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Nintendo AMIGA FORMAT 34 MAY 1992 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Damien Noonan Nell Jackson Pat McDonald Maff Evans Gary Lord Clare Hodgson :orroR iCREENPLAY EDITOR rECHNICAL EDITOR ITAFF WRITER ¦RODUCTION EDITOR iDITORIAL SSISTANT ART DEPARTMENT Marcus Dyson Frank Bartucca UtT EDITOR )ESIGNER ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT iROUP AD MANAGER JEPUTY AD MANAGER JAMES SALES MGR SENIOR SALES EXEC Jonathan Bint Duncan Ferguson Simon Whitcombe Tim Partridge News FIRST NEWS OF THE NEW AMIGA! Read all about the new Amiga 600 - possibly the first genuinely innovative Amiga released since the A500! We've got the first official details of the new machine! 18 Screenplay 43 Covering more of the games scene each month... Coming Attractions 44-45 A good look at the potential hits of the future, starring new WW2 bomber flight sim B17 Flying Fortress Under Construction 48 Lemmings go home! Here's Humans from MicroProse The next big thing? 51 Driving pushes the limits in Jaguar Racing from Core The new Amiga 600 IN NEWS: the first official details of the new Amiga in the range. Get your first look at the Amiga 600, which boasts a number of exciting new features... and find out al! About it here, first! Cheap 'n' Cheerful! 86-87 Can you get excellent games without splashing out £30? Yes! And some real classics, like F-16 and Robocop too! Charts and Magical History Score 89-90 Which game has hit the coveted Number One spot? Gamebusters 97-103 The tips section, with a massive Battle Isle player's guide PUBLISHING Reviews 54-82 Nicola Lucas Michele Harris Tamara Ward Sue Hartley Kate Elston Greg Ingham Katrina Windows REVIEWED: ProfessionalPage 3 This latest version of the top DTP program should keep it top of the heap: but can it face up to the new, strong competition? REVIEWED: Audio Engineer Plus The best Amiga sound sampler just got better: be there in the line with cash in your hand!

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Document sans nom DSSUE 34 ¦ MAY 1992 ¦ £3.95 Collection N COMPLETE FULLY-USEABLE DTP PROGRAM!
* Get into DTP the smart person's way. With an easy-to-use layout
package combining a simple word processor and a graphics editor
W A 500 Plus Compatible • 1 Mb recommended fl Learn how to put your Amiga to work in the most demanding field there is The two best game demos of the year!
Sensible Soccer - the Kit Jaguar Racing hottest PLUS exclusive reviews: the latest versions of the top DTP programs you too can create games Suss all the tricky techie stuff with Easy AMOS!
It's great, it's here: the best Amiga sound sampler ever!
GREAT NEW GAMES: Vroom!, Elvira II, Dynablaster, Titus NO COVERDISKS?
Nintendo AMIGA FORMAT 34 MAY 1992 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Damien Noonan Nell Jackson Pat McDonald Maff Evans Gary Lord Clare Hodgson :orroR iCREENPLAY EDITOR rECHNICAL EDITOR ITAFF WRITER ¦RODUCTION EDITOR iDITORIAL ASSISTANT ART DEPARTMENT Marcus Dyson Frank Bartucca UtT EDITOR )ESIGNER ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT iROUP AD MANAGER JEPUTY AD MANAGER JAMES SALES MGR SENIOR SALES EXEC Jonathan Bint Duncan Ferguson Simon Whitcombe Tim Partridge News FIRST NEWS OF THE NEW AMIGA! Read all about the new Amiga 600 - possibly the first genuinely innovative Amiga released since the A500! We've got the first
official details of the new machine!
18 Screenplay 43 Covering more of the games scene each month... Coming Attractions 44-45 A good look at the potential hits of the future, starring new WW2 bomber flight sim B17 Flying Fortress Under Construction 48 Lemmings go home! Here's Humans from MicroProse The next big thing? 51 Driving pushes the limits in Jaguar Racing from Core The new Amiga 600 IN NEWS: the first official details of the new Amiga in the range.
Get your first look at the Amiga 600, which boasts a number of exciting new features... and find out al! About it here, first!
Cheap 'n' Cheerful! 86-87 Can you get excellent games without splashing out £30?
Yes! And some real classics, like F-16 and Robocop too!
Charts and Magical History Score 89-90 Which game has hit the coveted Number One spot?
Gamebusters 97-103 The tips section, with a massive Battle Isle player's guide PUBLISHING Reviews 54-82 Nicola Lucas Michele Harris Tamara Ward Sue Hartley Kate Elston Greg Ingham Katrina Windows REVIEWED: ProfessionalPage 3 This latest version of the top DTP program should keep it top of the heap: but can it face up to the new, strong competition?
REVIEWED: Audio Engineer Plus The best Amiga sound sampler just got better: be there in the line with cash in your hand!
IN PUBLIC DOMAIN Add realistic skies to your Vista landscapes with this excellent fractal clouds utility.
• RODUCTION TECHNICIANS llmon Windsor, Chris Stocker, lerome
Clough, Simon Chittenden PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James (BathJ
ILLUSTRATION Hllie Roberts, Devizes; Jeremy Pyke, Bath COLOUR
REPROGRAPHICS Sath Graphics (Bath), DP Graphics (Holt|, Phoenix
Reprographics (Bath) PRINTED BY Chase Web Ltd, St Ives PLC,
Plymouth NEWSTRADE DISTRIBUTION, UK Future Publishing, 0225
AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth Street Bath, AVON, BA1 2BW Telephone
0225 442244 Facsimile 0225 446019 SUBSCRIPTIONS, BACK ISSUES
MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Future Publishing, Somerton, SOMERSET,
TA11 6TB Telephone 0458 74011 Facsimile 0225 446019 Observation
of the month: Why is it that the rediscovery of Kick-Off
results in no work getting done?
Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation 130,143 July-Dec 1991 UtVERTISING PRODUCTION
• UBLISHER SROUP ADMIN ASST Coming Contraptions 113 Find out
what's new in 'serious' software and hardware ProfessionalPage
3 118 The latest version of Gold Disk's doyen of DTP...
PageStream 2.2 120 ...and the new version of Soft Logik's
challenger ProCalc 129 Sort out your calculations with the best
spreadsheet ever Caligari 2 138 A whole new ease of use makes
3D GFX accessible at last Easy AMOS 144 Want to program, but
daunted? Here's the final solution!
Presentation Master 151 Slick business presentations and a whole heap more... Audio Engineer Plus 156 The best Amiga sampler there is: no contest! But why...?
PD Update 169 The best way to find out what's cheap and excellent Workbench 207 Your problems solved, your questions answered Letters 219 Find out what's making waves with Amiga owners Mail Order 186 We pick out the best and offer it at bargain prices Subscriptions 160 Make it easy on yourself: get your mag delivered Backgammon ....81 Black Crypt ..78 Brides of Dracula 74 Chess
Champion .. 81 Dynablaster Bomberman .....71 Elvira II - The Jaws of Cerberus ...54 Fireteam 2200 ....82 Gateway to the Savage Frontier .67 Go! ...81 Regulars Reviews Harpoon Battleset 3 ......82 The
Jetsons ..82 Psyborg 82 Race Drivin’ .58 Space Crusade ....77 Space Gun ...64 Titus the Fox 62 Ultima VI - The False Prophet .....78
Vroom! .56 - ' v'
- j . • i .. r- • ¦,
- s « V ¦ Times Uncial Caslon Shannon Omega Triumvirate Garth
Graphic REVIEWED: Easy AMOS Always wanted to try your hand at
programming, but never found an easy place to start? If so,
your prayers hove been answered!
COVERDISIC turn the page!
Every time we ask readers which feature of their Amiga they would most like to explore, DTP comes out tops. Why not try it yourself?
The rewards are immense: you'll be able to produce your own publications; from fanzines and newsletters to glossy colour magazines.
But it's a tricky and technical area, with its own jargon and techniques. What you need is the simplest guide ever to Amiga DTP... starting now!
Jaguar Getting to grips with Workbench 199 If you're confused about the Workbench disk, follow our simple guide to what it is, what it does, and how you can get in there and do it too!
Welcome to Amiga Format!
Move up to DTP Sensible Soccer The boys at Sensible looked closely at their fave soccer game and decided they could do it too! The result: a frantic, exciting footie demo. Play it!
Racing Everything a driving game should be and more: it's fast, it's absorbing, it's beautifully put together and stars a stunning vehicle. Core car action!
Revenge of the Mutant Camels Get a large dose of stunning arcade action in the form of the latest complete game from star coder and bonkers hippy Jeff Minter. Go camel!
On page 11... Hello and welcome to AMIGA FORMAT, the world's best-selling magazine especially for Amiga owners!
You are now reading the biggest-selling computer magazine in the whole of Britain. Part of the reason for this is that the Amiga is far and away the most popular home computer there is: and home computers are owned by dedicated, enthusiastic people who really care about getting the best from their machines.
But we also like to think that it's because we genuinely care about bringing you the best possible magazine. This magazine is created by an enthusiastic team of experts who are constantly striving to make this the magazine that you most want to read. To our way of thinking, this is a simple formula: it's all about news, reviews, advice and exploration.
We want to bring you the exciting news first: that's why we've fought against the odds to bring you the full story of the new Amiga, the A600, this month.
Our reviews have consistently been voted by computer retailers as the ones that help them most when they're deciding what to stock: so we are clearly to be trusted when it comes to advice on what to buy. You can normally rely on us to bring you the first reviews of new software and hardware: and you can certainly trust our integrity when it comes to deciding what to buy.
Then there's the tips and advice sections: Gamebusters for cheats and clues on beating the best games, and Workbench to answer all your questions on the more technical side of things.
Add in the features that help you explore new areas, like the exciting world of DTP this month, and you have a package that can't be beaten for quality. Read on!
F A 500 Plus Compatible • 1 Mb recommended f PageSetter 1.2 The second in The Amiga Format Collection series of COMPLETE, FULL-PRICE PACKAGES, this is the ideal way to get started in DTP.
Gold Disk's beginners' package includes not just a layout package with which to paste your text and pictures into finished pages, but also a graphics program and a simple word processor too. You'll be impressed: find out where to start by starting on Page 11... GETTING STARTED If you’re reading this box you must be a new reader, so concentrate on learning the way of the Coverdisk.
All you have to do is put it in the disk drive after switching on your Amiga. After a few seconds, a cut down version of Workbench will load.
Coverdisk Here's a Coverdisk that will even put your local games arcade to shame. And Pat McDonald provides all the necessary info to get you waggling that joystick in absolutely no time at all.
REVENGE OF THE MUTANT CAMELS Move the mouse pointer to the large Amiga Format Coverdisk icon, and double click with the left button. A large window will open on the screen, showing icons for the three programs (Revenge, Jaguar Racers and Sensible Soccer) as well as for the Revenge Readme document.
To look at any of the programs, just double click again with the left mouse button on the relevant icon.
None of the programs allow you to quit (although the Revenge document does). To look at any of the other programs, reset the computer by pressing the Ctrl key and the two ‘A’ keys either side of the space-bar all at the same time.
D Oh yes, and If you want to play two-player Revenge or Sensible Soccer, you will need two joysticks! It may seem obvious but if I had a penny for every phone call I got... MAY 1992 We've mode the Coverdisk as simple as possible - all you have to do is double click on the disk icon, then double click on the program that you want to run.
0003H155 wfTu A By pulling down n the joystick, the Camel can be made to lie down. If the goat is in front of the camel then it will leap on for a free ride.
Jeff Minter PAL only This is a simple, but very addictive shareware game from the assembler of Jeff Minter, a stalwart of the independent programmer's scene.
Revenge can be played by one or two people using joysticks.
The plot is fairly simple. All you have to do is walk from left to right through 20 levels of increasing mayhem, shooting nasties and avoiding damage to your beasts as you go.
That’s all there is to it really.
Revenge starts on the Attract screen. To start playing, press the fire-button to go to the options screen, and fire again. Alternatively move up and fire to look at the high scores, or down and fire to return to Attract mode.
Revenge can be played in three different ways; Solo, CPU Assist or Two player. In Solo you just control the camel, with no help at all - it’s the most difficult way to play the game.
CPU assist gives you a computer controlled goat helper, to provide twice the fire-power.
Two player lets somebody else control the goat via a second joystick.
Every few levels in Revenge there is an Oasis screen. This gives a special code, which can be entered when starting a new game to skip levels you've already completed.
The more shots that you pile into the nasties as they fall, then the more tokens that will come floating down the screen.
The controls of Revenge are fairly simple, but I’ll describe them to avoid confusion. You don't need to press the fire-button to fire - both beasts will automatically fire all the time.
Instead, when you press fire and move, you control the directions that you’re firing in.
Diagonal firing seems to be the most effective.
Movement is a bit more complex. By pulling down, the camel will crouch - if the goat is ahead of it, the goat will jump on the camel's back to present a smaller target to the nasties. So if your camel hasn’t a rider, crouch down and get one! Note that you cannot crouch on the left-hand side of the screen - the camel is too busy dancing.
Some levels have obstacles on the ground. These can usually be shot, but an easier tactic is to jump over them. To jump, push up with the joystick - and avoid any hovering nasties, as contact with them will eventually prove fatal.
The way to win in Revenge is to keep shooting the nasties - not once, not twice, but as often as you can. The more hits you get, the more tokens come floating down the screen.
Nearly all the tokens that come down are beneficial, and they can do things like increase your fire-power, give you bonus lives, smart bomb the opposition and so on.
Revenge is shareware. That means that, if you like the game, you are supposed to send E5 (or the equivalent in foreign currency) to Jeff Minter, to repay the time and trouble he took over the game. If you don’t like it, don’t bother.
And feel free to pass on copies to those interested, so they can decide for themselves. Simple eh?
If you like it and don’t bother paying the programmer for his work, nobody is going to chase you over the matter. But remember that effectively you are stealing off the guy, and the Yak (as Jeff Is sometimes known) is no fool.
He’s been programming for over 10 years, sometimes releasing games through software houses, but more usually through his own label, Liamasoft.
He likes programming the Amiga, because he likes writing the sort of arcade game that looks (and sounds) best on an Amiga. If Jeff doesn’t get many shareware payments from Amiga Format readers, then he just won’t bother doing any Amiga versions of his games anymore. That will be great pity, because what he really loves doing is games with masses of playability.
But he needs to make a living at his trade, and if other computer owners are more honest, then he will go for those markets. Same goes for other shareware programmers.
It’s up to you. More details on the shareware deal can be found by double clicking on the Revenge Readme document - spend a while reading it as it’s very long. You can also (for once) print it out if you have a printer. Personally, I love the game, and my cheque is on its way.
WELCOME TO AN early preview of what could probably be the best driving game on the Amiga. The Jaguar XJ220 is arguably the fastest saloon car yet built, and now you can try racing it for yourself!
The Coverdisk demo is a five lap race over a fairly long course, so be prepared to have a few attempts before you manage to finish it in first place. Starting right at the back of the field certainly doesn’t help - but as you’ve the fastest car on the track, it’s certainly possible. Just.
One other thing to bear in mind is that the car is fitted with an automatic gearbox. So you can concentrate on finding the right moments to steer and brake, rather than having to maintain your engine and gearbox.
The controls are very simple indeed. Use a joystick to steer left and right, pull back to brake (it’s very powerful - use it sparingly) and keep pushing the fire-button to accelerate.
Maintaining the right line is very important. In general, it’s far easier to try and pass cars on the left (their blind side). This is necessary on the first lap, as your car can blast through 15 or more cars before they’ve really got going.
As the race progresses, you gradually pick up the layout of the course. There’s only one bend that you must brake for, and it occurs just before the marshes pop up - about two thirds of the way around the track.
Remembering just when and where to brake is the hardest part of the demo.
A slightly less tricky part is the marsh stage itself.
Going off the road will bog down your car very quickly, so keep steering away from the edges. At the same time, puddles of water crop up in the road; again these slow you down if you hit them.
It may seem impossible to steer between the edge of the road and the puddles, but Jaguar’s very fine control let’s you master it after a lap or two. I find it’s slightly easier to stay on the right-hand side through the marshes, but you may find the left more forgiving.
It may seem impossible to finish the race in first place, but the most important factor is how fast you start. Get off to a flyer and you can cruise up to fifth, no trouble.
Right at the end of the course these three bridges deceive you into steering hard right when you should steer gradual left. It's no big deal really - hitting the bridge is tricky.
Jaguar Racers FORTHCOMING FEATURES Core Design PAL MTSC As seen, there’s a lot missing from the demo.
The final finished game (due out in May, although that's probably a bit optimistic) will feature 36 race tracks, in 12 different countries.
If you pile your Jaguar too often, then you have to pay for repairs - which may limit where you can race, because it costs to travel to different countries. An added management element.
The most important playability feature to be added is the two-player option. This will split the screen across the middle and let two people race simultaneously. A system used In many, many racing games, purely because it works and gives a really competitive feel to the game.
MAY 1992 r?’1 2s The novel idea that Core are confident of squeezing in is a track designer. Rather than the usual ‘Scalextrlc’ style of adding together preset curves, bends and straights, Core Design are planning on a more fluid design. So you will be able to tailor the curves from slight bends to full 180 degree hairpins - as well as controlling the hills and dips. Should be good.
SENSIBLE SOCCER Sensible Software PAL only Again, this is only a demo. Sensible Software have been around for years, cutting their teeth on early classics like Wizball and more recently producing the quite excellent Mega-Lo-Mania. They have now decided to pay homage to the greatest footie game available - Dino Dini’s Kick Off.
Similarly to Jaguar Racing, Sensible Soccer is still in the early stages, but enough work has been done to let you have a game against a friend, or a quick practice to get the hang of the controls.
Either will end when a goal is scored, and the menu will reappear after a few seconds.
Sensible Soccer is played entirely with joysticks - a mouse will let you kick the ball, but you can’t control the players. To start the game, move the joystick up or down to select practice or a two- player game, and then press fire.
Control really is very easy. The player you are controlling at any one time is marked by his number - push the joystick to make him move in a Starting off from the centre spot is very easy - turn to a player and pass to start the game. Don't wait for the ref to blow his whistle, because there isn't one!
Given direction. When he’s got the ball, simply tap the fire-button to shoot or pass In the direction that he’s facing.
Only a couple more points. First, be careful when the goalie has the ball - it’s all to easy to acciden- All goals scored will result in a replay of the last few seconds - invaluable when seeing who was the hero and who was the villain.
Tally throw it into the back of your own net! And also don’t be put off by any minor bugs that appear (such as the ball sticking to a goal post or similar). Sensible Software did want to do a new demo to get rid of these, but our disk deadlines would not allow for this. Sorry.
Using Your Coverdisk
f. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Copy the Coverdisk and use the copy not the original. This may
sound like a complicated task, suitable only for techno
buffs, but it's surprisingly simple to do, just follow the
simple instructions for copying the disk which are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Backing up your Disk There are two ways of making a copy of your disk, and this is the easy one. Don't be daunted by the fact that you need to use the Shell or CLI: it's actually a lot easier than you might think.
Just follow these simple steps... MAY 1992
3. The Amiga will now ask you to insert the 'source' disk.
It means the disk you want to copy, so put the Coverdisk in the drive and press the Return key.
I ms. ju
5. Put the source ifisk and destination disk in a couple more
times when the Amiga asks for them. When it says "Diskcopy
Finished" just type in: endcli to get out of the Shell or CLI.
You may have to put the Workbench disk in again. Now your copy
is ready!
If you have a problem with the disk - and you’re sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help. If you ring us on any Tuesday, and ask to speak to Pat McDonald, he will do his best to help you. Please understand, giving this sort of advice is time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call if you really have to and do be considerate if we can’t talk to you just then. If the problem is particularly complex it is better to send it to us in written detail. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use and have no known viruses.
We cannot usually answer complex telephone queries on the software (see the Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the numerous programs that are on the disk.
COPYRIGHT Unless it is specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the Public Domain and the copyright remains with the author of the program.
Because some of the programs on the Coverdisk are not PD, selling or distributing them without the authors specific permission is against the laws of copyright.
Disk not working?
L- We duplicate over 440,000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty. If the disk or any of the programs will not load or run properly, there may be a problem. Don’t panic!
First try using the DiskDoctor utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. In-full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
However, if your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN SAE for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format May Disk Disk Copy Labs Unit A, Westmarch London Road Daventry Northants NN11 4SA Remember to include that stamped, addressed envelope!
'ey.,’* GLOBAL EFFE ' I *H i V iy.'V-!! - • V ••• % ~ A Build power sources to supply and expand your cities.
Build military bases for offensive and defensive action.
Plant forests and parklands to counter world pollution.
Check for pollution, C02 and ozone coverage.
Sea !!!«¦ A~‘' fei Survey• for natural resources and seismic stability.
A distant world - a new civilisation. You control the delicate balance of the natural world. Confront the many challenges of a true world leader - your actions can save the world from global warming and city pollution... your forces can destroy the enemy trying to blast your cities or poison your planet.
The world is in your hands - take control!
0 f T
* A
* •- ",T
• - . ,----- in,
• US ‘ l T:: l!5B.'55f P'Sis-at Constantly monitor the state of
your planet.
’Amiga screen shots ©Millennium NolLENIilUM Published by Millennium, St. John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 4WS bUEBGBS I. chmi( or- jioaii cunt pmson cisr.r. unoni'S I'LOTlUtilCt ncoFnnn tnREK ill - HI I KFLSDA l-L.I .1111 BLACK CRYPT” - IF YOU LIKE YOUR DUNGEONS DRIPPING WITH MONSTERS The “Black Crypt” ™ positively oozes with twenty five of the most hideous and despicably cunning monsters.
They await you in a dozen plague-ridden interconnecting dungeons, on 20 spell binding levels.
The most heinous among them is the Dark Lord Estoroth, who, many centuries ago, had been banished from the land by four Guardians with awesome supernatural powers. In the process, the Guardians and their weaponry had been lost.
Now Estoroth is back, seeking a ghastly £25.99 Available on Amiga.
Revenge against a defenceless people.
Your task is to lead an intrepid band of adventurers to retrieve the mystical artifacts that may hold the power of the four Guardians and provide your only chance of saving the world from evil.
The“Black Crypt” is the most electrifying fully animated dungeon adventure, with exceptionally detailed rotating point-of-view perspective.
It features real-time combat and spell-casting, all in 64 colour extra half-brite Amiga graphics.
But be warned, you enter this breeding ground of evil at your own peril. And hopefully not on a full stomach.
¦ CTI* NIC ARTS Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berks SL3 8YN, Tel: 0753 549442, Fax: 0753 546672 TheAMIGA Collection ipomuan ' V-f O' O' M OM N COMPLETE FULLY-USEABLE DTP PROGRAM!
* W “ Get into DTP the smart person's way, with an ZH
easy-to-use layout package combining a simple word processor
and a graphics editor tool
• A 500 Plus Compatible • 1 Mb recommended f Getting to grips
with PageSetter This month The Amiga Format Collection brings
you the original Amiga desktop publishing package.
Despite its age, Gold Disk's venerable PageSetter remains the definitive entry-level DTP program.
Marcus Dyson takes a look at how to put your ideas into practice, and onto paper.
SO WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, this desktop publishing lark? I mean, it sounds very grand doesn't it, but that’s mainly to do with the use of the word ‘publishing’, which conjures up images of editors, staff writers and designers, like here in the Amiga Format offices doesn’t it? But it’s more about being able to produce printouts on your Amiga that include both text and pictures, and that look good.
PageSetter VI.21 Docunent: SUBPOPIC What you use them for precisely is down to you. It could be for inlay cards for your cassette collection, to produce a news letter for your local rugby club, or even a fanzine. You could, of course, probably make items like these using other methods, but it would surely involve lots of cutting out and sticking down.
So why not save yourself the bother, and let your Amiga do all the hard work.
PageSetter, in its original form was the first DTP program for the Amiga. Most of the improvements that have been made to DTP programs in recent years have been to do with their ability to output to better - and much more expensive - printers, or to use outline fonts, which are good, but again cost extra. If you are using a standard Amiga system, with Amiga fonts and a dot-matrix printer, PageSetter will do all the basic things you could want from a DTP program, and it’s all yours for the price of a disk, courtesy of The Amiga Format Collection. If you don’t have a printer, you can save your
work on disk and take it to a friend’s house to get it printed.
PageSetter does have a couple of limitations, and we might as well get them out of the way.
Firstly it’s mono only, no colour whatsoever, and that’s really the only area in which it can be a bit of a let down. Secondly, there is no way to put text at an angle, not even 90 degrees or upside down; all your text has to be perfectly horizontal. Nowadays designers put text at all sorts of angles, to create interesting pages, but text at 90 degrees is almost essential for things like titles on spines or page numbers like the ones in Amiga Format. There is however a way to do this if you’re prepared to do a little extra work, if you turn to the box on Page 13 all will be revealed.
Working in PageSetter, your document is on the pasteboard in front of you and the Toolbox is easily accessible at the right-hand side of the screen. Documents made up of your designs, from your own printer are merely moments away.
On the plus side, PageSetter can be used with any Amiga (Bitmap) font, and these are widely available in the Public Domain. It also prints to any preferences printer, so if you are already printing with your Amiga, you should have no problem printing from PageSetter.
Like the Workbench itself PageSetter uses a desktop analogy; you can see your document laying in front of you, and within easy reach of your right hand you will find a toolbox full of most of the things you will need to create your page. PageSetter also has its own Text Editor and Graphics Editor, which are referred to as Departments. It’s fairly obvious what each does from its name, but it’s important to learn how to use them since they are the main routes for getting words and pictures onto your page.
?HI rr1 y rsj O O ?
P n Ab % ED IT 4 JP fc a 40 Once the picture and text (which we will call page elements) are in your document, it’s just a matter of getting them in the positions where they look their best. Boxes can be clicked on and dragged, and sent to the front or back, just like windows on Workbench.
It is important to back up your PageSetter disk, following the instructions on Page 8.
Otherwise, unless you are using a hard drive, PageSetter can read to and write from the program disk, whilst it is running.
GETTING STARTED Put the PageSetter disk in your drive when you start your machine. It will boot to its own Workbench; double click on the program icon and you’re away. The icon ‘click me’ runs quite a good help file, try it if you get stuck.
The PageSetter Toolbox GRID This item extends a projection of the ruler markings across the document page to form a graph paper like grid.
This grid helps with the accurate lining up of page elements with one another. It also helps to read off ruler markings accurately.
SNAP TO GRID Makes boxes all-position dependent operations, like moving or creating a box, align with the nearest intersection of grid lines, whether the grid is displayed or not. Useful for accurate alignment of boxes.
BOX OUTLINE Turns the outlines of the boxes on or off. It is best to have them turned on whilst laying out your page, and turn them off when you want to get an idea of what the printout will look like.
PAGE POSITION shows the size and position of the current screen in relation to the rest of the document. The size changes with magnification, and you can move around your document by dick-dragging the rectangle.
MAY 1992 CREATE BOX lets you make a new box ready to have text or a picture placed in it. Simply click on the gadget, then click and drag on your document. Boxes can be moved once they have been made.
WRITE pastes the text in the buffer into the box you next click on, text is automatically cut from the Text Editor when you quit that department. If you don't click on a box PageSetter will automatically create one for you.
LINK and UNLINK connects boxes to (or disconnects them from) a text 'chain'. This means if there is too much text for one box it will 'flow' into the next one, similar to the columns in a magazine.
GRAPHIC ADJUST allows you to position a graphic element within its box. Pressing any of the arrows will move the graphic one pixel in the desired direction. Clicking on the centre will return the picture to the position it was originally imported to.
NEXT BOX and PREVIOUS BOX move you through a chain of linked text boxes. When several text boxes have been linked together in a larger document it makes the 'proof-reading' stage much easier because it automatically moves the screen position to display the relevant area of the document. This avoids having to search around for the next text box, which is useful in documents with multiple pages.
PAGE SELECTION GADGET Clicking on the up or down arrow moves your document to the next, or previous page. The number displayed in the box is the number of the currently visible page.
Only one page may be viewed at a time.
BOX TO FRONT and BOX TO BACK These tools work on the currently selected box to move it either in front, or behind all the other boxes on a page. Sensible layering of boxes can enable effects to be obtained that are not otherwise possible, the partial obscuring of a graphic object for instance, or double bordering of a text or picture box.
PAINT defines a selected box as a picture box, and pastes the picture currently in memory into it. To get a picture into the Paste buffer you must enter the Graphics Editor and cut the image. Once pasted it remains in the buffer, so more than one of an image can be pasted into a document.
PageSetter doesn't allow you to resize a graphic image on the page, it must be done in the Graphics Editor.
MAGNIFY toggles between three levels of magnification of the page. None allows you to see all the document, to get a look at how it is going. Medium is useful to work in because it allows you to see some detail whilst maintaining a reasonable amount of the document to work on. Full magnification is mainly for fine work and aligning boxes etc. RULERS This gadget toggles between rulers on and rulers off. The rules appear along the top and down the left of your work area and are very useful for the accurate positioning of page elements.
Due to the program's American origins, the rules are in inches or 'picas' a typographic measure equal to one sixth of an inch.
MARGIN When you create a new page, you are given the opportunity to define margins from each side, this tool shows a dotted line which gives an indication of where your margin area is.
This will not display the text inset of a box, though this is called a margin in the edit box panel.
QUICKTEXT allows the entry of a short text string directly into a box, without the necessity to go into the Text Editor part of tbe program, useful for headlines, picture captions etc. Just select a box, click on the quicktext icon, type your text and press Return.
MOP clears a box of any of its contents, so it is effectively a delete, but the box remains intact. Before trashing the box's contents PageSetter asks for confirmation to prevent you accidentally destroying anything you didn't mean to.
NOW LET'S MAKE A PAGE SO LET’S GIVE this thing a go shall we? If you follow the next few paragraphs you will learn how to put together a simple document with PageSetter. Let’s make an inlay card for a cassette tape. I’ll do one for the excellent SubPop200 CD, you can do one for anything you like, let’s state right here and now that we in no way condone copyright infringement of any kind. If you want a record, go out and buy it! And that goes for computer software too.
The first thing that we do once we have loaded PageSetter is create a new page. To do this simply go to the CREATE option on the PAGE menu and release your right mouse button, you will be presented with a requester like the one below: The new page requester let's you put in vital data about your document right at the start.
Below the preset page-size options are the boxes to type in the size for a custom page, we need to type in 6.5 x 4 inches. On the right is a small box that controls how many pages are in your document, we only need one, but pressing the up arrow would increase the number and the down arrow would decrease it. Below is the box to define the page margins, this document doesn’t need any, but some of your documents may. Below the margin entry box is one for columns, you just type in how many you want, and what size, and PageSetter will space them across your page automatically.
Once you have defined the size of your page, plus any margins and columns, click on OK. Now you can see your blank page, it should look something like this: A blank grid will always look roughly like this, the size and shape will vary depending on what you want exactly.
Now we need to put some boxes on the page, ready to take our text and pictures. We need one box that is l”x4”, another that is 0.5”x4” and two that are 2.5”x4”, if you click on the grid tool and set the grid size to 1 2’’ it will make it far easier to draw them the correct size. Try going to the ART BOARD menu and Columns |g Hidth= BgBM iCAHCELlf OK j lop: MW Bot:am Margins Left: rn Rt: m Page Format mrnm x mmm Dimensions in: Indies Hew Page Format Now we have some boxes, we can concentrate on what we are going to put in them. Since this is a cassette insert, we need to put something on the
spine to say what’s on the cassette; a title of sorts. If you refer to the box at the bottom right you will see how I made a font to use on the spine. Now click on the second box, the one which is 0.5”x4”, and then click on the quicktext icon; a requester box will appear.
The Graphics Editor The Graphics Editor is basically a little two colour (black-and-white) paint program, and as such will be fairly easy for you to get to grips with. The menu bar allows you to load and save picture files, as well as resize and flip clips from the current picture. Colour IFFs loaded from a paint package will be automatically dithered to produce a crude shading effect, but the real intention is for the Graphics Editor to be used for line drawings like the clip art included on your program disk. Load some of the clip art up and take a look.
Here’s a (very) brief look at the Graphics Editor toolbox: Short one line strings of text can he easily entered without having to go into the Text Editor.
Into this box you can type the string of text you want to place in your box, but it cannot have any returns in it, because pressing Return activates the OK gadget on the requester and this will put the text you have typed so far onto your document. Type your title (mine is SUBPOP) in now, then click OK. Your title will now appear on the spine in the default face, whichever font is at the top of your fonts list If you now go to the BOX menu and select the current option you will be presented with the following requester.
[Current Box: ?
Hone Top Margin Left Margin masuM Leading U Font ¦ II word » I CANCEL I Tracking: char H OK The current box requester allows you to edit many attributes of the currently selected box.
The text ia the box can be changed, along with its size and spacing. You can put a border on the box and change its background colour.
If you click on the line containing the word topaz you will be presented with a font menu, scrolling through with the arrows on the right- hand side lets you select your desired font. We need to select our custom font which I have called Sideways. Whenever a font reaches the selection line (when it’s highlighted) a small Continued overleaf The Text Editor The text editor (TE) is a fairly well featured word processor that is geared primarily towards preparing text for on-screen formatting in a DTP program. You can either import text into the TE from a file saved by your word processor, or
write documents directly in the TE.
If you are importing files with embedded control codes, these may not convert, and could appear as text in your document.
The TE actually supports the file formats of: Scribble!
TextCraft TextCraft Plus Kindwords WordPerfect but we found that ProText 5 files imported as ‘Generic’ did not give us a problem.
Once you have imported or entered your text you can Text at Ninety Degrees Being able to put text at an angle, especially 90 degrees, can be very useful, eg for putting titles on the spines of book jackets, record sleeves or even something like a cassette inlay card. PageSetter can’t do this, but with a little ingenuity, you can!
Your Amiga comes complete with a little utility program called Fed, which stands for Font Editor.
Using Fed you can edit Amiga fonts, or even create new ones from scratch. You may not have used this program very much, or even at all, but now you have PageSetter it’s time to get it out and dust it down, because it will become indispensible to anyone who intends to use PageSetter more than a few times.
The secret to the 90 degrees text is to create yourself a new font, but rotate each letter through 90 degrees. So that when the font is used in PageSetter it can be read downwards, like a book spine. Then when you enter the text, put a return after each letter (yes this is fiddly, but you should only be using it for short amounts of text) and vo 73! Text reading downwards.
Fed is pretty easy to use, and you can find the full instructions in your Amiga manuals. But remember move around it using the cursor keys (try using them in combination with the shift and control keys for enhanced effects) and the mouse.
Highlighting a block of text allows you to perform the operations in the block menu (Cut, Copy, Paste) on it to rearrange the order of your text.
Inserting the following commands in the text will produce these effects: b bold text f italics u underline o outline s shadow r reverse ail these commands are toggles, so once turns them on and the next time turns them off. All effects are turned off by * n’ which sets the text back to normal.
Once you are happy with your text file, quit the Text Editor and all the text in your current text file will be placed into the paste buffer ready to be pasted into your page using the write tool.
That you will need to save the sideways font in the sane Fonts directory that your PageSetter program is using. The PageSetter program disk is quite full, so you might want to copy some of the Clip Art files onto another disk, then delete them from the PageSetter disk to create room for more fonts.
Editing the Current Box Since every element of a page in PageSetter has to be placed in a box, they are very important to the overall look of your finished page. For this reason the ‘Current Box’ window is one you will, in time, become very familiar with. At first, though, it can be a little confusing, so let’s try to make it a bit easier to understand: BOX TRANSPARENCY: if a box is transparent, the contents of other boxes below it are visible, even when they overlap.
FONT: clicking on this line allows you to choose your typeface and size from those installed in your system.
TRACKING controls how much space is placed between letters and words when lines are being justified.
14 MAY 1992 This requester, obtained through the Current Box edit option, allows you to choose which font you want to use.
Once the text is in the Sideways font, click on OK and your title will appear in the part of your document that will be the cassette spine.
But as you can see it is not running down the spine the way we want it too. So while the spine box is selected click on the edit gadget in the main toolbox, this will take you into the Text Editor - where you can put a return between each letter. When you exit the text editor, your title will read correctly down the spine of your cassette. If you now use the CURRENT selection from the box menu, you will be able to change the position and justification of the type so that it is in the middle of the spine. Refer to the box above right if you have any difficulties with this.
It’s now time to enter the main bit of our text, the track listing. Go to the department menu, and select Text Editor, this will take you into the word processor part of the program, and present you with an empty screen.
Now all you have to do is type in the list of tracks on your cassette.
PageSetter:~~E'di top Line 0, col 81 The text editor is where you enter most of your text for use in PageSetter.
The ‘ b’ before the name of the group puts the text into bold, the ‘ n’ reverts it back to normal. When you exit the text editor the text is automatically copied to the paste buffer, so once back in the document, simply click on the write tool, then on the right-hand box, and your text will be written into that box.
Again edit the box so that the text has an inset from the edges and check it is aligned as you want it. Now if you zoom in to take a closer look at your document you should see something that looks like this: iblad n - Sex God Missy bThe FluidNn - Is it Day I'tt Seeing bNirvana n - Spank Thru bSteoen J Bernstein n - Cone out Tonight bMudhonev n - The Rose blhe HalkaboutsVn - Got no Chains bTerry Lee Hale n - Dead Is Dead bSoundgarden n - Sub Pop Rock City XbGreen RiverXn - Hanging Tree bFastbacks n - Suallou My pride bBlood CircusVn - The Outback bSwallou n - Zoo XbChenistry Set n -
Underground bGirl TroubleXn - Gonna Find A Cave bThe Mights and Days n - Split bCat Butt n - Big cigar bBeat Happening n - Pajana Party XbScreaning TreesNn - Love or Confusion bSteve Fisk n - Untitled bThrown Ups n - You Lost It dianond enerald futura garnet helvetica
* MM + ?
CANCEL 1 1 OK | menu at the top right will show you all the sizes that the selected font is available in.
Unlike many DTP packages, PageSetter can’t resize text, so if you don’t have a particular font (a certain typeface at a certain size), you will need to obtain or make a suitable one.
Rwbim Jccwnt: IobmHls - - - - - wCfl M-SaWfe* Hm-Spilx ktaq-fclba bMU-UrtCM!
FajtaHt-Cwbtol Bnllar-Hamlfe N AM Wte-htei Mr-Zm » j anMrU-UMgwd CMMk-GonMACa UH-BgOp Mdm-tantr Using the magnify icon lets you get a better look at your document.
Now we have most of our text sorted, but we need a title on the front of the sleeve. You should know the routine by now. Go into the Text Editor, type in the text, exit the Text Editor, write the text into the relevant box.
Once you have all your words where you want them, it’s time to start thinking about pictures. PageSetter can read any IFF, and will dither colour images into shades, but this effect is far from ideal, take a look at this IFF which we imported from Dpaint... Line drawings, however, work quite well, and the clip art on the disk will give you an idea of what types of image are best suited for use in PageSetter. To get your image from the LEADING controls the space between lines of text. If the figure is 'O' the text will be set 'solid', with no space.
So your document is complete. Before you print it you must select the correct printer driver from the preferences on the disk, just like on your Workbench disk. Now enter the Press Department from the menu bar, and follow the on-screen prompts, which will help you get a print-out of your document.
With enough practice you will soon be able to produce some far more sophisticated documents than the one that we just did. But if you find that you like the idea of DTP, yet can’t get PageSetter to do precisely what you need, remember that it is a very basic program, and this magazine is done on a more advanced DTP package. If you need a more capable package why not check out Gold Disk’s Professional Page-, for the review turn straight to Page 118. ® Graphics Editor into the document, you must frame it (see the Graphics Editor box on page
13) then clip it. Once you exit the Graphics Editor you use the
paint tool to put your picture into a box.
Now your document should be almost complete, you can apply finishing touches like we have on the spine by simply drawing a box and editing it so that the background is black: BOX BACKGROUND can be set between 10 different shades of black and white.
By using this it is possible to create typographic elements such as solid blocks of shade, or underlines for headlines.
BORDER POSITION: controls whereabouts on a box the borders will appear. It is possible to create 'column rules' or 'paragraph rules' using this function.
BOX BORDER: squares and rectangles can be drawn on the page in a number of different border styles.
Perhaps you were getting just a touch too big for your brogues because you were up there with pros like Azinger and Stadler out at Avenel, Sawgrass, Sterling Shores and PGA West Stadium?
Instead of retiring smugly to the 19th Hole for a few rounds of Scotch, it's time for a brand new challenge in the shape of three new tournaments: The Honda Classic, The Phoenix Open and The Federal Express St. Jude Classic.
Electronic Arts present three more authentic PGA TOUR courses - TPC at Eagle Trace, TPC at Southwind and TPC at Scottsdale.
Plus, you get all the features that have made PGA TOUR Golf one of the best selling computer golf programs ever: fly-by course previews, hints from the pros, TV-style coverage and realistic crowd reactions that reflect your best shots.... and biggest duffs.
IE I. ¦ C T I? • N I C ARTS* So don't putt around. Get your clubs out and prepare for three new 18-hole challenges.
You can find them in the new PGA TOUR GOLF PLUS edition, which also contains the PGA TOUR Golf program and the four original courses.
Or, if you already own the original PGA TOUR Golf program, find the three new courses in the PGA TOUR Golf Tournament Course Disk.
PGA TOUR GOLF PLUS Edition Amiga £29.99 IBM PC £34.99 PGA TOUR GOLF Tournament Course Disk Amiga £14.99 IBM PC £14.99 Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berks SL3 8YN, Tel: 0753 549442, Fax: 0753 546672 THE NEW AMIGA, labelled the 600. Is the logical successor to the A500 for gamesplayers. Briefly, it's like a cut-down A500 with the edge connector replaced by a slot for credit-card sized ROM cards and it features a built-in TV modulator.
The first chance to see the new machine will be when it is officially launched to the public at the Amiga Shopper Show. Wembley, next month (see Page 20 for full details). It will go on sale in May.
However, it was first shown to a select group of UK developers behind closed doors in early March, and it was seen at the German CeBit show later last month and has already been launched officially in other European countries.
While rumour and speculation have been rife about the new machine for some time. Amiga Format has full details of the Amiga 600 from an official Commodore source. The only thing that remains to be seen is not the hardware specification of the machine, but what Commodore UK will do with it in the way of putting together a bundle to follow the highly successful A500 Cartoon Classics pack.
Pricing, however, is already confirmed. An article in computer industry magazine Computer Trade Weekly reports that the Amiga 600 will sell for £399 (same base price as the Cartoon Classics) which will no doubt be a bundle price with software included.
Perhaps more interestingly still, there will also be a version available with an internal 20Mb hard disk included, which CTW reports will sell for £499.
NEW LOOK serial and parallel ports, disk drive port, stereo sound phono plugs. RGB monitor connector and power socket as before. The big difference is the addition of dual plugs for a full- colour composite video output, and a plug for an RF signal (ordinary stuff for your TV or video) from the internal TV modulator.
The Amiga 600 is actually quite a radical redesign.
While the case styling remains pretty similar, the removal of the numeric keypad means that the keyboard itself is reduced in length considerably.
New technology is reflected by a decrease in the overall size of the motherboard inside the machine.
The cut-down Amiga 600 is just 36cm wide and 24cm deep, and it seems likely that Commodore will encourage users to see the benefits of the new machine's ‘semi-portability’.
The main styling difference is that when you look from the side, the machine has a wedge-shaped profile, taller at the back and lower at the front. This has no doubt allowed a small, but significant, increase in the capacity for internal expansion, giving room for the built-in TV modulator, the ROM card socket and the possibility of an internal hard drive.
The joystick ports have been moved to the right- hand side of the machine, as the illustration shows, alongside the disk drive. Anyone who has ever scrabbled around to plug in a joystick or mouse will no doubt appreciate the sense in this.
Apart from lacking the joystick ports, the back of the machine remains pretty much unchanged, with WHAT'S INSIDE The very latest version of the operating system.
Workbench 2.05. will be provided on disk and a Workbench 2 512K ROM chip is fitted in the machine.
The main processor is an ordinary 68000 running at the standard Amiga clock speed of 7.14MHz. confounding rumours that a new. Faster processor may be included.
The new Amiga also shares the same Denise chip as the A500 Plus (serial number 8373). So it will have access to the new Enhanced Chip Set screen modes, and the same "super-fat” Agnus chip (serial number
8375) , which means that all RAM up to 2Mb will be Chip memory.
Chip RAM is directly accessible by the custom chips without
consulting the main CPU and is needed for advanced
animation and sound effects.
Although it is possible to mount just 5I2K of RAM. It is believed that the standard base model in the UK will be a 1Mb machine. This can be expanded to 2Mb with the addition of an A601 I Mb expansion card. The one major limitation with the new machine appears to be that that’s where it ends: 2Mb of memory will be the maximum expansion.
BIG CHANGES The reason for the limit on memory expansion is apparent when you look at the major new features of this new machine. The action centres around the left- hand side of the Amiga 600.
The edge connector, under its flip-up cover, has gone. It is replaced by a smaller IDE connector hidden inside the machine: sufficient to attach an internal hard drive, but not for an awful lot else.
The IDE connector is an unusual step, but if you grant the assumption that the only need for an edge connector is for a hard drive, it makes sense. The majority of hard drive units available in mass and cheaply on the market nowadays are. Indeed, miniature IDE units as manufactured for use in portable Pcs.
The brand-new gamesplayer’s Amiga will go on sale in May and includes at least two exciting new features.
Damien Noonan is first with the news... for launch!
Plenty of third-party Amiga hardware developers have been thinking of incorporating these tiny, economical units into their drives, and it makes absolute sense for Commodore to do so. On the down side, however, it severely limits the Amiga's expandability. Putting that 2Mb cap on RAM expansion.
Perhaps more importantly, it means that the Amiga 600 will not be compatible with the soon-to-be-released A570 Amiga CD-ROM drive. This splits the A500 A600 market cleanly down the middle and suggests that Commodore will continue to make and sell the A500 Plus. It also makes it completely apparent why the A570 was renamed with a 500-series tag (it was originally to be called the A690).
NEW VENTURE Perhaps the biggest development yet for the Amiga is a brave step into the world of console games. Replacing the edge connector on the left-hand side of the Amiga 600 is a brand-new slot with a brand-new purpose: a connector into which ROM cards will plug.
ROM cards are small plastic cards which contain a ROM chip with software "hard-wired" onto it: they are very similar in concept to the cartridges on which console games come. The card interface uses a standard format already developed for use elsewhere (known as PCMCIA IEDA - don't ask what it means!) And are in use on PC-compatibles, where cards are in use containing anything from 16K to 4Mb of data.
ROM cards are now a realistic price to manufacture and have the advantage of being almost impossible to pirate. It's possible that software could be provided entirely on card, or equally possible that a card could be used as a 'lock' for software. Either way. Home copying could become a thing of the past, which software developers would relish.
A final change to the hardware specifications of the machine is that the Gary chip, which handles input devices, is now replaced by a new chip called Gayle to account for the new ROM card input device.
Clearly the Amiga can't stand still in a competitive, technology- led market: but is this new Amiga a step in the right direction?
Well, it certainly seems that way.
Given the fact that the A500 was never really the home games machine it pretended to be. It makes sense. An Amiga, still a 'real' computer, is going to retain its appeal and the limit of expansion to 2Mb plus an internal hard drive is not going to be an enormous problem. To the average Cartoon Classics buyer, it might as well be the same machine.
The major problem for the consumer is going to be choosing whether or not to go for a CD-compatible machine. If the A600 is to take over as the standard entry-level gamesplayer's machine, it seems Commodore's crusade to get CD-ROM accepted is going to suffer. Buying the standard entry-level Amiga and being able to choose later is one thing: deciding at the time whether you are later going to spend £300 on CD hardware and deciding accordingly is a whole different thing.
But above all. The main importance of the new Amiga is to software developers. Software houses are making pots of money out of developing games on cartridge for the games consoles, simply because they know that most people who have a copy of the game will have paid the full price for it. Not copied it off a mate. If they got such a whim into their heads, these people could kill off the Amiga at a stroke, simply by ceasing to develop games for it.
The new Amiga 600 is no great step forward for the Amiga.
But it could be the move that assures its survival: and that has to be a good thing for all of us.
THE AMIGA 600 AND COMPATIBILITY When the A500 Plus was launched, there was a maelstrom problems with software and hardware not working on the new machine. Will this happen again? Well, here’s what problems you can expect to encounter... HARDWARE WILL WORK: monitors, printers, samplers, digitisers, disk drives, modems, joysticks, mice and anything else that plugs in to the ports and sockets at the back of the machine. There’s no change here at all.
WON’T WORK: since there is no longer an expansion connector on the side of the machine, nothing that plugs into that will work: hard drives and RAM expansions being the most notable victims.
Also, it seems likely that with the new motherboard and size, the trapdoor expansion slot will be different, so cur- Hord drives nke thjs Rot,et mode| wiN nof be ab,e t0 be rent A500 memory cards, PC Emulators used wjjh the A600... and the like will not work. Also faster processors are likely to be completely out of the window.
PROGNOSIS: as well as the official Commodore 20 Mb internal drive, it seems likely that other third-party manufactures will produce larger configurations of hard drive, up to 105 Mb. Fitting these yourself will invalidate your warranty: power supply could be a problem. No doubt third party firms will also produce alternatives to the official A601 RAM expansion. Possibly new versions of PC emulator cards will emerge, but this is less likely.
MAY 1991 SOFTWARE WILL WORK: anything that runs on a 500 Plus and doesn’t make use of the numeric keypad.
WON'T WORK: since there is no numeric keypad, anything that wants to use it is going to hit problems. Flight sims, with their heavy use of the keyboard, are particularly likely to be affected along with any serious software. Most serious software should still be runnable: Deluxe Paint, for instance, has different keyboard shortcuts for the keyboard’s number keys and those on the numeric keypad, but otherwise we would expect it to run unaffected. Also, anything that Wost games software should run OK on the 600, but MiG won't work on a 500 Plus because it is 29 uses the numeric keypad so
there will be problems, incompatible with Workbench 2 or because it doesn't work in Chip RAM will also not work on the Amiga 600.
PROGNOSIS: Commodore are going to have to be very careful to ensure A600-compatibility of key serious products like Deluxe Paint, or the A600 would just be an expensive games console.
Games currently in development may have to be tweaked and new ones should take account of the lost keypad. Apart from that, the 500 Plus should have already have fought all the battles.
Amiga Shopper Show will see A600, A570 launch The big Amiga show this spring looks set to be a god one for all kinds of Amiga owners as the line-up gets better and better, Gary Lord reveals.
Scottish digitiser masters Rombo will be parading their new Take 2 animation system (reviewed last issue).
Checkmate Digital will be able to show you their A50()-recase Tower system in its full glory, as well as their high-value True Colour cards. UK serious software producers HiSoft and Digita will be making an ever-popular appearance along with a massive attack from music distributors Zone.
This Spring's only Amiga-only show is looking more and more like the top event of the year, with the public launch of both the Amiga 600 and the A570 Amiga CD-ROM drive, as well as an enormous number of other exciting events lined up.
Commodore are the second largest exhibitor and will be demonstrating both their new products to the public at the show for the first lime anywhere in the UK. The largest exhibitor will be Future Publishing, the company behind Amiga Format and sister magazines AMIGA Shopper and AMIGA Power-, all three magazines will be on hand to contribute to the event.
The line-up of exhibitors is growing The Amiga Shopper is where it's all going to be happening: exciting launches, constantly from a strong base, and now bi9 new serious products and a games arcade!
Includes many of the most important Amiga hardware MARKET DAY and software developers around today. We've just Printer manufacturer Citizen, who have committed heard, for example, that major American software themselves to the Amiga in a big way with the launch producers Oxxi-Aegis will be joining the starting line- of a new printer driver, will be joining established top up. Beyond that, however, there are also going to be ali names in Amiga hardware such as Supra from the sorts of events lined up, ranging from lectures on States. Gasteiner in from Germany, and UK hardware the use of specific
programs to games competitions specialists like Ashcom. Cortex and WTS. It is and a chance to explore the latest Virtual Reality enter- expected that Americans GVP will be showing a whole tainment systems. New range of more-power-for-the price hard drives in The Amiga Shopper Show is the only Amiga- new. Larger sizes, while Bitcon will be demonstrating MAY 1 992 dedicated show this spring and takes place at Wembley the new versions of their Power PC emulator card.
Exhibition Centre on Thursday-Sunday May 15-17. Power Computing will have a new range of hard- Here's just a brief run-through of the sights you can ware on display. Golden Image and Progressive expect to see there... Peripherals will be showing off their goodies, while Price of CD-ROM drive set?
Workbench 2 upgrade goes on sale FUN OF THE FAIR The AMIGA Power Games Arcade will feature the latest games from top software houses like US Gold. Virgin.
MicroProse, Psygnosis. Ocean and Electronic Arts, free to play. You'll also be able to win prizes for high scores as well as taking on the programmers who created the games and the reviewers who play them for a living on the magazines. There’s a challenge: beat them and they'll look pretty silly!
Pushing the bounds of entertainment back even further. You'll be able to take a trip in the Super X simulator or explore the wild world of Virtual Reality on one of two of the newest VR systems in existence.
The more seriously inclined might wish to venture to the theatre, where there will be sessions from top experts giving advice on Deluxe Point and AMOS. The theatre will also be the centre for debates with top industry figures as well as question-and-answer seminars featuring the AMIGA Shopper team and the editors of the Amiga magazines.
In a more informal environment, the members of various magazine teams will be taking questions on the Future Publishing stand, so look out for the details of the events on the day.
Remembering the fun we had at the World of Commodore Show last year, this is an event not to be missed and we look forward to seeing you! It’s May 15-17 at the Wembley Exhibition Centre: admission on the day costs £6 for adults and £4 for children, but you can save a quid by buying a ticket in advance: see the ads in this magazine or phone 051 -356 5085.
It now looks almost certain that the A570 CD-ROM drive for the Amiga 500 will go on sale in May and will cost £269. Although Commodore were hoping to push the price as near to £200 as possible, the pricepoint would seem to be a pretty reasonable one for a And finally a price is set for the A570. But with the unique product and, release of the 600 are tricky times ahead? According to research which Commodore carried out with Amiga Format last year, would indicate a very good uptake from current Amiga owners.
Doubts have, however, been voiced about the future of the A570.
It seems that to use the CDTV titles currently available, any Amiga paired with an A570 would have to be upgraded to I Mb of Chip memory. One CD developer that we spoke to suggested that this had decimated the potential market at a stroke, even though it looks likely that Commodore will arrange to offer the complex hardware modification at a reasonable price through their dealers.
If the launch of the A600 means that the Amiga 500 Plus' days are numbered. That certainly suggests a tricky time ahead for the A570. One possible move would be for Commodore to come up with an Amiga 500 570 pack as an integral idea. On this topic, only time will tell... After several months of confusion, we have now had confirmation that the upgrade kit to convert your older Amiga to Workbench 2 is now available.
Commodore have seemed reluctant to let this fact become common knowledge, though they would like to encourage users to upgrade via the official channels, by using an authorised Amiga repairer.
The upgrade kit consists of the Kickstart 2 ROM. The three Workbench A500 owners will now be able to move up to the 2.04 disks (Workbench. Extras and grey with the new look Workbench. Foms) the Workbench 2 manuals and installation instructions. It costs £79.95 andean be obtained from Silica, although the last we heard it was only available in small numbers and was already out of stock. The only tricky bit of fitting it involves removing the old ROM and replacing it with the new one. Which does involve some care and will invalidate your warranty if it is still valid. You can have the upgrade
made by official Commodore repair centre FMG. Who will charge £20 for the job plus £7.50 for carriage.
What the upgrade kit might also have been expected to include would be the new Denise and Agnus chips, giving access to the new screen modes and 2Mb of Chip RAM respectively, but it doesn't. Some non-Pius A500s have a useable Agnus, but many don't.
All in all. With the cost of the upgrade coming in at a frankly rather high price, the decision on whether or not to upgrade has to be a pretty tricky one. While Workbench 2 is a much improved working environment for serious Amiga users, it doesn't really allow you to do anything you couldn’t otherwise have done. Is it worth paying out all that money just for a Power Scanner v2 .O PC880B Power Drive Dual Drive £69 95 £125 Features 100-400 DPI scanning resolutions 64 Greyscales Thru’port for printer Software Full screen image editor Interlace mode on off Edit true greyscale & colour images
Fully multi-tasking Editing Cut rectangle, cut lassoo, crop, flip, rotate, scale, draw, lines, circles, boxes elipses, freehand, zoom mode Scanning Unique ‘True feel’ real time scan mode - Know instantly if you are scanning the image too quickly Automatic selection of 100-400 DPI Produce true greyscale images s Actual Amiga Screen Shots £99 inc. VAT £239 inc. VAT GREYSCALE COLOUR W C, Name Address Postcode Telephone No.
System owned Viruses, diskswapping, clicking drives, disks which won’t back up. Is there no end to the whingeing of the Amiga user?
At Power, we want to tell you just where you can stick your disks and worries. In fact we will show you. The slot in this picture belongs to our PC880B, the first intelligent disk drive. Insert a disk.
Now you can back up at lightning speeds using the inbuilt Blitz Amiga hardware*, with free software, (even if the disk is Atari or PC) and if your computer has a virus the PC880B will stop it being written to the bootblock of any of your drives, though you can still save files as normal.
When you do not want these features, switch them off and the PC880B will sit quietly, without clicking, pretending to be simply an extra drive.
The PC880B, the only drive to introduce Blitz Amiga, the Power anti-click device and to combat viruses, is only available direct from Power, priced at just £69-95 We have noticed how pricey unintelligent drives are. Perhaps, it’s your turn to tell people where to stick it.
* Due to the precision nature of the Blitz copier high density
disks may be required with some internal drives.
AsannaHia Description Credit card No.
Our latest dual drive uses the slimline, ultra low power NEC drive mechanism. This drive takes less than half the power of a normal floppy drive. The new dual drive includes all the features you would expect from a Power Computing Drive.
The NEC drive mechanism is able to access high density 1-44MB disks.
While this may not be of use to you at the moment (the Amiga can only access 880K), watch this space for our new ‘high density’ Interface, on the market soon!
Whisper quiet operation Blitz Copier built-in (switchable) Virus blocker built-in (switchable) Anti-click PSU included New Products ' Released or available soon 8MB board with thru'port
1. 44MB interface
1. 44MB disk drive Scanner software upgrade PC880B with X-Copy
* Power Scanner v2.0 ' SSHfc I a JHMM* I I n 1 TT MTMffl I
enclose a cheque postal order for £ Signature Make cheques
payable to Power Computing Ltd Power Computing Ltd Unit 8
Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford
MK42 7PN Ring your credit card order through on 0234 843388 or
fax your order on 0234 840234 bn-’ All prices include VAT.
Delivery and are subject to change. Specifications are subject
to change without notice. Next day delivery £4-50 (U.K.
mainland only), all trademarks acknowledged.
Power Computing SRL Italy, Via Dclle Baleari. 90.00121 Ostia Lido. Roma Tel (06) 5646310 (2 lines) Fax 5646301 Power Computing France, 15 Bid Voltaire 75011, Paris France Tel (1) 43570169 (6 lines) Fax (1) 43380435 Power Computing U.S.A., 21 South 5th Street, Suite 900, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Tel 215 922 0050 Fax 215 922 0116 Wordworth a writer 's dream vlrl The graphical nature of Wordworth® makes producing documents faster and easier. The WYSIWYG display shows exactly how your printed document will look, different fonts, styles and sizes, headers and footers, graphics and so on.
Commands are grouped under a series of pull-down menus, accessible either by the mouse or keyboard. Frequently used commands have on-screen icons, including Help, should you need it.
Experience the look and feel of the new and exciting WB2 (even if you use Wbl.3). Each document is a separate multi-tasking window, which means you could for example, print one document while editing another.
Digita's® innovative Human Interface Protocol® is incorporated setting a new standard in speed, style and elegance. "It HIP® system is intuitive and a pleasure to use."
- thank you Amiga Shopper, it's nice to be appreciated.
Graphics have always been the Amiga's strong point. Now it's better than ever. Pictures from Deluxe Paint can be placed in a document, and then sized, scaled and dragged (text automatically reformats around the image). |||J Wordworth's enhanced fonts 1 KfsSRlBj will give you the very best printed quality. You can also print special symbols, such as boxes, arrows and so on. Better still, you can mix graphics, Wordworth's enhanced fonts, Amiga fonts, Colorfonts and your printer's own internal fonts, all on the same page.
There's even a driver for Postscript printers.
You needn't worry about your existing information - Wordworth will let you open documents from most word processors, including Kindwords, Protext and Wordperfect (you can also mailmerge with Superbase).
When Amiga Format said "a new word processor that will give the rest of the world a run for its money" they weren't joking.
Wordworth is written in the UK by Digita. Which means you'll be using an English Collins spelling checker and thesaurus, and you'll know where to come for professional support.
The only way to really appreciate Wordworth is to use it. Phone 0395 270273 for more information or, write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ.
Wordworth costs £129.99, which includes VAT, postage and packing; and when purchased from Digita, comes with a 7 day money-back guarantee.
If you already own a word processor, for a limited period only, you can trade-up for just £89.99 by returning your original disks to Digita with your order.
Summing up, Amiga Shopper said: "Pounds-per-feature no other Amiga word processor comes close. Wordworth is what every owner of Kindwords would wish they had." Dreams become reality with Wordworth.
Machine support Written specifically for the Amiga Fully supports WB V13 and V2.00 All medium or high resolution modes (mono and colour) Requires I MB of memory INTERNATIONAL software thats right" Wordworth is available from John Menzies. Virgin, W H Smith and all good computer retailers or to the trade through Columbus, Gem, HB Marketing, IBD, Lazer. Leisuresoft. Precision and SDL Digita International Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL ENGLAND Tel 0395 270273 Fax 0395 268893
- A member of the Digita group - Digita. The Digita logo.
Wordworth and the Wordworth logo are registered trademarks, and
HIP, Human Interface Protocol and software thats right are
trademarks of Digita Holdings Ud.
All other trademarks and their owners are acknowledged. Sold subject to standard conditions of sale E & OE.
WEMBLEY EXHIBITION CENTRE • MAY 15 - 17 It'll save you serious money Be the first to sec : Numbers 83,92 and 182 come to Wembley Arena. 18 comes to the Triangle (5 minutes walk). 297 (alight at Wembley Park Station) and 245 (alight at Bridge Road) serve the complex.
: To Wembley Park by Metropolitan or Jubilee line. To Wembley Central by Bakerloo line (peak hours).
: To Wembley Central from Euston or Broad Street. To Wembley Stadium from Marleybone.
Book your tickets now and save even more money with our special early booking discount.
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Return the form straight way to guarantee your show ticket.
Postcode ...AF05 Send this form to: AMIGA SHOPPER SHOW, PO Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L65 3EA This offer closes on May 8th.
Credit card the new Am% A brand new Amiga will be unveiled on May 15 at the Amiga Shopper Show-be there and you could be among the first to see it! Commodore has chosen the prestigious Amiga Shopper Show to launch the A600 "Amiga for the Nineties”. And it’ll be showing the the revolutionary A570 CD- ROM drive too.
AMIGA SHOW As well as the new machines there will be an amazing amount to see and do at the show:
• Take part in seminars on topics from games programming to
Deluxe Paint and AMOS to video, featuring feature some of
Britain’s top experts.
• The Amiga Shopper Panel will be there to answer your questions,
so if you want our advice, be there!
• Explore a completely computer generated universe with Virtual
• The Amiga Shopper, Amiga Format and Amiga Power teams will be
on hand to offer hear your opinions on the magazines.
• For games players prizes will be on offer in the Amiga Power
Arcade. All you have to do is get the day’s highest scores on
the latest releases from from Electronic Arts, Ocean,
MicroProse, Psygnosis, US Gold, and Virgin.
It’s a great day out for all Amiga owners, and that’s before you even consider the what the 90 exhibitors from both sides of the Atlantic have to offer!
On the hardware side, you’ll be able to check out devices from Supra, GVP, Gasteiner, Power Computing, Rombo, Progressive Peripherals and many others. Software publishers such as Precision, Digita and HiSoft will also be to the fore. And, of course, dozens of stands will be offering incredible deals you won’t find anywhere else.
Exciting launches. Fascinating seminars. Thrilling games. Incredible bargains. The Amiga Shopper Show an event you can’t afford to miss!
It’s being held at the Wembley Exhibition Centre in London from Friday May 15 to Sunday May 17. If you move fast and use the form opposite you can guarantee your ticket, save more than a pound and have a full show guide posted to you before the event. But hurry!
SOFTWARE See the latest products from the likes of Digita, HiSoft and Precision.
Test them out for your self, then pick the one you want... HARDWARE Powerful hardware which will transform you Amiga will be on display and on sale, including devices from Supra, GVP, Gasteiner and more... The Amiga Power games arcade will feature only the latest and best games - and you’ll have the chance to play them yourself.
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How it used to be done (and, indeed, still is) ; ?*'•j s "* **»*¦. T** *.* “***•««, Va •w 2 ,,r*
* i»ic °rmSz:"Z z . *cv Before DTP, writers would use a
typewriter to write their copy. Not only was this more legible,
but It helped the page designer work out how much room the
writing would take up on the finished page.
Because letters on typewriters were equally spaced in those days, usually 10 or 12 per inch, it was easy to calculate how many letters there were In the whole piece of writing. Then by referring to special tables, the designer could ‘cast off the copy. This would tell him how many lines, of a certain length, would be needed to print the text at a certain size.
At this point the sub-editor would read through the copy correcting any spelling or grammatical errors. If he found any, he would mark them on the manuscript using a set of symbols which told the typesetter exactly what corrections to make.
The copy would then be typeset. Typesetting is the process of putting all the words into a column of lines, like the ones you are reading now; this was called putting text in galleys. Galley is the word that has its roots back in the days when type was set from molten metal into solid lines, that were then put together into a frame called a galley to make columns. Typesetting machines cost many thousands of pounds, so only the largest of publishing companies could afford to have their own. Most people would send their copy to specialist typesetting companies. Once the copy had been typeset
it would be proof-read to make sure the typesetter had not made any mistakes. Then the text would be printed on a long piece of photographic paper called a bromide and returned to the designer.
Once the designer got all the words in their typeset form, he stuck them down onto a sheet of card to produce something called a mechanical. Working on a drawing board, and using a scalpel (to cut the galleys up into useable sized columns) and Spray Mount to paste them into place. Paste up, was a tedious job. The designer would leave a space where he wanted the pictures to go, and put a key- line around it using a Rotring pen.
If the work was a regular layout (like a magazine), the designer may have had a grid sheet. This was a piece of card with feint blue lines on to show him the position of the columns, folio, and the edges of the page. The lines were blue because this colour wouldn’t show up when the printer photographed the mechanical to make his printing plates.
MAY 1992 Page 1 Line 1 Col 1 Ho barkers set AutFrn Key f4 to vieu Insert Justify Off Wd-Urap SCR Printer SIMPLE 02;12:56 Nirvana Vs Pearl Jan: The hype Machine rolls on The recent series of Pearl jan gigs in London revealed an interesting Phenonenon. Fans are polarising around either Nirvana or Pearl Jan. The fans of Curt Cobain's band see Pearl Jan as hype-fuelled bandwagon junpers, uho's presence on the international rock circuit will only detract fron the inpact of Nirvana's incredible success. Whereas usually such fans uould enbrace both of two bands with such sinilarity of style and
direction, this tine the battle lines are drawn. Maybe it's not so surprising, after all would Epic records have been so eager to sign a left feild Anerican guitar band if Nirvana's second albun 'Nevernind* hadn't exceeded it’s expected 40K sales by sone 4Megallnits. The supporters of Pearl Jan cry, But Pearl Jan were around (in parts) before Nirvana ever existed" and indeed they are correct, but were Epic so eager to sign Mother Love Bone, a band that have often been called under-rated by the snail band of rock critics, and nindless followers of such, who over-rated then? Did Epic fall
Directory FILES:TEXT D Desktop Publishing What it ii After the DTP revolution (or what you can PROTEXT vT .22 (c Ai'noi'. I'ocunen! SKIITY.W (2K) Since the invention of DTP the writer has done part of the job of the typesetter and part of the job of the proof-reader. As almost everyone writes on a word processor these days, all the ‘keying in’ of text is already taken care of by the writer, who can then use the spelling checker feature to correct his own spelling mistakes. The finished text file can then be given on disk to the sub-editor, who can complete the job of proofreading. Since the
file has been checked for spelling the sub can concentrate on the grammar and style, making the corrections to the data file. Since most DTP programs can import text files in most formats, all the sub editor then has to do is give the floppy disk to the designer.
The designer may have a grid or template for his page ready to use. But, if this is a special one-off job, or the first time he has created a page of this size he can simply get the DTP program to create a ‘custom grid’ by telling the program what size he wants the page to be.
A basic, or bare, grid will simply have the page size, crop marks (which show the printer where the page ends), and the empty columns. The designer begins laying out the page by importing the text into a text box, which he must first draw. At this point it is possible to put all the text into body text style by selecting all the text and using a ‘style sheet’; this stores Information about typeface, size etc. DTP systems work by creating a series of boxes, into which you can place or ‘import’ either text or pictures. Unlike paste up, once you have put text or a picture into a box you can move,
or ‘drag’, the box around the page with incredible ease. It is also possible to ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ text (or pictures) between boxes.These terms are taken from the old ‘paste up’ process, but the method of doing them is much quicker and easier, not to mention less messy.
To style up our page we need to cut bits of our text from the first file we imported, paste it into other boxes around the page, and use the power and flexibility of the DTP program to change the size, colour, typeface, leading (line spacing) etc as needed.
- . - The lithographic process, which is used to print most
things - including this magazine, cannot print shades, only
black or white. Unless you’re printing in colour of course, in
which case it will print cyan, magenta and yellow (C-M-Y) as
well. So to give the appearance of shades pictures have to be
made up of a pattern of really tiny dots, called a half tone.
Obviously if the designer wanted to use pictures, they weren’t made up of little dots, so they had to be ‘screened’. To put a halftone dot into a picture you take a photograph of your original through a process screen, using a machine called a process camera. Many design and smaller publishing companies had these as they were dead useful, and not too expensive. But for those who didn’t companies called ‘repro houses’ did the job.
Once the pictures were screened they were ready to be pasted onto the mechanical, which was known as ‘camera ready artwork’. The designer would go back to the paste up table and stick the pictures into the position he had marked with keylines. It’s interesting to note that the K In C-M-Y-K actually stands for keyllne. However when people used B for black It was often mistaken for blue, and it then got mixed up with the cyan plate.
Is SUB POP 200 tho greatest CD of all time? Wo say maybo.
When I ho mouc d Seattle s Sub Poo label trU came lo England it did so weh a whimper AND win a Bong The whimper waj (he inckle. Whch quickly Became a Hood ol import sngles avaiaBle Ihrougn specta'rsi rocord Hops The Bang was me relesa ol the compilation album SubPop200 a twenty back collection featuring such SP luminanes as Tad. Mudhoney Tho Flud.
Green River, and o» course Havana SSTa Soundgarden a so conmouled the formal ’Sub Pop Rock C*ty lo Ih colection tutor becoming ine lirst d Sub Pop a major label sigmngs But amongst the Sub-Pop fraternity it was Mudhoney who appeared lo be desbnod lor stardom m these early days This CD cowans no less than throe compositions (rcm the* mam man. Mark Arm Two performed By ho own bands and ’Swallow Continued mKe When the pictures are stuck on the designer’s work was over, and the camera-ready artwork was ready for the printers. One of the disadvantages of this old way of doing things Is that,
since It was all separate bits of paper glued together, sometimes a piece fell off on the way to the printers, which meant it would be missing from the finished document.
Here Is a finished ‘paste-up’ page, ready for the printers. Producing a page like this could take up to eight hours of actual work (typing, typesetting, proof-reading, pasting up) not to mention the time lost in transit to and from the typesetters etc. Nirvana Vs Pearl Jam: The hype machine rolls on The recent series ol Peart Jam ggs In London revsnted an nteresling phenomenon Ians are potansmg a-oixid | either Mr ana or Pearl Jam The Ians ol Curt CoOam'S Band see Peart Jam as hype-lueked Bandw«y r lumpers, who's pretence on me nternalonal roc* circul will only detract horn the impact ol
Nirvanas mcredCte success Whereas usually stxh tans would omBmce Both ol fwo Bands with such srmlar,»y 0I style and drachon. This trr o me batlle Ines are drawn Maybe i!3 not so surprising, after all would Eoc reconJs have Been so eager lo sign a left laid Amercan guitar Bond i Nirvanas soccnd atoixn Ne-rarmmtf haan i e.ceeded ill erpocted 0K sales by tome AmegaUmfs Dxj supporters ol Peart Jam cry. 'But Peart Jam were around (m parts) Before Nirvana ever eristetT and ndeed thoy are corract. Bul were Epc so eager lo s*gn Womev Lovtf Bone, a Bond that have often been coded under-rated by he
small bond ol reck eribca and mmtfess lo*owei* of such, who over-rated them? Did Epc tall over homsaives lo ooiain me services ol Green fliver (later Mutlhoneyfl The answer to these queswns a of course, no Pearf Jam are hot property because Nirvana nave managed to sen albixn* by me bu .ei load to tha dislluscned e«-fans ol the Bumi put Guns and Rose* Kurd! Kobaln But when .1 comes down lo « does any of m.j matter. Pearl Jam have produced an exedenl defiul album and wtWat there are maybe more deserving bands (Smashing Pumkvi* Crowbar Sahwfion Buffalo Tcvn) lor the international megastar
treatment, pj are no!
Entxely undesetvng ThoyVe certamiy payed their d-jes r*Oy in Mother Love Bone without recognition Beforg seemg ihev sxiger eke ol a smack O D then prcxJoong I iicert) but under-raled album at Temple ol me Dog wv Soundgarden s Chna Come* So we here a| Guearmaggedan say support aU gusar bangs Pear! Jam included You know it makes sense!
Nowadays, nearly all designers use a computer DTP system to do their work, including our own Art Editor Marcus Dyson. He takes a look at Amiga DTP and explains what all the fuss is about.
MAY 1992 IlMoroBApifim Nirvana Vs Pearl Jam: Th« hype machine roll* on Tk r»p M :»rt* t of P irt|*n gtgi i. Union
• Iseelel OK let no (Hat eh ner» *en. Fine m Behntwa ereuel
itn r mniae or P.o.Utr*. Tk ten* of C erlCekekt'c bonl •
A »rtJ*rv
• t kiD -N*t*l k**lw«fi NriM'C. *•»**!
* » t ec on Ik lotomotionol ml cirtwi imii
• of* letro©1 Iron tfo l»*e«et of Nkviee'l
• ncrdltle cocroct. «k *s( vlvsn. Look lint wool* orokroro both
of two h«»lfwlk inch cimwnt. Of ityM mi iirortni.OKI* lino tk*
koftj* Ir.i | « Irtna.Ulit* ft nolle lummlni. « •*• el woe It
Bole ••corlt koto kooa to **« »•* il«n i left fell Anenooa
«ult kml If Nin knot totonl tlkgrt ’Hotomml" boini «ao**l*i
tit otpootel 10». Iilei t. tono «K».ii"nfi The iMOOottett of
keirlJin on. F otFetilJoro won ereent f» etrti) koforo ft mono
otof ontto 1’ ini Inlool !k » irt 1 tweet kgt wore Box lo
ooiofti irm MotfcofLo.o Bono, o kml tkot ktm ollon koo.
0*11*4 uM*'-*ktoi k« Or moll kml of rook Once all the text and pictures are on the page, the designer can begin the layout process in earnest.
Useful tools, like making the guide lines of the grid ‘snap’ boxes to them makes lining up pictures and text much quicker than the old paste up method, and should you wish to change the design halfway through, there's no tedious peeling off what you’ve already done. It's not surprising that laying out a page this way can take less than a quarter of the time it did before.
But the real power of DTP is that the designer can see what his page looks like at any stage. And when it’s all layed out, if the copy doesn’t fit, it can be cut or written up right there on the page.
Is SUB POP 200 the greatest CD of all time? Wo say maybe.
Whan me mu**c ol Seamo s SuB Pop la&oi lust coma to England n Od so with a whmpar AND with a Bang Tha whimper was me tncMo. Which quickly Became a Hood ol import angles avWaBie through speoatist record shops The Bang was the relate of the comptahcn album SuBPop200 a Iwenry liW colechon loaiunng sixft SP himmarves as Tad. LAjdhonoy. Tit* Fhjd.
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And how to do it!
The big advantage of DTP over the old way of doing things is the way the designer can work on the whole page as one entity, and the pictures are no exception. Just as we can import text into a text box, DTP packages allow a wide variety of picture formats to be imported and manipulated. These pictures could be created on the Amiga, using Deluxe Paint or Graphics Workshop, or they could be captured from the outside world using a digitiser or a scanner. Once you have them in your DTP program they can be printed out just like any other part of your document.
The scanner we use costs about £1,300 but hand scanners start at around £100.
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range is available to the trade through Columbus, Gem, HB
Marketing, 1BD, Lazer, Leisuresoft, Precision and SDL.
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allowing you to perform instant 'what-if' calculations and produce pertinent facts about your tax position. A professional version is also available for accountants and financial advisers. £49.99 E-Type Transform your computer into a typewriter. Because text is printed instantly, you can line up your form, press return and space a few times to move to the correct place, and then start typing. Ideal for filling in forms, and envelopes. £39.99 Day-By-Day An excellent way to get organised. You'll be reminded of birthdays, meetings and appointments. It includes month week day planners and
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£79.99 ® Digita International Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL ENGLAND Tel 0395 270273 Fax 0395 268893
- A member of the Digit a group - Digita, the Digit.! Logo. Home
Accounts2 and Wordworth are registered trademarks, and software
tbails right are trademarks of Digita Holdings Ltd All other
trademarks and their owners are acknowledged. Sold subject to
standard conditions ol sale E & OE.
Pages are made up of many different elements, which all combine together to get the necessary message across.
We take a look at why they are there and what they consist of.
The things a page is made of All the words on any page are made up from letters: nothing unusual there, but if you take a look, not all the letters are the same shape, and they’re certainly not all the same size.
The reasons for them being different shapes are twofold, and quite simple. One reason is that they have evolved. In the same way cars are a different shape now to the way they looked in the 1920s, letters can now look very different from the way they looked back then. The only difference with letters is that once someone has designed a new shaped letter, people don’t stop using the old ones.
The other reason type comes in lots of different shapes is simply personal taste; to use the car analogy again, its like one person choosing to drive a Ford Sierra, while another drives a BMW.
If I were designing this page, I might try using this shape of letters, called Eras But you might prefer this shape (Helvetica black).
Each different shape of letters is called a typeface, and they all have names. You are now reading Helvetica, which was invented in Switzerland, and takes its name from Helvetia, which is what the Swiss call their country. The word typeface comes from the front face of the metal blocks that type used to be made on, they looked like this... What vou will find on a typical page The person who made up all the rows of metal type would keep ail the letters separate in a large wooden case, and all the capital letters would be in the top half of the case, and the small letters would be in the bottom
half... SO THESE ARE KNOWN AS UPPER CASE and these are called lower case A typeface at a certain size used to be called a font, and because they were all made of metal, the difference between one font and another was definite, and important. Modern computer DTP systems can scale fonts up or down, so the word is less important now than it ever was before. If you don’t have Helvetica 12 nowadays, you just use Helvetica 10 and scale it up to 120 per cent of its normal size.
The reasons for letters being different sizes are very simple, obviously words have to be big enough to be read easily... we might get a lot In. But would you read Amiga Format It the words were this big?.
And of course you want to draw immediate attention to some parts of the page, particularly the headline, so you put it in large text.
The way the size of characters is measured also goes back to the days of metal type. The size of type is measured in a unit called points, shortened to pts.
A point is equal to 1 72nd of an inch. You are now reading type that is 7pts in size.
The problem with point sizes is that they don’t actually relate to the size of the letter, but to the size of the piece of metal it used to be on.
This is 15 pt and so is this.
So it is easily possible for two different typefaces to be the same point size, but look as if they are actually different sizes.
One thing that makes DTP so special is that it gives you the power to control all of the things we have just talked about, plus one or two others. But before you can go changing the typeface of your text you have to have some fonts installed into your system.
Every Amiga comes with a few fonts, and if you buy a DTP program you may get a few more. Not all fonts are the same however, and if you are serious about DTP you need to know the difference.
Amiga fonts (like the ones that came with your machine, or are available in the Public Domain) are bitmap fonts, they are made of a grid of 8 x 8 pixels, and if you enlarge them the pixels show, making these fonts unacceptable for serious DTP use.
Another type of font is an outline font, these are made up of points, lines and curves, and when they are enlarged they still look perfectly smooth.
Amiga Outline The most common type of outline font for the Amiga is the Compugraphic range of fonts, available from a number of sources.
For the simplicity of your document it is best to limit the number of fonts you use, preferably to around five or six. In Amiga Format we use... Frutiger, Times, Eras, Futura, Helvetica If you don't believe us take a look for yourself. The reason it looks as if we use more than just five typefaces is that we apply styles to them. Styles are effects that DTP packages can use on a typeface to make it appear different ie MAY 1 992 Frutiger italic, Eras Ultra Bold Most DTP programs allow you to save a style for repeated use once you have defined it.
SECTIONHEAD In magazines; tells you part of the mag you are reading.
HEADLINE The main title of the page.
PICTURE CAPTION No picture says a thousand words if people don’t know what it’s meant to be of.
This is where you tell them.
CROSSHEAD A few words that help break up the monotony of long columns.
FOLIO- Is the place where the page number and date go.
DROP-CAP An enlarged first letter to tell people where to start reading.
For hundreds of years typefaces remained basically the same, it was not too easy to design a new typeface when it has to be cut from metal, but in the last hundred or so years the number of typefaces has multiplied rapidly.
Before type was made from metal it was carved from stone. To make the letter shapes look neater the stone masons would make a perpendicular stroke across the end of the arms, ascenders, descenders etc. These cross cuts were called serifs, and when type went to metal, these were retained.
Typefaces that had this shape of letter were known as serifed faces. Later on typographers designed faces without these shapes, these newer fonts were called sans-serifs.
Serift Sans-Serif Serifs It’s common to use both types of face in one document, and although serifed faces have proven to be more readable as body text, many people use sans- sarif faces to give a ‘modern’ look.
BODY TEXT The main bit of writing, the choice of typeface is important, it has to be legible.
CALLOUT A little bit of text pulled out of the body text to attract the readers’ attention.
WHITE SPACE Don't feel obliged to fill all of your page with words or pictures, empty areas can look good.
What to expect from a DTP program So you've seen what the idea of a DTP program is: now you might find it useful to get a quick run-through of what to expect from a DTP package, and what features are vital when you're deciding what to buy.
The big advantage of working in DTP is that the designer can approach the page as a whole, with text and pictures all as intrinsic parts of the document. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) display gives a good impression of what the finished result will look like, and once you are used to the individual quirks and shortcuts of your particular program, you can turn pages around with considerable speed. But whilst all DTP programs do the same basic job. They don't all go about doing things in the same way. And some are more suited to a particular job than others. There are a few
questions that you should ask before purchasing any program: Will it work with my word processor?
Virtually every page you use will have some text on it. If it's only small amounts you could enter it straight into your DTP program, but if you are dealing with bigger amounts of words you have to be sure that your DTP package can import text in the file formal of your word processor. This is not completely critical, because text files are one of the most easily converted of any data files, but having to do this will involve time and effort, and require you to have a program which can do it.
Will it support my printer?
Packard Graphics Language), so again, if you want to use one of these, make sure your program will support it. The highest quality output is from devices that use a graphics interpreter called PostScript.
If you are intending to use your DTP package for professional quality output, you would probably be well advised to gel one which is compatible with PostScript.
The biggest single factor in the quality of DTP output is the printer. But not every program supports every printer. If you buy PcigeStream Soft Logik will write a printer driver for you if the relevant one isn't already available. But not all companies are so accommodating.
One way to get better quality output without spending too much money is to buy a laser printer. These devices often use a language called HPGL (Hewlett Does it use the right picture file format?
An Amiga DTP package is sure to support the IFF picture format, but what if you are using a 24-bit scanner, will it support IFF24? If you want to import clip art, or structured drawings, does it support the relevant file format? If you are wanting to port images from a PC or a Mac you could convert the file format using the Art Department professional, or something similar. But wouldn't it be easier if you could just import the picture in its original format? Some DTP programs can handle a surprisingly wide range of picture formats, if you are going to be using one format extensively, check
to see if your intended program is compatible!
Will this program support the right fonts for my requirements?
As we have already mentioned, if you are need to scale fonts up in size, you will find that normal Amiga fonts are not of a high enough quality (because of their bitmapped nature, rather than any problem with the fonts themselves). The answer is of course Outline fonts, but. Like everything else, these come in a number of formats, so once again it's a matter of checking they're the right ones.
Also consider if you want to share the fonts between programs (ProPctge and PcigeStream for instance), they have to be compatible with all the packages.
THE IMPORTANT BITS OF ANY DTP PROGRAM PAGE GRID: the whole page is visible as one discrete element: you can zoom in on bits of it at will.
DIRECT ENTRY TEXT: vou must be able to type in things like headlines and picture captions TOOLBOX: the most common tools are for: drawing boxes to put text or graphics in; moving boxes around; arawing lines and linking text boxes IMPORTED PICTURES: the program should be able to import graphics in a file type your graphics program uses.
IMPORTED TEXT: most of the words will be written up on a word processor, so you have to be able to import text in a relevant file format Can I make and store a grid for my regular document sizes?
If you use a certain size of document regularly, you will want to save a grid as a file on disk.
Most DTP packages will allow you to do this, but not all of them work the same way.
Some programs allow you to create elements on a ‘master page' which will then appear on all the pages of your document. But not all programs will let you edit these ’master' elements on the document pages, so they are only really any use as a guide grid, or as a repeated element like a logo. If you want to create a grid with text columns on your master pages, you can. But you can't then import text into those columns once you use the master page to create a normal document page.
Some of your documents may require more than two master pages (one for left, one for right), but not all programs have the facility to let you do this.
When you buy one of our new QuietPrinters, your life (or, at least, your printed matter) will immediately seem brighter. That’s because you have seven vibrant colours at your disposal to give documents more life by helping to lift text, graphics and pictures off the page.
Furthermore, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quiet efficiency with which it goes about its business.
Of course, with both printers, you get more than lots of colour with very little noise; you also get simply outstanding value for money.
Quiet Colour Printing For example, our The KX-P2180 Colour QuietPrinter.
New 24-pin KX-P2123 QuietPrinter offers, in addition to colour, superb print quality through one Super LQ and six LQ fonts, plus a truly impressive range of other paper handling and printing features. And, in terms of value for money, its 9-pin stablemate, the KX-P2180, is equally attractive. To see what we mean, just take a glance at the specification summary (opposite).
So if you’d like to know more about how to get some colour into your life, while keeping the noise out (and without breaking the bank), contact us now on (0800) 444220, fax Pfcnagongc (0344) 853707. Printers nUf|a|| All trademarks acknowledged. Note that colours seen in this photograph are simulated due to reproduction processes.
J Public sector customers may purchase at preferential terms from H.M.S.O. Contact 0603 695557.
AF 5 92 Ten steps to professional DTP nothing To get into DTP you don't have to spend a fortune all at once. You can improve your setup in logical steps and still end up producing professional guality documents in next to no time at all. Marcus Dyson shows you how... To get started in DTP you don’t have to do anything, unless you’re reading someone else’s copy of Amiga Format that is. In which case you should go out and buy your own copy, because on the front of this issue is a copy of PageSetter 1.2. This is a fully functional, If rather basic desktop publishing package from Gold Disk.
PageSetter was the first ever Amiga DTP package, and it will work with all your Amiga fonts and print to any Preferences set up on your printer. If you don’t have a printer, you do have a problem. But the best thing to do Is save up a few documents on a disk, then when your friend goes on holiday, offer to look after his dog cat armadillo. Then whilst he’s away, run all your documents out on his printer. If your friend doesn’t have a printer, or you don’t have any friends, proceed to step 2... Step 7: Get a new computer Step 6: Improve the output Step 8: Get a better scanner Now you are Into
the region of true professional DTP, the documents you produce on your current set up will be of a suitably high-quality to use as artwork for four-colour process printing. But while your cheap colour scanner produces good enough images for your LaserJet printer, its shortcomings would be obvious when the images were printed.
Throw that trappy little stanner you just To produce true photographic qual- bought in the bin, and get a proper one. Ity images, you need a scanner with full 24-bit capability, like Sharp's JX300 450 600 family. You will need software to drive the scanner, and also an image processing package to correct the colours of your scanned images.
Whilst you’re spending all this money you might as well stick a 24-bit colour board in your A2000 3000, so that you can see on screen what your scans actually look like. The cost of all this, well you could spend £2000, but if you get carried away you could spend £10,000. We’re in big money territory now.
With all this equipment to create your pages, you don’t want your output to let you down. So you need to print on printers’ final film from a PostScript imagesetter. There are many bureaux around the country who offer a printing service from these Printers' separated film has one sheet for m hines- Imagesetters are each of the four ink colours. VerV expensive, so your local bureau will charge you a quite healthy price, around £20 for every page they output.
Printers’ film is a series of four pieces of transparent photographic film that is ‘colour separated’. This means that there is one piece of film for each colour of ink the printers use: one for cyan, one for magenta, one for yellow and one for black. These films are printed at a very high resolution, over 2,000 dots per inch, so the images are very sharp.
Now you’re using a more capable DTP package you will have noticed how slow the Amiga is.
It’s not really the machines fault, DTP is a very demanding area of computer use.
Remember the A500 only has a standard Motorola 68000 chip crawling along at 8MegaHertz.
You’ll find DTP much less of a chore if you have a faster machine. The solution is to buy a 2000, or better still a 3000.
The 3000 has a built-in flicker fixer card, and a 68030 proces- We'd all like a 3000, but if you're sor racing along at 25MHz, it doing serious DTP they make sense. Costs about £3,500. The 2000 has the same processor as the A500, and costs in the region of £1,300. Adding an accelerator card and flicker fixer would take that up to between £2,000 and £3,000 depending on how fast an accelerator you use.
Once you have started using a more advanced package you will have the ability to produce much more professional-looking page layouts.
With the power to use 24-bit images and outline fonts at your disposal, the output from your old dot-matrix printer will start to look a bit shabby. I mean, what is the point of getting typefaces that look smooth, no matter what size you use them at, if your printer just makes them look rough again.
Now’s the time for you to start considering a better printer. One option is a PostScript colour laser printer, but they cost many thousands of pounds. A more reasonable solution is an inkjet printer like the Sharp JX-730, which at £1,300 is still not exactly cheap, but the results justify the price.
By using the Sharp, results like the on the left can be achieved. While not quite good enough to use as artwork, this printout could be used for proofing (checking to see how it looks) a page. It would even be good enough for a colour photocopy leaflet.
Step 3: Consider a scanner Step 2: Get a printer Let's face it, without a printer, DTP wise you are not going to get very far.
Unless your friend goes on a hell of a lot of holidays that is. If you are at all serious about DTP you are going to have to get a printer. Which type you should get depends on how serious you are. Mono dot- If you're doing DTP you'll need a printer, matrix printers start at less but they start at quite reasonable prices. Than £120. These are fine if you are going to stay with a mono-only program like PageSetter, but if you are thinking of moving on to a slightly better DTP package, It might be worth splashing out for a colour printer. Colour printers start at around £220. Once you have your
printer you will be able to print documents with text and Amiga pictures from programs like Dpalnt and ProDraw. You can also get extra fonts and clip art from the Public Domain for very little extra cost.
So now you can output your text and images that have been created on the Amiga. But what about pictures from the real world, like photographs. To get these into your Amiga you need to use a scanner.
Small hand scanners, like the one pictured on the left, are less than £200, but the Small and handy, Amiga scanners are a quality of the pictures they boon to any DTPer. Produce is not particularly great. They are mono and dither the pixels to produce the effects of tones, when the dither pattern is combined with the pattern of the dotmatrix printer, very rough images can result. A very good hand scanner to consider is the PanDaal handiscan.
The cheapest colour scanner is the Sharp JX-100, which still costs nearly £600 including software. But it can scan pictures In HAM mode and the results are absolutely excellent.
Now you have the ability to capture and store colour images, and print in colour.
So now you need software that can make use of all this hardware power. On pages 118 and 120 of this issue we review the top two Amiga DTP packages, PageStream
2. 2 and ProfessionalPage 2.
Both these programs are high end, PostScript-compatible DTP packages with the ability to handle outline fonts in colour. They are both able to make the best use of your colour scanned images, and produce high quality output from any kind of printer.
Step 5: Better software Step 10: Buy a Linotron Step 4: Increase your storage Once you start scanning pictures for your documents you will find that a floppy disk isn’t always big enough to keep your pictures on.
In fact, if you are scanning in colour you may find that some of your files are several megabytes in size. It’s time to consider getting a hard drive. Apart from the extra storage space for pictures and documents, you will also be able to store more DTP files can be positively huge, you could fonts. An added bonus of a hard find a hard drive a major help. Drive is that your DTP program will run faster once installed on it. Accessing fonts, opening documents, importing pictures will all happen in the twinkling of an eye compared to working from floppies. Hard drives start at around £300, but
it could be worth paying a bit more to get a better one. Hard drives are also a good way of adding RAM.
Once you get a hard drive, you open up lots of doors for the future expansion of your system. Some more advanced DTP programs like ProfessionalPage 3 will only run from a hard drive.
Just do it If you find you are doing a lot of full-colour separation work then it may be worth your while getting your own imagesetter. You would be lucky to get one for less than £20,000 though, so we’re not talking enthusiast's budget here.
In fact, at £20 per page an imagesetter wouldn’t pay for itself until you had put 1,000 Imagesetters are a little too expensive for pages through It. That's the most home enthusiasts. Equivalent of nearly four copies of Amiga Format, ads an' all.
Remember you have to keep it supplied with films and chemicals too, and employ someone to run it. This would be the step to full-time professional DTP, and even then you would probably have spare imaging time left over. You could always use your excess capacity to offer a bureau service to other DTP users. We know of a few people who have done this, and they have been quite successful.
So there we have it, DTP from no cost at all through to DTP costing many, many thousands of pounds. DTP as a way of listing the tracks on your cassettes through to DTP as a full-time business proposition.
And common to all of this is the Amiga.
We're not suggesting that you go out and spend all your money on rigging up to do high-end DTP. But we just thought you'd like to know that the Amiga can do it as well as any other Personal Computer.
Many people did not take the Amiga seriously as a DTP machine at first, but with the software and the hardware that are now available to do ft, they have no choice. To a large extent we have Gold Disk to thank for this, for it was they who launched the first ever DTP package for the Amiga, and it is they who have pioneered the boundaries of quality DTP on the machine. Who can say that if ProPage had never happened, we would have ever been able to write this feature at all?
Now the area has been opened up, we can expect to see more programs, and programs of a higher quality related to Amiga DTP. Already this month we have brought you news of a new structured drawing package from HB Marketing, and that's just the beginning.
You have the computer, and now you have the software, so just do it. And if you find that you can't do what you want with PageSetter, remember that it’s only the gate to a very big field.
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CITIZEN SWIFT 24eRRP £42 - 216 80 cps, colour OocQ option, 2 yr guarantee WW39 ACCESSORIES QQ Parallel Printer Cable . Universal Printer Stand ..... 500 sheets of continuous oa 99 paper ..... Colour kit option for 00495 Swift 9 224 24e ... pS with'laser quality' ------ STAR LC24-2M COLOUR RRPi » 220 55 cps, 24 pin COCQ colour, 30K butter £21999 39K 159 Pack of 10 blank 3 2" DS DD disks ....£4.99 Box of 50 blank 3V DS DD disks ..£19.99 512K RAM expansion (Plus compatible) ......£19.99 512K RAM expansion with clock £24.99 1Mb RAM
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|gpRiNT ZH Programs galore!
Easy AMOS is packed with ready-to-run programs which are carefully explained in simple English. You can quickly understand how they work, and then use the same ideas in your own programs. There’s even a beginners' Typing Tutor. Plus a clever database to store personal details of your friends and colleagues.
? Creating games Easy AMOS shows you how to create entertaining programs in next to no time. Included in the package is a Breakout-style game, a racing game for one or two players with parallax scrolling, and a ball game with split screens and multidirectional scrolling. You’ll find they’ve been entirely created using Easy AMOS - and surprised when you discover exactly how they were put together.
What’s inside This programming course consists of two discs and a light-hearted user guide. This is cleverly linked to an electronic coach who tests your progress after you have read each chapter and tried out the example programs. Plus there’s an on-screen graduation certificate when you complete the final chapter.
Easy AMOS’s step-by-step and fun approach is the simplest possible route to writing your own professional-looking software.
You need 1Mb or more of RAM and three blank discs to use this product.
Easy AMOS is a simplified, ultra-friendly version of the best-selling AMOS Basic programming language.
... Easy AMOS is available from all good software retailers including selected Boots, WH Smith & Menzies stores.
E UTOPRESS SOFTWARE Credit card order hotline - Tel. 051-357 2961. Alternatively send a cheque for £34.99 to Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB.
THE POLITICAL CREW The whole place has gone election-mad and everyone’s too busy scoring points off each other to notice that there’s a whole world of untaxed action on your Amiga. We collared some of the country’s most feared and revered politicians to find out what they propose to do to help Amiga-owners through the recession.
After hours of lobbying Mps in the hallowed corridors of a small bar just off Parliament Square, we managed to talk an entire Commons’ Select Committee into reviewing the latest games. As a result, many of them are now under compulsory purchase orders.
But if you think the decrepid old fuddy-duddies in Westminster aren’t switched on, you’re only half right.
Most of them aren’t plugged in, wired-up or even close to power. Vote Screenplay before it’s too late!
Screenplay Hello, good evening and welcome, to the very first Election- night special edition of Screenplay. Well be following the entire proceedings, watching the results coming in and mumbling on about them until dawn. So why not while away the hours playing something wholesome on your Amiga until the normal programmes return. But first, the results from Bath... Joystick-Wagglers Party.
"I'd put a tax on all shoot- em-ups that didn't have high-score tables and bring in legislation to make ownership of seedy Strip Poker games a hangable offence."
Women Driver's Party.
"The current high level of male-orientated games is unacceptable in a liberated society. Our government will introduce penalties for the use of masculine sprites."
IJWl Fox-hunting, the humane KPE way, can be fun. Don't be hbh a Titus, play this instead.
Is this the fastest ever race ¦TTS game? There's Vroom for ¦¦J one more, if you're quick.
Let's Get Naked And Party.
"If elected. I'd publicly eat my shorts, and then demand that all the sharp corners be removed from joysticks and other peripherals. I would then declare war on Atari."
TIM SMITH The Hearty Party Party.
"Yes, well it's not as simple as that, really. You must take into consideration the fact that we're all members of one great big Amiga family and as such..."(tape ran out) PAGE 77 PAGE 71 TV terrorism or just fun for all the family? Bomberman really is dynamite stuff.
Is Space Crusade just Hero Quest Plus? Or is it the future of hack'n'slash?
LINDA BARKER Mouse House Party.
"I plan to set free the many thousands of innocent mice that have been forced to lead a life of slavery by corrupt Amiga-users..."(speech interrupted by jeering hecklers) Party of the Third Part.
'Crikey! Is it that time again already? I'd completely forgotten. Well, I suppose I'd ave to bring in an automatic right to back-up, and free games for all. Prob'ly."
Life and Soul of the Party.
"I would immediately offer my services as the role-model for all monsters which form the central element in fantasy games. Then I'd retire on the proceeds and watch TV."
CHRIS LLOYD NEIL WEST In the Kitchen At Parties.
"If elected (and indeed, if not). I'd force everyone to turn the page and stop wasting time with all this election nonsense. There are Amiga games out there, waiting."
Party Animal Party.
"I have never even heard of an Amiga and I would execute anyone seen wearing one in a public place. Now get away from me before I call the police, you parasite."
The Not-invited To The Party.
"I remember the times we used to have as children, trying to find games for my Amiga, long before it was invented. I'd make youngsters play cricket instead."
PREVIEWS fTp MAY 1992 Over at US Gold, they’re busy toiling at their newest SSI games.
Pools of Darkness and The Legend of Darkmoon. Both are part of US Gold’s catalogue of TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games. Pools of Darkness is the fourth and final chapter in the Forgotten Realms epic, and it’s due for completion in May. More exciting, The Legend of Darkmoon is none other than the sequel to (wait for it, wait for it)... Eye of the Beholder! Yes, it’s finally coming - and you should be able to grab a copy next month. From what we’ve heard, it’s one helluva game, making the original EOB look like a mere taster. There’s far more interaction with characters, a much, much
larger area to explore and monsters that’ll turn you into an insomniac, all over again.
As if their AD&D games weren’t enough, US Gold are also cracking on with two other likely smash-hits - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, due for release in May, and Monkey Island 2- LeChuck’s Revenge, due anyday now. The Indy game is an isometric 3D action adventure made up of five separate stages, each with their own different sub-levels. In it you control both Indy himself and his friend Sophia Hapgood - and unlike most O This month sees the arrival of a brand new software house.
Mirage, and they’re off to a fine start. With no less than four products in development, they’ve certainly come in with a bang. Their first little gem, a Lemmings-style cutesy-puzzle called Humans, is previewed in more detail in Under Construction (see Page 48).
Ragnarok, which is expected to hit the shops in June, is a strategy game based on the mythological battles between rival Norse gods.
It’s derived from a very old board-game King’s Table (a bit like chess) and your aim is to protect your king Odin from attack. The game is played on a large square board with special squares in the comers; you have to move Odin from the perilous centre square to one of these. To protect you, there are many special pieces you can use for blocking and attacking. The work of Imagitec Design, Ragnarok could be something special if you’re a bit bored with shoot-em-ups and Chinese Checkers.
Mirage are also in the process of tying up a deal for another game, called Ashes of Empire. We’re not sure what it’s all about yet, ‘cos it’s still hush-hush, but as soon as we know, you’ll hear about it. In the meantime, mum’s the word, OK?
The shelves will be filled to bursting if this month's previews make it to the shops on time. LUeil Jackson takes a close look at the best of the... Prepare yourself for another stint of incredibly late nights and bags under your eyes. The sequel to Eye of the Beholder, called Legend of Darkmoon, is on its way from US Gold at this very moment.
It’s chocks-away time again chaps, as MicroProse prepare to take to the skies in another old Second World War crate. This time, they’re flying high in the ancient Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, star of the award-winning film Memphis Belle.
While it might look like a bag of nuts and bolts tied up with string, the B-17 was one of the hardest planes of the war. It was said that it could still fly with half a wing missing, a feat that was put to the test with alarming regularity, thanks to the 360 degree firing arc of its guns. On more than one occasion B-17s returned home after shooting off their own tail-flaps. And MicroProse assure us that you can do this in their simulation too, so beware!
The team responsible for B-17 is none other than Andy Craven’s Vektor Grafix, no strangers to the world of flight-sims, so great things may be in store. They’ve set out to provide more than just a simple flight simulation, partly for extra style-points and partly because flying the real B-17 was a two-man job (and that doesn’t include the navigator and gunners). The game allows you to perform any one of the tasks involved, from flying to bombing, or merely act as flight manager, directing the mission from the safety of the operations room. Either way, there’s a crew of 10 men at stake each
time you louse up.
Most of the action takes place in the daytime (as it did in real-life), and this makes you an obvious target for German fighter planes. So self-defence is likely to be as important as hitting your bombing target, and you have no less than eleven on-board guns to do this. And by all accounts, the B-17 was one mean mother - responsible for the destruction of Frankfurt and most of the Ruhr Valley during the Thousand Bomber Raids. It emerged (but not totally unscathed) as the plane with the highest kill-ratio of the war - and not a laser-guided bomb in sight!
Special Forces MicroProse Expected: May In a different part of the ever-growing MicroProse empire, you’ll find the aptly- named Sleepless Knights putting the finishing touches to Special Forces, a new ground combat simulation. Slightly less “techie” than MicroProse’s usual output, Special Forces is aimed at the younger (or less-experienced) strategy-heads out there. Scud.busting special Forces style, involves creep- Instead of reams of background information jng up to the launchers and dynamiting them, and in-depth strategy, the emphasis is more Bombing them from the air would be far too
On action, but with plenty of strategy thrown in to make you think harder.
The game puts you in control of four squaddies, each with special commando-style skills, and if s up to you to get them to their mission objective and back home safely.
Coming B-17 Flying Fortress MicroProse Expected: June Attractions Deliverance 21st Century Entertainment Expected: May With shots like this, it's deliverance from temptation you need. But before you get put off (or turned on), you should know she's part of the plot - not just a lame excuse for digitising the artist's girlfriend. You have to battle through four levels of beat-em-up and rescue some fairies from Satan's lair. It's too hot for clothes there, innit? OK, maybe it was a lame excuse... Steel Empire Millennium Expected: May This epic strategy war-game looks set to dispel all the
myths about computers being antisocial, because up to five players can battle against each other for world domination. And there's nothing antisocial about that, is there? You control an ever-growing country and your aim is to invade and hold the rest of this futuristic world. Armed with the latest in combat cybernetics, your team has to be tougher and smarter than your enemies' if you're to survive.
Global Effect Millennium Expected: May mu- t-m» Combining the best elements of Sim City and Sim Earth, with Populous-style elements thrown in for good measure. Global Effect promises to be a "must-have" for all you god-heads. Long term survival strategies meet environmental catastrophes head-on in this battle for eco- friendly megalomania. As you read this, the final testing is taking place at Millennium's HQ.
Look out for the whole world under the macroscope next month.
World Class Rugby The 5 l lations Audiogenic Expected: May Just in time for the Five Nations Championship, Audiogenic announce an updated version of their World Class Rugby. It’s been revamped as a result of suggestions from game-players (and Amiga Format's old Screenplay Ed, Trenton Webb too). The new version has better artificial intelligence, action replays, and simpler controls. Who says software houses don't listen?
Alcatraz Infogrames Expected: May After a long, long time in coming, Infogrames' Alcatraz at last makes a break for freedom. This one or two-player action beat-em-up puts you in command of a mission to eradicate a bunch of sicko drug-dealers who're holed up in the old Devil's Island long-stay hotel. To help, you have an entire armoury at your disposal. There's plenty of action and excitement, and it's from the same team who brought you Hostages.
We'll be checking it out in depth next issue.
Dark Seed Mirage Expected: May Aliens fans, this could be what you've been waiting for... Oscar-winning surrealist, HR Giger, the man behind the freaky bio-mechanical artwork, teams up with Los Angeles software house CyberDreams to bring you a new sci-fi adventure. Highlights include a fully-digitised central character, based on a real person, which moves in perspective, and animated metallic sprites which carry reflections. Dunno 'bout you, but we can hardly wait... isometric games, you have the ability to move the camera around so you need never lose sight of them. Monkey Island 2.
However, follows the tradition set by its predecessor, with all the humour you can swallow and a solution so twisted you’ll be beside yourself. If we can stop ourselves laughing in time, we’ll bring you a review of this in time for next month. You can be pretty sure LeChuck's Revenge is hotter than a small planet between Mercury and the Sun. but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
A Desk of My Own, Episode 35.
David Birch of Thalamus visits Arsenal football club and asks: "Just how important do you have to be to justify two phones on your desk, and a bronze model of an ancient Howitzer?"
In a different league altogether, the football craze we saw last month still doesn't seem to be over. Thalamus have announced a tie-up between themselves and the team that fluffed the FA Cup, Arsenal. Sometime over Easter, they’re hoping to release the snap- pily-titled Arsenal FC - The Computer Game. It'll feature plenty of arcade action, and a management section to boot. We've not seen hide nor hair of it yet, so we could be waiting for a late kick- off. The Hammers' biggest rival, Liverpool, are also the subject of (yet another) computer-footie game, called, er, Liverpool.
Grandslam are busy tackling this arcade-style kickabout, although we reckon with a name like Grandslam they should be doing rugby games. You can take your pick from league games or FA Cup challenges, but unlike the “sick-as-a-parrot” Liverpool team, you could also go on to win the European cup. Bad luck, lads!
MAY 1992 An old farmer once said: "It's only any good if there are flies still crawling over it." Somehow, we don't think he was referring to Apidya at the time, but there's still a truth in there somewhere.
And finally, news of a strange infestation soon to hit your Amiga. A swarm of insect-related games looks likely to plague us during May. Blue Byte, the team behind the excellent war-game.
Bailie Isles, are trying their hand at shoot-em-ups. Their Apidya is a Afewesfi-style bug-hunt. Pitching you against hordes of giant mutated insects. Its fast-scrolling, full-screen action looks the business, but the game is tough to play, and you'll need six arms to defend yourself from the leaping grasshoppers, queen bees and mega-wasps. Meanwhile. Ocean are getting ready to unleash yet more bugs, in the shape of Maxis’ new Sim Ant - a true Ant-farm.
You control a colony of ants in its mission to overrun some poor fool’s house, driving him out in the process. You act as Ant God, laying scent trails, leaving food and instructing the ants to reproduce. Yecch! The whole place is beginning to stink of formic acid, so we’re off to get a kettle of hot-water and call Rentokil. £5 DIMENSION HOUSE, HIGH STREET, LEICESTER LE1 4FP.
Open: Monday - Friday
9. 30am - 5.30pm Open: Saturday
9. 00am - 5.30pm Mail order specialists since 1983, Dimension
Computers offer a huge range of PC’s and peripherals from the
World’s leading manufacturers at substantial savings.
THE MIDLANDS’ LARGEST COMPUTER DEALER 3 blank disks Help sheet PD catalogue Imb memory The Simpsons, Lemmings, Captain Planet, Dpaint III Plus 16 more games Commodore CDTV INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA Commodore CDTV Lemmings, Hutchinsons C IRQ HR Encyclopedia control pad t4D«). UU As above, plus 0 1 DO flfl external 3 1 2" disk drive ..L499.UU As pack 2 plus stereo CR9R RR speakers, internal amplifier...X0A«7 UU KEYBOARD ...£49.95 AMIGA 500 + Computer Commodore mouse TV modulator Power supply Workbench disk Workbench extras disk All leads and manuals Mouse mat Joystick or disk box
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MOUSE .....£19.99 ZYFi STEREO SPEAKERS ......£39.95 DELUXE WORKSTATION (A500) .....£49.99 Was the wheel man's first great invention, or did we stumble upon it blindly one day?.
Neil Jackson wonders whether it was all a big accident, or if Humans holds the real truth.
1 MAY 1992 Humans is a Lemmings rip-off," says Simon.
“It's not! We were inspired by it. But Humans is totally different, with bigger graphics, a more cartoonesque feel, and with much funnier moments throughout the game. The levels, too.
Are quite a bit more varied in terms of their style and tactics.” CUTE CARTOON CAVEMAN CAPERS Charles Darwin had some pretty radical ideas about the origins of mankind, so much so that he was branded a blasphemer and a heretic by the religious men of his time. It's anyone's guess what they would have made of Humans (assuming there was an Amiga to play it on), the latest game in the pipeline from the new software house. Mirage.
Humans is a mildly mocking look at the development of our early ancestors, Homo Bitmappus, as they struggle to cope in the prehistoric era. If Darwin had seen it. He may have been forced to change his mind.
Imagitec. The Dewsbury-based team responsible for the programming of Humans.
Have big plans for their pixellised forefathers.
They're gearing themselves up to do no less than three different games, all based around the continuing development of our race. The first of the three (the one you see on these pages) is subtitled ¦Introducing the Humans', and it concentrates on the very earliest moments in our civilisation, from the discovery of fire to the creation of the wheel.
The original idea for Humans came from one of Imagitec’s former employees, Rodney Humble, after playing Psygnosis' widely- acclaimed Lemmings. Rodney, inspired by the puzzle element of the game, developed his ideas and then drew them all out as storyboards which were then passed on to the Imagitec programmers to turn into Humans.
Simon Golding, the producer responsible for all the versions of Humans, was quick to point out that the Lemmings connection was not something they were embarrassed about: "We're trying to get away from the idea that Mirage Expected: June Coding for the project began in December last year, with Dave Lincoln, who programmed Suspicious Cargo for Gremlin, handling the Amiga version. Dave uses the industry-standard Snasm assembly system from Cross Products, writing the code on an editor, using a PC and porting it to his Amiga for testing.
During this process, graphics were created by Mick Hanrahan (who did the artwork for EA's Ferrari FI) and Andy Gilmour (of Zone Warrior fame). At the same time Ian Howe and Barry Leitch. The musicians behind the Silkworm soundtrack and a host of other Gremlin titles, were slaving over the tunes for Humans. And once it's all finished, work begins on the next two stages in the trilogy.
Simon firmly believes that the sequels must develop the Humans' technique even further. "We'll use the same style, but we may upgrade the graphics to make them even larger," he said. "But we don’t want to just upgrade the graphics and have the same game
- that would be a waste of a good idea. We'll be developing the
gameplay each time to give you more puzzles and more gameplay
The next instalment in the trilogy is The Age of Chivalry, which charts humans' success with more complex devices like catapults and castle drawbridges. In it. You'll be able to fire one of the more daring members of your clan over the battlements. Robin Hood fashion.
Sometime next year, part three is due to hit the streets, in the shape of Humans in Space. Imagitec hope this will see mankind struggling to make its mark with various electronic gizmos, electric doors and androids, but as yet very little work has been put into the scenario. As soon as news starts to filter through, we'll let you know more. Until then, prepare yourself for plenty of late nights spent giggling at your Amiga’s screen, watching your alter egos take their first tentative steps towards civilisation. D?
Humans What do you call the most superb role-playing
- , adventure of them all?
RaeeenD ?
Stunning realism.
Complex interaction A deeply absorbing plot. Brilliant 3-D arcade action.
Superlative magic system.
Legend has them Four independent characters controlled simultaneously.
Character generation system.
The most powerful spell-casting system yet devised.
Strategic decisions made on world map.
Film quality animation.
Constant and absorbing interactivity.
From the team that brought you Bloodwyche, Legend takes role-playing to unimagined new heights in a richly drawn plot that will take even the most determined player 40 hours to unravel.
By combining all the best features of the best RPG's of old with a host of startling new features, Legend surges out of the pack to take pole position as the the finest role-playing adventure yet.
Isometric dungeon viewpoint.
Quests within quests.
Multi-tasking combat.
Available on PC, Amiga and Atari ST. For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd, Priority House, Charles Avenue, Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9PQ. Tel: 0444 246333. Fax: 0444 248996 © Copyright 1992 Anthony Taglione & Peter lames. Published under exclusive licence by Mindscape International Ltd.
Ants. You've shared your food r your home and your planet with them, you've stepped on them r sprayed them cursed them and bombed them.
Now you can b|them.
CBM AMIGA - APPLEMAC ? IBM PCM COMPATIBLES OGEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 6 CENTRAL STREET • MANCHESTER • M2 5NS-- TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 • FAX: 061 834 Pour on the speed (and then wipe it off with a damp, clean cloth) in Vroom, UBI Soft's challenge to the huge mound of racing games that are already out there. It's fast, it's fun, it's funky, but most of all it's French.
Vroom Let’s be honest right up front. Any racing game released from now on is going to have to withstand immediate comparison to MicroProse’s Formula One Grand Prix before it even gets off the starting line. But Vroom is a different sort of racing game altogether (cue chorus in the background: “Vroom is a different sort...”). While it’s not nearly as simplistic as, say, Cisco Heat, it certainly doesn’t pretend to be definitively realistic.
Under your control is a very fast car indeed. This car is controllable either with the joystick (the wimp’s option) or the mouse. In a previous incarnation the game forced you to use either the mouse or joystick for particular modes - enough to put you off the game completely at first. The Amiga version removes this restriction (at the request of many frustrated players) and it makes the game much more approachable.
At first you shy away completely from mouse control, because it’s so damn difficult: you need to push forward to accelerate, pull back to brake, use the left and right buttons to change gear, and steer at the same time. Once you get used to its subtleties, however, you realise it’s by far the best control method, offering you far more precision than a joystick can. Automatic and manual gears are available in both modes - again, manual is the best option once you’re used to the car.
The game offers three very different modes to race in. Training allows you to pick the number of laps and the circuit to race on, from the six included (Anderstop, Castellet, Zeltweg, SilVERSIONe, Watkins Glen or Mount Fuji). It’s basically a chance to whiz round each circuit and try to beat your best lap time without any other competitors getting in the way.
Even better is the ‘Help’ key that bails you out at any time by putting you back parallel to the track edge. In Arcade mode you need to pass a certain number of cars on each lap to qualify, and of course this number increases the farther you get.
A day at the races There’s also a somewhat informative Demo mode, which shows you all the best places to crash. Actually, having a quick shufty at the demo before you attempt a lap is a good idea.
There’s nothing worse than coming cold to a course, screaming around what looks like an easy bend and rapidly making the acquaintance of a hoarding by the side of the track.
But the real biggie is the Competition mode. This is a full championship, with names (authentically humorous ones like Latreze and Mainsail being provided by the game) and times are recorded after each race. You need to race a qualifying lap before each circuit to place yourself on the grid, and since you have to work your way through each and every circuit in turn it’s best to make use of the Save and Load Game facilities. One fairly minor point to note here: you save names and times direct onto the game disk, which means a) you can’t keep different sets of stats and b) there is always the
possibility of something going horribly wrong with the drive while you are saving, which would leave you with a completely useless game disk.
One of the most enjoyable options is the modem link. Connecting up two Amigas with “Vroom is a top class game with tons of careful programming behind it."
A null modem cable allows you and a friend to race each other one-on-one. This, of course, leads to much verbal abuse as one player crashes and has the humiliation of watching the other sail briskly by.
Days of thunder Vroom is fast, much faster than FI Grand Prix. The graphics crack along at a phenomenal rate, and although this is partly because of their simplicity (relatively speaking), you can’t help being impressed. Hills and hollows are incredibly realistic, so much so you find yourself swaying with the car as it rounds a bend or crests a hill. Accompanying this to perfection is the meaty growl of your engine and the Doppler-effect enhanced sound of all the other cars screaming past you. Whack the volume up and you can become completely lost. The intro music is suitably tacky too.
As you might expect, it’s not all wonderfulness, though you really have to grope to find anything seriously wrong. The game's instructions are pretty poorly translated and are probably worth reading through two or three times. There's a Zoom function available during racing which is supposed to alter your view but seems to do hardly anything at all, certainly nothing useful.
The indicator lights are situated right under your driver's hands, so they're completely obscured unless you're turning a comer. Someone ought, perhaps, to have pointed out that screeching around a comer at 190mph perhaps isn't the best time to check if your tyres are OK. And as usual, none of the other competitors ever crash - though they do stop at the pits. In fact, they usually do this just when you want to, and naturally you don’t actually see them until you’re approximately three feet from their rear tyres in what you thought was an easy swerve-into-the-pits-for- a-gas-fill-up
Yes indeed, it’s straw-clutching on a major scale when it comes to criticism, because, to put it bluntly, Vroom is most excellent. It’s got the graphics, it’s got the speed, it’s got the sound (which is so often a disappointment in race games), and most of all it’s massive fun to play. You really can see an improvement in your driving after many hours of practice, and there’s always the hope that eventually you may crack the championship. There’s no doubt about it, Vroom is a top-class game with tons of careful programming behind it and game- play which grabs you where it hurts. (Pity about
the title though.)
Ed Ricketts £ Vroom Ubi Soft ¦ £25.99
• Incredibly smooth and nippy graphics almost have you gasping
for breath.
• Not a game for the casual or undetermined player. This one
needs plenty of playing.
• No fancy out-of-seat views or replays, but then it doesn’t need
• Stonking sound effects which deserve to be routed through your
hi- fi, just to annoy your neighbours.
“Cruise for a Corpse was murderously good, The Secret of Monkey Island sent everyone ape, but now ‘point and click’ graphic adventures are set to undergo a REVOLUTION” AMIGA FORMAT} ...All real change must come through revolution... Anon Make child's play of programming your video That's right! If you've ever made a mistake withyowr video then Merlin have the perfect answer! No more taping the wrong channel, no more taping at the wrong time. Because, with the new VideoPlus+, programming your video is as making a phone call... even if you're an adult!
Ideo programming is a eatures available with really simple operation VideoPlus+™ are endless: with VideoPlus+™. Just Vn LCD Display Panel that vs date, time, tape length for programmes entered (for the next 24hrs), low battery level indicator and internal backup memory.
• •••¦•••••••••¦a*** Easy to use number keypad to enter up TV
listing Plus Codes™.
• •••••• 3 recording options for:'Once' (single programme
setting), 'Weekly' (tape every week at scheduled times),
'Daily' (for taping every week day, from Monday to Friday, all
at the same time).
• •••••• LED Indicator that flashes at the start of recording.
• •••••• Easy 'one time' set up feature facility.
• •••••• Verification of all programme info including 'time
clash' display.
• •••••a Review of stored settings in date _ and time order,
aaaaaaa What do you get in your new VideoP!us+ Pack?
You receive a COMPLETE pack , even down to the batteries, which is instantly ready to use and supplied already set up to Greenwich Mean Time...
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• One watch and wipe tutorial video featuring Michaela Strachan;
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What after sales support do you get when you buy your VideoPlus+™?
Should you experience difficulties in setting up your video or satellite, VideoPlus+™ will be diere to help with a customer service helpline including free exchange systems and full money-back warranties too! All this for your total peace of mind in VideoPlus+™.
• Publications carrying Video PlusCodc™ Numbcrs...TV Times,
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To order... Just phone our telesales office on 0602 441442 using your Access, Visa or Switch card or, send a cheque postal order to the address shown below.
Your goods will be despatched on the day of clearance of payment by recorded delivery. Or a courier service is available at either £6 (2 working days) or £7.50 (next working day).
• Motorola 68000(7.14 Mhz) 16 32Bit
• 1Mb Ram Exp. To 9Mb Max
• 1x 3.5" 880K Internal Floppy Drive
• 5 x Amiga Slots + 4 x IBM Slots(2XT)
• WIMP Controled Operating System
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• Amiga Chip Set A2000 CPU MONITOR 52 MB £ 999.00 £1248.00 105MB
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AMIGA 500PLUS 1 MB RAM Workbench 2.04 Cartoon Classics Pack £359 inc. VAT you will find helpful sales and technical informed advice on choosing a computer solution are on demonstration and can viewed in an everyday work Alternatively, you can use our efficient mail order the assurance of quality ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED.
This a«J;wys;proc(ueed oiija Amiga ,43000
• using jf’rdfessipricii Page 3L1 By CBC Staff.
Telephone: 071 833 5609 Facsimile: 071 837 1264 All Prices Exclude 17.5% VAT Unless Otherwise Stated Commodore Commodore Business Centre 61 Russell Square London WC1B 5BB Telephone: 071 833 5609 Facsimile: 071 837 1264 Business Centre Also at your disposal is a Blade Weapon and a Freeze Gun that turn even the most animated or over-excited alien fiend into a sitting duck.
These weapons (along with body armour and energy restorers) can be found hidden within the crates and wall-mountings that make up the interior of the crippled ship, so just keep blasting away and you'll soon be rewarded.
Actually, you can't shoot all the time.
Every now and then a hostage will make a dash for freedom. Allow him to run off screen and a 'Thank you’ message informs you you're a step closer to your objective. Also, the special weapons need time to recharge (not to mention your trigger finger) so pausing for breath is advisable. But apart from these minor inconveniences, it’s just blast, blast, blast.
All the right stuff As an Operation Wolf clone. Space Gun has got all the right ingredients. The action is fast and furious, stretching reflexes to the limit.
The graphics are excellent, the sound effects suitably gruesome and there are loads of different alien scum to blast. If Light Phazer games are what you like, then you won't be disappointed. But there's just not enough 'real' game here to convert the uninitiated.
Neil West © Space Gun Ocean ¦ £25.99 in a one-player romp. Yes, the aliens are tough. Very tough. So unless you are Clint Eastwood, you'll have to rely on your special weapons and a steady flow of power-ups if you're going to make much solo progress.
Your basic weapon is a standard Han Solo-issue blaster. It will kill anything, eventually. But diligently keeping an unfortunate alien in your sights often allows his mates to sneak round the side and plant one on you. So you've got a choice - either keep spraying the entire screen with a liberal helping of photon death, or concentrate on grabbing yourself some porkier military hardware.
You start off with two extra weapons: a flame-thrower (usually packing a short, sharp shock to persuade any untoward alien to mend his ways) and a grenade launcher that will send an alien in so many different ways that any thoughts of mending anything can be scrapped.
• Alien (the filml-esque monsters and backdrops set the theme
for your deep-space rescue attempt.
• Solid blasting action all the way.
• The two-player action is a nice touch, but it’s easy to get
confused as to whose cursor belongs to who.
Are you the proud owner of a Trojan Light Phazer? Well this is a blast-em- up just for you. So sit down, dig out the Dirty Harry Ray Bans and let the evil alien hoards of 2039AD deep space make your day.
Of course, you don't strictly need a Light Phazer to play Space Gun. But the Operation Wolf-style gameplay is farcical if approached with a joystick and unconvincing (it's not really Clint Eastwood's style is it?) With a mouse. So to get the most from this game, it's standard-issue Light Phazers all round.
You play the part of a trigger-happy crew • member aboard an exploratory craft, bravely going where no person has gone before. A dis- tress signal has been received from a crippled spaceship and so (pausing only to grab your trusty Phazer. Dash for the transporter room, painfully pick yourself up from the floor, go back and unplug your trusty Light Phazer. And head for the transporter room again) you mount your heroic rescue attempt.
The crew of the crippled ship have been taken hostage by a gang of extra-terrestrial hard nuts. So you must explore (well, allow yourself to be led down) all the corridors and passages of the ship, shoot all the aliens, allow the hostages to run for safety and then make good your escape.
Going Solo?
Two players can join the action together (although only one of you can brandish a Phazer) and the combined fire-power enables you to get a lot further through the game than Space Gun A hostage makes a (none-to-carefully timed) dash to freedom from behind an ammunition case. The body-count indicator at the top of the screen confirms that he's made it OK. Only nine more to go and you've completed the level.
OOOOOOO 0000800 0000470 PRESS FIRE CREDITS 02 The screen scrolls its inevitable course from left to right, introducing still more aliens.
A quick tap of the ALT button and your 'special weapon' sights are displayed.

* p T*
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* CALLERS WELCOME * 4I4 4I4 4I4 4I4 4I4 4I4 4I4 4I4 '1' •1' Few
software houses can claim that they have influence over
corporate giants. But Core Design managed to get Jaguar to wait
for the game before releasing the real car. Now there's power
for ya.
Last month saw Jaguar, one of Britain’s finest car manufacturers, release their newest car, the Jaguar XJ220. It’s touted as the fastest production car ever to grace the British roads, a fact that you’re likely to be able to confirm, should you ever be lucky enough to see one. As with most top-end racers. Jaguar aren’t likely to be making many XJ220s, so your chances are slim. However, all you budding racing drivers still have a chance to drive one of these amazing cars. The sleek silver beauty is the basis for Core Design’s first licensed game, and from what we have seen, it is set to be a
Jaguar XJ220 the game, is being developed by Mac Avery and the graphics are the work of Jason Gee, both of whom are hardened Core Design developers. Together, they formed the team responsible for the best helicopter sim yet to grace the Amiga, A3 7 Thunderhawk, and so far they’ve proved to be a winning formula.
Jaguar XJ220 Core Design Expected: May Cashing in and crashing out So what is the game really about? Well, you, as a racing driver, and as a sort of financial boffin, have to ensure the team’s continuing profitability. You have to compete in as many races as possible because the higher up the field you finish, the more money you get. As you’d expect, there are lots of costly items to spend your money on.
Normally no-one can drive round a whole race without having a iittle shunt or two, regardless of whose fault it was, and these are always going to cost you money. Quite a lot of your newly-received revenue automatically disappears (much like a Maxwell pension fund) when the garage mechanics tell you how much repair work needs doing. You also have to travel around the place, competing in races in far-flung locations. The thing is transporting your crew to the various venues is almost as expensive as crashing your prize £400,000 Jaguar into a brick wall.
Now you know the basic plot, the burning question is “What’s it really like?”. Well to be honest with you, it’s pretty bloomin’ good.
It is easily comparable to Gremlin’s recent racing release, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, but Core designed it to be much better. In reality it does achieve this in certain areas, and in other regions it doesn’t quite make the grade. The races take place over 12 countries, and the weather effects are a lot more varied than those to be found in Lotus 2.
In XJ220 you may suddenly come across wet leaves and other effects on the road which depending on how hard you are actually braking at the time.
Slow your progress and totally mess up your handling. In normal situations, the handling of the car is very smooth, the 3D-effect is perfect, but Jaguar's strongest point is its breakneck speed. The car does 212mph, and when you are racing it really feels like it. The sheer speed of the game is outstanding and the braking is firm and responsive too. And as you would expect nowadays from a game of this genre, the car has brake lights. But they don’t just simply light up - they vary in brightness, Charging through the pack The sound is also very impressive, and it includes a nifty little tune
which plays away in the background, complimenting the roar of the mighty V12 engine. During the race you will pass many other vehicles, provided you haven’t crashed or run our of money. These include such noteworthy cars as Lambourghinis and Ferraris, and you may even catch a glimpse of one of the rarest Porsches around - the inimitable 959.
Jaguar XJ220 was designed to start where Lotus 2 and so many other car games before it left off. Although there isn’t anything really original about the racing aspects of the game, the financial side of things looks as if it might add a certain much-needed spice to what may otherwise become a worn-out genre. If you’re looking for something completely new and original, you probably won’t find it in Jaguar XJ220, but who knows? The coding is still in progress and new things are being added every day. By the time we get to do a full review (which should be in time for next issue), things could be
very different. *25 ¦'00 A ¦ 1 f f . 1 Ak _ Yuv
* + » + A mk JiA-
- --- -I- . * y H r y ' ' ' ’
• -'VTA JK v' (* • • •v7 Vr - jH • ’VTr if * T* . ' ¦* r *p y O r
r- *! ¦ y 'V r yv
• *- '•-vj . % * '.¦•vv v;
* • • f * ( • t f T * .t V •' • ' . -• * J r * , - '• vvi . *•
y- . • . • - &3)k -&&¦¦ WJ-' ' r vy ' - v ; f * t
- .-v: ’ «
• . T
• v ’ 'J V '
* i 4 T ••
- r • ' ’-j . Fofc v •’ v * ik " ¦ v ; ¦zi Life must be pretty
tough when even the dead are out to get you. But fling a spring
at the zombie and he's knocked into oblivion once more.
Titus the Fox BONG! Mortgage rates hit a new high!
BONG! Marilyn the infamous singing hamster hits the top of the pop charts!
BONG! Famous reporter Foxy Fox kidnapped by Arab sheikh!
Foxy Fox, aged 23, a reporter for the popular magazine Fox and Locks, has disappeared while on the trail of a story in the Sahara desert. Although the Shah Hassan, aged 46, a regular reader of the publication and a public admirer of Foxy, denies all knowledge of the incident, it is rumoured that the Arab business man is behind her disappearance. Earlier today we spoke to Foxy’s fiance, 21-year-old Titus, who believes his betrothed is being held in the harem of the Shah. Titus will tomorrow morning be on his way to the desert to rescue his sweetheart from a life of slavery and torment in
the desert heat. We all wish him the best of luck in his quest. Goodnight.
MAY 1992 This is the scenario for the new release from Titus, aptly named Titus the Fox. The game starts in Titus’ home town, which is a pretty rough place by all accounts. It seems that the only people in the streets are contract killers hired by Foxy’s kidnappers to put paid to our hero’s rescue attempt. Titus has to work his way through the town either by skillfully avoiding all his enemies, or by picking up various objects left around the place in highly inconvenient places, and lob them at his foes.
Failing that, Titus can actually pick up an enemy to throw at a member of his own side.
Go east Titus’ trip takes him from his home town to the eastern city of Marrakech and back again.
A journey consisting of 16 levels of irritation, simply because you get so annoyed with the delicate nature of the control system. One pixel out and you miss that essential platform, or get whacked by a trashcan with a mallet.
Most of the levels involve scooting past your enemies to get to the other side of the screen.
You aren’t given a clue of where you’re meant to be going. Instead, the screen just locks up for a few seconds when you get there, and Titus is magically transported to the next level.
Very similar in both its look and feel to Titus's previous release. The Blues Brothers, this is a platform romp around a toon-like world. Titus the Fox could have you hooked after a couple of plays, just because the central character is so incredibly cute. He’s way up in the ranks along with the Kiwis, Bubs, Bobs and Robocods of this world, with his fluffy red fur and the adorable way that he crawls underneath obstacles.
What happens while playing is you fight your way through all the annoying bits, then come across a neat little feature which almost lets you forgive it of its faults. For instance the look on an enemy’s face if you manage to pick him up is well-worth taking the trouble to see, and bouncing on springy balls to leap over tall obstacles is great fun when you finally get it right. Running around the levels there are various special objects and forms of transport for you to pick up to help you on your way.
There’s a magic flying carpet, springs, bowling balls and a golden scooter, to name but a few.
These are usually quite hard to reach but the benefits can be well worth the trouble.
Get loaded One of the niggly things is that it takes so long to load. After every level it goes through the loading process all over again, including loading the same music and sound effects for the umpteenth time. The music fits the gameplay well, it has a nice bouncy feel, with the sound effects matching the gameplay to a tee.
Titus the Fox could have been well worth playing if it wasn’t for the control system and the immense loading time. With a bit more effort on everybody’s part it would have been a classic - as it stands this is just yet another cutie platform game.
Clare Hodgson ® Titus the Fox Titus ¦ £25.99
• If you thought Blues Brothers was great you’ll love this.
O Cute, cute, cute, and even more cute.
• Very awkward controls, one pixel out and the fox gets it.
Also at your disposal is a Blade Weapon and a Freeze Gun that turn even the most animated or over-excited alien fiend into a sitting duck.
These weapons (along with body armour and energy restorers) can be found hidden within the crates and wall-mountings that make up the interior of the crippled ship, so just keep blasting away and you'll soon be rewarded.
Actually, you can't shoot all the time.
Every now and then a hostage will make a dash for freedom. Allow him to run off screen and a ’Thank you’ message informs you you're a step closer to your objective. Also, the special weapons need time to recharge (not to mention your trigger finger) so pausing for breath is advisable. But apart from these minor inconveniences, it’s just blast, blast, blast.
All the right stuff As an Operation Wolf clone. Space Gun has got all the right ingredients. The action is fast and furious, stretching reflexes to the limit.
The graphics are excellent, the sound effects suitably gruesome and there are loads of different alien scum to blast. If Light Phazer games are what you like, then you won't be disappointed. But there's just not enough 'real' game here to convert the uninitiated.
Neil West £ Space Gun Ocean ¦ £25.99 Doesn't look very good out there does it? There's an eight- limbed alien fiend brandishing his latest manicure, a bloodsucking, err 'blood sucker' firmly attached to your visor. And to top it all it's raining liquidised alien remains.
In a one-player romp. Yes, the aliens are tough. Very tough. So unless you are Clint Eastwood, you'll have to rely on your special weapons and a steady flow of power-ups if you're going to make much solo progress.
Your basic weapon is a standard Han Solo-issue blaster. It will kill anything, eventually. But diligently keeping an unfortunate alien in your sights often allows his mates to sneak round the side and plant one on you. So you've got a choice - either keep spraying the entire screen with a liberal helping of photon death, or concentrate on grabbing yourself some porkier military hardware.
You start off with two extra weapons: a flame-thrower (usually packing a short, sharp shock to persuade any untoward alien to mend his ways) and a grenade launcher that will send an alien in so many different ways that any thoughts of mending anything can be scrapped.
• Alien (the filnD-esque monsters and backdrops set the theme
for your deep-space rescue attempt.
• Solid blasting action all the way.
• The two-player action is a nice touch, but it's easy to get
confused as to whose cursor belongs to who.
Are you the proud owner of a Trojan Light Phazer? Well this is a blast-em- up just for you. So sit down, dig out the Dirty Harry Ray Bans and let the evil alien hoards of 2039AD deep space make your day.
Of course, you don't strictly need a Light Phazer to play Space Gun. But the Operation Wolf-stvle gameplay is farcical if approached with a joystick and unconvincing (it's not really Clint Eastwood's style is it?) With a mouse. So to get the most from this game, it's standard-issue Light Phazers all round.
You play the part of a trigger-happy crew member aboard an exploratory craft, bravely going where no person has gone before. A dis- tress signal has been received from a crippled spaceship and so (pausing only to grab your trusty Phazer. Dash for the transporter room, painfully pick yourself up from the floor, go back and unplug your trusty Light Phazer. And head for the transporter room again) you mount your heroic rescue attempt.
The crew of the crippled ship have been taken hostage by a gang of extra-terrestrial hard nuts. So you must explore (well, allow yourself to be led down) all the corridors and passages of the ship, shoot all the aliens, allow the hostages to run for safety and then make good your escape.
Going Solo?
Two players can join the action together (although only one of you can brandish a Phazer) and the combined fire-power enables you to get a lot further through the game than Space Gun A hostage makes a (none-to-carefully timed) dash to freedom from behind an ammunition case. The body-count indicator at the top of the screen confirms that he's made it OK. Only nine more to go and you've completed the level.
Build power sources to supply and expand your cities.
Build military bases for offensive and defensive action.
Plant forests and parklands to counter world pollution.
Check for pollution, C02 and ozone coverage.
Constantly monitor the state of your planet.
‘Amiga screen shots ©Millennium 1992, A distant world - a new civilisation. You control the delicate balance of the natural world. Confront the many challenges of a true world leader - your actions can save the world from global warming and city pollution... your forces can destroy the enemy trying to blast your cities or poison your planet.
The world is in your hands - take control!
MILLENNIUM Published by Millennium, St. John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 4WS The “Black Crypt” ™ positively oozes with twenty five of the most hideous and despicably cunning monsters.
They await you in a dozen plague-ridden interconnecting dungeons, on 20 spell binding levels.
The most heinous among them is the Dark Lord Estoroth, who, many centuries ago, had been banished from the land by four Guardians with awesome supernatural powers. In the process, the Guardians and their weaponry had been lost.
Now Estoroth is back, seeking a ghastly £25.99 Available on Amiga.
Revenge against a defenceless people.
Your task is to lead an intrepid band of adventurers to retrieve the mystical artifacts that may hold the power of the four Guardians and provide your only chance of saving the world from evil.
The “Black Crypt” is the most electrifying fully animated dungeon adventure, with exceptionally detailed rotating point-of-view perspective.
It features real-time combat and spell-casting, all in 64 colour extra half-brite Amiga graphics.
But be warned, you enter this breeding ground of evil at your own peril. And hopefully not on a full stomach.
¦ C T R • N IC ARTS* Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berks SL3 8YN, Tel: 0753 549442, Fax: 0753 546672 66It’s clear from this evidence ...that we should he playing Sid Meier’s Covert Action.” Use your skills in deduction to foil terrorists, spies and criminals around the world.
HICkQ prose SIMULATION . SOFTWARE Covert Action, for your IBM PC compatibles, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST from the creators of Railroad Tycoon and Civilization. Micro Prose Ltd. Unit 1, Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8DA. Tel: 0666 504 326 JAGUAR Race your Jaguar XJ220 against other super cars including Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis over thirty six circuits through twelve different countries. Speed through variable weather conditions whilst tackling waterfalls, tunnels, cliffs, bridges and mountain passes.
• Fog, snow, wind, rain and sandstorms.
• One or two-player split-screen option.
• Joystick or mouse control.
• Map editor - Create your own circuits.
• Financial Management strategy.
Available on Atari ST and Commodore Amiga (both 1 Meg only).
Under licence of Jaguar Cars Limited, UK.
Screen shots taken from Amiga version &CC0tl TRADEWINDS HOUSE, 69 71 A ASHBOURNE ROAD, DERBY DE3 3FS TELEPHONE: (0332) 297797 FACSMILE: (0332) 38151 1 Ah. Dungeons and Dragons. Those far distant days before you bought an Amiga, that saw you and some mates sitting around a table and becoming, actually becoming, Arglip the gnarly old gnome, or Silmaril the wise old mage, or even Irontop, the strong (but oh so stupid) fighting dwarf.
The die rolls, the maps that went all over the floor, the books of lore and the beastiaries.
What fun. Until, that is, you bought an Amiga.
Then you were able to die without the mapping, the books and the die rolling. There was Eye of the Beholder or Dungeon Master.
There was interacting with other characters.
There was an immense lack of finicky, irritating statistics. Well someone should have told That's one of the blighters out of the way. You can tell by the huge, clunky skull icon amidst all the other clunky character icons in the scene.
Jt** , V ;• . , "I oy iiCS* k sSfssSissSfsSfS
HffRRy HUMETH mnmrcKC 'Z. . ¦ ' S1 EFTflD JT ¦ ¦ U 'iTTT'ir IUI
H3ITTJWG Fgrtl 13 FOITHTS OF BfmJTGl [liLLlli 3 'V UO b‘S UUHH
Gateway to the Savage Frontier A pub - now that looks like a
pleasant place to rest and recuperate. Just follow the arrow
and the door opens for you. On the other hand, pubs often
contain rather rough sorts.
TSR and SSI (a company that can produce far better than this heap of papergame-to-Amiga quick conversion) all about that.
Savage Frontier comes with all the normal dross about “The adventure you’ve been waiting for is at hand” (it’s bloody obviously not here), “spectacular”, “foreboding lands” and “all new wilderness style”. It isn’t any of this. If it was, then you wouldn’t have to keep referring to the manual, whoops, “Journal” in order to discover what the NPCs are saying to you. You wouldn’t have to sit and watch sad, poor, clunky, blocky, embarrassing graphics.
And you wouldn't have to make do with horrible images of the characters you are supposed to be portraying.
Creating your characters even means altering the way they look. Well, it means fiddling with some fairly sad-poor icons.
Sad frontier The plot is loose and predictable; you have to defeat some dark invaders by discovering a few magical items. So there’s nothing to detract the terminally statistically-retentive among you from getting a bus-spotter’s delight from the game.
RESTING UP A WHILE... Resting is one of the most pleasurable experiences in the game. You get to see a pleasant graphic of a tree and a campsite - even if you decide to make camp inside a house or on a street corner (that tree won't leave you alone it seems). And while resting you get to memorise or scribe scrolls, fix weapons and even people, have a quick look at your multitude of statistics and even save the game; an action which the manual says you have to do every hour or else the game might crash on you!
Learning spells is simple enough. Click on the magic user you wish to imbue with a little more power, click on memorise and then choose from the available spells. Then just set the amount of rest time and Elpric is your Chaotic-neutral Mage Fighter Thief Cleric.
You begin despairingly enough, by building your party of up to six characters all of whom are firmly in the D&D mould. Once again there are no surprises to be had in this section of the game. You get to choose names, races, abilities and even the way the tiny clunky icons representing your crew will look.
Frankly many PD icon editors enable you to do a better job. Once the six have been set up with suitably runic names and outlandish attributes, and the individual characters have been added into the party (you can also choose from the ready-saved characters) it’s time for the off. Make sure that you encamp in order to get your magic users to learn some spells and your warriors to ready weapons. Save the game and you’re adventuring.
And from here on in the whole thing nose dives into the kind of predictable, uninspiring tedium that will make D&Ders feel incredibly comfortable but will not inspire newcomers into the genre.
Despite all this well-rounded and not the least bit irritated by the almost criminal underuse of the Amiga's sound and graphics abilities, criticism, there are a few good points in favour of the game.
What an atmosphere The parly movement around towns and forest is swift (why they didn’t bother with a compass but instead lobbed in map references is beyond me - something to do with lack of ability to program graphics perhaps?). You use the mouse pointer to drag your party around place in search of fights and gems. However, the lack of any in-game music or sound makes for little atmosphere building and no real desire to interact.
67 MAY 1992 Generally, a good conversion from the paper game to the PC and then to the Amiga.
There’s nothing for the newcomer to get excited about and nothing for the seasoned adventurer to feel the least bit worried over.
Average, average, average dullness.
Tim Smith ® Gateway SSI TSR ¦ £30.99
• Adheres almost slavishly to the TSR papergame standard of stats
and lore.
' You can both alter and train character during the game.
1 Quick combat option to avoid spending too much time with the crushingly awful icon battle graphics.
1 There are no worries about being caught up in the plot.
1 Vile under use of the Amiga. Basically a straight PC port over.
III Ml 45% WP»" Needs 1 meg of memory Ultima VI
- The False Prophet SO NO NJ What does 'Ultima' mean anyway?
Britannia’s a big place and there’s an embarrassingly huge number of objects lying about.
Most people are only too happy for you to walk into their houses, have a good look round and nick all their stuff in fact they’ll even talk to you while you’re gaily pillaging their homes. Ask them nicely and they might join up, or just chat to them generally about what’s going on and you may learn some interesting stuff. With the help mode on, words they’ll respond to further are highlighted in red whenever they’re spoken - bit of a giveaway, this.
Magic is a big deal too and the manual enthusiastically wibbles on about which ingredients are needed for what spell and what you should be wearing to cast it, etc etc. In fact spell casting’s a real piece of cake - just click on the Cast icon, choose a spell, and, providing you’ve got the right ingredients, whoomph! There it is.
The story so far: er, well, actually, it’s a little bit complicated. Let’s just say there were five other Ultima games (set in the land of Britannia, an exciting place full of trees and walls), lots of exciting things happened in them, and now here we are at the sixth exciting episode. An episode in which you, playing you, are called back to the land of Britannia by Lord British (the big cheese) to rid it of gargoyles. They’ve apparently been coming up through the sewers and no amount of Flash gets rid of them, so only you (aided by several other stout fellows) can shift them.
As ever the game’s viewed from above and slightly off-centre, so there’s a 3D-ish look to things. Your party is controlled as a group, simply by clicking in the direction you Talking to someone brings up their portrait and an appropriate description ("You see a tousled-haired rough- and-ready ruddy royster-doyster" and so on). Only certain words are recognised, so you can spend hours entering things like LAKE, HAIRDRYER and SPOON before you finally hit upon the right one.
There's nothing like a good adventure game to pass away endless disk swaps.
? **»¦ A. X Yes. All this would be fine and dandy if it weren’t for one thing: disks. Ultima 6 gets through disks like the Windsors get through marriages. Firstly, you have to install the game either onto hard disk or four floppies, and this process takes at least 20 minutes of very tedious disk swapping. Then, during the game, virtually every time you move a character a new landscape has to be loaded an there’s another disk access. Click ‘Talk To’ and you need to change disks. Click ‘Use’ and you often need to change disks. Click flippin’ anything and you need to change disks In fact
there’s so much disk swapping and accessing (particularly on single drive systems) that the game slows down to a crawl and you dread doing anything just in case it provokes a “Please insert Portrait disk” prompt.
It’s not as if the graphics and music are so awe-inspiring that they warrant this sort of boredom; yeah, they’re pleasant enough, but a little dated, and very slow.
Hmmm Despite its relatively sophisticated exterior, Ultima 6 has its roots way back in the games of the early Eighties. Simplify the graphics and sound and you’re left with little more than any type-in listing of that period could offer you. It seems odd that nowadays, with the polish and user-friendliness of games such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Another World about, the anachronistic and unfriendly Ultima series should still be so popular.
Undoubtedly there is a lot for you to see and do, but there’s virtually nothing to reward the casual player. Dedication is certainly the key to enjoying Ultima 6, but not least because of the terrible disk accessing swapping problem. If you’ve followed the rest of the series then you may as well go the whole hog and get this latest instalment, but don’t go expecting an easy time of it.
If Origin aren’t careful the Ultima series could well share the same fate as the Infocom games: obstinately sticking to a frankly outdated formula simply for the hell of it, while progress and the games-buying public moves on to newer and greater things. In corporea sans ultima propio, as they say.
Ed Ricketts ® i If you’ve got a hard drive, you’re sorted. If you haven’t, and particularly if you’ve only got one drive, disk-swapping had better be high on your list of hobbies.
1 Big playing area and lots to uncover.
1 You could probably draw your own graphics in the time it takes for the display to update.
1 Ancient - er, I mean traditional style of gameplay may not suit those weaned on modern adventures.
I Chirpy tunes which will drive you crazy after your 43rd disk swap.
Swv- .
IGLKw (ferd'ici 67% Ultima VI Mindscape ¦ £30.99 OBI APRIL ISSUE OUT NOW!
’°u$ ' °U?E OOV NUnVl UB £**- BniLn.
It has taken control.
It owns their minds.
It imprisons their bodies.
It even absorbs the building!
It's.. A secret project is out of control at Genoq Corporation, the world's leading biotech research lab. The building is in chaos. All employees are either dead or zombies. The security system is blasting away at anything that moves.
D Generation, a malevolent organism that uses virtual reality to disguise itself, has taken over. And it is your task to destroy it.
But first, you must find a way to stay alive. Then, as your understanding of this evil force increases, you can take the fight to the enemy. The tools you have are sparse. Little more than ingenuity and determination.
T Copyright ©1991 Robert Cook. All rights reserved.
D Generation™ copyright © 1991 Mindscape Inc. AH ***" rights reserved.
MINDSCAPE VIRTUAL REALITY MEETS ACTION ADVENTURE For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd, The Coach House, Hooklands Estate, Scaynes Hill, W. Sussex RH17 7NG. Tel: 0444 831 761.
0) GAME REVIEW Bomberman, eh? Sounds rather like a game called
Mighty Bombjack. Does it involve planting bombs and running
away? Let’s see. Well, whaddaya know? You have to drop bombs,
run away, hide in a comer and watch your bombs destroy walls
and cute little odd-shaped nasties with toothy grins that look
like they’ve escaped from Bubble Bobble.
It all looks dead simple and not at all original, two factors which don’t generally add up to a spiffy game. But (but! But!) Dyna Blaster Ibomberman will get its hooks in you and end up transforming best buddies into enemies.
Two's company There are two addictive games here because the one-player game is significantly different from the multi-player version. Whether you prefer to battle it out on your own or make playing into a social event, this is a winner.
The one-player game gives you a larger, vertically-scrolling game area and nastier bad- It's a three-player game and everybody's rushing to get their bonuses. The skull's the best - pick it up and you could find yourself running around the screen at three times your usual speed! Then again, you could suddenly start to move along at a snail's pace or find yourself leaving a trail of bombs wherever you go. The latter is particularly dangerous but impossible to avoid.
Dyna Blaster Bomberman MAY 1992 dies. To get from one level to another you have to find your exit and spin through it once you’ve cleared the screen of baddies using the power-ups which your bombs leave behind.
With the supplied special joystick adaptor, five people can play at once. The screens aren’t as big as the one-player ones so you end up with five little people running madly around a screen, leaving bombs everywhere and blowing one another up. Here the power- ups include skulls which never do the same thing twice in a row. The best bit is when you pick up a skull and you find yourself rushing around doing a particularly speedy Benny Hill impression. This can be helpful in enabling you to drop twice as many bombs as usual, but it also makes your chap more difficult to control and you’ll find
yourself trapped in by your own bombs. Equally frustrating is the power- If you go down to the bottom of the garden today, you're in for a big surprise.
Especially, if you're a particularly nasty sort of sphere with two eyes. They really do look rather stunned.
Yep, it looks like Legoman has made the pretty garden safe for us all- Here you see a three- player game in action.
Player number two has already been blown to bits. As soon as those two blue blobs have been blasted, the remaining two players can concentrate on killing one another. What fun.
Up which lets you drop three bombs at once.
Unless there’s a clear way out, you’re a goner.
In the multi-player game you get a choice of battle lengths, so the winner can be the person who wins the first game or the first person up to two, three, four or five wins. With anything more than three of you on screen it becomes a matter of duty to blow up at least one of your opponents. This will put them out of the game until the next level, plus make them pretty irritated. Another way to bug people is to wait until their bombs explode and then run and get the power-ups before they do.
All aboard for Legoland There are some cutesie opening pics but the main game graphics are somewhat basic. Dyna Blaster is clear and simple, there’s a lot happening on screen and if the graphics were any fancier it would just be far too cluttered.
There’s no colour-clash, you can see exactly what’s going on and the sprites are beaut, especially the characters who look like Lego people. Soundwise the fairground tinkly tune can get annoying, but if it gets to you simply turn it down. Mind you, if you do that, you’ll miss out on some ace explosions.
Dyna BlasterlBomberman is brilliant fun and with 64 levels you'll be playing for quite some time. You’ll know immediately if this is your kind of game, so if it sounds like fun then go and buy it. If it sounds too cute by half and you think you’ve done it all before then give it a miss. But remember, it’s your loss.
Linda Barker ® Ac-rjotgom DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTS LTD A 0530 411485 vis 0530 411485 AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES H C-H QUALITY - LOW PRICES!
• Very high speed (18ms access)
• Small slimline unit
• low noise operation
• No ext PSU required
• Through port for other devices
• Auto-boot for 1.3 2.04 Kickstart
• Factory set - no messing about formatting
• Colour matched & styled for the Amiga
• Simple to use - just like a floppy disk only much much bigger
and faster!!!
• Will not invalidate warranty FACTORY SET - JUST PLUG IN & AWOT
45Mb - £265 70Mb - £325 105Mb - £375 205Mb - £549 AVAILABLE FOR 1.3 OR 2.04 AMIGA A500, PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING If you want to add one of our external RAM expansions to the above drives then add the price shown below for the AX range - AMAZING VALUE!!
ONLY FROM ASHCOM DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTS LTD Dept. AF06,10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire LE6 5JU Mon-Fri 9 oo 5 30 Telephone: (0530) 411485 (3 lines) Fax: (0530) 414433 sat9.30-4.00 Vampires have a tough old time of it - just think of their social life. Take Dracula. For instance. Drac is getting rather lonely in his old age and so decides to go out and get himself a wife. Or two. Or 13.
Luckily there's a village just down the road from his castle with literally hundreds of scantily-clad girlies swanning around in a rather vague way, so Drac sets out to bag himself some of this rampant tottie. To rid themselves of the menace of Drac. The villagers call in Van Helsing. A vampire hunter who has probably had more stakes than you've had. Er, steaks.
This is a game for one or two players, one human against the Amiga or two playing simultaneously. Each player takes the role of Drac or Van Helsing. Who have specific goals.
Drac’s is to find, bite and lead back to his castle 13 glorious gals. Van Helsing. Meanwhile. Is desperately searching for 13 vital pieces of equipment he needs to kill Drac: stuff like silver bullets, a prayer-book and of course a piece of toast.
This village is cursed The screen is split into two different horizontally-scrolling sections, one for each player. The playing area is made up of five sections, including the village and Drac's castle, around which are scattered Helsing’s stuff and Drac's babes. Van Helsing (who jumps and strides around like a man who's just received a huge grant from the Ministry of Silly Walks) has to take each object back to his house one at a time, and Drac can only have one girl in tow at once, so there's a lot of toing and froing.
Other characters in the game affect Drac and Helsing in different ways. The other vampire hunters and the priest, for example, all have a go at Drac. While Drac’s butler Riff Raff (sound at all familiar?), the ghouls in the graveyard and the devil dogs all harm Van Helsing. Fortunately, though, retaliation is possible for both players. There are certain things, like rats and dripping acid, that hurt regardless, and these need to be avoided with some nifty jumping.
Not much at stake Helsing wanders into what appears to be a quiet village house and ends up (one trip via the Twilight Zone later) in the Daleks' front room - who, are their usual happy selves and greet him with a friendly “Annihilate!".
Brides of Dracula is a simple little game with an old-fashioned feel to it - it may remind you of the old 8-bit games Skool Daze and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Whichever player you choose it's not much of a problem to complete the task: the playing area’s small, and if you really get stuck, you can sit back and watch the Amiga lake on both roles. The split screen's a nice idea, particularly when you realise with a shock you're just about to encounter your enemy - and sure enough, there he is on the same screen.
There's one very frustrating point aboul the game. When you want to go up down stairs, you need to position yourself exactly at the right spot at the head of the stairs and press Fire and Up simultaneously to get you onto the right screen 'plane'. If you’re even a few pixels out. The game won't recognise it. Forcing you to change position and try again. It's not a catastrophic bug. Just intensely annoying and time-wasting.
You won't Find anything here to amaze you. Either in the graphics (fair, with some good coloured skies), the sound (spot effects and not very good ones) or the gameplay (too easy), but Brides of Dracula could keep you interested for a day or two. But then, so can watching paint dry. At a push.
Ed Ricketts £ Brides of Dracula Gonzo Games ¦ £25.99 THE CONSOLES AND ARCADES SMASH HIT NOW ON YOUR COMPUTERS!
"As far as playability is concerned, this is a dream come true. In one player mode, it's a massive and addictive task, but in head to head (with up to five players), this is truly awesome! This is just one of essential purchases and I guarantee that absolutely everybody will love this! Get it!" CVC C&VG H I T CU AMIGA: "A great game11 AMIGA ATARI ST IBM and compatibles C64 (only 3 players) Saddlers House, 100 Reading Road, Yateley, Camberley, Surrey GU17 7RX Tel. (252) 860 299 Collect the icons to get more bombs and larger or programmed explosions.
In the 5 player-mode your .... opponents are both your Don't smash the icons aJ ies a ,nd V™ enemies , you'll be in big trouble! DePends on the sltuahon!
Screen shots on Amiga or Space eh? Dontcha love it? There’s the space time curve to play with, strange new worlds to visit and weird phenomena to investigate. Most of all there are aliens oozing from the chaos zone for you to splatter.
Cue the space marines, the meanest and moodiest bunch ever to don armour and pose in front of the mirror with their weapons. Space Crusade is based on the board-game of the same name. It's a war-game based on bugeyed monster bashing and male bonding. Up to three players control small bands of marines as they clump around spaceships trying not to get too killed as they follow mission orders.
Mission highly unlikely Your first step is to choose one of three marine chapters and assign weapons. The most important bloke is your commander, who is so tough he leaves his helmet at home. He gets the praise and career progression at the end of it all, so look after him. Luckily he’s got more life points than anyone else. Along with him you get five grunts. After picking up your shooters and extras it’s lime for the main event. There are over 20 missions, each has a main objective; some object to recover or an extra big alien to deal with. There’s one thing they do all have in common
though - lots of shooting. In the first few games you’re likely to get embarrassingly massacred; you’ll find even the easiest mission is no push-over.
Space Crusade Taking turns The main screen is an overhead view of the playing area divided into squares and everything is mouse and icon controlled. The game is split into turns. You can move and fire the marines under your control in any order you like, until they’ve all had a bash. Then click on the next player icon and control switches to the other marine chapter or the alien scum.
Nothing is in real time so you can ponder moves as long as you like. You need to make good use of ranged weapons and position your men carefully to make it. If one of your men buys the farm then all that’s left is a pair of over-size boots gently smoking.
All your favourite aliens are here space ores, soul suckers and the lumbering metal dreadnoughts. After selecting a target some LEDs do a spot of dice rolling to decide whether it’s a hit or a miss. The enemy also gets to play ‘alien events’ - these range from trivial things like double attacks to devastating booby traps that wipe out half your men. No amount of planning can deal with these and they add an often infuriating random element The tools of the trade. There’s your standard bolter which spits explosive bullets, but effective use of the heavy weapons is crucial.. PRFIRE Whenever
there's some rough stuff the view changes to a 3D isometric one showing the action. Everyone kneels as they fire for some reason.
Here's the plasma gun in action.
To the game. Complete a mission and its home for tea and medals and the chance to do it ail again. The missions take a while to complete and there are plenty of them. Unfortunately they all tend to blur into similar shoot-outs.
It’s fun, not fast-paced joystick-bashing fun, but more your thoughtful, war-gamey, tactical move-type, with some mindless blasting thrown in. Issuing orders to each marine in turn can get tedious, and the tide of play can change suddenly due to a lucky or unlucky roll of the LEDs. What holds it back is the simplistic origins of the board-game. Adrenaline addicts will have to look elsewhere as will fuddy-duddy war-game rule junkies. If you like to take your aliens at a more thoughtful and simple pace it’s a good outing all round.
MAY 1992 Chris Lloyd © Space Crusade Gremlin ¦ £25.99
• Easy to get into with a simple control system, looks good too.
• Extra human players adds a competitive edge although it all
slows down.
• All the missions are pretty similar.
• Lacks the real-time rush of first-person role- player games
like Eye of the Beholder and the depth of rules in the Ultima
(ferdic) 82% MAY 1992 weeks into playing the game. The problem with Black Crypt is that none of the puzzles you come across hold any real surprises.
Where is the creepiness as you hear an enemy storming around the comer? Where are the headaches as you work out the right way to breach a chasm? Not here. I’m afraid. In fact you’re more likely to get bored of the quest because you’ve seen it all before.
Mafff Evans £) Once more unto the breach The story is based around the mystical land of Astera, which has been tyrannised by an evil cleric named Estoroth Paingiver. The people of Astera banished Estoroth for his despicable acts, but he returned a year later with a demonic army to try and bring the realm to its knees. Fortunately, the people of Astera managed to trap the cleric in another dimension, saving the people from his evil plans.
Unfortunately, a warp between Astera and the alternate dimension has begun to open. Four more warriors must be sent through to Estoroth’s dungeons to defeat him and seal the rift forever.
This is where the game starts. You control the four man party in their quest through the various levels of the dungeons, which contain many puzzles and creatures to overcome. Your party comprises of a member from the four main guilds of Astera: a warrior, a cleric, a magic user and a druid. Each member has particular skills which are required for the quest - the warrior has good battle skills, while the other members have access to their own distinct branches of magical spells.
The gameplay is very much in the style of Dungeon Master. The characters are displayed as four panels at the bottom of the screen, each with their own strength level, attributes and items held in their hands. On the right of the screen is a panel showing any messages, with the movement controls and disk commands underneath. The rest of the display is taken up with the 3D display, which shows characters, objects and scenery in the immediate vicinity.
All four characters have Fighting abilities, that are activated by placing a weapon in their ‘action hand’ and clicking on the character’s Cast back your mind to circa 1988, when a brand new style of role-playing adventure game appeared on the scene. The three dimensional views of the caverns, coupled with the ability to control a four-man team using weaponry and magic to battle the foe made it one of the most influential adventure games ever to appear. It even spawned a whole new genre in computer gaming. That game was Dungeon Master.
Four years on, the scene has thrown up many exciting twists on the original theme (not least in the shape of SSI’s Eye of the Beholder) and now Electronic Arts are trying their hand at the DM style quest.
Black Crypt Needs 1 meg of memory 1 M portrait. The three magical characters can cast spells from their own spell books, the only limitation being that they can only cast spells that they have learned. Learning a spell depends on a character’s experience level, and is carried out by finding the required spell in a book and clicking on its name. Spells can also be cast from scrolls that are found along the way, but these can only be used a certain amount of times before the scroll is useless.
The visual arrangement of Black Crypt combined with the movement and manipulation of objects makes the game extremely similar in appearance to DM. This wouldn’t be too bad if there was something in the way of more complex puzzle-solving to carry out, or maybe even a new way of battling any creature along the way. Unfortunately, Black Ciypt doesn’t really offer you anything new in this arena.
Sure enough, the graphics are nice and there are a lot of beasts to fight and levels to beat, but all of these elements don’t really make any significant advances in the field of role- playing adventures.
Admittedly something like Eye of the Beholder is more expensive, but when you consider the fact that there is a lot more depth and atmosphere to the actual gameplay, that extra dosh could make all the difference two TM & v 1991 PARAMOUNT PICTURI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED . 6 CENTRAL STREET . MANCHESTER . M2 5NS . TEL: 061 832 6633 . FAX: 061 834 0650 MXATHAZ The island of Alcatraz stands empty and discarded - a relic of the past But, as night settles, the ruins of the old prison comes to life. In an ironic twist of fate, Alcatraz is now the hide out of an evil drugs cartel,
led by Miguel Tardiez, its cruel and callous chief. As a crack commando you are about to undertake the most • perilous and daring mission ever. Vour task - penetrate the island of Alcatraz and capture Tardiez. If you fail the State Department will simply deny any knowledge of your existence. There's no such thing as a dead hero.
NOW AVAILABLE iV-Ofr * A f: A’ -'flESSAGE 16 V It's the final countdown, as HQ gives the last briefing.
Track down Tardiez's men, as you move ever closer to the very centre of corruption.
° US.
SECRET 3EFEX3E | Defl VU2i07y IP rj o oW Tardiez's men lurk on every corner.
1990 - RCS'iMDN B 328 033 410 Chess Champion is ’serious’ chess, and I it plays one of the meanest games that liked B B B ™ Battle Chess's humour and animation then Cliess Champion probably isn’t going to find itself in your all-time classic collection. But if you’re just looking for a cracking game of chess against your Amiga, you can’t do a lot better than this.
The game is compiled onto one disk which saves disk swapping, and the loading time is quite quick. It’s when you get into the game that things start to slow down. The com- puter-player’s intelligence can take an awfully long time to reach a decision on its next move.
Hunan ‘ICoHPuter eee: 01:35 000 :02:0s Champion which can make playing a bit stilted. The 3D perspective makes the positions of pieces at the back of the board quite hard to see. But adds a little realism. There’s also a 2D mode which is a bit clearer, but like its 3D counterpart. The colours are a bit bland and boring.
Moving pieces around is easy - you just drag them to their new positions with the mouse, though the screen update becomes extremely jerky while you do this.
The conventional way to play chess on computer: the easily- deciphered (but ultimately bland), two-dimensional Chess Champion board. And guess what. It's winning.
In all. A Spartan chess game Kochnoi could be proud of. But not for the fainthearted. Ideal for learners and enthusiasts of chess, but prepare for a few sound beatings.
Chess Champion Oxford SoftworksH £19.99
• Takes a long time to decide on its moves.
• Plays a tough, ruthless game.
• Simple graphics, and simpler sound effects.
MAY 1992 Go Player
(c) Oxfo'd sof twiKs 1991 0 • PLAYER COMPUTER
00. 00:44 00:00 41 F8 5 E3 F6 6 F2 F3 7 G2 D4 8 E4 F4 9 C8 D7 10
D8 Backgammon Oxford Softworks ¦ £19.99 ferdici 64% ferdici
67% If you’ve ever been accosted by a Backgammon player in a
seedy taverna in Greece, you'll know that this game is
generally one to avoid, especially if you're playing for
cash. A mystery to many, and an addiction for the few.
Backgammon is perhaps the oldest way to separate a fool from
his money.
Oxford Softworks’ Backgammon Royale gives you the opportunity to learn before you get burned, and it plays an aggressive game. You play against imaginary players, all of whom have rather twee pseudo-Greek names like San Serif. Their rating affects how much thought they put into their moves, but if you've got your wits about you it's quite easy to beat everyone except the ex-world champion.
The graphics are as simplistic as the other two Oxford Softworks games on review this month, and there’s no sound at all. Luckily, neither of these factors affect the playability. Backgammon Royale is rather good fun. But that may be because it was easier to beat than the others. It’s good for honing your skills before going on holiday to the Med.
Oxford Softworks ¦ £19.99 The Amiga version of the classic Chinese game which features Atari as one of its moves. Basically, it’s a chequer-board game for two players, where the aim is to encircle your opponent’s pieces with your own. It’s a bit similar to Othello, but slightly more difficult. You'll need all your tactical skills working at their best to defeat even the lowest-level opponent.
The display is simplistic, featuring one of three different-sized boards - the largest one being the most difficult to conquer. The counters are circles coloured black (for your side) or white (for your opponent). You place them on the board by clicking the mouse over the grid-lines. Once placed, the computer has a quick think and then places its own counter.
The game is reasonably fast-paced, and the computer doesn't spend too long pondering over its moves, which is a boon. Each computer move is accompanied by a world-beating beep, which you can (and probably will) turn off. It’s all great fun if you're an avid Go player and you have no-one to play against, but it’s not really that attractive for first-timers.
Harpoon Battleset 3 Internecine ¦ £29.99 Electronic Arts ¦ £14.99 Fi reteam 2200 Someday all wars will be fought like this.
Fireteam 2200 is one you can win.
Irdicl 78% 82 MAY 1992 ninssk.
(ferdic) 29% (ferdic! 36% There is a place in the dark, deep, far-off regions of space where the planets are linked by strange, geometric pathways. Unfortunately, though, a mysterious alien force is using these pathways to pass between planets, and you must travel through the pathways in an attempt to seek them out. This is done in Psyborg by moving along the panel-like strips, which shift around as you progress in the game. Your aim is totry and reach the exit gale (without actually stepping off the path) before the timer runs out. Special panels are scattered along the route, giving extra
time, jumps and power bonuses.
Although the idea behind Psyborg is interesting enough, the game itself is fairly lame. All you have to do in fact is push the joystick forward and then twitch it from side to side as the floor moves. As you can imagine, it's hardly the most riveting action around. There are quite a few levels, but the actual gameplay stays pretty much the same throughout. Psyborg is sadly another ‘all plot and no action’ affair which just doesn't hold much water when compared to other I future-sport games.
Harpoon is regarded as the modern naval board-game. When first released, computer Harpoon was not reviewed in Amiga Format - because it was extremely buggy. Happily it has since been updated (although it still doesn't work well with Workbench 2). Med Conflict contains 16 scenarios. The major players are the USA.
Israel, Turkey, USSR. Greece. Syria. Egypt and Libya. Each battle uses different nations' navies, and range from small localised gunboat diplomacy to set-piece slugging matches. The main difference between Med Conflict and other battlesets is play balance. American 'Super ships', such as Aegis cruisers, are simply not available. This gives a more even game.
Another important point is that because the Med , §3 8 is a small sea, the battles do not drag on as past battlesets have done. Harpoon is a slow, diverse, interesting tension-filled game.
_ Meet the Jetsons, the Simpson's IaVCAKIC poor cousins. Say hello and gig- vC 1gle quietly as they behave like |_jj yec £12 99 total nutters. Then leave, quickly.
Whether you're familiar with Hanna-Barbera's cartoon or not. Half-an-hour with this cartoon tie-in is long enough to put you off this sad. Shambling bunch of nauseating space-age gits for life. There are four levels, each with two stages. The first stage is always a wander-around-em-up caper, the second a flying sequence. Dodge the blackholes, avoid getting picked up by the inter-galactic traffic police and resist the temptation of setting about your Amiga with a pickaxe. The backdrops may change to preserve the facade, but the characterisation remains weak, the action consistently
gameplay-free and the graphics abysmal.
The graphics remain poor throughout and the accompanying sound-track is guarantied to keep your tortured nerves a-jangle for weeks. In fact, the repercussive effects of this computer game when The Jetsons next grace our TV screens don't even bare thinking about. No, The Jetsons is one game to avoid at all costs. It's a shame that after the excellent Scooby Doo Hi-Tec should release a dud, I but seemingly it happens to everyone at some point.
The 23rd century will be dominated by mega corporations, each exploiting world resources to keep Earth going. They have to guard against alien and each other's attacks, so they hire mercenaries to protect their interests and attack other planets.
In Fireteam 2200. You play a career mercenary commander. The objective is to win battles and get rewarded. You can then build up your fireteam, getting different weapons and officers to make a more effective fighting force for the next battle.
Fireteam is graphically weak. It's a good thing the manual gives a good grounding on how to get started - after a few failed attempts you pick up the basics of movement and fire. Most people will find it difficult to gel proficient though, due to the keyboard-based control. It doesn't install properly onto hard disk either. It certainly is a different kind of war-game - full marks for originality; nothing for the execution.
s W liuuijj you miDj'J5 u? Hi Tours bkju s&iWimss?
• ill__ The screen shots show British battleships steaming
towards the German High Seas fleet, at the Battle of Jutland.
1894 1904 1905 1905 Please send cheque PO to: Turcan Research Systems Ltd, 83 Greencroft Gardens, London NW6 3LJ - or telephone an order using your credit card to: 071 625 8455 (Orders are despatched within 48 hours) Programmer: Dr Peter Turcan - the author of Waterloo and Borodino DREADNOUGHTS is a computer simulation. It recaptures the drama and spectacle of history's great naval battles - from the Ironclads of the 1890s to the sinking of the Bismarck.
The DREADNOUGHTS program includes the battles of Coronel (1914), Falklands (1914), Dogger Bank (1915) and Jutland (1916). These battles have been meticulously researched, are displayed in full 3D and are complete with shattering sound effects. All the player has to do is take the role of Admiral... DREADNOUGHTS is available for the IBM PC and compatibles, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and Acorn Archimedes. Price £34.95 (inc. VAT & postage).
Optional Scenario Disks require the Dreadnoughts program: Ironclads Scenario disk: The Battle of Yalu The Battle of the Yellow Sea The Battle of Ulsan The Battle of Tsushima Price £16.95 Bismarck Scenario disk: The Battle of the River Plate 1939 The Battles with the Bismarck 1942 The Battle of Java Sea 1942 The Battle of North Cape 1943 Price £16.95 AMIGA REPAIRS JUST £44.95 inc. four Amiga from 512K to 1Mb of memory for just SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE OFFER: fou submit your computer to ourselves for repair, idvert along with just an additional £25, we will s 512K memory expansion at no extra c How to
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* If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 else
your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) WTS reserve the right to refuse machines that in our opinion are tampered with, to an extent beyond reasonable repair - normal charge applies.
* External hard drive for Amiga 500
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* On board Ram option up to 8Mb
* Beginner friendly online help
* A super-fast, high capacity hard drive that leaves others in
its wake Rochard RH800C 52Mb IDE OK £329.95 Rochard RH800C 84Mb
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* Compatible with all Amiga models & Commodore CDTV £149.00
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mally effected within 2 days from receipt of cleared payment.
Please allow 7 working days for cheque clearance. All orders
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Prices and manufacturers specifications subject to change. E8cOE.
Amiga A501 RAM clock expansion unit 500 500 Plus £84.50 Amiga A2508 8Mb RAM board 1500 2000 .....£295.00 GVP SIMM 32blt 1Mb Upgrade - 60ms 1500 2000 ...£55.00 GVP SIMM 32bit 4Mb Upgrade - 60ms 1500 2000 ...£95.00 MONITORS and carry a lifetime guc Je only sell top quality f We PHILIPS CM8833 11 STEREO 14" COLOUR MONITOR.
Covered by a 12 month warranty includes connecting cable.
Green screen switch UK specifications £235.
* 3.5' CLEANING KIT * 5 x 3.5' DISKETTES 50 100 200 [501 100 DSDD
1 Mb .£27.50 ...£45.00
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DEAL 5 1Mb EXPANSION BOARD, 14“ SCREEN FILTER, 50 x 3.5" DISKETTES, 50 CAPACITY STORAGE BOX, 3.5" CLEANING KIT, AMIGA DUSTCOVER £93 0" p°r re £79.95 n°vej ; seJiin cun wit*1 Cheap 'it' Cheerful Tired with 'election fever'? Fed up with so-called 'inert gases'? Sit down on the sofa with James Leach and feel the tenseness drain from your body. Think of the money you'll save by buying budget games instead of sports cars, jewellery and small airlines... Rainbow Arts ¦ £7.99 MAY 1992 (ferdici 80% Good kill! (The actual kill is that tiny explosion in the middle distance. Tsk. Modern missiles, eh?)
F16 Combat Pilot Action 16 ¦ £7.99 If it’s not the grand-daddy of most modern Amiga flight sims, then F16 must be a benevolent Uncle who comes round a lot. What you have is a detailed and highly complex cockpit, about two million radar combat missile modes and about 4,000 keys to press. Despite this initial impenetrability, F16 is a crackingly good flight sim. It’s fast, it’s smooth and it gives you a nice shiny Falcon to point at Russians in order to scare them.
What’s apparent though, is MicroProse et al have learnt from the worst aspects of FI6. For example, here you’ve got to faff around with a radio, work out bearings, vectors and other fiddly things and look at a complicated cockpit display panel which takes up most of the front view. It’s just too accurate. If you’re a real flight sim addict and you like getting to grips with techie wibble, F16 will please you immensely. If you’re a gamesplayer who likes the odd combat air patrol, think twice, even at this price.
For quite a while, everybody was making this sort of game. You scroll along through metallic caverns, blasting fleets of alien fiends who swoop down on you from every, er... crevice.
Denaris wasn’t exactly the first of these games, but it also wasn’t really the worst. The graphics are as good as they need to be and the speed of the action won’t give you any thinking time, but then you don’t need that much time to think here.
All you have to do is blast, dodge, blast some more and, in fact, just keep blasting.
There isn’t even a software autofire, so it’s arthritis of the thumb time as you jiggle that digit furiously.
All well and good, but don’t you have a game like this? Think carefully, because lurking somewhere, every Amiga owner must have a game exactly like Denaris. But if, in the unlikely event that you are the person who missed out, and you want a shoot-em-up, then you’ll be getting a lot of baddies and some nifty caverns to fly through with this ’un.
Denaris Renegade Hit Squad ¦ £7.99 What are you if the entire world wants to kill you? You’re a Renegade, that’s what.
You’re also a dead man. In Renegade, the plot is fairly unimportant. What really matters is that you get to thump, kick and otherwise maim any or all of the characters who wander onto your screen to meet you.
You have a variety of fighting moves to inflict upon the unwary computer opponents, and after a few good whacks they fall down, shimmer and die. If your brain isn’t too taxed by all this, try to remember to walk from left to right. This brings on more baddies (hooray).
Renegade is probably one of the better beat-em-ups. It has got rather smooth gameplay, nice graphics and a lot of ‘feel’ to it. For an added special effect you could have a go at flicking tomato ketchup at the screen as you play. It worked for me... ferdic) 71% 1st Division Manager CodeMasters ¦ £7.99 How easy can it be to run a first division side? You won’t find out by playing this game, but you might while away a few hours.
The idea is to get your team to win everything. You do this by making decisions, buying players, training them and generally optimising your chances. It’s a mouse-controlled text-heavy clicking session spiced up with the odd graphic as you make your do-or-die choices.
When you’re happy, it’s off the the pitch-side to watch what look like the Kick Off guys as they rush around during bouts of goalmouth action. You can’t control them, you can only sit helpless as they cock up every chance that comes their way.
(Tp BUDGET GAMES RoboCop Ivanhoe Hit Squad ¦ £7.99 Hit Squad ¦ £7.99 RoboCop was a huge licence in its time, but since then interest has waned, and the only reason people would buy it now is if was an excellent game. So is it? Well, it’s not bad. You control Robo as he wanders through the horizontally-scrolling streets of old Detroit. Baddies appear from all directions, and it’s your onerous duty to either blast them with your specially matching automatic handgun or simply to punch them out of existence with, er, your special fists.
Plenty of baddies on plenty of levels will keep you slugging it out for a fair while, and, in the usual way. Ultimately, though, it’s a bit tedious and, and is now certainly showing its age.
Strappe on ye bucklers and prepare for an adventure in olde merrie Englande. Or alternatively, boot up Ivanhoe and kill some computer folk. For it’s another horizontal walk-along-and-chop-baddies game. Ivanhoe does have the merit of being cartoony, owing to its use of large sprites and smooth animation, but it lacks the cutting edge needed to make it something special.
It looks different, and has a certain style and charm about it. But when you try and play the game, it leaves you bewildered. So much is going on that everything gets confused and you end up hammering the fire-button. Nice graphics, plenty of action, but shame about the gameplay.
.uriiw** (ferdic! 56% § c Corner again ’Eip:r,incirQ'iFii. I $ SHESS3SJi ?raifieH IraiazG 0i30a?jnrxinFiEii & E o SJ Frenetic footballing, piping hot fun, what | people were playing before Populous 2 and a great picture show.
What a barg!
Award Winners Empire ¦ £25.99 Populous, Kick Off 2, Pipemania, Space Ace.
Populous is the original god-game. Fun to play, involved and complex to think over, and very stylish to look at. Kick Off 2 is still the classic footy game for the Amiga. Pipemania is a puzzle game for would-be plumbers. Connect the bits of pipe into networks against a strict time limit. Space Ace. OK, so you’re getting three great games and a slideshow for your £25.99. Operation Thunderbolt (NJ O £ Hit Squad ¦ £7.99 Don’t try to bottle up that latent xenophobia. Sit on this couch and relax. Let it all come out. Without opening your eyes, gently boot up Operation Thunderbolt.
Open your eyes slowly. Lightly but firmly grasp the joystick. Now allow your machine-gun fire to wash over the mock 3D figures who rush past your view. That’s it. See how they die? Move the sights over those Middle Eastern gentlemen. Keep firing. Get the extra ammo pods as they fall. Relax. And just let the hatred flow through you.
Iferdic) 44% I must stop and think for a moment. This guy is blowing out my ribcage. Do I know him? Have we met?
The Untouchables Hit Squad ¦ £7.99 Play this after you’ve played RoboCop and you could be forgiven for thinking that Eliot Ness is Alex Murphy with a hat on. Yes, it’s another horizontal-scroller walk and shoot. This time you’re in various Chicago locations, and your aim is to kill everyone you find there. Presumably they’ve all broken the law at some point.
Pick up weapons and ammo, remember to get that guy hiding at the top of the screen. That’s about it, really. As you wander through the levels you have to dodge gunfire that appears from the populace, whilst shooting them back. It’s pretty fast, pretty big and pretty pretty. But that it’s it.
The Ninja Collection Ocean ¦ £19.99 Double Dragon, Shadow Warrior, Dragon Ninja Double Dragon allows you to play the parts of a couple of street-fighting girls. Punching, whipping, kicking and general hurting is afoot, with nice clear graphics and a reasonable amount of gameplay. Shadow Warrior also allows you the opportunity of serious violence. As well as hurting animate objects, you can also damage phone kiosks, cars light aircraft and various other items of street furniture. It’s a pity that the game is so bad, then. Dragon Ninja is of course, in the same vein.
Format's at-a-glance guide comes into its own. Take a trip to... The Magical History Scores THIS MONTH'S SCORES ISSUE 32'S SCORES Vroom .. Dynablaster Bomberman Space Crusade .. Titus the Fox ... Ocean 91 % ..Sierra .90% Novagen ...87% Millennium 79% Psygnosis ...78% ..77% ..72% Realms Golden Eagle..... Moonstone . The Godfather... Red Baron .. Falling Jewels.... Steve McQueen.. Thunder
MAY 1992 Elvira 2 The Jaws of Cerberus Accolade .81 % Black Crypt ......Electronic Arts 78% Harpoon Battleset 3 Electronic Arts 75% Brides of Dracula ....Gonzo Games 73% Backgammon Royale ...Oxford Softworks ..67% Ultima VI ..Origin Mindscape ..67% Chess Champion ......Oxford Softworks ..65%
Co! .Oxford Softworks ..64% Space Gun .Ocean .57% Fireteam 2200 ..Internecine .....55% Gateway to the Savage Frontier.US Gold ...45% Race Drivin' .....Domark ...45% Psyborg Loriciel .36% The Jetsons ......Hi
Tec ..29% If you've still got cash in your pockets after the post-election tax hikes, why not spend it on one of these? They may not put bread on your table, but they'll put a smile on your face. As always, the top ones are the juiciest ones.
..UBISoft 91% ..UBISoft 87% ..Gremlin ...82% ..Titus ....81% LAST MONTH'S SCORES Incarcerated in shops around the country, you'll find these games, looking sad. Do the decent thing set them free.
Three months down the line and Robocop 3 is still a strong seller. Ocean's best- ever licence, the game is a 3D action game featuring some tense atmosphere and excellent effects.
If you've missed this one (and you ought not to), there might just be time to pick a copy up.
Virgin .69% Loriciel 59% Mindscape 59% US Gold ....46% Dynamix Sierra 39% Soft and Easy 38% Loriciel 26% Loriciel 22% Robocop 3 .. Heart Of China... Mercenary 3...... Kid Gloves 2...... Leander ..... Fate: Gates of Dawn ...reLine WWF Wrestlemania ....Ocean If you missed last month's red-hot Screenplay, you don't really deserve to know the scores. But we're nice folk at Amiga Format, so here's the lowdown.
John Madden's Football...... 94% Shadowlands ... 93% Storm Master ... 90% Return of Medusa ...85% Pinball Dreams . 84% Harlequin .. 78% Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2 .... ...78% WolfChild .. 76% PGA Tournament Courses... ...72% Mad Dog Williams 72% Crime City . IF ... ...70% Starbyte Super Soccer . ...63% Video Kid .. ...60% Big
Run .Storm ... ...58% 4D Sports Driving . Mindscape ... ...33% Leisure Suit Larry 5 ..... ...50% Willy Beamish .. 44% Great Napoleonic Battles.... ...40% Borobodur 35% Hare Raising Havoc ..... ...25% LAST YEAR'S SCORES This is the way the world looked last year. There are a few stormers here - and some can be picked up for peanuts.
Railroad Tycoon PGA Tour Golf ... .....MicroProse . .....Electronic Arts FG92% FG90% Gem-X .... .....Demonware 88% Brat .....ImageWorks 87% Armour Geddon . .....Psygnosis 85% Warlords Battlestorm .....Titus... ....85% 83% Pro Tennis Tour 2..... .....UBISoft 82% Wreckers .....Audiogenic 82% Chuck Rock .....Core Design.... 80% Supercars 2 .....Gremlin Graphics.... 80% The Killing Cloud...... .....ImageWorks... 80% Escape
from Colditz.. Backgammon Royale.
79% 78% UMS II .... .....Rainbird 77% A-10 Tank Killer 75% Moonfall .....Hewson 71% Demoniak ... .....Pure Fiction 70% I I TOP TEN AMIGA BUDGET PRICE CHART l(-) F16 Combat Pilot Action Sixteen £9.99 2(1) First Division Manager Code Masters £7.99 James Pond GBH £7.99 Scooby Doo Hi Tec £7.99 5(-) Toyota Celica Rally GBH £7.99 6(-) Rainbow Islands Hit Squad £7.99 7(10) New Zealand Story Hit Squad £7.99 8(-) Italia 90 Tronix £9.99 9(6) Wacky Races Hi Tec £7.99 10(9) World Cricket Zeppelin £7.99 90 MAY 1992 Strange news in the charts this
month at last ELSPA (the publishers association) have found a sponsor to help fund the Gallup poll.
Who is the mystery patron? None other than McVities makers of the Penguin choccy biccies. What next? Will we ever see a St Michael Underwear chart or the top-selling games from Habitat? Only time will tell... Meanwhile, for the second month in a row. Formula One Grand Pri.x maintains its lead over the opposition. By now it must be at least a lap ahead of the backmarkers, leaving them choking on dust. In second place, high above the clouds of smoke is A320 Airbus which dropped out and disappeared ages ago, only to pop up on our scopes out of the blue.
Too much like the real thing, we reckon.
Third, Jimmy While's Whirlwind Snooker is thoroughly, er, snookered. He's returned to his old rigid stance and isn't moving for any- one. He’s knocked the awful WWF Wrestlemania over the head with a well-aimed cue. Plonking it right over the ropes.
As if there wasn't enough clowning around. Gremlin's Harlequin makes a surprise attempt to take on the big boys. He's going to have have to work hard to avoid a red nose.
At the back of the the pack, a few desperadoes still refuse to go down Birds of Prey circles around the number six spot, while Robocop guards his lucky seven.
In eighth place, the Dizzy Collection bounces back into the top 10 for the umpteenth time. No wonder it's dizzy it's going up and down like a well-oiled lift.
Populous 2 finds that being god isn’t all roses, and falls off its cloud, plummeting down to number nine, while John Major’s fave.
World Series Cricket, sneaks into number 10 by the back door. A bit spooky, huh?
Chart Chatter 10 Fists of Fury 2 Virgin Kick Off 2 Anco 8 A-10 Tank Killer Dynamix Sierra Panza Kick Boxing US Gold F-19 Stealth Fighter MicroProse Final Whistle Anco
S. W.I.V. Storm Turrican 2 Anco Speedball 2 Mirrorsoft Lemmings
One Grand Prix MicroProse £34.99 FG92% 2(-) Re A320 Airbus
Thalion £35.99 78% 3(3) ¦ Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
Virgin 29.99 FG91% 4(2) ? WWF Wrestlemania Ocean £25.99 72%
S(-) New Harlequin Gremlin Graphics £25.99 78% 6(4) ? Birds of
Prey Electronic Arts £34.99 88% 7(7) ? Robocop 3 Ocean £25.99
FG91 % 8(14) ? Dizzy Collection Code Masters £24.99 Comp 9(5)
? Populous 2 Electronic Arts £29.99 FG95% lO(-) New World
Series Cricket Soundware International £29.99 Next Issue H(-)
New Ultima VI Origin Mindscape £30.99 67% 12(11) ? Another
World Delphine US Gold £25.99 82% 13(15) ? Abandoned Places
Electronic Zoo £29.99 80% 14(-) New Castles Electronic Arts
£29.99 Next Issue 15(29) ? Terminator 2 Ocean £25.99 60%
16(17) ? Oh No! More Lemmings Psygnosis £19.99 82% 17(10) ?
Football Crazy Challenge Anco £25.99 Comp 18(16) ? PGA Tour*
Electronic Arts £29.99 Comp 19(18) ? Alien Breed Team 17
£24.99 74% 20(24) ? Monkey Island Lucasfilm US Gold £29.99
FG92% 21(19) ? First Samurai Mirrorsoft £30.99 FG91 % 22(-)
New 2 Hot 2 Handle Ocean £29.99 Comp 23(8) ? Lotus Turbo
Challenge 2 Gremlin Graphics £25.99 89% 24(28) ? Soccer Stars
Compilation Empire £25.99 Comp 25(-) Re Knights of the Sky
MicroProse £34.99 88% 26(9) ? Heimdall Core Design £34.99 88%
27(12) ? Leander Psygnosis £25.99 78% 28(-) New Ninja
Collection Ocean £19.99 Comp 29(-) New The Jetsons Hi-Tec
£12.99 29% 30(26) New Board Genius Beau Jolly £29.99 Comp
Chart sponsored by Penguin and compiled by Gallup Ltd 61992
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a high quality performance CD audio system, advanced Amiga
technology and infrared remote control to offer a huge range
of interactive applications, from Mega games to music and
educational applications. Each CD-ROM disk can store an
incredible 540MB of data, equivalent to a quarter of a million
pages of text.
• Amiga CDTV player
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• Infra Red Remote Controller THE NEW A570 CD DRIVE The best
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PSYCHO KILLER RRP £29.99 Driving down unfamiliar country roads after dark, your worst nightmare comes true!II FRED FISH MEGADISC RRP £79.00 530 titles on this one CDTV disk free with this packagel!
The CDTV Amiga Upgrade Pack allows existing CDTV owners to tap into the massive base of Amiga 3.5" games software Upgrade Pack contains:- • CDTV Amiga keyboard • external black drive The new A570 CD drive is at last on its way and will be in Calculus stores April early May 1992. Pricing has now been agreed allowing you to upgrade your Amiga A500 for only £299.99. Initial demand will outstrip supply, please call now for the number of your local store to reserve your A570.
With the new A570 CD drive attached to your A500 Amiga* you will have essentially the same capabilities as Commodores CDTV player. Like the CDTV your new system will allow you to play any CDTV title as well as CD-l-G, CD-I-Midi and standard audio CD's.
The A570 installs easily, no software installation is required, you can continue to use your Amiga keyboard, mouse and monitor for inputs and displays.
‘Minimum configuration standard for A570 compatibilty 2.04 Complete with the following:-
• Amiga 500+ computer with 1Mb RAM • A520 TV Modulator • 1352 2
Button Mouse • Workbench 2 Disks and Manuals ARRIVING SOON
LEMMINGS Are you as smart as Lemmings are stupid? Match your
intelligence against their lack of it as you play the most
original game of 1991.
THE SIMPSONS - BART vs THE SPACE MUTANTS Hello fellow humans! Bartholomew J Simpson here, with a very important secret: SPACE MUTANTS ARE INVADING SPRINGFIELD.
CAPTAIN PLANET AND THE PLANETEERS Captain Planet and the Planeteers has turned saving the Earth's environment into the ultimate adventure.
DPAINT III The program that sets the standard for computer painting now with animation.
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• TOKI The arcade sensation that swept the world. Toki has been
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Join Toki on his mythical adventure, full of demons and deadly
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Monty pvthon italia’9«ve super on roai all on amiga (£9.99) atari st (£9.99) PC (£9.99) commy cass (£3.99) speccy cass (£3.99) ammy cass (£3.99) well?
How do they do it?
Now unleashed by THE LUCKY BEGGARS Two helpings of nice tips this month, namely in the shape of Battle Isle strategy hints and some nice Knightmare maps. Raj Sobratee is the first lucky chap to win a voucher for the Battle Isle stuff, with the second going out to Alan Hoi will for his Knightmare piccies.
Well done, lads!
The two Helping Hand winners this month are Paul Berry in Essex and Erik Waitt from Barnet, who each get a smaller (but still very desirable) £25 voucher.
If you think that you’ve got a tip worth printing in the mag, why not jot it down and send it in to: GAMEBUSTERS, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.
As you can see from this issue, we’re keen on high-quality Dpaint maps sent in on disk. Try to make them as pretty as possible (don’t just stick some lurid squares on the screen with some badly-typed text) so that they look good in the mag - you could win a prize!
Game Busters Are you willing to do battle with the dreaded video foe? Have you the ability to wipe them away with a twitch of a joystick? No? Well you're in need of a little help then. Step forward Maff Evans' mighty legion of Gamebusters to light your way.
FINAL FIGHT There are quite a few gamesplayers having difficulty getting through this beat-em-up arcade conversion. There are also a lot of people who have found this tip. So if you can't kick and punch your way through the opposition, then try this for size.
FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX This is one hell of a racing simulation. Not only did it win a Format Gold in Issue 30, but it has been acclaimed as the best Formula One racing game ever released on the Amiga.
However, this doesn't stop you hating the game when you lose every race! Never mind, quite a few readers have found a way to end your grief. Read on... When the message comes up that says “Not so fast Mike, turn on your TV,” simply press the Help key. You can then continue your quest with infinite power. What’s more, if you press the *+’ key while you are playing, all the Mad Gear gang members will disappear from the screen.
MAY 1992 THE GODFATHER Another game that seems to have caught the attention of the Gamebusting public is The Godfather. Although we thought it a pretty mindless and average Op Wolf clone, a lot of people have got hold of the game and found this tip.
When taking part in a non-championship race, drive around until you are on the last lap.
When you next come to the pits, drive in and pull up to your pit crew. Wait there until the “Race Over” message appears, and no matter what position you were in, you will have won the race. That should save your ego a little!
Start the game as normal and while playing press Pause. Now all you have to do is type in Pizza Hut and restart the game. You will then be an invincible Mafioso.
If you hang around looking at the scenery for too long you could very well end up riddled with bullets.
Alternatively, you could try using the cheat to gain some breath- PIT FIGHTER Another one of those 'nice idea, shame about the game' arcade conversions that doesn't quite work. If you're having trouble bashing your opponents into submission, then try this little cheat for size.
Start the game as normal and while playing hold Shift and type in LOBSTERS. You can now use the following keys for special effects: 1-0 Jump to selected level.
C Jump to Championship Level.
L Jump to Elimination Match.
Simon Phillips, Devizes, Wiltshire Battle Isle This futuristic strategy game was quite a hit with the Amiga Format reviewing team, managing to earn itself a Format Gold. However, some of you high-tech warlords may be having a bit of trouble. Would a players' guide be of any use? I thought it might... LEVEL ACCESS Here are some codes to allow you access to later levels. Included on the tables is further information to help you plan your strategy: Units - the initial number of units under player one and two's control. Map means the total number on the map (in depots and factories for
Factories Depots - the initial number of factories and depots at the start of the game. Map means the total number, including undiscovered ones.
Initial Score - the initial score of both players, based on the defensive values of the units owned.
ONE PLAYER GAME MAY 1992 Level Name Units Factories Depots Initial Number Code One, Two, Map One, Two, Map One, Two, Map Score 16 CONRA 7,5, 12 ___ ___ 495 17 PHASE 7,5, 12
- --
- -- 485 18 EXOTY 7, 9, 16
- --
- -- 675 19 MOUNT 7, 11,24
- -- 0, 0,2 880 20 FIGHT 14, 13, 39
- -- 0, 0,2 1450 21 RUSTY 10, 13 33 0,0, 1 1,0,3 1250 22 FIFTH
23, 27, 50
- -- 2, 3,5 1915 23 VESUV 13,28,47 1,0,1 0, 0,2 1850 24 MAGIC 15,
30, 72 0, 0,4 0,0, 1 2595 25 SPACE 14, 27, 59 0, 0,2 0, 0,2
2265 26 VALEY 10, 20, 38
- -- 0, 1,3 1440 27 TESTY 34, 23, 90 0, 0,2 0, 0,6 2975 28 TERRA
27, 48, 85 0, 0, 1 1,2,4 3365 29 SLAVE 39,62,117 0, 0, 1 0, 0,2
5215 30 NEVER 19, 28, 69 0, 0,2 0, 0,2 2575 31 RIVER 67, 53,
130 0, 0, 1 0, 2,4 5475 TWO PLAYER GAME Level Name Units
Factories Depots Initial Number Code One, Two, Map One, Two,
Map One, Two, Map Score 00 FIRST
6. 6, 12 ___ ___ 430 01 GHOST 7,7, 14
- --
- -- 480 02 GAMMA 16, 18,34
- --
- -- 1180 03 MARSS 15, 17,35 0,0,2 1,12 1210 04 EAGLE 20,21,41
- --
- -- 1345 05 METAN 5, 6, 33 0,0,2 0,0,2 1220 06 FOTON 22, 22, 70
0,0,2 0,0,2 2430 07 POLAR 3,3,23 0, 0,4
- -- 770 08 TIGER 35, 32, 69 0, 0, 1
- -- 3195 09 SNAKE 19,21,53 0, 0, 1 0, 0,2 2000 10 ZEN IT 23, 23,
60 0, 0, 1 0, 0,2 2015 11 DONNN 52,49, 101 0,0,2
- -- 3770 12 VESTA 29, 30,71 0, 0,6
- -- 3505 13 OXXID 8, 8,42 0,0,2 0, 0,4 1350 14 DEMON 83,83,172
4, 4,8 3,3,6 7230 15 GIANT 67,64, 171 0, 0,4 0, 0,6 7005
SPECIAL LEVELS Level Name Units Factories Depots Initial Number
Code One, Two, Map One, Two, Map One, Two, Map Score 32 EUROP
21,23,69 ___ 0, 0,6 2605 33 STORM 109,91,200
- -- 2, 1,3 7775 General Strategy Tips At the start of the game
always check any depots and factories in your possession for
units, as well as checking your headquarters.
Look to see where the PROVIDER. GIANT or INVADER units closest to your DEMON infantry are, so that the foot soldiers can travel quickly in relative safety. Always transport the DEMON units in other vehicles so that a speedy withdrawal is possible.
When given a choice about which factory or depot to capture, pick the one with the most energy and useful units. Don’t go for a depot that has BLITZ or SPHINX units when the enemy has no aircraft!
When building units, build equipment needed, then build as many SCORPION units as possible. You can surround tine enemy with attacking forces.
If you are attacking a building that has DEMON units nearby, then attack with two DEMONs, avoiding his DEMON unit. Then send one of your own DEMON units into the building to capture it. The enemy will then recapture its building, at which point you should send your other DEMON unit into the building. When you look at the contents of your building you will see that the enemy DEMON is now on your side.
When fighting a submarine on later levels and you don’t know where it is, switch to a nearby boat with a long range (such as the MARAUDER) and take it into move mode.
You will then see two hexs that aren't surrounded by dashed lines. These spaces are taken up by the submarine.
When attacking with a unit that has a range of two or more, always try to use the weapon from more than one hex away, because the enemy then has no chance to fire back when they are attacked.
The best place to attack enemy units is when they are on open ground and your units are on high ground, as your units do more damage.
If you have any aircraft then you can use them to attack or block ground units. This is especially useful against DEMON, SCORPION, GLADIATOR, ANGEL, MERLIN, GIANT, AMAZON and BARRACUDA units as they have no defence against aircraft.
When defending against air raids, it is useful to have a SPHINX unit ready. The enemy knows how good they are at stopping aircraft, so they are usually the primary target for the attack. A method to counter this is to place the SPHINX in a comer of a depot or headquarters and place BLITZ units in the surrounding hexes.
The enemy will then never be in hex to hex contact with the SPHINX. A similar method can be used to protect the ANGEL heavy artillery from tank attack. The only difference is that you should replace the BLITZ units with SCORPION or GLADIATOR units.
It does not explain in the rule book to any great extent about using MERLIN units to make depots. This is done in the action attack phase. Do the same as you would to attack if the MERLIN could and, if the geography of the land is suitable, a target hex will appear from the MERLIN. This will be the entrance to the depot when completed. It takes two turns to build the depot, although two MERLIN units can make a depot in one turn. If using one MERLIN you must remember to order it in the next action attack phase to finish the depot as it does not automatically do so.
STRATEGY MAPS These diagrams will give you basic ideas on troop and unit formations to deal with certain situations. Refer to the text for more in-depth strategy tips.
Main Battle Line Set-up Building Air Defence The experience system is of no great importance, especially in long, drawn out games, because an experienced unit will always destroy an identical “rookie” unit. The system is based as follows: If in attack or defence a unit destroys one or more of the enemy in the opposing unit, then they will gain one experience point.
If a unit destroys the last enemy in a particular unit then they will receive an extra bonus of another point, making up a total of two points.
When fighting against units containing only one enemy (even when at full strength such as a BARRACUDA, PEGASUS, FORTRESS or AMAZON), an experience point is gained every time a shot hits it, even if that shot did not destroy it. Two points are gained for the unit that finally destroys it.
KEY * The best land attack formation is to have CRUSADER and GLADIATOR units in the middle of the front line. On the flanks it is useful to have SCORPION units placed, as their high speed makes them useful for surrounding the enemy. Behind the front line, have as many BUSTER units as possible so that they are two hexes from the enemy and the rocket attacks can be made in safety. Behind the BUSTER units (or along side them) have SPHINX, ANGEL and BLITZ units to protect the front line against air attack (the ANGEL units can also bombard the enemy from a distance). At the rear have DEMON
units on-board PROVIDER units so that they can rush out and storm a building or retreat in the event of a collapsed line. PROVIDER units carrying DEMON troops should attack or allow to be attacked, since a troop PROVIDER loses all of its on-board troops when destroyed.
If you have a PEGASUS unit, try to launch the aircraft on-board as soon as a battle is likely, since all aircraft that are still on a destroyed carrier will be lost.
Crusader Blitz Sphinx Scorpion Gladiator Raven Road Plain Woods Bridge Tactics Using the FAV Buster MAY 1992 Firebird Mosquito Buster Provider Enemy Unit O Player Depot Mountains Water Knightmare THE FORREST There have been quite a few desperate people getting in touch about this game, saying that they're stuck or lost. Well these maps should make finding your way easier. The later quests are a bit trickier, so we'll be printing the solutions in a following issue.
Solution and maps by Alan Holwill, Stuttgart, Germany THE BEGINNING m'twmvm. ' fsm- • mmffmmmm.- mm-i ¦ wfxmmw ' ?.
Ij I i’ i‘i l“: r i i •»*. •!:•»:•* I •! : r '•
• exixm. • a?f. • earnm •
• r. ¦ ! : pflfgpgp. ' f jj -rnr, r i'.i.; r i: i-:- Y i- r: " ¦
mmm- ¦ Items Three Balls, two T-shirts, three pairs of Shorts,
a pair of Sandies.
100 Messages
1. Return the Crown here. 2. Your Carriage awaits you. 3. Take
this shortcut to the Forrest.
Mm- m m ''wmwwwww. Wwwwm. •w- ¦ »*?••• wm ¦ m. '&m. R. t. • m wm-t n -ww-ww-
• • • • ** * «»»»? Ir?T3v»?»? • ¦¦ -m :'i • f. mmn wm. -mmm *t-v-
irwmmm. M. -t ~t wwt wwwwww. R. ¦ wwi • wwwwwwwi mmmwwm: mi
-w&m: wm wi-m.-wwwi m.-t'Wmnt-wwwwwr. m w- ?:• r r:w ?'¦ WW ni
r r r r n n r n n r nn i w
- wwwwwwwwfPtmaaaamaaaaaaaBm wwm -wwwt t rt t t-tn. I-vft t-wm-'-
'- i i j: m -wwwwwwwwwwwmmwwwww
• ¦? "ifWWWi -1 WWWWWWi t ¦ mwwwwmmwwmmw&wmmwwmw--- mwwwwm
•¦wwwwwwwwm, ¦ ¦ wwwwm ¦ wwi ¦ i i wwwwwwwwm a wwww wwwrt wwmm-
w wwwwr wwww- -• • ¦ wwwwm. -wn wwwwn wwwwwwwwww' ’¦
Wwi?''WWWffll ¦'WWWW-i- irrr-rnr. R t." n Yy.n.:t1 ;w .’¦¦¦ i
n y k i wwn n i wn n r ¦ wwwwwm- • • • - wwwwwwww- ¦¦ ¦ ¦
Items Twig, five Sweets, a pair of Sandals, T-shirt, Penknife,
Iron Key, a pair of Shorts, Spade, loads of Apples, loads of
1. Your Quest starts here. 2. Quest One "The Shield of Justice".
3. Quest Two "The Cup of Life". 4. Quest Three "The Sword of
Freedom". 5. Quest Four "The Crown".
MAY 1992 THE SHIELD !B8i|:’' (SKCflSR'-IWPlK ft: ft: ft: ¦ ftlft!
IUmm- ' ft:ft-:ft:ft:ft: 88 ft:- ift:ft-:- ft: 'mm ft-ft: ¦ ftimBKftiftiBH Items: Two pairs of Shorts, two T-shirts, Skirt, two pairs of Sandals, Baseball Hat, Blouse, Jumper, four Darts, Staff of Aid, Cross of Mystic, Blow Pipe, three-pronged Knife, two Penknives, two Rocks, Pea Shooter, six Peas, Kitchen Knife, five Iron Keys, Gold Key, Bronze Key, six Sweets, Spider's Leg.
Messages: . Your Quest for the Shield has begun. 2. Don't play with fire. 3. Keep the pad down. 4. Sewer entrance. 5. The home of Mr child. 6. The Prison. 7. Well done. Quest One completed.
I ’m- • B8«C«r-5''• Bsft!B8B8fti» WW-"'• ¦ • '• ' ft: ft! K-!ft'ft: - • ftt| 18888 ft:ft:ft: - ft*.- mmm m -&¦ ¦ ft m; - wmzw ¦'¦um-¦¦'mm m ¦ft. Ft: ft! 88- ft: -ft! Ft ft! Ft ft! • • -ftift’ft!- ' ft!
'! Ft ; ft! Ft! Ft! Ft! Ft! Ft! - • ft ? Ft-ft' ft! Ft ft ft? Ft!
• mm ft:- • ft.ft! Ft!ft!« !ft- ft!ft!ft- ft'! WW-
• • •• ft! Ft! 88 88 ft! Ft! • 8888- • ftift!- • ftft! Ft-!- ft:
• • ft! '• ¦ ft-: ' 18ft! Ftlfti- mi '-ft!- -B5i?lGrJtf!
• ’ft:ft!88- - ft!- • ft!ft.B8BRI -!8»ft!- • &&&&& ¦ mmvw - - ft:
ft" K- ftv meiErJi?! Ft" ' If!ft!ft!ft!ft-ti ?ft’§ !E5- ftift!'
- '• ft BSft!ft!- ft!- ft!
'IS|Re8i8ft! -‘ '"BS' 'ft-'i3S'l2SKf5-
- m mm- mmmm- ¦ ¦it •• m- ¦ • ft: ¦ - 88
• ft! Ft-!&¦¦ ft-! Ft! 88 ft’ ft! Ft! Ft! Ft* M B ¦ m m
• ft! -If!- ft: ft": K88 ft"! Ft-: 'ft!
Ft-i - ft! -"ft!- ft!
' ft' ft-! Ft'- ft! Ft! Ft-’R-! Ft! Ft ft! ¦ ft-: - • ft. 88 ¦K88B88- SSI 88KB88BBKI*-1 ft*R8ft!ft!ft!ft!-‘ BP ft-8® ft!
Mmmm m- '»¦: m-'wm ¦ft. Tmfx mmmmwft • y ¦ ft: r-!ft!| ft!- ft!. •• ft! Ft ft: ft! Ft! Ft!
’mi ¦ft!?
¦ m ft! Ft; ft* ft! Ft* ft? M m m ft w?Dir mtm: »}&&¦ ' nwif • mm- ¦ • ft-’ fcifeiWRSBSSWKSIIR- m 'W • T- ¦ B'ife-i- ' »?• Bsft-! BriasVf 'MSB! • m taw 't i» mm as- 'mmi .m&m-i -mm • m • ?!»?. Mm •
- »&!• feFiB v ' y.VS - '&& .
BsesWHB:- -- T »KI 5Bfi» t? Wtp.ww'&miti- • • • • .' mm- wto'.r tp.w m- '• • •• '• '• '
• •• • 8N ¦ m mwmmm m ¦...¦. mm&w m www
- -nps««i «sb • • m as wmm mW- 'T • K- IriP- »? 'B’i!- '• • ••
fiRBH- i SK8?:8s?Sf-'- fe? ¦ . HE? SP! 'HSlFl '
• feit BfiiKi m- fiPffiiSRBSIK- wwmm '•SRa»»f»J6?W--|W|P«Grl
iriBp- 'iRiiR- • • • sx- ¦ rnv- mm- &mmm ¦ • ft ft
8BiiKii»ssaBa BK' «t m- m • -«vii spmm-'F«BpMi m w® ¦¦* •- • m
m -m- • wmm! M -awm- m- m ’w.uwatm-emhm mw-exm ¦ exw»w-
fixciu!•¦••¦¦¦ • £' ¦.'• ¦ ¦.
M- ¦ ftCirilb fti ft:ftC!ft: ft: ft: ft-: Ddft: ft-: ft-: ft:ft:
- r. M »k:B! M;' ft: ¦-*&&&¦ •»: ft ft-:ft: P S’;- ft: BSW5
S-;ft: • ft:ft: ft- ¦ 88- i-.-i- - ?-¦ :’¦• .ft:ftPftft ¦
ft!!' - -ft!| !ft!ft:ft:ft!ft! ’88888888’ if, , i'fm. Ft!- -ft.
Ft! Ft ft! Ft! ’ ft! Ft! Ft! Ft! Ft: 188 ft! Ft!
IB888888IP ' B8-" HP-'-IP-'" ft!
Ft!ft:ft:ft:ft!ft!ft ft!ft!ft-!ft!- ¦ •
• ft £!1P I !ft!
THE CUP ft-: ft-! Ft! Ft-! Ft!
Mi ft! Ft! Ft!ft! 'tPBBRBBSftift!- KEY rsffffa FLOOR BUTTON ?£23 PORTAL ESSES GRILL am RAILWAY ?SO PUSHABLE BLOCK 803 MESSAGE rasra TRANSPORTER ?353 WALL BUTTON KEYHOLE E03O STAIRS UP E3QB3 BUSH ?83 DOOR STAIRS DOWN QOO SLIT LHS3 REMOVABLE BLOCK EC23 Al£OVE Hi WATER USO ILJLU5IONARV WALL mn SWAMP mm INVISIBLE WAUL HBBi PIT Items Two pairs of Slacks, two pairs of Trainers, a pair of Shoes, Trilby, Baseball Hat, Jeans, Denim Jacket, Boots, Jumper, ten Arrows, Short Sword, Club, Kitchen Knife, Blowpipe, five Darts, Shield, five Throwing Stars, six Peas, Sheath, Bow, Cross of Aid, Chest, five
Gold Keys, Gem Key, two Bronze Keys, Milk Bottle, six Apples, three biscuits, two Rock Cakes, two Spider's Legs.
1. The Mystic Chambers. 2. Mystic Door. 3. Nobody must enter. 4.
Holy Moly. 5. Your eyes tell you lies. 6. Gollem's Land. 7.
Enter the Warp Maze. 8. The Cup Guardians.
Choose a budget software title to the! A value of £lw | when you buy one of our row TO
• It ) • i*S» JT--Y1 .SEFy recommended Atari ST, L wm from your
AND IN THE VIRGIN MEGASTORES AT: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow (argyle st & union st), Leeds, London (oxford st & marble arch), Newcastle, Nottingham.
VALID FROM 6 APRIL 1992 UNTIL 26 APRIL 1992 Test your skills in this superb, action-packed cricket simulation designed by cricket enthusiasts, for cricket enthusiasts.
¦ Play a one-day Test Match.
Choose the length of game.
¦ Two player mode or challenge the computer.
¦ Television camera views with action replay.
¦ Superb graphics and sound.
¦ Contend with the effects of wind direction and temperature.
¦ Features all the current international teams No two matches ever the same!
The ultimate games guide is back by popular demand!
OVER 100 GAMES REVIEWED Want to know the top games on the Amiga, both new and old? Find out here!
180 PAGES OF TIPS The biggest collection of maps, solutions, cheats and tips ever assembled in one place.
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ALL THESE GAMES REVIEWED AND TIPPED: Archipelagos, Atomic Robokid, Awesome, Back to the Future II and III, Car-Vup, Chip's Challenge, Chuck Rock, Crackdown, Drivin' Force, Dynamite Dux, E-Motion, Empire Strikes Back, ESWAT, Ghostbusters 2, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Gremlins 2, Hammerfist, Costing only £9.95 The ultimate guide to Amiga games has been succeeded by an heir.
Maff Evans has spent months putting together a brand new collection of top tips, helpful hints and informative reviews.
Horror Zombies, The Immortal, Ivanhoe, Kid Gloves, Killing Game Show, LED Storm, Line of Fire, Llamatron, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Manic Miner, Midnight Resistance, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Narc, Ninja Spirit, Nitro, Operation Thunderbolt, Predator 2, Robocop 2, Saint Dragon, SCI, Shadow Warriors, Skidz, Spherical, Spy Who Loved Me, SWIV, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Toki, Turrican, Turrican 2, Virus, Viz, Z-Out.
PLUS FULL SOLUTIONS FOR: Cruise for a Corpse, Dragons Lair II, Fantasy World Dizzy, Indiana Jones III, Leisure Suit Larry, Maniac Mansion, Rick Dangerous 2, Rise of the Dragon, Search for the King, Secret of Monkey Island, Time Machine, Treasure Island Dizzy, Wonderland AND ALSO EXTENSIVE PLAYERS’ GUIDES FOR: Armour-Geddon, Battle Command, Captive, Carrier Command, Deuteros, Dragons Breath, Eye of the Beholder, Full Contact, Gods, Hero Quest, Indianapolis 500, James Pond, Lemmings, Mean Streets, Pang, Prince of Persia, Speedball 2, Spindizzy Worlds, Supercars 2, Warhead ORDER FORM I would like
to order copy copies of SCREENPLAY 2 at the price of £9.95 (+1.45 per copy P&P) I would like to order copy copies of or SPECIAL LIMITED PERIOD OFFER both SCREENPLAY! And SCREENPLAY 2 at the price of £17.40 (+1.45 per copy P&P) Please send payment with this order form in a sealed envelope to: AMIGA FORMAT SCREENPLAY 2 Book FREEPOST Future Publishing Ltd I Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR No stamp required if posted in the U.K. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
Irurii ;;a;:u "'Hill ||llllll
- ZU
- ¦ 1 Mb. Disk Drive 1Mb Ram Memory TV Modulator 4096 Colours
Multi Tasking Speech Synthesis 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound
Amiga Mouse Operation Manuals Workbench 2 Disks ALL Connecting
Cables Bpomm AMIGA PLUS...All OUR Amigas are backed by Harwoods
Great Service [Please see full details in our Ordering Made
Easy2 panel final page] PACK 1 THAT'S RIGHT HARWOODS HAVE PUT
Just look at what you get NOW... pj0cksalways contain rotessional Games NOT 0 °'mu,li-game disk [Hies
You can play the computer version of this popular TV cartoon. By Ocean.
• CAPTAIN PLANET - created from the award winning TV show, now's
your chance to save the earths environment with this ultimate
adventure... your Eco-Copter is waiting. By Mindscape.
• LEMMINGS - Are you as smart as Lemmings are stupid, match your
intelligence against their lack of it as you play the 140
levels of the most original game of '91 (European Computer
Leisure Awards Winner). By Psygnosis.
DATASTORM - The fastest shoot 'em up of all time! Defender with a vengence! 11 DUNGEON QUEST - Ultimate in multisensory gaming! The BEST graphic mysteries!
E-MOTION- 50 levels of multi-coloured puzzles. A challenging emotional experience.
GRAND MONSTER SLAM - Elves. Trolls, Goblins, Ores, Dragons & Knights do battle!
RVF HONDA - Formula 1 motorbike racing at 170mph on a Honda RC30 racing bike!
DRIVIN' FORCE - For driving maniacs! 12 competitions day or night with 6 vehicles!
PIPEMANIA - Classic puzzle arcade game. So addictive you won't want to put it down!
ROCK 'N' ROLL - Crazy action game accompanied by fantastic Rock 'n Roll sounds!
SKWEEK- Paint the town PINK, kill Schnoreuls and dominate 99 levels of Skweezland TOWER OF BABEL - Intricate 3D strategy game. Fantastic lighting & shading effects!
BLOODWYCH - Fantasy role-playing game, great interaction with
your computer created environment BUBBLE* - Help the dawdling
ghost and the soap bubble, escape from the old deserted manor
house CAPTAIN BLOOD - Astonishing creatures and animated 3D
graphics, this is a game you just have to play ELIMINATOR - A
progressive multi stage flying shoot 'em up, on a long winding
course, survive if you can!
HOSTAGES - You must get your team and hostages out of the terrorist overrun embassy, without loss of life JUMPING JACKSON - In a deluge of colour and sound save, the earth from sadness and melacholy music KRYPTON EGG - A classic Breakout game, 60 screens, separated by 6 combat sequences LANCASTER - Your mission is to fly the classic WWII bomber on its dangerous raids over enemy territiory LOMBARD RAC RALLY - You drive your 300 bhp Sierra Cosworth through demanding stages of the rally PURPLE SATURN DAY - Four arcade games, an exciting high speed trip into total cosmic 3D space SAFARI GUNS -
Live the African experience in an animal sanctuary, track the poachers & ivory traffickers STIR CRAZY (Featuring Bobo) - Bobo & his inmates are planning a stunning trampoline jump prison escape SKYCHASE - Airborne combat for every simulation fan. In this one or two player game, battle against your MIG flying adversary in your F-16 Falcon.
Rricea ai an iiyl Kcuidl £399 SKYFOXII - Skyfox II, the only ship fast enough to carry on the Skyfox legend. Fight to blow your federation enemies from the Galaxy, at speeds of 9000 kilometres second!
STRIKE FORCE HARRIER - Puts you in the cockpit of one of Britains most exiting fighter aircraft. Multiple skill levels let you progress to become an ace pilot TINTIN ON THE MOON - We've been captured by Colonel Jorgen and he's tring to scupper the moon mission.
Come on Tintin, you're the only one who can save us, and be the first on the moon TV SPORTS FOOTBALL - Strap on your helmet for American football simulation that looks like the real thing.
XENON 2 MEGABLAST - This time it’s warl The Xenites are back and have thrown time itself into turmoil.
We reserve the right to substitute individual software titles or pack items should the need arise.
t lHelping Hand ¦ If even the might of the Gamebusters pages can't help you out of the pits of despair that a game is throwing you into, don't get too worried. Here is the latest instalment of the Helping Hand to rescue the lost and battle weary.
Best foot forward Please, please, please could someone give me a cheat for First Samurai or Strider if possible? Thanks.
Alex Macleod Don't be too premature with your thanks! I may not be able to help you out! To tell the truth, We don’t have a cheat for First Samurai, but Strider is another matter.
Start the game as normal, then pause the action. Now hold down the Shift key and press 1 on the keyboard.
You will now be invincible and have the ability to skip levels. Press FI to F5 to jump to levels one to five, and press number keys 1 to 5 on the keyboard (not the keypad) to jump to various sections within a level.
By the way, if anyone does know of a cheat mode for First Samurai, please send it in so that we can help out poor Alex.
Somewhere over the bluebird I have recently received the game Rainbow Islands and 1 have been playing it constantly, however, I can’t get past the first island (although I can get to the guardian).
I can get all seven diamonds, but I don’t get a big diamond and I still can’t get past the guardian. Please, please can you help me?
Lesley Finlayson, Portland, Dorset Ah a tricky little test of skill is Rainbow Islands (he says, putting on his GamesMaster head). It seems you are missing the point of the seven gems just a tad. It’s not enough just to get all the colours, you have to get them in the right order (red, orange, yellow and so on).
Here is an explanation of how they work: The screen is split into seven vertical bands (which are invisible). What you have to do is kill the monsters so that the gem lands on the right section of the screen (furthest left is red and furthest right is violet, with the bands in-between corresponding to the other colours in turn). If you collect a red gem, then orange, then yellow and so on, you will find that on the guardian screen, a secret door will have appeared. All you have to do to finish the level now is leap into the door. Hope that makes things easier!
Back to Springfield Could you please give me a helping hand on level one of Back to the Future II or on level four of Bart Simpson. I cannot get past the bit where you have to jump on the platforms that light up.
© David Wildman, Gloucester Well David, you're in luck. I have at hand the answers to just these questions!
First, Back to the Future II. Start the game as normal then hit the pause button. Now type THE ONLY NEAT THING TO DO (including spaces) and you can restart the game with infinite lives. Also, pressing Shift and Z will allow you to skip levels.
Now to your second problem, which is also good news for young Erik Waitt from Barnet, since this tip earns him a Helping Hand voucher! To get past the red platforms, just follow this advice: When you are on the first red tile, jump until it starts flashing quickly, then jump on the next red tile that appears. Now jump diagonally to the right, where you should land on an invisible platform (in other words you'll be standing in mid air). Jump up again and walk across the invisible platform (as weird as it sounds). When you get to the orange section, do a long jump to get past a hole, then you
can cany on walking.
Hope that gets you past the danger zone.
Tin Machines Please can you help me on Metal Mutant, because I want to have infinite power. When I asked Amiga Power for help they never said anything in the magazine or printed a letter, so please can you help me?
Lawrence Eldridge, London Oh dear. Not a lot we can do about Amiga Power.
Nothing to do with us, honest! Er... we were on holiday! Um... it was them, not us!
A lot of people have been writing in asking for help on Metal Mutants, but nobody around here seems to have the answer. So, dear reader, it's over to you once more! Can you supply Lawrence with the help he needs? If so, send it into Helping Hand at the address at the bottom of the page.
Major disaster (no that's not right. Er...) My dad recently bought an A500 Plus, but he lets me play games on it (although my dad is more interested in the programming side). Have you got any cheats for Captain Planet? I can complete levels one to four but I want to beat level five and become Captain Planet.
Andy Rowlatt, Wantage, Oxfordshire Another chance for a reader to come to the rescue.
This time the hint comes from Paul Berry in Essex.
What you have to do is complete the fire level and get killed on the water level. Enter your name in the score table as BBBB and you should be able to start with infinite continues (well it does on our version).
Hope that works on the version you’ve got!
Fur across the ocean Please could you give me a cheat for Navy Seals, because I can’t get past the second level.
Robert Thomas Rotherham, South Yorkshire 103 Well, if it's a cheat you want, then it's a cheat you shall have! Play the game as normal until you get a good enough score to place your name on the high- score table. Instead of being big-headed and typing your name in, enter the name PSBOYS. Now go back and start the game again. When you want to skip a level, press H to pause the action, then hit Escape. You should then find yourself on the next level. It’s as simple as that! Any time you want to skip a stage, just hit H then Escape.
MAY 1992 Spook!
I recently purchased Ghouls W Ghosts, but I can’t get anywhere. Can anyone suggest a cheat? I am also stuck on Supercars. Please could you help.
Henry Wenham, Crewe, Cheshire Extremely simple! For Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts, just type KARENBROADHURST on the title screen to remove the collision detection. As for Supercars, enter ODIE to skip the first level, BIGC to jump to the third and RICH for pots of cash. That enough for you? Good!
That’s about all we’ve got time for this month. If you want more extensive tips, then I’m afraid you’ll have to get hold of the Screenplay books, check out the order form over the page.
If you're stuck on a particular game or have a solution to a letter printed in the magazine, then write it down and send it in to us at HELPING HAND Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED!
CORTEX 1 2 Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga A500 Essential A500 upgrade -1Mb Amiga is nnw standard • Functional equivalent to Toi Lower power 1 Mbit DRAM- Latest technology high-quality components • ¦Fatter Agnus' compatible for 1Mb CHIP MEM • Low profile enable disable switch Available with or without battery-backed clock calendar module.
CLOCK £24.95 CORTEX 1 Mb MODULE FOR A500 plus Gives 2Mb CHIP MEM • n nl' ?S*al (rc?uiva,ent to A501 Plus • Ultra low power desiqn • Low component count for maximum reliability • Available populated to 1 2MB or 1MB.
CORTEX 8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga A500 A1000 A500 plus The ONLY RAM upgrade approved by Commodore UK • Fully compatible with A500 plus for 10Mb maximum RAM • External fitting (Warranty remains intact) • Through port (covered by blanking plate) • Fully implemented auto- configure • Zero wait states • Compatible with A590 and all major hard disks • UsesIM x 8bit or 1M x 9bit SIMMs • Complete with its own power supply unit (UK, US, or EURO) • FullyAI 000 compatible • RAM test software.
£19.95 2Mb £189.00 8Mb £369.00 8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga A1500 A2000 Fully implemented aut°-configure
• Zero wait states • Uses 1M x 9bit SIMMs 2,4, or 8Mb
(A500HD8+) 52Mb Hard disk system with up to 8Mb of RAM •
Factory-fitted Quantum Pro-drive, 11ms access • Uses 1M x 8bit
SIMMs (see RAM CHIPS section for prices) • Game switch (hard
drive disable) and power supply.
2Mb £169.
Enhanced chip set (E.C.S.) UPGRADES 52Mb 105Mb £379.00 £569.00 Other GVP products availble: call for prices 8372A Fatter Agnus 8373 Super Denise £45.
G2J [£45?
23 EXTERNAL FLOPPY-DRIVE High-quality silent mechanism • Tnrough-port • Enable disable switch.
Iuuo with Super Agnus (allows 2Mb to be fitted to A500 1500 2000) See 'KICKSTART See 'KICKSTART ROMS' for ROM upgrade.
ROM SHARERS to allow tor future expansion.
As above but with 3-position slide switch KiCKSTARTROMS V1.3 ROM XETEC HARD DISKS Systems available for all Amigas INCLUDING AIOOO call for prices PRICE PROMISE Cortex will match any genuine price offered by one of our U.K. competitors on goods that are in stock on a like-for-like basis. This offer applies at the time of purchase only and does not apply to prices offered in sales of bankrupt stock, clearance or closing down sales.
2 YEAR GUARANTEE All product bearing the Cortex brand name carries a 2-year guarantee. Other products in this advertisment carry a 1 year guarantee.
All prices include VAT and postage & packaging. All products shipped same day where possible. Allow 14 days for delivery if ordering by cheque. Make cheques
P. O.'s payable to CORTEX.. RAM CHIPS 1Mx8bit SIMMs (for Cortex,
GVP etc. 2Mb.
256K x 4bit DIPs (for A590, 2091 ICD etc) each 1M x 1 bit DIPs (for older A2000 cards) each 1M x 4bit Static- Column Mode ZIPs (for A3000) 4Mb £65 m £4.l £4.( E ?
2231 pm £29.
IJ Amigas may still be available to special order, please enquire.)
T HARWOOD'S GREAT 1Mb AMIGA 500 PLUS 'MEGA 31*'PACK 3 That's right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods "Mega 31” Games Pack 1 (far left) AND... then you also get... THE SUPERB PHILIPS CM8833 1I STEREOCOLOUR MONITOR ¦¦Ilia HARWOOD'S BRILLIANT 1Mb AMIGA 500 PLUS 'MEGA 31*' GAMES PACK 2 That's right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods "Mega 31*' Packl AND you also get... THE PHILIPS CM8833 II STEREO COLOUR MONITOR
* o ¦¦it:;;:
• hi!!!!
* a4 ' X .g MONITOR PACK 1 11 8mn J OR... YOU CAN CHOOSE A
See page 6 for FULL details of this remarkable Fast Text Monitor TV m A SPECIAL PACK FROM HARWOOD'S YOU SEE AND HEAR THOSE GAMES WITH SUPERB CLARITY
- 'IKIP Ixlt Our monitor section on page 6 gives full details for
your choice of Philips Monitors & Monitor Tvs CD "O 5 i o l
See page 6 lot FULL details of this remarkable Fas! Text Monitor TV THE SUPER STAR LC 200 COLOUR
Featuring... f 185 40 cps with a FR Lfull Colour 9 Pin NLQ Dot Matrix Printer :E Dust Cover and cable to your Amiga.
(See printer panel for details) CD £ aJ | P-h'.E a s Our monitor section on page 6 gives full details for your choice of Philips Monitors & Monitor Tvs HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY "IT'S THE- BUSINESS" A TRULY PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE SPECIFICALLY FOR THE BUSINESS MINDED AMIGA USER.
THIS ONE SHOULD FULFILL EVERY AREA OF HOME BUSINESS YOU'RE LIKELY TO NEEDI THE BUSINESS PACK FROM HARWOODS INCLUDES ALL THE FOLLOWING... AMIGA 500 PLUS WITH 1Mb. MEMORY + PHILIPS CM 8833 11 STEREO COLOUR MONITOR See Monitor Pan l on Page 6 for Details STAR LC200 9 PIN FULL COLOUR PRINTER See Printer Panejon Page 5 for Details A HOST OF BUSINESS SOFTWARE & ACCESSORIES... PEN PAL V1.3 (Word Processor)...1Mb. SUPERBASE II PERSONAL (Database) SUPERPLAN (Spreadsheet)...1Mb. Datastorm, Drivin' Force, Pipe Mania, A GREATTEN Dungeon Quest, Rock-N-Roll, E-Motion, **¦ ace nmi tr'c Tower of Babel,
Skweek.RVF Honda, UAMCO rAUIvAut and Grand Monster Slam.
PRIMARY & JUNIOR PACK A Get your children off to the right computing start with this software leam and play pack... PROF. PLAYS A NEW GAME PROF. LOOKS AT WORDS PROF. MAKES SENTENCES PROF. HUNTS FOR WORDS Active, enquiring young minds love seeing Die cartoon character called Prof. Entertain and teach.
Children lake charge ot Prof. On the computer, active learning. Follows National Currtcuhim(N.C.). H0MEBASE Ideal home storage system. Keep household lists, student records etc. Easy lo use "push button' controls.
PRIMARY MATHS COURSE Around 24 modules In this course trom 3 yrs old right up to secondary level. Follows N.C. READINGS WRITING COURSE 24 module course. Teaching trom the computer and books. For early starters & Ibe dyslexic.
See page S for FULL defails of 'his remarkable Fast Text Monitor TV HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY mm GCSE 'O' LEVEL PACK B GCSE examination level studies on your Amiga computer that's fun!
MICRO ENGLISH, MICRO FRENCH AND MICRO MATHS A set ol three complete sell-tuilion courses to GCSE level which can also be used for revision work. All programs adhere lo the National Curriculum and were designed and tested in schools by prolesslonal teachers.
Micro French Includes Teal speech' lo help your accent!
PEN PAL- Graphical Word Processor A fantastic word processor with all the tools you’ll need to create eltecllve written work. Ideal tor home woik.
Projects etc. or tor the families letters. Text wraps automatically around graphics, even as you lypel Includes a built-in database and Forms Manager.
HOMEBASE Homebase Is the Ideal Information storage program lor things like household lists, student notes, and children's educational projects. Inc. clearly labelled 'push button' controls and dear comprehensive reference manuals.
GREAT PACKAGE PRICE OF JUST... The Closer you look, The Better
we look.
CDTV ACCESSORIES ' latest availability.
SIGh PROVIDED BY ANY STANDARD VIDEO SOURCE CDTV COMPATIBLE AND STYLED IN MATCHING BLACK (Same spec as CAX 354 on page 4 of this advertisement) Many Amiga Accessories & Peripherals (e.g. Printers, Disk Drives, Software etc.) are compatible with CDTV. Please phone us for compatability information.
Photon Paint 2.0 ONLY £99.95 Mode Switch-box for Genlocks Features Include
- Compatible With The Pro-Gen And Rendale 8802
- Supplied With Genlock Extender Cable Worth £9.95
- Switch-box Switches Between Foreground, Background, Video And
Computer Modes.
£29.95 IlMlMll'l'Jfll'J ft Features Include ftLong connecting cable ft 1Mb, (880K Formatted) Capacity ft Enable Disable Switch, ft Throughport ft Access Light ft Compatible with Amiga 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 and CDTV IDISK I) R I K | £57.95 NEW! IGVP 52-105Mb HARD DISK DRIVE WITH MEMORY EXPANSIONS OF UP TO 8Mb.
Ft Capacities of 52 or 105Mb available ft Connects to sidecar bus on L H side of A500 A500 Plus ftAutoboots with Kickstart 1.3 2.0, boot enable disable switch ft Sockets for up to 8 Mb of RAM expansion ft SCSI Port allows up to 7 other devices to be connected
- V Supplied with easy to use software ft 2 Year Warranty
Complete with dedicated PSU ft Mini slot for future expansion
capabilities ft PC-AT Emulator planned to be available for 1992
MICRO MATHS - 24 easy to use programs for GCSE ('O' £21.95 Level) revision or self tuition MEGA MATHS - A 9 level step by step tuition course. For £21.95 mature beginners, 'A' Level studies & Micro Maths users MICRO FRENCH - GCSE French tuition or revision course. £21.95 Covers both spoken & written French MICRO ENGLISH - A complete programe of self-tuition up £21.95 to GCSE standard PRIMARY MATHS COURSE - Ages 3 to 12, Complete £21.95 24 Programme Course.
SPELL BOOK - Ages 4 to 6, Developed with the help of a £17.95 Primary School Head Teacher to aid spelling skills.
PROF: Hunts for Words - With clues for Prof. And his young £24.95 audience, children can hunt for words and complete a story.
PROFlooks at Words - You direct Prof. Around the screen £24.95 searching for letters lo complete the words. 17 levels of play.
PROF:Makes Sentences - Children help Prof. Make up £24.95 sentences by unjumbling sequences of words - great animation.
PROF:Plays a New Game- Comes with a story disk, audio £24.95 tape, and an illustrated raeding book.
3. 5" DISK HEAD CLEANER for optimum reliability BLACK CDTV
: “ l! Ox rr 0Mb.
£359.95 £549.95
* •- * 53 = oz Q_ n 2Mb.
£429.95 £629.95 LI- 4Mb.
£509.95 £749.95 DO.?
U D CD 8Mb.
Ft 1 Mb. RAM expansion for the Amiga 500 Plus ft Gives a total of 2Mb. Of RAM Easily fitted without any dismantling in the trapdoor expansion slot underneath Amiga. DOESN'T invalidate your warranty!
Ft Low power consumption 2 Yr Guarantee!
* ¦ £44.95
0. 5 Mb PRO-RAM Compatible with Amiga A500 and 500 Plus Ottf-
Gives A500 a total of 1Mb Memory + Clock OAQ AP Gives 500 Plus
a total of 1.5Mb Memory All our packs contain the new Amiga
A500 Plus.
1.3 Amigas may still he available to special order, please enquire.)
AMIGA DRIVES & MEMORY AMIGA SOFTWARE Muslc-X: The ultimate software for professional MIDI sequencing. The software includes a configurable librarian and a synthesiser patch editor. All you need to recreate a song can be recalled from one performance file including sequences, MIDI routing, sync setup, keyboard maps & synthesiser or drum machine patch libraries. NEW LOW PRICES - £54.95 or just £74.95 with midi-interface!
MIDI INTERFACE (5 Port): In, Out, Through plus 2 switchable thru' out. Includes cable. £24.95 AMOS: AMOS allows you to access the power of the Amiga with ease. 500 different commands make AMOS a sophisticated development language. The AMOS animation language allows you to create complex animation sequences. 300 page manual and over 80 example programs £49.95 Amos Add on Modules: (BOTH require Amos prog.) Lint'fUllMilJJllliM.f.T.T.T-M Amos Compiler Amos 3D IJ;f w; SuperBase 4: Most powerful database available for the Amiga.Combines the ease of use of Super- Base 2 with a versatile programming
language so that you can tailor your data to your own specific needs for club business library records etc. £229.95 Lattice C: An ideal tool for the C programmer whether experienced or a novice. The best way to create applications for the Amiga.Fully supports Motorola chipset. Nearly 300 functions optimised to help the user write the tightest possible code. Includes screen editor. Most Amiga C books are based around lattice. (Requires either 2 floppy drives OR a hard disk drive) £199.95 Deluxe Paint IV: Latest version of the Amigas first, and still the best, paint and animation package, now
including HAM mode. (1 Mb. Minimum memory or more recommended) £79.95 Vldi, The Complete Colour Solution: Vidi with RGB Splitter, Frame Grabber & Digitiser. Grabs moving colour video into 16 grey scale frames (up to 16 frames in 1 Mb. Amiga) and digitises from still colour video source in up to 4096 colours in less than 1 second! Requires home VCR or video camera for grabbing. Requires video camera or VCR with perfect pause for digitising. Now comes with Photon Paint 2.0 ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!!! £179.95 MASTERSOUND: High quality "mono" sampler (best for sampling instruments etc.) £36.95
V. 13 WORD PROCESSOR DATABASE With Pen Pal you can mix text, 4096
colour graphics & data in ways no other w p can! "It's
handling of graphics is unsurpassed: Pen Pal is the only word
processor I tested that will automatically wrap text round
graphics.. , Amiga World, July '90 '« £79.95 PEN PAL
complete WITH 512K Amiga RAM Expansion only..l99.9S!
The Closer you look, The Better we look, ‘bintnici’ lenns are arailable (subject lo slants) for mosl products: jtlease see oar ordering landal the cud of Ibis adierl far full details RINTERS All printers in our range include a standard Centronics Parallel Port for direct connection to Amiga, PC's, Atari ST's, Archimedes etc. iee RIES PRINTER ACCESSORIES We supply a connection cable to YOUR computer FREE plus a Qualify Dust Cover with ALL Dot Matrix Printers lal
C. E o aj - CD w Q. ro 8d.g I £.
Gl I l?3 " GORDON HARWOOD PRINTER STARTER PACK ALL our Dot Matrix Printers are supplied complete with... 200 Sheets of Continuous Printer Paper 100 Useful Self Adhesive Continuous Labels Amiga Printer Drivers Disk CITIZEN 120D+ 9 PIN MONO - Up to 120 25 cps ? Very reliable low cost printer with interchangable interfaces for | £149.95 Centronlcs RS232 senal type (C64 etc.) ? Full 2 Year manufacturers warranty NEW FASTER STAR LC20 9 PIN MONO • Up to 150 38 cps- Replacement for our most popular Mono Dot-Matrix at a super low price ? Multiple font options easily accessible ? Simultaneous,
continuous and single from front panel sheet statione ? Excellent paper handling facilities ? 240x2 STAR LC200 9 PIN COLOUR PRINTER • 185 40 cps This Is the one In our packs!
? 80 Column Dot Matrix ? 240 dpi-9 Pin COLOUR ? 16K Buffer, 8 Resident Fonts ? Push pull tractor & rear bottom feeds ? Reverse paper feeds CITIZEN SWIFT 9 PIN COLOUR - 160 40cps New super high spec 9Pin colour printer ? 8K Buffer 4 Fonts ? Push and pull tractor built-in ? Feed for labels multi part stationery ?
£159.95 ? Micro paper feed, Max. paper width 11.7" ? Supplied with colour & mono ribbons ? Paper park with auto single sheet loading ? Programmable from front panel.
? 12 month warranty ? 240 x 240 dpi Colour Graphics ? Best text quality in our 9Pin range ? 2 Year Citizen warranty CITIZEN PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Citizen 120D+ Sheet Feeder £69.95 Citizen 120D+ Parallel Interface £49.95 Citizen 120D+ CBM C64 Serial Interface £49.95 Citizen 124D 32K Buffer Citizen 124D Semi-Auto SheetFeeder Citizen 124D Automatic Sheet Feeder Citizen 124D Printer Stand Citizen Swift 9 Semi-Auto SheetFeeder Citizen Swift 9 Automatic Sheet Feeder Citizen Swift 9 Printer Stand Citizen Swift 9X Printer Stand £34.95 Citizen Swift 9X Automatic Sheet Feeder £139.95 Citizen Swift 24 32K
Printer Buffer £13.95 Citizen Swift 24 Semi-Auto Sheet Feeder £39.95 Citizen Swift 24 Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen Swift 24 Printer Stand £24.95 Citizen Swift 24X Auto Sheet Feeder £139.95 Citizen Swift 24X Printer Stand £34.95 HEWLETT PACKARD PAINTJET PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Hewlett Packard PaintJet Black Ink cartridge £25.95 Colour Ink Cartridge £31 ,49 Single Sheet Printer Paper Z-Fold Printer Paper £15.95 Transparency Paper: Pack of 50 Sheets £52.95 STAR PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Star LC-20 Mono Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC24-10 Mono Printer 32K Buffer £67.95 £67.95
Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC-200 Colour Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC 24-200 Mono Colour Printers 32K Printer Buffer £34.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star SJ48 Printer Automatic Sheet Feeder £54.95 Ni-Cad Battery £39.95 Star XB 24-200 Colour Printer Pull Tractor £34.95 Font Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced £29.95 128K Centronics Printer Buffer £89.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £114.95 Dual Bin SheetFeeder £429.95 Star XB 24-250 Colour Printer Pull Tractor £34.95 Font Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced £29.95 128K Centronics Printer Buffer £89.95 Automatic SheetFeeder
£174.95 Dual Bin SheetFeeder £469.95 STAR SJ48 INKJET PRINTER £249.95 New super high quality bubble Ink jet printer ? 64 Nozzle inkjet ? Large 28K Buffer ? 360 x 360 dpi near laser print quality ? Optional Ni-Cad battery for mains free operation ? Emulates Epson LQ and IBM Proprinter for full compatibility Q Complete with AC adaptor STAR LC24 200 24 PIN MONO - 220 55 cps Mono version of LC24 200 Colour, same spec except for a smaller 7K buffer STAR LC24 200 24 PIN COLOUR - 220 55 cps Colour version of the LC24-200 Mono.
? 80 Column Dot Matrix ? Paper park with auto: Q Micro paper feed, Max. paper width 11.1 ? Supplied with mono ribbon ? Faster than the old LC24-10 ? Extra font cartridges available ? Program from front panel, No DIP switches ? 12 month warranty ? 360 dpi-24 Pin MONO ? 30K Buffer (expandable) ? 10 Resident Fonts ? Front Panel Pitch Selection ? Push pull tractors rear bottom feeds ? Reverse paper feed NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN 224 COLOUR -160 53 cps- Brand New, lowest cost colour 24 Pin printer, anywhere!
? 80 Column Dot Matrix with 4 Fonts ? Push & pull tractor feeds ? 360 dpi - 24 Pin COLOUR ? Complete paper parking facilities.
? 8K Buffer expandable to 32K ? Supplied with mono & colour ribbons ? Easy to use front panel controls ? Full 2 Year Citizen Warranty NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COLOUR -180 60 cps - Brand New, superb specification colour 24 Pin printer. _ ? 80 Column Dot Matrix with 7 Fonts ? Push pull & bottom tractor feeds ? 360 dpi - 24 Pin COLOUR ? Complete paper parking facilities.
? 8K Buffer expandable to 32K ? Supplied with mono & colour ribbons ? Easy to use LCD panel controls ? Full 2 Year Citizen Warranty NEW FASTER STAR XB 24 PIN COLOUR RANGE XB24-200 & XB24-250 - 275 80 cps These NEW top of the range Stars replace the XB24 10 & £399.95 24-200 Colour Wide Carriaqe 1 £499.95 24-250 Colour XB24 15, & offer the best possible quality dot matrix printing ? Exceptional print quality ? 4 x 48Pin super letter quality fonts ? 14 x 24Pin near letter quality fonts HEWLETT PACKARD PAINTJET COLOUR A4 INKJET Our best quality lull colour printer at a realistic price ?
Parallel Centronics or Serial RS232 l F (specify with order, MAC option available) ? For presentation graphics DTP, CAD and technical scientific applications ? A full page of colour graphics in 4 minutes (typical) Q Non impact printing, ? Will print transparencies a virtually silent, 43dba ? 12 Months on-site warranty (UK Mainland) STARSCRIPT - 4ppm POSTSCRIPT COMPATIBLE LASER A4 Laser Printer, will connect to PC, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh etc.- ?300 DPI, 2Mb. Upgradable to 5Mb.
L3 Serial and Parallel Interfaces ? 12month on site warranty (UK Mainland) ? 49 quality fonts built-in ? Appletalk for connection to Macintosh ? Every desktop publishers dream U3Q0 uhi, 2Mb. Upgradable to 5Mb.
? Emulations inc: HP Series II, Epson EX800, IBM Proprinter & Diablo 630 ?Complete with "Starscript" (Stars postscript language emulation) SEE OUR LIST OF ACCESSORIES FOR BOTH STAR AND CITIZEN PRINTERS, ALL AT COMPETITIVE PRICES!
All the characters Per Second speeds quoted above are Draft LQ at 10cpl PRINTER TYPE RIBBON SIX PACK' COLOUR RIBBON 'SIX PACK' CITIZEN 120D+ BLACK ONLY £24.95 N A N A CITIZEN 124 BLACK ONLY £24.95 N A N A CITIZEN SWIFT 9 BLACK COLOUR £24.95 £16.95 £99.95 SWIFT 24 24 E 224 BLACK COLOUR £24.95 £16.95 £99.95 STAR LC10 20 BLACK COLOUR £4.95 £24.95 £6.90 £36.50 STAR LC200 BLACK COLOUR £6.95 ZX9 £36.95 ZX9 £12.95zx9Cl £69.95 zx9cl STAR LC24 200 BLACK COLOUR £8.95 Z24 £49.95 Z24 £14.95x24cl £74.95 X24CL STAR XB RANGE BLACK COLOUR £8.95 Z24 £49.95 Z24 £14.95x24cl £74.95 X24CL STAR SJ48 INK CARTRIDGE
BLACK ONLY Also compatible with Apple Stylewriter and Cannon BJ10E Bubblejet £14.95ea. AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS • VOL 1 ABACUS BOOKS, £14.95 From unpacking your Amiga lo creating your own icons, Includes first use ol basic and extras disk. NEW revised version covering workbench 1.3 and 2 AMIGA BASIC INSIDE AND OUT - VOL 2 A8ACUS BOOKS, £18.95 BOOK SHOP FOR BEGINNERS & EXPERTS ALIKE Definitive step by step guide to programming Amiga’s in basic.
AMIGA MACHINE LANGUAGE - VOL 4 ABACUS BOOKS, £14.95 Practical guide to learning 68000 assembler language.
AMIGA DOS INSIDE AND OUT - VOL 8 ABACUS BOOKS, £23.45 on ihe Amiga 7] W od, Guide to Amiga DOS S CU. NEW Edition inc. WB 2.0 (includes Free Help Disk) AMIGA HARDWARE REFERENCE MANUAL-Addlson Wesley, £21,95 Written by technical experts at Commodore Amiga Inc, USA... Ihe people who designed your Amiga. Hardware level machine code programming at advanced level. New revision now also includes Kickstart 2.
AMIGA, BEST OF TRICKS & TIPS Vol. 17, £32.95 A complete set oi tricks and tips that enable you to do MORE with your Amiga and as simply as possible. (Includes Free Disk) GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR AMIGA, £9.95 From Future Publishing, the producers ot Amiga Formal Magazine and fully updated for 1992 OR... WEAL WA YS CARRY LARGE STOCKS OF THE FULL RANGE OF ABACUS & OTHER BOOKS...Phone us lor detailsI available with 2 HELP DISKS INCLUDED-£13.95 lONITORS & MONITOR TV's Harwoods stock a complete range of both Monitors & Monitor TV's to give you your perfect solution to the type of display to buy.
PHILIPS CM8833 II The ever popular 14-inch Philips CM 8833 Mkll. Its versatility means you not only get excellent eolour graphics & text performance with a wide range ot personal computers, but when connected to a VCR, you get an amazing 600 pixel TV picture.With the 8833 Mkll, Harwoods give you the complete set up, to get you going straight away... Monitor, RGB picture and Stereo Audio Cables, Tailored dust cover, and a full 12 Months on site service warranty.
JrRGB AD, TTL, Composite. Video & stereo audio inputs Can be used as a TV with VCR or Tuner Also as a Video Camera display monitor Retractable stand .VTwin Stereo Speakers Headphone Jack Socket FREEIead for your computer FREE 12 Month on site service warranty. O O A Q QC THE MOST VERSATILE STEREO bLTWeVv) COLOUR MONITOR AVAILABLE CBM 1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR.
Commodore's Own Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor with...
- YRGB AI TTL, Composite. Video Audio Inputs Can be used as TV
with VCR or tuner. Twin Speakers for stereo output Supplied
with cables for CORO Q£ A500, CGA PC, C16-64-128. | It’s
important to remember that most TV Monitors, are still first
and foremost televisions, meaning that their average 400 pixel
tube display 50% lower resolution than a monitor) cannot be
guaranteed to display 80 column text clearly without risking
eye strain. If choosing a Television Monitor ensure it has the
latest 2000 character tube capability, meaning it can handle
the Amigas’ 80 characters, by 25 line output clearly.
10 FREE GAMES WITH YOUR TV OR MONITOR WHEN PURCHASED SEPARATELY (ie. These games are already ' il r:i-l I iT-jll lH' £ Before you choose from whom to purchase, please phone us. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, and answer any queries you may have...
t. OliPnim I'Hl'NI Phone our Order Hotline with your Access,
Visa. Mastercard.
J Switch or Lombard Creditcharge Card quoting number 8 expiry date (Dixons, Currys.
NASCR and other 'store' cards are Lombard Creditcharge and are accepted by us).
K 71 i’i n IJY I'll: : Make cheques, bankers building society drafts or postal orders payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS. (Personal business cheques take 1 7days to clear from day ot receipt whereupon your order will be despatched). Please send Name. Address, and most importantly ii possible, a Daytime Telephone Number along with your order requirements. Please check you are ordering tram one ot our latest advertisements before posting (phone it you require confirmation). Please remember that lor example many September publications appear during August, therefore prices you see may have
changed (either up or down).
_ Flit I r- I '.I I'lllViKI FREE within 14 working days. UK Mainland only. OR: Ml COURIER SERVIlT .Add £5.95 per major item for next working day delivery, UK lTW Mainland most regions iKa EXPORT ORDERf: Most items are available at TAX FREE PRICES to non UK
* 7" residents when visiting export shipment. Please contact us
for ordering information.
ST III I T I IE HE... ;you've notion i no TECHNICAL SUPPORT: You will be given our Exclusive Technical Support Phone Number to call should you require any help or advice on any aspect of the system you have purchased.
12 MONTH W Af 111ANTY: Items proving faulty within 30 days of purchase are replaced with NEW UNITS unless otherwise stated. For the whole guarantee period, warranty service will be completely FREE OF CHARGE.
Roil! CHOk'l '.‘-II11V: Any computer, monitor or printer requiring warranty service can be collected from your home FREE OF CHARGE during the guarantee period (UK Mainland only) and a FAST turnaround is GUARANTEED by our OWN ENGINEERS!
I Lit i Ti : HkV I'lii.H'LL’Uiil All computers are tested prior to despatch, and all items are supplied with mains plug and leads as required - |ust connect up and use straight away.
All listed prices are what YOU PA Y, and there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.
VAT and postage are included, and prices are correct at time of going to press (Pack details may vary from time to time). Offers are subject to availability and to being the latest advertised packs and prices. Our offers are NOT supplied on a trial basis. E&OE.
JL IX : , ; tailored to suit your needs. Written details on request.
Gordon Harwood Computers offer facilities to purchase using our budget account scheme.
APR 36.8% (Variable). Available to most adults of eighteen years or over, subject to status.
Simply phone or write and we will send you written details along with an application form.
Applications, required in advance, available to full time U.K. mainland residents and overseas British forces personnel. Showroom visitors, please ask for details of our instore "Instant Account”. Written quotations on request. 'jf* -' If you are already the holder of a Lombard Credit Charge Card you can use this to purchase from us (subject to your personal card limit) Please pay us a visit where our full range of advertised products, at the SAME COMPETITIVE PRICES, & MORE, is on sale. 'ALL UNDER ONE ROOF', in pleasant surroundings at our purpose built showroom (See note below map). There's
plenty of FREE parking close by.
- £24.95 £149.95 MIDI INTERFACE (5 Port): In, Out, Through plus 2
switchable thru' out. Includes cable. - Vldi, The Complete
Colour Solution: Vidi with RGB Splitter, Frame Grabber &
Digitiser. Grabs moving colour video into 16 grey scale frames
(up to 16 frames in 1 Mb. Amiga) and digitises from still
colour video source in up to 4096 colours in less than 1
secondl Requires home VCR or video camera for grabbing.
Requires video camera or VCR with perfect pause for digitising.
Now comes with Photon Paint 2.0 FREEH! (see Pro-Gen feture for
full software details) KCS POWERBOARD IBM PC EMULATOR Allows
you to run many popular IBM PC compatible software £219.95
titles on your Amiga or Amiga A500 Plus Hercules, CGA &
Monochrome Video Support, Supports Both 3.5 Inch & 5.25 Inch
Diskettes .YFits Into A501 RAM Slot, 8088 XT Processor,
Clock Calendar Included, Acts As 512K RAM Exp. When In Amiga
Mode, Includes MS-DOS 4.01, Shell & GW-BASIC, DOS-Help, &
On-Board Memory Supports A590 Hard Drive, Mouse Driver Software
KCS POWERBOARD AS ABOVE BUT WITHOUT: MS-Dos 4.01, GW-Basic, Shell, £189.95 N AKSHA 400dpi SCANNER £114.95 Switchable between 200dpi and 400dpi Supports up to 32 grey shades with adjustable contrast Supplied with EXPRESS-IT! Software, image utility allows you to save in the format best suited to your favourite package.
SUPRARAM RX 500 (512Kto 8Mb. RAM Expansion) The RAM expansion giving massive memory WITHOUT dismantling your Amiga, thus avoiding the possibility of invalidating your warranty.
Easily connects to sidecar with bus 'pass-through' for HD's etc. 2Mb. RAM Version £199.95 4Mb. RAM Version £329.95 8Mb. RAM Version £549.95 NAKSHA MICROSWITCHED MOUSE £24.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE £32.95 COMPETITION PRO JOYSTICK 5000 Black £7.95 ZIPSTICK JOYSTICK £12-95 COMPETITION PRO STAR JOYSTICK £14.95 The ONLY joystick to obtain a 100% rating from a magazine reviewl
3. 5" DISK HEAD CLEANER £2.99 Gordon Harwood Computers $ WISA
Authorised Dealer Apple™ in Alfreton... For the professional
user, Gordon Harwood provides the outstanding Apple™
Macintosh™ range of computers.
These superb systems are available at surprisingly competitive prices!
OFFERS* As your quality assured Apple™ Authorised Dealer,
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‘Offers open during ’Special Promotional Period1 whilst stocks last" BCS Spring Sale LOOKING FOR DISKS & BOXES LOOK NO FURTHER 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE DISKS! DISKS! DISKS!
50 3.5" DS DD £22.50 100 3.5" DS DD £37.00 150 3.5" DS DD £52.50 200 3.5" DS DD £69.00 400 3.5" DS DD .....£138.00 500 3.5" DS DD .....£165.00 1000 + Call for spot price All prices include VAT free labels & free
delivery 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE DISKS + 100 CAP LOCKABLE BOXES 50 3.5" DS DD + 100 cap box .£25.50 100 3.5" DS DD+ 100 cap box .£40.50 150 3.5" DS DD+ 100 cap box .£56.50 200 3.5" DS DD + 2 100 cap boxes ..£74.00 400 3.5" DS DD + 4100 cap boxes .£147.00 500 3.5" DS DD + 5 100 cap boxes .£174.00 1000 3.5" DS DD + 10 100 cap boxes .£
call All prices include VAT free labels & free delivery
Capacity £4.10
Capacity .....£4.50
3. 5" STACKABLE BOXES 60 Capacity
Lockable ..£10.00
80 Capacity Banx Lockable
Box ......£8.95
150 Capacity Posso Box . . . £15.00 _
3. 5" 10 CAPACITY BOX Cl .00
5. 25" 50 Cap
Lockable ..£5.10
5. 25" 100 Cap
Lockable £5.90
Box .....£31.00
100 3.5" DS DD + 80 Cap Banx
Box ....£45.00
150 3.5" DS DD + 2 x 80 Cap Banx
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3.5" DS DD + 2 x 80 Cap Banx
Boxes .£85.00 500
3.5" DS DD + 5 x 80 Cap Banx
Boxes .....£199.00 All
prices include VAT Free labels & free delivery A500 Plus 1MB
Cartoon Classic Pack ONLY £345 A500 Plus 1MB Cartoon Pack +
Philips CM8833 Mkll + Lead + F19 + on-site warranty ONLY £570
Philips CM8833 Mk II Colour Monitor UK Spec, lead + F19 Flight
Simulator + 1 year on-site warranty ONLY £228 f CDTV 1 f
(OR 100 3.5* DS HD FOR £61INCL. P&P LABELS VAT) ( AMIGA 1500
ONLY £575 )
5. 25" DS DD Disks 21 peach
5. 25" DS HD Disks 39p each ( AMIGA EXT CUMANA DRIVE
£58 ) ( 14" MONITOR STAND (tilt & swivel) C10.00 ) A
ACCESSORIES 1 2 Meg Upgrade ..£27.00 1 2 Meg
Upgrade + Clock...£29.00 1000 Labels (coloured) £8.00 1000
Tractor Labels (white).£10.00 Amiga
Mouse ....£14.00 Mouse
Mat ....£2.75 Mouse
Holder .....£2.50 1MB Upgrade
(A500P) .£55.00 JOYSTICKS
Zipstick ....£11.50 Stingray
Joystick ..£13.50 Cheetah
125+ ...£7.50 Cheetah Star
Probe ....£10.00
JetFighter ..£12.50
Topstar .....£21.00 Manta
Ray .£13.50 Black
Cruiser ....£10.py LOOK COLOUR PRINTERS Star
LC-200 ....£205.00 Star LC-24
200 , ..£265.00 Prices incl. VAT lead
All prices include VAT. Add £4 P&P add £8 2 day £10 next day Call in or send cheques postal orders to: BCS Ltd., 349 Ditchling Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 6JJ ORDER HOTLINE: iwJ Tel 0273 506269 or 0831 279084
- All offers subject to availability. Prices may change without
This is a First for the Amiga, and it's a program that has its origins on the Atari ST - remember those?
Recently converted to the Amiga, this package promises to take you step by step through a number of drawing lessons, teaching the basics of real drawing such as perspective, anatomy, how to draw cartoons and so on. It comes complete with a built-in paint package called Level One, which attempts to keep it simple by avoiding the use of menus. It’s an intriguing idea, but the software house is an unknown quantity for us Amiga owners so wait to see the review next month.
Coming Contraptions Here's a sneaky advance glimpse of the delights that are ready for release, as we take our regular look at the creative and useful software and hardware that wil help you get the most out of your Amiga. Don't forget to check coming issues for in-depth reviews of the following... D MAY 1992 KCS POWER PC BOARD £219.95 INC MS-DOS BITCON 091-490 1919 One of the two most popular PC emulator cards there is, and now it’s available in two new forms. First, there’s an A500 Plus version, tailored to work on the new system, with the 1Mb memory (which the card adds to your Amiga’s
normal RAM) configured as Chip memory. Second, there’s an adaptor card now available for an extra £74.95, that means you can install the Power PC Board inside an Amiga 1500, 2000 or 3000.
Version 3 of the board now extends the power of the emulator, which works in all PC graphics modes with a memory availability of 704K in the lower graphics modes and 640K in EGA or VGA. The processor runs at a reasonable 11MHz, but inevitably the system will slow down considerably when it’s trying to run VGA. The company reckon that most hard drives are supported and most software will run on the emulator, but we will be giving it a full test very soon.
DR T'S X-OR £219 BLUE RIBBON VIA ZONE 081-766 6564 It comes with a serious price tag, but this is a serious tool for serious musicians. Coming from US software house Dr T’s, the top name in music software for the Amiga, this is basically a universal patch editor that allows you to pre-program and re-program new sounds for all sorts of synthesizers and tone modules.
The range of musical hardware supported is bewilderingly large and new extensions are being provided all the time, so it’s best to phone Zone and check if you’re in any doubt as to whether your particular kit is supported. The software uses a systems-exclusive method so that sounds may be ported about at random, and all your MIDI gear can remain on-line at all times with a simple on-screen switching system so that you can also try out your sounds in development. This looks like a real winner, but our forthcoming review will show if it has any major advantages over specific tailored patch
librarian systems.
This one is really set to change the face of Amiga software as we know it. It’s the first of what will hopefully become a series of Amiga software, sourced by UK distributor HB Marketing.
HBM have been travelling Europe in search of high-quality programs that have not previously been translated into English, and are undertaking translating the program text and the manuals into English before selling the series over here at a highly competitive price.
The first in the series, Expert Draw, is a real stunner. It’s translated from a German original and it’s a structured drawing program that competes directly with Professional Draw from Gold Disk. We’ve taken a brief look at the program and, quite apart from having all the features you could want from a drawing package of this kind, it looks faster and more solid than Professional Draw, as well as coming in considerably cheaper.
This is exactly the sort of thing that needs to happen to the Amiga at the moment: a top-quality package coming in at a reasonable price so that people who haven't tried a particular area of Amiga use before will be encouraged to explore.
Read the full review next month, but we reckon this could go straight onto our “you have to buy it” list.
Second in the Expert series is this French- originated 3D modelling and rendering program. In essence, the way this one works is simple enough: it allows you to create objects from primitives (basic shapes) and then build them up until you’ve created your car, house, spaceship or whatever. You then switch to the rendering mode, where the program will fill in the surface of your shape in any of a number of preset textures.
It’s possible that the lower price reflects this, but we’re not quite so confident that this second program in the Expert series will be quite such a smash hit: it looks just a little bit quirky and complex, the way most 3D modelling and rendering programs tend to be. All the same, at the price it looks as if it could be well worth exploring.
V-LAB DIGITISER CARD £299 AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND 031-557 4242 An extraordinary rethink of the video digitiser concept, this card for the Amiga 1500. 200 or 300 promises to bring a new simplicity to video digitising. Developed in Germany and still being translated into English by ACS. The system is based around hardware that includes television chips to grab frames from a normal, ordinary YUV signal. These frames are stored in a framebuffer on the card and then passed on to the Amiga and translated into an appropriate Amiga file format, with HAM and 24-bit supported.
The clever thing about the system is that it can be plugged straight in to an ordinary video source and grabs the full YUV video signal with no need to use an RGB splitter. This should give improvements in the quality of the image as well as in ease of use. The software provides a moving ‘preview image' which is an animation based on signal input, so while it’s not quite the full motion video source, it removes the need for you to use a separate monitor. All very clever.
We're trying out some initial experiments now and we will be bringing you a full review next issue so watch this space.
AMIGA BASIC £1 5.99 DABS PRESS 061 -773 8632 It's a great idea, but you have to doubt the timing. Just after Commodore have stopped putting AmigaBasic in with every new Amiga that is sold, a book arrives on how to use AmigaBasic. Ho hum.
All the same, if you have an older Amiga and have a copy of AmigaBasic lying around that you've never really got to grips with, this might tempt you to make the effort. It's not the first book on the subject (Abacus, the largest book publisher for the Amiga, also do a book on using AmigaBasic) but it’s certainly the newest and. I would hazard a guess, very likely to be the last.
This book is packed with information and seems (on a quick flick through) to be very comprehensive and yet at the same time to take quite a simple, steady, step-by-step approach. Above all. It's crammed with listings which you can type in to get practical examples of what’s going on as you learn about any particular subject. It looks like an excellent book on the subject: is anyone interested?
MAY 1992 COMPENDIUM SIX £39 (CHECK!) GENISOFT 0753 686000 Good value doesn’t come into it: this pack of six programs on six separate disks has to be one of the best deals ever seen. Provided, that is, you've got any use for the programs. Every program in the pack is from the recent Genisoft line-up of simple, accessible educationally- orientated packages designed to help parents get the most out of the home Amiga. These were originally all released separately, so it's probably their lack of sales as stand-alone programs that has prompted the release of the pack.
Putting them in the Compendium pack, however, makes the programs a much more exciting proposition, simply because each one is so specialised. If you saw them individually you might think “What, exactly, do I need that for?”, but brought together as a group they become full of intriguing possibilities.
Star of the package for us is the word processor for kids, entitled Kidstype, which exactly reflects the sort of thing used in primary schools for teaching computer literacy. But there's a strong supporting cast. Too.
Weather Watcher is a meteorological exploration program which helps kids record and analyse weather data and create their own weather maps. What is it? Where is it? Teaches the geography of the counties of Great Britain in the form of a fun game, while Calendar Quiz approaches the complex subject of dates in a similar way. Game Set and Match is a matching game that tests recognition of a wide variety of things, from shapes and colours to numbers and coins. Finally. Words and Numbers tests knowledge of how sentences are made up and how groups of numbers relate with a number of simple games.
All in all. This is an excellent pack for parents and has to be one of the bargains of the year.
'Serious' reviews This is the section of the magazine dedicated to bringing you honest and intelligent reviews of the latest 'serious' releases in hardware and software.
From expansions such as extra memory and hard drives through to useful, practical utilities to the latest in ‘productivity’ (DTP, databases) and ‘creativity' (paint, animation, 3D and music) software, It’s all in here.
Two years running, Amiga Format has been voted by computer retailers as the magazine that they most trust when they're deciding what to stock, so you can see that we're the people best placed to advise you on what to buy. With our expert knowledge, we know what's the best program to date for any particular kind of job, and we’ll see how anything new stacks up against the best In the business.
Contents A big and brilliant 'serious' section for you to pore over, and it’s full to the brim with Format Golds.
PROPAGE______________________________________________118 The first of our reviews on the updates of the two best DTP packages for the Amiga. How does Gold Disk’s offering fare... PAGESTREAM_______________________________________124 ...when compared to Soft Logik's newly released Pagestream, turn the pages and find out the bottom line.
PRO CALC______________________________________________129 Find out why Gold Disk's new spreadsheet is even better than the current top dog. Advantage.
CALIGARI 2___________________________________________138 Another big update, in the 3D world but is this cheaper, domestic version what the artists have been waiting for?
EASY AMOS__________________________________________144 AMOS was meant to be the easy way to program, but still people found it difficult to get their heads round; not any morel PRESENTATION MASTER______________________151 Straight from Oxxi, a flashy slide-presentation system and a computer-based teaching system all-in-one.
AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS_______________________138 Another stunner of an update, and on a sampling package that was already top notch!
How the Ratings System works SPEED (marked out of S)_9 9 9 9 • Tremendously important for both hardware and software: there's nothing more annoying than waiting. A purely intuitive judgement.
DOCUMENTATION (out of 5) MM Although there are some packages that are so simple no manual is needed, complex Items benefit hugely from a good explanation.
ACCESSIBILITY (out off S)_9 9 9 9 9 The target for all good software should be powerful but simple: this rating assesses how easy it is to get to grips with the item.
FEATURES (out of 5) IMM Does it do what you want it to do? How well does it do it? And does It also do lots of other things that you'd never have thought of?
VALUE (out of 5)__MMI A pretty important rating, this one: if a package does everything you could wish for, it's no use to you unless you can afford to buy it.
,4 WIGk Mid VOTIVM7' The Verdict, our at-a-glance overall rating, is a percentage: it's based on sheer quality but with the price taken into account, so that you know what kind of a deal you get.
‘v vs. rv
- Ns, V "MEGALOMANIA FIRST SAMURAI offers unrivaled value for
money as both games are among the best in tlieir respective
CU AMIGA Jfrr life
• rjwAr FIRST SAMURAI . Jrcad rt-P „c '77?T-r7 895 . -rnr-
RATING ACE rrcpp;£-.
Psi MEGALOMANIA ¦7 .1 sl ssr ¦¦sa o ''VlU.Y * f 71 AT 'Immz I l ' 73: SORT Entericizmer;': Scftrvcxe Saddlers House, ICO Reading Rd Yateley GUI 7 7RX Camberley, Surrey Tel. G252 - 86G - 2SS Compilation Available on ATARI ST and AMIGA Commodore Amiga A500+ Cartoon Classics Pack 3 Great Games Lemmings (Psygnosis1 Smash Hit) The Simpsons versus the Space Mutants Captain Planet and the Planeteers Also Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts Superb Art Package) and 1Mb of memory.
Commodore Amiga 1500 1 Megabyte of memory, two 3.5“ disk drives and the following software: Toki, ELF, Puzznic, Home Accounts and The Works (integrated word processor, spreadsheet and database) £579.99 Commodore 1084D colour monitor £729.99 MONITORS Commodore 1085S £229 Philips CM8833 Mk2 (inc. Cable, free copy of F19 and one year on site maintenance) .£239 PRINTERS, (all printers include cable) Citizen 120D+ .£129.9?
Citizen 124D ...£189.9?
Citizen Swift 9 Colour .....£199.9?
Citizen Swift 24E Colour .£289.9?
Citizen Pro-jet ..£399.9?
Canon BJ10EX Star LC20 ... Star LC200 colour..... Star LC24-200 mono.
Star LC24-200 colour ACCESSORIES Cumana CAX354 External Disk Drive £59.99 512K memory upgrade with clock £29.99 Microbotics M502 1Mb upgrade for A500+ .£45.99 Supra XR 8Mb Ramboard - populated to 2Mb ......£149.99 Squik Replacement Mouse ....£14.99 Naksha Mouse with Operation Stealth £26.99 Dataflyer 500 fitted with 52Mb Hard Drive .£299.99 GVP Series 2 A500 52MB Hard Drive....£379.99 GVP Series 2 A1500 52MB Hard Drive ..£289.99 Memory for GVP 1Mb ....£32.00 Bodega BAY expansion KCS PC Emulator .... Also
available for A500+ Many other products available. Please phone for a price on your specific requirement.
All prices include
17. 5% VAT and Next Day Delivery on Hardware n TECHNOMANIA, 13
PHONE: 0382 22323 FAX: 0382 400444 Please allow five working days for cheque clearance.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Orders received by 3pm despatched same day.
AMIGA 1.3 MEGAPACK - Stocks VERY limited - RRP £6.99 AMIGA 1.3 VERSION COMPUTER Only version guaranteed to run all Amiga sottware 1 MEG UPGRADE BOARD Increases your A500 to a massive 1 Megabyte ot RAM WICKED 50 GAMES PACK 50 great games to get you goingl FIGHTER MICROSWITCH JOYSTICK Essential to play your 50 games QUALITY MOUSEPAD TAILOR MADE DUSTCOVER 16 NIGHTS HOLIDAY ACCOMODATION
• PLUS • PD DISK PACK CONTAINING Wordprocessor • Spreadsheet •
Database • Virus Killer • Backup Utility RRP £349.95 RRP £29.95
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3I *1 . Bl
- ¦ I ¦ I ¦ -.l.-.t-l .,1.1.1 » ., .1 , i i ¦ I ¦ i ¦ 1 ¦ i .
3 band that haveoi the small bandoi followers of sue!
Epic fall over the of Green River (1 to these question are hot property!
To sell albums by disillusioned ex-1 Roses. But when of this matter, Pe excellent cAut a maybe more dese Pumkins, Crowbi the international: entirely undeserv their dues fistly i: recognition, befo smack O.D., then under-rated albui Soundgarden’s C Guitarmaggedon RIGHT FROM THE word go. Professional Page has always been the top dog in high- quality Amiga DTP. With little brother PageSetter being the definitive entry-level package. Gold Disk seemed to have the lead in this prestigious race all sewn up. But ask any long-distance runner; leading from the front is a tricky business. Your
competition get to ape your strengths and learn from your mistakes.
In an attempt to consolidate their position as leaders in the field. Gold Disk have just released a new version of ProPage, but is it a big enough step forward to see off the rivals?
ProfessionalPage had the Workbench 2 look even before Workbench 2 did.
By Amiga standards ProPage offers very good screen previews of imported bitmap pictures. Text rendering on screen is good, but it needs to be because the program doesn't allow more than 200 per cent magnification.
ProfessionalPage 3 certainly lives up to the first part of its name, the professional part that is. It absolutely requires that you have a hard drive. Yes. I do mean ABSOLUTELY. The only icons that appear when you load the disk are the install icons (one for the program and one for the fonts). These must be dragged to your chosen directory and double clicked on.
At this juncture the program will be installed, a few on-screen prompts giving you the choice to customise it lo a small extent.
As well as the hard drive, to obtain the only true benefit version 3 has over 2.1 you have to have AmigaDOS 2. Add this to the flicker fixer and accelerator cards you would be well advised to purchase, and it becomes very obvious that ProPage is a pro's tool.
The explanation of this seeming desire to make ProPage exclusively high-end comes from its geographical roots. You see Gold Disk are a very American company (well, a bit Canadian too), and in America A500s don’t exactly sell by the barrow load. No! It's true, over there the serious market is seen to be exclusively A1500 2000 3000. So many software and hardware developers don't feel the need to support the lowly A500. It's not that they have anything against the vanilla Amiga per se. Just that the market doesn't exist to make it worth their while.
Wouldn't have hesitated to say yes. But that was a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've encountered PageStream 2:2 and been very pleasantly surprised.
• O •O NJ The main reason for ProPage's increased hardware
appetite is the new macroing system it uses, called Genies.
This system is a way to access the Arexx language included with
__ I ijFfiiUJnTti wrtra GetTajraedText GreekBoxes GroupAttr
Several years ago when I first became a DTP user I would gaze
in covetous awe at the ProPage ads. Back in those days it would
run on my 1.2 Amiga from floppy disk in just one MegaByte of
RAM. Now several years later, as the Art Editor of a hugely
successful international magazine I am in a position to go
out and buy whatever DTP package I want. Would it still be
ProfessionalPage? If I had been asked that question a couple of
weeks ago I Gr o upC opyBoxA t tr GroupCopyBoxContents
GroupCopyToPAges GroupDistribute O Keys Modify Def ine About
Iwport Delete Execute Cancel The recent series of Pearl jam
gijp in London revealed an interesting phenomenon, fans are
polarising around either Nirvana or Pearl Jam.
The fans of Curt Cobain’s band see Pearl Jam as hype-fuelledbandvvagonjumpers, who’s presence on the international rode circuit will only detract from the impact of Nirvana’s incredible success. Whereas usually such fans would embrace both of two bands with such similarity of style and direction, this time the battle lines are drawn. Maybe it’s not so surprising, after all would Epic records have been so eager to sign a left feild American guitar band if Nirvana’s second album ’Nevermind’ hadn’t exceeded it’s exoected On the ProfessionalPage control panel there used to be a mop icon which did
exactly the same as the one on your copy of PageSetter, erase the contents of the selected box. ProPage has moved this feature to the box menu. In the position of the old mop icon is the new icon shown at the right. This is the Genie icon. Genies are macros. Lots of programs allow you to write macros to allow several operations to be batched in one command. ProPage has gone one step further by incorporating Workbench 2's Arexx programming language into its system.
By pressing the Genie button you bring up this requester on the left, which displays the Genies that are available. More than 30 Genies are included with the program, but you can create your own, or edit the ones provided so they better suit your needs.
The provided Genies allow you to do things like create drop shadows (never the easiest task), tabulate spreadsheet information, or perform mail merges.
Page layout styles (letterheads, newssheets, envelopes) can also be defined as ProfessionalPage Workbench 2. The inclusion of Genies may be the biggest single change to ProPage 3. But there are a few others too. They include; an undo feature lo allow you to correct your errors: five new Agfa Compugraphic fonts, bringing the total included with the program to seven: improved colour separation; compatibility with more word processors and a Hot Link system to connect to ProDraw for Desk Top Publisher ¦ £249 ¦ Gold Disk I DREAM OF GENIES - For the last few years Gold Disk's Professional Page
has been the undisputed king of the Amiga DTP circuit. Marcus Dyson compares the latest version against long-time rival PageStream, and reaches some surprising conclusions.
Times Caslon Uncial Shannon Triumvirate Omega Garth Graphic I!
Itue Cyan Green Grey 2BX Grey 33-4 Grey 4?X Grey 6BI4 ?
o MAY 1992 Save ) 1 Load j | Add j[PANTONE | Cancel Box NaMe Qlock pi Transparent Qhide Contents Qbox FraMe Text Hrap :(8)None ©Widest Qrectangle Qleft O Irregular Qriglit Text Standoff HailililiJI QexcludR Rotation Angle ° Left Top Bot-atma top mtna Ht.
Margins: Right 1-M’UUUa Position: LeftQEQEl mdth arena 1 I Set Tabs] OK H w X H illed under-rated by a, and mindless ¦rated them? Did obtain the services mey)? The answer rae no. Pearl Jam [vana have managed load to the surnt out Guns and own to it, does any re produced an whilst there are is (Smashing n, Buffalo Tom) for ratment, PJ are not ye certainly payed ,ove Bone, without leir singer die of a ; a superb, but leof the Dog with
11. So we here at it guitar bands, interactive correction of
structured drawings.
All these enhancements do have equivalents in PageStream 2, although the PcigeStrecim macro system is not really a match for Genies.
The true test of a DTP package is in the using, when you are working with a program all day, every day, you expect a good interface. Gold Disk addressed this problem with ProPage 2, which pre-empted Workbench 2 by having its own ‘shades of grey’ 3D style interface. This was long before Commodore unveiled the AmigaDOS 2 programmer’s guidelines. While this made PP3 the epitome of a good-looking program when it came out, it now looks a little passe. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this is, because at first glance they got everything right. But in comparison with new programs, who have adhered
strictly to the AmigaDOS 2 guidelines, the interface looks just a little unsubtle.
Appearances aside, the Professional Page 3 menus can be a little confusing. The program makes extensive use of submenus, so the item you want is not always immediately obvious.
Searching through the menus is made' difficult by the slow speed at which they redraw, so by the time a menu is fully visible it can easily have been overshot, and the next one have started to draw up. This stops being a problem though, once the user becomes fairly familiar Changing the colour of text in ProfessionalPage is simply a matter of selecting the text, and going to the colour option in the text menu. You are then presented with this requester box. If the colour you want is in the menu then just double click on it, or click once on the colour and once on the OK gadget. If the colour
you want isn't already on the menu, select the palette gadget... and you will be presented with this requester. Before you can create your colour you MUST name it, and press return, otherwise PP3 will not allow you to do anything.
Once your colour is named, you just select custom or mechanical (non-separating) and mix it using the slide bars. A representation of your colour will appear in the colour well on the right.
A FISTFUL OF FEATURES Professional Page provides new users with seven Agfa Compugraphic fonts. Although this is a smaller If® selection than the one that is provided with PageStream, the choice of fonts is a little more 'mature'. Some of the fonts that come with PageStream tend to be a little more on the novelty side, and will be of less practical use. Gold Disk have selected a choice of six very solid fonts that will be useable in a wide variety of applications, and only one novelty font.
To change the attributes of a box, select the 'box- alter-active' menu, and this requester will appear. This is a very important section of the program, in the same way that its equivalent in this month's PageSetter Coverdisk is.
Most of the options are self explanatory.
Locking a box anchors its position on the page, preventing it from being moved by accident. Position defines the box's location and size. Clicking the frame gadget activates the frame, but this must be given a width and colour in the object menu.
We are interested in the rotation angle, which if we set to 270 degrees will produce text reading downwards like the example on the left.
With the program’s excellent system of keyboard shortcuts.
The screen background is a dull grey colour as opposed to PageStream's bright paper white which is more pleasant to work on for prolonged periods. And when box outlines are turned on they are rather crude, as are the huge resize handles. This gives the program a far less professional look than it deserves.
Screen magnification is available as a submenu of the preferences menu, but only preselected steps are available, the maximum being 200 per cent, which is not adequate for fine alignment work.
The increased number of compatible text file formats is very welcome, as ProPage was lacking in this department previously. The redraw speed for text placed at an angle has increased dramatically, and text redraw overall is reasonably quick. There is no facility to manipulate text on the page, with the exception of the obvious: size; leading; alignment etc. More complex transformations like backslanting, curving and skewing of text must be carried out in a structured drawing program like Gold Disk’s own ProDraw.
Agfa Compugraphic typefaces are the only outline fonts compatible with ProPage, and Gold Disk are one of the few companies that avail these on Amiga disk. Amiga bitmap fonts are obviously useable, but they aw of limited use in a program of this quality.
ProfessionalPage is fairly restrictive because of the number of graphic file formats that it can import, and none can be edited on screen. Besides IFF bitmaps, Aegis Draw and ProDraw images, Professional Page 3 can now import EPS files.
Its limitations aside ProfessionalPage is the program that defined the area of serious Amiga DTP, and it is still a very strong performer. It has full PostScript compatibility, and can produce superb colour separated film ready for four-colour printing. It is used by many DTP professionals, and the Canadian magazine AMIGA Times was laid out exclusively using the program. So it’s pedigree is quite indisputable. ® Faster at angled text than before. Still not fast enough overall, unless you use an accelerator.
DOCUMENTATION • • • The version 3 manual Is not ready yet, but it needs to improve on the V2.1 book.
ACCESSIBILITY_• • • • The menus and submenus are not as logical as they could be.
FEATURES_• • • • • Full postscript DTP, and everything you need to produce professional-looking documents.
VALUE_»•» At well over £200 you expect something special.
ProPage very nearly delivers, but not quite.
4 WIGk _ _ Me) 89% Professional Page 3 SPEED PageStream has a simple and attractive interface that allows easy control over a host of powerful features.
Screen display of text is excellent (this doesn't show here because our picture grabbing technique de-interlaces the picture). Redraw time is good by Amiga standards, even if text is rotated or skewed.
As with all Amiga DTP programs, the inability to display imported bitmapped pictures in colour lets it down, as does overall speed of operation.
MAY 1992 PageStream can import text from a wide variety of word processors - as you would expect. But our personal favourite, ProText, isn’t featured. WP compatibility is controlled by modules which are dropped in the ‘drivers’ drawer, so a future module may facilitate this.
The formats that are supported are ProWrite, Excellence, WordPerfect, 1st Word, PAGESTREAM 2.2 is available from Silica Systems 081-309 1111 IN AN ATTEMPT to wrest the Amiga DTP crown from ProPage, Soft Logic have released a revised edition of their top DTP program PageStream. Version 2.2 is more than just a revision of 2.1, but it’s available at zero cost to registered users of the previous version. But the changes to the new version are significant enough to attract new buyers.
The AmigaDOS 2 interface guidelines have been adhered to, so the program has a more professional look than before. It is a good thing that different programs, from different software companies, are finally starting to have similar looking interfaces. This familiarity of front end makes new programs less daunting to new users. This is one of the reasons why Apple Macintosh are so successful in the design field; where artists are sometimes reticent to approach new technology. Certainly the new style interface and requester boxes in PageStream are very easy to get to grips with.
The program’s features are all accessible through the menus and a series of logical requester boxes. Submenus are not used to any great extent and arcane typographic terms are avoided in favour of more understandable words (ie line spacing not leading).
In the three horse race of professional Amiga DTP the early favourite, ProPage, faces some stiff competition, not least from Soft-Logik's PageStream.
Marcus Dyson takes a look at where all the smart money's going.
PageStream 2.2 Desk Top Publisher ¦ £ I 99 ¦ Soft Logic Tin isKnxd «»- d'fewJ jua cat? M i-owloa TWMkJwl ¦». I&KaaflmG pinnom, I '*n»- ar .i*m. T*a iv.jwr csTCuxt tkua .i*n» -w tft.win «.crab fiapmc, Tttfeo'f tmcaivM ol 1 ixt R»tiou.J icti: cwccm wjJJ ©»Jy dL«iT*.c-13*on im cfKirm*'? McracfttM* mecar?- Wjbaanw uiu*Jly svbtfc Tvc*U i «n trxc-s totLcd'Hv© bttufc1 TviUkfuci fs&ilttrUy slyt* «Ur«ciica, Uur tail** Jua; cir*,7v:L- t» it V ttd jo suipreimj. *J1 waul«i iipac- nook*? £xv« tnaa f o to fipa. * Hit l«ia n oncskH p.ul« bwdil'Nnm'-'f ckowI ‘¦Havanaiacr r»Jor bvfoan* using 24-bit images,
which can easily be more than 1Mb per file, floppies are out of the window. So a hard drive is definitely a good idea.
If you are using a hard drive, installing PageStream is a simple matter of running the install utility from the program disk. The program and fonts will be placed on your hard drive in a directory called PageStream2.
Nirvana Vj, paarl Jam: The hvjpe machine roll* on Possibly the most important improvement over V2.1 is that PageStream is now stable in a 1Mb environment. Previously it would run in 1 Meg but recovery from low memory situations was dodgy, and crashes were frequent unless more RAM was available. Soft Logik may consider others of the ‘thousands’ of changes more important. But it is PageStream's (PS) ability to run on a standard Amiga from floppy disks that gives it its main advantage over Professional Page. If you are running PS from a more modestly-equipped machine however, beware of the
interlace flicker; it is quite horrific. Any long-term use of PS absolutely requires a flicker fixer card.
As with any Amiga DTP, an accelerator would greatly improve things too.
Although a hard drive isn’t essential for the use of PageStream, potential users would be well advised to have them. When you spend this kind of money on a program you want to get the best out of it, and storing lots of outline fonts and structured clip art takes up plenty of disk space. Once you start thinking about machine that the pages of Amiga Format are printed on is a PostScript device. Adobe fonts aren’t commonly available on Amiga disk at present, so they have to be downloaded via a Mac or PC. Amiga availability is very likely to improve, now that quality DTP packages like PageStream
are supporting Abode PostScript fonts.
Agfa Compugraphic fonts are rapidly becoming the standard for Amiga DTP programs, but they are not yet fully sorted. Agfa fonts occasionally refuse to print at certain sizes. Although this problem is rare, and only affects output sizes of around one inch. Changing the output size solves the problem, and at a size of 144pt (equivalent to an inch) there is plenty of scope for adjusting your size without compromising your design.
I FONT TO BE ALONE AUTISTIC Times 1 Colombia Tcml-lucl Garamond Triumvirate SECT!
MM mum (Ml LtrGoth UnivRmn Oriental Saturn PageStream comes complete with a number of quality fonts.
Three are Agfa Compugraphic, eight are PageStream format.
The title of this box-out aside, alone is one thing you will never be if you are a PageStream font. The program comes complete with a complete range of quality fonts. If like most designers you have particular tastes or requirements in typefaces, PageStream is compatible with both Abobe Type One fonts and Agfa Compugraphic typefaces, as well as Soft Logik’s massive library of PageStream fonts. The Soft Logik font library is massive and of a very high quality. If you want to share your fonts with other programs however, you will need to use a more widespread format.
Adobe Type One fonts are extremely popular in the Mac world, as they are the standard for use with printers using Adobe’s PostScript file format.
Postscript printers are capable of very high quality output, and for this reason are extremely popular in serious DTP organisations. In fact the Linotronic ANY LAST REQUESTERS One of PageSiream's many strengths is the flexibility and accessibility of its requester boxes. Many powerful features are easily accessible through simple-to-use AmigaDOS 2-style windows, let's take a look at a few.
I;m«mifUuunB Psize C~ A3 Size - 297mm x 428mm - 8.5" x H" _JA4 Six - 218mm x 297mm _JL»aaI - 8.5" x 14" _JA5 Size - 148mm x 218mm ZjManual - 5.5" x 8.5" I I I I - Tabloid - x 17” Options f- Sintrle Sided DoouMent Portrait _)Double Sided DoouMent 1 Landscape as- i The new document requester allows you to choose the size of your page from a selection of options, or define your own custom size. The A-series of sizes are offered as well as American sizes, and each is measured in the appropriate system (imperial or metric). Choosing a double-sided document allows you to have two master
pages, and to view facing pages on screen, although only the page on the left may be edited.
Choosing a font for a given piece of text is simply a matter of selecting the font size item from the style menu. All the available fonts are listed, complete with any family styles for Compugraphic fonts. The Font Manager button at bottom centre allows the addition of fonts from different directories, ProPage CG fonts, for instance, must remain in their own folder.
Cancel 1 f1 Si (for files created on the ST) and Rediger (a popular word processor in France we are informed). Non supported text formats can be imported as ASCII text, and the option to choose between line feeds every line, or every paragraph makes formatting of text easier.
An even larger array of picture file formats can be imported into PS. When it comes to bitmapped pictures IFF is supported in standard HAM and 24-bit flavours. The IMG format used on Pcs and Sts is indeed useable, as are the ST’s own NeoChrome and Degas formats. TIFF files are supported, plus GIF, MacPaint and Tiny format files. The only omission is the PICT format commonly used on Apple Macs.
For structured drawing files PS can handle DR2D, Aegis, ProDraw and GEM metafile formats. Again the ST and PC are well supported with the inclusion of the GEM compatibility, but the Mac is virtually ignored in this area too. The only way to transfer Mac vector drawings into PageStream is as Illustrator EPSs. This is great except that most Mac users draw in Aldus Freehand.
PageStream can import MacEPS, IBMEPS and standard EPSs, but Mac EPSs do not show a screen representation because their preview files are PICTs.
Once either text or structured drawings have been imported, Pagestream can manipulate both of them whilst in a document. Text can be rotated, skewed or twisted. Structured The maximum number of colours available on screen is 16, these can be edited to best suit the actual colours of your document. It is possible for different actual colours to have the same screen colour. If this occurs text may not be visible against its background, editing of screen colours can solve this problem.
Your document can use as many actual colours as you require. New colours can be created, edited, deleted or added from another document using the colour palette menu. The program supports CMYK and Pantone colour mixing for printing and HSV, HSB L and YIQ for TV and video work.
Grey Blue Green Green Blue Green yellow Lavender Lenon Magenta Mahoarany Maize Maroon OK I Save Default I | aroon New.¦. | Save drawings enter PageStream as a grouped object, and can be ungrouped and edited much as if they were in a drawing package.
As with all Amiga DTP programs the screen representation is in a very limited number of colours. The default is four, to allow the 3D style requester boxes. Between two and 16 colours can be used, but there is a trade off for speed against the number of colours.
The colour output facilities are much more powerful, though, since PageStream is fully PostScript compatible, and the latest version now has the ability to colour separate EPS files. Also new to version 2.2 is Pantone colour specification.
One feature of PS, which seems a little strange, is that you can place guides - and anything else you want to be repeated on every page on a master page. But you can’t edit (or delete) any of them once they are in the document. This means that columns created on the master page cannot be filled with text once in the document. This, coupled with the fact that documents can have only one master page (two for double-sided documents), could have been a serious limitation. What saves the program from criticism here, though, is that documents can be saved as templates for other pages. This
feature is very well executed, because templates open up as ‘untitled’ documents to prevent you from saving over them.
Given its useful features: automatic page numbering; support for HPGL (used by Laserjets and Plotters); the ability to edit structured drawings on the page and its incredible text manipulation abilities, PageStream is a powerful DTP package. It would be possible to layout Amiga Format using PageStream, given a sufficiently powerful machine. The graphic interface is superb and the program is intuitive, any one who has used an Amiga or a DTP package before should have no problem finding their way around PageStream.
If you’re going to do serious DTP on the Amiga, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do it with PageStream.
ProPage has finally met its match 'S speed_• • • • No Amiga DTP programs are fast enough.
PageStream is creditably quick though.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • The manual is not for the completely uninitiated, but it is superb for those with a little knowledge.
ACCESSIBILITY_»MM If you’ve used any DTP program (even PageSetter) getting started won’t take long.
FEATURES_• • Everything you need for professional quality DTP from the Amiga.
VALUE_»MM All you could want for less than £200. As good as ProPage for £50 less.
D 91% PageStream 2.2 DIAMOND TV Monitor The best available £249 INC VAT OR ONLY £229 when purchased with a computer!
NEW CD ROM Drive for your A500 A500 Plus with 2 FREE CD s ONLY £299 Dl A COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD DIAMOND'S SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MATCH HUGE DEMAND 1Mb RAM 2Mb RAM 1Mb RAM 1Mb W 1Mb ram pack R*m HOME OFFICE PACK AMIGA 500 PLUS COMPRISING Lemmings, Captain Planet, Bart Simpson, +Deluxe Paint III, + All AMIGA standard features, Mouse etc. + The Home Office Kit + Seikosha 9 Pin Printer ONLY£469.00 INC VAT Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +F19 Promotion ONLY £669.00 INC VAT ADD £75.00 FOR COL PRINTER WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE A THE CARTOON CLASSIC PACK AMIGA 500 PLUS COMPRISING Lemmings, Captain
Planet, Bart Simpson, +Deluxe Paint III, + All AMIGA standard features, Mouse etc. ONLY £325.00 INC VAT Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +F19 Promotion ONLY £545.00 INC VAT WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE 1Mb RAM PACK 1Mb W5' 1Mb RAM pack Ram BUSINESS PACK AMIGA 500 PLUS COMPRISING Lemmings, Captain Planet, Bart Simpson, +Deluxe Paint III, + All AMIGA standard features, Mouse etc. + The Home Office Kit + High Quality Oki 24 Pin Printer ONLY £579.00 INC VAT Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +F19 Promotion ONLY£779.00 INC VAT ADD £75.00 FOR COL PRINTER WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE THE DIAMOND CLASSIC PACK AMIGA
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D. I.Y. PACK Comprises the Cartoon Classic Pack and a choice of
10 games from the following list.
Datastorm, Grand Monster Slam, Kid Gloves, Powerplay, RVF Honda, Shufflepuck Cafe, Soccer, Tower Of Babel, Dungeon Quest, Emotion, Speedball II, Shadow Of The Beast II, Car Vup, Corporation, Xenon II, Back To The Future II, Cadaver, Line Of Fire, Te enage Mutant Ninja Turtles, St Dragon, Gazza II, Gunship, Judge Dredd, Man United, Netherworld, Predator II, Double Dragon II, Toyota Celica GT Rally, Rick Dangerous II, Ultimate Golf.
ONLY£375.00 INC VAT Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +F19 Promotion ONLY£599.00 INC VAT PERSONAL CALLERS ONLY NO MAIL ORDER 1Mb ram pack EVERYTHING BUT THI KITCHEN SINK PACK AMIGA 500 PLUS COMPRISING Lemmings, Captain Planet, Bart Simpson, +Deluxe Paint III, + All AMIGA standard features, Mouse etc. + Mousemat, Dust Cover, Joystick, 10x3.5" disks, 1 disk storage box, Speedball II, Shadow Of The Beast II, Car Vup, Corporation, Xenon II, Back To The Future II, Cadaver, Line Of Fire, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, St Dragon.
ONLY £369100 INC VAT Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor +F19 Promotion ONLY £589.00 INC VAT WE CANNOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE 1Mb RAM Tie NEW Adventures Of CAPTAIN DIAMOND fTp SPREADSHEET REVIEW Other- Expenses Maff's Shavers Bane's Hair Crean Pat's Rizlas Total Other- Total Expenses Budget Balance RPRIL MRY JUNE JULV £12.45 £11.98 £25.68 £15.88 £18.98 £6 . 38 £18.98 £1?.88 £12.88 £11.98 £25.68 £15.88 £65.03 £53.10 £6*4.58 £62.4 3 £19.28 £3.28 £8 . 88 £6 . 78 £6.88 £3.28 £6 . 88 £6.78 £19.28 £3.28 £8.88 £6.78 £23.10 £21.30 £23.10 £31.10 £4.58 £12.88 £25.88 £4.58 £18.88 £25.88 £4.58 £6.88 £18.88 ¦£*41.50
£33.50 £28.50 £41.50 £135.63 £11*4.50 £122.18 £135.03 £120.00 £120.00 £120.00
- £15.63 £5.50
- £2.18
- £15.03 £12.45 £11.98 £18.88 £15.88 £57.*43 £19.28 £3 . 28 £8.88
£6 . 78 £23.10 £4 . 58 £12.88 £25.88 £¦41.50 £128.03 £120.00
- £8.03 RUG Multiple font sizes and styles aren't just restricted
to graphs! With ProCalc, even your spreadsheet can look good.
Professional MAY 1992 NO ONE COULD SERIOUSLY claim that spreadsheets are terribly exciting things, but useful they most certainly are. If you’ve ever had to slave over a balance sheet (or indeed anything that requires a large number of complex calculations) with nothing more than a pencil and a calculator to keep yourself company, then you’ll find a spreadsheet an absolute god-send.
Unlike most humans, spreadsheets are terribly good at handling numbers. Indeed, they absolutely love them. Simply by feeding in lots of numbers and then telling it how they relate, the spreadsheet will handle the tedious task of performing all the calculations. If you then decide to change any of the values within your spreadsheet, the computer automatically recalculates the sheet for you, saving you from the tedious task of recalculating the whole sheet yourself.
What’s more, computers never make mistakes, so providing you haven’t made a mistake telling it how to calculate your spreadsheet (GIGO!) - you'll get 100 per cent correct results every time.
Gold Disk is certainly no stranger to the spreadsheet market. Its Amiga spreadsheet program Advantage is already generally regarded as the number one Amiga spreadsheet, so it comes as no surprise that its new Professional Calc spreadsheet is based heavily upon Advantage. ProCalc boasts an all-new Workbench 2.0-like user interface (complete with the now standard bass-relief gadgets and requesters), but has the same smooth and logical way of working that made Advantage such Jason Holborn works out his accounts on Gold Disk's new spreadsheet, and it all adds up to a quite remarkable new
PROFESSIONAL a favourite, which virtually ensures ProCalc's CALC success from day one.
Available from It certainly looks and feels like most other Silica Systems spreadsheets, but it doesn't take long to realise 081-309 1111 that it’s something very special indeed. One very nice addition to ProCalc is a new ‘Control Panel’ that runs along the top of every sheet. Multiple sheets can be loaded simultaneously with each sheet having its own control panel. This panel contains a number of gadgets which allow you to carry out the more Spreadsheet ¦ £129.96 ¦ Gold Disk commonly selected functions at the click of a mouse button without having to mess around with the pull-down menus.
Unlike Advantage, ProCalc sheets aren’t just restricted to the standard system font. You can now use any standard bitmapped font to make individual cells stand out, mixing and matching to improve the visual impact of your sheet. This works particularly well in SuperHiRes mode (available only on ECS- Contlnued overleaf Calc .xeme oonnxicouv tree »•»¦» a.i.. mi
* r*iv (¦wari mwapi bwj boom I So pick the chart that best suits
your needs and Pro Calc will display the vital statistics.
Equipped Amigas), although using multiple fonts can slow down the screen refresh of your sheet considerably.
To ensure compatibility with the rest of the world. ProCalc can read and write spreadsheets in Lotus 1-2-3 format (the IFF of spreadsheet formats). What this basically means for the average Amiga owner is that sheets produced using ProCalc can be ported across onto the PC and other platforms and loaded directly into any one of a number of high-level spreadsheet systems. This sort of compatibility is rare on other systems, but Lotus is such a big name that you'd be hard pushed to find a PC or Mac spreadsheet that didn't at least read Lotus files.
The similarities between ProCalc and Lotus don't just stop at file formats either. All spreadsheets offer a set of functions which can be used to ‘program’ individual cells to carry out mathematical operations. It's a bit like a mini programming language really, although the programs that you write for each cell are restricted to ‘one liners' only. ProCalc supports all the functions offered by Lotus 1-2-3, plus a few of its own. In total, there are over 125 functions on offer providing statistical, trigonometric and financial operations.
Another unique feature of ProCalc is its database function which allows you to manipulate data arranged in lists within a spreadsheet. This can be useful when multiple spreadsheets use the same numeric data over and over again. Say you were drawing up a spreadsheet that needed to access payroll information. Instead of having to type all this information in yourself, you could simply define a database that contained the salary details of all your employees. Very useful!
MAY 1992 The speed at which ProCalc performs calculations is pretty impressive. Obviously you wouldn't notice any speed differences on simple sheets, but even with larger sheets ProCalc's number-crunching engine rattles along at a phenomenal rate. Indeed the only thing that slows spreadsheet recalculation down is the speed at which the screen is redrawn. This isn't a problem when running ProCalc in standard resolutions, but run it in SuperHiRes with lots of different fonts and then things slow down to a veritable crawl.
Accountants love lots of numbers, but they're not much fun lo the rest of us. To make your spreadsheets more readable, ProCalc includes some very powerful graphing options that will take the figures held within your spreadsheet and convert them into a number of different chart formats. There are 14 basic chart types available including line, bar, scatter, area, column and pie charts.
Creating a chart is simplicity itself. All you have to do is to mark a range of cells using the mouse pointer and then select 'New Chart’ and a beautifully presented requester pops up onto the screen containing gadgets which represent the 14 basic chart types available. A single click on the chart type you want is all that is needed to set the graphing process in action.
The basic charts on offer do the job well enough, but you can spruce them up no end by altering the various parameters which are associated with each chart type. You can, for example, convert your rather flat-looking bar chart to full 3D, complete with axis lines, a headline in a tasteful font and much more besides. It's all too easy to spend hours just playing around with these graphing functions simply because of the level of control that ProCalc gives you over its charts.
Once you've plotted a chart, it can be printed out to a preference-supported or Postscript printer or saved off to disk for use later. ProCalc allows you to save charts in a variety of different formats including the now obligatory IFF, plus Professional Draw CLIP (ideal for porting graphs directly into Professional Page). Aegis Draw compatible CAD format and EPSF.
With the recent release of Video Director and Professional Page 2.1 (soon to be upgraded to
3. 0), it seems that Gold Disk can do no wrong.
They’ve always been seen as one of the leading developers of serious Amiga applications, but their track record over the last year- or so must surely see them as a true market leader in the same league as such hard-hitting companies as NewTek and GVP.
It seems that nearly everything that Gold Disk produce these days is virtually perfect and the release of Professional Calc serves only lo reinforce this view still further. It undoubtedly lacks in some areas, but what it does it does to perfection. Where ProCalc really scores, though, is in its ease of use.
Spreadsheets have always been looked upon as rather dull and unfriendly programs, but using this program is so simple that Gold Disk have managed to make it almost fun to use. This ease of use encourages you to experiment with ProCalc. Extending your grasp of its more complex features without the tedium associated with other spreadsheets.
No one could honestly claim that any spreadsheet was 'fun' to use, simply because of the subject matter that the spreadsheet is associated with, but ProCalc is about as close as you'll ever get. If you're looking for a serious spreadsheet that can run rings around the competition. ProCalc is the only choice. 'Up Professional Calc SPEED Slows down a bit when running in HiRes with lots of fonts, but other than that it’s very rapid.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • • Just as we’ve come to expect from Gold Disk, the manual is well written and presented.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Even if you have nothing more than a basic knowledge of spreadsheets, you'll find ProCalc an absolute doddle to use.
• • • • No other Amiga spreadsheet even comes close!
VALUE • • • • £129.96 may sound like a lot for a spreadsheet, but ProCalc is the business!
92% The first step when using any spreadsheet is to define the outline of your sheet. Defining a spreadsheet outline is a little like designing a form, the only difference being that the fields that contain the results of calculations will be filled in by the spreadsheet. At this stage no values are entered, just descriptive text and the formulae that will tell the spreadsheet how to act upon the values that you will later feed to it.
The next step is to start entering all your spreadsheet values. As values are entered, the spreadsheet will automatically update the totals to reflect these new values until For ilx Month ptrlod indlng S»pt»»*tr 1991 I I !
Incoitt APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG Anlix 500* Attiga 1500* Auigi 3861 CDTV Hi (1110.11
(616. 11 .i:i um
* 1:8 otil Incou* 4868.00 (6900.80 £4880.00 (9800.08 £2000.00
Etytnits Ront HoatlngftLlghtlng ‘18:8 ‘18:11 ‘18:8 ‘111:8
‘111:8 Total Exyonsos fS86.ee £578.80 CSSS 00 £585.00 £578.80
Profit (4220.00 £6330.00 £3435.00 £9215.80 £2230.08 the
spreadsheet is complete. This process of spreadsheet
recalculation is handled automatically, so you don't even have
to tell ProCalc to update its totals. Once all the values are
entered, the spreadsheet is complete.
Most conventional spreadsheets stop here, but thanks to the Amiga's powerful graphic facilities, ProCalc can take the values defined within your spreadsheet and turn them into a more readable graph format. ProCalc supports a large number of graph formats including line charts, 2D and 3D pie and bar charts etc. Once the graph is defined, you can then customise it by adding labels in a variety of different font styles, changing the colours of certain elements and plenty more besides. These graphs can then be saved out in a number of different formats including IFF, ProDraw clip format and
Postscript-compatible EPS format.
When you are considering purchasing a sound sampler there are plenty to choose from. Why compromise? Your choice should be the new full featured STEREO MASTER for the Amiga, with software that is designed from our top selling Amiga sampler AMAS and a package that gives you more extras than a M series BMW. By purchasing this state of the art product which combines a quality sampler with the expertise of over 10 years of software programming, you are purchasing a top quality product with the knowledge that it is not only compatible with existing Microdeal products but will also be with future
What is Stereo Master Stereo Master is a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the Amiga range of computers. The sampler cartridge included in this package plugs into the printer port at the rear of the computer and allows you to analyze the sounds coming in from devices such as Personal Cassette Players. Compact Disc Players etc, or change the way they sound using the Real Time Special Effects or record them. Once in the computer STEREO MASTERS unique editor will enable you to edit the sound in practically any way you can imagine. Once you have the sound sample how you want it, you may
incorporate it into your own Demo's or use STEREO MASTERS own built in sample sequencer to play back the sample in sequence with other samples!
The Sampling Software Every feature you would expect to find in a professional editing
* Real time record play ghost markers
* Cut or Delete selected sample area
* Mix sample with full or half volume
* Shrink in by 25% 50% 75% by drag or wipe
* Fade in out with selectable degree of fade
* Filter sample with soft medium hard filter
* Selectable trigger volumes
* Record frequency from 3.0 to 55.9 Khz
* Full editing and control facility for left right channels suite
* Playback volumes
* Decrease volume
* Increase volume
* Bounce sample ’ Paste sample
* Trigger recording
* Clear left right samples
* Loop sample BEETO EE D ._ - ? Ea Pigreg3E3IH»B5]E3g:C5ESCi.
MAIN SCREEN The Special Effects Software For the first time ever you can emulate special sound effects in real time just like the sound labs can for film studios, normally the hardware to produce these effects would cost 100's of times more than this package. Features on the FX menu include;
* Built in real time special effects including Echo, Reverb,
Ramp, Pitch up down, Stereo bounce. Multi echo Chorus, Phaser,
Reverse and Pitch bend.
' Fully programmable special effects so that customised effects can be recalled _!
- J -J _J -J -1 PROG | Dlfty | S8SMKS&&::-.'
THE SPECIAL EFFECTS CONTROL PANEL The Analytical Software A whole host of prortype analytical functions include;
* 3D display of sample5 frequencies (Fast fourier transform)
* 3D display also includes 2D envelope display plus sample
. * Built in Stereo spectrum analyzer-
- * Stereo Oscilloscopes with trigger markers ¦a J EES3Q E3S3 E3
ANALYZERS The Sequencing Software Our built In sample sequencer
allows you to take up to 18. Samples (memory permitting) and
sequence them into your own "tronic" mixes, features on the
sequencer include;
* Real time entry of sequences from keypad * Sequence copy
* Step time entry of . Sequences * Loop sample
* 2 stereo channels for sequencing * Selectable sequence speed
* Storyboard style editing * Dump re-edit function
* Digital sequence position display * Test function
* Fast forward rewind controls * 2 octave playback
* Program sample to keypad * Insert delete sample in step time
* Stand alone demo player displays IFF picture whilst playing
sequence THE SEQUENCER CONTROL PANEL Other innovative features
We know this product is years ahead of its time and these
additional features justify our boast;
* New style stereo cartridge * Includes walkman type cable
* Produces stand alone executable sample files * PAL NTSC full
screen display
* Fully multi tasking * Can create workbench icons
* Saves in IFF Raw lnstrumentl 3 5 Octave * Save customised
settings micrbideal' © 1991 MICRODEAL U.K. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Post & Packing £1 (All prices inc. V.A.T.) With cheque, Postal
Order or Credit Cards.
Name .. BY PHONE WITH CREDIT CARD BY POST Address (0726) 68020 Postcode ... Credit Card Type i ....Expiry Date.
Number ... am VISA Please allow 28 days for delivery SEND TO: Microdeal PO BOX 68 St Austell Cornwall England PL25 4YB Vortex Atonce nuvuimunn JS61 131NI © ai'iw a Awl'VIH i 9I-9BZD0BN Uiinutui: Hqoig auiaisxsjairtduiOQ xajjOA vortex Technologie und ZuKunft ruituiiiktmmt Atonce-Plus :EtjRl5 u' Rev. 09 91 R3 13R3 1SI'*' JJ(VTTJK »’IR3 11 (C 191 GAT 80-0105 610409X47WM The Solution in 286 AT Emulation for Amiga 500, Amiga 500-Plus, Amiga 2000 vortex Atonce-classic and vortex Atonce-Plus are the solutions in 286 AT emulation for the Amiga 500,
Amiga 500-Plus and Amiga 2000.
These emulators convert your Amiga into a PC AT compatible computer with multi-processor and multi-operating system facilities.
Work with PC AT programs and games under DOS as well as with your Amiga under AmigaDOS. Atonce runs as a task within AmigaDOS and is totally transparent when not in use.
All components guarantee 286 AT emulation with a high degree of compatibilty and provide your Amiga with full system reliability.
Atonce is compatible with Kickstart 2.0. Windows 3 runs unrestrictedly in the Protected Mode. It accesses the entire environment of your Amiga: Commodore compatible hard disks, internal external disk drives and RAM, the serial parallel interface, mouse, sound, RTC and CMOS RAM.
Video emulations such as EGA and VGA in a monochrome graphics mode, CGA with 16 colors, Hercules, Olivetti and ToshibaT3100 are available.
Atonce fits directly into the socket of the 68000 CPU3, so that a RAM expansion, if present, need not be removed.
The expansion port at the side and the trap-door expansion port at the bottom remain free.
Atonce-classic is the emulator for the Amiga 500 A 500-Plus.
Its 286 CPU, rated with 7.2 Mhz, offers a Norton SI 6.3. Start with £ 139 Atonce-classic for: rrp inc vat Atonce-Plus is the professional 286 AT emulator with 512 KB RAM and a socket for an optional 80C287-12 arithmetic co-processor. The 286 CPU, with a 16 Mhz clock frequency, offers a Norton SI 16.2. Full 640 KB DOS memory are available. Atonce-Plus can be fitted inside the Amiga 500, A 500-Plus and A 2000.
The price for £249 this solution: rrp inc vat For more information, contact your local Amiga dealer or call CompuServe at 100015,330.
Does the thought of programming reduce you to a quivering wreck? If so, then this is the language for you to start with.
Jason Holborn gets back to basics.
Easy AMOS Programming Language ¦ £34.95 ¦ Europress Software - 3 NO NJ WHEN EUROPRESS SOFTWARE launch ed AMOS over two years ago, it seemed to be the answer to everyone's dreams. At last there was a programming language available that would allow virtually anyone to produce the kind of effects that were previously only possible through assembly language. Programs employing ultra-fast sprites, smooth full-screen scrolling and interrupt-driven music could now be written in a matter of minutes.
With all the hype that surrounded the launch of AMOS, hordes of Amiga owners queued to get their hands on what was being called the most revolutionary Amiga product to date. But, as the initial excitement started to die down, many soon came to realise that despite AMOS' undoubted power, it wasn't quite the dream product that many had expected it to be. From a programming point of view, AMOS was (and still is), the most powerful basic programming language available. But it still shared one trait that manages to dog all programming languages - it won't write programs for you. Producing simple
demos was easy enough, but it still took more than a little programming talent to produce anything more than this.
Acting upon this obvious problem.
Europress have produced Easy AMOS, a simplified version of the AMOS interpreter that has been specifically designed for the absolute beginner. Europress aren't claiming that Easy AMOS will write your programs for you. But it's so simple to understand that even someone with the intellectual capacity of a Nintendo gamesplayer should be able to master it in no time at all. A brave claim perhaps, but it seems this is exactly what Europress have managed to achieve.
The very heart of Easy AMOS is the interpreter. Which is fairly derivative of the original AMOS interpreter, but it has been spruced up for those who have very low boredom thresholds. Very much like the real thing, the interpreter screen is split into two parts. At the top of the screen are a set of 10 gadgets which can be accessed either by clicking on them with the mouse, or by pressing the appropriate function keys. If you press either the Control.
Left Shift or Left Alt keys, these gadgets change giving you access to even more of the commonly-used functions.
Below this strip of gadgets is the source code editor screen which is basically a word processor that has been designed specifically for entering in Easy AMOS programs. Just like a word processor, the Easy AMOS editor lets you enter lines of code, insert new lines, mark out sections of code and then cut. Copy and paste them anywhere you want within the body of your source code. Unlike AMOS though. Easy AMOS only allows you to work on one program at any one time. I cannot, however see this worrying beginners particularly. Experienced programmers would probably find this rather restricting, but
- .SDU.R.C£" 'quitt'
- DESTI IATI£)J ’ i P' P)i EasyJWOS: C: (Dev ‘ DEVS: (Dev)f DEB:
(Dev) Easy. AMOS: (Dev) FONTS: (Dev)
IL. (B"') UBS: (Dev) s: (Dev) SYS: (Dev) BLL CIR mk * cia r up ?
COPY ' RENAME' DELETE' 1 (pSrl AMOS Disc.AHOS 181873 Bob Editor.AHOS 188212 Disk.info 1743 MAKE DIR HOH BIG?’ EXAMINE FORMAT DCKCOPT' EASY' AMOS m il; EasyAHOS 184788 EasyAHOS.Help 73885 EasyAHOS.info 2428 EasyAHOS.Hap 4536 HT.Coitpactor .AMOS 18718 SanpleJank.Makei'.flMOS 62884 Easy.AMOS: 9 files - 540 listed - 8k selected - 124k free Easy AMOS has a directory utility which allows you to access files without using the CLI.
Easy AMOS includes a vast range of demonstration programs that are tied-in closely with the manual.
To ensure that you've grasped each chapter of the manual, the package comes complete with a quiz program.
| r.. r J '** | :•'« I r*b»t )»•£*«« )b«ci I .... _| -%Ur j M»j» Jikwi I I I t? C:l tbIr:K4Wt fiVi'llttfi Mil: vi imy c 001 avi m V !*' mM*ftHO!2.y. V HlttttitMt .* stw»«twtjr)'i*r
r. ‘ it's important to remember that Easy AMOS is aimed at
beginners anyway.
One feature of Easy AMOS, which is certainly a vast improvement over AMOS, is its file requester. It has been totally rewritten while having beginners in mind. Not only is it now more colourful, but it also includes a few extra functions which are quite unique to Easy AMOS. Existing AMOS users shouldn't fret though - Europress have assured us that many of the improvements to be found within Easy AMOS will eventually make their way across into AMOS.
Easy AMOS arrives on two disks - one of them contains the Easy AMOS interpreter and associated files while the other contains three demo games and a wide selection of example programs which are tied-in closely with the manual. The demo games that are included with Easy AMOS are surprisingly good and are actually quite playable when compared to the rather naff offerings given away with AMOS. What's more, all three are heavily commented, making it easy to work out how each one works.
The first game is a Breakout clone which does nothing to encourage originality, but acts as an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to learn games programming. The two other demo games are Tricycle Ball and Tricycle Run which is a Kick-Off derivative and a traditional Track & Field-like joystick waggler Once that section of code is working fine, how about adding some sampled sound effects? With the Easy AMOS Sample Bank Maker, whole collections of sampled sounds can be grouped together in one easy- to-load 'bank'. Once again, all that is needed to get the sounds to play within your
programs are just a couple of lines of code!
If you're not quite sure what each line of your program actually does, then the Easy AMOS tutor will let you step through your program line by line, with the output from each line being displayed in the reduced view in the top left-hand corner of the tutor screen.
Gelling huge Bobs moving around the screen is simplicity itself with Easy AMOS. Once the interpreter is loaded, select Bob Editor from the icon strip and the Easy AMOS Bob Editor will appear. Draw your bob and then save it off to disk.
Returning to the interpreter, just a few lines of code are all that is needed to load, display and then move your Bob around the screen. If only assembly language was only this easy!
Already we have the makings of a fine Easy AMOS demo. Now you can start to add a few more effects including Sound Tracker music, a scrolling message and perhaps even a few more Bobs... respectively. None of the games are particularly astounding, but Europress have put plenty of effort into making the source code for these three games as readable as possible with nearly every line commented in some way. These in themselves should prove to be great learning material for all of you would-be games programmers.
Unlike the original AMOS, Easy AMOS won't run from the disks that are supplied with the package. In an attempt to save beginners from all the heart-ache of accidentally formatting the wrong disks when making a backup copy. Easy AMOS must first of all be installed onto either a separate set of floppy disks or onto a hard drive. Apart from the occasional disk swap, installation is more or less completely handled by the Easy AMOS installation program which assumes virtually no prior knowledge from the user.
One of the most important aspects of Easy AMOS is its manual; a thick 424-page affair written by the veteran computer writer Mel Croucher. The Easy AMOS manual consists almost entirely of tutorials that guide the user through the Easy AMOS command set. This, combined with the comprehensive selection of on-disk example programs makes the Easy AMOS manual more of a programming course than a reference guide. Most programming language manuals are rather unreadable to say the least, but Mel Croucher has done an absolutely wonderful job, which has resulted in a manual that is not only very easy to
read, but also manages to hold the reader’s attention chapter after chapter.
The Easy AMOS command set is virtually the same as that to be found within its big brother, but several features have been removed to keep things as simple as possible. All the usual program control structures that you'd expect to find in a modern programming language are there in abundance including IF...THEN. DO...LOOP. Procedures etc. Indeed, about the only BASIC structure that isn’t there is the very useful CASE structure, although Europress assure me that this may well be included in a future release.
What really makes a language like AMOS special, though, isn't its comprehensive coverage of generic BASIC commands, but the level of control that it gives even novice programmers over the Amiga hardware.
Thankfully Easy AMOS is equally well endowed as its big brother in many key areas.
Some aspects of AMOS' extensive command set have been removed though, including its powerful interrupt-driven animation language AMAL. AMAL was undoubtedly very powerful. But writing AMAL programs was one task that was assured to reduce even experienced programmers to tears, so it's hardly surprising that it has been removed from Easy AMOS.
What Easy AMOS does do though, it does very well indeed. There are all the usual AMOS commands for handling Bobs (Easy AMOS can't handle sprites), interrupt driven music (including direct support for SoitndTrcicker modules - something that has only recently been added to AMOSl). Copper Continued overleaf generated rainbow effects and smooth fullscreen scrolling. What's more, Europress have been able to learn from their mistakes, so many of the commands that are common to both languages have been improved within Easy AMOS.
One unique and very powerful feature of Easy AMOS that is sure to turn AMOS users absolutely green with envy is Easy AMOS' new Tutor, an interesting tool that allows you to examine the workings of Easy AMOS programs without having to halt program execution. Just like a symbolic debugger, the Easy AMOS tutor allows you to single-step through code monitoring each instruction and its effect on the Amiga.
The top left-hand quarter of the tutor screen is used to display a reduced representation of the graphic output of your program. As you single step through your code, this view is updated accordingly showing both animation and even scrolling. Screen update is obviously a little slower and animations tend to flicker rather a lot when running programs under the tutor, but the advantages of the tutor far outweigh this rather minor problem.
In the right hand corner of the tutor screen are a set of gadgets which give you control over program How. The tutor allows you to run through your code in three modes - single step, slow or full pelt. Both single step and slow use the reduced view to show output, but full pelt simply transfers control back to the Easy AMOS interpreter closing the tutor screen in the process.
46 The tutor is really nothing more than a stand back and watch sort of affair, but it’s a very good idea nonetheless. Trying to suss out somebody else’s code is bad enough even when that code just happens to be heavily commented, but the tutor makes this surprisingly fun in a noisy sort of way. It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to scan through code and see immediately what it actually does.
MAY 1992 To all intents and purposes. Easy AMOS is really not that different from its big brother AMOS, but what makes it such an attractive proposition for non-techie types is its blindingly obvious ease of use. The key to this is not the Easy AMOS interpreter itself, but the clever way that Europress have managed to tie together a very well-written manual and example programs with the interpreter. On its own, programming in Easy AMOS would still not be that easy, but the almost exclusively tutorial-based manual is so well written that even a complete numbskull should find it easy
enough to follow.
Even if there is one particular aspect of Easy AMOS that still confuses you, then you can easily skip to another tutorial and return to the section that confuses you at a later date.
And, thanks to some heavily commented source code examples bundled with the package. You can play around with these examples until you feel confident enough to move onto something new.
I’m still not convinced that everyone will benefit from Easy AMOS' approach, but I'm quite sure that many users that would have UPGRADE INFO Once you’ve worked your way through Easy AMOS, Europress are offering a very generous upgrade path that will allow would-be programmers to move up to AMOS for just £19.95. Just send back your original Easy AMOS program disk and a cheque and you'll have AMOS for £30 cheaper than its recommended price!
Similarly, all you frustrated AMOS users that would like to try their hand at Easy AMOS can get their hands on the package for Just £14.95. Once again, send back your AMOS program disk with a cheque and Europress will be more than happy to dispatch a copy of Easy AMOS to you.
UTILITIES UNLIMITED Easy AMOS comes complete with a wide selection of utilities that take the drudgery out of programming.
Here’s a run down of what’s on offer.
BOB EDITOR - Easy AMOS doesn’t support sprites, so its Bob Editor has been written solely for the task of producing Bobs. It supports all the usual screen resolutions including low and high resolution with a maximum of 64 colours when running in EHB (Extra HalfBrlte) mode.
Absolutely huge Bobs, that are the size of a low resolution screen, can be created from scratch using the editor’s built in drawing tools or you can load in an IFF Image and then ‘cut’ out any section of the image for use as a Bob. Once you’ve got a few bobs defined, you can then bring them to life using the editor’s superb animation facility.
What makes the Easy AMOS Bob Editor so special though is not the facilities that it offers, but its blindingly obvious ease of use. It's a very polished affair that absolutely oozes professionalism, something that was undoubtedly lacking from AMOS’ Bob Editor.
Some existing AMOS users will probably want to buy Easy AMOS for this program alone!
Found AMOS too difficult to master, will feel right at home with this version.
No one could honestly claim that a package like this will turn a beginner into the next Andrew Braybrook or Jez San, but Easy AMOS is certainly a step in the right direction.
What Easy AMOS does provide are some very solid foundations that any budding programmer can build upon. After all, although you may be a beginner when you first start with Easy AMOS, if you work through all the tutorials in the manual, and you fully understand what they are trying to get across, you'll already be a fairly accomplished programmer in your own right!
Easy AMOS is a very brave attempt to teach to the computer illiterate the wonders of Amiga programming. And it would seem that this is exactly what Europress have managed to achieve. If you are the kind of person that has tried to learn to program before, but have always managed to fail quite miserably, then Easy AMOS could well be the answer to all your dreams. Dream on. 'S Easy AMOS SPEED Every single aspect of Easy AMOS is highly polished and very smooth in operation.
DOCUMENTATION MMI I’ve never before awarded a five for a manual, but Easy AMOS is worthy of this accolade!
ACCESSIBILITY_MMI After about half-an-hour with Easy AMOS, you'll know enough to produce your own minl-demo!
FEATURES__Ml Not quite as comprehensive as AMOS, but it is still a very well endowed language.
VALUE_HIM £35 doesn't buy much these days, so at that price it’s a real bargain!
92% II i Mi SAMPLE BANK MAKER - Pulling together a bank of sampled sounds was no easy task in AMOS, but Easy AMOS users have been spoilt rotten with this very handy utility. Just like the AMOS Sample Bank maker, you can load samples into memory and then organize them into order within a bank. This bank can then be saved out to disk for use with Easy AMOS, allowing a large number of samples to be loaded in one operation.
One very nice feature of the Easy AMOS Sample Bank Maker is the level of control it gives over samples. Built into the program is a sort of minl- AudioMaster sample editor which can be used to fine tune any sample. Once again, AMOS users would love this little babyl DISK EDITOR - Because Easy AMOS is aimed at the kind of complete beginner that wouldn’t know a disk from a beer mat, Easy AMOS even comes complete with a SID-like directory utility that allows you to carry out such complex DOS-related operations as formatting disks, copying, renaming and deleting files etc. It’s not quite in
the same league as Directory Opus, but it’s a nice addition nonetheless.
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English 17.99 Micro French 17.99 Micro Maths 17.99 BE AMONG
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TOP TITLES SPECIALS Lotus Turbo Esprit 2, Terminator 2, Lemmings, Robocod, Simpsons, Leander, Another World, WWF Wrestling,Monkey Island, PGA Tour Golf, Gauntlet 3, Rodland, Hero Quest, Epic £18.99 EACH Jimmy White's Snooker, Realms, Thunderhawk, Mega-Lo-Mania, Knightmare, Populous II, Battle Isle, Moonstone, Utopia, Monkey Island II, John Madden Football ...£19.99 EACH Knights of the Sky, Flight of the Intruder, F-15 Strike Eagle II, Silent Service II, Heart of China, Red Baron, Microprose Grand Prix, Flight Sim II, Space Ace II, Willy Beamish,
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Calendar Quiz Words & Numbers Game, Set & Match Only £29.99 AMIGA 500 PLUS CARTOON CLASSICS PACK Latest tpeeififlition Imb RAM, Workbench 2 with enhmeed chipset (Up to 2 Mb Chip RAM] Plus usual Cirtoon Clissios Softwere PiekMI Only £359 One Meg Upgrade for A500 Plus Enables 2Mb CHIP RAM £49.99 Mix 4 Match 16.99 Paint Me a Story 16.49 Pepe's Garden 16.99 Picture Book 13.99 Reasoning with Trolls 10.99 Sooty's Fun With Numbers 13.99 Spellbook 7.99 Target Maths 13.99 Things to do with Numbers 13.99 Things to do with Words 13.99 Thomas the Tank Engine 13.99 Three Bears 16.49 World Atlas 44.99 mmmm
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MAIL have a SPHINX unit ready. The enemy knows how good they are at stopping aircraft, so they are usually the primary target for the attack. A method to counter this is to place the SPHINX in a comer of a depot or headquarters and place BLITZ units in the surrounding hexes.
The enemy will then never be in hex to hex contact with the SPHINX. A similar method can be used to protect the ANGEL heavy artillery from tank attack. The only difference is that you should replace the BLITZ units with SCORPION or GLADIATOR units.
It does not explain in the rule book to any great extent about using MERLIN units to make depots. This is done in the action attack phase. Do the same as you would to attack if the MERLIN could and, if the geography of the land is suitable, a target hex will appear from the MERLIN. This will be the entrance to the depot when completed. It takes two turns to build the depot, although two MERLIN units can make a depot in one turn. If using one MERLIN you must remember to order it in the next action attack phase to finish the depot as it does not automatically do so.
STRATEGY MAPS These diagrams will give you basic ideas on troop and unit formations to deal with certain situations. Refer to the text for more in-depth strategy tips.
Main Battle Line Set-up Bridge Tactics Building Air Defence The experience system is of no great importance, especially in long, drawn out games, because an experienced unit will always destroy an identical “rookie” unit. The system is based as follows: If in attack or defence a unit destroys one or more of the enemy in the opposing unit, then they will gain one experience point.
If a unit destroys the last enemy in a particular unit then they will receive an extra bonus of another point, making up a total of two points.
When fighting against units containing only one enemy (even when at full strength such as a BARRACUDA, PEGASUS, FORTRESS or AMAZON), an experience point is gained every time a shot hits it, even if that shot did not destroy it. Two points are gained for the unit that finally destroys it.
The best land attack formation is to have CRUSADER and GLADIATOR units in the middle of the front line. On the flanks it is useful to have SCORPION units placed, as their high speed makes them useful for surrounding the enemy. Behind the front line, have as many BUSTER units as possible so that they are two hexes from the enemy and the rocket attacks can be made in safety. Behind the BUSTER units (or along side them) have SPHINX, ANGEL and BLITZ units to protect the front line against air attack (the ANGEL units can also bombard the enemy from a distance). At the rear have DEMON units
on-board PROVIDER units so that they can rash out and storm a building or retreat in the event of a collapsed line. PROVIDER units carrying DEMON troops should attack or allow to be attacked, since a troop PROVIDER loses all of its on-board troops when destroyed.
If you have a PEGASUS unit, try to launch the aircraft on-board as soon as a battle is likely, since all aircraft that are still on a destroyed carrier will be lost.
Crusader Blitz Sphinx Scorpion Gladiator Raven Road Plain Woods Using the FAV Buster Firebird MAY 1992 Mosquito Buster Provider Enemy Unit i ) Player Depot " 1 Mountains Water (Tp PRESENTATION MASTER Presentation Master images or text over and over again (a company logo, for example).
Creating a new slide is a little like using a desktop publishing package. Before you start adding things like text and graphs to your slide, you must first create a content layer (a box basically) that will be used to hold some text or an image just like you would in a program like ProPage. Once again templates can save you loads of time here because boxes for more common elements such as the slide title can be defined as part of the template, allowing you to get started as soon as the template has been loaded.
Content layers can hold a number of different types of information ranging from basic text to IFF images and even graphs (more on these later though!). If you’re entering a line of text, all you have to do is to define the font (any standard Amiga bitmapped font can be used), its point size, style and colour and then type away. Once you’ve typed in your text, in true DTP style you can pick up the box that contains the text and move it around, resize it and so on. Presentation Master will automatically reformat any text within the box if the width of the box shrinks below its original size.
Graphs can also be created quite easily within Presentation Master. Once you’ve created a box to contain the graph, a single click on the graph gadget brings up a screen that bears more than a striking resemblance to a conventional spreadsheet. Don’t expect this to handle the kind of number crunching applications that Continued overleaf If you want your Amiga to do more than simply blast the latest batch of alien invaders, this program will enable you to provide graphic presentations of your latest college project, or help prepare a small business' annual report.
Dave Collins is your presenter.
Presentation Master's structured drawing module allows you to design high-quality images or port in clip art in EPSF format.
WITH ITS LARGE colour palette and high- screen resolutions, the Amiga is a natural for presentation work. Whether you’re producing a slideshow demonstrating African knitting techniques for the next Woman’s Guild meeting or a complete interactive training system for would-be nuclear physicist, the Amiga is the ideal vehicle for turning a few good ideas into a working presentation.
Interactive slideshow programs are certainly nothing new, but Oxxi Aegis’ new Presentation Master takes the genre several steps forward. Its uses are diverse. At its simplest level, it can be used to generate simple slideshows comprising of ‘slides’ (IFF pictures) which can be flicked through automatically by the computer. In the hands of an experienced user though, it can be used to generate highly-complex interactive presentations which steal more than a few tricks from the multimedia ideal. If you’ve got access to a Polaroid palette system, then with Presentation Master it’s
possible to generate complete slides which can be displayed without a single Amiga in sight.
Presentation Master has been floating around in beta test form for a number of months, but only now have Oxxi finally come up with the goods. I remember seeing a pre-production copy of Presentation Master a few months back and even then I was shocked by the number of disks that the package filled (an unbelievable eight!), but Oxxi have pushed up the disk count even further and Presentation Master now arrives on 13 disks! You’d think that this would be more than enough for any package, but because it’s such a huge program many of its associated files have been archived onto the disks.
Despite the fact that the whole package arrives on a massive 13 disks, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need 13 Mbs to be able to run it. Most of the disks contain nothing more than clip art and extra fonts, so they’re not essential to Presentation Master's operation. This aside though, its system requirements are still pretty hefty. Even at its simplest level, you will need a machine equipped with at least 2Mb of RAM and a hard drive, and even this isn’t really enough to use this package to its optimum (3-4 Mbs is a more realistic setup!).
Presentation Creation System £1 40.99 ¦ Oxxi Aegis PRESENTATION MASTER is available from Precision Software 0753 557888 The most basic element within a Presentation Master presentation is the slide. These come in three basic flavours; one for displaying pictures or animations, another for putting blanks into your presentation, but the real workhorse of the entire system is the layered slide. Layered Slides can be used to present your information in a variety of different formats, all of which can be generated using Presentation Master’s powerful slide construction tools.
Whole families of layered slides can be defined and used as a uniformed foundation for new slides by creating what is called a ‘slide template’. A slide template contains all the basic information about each slide type such as its background image and the position of such things as the slide title etc. Slide templates are particularly useful if you need to use MAY 1992 The SlideSorter screen is used to organize the slides that you have created into a hierarchical presentation.
Programs like ProCalc eat for breakfast though - Presentation Master’s spreadsheet is restricted to entering values only, so you may want to use a real spreadsheet first if you’re working with complex lists of numbers.
Once all your spreadsheet data has been entered, all that remains is to mark out the range to be graphed and Presentation Master will do the rest. As you’d expect, a variety of different chart types are supported including the usual bar, pie and line charts plus a few not so familiar types like the very useful Gannt chart (used for project management).
Presentation Master gives you extensive control over your charts, allowing you to customise them to your own requirements.
One nice aspect the chart facility is that its charts are generated as structured objects and can therefore be fiddled around with using the program’s built-in structured drawing program. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even create your own structured images from scratch or pull in any one of a wide selection of demo images provided with the package.
Presentation Master can read in structured clip art in standard EPSF format, allowing you to easily port your ProDraw creations into the program with a minimal amount of hassle.
Using a structured drawing program will come as bit of a culture shock if you’ve been weaned on pixel-based paint programs like Deluxe Paint, but Presentation Master’s struc- 152 MAY 1992 tured drawing module is far easier to use than some programs I could mention. Most of its tools are accessed from a floating menu of gadgets that can be picked up and moved around the screen to your heart’s content. All the usual structured drawing tools are there in abundance including the usual Bezier curves, filled and outlined ellipses, circles, ellipses and so on. What’s more, the speed at which all of
these operations are performed is very impressive indeed and could certainly teach ProDraw a thing or two!
Presentation Master has another ace tucked up its sleeve in the shape of its PolyFonts facility. Bitmapped fonts are all very nice, but resize them and they become chunky. Just like the Compugraphic fonts supported by ProPage, Presentation Master’s PolyFonts can be resized, rotated, distorted and flipped with no loss in quality whatsoever.
A wide selection of PolyFonts are included, but for those of you who want more, Presentation Master supports outline fonts in both PageStream and Compugraphic format, so adding extra fonts is easy enough.
Once all your slides have been defined, the next step is to organize them into a presentation using Presentation Master’s SlideSorter screen. The SlideSorter allows you lo organize slides into a hierarchy, giving you the chance to create intelligent interactive presentations that will allow your intended audience to view only the slides that they are interested in. By defining a hot spot within a slide, the user of your presentation can access the slides that they want to see without having to suffer the tedium of flicking through irrelevant slides.
At the top of every presentation is a ‘Root Slide’ which could be something like your presentation’s title screen. Below this you can then add ‘child’ slides which in turn can point to their own subset of additional slides. These in turn can have their own child slides, so you eventually end up with a presentation that is organized into a sort of tree structure.
Although it sounds a little complicated, you’d be surprised just how easy it is to create some very complex presentations.
It’s all too easy to think that Presentation Master is nothing more than a tool for creating slides for output to a Polaroid Palette, but the program goes so much further than this quite limited application. If you are using it for slide preparation, then it’ll do the job perfectly, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve ever needed to create interactive presentations, point of sales and even complete computer- based teaching systems, Presentation Master provides the tools to achieve this in no time.
The system requirements for the program are a little over the top and this could well be Presentation Master’s only stumbling block.
It’s memory requirements aren’t that outrageous (let’s face it, RAM expansions are very cheap these days), but to restrict the program to hard disk users only is sure to loose Oxxi more than a few customers. If your system is man enough for the job though, you’re unlikely to find a presentation system that even comes close to the power and flexibility that Presentation Master provides. '$ Presentation Master SPEED___MM Considering the amount of data that It handles, you'll find it zips along.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • its huge manual hardly makes for light reading, but it describes the program's operation well.
ACCESSIBILITY_Ml Getting into Presentation Master is a pain at first, but you’ll soon find it a logical enough.
FEATURES_MM Packed to the gills with powerful features, it really kicks the competition for six.
VALUE__Ml Not bad value, at £140.99, for an experienced user who needs a flash presentation system.
Me) 82% SLIPPERY SLIDES To creole a new slide, click on the 'New Slide' gadget from the SlideSorter and Presentation Master will give you a choice of three slide types. Most of the time you'll be working with layered slides, so click on the appropriate gadget and you're away.
. " . ; Levered Slide w 'Tenptete. . . 1 . 1 Tenp I ate : 0H_DibOSt»1 )si Chartl HI Picture or Animation... 1 IFF ILBM or flNItt format ¦ Black Slide J Use for pause in sitdeshow If a template family has already been loaded, then you'll be presented with a blank slide containing empty content layers just waiting to be filled. The first thing to do is to add a title (or heading) to your slide followed by a subtitle.
• STvflGA FORMAT INDUSTRIE8 INC. gnsoofromlho chart opposite, if
io Ant (pi Forrratleam have certainly boon munching their way
through a more than averago amount of burgers this month,
especially Ihe Swart Bros’ 'MayoBurger vartoty Acting upon
those rorylntorestmg results, we can nafefyconclutJe mala
heailhy supply orburgoro Is ihe oniyiwng that can onsure mat
the maga tne reaches the newsagents on time . Well, a good
suppryof boor helps too thought Once this is done, you can then
start to work on the more interesting aspects of your slide.
Clicking on a new content layer, it's time to create a chart. This is achieved by clicking on the chart icon from the toolbox strip. You'll then be presented with a spreadsheet-like screen which is used to enter the data which is to be graphed. Once all the data has been entered, select a range and Presentation Master will do the rest.
Then your graph is displayed in all its structured glory. If you're not entirely happy with it, you can select a different type of graph or choose to spruce up the chart you already have.
AMIGA FORMAT INDUSTRIES INC. As you can see from the chart opposite, the Amiga Format team have certainly been munching their way through a more than average amount of burgers this month, especlallythe Swartz Bros' 'MayoBurger' variety. Acting upon these very Interesting results, we can safely conclude thata healthy supply orburgers Is the onlythlng that can ensure that the magazine reaches the newsagents on time...well, a good supply of beer helps too though!
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Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance.
Subject to availability despatch is normally within 24 hours of receipt of cleared payment.
DELIVERY CHARGES; UK Mainland (not Highlands) Despatched by post, please check charges when ordering.
Small consumables & software items Other items except lasers Laser printers Offshore & Highlands Next day courier service, £10.00 per box.
Next day courier service, £17.50 Normal rate plus £10.00 + VAT per box In addition we have the following express service: Saturday deliveries Normal rate plus £10.00 + VAT, surcharge 7am - 9am next day Normal rate plus £10.00 + VAT. Surcharge am next day Normal rate plus £10.00 + VAT, surcharge (the above surcharges are per box) Prices are subject to change without notice E.&O.E Eye of the Beholder 2 Space Crusader Special Forces Shadow Lands Air Support EPIC Agony The Manager Black Crypt Turbo Challenge II A320 Airbus MicroProse Grand Prix Meglomania First Samurai Utopia Data Disk Race
Driving Funschool 2 Funschool 3 Funschool4 £22.50 £17.50 £23.50 £19.99 £17.99 £17.50 £17.50 £17.50 £17.99 £15.99 £23.99 £22.99 £20.50 £10.50 £20.50 £13.99 £16.50 £16.50 Apache 1 Python 1.m Jet fighter Superboards Top star Cheetah Bug Comp pro & card £5.99 £8.99 £11.99 £14.99 £20.99 £12.50 £26.99 Unit 9 Smug Oak Business Centre Lye lane, Bricketwood, St Albans AL2 3UG and many others Tel. (0923) 894111-8 lines open Fax. (0923) 894143 8 Queen Victoria Street Reading Berkshire Tel. (0734) 505514 JR SALES HOT LINE 0923 894111 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY With the Amiga rapidly becoming a major force in
the world of music, high guality sampling systems are popping up all over the place. Maff Evans checks out an update to the top package ever released.
AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS is available from HB Marketing: 0753 686000 The main Audio Engineer II screen.
This shows the panel with its new, modified scroll bar, position display panel, zoom buttons and waveform display scale.
V OK ProMpts Loop LiMit
• Finished Tone V Cut To Buffer Soreen Colors,.. (E Sappier
Config.. ,dl Type Of Navefont ©W When recording and listening
to samples taken at low sample rates, a lot of excess noise
(known as ‘aliasing’) can creep in. Audio Engineer Plus’
software features an impressive facility called Oversampling,
which actually smooths out the glitches in samples as they
play. This removes the harsh whine that many low-frequency
samples can be hampered with.
WHEN IT WAS released almost two years ago, Ramscan’s Audio Engineer package was regarded as the best sampling system available for the Amiga. Since then, various systems have been released which add new features and editing facilities to the budding home sampler’s toolkit, some of which even go beyond the scope of the original Audio Engineer.
However. Ramscan have not been sitting around for the past 20 months, and they are set to re-establish themselves as the market leaders in sampling with Audio Engineer Plus.
The original package was a combination of the superb Audio Imager sampling hardware and Peter Norman’s Audiomaster III (albeit under a different name). The package wasn’t cheap (just under £200) but the power and quality offered by the system was unrivalled.
Not only could you record crystal-clear samples with little fuss, but the program contained some of the best editing features around.
One of the most impressive features was the Loop Sequencing system, which allowed you to recreate an entire track just from a few short samples. This is done by positioning a number of loop pointers at various points on the sampled waveform and playing them in sequence, giving the impression that you have a much bigger sample in memory.
Audio Engineer Sampling Package ¦ £204.30 ¦ Ramscan If you couple this kind of power with just about the most straightforward and friendly editing system that is available, it’s not at all hard to see why Audio Engineer was classed as the lop system on the market. But what have Ramscan done to this already impressive beast to bring it in line with the current crop of sampling packages? Well quite a lot. To tell the truth. Let’s have a look at some of the exciting new features... FOUR TIMES OVERSAMPLING Audio Filter... Co-ord Display,.
Snapshot Device... OvepSanpling Using the built-in digital filter, you can enhance or reduce defined frequency ranges in a sample.
Whereas other samplers allow you to cut the top end ‘hiss’ from samples. Audio Engineer Plus allows you to cut or boost any range of frequencies, as well as giving you access to a full bandpass filter.
SUBSCRIPTIONS Let us come and knock on your front door eveiy month... ...or we'll come round your house and have a quiet word with you!
All right, so it won't be us in person! But having the magazine pop through your letter box every month is like having an old friend come to visit. You're saved the hassle of the weary trek to the newsagent, you get the magazine before it officially goes on sale and now, for the first time, you'll also get a unigue newsletter sent only to subscribers.
Please note: the price of subscriptions has now increased to account for the fact that every edition of Ammiga Format from now on will cost £3.95 and come with a value-packed second Coverdisk on the front. Don’t say you weren't warned! It's still a bargain, if you work it out... Subscribe and get one of these fine examples of sofware free Oh No! More Lemmings Battle Isles James Pond Robocod Home Accounts 1 Follow up to the most success- "A war game that breaks the "One of the best cutesy plat- Digita's DIY domestic budgeting and f O W nO ful Amiga game of all time adds mould and sets a new
standard" form games ever to appear" system is still one of the most 100 new levels. 90% Amiga Format Issue 29 91% Amiga Format Issue 29 popular programs there is! RlOnCy at all!
Amiga Format Subscription Order Form Yes! Please enter renew my subscription to Amiga Format and send me the software of my choice (tick as appropriate) UK £44.95 Europe £74.95 ? Rest of the World £104.95 MAY 1992 James Pond 2: Robocod Home Accounts More Lemmings! Battle Isles SEND THIS FORM TO: Amiga Format Subscriptions, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TAII 6TB No stamp required if posted in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man Amiga Format back issues, £4 each. Issues 23, 24, 30 and 33, £5 each (please indicate the issues you require )_ Amiga Power
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Total Order Expiry date Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited.
Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque • PO Credit Card No. _ This coupon valid until end May 1992 AF MAG 0592 Swap your April Amiga Format VISTA cover disk and upgrade to VISTAPRO 2 £39.95 Other packages that can be purchased under the special Amiga Format VISTA cover disk offer are: NORMAL PRICE £69.95 VISTAPRO 2.0 OFFERS
• The most complete final image control of any landscape
• Add oak, pine, palm, cactus, sage brush trees in varying mixes
and density.
• Add large or small buildings, roads and sunsets.
• Direct support for DCTV, FireCracker, HAM-E and ARREX TERRAFORM
- modify your VISTA and VistPro landscapes or create your own.
Add dams to rivers, run roads up mountains, flatten or build up
mountains, make craters etc. £29.95 MAKEPATH - a motion editing
tool. Create complex animation sequences, control acceleration,
banking and pitch. Works with both VISTA and VistaPro images.
£29.95 Scenery Disk X001 - part of Mars equatorial region,
Valles Marineris, Pavonis Mons, Acraeus Mons, Tharsis Tholus,
Lunae Planum, Syria Planum, Sinai Planum £-| 9,95 36 different
scenery disk sets of various locations in the USA including
Grand Canyon.
Ask for list with order Original Virtual Reality Labs.
VISTA Manual for your Amiga Format April Cover disk £4.95 NOTE: To take advantage of these update offers, you MUST send in your April Amiga Format VISTA diskette and £1-00 post package with your order (your diskette willl be returned with your order).
VISTAPRO 2 control panel liar get |P jCaMera dr 7856 3848 [X 3848 dx 0 8J |V 7688 dy -7688 1281 [2 2938 dz -1657 Bank Head Pitch Range 8J -188 I -12 !_8_ VISTAPRO 2 now supports user definable backgrounds and foregrounds. For instance a foreground might be a shot from inside a light plane cockpit looking out of the window. A background might be a particularly nice cloud photo or astronomically-correct night sky rendered with Distant Suns
4. 0 NOTE: VISTAPRO 2 needs 3mB OT more. If you own an
accelerator card VISTAPRO 2 will take advantage of it.
I Cheques to be made payable to: Genisoft Ltd TreSiz TreDns Stars ! PalM (Snooth Vscale Sky iCactus jEnlarg 1.8888 LockP Ipalet Hain I Lens | Frac Ilight Poly Dither Textur PixDth Hl2l4 8j 188 0[l|m[H 188 I Bound BFCull |Blend fiShade Render Redraw | View ; Abort Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Slough, Berks., SL3 ODX ACCESS and VISA accepted - 48 hour despatch (cheques 7 days). Overseas customers add £2.50 postage. ALL prices include VAT.
Remember - you MUST include your free VISTA cover disk from the April issue Amiga Format I You missed the April issue of Amiga FORMAT - DON'T WORRY I Send this coupon to Amiga Format Back Issues, Future Publishing, |The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PY. Fill in your name ¦and address and enclose a cheque or PO for £5 made out to Future ¦ Publishing Ltd. Order code: HB04 ¦ Name:__ ¦Address: I r FOOTBALL TACTICIAN Until now, football simulations came in two categories: arcade and management. Few, if any, ever bothered with the all-important STRATEGY which a successful manager is to master,
both before a match when deciding on squad selection, and during the match when high-drama, real-time decisions must be made on tactics, substitutions, set pieces and player deployment. But now, for the first time on any major computer, there is a superlative management game that encompasses all forms of soccer strategy: it is called FOOTBALL TACTICIAN.
Team selection, needless to say, remains a critical element in any successful campaign: and here you will be aided with a wealth of player data, never seen in any soccer program before. Gone are the days when a player was given a single skill level. Each player is now analysed in up to 20 different aspects, enabling you to select the side best suited for the match in hand. And then to the BIG innovation of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN: full on-line, real-time involvement during the match! For the first time ever, you will, as a manager, be able to alter your strategy : choose a defensive or offensive
system, mark certain opponents, drop back some of your players if the pressure is tough, decide exactly when substitutions should be made, play the off-side trap, go for quick counters, etc... With full on-screen commentary and minute-by-minute feed-back, you're as involved in the match as any of your players! When you further consider that this game is written in 100% machine code (unlike scores of other slow-motion offerings which are written in basic), that up to twenty two users can play this game at the same time, that accurate records are kept on all 440. Players in the first division,
right down to their exact market valuation, that a built-in editor allows you to change any player’s or manager's name, you will realise that this is no ordinary soccer manager. THIS is the REAL THING. You're in charge. You manage your side before and during the match. Nothing is left to chance.
Can you rise to the challenge? Try FOOTBALL TACTICIAN and prepare yourself for the ultimate football experience.
Amongst the many features: intelligent computer behaviour lively transfer market, ability to replay ANY match of the week with full commentary, three levels of commentary from highlights only to every single ball challenge with all players named, ability to retrieve any fixture from the last 21 seasons, top scorers chart, friendlies, speed control, twenty player squads including the VERY LATEST transfers right up to this very week, full European Cups program with every single turopean player accurately named, selectable positions, automatic and intelligent substitutions by computer opponents
based on player fitness, fatigue and tactics used; computer opponents will automatically change tactics to respond to situation on the field N L ability to utilize to full advantage any extra memory fitted, and many more!
FREE UPDATES OFFER! Because Talking Birds are committed to providing the most up-to-date football manager ever purchasers of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN will receive free update disks for a whole year! As players are transferred, injured or revalued, as managers are sacked and teams promoted or relegated, it is essential that up-to-date data disks should be made available to the serious user Beyond the first year period, this service will be available as an optional extra.
AMIGA and ATARI ST STE Double-sided disk.
Please rush 1 copy of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN I own an AMIGA A500 lmeg A500+D A500 1 2 meg ? ATARI ST STED Name Address I enclose cheque for £19.95 ?
My Visa number is Visa or Access orders: same-day dispatch. Overseas please add £l p&p TALKING BIRDS 0702 523607 5 Minster Close Rayleigh Essex SS6 8SF MAIL ORDER Ctp Sequencer One On the second Coverdisk of the Christmas special issue we brought you the best special offer you could have: the complete Sequencer One music package, RRP £89, for next to nothing.
If you missed out, you can get your copy from Back Issues for only £5. But it doesn't stop there! Make the most of Sequencer One by taking advantage of the host of extras which build up the most powerful easy-to-use music-making system there is!
Sequencer One Sequencer One, the excellent beginners' music program we gave away with Issue 30. If you missed out, get it now from our Back Issues department on Page 184!
B1 S ? 01 Bass line: ~Stn _ 02 ? 02 Stringdronel'Stn__ 03 ? 03 Brass: ~Stn _ 84 ? 04 Res: ~Stn _ 05 ? LR Bassdnw: Int 001 06 ? RL SnareDruH: Int 002 07 ? RL 003 awm A music composition system to use with both Sequencer One and Sequencer One Plus. It can help you to create professional-sounding drum tracks, bass lines and other accompaniments in a wide range of musical styles (eg ballad, blues, house, disco, latin, reggae or techno). Very little previous musical knowledge is needed to obtain frighteningly rapid results! Can you write a number one hit? Here’s the kit to help you, only £24.95
(RRP £29.95)!
| Music Composition System ? ST Sequencer One Version zv. I "is* m xxe; via r:c m i ria -it xtt i *am at x:i i »• Sit x:t I ?i» Hit i rs* -i: jv. I r*a sit ct i ?xa ait xit i Thu Etl HRRl lllVtVVIIVIl lumLtmi u UUUUU r;aiH5 IWIRr xi! I i
- '.- "¦*. SC~f‘a'j .
“ia S!t X!! 1 ?ia a! At I •r'S TT'Ti Tia at !
Si- a:: at; vt» xit Xit i ri. Sk at i ?s« at f* «B2xii ria ait x:i t ?i» ait at i ?ta at at i ?i at IpflUjj * ait at i ys« ait at i ?i» a: at i Ti ist «fn*u ?ia at xtt i ?&i git at i rs* ait at i tiu xtt xtt i at nt SAVE £5!
Order No Price AM237 Description The Hit Kit!
User Guide SAVE £90!
SEQUENCER ONE USER GUIDE SEQUENCER ONE PLUS UPGRADE KIT Don’t miss out on this incredible offer! Upgrade to Sequencer One Plus to take advantage of a host of extra features including the unique Juke Box screen and Gajits’ new ’Diamond Drag’ note editing system. Also includes: tempo maps, auto count in, MIDI sys ex handling, track solo, extra quantise options, and much more! All of this will sell for £129.95 (RRP). For a short time only, Sequencer One Plus is available as an upgrade kit for Sequencer One owners (and that includes everyone who has the program from Amiga Format Coverdisk 30) at
just £49.95 (RRP). But we’re offering it to you at a mere £39.95 for an amazing total saving of £90!
Contains not only the full program User Guide but also a personal User Registration Card. The User Guide includes a beginners’ introduction to sequencing and MIDI, lots of helpful illustrations and examples, and a full index. The User Registration Card entitles you to free update information and the Gajits Telephone Helpline support service. You can benefit from all of this for the special price of only £6.95!
Description Order No Price Sequencer AM235 Description Price__Order N° Sequencer One User Guide £6.95 AM236 MAIL ORDER Graphics Workshop The Graphics Workshop; which we gave you for practically nothing on the Coverdisk of our Christmas Special issue, is a powerful paint and animation program. In no time, you'll discover what an excellent package it is, and want to use it more.
Why not get the most out of it by buying the full instruction book and tutorial guide, specially rewritten by Amiga Format!
Graphics Workshop Powerful paint and animation at your fingertips!
A collection of five volumes of IFF format digital sound samples for use with Sequencer One and Sequencer One Plus (as well as other programs using IFF samples). Each volume contains up to 80 high-quality samples and includes a specially-written demo song to demonstrate the capabilities of the samples.
If you missed out on Issue 30 and your copy of Graphics Workshopi, you can order the magazine from our back issues (Page 164) for only £5!
MAY 1992 Only £14.95 including tutorial disk There are five volumes to collect:
1. Percussion and Effects
2. Guitars and Strings
3. Brass and Woodwind
4. Synth and Vocals
5. Piano and Keyboards Each volume costs just £9.95 here (RRP
£12.95). The complete set can be bought for only £39.95,
saving you nearly £25!
Description Price Order No Sample Series 1: Percussion £9.95 AM238 Description Price Order No Sample Series 2: Guitars £9.95 AM239 Description Price Order No Sample Series 3: Brass £9.95 AM240 Description Price Order No Sample Series 4: Synth £9.95 AM241 Description Price Order No Sample Series 5: Piano £9.95 AM242 Description Price Order No Sample Series Complete Set £39.95 AM243 All prices include postage, packing and VAT No Hidden Extras VISA HOTLINE 0458 74011 Order form Name Address Post code Telephone No.
Description Price Order No.
Total Order PO Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque t Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited.
SEND THIS FORM TO: Amiga Format, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7BR No stamp required if posted in the United Kingdom, Channel Island or the Isle of Man For overseas orders call Nikki for prices on 0458 74011 Credit Card No.
Simply Plugs into trapdoor expansion area £ Increases total RAM capacity to 2Mb 'ChipRAM' ? RAM On Off Switch ? Compact unit size ?
Only 8 low power RAM IC's ? High reliability JOINT WINNER OF COMPUTER SHOPPER S 4Best Customer Service’
1. 5MB RAM BOARD UPGRADE ' 0NLY*£7 ?! populated board
increases total RAM in A500 to 2Mb! ? Plugs a in,° trapdoor
area, & connects to 'GARY' chip ? Includes Battery- Backed
Real-Time Clock ? Socketed RAM Ics on 512K 1Mb Versions
Unpopulated RAM board with clock ... £ 34.95 N.B
: The expansion board with 512K Installed £ 54.95 with 1Mb
Installed.....£ 69.95 ope'r TekS rto’wade RAM Board with 1.5Mb
FASTRAM installed .... £ 79.00 available from us for £29.95
PRICES INC.DEUVERY & VAT @ 17.5% Express Courier Delivery: (UK
Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra HERE TODAY ~ HERE TO STAY Evesham
Micros First. First for choice, prices and service.
Established for over eight years, with a strong financial
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REMEMBER - when you need us. We will still be here. Our extensive expansion program means we could eventually be there as well ... CONNECTS TO YOUR 512K RAM UPGRADE TO GIVE 1.5MB MEGABOARD With our MEGABOARD, you can further txpand your A500's memory to a total of 2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type, or not exceeding 9cm in length).
HOW TO ORDER Call us now on 0386 765500 TELESALES OPENING TIMES : 9am - 7pm Monday-Friday 9am - 5.30pm Saturday
10. 00 - 4.00 Sunday ONLY £54 A500 EXTERNAL 8MB RAM UNIT Send
Cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Evesham
Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6XJ ¦U Very low power consumption AfipW. T Styled to match the Amiga • '* . JM
• Throughport for further expansion ? RAM access LED & RAM
test run switch
* Optional PSU (Allows Amiga to power other devices) ? Available
fitted with 2Mb, 4Mb or fully populated with 8Mb Our new
external unit allows the A500 A500+ to be upgraded by up to a
further 8Mb auto-configuring FASTRAM using the latest 'ZIP’
DRAM technology.
ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government, Education & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) £6.50 extra Please note that 5 banking days must be allowed for cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building Society cheques or Bank Drafts.
Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 With 2MB fitted... £119.99 With 4MB... £179.99 With 8MB... £289.99 Partially populated units expand to 8Mb with 2Mb modules, available separately at only £89.99 per 2Mb New showroom opening times: Mon-Sat. 9.00 - 5.30 & Sunday 10.00 - 4.00 Unit 9 St Richards Road, Evesham Worcestershire Wrl I 6XJ 0-0386 765180 fax : 0386 765354 3V" external floppy drives AMAZING LOW PRICE!
Glisson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HA 0 0223 323898 tax: 0223 322883 Corporate Sales Dept. • IBM dealer including VAT & delivery 251-255 Moseley Road, Highgate, Birmingham 812 OEA Tel: 021 446 5050. Fax:021 446 5010 Corporate Soles Dept • Easy Parking 320 WITAN GATE MILTON KEYNES MK9 2HP 0 0908 230 898 fax : 0908 230 865 ¦H- 0386-40303 Monday to Friday, 10.00 - 5.00 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS All details correct at time ot going to press • All goods subject to availability _JKI
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanism'
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable
amplified stereo speakers fr AMIGA 500+ SPECIAL OFFERS REALISE
A500+ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK TOP VALUE PACKAGE INCLUDES : X ° NEW AMIGA 500 PLUS' with 1Mb RAM, 1Mb Drive, Kickstart 2, Workbench 2, ~ TV Modulator, Mouse, etc. ° DELUXE PAINT III', PLUS: i. Z' 'LEMMINGS' (top seller!)
VGQ J ‘CAPTAIN PLANET' ‘BART SIMPSON vs. THE SPACE MUTANTS 2MB CHI PRAM version £379.99 Your Amiga produces line quality hi-fi stereo sound.
Enjoy quality stereo sound reproduction lo the lull with this specially designed, greal new twin speaker syslem! Features reflex poned speaker design wilh 3 separate drivers in each unit, and in corporal es a built-in amplifier with adjustable volume control Runs trom PSU (supplied) or Irom batteries (not included).
Speaker Dimensions 248x93x 125mm (HxWxD) ONLY £39.95 CARTOON CLASSICS EXTRA PACK TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY SCANNER I Features Amiga 500+ ‘Cartoon Classics' Pack as detailed above, limps to Evesham Micros ¦ p|us Virus Protector, Mouse Mat, Top Quality Joystick plus 19 in our brilliant value ¦ fabulous games including: - Classics Extra Pac . M 'gazza2' cardiaxx' -subbuteo' Battle Squadron' 'NIGEL MANSELL' 'ASTERIX' ‘Tracksuit Manager 90' ‘Germ Crazy' 'High Steel' 'The Ball Game’ '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' 'Diet Riot’ ‘Night Walk' ‘Block Alanche' ‘Better Dead Than Alien' 'Treasure Trap’
'Lost'N'Maze' ‘DiskMan’ 'Tank Battle'_AND.... 'Text Plus' spellchecking wordprocessor and 'Scale' spreadsheet TOTAL OF 22 MEGA GAMES!
QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT PRICE ! _____ Representing outstanding value for money, this package combines top quality scanning hardware with the latest version of f the distinctively powerful DA A TASCAN PROFESSIONAL VERSION 2 software.
Al a genuine 400dpi scanning resolution, this new scanner produces truly superb quality scans. Has a full lOSmm scanning width, variable brightness control and 100 200 300 400dpi resolution.
Daatascan Professional Version 2 scanning and editing software allows real- time scanning in either line art or in up lo 64 simulaled grey scales. Provides powerful editing features and excellent compatibility with most DTP and Paint Packages eg. Deluxe Paint 4. Touch-Up.
2MB CHIPRAM version £ 399.99 Amiga 1500 Starter Pack (1Mb RAM, 2x3.5', Colour Monilor, 'DParnt 3'. Platinum Works', Home Accounts', 3 x Games, etc) £ 829 0 Commodore A590 20Mb Hard Drive.
A590 512K RAM Upgrade ... X 299.99 A590 1Mb RAM Upgrade ...E 29.95 A590 2Mb RAM Upgrade REPLACEMENT AMIGA 500 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE KIT PRINTERS ONLY £99.99 Prices Include VAT, Delivery and Connection Cable Fully compatible, with 1Mb unformatted capacity, straightforward installation procedure. Kit includes full fitting instructions.
TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE that this is the smoothest, most responsive and accurate replacement mouse you can buy for the Amiga. Excellent performance, now with a 300dpi resolution. Amazing new price I 'Z&olct Registered 27§iE@lir Dealer EVESHAM MICROS STAR PRINTERS INCLUDE 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY 'NO* 300dp* .BESOUJhOtf ONLY £39.99 TRACKBALL High performance trackball, directly compatible lo any Amiga or Atari ST. Plugs inlo mouse or joystick port. Super-smooth and accurate - you I probably wont want lo use a mouse again alter using this Trackball! Full one-handed It control. Top quality
oplo-mechanical Hh, design, giving high speed and accuracy iH every lime No driver software needed I SATISFACTION GUARANTEED GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE Amiga ST compatible - excellent travel+accuracy assured. NEW LOW PRICE!.. £ 29.00 STAR LC20 9-Pin Printer NEW SUCCESSOR TO THE STAR LC-10, WITH MANY FEATURES AND A FASTER PRINT SPEED Providing superlative paper handling, four excellent NLQ fonts and a new super-fast BH 1print speed of 180cps in draft and 44 cps in NLQ, the LC20 appropriately supercedes the phenomenally successful LC10 I Star LC 200 9-Pin Colour, 4 fonts,
180 45cps .£199.99 Star LC 24-10 24-Pin, 4 fonts, 180 60cps £ 199.99 Star LC 24-200 24-Pin, 5 fonts, 200 67cps ......£ 239.00 Star LC 24-200C 7 colour version of above .....£ 269.99 Automatic Sheet Feeder for LC 10" printers (pls.state model)...£ 64.95 NEWI Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-pin, 80 col. Power printer ...£ 369.00 NEW! Star XB24-250 132 column version ol XB24-200 .....£ 439.99 ROCGEN GENLOCK MK ONLY £29.95 OFFERING EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY, this fully compatible GENLOCK .
Adaptor offers levels of j§(I quality, function and if sophistication not normally Bkallable In this price category.
Bkpecial features include the ability Pio record graphics & animations on Fvideo recorders and overlay graphic id text onto video. Capable of smooth d stable lading and overlaying effects with special tuning knob.
REPLACEMENT A500 PSU Genuine Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply Unit. Good quality ‘switch mode’
• type. Super low.price!
ONLY £39.95 ONLY £129.99 ONLY £89.99 STEREO SOUND SAMPLER Offering full compatibility with almost any Amiga audio digitiser package, our Sound Sampler features excellent circuitry, yielding professional results. The main A D converter gives a digitising resolution of up to 50KHz, with a fast slew rate. Two phono sockets are provided for stereo line input, plus an option for microphone. Adjustable gain is achieved with built-in control knob. Complete with public domain disk containing sound sampling applications utilities.
NEW! 'ROCGEN PLUS Compatible to any Amiga or Commodore CDTV, this NEW Genlock Adapter provides Advanced Special Effects and Performance Features without sacrificing user-friendlinessl New Special Fealures include: Dual Dissolve control knobs providing (reely adjustable degrees of overlay or invert (keyhole) effects; Auto Video pass-thru; _ _ extra Video throughport for separate moni,orin9i HGB pass-thru for k . . - - ’ SljJr real-time editing of Amiga ' jgt* jklwpgraphics; plus Key-ln port lor use .Jar' ‘wilh an external keying device.
BflBTOSMBSai, Q Highly versatile letter quality WjBBprJIipl printer G 2CO cps output in dratl .; jjj66 cps in LO mode (5 true letter Mmr quality fonts) Q Full control Irom from Sbpanel Q Graphics res 360 x 180dpi ? 2 ' X Year Manufacturer. Warranty HbBNormal RRP: £ 746.35 Inc.VAT ONLY £129.95 VIRUS PROTECTOR PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR Our compact Virus Protector fits easily to the Port ol the last disk drive in your Amiga system, protecting all internal and external drives from boot block viruses. Incorporates a switch to enable or disable the protection facility.
With Its dedicated monitor Input, this model combines the advantages ol a high quality medium resolution colour monitor with the convenience ol remole control Teletext TV ¦ at an excellent low price !
Features dark glass screen lor Improved contrast, plus lull range 3-way speaker aound output.
ONLY £249.00 Inc.VAT, Delivery and Cable AMIGA 1500 2000 UPGRADES Citizen Swlft-24E Including COLOUR kit Olivetti JP-150 InkJet good quality - exceptional value...... Olivetti JP-350 Inkjet excellent high speed 300dpi printer Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 500 .. Hewlett-Packard Deakjet 500C (Colour) . Epson LX400 budget 10' carriage 9-pin 180 25cps .... Epson LO570 24-pin 180 60cps, 8k butter NEC P20 ..
Panasonic KXP11241 uprated 24-pin model 300 100cps .. Panasonic KXP1123 good value 24-pin model HARD DRIVE RAM UPGRADE BOARD KIT Our hard drive kits include full size hard disk controller cards wilh unpopulated SIMMS RAM upgrade sockets for fitting up to 8Mb RAM. Plus high speed, new technology NEC Hard disks.
40Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD E 349.00 100Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD .... E 499.00 PLEASE NOTE: These are emply RAM sockets - Add £80.00 per 2Mb RAM required.
Including VAT, delivery & cable Philips CM8833 Mk.ll Monitor including cable, game and one years on-site maintenance .....£ 229.00 A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES Deluxe Video 3 MR Backup .. AMOS .. HiSoft Lattice C ...... GFA BASIC V3 ...... GFA BASIC Compiler ... Devpac 2.15 Disney Animation Studio A590 OWNERS! Expand your hard disk storage further with one ol our addpn, externally cased SCSI Hard Drives, wilh 25ms autoparking NEC mechanisms and separate power supply. Plugs into the socket
provided on the tear ol the A590 unit.
External 40Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU to directly add-on to the Commodore A590 .£ 249.00 External 100Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU £ 399.00 VIDI-Amlga video digitiser package inc. VIDI-Chrome..... VIDI Complete Colour Solution Kit VIDI-RGB colour frame generation kit Irom B&W images Kickstart 1.3 Upgrade ... Amiga 500 Dust Cover .. Special!Digita Wordworth.E 99.00 Kind Words 2 ...£37.95 Pretext V5.5
...£120 00 Digita Home Accounts V2...E 49.00 Deluxe Paint 4 ...£79.99
• The most comprehensive back-up utility ever! • Menu driven
options which make it easy to use • backs up other formats:
IBM, Atari etc. • Quick and easy to install (second drive
required) • Also available for A1500 A2000 FEATURES: ORDER
INC VAT AX504 4MEG £199.
INC VAT NEW AX508 8MEG £329.
INC VAT OUTSTANDING FEATURES: • External Fitting (just plug’s in!!) • Auto-configuration for 2MB, 4MB or 8MB • Bus through port, fully compatible with external hard drives, SCSI etc. • Ultra low power no external PSU required • Fully buffered data & address bus • Latest technology high density dram • zero wait states - Guru free!! • Slimline attractive case • Allows creation of very large & fast RAM Disc’s
• Ram Test software • Will not invalidate warranty pYAMIGA A500
Plus Cartoon Classics Pack £374.95 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT.
ASHCOM neither condones or authorises the use of this package
for the reproduction of copyrighted material. The facilities
offered by MAC II are designed to reproduce users own software,
PD software & other such programs where permission has been
clearly given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted
material without the permission of the copyright holder or the
licencee thereof.
Developed specifically for the A500 plus take your Amiga up to 2MB of chip RAM using latest DRAM technology. Simply fits in trapdoor.
Only from ASHCOM, DEPT AF6,10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire LE6 5JU mon fri 9 oo 5 30 Telephone: (0530) 411485 (24 hrs) Fax:(0530)414433 sat 9.30-4.00 rfj PD UTILITIES & GAMES The Public Domain has a plethora of free games and utilities, and right here, right now Pat McDonald picks out his faves.
WILLIE'S WATERWORKS MBS LSI 1 flow through, that's the idea of Willie's Waterworks 808888 888808 Most PD games don’t have much in the way of an intro or presentation, but this is the exception. Willie’s Waterworks is a very playable clone of a game called Pipemania. The idea is to place various sections of pipe so that water can flow through them.
Unfortunately the water goes at its own speed, so it starts slow and gets frantic very quickly.
The slickness and presentation are eye catching.
B *¦ ¦w ______1m,_________jwBBBm and although not quite of commercial standard, Omega ¦WtoBIWIl IHIM MMUfflHlilwil JTOMWWtOTMlimmlMOTmS*”™ Demos Inc have done a great job in making a simple game look, and sound, excellent. One for the puzzlers.
Fir -i 1, »» ,*l3i§S§i :™ One of the bluest games ever on the Amiga, Avina taxes your reactions to the limit. Lucky you get lots of lives!
You really don’t get much time to react at all to the twisting corridors of Avina Blue. Few of the nasties move, and it’s doubtful that they are programmed to attack you - quite frankly you are a blur compared to them. You may think you’ve seen some fast games - but this is faster. Sound effects are competent.
AVINA BLUE POLLYSOFT L20 Written by Chris Skellern, this is one of those extreme PD releases. Avina Blue is one of many huge satellites orbiting the Earth in the far future. They’re all controlled and linked together by the Ego Mind, a sinister computer-based artificial intelligence that dominates and controls the vast majority of the human race.
The exception is you of course, and it’s you who has to penetrate Avina’s defences and destroy the main computer terminal. Fairly predictable story line, and very predictable game - it’s a scrolling shoot-em-up, but the good news is it’s very fast.
It’s regrettable that Chris did his own graphics, because quite frankly they’re terrible. All the same, Avina Blue is a fun sort of challenge that demands extreme reactions - let’s hope he finds a decent artist for his next release.
NEW SUPERKILLERS VIRUS FREE PD 2319 The most up to date set of virus killers around, thanks to the efforts of Safe Hex International, a widespread organization dedicated to the extermination of viruses on the Amiga (and well led by Erik Lovendahl Sorenson of Norway). This disk can cope with 223 different viruses.
One word of warning - the disk has a couple of viruses on it! However, this isn’t a slip up on the part of Erik, but a good way of learning how to find and remove viruses with the supplied programs.
First on the list is Virus Checker V6.0, by John Veldthuis (an earlier release of this program was on Amiga Format 3l’s Coverdisk). Virus Checker is simple, can be setup to run continually while you are using Workbench, and knows the most viruses of any individual program on this disk.
16 BootX (by Peter Steur) 4.40 is also on there. This has had a major facelift, to make it look worthy of Workbench 2. BootX, as I have said many times, is a very useful program. You can use it to backup the bootblock portion of games. If a virus wipes the boot- block of a game, then this program can pul it back again. Considering it can cost a fortune to replace games knackered by a virus, this utility is a must.
MAY 1992 Continued on page 172 FRACTAL LANDSCAPES 17 BIT 1697 Those who enjoyed the Vista program, which was given away with last month’s Amiga Format, come may find this collection quite good. It’s a set of fairly old programs, but there isn’t a duff one in there.
The Genesis demo is similar to Vista, except that it’s slower and the save picture feature has been deleted. Scenery has been the PD equivalent of Vista for as long as I can remember, and although the pictures are not as good, it does go quite quickly. Landscape is similar, though due to it being written in AMOS it's not the fastest in the land. LandBuild is tricky to use, but it can produce 3D landscape maps quite quickly. To round off, Cloud 9 is a program for drawing fractal clouds, in a range of different colours. The quality of cloud is selectable by the user - again, tricky to use but
nice effects, it cannot save any pictures on its own.
If you do get this disk, I would recommend that you also get a screen saver like PicSaver or Fenster, to let you get the graphics out of the programs.
UNITED PUBLIC Vally PD UPD F5, PO BOX 15, PETERLEE Co. DURHAM, SR8 1NZ 0 9 1 587 1195 Essential New Releases!
REVENGE OF THE MUTANT CAMELS Jeff mlnters all time classic ShootEmup! Getlt* YUM YUM Nice little pacman game lor kids. 1 Meg. + ASI GAMES 20 Microbes, CoinDrop, Hollywood Trivia 8 MatchPatch! + UPROAR SPLIT BEAVER MIX Excellent dance music mix. * QUADRIX Excellent puzzle style game from Down under. Very good. + CHROME Show off your amigas sound with this incredible music set (2)+ GAMES PG001 2 ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS 2 disks full of adventure solutions! (2) PG003 AIR WARRIOR This Is a flight simulator program + PG004I5 ALL NEW STAR TREK Great game from Tobias Richter! (2) + PG006 ANTEP 8 SLOT CARS
A graphical role playing game 8 a car game ?
PG007 APIDYA Brilliant demo of a great new game. Get it I PG008 AS11 Tanx, Rollerpede, Avatris, Caverunner 8 Amlgoids, * PG009 ASI 2 Girl action, Missile command Invaders 8 3 morel * PG010 ASI 3 Megaball 8 Drip! Superb breakout game 8 platform game * PG011 ASI 4 Jumper, Gomoku, Cracker, Jumpy, Turbo duel 8 Klondike! * PG012ASI5 Raid, GoLooly 8 Retaliator. 3 shoot em ups * PG013 ASI 6 Downhill challenge, Pacman 87, Meta Llamas 8 Welltrix PG014ASI7 Destination Moonbase, Trix, Mightworks 8 Clauds runner PG015 ASI 8 Air ace II, Hball, Number Fumbler 8 Snakepit! + PG016 ASI 9 Battle pong 8 Blizzard
- Two absolute great games I PG017 AS110 Escape, Pipeline, Plckout 8 Sys!
PG018 AS111 Dad, Connex, Towers of Hanoi, Reversi 8 Trippin!
PG019 AS112 Llamatron, Car, Powerpong 8 X F11 PG020 AS113 Ball,Asteroids,Twinrls,Block lt,Squamble 8 Amlgalration PG021 ATIC ATAC A conversion of the old classic Spectrum game + PG022 AWESOME PREVIEW Fantastic preview of a great game!
PG023 BATTLEFORCE A strategy war game similar to Mechforce PG024 BLACKJACK A really good version of the game! + PG025 BUCK ROGERS A nifty litle shootemup from the 064 days I PG026 CASTLE OF DOOM An easy graphic adventure game! + PG027 CHINESE CHECKERS Computer version of the popular board game * PG028 COLOSSUS 8 WORLD Two very good adventures from Software distillery* PG029 CROSSWORD COMPILER Nice program for making crosswords! + PG031 DARKSTAFF A spectrum emulated text adventure game + PG032 DRAGONS CAVE great Dungeons game, nice graphics! * PG034 ETERNAL ROME 8 DOMINOES 2 nice games on this
disk + PG035 ENSIGNIA MAZE Nice little maze game allows 4 views of maze at once PG036 FLASHBIER Over 200 levels in this boulderdash type game PG038 GALACTIC FOOD FIGHT Fight through ice cream cones fruit etc * PG046 HACK Great text adventure in the infocom style! + PG047 HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA Nice trivia game with lots of queslions! + PG048 HOLY GRAIL A nice text adventure, one of the best * PG052 LAMER GAME Similar to operation wolf shoot em up. * PG053 LARN Another very well regarded text adventure game * PG054 55 LEARN 8 PLAY Great fun for the kids on two disks (2) + PG056 LASERZONE Great old 64
classic shoot em upl PG057 LEAPING LARRY Simple platform game done in Amos PG058 LETTRIX Nice puzzle games similar to Tetrisl PG059 LORE OF CONQUEST Exellent space trading game D8D style!
PG060 MARBLE SLIDE Puzzle game, build slides up!
PG061 MASTER OF THE TOWN Shoot the signposts in this game PG062 MENTAL IMAGE PACK 3 great games Gridrunner Invaders 8 Rebound + PG063 MORIA Text adventure based around Dungeons 8 Dragons theme!
PG064 NAPOLEONIC WAR SIMULATOR A nice strategy type game!
PG065 NESTOR CARD GAME Another card game, looks quite good! + PG066 67 NETHACK Dungeon 8 Dragon adventure style game, very popular! (2) PG068 NO MANS LAND Hi tech war games shoot em up. + PG069 NU GAME Shoot em up with good graphics, quite difficult!
PG070 PETERS QUEST Rescue the maiden in this fun platform game * PG071 POM POM GUNNER Blast the enemy aircraft in this Beachead clone * PG072 PROPERTY MARKET Become a millionaire before you retire at 65 PG073 RAPHAELS REVENGE A turtles game done in SEUCK! * DRAGONS LAIR - SOME IMPRESSIVE DEMOS TRAD 1 JOIN k IN A Y II MIL!
PG074 RETURN TO EARTH Elite type space trading game! + PG076 SEVEN TILES Superb futuresports speelball type game, Great!
PG078 SCUM HATERS Shoot em up done by Brazzle Atkins in SEUCK + PG079 SEALANCE A submarine strategy game seems very involved + PG080 SERENE SHOOT UP Another good quality Shoot em up * PG081 SERENE II Follow up to the above game * PG082 SIMPSONS GAME Vertically scrolling shoot em up done In SEUCK! * PG085 STARFLEET Nice little game done In SEUCK! + PG086 87 STAR TREK The US version by Jim Barber, very good (2) PG088 STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION Strategy game runs in Hires 1mg * PG089 STAR TREK THE SHOOT EM UP Yes a SEUCK version of game. + PG090 SUBCULTURE Playable 1st level of a good shoot em up!
+ PG092 SWIV DEMO Superb demo of an exellent shoot em up!
PG093 TENNIS A good shareware tennis game! 1mg PG094 TRAIN CONSTRUCTION KIT make your own track layouts! + PG095 TREK TRIVIA For you Star Trek freaks, loads of questionsl PG098 TURRICAN 2 PREVIEW Great demo of superb shoot em up!
PG100 THE JAR Very nice little jump 8 run game.
PG101 THE INSIDERS CLUB Stocks 8 shares game, see how far you get PG102 WATERMINES Nice boulderdash type game!
PG103 WET BEAVER GAMES Version of the old pong game! + PG104 WONDERSOFT GAMES Golf, Congl, Missile, Trillon, Windmill etc!
PG105 WIZZYS QUEST A very good arcade adventure game from Germany + PG106 YELP Nice little painter type gamel + PG107 ZEUS A very good 8 popular block puzzle game * PG108 ASSASSINS 14 New Pack, China Challenge II8 Amiga Columns!
PG110 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE Nice new car racegame! + PG111 MIDNIGHT THIEF A nice text adventure game!
PG112 ULTIMATE CARD GAMES Cribbage,Hearts,Bluemoon,Patience 8 Solitaire!
PG114 CHINA SHOP Great bull In china shop game, smash everything In sight!
PG115 119 NEXT GENERATION TRIVIA 5 disk game wilh loads of questions! (5)+ PG121 A500+ GAMES PACK 21 games to run on the A50D* PG123 LEMMINGOIDS Great game, blast the Asteroids (lemmingoids?)
PG124 TOTAL WAR greal new "Risk" type game, ok on Plus! * PG125 CARD SHARP 5 fab card games, Klondyke, Demon, Castle etc! * PG126 SKYFLYER Superb WWII shoot em up, great graphics! * PG127 AIRMANIA Super platform game from Addware * chance to win prizes!* PG128 CHEAT WORKS Tremendous amount of cheats on this disk, very good!
PG129 PUGGLES Brilliant Q'Bert style game I Get It While you can I PG130 BATTLEMENTS Conversion of the old 8 bit Hunchback game! + PG131 ATLANTIS A nice looking strategy game! + PG132 ASSASSINS 15 Batllecars, Mambamove 8 Letlrixl Great pack!
PG133 ASSASSINS 16 Wastelands, Mission X, Pacman 8 Dilemna! + PG134 ASSASSINS 17 Tomcat, Defenda, Jetman 8 Bugblasterl PG135 ASSASSINS 18 Omegarace, Henry In Panic, Skylly 8 Megatron! Superb!
PG136 ASSASSINS 19 Growth, Blopblox, Fight, Bip, Slider 8 Frantic Freddy!
PG137 BALL LIGHTNING Pretty average platform game, (not dos 2) I EDUCATIONAL PE001 5 EDUCATION SET Science, Geography 8 more. Superb ! (11+) (5) + PE006 KIDSPAINT Superb talking colouring book for the very young! + PE007 8 LEARN 8 PLAY 2 disks of educational programs, under 10s + PE009 STORYLAND 2 Brilliant kids game, save toyland from the witchll + PE010 TOTAL CONCEPTS ASTROMOMY Fab Interactive book on a disk. Get it! + PE011 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS Learn about the dinosaurs, fantastic! + PE012 MR MEN STORIES Excellent for children learning to read + PRETTY IMPRESSIVE STUFF ON REAL 3D PE013
SIMON 8 SPACE MATHS Talking maths program for kids + PE014 SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN TUTOR Translates all languages + PE015 TREASURE SEARCH Help the pirate (ind that treasure I + For more excellent educational software see the DeJB Vu listing BUSINESS SOFTWARE PB001 AMIGASH Brand new bank management program, very easy to use. * PB002 3 ANALYTICALC Now unpacked and ready to use! (2 disk version) + PB004 ASI LABEL PRINTERS All the best label printing programs on 1 disk + PB005 BANKIN A complete cheque book analysis program. Keep tabs on cash + PB006 BUSINESS CARD MAKER Make your own with this
useful utility. * PB007 CLERK Another program similar to Journal, manages your bank account.
PB008 DTP PUBLISHER From Germany, English translation now available* PB009 FLEXYBASE DATABASE A simple to use database for the beginner. ?
PB010 JOURNAL A nice program designed to keep track on your finances.
PB011 MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS PROGRAMS Geotime, Grocery list, Calc PB012 OBASE Database program, simple to use with full search facility.
PB013 QED A nice easy to use text editor program I Load, save, print. * PB014 RIM DATABASE Very comprehensive relational database system.
PB015 TEXTPLUS V3.00 One of Ine best wordprocessors, inc. Amigaspell. * PB016 UEDIT LATEST RELEASE Iword processing shareware program. + PB017 VISICALC SPREADSHEET Simple to use spreadsheet program based.* PB018 WORDWRITE WORDPROCESSOR Comprehensive wordprcessor,speller PB019 600 BUSINESS LETTERS contracts, letters, allsorts included I + PB020 TEXT ENGINE 3.0 New version I Superb quality wordpro. Get it I * PB021 AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL Now PD III Powerful easy to use Database * PB022 BBASEIIA fast & easy to use database program I PB023 FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED Excellent form genera PB024 LAST WILL
& TESTAMENTS Lots of sample Last Wills! * UTILITIES & SERIOUS HU!
E progn PU006 ANIMATED POINTER PACK Disk full of animated pointers!
PU010 ARP 1.3 Amlgados replacement project, contains new libraries 8 more I PU012 ASI GRAFFIX UTILS Great disk full of graphics convertors etc. + PU013 ASI BOOT UTILITIES Loads of bootblock utilities on here. * PU015 BIORYTHMS, STARCHART Check your Biorythms & Examine the night + PU017 20 C MANUAL II (4) New and better I Version 2 now comes on 4 disks! * PU021 C-LIGHT RAY TRACER A commercial ray tracing package. Now PD HI! + PU022 CHEMESTHETICS Chemistry program for molecule display etc! + PU023 CHET SOLACE UTILS 26 utilities on this disk.
PU025 32 CLIPART 8 disks crammed full of some of the best clipart aroundl * PU036 CURSER BASIC COMPILER Just what you need to speed up basic progr* PU037 D-COPY One of the best PD copy utilities available, easy to use. * PU038 DARKSTAR UTILITES 3 A disk full of assorted useful utilities PU039 DBW Good PD ray tracing program Inc some pictures I CLI Knowledge.
PU040 DEMOLISHER UTILTIES168 easy to use utils something for everyone + PU041 43 DESKBENCH Nice alternative workbench,Icons * bases (3) PU045 DIRECT ACTION A useful Utility for editing animation sequences.
PU046 DISKMASTER 3.0 CLI Utility program, copy files, delete, format disks.
PU047 DOPE INTROMAKER Make your own Intros with this utility.
PU048 DYNAMITE FONT II Another popular disk. Stacks of IFF fontscreens.
PU049 DYNAMITE FONTS Exellent fonts disk for use in Dpaint etc PU055 ELECTROCAD PREVIEW If your'e Into circuit design try this now V1.4! * PU056 EXILE FONTS More of theses superb fontscreens. For use with Dpaint + PU05B FONTS AND RAM MANAGER Lots of fonts plus a software ram switch I PU059 FONTS & SURFACES Lots of useful fonts brushes etc for use in Dpaint!* PU061 GENESIS DEMO Superb fractal generator, really good!
PU062 GRAPHICS UTILITIES Load of useful graphically orientated programs. * PUD63 HAMLAB Convert VGA PC pictures to Amiga ham mode with this utility. * PUD64 HARDDRIVE UTILS Some good utilities for hard drive owners. + PU065ICONMANIA Loads of programs for Icon creation 8 many Icons! T PU066 ICONS This disk is just crammed with useful & varied Icons. * PU067IMPLODER V4.0 Very good crunching program, very efficient! + PU068 INTERFERON PRO Create protection bootblocks against viruses.
PU069 JAZZBENCH A great alternative workbench much preferred by many!
PU071 JR COMM 1.02 Latest version of another superb comms package! + PU072 KEFRENS METALLION UTILITIES Great util disk full of fonts & more! * PU073776 KING JAMES BIBLE Old testament & New testament & text reader (4)* PU077 LANGUAGES DISK All you ever needed I Forth, Modula 2, X-LIsp Logo* PU078 M-CAD Computer aided design package uses hi res mode. Good. 1M.* PU079 MACVIEW,DRAW,ROTATE Collection of three unusual programs.Good!
PU080 MESSY-SID Easy to use PC - Amiga file transfer program, Brilliant PU082 MOBED A very useful program for editing sprites and bobs.!* PU083 MORSE PROGRAMS Disk full of Morse code programs for radio hams.
PU084 MYSTIX HARDWARE MODS Documents disk for hardware modifications.
PU08677 NORTH C 1.3 (2) A two disk unpacked version of above program. I + PU088 NORTH C 1.3 (Packed) The complete C compiler by Steve Hawtln I* PU089 PASCAL COMPILER Now becoming a popular language, now PD PU090 PC EMULATOR Software PC emulator needs MS DOS to run! CGA graph* PU091 PENDLE MEGAUTILITIES 1 An essential collection of over 200! + PU092 PENDLE UTILITIES 5 Another great compact by the Red Devil.
PU093 PENDLE UTILITIES 6 Includes copiers and more utilities PU094 PENDLE UTILITIES 7 A very popular utility collection. Try It I PU095 PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR Design your own printer driver with this* PU096 PRINTER DRIVER UTILITIES Various non-standard printer drivers.
PU097 PRINT STUDIO V1.25 Great utility for accurate printout of pics,text.* PU101 QUICKBENCH Another alternative workbench system, very clever this!
PU102 RAZOR 1911 Graphics rippers, Virus killers, Disksalv. Powerpacker PU108 ROT A simple 3D drawing package for your Amiga. Very popular.* PU109 SCOPE 114 Structured clipart for deskop publishing etc! Ppage etc! * PU110 SCOPE 115 Structured clipart for use In Professional page ETC.* PU111 SID V1.6 Newest version of the easy to use CU utility. Essential t PU112 3 SOMETHING FOR NOTHING 2 disk set full ol video utils, fonts etc.(2) PU114 SOZOBAN C Another very popular C envioroment, similar to North C PU115 ST EMULATOR Run Atari ST software on your Amiga. Needs 2 drives.
PU116 SUPER 'C DISK As near to a hard drive as mere mortals get!
PU117 SUPERKILLERS Kills 190 viruses, This Is ESSENTIAL to your collection!* PU118 SUPER WORKBENCH Yet another alternative workbench diskl PU121 2 TV GRAPHICS Superb Dpaint backdrops and some great fonts. (2) + PU124 ULTIMATE ICON DISK Contains lconmeister,lconlab,lconmaster & icons + PU125 ULTRAPAINT v3 A nice paint package for IFF pictures! + PU126 UTILITIES COLLECTION Another great collection of utilities about 100!
PU127 UT1LHES DISK 1 Another one for the collection. About 60 or more.
PU128 VECTOR DESIGNER A very comprehensive but difficult to use proggy.
PU129 30 VIDEO APPLICATIONS (2) Programs for use with genlocks & videos! + PU1323 WINDOWSBENCH A Windows 3 Workbench2 lookalike, very nice. (2) PU134 WORKBENCH HACKS Disk full of amusing workbench hacks!
PU136 ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR Latest version now with sound too I + PU138 LAST HOPE Priceless when you've Just erased a valuable file! * PU139 GRAPHICS CONVERTERS Convert graphics, format PC disks etc!
PU140 LITTLE8ENCH At last a file copier etc tor A500+ (Dos 2 ONLY) I + PU141 2 TAROTII Learn about your stars with this program, on 2 disks! + PU143 OPTIUTILS 1 Disk crammed with superb utilities! * PU144 OPTI UTILS 2 A second disk lull of utilities! * PU145 OPTICOMMS1 Contains Ncomm 1.921 Lharca, Zoo Arc etc with docs! + PU147 BEATRIX POTTER Clipart converted from the PC. Lovely. * PU149 ELECTRONIC PROTOTYPER Demo version of a "Veroboard" designer! ?
PU150 FOOTBALL LEAGUE EDITOR Update league positions of your fave team!
PU151 BROTHERHOOD UTILS 1 Dcopy.Boot menu,Scenery,Oed (DOS2 ONLY!) * PU152 66 CLIPART SET: A15 disk set of all the best,available in one set! * PU167 MULTI-PLOT Excellent data plotting program I latest Version PU168 RAY-DANCE Brilliant preview of an Incredible fractal ray tracer PU169 GELIGNITE FONTS Superb cut n paste fonts similar to Exile fonts etc!
PU170 P-SUITE Make your own disk catalogue with pictures! + ANIMATIONS PA001 AEGIS ANIMATIONS 3 anims, Juggler, Plane & Marlyn. * PA028 AGATRON ANIMS 5 great short looped animations! ?
PA029 APPLECUS ANIMATION Great anim of an abacus (applecus??) + PA030 BAD BIRD ANIMATION Not too bad this one. + PA031 BASKETBALL A basketball player shooting a ball Into the net. 1M * PA032 BONGO ANIMATION Animation of a man playing the bongo drums. * PAQ33 BUSY BEE Cute animation of a freaky bee. Almosl looks wooden. 1M * PA034 CLOTHES PEG Bouncing clothes pegs and more. Nol bad. 1M PA035 COOL COUGAR A cartoon style anim, tells the story of cool Cougar.lM * PAD36 CX1 SPACESHIP A cool sculpt 4D anim of a ship circling a globe + PA037 DART ANIMATION Good animation of a dart passing through an
PA038 DRAGONS LAIR TIME WARP Animation of the cartoon game .1M * PA039 ERIC-S AMY VS WALKER Cute & sexy(?) Squirrel chasing Walker.1.5M PA040 ERIC-S BATMAN A great animation featuring batman and the |oker.1M* PA041 ERIC-S COTOTE 2 This ones a corker,coyote up to this tricks 3M PA042 ERIC-S COYOTE STRIKES BACK Not too good this lime but popular.lmg PA043 ERIC-S MORE AEROTOONS More humorous cartoon capers. Great 1M + PA044 ERIC-S SHUTTLECOCK Two Space Shuttles playing with a satallite. 1M PA045 ERIC-S STEALTHY II The Mig-29 and Stealthy bomber cartoon.1 M * PA046 FRANKLYN THE FLY Great anim of a
day In the life of a housefly! * PA047 GHOSTBUSTER ANIMATION Anim on the popular ghostbusters theme.
PA048 GYMNAST ANIMATION Animation of a gymnast swinging on bars.lM * PA049 HAPPY ANIMATIONS HappyMan, TreeFrog, Windowman and Hammer.
PA050 HIGHLANDER SWORD ANIMATION Anim of a Scotsman dancing.
PA053 4 LIGHT CYCLES (2) Huge animation from the Tron film. Fab. 1mg! + PA055 LUXO TEENAGER Father & son lamp animation, excellent 1M * PA056 MAGICIAN II this ones a bit better, more glossier this lime round.lM* PA057 MAGICIAN Similar to the juggler anim, but not quite as glossy 1M * PA058 MINER A miner truck loading coals into a buggy to be taken away. 1M PA059 MR POTATO HEAD Watch the potato man In cabaret! + PA060 NEWTONS CRADLE ray traced animation, plus F-19 and Rocking chair + PA061 PHAROAH ANIMATION An animation of a Pharoah kings mask. * PA062 PIANO ANIMATION This is an animation of a
cartoony pianol * PA064 PROBE SEQUENCE Probe Invesflgatesllfe forms on distant planet 1M + PA065 68 REAL 3D (4)Superb demo of effects possible wilh Real 3D.1mg! + PA069 REAL THING HORSES demo of the animation package for deluxe paint. * PA070 SHUTTLECOCK ANIMATION 2 shuttles playing with a satellite!
PA071 THE BOINGS Great anim of 2 Zebedee characters on springs!1.5M ON* PA072 THE JUGGLER the old classic animation that sold 1000s of Amiga's! * PA073 THE KNIGHT DEMO Animation of a knight climbing out of a book. 1M * PA074 THE WALKER DEMO Helicopter attacking the walker. Film style. 1M ?
PA075 THE WALKER DEMO II Walker Attacking the A2000. Not bad. 1M * PA076 UGLY MUG ANIMATION The ugly mug goes for a spin! + PA077 UNICYCLE ANIMATION Exellent animation of a unlcycle & a car! ?
PA078 WINGS Superb quality red baron biplane animation. Very nlce.1M * PA079 ZEUS BUST ANIMATION Animation of a golden bust rotating! * PA079 MR POTATO HEAD 2 Another great Chris Hill animation disk! + PA080 LEMMINGS ANIMATION Great lemmings animation. Check II out. 1M PA081 BUSTER DOUGLAS Digl anim of Busters not so famous moments! ?
AGATRON ANIMS AGA01 RED LOTUS Spinning down the road. Fantastic I!
AGA02 JET FIGHTER landing on a runway, basic anim * AGA03 STAR TREK • Shuttle fly past - Great 11m * AGA04 KUNGON CRUISER Flying around your amiga screen I AGA05 STAR TREK KLINGON fires torpedoes 1m + AGA06 LOGO, plus a great star wars fly by animation. 1Meg AGA07 STAR WARS FIGHTER doing loops etc 1m * AGA08 STAR WARS, a great anl mfrom the movie (CLI, Showanlm) AG A09 STAR WARS - Fighter fly by, impressive 1 m * AGA10 STAR TREK - Enterprise in dry dock. Incredible I1M + AGA11 TRON - Tank v Deactivator. Good vectors + AGA12 TRON ANIMATION - Not one of the best * AGA13 ROB01 A nice ray traced
robot waving 1m * AGA14 STAR TREK Workbee & Reliant. 3 shots * AGA15 LOTUS CAR, Billiards, & Jet Fighter animations! * AGA16 STAR TREK Various anims from the star trek game. Good. + AGA17 STAR TREK TWOK animation Short but okay + AGA18 STAR TREK - Enterprise fly by. Short anim + AGA19 BOND ANIM - Copter plus a car, not too amazing I + AGA20 Huey 2 A helicopter leaving a landing pad. Neat. 1M * AGA21 ENTERPRISE DOCKING WITH SPACE STATION - WICKED III 1M * AGA22 ENTERPRISE APPROCHING Another stunning anim ! 1M * AGA23 FLEET MANOEVRE Stunning animation, shows off your amlga 11m ?
AGA24 KULI PEN animation & Ping pong. Greatl 1m + AGA25 THE RUN, a suberb car chase 1mg or over. 1m * AGA26 SHIP ROCKING at sea, enterprise leaves dock. 1m + AGA27 BOOK OPENING Nice anim of a book opening. 1 Mg AGA28 SHUTTLE & ENTERPRISE Fabulous animation by Richter. 1M + AGA29 MILLENIUM FALCON The ship being chased - Excellent 1M AGA30 HYPERSPACE animation & Landing animation 1m * AGA31 PORSCHE anim of a rising out of a table 1 mg. + AGA32 SPACE - Space probe flying away 1 m + AGA33 PROBE animation Bird of prey animation & Klingonhit! 1m AGA34 SPACE OFFICE - Star trek anim, a little bit
short * AGA35 SPACE PROBE, great anim of a probe zooming off 1m ?
AGA36 BIRD OF PREY, loop the loop, excellent animation 1m + AGA37 TOBIAS GOES KNACKERS - Check this on out 11m * AGA38 TOTALLY WICKED I Shuttle & Enterprise (2 MEG - BUY ONE I!)
POWER ANIMS PP001 2 ANTI LEMMINGS (2) Absolutley brilliant animation I Get this now !2M PP003 AT THE MOVIES Cule anim from Mr Schwartz featuring Amy squirrel 1.5 PP004 7 AUTOMATED LIGHT (4)Fab battlestar galacllca type animation. 3M PP008 10 BUZZED (3) Great animation of a wasp crashing info things. 3M PP011 12 DATING GAME (2) Superb new demo from Eric Schwartz, Get it. 3.5mg!
PP013 15 DRAGONS LAIR (3) Three meg power demo with sound effects. Great I PP016 GULF WAR ANIM Find out what happens to Hussein! Brilliant 2mg!
PP017 JUGGLER II Juggler meets Ms.Juggler. Great followup 1.5Meg PP018 20 LOST IN SPACE (3) Remember the old TV series ? This is it 12M PP021 24 LANDING (4) Tobias Richter Poweranim I Superb ray traced stuff.4M PP025 27 STATION AT KHARN (3) Animation of a a spacestation,nicely done. 2M PP028 33 UPGRADE (6) Wow I Camberwick Green meets the Amiga I GREAT 15 PP034 35 VAUX KILLERS (2) An old but quite good 2mg demo 2mg.
PP036 37 WALKER DEMO (2) The 2 disk 2mg version of this classic demo.
PP038 39 WAVE SAILING (2) A nice animation of a wave sailer! 1.5mg PP040 43 AT THE MOVIES II Brilliant, works on 1mg 3mg configurations! )* DEMOS PD001 AGONY DEMO Brilliant graphics in this game demo,show it to ST owners.
PD005 AMOS 3D DEMO Shows you some effects that are possible with 3d! + PD007 ANARCHY INSPIRATION IS NONE Demo with superb ray trace GFX PDO09 ANARCHY SYSTEM VIOLATION Classy demo Vector Bob Gfx Cool I PD010 ANARCHY DIGITAL INNOVATION Their latest and best, superb!
PD011 ANIMATORS MEGADEMO A nice new megademo from the Animators.
PD016 BUDBRAINII Hilarious megademo, house music video 8 more PD018 CHAOS ROCK A fantastic light show based on fractal patterns. * PD020 CRIONICS MEGADEMO Includes the superb maddona demo and more I NBS UPD F5, 1 CHAIN LANE, NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT, PO30 5 Q A 0983 529 594 PD • 1-19 DISKS £1.25 EACH • 20+ DISKS 99p EACH DEJA VU LICENSEWARE £3.50 UK - PLEASE ADD 50P P&P EC +25P PER DISK • NON EC +50P PER DISK Most orders dispatched same day !
ORDER BY POST: Send your order details together with cheque IPO to any of the four UPD Distributors.
ORDER BY PHONE: Just pick up the phone and order your goods by credit card. Most major cards accepted.
DOMAIN SOFTWARE BLITTERCHIPS UPD F5, CLIFFE HOUSE PRIMROSE ST, KEIGHLEY, BD21 4NN 0535 667 469 domain disks only ... PUBLIC RAY OF HOPE 2 - PRETTY DECENT DEMO I APD062 + APD076 + APD083* APD085 + APD096 + APD103 4 APD110 + APD115 + APD130 + APD132 + APD137 + APD148 + APD176 + APD180 1 APD182 3 APD190 + APD229* APD230* APD231 * APD237 + APD257 + APD271 APD284 + APD292 + APD293 + APD314 + APD318* APD325 * APD326 + APD329 + APD333 + APD334 + APD340 + APD343 + APD347 + APD351 + APD356 + APD362 + BRUNOS MUSICBOX!
GREAT INTRO I !Dcja Vu Licensezuare - £3.50 iPer ‘Titfe s,goo
(2) +
(2) + 84110 11 PIC MEGA MUSIC VOL3 And yet another great
81112 TECHOMANIAII Eight essential hardcore tunes for ravers out there * 84113 PROTON GATES OF TIME 6 nice pieces of music on this disk! * LPD01 * COLOURING BOOK Colour In the nursery rhyme pictures LPD02 + ARC ANGEL MATHS An educational game to help kids with maths LPD03 * GALLEONS Follow up to the popular dogfight II game.
LPD04 * THINGAMAJIG Superb jigsaw style game for kids, easy to use LPDG5 * JUNGLE BUNGLE Icon driven adventure game lor the kids LPD06 * PUKADA 8 SPRITES Avoid all the baddies as you remove the tiles LPD07 - FOUR WAY LYNX A 22 level puzzle to tiles to a main center tile LPD08 * WORK 8 PLAY 3 really good educational games on this disk.
PS001 ADDAMS FAMILY The Addams family started when Uncle Fester.... + PS002 ADVANCE HAM A collection of brilliant digitised pictures with music * 0021 CRIONICS NEVERWHERE Superb! With a Real world demo & Madonna ?022 CRIONICS TOTAL DESTRUCION Very nice plasma plus kickln music I 0023125 ALCATRAZ MEGADEMO Exellent, huge demo on 3 disksl * (3) 0026 CRUSADERS SPACE DEURIA Fanlaslic music by Dr.Awesome I 0027 CRYPTOBURNERS HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER Lovely filled vector demo.
0030 DEAD DANCE THRASH Amazing thrash metal soundtrack & wierd plcsl 0032 DEVILS LABYRINTH Great new demo with some lab effects,RGBplasma 0033 DEVILS NO REALITY Another great multipart demo from Devils! * 0036 E-P-l-C Incredble preview to a new game by Ocean, vectors. 1M 0037 38 ERPLANDJ2) Brill kalidescope patterns on this great demo! * D039 FILLET THE FISH Similar to puggs, but not quite as good. + 0041 FRAXION FUTURE VISIONS Superb Allens-type Intro plus pictures + 0044 HORIZEN SLEEPING BAG Great multipart demo with vectors, music.
0046 IRAQ DEMO Amusing demo o! Saddam meeting President Bush HI 0049 60 KEFRENS MEGADEMO VIII Loads of filled vectors and music.(2) 0061 52 KGB MEGADEMO (2) A great house music video & vector drummer 0055 MAGNETIC FIELDS HYSTERESIS Excellent vector graphics I ..music tracks TSB.
(2) Brilliant demo featuring lumber|ack song ?!
0063 MONTY PYTHON NUDGE NUDGE Another amusing sketch! (2) D064 NEWTEK DEMO 3 exellent demo,take your machine to the limit! 2)+ D066 PHENOMENA ECES A very good demo with light sourced vectors! * D067 PHENOMENA INTERSPACE Is time Linear ? Get this to find out!
0068 PHENOMENA ENIGMA Absolutely brilliant, one of the greatest * 0069 PHENOMENA JOYRIDE Another absolute corker of a demo!
0076 PLASMUTEX Kickln SoulllSoul music beats & wild copper plasma! + 0077 PMC ALPHA OMEGA An absolutely superb filled vector demo. + 0078 PUGGS IN SPACE A classic demo, the kids will love it.
0079 PRISONER DEMO Remember the old 60s series? Heres the demo! + 0085 REBELS MEGADEMO II An old classic blast Irom the past! * 0087 REBELS SNAP A nice demo with spooky style music track. Great 0088 REBELS TRIPLE TROUBLE Some brilliant plasma effects here! + 0090 91 RED SECTOR MEGADEMO (2) Still stood the lest of time, good + 0093 SCOOPEX CHROMIUM Superb demo with great graphics and music.+ 0094 SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER One of the best demos of all time. * 0097 SILENTS GLOBAL TRASH This is a MUST for all demo freaks * 0098 SILENTS ICE Latest demo Irom the Sllents. Brilliant music + 0100
SIMPSONS BY DECAY With superb animation and a great music beat 0101 SIMPSONS EQUINOX Remix of the song & pics of our fave Bart! + 0106 TECHNOFRIGHT A spooky demo with good music & effects!
0108 TOMSOFT TRIP TO MARS Very good 3D filled vector trip to mars 0109 TOMSOFT VIRTUAL WORLDS An absolute Epic! Best demo of the year 0111 UNHEAL DEMO Superb graphics 8 sound In this great demo. * 0113 VANGELIS DEMO Great music 8 superb colour cycled gfx. 1mg. + 0114 VECTRA SINKING DEMAND Really good tilled vector demo.
0116 WRH VECTORS TO HEAVEN New demo lust In, check it out! * 0119 REBELS OUTLAND Utest demo from a prolific outfit! Excellent 0120 KEFRENS GUARDIAN DRAGON A very nice new demo from Kefrens!
0121 DIVINA TECHNO FRIGHT Vectors in front of Ham pics? Good! * 0123 ITALIAN BAD BOYS MANGAD Japanese style cartoons 8 techno music!
0124 ANDROMEDA DECAYING PARADISE Very good vector demo 8 music! + 0125 RAY OF HOPE 2 Great megademo, good music 8 graphics!
0126 LEROY 1 Great pack Inc, Substance, Shining vector, 8 more! * 0127 BASS SUBLIMINAL VISION Very heavy rave music 8 graphics!
0128 DIVINE INSPIRATION New music disk by Goldflre. Very good.
0129 RAZOR 1911 VOYAGE Another great party winner demo Super effects!
0130 34 ALCATRAZ ODDESSY Awesome 5 disk space extravaganza! Brill! (5) 0135 6 CRIONICS HARDWIRED Fab space anim with superb effects 8 music (2 0137 ANGELS EVOLUTION DEMO Great psychedelic vectors 8 more!
0138 ANARCHY SEEING IS BELIEVING Brilliant demo with exellent music!!
0139 TRACKERS POWER 8 AGONY DEMO Some unusual Vector effects! + 0140 CELSIUS 23 MORE VECTORS A Terminator Intro * hundreds of vectors! + wool 100 GREATEST 64 TUNES Over 100 classic 64 tunes imortalised! + 14004 ALCATRAZ 'THE POWER' Excellent re-mlx of the song by Snap.* 14005 ALCATRAZ MORE THAN MUSIC A superb music disk well presented* W007.9 9 AMAZING TUNES II (3) This ones a biggy loads of great music!
'M010 AMEGA PARTY WINNERS Four EXCELLENT songs that won the party * 14012 AMIGADEUS CLASSICAL Superb renditions of Erne Kleiner etc. * M013 ANARCHY CAPTURED IMAGINATION Excellent music by 4-Mat + ’M014 BANGING RAVES Yeah! Pump up the music, kickln remix ol house 14015 BEAST SONIX Scoopex present the music from Beast I, all tunes. + 14016 BEATLES SONIX Lots of Beatles music done in Sonix! * M017 BEATMASTER 80B STATE Cubik and more of this type ol music M018 BEATMASTER I LOVE TECHNOLOGY More of the rave type music. * ’M019 BRUNO'S MUSICBOXII This Is great Jazz-Funk music! * ’M020 21 BRUNOS MUSIC
BOX III More iazzfunk style music. Get it! * 84022 23 CLASSICAL MUSIC Great music of Bach, Handel etc from Rob Baxter. * ’M030 DIGITAL CONCERT 2 Thirteen minutes ot music, Doctor’ln the house 04031 DIGITAL CONCERT 3 Another house music re-mlx Great quality - Love it M032 DIGITAL CONCERT 4 Four songs Including Got to keep on - Brilliant!! + TO3 DIGITAL CONCERT 5 The Power, Kaos, Keep Buslln Touch Me. Brill!-* 84034 DIGITAL CONCERT 6 Latest in the series, very good quality House music 81035 36 DIGITAL DEBUSSY Excellent I Clair de lune 8 more tracks * ’M041 EQU AMANIAII Demo with a great dance
music track and fab equalizers I 81042 43 EVIL FORCES Brand new mega acid house demo (swearing!)(2) + M046 GENESIS LAND OF CONFUSION A sample of the well known track. * ’M047 48 GOLDFIRE CEREBRAL DELIGHTS (2) Excellent music disk. + ’M050 JARRE DOCKLANDS The keyboard wizard, sampled on your amlga. * 81052 KEFRENS JUKEBOX This ones super! Lovely music with a Juke box I * 81058 MAGNETIC FIELDS CHIP FESTIVAL Crammed full of great chip music! + 81059 MANIACS OF NOISE This Is brilliant! Great Stevie wonder type music! + =M065 PHENOMENA MUSIC DREAMS 120 wicked songs by twins ?
81066 PHENOMENA MUSIC DREAMS II Second In the series More music! * 81067 POPEYE MEETS THE BEACHBOYS Great demo very funnyl * 81069 RAZOR FACE ANOTHER DAY This Is an incredible music track!!
TOO RHAPSODY IN BLUE Great conversion of Gershwin by Rob Baxter! 1M 84071 72 SILENTS BLUES HOUSE (2) Tangerine Dream style music 8 game! + 84073 SILENTS FULL POWER House it up music. Inc Remix of tricky disco. + 84074 SOUND OF SILENTS This Is a must I Great atmospheric music!
3M078 TECHNOTRONIC REMIXES Pump Up the Jam and Get Up I 3M079 TECHNOTRONIX REMIX The songs remixed into one great track I TOO THE SOUNDS OF GNOME Mahoney and Kaktus music. 46 great tunes.
TO2a 82b VIVALDI - FOUR SEASONS (2) Superb 4 Seasons by Mr Baxter! + TO7 88 HIS MASTERS NOISE Even better than the sounds of gnome !(2) 8409891 MOZART HORN CONCERTO'S 4 superb concerto's from H.Gannon + 84092 PIANO TUNES 9 great Protrackered tracks from Andy Chilton! * 84093 UTAH SAINTS REMIX What can you do for me remixed by Tony Hlllon! * 84095 HARDCORE III Brilliant techno dance tracks.
84096 LED ZEPPLIN Rendition ot Stairway to heaven ? Other tracks. Great!
84098 ERASURE MIX Remix of erasures top songs.
81100 103 MANIC RAVES II Fantastic 4 disk music set with Simpsons anlml + 81104 500 THINGS COMEBACK 4 great rave type tracks, very well done! + 81105 6 KEFRENS MEGAMIX (2)Fabulous dance music, Amazing quality + 84107 8 PIC MEGA MUSIC VOL1 A large selection of popular tunes, good!(2) * 81109 10 PIC MEGA MUSIC VOL2 A huge selection of good tunes!(2 MUSIC DISKS PS003 AGATHON 5 Some superb HAM pictures, created by Tobias Richter. + PS0O4 AGATHON 6 Incredible 4096 color ray traced S S. Get this one! + PSQ05 AGATRON 8 Excellent HAM pictures, with some good music too. Mega!
PS006 AGATRON 9 More of Richters superb works, again based on Star trek. + PS007 AGATRON 12 Some more great pictures on this new disk. + PS0O8 AIRCRAFT SLIDE Lots of pictures of fighter aircraft. + PS0O9 ASTRONOMY SLIDE Nice pics of constellations, galaxies nebulae etc! * PS013 BORN TO BE FREE Picture of wild animals this time. Very good quality* PS014 15 BUTTERFLIES (2) High quality slidshow of butterflies, by WS + PS016 C64 ART Lots of picture screens from the good old Commodore 64.
PS017 CHAINSAW SUPPERS This one is Great, the pictures are naff but Mad! * PS019 COLOURCYCLES A slide of colour cycled pictures. Very Impressive. + PS023 DEMONS III A quality S S Irom C-Dryk of Demons, with music PS025 26 DIVINE VISIONS (2) A S S of Mythyloglcal gods with music * PS030 FRAXION FUTURE VISION Great fantasy S S, fab for lo res. * PS031 GARFIELD Digitised S S of the cartoon hero by Jim davls. * PS032 GENOCIDE great fantasy slide with unusual fades 8 wipes 8 soundtrack.
PS033 GERMAN RAY_TRACE High quality ray traced pics by a german artist. * PS045 KELLY S S Some excellent quality HAM pictures. + PS052 NAGEL PICTURES Hires pictures ot girls, very arty. * PS056 NEWTEK DYNAMIC HAM A S S of Newteks new 640x512 4096 colors + PS057 NEXT PIXILIUM Very nice pictures all done in Dpaint plus some music.
PS058 NIGHTBREED Yukky S S from the film. Music suits the pictures !* PS059 60 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET S S great for all freddy Ians (2) * PS062 NW DYNAMIC HAM More from the Nik Williams series.Superb quality. + PS063 PENTAGON 8 DRIFTERS Very high quality Hl-res B W fantasy pictures.
PS064 PHOTMONTAGEI S S on various subjects very nicely done. * PS065 PHOTOMONTAGE II Another great slide of vanous subjects. + PS066 POP STAR PICS Plccies of Mel 8 Kim, Madonna, Curiosity 8 PSB * PS067 RICK PARK'S ART Dpaint style pictures all done In HI Resolution. + PS068 ROGER DEAN Digitised pictures by the artist all In HAM mode. Good.* PS069 70 SILENTS CH 42 (2) This Is superb, slides plus a great music track.
PS072 SUPER HAM CARS Superbly digitised S S in Interlaced HAM. Mega!* PS075 TOTAL RECALL Music and pictures from the Arnie's Sc! Fi film. Great!* PS082 83 WRESTLE MANIA (2) Collection of picture and animations. Good I PS084 WWF WRESTLERS Pictures of Hulk Hogan and the rest of 'Em. Great!+ PS086 SONIC DYNAMIC HIRES 5 Superb 4096 colour pics on this disk! + PS087 ALTERED DECEPTIONS Superb disk of pictures from Chris Hill! + PS088 EVOLUTION SUDE Pics from one celled life to humanity?? + PS090 FRACTALGEN Great fractal landscapes 8 star studded skies* music! + PS091 2 FRACTAL MOUNTAINS Superb 2
disk set ol fractal pictures! * PS093 VANISH 3D Awesome 3d ray traced picture disk! * PT001 ALGORYTHMS Midi program for synthetic music creation.
PT002 ART OF MED Disk full of Med music scores. * PT003 ASI AUDIO MAGIC Collection of soundtrackers and ripping progs!
PT004 ASI AUDIO MAGIC 2 Latest collection of soundtracker programs!
PT005 CASIO CZ EDITOR Superb program * 250 patches for Casio CZ series. + PT006 DELUXE MUSIC DATA Some scores need mldl synths (Deluxe music) PT007 FUTURE COMPOSER A chip music sequencer. Complex to use, but good PT008 GAMES MUSIC CREATOR A music sequencer, similar to soundtracker.
PT009 IFF SAMPLES Great samples taken from the Kawai 1 digital synlh!
PT010 JAMCRACKER Four channel chip music sequencer. Handles samples PT013 MED 3.2 Very latest version of this superb sequencer. Great! + PT014 MED MUSIC DISK Some nice med music on this disk + PT015 MIDI DISK Contains lots of useful midi programs for synth owners + PT016 NOISETRACKER Music sequencer used by the pros. Stacks ol functions PT017 NOISETRACKER-EXECUTEABLE Convert modules to executeabtes PT018 PERFECTSOUND SAMPLER Nice sample edit program with samples!
PT019 ROLAND D110 + S220 Converter program, convert Roland samples to IFF.
PT020 SAMPLES DISKS ST-01 TO ST-10 Various disks available ring for details* PT021 SOUNDTRACKER 2.6 New release of this popular program, new editor TILE TRIAL Sliding tile puzzle to solve within a time limit DEMOLITION MISSION Another version of popular bomber game.1 mb DATABASE MASTER V2.0 Nice database program, needs 1mb ? DUNGEON DELVER Roam round mazes collect keys etc (2 disks) + PIXIE KINGDOM Another good exploration game on 2 disks BLACKBELT Chop the blocks in this martial arts game AMOS MULTIPAINT Another Amos paint program!
AMOS ASTEROIDS Four versions of the asteroids game.
AMOK Your robot Is Irapped in a strange world 1mg SHAPES Very nice little puzzle game.
CASSETTE LABELLER + MIXED SOURCE Make your own cassette s WIZARDS DOMAIN Nicely done graphical adventure game AMOSAGRAM Nice anagram program.
WAR OF THE FOUR A shareware graphic adventure game GRAND PRIX SIMULATOR Not a race game,more of a simulation.
BLACKJACK TRAINER A nice new blackjack game!
BOING Get Herbert back home to his village!
HANGMAN V2 Hangman game with editor!
HYPERBALL Latest version of woodenball, an exellent game!
FRUIT MACHINE Quite a nice little fruit machine program!
SNAKE IN THE GRASS Collect white mushrooms, avoid toadstools!
KARATE WORM Very nice platform game, jumping over worms etc!
SAVE THE TREES Stop the baddies destroying the trees!
NOTEBOOK Easy to use notebook 8 shopping list program!
PT022 SOUNDTRACKER A superb four channel sequencer. Easy to use PT023 SOUNDTRACKER COMPILATION Compilation of tracker type progrmas PT024 ST-80 BEAST SAMPLES Lovely panflute sounds from Beast, Beast II PT025 6 7 8 ST-90-93 SAMPLES DISKS Studio quality samples. Excellent HI + PT029 YAMAHA DX7 VOICE FILER Program for DX7 series synthesisers PT030 YAMAHA DX7 VOICE SORTER For the above program.
PT031 2 3 ST-87 - 89 3 disk full of great samples! + PT034 5 ST-97 & 98 2 more great disks full of samples! ?
PT036 SAMPLE MAKER Allows you to create samples without a sampler! * PT037 PROTRACKER 2.0 New version of well known music program!
ARCADIA A nice version of the popular breakout game RAINBOW WARRIOR Paint with coppers and save them out!
AMOS PAINT V3.7 Nice paint package In 2-64 colours.
REVERSI * SNAKES 8 LADDERS 2 well known games PAIR IT Match the cards to make a pair,easy to play 1 mb + PICK UP A PUZZLE Solve Jigsaw puzzles,3 difficulty levels CROSSFIRE Nice game, keep the kids occupied for ages.
BALLOONACY Good version of the classic ’Bomber’ game.
THE WOODEN BALL A shareware game 1 mb FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE Nice geneology program 1mb.
ARCHIVIST 2.0 Demo version of a uselul database program!
POWERBASE V2.0 Demo version of a very powerful database!
SQUATS REVENGE Operation wolf type game!
MUSIC UTILITIES & MIDI AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN PER DISK I "SvTS " LPD10 + THE WORD FACTORY Great program helps the kids to spell LPD11 + GO-GETTER A card game where you have to pass go.
LPD12 + HYPNOTIC LANDS catch balls coming down four different lanes LPD13 + JIGMAN1A A jigsaw solving puzzle 8 a jigsaw construction kit LPD14 + PLAY IT SAFE For the very young, helps to teach safety at home LPD15 + ARC ANGEL SHAPES Make pictures from a variety of shapes LPD16 * REVERSI II New Improved version of Reversi LPD17 + DOGFIGHT II Up to an 8 player shootemup game. Great!
LPD18 * TOUCHSTONES An Ishido type game played with tiles LPD19 * X-IT-50 Shoot objects across the screen LPD20 - WORDY A basic Amosware wordprocessor program, quite good LPD21 - QUINGO Great quiz game In which you play Bingo LPD22 + LC10 FONTS New fonts for your Star LC101LC200 printer LPD23 * ESP Collect the letters ESP LPD25 - THE MISSION A great text adventure written in Hisoft basic LPD26 + CYAD Collect the diamonds in this puzzle game LPD27 * FLOWER POWER grow flowers before bugs munch them away.
LPD28 - BUDDBASE Simple to use database with tutorial LPD29 + BIG TOP FUN 4 great educational games for younger children LPD30 + SHYMER Nursery rhyme adventure game for young or old, LPD31 + CLI PRINTER DUMP Prints a screen dump of the screen display LPD32 - HARD DRIVE MENU SYSTEM Has menu of over 3,800 Items.
LPD33 * CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Produce stand alone adventures LPD34 * INVOICE PRINTER Quick production of invoices on paper LPD35 + T-TECDRAW Technical drawing program with print facilities LPD36 + FRACGENII Great fractal program generator LPD37 + ROCKET MATHS Help children in maths with this game LPD38 + AMOS ART Contains lots ot fonts,bobs,sprites 8 scenery blocks LPD39 + MAGIC FOREST II Great sideways scrolling platform game LPD40 + SPRITE BANK EDITOR Makes sprites really easy to use LPD41 + RESCUE A 3D adventure game done with 3D construction set LPD42 + X-ST1TCH Print out pics for
embroidering, with documents LPD43 + LAZERZONE Shoot the aliens in this addictive shootemup LPD44 * FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE Strategy road racing game. V.Good LPD45 + MUSIC BOX A music program for children of 7 upwards.
LPD47 ? DIRTY CASH Our most popular game! Fruit machine simulator LPD49 * MARVIN THE MARTIAN Find your girlfriend in this maze game LPD51 * MAGICAL YOUNG ARTIST Contains 30 stencils to colour Ini LPD52 + LC24 200 FONTS Installs fonts for Star series printers I LPD55 + SPRITEX V1.32 New sprite editor, superior to original edttor!
LPD56 + CTEXT V1.23 and 1.3 for programmers, use iconbank based fonts!
LPD57 * KIDDIES CLIPART Another nice clipart disk!
LPD58 + LOCKS KEYS 8 ENEMIES Hunchback game I Brilliant, just get II!
LPD59 * THE PREHISTORIC FUN PACK Four dinasour games for kids LPD60 + TECHNO SNAIL Fire slime at the enemies - Great plaform fun!
LPD61 * THE FINAL CHAPTER 3D graphics adventure. Very good I LPD62 + REVOLUTION Four player game get to the top of the Screen 1st!
LPD63 + WILBERTS WINTER WONDERLAND Excellent platform game - Get It I LPD64 + RESCUE II Totally wicked 3D vector game - GET IT!!!!!
LPD65 + POWER PLANNER Personal organiser • Keep trackof your life I LPD66 + HOTEL MANAGER Similar to monopoly - Brilliant!!!!
LPD67 + CYADONIA (CYAD II) Boulderdash clone - collect the diamonds LPD68 * VIRUS BUSTER Very good new virus killer disk, needs 2 drlvesl LPD69 * MAGICAL MIX UP Puzzle game, sort out the mixed up pictures!
LPD70 + PAINTBOX Childrens painting package to color In or draw LPD71 + BATTLECARS Car racing game for two players, really addictive!!!
LPD72 * MONSTER ISLAND Brilliant role playing game for kids.
LPD73 + AMOS DATABASE V3.01 Simple 8 easy to use with lots of functions LPD74 + SOUR GRAPES 3D isometric game. You must get your enemy drunk!)
LPD75 * VIDEO LAB Simple to use video titling package for home videos LPD76 + T-TECMAZE Excellent puzzle type game switch games on otf LPD77 + POWERBASE 2.1 Powerful database system with a host of features.
LPD78 + SPECTRA 8 CHEATLISTER Logic puzzle game 8 a list of cheats LPD79 + MUSIC ENGINE Play MED ST NT modules without converting them LPD80 + ICON BANK EDITOR Manipulate icons In the same way as sprites LPD81 + POOLS PRO Program to help you fill In your pools coupons LATEST LICENSEWARE DISKS NOW IN STOCK CALL FOR MORE DETAILS „ United Public Domain Licenceware
• OBLITERATION The Ultimate ShootEmUp, A cross between Turrican &
asteroids, has received more rave reviews than I've had Chicken
Nuggets. Utterly addictive - You'll love it! Cost £3.50
• VIDEO TITLES Easy to use titling package for video users, uses
any amiga workbench font, with full load & save - Excellent +
Cost £3.50
• TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS This is the first in a new se ries,
Total concepts is an interactive encyclopedia that lets you
explore the world with pictures and information on a profusion
of subjects. This title is based on the ancient world of the
Di- nasaur. Plus Compatible. Supplied on 2 Disks. Cost £4.50
EM EMBER: WE STOCK FISH, NOW UP TO 600, TBAG, SCOPE, AMIGAS & MORE ¦ CALL FOR DETAILS ... Film production by The DTP Bureau, Nottingham START UPD F5, 20 HOLMESIDE SUNDERLAND S R 1 3 J E 091 565 2506 BootX 4.4 has a number of prerecorded bootblocks, but to use it properly you should archive your whole collection.
PD UTILITIES & GAMES fTp There are plenty of other programs on the disk, like Sysinfo V2.58 (for finding out what’s inside your Amiga without taking the lid off); FEA or FindEmAll, a small utility for examining and installing bootblocks on a disk; ZeroVirus III, the old stalwart of a virus checker that is still (a couple of years after it was released) the most user-friendly virus killer; and VT2.26, a German virus killer that has been partly anglicised by Marco Van den Hout. All of them backed up by lots of documentation and handy hints about viruses (including a couple of phone numbers to
call for help when hunting viruses).
You want the best virus killers? Get the New Superkillers, and support the programmers whose efforts can save you the trouble and strife that viruses bring.
ULTIMATE BOOTBLOCKS 17 BIT 1655 72 You want as many bootblocks as possible? Well that’s all that is on these two disks - they’re crammed to the gills with bootblocks and related programs. Fairly easy to get into, but there’s a lot to learn. Enough said.
MAY 1992 DCOPY 2 VIRUS FREE PD 2302 COPY n-.Enu sync .menu. D-COPY by TURBO D-MOB v2.8 91-12-27 Coloured in tasteful sepia, Dcopy 2 gives an easy display of disks when it's copying them. Takes a while to learn.
Another update, this time it’s a Public Domain copying program. While a lot of software houses really frown on this sort of program, the fact of the matter is that you can’t use this or similar programs to copy commercial software without specialised knowledge and lots of time.
So what’s it good for? For one thing, it’s fast at copying standard disks - much faster than Workbench.
Also, it can copy non-standard disks (often used for PD demos) with only a slight drop in speed.
The one problem with it is that the documentation is hidden away - you have to dig with Workbench to find it. If you can’t be bothered, then expect to spend a long time fiddling with the program to make it work.
Pretty front end though, and very useful once you get the hang of it.
TEXTPLUS V3.0EN 17 BIT IF you want a cheap word processor with lots of features, then TextPlus is for you. It comes with the PD spelling checker AmigaSpell version 2.0 (written by Mike Berro) for correcting the typos in your documents. Do remember, though, that AmigaSpell has to be worked on to get it right for your individual tastes.
The real addition to this continually updated program is an AREXX port, with over 100 commands. So you can set up TextPlus to process hundreds of files, and get on with your life in the meantime.
Other new features include the ability to load crunched files (most word processors just cannot do this); and TextPlus will autosave. This means that your work is saved to disk every so often without you having to lift a finger from your keyboard. The program can also save text files with icons, to make them easier to find - and help is available from inside the program.
There’s a lot of other features to, like footnotes, multiple documents and so on, but one of the most useful is the facility for sending command sequences to your printer. You know those odd codes in your printer manual, for selecting different fonts and colours? The program can pump them into your printer (not serial printers though) so that you can get the best out of today’s printers.
All things considered, this is the best shareware word processor I have ever seen. Well done Martin Steppler. However, it may be a little over complex for some people, so it’s lucky that there is an alternative... TEXTENGINE V3 VIRUS FREE PD 2171 Nicholas Harvey didn’t want to spend loads of money on a word processor, so he wrote his own. TextEngine a is a cut to the bones, really simple word processor but it does the job as fast as possible.
New features of this update include Macros, a merge file facility (although you can only add things to the end of a document - you can’t merge into the middle) and a cut-and-paste facility that can hold about two pages of text, to plonk them down wherever you want them.
The real addition, though, is that the programmer has put a set of gadgets to click on, down the left side of the screen. These are used for common commands, like loading and saving a file. A nice touch.
TextEngine is very unsophisticated, but for knocking out the occasional letter it’s still very hard to beat, because it is so simple.
Also included on the disk are MiniTool (for changing between PAL or NTSC screen modes - handy for flight sims because NTSC is faster) and AZ Spell for checking the spelling of documents.
LSD GRAPEVINE EIGHT 17 BIT 1660 There are plenty of disk magazines in the Amiga PD, but the best ones are done by PD coding groups (or crews, or teams, or whatever you want to call them).
LSD have done an excellent job on this one.
Rather than being the usual “few programs plus a bit of waffle” in a naff front end, Grapevine has a very pretty and easy to use front end, packed with information about coding groups, who is doing what and with whom, and so on. It also gives dates and ticket addresses for forthcoming copy parties. There’s some really irritating Jean Michel Jarre tunes on there too.
The real core of the magazine, though, are the classified adverts. These range from simple messages to 01? - IFF Adverts Part 1 | c-0 Et lS W
* 44 tO) S1-4S0-7B04 LSD uop t-O H£f»oounfyieF}s I SVSOP [ipwarar
Uy] Slt(IVCNG» P, i i-HHRi: co-svsop iBR' [iQH rtOf)SECQO£ [*¦
24 ON-LWC | num. STONOBRO 14.4 Eiwi- i ti f stf't. | r".®T f I
t,'."T‘ 11 r Jj " nay: | psbsj wctu I Ever wanted to get in
touch with the people behind the demos? Grapevine can give you
the contacts!
Whole 32 colour screens, asking for new contacts for graphics, music, and machine code. If you want to get a “behind the scenes” look at the Public Domain, get this disk and start contacting.
Most PD groups are elitist to an extreme, and tend to label anyone who shows a severe lack of knowledge as a “lamer”. Don’t let them put you off - everyone was a lamer once!
The reason for this is elitism is that when the early Amiga pioneers (way back in the mid 1980s) were busy asking questions, there was no one to give the answers; so a lot of present-day experts don’t see why they should give away information that it cost them a lot of pain and frustration to get. Socially backward, but like I say, understandable.
CONTACT LISTs All the Public Domain programs and utilities reviewed here can be obtained from the following PD libraries.
17 BIT: PO Box 97, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1XX. 0924 366982 NBS: 1 Chain Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, P030 5QA POLLYSOFT: 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SSI 2YD VIRUS FREE PD: 31 Faringdon Road, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2LS TOP TEN UTILITIES OF THE MONTH Every month, we look at the best-selling utility and game PD disks from a particular library, so you can see what’s popular... SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS 1 Desk Top Publisher 2 Text Engine 3 3 Amy At The Movies 2 4 New Superkillers 5 Amibase Pro II 6 Mixolydian 7 Storyland 8 Fwuff 9 Lady and the Tramp 10 Mental Image Games Credit Card
Hotline Ifjrpn Tel: 0276 676308 DEVELOPMENTS Innovation House, Albany Park, Frimley, Surrey, GU15 2PL.
Fax: 0276 676309 la m 1st m connec
• ••cut u t t. i wi’ fi, t m S ‘ vtmmmb ONLY V2000 bare hoard
JJ''l £37 Q5 2000 + 2Mbyt ONLY £97,50 ill V2000: 2Mbyte
expansion + clock.
Upgrade pui|||Amlga A500 to 2.5Mb. Expandablein |$ Meg stages, compatible with Kickstart 1.% & 1.3, On Off switch, gives 1Mb. Of chip,v ram + 1.5 Mb fast ram if retired . J Comes complete with Gary connector;:& full installation instructions.
V4000: 4Mbyte expansion + clock.
Upgrade your Amiga A500 to 4.5 Mb. Same
• 0 V2000 but gives an additional 4Mb of fast tJram or 3.5Mb fast
+ 1Mb chip ram 1 _ _ . PA ten V501: V2Mbyte expansion •+-
As V500 + Battery backed flail tithe clock m- W W VI500: 1V2Mbyte expansion + clock.
Fully CHIP ram compatible,! Expanable in Vi Mb stages, complete with GARY connector & full instructions, m 'w' V500: V2Mbyte expansion.
Upgrade your Amiga A500 to 1Mb.
Compatible, gold plated ram On Off switch.
VI000 bare board V1000 1Mb expansion Kickstart ROM Swapper switch from th keyboard Kickstart 1.3 ROM Kickstart 2.04 ROM Swapper + Kickstart 1.3 £16.99 £42.99 £24.99 £29.95 £39.99 £49.99 NEW! NEW! NEW!
Now available for the A500 & A500+ the V8000,
8. 0Mb external memory expansion.
Prices from £169.00, Phone now for details.
N 3V2" LOCKABLE DISK BOXES 10 Capacity 5 for £5.95 40 Capacity £5.62 80 Capacity £6.99 luu capacity £8.54 3V2" DSDD Disks, 2 for 1 guarantee including disk labels. £5.45 for 10 Dispatch within 24 hours Callers Welcome Cheques, Postal orders to Virgo Developments at above address.
Express Courier delivery (UK mainland only) £6.50 Call 24 hours 7 days a week Prices may change without notice prices include VAT, postage & packaging. No bidden charges Memory Expansions NEW! For The Amiga A500 Plus “H:
- mm ANIMATIONS GAMES UTILITIES liii iHiSl :. V in Wi«5tttVWi Mv.
I«;i, n*' PRICES DEMOS ORDERING GOI53 Air ace ii G0125 Air warrior G0368 Amos-Defence G0386 Asteroids G0423 Auto bahn 3000+ G0551 Arcadia G0487 Atic atac G1093 Baltleforce G0549 Battle pong G0434 Block it G0398 Castle of doom G0602 Cave runner G0729 Chess G0973 Cubulus GO 194 Dark staff G0675 Downhill Skiing G044I Drip G0399 Dungeon master exstravaganza GI866 Electric train set G0945 Emerald mine 2 G0855 Flaschcibcr G0684 Frantic freddy G0998 Fruit machine GO 196 Ghost ship G0360 Golden fleece G072I lmperium GO 128 Jelman G024I Lcgotris G0270 Lcllrix G0693 Llamalron G1006 Lore of conquest
G0989 Master of the town G0367 Megaball G0657 Missile command G0743 Monopoly G0832 Napoleonic war simulator G0450 No man's land G0488 Pacman 87 G0798 Paranoid G0911 Pom pom gunner G0033 Quattro GOI54 Return to earth G1184 Scramble G1001 Scum haters G0867 Sealancc (sub sim) G0195 Seven tiles G0346 Simpsons G0962 Space Invaders G0198 Star tiek(lM) G0049 Star trek (2 drives) G0830 Star trek C G0362 Star trek next generation G0293 ST bash G0892 Super skoda challenge G0227 Tennis G0889 Tetris G1950Tritwis G0122Twinlris G0973 Wizzy's quest G0583 Xenon U0389 A-Gene (1M) U0354 Amibase U0532 Arp (WB
1.3.2) U1644 Bankin U2066 Biorythms U2036 Business card maker U1424 Catalogue maker U0256 C64 emulator U1774 C Manual U2088 CtCommands U2050 C-Light U1412 Cursor Basic Compiler U1213 D Copy U1732 Deskbench U0167 Desk top Publisher U0278 Dice U0397 Diskmastcr U0204 Diskprint U1275 Draw Map U1552 Electrocad U2849 Flexibase U2532 Fortran 77 U2359 GFX U1782 Home Utilities U1091 Icon Magic U0830 Interferon Pro U0367 Journal U1548 JRComm U0972KO The Virus U1040 Last Hope U1634 Littlebench U1522 Master Virus Killer U0354 Mead U0675 Med (2) U1837 MessySid U0928 MSH (MessyDOS) U1069 Ncomm U1982 Nib
Copier U0755 North C U0134 Picturesque U0626 P Suite U0958 QL Emulator U0075 Quickbase U0683 Quickbench (1M) U0494 Red Devil U1394 Rim Database U1677 Sid U0851 Spectrum Emulator U0649 Spccdbench (1M) U1579 Spellchecker U0398 Starchart U1540 Super Killcre U0736 Textplus Word processor U0873 Transformer U0652 Turbo Imploder U0435 Visicalc U1314 Windowbench U1225 Word frenzy Disk Prices: I to 10 disks £1.20 each II or more disks £1.00 each Note (2D), (3D) means 2 disks or 3 disks etc. A0152 Amy vs Walker (1M) A0035 Batman (1M) A0134 Bugs Bunny (1M) A0068 Dragon's Lair(lM) A0172 Fractal Flight
(1M) A0089 Fighter Plane (1M) A0197 Iraq (1M) A0046 Star Wars (1M) A0051 Walker 1 (2M, 2D) A0146 Walker 2 (2M, 2D) M0047 Amalcur Radio M0093 Bible (4D) M0128 Business letters M0129 Mandlebrot Ml 478 Generator M0748 Morse M0749 Starchart M0058 Tarol (2D) M0077 Typing Tutor d0482 Addams Family d0373 Agony Demo d0256 Alcatraz (3D) d0348 Amaze dOI36 Another five ways to kill a mole d0423 Beastie Boys d0213 Budbrain (2D) d0246 Budbrain 2 d0258 Crionics (1M) d0189 Deadly Pursuits Datastream PD, Innovation House, Albany Park, Frimley Surrey, GU15 2PL d0266 Elvira d0344 Fillet the Fish d0523 Five ways
to kill a mole d0465 Franklin the Fly d0287 Laurel and Hardey (2D) dOI49 Legend of Billy the Kid (1M) d0230 Monty Python (2D) d0377 Probe sequence d0295 Puggs in space dOl 73 Pink Floyd The Wall (6) d0253 Red Sector (1M, 2D) d0345 Shark (1M) d0297 Shuttlecock (1M) dO 169 Simpsons Demo Ordering bv Post: VISA Please write down the catalogue number for the disks that you require, send them with your name, address and payment made out to "DATASTREAM PD" to:- Pavment Please make cheques and postal orders payable to "DATASTREAM PD" or phone with your credit card number. ALL prices include VAT and
En £1.20 per disk 30, Cooicen Ave, cii Jr Ncwtownards, Buy 10 disks Co.Down dPtoneW BT23 3UZ 01i5 Telephone: P&P50p (0247) 811091 Send cheque, P.O. or phone your Access Visa No.
24 Hour dispatch on cleared funds.
Reach the top LCL with ...... Self-Tuition Courses World leaders • Hons graduate teacher authors • In educational software charts. • Excellent reviews • £5 off total for 2, £10 off for 3, £17 off for 4.
MICRO ENGLISH (8 years - GCSE) | New complete course teaching spelling, reading, writing and oral with real speech, 24 programs and a book and a manual. (Also for efl) £24._ mm.:_ MICRO MATHS (11 years- GCSE) Games Utilities Education Pack (WBII) Kids Paint (WBII) Collosus text adventure MegaBall (WBII) WackoJR in Wonderland (not WBII) Lazer Zone Merv the Merciless (not WBII) Snake Pit (not WBII) The Maze (not WBII) Llamatron Chinese Checkers Wastelands Agony (WBII) Games comp. 1 7 games Games comp. 2 7 games Games comp. 3 8 games Games comp. 4 6 games Music Flash Music Delicate Sounds Do the
Bartman remix Keyboard Legends Jean Michel Jarre Live: Journey into Sound Business Messysid 2 (WBII) PC Emulator needs Msdos (WBII) QuickBench (not WBII) WindowBench (not WBII) JazzBench (not WBII) SuperWorkbench SpaceWriter Graphics Management (2 disks) SuperKillers (WBII) C64 Emulator autoboot (not WBII) Crossword Puzzle Creator Crunchers & Copiers PowerPacker Best selling GCSE maths course in UK. For ages 11 upwards in 24 program options plus a book and manual. £24.
READIN VRmN OURSlM 8 earsJ NATIONAL CURRICULUM (A.T. 1-5) 24 program course teaching reading, writing & spelling with a book, manual and voice tape £24.
PRIMARY MATHS COURSE (3-12 years) Complete course with full screen colour graphics. NATIONAL CURRICULUM (Levels 1-4). 24 programs + a book anc[a_manual £24.
MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSE) (not WBII) (WBII) (WBII) Complete course with real speech & graphics adventure game, 24 programs + a book and a manual. £24 MEGA MATHS (A level course) || Step-by-step course of 24 programs + a book and manual. Full screen graphics for calculus £24.
"New Series" courses have games-style graphics & music Most LCL courses run on most computers (PC, ST, BBC, Arc) IconMania D-Paint Fonts 2 Fonts & Surfaces Graphic Utilities Darkstar Utilities Virus Killer Disk Ants Utility Disk Printer Utilities Print Studio Gelignite Fonts I Converters Fractal Generator A500 PLUS OR AMIGA C LCL courses are compatible with the N.C. in so tar as it has been finalised) Send coupon and cheques PO's (+99p P&P) or phone orders or requests for free colour poster catalogue to: LCL (DEPT AMF) THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLANDY ROAD, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, OXON RG9 1QB (WBII) (WBII)
or ring 0491 579345 (24 hrs) Fred Fish & TBAG in stock Hundreds more Discs available If you have any problems using discs please phone and we will try to help.
Name .. Address..... Title .... Computer.
Wordwright wordprocessor Rim database Visicalc spreadsheet Catalogue Disk (P) only 7 p - Includes a superb Scenery Generalor!
(P) = Works on A500 and A500 Plus DESKTOP VIDEO PACK (P) 4 DISKS
£3.96 Outstanding collection for video producers, includes
Rolling Credits.-Slideshow, Video Backgrounds. Special
Pattern Generator and more!!!
HOME MANAGEMENT PACK 3 DISKS (P) £2.97 Calender, Mortgage. Spreadsheet, Grammar. Mileage, World Time. Budget. Chequebook. Database, Typing Tutor, Typewriter. Grocery. List Maker. Home Banking.
CLIPART PACKS 1,2 OR 3 EACH PACK = 5 DISKS £4.95 3 different packs of 5 disks, all full of the very best clipart for Dpaint etc. IP) FONTS PACK 1 OR 2 EACH PACK = S DISKS S £4.95 2 different packs of 5 disks, pack I contains: Publisher fonts, various fonts, fonts disk 2, Cosmopolitan fonts, large fonts I loads of great fonts for Dpaint etc.) (P) ANGLIA COLOURFONTS (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 5 disks full of original colour fonts produced here at Anglia.
These are 16 colour fonts - not cut and pastel They are produced in the same way as the chisel font supplied with Dpaint and the Kara range of commercial fonts! They are typed straight in and work with Dpaint and TV Text.
UTILITIES PACKS 1,2, J OR 4 EACH PACK = 5 DISKS £4.95 ¦I different packs with all the utils you will ever needI Pack I contains: Chet Solace disk 126 utils), Diskmaster v3.0. Darkstar Utilities 2.3 & 4.
EDUCATION PACK 1 (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 German, Globe, Geotime, Drawmap, Evolution, Clouds, Formula, Airfoil, Gravity Sim, Weather, Wave Maker, World Data Bank and more!! (This pack is one of our best sellers and is incredible value for money).
ASTRONOMY PACK (P) 4 DISKS £3.96 Star Chart, Amigazer, Deepsky, Gravity Well. Grav Sim, Orbit.
PRINTER USER PACK (P) 4 DISKS £3.96 Essential far all printer owners! Includes, Label Designer, Label Printer, Printer Driver Generator, Print Studio, Plus More!
FRACTALS PACK (*) (P) 4 DISKS £3.96 If you want to explore fractals then here's everything you'll need!: CPIot - Sman - Mandelpaug - Polysys - CPM - ZPIot - Fractal Lab * Mandanim - Mandelblitz - Polysysexamples - Julia - FCS - Mandelmountains PUZZLES PACK II (*) (P) 2 DISKS £1.98 Superb new' pack for fans of crossword type puzzles, includes: Wordsearch - Reader - Wordhat - Wordgame - Crosswords - CWP - Scrazzle ¦ Disearch SIMULATIONS PACK (*) (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 All of the best PD simulations in one pack! Metro -Be a city planner, King Oil - you are J R.! Nuke - Nuclear arms race.
Impreium Romanum - Grab ancient Mediterranean power, Sealance - Save the world with your nuclear sub. Truckin - Run your own truckin company. DC 10 - Learn to fly a DC 10 jet. Lore of Conquest - Two players: lake over the galaxy!
Insiders Club - Superb srockmarket simulation. Air Warrrior - Take you pick from a huge range of aircraft with this excellent flight simulator!
EASY BUSINESS PACK (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 All programs included are powerful but easy! Includes: Text Engine V3 (The very latest wordprocessor), Spread VI (Spreadsheet), Qbase (Simple Database), Bbase II (Good Database). Bankn (Great accounts package), X-Spell (Spell checker), Print Studio, Business card maker.
INTERMEDIATE BUSINESS PACK (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 Wordwright (Wordprocessor including Mail Merge and Macros!), S-Calc (Good Spreadsheet), Amibase Pro 2 (Stunning PD Database - New.1), Amigaspell (Spell Checker).
LS Label (Infinite label control), Messysid V2 (Amiga File Management + PC File Transfer), Amiga Fox (Desktop Publishing) DISK EXPERT PACK (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 If you want to learn more about your Amiga, gel this pack! - You'll be a disk expert in no time! Includes Power Packer (Easy file compacter), Sid (Brilliant CLI Replacement Tool!), Iconmania (Change any Icon in seconds), Pixdisk, Viruschecker V53, D-Copy (Copies, Repairs, Formats and more). CLI Tutorial (All you need to know) and 202 other utilities.'!!
"C" PROGRAMMERS PACK (P) 6 DISKS £5.94 A complete "C" language and superb instruction manual provide alt you need to learn the "C" language, includes North C (2 disks) and the C Manual (4 disks) MED V3.2 MUSIC PACK (P) 4 DISKS £3.96 MED is widely recognised as the best music package. PD or otherwise!! This pack contains V3.2, the latest version complete with loads of digital samples, a disk full of MED music scores and some great MED music to load and play!
Listen to what your machine is capable of!
500+CLASSIC GAMES PACK (P) 5 DISKS £4.95 All of the best original arcade games which work on all Amigas! Includes: Missile Command. Scramble, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Asteroids and loads more!
CARD + BOARD GAMES 2 (P) 4 DISKS £3.96 Includes Chess, Sorry!, Cluedo, Patience, Draughts. Othello, Dominoes, Mastermind, Pontoon and many others!
HARD DISK USERS PACK 3 DISKS £2.1 7 Easy Backup, Mr Backup, DSD Park, Kwick Backup, Click Dos II, Fix Disk, FMS Disk, Sectorama, Disk Perf, AH DM (A hard disk menu) Please note all pack disks may be bought singly at 99p!
BUSINESS B30I Bankn (Excellent home banking package) (P) B303 Flexibase (Good Dbase with form designer) (P) B32I Amigafox (English Desk Top Publishing) (P) B322 600 Business Letters (Superb! - Ready 10 use) (P) B324 Q Base (The perfect database for beginners) (P) B3I4 Business Card Maker (Design Your Own) B330 AMIGAsh (P) (Superb new bank account manager) B33J QED (P) (Very good wordprocessor for beginners) B332 U-Edit V2.6H (P) (Latest and greatest word pro) B333 Amibase Professional 2 (P) (Now PD! - Super database) B334 (P) Appointments (never miss one! Let your Amiga behind you) B336 (P)
Calendar Maker (easy to make + print - includes excellent calculator!)
B337 (P) Findex (an easy database with good search facilities).
B33B (P) Calc VI2 (very nice spreadsheet with enough features for anyone) B327 (P) Text Engine V3 (great looking wordprocessor. Easy yet powerful) UTILITIES U402 Master Virus Killer v2.l (The best Virus Killer) U4I3 Sid vl .6 (makes you a master of CU)(P) U4I6 Cli Tutorial (Learn all about it) (P) U427 Demolisher Utilities (over 200 utilities on one disk) (P) U437 D-Copy (P) (As good as X-Copy) U47I X Copy III (PD version of commercial prog: Save £30!!)
U478 Typing Tutor (New! Great features) (P) U494 Pascal (2 disks - brilliant language) (P) U49S Viruschecker VS.3 (P) (The latest - For the plus too!)
U496 Messysid V2 (P) (Reads and writes PC disks) U497 A500+ Utilities (P) (For the A500+ only!)
U498 Turbotitle (P) (Add subtitles to your videos!)
U499 S-Movie (P) (Smooth scrolling video tiller) U4004 (P) Pools Predictor (significantly improves your chances) U4005 (P) Turbo Imploder (squeeze loads more onto a disk) U4006 (P) Fancy disk label designer (the best araund, in colour too!)
U4007 (P) Disk Oplimiser (brilliantly simple! Any disk loads up to 15 times faster) GAMES-(*=1MEG) G60I2 Backgammon (P) (Great version of a great game) G6013 Chess Tutor (P) (improve your skill) includes a full chess game!
G60I4 Ultimate Card Games (P) (Crihbage, Hearts, Bluemoon, Patience and Solitaire) G60I5 Super Skoda Challenge (P) (New car race game) G60I7 Star Trek Next Generation (P) (Strategy Game) G60I8 Dominos arul Connect 4 (P) (Good versions of the originals) G60I9 A500+ Games (P) (21 Games for the Plus!)
G6021 (P) Tanx (great fun! Get it now - you won't be disappointed) G6022 (P) Cluedo (100% accurate version of the board game) G6023 (P) American Football Simulator (very addictive) G677 AMIGAids (The best Asteroids Game) (P) G625 Drip! (*) (You must get this classic game.1) (P) G624 Blizzard (*) (PD's best shoot em up) (P) G689 Pom Pom Gunner V2 (Latest - New levels) (P) CHILDRENS C70I Learn + Play (2 disks-super education for4-IOyrs) (P) C704 Simon Says Space Maths (P) C705 Treasure Island X marks the spot ¦ with speech!)
C706 Snakes + Ladders (Classic board game fun) C707 Pair It (*) (Match the cards-great fun!) (P) C708 Crossfire (') (Hectic arcade game) (P) C709 Pixie Kingdom (2 disks - save the pixies) (P) C7I0 Numbler Fumbler (sliding block puzzle) (P) C712 Colour Pad (New colouring book for youngsters) (P) C713 Peters Quest (P) (Lots of fun platform game) C7I4 Storyland II (Brilliant kids game) C715 (P) Composer (simply superb music maker for I2yrs +) C716 (P) Snake in the Grass (great game for under 12s) C717 (P) Frogger! (frantic frog fun for under I Os) C7I8 (P) Centipede (wonderful graphics, brilliant
game for ages 8 to adultI) FISH DISKS IN STOCK 350-600 ONLY 99P EACH!
PUBLICil ANGLIA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY (Dept AMF), 115 Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7HU 0394 283 494 TELE in z o Ocd tndifdJ CREDIT o.q IfEmlcmjige Simply phone your order through or send a cheque postal order. Please add 60p to cover post and packing.
ST & AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 Eagle Software 1 Meg Crickel (Amiga only) .. £7.99 3 Stooges ... £6.99 3D Pool £6.99 Afterburner .£6.99 Altered Beast .... £6.99 Arkanoid (Amiga only) £4.50 Arkanoid II ... £6.99 Baal £5.99 Barbarian ... £5.99 Barbarian II . £6.99 Batman Caped Crusader £6,99 Batman The Movie £6.99 Beach Volley ...... £6.99 Blood
Money ...... £6.99 Cabal .. £6.99 Caifomia Games £6.99 Carrier Command .. £8.99 Ceiica GT4 Rally £6.99 Centrefold Squares £6.99 Cloud Kingdom .. £6.99 Colossus Chess .. £6.99 Conflict in Europe £7.99 Corriinental Circus £6.99 Defender of tie Crowi £7.99 Def of Ihe Earth .. £6.99 Deluxe Strip Poker £6.99 Double Dragon I or II ... £6,99 Dragon Ninja ......£6.99 Fanlasy World Dizzy .....£5.99 F16 Combat
Rid £7.99 Gauntlet II ...£6.99 Ghostbusters II ..£6.99 Ghouls'n'Ghosts ..£6.99 Hard Drivin' .£6.99 Head ever Heels £6.99 Hhch Hiker's Guide 1o Galaxy £7.99 Hong Kong Phoey £6.99 IK+ ..£6.99 Impossible Mission II £6.99 James Pond .£6.99 Jet Set Wily ......£7.99 Kid Gloves ...£5.99 Last Ninja II .£6.99 Licence to Kil ....£5.99 Lombard RAC
Rally £6.99 Manic Miner .£7.99 Michael Jackson Moonwafker £6.99 Moonshine Racers £6.99 New Zeeland Story £6.99 Ninja Rabbits ......£5.99 Nhro £7.99 North Ssouti ....£6.99 Out Run £6.99 Operation Wolf „„„„ £6.99 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL.
(10 am - 6pm 6 days) Tel: 081-361 2733 5730 (2733 Faxline after 6pm) MYSTERY GAME WITH ORDERS OVER £50 WITH ORDERS I Cl. U ST £23.99 £16.99 £15.99 N A £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £19.99 £16.99 £26.99 £6.99 N A £8.99 £19.99 £16.99 £16.99 £15.99 N A £9.99 £16.99 £11.99 £15.99 N A £14.99 £26.99 £16.99 £23.99 £16.99 £15.99 £14.99 £25.99 £26.99 £15.99 £13.99 £15.99 £16.99 N A £15.99 £15.99 £16.99 £19.99 £16.99 £15.99 £19.99 £15.99 £18.99 £20.99 £20.99 £16.99 £20.99 £20.99 £23.99 £6.99 £23.99 £21.99 £25.99 N A £15.99 £21.99 £15.99 £16.99 AMIGA £23.99 £16.99 £15.99 £23.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £19.99
£16.99 £26.99 £6.99 £10.99 £8.99 £19.99 £16.99 £16.99 £15.99 £14.99 £9.99 £16.99 £11.99 £12.99 £8.99 N A £26.99 £16.99 £23.99 £16.99 £15.99 £25.99 £25.99 £26.99 £15.99 £13.99 £15.99 £16.99 £20.99 £15.99 £15.99 £16.99 £19.99 £16.99 £15.99 £19.99 £15.99 £18.99 £20.99 £20.99 £16.99 £20.99 £20.99 £23.99 £6.99 £23.99 £21.99 £25.99 £19.99 £15.99 £21.99 £15.99 £16.99 TOP TITLES ST AMIGA Half Meg Upgrade + Clock N A £25.99 World Series Crickel ...... N A £16.99 3D Construction Kit £29.99 £36.99 A320 Airbus .. £26.99 £26.99 Abandoned Places £19.99 £19.99 Action Stations
N A £17.99 Addams Family £16.99 £16.99 Advantage Tennis ...£16.99 £16.99 Agony ...£15.99 £15.99 Air Support ..£15.99 £15.99 Alien Storm ..£16.99 £16.99 Alpha Waves £16.99 £16.99 Altered Destiny N A £21.99 Another World £18.99 £18.99 AMNIOS ...... £15.99 £12.99 Amos 3D ...... N A £23.99 Amos Compiler N A £19.99 Amos The Creator N A £36.99 Armourgeddon £15.99 £15.99 Armourgeddon Upgrade.. £10.99 £1099 ATOMINO .... £12.99 £12.99 AWSOME .... £12.99
£12.99 Back to the Future III £10.99 £10.99 Back to Ihe Golden Age .. £16.99 £16.99 BARBARIAN II (Psyg).... £12.99 £12.99 Bard's Tale III .. N A £16.99
B. A.T. II ...... £22.99 £22.99 Battle
Chess £15.99 £15.99 Battle Chess II £16.99
£16.99 Battle Command £15.99 £15.99 BATTLE HAWKS 1942 .. £8.99
N A Bailie Isle ....£18.99 £18.99 BATTLE
MASTER . £19.99 £11.99 Battle Squadron N A £7.99
Betrayal . N A £8.99 Big
Run . £16.99 £16.99 Billiard Simulator
II . £16.99 £16.99 Birds of Prey
£23.99 £23.99 Blue Max ...... £19.99 £19.99
Blues Brothers £16.99 £16.99 Boslon Bomb Club £16.99 £16.99
Brain Blaster £16.99 £16.99 Buck
Rogers £19.99 £19.99 Cadaver
......£16.99 £16.99 Cadaver-Ihe pay off
£10.99 £10.99 Captive . £15.99 £12.99
Cardiaxx ...... £17.99 £17.99 CARTHAGE
£15.99 £12.99 Carve
Up ......£15.99 £15.99 Centurion
....£16.99 £15.99 Chaos Strike Back £16.99
£16.99 Champion of the Raj ...... £9.99 £9.99 Chase
HQ .... £6.99 £6.99 Chase HQ II
£14.99 £14.99 ChWo’s Revenge £16.99 £16.99
Chuck Rock ..£16.99 £16.99 Cisco Heal
.. £15.99 £11.99
C. Y's Air Combat £20.99 £20.99 T6P TITLES §T AMIGA Code Name
Iceman 1 Meg £14.99 £26.99 Cohort .
£20.99 £20.99 Conan the Cimmerian .... £21.99 £21.99 Covert
Action .. £23.99 £23.99 Crazy Cars III £21.99
£21.99 Crime Wave £16.99 £10.99 Cruise for a
Corpse £17.99 £17.99 CybetCon III £16.99
£16.99 Daikman ...... £15.99 £15.99 Days of
Thunder £15.99 £8.99 Deiverance .. £15.99
£15.99 Demoniak .... £19.99 £19.99
Deuleros ...... £14.99 £14.99 Devious Designs
£16.99 £16.99 Disciples of Steel ... £17.99 £17.99
Double Dragon III £16.99 £16.99 Dr Dooms Revenge £9.99 N A ELF
..... £15.99 £15.99 Elvira Mistress
of Dark .. £21.99 £21.99 Elvira II Jaws of Cerberus £23.99
£23.99 Epic ..... £15.99 £15.99 Eye
of Ihe Beholder N A £19.99 Eye of Ihe Beholder II .... N A
£20.99 F14TomCa1 £18.99 £18.99 F15 Strike
Eagle II . £23.99 £23.99 F117A Stealth Fighter ..
£21.99 £21.99 F19 Stealth Fighter £19.99 £19.99 F29 Relaliator
£15.99 £15.99 Face Off-Ice Hockey .... £15.99 £15.99 Falcon
III .... £23.99 £23.99 Fantastic Voyage
... £23.99 £23.99 Fate cfi Atlantis (Advlure) N A
£17.99 Fate of Atlantis (Arcade) N A £17.99 Federation of Free
Traders £6.99 £6.99 Feudal Lords £16.99
£8.99 Final Blow .... £16.99 £16.99 Find
Fighl .. £16.99 £16.99 First Samurai
.. £16.99 £16.99 Right of tie Intruder £16.99
£22.99 Roor 13 ...... £19.99 £19.99 Footbal
Crazy £16.99 £16.99 Future Baseball £16.99 £16.99 Fuzzbal
...... N A £13.99 G-LocR360
£16.99 £16.99 Gauntlet
III .. £16.99 £16.99 Geisha (X-cert)
..... £16.99 £16.99 Gettysburg ..
£18.99 £18.99 Godfatier .... £18.99 £18.99
Gods ..... £16.99 £16.99 Golden
Shot £16.99 £16.99 Graham Gooch Crickel ..
£21.99 £21.99 Graham Taylor £19.99 £19.99 Grand Prix (Formula
1) .. £23.99 £23.99 Gunship 2000 .. £21.99
£21.99 Hard Drivin II .. £15.99 £15.99 Harlequin
.... £16.99 £16.99 Harpoon (1 Meg) £19.99
£19.99 Heart of China £24.99 £24.99 TOP TITLES
Heimdal ...... Hero's Quest (Gremlin) .. Hill
Street Blues ..... Home Alone
Hook ..... Hudson Hawk ..
Hunter ...
I. Bothams Crickel ... Indy Heal ....
Interceptor ....
Ivanhoe . Jack Unlimiled Clipart ....
Jahangir Khan's Squash Jimmy White's Whirlwind JohnBames
John Maden's Footbal .... Kick Off II (1
Meg) ... Kick Off II (.5 Meg) . Kick OH Winning
Tactics Kid Gloves II Killing
Bounfy Kings Quest IV Kings
Quest V .. KnighlMare Knight
of the Sky ..... Last Ninja III
Leander . Leisure Suit Larry
II . Leisure Suit Larry III ...... Leisure Suit Larry
V . Lemmings .... Lemmings - Data Disk
.... Lemmings • Stand Alone Logical .
Lord of fie Rings ..... Lost Patrol ..
Lolus Esprit .. Lotus Turbo Challenge II Ml
Tank Plaloon ..... Magic Garden .. Magic
Pockets .. Magnetic Scroll Man Utd.
Europe .....
M. Ditka Ultimate Footbal Mega -Lo-Mania .....
Megatraveller II Megatwins ....
Mercenary III Merchant Colony .....
Microprose Golf Midnight Resistance ......
Midwinter II .. Mig 29 Fulcrum
Mig 29M Super Fulcrum Might of Magic III ..... MoonfaB
...... Moonstone .. Monkey
Island .. Monkey Island II Paperboy
II .... Parasol Stars
Pegasus . PGAGolfTour + .....
PGA Courses Disk ... Pinball Dreams ..
Phfighter .
Plotting ... Populas+Sim
City ..... Populous II .... Predator
II ...... Prehislorik ....
Prince of Persia
Puzznic ... QUEST AND GLORY......
Ralroad Tycoon Rainbow Islands
R. B.1.2 Baseball
Realms ... Red Baron
.... Red Zone ......
Renegade (Coin-op Hits).. RiseoftheDrago ..... Robin
Hood .... Robocod .
Robocop . Robocopll
.... Robocop III .... Rod
Land ...... Rollin'
Ronny .. R-Type II ......
Rubicon . Rugby World Cup .....
R. V.F. Honda Secret of the Siver Blues Secret
Weapon Luftwaffe.. Shadowlands SHADOW OF
BEAST II.. Shadow Sorcerer ..... Shadow Warrior
Shullle the Sim .. Silent Service
II .. Sim Ant . Sim
Earth ...... Smpsons ......
Ski or Die ...... Smash
TV ...... Space 1889 ....
TOP TITLES Mystical ...
Mytl ..
Narc .. Navy Seals ...
Nebulus II . Neighbours ...
Nighlshifl . ORBITUS .
Operation Thunderbotl.
Ork .... Outrun Europa .... Pacific Island ...... ST AMIGA TOP TITLES ST AMIGA £15.99 £15.99 Space Ace II N A' £33.99 £15.99 £15.99 Space Gun ..£1559 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 Space Crusade £17.99 £17.99 £15.99 £15.99 Space Quest IV £26.99 £26.99 £15.99 £15.99 Special Faces £23.99 £23.99 £16.99 £16.99 Speedbal II .. £15.99 £15.99 £10.99 £16.99 Spirit of Excafibur ... £20.99 £20.99 £12.99 £12.99 Slar Control .. N A £17.99 £6.99 £6.99 Stargliderll .. £6.99 £6.99 N A
£15.99 Star Trek V .. £16.99 £16.99 £16.99 £16.99 Starfighler II N A £16.99 £20.99 £20.99 Stratego ......£17.99 £17.99 £15.99 £15.99 Sleel Empire £20.99 £20.99 £16.99 £16.99 Slrider II ...... £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 Strike Reel .. £17.99 £17.99 £16.99 £16.99 Supaplex ...... £16.99 £16.99 N A £20.99 SuperCars II £15.99 £15.99 £10.99 £10.99 Superhero .. N A £15.99 N A £15.99 Super Off Road ..... £8.99 £8.99 £16.99 £16.99 Super
Space Invaders .... £20.99 £20.99 £15.99 £15.99 Supremacy .. £20.99 £1899 £21.99 £21.99 Suspicious Cargo £16.99 £16.99 £20.99 £20.99 Swap .....£16.99 £16.99 £9.99 £9.99 Switch Blade II £15.99 £15.99 £16.99 £16.99 Terminalor II £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 Test Drive III £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 Their Finest Hour £19.99 £19.99 £20.99 £20.99 Their Finest Mission ......£12.99 £12.99 £24.99 £24.99 The Manage £16.99 £16.99 £6.99 £6.99 Thunderhawk AH-73M .... £21.99 £21.99 £20.99 £20.99
Thunder Jaws ..£16.99 £16.99 £20.99 £20.99 Tip Off ...£16.99 £16.99 £23.99 £23.99 Tote £14.99 £14.99 £15.99 £15.99 TolfX Recal .. £15.99 £15.99 £6.99 £6.99 Turrican II .... £9.99 £9.99 N A £24.99 Twilight 2000 .. £23.99 £23.99 £16.99 £16.99 Uhima Martian Dreams .. £20.99 £20.99 £15.99 £15.99 Ultima Underworld £20.99 £20.99 £6.99 £6.99 Ulfima V ......£19.99 £19.99 £14.99 £14.99 Ulfima VI ...... £20.99 £20.99 £15.99 £15.99 ULTIMATE RIDE £10.99
£10.99 £16.99 £16.99 UMSII . £23.99 £23.99 £15.99 £15.99 Unde Pressure £17.99 £17.99 £16.99 £16.99 UnReal . £16.99 £16.99 £15.99 £15.99 UN Squadron £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 Untouchables £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 N A Utopia ...£20.99 £20.99 £21.99 £21.99 Vendetta ......£16.99 £16.99 £19.99 £19.99 Vengeance of Excafibur.. N A £19.99 £20.99 £20.99 Video Kid .... £17.99 £17.99 £12.99 £12.99 Vdled ... £20.99 £20.99 £19.99 £19.99
Vroom ... £16.99 £16.99 £15.99 £15.99 War Head .... £7.99 £7.99 £29.99 £29.99 While Death (1 Meg) £19.99 £19.99 £23.99 £23.99 Wild Wheels £14.99 £14.99 £15.99 £15.99 Wing Commaider II £19.99 £19.99 £20.99 £20.99 Wiz Kid .£15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 Wolf Child ....£16.99 £16.99 £16.99 £9.99 WOLFPACK £14.99 £14.99 £15.99 £15.99 W.W.F .. £15.99 £15.99 £20.99 £20.99 Zillrax ... £16.99 £16.99 Plaloon
£5.99 Predator £6.99 Ram bo III .....£6.99 Red Heal .....£6.99 Resokiton 101 ....£6.99 Road Blaster ......£6.99 Rocket Ranger ....£8.99 R-Type ..£6.99 Run The Gauntel £6.99 Shadow of the Beast (Amiga) £6.99 Sherman M4 ......£6.99 Shinobi £6.99 Shuffle Puck Cate ..£6.99 Speedbah .....£7.99 Strike
Force Harrier £6.99 Stunt Car Racer ..£6.99 Super Hang On ..£6.99 SwitchBlade .£6.99 Teenage Mutant Turtles £6.99 Thunderslrike ......£6.99 Toobin' ..£6.99 TV Sports Footbal £7.99 Vigiante £6.99 War Zone ...£6.99 Waterloo .....£6.99 Wings of Fury (Amiga only).... £6,99 Wizbal ..£4.99 WC Leaderboard £6.99 Xenon II £7.99 MAX EXTRA
only £17.99 Turrican II, ST Dragon, SWIV and Night Shill BITMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 only £16.99 Xenon, Cadaver and Spoedball II NINJA COLLECTION only £13.99
D. Dragon, Shadow Warrior, D. Ninja VIRTUAL WORLDS only £14.99
Maser, The Crypt Driller, Total Edipee, Castle MIND GAMES only
£14.99 Austertitz. Waledoo, and Conflicl In Europe TNT 2 only
£20.99 Hydra, Skull 4 Crossbones, Hard Drivin I Badlands.and
Slun Runner QUEST FOR ADVENTURE only £23.99 Operation Stealth,
Indana's Last Crusade and Mean Streets AIR COMBAT ACES only
£18.99 Falcon, Gunship and Fighlbomber HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION
only £16.99 RoboCop, Ghoslbuslers 2, Indiana Jones, Balman Ihe
Mwie BOARD GENIUS AMIGA only £17.90 Deluxe Monopoly, Deluxe
Scrabble, Qeudo, Masler Detective and Bsk SOCCER MANIA only
£11.99 Football Manager II, Gazza's Soccer, Football Manager -
W.C. Edition, Microproee Soccer FALCON CLASSIC COLLECTION only
£16.99 Falcon, Mission One, and Mission Two SUPERHEROES only
£17.99 Slrider II, Indana Jones, Las) Ninja II and Spy who
loved me GRANDSTAND only £17.99 Gazza Super Soccer, Pro Tennis
Tour, World Class Leaderboard and Conlinental Grcus 2 HOT 2
HANDLE only £18.90 Golden Axe, Total Recall, Shadow Warrior,
Super OH Road Redng SUPER SIM PACK only £21.99 lnl.3D Tennis
Crazy Cars II, ttaly'90 and Airtroume Ranger SUPER SEGA only
£21.99 Super Monao GP, Golden Axe, Crakdown, ESWAT, and
Shinobi HEROES ST only £9.99 Barbarian 2, Running Mart, Slar
Wars and Licence lo Kill BIG BOX only £15.99 Caplaln Blood,
Tin Tin on Ihe Moon,Salan Guns, Teenage Queen, Bubble Rus,
Purple Salum Days, Krypton Egg, Jump'ng Jackson, BoBo,
Hostages FLIGHT COMMAND only £13.99 Biminalcr, Slrike Force
Harrier, Lancaster, Sky Fa and Sky Chase TEST DRIVE II
COLLECTION AMIGA only £20.99 Muscle Cars, California
Challenge, European Challenge, Duel, SuperCars 4 WHEEL DRIVE
only £20.90 Lotus Esprit, Ceiica GT4 Rally, Team Suzuki, and
Combo Rarer.
DOUBLE DOUBLE BILL AMIGA only £22.99 Tv Sports Football, Lords ol Ihe Rising Sun, Tv Sports Basketball, Wings POWER PACK only £14.99 Xenon 2, TV Sports Football, Bloodwych and Lombard Rally ACTION PACK only £15.99 Cosmic Pirates, Rotor, Maya, On Safari, Blminalor, Fast Lane, Sherman Ml, Hostages, Targlan, Colorado MAGNUM 4 only £16.99 Afterburner, Double Dragon, Operation Woll, and Balman Caped Crusader RAINB0WC0LLECT10N only £13.1 New Zealand Story, Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands AIR, LAND, SEA only £23.99 FA18 Interceptor, 688 Attack Sub, Indy 500 Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable to
Eagle Software. P&P is£1.00 perorder inthe UK. Orders under £10 please add 50p per item. Europe: add £3.50 per item. Elsewhere add £4.50 per item. If the title you want is not listed please phone lor prices. Free catalogue now available - please phone or tick box.
Member No: _ Computer:_ Date_I I Title_ Price _ _ Price _ _Price WINNING FIVE Amiga only £9.99 Iron Lord, Night Hunler, Twin Worlds, __Pulty'sSaga, and Sir Fred _ Price P&P Total Postcode:_ _ Card No: _ Exp Date_ Access ? Visa Q Cheque ? P.O's Q POWER UP only £16.99 Altered Beasl, Rainbow Island, X Out, Chase HQ, Turrican_ Name: _ Address: Tel: £24.99 £ 19.99 without software The NEW Golden Image s' 150 Dpi resolution O' 500mm SEC Tracking speed S' Switchable between ST Amiga Mouse O' Opto Mechanical Mechanism S' Includes Deluxe Paint III software & Direct mouse replacement Roctec Genlock
Rocgen + £109.99 £179.99 Golden Image Hand Scanner £149.99 A 100. 200. 300, 400 Dpi hand scanner with 64 halftone levels for three different halftone mode settings and one letter mode. The scanner comes complete with the acclaimed Touch Up software and Deluxe Paint III Art package.
Jin Scan Hand Scanner £119.99 t v Digital Track Counter O' Daisy chain "through" connector O' Data enable disable switch O' Only £59.99 including P&P GVP IIA500 Hard drives include injection moulded styling. Internal RAM expansion to 8Mb via SIMM boards. Capacities from 52Mb, 35' 11ms Quantum mechanism. Internal Fan. Game switch and mini slot for future expansion £379.99 £559.99 2Mb Simms £449.99 8Mb Simms £689.99 £239.99 £139.99 £199.99 £189.99 £229.99 Lynx 2 (Console only) £79.99 Lynx 2 Power supply £1199 Lynx soft cases £9.99 Comlynx cable £6.99 New Battery pack £9.99 Lynx 2 sunvisor £5.99
Phone ton Klax. Ultimate chess, Robotron. Shanghai, Chips challenge, Xybots, Roadblasters, Chequered flag, Ninja gaiden, Paperboy, Turbo sub, Xenophobe, Qix, Robo squash, Tournament cyberball, Ms Pac Man, Bill and Teds excellent adventure, APB, Warbirds, Scrapyard dog, Stun runner Hard drivin, Sime world, Electrocop.
Ladbroke Computing are ttie longest established Atari dealer in the UK We have developed an extensive customer service policy which means that we test all Hardware prior to despatch to ensure that goods arrive in working order. Although our prices are not always the cheapest we do endeavour to otter consistently good service and backup. This isn't just our opinion, we were voted 'Best Dealer 1989' by the readers of ST World magazine, not for 'the number of boxes shifted', but for quality service.
All prices are correct at copy date 13 03 92 (while stocks last), and are subject to change without prior notice. Please phone for up to date prices. All prices include VAT & deiiveryfin mainland UK), there are no hidden extras (WYSIWYG). Next day courier delivery is available for an extra £7 (Mainland UK). All prices available on Mail Order, Shop prices may differ. Shop & Mail order premises: 33 Ormskirk Road. Preston.
Lancashire. PR1 20P Open Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 5:00pm.
Phones answered from 9:00am.
Dealer enquiries welcome. Ladbroke Computing International is a trading name of Ladbroke Computing Ltd. All trade marks recognised.
Mm Due to limitations of space we cannot list all our products please phone for Disk boxes from £6.99. Amiga Workstation £49.99. ICD Ad-Speed £189.99. Dustcovers from £3.99. Phone for details of our repair service (ST & Amiga) Repair quote £15.
Phone for more details.
S5SESS Golden Image 512K Upgrade with clock £27.99 Phoenix 1Mb Board (A500 Plus only) £49.99 Protar Visto Col Mon £219.99 Includes cable and 12 months on site replacement warranty.
Philips 15’ Cube TV £ 269.99 A 60 channel, FST, Fastext scart input TV which gives near monitor quality. Includes scart cable.
GVP 52Mb GVP 105Mb GVP 52Mb * GVP 52Mb + Phone for: Ultimate Basketball, Falcon F16, Fun School 3, Dr Wellman, Defender of the Crown, Chaos in Andromeda, Psycho Killer, World Vista, Advanced military systems, Illustrated Holy Bible.
10 bulk disks £4.94 40 Bulk disks £18.80 100 Bulk disks £41.13 80 disk box £7.99 250 disk box £19.99 £479 1Mb Cartoon Classics Pack £339.99 Includes: A500 Plus computer with 1Mb on board RAM, mouse, modulator Workbench 2, Lemmings, Captain planet, Simpsons, Deluxe Paint III.
1Mb Cartoon Classic Extra Pack £379.99 Includes: 1Mb Cartoon Classics (as above). Datastorm, Dungeon Quest, E-Motion, Monster grand slam, Kid gloves, Powerplay, RVF Honda, Shuffle Puck cafe, Microprose Soccer. Tower of Babel, GFA BASIC, 10 disks + box, Mouse Mat, Dustcover, Apache 1 joystick.
Bare Amiga 1.3 version+Astra Pack £299.99 Star SJ48 Bubblejet Star LC-20 Star LC-200 colour Star LC-24 10 Star LC-24 200 Star LC-24 200 colour £289.99 All Star printers include 12 months on site warranty, Al printers include ST Amga PC compatible Centronics cable.
3m* x * J Golden Image Opto Mechanical Mouse, 250Dpi, switchable between ST Amiga £17.99 Golden Image Optical Mouse, 250Dpi, Mouse mat no moving parts for greater retabiSty. Switchable between ST Amiga £34.99 Jn Meuse, High qualty replacement mouse. £12.98 (Tp PD MUSIC & GFX DEMOS Let's start off with an amusing little piece of animation.
This is the third clip in the Mr Potato Head series from relative newcomer Chris Hill.
CIRCUS ACT 1 Z BIT, DISK 1653 TWO DISKS In his latest adventure, Mr P Head tries yet another circus trick, this time as a human cannonball.
Unfortunately, the trick doesn’t really go as planned and the spuddy one is fired straight up in the air and out through the top of the tent. What does he find as he flies through the air? Well let’s just say that Mr Hill has ‘paid homage’ to Mr Schwartz’s Aerotoons series!
Chris’ animations have improved over the series.
The first was a short, simple loop, the second was a more ambitious piece with a full plot and Circus Act (the third) goes even further. The style of drawing has been cleaned up considerably, making the animation run more smoothly and the humour seem a little more manic and not so forced.
If Chris carries on in this tradition, he could soon find his name mentioned alongside the top-rated Amiga PD animators working today.
MANGA SLIDESHOW WACKPD TWO DISKS As long-term readers of Amiga Format will know, we’re all fans of Japanese animation around here (after all, a few of us even voted the cartoon Akira as the best film of 1991). It’s not surprising then, that we find this demo interesting.
The two disk demo features a whole host of slides based on characters from the Japanese Manga comics, including the Gundam F-90 robots, Gunbusters, Street Mobius and violent future-war strip Patlabor. The intro to the demo is quite drawn out and is unfortunately a little tedious. The text messages are rather puerile and the team-member pics are pretty awful. However, when the slideshow starts Right. A jet, a toy robot, a fish wearing headphones, a sunbathing cat, Prince, Japanese comics and a vegetable firing from a cannon.
What have all these got in common? No, it's not the new series of Vic Reeves' Big Night Out. It's the latest rendition of Amiga Format's Demo Zone. Still confused? Well it's obvious, isn't it? You take your vegetable, fire it at the cat... NO! That's enough! Let's get Maff Evans on the case and sift through the latest Amiga demos.
JET ANIM 1 Z BIT, DISK 16ZZ After mentioning the possible use of fractal graphics in your own cartoons in last month’s Amiga Format animation feature, along comes a clip featuring just this technique. The clip is based around a landscape created by Dave Taylor using Scenery Animator, which has been modified somewhat to add a little extra interest. An animated picture of a jet has been placed over the moving landscape to give the impression that you are following a high-speed fighter down a rocky canyon.
17 The clip generates an incredible feeling of speed, with the scenery rushing past the jet at a nippy rate and although the scene is just a short loop, it shows just the kind of thing that is possible with these new-fangled fractal animators.
MAY 1992 Continued on page 183 properly, the images are absolutely spot-on, The characters capture the feel of their comic counterparts superbly, from the cutesy Super Deformed mini-robot fighters to the harsh metallic appearance of Patlabor. Even the backing tune captures the feel of Japanese cartoon action, wilh lots of manic chants to pep up the music.
If you’re not familiar with the world of Japanese comics and animation, then this is a good way to get started. Who knows, the market for these items may open up in the near future, what wilh demos like this and the release of the new Manga Video label, get into the action - it’s great!
The ornate armour in this picture gives you some idea of the quality of artwork that is to he found in Japanese out some heavy tire-power an my side! Manga comics.
SUPRA 500RX Manufactured out of Albany, U.S.A. SU PR A otter the ultimate in Fast Ram expansion units. Built to the highest technical specifications they offer full auto configuration and quick easy fitting onto the side expansion port. Additionally they can be populated up to a total of 8 meg using 1 Mbx4 zips.
8Mb pop to 1 Mb* ..£99.99 8Mb pop to 2Mb*.....£124.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb ..£169.99 8Mb pop to 4Mb £224.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb .1369.99 'These boards are populated using 256 x 4 zips, a cost effective way of expanding your system if you are unlikely to require additional expansion greater than 2Mb.
The other configuration use 1 x4 zips, a more expensive chip but you are able to expand easily right up to 8 Mb. Remember it's only the chips that are different, all SUPRA boards are the same.
PHOENIX RAM Modules will expand your chip RAM up to 2Mb using the trap door expansion port. Chip RAM is required to unleash the full graphics capabilities of the Amiga 500 Plus. If you are running out of memory or just thinking of expanding your Amiga 500 Plus system then upgrading has never been cheaper. Designed and built to exacting standards in the U.K. all our boards carry a full 2 year no quibble replacement guarantee.
PHOENIX 1 Mb Fully populated Ram board .£39.99 PHOENIX 1Mb unpopulated Ram board ...£19.99 Because some older games and business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM PHOENIX have designed a sharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchable between 1.3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A500 Plus without the drawback of losing your old software.
Fits all Amiga 500 1500 2000.
Kickstart ROM Sharer .£24.99 (ROM Chips not included) Kickstart 1.3 ROM ..£29.99 Kickstart 2.04 ROM £49.99 IN STOCK!
If you’re upgrading your Kickstart 1.3 Amiga to 2.04, then you may encounter problems if your machine has a revision 3 or 5 motherboard.Ual if you use the new Rev 3 5 PHOENIX ROM Sharer. Fits just as easily and is ready to accept the
2. 04 chip without the hassle of any tricky motherboard
modifcations you may have to make.
I Kickstart Rev 3 5 Rom Sharer ..£27.99 (ROM Chips not included) low IN -j roO !
The long awaited upgrade kit for 1.2 1.3 owners from Commodore has finally arrived and is selliing fast. We have managed to secure one of the larges! Stocks of this product in the whole of the UK.
The package comprises 2.04 ROM chip, all Workbench software (Install disk. Workbench 2.04 disk. Fonts disk and Extras.) A huge fully bound highly informative instructional technical manual covering every aspect of the 2.04 operating system plus additional "Getting Started" manual, a step by step guide to Workbench 2.04. This is IHE essential upgrade kit direct from PHOENIX. Please note that due to the excessive weight of this item, we have to charge £2.50 P+P on all orders.
TEL (0532) 311932. U.K. Sales TEL. (0532) 319061 Trade European Sales TEL. (0532) 319061 Technical Helpline All prices include V.A.T. and free U.K. delivery Next day delivery by courier £4.50 Please make cheques P.O.payable to
F. C.C. Distribution Ltd.
I As importers of high specification semiconductor technology, PHOENIX are able to offer these products at very competitive prices.
AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS MEMORY Kickstart 1.3 ROM £29.99 1Mbx9-80 Simms....£34.99 NEW Kickstart 2.04 ROM.£49.99 256x 9-80 Simms....£12.99 NEW Super Denise 8373..£39.99 n.b. 2 Simms = 1 2 Meg £24.99 Fatter Agnus8372A £45.00 1 Mbx4-80 Zip £19.99 Gary ...£19.99 n.b. 2 Zips = 1 Meg £38.99 Paula .£P.O.A 256x4 DRAM £3.49 CIA 8520A ..£9.99 n.B. 8 DRAM's = 1Meg These chips cover practically every popular memory expansion system on the market for the Amiga ie. GVP, SUPRA, Microbotics etc. Ring our technical helpline if you
need advice.
GVP Hard Drives for the Amiga 500, 1500 2000 series.
PHOENIX are pleased to offer the stunning range of GVP Hard Drive,the fastest Hard DriveController for the Amiga. Features Game Switch, external SCSI port, FAAASTROM SCSI Driver, GVP’s custom VLSI chip and internal RAM expansion up to 8 meg! All units use high specification fast access QUANTUM Hard Drives units.
AMIGA 500 500 Plus A500-HD8+ 52 MEG (Unpopulated) ..£374.99 A500-HD8+105 Meg (Unpopulated) .£569.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 Series II52 Meg Hard Disk and RAM card £289.99 Series I1105 Meg Hard Disk and RAM card £475.99 Increasing the memory expansion of these units is easily achieved by using 1 Mb x 9 Simms boards. See under the heading "CHIPS’ for price details.
Commodore A590 20 Meg £274.99 For the Amiga 500 500 Plus. Not quite in the same performance bracket as the GVP range but nevertheless a good solid performer. Can be easily expanded to 2 Mb of RAM using 256x4 DRAMs.
HARD DISK MAINTENANCE SOFTWARE Quarterback ...£24.99 This great fast backup system lets you retain the integrity of your data in the event of a system crash, virus or anything that may possibly corrupt yourvaluable data.
Quarterback Tools £47.99 A great little utility to optimise your hard drive, unfragment your files and keep your system working at top speed.
PHOENIX Deluxe Drive ..£54.99 This sleek, high quality external drive is an essential add on to any Amiga system.
All PHOENIX drives feature extremely quite operation by utilising a high quality Sony Citizen drive mechanism. Full 1 Mb unformatted 880k formatted capacity, long reach cable with enable disable switch. Thru port for daisy chaining of other drives. 12 month replacement warranty.
Roctec Roclite £59.99 Cumana CAX 354 ...£57.99 SONY BRANDED DISKETTES "The original, from the inventor". Because of the large amount of inferior quality discs on the market, the only way to make sure you don't lose your valuable data is to use the highest quality magnetic media.
THOUSANDS OF TITLES ROM ONLY f 99p g-| The above represents only a small selection of our collection. | I Please call for new arrivals, or why not call into our showroom, f =* Prices include postage and packing. Payment by Access Visa or make your cheques or P.O.'s payable to "Micro Choice" 30, Townhead, Kirkintilloch G66 1NL.
Tel: 041-777 6300 I PER DISK!
UTILITIES All utilities listed are 500 Plus compatible U214 Amibase Professional U213 Gators Graphics Workshop U212 Text Engine 3.0 U218 Graphics Construction Kit U207 Easy Print 2 U206 Digital Address Book U202 Amiga Plus Utilities U199 Amigafox D.T.P. U191 Windowsbench (2) U198 CommsDisk U189 Assassins Label Utils U188 Printer Driver Generator U187 24 Pin Printer Fonts U184 Slick Utilities U183 Vogue Utilities U182 Picture Help U180 Convertors Disk U179 Ozone Utilities U167 PC Emulator U161 Pagesetter Clip-art DEMOS MUSIC All disks are 500 Plus compatible D150 Colours Demo D149 Hardwired
Demo (2) D147 Terminator 23 Megademo D146 Vietnam Conflict D144 Monty Python Radio Song D140 Madonna Animations D138 Bruce Lee Animations D136 Killers Mega Demo (2) D134 Cube-O-Matic D133 Burger Hill Demo D132 Silicon Dreams D128 Mad On Er (4) D126 Voyage Demo D125 Melted Experience D144 Star Trek Anim slides D109 Alpha and Omega Demo D104 Plasmutex Demo D078 Phenomena Enigma GAMES All disks are 500 Plus compatible G100 Battle Cars G099 500 Plus Games G097 Wastelands G096 Assassins Comp 4 G095 Storyland 2 G091 The China Shop G090 Growth G088 The Jar G087 Assassins Comp 13 G085 Tomcat G083
Simpsons Game G079 Blackjack G076 Super Skoda Challenge G073 Games Galore G070 Insiders Game G060 Empire Game G059 Zeus Game G058 Shapes G057 Truckin On (2) G055 Battle Pong DEJA-VU LICENCEWARE £3.50 All disks are 500 Plus compatible LPD57 Kiddies Clipart LPD58 Locks, Keys and enemies LPD59 Prehistoric Fun Pack LPD60 Techno Snail LPD61 Rescue LPD62 Revolution LPD64 Rescue 2 LPD65 Power-Planner LPD66 Hotel Manager LPD67 Cyadonia LPD68 Virus Buster 2.1 LPD69 Magical Mix Up LPD70 Paint Box LPD71 Battlecars LPD72 Monster Island LPD73 Amos Database LPD74 Sour Grapes LPD75 Videolab LPD77 Powerbase
LPD79 Music Enqine LPD80
I. B.E. LPD81 Pools Pro SLIDESHOWS All disks are 500 Plus
compatible S053 Phil Collins S052 Highlander Slideshow S049
Betty Boo S046 4D Images (2) S042 Judge Dread S040 Invisible
World S037 Star Trek Images S028 Gremlins 2 (2) S020 Hendrix
Slides S006 Nightbreed Fred Fish I - 590 T-Bag 1 - 59 Deia Vu
I - 81 Amos PD I - 400 SOUTH LINCS PD 75p per disk, large
selection of Amiga PD including games, graphics and animation,
adult only, utilities, music, demos, Fred Fish disks, T-Bag
disks 1-61.
Below is a small selection of titles available (N O' O
(1. 3) = Amiga 1.3 only, all other titles are 1.3 and 500+
* = 1 Mb Blank disks DD DS 10 for £4.80 50 for £22.00 100 for
£42.00 P&P inclusive Mitsubishi branded 10 for £5.80 50 for
£27.00 100 for £52.00 P&P inclusive Catalogue disk only 50p or
send large S.A.E. for list of titles. Please add 50p for
postage and packing to total for orders of PD. All orders of PD
sent same day by first class post. Europe add 25p per disk. ROW
add 50p per disk. Cheques postal orders made payable to SOUTH
LINCS PD, 10 Linden Rise, Bourne, Lines PE10 STD Telephone
(0778) 393470 GAMES 1005 Drip 1024 Breaker 1040 Bionix 1050
Pipeline 1059 Tile Trial 1065 Yelp 1093 Downhill Challenge 1094
Games 12 (Air Ace & more) 1098 Megaball * 1100 Star Trek T.N.G.
(1.3) 1101 Llamatrons (1.3) 1105 Grand Prix Sim (1.3) 1110
Airmania UTILITIES 4001 Uedit (wordprocessor) 4070 Amibase 3.76
(database) 4084 Cartoon Brushes (Clip Art) 4087 Cmanual v2.00
(4 disks) DEMOS 6059 Indianapolis 500 6072 Ray of Hope 2 (1.3)
6073 Alpha Omega 6075 Odyssey (5 disks) (1.3) 6078 Voyage
GRAPHICS & ANIMATION 2031 Elgato * (Cat anim) 2040 Tron * (2
disks) 2069 Real Things Birds * 2077 Rock Album (Slideshow)
2089 Madonna Cartoon * (1.3) 2109 Juggler II (1.5Mb) 2110
Juggette 2 * (The Revenge) 2111 Anti-Lemmin (2Mb, 2 disks) 2112
The Dating Game (3Mb, 2 disks) 2115 Top Gun (Slideshow) 2120
Agatron Anim 30* 2124 At The Movies (1.5Mb) 2143 Robocop *
(1.3) MUSIC AND SOUND 5037 Led Zepplin (2 disks) 5066 Blues
House (2 disks) 5067 Meaning of Life * (2 disks) 5068 Walk This
Way Remix 5074 Crystal Symphonies 5075 Bad Boyz * (Rave) Not
just a copy of the instructions already on your disk but a
complete authorised re-write which will show you what an
excellent utility it is.
Parts also cover the earlier Public Domain med program as well.
Send for your copy now! ONLY £9.95 ALL ORDERS FOR THE MANUAL WILL INCLUDE A FREE AMIGANUTS CATALOGUE DISK ARE YOU INTO CODING? - NEW TO COMPUTING? - The Amiga Coders Club is for you! If you want to learn how to assemble that strange looking code, you need us. Amiga Coders Club are now being sold worldwide, so why not find out why they are so popular for yourselp Each issue contains loads of source ready to assemble and is also packed with help, tips, contacts, letters plus advice. ACC is published monthly and is available for the low price of £4.00 per issue. Our special introductory
compressed ACC Disk 1 to 4 IS ONLY £2.00, so order your copy now!
Postage for all EC countries, (including U.K), Add 50p - non EEC £1.50. Orders from overseas customers must be by bank draft, postal or Eurocheque, (sony but we do not accept credit card orders as these would push up prices).
The March 1992 catalogue is available now! £1.50 (don't forget to add postage).
T ALL ARE V2 COMPATIBLE - V2 COMPATIBLE PROGS ALSO DENOTED IN OUR ; L CATALOGUE. MAIL ORDER ONLY - IF MAKING AN ENQUIRY, PLEASE ENCLOSE S.A.E. J INTO MUSIC? Then the eight channel Midi compatible OctaMed V2 is for you! Contains full notation with notation editor, (staves), print facility plus 16 track display for Midi users. It also has its own built in sampler.
All this for £20.00 (note that you do not need a Midi keyboard to use this excellent music program).
IntuiSys: an easy to use multimedia authoring system which can be used for development of anything from an educational presentation to a disk magazine, full Arexx support - IFF compatible - up to 65000 pages-can be implemented, each page can have its own colour palette
- attractive, easy user interface. You can even have eight
channel OctaMED music running in the background! Further
details on release date and price will be in June's Amiga
INTUISYS COMING SOON FROM AMIGANUTS Software Expressions UTILITIES A-Gene (1 Mb) ....search your family tree Biorhythms (1Mb) ......chart your feelings Business Pack (3 disks) ..D base, S sheet, W processor Amibase v3.76 excellent user-friendly database IQ Tester .. how clever are you?
Messysid .....transfer PC files Golf Recorder (1Mb) ....record scores of rounds Star Trekker .excellent music sequencer Perm-checker .....checks pools-winnlngs Viz - clip art .....great pictures Cartoon Brushes more pics for use
with D-Paint Printer Utils label printer utilities RSI Demo maker ..superb utility Superkillers ......updated virus killers Education 1 .....learn German Spanish Tutor ......Bueno!
Text Plus ......high quality wordprocessor C64 Emulator ....ressurrect those golden oldies!
UltraPaint .....for IFF pictures AMIGAsh . best account handler around House Samples (2 disks) ...for musicians Business Card Maker ...simple programme G005 G014 G013 G010 G139 G143 G149 G066 G153 G155 G154 G118 G113 G046 G049 G043 44 G135 G025 G141 G123 G124 G126 G071 G077 G074 G148 G152 G151 G056 G099 G130 G125 All New Star Trek (2 disks; 2
drives) ...excellent Adventure Solutions (2 disks) .commercial game cheats Bullrun ...US Civil War game.
Breakout ....classic ball to wall game Battle ol Britain ...... wargame Card Sharp .... card games compilation Raphaels Revenge ...platform game Property Market .....become a millionaire Growth ... shoot an expanding brain Mission X ... quality
shoot 'em up Jet Man ...control space warrior Assassins Compilation no 6 .3 good games Chainsaw Death ..adventure tor Survival Lost Occrest ...... adventure game Megaball ......superb breakout clone Learn and Play (2 disks) ......educational games for youngsters No Man's Land
(1Mb) .2 player shoot out Entrophy ..tricky shoot-em up Assassins Games 2 6 games inc. Missile Command Insider's Club .....stockmarket simulation Napoleonic Warfare ..... latest version (v5.0) Pom Pom defend Pearl Harbour Return to Earth
(1mb) ... superb space adventure Seven Tiles Speedball game Snakepit Eat food and avoid your growing body Galactic Food Fight ..kill those hamburgers Leaping Larry jump Ihe moving bars. Good Hmm, that’s not on the syllabus good text adventure
Monopoly ......board game computerised Cabaret Asteroids . classic reconstruction Battle Pong great bat and ball game Atic Atac .kill ghosts in house D225 D036 D016 D166 D157 D237 D075 D063 D215 D099 D253 D254 Sgt. Pepper (2 disks) ..music 8 far-out graphics Coma Cebit
'90 ....classic acid demo Acid Music ...another ravish demo favourite Star Trek Animations Richter classic Space Bubbles ..excellent animation Simpsons Decay Demo ..Bart at his best Girls of Sport . slides of sporty girls Fillet the
Fish ..cutesy cartoon, similar to Puggs Another Five Ways to Kill a Mole ...sad but cute Jesus Loves Acid ..Rave disk WWF Wrestlers .....Hogan and more Ray of Hope Excellent - see March reviews U001 U016 U017 U005 U123 U110 U104 U076 U122 U128 U092 U130 U097 U129 U033 U075 U078 U101 U130 U134 U062 63 U052
MUSIC Iraq Demo (1Mb) .....humourous cartoon Puggs In Space .....classic animation from Dionysus Debbie Harry Slides (2 disks) ...well compiled slideshow Budbrain II .excellent demo; funny 8 clever Sickness Simulator some nasty sound samples M001 808 State M082 The Power .... M074
Subway Music . .....original sound and graphics M057 Powerpack 3 (1 Mb) M062 Random Access ...... M038 Hugo’s Excerttria ...... housey tunes to cartoon graphics M030 Debbie Gibson (2 disks) . M084 The Wall . ..Pink Floyd classic M087 Iron Maiden ... M086 Great Balls of Fire ... M083 Technotronic
Megamix ... M088 500 Things Comback Demo ...... excellent. See issue 29 review M090 Led Zepplin .. ....includes Slarway to Heaven DEMOS D092 D129 D251 D021 D201 POSTAGE CATALOGUE UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE PLEASE SEND SAE PRICES PD .....£1.20 per disk _Orders of 10 or more disks £1.00 per disk WARNING: A500 PLUS OWNERS UK orders 60p Europe ...£1.25 World £2.50 Send cheque postal order made payable to:
SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS, Studio 4, Hebron House, Sion Road, Bedminster Bristol, BS3 3BD Local orders welcome. Just phone in your order and pick up later!
Tel: (0272) 637634 Fax: (0272) 631770 Many disks may not be compatible with your new Amiga. Please phone to confirm first PENTIRE PD 10a Hag Hill Lane, Taplow, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 0JH (0628) 666641 99p per disk. 5 or more 85p each P&P 90p per order European add 25p per disk Worldwide add 50p per disk - sO •o NJ TITLES MARKED (P) ARE ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH A500+ GAMES UTILITIES DEMOS HUMOUR G126 7 Tiles U358 8 Track s tracker (P) D265 Franklyn Fly (P) D178 Total Recount G240 Blizzard (P) U312 Ami Base (P) D242 Hanky Panky (P) D198 Total Respray G144 Drip (P) U225 Clerk (P) D130 Iraq Demo (P)
D176 Total Restyle G162 Eat Mine (P) U129 CLI Tutorial (P) D268 Kylie (2) (P) D164 Total Retrial G138 Flaschbier (P) U400 D-Copy (P) D182 Luxo Teenager D275 Viz Jokes (2) (X) G212 Insiders Club (P) U134 Direct Action (P) D206 Justify My Love (1.5Mb) D185 Dating Game (2) G125 Megaball (P) U126 Dlskmaster (P) D207 Rescue Me D168 Delerious (2) (X) G175 Paranoid (P) U147 Dope Intro Maker D131 Madonna III (3) D179 Eau Madonna G139 Pipeline (P) U117 ESA Utilities (P) D171 Open Your Heart D173 Porky Pig G106 Pom Pom Gunner (P) U207 Flexibase (P) D257 Phenomena Enigma (P) D171 Lame St Ports GUO
Puggles U155 Ghost Writer (P) D175 Probe Anim. (P) D258 Safe Sex G169 Quick and Silva U424 Hack Pack (2) D174 Puggs in Space (P) G137 Return to Earth (P) U221 Hard Disk Utils, (P) D166 Robocop (P) GLAMOUR G142 Star Trek (2) (P) U204 Hot Stuff D190 Simpsons G274 Star Trek Arcade (P) U163 Icon Mania (P) D252 S T Utils (P) AT 72 Bo Derek G140 Stone Age U164 Jazz Bench (P) D209 S T Samples (P) A171 Blonde Beauties G260 The China Shop U236 Learn and Play (2) (P) D196 Chips Are Up (P) A164 Sam Fox (2) G229 The Holy Grail U224 M-Cad (P) D230 Viz Slideshow (P) A101 Girls Girls Girls (P) G289 Water
Mine 1 U255 Med (P) D300 Mr Potato Head (P) A130 Glrsl 2 (P) G173 Werner U154 Messysid (P) D301 Fillet The Fish (P) A176 Kathie Lloyd G136 Wet Beaver Games (P) U434 Modem Utilities D187 Crionics Hardwired (2) A102 Madonna G160 Wheel of Fortune U239 Pair-lt 90 (P) D277 Crusaders Euro Chart A103 Maria Whittaker (2) (P) G281 Wizzard World U394 Qbase (P) D250 Donald Duck A173 Sam Fox Vol 2 G284 Wlzzy's Quest (P) U227
R. I.M. (P) D201 Fenntastic 3 A160 Utopia (2) (P) G101 Xword
Compiler U153 Slideshow Cons. (P) D147 Stealth Bomber A182
2385 TWO DISKS - REQUIRES 3MB Bet you’d thought we’d forgotten
about it, didn’t you? Well here it is - this month’s entry
into the demo circuit for Eric Schwartz. This time it’s the
turn of Flip the Frog to make another appearance along with
his ‘friend’ Clarisse the Cat as they take a trip to the
The demo starts off by setting the scene as Flip and Clarisse arrive at the seaside (with poor old Flip carrying ail the gear). As Clarisse gets ready for a spot of sunbathing in her bikini, Flip gets a little overheated and rushes off for a swim. This leaves the way open for a burly lifeguard to muscle in and try and catch the attention of young Miss Cat.
What follows is the usual cartoon mayhem as Flip tries to battle with the lifeguard, complete with wild Tex Avery-style actions. The story is more extensive than other examples of Eric’s work, with an involved plot which unrolls as the cartoon continues. His animation style has also been carefully refined, bringing even more class to his already excellent productions. The characters have even more personality, the situations are more involved and the action is funnier. If you’ve got a large amount of memory, then you just can’t afford to miss this gem. It’s Mr Schwartz's best output yet.
Dave Taylor makes a second appearance this month under the name Ramsoft, with a return to the well- established style of looped, ray-traced animations. This clip features a brightly-coloured toy robot rocking around on his dumpy base, with a Ramsoft logo circling his midsection as he moves. It’s just a simple loop, but the image is nicely drawn (in a cute kind of way). The most impressive point to note is the way the reflected spotlight glints off various sections of the robot as he rolls about. An impressive demo in the good old tradition!
ROCKIN' ROBOT 17 BIT, DISK 1675 CONTACTS PD SOFT: 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SSI 2YD 17 BIT SOFTWARE: 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield WF1 1DH.
0924 366982 Wack PD: 48 Emerson Ave, Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS5 7QH This month’s foray into the world of popular music that has been... er... converted to Amiga PD takes a sidestep from the usual crop of Rave tunes that have recently appeared. This time a step back a few years has been taken by David Leitch to bring us a ‘remixed’ version of Prince’s Alphabet Street.
The disk contains two versions of the demo, one for half meg users and another for those with expanded machines. The only difference between them is the fact that the half meg version doesn’t display any graphics.
The music is all right, if a little tinny sounding, but it doesn’t really capture the uptempo, dancy feel of the original. However, the first thing you notice is the picture of Prince that is displayed along with the music.
There’s only one way to put this really - the picture is absolutely abysmal! The only way you can tell that it’s supposed to be Prince is that this is a Prince demo; it just doesn’t look anything like him.
What a predicament this puts the demo in: it doesn't stand up just on musical merit, since the music lacks the feel of the original, but it doesn't impress on the visual side either, because the graphics are absolutely terrible. This means that the demo will more than likely be overlooked by even the Prince fans. How sad.
JAMES WHALE ANIM ALPHABET STREET 17 BIT, DISK 1643 17 BIT, DISK 1676 Although this one doesn’t display any credits at any point, there is a strong possibility that this one is also by Dave Taylor.
It’s yet another looped, ray-traced animation, this time based on a subject that some of 183 This fish is obviously wired for sound. He's only got one you may already know tope though, since he can't
- the little fish from the remember hearing it every TV programme
The time he listens.
James Whale Radio N Show. Even if you hate the programme, you might still be impressed by this little clip. The style of the graphics is a little different from Dave’s other work. The fish has been left in its polygon form, with the surfaces appearing to be made up of shiny panels. Rather than making the animation look shoddy, the effect works quite well, making the fish appear solid as it moves.
Looks like the lad Taylor has scored a hat-trick!
TOP TEN DEMOS OF THE MONTH Every issue we take the trouble of finding out a PD library's best-selling music and graphics demos.
This month it’s the turn of... BYTE BACK Oddysey (5 Disks, 2 Drives, 1 Meg) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Hardwired (2 Drives, 1 Meg) Voyage The Punisher Evolution Infinite Dreams With Vectors To Heaven Guardian Dragon Ray of Hope 2 Exit Megademo Castle Spellalot Public Domain is your J essential monthly guide to V the world of free software. 1 For as little as a pound you 1 can pick up games, utilities, even fully-fledged business packages for your Amiga.
0 Hundreds of programs reviewed and rated each and every issue 0 In-depth features that tell you all you need to know „ted ani torWnC sho*cV,ofe ,n 19 0 A program-packed coverdisk crammed full of PD and shareware to astound you 0 For only £2.95 you could save yourself hundreds jftVlMS StCtfTS ,5tshare*** ...rH**1 DON'T MISS ISSUE SIX ON SALE 2ND APRIL Yet another superb magazine from Future Publishing, the company that brings you Amiga Format, ST Format, I ima Amiga Power, Amiga Shopper, PC Plus, PUBLISHING PC Format, PC Answers... twurit PD‘ wmkwjuu auoncevmk KVIIWIO 4
* wu lotto*1*19 costs by*0 54 .husfm* Hovt p»« don»o‘n niosU*
cars -I The 9re° game5 o' am e foun rf, iisurejl j 'ji.
* * DISK PRICES** l-ll ® £1.30 each 12+ © £ 1.00 each I FREE Disk
of your choice with every lu ordered.
• Plus compatible Catalogue Disk £1.00 Please add 70p p&p per
All Prices include VAT.
* « DISK PRICES** l-ll® £1.30 each 12+ ® £1.00 each I FREE Disk
of your choice wth every 10 ordered.
• Plus compatible Catalogue Disk £1.00 Please add 70p p&p per
Ai Prices include VAT.
Demos Anims
* = 1-Meg.
MCD 2 Stealthy II** MCD 3 Puggs in Space* MCD6a The Re-Incarnation MCD6b of Sgt.Pepper* MCDI2 Led Zeppelin Samples* MCD 18 Walker II Demo** MCD 19 Luxo Teenager** MCD20 Total Recall Demo MCD21 Raiders of the Lost Ark** MCD23 Crusaders Does Genesis* MCD24 Gymnast Anim** MCD25 Congaman Windmill Anims* MCD28 Virtual World MCD29 TheBoings* MCD30 Trackball Anim* MCD31 Batman The Movie Anim** MCD35 Robocop 3 Anim** MCD37a Odyssey** MCD37b Brilliant 5 Disk MCD37c SF Epic - story told MCD37d in 3D Anim Demo MCD37e form - Superbl MCD38 Cult SF TV Guide* MCD50 Lotus Car Chase Games If you cant see the
disk|s| you want... 1 MCG 3 Mayhem MCG5a Star Trek TV Style MCG5b game - very MCG5c good - needs 2 drives** MCG6a Agatron Star Trek MCG6b (movie Trek] very good • MCG9 Hollywood Trivia MCGIO Legotris MCG 13 Seven Tiles MCG 15 Uamatron MCG 19 Quick & Silva* MCG20a Star Trek The Next Gen MCG20b Trivia - needs 2 drives" MCG22 AticAtac* MCG 25a Learn & Play MCG25b (Educational) Utilities ...just give us a call! F MCUI Personal Journal MCU8 Nuke 1 4b Virus Killer MCU9 TCB Vector Designer MCUI3 MedV3.2* MCU 14 Crossword Maker • MCU 16 StartrekkerVI 2 MCU IB Messy Sid* MCU2I Sid VI 6* MCU23 DTP
Publishing* MCU34 Ham Lab"* MCU37 Spectrapamt MCU38 D Copy 2* MCU40 Text Engine V3.0* MCU5I Sid V2.0 (JUST INII|* Slideshows I MCSS3 Fenn-Tastid V1 MCSS5 Addams Family** MCSS6 The Prisoner MCSS9 Star Trek: The Next Gen.* MCSSIO Thunderbirds* MCSSI 1 Freddy's Dead* MCSSI2 Akira* MCSSI3 Aliens (Brilliant')* MCSSI8 Agatron 1 1 (SF) MCSSI9 Agatron 12 (SF) ALL SINGING, ALL DANCING AMIGA P.D. SOFTWARE Stealthy II •• Puggs in Space* The Re-lncarnaiion of Sgt.Pepper’ Led Zeppelin Samples* Walker II Demo** Luxo Teenager’* Total Recall Demo Raiders of the Lost Ark** Crusaders Does Genesis* Gymnast
Anim** Congaman Windmill Arums* MCUI Personal Journal MCU8 Nuke I 4b Virus Killer MCU9 TCB Vector Designer MCUI 3 MedV3 2* MCU14 Crossword Maker • MCUI6 StartrekkerVI 2 MCU 18 Messy Sid • MCSS3 Fenn-Tastid VI MCSS5 Addams Family** MCSS6 The Prisoner MCSS9 Star Trek The Next Gen * MCSSIO Thunderbirds* Mayhem Star Trek TV Style game - very good - needs 2 drives** Agatron Star Trek (movie Trek) very good* Hollywood Trivia Legotris Demos Anims Slideshows Utilities Games MCD28 Virtual World MCD29 TheBoings* MCD30 Trackball Anim" MCD31 Batman The Movie Anim*« MCD35 Robocop 3 Arum** MCD37a Odyssey*
MCD37b Brilliant 5 Disk MCD37c SF Epic - story told MCD37d in 3D Anim Demo MCD37e torm-Superbl MCD38 Cult SF TV Guide* MCD50 Lotus Car Chase MCGI3 Seven Tiles MCGIS Uamatron MCG19 Quick & Silva* MCG20a Star Trek The Next Gen MCG20b Trivia - needs 2 drives * MCG22 AticAtac* MCG25a Learn S Play MCG25b (Educational!
MCU2I Sid VI 6* MCU23 DTP Publishing* MCU34 Ham Lab** MCU37 Spedrapaint MCU38 D Copy 2* MCU40 Text Engine V3 0* MCU5I Sid V2 0 (JUST Inllj* MCSSII Freddyk Dead* MCSSI2 Akira* MCSSI 3 Aliens (Brillianii)* MCSSI8 Agatron II |SF| MCSSI9 Agatron 12 (SF| I you cant see the dish|s| you want.. ...just give us a call!
* = 1-Meg.
Please make cheques & PO's payable to MCPD.
MCPD, 6 Colchester Road, Prittlewell, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6HR England.
Open from 9.30am till 6.00pm, Mon - Sat. Answerphone outside biz Hrs. Please make cheques & PO's payable to MCPD.
MCPD, 6 Colchester Road, Prittlewell, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6HR England.
Open from 9.30am till 6.00pm, Mon - Sat. Answerphone outside biz Hrs. 7 MAY 1992 7 7 7 attleset 3 "The Med Conflict" .. £14.99 Baftleset 4' "Indian Oceafi”... -.-:'SO0N Scenario Editor £19.99 7s 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 y 7 yVISIT- our SHOP in Hampton Hill . Or send for our 7th Edition CATALOGUE.
Mail Ordfir ahd C)ve seaS orders'" welcome.
144 yMMFlE i' x Ffom:'Peter -iWdan*- s 7
J) re dnQugh}»...(Pan3.e).... -...... ...£3.1.9 ' Ironclad
Scenarios 1894-1916 ' ¦’.....£16.99
.JBisraarcJt Spenarios. ..... y......y...£y5.9$ - '
atfles ts •4&:2 Ahfiga £3l.®' ¦ x Parppon BATTLEB.OOK.
(30P+ pages).. £ 16.99 ¦¦‘Batffeset' 2 North Atlantic
Co'nvoys £22.99 irapo- ' Bane pf the Cosmic Forge '
IteMJUJlMlMll £35.99 7 7 7 7 y y y y y y y Pfrone 081 977
808&-Fqx 081 977 4822 28 D&E The Courtyard, High Street,
Hampton Hi, Middx. 7W12 1PD.
Y y y y y y . y 7 7 r 7 .. v ¦+ • • y * yW sv v V ?Vv y .....yy 7 £29.99 y -'by fivafon Hill (jQftfes orrfparfy HARPOON S&cue ort' y y y y ¦ y y "The Best For P.D." Disks at the most competitive prices.
Send S.A.E. for M 0 catalogue THE OLD BARN, TREKNOW, TINTAGEL CORNWALL Or phone for direct service on: _(0840) 770697_ 43 Parkway Towers, Seacroft, Leeds LS14 6UX Tel: (0532) 642 550 I Phone for PD Catalogue I South Coast Software A MAIL ORDER (Tp AMOS They call it The Creator! A superb easy-to-use programming language for creating games, educational programs - almost anything! Comes complete with AMOS Sprites 600. LATEST VERSION!
Description Price Order No Stereo Master This updated version of Microdeal’s MasterSound is an ideal entry level sound sampler. Its numerous features, and improved easy-to-use graphic interface, make this an excellent bargain for budding music freaks.
Description Price Order No AF T-shirt The exclusive limited-edition Amiga Format T- shirt is now available to Amiga Format readers. It features the ‘Lichtenstein’ pop-art cover of Issue 20 in a large four-colour back print, new logo on the front.
Description Price Order No AMOS £35.95 £8.99 AM225 AM 168 Stereo Master £29.99 AM234 Amiga Format T-shirt Amiga Format Mail Order We've picked out the best and we bring it to you at a bargain price!
512K Expansion MAY 1992 Fun School 4 Omade by WTS in the UK, this isn’t the most glamorous memory expansion you’ll ever see: but it gets the job done and it means we | can bring 512K users the memory expansion you need at the low- | est possible price! It also comes with a battery-backed-up clock, so you need never set the time again. More and more software is being produced that will only work properly on a one Megabyte machine: and if you don’t have an expansion, you’re missing out on the complete full-price programs, like Vista, brought to you on last month’s Coverdisk, or on getting the
most out of PageSetter on this month’s. Get upgraded!
Description Price Order No Othe latest versions of the top-selling home educational programs are here! The Fun School series aims to teach basic skills to children | via enjoyable games. The new series comes in three different ! Flavours, aimed at three age groups: Teddy looks after the under fives, Freddie the Frog caters for the five-to-seven year olds, while Sammy the Spy is there for eight-to-elevens. Each age level has six different games, which teaches and tests different facts and concepts.
Description Price Order No Teddy Disk £17.99 AM231 Frog Disk £17.99 AM232 Spy Disk £17.99 AM233 £25.99 AM237 512K RAM Expansion MAIL ORDER Oh No! More Lemmings Who could complain about getting more of the top game of 1991! This adds another 100 levels to the original, and we're offering you the stand-alone version, so you don't need the original Lemmings to play it!
Description___Price Order No Oh No! More Lemmings £19.99 AM236 Celtic Legends Huge, beautifully-presented and intriguing game based around a board-game style hex system, with the emphasis on combat. Absorbing and intelligent: rated 85 per cent in Amiga Format Issue 30.
Description Price Order No Celtic Legends £23.99 AM235 Home Accounts 2 Described by Amiga Format as “a package which will suit any household”, this is the ideal way to keep track of your financial affairs, from what’s in your cheque account to how much is left after the bills!
Description_Price Order No Home Accounts 2 £44.99 AM229 187 New Technosound Turbo The newly updated sampler from New Dimensions allows you to grab digitised sounds, then sequence them into simple compositions. Package contains new cartridge, updated manual and set of audio leads.
Description Price Order No MAY 1992 £20.99 AF245 Technosound Turbo £29.95 AF246 See our remarkable Subscription offer on Page 160!
Amiga Format Mail Order HOTLINE 0458 74011 ISSUE Price Order No Issue 9 £4.00 AMF9 Issue 14 £4.00 AMF14 Issue 16 £4.00 AMF16 Issue 17 £4.00 AMF17 Issue 19 £4.00 AMF19 Issue 21 £4.00 AMF21 Issue 22 £4.00 AMF22 Issue 23 £5.00 AMF23 Issue 24 £5.00 AMF24 Issue 25 £4.00 AMF25 Issue 27 £4.00 AMF27 Issue 28 £4.00 AMF28 Issue 30 £5.00 AMF30 Issue 33 £5.00 AMF33 One binder £4.95 AM 108 Two binders £9.00 AM 109 1 f.:T 1 I AMIGA I Back Issues Why miss out on invaluable information just because you didn’t buy an issue when it went on sale? Back issues even come complete with the original Coverdisk: see
Pages 164-5 to find out what was in each issue. While you’re about it, why not get a binder to collect your new issues?
All prices include postage, packing and VAT No Hidden Extras Description Price Order No.
Total Order Award Winners Compilation What a combination! The Format Gold ground-breaker Populous, stunning footie fun in Kick Off, the cartoon- on-a-disk Space Ace and the top-class puzzle game PipeMania: all rolled into one great package.
Description Price Order No Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque • PO Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited.
Credit Card No. _ Award Winners Comp Telephone No.
Post code Address Name SEND THIS FORM TO: Amiga Format, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7BR No stamp required if posted in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man For overseas orders call Nikki for prices on 0458 74011 Expiry Date _ NOW WITH A THE WORLDS CARTRIDGE IS JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES
techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads Easily Ideal to
help you through ndently of the cartridge - even transfer to
hard drive! Works p to 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem
(Fatter Agnus).
Inde with
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own
pace adjustable from full speed to 20% speed the tricky parts!
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before - allows you generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that “impossible" level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to
view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached"
FlRUS DETECTION iprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your tware investment. Works with all presently known viruses , sol BURST NIBBLER.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier tgram at the press of a key - no more waiting.
SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK :tures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved rectly in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and isic packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE - Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software.
(Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program,will
continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view
the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk,
Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status "overlay” shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
JOYSTICK HANDLER - allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses very useful for many keyboard programs.
• MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the
complete music in programs , demos,etc. And save them to disk.
Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works
with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen
you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
• DOS COMMANDS'’ - Now you have a selection of DOS commands
available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE
REQUESTOR - if you enter a command without a filename, then a
file requestor is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos
No need to load Workbench - available at all times.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
• DISKCODER With the new "Diskcoder" option you can now 'tag'
your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from
being loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged" disks will only reload
when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP - allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS - including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - including compressed small character command.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor •
Load Save block • Write String to memory
• Jump to specific address • Show Ram as text • Show frozen
picture • Play resident sample
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
command • Full search feature
• Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip
registers - even write only registers! • Notepad
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. .
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal Copper
Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL
PLEASE CLEARLY MARK THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR PACKAGE | "ACTION REPLAY UPGRADE" WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Datel Electronics Ltd., neither condones or authorises the use ot it's products tor the reproduction ot copyright material.
The backup facilities of this product are designed to reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, ' - the users own programs or software where permission to make backups has been clearly given.
It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use, of copyright material, without the clear permission of the copyright owner, or the licences thereof.
• Completely newly designed interface that plugs into the
expansion connector of the Amiga 500 or internal connector of
the Amiga 2000.
Standard phono video input 0.5 to 2.0 volts to take signals from TV, video or camera.
• Control brightness, contrast and throughport on A500 version.
• Frame grab in 1 50 second, record update up to 3 frames per
• Single or continuous update in 4, 8 or 16 grey levels.
• Play frames backwards or forwards up to 15 frames per second,
a, • Save Raw, IFF or sequence files.
C Automatically adjust for maximum number of frames according to memory available.
CHMn* am wem € Display 256 x 256 pixels, but optional 320 x 256 IFF Save.
Screen editing features Cut, Copy, Brush, Paste and Undo. Effects menu to reverse pos neg, compress, etc.
• Second display editor controls sequence production: Record,
Play, Insert, Clear, Delete Frames.
• Set start and end position number of frames saved, number
frames, step backwards and forwards, loop, etc. Time lapse
feature adjustable in 1 second increments to 1 hour between
each frame.
Ideal for capturing flowers opening, sky movements, special effects, etc.
• Separate player programs included to insert into your own
program disks. Hard disk transfer program.
• Please state A500 or 2000 version when ordering.
Plugs alongside the Digitiser and a lead is supplied to couple the two units together, adjustment of Red, Green and Blue signals together with a saturation control enabling you to take full control over any image. | Jl'l I'lPI111
• The Splitter is switched in software and comes complete with
Digitiser Colour Software.
• You can select single continuous colour or B W input. Files can
be saved in Raw 4096 colour format, 8 or 32 colour IFF files or
16 shade B W IFF.
• Features include full pallette control editing of frame and
colour retouch calculator.
• Input from camera, camcoder or video recorder (paused). No more
messing with colour filters.
• New design hardware now plugs into expansion socket of A500
completely freeing the parallel port. • Save files in Raw or
single, multi-octave IFF format.
• Surface mount technology, twin A D converters for realtime
stereo sampling.
• Extensive filters for extremely clean and noise-free sampling.
• Through bus allows existing add ons, e.g. hard drive.
• The NEW Sampler II software has been completely re-written in
100% Machine Code and incorporates faster routines, bigger
displays and many new editing features such as Cut, Copy,
Insert, Replace, Mix, Erase, etc. • Stereo lock control.
• Separate zoom windows and controls for left and right channels.
• Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg users.
• Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor.
• Separate buffer for editing waveforms and improved wave-editor
with instant update.
• Envelope control panel for ramping up and down re-scale
amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform. • On screen display
of filenames sample rate, length, etc. Inputs for microphone or
line 1 4" jack and DIN connections at rear of unit.
• Legendary Cumana quality now at an extremely low price!
• Throughport allows daisy-chaining with other disk drives. ,
• A full 1 meg of unformatted capacity (880K fully formatted).
• A good length of cable is provided for convenient positioning
on your desk etc.
• High precision head positioning.
• On Off switch. , .
• Extremely quiet and click free operation.
ONLY £24.99 COMPLETE PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 1500
• A top quality 8 bit mono sampler complete with Pro Sampler and
Jammer software.
• Also compatible with most other PD Sampler software.
• Inputs for microphone or line
3. 5mm jack and din connections.
• Utilises latest surface mount technology and incorporates all
the features found on bigger, more expensive samplers.
• Easy to use - just plug in and start sampling!
• Midi In- 3 x Midi Out & Midi Thru.
• Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state which
model req.
• Compatible with all leading Midi packages (In D Music).
• Fully Opto isolated.
• Fully compatible Midi Interface for A500 2000.
• MIDI In - MIDI Out
- MIDI Thru.
• Fully Opto isolated.
• The Star LC200 Colour Printer not only prints in Near Letter
Quality for your regular jobs but also prints out your pictures
in genuine colour!
• No more to buy - just plug in and print!!
• Comes complete with printer lead.
NOW ONLY £14.99 NOW ONLY £229.00
• If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
• Accepts 16 x 41256 D Rams.
• Available with without clock option.
• Switch disable feature.
• Now an internal interface for the Amiga 2000 and 1500.
• Easily fitted in minutes.
• Leaves serial port free for other uses.
• Midi In, 3 x Midi Out and Midi Thru.
• Fully compatible - Opto isolated.
• High quality direct replacement for mouse on all Amigas.
• Teflon glides for smoother movement. V
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graphics and even offers 200Dpi Dual Scan Mode.
X, Y position readout and metric sizes.
• Save images in suitable format for most leading packages
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position control panel.
• Package includes Handy Scanner, Interface, Power Pack and Scan
Edit IV software.
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- no ball so
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b Lstyled - supersmooth shape moulded to fit the hand, moulded 9 pin connector.
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Getting to grips with Workbench WHAT YOU'VE MISSED IF YOU DIDN'T READ THE FIRST THREE EXCITING INSTALMENTS... Part One was mainly theory. It’s not vital to read, but if you can, do get hold of a copy. It fills in quite a lot of background about how computers work and what Workbench and the CLI are there for.
Part Two covered basic techniques for working your Workbench with the mouse. Then we moved on to formatting a blank disk for use, and how to give your disk a name.
As the essential series for newcomers to the Amiga reaches its fourth exciting episode, we've already learnt an awful lot. So let's recap, as Damien Noonan explores all the features of Workbench.
Your at a glance guide to basic Workbench and CLI Shell operations Part Three got down to the nitty-gritty of creating, moving and renaming drawers on a disk, and then how to copy, rename and delete individual files. By now you should be able to do all the important things that Workbench is there for: so let’s get advanced!
Just so that we don’t get too confused, we’re going to start this month by taking another look back at what we’ve done already. You can look on this as a kind of checklist: read it through and then check that you know how to do all the things on it. If you don’t, go back to last month or the month before and give it some practice.
What you should discover is that you know how to operate everything on Workbench, and that you can do all the things that Workbench and the CLI are basically there for. Remember, Workbench and the CLI (or Shell) are two differernt kinds of ‘interface’ and that an interface is there to give you control over files that are stored on disks. You should be able to rename, delete, copy and move files.
At its most basic, that’s all that the Workbench disk is there for. There are, however, a lot of other things you can do with it if you want. We’ll be taking a look at all of these a bit later on, after first taking a tour of the Workbench menus just to make sure you know what they are all there for. Ready? Let’s go!
Here’s a guide that should help you to do all those basic operations. It could be a valuable ’cut out and keep’ in case you forget how it’s done.
FORMATTING A DISK WORKBENCH 1.3 Select the disk icon. Select initialize’ from ’Disk’ menu WORKBENCH 2 Select the disk icon. Select ‘Format Disk...’ from icons' menu CLI OR SHELL Format drive dfO: name Mydisk (replacing the word Mydisk with whatever name you want to use) RENAMING A DISK WORKBENCH 1.3 Select disk icon.
Select ‘Rename’ from ‘Workbench’ menu. Delete the old name in the box that appears on screen, type new name, press Return.
CLI OR SHELL You don't need to: you've given it your own name already.
COPYING A DISK WORKBENCH 1.3 Drag icon of the disk you want to copy over the icon of the blank disk you want to copy it onto. Follow the onscreen prompts.
WORKBENCH 2 Drag icon of the disk you want to copy over the icon of the blank disk you want to copy it onto. Follow the onscreen prompts.
CLI OR SHELL 199 diskcopy from dfO: screen prompts.). to dfO: (then follow the on- C RE ATI NG A DRAWER MAY 1992 WORKBENCH 1.3 You can't create a new one: you have to make a copy of the Empty drawer on your Workbench disk. See 'Duplicating a Drawer’ and 'Copying a Drawer'.
WORKBENCH 2 Select the window you want the drawer in. Select ‘New drawer' from the ‘Window’ menu. Delete the old name 'Unnamed 1" in the box that appears on screen, type new name, click on 'OK'.
THINGS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW HOW TO DO WITH WORKBENCH... Along the way, you should have picked up a whole range of skills for actually using Workbench; here’s a checklist so you can make sure you can do them all.
Double-clicking (to open windows, etc) Dragging Clicking (to close windows, etc) Moving windows Selecting an icon (so an icon is highlighted) Resizing windows Selecting a menu option Opening and closing windows Bringing windows to front or moving them to the back Saving files from a program to a blank disk, not the program disk One of the most difficult things to do with the CLI is create a new drawer: and even that's as easy as falling off a log!
Remember, you can pick whatever name you want... CLI OR SHELL makedir Mydisk:Mydrawer (again, remember that the Mydisk name should be replaced with the name of your disk and the Mydrawer can be whatever name you want the drawer to be).
DUPLICATING A DRAWER WORKBENCH 1.3 Select drawer icon. Select ‘Duplicate’ from "Workbench' menu.
WORKBENCH 2 Select drawer icon. Select 'Copy' from 'Icons' menu.
CLI OR SHELL Copy from Mydisk:Mydrawer to Mydisk:Newdrawer (remember the names Mydisk and Mydrawer should be replaced with the names of your disk and the existing drawer, and that Newdrawer replaced with whatever you want the name of your new drawer to be).
COPYING A DRAWER FROM ONE DISK TO ANOTHER WORKBENCH 1.3 Drag drawer icon from the window of the disk it's on to the window of the disk you want it on. The drawer will keep its old name.
WORKBENCH 2 Drag drawer icon from the window of the disk it's on to the window of the disk you want it on. The drawer will keep its old name.
AMIGA FORMAT MAY 1992 CLI OR SHELL copy from Olddisk:Mydrawer to Newdisk:Mydrawer (remember the names Olddisk.
Newdisk and Mydrawer should be replaced with the names of your disks and the existing drawer: and if you want the copy of the drawer to have a different name, replace the second occurence of the name with what you want the name of your new drawer to be).
RENAMING A DRAWER WORKBENCH 1.3 Select drawer icon. Select 'Rename" from 'Workbench' menu. Delete the old name in the box that appears on screen, type new name, press Return.
!Enter the new nane. Press return when done.
HtiDlsk f__ Eliply When you are renaming something, the old name will apper in a box like this, delete the old name, type the new one and then press Return.
WORKBENCH 2 Select drawer icon. Select ‘Rename’ from ‘Icons’ menu. Delete the old name in the box that appears on screen, type new name, click on ‘OK’.
CLI OR SHELL You don’t need to: you've given it your own name already.
DELETING A DRAWER WORKBENCH 1.3 Drag the drawer icon to the Trashcan. Select 'Empty Trash" from 'Disk' menu.
Well, that’s enough for this month at least. Next month, we’ll take a tour of the drawers on the Workbench disk and see what all the programs on it are for. There’s some fun stuff in there, too. In the meantime, if you have any difficulties with the stuff you’ve learnt so far, do write in to Workbench, AMIGA FORMAT, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW and we’ll make a special effort to answer your letter in print.
WORKBENCH 2 Drag the drawer icon to the Trashcan. Select 'Empty Trash' from ‘Icons’ menu. Alternatively, select drawer icon then select 'Delete' from 'Icons' menu.
CLI OR SHELL delete Mydisk:Mydrawer (provided the drawer is completely empty) delete Mydisk:Mydrawer all (if the drawer is not empty, but you want to gel rid of all the files inside the drawer too).
DUPLICATING A FILE WORKBENCH 1.3 Select file icon. Select 'Duplicate' from 'Workbench' menu.
The job of making a copy of a file, drawer or even disk is simply a matter of selecting its icon and then choosing the appropriate menu option.
WORKBENCH 2 Select file icon. Select 'Copy' from 'Icons’ menu.
CLI OR SHELL Copy from Mydisk:Myfile to Mydisk:Newf ile (remember that the names Mydisk and Myfile should be replaced with the names of your disk and the existing file, and that Newfile should be replaced with whatever you want the name of your new file to be).
COPYING A FILE FROM ONE DISK TO ANOTHER WORKBENCH 1.3 Drag file icon from the window of the disk it's on to the window of the disk you want it on. The file will keep its old name.
The window of the disk you want it on. The file will keep its old name.
CLI OR SHELL copy from 01ddisk:Myfile to Newdisk:Myfile (remember that the names Olddisk.
Newdisk and Myftle should be replaced with the names of your disks and the existing file: and if you want the copy of the file to have a different name, replace the second occurence of the name with whatever you want the name of your new file to be).
RENAMING A FILE WORKBENCH 1.3 Select file icon. Select ‘Rename’ from 'Workbench' menu. Delete the old name in the box that appears on screen, type new name, press Return.
CLI OR SHELL You don't need to: you've given it your own name already.
DELETING A FILE WORKBENCH 1.3 Drag the file icon to the Trashcan. Select 'Empty Trash' from 'Disk' menu.
WORKBENCH 2 Drag the file icon to the Trashcan. Select 'Empty Trash' from 'Icons' menu. Alternatively, select file icon then select ‘Delete’ from ‘Icons' menu.
CLI OR SHELL delete Mydisk:Myfile (remember to replace the disk name and the file name with the names of your disk and your file).
: | Ihvdlsk 2a full, 822K fret, 15K i B F: rp 1 , 'faK: DrcweM Trashcan J One way of deleting a file from Workbench is to drag it to the Trashcan. Only when you actually choose the 'Empty Trash' menu option will the file be deleted.
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081-546 5941 The at-a-glance guide to the Workbench menus You might find it rather difficult to open all the Workbench menus at the same time, but through the magic of television - or rather, magazines - we've been able to do it. Here's a complete guide to what all those menu options do, to make you a real Workbench expert.
- vs ¦ J* v.i*-;-.?- ‘-v.ix.-; ':w»s ; Her-oench sjpen (lose if
Hpriate Select Contents ©fl Clean tip SriapsiK't ' Show * y
the Workbench is a window or not. Purely aesthetic.
EXECUTE COMMAND Brings up a mini-CLI that lets you enter one CLI command.
REDRAW ALL Redraws the screen if there are any glitches on it (see Workbench 1.3). UPDATE ALL Checks the whole disk to make sure that all the icons have matching files or drawers.
LAST MESSAGE Redisplays the last error message Workbench displayed to you, in the bar along the top of the screen. Not very useful.
ABOUT... Brings up a box with information about Workbench. Click on OK to get rid of the box.
QUIT... Closes Workbench.
WINDOW MENU NEW DRAWER Creates new drawer in the currently sleeted window.
WORKBENCH 1.3 WORKBENCH MENU OPEN Opens a window for a disk or drawer, or launches a program, if you have selected an icon. Exactly the same as doubie-clicking, so pretty redundant.
CLOSE Opens a window for a disk or a drawer, if you have selected a window. Exactly the same as clicking on a ‘close window’ gadget (the small box in the top-left corner) so again, pretty redundant.
DUPLICATE Makes a copy of a disk, drawer or file if you have an icon selected.
RENAME Puts up the rename requester for a disk, drawer or file if you have an icon selected. Simply delete the old name, type in the new name and then press Return.
OPEN PARENT Finds and opens the window inside which the current one belongs.
CLOSE Closes a window.
UPDATE Checks all the files and drawers in the current window to make sure they match up with their icons.
SELECT CONTENTS Selects all the icons in a window.
CLEAN UP Tidies up all the icons in a window into neat rows.
SNAPSHOT Stores the position and size of a window so it is the same next time you open it (Window) or stores the positions of the icons in a window (All).
SHOW Chooses whether you want to see INFO Brings up a box with all the information about an icon, if you have an icon selected, icon info is very complex: don’t use this option for the time being, because we’ll explain it all soon.
DISCARD Deletes the icon for a drawer or file on a disk, if you have an icon selected, however it does not actually delete the drawer or file itself. For this reason, do not use this option.
DISK MENU EMPTY TRASH This deletes any files or drawers whose icons you have put in the Trashcan.
Back drop ©B| Exfiute («viand... ©E Redraw HU ifadate HU Iasi at 01 K .ridow files that don’t have icons (All Files) or not (Only icons). See last month.
VIEW BY Displays files and drawers in the current window by just their name rather than by icons, along with a lot of other information: sorts them in various orders. Try it out!
ICONS MENU OPEN Opens the window for a disk or drawer if you have the icon selected.
Same as double-clicking on the icon, so a shade redundant.
COPY Makes a duplicate of the disk, drawer or file whose icon you have selected.
RENAME... Used to rename a disk, drawer or file.
INFORMATION... Brings up a box with information INITIALIZE Formats a blank disk if you have selected a disk’s icon.
SPECIAL MENU CLEAN UP Tidies up the icons in a window you have selected.
LAST ERROR Redisplays the last error message Workbench displayed to you, in the bar along the top of the screen. Not very useful.
REDRAW If you suddenly discover the comn- puter’s left a chunk of the screen blank somewhere (which it does from time to time), selecting this option will .cons' ©pen em Copy ©t Renane... ©R Inforiut ion., . ©i Snapshot ©S UnSfiapstiDt ©U Leave ©ufc ©L Put fluay ©P ¦in l.ete... WfV,V.
Fornat Disk.. Espty -:?-4sh ¦ about an icon, if you have an icon selected. Icon information is very complex: don’t use this option for the time being, and we’ll explain it all in a current issue.
SNAPSHOT Saves the position of all the icons in the current window.
UNSNAPSHOT Frees up the icon currently selected so that Workbench can place it anywhere in the window.
LEAVE OUT Lets you leave an icon lying around outside its window, where it will stay even if you reboot the Amiga.
PUT AWAY Makes sure an icon you have left out will be put back into the darwer where it belongs.
DELETE Deletes a drawer or file.
FORMAT DISK... Formats a blank disk ready for use.
EMPTY TRASH Deletes any items in the Trashcan.
TOOLS MENU RESETWB This resets the Workbench as if it had just been booted in its current configuration.
Redraw the whole screen as it should really look.
SNAPSHOT If you want a window to remember how big It was and where the icons in the window are, you use this option.
In other words, it’s for tidying up your windows.
As it’s the only Important thing we haven’t covered, here’s how it works. Make sure the window is selected. Move all the icons to where you want them and, holding down the Shift key, select ail the icons in the window. Then select this menu option.
When you close the window and open it again, the icons should ail be where you put them. If you also want the size and position of the window to be remembered, select the icon for the drawer or disk that the window belongs to, and select Snapshot.
VERSION Brings up a box with information about Workbench. Click on OK to get rid of the box.
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It's all so easy to use, you probably won’t need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace; cut, copy and paste; check your spelling with a 100,000+ word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint 13 or Clip Art files ?cV* in various sizes and colours. You can automatically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font (there are over 200 available styles), in different sizes and colours to suit your design... even as you type. All this from a word processor and... Much, Much, More!
Pen Pal As you can see, this is not just any ordinary word processor! Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Merge using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,000 records per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less , than 5 seconds this is a real database.
&L Pen Pal requires an Amiga 5001150012000 or 3000 with a minimum of 1 megabyte of available memory.
Pen Pal When...you deserve the best!
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Free SoFTW R The cost is for a C64, £47.50 and for an Amiga 500, £57.50. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card. Part refund will be made if the computer is found to be - beyond economic repair.
COMMODORE APPROVED National Repair Centre FMG House, Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 0SF fTjf AMIGA ADVICE GET THE PICTURE Workbench The A500 Plus, GVP hard drives and updating the Amiga continue to dominate the Workbench letters. Concise questions need concise answers, provided courtesy of one Pat McDonald.
FROM: GARY THOMLINSON, DONCASTER I work as a programmer for a software publishing company. When Commodore finally got around to telling us that the A500 Plus was on its way, we bought one to do our testing on. A few weeks of using it made me realise just what a wonderful machine this was, so I sold my old 1.2 Amiga and upgraded to a Plus.
My original programming environment for the Amiga was the CLI. This makes my job pretty boring, and does nothing to keep your spirits up when trying to debug (correct the errors in) a program.
That’s gone forever now I have a Plus.
From a personal point of view, I think the new machine is good news for the Amiga scene. From a games developer’s point of view it will, I hope, be a short-lived nightmare of incompatible software.
Where can I get a cable to connect the video out port of the Amiga (23 pins) to my SVGA monitor?
This has IS pins. Will the monitor support all the graphics modes of my machine? An experiment with a makeshift cable allowed me access to Productivity mode, but all the others became garbage. Can all the graphics be viewed, or do I need a multisync monitor?
To use an SVGA (Super Video Graphics Adaptor) monitor with an Amiga, you really need an expansion called a Flicker Fixer. Such a board will stop the flickering on interlaced graphics, but only Commodore’s official one will work equally well with all graphics modes - and you can only fit it into an A1500 or an A2000. Without a flicker fixer, only productivity (a special interlace mode available with the Enhanced Chip Set) mode can be viewed on an SVGA. I don’t know of any suppliers for a cable - does anyone else?
Most multisync monitors can be switched between Normal and Productivity modes, giving a better result for what you want to do. However, interlaced graphics screens will still flicker without a flicker fixer card (which can connect to multisync monitors, as well as SVGA types). What it comes down to is; SVGA monitors usually only work with Productivity mode and flicker fixers, while multisyncs work pretty well in any mode and very well with a flicker fixer. Thanks to First Choice for the info.
NOISY FAN FROM: RUSSELL KIRK, HARROGATE A couple of months ago I bought a GVP Series n 52 Mb hard drive for my A500. I’ve been absolutely delighted with it, apart from one point. The noise of the fan is driving me insane! If I disconnect the fan the noise is hardly noticeable.
Do hard drives need fans for cooling? I notice that Supra and the ICD Prima internal drives use the same Quantum 52 Mb disk mechanism as the GVP, yet they don’t have fans. So can I disconnect the fan without fear of melting the casing? Can it be made less noisy? At the moment it sounds like a 2000 watt hair dryer on full blast!
Modem semiconductor technology (in other words, micro chips) only work within a limited temperature range. 45 degrees centigrade is the usual figure quoted.
If you left a circuit board in desert sunshine - GVP are based in California, remember - you would find the board failing within minutes.
In the climate of the UK, you could probably leave the fan disconnected from autumn to spring without a problem. However, to be on the safe side, get used to it (or drown it out by connecting your Amiga to a HiFi; which is my method).
I’ve recently replaced my old machine with an A500 Plus (it’s a great improvement). While 99 per cent of the software on my hard drive runs fine, I’ve noticed a small but annoying problem with KindWords. I can use bold and italics with no problems, but I can’t underline anything. Is this due to something simple or is it just down to incompatibility with the 500 Plus?
A few people have asked me this. I’m not sure at all, but as underlining involves drawing straight lines, all I can suggest is that KindWords doesn’t use Workbench 2-friendly methods to underline. If anyone knows more, or of a solution, please write in.
Oh yes, and are you sure that Octomed (or Med, come to that) will work with a Plus? Just because it runs doesn’t mean that it works properly. The longest I’ve had it running for is 15 minutes, the shortest time is about 10 seconds! Then it just locks up solidly. It can’t be down to lack of memory - I’ve got 2Mb of fast RAM and 1Mb of chip RAM.
I have to admit that Octomed does crash without fail on the A500 Plus. If you load Workbench 2 first though, then put the Octamed Coverdisk in and double click on the icon, it should work far better.
HARD PROSPECTS FROM: D FREAR, N WALES I am considering buying a hard drive (105 MB GVP) to run my DTP word processing programs with ease. My A500 is over four years old, and so it has got the older Kickstart 1.2 chip in it. I am led to believe that this has problems with hard drives (they don’t autoboot) so should I get a new ROM chip? What do I need, 1.3 or 2?
207 My computer has given me years of trouble-free operation, so I am wary of fiddling with it. What are the pros and cons, and what are the side effects?
MAY 1992 Either a new 1.3 or 2.04 ROM chip will allow hard drives to autoboot (start working as soon as you switch the machine on). Both of these also allow you to use the Fast Filing System with hard drives (although 2 also lets you use it with floppies without fuss).
Kickstart 1.3 is going to give you a very similar system - the main differences between 1.2 and 1.3 are that printer drivers work faster and the filing speed advantages are described above.
Kickstart 2.04 will give you a much better look and feel than either of the previous versions, and works much faster. However, you will almost certainly find more incompatible programs with your old software and Workbench 2 than with 1.3. Your machine will also need some minor modification if you want to fit a 2 ROM chip.
If you want to use your old programs, a Kickstart ROM sharer board is the answer. Your old ROM chip and a new ROM chip plug into this board, and you can choose which ROM chip you want the machine to use by flicking a switch when the computer is off.
ROM sharers always plug into the ROM socket inside your machine. Again, a professional repair company - such as FMG (0733 391234), Ace Repairs (0503 20282) or WTS (0582 491949) - are the best people to contact if your want to organize an upgrade yourself; that is buy the bits and get them to fit it.
Alternatively, most independent computer shops will handle the paperwork for a small fee.
I also use a KCS Bitcon PC emulator. Is it possible to partition a hard drive to have PC and Amiga Continued overleaf sections, and how does the KCS board react - are there any problems?
AMIGA ADVICE (Tp Yes, you can do this with hard drives and the KCS emulator. However, you may need to get an upgrade of the software to allow you to do this. The KCS board (with the latest software from Bitcon devices in the UK
- 091-490 1919) works extremely well with PC hard drive
MAKING VIDEOS FROM: WILLIAM PYNE, KENT I own an A500 with 1Mb of RAM. Despite memory restrictions, I have (over the last year) managed to create some fairly reasonable animations with the graphics package Deluxe Paint IV. However could you please tell me what I need to transfer them to video tape? Is it expensive, do I need some extra parts, how much does it cost? Is it even possible with a 1Mb computer and Dpaint IV1 MAY 1992 It’s easy, assuming that you have a TV modulator (most A500s were supplied with these). On the modulator, you will see a connector marked ‘Video’. Simply connect this
to the ‘Video in’ connector on the video recorder. Usually a phono sound lead will accomplish this, although some videos have a Bayonet Nut Connector - phono-BNC adaptors for these can be purchased fairly easily.
Start the video recording, then simply hit the pause button. Start your animation going, and then unpause the video. The signal will whiz down the the wire and into the back of the video. To minimise the black lines on the recording, use interlace mode for your animations. You could use the TV connector (UHF) rather than the video connector, but the picture quality will not be as good and you would have to tune the video recorder to the TV.
If you want to overlay Amiga graphics on top of an existing video, then you will need two video recorders (one to play the video, the other to record) and a device called a genlock. This makes one colour of the Amiga transparent - usually colour zero, although expensive genlocks let you choose. The video being played is in the background, and you use the other video to record the mixture of the two images.
Expect to pay around £100 or so for a standard, domestic-quality genlock. As with all video equipment, you could spend a fortune - but it’s possible with nearly any Amiga and just a bog-standard VHS recorder that you are likely to have sitting under your telly at the moment.
OOPS UR FROM: PHILIP METCALFE, DURHAM In Amiga Format 32, you printed a clear diagram from Neville Tanner showing how to wire up a switch to choose between 1Mb of chip RAM and
0. 5Mb chip 0.5Mb Fast. The diagram was correct, but the caption
for it had me confused for a while.
It’s wrong isn’t it? There’s no point cutting the track on JP2, then joining “the middle and upper solder pads” if you’re going to wire a switch in there! So, for all those people who just have a switch giving 1Mb of chip RAM or a Guru ridden Amiga: cut the tracks, and solder the wires to the switch in. Let the switch make the connections!
Yes, the caption is wrong. Just cut the tracks and connect the switch as per the diagram - ignore the bit about making a bridge on JP2, as that defeats the object of the switch.
Another frequent topic is that of the capacity of the A500 power supply. At a recent computer fair my son found a box of these on a stand, all loose and in shop-soiled condition. After rooting through it, I discovered there were two different types. Some of these provided 5V at 2.5 Amps (and were made in Singapore), the others were rated at 4.3 Amps and came from China. The Chinese variety had a red sticker on, with the words “Hl-Pot tested”.
DOOMED TO CRASH FROM: DAVE COLLINS, SOUTHAMPTON After reading various reviews praising the GVP Series II, and in particular being informed that it was the most reliable drive for the Amiga, I bought one for my A500.
It was great for a few hours, but then it started locking up intermittently which increased in frequency until the processor halted completely.
After it had finally cooled down again all was well for a few more hours until the nightmare began all over again.
The thing that worries me most, is that after contacting various GVP dealers it became apparent that this fault was fairly common. Not a good sign for a unit that costs a small fortune. Please I checked my power pack at home and discovered that, it had a “Hl-Pot tested” sticker on it and was rated at 4.3 Amps, but it was made in Singapore! It would appear that Commodore have shipped power supplies of the two different specifications, with the
4. 3 Amp being a higher specification.
A500 power supplies are manufactured in China, Singapore, Honk Kong (I think), Taiwan and Germany. Even though a supply is rated at 4.3 Amps, there is no guarantee that it will give out that much, as the scorched examples in our office will prove.
Print this; it adds a necessary edge to reviews that make the these hard drives look so great.
All well and good, but you are wrong to think that it’s a fault of the hard drive. This will happen eventually on an all Amigas, with or without a hard drive.
The cause is badly-programmed software.
As programs are loaded, pictures saved and so on, the Amiga cuts sections out of memory as it needs them. When it has finished with a piece of memory, it marks that particular section of memory as available for use again.
As you start and stop different programs at different times, this has the effect of splitting the memory up into smaller and smaller parts, a process known as fragmentation. Eventually, you ask it lo load a program smaller than the total available memory - but AMIGA ADVICE WHO'S BAD?
FROM: LEE STRAUGHAN, READING Can you tell me how much better the Amiga is than similar machines like the Atari ST (and no editorial bias please).
Well, as Neil Jackson was the technical editor on ST Format, I feel he is slightly better qualified than me for this. Over to you Neil: "Which machine is right for your main application? If you’re seriously thinking about spending pots of cash, you can get a 486 IBM PC-clone which is probably the fastest, most effective stock machine you can buy.
Trouble is, add-ons (like sound cards, joysticks but above all software) are SO expensive that the PC falls into the business-use-only category.
“The longest-running war has always been between the Amiga and the Atari ST, because their prices are so close. Neither machine emerges as the absolute best because both have advantages and disadvantages. The ST is perfect for musicians controlling MIDI keyboards, thanks to its internal MIDI sockets and chips, whereas the Amiga needs an add-on to handle this.
“However, the ST’s internal sound chip is a complete joke, it’s on a par with the ancient Commodore 64 sound chip. The newer STE is better and can handle samples more effectively than its earlier counterpart, but it still can’t multi-task like an “On the graphics front, the ST has only 512 colours in its palette, and you can only display 16 of them at any one time. The STE increased the palette to 4,096, but didn’t extend the number of paletter registers, so the upgrade was a bit pointless. All Amigas can handle
4. 096 colours, with 32 on-screen at once (the additional
Extra-Halfbrite and HAM modes enable 64 and
4. 096 colours on-screen respectively). This makes the Amiga
the obvious choice for artists.
“If you’re thinking of DTP or MIDl-control the ST or STE is still worth a close look. But for games, sample-playing, graphics or video work, the Amiga wins hands down every time.” It's been a hard fight for the Amiga to overtake the earlier ST, but for most applications it's a lot better. However, Atari plan to launch an accelerated ST in the near future will Commodore follow suit with a faster A500?
Just one point to add to that - Commodore and Vortex of Germany are developing IBM PC 386 Bridgeboards. These plug into an A1500 or A2000, and let you use PC software and expansions with the minimum of fuss. It is doubtful whether an Amiga emulator for the PC will appear, as Commodore have a monopoly on Amiga technology. If you’ve got ‘pots of money’, a Bridgeboard system provides the best of both worlds.
Amiga can. Playing samples through the bog-standard ST slows it down to a crawl if you’re trying to do much else. The Amiga has always managed to be streets ahead of the ST in the noise-making department (which is probably one of the reasons why the ST was upgraded to the STE in the first place). If samples are your thing, think Amiga.
Because the memory is split up, it may not have a big enough slice of memory to load the program.
Because the GVP lets you use your Amiga most efficiently, this process happens quicker than with other hard drives. But it will happen eventually with all of them (and with floppies too if you use the machine for a couple of days solid).
The best way to avoid it is, every so often, to save the projects you’re working on and switch the machine off for a few minutes. This will reset the memory to its full, unused state (just resetting by pressing the Ctrl key and the two keys either side of the space-bar does not reset the memory, just the computer). It’s got nothing to do with the GVP overheating at all.
Well programmed software (for example Deluxe Paint, or PageSetter on the Coverdisk) keeps an eye on memory, and can tidy it up when things get tight. It warns you when there isn’t a lot of memory left. But a lot of programmers don’t understand the problem, and leave this sort of feature out of programs.
You can get around it by having excessive amounts of memory connected (much more than you'll actually need). Try to avoid continually loading different programs, quitting from them and reloading.
Just load them up and leave them alone - the Amiga can have more than one program loaded and usable at the same time. This is called multitasking.
FROM: KJ WHITLEY, WREXHAM I’ve just bought a GVP Series H hard drive for my A500, but there is something strange happening with the memory. I have added an internal 0.5Mb expansion to the inside of the computer, and the hard drive has 2Mb, giving me a total of 3Mb. I also have an external floppy disk drive.
When I try to load a 1Mb program, the computer responds with an “Out of Memory” error or similar. I believe that the 2Mb of memory in the GVP is fast RAM, and the 1Mb of memory inside my computer is chip RAM. Is this correct? What exactly is the difference?
No A500s were shipped (as far as I know) with 1 Mb of chip RAM. To get that much, the machine has to be slightly modified (Amiga Format issues 31 and 32 had the relevant information). To find out how much memory of each type you have, load Workbench, double click on the Shell and type (press Return to enter the command): Avail This will give a complete diagnosis of memory, showing how much of each type is available, as well as how much is in use by the computer system.
Will programs fail to load because the hard drive is taking up some of my chip memory? Workbench tells me that I have 2.8Mb of memory available, so some of it is being used for something. Is there any way around the problem, as I feel that with 3Mb of RAM a 1Mb program should load easily.
External floppy drives are mapped into chip memory - there is no reliable way (so far as I know) to remap them into fast memory. Turning them off saves the memory they use. However, the GVP setup software allows you to map the hard drive partitions to either type of memory.
If I were to get the 2Mb Anti Lemrnin’ demo by Eric Schw'artz, would that load?
It should work fine. It works on a machine with only
1. 8 Mb of RAM (only 0.5MB chip RAM) so your system should be
more than ample.
Does the hard disk have a boot block? If it does, then how do I look at it? None of the virus checkers that I own seem to look at hard disks - are there any that do?
20i Yes, hard disks do in fact have boot blocks. None of the current virus checkers though, have such a facility and it’s unlikely that one will appear. However, Faaastprep has the facility to rewrite the boot sectors of your hard disk.
MAY 1992 If your hard drive stops booting and you suspect a virus has got onto the bootblock of the hard drive (rare but possible), first write protect a copy of the Faaastprep floppy disk. That is, move the tab in the corner of the disk so that you can see through the hole. This prevents viruses from copying themselves onto floppy disks.
Boot up the machine with it - your hard disk partitions should reappear (if they don’t, the virus may have wiped the contents already - even rarer but still possible). Double click on Faastprep, select manual mode, wait for it to get the details from the drive, then click on “Write”. This will write a new bootblock onto your hard disk. Then click on the box in the top left comer to quit.
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11 Years MAILORDER dataplex AMIGA ANSWERS fTp Qon quite a few occasions you have stated that, if an A500 is modified to give 1Mb of chip RAM, and an oversized trapdoor expansion (larger than 0.5MB - the type that connects to the Gary chip) is fitted, then the extra memory is in fact lost. However, I have noticed in adverts for such boards that they can be fitted into 1Mb chip RAM A500s, and let you use the extra memory! Who is right, you or the adverts?
Answerfile Getting to grips with the Amiga is a difficult task - why not get a few handy hints from Pat McDonald?
A The adverts. To be precise, nobody (except
ICD) used to make oversize trapdoor expansions that could be
used with 1Mb of chip RAM.
However some boards (Virgo Developments, Power Computing, Datel) have since been modified so that they can be used properly with 1Mb of chip RAM.
Qdoes upgrading to Workbench 2, as you stated in the Down to Business article in Amiga Format issue 31, make external RAM expansions like the Cortex, SupraRAM and Ashcom AX508 incompatible?
MAY 1992 A Not at all. Such expansions can be fitted to all A500s and Pluses. I said “large capacity A500 memory boards are not compatible”. What 1 meant to say was that “large capacity A500 TRAPDOOR memory boards are not compatible (with the Plus)”. Sorry for the slip, and the confusion it caused.
QI bought one of the last A500s available, just before the Plus came out. It’s got a keyboard like the Plus, but does not have Workbench 2 or the ECS 8373 Denise chip. It also had Workbench 1.3.3
- can you tell me more?
A The revision 7 of the B52 Rock Lobster (A500) has the same keyboard as the Plus, with two blank keys, but it does not have the Plus’ Agnus chip (the 8375) or Workbench 2. Workbench 1.3.3 was supplied with very lew machines indeed. Just think of it as a standard A500 with a slightly odd keyboard - the blank keys are used in other European countries for special foreign characters.
Can the A500 be changed in every respect to a Plus?
A Yes, but not all of them, and not for a while yet.
Revision 6 and 7 A500s can take 1Mb of memory on the computer’s circuit board. Together with lots of jumper making and track cutting, fitting an ECS Denise, a Kickstart 2.04 ROM chip, the same Agnus chip as the Plus (the 8375) and populating the empty RAM chip sockets.
Admittedly, revision 6 machines will have a different keyboard, but that’s largely a cosmetic difference. Such a machine will take Plus internal RAM expansions, to give 2Mb of chip RAM. A500 internal expansions (except for 0.5Mb trapdoor RAM expansions) will not work in the machine. The fly in the ointment though, is that the 8375 Agnus chip is not available as a replacement part yet.
O Could you please tell me what a modem is exactly? Plus what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying one?
A A modem is a separate add on that lets you connect a computer to a telephone line. It can dial a number (usually this is handled from the computer nowadays, by a system called the Hayes protocol) and connect to a modem on the other end of a phone line, which is connected to a computer. The computers don’t have to be the same model or make - you can dial in to many different systems or ‘services’ as they are called.
The advantages of a modem are; you can easily get new releases of PD utilities, by downloading them from bullletin boards; you can play online games, against other human players (like Air Warrior or MUD); and you can communicate with many thousands of computer users all over the world through networks (handy when you want to find out some information). There are other uses for a modem but most of them are illegal.
The disadvantages of a modem are; it costs money to make the telephone calls (although the faster the modem, the shorter the calls - modem speed is measured as ‘baud rate’); and it ties up the telephone line (you can’t make other calls while the modem is connecting your computer to another system). Look for the best priced, 2400 baud or faster, Hayes compatible modem. If it has MNP5 error correction, even better.
Is it true that no future software will work with old Amigas?
A No, but ‘Plus only’ releases will appear in future years. For the moment, programmers are concentrating on making programs that work on all releases of the Amiga, rather than concentrating on squeezing the best performance out of Workbench 2 and the ECS.
At the moment, most Amiga owners (in the UK at least) have an A500 with Kickstart 1.3, Workbench
1. 3, 0.5Mb of chip RAM, 0.5Mb of fast RAM. When the number of
people who have Workbench 2 (either by buying a Plus or
upgrading their computer) gets close to being the biggest
market, then “Plus only” or “1Mb chip RAM” programs will start
Probably towards the end of 1992.
Is it true that you need 1Mb of chip RAM to use CDTV software?
AYES. Amiga CD will need 1Mb of chip RAM.
Which is a good thing - it means that CD titles always use 1Mb of chip RAM, for more frames of graphics, copper lists, sound samples and so on. A well written CD game would look much better than a standard Amiga one.
Qlf I want to program the Amiga (I have an A500 Plus), what do I need? I think I need a word processor, but I’m not sure.
A Not exactly. A word processor lets you create files on a disk that contain letters and numbers (alphanumeric data). The best example 1 can think of is the “Readme” document files on the Coverdisk.
However, the Amiga does not really understand anything about words, pictures, colours, speech, joysticks or mice; it sees such things merely as sets of numbers. Talking to it in its very own language (called machine code) is very time consuming and difficult to pick up, although it produces the shortest and fastest programs.
The most common form of machine code programming is called assembly language - this uses the same number processing that the computer understands, but represents them using short words instead. These are called ‘low level’ methods of programming, because you are involved very close to the machine.
To get around this problem, the early computer pioneers invented ‘high level’ languages. These are much easier to get on with from a human point of view, because the commands used to tell the computer what to do are very close to English.
The most common high-level language is called BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). It was designed for people who didn’t want to know how computers worked. It’s certainly not the best language from the computer’s point of view, because it takes time to translate BASIC commands into pure machine code.
The best all around version of BASIC for the Amiga is called AMOS. AMOS let’s you use the graphic and sound gadgetry of the machine without knowing how it works. For beginners, a special version has been released, called Easy AMOS. Read about it for yourself on Page 144.
Since I got my hard drive, every time the computer boots up it puts up the message bit not set”. Although nothing sinister appears to be happening, it’s beginning to drive me up the wall.
Indepth Explanation Number 2: Floppies Q “Pure (Tp AMIGA ANSWERS A With the Amiga, all files on a disk have a number of protection Hags. These indicate whether the file is readable, writeable, editable, deletable or archived. A further bit, the pure bit, says whether or not the file can be made resident - loaded into the Amiga’s memory for future usage.
There are so many different types of floppy available - choosing the right one is simply a question of buying a Rodite (from Roctec) and separate expansions like virus protectors, copiers, and boot switchers, or getting them all built into a Power Computing PC880B.
Somewhere in the startup-sequence of your hard drive a command, something like the following, is causing problems (I’ve used the command Execute, purely for example): Resident c execute pure add The Amiga is trying to make the file resident, but the pure bit isn’t set. To set it, you use the Protect command, as in this (from the Shell); Floppy disk drives are a standard on the Amiga. When you buy software, it always comes on a floppy. The only other method of distributing programs is by CD, which is still underdeveloped but will match floppies in years to come. So for the moment, get used to
Protect c execute prwed The value “prwed” means set the pure flag, the readable flag, the writeable Hag, the editable flag, and the deletable flag. The archive flag is usually used by hard disk backup software, to see whether a file has been backed up or not.
Qis it possible to connect a Hewlett Packard plotter to my Amiga? The plotter has a serial port, but the manual only gives details for the IBM PC and Commodore PET. Do I need a driver?
A Yes it is, but very little software makes use of plotters, except for CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs. You don’t need a driver, but a CAD program which can output in HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language, the industry standard for plotters).
One such program is the XCAD series. XCAD 2000 (works with 1Mb) costs £79.95, and is the lower end CAD product available for the Amiga; believe me, that’s very cheap for a decent CAD program. XCAD 3000 needs 2Mb, as does XCAD 3D. All of them can output designs to Imagine 2, the popular and powerful 3D rendering system. So you could submit a design blueprint on paper using the plotter, and do a video of what the design will look like using Imagine. XCAD products are available from - and well supported by - Computech Services (0702 523966).
A I bought an A500 Plus at Christmas, and although I can load the Deluxe Paint program disk, I can’t load the Animation or Art disks.
Please tell me how to do this.
A You don’t. First you load the Deluxe Paint program disk. Then you load in the examples to Deluxe Paint - they are stored on the other disks!
The majority of multidisk programs use this approach; one of the disks contains the program, the others contain the data. So you get program disks (which you can load and run) and data disks (which you need to load from within another program). Data disks are usually called mission disks where flight simulators are concerned.
Try to get used to the idea of reading manuals.
They tend to be easier to understand when you have the computer software running in front of you.
Ione of the greatest pains for new users is the need to swap disks when using Workbench.
It’s so irritating to be forever taking disks out and plonking others back in. The best way to get around this is to buy an external disk drive. That way, you can leave the Workbench disk in the internal disk drive, and do any disk swaps using the external drive. (No Amiga except the A1500 has two drives as standard - a great pity: because to use the Amiga seriously two drives are essential).
2 The Amiga was launched with the capacity of having up to four floppy drives connected at once (you can usually plug extra drives into the back of each other in a daisy chain). The circuitry for controlling and handling floppies was built-in from the start, which in English means that connecting a floppy drive is usually a case of plugging it in and forgetting about it. The Amiga recognizes it and assigns memory for it at start up.
Because the Amiga assigns memory for an HP external drive, whether it’s got one or not, it can be a strain when you’ve a memory-hungry game. Luckily, most external drives have an off switch, so you can turn off and run memory intensive programs, without unplugging the disk drive.
4 The way that information is stored on a disk is a field in itself, but the general principles are this. To the computer, a disk looks like a series of concentric rings. Each ring is called a track.
Each track is split into different pieces, called sectors. One or two tracks of a disk are used to store a directory; this contains the name of the disk, and a list of all the files on the disk, as well as lists of sectors where the files are stored. The first two sectors of the first track (track zero) are reserved for a boot block, to automatically start a program on a disk when it is inserted into the machine (for more on bootblocks, see Amiga Format 32).
5 The lifetime expectancy of a floppy disk drive varies. In general, internal drives on the Amiga wear out much faster than externals, because until Workbench 2 came along you had to boot disks (automatically make them run) by putting them in the internal drive (‘DF0:’, short for Disk, Floppy, zero). An internal drive will last from between two to five years.
6 With Kickstart 2, you can choose between which drive you want to boot from. Just keep both mouse buttons pressed as you turn the machine on, and a menu will appear. This system lets you spread the work load among your drives (and is yet another good reason to upgrade if you haven’t got it already).
7 Even when a disk drive won't boot a disk anymore (a common symptom on Amigas that are three years old or more) it can be refurbished.
Refurbishing means dismantling, cleaning, recalibrating and reassembling the unit - an operation best left to the experts. The best places to get floppy drives refurbished are local independent computer shops.
MAY 1992 8 It is possible to expansions for your floppy disk drive, and they are without a doubt the cheapest range of peripherals you can get.
Common types to be found are; the anti-click board (which stops your drives from ticking when no disks have actually been inserted); the boot switcher (to let you boot from any disk drive); the virus protector (stops disks being written on, so stops viruses from spreading); and the Cyclone copier (a widely available back-up device that needs two drives).
9 Software for floppies is less diverse; there are only two categories. The first is repair; packages available to heal or retrieve information from a damaged floppy range from the naff Diskdoctor command supplied with every Amiga, to pretty good PD utilities like DiskSalv, up to commercial programs like BAD or (my favourite) Quarterback Tools.
The other is for reading and writing disks that are not designed for the Amiga. There are a lot of programs that let you read and write PC disks.
Unfortunately, none of them (so far as I know) work with Kickstart 2. Unless of course you know different?
Wlf you’re buying a floppy drive, the best are the RocLite types by Roctec. They’re small, fast and simple; and they only cost about £5 more than inferior designs. Power Computing’s (0234 843388) PC880B costs about £75, but does incorporate a backup utility and anti-virus switch.
Easy Steps To Upgrading Your Amiga 500 Plus Unpack your Xtra-RAM A500 Plus upgrade which has been specifically designed for your Amiga 500 Plus. Using low power industry standard SIMM memory boards, the Xtra-RAM upgrades the ChipRAM in your Amiga 500 Plus to 1V2MB and then to 2MB.
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Turn over your A500 Plus. Following the easy fitting instructions locate and then open the trap door on the base of your Amiga 500 Plus using nothing more complicated than a small screwdriver, your thumb nail or even a teaspoon!
Clip the plastic trap door back into your computer and turn the computer back over. Your Amiga 500 Plus is now ready to use again.
At the most the whole painless process has taken 10 minutes.
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Easy To Fit Installation of the Xtra-RAM A500 Plus couldn’t be easier. Following our detailed instructions which are written with the nontechnical reader in mind, you unclip the trap door on the base of your A500 Plus, plug the Xtra-RAM into the memory expansion slot and then close the trap door. The whole process takes about ten minutes and does not require any special tools or soldering.
E Fitting the Xtra-RAM A500 Plus does not invalidate the guarantee on your Amiga 500 Plus.
Satisfaction Guaranteed The Xtra-RAM A500 Plus is supplied under Frontier’s ten day money back offer - if you aren’t satisfied with the Xtra-RAM A500 Plus for any reason you can return it to the place of purchase within ten days for a full refund (participating resellers only). The Xtra- RAM A500 Plus also carries a full two years’ guarantee. The Xtra-RAM A500 Plus is designed in the UK. It is guaranteed that only brand new SIMM memory boards are used by Frontier - making your A500 Plus and its memory upgrade more reliable both now and in the future.
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Frontier accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, Access, cheque or postal order. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability.
Frontier Software
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ALL ORDERS ARE NORMALLY DELIVERED TO YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS CONSOLE COMPETITOR A friend of mine says that his Sega Megadrive is better than an Amiga and has better games and graphics. He is always going on about John Madden 92. Snider and Sonic the Hedgehog. Please, please, please prove to him that Amigas are better than Megadrives or the rest of my life will be destined to listen to "Megadrive this.
Megadrive that".
Damian Connon, Cushondall, Co Antrim Ooh. What a giveaway! The simple fad that Strider is one of the games mentioned tells you what the best answer is: Strider. Like so many other console games, was on the Amiga first!
We've had another jam-packed postbag this month, but in the true spirit of exploration we've ventured to its very depths to find out what's on your minds. Editor Damien Noonan argues, agrees and asserts as another massive batch of opinions hits the press.
Wherever you look, console owners are desperate to get their hands on Amiga games like Kick Off.
Populous and James Pond 2: Robocod easily outclasses most console games at tlicir own game! All the best, most original stuff started out on the Amiga.
Plus, can your console-owning friend play flight siins with the full realistic complexity that only a keyboard can provide? I don't think so. Can he create his own pictures, animations and music? I think not.
There's really no comparison, is there?
ACTION REPLAY The Dreaded March Issue (regular readers will remember that we took some stick over the balance of the content of that issue, the one with all the CD reviews in - Ed). A CD-ROM player is something I've been having a quiet dribble over for some time now. And it was great to find out how good the current software is.
Incidentally, a CD full of fonts for use in DTP packages or AMOS would be a boon. The Mac users gel them - how about us?
Finally. Amiga-spotting. Hmmm. A bit like trainspotting. N' est-ce pas? Anyway, my binoculars and notepad have helped me to spot our beloved Amy on TV on three occasions: The Cloning of Joanna May (confirming the 'possible' from last issue): Filipino Dreamgirls on BBC2. Where Lee Comes was using one with a DTP package: and finally on Red Dwarf V: 'HoIoshipL during Rimmer's entrance test, and ‘Terraform', when Lister encounters Kryten's robotic hand. I also glimpsed an Amiga mouse on GamesMaster. But perhaps that's cheating... LEMMINGS AND WORLD WAR 2: THE CONNECTION REVEALED Mark A Cooper,
Stainforth, Doncaster I'm in a generous mood this month, so you get an Amiga Format T-shirt and binder for being the first reader to spot the Red Dwarf Amigas. Remember, readers, we're trying to spot the Amiga on the telly, with Neighbours. Lovejoy and so on already confirmed sightings.
Rolf Harris' Carton Club doesn't count, and I'm the first to mention the appearance of Rombo ’s excellent Take 2 animation system on Motonnouth, where it starred along with Aardman Animations, the guys behind Creature Comforts.
Ay for CD titles: feel that the only way you can decide whether it's worth splashing out nearly £300 on a CD-ROM drive is to know how good the software is, and I’m grateful for your support on that one.
Last of all, don 7 forget that your first chance to take a look at the A570 Amiga CD-ROM drive in the flesh, as it were, will be at the Amiga Shopper Show in London on May 15-17, so see you there!
21 CONSOLE KICKING Why are games machines so popular? It's not as if they are cheaper. Nintendo games cost as much as the console itself and the graphics and sound are terrible, it has stereo bleeps', as my friend says.
MAY 1992 Jared Schiller, Southampton Continued overleaf Please find attached top secret photocopied documentation that suggests an undeniable and disturbing connection between the 1942 North African conflict and Psygnosis' Lemmings.
This highly classified photo appears in the Pictorial History of Australians at War, Volume 2.
Page 134. Recently, a detachment of the Australian Central Intelligence Committee, working closely with NATO forces, was able to penetrate the defences of Frankston Public Library and borrow the described volume for a period of two weeks.
Current theories suggest that lemmings were, in fact, a Nazi anti-personnel weapon. Please note that on this picture you can actually see. Just starting up the curve of the archway, what is obviously a small group of lemmings crossing the arch to read the standard 'Heaven' directive code word which is, of course, inscribed on the wall of the El Alamein train station.
It can now be revealed that modern lemmings are in fact a carefully-planned Neo-Nazi tool. Each of us. While innocently playing Lemmings, is actually training hundreds of tiny soldiers, perfecting their skills and teamwork. Think about it: the weaker lemmings have to make the exit or die. The skilled Lemming exits via a mysterious hatch. Where on earth do they go...?
Rod Clifton, Frankston, Victoria, Australia A fascinating piece of pictorisal evidence, but I'm not convinced by the conspiracy theory. :Lemmings are far too cute, fluffy and terminally stupid to be involved in any kind of plot. Still, your detective work deserves a prize of an Amiga Format T shirt and binder: it’s on the way via the Rhine and Italy, You can be certain of getting your enquiry to the magazine dealt with only if you make quite sure you’re addressing your letter to the right person or place.
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DISKCOPY LABS, UNIT A, WESTMARCH, LONDON ROAD, DAVENTRY, NORTH ANTS, NN11 4SA PIRACY: THE DEBATE GOES ON... Piracy: dirty word, dirty scene. But there is a nice V simple way of cracking it!
Say, for argument’s sake, that a company sells 25,000 copies of a top game at £25 each. That’s a total of £625.000, OK? Right, top games are very often hacked, cracked and packed before they are even released. Probably 100,000 people get hold of pirated copies of a big game.
Now if the game sold for £10 instead. If it's a good game, no-one could resist it at that price. All the people who bought it at £25 plus all the people who got pirated copies would buy it, so that's 125.000 times £10, which is £1.250.000. Not bad. Eh?
That also leads to a chain reaction of higher royalties for the programmers which leads to even more teams writing better software, so the industry just gets better and better.
Tint Long, Taunton It’s ct great theory, bat the problem is nobody knows exactly how the figures would stack up in reality: there's just no way of being sure that many people would pay for a genuine copy of a game if it were cheaper.
Some companies have tried releasing 'brand new' games at a lower price, and it hasn 7 worked for them. Unfortunately, what they tend not to realise is that that's because they weren't particularly good games, but after dipping their roes in the water and finding the temperature pretty darned cold they've been put off any further experiments.
What it would be interesting to discover is how much the software houses expect to make back from the development of a game. For example. I recently read an interview in a newspaper with the owner and director of a highly successful book publishing company. His attitude to the success of his publications, which are just as chancy as games in terms of whether or not they succeed, was revealing.
He said that at a well-run publishing company, only 10 per cent of projects would end up as major flops, losing money. Of the remainder. 70 per cent would break even, covering costs and keeping the company ticking over. It’s the remaining 20 per cent that should become big hits, bringing in the profits and making the whole enterprise worthwhile.
I strongly suspect, though I have no real evidence to back this up, that most software companies expect a much higher return than that. I think they expect to make some kind of profit from every project: which makes them very wary of trying anything new and puts its own limit on how far they can expand into the mass market.
The inevitable result of this is that software companies are not going to make the first move. They're going to go for the unpiratable media, like cartridges, where a profit is almost guaranteed. When the cash rolls in, they are not going to have any incentive to cut prices: we've just got to hope that competition gets fierce and the price-drop follows.
Returning home to my bedsit I discovered to my surprise that my door was unlocked. Surprise turned to horror when I opened my door to discover I’d been burgled.
Someone had broken into the loft through the neighbouring toilet and smashed a hole through the ceiling to drop conveniently into my room. Apart from the devastation that was caused to my room through plaster and the contents of all the cupboards and drawers being thrown around, very little had actually been stolen. Except, of course, for my Amiga 500, colour monitor, all my software and a few other little accessories.
The moral of the story? Insure your Amiga - it can happen to you! I was naive enough to believe I lived in a secure household and insurance was an unnecessary luxury. It will now be a very long time before I can afford to replace my set-up as I'm still paying for my old one.
Stephen Word, Sheffield That's desperately unlucky and you have our deepest sympathy: we're sending you a prize of an Amiga Format T-shirt and binder to help cheer you up a bit. You also deserve a prize for pointing out so eloquently to other the dangers of crime.
I know only too well how easy it is to assume “it won't happen to me'' - the contents of my flat aren't insured and they darned well ought to be, but I just haven't got around to it. Contents insurance will cover your Amiga and all the other stuff' in your place of residence and only costs about £40-£60, so you know it makes sense.
Another thing that has to be worth mentioning is that you can get insurance cover with most hire purchase agreements: it costs hardly anything and it simply has to be worth doing. There's nothing worse than still having to pay for something after you've had it nicked from you.
Finally, in many high-risk areas the police organize schemes to invisibly mark your property with your postcode. While it won't necessarily stop the stuff from being half-inched in the first place, this will help the police track down your property when someone comes to try and flog it through the local small ads. Get info from your local council.
I have written to complain! Two years ago you reviewed Ghouls 'n ’ Ghosts which then cost £24.99 and you gave it over 90 per cent and an Amiga Format Gold award. However, you reviewed it on budget (£7.99) this issue and only gave it 54 per cent, because there are better platform games around.
Surely, though, the gameplay remains the same and just because there may be better games around, this should not be a reason to give it a lower mark.
Patrick Welmeier, Reading A very good point, intelligently argued. I must admit to mixed feelings on this one.
Yes, two years on standards have changed and the idea of what makes a good game changes. Games have got better, new games have appeared of a particular kind that knock spots off the older ones. And the 'public taste' changes. So there is definitely a case for saying some older games wouldn 7 look as good today as they did two years ago.
Then there's the originality factor: a game might be strikingly original and appealingly new then, but not any more. It does count.
On the other hand, the game costs less than a third now of what it did then was that grammatical?)
And so it is bound to be better value for the same gameplay. Plus I've always rather enjoyed Ghouls V Ghosts. have to say I think dear old James was probably a bit harsh on that one. Anyone else have an opinion on the game? (Not you, RcfCecco!)
POPULARITY POLL So you want to know why we want more Letters, do you? Well, there are thousands of Amiga owners who belong to clubs where they are able to meet other users and swap ideas, information and so on.
Then there are the thousands of Amiga owners who aren't even sure that anyone else owns one of these wonderful machines.
You Letters pages brings lonely souls closer together, giving them an opportunity to voice opinions, ask advice or even just be reassured that there are still people using the Amiga.
Mick Hill, Sheringham It's a nice idea, if a little bit sad in an Eleanor Rigby- kind of way. But I'm still nor convinced of the truth of it. After all. You can 7 actually meet anyone face-to- face by reading the Letters pages. If anyone has an opinion about the psychological appeal of our Letters pages. I'm still keen to hear a convincing one.
Meanwhile, we should soon have the results of last month's massive Amiga Format survey, which will tell us if you still want more Letters!
MORE POP POLL In Issue 30 you asked why us readers like the Letters pages so much. Well, as well as the rest of the magazine. The Letters pages are very, very informative and the replies you make are usually very funny.
Charles Fabri, Bourne, Lincolnshire I must say. I thought the replies had been rather dull of late. We'll have to start spicing tilings up a bit. Eh?
Can anyone think of a good joke? No? Oh. Dear... PUB POLL You ask why so many people enjoy the Letters pages so much. When was the last time you were in the pub having a chat with the locals or talking with your mates, finding out the latest gossip?
Well, that's what it’s like. The problem is. The experience only lasts for 10 or 20 minutes, great - down the pub for 20 minutes! So please, consider extending the Letters pages.
David Shattu Naturally I don’t know what you mean, because I woitldn 7 be seen dead in one of those disreputable public house places. Or would I?
PC HUNT In the News section of Issue 30 of Amiga Format I read about the new version of the C emulator from Vortex, but what I am really interested in is the Amiga emulator that’s available for the PC which you mentioned in the same article. Therefore I would like you to send me the name, address and phone number of this company, please.
Adrian Linstow, Denmark We’d be happy to. But unfortunately we have lost out- record of who it is that is making the Amiga emulator for the PC. As soon as we find out again, we will certainly be printing an article about it.
I welcome with pleasure the announcement that there are now over 1.000.000 Amiga owners in the UK.
Has it ever occurred to you to wonder why newspapers and magazines offer prizes to people who write them letters? Generally, I’ve always assumed, it’s because they’re desperately short of letters to print. We don’t have any such problem. We always get stacks of letters: but we keep on giving the best, most interesting, thought-provoking or amusing a prize of an Amiga Format T-shirt and binder, partly because we’re such generous souls, but also because we think your efforts deserve reward.
Write to... ‘Letters’, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Oh, and while you’re reading these pages, it’s worth remembering that one letter printed often represents about 50 we've received saying the same thing, so if you’ve ever thought “Quite right too!” when you read someone’s opinions, you’re very likely far from being on your own!
Now. Assuming around 200.000 of the new Kickstart 2 machines have been sold over Christmas, that leaves about 800,000 Kickstart 1.2 1.3 owners. What has happened to this silent majority? Don't they feel they have been dumped on from a great height by Commodore?
Yes. I may be able to upgrade to 2.04. but nobody is quite sure because 1 have a 1.2 Revision 5 machine.
And at what cost? Well, about £170 - £80 for the 2.04 upgrade. £45 for the Fatter Agnus and £45 for the ECS Super Denise. Altogether, half the price of a new Amiga: plus the cost of getting someone competent to n Continued on Page 223 221 MAY 1992 BRITAIN'S Nol Sound Sampling System "EVERY AMIGA OWNER SHOULD HAVE IT" - Amiga Format GOLD AWARD DaaTA Pandaal hand SCAN scanner with latest ! S greyscale software £129.99 Unit 1b Beehive Trading Estate Crews Hole Road St. George Bristol BS5 8AY.
Great Britain Collection is a three disk set which provides a whole new environment in which to fly and explore. This set covers the whole of the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland in unprecedented detail with over 160 public access airports, many with VASI landing light light systems and single and multiple I.L.S. approaches. This collection contains hundreds of navigation aids and includes special 3 colour charts.
Great Value at only £35.00 inclusive (FS2 only £29.95 inc.) Pedal Patches. Allows the use of Quick-Joy Pedals with FS2 and FA18 Intercepter. Special Price £4.95 each A320 Night Approaches. This essential add-on for A320 Airbus adds a whole new dimension and challenge to this impressive simulation.
£14.95 (A320 Airbus only £34.95 inc.) The Gravis MoUSeStick® BetterthantheBEST AnalogueStick For sophisticated simulation enthusiasts, who demand PERFECT control with programs such as Proflight, F19, Mig29, etc. A professional quality, programmable optical joystick C W 16k microprocessor and L.C.D. screen offering 1200 line count resolution. Works perfectly with all simulations with sensible mouse routines and any others in its programmable joystick mode. No other joystick comes even close to the Mouse Stick for perfomance, reliability and pleasure in use. £69.00 + p&p GT BRITAIN SCENERY
COLLECTION for Flight Simulator 2 (Amiga & ST) Full technical support and 1 year guarantee.
S. A.E. or telephone for full details Telephone: (0272) 550900
Fax: (0272) 411052 GOLD AWARD ? SPECIAL PRICE £99.00 per SET
purchase any one of the following: £7 APP TECHNOSOUND TURBO
WHEN £ vrf PURCHASED SEPARATELY RRP £39.99 £32.99 (includes
TEL (0873) 850028 put in the chips, plus the associated soldering and track cutting for my revision.
Why don't Commodore do the sensible thing and offer us registered owners an upgrade to a completely new machine at a reasonable price. After all. It is not the new owners who have put the Amiga in its strong market position: it is the other 800.000 of us.
To add insult to injury, preliminary reports suggest that the A690 will not be compatible with 1.2 or 1.3 machines without circuit modifications and Agnus chip upgrades. Again totally at our inconvenience and expense. So come on. The other 799.999 of you: do as I have done and write to Commodore UK to demand that they offer us upgrades at a non-rip-off price.
Roy Davies, Ledbury 1 find this letter interesting and well expressed, and I have to say I agree with it. But at the same time, I do wonder of it ignores a few hard, commercial realities.
There do seem to be a substantial number of people who are disgruntled with the fact that the Amiga 500 Plus is a far superior spec machine to theirs. But it's almost as if Commodore owe it to them to give them the upgrade free. Why should they?
Think of it this way. If you buy a Ford Fiesta one year, then next year Ford bring out a new model, you don 7 expect them to offer you a cheap trade-in to the new one. Do you? Or perhaps you do. I don't know.
We've had a lot of people asking us lately whether we think it's worth their while upgrading to the new machine's specification. And the honest answer is no, it's not.
The new Denise gives access to two new high-reso- lution graphics display modes. These can only be used with an expensive multisync monitor and are only sidled to certain kinds of professional work, like DTP, where a very high resolution is required. If you were going to do DTP professionally, you wouldn 't do it on a 500 anyway: you'd pick a larger machine. I'd be willing to bet that not one A500 Plus owner in the UK uses the new graphics modes regularly.
The other big change is the new Agnus chip, which gives 2Mb of Chip memory. Av we have seen, this has been more of a hindrance to A500 Plus owners than it has been a help: they've discovered that lots of programs won't run purely in Chip memory, and very few are using the kinds of program which actually take advantage of extra Chip memory.
Even if it’s just the Workbench 2 upgrade you're considering, I honestly believe it's not worth forking out the cash for: unless you have a hard drive. If you 're using your Amiga a lot for serious use, with a hard drive, then the advantages of having a proper, viable WIMP interface are immense. But otherwise, it does not really give you any extra power than older versions of Workbench did.
So, if there's no advantage in the upgrade, where does this leave us? Pretty confused, really. I know we have been advocating the A500 Plus and Workbench 2, but only in the same way we would praise the new Ford Fiesta over the old one if we were a car magazine. The A500 plus is a genuine improvement: but it’s not worth chucking lots of money at your old Amiga to bring it up to the same standard.
Where I agree with you completely and utterly, however, is in the matter of the A570 (the thing that used to be called the A690) CD-ROM drive. This gadget will not work with Kickstart 1.2 and it will require 1Mb of Chip memory, which instantly cuts out more than half the Amiga owners out there. It seems unlikely that Commodore will strive to bring the price of this conversion down to a feasible price.
I don’t know where some people buy their software! I have had my Amiga for four years and have never spent more than £20 on software. 1 have quite a few titles in my collection, including Jimmy White Snooker.
Thunderhawk, F-19 Stealth Fighter and Ml Tank Platoon, all these for less than £20 each. Might 1 suggest people try mail order or join a software club.
Tim Booth, Bradford That's all well and good, but in any case you can often get games only a few weeks after release in high street stores for around £ 17.99. But many people can't afford to buy games regularly at that sort of price mark, the same way they can afford to buy music Cds or videos that cost half the price. Besides, it seems that you don't use your Amiga for anything more than playing games: it's very often the useful or creative software that costs a lot more.
UPGRADE CITY I'm concerned about upgrades for games software, the reason for this is highlighted by Anco's Kick Off series. Over the years I've bought Kick Off (£25).
Player Manger (£25). Kick Off 2 (£25) and the European Data Disk (£7), and in the coming year I will no doubt buy Player Manager 2 (£25) and Kick Off 3 (£25). That's a total of £132 on what is essentially the same game with a few extra features added.
So why don't Anco release the base game and then make subsequent upgrades available at a lower price?
They could charge, say. £40 for the original game and then maybe £10 or £ 15 for the upgrades.
Tony “Striker'" Martin, Peterborough The problem with the plan is that most companies do not know when they release a game originally that it is going to be popular enough to make an upgrade system worthwhile. was, however, under the impression that Anco were planning to release Kick Off 3 as a cheaper upgrade to current owners. We 7 update this when there's more news on Kick Off 3. I still think Kick Off 2 is the best game ever.
The last ever Quote of the Month!
Way back in the mists of time, we started putting a cryptic little quotation on the Contents pages and offering a little prizette to the first person each month to identify where it came from. Well, you've all lost interest so badly that we’ve decided never to bother doing it again. If you can’t be bothered sending us a postcard to show you care... Spot the shot 34 Simply identify the game that this small portion of a screen- shot is from, write the answer on a postcard with your name and address and send it in to us.
The address is Spot the Shot 34. Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St. Bath BA I 2BW. The first correct entry out of the hat every month will win an Amiga Format T shirt!
The winner of the Spot the Shot competition from Issue 32 is Neil Tunney of Hall Green, Birmingham, who correctly identified this small portion of the crowd from WWF Wrestling.
An Amiga Format T-shirt is on the way to youl MORE UPGRADES My big interest is military simulations, the best of these being Harpoon by Three-Sixty. The simulation is excellent, comprising a main program disk and a disk containing Battleset 1. It is stated quite clearly in the manual that “other Battlesets simulating campaigns in other areas of the world will be offered as a separate purchase which will run with your original software”.
For some time I have waited eagerly for the first of these to be released, then finally last week I spotted Battleset 2 in a local software shop. Imagine my horror when I read that to get Battleset 2 I must purchase a second copy of the program disk! I queried it with the shop assistant and was informed that this was due to changes made in the main program.
While I enjoy the game a great deal, I resent having to purchase programs twice. If Three Sixty wish to upgrade the program, then why not offer existing owners the option of exchanging the original disks for the updated version for a small fee?
I realise this in no way excuses software piracy, but I feel that if manufacturers continue in this manner then they are just providing excuses for pirates to continue plying their trade.
Paul Cooper, Melbourne, Derbyshire This sort of behaviour isn 7 at all fair or reasonable, but I don't believe the information the shop assistant gave you was entirely correct. The program is distributed over here by Electronic Arts: telephone them on 0753 549442 and they will be glad to help.
PIRACY DEBATE When I was walking down the high street in my local town centre the other day, I saw a bloke with a wooden leg and a crutch. He had a hook for a hand and a patch over one eye and was ranting on about how he had just had his hair washed and conditioned and he now couldn't do a thing with it. Later on. It occurred to me that he was one of these “soft-hair pirates” we hear so much about. Next time I see him I'll kick him in the crutch. OK?
Kevin Wigman, Woking Anyway, the last ever winner of the quote of the month competition is Christopher Garnier of Cardiff, who wins an Amiga Format T-shirt for correctly observing: “The quote in your February issue. ‘I sentence you to be hanged and burned over a basket of live cats', is from the film Warlock".
Well done Christopher: the prize is on the way.
AMIGA ADVICE The Amiga Format Collection No. 3 For the third time running, a second Coverdisk, another complete full-price program... the only question is, what will it be?
Amiga Format EDITOR Damien Noonan ART EDITOR Marcus Dr' Dyson SCREENPLAY EDITOR Nell Jackson TECHNICAL EDITOR Pat McDonald PRODUCTION EDITOR Gary Lord STAFF WRITER Maff Evans ART ASSISTANT Frank Bartucca EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Clare Hodgson ABSENT CORRESPONDENT Asam Ahmad CONTRIBUTORS James Leach, Neil West, Andy Hutchinson, Jason Holborn, Brian Larkman, h. Linda Barker Rich Longhurit, Ed Ricketts ¦S Chris Lloyd 9 GROUP ADVERTISING MANAGER Jonathan Bint DEPUTY AD MANAGER Duncan Ferguson GAMES MANAGER Simon Whitcombe SENIOR SALES EXEC Tim Partridge AD PRODUCTION Nicola Lucas PUBLISHER Gregory
Ingham PROMOTIONS MANAGER Michele Harris PROMOTIONS ASSISTANT Tamara Ward PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-on-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Phoenix Repro PRINTERS Chase Web, St Ives PLC, Plymouth NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION UK Future Publishing 0225 442244 NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION OVERSEAS: MMC Ltd 0483 211222 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Sue Hartley 0225 442244 Yes, next month we will be bringing you Number Three in a continuing series of full, complete, 'serious' software. To add to your Vista scenery generator, and this month's excellent desktop publishing program, PageSetter, we aim to deliver to you yet
another package that will help you explore a different aspect of your Amiga that you hadn't considered before buying one of The Amiga Format Collection.
At the time of going to press, we are just closing the deal on a top-priced essential utility for your further enjoyment of the Amiga, so you'll have to wait until May 14 to find out precisely what we've got lined up for you.
But don't worry if the 'serious' side of the Amiga isn't your particular cup of cha, because there will be another game-packed Down at the Arcade Coverdisk.
• 1 Mb needed • A 500 Plus Compatible • 1 Mb needed • MAY 1992
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y V -4_y' Power Computing U.S.A., 21 South 5th Street, Suite
900, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Tel 215 922 0050 Fax 215 922 0116
Economy Packs 10 Maxell Disks 10 Maxell Disks and £ era 1
PC880B + 2PC880B + Stick 3 PC880B + with clock £549 £1249 £1685
£65 £234 £35 £189 £24 4MB 1 x4Zip 2MB £159 4MB £219 6MB £279
SMB £339 I* 2 Dual Drive 1 PC880E H 2 PC880E H Zip Stick 3
PC880E -+- 10 Maxell Disks and 512K RAM with clock £79 without
clock £76 4PC880E + 10 Maxell Disks, 1MB RAM (For A500+ only)
£92 5 PC880E + 10 Maxell Disks and 1-5MB £101 6 PC880E 4- 40
Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse, Zip Stick & 512K
RAM £114 7 PC880E + 40 Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power
Mouse, Zip Stick & 1MB RAM (for A500+ only) £129 8 PC880E + 40
Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse, Zip Stick & 1-5MB
RAM £169 inc. PSU -+- 10 Maxell Disks £125 10 Maxell Disks &
Zip Stick £134 3 Dual Drive + 10 Maxell Disks & 512K with clock
£159 4 Dual Drive + 10 Maxell Disks & 1MB RAM £174 5 Dual Drive
4- 10 Maxell Disks & 1-5MB RAM £214 6 Dual Drive + 40 Maxell
Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse, Zip Stick & 512K RAM
£203 7 Dual Drive 4- 40 Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power
Mouse, Zip Stick & 1MB RAM £219 8 Dual Drive 4- 40 Maxell
Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse, Zip Stick & 1-5MB RAM
£258 without clock £91-95 4PC880B + 10 Maxell Disks & 1MB (for
A500+only) £112-95 5PC880B -+- 10 Maxell Disks & 1-5MB £152-95
Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette Mouse, Zip Stick & 512K £148 95
diskette 1MB RAM £163 DD40 diskette & 1-5MB £199 10 Maxell
Disks 10 Maxell Disks & Zip £84-95 10 Maxell Disks, 512K RAM
£97-95 Home Packs Packs £75-95 Kickstart Switcher The Power
Kickstart Switcher fits into any A500 or A500-I- and can be
fitted with up to three Kickstart ROMS and can be enabled when
you switch on your Amiga. This gives you all the benefits of
the new versions of Kickstart while still being able to use
your old games and software.
Kickstart Switcher (bare) £14-95 Switcher with Kickstart 1-3 £44 Switcher with Kickstart 2-04 £64 Switcher with Kickstart 1-3 and 2-04 £94 GVP Series 2 Hard Card or Nexus Hard Card High speed ‘FAASTROM’ controller Up to 8MB Simm RAM on board fully auto booting Supports external SCSI devices For A1500 A2000 Bare £199 52QMB £279 105QMB £479 52QMB 2MB £339 105QMB 2MB £539 52QMB 4MB £399 105QMB 4MB £599 52QMB 8MB £469 105QMB 8MB £749 GVP Series 2 Hard Disk (A500) Up to 8MB FAST RAM on-board 52QMB 0MB £379 105QMB 0MB £579 52QMB 2MB £439 105QMB 2MB £631 52QMB 4MB £469 105QMB 4MB £691 52QMB 8MB £649
105QMB 8MB £840 GVP G-Force 68030 Accelerator board 68882 maths co-processor 25MHz 1MB RAM 40MHz 4MB RAM 50MHz 4MB RAM Simm 32 x 1MB-60 Simm 32 x 4MB-60 Hard drive mount kit GVP A2000 £2 Expansion % GVP Sound Sample £73 All GVP products come with a 2 year guarantee RAM 1MB RAM with Thru'port Expand your A500's memory to a total of 2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade. Works with 1MB of chip RAM, simple internal fitting. £49.95 (512K RAM must bo 4 chip type, or not exceeding 9cm in length) PC501 + RAM Card Our RAM board is designed specially for the new A500+ computer
and comes with 1 MB of RAM on board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Plug in and go operation
- fits into trapdoor. Gives you a total of 2MB of chip RAM £49 32
chip RAM card £39.95 A500 RAM Card A 512K RAM expansion with
battery backed clock and a free disk packed with useful
software (4chip RAM) £29 512K RAM Card without clock £24 16
chip RAM Card with clock £24 16 chip RAM Card without clock £19
(A5(X)+ compatible)
1. 5MB RAM Board Plugs easily into your Amiga £79 Fully supports
1MB chip RAM Fully compatible with 'Fatter Agnus' ARIES A2000
RAM EXPANSION 2MB£129 4MB£169 6MB£209 8MB£249 8MB A500 Board
Plugs into side slot Fully auto config Full thru'port Expand
2MB-8MB 2MB £129 SMB £299 (Kickstart 1.3 and above, not
compatible with A500+) RAM Send your order to Power Computing
Ltd, Unit 8 Railton Road, Woburn Road Industrial Estate,
Kempston, Bedford MK42 7PN Ring your credit card order through
on 0234 843388 (lO lines) or fax your order on 0234 840234.
Technical Helpline 0234 841882 All prices include VAT.
Delivery and are subject to change. Specifications are subject
to change without notice. Next day delivery £4-50 (U.K.
mainland only), all trademarks acknowledged.
Power Computing SRL Italy, Via Dcllc Baleari. 90.00121 Ostia Lido. Roma Tel (06) 5645310 (2 lines) Fax 5646301 Power Computing France, 15 Bid Voltaire 75011, Paris France Tel (1) 43570169 (6 lines) Fax (1) 43380435 Power Computing U.S.A., 21 South 5th Street, Suite 900, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Tel 215 922 0050 Fax 215 922 0116 I'm. A_.au p 1 Commodore registered ? Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers ? 20 qualified technician engineers at your disposal ? We will undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just £44.95 including parts, labour, VAT and post & packing ? Most
computers should be repaired within 24 hours of booking in.
? Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak-test and replacement of power supply unit if necessary ? Repairs to keyboard and disk drive also included (£25 extra if these units are unrepairable and require complete replacements) ? All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty 2 enclose cheque PO for £_ Please debit my AccessA isa card.’ideiete as appropriate; My card no. Is_ Expiry date_ Signature_ OR Phone our credit card hotline 0458 74011 3 The guaranty might be voided. All company or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Atonce is the
registered German trademark of vortex Computersysteme GmbH. Distributed in the UK by: SDL, 10 Ruxley Corner Industrial Estate, Edgington Way, Sidcup, Kent, DAM 5SS, Tel. 081-309 5000, Fax. 081-300 5440 4 enclose cheque PO for £ .
Please debit my AccessA isa card:ideieteasappropriaK My card no. Is_ Expiry date_

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