walls, emitting green liquid when you punish their impudence, while flying devils with unfeasibly large teeth suck you in on the later stages.
Full-on blast And it's not just a case of dashing the corridors, wielding the axe. Some levels have revolving rooms where you have to move as it rotates (rather like a revolving door), ensuring you sneak out at the right exit.
The worst thing is when you get squashed against the wall, watching your health rapidly deteriorate, before you make good your escape.
Suddenly, a skinhead is charging towards you and before you can exclaim, "I’m armed, dangerous and practised in all the major martial arts", you're dead.
Really, there isn't anything here which makes you gasp in awe, it's just that Gloom works so beautifully overall. The two-player head-to-head games are dull in the extreme, though.
In Alternative's Death Mask, at least you could access a map and find out where your opponent lurked.
And with the regenerating power-ups, you always had a chance to win the bout, even if the end was near on nigh, whereas Gloom is a straight, full- on blast with little else to offer.
Gloom‘s two-player, friendly option is far better (particularly on two Amigas with a null modem cable) and you can organise who scouts around which area, saving valuable time and energy in the process.
The sound. Crivens, the music is fabulous and the howling, screeching, and booming gunfire effects are entirely in keeping with the mood. And when you blast the poor blighters, their flesh splays to a reassuringly horrendous, squelching sound. But louder footsteps next time, please.
There are enough puzzles to keep the folk that like to creep around content and those with a penchant for destruction will not be disappointed.
Truly, Gloom is a fine game. I would have preferred a password system, even if there were only two for the next couple of phases. Main contenders, Fears and Alien Breed 3D, will be doing just dandy if they can attain this standard. Smashing!
GLOOM Publisher_ Guildhall Leisure 01302 890000 Price_ £25.99 Versions_ A1200 System requirements A1200 A4000 Release date_ Out now Graphics 9 out of 10 Just squint at those transparent ghouls.
Mighty fine.
Sound_9 out of 10 Howls, grunts, screams, squeals, screeches snd quelches.
Addiction 8 out of 10 Oh yes, but it's a shame you have to go back to the start.
Playability 8 out of 10 Keyboard and pad great.
Non-stick, if you please.
Overall verdict_ A resounding success, Gloom is a truly fine shoot-'em-up, atmospheric and darned frightening in equal measures. Glory be!
INTERNAL COMBUSTION As the summer heat turns the AP office from a comfortable working environment into an EC law-breaking furnace, Aps decided to hit back by doing a Thelma and Louise' across much of South West England. The itinerary runs thus: MONDAY: Stop off at Bath train station to test the fearsome authenticity of Sens Me Train Spotter (the last Amiga Sensible game EVER) before putting it on the coverdisk along with a huge demo of Behind the Iron Gate and an astonishingly user-friendly Gravity Fower level designer.
TUESDAY: Gun down a bigotted redneck in a pub car park, forcing the magazine into a headlong flight from the powers of law and justice.
WEDNESDAY: Cruise around nearby Nempnett Thrubwell in an open top ’57 Chevy convertible, weighing up the merits of new overhead racer Turbo Traxfrom Arcane. A bold new step forward in racing games, or just a good looking rehash of every other overhead racer? We decide.
THURSDAY: Rob a convenience store in a polite and amusing manner.
FRIDAY: Start to get sunburnt. Realise that all this driving around has turned our minds to all forms of driving games, and formulate a comprehensive feature cursing and praising every racing game ever.
SATURDAY: Get cornered by the powers of law and justice. And Harvey Keitel. Drive off the top of Cheddar Gorge.
I I The closest to a girl buddyJ road movie you’re ever likely to see presented as an Amiga games magazine.
Issue 53'f out and cruising the highways on August 17th.
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& Play as a team or in position.
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292513 Fax: 01322 293422.
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FREE LUCKY-DIP CDROM (CONTAINS GAMES DEMOS TOOLS CLIPART SAMPLES ETC l WITH ALL ORDERS OVER £25.00 SCREEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 1995 Balrog is the puncher of the pack, a man with fearsome, red, leather fists. Sadly, he neglects to look up, as T. Hawk prepares the bury the hatchet. Right into his skull.
Pugnacious affairs have long been a popular computer gamo pastime and, particularly prevalent over the last five years, a major player in the MegaDrive and SNES revolution, dare we use such a word.
The Amiga has been very much the poor relation in the family of beat- 'em-ups, a machine not thought suitable for the bruising battle. Yet it's still here, bright and breezy, ready to take on all comers, long after last orders has been called and the tap room emptied, the custom forlornly staggering into the street, looking for the nearest kebab house. Ahem... Sure, we Amiga fellows generally work with only the one-button stick, while their pads have buttons galore, but there’s more to it than that.
Perhaps the image of the home computer has left it far removed from what, let's face it, is one of the finest, most playable, most competitive of game genres.
Road warrior, too A genre that has even spawned professional gameplayers in the United States. The consoles are the ideal platform for beat-em-ups, but that doesn't mean that the Amiga can't fight it out with the best (or should that be, the rest?) Of them.
Gremlin Interactive's Shadow Fighter proved such, and the Amiga version of Mortal Kombat 2 kicks bottom with a steel-toed cap.
Not that most AF readers actually like beat-'em-ups. Our reader surveys suggest that only those of you aged 12 and under go lor them in a big way. And we've been accused by softies of not liking beat-'em- ups, but, then, they've accused us of not liking platform games either.
Nonsense. We embrace you all.
Super Streetfighter 2 is perhaps the most feted of beat-'em-ups, a game that our friends on console magazines GamesMaster, Sega Power, Total and Superplay will wax lyrical long after the cows are snoring soundly. And, of course, we're never going to accept second best, without so much as a whimper.
K° ?,;: oWRgh(.r The most famous game ever, in the history of all things finally pops its head through the Amiga door. But does it sting like a bee?
SUPER STREETFIGHTER 2 Publisher_ US Gold 0121-606 1800 Price_ TBA Versions_ A500 A600 A1200 System requirements 1Mb (make that a hard drive) Release date_ Mid-August Graphics 6 out of 10 Play the game, but don't expect graphic finery.
Sound_6 out ol 10 Hollering, grunting and dodgy music.
Addiction 9 out of 10 Fabulous off a hard drive.
Otherwise, no.
Playability 9 out of 10 Moves and combos galore. Smashing.
Overall verdict_ "Marvellous gameplay is the key to this conversion.
You won't be wowed visually, but learn some combos and you're in a pugilist's heaven."
88% WELCOME OUR FRIENDS, PLEASE Why the heck should we? After all, the Amiga is the machine where the talented writers learned their craft.
OK, maybe we're getting just a little paranoid here? Games are games, and no-matter which format they grace, playability shoots heavenward, but I guess we occasionally get the feeling that the Amiga is an afterthought. "C'mon then, let’s do an Amiga version, shall we? They've still got a user-base most platforms would die for and, heck, the other versions have been out for over a year now."
Super Streetfighter 2, Amiga version Seven disks, eh? Blimey! First impressions are that, well, the backgrounds are a might shoddy and, erm, gosh, the sprites aren't quite as big as they could have been And there is no way you can play this game using a single disk drive
- you swap disks up to four or five times for one bout and
replaying the same bout can take some two and a half minutes of
loading time.
Even those with extra drives will find it extremely painful. Mercifully, it's hard drive installable and this, I suggest, is a pre-requisite when considering a purchase.
Virtually fighting Right. Confessions time. I’ve never popped round to our friends on the console magazines and pummelled SSF2 Sure, we all piled over for a game of Virtual Fighter on the new Sega Saturn late last year, but we're not holding our breath for the Amiga conversion of that.
But our esteemed Technical Editor, Mr Sandiford owns a SNES and is a keen fan of the pugilist arts; he reliably informs me that the cartridge is a dream to load, the game runs faster, the sprites are bigger and the backgrounds more detailed. On to the SNES version... OK, OK. But all the moves are here and they're much the same as the other versions. Of course, as soon as I challenge the tech-head, he knows all the manoeuvres, doesn't he.
Because we're using CD52 joypads which utilise all the buttons. And I'm taking a righteous kicking.
He whacks a couple of buttons, then deftly rolls his thumb around the pad and Ken is flying at me, putting on the combos in style and the bout is done and dusted before you can exclaim, "it's all right for you, you know all the special moves".
¦ Each character has a host of special moves and stunning combinations.
FrmrsrM mmn Blue man with red
• tripaa and no hair.
Fat bloke with a lapanase car.
Hair remalna cool in the faca of advaralty Tmnnr Tommy Hawk I* ¦ Gel you dreadful flghtar. Your nalli Take a break from your space travels In the universe’s . Most famous watering hole... Chun Li, God bless her, is lying in a heap. But then, young Sandiford has battered many a challenger into submission at trade shows. Mind, he can't beat me at Sensible Soccer Some consolation, I guess, but give a few more days practice and I'll be able to send fireballs straight for the mid-riff variety of combinations and some are quite stunning.
Ryu is reckoned by many to be the finest all-round battler, but our man with the deft thumbs considers Feilong to be superior by far. I like Rhei, the skinny little waif of a rat from Brutal: Paws of Fury. He's cool Learning each character's intricacies is a game within a game, discovering how different manoeuvres work against the range of opponents.
Some can counteract certain fighters with a particular combo and, best of all, the whole cult surrounding the game suggests that some moves are highly dishonourable and many is the young scamp that has taken a cuff around the ear in an arcade affray, which has become more of street fight than a Streetfighter 2 one.
Super Streetfighter 2 is up with the best of Amiga beat-'em-ups; the sprites move fluidly and, despite the rather poor backgrounds, SSF2 is a triumph of gameplay over graphics.
But, and it's a huge but, avoid it if you only have one disk drive, consider it if you have an extra drive and embrace it warmly if your Amiga proudly owns a hard drive O Combo and Cleggy There are loads of fighters and locations in Super StreetFighter 2.
You can punch your way through continents, choose from a range of 16 different characters, some with fists of concrete, others with a Cantona-esque drop-kick.
Each have a host of special moves and a 16 brilliant stories ' from a far, far away.
Read it now in Bantam paperback All F1 and CLR available' GAMES OSU-G513 (3 DISKS) CARD GAMES DELUXE Usos Iho Klondike card sets Video Poker and Black Jack 3 Meg required AGA only 051 l VENUS CARDS Glamour cards lor Klondike Doki«e 2 or Bettor 05 :¦ LION KING CARDS For Klondike Deluxe 2 or better G5I6 MARILYN 2 CARDS For Klond*e Detox 2 or better G5- FEARS PREVIEW New wrier oI hi amazing Doom clone improved arapNcs weaporxs and eneor, AGA onfy 051 ¦ CARNAGE Superb 2 player blaster Play spM screen, nul modem link between two computers or vta modem Not WB I 3 G519-GS22 (4 DISKS) CHILD MURDERER
AGA Smwter honor toil graph* adventure set in Victorian times AGA only G523-G525 (3 DISKSl CHILD MURDERER ECS Iho above adventure game tor non AGA Amiga* Avoid Is eas-ly seated Not WB 1.3 I G5L'6 GLASS8ACK 2 Nice platform and ladder game ideal for the I younger player Shareware I G5 DOMINOES A game of dedcation and cunning G528 CAR BUSINESS Shareware game Based on the mu* bason ooaar car nduslry whe e you're at the holm of such a company I G5-x» SCORCHED TANKS 1 IS Br*«ni and edOctrve Artery game I tor 1 to 4 players. Mamouth amount of weapons GS30-GS52 ,22 DISKS) JACK NICKLAUS ULTIMATE GOLF
COURSES Loads of courses tor this commercial game Phone us tor I Ifie list ol courses or see catalogue disk 2 ¦ U689 PC TASK 3.1 DEMO 6 PC TASK 3 0 3.1 UPDATER ¦ Useable software base-3 PC emulator demo Plus updalei for t„ll ¦ vwwon of PC Task Not WB 1.3 H U690-U691 12 DISKS. PAGESTREAM 3.01 » 3.0g UPGRADE ¦ Uprlntnr disks Hequires version 3 Of of Pagestream ¦ U692 PROTITLER 2.1 Powerful sTuiteware video titfcng appkcation II Subtitles headlines, sc-olling cast fetis This does the lot Not WB 1.3 II U69 I OELITRACKER II H, ft style muvc modufe pUyer Supports Hover too different formats Not WB
1.3 US94 PARNET HARO DRIVE 14 Anvga to ArrvgaArrvge to CO TV AnvgaioC032 iSXi) pamet scAware Easy to u$ c Not WB 1.3 U69S U697 (3 DISKS, ARCHIVING KIT Lha Lzx. Tar Z Zoo Oms Arj. Uuencode Ffowerpowei And Graph.es interlaces to make it easy Uflve MAGIC DIRECTORY OPUS COMPANION Ad*, extra features U699 METEAFORM TUTORIAL Fuf Lightwave U70O MAIN ACTOR vl.SS Modulo animatton system Need Hard Or.vo Not WB 1.3 U70I VIC 20 EMULATOR Plu» 20 games to try out U70? U 03 i2 DISKSl D PA IN I 4.1 BUDDY SYSTEM On kno tutorial reference manual tor th s art package AGA Crty U74» LIBRARYS ANO DATATYPES 4 7 of
thorn AGA onfy U7d* AMIGA TO PSION onnort yum to Vc r Pvon Paimicci U70'- NATIONAL LOTTERY WINNER 2.0 New wbrfo. On all Amiag s U706 U706 (3 DtSKSi PELICAN PRESS DeskTop publrW-ng U709 MORE HARD DRIVE GAME INSTALLERS Alien Brood II ECS.
N Apache. Apocaiyse Arcade Pool. Assasm Bills Tomato game.
Body Blows 2 AGA. Crash Test Dummies Cyberpunks. Ehmama.
Fantastic Dozy. Kick Of 2 AGA Lotus 3, Man United Promfeio League Champions. Muzzy Naughty Ones AGA. Pierre Lo Chel Trolls AGA Ult-mate Pirtoall Zool AGA U7I0 DISK STIK VI.1 Handy program for printing 3 5- dsx laoeH U7t t PRO PAGE V2.1 HELP DISK Mbon U71. PRO PAGE TEMPLATES Templates for cassette u-mh s* box drv« or* v«doo sp es eic Pkrt a toed c* gen s U71 « APLAYER 121 Btifoanl i tover»ent nvulti ttsk* g module pfeyet Not WB 13 1 714 COLOUR WB Change the took ol your workbench icon* with thooo boiler looking replacements Not WB 1.3 Hard Drive Onfy U 16 U717 (3 disks) WORKBENCH BACKDROPS
Selection of Workbench background pictures and patterns AQA only IJ71H ART PRO conversion and processing package Supports man popular formats plus datatypes Not WB 1 & U7I9 TEXTURE STUDO vl 01 Texture eotor for Imegne 3 Many super mapping features Shareware Reqjee FPL) Not WB 1A U72 AmlGADOS GUIDE vl 5--am about the Arr- x DOS com manos tr«* Amiga Dos applications ana wnat those error* mean 1 72' PROTECTOR File encryption programme U77.' BALLS Super lottery r»umbors progranvne Genw-ales random ulactKins and can calculate numbers by examining tlie database of past winning numbers 1 723 HARD
Super Stardust Shadow ol the Beast I Skidmarks 2 Skefeton Krcw.
Arnai 2 AIM Boneatr .1 Strwh Sky bump & Burn FaskBock. Kings Oue*i 6 Lion King AGA. Mortal Konfoat 2. Naughty Ones ECS.
Parasor Sta-s Rise of the RoBofe Roc* A Red Sestoto Work) of Soccor Shartow F nters ECS Not WB 1 3 U724 MAGIC WB ICONS 6 M:-® kxm rrplaccn nt* U7?0 U727 MAGIC WB ICONS 7 More lax- replacements U728 U 729 MAGIC WB ICONS 8 More Icon replacements U730-U731 MAGIC WB ICONS 9 More Icon replacements U732 U733 MAOIC WB ICONS 10 More Icon replacements U734-U735 MAGIC WB ICONS 11 Moro Icon replacements U736 TELEPHONE BOOK v3.1 Telephone and address database system Not WB 1.3 U7J ' SET-UP PROCEDURES Mcrw lo set up self boobng doe 4*k» Several useful ubStfes mctoded to aid the tos* UT GFX LAB 24 image
i-««.ee*tog programme caferxg fo. 24 brt mages Jpeg GIF Targa Mam 0 IFF etc AGA or*, vi VIRUS WORKSHOP v5 1 I aiev « ion ot this -.tans, -, fe.1ur®d,vus ..Se- Not WB U UT4ii A1200 TOWER FIT OIY protect on how to fit the guts of yOui A1200 into «. PC lowercase U741 VIRUS CHECKER 6.52 New version of this well known virus protection programme U742 HEODLEY vl.1 Wrie Amiga gu«fe documnnts the easy way w*h n-» superb programme Not WB 1.3 U74 i CO ROM DRIVERS Dover v.hware tor SCSI mouWed CO H- r.
Dmce* Not WB 13 UT44 TEXT MASTER 1 Oa ' . Featured sna-eaa-e word processor wrth 36 000 word sp94 checWr Not WB 13 U745 FRODO A great Gomt-vitore 64 emulator Not WB 1 3 U746 U747 (2 DISKSl STAR TREK WB PATTERNS The Next Gen 0S9 and Voyager Workbench tmckdrops AGA onfy U749 SOUND BOX v1 9B 16 tnund sample ccrwortor supportirg Rart IIF.VOC. WAVE AIFF MAUD and Maestro formats Not WB 1.3 U750 ADDRESS PRINT V4 4 Ul.i.ly for address (aoels Sharewaie U75' INTERNET UTILS 2 Pmi amrne! To make a Net sorter* life a whole tot ea*«" Nol WB 13 MISCELLANEOUS F 10J LUCIO MORSE TUTORIAL DEMO For RoOto Amateur*
E104 LUCIO R A E TUTOR DEMO 1 Rado Amateur* II EtO*, GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS Study Oak for Mudent* II T62 BACK DOOR 6 The ultunale game cheatbps lister Even covers 0553 THE THERAPI9T The computer Becomes a therapist and you I G5* 4 SUPREME FIGHTER Beat-em-up with graphics m the style of I the Spectrum, class* ! Na Nog ubbo iummy (ANKCH3 t ?'layer uwrreed tanft wadare game G556 WHEEL CHAIR GLADIATORS Up to 4 pWyer Beat em jo wtfft plenty of weapons Not WB 1 3 G557 WDYCAR CHALENGE Racing team management game G550-G559 (2 DISKS) MASQUERADE Excellent puzzle game AGA only O560-G561 |2 DISKS)
WALLY WORLD Plattotm game Cjb02-G5f 3 12 DISKS) THE PYRAMID GAME Puzzle platform game G564-G573 110 DISKSl CLASSIC C64 GAMES Full to the brim with famous Commdor® 64 game* of yestayear Ftequiros C64 Emuiator G57S SPRING TIME Ingenious 30 arcade puzzle game Don! M»*s the jewel of a game GS DIAMOND CAVES 10 Neat BouWer Dash game with Wv*
• 410. AGA only G57 7 MASTER BLASTER 101 2 Player Dyndastor done
wtth cute graphics and plenty of power ups G670 SPELLTRIS Taint
variant but instead of fa'kng Nocks Wx» must riiokc up woras
ifom tolling tenets lo clear me level G5 'y PLAYBOY CARDS For
Klondike Deluxe G580 TANKS 30 vector graphics 2 pfayer shoof-om
up bosod on the clasic arcade game Incteddy addictive G581
EVASIVE AKSION Platform game where you're trapping wlthm a
dream with a crazy settmg GS82 G583 (2 DISKSl ALIEN GENOCIOE
'xj must destroy the afcen raestion that has taken over the
heavy crueer G564 KELLOGS LA NO Commercial quakty platform game
GSA5 PAUL'S JOURNEY B**cal advWurs gam® G586-GS87 |2 DISKSl THE
UTLIUATE STAR TREK Been around to- a wile But son great Stalagy
game By Tobias Rchier You are captain of the Enle-ptiae on ttio
5 yonr mission nr.Hfl C.f.BO |? DISKS) STAR TREK This ones by
Jimtm Qurtior 6590-6592 (3 OlSKSl STAR TREK This ones by Eric
Gustafson Dn tised graphics and sound offects are used to great
efleet G594 BATTLE DUEL vl .01 Arbllery game suited tor hi-rae
monitors and hard drives Not WB 1 3 059* BIRDS CARDS The
feathered type For Mom*** Detoxe 0596 NBA CARDS Am®ncan
BasketBaa cards tor KtondWe Detune GS9.* NEW ROSES CAROS
Flower* For KfondAe Detuxa 2 & 3 GS96 MAMMALS CARDS Animal
cardset Foi Klondike Detoxe G599 OCEAN CARDS Sea life For
Klondka Deluxa ? & 3 G6O0 X DOS KtondikeDeluxe cardsel Over 10
s only 0601 PSYCHEUAL Shareware Alien Brood slylo shool-em-up
with plonty of Btood and gore Nol WB 1 3 G602 LAST LAP vl.O
Fanustic racing game tor 1 or 2 pMyers Speed around many
exciting circuits 2 Meg required 0603 JETSET WILLY 3 Clone of
the OnltorM Spectrum ptatformer G604 PATRICIA FORD CAROS Carts
to- Ktondke Detoxe 3 Or* 0 G6T*. EROTICA CARD Cards tot
KlondW® Dofoi® 3 Ovo 16 ¦ onfy cuine ClOOW DEMO r'«,®M¦ Doom
ck w gam® Dw l.M ur ® u nckKle a spin screen 2 pWyer tacdfly
Loads of great gore AGA only G607 CRITICAL HIT Fantasy table
top style watgame E-cokent shareware waroame.
0006 POKER mania Oikor card geme iruit machina type ot game Very good indeed. Plenty of Bonus games 0609 DELUXE PACMAN AGA 16 The absolute bost Pocman game wo ve ever played So po*«hed you can see yer face m A AGA only 0610 DELUXE PACMAN ECS 1.6 fhe same greet game but for the non AGA amqa Not WB 1 3 I G6i i AD.0 CARDS Role pttymg style card se* for •' wwn of I 061BRATWURST !hi» m a »*»Mar conc« ot lo Rnrlat and Gravity F?,?s i»4 s«rr» »w« wiips anooiFig oocn omei ckMn Tho added feature is the incredible graphics innovation The game uses tho Vmual Fighter kwd of system where when the ships
get I closer tho screen zooms m and zooms out whon tarlhor apart No spat screen need (ngomous and really amazing AGA only G613 TLC A good iron Light Cycles game with level oditor One ot the mere playable and less frustrating versons around G6i 4 DOOM II CAROS Cardsel lor Kond*e Detoxe G615-G616 SUPER COMBAT 3 2 player spM screen combat game M sa«n Wcr i lor each lev* and toads of weapons AGA onfy G6’ 7 BATTLE TRUCKS DEMO Remote controlled 2 p»eye vehOo I combat game 0610 DELUXE GALAGA 2.6 New version of tho fmesl shareware Amiga shoot-em-up aiound More added features Not WB 1.3 0619 WAR OF
THE WORLDS 4 Shareware Virtual flonlily science I fiction adventure game AGA only G620-G625 (6 DISKS) KLONDIKE DELUXE 3 DISK VERSION this version ro tong*r requires a hard drive but does need 4 meg of memory AGA only QA.* BREAKING BRICKS Del and Bo* breakout geme Not WB t 3 G6?7 PSSP Clone Of the Cfets* Soectrixn game AGA onfy UTILITIES U607 AMIGA FAX 1 42 Shareware Fax modem software Not WB 1 3 I U660 AMIGA BASE Tho most pcmedui shareware database I avuilaWe thal can even t-o programmed. Many features_ New titles contintued.
T63 RED DWARF GUIDE Covers from series t to 6 T&4 X-FILES GUIDE Ep odes gu-Je T85-T91 (6 DISKS) STAR TREK GUIDE The complete trekfoo Inn database Episode guide, scanned pictures etc Hard Drive only T92-T93 12 DISKS) GRAPE VINE 21 Latest tefease of r*s famous *s« magazine Many computer and non computer related article* T94-T95 12 DISKSl CLASSIC CHEAT LISTS AosoMefy tt»s of game rents and cheats T96 THE WORD N0.5 Scene 4*k mao O, N»A AGAorVy E110 TYPING DEMON vlX) Typtog tutor to test And encourage increased typing speed wvth less mistakes E111 KIDS DISK 7 Dun Moran s latest in the very popular
Kid s Disk odutatorrenl oenes Fo mlants Superb DEMOS 02800281 (2 DISKS) IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBILITY A Foe demo from Myst* A competition wor*r AGA onfy D282 PRIMAL SCREAM HOT demo AGA ortfy M163-M164 (2 DISKS HOPEFULLY A mu** rock-tro NX WB 13 D283 SANITY ROOTS 2 Superb AGA only 0284 D286 (3 DISKSl GREENDAY One of the Best demos of recent month* AQA only Hard drive only D287-D288 (2 DISKS) DEEP The Gtahenng 95 w.nno. AGA only D289-D290 12 DISKS) THE CUBIC DREAM Too amazing lo bo missed AQA onfy AQA ONLY SUDESHOWS AGA ONLY S165 S166 (2 DISKS) SHERILYN FENN SLIDES S167 S169 (3 DISKS) DANNII MINOGUE
(3 DISKS) CHRISTINA APPLEGATE SUDES S254-256 13 DISKSl ORIENTAL LADIES SLIDES Over 188 only S257-259 13 OlSKSl ORIENTAL LADIES SLIDES 2 Over 10* only S260-262 |3 DISKSl BLOND BOMBSHELLS SLIDES Over 10* only S263-S265 (3 OlSKSl BLOND BOMSHELLS SUDES 2 Over 108 S286 S268 ANNA NICOLE SMITH SLIOES Over 108 only S269 VANNA SUOES Over 108 onfy WtfiS U32S OCTAMED v4. The most powerful music composflton software available from the Public Domain Now freeware roloa&o U44'J ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR vt 6b Latest version of tho optimised speccy urnulator for AGA Amiga . WB 3.0 orty U670 PERSONALITY ANALYSIS
A father neal programme that will write a essay on your personality after you have answered a sene* of quesbon* The resufts are indeed very accurate and enlightening U671 GFX CON Powerha picture formal convertor Supports O'. Jpeg IFF. PCX Po*Uc fot Tft Targa BMP and others 4 MB and ha-d *ne recommended Not WB 13 U675 AWARD MAKER 2 Create and print an endless vanety o' award certificates with this neat programme U677 FI EDITOR Abows you lo edit various cosmetic and physical aspects ol tho Formula One Grand Pnx game_ G3B3 ROCKETZ v2.25 improved version of Ihi* ocepocna I or 2 player spirt screen
Thrust genre sfiool em op WB 3.0* only G484 T-RACER Professional sharewaro Pdo tcrobng piaster G49S PUNTER vl.OAnimaied horse racing beflna game G496 SUPER MEGA FRUITS Shareware feat mactine game G498 DONKEY KONG Bnihant authenbc ckto® of th* aJ tr* **n* G499 GRAVITY FORCE 2 Compufeive 2 r*»ye *p* screen Oau*- G5C3 MASH S nJar lo Team 178 new Worm game A s_c*e cross between Ltrrnre t and Cannon Fodder Shareware G506 CYBERMAN 3 Denansonal Pacrnan clone **"» tmxpi vector graph** »nw WB 3 0. Or y G388-G391 i4 DISKS* KLONDIKE DEL Ve 3 Latest **rs*,n but HD vwUMfon no 4 meg* o'memory needed WB
10. Or*.
G443-G4M 12 DISKS] CMANEQUE 9r*anl Lemmngs sryfe ptolfo-rr puzzto game 'mewed last month Very wMctrve WucevcemRe Fl-041 GRANO PrtX MANAGER «ur ur own Grand Pro racing team Mghty acclaimed 1994 Season PRICE C3 99 F1 -044 BLACKBOARD v3 Prctesstohai mage processor Reqj-r« 2 hoppy drive* PRICE £5 99 F1-050 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO AMOS V2 GuO* for new Amo* peogramme-* PRICE £4 99 F1 -052 OPERATION F«£ STORM Gr n Beret PRICE £3 99 FI-031 POWERBASC v330 P-ofess«3nal database PRICE £3 99 F1-C32 WORD POWER v2 Sew* zmsmvt* and anagrams Huge 36 DCC- ward dctonary PRICE £3 99 F1-C33 POWER PLANNER
eraon* opnMr PRICE £3 99 Ft 066 G R A c Make you- own graph* po« and ad.wntuto games uie Ret** Ot Oetoroneye Not WB 13 PRICE £4 99 F1-060 AOUANAUT Underwater shoot-wn-up From the author ot Giddy 1 & II and Operarion Fire Storm Incredibtc PRICE £3 99 F1 -063 SPEEDTRIS Tetns game w«h NEW features PRICE £3 99 F1 -072 THE EIRE RAISING ADVENTURES OF SEAMUS O MALLY Gemxiefy tiavy port ana cAc» graph* adventure £6 99 Fi-0”4 AMIGA ASSIST '3 show begrvwr* how to use tne- Arrwja Mary r-depr, aaty to read W*» PRICE £3 99 Fi 076 OBSTICKLE IauH«vfr bouncy pfetform gome C3 99 F1-070 SUNNY SPELLS Fun wah
speWrfo for tod* PRICE £3 99 F1-080 HAL'S MAP EDITOR For Amos and Amo* Pro PRICE £3 99 F1-061 AQUAKON Doom on water 30 shoot-em up By the autftor of R«*s and Fortress AGA or*, PRICE £5 99 Ft-03 IMAGE COMPRESSOR Fr, Amos programmers Replaces the IFF compactor PRICE £3 99 Ft 4 WORD PLUS. PRO used to sold for £14 95 Ax3 for sofvwg L£G»On5 OF Dawn RUEHS ConFIDETiTIRL mrM-TtmEprR A comprehensive compilation of teonattng UFO. Extratereetal retort tod and pctum Wes tor the Amiga Information about abducftone. Romm* Area 51. Caafo nuMn. Crap orctaa.
Cover ups and much more nOidng want agina plOirw oI UFO* PRICE £9.00 ? P&P 9 DISKS AN EXCLUSIVE ¦POT.
DISK COMPRESSOR tfeqx-e* K k*urt 2 0 or aOo THIS PRODUCT IS NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN ONLY £5.99 • P.P The coolest PD CD ROM around with a user friendly menu driven front end (unlike some others) We have only selected the very latest PD from around the world from the best games to the greatest serious applications. Something for everyone whether it be an addictive shoot-em-up or a stunning Star Trek Imagine Object So up-to-date most of the titles listed m this advert are on the CD
• Custom GUI kx easy opefaton
• EkCiusrve packs made especiaify I I lor this CD BS J IMPARISON
CHART 500MB of vonuW Data
• Ovor 65 Klondike cards Z
• The complete Gathering 95 demos
• Software from Dec 94 onwards only
• The complete Active Software Pro disk packs
• Ground Zero Imagine oC ecls packs ZOOM CD ROM COSTS ONLY £19.99
+ P&P.
Requires WB 2 0* to run interface Z ZOOM H HOTTEST 5 P PHASE 4 PnANTASMMOm For Amiga, PC and MAC Images supplied in 640 x 480 resolution 256 colour GIF's. 24 Bit Jpeg s and TIFF's Textures and backgrounds Hundreds of megabytes of royalty free specially selected photographic textures and backgrounds for raytracing.
Colour DTP and video Completely original images compiled over a 5 year period i Categorized and supplied with index pictures.Includes special | tutorials for raytracing to show I you how to get the best [results from the textures
- We believe this is the best compilation of it’s type'
WE*»D SCCNCC CUP ART 1000* of m*g»* f* 99 ASSASSIN GAMES Tr, cofectcr *rom 179) ( f 6 99 AMOS PD LIBRARY Amo* and tor ctO® 116 99 AMINE T 4 *!•*! TQM from anxnc Pfe gtotw £14 99 AMINE T 5 PD SU’twa'e Mragb! 08 Pw Inferrfet 114 99 HOTTEST 4 Gama* jb» armwuoft*. Damo* ato. £ 16 99 HOTTEST S load* "Kxo o»**i putfec ooma* »’-* £16.99 AMIGA RAYTRACER 2 fe ag-w Lo aa ®*c £16 99 GOLD FISH DOUBLE CO F-Pd r«h J*k* ' 1000 C?5 99 LOCK ANO LOAD ' 000 data* PC gam** £16 99 PRO CUPART GIFS Glamour art ogK fed a* £16 99 WERO SCCNCC FONTS '6 X . Fe* ft *9 SPECCY SENSATIONS sotfe cfeaar 9o**B xt game* £16
99 17 BIT PHASE 4 Ai o 17 Bn* lafe*! Life* £16 99 ADULT SENSATIONS Ckfef 3000 AGA lad** 10. ONLY £16 99 LIGHT ROM VJ Objact'-. I-naga*. Saq-fenot-* "K £37 99 LIGHT ROM 2 Mom L ’wrrm £37 9 SOUNDS TERRIFIC Mm* mrWufe* and KkJOd aamfofes £17 9?
MULTI MEDIA TOOL KIT 2 Amed ai rrvua* and v«Jeo PrtlMStonafe Includes the tufl var»* n o» Octam«J 5 05 £25 99 AmlNET BOX SET Ouad CO CfeC* Am.nei 1 to 4 £26 99 AIW4ET 6 Latest vervon £14 99 Postage and Packing on CD ROMS 1 CO ei.00 2 CD's £1.50 3. CD'S £2.00 IDER PD 'ROUND PUBLIC DOMAIN. LICENCEWARE. CD ROMS ALL TITLES ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA'S UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE Nol WB 1 3 Will nol run on Wo..0®m h 1 J AMO8 AGA only - Will only run on AGA equip®.) Amiga • PUBLIC DOMAIN PRICE LIST PRICE PER PD DISK £1.00 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.1 ... £0.50 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.2 ... £0.50 POSTAGE & PACKING
TELEPHONE FAX 0117 9741462 9am-6.00pm MON TO FRI) Inttfnel: MfoOground.demonxo.uli 'ROMO OFFER Buy 10 PD disks, get 2 free extra PD disks of your choice.Thaf s right 12 disks fur the price of II).
Offer ends 22 July 1995 Offer only applies to PD software at C1.00 per disk.
SCREEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 1995 A flatulent cheetah and a bogey-flicking rat, sadly amuse Steve Bradley, but is Brutal actually any fun to play?
Paws of Fury BRUTAL: PAWS OF FURY Publisher GameTek 01753 553445 Price_ £25.99 Versions_ All 1Mb Amigas System requirements 1Mb Release date_ Out now Graphics 8 out of 10 Amusing animation being the game's high-point.
Sound_6 out of 10 High-pitched yelps.
Music's not bad, though.
Addiction 5 out of 10 Rather draining after a few days.
Playability 5 out of 10 Average and lacking in special moves.
Overall verdict_ A pleasant, quirky, pretty beat-'em-up, which ultimately fails because the gameplay is as dull as a dodo. For the over- 308 only.
65% No. By producing a simple, cartoon-style beat-'em-up with relatively few moves, surely GameTek are aiming more towards the parents of the kids - the people that haven't a hope in Hell of learning special moves and combos in the sophisticated grapples.
Brutal is undeniably cute, with handsome cartoon-characters and simple, yet appealing, backgrounds.
Each animal differs in the speed it can move - the most obvious polarity being the lithe Rhei Rat and lumbering Ivan the Bear; the latter seems to kick or punch the opponent minutes after you've accessed the move.
¦ You can only laugh at a flatulent cheetah and a gobbing crocodile for so long.
Some of the characters in this cute beat-'em-up possess astonishingly untutored personal habits, if you leave them to their own devices for a brief moment. The crocodile sniffs loudly before releasing phlegm with a whoosh; the cheetah holds in his stomach and breaks wind violently before making an obscene hand gesture, while the rat pointedly picks his nose, before flicking the booger on to the floor. And the Dali Llama fiddles with his underpants - not the rat's, but his own.
Publishers GameTek reckon that Brutal: Paws of Fury is aimed at the younger fan of the noble art, though quite how shallow of year you're supposed to be remains unclear. The youth of today, and that includes even the under-10s, play all manner of beat- 'em-ups, from Super Streetfighter to Mortal Kombat, and I'm sure most of them could paste me against the wall.
Brutal: Profiles tell you what they're like and all that kind of nonsense. In the single-player game, the aim is to move through the belts, of which there are 15, ranging from the white belt, through to become the almighty Grand Master.
As you progress, you get to choose from more characters - the Dali Llama is the hardest in the kingdom, but you need a black belt before you can become him (yes, someone who plays with their underpants - somewhat unbefitting for a supposedly mighty warrior).
By far the most interesting option here is the mountain-top, wooden ledge bout in two-player mode.-The ledge is tiny and the bouts often last only a few seconds, and you can win by simply ducking an opponent's drop kick and watch him disappear off the edge.
But Brutal isn't much of a challenge and it's certainly not a game for anyone who has the slightest idea about how to play beat-'em-ups. The paucity of moves ensure that the gameplay quickly becomes onedimensional, a fact that even the characters' amusing quirks can't quite overcome. You can only laugh at a windy cheetah and a gobbing crocodile for so long. O Your Last Chance TO BUY AT THESE PRICES!
FREE TUTORIAL VIDEO (YOU PAY JUST £2.95 P+P) You've got Adorage 2.0 AGA but how do you make the most of it?
Simple, send for this superb 60 minute instructional video which covers... • Starting the program • Explaining the main screen controls • Effects demos • Constructing a title sequence • 'In' and 'Out' effects • Setting effect parameters • Cropping and positioning images
• Explaining the SSA format • SSA versus IFF animations • How
to record IFF animations • Playing IFF animations in D.Paint •
Examples of Adorage animations • Adorage with pictures •
Adorage with text and symbols and much much more.
The best part is that this video is available free of charge, all you have to pay is £2.95 (85p postage and £2.10 packing and handling).
£2.95 p*p ?3E*
2. 0 AGA MANUAL To complete out training course on Adorage 2.0
AGA we have produced a 64 page manual - packed full of step by
step instructions and in depth explanations it makes Adorage a
joy to use. Don't struggle trying to work your way through the
software - use it to its full capacity immediately.
EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY AT JUST £3.95 CLARISSA UPGRADE OFFER Upgrade from version 2.0 AGA to version 2.5 AGA (with Konrad Image convertor) and receive all these extra features:-
• 10 more 3D effects with parameters for your own creations. •
Transparent colour 0 (genlock) for graphic - brushes.
• Removes previous difficulties experienced with foreground and
background colours. • Dramatically improved rendering
• The ability to load IFF-24 bit, GJF and PCX from PC, Mac or CD
ROM to use in PAL NTSC mode for video.
For full effect you should consider purchasing Adorage's sister package Clarissa when used in conjunction the quality and range of effects are nothing short of spectacular.Version 2.5 AGA RRP £79.95 Special Offer £19.99 System requirements: Kick-start with at least 1 mb of memory.
3. 0 PROFESSIONAL Clarissa is a powerful utility that enables you
to increase the speed of any IFF or Anim 5 anim so that it
runs at the full 25fps required to achieve the illusion of
smooth movement. By running your animations through Clarissa
not only can you convert your files to the SSA format but you
can apply a huge range of effects as well.
I Clarissa Professional offers the following | amazing improvement on an already superb package: 100% playback speed with High end SSA - the absolute fastest animation mode for the Amiga. • SSAd - Super smooth animation from hard disk. • Multi Anim playback - multiple animations on one screen combined in real time. • Multi Anim playback - playback of anims with different colour palettes AND different screen formats (lore, hires, Ham etc.) in one range without stocking or sync errors. • Wipes, fades etc. for running animation's editable in genuine real-time, and much much more!
At just £49.95 against its RRP of £225 this has to be the best offer we have ever made!
£49.95 m CLARISSA BURGESS VIDEO GROUP Unit 18 Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys LD3 8LA Quantity INC p+p This is it! The CD you have been waiting for... and it's all copyright-free! Over 55 minutes of music for home video production. Each track has several shorter versions or stings for titles, graphics and indents, making it perfect to accompany animations, home video footage or even games. Can you afford not to have a copy?
INSTRUCTIONAL AMIGA VIDEOS Purpose produced videos on a wide range of Amiga software designed to help you improve your use of the packages.
CU0001 First Steps with personal Paint CU0002 Introductions to the A1200 CU0003 Hard drives and the A1 200 CU0004 Upgrading your Machine CU0005 The Music X tutorial CU0006 The Multimedia Guide CU0007 Beginners Guide to DTV CU0008 Advanced Guide to DTV HOME VIDEO CD PART 1 £5.95 inc p+P €9.99 £29.95 FOR 5 INC p+p EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY THREE CD'S Just under three hours of true digital quality copyright free music at less than £5 a CD. Everything from space music to African dance, ranging in duration from a couple of seconds to over 6 minutes.
The definitive copyright free CD series!
Home CD Part 1, Home CD Part 2, Easy Listening Part 1 COPYRIGHT FREE!
£14.95 inc p*p CLARISSA
2. 0 MANUAL Includes V3.0 Addendum To complete our training
course on ClariSSA 2.0 we have produced a 100 page manual
packed full of step by step instructions and in depth
explanations - it makes ClariSSA a joy to use. Don't struggle
trying to work your way through the software - use it to its
full capacity immediately.
Option Product Code 1 Free Adorage Video & C2.9S pftp Each 2 Adorage 2.0 AGA Manual @ D.9S inc. pftp Each 3 Adorage 2.5 Upgrade ® C19.99 inc. pftp Each 4 CiariSSA 3.0 Professional (X C49.95 inc. pftp Each 5 Home Video CD Part t ® E5.95 inc. pftp Each 6 Three Cds @ C14.95 inc. pftp lor the 3 CD set 7 ClariSSA Manual @ C5.95 inc. pftp Each 01874 611633 24HR ORDER HOTLINE 01874 622994 FAX ORDERS We aim to despatch orders within 10 days but please allow up to 14 days lot delivery.
ORDER BY TELEPHONE, FAX OR POST THIS FORM EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY AT JUST £5.95 ¦¦ CD Price INSTRUCTIONAL T CAMCORDER VIDEOS Other Orders series of five broadcast quality productions produced by professionals to help you master the art of making the perfect home video at prices you will find hard to believe!
CV5001 Shooting Professional Videos CV5002 A Professional Guide to Editing CV5003 The Complete Guide to Filming a Wedding Video CV5004 How to Shoot the Perfect Home Video CV5005 Basic & Advanced Camcorder Techniques (pftp inclusive) Total C YOUR DETAILS (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Name Address Postcode Please make cheques payable to BURGESS VIDEO GROUP ZS I enclose a cheque postal order for E ......or i_J Please debit C .....from my Access Visa Account No.
Expiry Date .
Super Street Fighter II brings you et more excitement: more characters, enhanced moves and fightinjydiniques, new bitile locations and advanced battle action to a classic ’beat-em up' game with a massive following.
For two years they reigned supreme j£velve o tffe most gifted fighters from across the world. Now they must step j , osidfrto meeUhflpreicyiengers: JoyM T.Hawk™ ond ttAong™. J y WHO WILL SUUfifE? ONLY THE TRI|£J1REET FIGHTERS WILL FI||LOUT.
Street Fighter II is a trader CAPCOM SCREEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 1995 Steve Bradley recommends the finest games from the past few months in this brand new series. And he also tells you which games to avoid at all cost.
« Games Check U "Gratings, fraoelefs. U* ira a pdacefuK1 village .known for our Ettpert For Trappers. We would gUdly-frade with you ' if you brin'g us soHe badly needed Tobacco Ue would also, pay well for Cloth COLONIZATION: Af editor Nick Veitch spent most ot last month with Sid Meier’s latest, greatest strategy game, colonizing the Americas until the land was his.
SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER (AF70, 77%) Audiogenic A different kind of football management game, promised Audiogenic and. Although not to everyone's taste, SLM proved that reams of statistics aren't a prerequisite for a canny footie game.
Training up the players and taking note of the coach's comments are all important and the A1200 version includes the arcade Wembley International Soccer game for when you're on 'Match of the Day’.
EXILE A1200 (AF77; 88%) Audiogenic This graphically updated version of Audiogenic's classic adventure game is, amazingly, an oddity.
Why? Because it combines cunning pu22les with arcade-style gameplay and is thoroughly marvellous to boot.
You hover around on a jetpack, through space and underground caverns, teleporting back and forth, attempting to break the brain- teasers. Entertaining and occasionally baffling.
ULTIMATE SOCCER MANAGER (AF7Z 84%) Daze Marketing Kind of took us by surprise this.
Impressions are known for their strategy games (and often patchy ones at that) and we thought footie management would have been the furthest thing from their minds.
But no, for USM contains Theme Park-esque stadium development with some novel ideas, including match-rigging and SUPER SKIDMARKS 2 (AF71; 92%) Guildhall Leisure Steve McGill reckoned Super Skidmarks to be, "so hot it'll soon be burning rubber on the virtual tarmac of the information superhighway". Sounds good... And be in no doubt that this racing game, in eight player mode is quite possibly the most fun we've ever had in this office.
Top Amiga writers, Graftgold, returned to the fray with this slick, polished shoot-'em-up, packed with neat, graphical touches and, shock, some good music.
A game within a game, you battle through various game genres, blasting all and sundry.
The writers have payed 'homage' to games such as Chaos Engine and Cannon Fodder, and the graphical references are not difficult to spot.
Almost too cunning.
COLONIZATION (AF74-, 95%) MicroProse The biggest score in AF since Sensible World of Soccer scored the same last Christmas, Sid Meier's follow-up to Civilisation is a fabulous, strategic journey to the Americas in which you attempt to wrest control of as much land as possible, through means foul or fair. Trading is the best way to succeed - importing and exporting.
!S3ilr VIROCOP (AF73; 83%) Renegade press conferences. And it belted to the number one slot.
SENSIBLE GOLF (AF74; 81%) Virgin An ambitious project for Sensible to take their Amiga bow, but they just about pull it off in this quirky, overhead golf sim. Sure, some of the holes are ridiculous and it takes time to learn the ins and outs, but Steve Bradley likes it and he's the Games Editor. So he must be right, right?
Rumbling rock music, heaven-sent explosions and graphics to kill for, this one-player racing game includes rockets, homing missiles and handy on-screen hints, such as: "Drive really fast and kill everyone!". Normally, we at AF slash scores with abandon if the programmers fail to offer a two- player or link option, but this is so tidy, all is forgiven. Worthy. 2 Oh, it sounds dull, but very few games attain the same high standards of Colonization.
ROADKILL A1200 (AF74; 80%) Guildhall Leisure ROADKILL P*t5. Say t5 y- • - rcV y ¦
- y y ¦ ¦ SOCCER SUPERSTARS (AF71; 18%) Flair The only great
thing about this game is that it comes with a free Mitre
football. Ours burst as soon as we tried to pump some air into
As sluggish, shabby, viewed-from-the-side footie games go, this is... well, the first two letters are indeed S and H... Yes, it's shabby.
TOURING CAR CHALLENGE AF74; 21%) OTM Piles of promotional literature, tie-ups with Alfa Romeo and absolutely no game whatsoever. Why on earth did they bother?
A text-based management simulation with quite howlingly awful race highlights which consist of a few cars bombing past a static screen. Oh dear.
AKIRA (AF70-, 18%) ICE Gosh, and weren't we surprised when we failed to receive a review copy of Akira before it hit the shelves?
An unseemly, unmitigated disaster with shoddy graphics and gameplay from Hell, this is as poor a shoot-'em-up as you'll see this year.
And next, hopefully.
Cover thine eyes, sweet child, from these ABOMINATIONS DISASTER AREA United Public 'U..pA Look tor (Normal price 99p) PB 019 PB 020 PB 022 PB 023 PB 024 PB 030 PB 038 PB 042 PB 046 PB 054 PB 065 PB 066 PB 067 PB 068 PB 069 EASYCALC PLUS PERSONAL DIARY ACCOUNT MASTER v3 ONFORM vl.3 ADDRESS PRINT v4.4 DYSK STIK OFFICE BOX CHECK IT OUT vl.02A Dos program problem hunter Latest, get info on your Amiga Svslnlo. CloekDoctor etc Backup, flxdisk and more Hard disk organiser optimizer HD menu utility May recover deleted corrupt flies Clicking menu HD system PU 722 PG 482 PG 486 PG 489 SUPERMEGA FRUITS
you may have to send a fee to the author to get a full working copy.
PU 207 SID2 + MULTIDOS transfer files between the Amiga and a PC PU 663 CROSSMAC Read write MAC disks. Shareware PU 654 APPLE 2 EMULATOR Shareware demo version PU 230 PRINTER DRIVERS Inc latest Seikosha. Star. & Citizen drivers PU 067 ESSENTIAL PRINTING UTILS Banners, labels, cassettes etc PU 727 IMAGE STUDIO vl.21 Graphics conversion package PU 615 TERDS v2.3 Totally Excellent Random Dot Strereogram PU 661 AUTOSTEREOGRAM + 3DDOTS Picture converters PU 684 STERIOSCOPIC ...and another 3D Steriogram producer PU 167 MULTIPLOT Data plotting program PU 204 GATORS GRAPHICS TUTORIAL Super D Paint
hints and tips PU 447 MINIMORPH A nice morphing package, plus a good example PU 726 PRINT-A-CARD Pics and templates to produce greeting cards PU 681 ALIENS Good picture and animation viewer PU 713 GFX (A1200 only) Misc graphics programs PU 240 FREECOPY V1.4Removes ’Passbook Protection' on some games PU 426 LOCKPICK 2 Disk copier which may also unprotect programs PU 551 ASI DISK ARCHIVERS PackDisk. P-Compress. A1121.HA. etc PU 700 EXOTIC RIPPER v3 Now rips out Jusl about any music PU 697 TUDE The ultimate degrader and enhancer disk PU 421, 427, 623, and 724 ASI DISK HELPERS 1 to 4 (4 disks) A
selection of essential utilities. Includes: Disksalv2. Dcopy 3.1. Diskmate.
Install Master. Assign Manager. StipcrDupcr 3.1. Bad Format 4.0. CllckNot v 37.3. Guiarc 1.22. Mformat. DiskMaster v3.99 DB v2.0...and more!
Assasin. Bodyblows. Bubble & Squeak. Elfmania. Goal. Isher2. Jungle Strike, MK2. Rise of Robots. Ruff & Tumble. Stardust. Superfrog. Zoof 2 PU 772 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 (There was no 2??) Inc: Allen Breed Special. Beneath Steel Sky. Flashback. Lion King AGA. Parasol Stars. Rise of Robots. Sens! World of Soccer. Skelelon Krcw. Skidmarks 2. And more.
PU 721 EPU STACKER vl.70 Increases HD storage capacity PU 668 SECURITY v3.71 Good prog to protect your HD PU 425 MAGIC WORKBENCH Re-designed workbench, (for w b 2.0+) PU 536 MAGIC WORKBENCH EXTRAS More goodies PU 704 MAGIC WORKBENCH EXPANSION ...and more PU 285 WORKBENCH 3 BACKGROUNDS enhance your WB 3.0 PU 714 6 ICON ARCHIVE A massive 3 disk collection of icons SCION v3.13 Geneology program, appears to be well set out GENIE Another family history data base PU 293-317 HAM RADIO SET 25 disks for only £15.00 PU 666 TELETEXT A hardware & software design project PU 694 6 TERM v4.2 Latest modem
program(3) PU 759 VIRUS WORKSHOP v5.1 Latest update PU 692 VIRUS CHECKER 6.47 1 .atest version Desktop guide to electronic music(3) A simple to follow tuior Preview of MidiCraft mag ..and more ...and more Latest version Latest version Latest version, plus Utils Will play 8 track PC Steamtracker mods Latest music utilities OCTAMED V4 Great music package. Latest PD version SOUND MACHINE vl.5 Converts WAV and VOC to IFF 3 S3 CCOJ Icon creation utility disk Fun useless harks for AGA machines WB 2.04 + Great blanker. Various FX Improved TV titler. New fx. Fonts, etc Excellent shareware video
titling LEARN & PLAY Word & number games for ages 5-10 yrs(2) AMIGA BEGINNER Help and info on the Amiga KIDS DISK 1 Alphabet & Colours. Great for pre-school BACK TO SKOOL I, 2. & 3 Compilation of education progs(31 LITTLE TRAVELLER World geography info PG 518 9 JINX (AGA) A 25 level diamond puzzle Very classy! 2) PG 530 1 CHANEQUES Super Lemmings clone. GET IT. Its greal(2) PG 533 INDYCAR CHALLENGE Car racing management PG 537 8 CHEATLISTER v3.06 100s of cheats & solutions|2) PG 556 TRILEMMA Clever 2 player board game. Gotta think In this PG 557 INFECTION Up to 4 player board game. Fill board
with blobs PG 562 HARRY HADDOCK Great Platform! Inspired by James Pond!
PG 563 KILL THE LITTLE DUDES Excellent shooting platform PG 565 APPLEJACK (AGA) Hey! Its just like Mr Do or DigDug PG 576 POKERMANIA Superb poker machine with loadsa extras PG 578 9 SOFTWARE HOUSE Management game(2 disks) PG 580 PSYCHEVAL (Not 1.3) Just like Allen breed! One level demo PG 581 2 LORDS & EMPIRES (Not 1.3) Super strategy advemure(2) PG 594 5 MADHOUSE (AGA) Monkey Island like grapliic advcnture(2) PG 600 1 SKIDMARKS n CARS (AGA)Extra cars plus install scripls(2) PG 596 JET SET WILLY 3 (AGA) Super typical Spectrum game TEXT ADVENTURE PACK (Improved) A great chance (o gel lnlo ihe
wcalUi of tcxl adventures available on the Amiga, includes: PC 48-Thc Holy Groll. PG 149-A Nigh! Al Ihe Town. PG 204-Thrall Hound. PG 266-Box PG 371-Temporal Misplacement. PG 3923-Thc Suitcase. PG 403-Llte After Death.
PG 432-PsychoWard. PG 4623-Time Zoncr. PG S35-Okllbs Revenge. PG 575-Zul Alors Now... 13 disks for £10.00 (plus postage) PD 068 PHENOMENA ENIGMA Old but great. Demo that set the pace!
PD 268 SOME JUSTICE Freaky gfx + sounds by URBAN SHAKEDOWN PD 284 5 BOMB MOTION Brill fractal landscapes and 3d vectors PD 286 WIT PREMIUM (AGA) Manic rave music, fast flashy graphics PD 287 ANDROMEDA: NEXUS 7 (AGA) A must for AGA Amiga!
PD 297 IN A WORLD OF ASCII (Not 1.3) Very clever indeed. All ASCII PD 301 2 REBELS SWITCHBACK (AGA) Includes superb rollercoaster PM 271 2 CULT TV THEMES Mods of D Man. UFO. Capt Scarlet, etc PM 273 4 HAPPY HIPPO Approx 20 great tracks of new Amiga music PM 275 99 GATHERING MODS. Wow!! 17 disks of LHA archived music modules. 100s of em! Get them all at the special price of £10.99 (+p p) PS 041 2 JIMI HENDRIX Nostalgic pics plus music samples PS 199 3D STEREO SLIDE Its those freaky 3d pictures PS 203 4IRRESPONSIBLE ART (AGA) Great Manga picturcs(2) PP 210 1 POSTMAN PAT(2mb) Amusing cartoon
animation(2) PP 212 3CAPTAIN SCARLETT(2mb) MovioSetter anim - TV samples!2) PP 216 9CHARLEY CAT - GARDENING (2.5mb) Latest great anim (4) See our disc catalogue for more of everything!
Please note: All disks in this advert should work on any Amiga fmin memory lmb) unless otherwise stated. E.G. N1.3 means not Amiga 1.3. A120O or AGA means A1200 only! 2mb means min memory.
PE 054 ARTISTIX Superb art package for kids. Recommended!
PE 058 WORD FACTORY " Brilliant spelling program PE 061 CHESS TUTOR Working demo of good chess tutor PE 077 GCSE MATHS Several lessons and questions PE 086 KIDS DISK 6 Includes Shop a good monev counting game PE 090 ALGEBRA & TRIGONOMETRY For 12s and over PE 105 10 OUT OF 10 MATHS Brill demo of the commercial packs PE 109 SPELLTRIS (nl.3) Educational Tetris Game PE 110 1 STAR TREK GUIDE Hvpcrbook Trek info(2) PE 112 3 TC SPACETRAVEL Demo of Space Travel info program! 2) PE 116 7 PHOTO TECHNIQUES Great photo manual. Gooatips(2) PE 120 WORLD ALMANAC Super A to Z of countries around the globe PB
002 3 ANALYTICALC Superspreadsheet(2) PB 015 TEXT PLUS V3 Great shareware word pro. With spellchecker BUSINESS LETTERS Examples of tricky letters. Useful TEXT ENGINE 4.0 Possibly the best PD Wordprocessor BBASE III vl.3 Comprehensive database FORMS UNLIMITED Nice program lo create Forms LAST WILL & TESTAMENT Examples of wills MONEY PROGRAM Flash accounts personal finance BUDDBASE Comprehensive database. Great docs for beginner Dos 2.0 or higher Spreadsheet Simple electronic diary for the Amiga Another fine finance package Computerised order form for businesses Address dbase & label print A
nice disk labeling program Compilation of business programs Excellent accounts package A brill fruit machine demo Huge seven disk flight sim (2mb) Its like Asteroids but a little special Quiz. More questions available Novel Pacrnan variant Mega and classic game FI GP EDITOR Change names colours power etc GLADIATORS OF DAGANIA D&D 3D maze DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 Good Dynablaslers clone NBS BLITTERCHIPS UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN DISTRIBUTORS lor a fast and reliable service BLITTERCHIPS PD NBS PD 1, CHAIN LANE NEWPORT, I.W. POJ0 sQA TEL Ol 983 5*9 594 FAX 01 983 8*1 599 CLIFFE HOUSE, PRIMROSE ST. KEIGHLEY
BDZ1 4NN TEL 01 535 6*7 469 FAX 01 515 6*7 4** Domain Distributors ART05 Men!2) ART04 WWII Aircraft ART06 Women(2) ARTOH Business ART) 7 Schools ) ART 19 Sport(2) ART" Months ART25 Holidays ART29 )-'oodl2) ART34 TeddvBcars(2) ART'') Florai AR151) Animal Linear!
ART58 Travel(2) ART65 Animal Birds ART69 Transport!') ART7I Astrology(') ART73 Birds ART75 Buildings ART7K Military! 10) ARTS' Analonn(’) ART07 Kids(2) ART 12 Xmas!'I ARTIS Babies ART22 Sealife ART24 Wacky ART26 Banners!') ART'I DTPBorders(2) ART'6 Halloween ART49 More Animals ART54 .SpaceTTransjKiit ART.") Alphabet!’) ART68 Beast Myth!') ART7!) Trucks Trains ART72 Aircraft!.') ART74 Dogs ART76 Sports-Mac ARTS!) Kids Animnls ART84 Camping More available in this set See full catalogue for details.
Original Clipart Collection Collection of hundreds of small clips PU 152 Animals PU 153 Animal. Building, People, Art 1 PU 154 Art 2 (fonts) PU 155 Arrows, Stars, Explosions PU 156 Education, Financial. Arl misc PU 157 Food and Drink PU 158 Environment. Health.Home PU 159 Valentines. Weddings. Leisure PU 160 Birthdays. Xmas. Easter, etc PU 161 Kids. Family. Fashion PU 162 People (Men Woman) PU 163 Signs (Bears. Christmas. Misc) PU 164 Sports PU 165 6 Work and Trades 1. Transport Colour Clipart Please Note: Most of these are in HAM and require D‘ Paint 4 or suitable DTP program MAPS OF THE
WORLD CCL 01 Afghanistine - Botswana CCL 02 Brazil - Czechoslovakia CCL 03 Denmark - Grenada CCL 04 Guadel - Illinois CCL 05 India - Luxembourg CCL 06 Macau - Mississippi CCL 07 Montana - New York CCL 08 Ohio - S. Dakota CCL 09 Senegal - Tuuaw CCL 10 Texas - Zimbabwe GENERAL INTEREST (XT. It Reptiles CCL 12 Actors CCL 13 Actors CCL 15 Aircraft CCL 16 Aircraft Cars CCL 18-26 Birds 18) CCL 27 Cats CCL 36 Explorers CCL 41-51 Flowers III) CCL 28-35 Dogs (8) CCL 37-40 Fish (41 CCL 52-53 Fruits!') CCL 56 Horses I CCL 63-71 Mammals!1))
CCI. 55 Frontier CCL 58-60 lnsects(3) CCL76 77 Pre-History(')
CCL78-81 People(4) CCL85-87 Reptiles!.') CCL 88 Ships
CCI. 71-% Trees!!') CCL 97-100 Vegetables!4 Also available 17
font disks which can he used with Wordworth, Professional
Page, and Page Setter. There are an average of 16 fonts per
disk, and disks in all. Available separately or full set for
just... £24.99 A collection of premium quality programs,
belter than PD. All are full programs with no additional
fees to pay.
NOTE: I disk sets = 0.95; 2 disk sets . C4.95; 3 disk sets = £5.95 EDUCATION AM) HOBBIES CLE0I T.C. DINOSAURS Great pics and facts £4.95 CLE03 T.C. SOLAR SYSTEM Great pics & facts £5.95 CLE05 ACHORD Popular guitar chord tutor £3.95 CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Info, pics £3.95 CLE47 SEA SENSE Rules of the sea. Useful info £3.95 CLE 52 TELL THE TIME Time tutor for kids £3.95 CLE 58 T.C. STARS & GALAXIES Info & pics £5.95 CLE 62 MASSAGE & AROMATHERAPY £5.95 CEE 68 AMIGA PRO TAROT Tarot tutor £5.95 UTILITIES TYPING TUTOR Very popular tutor!
A cnllpchfin nf niv*niiiim imililv nmnmmc Kr*ii.- r Mono, high quality. Clips. Huge bitmaps, many greater than an Amiga hires screen, for use in Dpaint or D TP packages. Most disks autohoot as a slideshow !
IMPORTANT: (21 means 2 disk set...etc ARTOI Weddings!’) ART03 Religious!.') CLU03 TYPING TUTOR Very popular tutor! £3.95 CLU 04 ALPHAGRAPH Super graph producer £3.95 CLU 10 POWER ACCOUNTS Nice bank account £3.95 CLU 31 FLOWCHARTER Makes flow charts £3.95 CLU 36 ILINOIS PRO LABELS Super label maker £4.95 CLU 39 HARD DRIVE MENU 2 Improved £3.95 GAMES CLG08 DRAGON TILES Brill Shanghai game £3.95 CEO 28 TIME R1IT 700 screen, scrolling platform £3.95 CLG 38 QLIINGO Good pub quiz machine £3.95 CLG 40 T.R.A.X One of the best fruit machines! £3.95 CLG 48 THE LOST PRINCE Point & click adv. £4.95 CLG 60
WIZZ 2 Platform game designer! £3.95 CLG 61 WORLD CUP MANAGER Good man. Sim £5.95 CLG 64 MAHJONG & PLUM IT Two classics! £4.95 CLG 66 FRONTIER DEFENDER Like StarWars £3.95 CLG 68 WITNESS Stunning Defender clone £3.95 CLG 70 WINNING POST Horse racing game £4.95 ...and first time advertised PB 071 Gas Trick Work out your gas hill PB 072 Spunriuli.x Mk5 (NI.3) Nice home finance program PD303 Omen Demo (AGA) Excellent new demo PG 551 Therapist You're the patient. Amiga's the doc!
PG 602 Master Blaster New Dynablaster clone PG 604 6 Card Games Deluxe(AGA) 3 disks Video Poker and Blackjack from Rcko Production Loud your Klondvkc curds into this tcxi PG 607 SpringtimeDownward view puzzle. Game of the month PG 609 Carnage Multiplayer Shoot em up PG 610 Fears 2 Fab Doom clone, evervones talking about PG 611 War of the Worlds A 3D virtual reality game PG 612 Nicky 2 Colourful platform. Its good! A must for fans PG 613 Joust A version of the old arcade game PS 201 Mosaic AGA Slide Super hand drawn pictures PT 175 SoundBox Like Sound Machine PU 7.39 Car Data Analyst Programs
to calculate BHP etc PC 740 1 Image Studio v2 PU 747 Iniageriesk vl.2 Latest version now on 2 disks Make thumbnails of your pies PU 748 Final Fax & Patch 030 Speeds FAV in faster machines PU 749 DIY Rekovl.l Make your own cardsets PU 750 Final Wrapper 3 Final Writer update PU 751-3 Finding the Truth 3 disks of UFO stuff PU 760 GFX Converter vl.2 Graphics converter PU 761 Magic Workbench 1.3 Now works on the Amiga 1.3 PU 762 PC Task v3.10 Latest version of this PC emulator PU 763 Dopus Companion Useful extras for directory Opus PU 765 Amiga Fax v 1.42 Latest version PU 766 Frodo vl.5 A new C64
PU 768 Texture Studio v 1.02 Textures for use in Imagine?
PU 769 71 Magic Eye Produce your own Stereograms!(3) PlJ 773 Magic Drive Creates a disk drive in RAM PU 774 AutoSteriogram v4b Updated PU66I. Demo PS 205 Fork Tongue Sepia slides of indians (cowboys) PS 206 UFO (2mb chip) Chainsaw Slippers returns! Wacky PT 177 LOOM (Demo-4mb minlNew way to compose music Finally, hooks on a disk. More available incall Shakcspear s works LIT 28 Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Is. Jekvll&Hyde LIT 29 The Secret Garden plus Flatland and Saracrewe The best selection of PD games ever assembled Here is our top 20 list of the very best.
PLEASE NOTE: The odd game w ill not «ork on certain Amigas ASI .3 Megaball (great Breakout) & Drip ASI 14 China Challenge. Columns ASI 26 Superpacntan, SmashTV ASI 27 Assorted card games ASI .36 Wond'land. Donkey Kong ASI 41 Pacman, Hellzone ASI 46 Checkers. Ouch!. City, Amiga J ASI 60 Pipe.Master. Hunter. Chinese Checkers ASI 65 Paranoids. Chess. Word Puzzles ASI 70 Wangle & the best Tetris ASI 71 Numerix, Battleships ASI 89 Megaball 2.1. Outdo ASI 90 Starians. Flashbier. Minefield ASI 96 Dungeon F lipper. Backgammon ASI 113 Trek trivia. Popeye ASI 151 Krillian. Caffeine. (Brill SEUs) ASI
158 Scrabble. Toad, Vchess2 ASI 168 Dyna-Warriors, I.udo ASI 200 Pub Darts, Battleships ASI 225 Backgammon, SteelDevils, XenoStar SPECIAL Any 10 of the above....£8.00 OFFER .... All 20 of the above...£ 15.00 1 jj'Jj j'rnrjrc jjcrrr rr: Compiled for the new Amiga owner or anyone wanting to discover the wonderful world of Amiga PI) Pack contains: Word processor. Database, Virus Killers Disk. Copier, Selection of great games. A stunning demo Plus our latest catalogue lPleayg_slate Amiga model) A total of S £ disks for onlv Inc Our PD collection is now HUGE!! For a full catalogue just send 3
x 25p stamps. Includes a full list of Education Demos. Utilities. Music Utilities Business.
Animations. Demos. Games. Music. Fonts, Business.
Clipart. Education. & more!
Collection of the best lotterv programs PI 689 COP THE LOT Si.hcn past numbers, but pick' random Its w mien in Cando. So looks nice' PI 756 BALLS (AGA) Quite mcel) presented, this one will show you the most popular and least popular numbers on the lotterv Keeps track of the past numbers too.
PI 757 NATIONAL LOTTERY (Liberty Software) Shareware demo of the lull program, which we think is best program around for he serious Lottery punter Its based around a scientific picker to favour missing or v pular numbers, but it also contains a powerful user editing system. E.g. If you hmk there will be no tonics this week it will leave them out. Want a specific tumber of oddv’evens. Or ihc numbers added together to be over te.g ISO. Then his will do it S ndicatc entry'1 Need 100 selections0 No problem.
PU75X PRO LOTTERY Another shareware demo, and the best looking program Will only pick random numbers in this version Also includes a very interesting program explaining how random' is opposed bv the law of averages!
PI 775 LOTTO LUNACY Thanks to R Webb for this, probably the best pure PD lottery program available. It keeps a data base of w mning numbers, then analyses them to show most and least x»pular Also gives a grjphicjl representation of numbers drjwn. Include tor sure!
The above programs are PD available al our usual price of 9Vp plus p p CLU 43 LOTTERY FORECASTER ..£3.95 Liccnccware Pun picket based on bmhdavs. Stars, luckv numbers etc CLU 44 NATIONAL LOTTERY £3.95 nccwarc Checks and stores numbers. A will look for patterns for n ;jkl: Send your order plus your name, address, t BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE! I and a cheque or P O to either of the PD libraries in this advert. Cheques should be made out to that company. For super fast results vou mav phone in vour order with vour ACCESS or VISA card number. Delivery will normally he
NEXT DAY! Example order Ml PD now only £0.99 tminimum order £2.110 inc postage: 9dnk% at 99i • £8 91 Only 40p each Please add 50p to the total price, to cover post and packing 11 k only Plu. . Nlni t94l 11 .... Vrid 25p per disk postage World.... dd 5llp per disk. VX i.s pas more lor die same thine "Chase me, chase me; catch me catch me." Steve MacGill tries to give his little red car a turbo-boost and overtake the competition.
Turbo Trax ¦ V HOW TURBO TRAX COMPARES TO... fMii m a ROADKILL Serial link is an immediate advantage, but the lack of reactive atmospheric sound and weaponry makes it less absorbing than Vision's racer.
There's not enough grunt, flair, or ground-breaking performance in this new top- down racing game from Arcane for it to seriously challenge the, undoubtedly deserved, top-grid positions of Super Skidmarks, Micro Machines and Roadkill.
It is capable, though, of gaining points against the other games' weaknesses, with the exception of Super Skidmarks. An area that lets it gain vital percentage points in the race toward a high score.
Take Micro Machines. While undoubtedly a revered classic, the traction of the cars feels just that little bit too slippy-slidey for complete comfort; a problem that's dogged just about every Codemaster's top-down racer, from Formula One Grand Prix simulator on the Spectrum onwards.
Not so with Turbo Trax. The guys at Arcane have taken a lot of time to get this bit just right. And it shows.
The cars are responsive and provide just enough slip-differential feedback for the label of 'intuitive control system' to apply. But the ground gained with the controls is rapidly lost when the options available for multi-player fun are considered.
Other than a serial link - an area I'll come back to - no other options exist to play against another human.
It's here that Micro Machines excellent 'chase me, chase me; catch me, catch me' frivolousness gives it the turbo-boost needed to keep it way in front of Arcane's challenge.
Even HypeRace, a top-down PD racer reviewed in AF70's PD Select, splits the screen so that four human players can take part at the same time. Turbo Trax is solo-fare only in this respect. A shame, and a deficiency that could be detrimental to sales.
There are five different scenarios to race over. Each scenario has five different circuits. Here we see the starting grid for the desert.
According to Arcane, some of the scenarios are easier to race on. While the difference is subtle, I had most success with the Indi circuits. (Above.)
I £4; I I 'i If you go down to the Woods today you're in for a big surprise. If you go down to the Woods today you better go in disguise. So, let's race.
Head-to-head with RoadKill, Trax fares little better than it did with Micro Machines. The combination of reactive atmosphere, enhancing speech, music, weapons, carnage, and hi-octane destruction, accelerates RoadKill into a different racing-stratosphere.
Turbo Trax offers rudimentary SFX or music. There is some speech, but it's for information rather than offering encouragement a la RoadKill style: Trax has "Last Lap" and 'Turbo!'1; RoadKill has the growlingly grungy, "Go for the Super Jackpot" and 'Take his life", followed by a few stirring rock and roll chords when the goal has been achieved.
The only saving graces of Trax when up against RoadKill is that it offers more than double the number of tracks - 25 versus 12 - and has a serial link option which, at least, ensures human contact if the requisite equipment is available.
On the positive side, then, there's nothing really bad about the game.
It's attractive graphically; handles well; offers racing practice and time trialling on any of the 25 circuits; is fiendish, but not unconquerable in the difficulty department; and supports a serial link for dual-player competition.
On the negative side, there are areas where the charge of "could do better" applies. All of the corners consist of 90 degree bends, so a lack of variety exists in the structure of the circuits. Imagine owning a Scalextric set where this was true. Boredom would quickly set in.
Collision with other cars can be frustrating when, by rights, they should be pushed out of the way - particularly true when a car shuts the door on a bend and the player's car hits it. Rather than knocking it off its line and giving the player an advantage, damage and deceleration are experienced. Frustrating.
In all, Turbo Trax is competent and enjoyable to play. But it's not outstanding enough to make it an essential purchase.
Publisher_ Arcane Entertainment Price_ £29.99 Versions_ A500 600 1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date_ Early August Graphics 8 out of 10 Street-racing sections are wonderful. The others are pretty enough.
Sound_7 out of 10 Solid, competent chassis and body work provides adequate feedback.
Addiction 8 out of 10 Yes. Sense of achievement at winning or attaining a place in the race provides impetus to continue.
Playability 7 out of 10 90 degree bends and one set difficulty-level lets this side down.
Overall verdict_ Nothing's on show that hasn't been done before. Link option provides interest for true competitors.
79% ¦ True racing aficionados will find the game too limited.
PLEASE sac TOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIBUTORS TOUR ORDER MU BE SAME DRY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLASS ROST SOFTWARE-® We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE S0FTWAF1E 2000 Dept D4 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678068 How to order To order any dlak just write the disk title and the dlak code, EG U01 Ageno Soma tltlo havo a number In () this meant the title comet on (») number of dlaka To order PACK Juat write down the pack TITLE name will do ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Price ..99p per disk
Pack price as slated. Ail Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) (Europe add 25p per disk lor P&P) (Worldwide add 50p per disk PSP) G0J7 PLOTTING IX1 tee* OH aOo !'S Ouj'xaj!CnfSa*J’teumnrrj 1112 CJBULUS IbswJ cn a RlOX CUBE 1121 LAMATKJK (wo M reoxe BoWMI 1127 D6FENDA 8ni«rf datortn Xno
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AMIGA-BOY-Gama Bey rrniatr . Tetm G732 DETHEU IN SPACE
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Mi94 JESUS ONE’S (2 arts!
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B&ztssSgss 0j?1 WEDCX'K’.VOEOA-MI (2 daia) Ret raaO Part ss SET VttO TTTVOt - vary gxd ran Mto STAR-TREK MANIA U757 150 PRINTER DRIVE LAROEST COLLECTION OF PRINTER DRIVERS Printer Rack i art st»t urn ii n sbsst erong pna»™ iMcuily «syn r fcr omtoy wk hflh rkr r oocumvns lexi A omm tact and t a **r tot* to pnnt out ASBccVea ivor handy! Easy touts A must tor any Amiga owner wtlfi printer Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 A500 WCR09CH U.. U330 Vftrtbanch 2 04 BTUato ma*« yax cotrcuar nr mapy new ASX!A,vA603sc«vs«e A50C-A6XV A12CG A4CC0 UM U3» RrtxM V1 4 to maka yau» ccnoJ» tin trany cf be oO
A500 scftroie LG29 RELOCKTT 14 Cfl U3M WotVtarch 2 04 only 9ft WORKBENCH EXTRA UTILITIES Collection of the best WS utiUtws Nke TooLDeamoo Snoopoos V3 low f*e finder.
Memory monitor. Latest wua tolar. Wb dak Copier etc much too many to tot AB on 2 diaka only C 1.98 (not WB 1.3) RECOMMENDED GAMES CHEATS Play your favourite gamos to* agos? But tan’t get to tho end ot th« levels on games?
Having problems with some gamos?
5 disk pack with 1000’s ol games cheats, hetptlevei code action replay poke etc should holp you tlnlsh many games suitable for all AmiBM only C4.9S XV IVIOS 7NS e be tvpMf eotMOr cf Arran hrtt. 9pe SWPhc pto- caanx iwtna sxrautrm yxta. Ualoot *** SeatenraXnes Knryi tcmdr*Xcgansei uMes awceoxi* T*miMA ltweynj»rtemcnajsey.
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A:nig* a-netf, U50? SCCRPX3N MAPFER II Ma rg mtc* cf game torob U503 PRCCALC SkD M t jncJcn catoJoto U5W HOT STUFF rroni uU » ctotwwc** U505 VIFBJS KILLER 4 DISK FCSAiSgT rEPAR KIT U507 DCOPY VO PROFESSIONAL EaotartOikccw U5O0 U.T BOOT BKXCK 40- rox4Ax ge »rotot"njMr U510 LlTWATE BOOTBLOCK Catotto II - mcro U5 2 ZRCCN UTIL 30M06T USEFULUTV 2 brflant U515 VAT COMPETE LfTIL JO mar j*»j ka» U516 AAC6 FRACTAL *»» mane U521 SPECTRA PAINT III OM to Cpart U542 SEA » RSE C1CATS rrcro cnouCparoMidt« U560 SCENERY CCNSmuCTON KiT FRACTAL, rocorrmwa U5fii ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK (Mr 50 bxAxkroototo U556
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ra CM naar r»X»c»**re RECCA4VENKD U»i Del TRACKFR 2 OmcB pey el "uec mMiettorrac ReCCAWEhCtD U061 SCNCOftAJ- VZMjMdNmwrone U» OSKayYP*»tlOdrtcwi UW3 OPT MM Vto 1 Met cciei n b » deto aperCWmae cc RECCAW£hO£D LBSS Nnxrxx. BENOALUk ' 55 (NOT Wdt 3 CaTpetoAmv to-uewc R£ X**€NC€D LB06 CCWPLETO WO UTL (2 06KS) Oa b be Mrt cb ccrtrtcn Min L«7 0S FCPAW idT 4 rrtjdat drt roper. TxrtMe.
K« roaex oawroee. MtU ac U950 STEFEOSCOPfcWe A*A«0 l3)Tha*r* RAADCiA OOT STEREOGRAM ggrwato LSS1 FORTHPRCORAAeAING AOTWOia v S6 PRO PAGE 2i -€LR 0(% Lroiga hato be to pro lSJ'fW PAGE TEUPIATE icna b road. MMe L«7 SCALABAOCGfkXNOaOrtA) Wyh gjbty mroqea to caa-•* Scab L PROGRAM ICMOER Net. Nnl dro r-mrtj Lwi VAGAZK4: £ toeue 3 2dak*: Emiart da* nogur* broeeareroicro-xalckn L«2 IVAGNEV2BXOY SYSTEM 2 OCXS cntoa be©
• Aja to AUGNE 2 jte L«3 AA*0S 4 ANC6P«0CCA*MM, EXTENSCN UX6
1AXT1PRNT rrtdaa row rwoger 2 et: L«7 Pfo GAMBLE Sc(to rona
roedrtto COMMODORE VIC 20 (plus) emulator + 30 top Vic 20 Game
n h*r* (Half? Pa COMMODORE bibf VKOO. Th* pick com etih ovtr 30
MgtfrmirraidsklruT kecCy bc« ill Wi h»w 7 wiM ntiM tar the
JolinJAmM*«*ri«iAGA (xAIJCOAkXCPlMHiLiW ¦mnwairm Only £2.99 154
VU for the Amiga. It fully emulate the C64 computer so you can
play all the top C64 games, eg. JetPac, Rambo. Batman, AirWolf
and many moro on your Amiga. You can also even write any pro
gramme In C64 basic etc. Just like owning a real C64 computer.
All4urC64 push on AMIGA 0,t % ith any Spetrcum pack, il is possible to play all the ifllnal Spectrum games. Beside play games you can wnte )ur own programme in ii; - I IS, Sncimui a m wm mm Special offer |C64 & 45 games pack iSpectrum V2 & 50 games |Vic20 & 30 games i Alj 3 f.Qf only £9.99 'See description left for details of each pack.
I When ordering please Sfate which Amiga you I own so we can send you the correct pack.
I (now Thu offer cannot De used with our FREE dife to*en lOffer only available with this toxen offer ena 1 SB 95) C&4 W a @§m®& ipmsik C64 & 45 original games...£ 4.99 C64 & 100 original games...£ 8.99 C64 & 200 original games...£16.99 Note: All games have been fully tested and listed. Our oxlstlng 45 game pack which previous advert been replaced by this new 45 games.
SPECTRUM & SO GAMES PK1 ONLY E4.99 SPECTRUM & 100 GAMES PK2 ONLY £7.99 SPECTRUM & 200 GAMES PK3 ONLY £12.99 SPECIAL OFFER PACK 4 TaKe SPECTRUM ooclc 1, 2, 3 S oxlra 50 now games FREE Total 400 games (or ooly £19.99 new saRMgsaajwtfsr Disk drive head cleaning kit imercve CO&rq & javrq pmgrsm* n*p Ucc Os»j tic Only £2.99 or £1.99 with any order over 5 disk AGA ftmng «for toe A120O A4000 OM.V. AGA031 EXTENSION DEMO Slurrtng demo wCi lad lanovapo anm am a rotanrujcrty BB " 0*n arl« mo ben AQA rjerro AGA032 FRAC’AL GENERATOR Bunrij rwj to 2Mcoloue AGA003 WORKBENCH HACK merry KaOAjybfcnkei oK
AQACOfl NEW SURER KILLER *ror. & ul CUV 316 ly;*ii iX wl& . Mua tot a« A12(Xl aMna AGAOT7 MINOWARP cm d toe very hB deircs lo toe A12C0 AGA098 KLONDIKE DELUXE AGA (3D) S(rr«Vy it* deal A1200 cvO o*me» wto c Ctoio roue !»* « m cent
tiuy A1300 Derma AOA013 W-CR INVADER 2 (36l .ory c-iy-L-e
INVADER cttoeiettoWeyttBcmeiiff LgeOidfin AGA015 FONT OF SCALE
GreatAiMOmy Owrca aqe3'6 ervemov ‘«N qocm demo AGAOI7 WORLD OF
MANGA AGA (4 OtSKj «n*ytocon JofO"voo time *• 9 ton itvAiJoe
Jajxnooe Cn«c* bifani ” °n AGA021 fAAGlC WORKBENCH Iroiom toe
a* al you V B4 am acme tircscr. M voir V(B (0*ty 8RU.IANT
AGA02? WB 3 UTILITIES IsoO* ol V B 3 rrty iaiw We CegrMti etc
NcMlc. Peo"*- AGA023 Uct«5S toe bed c *si cvoyam games so t«r
but roqurae 4 mogatylne *Url gncmci AQA024 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN
Gnw becktMv K A1200 (rot beprarj GiF BEAUTiES n om qi to.
IwhMI (Malto gto Pciuea iivntUOs (MB) y ml mvove yn» AGA62 9COYSHOP i Aton t» above AGA64 BOOYSHOP 2 2D| Mere or mewt AGA« BOOVSHOP 3 More of above BUSINESS CABO MAKER - fan Print m ecdc DATA BASE WORKSHOP (?) Brilliant PACK SPREAD SHEET Very emy to usM iptoodal QUICK BASE Very povrerlul Oamt-eie (iiy RIM OATABAtiE O'-v-orfu! OoUbeae * Ml DC AM1BASC - Pf!)t»»««0'i*l il "e belt dat-ibm TEXTRA Can MM »».m«i rloi umantl at one* WlSt vITy "w..1D,.l°S?U6-»aa U°B'" VJ»CAIC Otaat Celeb, i. mt% o lunclionm MONEY PROORAM .ety ACCOUNT MASTER V?
HOUSE INVENTORY - ADORESS PRINT v? 1 n TEXT-PLUS V4 o iho.o SIONAL LITTLE OFFICE 2 Harddrive & disk drive space doubler Ip. Tl S DUI SoiSttt tM MB »t »• ho « MM Dm. Ilto* up.utI KCMUfEW) W71OTVU antf ,M» 5IATAIU FM m S COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA Ft A Y T Ft A Cl NG IMAGINES 01 IMAGINE FI Formula 142 (2 disk) 03 IMAGINE - 2000 League & Stream 04 IMAGINE - Ammal-plant (2 dak) 05 IMAGINE - Computer accessory 06 IMAGINE - Fighter Plane 07 IMAGINE - Human Body Ctect 08 IMAGINE - Jet 2 helicopter etc (2 desk) 11 IMAGINE - Manga 2 (2 disk) 13 IMAGINE - Mustc Instrument 14 IMAGINE - Robots (3 disks) 17
IMAGINE-Sea Guest 18 IMAGINE-Space Ship (4 disk) 21 IMAGINE- Star War 22 IMAGINE-Slnorav 4 Sea Odiect 23 IMAGINE - STREET FIGHTER 24 IMAGINE - Tram |2 disks) 27 IMAGINE - True FONTS (5 disk) 30 IMAGINE - Various Obiecl Vol 1 i5 drsk) 35 IMAGINE - Various Obiect Vol 2 (5 d=sk: 40 IMAGINE - Various Obiect Vol 3 (5 *sk) 50 IMAGINES UTILITIES (3 disks) Lots of various util for convert, distort, create morph ett Imagine Object. Not for beginner 53 IMAGINES 2 BU0DY SYSTEM |2 disk) Brilliant insunt on line hekrtutoral on every imagine command RECOMMEND 150 VARIOUS IMAGINE OBJECT 150 all sort of
object rangmg from disk box to star ship enterprise onfyC7.99 60 IMAGINE -Aliens 61 IMAGINE - Star-Treks 62 IMAGINE - Babylon5 1 63 IMAGINE - BabylonS 2 64 IMAGINE • Manga Babe 65 IMAGINE - Dart* 66 IMAGINE - Dinosaurs 67 IMAGINE - RcCocop 68 IMAGINE-Human Body 14) AGA88 BOOYSHOP 4 (20) Mote c« aeove AGA70 BOOYSHOP 5 20l More c4 aOcva AGA7? BOOYSHOP 6 (201 More of stove AGA74 BOOYSHOP 7 (20) More d aMva AGAA3 PTCHCK I See BOOY SHCR to r3e»«Kto AGA8? FtTCMCK 2 (20) See AGA4I to OBScnrOon AGA8* FTTCKCK 3 (20) See AGA4T to amci%*nn AGA14C CROSS DCS Pi US V5 ireeO'ente =C Idea AOA-41 FAPRARr ART2
20) «« 0« Fentto 4'By AuAi42 SUPER LEAGU& - we* menage- g»ner AGA14* SPEAK 4 SPELL - eoucfflonai Mlrmire to kjQ, AGA146 BK, TCPS (IB* onty! Hmmm AOA«46 KelOS LAND - C-Ra-* pWom pur*, - ao ¦ muW AQA 150 ACTON REPLAY VS - NEW UPDATE TO V4 AGAtW OlOER THIZ very (Miyutto 256 cc*ou platta erty A5 Oqi AGA ib* ONDY_CRALVFORO VcJ I 2 U*I ttttsl it AOA'66 BvFESTATON a Oe.1 The vttmaW) AGA otcxi AGA 170 OND Y CftALVFORO W 2 2 Osto.i amazm AGA172 ViCCO TRACXER AGA - uKmaie demo mator AGAC81 ASSASN A1203 RX DSK 2 (nevW Ike atwvo bn nrto ne* cCoctcn ictAereri) flog'aov - rocornmomea you buy cot" «i
super AGAOM RE LOCK T VI 4 lo»U Run SOFTWARE AGAT74 VAGIC W9 EXTRA Vc«. T 4 2 (2 tteu.i AGA 180 GIF BEAUTIES V« 11 18) 8 noi gn dm AGA 188 FRIDAY AT 6 other Sri*ar AQA Oamce AGA’90 A5SASIN MulTIVISJON AGApe wcwrn ut AGAtWALiES niEENTE 2 payor cinitnj . P.iwar v* AGA'W BG T-ME SENSUAL «*¦! SPACE BALL 2 AOA21X VASQUERAM 2 do. CnOar. Puzzl. Garnet AGA2CG PAM JAM 94 4 can so done (2 dfe) AGA203 EXPUXIT 2 DEMO me «*foa vrfe acre AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN 2 Ml aquree 2 del a**s »op20G 1MWI cl awui - eacafton tool AGA210 CHASEl 2 DiSK MAG (2D) A1200 da.
"WitoM AGA220 KLONIKE NEW CARD SET (7 detoi AGA2X LOVE 2 do. - tmp Dni-m AGA23I AGAUTX 7 A 8 (2 dato) mere ul AGAW7 A12CD UTIL - AGA TESTER. SYSNFO «c
MADFIGHTER 2 cnlum obeet (qtw cto* AOAiCD AGABUTZ SCREEN
24 Smav to ebOr.
AGA105 QuiCK GRAB AGA - can grab AGA xteena AGAU0 V ORLD BE'ONDS 1 (31 W torg 2M CO.OUW tamaay art Leaven Attn vnem rvMDieet AQA'14 SMELL like CHANEL Nc* BmtonKtom
• syrace pctoei ever reteeaM cn toe A12CO aoAui MAOC FACTORY '
STAR TREK Iftdofel AGA 13) AGA L Til V, AQA jfr concMKr AGA134
AGA UTIL V2 mere AGA lid cerr*.ttJeto AQA135 AGA UTIL V3 rxre
ol oDcn* AGA240 LOTTERY 1A
U. GRE AGA 0i -ifl We ttoc toe antra cotocbor 4 to AGA GAVE
GALORE e*to no* pw* aaoy AGA ccmwnwe gamn* RECCMMENDED AGA251
PACKMAN AGA - toe tes oecman yei AGA252 RXKET PO - Super Bvus
done ttito" AOA241-258 AQA ¦ AGA 136 AQA UTIL V4 mere cl Bove
raw*® WB3Web«c cn to nara ow The Largest collection ol demos
ever released this pack contains over 100 lop demos. Musi lor
all Demos. Our lop seller REC0MMEN0 Only £7.95 suitable for
any AMIGAS Special Packs ONLY £4.99 PER PACK Board Gamos Pack
1 (5 disks) Bnlhant co«®cUon ol me Deal Doara games eg.
SCRABBLE (new) Monopoly. Chess Dice. Dominoes. Clue oct Much
loo many lo Ht Arcade Games Pack 2 (5 disks) Collection of the
very besl classic arcade games EG centipede Space inveder.
Pecman, oct S many mote RECOMMEND Card Games Pack 3 (5 disks)
Carefully pick the forest card games fee Poker. Spade. BWJge.
Blackjack. Pontoon. SoMare Klonttoe act A many more Puzzle Games Pack 4 (5 disks) 5 fflsK pack with quality puzzle games fee Srmon, Rub* Cube PuzzWord, Picture Puzzle & many more. Much too many to Hat Mini Workbench Games (5 disks) Oe cA tie meet rtereeang pao« 5 c*M crammed tul of utKjue »ry but perfoct mpea aanaa a w ike paymg on r* Gorr* Boy It can be oxseonsy Am B f*ry a toy gamo Ikes Paonan Twotecs RECOMMEND MANGA AKIRA Oamoi AlbM (»«•.&(*«£ MANGA Sttsks ••if,£S * Run on aH AMIGAS CO' Bob'Oi A Ch.Illior. C09 Boar* (2 dii.si CtO Border* C11 Building CM Business CIS cats a Dog* CM Comtes
C17 Msliowoan CIS Logos Cte Maps C23 Spac C24 Spons C2B TeOOtos C?fl Transport S Trevel C27 WoOOtrvgs C29 Women A Men (2t CJO Xmas Cjt Disney ci-p Art C32 Comte dtp art CP01 CUP-ART VOL • Cl Os.il CP0J CUP ART VOC J 15 *«n CKO CUP-ART VOL 3 .5 dn.ii CP04 CLIP ART VOL 4 .1 at.ii CPOS CUP-ART VOL 8 (S 4M aencato icr2cWyer AGA2S3REAL 0EM0 ibrrevi tcrec* eAactt AGA2*s ORT AQA »«ira 256 ccto* afecta AOA2S5 CccXUC EXPLORE etfetot wr«« 4GA254 KEFERE-N AGA oe+c «. CY e»ttct AOA257 MNOMOST RAVE geet -to. Rmac AGA2S6 OXYG&4E FaraaA (tome AGA2MINTELOJT amtoar .toy goers (tom AGA2fG SOME JJSTX W omx)
C to ntoTL Crtto* enneDaa R£CCAWO««D AGA2&7 TO THE DEATH ,*-y pod STREET FCHTER
- «3 9»a 7«£f»c AGA283 GEOWf GAUXO (2 Mo; t n»* t RECOMMENDED
votttttflcr'" oeme F AGA206 MSSVE OSER ZENCIN (2 Oewi B
• mtae (ominw att lenuttc gx-s AGA268 TEAM HO DNO PLATFORM »«»***
dno Nettom (43M toe om *m a ctotwarcrai game AGAL-M TEAM HOI
SAGA Tha Fro'- cnapto (3 Om; T+e littmate r oeno am on 3 Onto
AGA266 RAYWCWiD (3 MU) very ncreM** AGA270 CREAf DEMO - to
0125« V«cto ebe» AGAZ73 EMPTY HEAD toi c vector+a, tra» AGA274
MuStC 2 SUFMVE 2 Oek. 4 oicekerr muac Toiler Enacts Wea *cm
CHA7Z4EVI tttue t (AQA) (2 datol AQA Dale
(36. (TtoMznes RECCMMENDED AQA279 AGA UtUee rvatong Came X.
Scoe-Otccr V3. Ne» Menu 2 eto RECOMMENDED AGA180 CHA1Z4EL 2
anue 3 (2 detol AGA atk moMflne - pel toe meat at of Opera
AGA282 CHANNEL 2 «aue 5 (2 datoi AGA do.
Maaumetooc Oomotrvtoc AGA28S WOFlKeEMCH BACKDROP VOC (5) Stumrq AOADaMroptoWB AGA286 SPECTRUM EIAJLATCR VI 3 AGA uiMI Spec»i emulator to AGA crty IMEW 4 i I Games I 0 j T Th® very latest games pack. This pack contains over 100 of the very top games. Includes some of tho very best Games ever released on PD All games are selectable via menu A must for all Games players Suitable for any Amlgn only Cl 3.99 101 GAMES 2 RICE ONLY £12.99 VnylfttiiiwKlgiaiiaaptox uanf hm 4 M nt, b» a K pm to 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £10.99 SntrJ cetact* tl err Ijfl ol M .«r ur t i jitw rrtafci Wl*& I Tm. Bmptf, re
IfucMx mir U ht Vary un C or at* i yW Uoe 91m aw «fi tA pUnm oftxtei COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AlUGAS “Special offer. 200+ games only 19.99 See deecnpUon of 101 Games pack 14 2 sbovs lor dstals Limited offer Ore of the fnest collections of fonts available. Sutable for Dpafftf ©C or Scala. WcrO-processcr. VV3 DTP etc This Pack consists of nearly 700 dftereni types cf fonts also most fonts come m vancus sizes, makrg nearty 1500 fonts (Estimate) teAnxAwLllFFMtl his irKlu& 1500FONTS only £12.99 magic wb isrrtfm Hirtortoi oi b'hu'i VjpcKJ i«*B*a*op t c VagcWfl 03 W W VOLUVf S i? TXW) Uipi-.WB 04 (ITBA
Vol JUI 4 a DISK' UsgeU10S EXTRA VOLUME S 7 DSKj MeKWB Oft (THA V0iiA«f 11? PlSK| 0u»t» wname v ujmim »d-»!»v.+ pem+n
• O' um »-P WijiiWB Csn M enthoul Utflic'ftB on (rtt? UmVciirn
i B3 WB csnemi WeacWB 2ft BkMioc 4 pmcrn V! It) UapcWB 29
BeMflfOO 4 (Him V7 (2) UsjcWB 0 SEXY Bkte*op Ma5 WB31 160« new
Po.«1rf MagCWB 33 Ue-qa iwn 4 ftiWtt* 4 otrer |2| MEW - TITLES
AOAMCASSAS FiX DCSK Soeywe uU tor vioB K*mm «i ne a i
2XXA4000i um DELUXE PAC.T 4 aoov SYSTEM Get fie rriM cu hlu
Parr me Hap 4
* O'r'i mery U or -.conTiril nCtoertngraroeuuec RECCMWEND U981
VRUSCHECKFR V6 6i T ver, Vkdo- U9B? DfflECTOfiY OPUS V4 «M
Etta Ccmrena U983MAOCVS8 4IMC.CMEWJ &XT Latel vow U989
Largo afectoi * -C-cm* pn ar.
Eo IcoaxJSPatmxn 4 rrttny note U971 HARD-DSK 4 FlOPPY CBSK OOJ01EH iEjaji F** Wbi 3
0) 72 R GESTREAW V3 F to. Wry uOov wn U973 OOT FOR 800 . QAMES.
LEVEL CCOE Cne« VMCS 1 74 HD GafytES INSTALLER 2 naaa ic« o+C
eo20 X2.
F ae Of toe fttWMcft. CoroaC 4 many owe U975DlASV2CHPmC uxn«(ttoao. ¦xc.13) L878 MAGC SUCTCR V1 Uep: WB QaO. (Ko U977 MAGCWS CCN ARCHIVE (3) 1000 e ol MG«e ecra LtaTP CCN ACHF*VE,3) UX0 • cf renrm hxrWy UW0 V1C€0 TR4CKER 2 OEMD WAKSP (AGA Ve* «teo Ml) U98! VX3CO TRXOLEA-5) Vtoic r-waje 4 tfoa ta km G866 AUEN OENCOCC » 9 cc« Mere set n «ar» Onec»rotao».P*»*(iarTxm G*D SUPEF4a«TTl£ Zof Vec» Tirk »r»»r« V«13| G901 M-A-S» t tnea to A.NTWAA (M, i£M4NG 4 V CRM CU Mh *3 d Vmpai (BAxr.
G3C3 BbJLDEFICASH CAUE CONSTFWJT Cft KiT Q) too GOO* LAST SCUXER (2) rrvtt ei pflBrrr .jyre, OWCSeCRTECH i2j e«e«ALf N BF€EO cxne CW» HANGMAN foe. «er». A ne com * q C&ilHX. SPACE Pufcr-. G*me* G90 COUXffWAVA MobKHOV V fuzro i*~m AOO ApiTER up»c: ** “cue =r re cctoox* Acex vd re e*roa 6Wt -RECOACWP AQA2S60€-UxX£ UONOPCLV Q rtomeV AGA2«OOWEYKCreGA'Axcfexcmenm AGA397 BOM) P*C Eoeemy goca c £»*, AQA_'V« XXXl ’ : nt Jrw .~Oo-y.fl KmtrtfKt* Omr.t*Om E» AGA290 SCRAaBiEMwr My on •« Amge AGA0J3 OAT. C V)8 V2 Dtmo d ew 2 AOAX2 TUTANBHAM EoxnvE(Man 1A44MY AGA333 PAMELAANCERSCN (2) IB. Crty B A'Anr
Babe AGAM4 0COYSK ve (3) mom bfcto be Aee AGAX6 TMEZOSf i2) Vgcc AGAK7 DEVTAWCLf Oxrra a»no AGAXW NA)QS Reatyfeo***!*) AGApapncoo tt AOA310 FEARS «2* ooora cfcne amno AGAT12 JNX Cta *c*3e pun» tyro qama*8 fe- AGAH3 RAM ,iAV * € TASTE Of NO very wOoi oomo.
AGA315 ILEX l YSTC NtovAGAaoreeOeoO VIRTUAL WORLD OE»AO 50 ALL NEW S*€CTWjV GAMES («).1or SPECTRUM Brxv M300 DYNAMO |20. EntMrieriW M382 RAVE F4ATON Anotoe» CrOanl "MB dfe 0*0 SONC T»€ -tOOEHOG Mar* demo E210 LEARN 4 P AY 3 Laleet taxasm 4 Game* E240 BARNEY THE 0EAROCES CAMPNO CWOreaH »*to yrw reu ¦CXUanmM EmlCOfrMS GUC€ VI lEve torqyauneedkriMHMrtoarraato tooiNIEF SET A B6S mm tor or, Arrvg omo* U988 V1Ru&WC«CShCP V* 7*ie be«t Wue mb U987 ORAPMCXXNVERTER (20) meet tome coe- U968 njFBCCAr Auto aibUQAi ycu dfe tw, JM AUTO0OCT DISK MAKER V4 -B* mew, carpttur iMh erxix feel err oxt *» «Ao« B»
er yA-r e cemer l-W KC-SCW GAMES OEAT 0Jfc» » -«L e er UW1 PDCATALOGLC CREATCWBr OA oen Bar, CW2 SCCK&SM 4 Mae Wn«y nee 0983 MAGiNE STUOO V2fiO| The CM PO ireg xa?*) pKBewx r Mecji ¦v* mo r-*xrr-e cMiixelrqruimdvxtc mkiJi AGASOVAGOWeCONCREAW Lcto2S6o»z E241 MATH ATTACK- AtoTa rNM prr«e tor tow E242AMMAL A' VOe«B'yOx« J3 Exeu.
£20 PCTUPE MATXSMtre fe « • OAA APCUO 2 Umoi c Aoofe?
C»10 HAPRYHAXCCK Mn M9y~» Gpii ART CF BFEAKNG KAD (M Mibck* MtieCcrW acre( tea Brtofl f*av«'. 3 G912 MAW3LE FENDER Smeto ic ctoe tor* a to eto
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iCvCCFntRflU, i Oeeen Krfci.
G915C01VWARS VeryaMctM2 Mayogemee OJ1B ISLAND ¦**, he l*n» Q917 lAATCH CM.Vfey me (»1« FSSHY F»fY very j?x« AGA320 KLCNDNE 3 IM») •« w A tab foM a W cff 25 cenJi atXMi U981 BAAGPC STUDO V2 ftMGE PROCES»WrN«lo xmTwa» IP cctfng (00» ££ (nc t 3) U982TEXn»E STVOO Rerdet ftiVxis TfeJjreto lm e«i Irr jne 3 m3 r« FPU Int 1® U383 PFOGAM8LES V? Mm to M gmrOv* AGA321 W3T«AK 1 (2) A&A322 HOT-fiABE 2 (?) 9Uirvq model AGA323 H0T4ABE 3 (2) AGA324 HCTTeASE 4 J2) AGA325 KTSA8E S ® G919 COP T € LOT Pm Luoa umr, pwfci W20 LOTTERY Pf yFESONAL Th. Vnor « re £ «**» ton USA&Cirvek , CD-ROM SOFTWARE i Active
Software, Dept AF74, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL3 8YT -Tel : (01325) 352260 mm~ 3D ARENA £22.99 A supert) 30 CO mat raoenDy wcavM 94°. Iron Amiga Format’ Cottar-* man, m~ objada lor imagne. Lightwave ard Real 30 lor m« Arraga and PC cvrpAa'a On* Vk V «cfcisv* asoect lor that CD it the 248H Oub * ctttociulmagm tor UgMwave Yowl only hnd mem on here! Along Mm me abjeca mere are ottOute Haa. Tutor** i*4M« and a damo vwaon c* Raal 30 v2 35 Suparb 3D CO lor at Arrvgaf’C uawrft PHANTASMAGORIA professional backgrounds and textures Phantasmagoria are a professional graphics firm based n
Bristol. Avon . They have provided textures and backgrounds lor video, ray-tracmg and image work for the lasi five years Then entire collection, consisting of 520* 248 t backgrounds anil textures, is present on this CD-ROM There are the very high quality 24Bit JPEG files for video, graphics and multimedia work and 256 colour GIFS for Scala and raytracmg No wasted space on this CD-ROM1 For instance, no mulli-graphics files such as Targa PCX or even more obscure formats that are found on other texture CD's. You will not find many tools on this CD either Picture viewers are provided for Amiga. PC
and Mac computers. For Pro and Novice Users' EH c- J5I ne |eleas -out_earljr_Juljr_C29 99_ CD-Rom Comparison Chart Zoom Hottest 5 Phase 4 ZOOM I Active Software ana Ground Zero software.
The leaders in the very latest Amiga public domain, announce the release of the besl CD I this year - ZOOM Zoom not only contains the I latest PD from all over the country, ihe Aminet 1 and BBS sources it also contains some I exclusive products which will appear on the I CD betoro they .... .
I appeared in our adverts or any other PD libraries advert The interface is a custom-written. GUI based design, coded by the author of the famous disk maga ine Deadlock. Select the file yuu want to read about, read the miuffiBiiun men click to oe-cotnptesa' Lasy aa mat. Over S40MU ot uaid.
(over 1.1 GIGs of uncompressed files) offering the user access to 1000* of disks' Must be one of the most comprehensive CD's this year' brand new release - out NOW!! £19.99 Over 540MB of Data Easy to Use GUI Over 1000 Disks v' Very Latest PD Outstanding Value Free Booklet £9.99 MEETING PEARLS 2 The MrrMig P-artt ? CO-HOM 9MB On* Hurd Dn* di-J CD-ROM 9 23MB Devolumi Toc*t. Commodore 59MB r .I. FAQ*. CO Comnnl Filne
• 13MB Dames 22MB Selecled HTML Paget 52MB C a(4uct Prngrami
'6MB Prom the Party 94 13MB Vanout Trolfl BM0 Educational
So*tv.an 46MB Mel BSD Inr Amiga ’8MB Tormina Program' 22MB
LO tc-d Ac'o' Ham I DOUBLE CD £18.99 El 7.99 DOUBLE CD £18.99
:4i A fluUtiiir gvre wmi f C-y ¦' r. a £14.99 A&Z £16.99
£17.99 £17.99 DOUBLE CD £22.99 £8.49 £8.49 7£a oa 7£a £35.99
WORKSHOP SPECCY SENSATIONS n ot ten 110') CD-Roms for your
• r £40 • a bargain' n contains
- ac’KX packed 3D lank sim
• 2000 d«part library and moie
• worW mult'media exptoic-r
- ciass text
- toads ot classic PD on ner©
- nostalgic demo collection Team Yankee Pandora * CD World Vma
AtlAS MuBlrniod ShAkeapere COPO I A 2 Demo I Comma. Networking
foot* end ClipA't Photo library “mi.’ m rreatr ijusionei j,ow.
t noodod 1c croatn Ihc 30 •hidde"’ •Heel' Pt-j-amt s,»n m
Siomogram io produce me image m t huixlredo Ol touic* Met m s
myriad o» g1 lor malt 3D ie«t imagei and 30 imoans |PC’ _ ows
w, £8.99 CI QUAD CD £34.99 £14.99 DOUBLE CD £18.99 £15.99
FONTS Includes a 250 Page Book!
FRESH FISH t T4 71 GOLD FISH GOLD FISH I GOLD FISH II GAMES CD-ROMS ASSASSINS GAMES DELIGHT 1985 H s uMity dislt very popular ana has ' onto those I wo g. compendium* Mealy can *. Gc wrong with tin rothe. S.celleni CD' categories su and natural nt.on and work im.tgos Also boors. Cats. Dinosaur* ipon. Nntrvo Amcntcn Polynesia arto Persia Ati ¦cotton’ clipart collection lor AimgttrPC.
& * The first in an occasional series, Steve Bradley checks out the hottest, » recent CD32 releases and finds out what you can expect to see shortly.
REEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 1995 CD32 Check A brilliant build-your-own-pleasure- complex simulation from Bullfrog, the CD version was somewhat let down by a rather fiddly and downright unfriendly control method. You plan everything, from how big the roller coaster is down to where the burger bars, candy stalls and toilets are situated.
And once you’re up and running, you can expand and become all-mighty. Despite the above misgivings, a colourful and detailed extravaganza.
PGA EUROPEAN TOUR (AF6V, 83%) Ocean 0161 832 6633 ¦ £27.99 Without doubt, the finest golf simulation on the Amiga and the only reason the mark isn't in the 90s is because the game wasn't sufficiently better than the ancient PGA Tour. They could have added a couple more courses, too. But it’s beautiful, incredibly playable and the maxim applies, "the more you play it, the better it gets".
SPEEDBALL 2 (AF7Z 91%) Renegade 0171 391 4318 ¦ £14.99 An ageing classic, converted to CD and all for a very reasonable 15 nicker, although Speedball 2 may have been around for years, it's still the definitive, violent-but-subtle-in- equal-measures sports sim.
Play the ball short, play it long.
Barge your opponent remorselessly into the side-wall with that new armour you bought after winning the last couple of matches. Quite remarkable.
SHADOW FIGHTER (.AF72, 89%) Gremlin 01142 753423 ¦ £29.99 I m Beautifully drawn and a . Vast range of characters and moves, the might Shadow Fighter caught us by surprise.
Written by some Oj chaps in Italy
* and arriving with not a toot of a trumpet fanfare, this
glorious beat-’em-up is reckoned by many observers to be one of
the greatest of the Amiga's pugnacious games. It is.
SYNDICATE (.AF73; 90%) Mindscape 01444 246333 ¦ £34.99 Bullfrog's unashamedly graphic, violent cyberfest turned up on a silver platter almost two years after its floppy outing. You're a special agent, fighting a strategic corporate war with rockets, machine guns, flame throwers and, best of all, you can buy cyborgs to do all the dirty work.
It's beautiful by design, graphically gory and with missions by the truckload; a monumental challenge. Essential, though the faint of heart should steer a southern course.
SUPER SKIDMARKS (.AF73; 92%) Guildhall Leisure 01302 890000 ¦ £29.99 Not only the finest racing game on the CD32, but a fantastic, playable demo of the Earth-shattering Guardian, the PD version of Defender and the stupendous, rendered Roadkill intro sequence.
To Super Skidmarks, though.
Up to eight can bounce, bump and slide their way through a plethora of courses, driving buggies, Beatles, racers, pick-ups and even caravan-towing cows. Brilliant for one, stonking with eight. O COMING SOON Gloom CD32 Guildhall Leisure Release; Soon now Turn to page 43 for the floppy review. Gloom is a Doom-clone from the top drawer and it's a great sign that smaller games publishers support the Amiga CD medium.
Unfortunately, as we go to press, the final CD version still isn’t with us.
Update next month.
Fears CD32 Guildhall Leisure Release; Late August Another impressive- looking Doom-clone. It's similar in style to Gloom with levels galore and serial-link options. The demo we've seen looks great with smooth, quick screen-updates and some strange monsters.
Andre Agassi Tennis CD32 Guildhall Leisure Release; Late August Acid, who have written some of the very best Amiga games of the past year are serving here, and even the demo we saw a year ago looked mighty impressive.
The Lost Eden CD32 Virgin Release; September You are Adam in Eden, making pals with the animals in this point W click adventure. The consequences of your actions are shown in a series of stunning rendered, movie-style clips. Looks great, but will it play?
Public Domain Shareware Licenceware OVER 2000 TITLES AVAILABLE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT AMIGANUTS is one of the longest running PD libraries in Britain and has built up a reputation for itself which spans the four corners of the globe (which is strange seeing as the earth is round!!!). We promise a next day service, to the best of our ability.
A SELECTION OF WHAT WE HAVE Assassins games disks 1-145 All of the Assassins utility disks A large selection of games utilities tools etc. UCENCCWARC FI LICENCEWARE (1-59) AMOS AGA EXTENSION & AMOS DIALOGUE PROCEDURES The AMOS Aga Extension has now finally arrived and has been released. Distribution rights have been given to two companies, CELLAR 4 and AMIGANUTS, but if you buy this extension from AMIGANUTS, you will also receive AMOS Dialogue Procedures FREE OF CHARGE. AMOS Dialogue Procedures is really easy to use and it gives an amazing effect of being in the Workbench environment. By using
these procedures you do not need to touch the AMOS interface language. For further information, please contact Joe at Amiganuts.
GR.A.C VI. 1 ALL 1 MEG+AMIGAS 2 DISKS (£6.99 + 50p P&P) GR.A.C is a new program from FI Licenceware which allows you to create your own graphical adventures such as Monkey Island 2 and Beneath a Steel Sky without needing any prior programming experience.
It comes with a manual and is hard drive installable (2 Meg suggested for hard drive users). Also included with this disk is another disk with a full game written using GR.A.C. GR.A.C is an amazing program which will show you just how great your Amiga can be when it isn’t even trying. The following are from reviews for an earlier version of GR.A.C.: 95% CU Amiga; 95% Aul; 88% The One Amiga.
AMIGANUTS AMOS USER GROUP I was amazed by the news that AMOS is being discontinued. Well. Europress may think that AMOS and the Amiga are dead, but Amiganuts definitely do not!!! We believe that there are plenty of AMOS users out there who would like the chance to work with others worldwide. The Amiganuts AMOS user group is all about AMOS users working together. It costs £10.00 to join, but you get a lot in return. You will receive monthly newsletters. AMOS disks from the Amiganuts library at a greatly reduced rate, but most of all we will be providing a pen pal type of business, where if you
have a problem and we are unable to help, we will send it to another member who may be able to help. If you would like to join, please send a £10.00 cheque or postal order made payable to: AMIGANUTS, 30 Hartington Road, Northam, Southampton S014 OEW.
You will then receive your first newsletter. Please enclose a letter stating your strong points on AMOS and we will then be able to catalogue you in our help section.
Each time you help somebody, you will receive free disks from the Amiganuts library.
AMIGANUTS : FORGET THE REST - STICK TO THE BEST TELEPHONE: 01703 348943 He runs to the top of a tall building, he straps on a parachute and he jumps.
Steve Bradley finds out whether this really is as much fun as it sounds...
- .i Lk . TJ Ek Base lumpers CD32 _ It's grand when the software
companies send us games with a host of cheats and level codes,
the details of which we couldn’t possibly reveal to you, our
beloved readers. And if it weren't for Grandslam jotting down
all the subgame codes - and there are plenty - your
correspondent would have difficulty in describing the ballroom
dancing game, where the participants shuffle around a dance
floor to a choice piece of classical music.
He'd have a terrible time explaining how, when the music stops, the players all dive for the spotlight until the last one's out, rather like musical chairs. It really is one of the most unusual spectacles we've ever seen in a computer game.
So, thanks Grandslam, for that.
Base Jumpers is a platform game, but if you've read the previous paragraph, you will ascertain that it has more to it than simply jumping around ledges. The title refers to an activity which takes place when you reach the summit of the level you are tackling. Upon reaching the apex, you hurl yourself off the top of the building with a parachute strapped firmly on your back.
The aim is to be the last of the four players to pull the rip cord, acquiring points in the process. And on the way down, you can shove your opponents on to flagpoles and chimneys. Yes, it really is rather fun, especially if you’re playing three human opponents; two on each joypad - one using the directional controller, the other the buttons.
Happily, we can announce that the CD32 version is both larger and cheaper than its floppy counterpart.
More levels, more sub-games, including jet and bi-plane bashes, a car race and a tank battle.
The two new levels are smashing; the Kung Foo stage is a beat-'em-up- the-ladders affair, while the Therapeutic level looks like cutesy Rodland, but you get a machine and rockets to blast at the heinous fluffy bunnies. And a water pistol!
Base Jumpers doesn't set the world alight, nor boundaries does it break. The sprite can be difficult to control and some of the sub-games are incredibly difficult, particularly the bi-planer.
However, get four friends huddled around a CD32 and it's spanking fun, the only disappointment being that once you're out, you don't come back - frustrating when you're left on your own.
But congrats to Grandslam for knocking six quid off the floppy price.
Way to go, as they say abroad. No, don't go expecting the world from BJ, but as multi-player-platform-games- with-loads-of-sub-games go, it's a rollicking, er, roller coaster.
The words fast, furious and fun have been banned at AF, so I won't use them. 'Jj BASE DUMPERS CD32 Publisher Grandslam 0181 680 7044 Price £19.99 Versions CD32 System requirements CD32 Release date Out now Graphics 7 out of 10 Cute-’em-up, quirky.
Sound 8 out of 10 The classical music is an absolute delight.
Addiction 7 out of 10 The more the merrier, as is the way of these things.
Playability 7 out of 10 Odd control at times, but all the extras make it worthwhile nevertheless.
)verall verdict A splendid, multi-player platformer with 'shutes and sub-games. Belly laughs with four.
79% ¦ Congrats to Grandslam for knocking six quid off the floppy price. Way to go, Jumpers.
Fully Compatible with.. -A600 and A1200
• Other compatible SCSI Peripherals (7 simultaneously!
• Blizzard 1230-111 and unexpanded 1220 4 Accelerators (plus
other hoards! • MPEG Video CD playback s w Supplied CompMa
wtth_ •Terminator "Power Cable
• Audio CD Player Software »CD32 Emulation Software
• Latest Version Hot-Plug and Un-Plug Squirrel SCSI-2 Interlace
Complete Squirrel NEC CD-ROM Drive Subsystem f199‘” .95 The NEW
NEC Wastry Slondord CD-ROM Drive supplied may also be used with
other SCSI Systems such os MAC (cable software included) or o
Windows DOS PC with a SCSI Interface (appropriate
drivers software required etc) AMIGA BOOKS CANON BJ-30 Mono &
BJ-70 Colour Two new Canon Inkjets... The BJ-30 is a mono unit
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BJC-4000 Colour Rubble Jet (329; Ji FAX NUMBER 01-773 831040 CANON BJC-600 Canon* top of the range Colour 8ubbie Jet Printer for the Amiga.
Excellent quality 360dpi x 360dpi colour output - ideal for proofing work etc. FREE Amiga cable.
BJC-600 Colour Bubble Jet (449“ US ROBOTICS MODEMS FROM... SPORTSTER 144 Whether you want to send data or tap into the Global Internet Services now available, these two great modems will prove to be both FAST and AFFORDABLE. The 144 operates at up to 14400bps whilst the 288 boasts an incredible 28800bps maximum. BABT Approved.
PD COMMS su'w included. For FAX use you may purchase GP FAX SOFTWARE.
GP FAX SOFTWARE i49 « i MOUSE MECHANIC -V The perfect fool to help keep your | Tm| g gf mouse in tip-top condition.
24 Pin QUALITY COLOUR JUST... 0EUVIRT: We dip peompH, t ollee del.ee, ol ol oederi rbeooghogl.
K Moinled UX & moil prodorli o.«ieoi. II yeoi oedee ii eegeel we ho»e peioeily deipotrh optioni with erpeen deG.et, a.oioOe Mouse Mechanic - Cleaning Tool i SM AMIGA ACCESSORIES & PERIPHERALS ALPHA DATA HQ MICE High Quality. 40Odpi Relolution Mouse MegaMouse (11” High Quality, Optical Microswitched Mouse Optical Mouse *28“ ALPHA DATA TRACK8ALL Hi-Res Amiga Trackball Controller! 32M AMIGA POWER SUPPLY Replacement power unit *39“ AMIGA TV MODULATOR (34“ AMIGA EXTERNAL DRIVE
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t'mociWsl ufibttttfi framtfV output opdons Rv m«r prmftn inc.
fptc i Srykjs* Amazing picbgf tf* Dor Quibiy output of 8tf«uf
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Moke Chegoei (pleoie olow 1 doyr deoeooee peioe lo doipotd), Bookeri e.Jdiog Soeiely Orofli or Posted Order! Poyoble (o Gordon Norwood Compere, PRICES: Pfeose remember lo roefirm prires in rote yoo oee looking ol on ojdj mogcrioe. Pikes com rhcoge lop or down) beloee Ihe mogeirine-l eo.ee eeoeHh hoi polled. Pleoie ronfirm beloee lending oedeei by pent.
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R D f : r h 0 T L 1 N E . . .
IQ' 1-7 73
- 836781 "...at GH, we'll look after you..." SERVICE. SUPPORT oed
WARRANTIES: GH H eae el Apple UX'r releeled AetSoeiied Ser.Ue
Provider! (not oil ReieHen hove (hit occiedlotioa). Oor
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op. GH olio offer o range of option Ik boiirwii pad profeiUooaJ
pien .hid mo, be eneerliol lor lyiloal m high
dependeary ronlont ere AMIGA SOFTWARE Welcome, friends. Top
tips time again and we've brought you the second part of the
solution to Monkey Island 2. Why?
We get 50 letters a month about it.
GameBusters SEND IT IN If you have a hint, tip or cheat to share with other Amiga gamers, write to: Steve Bradley, GameBusters, Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW. Or. Better still, send it on a floppy disk.
SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER Reviewed AF70 77% Audiogenic 0181-424 2244 Neil Burgess from Ashton-under-Lyne offers a few general hints for Audiogenic's Super League Manager, based on his managerial rise from Folkford to Oldbridge:
1) Through careful training, build Folkford into a formidable
When the value of several of your players reaches £1M, start your plans to move clubs.
2) Poach the same number of cheap players from other clubs (no
matter which position they play) as the number of £1M players
on your team.
This will stop your chairman moaning and cancelling any great deals you make.
3) Once you have acquired all your cheap replacement players, put
all your £1M players on the transfer list.
4) Apply for the largest possible bank overdraft your chairman
and bank will let you have.
5) Let's assume you are approached by the chairman of Oldbridge
to take up the manager's role. Accept their offer.
Rumoured? Haven't the club kept accounts of these transactions. I can feel an inquiry coming on. Oh no, here comes Graham Kelly.
6) Sell all your £1M players from Folkford. This could possibly
net you a whopping £5M.
You must complete these transactions before the penultimate weekend at Folkford, otherwise the money will not be available in time for the next step.
7) Approach Oldbridge to buy one of their cheap players. If the
Oldbridge manager agrees to sell, offer to buy his player for
£8M (£5M cash and £3M from overdraft).
8) Move to Oldbridge with Folkford's best wishes.
9) Check your bank balance at Oldbridge. You have £8M to spend at
your leisure plus any monies left by the previous Oldbridge
Continued overleaf ¦ You are asked by the chairman of Oldbridge to take up the manager's role. Accept!
.-to Take note of what your trainer tells you about the players - it makes a difference.
* MONKEY ISLAND 2 Starting from the map in part two.
PART TWO - Rapp Scallion's Map This is buried along with its unfortunate owner in the crypt in the Scabb Island cemetery. Buy the saw from the shop and take it to the laundry on Scabb Island. Look for the "three men of low moral fibre" sitting on the ledge and use the saw to cut off the wooden leg of the man on the right. When you leave, he will wake up and scream, attracting the attention of the woodsmith. This will allow you to enter the woodsmith's hut and take his hammer and nails.
Sail to Booty Island and enter Stan's Used Coffin Emporium. Ask Stan to demonstrate the deluxe model
- when he climbs in, close the lid and quickly use the hammer to
seal the coffin. Take the crypt key.
Go to Phatt Island and enter the mansion Distract the guard at the bottom of the stairs by telling him about the three-headed monkey and enter the Governor's bedroom. Use any library book in order to get the book of famous pirate quotations from the bed. On your way out, enter the library, look up 'Recipes' and take the book called 'The Doy of Hex'.
Return to the cemetery on Scabb Island and use the key to enter the crypt. Match the quotations in the I « SIS I * t 2 » * * = § ti £ 8! 5 B- 5- * c o ¦“ X if I?*!
Hi S I o Ilf ill if!
- § I* i z S-8- 52
* a ? = lilli if 1!
O S .c a 3 ? | * a 111 -811 3 ¦§ -8 "5 -5 * ti *1 It
• is 5 ° Ml |l! II | i S 3 1 I Hull I Ml E o 2 a Hi' if* I sis!
It ain't easy to provide power cheaply for a whole city. But... SIM CITY 2000 Reviewed AK6 90% Maxis 0171-490 2333 Here's a tip for Sim City 2000 from Nick Donnelly of Ely. In the Terrain Editor at the start of the game, build up a large hill mountain in the centre of the screen Cover this with water and it then turns into a waterfall. Now, build loads of hydro electric plants on it - if you build it large enough, you should have enough water to power the whole city.
1 H 4* I Jfc 1 0 1 Never light a candle in a room full of dynamite boxes. Never!
1 .11 IffH lilliil S's I I - 5 2 1 § 0)0 - (A ...build huge waterfalls and utilise a cheap source ol energy.
Book to those on the coffin lids to work out which coffin Rapp Scallion is in. Open it, look at it and take some ashes. Visit the Voodoo Lady in the swamp and find the jar marked 'Ash- 2-Life'. Ask her about it and she'll use the ashes and the book to make you a batch. Go to the crypt and use it on the ashes to resurrect Rapp Scallion.
Eventually, he'll tell you he can't rest in peace because he thinks he left the gas on. Use the key he gives you to enter the Steamin' Weenie Hut on the beach and use the knob to turn off the gas. Go back to the crypt and he’ll give you his part of the map.
AFTERWARDS Go to the library on Phatt Island and open the lighthouse. Take the lens and give it to Wally on Scabb Island to use as a monocle. Show him the map and he will agree to help you after you pick up his love potion from the voodoo lady. Do as he tells you, but while you're in the swamp LeChuck will capture him.
Take the bag from the Voodoo Lady and open it to get the love bomb and the matches. On your way out of the swamp, you'll see a crate on the shore. Open this and climb inside to be taken to LeChuck's fortress.
PART 3 - LECHUCK'S FORTRESS You'll climb out of the crate at the entrance to LeChuck's fortress. Walk 2 - - s a » S £ .a ,2 «
- -1*1 -I ¦s' • % 012 = § = Isil So« | 8-= * 2 .£ 2 S -2 8 I 1 £
8 " § § i
9) c » "D ** O C « c v 2 £ o a 2 I i £ | « ~ i -1 ® s ?2=i s - £
* i s % i * C “ * » j - ) --¦§ T £ %
* i - 2 " W 2 S a * ° d 0- O S a 2 i 3 all the way, right
until you reach the jail, look at the cell and talk to
Go back to the signs and enter the back tunnel - either direction will do.
The next section is a logic puzzle.
If you look at the spit-encrusted piece of paper, you'll find written on it the lyrics to Guybrush's dream. Ignore the first room and walk straight through.
From the second room, look for a stone carving which matches the description given in the first verse of the song. If you find it, push it and walk through. You should still be in the maze. If you don't find such a carving, keep walking until you do find it Next, look for a stone carving which matches the second verse, push it and walk through. Do this for the third and fourth verses and you should find yourself standing in front of a massive door. If, at any stage, you find yourself back in the room with the signs, you've made a mistake and will have to start the process again from the
Assuming you can make it to the door, ignore the locks and simply open the door. Walk through to the throne room and take the key. You'll be thrown into LeChuck's torture chamber When the candle starts to bum, use the crazy straw on the green drink to gain the power to spit (about the only thing you can do when you're 1° I* IIM Ml!
• 0* a 8- swinging from the ceiling by your hands!). Spit once at
the shield on the right of the screen, once at the pan at the
bottom and, again, at the shield.
This puts out the candle, allowing Guybrush and Wally to escape.
Use the matches to discover that you're now in a room full of dynamite.
The resulting explosion will destroy the fortress and blow you to... PART FOUR - DINKY ISLAND You'll land on the beach. You can talk to Herman Toothrob, but don't waste time trying to solve his philosophical riddle since it's irrelevant.
Open the boxes and barrels and give the cracker you find to the parrot, who will reveal the first part of the route to the treasure. Make sure you pick up the crowbar, the martini glass and the bottle.
Enter the jungle and take the left- hand fork. Walk until you find the bag hanging from the tree. Use the crowbar to break the bottle and use the broken bottle to slash the bag.
Take the box of instant cracker mix which falls out and go back to the beach. Fill the martini glass with water from the ocean and use the whisky still to remove the salt. Use this water with the box to make two more crackers.
Go back into the jungle and go right this time, until you reach the pond. Take the rope off the crate and remove the nails using the crowbar.
Open the crate and take the dynamite. Head right two screens, until you reach the parrot.
Give him a cracker and follow his directions until you meet him again.
Give him the final cracker, do as he says and you'll find an enormous 'X' in the ground. This is the resting place of the treasure of Big Whoop.
Use the shovel to dig until you hit cement. Use your last match to light the dynamite and throw this in. Enter the hole. Tie the crowbar and the rope together and use them on the twisted pieces of metal above your head to swing across to the treasure chest.
The next section should seem familiar.
When you find yourself in the dark, scan the cursor around on the right-hand side of the screen until you find the light switch. Turn it on and prepare for a surprise! After LeChuck has finished prosing, you'll realise that he cannot actually harm you, just annoy you, and you can get down to the serious business of killing him.
DEFEATING LECHUCK As in the first section of the game, you’ll need to make a voodoo doll to defeat LeChuck. The basic idea is the same - you'll need four objects:
• Something of the Dead Walk as far right as you can and enter
the room with the two skeletons. The object is in the skull of
the skeleton on the right. Make sure you take the hypodermic
syringe from the drawer and the surgical gloves from the bin.
• Something of the Body Use your clean white handkerchief on
LeChuck and take it back after he has blown his nose on it.
• Something of the Head Enter the room with the boxes and take
the helium balloon and the doll.
Go to the helium tank in the next room and blow up the balloon and both surgical gloves. With these you should be light enough to operate the lift.
Call the lift, enter it and wait for LeChuck to appear in the doorway.
When he does, pull the lever and you should trap his beard in the lift door.
• Something of the Thread Enter the room with the grog machine
and use the coin return lever. A coin will roll across the
floor and LeChuck will stop to look at it when he comes in.
When he bends over, quickly pull his underpants(l).
Place the skull, the hankie, the beard, the underpants and the doll in the DuDu bag to create a voodoo doll.
Wait for LeChuck and stab the doll with the syringe. Chase him and do it again. When you get the chance, rip the leg off the doll.
And that's (almost) it! © FfHL Jokes aplenty as you pick up « book on intimate details of voodoo recipes.
A FOOTBALL MAGAZME ACTUALUr WORTH READING (no, honestly) Ours is a simple creed.
No puii-out teenybopper posters.
No crawly bum-iick interviews with Ryan Giggs.
No interminable blather about tactics and Christmas Trees.
Instead, the sort of stuff that real football fans want to read.
And we happen to believe you'll really rather like it.
Amiga Extwhal Floppy Dkivi ORDER CODE: WtOO LEADING EDGE 41200 8mb RAM ACCELERATOR ORDER C0DE:W200 ORDER C00E:W202 ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH ORDER CODE: WI50 ORDER C0DE:W2O4 ORDER C0DE:W208 ORDER CODE: WlSI All prices include VAT and carriage within the UK mainland. Please add £5 to your order for non-UK Mainland delivery. All products are subject to availability.
E&OE. Advertised prices and specification may change without notice.
X-LINK 28.8K ORDER CODE: *»S WITH CLOCK ORDER CODE: W40S And they return, fully resuscitated and rearing to go, but at a cheaper price.
Steve Bradley proudly presents, once again, the re-releases... ISHAR TRILOGY Daze Marketing 0171-372 7435 ¦ £29.99 Role-playing games, the former staple-diet for Amiga-gamers, are a little thin on the ground these days.
With few in development, it's heartening to know that at least the oldies are occasionally re-released.
The Ishar series, bless 'em, aren't the finest Amiga RPGs, but consistently better than average. Now, they proudly gather by a tree, near the cave with a big sword and dragon, smartly priced at £30.
Ishar: Legend of the Fortress (AF37; 76%) started the ball rolling, though, 'tis said, it's the sequel to the patchy Crystals of Arborea.
Anyway, as such fare would have it, you find yourself in a field with a big sword on a mission to gather a hearty band of like-minded coves, discover exactly what the blazes is going on, cast a few spells, kill the bear in the cave and head for the alehouse, content at the day's work.
A tad flippant, perhaps, but you get the idea. Huge, though, is Ishar with 20,000 locations and 160,000 views (yes, we've counted every single one), but this inevitably means that aimless meandering plays a lead- role in your adventuring day.
OK, let's get the poor joke out ol the way. Ishar 2- bless you (AF50; 79%). This one runs with the title Messengers of Doom and is simply more of the same. It's possibly a little better than Legend of the Fortress, as one would expect, it being the sequel and all.
Ishar, in danger once more, requires a helping hand and, again, you assemble a gang of buccaneering bravados, handing out weapons with some abandon.
Puzzle-solving, sword-swishing and poem-collecting make up the mighty warrior's day, though, again, the aimless meandering serves to do nothing but annoy the player.
Graphically, Ishar 2 is a treat, as is the icon-based controlled system and smooth auto-mapping. Unfortunately, one can't help but feel that programmers Silmarils were going through the motions, rather than attempting to take Ishar to the land that time forgot. Or somewhere... And so on to Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of Infinity (AFbB; 72%). The sub-title refers to seven different eras which you visit by the mighty means of time-travel - you step into a Time Portal, a black, Tardis-esque box and, whoosh... off you go.
The same game-engine is dropped in again and yes, there is still a monumental amount of traipsing around involved and it's the usual mixture of monster-slapping and puzzle-solving.
One helpful, extra feature is that when you visit places, there now appears a colour-coded flag on the main map. You know where you’ve been, basically.
And photorealistic people wander around the streets of various towns, though you can't interact with them at all, which makes it simply an atmospheric device.
Starved RPG-fans who have yet to sample the delights of shar should enjoy the meat of this trilogy, but those not prepared to meander should ride a dragon and swipe the box in half with their sword.
SCREEN PLAY SEPTEMBER 1995 Platoon 2: y M48A5 Patton Knocked Out CAMPAIGN 2 Action 16 01276 684959 Reviewed Affi6; 79% A pleasant combination of 3D DARKSEED Action 16 01276 6849591 Reviewed 4H4; 72% Mike Dawson has headed off to an old, spooky house on a hill for some quality time on his lonesome.
But before you can say, "Anthony Perkins was right scary in Psycho, but he wasn't as good in the sequels", unusual things start to happen and off he goes to a parallel universe where horrendous creatures, like babies, morph into fearsome things.
The graphics are designed from artwork by Alien creator, H.R. Giger (you know, the film Alien), and, digitised in hi-res, they’re truly stunningly impressive.
Unfortunately, as point-'n'-click adventures go, DarkSeed is awfully linear, with tasks needing to be completed within a set time and order.
Because you often don't know whether you've done the business correctly, you can drift along for ages before you realise that you better start again.
The pick-up, do-this, get-on-with- that control system is dandy and the characters use a mixture of sampled apeech and text which makes the caboodle atmospheric but, frightening though DarkSeed occasionally is, it remains a triumph of beauty and plot over gameplay.
Arcade action with a barrowload of strategy for good measure, could open bat here. But how long will it stay at the crease?
The original Campaign (AF41; 79%) was set in the Second World War. Its sequel is further up the time-scale, from the Korean War to the Gulf business.
It isn’t a game you can pop straight in the drive and head off in search of glory, because there is a host of icons to click around and a monster manual. And what with tanks, helicopters, platoons, missiles and motorised infantry to lord it over, you often feel your brain is nigh on about to explode.
Fortunately, one can choose to let the Amiga do one's bidding when the going gets tough, but those that enjoy a 3D tank-battle will be perfectly happy to hammer it out.
After the fortunately comes the unfortunately, namely arcade and strategy do not sit as comfortably as they might.
Attempting to be all things to all men (and women, of course) leads to confusion more often than not and the arcade sections, though a tempting diversion are often somewhat laboured and unrealistic.
Wargame-fans will, no doubt, rejoice at the £20 price-reduction and it’s solid enough without ever attaining heights of excellence. O va ejjI ZP'-'rJ EST 1988 rPOSTAGE INFORMATION Please Include 50p Postage For UK Disk Orders And 75p Per Item For CD Orders (Max Postage Payable £1.50) Europe Add 10% For Disk Orders & £1.00 Per CD (Mox £5.00)
R. O.W. Add 20% For Disk Orders & £1.50 Per CD (MAX £6.00) All
Orders Sent 1st Class Or Air.
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3804 MENUS t Systen 3803 DUCK DODGERS Plolform Game. Greatl 3802 SAUCE N CODE 1 Amos Reloied Source Code Etc 3801 BOOKIE BEATER S MORE V3.20 Menu Systems For HD's Predicts Results Ol ANY Sportl 3800 CODE NAME NANO Thrust Type Game Clone 3799 Super lottery Still Haven't Won Yet!
X3798 HELLRAISER CARDSET For All Klondikes 3797 PCTASK V3 0 PATCH Patches To V3.10 3796 OCTAMED V6 0 Demo Vorsioe 3795 (AB) IMAGE STUDIO V2.1.0 Superb GFX ( X3794 (AB)MALED 3D Te*m*e Mopped Adventure 3793 BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR Basic Typing Tuition 3792 SCOUT (MUI REQ) Tool To Monitor Compute!
3791 GEMZ Great Puzzle Gomel 3790 TURBOSUITE V3.1 trsion Prog DICTION ( Conversion 3788 DELUXE PACMAN VI .6 ECS Version Soperbl X3787 DELUXE PACMAN AGA VI .6 AGA VtfsjonI Excellent I 3786 EGG SCRAMBLE Mod. Mod Gomel 3785 DOS MAN Intensive Dos Tutorial 3784 MULTITUDINOUS HD Menu System 3783 THIRD DIMENSION 14 3D Cons Kit Disk Mog 3782 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS 3 Requires Registered Gome X3781 STARTUP 4 BACKDROPS Pichjres For Workbench 3 3780 (AB) ROM *4 Scene Disk Mog X3779 MOMENTS Great AGA Demo 3778 SANITY ROOTS II Superb Sequel I 3177 H---- HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 Installs Dozens Of New Tides 3776
BUTZ BLANKER V2.60 Required MUI X3775 FIREMAN SAM Klondike Cordset 3774 [AB) MWB BACKDROPS Based On Startrek 3773 LEGIONS Of DAWN FI Game Demo 2 Meg Req 3772 MOSAIC VI 3B latest Web surfer X3771 WALLACE & GROMIT Klondike Cordsot X3770 ROSIE & JIM CARDSET For Klondike AGA 3769 (AB) SHAREWORID 4 Cybercrafts Disk Mog 3766 X FILES GUIDE X Files Serksl Guide X3765 LECH DEMO AGA Demo From freezers X3764 REN & STIMPY CARDSET For Klondike AGA X3763 THIRD DEMENSION 13 3D Cons Kit Diskmog 3762 MORSE CODE TRAINER leorn Morse Th* Eos) 3761 HARDWARE I Now Where's That Hammer?
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3745 NEWROSES CARDSET For All Klondikes 3744 DEUTRACKER 2 V2 14 Superb Music Player!
3743 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5 1 Kills All Known Germs ... Deod!
3742 ROBS HOT VIRUS KILLERS The latest Of The Best!
2 Superb Plotformers For Kids!
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The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing... ProGrab™ has caused a Real Fall in the Price of Quality Frame Grabbing - the Rise in Standards speak for themselves!
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS Take a signal from a TV with SCART output STAGE 2... Vt ith ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab™ even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources. Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
Use a satellite receiver as your output Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's video outpui including S-VHS For just Cf 29.95 ProGrab1” is supplied with everything you’ll need ¦ ProGrab'" 24RT Plus Digitiser (with power & compaulr video input le «ds| ¦ New Version 2.5 Software ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ProGrab™ really does make it that simple!
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sampler required)
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Issue No (Switch Only): [ | Dept: AMF Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for 4 : oavable to (.ordon Harwood Cnmnuters I inured Please rush me... Optional FAST Courier Service Deli l Overseas customers - please call for prices etc. I TOTAL 4 CD112 THE AMINET SET 1 £24.99 CD181 THE CBM64 SENSATIONS £19.99 REMEMBER THE GOOD OLD (JAMES WITH ( 64 SENSATIONS Aminct is worlds largest collection freely distributable Amiga software.
Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives every day, and countless programmers publish directly via the Aminet. Only 3 1 2 years after its inception Aminet now holds the equivalent of more than 4.500 floppy disks of software! Until recently access to | Aminct was restricted to international network users. But now all of the I first set can be purchased in one go. Consisting of 4 Cds. The complete I archive is published for the 1st lime. One of the best selling CDROMS to I date and rccomcndcd.
CM Sensation* give* you almost 10.000 CM Megademo* mfc with over 600Mb of software. Mega Demos, Games, and H utilities for the Amiga and PC computer* The disc has all ¦ '-J.
The latest version* of emulator’s for PC and Amiga com- ¦ ...I' , putcr* (also contain* the full version of the AM Package ¦ vj 0 for any amiga with workbench 2 0 and above work ¦ t* bench & the latest version of Frodoi The Work done here ¦ will not only save you month* of transfer time but take ¦ you on a tnp back in time to when the M was king. We ¦ garuantcc you that you not have seen many of these tuna - ¦ mg Mega demos as a high amount have not been on genet- al release before Our CM expert* have spent months of fruitful work preparing this CDROM. Converting file* from disk, searching
through U sties, taking to forgotten programmers, and Listening to the HUGE amount of sidlunc (also contains latest SidTune*!) Inside the front cover you’ll find useful information use this disc on the PC and Amiga computers The Amiga computers will need a cop; bench and two blank disks not supplied You'll also find many new utilities ftom internet sites (PC AMIGA).
CD177 HOTTEST AMIGA MEGA DEMOS CD182 THE COLOUR LIBRARY £9.99 CD167 ZOOM £19.99 Zoom not only conlaln* the latest PD from all over the country , the Amine! And IIBS source* it -t»o cun- lams some exclusive products which will j| prar on the CD before they appeared in our adverts or any other PD librane* advert The interface it a .uarom- »unen GU b*ed design, coded by the author of the Iamove ilisX magazine Deadlock Select the -He you warn lo read about, read the information then dick »o dc-compress' Easy as that Ovci 540MB »f data, (over 1.1 GIG* of uncompressed file*) offmng the umii access
lu IU00. Ol duk»! Must be one of the must comprehensive CD'* thi* year'
• Ground Zero's Themed Imagine You’ll also find all the latest
mods latest demo group meets, world. Contains the latest DMS
program* and unpackcr utilities Ihc re's plenty of stuff on the
discs lo keep you checking back to them over and over again
You'll find over 2CKX) floppy disks in DMS formats. Also conic*
with an easy to use Amiga menu system for unpacking the LHA and
DMS file*.
The disc is BBS-ready with file indexes for various BBS formats
• The late*! PD from December to June: Utilities, game*. Demo*.
DMMhtfrs. Wjucahon. Disk mags and more!
• Over 80 Klondike Card Games Deluxe Cardsets
• Gathering *95 Deinos GFX Mod.*. Olhcr “Party” Demos
• Some Exclusive and New AGA Slideshows
• Over 21MB* of Magic WB icons, backdrops, drawers etc ,
Chtcgseic • iiklode Animals. Bikcv. Buds. Boats.
». Dinosaui'*. Dog*. Fantasy. Pi*h. Hags. Flowers.
Medical. Men. Military. Mi*c. Modait. Painting.
Sadi. Sea. Ship*. Smartart. Space. Spurts. Sytar CD101 THE SOUND LIBRARY £19.99 CD180 SPECCY SENSATIONS 2 £19.99 CD053 PRO IFF & PCX 2 £19.99 Over 1.000 Mb of the best quality Public Domain Shareware software for Amiga and PC computer* It* the most comprehensive collection of sound related software and mutual data to date Includes: MIDI files in various formats.
Hundred* of Megabytes of excellent music lo lislcn loo, lor changc cdit them to invert them into your own applications), over 6,500 MODULES or MODS. Over 1.000 VOC files. Over
1. 000 WAV files. Over 1.000 Samples and him dreds of ready lo
run music related software title*, convert*, sequence*.
Application*, driver*. Information. Player*. AMIGA ONLY:
latest version* of Sound Tracker. Pro Tracker. MED. Noi*c
EdPloycr, Ripper*. Sampler*. Sound Effect* Pro Wizard convener1* and some much more. PC ONLY; latest version of Wh«Hip-it for window*. Drum Blaster. Tetra sequencer. Blaster Master. Windows sound utilities. Trak Blaster. Accu Music system. Multi Media Jukebox. Cinema. MOIMWin. Musk Sculptor. Surf* UP. PC Drummer, and much, more?
Its truly a multiplatform CDROM with Emulator's for vinous computer type* such as The Amiga. Alan ST. Mac and PC Coot r exclusive products which ONLY appeal thi* CD and have never been released before.
You gci load* of FAQ*. Spccirum Tcchinal FAQ*. Game* li»t*. The modified spectrum ROM Modified interface I ROM. Olhcr Modified ROM*. Wallpaper picture* for window* f .BMP) and Amiga Workbench ( IFF).
Various picture* in JPG A GIF format* of Tape inlays. Spectrum computer*. Game level map*. Famous speccy people and over 100 computet screenshot* llasc hour* ol fun I with the he.*t loved computer frurn yesier-ycai*. Be prc-paired lo spend week* looking I through all ihc game*, utililic*. Information, map*, and picture* of this classic computer. Ihc perfect choice for anyone interested in the spectrum computer and if j want to convert your own game* from tape then this disc will tell you how (rcq resisted version which i* not supplied on the doc i. Comes in both IFF and PCX formats lo
cover both PC A Amiga users, includes such categories as animals, boys, cultur-al images, floral and natural images, girls, holiday images, literary figures, mythological image*, scenery, transportation, and work images. The disc contains drawings of hears, cats, dinosaur's, dogs, insects, and horses. Cultural images from Egypt. Japan.
Native Americans. Polynesian, and Persia are also included on the disc. Floral and natural images include blossoms, planets sky.
The sun. tree*, and weather Comes complete mill a 230 page btwi with mo« of ihe images primed Other sections on the cdrom arc Wallpaper background* for Windows A Workbench v2.0*. Grx utilities, viewers A converter’s. Icons and loads of Magic Workbench soft ware.
CD010 GOLD FISH 1 C29.99 CD052 PRO GIF £19.99 FRED FISH FRESH FISH E24.99 CD105 THE GRAPHIC SENSATION C19.99 I * ! Ii*h h.. been working vp-;*
• mtHOjfci* lor ihc tr lhr !!*¦» Hofpi library .rraird bv Fred
ridi bn.cm ).muz* .4 I •*». Lo April 1094 See OoM fuh 2 lor thr
irosnl hi the tenet and coining SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE Get yours
on the day of re leave, or prouder ihcrn wtih this tuhvoip-
tion service, credit can! Or SWITCH cards charged on day of re
leave only
* .¦¦»** ,* KoM* (?¦mem Vtft» lVn.„ AGA. Liuni I, flu* M«|* ....
..... Ookv np. I lam*. Dpmm i I- » HW Cr-TW. S * Oku. .1,
Ksrs .natiifc«..us *' SUBSCRIPTION (HOTTEST) SUUI H»n»
iMucaHmusirnitciAl» Kri.4» .i CD028 FONTS & CLIPART £9.99
SUBSCRIPTION (GOLD) laauay mu'ms. I .. ~J w -11«» An excellent
tclection ot ihe best coltwa.r an Wt of.iure., cams: A BiM
material. Released i- tre.h ¦ lish CD s between O.I'- and
Nov 94, with mosi , i RHT the material updated In the latest
available version- All ol Hull included in both areivod (BBS
unarchived tready-to-run»tonne SUBSCRIPTION (AMINET) true T»i*
I-mu Kludraw I- 111 *4.m« r.4.mrt.iM*.IS.- II N,ao. R.»c Seller
II I, Abu • »«fc wlnlu ot dm wur.u n. i non i n t- •
SUBSCRIPTION (FRESH) .! • Vidro. VlrwfoM A rvry i ionts astiwr
• Mb IIO. Ct A MSI n 1Mb derator*! In Mmb ir* FAQ*. CD Til 52Mb
Graphic. Pi,.,.. j4o ustb n« Pin, CP14I COI6& GalfWAY £9 99
CD091 POV-RAY £19.99 three CDROM £7.99 £21,00 Postage and
packing is only .75p per Title and all prices INCLUDE VAT (@
17.5% ) You can't put a price on excellence. Join Steve McGill
as, once again, he tries to discover just how priceless this
month's PD selections are.
In the light of artistic licence. Itchy and Scratchy are as fine, and as optimistic, a metaphor available for use when put in the context of the current Escom-thnist toward imbedded technology.
PD Library No of Disks Price For Itchy and Scratchy are an imbedded cartoon, actively living within the body electric' of fabulously cynical. Sky-TV mega success. The Simpsons.
To some, they are the seminal motivating factor driving them to watch The Simpsons in the first place.
After viewing this Public Domain 'short', it's easy to see why .
For it is a masterpiece of timing, conflict, pace, narrative, reaction, black humour, blatant injustice and outrageously violent slapstick.
Needless to say. I love it. Lou!
The whole spectacle lasu a smidgen under thirty seconds. In that time-period, three major acu of malice occur in such a heinous and disgustingly horrible manner that I couldn't stop laughing for. Oh. At least another 30 seconds after the cartoon had finished.
The production might not have been carried out with such aplomb had the animation or choice of colours been poor. But, here, the animation is smooth and fluid, and the colours chosen are big, brash, bright and primary.
15 T | .
MurccrI Considering that this is the fourth in a collection of Itchy and Scratchy shorts, in the ensuing months, I shall endeavour to track down the series. Who knows, the author of the works might just get in touch with tne.
LAST SOLDIER GAME By _Mirage Software PD Library _Online PD No of Disks _Two Price _75p per disk is placed within a vast underground maze. As expected with this style of mission-based structure, you've got to explore the maze, kill the enemy, find ammo and medi-kiu, reach set goals and generally have a good time.
The hero himself can be made to walk left or right, jump, and climb up and down ladders. Annoyingly, though, he can't be made to crouch.
This compounds the problem of being shot al by wall-mounted rocket launchers and machine gun nests, set on level areas of the maze.
Other than jumping up and down a lot. Or shooting said nests (a difficult task since you're being shot at continually and can easily lose your PD Selection of the month Pandagun Software _Online PD PD Library No of Disks Price_ One If ever there was a candidate for a shareware game that rips its tonsils out in screams of rage, begging to be played over a link. Carnage is it For those people unfortunate enough to be cursed with no Amiga-owning friends and only one Amiga, Carnage can be played on a split screen, but it requires two players - it's no fun otherwise.
Carnage puts the player in strange, mazy combat arenas where you search out weapons, medi-kits and scanning-enhancing chips.
CARNAGE GAME By At the beginning of the game, each player is equipped with a standard radar-scanning device, a rifle, a fully charged battery and full health.
All weapons use a set amount of battery power depending on which weapon is being fired.
Naturally, the more powerful weapons use more power and inflict more damage.
The health of your character is determined by a bar identical to the battery-indicator and it also works on a percentage scale. You can take hits from your opponent, or from some of the various denizens dotted around, patrolling the maze, and watch the bar creep down towards zero per cent and an inevitable ignominious death.
life in the interim period), there's not a great deal to be done about them.
But, then, this game is completely PD; a rarity these days with the advent of shareware dominating the scene. It's not tip-top brilliant, or pulse-racingly exciting, but it is playable and mildly addictive, and for PD-only games, that's good.
DARK ANGEL GAME By_Archaos Software PD_Company 17 Bit No Of Disks_One Ibice_£ plus 50p p&p Visually resembling Flashback, Dark Angel is one of the better-looking games programmed using AMOS.
Apparently, and unusally, Archaos are hoping to use Dark Angel as a vehicle for feedback and advice on the playability, structure and programming algorithms contained within the game.
The scenario is very typical of many platformers in that you have to scout out a power complex, kill all the baddies and re-program a set of switches.
For what it's worth, here are some of my preliminary comments based on the time (that should have been longer) I played the game.
First impressions arc excellent.
The little digitised sequence at the beginning sets the tone for the ensuing action. When the AMOS- logo appeared, it was greeted with amazement and surprise. For, other than the logo, there are no clues that hint at the use of the language, which, hopefully, will set a precedent.
While the controllability and animation of the main character is excellent - he runs, rolls over, jumps, crouches and fires his gun, just like die main character from Flashback - protagonists seem to be a bit still.
Still, it's fun shooting them anyway.
I didn't get far enough into the game to justify any comments on the structure as such, but that didn't stop me from having a good time playing around with the game. Top fun and TITANIC: The new-look Conservative Party is about to relaunch with Mad TITANIC: ...to tell them of the inevitability of what's about to happen. Still, we can tell Monk Hezza behind the captain of the ship. We just don't have the heart... you that all electronic publishing will one day be done this way. If not the Tories await.
Handily, your health will slowly creep toward full health if unmolested time can be found or made.
KEEP OFF HE TRACK v,_ Is this the __, YES right one? N°r And, rather helpfully, a red chip slotted in the scanner will display the whereabouts ol all medi-kits within its scan range.
The difference between successful players and the rest lies in the ability to make best use of the resources available. Some of the games can drag on a bit, depending on the state of injury to both players, but that only happens if the game isn't being played properly in the first place.
In all, a tremulously tremendous game and one that should be sought out by link-fans all over the world. For the full unrestricted version, you're going to have to send money across the pond, but ideas this good should be rewarded and knowing that the money's going directly into the programmer and designer's pocket is far more satisfying than seeing it shared around the distributors and retailers.
Go for it!
Format wish Archaos luck in their Cjuest for feedback and improvements. Let us know how you get on.
TITANIC 2 UTILITY EDUCATIONAL By _Mirage Software Online PD Two PD Library No of Disks Price_ 75p per disk Few phenomena capture the heart, spirit and imagination of the pre- World War One era more than the maiden voyage of the Titanic.
Constructed by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, the Titanic was 50 per cent bigger than Cunard's luxury liners, the Lusitania and Mauretania - the biggest floating luxury-liners up to that date - and was hailed as an "unsinkable” megalith.
There's no point in regurgitating the story here. But. There is a lot of point in putting those people, 'interested', 'semi-interested' and 'not interested in the actual subject- matter but potentially interested in the method used to disseminate the information', on to this disk.
Using an authoring system similar to CanDo, it's been put together in a slick, professional, interesting, entertaining, easy-to-use, and highly informative manner.
Using all kinds of buttons, the casual and serious browser alike can quickly and accurately retrieve facts, stats, anecdotes, pictures and diagrams on just about every facet of the construction, launching, testing, kitting out. Sailing and eventual destruction of the doomed Titanic.
Very handy for reference and a great example of how to design a user-friendly front end. Potential CD-ROM authors, take note.
KIDS DISK 7 EDUCATIONAL By _Duncan Moran PD House Roberta Smith DTP No of Disks _One Price_ 99p plus 50p p&p Kills Disk 7 is a seemingly worthwhile (as far as I can tell with a definite lack of children in the Amiga Format office to inform me otherwise) program that has a very similar look to the graphics used in unpopular quiz- show, Catch Phrase.
T he program is broken up into five separate blocks of standalone routines. They test memory, basic arithmetic, simple spelling, general knowledge and there are three levels of difficulty to choose from.
The first two sequences test memory. With the fust, the kid has to remember two items (at beginner's Continued overleaf to SNAP COMPUTER HOTLINE 01703 $ 457111 FIXED PRICE ONLY *42.99 Incl. (A500 t. A600 ONLY)
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COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD rm I H Fax: 01703 457222 I J Unit 12. The
Sidings, Hound Rd, Netley Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA nds like
I raved, then I've communicated successfully exactly how 1 "If
it SOU Ami-FileSafe "It makes as much difference as adding some
fast SCSI Zorro III controller from hell".
Se, ,Ur** Hlir availa e No Su ' *££ ?bilst *ritjn''"uP disk„ Hnce loss' use en,s anc‘- m A3000 030 Oktagon SCSI 2 ¦S' S Sysu f Test FFS AFS Units DirScan 409 1780 Files Sec CreateFile 227 1073 k sec % Pro version
* 69.75 incN one ‘SAFE* tffSl V multi-«se ur miga
multi-tasking capability to the max". AFS: the Amiga Power
.. „me,y°°ose,0“ k Certified Amiga Developer* vents Op» conv Single Hard Drive f?Q 7S Upto650Meg NoMuFS p&p £3 P P Driuota nc r linanoo Otherwise as Pro-Version Product* Dice V3.01 Selection D Selection E Selection F Stakes Total Tax Rfl BOOKIE Kyi! BEATEK Selections I Type Of Calc United Stake Profit Level Equal ?
Litter tlit above settings by clicking -in the (lick on OK uhen done.
Odd; Stake Return Profit Selection fi ["
5. 32 I 22,61 |
12. 51 B Selection b [OH ¦ . 1
3. 77 | 22,62 |
12. 52 | Selection C BOOKIE BEATER: So. If I put a quid on six
random numbers, using Bookie Better, it could be me. Or.
Maybe not... P level, (he number of items increase with the
difficulty) shown to them at the beginning of the routine and
then park them in a bag.
The second test is similar to the first. The colours of three vehicles in a sentence are displayed. The vehicles then parade in front of the child and they have to select the right coloured one. even got this bit wrong after having been distracted.
The other three tests can be taken in order of preference. Points are awarded for success and deducted for failure, which should mean that the child has the added incentive to try again.
The jury's out on this one. The music used throughout is completely manic and drove me to distraction. I can imagine parents losing their marbles if they have to sit for any length of time while Junior shows off his newly-found skills. Any readers trying this out with their child, please let me know how you got on.
BOOKIE BEATER TTUJTY _Alt Smith Roberta Smith DTP PD House _ No of Disks Price_ _One _ 99p plus 50p p&p Whether you believe that betting is the instrument of die theological Anti-Christ, or the one mil pleasure open to every man and his uncle, one thing's for sure - money changes hands in large volumes throughout the land on a regular basis.
The aim of Bookie Beater is to help punters calculate multiple odds in such a manner that despite any variation of results, good or bad, the gambler should end up in profit.
This, of course, is scuppered if everything is bet on losers, so, be warned, skill and judgement are still required in the selection of bets.
The program uses a couple of key methods in working out bets. The gambler has to enter the odds of each selection or 'events' as they're known here. He can then either choose whether or not to have the bets worked out from a profit-motive, or from the stake.
So, say. For example, you choose to bet on the top-six favourites in a golf tournament and want to win at least £100 in clear profit. You'd first have to enter all of the different odds into the program. It would then show you the magnitude of the stake needed to be put on each golfer.
As stated within die instructions, the calculations involved require a computer to work them out easily. It's not a sure-fire route to success, but it does raise the odds of gaining something from die bookie.
CARDZ GAME By_ Paul Morley Sadeness PD House _ No of Disks Price _ _One Before I became an Afperson, I used to feel tinges of jealousy at A1200 owners due to the AGA-chipset and die access to the extra colours that it entails.
I'd always wanted to play Klondike.
Not because of the game - it's no more than a game of patience - but more so due to the design of the illustrations on the cards and the propensity of themed card-sets doing the rounds of the PI) circuit.
These can vary from Star-Trehsets to Cindy-Crawford-sets. The quality is usually good due to their original generation. Most card-sets are created using l lam-8 and all arc- displayed in Hi-Res.
The beauty of CanU is that it lets non-AGA .Amiga owners have access to the cult-world of the Klondikeset.
The cards are reduced to 16 colours, using certain dithering routines.
What's more, any card-set can be loaded in and Cardz will convert them to a more restricted palette. 'If TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES TOP 10 courtesy of: EXCLUSIVE PD 7 Beresford Close. Watertooville, Hants P07 SUN. Tel: 01705 642409
1) Roots 2 Demo
2) Final Wrapper
3) Springtime
4) M.A.S.H.
5) Photogenics (useable demo)
6) ZXAM emulator
7) Deluxe Pacman
8) Melchior Demo
9) Image Studio V2.1
Online PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby Liverpool L37
3PX Tel: 01704 834335 Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way
Hemstead Garden Suburb London NW11 6JE Tel: 0181 455 1626
Sadeness PD 13 Russell Terrace Mundesley Norfolk NR11 8U Tel:
01263 722169 17 Bit Software 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market
Street Wakefield
W. Yorks WF1 1DH Tel: 01924 366982 A two disk collection of the
best virus killers available for the Amiga.
An essential purchase for any Amiga user Very easy to use Only £4 00 A set of 10 ol the best puzzle games for the Amiga. Frustration at an extreme Superb value.
If you want to learn to type like a pro. Then our superb Typing tutor set will help you on your way.
? TYP3-1. TYPING TUTOR I Ony ' MTG7-3. MIND TEASERS VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLER SET Workbench 3 is very good but commodore forgot to include a few things, like a virus killer, a decent file manager, a menu system, a few WB games & more £7 SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT a complete wordpm- I cessing package f eatures all sland.nti vr options like cul. Paste.
P S?isrr .rvs_rL- spell checker etc An TVT-TI overall easy to use ____package Only £3 00 ? TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE WP . • ' A"- t: ,i i'C c
• another Amiga then this ? Is the software for you I You can
easily transfer files from one machine ,0 another Only £8 00
COM8-3. NETWORKING SET 5 Cieate your own l.iso- pictures on
your Amiga
- ipiete with cicp'o ? RDS5-2. MAGIC EYE KIT StarTrek
Action Strategy game.
An essential purchase Jlmmmum ¦ j0f any f|ve own I ers. Includes backup
* - I mmm~ tools. Virus tOOlS. Disk repairer, and loads of ( Wj
-2? Other utilities
- :S:S: = ~S3 Only £500 ? HDT5-2. HARD DISK TOOLS Via. Take
control ol ,il' aa ¦ STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Get your finances
in order with this excellent package Keep track of your fuel,
petrol. & food bills Find out where all your money geos each
month Only £7 00 Now the wheather is nice, it's time to do the
garden and the best way to get out of doing it is to spend
loads of time designing it Only £3 00 Over 100 games on 5 great
disks All the classics are here, aswell as loads of new
ongmal games.
Hours of fun for just £1000 GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER FIN7-3. FINANCE PACK GG10-4. 100 GREAT GAMES Hsfl A two disk collection ol SI Workbench 3 back- Is. Drops. Very easy lo use. Works with Hard ¦ disk ol Floppy disk
• - Grown up s only Only £5 00 ? WGB5-2. W0RKBENCH3 BACKDROPS
Make your own hard- V- ware and save £££ Sound samplers, mem-
ory expanse's Bridgeboards etc ' Knowledge of LHA req Only
• .. - A two disk set of now workbencgh backdrops "T ._j .J and
icons for use with _ ‘ Magic Workbench on any Kickstart 2 or
3 MagicWB available £3 It: -- ' MagicWB extra s . £5 IJMWE5-2.
MAGIC WB EXTRA'S Ir? Over 40 top quality IE compugraphic fonts
for Q use on Workbench.
B PageStream, Dpaint4.
R I Wordworth2&3 etc. I A great value set of fonts All for only £7 PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS The most powerful word search, crossword Hbpflra It'll solver available on the Kaa ¦ ¦in .iinga Includes .1 cii.
,"'1 ,l!y :,t- 1 HHBJ ¦ gAjilgsal words and you can add y°uf own Only £5 00 WFP5-2. WORD FINDER Pro 31 Fifty of tho best Bitmap H fonts available This
• jj pack also includes a 3 powerful font editor j Compatible
with I Workbench. D Pamt.
I etc £7 00 ? FNT7-3. FIFTY FANTASTIC FONTS A huQ* set o« cuss-c I I lirl.il-- Monopoly. Scrabble, P« % t « * | Cluedo. Mastermind.
%%% * 1 V. • Othello Backgammon
• I and more Great lun for I 1 1 the family Only £10 ? BDG10-4.
CLASSIC BOARD GAMES ft your new to tho Amiga 4 then you may bo
having problems wrth missing kV libraries etc on your work-
bench mat are needed for I W c*daxi Mies to run TN* disk % j I
contains an popular itoranes.
--- voiwers and other popular _ tools Only C2 00 ? EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS FqnT TK FOWTS ABCDEFG Order Hotline: 01793 490988 Fax Order Line: 01793 514187 1 A selection of tools for I' M fading your A1200 Ufl or A4000 to allow you j&Vif to run most of tho older _Lr Amiga games, tools.
And demo s DEG4-2. A1200 DEGRADERS Xcopy TNG 1$ the most powerful Amiga disk cople, availaDle
- ludc-s software and 3 an external disk inter- lace better Only
£29 99 ? SXCP30-1. XCOPY TNG . V A ten disk collection ot f
very high quality cmono ‘. * , .t55 '* clipart, suitable lor
all flf u - Amiga DTP & Paint m packages. All popular . . Y.
subjects included '¦ » All ten disks only £13 ? GFX13-10.
PRO. CLIPART XCOPY r M s,mP|e ,0 USG- bu*com- m pitent colour
Desk top Computers a publishing software for TjjZrjZZ'’ iisa
any Amiga.
I-, Program Oily £4 00 ? NRL4-1. NEWSMAKER "7“- mil i T ,nc,u iespnn* mana9®r- 1 T 1 lable pnnter, address , keeper, printer drivers.
Loads of other pnnter _,i -a 5 tools Knowledge of Q 0 LHA fedu,re 1 tof use ? PRT7-4. PRINTER TOOLS 2 This is the most upto date and comprehensive collection ol pnnter drivers available lor the Amiga Star. Citizen.
Panasonic. HP etc, etc Easy to Install £3 00 PDRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVERS lf SEIKO*** P SONlC COMMOORt r X&& ORDERING BY POST Bfmply send ua your ordar, listing the items you M require, the total cost and yor name and address with payment either by cheque or postal order made payable to EPIC MARKETING. Most orders are despatched with 48hours.
ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any lima between 9.30am • 3:30pm Mon-Sat with your credit card details and a list or tha lloms you would like to order.
COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to collect you order any tlma between 10am and 5:30pm Monday - Saturday.
OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas ordsrs are welcome, but therejs a minimum order of 3 titles and please add £1 PAP per floppy title and £2.00 per CD-ROM title for Postage & Packing. F POSTAGE & PACKING UK A Mainland add a total of fuat Sop for floppy softwaro.
P!u» £1 per CD-ROM title ordered.
INFORMATION Goods ore not sold on a trial basta. E&OE.
PLEASE STATE YOU ARE OVER 18 WHEN ORDERING ANY ADULT TITLES Full Term* and Condition! Available on requeal.
We do not condone the um ol pornographic aohwere.
Actual acreenahota may vary between mileieni computer melons.
9aagaa[ Over 500 game C’.eaisjn 2 disks for Amiga games Most tiT MDl'» 01 ,he latesl 9amGS (WlrrCwk- tn chea,s included |Trl~TW » All for only £5.00 CHT5-2. CHEATS GALORE 2 If your a budding f Ian Beale or Floyd.
• then this Gourmet cookbook will gel aatiW|MHW you Only ?
GCB3-1. COMPUTERISED COOKBOOK Six disks of Video fonfs.
Backdrops. Trtlers.
Video wipes, and loads more. Graet lor producing your own video* s. All for only £12.00 TITLING TOOLS pVID12-6. VIDEO » Thousands of General Knowlege questions and answers on this two disk Quiz Pack Great fun for all the Family Only £5 00 ¦?QUZ5-2. QUIZ CHALLENGE I Ivor 130 Clip.il!
'-t i images on 3 disks Ipw.1.1 111 me i-'on King
9. • • 'c--s for use
- 4A w .1 ;c- LKA6-3. LIONKING CLIPART if you ve just purchased
your Amiga your you may bo a bit boggled how to use it
properly. Weil thrs five disk set takes you step by step
through every basic thmg to know All five disks for just £9 00
collection ol Amiga card games including: Poker. Craps.
Blackjack. Montana.
Rummy and more Only £10.00 Lottery Winner Professional attempts to predict the results of the Lottery Every week you input the previous weeks numbers into a database Only £5 00 Magic User Interface will compliment Magic Workbench to enhance your Workbench even more Knowledge of Shell is required Only £4.00 A set of over 50 superb professional looking colour clip fonts Perfecl for Video trtfmg.
Demo making or Desk top publishing.
Great value at £5.00 Picture not available at time of printing 0I234M7S9 Arnnr.... KLMWeOttk TBVwSYZ pLWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNER ? MUI4-2. MAGIC USER INTERFACE P CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS 3 New collection of tools for WB2 & 3. Includes HD tools. Virus killer, sound & graphics tools, text editor and loads more.
A bargain at £5.00 Another great puzzle game, this ones tor the Adults, great tun.
Only £5.00 Retrieves lost or damaged files Undelete deleted files. Repair, Salvage or Validate almost any Amiga dos disk. Including Hard drives Only £5.00 This pack includes C64. GAMEBOY, BBC. VIC20. IBM.
SPECTRUM SINCLAIR OL & ATARI ST emulators Only £5.00 AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR ? ATC5-2. POWER TOOLS A range of clipart for use with Page Setter.
Dozens of subjects including People.
Animals. Verticals.
Sports etc Only £3 00 I Girls and more girls.
I loads ot 256 colour I girty pictures, for I use on the A1200 | only All 3 disks only £6 ] GRL6-3. GIRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS.
Amiga Betting Shop. It you like a little flutter now and then, then your love this set ol 4 great gambling games.
Frnit machine, roulette etc Only £6.00 ABS6-4. BETTING SHOP Includes GRAVITY SIM ELEMENTS TABLE UNITS CONVERTER GEO TIME CLOUD CREATOR EVOLUTION MODEL 3 disks tor only £7.00 ? MPC3-1. PAGESETTER ART NEW VERSION.... Tesl your drive, memory. Keyboard.
GFX chips, sound ships, speed etc. Only £3.00 Play Poker with some of the most lovely women in the world.
Includes superb graphics and digitised speech. Over 18 only Only £10 00 With this language tutor you could learn lo speak In any ot the following languages.
SPANISH. FRENCH GERMAN,ITALIAN & JAPANESE, only £8.00 Organise your Record. CD. Video and disk collection with this superb set ot cataloging tools.
Only £5.00 E-_.„ DCTG5-3. CATALOGUER'S If you've just got a new Hard drive for your A1200 then this set ot disks are essential Prep and Partition your drive trten install WB 3 100°o properly £7 00 A new live disk set ot high quality colour clipart. All the major subjects included OKAY on any Amiga package.
Only £9.00 Imagine objects ot MACLAREN.
WILLIAMS and BENETTON Formula One motor racing cars.
(4mb recommended) Only £6.00 The complete graphics manipulation and converter sot. Supports GIF IFF BMP. PCX etc. etc Only £5 00 ? AHD7-2. HARD DISK SETUP ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART ? RTR6-3. RAYTRACED RACERS ? GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTER Whether your a complete beginner at chess or a champion Jl Chess has something for you. Superb graphics and speech.
Only £5.00 Includes Lightwave scenes & objects of the Delta tighter. Soul Hunter, two Vorton space craft. B5 Station, two Jumpgates & nebular space dust. £7.00 Password & file encryption tools Put a password on your computer or make any file unreadable to anyone else Not for the complete beginner £10.00 Over 50 superb quality Eye catcher clipart images for use in any Amiga package.
Only £4.00 ACCESS DENIED Eight all time classic arcade games. Pacman.
Frogger Astenods Space Invaders. Centipede.
Missile command Q-Bert. & Omega race Great value for money Only £5 00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 SPE5-3 SPECCY EMULATOR S 50 GAMES £5 SPG15-7 100 CLASSIC SPECCY GAMES £15 SPG35-33 400. SPECCY GAMES . EM £35 CDSPS3 SPECCY SENSATION CDROM £20 ? SPECTRUM STUFF Includes over 500 alt time classic spectrum games on one CD for CD32. CDTV. Zappo etc Includes actual Speccy emulator as well. Only £14.99 SPECCY SENSATION CD All 21 volumes of the Encyclopedia on one CD Includes life like p y fill a fen you can fill your mind’ Only £29.99 Every arcade classic you coukJ think of Invaders. Pacman.
Astenods. Frogger. Q- bert. Missile command.
Tempest Centerpede and loads more £9.99 ARCADE CLASSICS CD ? GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA All the best and most useful fools for your Amiga.
Includes Hundreds of essential utilities Just £9.99
- ™ iiir ? •ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Vol.1 Lucky dip volume one
contains a varied range of games, demos, clipart, tools,
samples, modules etc £5.00 Proof of age required.
We do not condone or supply illicit hard core material The latest release from the Aminet series, contains, hundreds of tools, demos, objects etc. Now only £14.99 NEW!!! The Startrek Multimedia CD. Contains: Animations, Sound samples and hundreds of pictures Only £27.99 The biggest collection of Clipart available EVER!
Colour. B&W IFF. EPS Pagestream. GIF. PCX.
BMP. TIF. Pagesetter. WMF. Over 60 catagones.
DOU8LE CDROM A bargain at just £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD Over 4000 full colour Adult images for use on your Amiga or PC OVER 18 Only £19.99 ? ADULT SENSATION CD FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE" In any correspondence please quote a phone number, post code & Dept. Allow S working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE.
• Standard delivery £ 1.95
• 2-3 Week Days £2.95
• Next Week Day £4.95 Delivery subject to stock availability
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Prknarr
tnrmt at Ike Itmc erffomjlopress Pwawr hash our IW prk .. Mon
ordering. AB sain are uA*Mt lo our Moxbnl tmirn A ¦»*«¦
» W opy avjrfaiiir upon mortal tlOf Telephone 0113 231 -9444
E-Mail sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk REPAIRS . FRU w - UN n
c"ar|M or Yew i Low Expansion Monitors CD ROM Drives Hard
Drives . I th full potential of your AI 2001 I with tho Prim*
Technologic* trapdoor RAM expansion, include* real time clock.
|l MB RAM |2 MB RAM |4 MBKAM 18 MB RAM |2MB&33MHzCOPRO Id MBA 33 Mhz CO PRO £ 214.9 91 |8 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO Part exchange available on youd old memory, Call for pricing.
IPRIMA A500 512k RAM (no clock) 19 99 PRIMAA500 Plus I Mb RAM £29 99 f RIMA A600 I Mb RAM (no clock) £29
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 600 install kit I (W.
Recommend l.S" drive, be fitted by qualified computer enpnren)
J inc. software, cables and instructions 1260Mb.. 11 19.99
S40Mb...£ 169.99 850Mb..£219.99 1.0SGig...*274.99 "Hard Drive
upgrade kit |y!!£ 18.99 HEW 4 up software, cables and lions,
no Hard Drive.
’service available if required.
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions AMAZING!!
80Mb_£89.99| l30Mb_- 114.99 LOWEST [ PRICES 2S0Mb_£ 139.991
340Mb...£l99.99 EVER!!
AN ¦!»•*• inptifc.d by The Fm Computer Centra H*.. |
* mtotmun, 11 month warranty and are tatt IO0 compaoinlty.
• targe ICO cxwatwmpwwl If | •sCS*-2 mtcrface Oh at data
irxmler.lTlmaMteM lime | £169.991
• Support. Kodak muNkeillon photo CD I Sanyo-H94AX2 £126.991
• J20M* Accnt tu..r»)00KB Transfer rate. I Plextor-PX43CSX4
• I SOM, Acer** umT XOKB TmW NEC6XIX6V £312.99
• I SOM, i«M, ndrvtx KB Tr»* rai,
• FuXy SCSI II CmvXUr “S.. drive Overdrive X2Extem.iT£ 185.99
Overdrive X4Extemal £245.99 GVP4008+MDX.H.., £129.99 SCSI II
interface card for big box Amiga's.
Squirrelscsilnuvtact £40.001 When bought with DRIVE, £54 99 separate.
All our monttors comply to UK specific ationv All monitor* come complete with connecting leads* Microvitec Autoscan 14381 18 dpi. IS 18 Amiga mode* compatible. No 6 swivell stand only £274.99 . _
• A1200 s require on adaptor £6.9T AMITEK 1084-S 11 4" stereo
colour CGA monitor. Ideal for the | game player and the more
serious user only £195.99 Tilt and swivel Hand only £9 99 when
purchased with monitor I Al! Monitor dust covers only £S.99j
floppy Drives Scanners Genlocks Memory Modules I Mb 72 Pin SIMM
£39 991 12 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £79 99| 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £130 991 8
Mh 72 Pin SIMM £262 991 16 Mb 2 pm SIMM £J??.?v| I I Mb 30 pin
SIMM £34.991 If Mb lOpinSIMM £110.991 I 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs)
(each)£6 99| I Mb by 4 ZIPPS (each)£12.99| 12§4by4 ZIPPS
(each)£5.99| Part exchange available on your old memory. Call
for pricing.
SONY Deluxe 3.S "External Drive only!!! £49.99 On Off twitch. Through port. Anti-click, I Anti-virus switch, 12 month warranty and a tough durable metal cate. Works on all Amiga's. Excellent value.
I XL I-44Ext. DrivcONlV!! £84.991 Ial200 600£39.991 IA500 500+I..I. .n.ui.i.. £39.991 I Power Scan v4 £99.99) 256 g scale on AGA Anvgas 64 gscafc non AGA I Power Scan Col £199.991 I 24 bn colour scanner. 16 7 million colours I Alpha Scan 800 £99.991 I 800 dp». 2S6 g'tcaie. Works on ail Amirav I I Alpha Scan 256 £139.991 I 7S6 g sole full OCR software HO -eo to use OCR I Epson GT8500 £549.991 | 30 b«i 4itBed scanner superb -esurts requ-cs Ar* | irtment sc wrung software poce £99 99 RENDALE I hama 292 £275.991 I S-Video, and composite compatible I hama 290 £669.991 I S-Video andcomponte
mixing, pfcn far more I hama A-Cut editor £ I 79.991 Rendale 8802fmc£ I 59.991 I Superb entry level genlock, with pro features I | Rendale 9402 £28S.99| TuM featured. Super-VHS genlock lly £59.99 I The amazing new graphics tablet for the Armg developed with the help of First Computers I tn Amiga f LWB or above Luyy _ __ 'ricin nation on BJ30 £204.99 NPWl C»no rBJC70C ir *£299.99 H-gh e-M, 'vuh. Totow pras.w, 10 MP AM NEW! Canon BJ200ex £229.99 Oi‘Iot3T ?40o'oC 5w 1299*99 M-p. ««-, MM. M M. L.S Opt NEW!C-uton B)C600eCol. £439.99
- 4 .MM, . ...... 110 Op.
HEWLETT® PACKARD m NEW HPS40 mono £269.99 HP")TTs4o"Coiotjr*K it £36.99 NEW! HP 660 Colour £385 99 HP 4L laser printer £469.99 EPSON Epson Stylus colour £449.99 720 dpi. 100 ihees ASP. Plato prlnlhrad t«h»olo| Epson Stylus 800+ I 160 dpi. (00 *fr*e AW. 3 year warranty i«hnolo|y £229.99 CITIZEN Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee ABC Colour printer £145.99 ample (as .... ai ABC) Mmldpx primer Comm • NEWUProjct II Colour £249.99 ‘Tpoa He. Colour pnmw etkhdie NEWI Projet 3 mono nm Star LC 1009 pin Colour £121.99
* pm cotour prtotor. • NLQ torn*. 100 p* draft Star LC909 pin
mono £102.99 f pm mono primer. ASF b«4K m. push tractor opoonel
Star LC 24024 pin mono £117.99 24 pin mono primer. 1*1 cps
draft.with ASF built ki.
Star LC240C24 pin Colour £ I 34.99 14 pin colour printer ASF bull! In, 4 LQ fonts Star SJ144Colour £229.99 Scunntog aNordelito cotour thermal tramtor pnntar. Low
• Ncemm Wwn • * Tw only £199.99 Is it a bargain the site of a
Hippo's Bum’ I You B»ttha!' Amiga Computing Oct. I444|
s‘V*roc-m7£ Modmm Thlt modem hai full 14460 baud include*
r. ll. V llbl*. V22. VII. MNP2 5. V.42. V42bl*. Clan I L 2
commanda. *600114400 Group 3 Fax. Includes free modem comm*
(not Fax)*. , A ceble only £152.99 BKHobotics WE ARE PREFERRED
USR DEALERS Sportster288 only £193.99 feature* VJ4. 28.800
BABT approved SupraModem i44Lc|
V. 32 bis (14400 baud) nee* a* batow but claw I lax ordy and 1*0
now only £96.99 5jporfster 44 £ 34.99| Amazing price reduction
on Courier Dual Standard V34+ £287.99 Now 33.600 bps.
10 £3.49 £4.49 30 £9.99 £1 1.99 SO £15.99 £18 99 100 £29.99 £35 99 200 £52.99 £6) 49 SOO £1 18.99 £142 99 1000 £211 99 £253 99 AJ feta at panrtwd Al m dtf feoanr-ettn MULTI COLOUR aBE-a Disk labels 500 £6.99 1000 £9.99 10 Capacity box £0.99 I 50 Capacity lockable box £3.99 100 Capacity lockable box £5.49 I *90CapacityBanxbox £10.99
• I 50Capacity Posso box £20.99 100 Capacity CD holder £4.99 I
'add 100 dekvery if purchasing jusl one Posso or Bam box.
Normal defcvrry when purchased 1 with other product or when
buying 2 or n Peripherals Software CD Software Consumables
Ribbons IcitizenSwift ABC mono £3.99 Icitizen Swift ABC colour
£12.99 |StarLC90 mono ribbon £4.99 Istar LC 10 100 mono £3.69
Istar LC 10 100 colour £7.99 ¦Star LC240c colour £13.99 ¦ Star
LC240c mono £8 99 ¦ Star LC 240 mono £S.99 ¦ Star
LC24-10 200 300 Colour £1399 I Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons £
Refills Save a fortune in running cost* with your nk bubble
|et. Compatible with the HP iDeiktet series, Canon BJ10 20 80 1
30 200 |300 J10, Star SJ48, Citizen Pro|et and many ithers.
Full range of colours available.
¦Single refills (22ml) £6.99 ¦Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 ¦Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 ¦Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 |Bulk refills (l2Sml) £24 99 Miscellaneous ¦ Printer Switch Box 2 way £ I 2.99 ¦ Printer Switch Box 3 way £ I 7.99 ¦ Printer Stands (Universal) £7.99
ll. 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 |J Metre printer cable £6.99 |S
Metre printer cable £8.99 110 Metre printer cable Parallel
port extension cable £9 99 Ink Cartridges Canon BJ 10 Star
SJ48 £19.
Canon Bj200 230 £19.
Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £13.
Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) £10.
Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) £16.
Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) 16.
Canon BJC 4000 mono (tingle) £7.
Canon BJC 4000 monoo.p.v £28.
Canon BjC 600emonoh*gh..9 £10.
Canon BJC 600e colour £8.
HP.Deskjet colour £26.
HP. Deskjet double mono £24.
HP. Deskjet 660 double mono £25.
HP.Deskjet 660 colour Epson Stylus mono £15 Epson Stylus colour £36 Star SJ 144 mono colour (single) £8 Covers All printer dust covers £5 Paper Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets £4.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets £8.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets¦ I 7 99 Single sheet 500 sheets £4.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £8.99 Single sheet 2000 sheets £17.99 Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack £22.99 Oiwry lor 2000 sheen £5 00 when purchased without pnnur Printer repair specialists for quotr Viper II 28 MMU £145.99 RoboshiftMKI £9.99 NEWMcga Mouse+£ 12.99 MegaMouse400dPi £11.49 TrueMouse3oodpi
£10.99 Crystal Trackball £34.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers£57.99 Amiga Modulator £34.99 Amiga PSU £34.99 SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER!'
Workbench 2.1 software upgrade only £29.99 Kickstart 3.0 £34.99 Kickstart 2.04 £30 99 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600) £30.99 Fatter Agnes 8375 £26.99 Super Denise £18 99 6571-0326 Keyboard controlled I 3.99 CIA 8520A I O controller £10.99 6flAfl7CoPro3Smh*PLCC £14 99 68882 Co Pro 33mhzPLCC £44.99 Turbotech realtime clock cartridge £ 17.99 fits any Amiga HS*. VIDII2 AGA only!! £69.99 VIDI24RT £144.99 Real tun. Cotour (fcpOMng from any too tourca Full AGA Mpport He I J Vok PSU VIDI 24 RT pro£224.99
• awl. F*a AGA *o*fKw* ¦ 11 V*M PSU Music Sound Aura 12 bit
sampling £7 Pro Midi Interface £2 Techno Sound Turbo 2 £2
TecnoSound Turbo £2 Utilities NEW?.' Directory Opus S £4 GP FAX
2.1 software £4 X Copy Pro V2 plus hardware £2 NEWV Ditrnfogy
£3 NEWTCO Boot 1.0 £2 Video & Graphics NEW?* Drluir Pamt S £5*
99 Brilliance 2 £44 9* Distant Suns S £29.99 Make
Path Terraform (each) £8 49 Vista Pro 3 (4Mb required) £29.94
Word Processing DTP Final Writer DTP £49 99 Final Copy V2 UK
£48 99 Penpal lindword* 3 17 Bit Collection £28 95 17 Bit
Continuation £14 45 17 Bit Phase 4 £14 45 17 Bit LSD compendium
1 £16 95 17 Bit LSD compendium 2 £16.95 Aminet S £14 45 NEW!!
Aminet 6 14.45 Aminet collection (Box set 4 CD's) £2495 Amos
Users CD £16.95 Assassins £16.95 CDPD 1 £8.95 CD-PD 2 £8.9*
CD-PD 3 £8.9 CD-PD 4 £12.9 Demo CD 1 £89 Demo CD 2 £8.9
GoldFish 1 £24.4 GoldFish 2 £24.4 NewJ.'Groliers Encyclopedia
£25 9 Light ROM £29.9 Light Works £29.9 Meeting Pearls 1 £9.9
Meeting Pearls II £9 9 MultiMedia ToolKit 2 (2xCD s) £27.9
Network CD £12.4 PrimaCD Vol. 1 £16.9 Space And Astronomy £16 9
NEW!FTen on Ten pack 1 OxCD s £35.9 NewffWorfd Of Pinups £12.9
WPD Hottest 4 £14 9 WPD Hottest 5 £14.9 Wicrd Science Fonts
£8.9 Weird Science Clipart £8.9 Wierd Science Animation £16 9
This stylish blue box and its tiny grey disks, with up to 100Mb
on each, could potentially spell the end of the floppy disk.
FLATBED SCANNERS 90 Many people have dismissed the possibility of owning a flatbed scanner because of the prices asked for them. However, a new batch of scanners that cost as little as £399 may change a few minds. Graeme Sandiford sets out to find out which is the best, even if it means scanning everything in the office.
PROGRAB24RT PLUS 96 ProGrab has already crossed swords with Rombo's range of digitisers. Can it really have been made any better? Graeme Sandiford finds out.
BATCH FACTORY 99 Graeme Sandiford takes a look at a program that can save you a lot of hard work by performing simple and repetitive tasks for you.
IOMEGA 104 SEPTEMBER 1995 This new storage media has the potential to revolutionise the computer industry by bringing cartridges that can house 100Mb to a wide market. Nick Veitch dons his X- Files sweatshirt and tries to find out if this is a scientific breakthrough, or plain magic.
APOLLO 1220 107 Apollo may not be the god of speed, but David Taylor finds out if this accelerator board has been mis-named.
FILESYSTEMS 109 While the Iomega gives you the storage space to transport large amounts of data, you'll need one of these programs to read data from other computer systems.
CD-ROM ROUNDUP 112 Graeme Sandiford casts an appreciative eye over a selection of colourful Cds.
PlatLei Despite tiie incredible advances in computer* imaging technologs, there is no liner source of realistic images than the real world. Indeed, combing computer-generated images with real-life ones can produce incredible results and effects. The trouble is getting real world images 'inside' your computer.
One of the most popular ways to do this is using a video digitiser like the ProGrab24RT Plus, reviewed on page
96. However, while this is fine for capturing images that are to
be displayed on screen and ideal for creating animations, it
is not a high- resolulion solution.
When dealing with printed images, such as the photographs in Amiga Formal, resolution is everything. While it A600C EPSON GT-9000 SHARP JX100 ARTEC VIEWSTATION Please bear in mind, while evaluating these pictures, that they are in effect simulations and may not look as they would on screen, because they have been converted from an RG8-format to CMYK. All of the scans were performed with the default software settings and better results may be obtained through different settings and image-processing. This manga image is quite easy for the scanners to handle, since it's full of bright primary
Is possible to shrink an image in size without any problems, trying to make a low-resoiution image big enough for a cover is going to produce a heavily pixellated mess in any DTP program.
That’s whv scanners are such an important part of high-end DTP - they are excellent for rapturing real-life images accurately and at high resolutions. However, hand-scanners are a pain in the neck to use and fiatbeds have hardly been cheap.
Software drivers for flatbed scanners have also been hard to find with only the Epson-range of OT scanners receiving real support from Amiga developers. Now. With the release of several affordable llalbeds and software to drive them, that's all set to change. Both Gasteiner and Fourth Level Developments have produced software drivers for cheap PC scanners.
Epson have released the GT-9000 and Sharp's budget JX1 (HI still has support from Amiga developers.
With this round-up of fiatbeds I intend to find which is the best of this new breed of affordable fiatbeds and which one will meet your needs for the least amount of monev.
Sharp JX100 Impact Data System 01709 541777 £495 Despite looking decidedly like an oversized Tri-corder from Star Trek TNG.
The JX100 is actually a scanner.
Although whether or not it is a flatbed scanner is debatable.
While vou don’t have lo move the scanner-head by hand, as you do with a hand-scanner, the unit is effectively a hand-scanncr with a built-in motor and gives you about the same scanning area.
TheJXIOO is an incredible feat of miniaturisation - especially considering it's by far the oldest of the scanners reviewed - having a foot-print of approximately 12x6 inches. Despite its diminutive size, it has a scanning area of 6.5x4 inches which is quite impressive since the unit houses the scanning-head, motor and rails for guiding the scanning-head.
Despite its age. It is still quite attractive and retains a fair amount of pose appeal. Both sides of die scanning area are transparent, the reason for which is so you can see what you are scanning and position your images for scanning accurately.
I was quite surprised to learn that the scanner uses the serial port of the machine, unlike most hand-scanners and even some fiatbeds that use the parallel port. The actual lead ends in a 9-pin serial Interface, for use with Pcs no doubt, but you can buy a 9- to 25-pin converter quite cheaply. The lead is used for powering the scanner as well as "The choice for people on a tight budget, who don't mind waiting."
75% FOURTH LEVEL FLATBED Scanners sending data, but rather than drawing on the Amiga's internal power supply, a PSU is supplied that is joined to the lead through a clever little connector.
To use the scanner, you simply have to place the scanning area over the source image and the scanning-head will make its way over the image. In fact, it passes over the image three times; once for each of the colour-channels (Red, Green and Blue). Although I expected theJXIOO to be a three-passes scanner, because of its age. I was surprised by how long it took to complete a scan, even at comparatively low resolutions.
The scanner is not supplied with any Amiga software, but ImageEX has had a scanner-module for it for sometime and this works quite well.
However, while you are given a fair amount of control over the scan, you don't have much choice over what resolution the scans are - only 50, 100 and 200dpi are supported.
The quality of theJXIOO is quite surprising. Even though it didn't do too well with the test-card, it gave quite impressive results from photographs, though the images were a bit dark.
Unfortunately, it has a list-price of £405, which is ridiculous. Even though its street-price is cheaper, it is hard to find.
Sounds, since it can be a great help if you have limited desk space, holding a large number of pictures to Ik- scanned.
The scanner is connected to the Amiga via SCSI, so you need a controller to use it. Thankfully, it uses a dial to set its SCSI II) number, rather than having to fiddle around with a row of DIP switches. The installation Continued overleaf "With results like these, it's easy to see why the Artec has done so well."
84% SHARP JX100 ARTEC VIEWSTATION A600C EPSON GT-9000 FOURTH LEVEL FLATBED These scans are of a scanner calibration-card. Used to get the correct settings for the full colour-range.
This caused a few problems, especially for the Artec.
Artec ViewStation A600C Gastetner 0181 345 6868 £399 This is the first of our PG-convertees.
Apparently, this scanner has been selling by the bucket-load in the PG market and, with a price of under £400 and a resolution of 2400dpi, it's not too difficult to see why.
Gasteiner have been quick to spot that this unit might tempt a few people who thought they couldn't afford a flatbed into digging into their pockets to pay the relatively small sum of £400 for a fully-functioning flatbed.
If I'm to continue the mechanical analogies, which I probablv will, the Artec reminds me of a photocopier. At first I wasn't sure why. But on further inspection I decided it was because its scanning-lid opens sideways, just like a photocopier. Another thing that served to enhance this feeling was the LCD- display that keeps you informed about the scanner’s current status.
It also has a document holder which is actually more useful than it
* ¦ software is quite good and makes configuring the scanner to
match your machine both simple and flexible I he software
supplied, Scantool, is similarly easy to use. Changing the
resolution, brightness and contrast of a scan is simply a
matter of adjusting the right slider. Of course, you are given
control over whether the scan is going to be mono, greyscale or
2Tbit colour.
You are also able to select a file format for the image that is converted automatically. However, the image is saved to disk before you can even look at it, although you do get a wonderful, pre-scan image, even on a 16-greyscale ECS screen. The software gives you a choice of formats. IncludingJPEG. A variety of IFF-types and the option of using an external conversion program.
The output from the Artec is actually quite sharp at its default setting and reproduces most colours quite faithfully. However, the images can be a little washed out. But not much and is usually only evident when scanning the lighter range of colours.
Epson GT- 9000 Epson UK 0800 220546 £659 The Epson GT range of scanners enjoyed more support from Amiga- developers than any other. Both of the Amiga’s best image-processing programs. ADPro and ImageFX, have a module for operating them. The GT- 9000 is the latest in the range and use the same drivers that were available for its little-brothers, the 6500 and 8500.
A600C EPSON GT-9000 FOURTH LEVEL FLATBED Physically, this is probably the most attractive of the scanners, even though it lacks the cute IXD-display of the Artec. However, it is quite large and, what’s more, it can become even larger.
It has a rather nifty flap on its right- hand side; when flipped up, it locks into position, giving the scanner a further four inches or so of extra surface area.
This photograph is a good test of the scans that will be performed most by a flatbed and is as much a test of sharpness as colour differentiation.
This is especially useful for scanning over-sized pictures or books, "The Epson GT-9000 represents the ultimate in quality and price."
94% First Computer Centre Leeds (0113 2319444) for £49. This lead is not the only hidden cost; if you intend to use it with ADPro, you'll have to be prepared to shell out £99 for the scanner-module.
The software we used to test the GT-9000 was ImageFX. Whose module is quite comprehensive. You have full control over die dpi of die scan with a wide range of settings, from 50 to 2400.
As well as die 2Tbit colour, mono and greyscale scanning-modes, it's possible to scan just one-colour channels.
Since this can reduce the slipping and sliding you often get when trying lo scan such things.
The front of the Epson has three status indicators to tell you when the scanner is ready, or if there are any errors. The warm-up time of the Epson is quite simply incredible compared with the Artec - you turn power on and after about 10 seconds the scanner is ready to go.
You'll find the power and reset switch on die front of the scanner. To the rear are all the connection Interfaces, as well as the SCSI ID dial. It is possible to connect the scanner via a SCSI or parallel cable, though, for the Amiga, only the parallel is in use.
In fact, you have to buy a special cable which can be made up by the The preview-scan is excellent and clear, and both it and die full-colour mode are blisteringly fast in the single- pass they make over the image. Of course, once scanned, all of ImageFX's tools can be used to enhance the image. However, several adjustments can be made while die scan is being performed, including blurring, sharpening, and colour and gamma correction.
The results gained from the Epson are wonderful and are definitely the best of the lot. If you are looking for a high-quality scanner and don't mind paving that bit exu-a for it.
SHARP JX100 ARTEC VIEWSTATION Fourth Level Flatbed Fourth Level Computers 0117 985 4455 £598 I'm not entirely sure what model this flatbed is and the manual is strangely vague about its origins, even to the extent of not mentioning who holds the copyright on the manual.
Despite the ambiguity surrounding its origins, it does appear to be quite an old model and its simple styling makes it look more like a flatbed than I thought possible. If you looked up the word flatbed scanner in a dictionary, you would And a picture of this flatbed.
Although some might think it looks a bit dull, it is actually quite reassuring and gives the impression that this is a no-nonsense piece of hardware.
Indeed, it proved to be the simplest to get up and running, expect for the fact that the old-fashioned DIP-switchcs.
For changing the SCSI ID, were hidden away underneath the machine. Another slightly annoying design-characteristic is that there is only one 50-pin SCSI Interface. This means that it has to be the last thing in your SCSI chain and if SHARP JX100 ARTEC VIEWSTATION you have another device with only one SCSI port, you'll have to get a convertor to connect it to the 25-pin Mac-stvle SCSI port.
The software is quite interesting - at first it appears pretty basic, but there are some nice little touches and features. For example, once you've typed the resolution you want for the X and Y axis, and defined the scanning- area. You'll be given an estimation of what size the scanned image will be.
A600C EPSON GT-9000 FOURTH LEVEL FLATBED While ImagcFX’s Epson-modulo can tell you the image-size in pixels, it doesn't let you know how much storage space it will lake tip, as the Fourth Level software does. Nor does any of the other software-drivers enable you to specify the resolution for the X and Y axis independently.
However, it does have one major drawback in its horrid preview-display.
As with theJXIOO you only gel a mono preview, but you don’t get the threshold setting you do with the JXIOO module.
This is a real pain if you are scanning a limited area of a photograph, since it is nearly impossible to get an image that shows you enough detail to select the area you want.
The images that the scanner produced were nothing spectacular nor were they particularly poor. Rather, as with its appearance, very average. 'Zi IN COMPARISON SCSI Parallel Transparency Software driver Minimum DPI Maximum DPI Independent X and Y DPI Colour Preview Artec A600C V N Y Y 50 2400 N N Epson GT-9000 Y V V ImageFX ADPro SO 2400 N Y Fourth Level Y N V Y 50 2400 Y N Sharp JX100 N N • ImageFX 50 200 N N
• While the Sharp JX100 does not have a transparency add-on as
such, It is possible to perform scans of transparencies using a
light box.
Will go down in histo the best there's been... for ages T I he way we all communicate today has gradually evolved from early cave paintings by Prehistoric man, through Egyptian Hieroglyphics and eventually on to a method of symbols representing both letters and numbers. Early inscriptions in stone gave way lo clay tablets, papyrus, parchment and ultimately paper, and the Greek alphabet became the basis of most of today i languages.
Books were created by hand until the mid 15th century when crude printing processes were first introduced. Albeit with continual refinements, printing methods have, until very recently, remained the only way to distribute the written word and lienee a host of information throughout the world.
The biggest leap forward has been achieved in the last ten yearsI Padoption of computer generated text as a I, complicated layouts and designs can now he generated and primed at the touch of u few keys right on your desktop. And it doesn V stop there.
Archiving and record keeping works hand in hand with these new methods of processing text and allows far faster data retrieval than ever before. This latest technology has not just revolutionised the world of print, hut has opened Ihe floodgates lo an explosion in communication possibilities throughout the world.
At Softwood, our constant aim is to bring you these powerful, up to dale technologies with the best possible software for your specification of Amiga.
Our wtml processing packages have repeatedly won the favounkf magazine reviewers, who have awarded
• oflWoodpvri
C. LS., France +33 57 8V II 40 SoflWood Inc., ISA ?I 602 431 0949
» Kmi'rald Creative, JTJS +6! 3585 2055 Karlberg & Karlherg,
Sweden +44 « 47450 ¦M Amiga Oherland.Oermam ~ +49 6173 65001
bringing the revolution into your home or office... AW all
SotlHoal ptutramtarr omtubU in rut* language • ptrav rhrrt n
il* mr Jiaiibuw. I SoftWood products their highest accolades,
all over the world. Ivc are continually updating and improving
those products and adding new ones, such as Final Data", and
soon. Final Calc“ to our range. Our efforts are bringing the
revolution into your home or office... and onto your Amiga.
Word Processing Publishing... Whatever specification Amiga you own, SoftWood have the perfect solution for your requirements.
Final Copy II " Release 2 is at the peak of achievement when running a floppy based Amiga configuration, whilst Final Writer " Release 3 is the only hard drive compulsory Amiga word processor - it leaps a stage ahead and doesn’t make any compromises to be floppy disk compatible. Whichever you choose, you'll be SoftWood i leltSlastelisNl assured of the latest in WYSIWYG technology and reap the benefits of still unsurpassed, easy to use. Amiga software from SoftWood.
Our new Database... Final Data", is designed in the true SoftWood tradition and brings you a program that is not only extremely powerful, but also very easy to use. Indeed, you can leant to set up your Final Data " database, enter your information and pnnt the results in a matter of minutes... not hours. You’ll soon be generating all kinds of repons and label print runs to suit y our kind of work.
LATEST NEWS from SoftWood... Final Calc™ Final Calc" is the answer to every Amiga Spreadsheet users dreams. With its flexible modes of operation.
Final Calc " is the only Spreadsheet that can start with a minimum range of features I ideal for the beginner), but progress to offer power beyond the levels found not just on any other Amiga Spreadsheet, but almost any Spreadsheet on any computer system. Multi-layer sheets, advanced PostScript outputting facilities w ith flexible font handling, complete document scaling options, a vast choice of Graph styles including 3D and animated (to show calculation result progressions) are just some of its comprehensive and unique features.
Final Calc " is due for release in Spring 1995. So look out for the magazine reviews. If you w ant to know more now. Simply cut the coupon (on (he right) for vour free advance information.
Final Data TM New Release 2 £ final D " L i Final Copy 77™ Release 2 Designed to gel the most out of an Amiga floppy drive based system.
Final Copy II offers more than just word processing lat which it naturally escelsl and opens up a world w here how the document looks' is as important as what the ! CnmimnhiUiy: Elappy | i Of Haiti brm StiIran | document says'.
Final Copy II is ideal for that quick letter but also boasts features which arc powerful enough to help you produce end results normally only associated with expensive Desk Top Publishing packages... always easy to achieve, without the fuss!
Unique features such as FastDraw" on screen drawing tools (to generate boxes, borders, lines and arrows etc.) and Perfect Print" (an advanced system that enables you to prim the same Postscript™ outline fonts to any printer in both landscape & portrait modesl ensure that Final Copy II is the leader in its class. You can easily generate multiple newspaper style snaking columns, import any graphic objects or pictures (and place them anywhere on your pagel. Scale or crop those graphics and also auto flow test around them. You can even print test over graphics and the output is always of the
highest quality.
Final Copy II offers the perfect balance between word processing and more advanced page layout creation - in one great program.
Final Copy II requires any Amiga floppy or hanl drive system with a minimum of Imh. Free RAM IA600 hard drive computers lift'd .5Mb). Twin floppy drives are recommended for total flexibility with no installation or multiple disk swaps required.
Base and speed of use w ith total control of the final printed presentation is available on your floppy based Amiga system right now for only £49.95 inc. p&p.
Hard drive compulsory, this new (lie ultimate performance. As w ith Final Copy II, excellent output is guaranteed utilising PerfectPrint" and you’ll also benefit from a host of other advanced features including...
• Texl Blocks" which position text at any sire, angle and
position on the page.
• Touch Tools" & PowerlserBars' giving one touch' control - just
click on a button... define, change and save such attributes as
text position, font sire, font styles (bold, italic, underline
etc.). justification, bullets, line spacing, indents etc.
• FastDraw Plus" allowing more versatile on screen drawing tools
which include options like rotation.
Final Writer can also import, scale, crop, view on screen and output structured PostScript EPS clip-an images (we even include IIX) free) to any printer. With PostScript printers your options include... thumbnails, crop marks, scaling and halftoning.
Add Arexx Macros, floating palettes, undo redo (both text formatting and graphics), table of contents, auto indexing, table of illustrations, bibliography generation, new drag & drop Amiga word publishing power, only £74.95 inc. p&p.
Release d includes 100 quality clip art files and 120 outline fonts and. When you register w ith 1 SoltWood. N send sou a further "'J 50 Bonus Fonts Free too!
Final Writer Rel 3 requires any Amiga running Workbench 2 or 3 with a hard disk drive and a minimum of 2Mb. Free RAM.
Text, spelling while you type, dictionary hyphenation, foreign language dictionaries (German, French and Norwegian), aulo save, polygon graphics irregular shape generation, plus lots more Release J takes your Amiga further than ever before!
Final Data has been developed lo be by far the EASIEST TO USE Daiabase for your Amiga. To ei up a Final Data database, you won't he confronted by an array of unfamiliar commands... simply dclinc a column for each category of information you want to keep eg. First name, surname, house name number, street, town, county, postal code, phone number etc (Incidentally, you can add or remove columns at any stage». Your new daiabase will appear as a table with rows and columns allowing you to view whole ranges of data at the same time Column widths can be adjusted by dragging their borders with the
mouse. Data is then entered into "cells" I Final Data even detects entries of invalid dales etc. and displays an alert message). Screen totals arc available as options on all amounts calculations (numbers can also he formatted with currency signs and commas).
Final Data even has built-in routines for label printing and you can always utilise the "Pnnt Merge” feature found in Final Copy ll"* and Final Writer - simply select the program you arc using and Final Data does the rest automatically. You can also access any database created in Pen Pul"*. MiAmiga File and File lbg™ as well as standard ASCII files found in many other programs Above all you'll be able lo start using Final Data immediately New Release 2 adds features that now allow you lo...
• Select Multiple Rows Columns that aren't adjacent to one
• Call up a comprehensive Database Query Requester which lets you
define a complex search cnteria • Access Sub Eisls to display
rows which have been located by a query or manually selected
and then pnnt or save them • Open a window in which you type
information to use as a Memo • Create a daiabase with Running
Calculation Columns (for using like a current account statement
with credits against debits etc. I and
• Refined use of many other Final Data functions too.
In a recent CU Amiga Magazine, the editorial read "...the majority of Amiga users sitting at home wondenng what practical use they can pul their computers to should rush out and get Final DaU immediately’’ An easy lo use yel extremely powerful method for keeping all your records in order... at only £39.95 inc. p&p.
Final Data Rel 2 requires any Amiga system with a minimum of 512K free RAM operating under Workbench 1.3 or higher.
Hfll Im memory our products are the most n omrnik al in their use of memon Ukr others, me quote the minimum memory required In load our wftmarr but we alw like to make it clear that all graphical software requires more memory ¦ dependent on the fur*turns being used Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initial(s): Surname: Address: C: Cl rv, °C rv.
T I l ii w a County (Country if overseas):___________________________Postcode:, Daytime telephone:__________ Evening telephone:_________________ Please charge my credit debit card as detailed below and rush me my new Sot'tWood software I Please Tick as required) Final Copy II UK £49.95 Please rush me.
ADVANCE INFORMATION ON THE ALL NEW... Final Calcu tCard Authorisation Signature:!
Final Writer IK £74.95 Final Data I K £39.95 Final Writer Foreign Dictionary I K £19.95 ?
Iplease Tick if required) Issue No. (Switch Cards Only): [ Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £______j__ __ payable to SoftWood Products Europe... | | Wme Tick if miming cheque dmfi POi PHASE RETURN THIS ORDER FORM TO: SoftWood Products Europe. New Street. Alfrelon. Derbyshire DES5 7BP or FAX us on 01 773 H.H040 a I'll f c ?
C Please tick: GERMAN 0 Credit Debit Card No.: Credit Debit Card Expiry Date: Final Copy It Overseas £59.95 Final Writer Overseas ©4.95 Final Data Overseas £49.95 Final Writer Foreign Dictionary Overseas £26.95 FRENCH Q NORWEGIAN dominated the digitiser scene, but at I iu- end of last year a new product made its way over from Poland.
The ProGrab24RT provided the same quality as Rombo’s Vidi range, but at a fraction of the price. Not satisfied with this, Gordon Harwood Computers have just released version 2.52 of their 1‘rnGmb software and a new version of the hardware, the ProCrab24RT Plus.
One of the most important factors in how good an image can be captured is the quality of the video signal. With this in mind, the ProGrab24RT Plus has a SVHS (Super-VHS) Interface in addition to the composite one. SVHS signals are of higher quality than the standard VIIS and the majority of the newer, high-quality videos and camcorders are equipped with an SVHS output. This addition widens the ProGrab's market to include professional, as well as home users.
Another, new hardware-addilion is a PCMCIA Interface. Before, the ProGrab. Like most digitisers, used the Amiga s parallel port to pass data to the This shot is from an excellent computergenerated title sequence that has the Voyager ship gliding through a plasma cloud.
As It passes through, the cloud parts and reforms behind the ship.
ProGrr.b24RT machine. Now, however, the ProGrab24RT Plus also comes with a PCMCIA Interface, present in all A600s and A1200s, as well as the parallel one.
The result is an increase in the grabbing speed, bin it has greater ramifications than just the speed increase. Since most digitisers and audio samplers use the parallel port, il has. With the exception of integrated units, been impossible to capture video and sound data simultaneously.
By using the PCMCIA Interface, the parallel port is freed up for a sampler which can be controlled by the 1‘mdrnb software to capture both sounds and images at the same time.
The software has changed a lot and now looks more like an image processor than a digitiser. The main screen has a Workbench 2+ look, with resi eable windows that can be moved around the screen. The main windows on this screen are for the filters and modes.
A: Have you got the right equipment to capture that excellent image of your favourite video? Graeme Sandiford has discovered the ProGrab24RT Plus digitiser and we just can't tear him away from his collection of Star Trek videos.
Fter reading our round-up of flatbed scanners, you know that when il comes to ¦capturing real-life images in high resolutions, they can't be touched in terms of quality. However, you'd have a hard job scanning video images from your TV screen with one. The right tools for this type of job are a digitiser, VCR and or a camcorder.
A digitiser can capture images from a video signal, which can be received from most modem videos. Essentially, they sit between the video source and your Amiga - almost exactly like sound samplers. For a long time, Rombo have SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1995 dump images straight to hard disk.
This means that you are not totally dependent on die amount of free RAM when trying to capture several frames.
It's also possible to capture 5,000 frames which can be separated by as little as l 50di of a second, which means that you can capture a large number of frames of at least the same quality as the original - the trouble is The fillers include traditional image processing tools, such as Blur.
Sharpen, Emboss and Woodcut, plus a couple of new ones, like Sobel and Laplacian. The available modes include Gamma correction, Balance. Shift RGB.
Brightness and Negative.
Another welcome addition, as mentioned in last issue's review of Phologmics 1.2, is a ProGrab Photogenics module which enables you to grab straight from the hardware without using the supplied software.
What's more, this module is just as good. Although it doesn't have the sound or animation functions, it is great for capturing single images quickly and easily and even has its own preview window.
Right, back to ProGrab's own software. Although the main menu has changed quite radically, the grabbing screen has remained essentially the same. Except, that is, for one major enhancement - Amiga-owners with faster machines have the option of a double-sized preview window.
R!us This means that rather than being limited to a pokey little 160x(54 pixel, grey-shifting smear, you can actually see what's going on from a 320x128 pixel, real-time display. The screen resolutions have not been changed and it is still possible to grab images in the standard Amiga screen sizes (from 320x256 to 1472x512). You are also given a choice of three video formats: PAL, Secam and NTSC.
Provisions are also made for .Amiga- owners with low-end machines, such as the A500, which may be limited in terms of processing power and memory.
The program now has a virtual memory facility that enables you to use hard disk space as if it were memory. What's more, you don't need an MMU, so any machine can use virtual memory although it will be substantially slower than using real memory.
In another hard disk-related change, the animation tool can now finding an animation player fast enough to play it back!
With this latest hardware and software upgrade, ProGrab moves on from being equal with Rom bo's range of digitisers, to actually surpassing them. If you are looking for a video digitiser, ProGrab’s price, features and ease-of-use quite simply make it the budget digitiser to buy. O from the enormous, but brilliant.
Star Ttek Voyager pilot episode.
The frames were saved to hard disk almost instantly, decoded and then saved as an Anim5 file. Oh yes. Do watch the video - it's great!
TEL.OI 227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pm (Answerphone outside normal hours) 17 99 17 99 17 99 17 99 17 99 17 99 SERIOUS VIDEO ( MULTIMEDIA Adorage Big Altern. Scroller 2 4 99 | Broadcast Tiller 2 10 99 j Scala HT100 4 99 | Scala 300M 12 99 W0RDPR0CESSING Final Copy II V2 final WrilerV3 Penpal Wordworth 3 1 SE Wordworth 3A QATABASF Datastore Inlolile GAMES 688 Attack Sub A-Train * Constr Set A10 Tank Killer Action Stations Addams Family Air Bucks 12 Alfred Chicken Alien Breed 92 Another World Arabian Nights Arcade Pool Archer Mcleans Pool Ashes of the Empire Assassin (Special Ed.)
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Genesie 9 99 Global Gladiators 7 99 Graham Gooches Cricket 9
99 GRAND PRIX (Microprose) 1199 GUNSHIP 2000 11.991 Heart Ot
China 10 99 Heimdell (Not 1200) 4 99 Heimdell 2 (Not 1200) 9
99 Hero Quest (Not A1200) 4 99 Hero Quest 2 (Soracil) 7 99
Hoyles Games 1,2 or 3 9 99 Indianapolis 500 9 99 Kingpin
Bowling Legacy ot Sorasil bast Eden ick Faldo PGA Euro.Tour
Premiere Pinball Illusions Road Kill Sensible Soccer Inti
Shadow Fighter Simon The Sorceror Skeleton Crew Speedball 2
Subwars 2050 Super Skidmarks "uper Stardust Birds ot Prey
Black Crypt Blasteroids Blitzkreig - War Game Body Blows
Brutal Sports Football Bubban'Shx Bumpn'Burn Cadaver - Add-on
Campaign Campaign 2 Cannon Fodder Caesar Deluxe Carrier
Command Chuck Rock 2 Superlrog Syndicate Tfieme Park The Clue
Top Gear 2 Tower Assault Trolls UFO.
Universe Ultimate Body Blows Video Creator Super Streetlighter 2 22 99 MORPH 7 99 Tactical manager 2 12 99 MORTAL KOMBAT
7. 99 Team Yankee 11 99 MR. NUTZ 7 99 Tennis Cup 2 4 99
Multiplayer Soccer Manage 4 99 THE CLUE 9 99 North & South
(NotA12) 7 99 The Games Espagna 9 99 Operation Stealth 9 99
The Patrician 11 99 Outrun (Not A1200) 4 99 Their finest Hour
10. 99 Pacific Islands 10 99 Their finest Missions 7 99 PGA
European Golf 12 99 Thunderblade 4 99 PGA Tour Go It 10 99
Thunderhawk 4 99 Pinball Magic
7. 99 Topgear 2 9 99 Pirates 9 99 Total Carnage 6 99 PLATER
MANAGER 2 13 99 Tower Assault-Alien Breed 13.99 Police Quest
1. 2 or 3 10 99 Trivial Pursuit 6 99 Populous * Lands 10 99
Turrican 3 7 99 Populous 2 9 99 Ultimate Golt (Not A1200) 4 99
Powermonger-EOilor 9 99 UNIVERSE 1199 PP Hammer 4 99 Uridium 2
7. 99 Premier Manager 2 7 99 Utopia (Not A1200) 4 99 Premier
Manager 3 12 99 Valhalla Before The War 12 99 Prem ManS
Multi-Edit 10 99 Video Kid
7. 99 Prince of Persia 6 99 War in the Gult 11 99 Project X 8 99
White Death - War Game 7 99 Railroad Tycoon 11 99 Wing
Commander 9 99 Rainbow Islands 6 99 Wiz'n'Liz 7 99 Realms 9 99
Wonder Oog 4 99 Reach lor the Skias 10 99 World Class
Cricket(Gooch) 9 99 Red Baron 10 99 World Class L BoarO Goll 4
99 Rick Dangerous 4 99 WWF Wrestlemania 7 99 Rick Dangerous 2
4 99 XENON (Spadal Price) 1 99 RoaO Rash 8 99 Xenon 2 4 99
Robocop 3 9 99 Vo! Joe!
9 99 All Prices Include Delivery To Your Door.
TQP TITLES SPECIALS ATR Racer, Champ.Man.Italia'95, Death Mask, RuffnTumble. Scrabble, Turbo Trax, Virocop £16.99 EACH 7th Sword Mendor. Bloodnet, Cannon Fodder2. Cricket Masters, Dragonslone, Elite2, F1 Champion, F1 Masters, Football Masters, Monopoly, Mortal Komba12, On The Ball (League), Overlord, Sensible Golf), Sensible World 01 Soccer, Skidmarks 2, Stable Master, SuperLeague Manager, Ultimater Soccer Manager, Zeewolf £19 99 FACH Man Utd Double, U F 0 .. Indy Jones Fate Atlantis 11.99 Indy Jones LC-Action 4.99 Indy Jones.L C Gr Adv 9 99 Ishar 2 10.99 Jaguar XJ220 4.99
James Pond(Nol 1200) 4 99 JETSTR IKE 999 Jimmy While Snooker 9 99 John Madden Am Footbal 9 99 Jungle Strike 12 99 Jurassic Park 10 99 K240 9 99 KGB 10 99 Kingpin Bowling 9 99 Kings Quest 1 or 2 9 99 Kings Quest 3, 4 or 5 1199 Knights ol the Sky 1199 Leander (psygnosis) 7 99 Legends ol Valour 9 99 Leisure Suit Larryl or 2 9 99 Leisure Suit Larry 3 1199 Linx Golf (2 drives) 1199 Lombard RAC Rally 6.99 LotusTurbo Chain(NotA12)4 99 Lure of the Temptress 10 99 Manhunter in New York 9 99 Megatraveler 1 or 2 10.99 Mig 29 Supertuicrum 10 99 Monkey Island 10 99 Monkey Island 2 Ben'Steel Sky,
Colonization, OawnPatrol, Dreadnaughts Plus, Dreamweb, FIFA Soccer, High Seas Trader, Lords ot the Realm, Robinsons Requiem, Reunion, SuperStreetfighter2, ThemePark f??99 EACH Any 3 titles £4.99 or ess for £10.00 Any 3 titles £7.99 or ess for £20.00 Anv 3 titles £9.99 or ess for £25.00 AMIGA FORMAT SEPTEMBER ORDER FORM
11. 99 i Tactical Manager(GB.IT.SC) 7.99 Name_ Address.
LoL Cheque Credit No Machine ... . __ ...... .. ftuOIG1 WE STOCK ATARI ST.. IBM PC, COROM MAC, SNES.
Allow up to 10 days delivery Out el Stock Items.
All trade subject to our terms & conditions available o r.
FAX TEL.NO. 01227 764700- 49 99 Star LC90Mono 74 99 Star LC24-30 Colour 64 99, Citizen ABC-24 Colour
69. 99' Citizen Swift 90 Colour ; Cibzen Swill 240 Colour 199 9 9
Canon Bubbleiet Portable 26 99 Canon BJ200EX Mono Technosound
Samples V2 34 99 Canon BJ230 Mono Midi Interlace , Lead
19.99, Canon BJC4000 Colour 399 99 199 99 49 99 99 99 23 99
23 99 9 99 9 99 119 991 50 Blank Disks 17
64. 99 MONITORS 319 99 Commodore 1084s 199
67. 99' PRINTERS (Inc lead-Amiga Pnnter Dnver) r Bucks 12 10.99
Aladdin 19.99 ALFREO CHICKEN 9.99 Alien Breed 30 19.99
Banshee 9 99 Bloodnet 22.99 Body Blows AGA 8 99 CHAOS ENGINE
7 99 Civilisation 12.99 Detroit AGA 22.99 Dungeon Master 2
22.99 Exile 1999 fields of Glory 11.99 Football Glory 12 99
Guardian 19.99 Gunship 2000 19 99 Int'l Open Golf Champ. 9 99
Jungle Strike ---- 540 MB HD 3 1 2 IDE 31 2’to 2 1 2‘Cable
Amitek 3.5' External Drive A500 3.5' Internal Drive 194 9 9
A600 1Mb DbOrade ly4 A500 Plus 1Mb upgrade A500 512k Ram
(noclock) sou 00 A500 512k Ram -* clock 00 11 1 Mbyte 30 pin
Simms 4 Mbyte 72 pin Simms Rombo Vidi 12 Pack Logitech KIDZ
Mouse 129 Amitek 4MB Hawk Board 189 Viper 030 Accelerator 129
120MB HD 2 1 2 A600 A1200 99 5950 170MB HD 2 1 2
A600 A1200119 340MB HD 21 2 A600 A1200159 510MB HD 2 1 2
A600 A1200249 GRAPHICS Deluxe Paint IV AGA 64 99 Brilliance 2
49 99 Spectracolor 54 99 ProFills 24 99 Art Department Pro
2.15 129 9 9 Morph Plus 139 99 Photogenics 44 99 Pixie 3D Pro
V2 109 99 3D MODELLING * RENDERING 14 99 Epson Stylus Colour
Inkjet ! HP Des*|et540 Colour 34 99 HP Desk)et660 Colour
49. 99 HP Deskje1320 Col Portable Panasonic Laser 6100
Cashbook final Accounts 42 99 MegaMouse (Microswitched) 12
17. 99 12 99
22. 99 7 99 1399
17. 99 j05i pnone ana we 52 99 Amltek 2MB Hawk Board 9 99 .....
gQFTVWE 79 99 Jj " Mastenng Amiga Printers 15 99 99 99 12 99
12 99 12 99 17 99 15 99 15 99 Disk Expander 29 99 GB Route
Plus V2 34 99 Video Back-up 49 99 Icon Paint 7.99 Maxxon
Magic 22 99 BOOKS Amiga 1200 Insider Guide 12 99 Amiga 1200
Next Steps 12.99 Amiga Assembler Insider ADVANCE BOOKINGS We
accept advance orders for new releases You can order with
peace of mind as we will despatch on day ot release Your
account will not be debited until date ot release.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1995 Like it or not, life can be full of drudgery and, no matter what you're doing with your Amiga, you’ll soon find that performing the same operations again and again can be somewhat tedious.
This is when Arexx, the Amiga's built-in scripting language, can preserve your sanity. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to write Arexx scripts. To save you from effectively exchanging one drudgery for another, writing long scripts, someone has written over 500 scripts and an easy-to- use Interface - Hatch Factory. It has finally made it to the shores of the UK in the form of Hatch Factory 2, The Interface is straightforward and all but one of the program's functions can be accessed without having to use a pull-down menu. The top-right half of the screen is occupied by a bank
of buttons that perform the chosen operation on the selected files.
What's left of Graeme Sandiford's sanity was saved by this program - find out what it could do for you.
Like CED, Final Writer, Pagestream and TypeSmith. Not to mention the scripts for the PAR board.
Most of the scripts perform pretty straightforward tasks, such as simple conversions and animated image processing effects. For example, there are scripts for creating picture-in- picture effects with ADPro and ImageFX. Applying fillers over several frames, creating storyboards from a sequence of pictures and, of course, converting pictures to different formats.
There are also some handy scripts for batch rendering in LightWave and converting bitmap images to several 3D formats in Pixel Pro.
Admittedly, if you are familiar with Arexx, it wouldn't be too difficult to create these scripts yourself. But why waste time which would be belter spent doing something more creative? O BATCH FACTORY 2 Premier Vision 0171 721 7050 PRICE £39.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1Mb RAM and WB2 or above.
The scripts are definitely in plentiful supply and cover most Arexx- compatible programs.
VALUE • • • • £40 is not much if you are working to a tight deadline, but £30 would be a somewhat fairer price.
"Er... does all the hard work so you don't have to."
I&tch Factory 2 The files that are to be operated on are stored in the file list window. They are moved there by clicking on them from a separate directory listing window which is complemented by a device list.
To make selecting a lot of files easier, there is a Select All button.
However, being able to select a range of files would have been more useful.
Once you have created a file list, you can save it to disk in case you want to process the same files at a later date. It is also possible to loop a sequence of files, which can be particularly useful when creating animations.
Of the 500 plus scripts supplied, most are graphics applications. There are plenty of scripts for ADPro, ImageFX 1.5 2.0, MorphPlus, Image-Master RT, OpalPaint, ToasterPaint, Pixel .SI) and LightWave.
However, there are a few for programs SPEED • • • • • Works as fast as your machine, Arexx and the target application can possibly handle.
MANUAL • • • • Small and concise, but still very easy to follow.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • A nice straightforward Interface that is certainly easier to use than typing the commands yourself.
'oiicics uopner entertainment rnir E-mail Music World-Wide Web Art Comedy Magazines Outdoors Sex Culture Useless Politi snt Usene . P( iips Religion Tasteless Games Technology Science Magazine .._________ Fashion Uhe MHe§ TP Books Hobbies Uuatiqn Sport Food ’nilotophy Relationships Kejfgjpn Tasteless fravd Health Soctaty Games Technology .omputing IsbtUreScience Magazines Drink E-mai Music World-Wide Web Arts Food Comedy Magazines Outdoors Nature Jobs Shopping Sex Culture Useless Politics Sex Environment Uftntf Fashion Celebrities :TP Bookf Hobbies Education Sport Travel miloSODnW Relations IN
ISSUE ONE... Music Conspiracy Theory Sex Newsgroup Confessions Drugs StarTrek Rogues Gallery Sex Religious Loonies Art Sex Paul Morley on Net Culture Nigel Floyd on Net Movies Over 1000 sites featured and rated Confusing, isn’t it?
You need a guide.
You need the guide... © Or© ob Directory Thursday, 27th July http: www.futurenet.co.uk index.html Are you in need ol o losl aid eosy connetlion between Iwo AMIGA's? Liono, the low-rosi network solution, is exartly what you wont! Just plug il in, install the software, and it runs! Nothing could be easier than that. Liana is Ihe network solution lor those with a small budget and big needs. You ran even share your hard drives and printers.
• For every (!) AMIGA from WB 2.0 on with a free parallel port _
- - - rictus a JJ tiro
• Includes cable P LA Q
• Includes Commodore's [nvoy networking software g FI Ui
• English mimuol W
• automatically reconnection after (te-lbooling without new
• [very machine usable os server ond client Picasso II RIG, the
graphics board all others are measured against: Graphics hoard
for all Amiga's with Zorro-Bus - Workbench driver lo retarget
all 2 IW programs and WB lo Ihe Picasso Supports up to 256
colors with WB3.1, even on A2000 and A3000 O Q O WB resolutions
definable up to 1600x 1280 pixels J J HiColor (16BH) and
TrueColor (24BH) graphics: 16M colors!
Drivers for most graphic programs such os AdPro, ImageFX, ImageMoster, Real3D Allows connection of any VGA or Multiscan monitor AI084 and AI08I are still usable with a special cable Block borders gone forever, lakes full advantage of monitor's capabilities System-compliant implementation of monilorfile, resolution selec loble using screen mode-requesler Monitor-File compliant with System 2.x or higher, resolution selectable using screenmode requester View regular AMIGA and special Picossoll-RTG screens on same Monitor without changing cables.
Screen promoter lo make older programs work on Picasso Draggoble screens Available with I MB or 2MB, upgradable from 1 MB to 2MB at anytime 4 Don't get overwhelmed with Ihe complexity of setting up o network, use our Ariadne Ethernet card that is compatible with all Amigas that have an available Zorro Slot. This cord is not only easy to network • it also equipped with 2 additional parallel ports offering multiple network solutions.
• lOBose-2 (thin Ethernet, coox-cable) ond lOBose T (Twisted
pair, western jacket) Animation
• Sockei tor Boot-ROM
• SANA-II compatible driver for ethernel and parallel port
• Hook up to two additional Amigas to the parallel ports with
• 32KByte cache lo support CPU
• Includes Commodore's Envoy networking softwore
clock) £20.00 Takes an A500 trom S12K to 1Mb • RAM 0505 X smznm
ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS A500 512K (inc clock) £25.00 Takes an A500
COMPUTERS E2ZZZ3 A500 Plus 1Mb . £30.00 Takes an A500 trom tub
to 2ut - RAM 0520 A600lMb (no clock) £30.00 Takes an A600 from
tub to 2t* - RAM 0605 A600 1Mb (inc clock) £40.00 Tanes an A600
OPTIONS FOR THE AMIGA 1200 » Strong metal casing
• Daisy chainable via thru port
• Built-in anti click feature
• Switchable anti-virus mode
• Low power usage
• External PSD £59
• Engable disabie switch not required INC VAT Dpt It SO
• High Quality graphics and video mixing desk
• FREE Scale HT100 program disk
• Add titles and special effects to videos
• Ideal tor home and semi-professional users
• Supports all standard Amiga and AGA graphics
• Input and output composite video signals
• Switches between video only, computer only and mixed graphics »
Hardware lade between Qraphic video
* RGB thru - saving the genlock from being unplugged when not in
use » Optional chroma key unit available September 95 1
DRIVE FOR AMIGA 500 500PLUS OR AMIGA 600 1200 16-page manual
plus full colour sleeve £99 These internal Amitek Loader
replacement dmes an deal tor users who msh to replace thet
ecsong internal dmt the pack teatuies a high quaMy enema! Tut.
Jf dmt mechanism lor the Amiga SOOSOOnus or Amga 600 Alt that
you need to Id your dmt « included, plus easy to Mow Hong
instructions and 24 months warranty CD-ROM DRIVE
• Plugs straight into A1200 trapdoor - Ho soldering required
• Upgradeable fAST RAM hoard to I. 2.
4 or IMS
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs tot easy upgrades
• Optional Floating Point Unit - 33utu ot 40UK PLCC 68882
• Comprehensive manual mth illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and 41200HD computers
• Does not invalidate yout 41200 warranty
AMIGA 1200 This unit combines a CD-ROM drive with the future in
Smart Card Interfaces, the PCMCIA slot This makes for an
incredibly convenient and simple to use CD-ROM drive system
opening up a whole new world of CD multimedia technology
• PCMCIA £34 £44 INC VAT Dai 36QS I rm laurai »fU SpttD
• T UP 10 Hi
* sr
FPU £99.00 8** 32-bit RAM board lue populated and battery
backed dock - RAM 1210 Hawk 2mD - No FPU £129.00 8a* 32-bit RAM
board 2s* populated and battery backed dock - RAM 1220 IMAGE
• Manipulate and paint graphics in 24-bit Hamed alter the tamous
storage hungry anrmal. The Square! SCSI-2 anedact simply plugs
otto the PCMCIA slot (noting warranty proUemst and atows you to
connect up to 7 SCSI devices to ur Amiga at the same lm Fha
coukf he any comhoution ot hard doves. SCSI CD-ROM dtrves. Tape
streamers SyOuest removable dim. Etc Hawk 4Mb - No FPU £189.00
8w 324x1 SAM board. Populated and battery backed dock - RAM
• 14' 39mm. CGA stereo colour monitor
• Digital RGB and CVBS
• Power and audio cables ' M. P Phntogerucs £199
• Supports popular image formats including JPEG.
GIF. IFF. PhotoCD and many more Hawk 8Mb - No FPU £329.00 Sut. 324)4 RAM board 8w peculated aid batteiy backed dock • RAM 1280 £69
* Multiple image editing
• Real-time HAM8 display NEW VERSION MicroVitec 1438 14" £299.00
15KH7-40KH 28mm MON 5438 Vat MAR 4000 FPU 33mh, For Hawk
£59.00 Cystal and FPU lot Hawk - UF-G 1250 £54
• Open design lets you to add your own loaders, savers or effects
Cystal and FPU for Hawk - UPG 1255 Photogenics V1.2 £54.00 The
ultimate 24-bit graphic and manipulation package • ASP 3000
Image FX V2.0 £199.00 Allows convo'S*on ol
magos between several drfferent lile formats • Asl 2132 IMAGE
FILOFAX can more The Digna Organiser with its striking
interlace superbly emulates the printed Motax diary It lets you
type appointments, birthdays, lists and more A full address
book, calendar and task hst are also included It is the only
Rian »©s and loumeys «) tbe UK - ASG 3122 KINDWORDS 3 £29.00
Rro!ess*oal led tomio ASK 5832 MAVIS BEACON II £14.00 Teach
yourself typaig program ASM 1992 MAXIPLAN 4 £29.00 Busaiess
sotteraro SU'D ¦ ASM 2012 VISTA PRO 3.0 £24.95 Landscape
generating package - ASV 8002 WORDWORTH 3.1 SE £49.00 True
WYSIWYG Word processor • ASW 6030 FINAL WRITER £74.95 Word
publisher «ub graphics S locus ¦ ASF 3802 AMOS PRO COMPILER
£31.00 Compaes your Amos programs ASA 4832 EASY AMOS £20.00
Utra-tnendfy programme tangauge • ASE 1602 BRILLIANCE V2.0
£49.00 Advanco part & arwnaton software ASB 7912 CANDO V2.5
£99.00 mmctm awXmsual authocng ¦ ASC 2200 DATASTORE £49.00 ?
24-bit image processing ? Various Realtime painting tools »
Image thumbnails
* Enhanced text handling
* Expanded image composing » AutoFX » Image FX browser 0-
* Soft edge and Scala Multimedia immaooi £299.00 Updated
version ot Scata program with a wt o*e host ot new features ASS
1042 The Amifek Mamba. External Modulator makes an ideal
replacement modulator tor all Amiga owners Everything needed is
supplied Like all Amitek penpherals. It comes with an easy to
follow manual.
£34 Amifek A500 600 1200 £29.00 Be*ge coloured replacement power supply lor A500.'60a'1200 • POW 0510 Cieale your own rfyuy - ASO 4022 EDGE 1.7 - PRO For ted odurng . ASE 8200 anti-aliasing
- VAT Asl 2132 INC VAT MOA 4200 £24.95 vl FREE UK delivery n 'DC
CONSOLE CD-ROM & HARD DRIVES £199 ID 3450 CCD Logic 3 Speed
Mouse £11.95 Switchabte for Amiga and ST. 300dpi
ultra-sensitive Duttons ¦ MOO 4000 Mega Mouse ________ £12.95
Ultra hrgn 400dpi resolution 5 loot cable effortless fingertip
operation MOD 1B7S Quickshot Apache QS131 £6.99 2 fire buttons.
6 loot cable, biognp lor.
Maximize control. 4 suction cups • JOY 6431 Quickshot Starfighter 1 £8.99 Turbo hre button. 6 lool cable, thumb, control hands tree auto liro • JOY 6467 Zip Stik Super Pro £12.95 Autotire, rmcroswitchos. Hand held table top joystick - JOY 5600
* Small and compact wilh 24-pin pnnt quality ? Works with arty PC
or Amiga computer » 5 Built-in fonts. 2 scalable to 40pt »
Budt-m 50 sheet auto feeder
* Crtuen Easystart software tor Windows and Amiga
* Auto set facility » Resolution 360 x 360dpi » Black ribbon
* Colour kit supplied _ including colour nbbon » 2 year warranty
• Ultra high 400dpi resolution with optomechanical encoder
• 5 lool cable
• Eiloniess fingertip operation wilh reliable micro- switch
VAT MOU 1875 £149 MAC VAT 7*77 Seagate ST9145A 127Mb ? GVP
Software________£199.00 Upgrades an Amiga 600 or 1200 to a hard
disk model - HAR 0127 Seagate ST9190AG 171 Mb ? GVP Software
...£229.00 Upgrades an Amiga 600 or 1200 lo a hard disk model
HAR 0171 Seagate ST9240AG 210Mb + GVP Software £249.00 Upgrades
an Amiga 600 or 1200 to a hard disk model - HAR 0210 DATAFLYER
4000SX SCSI CONTROLLER FOR THE AMIGA 4000 Allows the connection
ol external or Internal Olives, tape back-up units, CD-ROMS.
Ilopllcals and SyOuesI Includes many drivers t
• SCSI expansion card
• Internal and external connections
• Cable S drivers me r I
• Supports ng,a Jb. O 5§ I disk blocks and I INC VAT HAH 131(
SCSI direct
• Speed 4 pages per minute- tOcpi at 248cps thigh speed) and
173cps (high quality)
• 80 column - A4
• Res 360 x 360dpi - 720 x 360dpi with smoothing function in mono
• Fonts 5 typefaces
• Parallel interlace
• 64K input butter 41K download butter
• Emulations L02550. X23E.
Canon enhanced
• Automatic and manual sheet feeder CANON BJC4000 GOLOVA BUBBLE
JET PRINTERS £319 INC VAT PHI 1734 OverDrive Double Speed
£179.00 Abows access to Amiga specific Cds and play CD'
software • HAR 3540 OverDrive Quad Speed £249.00 Allows access
to Amiga specific Cds and play CDV software - HAR 3542 SEE
FEATURE ON PAGE 1 OverDrive HD (IDE) £249.00 Ultra Fast 560Mb
Hard Dnve.
Plugs onto PCMCIA slot - HAR 3544 OverDrive HD CD Combo Unit £199.00 Double speed CD drive with space for HD as well • HAR 3548 Panasonic PD SYSTEM READ WRITE OPTICAL DRIVE
• Quad speed CD-ROM Drive wilh 600K Data Transler and 195ms
• 650Mb re-writable optical disk drive wilh removable cartridges.
• Pnnt 24-M graphics
• Workbench dnvers for most printers
• Pnnts pictures from disk using very little memory
• The ONLY professional colour management system on the Amiga »
Res 600 x 600dpi black and white 600 x 300dp colour
• 100 sheets A4. Up to 20 envlopes 8 bitmapped tonls for DOS
• 14 TrueType tonts tor Windows
• Parallel interface 3 year return to base warranty £49| WC VAT
ASS 8800 NEW Mode 134cps LO 270cps draft HEWLETT PACKARD
Zone includes the powerful 32-bit CD32 games console with
built-in dual speed CD-ROM drive, an 11 button controller and
7 top CD-ROM games. Optional upgrades include keyboard and disk
drive (allowing use of A1200 software) and an MPEG video
playback card allowing video Cds to be played on the CDJ?.
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio & CD+graphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £14.99
• Optional SX1 computer module - ccaow ocm Optional lull screen
video CD module - ccao320 ecw MAIL ORDER • FREE DELIVERY 23
Awards WINNER Best Software Delivery Servtce I COMPUTER SHOPPER
1994 Awards NOMINATION Best After Sales Service §1222 141571
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• 171-730 1234 01582 21201 0161 132 8666 01752 266666 01708
766066 0114-276 6611 0114-256 9779 0181-302 6811 01 03 223880
01702 462426 01708 883587 I A M S THE SILICA SERVICE UOUCESTBI
Road, Sidcup. Kent. Uatd 4DX 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE Silica has
been established for over 17 years, longer than most other
computer suppliers, and has a proven irack record in
professional computer sales HOW TO PAY We accept most major
credit cards cash cheque oi monthly terms (APR 19 9% • written
quotes on roquest) OPEN UNTIL 7pm Mail oider lines are open
Mon-Fri 9am lo 7pm and Sal Sam lo 5 30pm Call your local store
for shop opetietg times CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE IQ*, flfpow 6 12
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will match them on a Same Product Same Price basis For
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purchasers who place volume orders Call 0181-308 0888 WE
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brochures available on icquest OttertBre-ante.' Wesigate Si S*a
•52Tonwlwm Coin fid Dmffans-ui-w 334foiordSi Fwr»Js -UMter
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St__ Dtbwhaws-OBftoiftwl Parade Pji .
Dwenhams- iro' The Moor Depenhams • ..&•** Mtodwhall Cue S4ca - Sjfca Howe Hawnij fid Debwlams • Queerenay •r OeWWfns-iifitM.: LakttHK Centre WiSTQi jexfims-on*»- Sjwcs Baffin CARDIFF DttOTWS-NRI SlPawfsWfr tings Square DdM0lMBS-Mta» lUbrooh DeKtfafls- -wi Safconfla DttenlBffS-qM w Prospect SI
- SilicA lj-31 NofW tnd ate' 97Ap HSl SOTDW CALL 0181-309 1111 OR
RETURN THE COUPON To Sr&ca AMFOR-09%-260 S*ci House HatRC S«jo.
Art. DA14 4Qx ; ? Please send me an Amiga brochure • free of
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products .. Postcode:
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coinputer(s). It any. Do you own?
Mr Mrs Miss Ms Surname .. Company •* Address: A new mass-storage media to revolutionise the industry, or another wacky idea not long for this world? Nick Veitch previews the Iomega Zip drive.
When you use computers, you almost always create data. This has got to be stored somewhere if you ever want to use it again. But where should it be stored?
Large amounts of data are often stored on a hard disk of some sort. But hard drives are just never big enough, and in spite of the ever tumbling prices, they are still an expensive way to access your data, and they arc certainly not portable. Their greatest advantage is speed - the fastest storage devices are hard drives.
For exchanging data with other machines, some sort of removable media is often used. Syquests, magneto optical disks and even floppies are extremely convenient and relatively inexpensive ways of transporting data from one place to another, or for backing up valuable data from your hard drive. But, unfortunately, they are usually very slow and not suitable for real on-line storage.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1995 THESE ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF STORAGE DEVICES MAGNETO OPTICAL FLOPPY DISK The most basic storage medium in modem times is the floppy, ff your machine doesn't have one. It isn't a computer, it's a console. High-density varieties aren't really big enough.
Sp«ed: (around 20K s) Max size: 1.4Mb Price per Mb: 38p A common enough addition to any Amiga - a hard drive makes everything so much easier. The drive is either fitted internally, or as an external (usually SCSI) unit.
Drives can be very large, very fast and very expensive.
Speed: 500K S to 5.5Mb s Max Size: 2Gb drives are the largest commonly available Price per Mb: 39-70p SYQUEST 44 88 Syquest are, essentially, big floppies in a large cartridge. Although immensely popular, especially in DTP, they are expensive and very susceptible to damage.
Speed: 200-800k s Max Size: 88Mb Price per Mb: 72p There are many types of storage media - from the commonplace to the quite strange. Here we have just compared the main contenders in the transportable media category. Hard drives have been included partly as a comparison, but also because you could use an external SCSI drive as transportable media. Tapestreamers have been excluded because they are more aimed at archiving than transporting data, and also because they are tedious. All figures are necessarily average, because they take into account many different examples of the mechanisms on
test SIZE IS IMPORTANT Although Iomega arc keeping very quiet about the technology used in the drive, it is loosely based around a combination of floppy and hard disk technology. The cartridges are only slightly bigger than standard 3.5 inch floppy disks and they contain a magnetic disc.
There are many benefits of such a small cartridge, not the least of which is that it is very easy to put in your pocket.
Syquesis were at one time the removable media of choice, but they are just that litde bit too bulky, especially if you have to send one off somewhere - not to mention expensive if they got lost in the post.
The Iomega cartridge is small, convenient, relatively inexpensive and quite rugged. The Zip cartridge we have been testing has had several little "accidents," but still works fine.
THE PRICE IS RIGHT Part of the problem with removable media is the price. Not just the price per megabyte (which, as you can see from the box at the top of the page, can be even more than a hard drive), but the unit price.
The Zip drive falls somewhere in between the two. It uses removable cartridges, but they are inexpensive.
Transfer rates are comparable to that of older hard drive mechanisms and the drive itself is reasonably inexpensive.
Sounds too good to be true? Read on.
Removable media (unless you count floppies) can be expensive. If you drop a blank floppy down the back of the fridge (it can happen), you’d probably wait until the next time the kitchen was redecorated before you bothered to find it. If the same thing happened to a Svquest or magneto optical disk, you'd be right in there, searching every nook and cranny.
Zip cartridges may not hold as much data as some other removable media, but die unit price is relatively cheap. At around £16 (if you buy in reasonable quantity) initially.
You’re not going to have to save up in quite the same way as you would to buy a new Syquesl cartridge, for example.
It’s certainly cheap enough to have half a dozen cartridges for your own personal use.
The other advantage is the price of the drive. A magneto optical unit can cost you over £1,000; the Zip mechanism is under £200.
The Iomega cartridge is small, convenient, relatively Inexpensive and quite rugged.
Because the Zip intersects the curve at such a low price, and with a compromise between speed and capacity in just about the middle ground for all sorts of uses, the Zip could almost be considered to be a master of all trades.
11 would never replace a hard drive for I looting Workbench, or fast access to libraries and commands, but it could quite easily replace a second hard drive - the one you usually buy when you discover that there isn’t enough room for all your applications and their data files on your primary disk, A 100Mb disk would certainly be enough for you to permanendy keep something like Vista I'm and all its demos (well. OK. The ones that you use) on one. Yes, a CD is cheaper per megabyte of storage and maybe you’re not that fussed about access-spced, but diey are read-only.
If you regularly have to exchange large amounts of data with someone else, the Zip is more than up to the job.
The cartridges are sturdy, yet light, and can easily be earned in a pocket or sent off in a Jiffy-bag with little fear.
At the moment, there are very few units in the UK. The drive has proved to be so popular in the USA, where they are made, that production is lagging behind orders at the moment. For this reason, the drives and cartridges may not arrive in the UK in bulk for a month or so.
Even huge dealers, like Computer Warehouse, have only been able to get 50 drives so far. HiSoft will be distributing tile drives with Amiga software and we'll be bringing you a full review in the next issue. ® Using a hybrid technology - magnetic tracks on an optically indexed disc - the MO drives are very reliable, and the cartridges aren't that expensive given their size. Unfortunately, the drives themselves typically cost more than the rest of your Amiga set-up put together.
Speed: varies around 1.5 Mb s Max Size: 1.3Gb Price per Mb: 9-21p The Zip drive is the new contender.
Fast and cheap it is rapidly becoming terribly popular in the USA. And Iomega simply can't produce the things fast enough.
Speed: 1Mb-1.5Mb s Max Size: 100Mb Price per Mb: 16p Stars eyes?
In your We talk to a band who have just started their own record label. So? Well, they use Amigas to create their music. Find out how you, too, can rise to become a chart-topper, all through the power ot your Amiga.
Prepare to be dumbstruck by Amiga Shopper’s best Coverdisks ever! This issue we bring you the top Amiga word processor, Protext 4.3, absolutely free. But we don't think that alone is enough, so both disks are bursting with utilities and demos to make the most of your Amiga.
Plus! Reviews There's also a fantastic competition where you can win an amazing PowerStation from Hi-Q, worth over £380. The prize includes a Hi-Soft Squirrel SCSI Interface, a PowerStation with upgraded power supply, a and a pair of
• We look at the dual-speed Aiwa ACD-300, a CD-ROM drive that’s
been worth waiting for.
• Got problems seeing non-IFF pictures? We examine Datachrome,
the perfect answer.
• Take a trip into image grabbing with the new version of the
top-rated ProGrab package.
The Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM drive - awesome.
September Amiga Shopper. Issue 53. On sale now!
Apollo 1220 SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1995 Trapdoor isn't just a kid's program with Plasticine figures, it's also the key to accelerating your Amiga. David Taylor slots in the new board from Siren.
Firsi impressions count and, to he Itonest, I wasn't in awe of the Apollo 1220 when I saw it.
It looks a little cheap and, although it fits into the expansion slot easily enough, the trapdoor cover doesn't lie flat with it in place.
This leads you straight to the conclusion that it hasn’t heen put together very well, which is a shame, because underneath the poor looks lurks quite a meaty piece of kit.
1BM PC-users would laugh at the idea of anyone using an 020 or comparable processor for serious use.
No, you need a '486 with 8Mb of RAM at the very least. Well, bear in mind that the new owners of the Amiga recognise that a bare A1200 can easily outperform the 'powerful PC for multitasking.
The point is that even a standard Amiga is quite speedy. Any acceleration starts to turn your Amiga into a very competent machine indeed. 1 do most of my work on an unaccelerated A1200, which stands up to picture conversion, program compression. Coverdisk compilation and the rest, without it ever slowing down, not even when doing them all at the same time.
The Apollo 1220 soups up your Amiga, so that it outperforms even a standard A3000.
The Apollo 1220 is a useful board for several reasons. Firstly, it comes with SPEED COMPARISONS an FPU, which makes any maths calculations a lot faster. Secondly, it has 4Mh of Fast RAM, which is very important - whilst you can buy the board bare of RAM, it isn't worth it.
Finally, it has a faster 020 processor, which accelerates all calculations.
Whilst an A1200 doesn't need to be accelerated to be a 'professional level' machine, it does need extra RAM, because that's what makes the initial difference. The board I tested had 4Mb and I was tempted to believe that the speed-increase was down to the FPU and extra RAM. However, when 1 swapped back to my usual board, which hasjusl the extra RAM and FPU, the difference was very noticeable.
In tests, the A1200 with an FPU and extra RAM came in very impressively at twice the speed of a standard A1200, but the Apollo with the 28MHz 020 was more than three times faster than the normal A1200 and even pipped a standard A3000 with an 030 processor. Incredible!
Whilst speed-tests are fine, it's the actual difference you nolire when you use it for your normal work that counts.
Personally, I'm getting more and more fond of the Apollo. Graphics handling and archiving programs, which requires complex calculations, is certainly faster.
DISTRIBUTOR Siren 0500 340548 PRICE £99 + £129 (4Mb RAM) = £228 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1200 SPEED • • • • Improves every area of performance on an A1200. You soon can't do without the extra speed.
MANUAL • Manual? Oh, that half sheet of paper with some printed instructions. Still, what more do you need?
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Though all trapdoor expansions are a snug fit it's easy to slot in. I wish the cover slotted over it better, mind you.
Of course, this board is not in tile same league as a good 030 board. If you want to accelerate your Amiga for 3D-rendering, then this board is not the perfect solution. Il speeds everything up; it works wonders for general use. But it can't turn your A1200 into a powerhouse.
This board is for the general user, the person with a hard drive who does a bit of graphics, some music maybe, the usual word processing and everyday file management. Using these sorts of programs regularly, you tend to get a little frustrated when you swap packages and have to wait for the Amiga to catch up with you.
This is where the Apollo comes in handy. Programs appear quicker, even the screen update on Workbench is noticeably faster. No more waiting for the directories to appear so that you can find a program - you can just .ip through your files. The Apollo has a battery-backed clock and two jumper switches, so that you can disable the extra RAM without removing the board.
There's very little more to say about the board. I wish it looked sturdier, but there are certainly no complaints about its performance.
All in all, it's a board you'd be pleased to own. Zj .Jfc FEATURES
• • • • You get a lot for your money. For £230 you can triple the
memory of your A1200, have a
• faster1 processor and a 68881 FPU.
VALUE • • • • 4 Very cheap for the features it offers.
Ideal for those who really want a faster machine, but can't afford the 030 board prices.
"Makes your A1200 a very competent piece off kit.” REPAIRS WHILE-U-WAIT!!
• A600 A1SOO A1 500 A9000 A3000
FOR REPAIRS--------- ONLY C4-00 +VAT Attention Dealers Ring Fax
Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy
Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
£49-95 (A500 & A500. Only) including NEXT DAY DELIVERY (if picked up by us) by Courier Scr crvicc when despatched bock INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 ...£99-95 A600 A1100...£34*5 Upgrade lo 1 Meg with clock KjCtStflft ROM VI -3...... KickstateOMWOi KicksWrtROMV2-05 A50WA500- KerOoad A60WA1900 Keytxa'd £14 95 I Meg fattei Agnus £2995 2 Meg fatter Asnus £2995 Video DAC(A1200) £4995 68000 Processor £59 95 6570 Keyboard Chip Power Supply for A500A609A1200£29 95 vouse'290dpii flUTflR CD ROM DRIVE QUAD SPEED MEMO R Y UPCR A D E S Upgrade lo 1 Meg A1200 9 641*3 S19M9 61*9-95 617**3 iznx A500+ A500 2-5"
HARD DRIVES FOR A600 A1200 60Mb £69-95 170Mb ......£11995 80Mb .... £89 95 340Mb ...£169 95 85Mb ....£94 95 510Mb ....£249-95 Ail hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with workbench loaded, and come with 2.5' IDE cable » software 2-5" IDE Cable + Software £9.95 £2195 SCAJtT lead -£14 95 £2995 MouseMat £395 £1995 10 Bo«ed Branded Oslo-labels £595 £14 95 Pinto Cable £995 £1995 100 Disk Bo* ib 95 £14 95 Squnrel SCSI Interface £59 95 £269-95 CHIPS SPARES 4- ACCESSORIES X-LINK With Cables, Power Supply,
uAnVLc N-Comm Software, MDDEMS BABT Approved GP Fax Software 14-4k for Amigas 28-8k £139-95 £249-95 ???????
ANALOG Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd ANALOGIC Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, LOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey Ktt 6HH Open Mon-Fri 9-00am-6 30pm, Sat 9 00am-5-00pm Tel: 0181 ¦ Fax: 0181 541 4671
* All prices Include VAT * All prices subject to change without
notice * Fixed charge for repair does not include disk
drive keyboard TJJT
• We reserve the right to refuse any repair » P&P charges £3 50
by Royal Mall or £6 00 - VAT for courier * Please allow 5
working days for cheque clearance W 'P'lertU&i ‘Tftacl 0%dex
Please Send Cheques PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order) or
Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: AF09
SS14 3JJ.
Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT included for all UK orders. Please add per item £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for the rest of the world. Next day service available UK only @ £4.00 per item.
Please note: Some titles mav not be released at the time of qoina to cress. Most titles are despatched same dav. But can take up to 28 days. E&OE 10 99 - - 12 *9 24 W 22 W 29 99 - - 22 W 24 W 28 W 22 9* 29 W 24 W 22 99 22 W 10 99 • 10 W Co*er*rl Poker Cnaae For A Cckpae Crywtai Dm m Cu-ib c4 tnchantla Cybercon 3 Cyberspace Cyberworide
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40 Capaory 3 5* Du- Bo.
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Analog Joyibck Adaptor Cheetah 125- Cheetah Bug etcnPio Xypad lor Coi2 Joyite* Ertemen CabN JoyMIC V SpMlar Logc 3 Dahl Ray AutuMre JY158 Logc 3 Oualru GT AutoBie JT155 Logc 3 Qualm JT154 QuKVv Hyperpad OtKkfOy Jethghfei OudqoyPedaM RCA A .
Screer©ael Power Sv©p*y Suncom SB Stick... Swcom Tee 2 SX-l 0032...... Wko Q Sack JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES
3. 5" Blank Discs Bridlgjng Gib© pp All in all, there isn't too
much new with CrossDOS that couldn't have been done before by
someone with some technical knowledge.
But, then again, it makes things a heck of a lot easier to understand and use for inexperienced users. However, the price is way too high. *2 Continued overleaf ' rr r- I ¦ «*« I Conf ifl rrrrrs- Persp I IfextrudF I Bewe'l ' i non I OhPTek'i" I Delete I Order j Subdiy" | Sot id I nbf.ol I Llnkef j Shade I Points- I Swap I Color I Screen I"™" [A* With the aid of CrossDOS and programs like Pixel Pro. It's possible to transfer 3D objects to and from Pcs with relative ease.
There aren't that many new features, but it does what you want it to and the DR tool is pretty useful too.
VALUE • • £100 is way too much to be asking for the "privilege" of reading PC- formatted media.
"If you already have Workbench 3.
Then CrossDOS's value is seriously decreased."
79% Although it is not an entirely pleasant process, it is sometimes necessary to transfer data between the Amiga and different computing platforms, such as the PC and Mac.
Things like text, 3D objects, WWW pages and, especially, graphics files can be transported to and from different platforms to their mutual benefit. Right now. This text is being typed in on an A1200, but before you get to read it, the text has gone from an Amiga to a Mac and then a Sparc workstation.
However, while it might sound like a relatively simple process, since most of the system can share data relatively easily, there is one major problem and that is to get the information from one machine to the other. The reason for this being so tricky is that computer manufacturers, in their great wisdom, all use their storage media in incompatible ways. While a floppy disk, hard disk. SyQuest cartridge, or optical disk may be used by any machine, they have to be formatted to match a machine-specific filesystem before information can be written to, or read from, them.
To help those of you who wish to transfer files to either the PC or Mac, we’ll be putting three new filesystems for the .Amiga that emulate those found on the Mac and PC through their paces.
CROSSDOS 6 PROFESSIONAL Owners of Workbench 3.0 machines will at least be familiar with the name CrossDOS, even if they have never used it, because it came free with their machine. As you might have guessed from the name, this program formats disks with the PC's MS-DOS system.
Despite a decidedly patchy manual there was just enough information to get you started with formatting a couple of disks. However, we still get plenty of Workbench letters asking about how to use this system. Well, you'll be relieved to know that CrossDOS 6 Professional comes complete with a manual, an Installer script and an Uninstall option.
One of the trickiest things to do with CrossDOS was to create an MS-DOS formatted hard disk or partition. You had to have some knowledge of how hard disks worked and had to do everything yourself. Now, however, version 6 comes with a program called Config disk which makes the whole process fairly painless and can be used to configure a drive during installation.
The other new tools that have been It's not a pleasant thought, but sometimes you may actually need to transfer stuff to and from another computing platform. Graeme Sandiford softens the blow.
HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE £99.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2+ SPEED • • • Transferring files to a PC disk is no slower or faster than with an Amiga disk.
MANUAL • • • It's a major improvement on the section in Workbench 3's manual.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • This is the major improvement on the last version - most operations are simple to perform.
Added include: DiskChk (sounds disturbingly like an MS-DOS command)
- for checking for any errors on a disk; DiskChg - notifies other
software diat a removable media disk (like a floptical) has
been changed; DR_CrossDos - a CrossDOS System analyser; and a
selection of alternative format icons, including one for Atari
disks, so you don't have to work them out yourself.
CROSSDOS 6 PROFESSIONAL «¦ CROSSMAC Copying data between Amigas and Macs has been more difficult than with Amigas and Pcs - there was no version of CrossDOS for the Mac, so you had to put your info on a PC disk and then use a similar program to CrossDOS on the Mac to translate it again. But now CrossMac has arrived.
CrossMac is the Mac-equivalent of CrossDOS And enables you to read Mar- formatted disks as if they were Amiga ones. Vs with CrossDOS, you can also format hard disks, read SyQuest drives and optical disks.
By using CrossMac it's possible to gain access to floppies, SyQuests and hard disks. You even get to see those cute little Mac icons.
CROSSMAC Despite sharing the same processor family as the Amiga, writing to Mac disks is actually more complicated than ...S.. a JUL _M £ jg writing to PC ones. This is due to Apple's philosophy of keeping things as transparent to the user as possible.
To compensate for this added complexity, CrossMac comes with a few more utilities than its PC counterpart. It still has DiskChk. DiskChg and the DR tools, but il also includes three major new utilities Res_extractor, Kinder Manager and Mac_File_Salv.
Mac_File_Salv is used lo salvage files from damaged disks, but Res_extractor can give you direct access DISTRIBUTOR HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE £99.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2+ SPEED • • • • There is a slight delay when opening windows with the Mac icons and resource files visible.
MANUAL • •• • The manual explains brilliantly both the program and the differences between Mac and Amiga disks.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • CrossMac is simply as complicated or easy to use as you want it to be.
To Mac resource files. Similarly, Finder_Manager enables you to create a database of Finder (the Mac's version of Workbench) information. This will give files with certain extensions a related set of Finder information.
Rather shying away from the complexity of the Mac Filesystem, the programmers have met it straight on, even to the extent of showing die Mac icons on the Amiga. What's more, they have done it in a way as 'hands-on' in its use as you want it to be. 'Zj FEATURES • • • « CrossMac provides you with all the tools you’ll ever need and more.
VALUE • I Again £100 is way too much, but if you want complete control over the Mac filesystem, you might think It's worthwhile nevertheless.
"A very impressive and extremely useful tool" 75% MAXDOS 2 CmssMac doesn’t have the Macintosh filesystem market all to itself and has recently found itself in competition with a new system - MaxDOS. Since bodi these programs perform almost exactly the same function, there are obviously quite a few similarities in die way they work and the utilities supplied with them. However, the one major difference is the price - CrossMac is more than double the price of MaxDOS.
MaxDOS’ icons are not quite as faithful as CrossMac. But that doesn't stop it from transferring files form the Amiga to the Mac.
On the most basic level, buying MaxDOS w ill gel you the same features as CrossMac. You'll get access to Mac floppies with a higli-density (loppy drive.
You'll Ik- able to mount Mac-formatted hard disk partitions with an easy-to-use mounting system. It's possible to examine hexadecimal files and to handle Mac binary. You can even have the resource fork updating to match filetypes with certain extensions.
MAXDOS 2 The only features you wouldn't get that are included with CmssMac are the DR utility for analysing disks, the salvage program and the direct support for HFS CD-ROMs.
However, this is a little deceptive DISTRIBUTOR Premier Vision 0171 PRICE £39.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2+ SPEED • • • • As with CrossMac there is a slight delay when opening windows with the Mac icons and resource files.
MANUAL • • Although a copious AmigaGuide is supplied, a printed manual would have been better.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Extremely easy to use and fairly transparent once set up. .- since the utilities supplied with CrossMac are that much more configurable and somewhat more powerful. Despite this, MaxDOS does a pretty satisfactory job of handling the Macintosh filing system, although it docs "strange things' occasionally. If you are looking fora cheap system for copying data to Macs that you can install and forget about, then you could save yourself a few bobs by getting this instead of CrossMac. 'Zf FEATURES • • • Has most of the features of CrossMac, but lacks the real power - does the
job, though.
VALUE • • • • • Ridiculously cheap when compared with CrossMac.
"Budget version of CrossMac with most, but not all, of the features."
85% ? AMINET VOLUME 6 Dated July 95 Contains all the very latest utilities, patches, toots. Mus c 4 games_(CD106J £14 99 ? SPACE & ASTRONOMY Hundreds ot NASA picture tiles, aswell as text tites trom NASA dated back to 1964 (CDt5) £19.99 ? HUTCHINSONS ENCY.
Etc! GREAT MLUeTcOI02)' ? INSIGHT DINOSAURS Produced in association witn ihe Naiurai History Museum. London, contains animations. Sounds. & text.(CDl14 £19 99 ? ILLUSIONS 3D ? PRO .GIF COLOUR ART Over 5.000 full colour Professional quality images covenng a wtoe range of sub- lects Great for DTP work (C016) £19.99 ds of pre rendered 3D s tods to make your own nagcs. (C054) £9.99 aswell n9 30
• ottware ? MULTIMEDIA MANIA Tools. Clipart. Fonts. Animations.
Music modules. Sound samples, and loads more. (CD49a £l9 99
notcd32 ? ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Hundreds of the most usefull
tools tor the Amiga Graphics tools, music tools. Disk tools
etc.(CD74) Only £9.99 not Cd32 ? COVER GIRL POKER ?THE SOUND
L48R&& Thousands of samples, music modules & toots An excellent
value double CD (CD 108) £19 99 ? GFX SENSATION Over I00mt of
imagine obiects. H dreds ot textures and loads of obji for
lightwave (CD02) £' ? PRO IFF CLIPART 2 A fantastic new CD
containing thousands of ciipad images in PCX tormat Includes
250page book (CD110) £24.99 ? STAR TREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD ?
BitEst 5 ? WS ANIMATIONS co A 2 disc set ol thousands ot animation files in FLI. FLC A Anlm. Includes players for DOS & Windows (CD72) £ 19.99 ? SUPER CDROM BUNDLE!
? SEXY SOUNDS ? AMINET SET 1-4 10 CDROMS !!!. Al Excellent value!!!
(CD50) £27.99 (CD106) rroor ot age required.
We do not condone or sup illicit hard core material.
? ARCADE CLASSICS CD Classic arcade games. Pacman. Froggor. Astenods. Spac Invaders. Centipede. Missle Command. Q-Bert. & Omega Race - 100 s more. (CD76) Only E9.99 not CD3 ? ADULT SENSATION Over 4000 lull colour GIF images o ooautilui women Viewers 4 graphics conveners for the Amiga are included.
Order code. (CDOt) £19 99 ? SPECCY SENSATION Over 500 classic spectrum gamos including Skool daze.
Manic minor etc. all ready to run on one CD on your Ami Order code: (CD03) £14.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART blecd A superb value double CO title containing around 40.000 IFF, PCX. BMP. GIF. TIF, EPS colour & mono clipan images Over 100 different subiects covered (CD77) £17 99 not cd32 Mail Order Hotline.
01793 490988 NEW!!!
Reel World. - 9 Tracks by Paul Wyatt, Paul Ayres & S. Young.
A drop in the ocean. - 12 Professional Audio Tracks.
Sexy Sounds - Musical tracks accompanied by nauty noises.
_Each CD ts professionally packaged & produced.
8 Victoria Rd, vmdon. Wilts.
N1 3BU. UK ORDER VALUE E. Total goods value £.
Postage & Packing £.
Amount enclosed £.
PRIORITY ORDER FORM Name OVERSEAS ORDERS Ovorseas orders are welcome, please add £2.00 per CO-ROM title.
COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You aro welcome to collect your order trom any time between 9 30am • 5:30pm Monday • Saturday ORDERING BY POST Simpiy send us your order, listing the items you requiro. The total cost, and your name 4 address with payment oithor by cheque or Postal Order, payable to EPIC MARKETING ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Cali any t.mo between 9.30 4 5 30 Monday - Saturday wun your Credit card details and the items you would hko to order.
POSTAGE & PACKING UK 4 Mainland add a total of £ 1 00 per CO CONDITIONS OF SALE | Goods are not sold on a trial basis. E40E TECHNICAL SUPPORT I With a dedicated Technical supports line we offer 30 days I free technical support to all our customers on all our soft- | ware 4 CD-ROM titles SATISFACTION GUARANTEED I Most orders are processed Within 48hours I A lull colour CD-ROM catalogue will be sent FREE Address Amiga Model.
Credit card number.
Exp date_ Most titles require a floppy drive & keyboard to function.
SEPTEMBER 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Yep that's right, it's yet another graphics-related CD-ROM.
However, this one is different; for starters it's huge- four full CD-ROMs totalling over 2Gb. It also only contains IFF images, SO there is no need to convert them for use with your favourite package. They are stored as a mixture of 24-bit, HAM-8 and 256-colour formats.
Thankfully, each disk comes with an overview, which acts as an index, with thumbnail images for each picture on that disc. The directories and discs are split alphabetically, so you will find pictures whose names start with A to C on the first disc and so on. The fourth disc is the one that contains the 24-hit images which are all photographs of excellent quality.
The other images are a real mixture in terms of both the subjects they cover and their quality. You'll find fantasy art, several famous paintings, plenty of sci-fi stars, such as Riker, Data and other Star Trek characters, a few cars and more than a few scantily- clad women.
Overall, the images are of a high standard and their diversity is incredible. This is a truly useful and nearly inexhaustible source of images.
Speccy Sensation couple of Spectrum emulators and over 500 vintage games.
The two Amiga emulators arc for AGA and non-AGA machines, and there is also a PC directory that contains a PC Spectrum emulator and games, as well as one for the Mac. The Amiga directory also contains several utilities, including networking programs, degraders and virus checkers.
Epic Marketing ¦ 01793 490988 ¦ £14.99 You’ll have to excuse tne if 1 become over-emotional during the course of this review - this CD is bound to evoke a great deal of nostalgia and a good many childhood memories.
You see, this CD-ROM contains a "Spectrum Junkies, get your fix now!
This is the ultimate in Speccy games."
90% CD-ROM You may find it hard to believe, but, yes, it really is another AmiNet CD. It follows the format of its predecessors and has directories dedicated to several types of software and files.
By ordinary standards this is a fine collection, but compared with the other AmiNet Cds, AmiNet S is a rather poor m specimen - probably because it was K brought out so quickly. ® H Giga Graphic CD Collection ¦¦¦¦¦ PDSoft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £39.99 As you might expect from a crop of 500 games, there are plenty of familiar titles. Among the ones you'll certainly recognise are Spy Hunter, AlienS, AirWolf.JetPac, Jet.Man, TransAM, Centipede, Commando and many more.
Although I was disappointed that Yie-ar Kungfu and the Way of the Exploding Fist were not among them. This CD is a God-send for all Spectrum junkies. 'Z?
PD Soft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £14.99 obligatory inclusion .in any AmiNet CO collection is » raytraced Star Trek picture. Weird Science Multimedia Toolkit 2 Weird Science ¦ 0116 234 0682 ¦ £29.95 Multimedia may not be quite as popular as it once was.
But it is still exciting and useful. Multimedia Toolkit 2 is a two-disc collection of Files and utilities that will be useful for people involved in multimedia production.
The discs are relatively well-organised, although a clearer division could have been made between which discs contain music-related files and which ones contain graphics files. As well as the graphics and music files, there is also a selection of miscellaneous files and programs. One of the most interesting of these is the LighlWave guide document which has hot links to a 3D object viewer so ihat you can see what an object looks like without having to load LightWave.
As far as the 3D stuff goes, there's nothing new - the same old PD objects and textures. However, the images' directory contains some excellent scanned images ofjust about everything, including mountains, famous people, clouds, water, castles and several real-life textures. There is also a rather dull collection of raytraced images.
The music files are a lot better with plenty of useful files and programs. Taken as a whole, though, this CD is quite useful, but if you're on die look-out for new 3D files, then you'll be disappointed.
Il und-up Hottest 5 "This collection of files has something for Just about everyone."
89% PD Soft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £19.99 It’s been a while since we’ve had any good of straightforward PD-library-on-CD collections, which makes PD Soft’s Hottest 5 a welcome change. It is an update of PD Soft's extensive PD library.
The best thing about this collection, as with most PD library discs, is the diversity of its contents. You've got megademos, Comms software, utilities, music-modules.
Samples, animations, 3D objects and disk magazines all on one disc. The files arc mainly organised into the disks they were in the library and are stored as either DMS or LHA archives.
Plenty of the tools can be used to copy and extract files.
It’s a fine collection that contains something for everyone and is well put together. CD The AmUC 3 double-CD has an
• xcallant rang of artwork, both dr*am-ltk« and silty.
PD Soft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £19.99 The AMUC (Amiga Users of Calgary) is one the biggest Amiga user groups around and every once in a while the members hold conferences and release top-notch CD-ROMs. AMUC 3 is just such an effort; not only does it contain tons of useful archives (two full Cds), it also has a rather juicy MUI-based front end, which can be used to search for files by subject provide descriptions of the contents and move them to another drive.
F This really is the best of both worlds- a front end that makes finding what you IB want a pleasure and great contents. CD Ifu, mm JT24hr Mail Order Hotline buying direct from the manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none SMART UPS With this un-interruptable power supply totally protected from massive data loss due t mains power failure or voltage surges and spikes. _ If mains power is lost the SMART UPS 300 will automatically switch to standby power within milliseconds enabling your system to continue unaffected.
The SMART UPS 300 has both LED and audible alarm to indicate that the mains has failed, alerting tho user to enable a shut down as required. Because many system failures are caused by mains fluctuation and not always mains failure theSMART UPS 300 also has EMI and RFI noise filters to deliver super clean power.
IART UPS 300 A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text Into your Amiga 500 500? 600 1200 1500 2000.. A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
? Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
? Geniscan gives you the ability to scan images, text or graphics & oven offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.. A Scan Grey Software included to convert half tone images to true Grey scales. Includes editing, zoom & processing features.
A Save images in suitable format for mosf leading packages including PHOTON PAINT.
DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for ci & paste editing of imagos etc. FREE PC INSTALLATION PACK
Security £119.99 ITTTjTTT S' o I MIDI INTI :R FACE IHEI] x Low cost Midi Interface.
Midi In. Midi Out and Midi Thru.
Opto Isolated.
Compact design.
ZZ Ill THE BEST SELLING MIDI INTERFACE FOR THE AMIGA ? Full specification Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi out sockets.
? Stylish case to match Amiga colours ? Fully Opto Isolated.
? Compatible
1. 99 Explore the data hidden on Credit Cards, Debit Cards,
Security & Membership Cards etc. Simply swipe your card and
read the contents Reads tracks 1,2 and 3 Plugs into your Amiga
Joystick Port.
AMIGA HYPERPAD ? Switch Mode | Electronic System.
? 4.5 Amp Output.
A Cool Running.
? 13 Amp UK I approved mains plug.
E39.99 MAONITIC CARD READER Complete ByBtom £59.99 4 VIDEO DIGITIZER 2 A low price real time video frame grabber for the A500 Save images as Raw or IFF Mono digitizing at an affordable price GOLIATH HAS THE ROWER Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a large hardrive. Extra memory, accelerator board or Indeed any powerful add-on then a standard Amiga power supply |ust cannot cope. The Golllath packs more power than you can possibly need.
? Fan cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug-in replacement.
A Full 200 watt output. A Also available for cd 32.
3 times tho power of n standard power suppl £44.99 AMAZING ZOO WATTS OUTPUT!
THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEM SYNCRO EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware and software package that works by directly controlling your second drive as a slave device ignoring the Amiga s own disk drive controll This way SYNCRO EXPRESS delivers power to backup programs.when other backup s a The most powerful disk backup system ever conceived.
A Very simple to use requires no user Interface.
A Powerful "SYNCRO MODE" actually synchronises your drives to achieve even greater backup power!
5. 0 It is illegal to make copies, even (or your own use. Ot
copyright material, without the given permission of tho
copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT , |, nV.- L P3EI E59.« Vary simple to use - Just press Ihe freeze button to take total control of the frozen program in memory.
A Blasts out A Clip onto 10 watts your TV of power! Monitor, magnetically SO WATTS £34.99 Diro Replac £79.99 A Built -in 2 way bass reflex amplifier.
2“ tweeter 3” woofer.
50 WATT WOOFER Built-in high quality 50 peak output power amplifier.
Delivers un-matched low end power.
Can be combined with speakers above to create a total sound system.
Master volume control for woofer as well as other speakers.
A Top quality external 3.5". a Quiet operation.
A Small footprint slimline design.
A Built-in anti-click feature.
A Daisy chainable via thru port.
A No need for external PSU.
Amiga 20 FULL 8 BIT SAMPLING AT A NEW LOW PRICE ? Full 8 Bit Sound Sampling System.
For A500 1500 2000 1200.
? Fils into Printer Port.
? Complete Hardware Software package including Sound Sampler . INTERNAL MIDI CARD FOR A2000 1500 3000 Full feature Midi Interface - Midi In. Midi Thru and Three Midi outsockets Opto Isolated.
£19.99 Switch Mode Electronic System.
Direct replacement Cool Running.
Fits 1500 and _
Low. Low price £49.99 W kThls Amiga video Interlace allows you to output S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE PAL Irom your Amiga, k Connects to Amiga monitor port Thru connector allows standard Monitor to be connected simultaneously k Separate output gives S-VIOEO or COMPOSITE PAL output (please state which required) k ideal tor many video applications Including titles etc. Quality Chinon Mechanism .
Foaturos special eject button.
Quiet operation.
Includes mounting pillars.
Comprehensive instruction manual, y i Allows Amiga to be used with any SCART TV it you don't have an Amiga monitor Amiga 500 500pius £39.99 YOUR AMIGA HI-FI STEREO SOUND. WHY PLAY THIS THROUGH A SMALL TV SPEAKER WHEN YOU CAN HAVE FANTASTIC HEAD- BANGINGLY GLORIOUS ARCADE STEREO?
ST4 2RS. ENGLAND ?ATEL flzmmr 1 O WATTS £14.99

Aminet 7 Aminet CD 7 dated August 1995. Consists of
approximately 1.1 gigabytes of softwo e m 3600 orchivei Smce
the release of Am met CD 6 mo e *on 540 MB new software hot
appeared The current edition hot a special locus on images,
more than 10000 mages Irom AmK«ei were included User friendly
occeti software mokes the Ammat CD 7 a pleasuta ta use £14.95
Aminet Set 1 Aminat t tha wo Id' i largest coiedson of freely
distributable Amiga toftwore Up to 10000 usets ocean the van
archives orvery do* ond counties* progrommen publish directly
» o Aminet Until tacanify ocean lo Aminat wot restricted to
international network uta«» With Ammat Sat 1 consisting of 4
Cds, the complete oichive it published tha fin! Tana This
CDROM o*e t»on. Which it doted Jonuory 1995, offers on olmost
meahouitlble reservoir ol topwolue Shoiawota A wide variety of
p og omi it included Applications Comas. Demos, Plctutes, Mods
Am nohons, Developer-Motertol. It contoins opproaimotely 4
g-gabytas of softwo e in 12 500 o chivas and you will enjoy the
comfortoble osetintatfoce C29.95
• •••••••••••••••••A CD-Write What IH You in II cant write to
your Cds! CD-ROMs hove long been on nunrsol part ol flmnja
computing Many uun alrwdv own o CDROM drive, ond the number of
software pockoget ovodabfe on CD is mcreavng steadily Until now
though. 4 wot not possible to wn*e to Cds W hove solved this
problem with our new revolutionary product Ralph Bobel and
Stefan Ossowsb's Schatztn he ore proud to present what eon be
considered o marvel of technology CD-Write enoblet you to
virtually wnte to Cds with on ordmory CD- ROM drive From now
on. You wil be able to wot*, delete, and mo cfcfy do»o on your
Cds This product win take you mso o new era. Ond you -A be able
to utilize CDROM technology to « fullest £44 95 CDBoot 1.0
CDBoot IS o fontottc new product that enables you so use olmosi
ony CD32 gomes on on A1200 or A4000 (with AT- or SCShCD ROM
drrve ond ony hfesyslem) You con c eate o configuration fee fer
eoch CD. Contom.ng mfermation on the Joypod emulation. You con
olso save the feghscore of each CD32 game The usoge ond
installation of CDBoot is very easy, also for begmnen, due to
the eacellent English monuol Smce the compohbifey a very high,
you con use 98% of CD32 gomes currently available CDBoot Is on
eacelfent software solution fer oil AMIGA-freaks who would like
to enter the -odd of CD32 games' £34.95 freshFonts II Ihe
F ethFontt II CDROM conlom 632 megabytes of fonts for al most
ony computer system Most of the fonts are freely distributable
aicept for the Thienen fonts, w+uch are exch sve on this CD.
Eoch ol these fonts is included ns four dilfeieni formats DMF.
Agfa IntalUFont Adobe and TrueType That* ora 231 font fomiiies
on this CD (eoch containing of up to 8 different *tyiei| They
ore classified In seven categores Deco (63 families), Non-lahn
(33 families) Pictures (16 families) Sant Senf (29 families),
Script (36 fom,lies). Serif (36 fomlhet). Thienen (19
families). £19.93 Gamers1 Delight This CD confomt 40 games for
the Commodore Am.go from differing categories Actsors. Jump &
Run, Card Gomes Puzzles. Strategy Games - o whole ronge of
computer emecuxsineaf awarftl Gamers Dehght will hold you
copttvoted fat houn and guarantees kmgJass ing pleasure All
gomes ore commercial versions - no public domain & no demos!
This CD can be run on ony Amiga with CDROM drive.
C0TV or AMIGA CD32 Console with I MB free memory and Joy Ifcck Joypod £29.95 LIGHT ROM 2 The UGHT ROM 2 CD contains almost 650 megabytes of 30 ob l»Ch. THtoget. Moges equences scene fees surfoce attributes, bump mops ond teitures in IFF ond 7ARGA formats. Df Ms. ond lightwave refe- ted teat fees UGHT ROM u on mvoluable resource fer lightwave users, ond os o bonus, includes material fer Sculpt 3D ond Imagine use s £44.95 da capo The da copo CDROM t a source for hgbquolity music, both for listening enjoyment ond for tomples to use m creating your own music This it not |usi onother random
collection of modules Many modules ond tomples are exclusively to do copo Included ore more than 1400 of the best available modules ond 2000 hrgfvqualioty samples £27.95 Gotewoyt offers N«t6SD I 0. O fell featured UNIX-like operating system weh both sources ond bmones for the Armgo. 386, Sun 3, ond other oreKtedvre* Go netsurfng -eh the ferge selection of supplied networimg Soofs Other suppled pockoget include o besory refeose of the X -widow system (X11 R6| fer the A iuga. W*h many oddAonol cftartl. And pockoget such os pad. E-ocs gomes.
MaJ programs, and mony megobyies of -sportor* ten fees such os RfCt and FAOs A complete mstaHohon guide a avofeble on the CD There ore olio some Am-goOOS mternet wtdAet. Such os ckents fer AmiTCP ond Errw»y £9.95 Meeting Pearls Vol. II The Meeting Peorl, Volume II contains 650 MB of the fmesf F0 soft-
- ore vto o speooi user mterfece wfech hos been crented to olow
you to hnd the progrom of your choice with eoie The contents 35
MB of selected himlpoget • 50 MB gropfecs progroms ond data -13
MB gome, - 10 MB from The Borty • 13 MB disk, hord disk - CDROM
ond SCSI tools ¦ 19 MB various other tools 11 MB educo tionol
software - 25 MB lermmol progroms • 25 MB animations, mainly
from Enc Schwarz 40 MB developer took (e g pre-mitalled
compiler (DICE. Oberon. Modulo). Commodorelncludes. GUI Toofs)
9 MB music program. - 1C MB nudl progroms • 27 MB p*tgres - 60
MB lean. FAOs. CD conienrs hies, o*c 40 MB Unua fer Arngo 100
MB TeX installation (PasTeX met 600 dp. Ond fe. Fonts) 38 MB
movie doto base 50 MB orchraes for Psion 18 MB modules 50 MB
NetBSD for Anugo. £9.95 The Light Works Roytrocmg A fascinating
area of the computer graphics Pictures from the computer.
PerfecAy rendered, fete mote people oil over the world The
Amiga wot the first computer to be used for taytrocmg.
Ond today it it snfl a leode . With mony f*gh qualify programs A red oztisi of royfrocing it Todot J R hier from Cofegne Germony, whose d* to fed ob,e tt thin the people EspecoRy h.s spoce sf-ps of famous science fscison films ore used to demon strata the copobtaet ol o royfrocing progrom The object! Ore h-ghfy detoiled ond eatremfy realise due to the opphcatson of com pie. Surfece teatu.es of the models UnSi now it wos d-«*vlt to ocqwe these objects in order to create ones own scenes or ommotions £29.93 Texture Gallery All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national
mail-order-companies International Distributor: GoldFish 2 Vofeme 2 of the Goldfish tenet eoniams a selection cf loftwore. At.
Mationi prtim and other matonoi released on Freshfish CDROM t between Octaber 1993 ond November 1994. W*h most of the male- nol updated so the latest ovoJoble versons AO matersal a included «i both archived (BBSveody) and unorehrved ireo ySocsml ferms £29.95 mrnrn GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel +49-6171-85937 Fax +49-6171-83 02 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 SAVING THE CHANGES lilorkb; ajj h Graeme Sandiford may not be able to help you with the meaning of life, but he sure knows his Amiga and is the man to turn to with your Amiga
problems. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
When I try to change the screen mode, through the preferences Tile, everything is fine when I click on the use button. But if I try to save the change. I get the message: Error accessing file ENVAKC: Sys screenmode.prefs, Object not found I get the same problem if I try to change other things, such as the language (selmap).
My monitor is a Microvitcc.
W. J.HiU Taunton, Somerset It's a shame von didn’t provide more
information about your machine, such as whether ii has a hard
drive or not and. If so, what kind. Also, have you had this
problem for some time, or has it just started?
Nevertheless, the most likely source of your woes is probably lurking in your startup- sequence. Whenever you change any of your preferences, such as Wbpattern or Primer, any permanent changes you make are stored in the ENVARC: (Environment Archive) directory.
This directory and ENV: is also used by a lot of programs to store their preferences.
The actual "physical" location of this directory is SYS:Prefs Env-Archive, the contents of which are usually copied to RAM: at Startup.
The startup-sequence assigns this directory so that it is recognised as a volume -just like a floppy or hard disk. I suspect that this has not been done. To find out, open a Shell window and type: ENVARC: If the drive has been assigned correctly you should be taken to that directory, if not, you'll be asked to insert ENVARC in any drive. If this last is the case, then you will need to repair the startup-sequence. The easiest way of doing this is to replace it with the one from your original Workbench disk.
To do that, just copy it from your Workbench floppy to your hard disk (if you're using one) by selecting Show All from die window menu from Workbench and "drag and drop” the Startup-sequence in the floppy's S: directory to the S: directory of the hard drive partition you boot from.
If you are working 011 a floppy-based system, then you simply need to make another copy of your original - please tell me you are not working from your original.
EXPANDING THE GREAT I've just bought a wonderful Al 200 and wish to expand it. I therefore have a few questions:
1) In the review of the HiQ Power Station, you say that it can be
used with a Squirrel SCSI Interface, or any SCSI-equipped
Is it, dierefore, true that it can be used with the SCSI-II module for the Blizzard A1230-111 50MHz accelerator? I ask because I might buy the Aura sampler that uses the PCMCIA slot.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Your Amiga: O A500 O A500 Plus O A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 O A2000 O A3000 O A4000
2) If this is the case, how would it be done (where would the
SCSI cable go)?
3) Also, would I get better transfer rates than with the Squirrel
when using, for example, a SCSI (or SCSI-II) hard drive?
4) Would the transfer rates be affected by a long cable, or would
there be a chance that some of the data may go missing, as
with a long IDE cable (as stated in the Ramiga Z5 review)?
Kickstart version: O 1.2 O 1.3 O 2.x O 3.x Workbench revision: O 1.2 O 1.3 O 1.3.2 O 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 O 3.0
5) And, finally, are Knights Of The Sky, Stunt Car Racer and
Lotus 2 compatible with the 1200?
I'm thinking of buying The Serial Killers pack from the Amiga Format offers.
Total memory fitted Stephen Brooking Sherborne, Dorset Chip memory available Extra drive 1 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: I too have been expanding my home machine - extra memory, a 2Gb drive and a CD-ROM drive. It's certainly difficult 10 decide 011 an Extra drive 2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Continued overleaf Hard disk:_Mb as DH_ Manufacturer:___ Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware: upgrade path; in fact, we'll he doing a feature on upgrading A 1200s in the near future.
1) Indeed you can! The HiQsystems can be used with any SCSI
Interface and the Blizzard III Interfaces have just become
2) The A1200 has all the ports and sockets you would expect at
the rear, such as the parallel, monitor and serial ones.
However, located at the right-hand side of the machine you'll
find a blank panel and this is where the SCSI cable will go
out of the AI 200.
The Blizzard SCSI port can be screwed in to position and the cable passed through the casing to the accelerator's SCSI Interface. At the other, the cable plugs straight into the rear of the PC housing.
3) Although I've got the Blizzard module on my machine I've not
run any comparison benchmarks. However, the Blizzard is sure
to be faster; at least 12 times faster, probably, since the
Squirrel uses the lb-bit PCMCIA Interface.
4) SCSI cables can be of greater lengths than IDE ones without
losing data - Nick Veitch sits opposite me and his is huge.
It’s very unlikely that you'll ever need to make a cable long
enough to cause a problem.
5) I’ve checked with the games guys. Steve and Steve - they say
that Knights of the Sky and Stunt Car Racer should work fine
with a standard A 120(1. Although, there is no guarantee that
they will work with the Blizzard accelerators and chances are
Lotus 2 may not nol work.
SILKY SMOOTH SPEED I am thinking of buying an accelerator for my Amiga 1200 and I am somewhat confused as to the various models on offer.
What I want is a board that will run my 1200 at 40-50MHz, so that TFX will run silky smooth, as Amiga Format put it. While allowing me to add more memory as and when required. But I am confused because some boards say they are bare with a provision for a 40MHz FPU and GET HYPER AMIGAGUIDE GUIDANCE I own an Amiga 1200, two external disk drives, a 250Mb hard drive and an HP 550 printer.
I recently started using the AmigaGuide language that comes with Workbench 3.0 and have a few questions to ask you;
1) How can I load a picture sound file from within an AmigaGuide
document (without a requester appearing) and then return to
the document (with a keypress or mouse dick)?
2) Can I increase the screen size of the Amiga-guide screen when
viewing a guide without changing the Workbench screen size?
3) Will Amiga Format be running any tutorials on how to programme
AmigaGuides any time in the near future? If not can you print
a list of the commands that AmigaGuide documents support?
Barry Tew Northampton Well Barry, you must have a fair understanding of how the AmigaGuide hypertext language works if you got as far as linking to pictures.
1) The Link command is all well and good when it comes to
creating nodes that display text, but, as you correctly
pointed out. It can be a real pain when Multiview brings up a
requester asking you for the file.
There is a way round this irritating limitation, 51!
», . Ill ¦«C 10* Far at FNC 01i 5 t cm n : m* ™ SO TFX might run "silky smooth" with a 030 accelerator, but is this reason enough to spend £300*?
RAM, but is it true that an FPU is only beneficial when used with ray-tracers etc.?
1 am also thinking of buying a SCSI CD-ROM or the Zappo CD-ROM drive. Will the board I buy work with these devices, because I am aware that some boards cause problems with the PCMCIA slot.
Think of your answ er as though you were going to buy this kit for your A1200. What would you buy? In terms of an accelerator board with provisions for SIMMs and a compatible CD-ROM drive (dual speed for now). I will be adding 4Mb, 72-pin SIMMS to a board with hare RAM sockets myself.
I have a Standard A1200 with a soon-to-be- replaced 3.5" 40Mb hard drive.
Andrew Frodsham frodoQzepher. Demon, co. Uk Funny you should mention giving advice as if it was my own decision. From my previous answer, you'll notice that I've gone for the Blizzard III.
I lowcver, this is the decision I've made to meet my needs - these may not necessarily be the same as yours.
I've added 16Mb RAM and a large SCSI hard disk to enable me to use programs like LightWave, Real 3D and ImageFX effectively.
The AmigaGuide document format is both powerful and easy to use.
You can use the SYSTEM command within a node followed by the directory path of another viewer, such as ViewTek, and the path to the file you want displayed.
This is just same as with executing CLI programs so you can also use any arguments the program accepts Here's an example of how this can be used in a document; Click here to show a picture @1" Show" System "c:vlewtek Data:pictures babe.Targa datatypes”)
2) I'm afraid the only way that I know of, thanks to Commodore's
poor documentation for this The Blizzard board, the one I used
for the TFX review, is my first choice because it is
stonkingly fast and well-built. An FPU is used for processing
floating point calculations, which are used by programs other
than ray-tracers.
However, busing an accelerator is a little extravagant for just playing games. If you want lo find out more about buying accelerators, have a look at the example on page 120.
I refer to your article in AFT2 "HiQ Powerstalion". I would like to assemble a system for my Amiga 1200. I intend to purchase a mini tower and Squirrel SCSI Interfare and, at a later date, an internal fitting CD-ROM drive and hard drive disk.
Would you, please, advise me on which plugs, leads and supplies would be required.
Alan Fairlamb Warrington No, I won't tell you what you need to create the same system as the HiQ units. Not because I think it would Ik- morally wrong, but because I can't stand the idea of you trying lo re-wire your power-lead and blowing up your A1200.
Tool, to change the screenmode used by AmigaGuide or Multiview is to execute the program from Shell with a screen argument.
Unfortunately this simply generates a clone of the Workbench screen - sorry. If anyone has come across a command that does this, then drop me a line; I’d like to know if it can be done.
3) I'm afraid we don't really have enough room in the Workbench
section to do a detailed tutorial on AmigaGuide writing.
However here's a list of commands that we're aware of and a quick explanation of the fundamentals of creating Guide documents for anybody else who's interested; HiQ have had a few people contacting them after having had the same bright idea and being left with a rather small and slightly charred snowboard instead of an A1200. There are loads of wires to be connected and if you get just one wrong, you'll toast your machine the next time you turn it on.
INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT I have a standard A1200 to which I recently added a new 85Mb IDE Quantum hard drive from Siren, which I am delighted with.
However, now-1 have the drive, I badly want to get on the Internet.
I bought Davev Winder's excellent Internet, Modems and the Whole Comms Thing, but the book leaves some questions unanswered:
1) What do you consider the best value-for- money 14400 modem? I
am thinking of busing the X-Link or the Speedcom, since I've
heard that the cheaper Supra have chip problems.
2) I think I need a graphical Web browser if I want to get Web
pages that look like your FutureNet adverts. How do I get
Amosaic and will it run on an unexpanded A1200? If not, what
is the minimum system expansion you recommend? Would that need
a beefier power supply? (Funds are limited.)
3) All the Net software Davey mentions are CLI-based. Has any
good mouse-operated stuff been written since his book was
Af. Ballard Arles ty, Beds
I) Hmm, I haven't had any problems with the Supra modems, but the
Speedcom is not a bad little number.
2) Amosaic will run on an unexpanded AI200, but not to its full
potential. You'll soon find yourself out of memory when
visiting image-intensive sites.
A 4Mb RAM expansion should be more than enough and should speed up your machine considerably. This won't require a more powerful PSL either.
To gel hold of Amosaic. You should try calling Onl.ine PD on Voice: 01704 834335 and BBS: 01704 834583.
3) (il l-equipped Internet tools that I've come across recently
are: the CRN newsreader, the ELM E-mail tool and a GL’I
version of Finger. Again, try OnLine PD for these and other
comms software.
ABSOLUTE BEGINNER I am writing to ask you if you can answer what is probably a very simple problem.
I have an .Amiga 500 with, according to Syslnfo. A 1 Mb ECS Fat .Agnus and a standard DenLse chip, and it says: Kickstart (512K) V37.175 What does this mean?
It has a Kickstart 2.04 chip in it (I put it in) and I have Workbench 2.04. It also has a 512K memory board fitted in the trapdoor. The board is made by Trilogic and it has a sticker on it saying it was tested on 21.12.90. (I only- bought the .Amiga 8 months ago after seeing mv mate's 600.1 used to have an ST - crap.)
Is my Amiga 1 Mb? A lot of disks say that they will run with I Mb. But they don't scent to run on my system.
Do I need an ECS Denise chip, or a different memory board? What is the difference between East RAM and chip RAM?
You have probably already guessed that I ant a complete novice with the Amiga.
Richard Walker York Congratulations on switching to a superior computer system. First off, Kicksart V37.175 is simply the version of Kickstart y ou are using, which, as you correctly believe, is 2.04. You also have I Mb of RAM - this should mean that most programs that require Workbench 2 or above and I Mb to run should work on your machine.
However, your I Mb of memory is chip RAM rather than a combination of 512Kchip and 5I2K Fast. The difference between chip and Fast RAM is that chip RAM is used to display images, whereas Fast memory is used to store general data. The addition of Fast memory also speeds up your machine, hence the name.
The only time that you may encounter games or programs that don't work is if they require Fast RAM. Thankfully, this shouldn't be too many, although older programs and games are the most likclv to cause problems.
MAKING AN AMIGAGUIDE DOCUMENT AmigaGuide documents contain hyperlinks which enable the person viewing the document to jump from one page of a document to another, these pages along with the links they contain are called nodes. The basic structure for a document is as follows: '(Database '(Wordwrap 9No le Main The buttons below will take you to different pages in this document
1. @| Tirst Unk" Unk Node.l
2. " ( Second Link Link Node I @Endnode As long as you follow
this template, followed by more nodes of course, you should
have all the fundamentals for your own document.
The first line tells Multiview what kind of document it’s going to be. The second activates the word-wrapping function. Line three identifies the main node. Lines four and five are just text and will appear as such. Six and seven are the initial links which will take the reader to the node of his or her choice.
The final line simply ends the node.
AMIGAGUIDE COMMANDS ©database Tells Multiview what type of document this is.
©wordwrap Activates automatic word-wrapping so that lines of text wrap round at the edge of the screen.
©main The opening page - the page that Multiview displays first when loaded.
©Help name Defines the name of the help node for the document.
©Index name Defines the name of the node to be used as an index.
©Title Name The title that is to be displayed in the node's window.
© ¦button" Link name) Creates an embedded link to another page.
©node Defines the start of a node (another page of the document).
©endnode Defines the end of a node.
© b} Gives text a bold styling attribute.
© ub} Turns bold off.
© i Makes text italic.
© ui} Turns italics off.
© u} Makes text underlined.
© uu} Turns underlining off.
For the ultimate in speed, why not treat your Amiga to one of our top-of-the-line 1230 accelerators and enjoy a 500 per cent speed-increase?
Features include: | Bear in mind, when looking at quoted speed-increases, that just adding Fast RAM doubles the speed of your Amiga.
| A battery-backed, real-time clock is not just a convenience, it can also be extremely useful to programmers.
• Battery-backed clock.
• Expandable to 32Mb.
6 • Optional Kickstart re-mapping.
The maximum memory size is important for expansion plans - try to find out if the board has one or two SIMM sockets.
I Being able to switch off an FPU can help improve compatibility, especially with games The Motorola 68EC020, 68020 and 68EC030 CPUs will not have MMUs, which enable things like virtual memory.
|Kickstart re-mapping loads the Amiga Kick start to RAM thereby speeding up the machine's operation even more.
| SCSI modules enable the addition of SCSI devices, such as hard disks and CD-ROM drives.
| FPUs perform floating point calculations that are found in programs like ray-tracers and polygon-based games.
1220 Basic model fcheap 28MHz 68EC020 Omb RAM 1220 Average fmore 5 28MHz 68020 4Mb Extras 8 FPUs 68882 £extra 25 30MHZ 8Mb SIMMs £a lot The world's best Amiga mag also Our regular Amiga news service Visitors to our pages were the has the best Amiga WWW site. Will keep you up-to-date. First to learn of Escom's bid.
We have many product reviews on-line for your reference.
1 run ¦ill] 1 Hi* R| *1 MV'V" Sport 1 a - ¦ nmf
• KM • CXO (to «» He Umi Wm1 k 1 ¦ %.. n.1.)««! ».J» noiM tttm
rm. Nwr
r. .t*ma The Amiga Web Directory I
• Cxfcu- fc*W0 l*JBl it*
• n a,i ».¦¦¦ • mi an.-J udnad tit ¦ «... te V.IIII I V : !'
1 w UM«* 1 "IX wm ¦ ( . ..uir.rwi -'.ITa
• ] II IhWip ***fa umt alAM ‘.t.
• a. -iMi mmrn *at» win ooMmI You can find out what is coming ’
And we have links to the best up in future issues of AF. Amiga
resources on the Web.
Or you could just dip into our Or find out detailed information national and world news section. From the world of sport.
Point your World Wide Web browser at: http: www.futurenet.co.uk To advertise on FutureNet. E-mail Simon Richardson at srichardson@futurenet.co.uk or call 01225 442244.
Having graced you with a few tips on setting your Amiga up for email, Darren Irvine strides briskly on into the only partially civilised world of IRC Natter on the net In some ways, I don’t think I should be telling you about IRC at all. It's one of those things that if you’ve never used it, there’s no great gaping hole in your life. But when you first try it, you might just find that you become as addicted to it as any drug user to their recreational pharmaceutical of choice - becoming more and more entrenched in a downward spiral of longer and longer chatting sessions with more and more
obscure Finnish people, ultimately E-mail us on... amformat@futurenet.co.uk Please make sure you mark the relevant subject in the sub|ect line (Letters to the Editor. Workbench. Backstage etc.). leading to higher and higher phone bills, an increasingly hermit-like existence and the ostracism of your peers. OK, so maybe I’ve been exaggerating a bit - it’s not quite as addictive as actual drugs.
What is it then?
Internet Relay Chat was originally written by Finnish programmerJarkko Oikarinen in 1988 and the Finns are still all over the place on IRC. It’s full of Americans too, but an increasing number of UK users are making their presence felt.
Jarkko originally invented IRC to be a replacement for the Unix Talk" command, but it has developed into something much more useful than Talk ever was.
IRC is basically a real-time conferencing system, allowing Internet users all over the world to meet in discussion areas known as “channels", and hold a conversation amongst themselves as if they were all in the same room, rather than connected to diverse computer systems anywhere on the planet.
IRC uses a client-server model of operation, where individual users run "client" software on their computers, which communicates with an IRC "server" program running on a system anywhere on the net. The servers handle the routing of messages from one client to another.
Setting your Amiga up for IRC There are three main routes that you can take to get IRC operating on your Amiga. The first is extremely simple, but not very good. The second rates somewhere between pretty tricky and completely impossible on the ease-of- implementation scale, and isn’t very good either. The third option is fairly easy to set up and is truly excellent. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out which one I have running on my svstem.
Telneting to a public access IRC site is certainly the easiest way to get started, but Using Grapevine makes IRC so eddlctively enjoyable that you'll run up four-figure Is lacking a bit in the user-friendliness department. Phone bills before you know It.
T * ]; Si i 1 2L (?)
Grapevine users don't even have to remember actual IRC commands, because a toolbar does most of the things you need.
WHERE TO GET IRC CLIENT SOFTWARE As usual with Amiga-related software, the place to get hold of it is Aminet. Use anonymous ftp to one of the following sites: src.doc.icac.uk wuarchive.wustl.edu The archive names that you require are: Irchat - lpub aminet comm tcp irchat24.lha Grapevine - pub aminet comm netigrapevine.lha Grapevine also has a constant user list window, so you're never in any doubt as to whom is on your current channel.
SAD USENET FACT OF THE MONTH questions such as the pertinent “On the Commodore 64, what area of memory is swapped when using an REU with RamDOS?", or the incisive “How many LEDs are on the KIM-1". If this sounds like the sort of thing you couldn't do without check out the hot action in comp.sys.amiga.advocacy. For the sake of completeness, I'll cover all three options, but, really, if you don't find yourself preferring option 3, I'd consider a few weeks at a health farm, or, preferably, an intensive personality-reorganisation program.
OPTION 1 The first option is to use telnet to connect 10 a publicly accessible IRC server - this is a machine that has client software running on it, as well as the actual IRC server. Using this method of accessing IRC is as simple as connecting to a suitable server; log in (usually as "IRC", so no surprise there then) and, basically, that’s it. This is probably a good way to get started with IRC, since you can see whether or not you like it without having to set up any software on your machine. Also, you can use this method to IRC from non-TCP IP systems, like CIX, CompuServe and Delphi.
However, the user interface looks and feels extremely dated and, let’s face it, if you wanted to use a system like this you'd have bought a PC.
OPTION 2 The next option to consider is a system called Irchat which runs as a client script on top of the GNUEmacs editor, available from Aminet. To get this system up and running, you'll need to spend a fair amount of time getting the Emacs system going first.
I really wouldn't bother if I were you, since this method of accessing IRC really isn't much better than the Telnet hottub darsy Liam : Mag i k Shokwave Rasput in :' Nada : _8ball : T rumpet rubberban : s LSD tubby : flnguzHawk ='sflsiago undead :' uiceLFlQ :' u icev : DemoN :'sbeebsie = cenedra = EuerC I ear s beaker one and is several orders of magnitude more difficult to get working. Also, if you really wanted to use a system like this, you’d be running a Unix system.
OPTION 3 The only naUj sensible option for any self-respecting Amiga owner is to use a great IRC. Program called Grapevine.
This is no dated Unix port, but an Amiga program with proper Amiga controls and the whole works. Installing is little more than extracting the archive and copying a supplied library to LIBS:.
You also have to add an environment- variable definition to s:user-startup, but, hey, you can work an Editor, can’t you?
Once you have installed Grapevine, you'll wonder how users of lesser systems manage to use IRC at all.
Operating IRC using a GUI-based system like this is so much better than using a text-only system and is, of course, llte reason why you have an Amiga rather than a PC or Unix box in the first place.
Getting started After you have decided on option 3 from the above list, and chosen a publicly accessible server to use, the next thing you're going to want to do is some actual chatting. As I've mentioned, IRC is divided up into different areas called "channels".
Each channel-name consists of a hash " " and a alphanumeric name, usually (but not always) giving some sort of clue to what sort of things are talked about in a particular channel.
Note that Grapevine automatically puts in the " “ for you when you click on the Join Channel button, but if you are using a text-based system you'll have to type “ JOIN " followed by the channel name, including the " ".
The basic principle of operation of Although, until recently, I have remained blissfully unaware of its existence, I have unfortunately been forced to find out about the Usenet Commodore Trivia Competition (now staggeringly on its 19th incarnation). With a first prize of "The Amiga Toaster Reference Manual (worth $ 34.95)“, this is the competition for you if you can answer IRC is that anything you type in die text window (dial’s the small one at the bottom - the larger one at the top is the "message" window) gets echoed to the channel and all other users connected to that channel get to read
your words of wisdom. Similarly, you can read1 the messages typed in by everybody else in your channel.
As well as the actual chatting, IRC has a series of commands that you can use, each one preceded by a forward slash “ " - the example shown above “ JOIN" is one. To get a complete list of available commands, type " HELP” or click on Grapevine’s "Help" button.
To get help on a specific command type " HELP command name|”. To get started, there are only two commands that you'll need in addition to “ JOIN".
The first of these is “ LEAVE" which, fairly obviously, causes you to leave the channel you are on. The other command that will come in handy is “ NAMES”, which returns a list of all the channels that are accessible from the server to which you have connected.
Note that this is an extremely long list and to cut it down a bit, you might want to specify the “-min" qualifier to restrict the list to channels with a certain number of users. For example: NAMES *.* -min 20 The above line will produce a list of all channels that have at least 20 users.
Once you’ve been chatting a while, you can start experimenting with some of the other commands, but the chatting is the main thing and you shouldn't worry too much if you don't quickly master every obscure IRC command available. Remember, that as with other areas of net usage, such as email and Usenet, netiquette is important - if you go around on IRC acting like an idiot and insulting people, you'll soon get flamed for it.
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high quality DTP & DTV PD & Shareware in AMIGA history.'
These Cds are being developed, designed & distribuled only by E.M.Computergraphic. This is ihe only way we can have complete quality control over all aspects of their production.
The RRP price for each CD will he £24.99 + £1.00 UK pp For First class recorded Airmail ..Europe add £4.00 pp & Rest of World 3dd £6.00 pp | These Cds will be aimed directly at Amiga users, and will not be designed for multi platform computer use. This means that you won't get Cds loaded with PC tiles that you cannol use!
To aid in the rapid location of font, clipart & image data, each of the 3 Cds will contain...IFF font previews and fully sorted |clipart and image directories, that will include full IFF preview thumbnail index screens. Purchasers of the Cds will also have the option to buy a typeface book, published especially for each of Ihe EMC Cds. Containing FULL font printouts!
All in all...these Cds will offer you the legendary quality and organisation that EMC's massive worldwide database of customers (and reviewers) have grown to expect!
We won't just shovel any old rubbish on these CD's The first disk of the 3 disk collection will be released on Monday 11th September 1995
Credit card and postal order orders will not be
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dispatched the same day.
Cheque orders are subject to 5 working day clearance dispatch. If you wish to receive your CD as soon as possible after it's launch, we require written permission allowing us fo bank your cheque 5 days prior to the launch date.
E. M.Computergraphic 8 EDITH ROAD, CLACTON, ESSEX. C015 1JU Tel:
01255 431389 Fax: 01255 428666 E&OE Cheques I Postal Orders
payable lo E.M.COUPU’ERGRAPHIC Cheques are subject to 5
working day clearance Send your letters to: Letters To The
Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
ANYONE FOR TOAST Greetings from the LISA. How is life over there in England? I am writing to tell you that I sure like your magazine. I like it better than any magazine that we have over here. The magazine "The .Amiga World" is no longer being published, by the way.
What format are your Coverdisks in? I have an Amiga
2000. With 5Mb RAM. Two 3 inch drives and one 5 l ! Inch drive,
hooked up to an IBM bridge hoard. I am using a 1.3 system,
but I plan to upgrade to 3.1. I like your Coverdisks - some
work and some don't, not because they are bad, but because
they are a different format... or something?
On another note, what do you think about the Video Toaster and OpalVision video production programs? Is there anything else you would recommend?
Clan you help me out?
Arthur A. Farrington 111 Oklahoma, USA The VideoToasler 2 is the best in NTSC countries; you 'U have no problems with it. You would be much better off upgrading to an A40H0-based Toaster machine, though.
Some of the disks probably didn i work because you are on 1.3; some because they are AGA-only. It does say on the label when they won't work with particular machines.
IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE Scnsi Software must be congratulated for bringing out the update disk. Although Sensi did something which wasn’t quite on.
They released the update disk to The One and decided not to send it to those who had bought the game and bothered to fill in and return the registration card, but instead make them wait.
Although they said two weeks to me on die phone, it has been over a month and a half now.
Ian Morgans yVolverliampton, West Midlands A BIT OF ATTITUDE I have noticed that in recent months the circulation of Amiga Format seems to have declined. I have some suggestions that may or may not counteract this decline.
They are: 11 Increase the amount of Continued overleaf GUIDING LIGHT Though not being a PC user, I bought your sister magazine PC Guide recently. With floppies, this is only £3.99, but they are, of course, of no use to me.
However, the fiver spent on the one with Cds was well worth the effort Only one of the two Cds was useful to me. They had the full version of VistaPro. The software was, of course, useless, but the extra files, which you do not get with the floppy-based Amiga- version, was worth shelling out for.
It is odd that I have to resort to buying a PC magazine to get upgrades for my serious Amiga software. The new PC magazine was actually mentioned in the July AF. But it was never stated that the Amiga users could get a serious upgrade to their version of VistaPro - which does work, by the way.
If AF is to justify the price tag of £4.50, we should expect at least one CD. If "PC Guide'' can do it (with two Cds) so can AF.
I first saw a reference to the new PC magazine in one of my wife's stitching magazines, also published by Future. Why don't you also place an advert for Amiga magazines there? The Amiga has two cross-stitch programmes which are often advertised in the stitching mags and are a fraction of the price of the PC equivalents. Odd that I have never seen any of this software reviewed in the _ _ Amiga magazines.
Bill Eaves Thurso, Caithness RfS f *-yi t'fJ Experiments with CD-ROMs on Amiga mags seems a bit hit-and-miss.
Seeing as no standard Amiga with a CD-ROM has ever been sold, it is very hard to judge the demand and it is a lengthy and time-consuming process to produce the CD in the first place.
But rest assured, we will have some surprises for you real soon.
The stitchcraft programs you mention have been reviewed in AF; the last one in AF55,1 believe.
Perhaps CrossStitch should be advertising in AF?
DMA Design are giving away a Tabbv araohics tablet worth Gallery a* blank spaces on pages. Never be tempted to place screenshots or information in these spaces since it will detract from the "sophisticated page design".
2) Publish, each month, lengthy interviews with a
"Prominent-figure-of-the- videogames-industry-of-whom-n&o
ne-has-heard" (or PFOTVIOWNHII for short). At least a two-page
spread must be used for a giant photograph of said
PFOTVIOWNOHH. Intersperse the interview with lots of
pretentious black and white photos of the PFOTVIOWNOHH waving
their arms around.
3) Put the catchphrase, "The future is almost here..." on the
cover. You never know, if you say it enough times, something
might actually happen. Probably...
4) Drink more tea. It tastes belter than coffee.
John Graham lledon, Hull Er. Thanks for your suggestions -you irad Amiga Power, don 7 you ?
THE FORGOTTEN PATH It’s vers good to see that the majority of the top-games are highly rated (70%+) by your illustrious tome. At last people arc accepting your standards.
Now. Miss Rebecca Payton of Sunbury-on-Thames. On Indiana fours And The Fate of Atlantis, you should reverse the stones. For example, it it says 'darkness' for the Sunstonc. Turn it to noon', like it says in the dialogue - "only contrary minds may enter".
Do this for all three stones and the statue's mouth trill open. Pop a bead in its mouth and... voila, the door is open. You can now explore Atlantis to your heart's content.
Tut. Tut. Mr. Bradley! But. All is forgiven, since you are, as Michael Newsham so rightly points out, a hero of computer games.
Keep up the good work!
Nathan Weston Blackpool, Lancs NOT ALONE ON CHINA In response to Richard Bagulcy's consternation that no one is bothered about the re-born Amiga being produced in (Tina, could I take this opportunity to say dial he is not alone.
Although the Amiga has been saved by Escom, I. for one. Will not be upgrading my A1200 the 'Escom- way' if the new machines are to he produced in China. I have not knowingly purchased anything produced in China since the Tianamen Square Massacre. Given the continuing poor standards of pay and living conditions in the country, along with an appaling human rights record, I see no reason to change this in the future.
It is also worth considering the massive scale of software piracy which is endemic in China and, seemingly, endorsed bv the Chinese government! I think a Figure around 95 per cent was mentioned by the US government and this has led to sanctions being mentioned... Puts piracy in the UK into context, I think, even if there is still too much of it.
Mike Davenport Taunton Er. I don 7 seem to remember anyone ever complaining when the Amiga was made in Taiwan or the PhiUippines, where working conditions are just as bad and who have only slightly better human rights records.
I don 7 think it is the job of this magazine to whip up support for an anti-Chinese trade embargo, nor to defend the political and economic actions of that country. Hwvever, perhaps it is worth pointing out that a very large percentage of capacitors are made in China and. As you know, capacitors are used in virtually all electrical and electronic equipment, so I'm afraid you probably have plenty of Chinese hardware already.
If it's any consolation, it seems as if AMIGAs may nmv be made in Scotland. France and the USA.
SUCKERED I'd like to make an observation regarding your Coverdisks and your promise ol what will Ire appearing on them "next month".
AF 72. Page 145, we read "Ot Blitzed! - If you want to get hold of the latest version of Acid Software's most excellent programming system, look out for next month's creative Coverdisk".
BONKERS I would Ilk* to mako a complaint. In your last Issue of Amiga Format (June) Steve Bradley wrote an article on Spaadbail 2 C»“. In K. he mentioned that the players do not wear rollenkates. He i*. Of course, completely wrong. As we all know, since the year 2019, players have always worn skates. I would not normally grumble, but believe that sacrilege of this magnitude should not go unnoticed.
Ajevlawes Cardiff .As I own Blitz Basic, I was looking forward to a demo of the latest version of the compiler or editor, but when 1 get to the newsagents, I take a look at the front cover - no sign of Blitz Basic.
Why promise that something trill appear on "next month's" Coverdisk, only to disappoint your readers? Not to generate more sales by any chance, is it?
Please, unless you know 100 per cent, (hat you're able to secure a Coverdisk for a particular month, don’t go getting readers' hopes up, because I can bet you that it annoys them very much indeed.
Jon "Peeved"Jones jon.jones@crystal.dircon.co.uk On the most up-to-date A miga mag in the world there are so many changes during the course of a month that it surprises me that we ever get anything right on the next month page.
The Blitz Coverdisk was unfortunate, because was looking forward to it as much as anyone, but Acid decided they wanted lo concentrate on other things for the moment and decided to delay release. Maybe some day soon... JOKER CAMERA l y David atnrs, DnW REMBRANDT by John Keales, Shrffirl i. PORSCHE by Auliiim Hodgson. Cleveland.
Drawn entirely by hand, David has exhibited a meticulous eye for detail with this image.
Although probably based on a scan of some kind, the lighting really makes this image.
Beautifully drawn on an A500+ using Dpaint 3 and 64 colours. A favourite subject of Auburn's.
I would like to refer to P. Ayres letter ("The Wonder of Windows" AS73) about his pretty cruddy' computer-owning friends. I am one of those readers who have an Amiga and a PC My Amiga is a standard A1200 with a 250Mb hard drive. My PC is a 486 DX2 50 with 250Mb hard drive and 4Mb of RAM. And, I have to agree with P. Ayres, Pcs are clumsy things and any version of Windows is hopelessly slow.
When I bought my A1200. I was on it day and night, messing about with Dpaint 4 AGA, OctaMED 3 and 5 and other creative software, and bashing the Shift keys in Pinball Dreams when it was released.
When I was getting a PC (work bought it for me!). I was shamefully excited about the fact that I was going to get one of these 'wonder machines', so much so that I bought myself a soundcard, CD-ROM and Theme Park.
When the PC arrived, my excitement slowly started to diminish. After the best part of an evening, trying to get Theme Park to work and fiddling with the Config and Autoexec files, and memory managers, I was a frustrated wreck. I hardly touched the thing for the first seven or eight months until Imagine 2 appeared on the front cover of PC Format.
Now my PC is just used to satisfy my passion for raytracing. I love my A1200 dearly, but 17 hours and 40 minutes rendering a 640 x 512 image in trace mode in Imagine 2 ( Format Coverdisk) can try my patience just a touch, especially when using the same setting, the PC renders the image in a little over 12 minutes!
All I am trying to say is if you know someone who is looking to upgrade their PC or who is after their first home computer, let them have a go on your Amiga -1 think they will be pleasantly surprised.
Pop I Horsham. West Sussex I In response to the call from your good self for owners of both and Amiga and a PC to comment on Mr Ayres letter. I would like to inform the misinformed reader of the system requirements of Windows 95 as written in a recent Microsoft newsletter.
They are: a 386DX or higher processor. 4Mb of memory (8Mb is recommended) and 10-15Mb of available hard disk space for upgrading from MS-DOS or Windows.
Now, I know that these requirements look a little suspect; the article referred to in his letter mentioned a person using a BETA version of the programme and it ran out of steam when using a Pentium with 32Mb of RAM.
I am using a 486DX 33 with 8Mb of RAM and virtual memory, to type this letter in Word 6 and with Microsoft Office running in the background, a 24-bit wallpaper picture and a CD running and I haven’t run out of steam yet.
I don't know how this problematic image of the PC is still going and how Amiga owners can justify using it as a way of making their machines look better! The Amiga has its share of problems too. Or have you all forgotten about how Commodore released Workbench 2 and 3, which were incompatible with about 20 per cent of previous programmes. On my PC I have a startup menu of my own, so when I want to play games that require one type of memory, all I have to do is select an option.
Nearly every Amiga owner seems to live a life with their heads up in the clouds, thinking that their Amigas are the best and they deserve a good shake-up like Commodore's.
I don't know how you lot can hold your heads up - a PC company buying Commodore... Amigas are great machines at heart but they don't have the power to hack it with high- power applications, unless you pay more than you do for a PC of the same standard.
I just can't believe that people still think that Amigas are better than Pcs; mind you.
Those people are gibbering simpletons.
James lunmdiffe Hull. Humberside Well, thank you for your well-reasoned and considered response. Ifs always been a great source of secret shame to me that all the letters
- we receive in This letter has probably caused more response
than any other ever printed on these pages. The ones here are a
representative sample.
Praise of the wonder of Pcs are so eloquently expressed and convincing.
Oh. And doesn't Word have a spellchecker?
I am following up a letter from P. Ayres.
Although I don't have a PC at home as a matter of principle, I do work as a PC support technician for Nuclear Electric Pic. And, so. Am qualified to offer some opinions.
In order to support over 2.000 Pcs on site, my colleagues and I have to have a certain degree of knowledge of various Operating Systems and, still, I have found nothing as great and easy to use as AmigaDOS and Workbench.
The 'multitasking' Windows is simply a plot between Microsoft and RAM manufacturers to use up the world's Silicon deposits.
Then, you have to make your PC a 'multimedia' computer; a recent buzzword that has fooled the public into spending even more cash on things they don't need. If you haven't bought such a package, then you're into the nasty world of actually having to buy a CD-ROM drive, a sound card and, possibly, a graphics card to fit in your machine.
This only leads down the avenue of configuring IRQs, memory addresses and DMA channels for such devices, and normally ends up with a severe headache and a computer with 15 startup choices, depending on which application or game you want to run.
On the Amiga-side - true, you still have to buy an Interface card for various things, but I've found that on the whole, your computer gets better, not worse, the more you plug in.
They all work together and the Amiga has still only got one startup. Lovely!
IN PERFECT HARMONY The temperature is rising as the PC-versus-Amiga debate is heading for the final furlong.
In an effort to get past the awful DOS limitation of using software patches (Memory Managers) to get more than 1Mb of memory available to your PC companies such as IBM and Microsoft have produced new Operating Systems, such as OS 2 and Windows 95. They then go on to advertise that these systems will run in as little as 4Mb of memory.
True, they do. But have you tried to run any program in such a crippled system? Such systems need around 16Mb to really be of any use and 16Mb of memory costs more than buying an A1200! I know which I'd rather have.
Workbench - it has been written to run on a machine with 512K of RAM and one floppy. This is enough to get by, but isn't as much fun. Add a memory expansion, say 1Mb-1.5Mb, and a hard drive. Workbench now flies along in all its glory - true multitasking and all in a machine which already has great graphics capabilities and can play music!
Currently, I am using Final Writer, while I have OctaMED playing a mod with various other things running in the background. Try that In Windows, if you can.
All in all, I find the people who praise the PC rather short-sighted, only because they have never had experience of another computer and Operating System.
Stuart Lees Dursley, Glos Whether the Amiga community like it or not the Amiga just doesn't have anything to match most of the top-end PC software. The exception to this has to be high-end graphics packages.
So. Why have I still got my 4000 030? Well, that's simple - the Amiga is just a dream to use (most of the time), great fun and friendly - no blank C.A prompts blinking at you here! The multitasking is still unsurpassed in anything the PC can produce.
Here's a thought: PC-power comes at a price
- 1 use Microsoft Office Pro for most of my business work, a fine
suite of programmes.
Consider, however, it could set you back £500 just for the software (no manuals), uses 130Mb of hard disk space and. If you don't have at least 8Mb RAM and a 486 DX2 processor, you would become a whimpering wreck just from waiting for something to happen. My Amiga has a 120Mb hard drive - plenty enough for most people and the software is very reasonably priced by comparison.
The real benefit of the Amiga is that even on a basic machine, it lets you get involved in activities that would be impossible on a low- or mid-range PC - raytracing, paint packages, image processing, music composition, games writing, multimedia authoring, sound sampling... need I go on?
One of my PC-owning friends recently relayed how he had visited a computer store and was bowled over by the fantastic sound coming from a PC with sound card. I calmly pointed out that my old Amiga 500 had built-in four-channel stereo sound nine years ago!
Paul Matthews.
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Al 200 420Mb IDE Only £129-95 Al 200 540Mb IDE Only £149-95 A1200 850Mb IDE Only £199-95 Al 200 Cable Pack & Instructions £20-00 Post & Packing £7 (CityLink) plus P Softw re1nstaHwk1a 'C W°rkbe"Ch SONY TRINITRON 14" COLOUR MONITORS ONLY INC VAT ? INCLUDES AMIGA LEAD ? TILT & SWIVEL STAND ? 28 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ? 90 DAY WARRANTY ? OPTIONAL SPEAKERS @ £30 00 NEXT DAY DELIVERY & PACKAGING £15 (MONITOR) £17 (INCLUDING SPEAKERS). UK MAINLAND ONLY TEL: (01938) 556575 556623 MICROTRADE THE REDWOOD BUILDING, LEIGHTON RD, BUTTINGTON, WELSHPOOL, POWYS SY21 8HE Directory Opus 5 Save £10 oft the
recommended retail price of one of the most useful and time-saving utilities for your Amiga. Directory Opus 5 (AF72. 95%) more or less replaces your Workbench and makes many of those file management tasks much easier. An essential utility for the well- organised Amiga.
AF Price Check out our AF readers' offers, all at low, low prices. After choosing your special offer, turn to page 137 to fill in the order form.
Call our Order hotiim on 01225 822511 £49.95 Siegfried Antivirus Professional Siegfried j Aim I virus!
O m a. jSb Description Order code AMFVIR £34.99 The Serial Killers AFTVTF AF Price £89.99 AFTVTU AF Price £59.99 Your Amiga will always know what day it is with this handy device which sets the correct time and date. The Turbotech Clock Carthdge simply fits into the disk drive port (or on the back of your second drive). Comes complete with software.
Save £2 off the recommended retail price.
The Serial Killers AF Price Order code AMFSK £17.99 Save £5 on one of the best virus checkers available. SAP will help guard your Amiga against the unwanted attentions of viruses - It's more powerful than the various Public Domain virus checkers and includes several unique features.
SAP works with all Amlgas with Workbench 1.3 or better, although 1Mb of RAM and a hard drive are recommended. When it was reviewed In AF72, SAP scored an impressive 81 per cent and was described by Nick Veitch as: "Possibly the most thorough virus protection system for your Amiga".
Nothing can beat the thrill of playing the best Amiga games head-lo-head with another human player using a serial link cable.
And Amiga Format can bring you that experience with this specially selected pack of three of the best-ever serial link games - all for under £30.
The Serial Killers kit includes WW1 flight sim Knights Of The Sky.
Driving games Stunt Car Racer and Lotus 2 plus a three-metre serial link cable - everything you need to get hooked up and running.
AF Price Siegfried Antivirus Professional TV*Text Professional V2 Upgrade to the brand new Format Gold-rated version of TV’Text Professional now at a huge saving over the RRPI See the review in In AF64 for full details of this tremendous video titling program then choose which upgrade option suits you:
• The complete TV "Text Professional v2 package complete with
both manuals and 50 extra outline fonts for Just £89.99.
• The AGA upgrade and supplementary manual at £59.99. Turbotech
Clock Cartridge Personal Paint 6.1 and Personal Fonts Maker 2
Take advantage of our very special AF mail order offer and get
the truly excellent Personal Paint, plus the bitmap font
editor. Personal Fonts Maker.
Personal Paint is a paint, image processing and animation program, and is an ideal graphics package for programmers and the more serious Amiga user.
Personal Fonts Maker offers support for standard mono and colour fonts, as well as outline fonts and AGA screen-modes. The program uses the same graphics engine as Personal Paint and enables you to create bitmapped fonts of your own. Which you can colour and use for posters, business stationery, album covers and so on. PFM is easy to use. Has lots of features and gives results that are really impressive. Now you can get both these great programs for a bargain price of £49.95. Description Order code AFPP £49.95 Ppaint 6.1 & Pfonts Maker 2 AF Price Amiga Format Binder Music-X 2 This sequencer
(85%, AF60). Is one of the most ground-breaking releases since the original Music-X made such a huge impact back in 1989.
Music-X 2 is a full MIDI sequencing package for controlling synthesizers, drum machines and any other MIDI equipment, or you can use it with internal Amiga samples. The leading sequencer for the Amiga.
If your magazines live in large piles on the floor and you can never find the one you want, then keep your Amiga Format collection neat and tidy with these practical, yet stylish black-and-sllver AF binders.
Why not buy two and save on the deal?
SAVE £100 Description Binders One binder AF108 AF Price £5.99 Two binders AF109 AF Price £9.99 Music-X 2 EVEN LOWER PRICE AMFMX2 AF Price £49.99 Description Order code Mouse 'n' Mat At last! A quality replacement mouse at a bargain price, complete with mouse mat. The 260dpi resolution mouse is 100 per cent Amiga- (and Atari ST-) compatible and both buttons are fully micro-switched for maximum reliability and performance. The tastefully-coloured neoprene mouse mat, essential for keeping your mouse free of dust and dirt, is 5mm thick and has a non-slip backing surface.
Another Amiga Format Gold, after using Digita Organiser you'll wonder how you ever kept your appointments In order.
Easy to use, but packed with features, this is truly the king of electronic Filofaxes.
Mouse ’n’ M at AFMM AF Price £12.99 Description Order code £34.99 Aladdin Helm A true multimedia authoring system. Helm earned 91% in AF53. Create image editors, databases, information managers, or educational courseware. Helm is an authoring system and a graphics program, combining paint and image processing tools with a scripting language, a hypermedia database manager and user interface objects.
This Disney-inspired platform adventure not only looks great, but it also plays brilliantly and earned a glowing Format Gold award In AF66. And now Aladdin can be yours for £10 oft the RRP. AF games editor Stephen Bradley was so enchanted by Aladdin's spell that he wrote: "It's just like being a real baggy-trousered sword-wielding little man in a cartoon in Khartoum. Or somewhere’.
• A1200 only AF Price £16.99 £99.95 Communicator III If you have
a CD32 and an Amiga with Communicator, you can use your CD32 as
a CD-ROM - and it brings many new features, including AGA
Viewer (view CD pictures and animations In 16.7 million
colours). Virtual CD (select which menu the CD boots with) and
more. Comes with software and leads to connect to the serial
Communicator needs at least 1Mb Chip RAM and Klckstart 2 or 3.
Description Order code AFTCM £9.99 Tiger Cub Manual To get the most from your excellent Tiger Cub Coverdisk (AF66), we are offering the official lOOdage manual from Dr T's Music Software for the special price of just £9.99. Featuring indepth articles on getting started, the tape recorder, the graphic editing display, menus, instruments, drum kits, quickscore. Tables of assignments and much, much more.
AF Price Tiger Cub Manual AMOS Professional User Guide PageSetter 2: The Manual Description Order code AMOS Pro Manual £17.99 AF Price £9.99 AMFAPRM This Is the official manual for our wonderful AMOS Professional Coverdisk from AF67. The 650 pages gently introduce new users to the delights of programming in AMOS (it was given 97% In AF40) and then guide you through the many advanced features of this truly astonishing programming package.
Co-authored by Industry guru Mel Croucher, this reader-friendly and easy-to-use official manual contains all the essential information you'll need to get the most from our remarkable AMOS Professional Coverdisk.
AF Price To enjoy the full benefits of the brilliant AF63 PageSetter 2 Coverdisk. You need the official manual. Learn how to design, create and print your own leaflets, posters, party invites and stationery with in-depth tutorials.
The manual also contains information on importing format images, formatting ted.
Drawing structured Illustrations and a full listing of keyboard shortcuts.
With our Coverdisk and the full manual a whole new world of Amiga design and desktop publishing will open up before you.
Datastore The full version of our tremendous AF68 Coverdisk is available now. Datastore is a revolutionary database, which is accessible, sophisticated and powerful. The number of records is limited only by the amount of RAM you have available (minimum requirement 1Mb with WB2 or 3).
Easystart templates that come with the package include Club Membership. Recipes.
Address Book, and a complete up-todate Amiga Format Magazine Guide. Many commands are performed simply by clicking on icons, and multiple file editing allows several databases to be opened Description
- -1--- Datastore Order code [afdast AF Price £49.99_| 1Mb RAM
Upgrades A500+ And A600 If you have less than 2Mb RAM.
You are at a serious disadvantage, so why not upgrade at this low price. These boards for the A500 Plus and A600 plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector. Built to the highest standards, they are fully guaranteed for a year.
Description A600 A500+ 1Mb RAM Upgrade A600 code AF6H1M AF Price £29.99 A500+ code AF5P1M AF Price £29.99 . - Description Photogenics AMF508 £54.95 Order code There can't be a single Amiga owner who Isn't aware of this package and the incredible impact it's had on the Amiga scene. Read our review in AF68, try our exclusive Coverdisk demo from AF69 and prepare to be amazed.
The most talked-about Amiga image manipulation package ever also brings you the creative freedom of a traditional paint program.
Amazingly. Photogenics does not require a 24- bit graphics board but runs on an Amiga with 2Mb of chip RAM and Kickstart 3.0 or higher.
An AGA chip set is required for colour display.
AF Price Sym dicatc : Missions Disk AMI
- DSD AF Price £12.99 If you thought the original Syndicate (91%.
AF49) was tough, the American Revolt Missions Disk will test
your skills to the absolute limit in a series of 21 fiendishly
difficult missions.
You can't buy this exclusive disk in the shops or from any other magazine, but you need a copy of the original fourdisk game to use the Missions Disk.
Syndicate American Revolt Missions For just you can treat yourself to a back issue of Amiga Format complete with creative Coverdisk programs and great game demos
- or discover one of our special editions.
MORE GREAT ISSUES AF73_July 1995 Coverdisks: Use the complete version of sampler Technosound Turbo 2 to edit and create sound effects. Plus, play around with a five-hole demo of Sensible Golf.
AF7Z_June 1995 Coverdisks: Add JPEG support to your software with Pegger and create a book with Magic Storybook. Plus Virocop demo and 10 years of the Amiga feature.
AF71_May 1995 Coverdisks: Make music with the full version of Bars&Pipes Professional and thrill to our Death Mask and Alien Breed 3D alien-blasting demos.
AF70_April 1995 Coverdisks: Wordworth AFC, an exclusive version of the outstanding Wordworth word processor, plus King Pin and Bubble 'n' Squeak game demos.
AF69_March 1995 Coverdisks: Exclusive demo of the incredible 95%-rated Photogenics image processing program plus Super League Manager game demo.
AF68 February 1995 Coverdisks: Special demo version of Digita's new Datastore database and four action-packed levels from Sensible’s sensational Cannon Fodder 2.
AF67_January 1995 Coverdisks: Three-disk special edition featuring the full AMOS Professional worth £50. Sensible World Of Soccer, ATR and Lion King demos.
AF66 December 1994 Coverdisks: Complete Tiger Cub music package worth £60. Plus a demo of Binary Asylum's fabulous helicopter shoot-'em-up Zeewolf.
AF60_June 1994 Coverdisks: Three-disk special! Full version of InterSpread spreadsheet program worth £20 plus DemoManiac and DreamWeb demos.
Transition Convert pictures between formats and add effects to your images. Also includes eight utilities to help you get the most out of your Amiga.
Player Manager 2 Become the Manager of your very own team for a whole season of league and cup matches in our biggest football management demo ever. Can you hack If you've got a problem, the answer can be found here... probably!
I Call our Order hotline on ¦01225 822511 explained by Amiga format's and many other team of experts. CO31. Essential I POCKET WORKBENCH & AMIGADOS REFERENCE* "I Workbench and Amiga DOS can he confusing, unless you've got help. This pocket guide is spiral bound to lie flat while you use it and is an indispensable companion AMIGA SHOPPER PD DIRECTORY A comprehensive PD directory. Within its pages you'll find over 700 applications, utilities and programs for your Amiga.
All prices include postage and packing. Turn to page 137 for order form.
FLB017A £4.95 Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 WORDWORTH COMPANION This guide to the excellent Wordworth word processing package was written by DTP expert Larry Hickmott with the full support of Digita International. The Wordworth Companion contains in-depth explanations of every aspect of the software and includes a bonus disk packed with fonts and clip art.
ULTIMATE AMOS Explore the full potential of AMOS with easy-to-understand descriptions, diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines. All you need to produce your own Amiga games is a smattering of BASIC knowledge. AMOS - and this 400- page book! It includes a disk with all the author's routines and four skeleton games.
* How to find your way around the Internet. CIX, CompuServe and
other major networks.
* Bulletin Board Systems: what are they, who runs them, what do
they do and how are they run?
* You've got an Amiga and you've got a modem - now how do you
make them talk to each other?
* Make new contacts, obtain technical support, download software,
join special interest groups and more.
A1200S, CD-ROMS, AND THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW This new book tells you everything you'll need to know about CD-ROM, how it works, and industry plans to exploit its full potential.
Included in the book are two CD-ROMs packed with hundreds of megabytes of useful utilities.
Internet, Modems, and The Whole Comms Thing A1200S, CD-ROMs, I the Things id To Know
* How to download ttMWMnd* As SAVE OVER £160... On network
registration, software, hardware and on-line services - see the
vouchers inside the book!
Order code AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO Order code FLB5122 Price £19.95 The Amiga is the world's premier low-cost graphics workstation. But its basic power, built-in expandability and ever-widening range of quality software and add-ons mean it’s capable of highly professional results. All it takes is the know-how... and all the know-how is right here!
CORISH’S AMIGA GAMES GUIDE Corish's Amiga Games Guide is the latest hints and tips book from the world-famous Corish Games Guide series. This new edition has more than 400 pages packed with lifesaving tips, cheats and solutions.
Order code £14.95 FLB519X Order code AREXX Arexx could be your Amiga's most important asset.
It's a powerful programming language in its own right and it lets you create time-saving scripts for the increasing number of commercial programs that support it. In fact, Arexx is purpose-built for multitasking operations, just like your Amiga!
Arexx: Your Amiga’s Built-in Turbocharger SYNDICATE I Mpl, PLAYING , 'CulDE sTJH S Order code SYNDICATE PLAYING GUIDE Find out how it's done with this Syndicate Playing Guide. You'll find full walk-through instructions and grabs of the key moments for all 50 missions of Syndicate. Now there's no excuse for losing!
FLB5157 £13.95 SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1995 fl You wouldn’t believe the number of unnecessary phone calls and Backstage certainly do something about it. You can subscribe. Simply filling in the subscription form will solve both these problems at a stroke. Your Issues will be delivered to your door, usually before they appear in the local newsagents.
You'll save money, especially if you live overseas. And you also get the benefit Subscribe doesn’t get into the main magazine. For some reason, we also give you an extra floppy disk at no extra charge. As well as reader and shareware, available to as before it gets into any PD libraries. Put simply, if you don’t subscribe, you are missing out.
Of our subscribers’ newsletter. Backstage, with all the behind-the- scenes detaiLs of Amiga Format, news and information that costs £15 in Cairo, can’t you do something about it"? You can contributions and tutorial files, this also includes the best PD Do yourself a favour and fill out the coupon now... letters we get. “Can I get a back issue of AF63,” they say, or “AF AF 12-ISSUE UK SUBSCRIPTION: £48.75. ORDER FORM: PAGE 137. OFFER CLOSES 04.9.95 e future in 3pX; o .
’ j. vWhat’s next foftheWeb?
The Dievil (irdisgui iWy bfr* with the besj rowsets reviewed 3 trial issues for only £7.95
• Save 35p an issue on the cover price
• Each issue delivered free to your home on sale 3 August
Postcode EEC VAT No I would like to pay by Cheque (payable to
future P. Access Expiry date.
Signature Offer closes JO September 199S Return to net Subscriptions. Freepost (BS4900).
Somerton Somerset TA11 6BR ?
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- SC j= V *f* I X I a »- ?- s -Q 03 • u I ffi rl fM.S W X
c MUM Customise your Workbench with Maxon Magic Lite and
transform your F1 game with this editor. Plus, three more
Wander caves, swipe green bogeymen and morph into a spider in Audiogenic's fabulous new adventure, Odyssey.
Along the way, you get to squash bogeymen, swipe spooky stone balls and morph into a spider.
(R- Odyssey Hurrah for the Amiga adventure game with swords, puzzles, spiders and big birds. And caves. After months of sports games, platformers and shoot-'em-ups, fine though they were, we are proud to bring you a polished gem of a Coverdisk demo, a huge level of Audiogenic's Odyssey, exclusively written for AF, where you, the wizard's apprentice, take on the might of the King of the Seven Isles.
Along the way, you get to squash bogeymen, swipe spooky stone balls and morph into a spider. And there aren't many people who can say they've done that.
Not that we've brought you all seven of the Seven Isles - you'll have to do with the one, but The Wizard's apprentice has the solemn task of exploring the island, solving the puzzles and swiping the enemy. And it's Steve Bradley's favourite demo of the year... CONTROLS Joystick or pad and press Fire to swish the old sword.
When the two spells are collected, press F3 to change into the bird and F8 to become the size of a spider. Spacebar returns you to relative normality.
If you die, and you will, (although you, rather generously, get five lives) press Fire and off you go again.
Light spheres are scattered liberally.
Walk past them and you've got yourself a restart point.
The information panel shows what keys you have, your energy, current creature shield and number of lives left.
Off with you. Then!
But, along the way, there are enemies to overcome, puzzles to unravel and door keys to collect, with not a sub-machine gun in sight to aid your quest. And far be it for us to tell you how you're going to do it. Oh no, all you need to know is that there's a cave to enter, which you do by standing in front of the entrance and pushing down on the joystick.
A huge and beautifully crafted fellow at that, with ledges to pounce around and caves to explore.
Here’s some plot: King kidnaps village wizard and you decide to rescue him, but you need three keys to enter the King's castle. And in a twist of cunning proportions, to get the keys, you need to collect and master the ten spells of Altered Appearance (apparently) which are scattered around the islands.
The spells are split into three power groups: air, land and, somewhat bizarre, crawling insects.
In your demo, you can collect a spider and bird spell, enabling you to turn into these creatures at the press of a button, with the ultimate objective to recover the Flight Power-Expander, located in a room at the top of the island.
Keep an eye out for small pads on the cave floor - they can shoot arrows at you and open doors, and watch out for the stone balls, which turn into little Morph-style fellows. Much of the cave can only be explored if you morph into a spider, but you need to collect a little red circle first. So, best of luck, and if you cannot finish it, don't come crying to us. Well, OK, we might just print the solution next month. 'Z?
Maxon Magic Lite overleaf » BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... ol frmShtll " Shell process 4 ¦HB3.•: diskcopy fron dfl: to dfl: 2 Type in the following line exactly as it appears here, taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd, PO Box 21, Daventry, NN11 5RT Maxon Toiling incessantly to bring you the best software possible, David Taylor brings you Maxon Magic Lite, to customise your Amiga, as well as a new editor for the fab F1 Grand Prix game and three other utilities.
MAXON MAGIC LITE This program can transform your Workbench, adding effects Co all your operations.
It's incredibly simple to use. After you've loaded Workbench, double-click on the program icon. Maxon Magit fate sits quietly in the background... well, quietly unless you touch your Amiga, that is. If you do. It will start making a racket.
It chooses from various sound-samplcs and plays a different one, depending on your action, from typewriter-effects for the keyboard, to beeps, whistles, creaks and loads more for opening windows, closing them, launching programs, making mistakes, etc. It's better if you configure the program yourself, though, so that you get it making the sounds you want, when you want. To open the configuration window, you can either press the Hotkey (shift FI | or select it from the Tools menu on Workbench.
You can choose which type of screen-blanker you want. There are three modules to choose from: the Aquarium - an old favourite with fish swimming across your screen: Crazy Worms - ravenous worms eat away at your display; or Spotlights (my favourite) - where spotlights roam your screen picking out the icons.
You just need to click on the one you want. This screen allows you lo adjust the general options, such as mouse-acccleration, volume-settings and the time-delav before the blanker appears.
The Hotkey screen allows you to alter the keys you want to use to activate the program.
If you then choose the audio selection from the bottom, you'll see a whole new selection of choices. The first section covers events like opening windows. The keys selection gives you a choice of sounds for different sets of keys, like the function keys, Return, Space. Shift and number keys.
There is also the opportunity to select sounds when a specific program is launched, or at a certain, pre-determined time. The choice of sound is selected from the right-hand side of the window.
Any. Or indeed all. Of these effects can be turned on or olT, allowing you to choose exactly which actions you wish to cause Maxon to sound off.
FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX EDITOR _LG3Jitbl finiga Workbench 1,768,832 graphics nen 2,193,144 other nen Drivers Car Setups Lap Records Canera Views Car Control Standard Options In-Gane Prefs (Unregistered - F1GP-Ed is SHRREURRE!
?I lean Editor KjSn Tyrrell Utllians Footwork Jordan Pacific For realism. Ft Grand Prix has always been top- dog in the racing stakes. Although you have limited control over the game's preferences, most of the variables are preset by the game.
All that is to change when you use this new game editor. Although the editor runs separately, you still need the original game!
This disk can be booted directly. When H loads, you'll see a title screen. Click your mouse-button to clear this screen. When everything has loaded, double-click on the program to load it. The editor is split into three areas: file editors, memory patches and other.
In the first area, you can adjust most of the in-game set-up. You can edit the computer- controlled drivers and teams. To give you an idea of the amount of control you've got you can not only change the name of the engine that a team uses, but also change the colour of their car and even of their pit crew's uniforms!
So. As to bring everything under one roof, there's also control over the standard options, such as the auto-braking, automatic gears and controls set-ups.
You can up the frame rate of the display, reset the points awarded for places and adjust the fragility of the car. So that crashes do more or less damage (you decide which collisions do more damage; hitting the wall or another car).
For those who need help, you can opt for the cheat mode, so that you have driving aids.
The middle window has two patches in it that you can install to improve the game itself.
These patches add all sorts of things, ranging The editor is very easy to use, letting you adjust the game's settings and install game patches.
From real-time laptime updating, to buffered button-presses.
The third window has three more options, for control over sound, graphics and statistics.
TO use these features, you must register. Details of registration, as well as a more detailed guide to the editor can be found in the documentation. Also included the editor even are some example datafiles allows you to and a few other bits that can alter the colour be found in the Extras drawer, of the pH crew!
Magic Life You can also select lo have either the sound, or visual effects on their own.
Should you want to use some of your own samples, it's simple to do so. Maxim can use IFF samples, but they need placing in the sounds drawer and should be renamed with a .hsn suffix, e.g. boom.hsn. This version of Maxon Magic oilers most of the features of the full program, but doesn't have quite as many modules and has the Save function disabled. 'Zi INSTALLING YOUR DISK These programs have been archived to fit them on to this disk and cant be used directly, but don't worry. They do automatically unpack for you. All you need to do is have two spare disks ready, so that it can put the programs
on to them in a usable format.
The disks don't need to be formatted or emptied beforehand, but they must not contain anything that you want to keep.
Because all previous data will be deleted.
Simply boot the Coverdisk and follow the easy instructions on screen. You'll end up with two disks that you can use in the normal way.
Despite fitting two great programs on to the disk, there was still some room left over and we couldn't bring ourselves to squander it. So, there's another three utilities for you, which you can find in their own drawer on the same disk as Maxon Magic Lite.
JJ.2JJJ.LI.SJ JU8JSJJ!JB1 jfjnjbjhlU UST j Puf | PM| MCDPLAYER If you've got a SCSI CD-ROM drive attached to your Amiga, then the chances are that you'd tike to be able to play your audio Cds with it as well. There are quite a few players around, but this is one of the easiest to set up and yet one of the very best.
It has all the features of a real CD-player, with the usual controls: Play, Pause. Skip, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop and Eject but also has a comprehensive display: track no., track time played and remaining, total time played, total disk time and even the CD's ID number.
To set it to your hardware, you need to click once on the program's icon and then select 'Information' from the 'Icons' menu on Workbench. You need to set the device name to the one that your drive uses (read the CDO: file in your devs: drawer), e.g. SCSIDEV=gvpscsi.device. It also needs the SCSI ID number corrected (which will be noted in the same file in devs:).
Each time a CD is inserted, you can update a database which the program will maintain, so that the display will tell you all the information about the CD, artist and track being played. This catalogue is stored in the same directory as the program, unless you direct it elsewhere.
The font that the program uses can also be adjusted, but make sure you have copied the fonts from the program directory to your system's fonts drawer. The program is easy enough to use, but there is a guide supplied, should you need to refer to it.
ZGIF DATATYPE Datatypes are a pretty useful addition to the Workbench. With the correct libraries and OS, you can use them to view many different types of files in lots of programs. This is a GIF datatype that's very fast and very dependable.
Read the guide to see how to install it.
CLEAR RAM If you are the sort of person that tests a lot of programs, you soon find that your RAM disk gets cluttered with lots of rubbish. Getting rid of it all can be tricky, because you could end up deleting some of the preferences that are stored there.
This program is simple, but extremely useful. It clears the RAM disk of all programs and data, except the clipboards, env. And t directory, which are the standard directories that are always in RAM.
CALL 0191 584 0682 » Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
PIXEL 3D PRO (AF6S) Pixel 3D Pm is for use with a 3D rendering package. The created objects cannot be loaded into paint packages.
It is a very memoryintensive program, needing at least 1.7Mb of total memory and some must be Fast RAM The AF66 Coverdisk contains a patch which fools Pixel 3D Pro into thinking that you have Fast RAM even if you don't. Get a copy of AF-66 from Back Issues on page 133. Or call a PD library and ask for a program called Half n'Half which will do the job.
BARS&PIPES (AF71) Many readers have reported memory problems when trying to ran Bars&Pipes, or when trying to access the Ban&Pipes tool AmigaPhone. To increase the memory available , disable Workbench utilities that are running in the background, disable external disk drives and use Workbench Preferences to change screen mode to the lowest resolution and least colours possible.
Ban&Pipes should now load. Once running, use B&Ps Preferences menus to switch on all the memory savers. AmigaPhone should now work.
When you try to load the song Brandenburg Demo, the Amiga asks you to IN GENERAL Not all of the Coverdisk programs are self- booting. Some, like Bars&Pipes for instance, require you to load up Workbench before you can run them.
A large number of people regularly ruin their Coverdisks by decrunching the full Coverdisk programs and game demos over the top of the Coverdisks themselves, instead of on to blank disks. Often, this happens when they accidentally insert the wrong disk during the Coverdisk decrunching process.
To guard against this happening, as soon as you remove the Coverdisks from your magazine you should write-protect them - slide open the little tab in the top right-hand comer of the disk. Only when this is done should you follow the instructions for making back-up insert Volume Internal Sounds Kit I. It's an instruments disk not included on the Cioverdisk. Instead, make a copy of your API1A Coverdisk, rename it Internal Sounds Kit I and put it in the drive. Brandenburg will find some of the sounds that it needs in the instruments drawer on this disk, but not all.
Instruments whose sounds can't be loaded (cello for example), can be fixed by clicking on the .AmigaPhone icon at the end of their pipe and choosing a suitable replacement sample from the AF71A instruments drawer.
PEGGER & MAGIC STORYBOOK (AF72) In the magazine we tell you to name one of your blank disks Pcgget_Demo, but this is wTong - it should be called Pegger.
When you are prompted to "Please Insert Magic Disk", this does not refer to die Magic Storybook Coverdisk. But the formatted disk you have named Magic.
People with some 1.3 machines can't decompress the disks. Magic Storybook works, but it has to be decompressed: .Amiga 1.3 with two drives: Boot up with the Coverdisk in the internal drive, put your blank formatted disk in the external drive. When being told that RAM can't be accessed, type: lzx -x -F x magic.lzx dfl: This starts the decranching process. Once that has finished, tvpe: install dfl: copies of the Coverdisks and decranching the Coverdisk programs to blank disks. Make sure you rename a back-up copy of a Coverdisk to the same name as the original before using it.
As a rale, a Coverdisk which is genuinely defective causes error messages such as Read Write or Checksum Error when it (but not one of your own blank disks) is in the disk drive.
Not Enough Memory or Can't Open Such&such.library errors are almost always generated by something other than a damaged Coverdisk. Check that you've followed all of the instructions, and that the program is intended to work on your particular system. If the problem persists call the Coverdisk Helpline before you send the disk off to DisCopy Labs.
Single drive 1.3 Amiga: Bool with your Workbench disk, go to the System drawer and start die CLI tool. Make sure you have your formatted disk called Magic. Write-protect your Coverdisk and Workbench disk. Now, type the following, swapping disks as requested: copy af72a:lzx RAM: copy af72a:Magic.!zx RAM: copy af72a:c install RAM: cd RAM: Remove Workbench and insert the blank disk.
If. After entering the next line, a requester asks for Workbench back, click on Cancel, lzx -x -F x magic.lzx magic: install dfO: Now reset the machine. Magic Stoiybook will now load and ran.
DATASTORE (AF68) Although not mentioned on the disk, Datastore needs at least Workbench 2 to work, as do the majority of serious Amiga software nowadays.
For around £90 you can upgrade to the latest version, (3.1). If you think that's too much to spend on an ageing A500, there is another option. Most dealers will replace your Kickstart 1.3 ROM with a 2.1 ROM for less than £30.
If you fancy doing it yourself. 2.1 Kickstart ROM chips can be bought from mail order for as little as £22. A small price to pay to bring the machine into the Nineties. © COVERDISK HELPLINE The Coverdisk Helpline (0191 584 0682) is there to help you, but before you call, make sure you have the answers to the following questions:
• Which version of Workbench are you using?
• Which model of Amiga do you own?
• What memory expansions do you have?
• How much memory do you have?
• If you are getting an error message, what precisely does it
PC OWNERS Often confused PC owners call the Coverdisk Helpline to complain about the AF Coverdisk programs not working on their HyDaeSung DX2 T (or whatever). A message to PC owners: You did buy the right magazine, but sadly, you bought the wrong computer to go with it BEST SELLERS BOARDS Simply plug in and go!
Fits internally in trap door 1 2 Mb ram card A500 £15 1Mb ram card A500+ £20 1mb ram card A600 £20 GIGA MEM Virtual memory for Amiga For all Amiga with MMU £399 £59 GASTEINER CD-ROM DRIVE GASTEINER A1200 RAM CARP OKTAGON 4008 SCSI CARD SCSMI controller card, upgradable to 8Mb zip ram, ideal for A2000-A4000 range of Amiga's and any SCSI CD-Rom drive.
OKTAGON 4008 card Omb £129 BLANK DISKS DO HQ 10 £3.50 £6 50 £15 £25 500 £145 £245 1000 £280 £480 MONITORS High quality 14" monitors, suitable for A500-A4000 range.
MlcroVltec 1438 £279 MlcroVltec 1440 £399 Phillips 8833MK2 £249 Ide controller card for A2000-A4000 to drive a Double Triple or Quad speed Mitsumi CD-Rom drive.
Or just another internal hard drive.
Tandem card £69 Tandem card 4 Triple Speed CO £169 Tandem card + Quod Speed CD £199
F. P.U Increase the speed ot your machine when adding this chip
to your accelerator cards. Suitable tor Viper Ram cards tor
A1200 and tor A4000 030 cpu's.
28Mhz £24 33Mhz £39 40MIU £89 50Mhz £110 GASTEINER EXTERNAL SCSI HD CASE External hard drive case for Gastelner hard drives.
External case ? PSU cable £69 ZA Double speed technology and multisession.
Full SCSI controller Compatible with any Amiga with a SCSI adaptor (A600 A1200 with Squirrel adaptor) IS09660 Red Book.
Motorised CD loading tray.
CD32 Emulation Software.
SCSI thru port for additional SCSI devices.
Industry standard 72 pin simm upgradeable to 8Mb.
Unpopulated board £49 Compatible with PCMCIA slot.
2MD 4MD Upgrade with any FPU size. £109 £169 Fits internally In trap door.
£199 8mb £299 3Q PIN SIMMS 30 Pin slmms, suitable lor A500 A600 ram cards and third party Ram Accelerator cards.
1Mb £27 2Mb £89 4Mb £109 64 PIN SIMMS 64 Pin slmms, suitable for GVP ram cards and Accelerator cards.
4Mb £199 800K Double density Media sizes.
Half height slimline design.
Built in On Otf switch.
Floppy drive thru port ALFA DATA HARD DRIVE £39.95 Z2 PIN SIMMS A4000 A1 72 Pin simms, suitable for A- and Accelerator cards.
1Mb 2Mb 4Mb 8Mb 16Mb 32Mb A1200 ram cards £35 £69 £129 £269 £399 £899 power supply A500 & A500+ A600 & A1200 A1500 & A2000 CD32 Alfa Data A500hard drive Outstanding value 120 Mb £189 £34.95 £34.95 £79.95 £69.95 £49.95 ZIP RAM Zip ram, suitable tor A500 A500+ Alfa data hard drives, Oktagon 4008 SCSI card and the A3000.
Every 2Mb £100 SPECIAL OFFER 420MB £235 730MB £319 Fits Into A500 500* Side Expansion port. _ n A500 500* External IDE Hard Drive unit. Bal° Mu case Increase your computing power by adding i accelerator card tor your A1200.
Viper 68030 28Mhz Omb £119 Viper 68O30 28Mhz 2Mb £189 Viper 68030 28Mhz 4Mb £249 Viper 68030 28Mhz 8Mb £359 Viper 68030 40Mhz Omb £189 Viper 68030 40Mhz 4Mb £319 Viper 68030 40MIU 8Mb £449 GVP A1230 40Mhz Omb £109 Deuvehy Charges All PfUCES iNClUOt VAT SMALL CONSUMABLES ANO SOFTWARE ITEMS UNDER THE VALUE OP £59 PLEASE ado £3.50 PAP Oxr items except lasers, next oav courier service £10 PER BOX. Offshore ano Hiokands. Please call for a quotation In aooton we OFFER TX KxiOWWO EXPRESS SERVICES SaTuROA* DsiVERv MDRMAl RATE PLUS £15 PER BO*. MORNMt. NEXT OAV NORMAL RATE PLUS £10 PER BO*. EAO£ PRCES
ALFA DATA MOUSE Fast IDE hard drives, 900»Kb sec. Seek 14ms ave.
Fast SCSI hard drives, 1200*Kb sec, seek 9ms ave.
Slimline 2.573.5" mechanism.
Low powered 2.5" Internal A1200 A600 IDE drives.
Formatting and installation software included, (tor A1200 A600) 400 Dpi resolution.
100% compatible with all Amiga's.
Effortless finger-tip operation with reliable microswitch buttons
2. 5"
3. 5"!0| 40Mb £50 420Mb £149 120Mb 80Mb £79 540Mb £179 340Mb
120Mb £99 720Mb £239 540Mb 240Mb £200 1Gb £329 730Mb 340Mb
£299 1Gb 81 Omb £499 2Gb
3. 5 SCSI £99 £169 £179 £229 £429 £799 £9.99 A S T E I N E R per
Edmonton, London, N18 6000 Fax: 0181-345-6868 S T 0 1 R E E T
, U P 8 1 - 3 4 5 - 1 2 6 Fore Tel: 2 X A VEIT EASY TO FIT
* Only SPECIALLY SELECTED Uteit very lew profile IDE hard drives
* Partioned & formatted to Commodore's spec
* Full Workbench installed
* Connecting cables included
* NO mods to ease or floppy drive needed
* Comprehensive fitting instuetions.
* Re-formatting software & instructions
* Telephone support helpline
DRIVES 170MEG 270ME6 420MEG 540MEG 850MEG
let os do il for yon if yon cannot cell In to either shop.
Inst tIS extra to cover carriage costs.
¦ Insnred pickup of your Amiga •
* Fitting by one eiperienced technicians
* Return carriage by overnight insnred carrier.
3. 5 - 2.5 IDE ADAPTOR & DRIUE CABLE FOR A1200 £109.99 2.5 - 2.5
£199.99. 730M £229.99 All drives sizes quoted are approximate
unfomatted 8i««. L vary «llghly depending upon make FITTING
- for E vtended uamrUcs check » itii (lie w; vnwiw • dic
wilimnlk urtinuclou a)inl the nudunc uncc meaner Ux Anchor
I’nicrtiis) INSIRED CARfttAGE C5 00 Cvorn drrwe-Jcomre
»«n*ar, e*y»-yf 7M(Sco»»n ng*™,PRICES INCLUDE VAT ADVERTISERS'
INDEX 1st Comp. Centre 88 0113 231 9444 Market Place . .
128 01225 442244 17 Bit Software .
78 0114 278 0370 Media Star .... 53____ n a 4th Level Developments Microtrade ... 129 01938 556575 84 0117 985 4455 net ... 136 01225 442244 Amiganuts 65 01703 348943 net Directory .
100 .
01225 442244 Amiga Power 48 01225 442244 NJH PD 128 .
01702 546796 Amiga Shopper 106 01225 442244 Omnidale..... Analogic..... 108 0181 546 9575 Supplies 128 . .
01332 291219 Arxo .. 49 0171 721 7625 Owl Associates 124 01543 250377 Datel .. 114 IS 01782 744707 PD Soft 80 01702 466933
E. M. Computergraphics .
Playstation .... 15 .
01225 442244 124 01225 431389 Post Haste
143. . .
01227 764204 Emerald 6 0181 343 2258 Power Computing 2-3, 147 01234 843388 Epic Marketing 86-87, 111 ... Premier Mail Order..... 01793 490988 108 01268 271172 Fast Engineering
0171 252 3553 SFX ... 13 . . .
01225 442244 Future Publishing Leisure Books Siren Software .
35____ 0161 724 7576 134 .
01225 442244 Snap Computer Supplies . .
FutureNet..... 121 . .
01225 442244 35 . .
01703 457111 Gasteiner...... 98 0181 345 6000 Software First . .
41 . . .
01268 725500 Gillett Multimedia 128 .
01353 669203 Softwood Software..... 28, 94,95 Gold Star......
28. 29 0117 974 1462 01773 836781 GTI .... 116 0049 6171
85937 Total Football . .
74 01225 442244 GV Broad...... 128 01628 773149 Trilogic
01274 691115 Harwoods.....
33. 70. 79 .... United PD..... 60-61 n a 01773 836781
Villagetronics . .
101 00 49 506670 1311 Hi-Q Limited . . .
0181 909 2092 Vulcan Software 44 01705 670269 Interplay...... 43 01235 821666 Wizard 75 . . .
01322 272908 Lloyds Bank 25 0800 887888 Zone 1 . 29 .
0121 5004085 AF GUIDE TO BUYING MAIL ORDER TEN STEPS TO SAFETY When you're buying from any mail order company, follow these Amiga Format guidelines: 1 Before you send any money for goods, ring the supplier to make sure the item you require is in stock. Ask questions about the company's policy on delivery and returns of faulty equipment. Make sure there are no hidden costs such as postage and packaging.
Find out when you can realistically expect to receive your goods.
2 Always read the small print on advertisements.
3 Beware companies that do not include their address on their adverts. Avoid companies which do not answer or return your calls.
4 The best method of payment is by credit card. If ordering goods of more than £100 in total value, you are legally entitled to claim compensation from some credit companies if the retailer goes bust. Check your credit card company's policy. You can also try to get extra insurance in advance.
AMIGA PERIPHERALS AMITEK FUSION GENLOCK AMITEK EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE - ALL AMIGAs AMITEK A500 500+ TV MODULATOR EXCHANGE REFURBISHED TU MODULATOR ONLY £l 5* ai 5 If you're not paying by credit card, pay by cheque. Never send cash and avoid postal orders.
6 Keep records. If you are buying by credit card, keep a note of the time of the order and ask for an order number. When ordering over the telephone, always double-check the price.
7 If you are sending a cheque, keep a note of the cheque number, the date and the exact value. Make sure you know the name of the mail order company.
8 When you receive your goods, check them carefully. If anything is missing or faulty, contact the supplier immediately.
9 Always order from the most recent issue of Amiga Format.
1 a Pr°blem arises, contact I w the supplier in the first instance. Calmly and politely tell them your problem. Most problems turn out to be minor hitches or misunderstandings that can easily be resolved. If you think you have a genuine grievance, contact your local Trading Standards Officer. The number is in the phone book.
£129.99 £139.99 £159.99 £179.99 £229.99 only £299.99 £22.99 £9.99 £199.99 £69.99 £299.99 £109.99 £294.99 AI200 CD ROM DRIVE PURL SPEED £179 AI200 SCSI 6XPAND6R
• OPTIONAL 80W SPEAKERS £49.99 BRADFORD 01274 691115 FAX 01274
LEEDS & BRADFORD LEEDS 0113 2350091 FAX 0113 2350702 TRI LOGIC
FORMAT PRESENTS Sweet PD •1 Next month, in the world's greatest
magazine, we will be investigating the changing face of the PD
scene. With more and more PD and shareware software being
released every day, how can you be sure to get what you want at
a price that is fair to everyone?
PLUS: There is really only one word to describe next month's serious Coverdisk, and that word is... BRILLIANCE ...which is accompanied by an exclusive booklet to help you get the most out of the software.
Issue 76 On sale Thursday, 31st August RESERVE YOUR COPY OF SAVE Cut out this form or photocopy it and then hand it in to your newsagent Please reserve deliver Amiga Format magazine each month.
SEPTEMBER 1995 Phone No . To the newsagent: Amiga Format is published by Future Publishing.
Tel: 01225 442244.
AMIGA FORMATFORUM Could you see your Amiga as a notorious Madonna, a hip-rolling Elvis, or a smarmy Bruce Forsyth?
Believe it or not, some readers can.
Welcome back my friends, to the Forum that never ends. Or something like that... You may recall that a few months ago we asked you the following question: lot of houses at Christmas". Don't look at me. I'm not going to tell him. Thank you for that. Stephen.
“Elvis!," chonised Nick Donnelly of Ely and Soren Ladegaard of Denmark.
“Both have impersonators; all inferior, pretenders to the throne of the King," said a bullish Nick, while Soren added: “He was something new and revolutionary. He came up with a new way of playing music. People are very loyal to F.lvis - even after his death, millions of people listen to his music".
And yes, bodi Nick and Soren are aware that the King is dead, but both For next month, can I ask AF readers to consider the following: “What has been your bcst worst funniest experience in a computer shop?” You could win an AF sweatshirt if your entry is published. Write your thoughts down and post them to: Format Forum, AMIGA Formal, 30 Monmouth Street.
Bath. Avon BA1 2BW within the next few weeks. Or. You can fax me on 01633 896087. See vou next month. O “If the Amiga was a famous person, who would it be? And why?” Now there is a question.
Think of the noble, the great, the creative geniuses who have lived throughout history. Think of someone who has brought pleasure to and enriched the lives of millions. Someone who has created great wealth (although not for himself) and allowed others to benefit from his unique abilities.
Think of someone who rose above, outlived and outperformed his peers.
Think of all those things and which one- person springs to mind? Who is the embodiment of the whole Amiga ethos?
"Screaming Lord Sutch," according to Michael David of Peterborough.
“Everyone knows him, everyone loves him and he has minimal support with everyone going with the PC! Instead. He has also had some money-trouble."
Hmm, reasonably argued, but not quite who I had in mind, Michael.
“Bruce Forsyth," suggested Dekkor Lawton of Crewe. “Because, like the Amiga, he's multi-talented, stylish and entertaining [??!! - F.d]. He'll be with us for the next generation and can play games... Good games, good games!" Er, tight. Again, not perhaps die most obvious of candidates, though.
"Madonna," claims Marcus Goodwin of Gosport. I'm not convinced; tell us your reasons, Marcus.
“She has been going for years; always changing her image; she's number One; she will be around in ten years time and all the men love her." Do they? I'm not too sure about that, Marcus. Kate Bush perhaps... Stephen Wilkinson says: “Father Christmas. They have so much in common. They've both been around a while, are loved by a lot of people in a lot of places and diey both drop in on a Who is the embodiment of the whole Amiga ethos?
Believe the Amiga, at least, will enjoy a glorious resurrection and reclaim its rightful place.
“Gary Linekar," said John Emmett of London. "He was brutally removed from the field of play in bis prime, thanks to stupid and inept management who didn't understand, or capitalise, on his strengths."
Ah. Now we're getting somewhere.
“Nobody has got a bad word to sav about him and he could have carried on a lot longer at the top." Indeed he could have, but he wasn't terribly useful in the music and graphics departments, though, was he?
I can see it now... the Commodore Leonardo.
Finally, Michael Maybury of Merseyside insists there can be only one answer and I tend to agree with him: “Leonardo Da Vinci, because, like the Amiga, Leonardo w-as an artist, a sculptor, an inventor and a genius. He was many years ahead of his time and brilliant in so many different fields."
That will do for me. Yes, I can see it now... the Commodore Leonardo. Ah, what a missed opportunity...
P. S. If John Emmett of London wants his AF sweatshirt, he should
send in his address as soon as possible.
. Anmma.
MmI POWER CD-ROM The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up yo six additional devices to be connected. What’s more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator.
MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
Double-speed AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM INC.SOUIRREI .
AMIGA 4000 DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM ......£159 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM .£259 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE £129 SCSI INTERFACE REQUIRED FOR A4000 £199 £299 £209 £54 80 watt POWER VIPER «•••••••••••• starting from £119.95 m The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE ......£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £259.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £399.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £569.95 L3 The Viper 50 can have up to 128M8 RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£279.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£349.95 VIPER 50 8M8 ....£479.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£649.95 FPU’s complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 4MB SIMM ..£139 8MB SIMM ..£279 m A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ......£59.95 PC1208 1MB ......£89.95 PC1208 2MB .....£129.95 PC1208 4MB .....£189.95 PCI208 8MB .....£329.95 mi WARP ENGINES .....£POA 01234 273000 POWER COMPUTING LTD “ 44A B STANLEY STREET am 01234 352207 Bedford MK41 7RW Si owe r ahaif nn o» o*A»oi ON *100111 CW A»1 AVA This amazing special version of the software will enhance your Amiga with event- linked samples and screensavers, many more utilities, including an editor for F1GP Brave warrior, take thy sword and strike the small stones that turn into tiny men. Solve the worrying amount
of puzzles in this training level and why not morph into a spider?
Top flesh-exploding action as the Doom- clone we demanded arrives with a big gun It hasn’t escaped our notice that while many large games companies are producing games, all the innovative titles seem to come from small independent publishers. Join us and you may find out why... Could this be the technology which finally kills the floppy disk?
Exclusive preview 1 OISK SET ONLY 15 ft

Click image to download PDF

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