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We set out to explore both of these areas of the Amiga's world. Start on... PAGE 211 As the Conservative government crumbles and the world moans about Its own personal recession, it's probably only In the Amiga • world that we can safely say You've never had it so good!’ This month’s big news (and it was enough to make us go Wow!’ on the cover) is the release of a new Amiga. And not just any old new Amiga, but the machine we'd been fervently hoping for and had begun to believe Commodore wouldn't be able to deliver. It's an amazing new machine. It's not all you might have wished for - it doesn’t have 16-blt sound, it doesn't have a high-density disk drive. But It's a full 32-blt architecture based around a 68020 processor with 2Mb of RAM on board. But you can read all about it in the News pages. What's Important right now is what it means to Amiga owners In the UK. It means, once again, that there's no question which is the best home computer there Is. It means that new people will go The A4000 Commodore have altered the view at the top of the Amiga range with a new design, a new chip set and some other surprises. We unscrew the screws, take off the covers and explore the claims and the reality. Is the A400 going to be serious competition in the world of 'serious' computing. Come and explore it PAGE 40 Game reviews in Screenplay Welcome to Amiga Format! Join our Nige' as he speeds around the Grand Prix circuits of the world - you could even try and beat him - in this fast action, playable demo. Wordworth 2 Trying before you buy has always been a good idea, and we continue the tradition with this presentation of Wordworth 2, Digita International's newly document this is a A word processor - you know that you've needed one for months and months. It's just been more fun to buy a game or a graphics package. Let us solve your dilemma for you by putting a fully fledged, very useable word processing package on to the Coverdisk and into the world-renowned Amiga Format Collection. This is £35 worth of processing power going to you all for the cost of Amiga Format.

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GFX: Amazing OpalVision 770957 486011 reviewed I 'Choose Irom 24 battlefields.
Inspired by James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, Sim Earth looks at the world as one interrelated living organism offering you the ultimate experience in planet management. Design and nurture planets from their creation through the evolution of life to the development of intelligence and technology that can reach for the stars.
'Use the powerlul icon-driven command language: with a simple point and dick, robots can be instructed to commence in full melee.
) 'Challenge your Iriends (and enemies) through network support lor up to lour machines.
'Use modem and serial link to mil and match games on Macintosh, Amiga or Windows versions.
IH S s 1990 Haiis and Will Wrighl.
All rights reserved.
The Living Planet AVAILABLE FOR: Macintosh, Windows and Amiga.
AVAILABLE FOR: Macintosh, IBM PC, Windows and Amiga.
'Choose from seven dilferent planet scenarios.
'View your worlds as llal projections or spinning globes.
'Unleash volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors and tidal waves.
OCEAN SOFTWARE LTD. 6 CENTRAL STREET. MANCHEST11 Armed with bombs, bullets, missiles, grenades and more, you control teams of Robots that compete in five different sports: Survival, Treasure Hunt, Capture the Flag, Hostage and Baseball. By combining the tactical challenge of chess with the intensity of guerrilla warfare, RoboSporf provokes total strategic mayhem. TM & ® 199t Maiis and Edward Kilham. All rights reserved.
'Simulated 3-D graphics provide map and satellite views.
‘Build apartments, oliices.
Factories, ski resorts, amusement parks and more.
ARTDINK ‘Get all of Ihe professional advice you need from Ihe many on-screen experts in A-Irain.
AVAILABLE FOR: IBM PC, Macintosh and Amiga.
And Multi-Player capabilities iuain uf emu rOPMMION: 3CAPg| TYPt: PAS3f:HGtO | CONHUM Jure A-Train has I trains... but there's a lot more to it than making fc... »• f Jf 4 tracks. This new * t Jjf simulation gives you the ‘' triple challenge jot * designing and running a jf profitable railroad, growing a city and building a financial empire. You can borrow money, invest in subsidiary business and dabble in the stock market as well. Six scenarios will take all the organisational talent, planning skills and fiscal genius you've got.
Maybe more. IM & ® 1991 Artdink and Maxis. All rights reserved.
TEL: 061 832 6633. FAX: 061 834 0650 22 IN NEWS The A] 200: the 32-blt Amiga we all hoped would happen? Whal does the launch a) yet another new Amiga mean to you the user? We explore machine and issues.
Damien Noonan Karl Foster Nell Jackson Tim Smith Pat McDonald Gary Lord Andrew Nuttall AMIGA FORMAT 41 DECEMBER 1992 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR DEPUTY EDITOR REVIEWS EDITOR FEATURES EDITOR TECHNICAL EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR STAFF WRITER The Amiga 1200 revealed 22 Is it really the A4000's chipset at an affordable price?
CD TV price drop 27 Realistic pricing or panic attack? We evaluate the move Morph for your money 28 The face changing of graphics. Is it the next big thing?
New s Screenplay 81 ART DEPARTMENT Marcus Dyson Sue While BUDGET CLASSICS Classic games don't die, they |ust drop quite radically in price.
We delve into the less expensive areas of the Amiga games scene to discover some gems.
Jonathan Bfnt Duncan Ferguson Louise Woods Robert Anderson REVIEWED OpalVision Is this 24-bit graphics package one of the best buys for the Amiga or simply too much hype. We tell you.
REVIEWED VIDI-12 Digitising from video is one of the fastest growing areas on the Amiga. We examine the latest hardware for you.
PRIZES GALORE) The £300 Miracle piano keyboard tutor offers you the chance to learn music at your own speed.
We offer you the chance to win one this month.
IN PUBLIC DOMAIN Money managers and mare are all available to you for next to nothing In this month's collection of free and budget-priced software.
Live someone else's fantasy in one of the best slideshows we've ever seen with Forgotten, a strange mix of stunning images.
Member of the Audit lABCl No part of this publication may be transmitted or reproduced In any form without the permission of the publishers. Have a nice day.
History repeats of the month... "Such a little man could not have made so big a depression."
Norman Thompson about President Herbert Hoover.
Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation 161,256 Jan - July 1992 PRINTED IN THE UK BV Chase Web Ltd, St Ives PLC, Plymouth NEWSTRADE DISTRIBUTION, UK Future Publishing, 0225 442244 NEWSTRADE DISTRIBUTION, OVERSEAS MMC Ltd 0483 211222 AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth Street Bath, AVON, BA1 2BW Telephone 0225 442244 Facsimile 0225 446019 PUBLISHING ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Tracey O'Donnell PROMOTIONS MANAGER Michele Harris CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Sue Hartley CIRCULATION ASSISTANT Kate Elston PUBLISHER Greg Ingham SUBSCRIPTIONS, BACK ISSUES and MAIL ORDER Future Publishing, Somerton, SOMERSET, TA11 6TB Telephone 0458 74011
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Construction Kit?
OpalVision 178 24-bit graphic hard and software. But is it any good?
Wordworth 184 The upgrade we've been waiting for. Or is it?
VIDI-12 188 The latest Amiga digitiser on the seen. We scan it Hard Disk CDTV 197 That's right, you read it. Now what's it like?
Printers Special 200 A laser and an inkjet plus the latest software reviewed Gamebusters 159 Game beating advice on Civilization. Wizkid and more Helping Hand 166 You gotta game problem? We got the answers Win! Win! Win!
Beat them at their own game!
Learn to program with the Bullfrogs Regulars Reviews More classics, less cash 83 Great games don't have to cost the Earth, do they?
Promised you a Miracle 74 Your chance to win a £300 Miracle keyboard system Vintage Campaign Videos, books and games all up for grabs yT * Please note - this version does not include that we would honestly say 'Now's the time to think about upgrading'. When the A500 Plus came out, it was a marginally better machine: but It wasn't worth your money to switch. When Workbench 2 became available as an upgrade and when the A600 went on sale, we still wouldn't advise you to abandon your A500 and move up.
But now we re looking at a situation where a real enthusiast's machine has appeared. The Amiga range is looking very different and the dear A500 is beginning to show its age. Don't get trampled in the rush
- but do give it careful consideration.
Air Support Bunny Bricks ... 137 .97 Rampart ...... Road Rash .. .104 Caesar .. Campaign ... Curse of Enchantla ... .92 124 Shadow of the Beast 3 .. Shadoworlds 96 110 Dark Queen of Krynn .
111 Shuttle 102 Doodlebug 133 1 AO Fighter Duel Pro ... 137 Treasure off the Savage Frontier 111 McDonald Land ... .....133 Zyconix . .140 No Second Prize . .....120 Pinball Fantasies .....128 Populous: The Challenge Games... Catalogue of joy Can't think what to get for yourself (or even for friends and family this yearj? Have a look through our lovingly crafted, and just a little tongue in cheek, catalogue of all that's good for the Amiga PAGE 57 Viruses explained For
some reason people still think it's a clever idea to write and distribute viruses. We don't. Happily, there are also people who write anti-virus software.
We set out to explore both of these areas of the Amiga's world. Start on... PAGE 211 As the Conservative government crumbles and the world moans about Its own personal recession, it's probably only In the Amiga • world that we can safely say You've never had it so good!’ This month’s big news (and it was enough to make us go Wow!’ on the cover) is the release of a new Amiga. And not just any old new Amiga, but the machine we'd been fervently hoping for and had begun to believe Commodore wouldn't be able to deliver. It's an amazing new machine.
It's not all you might have wished for - it doesn’t have 16-blt sound, it doesn't have a high-density disk drive. But It's a full 32-blt architecture based around a 68020 processor with 2Mb of RAM on board.
But you can read all about it in the News pages. What's Important right now is what it means to Amiga owners In the UK.
It means, once again, that there's no question which is the best home computer there Is. It means that new people will go The A4000 Commodore have altered the view at the top of the Amiga range with a new design, a new chip set and some other surprises.
We unscrew the screws, take off the covers and explore the claims and the reality. Is the A400 going to be serious competition in the world of 'serious' computing. Come and explore it PAGE 40 Game reviews in Screenplay Welcome to Amiga Format!
Join our Nige' as he speeds around the Grand Prix circuits of the world - you could even try and beat him
- in this fast action, playable demo.
Wordworth 2 Trying before you buy has always been a good idea, and we continue the tradition with this presentation of Wordworth 2, Digita International's newly document this is a A word processor - you know that you've needed one for months and months. It's just been more fun to buy a game or a graphics package. Let us solve your dilemma for you by putting a fully fledged, very useable word processing package on to the Coverdisk and into the world-renowned Amiga Format Collection.
This is £35 worth of processing power going to you all for the cost of Amiga Format. Use and enjoy (you could even write to us).
COVERDISK over the page... In this month's Amiga Format Collection - a series of COMPLETE, FULL-PRICE programs - you get a great world processor ... Get some driving action with the champ in this amazing demo!
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Plus: lots more stuff besides.
Including some very useful utilities!!!
Nigel Manselfc World Championship f 500Plus 600 Compatible • 1 Mb Required • Scribble page 15 The lop word processor in new version useable demo shocked ,s a big-headed ifwSSSM d whose dear girlfriend has been nasty dinosaurs. To find her he will wander through various worlds stomach of a gigantic diplodocus and other delirious set ups.
‘‘This is such a brilliant game that if you pass it by you deserve to be eaten by one of the monsters in BC KID's world! Don’t think buy!"
CVG 93% erted from the PC Engine by Factor 5, the for Turrican.
Jrfuf graphics with hilarious cartoony looks play, fast smooth scrolling iety of boss stage monsters and baddies Coverdisk Aha, so you spotted those two square plastic things stuck to the front cover, did you? Well, if you don't know what they are or what to do with them, fear not - Andy Nuttall and Pat McDonald are here to show you round... Nigel Mansell's World Championship GETTING STARTED Once again, we've got two disks this month.
Please note that the Wordworth 2 demo is actually on the Scribble! Program disk, Coverdisk 41a.
The other disk contains the demo of the game Nigel Mansell, the virus killer utilities and the Bullfrog's programming tutorial code.
When you're ready to load your Coverdisk 41, take it out of its little packet and insert it in your Amiga. Now turn the Amiga on or, if it's already on, just reset it by holding down Ctrl and the two keys marked 'A'. You will now find that a basic version of Workbench will load.
A major part of your screen will now be covered by an icon called ‘Coverdisk 41b'. Move the mouse pointer over the icon, and double-click with the left mouse button. A window containing three icons will now appear Anti-Virus, lnstall_Bullfrog_Files and Mansell.am. Double-click on the icon you require. Details of what to expect when one of the programs loads are on the relevant pages.
When reading a text file such as VCDOC from the Anti-Virus folder, there is an option to print.
However, this will not work unless you boot your own Workbench disk first, then insert the Coverdisk. The reason for this is that the programs which tell the Amiga how to print have not been included on the Coverdisk. To quit out of the document, either press the Esc key or click in the box at the top left-hand side.
Anti-Virus Software a BOOTX Our feature, starting on page 211, is all about viruses: what they are and what they can do to your Amiga. If you don't want hands-on experience of a virus, it's a good idea to load up an anti-virus program - and luckily for you, we've included two of the best on the disk.
BY PETER STEUR PAL WB2 ONLY FIRST, AN APOLOGY: This program will nol work from ihe Coverdisk on Kickstart 1.3 machines. We will try lo rectify this next month. In many ways, this is a much more sophisticated anti-virus program than Virus Checker. It does Dot appear to work in background mode though - that is, you cannot leave it running while you get on with something else.
Instead, you actively use the program to scan through your disk collection. One very clever feature of BootX is that, should it find a file that has been crunched with certain program, it will de-crunch the file and search it for viruses afterwards.
An even better feature is that BoolX can be used to back up your games' bootblocks. This is the most vulnerable part of games disks - many viruses cannot write to the rest of the disk, but most viruses can overwrite bootblocks. A game without the correct bootblock is an unplayable pile of junk.
However, if you back up die bootblock first with this program, then it can be put back on the disk, effectively defeating the viius. True, it is a preventative measure rather than a cure - you have to be conscientious about making copies of bootblocks. But it's better than kissing £30’s worth of game goodbye.
To use it, simply start the Coverdisk as normal, double click on the Anti-Virus icon, and then double click again on the BoolX 4.5 icon. This icon, by the way. Is commonly found on disks distributed by Sale Hex International, an organisation dedicated to combating the virus menace.
The first thing that BoolX does is to load up its library of known bootblocks, another one containing all file viruses and a third with bool viruses. A list of known viruses can be obtained by holding down the right mouse button and selecting any of the Show options from the Project menu.
To check a disk for file viruses, select the Check Files option from the Files menu, and Uien show BootX the disk or directory that you want to check. Hopefully you’ll all have a really boring time and won't find any viruses in your collection - but I reckon that a few long-term nasties will be found and destroyed just before Christmas.
DECEMBER 1992 More information on using the program can lie found by double clicking on the documentation files with Ihe letters BX in the title.
BE CAREFUL! We hate to labour a point, but if you come across a bootblock dial is of an unknown type, do not Delete it. If you do, and the bootblock turns out lo be vital to the running of a program (usually a game) then ihe game won't work any more.
VIRUSCHECKER JOHN VEUDTHUIS PAL NTSC ONE OK THE more popular pieces of anii-virus software. VirusChecker has been around in various forms on die Amiga since 1989. Since ihcn, of course, plenty of new viruses have arrived and so. In common with most anti-virus software, the program has regularly been updated.
Version 6.15. included hero, is the latest release available, and it offers some very powerful features.
You may find references to later test releases floating around in the public domain, but none has yet emerged that is as reliable as this one.
When you load up Virus_Checker by double-clicking on its icon, a small bar will appear near the top of the screen which shows that the program is resident in memory - that means the checker will stay in your Amiga until you restart the computer or switch it off.
This means it's constantly available to check new disks as long as your Amiga is running.
Clicking on the Virus_Checkffi bar makes the window active, then clicking the right mouse button at the top of the screen brings down a menu. This menu is used to configure VirusChecker, so that ii can check an entire disk, check your Amiga's memory or check the bootblock of each disk as it is inserted. The latter option is very useful, because you can leave DECEMBER 1992 Virus Checker in memory, and rely on it to check every disk you pul in the drive and lo display a warning message should a dodgy one be used. To use ihis feature. Virus Checker must be configured as follows:
• Access die Project menu by clicking on Ihc Virus Cliecker bar
and holding down the rigid mouse button al Ihc lop of the
screen. Choose I-ink File Scan from Ihc menu, and insert a disk
into drive dfO. Click 011 the Check Drive icon, then wail until
die contents of the disk have been checked. Now choose Save
Config from the Project menu. This will tell your Amiga to
check all disks as they arc inserted.
Once you have gone through Ihis procedure, the program will still not autocheck for viruses straight away.
If you stop the program (by clicking the Off button at the left side of the Virus Checker window) and then run it again, the newly changed program will check disks automatically.
If a disk should contain a virus, or have a nonstandard format. Virus Cliecker will display a warning message. If it mentions the word virus in the warning, click on Remove lo gel rid of it. If it says something like 'This disk has 11 non-standard boot code' this could mean one of two tilings... Either your disk contains a new virus which is not recognised by Virus Cliecker, which is the less likely option; or the disk has been formatted in an unusual way. The latter is not uncommon - many self-booting disks such as game disks are of this type, and you don't want to destroy the non-standard
bootblock of a self-booting disk just because you think it might be a virus - it most probably isn't.
Disks that arc in 'foreign' formats (such as PC or Atari ST disks if you use CrossDOS) may also be flagged as non-standard, as will unformatted disks.
IMPORTANT - Sorry to labour the point, but - only if you see the word "Virus' should you click on the Remove option. If you start Removing the boot blocks from your game disks, then your games won't work any more. You have been warned!
INSTALLING VIRUS CHECKER ONTO YOUR HARD DRIVE One of the advantages of this program is that it can be installed on your hard drive and booted with Workbench so that it checks every new disk.
Here's how to do it: first boot up Workbench from your hard drive as normal, then go into the CU (Command Line Interface) by double-clicking on the Shell icon. Now insert your Coverdisk into drive DFO: and type the following: COPY DFO:Afrri-VIRUS VlRUS_CHECKER TO SYS:C The Amiga understands SYS as 'the disk I booted from to start with’ - the hard disk.
In addition to copying the main files for BootX and Virus Checker, you must also copy VCBrain, VCBrainfile and Virus Checker.config from the S directory of the Coverdisk.
A common mistake is to wipe the hard disk's start-up sequence; so make sure you have a copy of this apart from the one in the S directory.
Everything in the Libs directory on the Coverdisk must be copied into the corresponding directories on your hard drive. Do this by typing: COPY ALL FROM DFO:LIBS TO SYS:LIBS Lastly, all you need to do is to set up your Workbench so that Virus_Checker runs when you switch on your Amiga.
This is quite simple: while you're still in CLI mode, go into the S directory of your hard drive, and type: ED S STARTUP-SEQOENCE This will bring up a listing of your start-up sequence, which is the file that runs when you switch your Amiga on. You now need to tell the Amiga where to look for the Virus_Checker program, and so an extra line needs to be inserted before the command: LoadWB in the start-up sequence. Move down the list using the cursor keys, and press RETURN to create a blank line to insert the required command. In the space, type: VIRUS_CHECKER Now press the Esc key once, then
press X followed by RETURN. Your Amiga will now be set up so that VirusChecker will run automatically when you switch on.
2 Birmingham, 141 New St. AMIGA Macintosh 021 632 5577
Brighton, 61-63 Western Rd. 0273 747 221 Coventry, 54 The
0203 258 801 Croydon, 137 North End.
081 686 5557 Kingston, First Floor, Bentalls Centre.
081 974 6921 Leicester, 9-17 High St. 0533 539 638 ONLY ONE VOUCHER PER PURCHASE Cannot be used In conjunclion with any other vouchor or promotion. Valid al any HMV games siore listed In this ad until 31st January 1993. Cash value 0 0001p Liverpool, 22-36 Church St. 051 709 1088 London, Ground Floor, 150 Oxford St, 071 631 3423 London, First Floor, 363 Oxford St. 071 629 1240 London, Trocadero, Coventry St. 071 439 0447 Manchester, 90-100 Market St. 061 834 8550 Reading, 138-141 Friar St. 0734 560 086 Reading, 4 Oxford Rd. 0734 584 855 And peace.
Why soldier on with a noisy printer, when you can find peace, perfect peace, with a Panasonic QuietPrinter?
A printer that’s not only quieter than many Inkjets, but, in independent tests, measured only 3.5dBA louder than the official rating for a ‘quiet office’. In fact, you can hold a telephone conversation while it’s printing right next to you.
* Sound There are three QuietPrinters in the range: two of them
with a high quality colour printing option. And a]| 0j'
[|lenl with 600 other points in their favour.
1 This is because we’re offering a free limited edition of SuperPrint for Windows software package (the full edition
• r -utr.
KX-1*2624 • 24-Pin wide carriage • Sound level less lhan 44dB, • 1 SLQ, 7LQ and 3 draft fonts • 240 cps Draft. 80 I.Q and 40 cps SLQ • LCD Front Panel • 4 Paper paths, push pull tractors, paper parking.
Normally retails at £99) with every QuietPrinter*. Enabling you to print in any type size from 4 to 600 point, and with open font architecture so you can use existing industry standard font packages.
Anyone can set up a QuietPrinter. To produce superb results, with any PC. It’s remarkably easy to operate and has paper handling features which make it incredibly versatile.
As for running costs, like the noise level, they’re much lower than other types of printer technology.
If you like the sound of the QuietPrinter range, freephone 0800 444220 or fax 0344 853707, and we'll tell you how to keep it all quiet on Panasonic the printing (ront. Printers at preferential terms from II.M.S.O. Contact 0603 695557. Distributed by: Micro Peripherals Ltd (0254) 871717 or d (0908) 260422. 7.CL (0543) 414817. Frontline Distribution Ltd (0256) 463344. Omnilogic International Ltd '1 4100. Intac Data Systems Ltd (0709) 547177 or (041) 353 5070 ond some branches of Dixons.
Public sector customers may purchase (0256) 707070. Ingram Micro UK Ltd (0483) 723411. Northamber Pic (081) 391
• SuperPrint offer available while stocks last. All trademarks
AMF12 92 GETTING STARTED NIGEL MANSELL'S WC DEMO Loading the demo couldn't be simpler just insert the relevant Coverdisk into your Amiga, reboot or switch on your machine, then wait for the Workbench screen to appear.
Double-click on the disk icon, then on the Nigel Mansell icon, and wait. The demo does take ages to load, and will leave the disk drive light on when it has finished loading. Press the Ctrl key and the two Amiga keys either side of the spacebar to get out of the demo.
When the demo has loaded you will be presented with a spinning globe. Get your joystick, and press the fire button a couple of times until the menu screen appears. Now you should press 1 to see a running demo of the game, with your Amiga controlling the car; or press 2 to take on the role of 'our Nige' himself (and hopefully emulate his success).
Nigel Mansell's Wordworth 2 The top word yiuv.ciji i in new version useable demo shocker!
World Championship GREMLIN PaiyiMTSC DECEMBER 1992 FANCY THE CHANCE to emulate the great success of Formula One racing champ' Nigel Mansell? Then Gremlin have the game for you in the form of Nigel Mansell's World Championship. Strangely enough, the game was to have been called Nigel Mansell's World Championship Challenge but after he became World Champion with several rounds to spare. Gremlin decided that they simply had to change the name.
Taking the part of -our Nige' you must take on the other big names in Formula One. Such as Ayrton Senna and Martin Brundle. Try the game out by driving around our exclusive Amiga Format track which those nice people at Gremlin have created specially.
Follow the “Getting Started' instructions until you get to the screen with a spinning globe. Pressing the space bar on this page will toggie the on-screen instruments, such as speeds and course map. Keeping the instruments on-screen has the advantage that die game is easier to play (because you can see how fast you're going), but the display rate is slightly reduced - so the gameplay looks slightly less smooth and realistic.
Playing the game is really simple. Wait for the lights to turn green, press and hold the fire button, and accelerate away. Move the joystick left and right to steer, let go of the lire button to brake. Don't worry about the gears - they are automatic on this demo.
Watch out. Though - you begin the race in twelfth place, and you've only got three laps to catch up, so to win the race you need to know the right tactics.
The most important stage of any race is the start.
Without a good start, you won't have a good finish.
Keep the fire button pressed when you see the red light, and pull the joystick to the right to lake the first bend. If you don't hit anything you can get past eight or nine cars on Ihe first straight. The obstacles on either side make this a very difficult prospect - the later stages of the course have fewer obstacles and so are easier to negotiate.
Here's some extra controls; first, if you're doing pretty badly, hit the Esc key to go back to the beginning of the demo (don't worry, it doesn’t have to load anything again). Overtaking is very tricky, and the best tactic is to build up speed around the bends and try to overtake on the straight. It is possible to overtake on FIVE WAYS TO WIN
1) A good idea is to swerve violently at speed to overtake groups
of cars.
2) You always go faster when you are on the track than off ft, so
try your best to hold the corners as fast as possible.
3) The tunnel entrance is a major black spot for overtaking.
Build up speed but don't manoeuvre too much.
4) Never go into the pit lane by mistake - you will slow right
5) Don’t hang around behind cars, overtake as soon as you have
the speed.
C'mon, fourth place simply isn't good enoughl You've got a race and a Championship to wlnl bends, but you tend to slew off the track and slow down, letting everyone behind you get ahead.
All the other cars will pull into the pils at some stage of the three laps. The best way to win seems to be to gradually move up the field until you are in third place at the end of the second lap. The two from runners will come into the pits, leaving you an open field to race through - you should win as long as you don't make any mistakes. My best time for finishing is Iwo minutes 57 seconds - try beating that and have fun. ® Wordworth 2 Wordworth 2 GETTING STARTED WORDWORTH 2 DEMO Getting the demo running is not too difficult First you must load Workbench (any version).
Then insert the Scribble! Disk and double-click on the disk icon when it appears. Double-click on the Wordworth drawer and finally double-click again on the Wordworth 2 demo program icon.
The demo automatically loads a test document which is a big advert for the product A large graphic ‘About* icon will be displayed over this - to get past it simply click anywhere on it The more curious may want to read it first.
DIGITA INTERNATIONAL PAL NTSC WORDWORTH IS, IN many people's opinions, the best word processor ever created in the UK. While many are not impressed by the program's lack of speed, in terms of user-friendliness and overall power it is widely accepted as the best. One example of the thought that has gone into it is that partially-sighted people are grateful for the program's ability to speak text directly, without having to use a separate utility.
DECEMBER 1992 Wordworth 2 is not a simple clean-up and bug-fix type of upgrade. The program has been entirely rewritten. While many of the options remain the same, they have been tweaked both for speed and made more user friendliness. It really is a much better program - which is why there's a big demo to show it off on the Scribble! Disk.
First, a quick trip around the screen. On the left-hand edge is a column of tools which you can click oh with the left button. Across the top of the screen are menus which can be accessed by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse pointer over them
- release the button to select an option.
Many of the options in the tool column and in the menus are the same, so you can choose which way you prefer to work. Finally, at the right of the tool column und below the menus is the page display, where your precious words appear.
What makes Wordworth 2 different to some other, less advanced, WP programs is that all the editing that you do to your text is instantly visible on the screen. If you italicise something on-screen, that's how it will end up looking when it is printed out - this technique is known as What You See Is What You Get. Or WYSIWYG for short.
Time lo find out how to edit a line of text. Move the mouse pointer to a line of text. The line which begins 'Call 0395 270273' will do fine. Holding down the left mouse button and move the mouse left and right - the text over which you move the on-screen cursor is highlighted. You will now be able to make various changes to this highlighted text. Now click Ihe left mouse button it three times in rapid succession - the whole line of text should highlight. This is a convenient way of selecting text a line at a time.
Next, hold down the right mouse button and move ihe mouse to the 'Format' menu. Move the pointer back down to the ‘Typeface »’ option, and a submenu will be displayed, indicating which fonts are available. The current typeface is CG Palacio 24. CG means CompuGraphic, Palacio is the name of the font and 24 is the point size - how big the font is.
Try selecting a different point size (or a different font) and watch what happens. Chances are the typeface is loo big to maintain the whole line, and it will be split up into separate bits. If you hit the Del key. All the highlighted text will be deleted. You can go to the Edit menu and select Erase, but Del is quicker.
Delete all the words on Ihe page (don't worry, they will be re-displayed if you load the demo again). It’s time to have a little play with llie pictures. To read a picture into Wordworth 2 is very easy. Hold down the right button, go to the Utilities menu and select Place Picture. A file requester will appear - click on the word 'Clipart', which should be just above the list of disk drives. Click again on the words 'Arrow Head', then on the 'Place' gadget.
A box of choices will then appear. These are used to decide how you want the picture put on the screen. Just click on OK. And the picture will be displayed at the current cursor position. If you click on the picture, you can alter its size and position by clicking the eight boxes (or handles) which surround it.
This picture import facility has been greatly improved over the original version without being lots more complicated. It can import graphic files of many different types: IFFs. PCX. BMP, EPS and other picture formats (you cannot print EPS - Encapsulaied PostScript - without a PostScript printer).
Oops! Ran out of space - you'll have to find out about the remaining 99% of the program yourself! © THE AGFA-COMPUGRAPHIC FONT CG PALACIO Amiga Format and Digita International would like to express their gratitude to AGFA for granting permission to use the CG Palacio typeface on this Coverdisk. CG Palacio appears on this Coverdisk ONLY as part of the Wordworth demo, and the copyright remains with AGFA.
AGFA and AGFA Rhombus are registered trademarks of AGFA-Gevaert AG. CG, Compugraphic and Intellifonts are registered trademarks, and Shannon and CG Palacio are trademarks of Miles Inc Phew!
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AMIGA home entertainment, you won't And TIIE WORLD'S MOST INTERACTIVE INTERACTIVE HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM %PNil A«n ‘; ¦! - Mode 3 Load... i have... Editing Modi Justificatii Line Length, Tabs... )n Project TheAMIGACoWect or MM ?red that you needed a word processor, hut not; you’ ,;e 11 nake the nost of it. Andy Nuttall takes you ngs in life; it's useful and it hasn't cost ¦¦¦ ’nl device for getting words on the screen ||§ (nun of fuss and bother. There are few frill ¦HSMMI'S up for it by being quick and easy to use, Background Markers Print Setup File Forrwt n-b You may never have
considered that you needed a word processor - but now you've got one, hell, you may as well make the most of it. Andy Nuttall takes you through the basics... L» 500Plus 600 Compatible • 1 Mb Required • got one, .
Through t *end str Scribble!
You the e and then to Scribb Getting Running Cover disk is very sinple indeed. Once you've followed the instructions to back up your disk, grab hold of your Workbench d and load it up, Now insert you backed-up Coverdisk, and double-click on the Scribble! Icon.
A window will now open containing six icons. You don't need to bother wit three of then, HD-Install, Verify and Trashcan, because they aren't necessary run Scribble! ReadMe_First is a text file containing instructions for upgradi Scribble!, so that you can install a spell checker and Thesaurus.
The two exciting icons are Wordworth2 and Scribble!, Scribble!
Ln: 1 Coll 1 Mode: Edit SCRIBBLE! IS ONE of the rare things in life: it's useful and it hasn't cost you the Earth. It is also an excellent device for getting words on the screen and then onto paper with the minimum of fuss and bother.
There are few frills (or thrills) to Scribble!, but you'll find it's quick and it's easy to use.
GETTING STARTED Running Scribble! From your Coverdisk is very simple indeed. Once you've followed the instructions to back up your disk, grab hold of your Workbench disk and load it up. Now insert your backed-up Coverdisk, and double-click on the Scribble! Icon.
8548BB free mi ivory R M DISK ilfTi! Uorhbenchl.3 r'jaJ I Scribble!
HD_ !
Hffnslill ¦ReadHej'tPSt ' Morduort!i2 ft Trashcan Double-click on the disk icon and this window appears.
Now double-click on the Scribble! Icon to load it.
A window will now open containing six icons. You don't need to bother with three of them. HD-Install, Verify and Trashcan, because they aren’t necessary to run Scribble!. ReadMe_First is a text file containing instructions for upgrading Scribble!, so that you can install a spelling checker and thesaurus.
The two exciting icons arc Wordworth 2 and Scribble!. Double-clicking on the former will load the Wordworth 2 demo. Scribble!, as befits its name, loads the main Scribble! Program.
ON TO YOUR HARD DISK Although Scribble! Is quite quick and easy to use from floppy disk, if you're lucky enough to own a hard disk you will find it's better running from that. To install Scribble! On to your hard disk, follow the instructions below. Don't use the HDInslall icon supplied with your Coverdisk.
Right, first you need to find a partition on your hard disk with at least 200K of free space on it. Now load up the CLI (Command Line Interlace) or Shell and copy the files Scribble I and Scribble! . Info from your Coverdisk onto your free hard disk partition.
When the Scribble! Program is running, it will sometimes try to access your Coverdisk. So now that you have Scribble! On your hard disk, you need to convince your Amiga to use that instead. To do this, you need to edit the startup sequence on your Workbench as follows. With the CLI loaded, change directory to the S directory, and type: ED STARTUP-SEQUENCE In the text file which appears, you will see a LoadWB command near the end. Position the cursor anywhere above this command, and press RETURN. In the space created type: ASSIGN Scribble! Chard disk partition Where chard disk partition is
the area of your hard disk which contains the Scribble! Program; for example DH2: or FHO:. Now press the Esc key once, press the X key, and finally press RETURN. This will save your startup-sequence.
Remove your Coverdisk, and reboot your Amiga.
Double-click on the Scribble! Icon, and the program will load. Voild!
Before you begin, make sure that you have a blank disk available for saving your text files (or a separate directory if you want to save to hard disk). Create a formatted floppy disk by first removing your Coverdisk. Then inserting a blank disk into your Amiga's internal drive. Next press and hold the right mouse button, and access the Disk menu at the lop of the screen. Highlight Initialize from the menu, then release the button. The formatted disk will be created.
DECEMBER 1992 Remove the newly formatted disk, then replace your Coverdisk. OK. Now it's lime to start scribbling!
The Scribble! Icon should be displayed at the bottom left of your Workbench screen, so double-click on it and wail until the program loads. The screen should turn black, and a menu bar will appear at the top.
As with Workbench, the menu options may be accessed by moving the mouse pointer to the top of the screen and holding down the right mouse button. Wc will explain these options later on. Hut first let's go through the basics of using Scribble! To write text.
The main part of the screen, which is now blank, is the part which you use to enter text. Try t typing some words now, and you will see that the letters you type will appear on Ihe screen. When a whole line is filled. Ihe cursor will automatically move down to the next line and begin displaying words there instead. This automatic process is called 'word wrapping'. And is one of the main differences between typewriting and word processing.
Although you can let Scribble.' Decide where to end Ihe lines for you. It is quite safe to press Return to force the end of u line. It is sometimes necessary to do this: for example at the end of a paragraph, or if you want to create a blank line.
The file in a particular drawer on the disk, also enter this in the path, as you would do with any other Amiga function.
Next click the pointer on the File: area, and type the name you wish to call your text file. It's usual to give the name a three-letter 'extension' after a full stop (such as .DOC or .TXT) so that you can easily locate your text files. Finally click on the Save icon to save your file to disk.
Now it's a good idea to try some of the other file options. Choose Close from the Project menu, and the text you have just typed will disappear. You can reload B»Me Botunml Mnt those rare things in life; it's useful and it i*rth. It is also an excellent device fci* it by being quick and easy to use.
GettLIXilHHHBi Running Scribble! Fron your Covcrdisk is very sitv|e indeed. Once you've followed the instructions to back up your disk, grab hold of yoar Workbench disk and load it up. Now insert you backed-up Coverdisk. And double-click on the Scribble! Icon.
A vindou vill nou open containing six icons, You don't need to bother with three of then, HD-Install, Verify and IrishcJO, because they aren't npcessarv to run Scribble! Rea&e first is i text file containing instructions for upgrading Scribble!, so text file containing instructions for upgrading Scribble1, that you can install a spell checker and Thesaurus.
The two exciting icons are Uorduorth2 and Scribble!, BZBSjflh t you needed a word processor, ie, hell you nay as well (take tlir nest of it.
Hi through the basics... those rare things in lifrj.it'i useful and it taiMh, It is also art excellent device for it bv being quick and easy to use.
Of your Workbench disk ant! Load it up. Nou insert you backed-up Coverdisk, and double-click on the Scribble' icon.
A uindou will now oyen containing six icons. You don't need to bother with three of then. HD-Install, Verify and Ir»shcan.
Because they aren't necessary to run Scribble* ReadHe.first is a text Tile containing instructions (nr upgrading Scribble'. d that you can install a spell checker and Thesaurus.
Ihe lua exciting icons are MordvorthZ and Scribble'.
If you make a mistake in typing text, correcting it couldn't be simpler. There are two special keys on your Amiga which are dedicated to editing text: Erase (the backwards-pointing arrow), on the top left of your keyboard; and Delete (Del) just above the cursor keys.
Using the cursor keys, move the cursor to the position of your mistake, then you can use Erase to remove characters to the left of the cursor, or Delete to remove characters to the right of the cursor.
It will sometimes be necessary to separate your text into paragraphs. The first line of each paragraph should be indented using the Tabulate key (showing an arrow pointing to the right, with a line across the point of the arrow) which is located just above Caps Lock on die left side of your keyboard.
DECEMBER 1992 (t file containing instructions for upgrading Scrlbblef it you can install a spell checker anti Thesaurus.
The tuo exciting icons are Worduorth2 and Scribblet.
The Preferences screen enables you to alter various aspects of the screen display, such as the colours used.
It from disk by choosing Open from ihe Projects menu, and double-clicking on the name of your file.
Delete enables you lo remove a lexl file from disk, while New opens up anolher text window while Ihe previous one is still open. The latter option is useful if you wish lo compare two documents - you can swap between the two by clicking on one of ihe two boxes al the lop righl-hand comer of die window.
Right, now that we've gone, through ihe basics of manipulating text on disk, lets go through Ihe other menu options which are available.
Selecting Preferences from the Projects menu will bring up a window which can be used lo change ihe on-screen colours.
Info is a useful feature which tells you all about the current set-up of Scribble!.
Set Scrlbblel into Overtype or Insert mode using the Editing Mode option.
Project BHIB Hed* Pocuwnt Print_ Editing Hod* that you needed a uord processor.
SUEMyou my as uell mke the nost of it hi through the basics... (hose rare thing* in life; It’s useful ar.d If earth It i» also an excellent device for screen and then on to paper with the mninun Ibere are feu frills lo Scribble', but ihe It bp being quick and easy to use.
Or 11 .
Running Scribble' frc» your coverdisk :¦ very mtple indeed Once you've followed the instructions to back up your disk, ynb hold of your Workbench disk and load it up Nov insert you backed-up Coverdisk. And double-click on the Scribble* icon.
A uindou vi11 nou open containing six icons. You don't need to bother with three of lien. HD-Install, Verify and Irjsbcan, because they aren't necessary to run Scribble' Re.Mi"e_First is a le«l file containing Instructions for upgrading Scribble', so that you can install a spell checker and Thesaurus.
Ihe tuo exciting scons are Wonlworth2 and Scribble'.
Using Justification, you can make your document text flush on the right-hand side, or leave it 'ragged'... The Justify option conlrols whelher the lexl appears on the screen as Juslified (flush on the left and right-hand side), or Ragged (flush on Ihe left-hand side only).
When your lexl is justified. Scribble! Will automatically insert spaces in your document so Ihe icxi moves until it's flush on Ihe righl-hand side. These spaces are different from Ihe ones you make using Ihe space-bar of your Amiga, and they can be highlighted by pressing Shift-FIO.
The Line Lenglh command enables you 10 set the screen line lenglh lo match ihe printed line lenglh. The length is sel lo 65 characters, so if your printer is capable of priming more characters per line than this sel ihe Line Lenglh lo the required value. I Right, now that you have some text on the screen, it's a good idea to save it to disk. Move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, and hold down the right mouse button. Move the cursor across until the Project menu appears, then pull the cursor down until ihe Save option is highlighted. Let the button go. And the screen should now
look something like ihe picture below.
The large box in ihe cenlre contains two black lines labelled Path: and File:. These are ihe areas which inform ScribbleI aboul the files on disk. Click ihe pointer on the Path: area, and type ihe disk name where you want to store your files (such as d(T): for your floppy drive), or click on the Volume icon to change between available disks. If you want to store PREFERENCES MENU Tire current Preferences set-up can be saved to disk using Ihe Save option from this menu. The file which is created will be given ihe extension .FMT, which means that it is a text-formatting file, as opposed to a
document. The preferences may be loaded back in at any lime using the Load option.
Some options will offer you a sub-menu, and one such option is Editing. Using this you can set the text entry mode to Overtype or Insert. Overtype causes the entered characters to overwrite those which are already on screen, whereas Insert will create space for the entered characters within Ihe document. Try setting both options and typing - you'll notice the difference.
The Tabs option sets the required position of the tab stops, or where the cursor moves to when you hit the lab key on your Amiga.
The values correspond to the character positions on your screen, and each must be separated by a comma (.). The normal values are 5 and 45.
The Foreground and Background options on this menu options enable you to select the foreground and background colours of your text window from (he available eight. This is merely to suit your own taste for on-screen display, and will have no effect on the contents or the printing colour of your document.
The Markers option toggles the document markers 011 or off. The markers show where the Return key has been pressed within a document. Even when displayed on the screen, they will not be printed by your printer.
3Hode Documnt Print_ =Hril jlsu an excellent device for lien on to piper uitli Die mniiu ¦frills to Scribble', Iml the ¦nut and easy to use.1 of f - Get t
P. imniny Scribble' p. very siivIo Indeed. Once you've fnlloved
the '.'l... lo back tip your disk, grab bold of your Workbench
dub and load It iq . Nou insert you b.ickcd-up Ctiverdisk, and
double-click on the Scribble! Icon.2 A window vi11 nou open
containing six Icons. You don't need lii bother uitl Direr of
then. Ill'-InstalI, Verify and Iraslican, j Preferences
HMHDocuntnt Prin You nay never In KinfMMM Dt l von needed a
word processor, but nou you've at,™,!.!1,1 !!!™nu my is well
mhe Die nosl of it.
AndvMiiibll tikes you through the basics...* ¦¦end strap3 ¦ Scribble* is one of lltose rare things in life! It's useful ind it hasn't cost you the earth. It is ilso in excellent device for setting uords on Die screen inti then on to piper with Die mninun of fuss md bother. There ire feu frills to Scribble’, but the grogran Hikes up for it by being quick ind eisy to use.?
Getting Started* Punning Scribble* fron your Coverdisk is very snyle indeed. Once you've follotreri the instructions to back up your disk, grab hold of your Workbench disk ind I old it up. Nou insert you hieked-up Coycrdisk, ind double-click on the Scribble’ icon.* A windou mil nou open containing six icons. You don't need lo bother uith three of then, HD-Instal1, Verify ind Trashcan.
Because they aren't necessary to run Scribble’ ReadMe First is a text file containing instructions for upgrading Scribble*, so that you cm instill a spell checker ind Thesaurus.*. The ties exciting icons are UordvorthZ and Scribble’.
The Mode menu enables you to move or cut sections of text, and apply different styles to parts of your text.
Pull out the paragraph and move it to the new position.
The Copy mode works in a similar fashion, but true to its name it doesn't actually remove the original text, but just copies it.
In Cut mode the cursor appears as a pair of scissors. To cut out a block of text move the cursor to the beginning of the block, press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the pointer down until all the text you require is highlighted. When you release the button, the highlighted text will disappear.
To copy a piece of lext, select Copy mode (the cursor will appear as a camera), and then use the same procedure as for Cut mode.
To pul the Cut or Copied text into the required position in your document, position the cursor using the mouse and click the left mouse button. You may paste the text as many limes as you wish.
Use Style to change the way your text is displayed on screen, and printed via your printer.
Various text styles are available via the Style menu.
Simply select the style you wish from the menu, and you will sec that the mouse pointer appears as a paint brush. Now move the cursor to the beginning of the text you wish to style, then click and hold the left mouse button. Drag the pointer down to the end of the required lexl. And let go. Scribble! Will then work out the styles, and display the results a few seconds later.
There arc six text styles available: Plain. Bold, Italic, Underline. Superscript and Subscrip, DOCUMENT MENU Sometimes you will find il necessary to locate a particular word or phrase within your document. To do this, simply select the Find option, then type in the required text. Hit Return, and Scribble! Will move the cursor to the start of the located text. If it doesn't find it. It will come up with an error message.
The Replace option can only he used afler Scribble! Has already located a piece of incorrect text.
Select Replace, then type in the text you wish to change to. Hit Return, and Scribble! Will highlight Lite located text, and display a menu like the one below.
Click on Skip to move to the next location.
Change lo replace the lext with the new version. All lo change every matching piece of text, or Quit to stop.
Once you've found a chunk of text within your document you can change it easily using the Replace option.
This is particularly useful if you want to change a piece of text that occurs lots of limes in your document
- like changing a name that you have spelt incorrectly, for
THE PRINT MENU This controls the way your document looks when il comes out of your printer. The commands are explained below:
• Preview: this enables you to view your document on-screen as
though it were printed out on paper.
• Forward: using Forward you can print out your document from the
cursor position onwards.
• Go: this command is used to start your printout.
You can choose Go Printer, which sends the current document to your printer, or Go File, which writes it to a text file on disk.
You nay never have considered 1 processor, 17 ¦¦endNs!rapi»'**',S vou,lu'oua Scribble* is one of those rare SS SrrilPlt’s useful and it hasn't cost you Die earth. II ts also in excellent.device for getting words on the screen and then on to paper u th the niniiuui of fuss and bother. There are feu frills to Scribble*, hut the M’ogran iiakes up for It by being quick and easy to use.* DECEMBER 1992 Getting Started*!
Punning Scribble* fron your Coverdisk is very single indeed. Once you've followed the instructions lo back up your disk, grab hold oT your Workbench disk and load il up. Host insert you backed-up Coverdisk. And double-click on the Scribble' icon.* A window uil) nou open containing six icons. You don’t need to bother Mtth three of then, IID-Install, Verify and Irashcan.
Because they wen'I necesswy to run Scribble’ RradHe First is a lexl file containing instructions for upgrading Scribble*, so that you can install a spell checker anil Dies awns,* The tuo exciting Icons are HorduorthZ and Scribble'.
¦rii'i rnrrni When you're ready to print, access the Print menu to control the final copy of your document.
• Quality: If your printer supports both Draft and NLQ modes,
this option switches between the two.
• Paper Type: This command tells Scribble!
Whether you tire printing on continuous feed paper (Fanfold) or single sheets (Single), A Page Number: Tells Scribble! To begin numbering pages for the current document with a value other than I.
• Line Spacing: This command sets the line spacing that
Scribble! Uses when it’s printing your document. The default
setting of I produces singlespaced text, while 2 produces
double-spaced lext and so on ad infinitum.
• Copies: tells Scribble! How many copies of the current document
lo print.
And there you go! Hopefully, that should gel you well on the way lo top-class WP: best of luck!
EXPANSION POTENTIAL Unfortunately, the Spell Checker and Thesaurus options could not be included on this version of Scribble! The good news is. We've arranged with HB Marketing (0753 686000) to supply a Supplement disk as well as a complete manual at a bargain-basement cost of only £7.99!
Using Your Coverdisks
1. Always write-protect your Coverdisks. Move the tab so a hole
is showing.
2. Copy the Coverdisks and use the copies, not the originals.
This may sound like a complicated task, suitable only for
techno buffs, but it's surprisingly simple to do, just follow
the simple instructions for copying the disk which are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Backing up your Disk There are two ways of making a copy of your disk, and this is the easy one. Don't be daunted by the fact that you need to use the Shell or CLI: it's actually a lot easier than you might think.
:l Whf iM, & UorltfcfM Just follow these simple steps... ¦iLEES":! Wt HU, « ?rw. 78» U r|g HI IE3 SL sj aoj DECEMBER 1992
3. The Amiga will now ask you to insert the 'source' disk.
It means the disk you want to copy, so put the Coverdisk in the drive and press the Return key.
1 Load your Workbench disk. Open the disk, find the Icon that soys Shell or CLI and double-click on It.
4. Wait for a while and it will read all the information off the
Coverdisk, telling you how far it has got. Then It will ask
you to insert the 'Destination' disk. Put the disk you want to
copy your Coverdisk on to in the drive and press the Return
key. Note that the disk does not need to be formatted already.
Am ¦LUjgBr:Tii«ris«m.» wi mi. ic ;r», n% n nm-§$ HJ =1 =1 Bl 1 wmmm r rnm ifB.1 «¦ dll:
S. Put the source disk and destination disk in a couple more
times when the Amiga asks for them. When it says "Diskcopy
Finished" just typB In: endcli to get out of the Shell or CLI.
You may have to put the Workbench disk in again. Now your copy
is ready!
If you have a problem with the disk - and you're sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help. If you ring us on any Tuesday between 11am-7pm, and ask to speak to Pat McDonald, he will do his best to help you. Please understand, giving this sort of advice is time-consuming so only call if you really have to and do be considerate if we can't talk to you just then. If the problem is particularly complex it is better to send it to us in written detail. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine.
We have done our best to check that all of the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use and have no viruses. We cannot usually answer complex telephone queries on the software |see the Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the numerous programs that are on the disk.
COPYRIGHT Unless it is specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisks are not in the Public Domain and the copyright remains with the copy- right-holder of the program.
Because some of the programs on the Coverdisks are not PD. Selling or distributing them without the copyright-holder’s specific permission is against the law.
Disk not workina?
We duplicate nearly 500,000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty, if the disk or any of the programs will not load or run properly, there
- may be a problem. Don't panic!
Amiga Format December Disk Disk Copy Labs Units 2&3 Omega Technology Centre Drayton Fields Drayton Northants NN11 FRI First try using the DiskDoctor utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
However, if your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back (with a brief note explaining what’s wrong with the disk) Including A STAMPED, ADDRESSED ENVELOPE for a free replacement within one month of the cover date to this address... ¦ Includes j Codemasters tailque GAME GENIE™ enhancer codes for great r entertainment! A Free Poster tS,£2?
, characte onJllantDl 8lo on1ton‘-“--1a8VOT,a8 prophecV e8had°«ol CODEMASTERS COMMODORE 61
• AMSTRAD CPC • ©1992 Codemasters Limited.
Lower Farm House, Stoneytorpe, Southam, Warwickshire CV33 ODL, Tel: 0926 814132 Fax: 0926 817595.
9. 99 9.99 7.99 9.99 HEIMDALL
11. 99 LOTUS TURBO 2
11. 99 BEAST 1
9. 99 11.99 F19 STEALTH
14. 99 JAGUAR XJ220
13. 99 12.99 RAILROAD TYCOON
13. 99 CHAMP MGR
14. 99 CAPTIVE
6. 99 XENON 2
8. 99 12.99 13.99 11.99 14.99 JACK NICKLAU!
6. 99 Games marked (NOP) will not work on the A500 Plus or A600
......19.49 A TRAN JI MtG) 24 69
* 320 AIR BUS 21*9
* OOAVS*AUf.vn utC) rftM Ol ENGLISH lt-12) 1699
* 01tWHiSM 02-1J) 6.99
* 01 MATHS (•» 12) 1669 UMMATHS(12 ill 699
* 0VANTA0C TENMS 6 99 LmneuRNCR ____149 LOONY---- 1099 MR BJCKS
1I0NII1 MfOi 6.99 IVMOS *99 LMOS'.OAMf S CREATOR' 29 99 U40S 30
(RtOLHRFS AMOS' ... 22.99 UIOSCCM Lt» IktcuiRfn AMC3I (9 99
|7HC ULTIMATE AM OA ROGRAMVisa *001: .44 99 JPOVA 1699
1RKA500 2 . 6 49 lRMA.vtt 49t IRMOLH-OtOCCN . . 999 I RwOt R
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kvIBHARft R ASSAULT 24.99 IAT 2 22 99 Jim TWO FORTRESS 22.99
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1699 PhttBlCe ------------- .'9* PIRST 8AMUHA.. UeGAlO MANIA
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OUNSHIP 2000 23 99 . -49.49
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• Faster Motorola 68020 processor!
• A 32-bit, not 16-bit, machine!
• 2Mb of RAM built in!
• Double-A, or 'AGA', chip set!
• 24-bit 16,777,216-colour palette!
• 256-colour, VGA-style' games screens!
• A numeric keypad!
• All for only £399.99!
The bad news:
• Only 30,000 of them will be shipped into the UIC before
DECEMBER 1992 The amazing new The surprise release of the year, possibly even of the decade, this new Amiga breaks completely new ground. It's faster, more powerful and has more colours than anything you’ve ever seen at this price.
Damien Noonan reveals the details and discusses the astonishing implications... YOU CAN’T HELP being impressed.
This is ihe machine we've ail been wailing for. Though we couldn't have imagined Commodore would release il now. This is one hell of an Amiga.
So you want details? Well, almost everything you could wish to see updated, enhanced or improved has been. The old Motorola 68000 CPU (Central Processing Unit) is replaced by a faster 68020. Consequently, the whole architecture has been developed on a 32-bit pattern, which maximises the speed gain from the fast processor and makes this a true 32-bit. Rather than a 16-bit. Amiga.
Memory capacity is doubled to 2Mb of 32-bit chip RAM. The old custom chip set (Paula. Agnus and Denise) has been replaced by the new 'double-A' chip set (Paula. Lisa and Alice) which first appeared in the Amiga 4000.
As for looks, the case is more or less the same as the A600 except that it's extended to include a numeric keypad (shades of the A500). It shares the same expansion port layout as the A600. With a PCMCIA slot on the left, joystick ports on the right, and an internal IDE connector for a miniature hard drive. It comes equipped with Workbench 3.
The key point, however, is die price.
The new machine, with all its vastly superior capabilities, will cost a mere £399.99 - only £100 more than the A600. £50 more than the A600 'Wild.
Weird and Wicked' pack and the same price as an A600 was two months ago.
The Amiga 1200 was given its UK launch in London on October 21. With simultaneous launches all over Europe.
Rumours and advance news had been minimal, especially considering that a number of software developers had been consulted throughout the development of the machine and had actually been using finished models for several months.
It seems this machine is the concrete reality behind the nebulous myths of an A800 which circulated earlier this year.
But the A800 was believed to be a first step on the upgrade path between the A600 and the A3000, whereas this is actually an alternative, more powerful basic Amiga. It repositions the A600 as a basement-level machine, coming in on the A500's home ground.
The 1200 is not a complete surprise, however. Amiga Format learnt five weeks before the launch that a new Amiga would appear for the first time at the Future Entertainment Show at Earls Court in London in November, where the 1200 features heavily, and we had been able to build up a complete picture of the machine.
Did we believe Commodore would release a 2Mb. 32-bit, 68020-based Amiga at £399? Well, yes. The more powerful chips are barely more expensive to produce than the older ones, since technology inevitably gets cheaper with age.
But we were still relieved, and excited, to see it confirmed. It was a pleasant surprise to find several major software publishers at the launch demonstrating work in progress that will make use of the AI200's extra graphics capabilities. Electronic Arts were showing the new 256-colour Deluxe Paint IV AA, while Gremlin and System 3 were showing new versions of Zool and Putty. Mindscape, MicroProsc, Ocean and Psygnosis are all working on new or enhanced A1200 games.
Where's the software?
So are software houses using the new graphics capabilities? And If not, will they be? Well, the signs are good.
"Some months ago we gave prototypes to some software houses," says Commodore UK's MD Kelly Sumner.
Commodore believe there will be 15 to 20 enhanced A1200 titles before Christmas. Plus the fact that the earlier Amiga software will run on the
1200. Here's a run-down of what was on show at the launch of the
new Amiga. (Originals, not the enhanced versions, are
Deluxe Paint now has new screen modes built In so it can work In any number of colours up to 256 as well as In HAM and In the new Super HAM modes. This gives It the ability to use more than 260,000 colours on-screen.
The screen modes apart, this new version is exactly the same.
ZooI and Putty are being converted to 256-colour versions. One Important difference with these games will be smoother scrolling.
Mindscape are looking forward to Wing Commander 2 being transferred from PC to A1200. The big difference will be the speed the 68020 processor offers - WC 2 will stick with 32-colour graphics. The advantage of the 600 and 1200 Is that games will run from Internal IDE hard drives, which suits these epic PC games.
Ocean are planning to release three titles In enhanced 256-colour A1200 versions In 1992, with more to follow. One noticeable feature of 1200 games like WWF2 will be their ability to use larger sprites.
MlcroProse have prepared a 256- colour version of Civilisation. This Is typical of one major Influence which will change gaming on the A1200: that many large-scale, VGA adventure and strategy games so beloved of American PC owners and developers will come straight to the Amiga.
Better 256-colour graphics and enormous (up to 20Mb) hard-disk-only games are certain to result. While some US creations are a shade gargantuan, there's a wealth of Imagination and talent expended on their development and we can expect them to enrich Amiga gaming.
So what of prices? Well, It seems that developers will produce enhanced, A1200 versions of all their games and, If they follow the example set by Ocean, will be very reluctant to charge more for them. Moreover, it seems unlikely that the ‘lowest common denominator' type of development, which held Amiga games back a few years ago when developers worked to the Atari Sts 16 colours and limited sound, porting Inferior games over to the Amiga, will recur. Developers will work to the capacity of the A1200 and then 'squeeze' games to work on the A600.
Which Is good news for all of us.
SC 061157 »U 061157 1
• * rr- j Off T J5I .Hh Zoof s multi-coloured backgrounds will be
enhanced on the A1200 gome version.
Which is good news if you're considering buying a 1200. We've been testing the A4000 (see page 40). And the big disappointment is we have no software to run that shows off the new graphics modes in the double-A chip set.
Amiga 1200 So there’s good news on the software support side, but die real excitement about the A1200 is the impressive new hardware. Yet more big numbers. But what do all these extra numbers do?
More speed and graphics.
The EC68020 processor is clocked at 14.19 Mhz on the PAL machine, which compares with 7.14MHz from the standard 68000 in an A500 or A600.
However, the clock speed doesn't tell the whole story. With a 32-bit processor and 32-bit RAM on board, the opportunity to provide 32-bit memory addressing has not been passed up. So that gives a speed increase too.
"We believe from our testing it has roughly five dmes the processing power of the A600." Explains Kelly Sumner, managing director of Commodore UK.
In fact this may be an under-estimation.
One quality of the double-A chip set is that the speed of the blitter, which has a great deal of involvement in all screen displays, has been vastly improved.
On the graphics side, die 256-colour Amiga game is now a reality. The new chip set makes more colours available and from a wider choice. Rather than the 4.096-colour palette of old. This chip set has a full 24-bit palette, giving a total of 16.777.216 colours and shades of colour to choose from.
The standard maximum display is now 8-bit rather than 5-bit. Which means games will be able to have 256 colours rather than 32 maximum. Very good news, but there's more to come.
There will be a new equivalent of HAM mode, too. Working on a 6-bit rather than 4-bit base gives 262.144 colours on the screen rather than the 4,096 of HAM. You're not going to see that appearing in games, though it could be of great use for giving 'screen representations' of true-colour pictures in image processing or the like.
In the past. Commodore have been muddle-headed about the release of new Amigas. The A500 Plus was almost accidentally thrust on to the market. The consequence was that we had plenty of criticisms to make, mainly because the impact on Amiga owners was left out of the equation. The problems with older software not running on the A500 Plus which beset the Amiga last Christmas were the perfect example.
So it's more good news that Commodore seem to know what they're doing this lime. Not that there isn't a down-side to this launch.
So let's look at the problems. First, naturally enough, there's the problem of software compatibility. Commodore are making no attempt to claim that 100 per cent compatibility is even likely, with a completely new memory address system and new graphics modes.
How much compatibility is there?
"Probably 60 per cent.” offers Kelly Sumner. But in actual fact, it seems likely that Commodore are being a shade pessimistic this time around.
Very sensibly. Commodore have built in a fall-back mode which enables the new chip set to emulate the old custom chips. This is done by way of a new boot selector screen - hold down both mouse buttons while the Amiga is booting and. As well as being able to choose which drive to boot from, you can choose which chip set to boot up with.
Pretty impressive.
DECEMBER 1992 Though there are other reasons for software not to run. This chip-switching docs eliminate a a lot of potential compatibility problems. Which is why much more than 60 per cent of older software could run on the A1200. Ocean's senior software manager. Colin Gordon, commented: "We've tested all our games up to a year-and-a-half old and only two didn't am." They were WWF Wrestling and Epic, if you're curious, Colin believes the problem with WWF is a simple one and could easily be fixed, if there were good reason to do so. While they're not really sure why Epic won't run. Ocean
have been testing Continued overleaf The impact of A1200 hardware on gaming 24 DECEMBER 1992 You can expect to see a massive new advertising campaign for the Amiga hitting TV screens, magazines and newspapers near you soon.
Commodore’s new ad agency, Laing Henry, have based the campaign on research which shows that computers are the most popular hobby with young people today and that the Amiga is the dream machine. According to a Lalng Henry executive: “If money were no object, that's what kids would have."
Suitably aspirational TV ads, with a Terminator-like robot, and magazine ads have been prepared. But Laing Henry are aware that while children are the decision-makers, It's the parents who hold the purse strings, so they've also prepared a campaign for newspapers pointing out that If the kids want to play games, parents are better off spending £300 on an Amiga, with ail its creative and educational potential, than £100 on a limiting games console.
The last blow is a leaflet on buying a home computer which will be freely available to technologically intimidated parents In high street shops. While giving Impartial explanations and advice, it will be clearly branded with the Amiga name. Clever stuff Indeed... all (heir software on an A3000 lo check lhal il works with faster processors and enhanced chips.
So Commodore aren't pretending there will be no compatibility problem.
On the contrary, they may be making it sound worse than it is. But there is another obvious case to raise against the A1200: surely it will put the A600 in the shade. So how do Commodore see the two co-existing?
Won't the 1200 make a huge dent in the sales of the 600? Certainly not in the short term. Th£ bad news is that pre- Christmas only 30.000 will be sold in the UK. With limited production facilities and a sure-fire winner in the A600 anyway. Commodore UK could not get their hands on any more.
But what happens next year? "The way we see the A600 1200 is the 600 will become the C64 of the Nineties - the entry-level machine - while the 1200 is the aspirational machine." Says Kelly Sumner. Which has more than one possible interpretation.
Clearly, the A600 is successful in its own right, as indeed il deserves to be and as the A500 was before il.
Commodore's research reveals that of all toys and hobbies, computer games arc most popular with youngsters. And ifpricc were no problem, the Amiga would be the machine of preference.
"We have something in the region of
1. 3. 1.4 million Amigas in the country."
Kelly Sumner told the press gathered at INTELLIGENT ADVERTISING the 1200 launch. "We believe the Amiga is still the state-of-the-art. Just for the record, last month we sold
64. 000 Amigas in the UK - which wasn't quite a record, but it
was close."
Most of the new Amigas have been A600s. "It's more cost-effective and.
More importantly to us, it's more reliable |than the A500]," says Kelly. The bottom line is that for the majority of people who want lo buy an Amiga this year, the A600 is what they are expecting to wander into Dixons and pick up.
The new machine is not likely lo clash.
That apart, there's still a price gap: a £299 A600 is a far cry from a £399 A1200. But. As Commodore hope, the 1200 is going to take up the traditional Amiga role of 'the machine to have', even though it costs more: it is the aspirational machine, the computer with the 'wow! Factor'.
A potential scenario, then, sees the A600 as a true console-beating, C64- style low-cost computer, with a further price drop from £299. For now. Though, we can be safe in the knowledge that the basic A600 is still one hell of a computer - and the aspirational A120(1 is a demon machine.
If you're wondering what's next, consider ihis: Commodore have more machines on the way yet. We reckon.
Next year could well bring a new A2000-style machine. And by the end of next year, we're going to see the first true CD-driven Amiga. © So how will the new hardware - the double-A chip set, 2Mb of chip RAM and so on - affect the development of games? We asked a number of developers to fill us in.
The main excitement is the new graphics modes offered by double-A chips. While the new 260,000-colour ‘Super HAM' mode Is too slow to make an Impact on gaming, the 256- colour mode will be very Important.
The first revelation is that arcade games will use 256 colours. The 256- colour 'VGA' mode used by games on the IBM PC and compatibles has set a de facto standard over the last two years, but there It's mainly used In adventure games which don't demand speed. We rather thought that 256 colours would enable the American developers of real heavyweight games to port them over to the Amiga easily, but we didn’t expect to see 256-colour arcade games like the new WWF Wrestling game, European Tour Rampage.
So 256-colour arcade games are in. What do they look like? Well, from what we've seen so far, the difference Is very subtle: the extra colours make subtler shading possible, so It's more what you don't notice than what you do notice that makes the difference.
What makes games like Zoo! And Robocod so colourful is not the 32 colours of the main screen, but the way the background Is filled with a rainbow of colours. This Is done by what's known as the copper, a section of the graphics chip that Is able to switch to a new colour on the palette on every ‘scan line' as the picture Is built up by the beam moving down the TV screen. Will this change? Well, It seems that with the 24-bit palette we'll see ever subtler skies and backgrounds, with hundreds of shades of similar colours. Less gaudy, gg *- more realistic.
Speed is clearly no problem. As well as the faster processor, the 32-bit memory access makes a big difference but, Colin Gordon, who is senior software manager at Ocean, tells us there's also another contributory factor: the blitter Is also much quicker. For those of you not In the know about the Amiga's hardware as used by games, the blitter (short for block Image transferrer) Is a part of the graphics chip that handles moving chunks of image from the memory on to the screen and, as such, radically affects the speed at which a game can run.
More good news about sprites Is that where before a hardware sprite was limited to 16 pixels across, it can now be 64 pixels and appear anywhere on screen. Expect bigger and better sprites and characters.
The new hardware has been designed to make smoother scrolling possible. It also enables greater use of ‘dual playflelds' - with 8-blt colour to play with, the screen can be split into two playflelds of 4 bits each, which means 16 colours each.
Amazing ‘parallax’ scrolling effects should be the result.
But the 8-bit 256-colour mode, the new hardware scrolling and the bigger sprites would appear to pale into insignificance by comparison with the simple fact that programmers now have 2Mb of chip memory as standard to play with. Since chip memory Is used for sampled sounds and for animations, this could radically affect gaming.
Colin gives WWF2 as an example. The graphics artist has the freedom to Introduce twice as many frames of animation for each character, making all movement more fluid.
And an amazing 450K has been given over to the soundtrack, which has enabled them to use sampled voices singing along.
If It sounds as though this Amiga is a programmer's dream, that's because the developers have been consulted all the way down the line. Commodore realise, as Kelly Sumner pointed out to me later, that the world's greatest game designers and programmers are all in the UK - look at the way games like Robocod, Populous and Lemmings have all wowed console owners after being ported over from the Amiga. So In designing this machine, they first went to the developers and asked for a 'wish list’ of features from a new super-gaming Amiga.
Not all have been Included, because Commodore wanted desperately to stick to the £399 price point which they consider is the right one.
A new soundchlp, for example, with full 16-bit sound, was on the wish- llsts but didn't prove possible.
But when compromises had to be made, Commodore again consulted developers. Ocean would have liked to see the high-density,
1. 7Mb disk drive (as used in the A4000) to have appeared In the
new machine, but when Commodore pointed out that cost made it
a straight choice between 2Mb of RAM and the hlgh-denslty
drive, they plumped for the RAM.
Colin points out that as well as being a good machine to work on, the Amiga remains a catalyst for new talent. Aspiring programmers can develop their first game and learn the techniques at home on this new Amiga, but consoles don't make this possible. And because you can create your own Dpalnt pictures on the ‘real computer' Amiga, this will give It the crucial advantage in the battle with the consoles.
|j|rom the creators of EYE OF THE BEEIOLDER I & II, comes The Legend of Kyrandia.
A land of dark mysterious forests and sleeping dragons.
A land of glittering ruhies and emeralds. A land of breathtaking heauty and secrets to unravel. The land of Kyrandia. Gorgeous scenes and realistic animation draw you into this fantasy adventure.
Elegant point and click control makes it easy to play.
The full orchestrated soundtrack will captivate you.
Eye of tile Behold cr I & II, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons are trademarks of TSR Inc. FABLES AND FRIENDS and THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA are trademarks of Westwood Studios Inc. ©1992 Westwood Studios Inc. ©1992 Virgin Games Ltd.
All ri gl'ts reserved.
CHEETAH Joysticks from the CharacteriStick range AJI specifications subject to change without notice.
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BERTHES CURRYS SUPERSTORE ij j. VIRTUAL WH SMITH REALITY CHEETAH 1 the most innovative joystick company in the world ATMAN. RETURNS TM * © 1992 DC Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
TM & ‘ 1992 DC Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved Features include
- • Officially licensed products Mttft • Highly sensitive light
touch fire buttons
• On-table or in-hand operation
• Heavy duty base with strong stabilising suction cups
• +2 f 3 selector connector Versions compatible with • 12 month
• Nintendo NES (£14.99) • Prices include VAT. Postage and
• Sega Master System (£12.99) packaging
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CHEETAH INTERNATIONAL LTD Cheetah House, Bedwas Business Park. High Street stores and all good Bedwas, Gwent NPI 8DU computer shops, or direct from Tel: 0222-867777 Fax: 0222-865575 Cheetah.. NEWS NEWS ROUND A4000 PRICE SHOCK The A4000, released In the UK at £2,099, was out in Germany a few weeks ago. A reader who lives over there, SR Beaumont, tells us it costs DM3,999 - about £1,480. Why the difference?
Rumours abound that Commodore in America are working on an official PC emulator for the A600 and it may emulate a speedy 386 PC The technology is available for licence, so they don't need to start from scratch. And it would prove that the A600 is capable of being expanded.
SCSI FOR A4000 One thing that's been putting people off about the A4000 is that Commodore have switched to IDE hard drive connectors. SCSI 2 is still pretty much the standard in high-end machines, so that's bad news; but Calculus are now developing a SCSI adaptor for the 4000. More news soon.
Calculus 0S43 2S1275 SORRY, WRONG NUMBER If you're interested in getting hold of the excellent CAD packages X-CAD 2000 and X-CAD 3000, contact Digital Multimedia on 0702 206165, not the number we have previously printed. Thanks.
3D BY THE BOOK If you're exploring programming, you may find Andrew Taylor's new book, Amiga Real-Time 3D Graphics (£14.95) just what you need. The book explains how to create 'virtual worlds' in assembly language, exploring topics like flight simulation and solid-object modelling. Taylor backs up theory with plenty of diagrams and example program's.
Sigma Press via John Wiley 0243 779777 BEGINNER'S HELP IN PRINT Tho latest book in the well-known Mastering series from Bruce Smith Books provides a step by step introduction to Workbench 2. Mastering Workbench 2 (£19.95) assumes no prior knowledge of computing and will prove invaluable to newcomers. It explains the jargon and describes the shortcuts, then moves on with ever more depth and detail.
Bruce Smith Books ISBN: 1-873308-08-6 CDTV down in price to £399 AI200 (£399). Neither of which currently has a CD-ROM drive available.
Next year is almost certain to bring a standard Amiga with a built-in CD-ROM drive, and to see the vast majority of entertainment software switching to initial release on CD format. The only remaining question is how the CDTV will be repositioned (once again) when that happens.
But in the meantime, if you want to be a pioneer of CD you have a straight choice: an A570 drive with an A500 that has I Mb of chip memory, or a CDTV. And at this price, the CDTV finally looks like a better option.
27 Final Copy II UK version at last DECEMBER 1992 STICKS WITH CHARACTER We've all seen the crazy designs that joystick manufacturers occasionally spit out; but Cheetah's Characteristicks (sic) range goes a step further. You'd be forgiven for thinking that they were just models of familiar cartoon and film characters, but they are in fact the very latest in designer game controllers. The range features two Batman sticks, an Alien’, a Bart Simpson and a Terminator 2 model, each made from tough plastic and priced at £12.99. Cheetah International 0222 867777 400 NEW FONTS TO DTP WITH Advanced
Graphics Ltd in Wigan are releasing a range of over 400 Adobe-registered typefaces compatible with the Amiga.
The fonts have been designed by Face Typographic, AGL's typeface division. They will work with PageStream and Calligrapher.
Individually, each typeface costs around £6, but the price drops to around £2 for each one when you buy groups of them.
AGL 0942 498174 You never thought it would happen, but Amiga 600 (and 1200) credit card expansions are here at last.
Final Copy II is now officially a UK product.
Gordon Harwood Computers have managed to secure a deal with the American firm Softwood, for their new word processor Final Copy II. The package will retail for £99.95 in the UK. And it’s the first time that Final Copy has officially been distributed over here.
Softwood, who created Pen Pal and an America-only version of Final Copy, say that Final Copy is the first and only Amiga word processor to give perfect printing with smooth outline fonts on any Workbench-supported printer, on any Amiga. It can print text up to 300 point size (roughly 4 inches high), use colour and mono graphics and has drawing tools, an English spellchecker and thesaurus.
Final Copy II needs 1Mb RAM (1.5Mb on the A600HD) and twin floppies or a hard drive. Harwoods 0773 836781.
PCMCIA cards arrive for A600 Opinion Is still deeply divided over whether the PCMCIA ‘credit card’ slot is a good or bad idea.
But one thing’s tor sure - you can now do something with it, as a flood of RAM cards appears.
No less than three companies are angling to be the first to stock A600-compatible PCMCIA cards. Taurus (through Calculus), Silica and HIQ are all preparing to launch 2Mb and 4Mb RAM cards which function as Amiga Fast RAM when inserted into an A600 or the new A1200.
Meanwhile, price differences between different brands of RAM cards will be minimal. HIQ are selling AMEM 600 cards at £119 (2Mb) and £159 (4Mb), Silica are retailing their Amitek cards at £119.95 and £179.95, while Taurus's Callbra range will sell for £129.99 and £199.99. This is an unbelievably compact and convenient way of fitting extra memory. Compare them with standard Amiga expansions and the price seems reasonable too, but we firmly believe the cost of this kind of RAM simply has to drop a lot further.
Taurus also announce that they are currently developing several other PCMCIA cards, Including a fax modem, an Ethernet adaptor and a SCSI 2 interface, all to feature in the Callbra range.
Meanwhile, Japanese consumer electronics giants Mitsubishi have announced a new version of the basic PCMCIA card which is fitted with not one, but two internal back-up batteries. A tiny 7mm by 2mm lithium battery supplies enough charge to retain data for three days by Itself - long enough for even the most slothful individual to replace the main 3V hearing-aid style battery.
This feature gives the PCMCIA system the ability to retain data Indefinitely. The cards are now available to developers and suppliers, so we should see them arrive on the Amiga early in the New Year.
The CDTV finally becomes a viable alternative to the Amiga with a further cut in price to £399 for the base- level model. This follows a previous cut from £599 to £499 in November last year.
The Home Multimedia Pack. Which includes CDTV with matching black keyboard and floppy disk drive as well as Workbench
1. 3.3, repositioned the CDTV as a direct alternative to the
Amiga earlier this year.
At its original price of £599 - £100 more than the base CDTV was then - the pack compared favourably with the £399 + £349 (total £750) cost of an A500 Plus with a CD-ROM drive, but it had its drawbacks.
The CD-adapted Kickslart in the CDTV docs cause some compatibility problems and the expansion potential of a CDTV is limited.
Since then we've seen Calculus produce CDTVs fitted with 2Mb of chip RAM and a SCSI adaptor with an internal hard drive. Both these factors make it look more like a viable Amiga. This latest price-drop begins to establish the £499 complete CDTV Amiga as a worthwhile choice, fitting into the range alongside the A600 (£299) and the There’s a brand new Amiga pursuit in town: it's called morphing and is widely touted as the technique that has transformed modem cinematic special effects.
You may have seen this effect most dramatically at work in the form of Amie’s T1000 adversary in the blockbuster film Terminator 2.
And it's about to arrive on the Amiga in a big way. Where 3D modelling was once the 'high-end' area of Amiga graphics, morphing is set to take over.
MoqyhPlus going through Its paces. We stort with this perfectly innocent owl... Morphing first arrived with ImageMaster from Black Belt, the top-notch image processing package reviewed in Amiga Format issue 37 and scored 89 per cent, it involves taking two bitmap images and blending from the first to the second over a number of animation frames.
Two major Amiga suppliers have announced new cincmatic-quality image-morphing packages, confirming Ihe Amiga’s position as leader in the low-cost computer graphics market. The two packages both originate from the USA. Where the Amiga already has a strong foothold in the TV and cinematic graphics and special effects markets.
MorphPlns from ASDG is already being used by Hollywood special effects animators for the film Babylon DECEMBER 1992 ...this to it. VoHal we have produced this Midwitch sort of owl-baby.
5. It is compatible with ASDG's image processing package Art
Department Professional and they claim it can produce a
complex broad- cast-sized morph at Ihe same speed as a
high-performance Silicon Graphics workstation.
MorphPlns also offers a range of Digital Video Effects (DVEs) like tumbles, fly-bys, sphere-mapping and water-effects. MorphPlns is being disAmiga phone home tem say ‘If you want to leave a message for Dad, press
1. If you want to leave a message for Mother, press 2', and so
on. So each family member can put passwords on the system, so
they can either delete or keep their messages without
Interfering with anybody else's."
The Phone Pak system Is also capable of receiving faxes and storing them In personal mailboxes on the Amiga, along with a corresponding voice-mail.
Depending on the standard of your telephone system and exchange, it's also possible to make PhonePak redirect calls to other numbers or extensions, or take a volce-mall If they don't answer.
The system will be supplied with a number of default messages and volce-mailboxes which enables you to set It up very quickly. You can later modify the messages and system details to personalise the messages and access-levels.
Silica have announced a provisional end-of-December release dale for GVP's new telephone volce-mail system, PhonePak. The system uses an Amiga to control a special fax modem which is linked to your telephone line rather like a conventional answerphone.
PhonePak is apparently far more versatile than anything previously seen at the proposed price of £399.
It can store personal messages for different people in such a way that only the people they were Intended for can replay them.
GVP's President Gerard Bucas, explains: "In a family of four people with a normal answerphone, the first person who comes home presses the play button and hears that 80 per cent of the messages are not for them. Now the problem Is this: do you rewind the machine, and when should It get rid of the messages?
"PhonePak allows you to make your telephone systributed in the UK by HB Marketing (0753 686000) at a retail price of £199 inc VAT.
Rival program CineMorph from GVP is due for release in the UK immediately from Silica (081-309
1111) priced £99 inc VAT.
As with MorpliPlus you can use it to turn one picture into another and produce high-quality animations.
GVP are keen to point out that CineMorph is a subset of a more powerful graphics package called Image FIX which, according to GVP’s President. Gerard Bucas: "...is intended to be equivalent to Adobe Photoshop on the Macintosh and even better in our opinion than Art Department Professional."
Image FIX will cost £229 - for more on GVP and Gerard Bucas turn to page 32 of this issue.
Meanwhile, GVP and ASDG are trying to work out a solution to another problem, one of product names. While GVP's product is called Cinemorph on the Amiga. ASDG’s version of MorpliPlus for IBM-PC compatibles' Microsoft Windows graphic user interface is also known as CineMorph.
Whether this means that one or other of the American companies will have to give way and change the name of their morphing program isn't yet clear.
As we go to press both companies and their UK distributors are trying to resolve the situation.
Amiga Format will bring you news of any product name changes next issue. We're also intent on securing review copies of both of these exciting graphics programs for the next issue. Then we'll really find out which one is the best.
VIRUS THREAT GROWS Spooky news arrives from the worldwide virus- hunting organisation Safe Hex International that there are now around 300 hundred different types of virus active on the Amiga. And the figure is quadrupling each year.
Amazing new graphics technique hits the Amiga Danish virus expert Erik Loevendahl Soerensen predicts that the Amiga world will be host to around 10,000 different types of virus by 1996.
If this scares you, the figure for PC compatibles could be around 25,000.
SHI's New Superkillers disk is updated around 30 times a year, and translated into languages that cover nearly half the globe. It's a massive task, requiring input and information from anyone who can spare the time or needs a hand. SHI also needs programmers who can help write and update their vast range of virus-killing tools.
If you'd like to get involved or make a donation, you con contact Safe Hex International's Lancashire HQ on 0942 68220S. If you're thinking of setting up a virus centre in different country, contact Erik Soerensen at the SHI main HQ In Denmark on +45 55 99 25 12.
LIFE ON MARS Voyager 1.1 (£90) is a 'dynamic sky simulator'.
Produced by Carina Software of California, it offers you the chance to wotch the movements of the planets in fast-forward, to view the solar system from anywhere you like and to watch eclipses and map the moon and see the mythical constellations and... ooohl You can bet we'll bring you a review of this program soon.
From HB Marketing on 0753 686000 MORE FONTS FOR YOU EM Computergrophic, now a force on the Amiga PD font scene, have recently received approval from Gold Disk, the makers of Professional Page, to distribute CGUpdate, the Compugraphlc font convertor. This program enables Gold Disk DTP users to use Compugraphlc fonts in their work, including the vast range of PD shareware fonts and clipart that EMC currently distribute.
EMC 0255 431389 STICKLESS TOUCH CONTROL Console-style control arrives with Hornby's Triax Turbo Touch 360, a radically new style of handheld controller. Its feather-touch direction pad means there's no buttons or switches. Hornby Hobbies claim the Turbo Touch 360 will "vastly improve gameplay, provide superior control and eliminate thumb strain." It will cost around £20.
Hornby Hobbies 0843 225555 POWER INTO COLOUR The colour version of Power's hand scanner is ready. The grey-scale version wowed us with high quality and low price (£99). The new colour version costs more, £279, if it produces colour scans at a similar quality to the mono version it will be a winner. Power Computing 0234 843388.
THINK OF IT ASA WAY OF TTFE synthetic iAffifin5,ons api iiE JOURNALISTS see new lilies every week, each one claiming to be the best of it's kind, to date. Vet at the recent European Computer Trade Show it was the journalists themselves that could be found singing the praises of one new title in particular - LEGENDS OF VALOUR.
I KEVIN BULMER (The Designer of Corporation) and LAN DOWNEND the creators of LEGENDS OF VALOUR.
J were literally jostled off their feet as J writers, retailers and fellow programmers I sought to experience what one prominent I industry figure called "A game that's I more a way of life-utlerb extraordinary."
J Demo disks can only scratch the I surface, screenshots in magazines could I never do the astounding graphics justice I (that's why you'll see none here). The only way to really find out what all the fuss is about is to experience it for yourself. LEGENDS OF VALOUR-The Dawning will be available 011 Amiga. ST and PC very soon.
Retailer for more details otto Danielle Woodyatt at the address below for an information pack.
NEWS This monthfe top 30 1 (NEW) PENGUIN T H ft RTQ. (oupiled bv gallup WWIIO st*oBiiiE»!6ar; 5 (2) 6 (11) 1 |3J 8 (9) ?
10 (18) A 11 (4) ?
12 (7) T 13 |NEW) ¦ 14 (26) A DECEMBER 1992 16(29) A 1 7 (NEW) B 18 (17) ?
19(13) T 20 (NEW) ¦ 21 (6) T 22(14) T 23(12) T 24 (8) ?
25 (NEW) ¦ 26 (RE) ¦ 27 (NEW) ¦ 28 (19) ?
29 (24) T 30 |RE) ¦ Format Gold 94% Format Gold 93% Format Gold 93% Format Gold 93% 79% 2ool Gremlin Graphics 2 (NEW) ¦ Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge Gremlin Graphics 26% 3(1) T Sensible Soccer Renegade Mindscape Format Gold 91% 4 (NEW) ¦ Shadow of The Beast 3 Psygnosis 53% Civilization MicroProse Format Gold 94% Graham Taylor's Soccer Challenge Krisalis 82% The Secret of Monkey Island 2 US Gold Format Gold 95% Lure of The Temptress Virgin Revolution Format Gold 92% 9 |NEW) ¦ Putty System 3 Format Gold 95% Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Virgin Format Gold 91% Formula One Grand Prlx
Microprose Format Gold 92% Fire and Ice Renegade Mindscape 89% Air Support Psygnosis 61% PGA Tour+ Electronic Arts Compilation 15 (NEW) ¦ Assassin Team 17 Review next Issue Mini Office Europress Software 84% Head to Head: F-19 & MIG-29M Domark Compilation John Madden American Football Electronic Arts Striker Rage Software Wizkid Ocean Crazy Cars 3 Titus The Manager US Gold Eye of the Beholder 2 US Gold Format Gold 91% Premier Core Design 89% The Aquatic Games Millennium 86% Thunderhawk Core Design Format Gold 90% Championship Manager Domark 41% Project X Team 17 75% Pinball Dreams 21 st
Century Entertainment 84% A320 Airbus Thalion 78% Format Gold 95% Place your bets for the top game this Christmas 1990 was a close heal between Powermonger.
Rubocop 2 and lliose Turlies - Iasi year it was surprise hit WWF Wrestlemania from Ocean.
So what will be at the top of the sales heap when the charts for that vital Christmas week are released in January?
The software industry attaches a great deal of importance to the Number One chart position at Christmas, because that's the time of year when sales are at their peak. The Xmas Number One. Therefore, can often be the top money-making game of the year.
If you're looking for a pattern, year after year Ocean's lactic of paying high prices for big-namc 'youth cult' licenses seems to pay off. Last year, none of the magazines had even reviewed WWF when it swept to top spot on a wave of wrestling cult fervour among kids loo young to read.
Batman in 1989, the Turtles and Rohocop 2 in 1990 and WWF in 1991 arc among those that have sold mainly on name and made it into the top three, although the games behind the titles varied immensely in quality. But a big name is no guarantee: strangely, Bart Simpson wasn't there at the line last year.
This year, only Ocean's Wrestlemania follow-up. WWF European Tour Rampage, is in the running but looks as though it won't be out in time. So is it the turn of an original product?
Probably not. The other pattern that emerges from the last three years is sequels.
Powermonger in '90 and Populous 2 in '91: Rohocop 2 in '90 and Rohocop 3 in '91; Lotus 2 last year. Lotas 3 this year, and. Of course.
Lemmings, all made it into the top five.
Lemmings 2. Even now being rushed out to hit the shelves just before Crimblc, has to be one of the major contenders this year. What probably makes it unique, though, is that it's the only big-name sequel in contention.
Original arcade games have to be in with a chance, both Gremlin's Zoo! And System 3's Putty coming out as major contenders in the mould of last year's Rohocod. Possibly a flight sim - Tornado or Reach for the Skies - could be up there, emulating the performance of Birds of Prey last year.
It scents most likely that this year, as last year, the final say will go to the game with the biggest hype behind it.
This year, that's a coin-op conversion - Street Fighter 2 brought to the Amiga from the arcades by US Gold. So. Which of these do we reckon will crack it? Well, it should be a toss- up between Lemmings 2, Zoo! And Putty, but StreetFighter has the by far the biggest groundswell of public feeling.
So there you go. Now get ready to place your bets, and wait... The return of the flight sim It seems an age since we had a flight slm, even though this is the most enduringly popular game style. MIG-29 and Birds of Prey spring to mind, but both are now well over a year old.
If you thought flight slms were dead, you'll be pleased to learn that one of the masters of the genre Is back In a big way. It's still likely to be around six months before we get to see Digital Integration's new Tornado simulation In full effect, but It's already looking Incredible.
On a recent trip to see the game In development, we were gobsmacked by the realism and speed of this massive flight sim.
Tornado boasts a 100x100-mlle playing area (that's a cool 10,000 square miles) and It's all to scale.
Within that landscape you’ll find detailed cities and nearby power stations with power cables supplying the cities' energy. Needless to say, if you take it upon yourself to shoot down the power lines, you can plunge a city into darkness.
There are also highly-detailed runways and airbases which make olher games look distinctly bare and unrealistic; a fully-operatlonal railway system with superbly-detailed trains to bomb; and a network of roads and bridges.
As for the plane itself, things are coming along nicely, but Digital Integration are waiting for the results of their extensive testing before releasing It. Currently, the Tornado's terrain-following auto-pilot Is working as well as the one in the real thing, and internal systems like the Infra-red thermal imaging cameras (like the ones used to view the bomb-drops in Iraq) are scarlly realistic.
Digital Integration have managed to obtain some of the most detailed research material ever used In military flight simulation, thanks to their close connections with two vital organisations: British Aerospace (makers of the Tornado) and an undisclosed (for reasons of military propriety) Tornado squadron somewhere in Europe. Both of these well-informed groups have given Digital Integration permission to take film and video of the planes in action, plus tons of photos, sound recordings for use as effects. And they’ve even let Ihem have a few Jaunts in their military-quality flight simulator.
With Tornado on the way, Gunshlp 2000 nearly here and Reach tor the Skies out soon, happy days are here again for slm fans.
Zool free with A600 from Commodore, and it proves that dealers also have some daut.
The game that should have been in Commodore's Christmas bundles has now been added by Silica, who are bundling it free with the A600. A games pack will be supplied in addition lo all other packs (the Epic bundle and the Wild. Weird and Wicked pack) containing arcade classic Zool. The highly-rated soccer game Striker, the excellent Pinball Dreams and the word processor Transwrite.
Apart from the fact that these are great games and make a £349 pack that already contains Putty and an A600 into a hell of a good deal, this pack also defies the accepted wisdom of dealers. It was widely believed that the narrow profit margins on the A600 would make it very difficult for dealers to add free extras.
Since Silica, in their SDL guise, also distribute lo other retailers, the Zool games pack will be available from other suppliers too.
Silica 081-309 1111 ASDG SUPPORT AA CHIPS Now that the A4000 is no longer tap secret, ASDG reveal that their existing version of Art Department Professional 2 is fully compatible with the new machine. While the A4000 was under wraps, ASDG were unable to bring this fact to people's attention for fear of breaching nondisclosure agreements with Commodore. ADPro 2 fully supports the A4000's new Super Hl-Res and HAM8 modes and has done since its release.
HB Marketing 0753 686000 POWER GOES ON-LINE Power Computing have just set up a new in- house bulletin board system called the Power House. On it, they propose to offer thousands of PD and Shareware programs for the Amiga, thanks to a 68040-based A2000 with a 1.4 Gigabyte hard drive. They also intend to offer discounts on Power Computing products to callers who register with the BBS; on-line technical assistance with any Amiga product; and on-line ordering with same-day dispatch. Amiga owners with a modem can call the Power House BBS on 0234 841503 (V42 and V32bls) or Power Computing on 0234
843388 (voice).
DOUBLE DIGITISER Microdeal are Just about to launch their new combined video and audio digitiser system, Videomaster. It's the first of its kind which enables you to sample and capture both medio at once. It can produce quarter-screen monochrome animations in real-time, grey-scale stills and you can sample sounds with it. With the supplied coloured filters ar an optional RGB splitter, it can be used to capture colour stills from videos and camcorders. Also bundled is a player program that enables you to make video audio sequences.
Videomaster works on any A500 or A500PIus with 1Mb RAM, and costs £69.95. Microdeal 0726 68020 ZAPPO - NO BULL Taurus Distribution intends to give the prestigious 'lifestyle-brand' companies like Nike and Reebok a run for their money with the Zappo range of Amiga products. The range includes RAM upgrades (£29.99 and up), external floppy (£55) and hard drives (40Mb: £300, 60Mb: £350), but the lifestyle aspect that Zappo are keen to promote is the ZapSac, an over-the-shoulder carry-case for Amiga 600s.
Taurus 0543 414939 POWERFUL 486 PC EMULATOR German emulator specialists Vortex launched their new Golden Gate 486SLC bridgeboard system (£699) for the Amiga in Cologne. The system is a 25MHz 80486 PC AT emulator for the A2000 A3000. It comes with 2Mb of RAM which can be expanded to 16Mb, and provides an IDE hard drive interface and a high-density floppy disk controller too. It can work with the optional Monitor Master (£79), a little black box which enables you to view EGA VGA and Amiga video with just one multi-sync monitor.
Vortex 010-49-7131-5962 DAATASCAN MAKES THREE Pandaal International are now releasing version three of the Daalascan Professional software for the Pandaal Amiga hand-scanner. The new version has a dual-screen layout with additional 16-colour grey-scale screen, freehand draw and is, ft "..... text options, full Workbench-compatible printer support and two levels of zoom. It is to be supplied with new Pandaal hand-scanners, and is available to existing users at £20.
Pandaal 071-328 4442 DIRK DARES AGAIN Who can forget Dragon's Lo r? Its detailed and colourful graphics belied the fact that it had little or no gameplay. Now ReadySoft announce the forthcoming release of Dragon's Lair III - The Curse of Mordread. It has 1,500 frames of animation and sports digitised sound, all for £30.
Entertainment International 0268 541126 LEEDS BACK IN EUROPE Empire is to distribute a new footie management game from CDS, the makers of Football Director I and 2. With Leeds United Champions you can recreate the unbounded embarrassment of scoring an own goal against Rangers. Look out for this latest in a long history of football management games in time for Christmas, priced £25.99. Empire 0268 541212 31 DECEMBER 1992 PROPER CHOPPER it's possible that you've never heard of Gtmship.
It was one of MicroProse's first simulations for the Amiga, and now they've decided it's time to revitalise the ageing helicopter sim in the form of Gunship 2000. It re-creates many of the features of the original, but in an up-to-date fashion.
Clunky graphics have been replaced by smoother 3D landscapes, but it still features the usual missions, training and campaign situations. Gunship 2000 should he available In December for £35.
MicroProse 0666 504326 NIGHT ON THE TILES US Gold hove just about finished the first 'legal' version of JW Spear's word game Scrabble.
Previously, a Scrabble lookalike made it into the PD market, only to be the sub|ect of an injunction.
Spear soon tied up an official licence deal and the fruit of the liaison offers four-player tournaments, games versus the computer, a 126,000-word dictionary and 12 skill levels. It should be out for Christmas at £25.99. US Gold 021-625 3366 BATTLE OF BRITAIN Virgin's forthcoming WWII flight sim is about to get take-off clearance, as the chaps at Rowan Software put the finishing touches to It. Reach for the Skies is practically two simulations in one, enabling you to take the role of a pilot (flying planes), an operations controller (pushing those little flags around a campaign map), or
both. You can play the game from either a German or British perspective. So far. Reach for the Skies has slipped a little from its original Autumn release, but Virgin still reckon they'll have it in the shops for the all-important Christmas crush.
Virgin Games 081-960 2255 GERARD BUCAS IS a big man. Luckily he is big and affable. He's also pleased lo talk aboui bis work, bis past, and the future for GVP and the Amiga.
Four years ago he had a secure vice president's post with Commodore. He was working on Amiga product development and was growing uncomfortably bored with the direction in which lie was going. He knew he could do better for himself. He knew that lie could do better for the Amiga.
Four years ago. Great Valley Products didn't exist. Now they arc one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of peripherals for the Amiga in the world.
When you look at the fact that GVP is an American company, based in a country where the Amiga is but the merest speck on a map full of Pcs, you ask yourself: just how does a company with such high odds against it turn into the worldwide market-leader?
How, for example, did Great Valley Products begin: "Mainly because I had been there (at Commodore] for four years already and I saw some really big potential opportuni- The Neil Jackson interview Gerard Bucas, president of GVP If the Amiga is not a 'big machine' in the United States, then how come Great Valley Products make so much money and such advanced Amiga peripherals? Neil Jackson tracks down GVP's founder and president Gerard Bucas at his Pennsylvania HQ and gets some answers... DECEMBER 1992 ties. There were no serious companies in the (Amiga] after-market and 1 guess the most
important thing I decided was ‘let me try and do my own thing’.
"It wasn't really political - I mean obviously you could argue there were all sorts of politics and other things, but if you really analyse it. That's true with all large companies."
Although GVP have probably done more for the Amiga (and for Amiga users) worldwide. And certainly in the UK than Commodore themselves - look at the A530 Turbo hard disk for one example of excellence - Gerard knows not lo crow at the expense of Commodore.
* I had been at Commodore and I saw some really big potential
opportunities. There were no serious companies in the (Amiga)
after-market and I guess the most important thing I decided was
'Let me try and do my own thing'99 He is diplomatic, but is
there a touch of irony in what lie says: “I am definitely not
a Commodore-basher. I am always positive about Commodore
because obviously we are totally dependant on them."
Clearly GVP have a solid background in Amiga development. So how does Gerard account for the fact that they sell more peripherals than Commodore?
"My philosophy always has been that we wanted to be a world company and a growth company. When we stalled GVP. I discovered that most (similar] companies are a couple of engineers who think small and generally have engineers even in their sales departments.
These types of company never seem to expand because they don't have an ambitious outlook.
"We decided to employ a proper sales team.
This left our engineers to get on with the business of developing and building newer and better peripherals.
"We became so successful with peripherals that it's almost like Commodore don't have to do one because we'll probably do it in any case. It's a sort of chickcn-and-egg problem that has slowly but surely, 1 think, resulted in Commodore doing less and less peripherals.
"Another interesting thing is the fact that I'm not an American, but I'm working from America. 1 mainly deal with European distributors and the fact that I'm European myself."
(he's Dutch in fact, but you have to fight to pin down the accent because it now has the stateless. Mid-Atlantic twang) “gives people a different level of trust for some reason. They feel we can make common jokes about Americans and stuff.
"One of the reasons. 1 think, is that American companies always want to do everything through lawyers and contracts and so on.
And the minute you make one mistake they get their lawyers involved. Until two months ago we never even had a lawyer in this company."
From GVP's point of view, what’s the difference between the UK and US? "Right now." Gerard points out. "our sales are 50 per cent USA and 50 per cent rest of the world."
So despite the assumption that the Amiga is a 'minor-league' machine in the US. This market still, “amazingly enough" according to Gerard, accounts for half the company's sales.
“There are two reasons for that. One is because we are located here so we can be much more aggressive than any distributor we appoint overseas. Second, the US has a higher percentage of higher-end machines.
“Because there is no major US market here, they ignore the Amiga. We went after a global market because it’s true, certainly at the moment, that there is no single country that you could survive on. If you put all the countries together, it's a different story."
This big thinking has obviously done the company no harm at all. Since 1988 staffing has grown from two lo 65 people. Profits have grown from $ 0 to $ 35 million. No mean feat in an age of slowed growth, using a machine many dismiss (in the States). Gerard doesn't see this as a problem: "The US is predominantly higher-end whereas Europe and the UK especially is lower-end, but what is interesting is that our sales in the UK (in money terms) arc as much as 40 per cent high-end product."
So would GVP ever consider dropping the A500 market? This one strikes a chord. But not the one you would expect. Gerard, and GVP have a very positive attitude to the 500: "We are finding that the A500 market is 'maturing'. There are more and more people who have an A500 and say 'gee, I could do something useful with it-.
"Second, hardware is always going down in price. For example, a hard drive now costs probably half of what it did two years ago and as a result more people can afford one.
"The average A500 owner does not have a lot of money, but suddenly hard drives are starting to come close to what he can afford.
So we are totally committed to the A500 and eventually the A600 market."
What about the future? Would GVP ever dump the Amiga in favour of the PC. Gerard is shocked: "Again the answer is definitely no.
The only thing is we will definitely plan to diversify, maybe into some other platforms."
One thing many Amiga users would love would be the chance to walk into a GVP store, to deal with the company one-to-one. So can Gerard see them opening an office, or a technical support facility in the UK? He obviously has Silica Shop to consider before answering this. Again he is diplomatic: “Longer term. I think obviously we need to look at that and we are definitely not totally ignoring that issue. 1 don't want to say more at the moment."
This conversation could have gone on and on. But Gerard has to get away and discuss some new Amiga peripheral with his team.
But he leaves on a positive note: "How serious are we? We are definitely focussed on the Amiga, that's for sure." Amen to that. ® MicroProse Ltd. Unit 1 Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8LD. UK. Tel 0666 504 326.
FLY TO THE HOTTEST SKIESa H IN THE MIDDLE EAST... We've spent a year, ensuring that both "Desert Strike™" and "Road Rash™" come to you with all the enhanced graphics and sound quality that you've rightly come to expect from your Amiga.
The Middle East's looniest dictator is about to nuke anyone who stands in the way of his mad ambitions.
A desperate US President turns to you to undertake a covert mission piloting a heavily armed Apache helicopter, pj From a 3 4 top-down perspective, you'll be taking off on 27 different missions including; rescuing MIA's, defending oilfields and taking out SCUD missile launchers.
All a million miles from the uncontrolled mayhem of "Road Rash", a scorchingly fast biker race across America with no holds barred.
Punch, kick and club your way to the prize-money and your bike to an ever more frighteningly fast machine, like the terrifying Diablo 1000.
The other competitors are not the only danger as you speed along five of America's most lethal highways. Hard- nosed cops, oncoming traffic, oil-slicks, even wandering cattle and deer.
Whether you yearn for the undying gratitude of the entire Western World or the grudging respect of Helldog the club wielding gypsy biker, these two fun-packed hits are at last yours.
IE I. ¦ C T R • N I C ARTS Available on Amiga and Sega™ Mega Drive™.
And MegaDrive are Trademarks of Sega Enterprises Lid.
Electronic Arts, 90 Heron Drive, Langley, Berks SL3 8XP Tel: 0753 549442 Fax: 0753 546672.
The virtua Amiga WHEN AND WHERE will the Amiga stop? It has already won awards for police crowd control, it is widely used in television and music, and now it is being used at the very core of the first production-line Virtual Reality systems in the world.
The Virtuality system from W Industries comprises a large headset connected to a huge black machine, which' you either stand or sit in. It also features the many talents of an Amiga 3000 as the controlling force of the whole shooting match.
These are the machines that you might have seen springing up in the amusement arcades over the summer.
Instead of using a monitor screen to display the games, Virtuality uses a special headset called the Visette, which gives you a stereoscopic view of the game that you're playing. The Virtuality a m n m DO m 73 3 3 M A The Free Wheel: control systems for a home Virtual Reality set-up?
TUM-tTY hTd launch While all this Is going on In the arcades, one company Is beavering away to bring Virtual Reality to your Amiga. Bristol- based RC Simulations are shortly to release not one but three different game control devices which go beyond the standard plug-ln Joystick approach.
Last off the production line Is the Free Spirit. This device looks like a baseball cap but contains a bunch of ‘state-of-the- art’ sensors. Wearing It will enable you to control various aspects of a game by tilting your head In a particular direction. For example, in a flight simulation, you could fly using the standard Joystick mouse key combination, but control the missiles and guns using your head.
Free Wheel Is a life-sized steering wheel which connects to your Amiga and offers you either digital or analogue control over your games. Whereas such controllers are normally fixed to your desktop, the Free Wheel Is held In the air or rested on your knee.
The Free Flight Is a free-floating Joystick. Special angular sensors Inside measure the movement of your hand, and the data Is sent to your Amiga to be used In gameplay In the same way as a normal Joystick. All of these devices mean that you are not 'tied' to your Amiga but are allowed free movement while gameplaying. The Free Flight will be available In mid-November at around £39.95, while the Free Wheel Is likely to be available in early December at £39.95 for the analogue version and £29.95 for the digital version. The Free Spirit Is unlikely to appear until early next year. (RC Simulations
0272 550900.)
Is there an area of computing that doesn't involve the Amiga in some way? Andy Nuttall thinks not, and sets out to a 'real' Nottingham to report on the Amiga-produced Virtual Reality... system also tracks your position, so when you move your head around, the image you see changes accordingly.
This enables some incredibly complex interactive games to be created, where you can actually feel that you are 'inside' the game instead of looking in from the outside.
“The Amiga is basically the workhorse of Virtuality, with an Amiga 3000 controlling most aspects of the system," explains Matt Drakard, one of W Industries' representatives in the UK.
"There are other proprietary graphics boards which were designed specifically for W Industries, but they all sit around the Amiga which then controls all the processing of information and makes sure that everything works.” So does that mean that the Amiga basically does everything aside from NEWS VIRTUAL REALITY CT- Back in the real world... NEWS VIRTUAL REALITY Soft reality Virtual Reality In your own home.
Could it really be a viable proposition?
The only people who really know are the software houses, the people who make the games. So we asked five of the UK’s leading games developers and publishers what they thought of Amiga-based VR... CD-ROM is used in all the Virtualily systems. For example in Flying Aces and Legend Quest. The latest ’experiences' (W Industries' hype- laden term for what we call games) released by the company. CD is used for sound and music. According to Matt, though, they "do expect to be using it for other stuff in the future, such as storing graphics and other data."
So as well as being a great machine which can turn a hand to many different tasks, the Amiga also plays a major role in one of the most exciting and innovative developments in the history of entertainment. W Industries' director of software engineering, Al Humrich, explains why they chose the Amiga for use in the system: "The Amiga has several advantages over other computers, with features that are very useful to us, including the fact that it's easily expandable. Also the low cost made it an obvious choice."
Having played on one of the original Virtuality machines, with a game called E.xoRex, I found the graphics rather blocky. Have they developed since the release of the first VR machines?
“Although the graphics have become more detailed, the method of creating them hasn't really changed,” says Matt. “The original experiences used fairly rudimentary graphics, created using filled polygons to achieve the required speed. The latest graphics are still polygon-based but because of the advancements in graphics speed they are now far more detailed.
"As for the future - again, there is so much scope for us to learn about realtime 3D graphics. There are always plans to advance them, but it's difficult for us to say what's going to happen even in the next two or three months.
It's basically the same as the home computer industry - technology advances so quickly it really is incredible."
A dudette wearing a Viselle (Ihe head-set) - in 20 years' lime we will look back at these hefty bits of entertainment kit and laugh in astonishment.
But for now, they are Ihe way forward for gomes players. (Or so we are told.)
Danielle Woodyatt of US Gold: “The idea of Virtual Reality Is an absolutely brilliant one. As far as home VR is concerned, though, I don't think it will happen - or at least not for a number of years.
It's just like a few years ago, when kids wanted coln-op arcade games In their house. That didn't happen, but they did get games consoles. VR Is a totally different area."
Ken Lockley of Ocean: “Obviously Virtual Reality Is the next big thing in entertainment. I reckon we should see a basic VR system In the home within two years, but it’ll take about five years for anything decent to come out.
“The intervention of the CD as a means of storing computer data will improve things considerably."
Caroline Stokes of Virgin Games: "VR is definitely the way that things are going to go. It’s an escape, in a similar way to a holiday, a book, a film or a video game. To be able to do VR on your Amiga would be amazing.
"I do think that It's one step nearer being a couch potato, though. I mean, more kids will stay In their virtual world rather than going to experience real life."
Steve Perry, Systems Manager for Microprose UK: “We already work quite closely with RC Simulations.
Regarding their Free Wheel and Free Flight products, If the Free Spirit is released, we will consider using It In our simulations."
37 DECEMBER 1992 handle the graphics? “Apart from a small controller board, the external circuitry is used only for graphics.
The Amiga is very good at handling everything else because of its multitasking capabilities - that’s why we chose it. Obviously the Amiga's graphics are good, and its sound is good as well, which are added bonuses.” LEGEND QUEST Legend Quest Is the first multi-player game from Virtual Reality Design & Leisure (VRDL) and W Industries.
It sees up to four players In Sword and Sorcery-type action, exploring a series of virtual dungeons while avoiding any nasties. The Director of VRDL, Justin Webster, designed the game, and W Industries wrote the software to implement the designs.
Players play an Elf, Human or Dwarf, and their onscreen characteristics will change according to these choices. Other changes may also be made to the players, such as pointy ears, eye colour, and clothing. To make the experience even more believable, a ‘Vocalizer’ is included In each of the players' helmets. This device alters the sound of each voice depending on the character and its position within the dungeon. Although the Nottingham site enables only four players to link up and play, Justin Is planning on opening two other sites in London and Los first you'll get people producing VR
Space Invaders-you know, not really using the technology to the full. As time goes on, new pigeon holes will open up and software will be developed to fill those pigeon holes.
"If somebody could get themselves a decent sex life out of their home computer, domestic VR would be Incredibly popular..." This is a statement that we, as Amiga owners, can directly relate to. The Amiga has been updated and remodelled on numerous occasions, and recently new models have appeared such as the A4000 and A1200 with an advanced chip set and impressive processing power. Can wc expect W Industries to embrace such technologies as they are developed, making Virtuality faster and more realistic?
According to Matt, the one feature of Virtualily machines which puts them above their competition is the “upgrade- ability". Yes, but is there a direct relationship between the Amiga and this? We turned away from the sales pitch and back to Al Humrich at the software development end and asked the question again. He agreed that there was a relationship between the versatile and evolving Amiga and the upgradeable Virtuality machines that were controlled by Amigas.
66 The Amiga has several advantages over other computers; it has features that are very useful to us, including the fact that it's easily expandable,99 Al Humrich, W Industries We asked Matt if he sees Virtual Reality taking over from video games in the future. His answer was. Shall we say.
Predictable: “I think that almost without question VR will completely lake over video games."
Without doubt. VR is an exciting area of computer gaming, and unsurprisingly the Amiga is at the forefront of this new and innovative technology.
The question that remains to be answered is not whether VR will come to the home but when the Amiga developers are going to bring it. © Angeles. In both these places, up to eight players will be able to link up and play. These sites are due to be opened early next year at the same time as franchises become available for other sites around the UK.
According to the people at VRDL, Legend Quest has been a great success since its launch earlier in the year.
With an Amiga at the heart of the game engine, we can't say that we're that surprised. And VRDL are keen to keep on Introducing more games. Their next epic production, Grid Warriors, will make use of new eight-player sites In the UK and abroad - it's a futuristic power struggle to gain ultimate control of the Earth.
Battling over several different types of terrain, the players will grow In strength with each successive victory.
The development of more games, better technology, and the continued use of top-quallty Amigas bodes well for this entertaining revolution.
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In many ways the A4000 is an answer to the critics who said Commodore were not doing enough research and development: that although they dominate some markets, in a couple of years the Amiga will be forgottlen.
Does the A4000 go faster than Linford Christie? Does it have more front than Madonna? Does it have more charm than Omar Sharif? Read Pat McDonald's words and find out.
DECVEMBER 1992 Everything is new, or has a changed element. The keyboard is exactly the same as the A3000 CDTV. Except it's a paler shade of beige and the connector is PS 2 like that of the CDTV. Rather than the traditional 5-pin DIN plug. The mouse is of a very-rounded design and the floppy drive is of the HD (high-den- sity) variety, which means you can squeeze up to 1.76Mb of data on to a single disk.
At the back you've got the least number of connectors ever seen on an Amiga. Serial, par- rallel. Floppy and video - that's your lot. Gone are the SCSI hard drive connector and the 31 Khz. Connector of the A3000. And the composite video connector of all previous machines. You do gel an adaptor so that you can plug in a 15-pin 31 Khz monitor - but it's not built into the machine.
One thoughtful feature is the Euro power- out connector (commonly called the 'kettle lead') so you can get power for your monitor from the machine, rather than needing a second mains plug. Another is the lock, which means you can prevent people turning it on.
Under the bonnet is a wealth of new Amiga hardware. The central processing unit is a 68EC040. This is similar to the powerful 68040, except that the MMU (memory management unit) and FPU (floating point unit) are missing. The only reason for fitting this chip is to keep the cost of the machine down.
Even with a cut-down processor, the A4000 manages a respectable performance in terms of computing power - it shows a clean pair of heels to any PC, 486DX included.
There is a price to pay for performance and the cost reflects this lo some extent.
So what? Amiga accelerator cards, including 68040 types, have been around for years.
The difference is that pulling in a faster CPU is done at the factory while the machine is being built. It's a lot cheaper than accelerating a 16 32-bit Amiga (anything previous to the A3000) up to the same specification.
More than that is the design of the A4000 which is geared towards easier accelerator boards. It means that when there is a call for a certain processor (68050s or 68060s) being built into an Amiga, all Commodore have to do is change the processor board.
So the A4000 has a competitive lifespan second to none. Computers usually age very fast indeed (they can be obsolete within a matter of years or even months). The A4000 has a EXTRA SOUND INPUT Although the A4000 contains much the same sound chip as any other Amiga, one feature that could be useful is an internal connector for sound Input. The Idea Is that you can feed stereo sound Into the machine and play Amiga samples over the top. I don't know if much sound gear will come out that uses this feature, but It's ideal for CD-ROM sound mixing and saves a lot of extra cables.
STORAGE The A4000's standard HD floppy drive Is excellent for storing single 24-bit graphics at normal broadcast resolutions - something that wasn’t guaranteed with the old double-density disks - and there's even a dust flap on It. You can fit an extra floppy Into the machine below the built-in one, but the second drive has to be of the half-helght variety, otherwise it won't physically fit.
The IDE hard drive, while reliable and simpler than SCSI types, is a bit slow in my opinion. This doesn't manifest Itself in everyday use, but if you're into big flies like those created by 24-bit graphics, you'll be hard pressed not to yawn at the saving speed.
One final note Is that a CD-ROM drive is planned for the A4000. With Its graphics capability, specific Cds for educational training Is one area that Commodore should hit rather well.
Longevity to it that up lo now has been very rare. It's ahead, and in a position to stay there.
Behind the processor is die excellent dou- ble-A chipset. For more details on what this does, see the accompanying boxout. Suffice to say that die graphics capabilities of the machine are the best that die Amiga can possibly achieve on monitors currently in service.
Especially if your chip RAM is of the Fast Page mode variety (basically, very fast RAM).
The memory support is good, but expensive.
The A4000 is expanded on the board by inserting 32-bit single in-line memory modules (SIMMs), in a similar way to that of certain higher-end accelerator cards. Up to 16Mb of fast and 2Mb of chip RAM are supported on the board in an easily accessible area.
There is a jumper on the board marked 'Chip RAM 2Mb 8Mb' that I have not seen documentation for. But it seems to indicate you can have up lo 8Mb of chip RAM. Each of the Zorro HI slots (32-bit expansion slots) can have more memory - up to 64 Mb per slot of fast RAM. Giving total expansion of 272 Mb of fast RAM and 2-8Mb of chip RAM.
THE HARDWARE Super Gary (Hard Drive & General I O) Kickstart ROMs Super Ramsey (Ram Controller) Lisa (AA chipset Denise) Super Amber (Flicker Fixer) Alice (AA chipset Agnus) Paula (Same as ever) 32-bit SIMM RAM THE BEST CPU IN THE WORLD DECEMBER 1992 This is the really stunning bit of the A4000. The processor has its own separate board - so if you want an even faster machine in years to come, you will be able to change |ust this board far performance that's outrageously good by today's standards.
While this is certainly more convenient than plugging very small ZIP chips into an A3000 (an operation requiring a subtle blend of brute strength and gentleness) 32-bit SIMMs are roughly twice as expensive as their ZIP equivalents. The price will fall, but starting from a high position this might take time.
Megabyte for megabyte, ZIPS are cheaper.
Kickstart 3 has been burnt into 32-bit ROM chips, bypassing the need to copy it to 32-bit memory to gain more speed. The combination of hard drive. 32-bit architecture and a 68040 in charge means you can be up and running within seconds of switching on. It makes the machine a giddyingly fast booter.
However, it could have been even faster.
The in-built hard drive is a Seagate IDE type, much the same type as found in most IBM PC clones. It's cheap and. To be honest, a bit slow, especially when saving files. The connectors to fit a second IDE drive on top of the first are included, but no more hard drives can be fitted without an extra controller.
To many people's ears the worst feature is that the sound is no better than that of any other Amiga. The 8364 Paula chip, while a The first thing that strikes you about the machine is how pale it is - much whiter than previous serious AMIGAs.
Together with the heavily indented logo, the machine looks like nothing other than a block of ice. When you actually get to play on one, it's a noticoble contrast between how sweet and innocent the machine looks, and how powerful it is in relation to all other computers in this price range and many others above it too.
Different shape to previous versions, is exactly the same in terms of specifications. Does it make sense to keep using the same sound chip for seven years or more? The 8364 in the A4Q00 is surface mounted and cannot be upgraded by you if a replacement comes along.
That’s a whistle stop tour of the machine. As you may have twigged by now. The A4000 is not all dream machine. In many areas (such as the processor, chip set and memory) it is the best technology you can buy for the price, but the sluggish hard drive, lack of connectors and second-class (by Atari Falcon standards) sound may deter people from getting too interesed.
Still with me? Good. Commodore had four conflicting interests to resolve in the A4000. It had to be very fast without being too expensive. And have better graphics without being too incompatible. The aforementioned Falcon is very incompatible with ST software and the culprit appears to be the better sound chip.
In terms of compatibility, the chip-set designers and Kickstart programmers got together and pul in a very nice feature indeed.
If you hold down both mousebuttons. You can not only choose which drive you want to boot from - or disable others to save on memory - you can also choose whether you want the original chipset, the ECS chipset (found on the Plus and A600) or the best available which, on an A4000. Means the double-A chipset.
Commodore reckon about 60 per cent of current Amiga software is compatible. My own opinion is that this is about right, if public domain and older games are kept out of the equation that is. Stuff that hits the metal hard, is compatible with ECS and doesn't mind a 68EC040 seems to work fine. Links updates in a couple of seconds; Formula One Grand Prix updates in real time; and ProFlight (the only flight sim tested that worked - failures included Birds of Prey and MiG-29M) is a very smooth, snappy flight sim.
Few people are going to buy the A4000 just to play games on it though. In terms of non-games that work with the machine, business and creative software is by far the most compatible, with business being the best overall. The reason for this is a little bit involved but goes like this... A lot of software that Continued overleaf doesn't use libraries to find out which processor is running will have a problem. Quite a lot of programs go 'wow! A 68040! Great. I'll hit the floating point unit [FPU] that's built into all 68040s'. The program will fail because the new EC version - the
'economy' version - does not have a FPU.
You can make the A4000 more compatible by titling a true 68040. With all the bells and whistles. You don't believe me? Then why does the user's guide tell you how to do it?
Anyway. 60 per cent compatibility with current commercial software and maybe 80 per cent with a true 68040 is pretty good.
More remains to be done though. For a start, a HAM8 256-colour paint package is needed - Deluxe Paint VI Maybe. The graphics on these pages were processed using Art Department Professional 2, which supports HAMS and works well on an A4000.
The Amiga market isn’t a vacuum outside of the computer industry. Apple have been busy slashing the price of the Macintosh, and the PC comtemplible sellers keep dropping prices.
£3,000 for an A3000 two years ago was silly - the machine, while good, was just too pricey to make a serious impression.
Perhaps £2.000 for an A4000 is equally as silly. I don't see that Commodore have that much of a margin on the A4000. Especially in the United States where it is much cheaper thart the UK. But with a tougher battle ahead of it. Amiga sales over the pond have been steadily eroded over the past few years. I think the reputation of 'the most powerful computer- will help Commodore regain lost ground.
The A4000 is not an everyman's machine.
If most people upgraded to them, chances are they would be annoyed to find that most of their software collection didn't work, while finding little at present that uses the extra features. However, the A4000 is a huge lure to tcchnophilc high-end users.
BELOW RIGHT: FI -GP is the best sim on the Amiga. The update is so fast that you can react much more smoothly to the bends and chicanes.
BELOW: Performance is 38 times faster than an A500, 138 times as fast as a bog standard PC XT. 17 million instructions per second is a speed few machines can offer at the price.
If you're interested in 3D modelling, high- end design (especially CAD) or any application that makes use of graphics that outshool most monitors, then this is a machine as sexy as they come. If you want the best in computing power too. Then the A40I10 is the only game in town. With it. Desktop publishing is made a serious outlet, and video is raised to the point that more expensive workstation systems will suffer.
So is it worth running out and buying an A4000? If you are in need of a really fast machine to munch its way through maths- intensive tasks, then yes. It is the business. If you want to use a lot of current software, it may be belter to wait for double-A-compalible software and soldier on with an A3000 or older Ainigti with an accelerator. The A4000 is a hard-hitting machine with a long lifespan - buy one now and you can keep expanding it until the turn of the the century. © What can this miraculous new set of Agnus and Denise (sorry, they're called Alice and Lisa) chips produce in the way of
graphical marvels? Much depends on the architecture of the machine, but in the case of the A4000, you've got everything.
However, not all new Amigas are going to have the lightning-fast Page Mode RAM chips.
THAT DOUBLE-A CHIPSET IN FULL DECEMBER 1992 Take a look at the pictures: Lisa and Alice can display all the old resolutions. In addition, higher resolutions can have more colours - it would be dangerous to say that all resolutions give all colours, but that's it in a nutshell. Rather than being limited to six bltplanes (64 colours) you can now have 128 or 256 colours on a screen - or, for still graphic screens, 262,208 colours that you get from HAM8. Extra half brite mode Is usually unnecessary because you can have 64 unrelated colours of any hue or intensity on-screen at once.
The ECS super hi-res mode, for instance, gives you 1,280 pixels across the screen. You can have 256 or 512 pixels vertically. Full overscan Is supported. You want colours? You got 'em. The ECS productivity mode has been renamed as AGA, although really it takes Its name from the PC VGA standard. This enables you to run interlace graphics without using interlace - so you can have 640x512 resolutions, again with any of the new colour modes. Maximum resolution is about 800x1,024, although the edges are missing on most monitors.
On top of this, you can use hardware scrolling at maximum resolution (quarter-plxel super-smooth scrolling), sprites always have 16 colours and they can cover the whole screen. Also, the copper arrangements have been totally changed, but there's nothing in the documentation about it. I guess that the copper can access on pixel boundaries, as opposed to the old system of four- or elght-plxel boundary copper timing.
The real difference on the A4000, though, is that the custom chips can read and write four times as much data at one time than can those of the original Amigas, and twice as fast as an A3000. So its graphics handling Is the fastest on any Amiga, whether It's filling polygons or cookie-cutting blitter objects.
Without the double-A chip set, the A4000 would be a whizzo computer slapped on overpriced, old technology. With it, the cutting edge of the Amiga is keener than ever.
Within _____’’ _ - weeks l~ i" •''= fr r i:Jvjgs= you'll be. [Tirrnri iti ¦ 11 |T|ttttti reading LJ.fJ 1111111111,1,11.LlJXl.lJ music... and playing better than you ever thought possible, Record, overlay and mix your own creations in The Miracle's 8 track studio.
Play the piano in -3 weeks 7 That would take a Miracle" MINDSCAPE Mind,tape International Lid, Priority House, Charles Avenue, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9PQ Tel: 0444 872234 Fox: 0444 248996 Actual screen. Not simulated.
If you want to take a closer look at the new Wordworth call 0395 270273, or write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ ENGLAND Actually, you're looking at the new Digita® Wordworth® version 2.
It's the revolutionary Intellifont® technology which produces on-screen fonts at sizes from 3 to 800 points!
Wordworth comes with 17 genuine Agfa® Compugraphic fonts, which are just about the best quality around.
Best of all, Wordworth prints silky smooth fonts at the highest possible resolution of your printer.
Which means, in human terms, unbeatable print quality. Just click the icon on the tool bar and in seconds you'll be printing jagged-free letters and graphics.
But, there's more to new Digita Wordworth than just pretty fonts... New features include • columns • tool bar • indexing • table of contents • endnotes • improved mailmerge and file support • bookmarks • text sorting
• improved search and replace • hotlinks. In fact, there's over
100 new features and improvements.
So, if you want to print the sharpest possible letters around, trade up now from any Amiga word processor for just £59. But hurry, this is for a limited period only.
Digita Wordworth, what you see is what you get the power to present.
Digita International Limited Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL England Telephone 0395 270273 Facsimile 0395 268893
- A member of the Digita group - Digita, Ihe Digita logo, ond
Wordworth ore registered trademarks of Digita Holdings lid.
Scalable type outlines are licensed from Agfa Division of Milos
Inc. Agfa is a registered trademark of Agb-Gevaert, AG. MfonlUo
registered trademark of Miles Inc. Digita Holdings ltd
acknowledges that al registered and other trademarks usod in
iho text of this advert are the properties of their respective
compantos. Whilst every care has been taken ta ensure that the
information provided in this advert Is occurate. Digita
Holdings ltd cannot bo held liable for any errors or omissions
that may have occurred. Sold subjoct ta standard conditions of
sole. E and OE.
0 WORKBENCH 3 SOME MONTHS AGO, Commodore were expected lo release Workbench 2.1. This was going lo feature ihe CrossDOS PC file transfer utility from Consultron. As well as some cute extra features. The arrival of Workbench 3 seems lo indicate that 2.1 was too small an increase for what is a big overhaul to some of the basic Workbench mechanics.
Good features, like the in-built support for scalable Agfa Compugraphic fonts, the quite excellent Preferences, and the Arexx programming language are all still there.
CrossDOS has been thrown in for some extra file compatibility, but there are a number of important new standards.
Multitasking utilities which are designed lo work alongside applications are now called Commodities. Supplied ones include AuioPoint (ihe program that selects windows jusi by pointing - you don't have to click), a really excellent screen blanker to save wear and tear on your monitor, and CrossDOS itself. You can also define strings for function keys by using Fkey. And ihe Commodities drawer is the ideal place to keep your antivirus programs too.
The Prepcard utility for preparing PCMCIA cards is included, although the A4000 doesn't actually have a card slot. The rest of ihe Tools drawer would be easy enough for a Workbench 2 buff to work around. The Utilities drawer is rather empty, containing only the Clock program, the More text viewer and a spiffing program called Multiview.
Multiview enables you to view IFFs. It's supposed to do animations too, but the review version's data type lile for animations is missing. Ho hum. You can display pictures on Workbench if they use 256 colours or less, but if they are HAM pictures then they open on their own screen. You can also cut brushes out of pictures with MultiView and print them out.
Which saves loading a paint program when you want lo check a picture.
The real differences in Workbench are a bit deeper. Because ihe double-A chipset has 256 levels of red. Green and blue per colour, rather lhan the old 16 levels of RGB per colour - colour handling and selection obviously had lo be radically changed. Workbench 3 uses a 'colourwheeT solution to help you change colours, and this function is available for programmers lo use loo. In the Gadgets drawer.
In my opinion, the best new feature that only Workbench 3 has is Locale. The basic idea goes like this: on the Locale disk is a selection of languages that WB3 supports, most of them European. You choose a few preferred languages - in this country. English makes sense.
Uses the new graphics modes to the full. Some little bits worthy of a mention: a sampled 'error' sound for when the machine alerts you: a psychedelic screen blanker: and the Keys progam for examining your current keymap - very handy for when you know a character exists but you don't quite know where it is on the keyboard.
WB3 is not perfect, but il is the closest to perfection lhat Commodore have ever managed to get Workbench. It's more flexible lhan before, much easier to set up and more powerful than previous versions. For WB2 owners it's a lol of nice little changes, while for the WBI.3 users it's really quite astonishing. Top marks for effort. '$ Here's the clever bit. New WB3 programs will check the Locale information for which language you have selected. Then it displays and inputs in that language. This is going to make die A4000 and most WB3 machines hot sellers on the continent, when enough pro
grams are around that make use of this feature.
Up to now. Amiga owners have needed al least a smattering of English just to get by (because that's what most software uses). Now the language barrier is down... Well, what would you rather buy, a 'foreign' computer or one you could understand immediately?
With Preferences being adapled to use Ihe double-A chipset, a whole new range of graphics modes becomes available. WB3 can now use the following range of monitors: normal NTSC and PAL (like the Philips CM8833 or Commodore’s own 1085), muldscans (like the CBM 1960). VGA and SVGA (PC types - loads of choice here), as well as very new types like Euro72. DBLNTSC and DBLPAL (high-definition types). To be honest, if you want to see the very' highest super hi-res mode.
1 would recommend a multiscan, multisync with a high dot pilch or an SVGA type.
Country Nederland Norge Portugal Schweiz | Suisse 1 Sverige Svizzera Actually setting up WB3 to use any of these is a doddle. Just find Ihe relevant monitor settings in the monitors drawer on Ihe Storage disk, drag it into the Presets drawer in Preferences and select il with Screen Mode (very similar to die Workbench 2 variant).
The Locale tool is a damned clever Idea. You simply select the language you want your system to use, and software automatically uses that language. A feature far future programs. The map of the world, by the way, is for finding out which time zone a given place is. It's useful for the system keeping track of the real-time clock.
Workbench 3 Is Workbench 3 the best version yet?
Pat McDonald spills the beans.
Il actually takes less time to do it lhan il takes to read about it.
You can also customise WB3's look and feel much more so than previous versions. As well as changing Ihe fonts for the menus tit ihe top and ihe text used lo display icon names, you can have an IFF picture as a backdrop, both for die Workbench area and also for opened drawers. Although you cannot edit the menus themselves with the supplied programs, this is possible with the right shareware utility.
DECEMBER 1992 One very stange feature is that you can choose a screen which is bigger lhan Ihe physical size of your monilor. To move around il.
You just move the mouse to the edge of the screen and it autoscrolls to the next bit. This seems a bit silly, hut really it’s very good for die partially sighted, who need the biggest, highest-contrast text possible.
Some people will moan about WB3 being too much like WB2 - after all. WB2 was a vast improvement over WBI.3, so why isn't WB3 totally different? Commodore have seen lit to stick with ihe basic framework of WB2 and add lots of frills to make it more flexible and of more use to the 'minorities'.
Personally 1 really, really like WB3. It's more attractive than the rather mechanical Award winning innovative products from I RAM Expansions A600 Memory Cards Scanners "If your in the market for a hand scanner then forget the rest and get Powerscan" Amiga Format July 1992 Power Scanner v3.0 ¦100-400 DPI scanning resolutions ¦64 greyscales ¦Thru'portfor printer ¦ Award winning editing, image manipulation & scanning software Power Scanner v3.0 ...£99 Power Scanner Colour ...£239 Epson GT-6000 ¦ 600 DPI Colour flatbed scanner ¦ 24-bit colour ¦ A4
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1. 5MB RAM board £75 1MB with
Thru'port ¦ Expand your A500's memory up to a total of 2MB
without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade ¦ Works with
1MB of Chip RAM I512K RAM must bo 4 chip lype or not oxceuding
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A1500 ¦Kickstart ROM can be selected from the keyboard ¦ No
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trailing wires ¦Jumper to select which ROM boots on switches
¦Compatible with old Amiga board revisions ¦Simple internal
fitting* I" Kick-off requires Itia lid lo be romoued from (he
Amiga Ihis may invalidate your warranty.
ROM Share .£17.95 ROM Share inc. kickstart v2.04 ...£55 ROM Share inc. kickstart vl.3 .....£39 ROM Share forA600 ...£29 Kickstart v2.04
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disk & extras £79.95
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System ¦ Use VCR as a backup storage device ¦ Blank video tape
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software allows you to specify which files and directories to
be stored
• Low cost storage, 2 pence per MB ¦Menu driven software ¦Allows
you to watch TV on a 1084s monitor ¦Veryhigh reliability ¦ Log
files, contain title and counter position of every backup
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Video Backup System £59.95 ¦ 40MHz 68030EC
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Credit card size ROM & RAM slot A600 with
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941 9073 THE MILITARY MASTERPIECE The Campaign Concept
Includes:- Campaign Gaming System Software Map Editor Software
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Historical Background, Vehicle Factfinder and Campaign Maps 2
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Wartime Newspaper Reprint he Most Comprehensive Military
Simulation of Warfare in World War II ¦ Take full command of up
lo 3000 vehicles on over 20 historically accurate predefined
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Locations rangefrom the Sahara and Russian Steppes to the
Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes and the D-Day landings.
The level ol conltol Is up lo you, if you wish, you can lei Ihe computer handle Ihe 'hands on' side ol aclual combat._ ¦ The amazing Map-Editor allows you to modify the existing maps and create new ones of your own. This option is available at any time allowing you to pause and enter the editor to modify the forces. You can even swap sides!
¦ Control either A Hied or Axis forces from the level of Field Marshal right down to lank driver.
• As Field Marshal coordinate strategy for all groups of tanks,
convoys, aircraft, ships and production centres.
• As General, control the fighting of an individual battle with
as many as 16 active tanks plus artillery and air support.
• As a Tank Driver Gunner experience the battle in stunning 3D.
Experience the sheer pressure and anxiety of planning the world's most famous battles.
¦ Over 150 vehicle types, each one displayed in Super Fast 3-D; Russian, American, German & British artillery, support vehicles, and shipsCampaign gives ya, control over all aspects of combat including airstrikes and sea battles.
Nks ufutl ¦ Your playing area covers upto a staggering 10 million square kilometres of detailed terrain featuring towns, villages, rivers and woodland.
B Breath-taking graphics that are accurate in every detail, give a unique atmosphere of realism.
B Over 100 Kilobytes of 3-D shape data used to create the vehicles.
B Sound Blaster, Ad-Lib & Roland sound card compatible.
¦ Available on IBM PC & Amiga empire SOFT Hw ARE Empire Software, 4 6 The Stannetts, Laindon North Trade Centre, Basildon, Essex. SS15 6DJ Telephone: 0268 541212 Programmed by Jonathan Griffiths 1 M m tv is now a magazine!
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II you want a DIFFERENT SIZE hard drive simply ask for Ihe price!
• SILLY PUTTY* Hose grand prix
• DELUXE PaiNT III* SffiSS, '"SSS"5 m no IK for detajs and a
MYSTERY game lut only whilst stocks last at just.., AMIGATEXT
German, English) Pack with Deluxe Paint I Available as
either... £269 £459 £319 EPIC -MYTH- ROME
iADD our great | POWERPLAY PACK to your order for only... you
get:A Superb High Quality Microswitched Competition Pro 5000
Joystick • 10 Essential 3,5" Blank Disks*Disk Storage Box*
Tailored A600 Dust Cover and a High Quality Mat to enhance
accuracy & protect your mouse PLUS THE NEW MEGA-RELEASE
And a FANTASTIC selection of TWENTY more great games THESE TITLES ARE NOT PD BUT FULL PROFESSIONALGAMES WHICH ORIGINALLY SOLD FOR PRICES OF BETWEEN £20 TO £30111 Xenon 2 Megablast ¦ Pinball Dreams TV Sports Football* Hostages ¦ Jumping Jackson Striker ¦ Bubble Plus -TinTin on the Moon • Bloodwych • Stir Crazy ¦ Krypton Egg Skychase * Eliminator Purple Saturn Day Safari Guns ¦ Lombard RAC Rally-Captain Blood-Strike Force Harrier -Lancaster*Sky Fox II AND...Transwrite - Word Processor for the Amiga With ALL THIS you won't need to buy anything more for ages!
JUHtunvoods new , 600's are Iniled Kingdom specification and include die rollon log features... 1MI . Disk Drive. 1Mb. RAM, 4096 Colours, Integral TV Modulator, Mouse, Workbench Disks. Manuals. PLUS all Leads - .AND... FREE 1 YEARS IN HOME SERVICE’ "IgiltSsgik why not buy your Amiga A600 with a FULL 2Mb. For just £39.95 extra Copy II...The i Best Amiga Word Processor Publisher P.
Superbase, database Superplan, spreadsheet Deluxe Paint III, Amiga j-xj I Text, Multi Language Trivial Pursuit & Dictionary (French, German, English), q [ Three Great Games Epic, Myth and Rome.
Why not add our Ipowerplay |Pack to your order!
To to pH ‘Replace the CM8833 with a Philips Monitor TV for only rO £39.95 extra.
TPrefer an alternative , printer? Simply pick
- S Y S T E M and als Ky another one & pay A the difference
€939 professional NEW Final [see page 3!
Amiga 600HD with 20Mb Hard Drive & 2Mb RAM O Philips CM8833 II* Stereo Colour Monitor and a new Swift 200t Colour 24pin Printer ) 7 .-* Ar” , ¦ ( i I A.v LO o 52* 3 : mjzZo l*is © IE* o - DC - «n INC VAT LO y ¦ Wim AMIGAgg 1500i TWIN FLOPPY DRIVES Me?cl E R S I 0 N 2 OPERATING!
But more than an ordinary 1 500... THE SPECIFICATION: Fitted with a 120Mb.
- T o k i- -Elf* ‘Puzznic*
• Home Accounts*
• Deluxe Paint III*
• The Works* and the book GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AmiGA 1992
from the £999 Phone for prices on If you want the POWER en look
mTfurther... Jhitrwoods have put together some great top of
the range Aniigas that will fit the bill for even the most
demanding Amiga user.
We've taken the powerful AI500 and tuned it into something extra special witli a massive 120Mb. Hard Drive and 3Mb.
Of RAM, but if that's not powerful enough just look at the specification of our Amiga A3000 pack... and note the price.
THE NEW AMIGA CDTV MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE HAS THE LOT INCLUDING CDTV Player, Keyboard, Infra- Red Mouse, 3.5" Disk Drive, Workbench Disks, Welcome CD, and Remote Controller 1 2Mb £29.95 A500+ 1Mb £39.95 | A600 1Mb £44.95 All RAM expansions inc. Battery Backed Real Time Clock SIMMS FOR GVP'S- HC8 & HD8 Drives add RAM in 2Mb. Incrementsts ImbSimm £22.95 4MbSimm £89.95 32-Bit SIMM for GVP Accelerators Imin. 2Mb. Increments!
1 Mb x 32Bit £52.95 4Mb x 32Bit £152.951 IC0TV MULTIMEDIA AT HOME £4791 AMIGA AM I GAS A500 AMIGA 3000i Latest Workbench 2 25MHz. - 2Mb. RAM 52Mb. Hard Drive
3. 5' Floppy Drive Including... FINAL COPY II and AMIGA VISION
LLI MULTIMEDIAE CDTV player with Welcome Disk, Remote
Controller, Hutchinsons Encyclopaedia | and the great game
Lemmings £3791 ,_cd ROM ®DR IVE for A 5 0 0 + .
Use music cd's &CDTV titles on your A500 Plus l Only... £329.95 '14* COLOUR SVGA fOfiC.95 .28'dot pitch LLVV W9Q95 .28' dot pitch I£1299 £1479 CDTV AMIGA free on site maintenance nomtor TV's G0LDD,SC0UNT Add a CM 8833 11 monitor or CM8833 II a Monitor TV when buying £194.95* your Amiga and pay the low MnNITnR,TU PHILIPS GOLD DISCOUNT MONITOR TV prices to save even more! £229.95 ['only when purchased with an Amiga'] 2o ronilors- J14" stereo ?C 0 L 0 U R Iw i t h a )F R E E __ (£o)cable & eo (c£c )and dust ® |CO I n - H o m a tJs a r v i c a co CJI 15"Monitor T elevision Pro' 2000 definition
RGB colour Monitor TV, FASTEXT Teletext, Infra Red Remote, Satellite and Video Connections, Headphone Socket, 2000 Charade' Higher Res Tube CD CO o = only... ¦ slfooqs "o o InfcVV A M I G A VI 3 PRINTERS HARDO Driyessi!!±SsSU All our printers are supplied for immediate use including a cable, paper and labels FREE OF CHARGE.
Dot matrix models come with a tailored dust cover.
We also include our specific Amiga driver disks for Citizens, Stars and Canons.
| ALL Citizens have a 2Year Warranty| Please call for prices on any models not listed RAM 0Mb.
£339.95 £379.95 £419.95 £499.95 120Mb.
£439.95 £479.95 £519.95 £599.95 INTERS 1 • ,! ( K - A 5 3 0 Comb i n ed Hard Drive and 68030 Accele rator STAR LC 20 MONO £134.95 NEW STAR LC 100 COLOUR£164.95 STAR LC 200 COLOUR £194.95 CITIZEN 120D+MONO £124.95 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUR £ 179.95 52Mb.
£659.95 £699.95 £799.95 £979.95 120Mb.
£759.95 £799.95 £899.95 £1039.95 RAM 1Mb.
INTERS [ " 0 r 68882 Maths floating point 3 unit for A530's STAR LC 24 200 XB 24 200 CITIZEN SWIFT 200 SWIFT 200 SWIFT 240 SWIFT 240 STAR SJ 48 INK CARTRIDGE BLACK ONLY COLOUR £269.95 COLOUR £369.95 Citizen Accessories: 80 Column 9 24 Pin £37.95 Printer Colour Kit [ALL models except the Citizen 124 model] 32K RAM Expansion £13.95 [24Pin Citizens except 200 240] 32K RAM Expansion £19.95 [Citizen 200 240] 128K RAM Expansion £32.95 [Citizen 200 240] MONO £209.95 COLOUR £239.95 MONO £249.95 COLOUR £269.95 £22.95 £24.95 £20.95 £18.95 £52.95 RAM 52Mb. 120Mb.
0Mb. £279.95 £409.95 2Mb. £319.95 £449.95 4Mb. £359.95 £489.95 8Mb. £439.95 £569.95 AUTOMATIC SHEET FEEDERS: ALL Star & Citizen 80Column models Only...£69.95 (please state model when ordering] v6* STAR SJ48 INKJET £209.95 CANON BJIOex INKJET £224.95 CANON BJ20ex INKJET including automatic sheet feeder £319.95 HP DESKJET 500 MONO HP DESKJET 500 COLOUR HP PAINTJET COLOUR STAR LASERS FROM... AMIGA® HARDS DRIVES Only... £199.95 Only... £299.95 CUMANAI £369.95 with free disk head cleaner
CD £559.95 £679.95 £749.95 UABLt - InnUUbnrUnI £54.95 yvuuet r ' n r~ -'~r ( j t k: I - range of peripherals and Software If you've got an Amiga why not get THE MOST from it.... because it's so easy to attach our add-ons and use some great software, you can quickly get to grips with anything. Front Graphic Design, Desk Top Publishing, Video Mixing and Music Composition to many useful business programs such as Word Processors, Accounts, Spreadsheets, Databases etc. You can add advanced technology such as fast Hard Disk Drives for quick access to data, Genlocks & Video Digitism - to import
and manipulate images, Sound Samplers to hdji mTwith your musical talents and Printers to enable oulputlifyour 'your creations'. With a whole lot nimptvaflable, you too can... EXPAND YjWAMIGAl EASILY!
CITIZEN 121 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 SWIFT 24 24E 224 STAR LC10 20 10C STAR LC200 STAR LC24 200 STAR XS RANGE BLACK ONLY BLACK ONLV BLACK COLOUR BLACK COLOUR BUCK COLOUR BLACK COLOUR BUCK COLOUR BLACKICOLOUR £4.75 £4.75 £4.75 £4.75 £4.45 £5,95 ZXS £6.95 Z24 £8.95 Z24 £22.95 N A N A £22.95 N A N A £22.95 £16.45 £94.95 £22.95 £16.45 £94.95 £23.95 £5.95 £34.95 £32.95 ZX9 £12.45mci £64.95»sa. £39.95 Z24 £12.95x24Ci £69.95x240 £49.95 Z24 £14.95x240 £74.95x240 £15.95ea. 20Mb.
80Mb. Omy... £349.95 Prices include courier collection & return ot your Amiga, installation & a full 12month Goiri Warranty tor both your drive and Amiga.
600HD Owners, trade up your 20Mb. Hard Drive! Phone for details.
The extensive EXPAND your system... and get MORE from your AMIGA PRINTER ACCESSORIES** Also compatible with Applo StylBwrHer and Canon BJIOax Bubblejet Hewlett Packard Original Consumables DESKJET 500... Black Ink Cartridge £21.95 [Double Life] Colour Ink Cartridge [Std] £25.95 PAINTJET... Black Ink Cartridge Colour Ink Cartridge Single Sheet Paper Z-Fold Paper Transparency Film: [Pack of 50 Sheets] Please phone for items not listed software animation and graphics compute word processors publishing; utilities & development CAD & structured drawing miscellaneous Scala 500 Scala Professional
Broadcast Titler 2 Pro Video Post Video Studio V3 games & entertainment Amiga for Beginners £12.95 Getting the most from your Amiga £13.95 Amiga Machine Language £14.95 Amiga DOS inside and out £21.95 Amiga Hardware reference manual £21.95 Amiga C for beginners £13.95 Other Books: ...call us with your requirements AMIGAaccessories .2 Digiview Media Station£134.95 Colour Pic Plus £679.95 Super Pic £579.95 Rombo Vidi 12 £89.95 c s Amas 2 Sound Sampler & Midi Interface inc.Microphone £79.95 Audio Engineer Plus Sound Sampler £179.95 © Technosound Turbo u' =‘ Sound Sampler £29.95 m * Miracle
keyboard music teaching system for the Amiga £299.95 _ Music X (full version 1.1 whilst stocks last) £19.95 v i Midi interface 5 port with two cables £24.95 Super JAM £84.95 Bars & Pipes Professional £219.95 Stereo Speakers with a £39.95 separate power supply Power Mono Hand ¦ . ¦ Held Scanner £98.95
- •*. Power Colour Hand Held Scanner £239.95 Sharp JX 100
Colour C D Flatbed [A6 Paper size] £549.95 o ProGen - Perfect
high quality E » entry level true video signal
o genlock £64.95 o‘ Rocgen Plus £119.95 ci-S Multi connection
cable kit for o all genlocks £14.95 LLJ HQ Microswitched mouse
£13.95 HQ Microswitched mouse inc. ¦ Mouse Mat & Holder £19.95
Naksha Microswitched mouse CSTf with Mat & Holder £21.95 (cJhtI
High Quality microswitched n n Optical mouse £28.95 HQ
Microswitched Trackball£29.95 £=’5 Superb Automatic Mouse and
Joystick Switcher £17.95 52 KCS Powerboard Plus 512K RAM .2
tpiease s,a,e A5°° °r p,us when w ordering-not A600 compatible!
5 Now supports most hard drives!
33 supplied without DOS £184.95 f 1 supplied with DOS 4.01£214.95 Q_ 1500 2000 3000 adaptor £69.95 GVP 286 PC emulator card for A500 HD8 530 (no DOS). Simply plugs into your GVP drive £189.95 wPremier Control Centre & Monitor tiSPIinth with shelf: § For Amiga A500 £39.95 £: For Amiga A600 £34.95 iS Zipstick autofire £11.95 Competition Pro-Star autofire, 4 c » burstfire & slow motion £13.95 Full range of Quickjoy and other makes stocked - call for prices BLANK 10 Sony 3.5" DSDD £8.95 TJT 50 Sony 3.5" DS DD £34.95 % ? Certified Bulk Disks with labels: 10 with library case £6.95 t 'S'!S' on|V-
£24.95 W 250 Disks - only... £79.95 TIT 3.5" Disk Head Cleaner essential U for reliable loading £2.95 Before you choose from whom lo purchase, pleust plume us.
Hr arc always liappy lo discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may lias e. And., remember Harwoods hate alwayspros’ided THE BESTservice in die industry... FREE GOLD SERVICE: Any computer, monitor or primer - unless covered by In-Home Warranties - lhal requires service in the first year is collected FREE OF CHARGE (UK Mainland only). Remember al Harwoods we charge no more for this GOLD service. The fastest turnaround possible is GUARANTEED by our OWN SERVICE ENGINEERS.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT: You will be given our Exclusive Technical Support Phone Number to call should you require any help or advice on any aspect of the system you have purchased.
MINIMUM 12 MONTH HARDWARE WARRANTY: Items proving faulty within 30 days of purchase are replaced with NEW UNITS unless otherwise staled. For the guarantee period, warranty service will be completely FREE OF CHARGE (some ilems are 2 yr warranty] YOUR SYStEM READY TO GO: All main hardware products come with mains plugs and leads - just connect up and use straight away.
How lo contact us... HBY PHONE: Phone our Order Hotline with your Access, Visa, Mastercard Switch or Lombard Creditcharge Card quoting number & expiry date (Most Dixons, Currys.
NASCR and olher 'store' cards are Lombard Creditcharge and are happily accepted by us).
R=M BY POST: Make cheques, bankers building society drafts o- IkjI postal orders payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS. (Personal business cheques lake 7days lo clear from day of receipt whereupon your order will be despatched). Please send Name, Address, and most importantly if possible, a Daytime Telephone Number along with your order requirements. Please check you are ordering from our latest advertisement beiore posting (phone if you require confirmation!. Please remember that for example many September publications appear during August, etc,, therefore prices you see may have changed
(either up or down!).
? EXPORT: Most items are available at TAX FREE PRICES to non UK residents and service personnel. Please contact us for confirmation of export prices before ordering.
BFREE DELIVERY: within 14 working days. UK Mainland only, OR: SPEEDY COURIER SERVICE, Add jusl £6.95 par major item for guaranteed next working day delivery lor £7.50 for Saturday delivery). UK Mainland most regions.
Idespatch normally on day of order or payment clearance).
All listed prices are what YOU BA f . And Ihrre arc SO HitIIIES EXTRAS, VA T and postage are included, and prices arc cornel al lime of going In press ll'ack dclails may vary from lime lo lime). Offers and Srrs-ices me subject lo asailabilily and lo being lire latest advertised products, packs mi prices. Please note goods arc mil supplied on a trial basis. Li&Ot Why nol lake a trip oul to visit us and see our full advertised range, and more, available at the SAME COMPETITIVE PRICES. (Please see opening times) There’s plenty of FREE parking nearby loo!
How to find us... A6t Chesterfield OPENING TIMES
9. 00 until 5.00 Monday to Saturday Wednesdays - 9.00 until 1.00
Enquiries & Order Line Finance Facilities Available phone u
Jar information, join personal ap)n pack and full written
0773 831040 The Closer you took The Better we took ultimate
victory - a level 12 You know your scrabble.
Seldom does a zugzwang on a blitzkrieg.
Listed in the game's memory is triple word escape your eagle eye.
Now US Gold have pioneered every single page of the Chambers Computer Scrabble. It's the same Official Scrabble Dictionary - over Scrabble you've always enjoyed, 126,000 words (a programming but with some very special added triumph in itself) - so you can features. Settle disagreements with a Thanks to Computer Scrabble quick recourse to the definitive you can challenge up to three referee, too.
Computer Scrabble from colleagues in the office over lunch, take on the family back US Gold. The thinking person's home, or even have the neighbours computer game.
Round for a war of words after AVAILABLE ON: Atari ST, Amiga and PC & supper ¦ all without the hassle of compatibles (EGA, VGA, minimum setting up a board. Memory required 640k).
PRODUCT LICENSED BY J W SPEAR & SONS P L.C ENFIELD EN3 7TB. ENGLAKO MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED You can also lock horns on your own with the computer game by us golo ltd . Units 2 3 holforo y ay holford BIRMINGHAM B6 7AX ENGLAKO TEL. 021 625 3366 which has twice won the Computer Olympiad. With its dozen different skill levels, you can improve your game as you progress to the HINTS TIPS 'N' CALL THI GOLD PHONE: SPELIJAMMER • PROPHECY OF THE SHADOW • IHE SUMMONING • DARK SON • EYE OF IHE BEHOLDER • LECEIIO Of OARKMQON IEY£ OF IHE BEHOIOER II) • DRAGONS Of FLAME • HEROES OF THE LANCE [El 0839
U ill l»i lilipllil Cilti (III 111 |i* Mliili (tup fill. Up PH ¦ 111 ll»»f linn it's that time of year again. Love it or Rattle it, there's cmly a few shopping days left and it's time to start thinking about Amiga-related gifts. So if you're wondering what to ask for, or you're trying to find the ideal thing for an Amiga-owning friend or relative; if you're looking for a cheap stock- ing-filler, or hoping to get the ultimate luxury accessory: herb's your complete guide (Ovthe very best in Amiga gifts. K ' SHRg games - and (light pP rewhole lot more involv- a bit of a 'here today, gone e foot
pedals bring a whole new if gaming: they can be set up to i prefer on your game. And the im odd, because you hold It in i-built tilt-sensing switches, but _ i to gameplaying. Don’t just MW gfART 2 BY POWER COMPUTING £55 dream-do It for reall_ P .rtKKKSTART 1.3 BY POWER COMPUIgPG £39 FOOTPEDA1S BY QujOOOY SPECTRAVlDEO_£24.99 .-Off ROM SHAKER A600 BY POWER COMPUTING £29 FREEWHEEL BY IOGK 3 SPECIRAVIPEO £29.99 CHRISTMAS LIST DECEMBER 1992 jnncoimnu SCART CABLE (FROM YOUR IOCAL SHOP) £8QRIESS O CARRY YOUR A600 THE STYUSH AND CONVENIENT WAY!
Have you ever noticed the way that Amiga disk drives make a constant and particularly irritating 'click, click, click' noise when there's not a disk In the drive? Well, if your drive is driving you to distraction, there's a simple solution in the form of this little extra circuit board, which puts the dampen- ers on your disk drive. Go on, treat yourself! (Requires internal fitting.)_ ANTVOXX BOARD BY POWER COMPUTING £9.95 The A600 is deliberately designed to be very compact and easy to carry around, but there's only one slight problem: do you Just sling It In a sports bag and let It bounce
around with your football boots? Well now you don't have to. This specially designed and colourful rucksack is exactly the right size to fit and protect your A600 along with its power supply, mouse and extra bits and bobs such as the odd game. Now you can take your Amiga with you!_ ZAPSAC BY ZAPPO BY Wdf £12.99 © ALWAYS UNPLUGGING JOYSTICKS AND MICE?
It's such a shame that you frequently have to unplug your mouse and plug in your joystick when switching from one program to another. The ports wear and break, and you can blow chips so you really ought to switch off, but who does?
Here’s the answer; an adaptor that has plugs for both mouse and Joystick and knows as soon as you press a button which one It Is you are usingl_ RQ6QSHFT JOY MOUSE SWITCHER BY MEEDMORE £15.99 YOU CAN HAVE r OF BOTH WORLDS!
Workbench 2, as found In the A500 Plus, A3000 and A600, Is a lot better to use - and yet some older programs won't work with it. So If you want all the benefits of WB2, but you don't want to give up on your favourite games, you can Install both at the same time and switch between them at the press of a keyl (Installation requires some expertise and may invalidate your warranty.)
The Amiga Format January 1993 Issue is a real event. As well being the special Christmas issue of the world's best-selling Amiga magazine, featuring a game tips special along with all the usual top exclusive news, reviews and informative features, we’re giving you two very special gifts away on the cover! The program that you'll find on the Amiga Format Collection Coverdisk Is none other than the AMOS programming language; PLUS there's a free 100-page book, crammed to the gills with invaluable reference information for all Amiga owners! Don't miss out; get your copy at all good MAKE THE
The Amiga has absolutely amazing stereo sound and Amiga games have some of the most astonishing music and effects that you'll ever hear - so If you’ve got all this quality sound, why on earth put up with distorted noises coming out of scratchy little speakers? To get the full effect, all you need to do Is hook up the stereo phono sockets on the back of your Amiga to the similar connections on your home hi-fi. It's simple to do and even more good news is that the lead to do It costs only a couple of quid and Is available at all good hi-fi and electrical shops. Try It - and you’ll see what a
big difference It makes.
Newsagents from December 121_ AMIGA FORMAT JANUARY 1993 ISSUE_£3.95 O AND KEEP A TRACK OF YOUR FLOPPIES Yes, It's daft, but maybe it's the right kind of present for the Amiga owner who has everything - but not quite. This personal organlser-style index system ties In with colour-coded labels to make sure you know precisely what's on every single disk and can find the right one at an instant. No more endless searching through disk after disk to find the utility you desperately need I_ STEREO CABLE (FROM YOUR LOCAL SHOP) E5QRIESS m-A-OtSK BY MD OFFICE SUPPUES_£12.99 CLEARER AND MORE
COLOURFUL PICTURES If you've got a big posh television that has a SCART, Peritel or Euroconnector socket, you could make your screen display look even better, and all by just by spending a few extra quid on a new SCART lead. The RGB signal output from your Amiga gives brighter colours and a sharper picture because it's not converted the way the RF output from an A600 or a modulator is: and Tvs with one of the above connectors (they're actually different names for the same thing) can take an RGB signal. Simply pop down to your local computer supplier and get an Amiga RGB-to-SCART lead and
then you'll get the plcturel © BUILD UP YOUR SOFTWARE COLLECTION THE EASY WAY!
Throughout most of 1992, we've been running the exclusive Amiga Format Collection on our second Coverdisk, bringing you complete programs like the amazing fractal landscape generator Vista and the HAM paint program Spectracolor Junior. If you're new to the magazine or to the Amiga then you will have missed out, so why not build up your software collection by ordering back Issues of the magazine which come complete with Collection programs. There's no better way to get your hands on some of the best software that's around - and to build up a library of the best Amiga informa- tlon In print!
DECEMBER 1992 In the five years that the Amiga has been around, we've seen some truly classic games appear. Many of them still live on In the mythology of Amiga gaming, most rival the best new games coming out. Some have been lost, but fortunately some of these classics are now available as bargain budget buys, often costing you as little as £6.99. Why miss out on superb gameplay at a bargain price? Turn to our feature on Page 83 for full details of all the classic games you can now buy on budget _ BUDGET CLASSIC GAMES_FROM £6.99 O A BUG-LIKE STICK THAT'S PARTICULARLY SUCK!
Both performance and looks set this joystick apart from the crowd! Its name tells a tale - it looks very, very weird indeed.
Yet this loose, responsive stick is one of the best you can use for any game that requires instant direction-switching and precise action._ BUG JOYSTICK BY CHEETAH_£14.99 O DRIVE LIKE THE WIND - UKE A DRIVER!
Here's a set-up that will make your driving games - and flight sims, and all kinds of other games - a whole lot more Involving and realistic! Yes, It seems like a bit of a ‘here today, gone tomorrow' novelty Idea, but the foot pedals bring a whole new physical element to all kinds of gaming: they can be set up to activate whatever controls you prefer on your game. And the steering wheel may at first seem odd, because you hold It In mid-air and It works from its In-built tilt-sensing switches, but it also brings a new dimension to gameplaying. Don't just dream - do It for reall_ FOOIPEDAIS BY
It seems there are loads of people out there who have an electronic musical instrument who still haven't yet caught up with the fact that they can hook it up to their Amiga and open up all kinds of new and exciting possibilities. Synthesisers and the like that use MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a common language that enables Instruments and computers to talk) can be attached to the Amiga via a MIDI interface - which then means you can write, play and record tunes on your Amiga with a sequencer program. It also comes with two free MIDI cables!
o & G SMOOTH CONTROL AND AN EASY LIFE___ Nothing makes more of a
difference to your Amiga than a better mouse. Whether It's
simply drawing a clean line In Deluxe Paint, moving a file
around the Workbench without accidentally dropping it or
controlling a motorbike in a game without It getting completely
loose, you need accuracy, precision and reliability that
sometimes only a quality mouse can provide.
Which Is exactly why you should get rid of your original Commodore model (Commodore have got rid of them, both Ihe new A4000 and A1200 models come with a new one) and opt for one of these relatively cheap and high-quality replace- ments. (Also see our mouse round-up In Issue 38)_ GOIDEN IMAGE MOUSE £14.99 MEGAMOUSE BY ALFADATA £12.95 Q DON'T GIVE THE KIDS A PET FOR XMAS, GIVE THEM A MOUSE Frippery and luxury though It may be, this has to be the most appealing mouse design we've ever seen. It's aimed at encouraging kids to get started with the computer, it's overpriced, but it works pretty
well and, let's (ace It, it's more fun than any other mouse you'll ever seel_ IQDZ MOUSE BY LOGITECH
Once upon a time, home computers would come with a Basic programming language included, and people would have hours and hours of fun learning how to create their own simple programs. There's still no challenge like It - but the best way to do It has now changed. This package Includes a cheerful and friendly step-by-step guidebook which Is especially designed to be used by beginners, and the powerful but simple programming language will help you get some really great resultsl_ EASY AMOS BY EUROPRESS SOFTWARE JOIN THE CLUB: KEEP UP TO DATE, EVERY MONTH A subscription to Amiga Format must be
the best gift that you could possibly give to an Amiga owner: or treat yourself tol As well as getting the world's best-selling Amiga magazine delivered to your door every month, it also means you're a part of the world's best club for Amiga ownersl All subscribers receive a free newsletter sheet every month, with glimpses behind the scenes at the monthly goings-on of Amiga Format. With New Year approaching, make sure 1993 Is a good one: make sure of getting your favourite magazine every month! (See Page 263 for details)_
There can be few more useful extras or more welcome gifts than a chunk of extra memory for your Amiga. It enables you to run more programs and do lots more ambitious things, Ie DTP, animation. All the basic Amlgas can be expanded by simply slotting a RAM expansion into the ’trapdoor’ under the machine, so it's a simple, convenient and tidy way to get more powerl RAM EXP A500 BY AF MAL ORDER £25.99 RAM EXP A500 PUIS BY PHOENIX £34.99 RAM EXP A600 BY PHOENIX £44.99 ROCUIE BY ROCTEC HB MARKETING, BLACK £65 ROCUTE BY ROCTEC HB MARKETING, IVORY £65 POWER 880B, BLACK BY POWER COMPUTING £65 POWER
These interface kits open up an enormous range of possibilities. Clever little boxes that attach to the parallel port of your Amiga, they mean you can control all manner of electrical gadgetry. You could build your own robots and write programs to control them, conduct scientific experiments with temperature sensors and photo-electric cells and even make your Amiga into a burglar alarm! Ideal for educational use or for young people with an interest In electronics!_ SwnCHSOFT INPUT OUTPUT PORT_£26.95 SENSOR AND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS KIT_£24.95
If you don't have a second disk drive, you’re making life very difficult for yourself! A second drive makes games that come on more than one floppy an awful lot more enjoyable, and it also makes it child’s play to copy files from one disk to another, or save files while running a program. Our recommended drives are the fastest and the quietest around: the slimline, solidly-built, super-speedy RocLlte and the Power 880B with Its built-in extras. Both are available In black for CDTV owners.
If you have an A1500, 2000 or 3000 and you're Interested in running the best graphics and DTP software outside the Amiga, what you need is this Macintosh emulator. Turning in a perfect imitation of Apple’s famous designer computer at a fraction of the price of the real thing, this is the ultimate in computer one-upmanship! It comes on a card, can read Mac disks and use a partition of your hard drive for storing Mac data and will run all the Mac software we could throw at it.
If you're serious about your graphics, video or DTP work, you'll want to work in the highest resolution possible - and that means interlace. Trouble Is, can you bear to work with that flickery screen? Now there's a cure for tired eyes and headaches: get yourself a de-interlacer for rock-steady display. For owners of larger Amigas, the Microway Flicker Fixer is a bargain: it's halved in price of late. And now A500 owners can de-interlace too, with ICD's tiny Flicker Free Video 2.
(Multisync or VGA monitor is also required.)_ FUCKER FREE VIDEO 2 BY ICD POWER COMPUTING £199
What a combination! Take the best hard drive there is for an A500, with a capacity of up to 120Mb, then take into account the fact that it will take up to 8Mb of RAM. Add in a 'mini-slot' that allows It to add extra expansions such as a PC emulator, then slip the whole thing into a smart, compact case that slots neatly on the side of an A500. What have you got? An HD8+ hard drive, so far. But the killer blow is the addition of an amazingly swift 68030 accelerated processor that turns your A500 into the best all-round machine you can get!_ A530 HARD DRIVE GVP SflJCA_£799
This unique gadget for the Amiga works like a genlock, but the other way round - it allows you to put Amiga graphics into areas of flat colour (or similar brightness) on a video picture. It's like the 'chroma keying' effect used in TV and films, like when Superman soars above buildings. Quite remarkable, loads of fun and very, very cleverl_ ROCKET BY ROCTEC HB MARKETING £299 CARTOON LAND GONE BAD!
Whilst publishing his underground comic Jack Deebs has unwittingly created a parallel universe inhabited by cartoon characters known as DOODLBS.
You are transported into COOL WORLD and seduced, through engaging messages, by the Doodle vamp... HOLLI. Visual jokes and gags punctuate your adventure as you hop to and fro between reality and COOL WORLD.
But Holli's dream is to shed her Doodle indenfify... to become a real woman
- with a real interest in Jack! F* 0&SS3° T “ A DREAM THAT COULD
CD-ROM DRP E BY COMMODORE £408 £449 £39.95 FROM £199 O TURN
If you’ve never used your Amiga with a hard drive, you don't know what you're missing! Seriously, only 20 per cent of our readers have hard drives and we'd encourage everyone to get one. It's amazing what a difference It makes, even if you play games (Monkey Island is much better from a hard drive than It is from ten floppies!) But especially if you're Into any kind of serious Amiga use. Our recommended hard drive is the fastest, it's very reliable, It comes with memory expansion capacity of up to 8Mb and a 'mini-slot' for other expansions - and It's lust down In price.
DON'T MISS OUT ON MINIATURISATION Just because you have an Amiga 500 doesn't mean you have to lose out on one of the great bonuses for A600 owners; the ability to fit a tiny, 2.5-Inch IDE hard drive Inside your Amiga.
The AdlDE adaptor from the masters of miniaturisation, ICD, sets up all you need to carry massive amounts of data around hidden conveniently inside your machine, and ICD also supply appropriate drives in a range of capacities. Believe us, a hard drive makes an enormous difference - and this has to be the best way to fit one._ GVP IMPACT SERIES 2 HD8+ HARD DRIVE 52MB GVP IMPACT SCRIES 2 HD8+ HARD DRIVE 52MB + 2MB RAM GVP IMPACT SERIES 2 HD8+ HARD DRIVE 120MB ADIDE BY ICD TAKE CONTROL AT THE HEART OF YOUR AMIGA Mystified by the complications of the CLI? Are you totally at a loss when it comes
to duplicating an Amiga disk? Simply irritated by the Idiosyncrasies of the Amiga's user interface?
Annoyed by the fact that you can't click on a file to read, display or hear it? For anyone who’s put off by the fearsome technical knowledge that is normally required to use the Amiga to its full, or who Is aware of the shortcomings of It and wants to work In a much more professional environment, then this is the utility for you. One simple screen Is all that you need to have full control over all your files and floppy disks. It's )ust so easy!
There’s absolutely no doubt about it, the big thing that will happen in 1993 is that the vast ma|orlty of entertainment software will switch over to being compact-disc based. As you see more, bigger and even better games being released on to CD format, do you want to be left behind? Of course you don't. So get in there first, and explore an amazing world where hundreds of PD programs can be bought for only a few pounds and amazing sound and graphics are the norm.
Above all, know that you won’t be left behind when the glori- ous day comes!_ DIRECTORY OPUS BY INOVATRONICS £349.99 Q YOUR AMIGA CAN TEACH YOU TO PLAY PIANO!
Do you ever wish that you’d learnt to play piano when you were younger? Would you like to be that cool dude behind racks of synths, but you don't know where to start? Well here's the ideal thing! The Miracle includes a full MIDI keyboard that can sound like over 100 instruments: but better still, you can hook it up to your Amiga and the software will teach you how to play, monitoring your progress and giving you advice as you go along! Don't be shy - give it a go. (Or you could have a go at winning one on Page 74) O VISUAL SOPHISTICATION TO MAKE THE BBC LOOK AMATEUR!
Whether you want to add professional-looking and classy title screens to your home videos, or create whole business presentations to get your point over, this is the Ideal way to do it.
Scala makes it easy, not just because It has a beautifully designed Interface that makes using it a pleasure, but also because it comes with enormous quantities of ready-prepared typefaces and stunning graphics that give you the class of a top-notch graphics designer, even if you're a com- plete novice._ SCALA BY SCALA SIUCA £99.95 £299 DECEMBER 1992 £258 BJ-20 BUBBLEJET BY CANON O 20 20 VISION AND A BRIGHTER WORLD If you’re still using your Amiga through the telly, you're only getting half the picture. A proper monitor makes pictures sharper and brighter because it's designed for the
This one can also provide stereo sound - plus it's officially approved as the best monitor for all Amiga resolutions that don't need an expensive multisync, according to our own tests. And don't miss out on your free copy of the excellent Lotus 2 driving game.
Printers can be so awkward. They can be noisy and clattery; they can cost more than the Amiga itself; and they can produce results that make your beautifully designed document look like a photocopy of a digitised version of what you started off with. But not any more! Canon's amazing bubble- jet technique, which squirts the ink in tiny bursts on to the page, makes this printer Incredibly quiet and astonishingly cheap - yet It gives letter-quality results nearly as good as a laser printer.
£299 O FUN AND GAMES WITH YOUR OWN HIT SOUNDS Sampling is the technique that has shaped the pop music of the Nineties, but even if you don't like modern dance music, it can still be really great fun to sample your own sounds and create your own tunes. It’s so easy - just plug a hi-fi, microphone or video into the sampler hardware and bang the button, then sequence the sounds you've saved into complete songs using the colourful, user-friendly software supplied. Get down._ O COLOUR PRINTING FOR THE MASSES This Is a printer that tops all the others in its class. Coming with an automatic
colour option, this has to be the cheapest way of getting decent versions of your Dpalnt pics in all their colourful glory. A 24-pin dot-matrix gives it letter quality when you're printing text, while clear controls make it easy to use and it's also quiet. This year's model, it even comes with a special print utility Citizen have developed to ensure Amiga owners get top-class results.
£39.95 240C 24-PIN DOT-MATRIX BY CITIZEN MEGAMDC MASTER BY ROMBO £429.83 O FOR THE PROFESSIONAL HOME STUDIO... If you take your music seriously, there's only one sequencing program you should be using. Packed with features that make it ideal for the discerning professional, this Is nevertheless the program of choice for a good many amateur and semi-professional musicians. If you've spent more than £500 on a keyboard, you really ought to be using this. It’s the stuff of which hit albums are made... 0 SAMPLE WITH THE PROFESSIONALS!
This Is one of the finest software and hardware combinations available on the Amiga - it's the Rolls Royce of Amiga samplers! Superbly engineered hardware produces excellent, clean, clear samples and the amazing AudloMaster IV software is the perfect thing with which to edit and adjust them, even enabling you to time-stretch samples without altering their pitch.
£279 AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS BY RAMSCAN HB MARKETING £204 KCS LEVEL 3.5 BY DR T'S ZONE You’re sweating, your brain’s going at 100 miles an hour and it’s five in the morning.
You’re not raving, you’re playing Zyconix."’ It's the mind-blowing computer game brought to you from Accolade.
Like a shower of space debris, blocks fall out of the cosmos. Your mission - make sure they don't fill up your screen. You can grab blocks, move blocks and bounce blocks to form lines which then disappear.
But beware of the V.D.U. nasties, they’ll stop at nothing to stop you.
Exploding mines, balls that won’t break and deadly spikes. They'll zap your lines into oblivion and have you ducking and jiving all the way to the asylum.
But it needn't be a total mind warp.
To help you through the 4 difficulty levels and 9 speeds, there’s some wicked tunes to keep you going - everything from Rave to Soul.
One visit to your software shop and you'll be addicted.
rrni nr_ rVUJULTUJL The best in entertainment software?'
o ILLUSTRATIONS UNDER YOUR CONTROL II you want black-and-white
Illustrations lor DTP or as a basis lor your artwork, there is
currently no better way ot getting them. This hand scanner can
scan in 16 shades of grey as well as simple mono for line
drawings and delivers the very best quality at the lowest
price. If you're producing Illustrated documents, get It!__
For the ultimate in colour digitising, you want a real
specialist device - and this is the best there Is. It comes on
a hard card (or A1500 and above and it gives the most excellent
results, In lull colour and in real time. Save frames from
video or from a camera in a video composite format, then
convert them to whatever Amiga graphics format you require:
this Is the quality way to artistic use of video Images._
WITH VIDEO DIGITISING Not many of us have a video camera, so it
might seem that video digitising is a closed area. But not sol
This amazing low- cost digitiser works in real time (less than
1 25th of a second) so It can grab images direct from your
television or video recorder - and considering it’s so cheap,
it gives precise, clean Images which are unrivalled by more
expensive digitisers. It only works In black-and-white, but the
noise-free results make it easy to load frames into Dpaint and
colour them. And it's Ideal for the A500 or A600.
VIDEO DfGmZER I BY PATH._£89.99 O BECOME A NEWSPAPER OR MAGAZINE DESIGNER The art of DTP' is what makes magazines like this one possible, and the Amiga Is capable of competing with the big boys when It comes to DTP. Best of the powerful, professional DTP programs, this will require lots of RAM and a good, big hard drive, but It’s the first Amiga DTP package that we can honestly say gives absolutely professional features and results. So if you're going to do It, do It rlghtl_ PAGESTREAM 13. BY SOFT4QGK SIICA_£199.95 OGET INTO VIDEO TITLING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS A small, inexpensive piece of
hardware called a genlock can open up whole new areas of creativity for you. It means you can mix video images straight off tape Into areas of a flat colour in Amiga graphics or animations, thereby making it possible for you to put titles and special effects on to your own videos. It’s surprisingly easy, and an awful lot of fun, and this Is one of the most effective budget genlocks you could possibly choose.
ROCGEN BY ROCTK HB MARKETING_£99.95 0 PAINT AND ANIMATE IN UP TO 4,000 COLOURS Deluxe Paint is the ultimate Amiga program, and yet we almost take it for granted. It's been around as long as the Amiga has and It's one of the simplest, most accessible computer paint programs ever seen anywhere. The latest version works In HAM mode, enabling you to use all 4,096 colours of the Amiga's palette. It's fun, it’s easy, it’s now even more powerful, and yet If you have an earlier version it's cheap to upgrade - so why not go for It?_ DPAINT IV BY HiCTWONK ARTS_£89.99 0 NOW THAT'S WHAT 1 CALL COMPUTER
You'll need extra RAM and preferably an accelerator, but with this extra bit of hardware you can get involved in the most advanced area of computer graphics - 3D modelling and animation. Create objects as ‘wire frames', set what colours and textures you want ail the surfaces to have, then leave the computer to calculate your astonishing, surreal or life-like images - It's the sharp end of computer graphics!_ IMAGINE 2 BY IMPUISE £299.95 CHRISTMAS LIST MAKE LIKE A GOD - CREATE YOUR OWN LANDSCAPES!
Nothing has had quite as much of an impact on the Imagination of Amiga users as the technique of fractal modelling (especially since we gave away the first version of Vista on the Coverdisk of Issue 30 of Amiga Formal). With its roots in chaos theory, this idea uses complex mathematics to create realistically Irregular and jagged images and •project' them into three dimensions, making landscapes that look like they are carved from the living rock. This latest version of the original fractal landscape modeller produces fractal trees and skies and out- puts full 24-blt Images - It's
astoundingl_ NEW VERSION V1STAPR02 BY VRIABS HB MARKETING £69.99 O THE ULTIMATE IN WORD PROCESSING POWER A word processor is a word processor, true enough: but If you've got 1.5Mb of RAM to pay with, you can have one that's a little bit more besides! This British-made and well-supported program also has lay-out features, Including the capacity to import graphics, use colour and put text in columns, which make it half-way to a DTP package: it also has what is probably the best interface seen on the Amiga, making it easy to use, and now comes with Agfa Compugraphic scalable fonts for real
flexibility and a step in the direction of true 'what you see is what you get’ word processing. Get on the 'write' track (and read the review on Page 184)._ £129.99 WORDWORTH 2 BY DtGtTA Q RAW POWER WITH WORDS The layout features offered by many 'word publishers' can get in the way of them doing their original purpose: making it quicker and easier to write. Not so here. This word processor is the professional's choice: incredibly fast and immensely powerful. If you don't want to pretty up your documents with pictures, if what you want is words, words and more words, this immensely respected,
no-nonsense program is just the job.
It also has a tully-compatible database sister program.
This Is more or less the Amiga equivalent of a robot surgeon - it enables you to explore what's going on inside your Amiga without getting your hands dirty. This cartridge plugs in on the edge connector of the A500 models and then lets you freeze programs and explore how the code Is actually working inside the Amiga. You can slow down games or 'poke' them to give yourself an advantage, and you can save out screens and sampled sounds for your own use (provided you don’t distribute them further and breach copyright). It also provides a number of disk utilities, and makes an ideal way of
beginning to under- stand your Amiga.
All the rage nowadays in the graphics world is 'true colour', which can add millions of extra shades of colour to your paint palette. Until recently, only A1500 and above owners with over a thousand pounds to spend could get a true colour board, but now you can plug this box into your A500 to get ‘pseudo true colour' and paint In hundreds or thousands more colours. The package includes a top-class paint program and a video digi- tlser loo, which make It amazing value for money!
o MORE POWER TO YOUR A500 Want to speed up your A500’s central
processor without spending hundreds on a 68030 processor
card? This little board will slot on easily and give an
Increase in speed to 14MHz, the same as the 68020-based A1200,
which is particularly useful if you like 3D games such as
flight sims or you want to dabble In DTP or 3D graphics. It
won’t speed up everything, but it also allows up to 8Mb of
memory expansion and it will make a difference - it could be
BLI ARD £499 URBO EMORY OARD £169 Sail the Solar Winds to
Fantastic Swashbuckling Adventures!
Advanced] Du nqeonsfjragonsi IT TU"1 Ml'ton fZ ¦ Pirates of Realmspace B Captain your own Spelljammer B space ship in a spectacular B AD&DJ adventure unlike any H before! Recruit officers and crew I to man your magic-powered I ship. Soar into the ether, explore B the planets of Realmspace and I embark on exciting missions.
B1 Engage pirate vessels such as B neogi snail warships in real-time B combat from a first-person, flight B simulator viewpoint. Fire huge bolts from your ship's ballista B and bring the enemy to heel.
B Boarding combat is true AD&D I phased battle using weapons B and magic. Point-and-click your I way through the game. Superb B graphics and sound effects B heighten the drama. With so ' , many planets to visit and mis- . :¦ sions to fulfill, every adventure ‘'II will be different from the last!
Ijg Prepare for swashbuckling excite- SL ment and the ntagic of AD&D adventuring in wildspacel
U. S. Gold Ltd., Unils 2 3, Holford Way, HoKord, Birmingham, B6
7AX. England.
Tel: 021 625 3366 I iti.isiuisl Streen jhou ore only iniended lo be illustrative of the gomep'ov ond nol ihe screen graphics which may vory consiocrobly between different formols in quality ond oppeoronce ond ore subject lo ihe computers specification.
Real-time space combat uses flight simulator mode with Jrst- person viewpoint Bajflllding combat is AD&D tun based, with weapons and magic. Visit the splendid ports of different planets for great adventures.
SJKAIIGIC Si'll LAI IO S. Ipll SCREENS SHOWN: IBM 256-COLOR VGA, ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS AD&C SPELLJAMMER and the TSR logo are trademarks ov ned Dy and used under license fran TSR Inc 1992 TSR Inc 1992 Strategic Simulations inc. All rights reserved.
• SIR TECH HELPLINE: CRUSADERS OF THE OARK SAVANT TEL: 0839 994 477 HINTS TIPS N HELP CALL THE Stultt provided U S. tOID LTD . UHIIS!(!. HOLFORO WHY. H01F0R0 BIRMINGHAM tS TJX II you ore under 18 pleolc 90! Pormiiclon lo uio Ihe lelephono. Colli coll 36p por mlnuto cheap rate, 48p par minute all olhor tlmei.
Welcome to our three . PaSe Christmas-Special which has all the products you need to make this a “Happy Amiga Christmas!” Page one is devoted to ‘Oplions’, packs which are designed lo lake the headache out of your choice this Christmas.
All year we have been gathering regular feedback from our customers on what they think are the essential Hems to he found hi a pack. From Ibis information we banc assembled what we and the Amiga buying public believe lo be the ultimate in packs al nnt iieslionably Ibe besl prices.
Make 'Options’your only option this Christmas!
A600 1Mb Phillips Monitor 8833 Mkll 10 Capacity Disk Box 10 Phoenix Bulk Disks with Labels Two Joysticks dully mlcroswltched) Mouse-Joystick Switch Phoenix Slereo Hi-Fi Sound Speakers ZOOL Software Pack (10 High Quality Gaines Inc. toot, striker) 8mm Mouse Mat Star LC1BB 3 PIN Colour Printer
3. 5" External Drive PA 601 RAM Expansion Europress "Mini Office"
10 TDK 3.5" Disks A4 Copy Holder Anti-Elare screen 5BB sbeels
ol Paper 8m Mouse Mat WHAT YOU GET!
A600 1Mb Epic Language pack (20Mb Hard Drive) WHAT YOU GET!
A500+ 1Mb of RAM expandable to 10Mb Workbench 2.04 Real-Time Battery Backed Clock Full Comprehensive Manual Set Mouse TV Modulator External PSU Lemmings Captain Planet The Simpsons Deluxe Paint III Star LC100 8 riN Colour Primer PA 601 1 Mb RAM Expansion Fun School 3+4 Monkey Island 2 50 Capacity Disk Box 10 Phoenix Bulk Disks with labels 8mm Mouse Mat
• ALL PRODUCTS are full UK spec, _
• ALL PACKS supplied with full connecting cables for immediate
• FREE ‘Gelling Started1 technical guide.
• FREE RETURN TO PIIOENK pick-up on ail faulty hardware within 30
days of purchase. FlPTIflNS
• FREE UK DELIVERY- on all 'Options' packs *** If you wish to
upgrade any major item of hardware in the 'Option Pack', simply
tell us at the time of ordering and we will just charge you the
difference in price between the two products. Easy!
( Wl m ION!
V'r -u‘ *11 § 11 p p l’ T * The Phoenix product helpline ensures that all our customers benefit from the highest level of after sales technical support.
We also offer ‘-SiSK advice to help j you in choosing Tr" ’' • m exactly the right 5- • g|V product for your .
Requirements VI thus eliminating W she possibility uutf. - of an unwanted or unnecessary purchase.
Our friendly, highly trained sales learn will ensure that your order is dealt with efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.
F'tthe time of ilacing your irder we will idviseyou of anticipated delivery time and answer any other queries you may have regarding your purchase. All major credit cards accepted.
Once you have made the decision to purchase from Phoenix your order will be dispatched promptly and without fuss.
Using one of the A countries leading courier services ensures that ‘ your goods „ - arrive on time, intact and in the same condition they left our stock.
S*pMtrh iw- FAMILY PAC& Based on Commodores Epic*Language pack, Option 3 gives the whole family maximum use of the Amiga.
¦¦ '*- i have added I to the top
* I ?O p-i n Mty tkijf j 1 ¦ I software Li already in te'
-""“T w'"1 a choice ol fun school titles lor the children and
Monkey Island 2, (Amiga Format Gold winner). They complete what
is an unbeatable software based pack. Whether it s word
processing, learning, home accounts or just good old game
playing, the FAMILY PACK is all you need.
NORMAL R.R.P. inc VAT PHOENIX OPTION 3 TARCADE flCTIOj PACK to create your own p in house' all-action arcade environment.
Exploit the Amiga as the ultimate games
- U.._, machine!!!
Lei 4 NORMAL R.R.P. inc VAT ...... PHOENIX OPTION OPTION OPTION 1 HOME OFFICE This pack is based round the A600 HD giving you all the advantages of an electronic office environ-ment in the comfort of your own home.
Alongside the A600 HD. Phoenix also provide you with a top selling 9 PIN dot matrix colour printer, a highly rated software package - rated 84% in Amiga Format - our own Phoenix Deluxe drive, and a (ull range of top quality accessories, making day to day household management easy!!
OPTION CHRISTMAS CRACKER Unbelievable". "Crazy", are just some of the quotes from the industry regarding the demise of the A500+.
V ,cWjlu'A Destined never FREE DUST COVERS for Computer, primer and monitor when purchasing an oplions pack.
EXCLUSIVE technical helpline number.
THE KNOWLEDGE that you are purchasing from one of the premier mail order companies in Europe.
~ secured one ol the largest stocks in the UK ol Hid Cartoon Classics Pack and otter you the very last chance to purchase this legendary machine!!
Destined never to be sold again 1'yj the A500+ was i- ! Superceded by f _ the A600 range.
|Vyi. However.
PHOENIX OPTION 4 A 500+ Cartoon Classics 2Mb. .. James Millard Managing Director PHOENIX OPTION 2 OPTION WHAT YOU GET!
C • Myth • Rome Phoenix Price Only... £484.99!
A 600 2Mb+20 Mb Hard Drive ....£524.99 (both include the above detailed software) The stand-alone
2. 04 Workbench includes: Deluxe Paint 3, Platinum Works, Home
Accounts. Toki, Puzznic. X Elf, Amiga Format Book and Joystick
_ f'n'Vl nn amiga 1500 mnn £939.99 IHESm GVP PC-286
16MHz .....£239.99 KCS Powerboard (with DOS
4,oil.. ....£199.99 KCS Powerboard £184.99 KCS adaptor for
1500 2000... EM.7 £59.99 Vortex A Tonce Plus 286 116MH1I..
£214.99 lit a a ?
T'EPICHANGDAGE PACK’ rMb A 600 as standard and includes 20MB HARD DRIVE the excellent value Software titles: Deluxe Paint III • Trivial Pursuit • Epic • Mjyth • Rome PI CP Features Include: 68040 32 Bit Processor running at 25 Mhz (upgradable) • New Double AA chipset with 16.8 million colours • high density 1.44 Mb floppy • 120 Nb IDE hard drive • New Workbench 3 AMIGA 4000 £2,229.00 A 4000with 4QfZ4(V42S Mb Hard Drive... £POA a 600 £274.99 a 600 hd tM'iim'j £429.99 A 600 2Mb .£314.99 A 600 HD 2Mb ....£469.99 rxi )
Processor Running al 14 Mltz • 2Mb Chip RAM pandable lo 10 Mb using 4Mb last memory PC MCIA cords and 4 Mb 32-bii RAM in CPU slot] • New double 'AA' graphics chip sol • 250 colours on screen horn a 16.8 million colour palette • Full Amiga Key board (with Alpha numeric key pad) • CPU local BUS slot, (card edge). ____ __ Phoenix Price Only £3 9.99 THE WILD, THE WEIRD & THE WICKED’ 1 Mb A 600 as standard and includes the excellent value Software tides; Deluxe Paint III • Formula One Grand Prix • Phoenix Price Only... £339.99!
A 600 2Mb (incl above software). £379.99 Phoenix PA 601-populated-1Mb £44.99 PhoBnix PA 601-unpopulated-0Mb...£24.99 Phoenix A 600 ROM Sharer £29.99 Keyboard switchablel 600 is compact, 'semi portable, fully featured and can be purchased in the fallowing configurations: imiu Tllll The incredible speed of 32-Bit technology at a price g ?. ?
You can afford only from s- g
S. S.L. Ray tracing an image that takes 24-hrs on a standard
Amiga takes just 1 hr. 36 mins. With an A5000II FREE maths
co-pro included with both A B5000 accelerator cards.
A5000 + 1MB 16.67 Mhz ..£249.99 A5000 + 2MB 16.67 Mhz ..£289.99 A5000 + 3MB 16.67 Mhz ..£319.99 A5000 + 4MB 16.67 Mhz ..£349.99 B5000 + 1MB 25.00 Mhz ..£499.99 B5000 + 2MB 25.00 Mhz ..£669.99 B5000 + 3MB 25.00 Mhz ..£829.99 B5000 + 4MB 25.00 Mhz .....£979.99
- GVP IMPACT SERIES II Hard Drives, the 'fastest Hard
Drive Controller for the Amiga.
Features Game Switch, external SCSI port, FAAASTROM SCSI Driver, GVP's custom VLSI chip and internal RAM expansion up to 8 megl Units use high specification fast-access QUANTUM Hard Drives coming with 2 yr. Guarantee.
A500-HD8+ 42 Mb ZZS337 £289.99 A500-HD8+ 80 Mb 233S7 £379.99 A500-HD8+ 120 Mb ...£424.99 A500-HD8+ 240 Mb .....£689.99 Series II Hard Disk Controller RAM card.._£114.99 Series II 42 Mb Hard Disk and RAM card..£269.99 Series II 80 Mb Hard Disk and RAM card„£339.99 Saries I1120 Mb Hard Disk and RAM card...£399.99 Series M240MbHardDiskand RAM card £639.99 EXTRA MEMORY-Only £25.99 per Mb.
GVP Combination Accelerators & Hard DmvES-The ultimate expansion product for the Amiga 500!
A530 Combi 40MHz + 52Mb Hard Drive £659.99 A530 Combi 48MHz + 120Mb Hard Drive...£757.99 A530 Combi 40MHz + 240Mb Hard Drive £979.99 A530 68882 Co-Processor ......£204.99 Due to the buying power of Phoenix we are able to maintain these incredible prices- prices that have left the competition GREEN with envy-and the Amiga buying public licking their lips. Stocks will only last until the end of November.
IIIl7 UIIlIiB4}lIili: Vortex GOLDEN GATE’ cbss£419.99 This emulator is the ultimate bridge between PC AT platforms and the Amiga. If you think this is for you, cross to page three for specification details in this months ’Trail Blazers' section!
ROCTEC 40 MB ..£259.99 ROCTEC 85 MB ..£299.99 ROCTEC 120 MB .£364.99 Featuring Connor drives-very fasl access times- |19ms or better) • expand up to 8 Mb using I Mb Simms only • I year guarantee • slimline design ideally colour matched lo the A500 * Own power supply.
- ROCTEC on this high specification, quality product.
Of Phoeni ¦ I B ¦ I mm wM mil 1 SALE OF THE CENTURY!!
Phoenix in association with Roctec and Conner, continue to achieve massive sales 1Mb Simm-32 Bit 60 Nanoseconds £65.99 4Mb Simm-32 Bit 60 Nanoseconds £182.99 ACCELERATOR RAM Modules CANON BJ lOeX .£5327 £224.99 Upgraded version of BJ10e, the worlds biggest selling portable inkjet printer.
CANON BJ 20 ......£53 £319.99 More Features than Ihe BJ10, includes Auto sheol feeder. Top selling-Highly Recommended CANON BJ 300 ...£OT £374.99 80 column bubblejel provides laser quality oulpuL CANON BJ 330 ...£7732' £499.99 136 column bubblejet CANON Bubblejet cartridges £17.99 Deskjet-500 Colour ......£449.99 HP printers come with 3 year warranty.
HP black ink cartridge £24.99 HP colour ink cartridge ...£29.99 AUTO SHEET FEEDERS star LC20 ....Eiamm £57.99 STAR LC200 ..£59.99 STAR LC24-200 £62.99 STAR LC24-20 ..£62.99 STAR SJ48 ..£49.99 LC-100 Colour ..rmzn £159.99 9 PIN colour primer with paper parking, eight lonts and electronic DIP switches.
LC24-100 ..C5337 £189.99 24 PIN with compressed data mode, 16 K buffer and 10 letter quality fonts,(with Star printer driver only).
LC-20 ...£129.99 LC-200 Colour ..£195.99 LC24-20 ..£199.99 LC24-200 Mono ....£219.99 AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Kickstart 2.04 ROM .£34.99 Kickstart 1.3 ROM....E27.99 Fatter Agnus 8372A..E34.99 NEW Super Danisa.E29.99 CIA 852DA .£9.99 MEMORY CHIPS 4 Mb x 9 (-70) Simm...,£9999 1 Mb x 41-80) Zip '£34.99 1 Mb x 9 (-B0) Simm...£27.99 256k x 41-80) Zip '£29.99 256k x 9 (-801 Simm...£12.99 1 Mb x 1 DRAM
£3.49 256k x 4 DRAM £3.49 This price islorl Mb ol RAM CITIZEN Swift 240 Colour ..CETH £279.99 Swift 240 Mono ..£5137 £259.99 Swift 200 Colour ..£53 £219.99 Swift 200 Mono ..£5327 £199.99 Swift 9 Colour SSEHEM3 £179.99 Citizen printers come with 2 year warranty.
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than previous H.P. Deskjet range.
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PHOENIX PRINTER PACK Supplied with ALL primers containing 1.8m std.
Printer cablo, printer ribbons cartridge and 250 sheets of paper absolutely FREE.
These chips cover practically every popular momory expansion or Hard Drive system on the market for the Amiga ie. GVP, SUPRA, MICROBOTICS, COMMODORE Chips W a PRINTER ACCESSORIES We have a large range of high quality printer accessories for all the printers we sell including: dust covers from £2.99 • Ink cartridges from £13.99 • Mono ribbons Irom £3.50 • Colour ribbons trom £7.99 • Printer stands Irom £7.99 " must write to congratulate you on the efficiency of your mail order staff."
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Director .£107.99 PRESENTATION & SLIDE SHOW Can Do vl.B hw i £72.99 Art Department Pro v.1 £143.99 Art Department Pro Conv. Kit £57.99 Can Do It V.I.G £94.99 Hyper Book ...£44.99 ACCOUNTING Personal Finance ....i.vnw £29.99 Arena Accounts £83.99 Home Accounts 2 ...£39.99 System 3 £43.99 Cashbook
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Please make cheques payable to PHOENIX. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance. BFPO welcome.
NORMAL OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm FAX: 0532 319061 e&o.e. PROMISED YOU A... Have you ever rued the fact that you didn't continue your music lessons because the teacher was either a psychotic animal who couldn't take your lack of ability as anything other than deliberate, or because the lessons were too dull? Well it's lucky for you that Amiga Format and Mindscape have joined forces to produce one of the most musical and educational (yet still strangely fun) competitions we have ever seen. Flex your fingers, tidy your tails, and prepare to enter a whole new world of music as you
prepare to enter the competition of the month. It's your chance to win one of four £300 Miracle keyboard systems... The Grand Win The prize... The Miracle system is one of the cleverest ideas we've seen for the Amiga - we gave it a 93 per cent rating in Amiga Formal back in Issue 32.
Along with the genuine synthesiser keyboard, with three octaves and 128 different voices, it includes a suite of amazing software. This takes you step-by-step through the basics of keyboard playing, assessing your performance as you go along, pointing out your mistakes and helping you to avoid them.
The system is aimed at anyone who has ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument (but was scared off by vicious, pencil-on-the-knuckle-wielding teachers).
It lets you go at your own pace and really is quite amazing!
The idea... All you have to do is find the right answers to the 10 Miracle-related questions you find to the right of this spread. Then stick the answers down on the back of a postcard or a stuck-down envelope along with your name and address, and post it to us at the address below, to arrive before the closing date of December 15.
DECEMBER 1992 The questions... Iwhen it was released last year, the Miracle was widely advertised on TV and in magazines. What was the slogan?
PROMISED YOU A... The address When you've gol (he answers, stick (hem on a postcard or stuck-down envelope, remember to add your name and address and send them to Miracle Compo. Amiga Formal. 29 Monmouth Street Bath BA I 2DL to reach us by December 15 1992. Best of luck!
The rules You can enter as many times as you like provided each entry is posted separately. The winners will be drawn out of a hat after the closing date and the first four correct entries win a Miracle system.
Winners will be notified by post and names printed in the February 1993 edition of Amiga Formal. No-one associated with Future Publishing. Mindscape or Software Toolworks may enter.
The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. No cash or other alternative prize will be offered.
For December system!
E DECEMBER 1 992 2 Which duo had a hit with The Miracle of Love (Comes This Way Again) in December 1986?
3 Who went to number 13 in the charts in May 1982 with Promised You a Miracle'!
J Who had a number 4 hit with It’s a Miracle in March 1984?
5 Which rock band reached only a disappointing number 21 in the pop charts with The Miracle in December 1989?
Miracle reached number 30 in November 1990, for who?
Whose backing group was called The Miracles?
Penicillin was said to be a miracle cure. Who discovered it?
| Who directed The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek?
IA Who directed The Miracle Woman?
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9am - 8pm ORDER HOTLINE*** Screenplay Welcome to the heart of
the Amiga games world. If you want to know what the best and
worst games are, look no further. We've taken the very latest
games and put them on trial before our panel of kangaroo court
judges... What happens to a seriously amazing game when it
stops being available at full price? Does it mysteriously
vanish to that great game graveyard in the sky? Will it only
live on in the collections of those few lucky people who a
copy while they had the chance? Luckily, no!
Many of the greatest games in gaming history are resurrected and revived to live a reincarnated life... and they're even better value, because they come out on a budget label at less than half the price! So here's your guide to the very best games ever, cheap! Page S3 THE REST OF THE BEST - THIS MONTH'S TOP TITLES 81 DECEMBER 1992 THE REVIEWERS TIM SMITH "A copy of Player Manager because I think Graham Taylor stole mine, though I don't think he worked out how to use It!"
KARL FOSTER “I want Carrier Command 2, but nobody's written it! Blast! I'll just have to go back to Carrier Command on budget then."
PAT MCDONALD "Caesar's the geezer to please ya, mate. But don't blame me if it keeps you up so late you can't get into work the next morning."
ASAM AHMAD “Kick Off 3. Please, but I don't expect it'll be ready. Never mind. I'll play Sensible Soccer '93."
CLARE HODGSON "Road Rash because I like the bit where you hit them across the head a baseball bat."
PAUL TYRRELL “Lemmings 2 is the one I've been waiting for, but I'm not sure If it's any good yet" ED RICKETTS "I want the 1200 version of Civilization. Then I want a 1200 to play it on."
ANDY LOWE "Er, I'm not sure -1 think Putty could be worth it or perhaps Zool. Or maybe Nigel Mansell and a Freewheel steering wheel. Or maybe..." NEIL WEST "Um, I think I'd like to wake up to a copy of Madonna's Sex book. Oh, you mean games, well, in that case, Madonna herself, probably. You didn't mean that either, did you?"
MISSION STATEMENT Now is the winter of our discontent!
The A1200 is raring to go, promising to herald a new reign of the Amiga as supreme being in the computer world; the A600 gets its smart cards, enabling it to pack a punch that'd knock an ST for six; and the A4000 comes down from the clouds to laugh heartily at all things PC-compatible... So why is there a dark cloud hanging over Christmas apart from the obvious reasons that we’re all either unemployed, skint or both)?
Because the promised House of Commons Select Committee on ’Putting the punch back Into games' has failed to materialise. Why? Because the Mps and bureaucrats in the Ministry of Fun don’t know an A600 from the M25, that's why. Even the Rt Honourable Member for Batley and Spen can only get to level two on Zoo and, as for the PM, well, he’s been seen trying to plug MegaDrive carts Into the A500's trapdoor. The only semi-computer- literate MP is the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and he's got a virus on his copy of ProCa c (and the country is beginning to notice Its effects).
It's a shambles. There’s no-one official that knows a jot about your favourite hobby. No-one to tell you the good games to get or the bad ones to avoid. No-one, that is, apart from Amiga Format's Screenplay. So this Christmas ignore all the console- pluggers, Son c-slaves and Mega-beggars - they're all wrong and they're after your hard-earned, fast- diminishing dosh. Stick with your Amiga - it's a much better machine - and stick with us!
As if bikers haven't got a bad enough rep already, Electronic Arts continue the myth that they're all a bunch of dead 'ard nutters, not averse to a bit of the old ultra-violence. We take the racing line, all the way to the end of the road, to find out if Road Rash is just an excuse for mindless mayhem on two wheels. And guess what... it isl Page 116 Caesar Shock of the month? Let's face it, Impressions haven't had what you'd call the greatest reputation for brilliant games, but that may all be about to change. Find out what it was like to be a Roman governor, rule the world and still have
time for a quick bath before tea. Caesar turns out to be the best thing in decades... Page 92 Following on from the success of Pinball Dreams, 21st Century go one better with Pinball Fantasies.
In case you hadn't already guessed, it's another pinball simulator, but this time it features multilevel tables with three flippers and tons of extras too. Find out why we've all become pinball junkies once again ... Page 128 Sabre Team To those in the know, a sabre team is a group of crack SAS soldiers on a top secret mission. To those who don't know, Sabre Team is a new game from Krisalis, which puts you in charge of said SAS soldiers. Is it all action, or a study in strategy?
Permission to turn to the review to find out sir!
Permission granted - double-time it to... Page 132 These days Amiga games tend to be a wee bit on the expensive side, and buying the latest and greatest titles can leave a big hole in your pocket. If you are prepared to wait a while, though, you'll find certain titles will appearing on budget labels at much lower prices. Andy Nuttall discovers that there's plenty going on in the world of... Budget Classics The inlroduclion of Ihc •budget label' has, without doubt improved the lot of Amiga users, Not only can you now pick up some absolutely classic games, that you might have missed first time
around, but you can also get them at bargain-sized, pocket-money price-lags.
Most software houses now have budget labels, and some have even found the newly priced software sells so well that they have have started to produce new games that first sell at a budget price.
It's generally thought that budget games are inferior to their full-price counterparts, but this isn't always the case. We've looked at the entire range of budget software, and picked out the classics. The list is in order of quality, taking into account all aspects of the games, including durability, playability, graphics and sound. So settle back and lake your pick... Rainbow Islands The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A superb conversion of the classic coin-op platform game.
Control Bub'n' Bob as they travel through the seven Rainbow Islands attempting to escape the rising flood-tide. Incredibly bright, colourful graphics and maddening tunes combine with fluid gameplay to create one of the best games the Amiga has ever seen. Great value at full- price; on budget it's a must.
Pang The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 This game caused a minor storm when it was released into the arcades, and the Amiga conversion is very true to the original.
You have to shoot the bubbles (or balloons) as they bounce around the screen, but watch out because they fragment and scatter when hit. A classic example of a winning formula - a simple idea translated into a stupendously addictive game.
Bubble Bobble The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 The forerunner to Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble has much the same gameplay. Controlling a tiny dinosaur, with an optional second player controlling a similar creature, you must negotiate a large number of levels filled with nasties and bonuses. Not as expansive as its successor (Rainbow Islands) but still has very polished presentation and colourful graphics. A great buy.
C fr New Zealand Story The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 Take a series of beautiful backdrops, some jolly tunes, a host of nasties and a small yellow kiwi, mix it with a large dollop of playability and what do you get?
A perf ect-ish conversion of the arcade classic New Zealand Story.
Loads of platforms and levels, it follows the usual format of the platform genre, but includes some original points.
DECEMBER 1992 International Karate Plus The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A relatively old but very playable kind of beat-em-up, IK Plus really did set new standards when it was first released, and it's still one of the best games of its kind.
You control a karate expert as he battles his way through several opponents in order to reach the master. Get your mate to take the controls of the opponent and it's a brilliant two-player game.
James Pond GBH (Gremlin) £7.99 An aquatic spoof on the classic secret agent stories, James Pond is a great twist on the platform shoot-em-up formula. Your job is to control Pond and help him complete 12 different underwater missions. Superb, cute graphics and bubbly sound- effects are definite plus points of the game, and Pond himself is very easily controlled. It's large and it's fun to play. Get it now.
Turrican 2 Kixx (US Gold) £7.99 Control your robot as it roams around five huge levels carrying a variety of exciting and unusual weapons, killing everything that moves. Great for a no-holds- barred blast-em-up, but the levels are just that bit too big, and the gameplay becomes a little repetitive after a while. Still a good example of the genre, though, and worth a place in anyone's collection.
Supercars 2 GBH Gold (Gremlin) £9.99 A game which has become a cult classic. Supercars 2 is the predecessor to Gremlin's own Lotus Challenge series of games. It's only just been released on their budget label, though, so turn to our review on Page 88.
Wmms 1- , :-;E3 El 13 H ESI C9E9 s- -;a DECEMBER 1992 Ultimate Golf GBH (Gremlin) £9.99 A superbly accurate golf simulation, which offers some excellent options and is great fun to play.
Although it was surpassed in quality by later games such as PGA Tour and Links, it's still a great game in its own right. Also, importantly, it costs less than a tenner. It's a toss-up between this and Leaderboard for the best budget golf game, but you could do much worse.
Super Monaco GP Kixx (US Gold) £9.99 An excellent conversion of the arcade coin-op. Super Monaco on the Amiga actually manages to improve on the original game with the addition of three extra tracks. Breakneck speed and strong graphics all combine to make a very playable and very intensive Formula One racing game. It provides a real challenge to even the most hardened of race addicts.
Batman The Movie The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A great arcade action game comprising five very different levels, including two platform-style sections where Batman must try to reach the Joker, a 3D driving and a flying game where you must steer the Batmobile and Batwing through the streets of Gotham, and there’s also a puzzle game.
Action-packed, fun to play, and great value for money.
Voyager The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A filled, 3D-vector, polygon- based game. Voyager really paved the way for many similar style games to follow. Combining various shoot-em-up elements with an explorational theme, it manages to create a tense and nervous atmosphere which adds a lot to the slightly simplistic gameplay. Great to look at though a bit dated, but it’s still fun to play.
World Class Leaderboard Kixx (US Gold) £7.99 I'm almost tempted to just ask you to read the review on the left because almost the same applies here. Leaderboard was, for a good number of years, the definitive golf game over a wide range of home computers; but it was left behind in the wake of the later golf games to appear on the Amiga. Very good for eight £9.99 A one- or two-player 3D race game that set a standard on the Amiga which remains very difficult to beat. Superb fast-moving graphics and a large number of options make this a game not to be missed. Surpassed by its successor (Turbo
Challenge II), but until that's released on budget this is an extremely viable option if you're after a car-racing game.
Lotus Esprit Tlirbo Challenge GBH Gold (Gremlin) Wizball The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 An age-old game that spawned the recent WizKid, Wizball was one of the original releases from the now-infamous Sensible Software team. Take control of the wizard as he and his cat try to collect enough paint to turn the various levels into glorious technicolour. Beautiful graphics, and unusually challenging puzzles constitute a great game in anyone's book.
Team Suzuki GBH (Gremlin) £7.99 An incredibly fast-paced motorbike racing game with some great 3D graphics. The only thing Team Suzuki is let down by is its over-sensitive controls. It looks very impressive, even by today's standards, but it has been surpassed in terms of gameplay by Indy 500 and Formula 1 GP. At only eight quid, though, it's a really good addition to a racing fan's collection.
Action 16 (Digital Integration) £9.99 One of the original flight simulations on the Amiga, F-16's display is half-filled by a million dials.
Most of them are pretty essential if you want to stay in the air, so you'd better make sure you have either got a degree in patience or a propeller strapped to your head before you try taking off in this.
It still takes some beating by the up-and-coming flight simulations on the market.
F-16 Combat Pilot j Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Kixx XL (US Gold) £14.99 In the style of the movie of the same name, this is an incredibly user-friendly adventure with great graphics and subtle humour. The puzzles are rather challenging, but the gameplay can become a little stale, especially when compared to the later Monkey Island games from the same software house. Definitely worth a look though.
Super Hang On The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A classic motorbike racing game which is a near-perfect conversion of the arcade original.
Fast-paced with very smooth graphics. Super Hang On provides thrills and spills which have only been surpassed by the very best in Amiga racing games.
The grand old daddy of Amiga racing games, and at this price makes a visit to your local software shop very worthwhile.
Switchblade 2 GBH Gold (Gremlin) £9.99 This polished but ageing platform game is still more than popular today because of its authentic coin-op graphics and arcade platform style. And it's only recently released on budget
- something of a bargain!
• AUTOBOOT 1.3 2.04
Only from ASHCOM, DEPT AF12,10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouche, Leicestershire LE6 5JU “SSS2530 Telephone: (0530) 411485 (24hrs) Fax: (0530) 414433 OUT NOW FOR PC, AMIGA AND ATARI ST!
Rick Dangerous Kixx (US Gold) £7.99 An unashamed platform game that manages to stick to the rules of scrolling shoot-em-ups like glue. You take control of the hero, Rick, who is an intrepid adventurer who must traverse a number of levels at the same time as shooting baddies and avoiding traps. OK, so it sounds like the same old story - and yes, it is - but it's exciting, fast and very playable.
Falcon Action 16 (Digital Integration) £14.99 One of the all-time classic flight simulations. Falcon combines fast action with a myriad of controls to create an atmosphere as close to flying a plane as you can get without buying a Rediffusion simulator. You must pilot a Falcon fighter aircraft and try to blast as many enemies as you can. Although it's expensive for a budget title, it's very realistic and well worth the money.
Resolution 101 GBH (Gremlin) £7.99 A fast-moving and a very pretty game, Resolution 101 is a 3D game in which you play a criminal who has been released in order to kill another criminal.
Yes, I'm afraid it's strange storyline time again, but in this case it's totally excusable because the game's really great. Lacking slightly in variety, but with a strong plot and fairly atmospheric graphics.
Spy Vs Spy Wicked Software £7.99 A very old game that owes its heritage to the 8-bits. You control a spy as he races around an embassy searching for pieces of a missing rocket. Not much is added for the 16-bits, so for the single player this is a bit of a joke by today's Amiga standards. For two players it's worth a look - there's nothing like blowing your mate up or setting fire him for an evening' worthwhile fun.
Flight Of The Intruder Action 16 (Digital Integration) £14.99 This game puts you in control of a Grumman A6 fighter plane, an aircraft that played a large part in the Vietnam war.
Coincidentally, that's exactly where this game is set. You must fly the plane from an aircraft carrier and perform several missions within enemy territory. A highly realistic simulation requiring a cool nerve and quick reactions.
R-Type The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A neat conversion of the classic Japanese coin-op shoot-em-up, R-Type also spawned many similar games (including R-Type 2) which managed to improve on it in terms of both gameplay and graphics. OK, so it's not all that new, but for a piffling eight quid this is a horizontally-scrolling megablast that should keep you occupied and entertained for hours on end.
Midwinter Kixx XL (US Gold) £12.99 With excellent 3D graphics and an element of strategy.
Midwinter is a vast game set in a new Ice Age on Earth. You must control a team of 32 survivors as they fight for survival against both the elements and hostile invaders who want your land. It's not easy to win, but it can be very rewarding when you achieve your goals. Definitely worth a look.
Battlehawks 1942 Kixx XL (US Gold) £12.99 Based on the sea battles between the Japanese and the Americans during the Second World War, Battlehawks combines strategy wargaming elements and flight simulation to produce a game that is both exciting and fun to play. It does get a little bit complicated as you go further into the plot but if you can handle the pressure it'll pay great dividends in the end.
DECEMBER 1992 Carrier Command Kixx (US Gold) £9.99 This superb aircraft carrier simulator may be a little old now, but it's still very good to get it out of the cupboard and have a good sail around the ocean, complete with both air and sea assault craft Sequel now!
Castle Master The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 Written using the pioneering Freescape system by Incentive, Castle Master stretches the system to the limit. You play a knight whose twin brother has been kidnapped by a dragon and imprisoned in a castle. You must make your way through the castle, armed with a handful of rocks, and try to free the captive.
It isn't easy and requires a good deal of lateral thinking.
Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Kit GBH (Gremlin) £9.99 An ageing but still very usable utility that enables you to create your own shoot-em-up games with the greatest of ease. It shows its 8-bit ancestry in parts, but it’s full of useful features which are very simple to use.
These, coupled with the well- written manual, make this a program that all Amiga owners should have.
Summer Games Kixx (US Gold) £7.99 Originally written on the C64, Summer Games is the original in the Games series from Epyx (this includes Winter Games and California Games). The gameplay on the C64 was superb, as were the graphics. The Amiga version retains the gameplay, but improves the graphics, so making a great game. It has aged somewhat but at this price it's great - especially in two-player mode.
Spy Vs Spy Wicked Software £7.99 A very old game that owes its heritage to the 8-bits. You control a spy as he races around an embassy searching for pieces of a missing rocket. Not much is added for the 16-bits, so for the single player this is a bit of a joke by today's Amiga standards. For two players it's worth a look - there's nothing like blowing your mate up or setting fire him for an evening' worthwhile fun.
R-Type The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 A neat conversion of the classic Japanese coin-op shoot-em-up, R-Type also spawned many similar games (including R-Type 2) which managed to improve on it in terms of both gameplay and graphics. OK, so it's not all that new, but for a piffling eight quid this is a horizontally-scrolling megablast that should keep you occupied and entertained for hours on end.
87 DECEMBER 1992 Falcon Action 16 (Digital Integration) £14.99 One of the all-time classic flight simulations. Falcon combines fast action with a myriad of controls to create an atmosphere as close to flying a plane as you can get without buying a Rediffusion simulator. You must pilot a Falcon fighter aircraft and try to blast as many enemies as you can. Although it’s expensive for a budget title, it’s very realistic and well worth the money.
Rick Dangerous Kixx (US Gold) £7.99 An unashamed platform game that manages to stick to the rules of scrolling shoot-em-ups like glue. You take control of the hero, Rick, who is an intrepid adventurer who must traverse a number of levels at the same time as shooting baddies and avoiding traps. OK, so it sounds like the same old story - and yes, it is - but it's exciting, fast and very playable.
Resolution 101 GBH (Gremlin) £7.99 A fast-moving and a very pretty game. Resolution 101 is a 3D game in which you play a criminal who has been released in order to kill another criminal.
Yes, I'm afraid it’s strange storyline time again, but in this case it's totally excusable because the game's really great. Lacking slightly in variety, but with a strong plot and fairly atmospheric graphics.
Flight Of The Intruder Action 16 (Digital Integration) £14.99 This game puts you in control of a Grumman A6 fighter plane, an aircraft that played a large part in the Vietnam war.
Coincidentally, that's exactly where this game is set. You must fly the plane from an aircraft carrier and perform several missions within enemy territory. A highly realistic simulation requiring a cool nerve and quick reactions.
Battlehawks 1942 Kixx XL (US Gold) £12.99 Based on the sea battles between the Japanese and the Americans during the Second World War, Battlehawks combines strategy wargaming elements and flight simulation to produce a game that is both exciting and fun to play. It does get a little bit complicated as you go further into the plot, but if you can handle the pressure it'll pay great dividends in the end.
Midwinter Kixx XL (US Gold) £12.99 With excellent 3D graphics and an element of strategy, Midwinter is a vast game set in a new Ice Age on Earth. You must control a team of 32 survivors as they fight for survival against both the elements and hostile invaders who want your land. It's not easy to win, but it can be very rewarding when you achieve your goals. Definitely worth a look.
Carrier Command Kixx (US Gold) £9.99 This superb aircraft carrier simulator may be a little old now, but it's still very good to get it out of the cupboard and have a good sail around the ocean, complete with both air and sea assault craft Sequel now!
Castle Master The Hit Squad (Ocean) £7.99 Written using the pioneering Freescape system by Incentive, Castle Master stretches the system to the limit. You play a knight whose twin brother has been kidnapped by a dragon and imprisoned in a castle. You must make your way through the castle, armed with a handful of rocks, and try to free the captive.
It isn't easy and requires a good deal of lateral thinking.
Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Kit GBH (Gremlin) £9.99 An ageing but still very usable utility that enables you to create your own shoot-em-up games with the greatest of ease. It shows its 8-bit ancestry in parts, but it's full of useful features which are very simple to use.
These, coupled with the well- written manual, make this a program that all Amiga owners should have.
Summer Games Kixx (US Gold) £7.99 Originally written on the C64, Summer Games is the original in the Games series from Epyx (this includes Winter Games and California Games). The gameplay on the C64 was superb, as were the graphics. The Amiga version retains the gameplay, but improves the graphics, so making a great game. It has aged somewhat, but at this price it’s great - especially in two-player mode.
Current releases World Championship Boxing Manager GBH (Gremlin) ¦ £7.99 Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash GBH (Gremlin) ¦ £7.99 poor. The management parts are OK, but if you want some real boxing action, and decent sound effects, then forget it. The static graphics are fine, but when you get to the main fight all you can see are two commentators' heads nodding up and down, with a speech bubble relaying the action.
Fine if you want an introduction to management games, but if you expect some visual rewards for all the effort you put into playing the game, look elsewhere.
The predecessor to this game.
Tracksuit Manager, was a success.
I'm not convinced, though. I mean, who would want to manage a tracksuit? Boxing Manager, now that's more convincing. At least, it would be if the game wasn't so Dizzy - Prince of the Yolk Folk CodeMasters ¦ £7.99 because so many Dizzy games have been presented in this format. If you're looking for something different, this isn't for you.
Another problem is that you only get three lives, which makes it rather tedious because there's no save-game option - every time you lose your three eggy lives you have to start from the beginning again.
Prince of the Yolk Folk is a game for fans diehard of Dizzy and pee pie who want an easy arcade adventure. But it can't be bad for a price of £7.99. This latest game in the Dizzy series features the usual cartoon-quality graphics we have come to expect and also some nice sound and music. A good storyline prevents the game's durability taking a nosedive, but the major problem is that the game is not really original 81% Carrier Command Kixx (US Gold) ¦ £9.99 tained therein. Your job is to sail around, trying to take over as many islands as you can before your enemy can get at them.
As well as the carrier and its armaments, you have a whole range of craft which can be remotely piloted and armed with a selection of weapons from an extensive armoury. A good mix of strategy, arcade and flight simulation makes this an absolutely essential buy - it'll keep you going for days. Get it play it and write to your MP demanding a sequel.
Kixx, bless 'em, have picked up this ex-lmageworks title, dusted it off and released it for under a tenner.
Using fast-moving 3D graphics, which were ahead of their time at the time, Carrier Command puts you in control of a large aircraft carrier and all the equipment con- 90% The problem with computer squash is usually the view of the court.
Normally this has to be viewed from a third-person isometric angle, or you lose the feel of the game. This means that the court must be incredibly small and this SuperCars 2 GBH Gold (Gremlin) ¦ £9.99 In the early days of 3D racing games, Super Sprint appeared in the arcades and it caused a real stir.
Its incarnation on the Amiga was Supercars 2. Now on budget, you too can take control of this overhead view-style racetrack. The idea is obviously to win. But if your driv- Switchblade 2 GBH Gold (Gremlin) £9.99 The original Switchblade was panned for having tiny sprites and jerky scrolling. The sequel is quite the opposite. Large sprites, are nicely animated, move about platforms and scroll smoothly.
You do the usual trick of controlling a heroic figure as he rushes limits the play. Although JK's Squash tries to avoid falling into this trap, it fails.
The graphics are good and the sprites move smoothly. The players hold their racquets towards their right-hand side to save complicating the gameplay. Unfortunately, it makes hitting the ball on the left of the court difficult. As with most two-player games, it's good to play against your mates, but the interest soon wanes. Against the computer the interest wanes after one game.
Jww 63% ing skills aren't up to this, there are other tricks at your disposal that you can use to nobble opponent: missiles, mines, rams all sorts of destructive hardware are here.
The graphics are small, but they are detailed. The feel of your car as it screams around the corners is impressive, as is the way your missile hangs around your car for a while after you've launched it. The tracks scroll very smoothly and the sound effects and music are excellent. An old formula, but one which works very well, especially for £8.
% 82% about trying to vanquish foes and pick up bonuses. The first level is underground, so you can only see what's inside a room when you're standing in if other levels are set outside and offer some well-drawn scenery which make it look like an above-average coin-op game. The problem is that the in-level play is easy, but the end-of-level guardian is too tough, and this becomes annoying when you find yourself looking for as many bonus lives as possible just so that you can make it past the final areas.
Pic) 79% STANHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT WISH ALL OUR CUSTOMERS A MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR A500 2Mb ..... A500 4Mb .... Power 1,5Mb (A500) ..... A500+ 1Mb.
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For duplicating your original software, X- BACKUP PRO is a must, however it offers so much more.
Copies virtually all known disks, far more than any other copier available.
Also backs up hard disks. Ideal for A600HD owners.
Full file management copying utility Optimises data for faster loading.
Formats, repairs, verifies. More than just a copierl Includes the new CYCLONE cartridge.
Official U.K. version. Includes 8 page manual.
GUARANTEE:- X-BACKUP PRO is the most powerful disk copier available for the Amiga. If at the time of purchase, you can find a superior copier, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY.
Can any other copier offer you that?
Telephone our sales hotline with your credit card details for immediate despatch.
061 724 7572 HREm ¦OFTWAREI H Send a cheque or postal order for £40.99 made payable to SIREN SOFTWARE, Wilton House, Bury Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR HOW TO ORDER X-BACKUP PRO:- C_ Romanes Eunt Domus? People called Romanes, they go the house? Nope.
People called Amiga-owners, they build the houses. They also build the roads, the aqueducts and provide the education, the sanitation, and keep the peace... wargaming aclion of Ihe kind you find in many an SSI game, except that il’s a lol belter.
Because there's such a mixture, you'd expect Caesar to be quite a bewildering game, but nothing could be further from the truth. It functions on three levels: the European map, the Provincial map, and the Cily map. The Emperor randomly chooses the European country that you’re given control of. And that dictates what your Provincial map looks like.
Each province has a capital city with its own map and that's where you start building.
Rome sweet Rome Moving around between Ihe different levels is dead easy, and once you've zoomed in to City level you can begin creating your city. To start with, it's jusl a bunch of fields and rivers, so your first move is to build a Forum.
To the Romans, the Forum was everything. Their advanced civilisation depended on places where they could go and speak their minds, exchange ideas and generally chip in to the running of their society. In Caesar, the Forum is the centrepiece of the city. Houses are laid out around it, or are connected to it by roads. Soon the buildings near the Forum soar in value and better buildings replace the humble tents you pitched to begin with.
But before anything gets started properly, you need to address the basic need for water.
Style construction work, except that every- f ¦ thing has a gorgeous Roman flavour.
There's a lump of Populous loo, thanks to the different people who wander about the finely-paved streets that you build. There's even a bit of Railroad Tycoon- style mapwork to be done, linking up distant towns and villages to your Roman sim city.
There’s almosl as much history and economics as in Civilization, with more detailed graphics. And, to cap it all, Caesar has ?
M n m CD m 70 sO NJ PROVINCIAL AND MUTUAL ASSURANCE Beyond the city lies a whole province waiting to be subjugated and exploited. The real Romans were great at this game, bringing civilisation and security to the people of outlying villages, but still making heaps of cash out of them. The population soon warmed to the Romans' high standard of living and strong fortifications. Only a few tribes of die-hard barbarians really resisted, but they often made quite a mess of the Roman cities when they got through. Both Rome and Londinium were sacked by barbarian hordes during the Roman era.
In Caesar, as leader of the province, one of your tasks is to keep out the barbarians and bring extended civilisation to the area. You do this on the Provincial level map, where you find your capital city (the one you've been landscaping) and a few far- flung villages. Barbarians regularly nip across the borders for a bit of rape and pillage, and you've got to stop them. You can build huge walls and towers (like Hadrian did) and post Legions in trouble spots to protect the locals. The most effective way of securing your future is to build roads from your provincial capital to each of the
outlying towns. Once connected, the towns increase in size and help boost the level of trade back at your capital. If you can keep the peace, and expand your road network throughout the province, you're well on your way to a promotion the next time the Emperor visits.
Everybody loves a fairy tale ending, but for Impressions. Caesar could well be the fairy tale beginning.
After years struggling to make an impression on the games world, this independent software house has finally come of age.
Five minutes with Caesar will tell you, that you have to have this game. Once you've got it home, you can kiss the world goodbye. Five minutes' play soon turns into five hours, then five days - and still it’s impossible to tear yourself away.
Caesar is very much a mixture games: there's a hearty chunk of Sim City- ROMANCING THE STONE Roman-style cities are the central features of the newly-conquered Provinces and, as such, they're opulent cultural havens where the rich live and the poor work. But the inhabitants are a pernickety bunch and they need a lot of amenities before they'll move in - not least of which is housing. Roman houses come in all shapes and sizes, but they all start as tents. Only improving land values can turn a tatty tent into a vibrant villa, and you won't help matters by forgetting to pipe in the water. Other
factors like nearby industry and business can drop a suburb's value, but they're necessary evils. If there's nowhere to work, no-one will move in.
Here's a full list of the buildings you can use for your cities:
* . Ft.
f. rtt PLACES TO LIVE You can build better houses, but you have
to start with tents.
PLACES OF WORSHIP Temple: these grow in size with the local population.
Oracle: vital for the spiritual peace- of-mind of your people.
ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDINGS Forum: there are eight different types, each one claiming taxes from a specific area of the city.
Prefectory: the local cops help to collect taxes and keep the peace.
COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Marketplace: vital for trade, and therefore for prosperity.
Heavy industry: you need this to supply other businesses.
Businesses: they offer work to locals and sustain the economy by selling all manner of taxable goods to provincial towns.
THE LIQUID LIFE-BLOOD Water reservoir before you can hook pipes up to the river, you need one of these.
Fountain: these supply the all- important water to the population.
Bath-house: they were a clean lot the Romans. Without a nearby bathhouse, they soon decide the place stinks, and leave.
Well: if there's a dry zone, and no river nearby, a well will provide water for a few houses.
Can you help expand the Roman Empire right across the European sub-continent? With each success, you are offered the chance to move to another province and start all over again, with only a slight increase in difficulty level.
The administrative advisor on your forum screen gives you a visual indication of your prowess as governor of the province. If you can get the pillars above a certain height you'll get a visit from the Emperor, and maybe a transfer.
The effects of tax and conscription are easy to spot. The once- proud city (left) soon turns into a ruin (right) when the people get angry. You have to act fast to quash the revolution or you're city will be virtually worthless In a few minutes.
93 DECEMBER 1992 Fountains have lo be installed and connecled via pipes from the nearest river. If there's no water, no-one will move in and your city will never grow. It's a bil like die problem of electric power in Sim City, only it's not as easy to supply a whole city with one pipe. You really need to incorporate the water supply into your city design or you'll get hopelessly tangled and the founlains will stop gurging and dry up.
Once you've established a foothold, you've got lo make your city grow and prosper. There are plenty of things to help attract new residents, like temples and amphitheatres.
But Ihcre are also plenty of things you need to manage carefully, like security from invasion, dissatisfied subjects who riot and tear down houses, and the business of collecting taxes.
It’s a never-ending job.
Meanwhile, as you're learning how to cope with Roman city life, things are happen- ing in the rest of the province. Barbarians are sure to pay a visit or twelve, and they can make life very awkward, especially if they make it all the way to your city. This is where your legions of soldiers come to the fore. On the Provincial map. You can move legions around, engaging in battles, patrolling trouble spots and establishing new forts and strongholds. The battles are fairly simple affairs, with a choice of live combat formations. There's even an option to resolve individual battles using
Impressions' earlier game Cohort 2. This gives the wargaming purist a chance to get all the detail, while keeping things simple for the player who’s more interested in city-building. Because Cohort 2 is already available you don't have to wait six months for an expansion, like most other sim-games with add-ons.
Forum-nil Aside from the city-building and the fighting, there are still more things to be done.
Controlling your population is done via the Forum screen where you can consult each of your main advisors for statistical data, which is beautifully presented in Roman-pillar style bar charts. Everything a good leader needs to know to run a city is tucked away in easily accessible maps and screens.
It's easy to get carried away with Caesar, because it really is a great game. It's certainly the best of the sim bunch, and a pretty good wargame too. It never seems lo stop, either.
Once you've got a province under control and eveything's on the up and up. The Emperor pops over to offer you promotion.
You can decline his offer, choosing instead to stay on for another 10 or 25 years if you've become particularly attached to your new home. If you take the promotion, you start all over again in a different part of Europe with a lump sum for building a new city plus a salary increase. After many years (in real terms, a good few weeks of play) you can make it to Emperor yourself, and then play the whole thing again.
Now that Impressions have proved what they're capable of, let's hope we see many more games of the exceptionally high quality of Caesar. There's a lifetime waiting to be wasted with Caesar, and 1 for one can't wail to get started all over again.
Neil Jackson ® TRANSPORT AND TRAVEL Roads: the Romans hated walking across the mud, especially when returning from the baths, so roads are the second-most important elements of the city.
Plaza: to really raise the value of your town, pave some of the roads with high-quality slabs.
CULTURAL CENTRES Theatre: they came, they saw, they did a little clapping. Turn your dead-end alleys into cheerful cul- de-sacs with these.
Amphitheatre: bigger, better theatres, where gladiatorial combat is the main event.
Hippodrome: for the top in spectator sports, you can't beat a bit of chariot racing at the Hippodrome.
SECURITY AND DEFENCE Barracks: grubby soldiers may annoy the locals, but they beat the hell out of rioters and barbarians.
Wall: Hadrian's wall is nothing compared to the stonework defences you can build.
Tower: if your wall keeps falling down, strengthen it with a tower.
CIVIL SERVICES School: what have the Romans ever done for us, apart from introduce education?
Hospital: butchers by our standards, but to the Romans they were better than the NHS.
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HOW TO ORDER HCS rui JL HCS ENGINEERING AECIS I IVI SBUriD ALSO SOLD AS SOUNDMASTER Gel Ihe sound in and gel it right with Aegis SoundMagic. Higher sampling rates and qual ¦ ity built-in trom the components up gives you results on your Amiga computer that rival CD sample frequencies. Built-in microphone lets you take quick samples Irom any sound source. Now includes AudioMaster IV tor improved results even at lower sampling rates SoundMagic features include: 1 © © High Spued Digital Audio San.pl,,, stereo*3 digital audio sampler
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or dub over sound samples.
¦ Sampling rates up to 56K in stereo
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Aegis CD Player and Audio Disk Jockey are trademarks ol Oxxi,
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Mix in positive and negative tlange, reverse.
OxxiAegis WE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY P O BOX 90309. LONG BEACH, CA 90809-0309 USA Telephone: (213) 427-1227 FAX: (213) 427-0971 CENTRESOFT LTD UNIT 2 & 3 HOLFORD WAY HOLFOF BIRMINGHAM 136 7AX DEALER SALES HOTLINE 021 625 X
Beast 3 comes lo you wilh a great new feature: exercise of the old grey matter. Yes. That's right, you need to think (slightly) in between the mass slaughter. Auhis point members of Parliament and game reviewers might want lo gel an adult to help them.. Icase in point. You come across this meat sizzling on a spit so, of course, as you would do with virtually everything else in the game, you shoot at it mindlessly for a bit until it falls off. Push It along the ground to the right and... Any programming team commissioned to wile ihe last in llte series of Beast games would no doubt have their
own ideas about which beasts really terrify them most. It would be spiteful to suggest that perhaps Originality. Innovation and Gameplay are three candidates - so call me spiteful.
But enough philosophising. Why Beast 3'!
Why not lei a lired old genre shrivel up and die in peace? The Psygs say this is almost definitely the last Beast game and it's taken two years to write. (Not that I would ever suggest that it's because they continually did everything in their power to put off writing the thing, goodness no.)
Aren't we prejudging?
Let's not prejudge. First impressions aren’t good: an intro that takes up an entire disk, takes forever to load and leaves you thinking 'yes... carry on... oh. That's it. Is it?'. Whack in disk two. Wail another five minutes and choose a level. Wait for Ihe music to stop, wait for the level lo load and you're finally into the game.
It's all action so far. Sadly, you soon realise that the second, third, fourth and fifteenth impressions aren't really very good either. The words 'but it looks just like Beast I and 2' can not really fail to spring to mind as your little character bops along through Ihe parallax scrolling (which is very nicely done) and gels knocked off at the first monster.
Half an hour later, when you've solved a few puzzles, been killed, waited for the load etc, you're unlikely to be ihinking any differently. Because it really does look very much 4 ...and follow the monster back to the meat which It starts eating - only to be interrupted by the obnoxious swinging contraption falling on it and making it something of an ex-monster. And so the way is now dear for you. Oh good. That's one of the easier puzzles. How do you get past the weight puzzle? How do you use the floating table? What does it all mean?
3 ...nip back left (having noticed and picked up a key which was conveniently perched on a table) and use the key to open the cage with the dirty great monster in it.
Jump up the ladder quickly when the monster emerges, all the while blasting away at the mutoid reprobates who keep on charging at you... 2 ...put it under this huge swinging spiky affair which you just happened to notice earlier (and also just happened to notice that it falls on you rather messily if you walk under it)... 97 DECEMBER 1992 yourself feeling guilty. And that's be the only way to play it: ihe long waits between loads, the fairly monotonous gameplay and the occasional stupid deaths drive you batty after a while. If the Amiga is to stride manfully into
1993. It's really about time games like this stopped being the
norm and turned into a nostalgic reminder of how they did
things in the bad old days.
Ed Ricketts ffi Bunny Bricks Silmarils ¦ £25.99 Shadow of the Beast 3 Psygnosis ¦ £29.99 like its predecessors. Il plays a lol like them loo: a scrolling platform shoot-em-up with puzzle-ettes here and there to get in your way.
Keys and locked doors figure heavily in the puzzles, as do levers and traps, so most of them are just a matter of searching about enough to find the right object for the job.
What’s annoying is that sometimes, when you first come across a puzzle, you can make a mistake thal kills you outright and possibly ends the game. It's rather like those old text adventures that would kill you off at every opportunity in an attempt to make up for a lack of decent puzzles.
Least 3 Populous II: The Challenge Games Electronic Arts ¦ 1 Mb required ¦ £14.99 You can't keep a good idea down. Just look at Star Wars, at Robocop, and... oh... Friday the 13th. Luckily for us, the next instalment in the hugely successful Populous series has more in common with the quality of the former two films.
You play a mortal mongrel - the son of Zeus and some poor female mortal who was deflowered by the dirty deity. Rightfully, you feel that you deserve a place on Mt Olympus. Zeus, however, doesn't agree. So, using Populous II's original tools and tactics, you have to fight 32 other gods in 1,000 worlds to prove him wrong. Each game has fewer objectives than Populous II games; like a quick rescue, or a one-off battle with a preset population.
For those who have already played Populous II, this latest outing is a treat. For newcomers to the genre, it's worth a go. A follow-up that rrw . .
Adds to the fun offered by the original. Llnl'l,’!* • 1 * Tim Smith ® Can't be that bad, surely So what are the game's good points? Its graphics. The animation of the main character isn't too wonderful, but the parallax - done, as the manual insists on saying, on a 'hardware multi-plexing playing field' - as if that means anything - makes up for it. The rest of the graphics are dark - oh. Sorry, moody - and sometimes indistinct. This being the last game and all, it would have been nice to see something different and wonderful on the graphics front. Instead, while they're competently done,
they're nowhere near magnificent.
Beast 3 is possibly a game you’d buy on a whim: one you'd regret buying ever after, but keep going back to for short periods to stop
• Like the previous two - parallax platforms, detailed graphics
and lack of innovation.
• Graphics are its greatest strength.
• A good sample here and there, plus one or two not-too-annoying
• Daft puzzles that can kill you outright - definitely just not
• How many more running-jumping-shooting games can there be?
IGMSv _ ferdici 58% This rather oddly titled game is based around the old classic Arkanoid, itself a variation on Breakout, but features much better graphics. The twist is that instead of shifting a paddle from side to side to bounce the puck towards the bricks, you control a baseball-playing bunny that clubs a ball around the screen to destroy stacks of bricks. Bunny the rabbit has an extensive repertoire of moves, including left and right dives and power shots. There's also a variety of special items that float down out of the destroyed bricks - machine guns, multiple bats and power-ups
for super smash shots.
The game is very colourful, especially the well-drawn backgrounds. The animation is good and the cartoon style works well.
It’s all very addictive, much like most games of this genre, and the sound makes it enjoyable. It's not all that original a concept but who needs originality when there’s this much fun on offer. If you haven't got Arkanoid, or Breakout for that matter, but want something along the same lines. Bunny Bricks is for you.
Matthew Fyles ® AB photographs are of actual DCTV screens.
Jlatr* I oionizc 1 r Locr irr.it*r ize and process full color composite i images in millions of colors.
The Future Is Here!
Ggusfr gaaagiNs&'aagg O 800 I 50 I S*liO I Oi**ru*lv EjifiTav L*kc _Tltl-_j ORUJTHJ 5«Eli_ _OBftO_ J Picture I Cmp I Stereo
t. oi p| em’cli loud| ctwr.ll lo»o| swycl Sophisticated true
color video paint, digitizing and image processing software
me all combined into one easy to use package.
? Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.*' ? Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.)
? Convert DCTV" images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit).
? Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV is a complete system, right out of the box!
? Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3Dprograms.
Create beautiful full color video images with all popular Amiga 3D programs.
£499 'Af n. 1 Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tools.
DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color arid resolution of television.
Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 Dealer enquiries welcome IVVV Digital (trillions. AMIGA it a regitlered liadt'inark ol Commodore 8usiness Machines. Patents applied lor.
For all you tech-heads oul ihcre who enjoy a challenge. Virgin have come up with ihe ultimate in technical simulations. Shuttle. Offering you Ihe chance lo follow the developments of the amazing NASA spacecraft from its first launch in 1981.
Shuttle is incredibly involved and requires a serious amount of commitment on your part to get anything in return.
Since the early days of computer flight simulations, the genre has been dominated by games with over-technical controls which are difficult to follow. This usually limited the gameplay, and meant that only those who had plenty of time and patience could play.
SubLogic's Flight Simulator 2 and HiSoft's Profliglit arc good examples of games that are playable but only when you have spent far too long learning the controls.
With Shuttle, instead of the usual complicated display panel underneath the main view, you have - get this - 26 different control panels. Each larger than the monitor screen, so they must be scrolled around. Fortunately a large printed map of the controls comes with ihe game and. Despite its bewildering appearance. It docs actually prove useful.
Shuttl Also in the package are two e manuals: one is a small pamphlet that briefs you on your missions, while Ihe other is a 144-pagc jobby which tells you almost everything you need to know about flying a NASA Shuttle.
Whoops, did I say ' 'almost'? Well, the fact is that although the main manual is quite informative, t DECEMBER 1992 covering all the controls, function keys and technical aspects, it doesn't really convey the information most necessary - how to actually pilot the damned thing!
The manuals are very wordy too. Wilh lots of jargon-based phrases that have you searching frantically through the pages for an explanation. For example, what does 'OPS 106 PRO- mean? Or 'ITEM 27 EXEC'? The manual tells you to type such codes fairly often, but finding out what ihey mean becomes very tedious. The simple addition of a glossary would have saved a lot of trouble. Also, the manuals arc littered wilh spelling errors - 'breaks' instead of 'brakes', 'axis' instead of 'axes', that sort of thing.
Stuck in gear To compound it all. Jusl as you're about to land the Orbiter. The Mission Guide tells you lo press Alt-G to drop the landing gear, whereas the correct command is Ctrl-G. This serves to add to the frustration.
To be fair, the Mission Guide has a good crack at explaining the details of most of the missions, but it doesn't explain the first in anywhere near enough depth. OK. So the first mission might be fairly easy compared with the others, but it does involve landing - a task that many consider to be the most difficult part of flight simulation.
The authors have ensured that the first mission must be completed before moving on to any others. This is understandable, because the main feature of the real-life shuttle is the fact that it's reusable. Basically, if you can't land it. You can't complete any of the missions. Old hands at flight sims should be just fine, but newcomers will get frustrated.
One giant step... On the plus side, the graphics are very nice, with all the action displayed via filled 3D polygons. The screen update is not too slow even on a bog-standard A600, so you do get a good response from Ihe movement controls when you actually have the thing in the air.
Most of the commands from the main control panel have equivalent keyboard shortcuts.
For instance, the function keys are used to change the viewing angle, while Ihe Control key is used in conjunction with various letter keys to operate parts of the shuttle such as the remote manipulator (the big robot ami thing) and ihe speed brakes.
When you think of the time scales involved with sending a shuttle up, and you consider that Shuttle runs almost in real-time, ihe Time Skip feature becomes very important.
This enables you to skip through the bits where nothing happens, to the next set of instructions from Mission Control.
Ten missions are included and follow the history of ihe Shuttle flights in great detail, ranging from the first test flight and landing to the launching of the Hubble telescope. The attention to detail is so great that the simulated Hubble is damaged in the same way as the real thing, so the next mission is to go and repair it.
Shuttle is the most involved and complicated simulation I’ve ever played. Just to describe its controls would take a number of pages, never mind the numerous missions and semi-cryptic messages from Mission Control, it's indescribably huge.
If you’re an avid NASA follower, then Shuttle is something you should have. If you're a flight-sim addict, and feel at home with ProFliglit, then this will probably suit you down to the ground. If you're a sometime flight simulation player, who doesn't like getting bogged down wilh complicated controls, then keep well away or you just might find yourself sending your Amiga into orbit.
Andy Nuttall © Shuttle Virgin Games ¦ £29.99 Difficult, but when you successfully com* plete a mission it can he rewarding.
I Good graphics, reasonable sound effects, appalling music.
Manuals give plenty of information about the shuttle, hut not enough about the game.
More controls than your average space shut* tie. Wait a minute, that’s not right... THEY’RE BACK”!
IIM A FABULOUS NEW ADUENTURE Twelve New Worlds with an all-star cast of thousands, including ... Surfers, Bagpipers, Ballooners, Jumpers, Magic Carpet Riders, Snowball Throwers, Pyramid Builders, Fencers, Pole Vaulters, Bongo Players, Sand Castlers and many, many morel
• 12 Brand Mew Tribes, each with their own skills
• Save the Tribes and win the Talisman
• 256 brilliant VGA colours
• Riveting Game Play and More Puzzling problems with hilarious
• Enhanced sound support with digitised Lemming voices
• 8-way scrolling
• 15 original soundtracks IN ASSOCIATION WITH LEMMING ISLAND ¦
COMING SOONI On the left is one of the intro screens that
explains the principles behind Rampart very nicely indeed.
The guys on the top are happily blowing up the castle opposite only to discover (60 short seconds later) that the folk in the castle opposite were equally hell bent on destruction. It's now a race to see who can rebuild their castle walls first... Rampart Cull (in other words, it didn't make much money, but those who played it loved it) Tengen coin-op Rampart is one of many games based on Tetris with a few elements, added in an attempt to create something entirely new. Most attempts at such video game Frankcnsteinery end in mediocrity: a beaten-up Ford Escort will always be a beaten-up
Ford Escort no matter how many bits are bolted on or how wide the wheels are.
But when you're working from as solid a base as Tetris, it’s difficult to go wrong - and Tengen didn't. Adding guns, battleships and a ruthlessly unforgiving two-player mode, they created a new game that stands up proudly.
Read all abaht it allocated a number of cannon to place within your castle walls: the number you are allocated depends on how well you did in the previous round, but normally it's one, two or three. If you don't have enough space lo place your allotted cannon, tough.
Phase two is the fun bit. This is where all hell breaks loose and for one glorious minute you get to guide a targeting cursor around the screen with a view to hammering the hell out of ihe enemy ships with all your cannon. The idea is to simply destroy all Ihe computer's ships, plus any troops that may come ashore to So what's it all about then? Well, you're in charge of an army’s fortifications and you have an enemy - in one-player mode the enemy is your Amiga and in two-player mode it’s a buddy.
The game screen is a plan view of your castle keep, the walls surrounding it and more keeps set along a stretch of coast. Out on the water, a small armada polishes its cannon and waits. There are three phases to each round of Ihe game, the first of which is cannon placement. At the start of each round you are disrupt phase llircc: pulling riglu Ihe damage done by enemy cannon and creating more space for your own firepower. This is where ihe Tetris clement appears.
A series of multi-shaped blocks appear on screen. You rotate them, position them and then drop them in an effort to replace those sections of wall destroyed by your opponent.
You don't actually have to exactly copy your original battlements, but merely make sure that there is no break in your keep's surrounds. If you don't complete all your repairs in the lime limit then you lose a life. If you succeed you can use any remaining seconds to attempt expanding your castle walls to encompass a larger area for extra cannon placement.
In two-player mode you blow hell out of the walls of a friend's castle; a friend similarly engaged in trying to build as large a fortification as possible while blowing yours up.
When the dust settles And that's it, really - the attrition continues until all lives are lost. Doesn’t sound much does it? Well, for the time the novelty lasts Rampart makes a fast, frantic and highly addictive two-player game.
There are only three niggles; one-player mode is largely dull (just use it as training for two-player battles): second, once one player gets the advantage in a two-player game it's practically impossible for the other player to turn the tables; and third, the game is over just loo quickly - there could have been more levels. Maybe the chance to upgrade lo different weapons, or even a deeper strategic bent to it.
But Rampart certainly isn’t a bad game.
It's worth investigating for a spot of two- player. 7Vfm-inspired fun.
Neil West © Rampart Domark ¦ £25.99
• Looks fine and sounds OK - a very good coin-op conversion.
• Fas! And furious two-player fun.
• Fiddly (hence frustrating, considering the time limit) control
method, particularly if playing with a joystick.
• A limited game size - Ihe action's over far too quickly.
• Too repetitive for classic status.
Mic) 75% VI©; (RATES You will achieve your goals - wealth, power and prestige - if you choose the most lucrative expeditions and forge the most fruitful negociations. W (. EC ALOMANIA Play a god like figure warring with four other god like figures for domination of a new planet.
|Utnllr.vi You have a group of followers,, the greater 'theirAchievements, the more power you wield... To fight the Evil.
You are the kir*g ami ,i y-. • you can take complete control of your destiny as you attempt to dominate the world.
ONDERLAND You will be confronted by puzzles, puns and challenges to keep you within wonderland's magical domains for hundred of hours.
REALMS © Virgin Games Lid.
PIRATES Microprose Software Inc. MEGALOMANIA SyMlrrorsofl Ltd POPULOUS ’ Electronic Arts WONDERLAND , Magnetic Scrolls Ltd V Virgin Mastertronlc Ltd.
Amiga is a trademark of Cornmodore-Amiga. Inc. Atari ST is a trademark ol Atari Corporation.
IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines.
Compilation available UBI SOFT Ltd Finchley House 707 High Road North Finchley LONDON N12 OBT
T. 081 - 343 - 9055 on Atari, Amiga & PC PC (Populous, Realms,
Wonderland, Pirates) UBI SOFT En tmi-a-inm t- Eoffiwewm Nicky
Boom will thrill you with its humour and animation, it is easy
to play and its hero is so adorable, unbelievably cute.
- 1600 screens
- 8 different soundtracks
- scrolling 50 images per second* (’Amiga) To help Nicky Boom in
his quest, you will need many skills to win:
- A good sense of direction : You will travel through 8 huge
levelj (200 screens per level) i different worldf " ' angerous
- Skill There are more than monsters, each one 11 mi |i I
iiiii tlioii I hi
- Cunning : A multitude oT ecret passage mechanises, bonus rooms
ai teleportersto be dracoyerafl iu meet the challenge : case
Nicky Boam lrf an !
Beleives MiCRDIDS
S. i lie iniu ilo hi .lust ici* ‘ 22‘)(l (II VI l S'! M l.
Mlin d nuun
• The Bitmap Brothers • THE fHAOS FHGIHE a • TIME FOR CHAOS • _
Atari ST (STE Enhanced), 1 Meg Amiga & PC • 1 or 2 Player CEI
Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping Wall, London E1 9SS. 1992 The
Bitmap Brothers. Published by Renegade. I brothers I Tel: 071
481 9214 - Fax: 071 480 5690 Hi d ions For value added Amiga
products there is only ONE Direction Commodore Amiga Computer
Range Merlin Express can supply jusl aboul every Amiga wilhin
Ihe range along wilh a variely ol addilional specificalions
[eg. Exlra hard drive, more memory etc.]. Commodores new A600
range of Amigas now replaces ihe old A500 and 500 Plus models
with the following advantages... Smart Card Slot [lor (ulure
expansions & programs on Smart Card which load quicker than
disk based equivalents] Built in Television Modulator Small
"Desktop Footprint" to save space Built to the latest
"Surface Mounted Technology" standards 4 Easy access joystick
ports Built in Hard Disk Drive , . Alt Controller for later
addition ol internal Hard Disk Drives (*• Via Jail' i '11
and..For total peace of mind... FREE 12 MONTHS ’ WmFw&ifflkf't
ON 5ITE 'n-home maintenance warranty I' fw;.Tv'y ir1 1
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Teque's space-bound sequel to the fantasy role-playing bonanza Shadowlands has arrived, and this time no-one can hear you scream.
'y V Jim w -- I ECU LllL: OB TOIHL HEIGHT J ¦ .
TOTHL HEIGHT NEEDS 1 MEG rilTflL HEIGHT: cr; | ,-f ,-r- coinrTuL LlT I ; TECH LUL: 03 TOTAL HEIGHT: There’s a vital difference between Shadoworlds' inventory screen and the one in Shadowlands: you can mix and match any gun pieces you find to make a variety of deadly weapons.
Shadoworlds Your team needs to possess a mixture of skills lest some of the obstacles become too difficult to pass later.
SH-8190 HGE ??
* The whole game boasts an excellent quality of design 99 BT 3890
HBE 8?
10 EE10U 0 VDII0 * HBE 1?
Six months ago we were all impressed by Shadowlands, the clever light-tracing isometric game set in a fantasy world of clerics, fighters and thieves. A strange mix of puzzles and role-play, it was heaps of fun.
Now the same programmers, Teque, take us into a future world where things look just as bright, but a lot more dangerous.
One of our labs is missing This is Shadoworlds. In the aftermath of a cataclysmic galactic war which has forced man to see the error of his ways and relinquish violence forever, there's still one weapons research space-station at the edge of the galaxy, but you’ve suddenly lost contact.
So now it’s up to you and your hand- picked team of hard guys and gals to infiltrate the bases of the station’s planetary system; to beam from one world to the next and find out what has happened. On going through the front door of your first port of call you find out that a bunch of villainous androids and aliens are guarding the premises.
And so into action with your select troop of space warriors, where we find one or two things have changed during the passage of time from the fantastical past to the far future.
The ability to split your party into however 8!
HEALTH HD Hifll 03 TECH 01 5iT" HEHLtll 50 COIIIillT 03 TECH 05 83 IIEHLTII 58 C0H0HI 08 TECH 01 I?
HEHI.TH 33 CDIIEIII 08 TECH 05 many pieces you want still makes the Shadow series one of the most flexible fantasy role- playing systems around, but Shadoworlds differs from its predecessor in a number of significant ways. First, ardent fans of Shadowlands will be outraged when they boot up only to discover that controlling the team just ain’t what it used to be. Gone are the separate character control icons; now there are four faces for selecting a party member and one ‘human figure’ icon whose anatomy controls all the characters’ actions. This means that the party needs to be told what
to do one at a time, which slows things down a helluva lot (particularly when it comes to combat).
You will also find that it’s now possible to display all four characters' inventories at once so you can easily exchange objects between them. It’s still possible to scroll through each inventory from the main screen via a character's hands, though. The more compact 5H-E190 | f7*ss5rfc, :uii[iiiT liil ” ' TECH LIIL 45 1 Wjj X inventory screen has been achieved cleverly, partly through the removal of food and water which are now replaced by simply the ’fluid level'. In true space-age fashion, our heroes pump themselves full of nutrients by directly injecting them into the blood stream - how
jolly appetising.
Being resident in a future age. You now have the considerable advantage of automatic weaponry. Such high-tech firepower lends a new atmosphere to the Photoscape system as pyrotechnic dum-dum shells explode in a blossom of light against walls and, regrettably. People.
Also, rifles and other instruments of destruction can be ‘customised’ to a certain extent by swapping their stocks or barrels around. This produces a wealth of new weaponry offering a wide range of destructive effects that can all be hurled against the enemy to good effect.
Instead of the character generator, which gave Shadowlands such flexibility, a number ICON DO THAT Surviving at the outer edge of the galaxy means knowing your icons, so here's a helpful guide to the main controls: to ‘ rf It* HEAD Highlight and click on a flashing object in the game window in order to read it. Or hold down the mouse button to toggle your head-torch.
LEFT ARM Utilises the object in your left hand or swings a punch if nothing is there.
Highlight and click on the flashing object you want to manipulate.
RIGHT ARM Operates switches and picks up items.
Highlight and then dick on the flashing object or switch in the game window that you want to take or operate.
LEFT LEG Moves the character as part of designated team formation. Click on the character's destination and the team will move there in formation.
RIGHT LEG Moves characters individually. Click on the character's destination and he or she will dutifully separate from the main party and go there alone.
SKULL This icon tells you that the character is a little less than useful right now.
That is to say, dead.
And no-one even heard him scream - space, huh?
BACK OF HELMET Faithful to the style of Shadoworlds, this volte-face view shows that the character has wandered off to do his own thing on another level.
Gjjfc. .J, ?SJra ¦$ im-jL of pre-generaled recruils arc available for drafting on to your team. Each has skill specialities and personality quirks, which does give your characters a little more personality of their own (some are rebellious while others can crack under the strain, for example). Just pray that the hard nut of your party doesn't sit in a comer eating rusks when the going gets really tough.
Vate teleports). Teque have done their utmost to incorporate Photoscape fully into the gameplay and have done so with great success.
Shadoworlds does for its predecessor what Bullfrog's Populous 2 does for Populous: develops on a worthy theme without losing sight of the original's playability and feel. It has successfully continued the Photoscape system with a game of great depth and atmospheric quality, but does stumble slightly when it comes to the fluidity of gameplay and the realism of its characters.
A few little tweaks here and there would have brought the whole experience up to Formal Gold quality, but even as it stands I shall still be playing Shadoworlds until the cows come home (or, at least, until the next better version).
Paul Tyrrell ® Artificial unintelligence Rock-hard these gallant space warriors may be. Intelligent they are not. They just don't seem to be able to negotiate things like small gaps or doorways when they're in formation, and quite frequently start blowing iheir friends away when you order them to fire - the American military, in suitably understated style, dub this kind of idiocy 'collateral damage'. However, the impressive graphical quality that gave Shadowlands such a good atmosphere remains gloriously intact.
Shadoworlds Krisalis ¦ £25.99 The whole game boasts an excellent quality of design that is not only very functional, but is also a pleasure to behold. No detail has been forgotten, either within the game environment or in the information displays, which have changed front an ornate and mystical design befitting a fantasy world into one of futuristic simplicity. The title screen also has that 'wide-eyed' Japanese look to it which gives it a trendy Akira feel.
• There’s a great deal of variety when it comes to terrain and
the opposition, and it all takes place in a huge play area.
• Photoscape adds that special, extra bit of realism - all
graphics maintain the Shadowlands example of very high quality
and attention to detail.
• The spot effects are eerie and mysterious, but nothing
remarkable; a bit like the title tune really.
The Photoscapc system adds a huge amount of realism, spilling torchlight through doorways as they open and flashing explosions across the walls when a shell makes contact.
Shining a beam into dimly lit comers can even trip photodetectors (which open doors or acti- (ferdiel 85% The Dark Queen Of Krynn US Gold SSI ¦ £32.99 Will Krynn ever be the same again, especially after the Champions Of Krynn followed by the Death Knights of Krynn, and now this, the final battle? You would think that any planet in the universe would have had enough after such an onslaught.
But no, there's more. In Dark Queen you take the form of your worst nightmare and fight creatures too gruesome to contemplate. I guess AO&D fans could use their computers to become even more unsociable creatures and replace reality with a conjured-up world based on magic, good and evil. Or they could use this game to demonstrate to themselves that there is more to life than surreality, because Dark Queen is not too hot.
My advice would be to stick to using your Amiga for something much more interesting and original like Eye Of The Beholder, a game that is a real computer game, not just a dice game translated on to an Amiga.
Asam Ahmad S ~ NITME t-4 SIFi UNDREW : - HRTI1 l.OUURE rj BROTHER TOM I-., HGHTH : JlDROGHN zmese&xm&n *«.c N_oo oi__ ¦ff DHHRF STOPS SOU, HOLD J HO UP H hHTP.
I PRESS jftFrnrnm Tt:- i Paper-and-dice fantasy once again limps on to the small screen.
Treasures Of The Savage Frontier US Gold SSI n £32.99 It never rains, but it pours. Yes, Treasures of the Savage Frontier is another fantasy role-playing epic sporting the usual assortment of monsters, magic, swords, sorcery and the like.
The problem with it is that it’s not designed to be played on a computer; it's a role-playing game that has been automated.
Treasures makes hardly any use of the Amiga itself, but is just a fantasy game that doesn't rely on the use of a pen and paper. In fact you have to refer to the guide so much for details on characters and quotes that the game may as well have remained a paper-and-dice effort.
I must say that the presentation of the package is very good, with good clear rule books and journals - the handbooks that form the basis of the game. It's sad to see that these games have been created as an alternative for fantasy freaks to play against computer-generated characters instead of playing their fellow fantasy friends.
Stick to the dice versions. I Asam Ahmad ® 3D ConSTRUCTIOn HIT S.0 fp If you like to delve a . ______ little deeper than most, then this is the n i product for you. V P Welcome to the world of 3D : Construction Kit fL? 5
2. 0™ where virtual realism becomes a reality. ; J* 3D
Construction |||gf Ifflt' S Kit 2.0™ is the only virtual
Developed alongside professional VR products, it offers a wide
range of facilities including:-
• 3D shape designer manipulator
• Sound effects manipulator
• Game design utility
• Print out screen dump option
• Animation programmer
• Computer VCR playback function
• Clip art library with colour catalogue 111 JlwBS '’¦'¦¦¦rliiSJl
«!S%, mmrn We know how frustrating it is to buy a piece of
software and have to wade through a huge instruction manual
just to get started. So we've included a short tutorial video
to get you up and running quickly and give you a taste of what
3D Construction Kit 2.0™ is all about. Starting from scratch,
the tape will show you how to create, .manipulate and join
objects, design landscapes and even make your own game! You'll
also get a glimpse of some of the fantastic results that can be
achieved once you've had a bit of practice.
Designed and Programmed by Incentive Software © 1992 Dimension International Ltd. IBM PC Screenshots Domark Software Ltd., Ferry House, 51-57 Lacy Road, Putney, London SW15 1PR incentive The Afford Winnert
• Trademark ol TitanSporls, Inc. **Hulk Hogan”*, Hulkamania " and
Hulkster'' are trademarks ol Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.,
licensed exclusively to TitanSports, Inc. All other distinctive
character names, likenesses, titles and logos are trademarks ol
Transports, Inc. © 1992 All rights reserved.
OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 CASTLE STREET • CASTLEFIELD MANCHESTER • M3 4LZ TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 • FAX: 061 834 0650 Once again, the WWF* Superstars*unite for the Grand European Rampage* Tour.
Join your favourites.
Hulk Hogan,** Ultimate Warrior* and many more as they travel across Europe to square off in the ring against tag teams like the Natural Disasters* and the Nasty Boys* Watch them in the squared circle.
Follow them to the Grand Finale Match at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Test your strength and skill.
Work with your team-mate to achieve the ultimate goal - the
- -- European 00 IX DEPORT* Rcmpcge Tag Team ¦e&aoDEDEPOim ATARI
Now here's a crazy mixed-up game for crazy mixed-up people.
Take the bare bones of a motorbike racer, flesh them out with the brawling and violence from a beat-em-up, and you have... Road Rash Much like motorcycle riding itself, motorcycle games have always been a bit hit or miss on the Amiga, and none more so than Electronic Arts' bizarre new racing beat-em-up. Road Rash. Mile upon mile of open road, plenty of fast, furious motorbiking action, and a liberal dose of unnecessary violence thrown in for good measure. But how do you mix aggression with the reflex-honing activities you normally associate with racing games? Simple. Here you get the chance to
punch and kick your biker opponents off the road, into trees, or worse, into the path of oncoming traffic.
To be this good... After wowing an audience of console owners, Road Rash revs on to the Amiga scene, hoping to do the same to us. But if EA think Amiga owners are as easily pleased as the console kids, they're way off. Let's face it. These guys arc impressed by two-inch screens and squeaks for sound effects. It’s a lot harder to Graphically, it’s not as good as the three-year- old Super HangOn, although it’s possibly just a touch faster. In the sound department, it’s as bad as Super HangOn, and there’s no excuse for that. But where Road Rash really does score is in its gameplay. It's just
all-out thrash fun, right from the start, right to the finish.
Although you might not initially be tempted to pick up your joystick and go for a bum, once you do, you'll find it difficult lo stop. And it's got nothing to do with poor brakes.
Road Rash is a pretty simple racing challenge. There are five levels of race difficulty, with the length of track or the number of twisting turns and crossroads being the main variations. At each level there are five separate courses, each with its own scenery.
Sway people who expect full-screen action and hyper-sonic sounds - ie people who use Amigas.
It can't be denied that Road Rash is good fun, even if it is just a converted console game.
HOW TO AVOID A NASTY RASH THE FIRST TIME YOU GET A LEG OVER... Once the flag drops, there isn't time to mess about so here’s a guide to what's on a Road Rasher's handlebars.
STAMINA METER Tells you how many more beatings you can take. If your opponents really bruise you up, this meter goes red and shrinks drastically. If it runs out, you’re out of the race.
DAMAGE METER Shows how badly damaged your bike is.
Each time you fall off, you crunch a bit of your bike until eventually it won't work.
NEAREST OPPONENT They could be behind or in front of you, but at least you know who they are, and maybe how they'll react.
OPPONENT'S STAMINA The weaker he is, the quicker he will fall.
Use this to tell you whether it's worth staying for a punch-up.
Roadside objects and obstacles. You have to race on each course and finish in the lop four on each one in order to make it to the next difficulty level. A system of rather long- winded post-race passwords enables you to leave or enter a specific race when you feel like it, without needing a save-game disk.
Ultimate ride?
There's really no need for such wanton disrespect to the gentleman of the law. He’s only doing his job, albeit with the vigour and zest that he'd normally reserve for arresting a war criminal.
You control your bike and rider with a joystick, using one of two available control modes. The important difference is the way you handle the punching and kicking of opponents - one uses the firc-button, the other uses the position of the joystick. Mastery of the high-speed attack is vital because your objective is to unseal the opposition by booting them off backwards or punching them in the helmet. Each opponent has his or her own characteristics which affects their relationship with you. If you act aggressively to one character, the chances are pretty high that they will retaliate.
But if you merely dodge them, and whiz by on the outside without clashing, they “ This is going to annoy everyone from the road-safety crew to the Mary Whitehouse brigade 99 may offer you tips or information at the start of the next race.
Winning races means cash in the bank, and die more you have the more you can spend. And spend you will, on important things like a newer, faster bike, or less important things like fines (incurred not for punching policemen off their bikes, but for getting caught afterwards). You also need cash to repair your bike when you damage it, and that’s very likely to happen considering the way you and your racing cronies hurtle around blind bends at 140 mph. Death wish or what?
And that's basically all there is to it. Road Rash is a blast, but it’s not as good as all the hype suggests. Initial reactions are not always the right ones, and in this case it has to be said that it plays a lot better than it looks and sounds. After a few races (when you’ve invested a bit of time and tired out your joystick hand) it's very easy to gel drawn into the game. The sheer mindlessness of the violence nearly makes it a classic. It’s just so rewarding to get away with behaviour that would generally get you killed or nicked if you were to try it for real. Your psychopathic
tendencies can be lived out to the full without danger of harming yourself or anyone else, but it still feels like you’ve been there and done it before.
Road Rash is going to annoy everyone from the police road-safety crew lo the Mary Whitehouse anti-violence brigade - and quite rightly so. After all, if people didn't get wound up about mindless, inconsequential things like computer games, then they wouldn’t be half as interesting to play, would they? Although their fears are real to them, they’re not nearly as heightened as the fear you’ll have when you find yourself flying over the crest of a hill at a ton plus, with only a passing Volvo to break your fall. If you can get excitement like that on your Amiga, who needs to try it for real?
Neil Jackson £ Road Rash Electronic Arts ¦ £29.99
• A bit lacklustre to begin with, but you soon get addicted to
Road Rash's action.
» More fun than you could have skating down a mountain in slippers (believe us, we’ve tried it).
I It'll get your mum ringing up the papers complaining about violence.
T Sounds like a kazoo, looks like a moped on an 8-bit, but brilliant fun all the same.
1500 SPECIALS ' 2 PRICE 1500 S W PACK EXTRA This rr only wilh 1500, i 500 Pock Extra ol only £24.9 1500 + ON-SITE, 8833 1084S, CITIZEN 2 24 pin col printer, 1500 Extra software pock, Pork + AmigaVision 52MB £1149.00 120MB ..£1329.0 UK 8833 CBM 1084
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68030 25MHz, 3.5" 880K FD + spare drive boy (or 1 spore boys
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memory os below: DESKTOP 52MB 120MB 210MB 425MB 1MB video+1 MB
Fosl Rom 1289 1469 1729 2249 2MB video + 1MB Fosl Ram 1437 1679
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3199 With Multimedia Pack: AmigaVislon, Deluxe Point 4.1 and
Stain ADD £195.99 OR with Pro Poge 3 + Pro Draw 3 ADD £165.99
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Mouse, AMIGA
3. 571.76 MB 3.5" drive Plus Cross DOS for Ironsler of files
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bay, Hord ’ Jlilities, Gold Service Warranty AMIGA 600 A600
wilh 12 month on-site warranty, 1MB, WB 2.05,3.5" FD + Smort
Cord Interface, Mouse and Manuals WITH ALONE A600 264.00 A600
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* Top quality 3rd party drives, covered by fulfl2 month retum-
lo-base worranly AMIGA 1200 £4RHONf!99 With new AGA chip set,
256,000 colours from 16 million colours. First shipment
arriving early November - Very limited 1MB, wilh Disc Coddy,
Welcome CD + tutorial + remote control unit.
AS ABOVE WITH MATCHING DRIVE KEYBOARD, MOUSE+ WB 1.3 As above £369* £459 With Goldstar Block TV £549* £639 monitor + remote control Extra RAM £POA Plus Hutchinsons Encydopaedia + Lemmings See below across for software packs [AMIGA 1500inc. On-site Full UK spec, with 1MB RAM, mouse, expansion as 2000, leads, manuals. New including Kidcslort S Workbench 2.05. Hard disc configuration inc. ihe high 'ormonce GVP II controller card.
EXPANDABLE TO 8MB. Fosl 52MB + 120MB Qoonlom Drives ore used.
Duel Drive 469.00 DD+GVP+52MB HD 732.00 DD+GVP+120MB HD 872.00 With 8B33 1084S ADD 179.99 With 7CM + M W FF ADD 379.99 Per extra 2MB filled lo GVP Also with Kickslorl 1.3 + ROM Shorer Also with Citizen 200 24 pin Col Printer + Starter Park CDTV Second Things seem to be hotting up of late for the two-wheel ton-up merchant. It seems like only yesterday we were wrestling with the realistic but terminally twitchy Red Zone from Psygnosis. While in this very issue we're kick boxing in EA's decidedly violent Road Rasli.
Priz Thus Thalion's No Second Prize emerges from the paddock with plenty of competition already on the grid. NSP is a fast-paced thrash around the world's most famous motorcycle circuits in pursuit of first prize (remember, there's no second one) - that only prize being not a Championship First, but for the ownership of the Sexiest Motorcycle in the World.
Some anonymous dude has fronted up this unique machine in the hope of attracting six monied privateers to duel their way through a 26-race season taking in such exotic locations as the Paul Ricard, Hockenheim and Oulton Park circuits.
Choose more than just the colour of the bike you ride. Each of the six competitors has certain attributes, such as impressive top-end speed, or brilliance at corners or. For the more ham-fisted, the ability to lake the knocks when thwapped full-till into the nearest tree.
Having chosen whichever rider suits your riding style, it’s off lo practise on any of the 20 tracks before the first race of the season. It soon becomes clear that the bike, while not all that easy lo control, behaves much more sensibly than Team Suzuki's Suzis. Where a mere twitch of the mouse would have you veering wildly off course and into Mamola-ville in TS.
Totally unreal As such, we're not looking at a terribly realistic outing along the lines of Team Suzuki.
Although the view from the saddle, the filled polygons and the accurate tracks are reminiscent of GBH’s offering. NSP is more of a throttle-to-lhe-stop thrash and aimed more at the speed freak than the Grand Prix buff.
Unusually for a motorcycle game, you get to [he aclion in NSP is far more controllable, while still keeping up a fair old clip.
It's a mouse-only affair, which is fine by me, and merely requires holding down the right button to accelerate and the left to brake.
Unless you want to be flash and use the manual gear change mode, which means keeping a hand hovering over the Amiga's keyboard.
Once into the races proper, things get a little more disturbing. Getting round Silverslone is job enough, hut someone has taken the trouble lo scatter bollards at some very inconvenient points around the track. Hit one and you'll damage the bike (which has a limited tolerance that ticks away until you stop for good) and lose places.
There also seems lo be a fair number of riders who apparently spring up from nowhere.
You can see the pack you're meant to be leading highlighted on a small circuit map. But other riders abound, creating mobile chicanes that add to the overall mayhem.
A bit backwards It was after an encounter with one of these amateur riders that I found out you could do something totally brilliant: ride round the track the wrong way! I've always wanted lo do this, but many racing games simply won't let you.
Howling head-on for the leaders at a closing speed of around 400mph is great fun when you’ve given up on ever winning the race.
You also get to see the helicopter that follows the lead bike and provides one of the platforms for the four replay cameras that show you how you screwed up on that last chicane. It's reckoned that by studying replays you can leam the mistakes you're making and how lo avoid them.
But most simulated track racing is so uncontrolled that it's more often than not a case of balls-out pace all the way (and scrape it round comers al silly speeds) so 'riding' technique rarely plays a part. Replay cameras are fairly pointless, but fun.
While lacking in the authenticity stakes.
No Setviul Prize is a good halfway house between the mindless thrash of Super HangOn and the hard-to-eontrol realism of Red Zone and Team Suzuki. If it had the two-player mode of the now-defunct Palace Software's Hoi Rubber, then we really would have something to write home about.
Karl ‘Queasy Rider* Faster © lUo Second Prize Thalion ¦ £25.99 Very easy to get into - no complicated setting up. Just go.
) Fast, controllable and pretty hairy at times with all the on-track obstacles.
I Choice of manual or automatic gear changing makes life easier.
I Not that appealing for fans of realistic racing sims.
I No two-player mode.
Ferdio 80% At last a range of Joysticks with looks and performance that comes straight from the Arcade. With prices starting from as little as £13.99, they are seductively transparent to show their internal workings rippling like the muscles of an Iron-pumper.
SV135 MEGASTAR JUNIOR [ Steel Shaft • 7 Heavy-duty Microswitches • Auto-Fire • Left Right Hand Switches • LOGIC 3 products offer three things style, quality and performance. There's that certain look, that certain feel that make LOGIC 3 products special.
LOGIC 3 'Putting style into computing'. LG737 S|GMA-RAY Sigma-Ray table-top Joystick • Six microswitches (closed type) • Additional base fire buttons • Rapid-fire function • SV127 TOPSTAR
• Six Heavy-duty Switches
• Auto-Fire
• Pistol-Grip ] LG 203 MANTA-RAY
• Hand-held Joystick
• Six microswitches (closed type)
• Rapid-tire function SV131 SUPERSTAR [ LG2RG SPEEDMOUSE for
Amiga Atari Computers • ultra-sensitive buttons • Smooth and
accurate movement • Comfortable to use • Steel Shaft • Six
Heavy-duty Microswitches • Auto-Fire • Advanced ENHANCE YOUR
VIDEO GAMES ... Sometimes just using a Joystick is not enough
to beat today’s generation of computer games. The Foot Pedal
Controller works in conjunction with a Joystick. By aligning
any three of the Joystick functions to synchronise with the
Foot Pedals it enhances any multifunctional game that
includes flying, driving or playing sports ... games-playing
will never be the same.
Datalux COMPUTER DESIGNER MEDIA STORAGE [ Simply plug any standard 9-Pin Joystick into the cable supplied.
Connect the Foot Pedal into your Computer.
The Foot Pedal is now ready to use.
Expertly designed, these boxes are not only practical and user-friendly, but are tough enough to provide years of trouble free service. F Just look at the features: i • Robust High Impact Base pa • Removable Lid K§ • Incorporated Integral Lock • Space Saving Flat Pack lM • Organiser Dividers • Comes in 3 parts for quick Snap Assembly III • Transparent Top • Van.3 holds up to 80 3.5” M-V • Rubber Feet Diskettes S • High Capacity « V3n 5 holds up to 80 5.25" IS SV 510 3Vt" version Diskettes sv 500 5V " version SPECTRAVIDEO, UNIT 27 NORTHFIELD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. BERESFORD AVENUE, WEMBLEY.
MIDDLESEX HAD 1NU, ENGLAND TELEPHONE: D81 9DD 0024 • FACSIMILE: 081 903 6625 • HOTLINE 081 902 2211 Dust off your ration books and prepare to be bored to death by grandad. Alternatively, you could drag him over to your Amiga, stick him in front of Empire's new World War II strategy sim and chortle wickedly as he tries to plug in the mouse... Ah. Lei's see now... nice box. Ooh - some genuine World War II propaganda posters and postcards... a battle plan map of die D-Day landings... an authentic wartime newspaper reprint. By ‘eck. There's even a game in here, as well!
Before we continue, be warned.
Campaign is no Speedbatl 2 or Swiv. It's not a game to set your adrenaline level soaring as you attempt to deftly elbow your males off the high-score table. Nor will you be beating off sleep deprivation as you try to get past the mutant octopus at the end of level 12. Yes. It's strategy time, folks.
That means that it's time to get your thinking helmet on. Gird up your synapses, and generally prepare for some major military style method acting.
Sophisticated strategy But enough frivolity: programmer Jonathan Griffiths takes war seriously, very seriously.
He's the guy responsible for US Gold's Conqueror - a complex 3D tank-driving affair the basic form of which seems to have been revived for one of the sections in Campaign.
This time, lie's turned his hand to an infinitely grander design: a campaign-based wargaming system that combines sophisticated strategy and simulation tactics with three- dimensional battle sequences. If you thought chess was too complicated and a bit cerebral.
Campaign makes it look banal and simplistic.
If you're fed up with games that only demand Campaign land aspects of the war. But you can also call in air and naval support.
You get three disks: a basic introductory disk, the game disk itself and a maps disk. The third one contains previously designed campaign maps with difficulty ratings from the very easy (such as lank battles) to the more difficult (complex wars of attrition).
Convoy control The best way to get into the game is lo closely follow the start-up scenario from one of the tutorials in the excellent manual. This involves the control of three convoys, an airfield and a production centre. You can examine virtually every aspect of your forces' strengths and weaknesses before sending them in to attack several villages and. Eventually, a large town.
Mad bashing of Ihe fire-button.
If you're after a bit of a challenge, then look no further than Campaign.
For a start, this is one hell of an ambitious concept, maybe too ambitious. The World War II setting contains a number of campaigns which, in turn, consist of various battles.
Much of the hard strategy of these situations is centred around high-level tactical decisions where, no matter how experienced Ihe lighting force, bad planning will lead to disaster. Campaign focuses closely upon the Front Arnour Cnn) 91 Side Amour (nn) 38 Rear Amour (nn) 38 Maxinun Arnour Penetration Cnn) 172 Maxinun Road Speed (kn h) 43 mtru Si Maxinun X-Country Speed (kn h) novated!
BLUEPRINT 1400 DUNDAS SPUR PORTSMOUTH P03 5RW INKJET PRINTERS PRINTER RIBBONS £489.98 £667.40 £124.55 £57.58 AMSTRAD 2+ 12+ DMP2000 3000 3160 RN 2.93
2. 53 DMP4000 RN 3.70
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3. 35 CITIZEN 120D,124D,SWIFT9 24 DN3.17
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14. 04 SWIFT 24X BLACK DN 6.99
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17. 04 EPSON LQ100 DN 5.82
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3. 23 LX80,LX86,LX90 FN 2.29
2. 00 MX FX80FX LX800 FN 3.35
3. 00 MANNESMAN TALLY MT80 81 MS 3.58
3. 23 NEC P2200.P2 PLUS RD 4.40
3. 88 P6+.P7+ DN 4.05
3. 76 P20 RD 4.43
4. 11 PANASONIC KXP1081 1180 1695 RN 4.05
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6. 40 LC200 BLACK FN 2.87
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10. 28 LC XB24-10.LC24-200 DN 3.40
3. 17 LC24-200 COL C413.22
£170.38 SWIFT 9X £215.03 SWIFT 200 £186.83 SWIFT 240 £239.70
SWIFT 240 Colour £257.33 SWIFT 24X £304.33 PN48 Thermal
Portable £222.08 EPSON LX400 £109.28 LX100 £137.48 LX850+
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PANASONIC KX-P1170 £118.68 KX-P2180 £151.58 KX-P2180 Colour
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SEIKOSHA SP-1900+ £108.10 SL90 24 pin £170.38 SL92 £198.58
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LC24-15 £287.88 LC24-200 £199.75 LC24-200 COLOUR £238.53
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PAINTJET XL300 PscripF £2986.85 HP DESKJET 500 £298.45 HP
DESKJET 500 C £373.65 HP DESKJET 550 C £484.10 FX80 CART (500
Mono Only) £61.10 INK CARTRIDGES CANON 1+ 6+ BJ10E BJ20
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11. 75 BJ300 BJ330
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22. 03 21.09
25. 85 22.33
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17. 33 16.39
17. 33 16.39 PHILIPS CM8833 II £179 Including Free Lead Lotus
Turbo Challenger II 12mths Onsite Maintnenance
P!g.e.ase.add_£8.23 for Carriage PRICE INCLUDES POSTAGE ORDER
INFORMATION Please Note Printer Carriage Charges CARRIAGE
Matrix 8 Inkjet £8.23 Laser Printers £10.58 Price is per
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it could be with you TOMMORROW
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PACIFIC PAGE XL (inc2Mb) £492.33 NEC S62P POSTSCRIPT • £1232.58
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92. 83 PANASONIC 4420
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22. 33 4430
27. 03
29. 38 4450,4450i
24. 68
STAR SJ48 £196.23 SHEET FEEDER £51.70 BATTERY PACK £41.13
With the new Swift 2 Series, the performance is certainly eye-catching without being ear-piercing. These 24 pin printers can produce stunning colour graphics and fast, accurate, scalable type in sizes from 8 to 40pt. Yet they’re so quiet, they are a real crowd pleaser in a shared office. All this from a series of printers at prices that are bound to bring a smile to your face.
COLOUR OUTPUT SCALABLE FONTS CITIZEN COMPUTER PRINTERS To find out which Swift 2 Series printer is right for you, contact your nearest Citizen dealer. For details call 0800 52 51 05.
ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA Approved supplier Citizen Europe Limited, Citizen House, 11 Waterside Drive, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berkshire SL3 6EZ.
° f c o O u- fD “O CU E Ctt e(_ s I ru CT) E u T3 Q X3 Earlier this year, 21st Century Entertainment proved that the age-old game of pinball can be faithfully reproduced on the Amiga by releasing the incredibly popular Pinball Dreams. On the face of it the game seems to be quite simple, but when you consider all the physical components programmed in to make it realistic, such as gravity and momentum, it takes on a whole new complexity.
Not concerned with extending the game to introduce features which wouldn’t be possible in the real world. 21st Century concentrated on producing a game that was as close to coin-op pinball as possible - and as anyone who has played Pinball Dreams will tell you, it couldn't be much more realistic.
There were a few niggly points that spoiled the Instability of the game, such as the limited number of flippers and lack of special sequences (such as multi-ball).
Play on your fantasies Enter the sequel: Pinball Fantasies. Opening the box gives you a clue that something must Power Station Computers,14 Station Road, Finchley, London N3 2RY ¦ikxi* COMPUTERS, 299-301 High Street, Sutton, SURREY TEL: 081 643 7078 GIVING YOU THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA 600 Pack lb 20Mb H D PSU Mouse
* £jf£*P0WER PRICE only £399.99 Inc. 1 Year on-site Amiga 600 HD
PHILIPS MONITOR POWER Heal 3D Beginners _ Rea! 3D Pro Turbo.
Showmasxcr ... Take 2......- .. Video Director .
Yufifl Prmluctlpn'tlrllng Scab 500 ...... Scab Professional _ Beyond Background BG Alternative Scrol Tuling --------- Broadcaster Trtkr 2- Broadcutcr Tiller 2 (Hires edition) .. Font Pack lforBT.
Pack 2a. A600 + Mouse + PSU + Dpaint III + on site maintenance + Transwrite. The award winning word processor + Scikosha 9 pin printer iQfrfr POWER PRICE only £399 I *nu Enhancer for H Pro Video Pro 5.. TV Show Pro TV Text Pro---- Font Pack Anim Fonts---- Kara Fonts------ Video Fonts Zuma Fonts-- Masterpiece Fonts... Outline Compugrapl Fonts A1500 tMwVOWER PACK 3 From £479.99 Amiga 1500 without s w ..£499 Amiga 1500 Business Pack + Platinum Works + Home Accounts + Puzznic ? Elf + Toki + Amiga Formal tips
book + Joystick ......only £499.99 Amiga 1500 + Philips 8833 Mk II Colour Monitor only .1079.98 Amiga 1500 Business Pack + 8833 Mk II Monitor only .£099.98 52 Mb Quantum Drive + Controller .....only £269.99 Image Finder.- pixmate.. Scenery Animator V2 Pro vista v.2*.. Race Trace...... Vista Scape Maker... irnagcnusicr..... Dmguagcs Amos .... Arnos Compiler Amos 3D.
100% IBM COMPATIBLE 286SX-16 PC ONLY £519.99 Amos Professional Easy Amos A Soft Pascal---- GW Basic ... Aztec C Professional UP 14” SVGA colour monitor. 1Mb RAM, 40Mb HD, 3 button mouse, 3.5" floppy drive, 102 key keyboard, 2 serial. 1 parallel, I games port, MS DOS 5.0. Aztec C Developer..!
Lattice C v6----- Educational AD! English (11*12 13 yrs) - ADI French (l!-12o 13 Vis). .
ADI Maths (11-120 I3 ys) ..- Math Talk Fractions« yrs) ... Answer Ixrck Senior (12-adult)------ Mega Maths (A-Levd 386SX-25 PC ONLY £649.99 includes as above PLUS Windows 3 0, 2 games & Paint package GVP HARD DRIVE POWER AU GVP DRIVES COME WITH 2 YEAR WARRANTY +2MB +4MB +8MB 40MB
279. 99 333-99
385. 99
489. 99 80MB
369. 99
423. 99
475. 99
579. 99 120MB
• 119.99
473. 99
525. 99
629. 99 Better Spelling (S-I8 Distant Suns..... World Atlas
A600 + Mouse
* Dpaint III + Philips 8833 Mk II Colour stereo monitor + free
game + on-site maintenance for whole hardware pack Mi*P0WER
Make the most of your Amiga dynamic stereo sound - colour coded - long lead on olT switch - balance control - 8 watts RMS - stereo jack + phono inputs integral power supply amazing £29.99!! When bought with any pack!
II11 I I Pack la Amiga 600 psu Deluxe Paint III £ OAO 00 1 year on-sile •• * tfjfj* POWER PRICE_ Mi* Pack 2b Inc. 1 Year on-sile PrlNTERPACRil A600 + Mouse + PSU + Dpaint III + on-sile maintenance + Philips 8833 Mk II colour monitor + Transwrite, the award winning word processor + Seikosha 9 pin printer WKS* POWER PRICE only £589.99 if bought with computer includes: Zool - 95% review AF PRICE Pinball Dreams - 90% Review AF Striker - Arcade Classic AF £19.99 GAMES HITS PACK wifi* Pack 2c COMPLETE PRINTER POWER St-ikosho Laser
4ppm .£549.99 Citizen Swift 240C (colour) NEW!! .. £279.99 Ricoh Laserjet - LP1200 lyron site ....£759.99 Citizen Swift 9 Colour £179.99 Citizen Swift 24E Colour ,£239.99 Hewlett Packard Desk jet 500 £329.99 Hewlett Packard Deskjet 500 colour .£419.99 Brother Bubblejet
IlllOO inc. 1 year on site £229.99 'Mi* Starter Pack if bought with printer, includes printer stand - 500 sheets of continuous paper - one printer driver Only .£9.99
G. F.A.
Basic ..£9.99
Workstation - aluminium - space for drive
T. V. Tuner for Philips 8833
Mkll ..£49.99
ZY-FI stereo speakers... .. „ .. £36.99
linbranded disks 40 plus -it) cap lockable storage
box .£24.99 Mega Mix
Master ...£39.99
Trackball - the ultimate
feel ...£29.95
Printer Stand . £7.99 Replacement power supply
.. £39.99 Dust cover for 1500. Covers
monitor, CPU & keyboard £14.99 External 8Mb RAM
unit ...-1289.99
Power Hand
Scanners ...from
£99 99
3. 5" external drive with free disk cleaning
kit ......£49.99 GOLD CLUB AVAILABLE
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occur * Free Game For peace of mind mail order shopping... Join
lire m" GOLD CLUB , you'll notice the difference Philips 8833
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1 year on-site maintenance plus either Turbo Challenge or F.19
Stealth Fighter or choose one of the Axe Pack Games Mi* POWER
PRICE ONLY £199.99 Add £5.99 for Amiga lead Add £5.99 for
tailored dust cover AMIGA REPAIR POWER CiII the sales power
hotlines for details on how your Amiga can be diagnosed.
Repaired and relumed to you with guarantee.
081-343 0419 Imb upgradeable A600 ..only £49.99 2000 sheets fanfold quality paper .£15.00
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PERIPHERAL POWER Utilities; Ami back .44.99
A-Trak .....4499
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emulator) 29-99 Disk master 2 43.99 Dos 2-Dos
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(l ook • example disks)....
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Toki; CLP * Puzznic (Games Pack)...only 19.99 Astra Pack - 10 GT games only 29.99.3 Yxxi, Pinlull Dreams, Striker
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Finance NEW- .29.99 Home Accounts 2.-39.99 System
3 ... ....43.99 System 3F .57.99
Cashbook combo ....57.99 Day By Day 29.99 WpfdpPH’C jng ?DU6;
Pen pals .. N EW. .39.99!!'
I’agcstrcam 2.2 .12*1.99 Pages tream font pack ... .44.99 Pagcscttcr 2 .....44.99 Quickwrite---------36.99 Super base 2 ......39.99 Super hose Pro 4 ....164.99 ilomebasc ...24.99 Mailshot Plus ......39.99 Pro Call 179.99 Maxiplan 1 ..89.99 Wordwonh V-2... Saxon Publisher NEW ......189.99 Final Copy 2 ......66-99 Excellence V.3 ...99.99 Professional Page 3.124.99
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down by suppliers. Call Sz PRICE...P0HffR...PERF0RMANCE Name
(Mr, Mrs, Ms).
Address---------- Postcode Credit Card Q TBT Please circle Card No_____ _ Signature___________________________ Ex airy date______ PRODUCT PRICE QUANTITY POWER PRICE PLEASE SEND ME Carriage- Total Power Price Team Nobody knows who they are. But everyone knows they're dead 'ard.
Bloke down the pub says he used lo be one. But he can’t prove it and no-one believes him. Lewis Collins' portrayal of an SAS soldier in Who Dares Wilis is probably the only insight we've had into the dark world of the Special Air Services, with ihe exception of the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980. Which showed the stunning capabilities of the black- clad men-at-arms. Now it's your turn to join them and prove your mettle.
We thought the men in black were the Stranglers, when in fact they're the Super Squaddies. The boys from the SAS make a lightning-fast appearance while we dive for cover.
Just a tiny part of the ocean liner in Sabre Team's fourth level, this shows the detail and hugeness of the area you fight In.
Sabre Team is (according to that bloke down the pub) the name given to a four-man fighting group, the formation that the SAS always use. It’s also the Krisalis have given 10 their new action strategy game which puts you in the thick of it. You take control of a Sabre Team in a variety of missions, usually with the express purpose of rescuing hostages or putting a dangerous enemy weapon out of commission. But this is not your usual Green Beret or FireForce-style shoot-em-up. Instead it's more like Laser Squad or RoboSport, except the graphics and atmosphere are much, much better.
You begin with eight SAS soldiers, and you must choose four to make up the Sabre Team for your first mission. Each guy has different skills and abilities. This enables some soldiers to move faster than others, a crucial thing to watch if you're going into battle - you can only ever move at the pace of your slowest man if you're going to stick together.
Before you go on a mission, you can arm your men with an assortment of weapons: all kinds of different rifles, machine-guns and grenades.
You also need to kit your team out with bulletproof vests and medical kits. While the list of guns looks like a catalogue from a military hardware shop, grenades come in just two forms: stun grenade (big bang and a flash - hence the black lenses in your respirators) and CS gas (tear gas - hence die respirator).
Neither grenade will kill an enemy (they disable them temporarily), so they're only effective if you use them in llte right situations.
When you begin a mission, you move each team member around the play area, searching for hostages whom you must rescue. Planning your route is important, because enemies are not printed on the display unless you are fac3 “ P. f, iXK iSK »X *-X £ f«3 S' !*K SSB8 »-X f£X ing them and they're in your line-of-sight. This means you have to spin round occasionally, to check that there isn’t somebody hiding. If you hear or see enemies en route you can fire at them or throw grenades using the icon panel.
Hostage with the mostage Once you've moved all of your team, the computer takes its turn. It works its way through all the enemy players, moving and reacting in the same way you do, except that they remain concealed unless they move into the view of one of your four players. Hostages also get moved at this point, though they never usually move far because they’re locked up.
Occasionally an enemy soldier will take a pop at you. But if you have unused action points remaining, you get the opportunity to return fire, or get the heck out of the way.
More weapons than a man can carry, even if he is an SAS soldier. Tool up and take to the hills.
LL7A2 _ 50 bull •£ 7.62mm brit-fesd •;
2. Bt41et-pr oof jocMt
3. CS go* conr»ist«r xi Tgp ' C«!‘:6fal machine ovfi C:liC •«:
7.62m,v, 21 r"-s5a?.:« ?-f0ifc 0
10. =*9 Lencth: 12 If one of your players gels shot, then his
action poinls are reduced, and he is unable lo move so far
Ihe next lum. He'll slay like Ihis unless you've got a
medical kit (o help him heal.
Assuming you don't gel blasted, you continue to move your soldiers lo where you think the hostages are being held. If you find one. You can bring him under your control by standing in the square next to him. It's then down to you to guide him to safety, in the same way you guide your troops, except the hostages are never armed. The hostages are usually the most important element of a mission - more important than laying waste to enemy troops. In fact if you kill more than a certain amount of enemies, reinforcements are brought in to keep the battle going.
“ Sabre Team is excellent fun despite not being an action game 99 The five missions range from jungle camps to embassy buildings, enabling you to vary your tactics and explore new terrain. You can save and load games between moves, so you don't have to complete a mission in one go.
Whose hair thins?
Sabre Team is fun despite not being an action game. There are probably not quite enough action points lo make it really exciting, and you do need to concentrate and plan a great deal. Often you'll get yourself into a situation from which there is no escape, because you've used up all your action points.
The gameplay. Mechanics, graphics and sound are all high quality, but you have to be patient to get the best out of Sabre Team. The computer takes a while lo go through its moves, and this may pul people off. This is not a problem if you're used to strategy games (and Sabre Team is a strategy game, despite its action-game looks), but this may affect your enjoyment if you're expecting a mega-blast. It can take hours to play a mission lo its conclusion. And you need to plan carefully to win. If you rescue the hostages, you may still lose a few valuable team members - plus their ammo, weapons
and kit. Your remaining players must select their equipment from a reduced quartermaster's stores before starting the next mission. Getting off to a bad start can make it more difficult to complete the whole game.
Sabre Team is a tough game, which looks like it ought lo be a shoot-em-up. But which is in fact a very adult strategy game. It misses out on the golden opportunity of a two-player mode, which is criminal, but there's a very solid, enjoyable game wailing to be played, albeit alone.
You'll need lo have a bit of patience lo complete each mission, and you may be a bit frustrated when you have to start till over again when your men and machinery run out. Certainly worth a look, and worth buying if you want a war-game with a bit more style than usual, Neil Jackson ffi Sabre Team Krisalis ¦ £25.99
• A refreshing change from normal board- slylc war-games.
• Simple to use, easy to get into, but a wee bit slow in places.
• Great variety of mission locutions makes for interesting
• Not really for kids, this is for would-be gung-ho adults with
time on their hands.
• Entertaining, original and exciting too.
Doodlebug Core Design ¦ £25.99 Doodlebug plays a lot like the fabulous Zool. The hero of the story (who, strangely enough Is called Doodlebug) runs around a lot killing weird and wonderful creatures, picking up bonuses and spinning lots. A basic platformer, with extra speed, you can fire a very strange collection of weapons at your enemies in the land of Cartoonia. Most of these weapons are in the form of different coloured pencils that not only destroy your foe, but also lay down a bonus for you to collect. For example, a yellow pencil will draw a stop watch, freezing all your enemies for
10 seconds, while you whiz on past.
There are loads of pick-ups to bemuse and delight you, some good and some quite nasty. And there's lots of gold for you to collect and save for that nice shiny car, or even better, a submarine. Doodlebug is nothing new, it doesn't even stand out in its field. But if you've already got RoboCod and Zool it might well be worth giving this 20-leveller a bash.
Clare Hodgson ffi McDonalds Land Virgin ¦ £25.99 It had to happen sooner or later, didn't it The big American burger business teams up with Branson's finest to bring you a marketing exercise to remember... for five minutes. McDonalds Land is a cutesy platform game, of the particularly predictable and ordinary variety, dressed up with lots of images of the legendary Ronald McD, McDonalds and Virgin logos, and other symbols designed to provoke your shopping Impulses. It's all really rather sad.
McDonalds Land is a flat two-dimensional kind of place, with very little in the way of stunning graphics or impressive sound effects. There are platforms to leap on, cute fluffy animals to dodge, and special icons to collect Yawn. Virgin tell us that the game is aimed at young kids, but it's doubtful whether even they will be impressed. After all, the hardest cynics we know are under the age of 11. It's almost fun for a while, but it’s about as satisfying as a cardboard ring in a rubber doughnut Neil Jackson ffi PRINTERS
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E&OE - Advooiiiod prices and spocificniiom moy change*- Ploaso
return tho coupon rot the luteal inlormniion Baseball, sec -
dial’s tlie cause of all the trouble in Curse of Encliantiti.
If Brad had been playing a good solid English game like cricket or... uni... another English game, the witch wouldn't have dared interrupt in the first place and everything would be hunky dory.
We'll quickly skip through the plot: this place called Zeloria is ruled by an evil witch who wants eternal youth. She can only have that by getting a human child from somewhere. So she makes up a quick spell and nabs Brad from the baseball field just before lie's about to make a triple play or whatever it is baseball players do. Thus Brad (Brad? I ask you) finds himself chained up in a dungeon at ihe beginning of the game. Not much to make your jaw drop there.
Lucasfilm have dominated the graphic adventure genre with their Monkey Islands. Now Core Design have a stab, but the question is, will it leave you quite as enchanted?
Curse of the icons Curse of Enclianiia is a graphic adventure, and no. Monkey Island 2 isn't getting a mention yet. That's for later on. It's so graphic you don't get any text whatsoever. Brad is controlled entirely by a set of icons that cover common stuff like taking, speaking, jumping, fighting and looking, but unless you study the manual first you'll have some trouble figuring Curse of Enchantia out what they arc. What's the difference, for instance, between an icon of a key going into a lock and tin icon of a security card going into a slot? Everything you can manipulate is repre
sented as an icon loo, which can lead lo some confusion. That great grey blob that you first thought was supposed to be a chewed-up bit of gum turns out to be a rock. It would have been useful lo have text confirmation of Ihe objects for the more stupid among us.
UNDER THE SEA, EVERYTHING'S WETTER, EVERYTHING'S BETTER... UNLESS BRAD'S THERE The game gets going when you escape from the prison and end up under the sea with nothing but a convenient fishbowl to wear.
Put the fishbowl on. Quick. First thing you notice is this fish which Is stuck in the railings. You can either eat it except that doesn't work, or free it like the hero you are. Not that it does anything useful - yet C of E is a good example of how first impressions are notoriously unreliable. There you are.
Chained up in the dungeon, with nothing at all to use. Naturally you shout 'Help!' Using the speech icon (which only gives you ‘Hi' and ‘Help’ to say anyway). A sampled 'Help!'
Wafts from the monitor. In comes the guard, shouts 'Shut up!' At you (again with a sample), trips up on the step on the way out and drops his key right next to your hand.
Now, you could easily be forgiven at this point for thinking that Enchantia is a logically flowing, high quality adventure full of sampled sound and great animation. After all. That's what the evidence has been until now. Oh dear.
Whinge moan complain Problems. One: the sound that appears in the first frame is, you discover, very uncommon.
There are a few samples of dripping water and suchlike, but mostly the game's quiet.
Two: most of the puzzles aren't at all logical. Here's a long, but pertinent, example: later on, you need to make a mask, though you only discover that once you get all the bits that make up the mask. For part of it. You need some wire. The wire, you find, is in a hole in a cave (except you're more likely to think it's a roll of cotton from the icon). To get the wire out of the hole, you need to pick up a computer from one of the caves (does the word incongruous spring to mind?), open it up, take out a magnet which it contains for some reason, and tie the magnet to a piece of string.
How to get the string? Oh, obvious, really: you go about collecting lots of rocks, give them to a bloke you meet in another cave and he gives you string. You can then sling the magnet into the hole and pull out the wire. But if you can feel the wire in the hole in the first place, why can't you just pull it out with your hand? And how would you know that the PC had a magnet and Ihe bloke had some string?
It's these sort of contrived puzzles - a matter of trying every object you find with every action you've got - that ensure the game never gets any better than being annoying.
Another inconsistency occurs with the most basic of actions. Sometimes, to carry out an action, you must push something - a button, say - but at other times simply looking al it is enough. To dfg in the mud under the sea, you just look at it, but to escape the cave, you have to push the button. If you do something that can't be carried out. All that happens is the cursor turns into a thumbs-down sign - there's no explanation of why il can't be done. As if all that weren’t enough there's a lot of tedious trudging about to do as well.
So here's where Monkey Island 2 gets a mention. Like mosl graphic adventures released these days, Enchantia at first appears to be a Monkey Island clone. The way the character is controlled, the textless interface and ihe look of the screens all bring Guybrush to mind instantly. You need only play for two or three minutes to discover that there’s just no comparison. The control method is very different: after all, in the Lucasfilnt game you could see what you were doing and what you were doing it to.
Enchantia's textless interface just doesn't work - despite the designers' belief, you do need words. The graphics aren't nearly as well drawn, though there's some decent animation scattered very thinly around the place. There's no humour to speak of, no genuinely amusing humour, anyway. The only thing Enchantia has in its favour is its size: 205 screens in all, a potentially enormous playing time.
It would be great to see a British Lucasfilm beater. Lure of the Temptress came close, but Enchantia is light years behind. And as for calling the kid Brad, well... Ed Ricketts ® Curse of Enchantia Core Design ¦ £34.99
• The brave attempt at implementing a truly textless interface
unfortunately falls llal on its face when you try lo use it.
• The graphics and sound are reasonable, but they seem to get
less impressive the further on you go. Odd.
• Huge playing area...
• ...but the illogical and stupid puzzles mean you probably won't
bother to sec any of il.
IGNCSs (ferdic) 62% Air Support Psygnosis ¦ £25.99 Nice intro anim - two Tornadoes taking off. End of nice graphics.
Air Support puts you in charge of a futuristic armed service comprising fighters, tanks, recon vehicles and missile launchers - all controlled from your command ship.
The game is split into 60 different missions. About 15 of the first 20 training missions have to be completed before you can progress on to the full battle simulation. These latter simulations have you controlling defence complexes, which consist of factories, generators, radars and missile stations. Complex is the word.
The game is ugly. Vector line graphics are the core of the game, and they look terrible. You can switch to a 3D viewing mode (red- and-green glasses supplied) but, to be honest, all it did was give me a headache. You can also play the game in interlace high resolution - but ihc screen size shrinks to a postcard in the middle of the screen.
It's quite a challenging game, but the fun is in short supply. Air Support simply has no hook. An ambitious project, I can’t help feeling that it was finished years ago and has merely had pointless features (like the 3D) added to try lo pad it out.
Pat McDonald ® titer Duel Pro uses no keyboard controls at all, everything is accessed through either the mouse or joystick.
Fighter Duel Pro Jaeger ¦ $ 69.95 At first sight this looks good. A flight simulator with 16 World War II planes, accurate flight characteristics and a lightning frame update that's second to none. Eagerly I skimmed the manual to go up and shoot some planes out of Ihe sky.
The first problem I had was in getting a gunsight up. FDP uses no keyboard controls at all. All the planes become uncontrollable at high RPM and low flying speed. Try as I might. I simply could not keep one plane in the air for more than five minutes. There arc nice touches
- you can link head-to-head via a null modem cable or modem link,
and even link two Amigas together, one displaying a rear view
(the hardware for this is not included). Best avoided by all
except true propeller heads. Plus if you want to get hold of
the game you're going to have to get it direct from Jaeger in
the States.
3 73 99 J0£ MON*ANA IU SI OOTBA. .19 99 KLAX 72.99 If AOFQ BOARD '999 LEMViMOS 72 99 MARBlt WAONtSQ 73 99 24 99 23 99 23 99 19 99 .17*9 77 99 19 99 74 99 1999 .1693 STORAGE RACK FOR CARTRIDGES (STACKABLE) 9.99 BEESHU GEAR MASTER CONVERTER rJU&ES 15E OF MASTER SfSTEM CtfTROGHCAGUEfiam
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PRO-AM ...... _.
TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES ... TERMINATOR 2 .... ... TINY TOON ADVENTURES TIP OFFM.„...«.,™..,_ ..._...... TRACK MEET TURRICAN ..... _....., TURTLES 2 . GAMEBOY GAMES The Special Reserve full colour club magazine NRG is sent to all members bi- • monthly. NRG features full reviews of new games plus mini-reviews, new products, Special Reserve charts, j[ "'4 Release Schedule and hundreds of |U, special offers.
Open to 8pm Weekdays and to 5pm Weekends We only supply members but you can order as you join.
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP UK £6.99 EEC £8.99 WORLD £10.99 MICKEY MOUSE 19.99 NINJA GAIDEN 19.99 OLYMPIC GOLD ...23.99 OUTRUN EUROPA .22.99 PAPERBOY ...23.99 PRINCE OF PERSIA .....22*9 SENNA SUPER MONACO ...23.99 SHINOBI ..19.99 SHIN0BI2 ......19.99 SIMPSONS ......22.99 SLIDER .....18.99 SMASH TV ......22.99 SONIC 2 ..2299 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 24*9 SPIOERMAM ......23.99 STREETS OF RAGE
.....19.99 SUPER KICK OFF .23 99 SUPER MONACO GP .19.99 TAZMAMIA ......22*9 TERMINATOR ...23-99 WIMBLEDON TENNIS .23.99 WONDER BOY ......,....17.99 WONDEROOY- DRAGONS TRAP 24 99 Tiny Skweeks Loriciel ¦ £24.99 Reminiscent of all the cute little puzzle games that have ever touched your Amiga's internal drive. Tiny Skweeks is just fab. The furry stars of this adorable game are the offspring of Skweek, who had his own US Gold game a couple of years ago. If you remember Skweek, you'll recall It lacked originality but was
fun and had a cutesy, colourful appeal to younger players. And the same is entirely true of this one, too.
Paladin II Impressions bring us yet more of the Omnitrend control system and sub-Legend Laser Squad fun... This game is exactly the same as The Power. The idea is to move objects - in this case, Skweek kids - to particular places - in this case, the appropriately-coloured base. The problem is that Tiny Skweeks will only move in straight lines and only stop moving when they hit the edge of the arena. Add in special squares that push and pull, and manifold puzzle potential is opened up.
Original it isn't. Enjoyable, intriguing and well-presented it is.
If you haven't played this type of puzzle game before, get this version.
Clare Hodgson “ This game is outdated and, as such, it costs too much 99 Paladins: are they jusl loo goody-goody for their own good? Apparently so.
Face it, they are not as much fun as Trolls, they are not as hard as Fighters, and they are certainly nowhere near as potentially dangerous as Mages. They are just sort of, well Okish at everything.
So why have impressions (or rather Omintrend. The programming team behind this game) decided to name this adventure- cum-strategy outing after one? Probably because, like the game itself, paladins are decidedly average in everything they do.
Paladin II has a very familiar feel to it. In fact that is understating the case - if you have seen Breach II or Rules of Engagement then you will be able to spot the game engine a mile and 13 leagues off (it was put together by a certain T Carbone, who seems to know a decidedly average system when he sees one).
If you haven't, but you have played or seen the classic Laser Squad, then you will have some idea of how this game is played. It is a turn- based outing into mythic mini-adventures in which you must fulfil prc-dcfined victory conditions. You get to play the Paladin who leads his party (Paladins are a male lot) into a bunch of wildly exciting and jolly sticky situations.
For every quest you successfully carry out you are awarded points, as you are for each member of your party you take through lo safety. Your aim is lo get as many points, complete as many of the quests and generally work up as much interest as possible before moving on to the Quest Builder (see below).
Zyconix BLAME THE EDITOR Accolade ¦ £24.99 Oh, not another Tetrisy thing. Hasn't the world got fed up of these pile-em-ups yet? But hang on, that's a bit weird - you move the coloured blocks from column to column as they're falling. You don't pile the colours vertically, they have to be diagonal or horizontal. Errm... interesting! Come on, let me have a go!
The original falling object puzzle game. Tetris, was shape- based. This one, like many later Tetris-style games, involves matching colours. You have to get four of the same colour in a row, and then they disappear. Simple enough... Yet we're often amazed by the way the simplest things make for such addictive game play. Tetris is without doubt a classic, but now it has had its day. There are such great clones out now, both full price and PD, that the original fades in glory every day.
If you fancy giving a different pile-em-up a try, we can highly recommend Zyconix, even if it's just for being so incredibly addictive.
Clare Hodgson CD One of the saving graces of this (and many other) games is that Paladin II comes with what's known as a Quest Editor Creator.
What this means is that once you have finished the quests that accompany the game proper, you can set about inventing your own worlds, with your own victory conditions and even your own enemies (within reason).
While this does add massively to the longevity of the game, you are really somewhat constricted by a formula: Got a problem?
My main problem'wilh it isn't that the sound and music are virtually non-existent (the odd door opening or sword slashing does not an aural feast make); nor is it that the graphics are uninspiring (having spent ages trying to talk to a maiden, looking at every chest, exploring every fireplace, only to realise these staples of the adventuring trade are merely scenery). No, my main problem with this game is that il is outdated and. As such, it costs too much.
Here we go then, another castle, another chance to have the blood beaten out of you. Ger-rate... are far better to use than your Amiga. Even your imagination can produce better sound and better graphics than this.
Eleanor Rigby However, if you always cut yourself when sharpening pencils, if Ihe lines on graph paper make you dizzy, if you have little imagination and very few friends, then Paladin II has plenty lo offer you. But if you look at something such as Legend which does the party adventuring, dungeon-exploring style play so much better, you can see how aged Paladin II is. Thank God for the Quest Builder and the chance to make your own ways. Sadly the game is £10 too much and five years too late, but you can't have everything can you? No, but you could try a little harder than this.
Tim Smith ® Paladin Impressions ¦ £29.99
• The bundled Quest Builder manages to add some life to the game.
• A similar kind of game to Laser Squad (but not by any means of
the same quality).
• A tried (tired!) And tested game engine.
• No sound worth speaking of.
• Bland graphics.
• t ry graph paper and some friends instead.
IBNUk _ (ferdic) 69% Quite simply, you could happily play out all of these scenarios on paper wilh roughly the same effect. Because the sound is so bland, because the graphics are so poor (don't believe Ihe horse-waste on the box about 'Superb graphics' showing a nicely drawn picture of a dead Paladin, The caption should really have read 'Paladin II contains this reasonable picture of a dead Paladin, the rest of the game is bland'); because of these factors, a few pieces of grid paper, some pencils and your friends destroy X per cent of enemies, rescue Y, capture Z and exit the target area.
Still, it is a healthy addition to Paladin, and one that is ideally suited to the type of player who enjoys strategy wargaming from every angle.
TEAM YANKEE- IS THE DEFINITIVE ACTIC SIMULATION OF MODERN TANK WARFARI TEAM YANKEE TESTS YOUR LEADERSHIf AND TACTICAL SKILLS TO THE FULL 688 ATTACK - SUB PUTS YOU IN COMMAfv OF A TOP SECRET BILLION DOLLAR SUB I SOME OF THE MOST NOTORIOUS POLITIC, HOT-SPOTS OF THE GLOBE..... COMBAT CLASSICS IS THE FIGHTING FORMATION OF THE 90'S Available for IBM PC & Commodore Amiga PROSE empire softBware Units 4 6 Stannetts, Laindon North Trade Centre. Basildon. Essex Sst5 6DJ Tel: 0268 5411 F15 Strike Eagle II Microprose Sottware • 688 Attack SuB is a trademark ol Electronic Arts rights reserved Used with
permission. Sottware « John W Ratclill Team Yankee T ODE. 8 Empire Sottware THE WILD, THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED PA AMIGA A60 Once again Commodore have put together a winning theme pack to complement the 12 MONTHS AT HOME SERVICE already popular Amiga A600.
The Wild, tne Weird and the Wicked Pack is an ideal starter pack containing a considered mix of software making the most of the Amiga's amazing capabilities.
To make this pack a perfect gift INDI have added a further four award winning games and a staggering list of valuable extras totally ' cna FREE of charge. Also included at no extra cost to you are the latest 'Zapsac' carry case and Zappo T-shirt. Crucial Amiga accessories.
Impressed. Who wouldn't be.
• Amiga A600 single drive i Built in TV Modulator 1Mb memory
• Push Over Silly Putty Grand Prix Deluxe Paint I i Mouse and
• Micro Switch Joystick
• Lockable Disk Box
• Disk Wallet
• 10 Blank Disks
• Kick off 2 Pipemania
• Space Ace Populous
• Zapsac Carry Case
• Zappo T-shirt TOTAL £9.99 £9.99 £12.99 £5.99
• Zapsac Carry Case
• Zappo T-Shirt QHH3 £122.52 £12.99 £8.99 £183.46 INDI Direct
Mail is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order
you must first be confident that you will receive the product
you've ordered and that the supplier will still be there in the
future, should you need them.
INDI is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a turnover approaching £30 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision, and here's why.
CUSTOMER CHARTER around when you need us.
(HARD DISK) EPIC PACK EPIC by name... definitely by content.
Commodore's talent for pacx creation has 12 MONTHS AT HOME SERVICE The INDI sales team have been trained to take your order with the utmost care and efficiency. All stock offered for sale never been better. The software included in this pack: EPIC, Rome, and Myth totally ixploit the stunning features of the Amig A600. Add to this Trivial Pursuits language exploit the stunning features of the Amiga jnguagt lab edition (playable in 3 languages), Amiga Text (Wordpro) and the now standard graphics package: Deluxe Paint III for serious educational applications and you'll start to realise just how
dynamic this pack is.
As with all products supplied by INDI, we have added our extra dimension to on already incredible offer (see below for INDI Value Added Pack totally free of charge) and efficiency. All stock ottered tor sali is held in stock, centrally at our group warehouse complex and is avaiTable warehouse complex and Is available for next day delivery, direct to your home or business. If at any time we are out of stock your money will not be banked until the product is available (a point worth checking should you feel tempted to purchase eTsewhere).
General information regarding product is available from our sales team, however technical support is always on hand should you need assistance.
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.
• Amiga A600HD (Hard Disk)
• Built in TV Modulator
• Mouse and Manuals 1Mb Memory
• EPIC, Rome, Myth, Trivial Pursuits (language lab edition),
Amiga Text, Deluxe Paint III.
INDI TELESALES Tel 0606 43860 Fax 0606 43825 £9.99 £9.99 £12.99 £5.99 £48922 £122.52 £12.99 £8.99 £183.46 1084S COLOUR STEREO MONITO AMIGA A600 INDI PRICE £189-22 Friday are despatched that day for next day delivery using our national carrier Securicor. (UK Mainland only).
Saturday deliveries are available at a small surcharge. If you are out when we deliver a card will be left at your home giving you a contact telephone number to arrange a convenient redelivery.
Delivery queries can be resolved immediately using our on-line computer.
All orders are despatched on a next working day delivery basis. Cheque orders are despatched immediately on cheque clearance, usually 10 working days from receipt. A deli very charge of £5.00 is made per item unless otherwise stated.
All orders received by 6pm Monday to Friday are despatched tnat day for DESPATCH Single I PACK INCLUDES
• D. Paint III • Mystery Game Plus • Kickoff 2 • Pipemania
• Space Ace • Populus
• Zapsac Carry Case
• Zappo T-Shirt
• Zapsac Carry Case
Commodore's own Amiga Monitor. Designed solely for use with the Amiga range of computers. With its ergonomic design, Hi-res graphics display and stereo sound capabilities, the 10845 will really bring your Amiga to life.
• Microswitched Joystick
• Lockable Disk Box
• Disk Wallet
• 10 Blank Disks
• Kickoff2 Pipemania
• Space Ace Populous
• Zapsac Carry Case
• Zappo T-Shirt TOTAL Apart from offering this product at a very
competitive price INDI are including two great software
products totally free of char INDI VALUE ADDED FREE
• Days of Thunder (Driving Simulation)
• Night Breed (or alternative exciting game) CDTV THE MULTIMEDIA
£179.99 INDI PRICE r, AUDIO Blues Brothers (CD Audio) £12.99 p*
M ¦ s» - isp V'fyrr---- Wr AMIGA PipemaniaePopulous Kidtoff 2 •
Spots Ate £122.52 r % MULTIMEDIA 1 lemmings CDTV 1 £34.99 |
£489-92 The problem with any new product is that it always
takes time for everyone to realise its full potential. CDTV is
no exception and in our opinion everything we have read does a
pretty poor job of explaining just what CDTV can do and why it
is so exciting.
THE MULTIMEDIA-COMPUTER THE INDI GUIDE TO CDTV IT'S A CD PLAYER Yes, it will play all your Primal Scream, Pavarotti, Pink Floyd and any other CD you care to mention in superb high quality stereo, with remote infra red control.
ITS AN AMIGA-Plug i j in the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and the colossal range of inexpensive Amiga software can be used on your CDTV.
IT'S A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM Just imagine, stereo sound, images and text all on screen. It asks a question, you respond, it responds truly interactive! Each CD disc holds nundreds of megabytes of data with instant optical access. The whole of Hutchinson's Encyclopedia fits onto 1 disc. This interactive system is a education, Business or leisure. The future is here!
• Manuals
• Amiga CDTV Player
• CDTV keyboard
• CDTV 1411 3.5" Disc Drive
• Lemmings CDTV (£34.99',
• Blues Brothers (£12.99)
• CDTV Infra red remote controller
• CDTV wired mouse
• CDTV Welcome Disc
• Pipemania, Populous, Kickoff 2, Space Ace (£122.52) CDTV
television have long been a source of information. CDTV
technology combines their qualities and makes seeking out that
information easy. The CDTV comes complete with a Welcome Disk
AMIGA CDTV STARTER PACK INDI are also adding the addictive
Lemmings Game and Hufchinsons Encyclopedia totally free of
• Amiga CDTV Player • Infra Red Remote Controller
• Lemmings £34.99 • Hutchinsons Encyclopedia £49.99 £379?2 INDI
PRICE If you already own a CDTV or are just about to purchase
one you'll be pleased to know that INDI stock probably the
largest and most comprehensive list of CDTV software in the
country. Below is a list of to| selling titles we are offering
at very competitive prices. For more detail: please phone our
sales team. (Prices include postage).
SOFTWARE EDUCATION A Bun for Barney Asterix and Son English NASA The 25th Year The Paper Bag Princess Thomas's Snow Suit Tale of Peter Rabbit My Paint Cinderella MUSIC Music Maker Remix ENTERTAINMENT
24. 99 Defender of the Crown
24. 99
19. 99 Battle Chess
34. 99
19. 99 Battle Storm
24. 99
29. 99 Classic Board Games
29. 99
29. 99 Hound of Baskervilles
24. 99
34. 99 Psycho Killer
24. 99
24. 99 Trivial Pursuit
45. 99
34. 99 Wrath of Demon
24. 99 Basketball
24. 99
31. 99 Dinosaurs For Hire
14. 99
24. 99 All Dogs Go To Heaven
29. 99 Raffles
29. 99
49. 99 Prehistorik
24. 99
31. 99 Town With No Name
29. 99
24. 99 Team Yankee
29. 99
29. 99 Snoopy
29. 99 Sim City
24. 99 REFERENCE Dr Wellman Guinness World of Records Illustrated
Holy Bible Electronic Cook Book AMIGA CDTV THE MULTIMEDIA
new product is that it always takes time for everyone to
realise its full potential. CDTV is no exception and in our
opinion everything we have read does a pretty poor job of
explaining just what CDTV can do and why it is so exciting.
THE MUITIMEDIA-COMPUTER AUDIO MONITOR NOT INCLUDED Blues Brothers (CD Audio) £12.99 AMI6A PipemoninePopulous Kickoff 2 • Spoce Ate £122.52 MULTIMEDIA lemmings COTV £34.99 GOLDSTAR 14" REMOTE TV MONITOR FEATURED AVAILABLE SEPARATELY AT £179.99 PRICE £489-99 THE INDI GUIDE TO CDTV IT'S A CD PLAYER Yes, it will play all your Primal Scream, Pavarotti, Pink Floyd and any other CD you care to mention in superb high auality stereo, with remote infra red control, irs An AMIGA-Plug in the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and the colossal range of inexpensive Amiga software can be used on
your CDTV.
IT'S A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM -Just imagine, stereo sound, images and text all on screen. It asks a question, you respond, it responds truly interactive! Each CD disc holds hundreds of megabytes of data with instant optical access. The whole of Hutchinson's Encyclopedia fits onto 1 disc. This interactive system is a unique aid for Education, Business or Leisure. The future is herel PACK CONTENTS AS 1 Manuals STANDARD
• Amiga CDTV Player
• CDTV keyboard
• CDTV 1411 3.5" Disc Drive
• CDTV Infra red remote controller
• CDTV wired mouse
• CDTV Welcome Disc
• Lemmings CDTV (£34.99'
• Blues Brothers (£12.99)
• Pipemania, Populous, Kickoff 2, Space Ace (£122.52) | CDTV
television have long been a source of information. CDTV
technology combines their qualities and makes seeking out that
information easy. The CDTV comes complete with a Welcome Disk
INDI are also adding the addictive Lemmings Game and
Hutchinsons Encyclopedia totally free of charqe.
• Amiga CDTV Player • Infra Red Remote Controller
• Lemmings £34.99 • Hutchinsons Encyclopedia £49.99 £379-22 INDI
PRICE If you already own a CDTV or are just about to purchase
one you'll be pleased to know that INDI stock probably the
largest and most comprehensive list of CDTV software in the
country. Below is a list of top selling titles we are offering
at very competitive prices. For more details please phone our
sales team. (Prices include postage).
EDUCATION A Bun for Barney 24.99 Aslerix and Son English 19.99 NASA The 25th Year 19.99 The Paper Bag Princess 29.99 Thomas's Snow Suit 29.99 Tale of Peter Rabbit 34.99 My Paint 24.99 Cinderella 34.99 MUSIC Music Maker 31.99 Remix 24 99 REFERENCE Dr Wellman 49.99 Guinness World of Records 31.99 Illustrated Holy Bible 24.99 Electronic Cook Book 29.99 ENTERTAINMENT Defender of the Crown 24.99 Battle Chess 34.99 Battle Storm 24.99 Classic Board Games 29.99 Hound of Baskervilles 24.99 Psycho Killer 24.99 Trivial Pursuit 45.99 Wrath of Demon 24.99 Basketball 24.99 Dinosaurs For Hire 14.99 All Dogs
Go To Heaven 29.99 Raffles 29.99 Prehistorik 24.99 Town With No Name 29.99 Team Yankee 29.99 Snoopy o 29.99 Sim City 24.99 £499-22 (See panel opposite) INDI PRICE Panasonic Quiet printing We researched the colour printer market in great depth to find a colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's graphic output, yet at an affordable price.
We found the perfect printer in the Panasonic KX-P2180+KX-P2123 quiet printers.
We then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer, you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it. We found that too, in 'Wordworth', yet at a retail price of £129.99 we thought that might be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchasel So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of 'Wordworth' free with every Panasonic printer. How's that for added value?
DEALS The A1500 is the ultimate home computer for the whole family and is designed to cover every computing requirement.
INDI are able to offer you exclusive deals on this outstanding product in various configurations and bundles (see options on opposite page).
All configurations come complete with the following software and accessories:- FEATURES:
• Fully functional keyboard with numeric pad separate from CPU
• Includes 2x3' 2" disk drives as standard with 5'A" Disk Bay.
• Integral memory and card expansion capabilities (most cost
effective expansion route)
• Work bench 2.00 and Kickstart 2.04. CONTENTS:
• Keyboard, mouse, reference manual, Puzznic, Toki, Elf (Games),
D Paint III (Graphics Package), Home Accounts, The Works
(Platinum edition: Wordpro, Spreadsheet, Database) Joystick
AMIGA A1500 FEATURED (see photograph above)
• 52 Mb SCSI Hard Disk
• 1084S Monitor & Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin colour printer.
INCLUDED FREE Amiga Vision, Nightbreed, Wordworth Worth £268.99 PANASONIC KX-P2123 KX-P2180 The new Panasonic KX-P2180 9 pin quiet colour printer.
Produces crisp clear text in mono or in 7 glorious colours with new quiet technology. The new KX-P2180 is typically 15dBA quieter in operation, than the competition.
• Fast Printing Speeds 192CPS Draft and 38 CPS NLQ e Colour
Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow, violet,
magenta and black) _ e QuietPrinting Super quiet 45-48dBa
sound INDI PRICE level (most matrix printers are typically in
excess _ of60dBA)
• 6 Resident Fonts Over 6,100 type styles using Courier,
Prestige, Bold PS, Roman, Script and Sans Serif Fonts £199-22 e
3 Paper Paths Paper handling from bottom, top and rear for
total flexibility
• 1 Year Warranty For total peace of mind The new high
performance Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin.
Quiet colour printer offers leading edge quiet printing technology at an affordable price.
• Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft, 64 CPS LQ and 32 CP SLQ.
• Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta and black)
• QuietPrinting Super quiet 43.5-46kBA sound level (most matrix
printers are typically in excess of 60dBA)
• 7 Resident Fonts Over 152,000 type styles using Super LQ,
Courier Prestige, Bold PS, Roman, Script and Sans Serif Fonts
• 24 PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality
• 1 Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
I A1500¦ CONFIGURATIONS AND BUNDLES AMIGA 1500 (Amiga Vision, Worth £99 FREE) AMIGA 1500+ 52 MB SCSI Hard Disc (inc. Amiga Vision worth £99 FREE) AMIGA 1500 + 1084'S MONITOR Free (inc. Amiga Vision, Days of Thunder, Nightbreed worth 138.99) AMIGA 1500 + 10084'S + PANASONIC KX P2123 PRINTER Free (inc. AMIGA Vision, Night Breed, Days of Thunder, Wordworth 268.99)* AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE AMIGA 1500 + 52 Mb SCSI Hard Disk + 1084'S MONITOR Free (Amiga Vision, Night Breed, Days of Thunder worth 138.99)
WITH PANASONIC QUIET PRINTERS All products are guaranteed for 12 months. Some products carry a 12 month at home service repair guarantee (where indicated).
In the unlikely event that any product purchased from INDI arrives at your home faulty, we will collect from your home and replace the product completely free of charge.
If you own an AMIGA 1500 or 3000 and The writers choice. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA computers.
Wordworth is undoubtedly the ultimate word document processor for the full range of AMIGA computers. -w The graphical nature of WORDWORTH makes producing documents faster and easier, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full Panasonic KX P2180 and KX P2123 colour printing support), Collins spell checker and Thesaurus, no other word processor comes close.
"Without doubt this is one of the best document processors for the AMIGA, Today." (Amiga Format) NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. vat would like to expand its hard disk or memory capability or add any other peripheral INDI can offer you a complete door to door configuration service together with an additional 12 months Back to INDI warranty. Why not ask for a quote?
THE ZAPPO RANGE ZAPPO601 RAM EXPANSION This is an all new, high performance upgradable RAM expansion for the Amiga A600. Adding this superb product to your A600 will allow for serious ZAPPO EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE At last a truly powerful, fast and capacious hard drive for A500 A500+ at an exceptional price.
Upgradable to 8Mb of fast RAM, SCSI and IDE hard drive compatible.
FEATURES: • Auto booting upto 8Mb fast RAM • SCSI throughport for additional expansion • Mouse button game switch
• 12 months warranty OPTIONS:
• 40Mb Hard Drive only £299.99
• 65Mb Hard Drive only £349.99 PRICES ARE VALID FOR MONTH OF
PUBLICATION ON HOW TO ORDER applications use and high
performance games ilay.
FEATURES: • Enable disable facility
• Socketed design (user upgradable)
• 12 months warranty Optional with battery backed clock OPTIONS:
512K no clock 512Kwith clock 1Mb no clock 1Mb with clock BY
POST simply fill in the coupon below.
BY PHONE ring 0606 43860 where your call will be answered by one of our INDI sales team. After 6.00pm each day your call will be answered by answerphone. If you would like to £29.99 £39.99 £39.99 £44.99 place an order have all details at hand including Credit Card. The messaae will including Credit Card. The message will guide you through your order.
ZAPSAC Designed specifically for the Amiga A600 the Zapsac gives your Amiga portability and you credibility £12.99 +£2.50 postage SEND YOUR ORDER TO: INDI DIRECT MAIL FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 85 WHTON STREET, r - NORTHWICH lAF-1192 CHESHIRE CW95DW ZAPPO T-SHIRT If you own an Amiga you've already got respect. In a Zappo T-shirt you've got the Cred. £8.99 +£1.50 postage The only Amiga accessories you'll want to wear out.
ZAPPO EXTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE A high quality external 3.5" drive for use with A500 A500+ and A600.
FEATURES: • Low profile, 880K formatting drive
• Enable disable switch • Daisy chain capability
• 12 months warranty only £49.95 Please send.
Price + Delivery I enclose cheque PO for £...... or charge my Access Visa No.
Expiry date Signature Send to Name.
Address .. ? INDI TELESALES* TEL 0606 43860 • FAX 0606 43825 Daytime Tel.
Postcode..... et ski was first loped by the American Clayton Jackobson in 19S3. He approached Kawasaki,the Japanese motorbike manufacturers with Ms development, who took up 8: Insight: Technology CDTV PUBLISHING ¦ £39.99 ¦ 0628 770088 I The fact that it's got 526 Mb of data stored away and uses a unique technique for loading quartcr-screcn video footage and audio might not mean anything to you: but the fact that this is one of the best-conceived and best-presented CD titles yet to appear should certainly make you sit up and take notice.
That 526 Mb is claimed to be the largest amount of data yet stored on a useable Amiga CD title, but it’s what it's used for that's significant. Optonica have taken the time and trouble to produce a series of lavish illustrations - most of the work done in-house by their own artists - to come up with a disc that actually makes the most of the Amiga's strengths rather than pointing out its weaknesses.
This is the first in a planned series under the 'Insight' name. It's a reference work very much in the Boy's Oii'ii or Look and Ijearn tradition, which essentially means it's a kind of technical guidebook lo the electrical and mechanical apparatus you might come across in daily life. It's not necessarily biased towards a younger viewer, but you can't help but feel it will appeal to the curious youngster.
The authors have picked out 262 'topics' (items for investigation) ranging alphabetically from the aerofoil to the X-ray machine via intcmal-combuslion engines, jet skis and typewriters. Each and every topic is covered by text describing how it works and has an animation illustrating the principles. There's also a slideshow of digitised photographs for each topic, accompanied by narrated background information such as history, and for 35 of the topics there is also a quartcr-screcn video clip.
Simple enough, in itself. Where this disc scores massive points over those reference works that have come before it is in the thought that has gone into the concept and in the detail of the execution. The idea in itself is considerably more valid dtan most CD ( me »my darlin' can't ycu see It may look pretty tedious, but the highlighted words work well enough for the karaoke purpose and the plain blue bockground means you can genlock in video pictures.
KARAOKE HITS 1 MUSIC MACHINE ¦ £19.99 ¦ 0204 387410 Some have scoffed at the idea of using ihe CDTV for karaoke, but in actual fact it’s a perfectly good idea.
For anyone setting up a business in karaoke or wanting to get one in their pub or restaurant. CDTV makes an ideal option because it can handle the graphics as well as the CD-quality audio.
And. Who knows, you may even want to sing along at home. I think it’s quite mad. But I'm told it's fun at parties. Ho hum.
This disc is sensibly presented, witli decent arrangements (without lead vocals, naturally, but with backing singers) of a number of ageing popular ditties accompanied by graphics that are simply the words for the song. New lines appear on the screen at appropriate moments and the words are highlighted as each one is to be sung. What more do you need?
One sensible touch is Ihe plain blue background.
Why? Well, it means you could easily genlock a live video signal (or any other kind) into the background, making for much merry fun. Is this why Commodore decided to include a genlock expansion capacity in CDTV - so you can see yourself sing along?
The bottom line is it docs the job. So you're going to like this disc if you wanna karaoke and you like the songs. It features 20 hits along the lines of Oh Carol.
It's My Party, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and It's Only Make Believe - so the less I say. The better.
AF RATING 75% reference works. Like ihe books of ihis type that are common among eager-minded youngsters, il has an informative purpose - and yel its real appeal is as a damed-good browse. Plus, it's perfect for the sort of technically aware child that will use a CDTV or CD- driven Amiga anyway.
We've made the point before that you might as well use the strong points of the Amiga to good effect in the presentation of CD titles. Optonica have done this beautifully in opting for Deluxe Paint animations to illustrate the workings of the various devices and gadgets that this disc covers. Quite apart from looking better than digitised photos, the animations have an appropriate style and feel, very reminiscent of the classic 'how it works’ books of earlier generations.
The numerous photographs arc well digitised and clear, the text and narration is for llte most part informative and interesting. The video clips are still a little unsatisfying but. Working within the limitations of the medium, they have made a decent job of integrating quarter-screen video into a polished presentation.
When you're using the disc, you're quite aware that it's been sensibly and simply organised for ease of use. The topics, for example, are selected from a straightforward alphabetical list. You could say that's uninspired, but il works.
It's not a title that entirely lacks faults.
Occasionally, the editorial direction wanders a little off the straight and narrow. But these lapses are few and are compensated for by the high quality and high information value of the disc as a whole.
Iferdict 87% - 1 TOPICS 1 BADUiSE : INDEX j HELPTOUR j BS8I1 The main screen offers you the options of going straight lo the alphabetical listing of topics, or of 'browsing' through them in a number of ways. There's also a comprehensive Help facility to help you out.
THE DEMO COLLECTION ALMATHERA SYSTEMS ¦ £19.99 ¦ 081-683 6418 What a disc! If you've ever taken any interest in the demos scene at all. You'll know what a variety of animations, music and other clevernesses has been spawned in this fertile cultural and creative breeding ground. Which is a posy way of saying the demos scene is packed full of stuff that's fun, entertaining. Amusing or amazing - but manages to avoid like the plague anything that you might consider remotely useful. So be it. If you're not aware of the PD demos scene, take a look at die PD Update pages in this very issue.
Meanwhile, on with the review... Following on from Almathcra's CDPD, a CD- ROM disc which collected all the PD programs and utilities the makers could get their hands on. This disc does a similar thing for die PD demos scene. If comprehensiveness were an end in itself, these guys would have il sealed up - every notewordiy demo from the entire history of Amiga Format's PD Update pages seems to have been included.
Naturally what the publishers take no responsibility for is die quality of die material, but dicrc's some good stuff here. The endre Eric Schwartz back catalogue, for example - which would cost you at least £40 in floppies to get hold of any other way.
Listing the contents would take all day and it's not quite die point - if you buy this, you're almost honour bound to take a ‘goodie bag', 'lucky dip' feel to the thing. But there's bound to be some quantity of stuff in there that will appeal to you. Similarly chancy is whether a particular item will run on your machine (some Schwartz anims need 3Mb. For example, which is tricky on a CDTV). But there's so much good stuff in there it hardly matters.
Compendiousness is one of the great benefits of CD storage and this assortment - though it's an obvious idea - is the perfect example of massive data attack. If in the past you've seen two or three demos that appeal to you. You'll almost certainly find this disc worth getting. Oh, and if you're not convinced, there's even some great PD games on there too... m, 4*. , & as*.*,,-. ft f ft ft cd ft ft ft ft ft ft 50 ft ft ft SCORE
- 10 RHSES | eiiii A N K M | RESET | ROUSE There's also a whole
drawerful of games, including the classic Space Invaders done
Amoeba Invaders.
GLOBAL CHAOS CDTV HEX ¦ £29.99 ¦ 0753 686000 Strange ain't the word. This has been described by Hex as 'the rave disc', which is basically what it is. If that means anything to you. If not, then, crrm... well, it's a combination of acid-style dance music widi 'eternal' non-repeating graphics. It's basically a massive PD music demo with a vengeance.
Put together by Ihe team who first hit the news when constructing music videos, under the name Coldcut, for assorted ultra-hip dance acts, this is very much a product of the 'computer punk' generation.
You could see it as appropriating and subverting the multimedia form, if you worked on BBC's The Late Show arts programme, but really it's just a bunch of guys with a pretty decent sense of good music and wild visuals having a bit of fun. And fun it is. A number of dance tracks are accompanied by weird, flashing patterns which are semi-randomly generated to give almost endless variation. It's definitely something you could use to give your parties that rave feel. The music's good enough, the graphics are frantic, which is all as it should be.
Thrown in for good measure is Hex's Top Banana game, a Rainbow Islands clone in gameplay, but with a bizarre and original look that results from its 'sampled' graphics, many of which are highly amusing. The game is fun stuff too. All this adds up to a disc which few enough people will buy. But those who do will enjoy. As artistic expression it should be encouraged.
.0734 50*51* WERDEAL PRICE How to order Next day delivery (or credit card orders placed before
3. 00pm subject to availiability. Alternatively send cheque
postal order to Micromaii Ltd, 8 Queen Victoria Street,
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Subject to availability despatch is normally within 24 hours of receipt of cleared payment.
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Take some tips from Populous II creators Bullfrog as they tutor you to games-writing prowess with this fully-featured machine code package. Go on, beat the softies at their own gamesl Bullfrog's coding methods revolve around making life as easy as possible, so giving more time to pose in rather ridiculous positions for press photographers. Or not, as the case may be.
Your Ttirn! Part 3 How to program your own games in assembler Moving on to the third part of a continuing series which aims to teach you how to program like the pros. From the team that brought you Populous, Bullfrog coder Scott Johnston explores more of the details of our demo game, which is gradually building into somthing pretty playable.
This month we learn how to deal with background blocks and collisons... LAST MONTH WE had managed lo get a man. The main character of our game, moving around the screen, under joystick control and properly animated. So far, so good.
But flying a little bloke around a screen wouldn't be much of a game, so it's now time to start adding some of the other elements of the game. During the course of this month we will place the platforms into the game.
The main display is usually the best part of a program to start off with, so that you can get a reasonable idea of how die finished product will look and feel. Many games start off as static background graphics and sprite anima- dons. Then the process by which the graphics become a game follows on. Which means we have started he wrong way round.
If you run the demo, your man should fall from the sky. And land at the bottom of the screen. You can't actually see any platforms, but as far as your man is concerned they are already there. Pressing fire will bounce the main sprite around, and you will find that he can stand on the platforms.
Quit out of that, and have a look inside the draw.s file. The reason we don't gel all the blocks drawn on the screen is because the command dbra d4,.ioop_y has a semi-colon in front of it. Remove this and recompile. You should now have the level Continued overleaf on screen. See if you can get to the top! Not that difficult, really, eh?
Fed up of that level? Then go into move. S and remove the semi-colon from in front of the LEVEL equate. Now when the program is compiled you will have a different level to try and climb. Fall down the gap at the bottom of the screen, and it will be time to quit and rerun the program.
You can change several of the equates to make the 'game’ easier or harder to play.
GRAVITY is the speed at which you slow down on your jump. JUMP is how high you will go. LEFT_FOOT and RIGHT_FOOT control how far off a platform your man can stand - decrease LEFT_FOOT and increase RIGHT_FOOT to make it easier. The rest you already know about.
That's great, but you may well be asking yourself 'how does it all work?' Well, the two routines that draw the block background are _draw_blocks and block_draw.
The first scans through the map data held inside data_c.s. If the number picked up is not a zero then there is a block to be drawn. This block number, as well as die x and y position of the block, is then passed to the block_draw routine. The first part of the drawing routine sets up where to draw on the screen. The loop picks up four words of data, and places them down in the right place on the screen. At present this is only a block draw, which means that anything behind it is not visible. To change it so that you could see through, you would have to create a mask for the data.
GAME DESIGN OVERVIEW To turn this into a platform game, we need to know the order in which we have to do things.
Listed below is a simple pseudo-code example of the processing order. It includes any objects that need to be picked up and any enemies that need to be drawn.
1 Initiate level.
2 Clear the screen.
3 Draw blocks.
4 Draw objects.
5 Draw bad guys.
6 Draw hero.
NEW COMMANDS DBRA dO,label The dbra command, or Decrement and Branch. This Is a very useful command In that you can create loops easily and quickly. The number of times to loop Is held as 1 less than the actual In dO. This is because the test that is performed Is the equivalent of a BGE. So the similar code written without the dbra command is:
- move.w 5-1,dO ,-set up a counter .loop_to_here Do What
Ever.sub.w l,dO ;subtract from the counterbge .loop_to_here
;loop if dO is not negative BTST l,dO Bit Test. This command
checks whether bit 1 in register do Is set to a one or not. The
bits are numbered from the right-hand side, starting at 0 and
moving up to 31 on the left.
7 Move hero - includes x.y and animation of the sprite for our man.
8 Move bad guys - again this also includes x.y and animation.
9 Collision check on objects - has the hero touched an object?
10 Collision check on baddies - has our man just touched an enemy?
As you can see. We still have quite a lot of work to do. But saying that, now dial we have broken down the task into easy sections we can bolt on new bits every month over the next couple of months.
THE SCREEN In low-resolution 16-colour screens, each pixel is stored as four bits. Unfortunately die bits are not stored consecutively, but as a single bit in each of four words. These words are known as bit-planes.
The first word of screen memory is die first word of plane 0. The second word of memory is the second word of plane 0. Thus we fill the whole screen wilh plane 0 before we move on to plane I. Again the whole screen is filled, before we move on to plane 2. And then plane 3. Thus 32000 bytes are used in total. The first 8000 bytes are plane 0. The next 8000 bytes are plane I and so on through planes 2 and 3.
For a colour to be displayed on screen, the computer looks at the data in the bit-planes.
Each pixel on screen has bits in the bit-planes set. These bits go to make up die colour of that pixel. For example: if all planes are set. The colour value is 1111 or 15.
Plane 0 sets the right-hand bit (bit 0). If we clear plane 0 then the colour we get is 1110 or colour 14.
Another example: plane 0 is set and all other planes are clear, so the colour is 0001.
THE MAP The map is stored at the bottom of the file data_c.s. You can change diis to your heart's content, and so make the game easier or harder to complete. If you feel up to it you can try to make the background scroll up and down widi die man. As he jumps about. Experts only need apply for this bit. Don't worry if you can’t do this, as the final version of our game will not have a scrolling background.
SNEAK PREVIEW TIME... Bizarre situation at this point. I'm afraid.
We're going lo go a few steps further this month, but unfortunately we didn't have the ume and the space to get the code on the disk.
So you're going to have to wait until next mondi to put his into practice, but for now give it a read through and see if you can understand what's going on. It’s pretty easy.
The will be quite a lot of changes to the code - the number of files on the disk will change, making it easier to figure out what is going on. The files we are most interested in are these: equates, i structs.i init.s draw.s move.s data_c.s Even without the code and from just the names, you should realise dial diree files you have not seen before are the equates.i structs.i and init.s. All the equates from move.s are going to be placed into the file equates. I because this helps in trying to track something down, or change a figure.
The major addition to the new program will be the ability to collect something - and to die! When you run die code, you will see a screen with five Golden Ankhs on it. To collect something our man must touch these.
When you try the code on next month's disk, you will find that the ankhs don't disappear. That is due to the fact that we. Or should you. Have not written the collision code yet.
OK. Re-run the code and take a dive from one of the top platforms to the floor - the man will die. That is it for that game so far - only one life at present.
The ankhs are in what is known as a structure. These are brillant things, in that you can define several variable names and control more than one tiling with them. These names are held inside the structs.i file and are: OBJ_ON equ 0 ;does the object exist OBJ_STATUS equ 0 ;what state is it in OBJ_TO_DRAW equ 2 ;Where to get x, y and frame in one OBJ_X equ 2 ;where on the screen is it OBJ_Y equ 4 ,-y version of above OBJ_FRAME equ 6 ;what is the frame being displayed OBJ_SIZE equ 8 ;how big is each object The numbers represent which bytes are used by this information. The numbers are all
even because I am using word-sized variables due HOW TO PROGRAM (Tp man_x,dO ,-pick up our man_x position move.w asr.w move.w asr.w move.w add.w move.w add.w lea move.w .looptst bea.s ;one move.w move.w cmp.w ;greater .bgt.s add.w cmp.w FOUR,dO ;scale down to a screen co-ord man_y,dl ,-pick up our man_y position FOUR,dl ;scale down to a screen co-ord d0,d2 ;take a copy of x SMAN_Wi0TH, d2 ;and add the width of our man dl,d3 ;take a copy of y MAN_HEIGHT,d3 ;and add the height of our man _objects,aO ;point at our objects MAX_0BJECTS-l.d7 .-counter of how many objects OBJ_ON(aO) ;is the first
one present ;no so lets look at the next w .next O3J_X(a0),d4 ;yes it v as, get the object x OBJ_Y(aO),d5 ;and y values d3,d5 ;Is the bottom of the man than the top of the object ,no_collision ;yes then we cant collide with it 8ANKH_HEIGHT,d5 ;move to top of the object dl,d5 ;is the top of the man less than the ;bottom of the object?
Blt.s ,no_collision cmp.w d2,d4 rside of the object bgt.s ,no_collision THE COLLISON DETECTION ROUTINE add.W ANKH_WIDTH,d4 cmp.w d0,d4 ;of the object blt.s .no_collision 0,OBJ_ON(aO) SI,to_collect total_leveis,d6 SSCORE,d6 d6,score SDELAY,delay move.w sub.w move.w mulu add.w move.w jump.next .no_collision ,-because the last did not .lea OBJ_SIZE(aO),aO dbra d7,.loop ;objects ;yes then we cant collide ,-corrpare right of man with the left ;if it is greater then we cant collide ;move to the right side of object ;compare left of man with right side rif less than then we cant collide ,-clear out
the object as we touch ,-reduce the number left to get ;as compute the score ,-that is received by getting object ;score = level * multiplier ;place a delay to stop instant ;we want to get the next object exist or we didnt touch it ;so move the pointer to the next ;repeat until there are no more lo Ihe fact lhat we have loads of memory lo play wilh.
If Ihis was a full-sized game 1 would probably he using byle-sized variables for anylhing lhat I could, jusl lo save space. One thing lo note, though, is that byle-sized variables lend lo be slower, as Ihey must be extended into words before they can be used. In Powermonger. For example, the people took up 50 byles each, and there were up to 512 people to each map.
The variable name OBJ_TO_DRAW is there for Ihe purpose of clearer movents. Il is always a good idea to stick in extra labels for this kind of tiling because when you try and read your code several months or even weeks later, you may nol see the relevance of movem.w OBJ_X(aO) ,d0 dl d2 whereas movem.w OBJ_TO_DRAW(aO) ,d0 dl d2 is a lol easier lo understand.
Adding helpful equates and labels does as much for the readability of a program as decent comments. It's a good idea to have virtually NO numeric constants in your code. All right, so there are loads of them in the demo - but that's because I was being lazy.
The memory is reserved for the objects at the end of data_c.s and again shows good use of equates. OBJ_SIZE is the number of bytes used per object, and MAX_OBJECTS is the number of objects we can have. Therefore if we change our mind on how the objects are held, or how many we can have, all we need to do is change the equates, rather than having to go back into data_c.s. The objects are defined inside init.s which uses a jump table to decide which level we are currently on. The most obvious way to do this would have been... cmp.w HiiEVEL_l,dO beq level_l cmp.w 3LEVEL_2,dO beq level_2 cmp.w
8LEVEL_3,d0 beq level_3 and so on.
The problem wilh this is that if we had loads of levels then we would need loads of compares. Whereas a jump table does exactly Ihe same thing faster, in less space and is just as readable. Compare that with this... move.w
• jump_table(pc,d0.w),dOjmp . Jump_table (pc, dO ,w) .
Jump_tabledc .w level_l-.jump_table ; 1st leveldc.w level_2- ¦
j ump_table ;2nd leveldc.w level_3-
• jump_table ;3rd level OK. The next step is to put the collision
in. In the separate panel, there's a listing of a routine
should do just that, which you will need to type in. You don't
have lo type the comments in if you don’t want lo. But they
will help a lot if you ever come back to the routine. The extra
code goes in the bottom of file move.s after the label
Typed that? Good. Sorry there is so much of ihe stuff. Did you understand it?
Recompile and run the program: you should now be able to pickup the Ankhs at the top of the screen. If you put a semi-colon in front of the move.w ((DELAY.delay you will see (next month. I'm afraid, when you run this lot) that if you complete the level, you will instantly flash to the next one rather than waiting for a second or so.
Take a look at the panel on masking next and try that out. Then there's a few other things you can try to do for yourself.
One: change the score equate, to have massive high scores and so on. The score, incidentally, uses a single colour font draw which when passed an x and y position in dO d 1 and a2 pointed at the text to display, is only capable of holding 5 digits at the present, but that should be easy to change.
Two: Add new levels lo the game. Increase MAX_LEVELS to reflect the new number, and there you go.
Three: Change the font draw into a masked font draw, and give it die ability to display more than one colour.
Next month: enemies and music! 'S5 MASKS At present the Ankhs are not being masked as they are drawn.
This means that If they were placed In front of a platform, the platform would disappear. The most difficult area of programming animations to understand Is the principle of masks. If you position a sprite on the screen, the block containing the sprite will affect the colours already there. To overlay the sprite properly against the background, you first need to create and position a mask which changes the screen colours In the area of the sprite block.
Now when you lay the sprite onto the screen, the colours of the mask change back again to the correct orginal colour.
Confused? A mask Is a block of data which has a bit set for every pixel that Is blank on the sprite block. The mask can be ‘AND.W'ed with the background data, before you 'OR.W' your sprite data to draw It on the background.
If you look Inside draw.s at the routine _draw_collectables you will see that we have no mask. You can calculate this when you draw your sprite by replacing the four move.w d?,?(aO) with the following piece of code.
Please note that, as throughout this month's piece, some of the comment lines have been wrapped to the next line.
Move.w dl,d5 ;copy plane 0 into d5 or.w d2,d5 ,-or plane 1 with d5 or.w d3,d5 ;or plane 2 with d5 or.w d4,d5 ,-or plane 3 with d5 not.w d5 ;invert d5 to create mask and.w d5, (aO) ;mask background (plane 0) or.w dl,(aO) ;combine with sprite plane 0 and.w d5,PLANE_SIZE(aO) ;mask background (plane 0) or.w d2,PLANE_SIZE(aO) ;combine with sprite plane 0 and.w d5,PLANE_SIDE*2(aO) ;mask background (plane 0) or.w d3,PLANE_SIZE*2(aO) ;combine with sprite plane 0 and.w d5,PLANE_SIDE* 3(aO) ,-mask background (plane 0) or.w d4,PLANE_SIZE*3(aO) ,-combine with sprite plane 0 Though, as you can see, this
takes quite a lot of instructions, it would be much easier if we stored a copy of the mask with our data, then the top half of the above code would not be needed.
Civilization Are you having problems with the dawn of your Civilization? Well, fret not because she always was an awkward modom wasn't she? Here's a player's guide to Sid Meier's latest epic THE FIRST THING you should remember is that there is no right or wrong way lo play Civilization. The most enjoyable level of play is Warlord, with four civilisations competing. Choose your tribe wisely because each leader is very different. For example.
Genghis Khan (Mongols) can be expected to be very aggressive at the expense of his own cities, but Mao- Tse Tung (Chinese) is generally concerned with building a strong civilisation and doesn't seek to expand aggressively. The leader biographies can be found in the manual on Pages 112-115.
Whenever you play the game it's always an advantage to have the Civilization Advances Chart (found in the very back of the manual). This can help you build more advanced units quickly. If in Ihe early days of your civilisation you concentrate on the above advances you can build the catapult unit, which is usually stronger than any of your enemies' units - unless they have better technology, that is. Try7 to lower the lax rates early on - this will increase your science rate.
Fortification Ithe first units you acquire should be selected for defensive, offensive and mobility factors. Defend your home city first, but use more mobile units to open up the frontiers of your civilisation. Your first two militia or other military units should be used to defend your city or fortify the units on the city. If you fortify the units elsewhere, an enemy could destroy all the units in one move.
2 Whenever a unit becomes technologically old.
Always replace it for a more capable unit. For example, replace the Cavalry unit for a Knight unit when it becomes available.
3 Across the world there are minor tribes - by moving on to them you can uncover wealth, wisdom, friendly tribes or angry7 barbarians. You should only move a military unit with a high-defensive factor on to these squares.
The nearest unexplored land mass then go there, but don't stay loo long. You should carry other units on the ships: a diplomat, a strong military unit and a settler.
With all these units you should be able to cope with any problems that arise.
When playing Civilization you can play defensively or offensively, but usually you play both. Begin by building up your defences and technologies and making peace treaties with other civilisations.
If a neighbouring civilisation becomes a threat or a problem you will need to open hostilities, but before you do this you should get an idea of the enemy's technology level. To do this you will need to establish an embassy in an enemy city - use a diplomat. If the enemy is more technologically advanced than you.
Then you might consider postponing your aggression until you arc more evenly matched.
Playing catch-up You can catch up with the enemy in one of four ways: 1 Concentrate on research, building libraries and universities and devoting a larger portion of your revenue to scientific research.
2 Exchange technologies with friendly civilisations, but preferably not with one which you are about to go lo war with.
3 Build the Great Library wonder, so whenever two other civilisations obtain the same advance it becomes yours as well (for free!).
4 Steal the technology by using a diplomat. When you're at war don't be afraid to rest during a long campaign. Il is possible lo go too far. Exhausting your resources and your people's willingness to fight. From time to time your enemies will offer to make peace with you - if need be. Accept the treaty and use the time to build-up your combat forces and your treasury.
During the respite from war. Place ships on sentry outside enemy harbours, post sentries along land borders and fortify units around enemy cities. Have diplomats ready lo undertake spy and sabotage missions as soon as hostilities are resumed.
Later on in the game you will be faced by the nuclear dilemma. This could be either because your use of nuclear weapons will lose you points during the game, or because an enemy threatens you by saying ‘Our words arc backed by nuclear weapons!' (time to change your underpants, methinks). This warning should be carefully heeded.
Although an enemy is unlikely to use nuclear weapons, my to build an SDI on your capital city and other important cities. Use of nuclear weapons speeds up effects such as global warming and polar melting. If you use nuclear weapons you should have plenty of settler units in readiness to clean up the mess.
Nuclear warheads are best used as deterrents, never as weapons.
There are two ways to win at Civilization', either defeat all other civilisations or win the space race to Alpha Centauri. First of all. To win the space race you must complete the Apollo programme, and after this you will be able to build parts for your spaceship - SS Structure. SS Module and SS Component. Your goal is to build a spaceship that can hold as many colonists as possible, yet travel at a reasonable speed and with rea- sonable probability of success. Keep an eye on construction as it proceeds. All characteristics should be 100 per cent or above.
What's it all about Alpha?
Ithe more propulsion units your starship has. The faster it reaches Alpha Centauri. The more colonists you attempt to transport, the more your starship will weigh.
2 Guard your capital. Losing it brings your interstellar programme to a very quick halt... 3 Watch the clock. You must reach Alpha Centauri before your reign expires.
4 If other civilisations launch before you, make a mad dash for their capital in the hope of capturing it before their starship reaches its destination.
5 Don't launch unless your arrival time is less then 20 years. If it is add more fuel and propulsion units.
sip |Helping Hand ¦_It's that time of year again, when everyone's minds begin to turn from boring old work to that pleasurable thing that people do on early nights. Yes, we're talking ibout playing games. Andy Nuttall offers this month's helpline for the bewildered.... HEART-WARMING TIPS Are you feeling a bit
• Chi' sed off with getting out of Katmandu?
Or even Kathmandu?
Then you're probably playing the excellent Heart of China... After having given Heart of China such an excellent review in issue 32,1 would have thought you might have included a slight hint or tip for it by now - but, alas! I have found nothing. I just can't get out of Katmandu. Please help.
Yvonne Caplan Edinburgh Once you've landed at Katmandu, Chi will talk to Lucky. From the menus that follow, choose 3, 3 i 1 then 3. Lucky will leave, so enter the plane and pick up the blanket and the tarpaulin. Exit put the blanket over Kate and the tarpaulin between the fuselage and wheel. Give Kate the healing and ninja herbs. You should now be rescued. Talk to Ama, then choose 3 and 2 from the menu. Exit to the street go past the top centre of the screen.
Click on the door handle, then talk to the disciple - choose 2 then 2 from the menu. Exit to the town. Enter the telegraph office, talk to Nalina, exit to the street. Exit left and talk to Kubla. Choose 3 and 2 from the menu. Pick up the cigar box, exit to the street then go back to the Lama's. Open door, talk to Lama, choosing 3 then 2 from the menu. Exit to street then exit to tavern. Talk to the barman, choosing 3 and 2 from the menu. Talk to Sadar, then to the barman. When Chi buys a round, talk to Sadar again, using 3 then 1 from the menu.
Exit to the street enter Ama's house, talk to Kubla. Give the cigar box to Chi, call up Chi's inventory, place the chopsticks and the coins on the box. Give the car to Lucky, change to Lucky and give the car to Kubla. Pick up the hose, exit to the street go back to the Lama's and talk to him. Choose 2 then 2 from the menu. Exit to the street go to Bojon's office on the right. Talk to him using 3, 2 then 2 from the menu. Exit to the street again, go to the tavern, and talk to Sadar using 2 then 2 from the menu. Give Lucky's gun to Sadar, which will cause a revolt by the villagers. They will
help you with your plane, enabling you to leave Katmandu!
Congratulations to J H Andrews of Norfolk, who wins a £25 voucher for his solution.
Lurid Difficulties I seem to have run into difficulties in Lure of The Temptress. I have started die distilling process on the apparatus, but I have nothing to pour the liquid into - the bottle smashed on the way down. Can you help?
Also, how do I gel into the Apothecary?
Jim Brooks Bognor Regis nr ! I Lure of the Temptress: a game filled with skorls, apothecaries and transvestites... Aha. Iliis is a taxing problem. What you must do is talk lo Mallin who will give you a metal bar. Give it to Ewan the shopkeeper and get the gem from him. Then give that to Nellie the landlady. In return she will give you a flask, which you should use to hold the liquid.
To gel into the Apothecary you must first set Goewinfree. She is being held at the Town Hall, and you must fluid a way of getting past the Skorl guard who is holding her there. I'm not going to tell you how. Hut let’s just say that an alteration of your hormone balance will make life a lot easier... Management proposals Does anyone have a cheat or a him for The Manager by US Gold? I've been playing it for ages, and I can't get anywhere!
Rupert Morgan London You’re in luck. Set up a two or more player game, and make one player put a Forward on the transfer market. The other player must then offer some money for this Forward. The first player should refuse, and remove the Forward from the market. The Forward will now have a goal scoring record of 125-150 in the season, and will automatically win the top scorer award!
Also, if you set up a four player game and make three teams borrow one million pounds each, the first team's calculated mean will drop to zero causing sponsorship funds to quadruple in value. Sounds like a bit of a Maxwellian cheat to me. Hut there you have it.
Thanks to Steve for the tips.
Don't eat with your mouth open!
Knightmare could be a super game if only my characters could eat! They've got rabbit pics and sweets but no mouths it seems. Also, I would like to know how does one 'keep the pad down' in the first dungeon.
I enclose a SAE and implore your help!
Margaret Duddridge Axminster Before we give you a hint must remind you.
Along with the other 20-or-so readers who send in SAEs each week, that we can’t give personal replies to any enquiries. The reason for this is that ivc really don’t have time to do it. All the SAEs are given to the local OXFAM charity for their stamp value.
To eat the rabbit pies, sweets and other food items, simply place the food on the hand icon, then click on the food with the right hand mouse button. Now click Ihe left hand button on the Eat icon which will be displayed, and your character will consume heartily. Another good source of food is the garden, which can be dug over using the shovel to reveal a plethora of apples.
To keep the pad down, it is necessary to drop an object on it. Make sure you drop something trivial and unimportant such as a rock, though, as you must leave the item behind as you move on in the game. The Knightmare Adventurers' Handbook is available from Mindscape on 0444 246333.
LOST Many millions of evasive young whippets, all answering to the name ‘Hints 'n' Tips'. Great rewards of £25 and £50 vouchers given to any persons offering information. No Action Replay cheats please, as these impostors will not be given house room. Any questions regarding the animals and their parents, that is 'Amiga Games', will also be welcome, and will be answered forthwith. Until next month, then... If you're stuck on a particular game or have a solution to a letter printed in the magazine, then write it down and send it in to us at HELPING HAND Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street,
Bath BA1 2BW Now AMOS has turned Professional!
AMOS The Creator has brought programming within the reach of over 50,000 Amiga users. Now it has been given a complete overhaul and the result is a vastly enhanced product - AMOS Professional - designed for all experienced Amiga programmers.
X JroF' 4 X AMOS Professional lias 200 new commands, taking the total to over
700. Included in the package is a 650-page manual written by Mel
Croucher who wrote the highly-praised Easy AMOS manual, and
Stephen Hill who wrote the original AMOS manual. Programs
written using earlier versions of AMOS and Easy AMOS can be
loaded into AMOS Professional for amendment or enhancement.
• Two discs crammed with working examples, and tutorials
demonstrating AMAL, the new AMOS Interface system, collision
detection and other key topics.
• A selection of new highly-finished programs, including Planet
Zybex (a scrolling shoot'em up), File O'Facts (electronic data
organiser), Quatro (puzzle game) and DitheLTs Wonderland (an
eight-way scrolling platform game).
The result is a package which will more than satisfy home and professional IMPS users. It's fun to use, lots to leant - it's essential for theAmisa.
An easy introduction... If you're a complete beginner to programming you can make your Amiga really work for you! Easy AMOS is a simplified, ultra-friendly version of the best-selling AMOS Basic programming language, and it will propel you into a fascinating world.
You will learn how to: • Produce impressive graphical effects • Create and animate colourful objects • Scroll large text across the screen
• Make your Amiga actually talk • Add music to your creations
Turn your ideas into reality - arcade games, adventures,
computer art, cartoon animations, home finance, educational
software, demos... the list is endless!
Packed with ready-to-run programs, you can quickly understand how they work, and use the ideas in your own programs. There's a 20-lesson course to take you through the steps of programming.
Easy AMOS's stev-bu-stev and fun approach is the simplest and easiest route to writing uour own software.
PUTOPRESS O F TWAR E Europa House, Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SKI0 4NP Tel: 0625 859333 Fax: 0625 879962 5 879962 world of Take control of your music!
? Authoritative reviews of all the latest hardware and software Expert technical advice on all your TGChnolOfjV Dills CfSdtiVltV musical problems every issue Don’t just listen - play!
Buyers’ Guide WH»M
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COMPUTER TEL: 0543 251275 STORES FORYOUR LOCAL CALCULUS STORE Phone lines open 9.30am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday) jrsMEGATI and 9.30am to4.30pm(Saturdays) ,rs FINALLYARKIVLmj The latest addition to the new technology Amiga range following on the heels of the A600 and A4000. The A1200 is the "AMIGA FOR THE NINETIES". This is a high performance machine featuring a 32-bit processor, AA chipset, 256,000 on screen colours from a palette of 16.8 million and for those requiring additional capacity the machine offers a PCMCIA memory card socket and internal IDE hard drive interface.
• 68020 Processor •
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Pnradrold 90 It's 2390 and disaster has struck a 5 strong
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The CDTV-HD unit boasts a massive 65Mb of hard disk storage with lightning fast access times through its SCSI interface. The unit comes complete with Workbench 1.3 and all necessary cables.
AMIGA CDTV EXTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE CALCULUS PRICE AMIGA A600 FREE AT HOME SERVICE 'Wr ~4 The latest in Commodores legendary Amiga packs, the Wild, Weird and Wicked starter pack contains lots of wacky goodies. Built around the latest Amiga A600, with 8 amazing software titles we've included (totally free of charge!) The 'Zapsac' Amiga carry case and for total street cred. a 'Zappo' T-Shirt mega crucial gear.
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Trivial Pursuits (language lab edition), Amiga Text, Deluxe Paint AWARD WINNERS PACK
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Watch out 601 you are prehistory!
Epic pack, Epic software, legendary computer, another stunning Amiga pack from Commodore Epic, Rome and Myth software titles set the flavour of this pack, with Trivial Pursuits Language Lab edition (in three languages). Deluxe Paint III (for amazing computer graphics) and the Amiga Text wordpro' providing the creative educational element.
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The new Panasonic KX-P2180 9 pin quiet colour printer. Produces crisp clear text in mono or in 7 glorious colours with new quiet technology. The new KX-P2180 is typically 15dBA quieter in operation, than the competition.
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.jhwE.no ¦ .
The Digita range, Cashbook Combo DGBase It you're looking for last access to information and Ihe ability lo create customised reports, then this relational database is for von (S I I. £49.99 mM 1
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Home Accounts2" An advanced version of Home Accounts, which is limited only by the capacity of your computci. Sophisticated reporting with graphics, arid special options such as VAT and loan calculation facilities. Equally suitable for businesses, clubs and charities (ST and Amiga) £54.99
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i. irixi £59.99 Final Accounts Mailshot Plus If you ever need to
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£49.99 £79.99 £129.99 Day-By-Dcy An excellent way to gel
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Appointments, it includes month.'week planners and automatic reminders ol ov events £29.99 das erdu
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writer Because text is printed mstan can line up youi form
press relum a a few limes to move to the correct p then start
typing Ideal lor lillrng in I and envelopes. £39.99 Amiga
Format has been voted 'magazine most Influencing buying
decisions' by dealers in trade magazine Computer Trade Weekly
for three years running. That's because they know our reviews
are the most trustworthy: what we say, you seem to agree with.
Simply enough, that's because a) we know what we're talking about, and b) we’re honest. We know what you want, because we're Amiga enthusiasts ourselves. And because we’re Amiga experts, we test everything to the full and see how It performs.
If something is let down by poor features, if it's difficult to use or If It’s overpriced, we'll tell you. But on the other hand, If it’s well worth the price or does something amazing we’ll make you aware of that - and look out for the Amiga Format Gold award which distinguishes a truly excellent product, one that really stands out from the crowd.
How the Rating System works Let's get serious!
Welcome once more to the part of the magazine in which we review the latest in creative software, utilities and hardware. Reviews editor Imeil Jackson is your host, and this month we've got some of the most exciting releases we've seen in a very long while... SPEED (marked out of 5) • • • • • Tremendously Important tor both hardware and software: there's nothing more annoying than waiting. A purely intuitive judgement.
Graphics VIDI-12 DOCUMENTATION (out of 5) • • • • • Although there are some packages that are so simple that no manual is needed, complex Items benefit hugely from a good explanation.
ACCESSIBILITY (out of 5) • • • • • The target for all good software should be powerful but simple: this rating assesses how easy it is to get to grips with the item.
FEATURES (out off 5) t M Does it do what you want it to do? How well does It do it? And does it also do lots ot other things that you’d never have thought of?
VALUE (out of 5) • • • • • A pretty important rating, this one: If a package does everything you could wish for. It’s no use to you unless you can afford to buy It.
The two types of sampling, sound sampling and video digitising, are going through a revolution at the moment, with 8-blt resolution about to be ousted by higher resolutions for greater quality. Rombo's Vidi has always been fun, but this 12-bit version promises to deliver real quality as well. See how well the latest Rombo offering stacks up... Page 188 The Verdict, our at-a-glance overall rating, is a percentage: it’s based on sheer quality, but with price taken Into account, so that you know what kind of a deal you get.
Mic) Graphics OPAL VISION We've all heard about the amazing Video Toaster which has revolutionised desktop video in the United States. Now at long last, there's a 24-bit system that can do the same using the European PAL video standard: so find out why graphics editor Brian Larkman calls it "the best thing since sliced bread... no, better than sliced bread!" Page 178 Word processing WORDWORTH 2 Now accepted as one of the most popular graphics word processors or 'word publishers' in the United Kingdom, Wordworth is British-made and enjoys some of the best customer support there is. All of
which makes the release of its first major update quite an event in the world of the Amiga.
Wordworth 2 features full support for Agfa-Compugraphic scalable fonts and new layout facilities... Page 184 Hardware xt WIGfc, CDTV HD Can CDTV be taken seriously as a proper Amiga computer?
Well, with the price now down to £399 it’s getting more competitive - and now that Calculus can fit this CD-driven Amiga 500 with an IDE Internal hard drive, it begins to look like quite a realistic proposition... Page 197 Printers RICOH LASER AND HP PAINTJET If you read our round-up of printers in Issue 40 you'll know that we tried to test all the printers commonly advertised in the Amiga market. (If you're thinking of buying a printer, you ought to read it - back issues are available on Page 262). But here are a couple of printers that slipped through the net that time: an extraordinarily
cheap laser printer and an old stalwart of the graphics scene... Page 200 Printers TRUE PRINT 24 So you've got a colour printer and you want to print out your graphics creations in their full glory, but your printer never seems to do the Images justice. What do you do? Well, don't bin the printer! Try this exciting new print utility which promises to give you 24-bit true colour... Page 201 MOST ARTISTS AN1) illustrators working wilh computer graphics have a wish list of requirements from a painting system: things like real-world behaviour of material; chalk that seems chalky: watercolour that
looks wet: an airbrush that makes leather-light clouds of colour rather than coarse splatters of dots: and tcxlured surfaces to give depth and feel lo their works. Combine that wilh masses of excellent image-processing effects, multiple stencils, plus a decent visual retrieval and archiving system for pictures and brushes, and you have a lot of very happy graphic artists. Amazingly, OpalVision - a new 24-bit card and painl package - has arrived almost unannounced with all of these features and more. And in the process it leaps far ahead i»f every other Amiga art offering.
The OpalVision hardware comprises a 24-bit frame-buffer and display card with 1.5Mb of its own display RAM and the means to switch freely between Amiga and OpalVision graphics. It has a maximum resolution of 768x576 pixels in PAL and can animate in 24- and 15- bit low- and medium-resolution modes.
Deluxe Puiiil V-slyle animation is promised for early nexl year with the bundled OpalPainl 2 painting software.) See the panel at the bottom of Page I XU for more on Opal Vision's hardware features.
In one mighty bound, Amiga graphics software has caught up with the Apple Mac's.
Painter, PixelPaint and Photoshop had better beware as Brian Larlcman contracts... OpalVisio True Colour art package ¦ £800 Opal Tech & Centaur Development The Amiga setup used to review the hoard and software is a 25MHz 3(100 and. Lo be honest. Even this is a little slow for some of tile Artist Material effects, especially when used with the excellent Wacom Tablet (from 11599.
Computers Unlimited 081-200 X282). A pressure-sensitive input device that replaces Ihe mouse and is nothing short of miraculous when used with paint programs. This is possibly the first Amiga package to fully support the Wacom and I hope it's the first of many.
If hardware specifications leave you cold, don’t worry because the software side of things won't. OpalPresenls is a good 24-hit 'slidc-show' program wilh an easy-to-use interlace and a gootl range of wipes. The utility OptilHolkey enables 24-hit images and Amiga standard graphics to work together.
Pull 24-bit images can he used as backgrounds and - with the use of priority stencils - as foreground images as well. But far more important than any of these extras is the paint program included in ihe bundle, which goes by the name of OpalPaini.
OpalPaini is .strikingly slick and professional for an Amiga program: a real pleasure lo use from the moment you boot it. The interlace is a clean, familiar layout across the bottom of the screen, reminiscent of NcwTek's DigiPaint. Three Horizontal bands of tools provide access to every function with left- or right-bulton mouse clicks, avoiding time- consuming menus. The layout is ergonomically designed - often-used tools are closest to Ihe working area and less frequently used controls and toggles are furthest. The dangerous lools. Undo. Clear and Quit, are well away from other
functions and situated behind the dialog and co-ords window.
On Ihe first band a set of 20 paint pots provides colour and can be exchanged with 12 other sets in memory, or swapped with named palettes on disk, each with its own preview in the load requester. Any pot can be replaced with a named colour from a huge list that you can add to. Colour mixing is via the usual sliders - neatly arranged - or in the excellent mixing area. Just choosing a colour is an education in itself.
The band below Ihe paint pots has Ihe usual 'iconilied' looks: line, polygon, rill, magnify. Grid. Lexl. Custom-brush cutter, palette control and standard brushes, plus an innovation for Ihe Amiga, though familiar lo Macintosh PlioloShop users, the Magic Wand (which I'll describe later).
In the third row is a series of named buttons for selecting rilling operations, extras, drawing modes, three custom brushes lhat you might have cut. Plus toggles for stencil, texture. Anti-aliasing, transparency and an Alpha Channel - a means by which you can select an objecl front a picture without having lo laboriously draw around it.
Alntosl all of the buttons and toggles - almost every tool in the menu bar in fact - will yield a further menu if double- or right-butlon clicked. Many of them use a standard file requester lhat gives 24-bii 'thumbnail' versions of pictures, brushes and palettes.
Hopefully, more 24-hit developers will support this system, which is almost essential for graphic artists who tend lo remember images far belter iltan names. Some of Ihe dialogs include a preview box lo try out an effect - but not the Draw Modes. A great pity.
All of this just describes the nuts and bolts - the first layer of ihe program that every digital artist would expect. Behind these tools lies Ihe real power. To understand the strength of OpalPaini it's useful to examine the structure or the program as explained by its programmers in the excellent manual.
Each lime you make a mark on the screen, the program works its way down a hierarchy of 'operators’ based on the parameters you have set up. This might he: which mol?, which nozzle?, texture?, stencil?, drawing mode?, global transparency? And, finally, draw pixel - in lhat order.
Some of these operators arc obvious, hut most need a little explanation. Surface texture, for example, is provided from two sources, 'brush' texture and paper" texture. Brush texture is a type of rub-through effect. Any custom brush can be tiled behind the current screen and when Ihe Texture button is toggled on. Every drawing tool reveals a part of this instead of painting wilh its own colour. Tools using transparency arc especially effective with this, producing a mix of normal colour and texture. Paper texture is a more natural effect, similar to working with traditional materials on to
an absorbent surface - coarse paper, canvas, Hessian and the like. Used in conjunction wilh the Artists Materials - chalk, watercolour, pencil, tcxta. Airbrush - the effect is remarkably realistic, especially with the Wacom pressure-sensitive tablet.
Two stencil methods are used: area and colour. Area stencils are set up by painting over the area lo be stencilled using any of the painting lools. All painted areas are then excluded from painting by a 'mask'. The mask can have areas added or removed litter so that traditional airbrush Triskets' can Ire used.
Colour stencils are similar to those used in Deluxe Pain! Except for Ihe way colours are specified. All areas of the particular colour are excluded from all paint operations while the Stencil toggle is selected. Colour selection is Continued overleaf Drawing Modes A range of image-processing functions can be applied using any of the drawing tools.
Many common processes are built in and controlled by a slider.
Spare buttons enable 'plug-ins' to be added.
Some of those provided are extremely useful, like 'smear-in' which is remarkably similar to smearing oil paint or pastels. Here are some effects (right) applied to an original picture (left). Going clockwise from the top left we have greyscale, emboss, oil, hessian texture, smear and change of hue.
Very powerful and uses a "tolerance" technique that is also used for fill. Magic Wand, and brush "pickup".
Tolerance Ranges arc set up for till of these tools with a set of hue. Saturation, and value sliders. These are set to percentage values of tolerance on either side of the colour of 11 selected pixel. Clicking the Flood Fill tool in an area of colour will then fill not just the exact colour but all those within the range.
Painting a texture into a scanned blue sky (with a transition of blues from top to bottom, for example) will change all shades of blue, but not the while clouds if the colour stencil values are correct.
The drawing modes are a range of iniagc- processing functions that can be applied using 0PALV1SI0N is the drawing tools. Many or the common pro- Availnble from cesses - add. Subtract, negative, shade.
Calculus poslerise, gamma, sharpen, smooth, smear.
0543 251275 tint, colourise and so forth - are available built-in and most are controlled by a percentage slider. Four spare buttons enable third-party "plug-ins", or loadable modes, to be selected from disk.
There are many more tools and effects in OpalPainl than can be described in this review, but the real beauty of Ihe software is that it is so intuitive to use. It’s almost perfectly tuned 10 the needs of an artist, illustrator or designer, unlike most Mac. Or indeed most Amiga graphics and paint software. A number of other developers are beginning to support the Opal board. Aladdin (formerly Draw 4DPm), Caligari. PlayMaiion and Real 3D can all use it. And ADPro will soon have a compatible saver module. At present a few features are not quite finished - Alpha Channel. Magic Wand. Arexx and
virtual memory, for example - but should be around by Ihe lime you read this.
Without the extra modules, what makes the OpalVision package special is OpalPainl. It is undoubtedly the finest, most professional paint program to arrive for the Amiga and has at one bound caught up with the very best software the Macintosh has to offer and set a new.
Much higher standard that other Amiga packages would do well lo emulate. This could be Ihe start of something big. S OPALVISION - A BUFFER THAT'S NO DUFFER The OpalVision hardware in its current version comes on a standard-sized card which plugs into the video slot of an A3000 or similar. The good news for anyone who thinks "Well, that’s me out of it, then" is that this amazing piece of kit is to be developed as a stand-alone, plug-in gadget to hang off the outside of an A500 in the fashion of the "pseudo true-colour’ boxes HAM-E and DCTV. The hardware itself is essentially a true-colour
24-bit framebuffer, so you might think it's just the excellent software - oh, and the comparatively low price - that makes this set-up stand out from the crowd of 24-bit framebuffers we’ve seen appear over the last year or two. But there is a lot more on the way, if OpalTech manage to achieve their plans.
As it stands, the hardware allows for a number of plug-in extras that turn the OpalVision from a simple framebuffer-plus-paint package combination, into a full-blown digital effects and editing suite for video. A genlock and frame-grabber, a production switcher (to control a number of video ins and outs), a "roaster" chip (for real-time effects) and a scan rate convertor are all promised.
Which basically means NewTek may as well not bother with a PAL version of OpalVision hardware just their famous Video Toaster... slips info an Amiga 3000 video slot.
OpalVision SPEED The more acceleration that you have the better because it's slow even on a 3000.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Very good. Lots of illustrations and headings.
Separate reference and tutorial manuals.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• Brilliant, Intuitive interface. Complex functions take some practice.
FEATURES ••••• By far the best featured paint system that is available on the Amiga.
VALUE • • • • Very good value lor what is such an ambitious graphics package.
SO) 96% .
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ROME ...£29.99 Essential for storage (Millenium classic This super value pack retails dl JMYTH ...£29.99 for over £1140, but is avail- %M %M .99 able to you for only lArcade adventure WITHOUT SOUNDING DELIBERATELY jingoistic about [his. Il is good lo see a product of Ihe obvious calibre of Wordworth coming oul of Ihe Uniled Kingdom. This aside, il is lime for a dispassionate look al what is essentially merely an upgrade to an existing word processing (or document processing, or word publishing! Tool for ihe Amiga.
Upgrades to programs don't usually produce a great deal of excitement, so just what is so special about this new version that Tim Smith has to spend two pages examining it. Find out... Wordworth 2 Document Processor ¦ £ 129.99 ¦ Digita Owners of early Wordworth versions will notice that the sidebar has changed to include more operations. Happily this has been achieved without too much clutter.
Izzim Back in 1991 (Issue 24 lo be exact) when Pal reviewed (he original Wordworth. He was impressed - he gave il 82 per cent - bui he did have a few qualms. Firsl off, he mentioned that Wordworth was slow, lhal il could not make use of PostScript printers, and that il was limited in its choice of fonts. So we'll be looking to see if these have been improved upon.
However. Pat also pointed out that Digita's Human Interface Protocol (HIP) software interface was extremely easy both to leant and to use. So we’ll be looking to see whether or not this simplicity has suffered at [he expense of Ihe new additions.
Unent: entitled 1 So this is some text that has been typed using an ¦ A6D0HD and thy t fodwcrih. Right now it * little broken up ML an spen-but at least I have refrained from Kurd worth J =i Ivjito )nt«rwtiorul tocuHtnfc Unffllri 1 Tallin: Mi if I: C fti«ue j Transparent r nmip j Vertical left j Contour left j Vertical right j Contour right Importing graphics is a simple, painless process as Is resizing and deleting them. Also the number of different file formats that you can use has been Increased by three.
Picture m realy. But first to check tlie spell eheckerj Another major feature is the inclusion of the Agfa Intellifont system of outline typefaces.
The ones you see here ore displayed at 96 point. They can olso appear in 8 point and sizes inbetween.
First of all, Digita have already stated that Wordworth 2 is compatible with the new Amiga 1200 and 4000 machines, as well as the standard 600. Having tested it on the 4000 and the 600 (as well as an A500 and a Plus), it does look as if the program will give the vast majority of Amiga users no trouble at all.
Running the software on a hard-diskless A600 proves to be pointless. Mainly because there is such a lot going on beneath the surface of the reconstructed Wordworth. Any machine without a hard disk is going to have problems.
Everything from access to Ihe thesaurus and dictionary to graphics manipulation (the limited amount there is of this, but Wordworth never set itself up to be a desktop publisher) is a big draw on the machine's capabilities. If.
However, you are prepared to use Wordworth as a straight word processor, without too much bother about the graphics until you are able to upgrade, then the software clips along just about acceptably.
Moving on lo the A600HD. And things begin to look up some. Using the software on a 4000 or 3000 is no problem al all. For a start, the hard disk installation process is a piece of cake. It is simply a case of having to swap disks for about 10 minutes: once you gel this bit of tedium over and done with then - bingo!
- you have a brand new drawer that's packed with fonis. Program
and even a document drawer. The only problem with this in the
review copy is that Ihe sample docu- SHOWING A BRAVE TYPEFACE
TO THE WORLD LU mi mm --mn This cleanly lald-out dialogue
presents you with all the choices you need to make the best use
of your fonts.
When the chaps from Digita first started telling us about their new little baby, they were particularly keen to point out that they have been able to tie-up with photo computer giants, Agfa, on their intellifont outline font technology. To the majority of users out there, this will mean next to nothing: until, that is, you find out that using this (and the supplied fonts) opens up entire new areas of typography to you.
The Intellifont system basically means that you can use fonts from a tiny four points to a massive 800 points (that's nearly 11 usable inches of 'GOTCHA!' - consider that even the most OTT of tabloid headlines normally comes in at under 150 points and you'll get the Idea). Of course you would need a large amount of free memory to get the maximum size of typeface, you'll need even more if you want to manipulate the text once it's on the page. To give you some idea, I have used an A600HD with a standard 1Mb of RAM and I have been able to use up to 96 point text, albeit at a snail’s pace.
Switching to the A4000 changes the state of play as you would expect, and the whole process becomes far more reasonable.
The entire point to the Agfa Intellifont system is that you can play around with various typefaces to your heart's content and with no dlscernable loss of quality on screen.
With Agfa's undoubted good reputation and track record backing up this you can expect more fonts to emerge over the next few months. A good Idea, and a good application of a good idea all round.
WORDWORTH £129.99 from Digita International 0395 270273 Upgrade for Wordworth users £49.99 Word processor exchange deal £59.99
1. 5Mb required Hard disk installable A MEG OR NOT A MEG Digita
recommend that you have a minimum ot 1.5Mb to run Wordworth,
and I can certainly see why. The price of £129 also points in
the direction of A1200 and upwards users. However, I was using
the program on an A600HD with 1Mb on-board. Although the speed
left something to be desired, and the screen updates on re
scaled outline fonts were a pain, the software was still
Digita's recommendation should be taken seriously if you are looking for speed of use. But there is no reason why an A600 user who is looking to upgrade RAM in the near future should not be happy using the program in the interim.
I merits have not been installed on to the hard drive. The people at Digita. However, assure us that this is being addressed.
Once installed on the hard disk it is ready for ihe off. Booting into Ihe main screen, there are a couple of changes to the appearance (you will see most of these from the pictures but they do deserve a small mention).
The top menu bar remains the same; it's only when you look at the tool bar down the side that you realise that for at least once, life can be easier. Where the older version of Wordworth gave you tab controls, line spacing. Help. Undo. Again, font usage, column usage, insert and overwrite. Ihe new system includes all of these but adds button controls for cutting and pasting, buttons for bolding, italicising, underlining and plaining text, and a printer control button.
All of the control buttons are decently spaced from each other and arc easy to get at.
Basically this means if you wanted lo bash out some words, do a little cutting, a little pasting, alter a font here and there before printing the damned thing, you would never have lo go near the menus (why they didn't add a Save icon on the Tool bar is a question to ponder).
Happily, Digita have not gone for the glamour angle by concentrating on the graphics side of Wordworth. Sure you can place pictures, create text flows, resize the images, and you can do all this with Ihe greatest of ease, but that really is all.
No. What the company has gone for instead are improved word processing utilities. For example the mailmerge option has been thought through and has been improved to include various new commands which make ihe normally tedious process of mail merging that little bit less painful.
Also added to the system (and about lime too. Yells anyone who has even contemplated writing a reference work, a thesis or even a good cookbook for home use) is an indexing utility. This also includes the ability to produce a table of contents. Believe me. This is incredibly useful.
These are all true word processing improvements, not frills or rip-off excuses lo wring a little more money out of the market.
Equally when you see that the dictionary has been upped from a meagre 144.00(1 words to a beefy 827.000 words, that you can now import PCX. EPS. And BMP graphic file formats, and that you can print in up lo 32 columns, the once interesting Wordworth becomes Ihe now significantly more powerful Wordworth.
Running this program on an A4000. In high resolution, with 2Mb of RAM. Importing graphics and scaling and rescaling fonts is really a painless experience (as you would expect). The case of use that has been built into the system (and is reflected by the fact that deleting a graphic element is simply a case of double-clicking on il and then clicking the Delete button) makes an already good program pick up a few gears lo become an excellent program.
If Digita could produce a cut-down version for the A600 (keep the intellifont system, lose the mailmerge) or do as Microsoft do and give you ihe choice of what elements you want to install, then wc could have a brilliant all- Amiga product. As it is you need 1.3Mb and a hard disk to get the most out of this system.
Happily you can have nearly any printer you like from a Star dot-matrix through to an Apple LaserWriter.
I wouldn't suggest that anyone without a hard disk would get the most out of Wordworth (have you tried using an 827.000- word thesaurus from floppy disk - wooow it's slow), you should stick with something like Protext and forget the graphics. The question of the 1.5Mb recommended memory limit does more than suggest that Digita are not aiming this high-class piece of software at A500 Plus 600 users anyway. However, it would be a shame to distance Ihe less-lhan- power-user from a program of this quality. So.
If you have dual floppies or an HD machine, you will be on a winner with Wordworth. And a RAM upgrade is good idea anyway. & speed • • • • An improvement on Ihe earlier version, lont and picture updating are slow on lloppy systems.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • • We haven't seen the new manual yet, but the last one was excellent.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • Couldn't be easier. Everything from installation to picture manipulation Is simple.
FEATURES • •• • • With the new Intellifont system combined with improved dictionary and thesaurus it's grand.
VALUE • • • • Digita have addressed the problems, from printing to speed, which were levelled at Wordworth.
91% Wordworth 2 Amiga A1500 AM IDA The Amiga A1500 Pack The NEW Commodore Amiga 1500 Pack leatures a 7 14MHz 68000 processor wilh 1 Mb RAM as standard (expandable to 41Mb via expansion cards).
It includes two 880K
3. 5" lloppy disk drives and can support PC emulation by an XT AT
bridgeboarrJ or Atonce Plus. Tho Amiga 1500 contains 3
co-processors (Denise. Agnus, Paula) lo enhance sound,
graphics and animation II also includes 9 internal expansion
slots Interfaces include: Parallel - Cenlronics.
Serial - RS232, Video
Starter Pack Amiga 1500 £698.
As shown with 1084 Slereo Colour Monitor Amiga 600 - The Wild, Ihe Weird and Ihe Wicked Amiga 600 Computer I Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts) I Grand Prix (Microprosc) Fully (System 31 £319 MR
- Pushover (Oceml Please telephone lor price. Includes tree 12
month warranty Free nexl day delivery Latest Amiga 600 pack
Digital and mono Composite, Right and Lell Audio. 2 x
Mouse Joystick controller ports and an external dnve port. It
also includes a multi-tasking WIMP operating system, a colour
palette of 4096 colours, high quality stereo sound wilh 4
channels and 9 octaves and text to voice synthesis. This
package does not include a hard drive and is available with or
without a monitor.
WITH PHILIPS MONITOR TURBO CHALLENGE Description The new super compact Amiga 600 featuring: » Smart now compact design with built-in TV modulator 11Mb chip PAM memory expandable to 2Mb chip RAM with 601. Total memory capacity 10Mb RAM
• Industry standard smart card interface PCMCIA interlace for
memory and peripheral upgrades
• Integrated industry standard IDE (AT) interlace, wilh optional
2.5' 20Mb hard drive New Workbench 2 with Kickstart 2.05 ROM
• 12 months on-site warranty lor total peace ol mind Amiga A600
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Analogue and RGB Inputs » Controls for: Volume. Brighlness,
Contrast, Gieen Switch.
Horizontal Shift. On Off
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Monitor ? 0.42mm Dot Pitch » Analogue, RGB, Digital RGB &
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E29fi.nn j Telephone for any other Star printer price |
nOMPPTAWORLT) Tel 0253 291919 Rombo add to their Vidi range
with everything you need to grab, edit and animate video
images in one tidy package. With extracts from his video
collection here's Jason Holborn... VidkAmiga-12 Colour video
digitiser ¦ £99 ¦ Rombo Productions VIDI-AMIGA 12 is available
from Rombo Productions 0506 414631 THERE’S NO SHORTAGE of
digitisers available for the Amiga, ranging from basic units
such as Datel's Video Digitiser 2. To 24- bil grabbers such as
V-Lab. Getting a decent digitiser that can grab full-colour
images from standard video tape is a little trickier, though,
simply because of the complexities involved in decoding a
colour composite signal. The units that are available to the
average user either require the use of red. Green and blue
coloured fillers (and it mono video camera) or a separate RGB
splitter and a high-quality video source.
Rombo certainly upset the digitising apple cart when they released their original Vidi- Amiga video digitiser. For little more than £100. High-quality real-time video digitising was within Ihe reach of the average user. Now.
Three years on from the release of the original Vidi. Rombo have done it again with the release of Vidi-12. A lull-colour video digitiser that can capture colour images from just about any video source without the need for a separate RGB splitter.
There’s very little difference between Vidi-12 and Rombo's existing Vidi Vidi-RGB combination (until now sold as Ihe Complete Colour Solution bundle comprising the Vidi-Amiga digitiser and a separate RGB splitter). Unlike that spaghetti-infested system, though. Vidi-12 includes everything you need to grab, edit and even animate digitised frames in one tidy box.
The digitiser unit connects lo the Amiga via the parallel port. Trailing out of Ihe casing is an extra lead that must be connected lo the disk drive port to enable the Vidi software lo control the operations of the digitiser unit.
Most of the image controls that were built into the original Vidi hardware have now been removed in favour of a completely software- based system. Surprisingly, though, there's still a very small potentiometer (or as the pros would say. A 'pot') built into Ihe side of the Vidi hardware which enables you to control Ihe brightness of the incoming signal.
Digitising from both a colour video camera and a Panasonic video recorder. I've found that the default brightness setting is far too low
- the first thing you'll probably want to do is lo turn this
right up as far as it will go.
One very nice addition lo Vidi-12 is the ability lo feed not only a standard composite signal lo ihe digitiser, but (for those of you who are lucky enough to own such a thing) a full colour Super VHS (S-VIIS) signal.
Although S-VIIS is still hil of a stranger lo most of us. It's becoming increasingly popular simply because of its higher resolution.
Although 99% of Amiga users probably won't be able to use this facility. I'm sure digitising experts will be pleased to see it's there.
Another major advantage of Vidi-12 is Ihe quality of its control software which is definitely a vast improvement over the original s rather unfriendly (and rather drab) front end.
Bused nn Ihe look and feel of Workbench 2.
Vidi comes complete with two versions - one for I..1 users and another, allogelher lidier version, for 2-based Antigas. You're presented with a tidy window containing all the digitising options. The main three, though, are 'Grab' (for grabbing frames). 'Edit' (for tidying up those grabbed frames) and 'Carousel' ta sort of mini animation sequencer).
The number of digitising options is impressive. Vidi can grab full-colour images in a variety of formats including the usual low and high res modes with a variety of different colour combinations, including HAM and Extra Hal IB rite. Owners of Black Bell's HAM-E will be pleased lo learn Vidi-12 also provides direct support for its 256 and 262.000 colour modes. HAM-E support may seem puzzling considering that Black Bell have now stopped producing MAM-E. But rumour has it that much of Black Bell's technology made its way across into Commodore's new ‘AGA' chip set. If (his is true. Vidi-12 is
truly a digitiser equipped with Ihe future in mind.
Grabbing mono images is completed in a single video frame (1 50th of a second), so you FIVE TOP TIPS TO BETTI Ilf you're grabbing images from a prerecorded video tape, then try to freeze the tape when the subject Is not moving. If you attempt to freeze a fast-moving sequence from a feature film, the video may have trouble producing a stable image. Static frames also produce images with far greater detail.
2 Although colour video cameras are much easier to work with, mono video cameras generally provide a far higher resolution and greater contrast. If image quality is paramount to you, then you may well want to resort to coloured filters.
Although Vldi-12 does come with a built-in RGB splitter, it can also be used in conjunction with a mono video camera and coloured filters.
KCS Power PC Board can grab frames from a moving video source.
Colour grabbing requires a slable, paused image because three video fields must be grabbed - one red. One green and one blue.
These separations combine lo produce it lull- colour image using the 'Mix' option. The quality of grabbed images is good, especially when a 'live' video source is taken from video camera, but you do need a high-quality video recorder to grab decent colour frames from video tape. Even with a decent VCR. Though, HAM pictures suffer from ‘HAM fringeing'.
If your digitised images don't come up to scratch, then you can perform various image- manipulation functions with Vidi-12's built-in image-processing tools. While these won't replace a dedicated image-processing program such as ASDG’s Art Department Pro. They provide a quick and simple method of carrying out some of the more common operations such as edge detection, blurring and solarisation. Il would have been nice lo be able lo remove the awful HAM fringing, but there you go.
Like the original Vidi. It is also capable of animating a series of grabbed frames. From GITISING the digitising screen select 'Grab continuous' and the frames are streamed into Vidi's frante- slore ready to be animated. Frames are set into motion by selecting 'Carousel' from the main menu. This brings up a window containing a horizontal strip of miniaturised representations of ihe frames held in memory. Animation is controlled using a sel of VCR-like controls al the bottom of ihe Carousel window - you can last forward and rewind through your frames and then play them forwards and backwards.
If you like the animation, you can even save it out in standard IFF ANIM formal for further editing in a dedicated animation program.
NOW AVAILABLE The KCS Power PC Board for the A600 COMING SOON KCS high density Amiga Twin floppy drive Considering its price, Vidi-12 is the best value full-colour video digitiser on the market.
Although Ihe quality of colour digitised images could he belter, they're far from awful.
Rombo should do something lo prevent the HAM fringing effect many digitised frames suffer from. If this could be achieved, then image quality would be improved and Vidi-12 would not only be the best budget digitiser, but it could even give expensive digitisers like JCL's ColourPic something to worry about. 'S5 Vidi-Amiga 12 600 Version low Available; About... The KCS Power PC is a complete 11MHz 1Mb PC sub-system that can be fitted to any Amiga in minutes.
Based around NEC's highly successful V30 CPU, the Power PC Board offers a very high degree of compatibility at machine language level, yet runs faster than an equivalent Intel 8086.
The 1Mb of Autoconfig™ memory can be accessed by all current Amiga models including the A500 Plus. Even the original A500 can access 512K as a standard expansion with clock; plus a 512K RAM disk.
Adored by critics and users alike, the KCS Power PC Board is a real alternative to buying a complete PC clone.
Installation The KCS Power PC Board fits to any Amiga in minutes:
• On A500 and A500 Plus machines it simply slides Into the
trapdoor expansion and doesn't invalidate your warranty!
• On bigger Amigas, such as the 1500 2000 2500 3000, it drops
into a vacant Amiga slot using the custom designed adaptor
• Once fitted, your Amiga can be switched into PC mode simply by
clicking an icon. Just reset and it's an Amiga again.
No fuss, no hassle. Just two machines in the space of one.
• Supports the majority of EGA and VGA modes in 16 glorious
colours and monochrome - graphics up to 640 x 480 and text too.
Interlace is required for some modes but a software flicker
fixer is built in.
• Other video modes include MDA and CGA text and graphics. Also
supports Tandy colour graphics adaptor and Hercules monochrome.
• EGA and VGA graphics can be displayed on a domestic TV or
monitor. Unlike real Pcs. No extra hardware is required.
• Up to four Amiga drives can be connected to your system and
accessd in PC modes as 3.5' 720K or 5.25' 360K. Typical disk
access is at least twice as fast as most real PC clones!
• DOS can be started from any mounted drive
5. 25' or 3.5' and most Amiga hard drives.
« Supports most popular hard disks including GVP Impact, Supra and A590 (Omil and SCSI).
¦ A massive 200K ramdrive (up to 8Mb with expansion) is available in PC mode and it's PC- reset proof too.
PC Emulation, on your Amiga Memory « Even with a base Amiga 704K is free for DO programs (640K in EGA and VGA modes).
• EMS (expanded memory) is supported allowir you to run Microsoft
Windows without problem and store massive files in Lotus 1-2-3.
So, if yc have 8Mb on board, the PC can use it.
• XMS (extended memory) is supported evt though this is not
usually possible on NEC V2 machines.
Speed Its Landmark speed puts it way ahead of mar true PC systems - it even compares favourab with many AT clones.
However, the crux of the matter lies with tt video speed; and this, as many critics ha noted is where the KCS Power PC Board score over all others. It's no use having a wizz-bar processor if the screen takes several seconc to redraw itself.
« Tests in text modes have shown it is sever times faster than even AT clones with dedicate video hardware. Even in graphics modes, it’s r slouch although the emulation is limited t Amiga hardware.
• Add a processor accelerator card, and the 3 bit clean KCS cache
software will use it to its ft advantage.
• Automatic serial mouse emulation is supptie as standard - using
your existing Amiga rodent.
• Mouse can be configured as C0M1 or COM2.
• Up to two sticks can t employed at any time. Y( decide how they
are arranged.
• Your Amiga's parallel port accessed as LPT1 in PC mode Serial
• DOS usually supports two serial ports, but or is taken by the
Amiga mouse. The Amiga's sen can be set as C0M1 or COM2 as
desired, ie fi MODEM etc. up to 19200 baud full-duplex.
• PC sound is supported, but there's an additio al volume control
available in software.
Works on...
* All Amigas (except the A1000) fitted wr Kickstart 1.2 and
Workbench 1.2 or higher.
• Extra memory is not required, but full use w be made of extra
hardware, like accelerator flicker fixers, modems etc. 3 Always
use a decent cable to connect your video digitiser to your
camera or VCR. If you use sub-standard leads, 'line noise' can
be Introduced.
4 If you’re digitising a 'live' subject using a video camera, it needs to be well lit. Don't use standard bulbs though - these can cause a ‘redding1 effect. Take a trip down to your local art supplies shop and treat yourself to a set of ‘daylight bulbs'. These blue-coloured bulbs produce a more natural light.
Don’t turn the colour saturation up too high. Although the image may actually look great on your camera, it will come out rather blurred and washed out once digitised.
SPEED • • • • Although Vldi-12 cannot grab colour frames in real time, it still runs rings around Digi-View.
DOCUMENTATION • • Absolutely lousy! Some of the Vidi-12 functions aren't even documented! But... ACCESSIBILITY ••••• ...Vidi-12 is so easy to use that you don’t even need the manual to get started.
FEATURES • • • • Vidi-12 is absolutely packed to the gunnels with useful functions.
VALUE E99 for a full-colour digitiser is phenomenally good value for money.
Iferdic) 88% 'PC emulation is a contentious issue - but the KCS Power Pi Board is the only one to carry my personal recommendation. It i an excellent product that does all it claims and does it well." - comments Mark Smiddy, co-author of Mastering AmigaDOS 2.
PRICE including on-board memory. £195.00 incl. VAT Carr.
Adaptor for 1500 2000 3000 - £74.95 incl. VAT Carr.
(DOS Extra - enquire for current price) Available from your local computer shop (ft they haven't got it - Ask them why not!). Or direct from Bitcon Devices Bitcon Devices Ltd.
BDL 88 BEWICK ROAD, GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 490 1919, HELPLINE (091) 490 0202 FAX: (091) 490 1918 Compattbillty is excellent but noone can guarantee every single program available, therefore il your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy ot the program. (With suitable SAE. It to be returned). Due to currency fluctuation, prtce subject to change without notice.
WhoBy developed and produced In the Netherlands Some of our Importers worldwide: Australia: HPD (Tel) 08 349 8466. Kaotic (Tel) 03 879 7093. Spain: Discover Inf, (Tel) 957 47 89 38.
Sweden: Delikatess-Data (Tel) 31-300580, Docado (Tel) 40497480. Canary: Customs Chipx (Tel) 928 271064. Denmark: Betafon (Tel) 31 31 02 73. Portugal: Softclub (Tel) 01 3528452. Ireland: Computer City Dublin 745250. New Zealand: Pazac (Tell 05482940. All trade enquiries welcome. UK and Overseas (PAL only).
• 2 Metre Parallel Printer Cable
• 3!0 Disk - Driver lor Windows 3
• 32' Disk - Amiga S ST Drivers
• 200 Sheets ot Continuous Paper
• 100 Continuous Address Labels
• 5 Continuous Envelopes WORTH £29.38 WITH EVERY CITIZEN DOT
MATRIX PRINTER FROM SILICA or £19.38 (£10 oH RRP) lo purchase
• Citizen 120D+ - 9 pin
• 144cps Dratt. 30cps NLQ
• 4K Printer Butter + 2 Fonts
• Parallel or Serial Interlace
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x 240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Pull tractor & bottom feed
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit RRP____ PLUS! FREE AMIGA PRINT
MANAGER For faster printing from your Amiga, with clearer
images arw more vibrant cotours. Available fro© ol charge (on
request! When you buy a Swift 9, 200 or 240 printer FeatJBS
• Improved Imsjs Smoolhnj WORTH
• GammiOdour CcoeCcn m m m a
• imageSalr$ Ifl
• CdourSepatBlcn JU ItiIV
• R&axei'limrales Barong (me VAT • mo to«i( v hr £1310 rfl fiRP)
u p-ntuM iASC «TJ) £115 +VAT= £135.13 ref: PRI 2120 SILICA
£115 Tho Cilizen 120D printer comes supplied with a parallel
inlerlace as standard. If you roQurtc a serial interlace
Please slate ref PRI 2125 when placing your order with Silica.
• Citizen Swift 9x - 9 pin - 136 column
• I92cps Draft. 48cps NLO
• BK Printer Buffer + 3 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Cotour Option Available
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit RRP .1»9 stflniiRRii ...m SamG:
E15S B SIUCA PHICl: Cl 90 m ~ ~ SWIFT 240 MONO RRP___£329
• Citizen Prodot 9 - 9 pin - 80 column
• 300cps Draft. 60cps NLO
• BK Printer Buffer + 3 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x 240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• FREE Colour Kit
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit 192 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Citizen Swift 9-9 pin-80 column
• 192cps Dratt, 48cps NLO
• 8K Printer Buffer * 3 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution. 240 x 240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• FREE Colour Kit
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit RRP-----£239 COLOUR KIT _ £38
£169 300 CPS 80 COLUMN Citizen Siwft 2402400 -24 pin- BO column
300cps SO (I5cpi). 240 cps Draft. Bocps LO BK Printer Bultor -
40K maximum 9 LO Fonts * 2 Scalable Fonts (B-J0pts) 1 x Font
Cartridge Slot - lor plug in 1Style’ Fonfs Parallel Interface
Graphics Resolution: 360 x 360 dpi Epson, IBM. NEC P20 & CEL
Emulations Quarter Printing Facility Auto Set Facility -
Bi-directional l F, Auto Emulation Dolection Command Vue IV
Front Control Panel Ultra Ouiot Mode - 44.5 dB A) Colour
Printing Standard - Swill 240c.
Colour Printing Optional - Swift 240 FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit BRP ... E389 SIARIER KIT. _£25 WtAL VALUE: E394 SAVING £135 SIUCA PMCf; £259 RRP___£189 COLOUR KIT £41 STARTER KIT £25 TOTAL VALUE: £255 Savm m SILICA PRICE: £179 £169 £179
DELIVERY M««1 Day - Anywhere m the UK mainland FREE STARTER KIT
Worth £29.36 - With Citizen dal malm pnnleis Irom Silica 2 YEAR
WARRANTY I Including trie dot matn« pnnler head) WINDOWS 3.0
Free Windows 3 0 driver with Siarier Kit FREE COLOUR KIT With
every Prodol 9 and Svnlt 9 FREE HELPLINE Technical suppon
helpline open during office hours 360 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Citizen Projet - inkjet - 80 column
• 360cps Draft, 120cps NLQ
• 50 Nozzle Head - Whisper Quiet 4708(A)
• 8K Printer Buffer + 3 Fonts
• Optional HP Compatible Font cards
• Parallel Interlace
• Graphics Resolution: 300x300dpi
• HP Deskjet plus emulation TOTAL VALUE: flil 0 I SAVING' flil
Al SIUCA PRICE: £345 r' V V 64 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Citizen PN48 Notebook Printer
• Non-Impact Printing on Plain Paper
• 53cps LO - 4K Butter * 2 Fonts
• Rear and Bottom Paper Loading
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 360x360dp
• Epson. IBM, NEC P6 & Citizen Emulation
• Powered From Mains. Battery or Car Adaptor nRP 2“ TOTAL VALUE
£325 B’lflgl SAVING: E126 llflf SIUCA PRICE: £199 Ml ¦ M M 270
• CitizenSwitt200 -24pin-80column
• 270cps SO (15cpi), 216 cps Dratt, 72cps LO
• BK Printer Butter - 40K maximum
• Parallel interface • 6 LO Fonts
• Graphics Resolution: 360 x 360 dpi
• Epson. IBM, & NEC P20 Emulations
• Quarter Printing and Auto Set Facility
• Ultra Quiet Mode * 44.5 dB(A)
• Colour Option Available
• FREE Sifica Printer Starter Kit RRP . £289 S -- N SILICA
STAHUn Kll _£25 B - 2 TOTAL VALUE £294 S : ¦ M SAVIM EM5 ¦ m
• VAT= £21033 ret PRI 2490 192 CPS 136 COLUMN
• Citizen Swift 24x- 24 pin -136 column
• 192cps Draft, 64cps NLQ
• BK Printer Buffer + 4 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 360 x 360dpi
• Epson. IBM and NEC P6 Emulation
• Colour Option Available
• FREE Silica Printer Starler Kit RRP--------------C4BD * _ _
£215 SIUCA PRICE: £299 _ .VATr £35133 rol: Ppi 2574 FROM SILICA
WATr £?33 63 rol PRI 21 CO MAIL ORDER: Order Lines Open 1-4 The
Mews, Hatherley Rd. Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DX Mon-Soi
9.00om-6.00s m No Late Niphl Opening Tel: 081-309 1111 Fa* No
081-308 0606 LONDON SHOP: Opening Hours 52 Tottenham Court
Road, London, W1P OBA Mon-Sat 9.30am-6.0Cpm No Lolo Night
Opening Tel: 071-580 4000 Fa* No: 07)-323 4737 LONDON SHOP:
Opening Hours Selfridges Hst Floor). Oxford Street, London, W1A
1AB Mon-Fn 9.30am-7 00p*n(Sal close 6 30pm) Lalo NigJi!
Tliursday - Epm Tel: 071-629 1234 Extens-on: 3914 SIDCUP SHOP:
Opening Hours 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup, Kent, DA14
4DX Mon-Sat 9.00um-5 30pm Late Night: Fnday - 7pm Tel: 081-302
8811 Fa* No: 081-309 0017 ESSEX SHOP: Opening Hours Keddies
12nd Roort. High Street, Southend-on-Sea. Essex, SS11 LA
Mcn-Fri 9 30anv5 30pm (Sat 9.00am-6.00pm1 No Lale tfcght
Opening Tel: 0702 462426 Fa. No 0702 462363 ( SILICA SYSTEMS
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped In the
UK mainland.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a ‘Same product -
Same price' basis.
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sales.
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff): Solid, reliable and
• BUSINESS + EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts available
081-308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from one
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers + software
and peripheral details.
• PA YMENT: Major credit cards, cash, cheque or monthly terms.
Before you decide when to buy your new printer, we suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy iL Consider what it will be like a few months after you have made your purchase, when you may require additional peripherals and accessories, or help and advice with your new purchase. And. Will the company you buy from contact you with details ot new products? At Silica Systems, we ensure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have been established for almost 14 years and, with our unrivalled expenence and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an
understanding which is second to none. But don't just take our word for it. Complete and return the coupon now for our latest FREE literature and begin to experience the "Silica Systems Sen ice".
To: Silica Systems, AMF0R-1292-55. 1-4 The Mews. Halherley Rd. Sidcup, Kenl. DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE CITIZEN RANGE Mi Mis Miss Ms: Inilials: . Surname: Company Name (il applicable): .. Address: . SIUCA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 .. Postcode: . Tel (Home):
..... Tel (Work): ..... | Which compuler(s), il any, do you own? ..... 55K j t60E - AdvDrtisod pncos nnd spocilicnnons mny cn.inge - Hiease return me ccupcn lor ino toloal intormnl on NEW PROMOTION 8833 Mk II Monitor Genuine UK Model Now with Turbo Challenge II Promotion. Only £199 inc VAT I A CLEARANCE SALE EX DEMO A590's £199 EX DEMO A500$ £199 ONU1 COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD 1Mb RAM Z o o ~o NOW OPEN IN SLOUGH : 0628 604555 : M d
z to r- o o - o z SC MAIL ORDER HOTLINE: PHONE 071 580 4259 Don't know whether to buy an Amiga or a PC?
O 1Mb RAM o o z o Q X 0 Well don't panic. Everybody knows you need experience when purchasing a computer ours We serve a customer every 45 seconds & sell a PC every 10 minutes At Diamond our staff are fully trained to serve all your needs, so pop in and see us (or an unbias opinion and try both machines side by side for yourself.
O o ro oo O' s cn Cn cn O ac x O z - m Q£ at 5 Pack BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PACK NEW AMIGA 600 Everything you need to be up & running with Wordprocessing And 9 Pin Quality Printer + Text Engine. Flexibase Ledger Amiga Cash, Amiga Fox (DTP) & Chequebook Accountant + All AMIGA standard features. Mouse etc. WITH FREE HOME MAINTENANCE only £399.95 Inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +Turbo Challenge II Promotion only £599.95 inc vat ADD £75 FOR COLOUR PRINTER ADD £80 FOR QUALITY 24 PIN PRINTER we cannot be beaten on price THE FANTASTIC ASTRA PACK AMIGA 600 With 10 Top Games ft GfA Basic, Astefix. Chess
Player 2150. Drivin' Force, live & let Die. Onslaught, Pipe Mania, Rick Dangerous. Rock 'N' Roll. Skyweek.
Trivial Pursuit only £299 Inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +Turbo Challenge II Promotion +lead only £489.95 inc vat WITH FREE HOME MAINTENANCE Free Deluxe Paint III + game while stocks Last Add £49.95 for 1Mb extra RAM we cannot be beaten on price 1Mb 'W 1Mb ram pack ram 1Mb RAM Pack Captain Diamond s upgraded A600 packs using superb 2.5' Drives as used In most notebooks 20Mb only £399 inc vat 60Mb only £449 Inc vat 120 Mb only £549 inc vat Diamond Packs include FREE D Paint 3 & Game Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +Turbo Challenge II Promotion Includes connecting lead ADD £190 inc vat 12 month
warranty Add £49.95 (or 1 Mb extra RAM SX 40 FAMILY PACK Phoenix 386 SX 40MHz SVGA Monitor 105Mb Hard Disk DOS 5 or DR DOS 6 Joystick Ad-Lib Compatable Sound Cord Speakers 4 Games Mini Tower £821.33 inc VAT Give your 600 a Hard Disk see opposite Hard Disk repairs: 12 months retun to base Commodores own 20 Mb £409 Inc vat.
Commodores Epic 20 Mb £459 inc vat.
RAM 1Mb PHOENIX 386SX 25 PC's 40Mb Hard Disk 2Mb RAM 14" SVGA Monitor PRICES START AT AN INCREDIBLE £586.33 inc VAT Pop into any Diamond branch and try one out for yourself... You won't be disappointed you did.
NEW AMIGA Ultimate Hard Disk pack AMIGA 600 with 60Mb HARD DISK + Ten Great Games Including Asterix. Chess Player 2150. Drivin' Force Live & Let Die. Onslaught. Pipe Mania.
Rick Dangerous. Rock 'N' Roll. Skyweek.
Trivial Pursuit & D Paint 3 & free game.
WITH FREE MAINTENANCE £469 Inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor £659 Inc vat WARNING1 Don't get caught short We recommend you invest in a 60Mb Hard Disk instead of a 20Mb. Lots of games are growing in memory size Eg. Workbench = 2Mb Monkey Island II Game = 8Mb That equals 1 2 your hard disk gone before you start.
Who says size doesn't matter?
1Mb | 1Mb ram pack ram (DOS 5 or DR DOS 6 add £49.35 inc VAT) The NEW Adventures Of CAPTAI Y DIAMOND I HAD A LETltii CECENTL-Y FebN An UNHAPPY FAN ComPlAiN INC, SP&-10 Pll Mv time cGiviNC, CAPS AMD NtVBZ CoiMC, AN' THiNC, CKNAMC Anv Mofct NEW Rochard 80Mb Drive for Amiga 500 expandable to 8Mb RAM now only an incredible £299 inc VAT WANT A 1500 With Workbench 2.04?
GOT A 500 SWAP IT FOR ONLY £399.95 All PRICES INCLUDE VAT CAPTAIN DIAMOND’S 1500 & 3000 CENTRE MAILORDER HOTLINE: PHONE 071 580 4259 NOW OPEN IN SLOUGH : 0628 604555: AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES GVP HD8 + 42Mb Quantum £279.95 GVP HD8 + 80Mb Quantum £369.95 GVP COMBO ACCELERATOR FOR A500 GVP A530 + 80Mb Quantum £659.95 A530 Combo 40Mhz + l2CMb H D £749.95 A530 Combo 40Mhz +200Mb H D £999.00 68882 Co-Processor for A530 £234.99 GVP MEMORY RAM MODULES Series II RAM 8 RAM Card for Amiga 1500 200 with 2Mb £149.99 32 bit 60ns 1Mb SIMM for Accelerator Cards (A530 + G FORCE) £64.99 32 bit 60ns 4Mb SIMM
(A530 + G FORCE) £179.99 CafTAINSCHirSHOP 4X256KDRAMS For A590 S etc £3.50 IX1 MB DRAMS For 8ap S+ xa £3.50 IxRMbSIMMS For NEXUS GVP Rochard £34 9 9 4x9Mb SIMMS For GVP etc £169.96 AVIDEO 24 24-bit orcphics (or the A500. 768x580 quality resolution. 16.8milion colocr frame batter. Smdl easy to tit ckcrjt board. Fuly genlockcble. Runs on standard A50 (1 Mb chip RAM).
With 24-bit pant package TV Pant).
Allows pictire In plchre £689 NEW 24 BIT OPAL CARO 24-bit colou. 16.8 million colours. FiJ crimation In ril modes NTSC PAL switchabie. Fits ell Amigas £849 A1500 NEW VERSION All Diamond's 1500's come with Workbench 2.04 and are also supplied with:- Deluxe Paint III. Home Accounts. Ihe Works (Word Processor. Spreadsheet and Database). 3 Games (Puzznlc. Tokl & Elf), and a book (The Best Out Of Your Amiga).
Al500 with software £499 withGVP 8Mb bare board+42Mb Quantum £799 with 8Mb 0k RAM board+80Mb Quantum £978 Al500+8833 £499 A1500 Deluxe Includes
1. 3 ROM 2.04 ROM &'Switcher £589 THE NEW AMIGA 3000 25MHz
processor.100 Mb hard disk. 2Mb Fast RAM.
2Mb Chip RAM £1699.00 INC VAT THE NEW AMIGA 4000 68040 Amiga DSOS 3. 6Mb RAM, 120Mb Hard Disk £2349.00 INC VAT NEW AMIGA LAUNCH SOON, ALL SINGING ALL DANCING FOR UNDER A £1,000. POP IN FOR A DEMO_ AMIGA 1500 2000 HARD DRIVE Impact Series II HC8+ Control Card only £134.99 GVP HC8 + 42Mb Quantum for 2000 £259.95 GVP HC8 + 80Mb Quantum for 2000 £339.95 Impact Series II HC8+ & 240Mb Hard drive £639.99 Impact Series II HC8+ & 420Mb Hard drive £1169.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 ACCELERATOR CARDS G-Force 030-25MHZ with 1 Mb 32-Bit RAM £549.99 G-Force 030-40MHZ with 4Mb 32-Bit RAM £899.99 G-Force 030-50MHz
with 4Mb 32-Bit RAM £1269.99 G-Force 040-28MHZ with 2Mb 32-Bit RAM £1699.99 FLOPTICAL DRIVE £549.90 (21Mb disk £57.80) COMPONENT SHOP QUANTUM H DISKS IDE SCSI 42Mb SI 39 83 £149.96 127Mb £267.33 £249 00 240Mb £429.96 £429.96 New flopticci Drive £549.90 . 21Mb risk £57.80 SYQUEST DRIVE Removecble ccrt. 44Mb 28ms £299.00 CONTROLLER lor ttoove add £49.96 ROM Switcher Now Avcilable
1. 3- 2.04 ROM Switcher £9.96
1. 3 ROM availcfcle @ £29.96
2. 04 ROM available ® £39.96
* FX Crt»r on page 1. Must be ki good working ccndWon wflb 1 Mb
Judgement of condtton sifctect to GVP HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS New ICD Flicker fixer £209 GVP Impact Vision 24 3it Card (1500 2000 3000) from £1550 DCTV (Pal Version) £440.00 Rocgen £89.95 Rocgen + £124.95 Rendale 8802 £119.95 Rendale 8806 RGB £499.00 Commodore 2300 Int £99.00 G2 £575.00 G2+ £999.00 Video Pilot V330 £999.00 Philips Editing System £399.00 CAPTAIN DIAMOND'S ULTIMATE A600 HARD DISK OFFER A600 Upgrade Hard Disks 20Mb (Limitedslock) £149.95 60Mb £199.95 80Mb £249.95 120Mb £299.95 Turn your A600 with a single floppy dnve into the ultimate machine wilh a Hard Disk 12 months return
to base Only £29 95 for filling by one of our qualified engineers DISK DRIVES AMIGA Internal £59.95 CDTV drive £74.95 Roclite Slimline no click & Virus protection on track 0. £69.95 GRAPHICS & VIDEO MONITORS & TVS 8833Mkll +Turbo Challenge II £189.95 CBM 1960 Monitor £449.95 CBM Flicker Fixer £299.95 Philips 14‘SVGA monitor, suitable for use with A3000 or 1500 with flicker fixer £229.95 Please add £14.95 for connecting lead NEW CDI FROM PHILIPS £499 MEMORY UPGRADES New Smart Card memory upgrade (A600) 2Mb only £129 4Mb only £169 New 2.04 Official Upgrade with manuals & ROM only £79.95 A500
Plus 1 Mb Expansion New A600 1 Mb Expansion £54.95 Supra500RX2MbExpan.(£00 500+) £139.95 512KRAMExpansion + Clock(500) £34.95 Above without clock £29.95 ,5Mb Mb Expansion (Not Plus) £79.95 Mb Expansion with Thru-Port (500) £49.95 8Mb RAM Board for A1500 or 2000 Aries Board 0Mb For each 2Mb RAM add £69.00 INTERNAL DRIVE KIT Replacement A500 Internal 3.5‘ drive kit. Fully compatablewith 1 Mb unformatted capacity. Comeswith easy to followguide £59.95 EMULATORS Golden Gate 386-20 for 1500 2000 £439.99 GVP 16MHz PC-286 1500 2000 £239.99 Vortex AT Once Plus 16MHz £214.99 MICE 'Taksha Upgrade Mouse
£22.95 New Roboshift. Auto sensing Joystick Mouse switch box £13.95 TRACKBALL One hand control unit, after using this you will never want a mouse again £29.95 A500 ROM SWITCHER Switching between versions of Kickstart on your A500 is could not be easier than with our new ROM switcher. £9.95 Kickstart 1.3 ROMrSipplied sepoialely) £29.95 Kickstart 2.4 ROM Si.ppiiedseparately) £39.95 POWER SUPPLY ommodore A500 A600 PSU with the switch mode £49.95 SOUND EXTRAS Amiga Sound Enhancer £35.99 Stereo Speakers £39.95 CONTROL CENTRE Turn your Amiga into the ultimate hi-tech interqrated workstation
environment £3-1.99 GENERAL ACCESSORIES YES, Any PuGcHASt usinc, THE PcicE Ft-ED ;e BfcfoGc the io"10 of ztAi'iuagv iqq3 iJill automatically re- entered into this Skill competition , so SeouC THE MAGAZINES FaO THE GEST PgicE VOU CAM, AnO i will Also DeAt ir Rv f-i on An' Pi Cchase overz J f-ICo (vGUI WAT'S U.HAT you CALL CNMAMIC ! J If. Wtrfjt buying goods from ui. You can show lb (1 bettor prtco for tbo srme goods n stock wfth on* of c*» UK competitors than we w* match t. Even a 01 prices have rcieraed we w*l txxxxr the price In irks advertisement on Items «i stock as long as you bflr»g
this advert with you This pledge cppHos orfy to cistcmen retying on this advertisement bolero (ho 10th da ot the month of pubScatton It etoes nol apc y to cornpottlexs prtcos ottered in dosing down ex stock decrt ice sdes 4fA wA Part exchange ex demo A500 with 3 months warranty, £199.95 Ex demo A590's from £199.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT P X your old 500 for a new Amiga 1500 with Workbencch 2.04 for only £399.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT Printer Driver Disk for your Amiga, £5.00 (Please specify model) a dp £29.99 £34.99 £99.95 £59.95 £79.95 £49.95 £39.99 £129.95 £159.95 £139.95 £34.99 £149.95
£29.95 £69.95 £39.99 Advanced S. Prog. Guide 3D Graphics Prog. Basic Amiga Basic Inside & Out Amiga C Advanced Prog.
Amiga C for 8eginners Amiga DOS Inside & Out Amiga Dos Quick Ref.
Desk Top Video Guide £34.99 £39.99 £89.99 £99.99 £34.99 £24.99 TOP 10 TITLES Zool Civilisation Sensible Soccer Wizkid Premier Lotus 3 Ultimate Challenge Games Espania 92 Secret Monkey Island II Ashes of Empire Fire & Ice CLUB MEMBER PRICE ONLY Why don't you join Captain Diamond's Discount Club and save a fortune on all your games Per tonal callers only Normal saving off RRP £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 £49.95 £19.95 £49.95 25% Graphics & Digitising Deluxe Paint IV £59.99 Diai view Media Station £119 Intro CAD Plus £64.99 X CAD 2000 £59.99 X CAD 3000 £239.99 Image Master £106.99 Image Finder
£39.95 Vista £64.99 Pro Vista £64.99 VDI Amiga Colour Solution £99.00 Pro Draw 3 £89.95 Music, Midi & Sound Audio Engineer+2 £189 Audiomaster 4 £44.99 Bars & Pipes Pro £ 174.99 Dr T Copiest Apprentice £69.99 Dr T KC5 Level II V3.5 £179.95 Music X 1.1 £44.95 Stereo Master £29.95 Pro Midi 2 Interface £19.99 Techno Sound Turbo £34.99 Video Titling Amiga Vision £49.99 Big Alternative Scroller £39.95 Broadcast Titler 2 £174.99 Font Pack 1 for above £74.99 Font Pack 2 for above £74.99 Pro Video Post £174.99 TV Show £49.99 TV Show Pro £59.99 TV Text Pro £69.95 Video Director £99.00 Can Do VI.6 £74.99
Show Maker £149.00 Scala 500 £69.99 Scala Pro £175.00 Animation & Rendering Art Dept. £44.99 Art Dept Pro 2 £119.95 Imagine 2 £174.99 Map Master for Imagine £44.99 Presentation Master £169.95 Surface Master for Imagine £24.99 Real 3D Beginners £84.99 Real 3D Pro £229.95 Sculpt Animate 4D £199.95 CLUB MEMBERS PRICE ONLY (Prices are already discounted) APPLICATION Development a Utilities AMOS Starter Pack £39.95 Easy AMOS £24.99 AMOS 3D £29.99 AMOS Compiler £24.99 Cross Dos £34.99 Dos 2 Dos £24.99 Disk Master £34.99 Dev Pack 3 £49.95 Directory Opus £24.99 Lattice C 5.1 Dev Syst £159.95 Quater
Back V5 Superbase Pro 4 X Copy Pro 5.2 Hi Speed Pascal Hyper Book Accounting Home Accounts 2 System 3 Area Accounts Pro Calc Advantage Day By Day Educational A D I Maths 11-12 ADI Maths 12-13 AD I English 11-12 A D I English 12-13 Distant Suns 4 Fun School s (Each) GB Route APPLICATION STAR BUYS Final Copy £99.95 Wordworth 1.1 £59.95 Home Office Kit - Includes Spreadsheet, Database & Word Processor £49.95 Wordprocessing Transwrite Kindwords 3 Final Copy Wordsworth Vl.l Excellence 3 Home Office Kit Pagesetter 2 Page Stream 2.2 Saxon Publisher Propage 3 SOFTWARE DOT MATRIX PRINTERS STAR LC20
£125 CITIZEN SWIFT 224 COL £205 STAR LC 200 £175 CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COL £235 STAR LC 24-20 £185 CITIZEN 240 COL £265 STAR LC 24 200 MONO £199 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X £305 STAR LC 24 200 COL £239 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X COL £349 STAR ZA 200 COL £269 SEIKOSHA SP 1900+ £99.95 STAR XB 24 200 COL £379 SEIKOSHA 2400 £129.95 STAR XB 24 250 COL £439 SEIKOSHA SL92 £175 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COL £165 INK JET PRINTERS LASER PRINTERS HP DESKJET £295 Oki 400 £499 HP DESKJET COL £375 NEW Oki OL410 1Mb CANON BJ10EX £189 inc. HP IIIP Emulation £680 CANON BJ 20 £289 OKI LASER 810 £939 CANON BJ300 £315 OKI LASER 830 CANON BJ800
£1529 PostscriDt 2 Mb £939 1 Before mdclng your decision pop In & see 1 the new range of Canon Inkjets.
NEW OKI OL 850. (Feature | Sorry no detdls at time of going to press 1 enhanced OL840) £1499 I £19.49 £26.24 £19.49 £19.49 £23.24 £19.49 £22.49 £28.49 £29.99 £19.49 AMIGA BUDGET TITLES Wolf Child, Thunderhawk, Asterfx, Chess Player 2150, Drlvln' Force, Skyweek, Live & Let Die, Onslaught. Pipe Mania. Rick Dangerous, Rock N' Roll, Soccet.Trivial Pursuit, E-Motion, Dungeon Quest. Shufflepuck Cafe, Predator Tower of Babel, Data Storm, Grand Monster Slam, Powerplay, Kid Gloves, Predator 2, Carv-Up, Corporation, Cadaver, Line of Fire, Teenage Turtles, Back to the Future III. Gunshlp, Mike Reads Pop
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MAIL ORDER HOTLINE: PHONE 071 560 4259 NOW OPEN IN SLOUGH : 0628 604555 : I REMEMBER THE days when CDTV was not 'officially' classed as an Amiga. You couldn't expand it. There wasn't a keyboard for it. And ii was billed as the black magic box'.
What has changed is the fact that CDTV owners wanl to be able to use floppy-based Amiga programs and games, as well as CD titles.
With ihe CDTV Multimedia pack, those days arc gone. CDTV owners wanl Amiga software to work more than they wanl CD.
They still want llte option of those snazzy, shiny disks, but al i!50 a throw they are usually much too expensive for what they deliver.
Not content with selling a 2Mb CDTV ZCL have released a black box with an internal hard drive. Pat McDonald checks out the latest in warehouse-clearance tactics.
Euler ZCL's HD CDTV. As well as a floppy disk drive anti keyboard, you get 2Mb of chip RAM as standard, a mouse that plugs into the back (much more responsive lhan an infra-red controller) plus a hard disk.
When you turn the unit 011. And a CD is available, it will run the CD. If there isn't a CD in the drive bul there is a floppy available, it runs (lie floppy. If neither disks are available. Rather than coming up with (lie standard CDTV logo, (he hard disk starts up instead.
So whui advantage is this? Well, hard drives work faster than floppy drives.
Workbench appears within seconds of starting the machine. Also, hard disks can store more programs and data files. Rather than hooting a Workbench floppy then running programs from different disks, you can have Workbench and all your programs on one great big disk.
The way it's been done is complicated, but it has a certain elegance. The hard disk interface (SCSI type) plugs into the expansion connector of a CDTV. A cable runs from ibis into the guis of the machine, to the hard drive which is located behind the RAM slot.
A hard disk was obviously earmarked for this space years ago. Hut only non have Commodore released it. It’s difficult to fit one of these units yourself - you're belter off buying one all ready built into a CDTV. The hard disk is a 60Mb Maxtor type, by the way - fairly rare but reliable and fast enough.
The downside is the documentation. You gel Workbench 1.3.3 and an F.xtras disk, a 1.3 Enhancer manual (which tells you about Cl.I WHAT ABOUT THE A570?
The SCSI Interface that comes with this unit plugs into the expansion port of an A570. Now, If you plug an A570 Info an A500, then you can't plug In an external hard disk at the same time. It Commodore were to Install this SCSI Interface together with an external SCSI unit with Its own power supply, then In theory that would be a much better system.
There are, however, snags. For one thing, that would mean three different plugs - computer, A570 and hard disk unit - not including the plug for the TV or monitor. Have Commodore have ever sold an external SCSI drive? It would hang out of the back of the A570. Finally, such a system would not let you plug any more memory Into an A500; a common hard disk feature.
Some of the problems of Amiga CD are finally coming home to roost. If you want an Amiga with a CD unit, then you have to forgo some of the expansion potential of the machine In other areas. I guess this HD CDTV does fulfil a need - but let's hope CBM have a CD unit In the works with more In the way of expansion potential.
CDTV CDTV hard drive ¦ £699 ¦ ZCL HD some is consumed by Ihe hard, floppy and CD drives. You've slill got aboul 1.5Mb of siorage left, which means Deluxe Paim III or IV can be used al any screen resolution.
For animation or DTP it's not as rosy.
You can do more frames of animation than with a I Mb A500. But if you want to expand the machine with. Say. 4Mb of fast RAM. You can't. Outline fonts for DTP are not supported 011 Workbench 1.3. so you're stuck with jagged-edged bitmap fonts.
The HD CDTV is no better than Ihe proposed A600 CD-ROM drive plugged into an A600HD. And is in many ways worse.
Admittedly, it's available now (when will the A600 CD-ROM drive appear?) Hut it looks like an exercise in gelling shot of some out-of- date manuals and Workbench disks. It's of value to experienced users, hut not a first-time buy for novices. ® and Shell) and an A500 user's guide. That's right, a nice thick tome devoted to how lo live with an A500. You do get a thin CDTV manual. Big deal. A more serious omission is the lack of a disk to re-install the hard disk if (more like when) it needs reformatting.
Apparently ZC1. Do have installation soft- 1“ ...it's available now, but it looks like an exercise in getting shot of some out-of- date manuals and Workbench disks99 ware on the way. And a shortish informative guide on how lo get the best out of a hard drive. Personally I'd wait until they appear before buying one of these units.
If you don't push the hard drive there's no reason why you shouldn't get lots of use out of the system. In the real world, where hard drives develop read write errors, this unit is too vulnerable without installation software, is it useful? For tasks like word processing or databases, the combination of CDTV and hard disk is good - 2Mb of memory is big. Even if HD CDTV HD CDTV Available from Calculus 0543 251275 SPEED • • • • Quite a nippy performer, compared to other Commodore hard-disk Amigas.
DOCUMENTATION • The worst bunch of irrelevant information ever seen. Better promised and badly needed!
ACCESSIBILITY • How do you repartition? How do you reformat?
You just can't tinker with the hard drive.
FEATURES • • • • A CDTV with these features is a respectable machine - shame it’s poorly supported.
VALUE •• • It's pitched about right, but it’s not really a bargain b» ;k buy.
WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Lutc Amiga 1500 2000 Pack
• UK specification
• 1 MB system RAM
• Mouse
• Full workbench disks, manuals & leads
• Free game included in pack
• Deluxe Paint III
• Two Python joysticks
• 100 capacity lockable disk
• 1MB System RAM • Workbench 2.04 • Mouse
• Twin Floppy • Works (Platinum addition) • Deluxe Paint III •
Home Accounts • Alf game • Toki game • Puzznic game • Two
Python joysticks • ,00 capacity lockable disk box
• Amiga 1500 2000 Pack £489
• A1500 2000 wilh 52MB HD £759
• With 2MB Chip Memory add £129 Amiga 3000
• As above
• Plus integral 20MB hard drive Philips 8833 MKII Monitor Hard
Drives Emulators Accelerators Star Printers
• 14 inch high resolution colour display
• High clarity stereo sound output
• Full RGB and composite inputs
• Free 1.5 metre long RGB cable
• Full UK warranty
• 3 Free games
• Philips 8833 MKII Monitor £199
• When purchased with an Amiga £189 Star LC20 Mono
• 180 characters per second, NLQ mode, multi Font, 9 pin head
£139 Star LC200 Colour
• 225 characters per second, NLQ mode, multi font, 9 pin head
£199 Star LC24-100 Mono
• 204 characters per second, LQ mode, 10 fonts, 24 pin head £194
Star LC24-200 Colour
• 222 characters per second, LQ mode, 10 fonts, 24 pin head £284
Star SJ48 Bubble Jet
• Quality comparable with a laser printer, very quiet and
portable. Mains and bat tery powered, adaptor supplied £224
• GVP A500 A2000
• High quality, high reliability
• Easily expandable memory capability using low power simms
• Complete with installation software and power supply
• A500 52MBHD £344
• A500 52MB & 2MB Fast Memory £384
• A500 52MB & 4MB Fast Memory £424 New
• A500 52 MB with Combo Accelerator 40MHz £694
• A1500 2000 52MB HD £278
• A1500 2000 52MB & 2MB RAM £319
• A1500 2000 52MB & 4MB RAM £359 The professionals and hobbyist
tools KCS Powerboard Emulator £179 GVP 286 Emulator £189 AT
Once Emulator £176 G Force 68030 25MHz & 1MB £549 G Force 68030
40MHz & 2MB £789 G Force 68030 50MHz & 4MB £1109 G Force 68030
28MHz A3000 £1669 G Force 68030 33MHz A2000 £1669 Workstations
Peripherals Scanners
• Facilitates up to three external floppy drives
• Made in the UK
• Strong and robust
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Keep your desk neat and tidy
• Supplied complete and assembled with
• ree mouse mat , ',500 Workstation £36 I
• A600 Workstation £36
• Vast range of leads for many applications - Please call
• Swivel and tilt monitor stand for the above £5
• Squick mouse £13.99 £2.50 £9.99 £12 £3.49 £13.99 £6.99 £9.99
• Mouse mat
• TDK high quality DSD (10) disks
• 1000 colour disk labels
• LC20 printer ribbon
• let Fighter joystick
• Apache joystick
• Python joystick
• Zipstick joystick
• Allows image processing in a useful and unique fashion
• Comes complete with operation manual and the latest version of
processing software
• One of the fastest growing applications for home and
professional users
• High specification coupled with cost effective pricing
• Power Hand Scanner ' 64 greyscales 100-400 DPI ' Thru'port to
printer ' Fully compatible with Delux Paint 4, etc. ' Power
Hand Scanner £93.99
• Highest quality stereo sound sampling
• Compatible with A500, A1500 2000, A3000
• GVP Digital Sound Studio £49
• Screen Beat Speaker System £25 (Adds amplified stereo sound to
the Amiga) 1 Megamix Master 1 Stereo Master asonel Sale •
Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale •
Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal; I,
beds, LU4 8EZ TEL (0582) 491949 (6 LINES) S5 Pro Agnus 2MB
Memory Expansions
• Provides a full 2MB of Chip Memory for the Amiga 500 and
A1500 2000 • Designed and built in England • Supplied with 8375
Obese Agnus • Includes 2Mb Memory on board in the form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max. chipmem as the
A3000 A600 S500+ • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
to 10MB • Complete with full instructions • British made
• Pro Agnus 2 MB
• Fitted High Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5" External Drive
Supra Modems Chips and Spares Cumana external drive Cumana
external drive + 100 capacity disk box Cumana external drive +
100 disk box + 20 blank disks A500 A500+ Internal replacement
disk drive £84 £129 £148 £199 £258
• Allows the addition of peripherals without damage to computer
or power supply
• Why risk damaging your expensive kit when one simple investment
will ensure total peace of mind now and for the future
• Switch mode design
• Full crow bar projection
• A500, A500+ and A600 compatible
• British Made
• A500 Power supply unit
• A590 Power supply unit
• High Quality
• Renowned and proven reliability
• Top notch specification
• Anti-dick
• Long moulded cable
• Slimline design
• High impact plastic
• Utilise hundreds of PD Bulletin Boards
• Communicate with fellow computer users
• Cuts down on telephone bills by using fast efficient baud rates
• 100% Hayes compatible
• Tone pulse, Auto Dial Auto Answer
• Standard RS232 Interface Programmable number storage Free Corns
software Supra 2400 Supra 2400+ Supra Fax Plus (0-9600 BPS)
Supra v.3.2 (Fax Modem)
v. 32 BIS (Fax Modem)
• Workbench 2.04 Kit £78 (Includes manuals, disks & chip)
• Kickstart 2.04 £32
• Kickstart 1.3 £24
• Kickstart ROM Swapper £18 (Swap between kickstart by keyboard
• Fatter Agnus 8372 £32
• Obese Agnus 8375 £48
• High Res Denise £29
• 1 MB x 9 Simms £22
• 1 MB x 4 Zips £16
• 8520 CIA £8 SALES hotline 0582 491 949 (6 UNES) or 0480
471117 Credit Card ordering by phone is easy. Simply phone our
sales hotline quoting your credit card number., expiry date,
name and address and IB the products you wish to order and
we'll do the rest. Alternatively write the above details on
your letter when ordering by post.
When ordering by post in cheque form please write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the cheque and send along with your order. Postal Orders are also accepted.
¦53 8 Should you wish your order to be sent by Group 4 Security service please add £5. This method is normally faster than the postal service.
WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Where To Find Us!
Head Office WTS Electronic Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton 0582 491949 Computer Mall Bedford No.16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Computer Mall St. Neots No.6 Priory Mall Shopping Centre St. Neots 0480 471117 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St. Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable Opening Soon 84 High Street North Dunstable All prices quoted or products stocked are subject to stocking levels and availability. WTS cannot be held liable for force majeure, or items, which are out of stock due to demand or low stock at its suppliers. WTS reserve the right to amend prices or
revise packs or specifications without prior notice at any time without liability upon itself.
Jason Holborn tests two top printers as an addendum to our massive round-up of printers in Issue 39 of Amiga Format.
Ricoh LP1200 I Laser Printer ¦ Si ica 081 -309 £821 Because laser printers build up each page as a massive bitmap Inside their Internal memory, there’s little point in buying a laser unless it's got massive amounts of RAM on board. This bumps up the printer's price still further, though you’re not likely to get much change from £1,400.
But to save the pockets of Amiga users come Ricoh with their LP1200 laser printer, a fabulously well-endowed laser that comes with 2Mb of RAM as standard, a maximum printing resolution of 400dpl (100dpl more than your average laser) and a bunch of bitmapped and Agfa Compugraphlc scalable typefaces. Typefaces on offer include Courier 10 and 12, Prestige 12 and 16, Gothic 12 and 16, CGTimes and Universe (both of which can be scaled). This impressive selection scores high.
The Ricoh comes with a variety of different emulation modes including the usual HP LaserJet 3, EpsonX, IBM ProPrinter plus Layout, a sort of mini-PostScript page description language.
Surprisingly though, PostScript is not currently available as an option.
Then there's FlashROM. This technique was devised by Ricoh to enable the printer's operating system to be updated simply by streaming a file down the parallel port from your Amiga. Unlike other lasers, there's no chip changing, so you don't have to have a degree in electronics to perform the upgrade. Technically this should enable Ricoh to stay bang up to date while other laser printers become redundant. Ricoh have announced that they plan to release an Amiga driver for the LP1200 which will enable you to print at 400dpi.
There's never been a laser printer that truly worked with the Amiga, but the LP1200 has changed all that. Thanks to Ricoh's dedication to our market, it is currently the only laser printer that can be driven to its full potential on the Amiga.
Combine this with Its great value for money and there’s no doubting that the Ricoh LP1200 is a fabulous piece of kit. O Ricoh LP1200 SPEED • • • • Lasers are never particularly fast, but the LP1200 is certainly no slouch.
DOCUMENTATION • • • The LP1200 manual Is a little vague In places, but on the whole It’s a pretty good read.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Set the Workbench printer driver to HPLaserJet and print awayl Couldn't be easier.
FEATURES • • • • • You'll find the LP1200 leaves even Its more expensive counterparts for dead!
VALUE 2Mb of RAM and all those fonts for just 2821? Now that's what I call a bargain!
HP PaintJet £820 ¦ Colour Inkje! ¦ HP 0344 369222 One thing that an inkjet can do that your average laser would be hard pushed to handle unless you’re prepared to spend megabucks is colour printing. One of the best available Is the Hewlett Packard PaintJet.
The PaintJet is a no-nonsense slab of plastic, metal and electronics that produces some of the best colour printouts seen this side of a colour PostScript laser. When the PaintJet was originally released, it was the first of its kind. As a result, the PaintJet offers only one emulation mode - HP PaintJet. Thankfully, though, a PaintJet driver Is directly supported through the Workbench Great colour, speedy printing and a readable manual all Now that's what I call impressive try getting colour combine to make a superb, if expensive, printer. Print-outs of this quality from your average
Preferences system, so getting a decent printer driver Is no problem.
Printer performance Is pretty impressive.
Notching up a very respectable 167cps (characters per second) In 10 cpi (characters per inch) mode, the PaintJet is capable of a maximum text output speed of 300cps in 18cpi mode.
It offers two typefaces - the usual Courier plus a more usable Letter Gothic. Both of these produce very acceptable results.
Of course, no-one buys a colour inkjet to print text - the true benchmark of a printer of this kind Is how well It can print pictures in full colour. Using the special paper which is bundled with the printer (normal copier paper makes for rather washed out images), the PaintJet produces Images which are really quite excellent. The prints are quite fuzzy and blurry, but this works to smooth jagged bitmaps, and the colours are rich and saturated. And this colour ability is what puts the price up to parity with the LP1200 (and £820 for an inkjet Is pricy).
If the laser is the dream printer of the desktop publisher, the HP PaintJet must surely be the dream printer for the rest of us. If you're proud of your Dpalnl creations and you can afford to both buy and run the PaintJet (running costs are a little high) you'll find it the perfect companion. If only It were cheaper... ® HP PaintJet SPEED • • • • Considering the complexities of colour printing, the PaintJet certainly doesn't hang about.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • • The PaintJet manual is a joy to behold - there's even a section In there dedicated to the Amiga.
ACCESSIBILITY • Plug In, switch on, print out and volla - you get beautiful colour pictures (if you can draw them that is).
FEATURES The range of fonts is a little lacking, but who cares when it prints pictures so well.
VALUE • • • • • You've got to be serious about your graphics to spiash out on this baby.
(ferdicl 82% PRINTER SPECIAL How do you improve print-out quality? Easy, you get ASDG's latest enhancement program that can also handle 24-bit images. Jason Holborn does the paper test... £59.95 ¦ 24-bit printing utility ¦ ASDG t the b I
* If you attempt to print a HAM picture, it just churns out
greyscale printout. * The key to 24-hit printing is not how
mony diverse colours you get, but the way in which subtle
shades of similar colours can be increased to give more
realistic shading.
The HAM image Hop) looks inferior to the 24-bit image (bottom) because it lacks enough shades of grey.
TRUEPRINT 24 is available from Silica Systems on 081-309 1111 IF THERE'S ONE aspect of the Amiga's operating system that is a little lacking, it must be printer support. Although Commodore have tried their utmost to provide their customers with a fairly comprehensive selection of printer drivers, the results that can be obtained are far from ideal. Even with the release of the simpler Workbench 2.(14. by far the greatest number of queries we receive come from frustrated printer owners.
But times are changing. Now that several printer manufacturers have woken up to the importance of the Amiga, we're starting to see more custom drivers released that enhance print quality immeasurably. Third-puny software vendors have been quick lo jump on the bandwagon too. With products such as IrseeSoft's TurboPrint Professional leaving Commodore's official printer drivers for dead.
So is there still room for improvement'.’ ASDG Feel like making a big name for yourself? Well grab a copy of this program and you will be able to.
TruePrlnt 24 can produce massive, tiled, poster-sized printouts of any IFF file. This even includes 24-bit Images for when you want some really Impressive prints.
PLAY THE LAST POSTER certainly seem to think so because they've just released TruePrint 24 (it has nothing do to with the photo developing company though).
Based around the Preferences Saver module built into the latest release of An Depanmem Pro. ASDG's wondrous image processing program. TmePrint 24 has been designed lo enhance the quality of your printouts without having to mess around with new printer drivers. Trite Print 24 sits between the Amiga drivers and your printer, improving your printouts wilh the son of style that you'd expect from an ASDG product.
Unlike a program such as TurboPrim Pro.
TnwPrim doesn't run in the background, so it won't enhance the quality of printouts front other programs.
Instead, you'll have to save the graphical output from your favourite paint or ray-tracing package as an IFF flic and then load it into Trttel‘rim 24 when you want to transfer it on to paper. Once loaded. TntePrim 24 presents you with a grid-like display with a single requester containing all the program's options.
Each rectangle within this grid represents an A4 page. It is perfectly possible to load a picture into TrtiePrini 24 and then expand it so that it lllls several of these rectangles. When you print. TruePrim 24 expands your image and then chops it up into individual pages which it dumps out lo printer. Once all the pages have been printed, you can then piece them together to form massive posters of all your IFF artwork. Sounds great doesn't it?
And it is great if you're printing a massive
1. 024x1.024 bitmap, but standard low-resolu- tion pictures tend
to look rather 'chunky' when blown up to these sort of
You're probably wondering what the extra V24' bit in TntePrim'a name is all about.
Well, if you're the sort of Hash type who plays around with 24-bit graphics, you'll be pleased to know that TntePrim can also handle true- colour images. If you want to print a picture as complex as this using a normal printer utility, the results you'd get would be poor compared to the 24-bit image source file. To get around this. True Prim 24 uses a clever system lhat represents each shade of grey (if you're using a mono printer) in 8-bits compared to the usual 4-hits. Wltal all this means is that instead of printing the usual 16 shades of grey that Dpaint will produce. TntePrim 24 can pro
duce greyscale printouts containing a theoretical 256 shades of grey.
All well and dandy, but there's one big problem. Unless you're printing 24-bit images.
TntePrinl 24 assumes lhat you want a greyscale printout regardless of whether you're the proud owner of a colour printer or not. Even if you attempt to print a HAM picture. TruePrim 24 chums out greyscale printout. This isn't loo much of a problem if you own ADPro (you can convert your l-IAM picture to a 24-bit image), but then the average Dpaint user is unlikely to need or even want to spend £200 on ADPro just lo get better quality colour printouts. This really should be fixed.
As it is. TntePrim is only of real use to mono printer owners or those of you evolved in 24- hit graphics work.
Gripes aside. TruePrim 24 produces some very acceptable results.
When printing to a 24- pin or an inkjet printer, ihe quality of greyscale images is quite stunning. It must be said, though, that with colour images the increase in quality isn't really that noticeable unless you're working with 24-bit images - HAM images, in particular, don't seem to benefit.
It would have been nice to have been able to enhance colour printouts of HAM images too.
If you want to print out standard Amiga images, you're probably better off with TurboPrim Pro.
If you work with 24-bit images, you probably already own ADPro. So there's very little point in buying this program too. In all.
TntePrint 24 is classic example of a missed opportunity. © speed • •• Printing greyscale images ts quite swltt, but 24- blt Images take an eternity to print.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • • As you'd expect from ASDG, Ihe TruePrint 24 manual is top notch.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Based around the ADPro user Interlace, Trap Print 24 Is very easy to use.
FEATURES • • • Limiting colour printing to 24-bit files only is a real drawback.
VALUE • • • Save your money and put It towards either ADPro or TurboPrint.
(ferdic! 68% TruePrint 24 RAZY CHRISTMA LOOKING FOR DISKS & BOXES???
3. 5" DS DD + 2 x 80 Cap Banx Boxes ...£87.99
3. 5" DS DD + 4 x 80 Cap Banx Boxes .£139.49
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3. 5" DS DD + 6 x 80 Cap Banx Boxes .£216.99 All
prices include VAT free labels & free delivery 'mm 3*5 DELUXE
Capacity ..£1.00
40 Capacity
(Lockable) ...£4.10
100 Capacity
(Lockable) .£4.50
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Box ......£15.50
5. 25" 70 Cap Posso
Box ......£16.50 100%
5. 25" DS DD
Disks .....21
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5. 25LDS HD
Disks .....39p
100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE PLUS FREE COLOUR CODED LABELS 50 3.5" DS DD ......£22.99 100 3.5" DS DD ......£38.99 150 3.5" DS DD ......£54.99 200 3.5" DS DD ......£70.99 300 3.5" DS DD .....£105.99 400 3.5" DS DD ....£139.99 500 3.5" DS DD ....£167.99 1000 3.5" DS DD ......CALL FOR LATEST PRICE All
prices include VAT free labels.
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L _ ?
7IJ. V
LABELS 60P EACH £61 For 100 incl delivery labels VAT __ y
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.10 3.5"
DS HD ....£-10-50
box ......£25.99 100 3.5" DS DD + 100 cap
box ......£41.99 150 3.5" DS DD+ 100 cap
box ......£58.99 200 3.5" DS DD + 2 100 cap
boxes .£75.99 300 3.5" DS DD + 3 x 100 cap
boxes ......£113.99 400 3.5" DS DD + 4 100 cap
boxes £149.99 500 3.5" DS DD + 5 100 cap
boxes £178.99 1000 3.5" DS DD + 10 100 cap
boxes £ call All prices include VAT free
LABELS 50 3.5" DS DD+ 150 Cap Posso
Box .£35.99 100 3.5" DS DD+ 150 Cap
Posso Box .£51.99 150 3.5" DS DD+ 150
Cap Posso Box .£66.99 200 3.5" DS DD +
2 x 150 Cap Posso Boxes ...£97.99 300 3.5" DS DD
+ 2 x 150 Cap Posso Boxes .£131.99 400 3.5" DS DD
+ 3 x 150 Cap Posso Boxes .£180.00 500 3.5"
DS DD+ 4x150 Cap Posso Boxes .£219.99 All prices
include VA 77 free labels & free delivery Rf 1 "I I 'O ! C il
AMIGA ATARI i NARSRA HCIJSE i ¦ ¦ r £22.50 rLl' f I z
CDTV Software on yeur Amiga ICS Hue only 1318.00 PRINTER
COMPATIBLE BRANDED Citizen 120D £3.40 £2.70 N A Citizen Swift
9 £3.40 £2.70 £15.30 L “ Citizen Swift 24 24E 224 £4.70 £2.70
£15.30 m yf j Panasonic 1124 £8.50 £3.58 N MC Star LC-10 £4.47
£3.06 £6.70’ Star LC-20 £4.47 £3.06 N A Star LC200 £6.11
£4.70 £12.30 Star LC24 10 15 £5.58 £3.53 N A Star LC24-200
£5.58 £3.53 £13.25 J INKJET CARTRIDGES & REFILLS HP Deskjet
Black Ink
Cartridge £14.98 HP
Deskjet Black Dual Capacity Ink
Cartridge ..£23.95 HP Deskjet 500C Colour Ink
Cartridge ......£26.96 Canon BJ10e ex
Black Ink Cartridge £19.98 Black Twin Refill
Kit j .£14.98 Colour
Twin Refill Kit ..... £14.98 500C
Colour Refill Kit ..... £14.98 Amiga
Colour Separation
Software ...£39.95 FFERS FROM
B C s o R D E R H 0 T L 1 N E O 2 7 3 5 O 6 2 6 9 P H O N E N O W I I I I V i i NEW ZOOL PACK INCLUDING: ZOOL STRIKER , 1 i PINBALL DREAM , | 1 | i TRANSWRITE WP - ONLY £15.50 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN AMIGA. OTHERWISE £19.99 ' GVP SERIES II HARD DRIVES ' & ACCELERATORS FOR A500 GVP 42MB HD8 II . -Cj;.:.'; £279 GVP 52MB HD8II ......Jw J £319 GVP 80MB HD8 II ...£359 GVP 120MB HD8 II £409 GVP 240MB HD8 II ..£649 GVP A530 COMBO 40 Mhz +80MB £629 GVP A530 COMBO 40MHz + 120MB .....£719 GVP A530 COMBO
...£2.50 1 4" MONITOR STAND . .....£10 PRINTER STAND
ZIPSTICK ...£11.50 QS
HARD DRIVES FOR A1500 2000 GVP 42MB HC8II £255
GVP 80MB HC8 II JpS » .£325 GVP 120MB HC8 II.4
.£395 GVP 240MB HC8 II..?..'.:...' £615
A500 ... ..£3 A600 ...
..£3 STAR LC200 ""6*..... ....£3.50 STAR LC-24
CITIZEN 9 ....
i. .. £3.50 ....£3.50 CITIZEN 24 .. PHILIPS MKI II.....
....£3.50 ....£3.50 ATARI ... ....£3.00 V J A600
1MB UPGRADE ...£42.99 A600 2MB UPGRADE -MLyj- £115 A600 4MB
UPGRADE U.ttgf.. £135 A520 TV
EMULATOR £119.99
14. 19MHZ
• ON-SITE WARRANTY ONLY £362.99 OR £376.99 with new zool pack
Bwilifr Established for over 3 years BCS is well known for the quality of its products and services %VaaJ “ WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ACROSS THE UK. ~ I Fast and efficient delivery service provided. All products sold carry 1 year minimum guarantee. All products UK spec only. All prices include VAT. DONT DELAY ORDER TODAY. CALL IN OR SEND CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS TO BCS LTD 349 DITCHLING ROAD, BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX BN1 6JJ ADD £4 P&P UNLESS STATED. ADD £10 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY (MON-FRI) (UK MAINLAND ONLY) Access | ORDER HOTLINE 0273 506269 0831 279084 L I All offers subject to
availability. E&OE. Prices pack details may change without notice. P n High quality products. Full technical support. | Visit our Showrooms. See before you buy.
Of Hampshire Established 7 years Visit our Showrooms. See before you buy. I High quality products. Full technical support.
£305 £109 New Phone for our 60 page catalogue EDUCATIONAL AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME All products have a 30 day money back & 12 month warranty.
Prices are subject to variation without prior notification.
Established 7 years. 3 minutes from M27 Junction 11.
Free parking. Open 9 to 5.30 Monday to Friday & 9 to 5 Saturday Postage 94p or £3.53 Securicor £6.46 (£5.50 + VAT) Amiga Format Dept. 40-42 West Street Portchester Hants P016 9UW Tel: 0705 325354 UlGSErUE Larger items delivered by Securicor mUSAm Swift 200 24pin Colour* Enhanced 24pin printer. SWIFT 24E plus: Extra type faces & features. Please phone for a data sheet 'optional colour.
Price with cable & paper 200 Mono £1 95 200C Colour £225 Swift 240 24pin Colour* Advanced 24pin printer, lots of new features. Please phone for a data sheet optional colour. Price with cable & paper 240 Mono £245 240C Colour £265 Panasonic Epson KXP1170 9pin ..... 134 KXP1124i 24pin 215 KXP2180 9pin Colour.... 189 KXP2123 24pin Colour... 229 Epson LX400 9pin . 135 Epson LQ570 24pin 265 Prices include VAT cable & paper Amiga Workstation Expansion System Monitor stand with shelf for drives etc. Strong metal construction made from 14SWG steel epoxy coated Amiga colour.
Special price Panasonic KXP1123 Probably the best 24pin mono printer available. With cable & paper £169 Printer Packs All printers are supplied with a printer pack consisting of printer paper and a connection cable. If required a printer stand is £5.00 extra (with a printer) Free of charge Citizen Swift 9 with cable Mono £169 &paper Colour £179 Naksha Scanner £109 All Citizen printers have 2 year warranty Citizen 1 20D + New Citizens £27.50 with cable & paper Naksha Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga r o .i C with house & mat * - O vj Squik Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga £13.90 Canon BJ-10ex 360dpi
Inkjet printer with cable & paper £199_ Star SJ-48 360dpi Inkjet printer with cable & paper £199_ Star LC100 9pin colour with cable & paper £159 Star LC20 Mono 9pin ....119 LC200 Colour 9pin 177 LC2420 Mono 24pin 185 LC24100 Mono 24pin .... 175 LC24200 Colour 24pin .. 249 Prices include VAT cable & paper Kickstart Upgrades Commodore 2.04 full upgrade 79.00 Kickstart ROM only v2.04 .... 41.50 Kickstart ROM only v1.3 ..... 29.00 Phoenix rom sharer ..... 24.95 Keyb'd operated rom sharer 24.95 VXL30 25MHz Accelarator ..239.00 Fatter Angus custom chip .... 37.50 True Mouse for Atari ST
& Amiga £" 5.90 Happy Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga £14.90 HP Deskjet Colour 300dpi colour inkjet printer.
Colour laser quality at 1 10 of the cost.
3 year warranty. Price with cable & paper £419 Deskjet 500 HP 300dpi Inkjet printer. Laser quality at dot matrix price.
3 year warranty. With cable & paper £325 Midi Interface 4 channel Midi Interface for Amiga £19 Dr. T's Midi Music Software (not for A500 + or A600) £4.95 Printer Drivers Citizen Colour 24pin 5.00 Canon BJ-10e ......4.95 Deskjet 500 Colour ...... 9.95 Printer Dust Covers most types in stock from £4.70 inc VAT New Price GVP Series 2 forABOO Hard Disks 52Mb Hard Disc £329 1 20Mb Hard Disc £41 9 240Mb Hard Disc £689 52Mb A530 Combo £649 1 20Mb A530 Combo £749 240Mb A530 Combo £989 for A1500 52Mb Hard Disk £265 1 20Mb Hard Disk £405 240Mb Hard Disk £629 GVP ram £25 per 1 Mb Accessories
Joystick Mouse twin extension 4.70 3M Joystick Mouse lead .... 3.75 A500 Printer cable 7.95 Modulator Disk Extension..... 10.95 23way Plug or socket ... 2.95 A500 Dust Cover .. 4.70 Mouse Mat (thick soft type) .. 4.95 Mouse House ... 2.95 1M internal 3.5" drive .. 49.00 A500 replacement PSU .39.00 A590 replacement PSU 49.00 Rocgen Plus - Genlock + .. 129.00 Disc Wallet for 32 disks . 7.95 Ram Upgrades A500 1Mram + clock £21.90 A500 1 Mram no clock £17.90 A500+ 1Mram +clock £39.90 A600 1Mram + clock £49.90 Commodore
1084SD Refurbished 14" Colour Monitor 1 full year warranty with cable £159 While stocks last Commodore 1084SD 14" Colour Monitor with cable dot pitch 0.42mm. Medium Res.
£ 1 7 9 While stocks last Bridgeboards CBM A2286 286 for A1500 .... £269 CBM A2088 XT for A1500 £99 £10.00 discount on 1084 or 8833 with an Amiga Special Offer New Prices Philips CM8833 mk2 UK. 240V £189 with cable + game £179 no cable SONY DISKETTES SONY branded (lifetime warranty) (100% certified error free) 10x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi ...... 7.50 50x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi 32.30 100x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 59.93 250x3.5" DS DD 135tpi ...... 141.00 1 kx 3.5” DS DD 135tpi 540.50 DISKETTES SONY DYSAN bulk (lifetime warranty) (100% certified error (reel lOx 3.5“ DS DD 135tpi 5.95 50x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi
21.86 100x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 39.60 250x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 94.88 1 kx 3.5" DS DD 135tpi 353.68 40 x 3.5" Disk box with lock .... 5.49 100 x 3.5” Disk box with lock .. 7.50 Carriage on 50+ disks £3.53 Cumana CAX354 The most reliable drive you can buy 1M external £49,90 While stocks last Amiga 600HD (Trivial Pursuit. Epic. Rome. Pushover) Epic Pack £435 Amiga 600 Standard A600 with full software £259 Amiga 1 500 + WB 2.04 with full software £499 Commodore A1011 1M external CAQ While stocks last LtrO Amiga 600SD
(D. Paint III, Grand Prix. Putty. Pushover) Floppy Drives New
Prices Wild Weird & Wicked £299 Roctec Zappo 1M external
drive £49.90 A500 Plus Cartoon Classics full software pack
UlESErVE Best for service lUESfirvE Best for service T ...in
Word Processing with Perfect Printing Lilitfal Finn , 9rom
the makers of Pen Pal comes a brand new, unique WYSIWYG Word
Processing package, that's simply the only choice for those
who demand the most from their Amiga.
Final Copy II is not only the Amiga's most powerful Word Processor with cvcty feature you’d expect
- plus many more found normally in DTP packages - but also the
only Word Processor that gives superb scaleable outline fonts
front any Amiga - even 1.3’s. Imagine outputting to your
printers highest resolution, with almost Postscript™ laser
perfection - no matter which printer you may have. Even with a
simple nine pin dot matrix you’ll get perfect printing* from
Final Copy's 20 smooth outline typefaces that arc included! I
“orfonheA, Irom SoflWood, Inc. the malm c ftn Pal ' With
multiple newspaper mm- style columns and integrated cep drawing
tools - for boxes, borders, squares, lines at any angle, ovals,
circles, arrows etc., plus colour text, along with many other
formatting tools - your documents will look and readjust as you
want them to.
Final Copy D includes a 110,000 word British- English Collins Proximity Spelling Detector & Corrector, lo help typing errors become a thing of the past, along with an 826,000 synonym Thesaurus, for that extra inspiration.
With its powetfid new features, lliere's no better Word Ptxxessor Publisher for your Amiga. You’U quickly realise the ih'iwfits which were once the exclusive presenv of the Macintosh™ and other high end publishing sy'stems.
A is 80 easy 10 learn and use. To you’ll become an accomplished author in no time at all - but if you need extra help you’re Anot on your own as our support hotline is there for all UK version users. Look out for the UK ¦" logo on the box!
Primer wilh nonnal Word Processor Only £99.95 FROM ALL (KX)D SOFTWARE DEALERS lompatible with.
Amiga-A 500 600 6(1011D 1500 2000 3000.
System requirements... min. of 1Mb. RAM and two Floppies or a Hard Disk Drive [A600HD requires at least 1.5Mb].
* Anv Workbench supported graphic printer, colour or mono,
including... Citizen 120D, I24D, 224, Swift 9 24, 200 240; Star
LCI0, 20, 200, 24-200, and XB Series; Canon BJIOex; HP
Ink Painljel; Postscript1'1 devices and many more.
Rade Distribution by.
? Cemresofi IBD ? HB Marketing ? Leisuresofi ?
? Meridian Distribution ? SDL Prodis ?
Dealers... Please call Harwoods for your supply of leaflets and inclusion in the list of stockists we provide to customers United Kingdom version imported A supported by... Goidon Harwood Computers • New Street • Alfreton Derbyshire • DE55 7BP • Telephone: 0773 836781 inal Copy II encompasses a whole range of other advanced features, here's just a selection: ? Uses the latest Workbench 2 Style interface on all Amigas ? On screen command ribbon controls (formal your document with the simple touch of a button) ? 25% to 400% editable page reduction and magnification command -5 ? Title page,
master pages & style sheets ? Right left pages with binding olfset ? Open multiple documents ? Fast mouse document panning and zoom un-zoom ? External and internal mail merging Cut,copyandpaste Searchandreplace40nscrecnmaths4 Auto-hyphenation ? Import resize and crop IFF, HAM and 24Bit ILBM graphics and auto-flow text gtcl around them ? Text over graphics ? Outline fonts on all Amiga screens, and any non-Postscript™orPostscript™compatibleprinter44pointupto300point [over 4" high] smooth text printing ? Text leading and spacing Y'V y0-Ac controls ? Condensed and expanded characters ?
Positive ' and negative obliquing ? Background printing, allowing simultaneous editing & printing of two or more documents ? Fast proof printing facility ? Comprehensive rnngc ol -- additional attractive font (ve nV0 volumes available. W°
E. &O.E. V'' AMIGA PERIPHERALS GVP's HD8+ hard drive and A530
hard drive with 40MHz accelerator, represent the highest
quality Amiga 500 peripherals, at very affordable prices. Each
incorporates a fast action hard drive. RAM expansion
capability, custom VLSI chip and FaaaSTROM SCSI driver, for
unbeatable performance. .
The HD8+ hard drive offers up to 8Mb of standard k internal Fast RAM expansion and the A530 Combo, up to 8Mb of 32-bit wide fast RAM expansion. Both feature a ‘' SCSI controller, which supports up to 6 additional devices, and an Autoboot Game cut-off switch. Both are available in 80, 120 and 213Mb hard drive versions.
In addilion, the A530 Combo zooms the Amiga forward with an 030 accelerator, running at a blistering 40MHz. This enables your Amiga 500 to run at an incredible 12.1 MIPS, faster than an Amiga 3000I No other product in the world combines all the features found in the A530 Combo! A plug-in PC emulator option, shown below, is available for the HD8+ and A530 Combo.
, Q A HARD OVMb DRIVE GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS QUALITY AMIGA PERIPHERALS WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY Silica Sysiems are pleased lo present Ihe GVP range ol peripherals. GVP are the world's largest third parly manufacturer ol peripherals tor the Amiga range and have a reputation lor high specification, quality products. The company was founded only tour years ago by a man who knows about the Amiga.
Commodore’s ex-Vice Presidem ol Technology. He.
Along with a team ol Amiga expens including other ex- Commodore stall, understand Ihe add-on requirements ol Amiga owners better than anyone. Not only do GVP provide peripherals that Amiga owners want, they also offer peace ol mind, with a 2 year warranty on the products they manufacture. So. If you are looking lor the very best in peripherals lor your Amiga computer, look no further than GVP.
‘Superb build excellent aesthetics and blinding speed make this the best A500 hard drive' _ AMIGA SHOPPER H08 ) 'GVP claims this is tho fastest hard drive In the world and none of our tests could Drove that wrong - Untouchable. THE choice' AMIGA SHOPPER (HDBt) ‘Still the best hard drive92% AMIGA FORMAT 11 91 (HDBt) 4GVP have done it again!4_ 94% AMIGA FORMAT 9A2 (A530) the build quality is excellent in terms of performance their gear is the best _ their equipment is worth every penn .
• 16MHz 80286 processor
• 287 Maths Co-Processor socket
• 512K ot PC RAM plus the use of Amiga RAM
• Supports Hercules, CGA, EGA VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video
modes « Runs MS-DOS (3.2 and upwards) plus thousands of other
PC programs This powerful 286 emulator module simply plugs into
the "mini-slot" ol the GVP HD8+ or A530 (without SCSI
invalidating the warranty). It has Amiga's resources and allows
you to run PC and Amiga programs at the same time, giving you
two computers in one.
• Syqiosi 44 or 88Mb removable media
• Available with or without HC8 Controller
• 20ms access timo
• GVP HC8 Controller option extra
• External case a vaitable lor A50O30OO Each drive comes vWh a
remcvable cartridge External Caso nr.ovAMit £179 44Mb
iB*«rbhvhsh £399 44Mb i-hcb) WHWIW £479 SOUND SAMPLER
• 8-bit storoo sampler
• Plugs Into parallel port
• MIDI support (or song inpul
• Extensive editing features Fv the seiri-prcfessoral md ajcfc)
tobCyia a Itgh qutfy8-bt ster» scad sanpielhal comats trio me
panflel part on any Aircga 500, ©30.1500.20CO or 3000 compute!.
Combined with one ol the laslesi. RrnsJ powerful and easy-touse
sand and itusc edting programs avatotto. Tncbdes 4-track
soutfcacker file axrpaltto seqjercer.
• Factory installed Hard Drives
• 0. 80. 120. 213. & 420Mb options
• On board Bmb memory sockets
• Add up to 6 SCSI devices The Itrpau IIW38 hard cards aie the
eqjrialeni ol the MDB. Naid dm« tiul lc Ihe 15 M and 2000
iraJok They ate some ol Ihe laslesi ha U drives av*lat(e.
Ord iixopcraie on moocUaied 8Mb RAM expansion Omb noi. Hati «3oo £129 80Mb HOIHARI-JBH £349 120Mb nui n*n U22 £399 213Mb not hah 1533 £599 420Mb noi mar 154? £999 VIDEO ENHANCER 16 million colours 8 768 x 580 PAL Res
• Supports comp video. S-VHS S RGB
• Sro.T 3casf quality genlock
• Non with RGB splitter Irrpact Vision 24 is the latest 24-til
Prolessmal Video Adapter. II features 16 millon colours on
screen al cnee, tjtt-in genlock, ticker fnor, Iramo bufla. Tame
qrabber ard digital keyer. Supplied with Caligari-IV24 3D
modelling and rendering software, Scala IV24 video lilting
software, plus Macro Pamt 24-bil paint packago. A1500 2000
requires addtiooal adaptor. GVA 5224. £49.95 IV-24 • VIU
SPUTTER m.vid 7021 £1499 IV-24 - VIU TflAHSCQDERrni.viD 7U4
• Up to 6l.it ol FAST HAM
• Upgrade in 2Mb increments
• Supports Industry standard RAM dips
• Diagnostic software included
• Fully auto-configuring Tivo RAM-6 offers an easy way to upgraoe
your 1500 or 20-0 m 2Mb inciomonls l? Lo 8Mb. The RAM 6 is
lully auto-configuring and s suppled with peace-ol-mind
diagnostic software 6Mb configuration supported for briigebcard
owners Omb populated ramsbto £99 2Mb populated ramwo? £149 All
GVP G-Forco accelerator can bo turned Into a hard card by
adding a Mount Kit, GVA 4251, £39.95, making it the ULTIMATE
Amiga 1500 2000 peripheral. Any 1* SCSI drive can then be
mounted on to the accelerator.
£49.95 £499 £579 88Mb |B»r«Oitr | F 88Mb (-HC8) F ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews, Hatherfey Rd, Sidcup. Kent, DAI4 4DX Tel: 081-309 1111 QrOer Lines Open: Mon-Sat 9.fl0am-6.00pm_ No lalo Niphl Opoiaig Fax No: 08t-30B 06C6 ( SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOUH
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in Ihe
UK mainland.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a "Same product -
Same price" basis.
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sales.
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 stall): Solid, reliable and
• BUSINESS * EDUCATION + GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts available
081-308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstralion and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from one
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers + software
and peripheral details.
• PA YMENT: Major credit cards, cash, cheque or monthly terms.
Betore you decide when to buy your new Amiga products, we suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy them. Consider what it will be like a few monlhs after you have made your purchase, when you may require additional peripherals and software, or help and advice. And, will the company you buy from contact you with details of new products? At Silica Systems, we ensure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have been established for almost 14 years and. With our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an understanding which
is second to none. But don’i just take our word for it. Complete and return the coupon now for our latest FREE literature and begin lo experience the "Silica Systems Service'.
52 Totlenham Court Road. London, WfP OBA Tel: 971-580 4080 No Lain Night Opening_Fax No: 071-323 4737 LONDON SHOP: Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9.3Qam-6.Q0pm L0N00N SHOP: Selfridges fist Floor). Oxford Street. London. W1A IAB Tel: 071-629 1234 Opening Hours: Mon-Fn 9.30am-7.QOpm (Sat doso 6 30pm)_Lale Nigtn: Thuisday - 6pm Extension- 3914 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DX Tel: 081-302 8811 Opm Lain Night Friday • 7pm Fax No: 031-309 0017 SIDCUP SHOP: Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9 Cqam-5.30pm ESSEX SHOP: Keddies taw Hoot). Higli Slreet, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SSI 1LA Tel: 0702 462426
Opening Houia: Mon-Fn 9.3Qam-5.30pm (Sat 9.00am-6.00pm)_No Lale Night Oponinj Fox No: 0702 462363 "4Dpt To: Silica Sysiems. AMFOR-1292-68. F-4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAI4 PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE GVP RANGE Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initials: . Company Name (if applicable) .. Address: SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE tlj 081-309 1111 .. Postcode: ... Tel (Home): .....
Tel (Work): Which computer(s). If any, do you own? .... E&OE • Advertised pilccs and speciltcalrcrs may cnange - Please return tne coupon (c» inn Imosl mloinuiiion, Computer viruses can be a real danger to your software, no doubt. But once you understand all about how they work, it's terribly simple to stay safe... Panic!
More information on the effects of viruses in the following pages.
Qhow do I get rid of a virus I've caught?
A You don't necessarily have to, but usually you can remove viruses from disks using virus hunter-killer programs. More details on these over the page, too.
Qhow do I protect myself against viruses?
A Don't worry! It's incredibly easy to protect yourself against viruses. It may be as simple as just switching off your computer every time you play a new game.
So long as you understand how viruses work, you'll know what to do. So read on!
A A virus is just a small computer program. The big difference is that it's not under your control: it will run itself and do whatever it does without you ever knowing it's there.
So what does a virus do?
A Basically, viruses are out to cause mischief. All viruses make copies of themselves. Some of them also damage your data.
Qwhy are they called 'viruses' anyway?
A Because they work by making copies of themselves.
People are often afraid of viruses simply because they don't understand them.
Here's some of the ludicrous myths that have arisen at one time or another about computer viruses... 1 'People can catch them.' I know this sounds incredibly stupid, but a popular American magazine did In fact run a scare story a year or so ago saying that people were in danger of infection from viruses In virtual reality systems. Don't worry, that's utter tosh.
2 'A disk with a virus can infect other disks if they are kept next to each other in a disk box.' This story was widely they're a bit like living organisms.
They also do harm to your disks, the same way a virus makes you ill.
Q Where do viruses come from originally?
A Viruses travel in company with other programs. In other words, on disks, though if you download programs with a modem you could pick up a virus that way.
Qhow do I know if I've got one?
Many viruses you wouldn't notice even if you had them.
Some can damage data on your disks, make your machine crash or produce strange effects when you are running programs. There's a lot believed by some students at a London college - until we laughed at them... 3 'Viruses from one computer can affect another computer.' Since viruses are programs, this is no more true than saying 'an Amiga can run programs from other computers' - it can't.
4 'Viruses can damage hardware.' No, no, no, no, no!
5 'A virus can live in a battery-backed- up clock.' This just ain't possible, because even though there Is RAM memory there. It's simply not enough to be able to store a virus In.
When you switch the machine off for a short space of time, all programs in memory are forgotten. If you do this before starting any new disks, then a virus cannot spread.
Furthermore, if you move Ihe write-protect lab at the corner of all disks, then the disk cannot be written on and is virus-proof.
Real life isn’t that simple though. For one thing, serious users need access to many programs. And switching off in-between using them is really time wasting. Everyone needs to YOU ARE NOT COVERED It you suffer virus damage and suffer a financial loss to your business, you can claim compensation. If a virus wipes out your games collection then you get nothing. Tough old world innit?
THE TOP TEN MOST COMMON VIRUSES WSO .OOh S.U C hUM Ntyy uLj..libru|0 U One of the infamous Lamer Exterminator viruses about to be destroyed.
9 The CCCP virus starts on a bootblock, but can Infect disks by writing files on them too. Difficult to get rid, and a hunter-killer is the only real solution.
Believed to have originated in the Eastern Bloc, when there was one.
M The Travelling Jack is a real nui- I sance to hard drive users. It's very small, yet climbs deep down into the Amiga, to infect as many files as It can get access to. TJ can rapidly fill a hard drive under the right conditions.
Ithe SCA was the first Amiga virus.
Written by the Swiss Crackers Association (a bunch of pirates), it Is capable of copying from bootblock to boot- block, so your games stop working.
2 The Byte Bandit Infects disks when programs are accessed and it then crashes the machine. It can be bypassed, but it's better to use a hunter-killer to get rid of it.
3 The IRQ is a file virus. It usually Infects the program which Is listed first In the startup-sequence. Hunter-killers are the best way to deal with it.
4 The Lamer Exterminator is an especially vicious virus. As well as spreading fast it will destroy disks at the drop of a hat, writing the word Lamer all over them.
5 Revenge of the Lamer Exterminator is totally different - It’s not found on a bootblock. It's a file with no name that inserts itself Into a startup sequence. It was now DO VIRUSES work? In order lor them to be able to spread, they must be able to infect any disks lhat you happen to insert. This means they have to patch themselves into the Amiga, while you carry on with your computing. They then hang around, wailing for fresh disks lo infect.
Because viruses are programs, at some stage they have to be run through Ihe processor. Viruses usually don't just hang around on a disk, hoping lhat you'll accidentally click on them. Instead, they disguise themselves as commonly used programs of the Amiga system. Once they are activated - Ibis usually happens without any direct action on your part
- they may copy themselves on to other disks as they see fit.
A computer virus can infect your Amiga if you don't take the right precautions. So learn how to have 'Safe Computing' with Pat McDonald's protect-and-survive guide... first spread by a bulletin board, under the name DOSSPEED, a program supposed to speed up floppy disk access by 800 per cent - many gullible people have lost out.
6 Return of the Lamer Exterminator pretends to be a dlsk-valldator file (it was the first recorded virus to use this method).
It cannot infect game disks, it can destroy them and Workbench disks too.
7 The Saddam first appeared during the Gulf War. Again, it’s a disk-valldator virus, but a cunning one. It can encode disks so that the virus has to be present for them to work.
8BGS9 Is a file type virus. Once it has Infected, it will display this message: 'A computer virus is a disease, Terrorism is a Transgression, Software Piracy is a crime, This Is the Cure’. It's not that successful at attacking pirated disks, but it's a very persistent virus that needs a hunter killer to see it off. Hides as a blank file of 2,608 Mb length in the devs directory, so it's not too difficult to spot.
I say may copy, because some viruses arc sneaky, and don't always infect a disk.
Instead, they wait until the right moment (say when you are saving a file) lo infect a disk.
Others are less subtle, and infect all the disks they can. Some viruses cannot infect certain kinds of disk - others can infect any type. If you keep getting requesters saying that the Amiga needs a certain disk, then a virus may well be at work.
There are two very simple methods for slopping any virus from infecting more disks.
VIRUSES Viruses are programs, and so have lo be written by programmers. By and large most viruses come trom the Assembler or C compilers of dedicated programmers.
There is more to writing a virus than being able to program. In order to infiltrate the system, virus writers have to have at least a little knowledge of how the Amiga system works. Knowledge of which routines are used for reading and writing disks are vital if a virus is to be able to replicate and infect disks.
All virus writers are selfish. The degree of this varies - some are totally unhinged, believing themselves to be divine and everyone else as unworthy of attention. They seldom consider the consequences of their actions.
The motives of virus writers fall into three categories. First comes greed.
Although there are no official cases of this on the Amiga, on the PC it's a fairly common for a virus to appear, demanding money be sent to a bank account or the virus will destroy all data. It seldom works if the user goes straight to the police.
The second, much more common motive is revenge or vandalism. Some save a file (even gamesplayers need lo save sometimes). Bui the worst problem is human laziness. Amigas, regrettably, are easily reset through the keyboard. Most viruses can survive this. Who can be bothered to set the protect tab or turn off ihe machine?
THE VIRUS SAFARI For some people discovering and publicising viruses is a hobby. When a new strain is identitied, it is posted to one of the programmers who write anti-virus programs. The organisation behind this is Safe Hex, founded by the legendary virus finder Erik Loevendahi Soerenson.
You'd heller be. Because if not you are right in the virus firing line. You may never suffer from one. But if you do. Then a lot of your software may be destroyed. Even worse, if you are using your Amiga as more than just a games machine, then you could lose many hours' work in a very short space of time.
In many ways, gamesplayers have it easy.
A lot of games switch off the operating sysprogrammers get a kick out of destruction, especially if the intended victim is a new user who doesn't know how to protect themselves. Although no programmer of commercial software has ever admitted to writing a virus, some viruses show anti- piracy behaviour and just love to spread through pirated software collections.
The third motive is publicity. Virus writers almost never admit their activities, and so the only time they get to know of how successful their creations are is through the computer press.
Tem. Which stops any virus dead in its tracks.
Games which use the operating system tor parts of it. For loading and saving files) are susceptible to viruses though, so don’t think you're totally safe.
Incidentally. The time you leave the machine off is important. Generally 30 seconds or so will suffice. A500 Plus users, however, need lo turn off the machine for much longer periods - four or five minutes.
The reason for this is lhat these machines (and some others, like early A2000s) remember programs for a far longer time when turned off than other models of Amiga.
SECRET LIFE OF A VIRUS WRITER People who use the Amiga as a tool are belter off with a selection of anti-virus programs.
There is a range of these, some of which are listed in a box on this page.
Which one is best depends on the situation. But there are three ways to fight viruses.
First are the system monitors, which check for viruses lhat are already operational in the machine. Second are the checkers, sometimes called hunter killers. Which can examine disks for viruses and zap them if found. Third are Ihe doctors, which can attempt lo repair disks damaged by viruses.
The most common variety of Amiga virus is the bootblock or limpet type. Whenever you bool from a (loppy disk (turn on or reset your machine and put a floppy in the drive) the first thing the computer does is to read the first Iraek of Ihe disk - the bootblock - and execute it as machine code.
Normally, a bootblock is mostly empty, it just says "Load and execute the startup-scqucnec as normal'. So there's quite a bit of space on a bootblock for a virus, which infiltrates the system, then executes the startup-sequenee as normal. If a different disk is then inserted, the virus may copy itself on to the bootblock of that disk.
THE TOP TEN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS fjohn Veldthuis' Virus Checker Is updated to deal with new viruses, has a facility for checking the memory for viruses and can fix disks damaged by Saddam. Checks disks as you work, so is Ideal for hard disk users. Shareware.
2 Nuke! Is excellent for placing at the beginning of floppy disks that autoboot. Checks the memory for viruses and disks for disk-valldator and other types of virus. Also good at taking care of Saddam.
Written by Pazza of LSD. Freeware.
3B00IX is excellent for recording the bootblocks of disks. If you run your disk collection through It and suffer a bootblock virus, you can wipe it off and put the original bootblock back. Shareware.
4 Master Virus Killer 2.1 by Xavier LeClerq can cope with fewer viruses and is about a year behind the current crop of nasties. Originally released as shareware In the UK. Later versions of the program are commercial, and sadly, they are hard to come by.
SVIrusX by Steve Tlbbet is one of the original hunter-killers. Version 4 used to be the standard anti-virus program.
Sadly the program hasn't been updated to deal with new viruses. Shareware.
6 Jonathan Potter's ZeroVlrus III Introduced the brainfile idea, that Is It can learn how to recognise new viruses. The problem is it doesn't work on Workbench 2, and so has fallen into disuse. Shareware.
7 Zero Virus II should have been made obsolete by ZV3. However, this version does work with Workbench 2. But ft's not very good, and can recognise few of the more modern viruses. Shareware.
8 Kill Da Virus 3 was one of the first combination packages. It can scan disks for bootblock viruses, get rid of BSG9s and early file viruses. Was regarded by those who understood how to use it.
However, KDV3 has a tendency to wipe custom game bootblocks. In competent hands It's a deadly tool but most people need something simpler. Freeware (I think).
?3 IE3 ITI: a a q m n fi.
F ra lueH 1I'isl The Master Virus Killer is very easy to use and can cope with about 70-80 per cent of viruses.
9 On-Line's virus killer was released a year after the first incarnation of the SCA bootblock virus, and looks as if it has never been updated, but On-Line release free upgrades. Seems cheap until compared to a shareware or freeware product.
The Abacus Virus Protection Toolkit Is a better commercial attempt. A full suite of utilities on disk to remove viruses and it correctly predicted the appearance of disk validator files, comes with two books on virus theory.
Bootblock viruses would not be such a major problem il il were not tor the fact that a lol of games have their own personal. Customised bootblock. If this is overwritten by a virus, then the game will simply not work any more.
Which means writing off to the relevant software company in order to get a replacement game, costing you extra time and money.
Another common problem with games is that inexperienced people often mistake games' hootblocks for viruses. It's easy enough to get rather spooked by messages like 'Unknown bootblock - could he a virus' when using virus-checker programs. Some early bootblock-investigation programs mistakenly identified normal game bootblocks as viruses!
The moral of the story is: if it works, then leave il alone.
NATURAL EVOLUTION Viruses on the Amiga do not cause the havoc and panic that they've done in the past. However, while old hands (who have probably suffered an SCA or Byte Bandit in their time) are safe, new users are often naive and their own worst enemies.
When your system suffers virus infestation, the natural reaction is panic, paranoia and fury. A cool head and a copy of Virus Checker will serve you a lot better, especially if you want to avoid re-infection. New bootblock viruses are getting pretty scarce these days, as all hunter-killer programs know when a bootblock is suspect. We can only hope that Bootblock viruses are fairly rare now - let's this does not mark the beginning of a new hope something worse doesn't come along.
There are other types of virus that exist as files on a disk, just like any other computer program. They usually manage lo infect other disks by making sure they are run from the startup-sequence (or a program that is already called from the startup-sequence).
Another method of infection relics on the virus actually replacing Ihe disk-validator file that is found in the L directory of many CD VIRUSES Is it at all possible for a virus to exist on CDTV? The simple answer to this question is no (files cannot be copied on to Cds using existing Amiga CD hardware). However this does not mean viruses might not sometimes crop up on Cds, because they might accidentally have been left there at the production stage, but this is very unlikely.
Workbench 1.3 disks. This file is read and executed whenever a disk is inserted and Workbench is running.
Where precisely do computer viruses come from? Well it could be virtually any floppy disk that you happen to run across.
Pirated games software most definitely has to be the number one source, for various reasons, but mainly because a lot of viruses are target- ted specifically at pirates.
Pirated games are copied and recopied many times, enabling a virus to enter at any previous copy stage. It used to be the case that Public Domain libraries and bulletin boards were absolutely rife wilh viruses. While new viruses do break out anti run rampage occasionally. In the-main these areas have got wise to viruses and contain them by the use of the right virus-checking software. It's not very easy to check archived programs and data, but virus activity is definitely much less frequent on PD tlisks than previously known.
It's even more rare for a virus to be included in the duplication run of commercial software or (more often) a magazine cover disk. While Amiga Format's Covcrdisks have FAX VIRUSES?
Rumours continue to circulate of a virus which spreads through fax machines.
Although no one in the Amiga Format office has observed this weird phenomenon, reports of strange behaviour from fax machines which regularly transmit to one another have become more common in recent months. We'll keep you posted if it does turn out to be true.
Never bad a virus on them, other magazines have. (Oh no. That's tempting fate). This is a serious victory for the virus writers, as thousands of copies of Ihc same virus are activated simultaneously.
Sometimes, viruses are copied and altered, so as to defeat virus checkers which then cannot recognise the new strain. It is theoretically quite possible for this to happen naturally or by accident. But the current growth of the number of Amiga viruses does point to the fact that Ihe virus-warped programmers arc still busy creating and adapting virus programs. ® 1 Write protect all your floppy disks.
Only take the write protect off if you need to save a file - and write protect the disk again when you have finished saving.
THE TOP TEN ANTI-VIRUS TACTICS 2 Check the write protect before you put a disk into a disk drive. This is the best antl-vlrus habit.
3 Do a hard reset in-between programs, that is turn the machine off and on. 30 seconds is enough for most machines, five minutes Is necessary on an A500 Plus.
4 Go and get yourself a copy of Virus Checker, make sure it's the latest version. Run your entire collection of floppies (Including your precious originals) through it. Don’t erase anything until you are positive that it is a virus.
5 Get a system monitor. Virus Checker Is a good monitor, but Nuke! Is better if you are using floppies. Either leave it permanently on If you are a serious user, or run it occasionally to make sure your disks are not Infected.
6 Avoid pirated software like the virus ridden, polluted rubbish that it Is. It's also doing the industry no good at all.
7 Never ever be tempted to spread a virus, even to someone you don't like.
The same virus may copy Itself back to you, or you might get a much nastier virus In return.
8 Treat all new software as infected until you know it’s clean from viruses
- run It through a virus checker before you load it up. You can’t
be too sure!
9 Back up your boot blocks. Use BootX or Virus Expert to copy ail the bootblocks of your game disks, so that, If a bootblock virus does strike, you can repair the damage.
M If you still suffer virus damage, it's probably a new strain. Send a copy to Safe Hex International (0942 682205) clearly marking it as a probable new virus.
• The NEW Datel Colour Scanner uses the Mustek 8 colour grey
scale head to produce 4096 colour images.
• Several modes of operation are available to give 8, 16 or 32
different colour and Ham images as well as 16 grey scales.
• Scan update direct to the screen with direct scrolling and
positioning of the scanned image.
• Full colour pallette control with Gamma correction.
• Save IFF or Raw files of screen or buffer.
FOR ONLY £199.99
• Runs in 640 x 256 or 320 x 256 screen display.
• Unit plugs into expansion port of Amiga and does not require
_rfT|| IFF Buffer Save 1600 x 1024
- r'j. Pixels, dual buffer, scan matching Be view Buffer.
• Unmatched edit capture facilities & keyboard control not
offered by other scanners at this special price.
Full keyboard control of most functions.
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width
& 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text into
your Amiga.
&:¦ for moi PHOTOh View cor iIncludes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
» Full sizing menu of scan area.
Gcniscan gives you the ability to scan images, text or graphics Be even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.
Screen grid overlay & configure menu to save parameters. Icon menu to select functions.
X. Y position readout & metric sizes.
Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT, DELUXE PAINT, etc. View window and position control panel.
Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste editing of images etc. COMES WITH FREE PHOTON PAINT tiff GENIUS DIGITIZING TABLET i i ADD A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH TO YOUR DRAWING CAD WORK
• With the Amiga Genitizer Graphics Tablet you can streamline the
operation of most graphic or CAD programs.
• The Genitizer Graphics Tablet utilises latest technology to
offer up to 100 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylus.
• Complete 9" x 6" digitizing area plus super accurate stylus
combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control.
• Works by "mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most
packages where mouse input is the usual method - Deluxe Paint,
Photon Paint, CAD Packages, etc.
• Supplied with a template for Deluxe Paint.
• Full easy to follow instructions.
• This is the input method used on professional systems - now you
can add a new dimension to graphics CAD.
• Fast input of drawing by "tracing" is made easy - plus
"absolute reference" means you can move around the screen many
times faster than by a mouse.
• The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga
500 1000 2000 and "co-exists" with mouse.
• Unlike a mouse, the Tablet gives absolute co-ordinates so that
tracking and menu selections are possible from the tablet face.
• A pressure sensitive switch built into the stylus tip activates
the Tablet overriding the normal mouse input. When you are nol
using the Tablet, you have normal mouse control.
• Complete system - Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus, Deluxe
Paint Template, Powei* Adaptor, Test Software, Interface Unit,
plus [ Driver Program - no more to buy!
• High quality direct replacement for mouse on all Amigas.
• Teflon glides for smoother movement.
• Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
• Optical system counting - 500 n
• Incorporating full optical tracking and counting - no I so no
problems with clogging, slipping, etc. nt output for very fine
movement, action.
ta mouldcd to fit the hand.
techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos • reloads independently of
the cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2
Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before • allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo.
- Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that “impossible"
Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to
view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached"
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect your software investment. Works with all
presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key • no more waiting.
SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK 'ictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved Uy in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and kages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
4JSC MODES SELECTABLE - removing ugly borders when using NTSC fcpnly with newer Agnus chips).
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
.jBk JOYSTICK HANDLER - allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses - very useful for many keyboard programs.
’ B MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos,etc. And save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen
you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
’ B DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE REQUESTOR - if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor is displayed.
W o DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench - available at all times.
B BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able to boot from your external drive.
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS - including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
B DISKCODER With the new "Diskcoder" option you can now 'tag' your disks unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by ’Tagged" disks will only reload when you enter the tful for security.
PREFERENCES ' Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use.
I IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - including compressed small character command.
'• DISK MONITOR 'invaluable disk monitor - displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor •
Load Save block
• Write String to memory • Jump to specific address • Show Ram as
• Show frozen picture • Play resident sample • Show and edit all
CPU registers and flag
• Calculator • Help command • Full search feature • Unique Custom
Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers -
even write only registers! • Notepad
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper
Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL
WARNING 1968 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Date! Electronics Ltd.. neither condones or authorises the use ot it's products tor Ihe reproduction ot copyright material The backup facilities ot this product are designed lo reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, the users own programs or soltwaro where permission to make backups has been clearly given.
It is illegal to make copies, even tor your own use. Ol copyright material, without the dear permission ol the copyright owner, or the hcencee thereof Unleash me Power!
The Publishing Team With The Genie Edge Team work. Automation. Integration. Great concepts that haven't applied to desktop publishing, until now. Introducing Professional Page 3.0 and Professional Draw 3.0, two programs that through Genies’ and our open linking architecture are redefining the way you work. Genies automate everything from actually laying out newsletters and ads for you, to time saving functions like step and repeat and copy object attributes. A lull set of Genies come with each program, to help you work better and faster. Plus you can make your own Genies to automate the
things you do most.
Our intelligent hot-linking system lets you instantly take a drawing to Professional Draw 3.0 for editing, or take text to our Article Editor for speedy changes and spell checking. Link to Professional Calc’ for instant tables or to Art Department Professional’ for image manipulation. These links come free, and more arc on the way. But you don't have to wait, because with our open linking architecture you can create your own links to any of the hundreds of programs that support Arexx. With Genies and linking, the possibilities are endless.
Professional Page 3.0® - A New Standard In Publishing With Professional Page 3.0 you get all the features you would expect from rhe leading publishing system for die Amiga. Adobe Type 1 font support. Irregular Text Wrap, Built-in PANTONE" Colour, a complete range of typefaces, Auto-Tiling, superior Colour Separations and more. Plus you get an Article Editor and spell checker that others make you pay for.
Automatic Layout Page Genies' revolutionize desktop publishing by actually laying out pages for you. Answer a few questions and in just minutes you have a professional layout.
Plus our new Function Genies perform over 60 functions like Mail Merge, Drop Caps, Drop Shadows, Step and Repeat, and more that will save you time and simplify your work. Plus you can write your own.
Professional Draw 3.0® - A New Standard In Illustration We've added a number of hot new features that make it easier than ever to create high-res full color illustration, exciting type effects, and more. You get automatic linear and radial gradient fills. Type directly on the page and use AGFA Compugraphic or l ype 1 fonts.
Variable X-Y bolding & scaling. The PANTONE®’’ Colour Matching System is built-in. An improved Auto-Trace converts bitmaps. Auto-Tiling of large pages. Un-Do. A Free Clip Art collection, and more!
Magic Functions Professional Draw 3.0 also features over 25 time saving Function Genies’ like Step and Repeat, Style Tags lor Objects, Copy Object Attributes, Make Avery Labels, Hot-link to Art Department Pro', Rounded Rectangles, Polygons, and more.
Join The Professional Publishing Team - For One Low Price!
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GOLD DISK Professional Page, Professional Draw, Professional Cali, and Gold Disk are Irademarks ol Gold Disk Int. Professional Page and Professional Drow icquire o lioid disk and 2MB RAM, lo use Hot-link requires 3MB RAM.
'Genies and mocked links require Arexx. Arexx tomes Itec with Workbenth 2 or ton be purchased ol o reduced price with coupon inside Professional Page 3.0 box. "PAIITONE is Ponlone, Inr's chock-slondord Irodemork for colour. 'Special £99.95 oiler is limited, available while stocks Iasi. Price excludes VAI ol £18.46 and shipping (barge of £5.50. Please moke checks foi £123.91 poyoble to V estpainl Creative lid.
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The Mouse Yoke ® does not need a game card or special items, it uses your own mouse for smooth and accurate control, unrivalled by some yokes costing over 3 times as much. More fun and less hassle for only £24.95 Suitable for most computers inc. portables Unit 1 b Beehive Trading Estate, Crews Hole Road, St. George, Bristol BS5 8AY Tel: (0272) 550900 Fax: (0272) 411052 if information only required, please enclose SAE quoting inleresl.
Prices exclude pSp. Please add El .95 Please allow up to 21 days for delivery sm lit 1d Beehive Trading Estate, Cre m AMIGA REPAIRS VISA JUST £44.95 inc. ? Commodore registered
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computers can be repaired within 24 hours of hooking in
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* Repairs to keyboard and disk drive also included (£15 extra if
these units are unrepairable and require complete replacements)
* All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty Upgrade your Amiga
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How lo lake advantage of this exceptional offer: simply send or hand deliver your machine to llie workshop address detailed right, enclosing payment and this advert, and we will do the rest. Iimportant, please include a daytime telephone number and fault description).
* If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 else
your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (6 lines) WTS reserve the right to refuse machines that in their opinion are beyond reasonable repair - normal charge applies.
FTp PD GAMES & UTILITIES E - . ... j . J1 h i w Minin vfiiivt riiuimi if f.
- milu;
• If The game that launched Nintendo into the public eye, cloned
with subtle changes onto your machine.
Programming team Bignonia. Long-time masters of bringing old C64 classics to life 011 the Amiga, have converted the game that introduced Mario to an unsuspecting world. All I can say of this is that it's got the average gameplay and lousy graphics of the original, plus quite good Amiga sound. It'll bring tears of nostalgia to the eves of many people.
DONKEY KONG CHOICE SOFTWARE G062 ACC AAAIGANUTS Anyone for Assembler? The Amiga Coders' Club has been running for some lime now. But in case there are still people hungry for some half-decent (and quite a lot of excellent I example source codes, this is the disk collection 10 go for.
Strangely enough, the menuing system is written in
C. Each ACC disk is split into source code examples,
documentation, letters and a smattering of more general
issues lo spice it up a hit. The source does everything from
convert hex 10 ASCII, up lo source for a DijendcMype game.
Sadly, it's still incomplete, but looking good.
Mark Mcany and Dave Edwards tire doing excellent things with the ACC disks and, if you want to see what you've missed in previous issues, this one has tin inilex of the contents of all past disks. Oh yes. And there are a few new bits from a new contributor called Arcane Jill. The latter stuff includes details of some known bugs in Devpac 3.
Wnrre KNIGHT SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS Anyone still remember the Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit'! Widely hailed as being a tool for professional quality scrolling games. SEUCK has never been used Here's this month's succulent selection of new utilities, games and other software, all of which will cost you next to nothing. Your host, Pat McDonald brings you slap, bang and er, wallop up to date.
Lo better effect. This game looks Ihe same and plays much the same as oilier SHUCK games. The difference is in the design of the stages. Each stage has safe routes and dangerous routes to find, exploit and avoid. The enemy positions and the landscape tire well spliced together, leading to some tricky manoeuvring and backtracking.
In many ways it's a lousy game (not many colours, small screen, bad collision detection - all the hallmarks of SEUCK), hut is still Ihe most fun-to-play SEUCK game I've seen. It won't engross you for long, but at least some talent has gone into it.
Wi: WARS NEBULA SOFTWARE Sounds quite awful, but is really rather good. Wizard Wars pits you against up lo four other players. The Amiga can control any of Ihe players. Demonology is the name of the game - I've always believed in olo- gies. But summoning demons is not an academic subject I'd recommend.
There are lots of forts, castles and cities to dominate with your demons too. There's also an elusive hug that sometimes crashes the game 011 WB2 systems.
Creating the demons is simplicity itself. Just click on arrows lo tweak the strength, intelligence, move rate and manna (magic points) of the little blighters. These can only be taken as far as the Wizard's magic will Continued on page 224 DECEMBER 1 992 Never mind Ihe ethics, it's a challenging strategy game wilh just enough in the way of sound and graphics to get by. You have to beat the other guy, true, hut CLUMPY ICONS T 7 BIT 2202 Hmm, a disk stuffed with Icons, ready to use to tart up your disk collection. All the icons have been designed with Workbench 1.3 in mind and, while many of
them look all right on a 2.04 machine, some look very odd with WB2.
The different categories of icon are Specific, Disks and Drawers, Sound and Vision (that sounds familiar), NewSystem (Standard Workbench utility Icons that have a CBM logo when clicked on), General and 101 uses.
The clever bit about this disk Is that the artist, Robert Corradi, makes one condition about using the icon: if you use one on a disk, you must also include a small advert from Robert which asks for help on two of his special projects.
The first of these is an Interactive database of comic characters that have been used In films. The hope here Is that this little gem will find its place in the Museum of Moving Images In London.
The second project is a short cyberpunk film, for which Robert wants some decent musicians and a coder to write some funky screen wipes for the titles. If you're interested in helping the fellow out, or you want to lay your hands on some free icons, get this disk and you never know where your work could end up.
PD GAMES & UTILITIES 7a ACT OF WAR 1 7 BIT 2197 My word, this one shows promise. Heavily Influenced by games like Rebelstar and, more recently, Laser Squad and Space Crusade, Act of War Is a tactical battle game which abandons hexes and cardboard markers and gives you a map view instead. Each unit under your command can be turned, moved and fired.
There are three missions on each disk and there's not too much in the way of dull statistics.
You can play two-player against a friend, or take on the computer - It doesn't play outstandingly, but It's competition of a sort. The aim is to tool up the units available and complete the mission, which usually consists of wiping out the opposition, but occasionally involves blowing up a strategic point.
There are three difficulty levels. Easy gives you the most cash and lets you see all the opposition facing you. Medium takes the cash down and introduces 'line of sight' rules - you have to be facing an opponent in order to see and shoot at it. The amount of cash available Is very important. Some of the weaponry is very poky, causing large explosions that wipe out the enemy en masse. Other stuff is handy, but only at short range - things like shotguns and rifles. Overall there are more than 15 categories of weapon, with the cost of each proportional to Its effectiveness.
After taking up the predetermined start positions, you begin edging forward and blasting. If you've never tried this sort of wargame before, all I can say Is that it's very appealing to a wide variety of masculine gameplayers and obviously features loads of violence.
It's shareware, so registering gets you a version without the annoying 'pay the fee' messages and also gets you a mission editor with which you can set up your own battles. However, there are a number of bugs in the program that often cause it to abort back to Workbench: if the keyboard Is used for a mouse operation, or vice versa.
Happily, If you pay £10 then Dave Smith (the author) will send you the original Amos source code. Somebody help him debug this - It would be a major shareware game If only It didn't bug out so often. Although it has so-so graphics, the sound, which Is used with permission of Team 17, is very good - especially the sound of a magazine being slammed into a gun. This is my sort of game and I make no apologies for the fact It's buggy and a bit slow. A couple of updates and tweaks to the source and this has the makings of a classic shareware game. 'Scuse me, I'm off to cause some mayhem... allow. So
you can either create lots of weak demons or a couple of real hellraisers. It requires Workbench and bit of fiddling to get it working on a 1.3 machine.
Mb ActWfiti No accounts, no cash flow, no reminders: I guess I'm skint again. Never mind, I accurately know how broke I am!
I Ionic accounts anyone'.' This program has had a lot of work put into it to make it look and operate just right.
TMP can keep track of up to 12 different accounts, recording the money transfers between them as your precious pennies go their separate ways.
The program is not unique by' any means, but it has a good, simple layout that's very easy to pick up. An example tile is included and. Judging by the speed at which it loads, it's a pretty fast program for studying and managing your finances. The programmer (Alan Bilsborough) has done a good job.
The secret is to set up expenditure accounts for things you buy often (groceries, hits for Ihe car. Whatever). Then see how you're buying a particular item and whether money can be saved by. For example, paying a bill by direct debit.
WWII HISTORY BOOK ASGARD SOFTWARE In some ways this is similar to the Total Concepts educational series from CLR. It's a potted history of WWII. From the causes, through the major events and battles and up to the final conclusion. It covers some of the campaigns in fair detail, and has the occasional digitised or scanned picture to brighten things up a bit.
The problem with this program is that it tries lo fit live The WWII History Book offers plenty of material like this.
Although lacking in detail, it shows just what is possible.
Years of history on to a single disk. Needless lo say there's an awful lot of detail missing, hut then a lot of people aren't really interested in the full story and just want Ihe highlights.
The History Hook is quite well designed, and has been set up using Gold Disk's Hyperbook. It's not perfect by any means (some of the material is very good, most is patchy) and you'll find far more to read on a disk magazine - but it's a step towards better education through computers. Give it a try - it might just inspire you to do your own Hyperbook presentations.
C MANUAL SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS Just in case you haven't heard about tile C Manual. I thought I'd better mention it. The C manual has been recently updated to 12 lloppy disks crammed with tutorials and example programs, all in C. Although the C assumed is Lattice, you can use other, cheaper Cs (like Ihe shareware North C or PDC).
Anders Bjerin. Founder of the Worldwide Amiga C Club and author of ihe original manual, has had quite a lot of new material, so much so that the original three- disk set is now a 12-disk set.
I'd better not forget the most important thing. If you are having difficulty tracking this one down, it's part of Ihe Fred Fish collection, disks 691-695. So if you know a supplier of Fish disks then you can save yourself a few bob on duplicating costs - the five disks automatically de-archive on lo 12. Novice users would probably be much better off gelling the set already dc-cntnched because some libraries re-crunch disks like this, making it rather tricky to get at the contents.
TOR 1 O UPDATES OF THE MONTH Every month we print a chart of the top 10 games and utilities from a popular PD library. This month It's the turn of... SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS ALL PLUS COMPATIBLE L_ PC Task U152 2.
Anti Virus
6. 04 U155 3.
AMOS cricket G170 4.
Imploder version 4U151 5.
DeluxePalnt Tutor___ U160 6.
Assassins Game Compilation 3 G178 7.
ElectricCAD Demo U161 8.
Pools Tools U173 9.
SupaFonts U142
Tank Attack G180 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN THIS ISSUE 17 Bit: 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH. 0924 366982 Amiganuts United: 169 Dale Valley Road Hollybrook, Southampton, S01 6QX Anglia PD: Anglia House, 115 Ranelagh Road Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7HU 0394 283494 Asgard PD: 20 Langdale Drive, Flanshaw Wakefield, WF2 9EW 0924 363059 Choice Software: 144 London Road Hlghflelds, Sheffield, S2 4LT 0742 555894 Nebula Software: 42 Goldsplnk Lane Sandyford, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1NR Software Expressions: 44 Beauley Road Southville, Bristol, BS3 1AY 0272
639593 Asgard PD: 20 Langdale Drive, Flanshaw Wakefield, WF2 9EW 0924 363059 Choice Software: 144 London Road Highfields, Sheffield, S2 4LT 0742 555894 Nebula Software: 42 Goldsplnk Lane Sandyford, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE21NR Software Expressions: 44 Beauley Road Southville, Bristol, BS3 1AY 0272 639593 nAAl WITH EVERY PACK AM1SA 500600 FROM SILICA SYSTEMS PLUS!
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ZOOL - ‘Knocks the socks off Sonic.' - 97% - tmiga Computing-Nov '92 STRIKER - ‘Footballer of the Year - and no mistake...’ - 94% - CO Amiga - June '92 PINBALL DREAMS - “It's quite simply superb' - 94% - AUI - Sept '92 TRANSWRITE - Premier word processor (UK version) with a 90K spell checker.
Plus, with every Amiga Irom Silica, we will give you Pholon Paint 2 painl package and GFA Basic programming language. A total of over £265 worth ol Iree gifts.
ZOOL PACK: ZOOL - platform title ol the year £25.99 STRIKER - soccer simulation ...£25.99 PINBALL DREAMS- pmball simulabon...... £25.99 TRANSWRITE • word processor ....£49.95 PLUS!
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drives. GVP penpherals can also provide PC emulation,
additional RAM expansion, processor acceleration and extra hard
drive storage space There is also a wide range ol expansions
which give Ihe A500 Plus higher resolutions and more colour and
genlocking capabilities.
• Z0CL PACK ....£127.9?
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PACK SAWM3 £52562 SILICA PfOCL £299(0 The new Amiga 600 uses state-ol-the-arl surface mounl technology, tor maximum reliability and features a 3'A" floppy drive, mouse. TV modulalor and smart card slot all as standard. The innovative smart card slol accepls games.
ROM or RAM cards (Irom 1Mb up to 4Mbj and will take advanlage ol many future new developments. The very latest version ol the operating system, Kickstart Workbench v2.05 is used in Ihe Amiga 600 and its Sj.
Enhanced chip sel facilities include improved graphics resolution, Increased genlock support and the facility tor up to 2Mb ol chip memory. The Amiga 600 is lully compatible with Ihe A670 CD-ROM Drive and Interlace which will give il access to a lull range of CDTV lilies and audio Cds.The Amiga 600 is available Irom Silica in several configurations including a special 2Mb RAM upgrade optional exlra - see Ihe chart below. I A500 „. CARTOON CLASSICS INCCUOES BUILT-IN ID-KEY NUMERIC KEYPAD INC VAT - AMC 0592 A500 + LEMMINGS + DPAINT III NEW! AMIGA 600 PACKS WILD, WEIRD & WICKED EPIC 1HARD
DRIVE’ PACK ! *' yAmiga.taiiHK' mmMWmSi h»pj£wI WILD, WEIRD & WICKED AMIGA.
• 1ml AMIGA GOO. MOUSE, 3H’ Disk Drive, TV Modulalor. Smart Card
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spills ol the Hack
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the solar system?
• ROME - Your goal is to become Emperor in this role playing
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judgements ot the gods?
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Priced at £349, it comes complete with Amiga 600 computer and mouse, plus a range of high quality entertainment software. For pack contents, plus a list of fhe FREE gifts from Silica wilh every Amiga 600, see the chart on the right.
The Wild, The Weird and The Wicked (WWW) is the title ol Commodore's new Amiga 600 games pack.
Priced at £349, it comes complete with Amiga 600 computer and mouse, plus a range ol high quality entertainment software. For pack conlents, plus a list ol the FREE gifts from Silica with every Amiga 600, see Ihe chart on the right.
For the more serious user, the £499 Epic Language Pack is based around the A600HD, the A600 with 20Mb hard drive. It includes challenging adventure games and software lor the linguistically minded!
Details are shown on the chart on the right along with a list ol the FREE gifts from Silica wilh every Amiga 600 purchased.
For the more serious user, the £499 Epic Language Pack is based around the A600HD, the A600 with 20Mb hard drive. It includes challenging adventure games and software for the linguistically minded!
Details are shown on Ihe chart on fhe right along wilh a list of the FREE gifts from Silica wilh every Amiga 600 purchased.
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own? . n«OE Advertised prices and spcciliCQlxx-.s may cnanoe - Please 'elum ihe coupon foi nw tales! Information fTp PD MUSIC & GFX DEMOS Andy 'Nutts' Nuttall has spent an agonising month viewing the onslaught of animations and demos that have arrived from libraries all over the country. We have managed to drag him away from his Amiga monitor, though, to come and write a few words on what's impressed and distressed his critical eye so far... DOLLY MIXTURES PACK ID CYNOSTIC PD, DISK D0414 This weird and sometimes wonderful
collection of demos was pul together by Anarchy, a team of coders which is well respected in its field. No actual Anarchy code here, though, apart from the menu which displays a picture of Bertie Bassett playing a horrible rendition of the Rainbow theme tune (a joke, methinks...). Most of the demos are advertisements for various bulletin boards, but the first. Hypnautic Hammer by Extensors, is a great exception. After a silent introduction to the demo, you are invited to "Enjoy the mindtrip". Not being a fan of techno music and the general rave scene, I wasn't really looking forward to that
prospect. How wrong could 1 be... The demo consists of a powerful piece of hardcore music which uses some high quality samples. Along with the music comes a long loop of graphics which are tightly synchronised to the music. The visuals all involve a stroboscopic element, which makes it ideal for a parly in a dark room (especially with the volume turned right up), but seriously mind-altering if you sit glued to your monitor screen.
The most impressive part of the demo, though, is a short animation which shows a man's head first looking left, then right, with some very fast-colour cycling providing a strobe effect. Because it's all in time with the music, it's quite gob-smacking.
On a more serious note, if you suffer from tiny form of epilepsy, steer well clear.
LEMMIN'S REVENGE VIRUS FREE PD, DISKS 2935 & 2936 I’m not too sure about this one. 1 was very impressed with Roddy's efforts last month, with Duncan the Dima Hectic and the Kingfisher animation. This time he's taken a popular animation. Lemming's Revenge by Eric Schwartz, and messed around with it to produce "a tribute' to the other animator. Hmm.
It's only a personal opinion, but I reckon that it’s OK to make a tribute when you produce your own work in somebody else's style, but when you actually pull bits of other people's code out of their animations and use it in your own. That’s another thing entirely.
That's not to say that all of it's copied - there are some original bits; but the difference in quality between the two animators' styles is immediately apparent. Schwartz’s lemmings are cute, simplistic and full of life, whereas McMillan's are. Like Duncan the Beetle, a little too detailed and overdrawn.
DECEMBER 1992 Sorry Roddy, but you can't expect to become a world-renowned animator overnight. It takes lime, so stick lo your original ideas for a while before you start using other people's styles. Concentrate on making them as fluid and cute as possible, be patient, and soon you will be recognised as an original animator. This kind of stuff isn't going lo help you al all.
Like the previous screen, these graphics were 'borrowed' from a Schwartz demo. Even kept the VR chair, I notice.
SPEEDUMH 17 BIT, DISK 2217 A-C The last demo here is another by up-and-coming animator Craig Collins, who produced the excellent Dolphin Dreams ray-traced animation featured in last month's issue.
Here, Craig hBS used ShowANIM to produce a 2Mb animation which shows Tron-style motorbikes racing around the streets of a futuristic city. The bikes are taking part in an illegal race, so the police have devised a special type of bike to try and catch them. Their bikes morph Into any shape, In true Terminator 2 style.
To trap the racers, one of the police bikes morphs into the shape of a brick wall in the middle of the freeway. The racing bikes crash headfirst into it, then the police bike returns to Its original shape before speeding away. A strange Idea, but quite an original one.
The animation is nicely realised, with an excellent use of graphics, but It would definitely benefit from the use of a storyboard. I know it's difficult to cram good animation and a good story into 2Mb of memory, but the ideas are just a bit too vague for comfort. Some sound effects would also be a good Idea, Just to add that little extra atmosphere.
That's not intended as a drastic criticism, though, because the animation is very Impressive overall. Craig Collins is definitely a name to watch out for In the future.
Larger-than-life signs tell the riders just what the speed limit Is, and exactly what'll happen if they break it... f MITSUBISHI BRANDED DISKS WW 525" (360K) 5.25" (1.6 Meg) 3.5” (1 MEG) 3.5" 2 MEG(1.44) BOX 10 5.00 7.00 7.00 12.00 LQQK! Great deals on Mitsubishi 3.5" Branded Diskd 5 Boxes MF2DD (50 Disks) ..Only £26.00 - shA ft' 10 Boxes MF2DD (100 Disks) Only £50.00 5 Boxes MF2HD (50 Disks) ..Only £45.00 10 Boxes MF2HD (100 Disks) Only £88.00 ' ' + 20% OFF ALL STORAGE BOXES WITH ABOVE DEALS mMH m GOLD MASTER BRANDED 2 FOR 1 LIFE TIME WARRANTY 1 MEG 2 MEG MF-2DD MF-2HD C300A ....£17.05
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£32.50 £40.00 £63.50 £75.00 £125.50 £175.00 £295.50 1000 Disks
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on 55% clipping level, cheaper disks are available - please
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Warranty 48tpi 96tpi HD 25 DisksSf £8.50 £8.75 £12.00 50 Disks
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CHAIR...£40.00 GAMES AVAILABLE AT ONLY op Anglepoise..£15.99
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P. 52 Sea Battle, Grand Prix, Challenger Tank, Brain Power,
Carrier, Linear Racing, Super Block, Snake, Hashblock Eagle-
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SHOOT GREAT SILHOUETTES, STUNNING Xi SLIDES "••“tSSSo'•***" I Cadtfl ¦ *” 1 PLUS We review Nikon’s amazing new F90, while three reader panelists give their verdicts on the Minolta Dynax 9xi Create dramatic and mysterious effects with silhouettes. We show you how in the Photo Plus workshop.
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On sale October 22nd Only £1.95 PD MUSIC & GFX DEMOS Tj FORGOTTEN 17 BIT, DISK 2215 Slideshows come and slideshows go, and generally once you have seen one you've seen 'em all.
This particular offering from Mirage, however, is one of the most impressive shows that I've ever seen. Comprising a mixture of hand-drawn and scanned artwork, the whole package just oozes quality, from the use of colour down to the slick way it's presented.
The first screen to appear is a menu in the form of an open book, which shows a glimpse of each picture on the right-hand page with the title on the left. Three of the pictures are displayed at any one time, and they may be scrolled up or down using the mouse pointer.
The tasters for each picture immediately hit you, and entice you to load the full screen in or use the option to view them all. When you choose an option, the desired picture is displayed via one of a number of ‘wipes', that Is to say that different pictures appear in different ways.
There are eight pictures crammed on to the disk, and each displays a different style of artwork.
One of them, Abraxas - The Guardian of the Universe, looks like an advert for a feature film. It depicts two human faces: one is screwed up in terror, the other Is a type of steel-jawed He-man, who could have just stepped off the cover of Stephen King's book The Gunslinger.
Then there's Bitch of the Beasts, which Is another fantasy drawing. This shows a naked woman's reflection in an oval mirror with a very surrealistic frame. It’s about this time when you realise that the artist, Danny, is very good at drawing human features, so faces crop up quite often.
Part of the mirror joins with the woman’s leg, and her cloak flows through to the front of the mirror, making it look as though she's walking through the mirror from the other side... Fourth is The Flute and the Thief, which has the god Pan playing his pipes while - yes, you guessed It - looking at a naked young lady kneeling on her bed. Mind you, he is the god of Lust and all things sordid, so what can you expect?
The last piccy I’m going to describe is the one which I consider to be the best. Kingdom of the Knights Is a super-bitmapped image, which means that it takes up an area about three times larger than the normal screen. The scene shows two knights In full battle dress posing in front of a beautifully drawn Pegasus, with two fire-breathing dragons rising out of the water on either side.
This is a superbly drawn, awe-inspiring demo (with some epic music to boot) which should be begged, stolen or borrowed at all costs. You could even get it from a PD library, if you’re lucky.... BOND'S LAST STAND 17 BIT, DISK 2211 This is an unusual lypc of animation, which begins seriously hut quickly moves into the realm of the hilarious. Starting with a picture of James Bond in his "ladies man’-typc pose, it moves on to the usual Bond film beginning, with the action viewed through the barrel of a gun.
Bond walks in from the right, holding his gun. And when he reaches the centre, he turns and shoots.
Normally at this point the screen turns red lo signify that the person has been shot, hut in this case - nothing... Bond misses with his first shot, and his second.
After taking a quick look around, he lets off another few rounds, and then it's our man's turn to shoot.
Fortunately his aim is slightly more accurate, and he manages lo blow off one of Bond's arms off. The second shot rings out. And then bang goes his other arm. This is where all my memories come flooding back of the Monty Python anil the Holy Grail film with The Black Knight leaping up and down, completely armless (sic), and threatening lo bile King Arthur lo death! Ah. Great times.
Anyway, back to the story. The final shot takes out Bond himself, and reduces him to a pile of rubble on the lloor - from which comes a quivering white Hag.
Great graphics, well thought-out storyline, and good use of sound samples. Grove, the writer, is on "Q" for a sure-fire winner with this one.
WILDFIRE CYTMOSTIC PD, DISK D0379 Another megademo which is similar in style to the one by Extensors featured earlier. This is by Wildfire, and features a powerful rave-style soundtrack which is backed up by some flash mind-bending graphics. The graphics are all synchronised lo the music, but when they're not moving they look a little dull, so we haven't included a screen shot here.
This demo comes in three stages: an introduction to the coders with some iconic pictures of them - routine stuff: followed by the main hit of music which techno- freaks will love: and lastly the end credits accompanied by some peaceful music lo finish off on a temperate note. Not exactly deep and meaningful, but a well- presented demo which makes good use of samples.
TOP TEN DEMOS OF THE MONTH Just so that you know what's in and what's not we ask a Public Domain library to tell us the numerical order ot the flavours ot the month... CYTMOSTIC PD 1.
Human Target D0163 2.
Hardwired D0159 3.
Wildfire D0379 4.
Dolly Pack 16 D0414 5.
AM FM8 D0018 6.
Stolen Data 9 D0553 7.
The Final Frontier 3 D0003 8.
Mangad D0407 9.
Ray of Hope 2 D0533
Point Blank D0512 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN THIS ISSUE CYNOSTIC PD: 85 Wyken Crott, Coventry, CV2 3AD. 0203 613817 17 BIT: 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH. 0924 366982 VIRUS FREE PD: 31 Faringdon Road, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2LS. 0793 512321 High-powered desktop publishing at a price you'll be powerless to resist!
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SUPERB SPECIAL EFFECTS Create eye-catching, non-rectangular text boxes and implement text wraparound, drop caps and drop shadows with ease.
Rotate text and graphics a full 360° in 10° increments.
Expand, compress, magnify, and mirror any text or graphic clement in seconds.
FREE PostScript"' Interpreter turns your dot-matrix, ink-jet or laser printer into a powerful PostScript printer!
UNRIVALED OUTPUT Produce high-quality Linotronic masters on film and paper in up to 256 shades of grey and at resolutions as high as 2540 dots per inch - on pages sizes right up to 20" by 20".
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FANTASTIC FONT SUPPORT Apart from full support for Adobe"’ Type 1 fonts, direct support for thousands of Macintosh"’ and IBM-PC" Type 1 fonts are also available - with type sizes from 3 to 2,000 points.
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Description .....Price ..Order Code Teddy Disk ....£17.99 AM231 Frog Disk ......£17.99 AM232 Spy
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III. , pHri jm a.
• 5 3 KfS 3 go ¦“E" ih im ilffffi flsfsss 5 » ? * i ? S 11-1*22
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II 331-33 III ;?!
3t“ g- 2S“sSsjg is is is s is g DOODDOC Free with Devpac 3 - use the coupon • SAS C* Version 6 Development System ?
N !?
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¦Packed with puzzles & problems, neal tricks and canny surprises ¦Addictive and thoroughly superb... Ihe polish and sure-llre detail makes it a sure-tlre winner" (Micro User 95%) The mosl bizarre, weird & freaky game to hit the streets for a long time ... remarkably addictive" (Games-X) £15.99 Don't forget
- submil your game and you might win a prize as well as lame!!!
See the assembler article!
HiSoft DMI Ltd 0753 686000 High Quality Software Calling all Programmers The news of the month is the release of the long-awaited SAS C 6 development system, for which we are the official UK representatives - more details are given below. If you obtained Devpac 2 on the cover disk of the October issue of Amiga Format, you will be pleased to know that you can still buy the complete system, with manual, for only £24.95 which includes an order form to upgrade to Devpac Version 3. In addition we have the excellent Mastering Amiga Assembler book in stock, free (honestly!) When you buy Devpac 3
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SEARCH FOR THE WORD FROM: JONATHAN WILSON, LAUGHGILLY Where, apart from Special Reserve, can 1 get text adventures? I noticed that none were mentioned in the Amiga FormaI Complete Software Guide. Which ones do you think are best on the Amiga?
Workbench Want some detailed answers to your Amiga questions?
This the place to look, Pat McDonald is the person to ask.
Without doubt, the best that you can gel is the Complete lifocom Collection. Reviewed last issue (Page 112), you get 20 huge adventures for about £40. You can get it from the suppliers Profile (0926 815855).
Sorry about the lack of Infocom - it wosn't out in time for publication in this... Also, as I am using a CTM644 with my Amiga, where can I buy a stereo amplifier with a couple of little personal speakers?
Lots of places - Evesham Micros being one, they do a fairly good deal but it's well worth shopping around for this sort of gear.
MULTI QUEST FROM: RICHARD YOUNG, INTAKE I am having various problems with my Amiga. My set up consists of a 1.3 A500, a Zydec 0.5Mb expansion, Roctec external floppy drive and a Star LC200 printer.
1) Recently a lot of games have been crashing with Guru
Meditation (software failure) number 00000003. What does this
Right, when you get a Guru Meditation (renamed a software failure on Workbench 2 and up) then a program has overstepped the mark and tried to do something with the machine that it can't do. The one you are asking about means 'out of memory', hut it can also mean that ihe program is trying to access memory that doesn't exist on your machine. It could be that one or more of the RAM chips on your board is faulty, or the trapdoor expansion connector where you plug il in has gone faulty.
2) My internal disk drive is going funny. Quite often, when I put
a disk in it says 'Error validating disk' or ‘Not a DOS disk’
when the disk is fine. If I click on Retry, it keeps telling
me to replace the disk in Drive 0 when I haven't even taken it
Two or three times the drive has sat clicking as if it is empty instead of loading. Do I need a new drive?
How much and who from?
Sounds more like a virus lo me. The cheapest new internal drive I have seen is from Dan Computer Services (0533 470059) and il costs a little under £40.
3) Leisure Suit Larry 3 keeps crashing, with an out of handles
error. Do I need more memory? If so I was considering Evesham
Micro's Megahoard. I read in Issue 39 of the magazine that it
is incompatible with certain kinds of memory board. Would it
work w ith my Zydec?
Like I said, your memory expansion may not be giving as much extra memory as it could. As for compatibility with the Mcgaboard - look at the RAM chips on the Zydec expansion. Their should be a long serial number. Then a dash (-) followed by either 15. 12. 10 or 80.
15 means 150 nanoseconds access (how fast the chip works) and this is too slow. 12 is short for 120 nanoseconds access, which is borderline. 10 means 100 nanoseconds, and 80 means 80 nanoseconds. With Ihe latter two types, the Mcgaboard should work fine.
4) I am having trouble following the Bullfrog's tutorial. When
I look at draw_all in the tile draw. S. and change Ihe code as
instructed. Devpac gives me six errors when I try to assemble
it. If I run it afterwards Ihe assembler crashes with Guru
Meditation 00000003 00C05I28. Help!
Loads of people fell into this trap, and I'm really sorry we didn't make things clear. The first thing lo do with the Devpac disk is back it up. As per the instructions on the Coverdisk pages. Use the copy for all your work, and for the subsequent parts of the feature.
The bit about assembling ihe changes is not too difficult to understand. Alter you have changed one of the Devpac files (Draw.s or Move.s) you have to save it back to Ihe disk. To assemble the demo, you have lo assemble il all.
That is, you load demo.s, and assemble that, demo.s contains a list of all the files that make up the whole demo. Assembling the files in isolation doesn't work, because they refer to parts in the other programs.
Without an include statement (which is all that demo.s consists of) then Devpac can't find the other bits, and so reports errors.
GOOD IDEA FROM: J SUMMERHILL, BRISTOL I would find it very useful, and I'm sure a lot of other people would as well, if you could run a series of short articles on hard drives. No, I don't mean reviews - I mean setting them up, tricks and lips, and things to avoid. My GVP manual skips over THE MASKED EXPANSION FROM: HAROLD WAPPLINGTON, CHESTERFIELD The SupraRAM 500R, one of the few A500 expansions that the through-port actually works on.
In the September Issue, In the Techno Babble glossary bit, you stated that the Zorro expansion connector for the A500, A500 Plus and A1000 Is the original Zorro 1. I have an A500 with a SupraRAM 500RX which contains 4Mb of memory. I have used the Syslnfo utility and It told me that the RAM expansion Is a Zorro II type i've had the expansion for about a month now, and everything works absolutely fine with It - the only real exception being the word processing application Pen Pal 1.2. It loads so far, then I get a Guru Meditation. What I want to know Is, are the Zorro l and II compatible?
Ah. I'm afraid this is a really, really complicated area.
Zorro I and II are not In fact compatible, but before you get worried, here’s the low down. The connector on the A1000 and A500 types are nearly Identical but not quite
- one clock signal is missing from the A1000. But it’s not
usually used anyway. Also, on the A500 the connectors are on
the left-hand side of the machine, whereas on the A1000 it's on
the right-hand side and it is therefore upside down.
Now, the connectors on an A2000 are Identical to those on an A500, except that they have the opposite sex. An A2000 card looks very much like the edge connector that is on an A500, and an A500 peripheral has the same slot on it as an A2000 edge connector; yes they are all very similar.
Are you at all confused yet? OK. The magical system whereby you can plug in an A2000 card and it is automatically set up and used by the system Is called AutoConfig. A cut down version is also available on the A500 - but some of the circuitry is missing, because you're only supposed to have one thing plugged into the side of an A500.
The SupraRAM has a through port. To make this work properly and enable other expansions talk to the Amiga, some of the AutoConfig logic has been put back in - incidentally, so does the Cortex memory expansion.
A lot of other expansions don't. Anyway, that's why that particular expansion looks like the full AutoConfig Zorro II slot as found on an A2000.
And can I get Pen Pal to use the extra memory?
The only way to do this Is to get an upgrade from the software house concerned. Sorry I can't help.
Finally, Is it all right to alter the RAM Jumper settings to 1 or 2Mb without taking any chips out?
Fine. No problem. Do it now.
Ihis very lightly alter telling me uhonl 'prcpping' and ‘formatting’. Oh yes, and do you know of a dedicated driver for my Citizen 240c? I’ve got the Citizen Print Manager hut I am soldiering on with Ihe 224 24e 24x driver.
Hmm. I reckon about half a page of Workbench entirely devoted lo hard drive maintenance would probably be a good idea for a lot of readers. I'll try and lit it in soon, possibly next issue. As for a driver. I believe that Citizen will be upgrading Ihe Citizen Print Manager in the near future, but the new drivers are not available til the time of writing.
Here’s an excellent tip for printing documents, or any text tile, from Workbench. Have you ever printed a file on a Mac? All you have to do is drag the file’s icon to the printer icon on the desktop and the tile gets printed. I know lhat you can do this on ihe Amiga hy extended selection and the Printfilc tool, hut it's such a pain to do. This is really only suited to Workbench 2, but 1.3 owners might be able to add their own custom bits to make it work on their machine.
II Design your printer icon. Save the completed image somew here on your Workbench hoot disk or hard disk, hut don't end it in .info or it will pop up somewhere you don't want it lo. In this example, Ihe icon is supposed lo live in the root directory and he called PrintSpooler. Icon.
2) Add a few lines to your startup-sequence.
MIC nines is quite good at this, although you could use the Ed program at a pinch. Consult the manual if you're not sure how to use these, and do it on a copy of Ihe Workbench disk, not the original. Insert these lines before the Loadwb command: (• Honul J Selected * r-
i. _l r i
2) 31 i£l Undo I Clear I IconCdil, the supplied program on
Workbench 2 and 3 to help you design your own icons.
HAIRY DISK SOLUTION FROM: STEPHEN ’BEAVER' BAKER, PRESTON. LANCASHIRE Here's a really handy tip for anyone that has loads of rather old and tired disks. If you do have a disk that has acquired a ‘hard error'- that is, one that cannot be corrected by reformatting the disk - you would normally have to throw it In the bln. Not anymore though!
Hard errors can easily be fixed, all you need to do this is an electric shaver that is powered from the mains electricity (AC). Give it a good clean out Makedir RAM:Printer Copy NIL: Sys:PrintSpooler.icon to RAM:Printer.info Echo RAM:.backdrop ”:Printer" Run NIL: Execute SYS:S Printer Makedir just gives the dragged icons somewhere to live. Copy creates the icon in RAM. And provides somew here lo drag Ihe document icon to. The echo line leaves the image of the printer on Workbench for easy access. The last line sets Ihe script (Ihe next step) in motion. Don't forget to save Ihe startup-
sequence to the S directory when you're finished.
3) Type in the following script. Use Ed or McMacs again, and save
it in your S directory under the name Printer (purists may
want to alter its protection bits). Again, if you don't
understand it. Don't worry - it should Work- Resident C:Wait
ADD Resident C:List ADD Resident C:Protect ADD Resident
C:Delete ADD Faiiat 21 LAB Loop List RAM:ProtectScripL
RAM:Printer B? Lformat "Protect %s%s +d" List
RAM:DeleteScript RAM:Printer H?
Lformat "Delete %s%s +d" List RAM:PrintScript RAM:Printer -( ?.info) (I? Lformat ”SYS:Utilities PrintFiles -f %s%s" Run NIL: Execute RAM:PrintScript Wait 10 secs RUN N1L: Execute RAM:ProtectScript RUN NIL: Execute RAM:DeleteScript Delete NIL: RAM:ProtectScript Quiet Delete NIL: RAM:DeleteScript Quiet Delete NIL: RAM:PrintScript Quiet Skip Loop BACK It's not a perfect script, hut you will find it works.
You must have Ihe 1‘rintEiles utility on your hoot disk though - the script expects it to be in the Utilities drawer (lhat extra long line which is probably split into two).
41 Reboot and pray... to use the new script, just drag the icon of your text file on lop of the printer icon (which you should Snapshot somewhere away from Ihe disk icons). Make sure your printer is on and wait. Good luck!
Remember also lhat lo edit or create an icon to use a program like IconEdit on Workbench 2 or Icon Master.
First so that you don't get any bristles on your disks. Then plug it in, switch It on and 'shave' the disk! No don't worry, it’s not a joke. Pass the disk all around the shaver, next to the sides as well as the top. It may need a tew attempts, both at shaving and reformatting, but in the end you'll find you can format over the error!
This method works because the AC current generates a magnetic field which straightens and strengthens the ‘broken’ tracks on the disk.
I keep saying lhat I've heard everything, but people keep sending in the weirdest tips, that seem totally ludicrous but do actually work.
FROM: CARLOS JOHNSON. LONDON II I am about to buy an A6U0. My A500 broke down a year ago. I have still got the software I used and understand lhat the A600 doesn't run some old sofware. Can you please print a list of all the software that doesn’t work?
I'm sorry, no. Too much space. You can gel a lisl from Commodore (062X 770088). Bearing in mind die A500 Plus came out a year ago. Chances are dial a fair proportion of your software won't work.
2) The newer Amigas have an improved Agnus chip which is the
reason for this incompatibility problem. Will new software
and hardware take advantage of this?
Quite often games do demand a fairly up lo dale (ECS
- Enhanced Chip Sell Agnus. Newer games sometimes don’t work on
older Amigas - and Ibis is a trend dial will continue and grow.
3) When will we he able to expect games for Ihe PCMCIA slot and
will they cost more than disks?
Nexl year, al die earliest. Nobody in the Amiga industry is really that interested in this medium, because they are much more expensive lo produce. However, I reckon software will appear that uses il but il will probably be for serious stuff like word processors and DTP because serious programs cost more anyway.
I reckon that PCMCIA games will appear one day.
Bul I really wouldn't hold your breath, because ils success will only be achieved by people outside of the Amiga community.
5) Are Slreeljigliter II and Streetjighter ~'J2 going to lie
combined on Ihe Amiga version so that you can pick any of the
12 characters, how will the six button joystick he done and
will you he able to play against a friend?
I don't really know much, except that it will definitely be a two-player game, and il will be totally joystick Continued overleaf based. I also know lhal ihe programmers are working hard lo make il as controllable as possible within the limitations of a single-fire joystick. The programmers may include an option to use a Sega joypad to help.
BIG UPGRADES FROM: SAMUEL EVERETT, DEVON I have recently purchased an A500 Plus and I have also bought your magazine ever since but, believe it or not, I still have some questions which arc unanswered. Could you answer the following...
1) If I bought a Progressive Peripherals and Software 68040
accelerator board, would fitting it invalidate my warranty?
Would I need anything else to make it work, like a bigger
power supply?
And what is 32-bit RAM?
Yes, fitting would invalidate your warranty. No. You wouldn't need a bigger power supply unless you have lots of other memory and a couple of extra disk drives.
32-bit RAM is memory that can be accessed by a 32- bit processor like a 68020. '030 or '040. Running those processors without 32-bit RAM is a waste, as they are not performing at their best.
2) Where can I get hold of an internal 100 Mb Prima hard drive?
How much? And would it work with the above?
Unfortunately, the Prima 100 made by ICD is now very uncommon. I've heard that the AT Quantum drives, which were used in the design.are no longer being manufactured. However, you can gel the Novia internal hard disk with a 100 Mb hard drive - Power Computing (0234 843388) do them for £459. Neither the Prima nor the Novia work with the PP&S 68040 card, because all of these expansions plug into the processor socket.
3) Are multisync monitors VGA, SVGA or neither?
Both! VGA is closely based on Ihe American NTSC television standard. SVGA is similar, but with more horizontal scan lines, giving greater vertical resolutions. Multisyncs are adaptable to cither standard, and others besides. So multisyncs are much more flexible.
4) What is the best typing tutor for adults?
Preferably cheap?
Well. Mavis Beacon's Typing Tutor (Mindscape 0444 246333) isn’t that bad. But personally I found that HOW CAN YOU TELL FROM: MARTIN GEORGE, WALLSEND I have an unexpanded A500 Plus. I have decided that I really do need an external drive. You highly recommend the RocLite drive but I have heard of compatibility problems with my machine. Is this true, and can it be overcome?
No, not at all. Digitisers translate video images into Amiga IFF pictures. Genlocks enable you to overlay Amiga graphics on top of video images. You will need a video source though, either a video cassette recorder or
- better still - a video camera.
The RocLite slimline drives do indeed have problems, not just with the A500 Plus but with all Workbench 2 machines. In a nutshell, when saving files they go faster than the machine can really cope with, resulting in corrupted tiles. You can use RocLites if you just read from them, and never save files to them. Newer RocLites do not have this problem, but telling the difference between a dodgy and OK type is not easy. If you have a Workbench 2 machine, my advice would be to go for a different make.
I am also interested in digitising, and the Vldl Amiga 12 package seems excellent value. Would I need to buy a genlock too?
Attending night school over a few weeks helped a lot with my typing. You can gel a typing qualification out of this loo.
5) What's the highest accolade that you've ever given to a CDTV
Well if you turn immediately to Pages 146-147 you'll see the first Amiga Formal Gold award given to a CDTV title. Prior to that. Ihe disc to have the highest percentage mark was Japan World from Global Learning Systems, an educational CD all about Japanese lifestyle and culture, and it received a rather stunning 89 per cent.
Press any key.. Writing Katakana 97 'J r * Y Jl- U 'j' ?
- j i 1 s y v V Otf m
6) Is it worth getting a hard drive to help me play games,
possibly do some animation and maybe more serious stuff in the
A tricky question lo answer. A hard drive is well worth considering, but a nice big memory expansion, or an accelerator with 32-bit memory would probably be better for animation work and some games. A hard drive is more of an efficiency booster than a necessity - it enables you to load and save much faster, which does make life much easier, but it's not a vital necessity (though if you bought one you might disagree - new hard drive owners are positively fanatical). Then again, if you do a huge animation, you'll need a huge disk, ic a hard one. To store il on.
DTP QUICKIES FROM: PHILIP CHUNG, CHELTENHAM For all my DTP needs I currently use Pageselter 2.
But I intend to upgrade to either ProfessionalPage 3 or PageSlream 2.2. But I have some questions before I finally decide...
1) PageStream can use Adobe type I fonts, but does this mean that
I need a PostScript printer to print with these fonts'? Or are
they similar to AGFA Compugraphic which can be printed on any
graphics-capable printer?
No. They will work if your printer can manage a graphical output - you don't need PostScript. Adobe type I fonts are encrypted, which means they have to be decoded by Ihe DTP program when printing - so they are a lad slower than Adobe type 3s. Which are not encrylped.
2) Are there any advantages to Adobe type I fonts?
Only that there are a lot of them, especially in the PC and Mac worlds. Transferring them to the Amiga requires some sophisticated utilities (PageStream 2.2 conies with suitable software to do this).
WHEN IN ROIN IE FROM: ROBERT MULLER. SWITZERLAND I’ve got a problem with the games Coverdisk from Amiga Format Issue 39. I click on Ihe Caesar demo icon, and the program begins to load. Almost immediately an IconX window appears. After a few seconds it disappears, and nothing else happens, except Ihe screen only has two colours: blue and white. What can I do? The rest of the disk seems to function. I have an A500 with Imb of RAM.
Ah. I know the culprit well - me. I am very, very sony lo all the A500 users who couldn't get the demo to run.
Here's the reasons why:
1) In order to fit on the Coverdisk. The program had to be
2) Before the Caesar demo starts, it removes a bit plane from
Workbench. This makes it a two-colour affair but. As you can't
quit from the demo, it's not a problem. The reason for this is
lo free up more chip The Caesar demo was very popular with
those who could run it. The lull gome does work on all
machines - promise!
Memory for the demo. The crunched version ol Caesar needs n little hit more chip RAM in order to decrunch.
Techno Babble Do you know how to talk techie speak? Well if you don't then this little bit of jargon-busting should sort you out!
3) A500s have only got 512K of chip RAM.
So. Although the uncrunched demo works on A500s, and the full game works on A500s. The crunched demo on the Coverdisk doesn't work on such machines. I will be checking much more closely lhat crunched programs do indeed work on all machines.
THE ANSWER AT LAST FROM: R.l DABELL. HARI.F.STON I have noticed recently that readers are having trouble with hard disks and Kickstart ROM sharers with both Kickstart 1.3 and 2.04 on. There is a very, very simple way for the machine to work out which drive to boot from. It does mean partitioning your drive so that one Workbench is on one partition and the other is on a different partition, but it's very easy to setup and totally automatic afterwards.
You have two bootable partitions, one called
l) H0 (for Workbench 1.31 and the other called, say
l) HI (for Workbench 2 which isn't so fussy). Each partition
should be at least a couple of megabytes in size, preferably a
bit more lo be on the safe side.
You can have more partitions for your programs, but personally I use all the rest of my hard disk as one big partition.
All you do then is change the boot priority of DHI (or whatever you've called the Workbench 2 partition) lo be greater than the bool priority of DHO. When Workbench 1.3 is selected, it will automatically boot from DHO. When Workbench 2 is selected, then Dill will boot, because it has a greater priority when booting.
Don't set Ihe hoot priorities too high - if you set them above -3(1 then floppies will not be able to hoot. I personally use a priority of -45 for DHO. And
- 40 for DHI.
Very clever For the confused - a hoot priority of -45 is less than a priority of -40 (think negative numbers).
II you have a GVP drive, then select manual installation and get your screen looking like this. Do a back-up first!
Accelerator: hardware expansion that gives your Amiga a faster CPU Often used wilh malhs-intensive software where a slandard processor is loo slow, for programs called raytracers' which literally trace the rays of light which bounce around a scene to produce a picture. Also used to considerably speed up flight and other kinds ol simulations.
Anlm Brush: a brush is a small section ol a graphic screen, cut out with a paint program like Deluxe Paint Anim brushes are dillerent small images with the same dimensions - lor instance, a bird Happing its wings or an eye blinking.
Blitter: Block Image TranslER device. Used tor copying large areas of memory from A to B, or to combine different areas into one single image.
Widely used to generate large graphic shapes in computer games.
Brldgeboard: Commodore's own IBM emulating device, featuring a complete PC computer on a single card. Only tits At 500 and above machines - enables use ol standard PC cards Chip RAM: memory accessible by the custom chips (Paula, Agnus, Denise) as well as the processor. Used to store all graphics and sounds. Can be used by programs too - with speed slow downs.
CLI: Command Line Interlace. The program which enables you to type commands into AmigaDOS lor standard operations like copying tiles or getting a directory. Shell is more commonly used now.
Capper: co-processor. Used to generate subtly coloured backgrounds - this device is built into the Agnus chip and it can alter colours while the screen is being generated. Executes instructions al the same time as the processor.
CPU: Central Processing Unit. The decision-making chip, the one that tells everything else what to do. It can be interrupted by custom hardware it its programs are in chip RAM.
Fast RAM: memory that's only accessible by the processor. Programs stored here run taster than those in chip RAM - hence the name.
Frame grabber: device (or capturing live video data and converting it into computer picture data. Doesn’t require a still video signal. Usually gives much better results than a video digitiser, which does the same job, except that the video must be paused.
Freezer cartridge: quasi-legal device for examining programs while they are running. Usually wilh many uselul built-in utilities which help overshadow its dubious origins.
Hard drive: basically a big disk lor keeping Workbench and all the serious soltware that you use.
Works much taster than a floppy disk. More and more games are becoming installable on to a hard drive.
IFF: Interchange File Format. A standard way ol storing pictures and sounds, invented by Electronic Arts and adopted by Commodore. A single standard - practically all art programs can load and save pictures in this lorm.
Kickstart: the name ol Ihe sel of programs which are run when Ihe Amiga is turned on. Also contains many library functions lor use by programmers. Latest release is Kickstart 2.04. Other releases; 1.3. 1.2, 1.1. PD: Public Domain. Literally, soltware that is the property ol everybody. PD disks can be Ireely copied by anyone, and you can also distribute them to whoever you want. The correct term is 'Freeware'. 'Shareware' (try belore you buy) and Licenseware' (commercial and non-distributable) also come under the same rough heading.
ROM: Read Only Memory. Memory lhat cannot be altered. Widely used as the starting programs (or com- puler systems that have just been turned on - ROMs remember things permanently.
RAM: Random Access Memory. Memory that can be altered and re-altered many times. Typically, it does not remember what it contains when the computer's power is switched olf.
Scanner: hardware device lor reading Hat pictures Irom posters, newspapers and so on, and converting them into computer graphics. Often used in desktop publishing to read in previously published images.
Script file: a set ot commands which you would otherwise have to type into the CLI or Shell by hand.
Saved as a text file. Learning how to use Shell or the CLI involves learning how to write script tiles.
Shell: more up-to-date version of CLI. Works in exactly the same way. But enables some flexibility in what commands are called via the ‘alias' function. Also gives some hot-key combinations to enable some editing ol previously entered commands.
Sound Sampler: hardware device that converts electrical music signals (typically from a tape or CD player) into computer sound. Can also be used with a microphone to capture live sounds.
Sprite: a graphic object lhat is independent ol the screen. On the Amiga, sprites are limited in size and colours. Typically used tor mouse pointers, alien missiles, and so on.
Startup-sequence: the name of the script tile, contained in the S directory, which is executed after a disk has booted. Typically contains just the name of a program to auto-run. But can be very complicated.
Whatever the nature ot the tile, it must always be called Startup-sequence and live in the S directory.
Workbench: the set ot programs which sets up a graphical 'point-and-click' interlace on the Amiga.
Much more friendly than Ihe CLI or Shell, but not as flexible. Always has to be loaded from disk, which is slow but does enable much customisation. Workbench 2 requires a Kickstart 2 ROM. Workbench 1.3 requires a 1.3 ROM. 1.2 needs a 1.2 ROM and so on.
Zorro: this the generic name tor the Amiga's expansion connector. The A500. A500 Plus and A1000 had the original Zorro I; the A1500s and the 2000s have Zorro II: and the A3000 has Zorro III. They are not compatible, hence Ihe different expansions tor different machines. The new A600 has a PCMCIA connector instead.
QI have been following (he DevPac tutorial but I just can't seem to work out the code to move the sprite down the screen. Please tell me what to pul in.
T h e AMIGA Co 11 ect i o n FORMAT Answerfile Should I buy an A300? How do I learn about Workbench? These and more questions are answered by Amiga guru, Pat McDonald.
Take some lips from Populous II creators Bullfrog as ihey tutor you to games-wrliing prowess with ihis fully-featured machine code package. Go on.
Beat ihe softies at their own gamesl
• A 500 Plus Compatible •1Mb Recommended • II you kept getting
error messages when trying to assemble the Bullfrog demo,
then read this explanation!
A First, a note which was not made plain with Ihc original programming feature: in order lo see any changes you make lo the code, you must save them onto the Devpac disk. Then load demo.s and assemble as per Ihe instructions. If you try to assemble Ihe individual files (draw.s or move.s) then DerPtic will report a number of errors, because the code refers to hils in the other files, demo.s is the glue lhat binds all the files together - it's the only file lhat will assemble properly.
As for the extra code, here it is. It's actually easier lo copy the existing code and modify il to refer to the man_y variable (the sprite's position down the screen).
Below is a suitable piece of code for the purpose if you are stuck. Don't be afraid to change the value of 200 in the third line (the limit down the screen) or the -16 value in the fifth line (the start position of the sprite).
Move.w man_y,dO ;get the y position add.w Dl.dO ;and add 1 to it cmp. W 200,dO ;Is y too big?
Ble.s .lessthany ;no, still on screen move. W -16,dO ;yes, reset man_y lessthanv move.w dO,man_y ;store the new value in man_y Here's how it works. The ¦ value of man_y is put into the dO register by the first line. The second line adds one to Ihis. The third line compares ihis value lo
200. If man_y is bigger than this, then it is reset.
Otherwise inan_y is less lhan or equal to 200 (not too big) and the program jumps to lsssthany and puts the y position currently in dO back into man_y .
Where can I get a CDTV memory upgrade?
A No fast RAM CDTV memory upgrades are available, as far as I know. It is possible to mount it 2Mh chip RAM board, which gives you 2Mb of chip RAM - WTS (0582 491949) do one for £139.
Although il may be a little large for CDTV use. The DKB Megachip 2000 from Aquarian PD (0703 685006) may serve your needs better, allhough the smallest such expansion I've seen is the RossMuller from Germany (I know of no UK supplier).
Qcan I make my own CDTV (iamchrick?
I've bought all the connectors and just want lo know how lo wire them up.
A I'm sorry, hard taels about the CDI V are still in short supply, al least where I'm concerned.
If anyone were to write in with a suitable DIY project.
Ihen we would certainly consider publishing il. Any offers oul there?
Qwhen will Psygnosis’ new CD title l-'anlaslic Voyage he released?
A Well, the game is actually called Microcosm, it draws a lol of its ideas from the film Fantastic Voyage (and from Ihe later. Inner Space, for lhat matter) and il is also being funded by Commodore.
As for an exact release date, although a demo video tape has been shown by Commodore which bodes well, neither Psygnosis nor Commodore are being specific about days or months, or years.
Where can I get CD+G disks?
A They are available from large record chain- stores - places like Virgin and IIMV. They won't usually be on display but Ihey can be ordered through such places.
Qhow do I find out how the memory in my Amiga is configured? The difference between fast and chip memory is not apparent.
A You haven't got Workbench 2 yet. Have you?
On dial release, ihis information is displayed at the top of the Workbench screen. To get il on earlier machines, load Workbench, double click on the Shell or CLI and type this: Avail Don't forget to press the return key. The Amiga should print oul Ihe currenl amount of memory used (both chip and last memory) and Ihe total amount of RAM. In bytes.
Qhow do I get Amiga sound through a couple of personal stereo speakers?
A Use a hi-fi stereo amplifier. There are many different types - look lor an amplifier with RCA phono jack inputs (as found on the hack of Ihe Amiga) and personal stereo speaker outputs.
Mosl hi-fi shops could take a description like that and come up with several alternative designs. A hi-fi enthusiast could build one for you very easily.
Although it probably wouldn't look very nice, il would sound good.
Q Could you tell me whether A320 Airbus works properly on an A500 Plus?
A320 Airbus is notoriously fickle on A500 Plus machines, but an update is promised very soon.
A Well, judging from Ihe letters I've had. No.
Thalion do have a single disk version for Workbench 2 players, hut you have lo arrange to receive it direct from the company themselves.
QI was going to upgrade my A500 with an accelerator, flicker fixer, hard drive and so on. But I am now very tempted to buy an A3000 (because it's cheaper). Please help me convince my wile that Ihis is a sound move.
A I'd wait. While the A3000 is a line, last machine. Ihe AI200 (while not as fast) will have a longer life span before becoming obsolete. And it's cheaper too! If the speed is what you want mosl (rather lhan the much better graphics of Ihe AA chip sei) ihen you could certainly argue that ihc A3000 is much more of a bargain lhan an A4000. And don't forget (he flowers and chocolates.
QI often I'eel frustrated and let down by the instructions for your Coverdisk collection.
CanDo and DevPac especially need plenty of knowledge in order to use effectively. Can you print or supply more detailed instructions please?
Ain the case of CanDo. Nobody wanted lo supply a manual. I did ask around, hut nobody thought it was worthwhile, especially wilh the latest version of CanDo being available. In Ihe ease of DevPac. We have noted the loud calls for better documentation and we will be printing short pieces on using the program, bin learning how to program effectively with it will take many months.
Qdo accelerators (681)1(1. 68020, 68030 or 68040) cause compatibility problems? Do they work with all hard and software?
A Yes, no and no. Many programmers work on unaccelerated machines, and there are no easily available manuals on programming more exotic processors. This results in incompatibility, However, things are not as bad as ihey were - the A3000 and A4000 offer an incentive for programmers and hardware designers to make their work more compatible.
In-depth explanation No. 9; Libs and Devs Ascii Capture filenane drawer (dir) clipboards (dir) env (dir) t FH8: dhb: Size I Load | Cancel! | Last Dir R4h: DF8: Date »F0: mm DH8: MM r
- =M=J ram: mm yB&f: ans £ On the left is the ARP.IIbrary file
requester, grabbed from the Ncomm shareware program. Justin
AacCormick's file requester is much better an the right - it's
easier to get to the right disk to load or save from.
The number one incompatibility area is the Public Domain. Number two is games, number three is productivity creative software, and the most compatible area is business software. As for hardware, overall compatibility is much belter.
However, the fly in the ointment is the 68010 processor. This luts not gained wide acceptance, and so very few machines have il lilted. In terms of compatibility. Titling a 68010 is a bad move.
68020s and '030s are generally speaking, the most compatible of Ihe accelerator options, simply because they're what most accelerated Amigas arc kitted out with. '040s. While very fast indeed, need Workbench 2 in order to work and are a relatively new challenge for programmers lo work towards.
Qls it possible to upgrade my A500 A500+ A 600 A1500 A2000 A3000 to the AA chip set?
A Very doubtful. Commodore themselves will almost certainly not offer any sort of upgrade to the new chip set - there is a slim chance that an upgrade for the A3000 may appear, but not for lesser machines. However, third-party upgrades may appear.
If they do. They will probably be very expensive, as older machines will require extensive modification (anil Workbench 3) to be able lo use the AA chip set.
Q Which ROM switches can I lit lo my A600?
I'm don't mind losing my warranty, but I don't think many will III into the restricted space.
A The Phoenix ROM sharer will certainly fit inside an A600. Phoenix 0532 319061.
QXCAD M) imports DXF tiles. Is there a program to convert ACAD files lo DXF format?
A All versions of XCAD can export DXF files.
However, you need lo setup your Amiga-lo-PC file conversion utilities properly. If CrosxDOS or McssyDOS isn't setup to strip the carriage returns (CRs) and line feeds (LFs) from a file, it will not read into PC CAD programs such as AutoCAD.
Q Which hook do you think is good for learning more about Workbench?
Amiiswrin,n Amiga Beginners is a gentle introduction to the subject. Mastering Workbench 2 Vnl I is meatier, and is a hands on tutorial written by Mark Smiddy.
Vol 2 of Ihe set is a reference guide for the experienced user. Both volumes cover WB 1.2,
1. 3 and 2 - but not the brand new WB 3.
Available from Bruce Smith Books 0923 894355.
Q Where can I get an ST506 hard drive controller for my A50II Plus?
A Well, you can't. There is an ST506 controller for the A500. It plugs into the trapdoor expansion (which is why it doesn't work on a Plus). It's made by Cumana (0483 503121). Cumana have no plans to produce an A500 Plus version.
ILIbs is a drawer that's found on Workbench, and many other disks besides. It's used to store libraries. A library, as far as Amigas are concerned, is a set of little programming routines organised Into one complete block. Most of them are built into the machine, but a few are to be found In the Libs drawer.
2 A programmer will often make use of a library, in order to avoid some code writing.
Most cannot be bothered to write their own file requesters. So they use a library like the Arp.library (Amiga Resources Project). If the library Isn't Included in the libs drawer, the program won't run.
3 Arp is often used by shareware and older programs. Many programmers prefer the Reqlools file requester, which Is a bit more friendly and easy to use. It makes sense to keep a disk which you put common libraries on to. That way you avoid filling up your Workbench disk with libraries that are not used very often.
4 The current trend in PD and shareware circles is to use compression utilities like PowerPacker and Imploder. Libraries which support these programs are ones like Decrunch.library, Explode.library and the original PowerPacker.library. Each of these libraries has been released in different versions - the easiest way to tell them apart is by how big they are. These particular libraries can be found on the Coverdisk this month, but cannot be used properly with the EarlyExplode program (which will be on next month's Coverdisk).
5 Strictly speaking, you are not allowed to distribute libraries without the programmer's permission. Libs are programs, copyrighted just like others. In the above cases, copying is widespread on the PD and shareware scenes - but don't think you can help yourself to any library you come across. If you are a programmer, always get permission before you use someone else’s library, unless It's a freeware library that can be used by one and all.
6 Devs is a drawer on Workbench used to store device files. These are typically used to control various pieces of hardware, but are otherwise fairly similar to libraries. Again, they are there to save programmers writing extra code.
More importantly, they let different programs access the same hardware, without each program having its own set of driver routines.
7 The most common complaint that new users come up with is that a program will not print out. This can be due to not choosing the right printer driver (see In-depth Explanation 1) but if the Amiga cannot find the printer. Device file in the devs drawer, no printing can be achieved. Again, there are different versions of this library - It’s fairly common to be able to print with one version but not with another.
8 Some device flies are extremely odd and limited. The most obscure are the scala.device files, found only on that program.
As well as being huge (over 100K long) they usually only work with one version of Scala. They don't even control hardware! This sort of device file is very much the exception to the rule that device drivers are for controlling hardware.
9 Something else you will find in the devs drawer are 'Mountlists'. These are collections of Shell commands and definitions, and can be viewed and edited with most word processors or text editors. Devices like the RAD recoverable RAM drive, 5.25-inch disk drives and similar welrd- nesses are controlled through mountlists. Don't try writing your own until you understand the different entries and how they work.
The same libraries and device files exist in several different versions. One simple way to tell them apart Is to look at how long the files are. Newer libraries and device drivers tend to be longer (because they contain more options and more complex programs). If you find a program that doesn't print properly and you're sure that everything else is correct, it's probably printer.device that's at fault.
SPECIAL OFFER Normally £79.95 but only £49.95 inc VAT Upgrade your Amiga Format Oct.'92 issue of TV'Text by simply sending the coupon on the side panel along with your cheque or ACCESSA ISA details and £1.50 for post package IV12'l 'ex t professional Titling for Video and Desktop Presentations TV*TEXT Applications:
• Business and Sales Presentations
• Video Productions
• Fine Arts
• Education Professional Z&ZumaGioup Dithered Background with
Grid, Text rendered with various effects.
Dithered backgrounds and Text, Transparent Shadow, Borders with Glint Effect Rendering effects applied to imported IFF digitized logo.
Embossed and Wallpapered. Shadow and outline added in foreground.
Exciting Effects Automatically Sceen Modes »Low resolution, with or without interlace with up to 64 colours on any one screen.
• Outlines, shadows, metallics.
Strobes, edges, extrusions (3D) and more
• Colour animated glows, glints, sheens, and cycles.
• Apply to text, shapes, and IFF images.
• Dozens ot preset rendering styles included.
• Cretae your own styles with built in editor.
• Includes Zuma Fonts Volumes 1. 2, & 3 on 3 disks.
• High resolution, with or without Interlace with up lo 16
• Two degrees of overscan lor each screen mode
• Genlock compatible Drawing Tools » Shapes, lines & borders with
selectable automatic effects.
• Stencils
• Resize
• Rotate & Flip Dithered Background, Dithered Text box with I I
Transparent Shadow.
I Automatic re-colouring ol Imported images.
Layout & Editing »Foreground Background mode lor easy layout.
• Mouse or keyboard object positioning
• Automatic justification & leading.
• Grid stick
• Full undo. Cut. Copy. Paste.
Hardware Requirements
• Amiga Computer
• 1mb (or more) memory Buy the OFFICIAL Manual for your TV*Text
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• Compatible with CD-ROM industry standard ISO9660
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Silica Note: 1»* of Chip RAM'FAT Agnus is required for full
compatibility with all CDTV software. Silica offer an upgrade
son ice.
Please call and quote REA 1000 RRP 3 A570 Is an essential add-on for your Amiga 500. CD-ROM is set lo replace disks as the standard format for games and serious [ lilies In Ihe not too distant futuro. Most software companies have already announced plans to release CD versions ol their software!
I The sheer storage slzo of a CD (600 disks) means lhal using CD soltwaro Is faster, graphics are enhanced and game play is ( Increased with bigger levels, more complex problems to solve i and largor areas to exptorol And, being compatible with audio I Cds, the sound quality from CD games is unrivalled! Sim City I lor instance has ovor 10Mb ol data tor Its graphics alonB and ( has music rocordod In a sludio! Silica's new low price of £299 ( moans that thore is no beller lime to buy Ihe A570 and, with the award winning Sim City included FREE with every A570 from Silica, there's no belter
place to buy It from!
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• Ko)t oarfl, dak drive and mouse included
• eased cn Ihe test seUrg Amiga ccmputtt
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• Over tOO COTV tffes avafete
• Cofrpalibk) wOl IGOsol Airioa programs
• Fred Fish COPD s a •wflectbn' ol 650 dste ol pubhc domain
software. Il include utfilies, flBricahans, games ¦Sssr*fw Jggr
• 66300 16Q2 Bit proCflSSOf tunrq ut 7
• 3 Cute™ Opt fw vrtoo wuiid ihJ grannies
• Intomal tuxo axpunskm tS-pn odp? Annnctor .mo 1 Conlrytra lo
sianttard ISO 9660 18 « OversamOing i SignxlNoiMi ut -9206 1
Aulo Oupi4 Oilnmnl output I..IV RMS. TOKOtim 1 Frequency
rospcrse a* 4-SO K»Z ' Sampln rales i' 44KIu lo 6KHz i
Ctiaivuii Spflecilcawi -6500 1 Hnrnicmc Dslcrton 0 it?
I Khz 'Max uulo capacity put us* ?6hours. AM quality The ongmal pack for non- compuler users, very easy to use and set up. The CDTV Stand Alone pack blends in well with your slandard home eniertainmoni equipmenl and is ideal for Ihe whole family. n DMA i)c!
» Analogue BOB. Di... Compcsna iPAii video cwput.
* 51? LiyifcVomcal fnxjjnncy RGB.
Ir~ynari miti palette ol 0096 ctHoins anil e ijxries nor scanlno.
FREE FROM SILICA Hi PACK SIM CITY CD If you have ever played Sim City on a normal Amiga, you will be amazed when you see. Listen to and play the Amiga CD version!
Now even more addictive, wilh studio recorded sound and massive 10Mb ol graphics, Sim City CDTV is a life simulation game fhat has to be seen lo be believed! Sim City comes free wlh every CDTV or A570 Irom Silica WORTH £29.99 7iSo.UDlNG'- JJJ59 I WORTH NEAFftT CALL FOR A FREE PRICE LIST Simply pul, CDTV mixes CD sound and Amiga type sollware in one easily controlled unit, and allows you lo "interact" with Ihe results through your television. On Ihe oulside Ihe CDTV Slandalone Player is a sleek, elegant black box. Inside il contains Ihe millings ol Ihe UK's most popular home computer, Ihe
Commodore Amiga, bul with two major dillerences. Instead ol a keyboard and mouse il uses a video style remole controller lor simple operation and.
Instead ol a lloppy disk drive. Ihere's a compacl disc drive.
MUSIC & SOFTWARE As well as being able lo play slandard sludio compacl discs in high quality slereo sound, Ihe CDTV can also use sollware stored on
CD. This is similar lo Amiga sollwre, with Ihousands ol Amiga
programs available. You also gel much, much more - a CDTV
Disc is equal lo over 600 lloppy disks in capacity, WHAT CAN
Wilh CDTV you can listen lo your lavourile pop group, look up history, play Ihe latest arcade games, have a Karaoke nighl or learn French. In one unil. CDTV can do Ihings you would otherwise need a video, CD player and computer lo do! You can walch as Neil Armstrong walks on Ihe moon, listen lo him speak and read Ihe lascinaling details ol how Apollo gol there!
INTERACTIVE MOVIES A new kind of movie; hi-li sound Iracks and moving pictures jusl like cinema films, bul you determine Ihe outcome and how Ihe plol turns oul! Will Balman leally save Gotham Cily? Interactive movies are sel lo arrive on a CDTV near you soon.
EDUCATION With ils huge storage capacity, colour graphics and easy control.
CDTV is ideal lor education. Levels Irom pnmary education lo adull foreign language courses are available.
ENTERTAINMENT Packed wilh masses ol colourful graphics, hi-li sound and huge levels, CDTV games are sel lo dwarf Iheir Amiga counterparts. The CDTV award winning version ol Sim Cily lor instance, has 10 Megabytes ol exlra graphics, sludio recorded sound lor CD Audio quality, more detailed game play (new zoom mode) and 4 dillerenl eras (Medieval. Western, Actual and Fulure) REFERENCE Imagine lhal you could refer lo several encyclopaedia's al once, wilhoul having lo constantly swap between publications. Hip pages or reler lo lengthy indexes across multiple books7 CDTV Reference lilies enable you
lo do Ihis plus a lol more!
MORE FORMATS CDTV can play CDTV sollware, CD audio discs, CD+G (audio discs wilh lyrics and pictures), CO+MIDI (special Iracks along side Ihe audio Iracks control MIDI inslrumenls attached lo Ihe CDTV). Wilh Ihe aid ol a lloppy disk drive and keyboard, CDTV can also run mosl Amiga sollware.
• Controrlc* Parailol & RS-332 sonal rnlortaces.
• Eilcmal flctp, drive Itoioa conrpa'tii). HnrOw.iod anomait.e to
remote control lei koyOaard. Tttcuse etc.
• 2 Audio ports (phenol, MIDI IM iiia MIDI col. Slereo headphcno
so3rcl. Smart Caul slot Icy RmtROM cards
• SnnyPhirp-. CD-ROM slarosrd »a an average access trio d O
Suocands 6 mauiram access tmo ol 08 seconds.
• Data Capncr, SMMb WHAT IS CDTV?
• Based on Ihe best selling Amiga computer
• Operated from remote hand held controller
• Plays CD audio discs
• Compatible with CD+G & CD+MIDI formats
• Upgradeable lo a lull compuler
• Over 100 CDTV lilies available
• Includes:- Lemmings: The addclive, award winning game.
Hutchinson’s. A vast oncyclopetfci CO TV P*yOf 9*1 I*, mugs £3*
59 Sun Cry 9 Fncycfopocia £49 99 Totei Pack Value CS 14.96
Less Pack Saving: £145.96 Silica Price: £369.00 £369 Rel: CCD
complete CDTV enviionmenl Witti keyboard and disk drive il is
fully software compalible wilh Ihe Amiga 500. And able lo run
all Amiga games and application sollware. Wilh the peripherals
included, you can unleash ihe lull power ol your Commodore
CDTV Player £399.99 CDTV Keyboard . £49.99 CDTV Disk Drive £99.99 Fred Fish CDPD £19.99 Sim Cily ..... £29.99 Zool Pack .. £127.92 Total Pack Value: £727.87 Less Pack Saving: £228.87 Silica Price: £499.00 £499 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND Tel: 081-309 1111 Fax No: 081-308 0638 MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup, Kent, DAM 4DX Order bnes Open Mon-Sat 9.00am-600pm_ _No LalB Night Opening 211092-1400 ( SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU )
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in Ihe
UK mainland.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts al your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a "Same product -
Same price" basis.
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sales.
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff): Solid, reliable and
• BUSINESS + EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Volume dlscounls available
081-308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities al our London
& Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All ol your requirements from one
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you wilh offers + software
and peripheral details.
• PA YMENT: Major credit cards, cash, cheque or monthly terms.
Before you decide when to buy your new Amiga computer, we suggest you think very carelully about WHERE you buy it. Consider what it will be like a'few months after buying your Amiga, when you may require additional peripherals or software, or help and advice with your new purchase. And, will the company you buy Irom contact you with details ol new products? At Silica Systems, we ensure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have been established lor almost 14 years and, wilh our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an
understanding which is second to none, But don't just take our word for il. Complete and return the coupon now for our latest FREE literature and begin to experience the “Silica Systems Sen ice".
52 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P OBA No Lain Night Opening LONDON SHOP: Opening Hours Mon Sal 9 30am-600pm Tel: 071-629 1234 Extension: 3914 Seliridges list nmi. Oxford Street. London, W1A 1AB n (Sat dose 6.30pcnl Late Nigltt: Thursday - Bpm LONDON SHOP: ... ____________..... . .
Opening Hours Moo-Fti 9 30am-7.0Qpm (Sal dose 6.30cm)_Late Night Thursday - Bpm_ SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd, Sidcup, Kenl, DA14 -1DX Wpm Lata Night. Friday • 7pm Tel: 081-302 8811 Fax No: OBI-309 0017 Opening Hours Mon-Sat 9.00aro-5 30pm Keddies 2nu Floor). High Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS11LA MorvFri 9.30am-5.30pm (Sal 9.00am-6.00pm) No Late Night Opening Tel: 0702 462426 Fax No: 0702*62363 To: Silica Systems, AMFOR-1292-99. 1-4 The Mews, Halherley Rd. Sidcup, Kenl, DA14 JoT') PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON AMIGA CDTV Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initials: .
Surname: Company Name (il applicable): ... Address: . m SILICA SYSTEMS ''7=T MAIL ORDER HOTLINE m081-309 1111 .. Postcode: ..... Tel (Home): ..... Tel (Work): . Which computer(s), il any, do you own? E&OE - Advertised pnees and
spoolrcalions may change - Please return the coupon fot it i Initial information SPECIAL OFFERS T h e C o 11 e c t i o n 1_ format Superb, complete, full-price programs for practically nothing isn't the whole story of the Amiga Format Collection. You also have the chance to upgrade to new versions of the Collection programs at special prices. Here are the offers... Sequencer One Plus Upgrade liit Also on ihe Special Christmas Issue was the powerful Sequencer One music package. RRP £89. (If you missed out on this amazing offer - which included Graphics Workshop as well - you ean still get
copies through Back Issues.)
Through Amiga Formal Mail Order you can upgrade to Sequencer One Fins. By doing so you can take advantage of a whole host of extra features that are not available on version one. These include the unique Juke Box screen and Gajits' new 'Diamond Drag' note-editing system.
Also included in this latest update is tempo maps, auto count in. MIDI sys ex handling, track solo, extra quantis oplions and much more!
If you want to produce a news letter for your local rugby club, or start up a footle fanzine then all you need Is some DTP software. And there’s no better program to start off with than PageSetter. We gave away version 1.2 of this very first Amiga DTP program on the Coverdisk of Issue 34, however if you want the current version here It Is.
Gold Disk’s update of the beginner's layout program takes a different approach from the original. It has been completely rewritten in machine code for extra speed. Also, rather than having separate text-editing and picture-editing modules, It now lets you edit text on the page. It also uses Compugraphlc scalable fonts throughout, so extra quality on printout Is guaranteed. All In all, this is the next best thing to professlonal-quality DTP on the Amiga. A full and detailed manual is Included.
Description Price Order Code PageSetter 2 £50 PAGE UP All of this should really sell for a massive RRP of £129.95. For a short time though. Sequencer One Phis is available as an upgrade kit for Sequencer One owners (and that of course includes everyone who has the program from the Amiga Formal Coverdisk 20) for £49.95 (RRP). But we’re offering it to you at a mere £39.95 which works out at an amazing total saving of £90.
Description Price Order Code Sequencer One Plus £39.95 AM235 Mb SPECIAL OFFERS Spectracolor Oxxl Aegis actually produced Spectracolor before they made the Junior version featured on the Coverdlsk of Amiga Format
35. It was the first HAM paint program to use full brush anima
tion. In the style of Deluxe Paint. Its powerful features
make It a must for anyone who wants to do real animation In
4,096 colours, and It also has a number of unique
Innovations: Brush Wraps Advanced PAINT Modes Air Brush Brush
Animations - Including curved path animation with fades and
simple morphing.
But this upgrade, specially arranged through Amiga Format Mail Order, doesn’t stop there, you’ll receive a program disk, plus a sample tutorial disk and In-depth 300-page manual that will take you through countless examples and techniques showing you precisely why Spectracolor Is such an excellent palnt-and-animatlon package.
Descnpnon Price Order Code Spectracolor £29.99 SPECT UP CanDo - latest version If you want to start learning about programming a computer then you can't go far wrong with Innovatronics' 'applications generator’ CanDo. With this package you'll be able to create a variety of applications, from accounts packages to complete multimedia Information systems that encapsulate all the elements that have made this subject the talking point that it has become In recent years.
Other programs can also draw upon CanDo's ability to use sampled sounds, IFF Images, and even animations, and If you have Workbench 2 you can even use CanDo to control other applications on even hardware devices using Arexx scripts.
Innovatronics have been listening to requests from the people who used the original version of this powerful multimedia package, and the latest version 1.6 of the full professional CanDo program has a number of updates In accordance with their requests. Among these Is full support for the the gameport device, which means you can even write games with itl The program comes with a full and detailed manual, which could make all the difference for aspiring CanDo programmers.
Description Price Order Code CANDO £89.95 CANUP m I- to I?
|i J!
11 5 £ I § 5, £ 1 3 e 3 O «* u. in 01 ¦o k 0 ¦O o ui o m Q ui i- 2 3 x t» in fc z
o ui M l_ U. So Z Q LU III 53s 3S a s «C S ** rz E k 0
1C w 1
• o £ CO 5 x
o ° ~ Q O O E T GASTEINER CIJH, ICD POWER Unit 3 Millmcad
Business Centre Millmead Road London N17 9QU Tel: 081 365 1151
Fax: 081 885 1953 256 Greyscale Scanners Total solution for
scanning A4 images Features:- True greyscales , 100-400 dpi,
105mm head , OCR option Top quality hardware with the latest
version of software from Migraph. Allows real time scanning,
provides powerful editing painting features. Compatible
(importsAtxports) IFF,IMG,PCX,TFF and MACBMNT
(ormats.Compatible with all Amiga's
A500,A500+,A600,A1500,A2000,A2500 and A3000 Touch UP , Merge It
and Special Amiga Shopper best buy Full OCR Version Software
Available £165.00 Minmum system requirement 2Mb RAM, and a Hard
£119.95 Disk £199.00 1 Trackballs Mega Mouse Auto Mouse
Jostick Switch E3 St Format 78% Automatic Switcher between two
input devices with a click of a button.
E. g. mouse mouse, mouse joystick, joystick joystick.
GOLD AWARD WINNER IN ST FORMAT 92% GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 90% A 290 dpi high resolution Opto-Mcchanical Mouse.
Top quality construction ensures rapid and smooth movement, with micro switch buttons.
Stylish three button trackballs, with third button supporting auto fire and drag and hold ST REVIEW 91% Mouse only Mouse with hard mat and mouse holder With two colour shining Crystal Ball £29.95 £34.95 £12.95 £10.95 £14.95 Optical Mouse St Format 81% Cu Amiga 79% Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless micro switch buttons. Fast, smooth and reliable.
Includes Optical Mouse Pad and Holder £26.00 1Mb RAM with Clock A600 1Mb RAM without clock A600 512k RAM with clock A500 £49.00 £45.00 £ 25.00 Hard Drives A500 A500+ Imb RAM la A500t- £39.00 52 Mb RAM Upgradeable £329.00 Kkkitart Switch £ 14.95 105 Mb RAM Upgradeable £399.00 Bootselectrr Switch Power Supply for A 500 15" Ecfcmtl Drive £ 9.95 £ 34.95 £ 49.00 210 Mb RAM Upgradeable A1500 A2000 £519.00 ImbSimmi £25.00 52 Mb RAM Upgradeable £299.00 2-8 Mb RAM for A2000A1500 £129.00 105 Mb RAM Upgradeable £379.00 Power Scanner £95.00 210 Mb RAM Upgradeable £499.00 Optical Pen Mouse A stylish Pen
Mouse with quality construction and smooth fast movement.
Micro switch buttons.Ideal for DTP.artwork.etc Includes Optical Pad £35.95 Cordless Infrared Mouse Cu Amiga 81% Remote control mouse, long working distance.
Long life rechargeable battery. 260 dpi.
Includes Hard Mouse Mat.
£45.00 WmfflW' Golden Image Mouse iti£i with Mat GOLD AWARD WINNER IN AMIGA FORMAT 90% £ 13.95 counwlMAGfc__ The Brush Mouse with D-Paint.
£ 19.95 St Format 88% ICD Products AdRAM-2080 2 Mb RAM) £139.00 AdRAM-540 4 Mb RAM) £209.00 AdSCSI 2000 W LPS105S £405.00 AdSpced £129.00 A dS peed IDE-40 £229.00 Flicker Free Preference £ 19.00 Flicker Free Video 2 £195.00 KickBack ROM Switcher £ 19.00 Novia 60i £359.00 Novia 85i £449.00 Novia AdSpeed 60i £499.00 Novia AdSpeed 85i £599.00 Prima 105i £429.00 Prima !20i £445.00 Prima AdSpced 105i £579.00 Prima.AdSpecd I20i_£599.00 Please add £3.50 postage and packing to all orders Udder £100.00 and Orders over £100.00 add £5.00 postage and packing. COURIER CHARGE £10.00. All prices include VAT.
GloAUwu* oooeptA peuynmtA by Visa, Aoogaa, Chrxyuc ot postal rtdot,
E. &. O. E. PtioeA Auhjool to change Without, notice. Goods
Auhjcct to aOalatility. Specification AuifjooL to change
Without notice 33 Ormskirk Rd, Jl Ladbroke Computing
htematonal are one ol Ihe longest estabished home computer
dealers n the UK. We have developed an extensive customer
service policy which involves testing ot all Hardware prior to
despatch to ensure lhat goods arrive in working order,
ottering tree advice and support over the phone and keeping
cutomers mlotmed. Although our prices are not always the
cheapest we do endeavour to oiler consistently good sen ice
and backup.
A1 pnces are correct at copy date 19 10 92 (whle stocks last), and are subject to change without poor notice. All pnces include VAT bul exclude delivery.
How to Pay You can order by mail Cheques Postal orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing. Or gve your credt card details over the phone.
Deivery Add £3 tor postal deivery (check wilh stall belore ordenng) Add £5 lor next wotking day courier deivery. Add £11 lor Saturday courier delivery. (Mainland UK only) Open Mon-Sat 930am to 500pm Ladbroke Computing Ltd Tradng As Ladbroke Computing International Fax: (0772) S61071 Tel: 9 am- 5:30 pm (5 Lines) 107721203166 Wnliti Star Star LC20 E 124 Star LC100 colour E 165 Star LC24 100 E 179 Star LC24 200 colour E 259 Starjet SJ48 Bubblejet E 210 SJ48 Sheetfeeder E 69 Citizen Citizen Swift 240 Colour E 270 Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 500 E 339 HP Deskjet 500 colour E 449 Lasers Seikosha
OP104 £ 549
• 5I2K RAM (Exp to 2.5Mb)
• HP Laserjet IIP emulation
• 14 resident fonts
• 12 months on site warranty Ricoh LP1200 £ 759
• Fully HP III compatible
• 400Dpi resolution
• 2Mb RAM on board
• Serial & Parallel ports
• 12 months on site warranty At Star dot matrix printers come
complete with 12 months an site warranty Please add E3 la
Cenl aics cable.
• 100.200.300,400 Dpi resolutions.
• 1 letter mode, 3 photo modes.
• Includes two ol the most respected graphics packages.
Golden Image Scanner E 109.99 Jin Scanner E 89.99 Jin as above but excluding Touch Up.
• Quantum SCSI Hard drive
• Ultra fast Itms access
• Up to 8Mb RAM on board
• Disable switch
• 2 year warranty 52Mb No RAM E 329 52Mb 2Mb RAM E 369 52Mb 4Mb
RAM E 429 120Mb No RAM E 439 120Mb 2Mb RAM E 479 120Mb 4Mb RAM
£ 529 120Mb 8Mb RAM E 649 2Mb SIMM upgrade E 48 4Mb SIMM
upgrade E 93 8Mb SIMM upgrade E 180 Our Service department can
repair Amiga's in minimum time at competetive rates. We can
arrange lor courier pickup and return delivery ol your machine
to ensure it’s safety. We even have a same day service which
will ensure your machine is given priority and subject to
fault, completed the same day. We can lit memory upgrades.
ROM upgrades. We offer a Quotation service lor £15 lor which we will examine your machine and report back with an exact price for repair, if you do not wish to go ahead with the repairs then just pay the £15.
However il you do go ahead then the charge is included in the minimum charge. Please note: The minimum charge covers labour parts are extra.
Quotation service E 15 Min repair charge £ 35.25 Courier Pickup E 11 Courier return E 6 Same day service E 15 A500 PSU E 39.99 Internal drive E 39.99 Marl Moon 090 The Falcon features: 16MHz 32 bit 68030 CPU. 16MHz Blitter. 32MHz DSP 8 channel 16 bit CD quality sound chip, VGA resolutbn in 65536 colours.
Mutitasking TOS, Network port. T.44Mb floppy, expandable to 14Mb RAM, Stereo microphone input for direct sound digitising Stereo sound output.
Falcon 1Mb RAM E 479.99
• 880K formatted capacity
• Double sided. Double density
• Through port Gl External drive E 47.99 Amiga internal drive E
39.99 Falcon 4Mb RAM 65HD E 879.99 Amiga 600 Paoks Amiga A600 E
264.99 QI BnnhMom* V Includes: The new reduced size keyboard,
internal modulator, Imb on board RAM. Workbench 2.05. Will take
smart cards. Also includes 12 months on site Warranty.
Amiga 600 wild, wierd and wicked pack E 314.99 Includes A600 with Pushover, Microprose Grand Prix. Silly Putty and Deluxe paint III.
A600HD Epic Pack E449.99 Includes A600 with 20Mb internal hard drive and Epic, Trivial Pursuit. Rome Myth.
A500 Plus Cartoon Classics £ 269.99 Special Otter while stocks last.
A500 Class of the 90's E 434.99 Special Offer while stocks last Mini Office E 45 Wordprocessor. Database, Spread sheet, Disc Utilities and Graphics.
Compendium Six E 29.99 A Pack ot 6 educational games to encourage creative learning in Maths, Science, Geography and English, Golden Image Mouse E 14.99 The Golden Image Mouse was recently given an Amiga Format Gold Award with 90% and otters 290 Dpi resolutbn, 2 high quality mbroswitched buttons and a tree mouse mat.
Optical Mouse E 24.99 The Golden Image Optical Mouse is a hi i quality, 3 button, replacement mouse. The lully Optbal mechanism means no moving parts ottering tar higher reliability. Includes Mat.
Jin Mouse E 7.99 Don't be deceived by the low price ol this mouse. Mass productbn ot the Jin mouse has resulted in a high quality Opto Mechanical mouse featuring 290 Dpi resolutbn Ladbroke s Mouse mat E 2.98 Please add £2 lor P&P on mice.
Floppy DtIvm r i "The Natural way to draw"
• I50Dpi resolutbn
• Opto Mechanbal mechanism
• 500mm SEC tracking speed
• Switchable between Amiga ST
• Direct Mouse replacement.
Gl Brush Mouse E 19.99 Gl Brush * Dpaint III E 24.99 A500 512K with clock E 17.99 The golden Image 512K RAM upgrade includes battery backed clock and enable disable switch.
Xtra RAM A500 + 1Mb E 49.99 The Xlra RAM tor the A500 Plus only, adds Imb ot chp RAM to the A500 Plus.
A600 Amitek 1Mb with elk E 42.99 Plugs straight into A600 trap door, compatible wilh A600, A600HD.
Aoeottoorloo 50 3.5" disks E 20 100 3.5" Disks £38
3. 5" Disk head cleaner E 4 40 disk box E
4. 99 80 disk box E
7. 99 150 Disk box E
17. 99 A500 Dustcover E
3. 99 Mouse J S extension E
5. 99 PRO Star Mini joystick E
14. 99 Philips 8833MKII E 189.99 This best selling colour, stereo
monitor comes complete with 12 months on site warranty and
tree Lotus Turbo challenge II.
Philips 15" FST Tv E 219.99
• SCART input Tv
• 39 channel remote conlrol
• Flat Screen Philips 15" Cube Teletext £259.99
• SCART input Tv
• 60 channel remote control
• Faslext teletext
• Flal Screen
• 3 Speaker sound 8833 MKII-Amiga cable E 9.99 Philips SCART to
Amiga E 9.99 8833MKII dustcover £ 7.99 14" Monitor stand E 9.99
IRE YEARM L 1991 m® C0 R0t USING A TV?
Switch to a monitor and SEE WHAT YOU’RE MISSING!
If you are currently using your Amiga or ST with a domestic television set, then you are missing out on picture quality.
Untortunately, because your TV is used lo receiving inlerior UHF transmissions Irom Ihe airwaves, il only has a UHF socket. So.
Your computer has to downgrade its high quality digital RGB (Red.
Green, Blue) signal to UHF to enable your TV lo receive IL However, because your TV can only display using RGB, it has to convert Ihe UHF signal back to RGB before il can pul a picture on Ihe screen. Ol course, every lime you convert trom one signal lo another, there is a loss ol quality which means lhat Ihe linal picture on Ihe TV is not as good as Ihe original signal Irom your computer.
You can overcome this with a monitor, which has an RGB socket, nol UHF. Your computer will recognise this, and send ils original RGB signal lo Ihe monitor which will display Ihe image directly to the screen with no loss ol quality.
The Philips 8833 is the best selling colour monitor for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. Ideal tor game playing, it otters excellent colour graphics and has stereo audio speakers tor enhanced stereo output Irom Ihe Amiga and ST-E. The performance and reliability ot Ihe 8833 is exceptional, which is why we are conlidenl lo otter 12 months ON-SITE warranty wilh every Philips 8833 monitor. Plus, every 8833 Irom Silica comes wilh FREE Lolus Turbo Challenge 2 software, all tor only £199 inc VAT, THE MONITOR 14" CGA COLOUR MONITOR OFFICIAL UK PRODUCT ¦ 1 YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY
THE GAME Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 trom Gremlin Graphics takes
racing games to new dimensions. Pass Ihrough hazardous lunnels;
twist along log-strewn tracks; speed over sand drifts. It's an
action packed lest ol your skill and speed - CAN YOU HANDLE ITI
FINAL CHALLENGE EXCHANGE II you already own a copy ol Lolus
Turbo Challenge 2, don'l worry. You can return the Free copy
tram your new monitor and. Lor |usi £5, Philips will exchange
it tor “Lotus - The Final Challenge". You can use this new
soltware lo design and create your very own racing circuils.
THE COMPETITION WIN A DAY FOR 2 AT THE 1993 BRITISH GRAND PRIX Imagine grandstand seats at Ihe most acclaimed evenl in Ihe Formula One year - The British Grand Prix. Philips will fly you and a friend Into SilVERSIONe and Ihere's Ihe chance lo meet a famous Formula One personality al a celebrity reception. It's Ihen time lo lake your grandstand seats for the morning's practice. A delicious 4 course lunch follows; Ihen it’s back to your seats for the Grand Prix itself.
It’s all part ol an exciting tirsl prize package in the Turbo Challenge Competition. And, il you don't get the chequered flag, there are 40 runner-up prizes of Ferrari Teslarossa remote control cars.
RECOMMENDED I CABLE - £9.95 You will nood a cablo lo conned Ino Philips 8833 10 your computer. These cables are normally t14.95 each but, if you buy one Irom Silica at the samo lime os your new monitor, we win give you a £5 discount so you pay onty £995 « v»t. Wake sure you order the correct cable lor your computer.
CAB 5510 - ST-E STEREO SOUND CAB 5508 - ST-FM MONO SOUND CAB 5050 - AMIGA STEREO SOUND ACCESSORIES All of the accessories below ate suitable lor use with the Philips 8833 Colour Monitor For maximum enjoyment ol Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, we are pleased to recommend the best selling Zip Stik Super Pro Joystick. The Zip Stik is probably Ihe best joystick currently available and the world’s fastest rapid (ire! Al only £12.95, it represents superb value for money.
• Durable sleel shafted handle
• 8 microswitches
• Handheld table top
• 2 fire buttons
• Triple action auto-fire Single shot Short rapid burst jjj
Mogablasi continuous fire H
• Rubber suction cups
• Extra long lead HU f;1|
• lyrg'iee fW TILT & SWIVEL MONITOR STATION £11.95 as computer'
AND VACUUM KIT ** MAIL ORDER: Ordot Lines Open 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DX Man-Sal 9.00am 6.00c n No laio Night Opontng Tel: 081-309 1111 FAX No OBI-338 0608 LONDON SHOP: Opening Hours 52 Tottenham Court Road, London, WIP 08A Mon-Sal 9.30anv6.00pm No Laio Night Opening Tel: 071-580 4000 Fax No. 071-323 4737 LONDON SHOP: Opettng Hours Selfridges fist Roor) Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB Mon-Fn 9.30am-7.00p*n (Sat close 6.30pm) late Night- Thursday - 6pm Tel: 071-629 1234 Eilenson' 3914 SIDCUP SHOP: Opeiwig Hours: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DX Mon-Sal
9.00flm-5.30pm lalo Night Friday - 7pm Tel: 081-302 8811 Fax No OB 1-339 0017 ESSEX SHOP: Opotvng Hours: Keddies (2nd Rood. High Slreel, Soulhend-on-Sea, Essex, SSI ILA Mcn-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm (Sal 9.COam-6,OOpm) No Lale Night Opening Tel: 0702 462426 Fax No: 0702 462353 , To- Silica Systems. AMF0R-1292-91. T-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kcnl. DA14 40X1 f SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU ]
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped In Ihe
UK mainland.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a ‘Same product -
Same price" basis.
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sales.
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff): Solid, reliable and
• BUSINESS + EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts available
081*308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from one
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you wilh offers + software
and peripheral details.
• PA YMENT: Major credit cards, cash, cheque or monthly terms.
Before you decide when to buy your new monitor, we suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy it. Consider what it will be like a few months after you have made your purchase, when you may require additional peripherals and software, or help and advice with your new purchase. And. Will the company you buy from contact you with details of new products? At Silica Systems, we onsure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have been established for almost 14 years and, with our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an
understanding which is second to none. But don’t just take our word for it. Complete and return Ihe coupon now for our latest FREE literature and begin to experience the "Silica Systems Sen ice’.
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Including VAT & delivery NEW LATE NIGHT SHOWROOM OPENING UNTIL 7PM, WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAI Evesnamnicros] HOW TO CONTACT AMIGA FORMAT You can be certain ot getting your enquiry to the magazine dealt with, but only If you make sure you're addressing your letter to the right person or place.
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We don’t keep stocks of disks, so we can't help.
I am writing to you for a hil of advice on the new A600. I own an Amiga 500 with I Mb and I am interested in buying the new Amiga 600. The problem is that I am not sure whether to buy the A600 for £300 or pay Ihe extra money for Ihe A600 and 20Mb hard disk.
Please could you tell me what advantages there would be if I purchased the A600 wilh hard drive, and if it is worth Ihe extra money, Philip White, Horsham, W Sussex .4 hard drive makes an enormous difference la any computer, and we're about la start a crusade la get all Amiga owners to get a hard drive. Programs load quicker from IID and you can keep all your favourite programs there and save files (DPaint pictures, letters from your word processor) to it.
However, if you buy a (00 you can also put an IDE hard drive in it later; the 20Mh drive in a 600 ID is not really big enough (the American 600HD has a 40Mb drive); and remember, a lot of games don't install to a hard drive.
And I don't really see any point in moving from a 500 to a 600 - they're basically pretty similar. Wait for the .41200. Nest issue we’ll examine the ins and outs of installing an IDE hard drive inside an A600 or AI200.
Help! I am planning to buy an Amiga around Christmas, but I can't choose between the A600 and the A500 Plus. I asked the nice man al Dixons, who advised me to buy an A600. But when I asked a man in Got a picture you’re proud ot? Send it In, see it In print and win an Amiga Format binderl Since Letters Is where you get to contribute your words, we thought it would be the perfect place to see your pics on display too. However your Image was created, whether you've sketched it In Dpaint or generated it with a ray-tracing package, we'd like to see it. Only the best will make It Into these hallowed
pages. Send your entries on disk In IFF format to The Gallery, Letters, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.
A computer shop, he said to buy the A500+. Because there had been compatibility problems with the A600 that ihe A500+ doesn't have. I bought your excellent mag. And read it from cover lo cover, but 1 still can't decide. The £100 difference is a lot. So please advise!
Timothy Newman, Kington Buy the A600 or A1201). The 500 Plus is now lust year's model and in all the workings is identical lo the
600. We're not aware of any software compatibility differences
between the 500 Plus anil the 600.
Concerning the use of Amigas as anything other than games machines. I would like to draw everyone's attention to their use in the music video industry.
Watching MTV's Saturday night Partyzone programme. I was surprised to see the number of recognisable Amiga influences.
The video for Shades by House al Usher features the Fred Astaire lookalike dancing animation which accompanies (I think!) Deluxe Paint III. The same video has footage of a CAD program which has the USS Enterprise as one of the 3D models. (I'm not sure which package, but I've seen screenshots of it).
On Ihe following videos, apart from Ihe customary fraclals plasmutcx effects, there was a simple polygon spaceship flying around, the classic juggler anim. A running man made of Bobs |blitter objects], and a display of some form of sampling software.
Although some of the effects might not be Amiga Continued overleaf related, most were too obvious lo miss and can only be from an Amiga. The existence of our computer in such popular media can only be a good sign.
Richard Munden, Cottingham Interesting. A lot of these are probably American in origin, anil slnw how widespread the Amiga is over there as a video production tool.
Let's not start another bout of 'I've seen an Amiga on the TV" letters, but ur would like to hear from anyone who is using the Amiga in video work.
AMIGA ON TOP I think the new Amigas wilh Ihe AA chip set will knock out the PC leisure market almost completely.
The only reservation I have is what the software companies do - I would he upset if they went A1200 only.
I doubt this is very likely, though, as there are so many people who own A500 600 machines and won't he able to upgrade immediately. I think my major hope for the A1200 is lhat it could be used for game porting.
This might stop us having to pul up with poor PC conversions from unprofessional coders. Surely coding down from Amiga lo Amiga would produce better quality games than PC to Amiga.
I've notieeil a lot of comments in magazines about the PC versus Amiga situation. I know that you probably know more about it than me. But I have to admit reading Oracle Inst week cheered me up. One of their pages, related to computers, showed a Gallup survey which worked out lhat the Amiga beat all Ihe olher home computer leisure software sales hands down - even if you added all the rivals' sales together.
Robert Pomfret, East Didsbury The news would appear 10 be that developers are working to I2IIII standards then porting games down to the A500I600, which is good because it ensures quality and ambition.
As for the sales figures: yes, those are quite correct and it's worth bearing that one in mind.
PIRACY PART 1 A large proportion of Amiga software in use is pirated.
With the Mac and PC. For every legal copy there are
1. 4 illegal ones in use in businesses. Honest users keep the
software houses in profit by paying highly inflated prices for
software. This is immoral and unsustainable.
Enter stage left - CDTV. The great grey hope.
Piracy will he eliminated only when it becomes uneconomic. A blank disk costs a few pence: a blank CD you can write to will cost about £10 but a CD costs 60p (and falling) lo manufacture.
So release all software on CD for a tenner.
Anything worth buying will be bought in huge quantities, including Amigas and CD drives. Try selling stuff for £30 - £40 and people will buy consoles.
The second part of the equation is quality control. 1 believe one reason for the home computer crash of 1983-84 was caused by a glut of poor-quality, expensive software. Quality control is one of Ihe reasons for the phenomenal success of Nintendo. Commodore must go for quality rather than quantity.
What about me. Would I buy a CD-ROM?
Probably, just for (he PD disc. Unfortunately I own an Amiga 1000 - you know, the one Commodore promised would be kept in step wilh all future developments! Perhaps you could mention this to them.
Knowing Commodore they would just ignore me.
Oh. And in Ihe article on games programmers it was slated lhat the PET is tut ancestor of Ihe Amiga. This is total rubbish. The Atari VCS and Atari 800 are Ihe ancestors of the Amiga. Just ask Jay Miner.
David Foulkes, Prescot, Merseyside You're quite right about CD being Ihe potential saviour of the software industry and it's a point we've made several times. I doubt, however, that we'll see software as cheap as CIO. There is some truth in the idea that you get many more hours of fun from a game than you do from, say. A video, so in some ways a higher price is justified. But we've got some more interesting opinions on piracy coming up... CAUGHT!
OK. The game's up! Did you really think you could get away with it? You know I'm talking about Ihe 'so called' picture of Shaun Southern in Ihe programmers section last month. Am I not correct lhat this is exactly the same picture that appeared in TV listings magazines and is. In fact. Colin Firth who plays the hostage in a docu-drama about Ihe Lebanon? Do I spot a deliberate mistake? I rest my case!
Mark McCormack, Huddersfield firm... yes. We couldn't find a picture of Shaun, so we thought it might be quite amusing to see if anyone recognised Colin instead. But we re not feeling generous enough to give you a prizeI DRIVES YOU CRAZY Guess what these games have in common: F-19.
Thunderhawk. Harlequin. Shadow of the Beast.
Shadow of the Beast 2. Xenon 2 and Corporation. All these games do not use a second disk drive!
What's the point of buying a second drive if companies don't make full use of Ihe drives? I've paid £50 for my drive, and I would like companies like Gremlin.
Core Design and Psygnosis lo make use of it.
Dean Graham, Burnley A very, very good point. With the arrival of the 1200, Ocean for one have told us that they plan to test all games on all processors - which is one thing that's been annoying Amiga Format readers for a long time
- and also to make all games hard drive installable.
But will they take two floppies into account :’ After all, there's no good reason why not!
PIRACY PART TWO I regularly buy most major Amiga-related magazines and each anti every one. At one lime or another, makes the pirate out to be a sleazy, unwashed, fag-in-the-gob.
Square-eyed monstrosity who spends 23 hours a day hunched over some super-endowed Amiga or PC.
This type of pirate is blamed for the majority of all software-related piracy: he takes great delight in ripping off the software houses for millions of pounds every year, has multiple orgasms every lime he manages to 'crack' the latest software protection and no doubt gains even greater enjoyment, not to mention 'brownie points', every time lie manages lo spread copies of his 'cracked' software lo his other underworld compatriots.
But it's rubbish! Software pirates can be anything from the seven-year-old schoolkid trading games in the playground to the 66-year-old business executive giving each of his employees a workstation running Lotus 1-2-3. Or something similar, that the company only bought one copy of!
Software piracy is not just relegated to dingy back streets and dimly lit terraced houses. In fact, software piracy is firmly embedded (and is a majority shareholder I might add) within the computer manufacturing, distribution and retail sphere.
Paul Dalby, Glossop, Derbyshire And. As you imply at the end of your letter, not until we recognise this fact will nr be able to do something about piracy. You're quite right.
I think nr have been guilty in the past of using this stereotype, but mostly I think it's the term 'pirate'. With its glamourous connotations, is the problem.
There are a few dedicated crackers around who think they’re doing something terribly clever and anarchic. But really they make practically no difference. It's 'playground piracy' that's the problem: young people and ignorant parents who think it's no worse to copy a game disc than it is to tape a programme of the telly.
And of course there’s an enormous difference.
It's this casual copying that will he stamped out by CD - it will be difficult to copy in the home and uneconomical to copy any olher way. When it happens, we'll start seeing what games can really be like, because the software houses will have Ihe money to put into real development work.
PIRACY PART 3 After reading the numerous debates throughout the letter pages of your magazine about piracy it would Continued on page 270 STAR FALLEN?
I saw your article entitled 'Which Printer' in the October issue of Amiga Formal, and being naturally curious I wanted to know what, if anything, you had said about the Star LC-20. How can a reviewer give the LC-20. The successor to the best-selling LC-10. A verdict of 65%?
First thing: Ihe price. How did you manage to get the price quoted as £235?
Why don't you take a quick look at some of ihc adverts in a copy of AF'I You may notice that it is actually impossible to buy an LC-20 for more lhan £200. Mine cost me £140 back in December.
Next you mention your NL-10 self- destructing: could ihis have been due to over-heating? You failed lo pick up on the improvements made to the print head. They haven't cured the 'gets very hoi very quickly indeed’ syndrome suffered by most Star printers, but they have addressed the problem.
The print head now has a plastic cage around and some kind of temperature sensing buill in. Now when you print oul large amounts of high-density graphics, the printer will pace ilself to help prevent the prim head from spontaneously combusting.
Third, You said you had trouble with paper-feeding. How can you have trouble feeding paper into an LC-20?
Feeding paper into the printer is as simple as dropping a sheet down the paper-guidcs and pulling Ihe bail lever towards you: paper will feed into position. Where you push the bail lever forwards, press ON LINE and you are ready to print.
How the hell did you gel il to chew paper on a regular basis? Sure, it screws the odd bit of fan-fold now and again, but show me a dot-matrix that doesn’t.
I feel that your review could have jeopardised the sales of LC-20s.
Jeremy Withers, Warley, West Midlands You have to remember that ivc work under certain restrictions (though not the ludicrous time limit you suggest).
For starters, we are pretty much obliged lo quote the official list price of printers, even though they are widely available for a good deal less lhan list price - as ire never tire of saying, shop around for the best prices.
Second, we have to assume that the review model we are sent is a representative sample, even though some faults might, for all we know, he attributable to a fault on the particular mode! We have on test.
At the end of the day (to use a footballing cliche I reviews are just a guide, but if you ore left with the impression that there are now better dot matrix printers on the market than this particular Star model, then that's fair enough.
It's true.
Full marks for Ihe feature in the October issue on printers. A bit loo late for some of use who already have a printer, but that’s life innit? Anyway, here are a few points regarding the review of the Star SJ48.
First, where on Earth (or in the galaxy for lhat matter) did you buy it from? If you take a quick gander through Ihc many adverts in your magazine you would no doubt find that the normal Earth price for the SJ48 is around £230.
Second, regarding the print density, a quick call to Star reveals that it will function quite happily under the NEC Pinwriler or NEC P2200 giving full 360 x 360 dpi resolution. FntroCAD printouts will never be the same again!
Andrew Parker, Warrington, Cheshire We confess to a minor attack of the gremlins on the price. It is, indeed, about half the price we quoted in the review. And you're quite right about the print densities. We apologise to Star unreservedly for that one.
It's still a very similar printer to the Canon bubblejct. But the similar prices and similar facilities make it a straight toss-up between the two models of printer: if you can get your hands on an
S. I-48 at a lower price than a Canon, then go for ill Next montl
D °) @©G Gdo© ffiO©sG ©ooG ©Cr £7@do(7 HDSga V LP'LLQDS
DO NOT FORGET! Get down the shops for your co on Thursday December 10, or you could miss it!
In Issue 39 we asked you to send In your questions. Any questions. Questions you've always wanted to ask about the Amiga, the world and or most other things, but, for one reason, or perhaps another, have never quite got around to. And boy, did we get a panoply of posers to deal with.
Maybe it was the direct and manly way in which we challenged you to ask them, or, more probably, it was the lure of seven superb games on offer for the first 10 enquirers to be plucked from our office millinery.
Out of the compo hat came a humungous squodge of queries and answer them we did in the Amiga Formal Annual '93, on sale now at a very reasonable £3.95 - get your copy now. And If you already have, then please continue to do so.
Here are the names of the 10 lucky winners who will all be receiving copies of MicroProse’s Civilization, Virgin's Archer MacLean’s Pool, Gremlin’s Zool and Lotus 3, Renegade's Sensible Soccer, Millennium's The Aquatic Games and Psygnosls' Lemmings 2... Ben Wain, Rotherham, S Yorks Mr IP Atterbury, Barnsley, S Yorks Paul Hargreaves, Blackburn, Lancs Paul Ng, Swindon, Wilts Kevin Oakhill, Dunstable, Beds David Bateman, Huntington, York Robert Purser, Boston, Lines Robert Nicol, Crewe, Cheshire CP Voyce, Overstand, Norfolk Pete Thomson, Carterton, Oxon Well done all. Have a nice day.
Appear that everybody has come to the conclusion that if software were reduced to under £15, piracy would be wiped out. Yet that can’t be true, because a lot of games that are available cheaply are still pirated.
I am 14 and in my third year at secondary school and every day I see hundreds of pirated games flying around including Lotus Esprit, Rainbow Islands and It'C Leaderhoard, all of which are available for £7-9.
Also, many full price games are soon available for under £15 in mail order lists. Kick Off 2, Lotus 2, Prince of Persia, Man Utd Europe and MicroProse Golf are just a few of the many games I have seen pirated copies of while they are available for around £10 in the adverts in your magazine, thus proving the reduce prices, reduce piracy’ theory wrong.
David Hurdman, Skegness, Lincolnshire Bui make casual copying impossible and you cut out this kind of piracy, which is (again!) Why CD will yet be the saviour of the Amiga. If CD-based games are available for £20 when brand new and maybe a tenner or less a few months later, surely wed all prefer to buy smart, boxed original copies?
Remember what's at stake here. If disks were the only option, software houses would have started giving up on the Amiga at the beginning of this year. As it is, we've got the option of moving up to CD; this not only secures the fact that all new games will be released on the Amiga, but also means that the software houses will prefer developing for the Amiga than for the Sega and Nintendo consoles, where their profits are wiped out by the cost of the cartridges.
Which in turn means that Amiga CD games become more popular, the Amiga takes over as Number One games format and the shops will be packed full of the stuff, making it far more widely available. It could be u good future!
COST EFFECTIVE I am very impressed with the way you continually ask for feedback on how we want ‘our’ magazine to look.
So far I’m pleased with the results.
1 would however like to draw your attention to Ihe Amiga Format Special - which too was impressive, but £3.95? 1 ask you. Look at is this way. I went to my local shop and handed over £7.90 in total for both mags which could have bought me a decent low-bud- get game. It was a bit much to ask.
Paul Ryan, Edgware, Middlesex It seems like a lot, but consider what you're getting.
The best Amiga magazine, plus a complete program that could be worth from £20 to £101). Then you've got the Special, which is more like a book than a magazine. Which is why it costs more. And when you see the Special Annual. think you'll be pretty impressed.
MATTER OF OPINION After reading a letter in your magazine about software piracy, I feel I must write and say that the person who wrote Ihe replies to these letters is a prat. He says ’you don't have to buy a game if it is bad.' He then goes on to say that magazines like your own help people to decide what game are good and what games are not.
This is all well and good, provided that the person reviewing the game has the same tastes has the reader.
The reviews in your magazine and in others are the views and opinions of only one person. Surely a better way to review a game would be to allow several people to make comments on it. Grade it and then take an average mark.
Gavin Don, Ellon, Aberdeenshire In fact that's exactly what we do. In most cases a game will be checked by at least three people - the reviewer, the reviews editor (Neil) and the editor (me). We frequently argue, and then come up with a compromise.
In many cases, more of us get involved. You should have seen the arguments over whether Zool should be rated higher than Rainbow Islands and whether Putty should be rated higher than Zool. Finally, of course, it's an opinion, but generally, most people will agree whether, say, a film that Barry Norman reviews is good or not. You may find it interesting to look at the results of our readers' pull (printed in the Annual, now on sale!) Where it becomes quite clear that there is a consensus as to which Amiga games are the best, and they agree with us!
STRANGE... I believe that I am typical of many other teenagers in that I don't play games a lot. I spend most of my comSpot the shot 39 Simply identify the game that this small portion of a screenshot is from, write A M CD TV rA ,he answer on a ,1 | A] Ir. ’ I postcard with your name and address and send il in to us.
The address is Spot the Shot 41, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St, Bath BA I 2BW. The first correct The winner of Spot the Shot 39 is Brian Hoynes of Sallington, Northampton, who correctly identified the game Zool. An Amiga Format T-shirt is on the way.
Entry out of the hat every month will win a fabulous Amiga Format T-shirt!
Puter time trying to create a worthwhile animation, program, drawing or story.
When I tell my friends this, they don't believe it.
But it's true. A lot of the Amiga users in my age group that I know are either games junkies or trying to crack Ihe software they do own (a bit difficult when you consider that none of them know anything about or have any intention of finding out about assembly and machine code).
Dermot Williams, Dublin, Eire I think you're probably right in saying a tot of people use their Amigas for other things than playing games.
That's what makes the Amiga so popular. But the vast majority of us still enjoy playing games.
What I do find sad is the part about trying to crack games. It's a bit pathetic that so many people think it’s clever or glamourous to do that. It just requires a lot of tedious, techie programming knowledge which (in my experience) is the equivalent of being a boring swot.
The great thing about the people who program games is that they not only have the expert knowledge, but they are also creative people. Crackers, by contrast, are socially as lame as they come.
DEMOS WINNER I am constantly amazed at the number of people who write in to your magazine moaning about the price of games. Personally. I am perfectly willing to shell out £25 - £40 for a game, as long as I think it's worth it.
For example. I paid £27 for The Addams Family.
The only reason I was willing to pay this much was because another magazine gave away a demo of it and after playing it. I decided 1 wanted lo see il in all its glory. After many hours of frustration I finished the game, totally satisfied. In fact, I probably would have paid more.
Probably the best way to combat piracy (you'll never ever stop it completely, there’s a way round everything) would be for the software houses to give a full demo of the completed game, not just work in progress, say a month before the game is released.
This gives everyone who wants the full game a chance to save their pocket money, maybe do a few odd jobs, so that when the game does come out they have enough money to buy it there and then.
Ms C Goodwin, Barrow-in-Furness Quite right loo. It constantly amazes me that software houses are not falling over themselves to get demos of their games on to the Amiga Format Coverdisk. It's the best possible form of advertising (no other form of advertising is completely interactive) and ought to cost many thousands of pounds, yet we give them the chance to reach 200,000 people for free!
ACTUAL REALITY CAN IT BE true that a country that is plagued by regular power cuts has also built the world's biggest lighthouse?
It seems so. The gallant sailor-lovers ot the Dominican Republic have erected a massive marlne-safety edifice that uses 197 enormous lightbulbs of the same kind of that is used to floodlight Disneyland.
The lighthouse projects a massive cross on to the underside of low cloud - when the electricity Is working, at least. The Dominican Republic has at least two power cuts a day.
Can be a vicious, tilting, greased hog-ride if you let it get away from you - just look at the Government. Luckily, we have our Amigas.
Unluckily, real-life still goes on outside. Let's have a look at A MINE OF WISDOM Does anyone out there remember when Arthur Scargill was generally accepted as being the country's loremost prophet ot doom, gloom, looniness and boat-rocking anti live-now-pay-laterism, as he ranted his way around the Commie-infested pits of hell that were the mines?
Does anyone remember when Michael Heseltine was generally perceived as being the caring, forward-thinking, earthy, slightly eccentric, but essentially people-centred face of Government, as he eloquently orated his way around Toxteth and other trouble spots?
Does anyone remember when the miners were the mental, Marxist, money-grabbing exponents of 'the British disease'?
Does anyone remember when the financial institutions were the cash-producing free spirits at the vanguard of the British revival?
Does anyone recall when Arthur Scargill was berated for not calling a national secret ballot among the miners?
Does anyone know when the date for the Maastricht referendum is?
Strange thing, life, innit?
SO, ENGLISH HERITAGE is to sell 200 historical sites to cut down its £90 million budget.
We have a few suggestions to go along with Winchester Palace and Hadrian's Wall. The following might make vast amounts. How about The Rovers' Return? Brookside Close?
Wembley Stadium? Maybe Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle could raise a few bob. And then, of course, there’s Canary Wharf, a strange religious site used by high priests of a now long-dead faith.
WE HAVE RECENTLY seen ihe 50th anniversary of ihe batlle of El Alamcin (before which we hadn't had a victory, and after which we never had a defeat - cheers). Various stories were told about the 12-day batlle and the leadership of the distinctly eccentric Viscount (Bernard) Montgomery. But the tale of the Field Marshall's Kung Fu skills did not emerge. Well. Tim went to a school in Winchester that used to bear the name Montgomery of Alamein. In the main foyer of this hallowed hall of learning was a picture of the great old warrior (Monty that is) apparently chopping the headmaster in Ihc
back of the neck on the day of the school's naming as the head leaned over to sign a hook. The tale of Monty's martial arts expertise was a lightly kept secret, and can only now be revealed.
THE GREEK GOVERNMENT (which is gaining a regular Actual Reality spot) is to buy up repossessed hotels and turn them into prisons mainly for people convicted of tax-evasion. Now why would anyone turn a hotel into a prison for that particular offence? Mmmmm?
HOW MANY COPIES of Madonna's new book have been bought and will not be taken out of their Mylar wrapping for another 20 years until they are auctioned off as pristine copies? We guess... lots.
By the way, Mylar is used to make PCBs and the drivers for Sony MDR head-phones.
MORE GREAT HEADLINES OF OUR TIME It's The Guardian again. This time from the Monday, October 19 edition.
We think this headline doesn't just catch the reader's attention... it bludgeons you into abject bewilderment. Here we go then... 'Beware the truth behind the optimists' belief in the devaluation panacea'. Wooah! The piece was written by a Dr Panic of Selwyn College Cambridge. You'd also have had a job working out BBCl's One O'Clock News headline on October 15, which announced to the world that: 'The latest figures show that one in ten workers is now jobless." Define ’a worker’, Auntie.
TEN THINGS YOU WONT HEAR ON THE BUS THIS MONTH 1 Having studied (he Maaslrichl Treaty in some deplh I think that... 2 Ross Perot didn't once think of gelling lots of free PR for his own company!
3 What book by Madonna?
4 Wasn't Spilling Image offensive this week?
5 Trivial Pursuit anyone?
6 1 just don’t know what to spend il all on.
7 Afler whal Gary Lineker said. I for one won't he letting my children watch Match of the Day again.
8 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!
9 Isn't il good that no one's pul Christmas lights on yet?
10 You must come and see our new office in Canary Wharf... Amiga Format Issue 41 Your guarantee of value EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Clare Hodgson Asam Ahmad Paul Tyrell Matthew Fyles Huw Llewellyn Ed Ricketts Andy Lowe Neil West Brian Larkman Jason Holborn PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-on-Avon; COLOUR ORIGINATORS Phoenix Repro PRINTERS Chase Web, St Ives PLC, Plymouth NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION UK Future Publishing 0225 442244 NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION OVERSEAS: MMC Ltd 0483 211222 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Sue Hartley 0225 442244 uiure PUBLISHING Home ol Britain's finest magazine.
AMIGA FORMAT Amiga Power • Amiga Shopper • ST Format • Sega Power • Mega Super Play • Total • Future Music Amstrad Action • Your Sinclair Commodore Format • PC Answers PC Plus • PC Format • PCW Plus Cycling Plus* Mountain Biking U.K. Needlecraft • Classic CD Crosstitch • Photo Plus This mag comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just seven years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in Britain. We offer: Better advice. Our titles are packed with bps, suggeshons and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
Stronger reviews. We have a cast- iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give clear buying recommendations.
Clearer design. You need solid information fast. So our crayon-wielders highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... Greater relevance. At Future, Editors operate under two golden rules:
• Understand your readers' needs.
• Then satisfy them.
More reader interaction. We draw on readers' contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages and the best reader tips. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group.
Better value for money.
More pages, better quality - magazines you can trust.
Award winning innovative products from Power Computing Ltd Optical Hard Drive A2000 Hard Cards 24-Bit Colour GVP Series 2 HD ¦ Up to 8Mb SIMM RAM on-board
• Supports external SCSI devices ¦ 14MHz SCSI controller Bare
£129 40QMB0MB £249 80QMBOMB £349 40QMB2MB £299 80QMB2MB £399
40QMB4MB £349 80QMB4MB £449 40QMB8MB £42 9 80QMB8MB £539 Nexus
Hard Card ¦Manufactured by Power Computing ¦128MB on one
optical disk ¦ Read and write optical disks ¦40ms running speed
¦ Built-in power supply ¦ High power cooling fan ¦25-way and
50-way SCSI ports ¦Thru'port built-in ¦SCSI ID switch ¦
Compatible with major SCSI controllers Opa I Vision
• 24-bit graphic card
• 16.8 million colours available
• Operates in all standard Amiga resolutions
• VLSI Microcode graphics co-processor
• Double buffered 24-bit and 15-bit animation is available in all
• 'Palatte-mapped' design updates screen colours in real-time.
Fade pictures in and out and change their palettes ¦Equipped
with 1.5MB of display RAM ¦ Auto-config for NTSC or PAL
¦Available for all Amigas Software included OpalPaint ¦ 24-bit
painting and image processing ¦Up to 8MB RAM on-board _ Opal
Presents Bare £129 ¦ Presentation program 128MB optical drive
(Internal) ..£729 40QMB 0MB £2 4 9 80QMB 0MB £349 ¦
Control OpalVision images, Amiga 128MB optical drive (External)
£999 40QMB 2MB £2 9 9 80QMB 2MB £399 graphics and live video
128MB 3.5'' optical disk £39.95 each 40QMB4MB £349 80QMB
4MB £449 ¦ Includes fades, effects etc. SCSI controller card
40QMB8MB £429 80QMB8MB £539 * Many more features for A1500
A2000 ......£129 (Compatible with
Amiga. PC, and Mac. A SCSI Bare SCSI Hard Drive King of Karate
controller is required on the Amiga and PCI ¦24-bit computer
game 40 Quantum ..£17 9 80 Quantum £229 ’ Exciting karate
competition Commodore A1500 ¦ Demonstrates OpalVision
capabilities ¦ 1MB of RAM (Suitable lor GVP G-Force, GVP HO or
Nexus HC) "Two 3.5 internal disk drives Other sizes of HD
available, please call
OpalVision .£699 .
Pu||y expandable, accepting all A2000 More information
available peripherals RAM Expansion OpalVision roaster chip
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• Aries Al500 A2000 RAM _ "Software included Monitors The Works
Platinum Edition 2MB £129 6MB £209 "For a monitor of this
quality. Delux Paint III 4MB £169 8MB £249 the CM8833 is worth
every Home Accounts penny" Puzznic game Macintosh Emulator
Amjga Forma( Sept 1992 Toki game "This really is the best
emula- 9ame torwe-ve seenfortheAmiga.lt "The 4FG is an
absolutely A150Q £5g9 behaves just as if you really smashing
monitor that beats were using a Mac" every competitor"
Accelerator Amiga Format Sept 1992 Amiga Format Sept 1992 GVP
G-Force Amax-ll Plus Philips CM8833 Mk2 ¦ 68030 accelerator
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¦Runs Mac software "Available with Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 •
DMA SCSI controller on-board ¦Runs System 7 ¦ On-site
maintenance jffiTk ¦ 68000fall-back mode ¦Full support for all
SCSI Mac . Only CPU slot is used peripherals and the ability to
read Mac CM8833 Mk2 ...£199
¦ Internal and external SCSI connector disks in your drives .
Converts to hard card with Hard Drive ¦68020 68030 compatible
NEC Multisync 4FG mount kit ¦ AppleTalk emulation . Por use
wjth Flicker Fixers ¦ 32-bit RAM as standard ¦Can use Amiga ECS
• Very high quality ¦Easy to install ¦ Built-in degausser
(fiAlp 25MHz 1MB RAM .....£529 ¦15"
Screen 40MHz 4MB RAM .....£759 Amax-ll
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Computing in Italy, D.R.R. SRL 00142, Roma. Via Duccio Di
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LQ-100 .£209 LX100 .£189 Supra Modems Supra Fax Modem Plus ..£136 Supra Fax Modem v32Bis ..£295 Supra Modem 2400 (External) ..£91 Supra Modem 2400 Zlplus (internal) .£134 Supra 9600 ....£POA Miscellaneous Power Mouse ...£15 Optical Mouse ......£29.95 Replacement optical mouse mat ..£9.95 10 Maxell disks, optical mouse,
Zipstick ..£45 Maxell multi-colour disks (10) .£9.95 Floppy disks bulk ....£POA Aviator I joystick ..£35 Intruder 1 joystick £29.99 Maverick 1 joystick .....£15.99 Python 1 joystick .....£9.99 Apache 1 joystick ....£7.99 The Power Computing colour hand-held scanner for the Amiga is now available.
This scanner offers the following features ¦4096 colours ¦ 50-400 DPI ¦ 4 Scanning modes ¦Text ¦ Greyscale ¦ Colour halftone ¦ Colour The Amiga interface plugs into an A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 expansion slot with a separate version which connects to the expansion connector of the A500 A500+. The A500 version has a through-port which is compatible with all Amiga 500 expansion peripherals.
The software supplied with this scanner is the new PowerScan Professional 3, which also supports the greyscale scanner and will be available as an upgrade to existing users of PowerScan for £15.
Colour PowerScan v3.0 features ¦ Real-time True-feel' scan option in colour halftone mode ¦ Images are stored internally as 12-bit graphics, not HAM. This means that no quality is lost due to the Amiga only being able to display HAM images in 4096 colours ¦ Images are displayed as HAM pictures ¦ HAM images may be loaded Irom disk and edited using PowerScan 3 ¦ Image size that can be handled is limited only by the amount of memory available ¦ Memory does not have to be chip memory as in many art packages ¦ Images can be saved in various file formats ¦ View whole image function ¦
Scale rotate skew image or clipboard by any amount ¦ Crop image ¦ Clean up, lighten or darken image
• Variable zoom mode ¦ Draw freehand, lines, circles, boxes and
polygons in various fill patterns, brush sizes, paste modes, or
with the clip board image ¦ Clipboards may be scanned directly,
or any shape can be cut from the main image ¦ The software is
compatible with all Amigas ¦ Supports Workbench 2 and ECS
screen modes Colour PowerScan now available New v3.0 Scan
software PowerScan Colour v3.0 ..£239
PowerScan Greyscale v3.0 ..£99 PowerScan v3.0
software upgrade ...£15 The Amiga can only display 16
greyscales Power Shop, 86 Walton Road, East Molesey. Surrey KT8
AT PARTICIPATING DEALERS RING US FOR DETAILS 0453 756993 IMTItlCK TAW TAUINA FIREFORGE TWELVE HUGE | THRILLING MISSION Join the ELITE fighting force of the fearless exciting missions across different TERRAIN choose from a huge ARSENAL of weapons MK 1,6's, AK47's, grenades,knives and more you provide skill, stamina and REFLEXES INTERNATIONAL ? COMPUTER ? ENTERTAINMENT BRIDGE HOUSE MERRY VALKS STROUD GLOS GL5 IQA X : 0453 756998 . TEL : 0453 75699 ' ' ‘ Tin* • . *• . - . ' 1 Special: enables you to send special ‘escape codes' to your printer, which are used for formatting text. Sometimes,
your printer driver won't enables certain codes to be passed to your printer, so you can force them through here. Consult your printer manual for the specific escape codes.
The three File Format options are used to alter how Scribble! Stores the end of a line when your document is saved to disk. You can either set it to Line Feed (LF) only. Carriage Return (CR) only, or both LF and CR together. The default is LF only, but some printers require either CR or both to be set in order to operate correctly. Again, it's best to consult your printer manual if you're not sure.
2 Tlic Beep option Higgles the beep warning on or off. If it's set to On, Scribble! Will beep al you if you make a mistake.
MODE MENU Scribble! Defaults to Edit mode when you first load the program up. In this mode the mouse pointer appears in the shape of a pencil, and when you point and click on an area of text, the cursor will immediately move there.
3 The Cut and Copy modes are similar to each other in that they are used to pull out bits of text from your document, while the Paste mode is used to insert the Cut or Copied text back into your document.
You may decide, for instance, that a paragraph of your document may be better positioned elsewhere.
What you should do. Then, is to use the Cut mode to 4 V*' 5 to 6 All products are sourced from the UK - no grey imports - SO rest easy with your official UK warranties.
7 near to the coast, but if you get an opportunity to go to 8 On-line help provides details of the command at the cursor position - another click takes you to a fully documented working example.
• A new editor with drop-down menus, keyboard macros, advanced
undo redo, and multiple windows on screen.
• IFF animation playback that runs faster than in Dpaint.
• MED music library support with MIDI data send, Noise Tracker
support, easier access to the printer, serial and parallel
ports and much more,
• MOUTH commands to link sprites to speech output from the SAY
command to create a realistic talking head.
9 Amiga 600 Compuler wilh 20Mb Hard disk
• Trivial Pursuit - 3 language version (Domark)
• Epic (Ocean)
• Rome (Millenium)
• Mylh (System 3) Please telephone tor price. Includes free 12
month warranty. Free nexl day delivery 10 HAVE (4,000" IN CASH
C. IVE AwaY to THE FeDSonj Who takes the most advantage oc mv to
ice toeoce 11 Suggested ict.nl price.
12 Use any Amiga fonts including colour fonts.
• Preview any font in any style.
• Selectable italic, bold and underline.
• Adjustable character spacing.
• Eight dilterent colour gradient backgrounds in any one screen
• Wallpaper
• Tile
• Grid
• Imported IFF images /p>

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