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The Converta is a bizarre new concept in joysticks, featuring a switching system in the handle that apparently cuts down on wear and tear and means the base can be smaller. This in turn means that the Converta can... errm ... convert, from a hand-held stick into a tabletop device. Now, the reason I’m telling you all this is that the guys who make the Converta are giving away 50 of the sticks to celebrate its arrival on the Amiga scene. They’re also offering a brand new Star LC24-200 colour printer, which is a corking prize. The big prize winner will get the printer and two joysticks, while a second prize winner will receive £100 worth of Amiga software and two sticks. And the 23 lucky runners-up will win a pair of sticks so they can compete with a friend on those tricky two-player games. How to Enter Simply write the answers to the following three easy questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Converta Compo, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. All entries must reach us by 16 May 1991 and please, whatever you do, don’t forget to put your name, address and phone number on there too!

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Document sans nom BRITAIN’S BIGGEST AND BEST-SELLING AMIGA MAGAZINE FORmW use ISSUE 22 ¦ MAY 1991 ¦ £2.95 Get in the knew with our crucial guide to sounds, grabbing O perfect pictures snatching cool and scanning sharp images COVER DISK 22 Gods The one you've all been waiting for! Catch your first taste of the brilliant Bitmap Brothers' new Renegade release Pic of the Mont The eagle has landed, in this month's star artwork Sample it for 4 a-idtf4 TAKE THE WORLD AND CHANGE IT Twist, distort and warp ' sampled sounds to get the funkiest sounds around with this simple utility: plus example samples to play with
Documentation on piige 15 NO COVERDISK?
THEN ASK FOR ONE FROM YOUR NEWSAGENT GAME ON: Killing Cloud, Armour-Geddon, PGA Tour Golf, Railroad Tycoon, UMS 2 EDUCATION: the new programs reviewed DTP: Saxon Publisher VIDEO: SCALA 13 Pages of hints, tips and advice Workbench pi 85 Gamebusters pi 03 Beginners p205 uiure PUBLISHING Your guarantee of value PC SIMS...A WfRLD THI CLASS T A THE MOST ADVANCED SOFTWARE Set in he nee Set in the near future, as an alternative reality, Battle Command is an arcade strategy game in which the player controls a single "Mauler" Assault Tank in one of IB scenarios (missions) in the ultra war, fought
between two dominant races in the new World. Such are the defensive capabilities of each side, full scale attacks are suicidal, so any offensive moves are, by necessity, small "behind the lines" actions performed by elite troops in specially designed vehicles. The Mauler is the latest such machine - capable ot being lifted in and out of hostile i N ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE “ co-i f fD Tal,e ctiaPSe 01 an P|allB, fr BI SeiTenk!
| r its birth until its death-10 billions he mire wer, years later. Guide life Irom its in u "ew 1 r ... . I in j * u capabilities ol i [I incepbon as single-celled microbes suj|;idai so P to a civilizadon that can reach for the necessiiy, si stars. THE LIVING PLANET Inspired ggj ) by James Lovelock's Gaia capable ot Q I I hypothesis, 'iWksin,Ea|,t|1 m 'wi1 k Er ft* % sin||||a,es ¦w* p f£ Earth as a |fe- Qmtfm single living *«=*¦ urganism.
SPECIES THE RIGHT STUFFS F 29 Retaliator presents the fastest
and mnst detailed graphical enviroment ever seen in a flight
simulator, This is the only flight simulation to provide 100
complex missions over lour intense battle senarios. The only
(light simulation to provide detailed daily war update
reports. The only flight simulation to present the latest in
aerodynamic technology introducing ECOP cockpits, backwinder I
pt ft A M S , supercrnise, stealth and more! F29 Retaliator is
that flight simulation.
GUN LAW "BILLY THE KID" is a one or two player action strategy game set in the Wild West, which allows the player to assume the identity of either a gun totting desperado with a heart of gold, Billy himsell or his ex-best friend, sharp shooting, law abiding pillar of the community, Sheriff Pat Barrett. They are in love wi the same woman and ultimately, in a nail biting climatic finale, are going to end up pointing guns at each other. Only one character can p: jyU' walk away from this showdown |j«ST the way OF THE westa OCEAN SOFTWARE LTD, 6 CENTRAL ST, MANCHESTER, M2 5NS.TEL: 061 832 6633
FAX: 061 834 0650 SAXO" PUBLISHER Vwlon 1.16 Fr»» 5tor. WgggCTg P*j,* 4 of 4 4i scaia i.e ® Digital Uisfon r s 1998
- u-L-x.
J_*a_ ML eieirjjjj rhli poj* iDuifnae« thf cttrd of xlfcxing ¦ box'* perarebUity ud or treoiputncy.
Hio trensparaucy £iileo »ffw'U (to diiploy of * box’j solid color, while (ho wrmeohlUly judge* determine* whether object* In evertapptaj beekjreund boiM will law around (ha foreground box’* edges oe not to order to gmin s better undontaadio* of hew la ut thoyamssrhdOy aA ftaywxs tidgeu, pleexe rtfor to your program manual. In order to underetend Sow the various sfftcu «bcrwn below were achieved, amply activate each box aod recall ite auodased fcxs Requester while is OnrAfodb j telccting ’Bax- Alter Active’.
Pointer counter: upper right Menu colors ~~ user leueh nduancert pagebuffer: uunamic rhebox is both permarhfc cmJ traropaicnt Otter- wfce, its box t is identical I tfae d lowboy it left NofcJ ibox j 121 dar Hti3box is penornhfc and opaque. Objaas placed beliijid ths box wan’t be seen, but still exist behind it tj_esuii s Ql i ™” ; BSSMmSSSmt © m 0 0 m m ?
Saue configuration OH cancel Tfcsbox 15 both tapenrntfc ami opjqui: Because ths box fiirapetroeaMe.ttxlm any tnckground boxes will Ocw anrurdil Baaioeltecym box u opaque, tbe background of ths yellow box doesn't show.
I he ream Resources Stig Petersheim : ByuindHiirhoe naniel Bloch et*ii i. Hostong , Byyind shoguoll Bfern RyhaHlren ' Joneohmoi ¦ - close lunrkbench scaUiPrint Saxon Publisher 147 A new DTP heavyweight arrives SCALA 1 50 Setting new standards in friendliness Education 119 All the latest in kids’ fun - reviewed Grab it.. artist's The video dig most useful t Catch ourdiii Sample it... Chart hits are withiitlflPii m v. jgyj of the man in the str Kfl Find out all about saiR: Scan it... High-quality pictures fipfj are just a short step awag Check out our full scanne ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT
ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans SENIOR SALES EXEC Duncan Ferguson AD SALES EXEC Jackie Garford Advertising sales, problems with advertisers ADVERTISING PRODUCTION F i o Milne Typesetting, ad layout, deadlines, ad film PUBLISHING ASSISTANT Michele Harris Coverdisk space competitions arrangement AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2BW ® 0225 442244 Fax 0225 446019 SUBSCRIPTIONS DEPARTMENT If you read Amiga Format every month, why not make sure of your copy by getting it delivered straight to your door? See Page 138 for details!
MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Take advantage of our Mail Order bargains. See the Special Offers details on Page 182 of this issue!
The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY « 0458 74011 Railroad Tycoon 50 So, Mr Brunei, why do you want this job?
PGA Tour Golf 68 Going crazy on the greens Brat 64 Here, kid - go play on the freeway!
FORMAT GOLD Railroad Tycoon ..50 PGA Tour Golf REVIEWED 68 GEM-X .. .54 Warlords .. .85 Armour Geddon...... .58 UMS II ...... .88 Wreckers .. 61 Supercars 2 ...... .90 Escape from Colditz ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦••¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦•¦a Chuck Rock ..... .95 (3 rat ¦¦¦¦¦«¦¦¦¦•¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ 64 ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ A 10 Tank Killer
.. .97 Moonfall .. .72 Pro Tennis Tour 2 .97 Killing Cloud .... .74 Backgammon Royaie .. .97 Battlestorm ..... .77 GO! .. .98 Demoniak . .82 COVER DISK 22 Documentation on page 1 5 Quote of the month: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" SPECIALS GRAB IT .....23
You too can be an artist with a video digitiser SAMPLE IT ...29 And you can be a musician: get a sound sampler SCAN IT ...159 Get into quality design with a hand-held scanner DOWN WITH SKOOL ...T19 A whiz for kids is the bizz in our education guide THE FIRST STEPS .....197 Beginners, your printer problems are solved REVIEWS AEHD DISK DRIVE 145 Now you can store two megabytes on a disk
SAXON PUBLISHER .147 A new US program joins the DTP heavyweights SCALA ......150 Don't miss this innovative presentation package PRINTERS INSIDE AND OUT 153 A book about the trickiest area of Amiga use GODS - It's the game everyone wants to get their hands on at the moment - and we're the only ones who will let you! The Bitmap Brothers' latest is their first outing on the Renegade label and promises levels of exciting platform puzzle action.
SAMPLE EDITOR - Get in the know and up to date with the age of the electronic artist. Find out for yourself how digital sound samples work.
PIC OF THE MONTH - Entitled 'Land of the Eagle', this picture shows what HAM can do for your atmosphere!
VILBM AND PPMORE - This month we're showing you how to use these handy utilities to display your own text and pictures.
mm COMPETITIONS WIN A DAY AT THE RACES 135 Gremlin hit top gear with Supercars 2 WIN A STAR PRINTER ...143 The great Converta joystick giveaway... REGULARS NEWS ......7 Much good news for home video PREVIEWS ...41 All the new games: Cybercon III and F-l 5 GAMEBUSTERS ..103 Fivepage special featuring Captive tips PD UPDATE ...167 Your guide to the best in free
software SUBSCRIPTIONS ....138 Find out why it's a good idea to subscribe SPECIAL OFFERS ...182 Check out the mail order bargains on offer WORKBENCH ....185 Plus a new section specially for beginners' queries EVERY CINEMATIC ADVENTURE NEEDS BLOOD AND GUTS - CENTURION'S THE FIRST TO REQUIRE BRAINS AS WELL ¦ r-x&z 0fWttft • Y “ 'I 1 1 ¦*4' wv n IlbJ 1 M 'I A
- T- X I V 1 Infatuated with the ftegyptian queen, you tarry in
Alexandria until finally you gain entrance to her bedchamber on
her barge. Cleopatra is as sharp-tongued as ever.
Up until now, so-called "cinematic adventures" have offered little more than a fair bit of action, a few pretty pictures, a couple of fairly convincing sound effects and a strategic challenge that wouldn't stretch the intellect of a gnat.
Now, from a new generation of games from "Defender of the Crown" designer, Kellyn Beck, comes "Centurion: Defender of Rome", the first movie game that allies stunning graphics with really challenging game play.
In Centurion, you must choose from an infinite number of ways to conquer the known world.
Fight, bribe and seduce your way to the top: on the battlefield, in the gladiator's arena, on the chariot racetrack, even in Cleopatra's boudoir.
Centurion: Defender of Rome, for all cinema game fans with more between their ears than just their eyes.
IBM I PC and AMIGA £24.99 If you can't find "Centurion" at your favourite store, call our Direct Sales Line: 0753-49442 NIC A I? T 5s Electronic Arts I 1 49 Station Road Langley, Berks SL3 8YN Tel: (0753) 49442 Fax: (0753) 46672 Sample the new products at Computer Shopper Show You can expect to catch glimpses of over 50 brand new products for the first time, including a new sound sampler, at the upcoming Computer Shopper Show (Alexandra Palace, London, May 10-12). The Spring Show is confidently expected to be dominated by the Amiga, as witness the words of the show's organiser, Stephen
Bozdan of Blenheim Database: "If it carries on like this, the only other machine capable of holding its own will be the PC".
Details of new releases are a little sketchy at present, but as well as rumours of Photon Paint 3 from Microlllusions we have confirmation that Power will be demonstrating two new hard disk drives and that New Dimensions will be showing off Technosound Turbo, an uprated version of their sound sampler incorporating sequencing and MIDI compatibility among its new features (see Page 29 for more about samplers).
The high point of this particular show for the visitor is usually the chance to collect bargain buys and this year the organisers expect that over £1 million in bargain buys will change hands. Visitors quizzed on leaving past shows have nearly all felt that "substantial savings" were on offer, with figures reported ranging from £50 to £1,000. Blenheim Database Exhibitions 081 868 4466.
Other show dates for your diary are the first out-of- London adventure of the All Formats Computer Fair, for the real computer fanatic, at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on April 21st: and the MIDI Music Show, a real treat for MIDI musicians, at the Novotel, Hammersmith, London on April 26 to 28.
Dramatic Database The most widely-acclaimed of Amiga databases is to be released in an upgraded form very soon. Superbase Professional 4 from Precision has a list of features longer than the longest of arms, but the key to it lies in a new graphic user interface developed in a Workbench 2 style. As before, however, it has the unique video-recorder style controls to allow you to spin through records. More details in the full review next issue. Precision 081 330 7166.
EE Amiga storms home video shops The latest Amiga bundle has nothing to do with Commodore: it’s been put together by retail camera chain Jessop's and could turn Amiga-based home video editing into a popular activity, on a par with taking your holiday snaps or videoing your sister’s wedding.
The bundle is based around the Amiga 500 with a 512K RAM expansion and is aimed squarely at amateur video editing, with a MiniGen genlock included to allow the user to combine signals from a VCR with screens and animations from the Amiga. The software included to enable the user to play around with Amiga and video images includes Deluxe Paint III, TV*Text and TV*Show and the overall price of the bundle is £699.
It’s a well thought-out package, with very good software at a reasonable price and should sell well. Jessop’s see home video editing as “an increasing and vitally important area” and are “heavily into editing”, committing themselves to “more than just selling camcorders”. They also back up their sales with hands-on training courses at their Leicester HQ at a cost of £35. The bundle, described as “the complete home video production unit”, will be called the ‘IQ Video Amiga DeskTop Video pack’ and is available in 55 Jessop’s stores nationwide now.
Jessop’s 0533 320033 (Marketing Dept for details of training courses).
As the Amiga rapidly becomes accepted as part of the equipment of many a professional studio, video software specialists ZVP have announced a range of new video production tools in an updated professional version of their Video Studio software.
The Video Studio Professional is described as an 'integrated post-production environment'. It is aimed primarily at titling and captioning but it includes many other little essentials for video production, such as colour test-cards and a synched countdown clock. We will be bringing you more details of this and other ZVP video tools in a review in a forthcoming issue. ZVP 0268 41 1719.
Added value mouse Naksha's mechanical mouse, one of the best replacements available for the standard Amiga model, is The remarkable work of Amiga video artists Julie Myers (see Issue 21. Portrait of the Artist) and Clive Gillman can be seen in Liverpool this spring as part of Britain's largest ever video ails festival. Video Positive 91 (April 20 to May 6). Both artists will use video walls and projectors to show imagery generated on Amiga 2000s.
In 1990. In collaboration with Susan Collins. Myers produced Going For Goldfish, a video animated art piece using an Amiga, as part of the Manchester Olympic Festival. For Video Positive she is working with Jackdaw, a new animation company in Liverpool, who will be showing the end results of a series of workshops as a video installation at a public site in Liverpool.
Clive Gillman has recently been working on Losing, an installation on football which will turn the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool into a penalty area over the festival. Before he left to go freelance. Clive worked extensively with Amigas at London Video Access - London's video arts centre - running both introductory and advanced workshops in the creative application of a broad range of Amiga software and hardware.
Other video installations being staged at ‘Video Positive' include: Magnification Maximus by Lei Cox (UK) and Alchemy by Simon Biggs (Australia) at the Liverpool Tate Gallery: Triune by Tony Oursler (USA) and Wishing Well by Catherine Elwes (UK) at the Bluecoat Gallery7: and Chasing Skirt by Severed Heads (Australia) at the Walker Art Gallery.
A full review of the Video Positive 91 festival will feature in one of the summer issues of Formal. For further information contact Nik Houghton on 051 709 2663.
Amiga animators star in video arts festival to be made available in a special reduced-price package with a free game. It's not a bad game either: Operation Stealth from US Gold scored 90% and a Format Gold award in Issue
15. The pack is on sale now at a price of £29.99 + VAT, and we
reckon it's very good value.
Naksha UK 0925 56398.
Big in Video Door to Door warning It appears that many people are having problems after ordering the Door to Door routefinder program from Geographic, of Wilsden. Until we can clarify the situation, we advise that you do not order this program.
Sample it: soon A new piece of sampling hardware will be arriving in the next couple of weeks, to join the wealth of sound sampling kit surveyed in our massive round-up on Page 29. Put together by two enthusiasts currently calling themselves Shadow, the prototype of the new sampler is claimed to be of 'excellent quality'.
The only hold-up at the moment is deciding on casings for the circuit boards ("we may go for novelty cases, like Coke cans or something" say Shadow) and the possibility of including readily-available software with the pack. More news next month.
Paint America There's some good news and some bad from America. The bad is that the excellent new HAM animation package Spectrocolor, reviewed in Issue 20, may not be appearance too soon due to a wrangle. It seems some of the code may owe a little too much to Photon Paint 2, the copyright of which is still held by Microlllusions. More news as we get it.
The good is that new US paint programs could soon find their way to this country, including Accolade's slightly aged The Graphics Studio and Holosoft Technologies' The Graphics Workshop, pictured left, a new 64- colour entry-level package. We may look at these soon in case it's worth a UK distributor to take them on board.
Exciting 3D for DTP and Video Rombo's Vidi range of digitising hardware and software (see guide to digitisers on Page 23) is to be combined in a high-value, high-performance bundle that will put a whole heap of grabbing possibilities at your fingertips.
The new bundle is being described by Rombo as "the complete solution" this is because it includes their whole range of Amiga digitising kit. It kicks off with the original Vidi-Amiga software and hardware, which allows instant 'real-time' black-and-white grabbing and can also grab sequences of I 6 pictures, animate them and colour them, as well as putting 'windows' for a fresh grab into a previous grab.
Next addition is the Vidi-Chrome software, which allows Vidi to grab 4,096-colour HAM pictures using a three-pass RGB filtered system: then the RGB splitter hardware, Vidi-RGB, which takes the hassle out of the process by doing the RGB separation for you.
The total cost of the package is £l 79, which compares well with what you would have to pay if you bought the elements separately: Vidi-Amiga at £99.95 (reviewed AF Issue 3), Vidi-Chrome for £19.95 (reviewed AF Issue 10) and Vidi-RGB at £69.95 (reviewed AF Issue 17), a total of £189.85. When you add in a free copy of Photon Paint, you're well away. There is also a demo disk available from Rombo at a price of £1.95 to let you get a taste of what Vidi can do. Rombo 0506 41463 1 The Genisoft label is to tidy up UK distribution for a whole ranse of disparate kinds of program, varying from the
latest release of the BBC Emulator, through a set of educational programs to latest versions of the fractal scene generator Vista and the astronomy program Distant Suns.
The new version of Commodore’s official BBC Emulator will cost £39.95 and is now Workbench 2 compatible with support for faster processors. It is claimed to be much faster and also includes programs to read BBC or Archimedes 640K disks in the Amiga's disk drive while running BBC or Amiga programs.
.. .. The popular scene generator Vista, which produces 3D fractal scenery of great beauty, is to be updated with a new version called VistaPro, that only works in 3.5 Megabytes or more of memory but will turn out 24-bit 'True Colour’ images without the polygonal look of the original. For now, the original Vista is available at £59.95 and the pro version will be an "inexpensive upgrade".
Distant Suns (£44.95), a star map program that reveals the secrets of the night sky, is to have three expansion disks covering the Yale Bright Star Map (9,100 stars for £14.95), two disks of extra Sky Maps (20,000 stars for £19.95, but needs a hard disk) and Deep Sky Objects (215 scanned images of nebulae and the like for £19.95). For schools in particular, they offer a vast amount of highly-specialised information.
Other Genisoft releases include the Weather Watcher recording and analysis program, children’s word processor Kid's Type and educational programs What is it? Where is it? Covering geography and Game Set and Match for early learning. Genisoft 0753 680363.
New BBC emulator, Vista and more on Genisoft label Undoubtedly, the world's best selling home computer, the C64 is now excellent value down from £159.99 to £119.99. This month, the C64 brings instant fun for all the family and comes complete with joystick and games cartridge consisting of International Soccer, Klax, Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun and Flimbo's Quest.
All games cartridges produced for the C64 Games System are compatible with the standard C64 Computer. And all Commodore computers, together with a wide range of peripherals, are available at selected high street stores and at most independent computer retailers.
For full details of how you and your money can go to amazing lengths with Commodore, call 071 873 9800 or send the freepost coupon below.
Our Amiga 500 Screen Gems pack, the UK's most popular 16 Bit home computer has now doubled from 512K to 1 Megabyte of RAM.
This gives even more power to educate, entertain, inspire and stretch the imagination. Yet it's still only £399.99, saving you almost £100.
Screen Gems also includes a mouse, Deluxe Paint II and four exciting challenges, including; Back to the Future II, Nightbreed, Shadow of the Beast II and the devastating Days of Thunder.
If you're looking for great Amiga value, you could even trade in your old computer for a fantastic world of graphics, animation and sound.
Telephone:_ C? Commodore THERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF COMMODORE IN ALL OF US There's a little bit of Commodore in all of us.
Excitement and adventure, you saw it for yourself in our Christmas commercials. Now your money goes even further with Commodore.
For just £329.99, you can now buy the Amiga 500 computer and modulator, saving you £70 on the normal price.
The C64 with joystick and games cartridge just £119.99 NEXT MONTH quick: disks!
We did it at Christmas and so many of you asked us to do it again, we just had to say yes! The next two issues of AMIGA FORMAT will both come with a second Coverdisk and a complete full-price classic game!
You asked for it, so we’ve delivered it. We’d like to do it every month, but they won't let us: so we've come to a very special arrangement to bring you a second Coverdisk on both of the next two issues.
Each second disk will feature a complete, full-price commercial game, and not just any old game, either. We've picked out a couple of real classics that will keep you entertained and absorbed for hours, even if you don't normally spend much time dabbling in games.
Now of course this will cost money: but we’ve absorbed most of the expense for you. The Special Issue price will be £3.95, only £1 above normal. For an extra blank disk, this would be good value: but for a whole full- price game as well, we think it’s extraordinary.
BALANCE OF POWER COMPLETE GAME You’ll spend many an hour wrapped up in the alternative reality of this fascinating and complex strategy game. A real classic.
It’s not just a strategy game: it’s a detailed simulation of international politics and, as we said in Issue 19, “Superb stuff that can make whole weekends disappear”. You control one of the two superpowers, America or Russia, as each attempts to dominate the world by any means possible: economically, politically or, if neccessary, militarily. The world is at your fingertips: have fun with it!
“The current zenith of strategy games... After playing this, you should know more about international politics than most politicians do.” (AF Issue One).
3D CONSTRUCTION KIT DEMO Incentive’s brand-new game construction kit will allow you to create your own 3D worlds and games using their proven Freescape system.
Try it here first!
ATOMINO PLAYABLE DEMO This fascinating little puzzle game from Psygnosis makes you match the covalent bonds of atoms. Difficult?
No! If you can count to four, you’ll have hours of fun!
And, of course, much more besides!
This special issue concentrates on the mysterious alternative reality of three-dimensional graphics. Learn all the secrets of how 3D games are programmed. 3D experts Mike Singleton (Midwinter), The Assembly Line (Cybercon 3), Incentive (Freescape) and MicroProse [F-15 Strike Eagle) reveal all.
3D GRAPHICS SPECIAL Will tell you all you need to know about the most powerful area of the Amiga. Complete with reviews of three new packages!
Mindscape’s Balance of Power is widely accepted to be one of the most challenging and intriguing games ever created.
It was chosen by our experts as one of the Best Eleven games of all time way back in Issue One of Amiga Format: yet its longevity is such that it also appeared in our All-Time Top Fifteen games in Issue 19 at the beginning of this year.
Jj ear Newsagent, 1 Please reserve copy copies of these issues of Amiga Format: i i i i i i ? Amiga Format Issue 23, June 1991 - on sale 9th May ? Amiga Format Issue 24, July 1991 - on sale 13th June Name .... Address To the Newsagent: Amiga Format is published and distributed by Future Publishing and is available from your wholesaler. Send back these coupons for entry in a free prize draw to: Kate Hodges, Future Publishing, 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2BW.
Draw to: Kate Hodges, Future Publishing, 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2BV | BE SAFE: RESERVE YOUR COPY!
Amiga Format always sells out. Wherever you live, you may already have been through the awful experience of trekking round all the newsagents in town without being able to find a copy. We just can’t keep up with demand: we are, after all, far and away Britain’s biggest-selling Amiga magazine.
And of course the double-disk Issues 23 and 24 are bound to sell like hot cakes. The best way to make sure you get your sticky mitts on these exciting issues is to cut out or photcopy the coupon on the left, fill it in, take it down to your newsagent and make sure he saves you a copy. Don’t forget!
There’s one way you can get both these exciting two-disk issues without paying anything more than the usual price, and that’s to subscribe to Amiga Format for the next year.
Think about it: twelve issues of Amiga Format delivered straight to your door, a free special extra subscriber’s bonus of a game or some serious software, plus the two double-disk issues of Amiga Format at no extra cost! You know it makes sense! See Page 138 NOW!
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro • B5000 has advanced 32-bit
Paged-Mode design
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster • Three models
A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16: 16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3
MIPS (8 MIPS peak) B5000-25: 25.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP
5-6 MIPS (12 MIPS peak) B5000-40: 40.00 Mhz Asynchronous
MC68030RP 8-9 MIPS (18 MIPS peak) FPU: 12.5 Mhz-50 Mhz
Asynchronous MC68881RC or MC68882RC A5000-16 RAM: 4 Meoabytes
of 32-bit RAM 256 x 4 80ns DRAMs B5000-25 RAM: 16 Megabytes of
32-bit RAM 1024 x 4 80ns DRAMs B5000-40 RAM: 32 Megabytes of
32-bit RAM 1024 x 4 80ns DRAMs SHADOW ROM: Move your Kickstart
into 32-bit SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE: 68000 Fallback mode for
100% software compatibility HARDWARE: 100% Compatible with
Amiga 500 2000 and add-on cards INTERFACE 1: Plugs into 68000
processor socket inside your Amiga INTERFACE 2: A B2000
Co-processor (Zorroll) card (for B5000-40 only) .
"I" . iSP; .. A5000-16 S29:3 (Price includes 1Mb RAM) B5000-25 (Price includes 1Mb RAM) B5000-40 .21162 (Price includes 4Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive of VAT) Solid State Leisure Limited BD Finedon Road, Irthlingbdrough, Ndrthants NN9 5TZ. Telephone: (0933) 650677 International: + 4-4 933 650677 OFFICIAL SECRETS All the benefits of Special Reserve plus: J
• Confidential.
• Sim City or Corporation. |Jj[ AMIGA and ATARI STShockware have
a different machine. Lmj Of Corporation, ACE said: m§j
"Probab|y the most 'nf|uential R llli lfVll Al 9ame °* *biS
genre making this I ¦ an essential addition to your collection.
Zero said: If you liked Dungeon Master you'll lurve this.
Of Sim City, ACE said: "Sim City is a FW Jm politician's - or a gamesplayer's - dream... MhyUDHBuflnfl comparisons spring immediately to mind If J with Populous... but Sim City seems to have much more depth....”. C&VG said: "Sim City is utterly fab"
• Help-Line - to help you solve most games.
Manned weekdays until 8pm and on Sundays (not an 0898 number)
• Myth - exclusive to Official Secrets members.
Written by Magnetic Scrolls, authors
• d A * t C graphics and is included in the price of membership.
Nro nr its obi*' swx tr, rashes. Zr» rtmruvs i sm-'i cnsT fmr ivmnatr snu gau ut ant nwmj oarer : __ Amiga Format said: "An excellent adventure... witty, cunning and just plain good fun! If you liked Fish! You'll probably like this, because they're very similar in style: you may even prefer Myth, it’s that good!" CU 90%, Amiga Format 87%, TGM 85%, Crash 91% Official Secrets Annual UK Membership With 6 Issues of Confidential, Myth, Corporation or a* aa S m City, Help-Une + membership of Special Reserve. JU UU UK £29.99. EEC membership £34.99. WORLD Member «SVV Or join Special Reserve only UK
£6.00. EEC £8.00. World £10.00. 600204 WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN (£6.00) THERE IS A SURCHARGE OF 50P PER GAME FOR TELEPHONED ORDERS (PLEASE PRINT IN BLOCK CAPITALS) Name & Address- Software Prices include UK or EEC Postage World software orders please add £1.00 per item Fo' non software items such as joysticks or blank disks please add 10% EEC or 25% World for carnage Overseas orders must be paid by credit card Credit card issue expiry date_ ‘CHEQUE *POSTAL ORDER *ACCESS *VISA 16 BIT AMIGA ST 16 BIT , AMIGA 3D POOL 7.49 ...SM
FOOTBALL MANAGER 2 + EXPANSION 7.49 688 ATTACK SUB .....16.99 CM... FUN SCHOOL 2 (2-6, 6-8 or 8+) .....12.99 A10 TANK KILLER (1 MEG) 21.99. m.... FUN SCHQOL 3 (2-5, 5-7 or 7+) .....15.99 AD&D DUNGEON MASTER ASS VOL1 ...7.3T Jfk.. GAUNTLET* 7.99 AD&D DUNGEON MASTER ASS VOL2 ...l.M GETTYSBURG (ARC) ......19.49 ADVANCED DESTROYER SIMULATOR 1$ 99 ...16;® GETTYSBURG (SSI) ..6.99 ADVANCED TACTICAL FIGHTER 2 .. S9%49 ...17 GFA BASIC V3.0 COMPILER .22.49
AFRIKA CORPS ..JL 18.49 ...18%. GFA BASIC v|.0 INTERPRETER ..36.99 AMERICAN ICE HOCKEY -M ...7.4$ %GHENGHIS KHANN ..20.99 AMNIOS ......Jr 13.99 .. ©QDS ...14.99 AMOS (GAMES CREATOBN W , 29.99 .. GofcO OF THE AZTECS .... ANT HEADS ICFTD DAT yDISK (1 MEG) 7.99 .. GOLBftUSH! (SIERRA) ...... ARCHIPELAGOS .M .....1 .6.49 ...6.49
GOL®ftLAXE 16.49 ARMOUR-GEDDON .....16.49 ...16.49 GRMiD PrtX.CIRCUIT ......6.99 AWESOME JSF ...16.49 GF ITY .i 6.99 AWESOME (WJWT-SHIRT) .15.49 .. GREfi NORMAN%GOLF ...16.99
B. A.T (UBI SOFT) .....20.49 ..
SOUND CARD) ....23 9& GUNB(%T ......16
B. S.S JANE SEYMOUR 1699 16J 9 GUNSH% .. . . , .... 1699
BAAL ..6 49 ..*49 HARD QHIVIN' 2 ...
15 99 BADLANDS ....1649 49 HARPgDN
.....1949 BALANCE OF POWER ....*‘”'“5.99
STREET BLUES . . 16 49 BALLYHOO (INFOCOM) ...!. W 5 99
18.99 BARDS TALE 2 .....to 99
..... 699 HOME A SOJN IS
OTFICE KIT ..... 86 9?
BATTLE SQUADRON ..8.49 ..... HORROR ZOMBIES . 16 49* BATTl ESCAPES (BORODiNOS ARVADA119 99 .19 99 HOUt® OF SHADOW 8.9 BATTLESTORM is6.49 ..16.49 HU®f FOR RED OCTOBER ... 8 9 BEAST 2 (WITH T-SHIRT) ..i '299 ..... HUNTl|g .. 1&B9 BETRAYAL ...... .’9 49 .19 49 HYBR!% .. 99 BEYOND ZORK (INFOCOM) ...7 49 IMMORwtl (1 MEG) ffi.49 BILLY THE KID ...... 1699 .1699 INDlAf%OLIS 500 ....15m BLACK CAULDRON . 7.99 6 99 INFIDEL%NFOCOM) ......13.99] BLACK
LAMP 5 99 INTERPHaSE ....4 94 BLOODWYCHX 1199 IT CAME fl-tOM THE DESERT 4 BLUg ft*“rT ..17.99 IT CAME®OM THE DESERT (1 MEG) 1099 BrljGE PLAYER 2150 GALACTICA......19.99 .. IVAN STEWARTS SUPER B CK ROGERS (SSI) ......19.99 .. OFF-R(0M) RACER ..16.49 CADAVER ...16.49 ...16.49 J. NICKLAfS GOLF ..16.99 CAPTIVE 15.49 ...15.49 J. NICKI§P§ VOL1 COURSES .9.99 CARRIER
COMMAND ....'.....8.49 ...8.49 J. NICKpU%VOL2 INT COURSES 9.99 CARTHAGE ...16.49 ...16.49 JAMEgFPONik ...16.49 CENTURION-DEFENDER OF ROME ...16.99 .. JETpUBLOGE) .....16.99 CHAMPION OF THE RAJ ...16.49 ...16.49 JET JAPAN DISK (SUBLOGIC) . CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN (1 MEG) ..19.99 .. JINMER (M.SQROLLS) ......6.99 CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN (SSI) ......19.99 KldfflOFF .....1 ...6.99
CHAOS STRIKES BACK .10.99 KlCiOFF 2 ...f ..12.99 CHAOS STRIKES BACK (1 MEG) ..15.99 .. KICif OFF 2 - RN L WHISTLE .....10.49 CHAOS STRIKES BACK EDITOR ...10.99 KIGjfOFF 2 - GIANTS QF EUROPE ......7.99 CHASE H.Q 2 (SCI) ..16.49 ...16.49 KKSTOFF 2 - RETURN T&EUROPE ......7.99 CHIPS CHALLENGE ..16.99 ...16.99 K|§K OFF 2 - WINNING T tCTICS ..6.49 CHRONOQUEST 2 .....8.49 ...8.49
KffTGLOVES ..% ..11.99 CHUCK YEAGER'S AFT 2.0 .16.99 .. KILLpG CLOUD .....% .19.49 CLOUD KINGDOMS ..6.99 .. KlUflNG GAME SHOW ......% 9.99 CODENAME ICEMAN (1 MEG) .....24.99 ...24.99 KIN& WORDS 2.0 (W PROCESSOR) ...31.99 COHORT - FIGHTING FOR ROME ......18.49 ...18.49 KIN QUEST 4(1 MEG) (SIERRA)......24.99 COLONEL'S BEQUEST (1 MEG) ..24.99 ...24.99 KI( S QUEST 4 (SIERRA) .. COLORADO 16.49 ...16.49 KI®GHTS OF
(SIERRA) ......19% CRIME DOESN'T PAY ......16.99 ...16.99 LEISUR£%IT LARRY 2 (SIERRA) ......24. CRIMEWAVE 16.49 ...16.49 LEISURE StM LARRY 3 (SIERRA) .....I CRUISE FOR A CORPSE 19.49 ...19.49 LEISURE Suff LARRY 3 (1 MEG) 24.9$ CURSE OF THE AZURE BOND (1 MEG) 19.99 ...19.99 LEMMINGS J ...15.99' CUTTHROATS (INFOCOM) 9.99 .. LIFE AND DbaTH ....15.99 DAMOCLES ...8.49 ...8.49 LINE OF
FIRE'S ...16.49 DAMOCLES MISSION DISK 1 .8.49 ...8.49 LOMBARD RAC Rafej*Y ...15.49 DAMOCLES MISSION DISK 2 .8.49 ...8.49 LOOM ...f§k .....19.49 DEADLINE (BUDGET) ..8.99 .. LORDS OF CHAOS 'ML ...13.49 DEFENDER OF THE CROWN .8.99 ...8.99 LOTUS ESPRIT TURB'tffcHALLENGE ...15.99 DEJAVU 6.99 ...3.99 LURKING HORROR (INFORM) . DEJAVU2 ......7 99 7.99 MUDS
.9.99 9 99 MIDWINTER ....., 99 DRAKKHEN 11.99 11.99 MIG 29 FULCRUM ...M1.99 DUNGEON MASTER ......1C 99 MONSTER PACK ...„_ *1699 DUNGEON MASTER (1 MEG) .1099 . MURDER ...1649 DUNGEON MASTER EDITOR ...8 99 .8 99 MYSTICAI ....M .. 9 99 DYNAS'Y WARS ...... 6 99 .6 99 NARC ..1649 EMOTION ...699 ...6.99 NAM ......m..... 1899 ECO PHANTOMS ..16 99 16 99 NAVY S.E
A L S .....16 49 ELITE . 9 99 8 99 NEBULUS 2 ......yrfT ..1649 ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK 19.99 NEVERMIND ,SJT ...... 6.49 ELVIRA M O T.D. (1 MEG) .....19 99 NIGEL MANSELLS RAND PRIX ...... 7 99 ENCHANTER (BUDGET) 8 99 8 99 NIGHTSHIFT ......16 99 EPIC . 1699 .1699 NITHO . ... ..... ESCAPE FROM SINGE S CASTLE . 28 99 ...... NORTHAWD SOUTH EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE .....15.99 ...15.99 CBI.BJ5 .... 2199 EYEOFHORUS
SCROLLS) 6.99 F29 RFTAI.IATOR . . ...1 9 H6 49 PGA GOLF TOUR ..16 49 FAS I BREAK (BASKETBALL) .... 99 PHOTON PAINT 6 49 FERRARI FORMULA 1 ..Jm 99 8 99 jP_ANETFALL (BUDGET)......8 99 FINAL BATTLE (PSS) ...; 15 9S .15 99 P-AYER MANAGER ....12 99 FINAL COMMAND .... 17.49 14 49 POLICE QUEST 2 (1 MEG) (SIERRA) .24 99 FISH' (M SCROLLS) ... . 6.99 ...6.99 POLICE QUEST 2 (SIERRA) FISTSOFFURY.....1949 .194 POOL OF RADIANCE (1 MEG) (SSI)......1949 FLAMES OF FREEDOJvMMlOTftlNTER2)
19.49 .19 4* POPULOUS 16 49 FI IGHT OF IhtFTNTRUDER 1899 .18.99 POPULOUS PROMISED LANDS 8 99 FLIGHJjgHtfiULATOR 2 22 99 22 99 POWERDRIFT .5 99 FLQQO . 16.49 16 49 POWERDROME ....8 99 £©©LS ERRAND 749 .749 POWERMONGER 1899 .POWERMONGER DATA DISK .....10.99 .12.99 PREDATOR 2 16.49 .15.99 PRESIDENT ELECT (SSI) ... ..7.99 PRINCE OF PERSIA ..16.99 .19.49 PRO TENNIS TOUR 2 ......17.49 PROPHECY - VIKING CHILD .....
.22.49 PROTEXT WORD PROCESSOR V4......64.99 .36.99 PUBLISHERS CHOICE DTP (1 MEG) ...59.99 .PURPLE SATURN DAY ......5.99 .14.99 PUZZNIC 16.99 . 13.99 QUEST FOR GLORY ..6.99 (HERO'S QUEST) (1 MEG) 24.99 .16.49 QUEST FOR GLORY 2(1 MEG) ..24.99 .QUESTRON 2 (SSI) .....6.99 ..9.49 R-TYPE ... .16.99 REACH FOR THE SKIES (PSS) .....19.49 ..6.99 REBEL CHARGE AT CHICKAMAUGA ...13.99 .RED STORM RISING
......16.99 .RICK DANGEROUS .....7.99 . 15.99 RICK DANGEROUS 2 ......16.49 .RIDERS OF ROHAN ..19.49 .16.49 ROADWAR EUROPA (SSI) .16.49 ROBOCOP ...15.99 ..8.99 ROBOCOP 2 15.99
18. 99 ROCKET RANGER . ..7.49
22. 99 RUBICON ...16.99
16. 49 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND .....16.99 ..8.99 SHADOW OF
.SILKWORM ...7.49
16. 49 SIM CITY 11.99
19. 49 SKYFOX ...4.99
16. 49? SPACE HARRIER 2 .....6.99
...... ..... ~rT7L%.16.99 ..8.99 SPIRIT OFE?iS©4lr1BUR
% Tz1)1 ..6.99 STAR
RAY ....Sk,...
10. 49 STARFLIGHT 16.9$
..7.99 STARGLIDER 2 8.49
16. 99 STOS COMPILER ...
16. 99 SUPER CARS 2 .16.49
24. 99 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 (D BASE) ...69.99
..8.99 SWITCHBLADE 2 .....16.49
.SWIV ......16.49
..4.99 SWORD OF SODAN .. 9.99
22. 49 TEAM SUZUKI .16.99
24. 49 TEAM YANKEE .19.49
(STRIP POKER) ......9.99
15. 99 TESTDRIVE 2 ..
.15.99 THE KEEP ...16.99
,16.49 THEME PARK MYSTERY ...5.49 ‘'$ §.49
THUNDERBIRDS .4.99 .13.49&"
15. 99 TIMES OF LORE .6.99 ..5.99
TOKI ......16.49
.15.49 TOTAL RECALL .15.99
19. 49 TOURNAMENT GOLF ......15.49 .16.49
..6.99 TRIAD VOL2 (MENACE, BAAL, TETRIS) 7.99 .,8.99 TRIAD
VOL 3 ...8.99
.. .15.99 TURBO
CUP ...4.99 ..8.49 TURBO
CUP (WITH CAR) ... .19.99
..12.99 .16.99 TURRICAN 2
.15.49 .13.99 TV SPORTS
11.99 . 16.49 TYPHOON OF
STEEt, 19.49 .18.99 ULTIMA
5 ..1 ......18.49 .16.49 UMS 2
(1 MEG) - UNIVERSAL MIL. SIM. 2 19.99 .16.49 UNINVITED
.... ..6.49
VIRUS . •••$ ¦ . 4.99 ..7.99
VIZ .... .....16.49 .16.99 VOODOO
NIGHTMARE .7 6.49 ..9.99 VOYAGER .
6.99 .10.99 WAR GAME CONSTRUCTION SET ......1 9 .21.99
WARLORDS (1 MEQT ...1 .16.9$ . 16.99 WHEELS
OF FIRE ISJ ...19.99 .WINGS (1 MEG)
..3., .19.49 ..5.99
(BUDGET) .8.99 .16.49 WITNESS (INFOCOWb.
. 9.99 .16.49 WOLFPACK
...% ..6.99 WOLFPACK (1
MEG).. ...... .19.49 .WONDERLAND (1 ME®
1.3.....,1 ...13.99 ..8.99 WORLD CHAMPIONSf
SOCCER ......15.49 .12.99 WORLD CUP SOCCERl ITALIA 90(1 MEG)
13.49 .WRATH OF THE DEM(?N ...18.99
.24.99 XENOMORPH ... ..J 8.49 .19.49
XENON 2, MEGA$ LAST ......7.99 .16.49 Z-OUT
...... ...12:99 ..8.99 ZORK 1
(INFOCOM) ..9.99 ..5.99 ZORK 2
(BUDGET) .....8.99 ZORK 2
18. 99 ZORK 3 (BUDGET)' .....8.99 “ IE
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PGA TOUR Golf assesses how your rivals, such as Fuzzy Zoeller, Craig Stadler and Paul Azinger would have coped with each hole. Your relative successes or failures are then displayed on a constantly updated leaderboard and relayed to you by a match commentator.
To make things even more difficult, PGA TOUR Golf requires you to take into account both wind conditions and the lie of the ball off the green. Each hole is previewed for you in 3D, TV helicopter style.
So if you thought golf was a game played by kindly uncles in snazzy sweaters, PGA TOUR Golf will help you think again.
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CTRtNIC ARTS Electronic Arts I 1 49 Station Road Langley, Berks SL3 8YN Tel: (0753) 49442 Fax: (0753) 46672 One of the best game demos we’ve ever had, plus a very useful utility to help get you started in sound.
TRENTON WEBB gives the lowdown on Gods, while PAT McDONALD deals with the technical details.
GODS RENEGADE PAL NTSC To get to the game itself, press fire (or the left mouse button) and in just under a minute it’s time to get Godding. To speed through the credit screens use the space-bar.
Hercules appears in the lower levels of the temple and while he stands still, admiring the background graphics, he's in no danger. Moving Here’ is simple: pushing left right on the joystick makes him walk; pressing up turns him to face the wall; pulling down causes him to crouch; while an upwards diagonal move causes the lad to jump in that direction.
He can take a number of hits before he dies (he is a Greek hero, after all) and a health rating is ‘hand holding a disk’ prompt. The screen will go blue and 30 seconds later a helmet will appear as the screen flashes.
Hercules is having a bad day. To earn his freedom, the Greek Arnie has been set the task of returning three ancient artifacts to their crypt. Currently, they lie scattered around an ancient temple that’s filled with the nastiest, hardest, most intelligent, monsters mythology can muster.
To make life even more interesting the Gods Juno and Eurystheus have set a series of traps to kill Here’ before he reaches sanctuary. The resultant battle is an arcade challenge that makes the taking of Troy look like a cakewalk.
To initiate the challenge, simply switch on your Amiga and put the disk in the drive after the The decrunching loading takes another minute, but the wait’s worth it for the Nation 12 soundtrack.
ON THE DISK GODS P15 Want an arcade challenge that tests more than your index finger? Gods is the latest game from the Bitmap Brothers - try it yourself to find if it’s also their greatest yet.
SAMPLE EDITOR P16 Ever wondered just what sound sampling is all about? Play with various sounds on your own computer in a way that you thought was for the professionals only.
PIC OF THE MONTH P17 Not yet another cartoon, this time it’s an atmospheric landscape shot which shows off just what you can do with an Amiga and a little skill. Think you can do better? Check it out first!
VILBM P17 One of the most useful utilities which we regularly use on our Coverdisk.
This month we tell you how to use it to produce still slideshows of your very own.
PPMORE P17 Nico Francois is one of the best PD programmers around, so we thought it wise to tell you how to use the best text display system that you can get for nothing.
GETTING STARTED To start the playable demo Gods, all you have to do is insert the Coverdisk and turn your machine on (or vice versa - it doesn’t really matter).
Viewing Pic of the Month or the Sample Editor instructions can be accomplished by inserting your Workbench disk first and switching your machine on. You will also need Workbench to set up the Sample Editor program itself.
Think you’ve got what it takes to write for the Amiga Format Coverdisk? Prove what you can do and earn yourself some cash in the process! We’re after Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games ... You could earn up to £800!
Turn to P18 for details.
Tiirn to Page 18 NOW and learn how to use your Coverdisk GODS RENEGADE PAL NTSC shown at the bottom left-hand corner as a beaker of Ambrosia.
Hercules is no wimp, throwing daggers, knives and axes ahead to kill enemies. He starts with nothing but can develop a deadly armoury. By running over any weapons ‘token’ that appears, he automatically adds that to his present armoury. The tokens are small black disks which feature the picture of the weapon they will give Hercules.
Here, though, has some other special talents. Firstly, he can throw the switches found at head height throughout the temple complex. Turn him to face the wall (joystick up), in front of the switch, and press fire to throw it. The effect varies with the switch: some open doors, some de-fuse traps, some spring traps.
Objects of desire Obviously Here needs to collect the three items that must be returned to the crypt. These are found lying on the floor, but unlike tokens and treasure, they are not gathered automatically. To pick them up, crouch down over the artefact and press fire.
This accesses his backpack menu and four green windows appear at the base of the game’s screen. One highlighted window feature the item you want collected. Pressing fire cycles the highlight along by one window.
To gather the object, release fire and let the joystick centre when the the highlighted square doesn’t contain any item you still want to carry.
To drop and use an object, exit the backpack menu when the desired object is highlighted. It will then be dropped right in front of Hercules. Keys are the only exception to this backpack rule. They must in fact be placed in the backpack as normal, but are used automatically when Here’ touches a locked door.
As soon as Here’ moves the game begins and the first objective is to find a weapon. If he runs PLAYING TIPS The monsters take increasingly more hits as the game develops, so make sure you improving the weaponry.
Experiment with the various switches, the effects often vary in combination.
Also try firing sideways from the ladders.
You can walk through mace traps undamaged if you have a shield (four stars circling around Here’).
Read every message given on the green bar at the very base of the screen.
To the right a clue token and a dagger appear, which is just as well, because behind him the first two beasties have materialised.
The first half of the demo requires Hercules to work his way up and out of the temple. He will need to climb ladders (press up at the ladder's base) and leap between the platforms, collecting both treasure and artifacts as he goes along.
Going shopping Once near the exit, as if by magic the shopkeeper will appear and take Here’ off to spend the cash he has collected.
At the shop Here’ can examine any object simply by highlighting ft and pressing fire once. A description will appear on the message bar at the bottom of the screen.
Pressing fire again buys the object. He is however, only allowed one item from each row of goodies. After shopping, he is whisked back to the temple roof for the second half of the game, to find the remaining artifacts and return them to the crypt.
Hercules can carry up to three different objects. To access his backpack pull down on the ‘stick and press fire. Four windows will appear one of which will be highlighted. The highlighted window is the drop window. To pick an object up, crouch and display the backpack when you are standing over it. Then, cycle the highlight along the windows until it is either on an empty window (see picture) or an object you want to drop. Let the joystick centre and you’ve got it.
If you don’t know what makes the Amiga the best computer for sound and music, this program will demonstrate to you the thing that’s the key to Amiga sound - the sample. A sound sample is a digitised version of a real sound that the computer can play. It is not a recording.
What it really consists of is a set of numbers in memory (which is what everything is like inside a computer). How can you get into samples and change them then?
Simple, you use this program!
GETTING STARTED Once you have setup a ‘not so blank’ disk you can boot up the machine with it. The program will automatically load when you reset the computer - then press CTRL and the two ‘Amiga’ keys that are on either side of the space-bar simultaneously.
When Sample Editor has loaded, it has to load in some samples for you to manipulate.
There are no samples on its own disk (that would have meant more disk swaps when making the boot disk). Instead there are a couple of samples on the Coverdisk.
Wait for the drive light to go out, and then insert the disk with Sample Editor doesn’t work straight from the Coverdisk - it has to live on its own disk. Even if you don’t know a thing about the Workbench or CLI, we’ve made it a snap to do. It’s a ten minute job from start to finish.
1: First, insert Workbench and turn your machine on.
2: Get a fresh disk or one that you don’t mind erasing and insert it once Workbench has finished loading (the disk drive light goes out).
3: Click once on the blank disk’s icon (it will usually be called DF0:BAD, because it hasn’t been formatted yet) and let go. The icon will now be highlighted.
4: Press the right-hand mouse button, move the pointer to the top left of the screen and select the middle menu which is labelled ‘disk’. Two options will appear - move the pointer down to ‘Initialise’ and let go of the mouse button.
5: After a certain amount of disk swapping your blank disk will be labelled ‘Empty’. Wait until the drive light has gone out again.
Do not rename the disk to anything else.
6: Take out your blank disk and insert the Coverdisk. Doubleclick on its icon and a window of VILBM ERIC GRAHAM PAL NTSC SAMPLE EDITOR GUY EASTWOOD PAL ONLY Ever wanted to get a picture to display from Workbench? Every time a paint program saves a picture, the icon will demand that you put the paint program back in the disk drive. Infuriating.
If you have Vilbm (View Interleaved Bit Map) handy, you don’t have to put up with the chore. Simply copy it onto the disk with your pictures on by booting up with Workbench, going to the CLI or Shell and typing: COPY FROM COVERDISK_22:c VILBM TO nameofyourdisk: After you have swapped the disks, Vilbm will be on the disk with your pictures. Now select the picture icon (by clicking on it once with the left mouse button) and select info from the Workbench menu. The info menu will appear. Change the default tool to: :VILBM And then click on the ‘Save’ button. Now every time you click on the
icon, Workbench will read in the Vilbm program, which will then load the picture. To stop looking at the picture and get back to Workbench, just press the left mouse button.
As well as picture files (which can be in any format, including HAM mode) Vilbm will also cope with text files that have icons. Simple when you know how, isn’t it?
Sample Editor vl.0 Load j Save I Quit j Display ] Freq* I Freq** ; Freq- ! Freq j Reset Start* [ Start-j S tart** Start-
- j End* | End- j End** End Cowress Expand Diode i Copy
* dB Distort Clip | Full Reverse ! Insert Echo Paste
- dB 1 Buffer Ring !
Loop Start : End j Merge I Cut Tidy Sanple nane: Covei'disk_22:Atnosphere Freq 16880 Type Raw Length 5910 Start 183544 ; UjovcsFod- PP MORE NICO FRANCOIS PAL NTSC MAKING A DISK PIC OF THE MONTH PAUL SEALE PAL NTSC Aniga Fornat Sanple_Editor stand alone setup progran Setting up the RAM store.
Copying various necessary files froM Workbench.
Samples on (some people will already have collections of samples). Wait until the drive light goes out again, and press the right-hand mouse button. A list of available sources will display. Let go of the mouse button and move the pointer up and down the list until you get to the name ‘Coverdisk_22’. Press the left- hand mouse button, and the disk’s contents will be displayed.
The two samples on the Coverdisk are ‘Atmosphere’ (taken from the Oktalyser PD samples disk) and ‘Two-Are-Wonderful’ (which is used in the Gods demo’s musical soundtrack). Click on one or the other of these, which will make the file name appear at the bottom the requester box. Then click on ‘OK’ to load the sample.
The contents will appear.
7: Move the pointer to the icon labelled ‘Install Sample Editor’.
Press the left mouse button down and keep it pressed. Move the mouse pointer to the icon marked RAM. Let go of the mouse button and wait until the disk drive light goes out.
8: Close the Coverdisk window by clicking once on the little square gadget in the top left corner. Take out the Coverdisk (the icon will disappear) and insert the Workbench disk.
9: Double-click on the RAM icon.
A window will open, and inside it will be the Install Sample Editor icon. Double click on this with the left mouse button.
10: The Install program will now copy some of Workbench into memory. When the computer asks Workbench Screen IconX USING THE PROGRAM After any sample has loaded, it makes sense to click on the ‘Reset’ option. This will clean up any clutter in the sample, and forces the program to set up the sample’s start and end points in memory properly. If you mess up a sample, this option will restore it to the way it was before you started mucking with it. When you select other options, the name is displayed in the top left of the screen to show that the computer is busy.
To play a sample, just hit a key. Stabbing the keyboard will cause the sample to keep starting. Ch-ch-ch-check it out! If you want a sample to play and repeat, click on the ‘Loop’ button. Click again to turn it off.
You to insert your blank disk, do what it says and insert it. The Workbench files will be copied on to the blank disk.
11: After a while the computer will ask you to insert the Coverdisk, so do it. The Install program copies some of the Coverdisk files into memory.
12: Again your machine will request you to insert the blank disk into drive DFO. (Readers with more than one drive: this is the main internal drive, where you first booted Workbench from.)
After you’ve put it in, the Install program will set up your blank disk and finish.
13: If you want to read the programmer’s documentation then insert the Coverdisk, double-click on it and double-click on the Readme.Doc icon.
If Vilbm can cope with text files, why do I use Ppmore to display text files on the Coverdisk? Vilbm won’t let you dump files to a printer - and quite a lot of our readers have printers, which means they can have a copy of the on-disk instructions when using the program.
The file has to be copied to the disk which contains your text files, in a similar manner to that used by Vilbm. That is: COPY FROM COVERDISK_22:c more TO nameofyourdisk:PPMORE Why is Ppmore called more on the Coverdisk? This is done in case the Readme.doc text file (the instructions for Sample Editor) get copied to a system which doesn’t have PPMore. But PPMore is the proper name, which is the reason why I use it here.
After that, you have to alter the icons info to read: :PPMORE Then click on the save button. One final point. The PP in PPMore stands for Powerpacker, which is another program written by Nico.
PowerPacker can crunch files to a smaller size than normal - and naturally, PPMore can read such crunched files.
The program which installs Sample Editor is fully automatic and tells you what’s going on while it is doing its job Sorry for the interruption in last month’s issue - there was no disk space left for this ever-popular slot. The best picture this month is an atmospheric entry from Paul Seale of Burgess Hill. No? Think that you can do better? Then send you entry to: Pic of the Month, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St, Bath BA1 2BW MAY 1 99 1 AMIGA FORMAT Using Your Coverdi sk DISK PROBLEMS?
If you have a problem with the disk - and you’re sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help. We cannot normally give out advice over the telephone - but if you are completely stuck, Pat McDonald may be able to deal with any problems you may encounter. Please understand, giving this sort of advice is time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call if you really have to and do be considerate if we can’t talk to you just then. If the problem is particularly complex it is better to send it to us in written detail. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench
pages of the magazine.
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Copy the Coverdisk and use the copy not the original.
Instructions for copying the disk are given below.
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
BACKING UP YOUR DISK It's worthwhile using a copy of the Coverdisk - indeed any disk - and keeping the original safe. This may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple, provided you follow these instructions carefully: rr,w..TT7 .....1 , 1 Co«r»4itk_22 ( ro (Ink in Irm »r«: A E3STJI GH211 ¦a 1 (Ml ‘ad
M. . •«** » I.) fA jr., r.. »t.. .
‘ad . Ti Ml W* " • ' .I...*. Next, move the mouse pointer to the Coverdisk icon and click once with the left mouse button - the icon will highlight.
Press the right mouse button and keep it down. The words 'Workbench', 'Disk' and 'Special' will appear at the top left of the screen. Move the pointer to the word 'Workbench', and a menu will drop down. Select the 'Duplicate' option: you should have got this far.
The computer will ask you to insert the Workbench disk again
- it needs to read the command to copy disks. After you've done
this, a boxed message (a requester box) will appear, asking
you to insert the source disk. Insert the Coverdisk again and
click on the OK option with the left mouse button.
First turn on your machine and load the Workbench (one of the disks everyone gets with their Amiga).
Once the Workbench screen appears and the drive light goes out, remove your Workbench disk and insert the Coverdisk. Once the drive light has gone out your screen should look like the above.
After the computer has read part of the Coverdisk, it will again display a requester box asking for the destination disk to be put into dfO. Put in the disk that you want the Coverdisk copied to.
This procedure of swapping disks will continue until all the disk has been duplicated.
Eventually, you will end up with two Coverdisk icons, one of which has the name 'Copy of Coverdisk 22'. Click once on this with the left mouse button to highlight it.
Bring down the 'Workbench' menu again (by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse pointer to the top left) but this time select 'Rename' from the menu. Let go of the right mouse button to select the Rename option.
The name of the disk will appear in an elongated box - you don't need to insert Workbench again because the Rename command is built into the machine. Press the 'Del' key (next to the 'Help' key) to remove the 'Copy of part, and press return key to make the computer put the new name to copy.
We duplicate over 100,000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty. If the disk or any of the programs will not load or run properly, there may be a problem.
Don’t panic!
First try using the DiskDoctor utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. In-full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
However, if it transpires that your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN SAE for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format May Disk 30 Monmouth St Bath BA1 2BW Remember to include that stamped, addressed envelope!
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use and have no known viruses. We cannot usually answer complex telephone queries on the software (see the Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the numerous programs that are on the disk.
COPYRIGHT Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
Earn up to £800 Address Telephone (Daytime) (Evenings)...... My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs larger than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: LI Game Li Technical tool LI Art program I Educational L Other I I Business utility I Music program Novelty Checklist (please tick): i Stamped-addressed envelope for return I I README.DOC explanation file on disk I I Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) ! I Name, address, machine type written on label ! I Disk
certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
Name Brief description If you’ve got any programs which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d very much like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is simple and foolproof to use. Test it
for all those bugs which you are sure you fixed: there are
always more.
2. Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains
exactly how to use your program. Try to make it humourous and
informative - a good README.DOC gives a program a better
chance of going in.
3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it with your disk (and a
printout of the README.DOC file if possible) to: Coverdisk
Software, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2AP. You
could win a share of up to £800 prize money.
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* Fartponts with comments from Roger Melly ond focinoting speel
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- All Merlin’s OoH!
A T SOME PRINTERS CAN CHILD'S PLAY... Whatever computer you use, a toy town printer is going to make your printing look appalling however outstanding the content. To create the right impression and look professional you need a professional’s printer.
NEC. It’s a name that most professionals rely on. Now they introduce two new printers, the Pinwriter P20 and P30, specifically designed for personal use.
The 24-pin printhead technology that NEC pioneered produces type quality of crisp, sharp start of print positioning that personal use demands, allowing fine setting for each paper format.
And there’s a choice of 9 resident fonts from prestigious Prestige Elite to classic Courier, including typeset look proportional spacing.
Both the P20 and the P30 are compatible with virtually any software and both will operate in all major hardware environments from IBM PS 1 and Amstrad 2086 machines through all the 100% PC compatibles to manufacturers UNFORTUNATELY.
Daisy-wheel standard, but at 108 characters per second in high speed letter quality mode and 216 characters per second in draft mode.
And the paper handling is superb. Built in push pull tractors for perfect non-slip printing on continuous stationery; "low tear off’ for paper conservation and perfect realignment; paper park facility eliminating messy unloading when printing single A4 cut sheets.
They’ve even thought about the variable * such as Atari and Commodore.
At only £299 recommended retail price for the P20 and £399 for the wide carriage P30, with so many professional office printer features, you might be forgiven for thinking that they would cost at least twice that. But then creating the right impression is what it is all about.
For samples of the Pinwriter P20 and P30 print quality and more information on the p J N D printers either call us on D (081) 993 9831 or fill in and send the coupon, postage is paid.
Please send me samples of the print quality and further details on the Both i i i i i i ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ N NEC Computer COMPANY (IF APPLICABLE) Pinwriter P20 POSTCODE ADDRESS NAME Return to NEC Computer Peripherals, NEC (UK) Ltd., FREEPOST, NEC House, 1 Victoria Road, London W3 6BR. Af 03 Pinwriter P30 TEL Sample It, Scan Everyone knows that the Amiga can produce some pretty stunning graphic displays, but unless you're blessed with the talents of a modern-day Van Gogh, producing even a half-way decent picture can seem an almost impossible task. Packages like Deluxe Paint make that task
somewhat easier, but there’s still a weak link that even the most talented paint package programmer can’t overcome - the user. Just like a pencil or a brush, the paint package is only as good as the person that uses it!
But - as the old saying goes - if you can't beat them, then cheat. In the case of churning out graphics, the solution lies in a little bit of silicon trickery called the Video Digitiser.
Simply by feeding the output from a camera or VCR into a digitiser, you can literally ’grab' the images you see on your television screen and pull them into your Amiga. Once they’re in, you can then doctor them to your heart’s content, producing the kind of effects that would have made the BBC turn green with envy little more than a few years ago.
Get the Gear Buying a digitiser is only half the story, however - it’s also important that your digitising set-up is of the same standard as your digitiser. After all, even the most powerful digitiser will only produce decent results if it is fed a decent video signal to work with. If the source signal is sub-standard, then your digitised images will be sub-standard.
A decent set-up becomes particularly important if you're grabbing images from real-life. For starters, it’s worth investing in a decent camera (either colour or mono). Mono cameras can be picked up for as little as £75, but it's worth spending a little extra on a camera to obtain the highest resolution - higher resolution means more detail! On average, you can expect to pay about £200 - don't be put off by the price, a decent camera will vastly enhance the quality of your digitising.
For the digitiser to pick out the maximum amount of detail, it’s important that the object to be digitised is well lit. This isn't as complicated as it sounds - just a couple of tabletop lamps pointing at the object will do the job. However, try to avoid using standard household bulbs. These can often result in your images having a sort of red tint to them. A better bet are ‘daylight’ bulbs which are available from photographic and art suppliers at about £5 a throw. These reduce this effect substantially.
Anyway, enough technicalities: let's take a look at what digitisers are available. We've used a test image across all the digitisers to give you a fair comparison of how they work.
It If you want to make the most of your machine's graphic power but you aren't overflowing with artistic talent the video digitiser can help you to produce your own original works of art. Grab it, use it, change it - and admire it!
JASON HOLBORN tests all the video digitisers on the market and recommends the best.
Digiview Gold ????
NewTek HB Marketing ¦ 0753 686000 ¦ £149.95 Indeed, NewTek claim to have sold DigiViews to just about every country on the Earth, including Japan and the Soviet Union.
DigiView cannot grab from a colour video source. Instead, it employs a system of coloured filters that must be placed in front of a monochrome (black & white) video camera.
Three ‘exposures’ must be taken, one each through the red, green and blue filters. These three exposures are then combined to produce the resulting image.
If you’re after speedy results, then forget about DlgiView. Digitising at Its highest resolution, it can often take several minutes before the resulting image is finally displayed.
Don’t be put off, however. The old saying goes ‘the best things in life come to those who wait’ and this is most certainly true of If you’re looking for pedigree in your digitiser, then NewTek’s acclaimed DigiView is about as well-bred as you’re likely to get. It’s been available for a few years now, but it is still the best-selling digitiser on any machine.
DigiView. Put simply, no other digitiser even comes close to DigiView where image quality is concerned.
If you’ve got access to a mono video camera, then DigiView is the one to go for.
However, If you’re intending grabbing screens from your favourite video tape, then you may want to look elsewhere.
? ? ? ? ColourPic JCL ¦ 0892 75791 ¦ £399 At the opposite end of the pricing spectrum is ColourPic, a homegrown digitiser from JCL Marketing. ColourPic isn’t the only digitiser that JCL produce - they also market a more expensive unit called SuperPic, which combines the same digitising power of ColourPic with a genlock for £499.
All that money certainly buys some pretty impressive hardware - the basic ColourPic boasts a built-in 192K frame buffer which can be expanded to a massive 512K with a separate RAM expansion module.
The frame buffer allows SuperPic to grab a full-colour image directly from any ‘composite’ video source (a normal TV, video or video camera) in real time.
Because of this, there’s no need to mess around with colour filters
- just connect up your colour video camera, select the ‘Import’
option and a full colour grab is eventually displayed. The
image doesn’t appear instantly, ColourPic must first carry out
a fair bit of jiggery- pokery. The frame buffer takes a
‘snapshot’ of the incoming signal which it then works on, so
there’s no need to pause the signal.
Image quality is certainly pretty impressive, but the relatively low resolution of colour video cameras and home VCRs means that the images lack the kind of detail you’d obtain from using a mono camera. Of course It is possible to buy high resolution colour cameras and recorders (Hi8 and S-VHS formats, for example), but these are currently rather expensive.
In all, ColourPic is perhaps better left to the real professionals.
Cheap it may be, but VIDI Amiga certainly isn’t a slouch where features are concerned.
It’s available in several configurations, but the basic VIDI is mono and low resolution only.
Sounds pretty unimpressive, I know, but what really makes VIDI special is that it works in real time. Unlike DiglView, you can connect it up to a ‘live’ video signal and grab frames in a 50th of a second. As a result, VIDI is ideal for grabbing mono artwork from video tape.
One particularly fun feature of VIDI is its animation facilties. Depending on the amount of free RAM in your machine, VIDI will automatically grab as many frames into memory as is possible. On a 1Mbyte Amiga 22 frames are possible, but over 150 are available on a 9Mbyte Amiga. To create the illusion of movement, VIDI can then rapidly flick through these frames. Both the contrast and brightness of the incoming video signal can be altered directly via two controls sticking out of the back of the hardware. Because VIDI is real-time, you don’t need to connect up the video source to a
monitor to check to make sure these levels are correct - just alter the controls while grabbing and the changes will be displayed onscreen almost immediately.
VIDI Amiga ? ? ?
Rombo ¦ 0506 414631 ¦ £99.95 VIDI may not be the most advanced digitiser available, but it’s certainly the most approachable for first time users. Unlike most of the competition, you don’t need expensive bits and pieces like video cameras and multi megabytes to get started - Vidi will happily work on a standard 512K Amiga 500 connected to nothing more than a home VCR.
VIDI Chrome ? ? ?
Rombo ¦ 0506 414631B £19.95 £20 for a colour video digitiser? Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it! Well, unfortunately it is too good to be true - VIDI Chrome is actually nothing more than a software upgrade for VIDI Amiga that allows it to grab colour images. Obviously VIDI can’t handle a colour video signal directly, so instead it uses the same system of coloured filters used so successfully by DigiView. Building up a colour image using filters can often be a rather ‘hit and miss’ affair, but the process is made somewhat easier because you can alter the brightness and contrast of each
separation before you finally decide to move onto the next. Once all three exposures have been grabbed, VIDI Chrome automatically builds up the final colour image.
Grabbing a colour image with VIDI Chrome can take little more than a couple of seconds, which makes the time DigiView takes to do the same job look like something of a joke. Image quality is also pretty impressive, with plenty of colour and a fair bit of detail. VIDI Chrome images are perhaps not as well defined as they could be, especially when you compare VIDI Chrome grabs with those produced by DigiView.
If you already own VIDI Amiga, then you’d be a fool not to splash out the extra £20 for VIDI Chrome. If, on the other hand, you’re starting out from scratch and want to use VIDI to grab colour images, then DigiView would probably be a better bet. This is a slightly less capable system, if very similar.
From first impressions, Videon certainly looks like a winner. However, there’s a few points that you should realise - firstly, although it can grab from a colour video source (colour camera, VCR etc), it is not real-time. This basically means that the image has to be still. If you’re grabbing an inanimate object with a colour camera, then this isn’t too much of a problem, but don’t think that Videon will grab from a moving video source. Sure, you can hit the pause key on your VCR, but the results are often far from satisfactory.
Videon offers two grabbing modes - slow and fast scan. Slow scan produces the best quality results, but it can often take longer than DigiView to build up the image. Even fast scan is not particularly ? ? Videon NewTronic Power ¦ 0234 273000 ¦ £249 fast - on average, you can expect to wait at least 30 seconds before an image finally appears on your monitor screen.
One nice feature of Videon is that it allows you to view the incoming video signal ‘live’ on your Amiga monitor simply by pressing a button on the front of the digitiser unit. This can be particularly useful for monitoring the brightness and contrast of the incoming signal.
Once you’re happy with the signal (which can be adjusted), press another button and you’re back to the Amiga display.
Videon is certainly capable enough, but you’d probably be better off spending the money on a DigiView unit and a mono video camera. It’s nice being able to grab direct from a colour video signal, but this is rendered almost useless by the amount of time that is required to grab an image.
If you're loaded and money is no object, Progressive Peripherals’ FrameGrabber256 may just be the digitiser you’ve been looking for. For your £600, you will get a gadget generally regarded as one of the best digitisers available for the Amiga. We reviewed it way back in Amiga Format 7, but even now the FrameGrabber continues to be a digitising favourite.
Like JCL’s cheaper ColourPic, the FrameGrabber is a true real-time colour digitiser, which goes some way to explain its high price. It uses exactly the same system as that employed by JCL’s unit - a frame buffer stores the incoming video signal within its own internal memory which is then downloaded into the Amiga’s memory. As a result, the FrameGrabber can handle grabbing from both pre-recorded video tape and from a colour video camera.
The quality of picture is very high indeed, but sometimes lacks the detail of those produced by slower digitisers like NewTek’s DigiView. Of course what you lose in definition, you more than make up for in both ease of use and speed. If you need to grab high-quality images but can’t be bothered to mess around with colour filters, then the FrameGrabber is the ideal choice.
If your budget can’t quite stretch to cover the cost of a colour video camera, then you can also use a mono video camera and filters to grab a colour ? ? ?
Framegrabber 256 ?
Progressive Peripherals Marcam ¦ 081 941 6117 ¦ £599 image. Obviously you then lose many of the advantages of real-time digitising, but it’s always nice to know that the option is there.
FrameGrabber’s main competitor is undoubtedly JCL’s ColourPic, both of which have very similar facilities. While the FrameGrabber is more expensive, it consistently produces much higher quality results than SuperPic with a minimal amount of fuss.
Use A diskful of digitised images is all very nice for impressing your auntie Mavis, but the real fun doesn't start until you begin to play around with those images. All digitisers can save their images in standard IFF format, so just about any art package can be used for a bit of basic tarting up and mess- ing around. Flowever, it’s important to make sure that the digitiser you buy supports the image format used by your paint package - HAM images from VidiChrome aren't compatible with Deluxe Paint, for example.
If you don't already own a paint package, then there are several available that are ideally suited to working with digitised images. By far the best HAM system for this purpose is DigiPaint 3, which includes a fair old selection of tools specifically designed with digitised images in mind. Particularly impressive is DigiPaint's 'colorize' option which allows you to add colour to mono images by overlaying coloured tints.
For heavyweight image processing, nothing even comes close to the facilities offered by Progressive Peripherals' PIXmate. This is a totally wondrous piece of software that includes everything you're ever likely to need where image manipulate is concerned. You can't directly modify images in the same way as you could within a package like Deluxe Paint
- instead, PIXmate uses image processing algorithmns that mathe
matically manipulate images.
These algorithms, which were originally developed by NASA to clean up images sent back to Earth by their deep-space probes, allow you to not only clean up digitised images, but also to produce many effects including posterising, averaging, blurring, plus a whole lot more besides.
PIXmate is also great for converting artwork between different formats. You can convert HAM pictures to anything from 32 colours to just two, high resolution images to low resolution, medium to high, low to medium - in fact, just about any format you can think of. Can you afford to be without it? ¦ FEATURES CHART Colour?
DigiView Yes ColourPic Yes VIDI Amiga VIDI Chrome No Yes Video n Yes Frame Grabber Yes Grab from colour video source?
No Yes No No Yes Yes Real time? * No Yes Yes No No Yes Grab Colour images in real time?
No Yes No No No Yes HAM Digitising?
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Screen Modes ** L H 1 LH 1 L LI LH 1 LH 1 Overscan support?
Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Memory Requirements 1 Mbyte 512K 512K 512K 512K 1 Mbyte Contrast Brightness controls?
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Image processing tools?
Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Price £149.95 £399 £99.95 £19.95 £249 £599
* A digitiser is designated 'real time' if it can grab from a
moving video image, without first pausing the source device.
* * Screen modes - L = Low Resolution, H = High Resolution, 1 =
Interlaced Anrtcure.
JJJ FOURSFIELD © 1991 TARANN LTD purchase, the more prizes you can collect.
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FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: KATH LONGFORD, TDK UK LTD, TDK HOUSE, 5-7 QUEENS WAY, REDHILL, SURREY RH1 1YB. TEL: 0737 773773. OFFER CLOSES 31.5.91. Get a sampler and the whole world of music opens up before you: but the wealth of Amiga samplers provides the music beginner with something of a dilemma. Which one do you choose? MAFF EVANS gets together the top ten samplers available and tests them all out.
A few years ago, electronic music was the playground only of the serious musician. High-technology gadgets such as sequencers, synthesizers and in particular samplers were expensive items. The enormous asking price put them well out of the reach of even the most enthusiastic hobbyist. However, the arrival of fast, fairly powerful and relatively cheap 16-bit home computers has brought the world of sampling within the range of the less wealthy amateur musician.
The Amiga's powerful sound chip and proficient operating speed make it the ideal home machine to get into the world of sampling and electronic music. Good or professional-quality results can now be achieved with little experience and considerably less money than was previously required.
The only thing is, which system is the best to start out on?
Advertisers’ blurb about ‘rates', ‘loops’ and ‘edit windows’ isn't much help either. Step forward Amiga Format - to the rescue! This guide to the top samplers should help you make up your mind!
Crossfade What?
For those of you who are new to the subject, it may be an idea to explain the theory behind sampling. Samplers are basically a method of recording sound electronically. You can record a sound from a record, tape, CD, video or a microphone and store it in your computer.
Once you have the sound you can perform all sorts of tricks, such as clipping out phrases, reversing sounds and fading them in and out.
When you've played around with it to your heart’s content, you can save it out to disk to use in other music systems or your own programs. Before we start off the reviews, here are some terms you will need to know.
SAMPLE RATE: This is the speed that sounds are recorded, usually given in samples or cycles per second (Hz). This means the number of times that the sampler gathers data, so the higher the rate, the better the sound quality.
LOOPS: This is where a sound or section of a sound can be repeated over and over again.
MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI is a standard system for connecting musical instruments, samplers and sequencers together.
WAVEFORM: This is the way a sound ;s portrayed once you have sampled it. All editing is carried out on a waveform display.
TRIGGERS: This defines how you start to record a sampler.
CUT AND PASTE: In order to edit a sound, you must be able to chop sections out and stick them in somewhere else. This is what ‘cut and paste’ means. Simple, eh?
IFF: Stands for Interchangeable File Format, a standard file system whereby samples can be loaded into other programs.
THE REVIEW SYSTEM Samplers are a pairing of hardware and software: our test tries both.
• Each sampler has a short section outlining the main points of
the package, including the sound quality, the range of
features included, how easy it is to use and a general
impression of the package as a whole. At the end of each piece,
a novice sampler gives an opinion on the system.
• The second section is a cross comparison, with all the
software being tested on one piece of hardware and all the
hardware tested on one piece of software, to see how well each
part of the package copes.
Audio Engineer ?
RamScan HB Marketing ¦ 0753 686000 ¦ £199 ? ? ? ?
Aimed at the more serious user, this is a complete hardware software package based around the superb Gsoft sampling hardware and a version of Audiomaster III. It’s not cheap, but it’s powerful!
SOUND QUALITY: Excellent. Easily the best quality on an Amiga.
FEATURES: All the editing and effects options you could wish for, as well as a superb looping system which allows you to set a sequence of multiple loops within a sample.
EASE OF USE: Despite its technical appearance, the program is fairly self-explanatory and easy to use.
OVERALL: The high asking price may put this out of the range of the novice sampler, but for more serious hobbyists it’s worth the dosh.
BEGINNER’S VERDICT: No constant referring to pathetic manuals, no peering at tiny soundwaves (these guys take up over half the screen) and no annoying fuzz - just proper facilities (even freehand editing), proper documentation (if you need it) and proper sound.
Microdeal’s first sampler comes equipped with a built-in MIDI interface - hence the ‘Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler’ name - and has a range of options that allow you to play samples from a MIDI keyboard.
SOUND QUALITY: The facility to turn off the LED filter means that pretty clear samples are available, but space is quickly eaten up.
FEATURES: A lot of editing tools and MIDI options provide the user with a wide scope for doctoring and playing sounds.
? ? ? AMAS Microdeal ¦ 0726 68020 ¦ £99.95 EASE OF USE: The icons and the fiddly suboptions are rather too confusing.
OVERALL: A decent enough package considering you get a ‘free’ MIDI interface, but a mite too difficult to get into.
BEGINNER’S VERDICT: It looks good but works in a klunky unintuitive manner. The control panel icons don’t represent what they do and editing a waveform will take a lot of practice before it becomes second nature.
Mastersound ? ? ?
Microdeal ¦ 0726 68020 ¦ £39.95 Alongside the more expensive AMAS, Mastersound is Microdeal’s bid for the cheaper end of the sampler market. The package is a simple single-input, stereo device supplied with the editing software and an input lead.
SOUND QUALITY: Pretty average at low rates, but very clean and clear results can be obtained when the rate is pushed up. However this tends to gobble up memory!
FEATURES: All the standard edit tools are there and the program also includes a simple, if a little throwaway, sample sequencer.
EASE OF USE: Uses similarly confusing icons as AMAS, and the fiddly zoom mode is a tad annoying. Also, the sequencer is far from self-explanatory.
OVERALL: A ‘cheap and cheerful’ package which produces good sounds... if you’re very patient.
BEGINNER’S VERDICT: I found this pretty confusing at first, but even when I’d sussed out what was going on, using the zoom window for looping was still a pretty frustrating way of operating.
Amiga Micro Sampler ? ?
Datel ¦ 0782 744324 ¦ £69.99 Datel have come up with a successor to their Sample Studio series, this time with a more compact piece of hardware. The program disk comes with a sampling program and a simple sample sequencer.
SOUND QUALITY: Not too great. The sound tended to come out rather muffled and distorted easily.
FEATURES: Not too many features on the editing front, with some pretty useless tools such as the pseudo 3D wave display. The ‘Jammer’ sequencing program is quite fun.
EASE OF USE: Very few on-screen explanations, which makes reading the rather thin manual essential. The lack of a monitor while sampling also causes a few problems.
OVERALL: A pretty bog-standard package, which could be confusing for the beginner.
BEGINNER’S VERDICT: Even though the manual describes every option on the program, it was still quite a chore to get into the flow of the program. Even then it was easy to select the wrong function by accident.
PageStream TEXT: Use any PostScript Type 1, PageStream or Compugraphic font!
PageStream creates jaggie-free type on the screen and on paper. Even dot matrix printer users can take advantage of the wide variety of PostScript Type 1 fonts with PageStream!
GRAPHICS: PageStream can import 24 bit IFF, TIFF and GIF pictures and ProDraw, DR2D and Aegis structured drawings. PageStream’s drawing tools are so extensive you may never need a drawing program.
COLOUR: Create millions of colours with standard CMYK definitions. You can even define Pantone colours with a Pantone Process Colour Imaging Guide (sold separately from Pantone, Inc.) PageStream is the professional choice for direct spot and process colour separations.
Actual PageStream screenshot Only PageStream can deliver hinted PostScript fonts on your Amiga today. Plus you can use any Compugraphic or PageStream outline font.
This unsurpassed variety of type options will not limit your creative freedom.
Most desktop publishers import only a few picture types.
PageStream can import almost every major graphic format for the Amiga, Mac, PC or Atari, as well as text. Whether you need ProDraw clips, MacPaint pictures, PostScript illustrations or 16 million colour IFF files PageStream can handle them.
Soft-Logik does not deny this power to dot matrix users like some programs. PageStream is the only program that supports every printer, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and imagesetters. If we don’t have a driver for your printer, we ’11 make one for you. At Soft-Logik we believe in customer service.
Version 2.1 is available now for your Amiga, Ask your dealer for PageStream or call us at our
U. S. office 0101-314~894-86M ter 1.1 PageStream 2.1 Feature
PostScript Font Compatible No Compugraphic Font Compatible 111
Professional Draw Import Edit Yes No No No Outline Fonts on
Screen Yes only Compugraphic tints No Draw Bezier Curves No
Yes Price : £250 £268 Yes even to dot matrix printers!
' C'~ ' r; &§i§mm Yes Yes edit ProDraw clips in PageStream!
If Yes Yes draw Bezier curves and Bezier polygons
• ••;. ;• ¦ . I.v' ¦ . , .7 V- ' - liisi Soft-Logik Publishing
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9. 0Gam-5.30pm ¦ 0274 69111 5 ¦ £39.95, plus £ Trilogic ? ? ?
Stereo Sampler Midi The latest version of Trilogic’s sampler
comes as a simple box equipped with a through-port for your
printer, a stereo input and a gain dial. Also included is a
simple beginner’s piece of software and (gasp) an input lead!
SOUND QUALITY: Very good. In fact the quality achieved is very close to the more expensive systems.
FEATURES: The supplied program contains only the rudiments of sampling and editing sounds, but Trilogic can also supply the package with the superb AudioMaster III.
L99 for Audiomaster III software EASE OF USE: Extremely simple. The program is very much intended for beginners and works well in that respect.
OVERALL: A high-quality piece of hardware, but the software will soon need upgrading to a more powerful system - like AudioMaster.
BEGINNER’S VERDICT: Such a fine bit of hardware should really be backed up by software that allows for more than simple cut-and-paste editing. But it does mean that you can get to grips with high-quality sampling in a matter of minutes.
Technosound ????
Centresoft ¦ 021 625 3388 II £34.99 full package, £24.99 software only Set as an ‘entry level’ sampler, Technosound comes as a complete beginner’s package with hardware, lead, program, two demo disks, and a tutorial cassette.
SOUND QUALITY: Not as crisp as the more expensive samplers when used with the bundled software, but superb with a decent program!
FEATURES: A wide range of editing and effects tools, but the memory limitation are sometimes restricting.
EASE OF USE: Self-explanatory controls and easy-to-use windows mean that the program is pretty straightforward, even for beginners.
OVERALL: Not really an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ package, but an ideal way to get into the world of sampling.
BEGINNERS VERDICT: The use of words instead of confusing pictures on the buttons made all the controls pretty easy to use. Also, the tutorial cassette provides a good introduction to the system.
? ?? Sound Trap III Bytes and Pieces ¦ 0253 734218 ¦ £29.95, £54.95 Audiomaster II, £84.95 Audiomaster III Probably the smallest sampling unit on the market, Sound Trap is aimed as a budget sampler, although higher-priced packages are available bundled with Audiomaster III or for the serious user.
EASE OF USE: Very simple to use, but careful work is needed to achieve good results.
OVERALL: Not a brilliant package as it stands, but with the option of buying the system bundled with AudioMaster at a pretty cheap price it could be just the thing for the musician with a tighter budget.
SOUND QUALITY: The software doesn’t really cope too well with high frequency samples, and tends to distort and sound muffled at any other rate than high.
FEATURES: Not a huge amount, but for the price it contains all the functions that you would expect.
PerfectSound 3 ? ? ?
Sunrize HB Marketing ¦ 0753 686000 ¦ £59.95 Now in its third version, Perfect Sound comprises a simple black box with stereo phono inputs and a mini mic jack and the software disk.
The program allows you to work with up to six sample banks at once.
SOUND QUALITY: Mostly good, but the occasional annoying hum creeps in from time to time, especially at high frequencies.
FEATURES: The six sample banks create interesting edit options and there’s a fair amount of tools, but the whole thing seems a little simple.
EASE OF USE: Editing isn’t as daunting as many systems, but the inability to work in zoom mode makes editing sounds very difficult.
OVERALL: A fairly comprehensive package with the only drawbacks being a few quirks in the editing system.
BEGINNER’S VERDICT: Undaunted by the icon menu system I was able to progress quickly into Perfect Sound’s more complicated editing facilities without much reference to the excellent manual.
CROSS COMPARISON In order to get a real idea of the power and quality of both software and hardware, each piece of hardware was tested using the same software and vice versa. The hardware was tested using AudioMaster III due to its wide availability with packages and the software was tested on the Trilogic sampler since it acts pretty much as a standard piece with high-quality recording.
MmB "bbbb hues ?EBIED QUIT DfD BdP» mm iflSO* hum iff i LORD m UU -o ;i »0’ shut} IS3IE3IEH 3 ] EGZtS CONCLUSIONS Without doubt, the best system is Audio Engineer, but the high asking price will put it well out of the reach of the novice sampling buff. If this is your position, then starting out with Sound Trap III with a view to expanding with more software later may be a good bet.
A good start for beginners is Technosound, since it provides an easy-to-use 'entry- level' system for you to get to grips with until you've found your feet, at which point you can upgrade to the wonderful AudioMaster III to achieve some almost professional results.
One point that was noticed during the compiling of this feature was the number of times that leads aren't included in packages. Anything less than a high-quality input lead could mean the difference between a pin-sharp sample or a messy buzz. Make sure you’re properly equipped before you start!
AMAS Setting up a decent input is a little fiddly and when you do record there is a quite audible crackle on the final sample.
Also, the sound tends to emerge a little muffled when the clicks have eventually been removed. Coupled with the awkward editing, this makes AMAS look unfortunately dated, which is a great shame, since it actually has the potential to be quite a powerful system.
MASTERSOUND When separated from its own hardware, Mastersound tends to lose a little sound quality. The sound is recorded well enough, but a clearly audible hum is evident in the quiet sections of samples. This is due to the filtering circuitry in the module - quite a feat at that price!
AUDIO ENGINEER When used with such a good piece of software as this, all the hardware’s crackles and pops are easily picked up!
The input has to be carefully adjusted to avoid this little problem, but it still tends to creep in at times.
AMIGA MICRO SAMPLER Unfortunately, the Datel program doesn’t work a whole lot better without its hardware. There isn’t as much buzz on the sounds, but the whole thing still sounds a touch muffled and distorted, especially with high frequencies.
SOUND TRAP III Not too good I’m afraid. The sound quality is pretty fuzzy, even at high rates. On the other hand, this IS only supposed to be an introductory program, so it’s unlikely that too many people will be using it for a long time.
PERFECT SOUND The input is fairly difficult to control with the software, so a pay-off between volume and quality has to be found. Even at low volumes, though, a slight hum creeps in.
TECHNOSOUND This software records sounds fairly well, but some background noise is also recorded, giving a rather crackly overall sound quality.
THE SOFTWARE... ...THE HARDWARE AMAS The program actually has a preset option for the AMAS hardware, which yields very good results.
However the need to input at very low levels means that some distortion of high frequency sounds occurs from time to time. For the most part this shouldn’t cause a problem, but be prepared to do some careful filtering!
MASTERSOUND Despite the fact that the Mastersound hardware caused massive incompatibility problems with the older Audiomaster II, the new version of the software seems to work rather well. The sample quality is clear with a slight whine only being audible on very quiet passages.
STEREO SAMPLER MK IB With a special offer to Trilogic owners, many users of that sampler will no doubt be upgrading to AudioMaster III. Very good samples can be obtained with careful input control, but a slight crackle still tends to creep in.
AUDIO ENGINEER Audio Engineer is basically a version of AudioMaster III with a top-end piece of hardware.
Unsurprisingly the sound quality is unrivalled, with crystal clear samples being possible with little effort. The price of the Gsoft hardware is rather high at 200 quid... but it’s well worth it!
TECHNOSOUND Seeing as this is such a cheap piece of kit, the sound quality obtained through the hardware is incredible. Virtually no crackle can be heard on even the quietest sections of a sample. This makes the package the perfect choice for beginners, since they can upgrade the software and quickly obtain superb results.
AMIGA MICRO SAMPLER The Datel hardware manages to cope with a wide range of sound frequencies quite well, producing a good copy of the input. However, an annoying whine tends to creep in, which is clearly audible on quiet sections of a sound.
PERFECT SOUND Perfect Sound is another of the samplers with a preset option to handle the AudioMaster software.
All you do is select it in the Sampler Config window and you can instantly record perfect samples. The quality is only rivalled by the Gsoft hardware itself!
SOUND TRAP III Despite its low price and tiny dimensions, Sound Trap III does itself proud. The sound quality is pretty good, with hardly any background sound at all. This makes it a viable choice for those who are a bit low on funds!
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* * * hw unr .oo'Z! cuuic+j ; L9V PNHWD lams onim V-»CN classic
C red With 1 1 of. T, (Loop) instructH % Availat 01 Amigt
version for ; : "Amiga recbmme ate more than 6 colours andSu-
y;l| mpose on background pictures! ,»¦ isic & Advanced
Animation . Techniques: Leam technique&g such as Squash and
Stretch, I of Motion, Inbetweening and I Path of Action. Learn
how to go [ • .Trofert rcmgh concept to finished I
bnimatiOhseompleteWith colour and sound! ,'Ssljf ;¦ lllll&if
NATHAN all 0268 541 212 .
Unit 4'Stinnett* LaindonN- What's heading its way towards the Amiga screen in the coming months? Will it shock, thrill, scare and excite you? TRENTON WEBB investigates only to find an unlucky number and an eight-legged answer.
¦ Virgin Games ¦ Summer 1991 SHORT STUFF Floor 13 is where ‘they’ live. ‘They’ are a secret organisation who monitor and control the subversive elements within British society. They can tap calls, open mail, search houses, mug and murder to ensure that democracy remains only certain plots can be fully investigated and you will have to make snap judgments as to their degree of importance.
Floor 13 stresses the Conspiracy theory where unseen forces are plotting away and only you can see the real true path. The game will be played from a desk position so it will be a passive game that stresses observation rather than aggressive arcade-style participation. This controlling role looks to be one of its strong points though, because you pull the strings of power and watch the results. Fans of spy novels, company spooks, G-Men, Spectre agents, AIM operatives, Freemasons and Illuminati Primi should love it.
Intact. They must also remain totally secret to be effective.
In the game you will play the newly appointed controller of ‘the’ organisation. Fed with information from a variety of sources - informants, phone taps, confessions and newspapers - you must remain on the ball, frustrating plots to topple and corrupt. You will have to decide which leads to follow and who needs to be tailed. Due to limited resources Palace’s distribution of Simarilis titles continues apace with the imminent release of another good looker from the French coders.
Metal Mutants is the name and bashing monsters is your game. As a future war machine the MM is sent to a weird alien planet to hunt down and destroy a vicious tyrant. The hero is made more ’ard than you could imagine because he gets to pack, teeth, claws, missiles, axes, battle computers, whips, shields and a Swiss Army knife!
Arnie said “I’ll be back” in Predator.
Unfortunately the invisible predator who sported the smart dreds thought it sounded such a good idea that he’s made a return in Predator 2. Based on the movie currently in production, Image Work’s game is set in 1995 LA, where the pred’ has followed a bunch of Colombian drug dealers to the city.
The game will be a sideways-scrolling shootout set against the backdrop of a drugs war and is played in the Op’ Wolf style. The finer points of this apocalyptic gun battle are being honed as we speak and should hit the screens at the same time as the film.
Another Mirrorsoft lmage Works film biggie is Flight of the Intruder. Designed by Spectrum Holbryte (the creators of Falcon) and coded in the UK it follows the adventures of pilots flying missions at the end of the Vietnam war. The Intruder of the title is an A6 Grumman as used during Desert Storm. Look out for the review next month, when AF takes a tour in ’Nam (again!).
Continued overleaf I Way back in the history of games there was Gauntlet, an overhead, run-around-a-lot kill- em-up. Then came Gauntlet 2, much the same only bigger, better and bolder. Now US Gold are working on completing the trilogy, taking the same manic gameplay elements, but viewing them from a new perspective.
Gauntlet 3 is seen from an isometric 3D angle and gives the treasure hunt a whole new lease of life.
Italy should have won the World Cup and to prove it Simulmondo, have designed a new look footie sim. I Play 3D Soccer is an on-the- pitch view game which allows you to play a specific position. The game is promising a post-game slow motion or fast forward facility, from the viewpoint of any player on the pitch. Let the offside arguments roll!
PREVIEWS UPDATE Hewson ¦ May 1991 Pogo is back. The funny green hopping chap The first Nebulus had a novel and challenging who was the hero of Nebulus won accolades by design, where the towers that Pogo climbed the skip load in his first incarnation - in fact the twisted and turned about our hero, who popped original was voted one of the top 15 Amiga in and out of doors collecting stuff. 2 looks to games ever way back in AF19. Now comes num- take this strange logically illogical world a step ber 2 and a whole new tower-climbing challenge, further, emphasising the towers wrapping as Pogo works
his way through a maze of verti- around nature to avoid the traps. If it can be half cal traps and puzzles. As good Nebulus 2 it will be great.
ARACHNOPHOBIA ¦ Disney Software Titus ¦ May 1991 some careless entomologists, the beast has now reached North America and is busy spreading Arachnophobia. Based on the cracking Steven Spielberg movie the game will have spi- der-haters reaching for their joystick.
The scenario casts you as an exterminator, who’s bug spray is the only thing powerful enough to top the spiders. Luckily, you’re trapped in the town they’ve taken over, if you can call that lucky. The mission is simple: poison the little blighters all the way back to Peru, to do this you will have to search houses, schools and barns inhabited by the spiders and rescue the frightened peeps inside. The movie was full of Deep down in the South American jungle lurks a dark corner shocks and pastiche horror, lets big, black, furry, venomous, spider. Thanks to hope the game can match up to it.
The cat ate it! Aunt Mabel thought my disk was a coaster. We’ve all heard the excuses, but here’s the games we've still yet to see.
- Expected Easter 1991.
ALCATRAZ Infogrames - Redesign has forced a release date of late April.
SHADOW DANCER US Gold - On track for late April.
F-15 II MicroProse - It will take off from a runway near you in April.
ROBOZONE Image Works-No release date yet announced.
SKULL AND CROSSBONES Domark - To set sail in late April.
FULL CONTACT Team 17 - Still needs tweaking!
NEVER ENDING STORY II Linel - Not finished yet.
COHORT Impressions - Release is imminent.
¦ Dinamics ¦ April Spanish arcade experts Dinamics are currently working on another high fire-power blast.
Megapheonix follows in the flightpath of classic coin-ops, taking the Galaxion theme and bringing it right into the 90s. With a massive weapons quotient and simultaneous two-player feature it has the potential to be much more than just a blast from the past.
Dinamics have a thorough action-game pedigree, with the likes of Navy Moves, AMC and Narco Police. Their games traditionally feature large ‘sprites’, a high creature count and incredibly tough gameplay. Megapheonix should be no different, so prepare to give that joystick a pasting this Spring.
Domark Tertgera ¦ Spring 1391 Hydra is a Tengen arcade that takes the familiar route of into the screen action. The twist is that you’re driving an ultra-sophisticated hydrofoil.
The game's set over nine stages and your aim is to break through a terrorist cordon to deliver governmental dispatches. Everything from jet- skis to zeppelins will be laid in your path, but should prove little trouble to any really-good Hydra pilots.
Domark have touched this field before with Live and Let Die, and so should have the experience to get this one running at a really ripping speed. To supplement the high-speed sailboat shooting will be digitised landscapes for backdrops. Domark’s interpretation of Tengen licences have produced crackers in the past - Vindicators (AF 1 81%), Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (API 81%) and Klax (API3 88%) - so hopes are high for Hydra.
Are you bored of games that pose no real challenge? Mindless adversaries that can't fight back?
Dumb nasties who just ask to be slaughtered?
GODS is a complete departure!
Acjh'jti ejg 00042600 Featuring a revolutionary system of artificial intelligence, your opponents react to your actions and interact with the environment.
Perhaps guile will achieve more than brute strength! Your cunning, as well as skill with the fearsome array of weapons at your disposal, are needed equally to overcome the enemy... “ *'.« ¦ 9j x ¦ version ¦iiiMariiHfiHiMMBHHHHHHaiHiBiiABj shown Award-winning Bitmap graphics and music by Nation 12 make this their most exciting game ever... Have you got what it takes to be a GOD? J Amiga, ST, PC w When it comes to mice and scanners, Naksha clearly lead the way. Naksha build mice and scanners with high precision designs and the very best components.
The Naksha Upgrade Mouse is silky smooth, operating at a high 280dpi resolution. Supplied with Mouse Mat and Pocket. No Cables No Fuss. Simply plug in and go.
Naksha Scanners with a switchable resolution between 200 and 400dpi halftones and dual roller tracking, remain straight and true. Naksha Scanners come supplied with interface, “express IT” software and either Degas Elite* or Deluxe Paint II*.
The Naksha Mouse and Scanner are available for both the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST range of computers.
For further information call (0925) 56398 OR any of our distributors listed below for your nearest dealer OR visit any Dixons, Harrods, Selfridges, Bentalls or Makro store.
* Degas Elite supplied for Atari. Deluxe Paint II supplied for
GEM (0279 442842 IBD (021 625 3302 SDL (081 300 3399 ZCL (0543 414817 LAZER (0404 46660) HB MARKETING (0753 686000 GARWOOD (0245 46077)-LEISURESOFT (0604.768711) LIBERTY (0753 586805 COLUMBUS (0457 860300) AV MARKETING (0279 452733 GENESIS (051 648 5402) Trade marks and Registered Trade Marks are acknowledged and the Assembly Line have an ST version running. The game now needs to be ported to an Amiga and have the suitable enhancements fitted. However, the need to check such a large 3D system, robot logic, and trap solutions means that the game itself won't be mastered on the Amiga until
the end of April.
Be sure, that the first review of the full Amiga version will be here in Format Be ready, be brave, Cybercon is coming.
Give the flexibility of both movement and purpose, but they rely on the technology and sensation simulated to inspire. Freescape allowed you to handle puzzle elements in an adventure style. Dungeon Master and Captive both alluded to 3D and called upon a wider range of gaming skills, but they didn’t allow the flexibility of a polygon world.
Arcade 3D Cybercon has all the combat scares of Dungeon Master, but also the puzzle and precision stepping factors found in Freescape. Cybercon fuses together these elements and also adds arcade-style sections.
The most stunning of these, so far revealed, consists of four platforms that hang over a huge chasm. Using the suits jump power you must leap from one to the other - while being shot at!
A 2D sprite concept applied to a 3D world. The core code for the game has now been written So why all the hype about Cybercon III then?
What’s so special? Surely it’s just another wander in 3D land? Well the hype, and the hope, for the game comes from the fact that it unites Ricardo Pinto - Carrier Command - and the Assembly Line - Interphase. This project, which has taken a year and all their shared polygon knowledge to put together, is now in the final polishing stage. As they add the last touches to gameplay, and the last loose logic ends are neatly tied up, it looks like they have something special on their hands.
Cybercon's world is a series of 3D polygon rooms which are viewed through the visor of an exoskeleton. 3D rooms are nothing new, some would even say nothing special, but here they have an extra quality. There’s a real sense of scale and some truly immense rooms. Towers scream upwards, the trenches are perilously deep, and thanks to the special suit in which you play the game, you can switch levels with ease.
Size is important Each flavour of Cybercon’s defence robots have a specific purpose, look and range of abilities.
All adhere, though, to the game’s overall graphic style and exude meatily bad vibes. These reemphasise the scale factor, as some guardians weigh in at 10 times your height. Furthermore, as the entire Cybercon complex is established in one load, rather than having individual rooms calculated as they are needed, the robots can all have a continuous purpose. Each breed is equipped with a set list of tasks and locations to visit, so the tin men go wandering with reason.
The game is structured so that while there is a logical, linear, order of play, there is also the chance for the curious player to explore for the hell of it. The world exists and will react to your increasing success regardless of the path you choose.
3D games in the past have either been sims or interactive puzzle games (a la Driller). Sims WHO IS CYBERCON III?
And make a ghost of the machine.
Bunker base where Cybercon resides is bombproof and theoretically assault proof. A flaw was built in - by paranoid generals - and players start the game at a secret entrance that’s on the periphery of the base, armed with a nuclear-powered exoskeleton. The technology of the exo-suit and the robots that are defending the base are of an equivalent level, so with luck you’ll be able to find extras to spruce up your kit, that may just make the mission feasible.
Cybercon is watching. Cybercon is listening. Cybercon wants to kill you! In fact, he wants to exterminate all mankind. Cybercon ‘himself’ was designed as a defence computer, with total control over a superpower’s arsenal. Everything was fine - and the machine was upgraded twice, hence Cybercon III - until the Big C suddenly bombed out, and took civilisation with him. Now the mad machine is using drone robots to hunt down all remaining humans.
As a survivor it is your duty to break into Cybercon’s bunker lair MAY 1991 AMIGA FORMAT There are few military techno’ superstars.
MicroProse have covered them all: Apache m gunship’s, nuclear submarines, Stealth Fighters, if F-l5s and Abrams Ml tanks. MicroProse have built their name on these games, giving players a high level of simulated accuracy and well- jj rounded games to boot. But what do you do J§ when all the technology has been covered? Well, MicroProse have an answer; they will do them again, even better, on the formats they never reached before. Currently on the way are Stealth Fighter II, Gunship 2000 and the first off the duplicators press will be F-15 II.
F-15 was a strong fighter-bomber sim, that stressed action but only ever saw service on Pcs. MicroProse realised that there was a gap in their Amiga airforce, namely for the F-15.
They had mastered the sea, land, and helicopter support and even Stealth Bomber preparation, but had no fast-strike aircraft. The F-15 game rethink emphasised high-speed aerobatics more heavily than F-19, which was more of a strategy- sim hybrid. Now using many lessons learned from working on F-19, MicroProse believe they
* have the skills and the aircraft for the job; F-15 II Strike
F-15 II has been specifically written for your Amiga. The game itself was designed by MicroProse Labs in the States, with its target being the PC. When the code arrived in the UK, the British MicroProse developers took the central concepts and rewrote the entire game in machine code, rather than in the PC’s C. The result is that the ‘slower’ Amigas and Sts now have real afterburner potential. When the game was demonstrated to the Format team the game still needed tweaking, but it is obvious that the 3D engine, which hauls the world and plane around, is capable of mapping and displaying
horrendous amounts of information at a hitherto unthinkable speed.
Quick draw The speed of any 3D system is effected by the number of objects currently being calculated and shifted around the environment created.
Then you need a fast drawing routine to display all the objects currently in view. So, obviously, the frame rate can be totally messed up if the objects that have to be drawn are highly complex. A complex object can be considered anything in excess of 30 different polygons.
Before the new drawing system had been implemented, when flying low over the aircraft-carrier (an amalgamation of over 100 polygons) the frame display rate stayed well over eight frames a second. The 3D system MicroProse UK have managed to create is continually being updated and modified.
Even the F-15 itself has been completely redrawn while the game is being written. The original worked for test purposes but didn’t look sharp enough from an out-of-the-cockpit view.
Now it has been constructed again out of even more polygons to look as F-l 5-like as is polygo- nable possible.
The refinements in 3D routines means that F-15 has an even larger area to fly around than Stealth Fighter, and to beef-up the game aspect two new battlefields have been built. As well as the PC originals of Libya, the Persian Gulf, Vietnam and the Middle East there are now Central Europe and Northern Cape to choose from. If they are anywhere near as tough as the Stealth Fighter zones then you will need to be as quick on the ejector as you are on the cannon.
Sweet 15 The entire graphics for the front and end-of- game screens have been completely redrawn to make the most of the Amiga’s still graphics potential. What’s more they’ve added Falconesque, side and rear-view shots where the pilot is no longer simply looking out of the window but clocks half of the cockpit into the bargain. They are also planning an animation of the pilot being ejected out of the plane (with his parachute). Touches like this add to the realism and solidity of the overall package.
The talk of frame rates and number of polygons means nothing, though, if the game has no spirit - if there isn’t anything which begs you to play it. F-15 has speed by the throttle-load and that will be one of its major pulling powers, but it is the air duels that will be where it either turns or burns. That test will come at the review stage, when the bird is put through its paces, but the first test-flights look, as they say in the football world, well good.
TECHNICALLY SPEAKING Original game design - MicroProse.
Amiga and ST coding - Adrian Scotney and Tim Walters.
Graphic Artist - Mark Scott.
Their most recent project was F-19 Stealth Fighter.
Mat This town ain't big enough for the both of us.
The only solution is to gain total control by becoming mayor.
I Who says crime I does not pay? Jj AMIGA ATARI ST PC PS Wi till your Chinese oe " in crime chal lenge-tiH §| systems of justice4 and order using corruption and blackmail tipijtol money and power.
82 t 194 162231?
+ 94 ||E 3 G7II 0523:45 SCREENSHOT AMIGA SCREENSHOT AMIGA SCREENSHOT AMIGA SCREENSHOT C64 SCREENSHOT TIME 30£t © 1990 RAINBOW ARTS ® A unique arcade experience with 5 worlds, 12 levels, 2 MB graphics, 1500 screens, 400 K sound, 50 soundeffects, 10 speechsarnples. 50 frames parallax scrolling.
£ 24.99 Turrican armed with new and terribie weapons of destruction once again AMIGA - ST CBM64 SPECTRUM
- AMSTRAD £9.99 £i4.99 enters the unknown and unchartered worlds
of his enemies to destroy £9.99 £i6.99 them or die in the
Published by SOFTGOLD INTERNATIONAL LTD 8 MILLSIDE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, LAWSON ROAD, DARTFORD, KENT. DA1 5BH. TEL: 0322 292513 18 FAX: 0322 293422 SPEEDING INTO IGREENPLAY WITH A WAGONLOAD OF GAMES Mf, With Amiga games becoming ever more diverse and complex, the Amiga Format reviews system is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate all styles and genres. We give one overall score, which reflects how good each game really is. This score is accompanied by a short list of the game’s good and bad points, highlighting those elements that make it stand out from the crowd and those parts
which really annoy. These points are then fully expanded and explained in the main review.
Format will, whenever possible, only review completely finished software. This means we see the version that ends up on the shop shelves, the version you buy. Waiting for finished games does occasionally mean that reviews of some Amiga products appear in other magazines before Format. Our review, though, will be an authoritative statement of what a game is like, not speculation as to what it may be like.
The reviews team is headed by Trenton Webb and Maff Evans.
Trenton had a long history in the world of 8-bit games reviewing on Amstrad Action before moving up into the big league for AF 14. Maff Evans joined the team on AF 7, after a heroic tour of duty with Zzap 64. They are backed up by a highly-experienced team of specialist reviewers from Future Publishing’s crop of market-leading computer titles.
Ita of the killer . . IX? : Gem-X P.54 ¦ Wreckers P.61 ¦ Escape from Colditz P.62 ¦ Moonfall P.72 ¦ Battlestorm P.77 ¦ Demoniak P.82 ¦ Warlords P.85 ¦ UMS II P.88 ¦ Brat P.64 ¦ Spoutro P.97 We’ve got a few coins in the coffers and that town on the left looks like it’s dying to be a part of your network. If we join the track just outside Magdeburg we could even take in that sheep farm.
Trains eh? Love them or hate them, you just can’t ignore them. Not only are they jolly useful things for getting about on but, as every school kid knows, they’ve got these really groovy numbers on the side that you can write down in a small dogeared book and collect - exciting or what eh?
Fortunately, most of us grow out of this and discover girls or motorbikes, but Sid Meier didn’t.
He went on to produce a game MICROPROSE ¦ £29.99 Mouse and keyboard about the 'Golden Age’ of railroads.
Incidentally, the ‘Golden Age' was so called because hulks of metal moving slowly and billowing huge clouds of steam and smoke have more ‘character’ than hulks of The different stations cost more to build if they have a larger catchment area. In this case the station is better than the terminal as it’s more cost effective.
Metal moving slowly billowing clouds of diesel exhaust.
The train game The game is single-player and based on building and operating your very own railroad. There are four different game maps to play on: Eastern and Western USA, England and Europe. These alter the basic structure of the game.
The different regions have their own peculiar economies. They also start in different years, for example, so there is a vast difference in the technology that is available to the player.
If you plump for the European scenario the game is mostly menu driven and the player spends the majority of his time studying the map of his particular region. Cities are represented as coal mines, factories and a range of other industrial complexes.
At the start of the game you're given a whole bunch of money to get your railroad off the ground.
You decide where you want to build the station, you decide the exact route the tracks take to the next town or whatever and then you decide the exact make-up of the train, that is, what carriages it pulls and where it’s going to stop.
Right, so we’ve spent a whole lot of money building a couple of stations and getting a train running between the two of them. What next? Make some money! Every station runs on a supply-and-demand basis. When you build a station you're told what it can offer and what it wants - novices are advised to go for the easy option, ’basic economy' which means although the station can only supply certain things it will pay for anything you manage to get to it. In the com- plex-economy scenario (this can be ... 3:±5 RH .
DRCSOCri ROCKET THROUGH 3 RRRIMEG RT ORESOEH MO HRIL MO PRSGEfiGERG REM: 23.000 eorius 7h oao ¦ I I I I I I I H upon the station’s shipping reports
- how much of a certain commodity it can supply each year and
how often you can get a train to the station in the year -
you may only get a train to a station once a year!
Turned off or on at any stage in the game) you will not get paid for any shipments you deliver to a station that doesn’t want them. This means you really have to think hard about your routing of trains and their carriage make-up.
So if you are shipping stuff between the two stations and the people are paying for it. Time to expand to a new town? Why not.
Build some more track, add a new station and get another train running. Now you’ve got the added problem of deciding just what stops the train should make.
Should it run from station A to B and back? Or should it go from A to C to B to A. Your choice is based The game runs on a very weird timescale. Your two towns may only be a few miles apart and the trains may be very slow, but even so they can take months of game time to get from one station to the next. Obviously this is completely unrealistic, but it’s the game’s means of progressing.
The game’s other main ingredient is dealing with your assets. As your trains chug between their sta- Continued overleaf Here’s where you can wheel and deal on the stock exchange. Buy your competition’s shares when they’re low and sell 'em again when they’re high for a nice tidy profit.
• • .00 500,000 at £22.00 : per share Lblio: 110,,000 Treasury:
Napoleon Ill's Deb reckon & Lvov EE Net Worth:£ 470,000 Public:
100,000 Treasury: 0,000 Czar Nicholas II's Cash:£ 2,330.000.
Dijon & Bern EE ... Bonds:£ _.0,000 Net Worth:£ 6,710,000 Stock
at £43.00 share Public: 200,000 Treasury: 0,000 Robert
Stephenson's Cash:£ 7,432,000 Trieste & Zagreb RE Bonds:£ A 000
Net Worth:£l 6,910.000 Stock at £52.001 share Public: 320,000
Treasury: 80,000 Interest Rates: Fanio) 7% Financial Summaries
ia«deburg RE Cas mile BUY STOCK SELL STOCK tions a calendar
clicks merrily along. Every other January the game reaches the
end of the fiscal year and it's time to do some money business.
Money makes the wheels go round Remember the money you were given at the start of the game?
Well, that was given to you by some investors and it is them that you have to keep happy. How? By doing well and expanding your empire which pushes up the price of your shares.
By this time other railroads would have been started up by the computer - up to three of them - and they're also trying to do as well as they can. There's an option in the game for ‘cut-throat’ competition. Basically this means the other railroad bosses will be wheeling and dealing on the stock market as well buying and selling shares in not only their own railroad company, but in each other's and yours!
It's a practice that you can take part in too and once you’ve got to grips with how it works you can win as well as lose a whole lot of money.
Expand and conquer The basis of the game is to use whatever means you can to get money and use that money to improve your railroad. As the years click by the technology gets better and you can build bigger, better, faster trains - or if the investors get upset you could find yourself out on your ear and someone else at the helm.
OK, so the idea of running a railroad and watching a train that’s 10 pixels long, takes six months to chug between two stations won't appeal to anyone who likes whiz- bang graphics, but you’d be a fool to dismiss it just on the dull graphics.
It's a strategy game, but dressed up well enough, and one that plays well enough to make you forget that. There's something about Railroad Tycoon that’s so addictive it's impossible to leave once you've started. Perhaps it’s the difficulty tuning and the multitude of options the player is given to make his life as easy or as complicated as possible? Perhaps it’s the fact that the game rewards smart thinking and plays few dirty tricks - you only do badly because you deserve to.
Railroad Tycoon is very similar to Sim City in a lot of ways, the graphics may not be great and it takes a long time to really start enjoying the gameplay. Once you do you will find it becomes obsessive very quickly, especially when you start making things tougher on yourself. Spend an hour playing Railroad Tycoon and you may as well cancel all appointments for the next few weeks. Andrew Smith I wanna be a slug!
The obvious aim of Railroad Tycoon is to rake in as much cash as possible, as quickly as possible, for as long as possible. However, like all good empire builders you should be aiming to use your cash to buy a place in the loftier social circles.
Why anyone would want to join the Henry James set is beyond the imagination, but the amount of dosh you make does affect the post you will be offered upon retiring - the game - from the sordid world of business. The ultimate accolade is to be hailed as Prime Minister (or President).
Other more achievable posts on offer include Hobo (dead easy), arctic explorer (for those with credit problems), portrait artist (for the disaffected businessman).
Then of course there’s always a need for butlers, horse trainers, detectives, investors and circus ring masters.
? Obsessive gameplay that is nice and easy to work with.
? A multitude of options to switch on or off as you get to grips with the game ? One of those rare games that lets you make your own mistakes - and forces you to live with them.
? Not an engine number in sight!
VERDICT Take to the skies in this allaction arcade game for 1 or 2 players ... White Sharks is packed with features, including simultaneous 2 player gameplay, near-photographic graphics, hi-fi quality music and effects, ana a completely unique weapon customising screen tnat allows the player up to 37 million different weapon combinations!!!
To succeed, each level and alien will require different tactics, while the fast-paced action will keep the trigger finger on overtime. Take the challenge in this shoot-em-up with a difference!!
©1991 DEMONWARE SOFTWAREHAUS GMBH. All rights reserved Exclusive marketing and distribution by D.M.I. Available on Amiga (24-99).
To order this product or for further information please contact Digital Marketing International Limited . Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Berkshire SL3 ODX Telephone: 0753 686000 Fax: 0753 680343 choosing the next stage from a progressive ‘tree’.
Girl with the faraway eyes The most striking thing when loading Gem-X is the cute Japanese feel the game has. From the amusing little samples that tell you how well you’re doing to the slightly risque inter-level cartoon pictures, the game just oozes an oriental flavour. In a time when puzzle games seem to star either hi-tech imagery or unimaginative blob-like creatures, the superb comic-book style employed in Gem-X comes as a welcome change.
The game is incredibly compulsive. The going starts easily enough to allow you to get the feel of the colour protocols, but once you get halfway along the ‘tree’ the going gets tough very quickly. A game that had a similar approach to Gem-X’s level construction was Puzznic. But Gem-X boosts its lastability by selecting the screens you play at random, so even if you play it for hours you still stand a good chance of coming up against an unexpected level.
This variety coupled with the marvellous presentation and sheer addictiveness make Gem-X I one of the most compelling puzzle games to have appeared for some time. Maff Evans DEMONWARE ¦ £24.99 Joystick or mouse Many puzzle games rely on a cutesy atmosphere to attract players and if anyone knows about how to produce cute things it’s the Japanese.
Japanese consumer culture is based heavily on 'cute’, from pop stars to kids toys, if it doesn’t look cuddly then you’ve had it! Gem-X is very oriental in its style, this is due to the fact that the game is full of bright colours and jolly, tinkly music and guess what? Cute girls with big eyes.
Turning Japanese The game is introduced by a particularly pretty female, Kiki, who leads you through your quest. The game itself is simple. The screen is split into two halves, stacked with coloured gems. You must move the hovering hand around the left- hand screen, clicking on gems to change their colours, the order of which are shown on a diagram down the centre of the screen. You must click the right gems to match the pattern shown on the right.
If this sounds too easy, the gems don't change quite that simply. The gem clicked on jumps two down the chain, while those adjacent to it drop one down the chain.
If any gem goes past yellow, then it's removed from the screen.
You must complete a number of screens on each level in a set number of moves, or you will not be allowed to progress further. At the end of each level you will be given a password and the option of VERDICT Wonderful oriental style cartoon graphics and sound.
A huge number of puzzles manage to present a new challenge time after time.
Incredibly addictive gameplay keeps you hooked for hours.
A simple puzzle idea which manages to boggle the mind a surprising amount!
CHAIN REACTIONS Centre progresses by two Adjacent progress by one * Click on centre gem of four The key to beating Gem-X is learning the order and patterns that the colours change. You have to get used to working in groups of gems in order to affect the right gems in the right order.
I own a car company, but my real love has always been the idea of space travel. I’ve often played around with art packages but what I really wanted to do was to design a spacecraft once, then bring it to life and walk around it. This incredible package allows someone like j me, who knows very little about mM computers, to do it easily! Mi in m PAUL BUCHANAN (22) - « EALING - TRANSPORT 1 ECONOMIST.
I’ve always wanted to design my own house, but I could never really visualise what it would look like once it was built. What would it look like from above? Or from the side? Or what if I wanted to walk through the front door and arrange the furniture? With this marvellous software package, I can do all the things and make l my dream house come true. 1 CHRIS HALL (15) - STUDENT - YORKSHIRE.
I loved Castle Master and wanted to make a similar game myself. I had plenty of ideas but no way of bringing them to life. After all I’m not a programmer.
A,* ¦ a coupte LS nc ud ,ned w) landscape Avaname on ~ Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC 3.5" & 5.25", Commodore 64 (cassette, disk) Amstrad (cassette, disk) Spectrum +3, Spectrum 48 148.
Amiga Screenshots Programmed by Incentive Software © 1991 New Dimension International Ltd.
Incentive The Award Winners Artwork, instructions and packaging © 1991 Domark Software Ltd., Ferry House, 51-57 Lacy Road, London SW15 1PR. Tel: (081) 780 2224.
"Build your own virtual reality, but don’t be misled. This is not a boffins only product.
I’ve produced a special video included in the pack which shows you how to do it - and helps get you off to a flying start. After that it’s simple and in no time you'll be impressing everyone with ‘magical’ designs on your computer!” IAN ANDREW. INCENTF i
• ‘3D Construction Kit gives newcomers and non-programmers the
power to create solid 3D objects that can be stretched,
rotated, suspended, stacked and even given animation effects.
Yet the whole system is so user- friendly that it makes most
simple art packages look cumbersome.” ST FORMAT - FEB ;
“There's no doubt about it. This could be the most impressive
game creation utility ever released.
Not only does it allow you to create run-time modules complete with animation, shoot-em-up compatibility, puzzle solving, and maze exploration - but it enables you to do it in solid 3D, using a system that’s even better than Freescape!"
ACE - FEB 91 It’s a simple, effective way to design a detailed environment (house, garden, village, ship, car etc. etc.) and then look around it to make sure you like the look of it from every angle.
There are environments through environments. For instance, the house has rooms, the rooms have furniture, a chest of drawers has compartments, the compartments have secret boxes, the boxes have etc. etc. It’s up to you. The limit is your imagination. Use it for school
- or to show Mum how to re-arrange the living room. Dad might be
interested in how the garden would look if it were laid out
differently - with a new pool? And how would the neighbours see
it from their angle? It’s easy! Just spin it round!
This is probably one of the most expensive pieces of software you’ll buy this year - but at last you can make your computer really show it’s potential.
Six of the best Your team, employing six different vehicles, must sally forth from the safety of the bunker base and fight their way to the bomb components. In their way stand the survivors, who possess the same kit as them. Using fire-power, tactics and guts you must recover all five bomb sections, then hit the ground station. Five bomb sections have to be recovered and you and your team have to, using all the fire-power, tactics and guts you can muster, achieve this and then hit the ground station. To slow the enemy down you can blast their power lines, which stalls their production
lines, while yours still churn out the necessary vehicles for each mission.
It’s doomsday plus! The world has gone up in a cloud of nuclear smoke, which few have managed to survive. You are one of the lucky folks who found some shelter when ‘it’ hit the fan.
However, as part of the military, you share partial responsibility for starting the whole shooting- game in the first place. The bulk of the populace perished, but some survived, and have they got an axe to grind.
Now the survivors are planning their revenge. Using a star-wars satellite beam they aim to wipe your base off the face of the planet. Your only hope is to find the five component parts of a neutron bomb and total the survivor’s control centre, before they total you.
Are quite safe because a vehicle is only vulnerable to attack when it is topside. To help crews survive each vehicle has a deflective shield, and cloaking devices can be built to provide ultimate protection.
These babies rapidly drink fuel and must be used sparingly if your boys want to make it back home.
Tanks are the heaviest gas guzzlers but prove to be the hardest vehicle available, while hovercraft are economic but easily killed.
At your beck and call are a heavy tank, light tank, hovercraft, helicopter, stealth fighter and bomber. The full range isn't available to begin with, scientists and engineers have to be set to work researching and building the vehicles you need. Each craft has strengths which must be used to support the others in the recovery race. Bombers and fighters, for example, can prepare targets, leaving the field clear for the tanks.
Every vehicle can be controlled individually, but more effective commanders will use the waypoint facility. This method lets the computer guide a craft to the target while you prepare another arm of the assault force. This process results in some slick screen swapping as you try to control up to six different craft simultaneously.
Operating from the bunker you NightdrivirT To cut down on fuel consumption the bomber can drop telepods which can transport your vehicles around the 80km square battle zone. Nightsights can be developed to allow 24-hour battling, this is an essential aid, because you must finish the bomb before the satellite turns Psygnosis’ polygon playground into plasma.
Joystick, mouse and keyboard The craft, and the world in which they explore, is composed of high- standard 3D polygons. Everything moves smoothly and at a reasonable lick. Perspective dots help the airborne craft to judge distance, while shifts of perspective are handled with a smooth cinematic pan.
BOMB THE BASE Battlezone The six vehicles share similar control layouts which makes swapping craft easy, but controlling them is a different bag altogether. The tanks don’t like stopping quickly and the hovercraft slides crazily.
The helicopter is simple to get airborne but a swine to land, while the bomber barely manages to take off. The fighter is the only problem craft, exhibiting strange quirks, particularly when pulling high G moves. As a bundle though, they provide the necessary tools, once you’ve learnt to control them!
Stealth Bomber - slow and dull, it is used for re-supply.
It's needed to drop the neutron bomb.
Stealth Fighter - the main attack plane, can match anything the enemy throws at you.
Helicopter - fast, easy to fly, hard to land. Carries good weapons range and is reasonably tough.
Fusion Armour-Geddon manages to fuse a range of game styles. It has a management side where you have to ensure the scientists develop the correct weapons and that the engineers have enough supplies (which are liberated from destroyed enemy bases) to build them. It employs a low-level strategy hook, Oops, the hovercraft takes a tumble and is now officially dead. Never mind though, the technicians will only take a few hours to knock up another.
Forcing you to judge the best balance of craft and payloads to knock out certain installations. On top of this it offers six different vehicle sims.
The vast array of keyboard controls do make Armour-Geddon a bit of a slow starter. However, these are quickly mastered and their scope does allow for maximum gaming flexibility. There are still problems though, which really frustrate you the first time around. The intelligence screen for example, which is used to select waypoints, doesn't display co-ordinates.
N-Bomb Armour-Geddon is a well-structured six-mission multi-sim blast. The game has to be studied thoroughly if the vehicles abilities are to be fully exploited as both the sims and the foes are unforgiving. The player who can build and drop the neutron bomb will have to be perfect; good just won’t cut it. Armour- Geddon though, lacks the initial focus needed to pull players through this very necessary learning curve naturally. These skills alone however, once mastered, allow you to discover a tough, mixed genre, game.
Trenton Webb mKmyw&rv mmp av? B i n mw;m 1 ! • f j J SI' .PP. 4SJ Hi INTERNATIONAL ICE HOCKEY brings the competitive and aggressive world of Ice Hockey alive on your 16-Bit machine. The extremely fast rink action, combined with an array of top class features, makes this the most definitive Ice Hockey game of all time. Get involved in all the exciting thrills & spills. Play the fastest team game on Earth.
Features include: Television Commentator match coverage, action replays on the best goals in each period, unique "snapshot” option where the best plays can be saved to disk, variable team play strategies, player confrontations with ”sin bin”, on-screen referee with authentic knowledge of Ice Hockey rules, alterable player control methods, full three division league,___ Available:- friendly games, league -- ....- Commodore Amiga £24.99 loading and saving ir unrjrt Wlflf I Wi Atari ST £24.99 lots, more!!
Ever have trouble with your Plasmoids? You know, those nasty green squishy lumps?
The ones that will eventually grow large enough to cover your entire body in a jello-like emerald slime.
The Plasmoids in question are, of course, the alien blend of slime creature from outer space. They eat space lighthouses, which is a bitch, because that’s where you are! Awakened from cryogenic slumber, the warning system says that a swarm of Plasmoids are on their way. You have to shuffle about the place, getting ready for the attack, building and programming robots who will help you keep the station in one piece.
To the lighthouse First the plasmoids lodge on the outside of the plexiglass space lighthouse and then ooze through.
As soon as they touch, a self- destruct sequence is initiated and the only way to stop this 'sterilisation' is to kill them all. Using the twelve robots and your own laser blaster they have to be fought off, AUDIOGENIC ¦ £24.99 Joystick, mouse, keyboard either outside in space, or hand-to- hand inside using a trusty blaster.
As all hell breaks loose battle wise, you also have to make sure that the four beacons stay balanced (or they explode in a nuclear fashion), that the right droids are manufactured and that the current ones are fixed after a fight.
Shooting with one hand and managing the space station with the other proves to be a hectic exercise as wave after wave of jelly monsters attack.
Wreckage Wreckers has that Jetsons touch, with silly bubble craft, daft space- suits and wobbly beasties. The graphics give this damage limitation scenario a comic bite.
Reminiscent of Robot Monsters it VERDICT Jetsons style cartoon graphics work a treat.
An arcade style presentation with a foundation in crisis management.
Isometric 3D works well in conjunction with icon order section.
The fun is instant, but may not last.
Easily controlled, but hard to beat.
BALANCE OF POWER You just can’t get the staff! These are the reprobates you must work with to save the station and your neck. Each one has peculiar talents which must be used if you are to fend of the slime creatures.
Plays better simply because there is far more to do.
The use of three different characters, each with different strengths and weaknesses gives the three life motif credibility, and means that early in the game vital strategic decisions have to be made. The strategy though, is that of the panic and the fun comes in the crazy chase about the space base hunting that last elusive Plasmoid, while the station desperately tries to go supernova!
Wreckers is a novel twist in the 3D isometric game world. The playing area is limited, but the variety of tasks and the pace adds originality. Wreckers is a hoot in the short term, but may lag in the long term, as once you’ve seen two waves of Plasmoids you've seen them all. They’ll still raise the pulse a little though, and that’s when the Wreckers are in full effect. An original arcade-style game, Wreckers will confound and confuse, panic and please, which is all they really need. Trenton Webb.
More Wagnerian scene you couldn’t imagine. A massive SchloB perched on a high rocky outcrop in deepest Germany. Strong, big and 600 years old, Castle Colditz was being used as a secure lunatic asylum until the outbreak of the Second World War. The German Army designated it Oflag IVC, and used it for housing those stubborn Allied POWs who were most determined to regain their freedom.
Escape From Colditz has been available as a successful board- game for years, but this Amiga version takes the concept much, much further. You switch control between four characters, an Englishman, an American, a Pole and a Frenchman. They start off in their dormitories and must explore the castle using the lock-picks and fake keys which they must collect from different rooms.
LEAVING THE ESCAPE-PROOF CASTLE Escape From Colditz comes complete with a large tome written by Major Pat Reid. He was one of the 30-odd POWs who actually got out. Most went via Switzerland, often posing as Flemish-speaking Belgians to avoid using their somewhat abysmal German.
The escapes were often unbelievable, through 100s of feet of tunnels, often etched along the castle’s stone walls.
Others got out by hiding in vehicles servicing the garrison.
During the last months of the camp, the Allies had partitioned off a large portion of an attic and were constructing a two man, completely airworthy glider. The Germans never knew of its existence and it was never officially removed after the Americans liberated the castle. As Major Reid speculates in his book, it’s probably still there to this day.
Itz cold in solitary As in the board-game, there are vital items of escape equipment secreted in obscure places (the chapel and canteen are good locations to search), and the objective is to accumulate Ausweis passes, lookalike uniforms, rope and other gear for your men. Once they have enough (or so you think), they can make a bid for freedom. This might be through one of the tunnels, under the wire or even by bluffing their way through the main gates!
A map of the ground floor is provided, but the upper levels", where you start, need to be researched thoroughly before you build up an accurate overview. There are mazes of small rooms and corridors, most out of bounds for the POWs, so an exciting element of hide-and- seek emerges as your men try and avoid the patrolling guards.
The supplied instructions for the game are minimal, which is actually in keeping with the exploratory feel as your men roam round the forbidden areas of the castle planning their escapes. You soon pick it up, and can concentrate on plotting your moves.
ESCAPE FROM DIGITAL MAGIC SOFTWARE ¦ £19.99 Joystick Capture in an out-of-bounds zone means a solitary spell in the cooler and the confiscation of that man’s equipment. This is annoying, but infinitely preferable to the hail of Schmeisser fire you will receive if spotted in a really forbidden area. So caution and prudency are sensible watchwords.
There is a castle far away Colditz is an absorbing and skillful game. The challenge is great, because the castle was reputedly escape-proof, and rightly so. Every time you play you will learn and explore more, so it manages to hold its initial interest. Computer- controlled events like Appel roll-calls, exercise trips to the yard and random guard searches make the game more fun, if even harder.
Racing along the corridors ahead of the guards exercises your joystick fingers in time-honoured Amiga fashion, too.
The 3D graphics are perfectly serviceable and there is enough detail to keep you playing, and to remind you roughly where you are in the forbidding castle. In particularly-detailed rooms the graphics do slow down considerably, but this isn’t really a major flaw.
What Colditz does have is fascinating gameplay, and, if you bother to read the book, a great deal of historical interest.
Once completed you won’t want to do it again in a hurry, but that completion might take some time. The difficulty of the task looms large, but if you’re the sort to be easily daunted by guards, walls and barbed wire you certainly wouldn't have “graduated” to incarceration in Colditz Oflag IVC in the first place. James Leach VERDICT Difficult to complete, but full of little details.
Would appeal to the adventuresome and to those trying to overcome claustrophobia.
Slick and presentable.
You wrestle with the strategies not vagaries of the program.
Slightly specialised, and tedious to those expecting a World War II Rambo-style kind of blast-em-up.
JHPF mm iTlfnuTHmB] 1 OFFICIAL VERSION Match up the 2 patterns of stones on the screen - special combinations give bonuses and secret levels. Succeed within the time limit and gorgeous girls will lead you to the next tantalising level.
If Kiki isn't temptation enough, then 400 levels of stunning graphics, sound and speech, and gameplay so addictive that you will have to be dragged screaming from the screen, surely is.
All rights reserved.
Exclusive marketing and distribution by D.M.I. Available on Amiga (24-99), Atari ST (24-99), PC (24-99), and C64 (10-99 cass., 14-99) disk).
To order this product or for further information please contact Digital Marketing International Limited . Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Berkshire SL3 ODX Telephone: 0753 686000 Fax: 0753 680343 Roundabouts too! You have to walk Natty onto it then choose the direction he steps off.
Athan has an attitude problem. It’s not so much a problem during the day, but at night we are talking serious trouble. During the daylight hours he's a little darling, the kind that Grannies stand over for hours, cooing and going gaga. At night however, he gets wrapped up in dream world, where his toys have been scattered in a landscape where a wrong step could stop him reaching the grand-old age of two.
Brat is cute in an anti-cute sort of way. Once away from mummsy, around are Nat’s toys. Most are harmless and the little 'un wants to get them back. Some, however, take on a mischievous life of their own in Dreamland and want revenge on Natty for the ill treatment of the day. Toy cars will try to run him down, Jack-in-the-boxes spring surprises scaring Nat' back to reality and toy sharks try to munch him in the water sections.
Problem child The problem lies in the fact that Nathan has dreamed a scrolling world. He starts at the top while the screen rolls up from the bottom, which means if Nathan doesn't get his nappy in gear he will be eclipsed and wake up.
Nathan struts down the isometric 3D landscape at precisely the same speed as the screen scrolls.
If he continues to walk straight on, though, he will fall off the edge and into a waking state, unless you can guide him down the screen.
You, as the sub-conscious baby-sitter, must intervene and lay a trail that even a one-year-old could follow. Guiding him along a safe route to the bottom of the screen, and collecting as many toys as possible.
Getting this lovable (pahh!) Kid across each world couldn’t be easier in theory. You’ve a bevy of directional arrows (well nine actually) which have to be picked from he becomes a cool, struttin', dude around town; leather jacket, shades and all. And as they say 'when your mum's away the brats will play’. This wouldn't be a problem if you didn’t know him, but you've been given the task of minding Nat’ for the evening.
You are the one who is personally responsible for his well being and making sure he doesn’t awake from his dreams screaming, whooping and a hollerin'.
Parental guidance While the nipper kips you have to guide him through his dream - is this the first Freudian therapy game? Each dream world is a hovering landscape with a void of nothingness on either side. Falling off it would certainly wake the nipper in just the wrong way. Lying all the icon selection section and laid on the landscape. These arrows have to lead on from each other.
Otherwise he just walks ahead oblivious to any danger. As well as the directional arrows, you've a stop command and a stop scrolling icon, which when Brat walks onto them - everything must be laid down so he steps over them - gives you a chance to get your directional head together.
Some of Brat’s toys, 11 in fact, can also be carried if Brat walks over them and picks them up. The fluffy rabbits go straight £24.99 Mouse back to the real world, but the more useful ones such' as dynamite (some toy!) Can be stored in his jacket pocket for later use. You can’t pick anything up, remember this is Nathan’s dream, but you can slap them back on the map to destroy or nullify a Brat-waking trap. These include lead weights which can suppress sprung toys, explosives which blow a path clear for the nipper and bridge blocks.
Quite why Nathan decided to dream a world which doesn't totally connect is one for the shrinks, but you have to continually lay building blocks to bridge gulfs in the landscape so that the Brat won’t fall.
The pace of the game stems from the ever scrolling screen which matches Brat’s walking pace. If he is kept moving he will remain in the centre of the screen, if you divert him to collect a toy or avoid certain doom, then he begins to lag behind and the top edge threatens. The game itself is a trail-laying test, but you must judge in advance where the trail will lead. Limited to manipulating what is on screen, means continually flicking between the icon bar and map, sticking arrows here, bridges there and dynamite everywhere. The mouse pointer with which everything is laid, quite is a dummy!
Another problem, though, is Nathan is destined to be a banker in later life as laying the trail costs you cash! Honestly, you're trying to help the kid get a nights sleep and he wants to make you pay!
Arrows are cheap but bridges cost an arm and a leg, so you have to be economic with the trail. To regenerate capital Natty has dreamt gems and coins into the landscape, but they are always in the most inaccessible places. This forces you to divert Brat to collect the baubles, as well as the toys.
The mouse goes into overdrive as you try to link as many objects as possible on this treasure trail.
To make matters worse one dream leads to another, and the deeper sleep that Natty gets into, the wilder the game becomes. The Continued Overleaf I Dodge the robot and collect the cash. It’s harder than it looks.
:£;j .Moon base gets mean as it is all turns with no room for error, unlike
* Parkland.
£S This! Is where you m meet straight ahead 1 walkways. A real Shock to the isometri cally orientated.
Brat goes cyber but the rules remain the same. In many ways the thin corridors help you guide Brat, as there is no guess-work involved in placing the next arrow, just fool the path and then click the arrow where you want him to turn. Park Land is larger but there are no nice lines to judge Brat’s path, mistakes are, alas, fatal on both.
Landscapes become more sparse, the toys more plentiful and the cash levels lower. It’s a logistical puzzle where you have to know what comes next and what special items are needed. This means repeated playing, a good memory and then performing perfectly ‘in game’. Luckily Nathan likes secrets, and each level has a special name, which if you whisper to him will make him begin the dream at a later level.
That’s life The idea of a baby being the hero of a game may sound lame after the arcade heroes and star-cruiser brigade. The theme therefore demands ultra-tight graphics to convey the brightly coloured world of a nipper to the screen, and Foursfield - the coding team behind the game - handle it well.
The Brat is small and perfectly dumpy, a good pastiche of his older kin in a baseball cap and a leather. The landscapes are solid and all the toys are immediately recognisable. Don’t believe the hype about the anti-cute nature of the nipper, because the whole concept smacks brilliantly of twee, kindergarten designs and logic.
Besides what’s anti-cute about a strong-willed baby making life hell?
That ain’t fantasy, that’s life.
Brat’s cot is firmly supported by excellent opening titles and seriously silly sound effects. An animated scene shows Nathan throwing off the diapers of the day, crushing a toy and becoming Brat.
A failure to make the next level ushers in another sequence. The problem child falls to the floor from a dream platform, rudely awakes and leaves you in no doubt as to whose fault it all really is.
Brat, is in many respects akin to Lemmings. The major difference is that here you have only one person in your charge and not a herd.
It’s a different style of challenge though, because you have to guide him in three dimensions not the Lemmings two! That same manic frenzy of cursing follows any mistake, where you generally know what went wrong, why it went wrong and blame the game for not letting you avert it. This spurs repeated play as levels become challenges of the personal kind.
Brat is a cute game to watch and a vicious beast to play. It calls for pixel perfect mouse work, inventive thinking around problems and excellent timing. Colourful graphics supplement the game, adding character but they never overpower the core concept. It’s a puzzle game in a cutie’s clothing, and as so works better than the usual collection of blocks. Guiding the nipper away from doom ain’t easy and won’t appeal to everyone, but those who take the Brat on board are guaranteed sleepless nights, full of attempts to get the kid snoozing. Just like the real thing. Trenton Webb VERDICT Cute as
they come, and twice as hard!
Great graphics and effects give the game real personality.
High-speed trail-laying puzzle challenge.
The longer levels can become somewhat frustrating, as there are no re-start points.
An original project with a real nappy-full of gameplay.
HE’S IN TOWN WITH A FEW DAYS TO KILL AVA ILABLE ON: AMIGA, ATARI ST, COMMODORE 64 128, SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD CPC, IBM PC & COMPATIBLES TM &© 1990.1991 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
IMAGE WORKS, Irwin House, 118 Southwark Street, London SE1 OSW. Tel: 071-928 1454 Fax: 071-583 3494.
Teeing off into a pretty strong headwind on the first hole at Avenel.
Unfortunately the breeze will take that slight snap and push it a bit off the line to land to the right of the fairway.
Oh, that’s not too bad after all. The combination of the wind and the snap have resulted in the shot losing some distance, so a pretty long shot will be needed to hit the green.
ELECTRONIC ARTS ¦ £24.99 Mouse or joystick KEMPER OPEN If the idea of a nice, easy stroll across some fields, occasionally knocking a ball towards a hole is completely alien to you, then you’re probably not a fan of that marvellous executive meeting arena, the golf course. If, on the other hand, you would love to be able to tee off with the likes of Fuzzy Zoeller but wouldn’t know which end to hold the golf bat, have no fear! You are not alone!
Thanks to Electronic Arts, useless club-wielders the nation over can now live out their dreams of playing the greens with PGA Tour Golf.
This isn’t the first golf simulation to be released on the Amiga.
The first effort came from US Gold AVENEL Before you start the round, you are given a lovely view of the course like the one above, which shows the Avenel Course at Potomac, Maryland. This is the course where the Kemper Open Championship is played.
It’s basically just for the tourist appeal, but it captures that nice golf-championship atmosphere.
HOLE i STROKE t"; DISTANCE:01 FT. | : PUTTER lu*. .j„;. IDQK 15I-! 50Y. 2 Left And Right ai'rovis nove cursor FI And F2 nove £frid Tine bal 1 is 4 in. Above the cup And is 31 ft. AWAy Oops! Looks as though the ball rolled away from the hole on reaching the green. Never mind, the putt is fairly level ... if you can work your way over the bumps and hollows that is!
Quite a strong putt sends the ball towards the hole. It’s a close one ... is it going to be on the right line? Has it got enough power behind it to go all the way? We’ll soon see... AT THE GOLF CLUB BAR in the form of Leaderboard and there have been a number of releases attempting to better this, including Elite’s Tournament Golf and Gremlin's Ultimate Golf, with varying degrees of success.
Into the Wild Green Yonder PGA Tour harks back to the purity of Leaderboard, concentrating on the playing techniques and fluid feel of the game rather than adding flashy extras.
The game begins in the Proshop, where new entrants must join the PGA roster before playing a game. If you don’t feel confident enough to plump for a whole game, you can get a bit of practice in on the driving range or play a test round on your own. Once you’ve signed in, chosen your course and selected your clubs it’s off to the first tee.
Before you tee off, you must make a note of the wind’s strength and direction, aiming your shot accordingly. Once you’re happy with the direction, you can start your swing. The shot is controlled by a bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar climbs left as the power increases until the button is pressed to begin the down-swing.
Now the swing has to be stopped as close to the snap line as possible to hit the shot straight, since any deviation will cause the shot to be hooked or sliced.
Once the shot has been taken, the camera swings round to show your shot landing and you are given information on the ball lie and shot distance ready for your next attempt. Once you've sunk the ball, details are fed into the score computer and you are told of your placings. Score in the top rankings and you go onto the next round.
Simulating a skillful game like golf is always a rather dodgy prospect. It becomes all too easy to load the game with too many fiddly sort of shot options and presentation details so that the Club Shot Distance Type Shot Power Bar Snap Line Shot Hooks Left Shot Slices Right The swing is controlled by the shot bar. One click sets the bar rising, another sets the power and starts the swing and a final click sets the snap. Split second timing is required, so be alert!
VERDICT game gets lost in a swamp of flash graphics and sound.
Pleasant, 3D, countryside graphics which are drawn speedily and effectively.
Superb sound effects such as the swish of the club and the tweeting of birdies (aah!).
Realistic action and fluid control capture the feel of the sport.
Incredibly well-executed game environment and presentation system lift PGA Tour above other games in the field.
Fetch the Tee Caddy PGA Tour Golf does have very slick presentation and a host of options, but instead of distracting the player they add quite a lot to the proceedings. The options are very useful, allowing you to have a much greater control over play than some games, and the presentation extras such as the fly-by hole preview and fanfare intro can be turned off if they become annoying.
The feel of the gameplay is rather similar to Leaderboard, with the full-screen scenery and shot control method, but Electronic Arts have added much more to make the game fresh and enjoyable.
If you like a quick round now and then, but your golfing skills leave you horrendously over par at the end of the day, then try a round of PGA Tour. It could allow you to enjoy the game with a fraction of the frustration encountered on the greens - not to mention the saved expense of clubs being damaged when hurled into the bunker in a temper! Maff Evans The amazing Atari Lynx is the complete portable colour entertainment system. The stunningly powerful 16-bit graphics engine produces outstanding colour, crisp graphics with immense animation, superb sound and an unparalleled depth of gameplay.
The complete entertainment system would not be complete without great software and peripherals, the Lynx has both. There are 17 titles available already with many more under development and utilities include Kitbags, Adaptors to run the Lynx off the car battery and cables to connect up to 8 Lynxes for unsurpassed multi player action.
Please send me more details about the Lynx, its peripherals and other Atari products.
NAME mmw TM and © 1939 AH right* rotsrvai Atari Corp UK Ltd, Atari House, Railway Terrace, Slough SL2 5BZ HEWSON M £24.99 Joystick there has been a plethora of space-trading games, aimed at creating a futuristic world where only ver since Elite first arrived on the 8-bit scene all those aeons ago, E NRUIGRTION cdmfut r' : the rich survive. Moonfall is set on an unruly moon populated with jaded space pilots and product-consuming terraformers.
You are a crew member from the starship Dedalus, which has been forced to crash-land on a moon called Frontier Alpha. The crew have been taken hostage and you’ve been given a job; completing dangerous missions for trading or bounty-hunting purposes.
The game-world is represented in full colour 3D. The screen updates are fast and there are some nice touches in here, for example the sun rises and sets plunging you into a deathly night in which rotten pirates enjoy robbing you of your hard-earned cargo.
Hey, psssf, buddy got any water?
Powerplants, factories and moon- bases pepper the surface of the planet. These are represented on a navigation screen which enables you to chart your course around the moon. Each settlement has landing pads. Plonk your skimmer craft on one of these and you can enter the settlement. Enter the trading room to re-equip your ship, get some information or simply have a beer in the pub.
The trading screen enables you to buy a host of consumer desirables such as plankton, ant farms or just plain old water. The graphics at this stage show an alien chappie, who mouths off when you ask for something. He’s the bloke that you’ve got to buy everything off, but you can’t judge whether he will drive a hard bargain just by looking at him.
The prices of goods varies from place to place, which is one of the ways you can make money.
On the trading screen you can also equip your ship. Armaments include mines, add-on lasers and missiles. These are essential if you’re to survive more than five minutes outside the settlement.
However don’t expect to be able to afford the latest in state-of-the-art weaponry at your first outing.
Where’s your indicator, scum?
Flying around the planet is simple.
Simply work out where you want to go according to a compass, gain altitude and kick in the engines.
Once you’ve cleared a settlement you can turn the booster rockets on. These let you zip between trading posts and are handy when there’s a pirate on your tail.
There are plenty of pirates on Frontier Alpha interested in your cargo. The speed and resilience of their ships varies, so no two battles are the same. What’s more, they're cocky sods, who enjoy hiding behind rock outcrops and then sticking a large missile up your bum, just as you’re about to kick in the boosters. Your ship's plasma lasers are pretty ineffective against everything. Stock up on missiles however and you can ruin their day.
Andy Hutchinson VERDICT Fast, and well thought out graphics.
Difficulty rating is perfectly weighted.
The plot of the game makes it so easy for you to get quickly involved in the game.
Extremely derivative of everything from Elite to Resolution 101.
An absorbing game which has been well thought out but which somewhat lacks any style of its own.
Beauty and Functionality Redefined SERIES HA5 THE NEW IMPACT r The Next Generation in Amiga 500 Add-On Peripherals Turn your A500® into a Serious and More Fun Computing Tool Today!
GVP’s New SERIES II A500-HD+ is The Ultimate in Hard Drive, Memory and Expandability for your Amiga Major features include: Leading Edge Same high-tech custom VLSI and FaaastROM™ features as GVP's new Series IIA2000 SCSI-RAM Products.
Foresight Unique new "Mini-Slot"IM brings out all the A500 expansion bus signals, allowing for exciting future expansion options - the only intelligent alternative to risky "Pass-Through" functionality.
Reliability Includes internal fan to keep you cool and robust power supply ensuring your A500 power supply will not be overloaded. GVP will not compromise on quality and reliability!
Memory Expansion Internal RAM Expansion up to 8MB using easy-to-install SIMM lie memory modules.
Nmirrr Sleek Custom injection-molded styling perfectly matches your A500 for unequaled beauty and elegance, setting a new standard for A500 peripherals.
Game Switch: Enables RAM while enabling full game compatibility.
External SCSI Port: Allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be attached.
T'-High Factory-installed Hard Disk Drive: 40MB through 100MB.
“Mini-Slot”: For future expansion options.
GVP’s Custom VLSI Chip.
State-of-the-Art New T'-high internal hard disk drive,- available from 40MB through 100MB.
Performance Provides no-compromise hard disk performance which until now has never been seen on the A500.
, GVP’s FaaastROM SCSI Driver.
Internal RAM Expansion: Up to 8MB Seeing is Believing Take one for a Test "Drive" at your nearest GVP Dealer today!
Internal Fan: Keeps you running cool Dedicated Universal Input Power Supply: Included.
Call for Special End-User Trade-Up Details!
Reinforced 86-PIN Card Edge Connector Educational pricing program now available.
Series II, FAASTROM and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc. Amiga and A500 are registered trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. itsxmam Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Rallton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Telephone 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 POWER COMPUTING SRL ITALY VIA DELLE BALEARI, 90 00121 OSTIA LIDO ROMA 2 LINES (06) 5646310 FAX 5646301 Imagine a time in the not-too-dis- tant future. Industrial waste output in American cities reaches an all time high causing massive pollution problems. One example of the kind of problem facing the environment is
the San Francisco smog.
One day, the morning fog rolled in from the bay and mixed with the toxic chemicals in the atmosphere to form a dense layer of mist covering the city. Slowly the citizens found themselves choking on the poisonous gas.
People began to die of asphyxiation, causing many to leave the lower levels and move up to the tops of skyscrapers. Once the streets were Down under the cloud, infra-reds are the only way of seeing well enough to operate. Here we see the Net Missiles in full effect, as Henri Leclerc - one of the top members of the Black Angels is pinned. Now all that remains to be done is step out, arrest him and escort the PUP back to the station house.
IMAGEWORKS ¦ £24.99 Mouse and keyboard deserted, thugs and criminals began to group together, forming the evil and dangerous Black Angel gang. Day by day their reign of terror spread across the city. The legacy of the Killing Cloud had begun.
Let’s be careful out there You play the part of a police biker in the San Francisco Police Department. Law enforcement has changed a lot since Dirty Harry toted his Magnum .44 and invited punks to make his day. Riding across the cityscape in a Police Hoverbike - a cross between a police car and a helicopter - your task is to chase and capture members of the Black Angels.
The game begins in the briefing room of one of the SFPD's police precincts, where you are given your assignment for the day. Once you know where you are going, you can access the city map and place back-up units on the streets.
Villains must be apprehended by first capturing them in nets and then by stepping out to arrest them. There is a kind of selfpiloted paddy wagon called a PUP will then swoop in to pick up the crim and take him back to the station house.
Once you've set up your mission, it's off to the armoury to kit yourself out for the mission. Here you can arm yourself with machine- All the missions begin in the station’s briefing room. Before you start, you must access the target area and prepare your back-up. Drop Net Missile pods ready to catch criminals with and PUPs to bring them in, then track them on your scanner to find the suspects.
Guns and cannons, add an extra fuel-tank to your bike and equip yourself with a life-support suit to protect yourself from that deadly ‘ killing’ cloud.
Bear in the air When you're fully tooled-up, a nicely animated launch sequence appears and then it’s on to the 3D flying sequence. Using your radar to spot your backup units, you can zoom down to the scene of the crime and net your suspect. Many of the gang members have accomplices that fly around making your life difficult by shooting at you, so you need to keep a careful watch!
Once the PUP has docked and you’ve returned to the station, you must interrogate the suspect to glean information on the Black Angels' activities.
Unfortunately, the suspects have a good lawyer and some pretty hefty plea-bargaining is required to get the answers you need. If you get the bargaining right, then the prisoner will break down and confess everything he knows, allowing you to continue the investigation. If you get it wrong and he walks.
I’m a motorcycle rider To begin with The Killing Cloud is laden with a futuristic, oppressive atmosphere which promises a great deal, and once into the 3D flying and battling section the game gets quite exciting.
However there are times when the game progresses in a wildly illogical fashion. The interrogation sequence is one of the more frustrating sections, since you are told that the prisoner can trade years off his sentence for information.
The answers, however, are triggered by offering a certain reduction in one go, so that if you don't offer enough on a particular go, you get no info and their sentence is reduced anyway! Also, what happens to the missiles on your ship and the PUPs that return home? They vanish, that's what!
This is a shame, since these annoying quirks let down what is otherwise an enjoyable game. The introduction graphics and selection screens set a dark and moody atmosphere which is heightened by the fun 3D sections, but the whole thing tends to fall apart a little in other sections.
If you're a patient person, then you will find The Killing Cloud a challenging, futuristic shoot-em-up.
If, on the other hand, you like your blasts to be quick, racy and frantic, you may end up incredibly frustrated. Maff Evans VERDICT Good intro-sequences and graphics manage to set the mood and tone perfectly.
The challenging 3D flying sequences are fast and good fun.
The disk access is unfortunately rather slow, breaking the atmosphere to a certain extent.
The game, as a whole, is let down by some glaring inconsistencies and somewhat illogical gameplay elements.
A good science fiction search-and-shoot-em- up which is let down by some of the game’s unfortunate quirks.
Henri Leclerc grins widely during interrogation. Strange behaviour for a villain in custody? Perhaps, but his lawyer is whittling away years of his sentence before you find out what you need to know.
If something is wrong with your Amiga 500 or C64, who better to turn to than the Commodore National Repair Centre.
For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair (including parts and labour) and delivery back to you.
And, as a special bonus, you can receive a free piece of software if you contact us before 14th May 1991.
The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
Please be ready to give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.
The cost is £49.95 for an Amiga 500 and £39.95 for a C64. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card.
And remember, if you call before 14th May you can claim a FREE piece of software.
Commodore National Repair Centre Amiga Repairs FMG House Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 0SF 0733 391234 •• FREE SOFTWARE £49.95 COVERS ANY REPAIRS When it comes to bolshy little space-fighters blasting around the universe there has never really been the freedom to operate outside anything other than a horizontal or vertical corridor. But not anymore. In Battlestorm, thanks to some innovative multi-directional scrolling, you can loop-the-loop, zigzag and somersault just about anywhere you want.
Each level is laid out as a square, with gun emplacements set into the ground which spit bullets, while enemy fighters bombard you in droves. Once the last fighter of an attacking group is destroyed you collect extra lives by picking up the dainty pink pods they leave behind. Every so often the speed, fire-power and all-round pluck of both you and your opponents is increased by the arrival of a mothership on the grid. An arrow signals her whereabouts so that you can go and do the business (look out, she leaves mines in her path) and pick up more pink pods.
* FITf!«£ H E2d QQ iov %tick Mil 5$ 2111 j| Sp la B WL These
little jet things are deadly as poo and whiz round you in
circles. (Don’t panic though - just stay in one spot and blast
as they come round.)
Eventually the battle gets so fierce and an even bigger, badder battleship cruises in. Shortly you will either be dead or will have reached the second half of the level. Played over the same territory, but vertically scrolling, it sends you up screen to attack an end-of-level gun emplacement.
The initial problem with Battlestorm is its multi-directional scrolling and henceforth the odd joystick control systems. There are two types to choose from. The first, and most natural, is where ‘down’ corresponds to your fighter moving down the screen, while the second simulates how you’d be pushing and pulling the stick if you were actually sitting in the cockpit - nasty when you think about it, because pressing ‘up’ can make your ship do the exact opposite.
Get down ship Once you've cracked the controls, though, the game comes alive. The overhead view zips around with beautiful smoothness and clarity.
There are three difficulty modes, but even the easiest is pitched at a demandingly high level, which ensures Battlestorm is always a challenge. It's best not to dash around; take out the gun emplacements in one area and stay there.
Then you don't have to put up with so much fire-power being aimed at you and there’s more time for thought in-between enemy attacks.
Extra dimensions It may not have the breadth and grandeur of a game like SWIV - it remains a rather plain game to look at despite its silky scroll, and there could have been a bit more to it - but it does make up for this with the dimensions of its playing area. In fact, it may be setting a standard that other programmers could well be emulating in the not- too-distant future.
If you want the kind of relentless shoot-em-up that will have your stick clutched in a sweaty palm while you dart around the monitor then Battlestorm just about takes the biscuit. Andy Ide VERDICT Very nippy spaceship shoot-em-up.
Super-smooth multidirectional scrolling.
Well pitched difficulty gradient.
Could have had a few more levels.
Enemies become slightly repetitive.
1 A.]VIICt A OE A E S 1 AMIGA 500 STANDARD PACK 1 ? A500 computer ? 512k RAM ? 1Mb disk drive ?
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F Exclusive Amiga Packs from I Pack Al EURO LANGUAGE PACK 1992 Dowling, as easy as A, B, C. Pack R ROBOCOP AND FRIENDS PACK 1 ? Amiga as in Standard Pack ? The French Mistress ? The German Master ? The Spanish Tutor ? The Italian Tutor | All for just £329.95 ? Amiga as in Standard Pack ? Robocop ? Batman The Movie ? Indiana Jones ? Ghostbusters II All for just £329.95 91 Pack C THE ALL NEW ULTIMATE GAMES LANGUAGE PACK Mgl ¦mm ? RVF Honda ? Microprose Soccer ? Tower of Babel ? Kid Gloves ? Datastorm ? Powerplay ? E-Storm ? Dungeon Quest ? Grand Monster Slam ? Robocop ? Batman The Movie ?
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resident LQ fonts tY A high speed draft facility of 222cps at
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economy of first and last line printing tY 7 K-byte buffer
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Times Roman, Courier, Prestige, Script and italic versions vY
Electronic dip switches operable from the push button front
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Only available when purchased with a printer.
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TY Populous & Sim City:- Two great strategy games. This pack with 1084S tY Battlechess:- The most exciting game of chess you'll ever play. Colour monitor tY Their finest hour:- Battle of Britain brought to life.
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AT LAST - THE COMPLETE 5 STAR REPAIR SERVICE (?We will send our courier to pick up your faulty computer, all we ask is that you pack it adequately* ? We will repair and soaktest your Amiga to the highest standard ? We will guarantee the parts replaced for a full 3 months ? We will extend the guarantee to a period of 12 months for a nominal £25 ? We will return your computer speedily via courier The truly complete service for only £59.95 | V.B Dowling reserve the right to refuse machines in the unlikely event that in our opinion they are beyond reasonable repair.
U. K. mainland only.
COMPLETE VIDI-AMIGA SCOOP Another Dowling exclusive giving you a complete system enabling you to connect your Amiga to any standard video recorder and star frame grabbing!
Pack includes:- Vidi - Amiga (Pal version)...RRP £114.95 Vidi - RGB Splitter .RRP £69.95 Vidi - RGB Power Supply RRP £9.95 Vidi - Chrome ...RRP £19.95 E180 VHS Video Tape RRP £6.95 TOTAL RRP £221.75 SCOOP PRICE £149.95 NF.W: 7000 SQ FT PREMISES, NEW: RETAIL PREMISES, NEW: SOFTWARE DIVISION t TELESALES ORDER LINE (MON-FRI) 0480 403222 (SAT) 0480 403304 SOFTWARE DEPARTMENT We are proud to announce that due to strong customer demand we have now opened our mail-order software department. With the growing concerns over ordering software via mail order you can now put
your faith into one of the country's leading mail-order companies. We have tried to make ordering your software as easy as possible and suggest you use the attached coupon at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can call into our St. Neots shop during normal working hours for a fast and friendly service. Remember, we have been established for over 5 years and it is you, the customer, who has made us as successful as we are today!
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Post Code TEL: ORDER FORM Please supply me with the following for Computer .... Titles Price Please charge my Access Visa No: Credit card orders taken. Orders under £5 add 75p P&P. For First Class add 75p P&P UK only. EEC countries add £2.00 per item. Non EEC countries add £3.00 per item.
Express airmail £4.00 per item.
All items subject to availability. All prices subject to change without notice. E.& O.E. Expiry date: ... Please make cheques & PO payable to Dowling Computers Ltd THIS MONTHS TOP 50 CHARTBUSTERS Harpoon (1 Meg) .....£19.99 Hero's Quest (1 Meg) ..£23.99 Indiannapolis 500 ....£16.99 Judge Dredd ....£13.99 Kick Off 2 .£12.99 Kick Off 2(1 Meg) ...£16.99 Leisuresuit Larry 3 ..£26.99 Lotus Turbo Challenge .£16.99 Ml Tank
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2 £17.99 Saint
Dragon ...£16.99 (UK Mainland, most
areas) LANGUAGE LEARNING PACK - exclusive to Dowling With 1992
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The French Mistress.....RRP £19.95P The famous HUGO 3 MONTH CASSETTE V T, n j,n . Nnn n nc LANGUAGE COURSE in either French, The German Master......RRP £19.95 German, Spanish or Italian. The course The Soanish Tutor RRP £19 95 consists of 4 audio tapes and me opanisn mior .£iy.*) comprehensive learning book. RRP v The Italian Tutor RRP £19.95 £29.95 each The total RRP of this pack is usually £109.75. Our Special pack price is £49.95
N. B. Remember to state which HUGO course you require when
Additional Hugo courses available at just £24.95 TELESALES ORDER LINE (MON-FRI) 0480 403222 (SAT) 0480 403304 UTILITY PACKAGES Aegis Sonix £14.99
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Setter ....£39.99
Deluxe Music Const.
Kit ..£49.99 Deluxe Paint
2 .....£9.99
Deluxe Paint
3 ...£59.99
Deluxe Print
2 ...£34.99
Deluxe Video
3 ..£59.99
2 ...£44.99
Digicalc .£27.99
Digi Paint
3 £59.99
Gold ..£119.99
Basic ......£59.99
Accounts £22.99
Kindwords .£37.99
CV5 ....£169.99
Mastersound .....£32.99
Mavis Beacons
Typing ....£19.99 Movie
Setter .....£39.99
Music X 1.1
Version ..£89.99
Music X
Junior ...£49.99
2 ....£49.99
Pagestream ......£99.99
Pal ..£99.99
Photon Paint
2 ..£14.99
Video ....£34.99
Prodata .£59.99
V4 .£59.99
Ver.5 ...£109.99
Pro Write
3.0 ..£109.99
Quartet ..£34.99
4D £399.99
Express ..£34.99
Superbase Personal
2 ....£24.99
Superplan ..£79.95
Transwrite .£59.99
Killer ...£8.99
Perfect ..£179.99
1 Meg Cricket ..£18.99 Adidas Golden
Shoe £16.99
Alcatraz £16.99 Alpha
Waves ....£16.99
A. T.F. 2 £16.99 Bandit King
of Ancient China £22.99 Barbarian H
(Psynosis) .£15.99 Blade
Warrior ...£16.99 Blue
Max ..£19.99 Bomber
Bob ....£16.99 Chips
Challenge ......£16.99 Chuck Yeagers A.F.T.
V2 .....£16.99 Delta
Armalyte .£13.99 Deuteros (Tne Next
Millenium)....£16.99 Dynamic
Debugger ..£16.99 European
Superleague £13.99 Flight of the
Intruder £19.99 AlOTank
Killer .£19.99 Atomic
Robokid ......£16.99
B. A.T ....£19.99 Battle
Command .....£17.99
Captive £16.99 Chaos
Strikes Back .£17.99 Chase
H.Q..2 ...£17.99
Corporation .....£16.99 Days of
Thunder .....£16.99 Dragon
Breed ..£14.99 Dragon
Wars ...£17.99 Dragons Lair 2 Timewarp
£27.99 E-Swat .£17.99 FI9
Stealth Fighter .£18.99 Final
Whistle ......£8.99 Gazza
2 ...£16.99 Golden
lAnswer Back
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Answer Back
Senior ..£13.99
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Dinosaur Discovery
Kit .....£16.99
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Discover the
Alphabet ......£13.99
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Donald's Alphabet
Chase ..£13.99 First
Letters &
Words £16.99
Shapes ..£16.99
Mistress .£13.99
Fun School 2 (under
6) .....£13.99 Fun
School 2
(6-8) ....£13.99
Fun School
2(8+) .....£13.99
Fun School 3 (under
5) .....£16.99 Fun
School 3
(5-7) ....£16.99
Fun School 3
(7+) .....£16.99
Master .£13.99
Goofy's Railway
Express ..£13.99
Henrietta .....£16.99
Tutor ...£13.99
Junior Typist
(5-10) ...£12.99
Talk ..£16.99
Lets Spell At
Home ...£14.99
Lets Spell At
Shops ..£14.99
Magic Maths
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Maths Mania
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Mickey's Crossword
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Zoo .....£13.99 My
Paint £22.99
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Prof. Looks at
Words £16.99
Prof. Makes
Sentences ....£16.99
Prof. Plays a new
Game ...£19.99 Puzzle
Book Vol
1 .....£14.99
Puzzle Story
Book ....£16.99
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(4-9) ..£14.99
The 3
Bears ..£16.99
Things to do with
Numbers .....£14.99
Puzznic £16.99 Rick
Dangerous 2 ...£16.99 Robocop
2 ......£17.99 Qofon £1 P QQ Shadow of
the Beast 2 £22.99 Shadow
Warrior ......£16.99
Simulcra ...£16.99 Speedball
2 .....£17.99 Spindizzy
2 ......£16.99 Super Off Rd
Racer .£16.99
Supremacy ......£19.99 Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles £17.99 Their Finest
Hour .....£19.99 Tournament
Golf .....£16.99 Wings (1
Meg) .£19.99 Wings of
Fury ...£16.99 Wolfpackd
Meg) ....£19.99 Sly
Spy £16.99
Starflight ..£16.99 Star Trek
V ......£16.99 Street
Hockey ..£16.99 Team
Suzuki ....£16.99 The
Keep ..£16.99 The
Punisher ....£16.99 Total
Recall ......£16.99
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2 .£13.99 Ultima
V ...£19.99
U. M.S. II ...£18.99
Vendetta ...£17.99
Viz .£16.99
Wonderland .....£19.99
Ziriax ...£16.99
Z-Out ....£13.99
GOLD CLUB SERVICE ? 7 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied ? 30 day exchange for new policy should a fault occur ? 1 year guarantee giving FREE collection and delivery service should a fault occur ? Exclusive gold card with personal membership number entitling you to special offers ? All this for a nominal £10 per item over £100 ?NEW PLATINUM CARD SERVICE ?NEW* ? All the benefits of the succesful gold card service (above) plus the following Extended 2 year guarantee from date of purchase.
(Peace of mind for 2 years) Free use of loan machine should yours need to be repaired. (Now you never need be without your expensive purchase)
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N. B. In the unlikely case of shortages of identical model loan
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HOW TO ORDER BY PHONE Simply call our head office quoting your Access Visa number on Mon-Fri 0480 403222 Sat 0480 403304 By personally calling at our St Neots Shop 6 Priory Mall, St Neots, Cambs Tel: 0480 403304 BY POST Make cheques, building society drafts or postal orders payable to: Dowling Computers Ltd.
Please add £6 courier delivery for orders over £100, add £2 p&p for orders under.
DELIVERY ;• i i .
L. (Si” tSi.V'L liy _.: 'V _ v. ... V?,C;
* . V i. .ti L i a@i;- C; it'%i 4 v!
Lit: L- th fe CilKS f'U : te.
: t : wO',.: i U n ¦ t. d ‘r it m snM.) I- Turn m i nd-read After becoming Sondra you have the ability to mindread, folks. Not just people you're talking to, but anyone, anywhere in the galaxy. Here she is snooping on B-52, the mad war droid. An interesting experience.
PURE FICTION ¦ £24.99 Keyboard Madlok, magician and serial killer. A member of your team; you must use his spell capabilities to help defeat the hordes of Demoniak.
Emoniak has arrived. This is not good news. This Demoniak chap you see, is a large demon from a parallel universe, who enjoys enslaving entire planets. Normal future mythology would have mankind’s shiny space fleets whizing out and bombing the beast. Mankind's state however, in this future view, bears sad similarities to the present day. The world is in a mess and we couldn't organise a round of drinks in a distillery, let alone a galactic strike force.
Thus, world-saving is left in the hands of private enterprise.
Luckily one man has his act together, a certain Doc Cortex, the cleverest man in the entire universe. He calls together a band of costumed misfits (known as superheroes) to help him build the ultimate bomb, the only thing that can stop Demoniak.
Wot no sprites?
Demoniak marks a brave departure for Palace Pure Fiction, as it is a text adventure. Popular in the early days of computing the format has been largely forgotten since the 16-bits made it big, because these machines allowed glorious pictures and sounds while adventuring, why be satisfied with mere text?
In Demoniak the descriptions and story rattles across the main games screen, while you interrupt the game interjecting actions for the characters you currently control by entering text commands.
Traditionally, there would have been no choice of the character you control but in Demoniak, it can be any one of 50 characters, who all have a different view of events.
So during the game you're leaping around a galaxy of planets and personas, aiding the gang of five (Doc Cortex, Sondra the psychic, Flame the fire girl, Sirius the muscle and Madlok the magician) in their quest.
Psychological problems The worlds the team visit are crazy places and a black, nihilistic humour pervades the whole game.
Each of the 50 characters you can become has psychological problems that loom large just when you need it least. To achieve free movement, you need to appreciate the games amusingly warped perspective. Then it becomes clear how to encourage folk to do stuff their predetermined character would never dream of.
The 50 peeps on offer all have defined characteristics and objectives, so the curious will have great fun becoming periphery players and pushing the Demoniak universe to its logically mad conclusion. The mind-reader Sondra is fun, because her psychic abilities let you ‘watch’ the thoughts of the person she’s talking to.
Escape Despite the new concepts added to the formula, Demoniak is unable to escape its text adventure roots.
The logic 'parser' (text game interface) is more intelligent than your average textual bash, allowing compound sentences and short-cut commands. You are still forced, though, to master the syntax system to succeed and annoyance is inevitable as this process runs its course. Typing the wrong commands earn a “you do not need to use the word ...” and a vicious circle of hurried and frustrated key bashing commences.
The limitations of the text adventure mode cannot be held against Demoniak, as it forces the form and frees it considerably from previous constraints. Thrills are few, excitement sparse but the challenge of a 50-way logical puzzle - 49 more than usual - is intriguing! Refreshingly, the combat is particularly flexible and reasonably tense. You can even become your enemy and mess with their happy fighting thoughts. Despite these saving graces Demoniak, will only appeal to those who enjoyed the works of Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls. Further developments are promised by the Pure Fiction sys
tem, as it evolves and throws off its text-only chains. Demoniak is good but is limited by its chosen form. Trenton Webb WE'VE GOT THE POWER!
FOLD HERE DIRECT LTD ASTRA PACK: Datastorm, Dungeon Quest, E- Motion, Grand Monster Slam, Kid Gloves, Powerplay, RVF Flonda, Shufflepuck Cafe, Microprose Soccer, Tower of Babel.
- ftm 0WER PRICE only £399.99 COMMODORE 1084S 14" RGB cN CVBS
colour monitor [Gf 80 characters x 25 lines HJ Stereo sound
output GGT Amiga compatible [U Earphone headphone socket Free
leads RRP £300.00 THE COMMODORE MAGIC at the £7 *Scoop-f POWER
PRICE of only £249.99 N POWER PACK 5 Pack 4 + Citizen Swift 9
colour printer POWER PRICE only £739.99 inc. PRICE £16.99
£16.99 £16.99 £16.99 POWER PACK 2 Pack 1 plus Philips 8833 Mkll
monitor (including cable) POWER PRICE only £629.99 inc. VAT
TxZ POWER PACK 3 Pack 1 plus pack 2 plus Citizen Swift 9
printer (including colour-kit) or Star LC200 colour printer.
‘Please note we recommend Citizen printers. They come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY and the Swift 9 is an excellent robust model
- POW£2 ICEonly£849.99 inc. VAT
Modulator, A501 G meg with clock) Ram Expansion, mouse, mouse
mat, power supply, 10 blank disks, Deluxe Paint II, Pro-write
2.5 Infofile (for word processing), music mouse (teach yourself
AND your kids the magic of music on your micro!), Lets Spell at
Home (great pictorial spelling package), Amiga logo with
Talking Turtle - and to use all those programmers from school a
BBC Emulator. For you...your children., and your children's
AMIGA 1500 It s got the power! - latest Commodore Amiga 1500 comes with 1Mb of Ram (possible expansion to 9Mb) and 2 x 3-5" 880Kb internal drives, detachable keyboard and mouse. Accepts ALL Amiga 2000 peripherals and is UPGRADEABLE to full IBM COMPATIBILITY! The Works - Platinum Edition - integrated word processor, database and spreadsheet it's all you need. - Populous + Promised Lands, (two real classics worthy of any software collection) Sim City + Terrain Editor . Battlechess - the Grand Master Classic. - Their Finest Hours - Battle of Britain, Fighter Pilot are having a hard time, now it's
your turn. A-Z of Computer Jargons two introduction books "Get the most out of your Amiga".and official manual.
THE ULTIMATE PACK Without monitor only £649.99 with Philips monitor £889.99 POWER PRICE in VAT w't*1 Commodore 1084S monitor £899.99 AXE* POWER PACK 1 Screen Gems 10 Games Astra Pack (worth over £230) Mutant Ninja, F19 Stealth Fighter (or other chart game) Joystick pLUS Nightbreed ..RRP £24.99 Dust cover Days of Thunder ..RRP £19.99 Mouse mat Shadow of the Beast II ...RRP £24.99 FREE TV Back to the Future II ......RRP £19.99 MODULATOR Deluxe Paint II .....RRP £49-99 MAIL ORDER 61 Gainsborough Rd, Finchley, London, N12 8AA POWER
PRICE only £519.99 inc. VAT nm* POWER PACK 6 VAT All Citizen printers carry 2 YEAR WARRANTY Citizen 120D 9 pin, 120cps, NLQ, 80 col ...SPECIAL PRICE £149-001 Citizen Swift 9, 213cps, NLQ, 80 col, 4 fonts, buffer, includes colour kit £229-00 Citizen Swift 24 pin, colour, up to 160 50 cps. NONE BETTER .£309-95 Commodore MPS1230, 9 pin, 120cps, NLQ ...£149-00 Swift 9 and Swift 24 printer colour kits - well worth it onlv ...£34.99 Star LC200
Colour ..£299-991 PLEASE CALL FOR LATEST PRICES ON THE STAR & CITIZEN RANGES PERIPHERAL POWER Commodore A590 20Mb hard drive LOW PRICE £269.95 Plus extra 2 meg fitted - does NOT effect warranty ..£359-99 Citizen mechanism external 3-5" disk drive RECOMMENDED ....£59-95 1 2 Meg expansion, NO SOLDERING, DISABLER SWITCH including clock AND the brilliant CAPTIVE, or Dragons Lair I, Dragons Lair II or Space Ace, or
Singe's Castile .....£59-99 1 2 Meg upgrade no software with clock £37.99 without clock ....£-33-99 Golden Image optical mouse - so smooth ......£44.99 Replacement mouse for Amiga - (includes mouse house and adhesives)....£24.99 Quickjoy TOPSTAR - (for professionals microswitches, autofire. THE BEST.£-19-99 Quickjoy JETFIGHTER - 6 microswitches, autofire, speed control, smooth...£13-99 Astra Pack (10 great
games) £29-99 31 2" DS DD unbranded discs pack of 50 ......£24.99 Tilt & swivel monitor stand - the control centre -THE BEST .£18.99 Control Centre for keyboard and monitor £44.99 We've got the power to give you the performance. Tailor made service for ANY cables CD TV AXE* POWER PRICE only £519.99 DISNEY POWER - Animation Studio
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PHILIPS 8833 MK11 Featuring: 14" screen 80 column display
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RGB A1, TTL comp video & stereo audio inputs Retractable foot
Twin speakers i T Earphone jack socket 0 Free dust cover [0
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Railway Express (2-5's) shapes & colours ..£-24.99-
Mickey's Runway Zoo - (5-8's)
arithmetic ......£-24.99- Mickey's Crossword
Puzzler - (5-6's) using words ....£24.99- Donalds
Alphabet Chase - (2-5's) learning the alphabet .£24.99• OR ALL
dealers for Commodore, Atari, Amstrad, Citizen, Panasonic,
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THE Axl* POWER service HOW TO ORDER By phone 081 446 5950 081 343 0419 By fax It's fast 081 446 6422 By post: make cheques, bankers draft, postal orders or building society cheques payable to Direct Ltd.
Allow 5 working days for personal cheque clearance.
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 8.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 5.00pm Sunday: 10.00am - 2.00pm PRICE...P0VVFR...PERF0RMANCE SPECIAL WEEKEND DELIVERY WITHIN M25 ONLY £10.00
E. & O.E. Prices are correct at time of going to press, and
include VAT but subject to change, as we are sometimes let
down by suppliers. Call First.
Name (Mr, Mrs, Ms) Address--------- Postcode Credit Card gg g Please circle Card No______ ____ _ PLEASE SEND ME PRODUCT PRICE QUANTITY POWER PRICE All products are sourced from the UK - no nroTi imnnrtc _ r =»ct with vnnr nffiricil Carriage UK warranties.
Total Power Price ‘ ’ OiiKj ILUlLLLSgS hen a race becomes a civilisation, there's only one clear path forward: war. Warlords is a fantasy-based war-game. Eight players battle it out to become the ruler of the fabled land of llluria. Each has the same aim: to kill their chosen race of peoples to until they are the only ones left in the land. (So much for love thy neighbour.)
STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP ¦ £29.99 Keyboard and Mouse (one Meg required) This end is met, in the main, by fighting each other and capturing one another's territory. A number of castles cover the landscape, 80 in all. The key to the kingdom is to capture every last one of these strongholds. At the offset all but eight are neutral (but still, these are no push-over).
Captured castles produce troops, which can be sent out to capture yet more fortresses. This is the way that the empires expand, inevitably encroaching on THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO ILLURIA Ithe main window on the world. This close-up view shows the local area in all its glory. Here is where you see your troops and castles - and those off your enemies!
This row off buttons is mainly concerned with making your armies easier to manipulate. It gets more useful later on when things start to get confusing.
To each other’s territory and leading to conflict.
It’s not all down to brute force.
There are other more subtle ways to further your cause. Being fantasy based, the search for powerful magical artefacts can aid you in your war efforts. Alliances can be made between human and computer players - and just as easily broken.
Hot daft An awful lot of computer intelligence is apparent. When moving 4 The status panel tells you what’s going on. Most of the text from the computer to you appears in this area, such as information about the terrain, and troop details.
From one location to another, for instance, the computer will work out your most movement-efficient route. Simply click on your destination and the piece will skirt round rivers or along roads if that’s the quickest, rather than the most direct, way.
Make no mistake, Warlords is a long and involved strategy game, taking days rather than hours to come to its conclusion. For this reason the save-game command is jolly useful, and allows you to return to long campaigns at your own convenience.
As you get further and further into the game you get more and more pieces, inevitably, under your control. It gets difficult to remember exactly what all your pieces were supposed to be doing. There are a number of special functions that are intended to make this somewhat easier, but it still can be rather confusing.
Playing at war For a war-game of such obvious complexity Warlords is surprisingly intuitive to use. Right at the beginning of the manual, a step-by-step tutorial guides you through your first movements. From there on in you quickly get the hang of things, and you soon will be slaughtering your foes with a vengeance.
Not that they're that easy to slaughter, mind. To win you have to be victorious over the seven other clans. Each computer player can be independently set to play at a variety of difficulty levels, and you can vary the competence of the opposition to provide as easy or as challenging a game as you like.
Playing against human opposition adds more to the game, as you can gang up on the computer players (or, depending on how treacherous you are, you can go straight for each other's throats).
Warlords is a deep and challenging game that can be picked up almost from the word go. It does take a long time to play, but that will be a bonus, rather than a disadvantage, to the serious war- gamer. Adam Waring VERDICT The computer plays a very Intelligent’ game.
It’s easy to pick up, but will still retain new levels of intrigue.
Can get a bit bogged down when you have a large number of armies to command.
Even the shortest games will take many, many hours.
THE SPRING 10-12 MAY 1991 - AlUAHOSA PAIACI I IBB THE SPRING Photocopies not valid VALID ON ENTRY TO THE SHOW ONLY Just imagine the world's biggest megastore dedicated to offering every type of popular computer, peripheral and software package at unbeatable prices.
That is what you have in the Spring Computer Shopper Show.
No matter what you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it here and SAVE MONEY.
Not sure what to buy when you are confronted with such a choice?
Don't worry. We have experts on hand to help you make the right choice whether you are a first time buyer or a committed enthusiast Step into this Aladdin's cave of the computer world and you'll find -
• More than £2 million of special offers.
• Up to 120 stands offering every possible permutation of
computer equipment.
• A major advice centre staffed by experts drawn from all machine
• The Shopper Business Theatre where you can watch leading
software houses put their products through their paces.
• A PC Village where you can see the complete range of IBM PC
compatibles demonstrated.
If Aladdin had owned a computer - or wanted to buy one - he'd have been the first in the queue.
S I Or alternatively worth £4 off a family ticket Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 10am-6pmr Sunday 10am-6pm mmm mm bb mss mam mam mm mwmt smm nna ¦¦¦ waaa warn msm mJ An Aladdins cave for Computer Buyers Sponsored by MAGAZINE TICKET HOTLINE 051-3571736 aTI Only one voucher ® per person | June 3, 1944 A.D¦ Division Level 58° 38' N, 1° N miTRfiHSPORTS FORCE 6 ESCORT fij 1ST INFANTR FORCE 0 TRANSPORTS US SUPPLY DEPOTS KUULIN RINT-NflZfilRE 5QRDN V V 1L IU SHTH INI 2H5TH 1FTH STATIC |vTW 11ETH MTH StflTI Shades of Dad’s Army, but with none of the humour. The Germans and the Allies practice
sabre-rattling across the Channel. Would the outcome have been different if Hitler had planned it all on UMS If?
RAINBIRD ¦ £29.99 Mouse The original Universal Military Simulator was one of the great successes in the war- gaming genre. Several UMS scenarios were released following its acclaim, featuring the Vietnam conflict, the American Civil War and Napoleon's Waterloo. Die hard war- gamers at last had something near the power of a good board-game.
But like war itself UMS has escalated. The next logical advance - global conflict replaces the mere corner of a foreign field.
Now anywhere is capable of being an arena for mass-destruction.
New model army The reason for this is simple - UMS’s designers, Intergalactic Development Inc, felt a need to simulate modern-day warfare, especially great battles like World War Two, which could not be represented in the old-style UMS. The solution was to start again, and attempt to represent the whole of the planet Earth.
The digitising of the world was a difficult, but not impossible, task which turned out very well. The process yielded some interesting side effects, which were included in UMS II purely to give extra realism.
As a result, UMS II features weather systems, temperature zones, thunderstorms and barometric pressure variations all over the Earth's surface. These factors are taken into consideration while you fight. Fancy an attack over occupied France when the rain's chucking it down? Not me!
Aside from the Ian McGaskill- type extras, UMS II is miles more advanced than its predecessor. It has improved battle-algorithms which take into account things like government control. You can now influence the way your armies fight by altering the amount of money spent 'back home' on rebuilding, producing more weapons and so on. Production budgets, and tax rates can affect the population, which in turn affects a parameter «2=!!»ss; Cancel The orbital view shows the world from space. You can rotate it and examine the entire surface, but it serves little purpose in UMS ll’s current condition.
Later add-on scenarios may be different... known as National Will. A country with a low will fights badly and produces less - so the emphasis on state control and planning is increased in UMS II.
Other new elements of the conflict systems include transport capability and battle reports. These enable you to ship units all over the world, using point-and-click type controls to direct the various units.
Units can be made to transport other units - like ships carrying infantry, planes carrying paratroops - and these can all be deployed as the battle progresses.
Finding how battles are proceeding is easy, despite the possibility of many more simultaneous firefights than was possible in UMS. Battle reports appear whenever two units come into contact, and you have the choice to pile in and assist, or give the order to retreat - or you can just leave them to get on with it, while hoping for the best.
War stomping UMS II is supplied with three scenarios - Alexander the Great’s stomp of AD 334, the D-Day landings in 1944 and Napoleon’s triumphs of 1805. More are promised for the future. Each of the scenarios can be played repeatedly, attempting different strategies and playing whichever side you desire. You can even play both sides (or more than two in the case of Alexander’s foes) for true sado-masochism! - VERDICT ? Excellent military strategies in-built - beginners can learn simply by example.
? Screen displays are unfortunately a bit staid and ugly- but they do the job.
? Moves take a long time to be deciphered - game progresses slowly as a result.
? Little imaginative use of sound or colour.
? Destined to expand as different scenarios are developed.
Individual units can be examined by double-clicking on their icons.
Statistics which affect their performance often change as units are attacked, broken and routed.
SV301 NI-5 for Nintendo 6 Microswitches New Pilot Grip SV119 JUNIOR Twin Fire Buttons Suction Cups SV122 E PILOT Twin Fire Buttons Autofire Suction Cups SV401 SG FIGHTER for SEGA 6 Microswitches New Pilot Grip SV127- TOP STAR 6 Microswitches Autofire £23-95 SV123 Supercharger Twin Fire Buttons Autofire Suction Cups SV124 TURBO 6 Microswitches Autofire SV201 for IBM PC M5 6 Microswitches New Pilot Grip £19-9 SV305 NI-PRO for Nintendo Six Fire Buttons Autofire with Speed Control, Six LED Lights for positive response ’ SV125 SUPERBOARD 10 Microswitches Digital Stopwatch Autofire SV128 MEGABOARD
8 Microswitches Stopwatch & Countdown Timer Autofire SV203 ANALOGUE JOYSTICK with Twin Port Games Card Software Selfridges PLUS and all good computer dealers.
Now available from Selected Branches of SIFTWARE v D
• WH SMITH • • BOOTS ? V = available from SPECTRAVIDEO, UNIT 27
903 6625 Gremlin have been living in the fast lane since they
launched Lotus Turbo Challenge. Determined not to be typecast
as producers of racing games, they promptly put Toyota Rally
and Team Suzuki on the starting grid. Now comes Supercars 2,
a different approach to a very familiar theme.
Supercars is an overhead, round the houses, blast. Using the stick to turn, you go head-to-head with nine other racers around a course full of jumps, bends, bridges and other cars. The aim is simple, finish in the top five and qualify for the next race. The winners get heaps of cash to lavish on their motor, turning it into a highspeed killing machine that will take all comers.
Supercars could be played against the machine or against someone you used to call a friend
- until they win and you don't.
Either way its a race to the line, over an increasing number of laps.
At your disposal are guns, bombs, mines and other assorted military hardware which can be used to trash the opposition. The resultant race is a barging, pushing, shoving, bumping, boring and highly-illegal road-race epic.
Give me a brake There are two ways to control the motor and the game defaults to a fire button accelerator: the longer you press, the faster you go. The alternative, faster method uses the fire-button to brake, while the power is continuous. This leaves you free to concentrate on steering, bending the stick left and right to get around corners. Forward and back commands are saved for the weapons, launching missiles or mines in the respective direction.
GREMLIN GRAPHICS ¦ £24.99 Joystick While the opponents require fire-power and horsepower to beat you, the tracks themselves demand driver skill. On the later tracks jumps and tunnels appear.
Line is vital for both. Take a jump wrong and you end up in the rough, quickly killing your car. The tunnels hide the car, so you have to get lined up correctly before entering, then following the scroll as it tracks the invisible motor up screen.
It’s war Between each race comes a visit to the parts shop, where better weapons or mechanics can be nabbed. Thrown in, on occasions, The controls are few, but it gets kind of hectic once the flag drops. Even the biggest tracks are only three cars wide, which means passing relies more on fire-power than driver skill. After being shot a car explodes and disappears for a few brief seconds. Take that shot and grab their place, because only those who make it to the rostrum race again.
The chairman of the racing committee will interrogate you on the rules of the road. Get the answers wrong and he docks points from your championship total. Get it right and he will walk off in a huff.
One off the easier courses on the Supercars circuit, it's full of bends, but none off them are too tight and the track's wide. To finish in the top five and qualify for the next race it's best to use missiles to knock out the opposition early on and then nick their place.
Hai e you got a Police record ?
'f.. v V-": No, but Tue got a Sting albuM !
Bhft ys.e itSljouRa are random penalty reward sections. The police, for example, take exception to folks who are using large-calibre weapons on each other. At other times mysterious Aunts announce that you may, or may not, be heir to a fortune. The answers that you give determine whether you get the fine or the dosh. No clues are available, but it doesn’t always pay to be scrupulously honest.
Supercars 2 really has to struggle to get itself noticed amongst a highly distinguished pack. Supercars I, Nitro and Jupiter's Masterdrive are just a few of the top dogs, but even in this lofty company Supercars 2 can hold its head high. The graphics are outstanding, with highly detailed landscapes, scrolling around at speed. The cars are precise, with pixel-perfect collision detection, but are slightly unconvincing when cornering. To compensate the sound here is all pained tyres.
Going head up Supercars 2 and its ilk suffer the same problems on the game front however, regardless of how splendid the effects are. The problem lies in the long-term interest they can muster. Head-to-head, on a A local copper wants to know what happened at the last race and proceeds to ask a series of very silly questions. It pays not to be too flippant as the answers you give him determine the size of the fine he dishes out.
Split screen, against a human player the competitive element gives it strength. Against the machine though, the pulling power is limited, as each player soon finds their performance plateau.
The courses vary in relation to what difficulty level you’ve chosen, but the scope for real difference is limited. Essentially, Supercars 2 remains a test of fine control. Your control options are limited to two directions, stop and shoot and events still get out of control.
Supercars 2 is fun to play in the short term. The introduction of the question-and-answer sections lifts Supercars , adding even more elements to this structurally established genre. It is a well crafted and well thought out game, but has to be one of the last stands of the genre. Virtually every avenue of gameplay enhancement has been made since the Super Sprint days, but if this is to be its swan-song, it’s a doozy. Trenton Webb VERDICT Familiar overhead race game with a number of neat new twists.
Best for two players, interest wanes quickly for the single player.
Small classy cars, smooth scrolling tracks and some solid race sounds.
Good treatment of an established, and somewhat aged, game formula.
Another race spectacular from recent speed-heroes Gremlin.
- SUPERB TACTICAL GAMEPLAY KICK OFF 2 greatly enhances the
gameplay of KICK OFF, winner of the THE GAME OF THE YEAR in the
U. K., and similar awards right across Europe. A host of new
features have been added to the ones that enthralled players
the world over.
* Full size multi-directional scrolling pitch with the players,
markings etc. in correct proportion.
* 1 to 4 players option. (Amiga and ST only)
* 2 players TEAM option against the computer or 2 other players.
Hundreds of players each with a unique combination of attributes (stamina, pace, etc.) and skills (passing, shooting, tackling, etc.)
* Instinctive Kick Off joystick controls to dribble, pass, shoot,
head or chip the ball and do sliding tackles.
* Set piece. FREE KICKS including dummies and the ability to dip
the ball or bend the ball round a defensive wall.
9 types of comer kicks with full control of shot power. Long and short throw ins.
Team selection from a squad of 16 with substitution and a choice of tactics.
AMIGA & ST £19.99 EXP. AMIGA £24.99 IBM (AT & XT Turbo, EGA & VGA) £24.99 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD £9.99, £1 League and cup competitions with Extra lime, Injury Time and sudden death penalty shoot outs.
Facility to view, edit and save the Action Replays and create a Golden Shots disc. (Exd. IBM & CBM 64) Facility to load Player Manager teams and tactics for a single or league game.
Red and yellow cards, 16 different referees, injury time and a host of features to create an atmosphere for a game which is real fun to play.
• iv An International class player takes charge of a third
division club as Player Manager. His brief is simple
- Bring Back The Glory Days.
His success depends on his playing skills on the pitch and managerial skills in devising winning tactics, aquiring the right players from the transfer market and building a team worthy of the highest honours.
* Unique facility to design and implement your own tactics.
* Over 1000 individual players, each with a unique combination of
attributes and skills.
* A lively transfer market. Haggle for the best deal.
* 4 division league and a cup tournament with sudden death
penalty shoot out.
Manager brings the every day realities of a manager’s life, his talents as a manager and a triumphs and his failures into a sharp FOCUS.
ST. ACTION - A stroke of pure genius.
THE ONE - An exceptional football management simulation, Astounding depth. Most involved, rewarding and playable.
THE ACE - Successfully blends challenging soccer management with frantic end to end arcade action. 920 NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - The sheer depth is'incredible. A definitive management game. | jKj r COMMODORE USER - At last a managemenfgame that requires true management skills - a winner. 94% ST FORMAT - Brilliant. 93% AMIGA FORMAT - Enthralling and addictive. 93% ZZAP - Best football management game ever written. 92% -...... ST ACTION - The best game ever to grace the ST. Highest accolade I can give.
AMIGA USER INT - The best computer game ever 97% THE ONE - Ultimate soccer simulation. 96% THE ACE - Brilliant. Buy, Buy, Buy. 930.
AMIGA FORMAT - Best footy game to have appeared on any machine. 94% ST FORMAT - What a game! Gem to play. Magic. 90% C & VG - Championship winning material. 95% GAMES MACHINE - Probably the best sports game ever. 92% COMMODORE USER - No other footie game can touch it. 90% AMIGA ACTION - Surpasses all other football games. 93% POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY - Nothing short of brilliant.
NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - Computer football event of the year.
IENSION IN MULATIONS Raises the skills required and gameplay of KICK OFF 2 to new heights.
THE FINAL WHISTLE Amiga - ST £12.99 Two extra kits.
Look at any player stats, (attributes and skill) before selecting squad.
Totally new comer kicks with full control of the power, height and trajectory of the ball.
Enhanced throw ins and penalty shots.
Provision to flick the ball in the air and do a blinding header or a spectacular overhead kick.
New two players team mode. Player 1 in position or nearest to the ball and player 2 in position or keeper.
Linesmen and referee on the pitch. (EXP. Amiga Only).
A new player attribute FLAIR. A player with a high level of flair will try a solo attempt at the goal.
4 new pitches - Wembley - Icy - Muddy - Non-League And Lot’s More WINNING TACTICS (£6.99 - February.) - A collection of tactics for use in Player Manager or K02 with full explanations.
RETURN TO EUROPE (£9.99 - April.) - Three European cup competitions. UEFA cup - European Cup - Cup Winners Cup.
GIANTS OF EUROPE (June) Best teams of Europe on one disc.
SUPER LEAGUE - Four division league with 24 teams in each division. Automatic promotions and relegations. Teams from GIANTS OF EUROPE can be loaded into 1st Division.
Draft specifications. Subject to changes without notice ANCO SOFTWARE, UNIT 10, BURNHAM TRADING ESTATE, LAWSON ROAD, DARTFORD, KENT.
TELEPHONE No: 0322 92513 18 FAX No: 0322 93422 10 MARKETPLACE ST. ALBANS HERTS AL1 3DG TEL (0727) 56005 41396 THE GALLERY | ARNDALE CENTRE LUTON, BEDS LU1 2PG TEL (0582) 457195 411281 STARTER PACK Full Amiga 500 pack, WITHOUT Batman Flight Screen Gems software: BUT WITH: 15 disc Hobbyte PD Greats pack, including Virus Killers, the Best Star Trek and other top ten games, Arcade Classics, Board Classics, Best of the Utilities, Home pack including Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Joystick 1MB AMIGA £339 512K AMIGA £319 GAMES PACKS BATPACK, FLIGHT OF FANTASY, SCREEN GEMS FULL AMIGA 500 PACK,
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BATMAN, FLIGHT OF FANTASY OR SCREEN GEMS GAMES PACK AS LEFT, PLUS: 10 GREAT INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED GAMES - phone to choose from our current SUPER list of 15, or leave it to us!
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years, or 8+ years) 5 to 7 years, or 7+ years) 12 stunning UK educational games with beautiful pictures, exciting animation and music that help to develop number, word and other skills.
Up to 6 skill levels. Conform to National Curriculum requirements.
HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, featuring up to 12 'Learn while you play' games (varies according to age group) HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, 10 disc pack inc; Train Set Game, Floshbier. _ JOYSTICK 1MB Amiga £389 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS SOFTWARE PACK for existing Amiga users £49 EXTENDED WARRANTY COVERING 3 YEARS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE INC FULL REPAIR, COLLECTION AND RETURN CARRIAGE A500 inc mouse, keyboard, power supply £49.95 A1500 inc. mouse, keyboard, monitor £95.00 CBM 1084 or PHILIPS 8833 Monitors - - - £19.95 PLUS FREE GAME PLEASE ASK FOR QUOTE FOR PRINTERS ORDERING: TELESALES NO: (0727) 56005
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to Saturday Amiga prices, except where stated are inc. VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice. E.&0.E. FIRST STEPS EXPANDED EDUCATIONAL APPLICATIONS PACK FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PLUS: A501 512K RAM expansion Lets Spell at Home, Music Mouse, Prowrite WP, InfoFile spreadsheet, Deluxe Paint II, Deluxe Print, Music Mouse, LOGO, Talking Turtle, BBC Emulator, 5 BBC programmes, 10 discs, Dos and DON'Ts poster, Resource File, In Pack Video, NAPE Booklet.
HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, featuring up to 12 'Learn while you play’ games (varies according to age group) HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, 10 disc pack inc; Train Set Game, Floshbier. _ joystick £529 SOFTWARE UPGRADE PACK ri QQ for existing Amiga owners £17 COMMODORE CDTV VERY LIMITED STOCKS EXPECTED SOON, RESERVE YOURS NOW £ - phone A500 to B2000 or 3000 Trade In (All prices ex VAT)
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• Free Amiga Vision multimedia authoring software, RRP £149 B2000
with Alone 2MB RAM on 2058 board 8UP board 2090A 20MB HD HD
contrller pop to 2MB pop to 8MB HD only 699 N A 889 999 XT
Biidge Board 849 N A 1039 1149 AT Bridge Board 1199 N A 1389
1499 2300 Int. Genlock 779 N A 969 1079 B2000 with 2091 40MB HD
HD only 849 919 1039 1149 XI Bridge Board 999 1069 1189 1299 AT
Bridge Board 1349 1419 1539 1649 2300 Int. Genlock 929 999 1119
1229 A3000 A3000 16 40 16 Mhz, 40 MB HD, 2MB RAM, 1 x 3.5" 880K
floppy, keyboard £1695 A3000 25 40 25 Mhz, 40 MB HD, 2MB RAM, 1
x 3.5" 880K floppy, keyboord £2059 A3000 25 100 25 Mhz, 100 MB
HD, 2MB RAM, 1 x 3.5” 880K floppy, keyboord £2379 1950 Monitor
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PREMIER DEALER Hobbyte proudly announce this highest CBM
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One of the hazards of living in prehistory is an attack of the killer dinosaur droppings. A timing challenge; this would be a messy way to go. Chuck’s health is shown as a shrinking heart in the lower-left of the screen, his head shows how many lives our plucky hero has left.
»€»€ CORE DESIGN ¦ £24.99 Joystick : you really needed guts to survive in the rough, tough, world of cavemen. Luckily, that’s one commodity Chuck Rock has plenty of, thanks to his strict diet of beer, chips and beer. Now Chuck must use his rotundity to save the fair Ophelia, who has been kidnapped by all round Stone Age bad guy, Gary Gravel.
Chuck uses his turn to top terrifying tyrannosauruses, bash brontosauruses and to irritate ichtyosauruses. If a beast charges him, then Chuck breathes in at the press of a fire button, and boldly bounces them with his beer gut.
Alternatively, he can eponymously chuck rocks to crush the creatures. With only these two techniques at his disposal, Chuck has to conquer a five level, multisection, platform quest that will end (cue violins) in a reunion with his good wife.
Terror ’dactyls!
Level One has our hero, leaping, bounding and running around a jungle world. Pterodactyls swoop in for the kill, tricertops butt and thorn bushes snag the bearskin- clad adventurer. Chuck has to pick his way through the Neanderthal nightmare, the emphasis is on timing and careful leaps rather than on violence. On later levels Chuck must conquer cave worlds, lagoons, ice plains and the dinosaurs’ graveyard.
Chuck’s rock-throwing doesn’t just kill folk though, it is an integral aid in finishing each level as they give Chuck the ability to manipulate the scenery. Large boulders can be dropped to provide the necessary stepping stones to high platforms or carried overhead to provide makeshift shields. Carefully hurled stones can even act as counterbalances on pivoting platforms, throwing Chuck higher than he could ever jump.
Not all the creatures Chuck meets are set to do the man down.
Some friendly birds wait, eager to help missing link’s long-lost cousin.
If the Homo-erectus Boulderous Throwius stands in front of them, then they willingly fly him to platforms new.
Stone Age graphics Chuck’s world is a curiously amusing blend of Python's Terry Gilliam animations and Disneyesque cuteness. Chuck has a manic quality, walking in a weird manner and belly bashing foes out of his path. It is the supporting cast of deranged dinosaurs though, who complete this crazy graphic equation. All have characteristics that endear, especially as they shriek themselves to death; shivering, shuddering and shattering like Daffy Duck at double speed.
The entire effects package back the game concept well, underlining the humour and off-beat action of Chuck. A vicious Xylophone cut accompanies bonus points collection and each life starts with a gutral "Unga Bunga’’.
No one could say that and sound intelligent, but Chuck manages to make a comatose slug look smart.
Romp and circumstance Chuck Rock's fun, there’s no getting away from it. The game follows an established formula but still manages to exhibit personality and originality. With the solid platform of graphics and sound to build upon, the reports should all be good. Everything conspires to pull you in, just like it should. The difficulty slowly mounts to replace the initial amusement as play progresses. Chuck eventually, though, leans too heavily on the toughness to provide player motivation at the expense of the humour. What started out as a cute platform romp eventually becomes a slog.
Chuck Rock is a well structured game in the mould of Rick Dangerous with the traps replaced by end-of-level nasties. The hero is continually faced with new challenges and permutations of the puzzles, to confound and confuse.
The introduction of swimming on the later levels for example, adds new tricks to Chuck's gameplay repertoire, with the caveman struggling to hold his breath and turning blue in the process. The toughness eventually overshadows the game’s personality, however Core have designed a cracking platform epic guaranteed to put players through their paces. Trenton Webb A vast graphic menagerie of prehistoric beasties.
A class platform runaround in the Rick Dangerous mould.
Guts not guns; a refreshing change of attack mode.
Humour fades out in favour of toughness, a real shame.
Another cracking platform epic, fast, funny and infuriating.
SP OUTRO If Page 49 was Screenplay Intro, this must be SP Outro!
Sreenplay 'outro' (SPOutro) is the little bit of Format where all those irritating loose ends are neatly tied together - or at least that's the theory! So all those games that came in too late for a full review this ish', or were too awful to merit a page, get the treatment here.
There’s a problem with software. It’s not the program ming or control methods, but the manuals that are ment to tell you how to get the most out of your software.
We've all had moments when the aliens of Zog are flying towards you eager to bite human heads and you can’t find the smart-bomb key.
Slapping pause, you dig out the manual but can you find the key? No chance.
Activision's Fighter Bomber is a prime example, the manual gave one list of key commands, but an insert card was included to give updated controls. Why couldn't the list have been put in the manual?
It was important, because it contained the lock control for ground targets. The Powermonger manual was well produced, but it didn't tell you how to play the game except in a functional sense.
Now the people who know the games best are the coders. Their skill is writing games not manuals, and when they've spent over a year working on a project it seems more than foolish to put out a manual which doesn’t do the game justice.
Guessing key commands is a chore you don't after need after shelling out £25. Even publishers who take great care to be thorough with the manuals do have their problems. Usable indexes and a list of key strokes would make life a lot easier for all concerned and games more instantly accessible. We want to play your game, so help us!
A-10 TANK KILLER PRO TENNIS TOUR 2 BACKGAMMON ROYALE ¦ Dinamics £24.99 The wart-hog has landed. Yes, A-10 is now being distributed in the UK.
It allows you to take the stick of one of America's ugliest, but deadly of planes, in a campaign against Warsaw pact tanks. The package is filled with digitised links and fancy graphics footwork. The sim is a tad slow - even on the lowest level of detail - but it makes for an amusing blast. A-10 has some neat features, such as wingmen missions where you fly as part of a squadron, but is best viewed as a luxury addition to any Amiga airforce as it lacks the necessary speed to cut it with front-line fliers.
UBI Soft £24.99 P7T is back and this time it's brought a host of new strokes to its game. This one missed a full review only on the grounds of timing. Since P7T 1 the graphics have been smartened up, as has the mobility of the players, but the major advance is the range of shot available. Backing this up is a better and more flexible choice of game to play.
A corking tennis sim it’s fun, even if you don’t like tennis, but does take a lot of learning if you want to be able to play and beat the computer opposition.
Oxford Softworks £24.99 Backgammon Royale, like Go, attempts to bring a board-based classic to the small screen.
Featuring neat, if unimpressive opponent screens where you get to size up the next player, and a strong line in classic strategies. It has a host of other features which include a history option, where you . Can retrace a game from the very first move. It is best played between two humans, but the computer opponents are a good way of brushing up your game, or learning new tactics.
SP OUTRO The Amiga Full Price Chart GO OXFORD SOFTWORKS £24.99 i H Lemmings Psygnosis £24.99 FG92% 2 M SWIV Storm £24.99 FG92% 3 H Turrican II Rainbow Arts £24.99 80% 4 (-) Speedball II Image Works £24.99 FG94% 5 M Final Whistle Anco £12.99 See above 6 (4) F-19 Stealth Fighter Microprose £29.99 FG91 % 7 (-) A-l0 Tank Killer Sierra On Line £34.99 75% 8 (-) UMS II Rainbird £29.99 77% 9 (-) Panzer Kick Boxing US Gold Futura £24.99 See above 10 (-) Fists of Fury II Virgin £29.99 Compilation 11 (1) Robocop 2 Ocean £24.99 80% 12 (-) Kick Off 2 Anco £24.99 FG94% 13 (2) Powermonger Electronic Arts
£29.99 FG94% 14 (5) Hollywood Collection Ocean £24.99 Compilation 1 5 (24) Ml Tank Platoon MicroProse £24.99 71% 16 (-) Pro Tennis Tour 2 UBI Soft £24.99 ??% 17 (-) MiG 29 Fulcrum Domark £34.99 FG90% 18 (-) Tower FRA Thalion £24.99 74% 19 (-) Team Suzuki Gremlin Graphics £24.99 88% 20 (6) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Mirrorsoft £24.99 35% 21 (-) Elvira Accolade £29.99 63% 22 (27) Fun School 3 (5-7) Database Mandarin £49.99 N A 23 (6) Toyota Celica Rally Gremlin Graphics £24.99 70% 24 (-) Night Shift US Gold £24.99 81% 25 (-) Chaos Strikes Back Imageworks £29.99 89% 26 (-) BAT UBI Soft £24.99
88% 27 (-) Multi-Player Soccer Manager D&H Games £24.99 See above 28 (14) Lotus Turbo Challenge Gremlin Graphics £24.99 89% 29 (16) Wheels of Fire Domark £29.99 Compilation 30 (-) Colossus Chess X CDS £24.99 See above Chart compiled by Gallup Ltd © 1991 European Software Publishers Association.
Go is one of those annoyingly simple Oriental board-games that proves incredibly popular with Occidental players. Played on a grid with basic black-and-white pieces, the concept is basic but the strategies needed to win are tortuous. Thinking four moves ahead is just about essential, and that’s Lemming's sip success Lemmings make it big! The little people have taken root at number one and it’s odds-on that they will need a whole bunch of bombers to shift them. The Lemm’s were selling hotter than very hot cakes from day one and as their fame spreads, their sales will no doubt soar.
Congratulations to DMA design and Psygnosis. A great game and a well deserved number one.
Tower over Turtles All change! What a chart, new games have completely stormed the chart and changed what was becoming a familiar face. Robocop 2, last months top title, is demoted to a mere 11th slot, while a whole host of newcomers jump ahead.
Only 10 games have managed to survive the assault, leaving 20 fresh spots. Some are predictable re-entries, such as Kick Off 2, but there are some surprises.
Tower FRA the air-control sim beats the Turtles, what does this say about society? Are we becoming ‘growed-up’ or something?
Warhead Curious! Spooky Mr Warhead has raised his head in the software charts. The top 30 forces contain Stealth Fighters, A-10 Thunderbolts, an Ml Tank and a MiG 29, while Universal Military Simulator II puts in an appearance just to organise hostilities. Wonder why that is?
What makes this game a classic to play. For board-games to be successful they need few graphic twirls, just decent computer opposition. Go, has both with incidental screens and a fiendish variety of foes. You can also mess with the board size making it good for both beginners and experienced Go'ers.
ABOVE Due to the limits of space and time (in magazine terms, not philosophically) some games don't get reviewed. Here's why ... Panza Kick Boxing - US Gold Futura - we've seen a French version, but as yet no English translation.
Colossus Chess X - CDS - Before our time mate!
Final Whistle - Anco - There were problems with our review copy, awaiting a replacement.
Multi-Player Soccer Manager - D&H Games - No review copy has been received as yet.
Three up!
Gremlin Graphics have their motor running, their recent motorsport racing games have all made it into the chart at one time; Lotus Turbo Challenge, Toyota Celica Rally and Team Suzuki. Seems high speed suicide is as popular as ever. Will Supercars 2 make it four? Watch that dial - well chart page actually!
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Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available VISA BYTEBACK DEPT AF, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE Hello, good evening and welcome to the latest instalment of everyone's favourite game show - GAMEBUSTERS (applause)! Now there are some lucky contestants who stand the chance of going away with some marvellous prizes tonight, so here's your host for the show, MAFF EVANS (dodgy jingle with applause).
WINNERS BOX The players guide to Captive was compiled from a whole host of letters, so unfortunately there is no single prize for the senders. Sorry, but I have to be fair!
So without further ado, let’s get on with the prize giving! Brian Doble gets a voucher for his Horror Zombies tips, Mrs. Osborne also wins for the extra James Pond hints and finally, that bloke with the weird signature that no-one can read!
Whoever you are, your Mean Streets hints have won you a 50 quid voucher!
If you can do better, then send your maps, tips and cheats to: GAMEBUSTERS, Amiga Format,30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.
L E G S Lemmings has turned out to be one of those incredibly popular games for people to send in letters about. So here we have, courtesy of quite a large number of you, the complete list of codes for the levels of this highly entertaining puzzle game.
FAJHLFIBJJ 24 - IJHLFIFCJS 25 - NHLFIFADJP 26 - HLFIFINEJY 27 -¦ LFIFAJLFJR 28 - FIFIJLLGJK 29 - IFANLLFHKX 30 - FINLLFIIJQ MEAN STREETS More super-tough spy action abounds! All you Cyberpunk agents who are having trouble with this adventure, take heed and follow these tips.
To complete the adventure you must stop project OVERLORD. In order to do this you must collect eight pass cards from the scientists to which they were issued. Here is a list of where they live: Here are the locations of the cards: NAV CODES 4660 4663 4675 3720 0021 7012 4935 1998 6470 1710 4753 8911 1700 9932 You also need to know the passwords to the particular-coloured cards: COLOUR PASSWORD SCIENTISTS’ HOMES Carl Linsky Cal Davis Sam Jones John Klaus Larry Hammond Ron Morgan Greg Cale Bosworth Clark Arnold Dveed 4610 Works for MTC Gideon’s other project.
Frank Schimming 4650 Gideon’s boss.
Jim Slade 4927 Killer who works for Knott.
Sandra Lawson 4599 Carl’s girlfriend.
Sylvia Linsky 4421 Carl’s daughter.
Wanda Peck 4621 Useful source of information.
Robert Knott 0132 Chief of Law and Order.
Smiley Monroe 3615 The cop who is investigating Cal Davis’ death.
Aaron Sternwood 0439 Friend of Davis.
Delore Lightbody 4920 Carl’s fiance.
Della Lang 2111 Loves Ron Morgan.
Lola Lovetoy 4603 4605 Worked for Gideon.
Here are some interesting locations that may be worth checking out: LOCATION NAV CODE Bug Surf Hotel 6162 Law and Order HQ 5037 The University 4663 Bishop Rook Knight Pawn Checkmate Blue Black Purple Green Orange King Grey Queen Yellow Stalemate Red CARD NAV CODE HIDING PLACE Blue 4675 Inside Band-Aid can.
Orange 3720 In a box inside the cage.
Grey 5037 In the safe.
Red 6470 Piranha’s Pool.
Green 7012 Johnny will give it to you (if you ask him).
Black 5194 In a locker.
Purple 8911 On the shelf near the vine.
Yellow 0021 Sammy will give it to you.
These people may have some useful information for you: NAME NAV CODE DESCRIPTION Bazil Mallory 2713 Attorney of Law and Order.
Tom Griffith 4590 Schimming’s right-hand man.
Steve Clements 4680 The cop who is investigating Carl’s death.
Jonny Fletcher 5170 PI who works for Linsky.
Ron Meat 4525 The weirdo who knows Larry Hammond.
Peter Dull 4674 Works at insurance company.
Bash Dagot 4657 Witnessed Linsky’s death.
J St Gideon 3891 The man who is behind Project Overload.
COMPLETING THE ADVENTURE When you have collected all eight of the cards go to the main computer at the Gideon Complex (NAV code 4550). You will be captured when you arrive, but don't worry. When you are in a room with a furnace, get the mask from the panel and activate the furnace by remote control. A robot will enter the room to turn the furnace off again, at which point you should run through the door before it closes. You should now be in the main computer room.
The simple task (he says sarcastically) you now have to do is enter all the pass cards and passwords into the computer in just 1 minute.
Once they have all been entered you can then relax because the world has been saved.
GENERAL HINTS Keep a close track of who's who.
Don’t threaten people if possible. It’s better (and safer) to use bribery.
J St Gideon is the brain and Griffith is the brawn.
Big Jim Slade will be shot, so be quick with your questioning.
Robert Knott will be shot if you ask him about Gideon Enterprises.
The ape poses no problem with the pole from 8911.
Play the video tape from 4670 in the video recorder at 4605.
Vanessa and Lee Chin are really only useful for getting codes ... but we've given them to you already, so they’re not important.
To get to a place press N to call up the NAV computer and N again to enter a co-ordinate. Now press A for autopilot and you will be taken straight there.
Illegible Name, Newhaven, East Sussex Following on from the extensive set of tips in AF 20, here is another hint that a reader found just by accident.
Enter the cheat mode as normal (for those tuning in late to tonight's show, the code is JUNKYARD) and press the following keys to access higher levels.
Mrs. DS Osborne, Waterlooville, Hampshire JAMES POND- UNDERWATER AGENT Z - Level 3 X - Level 4 C - Level 5 V - Level 6 B - Level 7 N - Level 8 M - Level 9 Just a quickie ... If you want to jump levels, then hold down Caps Lock and press L. This won’t work on the bottle bit at the end of Level 1.
That’s it, you can go on now.
Matthew Chambers, Whitwick, Leicester PRINCE OF PERSIA T U R R I C A N THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Saving the world may be easy for a super-spy like James Bond, but for mere mortals it’s a bit trickier.
If you're having trouble then follow this simple advice.
Boot up the disk and start the game then stop the car and enter MISS MONEYPENNY. You will find yourself blessed with infinite lives and an endless supply of cash.
HORROR ZOMBIES FROM THE CRYPT Quite a few people have been having trouble with the cheat mode for this ghoulish game, so here’s something to make up for it ... yes, some more access codes!
Gamebusters is nothing if not generous (quiet in the cheap seats!).
Level 1 - Just hit Return.
Level 2 - WOLFMAN Level 3 - HAMMER If you don’t want to use the cheat for playing Level 2 however, then here is another tip. Try and buy the most expensive items in Q’s armoured truck and make a note of the map on the left-hand side of the screen.
Douglas Galbraith, Oundle, Peterborough Level 4 - LUGOSI Level 5 - NOSFERATU Level 6 - GARLIC If that’s not enough creepiness for you, then try this - type in BOGEYMAN for infinite lives. That’s BOGEYMAN, not BOGEYEATER as one person sent in!
Brian Doble, Cwmbran, Gwent Unfortunately, to use this cheat you have to be able to play well enough to get your score on to the score table. Once you have achieved this, enter your name as BLUESMOBIL (yes, without an E at the end).
When you next start the game you may be surprised to see that you now have 99 lives. Cor, strewth!
Andrew Johnson, Middlesborough, Cleveland HELPING HAND Here's a brand new section for tSAMEBUSTEItS, where MAFF EVANS will try and answer some desperate pleas for hints on those ever-so-difficult games. Let's have a look at a few of our recent enquiries.
I have recently purchased a copy of Robocop 2 and I am having great difficulty just getting past the first level. Please, please could you suggest any cheats for the game?
Stephen Enoch, Formby, Liverpool Well, the cheat was actually in the last issue, but for those of you who missed it, all you have to do is type in: SERIALINTER- FACE on the title screen, then you can press F9 during the game to restore energy and press FI 0 to skip levels.
I’ve just recently bought a copy of Warhead and although I've managed to complete all the ‘missions I’ve been given,' I can't seem to get past where the Bezerker destroys the Earth. A few tips would be very helpful.
MS Smith, Wembley, Middlesex Well, the main problem is that you haven't quite succeeded in dealing with the Bezerker on your previous two meetings. The first time you meet him should be on Mission 16, where you should throw all the weapons you have at him, making sure that they all hit home. Dodge all his missiles and jump back to Solbase when he says “Leave this space creature - before I eat you".'
While on Mission 17, you need to observe him in Tau Ceti Protector space. Use Data Gathering Probes to get a drone squadron and vamoose when the Bezerker speaks. When he follows you fling your entire ordnance at him, making sure they strike home, then return to base when recalled.
The next time you meet him should now be in Pluto space on Mission 19, rather than Earth space. If he’s reached Earth, then you haven't quite got it right
- so try again!
If you want any more tips on this superb space game, then get your hands on the back issue of Amiga Format 19 which contains guides to all the levels.
I took your advice with the Shadow of the Beast II cheat mode (10 pints), but I can’t get pass the dragon which says “Whisper the password”. I have tried every word I can think of.
Can you offer any suggestions?
Ben Wainwright, Coventry Well, without giving too much away, to get the password you must first get to Ishran and free the prisoner. He will then tell you the word you need to know.
Please, please could you help me to get past those damned monks in Future Wars, because every time I get onto the same screen as them they always put me into a deep sleep.
Damian Williams, Bearsden, Glasgow The monks shouldn't pose that much of a problem. Just remember that then you enter the room with the monks, always follow them around clockwise, then go to the west door and leave the room. It's as simple as that!
Lastly, we have a plea from Ian Dryden, who remembers a two- player, strategy war-game on the Dragon 32 called Strategic Command. If anyone knows of a similar game on the Amiga, write and let us know! To finish with, here's a note to all those people out there wanting more detailed hints and tips.
Kevin O’Flynn from Berkshire wants tips on Castle Master, Anton Roberts from Shropshire wants to help on Corporation, and Ian Wilson from Barnsley and Stuart Rumley from Tunbridge Wells want advice and maps on Dungeon Master. Well we don't really have enough space to cover such involved stuff here, but there is an alternative! All these games and many more have complete sets of maps and players guides in the Screenplay book - written by our own Maff Evans - the book is a comprehensive collection of tips, solutions and reviews for over 100 Amiga game classics.
Check out the mail-order offer in these very pages for the answer to all your gaming problems.
Oh, speaking of the book, it seems that an error crept in on the Dungeon Master front. Level 5's map was repeated! Massive apologies to Dungeon Master fans, but we will be printing the map to Level 6 as soon as we possibly can!
If you have a query on beating a game, and even the Screenplay book can't help, then send them in to: HELPING HAND, AMIGA FORMAT, 30 MONMOUTH STREET, BATH BA1 2BW.
? MOUSE MAT game PACK b , DATA storm 2rZgeonqu
• POWER play
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r® e d°Ra eCRey( ,es hav« °HOOSP cit- BV,eWS.
PACKA O n SHER 17- each worth over £200 ONLY__
AMIGA PACK 4 AMIGA PACK 3 THE BUSINESS PACK INCLUDES ALL PACK 3 1Mb 1Mb Plus the best software package for business applications on your AMIGA. Tried and tested by our own staff.
• PLATINUM SCRIBBLE (Word Processor)
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0. 5 Mb Memory Upgrade to 1 Mb PLUS PRICED TO SELL £799.95 ADD A
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MONITOR CBM 1084S Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor.
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SIM CITY + Terrain Editor • BATTLE CHESS: Animated Chess Game
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NOTE: 16 Chip Ram is the same configuration as Commodore A501.
Priced to sell Incorporates: Disable Switch • Throughport • Access Light - at UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICES CUMANA CAX
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CHROME AND CABLE) Digitises moving images every second in Mono
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Stores up to 10 Mono images in 1 Mb AMIGA at any one time. POO
05 COLOURPIC (inc. CABLE) - In our opinion the best.
Captures moving Full Colour images from standard composite signal (VCR or Camera) in superb quality without the need for fitters or R.G.B. Splitters. All resolutions supported (inc. Interlace with extra built-in memorv or when using static image.) £479.00 DIGITISERS JOYSTICKS 1 Y MICE DISKS 1 MASTERSOUND The ultimate in low cost samplers, inc. over sampling and excellent software. £30 ae AMAS Full stereo sampler with face.
AUDIO MASTER III Additional software for processing.
MUGICIAN Ultimate sample sequencing Tracker" look and feel.
MIDI INTERFACE 5 port switchable PODSCAT12" x 12" GRAPHICS TABLET Trace your image using any mouse controlled application with this best selling tablet for AMIGA PC compatible. £219.05 Demonstration available in our showrooms VA Quickjoy Superboard Microswitched with Digital Timer £16.95 Zip Stick Autofire £15.95 Naksha Microswitched Mouse £29.45 Golden Image Optical Mouse £28.95 BLANK DISKS ALL BOXED WITH LABELS 10 Genuine Sony 3.5" Boxed £9.95 10 Unbranded 3.5" Certified Boxed £6.95 40 Genuine Sony 3.5" Boxed £33.95 40 Unbranded 3.5" Certified Boxed £23.95 100 Unbranded 3.5" Certified Boxed
£44.95 f A590 HARD f DISK DRIVE midi inter- £74.95 full sample £74.95 with "Sound £39.95 £24.95 COMMODORE A590 HARD DISK DRIVE With 0.5 Mb Memory fitted FREE by our own Engineers to eliminate operating problems.
£299.00 A590 Hard Drive with 1 Mb Rtted £319.00 A590 Hard Drive with 2 Mb Rtted £349.00 20Mb GENLOCKS FOR VIDEO COMPUTER MIXING RENDALE 8802 (inc. CABLES) Mix Computer and Video image into a high quality composite video signal, includes "Foreground" mode for additional effects. €184 05 RENDALE SWITCH BOX * Recommended for use with 8802 for max. performance €32 05 RENDALE SUPER 8802 V.H.S. The New Super VHS version we've all been waiting for £P.O.A.
200232 (6 lines) Please quote card number and expiry date.
VX BY POST Please print your order requirements, full name and address and if possible a daytime phone number, enclose a personal cheque, bankers draft, building society cheque or postal order made payable to (C.I.T. UK LTD). Please note personal cheques require 7 days clearance before despatch.
FAX As post but include credit card number and expiry date, for immediate attention.
FREE postal delivery goods UK mainland (5-7 days delivery) or next day courier add £5 per major item (UK mainland most regions).
Goods normally despatched on the same day or payment clearance.
OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE All listed prices are VAT inclusive and there are no hidden extras. All units are full UK specification, 12 months warranty with initial 30 day replacement of faulty units on all computer hardware (unless otherwise stated). Free collection facility on any faulty computer, monitor or printer during the warranty period from your Next to Marks & Spencer's Food Hall exit to the Audley Centre where all the advertised products and much more are on display including an extensive range of Business, Educational and Game Software.
C. I.T. UK LIMITED Dept. AMF1,3 5 The Audley Centre, Derby DE1
2BA Telephone 0332 200232 (6 lines) Fax 0332 298895 &
to customers over 18 (subject to status). Telephone for
written details and an application form. Requests for credit
are required in advance and are available to UK mainland
residents only. APR 36.8% (variable).
Showroom visitors please ask for details of our In-Store Instant Account. Written details on request.
If you already have a Lombard Credit Charge Card you can use this (subject to your personal limit).
Own home (UK mainland only). All computers are checked prior to despatch.
All plugs, leads, connecting cables required with your computer, monitor or printer purchase are supplied free of charge. All warranty repairs will be completely free of charge and carried out promptly by our own engineers.
Offers are subject to availability (pack details may vary from time to time). We will never supply anything that has been subject to change without your agreement before despatch. Prices are correct at time of going to press. Our goods are not supplied on a trial basis E&OE. Remember our experienced and helpful staff are available by phone.
R m o ii h o m 39 - o r m o 31 2" DISKS STORAGE BOXES Large or small users - we have the prices for you!
SONY D S D D 135 tpi 50's ...42p each...... 100's .41 p each...... 400's 39p each...... 800's .36p each...... 1 ?00's .....35 n ear.h...... £21.00 £41.00 £156.00 .....£288.00 £420.00 MITSUBISHI 50's ..37p . ......£18.50 100's . ..36p . ......£36.00 400's...... ..33p . ....£132.00 800's .. ..30p . ....£240.00 1200's ..29p . ....£348.00 All disks are PIN
numbered and carry a 100% quality control no quibble guarantee. Disk labels supplied 31 2" (10 capacity box) "Slimpak" ..£0.95 each 31 2" (10 capacity box) see through "Vision 10" ......£1.00 each 31 2" (40 capacity box) lockable disk storage box ..£3.50 each 31 2" (50 capacity box) lockable disk storage box ..£3.95 each 31 2" (80 capacity box) lockable disk storage box ..£4.30 each 31 2" (100 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box £4.95 each 31 2" (120 capacity box) lockable disk storage box £6.50 each 31 2" (150 capacity box) lockable and stackable storage box £24.95 each 31 2" 'POSSO' stackable box (holds 150) ....£15.95 31 2" 'BANX' lockable stackable (holds 90) ...£9.95 All disks boxes are anti-static, Amiga beige, contain keys, dividers and rubber feet (with the exception of 10's) PRINTER RIBBONS . , h ,, , . ¦ Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 QTY1 ..£2.90.. QTY5
£2.60 ... QTY10 ...£2.20 Amstrad DMP 4000 .. ..£3.90.. .£3.60 .... ...£3.20 Amstrad PCW 8256 8512 ..£3.50.. .£3.20 .. ...£3.00 Amstrad PCW 9512 .. ..£2.90.. .£2.60 .... ....£2.20 Brother HR15 20 25 35 .. ..£2.50.. .£2.30 .... ....£2.15 Brother Ml009 1109 ...... ..£3.90.. .£3.60 . ...£3.20 Citi?en 1 20D I SP10 . ..£2.90.. .£2.70 .. ...£2.40 Epson M Enson FX ( FX80 85 800
. ..£2.90.. .£2.70 . ...£2.40 100 105 1000 . ..£3.60.. .£3.40 .... ....£3.10 Epson LX80 86 . ..£2.90.. .£2.70 .... ....£2.30 Panasonic KXP 1080 81 82 ..£3.90.. .£3.70 .... ....£3.20 Star LC10 ..... ..£2.90.. .£2.70 .... ....£2.40 Star LC10 4 colour ... ..£5.90.. .£5.30 .... ... £5.00 Star LC24 200 Mono ..£4.90.. .£4.70 .... ...£4.50 PLEASE
TELEPHONE 0530-813591 FOR PRICING ON OTHER RIBBONS NOT LISTED ACCESSORIES Printer Stands (80 col) ......£6. Printer Stand with tray ......£9. Tilt 'n' turn monitor stands for Amiga ...£9. Four Player Adaptor ...£4. Data Switches (2-way serial or parallel) .....£15. Mouse Joystick
Extension .£4. A4 Desk Top Holder ..£7. Mousemats (deluxe) red, blue ...£2. Mousemats 5mm packaged .....£1. Mousebrackets .....£1. Amiga printer leads ...£3. 31 2" cleaning
kits £1. Amiga Dust Covers £2. Amiga Screen Filters ......£12. Roll of 1000 3 1 2" labels £6. 1000 Tractor feed labels ..£9. Mouse Joystick Switches manual ......£15. Mouse Joystick Switches
Auto ...£19. AMIGA RAM EXPANSIONS SPECIALS OMC AMIGA STARTER PACK 1 2 meg upgrade (without clock)....£29.85 1 2 meg upgrade (with clock[ £34.85 1 1 2 meg upgrade (with clock) £89.95 Features include: ON OFF memory switch, auto-recharge battery backed clock, 4 low power fastrams.
COMPRISES: Screengems 1 2 meg additional RAM upgrade 3 1 2" external disk drive 10 3 1 2" D S D D 135 tpi .... .
Diskettes OMC All inclusive 1 (40 cap) lockable storage box price of 1 mousemat £465.00 inc. VAT 1 mouse 1 mouse bracket 1 joystick 1 Amiga dustcover PLUS the usual 4 great software titles PHONE FOR DETAILS ON CLASS OF 90’s PACK NO NEED TO SHOP AROUND
R. R.P £679 Star LC200 Colour Printer . ..£259.95
Star LC24-200 Colour Printer... ..£279.95 Star LC10
Mono Printer ..... ..£158.95 Commodore 1084S
Monitor...... ..£249.95 Philips Colour
Monitor ..£249.95 (ref. CM8833) 11 x 91 2
S.P plain 70 GSM Micro per paper Pack
100 ..... ....£2.50 Pack
250 ..... ....£3.95 Pack
500 ..... ....£5.95 Pack
1000 ... ....£8.95 Pack
2000 ... ..£16.95 ¦ 1 * ' "'1
' ‘1, fMSmMmmmA WS, w S AMIGAS A saving of £214.00 DISK
External disk drive for Amiga, Slimline design colour
co-ordinated throughport connector. 1 year guarantee ONLY
£58.00 Twin stereo amplified speaker system for the Amiga.
Pack includes: cables, power supply, speakers and easy fitting instructions, Techno Plus. Also includes two somcally sensational games (Corporation RRP £24.99 and Jumping Jackson RRP £19.99) and a playable demo of lemmings Only £49.99 inc. VAT Fully compatible replacement Power Supply for Amiga 500 ONLY £38.95 I I - fMMf 'M ± ' ' - * Quickshot II Turbo .. ....£7.95 Quickshot III Turbo . ....£8.95 Competition Pro Colour ..... ....£9.95 Competition Pro Glo ... ..£16.50 Quickjoy Jet Fighter ...
..£12.95 Quickjoy Super Board ..£14.95 Quickjoy III Super Charger . ....£7.95 Quickjoy Topstar .... ..£23.95 JOYSTICKS TO ORDER Amiga mouse, two button fully compatible as replacement ..£19.95 Atari ST mouse, two button fully compatible replacement ..£19.95 Naksha ...£28.95 Geniscan GS4000 Scanner £159.95 MOMC MOUSE DEAL" Replacement mouse + mouse bracket +
CREDIT CARDS SIMPLY TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER ON 0530 813591 (8 LINES) or 0860 922436 (mobile) FAX 0530 813595 FOR OUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION - T i lO.M.C VISA Ltd ?
POSTAGE: £3.50 CARRIAGE: £8.51 Io.m.cF mwm mmm All those gameplayers who are having trouble with the Dungeon Master lookalike, Captive, fear not! Just read on for the definitive guide to getting to grips with this excellent game.
First off you need to fly your spaceship, the Swan, into orbit around the planet Butre (co-ordinates 008W-072N). While your ship is winging its way through the cosmos, to its first destination, is a good time to assign the droid chips. Access the backpack of each droid in turn and you will see a silicon chip. Place this on the picture of the droids brain and type in a name for your droid, do this for all four. Your droids will now have their own characteristics and will have acquired the ability to punch, which is their first means of attack. Around about this time the good ship Swan will be
in orbit around the planet Butre. Zoom-in on the planet and click on the little white dot. This is where your droids will land, click on the landing button and a hunting we shall go.
Once you have landed go for a little wander round to get used to the feel of the droids, but whatever you do don't enter the water because it is highly toxic and so it will damage your droids, and these babies are definitely not under guarantee.
To enter the base go up to the green door and look for the message from Ratt, this contains the correct sequence to open the door and as soon as it opens, step inside. In front of you should be some explosives and another message, pick these up and go to the back wall and use the push facility (click the right mouse button on the forward icon). The wall will move forward enabling you to move around the base properly.
1. Explore the whole base by opening every cupboard and door
- don’t leave a corner unsearched, the map shown should help.
2. Pick up all the sacks of gold because after you destroy an
enemy you are gonna need them. A good idea is to pick up and
write all messages down so that you can sell them in the
shops. Do the same for maps as most of them are pretty use
less anyway.
3. Whilst romping around the depths of Captive your droids gain
experience points. These can be traded in to raise your other
attributes. To start with concentrate on increasing your
brawling skills only. This turns you into a Mike Tyson of the
droid world.
4. On the first base your going to need the use of Optics these
are explained later.
5. To reveal the whereabouts of the next base you have to find
the professor and kill him. You will then be given the
password to enter the computer which will give you the planet
probe; do not leave the base without one, otherwise you will
not be able to find the next planet.
Once in possession of the planet probe you can go back and destroy the generators. To achieve this get the explosives and throw them at the top of the generators, then quickly put your running shoes on and peg it back to the green door, using the same combination as before, and then hop into your ship and take off. You can only leave when the generators have been destroyed and not before. Once you are back in orbit place the planet probe on the planet map to find the location of the next base.
During your quest you will need the help of some plug-in devices.
They are divided into Optics and Dev-Scapes, here's what they do: OPTICS BASIC: An AG Scan which displays how much damage you are inflicting on your opponent during combat.
II: This is the route-finder. Essential for finding your way out of the base after you have destroyed the generators. It will also guide you the quickest way to the next base entrance when you land. Basically it always shows the quickest route out.
Ill: The Mapper gives you a map of the area you have covered.
Shops are shown in red, while ladders and holes in green and doors in yellow.
IV: This is a radar, simple eh?
V: A Magna Scan guides you straight to the generators. Not much use at all really.
VI: The Body Scan. A nice, quick reference as to the condition of your droids.
VII: This is a vision corrector it allows you to see where false walls are, without it you would see a wall, with it a corridor.
SUPER: Visor. When you are exploring bases you will come across areas that are totally blacked out, the visor is infra-red and will enable you to see in the dark.
DEV-SCAPES BASIC: Anti-Grav, an anti-gravity device enabling you to walk on the ceiling in flooded areas as well as find it easier to shoot floating enemies.
II: Shield, cuts down the amount of damage done to you by enemies.
II: Fire Shield, cuts down the amount of damage inflicted by fireballs.
IV:- Greaser, this speeds up the movement of your droids enabling you to run faster. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to reload your weapons any faster which could have come in handy.
V: Power Sapper, this serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever and should be avoided like the plague, when activated it drains all the power from your droids chest.
VI: Fixer, this will fix any part of your droid that is not working (at 0%) and will restore it to some degree of working order. It does not, however, give a full repair.
VII: Re-Charger, recharges the droid using if the power sockets are becoming a little scarce.
SUPER: Deflector, you will only need this on the later levels of Mission One. It will deflect any enemy fire. They drain very quickly and are very expensive so treat them with care.
Continued overleaf I Some items have a very short life, such as Dev-Scape Supers, if you pick them up you will see a power rating. It is far cheaper to carry a few of these items around with you and swap them over when they are running down low, and then get them repaired at a shop instead of just replacing them.
Dice seem to be a waste of space in your backpack, but they do have a use. When facing the circular bulkhead doors throw a die and it shows a four. One of the buttons will be red, this is the first button you must press, repeat this until you have the whole combination. You only need one die so don't go around collecting all you see, this will save space in your backpacks.
And when these are full carry them in the hands and one on the cursor.
Then enter into the base and find a shop. You can then sell the messages and get all that money. Simple when you know how.
After these planets the clipboards become few and far between and are replaced by graphic combinations and numbers.
15099 There is a bug in most versions of the game that prevents you from finishing Planet Three, Mission Two (Phoopel). A clipboard is in the wrong area so you cannot get to it without opening the wall that it is supposed to open. The clipboard is the type where lines are highlighted on a grid and is number 15099. The clipboard should be as follows.
GENERAL TIPS Save regularly so that if you are taking a bit of a licking you can always reload, saving time, money and hassle.
Do not stand and fight, always retreat backwards into a corner and fire long-range shots minimising risk to you party. In later levels it only takes one hit to critically injure your party.
Remember to increase your skills. This is very important as skills are easily gained on the first levels. Put your leader at the back, this will reduce the risk of having his head knocked off.
Are you tired of being poor? Well Mr George Barclay certainly is, and he has found a way of clocking up 18,666 credits. When you land go and pick up the message from Ratt, on Butre, then return to the Swan, and then land again.
There will be another message from Ratt, pick that up as well.
Repeat this process 88 times and put all the messages in the backpacks Masgot: . Traphet: ..... ...TL,BL,TR,BR. Phoopel: ...TL.TR.BL.BR. Sodcket: Zaitet: .., ...TL,BR,TR,BL. Quelosod: .. ...TL,TR,BL,BR. Saldet: ... Mieusia: .. TL,BLL,TR,BR.
Pasdet: TL,TR,BL,BR. Leatod: BR,TR,TL,BL. CLIPBOARDS Below are a list of passwords for the computer-operated beam doors on each planet in the first mission. The ones in capital letters are the codes for the computer to get your next planet probe.
PLANETS Butre: . Pelphi: Meestre:... Triekos:.... Salstee:.... Seavy: Sodpia:...... Quoonel:... Phuphet:... Budod:...... Also, listed below, are the combinations to enter each of the bases. The combination definitions are the following: TR = top right, BR = bottom right, TL= top left and BL = bottom left.
ELSISYDON, RATSICPOCY, pocinsbee, elders, yulthaape,viginink,chaltedon . TR,BR,BL,TL.
SYTHALEBEE, MIDINSNEING, lapcepy, phydered, exsosy ...... ..TR,BR,BL,TL, YULESDEAPE, POCCEPLAPS, epeton, sylekal, rupsoham. ..... ...BR,TL,BL,TR. EXTHAFAR, SCOSINSINK,vipeape, pocginkal, yulooham, ratsics,chasbee,elsidon ..TR,BL,TL,BR. QUESOSIFAR, LAPLELEBEE,syinsink, lapdering yulenebery, midesdon, physiy, queltes, exneed ....TR,BR,TL,BL. VISICEXTON, CHAENEDEAPE,sythafar, midinsham, rupneton. BL,TR,BR,TL.
EINSTHASY, RUPGINENEHAM,yulcepton, chaleape, elsicbee,pocpefar, deesdon, ratinsink, visokal TR,BRBL,TL.
Worlds Most Sophisticated Personal Pinance Program If you run a
personal bank account and have a Commodore Amiga then you need
AS EASY TO USE AS A CALCULATOR PFM makes full use of Amiga’s Workbench interface, if you need to amend or update an entry or Standing order simply click on it. Your screen looks just like a bank statement!
STANDING ORDERS & DIRECT DEBITS EATEN ALIVE PFM handles Credit and Debit - Monthly.Quarterly, Yearly and even complicated regular payments like 12 payments of £52.99 followed by one of £12.50, PFM will check the date and automatically insert standing orders as they become due.
If you’re the type that likes to look ahead then PFM allows you to set budgets for both expenditure and income. Over 100 budgets can be set over a year, a quarter or a month and then 10 can be displayed either in figures or as a bar graph for a given period. Expenditure for these budgets can also be shown as a pie chart so you can tell at a glance where your money’s gone. PFM also allows you to display or print your budget groups selectively so you can see your expenditure quickly and easily.
BALANCING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER A JUGGLING ACT When you get your bank account statement or a balance from an autobank machine you can confirm it with PFM quickly and easily. Simply select PFM’s unique "Auto Balance" option and type in the balance as given by the bank and PFM will attempt to balance and highlight entries that have not yet been processed through the bank.
Home Finance Program By Peter Veale Here's what the critics say: Ami9a Version bV Dan Lennard- "PFM is one of those rare programs with which it is easy to feel comfortable from the first time you run it."
Ron Massey, ST USER "Personal Finance Manager is a sophisticated home financial package, it will probably help you save money."
"PFM is just the ticket if your expenditure is as disorganised as mine."
OTHER FEATURES Free 30-Day Trial Order direct from MICHTRON and if you are not 100% satisfied, return within 30 days for a full refund.
The number of entries is limited only by memory size You define the file size Old entries are automatically deleted Automatically places entries in date order European or U.S.A. date formats Balance of account graph Moveable and re-sizeable windows Run multiple bank accounts by simply using different file names.
Multi-Tasking allows Multi-Account access.
Facility to check off items against statements Locates cheques written months ago in seconds Selective print features for dates statements standing orders and budgets.
* ?
* ?
Allow 28 Days for delivery.
AMIGA VERSION Please send me Personal Finance Manager at £30.95 (incl P&P) EH Cheque enclosed made payable to MICHTRON EH Please debit my credit card account: Expiry date: Name Address MichVrori Signed: DISCOUNT SOFTWARE FROM MJC SUPPLIES EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE SPECIALS AMIGA A500 COMPUTERS Want the best price? - want to choose your own software?
Amiga A500 with TV Modulator: MJC PRICE £299.95 (price includes VAT & delivery) COMMODORE AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS PACK Includes Deluxe Paint 2 and 4 top games OUR PRICE £359.95 1 Meg pack £379.95 with Cumana 2nd drive add £60 prices include VAT and insured delivery, add £5 for express courier COMMODORE A590 HARD DRIVE autobooting from WB 1.3 OUR PRICE £279.95 with 1 meg fitted 319.95 with 2 meg fitted 349.95 GRAPHICS & VIDEO Disney Animation Studio Latest graphics package from the world famous Disney Corporation RRP £99 95 MJC PRICE £74.95 Pagesetter 2 ...49.95 Deluxe
Paint III ......59.95 TV Show, byZuma 55.95 TV Text Professional, Zuma..119.95 Deluxe Video III .....79.95 Pixmate ...39.95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great video production package requires min. 1 meg & 2 drives £89.95 RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK £159.95 8802 Mode Switch Box £31.95 Rombo RGB Splitter see "Specials" VIDI-Amiga see "Specials" Digiview Gold v4 .109.95 SOUND MASTERSOUND SAMPLER MJC PRICE £29.95 QUARTET MJC PRICE £34.95 NEW!! PROTEXT version 5 A very fast, command based package, now
benefits from pulldown menus and better mouse control, holds up to 36 documents in memory newspaper style columns, new Collins dictionary, new file selector. Still the best wp for using your printers fonts and effects.
1Mb required RRP £149.95 our price £99.95 NEW!! PROTEXT version 4.3 For 512k machines, now benefits from the pull-down menus and some other features of version 5.
Still only £64.95 PRODATA Arnor's database has excellent data layout facilities, including a wide range of printer effects, 10 indexes per data file, and uses many of Protext's editing commands.
RRP £79.95 our price £55.95 MJC PRO-PACKS!!
Protext v5 & Prodata ...£149.95 Protext v4.3 & Prodata £114.95 DEMO DISKS For Protext V5, V4 or Prodata £5 each (cost deductable on purchase of appropriate program) MEMORY EXPANSIONS 1 2 Meg internal expansions for A500‘s. Real time clock and disable switch included. Will not invalidate warranty.
£31.95 CUMANA CAX354 DISC DRIVES Quality brand-name 3.5" drives including thru port, disable switch and no hassle one year guarantee.
INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY £61.95 DEVPAC version 2 £39.95 AMOS v1.2 MJC PRICE JUST £32.95 Naksha Upgrade Mouse 280 DPI MJC Price £21.95 VIDI-AMIGA The best value video digitiser available for the Amiga. Grabs 16 shade mono images from any domestic VCR (with composite video output) to be saved as IFF files.
NTSC VERSION £75.00 320 x 200 RESOLUTION PAL VERSION £85.00 320 x 256 RESOLUTION VIDI-CHROME Colour software upgrade for VIDI.
Uses mono video camera and red, green and blue filters (supplied) or takes still colour source if used with RGB Splitter.
RRP £19.95 our price £15.95 ROMBO RGB SPLITTER Takes still colour video signal and extracts red, green and blue for Vidichrome or Digiview.
MJC PRICE £59.95 Power supply for above £4.95 MJC VIDI-PACK 1: Vidi Amiga (pal) + Vidichrome + Photon Paint - MJC PRICE £99.95 MJC VIDI-PACK 2: As Vidi-Pack 1 + RGB Splitter MJC PRICE £149.00 NEW!! - EXPANDABLE UPGRADES RAM expansion boards upgradeable to 1.8meg (giving a total 2.3 meg).
Plugs into normal expansion slot with no soldering, and includes disable switch and battery backed clock.
POPULATED WITH 0.5 MEG 49.95 POPULATED WITH 1 MEG 69.95 POPULATED WITH 1.8 MEG 109.95 NOTE: When expanding by more than 0.5 meg, an internal connection is required (connector not included), invalidating your warranty.
INTERNAL CONNECTOR 14.95 PHILIPS 8833 MK 2 MONITOR includes Cable and delivery £249.95 DATABASES SPREADSHEETS Mailshot (label printing) .18.95 Infofile 37.95 Superbase Personal Book ...14.95 Superbase Personal 2 ...69.95 Maxiplan Plus .....54.95 Superplan 69.95 Superbase 2 + Superplan MJC PRICE £99.95 Fun School 2-8 programs per disc Fun School 2, 2-6 years 12.95 Fun School 2, 6-8 years 12.95 Fun School 2, 8-12 years 12.95 Fun School 3 -
5 programs per disc Fun School 3, 2-5 years 15.95 Fun School 3, 5-7 years 15.95 Fun School 3, 7-12 years 15.95 Answerback Junior Quiz 6-11 ..14.95 Answerback Senior Quiz 12+...14.95 French Mistress (12-adult) 14.95 German Master (12-adult) 14.95 Spanish Tutor (12-adult) 14.95 Mavis Beacon Typing, 12+ ...19.95 LCL Educational Software: Primary Maths Course (3-12) ...19.95 Micro English (8-GCSE) 19.95 Micro Maths (8-GCSE) ..19.95 Micro French (8-GCSE) 19.95 Learn to Read with Prof.. by Prisma builds a complete
reading course for 4 to 9 year olds. Assumes no initial reading ability
1. Prof Plays a New Game .19.95 includes audio tape, and 5
2. Prof Looks at Words ......19.95 Disney Educational:
Three great new educational titles from the Disney Studios
Mickey's Runaway Zoo (2-5) ....19.95 Donald's Alphabet Chase
(2-5) 19.95 Goofy's Railway Express (2-5).19.95 PRINTER
RIBBONS Manufacturers original ribbons Panasonic KXP-1080 1081
....6.95 Panasonic KXP-1124 ..7.95
Star LC-10 Mono ..4.95 Star
LC24-10 .5.95 Star LC-10
Colour 5.95 Star LC-200
Mono 5.50 Star LC24-200
Mono ...4.95 Star LC24-200 Long Life Mono
7.50 Star LC-200 Colour ...10.95 Star
LC24-200 Colour .11.95 Heat Transfer Ribbons produces
iron-on transfers Citizen
120-D .....10.95 Panasonic
KXP-1081 10.95 Star LC-10
Mono 10.95 Star LC-10
Colour .....16.95
3. 5" BULK UNBRANDED 10 FOR 20 FOR 50 FOR £6.95 £13.00 £29.95
£21.95 REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLY provides up to 30% more power
to cope with add-ons. £39.95 SONY BRANDED 3.5 10 FOR 20 FOR
Education, Local Authority and Government orders welcomed.
Overseas customers also welcome, please call or write for quotations.
All goods subject to availability, all prices subject to change without notice. E&OE.
VISA CALLERS WELCOME 9.30 TO 5.00 (6 days)
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF) 2 The Arches, Icknield Way, Letchworth,
Herts, SG6 1UJ Telephone orders and enquiries: Letchworth
(0462) 481166 (6 lines) Fax: (0462) 670301 Proprietor: MJ
Cooper AMIGA came under the close scrutiny of the Amiga Format
reviewing team?
What happens when you can't beat that classic old game even after months of trying? What can you do if you've missed part two of that essential solution to Shadow of the Beast? And just what DID happen to your issue with the Infestation maps? Now you can put all these worries behind you, with the Amiga Format Screen Play book.
SCREEN PLAY has 162 pages packed with all this and more... Screen Play, the book, contains reviews of over 100 games, with the most comprehensive collection of tips, maps and cheats ever compiled in one place. The book also includes exclusive hints for top games specially put together for this book. It's been lovingly put together by Amiga Format's dedicated staff writer Maff Evans, who's got more experience playing, cursing at and then beating games than it's sane to have. All of his many years expertise has gone into creating this book, which costs just £9.95. If you play games, how
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217 Demo Compilation 417 Lotus (1 Meg) 403 Agatron Slideshow 130 Rebels Megablast 111 Rave Demo (1 Meg) 206 Demo Compilation 114 HCC Music Disk 701 Drip 502 Word Processor 141 DmobMusic3 308 Nightbreed Show 122 Digital Concert 414 Space Ace (1 Meg) 209 Scoopex Mental Hangover A To order via telephone simply quote credit card number and expiry date To order via mail make cheque or PO payable to: UNIVERSAL OVERNIGHT DISTRIBUTION LTD Trade customers, call for spot prices. Bulk buyers - we have great prices.
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EDUCATION Down with Educational software on the Amiga is proving to be as popular with kids as some of the best leisure games. PAT WIIMSTANLEY plays teacher, with a quota of children, and views and reviews the current 'skool' scene.
Child matching a caption to a picture such as a teapot or a teddy. Painting allows a farmyard scene to be coloured in the most bizarre fashion the child can imagine.
FIVE TO SEVEN Toyshop gives a child practice in pocket-money economy by making the child select differently priced goods. Time is a simple clock tutor covering half and quarter hours.
Collect covers simple arithmetic and is quite challenging at higher levels - guide the frog to the correct number to complete the sum. Electricity concerns itself with the idea of circuits, conductors, insulators and other components. Journey introduces Logo principles with forward, backward and left and right swivel movements around a simple village. Funtext is a simple database illustrating the principles of information retrieval.
OVER SEVEN Treasure Search extends the Logo principle to compass directions and distances practising comparisons with unit distances. Word Search involves identifying words running different ways in a scrambled grid.
Robot Draw is a standard Logo drawing program with several examples to get the child going. Planetary Maths had everyone hooked as it was the closest game to an arcade style - adults beware as it's not easy!
Sentences gives the child a chance to practice finding mistakes in spelling and punctuation and proved very popular. Database is simply that, a basic database which expands on Funtext in the previous package allowing creation as well as retrieval techniques to be mastered.
ABOVE: Finding your way around town for the five-to-sevens.
BELOW: Older children enjoy maths in an arcade game style.
Continued overleaf!
The Fun School series is the first set of educational programs to successfully bridge the gap between playing and learning - reflected in Fun School 2 which reached the charts alongside the most successful shoot-em-ups.
Fun School 3 might yet do the same.
Each package contains six different games designed to cover a broad spectrum of National Curriculum requirements suitable for a particular age group. Those for pre-school children concentrate on initial familiarity with colours, shapes, words, letters and numbers, while those for the highest age group include a database and a Logo drawing program.
After testing all three packages on children, of a variety of ages, I found a good deal of overlap between groups, not only in the abilities required for particular levels, but also in the children's enjoyment of games in other groups.
The oldest children tested were first-year seniors. Since both of them found the Over Sevens package quite a challenge at medium levels, I imagine many children right up to GCSE standard would both benefit and enjoy the package. At the other end of the scale, children as young as three are quite capable of coping with some of the Under Five’s games (occasionally with adult help).
Both late infant and early junior children tested the fives to sevens pack, their ages reflecting accurately the levels of attainment reached.
Some of the older (top junior early senior) children also found plenty of challenge in this set of games.
All three packages boast clear and colourful graphics with simple yet effective animation. Sound effects are sparse but apt and control is very simple allowing the youngest children to work with little intervention. Below is a resume of the games in each package, all of which were highly appreciated - not a duff among them.
UNDER 5 Counting shows a teddy bears’ picnic and asks the child to count various items and type the answer. For younger children an adult might need to do the typing after the child shouts the answer. Letters shows a fairground scene, where a letter (either upper or lower case) has to be matched with part or all of the alphabet. Matching is concerned with shapes and colours where the child selects matching pictures to progress. In Actions clicking on a word makes teddy jump, skip, juggle before your very eyes. Gallery has the EDUCATION DISNEY SOFTWARE ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL
0268-541212 £24.99 EACH GOOFY’S RAILWAY EXPRESS VERDICT: ? ? ? ?
Even the youngest children love cartoons and quickly learn to identify various Disney characters. This game is aimed at two to five year olds and is effectively a rolling cartoon with which the child can interact at any level of ability.
Goofy's train travels around several screens of countryside puffing smoke from its funnel as it goes.
Various coloured shapes, along with the smoke are puffed out too. The only game control is the space-bar which when pressed will transform the puffed out item into a feature of the landscape related to its original colour and shape. Thus a triangle might become a tent while a semi-circle could transform into a turtle.
It is also possible for Goofy to pick up his friends from the station and take them for a ride. This is achieved by matching a puffed-out shape to one held by the passenger waiting on the platform.
At the simplest level a child can simply watch the rolling display, perhaps with an adult commenting on the names of different shapes and colours, but if you don’t mind sticky fingers on the keyboard try letting the baby or toddler have a go at changing the shapes.
Goofy again! This time he has let all the animals escape from the zoo, so he and Mickey must collect them all up again. The game consists of several scenes where animals are hiding, a number corresponding to each hiding place. The child's task is to find the number on the keyboard to flush BELOW: Finding the animals with Mickey Mouse, you also find out about numbers.
The animal out. As a number is pressed, that quantity of escapees perform a task such as carrying pies to the collecting cage.
Aimed at children aged two to five the game is intended to familiarise youngsters with the appearance of various number shapes and also give them an appreciation of the quantities referred to by those shapes. This is very much a game of observation, the only puzzle element being the task of finding all the numbers in each scene and their counterparts on the keyboard.
Each of the cartoon-style screens is packed with detail to be discussed with the child, though no adult intervention is required after the initial setting up. There are no time constraints and no ‘wrong’ answers so children can simply enjoy con- trolling the action without frustration creeping in. They won’t even realise they are learning. An excellent game.
Poor Donald! His house has been invaded by an army of magic letters which are now swarming everywhere.
Disguising themselves as fixtures and fittings they lurk in the corners waiting for Donald to catch them. The child (again two to five) has to help Donald by watching for each letter and pressing the corresponding key.
The letters are presented in alphabetical order in small batches, a few at a time shown at the top of each screen. When a letter flashes on the upper screen its disguised partner appears in the room setting Donald off in pursuit. The animated letters are hilarious to watch (the letter ‘D’ sticks its tongue out at Donald behind his back) and Donald's actions in trying to catch them are a treat.
When a letter is caught he throws it into its place in the upper screen.
One drawback of the game is that letters are all upper case while most children learn lower case when they start school. However, since letters are shown in upper case on the keyboard this might not be a bad thing. It's a fun way to familiarise children with the keyboard layout.
Continued on Page 1231 Trrmr rrnrmf i iwm is "V *1 V J
• w f 1 T * Trrmr rn nnirrrrrr- -mmr ¦rijttr'WCTrarr' • *rwwr
¦nrmn'y i rte] If John's wedding is to go ahead, he's going to
need a little bit of help from the kids in an enjoyable
game-like fashion.
John the Parrot has stolen hopeless Henry’s wedding clothes on the eve of HIS big day (the parrot must be a sadist, a confirmed bachelor or in league with Henry) so Henrietta sets out to retrieve her helpless groom’s raiments. Apparently she’s not too good at maths, though, and that’s where you come in. By answering questions you help Henrietta’s progress around four different screens - fail and the parrot will drench Henry with custard.
Scetlander suggest that products like Henrietta are games with an educational content rather than educational games. The kids played this like an arcade adventure, the puzzle solving being essential to progress yet simply something to be tackled in order to see the next screen.
With eight levels of difficulty (and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all having to be tackled ) the program is billed suitable for ages five to 12. However under-eights may need help, even on Level 1, and Level 8 takes you into the realms of serious mental arithmetic.
Why are children fascinated by seeing people splattered with gunge?
My kids were hysterical with laughter when Henrietta failed and Henry succumbed to the parrot’s sadistic tendencies. Highly recommended.
E ease Read: Terms of Sate.
We are the longest established Atari dealer in fie UK. We have developed an extensive :j customer service policy which means fiat we test af Hardware Sottware prior to despatch to ensure that goods arrive in working order Although our prices are not always the cheapest we do endeavour to otter consistency good service and backup.
This isn't just our opinion, we were voted ’Best Dealer 1989" by the readers of ST World;!
Magazine, not for ’the number of boxes sNttecT. But for quality service.
On Site Warranty We have recently extended our backup programme by ottering on site , warranty as an option on af ST s. We already otter this service on At Star printers and ij Philips monitors listed Af prices are correct at copy date 11 03 91 and are subject to change without prior notice. Af prices are accurate while stocks last. Phone for up to date prices. Af prices jj include AT there are no hidden extras (WYSIWYGI Delivery fm Mainland UK) is free on orders over £100 (add £10 for next day courier delivery. Af prices available on Mai Order, Shop prices may differ faadbroke computing
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64K buffer 3 input switch £2999 256K buffer 3 input switch £4999 £209.99 £1899.99 £169.99 £31999 £139.99 .99 .99 Phone for details of Star FR and XB ranges.
Quantity Bulk Sqny.Qr.MQ Loose Boxed TDK Brand Boxed in 10’s 10 £ 5."
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¦P 0A 99t£2?
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100 £ 48."
R V7 99“°° Jsd • disc box £ 84."
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OMAHA ? Data enable disable switch ? Daisy chain "through" connector
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Compatible with Amiga and ST Only £449.99 Use your ST or Amiga to send faxes.
FuOy featured modem accesses buOetin boards commercial systems.
? Fuly Hayes compatible.
Q Auto dial answer Q 300 1200 2400 Baud Q For ST or Amiga Q Cannot receive faxes Not BT approved £200 A500 computer£329.99 A500 Screen Gems Pack£369.99 Any of above packs + Tenstar games, joystick, mouse mat add £30 AT 12Mhz Desktop £449.99 AT 12Mhz VGA Mini tower 40Mb £799.99 AT 16Mhz Desktop £499.99 AT 16Mhz VGA Mini tower 40Mb £849.99 386SX Mini tower £699.99 386SX VGA Big tower CK66 40Mb £1099.99 386SX-20 VGA Mini tower 40Mb £1129.99 386-25 VGA Mini tower £1194.50 386-25 VGA Big tower CK66 40Mb £1599.99 386-33 VGA Big tower CK590 40Mb £1699.99 486-25 VGA Big tower CK590 210Mb £POA Mono
Monitor £99.99 VGA Cotour Monitor £299.99 PC Emulator ATOnce, AT Emulator £199.99 Philips 8833 MKII Cotour, Stereo monitor £ 249.99 Cmdr 1084S Colour monitor * limited offer * £ 269.99 Philips 15” FST TV £ 269.99 The philips 15“ FST Tv includes: remote control Scart input 60 tuner presets, sleep timer and Fastext. Al displays include Scart cable.
Deduct £10 from Monitors only, if bought with computer. The Philips 8833 comes with full 12 months on site warranty.
Phone for other cables and Switch boxes etc. How to Pav You can phone your Access or Visa card details or send a cheque postal orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing International. Please allow sufficient clearance time for cheques.
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Mousemat 6mm Neoprene boxed Printer Cable £7.95 Amiga Dustcover £3.99 4 megabyte baseboard as reviewed £99.95 Roll 1000 Disk labels £6.95 Quickshot Turbo III £9.95 Quickshot Starfighter I £34.95 infra red remote control Star LC10 Printer £169.95 Star LC24 200 Printer £284.95 Star LC24 200 Colour £309.95 Cumana CAX 354 External Drive £69.95 Golden Image 3%. External Drive with Track Display £89.95 1 2 Meg Upgrade “Cortex” £29.95 - £34-95 (withclock) Bitcon KCS Powerboard PC Emulator £279.95 A590 Hard Drive £279.95 AlphaGraphics, Nottingham. Tel. (0602) 418877 Design: £ 1991 LEARN TO READ WITH
PROF PRISMA SOFTWARE 0244-326244 £24.99 EACH Some issues back Amiga Format looked briefly at the first of this series of four parts. Now parts 2 and 3 are available with part 4 due to be released soon.
The series is a reading scheme which progresses in stages from nonreader to the ability to read and understand the spellings of 63 standard early words. Any of the parts may be used independently which allows children of various reading abilities to enter the series at the appropriate level.
Overall the children found the series rather tedious due to repetition of words and actions. Another niggle was the control system which everyone found slow and sluggish even on fast setting. While animation is fun initially constant repetition (again) slowed the pace down and distracted the children. Their concentration tended to wander while waiting for the program to finish congratulating them and getting on to the next task.
The only person who made it to a full congratulation screen without giving up was me and to be honest it didn’t seem worth it.
Having said that, the tester children (although infant age) are all fairly computer literate and used to much more complex control systems on the Amiga. Perhaps they are simply jaded and absolute novices with nothing to base comparisons on would find the system more acceptable.
As a series the packages are well integrated and likely to work best with problem readers who need novelty, constant reinforcement and practice.
But for many children I feel interest will be short lived unless the programs are made more user-friendly.
Part One contains the extras which set the scene and provide support material for the rest of the series. An audio cassette and story disk are run together, the cassette narrating a story about learning to read and giving instructions on keyboard use.
Additionally five small reading books are included, graded to be used as the child progresses through the word list.
The game (now with speech) involves the child manipulating a rather little man around the screen using the arrow keys and matching words from one side to the other. As a word is selected the computer speaks the word and the child must then send the man to the same word elsewhere. The speech is not repeated as the child is encouraged to name the word on finding the right match.
Each of the five levels has a book which contains the words learned on that level and once each book has been completely mastered the next level is attempted.
This one is based on the same word list as part one, this program has an identical layout on screen but concentrates on spelling.
Instead of matching words the child practises adding beginnings and endings to words. Also covered are double letters such as 'oo' and ‘tf and vowel combinations. This part has no speech facility.
While Part One really concentrates on the non-reader, this part is much more suitable for those who already have a modicum of skill and is useful to show or reinforce the way in which to show children how sounds make up familiar words.
A new screen layout graces the monitor this part, probably a welcome change for the children, depicting a classroom with a blackboard.
Two games are available in this part, one concentrating on filling in the missing word of a sentence, the other involving creating a sentence from given words.
In each game you have the option of typing an answer or selecting it with the both arrow keys and space-bar. Once again the levels are graded in accordance with the books in part one, thus covering the same basic vocabulary.
MATCH PAIRS £19.99 ELECTRONIC ARTS 0753-49442E33jll5i* ?
Match Pairs is based on the card-game Memory - where pairs must be found; a pretty uninspiring task usually, but this game has lots of extras which lift it above more standard offerings. By utilising the speech abilities of the Amiga the game adds general knowledge tutoring to memory and observation practice.
As each card is turned over the computer speaks out about either the name of the item depicted or a fact about it. As a further bonus speech can be selected as French, Italian or German as well as English, although the computer voice isn’t too clear - probably not clear enough to actually learn vocabulary from scratch.
Various options are available such as two player, against oneself and different standards of computer opponent. The hardest computer opponent never forgets a card once turned over - formidable. Cards on screen can be 20, 30 or 42 and subject matter is selected from seven different categories each of which has a variety of sub-topics.
Categories include shapes, numbers, flags, natural history, dinosaurs, musical notes and tunes, planets and terms of the universe.
The selection of cards in each category is large enough to avoid boredom at first but the game still becomes rather tedious after a while.
Round-up Education With the release of AMOS many educational games that were originally programmed in STOS are now being converted to the Amiga. Among the software houses making their games available on the Amiga is Soft Stuff (0732 351234) whose Puzzle Books (1 and 2) are now available. Rather like the Fun School series reviewed here, Puzzle Books each contain a selection of games covering different aspects of education and at £19.95 for each pack of half-a-dozen games it’s well worth a look. Due to the inbuilt difficulty levels the games suit virtually everyone from four to 90.
RIGHT: A formula which is extremely popular in schools, Maths Dragon takes up an adventure style and uses it to teach.
BELOW: Maths Blaster is a slickly-designed and very gamesy tutor.
Not quite out at the time of of going to press but sounding good is Spell! From Database (0625 878888) which at only £8.95 includes five different tests. Among the sections are anagrams, hangman and flash cards, and with 5000 words provided and the facility to add your own lists the pack must be well worth a look.
For those of you with money to burn ABLAC (0626 332233) are distributing the only Davidson package currently available for the Amiga.
Maths Blaster Plus has the typically American price of £39.95, is aimed at six to 12 year olds and is a slick maths tutor. Although the quality is excellent with many options available, I can’t help feeling the price is rather over the top with so many good maths packs around at half the price.
Following on the heels of the Disney games reviewed earlier is a program aimed at five to 8 year olds which sounds like good fun. Mickey's Crossword Puzzle Maker uses cartoon graphics combined with words to create, play and print crosswords.
Expected release date is around May ’91 at £24.99. Check with Entertainment International (0268 541212) for further details.
For something a little different how about an adventure? With Maths Dragon, Coombe Valley Software (0626 779695) have taken the standard text-graphic adventure format and woven several children’s adventures based around maths and logic problems. All the games feature simple English which encourages reading and spelling skills in addition to keyboard practice and direction finding techniques. Only available on the ST as yet but conversions to Amiga should be well under way by the time you read this. Well worth checking out - the kids love them!
Also with an adventure format is The Three Bears from School Software (010353 6149477) which is aimed at youngsters between five and 10 and aims to develop reading skills and imaginative thought. Loosely based on the fairytale it is available for £22.95. As educational software specialists this company has a wide range of packages for all ages.
For a detailed list of most of the Amiga educational software currently available contact Rickett Educational Media (0460-57152) who publish two detailed catalogues (primary and comprehensive) together with a summary (Parent Guide). Although many programs are available only on BBC etc, they have a respectable list of Amiga titles too and distribute titles from most of the smaller software houses as well as the big boys. ¦ AMIGA FORMATS GUIDE TO EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE A brief look back at educational software reviewed in Amiqa Format Issues 12 and 14.
The Talking Animator *** JMH SOFTWARE £34.95 Fun with simple animations, accompanied by digitised speech that you type in. A bit limited, but it gives a good starting point.
At the Zoo *** MERIT SOFTWARE £24.95 Enjoyable colouring program that takes a day at the zoo as its theme. It’s colourful and fun, but it is only a colouring book.
Very simple.
Designasaurus **** My Paint ***** PRISM £34.95 DESIGNWARE £34.95 Explores the enduringly popular ‘thunder lizards’ with good scientific background on habitat and physical make-up. Mixes facts and fun.
Uncle D’s Con-Sound- Tration *** ALOHAFONTS £19.95 Well-presented and enjoyable memory game that asks you to remember and match hidden pairs of tiles. Good use of sound and pictures.
World Atlas * * CENTAUR SOFTWARE £34.95 For older children, an interactive atlas, lots of good information about countries and international organisation, but too American-centred.
Things to do With Numbers ? * SOFT STUFF £19.95 Slightly less enjoyable collection of teaching tools covering telling the time, adding sets of numbers and a puzzle game.
Less well-directed than Things to do With Words (below).
The Talking Storybook * DESIGNING MINDS £19.95 Storybook read by American robot. One case where a computer makes it less interactive than the real thing. Nice pictures, but stick to ‘real books’.
Answer Back Quizzes *** KOSMOS £19.95 Popular not-so-trivial pursuit combining learning through multiple-choice questions with games as reward. Quite jolly, in Senior and Junior versions.
Things to do With Words **** SOFT STUFF £19.95 Math-a-Magician * * THE OTHER GUYS £22.95 Maths practice with a sums game: reward system based on encouraging sampled comments. Little bit dull though.
Let’s Spell... Series *** SOFT STUFF £19.95 £i?f V Sutfli © R.Dunn 1-989
- x- * ¦M9 W i I bo g a b c d e f g h i j k 1 m OC-P 7 r - n o p
1 r 5 t V UJ x i 2 Nicely presented but slightly unimaginative
spelling books, available in various locations (At Home, At the
Shops etc) to teach common vocabulary.
SUPPLIERS Many of the educational programs above are available from ESP Educational Software of Southend-on-Sea (0702 600557). Other useful numbers are Kosmos in Dunstable (0525
3942) and Soft Stuff of Tonbridge, Kent (0732 351234).
THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ Tel: (0257) 472444 Fax:(0257) 426577 Xetec A50° Xetec Ram £99.99 Xetec 1.5MB £199.99 Xetec 2MB £249.99 £349.99 £549.99 Xetec minicard £99.99 65MB 25M S auto head park & lock £449.99 106MB 15M S auto head park tk lock £579.99 ST506 controller (MFM & RLI.) £99.99 Trumpcard Kit Meta 4 -2MB Meta 4 -4MB £199.99 £249.99 £349.99
• Xetec hard drives offer the ultimate in terms of performance
for the Amiga A500
• Faster than any other competitor
• Transfer rates of up to 800K S
• Supports tape backup tk networking under SCSI Support of up to
Smbytes of auto-configuring ram Compact host adapter with 1
metre connection cable Comes complete with 40 management
utilities &c manual
• Supports all embedded hard drives
• Supports up to 4Mbytes of fast ram
• 2-3 times faster than the A590
• Autoboot roms as standard, uses fastfile
• Compact design clips into side of Amiga A500
• Memory expandable in 512K, 1 MB, 2MB steps
• Unique design allows controller Sc drive to be used with an
Amiga 2000 should you ever upgrade
• Supports any 3.5" SCSI drive 32 MB Trumpcard 25 Milli Auto Park
A500 £349.99 50 MB Trumpcard 10 Milli Auto Park A500 £399.99 80
MB Trumpcard 25 Milli Auto Park A500 £529.99 Xetec 50MB 10
Milli Head Park £499.99 Xetec 65MB 25 Milli Head Park £549.99
Xetec 85MB 25 Milli Head Park £599.99 Xetec 106MB 15 Milli Head
Park £649.99 Xetec A500 Hard Drive & Ram Pricing |VS Trump0
Xetec 4MB Xetec 8MB ICD ADV 2000 Hard Drives Advantage 2000
SCSI performance hard drive controller. Supports transfer rate
of up to 900K S. Fully autobooting supporting all embedded SCSI
drives Sc SCSI ST506 controllers. The ADV controller also
supports optical drives, tape streamers Ik removable media
drives. Cache buffering Sc 20 nanosecond GAL logic make this
the fastest controller commercially available for the Amiga
2000 series. Programmable memory cache buffering is also
available. ADV will support a drive in the landing bay or on
the side of the card.
Amiga Floppy Drives Internal floppy drive requires no case modification external 84 track slimline drive with cable tk switch ICD ADV 2000 Hard Drive Pricing Faster Than any other Competitor “Amiga Computing” 32MB 25M S auto head park &c lock (349.99 50MB 10M S auto head park & lock £399.99 85MB 25M S auto head park tk lock £449.99 330MB 15M S auto head park & lock £1999.99 ADV 2000 Controller £129.99 106 MB Trumpcard 25 Milli Auto Park A500 £599.99 ICD AdRAM A500t No case mods External Floppy £69.99 Internal Floppy £59.99 AdRAM 540 unpopulated £79.99 AdRAM 540 with 1 2MB £99.99 AdRAM 540 with
1MB £134.99 AdRAM 540 with 1.5MB £ 149.99 CP 10 Pal Encoder AdRAM 540 with 2MB £169.99 AdRAM 540 with 4MB £244.99 AdRAM 540 with 6MB £484.99 D640 Automatic Colour Splitter £299.99 Pro-Genlocks offering video in Sc out, RGB Sc PAL out. Built in fader.
External colour and contrast controls.
Supplied with manual and features that leave the Rendale standing. + RGB splitter.
T I «¦ Price £129.99 Broadcast quality Pal encoding on the Amiga, PC and Atari allows you to get on your recording what you see on the screen without loss of quality. Supports S-VHS and also RUB Sc Audio in on Scart. Audio, Video and Y c out. Supplied with comprehensive manual Sc PSU.
Price £129.99 Allows images to be digitised in full colour from camera or recorder. Offers Pal in and also S-VHS in full brightness, contrast and colour controls. Fully Automatic without the need for manual switching between Red, Green and Blue. Fully compatible with all Amiga digitiser, supplied with comprehensive manual Sc PSU.
Pro-Genlock with built in PSU, built in RGB splitter. Video in Sc out also RGB Sc PAL out. Built in key inverter. Allows digitised results to be stored and overlayed onto any VHS recorder. Title and animate any video.
S-VHS + Fader £549.99
• 14MHz replacement processor
• 7MHz fallback software selectable
• On-board RAM cache
• No soldering required .
GST Gold Genlock
[j Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
? Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks. ? Ideal for clubs, user groups or your own disks.
? Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge, Pj The most powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
? Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. Q| No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
] Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
? Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO” MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!!
Jj Can be switched OUT when not in use - totally transparent. J Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*.
PAHS MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING ... ? DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now you can check the speed of your drives - DF0-DF3. Easy and very accurate.
Qj DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro III now includes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, File Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename, 'includes a r Hard Drive File Copy etc. etc. Easy to use. . . ... if you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO I EXPRESS together with a DIGITAL DISPLA Y Drive for ONL Y. ¦ a* Ft PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500* 1000* 1500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Datel Electronics Ltd., neither condones nor authorises the use of it's products for the reproduction of copyright material.
The backup facilities of this product are designed to reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, the users own programs or software where permission to make backups has been clearly given. It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use, of copyright materia, without the givan permission of the copyright owner, or the licencee thereof.
• New design hardware now plugs into expansion socket of A500
completely freeing the parallel port. • Surface mount
technology, twin A D converters for realtime stereo sampling. •
Extensive filters for extremely clean and noise-free sampling.
• Through bus allows existing add ons, e.g. hard drive. • The
NEW Sampler II software has been completely re-written in 100%
Machine Code and incorporates faster routines, bigger displays
and many new editing features such as Cut, Copy, Insert,
Replace, Mix, Erase, etc. • Separate zoom windows and controls
for left and right channels. • Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg
users. • Stereo lock control. • Adjustable trig record level
and sound monitor. • Separate buffer for editing waveforms and
improved wave-editor with instant update. • Save files in Raw
or single, multioctave IFF format. • Envelope control panel
for ramping up and down re-scale amplitude, noise filter and
scan waveform. • On screen display of filenames sample rate,
length, etc. • Inputs for microphone or line 1 4" jack and DIN
connections at rear of unit.
Ft0BMLJM2912 COMPLETE (A500) INTERNAL 2000 1500 VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE CUMANA CAX 354 3.5” DISK DRIVE QUALITY DISK DRIVES I Bit ) Legendary Cumana quality now at an I V"""B f » ;f •. : Throughport allows daisy-chaining other drives.
• A full 1 meg unformatted capacity NEW LOW PRICE ($ 80K
• Good length cable provided for 1 1 L ¦ convenient positioning
on your desk etc.
• High precision head positioning.
REQUIRED THEN PLEASE ADE) £5 • Extremely quiet click free operation.
• A top quality 8 bit mono sampler complete with Pro Sampler and
Jammer software.
• Also compatible with most other PD Sampler software.
• Inputs for microphone or line 3.5mm jack and din connections.
• Utilises latest surface mount technology and incorporates all
the features found on bigger, more expensive samplers.
ONLY £24.99
• Easy to use - just plug in and start sampling!
COMPLETE PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 1500
• Fully compatible for A500 2000
• MIDI In- MIDI Out - MIDI Thru.
• Fully Opto isolated.
* d I fe iQtfdfiSdn Interface for state which model req.}.
• Compatible with all leading Midi packages (In D Music).
• Fully Opto isolated.
• The Star LC200 Colour Printer not only prints in Near Letter
Quality for your regular jobs but also prints out your pictures
in genuine colour!
• No more to buy - just plug in and print!!
• Comes complete with printer lead.
• If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
• Accepts 16 x 41256 D Rams.
• Available with without clock option. Switch disable feature.
• Now an internal interface for the Amiga 2000 and 1500.
• Easily fitted in minutes.
• Leaves serial port free for other uses.
• Midi In, 3 x Midi Out and Midi Thru.
• Fully compatible - Opto isolated. ¦;!
GENIUS MOUSE ® High quality direct replacement 1 HgBBBII : for mouse on all Amigas. J Hhk 1
• Teflon glides for smoother I BjHBj j movement. I j
• Rubber coated ball for I minimum slip. I
• Optical system counting - I ‘s 500 mm „ §j H m . ¦¦¦¦¦¦ Special
offer - FREE Mouse Mat + Mouse House (worth £7.99) COMPLETE
• Simply plug into your Amiga A500 and upgrade to a full 1 Meg in
• Features the latest 1 Meg Drams. Low chip count means very low
power consumption. No bigger than a Credit Card!!
• Top quality high grade PCB and connector to give unmatched
reliability - 12 months guarantee.
• Switch to enable disable plus "ChipMem" option*.
• Now you can run ALL Amiga Imeg programs.
• Also available with clock calendar option.
• Easily fitted into the slot under any A500 - does not affect
• Yes, if your Amiga was bought in the last 12 months and has
KICKSTART 1.3 then it probably has the fatter' 1 Meg AGNUS Chip
Even though this was not publicised by Commodore, those
machines with the '02' AGNUS, have 1 Meg Chip Ram ability. The
PROR£ PLUS™ board can be configured to give 512K of extra Chip
Memory OR Fast Memory at the flick of a switch.
• With 1 Meg of Chip Memory you can do lots of things previously
only available on the A2000 - more HiRes screens, graphics
programs, CAD, DTP, larger sound samples, etc., etc.
• Remember, no other cards offer this unique feature.
* One simple soldering job is required to enable the "ChipMem"
Opening your A500 may invalidate your warranty.
• Adds an extra 1.5 Megs to your A500 (giving a total free memory
of 2 Megs).
• Uses the latest 1 Meg Drams resulting in extra low power
• Ram-Master II needs Kickstart 1.3 onwards.
• Complete with onboard clock calendar.
• Top quality connections used throughout.
• f, ¦mim
• Comes with 12 months guarantee.
• Easily fitted into the slot under your A500 - requires no
soldering (the cover of your A500 must be removed for fitting
"plug in" connector ) NOW ONLY £99.99 WITH 1.5 MEGS OF RAM
control of most functions. Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
® Unmatched range of edit capture facilities and keyboard control simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
® An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width and 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics and text into your Amiga.
• Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
• Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste editing
of images etc.
• Geniscan gives you the ability to easily scan images, text and
graphics and even offers 200Dpi Dual Scan Mode.
• Save images in suitable format for most leading packages
• Package includes GS4500 scanner. Interface, Power Pack and Scan
Edit III software.
• Comes complete with Photon Paint Illustrator Software.
• Huge range of features.
• Top selling graphics package.
• Moulded to fit the hand, perfectly ergonomic design.
• Comes complete with moulded 9 pin connector.
• Supplied with FREE mouse holder.
• No more to buy!!
• Incorporating full optical tracking and counting - no ball so
no problems with clogging, slipping, etc.
• High count output for veiy fine movement.
• Two button microswitch action.
• Direct replacement for all Amigas.
• Comes complete with special "Optical Pad".
• Superbly styled - supersmooth shape.
Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of Now saves directly tofdisk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of the frozen programs!! * , , cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs of Ram - MUSIC SOUND TRACKER even 1 Meg Chip MenliFatter Agnus). With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE - NOW MORE POWERFUL demos,etc. And save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track Allows you to generate more and
even infinite lives, fuel, ammo, etc. player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Very * AUTOFIRE MANAGER easy to use. From the Action Rqplay II preference screen you can now set up autofire IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR ” rom 0 to 100° o- Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set set separately for that extra advantage!
Including any "attached" sprites. RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES. • DISKCODER VIRUS DETECTION with the new "Diskcoder" option you can now tag1 your disks with a unique Comprehensive v*is detection and removal features to protect your code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. Tagged" software investment. Works with all presently known viruses. Disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
samples can be saved to Sisk. Files are saved Action Replay II
now has screen colour preferences with menu setup, directly IFF
format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music
Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use.
Packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform. ’ DISK MONITOR SLOW MOTION MODE Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk information in easy to understand Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable format. Full modify save options, from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! DOS COMMANDS RESTART the PROGRAM Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, Sipiply press a key and the program will continue where you left off. FORMAT, COP DEVICE, etc. « Fut!L STATUS REPORTING disk copy At the press of a key now you
can view the Machine Status, including Fast Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drive Status, etc. Workbench - available at all times.
and search for screens throughout memory. Either DFO or DF1 can
be selected as the boot drive when working with Over 50
commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status Amiga
Dos disks. Very useful to be able to boot from your external
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full screen editor Load Save
bloc£ Write String to memory Jump to specific address frozen
picture Play resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers
and flag Calculator Help command’ Full search feature allows
you to see and modify all chip registers - even write only
registers Notepad Disk handling show actual track, Disk Sync,
pattern etc. Dynamic Breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX,
ASCII, Assembler, Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble - now
with suffix names REMEMBER AT] ALL TIMES YOU ARE |NTE00 « Tuf=
Show Ram as text • Show Unique Custon Chip Editor WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Dalel Electronics Ltd.. neither condones nor authorises the use of it’s products for the reproduction of copyright material.
The backup facilities of this product are designed to reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, the users own programs or software where permission to make backups has been clearly given.
It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use, of copyright material, without the express permission of the copyright owner, or the licencee thereof.
ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 Hrs. ALL PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO... DATEL ELECTRO pics' LTD., : *• - : : r » ii I imiu H*K frtlH ®; r*l» AH* Run Speed set stitt* t: End : Men size - T . L.. node Loop node Her. Uinnklticr I'al let* t«v» zrr Nun I'PMlf I*.*. Sorn Buff F4 HiilOSoi-n F3 buttons to s* tile !• OOOI'll tl i n ttpv.il .
4 Colour n 8 Col out- F2 16 Colour r:i G2BBracaamEic3BaBi niiamciDDDa m &a kb kz eh a m ca a m m £&inai23C3KlDE3Ei El mm I ?€ir ___ Completely newly designed interfacelhat lugs into the expansion connector of the Amiga 500 or internal connector the Amiga 2000. MMmmm - Standard phono video input 0.5 to 2.0 volts to take signals from TV, video or cam Controls for brightness and contrast and throughport on A500 version.
Frame grab in 1 50 second, record update up to 3 frames per second.
Single or continuous update in 4,8 or 16 grey levels.
Play frames backwards or forwards up to 15 frames per second.
WsNwti, Save Raw, IFF or sequence files.
Automatically adjust for maximum number of frames according to memory available.
Display 256 x 256 pixels, but optional 320 x 256 IFF Save. Screen editing features Cut, Copy, Brush, Paste and Undo Effects menu to reverse pos neg, compress, etc. Second display editor controls sequence production: Record, Play, Insert, Clear, Delete Frames.
Set start and end position number of frames saved, number frames, step backwards and forwards, loop, etc. Time lapse feature adjustable in 1 second increments to 1 hour between each frame. Ideal for capturing flowers opening, sky movements, special effects, etc. Separate player programs included to insert into your own program disks. Hard disk transfer program.
Please state whether you require the A500 or 2000 version when ordering.
Addidas Football .
688 Attack Sub AMOS Austen tz .ST......A.M ..ST......A.M ...ST......A.M Airhnurnp Rpnnpr 9 99 Grand Prix Circuit
9. 99. 9 99 Strider 2 *.... ...16.99 16.99 Ant Heads
.- ...7.99 Hard Driven .... ..8.99
....8.99 Sim City .. ...14.9914.99 ATF
2 * .16.9916.99 Hollywood
Collection . ..19.9919.99 Spy Vs
Spy .... ...4.99....4.99 Awpsnmp * 24 99
Indianapolis 500*.... .16.99 Spy Vs Spy
11 ... ...4.99....4.99 Au«;tprlit7 9 99
Infestation.... ..- ...9.99 ' i r Spy Vs Spy
111 . ...4.99 ....4.99 Baal .4 99 ..4.99 Ingrids
Back .... ..- ...8.99 Super Hang
On .. ...8.99....8.99 Ballistrix .4.99....4.99
Judge Dredd * . ..13.9913.99 Tank
Attack .... ...7.99....7.99 Rarharian 2
fnalacp) 7 99 7 99 Kristal ..9.99....9.99 Teenage Mutant
Turtles *.
TNT’ ...19.99 19.99 Rlastprioris 4 99 4 99 Kick Off (1 Meg) .. ...- .14.99 ....19.9919.99 Rlnnd Mnnfiv 9 99 9 99 Line of Fire" .... ...16.9916.99 Tournament Golf* ...... ....16.9916.99 Boulderdash Const Kit . .4,99....4.99 Lords Of The Rising Sun .. ... Toyota Celica * ... ...16.9916.99 Rrian Clnunh Football 6 99 6 99 Manic Miner.... . . .
...- ...7.99 The Cycles ..... ...8.99....8.99 Rurk Roopr * 19 99 Marble Madness.... ...7.99 ....7.99 Toobin ..... ....4.99....4.99
P. antiv P *
16. 9916.99
16. 9916.99 7 99 .7.99 Mpnanp 4 99 4 99 Tower of babel....
....8.99....8.99 Qafjuvc ....
Carthage *
P. nnflir.t In Furnnp Narc *
Netherworld ....
16. 9916.99 ...4.99....4.99 Treasure Dizzy Island.. .
4. 99 ....4.99 ....14.9914.99 Curse of the Azure Bonds ’. 19.99
19.99 Roilv r ruiHIo WnrcQ Rorinn QQ Q Q QQ North & South ...
9 99 9.99 TV Sports Football .... ....12.99 12.99
Platinum * 19 99 19 99 Weird Dreams.... ....8.99 ....8.99 Ca
11 j kvuouiu 1 IWI uu 1 IUV II ly F-Swat * 16 99 16 99 Rocket
Ranger... .
...6.99....6.99 Wolf Pack ’ .... ....- .19.99 Fnir * 16 9916 99 Secrets of the Luftwaffe * ...19.9919.99 Wonderland * . ....19.9919.99 FT Rail Mananpr 11-i.Fvn Kt 1 ? QQ 1 ? QQ Sega Master Mix * ..... ...19.9919.99 World Champ Soccer ’.... ....16.99 16.99 Gauntlet 11 7 99 .7 99 Sound Express ... ...- .29.99 Wrath of the Demon *...... ....16.9916.99 Golden Axe * ... .16.99 16.99 Shufflepack Cafe ...4.99....4.99 Gunboat * . .16.99 16.99 Silent Service .. ...9.99....9.99 COMING
Gold of Realm All inc. upgrade and clock
36. 99 Space Ace
56. 99 Dragons Lair 2
56. 99 Dragon Master
46. 99
J. Nicholas
46. 99 Kick Off 2
Answer Back
Senior ......13.99
Dinosaur Discovery
Kit ..14.99
Chemistry 13.99
Mistress ..13.99
Fun School 2 (under
16) ......12.99 Fun
School 2
6-8 12.99
Master ..13.99
Tutor .13.99
Talk .14.99
Talk .....14.99
Paint ......22.99
Book ...14.99
Notebook .14.99
Tutor .....13.99
ACCESSORIES JUST IN GB ROUTE £32.99 Calculate Route, Times,
Fuel Uses THE YOUNGER YEARS NEW Fun School 3 Under
5 .17.99 NEW Fun
School 3 5-7
years .....17.99 NEW Fun
School 3 7 and
over ...17.99 Junior
Typist 18.99
Micro French
(GCSE) ....17.99
Things to do with
numbers ...15.99
Things to do with
words .15.99
Spell Book
4-9 ....13.99
Lets spell at
home ..13.99
Lets spell at the
shops ...13.99
Puzzle Book Vol
2 ..13.99
Logo .39.99
Mavis Beacon Teaches
Typing ...18.49 Answer
Junior 13.99
FAX 0908 262551 24 Hr Hotline 0908 546369 or 0908 615049
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ACE 05 91 NAME: .... ADDRESS: ... No TITLE COMP PRICE TOTAL TEL NO Please send this to Microsmart, 127 High Street, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes.
MK16 8SE GRAPHICS & VIDEO AeglsVideo Titler ..82.75 Credit Text Scroller .....20.90 Dpaint 111 (Pal 1mb) ..57.50 Real things Birds ..20.90 D'Luxe Video 111 (Pall mb) .67.75 Photon Paint (Pal) 12.50 Photon Paint 11 (Pal 1mb) .21.50 Professional Draw 2 (1 mb) 158.50 Pro Video Plus ...177.90 Sclupt 3DXL(Pal 1mb)......112.00 Trip- A-Tron ......24.99 Turbo Silver ......97.50 TV Show 2 2 (Pal 1mb)......57.00 TV Text Pro (Pal) ..98.50 Video Frame Grabber (Pal
B+W) 98.75 Video Colour Upgrade .16.25 Xcad Designer .79.50 MUSIC APPLICATION Aegis Sonix 2.0 45.75 Deluxe Music ...50.25 Music X (UK Version) ..94.50 Master Sound Digitizer 34.90 Future Sound Digitizer 77.90 Midimaster Interface (5 ports) ....31.90 Midi Lead ....3.00 BUSINESS & EDUCATION Advantage .77.50 Fun School 2 over 8's(each) £12.50 Robot Readers: 3 Bears ... 22.90 SpellBook 4-6 or 7+(each) 18.50 Hisoft
Basic ......56.00 Home Accounts 20.75 Home Office Kit 97.50 Kindwords 2.0 1MB Recommended .34.99 Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor19.75 Micro GCSE Maths Micro GCSE French Micro GCSE English (Each) 19.25 Microtax Word Processor... 19.25 Microbase Database ...19.25 Pen Pal (Pal 1MB) ......96.90 Prodata .....54.00 Protext 4.2 (1mb) Aegis Sonix .
19. 99 A-Max (Mac Emulator).. ...109.99 DevPac
11 ...
44. 99 Dioicalc 27,99 Hisoft Basic .
59. 99 Kindwords....
37. 99 Lattice C.V.4 ...164.99 Mavis Beacons
19. 99 Protext V 4 59 99 Superbase Personall 2..
21. 99 Recommended .64.90 ART & SOUND A
M.O.S ....32.99 Can Do 69 99 Deluxe
Pamt 111 59 99 Deluxe Video 111 .....59.99 FanviSion 2*199
Mastersound 32 99 Breton Paint 11 14 99 Quartet 34 99 Slue o
Megik .. 52 99 Accountant V3 3 121 90 DovpacST
V2G .4* 90 First Words Plus 55 90 Fleet Street
Publisher .87.90 Hisoft
Basic ......55.90 Hisoft C 34 90 K
data 34 90 K grach 2 29 90 K spread 1 16 75 K-spread 2 4190 K
Word 2 29 90 LaticeC 104 90 Mailshot Plus .... 34 90
Prodata . 55 90 Protaxt V4 2 69 90 Purchase Ledger 34
90 Sales Ledger 34 90 Swiftcalc 29 90 Timeworks DTP 69 90
WORDPROCESSORS Excellence 2 ...129.95
Kindwords 2 .....34.96 Penpal 99 82 Pretext
64 86 ProWnte 3 99 82 Scribble Platinum 41.86 Transcript 32
89 WordPerfect 16491 Ultraca’d Plus 69 92 Virus infeelior
Prot 34 96 X Copy Backup EditO' 17 94 VIDEO Credit Text
Scroller ......29.90 Deluxe Video
3 .69.92 Digi View
Gold 119.83
FrameGrabber ...569.94 Gold Disk Type
Video ..34.96 Hitachi Camara &16mm... 199.87 Kars
Headline Fonts 2 54.97 Minigen
Genlock ..99.82 Project D 3197 The Director 47
84 The Director Toot Kit 27 83 Title Page 139 84 TV Text
Professional 99 82 Video Titler. 84 87 V*di Am.ga PAL
D.gitiser 94 99 VidiChrome ......19.76
Zoetrope 1mb ...79.81
S.T .A.M
Budokan .....- ..16.99
Master .13.99 ....14.99
HQ 13.99 ....16.99
Chess Championships
2175 .....- ..18.99 Codename
Iceman ..- ..23.99
Bequest ....- ..26.99
Conquest of
Camelot ...- ..26.99
Corporation .- ..16.99
Damocles .16.99 ....14.99
Breath ....21.99 ....18.99
Wars .13.99 ....16.99
Emlyn Hughes
Soccer .....13.99 ....12.99
Escape From Singes
Castle ......- ..26.99 Escape
Planet or Robot Monsters 13.99 ....13.99 Fire and
* .....16.99 ..16.99
Flip and Magnose
' .16.99 ..16.99
Retailiator .....16.99 ....16.99
Fire and
Brimstone ...16.99 ....16.99
Flood ...- ..16.99
Hero's Quest (1
mb) - ..23.99
Imperium ..16.99 ....16.99
International 3D
Tennis - ..14.99
Lord ..16.99 ....16.99
It Came From The Desert (1
MB) ..- ..16.99 Kings Quest
4 .21.99 ....22.99
Last Ninja
11 ...13.99 ....16.99
Leisure Suit Larry
3 ..13.99 ....26.99 Lost
Patrol ......26.99 ....16.99
Mean Streets
* ..16.99 ..16.99
......S.T ....A.M
Boxing ......16.99 .16.99
Botics .....13.99 .16.99
Betrayal ..13.99 .16.99
Billy the
Kid ...13.99 .16.99
Wave ...16.99 .16.99
Death Trap
' ..16.99 .16.99
Draon Strike
* ...- ......19.99
Duster* ..16.99 .16.99
Phantoms 19.99 .19.99
Eye of the Beholder
* .- ......19.99 Hill
Blues ...13.99 .16.99
John Matten American Football 16.99 .16.99
2 ....19.99 .19.99
Bombjack .13.99 .16.99
Naksha Mouse .. Contriver Mouse 5in
1 .. Power Drive ST Amiga . QS 2
Turbo QS 3
Turbo 5 in 1 Contriver
Mouse . Compo Pro Extra 5000 40
Lockable Disk Disk .. 80 Lockable Disk
Box .. Mouse
Mat . Mouse
House .... Amiga 4 player
Adaptor ...... Amiga 500 Dust Cover . Disk
Cleaning Kit ...... Box 10 Bulk
disks ..... Branded Sony (Box
10) 1 2
Meg .. Amiga + ST
Drives ... CM8833
2 .. Monitor
Lead ..... LC200 Colour + Mono +
LC 200 24 Mono Printer ...... LC 200 24 Colour Printer .... Mig 29’ .. Manchester United ....S.T .. .....19.99.... ...13.99......
A. M
19. 99
14. 99 Man Hunter In San Francisco (1
MB) ...
14. 99 Midnight Resistance 13 99 16 99 Midwinter....
18. 99 Navy Seals * ...
.....16.99.... .....16.99
Neuromancer ..
...18.99...... .....16.99 Operation
Thunderbolt ..
16. 99 Pipe Mania.. .
11. 99 Player Manager .....
11. 99 Projectyle ....12.99....
16. 99 Puzznic * .....
16. 99 Rainbow Islands ....
16. 99 Rotator *
16. 99 Rogue Trooper * ....
16. 99 Red storm Rising ...
16. 99 Shadow Warrior .....
16. 99 Vaxine * .
.....16.99.... .....16.99 Space
Ace ..
26. 99 Space Quest 2 (1 mb) ..
22. 99 Super Cars (Gremlins) ..
16. 99 Their Finest Hour ..
19. 99 Turrican .
13. 99
T. V Sports Basketball ... ...14.99......
14. 99 Ultimate Golf...
16. 99 Unreal ....16 99 16 99
X-Out ....
13. 99 S.T.....
A. M Music X Jnr .... ....49.99 Night
Shift ..13.99...
....16.99 Pool of Radiance ... ....19.99
Predator 2* .....
..16.99... ....16.99 Rocky Horror Show
* . ..16.99... ....16.99 Rocket
ranger 2 ..... ..13.99...
....16.99 Search for the King ...
..19.99... ....19.99 Spellbound
* ... ..16.99...
16. 99 Stratego’ .
16. 99 Swiv .....
16. 99 The Killing Cloud ...
19. 99 Wildfire * ..
19. 99 ...25.00 ...18.00 ...59.99
9. 99
9. 99 ...19.99 ...12.00
5. 99
7. 99
3. 99
1. 99
7. 99
4. 99
3. 99
6. 99
9. 99 ...32.99 ...59.99 .259.99
9. 99 .229.00 .259.00 .329.00 Yes ST . AM 44 05 13 99 16 99 16 95
34 99 16 99 16 95 Axcis Magic Hammer 13 99 13 99 3AT' “ 26 99
19 95 Back To The Future 2 16.99 16 99 Balance Of Power
16.99..16.99 Birds Tale 1 or 2 ......5.99....5.99 Hint
Book Bards Tale 2....- 16.99 Batman Caped
Crusader12.99...- Batman The Movie 13.99..16.99 Battle
Command ....16.99..16.99 Battle Of
Britain .....19.99..19.99 Battle Chess :6 99 16 99
Battle Master 16 99 16 99 Boacn Volley 13 99 16 99 Bely the
Kid’ 16 99 16 99 Black Tiger . '3 99 16.99 Blade Warrior’ 16
99 '6 99 Blood Money '6 99 ’6 99 Blcodwycn Data Oisk 9 99 9 95
Bomber 21 99 21 99 Boxmg Manager 13 991399 BSS Jane Seymour 16
99 16 39 Budokan -..... 15 99 Cabal 13 99 16 99 Carrier
Command 14 99 14 95 Castle Master .16.99..16.99
Cavadar’ ....16.99..16.99 Chaos Strikes
Back......16.99 - Chuck Yeager’ ......16.99..16.99 Chase
HQ ...13.99..16.99
Colorado .....16.99 .16.99 Combo
Racer .13.99 .13.99
Corporalion .16.99.. 16.99
Commando .13.99. .13.99 Commando
War ....16.99..16.99 Conflict
Europe ......16.99..16.99 Colonels Bequest
(1mb)..- 26.99 Conquest Camelot (1mb)- 26.99
Conqueror ..16.99..16.99 Continenlal
Circus .13.99..13.99
Crackdown . Crazy Cars
2 ...11.99 .14.95 Cyberbail 13 99 '3 99 Damocles
13 991399 Dar Dare 3 13 99 13 95 Dark Centjry 16 99 16 99 Days
Of Thunder 19 99 19 95 Degas E its 17 93 Deluxe Music Con Kit
69 95 Deluxe Pa r: 3 59 95 De uxe Phoiolab 59 99 De uxe Print
2 69 95 De.uxe Product on 89 99 Deluxe Vioeo 79 95 Dck Tracy’
16 59 16 95 D-Doom 16 59 16 99 Dragons Lair 2 26 99 Dragon
Spint 12 99 12 99 Dragons Breath 21 99 21 99 Oragons Lair
(imp) 26 99 Dragons Cl Flame 16 99 16 99 Darkken 2199 2199
Dungeon Master 16 99 16 39 Dungeon Master Editor
..7.99....7.99 Dungeon Master Hints....9.99....9.99 Dynamite
Debugger’ - 16.99 Dynasty
Wars .13.99..16.99 Edition
One’ ...16.99..16.99
Elite .....14.99..14.99 Emlyn
Huges ..13.99..13.99 Emlyn Huges
Quiz’......13.99..13.99 Escape From Robot Monsters
.13.99..13.99 F16 Combat
Pilot ...16.99..16.99 F19 Stealth
Fighter 19.99..19.99 F29
Retaliator .16.99..16.99 Falcon 16 99 16 99
Faniavision 29 99 Fa con Miss on Disk 13 99 13 99 Falcon Miss
on D sk 2 13 95 13 99 Farey Tale Adventure 13 99 Ferrari
Ferula 1 1699 1699
F. ghtmg Soccer 13 99 16 99 Final Bait e’ 16 99 Firebar ’6 99 16
99 Fire Ana Br mstore ’ 6 99 ’6 99 Fire and Forget 2’ • 16 99
Flight Sim 2 26 99 26 99 Flight cl hie Intruder 16 99 . .16 99
Fit Disk 7 or 11 ......13.99..13.99 Fit Disk
European ..13.99.. 13.99 Fit Disk
Japan .13.99..13.99 Football Director
2 .12.99 .12.99 Ft’ball Manager 2 Gift pk12.99.12.99
Ft’baller of the year 2. ..13.99 . 13.99 Full Metal Jacket
16.99..16.99 Fun School 2 (6-8) .11.99. .11.99 Fun
School 2 (over 8)... 11.99.. 11.99 Fun School 2 (under
6).11.99..11.99 Future Wars 16.99..16.99
Ghostbusters 2 ......16.99.. 16.99 Ghost &
Goblins ....13.99..13.99 Ghouls & Ghosts 13.99..16.99
Gold of the Americans - 16.99 Gold of the Aztecs
16.99..16.99 Golden Shoe’ .13.99..16.99 Grand
National ..- 13.99 Grand Prix
Circuit .....- 16.99 Gravity 16 99 16 99 Greml ns
2’ 13 99 13 99 Gunship 14 99 14 99 Hard Onven’ 13 99 13 99
Heavy Melal 13 99 16 99 Heoros 19 99 19 99 Highway Patrol 16
99 16 99 Hilisla- 16 93 16 99 Houncs Ol Shadow 16 99 16 99
Imperium 16 99 16 99 Impossamole 13 99 13 99 Irdy Jones Aclior
13 99 13 95 Ir dy Jones Adventure 16 99 16 99 Indy Jones Hint
Book 5 59 5 99 imercep’cr 16 99 Inte'phase 16 99 16 99 IM
Cnamp Wreslng 16 99 Inte Soccer Cha lege’ 16 99 16 99 Iron
Lord .....16.99..16.99 Italy
1990 ....16.99..16.99 It Came From The Desert
(1MB) 19 99 II (tame From I he Desert Data 9 99 Ivanhoe 13 99
16 99 j Nickiaus Extra Courses 9 99 J Nickiaus Gcil 16 99 16
99 J Nickiaus Unlimited Goii 19 39 19 99 Jumping Jackson 16 93
16 99 K Quosi Hint BK 6 99 6 99 Keet the Thief 16 99
Keel The Thiel Hint Book ¦ 5 99 Kennady Appioch 14 99 14 99
Kick Ofl It 99 11 99 Kick 0*12 12 99 12 99 Kick OM Extra Tune
7 99 7 99 KidGoves .16 99 56 99 Kind Words
2 .- 34.99 Kings Quest
4 .21.99. 21.99 Kings Quest Triple .26.99
..26.99 Killing Game Show"......16.99..16.99
Klax .....13.99..13.99 Knghl of the
Crystallion 21.99. .21.99 Kult Hint
Book .14.99..14.99
...S.T AM Hmt l aser Squd
12 99 12 99 Leaderboard Birdie 13 99 16 99 Leisuro Suit Larry
2 !9 99 19 99 Leisure Suit Larry 3 26 99 26 99 Licence To Kill
12 99.1299 Lite & Death’ *9 99 19 99 Light Force 16 99 16 99 I
cmbard RAC Rally ’4 99 14 99 Loom 16 99.16 99 Lords Ol The
Rising Sun • 17 99 Lost Palrol ..13.99..16.99
Magnum 4 ..16.99..16.99 Manchester United
16.99..16.99 Manhunte- Nowyo-k . 16 99 16 99 Manhunlo- NY Hirt
bcokE 99 6 99 Manhunte- S Francisco 21 99 Maniac Manson 16 99
16 99 Matrix Marauders’ 13 99 13 99 M c-op-ose Socce- 14 99
.14 99 Ml Tank Platoon’ 21 99 21 99 Mdwnte- 19.99 19 99 M
dnigtit Resislance 13 99 16 99 Mm Ohice Ccmrns 16 99 Mm Ol'ice
Graphics 16 99 Mini Oftice Spread 16 99 Murder’ 16 99 16 99
New Zea and Story 13 99 16 99 Night Breed’ 13 99 16 99 Ninia
Spirit 13 99 16 99 Ninja Warriors 13 99 13 99 Nitro’ 16 99 16
99 North Ssoulh 16 99 16 99 Operaiion Stealth 16 99 19 99
Oriental Games .....16.99 . 16.99 Oporation ThunderBolt
13 99 16 99 Operation Hamer' 16 99 16 99 Operation Wolf 12 99
14 99 Overlanoer .13 99 P4 7 15 99 15 99 Paper Boy 12 99 12 99
Pipemama 13 99 16 99 Pirates 15 99 15 99 Player Manager 12 99
12 99 Plotting’ 13 99 16 99 Police Quest 16 99 16 99 Police
Quest 1.2 Hint BK 6 99 6 99 Pouce Quest 2 16 99 16 99 Populas
16 99 16 99 Popular. Promised Land 7 99 .7 99 Powe-Drome 16 99
16 99 Dower Dr II 16 99 16 35 Power Monger 16 39 16 99 prec
ous Mela1 15 99 15 99 Pro Tenrns Tcur 16 99 16 99 Ra n&cw
Islands 13 99 16 99 Red Slo-m Rising 15 Resalotion Ict 16 99
16 99 Rorkes Drift 16 99 ’6 99 R ck Dangerous.....15 99 15 99
R ck dangerous 2’ 16 99 ’6 99 Risk 13 99 13 99 Rcooccp 12 99
15 99 Robocop 2 .13 99 16 99 Rocket Ranger 2 16 99 17 99 Rotox
16 99 16 99 Run The Gaunlei 12 99 15 99 RYF Honda 14 99 14 99
S Ouesl 1 2.3 Hint BK 6 99 6 99 Shadow Wamors 13 99 16 99
Secret Ol Money Land 19 99 19 99 Snadow Ol the Beast 22 99
Shadow Of The Beast 2 24 99 Sherman
M4 ...16.99..16.99
Shinobi 12.99. 12.99 Shot em up
Construction Kit 19 99 19 99 Si'ont Service 14 99 Snworm IV’
13 99 13 99 SimCity 19 99 19 99 Sim City Tenam 13 99 SirFreo
16 99 16 99 Sicesfiow 16 99 Skwo-m 1699 Skate cr Die’ 16 99 16
99 Sound Express Stereo Samp or 34 99 Sleeping Gods l.io .14
99 14 99 SlySpys 13 99 16 99 Snow Strike’ 16 99 16 99 Space
Ace 26 99 26 99 Space Ouesl 3 26 99 26 99 space Hamer 3 13 99
13 99 Spy Who Loved Me 13 99 13 99 S'.ar Tiek V 16 99 16 39
Star Wa'S Trilogy 16 99 16 99 Star F ight 16 99 16 99 Star
Flight Hint BK 5 99 Sta- G icer 2 14 99 14 99 Stos .19 99 Stos
Compiler 13 99 Stos Games Galore 16 99 Stos Maestro 16 99 Stos
Spirits 600 11 99
Stider ...13.99..16.99 Stunt Car Racer
.....1599 1599 Stun Runner 16 99 13 99 Subbuteo 12 99 12 99
Super Cars 13 99 13 99 Swords ol Twilight 16 99 16 99 Swords
O' TwilightHmt Book 5 99 5 99 Teenage Mutant Turlies 19 99
TesiDnve2 16 99 n Drive 2 Calit Chall 9 99 Test Dn.ve 2 Muscle
Cars 9 99 Test Dnve 2 SuperCars • 9 99 The Jetsons 16 99 The
P*ague 16 99 16 99 Thunderstrike .13.99. .16.99
The Cycles .... 16.99 Theme Park
Mystery .16.99 .16.99 The
Kristal ..19.99....9.99
Time ....19.99..19.99
Toobin ..13.99..13.99 Total
Eclipse ...13.99.. 13.99 Total
Recall’ ..- 16.99 Tower Ol
Babel ......16.99..16.99 Track Suit Manager 12.99..12.99
Trained Assassin ...... 13.99 Triad Vol
3 ..19.99..19.99 Turbo
Outrun ..13.99..16.99
Turrican ..- 16.99 TV Sports
Baseball' .- 19.99 TV Spons
Basketball - 19.99 TV Sports
Football .16.99.. 17.99 Typhoon
Thompson .- 13.99 Twin World 16 99 16 99 UMS 14 99
14 99 UMS 2 15 99 15 99 UMS Scenario 1 8 99 UMS Sceneno 2 8 99
Unreal ... 16 99 16 99 Untouchables 13 99 16 99
Vorminator 15 99 Vertex • 3 99 Warhead 16 99 16 99 Waker’ 16
99 16 99 Waterloo 16 99 16 99 Wayne G-etzy Hockey 14 99 14 99
Weired Dreams 15 99 15 99 Wild Sheets 16 99 16 99 Wngs 19 99 W
ngs ot Fury 13 99 13 99 World Cup Soccer 90 16 99 16 99
Xenomcrpn 16 99 16 99 Xenon 2 Megabiasi 16 99 16 99 Zak
Mckranken ......16.99. 16.99
Zombi ..16 99. 16 99 THE NATIONS TOP
& Mat (Amiga & ST) £19.95 "THE" Coiver 5 in 1 Amiga, ST Comm
PC, Ams PC, Schnider PC PLUS! Mouse House Mat £19.99 Mega PC
Mouse Pack Dr Halo Art Package 9-25 Convertor, Pad, Holder,
Superb Quality + Value at £24.99 ACCESSORIES DISK BOXES
3. 5 40 Cap ...£5.99 80
Cap ...£8.99
5. 25 50 Cap ...E6.99 LJ 100
KILLS 1000 3.5 Disk Labels ...£7.50
Disk Cleaning Kit ..£2.50 Mouse
Pad ..£3.99 Mouse
Holder ...£3.99 4 Player
Adaptor ...£7.99 Screen
Filter .....£9.99 Printer
Lead £9.99 ST Turbo
Blitz Lead ...£19.99 JOYSTICKS
Quickjoy Junior £5.95 Quickshot 2 Turbo £9.99 Comp Pro 5000
Goal £9.99 Comp Pro 5000 Extra £12.99 Star Probe £10.99
Quickjoy Jetfighter £18.99 Topstar £9.99 MICROSMART MEGA DEALS
All inc. upgrade and clock Gold of Realm 36.99 Space Ace 56.99
Dragons Lair 2 56.99 Dragon Master 46.99
J. Nicholas 46.99 Kick Off 2 39.99 The best A501 on the Market
With clock £24.99 16 Bit Mega Drive & M Mouse £165.00 Sega
£69.99 Without clock£21.99 HARDWARE MUSIC Turn your Amiga into
a Mega Sound Blasting System 50 WATT 3 Way Speakers Power
Supply, cables, Headphon - es & full instructions ONLY £49.99
Midi Interface ......
......£18.99 Personal Stereo Rewind,
Fast Forward & Mega Bass Switch ONLY £14.99 Call for
details on the new Roland Synth Amiga kit with Sampling &
sequency capabilities 200+ sound types with percussion &
sampled sounds.
Tiger Cub ST & AMIGA ONLY £94.99 Music X ......£59.99 Master Sound Blaster 2 £39.99 Techno Sound ...£34.99 Sound Blaster ....£49.99 Aeacs Sonix ......£14.99 Drum Studio .£4.99 Deluxe Music Con Kit ...£54.99 Amas - Midi - Digitiser ..£69.99 Quartet (ST & Amiga) ...£24.99 Perfect Sound ..£39.00 Audio Engineer £149.00 Amiga A500 Screen Gems Pack £379 inc VAT & Next day Courier Screen Gems Pack includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with built in
1 Meg disk drive • Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV • Joystick, mouse mat + 1 o blank disks, mouse + mains plug • Amiga basic, Amiga extra’s 13 workbench 13 PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial • With a further four new releases • Shadow Beast il, Back to the Future II, Nightbreed and Days of Thunder Amiga A500 Screen Gems Pack Extra £399 inc VAT & Next day Courier Screen Gems Pack includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Meg disk drive • Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV • 10 free games PLUS software
has a potential RRP of £200 • Joystick, mouse mat + 10 blank disks, mouse + mains plug • Amiga basic, Amiga extra’s 13 workbench 13 PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial • With a further four new releases • Shadow Beast II, Back to the Future II, Nightbreed and Days of Thunder Amiga 1500 The Amiga 1500 Personal Home Computer is the ultimate in Personal Home Computers for the whole family. Platinum works - integrated - Word Processor, Database and spreadsheet.
Deluxe Paint 3 - the ultimate in paint packages.
Populous and Sim City - State of the Art strategy games. Battlechess - the chess programme amongst all chess programmes.
Their Finest Hour- The battle of Britain brought to life in a technical flight sim. A1084’s stereo colour monitor to get the best from your Amiga. The Amiga 1500 has been designed around the already popular Amiga A500, but with hardware facilities that would put any mid range business machine to shame. Please call for further details £1049.00 inc VAT + next day courier service.
AMIGA A500 CLASS OF THE 1990’s BUSINESS + EDUCATIONAL PACK £499.00 inc VAT & next day courier FEATURES Amiga A500 TV Modulator • Midi Interface- Software • Kind Words II wordproc’or • Page Setter DTP • Super Base Personal Database • Maxplan 500 spreadsheet • Amiga Logo BBC Emulator Deluxe Paint II • Mouse mat 10 Blank Disks and disk wallet Amiga A500 Sound & Vision Pack £399 inc VAT & next day courier Amiga A500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Megabyte Disk Drive • Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV • Deluxe Paint II Graphics j Package • Shadow of Beast
II horizontal scrolling games software • Back to the Future film action software • Nightbreed state of the art graphical arcade action • 10 free games worth £200 • Free joystick, j mouse mat & 10 blank disks • Amiga Basic Amiga Extras 1.3 Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga Step by Step Tutorial • All leads, manuals PLUS Mouse and Mains plug • PLUS Days of Thunder serious fast action games software • Deluxe Paint II PRINTERS Star LC24 200 24PIN including ST Amiga .....£259.00 Star LC200 24 Colour including
ST Amiga .....£210.00 Star LC200 24 Colour inbcluding interface lead for ST Amiga_____£219.00 LC200 24 Colour - The most popular letter quality printer on the market only £219.00 with all Amiga + ST leads Amiga Power Supply £34.95 Amiga + ST Second Drive 880K formatted Anti click on off switch Camiga has Daisy chain facility. £59.99 . ..... LEEDS (0532) 637988 COMPUTERS - WEST YORKSHIRES PREMIERE AMIGA AND ATARI COMPUTER STORE AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR STAR CITIZEN COMMODORE ACORN AND AMSTRAD ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY ALL
OUR PRODUCTS ARE GENUINE UK SPECIFICATION UNIT 8, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL ST, ARMLEY, LEEDS LS12 2AE ROCTEC 3.5" 1 meg external drive, high quality, low noise mechanism ¦ £59.99 NAKSHA MOUSE [The superior Hi-res mouse inc quality mat and holder £19.99 2 yr Guarantee CUMANA CAX 354 3.5" 1 meg drive ONLY £69.99 AMIGA A500 PACK Inc. Workbench 1.3, Amiga Basic, Mouse, TV Modulator, Leads, Extras Disk, Manuals & Tutorial New Low Price £319.99 SCREEN GEMS PACK A500 PACK AS STD PLUS Back To The Future II, Days of Thunder, Knightbreed, Shadow Of The Beast II!! And Deluxe Paint II £349 99 NEW 1
MEG SCREEN GEMS PACK AS ABOVE but now with Commodore A501 expansion only £379.99 FIRST CHOICE PACK Everything you need in one superb value package.
Fully mircroswitched cruiser, joystick, 10 Sony Disks, Mouse mat, fitted cover, plus three extra games Only £30.00 with any Amiga Pack CLASS OF THE 90 S BUSINESS PACK NOW WITH 1 MEG OF RAM AS STANDARD!!
A500 Pack plus Kindwords 2.0, Pagesetter, Artists Choice, Head Line Fonts Pack, Amiga Logo, Superbase Personal, BBC Emulator, Deluxe Paint II, Maxiplan Spread Sheet, or DrT's Midi Recording Studio, Midi Interface, Mousemat, 10 disks and Diskette Storage Wallet.
£539.99 NEW IN STOCK "First Steps Pack" similar to Class of the 90's Pack but aimed at a younger age group AMIGA 1500 ONE OF THE BEST VALUE AMIGA PACKAGES YOU CAN BUY
* Commodore 1084 S Stereo monitor
* Dual drives as standard ’ Separate quality keyboard
* Platinum Works integrated business package inc wordprocessor,
database and spreadsheet.
* Deluxe Paint III graphics package
* Battle Chess 3D chess simulation ’ Their Finest Hour flight
* Sim City + Terrain Editor
* Populous + Promised Lands ONLY £929.00 £680.00 without Comm
1084SD monitor.
STAR PRINTERS inc. free cable ILC 10 Mono 9 Pin 144 36cps .£159.00 LC 200 Colour 9 Pin 225 45cps .£209.99 LC 24-200 Mono 24 Pin 222 67cps ...£249.99 I LC 24-200 Colour 24 Pin 222 67 £299.99
laser printer. * Multiple built in fonts * 512K memory *
expandable to 6mb * 300*300 DPI graphics * 6 pages per minute *
small footprint £899.99 CANNON BJ 10e BUBBLE JETPRINTER
* Innovative portable bubble jet printing technology * * Smaller
* Cheaper * Quieter * Quicker * £299.99 CITIZEN PRINTERS INC.
FREE CABLE 120 D Mono 9 Pin 120 25cps .£139.99
124 D Mono 24 Pin 120 40cps ...£199.99 Swift 9
Mono 9 Pin 192 40cps £179.99 Swift 24 Mono 24
Pin 192 64cps £269.99 Swift 9 or 24 Colour
Upgrade ...£34.99 FREE COLOUR KIT WITH ANY
Dbase, Spreadsheet Package now
only .£64.99
* PENPAL W P and much more .£84.99 DISNEY ANIMATION
STUDIO..£79.99 XCAD DESIGNER (CAD) £92.99 VISTA landscape
generator £49.99 PAGESETTER VERSION 2......£49.99 AMOS 1.2
GAMES CREATOR .£38.99 Music X Version
1.1 ....£114.99 Digiview Gold Version
4 .£124.99 Aegus Video
Titleer ......£89.99 Audiomaster 2 Sampling
software .£39.99 SuperPlan Spreadsheet ...£39.99
Superbase Personal 2 ..£39.99 SBA Cash
Accounts s w ..£89.99 Scribble w p platinum
edition £39.99 Publishers
Choice .£74.99 The Commodore A590 has a
built in unpopulated Ram Board so you can easily upgrade your
Amiga memory by up to 2 megs without invalidating your warranty
(autoboots from Kickstart 1.3 only) £289.99 AMIGA A590
POPULATED Complete with 2 meg of Ram £359.99 SONY MITSUBISHI
100% error free, 135 TPI Lifetime Guarantee The same quality as
the most expensive branded disks
10. ...£5.99
25. .£12.99
50. .£22.99
100. ...£39.99
200. ...£74.99
300. .£109.99
400. .£135.99
500. .£159.99
1000. ......£309.99 Disk
Labels...500 ..£7.99 Disk
Labels...1000 .....£13.99 LOW POWER CONSUMPTION FAST
ACCESS DRAMS 14+ £5.19ea Ideal for populating
8+ £4.89 ea your A590 or extra
16+ .....£4.39 ea ram board RAM EXPANSION lASHCOM 1.8
MEG EXPANSION Take your Amiga A500 up to 2.3 Megs total
with this easy to fit board. Uses existing expansion slot.
This board can be supplied partly or fully populated.
Unpopulated £34.99 512K Populated £52.99 1 Meg Populated £89.99
1. 5 Meg Populated £105.99 Fully (1.8 Megs) £119.99
* Additional "Gary" board supplied with 1 Meg configurations or
above * 1 MEG UPGRADE Top quality memory expansions inc.
Battery backed Real Time Clock and convenient on off switch 12
month guarantee £37.99 AT ONCE PC EMULATOR Turns your Amiga
into an IBM AT compatible only £199.00 Midi
Interface ...£22.99 Minigen
Genlock .....£99.00 Rombo RGB Splitter £67.99 Rombo Vidi
Amiga ..£99.99 Rombo Vidi Chrome......£18.99 Amiga
Control Station ...£43.99 MODEMS
Linnet ..£149.99 Linnet
1200 £229.99 Linnet
2400 £359.99 TFTTT I COMMODORE 1084 SD I
Stereo Sound 640 * 256 resolution anti glare screen green
screen facility | £259.00 NEW! PHILIPS CM8833 MK II Stereo
Sound 640 * 200 resolution green screen facility FREE 1 yr on
site warranty £239.99 REMEMBER WE OFFER
• FAST Mail order service
• FREE postage UK mainland
• FREE 2-3 day delivery (next day delivery only £3)
• FIRST CHOICE • TEL: 0532 637988 FAX: 0532 637689 OPEN MON-SAT
Amiga Scart Leads ....£9.99 Midi cables 2M £3.99 Midi cables 3M £4.99 Midi cables 5M £5.99 Printer cables 1.5 metre....£5.99 Printer cables 2.0 metre....£8.99 A500 cover ......£4.99 LC10 cover .....£4.99 LC24 10 cover £6.99 LC200 covers ..£5.99 LC24-200 covers £5.99 I Swift 24 9 cover ..£6.99 12" monitor cover £5.99 14" monitor cover £6.99 14" tilt and swivel monitor stand £13.99 Universal printer stand
£9.99 Mouse mats 8MM high quality anti static £4.99 100 capacity lockable 3.5" I disk box ....£7.99 150 capacity as above .£5.99 Banx Boxes ...£11.99 Posso Boxes .£18.99 LARGE RANGE OF PRINTER RIBBONS IN STOCK Golden Image I Hand Scanner plus excellent | touch up software ..£189.99 Golden Image Optical Mouse ..£42.99 Rendale Genlock plus I video generic master ] titling software £159.99 Hitachi Video cameras now in stock
9. 00AM-5.30PM
11. 00AM-4.00PM LATE TIL 8.00PM Drive those Win prizes totalling
over £1000 - a day out at Brands Hatch or three top-notch
racing games - as Gremlin go crazy over Supercars 2!
They've given you the chance to leap behind the wheel of a Lotus Turbo Esprit and a Toyota Celica GT4 - they’ve offered the opportunity to grip the handlebars of a Suzuki Team racester - and now those nice people at Gremlin are actually willing to let you loose on real machines in a fabulous day out for two at Brands Hatch.
It’s all to celebrate the release of Supercars 2, which is why Gremlin thought you might like to try two real super cars. The winner of the competition and a friend will be whisked off on an all-expenses-paid day at the races, driving Formula First and Ford XR2i racing cars and practising their skills on a skidpan and in a slalom.
That’s not all, though: ten other lucky winners will each receive a marvellous little package containing a T-shirt and the games Team Suzuki, Lotus Turbo Esprit and Toyota Celica Rally, so they will be able to enjoy all the high-speed action of motor car racing at home in their own cosy simulated environment!
How to Enter Simply write the answers to the following three easy questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Supercar Compo, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. All entries must reach us by 16 May 1991 and please, whatever you do, don't forget to put your name, address and phone number on there too!
Rules Employees of Future Publishing and Gremlin Graphics Software Limited are not allowed to enter. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
1. For which sports car firm was Colin Chapman chief designer?
A) Ferrari
b) Morgan
c) Lotus
2. Which of these Japanese firms is not noted for musical
A) Yamaha
b) Suzuki
c) Akai
3. Which of these is a successful Group A rally car?
A) The Toyota Celica GT4
b) The Vauxhall Nova 1.3 SR
Orders over £15.00 Post Free Orders under £15.00 - Please add
75p Optional 48HR Delivery £3.50 per order or £7.00 for next
working day.
(UK mainland, exc. Scottish Highlands).
? FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £500 EXPORTS a speciality - add £1.99 for surface mail or £3.99 for airmail.
(Computers, monitors & printers phone for carriage charges).
TO ORDER BY MAIL, PHONE OR FAX Prompt Despatch Simply quote your c card details, name & address & your order & leave the rest to us. You are not charged until the goods are despatched.
ENQUIRIES ? 0274 678062 FAX LINE ? 0274 600150 TRILOGIC Dept. A.F., Unit 1 253 New Works Road Bradford, BD12 0QP Established 1964 MANY MORE ITEMS IN STORE HI-TECH A500 & 2000 UPGRADES & SPARES KCS POWER PC XT CARD £299.99 VCJTEX ATONCE AT adaptor for A500 C 199.99 DATAFLYER A500 SCSI interface for Hard Onves etc . £149.99 4 8 MEG CARD for SCSI interface ino Rami EP.O.A. DATAFLYER AUTOBOOT SCSI CARD for Amiga 2000 E89.99 DATAFLYER SCSI CARD ? 48meg 28ms SCSI Drive .....£349.99 LARGER DRIVES SCSI Available (P.O.A. MEMORY CARD for above Ino Ram fitted).. CP.O.A. RAM
CHIPS for above - please phone for latest price KICKSTART 1.3 ROM UPGRADE £29.99 FAT AGNUS 2 ..£69.99 A500 Uprated Power Pack £54.99 INTERNAL CHINON A500 Drive £79.99 A 501 Modulator £24.99 23W SOCKET & HOOD £1.99 23W PLUG & HOOD £1.99 Baseboard A500 Internal Memory Upgrade - Lowtr Prices Compatible with 1.2 & 1.3 workbench, 4 fat 4 farter Agnus; no soldering; expanbdable in 1 2 meg steps from 0 to 4 megs. Battery backed clock fitted.
(Fitting the Gary adaptor will invalidate the Amiga warranty!. Very highly compatible; excellent value.
UNPOPULATED ..£89.99 WITH 1 MEG Installed £119.79 WITH 2 MEG Installed £149.99 WITH 4 MEG Installed .. £199.99 A590 HARD DRIVE New low price.
Available with up to 2meg of ram installed £289.99 WITH 1 MEG RAM £319.99 WITH 2 MEG RAM ......£349.99 The A590 offers 20 megabytes of disk storage * up to 2 megs of fast ram It is autobooting - so you won't need to use the workbench disk again.
Complete with power supply. Post free.
• 880K formatted 1 mag unformatted • Skmkne csm • on off switch •
through port for connection of eddrtionsl drive* • low power
consumption • extremely gulet operation • vary raftaUa
machaniam Also sveleble CUMANA CA X 354 £69.99 QTEC AMIGA 3 6'
drive £64 96 QTEC AMIGA 5M" drive £99.99 INTERNAL REPLACEMENT
DRIVE iChmion type only) f 79 99 Deduct 15 00 H ordering with
disabling external drive DF1 Fits between the drive port &
drive connector.... £8.99 DRIVE SWITCH 2 for disabling 2
extrnal drives - DF1 DF2 - has 2 swdches
internally, 4 enables boot drive to be the external drive
Disables the internal one completely - le the internal one
cannot be swapped' for the external one .£14.99 CYCLONE
COPIER ADAPTOR fits between drive & Amiga drive port, needs
Cyclone software to work (included free with Xcopy
3. 5" DISK LIBRARY CASE for 10 Disks. £1.35 40 SIZE £6.99 80 SIZE
f 7 99 100 SIZE £8 99 150 SIZE Posso Stackable Drawer
Type......£18.99 250 SIZE £24.99 Special Offers 50 SIZE BOX •
10Sony Disks - Only £11.99 100 SIZE BOX » 25 Sony Disks - Only
£ 19.99 150 SIZE BOX • 50 Sony Disks - Only £43.99 SONY BULK
3.5" DS DD DISKS + FREE LABELS PACK OF 10 £6 99 PACK OF 25 £14
99 PACK OF 50 £24 99 PACK OF 100 £44.99 BOX OF 500 f209.99 Wa
do not itock unbrandad disks - they can damage your disk
ANIMATION MOVIESETTER ..£59.99 COMIC SETTER ‘•Special Offer" ......£14.99 VIOEOSCAPE 30 ......£63.99 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO .£99.99 DIGIPAINT 3 ...£54.99 DELUXE PAINT III £64.99 FANTAVISION. £14.99 CAD & DRAWING - 2D 3D X CAD DESIGNER £79.99 PROFESSIONAL DRAW 2.0 £89 99 SCULPT 3DXL 1meg minimum .£84.99 SCULPT ANIMATE 40 JUNIOR £79.99 VIDEOS (VHS FORMAT ONLY) TRILOGIC'S INTRODUCTION TO THE COMMODORE AMIGA 500 Pari 1 Covers an the first time Amiga A 500 user needs to know. Including unpacking
it, connecting the modulator & mouse, copying workbench, connecting external disk drives, peripherals & memory expansions well worth £14.99 or free with any Amiga purchased from us. Also serves to show just what can De done with an Amiga.
G2 genlock, some software 4 home video eouipment 1 Running time; approx 30min ....£14.99 PROFESSIONAL TECHNIOUES FOR DPAINT III a 60 minute video showing, you step by step, how to use Dpeint Ill's more advanced 4 spectacular features ....£19.95 MONITOR PLINTHS & STANDS MONITOR PLINTH 1 Simple but effective Tins is a steel plinth which fits over the Amiga upon which most monitors & small tvs sit .....£24.99 MONITOR PLINTH 2 Whh Shed hr External Ditl Drive ttc This is similar to the Amiga Control Centre it fits over the Amiga with a slot for the
disk niive 4 a shelf under the monitor for external drives Open backeo £32.99 MONITOR PLINTH MOUSE JOYSTICK EXTENSION LEAD KIT PER PAIR £6.99 MONITOR SWIVEL TILT BASE for 12 to 14' tvs 4 monitors ..f 19.99 AMIGA TV & MONITOR LEADS If your tv has an RGB input, you will get a much clearer picture connecting the Amiga to this using one of our leads, rather than via the modulator. All our monitor leads give the full range of colours, 4 include the audio leads unless otherwise stated.
AL1 AMIGA to scan - works with most scart equipped tvs 4 monitors, including Sony, Phillips.
Normende. Ferguson. Toshiba Mitsubishi, £11 99 ITT etc .. AL2 AMIGA to Ferguson
w. pi 7 or 8 on On socket eg MC01 £1199 AL4 AMIGA is
MitachrG-anada with 7 pn Dm socket AL6 AMIGA tc Amst-ad CPC CS
Ou’ monitq- wth 6 pn dm p.„g. no audit £('099 £1199 AL 7 AMIGA
to 1084s monitor Wit.- 6 P'C dm socket 4 two'pnono sccxets
lauCtoi £1299 (1299 f 12.99 £10.99 AL7P AMIGA TO PHILLIPS 8833
MK2 AL70 AMIGA to '084s 0 men,tor with 9 pin D socket 4 two
phonos .. AL8 AMIGA to CGA monitor - 16 colours.
No sound. 9 pm D plug ...... ALU AMIGA to Multisync monitor with 9 pin D socket, no audio ....(10.99 AL12 AMIGA to Multisync monitor with 15w 3 row D socket, no audio ..£12.99 AL13 Amiga to Multisync monitor with 15 pin 3 row D plug, no audio ...£12.99 AL15 AMIGA to Taxan with 8 pin EIA connector.
No audio .....(15.99 AL16 AMIGA to Tataung TM01 colour monitor, no audio ..£10.99 MODULATOR EXTENSION LEAD. Enables the modulator to be moved - reduces its overhang & makes for a more secure connection ..£9.99 MODULATOR SF’LITTER. Enables the modulator & monitor lead to be connected at the same time - the modulator is required if you wish to tape the Amiga on a VCR £ 15.99 GENLOCK SPLITTER. Enables a genlock & monitor lead to be connected at the
same time f 16.99 Longer Leeds pen be made to order - edd C 1.50 per metre to the list price.
SCART SWITCHES TV MONITOR SHARERS TYMONITOR SHARER A lor Scad Tint monitors Converts one scart socket into two - switch selects input one or input two Wired for RGB 4 composite + stereo sound - suitable for home computers, vers & satellite receivers (15.99
• Plug* into the scart socket of your tv or monitor • Dual scart
socket* for two computers or • Computer + VCR or. . . •
Computer * satellite receiver etc a Push button switch selects
input 1 or input 2
• No additional leads required - your existing seen leads just
plug into the sharer.
PRINTER ACCESSORIES 2 WAY PRINTER SWITCH (25w d sockets) now with free computer leed ....£24.99 3 WAY PRINTER SWITCH i25w D socketsi now with free computer lead ......(27.99 4 WAY PRINTER SWITCH I25w D socketsi now with free computer leed (33.99 2 WAY CROSSOVER (25w o sockets) 4 2 free computer leads ..£34.99 2 WAY PRINTER SWITCH (36w socketsi with free computer lead .(26 99 3 WAY PRINTER SWITCH I36w sockets) with free computer lead ...(29.99 4 WAY PRINTER SWITCH (36w sockets) with free computer
lead .....(34.99 CONTINUOUS 60grm PAPER 11 •9.5" Box of 2000 Microperf Margins .(19.99 CONTINUOUS 80grm PAPER 11 ’9.5" Box ol 17SO Microperf Margins ....£29.99 PACKS OF 500 SINGLE SHEETS.
A4 60grms white £5.49 PACKS OF 500 SINGLE SHEETS.
44 Sogrms blue, green, yeMow, or red ......£9.49 Prices are up to £4.00 box cheaper to callers because ol savings in postage.
CONTINUOUS LABELS 89 *39mm, 1 across, peck of 1000 ....(7.99 COPY HOLDER Free standing type ......(17.99 COPY HOLDER Table top edge clamping type £17.99 PRINTER STAND standard Width ..(12.99 PRINTER STAND for wide carriage printers...£14.99 AMIGA PRINTER & MODEM LEADS FOR A500 2000 3000 AMP1 AMIGA to parallel printer approx 1.5m long ...(7.99 AMP2 AMIGA to parallel pnnter approx 3m long ....f 10.99 AMP5 AMIGA to parallel printer approx 5m long ....(14.99
MF1 25way male to female lead, approx 1.5m.(10.99 MF2 36way male to female lead, approx 1.5m £11.99 MM1 25way male to male lead, approx 1.5m ..£10.99 MM2 36way male to male lead, approx 1,5m. (11 99 NML1 Null modem lead for linking 2 Amiga £7.99 ML1 25way female to male modem lead, approx 10m £10 99 Ml2 25way lemae to dm plug modem lead
- state modem £9 99 Mi.3 Designer modem lead f 1C 99 8EL1 BBC Emu
ato- lead 25wav tc 5 p*n dommo plug £6 99 AS FI AMIGA serial
prater leac 25way maierfemaie f 10 99 PRINTER RIBBONS
LC10 .(4.49 STAR LC10 COLOUR
(6.99 CITIZEN 120D l200-h T80E (4 49 CITIZEN 120M20D* 180E
MPS803 (3 99 PANASONIC KXP1081 (4 49 PANASONIC KXPTT80m24 £4 49
AMSTRAD DMP20CW 3000 3160 3250 ( 349 Buy 3 get 1 free SAMPLING
PERFECT SOUND inc budget Stereo sampler £54.99 MASTERSOUND INC
budget mono sampler .(41.99 Special Offer AUDIOMASTER III *
'59 99 DR Ts TIGER CUB '2 track seq • l meg rec d £49 99 DR T$
Voice Editors tor kORG Ml. ROLAND 050.
0110. KAWAI K-l. K-5 etc ......£79.99 Special Offers
SEQUENCER ONE * Midi Interface 2 £109.99 MUSIC X
vl.r * Midi Interface 2 ......£109.99 MUSIC X JUNIOR
+ Midi Interface 2 ...(79.99 ? R Ts TIGER CUB 12
track seq ¦* MIDI INTERFACE
2 ..£69.99 MINIAMP 4 STEREO
• Superb low distortion stereo sound • New Improved 'bridge'
dealgn stereo empllfler • More power - now approx 5 watts per
channel • 2 pin din speaker sockets (suitable for most hlfl
• Compact, quality twin cone speaker unit* with 6' leads • Meins
power pack - doesn't use any computer power
• Simple to connect - just plug in & switch on
• Please state computer when ordering
• Free mains power unit worth £5.99 Miniamp 4 complete Mlniamp 4
lets speaker* Our mini hlfl systems ere ideal for your Amiga
Atari Sta. Archimedes & personal stereos etc. STEREO SAMPLER MK
II. (39.99 It's fast 4 it makes all other samplers obsolete'
Which others have a printer through port’ Our Superb Mono
Sampler is stiH avail able.
• Uses latest state of the ad A D Chip * Very thod conversion
time 1uS£C * Very high sample rates ) 5OOKHt Iamiga &
software dependentI a Superb quality especially with CD audio •
Essiy adjusted input level control Ino screwdriver required!.
• Printer through pod - a major innovation*
• Connects to parallel pod only * Compatible with most sampler
software inc Audiomaster I & II, Perfect Sound. Future Sound.
Prosound. Quasar Sound, etc. etc. • New Free Stereo Sampling
' This major innovation means that the sampler can be leh connected atall times even when not in use.
Your existing printer lead is connected to the sampler via our low cost Automatic Printer Adaptor, then whenever you want to print ust switch the printer online. Switch if off line to use the sampler - what could be simpler .£14 99 extra MIDI INTERFACE 2 .....£29.99 The most versatie midi interface available as supplied to Commodore for the clast of 90s pack.
• 1 midi in socket • 1 midi through socket • 1 midi out socket •
2 awitchabl* out thru sockets for additional instruments.
Giving effectively. 3 thru* or 2 of each • FuKy opto isolated •
Very low power consumption • Compatible whh Amiga 2000, A1000
version available at no extra coat • Compatible with music X Dr
TS. Deluxe music, sonix. Etc. MICE. TRACKBALLS & ACCESSORIES
MOUSE with mat 4 holder......£23.99 OPTICAL MOUSE No moving
pans ......(42.99 MARCONI TRACKERBALL Sev, cs
.oo (49.99
• Precise control • ErgonomlcallY designed
• Professional 'feel' • Marconi precision engineering
• Solid 2" bek • Positive action buttons.
• Connects in piece of mouse (or joystick) • Features two sockets
whh puah button selection of mouse or joystick • Switch can be
operated at any time • Suitable for use whh most dongles • Does
not use any power • Reduces wear 4 tear on computers ports •
Makes access easier • Suitable for Amiga, st etc. No more
unplugging the mouse.
MICROSWITCHES & AUTOFIRE £14,99 QUICKSHQT TURBO III ......£10.99 QUICKSHOT JOYSTICK CONSOLE (14 99 QUICKSHQT SPACE AGE HANDHELD GAME CONTROLLER £10.99 DELTA 3A ANALOGUE JOYSTICK ..£14.49 DELTABASE YOKE ANALOGUE JOYSTICK £28.99 Special Offer Buy our Mouse Joystick Switch lor only £12.99 whh any joystick or treckerhell listed above ANTISTATIC, SEMI TRANSPARENT OUST COVERS AMIGA A500 (549 AMIGA 2000 Separate «eyboa-d cover (12 99 10841084S PHILIPS 8833 '6 99 STAR LC2410. LC200. LC24 200 (699 STAR LC10.1C10 COLOUR. LC20 (5 98 CITIZEN 120D 1200+ 180E £5.99 CITIZEN SWIFT 9, SWIFT 24 (6.99
3. 5" EXTERNAL DISK ORIVE - Please state type ...... £3.99
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE This is pert of an ever increasing range
of entertaining 4 professionally written programs especially
for UK students starting from the age of 2.
[Most educational conform to the requirements | I of tne Nationa| Cumcuium_ FUN SCHOOL 3 3-6 vra ..(17.99 FUN SCHOOL 3 8 8v, (17 99 FUN SCHOOL 3 over 8 yra £17 99 LETS SPELL AT HOME tor 4 e vra win speech (1799 PLAY & READ for 4 to 9 yts with a storv or audio cassette (2699 KIDS TYPE ia ample wordprocessor for 4 to 8 year oidsl (22 99 MICRO MATHS - GCSEO LEVEL £24 99 MICRO MATHS - GCSE a LEVEL (24 99 MICRO ENGLISH - gcse 0 level (24 99 MICRO FRENCH - GCSEO LEVEL ......(24.99 OTHER EDUCATIONAL & INTRODUCTORY & EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, RUSSIAN,
ITALIAN ..each (22.99 AMIGA APPETISER Simple wordprocessor, Music teaching 4 composing program 4 painting program + a word game ...£34.99 MASTERING CLI (19.99 AMIGA GRAPHICS STARTER KIT £ 9.99 WORDPROCESSORS & DTP KINDWORDS 2 £39.99 TRANSWRITE £34 99 PENPAL'meg req d £89 99 SCRIBBLE PLATINUM £4199 PROTEXT V5meg reod (11900 PROFESSIONAL PAGE'meg'eod £19999 PACESETTER 2 - i-negreod (4999 ETYPE - Tvpewr ter Emulator f3499 Special Offer.
Buy a ram card (without clock) for only £29.99 with any of these wordprocsssors.
QUARTERBACK v4 0 (41 99 AMI DRIVE ALIGNMENT £34 99 DOCTOR AMI £2999 OISKMASTER vt4 £4299 ON LINE PLATINUM :Comms. £34 98 DELUXE PRINT 2 (39 99 00S TO 00S (2998 SPREADSHEETS & ACCOUNTS OG CALC ....£34.99 SUPERPLAN . £89.99 HOME ACCOUNTS £24.99 CASHBOOK CONTROLLER ? Fmai Accounts ...(59.99 MAILSHOT PLUS ...£44.99 ABACUS AMIGA BOOKS AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS by Abacus Price £12.45 (- 75p P4P if your total order is under £15.00. otherwise post freel.
This book is essential reading lor all Amiga owners - it covers all the topics of most help 4 interest to beginners in a very readable 4 easy to understand way Brand new edition jusl updated We stock a wide range of books covering all aspects ol the Amiga 4 its applications 4 peripherals. See our catalogue for details AMIGA Tricks 4 Tips £14.45 MORE AMIGA Tricks 4 Tips .....£18.45 AMIGA BASIC Inside 4 Out .....£18.45 AMIGA 30 Graphic Programming ir Bas e £17 95 AMIGA GRAPHICS Inside 4 Cut £31 95 AMIGA Mach no Language f 14 45
AMIGA Systems Programmers Gude £32 45 AMIGA Advances Systems Programmers Guoe £3195 AMIGA C Fq-begmners £17 95 AMIGA C For Advanced Programmers (31 95 AMIGA DISK DRIVERS msoe 4 Out (2695 AMIGA 00S Inside 4 Out (17 95 AMIGA DOS Quick Be'erer'ce Guide £8 45 AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO *4 w (1795 AMIGA PRINTERS Inside 4 Out *New*......£31.95 DISKS for Abacus Books Please state which when ordering £ 11.99 Special Offer Free Amiga DOS quick reference guide worth £8.95 whan you order any two books.
Books USING DELUXE PAINT £19.95 AMIGA Programmers Handbook Vol 1 iSybexI (24.95 AMIGA Programmers Handbook Vol 2 (Sybexl £23.95 AMIGA Hardware Reference Guide .(21.95 AMIGA Rom Kernel Includes 4 Autodocs (28.95 AMIGA Rom Kernal Intuition, Libraries 4 Devices .(29.95 AMIGA A 500 latest price1* AMIGA A500 games & grapwtc va, ONLY rooo ™£S SOFTWARE CALLERS WELCOME Call on rcfirkVa«f.yea5e FREE JOYSTICK With every Amiga collected FREE PAPER free pack of paper with every printer collecteo WITH 1 MEG RAM WITH 10 STAR PACK WITH 10 STAR PACK
&1 MEG 10 STAR PACK * dungeon quest ONLY £30 when * e motion purchased with an Amiga
• 10 GREAT GAMES WORTH OVER £339.00 £59999 £624.99 £629.99
£649.99 TOTAL Deduct £5.00 '' Menng mh ar y Amiga Pack £64.99
£99.99 ORDER HOTLINE 0274 691115 1 We welcome UK & Export trade
Trade enquiries welcome - UK & Export _ FREE MONITORS LEADS!
PHILIPS CM8833 Mk2 £239.99
STEREO SPEAKERS COMMODORE 1084S £269.99 Similar spec & picture
quality to the 8833.
• 028MM DOT PITCH • 1024x768 PIXELS
Shows you how to connect & use your Amiga WORTH £14.99 PLUS • SHADOW OF THE BEAST II
Free Orders under £15.00 - Please add 75p Optional 48HR
Delivery £3.50 per order or £7.00 for next working day.
(UK mainland, exc. Scottish Highlands).
FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £500 EXPORTS a speciality add £1.99 for surface mail or £3.99 for airmail.
(Computers, monitors & printers phone for carriage charges).
PACK 1 ????
.99 £394.99 £399.99 £424.99 T printers -*-* EREE STAR LC20 ...£159.99(iLf£ 9 pin head, 4 fonts, 144 cps draft, 36cps NLQ, condensed, double & quadruple sizes.
240dpi graphics.single or continuous sheets STAR LC200 £209.99 New 9 pin colour printer which replaces the LC10 colour.
STAR LC24-200 £254.99 New 24 pin printer which replaces the LC24-10 printer.
STAR LC24-200 colour ....£299.99 Completely new 24 pin colour.
CITIZEN 120D + .. £144.99 Good budget 9 pin printer, 120 cps draft & 24cps NLQ. 2 fonts & print sizes. Single or continuous sheets. Low cost ribbons.
only) .£79.99 CUMANA Cax
354 ..£69.99 TO ORDER BY MAIL
Prompt Despatch Simply quote your c card details, name &
address & your order & leave the rest to us. You are not
charged until the goods are despatched.
ENQUIRIES 0274 600150 FAX LINE 0274 678062 TRILOGIC Dept. A.F., Unit 1 253 New Works Road Bradford, BD12 OQP PACK 1 PLUS philips CM8833 mk 2 COLOUR MONITOR
• GRFEN SCREEN SWITCH ydo F ee8££r0duc °f other & i-er ? pack
a()ab(e 5P Postage.
PACK 2 ????
WITH 1 MEG RAM WITH 10 STAR PACK WITH 10 STAR PACK & 1 MEG Run professional MS-DOS software on your Amiga 500 at a price you can't resist SPEED - OUTSTANDING (faster than many 286 AT's (Amiga Format Oct 90) now even faster with new software upgrade ver 2.0 COMPATIBILITY - EXCELLENT (All the software I tried ran perfectly - Computer Shopper Feb 91) CONVENIENCE - A DODDLE (For a plain plug 'n' go pc emulator with no installation hassle there is no competition - Computer Shopper Feb 91) MEMORY - AMIGA IMB RAM + 512K RAM disk, PC 704 KB + min 192 KB ems DISK SUPPORT - Floppy 3.5, 5.25, H-D A590,
(other hard drive support to follow - software upgrade) VIDEO SUPPORT - MGA - Hercules - GGA 16 col (dynamic) (EGA - VGA soon) ALL UPGRADES ARE SOFTWARE BASED VALUE JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF INCLUDED WITH KCS BOARD WORTH MS-DOS 4.01, GW Basic, Shell £80.00 inc manuals (not GW Basic) Phoenix DOS help £55.00 1 MB on board memory plus clock £64.00 KCS PC Emulator £30.99 KCS POWER PC BOARD THE PC EMULATOR FOR AMIGA 500 DUE TO RECOVERY OF DEVELOPMENT COSTS Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD, GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 4901919 4901975 FAX: (091)4901918 Only £199.99 ex VAT (229.99 inc VAT) COMPLETE £229.99 VISA Compatibility is excellent but no-one can guarantee every single program available, therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E. if to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
"So what's the point in having a 'wizzo processor if it's no faster" (Amiga Computing Jan 91) - and invalidates your guarantee FORMAT FORMAT VIDEO football »m..» «*.isc «Ytrtu aoCntMx infkM: 1 0 Massive Music special I L featuring a step-by-step guide on how to wiife your own tunes, plus free music tape.
Dan Dare III on Coverdisk.
3 The glamorous story of how movies become games, plus programming, AMOS in full and ProDraw 2. Bitmaps Brothers' Cadaver oo the Coverdisk.
Public Domain special issue: ] [ Flipit and Magnose makes a what if is, and how to make I J brilliant playable demo from the most of free software. Imageworks. How to protect Plus Yolanda demo and a yourself from viruses. Amigas and complete PD game on disk. Professional music studios.
I Huge feature on the CDTV, I 0 the future of home entertainment. Four Format Gold games including Rick Dangerous 2
- and Captive is on the disk.
I 7 24-bit graphics put 16 II million colours at your command. Guides to word processors and hard disks plus Indy 500 and Killing Game Show.
01 If you've ever wanted to get L I info graphics, this issue is the place to start. Details of all the best packages, plus Amiga artists and their tips. Big disk demos Moonshine Racers and Hyperbook.
Ir you re ouying a new 0 A Get the answers to all your Amiga, new software or new L U software problems with AF's hardware our 'Know your Rights' complete guide to creative and feature helps you avoid the serious software. Puzzle game pitfalls. Adventure ambitions with The Power on disk, plus big news ri in demo. DTP and animation reviews.
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3D ..£109.00
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MEG) .....£69.00
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COMMODORE 1084S Colour Stereo
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RENDALE 8802 Genlock,
A500 B2000 ....£185.00
SUPRA 2400 External
Modem .....£119.00
SOPHUS S5 Professional Stereo
Sampler ..£79.00
KCS POWERBOARD, PC Emulation (A500) with AM
DOS .£220.00
AMIGA compatible external disk drive, switch plus thru
port ..£57.50 AT ONCE
Emulation ...£175.00
GVP 40 MEG SCSI Drive plus 8 Meg Ramboard for
1500 200 ...£395.00
GOLDEN IMAGE HAND SCANNER with software plus Photon
Paint .....£195.00 NAKSHA CLONE
MOUSE ..£19.95
AMIGA A500, Mouse, Modulator, Workbench,
Basic ...£335.00 n i--- I Plat., +4 Games, ONLY
£879.00 A500 Upgrade Available - please phone . B2000
Microbotics 8M Ram Board + 2 Meg RAM .£199.00
. Extra 2 Meg Ram for above
board ....£75.00 ¦
A500 BaseBoard, Populated to 4
Meg .£249.00 . A500 TARGET
512K Ram, With Clock + Switch .....£36.00
SUPRA BAUD BANDIT 2400 MODEM Hayes Compat. Auto-dial answer,
V21, 22, 22bis £119.00 As above but includes MNP5 error
correction £159.00. New Supra 9600 Modem £399.00 l HOW TO
ORDER: Either call our number below with your credit card
details, or send a cheque PO or credit card number and expiry
date to our address. Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE
Prices subject to change without notification.
All prices include VAT + Courier Service 16 BIT CENTRE Units 15*17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 5X63X2 EXTENDED WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS VISA COMPETITION Krackin Win a brand new 24-pin dot matrix colour printer or your share of £1000 worth of goodies including 50 new Converta joysticks.
The Converta is a bizarre new concept in joysticks, featuring a switching system in the handle that apparently cuts down on wear and tear and means the base can be smaller. This in turn means that the Converta can... errm ... convert, from a hand-held stick into a tabletop device.
Now, the reason I’m telling you all this is that the guys who make the Converta are giving away 50 of the sticks to celebrate its arrival on the Amiga scene. They’re also offering a brand new Star LC24-200 colour printer, which is a corking prize.
The big prize winner will get the printer and two joysticks, while a second prize winner will receive £100 worth of Amiga software and two sticks. And the 23 lucky runners-up will win a pair of sticks so they can compete with a friend on those tricky two-player games.
How to Enter Simply write the answers to the following three easy questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Converta Compo, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. All entries must reach us by 16 May 1991 and please, whatever you do, don’t forget to put your name, address and phone number on there too!
Rules Employees of Future Publishing and KPK Limited are not allowed to enter.
The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
1. What is a ‘Doppelganger’?
A) An unpleasant smell
b) a German tourist
c) A creature that takes the form of others
2. What’s the definition of a ‘double entendre’?
A) A statement with two meanings
b) An old French coin
c) A move in fencing
3. What is a ‘D-to-A converter’?
A) An American legal term
b) Part of a digital sound system
c) An old hairstyle K & M COMPUTERS GAMES A10 Tank
Killer .26.90
ADS 16.90
A. T.F. II ...16.90 Battle
Command .....16.90 Beast 2 & Teeshirt ....26.90
Betrayal .19.90 Blitzkrieg May
'40 ....16.90 Blue Max ......19.90
Bomber Mission Disc.....11.90 Boxing Manager ......16.90
Breach 2 16.90 Bridge Player
2150 ..19.90 Buck Rogers ..19.90
Budokan 16.90 Carve
Up ......16.90 Chaos Strikes
Back ..16.90 Chase HQ 2 .16.90 Chess
Champ. 2175 19.90 Chess Master 2100 (1
Meg) .19.90 Chips
Challenge ......16.90 Classic
4 ..6.90
Conqueror ...16.90 Count
Duckula 8.90 Days of
Thunder ......16.90
Deuteros ......16.90 Dick
Tracy .....16.90
D. Master Editor ..8.99
Elite 16.90
Elvira .....19.90 Emlyn Hughes
Socc 16.90 F19 Stealth Fighter ...19.90 Fantasy
Dizzy .6.90 Final Whistle (data) .11.90
Fire and Forget II .....16.90 Fists of Fury
(comp.)......16.90 Flood ....16.90
Gazzas Soccer .16.90 Ghengis
Khan ...29.90 Golden Axe .16.90
Gravity ...16.90 Hard Drivin'
2 ...16.90 Harpoon (1 Meg) ....19.90 Horror
Zombies ......16.90 Hunt for Red October ...16.90
Immortal (1meg) .....16.90 Indianapolis
500 .....16.90 Jack Nicklaus Golf ...16.90 James
Pond (1 Meg)......16.90
J. Nicklaus Course 3 ..9.90 Jockey Wilson
Darts ..8.90 Judge Dredd ...13.90 Kick Off
2 .....13.90 Kick Off 2(1 Meg) 16.90
Lemmings .....16.90
Loom .....19.90 Lost
Patrol ....16.90 AMIGA SECOND DRIVE with The
Beast RVF Honda Kick Off Battle Squadron ONLY £89.00 MIG 29
Fulcrum ... ...26.90 Mighty Bombjack . ...16.90
M. Night Resistance..... ...16.90
M. U.D.S ..... ...16.90 Monkey
Island ...... ...16.90 Monty Python
...16.90 Moon walker .. .....7.90
Narc ... ...16.90 New York
Warriors...... ...13.90 Nightshift ..
...16.90 Ninja Turtles .. ...17.90 Orbitos (inc.
T-Shirt)... ...26.90 Outrun ...... .....7.90
Over the Net . ...16.90 Panza Kick
Box ..... ...16.90 Pirates .
...16.90 Ports of Call ... ...16.90
Powermonger ...... ...19.90 Prince of Persia .....
...16.90 Pro Tennis Tour 2 .. ...16.90 Rainbow
Island .... ...16.90 Red Storm Rising .. ...16.90
Rick Dangerous II .. ...16.90 Robocop 2 ...
...16.90 Saint Dragon . ...16.90 Shadow
Warriors . ...16.90 Simulcra ....
...16.90 siy spy ...... ...16.90 Speedball
2 .. ...16.90 Strider 2 ....
...16.90 Stun Runner ... ...16.90 Super Monaco
GP...... ...16.90 Super Off Rd Racing ... ...16.90
Supremacy ...19.90
S. W.I.V ...16.90 Team
Suzuki .. ...16.90 Their Finest Hour ..
...19.90 Thunderblade ...... .....7.90 Total
Recall ...16.90 Tournament Golf ..
...16.90 Tower FRA . ...16.90 Toyota
Celica ...16.90 Turbo Esprit ..
...16.90 Turrican 2 .....16.90
Tusker ......8.90 Ultimate
Golf 16.90
U. M.S. 2 19.90
Unreal ....19.90
Vaxine ...16.90
Warhead ......16.90 Wings (1
Meg) .19.90 Wings of Fury ...16.90
Wolf Pack (1 Meg) 19.90 World Class Leaderboard.7.90
Z-Out ....13.90 COMING SOON The
following games will be sent within 24 hours of release.
Chuck Yeagers ..16.90 Wonderland .19.90 Creatures ......16.90 Eco Phantoms ..16.90 Wrath of the Demon 19.90 Back to the Future 3 16.90 Killing Cloud 16.90 Nam ......26.90 Navy Seals ....16.90 PGA Golf ......16.90 BUDGET & SPECIAL OFFERS Archipelagos .4.99 Backlash ..4.99 MAIL ORDER PRICES ONLY SHOP PRICES VARY Eye of Horus ..4.99 Future Bike ......6.99 Fright
Night ....3.99 Formula 1 Gr. Prix ......4.99 Goldrunner ....3.99 Grimblood .....4.99 Joe Blade 2 ....4.99 Karting Grand Prix 4.99 Pro Tennis 4.99 Starray .....4.99 Time Bandit ....3.99 Tr. Island Dizzy ...4.99
UPGRADES DOWN IN PRICE Without Clock..39.95 With Clock 49.95 With D.Master..59.95 Clock D.Master69.95 With Kick Off 249.95 Clock K. Off 2..59.95 PLEASE ADD £1.00 P&P TO ALL ORDERS BUSINESS SOFTWARE Protext V4.2 ... 64 95 Prodata 57 95 Publishers Choice . 79 95 Amas Midi Int & S . 74 95 Digicalc ...... 26 95 Cashbook Controller.... 35 99 DevPac 2 .... 42 95 X-Cad Designer ..... 99 99 Pagesetter 2 ... 79 95 AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS INC. 10 BLANK DISCS £379.00 AMIGA A500 FITTED 1 MEG UPGRADE
SCREEN GEMS £399.00 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125+ 7.95 Pro 5000 13.95 Pro Star ..16.95 Turbo 3 ...9.99 Navigator .....13.95 Cruiser .....9.50 Cruiser Auto .12.50 Jetfighter ......14.95 Cheetah Mach 1 ......10.50 Data 1 ......7.95 Mr Crystal .....15.99 Comp. Pro Extra ......15.95 Ergostik .17.99 Superboard .19.99
Stingray .15.99 ACCESSORIES Second Drive ...69.00 Contriver Mouse .....27.95 Naksha Mouse ..39.95 Power Supplies ......47.95 Mouse J.Stick Split ...7.99
B. BIock Virus Killer ..19.95 Midi Interface
2 ......34.95 Mini Amp. & Speakers...44.95 Screen
Filters 15.99 Printer
Lead ....5.99 Joystick Ext.
Leads ....5.99 4 Player Adaptor 5.99 Scart
Lead ....12.99 Star LC10
Printer ....179.00 Dust Cover .....4.99
Disc Box (80-100) .....8.99 Stax Disc Box
(100) .12.50
3. 5" Drive Cleaner .....4.95 Ribbon
Re-ink ..11.99 Ribbons From 3.25
Mouse House 3.99 Mouse
Mats ...4.99 A590 Hard Drive ...285.00
Commodore 1084S Stereo Monitor .....250.00 Address
Labels 1000 5.99 T&T Monitor Stand ..18.99 Printer
Stand 10.99 Philips CM8833 Colour Stereo
Monitor (Mark 2) ...255.00
5. 25 Ext. Drive 129.00 ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO
0695 50673 2 MEGABYTE FLOPPY If you're serious about your
Amiga, the first thing you’ll probably do is install a few
extra megabytes of RAM. Then perhaps a faster processor might
be next on your list of priorities, or a good, big hard drive.
But what about the old floppy disk drives?
The AEHD is a good* looking piece of kit, finished off in Amiga cream, professionally* styled and of quality construction. If the case design seems to owe something to a Mac external drive, it's probably because Applied Engineering are also very active in the Macintosh market.
The upgrade path lies in higher capacity drives - after all, the Mac and PC have got 'em, so why shouldn’t the Amiga? Well, Stateside company Applied Engineering has come up with an external floppy drive that can store a massive 1.52 Mbytes of data onto a single 3.5 inch floppy disk. Not only that, but it is also completely compatible with standard Amiga 880K disks.
Held back by your Amiga's disk drives? JASON HOLBORN has found a device that almost doubles the amount of data you can store on a single disk.
Disk Drive High Density Drive ¦ £ 1 40 ¦ Applied Engineering 0 1 0 1 214 241 6060 The AEHD is a good-looking piece of kit, finished off in Amiga cream, both professionally-styled and of quality construction. In fact, if I wasn't mistaken, I’d swear that they’ve stolen the case design from a Mac external drive. Then again, this wouldn't be at all surprising when you consider that Applied Engineering also dabble in the Mac market.
* There's no doubting what diference a high- density drive can
make to the Amiga, but how many people actually need such a
If you're into data- intensive applications such as DTP, particularly with PostScript, or 24-bit graphics, it's ideal * Getting the treatment If you just plug in the AEHD drive and switch on, the Amiga will treat it like any other external 880K drive, ignoring the fact that it can handle high-density floppies. Indeed, if you insert a high-density floppy now, the Amiga will get stroppy and display the usual ‘DF1:BAD’ icon.
The reason for this is that the current release of the Amiga OS doesn’t support floppies other than the 880k variety. To rectify this, Applied Engineering have written their own driver software that patches the OS (or the Amiga ‘trackdisk.device’, to be more precise) so that it can take advantage of the higher capacity that the AEHD offers.
Once patched, AmigaDOS treats the AEHD as two separate disk drives
- one 880K floppy (DF1-3) and one
1. 52 Mbyte floppy (DF5-7). The patching process can be carried
out automatically during boot-up by adding a few extra lines
to your StartUp-Sequence. Unfortunately the patch doesn’t
survive reset, which basically means that trackdisk has to be
patched everytime you reboot your Amiga. This isn’t too much
of a problem if you have a hard drive.
Like all high density drives, you can't format any old floppy as a high density disk. Instead, you must invest in special high-density floppies (these have an extra hole on the right-hand side of the disk and the let- ¦ ters ‘HD’ enscribed on B them). It is possible to mod- ¦ ify standard DSDD floppies H to work with the AEHD, but I H advise against such a prac- ¦ tice - especially if you value H your data!
H Eject! Eject!
B One very nice feature of the ¦ Macintosh is its ‘AutoEject’ I facility which allows you to B eject a disk from its drive B through software. Obviously ¦ the Amiga doesn’t support I this as standard, but an ¦ extra utility is included which ¦ allows you to do just this B with the AEHD. Once ¦ installed, all you do is hold B down the left Amiga key and Shift and then strike the function key which represents the volume number of the disk (F6 for DF6 etc).
Those of you who feel more at home pressing a button on the front of the drive, Applied Engineering have also included one of these, so you’re not stuck if you forget which key combination to press to eject the disk.
Pose value aside, AutoEject has its uses. Firstly, because the disk is not manually ejected, the drive will not eject a disk until it is safe to do so. Even if you press the eject button on the drive, the AEHD will not respond to your request until all disk operations have ceased. This basically means that if the computer suddenly decides to chuck a 1.52 Mbyte file out to disk, then you can be left waiting for quite a while before the disk is finally ejected.
Conclusion There’s no doubting what a difference an external drive can make to the Amiga, but how many people actually need a high density drive? Fact is, high density floppy drives aren’t really of much use unless you’re into such data intensive applications as DTP (particularly work with PostScript) or 24-bit graphics, in which case it's ideal. If your needs are fairly basic, then you’ll probably get along perfectly well with a standard (and much cheaper) 880K floppy drive.
VERDICT PURPOSE High density floppy drive which can store
1. 52 Mbytes on a single disk.
• • • • Reads and writes data slightly slower than a standard
Amiga drive, but it’s hardly noticeable.
DOCUMENTATION: The manual is pretty basic, but it covers just about everything you need to know.
ACCESSIBILITY: _____ Copy a coupie of files, add a few lines to your startup-sequence and you’re away!
VALUE: • • • • • £140 sounds expensive for an Amiga drive, but it’s cheap when you consider what it has to offer.
• • • • • The AEHD is certainly better equiped than the average
disk drive.
W©R LDWI DE SO E WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES FREE Catalogue Disk (Plus latest demos when available) with every order over £10.00 All orders despatched by 1st class post • Quality products at keenest prices 7 day 24 hour ordering Credit card accounts debited only on despatch of goods
• Complete customer satisfaction is our aim Order by Telephone:
Credit card order telephone lines 0602 252113 0602 225368 by
Fax: Fax your order with credit card details 0602 430477 by
Mail: Send payment with order Please give your name, address,
telephone no., software title, price advertised and computer
Worldwide Pack 2 Worldwide Pack 1 Worldwide Pack 3 Amiga Second Drive + Any three software titles with our advertised price of £17.95 or less ONLY £109.99 Amiga Second Drive + Any two software titles with our advertised price of £1 7.95 or less ONLY £99.99 Amiga 1 2 meg upgrade + Any two software titles with our advertised price of £22.95 or less ONLY £89.99 Kid Bi .17.95 Fun School Fun School Fun School Fun School Fun School Fun School Gauntlet 3 Wings Wings *9 512K) 22.95 Winning Tactics (Kick Off 2) 6.99 Wolfpack (1 Meg) .22.95
Wonderland ..22.95 Blade Warrior 17.95 Blitzkreig Battle at Ardennes 22.95 Blitzkreig May 1940 ..17.95 Blue Max 26.95 Bomber Bob ...17.95 Brat ...17.95 Breach 2 (1 Meg) ..17.95 Bridge Player 2 T50 ...22.95 Buck Rogers ...26.95 Budokan .17.95 Cadaver .17.95 Captive ..17.95
Carthage 17.95 Car-Vup ..17.95 Centurion Defender of Rome 17.95 Challengers Compilation ...22.95 Champions of Krynn (1 Meg)....22.95 Champions of the Raj .17.95 Chaos Strikes Back (I Meg)......17.95 Chase HQ 2 ..17.95 Chessmaster 2100 22.95 Chessmaster 2175 22.95 Chips Challenge ...17.95 Chronicles of Omega .14.95 Cohort ...17.95 Combat ..17.95 Corporation Mission
Disk ..12.99 Corporation ...17.95 Cruise For A Corpse ..22.95 Curse of the Azure Bonds (1 Meg).22.95 Cybercon 3 ...17.95 Das Boot 26.95 De Luxe Scrabble ..14.95 Defender 2 ....14.95 Demoniak ......17.95 Deuteros .17.95 Distant Armies 17.95 Donalds Alphabet Chase (2-5 yrs) 17.95 Dragon Breed 17.95 Dragon Flight .22.95 Dragon Force (1
Meg) ......22.95 Dragon Wars .22.95 Dragons Breath .....22.95 Dragons Lair 2 ......36.95 Duck Tales .....17.95 Dungeon Master Editor 7.99 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ..17.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE 4 Player Adaptor .....5.95 4D Sport Boxing ....17.95 4D Sport Driving ...22.95 688 Sub Attack .....17.95 9 Lives ...17.95 AlOTank Killer .....28.95 Accolade in Action 22.95
Action Stations (1 Mea) 22.95 Advanced Tactical Fighter 2......17.95 AMOS ...39.99 Ancient Battles ......17.95 Animation Studio ...79.99 Armour Geddon ....17.95 Atomic Robokid .....17.95
A. D.S .17.95
A. W.E.S.O.M.E ....28.95 Back to Future
3 ....17.95 Badlands
Pete 14.95 Bards Tale
2 ....9.99 Battle
Command ....17.95 Battlescape Twin
Pack 22.95
Battlestorm .....17.95
BAT ....26.95
Betrayal .22.95 jtrayc lly tne
AMIGA SOFTWARE ECO Phantoms ......17.95
Elite ...17.95 Elvira
Mistress of the Dark 22.95
Enterprise ......14.95
Epic ...17.95 Escape from
Colditz ...22.95
ESWAT ...17.95
Exterminator ..17.95 Eye of the
Beholder 22.95 F 15 Strike Eagle
2 .24.95 FI 6 Combat
Pilot ..17.95 FI6
Falcon ....22.95 FI 9 Stealth
Fighter 22.95 F29
Retaliator 17.95 Ferrari Formula 1
....7.99 Feudal
Lords ..17.95 Final
Battle ....17.95 Final
Command .....17.95 Final
Conflict ..22.95 Final Whistle (Kick
Off 2) ....9.99 Fire Brigade (I Mea) .22.95
Fists of Fury Compilation 22.95 Flight of the
Intruder ...24.95 Flight Sim 2 Hawaii Scenery 1
1.99 Flight Sim 2 Scenery 1 1 ....14.95 Flight Sim 2
Scenery 7 ......14.95 Flight Sim 2 Scenery
9 ......14.95 Flight Sim 2 West Europe Scenery 14.95
Flight Sim 2 ...28.95 Fools
Errand ..17.95
Frontline .17.95 Full Blast
Compilation .22.95 Full
Contact ...17.95
17. 95
17. 95 Gazzas 2 ......17.95 Genghis
Khan 32.95
Gods .24.95 Golden
Axe ...17.95 Goofys Railway Express
(2-5 yrs). 17.95 Greg Normans Ultimate Golf ....17.95
Gremlins 2 ....14.95
Gunboat .17.95
Gunship .17.95 Halls of
Montezume ...17.95 Hard Drivin
2 .17.95 Harpoon (1
Meg) ..22.95 Helter
Skelter .14.95 Hero
Quest ....22.95 Hit Machine
Compilation 22.95 Hollywood Collection .22.95
Horror Zombies .....17.95 Hunt for Red
October .17.95
Hunter 17.95 Indianapolis
500 ...17.95 Indy Last Crusade + Zak
Mckracken ....22.95 Insects in
Space ....17.95 International 3D
Tennis ......17.95 International Soccer Challenge..
17.95 Ishido Way of the Stones 17.95
J. Nicklaus Unlimited Golf (1 Meg) .22.95 James Pond Underwater
Agent.. 17.95 Jupiters Masterdrive ...17.95 Kick
Off 2 Expanded (1 Meg)... 17.95 Kick Off 2
......14.95 Killing
Cloud ..17.95 6-8
yrs) 14.95 Over 8 yrs) ..14.95 Under 6 yrs)
14.95 5-7 yrs) 17.95 Over 7 yrs) ..17.95
Under 5 yrs).. AMIGA SOFTWARE Killing Game
Show 17.95 Knights of
Crystallion .22.95 Last Ninja
3 ...17.95 Legend of
Faerghail ...22.95 Leisuresuit Larry
2 ..29.99 Leisuresuit Larry 3 (1 Meg) 29.99
Leisuresuit Larry .....22.95
Lemmings ......17.95 Line of
Fire .....17.95
Links ..17.95
Loom ..22.95 Lost
Patrol ......17.95 Lotus Esprit Turbo
Challenge 17.95 Ml Tanx Platoon ...22.95
Magic Maths .17.95 Magnet Scolls
Collection ...22.95 Manchester
United 17.95 Master
Blazer 17.95 Maths
Mania .17.95 Matrix
Marauders .14.95 Mean
Streets ..17.95 Megatraveller Zhodian
Conspiracy.24.95 Meglomania ..17.95
Merchant Colony ...17.95 Mickeys Runaway Zoo
(2-5 yrs) 17.95 Midnight Resistance ...17.95
Midwinter 2 ...22.95 Mig 29
Fulcrum .....28.95 Mighty
Bombjack ..17.95 Mindgames Strategy Comp
17.95 Moonshine Racers .17.95 Mortville
Manor ....14.95 Multi Player Soccer
Manager.... 17.95 Murders in Space ..17.95
Murder ...17.95 Musician (Music
Package) 22.95 Mystical .17.95
M. U.D.S .17.95
Nam ..28.95 Narco
Police ..17.95
NARC 17.95 Navy
Seals ....17.95
Necronom .....17.95 New York
Warriors 14.95 Night
Breed ...17.95 Night
Shift .....17.95 Ninja
Remix ..17.95
Nitro ..17.95 No
Exit ..17.95
Obitus 26.95 Omnicron
Conspiracy 17.95 Operation
Stealth ..17.95 Oriental
Games ....17.95
Overrun .22.95 Pang
.....17.95 Panza Kick
Boxing 17.95 Paradroid
90 .17.95 PGA Tour
Golf ......17.95 Platinum
Compilation .17.95
Plotting ...17.95 Police Quest
2 (1 Meg) .....29.99 Pools of
Radiance ..22.95 Populous New
Worlds .7.99
Populous 17.95 Power Pack
Compilation ...17.95
Powermonger 22.95 Predator
2 .....17.95 Prince of
Persia .....17.95 Pro Sport
Challenge ...22.95 Pro Tennis Tour
2 ...17.95 Pro
Flight 29.99
Puzznic ..17.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE
Railroad Tycoon ....24.95 Rainbow
Islands ....17.95
Realms ...22.95
Revelation .....17.95 Rick Dangerous
2 ..17.95 Riders of
Rohan .....22.95 Robocop
2 ....17.95
Robozone ......17.95 Roddy and Mastico
(3-7 yrs) 14.95 Second Front .22.95
Secret of Monkey Island ....22.95 Sega Master
Mix ...17.95 Shadow
Dancer ....17.95 Shadow of the Beast
2 ......28.95 Shadow of the Beast ..17.95
Shadow Warriors ..17.95 Shock
Wave ..17.95
Simulcra .17.95 Sly Spy Secret
Agent .17.95 Soccer Mania Compilation 17.95 Space
Shuttle Simulator .....32.95 Speedball
2 ...17.95 Spindizzy
Worlds ..17.95 Spirit of txcalibur (1
Meg) .22.95 Sporting Winners ..14.95
Spy Who Loved Me ...17.95 St
Dragon ......17.95 Star
Control ...17.95
Starflight 17.95 Storm Across
Europe ..22.95
Stormovik ......22.95 Strider
2 .17.95 Stun
Runner ...14.95 Super Monaco Grand
Prix .17.95 Super Off Road Racing .....17.95 Super
Skweek 17.95 Supercars
2 ...17.95
Supremacy ....22.95 Switchblade
2 17.95
SWIV .17.95 Team
Suzuki ..17.95 Team
Yankee ..22.95 Teenage Mutant Hero
Turtles 19.99 The Final Conflict ...17.95 The
Immortal ..17.95 The Last
Starship ....17.95 The
Power .....17.95 Their Finest Hour
Battle Britain...22.95
Toki ....17.95 Torvak the
Warrior 17.95 Total
Recall ....17.95 Tournament
Golf ....17.95 Tower FRA (1
Meg) 17.95 Toyota Celica GT
Rally ......17.95 Turrican
2 ......17.95 TV Sports
Baseball .22.95 Typhoon of Steel (1
Meg) ..14.95 Ultima
5 .22.95
U. M.S. 2 22.95
Vaxine ...17.95
Viz ....17.95 Voodoo
Nightmare 17.95 Wargame Construction Set (1
Meg)22.95 Warlock the Avenger .17.95 Wheels of
Fire ......22.95 White
Death ..22.95 Win a
Billion .17.95 1
Meg) .....22.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE World
Championship Soccer.... 17.95 Worlds of
War ......17.95 Wrath of the
Demon ..22.95
Xiphos 17.95
Zarathrusta ....17.95
Advanced Fruit Machine Sim 6.99
Afterburner ......7.99 Arkanoid Rey of
DOH ..7.99 Barbarian
2 .....7.99 Batman Caped
Crusader .....7.99
Colorado ..7.99 Continental
Circus ...7.99 Defender of the
Crown .9.99 Double
Dragon 7.99 Fantasy World
Dizzy ...6.99 Fast Food
Dizzy ......6.99 Formula One Grand
Prix .....4.99 Fruit
Machine ...6.99 Gary Linekers Hot
Shots ......7.99 Gauntlet
2 7.99 GFL
Football ....6.99
GFLGolf ..6.99 Hitchikers
Guide ......9.99
Hostages ..7.99 Last Nfinja
2 .....7.99 Leather
Goddess .....9.99
Outrun .7.99 Postman
Pat .....7.99 R
Type ..7.99 Road
Blasters ...7.99 Rock Star Ate My
Hamster 4.99 Rocket Ranger ..9.99
Silkworm ..7.99
Speedball .9.99 Strike Force
Harrier .9.99 Super Hang
On ......7.99 Super Ski
Challenge 4.99
Thunderblade ...7.99 Treasure Island
Dizzy ...4.99
Vigilante ...7.99
Wizzball ..7.99 World Class
Leaderboard Golf....7.99 Yogis Great
Escape .6.99
Zork .....9.99 CITIZEN
PRINTERS Citizen 120D Plus ...139.99 Citizen
Swift 9 ....230.00 Citizen Swift
24 ..320.00 (includes free connecting cable)
Box 7.95 80 Disk Storage
Box 8.95 100 Disk Storage
Box ..9.95 JOYSTICKS Cruiser (Black, blue or
multicol) ...8.99 Quickshot 3 Turbo ...9.95
Zip Stick Autofire ...14.95 Competition
Pro ....12.95 Competition Pro
Clear 13.95 Competition Pro
Extra 14.95 Competition Pro Glo Green) ....17.49
Competition Pro Glo Pink) .17.49 Cheetah 125
Plus ....7.49 Quickjoy
Jetfighter .1 2.99 Racerriaker (new model
Zoomer)32.95 Speedking Autofire 10.99 Europe
(other than UK) shipping costs are: £1.50 per disc for normal
airmail £2.50 per disc for express airmail Please make cheques
or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE All prices
include postage and packing in the UK.
Not all titles released at time of going to press. Titles and prices subject to change FAX NO: 0602 430477 Outside Europe shipping costs are: £2.00 per disc for normal airmail £3.00 per disc for express airmail DESK TOP PUBLISHING SAXON PUBLISHER Version 1.10 Free Store 08941589 Pai INS tJ TAU-J-jU-jd-4-Lt-Lt-l.i..iuJ...u ,1 ,i ,11 111» ...»1.11.11 1. 111 ¦ 1 ¦ 1 ¦ |,I 1,, ,1, 0 u A T pj Bjxjy 2 - Pa e Size (inches) Width Heiffht I n a 8 . 50 11 . 00 3 - ? A3 ? M Define Backgi'ound Texture OK 5 - 6 - a 7 - g) at; ?
8 - 9 - 10- Anew progam enters the competition for desktop publishing package of the century. It features all the usual stuff you would expect, like full PostScript output, but also a lot of things which are not found on any other Amiga DTP package, like the ability to rotate and skew bitmap pictures and text to a variety of interesting angles. How can it compare in this highly competitive area?
The program works in a slightly different way to the other programs we’re used to, and in use it is more like a program called Ventura on the IBM PC compatibles (which also has a popular cut-down version known as Timeworks). This approach contrasts with the more graphic, mouse-driven methods we’re familar with in Professional Page 2 and Pagestream
2. 1. Surprisingly enough, though, it isn’t much harder to use
for that. In fact in a lot of ways I'd say it was a lot more
efficient and logical.
Saxon in action.
The program is unique among Amiga DTP packages currently, in that it uses a system of requesters to set up text styles and the like in advance, rather than manipulating them on the page with a mouse.
? Let ter Q Lesral ? Business Cai'd I «* lugoi* * ¦mnwiHtn.
Tfoifg*«T. Mtt- fcy u- KwufufoarftB ? ? ?
1. 1 ±. *»** You've seen our opinion of DTP heavyweights
Professional Page 2 and Pagestream 2 in Issue 20: now PHIL
SOUTH looks at a new competitor... Saxon Publisher Desk Top
Publishing ¦ £1 99 ¦ Saxon Industries Surface UK 081 566 6677
SAX6N gq fit. T 5 HER s ior. A nt *~iran«rai „i__L AITI
- Stylej E3S3 a UK z o is also aWe [ispeueM , these hoc botes
will be tendered, as i £ thryiA«re tt»o clear' idrudoiAS' and
HU re fieri u No prevaricating, now, let's get those box defi
nitions right. The ability to define qualities such as
transparency and opaqueness of a box or panel is a key to this
kind of DTP work.
• • • • Most bits of text and graphics are ‘tagged’ and ‘styles’
are then chosen for them from a big requester, rather than the
usual ‘highlight and choose' methods employed in the other two
programs. Although this generally means more thought has to go
into your design before you actually sit down to program it up,
this approach does have a certain ruggedness to it.
The really useful trick is that once you have a style tagged to a particular bit of text or graphics, you can instantly put it onto another bit of text or graphic, just by clicking on it.
How it Works The program can rotate, skew and scale text and graphics, and it does some very natty tricks on bitmap files to make them look better once it has rescaled them. It can also import 24- bit files for that extra professional quality to your output and it has the ability to do proper drop caps (the big capital letter at the start of a paragraph) which can’t really be done easily on the other packages available. Text can be scaled from so small you can hardly see it, to over 2000 point - one letter would be as big as an A3 page! Not necessary, really, but impressive nonetheless.
Drawbacks The major drawback to Saxon is that it doesn’t support dot matrix or even non-PostScript lasers or inkjets. Not a drawback in itself, as the best quality can be had from PostScript devices, but for a smaller budget production it comes second to Pro Page, which supports all manner of Prefs printers.
The other thing is that there aren’t that many fonts on the disk, and there aren’t any details about when we’ll see some more. But there is support for downloadable fonts, although in what form is not really made that clear in the manual.
Conclusions Saxon is unusal in its approach to DTP, and this may seem a bit daunting to a first-time user. But in spite of its unusal methods, the output is first class. The major problem which rhitptfC Tho transparency gtdgri affects the display of a box's solid color, while the permeability gadget determine* whether objects In overlapping background boxe* will flow around the foreground box’s edges or not.
Is order to gain a better understanding of how to use the paraeshiHrrvaA gidgext, please refer to your program manual. In older to understand how the various effect* ahown below were achieved., • fan ply activate each box and recall it* associated Ekjw Requester while in CknarModbby selecting 'Bax- Altar Active’.
This box Is penooibfc and opaque. Ot.iprts • fins txix uon't le seen, but sfall exisl behind It TfaiStcx is fcoib mpmonitib and opaque BereRiseltts box wlnoq*3m ftWe,tevl In any bnlsjvuind boxes will flow wound n fwrauselhitrysR b " IS opkqoc. Q* bucfc,ti-«nanj © f lie yellow box doesn't stow.
M This box 15 parinrahlr and opaque Objsrts placed behind
v. on’1 te wren.
La-1?.. tton 1.!• prevents this from being the best DTP package ever is the lack of printer support. The only way to get dot matrix output is to save to a file and use one of the many PostScript interpreters like PixelScript.
Obviously this puts Saxon very much in the professional market and out of reach, or uninteresting to, the part-time DTP artist. But that aside, users who have come from PC or Atari computer will feel right at home.
The program works in everything from a 1Mb Amiga upwards, and comes on just one disk as opposed to the usual run of three or four that you can expect from others.
The interesting pre-set approach overheads as well as advantages.
DOCUMENTATION: Tells you what you need, but with a couple of exceptions and no added tutorials.
ACCESSIBILITY:___• • • • Powerful text tagging and style requesters make this very flexible.
VALUE:_• • • Expensive, powerful. Look before buying.
Professional-quality publishing package.
SPEED: VERDICT PostScript desktop FEATURES: PURPOSE has The only program to feature bitmap graphic skewing, but no support for Preferences printers.
3'A'" EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY Express Courier Delivery £5.00 Extra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE from one of the longest established companies in their field, with a reputation for good service and prices. We have invested heavily in a computer system to enable our Telesales staff to provide up-to-the-minute stock information, coupled with highly efficient order processing. Our fully equipped Workshop enables us to carry out almost any repair on our premises. We feel sure that you won't be disappointed if you choose Evesham Micros.'
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal
• Quality Citizen Drive Mechanism
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable AMAZING LOW PRICE!
£54.95 including VAT & delivery Also available: 5'.25" External Drive 40 80 Track Switchable Only £99.00 inc. VAT delivery 512K ONLY £32.95 including VAT and delivery All our Showroom outlets hold large stocks of most items and also supply from a far wider product range than advertised. Please do not hesitate to ring any of our showrooms and discuss your requirements with a member of our highly trained staff.
Unit 9 St Richards Road, Evesham Worcestershire WRIT 6XJ BT0386 765180 fax: 0386 765354 Open Mon-Sat.. 9.00 - 5.30 Send Cheque, Postal Order or jfi-D ACCESS VISA card details to : Unit 9, St Richards Rd. Evesham, Worcs Government, Education & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery £5.00 extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for personal cheque clearance.
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Ft Plugs into the trapdoor expansion, and connects to GARY chip ft Includes Auto-recharging battery-backed Real-Time Clock ft Socketed FASTRAM Ics for accommodating up to 1.5MB RAM AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES
N. B. : The expansion board requires Kickstart 1.3 to operate -
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40MB HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD £399.00 100MB HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD .£ 599.00 PLEASE NOTE: These are unpopulaled RAM sockets - Add £
119. 00 per 2Mb of RAM required.
8MB RAM Expansion Board with 2Mb D-RAM fitted, only .£ 229.00 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO The only full-featured animation paint program to utilise state-of the art techniques that are characteristic of Disney-style animation. Special features let you superimpose your animations on background pictures.
Sample animations, plus sound effect library included in the package, from which you can add to your creation. Supports IFF, Anlm graphics formats and SONIX, SMUS and INSTR sound formats. Great price!
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* Have perfect freeze frame from any video, in up to 16 shades
* Grab real time 3-D images
* Store & replay action sequences
* Realise Desktop Video
* and much, much more VIDI-Amiga is compatible with all video
standards, eg.colour, B W, VHS, Beta, PAL, NTSC etc.
VIDI-CHROME AMIGA Colour frame grabbing upgrade enabling
production of Red, Green and Blue elements when using a
black white camera, by use of filters.
(Colour camera video recorder users - see below).
VIDI-RGB Automatically separates Red, Green and Blue colour signal from video recorder or camera, enabling easy production of colour pictures.
Combining the advantages of advanced COLOUR output with the superior quality of Olivetti Professional 24-pin printing, the new DM124C represents excellent value for money I Consistent high quality is assured every time, with no ink excesses or pale lines at any speed. Peace Of Mind for trouble-free use Is Guaranteed, with Olivetti's 12 Months On-Site Warranty cover I ? Fast 200 cps output in draft, 50 cps In Letter Quality mode ? 7 Colour output; Graphics resolution up to 360 x 180dpJ ? Parallel Interface, Tractor & Single Sheet Feed as standard ? Complete wHh cable & 12 MONTHS ON-SITE
WARRANTY Olivetti DM124C Normal RRP: £ 389.95 inc.VAT ONLY £9.95 REPLACEMENT A500 PSU Genuine Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply Unit Good quality ‘switch mode’ type. Super low price!
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£19.95 diagnostic purposes, compact design.
Superb SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Prices Include VAT, delivery and cable PRINTERS GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE excellent travel & accuracy ... £ 37.95 STEREO SOUND SAMPLER S-S-S-SAMPLE THIS !
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ONLY £29.95 £159.00 KRAFT TRACKBALL Very high quality trackball, directly compatible to any Amiga. ST or CBM'64, plus many others.
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KlckATARI 1.3 Upgrade ...£ 29.95 Amiga 500 Dust Cover ..£ 4.95 COCO HO Including VAT, LaO .UU delivery & cable Philips CM8833 Mk.ll including cable £ 239.00 MULTIMEDIA You’re in trouble. Someone has told you to produce a show on your beloved Amiga. You’ve got lots of ideas - maybe you have a few graphics and animations to display inside this presentation. But how do you tie up all the loose ends, get everything in the right order and make it idiot-proof?
You use Scala!
You will need a souped-up Amiga to use this program - it needs at least 1 MB of chip RAM to work, so it will not run on a standard A500. Yet more memory and a hard disk are also highly recommended.
What you actually get for your pennies is pretty impressive. There’s the Scala program disk, two disks From across the North Sea comes a new presentation system that blows sets completely new standards in user-friendliness. PAT MCDONALD checks it out.
Scala Desktop Presentation System ¦ £249 Silica ¦ 081 309 1111 with extra fonts and five more disks which contain pictures. The ringbound manual has 108 pages, but half of these are blank and the last 35 mostly contain copies of the fonts and pictures. Which saves you the time of loading them to see what they look like, I suppose.
Just for a change, I read the manual from cover to cover before touching the program, and was thoroughly impressed with the way in which it delivered information. The first part is a very gentle introduction to Scala, which shows what you will learn in each chapter. It’s very easy to follow, but I was a little disappointed that it did not contain any worthwhile technical information at all. Out with the disk then... Get going Once the program has loaded, it first shows a screen containing information about the first page of your presentation. There isn’t one already there, so you have
to click on ‘New’.
The program then prompts you to load a background for the page.
This background is displayed behind any extra text or graphics that you want to put in. You can either load one of the pictures which are included, or your own pictures (Scala will automatically recognise how many colours, and the resolution of the background picture).
From there the program goes to the editing menu. This is the main work area. If you want to put text onto a part of the screen, you move THE SCALA SYSTEM Scala is the most user-friendly program that I have ever seen on the Amiga. The way it makes you work is structured and very simple - all the functions are uncluttered and easy.
For instance, when selecting fonts (assuming you’ve set up Scala on your hard drive sensibly) all you have to do is scroll down the list. If you want text at a particular location, just point and click - nothing holds you up.
On the other hand, setting Scala up is a bit tricky - it expects everything to be to hand. Most people have all their fonts in one place, their pictures somewhere else, and so on. Once it’s up and running though, it’s so good to use - here’s a list of some of the different parts of the program, and what they do.
A CONTENTS MENU: This gives a list of just what is on the demonstration, page by page. Each page is named automatically, but you can change the name if you wish.
SlBHi m .m ......m r'Hn ora......i.....§pt if 1 1 Bi III
- -j _____-------------------------- ‘I ! ' ¦ M MM £¦ D'DYsf
9!:! D j Choose a background page: ¦
.: ... irfo- ' -ill Scripts
tBdckQfOunds MULTIMEDIA the mouse there and click. A text cur
sor appears, and you can type away: Scala can be set to
automatically wrap any words that are too long for the current
If you’re not happy with the current font (or perhaps the size) then clicking on ‘Font’ will bring up a list of the available font types. There’s a little display to one side, which indicates all the different sizes for the font. All you have to do is select the font and size, the program loads it up and off you go. None of that file requester nonsense.
Brushwork If you have a brush that has been saved from Deluxe Paint III, then it’s a snap to include it on the page. The only snag to it is that Scala calls them ‘symbols’ for some reason - this could possibly because that’s what brushes are called in Norway, where Scala comes from?
Animations are handled differently. You cannot put a background picture behind them, but you can put text and brushes around them. The text can be set to display either before the animation starts, or after it has finished - but while the animation is playing, nothing else can happen.
Here are two of the included backgrounds.
Quite honestly there isn’t a bad one on any of the disks - they are also suitable enough for presentation or video work.
EFFECTS MENU: Scala doesn’t actually mention what each effect does
- but choosing and testing different ones is again a point and
click job.
VERDICT Text, though, put behind animations will be wiped out, but it is possible for you to put text in front of animations, after they have finished, with no trouble at all.
If you have a particular layout that you use a lot, you can save it as a template. So afterwards, text will be put into the same font and size at the same places. This saves a lot of effort when producing many pages with minor differences.
When you finally have the finished show, right from the beginning to the end, you can put a copy onto a floppy disk which will autorun. The problem is that such disks will only work on Amigas with at least 1MB of chip RAM. Once again though, it’s a nice feature to have.
Special FX Every time that you put text up or flip to the next screen in the presentation, you can put the graphics up using different effects. So you can roll up between pages, make them tile into place, and generally achieve very impressive results. Much better than just simply having graphics appearing instantly.
One of the best features of the program is that you can cut out areas THE COMPETITION I don’t know of any program that can do everything that Scala can. But there are programs which can do certain things much better than Scala does, and that’s a fact.
HyperBook (reviewed in Issue 21) is very good at creating presentations. Using that system, you can lay out whole books which can be jumped around in a manic fashion - you can search for a particular word, and HyperBook will jump to that word if it exists within the presentation. It too can create stand alone disks.
However Scala can import graphics in any form, except HAM, without losing colour. It can also play animations without any problems at all, and it’s a lot easier to use than HyperBook if you are unused to computers.
Broadcast Titler 2 (reviewed in Issue 20) is a dedicated video titler that really pushes. It can display up to 320 colours on a page, and the fades and wipes are really dynamic - plus it supports anti-aliasing, which means that the graphics titles it produces look amazingly good. But it can’t do interactive presentations - just rolling sets of graphics.
Scala is a good all-round program for putting together graphics and text onto a monitor. But if you used the above programs, your interactive programs would be more sophisticated and your video titles would look much sharper.
The only program which really compares with Scala in every respect is Deluxe Video III (reviewed in Issue 9). As you might expect, Scala is dwarfed by the capabilities of Dvideo III.
On the other hand, you can produce results much more quickly with Scala, and you don’t need to wade through the manual to find the right effect.
Of text and turn them into action buttons. When you click on that button, it will jump to a different page in the sequence, rather than the next one.
So you could put up two buttons, one which offered to show you one subject, and another which would jump to a different page. This is the presentation angle of the program: you can design them to be totally idiot-proof.
Scala supports scripting. If you wanted to, you could literally write your presentation on a word processor (including all the file names and so on), load it into Scala, and then tell it to make the whole presentation up.
This is a very powerful feature, especially if you ever wanted to literally make a presentation from scratch from existing material. Together with the layouts, it makes creating similar presentations very quick.
There is one downside to Scala: you can't use sound. Not even a little bit. Your presentations will be totally silent, and there’s very little you can do about this. Hum a tune perhaps... VOLTMACE AUTHORISED DEALER FOR * AMIGA * STAR AMIGA (UK MODELS ONLY) Amiga 1500: B2000 + 1084SD + Twin Floppies + The Works! Plat Dpaint 3 Battle Chess Sim City Populus Their Finest Hour .£928.00 as above without monitor £679.00 WHY NOT ENHANCE YOUR A1500 WITH ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING: Supra 48 80 Mb Autoboot Drive
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FOR DOMARK'S MIG - 29 FULCRUM The list of programs that will
run analogue joysticks, grows at an increasing pace: Flight
Sim II, F19 and now DOMARK MIG-29 FULCRUM and even PD software
AIRWARS. Coming soon FI5 II from MICROPROSE. Several other
major software companies have Analogue joysticks in their
arsenals ready for future inclusion in software. Now that
Analogue joystick owners are numbered in their thousands
no-one can afford to leave out routines in relevant software.
Delta 3A Joystick (Analogue) £14.95 Deltabase a Yoke joystick (Analogue) ..£29.95 Zoomer Analogue Yoke joystick ...£57.95 Delta 3S switch joystick (hand held) ..£14.95 Ami-Cat mouse eliminator joystick ....£29.95 F19 Stealth Fighter ...£29.95 MIG 29
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Printer Ribbons re-inked £1.50 each. Airwars PD disc £1.50 Delta 3A joysticks are available through your local dealer or can be purchased direct from us. All prices are fully inclusive VOLTMACE, UNIT 9, BONDOR BUSINESS CENTRE, LONDON ROAD, BALDOCK, HERTS SG7 6HM.
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Cheques Postal Orders to: i - . ,- * = Available on Releas „
. ....rneACT ncoT ci Titles Available on HAMMERSOFT, (DEPT F)
Request! Prices include VAT & 1 ST Cl SrSkkm iannwiru
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your printer can be so infuriating. You need to get a special
lead to connect it to the computer, often there’s no plug...
Even when it’s all wired up, your problems are just
The real trouble is that there are hundreds of different models, dozens of manufacturers, and over a score of standards for printers. Printer technology is very similar to the computer way of doing things: companies all work on their own machines, ignoring other manufacturers, and they are forever updating their printers to be more complex but cheaper.
How can you find the answers to problems? Amiga Printers Inside and Out is the solution. This book will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about printers, and a whole lot more besides.
Sending the correct code. Ever wondered just how printers manage to switch fonts, switch on graphics modes, or anything else? This is the key. The pages explain very clearly how printers interpret different codes, and why sometimes it is better to use a DIP switch to set a particular action.
(There is often no need to keep sending the same set of codes - there could well be a little switch to set it permanently.)
Enter, the Amiga Once you're sure that your printer won’t do what you want with a switch, there’s a very large chapter which deals with different control codes to achieve different effects. Both fairly standard commands and some of the specialist pro tocols (such as Epson and IBM Proprinter) are dealt with too.
This is an excellent reference section.
What you get The book contains 254 pages of excellently presented information.
There are lots of line drawings, plenty of gags and many explanations and definitions. It starts simple and then it gradually builds up... Printers seem to cause people more problems Amiga.
PAT McDONALD looks at a new book which can help-to explain the subject.
Amiga Primers Inside and Out Printer reference book ¦ £29.95 ¦ DTBS 0706 524304 First off it gives a run-down on dot matrix printers (the most common variety by far these days). From the print head with all the pins, down to the different bits that take the computer information to it, the words take their time in making a simple but comprehensive explanation.
After that, a run-down on how computers talk to printers is put across. Serial or parallel interfaces and the differences are gone over in some detail, so you know where to connect the printer to your computer.
There is a similar discourse on setting DIP switches correctly, and the different systems used for feeding paper through the printer.
The book has explained the basic concepts of printers, but at this point it starts giving away some not so well known information. It goes into printer codes in some depth: why some printers have many knobs and buttons to change the way they work, and others look fairly plain but have all the main features changed by The next section goes right through graphics systems, both on the computer and inside printers. It explains eight- and 24-bit computer graphics (not the 24 bitplanes for millions of colours concept - I mean 24 X 24 grids). Then it informs you just how printers cope with these,
ie nine-pin and 24-pin printers.
This is an excellent section, because graphics are probably the biggest stumbling block on printers.
Many people can get their machines to print text from word processors, but don’t have any idea why the graphics printing doesn’t work properly, if at all.
Following that there’s a really good troubleshooting section which covers many quirks with certain kinds of printers. After that comes a quick description of other types of printer (nothing on laser printers though) and finally the technical reference section for the real tech heads.
Whether you’re totally ignorant on the subject and want to learn the basics, or you’re willing to put in the effort and learn to create printer drivers to taste, this book has the lot.
Personally, though, I think there’s an awful lot of people who can’t or won't be bothered to learn more - which is a great shame, because this book deserves to succeed.
THE REASONS WHY Commodore use the (in)famous printer device concept - each printer has its own special driver which is set from Preferences. This converts a set of standard Amiga controls into the individual set of codes used by the hordes of ‘compatible but slightly different’ printers.
These are very important when setting up your printer to take care of the special effects side: some do extra tall or short characters and so on. How do you set up the whole lot to the best effect if you can’t find a suitable printer driver?
Bound into the back pages is a disk (so it can’t get lost before you get the book). On this disk is a suite of utilities just for modifying existing drivers. A great use of an old concept.
Amiga Printers explains exactly how to use them and what they can and can’t do. The programs are BeckerText, TextPro, PrtDrvGen and PrintTool. Most of these are Abacus’ own programs specially writen for this book - though PrtDrvGen has been in the Public Domain for years now.
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Programmers are required immediately to join an expanding development team.
• PROGRAMMER • If you have written games on the Amiga and want to
move into the world of multimedia, we want to hear from you.
• PROGRAMMER • Thorough knowledge of C and familiarity with
Macintosh, Amiga or ST.
• GRAPHIC ARTIST • Experience with Amiga or equivalent.
Write in confidence, together with samples of your work to: The Secretary, Digita International Ltd, Black Horse House, Exmouth EX8 1JL DIGITA INTERNATIONAL A MEMBER OF THE DIGITA GROUP • NORTH & SOUTH ONLY £9.99 FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS 1 Meg Cricket .£18.99 14D Boxing ......£16.99 Action Stations (1 Meg) ...£22.99 Adidas Golden Shoe £16.99 Advanced Destroyer Sim £17.99 Alcatraz ...£16.99
Alpha Waves ..£16.99 Armour Geddon ...£17.99 Back to Future 3 ...£16.99 Bandit King of Ancient China .£22.99 Barbarian II (Psynosis) ....£15.99 Bards Tale 3 ...£17.99 Billy the Kid ....£16.99 Blade Warrior .£16.99 Centurion £17.99 Champion of the
Raj £16.99 Chuck Yeagers A.RT. V2 £16.99 Cruise for a Corpse ..£17.99 Das Boot .£20.99 Death Knights of Krynn ...£20.99 Delta Armalyte .....£13.99 Deuteros (The Next Millenium) ..£16.99 Dynamic Debugger ..£16.99 European Superleague ...£13.99 Eye of the Beholder .£20.99 Fliqht of the
Intruder .£19.99 Gauntlet 3 ......£17.99 Gold of the Aztecs £16.99 Kniqhts of Legend £19.99 Last Ninja 3 ....£16.99 Metal Masters £16'™ Midwinter 2 .....£19’"!
Myth .£16.99 NAM .£24.99 Navy Seals ..... no |Panzar Kick Boxing .. nn [Plotting ....£16-99 Predator 2 ......ole'nn Secret of Monkey Island .£16.99 Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffa ......£20.99 Shadow Dancers ..£17.99 Ski or
Die £17-99 Spirit of Excalibur (1 Meg) ......£20.99 Super Monaco Grand Prix .....£17.99 Viz £16.99 Iwonderland ....£19.99 Please note that the majority of the forthcoming attractions are not released at time of going to press. These will be despatched within 24 hours of release subject to availability.
ACCESSORIES 11 2 Meg Upgrade.... .£29.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade + Clock “3.99 2M Joystick Mouse ext. Lead ....£6.99 40 Lockable Disk Box £5-99 80 Lockable Disk Box .....”£7.99 94 Banx Stackable Box ...£13.99 150 Posso Stackable Box ......£17'S?
Amiga 4 Player Adaptor ....£7.99 Amiga 500 Dust Cover ......£4.99 Box 10 Bulk Disks ..£6.99 Box 10 Sony Branded Disks ....£9.99 Cheetah 125+ ......- . £7.99 Commodore 1084 Monitor ...£259.99 Disk Cleaning Kit ..”£2-99 Golden Image GI600 Mouse ..“4.99 Golden Image Optical Mouse £49.99 Golden Image Scanner .£189.99 Maverick Game
Controller .....£14.99 Mouse House ...£6-99 Mouse Mat 6mm Philips CM8833 Monitor £279.99 Pro 5000 .olS'nn Pro 5000 Clear Extra ......£12.99 Quickjoy Jetfighter ...£10-99 Quickjoy Mega Board ......£19- Quickjoy Topstar .. £19-99 QuiCkshOt Python .onnnn Quickshot Python
Microswitch ...£10.99 Roll 1000 labels 3.5" .....-£9-99 Star LC200 Colour Printer ....£219.99 Star LC24-200 Colour Printer ..£289.99 Star LC24-200 Mono Printer £249.99 Stingray Hand Held Joystick ..£13.99 TOP 50 CHART A10 Tank Killer .....£24.99 MIG 29 Fulcrum ...£22.99
N. A.R.C ..£16.99
Nightshift .£17.99
Orbitus ....£22.99
Pang £17.99
P. G.A. Tour Golf ...£17.99
Player Manager ...£12.99
Powermonger £19.99
Prince of Persia ...£16.99
Pro Tennis Tour 2 .£16.99
Rick Dangerous 2 £16.99
Robocop 2 .....£17.99
Shadow Warrior ...£16.99
2 ....£17.99 Super
Off Rd Racer .£16.99
Supremacy ....£19.99
W.I.V ....£17.99
Team Suzuki ..£16.99
Their Finest Hour .£19.99
Tournament Golf ..£16.99
2 £16.99
V ......£19.99
U. M.S. 2 (1 Meg) .£18.99
Wings (1 Meg) .....£19.99
Z-Out.! .: .£16.99
A. T.F.
2 ....£17.99
B. A.
T £19.99
Battle Command ..£17.99
Max .£19.99
Bomber Bob ...£13.99
Captive ...£16.99
Chaos Strikes Back .£17.99
Chase H.Q. 2 .£17.99
Chips Challenge ..£17.99
Dragons Lair 2 Timewarp ......£27.99 F19
Stealth Fighter ..£18.99 Final
Whistle ....£8.99
2 ..£16.99
Genghis Khan £19.99
G. OD.S ..£17.99
Golden Axe ....£16.99
Hard Drivin
2 ..£16.99 Harpoon (1
Meg) .£19.99 Hero's Quest
(1 Meg) .....£23.99 Indiannapolis 500
£16.99 Kick Off
2 £12-99 Kick
Off 2 (1 Meg) £16.99
Lemmings ......£16.99
Lotus Turbo Challenge ...£16.99 M1
Tank Platoon ..£18.99
MAGNUM 4-ONLY £19.99 Afterburner, Double Dragon, Operation
Wolf, Batman Caped Crusader_
T. N.T. - ONLY £19.99 Hard Drivin', APB, Toobin, Xybots, Dragon
Spirit WORLD CUP COMPILATION - ONLY £14.99 Tracksuit Manager,
Kick Off, International Soccer COMPUTER HITS II - ONLY £7.99
Tetris, Black Shadow, Golden Path, Joe Blade CHALLENGERS -
ONLY £20.99 Pro Tennis Tour, kick Off. Bomber, Super Ski,
Stunt Car Racer | PLATINUM COLLECTION - ONLY £17.99 Ghouls N
Ghosts, Strider, Forgotten Worlds, Black Tiger SUPREME
Rocket Ranger, Speedball, Blood Money Eliminator, Skychase,
Strike Force Harrier, Lancaster. Skyfox II SOCCER MANIA ONLY
£9.99 Football Manager 2. Microprose Soccer, Gazzas Soccer,
Football Manager World Cup Edition WHEELS OF FIRE -ONLY £14.99
Chase HQ, Turbo Outrun, Powerdrift, Hard Drivin' MIND GAMES -
ONLY £17.99 Austerlitz, Waterloo,Conflict in Europe POWERPACK
- ONLY £17.99 Xenon 2, Bloodwych, TV Sports Football, Lombard
Rally__ HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION - ONLY £20.99 Robocop,
Ghostbusters 2, Indiana Jones & Last Crusade, Batman the Movie
SEGA MASTER MIX - ONLY £17.99 Super Wonderboy, Turbo Outrun,
Crackdown, Thunderbalde, Dynamite Dux.
Powerdrome .£7.99 Pro Tennis
Tour .£9.99 Puffys Saga ..£7.99
Quest for the Time Bird...£6.99 Rick
Dangerous £8.99
R. V.F. Honda .£9.99 Safari
Guns ...£3.99 Shoot Em Up Const Kit...£9.99
Silent Service £9.99
Silkworm £7.99 Sim
City ......£14.99 Spy Vs
Spy ...£4.99 Spy Vs Spy
II £4.99 Spy Vs Spy III ...£4.99
Stunt Car Racer £9.99 Tank
Attack ...£7.99 The
Cycles ....£8.99 Theme Park
Mystery......£6.99 Time Machine ...£9.99 Treasure
Island Dizzy £4.99 Turrican ..£9.99
Tusker ....£7.99 TV Sports
Football .£12.99 Twin World ....£7.99
X-Out .....£6.99 Zany
Golf ......£7.99
Zombi .....£9.99 Eagle
Riders .£4.99 Fantasy World Dizzy £6.99
Final Battle ....£7.99 F ball Manager II +
Exp Kit ...£9-99 Football
Simulation ..£7.99 Full Metal Planete ....£9.99
Gauntlet II .....£7.99 Grand Prix
Circuit ....£9.99 Gunship ......£12.99
Highway Patrol 2 .....£6.99 Hound of
Shadow ....£7.99 Infestation ...-.....£9.99
International 3D Tennis...£7.99 Iron
Lord £9.99 Jumping
Jackson .....£7.99 Kid Gloves ....£7.99
Krypton Egg ..£6.99 Laser
Squad .£6.99
Leaderboard .£6.99 Lords of the Rising
Sun.£11.99 Manic Miner ..£7.99 Night
Hunter .£9.99 Ninja
Spirit ....£7.99 Ninja
Warrior .£7.99 North And
South ......£9.99 P-47 Thunderbolt .....£7.99 3D
Pool ..£7.99 4th and
Inches ..£7.99 Airborne Ranger ......£9.99
Ant Heads .....£7.99
Austerlitz £9.99
Baal £4-99 Balance ot
Power ....£8.99
Ballistix ..£4.99 Barbarian 2
(Palace) £7.99 Blood Money .....£7.99 Boulderdash Const
Kit....£4.99 Brian Clough's Football...£6.99 Bubble Ghost
Plus ...£4.99 Captain Blood ...£4.99
Centrefold Squares ..£7.99 Chicago
90s ..£4.99 Cloud Kingdoms ......£4.99
Continental Circus ...£7.99
Corporation .£12.99 Count
Duckula ..£6.99 Daily Double Horse
Racing ...£7.99 Deluxe Strip
Poker ...£7.99 Double Dragon .£7.99 Dragon
Spirit .£4.99 Dragons
Breath £9.99
Drakken .£8.99 688 Attack
Sub .£16.99
Battlechess £16.99
Battlemaster .....£12.99
Balance of Power 1990 .....£19.99
Blitzkrieg 1
Meg £22.99 Bridge
Player 2150 .£19.99
Budokhan ..£17.99
Carrier Command ...£10.99
California Challenge (T.D. II Disk) ..£8.99
Master ...£16.99
Champions of Krynn ...£19.99
H.Q .£17.99
Chess Champion 2175 ......£19.99
Codename Iceman .£26.99
Colossus Chess X ..£12.99
Conqueror .£16.99
Conquest of Camelot ..£26.99
Corporation £12.99
Damocles ..£12.99
Dragons Lair (1 Meg) .£26.99
Wars ....£17.99
Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ..£16.99
Dungeon Master Editor £7.99
Emlyn Hughes Soccer £16.99
Escape From Sinqes Castle .....£27.99
E-Swat £16-99
European Challenge (T.D. II) ......£8.99 F-16
Combat Pilot ..£16.99 F29
Retaliator ...£16.99
Flight Simulator
II ...£24.99
Flood ..£17-99
Heroes of the Lance ...£16.99
Hillsfar £16-99
Immortal (1 Meg) ....£
Imperium ...£17-99
Indy Jones The Adventure £16.99 It
Came From the Desert ...£13.99 Jack
Nicklaus Courses vol 1 ......£9.99 Jack
Nicklaus Int. Courses ..£9.99 Jack
Nicklaus Unlimited Golf (1 Meg) £20.99 Judqe
Dredd .....£13.99
Kings Quest
4 ...£22'no Knights
of Crystallion ..£20.99
Leisuresuit Larry I ...
£19.99 Leisuresuit Larry 3 (1
Meg) ......£26.99 Lost
Patrol .£17-99
Maniac Mansions ... Mean
Streets ....£17-99
Microprose Soccer ...£8.99
Midnight Resistance ...£16.99
Midwinter ...
Python ...£14-99
Murder £17-99
Muscle Cars (T.D. II Disk) ..--£8.99
OopS Up ....
Operation Stealth ... ««
Operation Thunderbolt ......«16-X«
’90 ....£17-99
Pipemania .£14-99
Pirates £
i b.yy Police Quest 2 (1
Meg) ......£24.99 Pools of Radiance (1
Meg) ™
Populous ...£16-99
Populous Promised Lands ..t .yy
Projectyle ...£16-99
Puzznic .....£1°-®®
Island .£17-99 Red
Lightning ...£ 9-99
Red Storm Rising ...£ 6-99
Robocop ....£6-99
Saint Dragon .... Iq
qo 2citcin ...
Scenery Disk 7,‘'9 or"11 ......£j 1
-99 Scenery Disk Japan or Europe .£11.99 |
Shadow of the Beast 2 ......£22.99
Ace .£27-99
Space Quest
2 ..£20-99 Spindizzy
Worlds ....£17-99 Steve
Davis Snooker £9-99 Super
Cars (T.D. II Disk) ...-;£8.99 Team
Yankee ....£19-99
Drivell ......£16.99
Recall £17-99
TV Sports Basketball ..£14.99
IV ....£16-99
Golf .....£l£'o
Unreal .£20.99
War in Middle Earth “3.99
White Death 1 Meg .oTZ'nn
Wings of
Fury ...£16-99
Wolfpack (1 Meg) ...£20.99
Zak McKraken ..£16.99
;ORDER FORM [Please supply me with the following for
[Computer . Price iTitles DATE: . NAME:......
ADDRESS: Post Code TEL: AMIGA FORMAT MAY '91 & PO payable to
Turbosoft Credit card orders taken, payment cashed only on
despatch. Orders under £5 add 75p P&P per item. For First
Class add 7bp P&P per item UK only. EEC countries add £2.00
per item. Non EEC countries add £3.00 per item. Express
airmail £4.00 per item.. All items subject to availability.
All prices subject to change without notice. E. & O. E. Please note: Mail Order companies may take up to 28 days to deliver goods from receipt of order. Please allow for cheque clearance DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO 1 MEG REC. ALL THIS tONLY £79,99 LEISURESUIT LARRY 3 BACK IN STOCK NOW ONLY £26.9£Lj F19 STEALTH FIGHTER IN STOCK NOW .ONLY £18.99 CADAVER ONLY £13.99 SPRING SAVERS • SPRING SAVERS • SPRING SAVERS EDUCATIONAL UTILITIES UMS 2 1 MEG IN NOW ONLY £18.99 STIR CRAZY BOBO ONLY £6.99 SIM CITY ONLY £14.99 IRON LORD ONLY £9.99 PGA TOUR GOLF ONLY £17.99 EMOTION ONLY £5.99 CRACKDOWN ONLY £5.99
Don't miss out, book early!
SCREEN 1 SCREEN 2 SIM CITY + GENGIS KHAN POPULOUS ONLY £22.99 BOTH ONLY £19.99 AMIGA FORMAT 89% lAnswer Back Junior ......£13.99 lAnswer Back Senior .....£13.99 I Better Maths (12-16) ....£16.99 I Better Spelling (8-14) ...£16.99 I Dinosaur Discovery Kit .£16.99 I Discover Chemistry ......£13.99 I Discover Maths ..£13.99 I Discover Numbers .£13.99 I Discover the Alphabet ..£13.99 I Discovery Maths £14.99 I Discovery Spelling .£14.99 I Donald's Alphabet Chase....£13.99 ¦ First Letters &
Words ....£16.99 I First Shapes ......£16.99 I French Mistress .£13.99 ¦ Fun School 2 (under 6) .£13.99 ¦ Fun School 2 (6-8) .£13.99 |Fun School 2 (8+) ..£13.99 Ifun School 3 (under 5) .£16.99 I Fun School 3 (5-7) .£16.99 I Fun School 3 (7+) ..£16.99 [German Master .£13.99 |Goofy's Railway Express £13.99 | Hooray Henrietta ...£16.99 | Italian Tutor .£13.99 Junior Typist (5-10) £12.99 Kid
Talk £16.99 Lets Spell At Home £14.99 Lets Spell At Shops ......£14.99 Magic Maths (4-8) .£16.99 Math Talk ....£16.99 Maths Mania (8-12) ......£16.99 Mickey's Crossword Maker..£13.99 Mickey's Runaway Zoo .£13.99 My Paint .....£22.99 Postman Pat .£6.99 Prof. Looks at Words ....£16.99 Prof. Makes Sentences £16.99 Prof. Plays a new Game......£19.99 Puzzle Book Vo I 1 .£14.99 Puzzle Story Book .£16.99 Rhyming
Notebook £16.99 Spanish Tutor ....£13.99 Spellbook (4-9) ..£14.99 The 3 Bears £16.99 Things to do with Numbers..£14.99 Things to do with Words......£14.99 IOMEGA GAME PACK ONLY £21.99 Teenage Queen, Captain Blood, Safari Guns, Tin Tin on the Moon, Bubble +, Purple Saturn Day, Krypton Egg, Jumping Jackson, Stir Crazy Bobo, Hostages 1 2 MEG UPGRADE £29.99 1 2 MEG + CLOCK £32.99 COMING SOON SECRET WEAPONS OF THE LUFTWAFFA ONLY £20.99 IN NOW LEMMINGS ONLY £16.99 TURRICAN 2 ONLY £16.99 TOYOTEES ONLY £6.99 LIGHT CORRIDOR ONLY
£16.99 Aegis Sonix ......£14.99
A. M.A.S .....£79.95
A. M.O.S ....£32.99 Animation
Studio ..£79.99 Can
Do ......£69.99 Comic
Setter ....£39.99 Deluxe Music Const. Kit
£49.99 Deluxe Paint 3 .£59.99 Deluxe Print
2 ..£34.99 Deluxe Video
3 .£59.99 Devpac
2 ...£44.99
Digicalc .....£27.99 Digi Paint
3 ......£59.99 Digiview
Gold .£119.99 Hisoft
Basic ......£59.99 Home
Accounts ...£22.99
Kindwords .£37.99 Lattice C
V5 ...£169.99
Mastersound ....£32.99 Mavis Beacons Typing
£19.99 Movie Setter .....£39.991 MusixX 1.1
Version £89.99 Music X Junior .£49.99
Pagesetter 2 ....£49.99
Pagestream .....£99.99 Pen
Pal .....£99.99 Photon Paint
2 .£14.99 Photon
Video ...£34.99
Prodata .....£59.99 Professional Page
V2.00 .£149.99 Protext Ver. 5 .£109.99 Pro
Write 3.0 ..£109.99
Quartet ......£34.99 Sculpt
4D £399.99 Sound
Express £34.991 Superbase Personal
2 £29.991 Superbase Professional...£149.99l
Superplan .£79.951
Transwrite .£59.991 Virus
Killer ...£8.991 Word
Perfect ..£179 991 ADVENTURE PACK ONLY £12.99
African Raiders, Emmanuelle, Freedom, 20,000 Leagues Under The
Crazy - Bobo Teenage Queen Action Service Billiards Sim Bubble
Ghost Operation Neptune Hostages Super Ski HIGH ENERGY ONLY
£16.99 Tin Tin on the Moon Teenage Queen North & South Fire &
Forget Hostages FUTURE DREAMS ONLY £6.99 Warlocks Quest G-Nius
Spidertronic Purple Saturn Day SUPER QUINTET ONLY £6.99
Chamonix Challenge Bubble Ghost Warlocks Quest Passengers on
the Wind 1 & 2 Featuring: A500, P.S.U., modulator, mouse,
Nightbreed, Days of Thunder, Back to the Future, Deluxe Paint
2, Shadow of Beast 2, plus Powerpack compilation, 10 blank
disks + labels, mouse mat, dust cover, 40 lockable disk box,
disk cleaning kit, Microblaster microswitched joystick.
Featuring: 1 Meg of memory, 2 3.5" disk drives, 8 expansion slots, compatibility with all Amiga A2000 peripherals, keyboard, mouse, 1084S colour monitor, plus the complete software package to get started incl. The Works: Fully integrated word processor, spreadsheet and database, Deluxe Paint 3, Their Finest Hour, Populous + Promised Lands, Sim City + Terrain Editor, Battlechess and Microblaster microswitched joystick.
Featuring everything in Turbo Pack 1 PLUS the official Commodore 1 2 Meg expansion board already fitted and ready for action, giving you a full 1000K of memory.
(Personal callers welcome) HOW TO FIND US Turbosoft Unit 6 & 7 Acacia Close, Cherrycourt Way Industrial Estate, Stanbridge Road, Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU7 8QE Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm Saturdays 10.00am to 4.00pm All prices include VAT Tel: (0525) 377974 Fax: (0525) 852278 LEIGHTON BUZZARD HOCKLIFFE LUTON STANBRIDGE LUTON JUNCTION 11 HEMEL HEMPSTEAD DUNSTABLE HARPENDEN JUNCTION 10 See us on stand E26-E28 at the Computer Shopper Show, Alexandra Palace.
10th - 12th May.
Many special offers to save you ££££££ AVM lunoo AdUBHO A4146 A5 JUNCTION 9 Maps showing direct routes from the motorway and A5 Turn your mouse into a digitiser -for just £7.95!
Do you want to trace photographs and sketches into your DTP or graphics package? You need Tracey! This precision- moulded transparent puck attaches to your Amiga’s mouse to give a quick visual guide of what you are tracing. Fixes to either side of the mouse for left or right handed use.
? Removable when not in use ? Ideal for Naksha, Commodore and all flat-sided mice ? Only £7.95 including VAT and p&p “This novel little device makes copying pictures easy” - Amiga Format, Nov. ’90 “If the rule that all the simplest ideas are the best is applied, then Tracey gets the prize” - Computer Shopper, Jan ’91 Cheque with order. Trade enquiries welcome.
Side Wise Ltd (Dept AF22), PO Box 4, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7EN SONY 3.5" 38p WE MUST BE MAD Due to massive bulk buying and low cost advertising we can offer you high quality European manufactured disks at these extremely fow prices 3 [Til DSDD Qi n INC VAT ¦ J DISKS 0 I |J+ LABELS 250 + @ 29p each; 500 + @ 28p each; 1000 + @ 27p each ALL DISKS CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE
3. 5" DSHD 65p 100 Capacity Disc Box ....3.75 50 Capacity Disk
Box 3.25 Mouse Pockets ......1.50 Mouse
Mat ...1.75 Printer Stand .3.75
Amiga Dust Cover ..2.50 Posso Box ...15.00
Atari Dust Cover ...2.50 Amiga 512K RAM Expansion with
clock .....32.00 Amiga Atari External
Drive ..54.95 Please add
£2.85 p&p next day £6.50. Cheques POs to PLC COMPUTER
SUPPLIES 11 Meakin Avenue, Clayton, Newcastle, Staffs ST5 4EY.
5. 25" DSDD ....19p
5. 25" DSHD....36p DSDD BULK § Increases computer memory from
normal ji megabyte to 1 megabyte
• Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated
pin connector
• 16 bit technology Fit in minutes Direct replacement of
Commodore A501 expansion
• Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details
• 12 month warranty
• In stock now!
And packing KftS&fr Tel: 0582 491949 BRITISH MADE Send order with payment to: *- WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ In the real world, the physical place we all live in, information comes in analogue form - continually variable levels of light and sound. In the world of the computer, information can only be handled in digital form - 'discrete levels' - on or off, black or white.
Scanning images is all about converting these three-dimensional objects into streams of numbers that can be moved, manipulated and stored. Desktop scanners are a comparatively new form of input device.
Sample Three or four years ago, hardly anyone had heard of them - but now many magazines and designers use as them as part of their work and lower-cost versions are available for the Amiga.
The scanner wouldn't be here if it wasn’t for the popularity of the video recorder. As video got more popular, the manufacturers looked around for a cheap way to let people make their own videos and came up with the camcorder. Because conventional cameras were so expensive they developed a new, cheaper light-to- data processor called the CCD (charged couple device).
This is basically a microprocessor divided into a number of separate pixels (like a monitor) with a clear window above the main chip. When light falls onto it, it gives out an electrical signal equal to the amount of light. By focussing an image on it, you can use it as a camera.
What's the connection between this and a hand scanner? Well, take a camcorder and glue the lens so that it only focusses at it closest setting.
Remove the scanning circuits that turn the signals from the CCD into pictures and solder the wires onto an analogue-to-digital converter, so your computer can recognise the signals.
Cut out the recording heads and send your signals directly to a computer and you have a hand scanner.
The Real Thing In reality, a custom-built scanner uses a single line of CCD pixels across the scanning area as opposed to the block of CCD pixels used in a camcorder. The main features of a scanner are its resolution, density range and colour bit depth.
Resolution is the number of dots the scanner uses to capture an image with and is usually measured in dots per inch (dpi). Most hand scanners for the Amiga scan well to about 200dpi and OK to about 400dpi (only OK because with all the extra data being transferred at 4oodpi, they tend to If you want to use pictures in artwork and printina the make some of it up). ~ enceTh'bS2' Slightest “S best wa to 9et them there is using a scanner. Whether darkest areas a scanner can scan , .
And is measured in density units. This S fOUQn-cinQ- ready for punk art or highly detailed for the is only really important if you are into high-end professional scanning. Most sophisticated stuff, PAUL LYONS shows you how.
Upgrade your Amiga 500 Virgo.
DEVELOPMENTS 512K extension with clock
* Top-quality PCB and connector for total reliability
* Latest 1 meg D RAMs for low power consumption
* Auto-recharging battery-backed real-time clock
* Memory enable disable
* Compact design
* Easily fitted in seconds. No risk to your warranty No frills or
gimmicks. Just a quality product at the best price you'll find.
Mr: MADE IN U.K. m Mml I 5?
«SS ¦E3 mm
* * ¦ J** Also available: , £15.95 £74.95 £30.00
* 512K extension without clock £25.95 * RAM chips per V2 meg set
* Half meg card with clock (no RAMs) £15.50 * 1% meg extension
with c ock
* Half meg card (no RAMs or clock) £11.50 * 1V4 meg card with
clock (no RAMs) Same day dispatch 12 - month guarantee 0734
890588 Credit card hotline 24 - hour service Virgo Developments
Ltd, Sapphire House, Fishponds Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11
WE Our reaular customers know we offer unbeatable advice, service and deals on all things Amiga. NOW in our new city- centre superstore we offer even more! If you thought all computer stores were the same, then visit us - we know you'll be impressed!
HARDWARE SUPER DEALS SOFTWARE IF IT'S GOOD, WE STOCK IT! HERE'S A SELECTION AMIGA 500 PACKS - CALL FOR LATEST PRICES Amiga 1500 inc Monitor .....oooc’SS A 590 Hard Drive ....£285..00 2nd Drives. Ultra Slim ..£64.95 Cumana Cax 354 ...colo'nn Philips 8833 MKII ...£249.00 Vortex At
Once £J Rendale 8802 Genlock ......£179.00 Midi Interface - High quality ? T. 1 2, 1.5 & 4 meg Expansions .....In stock Optical Mouse ...oonnn Quality Mouse .-£20.00 Golden Image Hand Scanner ...£199-00 Samplers
from ...£29.QC Page Stream V2.1 .£179.00 Page Setter 2 £53.00 Protext V5 ...£119.00 KindWords ....£43.00 Mavis Beacon ...£24.95 Cashbook Combo ....£59.95 Home Accounts £24.95 Powerworks ..£89.00
P. M.F ......£26.49 SAS Lattice
C .....£189.00 Hi-Soft Basic ..£69.00
Devpack .....£49.00 Delux Paint
III £69.00 Delux Video ...£69.00 TV
Text Prof .£119.00 Digiview
Gold ......£135.00 Amos ..£43.00
X-Cad Designer ....£89.00 PRINTERS ALL PRINTERS ARE UK
LC10 £159.00 Canon BJ
10E ......£329.00 Star LC200
.....£219.00 Hewlett Packard Desk Star
LC24-10 ..£219.00 Jet
500 ......£499.00 Star
LC24-200 £259.00 Star LC24 200 Colour £299.00
LIMITED OFFER Citizen 1200 + £144.00 Citizen
Swift 24 ...£289.00 Amstrad LQ 3500 24 pin
Citizen Swift 9 .£189.00 printers
only ..£189.00 Colour
upgrade .£34.00 MUSIC We are one of the
U.K.'s top computer musicl dealers and stock not only midi
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MIDITECH 54, The Balconey, Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 Tel (0532) 446520 ACCESS AND VISA WELCOME All prices correct at time of press. All prices inc VAT.
Delivery free on software & small items. For Hardware add £8 next day courier. Local delivery service available at £6.
We are open 9.30-6.00 Mon-Fri. 9.00-5.30 Sat. Est 1988 If you’re scanning in full-colour images, the colour bit depth of the scanner is also important. This is the number of different colours the scanner can scan. A scanner that only detects black or white (for scanning text or line art) is a 1-bit scanner, if it can detect four levels of grey, it's a 2-bit scanner, 16 levels gives a 4-bit scanner and so on up to a scanner that gives a photographic-quality image at 24-bits and can sense 16.8 million different colours. The two greyscale scanners featured here only detect four levels of grey,
but if you are intending to print things out on a dot matrix printer, you won’t need any more.
However, a scanner is not all you need to scan and save images. To start with, scanned images are big. A 7-inch by 5-inch colour scan with the JX-100 takes up almost 4Mb of memory. That means to acquire it you need to have 4Mb of spare RAM in your Amiga after loading the Workbench and the scanning program. For smaller black and white images you can get away with a 1Mb Amiga, but a second floppy and a lot of patience will help a great deal. If you’re seriously thinking of doing lots of scans, then a hard disk is vital.
JX-100 ???? + £545 + VAT ¦ Sharp ¦ 061 833 0226 Installation Installing the scanner is simple. Plug the adaptor into the mains, the scanner into the serial port and the disk into the slot. The software can be run from a disk drive, but there’s also an installer program included to install the application on your hard disk. It has to be said that to get the best out of the JX-100 you really need 4Mb and a hard disk.
The Sharp JX-100 comes complete with the ScanLab 100 software from ASDG Incorporated. ASDG are well known for their excellent Art Department image processing program (reviewed Issue 17) and the interface of ScanLab is almost identical.
Unlike other scanning programs, ScanLab is a straight capture-and-save program that allows you to save the image in a number of formats so that it can be loaded into and manipulated by paint packages such as Deluxe Paint III, Photon Paint or DigiPaint.
Use it There are two main screens in ScanLab, the preview screen and the fine screen. The preview screen allows you to get a basic monochrome scan of an image, from which a section can be chosen for the main higher resolution scan. On the preview screen you can set image size, brightness and resolution. The screen also contains information about the amount of memory required.
The fine screen allows you to set more complex scanning parameters such as colour bit depth (the number of different colours in the image), size and percentage scale, resolution, image display type (PAL, NTSC, etc) and save file type.
The fine screen also has two other controls, balancing and dither. Balancing allows you to change the amount of red, green, blue or all colours in the image in addition to the contrast (or gamma). Dithering is a process that makes the image appear to contain more colours than it actually has. You lose some of the sharpness, but in mage processing you can’t have everything... The combination of the JX-100 and ScanLab 100 produces excellent results at a comparatively low price. In fact the main problem is finding an output device good enough to show the quality of the images as well as the
screen display does. To go one step up in quality you’d have to get a flatbed scanner costing over £2,000 or more.
Sharp are one of the biggest names in colour desktop scanners. Their larger models such as the JX-600 are used by Macintosh- and PC- based designers and publishers to produce high-quality magazines and artwork. All of Sharp’s scanners can be connected directly to the Amiga, but as the high-end JX-600 costs over £13,000 we’ve decided to look at the baby of the family, the JX-100.
Just because this is the bottom of Sharp's range doesn't mean that it’s the poor relation. On the contrary, all the colour pictures in Amiga Format's infamous sister magazine New Computer Express are scanned using the JX-100.
The scanner is a strange-looking device, like something that a double-glazing salesman might carry around to demonstrate his product. Unlike most other hand-held scanners you don't have to move the scanner while you are copying an image. All you have to do is put the scanner on the picture to be scanned and watch while the scanning head glides along between the two sheets of glass. This clever design means that all the problems of moving a scanner in a straight line by hand have been eliminated.
Another thing that strikes you about the scanner is its quality. It’s a solidly-built device that feels a lot sturdier than most other handhelds (a good job too, as it costs three times as much).
? ? ?
Datel Datel ¦ £1 69.95 ¦ 0782 744707 The GeniScan is Datel Electronics' addition to the scanning arena. At first glance it looks almost identical to the Golden Image scanner (below) although the case is slightly shorter and more squat. The specifications of the two scanners are identical: 100, 200, 300 or 400 dpi; black and white to four grey shades.
Installation is also identical: plug the scanner interface into the serial port and the power supply into the mains (the Datel power pack is better and has correct UK pins on it).
The ScanEdit software is a small application that can either be run from the disk it’s supplied on, or installed on the hard disk (we followed the instructions on the supplied Read Me file and installed it on the hard disk, no problem at all).
The main way in which the these two packages differ is in the software. While the Golden Image includes a fully-featured (but slooow) image manipulation program, The GeniScan just offers a straight scan-and-save package. There’s no smart palette of tools here - a hidden menu-bar holds all the commands necessary.
The program uses a large buffer that allows you to scan an area larger than can be displayed on the screen and either move around at full view, or zoom out to see the whole buffer area.
Scan It To scan an image, first select the correct setting on the scanner (resolution, scan type, brightness). Then select the same resolution from the Scan menu as you set on the scanner. Select the width of scan: a full-width scan is 1600 pixels, but you can also choose from 400, 640, 800 and 1280 pixels. Finally select the length of scan from one to four screens.
As you choose the length, the light will come on on the scanner ready for scanning. Hold the scanner steadily and pull it smoothly across the page.We found that we could scan faster with the GeniScan than with the Golden Image. Like the Golden Image, this scanner also has an LED which flashes if you start to scan too fast.
Use It After scanning, the image is automatically displayed on the screen. Two other features that are useful are the ability to compress the image to fit on the screen and the ability to join two scans together side by side to form a single-layer picture. Images can be saved out either in RAW or IFF format for use with other graphics or page make-up packages.
The software includes a few basic editing tools. You can cut, copy or paste bits of the image or the whole image can be made into a negative, flipped upside down or mirrored, left to right.
The GeniScan is a fine tool for such a low price. The lack of editing facilities is not a great loss as anyone getting into scanning will probably want to buy a better paint package than Datel could have afforded to include.
Simply messing about... The hand-held scanners tested in this piece are particularly good at two-colour black and white art, which is great for atmospheric and moody effects and particularly useful for posters, fanzines and other ‘punk art’ uses.
The use of inverted areas in pictures (black swopped for white) is very trendy and very easy to do. Don't be afraid to skip the scanner over a number of bits of an image and see what happens, or blow a greyscale picture up so the pixels look very blocky.
3. 5" DISKS & BOXES WITH LABELS 120 x 3.5" MF2DD 135 TPI disks
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95 Goldmaster 10 x 3.5" MF2DD 135 TPI
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x 3.5" D S HD
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Box ..£38.50
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+ + + THE BEST AMIGA P.D. ONLY 99p PER DISK . , , over 1,000 disks every one Guaranteed umgiEmmr tpum mmm9 mom© wti wmm mmmmmm mmiurmm AN-001 Juggler & Juggette + AN-017 El Gato (the Cat) AN-024 Stealthy II & Terminal + AN-025 Batman & Late Night + AN-030 Puggs in Space AN-046 Shark + AN-051 At the Movies + AN-052 Juggler II & Juggette 11+ AN-058 Coyote II ++ AN-059 Swiss F-16 Combat ++ AN-060 Stamp Collector + AN-064 Miss Ma'm'selle ++ AN-070 Basket Ball & Alice + AN-071 Stealthy, Aggressor , SSL + GA-001 Star Trek Game * (2) GA-003 Number Fumbler GA-009 Eat Mine GA-011 3D Tennis + GA-014 Wet
Beaver GA-032 Frantic Freddie GA-033 Castle of Doom Adventure GA-035 Slot Cars & AMIGA GA-036 AMIGAids & Amoeba GA-037 Chess, Reversi & Paranoids GA-038 Monopoly & 5 in a line GA-042 Battle Force GA-044 Marble Slide & HeadGames GA-049 Pipeline & Missile Command GA-058 Paranoid (break out clone) MD-006 Laurel & Hardy *2 MD-008 Flash-Keep Busting MD-024 Amiga Chart 3 MD-036 Miami Vice MD-057 Flash by Queen *2 MD-075 Madonna Hanky Panky MD-090 Anthrax Future Synthetics MD-095 Pink Floyd The Wall MD-113 Subway Clapping World MD-135 Crusaders Does Genesis + MD-140 Optical Arts Synth Music 6 MD-141
Optical Arts Synrh Music 7 MD-146 Zarch Music Collection 3+ GD-001 Alcatraz Mega Demo *3 GD-006 Gate Mega Demo II GD-007 Rebels Mega Demo II GD-012 Red Sector Mega Demo *2 GD-019 Triangle Giga Demo II GD-024 Flash Danish Know How GD-025 Brainstorm Mega Demo *2 GD-029 Wizzcat Trashcan GD-031 Budbrain II SS-008 The Creep Show SS-009 Night Breed SS-015 Newtek Reel 3 + *2 SS-017 Kylie Demo *2 SS-019 Fraxion Divine Vision + *2 SS-021 Total Recall SS-024 Scream Queens *2 SS-032 Probe Sequence SS-036 Nasa Slide Show SS-037 Photo Montage I SS-038 Photo Montage II SS-039 Photo Montage III SS-041 Demons
Slide Show III UT-002 Dope Demo Maker UT-004 Bank'n UT-013 Icon Mania UT-015 Flexibase UT-016 Amibase UT-017 Word Write UT-019 Clerk + UT-027 Uedit UT-029 Complete C Manual *3 UT-041 Visicalc UT-043 C-Light UT-046 Utilities 01 (7 Utils) UT-048 Soundtracker 2.3,
2. 4 & 2.5 UT-055 Startrekker 1.2 + UT-062 The Master Vims Killer
UT-063 North C Compiler VI.2' AN-Animations GA=Games MD=Music
Demos GD=Group Demos SS=Slide Shows UT=Utilities +=1 Meg
++=1.5 Meg *2=2 Disks *3=3 Disks AMOS licenceware not P.D.
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UNIQUE COMPUTING Dept APD. 114 Salters Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE3 3UP. Telephone 091-2847976 Golden Image ???
Golden Image ¦ £167.85 ¦ 081 518 7373 Of the two mono scanners featured here, the Golden Image model is the only one to include image retouching manipulation facilities in its software. The scanner itself is a compact hand-held package.
In addition to setting resolution in software, there is also a switch on the side of the scanner which has to be set to 1,2,3 or 4 (hundred dpi). There is also a dial to adjust the brightness of the lamp and a mode switch which tells the scanner to scan in black and white or up to four shades of grey.
Installation is pretty simple. The scanner interface plugs into the Amiga’s serial port, and the scanner power supply plugs into the mains. Unfortunately, Golden Image have used a cheap-looking two-pin power supply that needs an adaptor and the whole thing teeters precariously in the wall socket.
The software can be run from the disk, but as it recommends installation on the hard disk, that’s what we did. No installer routine here, so we just dragged the drawer onto the hard disk and (after just a bit of annoying fiddling around) it worked.
The software included is TouchUp by MiGraph. This is a fully-featured image manipulation and paint package with more features than it’s possible to describe in short a small space. Unfortunately, the manual has the same problem. It’s 171 pages long and really badly organised. The Guided Tour doesn't even mention scanning, a process which is only described at the end of the scanning section around page 90. Still, it’s not a bad manual - just badly-organised.
Scan It To scan an image, first set the switches in the scanner to the required settings and select the length of the image you want to scan (2, 4, 6 or 8 inches). To start the scan you press and hold the start button on the side of the scanner and pull it slowly across the image.
To help you get the speed right there’s a small LED on the top of the scanner. If you go too fast, instead of staying on the light begins to flash, telling you to slow down or lose main complaints. On higher resolutions, you have to move the scanner so slowlyly to avoid the flashing light that keeping the whole thing going in a straight line becomes really difficult. In fact the quality of the images from the Golden Wave was far better than those from the GeniScan, but we’ve given them the same number of stars because even on our porky test A2000 (with 5Mb of RAM), the whole program runs
really slowly. If you have the patience to put up with this minor problem, its a fine piece of kit.
TouchUp does allow you to flip, rotate, slant, clean up, outline, stretch and resize images, but impatient users will want to save their files and open them in Dpaint III.
When it will arrive. More details from Naksha on 0925 56398.
The other hand-held will come from PanDAAL, who have a high reputation for their Atari ST products, including this scanner. Their scanner very nearly made it in time for this review, but was held up slightly by a last-minute rewrite to speed up the operation of the software and a tweak to the interface, a laudable attention to detail. It was finished the day this went to press, so expect its arrival very soon and a full review in the next issue. PanDAAL can be contacted on 0234 855666.
We confidently expected to feature two other hand-held scanners in this review, but unfortunately neither of them were ready to be reviewed.
These two could well be waiting for before you make a buying decision.
The first is from Naksha, well known for their mice. We don’t know an awful lot about their hand-held scanner, but it is believed to be quite similar to the Golden Image model as far as the hardware goes. We’re told that the software is of a higher standard, but of course we can’t really comment until we’ve seen it.
Currently we have no news about And there's more... PD 39p PER DISK OR FREE if you supply the disk!
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U07 D-Copy - Incredibly good back up utility U08 Iconmania - The production and manipulation of Icons made easy.
U09 Speedbench - Quicker loading workbench.
U10 Jazzbench - Greatly enhanced workbench Ull Useful Utilities - 17 in all.
U13 Dope Intro Maker - Make your own intros. Good.
U14 Ghostwriter - Demo maker with interesting effects.
U15 Red Sector Demo Maker - Rather complex demo maker U16 Demolishers Mega Utilities Disk - Over 200 utilities. V good.
U17 Razor Tool Disk - 33 utilities all documented.
U20 Master Virus Killer - Recognises 105 viri.
U32 C-Light - BX commercial ray trace prog.
U35 Dark Star Utilities II - Includes Cruncher Vims Killers and more U36 Dark Star Utilities III - Boot and graphic utilities and more.
U37 Dark Star Utilities IV - 52 utilities to be found.
U42 Sid 1.06 - The ultimate directory' utility'.
U66 Ultimate Icon Disk - Loads of Icons and Creators.
U67 Warriors - Anti Virus Disk U70 Darkstar Utilities V - Yet more utilities.
U76 Amiga Systems Checker - Diagnostic Utility.
U91 ST-Emulator - Will run lots of none crunched disks.
U93 Spectra Paint - Rather good P.D. Paint prog.
U95 Picture Format - Converters U96 Hardware Mods - Tech-Ed’s playground.
U71 Spacewriter - Ghostwriter updated U97 North C VI.3 - Compiler (Latest version).
BUSINESS AND SERIOUS B02 Wordwright - A good quality wordprocessor.
B03 Q-Base database program also includes a spreadsheet.
B05 Journal - An accounts tracking program.
B06 U-edit - Feature packed wordprocessor.
B09 Amibase - Good database - fully documented ANIMATIONS A01 The Juggler - The most famous of all.
A04 Walker Demo I - AT AT Plus A1000 (0942) 895320 GOLDSTAR I ---- . .w • v_p • y a P-C. Box 2, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 7BN A05 Walker Demo II - AT AT Plus Chopper (Brill) A09 Shark - Sculpt 3D anim.
A10 Batman - Very good little anim.
All Puggs In Space - Cartoon quality', legendary.
A12 Probe demo - Another famous animation.
A16 Fantanims - Demo of animation package "Fantavision" A17 Stealthy II - Excellent little animation.
A18 Startrek Anims - Lots of short T.R. animations.
A20 Enterprise Leaves Dock - Full scenario by T.R. A23 Steves Anims 1 - 8 short animations. Very' high quality.
A24 Steves Anims II - 6 anims all short but super.
A27 Steves Anims 5 - Another six from Steve Packer.
A30 Gymnast - Superb sculpt 3D animation.
A31 Space Ace - P.D. demo of commercial game - Excellent.
A33 Shadow of the Beast - Another commercial game demo - Excellent.
A34 Indiana Jones - Nice digitised animaiton with sound.
EDUCATION & GAMES G01 Education Pack - 5 disk set includes spelling, German language, capitals, elements, evolution, weather and more.
G06 Learn and Play - 2 disk set for younger children.
Extremely good.
G08 Treasure Search - A game for younger children (6-8 yrs) G09 Pacman 87 - A computer without Pacman - A PC Gil Game Solutions - A two disk set containing solutions to 124 games.
G13 Holy Grail - V good text adventures (Needs 1 meg) Gl4 Talking Coloring Book - Very good for sproglets.
MUSIC M04 Vangelis Demo - Extremely good.
M05 Slabys Music 4 - six tracks, well done.
M06 Suntracker II - A rather good disk, eight track and graphics M08 Mega 64 - Nostalgia for ex 64'ers.
M10 Jean Michel Jarre - Excellent soundtrack with slides.
Mil Popeye meets the Beachboys - very entertaining.
Ml3 Pussy music Maestro - Very' good music with graphics of hifi.
Ml5 Sound Of Silents - Seven tracks and fantastic graphics M18 Amigadeus - Rob Baxter creation. Very good.
OVER 1.200 DISKS M19 Classix 1 - Includes Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
M20 Classix 2 - Includes Canon and Gigue by Pachebel M21 Pictures at an exhibition - more Rob Baxter stuff on this two disk set.
M23 Red V2.01 - Fully documented music editor.
M25 Tiffany - Digitised soundtrack single pic.
M27 Crusaders Bacterium - Brilliant graphics with superb music M30 Nigel Sixsmith Music - Very good music disk.
DEMOS P9J Scoopex Mental Hangover - Multiloading - Extremely good.
D03 Deadly Pursuits 42 - Five demo compilation D04 Kefrens Megademo VIII - Two disk set, one of the best around.
RcTI J?ector Megademo - Two disk set, extremely good D09 Rebels Candyland II - Six demo's, quite good D12 Rebels Megademo II - Lots of small but very good demos.
Did Alcatraz Megademo IV - 3 disk set, extremely good.
D19 Budbrain Demo - Very good two disk set. 18 yrs only.
PICS P01 space Bubbles - Superb Boris Vellejo P02 Amicus 6 - Lo.Res pics, can be loaded into D Paint.
I 03 Real 3D - Breathtaking demo of commercial package P06 Forgotten realms - Beautiful artwork and music P07 Divine Visions - Boris Vallejo two disk set.
P09 Sun Slide II - Over 1.5Mb of pics crunched onto this.
Pll Nasa I - Space shuttle.
PI2 Nasa II - Yet more and music.
P23 Adams Family' - The all American family?
P25 Roger Dean - Some incredible artwork.
P28 Sun Slide III - all drawn pics V. good.
P31 Digiview Slideshow II - Commercial demo of digiview V4.0 p32 Agatron 6 - V Good T.R. Slideshow with music.
P33 Agatron 8 - Similar to above.
T. Bag 1 to 46
F. Fish 1 to 450 Amos PD, AMIGAs & Snag.
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STRATEGY GAMES UNIQUE GA-037 Would you perhaps like a set of fun, brain games rather than the endless shooting and platform games about? Check this disk out - it's packed with some quality PD programs.
If you’re a Trekkie, how about the infuriatingly involved Trek Trivia? This is an update on the one that’s been out for a few years, and has lots of different questions, a good scoring system and very good presentation. In the background the occasional sample from the series plays away, to build up the atmosphere a bit. A nice big thumbs up to George Brassard for this one.
If you prefer board-games, then Paranoids may be more your cup of tea. The idea is to escape from a lunatic asylum, and the game features all the bits - dice, cards and pieces.
The difference is that with a computer version, you never lose any of it. Good two-player fun from Gary Teachout.
And, finally, there are a couple of real classics in there - quite a good one isReversi by Marc Fischlin, and Chess V2.0 which was authored by A H W Kaufman. Both of these have computer opponents for when you’re on your own and you want to teach your Amiga who’s boss.
- - When you first start to play around with any of the
Sculpt rendering programs, you are blocked by the lack of
objects to see what the program can do. What’s all this about
objects I hear you ask?
Well, if you want to render an image with an aeroplane in it, first of all you have to draw the plane as an object.
Unless you have bought one of the Senlac Sculpt libraries, that is. For just a few quid you can lay your hands on lots of different objects, that are already designed to be popped into your Sculpt scenery.
Each of these disks is Licenseware. This means that although you can use these objects in your animations or pictures with no copyright hassle, you must get the disks from Senlac only - they’re the ones licensed to carry the disks from the original designers.
Mm BALLOONACY (1 MB) The challenge of the game is when aerial objects hurtle across the screen, and then it's time to get out of the way, especially if it’s a missile as those scumbuckets really whiz along. Simple but lots of fun.
AMOS APD115 A classic game revitalised by Delboy Dobson with the help of AMOS. Balloonacy is a simple but addictive game featuring a hot-air balloon stuck above a city. You have to drop bombs to flatten the skyscrapers (which isn't an original idea) but there are several subtle twists.
For one thing, vehicles speed across the bottom of the screen - they're worth extra points if you bomb them. The height of the balloon is adjustable - it gently drifts downwards if you leave it alone, or you can switch on the gas burners to gain height.
What is Public Domain?
Public Domain Software is simply software that is allowed to be copied freely, since the authors have decided to share their programs with all users. For this reason software can be grouped together on disks which are sold at an equal price depending on how many you buy. When you buy any of the disks on this page you may copy and give them to anyone!
Each disk has a code number which is denoted with this symbol - •- what follows the code number is a brief discription of what is on the disk. All the programs are fully working and most come with documenation on the disk. We will also give as much support as is reasonable.
• PDOM53 - Fonts! 12 fonts: Black Shadow, White Shadow, Avant
Garde. Palo Alco. Basel, Monaco, Piegnot. Aldous, Celtic.
Geneva and Rangers. All ready to use Dpaint compatible fonts.
• PDOM54 - Fonts! 14 fonts: Lineal. Bubbles, Ham. Courier,
Vancouver, SanFran, Future. Premiere, Hollywood, Broadway,
Camelot, Stencil, Park Avenue and Los Angeles. Dpaint
• PDOM55 - Fonts! 14 fonts: Santiago. Microsoft. Silicon,
Swansong, Helvetica. Mahattan. Bookman,Akashi, Times. Tiny,
Boxie. Longl, Andover and Pica. Dpaint compatible.
• PSFF1 - Fletcher Font Pack 1 contains 66 MULTI COLOURED IFF
fonts on 6 disks for £15.00. All fonts are suitable for Dpaint
or any program that uses IFF fonts.
• TBAG29 - ShowFont V3.3 shows all 256 characters in a given
• AMP1 - Home Business Pack : Uedit the easy to use
wordprocessor, Visicalc and VC 2 spreadsheets, RIM and Jbase
databases and Amiga Spell the spell checker etc. 3 disks only
• FFISH195 - Micro Emacs V3.10 the text editor which is very
• FFISH254 - Uedit v2.5a the wordprocessor
• FFISH143 - RIM V5.0 is a fully relational database.
• FFISH328 - AnalytiCalc V24-01a is a full featured system for
numerical analysis and reporting (a spreadsheet).
• FFISH93 - Dme V1.27 and MicroEmacs V3.8i the text editors.
• PDOM416 - Ncomm V1.9 communications program THE only disk you
will need, got a modem? Then this is your disk.
• PDOM59 -Ameteur Radio Disk: StarTerm V3.0. P81 and P10272
packet terminal programs, TA Term V5.0. a HAM Database for the
Amiga Amateur Radio Group. Morse Code, Satellite Tracking and
loads of HAM utilities. A must for serious HAM user.
• AMICUS17 - Aterm V7.2, VT-100 V2.6 Vtek V2.3.1. Amiga Host V0.9
for CompuServe.
• APDC21 - Comm V1.34, Wombat V3.01. Handshake V1.20a C- Kermit.
• SLIPDISK31 - StarTerm V3.0 full features terminal prog, VT100
V2.0, Comm V1.3, Ahost V0.9.
• FAUG62 - Access V2.6 comms package.
• FAUG99 - TAG the BBS.
• FFISH 172 - HandShake V2.12a is a fully featured
VT52 100 102 220 terminal emulator.
• FFISH 275 - VT100 v2.9 includes Kermit and Xmodem_ NEW AMIGA
USERS »AMP4 - Starter Utility Pack: This pack was compiled with
the new Amiga user in mind, to enable them to get just about
all the utilities that you may ever need, plus a wordprocessor
and a database! Each disk in the pack automatically takes you
into the friendly Work Bench enviroment, all the programs are
icon driven and have any necessary documentation. The pack
includes: The four main file compressors used on the Amiga -
ARC, LHARC, Zoo and Power Packer. Dir Work the friendly
enviroment that allows many of the CLI commands to be executed
at the click of your mouse, Text Reader allows you to execute
text on screen as a CLI command using your mouse, DFC2 the
multi tasking disk copier, All the AmigaDOS Replacement Project
commands, Virus X the virus detector and destroyer. Icon
Meister the excellent icon editor, Comm the communications
package. Machll the mouse accelerator. Disk Storage Deluxe
displays information about disk drives, Disk Salv attempts to
salvage data from damaged disks, New Zap the sector editor.
Safe Boot the boot sector database and others. Also Uedit the
wordprocessor, Amiga Spell the spell checker and Jbase the
excellent database.
All this is available on 3 disks only from Public Dominator for the mega price of £7 50!
UTILITY NOTE: We have chosen the best disks with the latest versions of utilities to feature in this advert, however many more files and utilities are featured in these and other disks but are not detailed here; FULL details are to be found on our DiskCat for £1.00. Our DiskCat has a fast search option for ease of use.
• FFISH366 - PrintStudio V1.2 print any text file in many styles,
print part of or a whole picture, screen or window, also
control printer and much more.
• FFISH362 - ArchEdge V1.5 a shell setup for ARC, ZOO.
• TBAG3 - Disk Cat the disk cataloguer.
• TBAG4 - DirUtil 5 the disk manager.
• TBAG6 - Biorhythms the life cycles program. Blitz Fonts speeds
up fonts.
• TBAG9 - FastMem toggles on off Expansion, FuncKey assign text
to F1-F10. Word Count the number of words in a file.
• TBAG10 - AutoPic2 shows all (.PIC .HAM) in directory.
• TBAG13 - StepRate change step rate of disk drive.
• TBAG16 - CLI Wizard V1.2 mouse operated CLI. Introducer DIY
demo with your own picture, text and sound! Planet will wrap a
flat IFF picture into a sphere.
• TBAG17 - Database Wizard V1.1 name & address database for 400
• TBAG18 - BIG is a screen magnifier. DoTil V3.4 the directory
• TBAG19 - Pyro a screen blanker shows a fireworks display.
• TBAG20 - Brush2lcon turns a brush or picture into an icon.
• TBAG21 - Vscreeen allow screens to be larger than the physical
one, also lots of window utils: Wsize, Wmove, Wmax.
• TBAG23 - Crunch2 archive a program but still executable.
• Hermit saves screen at keystroke, using hot keys. Pointer
Animator 15 colours animated pointers. ScreenX V2.2.
• TBAG24 - ClickDOS V2.04 directory lister. Qview V1.0 text file
• TBAG26 - Daisy Wheel IFF picture file printer.
• TBAG30 - MyMenu create your own menu on WB to run any commands.
Icon Meister V1.4 THE Icon editor. Disk Storage Deluxe V1.10
shows details of ALL mounted devices.
• TBAG38 - MadSizer allows you to size a window from any corner.
Display V3.29 an anim displayer for ANIM 3,4 and 5, Hash and
IFF all in any resolution.
• FFISH342 - IE V1.0 is an icon editor which can create and
modify icons upto 640x200 pixels.
• PDOM278 - LHARCa V0.99a data compression program that is 100%
compatible with MSDOS LHARCV1.13c.
• PDOM279 - European Software Agency Utility 1: Amiga ToolV1.5.
Boot Dlntro V1.0, BootGenerator V1.5, BootLeg V2.1, Character
Editor V1.0,Coder Board V4.0, Cosaque V1.1. Dcopyll.
Deluxe Presed V2.0, BlockV1.3. Font Ripper. Guru Maker V1.0, ISCAmiga v1.5, Memory Searcher V1.0, Menu Maker v1.0, NolSetracker V1.0. Power Utility V2.0, PowerPacker V2.3a. PPMoreV1.2. Pseudo Ops. Save IFF Scanner V2.0,Scroll Maker 2, Seek Destroy V1.0, Seka Source Rescuer. StartupCoder V1.0, Structure HunterVtO. Time Cruncher V1.1, TVField Writer V1.1, Vector Check V1.0, View Boot V1.01. Virus Expert V1.4, Virus Slayer V1.0, VirusKiller V3.10.
• PDOM280 - The Champions Total Utilies Vol 1: Boot Generator,
Boot Girl, Bootmaker, BootWriter. Character Editor, Demo Maker,
DiskX v2.2. Flash Ripper, Font Ripper, Guru Maker.
Guru Master. Icon Master. Make A Menu. NoiseTracker, Power Packer V2.3b, PPMore, PPShow.Sceneray, Graphics Searcher.
SetKey. Slide Show Maker, Time Set. Tristar Virus Killer and TxED.
• FFISH163 - Machll V2.4c features: configurable, your help
screen, mouse accelerator. PopCLI, Screen Blanker. Mouse OFF
SunMouse ( activates a window by placing mouse it), Click To
Front (bring window to front by clicking on it). Cycle (move a
window or screen to back with left then right mouse button
click), Window and Screen Shuffler, Clock, Alarm. Beeper etc.
• FAUG50 - Short Cut allows you to allocate text to a single key
stroke thus CLI commands are easier to type.
• PDOM141 - ICONS!; Draw Icons. Tool Icons and Disk icons.
Includes software to edit.
• PDOM276 - Amivision Utility Disk 4: Virus X4. Zero Virus. Kill
Da Virus3, Pcopy. Vcheck, Sectorama, Fformat v1.1, Pseudo Virus
Killer 2, Boot Intro.
• PDOM300 - The Master Virus Killer V1.9. Recognises 105 viruses,
a full list is on our DiskCat.
• PDOM277 - Dark Star Virus and Crunchers 2: BS9 KillerX.
Kill'Em. Lamer Destroyer, Pseudo Ops. Killer and Seek & Destroy virus killers. Byte Killer, Crunch Master, Data Cruncher, DefJam Cruncher, Crunch IFF Pics with shower, Dpaint Unpack.
DragPack, Flash Packer, HOC, ISC, Master Crunch, Mega Crunch, Power Pack, RSI Cruncher and Super Cruncher.
• TBAG31 - ShoWiz V2.0 show ANY picture with or without a script.
1 picture or several disks full, also play a music file in the
background! Also show text files in any colour!
• FFISH105 - Record-Replay V2.0 allows you to record and play
back mouse and keyboard sequences.
• PDOM62 -The Public Dominator Anti Virus Disk: Virus X V4.1.
Vcheck V1.2 (for memory). Vcheck V1.9 (for disk drives),
ZeroVirus V1.3 the fully integrated virus detector and killer.
Also BootBlock Champion the utility and information on boot
• PDOM93 -ARP v1.3. The AmigaDOS Replacement Project includes
text manual files.
• FFISH228 - Jazz Bench V0.8 is a multitasking WB replacement.
• FFISH229 - Alarming Clock.
• FFISH246 - NoClick V3.6 stops drives clicking when no disk
entered. LabelPrint v2.5b disk label printer.
Why Public Dominator for your PD software supply?
1. We have been trading in this field for 5 years so (unlike the
majority of PD libraries) we know what's what when it comes to
PD, this is proven with regular orders from every corner of
the globe.
2. Huge selection from over 1300 disks!
3. All disks Virus free!
4. All disks copied with verify flag on.
5. Order by telephone or post with same day dispatch.
6. Pay by Visa Mastercard, Cheque, PO or Cash.
7. Government orders welcome.
8. Expert advice. Got a question about our software?
Telephone and ask for the Technical department.
For a reliable, fast and friendly V expert service try us!
FFISH251 - DiskSalv v1.42. DiskSpeed v1.0 test disk speed.
• FFISH286 - FastDisk a disk Optimiser.
• FFISH290 - Xlcon execute CLI commands from a script by clicking
an icon.
• FFISH338 - SID V1.06 is a very comprehensive directory utility.
• PDOM304 - MessyDOS handles MSDOS formatted disks exactly the
same way as you use files on native AmigaDOS disks. Fully
functional, read write version.
• FFISH325 - Batchman V1.1 is a program that allows the user to
execute CLI programs and batch files simply by clicking on a
• FFISH304 - Verify V1.2 Walks a directory hierarchy reading all
files, reporting any files that can't be entirely read.
• FFISH243 - ImageLab V2.2 is an IFF pictures manipulator.
NoClick V3.5 stops the disk drive clicking if there is no diskin thedrive. Password V1.21p you specify the password for your systemsecurity. Pcopy V2.0 the excellent disk copier. SimGen adds a 2 or 4 colour picture to your WB screen.
• FFISH360 - UUCP V1.06D. An implementation of uucp for the
Amiga, including mail and news.
• FFISH244 - BBChampion V3.1 load, save and analyze bootblocks.
Bootlntro V1.2 you specify The headline text of upto 44
characters and the scrolling text of upto 300.
• FFISH279 - MRBackup v3.3d the hard disk backup utility.
• FFISH300 -TitleGen v1.6 excellent script language that creates
scrolling text on screen in any font and upto 500 lines long!
• FFISH213 - 300 8 colour program icons!
• FFISH168 & •FFISH169 - Matt Dillion disk special includes loads
of utilities and source: Config V1.0, Clock V1.0, DME
V1.31,DMouse V1.1, Backup V2.01. SUPLIB, LIBREF DRES V1.0,
SCATV1.0, ADDCR V1.0, REMCR V1.0 & CMP VLO.You need both disks.
• FAUG41 - ARC V0.2 compatible with MSDOS ARC V5.0.
• AMICUS22 - Printer Driver Generator V2.3.
• FFISH258 - Dmouse v1.2 is a versatile program that
includesscreen mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse
accelerator,popcli. Pop window to front, push to back etc.
• FFISH131 - DFC is a disk copier that multi-tasks.
• APDC15 - Icon utilities: full of icon files and creators. Some
• APDC18 - Floppy Disk Utils: Quick Copy V1.0, Disk Mapper,
DiskSalvage. Virus check, System Utils: Blitz V1.0 text editor,
TimeSet.ACalc calculator Amiga Monitor V1.1, MeM Grab fast
memorygrabber. Directory Master V1.1. _ EDUCATION
• AMP5 - Suitable for 8's and over features; 2 excellent map
drawing programs choose the Earth coordinates & it will draw
the map allowing you to enter text and print or save. Evo
follows the Evolution of life with skulls and maps etc.
Chemistry element periodic table simply click on the chemical
and a window appears showing every detail on that chemical
including a picture of the crystal structure. Unit conversion
is a program that allows you to choose all types of unit i.e.
length, time, weight, speed etc. and then do conversions and
comparisons within them e.g. Feet to millimetres a very
comprehensive program. German Language will teach the basics of
the German langauge. Tutor is a speak and spell tutor. Also
includes Study Aid Card, Hermes Formula. Cloud, The Weather.
GEO Time, Gravity Simulator. Func2D, Gravity Well, Air Foil,
Wave Maker and others. A 5 disk pack for £12.50!
• AMP6 - A new 5 disk educational pack exclusive to Public
Dominator this pack is more suitable for under 8’s: Colouring
Book a good colouring book for young children features
excellent graphics, Arc Angels Maths good maths program for
children that includes graphics to aid learning, Thinga Majig
puzzle program with 24 puzzles to choose from, Work and Play. 3
excellent educational programs: Funtimes table and Let's go
shopping are 2 maths programs and Click Clock teaches children
to tell the time. This program Requires 1MB RAM. The Word
Factory, very good game enviroment for teaching spelling.
A 5 disk pack for £16.50!___ MUSIC
• AMP11 - 5 disk pack of Sonix files & player for £12.50!
• AMP23 - 5 disk pack of SoundTracker V3 & files £12.50!
• PDOM281 - Oktalyzer V1.1 the music composer.
• PDOM 299 - MED V2.13 the music editor with MIDI.
• PDOM 378 - Swantti of Midnight Sun Mozziax collection II:
ProTracker 1, Music Editor 2, Noize Tracker 2 and 2.1,
Oktalyzer, Fraxion Ripper, IntuiTracker, Disk Master 3.
Public Domain, Licenseware, Shareware
• PDOM 406 - Triangle 3532 Tracker Disk V1.0: Noise Tracker
1. 1.1.2, 2.0, Star Trekker 1, Destiny 7 ripper, Fraxion
Ripper,-Mega Sound Tracker 2.4, Multi Ripper 1.2, Sargon
ripper 1.8, Titanics Ripper 1.1, Noise Player 3, Intuitracker
1.1, Preset editor, No Ripper, Sample selctor, sound
Both our games packs are auto booting, menu driven, very easy to use disk packs.
• AMP8 - Game Pack 1: Clue as in Cluedo. Othello. Klondike.
Canfield and Cribbage, Backgammon, Yachtc, Tvision.
MissleCommand. Cosmo 2 and 3D Breakout. Empire, Gravity Wars.Hanoi. Hockey, Blockoff, Jackland, Othello Master and Pacman.A 3 disk pack for 27.50!
• AMP22 - Game Pack 2: Amoeba space invaders, CosmoRoids, Stone
Age a Boulder Dash type, Back Gammon, Chain Reaction.
Master Mind, Reversi, Black Jack, CrazyEights, Klondike, Jig Saw, Keno, Daleks and Ratmaze,Monopoly and Escape From Jovi V3.0. 3 disks for 27.50!
• PDOM283 - Callisto 1.01 Very tough space strategy game, Daleks
0.30. Pontoon, Puzzl.0 and World and Zerg 2 adventures.
• PSL1 - Space Blob a brilliant platform cavern game.
• PSL2 - Mr Dig. Help Mr Dig collect the apples and kill the
monsters. Requires 1MB.
• PSL3 - Q-Boid shoot blocks at the various random shapes
decending on you. A Tetris variant.
• PSL4 - Computer Conflict excellent speech and graphics in this
all action arcade game!
• ALP5 - Jungle Bungle. Requires 1MB RAM. 23.50
• ALP6 - Pukadu the game where you have to move the bug around
the screen eating the tiles as you go, and Sprites 600 for you
to use in your AMOS programs. 25.50
• ALP7 - 4 way Lynx the puzzle game. Requires 1MB RAM.
23. 50.
• ALP11 - Go Getter. Excellent game where you have to move your
ball around the course by predicting if the next number in a
series will be higher or lower, excellent graphics and sound.
Requires 1MB RAM. 23.50.
• AMUSE13 - Bull Run an American civil war strategy game and
Gravity Attack a very good arcade game.
• AMUSE14 - Battle Mech a strategy war game between robots.
• AMUSE15 - Rocker a Lunar Lander type game. Shiva the game of
Life, Cycles is a Tron light cycles type game.
• AMUSE16 - Gravity Wars a space battle game with brilliant
graphics, and Larn the adventure.
• AMUSE17 - Cosmoroids an asteroids game, Tunnel Vision a
graphical maze game seen from within the maze. Triclop invasion
and 3D breakout that requires 3D glasses.
• AMUSE19 - Conquest the interstellar exploration game. The game
of LIFE, Mile Stone the board game. Monopoly, and Trek 3 a Star
Trek battle simulator.
• APDC3 - Monopoly, BackGammon, Brickout, Klondike.
• APDC4 - Tunnel Vision, Othello. Canfield, Dogstar.
• APDC8 - Shanghai, Light cycles. Othello, Life3. Conquest.
• FAUG18 - Tunnel Vision the great maze game.
• FAUG27 - Klondike the card game and Triclops the 3D planet
defend game.
• FAUG30 - Hack the adventure V1.0.1E.
• FAUG52 - PACMAN 87.
• FFISH194 - Moria V3.0 the single player dungeon
simulationadventure game. 1MB.
• FFISH273 - BattleForce v3.61 game.
• FFISH336 - Car V2.0 is a racing game.
• FFISH357 - Empire V2.1w is a multiplayer game of exploration,
economics and war.
• FFISH62 - HACK the adventure.
• FFISH63 - LARN the adventure.
• PDOM77 - Paranoid the breakout type game.
• PDOM90 - Tennis! 1MB.
• PDOM79 & *PDOM80 & *PDOM81 - Star Trek 3 disk game by Twisted
Images. 1MB. External Drive Required.
• PDOM215 & *PDOM216 - The Star Trek 2 disk game by AGATRON.
Excellent animated graphic game. Brilliant game play move about
the ship into all the different departments, warp speed around
the universe and battle with the enemy.
• PDOM233 - The Holy Grail Adventure. 1MB. Excellent.
• PDOM234 - The Golden Fleece Adventure.
Both our graphic packs are auto booting, Work Bench driven, very easy to use disk packs.
• AMP3 Graphics Pack 1: Rot 3D a 3D drawing package, Vdraw a good
painting program. RayTracer. MCAD the Computer Aided Design
package that works in high resolution, plus utilities: convert
PrintShop to IFF Cliplt clip any part of the screen and save as
an IFF picture, HAMEdit a HAM picture editor, Window Print II
will print any selected window, Show Print II will Show and or
print any IFF picture, Ushow and Autopic are 2 picture slide
showers. Icon utilities: Iconize (a window), IFF2lcon and
Brush2lcon converters. IFF2PCS will take an IFF picture and
make it a puzzle, Filter Pix the image processing program for
use with Digi View lo-res B+W pictures. A 3 disk pack for
• AMP21 Graphics Pack 2: MSE the Mandel Brot Explorer. DBW render
the ray tracing utility, FBM the image manipulation library
(see disk FFISH334 below for details), ST2IFF converts Atari ST
pictures to IFF NGI allows you to read, view and reformat ILBM
pictures. Pop Colours change to colour pallette on the go,
Dpslide, SeelLBM, Show, ShowHAM the picture showers, MACView
display and convert MAC pictures to IFF HAMEditor.
IFF2Exec makes an IFF picture showable by a double click of the mouse, Some picture printers and icon utilities: Bruch2C and Brush2lcon convertors. Also some light synthesizers: Viz, Polygon and Kal. A 3 disk pack for 27.50.
• FFISH359 - Abridge An interim solution to Anim-5
incompatability problems. Identifies the origin of an Anim-5
file and modifies it to facilitate easy exchange between
AniMagic, Videoscape, Animation Station, Dpaint III.
Editor(v1.11), The Director, SA4D, Movie2.0, Photon Paint 2.0
and Cel Animator.
• AMUSE5 - ACO Face Maker create faces in IFF format using Deluxe
Paint and the supplied Face Ed V2.0.
• AMUSE34 - 39 different pointers.AII absolutely excellent!
• FFISH334 - FBM V0.9 image Manipulation library. Compatible with
Sun, GIF IFF PCX, PBM bitmaps. Can input raw images and output
Postscript and Diablo. Also does rectangular extraction,
density and contrast changes, rotation, quantization, halftone,
grey scaling etc.
• PDOM112 - Graphic utilities: Clip It!, ShowPrint II.
Snatch,HamEdit, Dissolve, AutoPics, Zaplcon, ImageTools.
FilterPix.IconMaker. Startle, IFF to Icon.
• FFISH295 - Mandel Mountains V1.1 a Mandel Brot generator.
• PDOM211 - NORTHC v1.3 Steve Hawtins C compiler.
Featurescompiler. Linker, disassembler, examples and tools. An excellentCcompiler for the knowledgeable and beginner alike.
• FFISH171 - Sobozon C compiler.
• FFISH193 - ZC V1.01 C compiler.
• FFISH341 - P2C V1.13 is a tool for translating Pascal programs
into C.
• FFISH351 - PD C V3.33.
• APDC25 - Logo, Xlisp, Modular 2, MVP Forth.
• FFISH140 - Stoney Brook PROLOG v2.3.2.
• FFISH141 - Contains the source code for PROLOG FFISH140.
• FFISH181 - AM XLISP V2.0 of the Xlisp interpretor.
• FFISH201 -Draco V1.2 the excellent programming language by
Chris Gray. Documentation on FFISH77.
• FFISH37 - Little Smalltalk.
• FFISH91 - The Adventure Definition Language (ADL).
• FFISH337 - Cmanual V1.0 is a COMPLETE C manual for theAmiga
Includes 70 fully executable examples
• FFISH339 - PCO V1.1c Pascal compiler
• FFISH347 - Cursor V1.0 Amiga BASIC Compiler
• PDOM60 - Modula II compiler.
• FFISH314 - A68k v2 61 of the 68000 macro Assembler.
DEMOS Demo disks are probably the best, and quickest, way to impress your friends with the awesome power of your Amiga With their fantastic graphics and sounds many are truly a WOW' We have approximately 600 demo disks in our collection' Far too many to show here Full details of all our demo disks is available on our Disk Based Catalogue only 2100' New Disks We add dozens of disks every month to our catalogue, if you have some Public Domain or Shareware software that we do not, then send it in! We will swap any 2 of our disks for each 1 of yours, please check before sending in software that we
do not already have it.
Clip Art ( The following 4 packs of clip art are disks that are fifed with black and white images that would be suitable with aB graphic and desktop publishing packages.
The Images are complete and copyright free Clip It! Volume 1. £12.50!
Hundreds of clip art images on 5 disks all if IFF format suitable for Dpaint and PageSetter etc. Subjects covered: sports, flags, animals, cartoons, humorous.
Xmas. Jewish, borders. Halloween. Valentines, horses, eyes, alphabets, hands. 1930's trademarks, zodiac, cars & more.
Here are some examples: Clip It! Volume 2. £12.50!
Hundreds of clip art images on 5 disks all in IFF format suitable for Dpaint and Pagesetter etc. Subjects covered: men. Women, illuminated A to Z. arrows, stars, explosions, humorous, cartoons, pointing hands, food & lots more.
Here are some examples: Clip It! Volume 3. £12.50!
Hundreds of clip art images on 5 disks all in IFF format suitable for Dpaint and Pagesetter etc. Subjects covered: Fruit. Herbs. Meat. Arrows. Special Ocassions. Vegetables. Kitchen Utencils. Cups and Glasses.
Art Deco and Breakfasts.
Here are some examples: CH» E5 To order, simply quote the disk code number.
Our DiskCat has indepth details of all 1300 disks only 21.00 Disk prices: Send an A5 Stamped SAE for a FREE copy of our printed catalogue. Shows concise details of the top disks.
Free with all orders.
All disks are priced equally depending on how many you buy: 1 to 5 are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 are £2.75 each 11 or more are £2.50 each All prices are fully inclusive.
Please send a cheque or postal order payable to Public Dominator AMIGA ViSA P O Box 801, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, England, CM23 3TZ.
Foreign Orders: AH foreign orders must add 10% (minimum £1.00). Non EEC countries & Spain, Greece. Portugal, Eire & Italy MUST also add £1.75 for registered post.
Credit 16 Card Hotline 0279 757 692 Mon-Sat 9am-5pm J Clip It! Volume 4. £12.50!
Hundreds of clip art images on 5 disks all in IFF format suitable for Dpaint and Pagesetter etc. Subjects covered: More Art Deco. Babies. Boys and Girts.
Lots of humourous. Illuminated A to Z. Scrolls. More Specia a ocassions and Calligraphic Ornaments, Here are some examples: | VIRUS FREE PD Amiga Public Domain Software OVER 1300 PD DISKS AVAILABLE PD SOFTWARE HELPLINE THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS OVER 100 DISKS ADDED EVERY MONTH MOST ORDERS SENT WITHIN 04 HOURS ALL DISKS DISTRIBUTED VIRUS FREE PD Soft. (AF) 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea Essex 551 2YD.
15 PD DISKS = £20.00 Inc 5 FREE ONLY £1.00 FOR EACH SUCCESSIVE DISK EG: 16 PD DISKS = £21.00 17 PD DISKS = £22.00 20 PD DISKS = £25.00 Call for details of discounts on bulk orders Essential Utilltlesl Dynamic Demo's 3 Demons Slides 3 Reflections Music and our catalogue PD STARTER PACK.
Only £5.00 inc P&P OVER 1300 PD DISKS CATALOGUED.
Mm q? ©m ©m© «§§L@cm F413 STEALTHY MANOEUVES 11 The SWISS ARMY F-16 in Combat.JUGGLER2 Anim 0111 WALKER Demos state lor 2Mb’ (2) 0168 NASA PICS Actual space pictues 0286 KYUE MANOGUE Picture Music (21 0272 FREDDY KRUGAR lts a nightmare 0451SCOOPEX Presents Xenomorph 0592 MIAMI Via & CROCKETS Theme(2) 0614 DEBBIE GIBSON E'edric Youlh(2) 0662 CR10NICS MADONNA Demos 12).
0674 EPIC Oceans animated space city 0723 DEPECHE MOOE Music,1013121 0792 AUENS Mega long Sample (2) 0804 JEAN MICHEAL JARRE Equinoxe 0814 JARRE'S Ultimate Doclands II 0838 THE STAR WARS Picture Disk 0854 KYUE'S Made in Heavan (2) 0856 FILLET THE FISH Reviewed AF feb 0860 TEENAGE Ninja Turtes Pictures 0883 808 STATE remixes A NEW Disk 0905 ZOOLOOK Jean Michel Jarre 0910 WAR OF THE WORLDS Mega music 0926 THE WHO Mega Sounds Number 1 0937 MIAMI via Remix disk Very Good 0948 MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE Excellent (2) 0956 THE New EVIL DEAD Demo Disk 0959 THE BEST DEMOS of 1990 V Good 0972 BETTY BOO Music
Sample disk 0989 WRATH OF THE DEMON Music disk 1002 BUDBRAIN MEGA DEMO II 1003 HORIZON Anolher Excellent Disk 1004 TREACL Present Ihier latest MD 1005 SONIX HOUSE Music Number 5 Best of the Best House Music Disks 1008 SHARE 8. ENJOY Amazing Tunes2l3l* 1016 CRIONICS Total Destructions 1019 TECHNOFUGHT What a great week 1021 USA vs IRAQ Animation reviewed in Amiga Formot,CUAmiga,NCE,The One 1044 KEFRENS Presents The Wall 1047 ROBOCOP Digi-Movie productions 1049 TOTAL RECALL The demo disk 1050 BACK TO THE FUTURE II Derro 1065 HAWK'S Nice Batman Section 1105 JARRE UVE The Best Jarre disk 1107 STAR
TREK KIN The Whole song 121 1113 COYOTE Part 11 The Rood Test * 1115 BAD NEWS From the Comic strip 1119 CRUSADERS HOT Wired Music disk 1123 SONIX Presents BEATIES Music 1129 DIGITIAL NOSIE2 Excellen! Remix 1133 SCOOPEX MEGA DEMO 2 latest Production from One for the best Groups 1035 BATMAN THE MOVIE Reviewed AF • 1146EQUIMAN1AII-DrunkenSkulls 1162 WATERSHIP DOWN Slideshow 1177 APPIRETlCE Playable RainbowArts 1190 WIZCAT Presents THE TRASHCAN 1200 DREAM DEALER5 Mega Demo NO 2 1214 ENIGMA Music disk Selection 1216 THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR Preview 1226 CHAOS Rock Animation Pictures 1236 The New
VOCAL ATTACK III 121 1238 SYSTEM VIOLATION It's Here 1242 RED DWARF Hi-Res Pictures (2) 1253 OPTICAL ARTS Mega demo disk TOBIAS RICHTERS SELECTION (1MBI 0186 STAR TREK Origial Anims (2) 0962 Slideshow FANTASIC ART 12) 1028 Star Trek Star Wars Animl (2) 1030 Star Trek Star Wcrs Anim212) 1032 Star Trek Star Wcrs Anim312) ' SOBCfllOM F376 THE AZTEC C COMPILER.VerS 0 F379 THEA64PACKAGEV1 Corrorehersive CBM 64 emulc'or Wnie in C64 Basic F382 CROSSOOS ?eac and wfleMS-DOS 1158 Red Devil Utils 7 1157 Exorcist Killers 1151 C-Light 1156 Driver Generator TOP TEN 1078 Essential Utils 2 1099 Protracker
1.1a 1079 To Kill A Mole (16) 1209 Wonderland 1202 RSI Demo Maker 659 Essential Utils 1 1206 1162 Home Utils 1117 Budbrain 2 1043 MVK V.2 1064 Lettrix MUSIC 1081 Kick Squad I Meg 1087 Glidescope III 1089 Sonix Systems 4 1093 Hanky Panky 1094 Intuition Finland 1126 Sound of Silents 1154 TMN Turtles 1155 Crusaders 1174 Jakes Music 1181 True Energy F240 DUNGEON MASTtRMAPS ALL14levels F272 AMIGAPUNT Horse prediction F273 PENNYWlSE CashBook Program Gcod F276 CLICK DOSil Upgrade to the CLI 154 Track Record 1 Meg 534 Games Disk 1 1179 Chess etc 1184 Mastermind etc UTILITIES 941 Art Of Virus Killing
659 Essential Utils 1 1206 Mandlebrot Maker 567 Noisetracker etc 152 Quick Base 312 Word Wright 337 Ultimate Utils 334 Le'Copiers 613 202 Utilities 341 57 Utilities 1043 MVK V2.0 336 Full Force Utils 342 Acu Utils 22 1208 Database Wizard 1078 Essential Utils 2 1099 Pro Tracker 1.1a 1202 RSI Demomaker 1146 Icon Magic 1180 Amic 1159 Red Devil Utils 6 ADULT GAMES AVAILABLE OVER 18S ONLY GAMES 843 Metagalactic Llama's 1064 Lettrix (Great) 1020 Master of Town 1204 Wet Beaver Tennis 849 The Holy Grail 850 Breakout Con Kit 830 Quizmaster 670 Monopoly 595 Cave Runner 1209 Wacko In Wonderland 832
Agatron Games 531 Blizzard 530 Pacman 525 Tennis 1 Meg 509 Paradroid 1207 Frantic Freddy 505 Drip 255 Flaschbier 856 Xenon 3 etc 117 Moria RPG lOO's more available Exclusive Ware: CROSSED SYSTEM Mesa fast shoot em up silky smooth scrolling digitized SFX & speech multiple weapons and more.
Exclusive to us Only £3.99 inc P&P Crossed system is NOT PD F383 MANDELMOUNTAJNS Updated version F300 T1T1IGEN VU Video production F355 TRACKSALVE V1.3 Remove CLI bugs F337 THE COMPLETE CMANUAL F339 PASCAL COMPILERVl.lc self comp F347 CURSOR 3-Poss A Basic compiler F351 PDC Complele C compilation sysl F356 NCOMM V1.34 Communications Prg F359 Dia lnlergrated C Envirormenl Abridge solution lo Anim5 incompatib F361 BRUSH4D Convert Images 2 sculpt F365 EASYBACKUP Hard disk Backup PRG F371 FRACTALS Fractal generator that generates diferenl types of fractals PD-SOFT SPECIAL COLLECTIONS V090
D-Copy.Mega Sound Cracker, SlideViewer.Tetra copy and Pilure Ripper.
V109 Print Studio.Amiga Spell.Noise Tracker.Virus Destroyer.Power Packer V118 Quickcopy.Fixdisk.Flash Sound Tracker rippe-,Pascal,Professional SoundTracker.Texl Editor and Logo.
V126 Turbo Backup.CrayonPaint.X-spell Jed WP.Sound Tracker V2.5 & 6Rippers te V097 THE MUSIC COMPOSER V039 STARTREKKER V1.2 V047 JAMTRACKER V1.0 V107 FUTURE COMPOSER V116 ST-07 HOUSE Instruments V132 ST-71 PSYGNOStS Instruments V133 8 Channel Track Sound Tracker V137 SCANDAL ORIGANAL MODUALS with the Africa Music from Budbrain 2 rad €©yj€T3©M T045 WBITRIS Another Tetris Variant 0002 FIASCHBIER Boulderdash Variant 0688 BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 (Playable) 0847 HEYTRIS Very hard but excellent 0850 TURRICAN H (Playable version) 0913 BREAKOUT Contrudion Set & Game 1060 STAR TREK The NEXT GENERATION the
mega New STARTREK Follow up game 1073 TETRIS Clone fast & responsive 1079 DRIVE WARS The new shoot em up 1083 MECHFIGHT The Role playing game 1203 AMIGCHDS An ASTROIDS Variant 1246 THE GALACTIC Food Fight 1247 RINGS OF ZON Gaunllet style Cl 1248 DRAGONS CAVE Puzzle Adventure 1254 STAR TREK THE SHOOT EM UP 1255 THE SIMPSONS Controll BART whatlrouble can you cause Shoot em up.
FI94 MORIA Dungeon simulator game F205 BATTY. BATTlEfORCE & CHESS F320 AmiOMfcGA bimnar io Hacx rogue F345 CROBOTS Simular lo Meek warrior F357 EMPIRE Mulliplayer economics gm F362IMPER1UM ROMANUM Risk style F418 RUNNING,A Classical Maze Game F420 SPACEWAR V1.11 TwoPlayer Game F423 HOLLYWOOD,Television Trivia F425 DOWNHILL,A skiing arcode game F426 METRO,Take the role of a city planner.you must construct a subway F427 BLACKJACK,casino simulator.
F444 MISSILE COMMAND Arcade Game PCOPY Updoted version high soed copy F384 NORTHC V1.2 latesl Updated ver F387 MANDANIM Mandelbrol Animation &MANDELBUTZ Fasl Mandelbrot plotter F391 FRACTALLAB lnvestigate fractals F394 Some ANIMATED POINTERS. Duluxe Paint Picutres.PRlNTlMAGE Easy print F396 PCALENDER.Resident AztecC utls ROADROUTE Trip planner program.
F397 DKBTRACE A complete ra Tracer F402 THE NEW PRINTSTUDIO V1.20 F403 KAWAtEDITOR Midi synthesizer F412 ZEROVtRUSIII 1.15.DIRECT0RY0PUS Befer than diskmaster user friendly F414 WRAP Sculpt4d image around asphere cyinder.even reliefed images F415 BBS System for Amateur radio F416 BUDGET Personal finance manager SOUNDEDITOR Slereo sound file editor F417 DATAEASY Dalabase Phone dialer, speech.screen editor.screen print.
F420 BOOTX V3.4 Virus Killer.tff2Scr MenuWriter Wrile a menu to Boolblock F421 N0V1RUSV3.31,Anti-virus Utility F422 GRAVITY, Object Grav simulator IMPL00ERV3.1 Better than Ppacker.
F424 MED V2.0 Amiga Musical Editor New Updated Version,AUTOCU.TTitle. F425 A-Gene genealogy Database Prg CHECKBOOK, recording Program.
F428 A set of three songs in MED TRAtN.Construdion set simulator.
F429 ATCOPY Hard diskusers.DR.FixCll F430 TOOLS create Sculpt 4d Objects V017 VC.VISICAIC Spreadsheet Program V023 APPOINTMENT CALENDER Complele V024 BANKN Complete checkbook system V027 QUICKBASE Another Neat Database V029 INVENTORY Program V105 AMIGAFOX Word Processor program V108 AMIBASE The database program V114 TEXTPLUS2.2 Best Word Processor on the amiga see Amiga format March V121 HYPERBASE The Database Program V122 MED The Word Processor Program V123 RJM The Database Program F098 QBASE Mailbase management utl rad vaboous ©m couiction V016 THE FISH TANK Simulator Program V043
JASSBENCH Reploces WorkBench V056 DISKMASTER V3.0 AF Dec reviewed V061 THE VIRUS KILLER Collect on V100 THE 3.5 DISK LABEL Printer prg V106 POWERIOGO Education language.
V110 TEN PIN BOWUNG Leogue Program V115 RAMOS 1.21 Amos Update Disk V117 MAGNETIC PAGES Create & Display a disk based Magazine with Documents V119 PRINTER DRIVERS Indudes LC-10 V124 THE DPA1NT PICTURE ART DISKSI21 V128 BOOTBLOCK Utility collection !
V130 DEMO CREATOR V1.2 By Hack Magic V131 C-UGHT a simple Ray Tracing Program. See Amiga Format March.
V134 NEW CUP ART V1.9 and V2.012) V136 THE SCANDEL Demo Creator kit Do the Bart man A 3 disk version of the No.1 hit single ONLY£3.00 inc P&P : :
• gx] PROTRACKER COLLECTION Includes Protracker v1.1a and 9 great
instrument disks 10 diskSjr only £7.95 inc sssi im FOR JUST
3 DISKS OF CLIP-ART NOW ONLY £3.00. ALMOST 400 PICTURES VISA Catalogue Disk Available at £1.00 sent FREE with all orders Send cheque or Postal Order to: All prices include P&P in UK.
VIRUS FREE PD (Dept AF) Minimum order of 3 Disks 23 ELBOROUGH RD, OVERSEAS ORDERS welcome MOREDOH, SWINDON, but please send Euro cheque or Bankers WILTS, SN2 2LS. ENGLAND draft with order.
TEL: 0793 512321 FAX: 0793 512075 Please add £3.00 towards P&P.
U New image 16 DISKS OF TOP QUALITY CLIP-ART Each of these disks can be purchased on their own for £1 including post + packing or as a complete set for £15. All the art is suitable for DTP and is in 2 colours.
: 11 Christmas clip-art Office and Sports Comic, cartoon clip-art Cartoon clip-art Viz cartoon clip-art Office equipment etc People, jobs etc. Fancy headlines, Xmas etc
- Fancy fonts, flags, signs etc 345
- Borders, USA, people etc 346
- Maps, headlines, halloween 347
- Cowboys, valentine etc 348
- Transport, flowers etc 349
- Lots and lots of food 350
- More food clip-art 351
- Cartoon animals, children 352 i ; II i:©?!
I m m m II m There is much more art on each disk than is listed above.
See the catalogues for detailed descriptions.
CATALOGUE DISK: £1 or send SAE for printed catalogue FLETCHER FONTS All Orders Dispatched Within 48 HOURS. CLEARED FUNDS ONLY In] = Number of Disks ¦ = 1MB Memory Required Overseas Orders Welcome WE ARE OPEN SATURDAY'S CHEQUES or PO’s payable to: NEW IMAGE SOFTWARE, 40 Appleby Gardens, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3DB PACK 1 to 4 : 6 disks per pack, each disk has 7 to 15 different colour fonts, various sizes but no repeats Instructions to load the 16 colour fonts into DPAINT as fonts. Help, Advice & Support available from PD Soft.
PACK A or B : Black & White packs of fonts as above but 10 to 20 fonts per disk.
£15.00 Per Pack. IDEAL FOR VIDEO & ARTISTIC WORK AMIGA - ATARI ST - C64 - PC Pd Essentials
22. Fern Avenue. Mitcham. Surrey. CR4 1LS HIGHQUAUTY LICENCEWARE
GAMES £3.00 each III LI - SPACE BLOB : Plafform Game L2 - MR
DIG (1Mb) : Dig Dug Style L3 - Q-BOID : Tetris Variant. L4 -
clone. All 5 Exciting Levels.
L6 - BALLZONE : Arkanoid but with a new twist.
L7 - DIZZY UZZY(lMb): Boulderdash type of game.
L8 - LIZZY'S FUNTIME 1: 4 Educational Games.
III II fill reral prgrams_________ Achieve real value for your money!
Look through our extensive easy to read catalogue which states the amount of k b each program takes up on a disk then choose as many as you can that will fit onto the available 500k b.
Amiga PC owners-twice the value! We compress your programs - and supply the de-compressor FREE on your disk!
New starter pack 2 full disks of useful utilities only £5 plus 50p p&p.
We have the most comprehensive pd library in the UK. You can become a member by sending a cheque or postal order for £1 (refunded on 1st order). All disks are £2.50 each plus 50p p&p.
_Please state computer make model._ PRICES PER DISK FRED FISH PAPER CATALOGUE DISK mi Disks Disks Disks Disks £2.50 £2.25 £2.00 £1.75 Ever wanted a complete description of all the Fred Fish disks on Paper’ Well, the entire list is now ONLY available from PD SOCT 80 Pages revealing everything about every program in this range as described by Fred Fish This Includes Sorted Index Of Every Fyogram! Only £2 50 I-5 6-10 II-20 21 + Tired of boring catalogue disks?
Get the unique, easy lo use PD SOFT Database Catalogue Disks They contains details of over 1800 disks available directly from stock from us A multitude of options including Search & Print 2 Disk Set Only £1 50 Free Updates.
With exception lo Licenceware and Special Packs XXX please ask for list and stale lhaf you are over 18 : H * i go around a board, which is displayed in 3D.
The start and end squares are the same, and on the board are differently coloured squares which will teleport you to a similarly coloured square elsewhere on the board.
Moving is achieved by a deck of cards which have numbers displayed on them. You have to decide whether the next card is higher or lower - if you succeed then you can move one extra space. You keep choosing higher or lower until you make a wrong decision, which is when you move.
The trouble is, you can get miles ahead of your opponent, and then make a mistake and get teleported behind them! It’s a tricky game to play well - and I really liked the idea of no dice. The cards are automatically shuffled from time to time.
INVOICE PRINTER DIGITAL APPLICATIONS PDXTRA 85 You’ve a problem. You run a small business, and you want something to print out invoices Date ACC 9 AMIGANUTS Yes, the Amiga Coders Club is still very much alive and well. Released on the second week of each month, it can prove most invaluable when you start digging into machine code and the Amiga system.
Apart from the usual source and project source listings (the ACC series is happiest when used with the Devpac assembler from HiSoft) there's also included a few general interest articles.
There’s quite a good article on starting off in comms. It goes all the way from choosing a modem and what to look for, buying cables and obtaining software, to dialling up your first bulletin board.
On the machine code side, a couple of things which caught my attention were an article on using libraries from AmigaDOS (which tends to make your programs ‘legal’, ie Workbench compatible) and also a handy little information program called Helper. Helper just puts information onto the screen about certain aspects of machine-code programming. For instance, the memory map, commonly-used words, hardware addresses and so on.
JUNGLE BUNGLE (1 MB) AMOS LPD5 There are not many adventure games around these days. For people who enjoyed this genre, Jungle Bungle (from Len Tucker) offers a similar system but uses the Amiga's graphics and the mouse to play.
You are stranded in the middle of the jungle after an aeroplane crash. The idea of the game is to survive long enough to make your way back to civilisation - but it's not easy, because food and water are in short supply.
Moving around is done with the mouse, by clicking on one of the north, south, east or west icons. You can examine objects or search them thoroughly. Should you find anything useful it can be placed in your trusty backpack for later use.
Jungle Bungle makes a nice change from the hordes of arcade games on the Amiga. It's a very easy game to play (you rarely have to use the keyboard) but at the same time it's tricky to complete.
GO-GETTER (1 MB) AMOS LPD11 with the minimum of fuss. This program will do just that - it will accept items and their cost, total it all on-screen, add them all up and print it out to your own stationery. It’s easy to use and does the job - I’m sure plenty of people will find A Marshman’s little proggy very useful.
MOD PRO V1.8 AMIGANUTS 988 You’ve got lots of music modules handy, but they were composed with different programs (SoundTracker, NoiseTracker, ProTracker, MED). If you want them set up to play in the background automatically, how do do it?
MOD PRO (short for module processor) will cope with this quite happily. It has been updated, and can load different types of module - this version can cope with ProTracker
VI. I and MED 3.0 modules, as well as virtually everything
else.It’s not difficult to use, and has had most of the bugs
removed from its early days. So if you want autoplaying music
on your Workbench, check out this latest release.
N8S _ W..... If you’ve ever wanted to load a set of fonts into the Star LC10 printer and tried to modify the IBM program in the manual without success, this disk is the solution.
There are a dozen or more new fonts to upload into the printer, and a program to design your own. Uploading the included fonts is very easy indeed.
The documentation is even kind enough to tell you how to set the printer up to receive them. Well done Jeff Tullin.
LICENCED TO DIGITAL APPLICATIONS 1991) LC10FONTS Total Balance 18 03 1991 Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Entry Ok Y N TURNS UNTIL SNUFFLE POINTS FOR PASSING GO TOP TEN UTILITIES CONTACT LIST: RIVERDENE PD LIBRARY HIGHER LOHER MOVES GAINEO SO FAR Now here’s a rarity. Go-Getter is an original mix of snakes-and-ladders, Hi-Lo and Amiga graphics from Ronnie Simpson. It’s good to see that some people are still actually creating with AMOS these days.
Go-Getter is a two-player game. The idea is AMIGANUTS, 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton, S01 6QX. 0703 785680, AMOS PD, 0942 495261, DIGITAL APPLICATIONS , 118 Middle Crockerford, Basildon, Essex, SS16 4JA. 0268 553963, NBS, 132 Gunville Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5LH. 0983 529594, SENLAC SOFTWARE PD, 14 Oaklea Close, Old Roar UTL 459 ESSl UTL 202 m .... UTL 620
1. Dope Intro Maker 2, Skunk Utilities Vol.l
4. ESA Utilities I
5. D-Copy Lattice C (Fred Fish 23) FF 1731
7. MessyDOS (Fred Fish 327) FF 1490
MUSIC DISKS 1 - 9 disks = £1.50 each 10-19 disks = £1.25 each
20 or more = £1.00 each PLEASE NOTE: 2 disk sets are charged
as 2 single disks, 3 disk sets as 3 single disks, etc. POSTAGE
is included in the disk price if you live in the U.K. Europe
add £1.50 to order Rest of World add £2.50 TELEPHONE ORDERS
may be made using any Visa, Access or Mastercard on (0709)
829286 A CATALOGUE DISK is available free of charge.
To obtain yours, send us a stamped addressed envelope (9"x6M), or ask for one with your order.
* = 1 meg needed
(X) = 18 and over only (please state age) Figures in brackets
refer to number of disks in set.
016 Space Ace Demo 085 Red Sector Megademo (2) 089 Gymnast Animation * 103 Wild Copper Demo 107 FIAF Megademo. (2) 127 NewTek Demo (2) * 157 Cool Cougar Animation * 161 Kylie Minogue Demo (2) 240 Puggs in Space Cartoon 261 Deathstar Megademo (2) 280 Tree Frog Animation * 288 The AMOS Demo 297 Holsten PilsAd 298 Unicycle Animation * 399 NewTek Demo 3 (2) * 447 Micro Mix Demo 483 Elvira Demo 499 Showbiz Animation * 568 Wings Animation 574 Laurel & Hardy Demo (2) 577 Lumberjack Song (2) 646 Predators Megademo (2) 711 Arcadia Megademo 744 Red Sector Cebit Demo 747 Popeye Meets Beachboys 762 The
Run Animation * 771 Congaman Animation * 773 Shark Animation * 821 Popeye Demo Game 825 Budbrain Megademo (X)(2) 853 Dragons Lair Demo * 854 Bread Home & Away Demo 865 Coma Demo 881 Flash Megademo (2) 895 Trip To Mars 897 Scoopex Mental Hangover 903 Shadow of Beast 2 Demo 906 Madonna Cartoon * 944 Magnetic Fields CD Demo 946 Subway Clapping Hands 037 Moria RPG * 045 Golden Fleece Adventure 068 Adventures Disk 1 117 Monopoly 121 Stone Age 135 Classic Board Card Games 151 Chinese Chequers * 172 Flaschbier Game 195 Electric Train Set 219 Tennis * 251 Blizzard 314 Breakout Construction Set 315
Return to Earth 496 Holy Grail Adventure * 498 Wanderer Game 500 Star Fleet 567 Turrican Playable Demo 648 Star Trek (USA) (2) * 680 Learn & Play (2) 689 Eat Mine 690 Marathon Mine 3 727 Star Trek (Richter) (2) 766 Treasure Hunt (Age 6-10) 823 Pseudo Cop Game 938 Computer Conflict 957 Pipeline 962 Drip!
987 Snakepit 991 Jeopard * 1004 Games Disk 9 1084 S.E.U.C.K. Games 1091 Entropy 1113 Wet Beaver Games 1230 Dragon Cave 1245 Rings of Zon * 1283 Sub Culture 1408 APD59: Super Quiz 1411 APD62: Arcadia 1434 APD85: Reversi Snakes 1445 APD96: Pair-lt 051 Visicalc Spreadsheet 081 UeditWord Processor 110 Disk Utilities 111 Grafix Utilities 1 118 Grafix Utilities 2 119 Amiga MCAD 152 Virus Killers Disk 180 Pagesetter Clip Art 210 Icons!
259 Ultimate Bootblock Coll. (2) 343 Intromaker 346 TV Graphics (2) 348 APDC 25 (Programming) 353 ShoWiz2.0 354 PowerPacker 2.2a 380 PD Spectacular 410 Dpaint Cartoon Brushes 442 Dpaint Fonts Disks (4) 456 Chet Solace Extravaganza 458 HAM Ftadio Special (5) 495 ClickDOS (CLI Helper) 516 A68k Assembler C Compiler 536 Red Devil Compacting Utils.
537 Red Devil Utilities Disk 3 542 Awesome Utilities 546 Iconmania!
571 Jazzbench 580 Dope Intro Maker 591 Business Card Maker 595 Amateur Radio Disk 632 MessyDOS 633 Analyticalc 642 C Manual 643 SID v1.06 645 North C 661 Programming Disk 682 Sound Applications (2) 684 Video Applications (2) 697 Graphics Management (2) 901 THE Comms Disk 022 Sound Atax 044 Batdance Remix 052 Awesome Sounds 061 J M Jarre - Definitive 166 Vangelis * 187 Crusaders Audio X 237 Zee’s Hip Hop Music Disk 267 Miami Vice Remix 313 Relaxation Disk 335 Girls Need Love 398 Powerlords: Power Musix 1 407 CD Player * 409 Crusaders: Freakd Out!
424 Made in Heaven (2) 426 Ripping Yarns 497 Amiga Chart 5 518 Bopus Polupus 534 Vision Music Masters 552 Music Invasion 3 (2) 650 MAD: Nuls for Ever 654 Powerlords Power Musix 2 713 Flash! - Queen (2) 722 Beatmaster Club Mix 724 Technotronic Remix 746 Crusaders Bacteria 824 Digital Concert V 833 DJ Disco Leif 2 857 900 Oxygene Remix * 866 Pan III Music Disk 870 Bruno's Music Box 2 910 Darkling Lords Music Disk 914 Special Brothers Music 2 922 Phalanx Beatbox 924 Game Boy Music Disk * 930 Rebellion 935 Madonna: Hanky Panky 941 Soundtracker Jukebox 959 Scorpions : Eargasm II 969 100 C64 Games
Tunes 970 The Comic Strip Remix 976 Scoopex: Beast Sonix 982 E & L: Get Up!
986 Amaze : Revolutions 993 PSA Music Demodisk 1 1026 Digital Concert VI 1061 Captured Imagination 1068 Exile Chipshop 1077 Superior Sounds V1.1 1107 Stop Right Now! * 1243 Chip Music Festival 1248 LSD: Supreme Music 1 1284 Cave: Synthetic Power 1292 Crusaders Does Genesis
ANIMATIONS 8 disks for £10 A great way for new Amiga owners to
check out what p.d. is all about. Each pack contains 8 disks
and is just £10 per pack!
GAMES PACK 37 Titles on 8 disks including Asteroids, Tiles, Bally 2, Sys, Pool, YachtC, Invaders, H-Ball, Fruit Machine, Block Off, Shoot Out, Peter's Quest, and many more!
DEMOS PACK Some of the most popular demos in the library: Coma, Wild Copper, Cebit 90, Elvira, Mental Hangover, Rebels Megademo 2, Pain Is Just The Beginning, and Popeye Meets The Beachboys!
SOUNDTRACKER SPECIAL The great PD music maker, plus instruments, songs, modules, rippers and more!
Make music or just have fun!
HOME BUSINESS PACK A suite of programmes for those who want to dabble in the serious side: Nag, Bank'n, Journal, Qbase, Spread, Wordwright, AmigaSpell, Inventory, MemoPad & more!
947 Mars Flight Animation * 954 Teenage Turtles Demo 964 Operation Vark!
966 Bloodsport 2 1001 Station at Khern ** (3) 1008 APD22: Fun School 3 Demo 1033 At the Movies ** 1034 Stealthy* 1043 Razor 1911: Vertical Insanity 1053 Not 9 O'Clock News 3 (2) 1064 Dream Warrior Demos 1072 Rebels Tuttie Fruitie Pak II 1088 Epic Demo * 1089 Not 9 O'Clock News 4 (2) * 1092 Pharaoh Animation * 1093 Dpaint 3 Demo (2) * 1105 Crionics Neverwhere Demo 1108 Looney Tunes Animation * 1110 Fractal Flight 1188 Fillet The Fish 1190 Pussy : Innership 1191 Clothes Peg Animation * 1200 Raiders of Lost Ark Anim * 1214 Anarchy Scratch Pack 44 1226 Wizzcat Trashcan Demo 1229 Budbrain 2 1231
Awesome Game Demo 1235 Kickboxer Demo 1236 Rebels Tutti Fruitie VII 1238 Evil Dead Demo (X) * 1246 LSD: Comix Disk 1 1256 Killing Game Show Demo 1271 Legend of Billy The Kid * 1275 Penguin Animations 1280 Horizon: Sleeping Bag 1287 Wrath of the Demon Demo 1400 APD51: Weird Science 1453 More Aerotoons * 078 Vallejo Fantasy Art (2) 082 Ray-traced Pictures 163 NASA Slideshow 167 Digiview Slideshow 171 Patrick Nagel Pictures 185 Escher Slideshow 238 TV Sports Basketball 282 Forgotten Realms 617 Neighbours Slideshow 725 Diggy Piggys Slideshow (2) 742 Madonna Slideshow 767 Cinemaware Slideshow 768
814 Viz Slideshow 831 Utopia Cartoon Slideshow 863 Scream Queens (2) 878 Sun Connection: Slide 3 891 Creepshow 899 Madonna Slideshow 2 (2) * 942 Garfield Slideshow 968 Gorezone Slideshow (X) 1044 Desert Island Slideshow 2 1051 Total Recall Slideshow 1062 Golems Gate Slideshow 1073 Fraxion Fantasy Slideshow 1082 Annie Jones Slideshow 1085 Comic Slideshow (X) 1103 Girls of Sports Illustrated 1112 Fractal Factory 3 1210 Turtles Slideshow 1211 Fractal Fantasy 1232 Jimi Hendrix Slideshow 1242 Back to the Future 1272 Nemesis: Prologue 1277 Fraxion: Divine Visions (2) * 1279 Forgotten Realms '90 1475
Nemesis: Chapter 1 (2) * 1480 The Age of Slack 902 QED Text Editor 950 Mercenary Virus Killers Disk 952 Workbench Fun!
1022 AMOS RAMOS Update 1.2' 1023 Future Composer 1058 Zero Virus V3.0 1071 Noiseplayer V3.0 1078 Prophecy: Fractal Scape 1079 Prophecy: Coder Mag 1 1086 MED V2.13 1095 Catalogue Workshop (2) 1097 DTP Clip Art (2) 1099 Video Graphics (4) 1117 Geneaology * 1198 Soundtracker V4.0 (2) 1222 Picture Format Convertors 1225 Hardware Projects Mag 1228 ST Emulator 1234 Tetra-Copy 1253 Red Devil Utilities 5 1255 Opti Utilities 1 1260 Bowl! V2.0 (2 drives) 1265 Cryptic Utilities 17 1266 House Samples (3) 1269 SpectraPaint 1273 C-Light 1274 Star Trekker 1.2 Music Prog.
1286 Mandlebrot Generator * 1293 Pro Tracker v1.1 a 1294 Chaos & Fractal Programs 1360 DKB Trace (Fish 397) 1366 Fix Disk (Fish 403) 1383 Menu Writer (Fish 420) 1385 Art of Virus Killing 1432 APD83: AMOS Paint 1450 New SuperKillers Disk 1451 ElectroCAD 1452 AmiBase
3. 5" BLANK DISKS 10 FOR £4.99 WITH DISK BOX £5.99 50 FOR £22.50
WITH DISK BOX £26.50 100 FOR £39.99 WITH DISK BOX £44.99 DISK
BOXES FLIP-TOP 10 capacity .... £1.49 LOCKABLE 40 capacity
.... £4.99 50 capacity .... £6.99 80 capacity .... £7.99 100
capacity . . . £9.99 MISCELLANEOUS Mouse Mat .£2.99
Keyboard Cover.... £3.99 Monitor Cover £5.99 Printer
Cover £4.99 Mouse House £1.99 Drive Cleaning Kit. . .
£2.99 Printer Cable £6.99 Stereo Leads (2m) . . . £2.99
1,000 disk labels .... £12.50 VHS Library Cases £6.99 for 10
"CRAZY JOE’S" LOGO T-SHIRTS (M L XL) White . . . £3.99
3. 5" DISKS ONLY £3.00 for Pkt 10 INCLUDING LABELS + £1.15
CARRIAGE PER 10 _ GAMES G1 Amoebi, Asteroids, Cosmor G5 Lingo,
Bally, Nightworks G6 Packman 87 G8 Startrek 3 1 Meg (2 disks)
G10 Startrek 2 1 Meg (3 disks) G12 Breakout con kit G14
Emerald Mine 3 G21 Paranoid (Arkanoid Clone) G22 Puzzle pro &
puzzle make G23 Trainset WORD PROCESSING W1 Word Wright W3
Uedit with Amigaspell U32 Clight U34 Amiga M.CAD V1.2.5 U29
Protracker U24 New Amiga Sample Player U23 MED V2.01 - Music
Edit U11 NASA backup disk U18 P-Copy 3 U26 Midi utility disk
U39 New 8 track soundtracker U37 Sound noise startra (2 disks)
U27 Video progs (2 disks) U31 Copiers 1 U40 Noisetracker V1.1+
U22 Visicalc - Spreadsheet AMOS PD, GAMES (£1.99 each) Z102
Chain Saw Death Z103 Pick Up A Puzzle (1 Meg) Z110 Cross Fire
(1 Meg) Z130 The Wodern Ball (1 Meg) Z115 Balloonachy (1 Meg)
Z137 Tile Trile (1 Meg) AMOS PD, DEMOS (£1.99 EACH) Z124 Bob's
Manic's Demo (1 Meg) Z129 Music Demo 1 Z131 Armageddon Demo
ART A30 A29 DEMOS D45 Punk Croc Megademo D42 Puggs In Space
D69 Photomontage III D70 Batman The Movie Demo D68 Showbiz
Animation D59 Mike Tyson Animation D49 Monty Python Demo D78
Bat-Dance Demo D79 Walker Demo (2 Disk, 2 Meg) D62 Acid Force
Compilation AMOS LICENCEWARE (£3.50 EACH) ZL1 Colouring Book
ZL2 Arc Angels Maths ZL4 Thingimajig ZL5 Jungle Bungle (1 Meg)
ZL8 Work & Play (1 Meg) ZL9 Amos Assembler req Amos ZL10 The
Word Factory ZL11 Go Getter Game (1 Meg) ZL12 Hypnotic Lands
Demo Disk UTILITIES U28 Soundtracker V4.0 U21 N.B.S.
Speedbench SUPPLIES
3. 5" disks Pkt 10.....£3.00 4-1.15 Deluxe Paint
3 ..£51.974-3.45 Deluxe Print 2 ..£33.47+3.45
3. 5" Second drive....£59.95+3.45 512K Ram expansion
£39.50+3.45 Kindwords V2
R. R.P. £49.95 Special £32.47+£3.45 SUPERBASE 2 PERSONAL WITH
£94.20+£5.75 Fantasy VI Disney 1 (Pictures & Music)
Destination Doclands Police Car Animation A15 A14 MASTERSOUND
ALL DISKS 1 Buccluech Street Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria LA14
1SR Tel (0229) 473609 CARRIAGE FOR EVERY 1 -10 DISKS £1.15
i. e. 7 = £1.15 20 = £2.30 FRED FISH 300 TO 350 AVAILABLE WE
43. Puggs in Space, a cute and funny demo
88. Tree Frog. Window Man. Walking Man
313. Revenge Horror Show, for psycho's only
394. Stamp Collector, an old hut good demo
444. Fillet The Fish, similar to Puggs demo
631. Steves animations 1. Has 8 cute anims.
632. Steves animations 2. Has 6 cute anims.
789. Steves animations 3. Has 6 cute anims.
790. Steves animations 4. Has 5 cute anims.
791. Steves animations 5. Has 6 cute anims.
807. Evil Dead demo, for all you Sycho's (*)
759. Amos Creator II demo, official release
751. Colour Cycling, superb effects get it!
750. Budbrain li a new disk from Budbrain
657. Goldfire 1990 mega demo with Turtles!
656. Pussy Innership. Good graphics and game.
655. Unreal game demo, to show off your Amiga
654. Olympia, parallax scrolling at its best
598. Fractal animation, super mandelbrots (*)
597. Cool Fridge, superb Plasma effects here
548. Dcvllls Child, good demo compilation
547. Materialized, cryptobumers superb demo
539. Chromium, a great new demo by Scoopex
533. Safe Sex demo, nothing to do with sex
517. Danish Know How from Flash Productions
516. Purple, very large vector routines
321. Fractal Flight animation, unusual demo
287. Colam Gates Mega demo II. Worth getting.
260. Mars Cop. Great space flight sequence
22. Kefrens mega demo 7. Good all rounder
24. Elvira game demo, see before you buy it
132. Dragons demo 1. Has lovely raster effects
174. Ian & Micks mega demo. 9 parts to this LPD 1. Colouring book
LPD 2. Arc Angels Maths LPD 4. Thingamajig LPD 5. Jungle
Bungle LPD 6. Pukadu & Sprites LPD 7. 4 Way Link (*) LPD 8.
Learn & Play(*) LPD 9. Amos Assembler VI.0 LPD 10. Word
Factory' (*) LPD 11. Co Getter Game (*) PLEASE NOTE
LICENCEWARE IS £3.50 A DISK set by Amos HD
78. The Holy Grail, a very good adventure
223. Moria. A role playing adventure (*)
363. The Golden Reece a text adventure (*)
374. Colossus, another text adventure game
418. Frantic Freddie the I’D game, good fun
441. All new Psuedo Cop game, a Shoot em up
458. Castle of Doom, adventure with graphics
459. Buggy Commando, a playable demo. Fun.
460. . Flaschbier. A boulderdash PD game
511. Train construction, design your layout
552. Eat Mine II. Has 80 screens to play at
555. Drip, a painter type of game, great fun
557. Silkworm 4. Playable shoot em up (*)
558. Murder, an adventure playable preview
559. Back to the Future, playable preview
665. Killing Came Show, playable preview
666. Plotting, a 5 level demo from Psygnosis
670. Wild Fire, another pre-release game demo
699. Yelp, a Painter type game, multi-levels
746. Paradrold one ship taster, arcade action
748. Marathon Mine III. 80 screens to tackle.
The following animations all require I meg.
805. Franklin the Fly. Hilarious and funny
763. Basketball player, superb ray tracing
761. Zeus bust, old but very' well done
760. Piano animation, by Paul Tumersley
634. Clothes peg. A ray traced animation
633. Batman the movie, funny and amusing
625. Juggler II. The Juggler meets a lady-
582. Stealthy II Manoevres. Great cartoon
291. The Lotus Car chase from Agatron
205. The famous Knight from a book animation
101. The very famous "Gymnast" demo
79. Education of Cool Cougar, very funny.
The demos below consist of 2 DISKS so each demo costs £1.98.. please reinember
44. Trilogy mega demo, a really superb demo
45. Kefrens mega demo 8. One of the best
66. Predators, great game to play as well
94. Deathstar mega demo 1. Multi part demo
199. Red Sectors, a must for demo collectors
201. RAF another of the classic demos
365. Budbrain. A little Risque on disk two.
537. Monty Python's Secret Policemans Ball
614. Monty Python's Nudge Nudge, more humour
594. Hit tlie Road bv Flash, multi part demo.
FRED FISH DISKS We now have the complete library in stock from disk I to disk 450. Only 99p each disk T-BAG DISKS We stock from disk 1 to 46. Only 99p each SLIDESHOWS Now over 1.000 titles in stock, full details are on our catalogue disk for only £1. Or sent free with your order Phone and collect service now available Orders are despatched the same day Now' over 12 years of business experience behind us Vast stocks are held so no waiting and no delays We are open 10am-7pm. Monday-Friday and 9am- 4pm Saturdays You can Fax your order to us on (0535)667469 MINIMUM ORDER 3 DISKS BY CREDIT C ARDS
781. Wendy and Lisa, pictures of the pop duo
779. Twin Peaks, pictures from the TV show Annie Jones, ten
pictures of Annie Yabba Dabba Doo. Great cartoon pictures
Newteck's Digi-View 4.0 great demo disk Future Visions, more
fantasy pictures Saucy postcards, naughty but nice .. ..
Madonna Slideshow, lots of pictures
472. Viz slideshow as seen in Amiga Format
112. Space Bubbles, terrific fantasy pics
635. Total Recall. Arnold Schwarzenegger
739. Slideshow Spectacular, superb hi-res.
796. Crusaders does Genesis, superb (*
794. In a Silent Way. Don't miss this disk!
771. Anarchy's music collection by 4 Matt.
770. Arcane Music. 11 tracks for you to play-
767. The 900 Oxygen remix, collect it now (*)
724. Power Trax. Superb disk, (thanks Jazz) (*)
723. Sounds of DOB II. 17 tracks of music (*)
722. Vocal Attack the sequel, real heavy man
718. Revolutions by Jean Michelle Jarre
717. Musical Massacre disk 1. Very good
716. Bomb the Base. 8 fab tracks to listen to
703. 808 remixes from the Beatmaster who else?
UTILITIES MUSIC MED V3.0. the latest and greatest (*) Startrekker VI.2 Soundtracker clone Red Sector demo maker V1.0 great! (*) Flexi Base, a more friendly data base 647-653. Volumes 1-7 clip art by Andy Hughes (may he purchased separately if required)
640. Mobed V1.0. a movable object editor
623. C-Light. Ray tracing program very good
613. Soundtracker Professional (Protracker)
610. Master Virus Killer Y'2.0. terrific!!
Just arrived NORTH C VI.3 (order by Name) Please note this Is a 2 disk set £1.98
HOW TO ORDER Write down ttie number of disks The following arc £1.98 each 2 disk sets.
I should he so Lucky by Kylie, 5 samples
25. Fresh Cola music. 2 disks of great music
301. Darkstar's music 9. 14 great tunes
417. Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson, great!
420. Lumberjack song from Monty Python
478. Made In Heaven by Kvlie. A full 6 nuns!
525. Flash by Queen, a great disk for fans
569. Helloween. Great haunting music sample
581. D-Mob music 4. 2 disks of good music you require and send it
with your cheque, a postal
, ....-___________ order or your
Access Visa card details to :- BLITTERCHIPS "Cliffe House",
Primrose Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 4NN.
Or you can phone our credit card HOTLINE with your order today. (0d3d) 667469.
VAT registration No. 181 2908 62.
IMPORTANT NOTICE , TRADE DUPLICATING Our commercial duplicating plant is available for trade duplication, if you want 100 copies or 5.000 then give us a ring and ask for Steve, we will gladly give you a quote, fast turnaround and high grade disks formats available: IBM PC. ST. AMIGA.
ZERO HOUR MODEL DISK 3 17-BIT DISK 840 Some pretty girls have had their features HAM digitised for this slideshow, which includes frames from various fash- ion magazines, as well as the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. The quality ranges from pretty rough to fairly impressive, but it makes quite a nice break from the eye-stabbing graphics for a while.
Some more serious grooves, ranging from heavy acid via Latino House to a nice A Tribe Called Quest-style rendition of Walk on the Wild Side (if you don’t know what I mean, take a listen to the catchy ‘Can I Kick It’ by said artistes). The graphics are pretty run-of-the-mill, apart from the nice logos constructed with pieces of dollar bills, but the music is well worth checking out.
THE SPICE MUSIC DEMO SOFTVILLE PD DISK SOF-742 If you can ignore the rather twee Edd the Duck animations at the bottom of the screen, this demo shows once again that Hacktrick are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to nasty dance music. The demo contrasts the evil ‘Mr Kirk's Nightmare’ with the more ethereal ‘There Can be Only One’. Some of the better PD grooves to appear for a while.
LEEDS UNITED SLIDESHOW 17-BIT DISK 845 This has to be one of the silliest ideas for a slideshow so far! I know that there have been demos with limited appeal, but this is ridiculous. Some digitised HAM images from The Big Match is pretty much yer lot, so only complete Leeds United fans need apply.
UJ z H- 0 I»- iy 0 t LU LU CL rv t uj O co 3 £V Q LU 0 DC CL S Q z tu CO CD uj cc CL LU CO 0 UJ o o CO V) LU LO OC LU Q LU DC DC O J Z Z O lU y 0 z a cc o« CL O' 1 UJ -J u _1 X 1 1 2 CQ q. _1 1 Z LU CD LO CQ to LU ac 0 So 1 a h- LU 0 rv LO =S to = O LU ui O Q. LU cc LO O - Q z ZD CD cc CO 0 ZD O 0 z LU 1 0 Z LU LO H- LU LO U- X _1 O £ CL LU CO ¦5 LU g y DC DC CL Q 9 i= II 5 Q ? CO LU _j 0 CO n uj §0- UU« DC UJ UJ y zQ o LU to CO a a a O UD LO O O O o XT D*C DtC CO CO CD 0 Q (D LU z DC CC LU LU DC CL CL CO a Q. a LU LU LO O
CD CN LO X DC A a 0 0 0 0 1 r 0 Q. 1 CO _J I CD z z UJ z O O CO 0 0 CO CO 1 _ it: nc _1 z 1 CO CO £ t= (D O LO 1 Z O CD z DC CL CL LU OC s - W O LU LU LU 9z 9 OC Q. f 0 CO z 0 1 Ul Dt: O 0 LU 0 0 h CO Q Z to CO LU DC CD Q
o o h LU °n CL L) ijj to LU CO a: lu o; Q CO W DC LU UJ
i r • Q CM CP uuo 111 111 LU a tO O O (sj ,- O 5 CP Q
Dt J '“¦N Z O Otljjv 55 co ID Q Q g 3 co i co co CO LU 0
% ° X co DC Q £ 0 5 i gog co QC X DC LU Z a. Z 0 z i
CL CL 3 to Bs O o t 0 CO LU DC O Z ,sr 'O eo • CL z c*.
ZD O ZD o £ ?
7 - °- m S z98 'O CO to CO ic ic *c to CO to O CD O CD CD CD 0-0-0.
LO O' + 1 1 O ¦ O ¦- z H- to z O o UJ QC y QC CL Q O' O I CQ
• “ CO CO CO QC 0 £ CQ Q LU CO hQO CL lu CD
o x LJ I £ •- O CL DC I CL I CO CO t o S Q U S Os o
Os o oO" O Z DC LU CO DC CL U OC a. zr lu f= cl co 3 a: CO I
trttrttrttrttrttrttrttrt 9 2 9 i£ i£ O O O Os Os o Os £ £ 2
*o Os Os 00 CM co SQ to LU Uj i 111
* * go o J S 5 CO to" s'2 o CK J a: O to = to 0 1 c z
to Ul o - Z c to a lo o o 0) 10 CM o crt to Uj r X Uj
Q tQ u
- £ °
* 2 -n to 5 Uj »- S 0 £ S 50® Q: £ ago 2 o“* Uj Q = 2 - ~J
U- 3- Ui (J k u_ .
O °- o 2 5 C o. Q Q. Uj t to O Q. CL O Q LU L- to Q; Uj 2 C LU I o J*; to a: O =5 to u. s o o to Ul s O 2 L: O 2 (!)
U4 55~u?
S Q Uj to Ul O: O QZ
• to 2 o -
o • o o O S Q =j 0 to i Uj 2 to D O C CL 0 5 O o _ to 52 Q
Pi CQ g S55 »o • Ul Ul CD Ul & *2 to Ul to CQ
- -j O O Q; CD CL z Uj a: i*; O O ° Q; -j CL -J trt CD o .
I to o o - a -I 5 to Ul 5 O O CQ Cfc Ul 6 3: Uj to !2« Uj £V 0 Uj
* S to CL a o to £0 =1 Qi Q g 2 I Uj CD Q tL to Q ft i CM 2 to
2 3(j CQ to |S§g 33 to K O ¦ac -y n 3: CM .3 Qi Qi to 3) v
= ‘1 jQOt Qi ° -55 : ui r I §3«2£ S § s S o (o C to £ I 01 2 2 CL o § to o
o o Os lO U c. Ul Ul c* O to to Uj to o to L; to CM o Q O
’• . jj uj ea
• 4V ,V S £ S£ »is;
U. l P 5L C„ ¦ •:,• A uj y SiC j . S' v; o S u
- .j o ' j • *- X sr a Os «o Uj CO ex.
S s eo CO Q. CM o CQ Q Q 5: O 2 0 CO Q io o (11 3 3 O i. to 51 tn O | «fl tn cn cn 3 CL CM ts m w TO l. v- tn Q .52 »o CD •3 c to w 3 01 c cn 01 3 C t- to 01 01
- 4 n 01 Q. 3 tn 01 o to C 1 Q- ' CD Ol c ¦5 Ol C3l 0 X u £ E c
!c tn £ O (Q ¦s £ xi 2
- Ul 3 tn -~ 01 x H- Oi O £ K w 2 i. Xi Ql 3 0 to 0 k. O 01 0 ¦ E
0 Q x: tn § 8 5 4e u 2 tn Xl to ¦k.
01 tn Cl O « IjS 4C L) to Q. Xj X to C 0
- J Ql O ¦* )C £ O 2 CD £ 0 CL X E ui 2 Uj p. fa £ H £101 _l CD
5 8 fa 01 ¦C ai oi =5 01 3 O c "t V) LC U) Qj Q) O E Qj ¦o O)
in ¦Q 3 CD 0) ¦c Q) o tn O 8 £ c S -2't .? Tb Ol p O C
• 2 | E o ' o 2 c x ® c 2 o ¦Q X m 03 s e; tgS fc T3 QJ CD U nj
o L § O 3 ? 8
Q) «J k X 0 .
0 Q, 1 I TO Q- C3) Q) S ¦*= CO to K K CC CC UJ Ul CD O 2 2 O O
o o s5 tn £ E | £ K £ 0, tn £ £ £, 8 05 Ol to o C E ! 1 ?
To 01 Q.
To c 01 01 i. Ql 3 in O) c o tn B: .2 S-8 3 C w a; ss 0) TO 3 S1 3 5 3 Qj s- C 2 o O o tn s 0j V. O tn E ¦2 -o O E "o
V) Cj UJ W Q) §e O cc t: uj °o
t) o 2 3; j (D Ul
o !~ co 2: fr. &.10 t«S Uj 2 X CD " Uj CO CL CO (3 O 300 CC =) o
O CL CO co co sj- co to to V) 3 § c o to o 3 “ O 3 is C to 2 s
2 I S JD ¦ u Q Qj 1°
3) CO CO Uj § CO
• T 2 Uj O cc a: Q co
o Ul I3 gen co K Ul Ul S 3!
O CO 2 CO uj K a: to CL , poo x o £ 3 X Qj o c m -5 Q O 0 2
s. cn
Q. c "p a: cn : co i 2 5 g 0 * 55 o «C I 2 c c tn o
• 2 o 0 O - u £-0.2 QJ r- tn •' ® 3 2 iK ¦2xi 5 “ 52 5 la o'0?
S O UJ ggO Cl CO 2 5 § uj Uj Q CC CD CQ q CO Q 2 ® aSc id EE o »- tn to 3 (3 Q Q) •C 52 S - .2 a e 03 *
0) tn 1!
Q) '3 E ° O 2 CO o CO -j
* 2 8.
U CO CO 0 s ® K 2 co toS- 1 Uj tt «u UJ
• S 52 cd Occ u. O Uj _ Q 0 2 LCOX 5 2 DC CC cc CD CD U_
o l; - to .
0) Ql Q.* w k . C to ~~ *- ¦*- - £ o to £
o tn to c to o tu cn ioa O S ¦Q
• 5® 2!
3 5 o S3®
U) Uj co CD S K Qj C O 2 £ UJ h-
• 5 2 tb CD U tn o!
O 05 a, o co oi V £
Q) 5 3 0 i. a 05 01 4C U) O § UJ CD CD O CO =D § co o o a x 3 to
O 5 3 2 CO c o -o uj 2 t s. .CO £ c o to 3o EE - to
- o tn n £ o £ “ 3 C Q !|"
o S ® ¦® £,.?5 8 §| 8 Ui ° SI in to o c Ql V) Q o ex K o 3: to 3
o to 3 zSsKjc co re ui 3. Uj K (3 ms K ?
Cc S - CO O CO S ¦ 5 b;
u. cq co S 3: 1*. Cn in 10 N O 3 UJ CQ 5S 00 CC lo cm H C K-
K 5 o S S to U) (s C | O CM CM C | tO CM CM CM CM CM SJ- ¦5
co £ 3 * CQ £ tn 3 0 a to 1 N Ul T- CQ to to N. CM CM O O O'
to to to to to to co co to cm O' O- to K to to CO to to CM tO
Oj N. Co CM CO M- O) 13 O M- tO O to to CO c O) 2 « CL (X) s'0
c nj E 0 2: O cc I- Je o F w U Qj 0} a: in jd
Q) m cd ao .
CO to to ® CD .2 tn
* - *- tn c c je mow 18s 5 ? O
o. c
- 5 ®
• ® o O 0 k c Ql
• ? •» E ul £ o 3 tn Ql . XI i, a: CO s- CD 2£ S£ o-'S 01 .
Tn tn
• 2 m tn o to
- O
i. 01 3 o Ol c c to 3 O c 0, 2 £ £ 5 tn ."r « CD qi 2 a O X ,°
s. 2a«i s C 0 t ® § = -O -o «oE?s 2 cn tn ° k £ tn to CD S i.£
Uj tn 3 _ 3IS5 ® 52 S.*~‘ Ui Xr cd -p UJCC uj~ cd a, -o S «r K
o £ 2 02 o t o St Uj CD x 8'5S8l Oqr, Ql - 01 0 c 3 01 3 01
CD to ,o E -t tn 01 CD 01 3 I- co CM CC UJ * O st cc h UJ CD
O 2 tD E tn ctj "Q .05 0
* c V 2 « S a 01 tn cj tn O 0
o 52 tn c tn qj g S 2 s tx 5H ¦O to to .05 E ¦=t k. a o is c 0 01
E to 05 o Si tn 0 £
o o tt X3 •O o-S 2 "to 2 3 . 01 C "O x to E* u O k. 01 5 *8 E -
to tn 0,0 x O x: c *~ E-2£ c 2 ?
0 ru O QJ tn CL o s. ¦Q JS o to CD £ it tn 01 5 I ® O g Xi t £ £ c Ql Xl a- 01 tn o* ?
K. 01 X CD CC UJ CD 2 Ul a) o Ul CD CD t ® “i to QJ
* ¦ S E
• ® 2- o .05 E k c QJ E - -
o oa O CD c o m ~» ¦2 o 01 £ E 2 O- ?
X to o Dk.it O C35 *_
- ¦O Q. 8 ° 5 Q)
• s b g Ql 01 -~ 2 CD O ii-ujC D» CD *5; o:§ £ CD 2 2 H2
SO® Ul £ CQ CD £ CD Ul D» Uj CC CL CD 2 *t CD UJ £ t (3 DtD O
to O 2 - m o b -o 01
- 5 - £ £ a i X Ql CD CC
k. « Ol S~ 4: Ol 4:
• H~* E o 01 E to 05
* S' £e
- Uj ¦II I§ Ol 0) ' XI E to s. 05 O s. x§ O Q) « tn ¦Q nj u tn
„ .05° =5 3 Z CQ
5. 3 ' £ o ° o c to
o -r- 2 5.
O E tn 3* ¦Q to nj "n
L _ CO UJ 01 Uj CJ |I £ 3 01 CD CD £ £ 5 3 °E £ to 01 3 3 E CD «t CC cc Uj Uj x: CD £ 3" c in -* Os oi tn 3 E tn u. O fl|S CD -5 £
- p «t £ I CM o*-
5. DC |s 3 Ul cm tn [T 33b CO UJ 15 ¦ c O 3 O ° k u 7 -O S -3
Oi Qi . M
q. 5 £ 7 CC 3 03 U. o! t- o ~J X CD o-cdS 01
o 3 O 0) m "Q C c s o Ijw suS gig CD Uj K» CD s 2 0 cc IS 1 s
o O ,c o I?
o ¦* E c « ,5
s. CD CQ s E Q-fj ° to Q) Ul __ J- tn CL TO C ) ° m 52 a 52
ea to 5 0 C3 CJ O ® i2 cc
• ® 3- CD.
=is s CD t | DC UJ 5 ct co 2 DC Uj o: cc 2 J CD 2 'C uo o C3 CM CO to CO co CO to to to to tn tn to u Ql (D £ 2 K O 8*8 ® o
• 2 £
* - Uj S CD 01 E to Ol _ 0) £ o. 01 Uj |l IS In t 2 CQ c E o.
» « follg
- C; rs U_ 3 CD Q «- CO ~J C o L U. tn CD CO
0) .~ to 3 -C =s £ 2 to S u x|
o Uj O U Q. E 3 O J£ 3 w 5° £ i s: 50 O o 2 2 O v- CL £ O
Q. 2 gs: to i w f z -o £ 2 S °-b p *t j CL s*.
P§ tOL O Uj o ? CD Uj m S EE CQ Dr N to Q N o- q cr co a
• C 0 tn c Ol x:
• Si 0 3
* -o° tn _ t. 0 Uj
o V) *t CD -t t i- CD 2 2 «t u. [2 5 3 CD 3 3 CD CD 2 ¦2 £ P O
Q. 3 to «'S 2 iii] 5 E CD ill cd b O tn 3 o 3 XI to u. X ai 3 O
tn XI ¦5 CD So 22 XJ £ u. in 01 Q. E tn nj in Ql
- £ - 2 -j CL cc ¦ct tn Uj a 5 2 2 2 cl 5 «§5 2po §°o 0 s •
2cc 2 o co
u. s .
To N co lO k ls co CO CO in UJ =i uj 1 UJ 2 CL O 2 t 2 tt CQ UJ O £ 01 O 5
* 2 I c K
• - 't 3 2 ® 2 UJ u £ Ul 52 _j Uj Ui
U. CD S s, 4 tt Uj J; 2 Clttitf Ol CD 2 “t t Q, o! CD K b tt
3 c 3 0 tn g 8,2 £ ° tO s~ 3 3 1 1 I I- CD CD Q. to a c to o
£ K
o s
* 8® CD £ 2 St O o CD 2 £ g cc cc CC UJ s Q Uj Uj N b CD C 2
r. t CD J; c Os Os to o CL o -4 t O II co O' to to to to CO CO o
co CO O' O' o* to C to Ul
u. Dt: CD a £ K -C OC 2 3 K 2 tt 4 uj q; uj a, i- CC I CD CL
tt K F CC CL 3 O Uj 0 2 tPauju rv * fS k- Qlj F - «c o k ®
q t -J K Ui K ootau QD O CQ I I- CD 3 3 t Uj Cc 3 3 3 3 UJ
(0 2 5 UJ S =D 'Ct sr 2: cc 5 (3 f~ I Sg- CD O UJ S O £ 2 cd
cc t Ul Ul CC CD O N og _ _ t-J 13 O' to to to o- o- cm ¦5 k a
uj t( CC 2 CL K K
U. Uj Uj CD CD 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 O O' O O co ¦o . C D O to o
O' o- lo CO CO co CD CD CD 3 3 33 3 3 3 3 s~ s~ 3 3 3
Q'r-SQ-33333333 ¦r-N.333333331 33333333333 3 3 3 3 3 3 If n L
O 3 0 0 3 3 K ’’O' ''I 3 3 N- 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
3 T- 3 3 v- *!¦ 3 Q CM 3 O s- CM CM 3 N. Cs- LO 3 3 3 3 co to
r- co to Q to to to
B. M.P.D.L. Amiga ST P.D. Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm EMPDL.
STARTER PACK. A 3 disk collection of the most useful utilities
inc. Word Processor. Text Editor. Database Spreadsheet, etc.
EMPDL. BUSINESS PACK. A 4 disk collection of utilities with
the small business user in mind. Includes Accounts Stock
Control Etc. TV GRAPHICS. A 2 disk set of backgrounds and
fonts for video enthusiasts.
VIDEO APPLICATIONS. A 2 disk set of video utilities to accompany TV Graphics.
SMOVIE. A utility to display a text file on video in many ways.
FLEXI BASE. The most versatile database around.
DADDYKINS 7. Disk salvage DFO-DF1. Plus virus checkers and boot utilities.
DADDYKINS 8. Probably the only word processor disk you will ever need.
SPELL CHECKERS. A 2 disk collection of spelling checkers.
ZC. A "C" compiler based on the ST Sozobon C compiler. Fully functional.
"C" MANUAL. A 3 disk complete "C" manual. Over 200 pages plus 70 examples.
AMIGA EDUCATION SET. A 5 disk collection of educational programs for the 14+.
LEARN AND PLAY. A 2 disk set for the younger members of the family.
STAR TREK. TOBIAS RICHTER VERSION. The very best version available.
AMERICAN STAR TREK. Excellent but needs 1 Meg and 2 drives.
THE HOLY GRAIL. Excellent text adventure.
THE GOLDEN FLEECE. Another excellent text adventure.
DRAGONS CAVE. A brilliant 1 2 Meg game using the "Dungeon Master" graphics.
FISH GAMES SET. A 5 disk collection of the best games from Fred Fish.
TBAG GAMES. 1 disk with 8 of the best games from the TBAG collection.
LAUREL AND HARDY. An excellent 2 disk demo, (needs 1 Meg and 2 drives).
JERRY LEE LEWIS. Great balls of fire demo.
KYLIE MINOGUE. A 2 disk demo of Kylie's best liked records.
STUDIO MUSIC. A 2 disk set. 28 tracks including "I should be so lucky".
THRASH DEMO. A very good demo for all the Thrash fans.
1 Cheques & P.O. 's payable to: I Jl E.M.P.D.L. I 54 WATNALL ROAD, 1 HUCKNALL, NOTTINGHAM, NG15 7LE.
0602 630071 Access
* ». QAC ?
The Questions and Answers Club Got an Amiga? Then you've got questions.
Why not join us? We are much more than just a
P. D. Library.
For details send a S.A.E. to:
Q. A.C. Deal Cottage, Bridges, Luxulyam, Cornwall, PL30 5EF
The Next Generation G037 Autobahn Compilation G035 Mayhem G034
Diplomacy G033 Quiz Master 2 G032 Return to Earth G030 Eat
Mine G029 Drip Pool Welltrix G026 Game Cheats and Tips G025
Adventure Cheats and Tips G024 Property Market Game G021
Majohng Battleships Chess G020 Blizzard G016 Marble Slide G015
The Golden Fleece G014 Boardgames G013 Mechforce G011 Castle
Of Doom G009 Tennis* Pipeline Q003 Pipe UTILITIES U050 Red
Sector Demo Maker* U051 Video TV Graphics (4) U053 8 Track
Soundtracker U059 Soundtracker Mega System U062 Boot Bench 2
U009 M-C.A.D. U031 Direct Action Animator U039 Catalogue
Workshop (2) U041 Digitised Samples Player U036 Icons U018
Energy Utilities U035 O.C.P.D. - Compilation U057 ST Modules
25 U058 ST Modules 26 U060 Printer Driver Creator UG64 Rim
U. 065 Up Yours Utilities.
U074 Business Utilities U078 Education Pack (5) U076 Grafx (2) U080 Smovie Title Maker U079 Midi Utilities 1 U072 Anc Utilities 17 U075 Goodies 3 Utilities U077 Pendle Mega Utilities.
GREAT HARDWARE PRICES Half Meg Upgrade with Clock .£32.95 Cumana Second Drives ...£59.95 Mouse Mats .....£3.50 Naksha Mouse with Mat ..£24.99
3. 5 Cleaning Kits .....£2.50 DEMOS AND MUSIC
M015 Blues Brothers (3) M016 Aliens Sounds (2) D049 Amazing
Tunes (3)* D050 Attic P.D. Comp* M020 HCC Music Comp MOM
Bagpipe Music D061 Edd The Duck Mega Mix* D062 Evil Dead* D063
James Bond Theme D064 Power Connection Demo M019 The Yellow
Mix D051 Freddy Kruger Demo M018 Mass Comp The Brain S007
Reichter Slideshow (2) D047 Napalm Death Slideshow D024 Axel F
S011 Aliens Slideshow (2) M021 Best Soundtracker Mods D021 The
Addams Family* D019 Laurel and Hardy (2)* D012 Vangelis Demo*
M022 Jarre Revolutions 2 M023 Jarre Docklands D065 Statin At
Khern (3)** M024 Crusaders Does Genesis* M025 Pink Floyd-The
Wall LICENCEWARE (£2.95 PER DISK) L001 Space Blob L002 Mr Dig*
L003 Q-Boid L004 Computer Conflict L005 Subculture We also
stock the range of Fletcher fonts = 1 Meg WE AISO STOCK THE
FULl RANGE Of T-BAG AND tlSH DISKS 1-9 ...£ 1.50 10-19 .£1.25
20+ £ Int. P&P TEL: 0236 737901 This is only a small selection
of the hundreds of titles available from our constantly
expanding library. Free disk catalogue sent with all orders.
You can also call into our showroom and pick-up your software.
Payment by Access Visa or make your cheques or P.O. 's payable
to Office Choice:- Suite 14, Avon House, Town Centre,
Cumbernauld G67 1EJ SHAREWARE and PUBIJC DOMAIN (for Commodore
Amiga) up to 5 disks - £3.00 each 6 to 9 disks - £2.75 each 10
or more - £2.50 each fchoore another FREE if buying 10)
Overseas add 10% to total for postage Older ANY FIVE disks,
five blanks and a library case - £16i50 Tfou are reminded that
Shareware is supplied on a Tfy before you buy’ basis and you
should register if you continue to uae it Send £1 for 110 page
catalogue (refundable) or free with order | 3rd BASE PD M037
Digital Concert 4. Another good one.
M038 Digital Concert 5. Cool.
M039 Digital Concert 6. Very good mix.
M049 Ben Elton (XXX). Very funny.
M064 Sound Atax 2. 10 cool bits of music.
M070 Scoopex's Shadow of the beast music.
M075 100 C64 Tunes. Nice music.
Ml 12 Jarre Revolutions. Check it out!
Ml 14 Betty Boo! Just doing the do!
M125 R.A.F. Megamix 2 (2 disks) Very good and long M134 Miami Vice Theme (4 disks) ER.very, very long.
M138 The Simpsons. Do the Bartman (3 disks) Cool.
M141 Dirty Dancing. Very good sample.
Ml43 Twin Peaks Theme. Good.
Ml52 Prologic music 6. 5 cool tunes.
U004 Soundtracker collection (3 disks). Very good.
U010 Ghost Writer & Rainbow Writer. Demo makers.
U014 Flexybase. Good Database.
U020 Dope Intro Maker. Make your own demos.
U021 Ultimate Icon Disk. Loads of Icons & Editors.
U024 S.I.D CLI Utility. Amazing Cli tool, very useful.
U037 Med V2.01. Good music maker.
U039 Amibase V3.76. Very good database.
U047 Jazzbench. Much better workbench.
U048 V.C. Spreadsheet. Very good.
U062 Ultimate Copier & Virus Killer Disk. Loads of copiers.
U063 Clip Art. Animals, cartoon, misc, People & Zodiac.
U064 More Clip Art, buildings, Xmas, transport & misc. U065 Pagesetter Clip Art. Loads of art on all topics.
U066 C-Light. (1 meg). Very good.
U069 North C 1.3 (2 disks).'
Latest version.
1. 1. Cool pascal stuff.
Music rippers on 1 big value disk.
U070 Pascal PC(.
U071 Rippers, 45 GAMES G001 Star Trek 3 (2 disks). The best P.D. game G008 Board Games, Monopoly etc etc. G010 Wheel of fortune. Good game.
G016 Tennis (1 meg). Good game includes speech G017 Pseudo Cop Game. ED 209 G019 Paranoid. Good breakout clone.
SOFTViLLE COMPUTER SUPPLIES Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville.
Hants P07 7XN AMIGA ONLY Tel: 0705 266509 Fax: 070S 251884 Ai • r;,s VISA Callers Welcome GAMES DOMAIN P.D. GAMES PACK 1 American Star Trek, Larn, All New Star Trek, Jackland, Skyfight, Kapothello, Bouncer, Welltrix, Blue Moon, Word Search GAMES PACK 2 Drip! Flaschbier, Buzzard, Pseudo- Cop, Crystal Caverns, Obsess-O- Matic, Mirrorwars, Dominoes, ATC, Kings Korner GAMES PACK 3 Star Trek (3 disk digitised version), Computer Conflicts, Peter's Quest, Shoot Out, H-Ball, Yacthc GAMES PACK 4 Golden Fleece, The Holy Grail, Castle of Doom, Chess V2.0, Pacman '87, Retaliator, Sorry!,
Lightcycles, Slot, Triclops, Tunnel Vision, Laser Strike Each 5 disk games pack costs £5.25 or £10.00 for any two or £14.75 for three or all four only £19.50 incl P&P ¦ i %
* lease make chequt end order to: is PO's payable to: GAMES
DOMAIN P.D. Games Domain P.D. 22, Broadwater Crescent,
Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG2 8EQ Your first stop for QUALITY
and LOW prices NOW OPEN Send Cheques, Postal Orders payable to:
3rd Base PD, 41 Harlequin House, Kale Road, Erith, Kent DA18
KEIGHLEY, WEST YORKS WON OVER £200 of software. Details of this
months competitions are on the catalogue disk._ _ All titles
are only 99p per "disk. Please add"50p P+P to total. Please
make all cheques PO's payable to P.A. Cannon. Send all orders
THE ULTIMATE P.D. Catalogue disk is available for only 75p or free with orders of 2 disks or more.
ULTIMATE P.D. has the fastest, friendliest and most reliable service around.
All orders are back in the post on the same morning.
Order 10 disks and choose 1 free.
D001 Walker 1 (1 meg). A classic Animation.
D002 Walker 2 (1 meg). Cool Animation.
D003 Walker 3 (1 meg). Nice pair of legs.
D004 Cool Cougar (1 meg). Cartoon quality animation.
D028 Budbrain Megademo (2 disks). Totaly amazing.
D059 Red Sector Megademo (2 disks). One of the best.
D077 Good Morning Vietnam. Good long sample.
D088 Silents Megademo. Very impressive.
D134 Garfield Demo. Cool piccy’s of Garfy.
D147 Neighbours Slideshow. Hilarious.
D150 Windsurfer Anims (2 disks 1 meg). Very good.
D153 EPIC Game Demo (1 meg). Amazing, lasts for ages D160 Exodus Real 3D. Wicked pics.
D169 Budbrain Megademo 2. Well 'ard.
D187 Batman The Movie (1 meg). Cool sound & Anim.
D190 Iraq Demo. Very good and funny.
D194 Prologic PARTY Time. Good long demo.
D205 Walker 1 anim (2 MEG, 2 disks) The original classic.
D206 Walker 2 anim (2 meg, 2 disks). Another big one.
D207 Drunken Skulls a Equamania 2. Cool GFX & music.
D209 Tron the light cycles (2 disks 1 Meg) Long & amazing.
D217 Slycath Demo Comp 1. 5 cool demos D222 Magnetic Fields Hysteresis. Totally Fab! Get it!
D223 Advance ham invasion. The best pics on an Amiga!
D224 Anarchy System Violator. Mega cool demo!
D225 Slycath Demo Comp 2. 5 amazing demos MUSIC M002 Roger Ramjet Remix. Very good & long.
M011 D-Mob 2. Cool & funky music.
M012 D-Mob 4 (2 disks). More cool music.
M026 Amiga Chart Mix 5. Nice beaty stuff.
M029 D-Mob Music 3. Cool long music mix.
M033 Derek & Clive (2 disks). Very funny, Get it!
M034 Total Remix (2 disks) UZI 9mm. Funny.
M035 Digital Concert 2. Wicked music mix M036 Digital Concert 3. Our favourite.
Disks Only 65p You will receive a membership card; catalogue info disk 32 USEFUL utilities; special hotline number with the latest pd information and special offers; plus a demo.
The Lowest Priced Pd Library in the UK.
This is available for MEMBERS ONLY.
For the first 500, membership only £10.00, thereafter £15.00 COMPETITIONS LAST MONTH DEMOS These are brief descriptions, disks may contain much more GAMES UGAME1 - COSMARODS. ROLLB1BALL.
ORBIT 3D & LADYBUG UGAME2 - FLASCHU3ER. 250 frantic levels!
UGAME3 - LNGO. BALLY NIGHT WORKS SOF6B - CLASSIC card Board games SOF78 - PACMAN. The aU time classic SOF117 - EMPPE GRAVWARS. HANOI etc SOF118 - GRWATTACK BULLRUN. WORLD SOF396 - TENNIS, shareware vers dnieg) SOF501 - (2dtsks C5ISTARTREK britant PD version (Imeg. 2drives) SOF530 - SkyHght Bleed, (not vt.3.7) FF357 - EMPIRE new version multhplayer game. Keyboard or modem FF347 - DR Parcade style game.. Good!
FF320 - AMIOMEGA simiar to Hack FF312 - ChHNACHALLENGE shanghai game.
MOONBASE lunar lander.
FF259 - Escape From Jovi fast action game, multi-levels.
SOF79 - SAM FOX SLDESHOW in her usual state of dress!
SOF90 - Boris VaMengo's FANTASY PICS 3 SOF108 - PAGE3 PICTURES. Selection of good digitised pics.
SOFP47 - FANTASY pictures, these are the qctot" * nii’H SOF149 - THE ADVENTURE CONTNUES, slideshow of the SpaceShuttie SOF197 - BARBARIAN ladies, fabulously drawn pictures.
FF196 - the absolute BEST scanned pic’s you’ll ever see!
LAMGUAGES FF351 - PDC, pubSdy dstributabie C. complete system FF347 - CURSOR. 3pass AmigaBASIC compler FF340 - NORTHC. C environment based on SozobonC FF339 - PCQ. Self compting RASCAL compler.
FF337 - CMANUAL complete C manual & 70 source examples.
FF3H - A68K. Assembler ZC. C compler complete.
FF247 - ASSEMTOOLS. 140 routines for POWERPACKER PROFESSIONAL The commercial (and only legal) version of this fabulous compression utility from UGA. Faster more efficient and better than ever and available ONLY from us!
£7:99 * £1 P&P Pealer enquiries welcome) asembley programmers.
FF140 - StoneyBrook PROLOG - needs both disks (below!
FF14I - Disk two of above.
SOF184 - MODULA2 compler complete with documentation SOF549 - ARP 13. Complete with fuM A PDC 25 - FORTH. MODULAZ LISP & LOGO MUSIC A MIDI SOFK) - Mdtuti. MdtZ PANIZ CZ10ICZL ?
DMCS Mdi songs SOF11 - Hundreds of new instruments for CZ synths.
SOF262 - 2ofc cs - Noise Soundtracker set FF349 - MED VZ Musical editor - very good CLASSIC DEMONSTRATIONS SOF3 - Fred the Baker Roees Flower Shop SOF7 - THE PROBE shown on TV!
SOF34 - ROCKER. KAHNANKAS. BERSERK SOF70 - BONGL SPRONQL JUGGLER. TIT SOF154 - EL QATO. RED BARON. (Imeg) SOF219 - 2 disk. 2meg version of the WALKER demo (£5) SOF254 - 1meg version WALKER demo SOF255 - Imeg version of WALKERZ SOF4I4 - PUGGS IV SPACE, cute animation very well done SOF546 - FRACTAL FLIGHT. (Imeg) SOF467 - NEWTEK demo ree!3. New production (2dsks drives. 1meg £5) UTILITIES A TEXT HANDLERS FF375 - TEXTPLUS word processor FF328 - ANALYTtCALC for numerical analysis, includes spreadsheet etc SOF500 - 7dsk set of CLP ART (£15) FF315 - AMIGAFOX text processor with graphic fact ties.
FF228 - JAZZBENCH multi-tasking wbench FF2K) - CALC, scientific programmer calc A PDC 23 - Word processor 2 spell checkers. 4 databases.
SOF15 - CLP ART DISK for pagesetter SOF17 - Ray Tracing Construction Set SOF21 - CLP ART DISK for Pagesetter PAN4Q - WORDWRIGHT wordprocessor SOF123 - MCAD, amiga CAD program SOF126 - UEDfT. Manipulate your ftes in SOF169 - Cosmopolitan FONTS for Dpaint SOF170 - FANCY FONTS as above SOF171 - PUBLISHERS FONTS as above SOF172 - VARIOUS FONTS as above SOF191 - ARENDER v3, ray trace package SOF24Q - CHET SOLACE DISK 26 utiities Plus we have 12 dsks of UGA utities. FuM of aM those 'hard to get' utiities.
PLUS we stock the FULL RANGE of FRED FISH disks (currently to 420). A.PD.C, Slipped Disk. FA.UG, Tbag collections and are EXCLUSIVE distributors of the famous United Graphic Artists collection.
DO THE BARTMAN VIRUS FREE PD DISKS 1211,1212 AND 1213 Well, you can love him or hate him, but he’s just about around everywhere you look. Who you ask?
That infamous under-achiever Bart Simpson.
Hard Music IV Jjo The BartMan If you’re a fan of that yellow-coloured spike- topped hooligan then you’ll probably be interested in number four in the Hard Music series, since it is a sampled rendition of young Master Simpson’s haunting theme ‘Do the Bartman’. And what a pleasant, wholesome tune it is (not too sure about that one).
CATC H PH R AS E DEMO ARC DISK D118 Now you can enjoy one of the tackiest quiz shows on Earth with your Amiga! Boot up the disk, hear Roy Walker himself introduce the game and try to guess the catchphrases!
Hours of fun ... if you’re stupid!
TERMINAL UNIQUE COMPUTING DISK AN-024 Eric Schwartz, famous for his series of ‘Stealthy’ animations, has come up with something a little more risque. Terminal is in the usual Schwartz style, showing an extremely ill patient’s troubles with technology. Not for those with a sensitive sense of humour.
AMY VS. THE WALKER MISS MA’M’SELLE CARTOON UNIQUE COMPUTING DISK AM-064 Another Eric Schwartz creation, featuring more of those wonderfully animated cartoon creatures. The clip tells the tale of a delegation out on a visit to Miss Ma'm’selle, only to be reduced to quivering heaps before her charismatic charm. Short, but nicely executed.
NBS Eric Schwartz scores his hat trick with this amusing little clip. This time the cartoon stars Amy from the ‘At the Movies’ demo chasing the not-so-fearful AT-AT with a large spanner... say no more! You will need a fair amount of memory to enjoy the whole thing, but it’s worth it just for a laugh.
FENN-TASTIC VOLUME III 17-BIT DISK 848 The third in this series of slideshows continues in the same vein as the previous two. The disk consists of a selection of HAM pictures digitised from various screen appearances by Miss Sherilyn Fenn, from a selection of films via Twin Peaks to The Word. The demo itself isn't a massively interesting program, but no doubt the large number of Twin Peaks and Sherilyn fans will want to add it to their collection.
1. Amazing Tunes 2
2. Budbrain 2
3. Stealthy 2
4. Tioal Recall
ARC PD, 1 Northlands, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 5DF. DOZSOFT, 32
Benedict Drive, Bedfont, Feltham, Middx TW14 8JL. 17-BIT
SOFTWARE, PO Box 97, Wakefield, West Yorks WF1 1XX. Tel-0924
366 982. UNIQUE COMPUTING, 114 Salters Road, Gosforth,
Newcastle-Upon-iyne NE3 3UP. Tel-091 284
7676. VIRUS FREE PD, 23 Elborough Road, Moredon, Swindon, Wilts
SN2 2LS.
Public domain software comes from 2 main sources. The first is where someone has written a useful little utility, which is of use to the writer and hence almost certainly of use to other Amisa users, but has no commercial value. The second is from enthusiastic Amisa owners who just love to show off their codins prowess, possibly to impress their mates, to prove to a software house their ability to code sraphics, or just sive pleasure to thousands of other Amisa enthusiasts. In the early days, much of the PD left a lot to be desired, but these days there are many fantastic utilities, sames
and demos which, at a nominal cost can brins many hours of pleasure, and there is now a veritable army of PD collectors. All true PD is without copyrisht and can be freely copied and used as you want providins you adhere to any conditions stated on the disk. PD distributors should not make a profit on the disk, but charse on the service they provide. NBS provides one of the best and most'helpful services available today, but please don't take my word for it, try us! If you have just acquired your Amiga, we recommend the following disks, which will either amaze, amuse, or be very useful. NBS
disks are divided into the following groups: D = Demos, M = Music, P = Requires 2 meg or more, G = Games, U = Utilities, E = Educational RSI MEGADEMO. One of the best ever demo disks (2 DISKS) D 146 D 153 D 180 D 186 D 190 D 033 D 091 D 315 X 110 M 005 M 030 M 070 M 170 G 107 NBS GROWING BIGGER BY BEING BETTER!
PUGGS IN SPACE. A brilliant cartoon demo, yet to be bettered.
SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER Brill Music and graphics COMA DEMO. Flashy acid demo, together with more great demos * RSI CEBIT DEMO. Terrific demo, with the best ever music * TOMSOFT TRIP TO MARS. Vector graphics with a theme * FILLET THE FISH Similar to PUGGS, but not as good, still brill.
UNREAL DEMO A game demo to show off some great graphics.
FRAXION HORROR Great cartoon graphic demo of nasty stuff.
MAHONEY & KAKTUS Brilliant music disk DIGITAL CONCERT 2: Over 12 mins of mixed house music.
CRUSADERS BACTERIA Stunning sound and graphics.
NEWTRONS MUSIC DISK 'HEADBANGER' You will not believe this!!
STAR TREK GAME Good graphic adventure, Best with 1 meg (2 disks) G 109 BLIZZARD Good horizontal Shoot 'em Up.
G 133 PD GAMES COMPO Good selection inc Welltrix and Breakout.
G 136 DRIP Very tricky painter type game. Almost commercial quality!
G 137 THE TURN and TRICKY A couple of good puzzle games by Peter Handel.
G 138 MARBLE SLIDE A cross between Pipemania and sliding blocks. Great!!
U 220 SID A good utility to take the hard work out of CLI.
U 222 NBS SPEEDBENCH A faster loading workbench, plus some handy utilities.
U 225 AMI BASE A good database. Start a disk catalogue now.
U 226 RAZOR TOOLDISK A comprehensive set of mixed utilities, inc Virus Killers, copier, disc fixers. Not all for novices!
U233 UEDIT Good Public Domain Wordprocessor.
D 034 BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO. Our No1 title! Fantastic and funny, but contains some X-rated cartoons....may offend! (2 disks)
* Compilation disks which contain other demos requiring 1 Meg of
LATEST & GREATEST PD LIST WE ALSO SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING D 220 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF VOL 2 - NBS Demo compo inc crusaders cinefex; great D 221 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF 3....Dragons Lair, TimeWarp demo and more D 222 CRIONICS TOTAL DESTRUCTION (1 MEG)....Some great effects.
D 223 BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO 2....Very popular at the recent show.
D 225 HORIZON MEGADEMO (1 MEG)....Includes best ray traced anim ever?
D 236 GOLDFIRE ULTIMATE FX....This group continues to improve!!
D 240 CRUSADERS EUROCHART - JAN 91 Now needs a disk to itself D 241 ANGELS MEGADEMO Good but not mega D 242 3-D DEMOS....Get out your 3-D glasses and CHECK THESE OUT!
D 243 KEFRENS - THE WALL Great intro! Good graffix, then so so D 244 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF 4 Latest Great demos inc.Cardamon (1 meg) D 245 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF 5 Special compilation: Demos with great music D 246 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF 6 Special compilation: Copper & Plasma FX D 247 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF 7 Special compilation: Fractal demos D 250 ANARCHY MADNESS 2 Good graphics and superb music by 4-Mat D 251 CRYSTALS OF ARBOREA Game demo of new Palace graphic adventure D 252 DEMONIAC GAME DEMO Game demo from Palace. Nice graphics D 377 NEWTEK DYNAMIC HI-RES SLIDESHOW (1 MEG)...piccys from the ads.
D 381 FRAXION FANTASY SLIDESHOW....Great presentation, great piccys.
D 388 9 BETTY BOO Doing The Do (2 disk set) D 386 BLOODSPORT SUDESHOW....For oriental sports fans!
D 390 LIVE CORRUPTION-NAPALM DEATH SUDESHOW.....Heavy!. D 393 4 5 DEFINATIVE MADONNA SUDESHOW...(3 disks) 1 meg & 2 drives D 545 JET FIGHTER ANIM...Similar to The Run, but far far better (1 MEG) D 546 AGATRON ANIM 10... Enterprise leaving dock. Superb (1 MEG) D 547 STEVE'S ANIM No 1 ...Some super little anims. Have a look.
D 548 STEVE'S ANIM No 2...More cute little anims. I love 'em.
D 549 AGATRON ANIM FLEET MANOEUVRE (1 MEG)...Tobias best yet. Very impressive.
D 555 BATMAN THE MOVIE ANIMATION (1 MEG)....Good funny cartoon movie!
D 559 MAGICIAN AND JOGGER ANIMATIONS (1 MEG)....Ray traced anims.
D 560 CAR & UNICYCLE ANIMATION (1 MEG)....Brill anim, a must for fans!
D 561 STEVE'S ANIMS 3 (1 MEG)....More of these cute litte anims D 562 STEVE'S ANIMS 4 (1 MEG)....From Steve Packer., (as featured D 563 STEVE'S ANIMS 5 (1 MEG)...last month.)
D 564 EVIL DEAD DEMO (1 MEG).. Get the goulies, before they get yours D 565 RGB & FOCUS (1 MEG)....The famous 'stretching nose' animation!
D 570 1 TRON ANIMATION (1 MEG 2 DISKS) Great anim based upon the film D 572 FRANKLYN THE FLY (1 MEG)...Simple but effective and funny.. Good D 573 TOO MUCH 3D (1 MEG)....The spaceship flies out of the screen!
D 576 IRAQ DEMO Amusing animation of what might have been D 577 MORE AEROTOONS More in the series of Stealthy cartoons D 578 ROBOCOP ANIMATION You have 15 seconds to comply etc. In Colour D 579 MORE CLASSY ANIMATIONS More cute anims from Steve Packer D 582 BATTLE CHESS DEMO Great game demo (even if you cannot play chess) POWER DEMOS (All demos in this section require.
P 001 2 WALKER DEMO 1 (2 MEG 2 DISKS) P 003 4 WALKER DEMO 2 (2 MEG 2 DISKS) P 005 6 7 LOST IN SPACE (2 MEG 3 DISKS) P 008 9 THE SENTINAL (3 MEG 2 DISKS) P 019 20 VAUX KILLER (2.5 MEG 2 DISKS) ...OK but not brill anim P 021-026 UPGRADE 1.5 MEG 2 DRIVES 6 yes 6 disks!!!) Multi part anim P 010 11 HEADKICK ANIM (2 MEG 2 DISKS plus HARD-DRIVE) P 012 3 4 STATION AT KHERN (2 MEG 3 DISKS) P 030 1 DRAGONS LAIR 2 GAME DEMO Superb (3 MEG, 2 DISKS) P 032 3 4 BUZZED Great Ray traced anim (2 MEG, 3 DISKS) P 035 6 7 8 AUTOMATED LIGHT (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) (3 MEG, 4 DISKS) MUSIC M 200 1 2 SAE AMAZING TUNES 2
(3 DISKS 1 MEG)...Superb! Showstopper.
M 212 MAG FIELDS CHIP FESTIVAL....Another huge collection.
M 230 DEXION PARTY MUSIC AND PICCYS....A good disk as always M 231 CRUSADERS DOES GENESIS (1 MEG)...Brill, fab, great, GET IT!!!!!
M 232 ALCATRAZ MUZIC Classy presentation, 3 good tracks!!!
M 239 PHENOMENA MUSIC 17 tracks and a good play screen M 240 POWERTRAX BY NWI 3 tunes. Mainly chart samples and ok.
UTILITIES U 103 ULTIMATE VIRUS KILLER..Updated now knows 105 viruses U 220 SID-THE ULTIMATE CLI UTILITY..That's what it says!
U 262 A-GENE (FAMILY TREE) (1 MEG)....Trace your history.
U 266 C-LIGHT (1 MEG)...Recently praised ray tracing util, (why pay more?)
U 267 ELECTROCAD DEMO (1 MEG) Circuit diagram design tool. No save in demo.
U 283 SLIDESHOW CONSTRUCTION KIT.... Put your digi piccy in a slideshow.
U 289 BIORHYTHMS (1 MEG) Do you feel good today? This will tell you!
U 294 5 MANDELBROT PACK A great collection of Mandel and Fractal progs U 306-U312 Clip Art...Collection of clip art for DTP etc. , U 505 to U508 SOUNDTRACKER SAMPLE DISKS....Instrument disks.
U 509 SOUNDTRACKER SAMPLE DISK (BEATS BREAKS)...Great for house tracks!
GAMES G 142 PD GAMES COMPO 3....Great Pacman plus 2 others.
G 143 JEOPARDY (1 MEG)....Version of the board game Risk!
G 152 PD GAMES COMPO 9....Battlemech, Bullrun (Battle Sim) and more G 155 SUBCULTURE GAME DEMO...“Privateware' Level 1 of a good horizontal silky smooth, machine coded, scrolling shoot em up. If you like the game, buy from author!
G 159 ANTEP (1 MEG)....RPG also SLOTS, a good car chase game.
STARTERS PACK 1 ....Games, demos, utils...11 disks + free box £9.99 STARTERS PACK 2....11 disks selection of PD games + free box £9.99 G 199 SEVEN TITLES Speedball clone, get it or miss out.
EDUCATION E 006 7 LEARN AND PLAY...Games plus maths and words (kids aged 5+) E 008 TALKING COLOURING BOOK Draw the pictures then colour them More educational disks in the AMOS LICENCEWARE Collection FISH, T-BAG, AND AMOS DISKS NEW IN: Latest FISH DISKS up to 450 plus updated FISH index disk (AQUARIUM)with full descriptions of new disks. Ask for 'Aquarium 450' also latest AMOS LICENCEWARE. Some great games and educational disks, and selected AMOS Public Domain up to disk 137. T-BAG disks up to disk 46 (or more??) Also available.
With so many disks in our library it is impossible to list them all here. We have many new disks coming in every day, so if you see a disk featured in these pages, and we don't list it, give us a call.
100 cap Lockable Storage Boxes ....£7.95 10 cap Library Cases .....£1 -25 Star LC10 Printer Ribbons ..Black £3.30 .Colour £5.75 Star LC24 10 Printer Ribbons .Black £4.95 Citizen Swift 24 120D Printer Ribbon...Black £4.95 Naksha replacement mouse ...£29.95 Amiga 3.5" External Drives ......£64.95 CUMANA External
Drives .£74.95 512K Ram Upgrades ....£35.00 Mouse mats (soft, boxed) .£2.65 Disk Labels (wrap round) .30 for £1.00...... 200 for £5.00 1000 for £15.00 Amiga Dust covers ..£2.25 Competition Pro JOYSTICK £9.95 As above with
Auto-fire ..£12.99 Sony unbranded disks (officially imported by Sony UK) 100 for £45.00 Price includes labels.
Unbranded Disks (various manufacture) 49p each, 100 for £40.00 All prices include VAT. Please remember 60p postage per order.
TELEPHONE (0983) 529594 FAX (0983) 821599 Or if you have a Credit card you can phone or fax your order to us. Please remember to include 50p towards postage and packing to total order. All orders (up to 3kg) despatched by first class post, please add 30p for recorded delivery.
All used postage stamps donated to 'Guide Dogs for the Blind' WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS All orders sent by Air Mail. For European orders please add 25p per disk. World Orders add 50p per disk. International payments by Credit Card, British Postal Orders, Eurocheque, jt, 11L any cheque with a UK cashing address, ¦¦¦¦¦ or even cash (Registered letter). MimSm PLEASE NOTE NEW PRICE FOR PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE NBS PUBLIC DOMAIN ..£1.25 AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS.X1.50 AMOS LICENCEWARE ..£3.50 NEED MORE DETAILS: NBS PD UPDATE 6 IS NOW AVAILABLE! To obtain your copy, please
send a stamped self-addressed envelope (min size 9“ x 6")and 50p. Pah! You say, why should I send 50p? Because its more than just a list. Each new disk in the library has been given a full review, plus the magazine part of the catalogue contains: hints and tips, articles, win a colour monitor and 5 memory upgrades, and much more. We wanted tuc DO NOT JUST ORDER FROM US! ORDER SOME THE pD from OTHER COMPANIES TOO (WHETHER £3.00 or down to FREE?) WE BELIEVE WE WILL CHALLENGE PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICE!!!
P. D. IS OUR GAME, QUALITY IS THE AIM 33 Chapel Green Road
Hindley Wigan WN2 3LL INTERNATIONAL Business Hours
9. 30am - 5.00pm
9. 00pm - 10.30pm
5. 00pm - 9.00pm answer m c Tel: +44 942 521577 Tel Fax: 0942
521577 nJ Red Sector Red Sector 4 Scoopex Demos Scoopex
Megademo Scoopex Mental Hangover Storm UK Demos 2 TWI Demo &
Virus Killer Disk.
Vortex Megademo Semtex Megademo Kangaroo Ugly Mug Demo Kefrens Megademo
V. Ill (2 disks) Kefrens Forever AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS APD I
-97 still available LICENSEWARE SHAREWARE LPD 1-7 still
available LPD 3 has been put into Amos PD and is now not
NEW LICENSEWARE LPD 8 Work and Play (1 MB) LPD 9 Amos Assembler LPD 10 Word Factory LPD 11 Go-Getter LPD 12 Hypnotic Lands New Cat Disk VI .2 now available £1.00. Please ring for the new releases for Amos PD Numbers 98-140.
Please note that we are authorised distributors for Amos PD and Amos Licenseware.
Magnetic Fields Demo Disk 40 Magnetic Fields Demo Disk 41 Budbrain (2 disks) SAE Demos 12 SAE Demos 19 SAE Demos 21 SAE Demos 25 SAE Demos 32 Robocop Demo Hacktrick Advert 1 "Arsewipe" Hacktrick Advert 2 "Smashing Day Out" Rebels Megademo MDD 115 MDD 116 MDD 107 MDD 17 MDD 18 MDD 19 MDD 20 MDD 21 MDD 16 MDD 51 MDD 52 MDD 70 2 Jungle Command "Music Invasion 1" 13 Jungle Command "Music Invasion 2" MDM 4 Jungle Command "Music Invasion 3" MDM 19 Bad M.. Jackson MDM 27 Dmob Megamusic III MDM 33 Helloween "Follow the Sign" (2 disks) MDM 35 I tnink we're alone now - Tiffany MDM 36 Land of Confusion
- Genesis MDM 71 Noise Player V2.4 MDM 72 Popeye Meets Beachboys MDM 84 Hanky Panky - Madonna MDM 85 Miami Vice- Crockett's Theme MDM 82 Freddy Kruger MDM 92 DepecneMode MDM 88 Slam Music MDM 78 Crackmaster Mix MDM 87 RIP Eruption MDM 91 100 Best C-64 Tunes Digital Concert Pack 2,3,4,5,6 (5 disks) MDD 79 MDD 93 MDD 94 MDD 99 MDD 113 MDD 55 MDD 114 PAYMENTS APD disks cost £2.00 UK. £2.50 Europe and £3.00 Rest of the World.
AMOS LICENSEWARE £3.50. PRICES Inc. P&R Major credit cards accepted with orders over £10.
Catalogue disk £1.00 or free with all orders.
PUBLIC DOMAIN Already over 1000 customers taking the Amos option ANIMATION GAMES Arnold Schwarzenegger Pack (8 MDA 61 disks voice only) MDA 68 MDA 14 Puggs in Space MDA 69 MDA 8 Paradise Slideshow - Fantasy Art MDA 70 MDA 10 Knight Animation MDA 80 MDA 12 Agatron Star Trek Anims. 2 MDA 13 Agatron Star Trek Anims.l 7 MDA 97 MDA 87 Agatron Star Trek Anims.l 2 MDG 1 MDA 88 Agatron Tron Anims. 22 MDA 18 Miller Lite Advert MDG 2 MDA 47 Holsten Pils Advert MDG 5 MDA 56 Newtek Demoreel 1 MDG 18 (2 disks 1 meg) MDG 21 MDA 57 Newtek Demoreel 3 MDG 26 (2 disks 1 meg) MDG 31 Sabrina (18+) Walker Demo 1
(1 meg) Walker Demo 1 (2 meg, 2 disks) Walker Demo 2 (1 meg) Walker Demo 2 (2 meg, 2 disks) Mike Tyson Knockout Star Trek - Final Frontier (2 disks) Star Trek (3 disks, 2 drives) Card & Board Games Marble Slide Boing the Game (2 disks) Treasure Search Moria UTILITIES MDU10 Wordprocessing and databasing MDU 34 Fish 164 Disk Salv., C Functions MDU 38 Fish 185 Official CBM IFF disk 46 Fish 213 Icons 300 Icons in 8 colours 68 Home Business Pack (8 disks) [SJOLO a m CONTACT LEE CALLIS 19 AVOCA CLOSE EVINGTON LEICESTER TEL: (0533) 766800 71 W B Hacks & Jokes 72 Sid VI .06 The Ultimate Disk
Utility MDU 82 Scalc, Wordwright MDU 101 Menu Maker MDU 102 Label Designer MDU 103 Icon Maker MDU 105 Crossword Creator MDU 168 Vaccine Booster.
Various Virus Killers ORDER YOUR FREE CATALOGUE DISK NOW We also stock: Fish, Amicus, AMOS All PD Disks are for Amiga only Computer [S] ERVICES SIMPLY THE BEST IN AMIGA PD 1-9 disks 10+ £1.20 each £1.00 per disk 10 PD disks in library case £9.95 Catalogue on disk 70p Send SAE for an up-to-date catalogue. Same day despatch.
Send orders to: or Telephone 0782 208228 UNIT 3, RAILWAY ENT. CENTRE, SHELTON NEW ROAD, SHELTON, STAFFS. ST4 7SH G OPY RIGHT AFZAL Comp-U-Save Public Domain Library Comp-U-Save America's biggest public domain library has come to England with over 1,500 disks available for AMIGA owners.
You can now get any public domain shareware title from our collection at a very reasonable cost.
USA COLLECTION Story of the Amiga Amuse: Simpsounds
A. U.G.K.G 131: Twilight Anim
A. U.G.K.G 157: KBC Anim Amateur Radio: 5 Disks Amiga Diagnostic
Disk Breaking the law by Judas Priest Digital Sample Disks (7)
Q. C.U.G 14: Nibble Copier ARP 1.3 - Ready to use Pointerlib:
Many new pointers During March we shall be at the Amiga - Expo
in New York - home of Comp-U-Save and Dr Oxide. On our return
we shall have a mountain of new P.D. for you and a new style
Orders sent during our absence will be subject to delay - we apologize and will include an extra free disk of our choice for every 10 disks ordered!
We are the OFFICIAL P.D. Library LICENCED by Dr. Gandalf to sell his amazing _UPGRADE - requires 5Mb memory - hard disk & New Fat Agnus.
Disk Prices: Casual buyers pay a MAXIMUM of £2.50 Club members pay a maximum of £2.00 Every 10 disks purchased - another free. Discounts for large orders.
Special offers for club members. The more you buy - the less it costs!
Cheques Postal orders payable to:
P. J. GRAHAM For further details on our catalogue disk, send
£1.00 to: COMP-U-SAVE
P. O. Box 157, Hayes UB3 4SR Middlesex oftware does not have to
be expensive to be good!"
UK & EUROPEAN Iraq Demo Mersey Away day Fighters of the 80's(2 disks of digitized Top Guns) Amiga Revenge (Jack's reward) Miami Vice Theme (4 disk set) Blit Animation Mandelbrot Set Generator Milk-Run animation by Dr Gandalf (free with upgrade) Zeotrope Demos Dpaint Demo (2 disk - 1 Mb) For a small fee, you can join our EXCLUSIVE CLUB Imagine getting the newest disks from the States before most P.D. companies even get their disks!
L-C-P-U-G Dr. Oxide Says: the Independent Commodore Products Users Group is the largest and most friendly computer club in the country ? Over 700 disks of Amiga Public Domain Software entirely free to members - you supply blank disks and pay only for postage.
? Superb 100-page magazine published every two months - keep up to date with latest Amiga hints and tips. Get the news from America first!
? Meet other Amiga users at one of our many local groups which meet regularly all over the country.
? Help and advice services - hardware or software problems can be quickly resolved.
? Discount scheme makes purchases easier! Save money on hardware add-ons and software.
? Subscription for 1991 only £17.00 including £1 joining fee ? Before requesting any software, please wait for your membership details to be sent to you.
? Overseas prices on application.
? Want to have a look before committing yourself? Back issues of the magazine from 1990 to all at £2 each.
? We support ALL Commodore machines with extensive software libraries and help services.
If you are seriously interested in using or programming your Amiga, or indeed any Commodore Computer, then joining ICPUG is a must!
For full details send a stamped addressed envelope to: ICPUG Membership Secretary, Jack F. Cohen, PO BOX 1309, LONDON N3 2UT Telephone 081 -346 0050 after 6.00pm C LIGHT (RAY TRACING PROGRAM) Jazzbench Sid VI.6 XCOPY 3, TETRACOPY MessyDos ST EMULATOR CBM-64 EMULATOR SPECTRUM EMULATOR TV Graphics (2 Disks) Video Applications (2 Disks) NORTH C V1.3 (2 Disks) C MANUAL (3 Disks) PD DISKS £2.00 each including post packing and V.A.T. one free with ten.
Europe £2.50 each including post packing. CATALOGUE DISK 70p including post packing.
3. 5in DSDD SONY unbranded
ten ....£6.00 BOX OF
100 AS ABOVE £55.00 DISK BOXES holds 80
3. 5in disks .£5.00 DISK BOXES
holds 40
3. 5in disks .£3-50 DISK DRIVE
EXERNAL 3.5IN DRIVE ....£70.00 BLIZZARD Shoot-em up
DELUXE DRAW Paint programme X-COPY IH The best back up disk
IRAQ DEMO The latest in demo's PUGGS IN SPACE Brilliant little
cartoon COOL COUGAR Cartoon type demo ARMADA 4 Demo's on one
disk MOBED Moveable object edited FLEXI-BASE Very good data
base BLACK BOX RIDE ON TIME Music JAZZBENCH Enhanced worbench
WORD WRIGHT Word processor AMOS THE CREATOR Demo version PJ'S
UTILITIES Over 200 utils on ten disks. Plus your free disk of
your choice.
T. B.A.G. No 48 NOW IN STOCK note T.B.A.G. No 40 is a two disk
set, No's 40a & 40b Catalogue disk and disk magazine - 79p
(updated monthly) Add 50p per order for postage and send
cheques or postal orders to: QUANTUM COMPUTERS 30 The Parks,
Minehead, Somerset. TA24 8BT
* 0* 0643 705943 [g 0860 870612 NBPDL VIRUS FREE RD. FOR THE
Budbrain Megademo (2 Disks) BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO 2 Fractal Flight
Digital Concert 6 Fillet The Fish (Puggs in Space 2) Coma,
Cebit 90 (1 Meg) Tbbias Richter's Star Trek Game (2 Disks) STAR
TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION GAME Countach Art Collection (3
Disks) MED V3.0 (MUSIC PACKAGE) Mandel Mountains V2.1 PD 79P
PER DISK 521: ALL NEW STAR TREK, with authorised English
instructions £4.00 576: EDUCATION packed with progs for the
children. £2.00 581: SID. V1.06. Find the CLI a slog? Then you
need this prog £2.00 640: 8 GAMES including the Train Set. A
must for the kids. £2.00 649: BUDBRAIN. Two disk megademo, (for
adults only). £3.00 700: D-COPY V1. Excellent copier program.
Full instructions. £2.50 728: UTILS. The famoust Boot-Shop,
Boot-Kit + others. £2.50 741: NorthC V1.3. Latest version from
Steve Hawtin. 2 disks £5.00 790: STARTREKKER. Music util +
diskmaster V3 & other utils. £2.00 812: STAR TREK. US version.
Good! (1 Meg min) (2 drives) £4.00 832: TEXTPLUS 2.E0. This is
an excellent PD wordpro package. £2.50 839: C-LIGHT. Ray
tracing package. A must for the artist! £2.50 848: KEFRENS.
Excellent powermenu & font designers. A must! £2.50 901: AMI-FX
issue 2. A must for fractal fans. (3 disks, 1 Meg) £4.50 906:
DYNAMITE DICK. Dig for treasure, avoid the bats! Good. £2.00
907: SNAKES & LADDERS GAME. This is a must for all ages. £2.00
910: PAIR-IT. An excellent educational game for the kids. £2.00
922: BAD BIRD. Anim by Dr. Gandalph (1 Meg - excellent) £1.50
924: GAMES. Gerbils Boomerang Dominion Shark Star Trek £2.00
933: A-GENE. Genealogy. This is the new V3. (1 Meg min) £2.00
939: FRAXIONS. New megademo. “The Wall". It's good! £1.50 946:
ANARCFHY Demos collection. Plus a hard to play 3D game. £1.50
950: THE EVIL DEAD. Can you kill the zombies? £1.50 962:
BEEBLE. Unusual pics with 7 music tracks. By Desire £1.50 963:
NEXT INFESTATION I. Five good copper demos etc £1.50 965:
S.A.E. AMAZINE TUNES II. Outstanding! (3 disks -1 Meg) £4.00
966: BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO II. Another good 'n from Budbrain £1.50
969: FILLET THE FISH. A fun animation for all ages. £1.50 971:
NEW MASTER VIRUS KILLER V2. Kills 105 of the pests! £2.00 979:
PRO TENNIS II. Great playable demo of this nice prog. £1.00
705: AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL. This is a good database prog £2.00
(1 Meg Ami-prof II coming soon. It's fantastic! Watch this
space) 876: QUIZMASTER. Think you know it all? Well now you can
prove it. With full save and re-load facility. (1-4 players).
Good. £3.00 877: 1 ACROSS 2 DOWN. Complete crossword program.
(2 disks) £5.00 877 data disk numbers 2 and 3 available now for
only £2.00 each 899: MATCH-WORDS. Solve those
crosswords anagrams easily! £2.00 Into coding? - Or want to
learn? The Amiga coders club is for you ACC 1 -4: Introductory
issue to the famous Amiga Coders Club £1.50 ACC disks are
packed with source, hints, tips from many of the well known
coders that are on the Amiga scene today. Worth collecting!
Issues 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11 available. (ACC disks are £3.00 per issue) IMPORTANT! THE ACC CLUB IS FOR THOSE USING DEVPAC ETC.
* ***** LATEST ADDITIONS ****** 973: MED V3 is herel The very
latest music utility from Teijo. Its presentation is absolutely
brilliant! Get this now! £3.00 MED samples! Six disk pack of
great sounds for the above £8 00 988: MOD PROCESSOR V1.8 by
Steve Marshall. Many new addtions, execute modules and or pics
- Adjustable picture height width. Will load crunched modules
as well! An excellent utility £3.50 990: C MANUAL V2 from the
Amiga C Club. Packed with help advice samples of C code etc.
etc. Now auto-booting. (4 disks) £6.00 Important! The Amiga C
Club is for those using 'C' assemblers.
Free disks + free progs + free membership - a thousand detailed progs plus some games to play on the main catalogue disk. £1.00 (Prices include return post and packing) The February update to our main catalogue is available for £1.00 (Feb update contains only the latest additions to the library) 169, DALE VALLEY ROAD, HOLLYBROOK, SOUTHAMPTON, SOI 6QX Phone 0703 785680 weekdays only Official UK distributors of the great MERLIN software from U.S.A. AMIGANUTS UNITED Vally PD PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co Durham.
SR8 1NZ. Tel: 091 5871195.
Quality Amiga PD. Per disk Only Greatest Demos: Now over 1400 disks in stock inc Fred V,SA i Well as our own library! AH are priced the 307 8 Kefrens Megademo VIII: Fab.
315Crionics demos inc. Madonna!
317 Suntrackers II. Heavy rock stuff.
319Rebels Candyland II: Nice pack!
021 Dragons Megademo: great!
025 Crusaders Audio X: mega!
026 Crusaders Bacteria: Fabulous!
032Technotronic demo: Amazing 041 Popeye meets Beachboys: Fun!
091 Puggs in Space: Quite amusing!
112 Digital Concert VI: Excellent!
173 174: Dmob 4: great 2 disk set!
177 Bob Crazy: Loads of bob demos 179Fraxion Horror, macabre!
203 Slipstream demos: inc follow me.
265 IT Megademo: Quite nice.
314Crionics Neverwhere: great!
351 Avenger Megademo: good.
352 353 Crusaders Bustman pack 2 487 488 Monty Python Lumberjack 1 518 Crusaders Space deleria & more.
557 558 No Brain no pain: 2 disk set 586 Newtrons music box: Crazy!
607Total Recall demo: Good!
614 Budbrain 2: New, excellent!
638 Goldfire Ultimate FX: Nice!
654 Evil dead demo: This is weird!
674 5 Laurel + Hardy: Lonesome pine!
709 Freddie Kruger demo!
717 8 Mr Food: Hilarious! 2 disks!
733 4 Horror Show: 2 disks, good!
764 System violator: from Anarchy!
765 Hysteresis: Excellent demo!
802 Simpsons demo: very amusing!
803 Groove in the heart: New demo Demos & Animations Fish 1-460, T bag 1-46, the Amos Library & the Amos Licenceware as same except for Amos Licenceware which will be 3.50! (standard price) 001 Juggler & Walking cat: 2 classics 003 Probe demo: Been on TV!
004Vangelis demo: Superb demo!* 005 Enterprise leaves dock: Great! * 006 Gymnast demo: Excellent! * 011 Newtons cradle & 2 more: Brill!
012 The Run Anim: Fab car chase * 034 Cool cougar demo: Great! * 050 Walker demo 1: Great! * 051 Walker demo 2: Excellent! * 052 CX1: Fab ray traced anim! * 058 Ghostpool & Drip: Excellent! * 059 Magician & Jogger. Good! * 115 Skulpt anims: Window man + 193 Skulpt anims: Walking legs etc!
370 Colour cycling: Nice slide!
380 Bird anims: Done in Sculpt 3D!
409 Fractal flight: Superb 1mg * 411 Busy bee anim: Brill ray traced * 492 Basketball Boing etc: good * 493 Agatron anims: F15, Star trek!
608 Dragons Lair II (Timewarp) Fab!
680 Clothes Peg Anim: Very good!* 692 Miner Anim: Good little Anim!* Slideshows: 044 Super Ham Cars-. Stunning!
067 Dynamic hires: Unbelievable!
078 9 Agatron 6+8: Ray traced, fab!
097 Real 3d: Mega ray tracing!
606 Agatron 9: Latest Tobias slide!
708 Napalm Death: for Thrashers!
710 Desert Island Slide: lots of pics!
774 Nik Williams no 2: Superb!
775 N W Dynamic hires: Jawdropper!
Music & Music Utils: 037 Music maestro 7: Excellent music 060100 64 tunes: Brill disk, a must!
113 Genesis: Land of Confusion!
124Zarch music: Great music disk!
156 Soundtracker: Several versions!
157 158 Loads of Tracker samples! 2 190 Games music Creator. Good!
244 Deluxe music data: inc midi!
245 Mididisk Lots of synth progs!
246 Fish 323: Casio CZ editor!
248 Amiga chart III: Black Box etc. 317 Fish 300: Realtime pitch conv!
322 Perfectsound sampler & samples 428 TSR music 5: Technotronic type 483 Music: several progs & midi!
510 Burning Independence 2: Brill!
513 Depeche Mode music: Good.
534 Dmob 3: Amazing clear samples.
538Zarch music 2: 2nd great disk!
540 Banging Raves music: good!
546Cyron Music: Nice, 8 tracks!
562 Dead dance thrash: Metal music!
587 Amigadeus: Mozart on Amiga!
589 Classix 2: Bach, Handel etc!
599 Audio Magic-. All the Trackers!
602 Silents music: Some Fab tracks!
642 Banging Raves music 2: Good!
671 Med 2.13: Latest version & midi 687 Madonna Hanky Panky: Good!
705 Crusaders play Genesis: Brill!
761 Stereo evolution II: Good disk!
763 Zarch music 3: Another goodun!
769 Prologue music: 5 tracks!
Fish 356: Algorythms, midi program!
Fish 403 Kawai K4 editor + more!
Business & Serious: 057 Chet Solace: 26 utils on this disk 117-20 TV graphics 4 disks for 3.50. 153 Jazzbench: Alternative W bench.
154 Iconmania: Great to make icons!
228 Dope intromaker. Make intros!
271 Rim Database: Good Database!
272 Flexibase: Easy to use database.
273 Home utils: Wordwright + more!
274 Analytical: Spreadsheet * 276 Dirmaster Bankin: Business stuff 278 Uedit; Wordprocessor program!
279-281 Darkstar utils 2-4, 3 disks 286 DBW: Great ray tracer & pics!
294 Amigafox: Wordprocessor prog.
297 Fish 334: FBM Graphics convert 301 2 Clipart: 2 disks full of clipart!
303-305; Scanned clipart: good! 3 309-11 C Manual on 3 disks 2.85 316 Sid v1.6; Excellent dir utility!
448 Powerpacker 2.3b: Excellent!
489 Graphics disk: many useful progs 544 Dcopy: Good copy utility disk!
600 A64: Commodore 64 Emulator!
601 Clerk Accounts type program + 615 Cursor v1.0: Basic compiler!
616 Pascal compiler, self compiling!
617 Mead: Cad design program!
636 Clight: Excellent ray tracer!
669 Master virus killer: Detects 105!
694 Biorhythms, Starchart etc: Good!
698 Exile fonts: Great coloured fonts!
720 Electrocad PCB demo: Good!
805 North C v1.3: C Compiler!
Fish 382: Messydos & Crossdos!
APD 83 Amos Paint: Good paint prog Games & Leisure: 043 Holy Grail: Text adventure * 368 9 Star Trek: Brill 2 disk: Great!
424 5 Learn & play: Fun for kids! 2 426Amigaman games pack: 10!
451 Tennis game: Good shareware! * 458 Games: Car, Miniblast & Sys!
514 Treasure Island: Fun for kids!
555 Amigaman 2: Drip, Chess etc. 581 Colossal Adv & World Adv!
582 Castle of Doom: Adv game!
583 Flaschbier. More than 200 levels!
584 Frantic Freddie: Platform game!
612 Monopoly & Cluedo: good!
625 Blizzard: Shoot em up!
626-30 Education pack: 5 disks 4.50. 658 Starfleet: Shoot em up!
721 Battleforce: Strategy game!
APD 62 Arcadia: Great breakout!
APD 85 Reversi + Snakes & Ladders!
APD 96 Pair it: Match the cards!* APD 97 Dynamite Dick: Great!
APD110 Cross Fire: Great kids game APD135 Simon says & Space maths Amos Licenceware!
LPD1 Colouring book: pre school art LPD2 Arc Angel maths: Maths fun!
LPD4 Thingamajig: Jigsaw puzzles!
LPD5 Jungle Bungle: Adventure!
LPD6 Pukada & Sprites: Good game LPD7 4 Way Lynx: Puzzle game* LPD8 Work & Play: 3 educational!
LPD9 Amos Assembler: Good!
LPD10 Word Factory: Spelling aid!
LPD11 Go Getter: Good game!* THE LATEST AND GREATEST OFFERS MAIL ORDER AMOS Mandarin The creator. A superb development language for creating games, educational programs - almost anything! Comes complete with AMOS Sprites 600. LATEST VERSION!
Description Price Order No AMOS £35.95 AM168 MOONSHINE RACERS Millennium With this great game from Millennium you have to help Ike and Billy-Joe deliver the moonshine to old man Tucker in this exhilarating cross-country chase. See Coverdisk 21.
Description Price Order No Moonshine Racers £17.99 AM188 NAKSHA MOUSE & TRACEY Improve your mouse work with this high-quality replacement. It comes with a free tool (RRP£7.95) which will allow you to trace pictures with the aid of your mouse!
Description Price Order No Naksha Mouse & Tracey £23.95 AM189 POWER BASIC & EXTEND his* AMIGA BINDER The best language for your Amiga with the added bonus of Extend. The usual complete package should cost £79.95. Save £30! See Coverdisk 17.
Keep all your issues together in this high-quality binder with the Amiga Format logo printed on both the front and side.
Description Price Order No One binder £4.95 AM108 Two binders £9.00 AM109 Description Price Order No
P. Basic & Extend £49.95 AM181 MASTERING AMIGADOS VOLS 1&2
Description Price Order No Teddy Disk £17.99 AM177 Frog Disk
£17.99 AMI 78 Robot Disk £17.99 AM179 This two volume set is
the definitive guide to the Amiga’s operating system and
provides full coverage of all versions of AmigaDOS.
Volume One is in the form of a tutorial and starts with the basics and leads you through all the topics a novice needs to master their Amiga; from the Shell and CLI right through to Multi-tasking and much more.
Volume Two is arguably the de-facto guide to AmigaDOS and it lists all 101 commands and breaks into previously unexplored areas of AmigaDOS.
Along with Volume One you will receive Mastering AmigaDOS Disks 1 and 2 and with Volume 2 you will receive MAD Disk 2, which is exclusive to Amiga Format.
MAD Disk 2 has been specially compiled by Mark Smiddy and contains a useful collection of PD and Shareware programs which includes: Browser, an alternative way to view your files; Fenster, the best screen and window grabber; Sleepy 3, animated Workbench snooze pointers; Starchart, a must for all astronomers and astronuts; VirusX, a virus detection utility, and much more.
Description_Price_Order No Volume 1_£21.95_AM 190 Volume 2 £17.95 AM191 BACK ISSUES Want to complete your collection of the ultimate Amiga magazine? Back issues come complete with disks - prices include the postage and packing!
ISSUE PRICE ORDER NO ISSUE 1-11 SOLD OUT SORRY ISSUE 12 £3.45 AMF12 ISSUE 13 £3.45 AMF13 ISSUE 14 £3.45 AMF14 ISSUE 15 £3.45 AMF15 ISSUE 16 £3.45 AMF16 ISSUE 17 £3.45 AMF17 ISSUE 18 £4.45 AMF18 ISSUE 19 £3.45 AMF19 ISSUE 20 £3.45 AMF20 ISSUE 21 £3.45 AMF21 AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICES!
MAIL ORDER MAIL OH THE MAY SELECTI O MiG 29-FULCRUM Domark Take the pilots seat in Domark's first-ever flight simulation.
Once you are trained to fly the world's finest fighter plane you are launched on five dangerous missions.
Description Price Order No PERS FINANCE MANAGER With Microdeal's excellent home money manager your finances will never again be a worry in this easy-to-use home-accounts package.
Description Price Order No SWIV Storm Be amazed by both the superb graphics and the stereo sound as you play as either a helicopter or jeep in Storm's slick two-player military shoot-em-up.
Description Price Order No SWIV £17.99 AM189 Pers Finance Manager £22.95 AM180 Mig 29-Fulcrum £26.99 AM185 TECHNOSOUND New Dimensions’ easy-to-use sound sampling system has good sound quality for beginners and professionals and comes with an audio tutorial cassette to get you started.
Description Price Order No Order No Description Price £17.99 AM183 Technosound £24.99 AM 184 The Power Lemmings £17.99 AM 190 PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE, PACKING AND VAT NO HIDDEN EXTRAS HOW TO ORDER... MAKE A NOTE OF THE PRODUCT NAME AND ORDER NUMBER AND FILL IN THE ORDER FORM BELOW... OR RING OUR HOTLINE NUMBER 0458 74011 HOTLINE 0458 74011 AMIGA FORMAT MAIL ORDER No stamp required if posted in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man Description Price Order No TOTAL ORDER Name Address Postcode Phone number Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque • PO Credit Card No Expiry
date SEND THIS FORM TO: Amiga Format, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7BR Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited
• For overseas orders call Nikki for prices on 0458 74011 Q m
UJ O 5 6 H Z cn CD X o CD 0 CD 03 0 0 X o 1:0 0 0 0
O) X 0 O 8 CD 0 X o ¦o c J (0 o is
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- 2 JD C D 0 0 o
- Q O oc m CC O UL O z £ m oc in D ffl -I D CO
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C 3 C 3 C 5 J2 J2 _2 J3 Q_ D_ Q_ Q_ in lo lo lo co co co oo Q Q
o o o o O LO o o ¦» ¦ C J CO o o I 0 X ZJ 0 X D 0 o 0 3 9) a
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CO Chi Chi LO CD CD LO Chi 0 UJ
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0) a) w £ O 0 "O c 0 H 0 S 0 • Z _0 _Q 0
o S "i -o ¦tf 0 O CD 0 0 & o O CO o o O 0) UJ o o 0 0 E 0 0 0
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=3 W X 3 W _ 0 W 0 0 T3 "O "O 0 0 0 13 LO CD CD C CM
0) Chi E 0 o J0 CL 0 v_ 0 SZ 0 0 0 0 «I
O) c E bench A bumper edition of the finest technical tips yet
published for the Amiga, with PAT McDONALD in the hotseat.
INTERLACE GONE I regret to say that our copy of PageStream 2.0 has been corrupted, and that we are unable to test it. I suspect however that this will work on 2.0 - should it not the few owners who have 2.0 will be happier getting themselves an upgrade to 2.1, in which case they won’t have to put up with the flickery interlace mode.
If you use PageStream 2 and don’t like using it in interlace mode, there is a simple way around the problem. Once the disk has booted, but before you’ve double-clicked on the program icon to run it, click once on it - to highlight the icon - press the right hand button and keep it pressed, move the mouse pointer to the top left of the screen and select info from the menu that comes down. You can let go of the button now.
The icons information screen will come up. Under tool types, click on the down arrow until the words “lnterlace=Yes” appear. Change this to “lnterlace=No” and click on the save option. This works on version
2. 1 of the software, so I’m unsure whether your review of 2.0
was correct when it said that the program always runs in
Mike Deakin, Wirral ?
• w ’• Icna a*m B” f t pan o a (tool faMod • - •*«* Tho t ot*r
• no**] »?»«.
Sal “ I 0 U UaI-S J ‘»u o appfooob Is a thing of | ji » ••• shoot*-si a»»J don't • .n » •**•• tho jiljvj ]«n 4 M S«”at id t*«ol in no futwio. •»©ugh * ©•• noai a Knit* c gusct Th* transition f»oM oop to th* Savrat a uad is not •at Ycu fuvoto*i « out 1 'Zf ticujifu ra *t. Aldrrj stnpvc to ac ,-ou jo Onl tho «,o- ofthooiop aro piok«dfoi ttioio cpooal diaoc ESWAT USGOLD E24.99 • Joysllok largo, but not COMMS QUERY I need to transfer a machine code program from a different computer into my Amiga via the serial port. I want it to end up as a byte- for-byte replica in a file.
Setting up the remote machine is easy but I’m having problems at the Amiga end. When I read the serial port from Amiga Basic it seems that INPUT l,a$ tries to get a line of data and not a byte. Although INPUT$ (1, 1) reads in single bytes it stops when it encounters the code for CTRL-C.
Is it possible to read machine code from the serial port and copy it to a file from Basic? I resorted to Basic because Ncomm V1.9’s ASCII capture mode keeps getting 11K of the data instead of the full 16K.
Sean Eaton, Surbiton It is possible, but a bit tricky. What you have to do on the transmitting mission is modify the data so that the CTRL-C character doesn’t get transmitted.
One way to do this is to transmit the data half a byte at a time, shifted four bits to the left. That way the data will range in value from 32 to 255, so that CTRL-C isn’t sent. On the Amiga you would then have to shift all the data down and add bits together.
Alternatively, you could use NcommV1.9 and send the data in two 8K blocks rather than one 16K block. You might consider buying a memory upgrade, which will allow you much more buffer space for files. Can’t you get a communications program for the transmitting computer that works with a protocol like Xmodem? Then it would be a snap.
QUESTIONS AND QUESTIONS 1: What is a hard card?
2: What is the difference between a hard drive and a hard card?
3: If I bought a hard drive would I need a special controller for it?
4: Do Commodore make a hard drive with a much greater capacity than 20MB?
5: When is Workbench 1.4 coming out, or is it going to be called 2.0?
6: I have a 1.2 machine with an original Fat Agnus chip. What is the serial number - 8367, 8371 or 8372?
7: How much can I expect to pay for a Fatter Agnus chip?
8: Does Commodore or anybody else offer a part exchange for my old Fat Agnus?
9: When is the series on building your own hardware beginning?
10: I plugged my printer into my computer whilst it was turned on and now my printer just prints garbage. What is most likely to be the matter?
S Jackson, North Yorkshire 1; A combined hard drive controller and hard drive unit on a standard expansion card for the A1500, A2000 or A3000.
2: A hard drive is a disk mechanism which needs a controller. A hard card has this controller built on. Most products advertised as hard drives have controllers, manuals and software with them: that is, they are hard drive units with all the necessary bits to use them.
3: Usually, no. Hard drive units without controllers are not easy to get hold of - they are usually sold in bulk to companies who assemble them into complete solutions for the general public, such as the many advertised in AF.
4: Err ... for which machine? If you mean the A500 then no, otherwise yes. You can get drives for the A500 with more capacity from third party suppliers (that means those companies who are not Commodore).
5: A tentative launch date is June, but I cannot say for sure, and yes, it’s definitely Workbench 2.
7: About £60.
8: I have not personally heard of anyone who does.
9: It probably won’t be a series as such, just the occasional one off article. Anybody with a project should send it to me - I’ve had some suggestions but would appreciate many more.
10: Either the printer or your Amiga has blown a chip. Try the printer on a different computer - if it works then you will need to get your Amiga fixed if you want to use it for printing.
COMMAND RAM Here is a tip for all the single-drive Amiga owners who use the CLI or Shell rather a lot and want to avoid disk swapping. Please note that it only works on Workbench
1. 3 and you should have at least 1 MB of memory.
The problem with using the CLI is that the program usually thtoo notonoix bad &J t nood to bo g*v*n a ctiach in tho elamiMOf * and ou.
Ambitious to movothiough tho tank ac guioH ac expects all the commands to be on the Workbench disk. The only snag is that if you are playing around with a separate disk you must insert the Workbench disk to get at the c directory (where all the commands are kept).
First, load Workbench and open up the Shell or CLI. Then type the following commands: COPY df0:c to ram:c path ram:c add This copies all the commands into the RAM disk (which will cut down on the amount of RAM available for other uses) and then informs AmigaDOS where to look for the commands, that is in the c directory of the RAM disk. Note that this directory is created automatically by the first command.
David Jacob, Hillingdon That’s all right if you’ve got a fair amount of extra memory, but I wouldn’t recommend readers with unexpanded A500s using it.
Continued overleaf I i oaoonablo, but not quoction that noodc to bo , ono a "hK*i • pla o» ono ic bluo. T:'O ic rod. On tho
• ?holo, 9'aphioe : aroado oonvo«sion. Tho o ?
3 VIDEO SHOPPING I am considering buying a VCR in the coming months and would like to ask a very simple question before lashing out the cash. As well as catching all the Clint movies off the telly, I’d like to have a go at making an animation sequence from the Amiga. The query arises thus - do I need a special mega-expensive super turbo-charged video with extra special buttons and twiddly knobs, or just any old Curry’s job?
Also, I purchased DBW Render and found the pictures fantastic.
The on-disk documentation said that there may be an object editor for it one day. Have you heard anything about this? At the minute I have to render the picture to see what it looks like, and it’s very time consuming.
EXPERIENCE COUNTS T A Seaman, New Malden It depends on whether you want to do some serious frame-by-frame editing or whether you just want to record an animation as it plays. If you go for the latter and just use any video you will be limited to short animations which fit into memory, and there will be an annoying glitch between animations. In this case any video recorder will do.
To reply to your reply to AS Caldwell’s letter in AF20 in which he asked a few questions concerning 5.25-inch drives. I’m f afraid you managed to get most of the answers wrong.
To begin with most of the Amiga-specific drives don’t need the mount command in the startup-sequence as the system automatically recognises their existence and designates it as either df1:, df2: or df3: depending on the 5.25-inch drive’s position in the daisy chain.
“Not a chance” to the question “Will I be able to boot up my computer from this external drive” was a bit harsh. There are two ways of doing this. The simplest and cheapest is a software switch, such as the excellent public domain program Bootselect. This allows you to boot from any drive after a soft reset and works very well.
The other option is a hardware switch, some of which are advertised in AF. For about £8 these little devices allow you to switch more permanently between drives, and it doesn’t need a hard reset to swap between boot drives. However a bit of technical skill is needed to fit one.
And last, to utilise a 5.25-inch drive with Transformer it just has to be there. Transformer designates any drives attached as PC drives A:, B: or C:. It’s as easy as that.
I hope this helps AS Caldwell as by no means all technically-minded Amiga owners are “mean and horrible to their fellow, if not so technically minded Amiga owners”. I’d also like to suggest that the techie whiz-kids who think it’s all right to spread viruses to lamers only should remember that they were lamers once.
David Sawkins, Boddam If you’re thinking of producing a feature-length movie then I’d recommend reading a book or two on desktop video first. I found Amiga Desktop Video by Guy Wright informative if a bit American. It costs £18.45, is published by Abacus, has ISBN1-55755-057-3, and is imported in this country by Computer Bookshops Ltd (021 706 1188).
I regret that I have no details to hand of a DBW Render editor.
Has anyone else?
NO BACKUP 1: I have recently bought an A590 hard drive for my 1 MB A500. The manual is just not comprehensive enough. I want to know how to copy commercial software such as flight simulations onto it. Could you please tell me how to do this in a concise, clear manner. I use a PC at work and have no problems at all with its hard drive.
2: I have recently been given to me an Amstrad LQ3500di printer.
Can it be used with my Amiga, and if this is so which printer driver should I select?
3: I would like my external floppy drive cable to be a bit longer. I've tried making one myself and even bought a 23-pin cable, but neither worked, much to my wallet's disgust. Is there a cable out there that will do the job?
Mark Sellars, Salisbury 1: I’m very surprised - the documentation which comes with nearly all flight sims usually states this, if it is possible without considerable difficulty. If the documentation doesn’t state how to do it then the simulation probably won't work with a hard drive anyway.
Games generally are not happy working with hard drives.
An awful lot more programs are not happy with the A590 in particular (see Workbench AF 18 for the cure). The reason I cannot give you a simple step-by-step guide is because there isn’t one - either a game will go on a hard drive using the instructions or it will go on to a hard disk with considerable (in some cases titanic) modification.
As a final note, I’ve had a word with Trenton and he reckons it will be no problem to say whether or not a game's instructions tell you how to put the game onto hard drives. So keep an eye on future reviews, but do bear in mind that sometimes we don’t see the final instructions... 2: Yes it can. The Epson LQ driver does the job for the 3500di in our office.
3: This is not a smart move at all.
If you make the cables longer, the low voltages used by external drives mean power loss. Can't you live with a shorter cable? You will find your electricity bills will be a smidgen smaller. Apart from that, I am afraid I have not come across such a cable.
GHOST TEXT Please can you tell me how to get rid of infuriating and unwanted characters that get printed at the top-right of the screen when I am using KindWords. I don’t get them when printing with PageSetter or Notepad. They take the form of P, PP, PPP or KPP (preceded by a club character). I have an A500 with an A501 memory expansion and a Star LC200 printer.
Trevor McAvoy, Worcester Errm... no. Any KindWords users?
Offers from SINE WAVES Here is a small tip for people with sound samplers. If you want to get a sine wave, then connect the sampler to a stereo or a TV headphone socket and then adjust the volume.
Depending on how HiFi your system is (the worse, the better!)
You should be able to pick up and digitise the hum as a perfect sine wave. Mathematicians will appreciate that by mixing sine waves of different amplitudes other waveforms can be generated.
Miles Willmott, Matlock Thanks matey.
DEMO WRITING I have taken AmigaBASIC as far as it can go. I need a new programming language. There are a few options available, such as C, AMOS and an assembler. Which one would be the best for me? I would like to begin by trying to emulate the demos I see in the public domain. I am quite experienced with a number of languages, some of which were quite complex. Before I forget, are there any good books around on any of the above topics? I can read, by the way.
Gerard Miles, Ruislip The main problem with programming the Amiga to get ultra-good graphics and sound is not necessarily the programming language
- it's how well the language ties into the machine.
AMOS is very good in that you can create some excellent effects from a BASIC language very quickly indeed, but the actual programs do not run as fast as their compiled (C or assembler) equivalents. For starting off it's very good, but if you are really plunging into the machine you will need to use C or assembler.
C has some advantages (easier and faster to code, easier debugging) over assembler. PD demo writers do not use it though Continued on Page 189 I C~ commodore Amiga A3000 100. 25Mhz 6MB £2995 Amiga A3000 40, 25Mhz 3MB £2795 Amiga A1500 latest UK model £625 Amiga A1500 as above £699 plus Dpaint3, Works Platinum etc Amiga A1500 with A2080 PC-XT £849 bridge board & 5$ " disk drive Amiga A1500 with A2091 40MB £999 Quantum 11 ms autoboot hard disk Amiga A500 v1.3 complete ... £329 PERIPHERALS KCS PC Power Board £289 RAM for A590, per MB ... £44 RAM for A3000, all types ... Phone Supra Modem
300-2400 baud £ 159 Supra 2400zl internal modem £ 139 MultlScan monitor 14” 1024x768 £395 A2320 Display Enhancer for above £259 CBM 1270 inkjet 192 dpi 160 cps £225 Canon BJ10E Bubble Jot 360 dpi £375 Rendale 8802 Genlock £179 ! A2630 card 25MHz FPU 4MB £ 1295 A2286 PC-AT board & 5$ " drive £ 675 A2088 PC-XT board & sj" drive £225 C2058 8MB Board, 2MB installed £196 RAM for above, per 2MB ... £92 A2232 Multi Pori Serial Card £ 199 Quantum ProDrlve 40MB 11ms £295 Quantum ProDrlve 100MB 11ms £495 Quantum ProDrlve 200MB 11 ms £895 A2091 card for ProDrive, 2MB OK £ 179 RAM for above, per MB (max
2MB) £44 External Drive unit for ProDrive £95 Rendale Pro Genlock £575 FrameGrabber 2 all colour modes £495 & overscan, up to 640x400 resolution SuperPIc Genlock Digitiser £595 SketchMaster 18x12 dwg. Tablet, £525 1000 Ipi, with stylus & 4-button cursor l B2000 + 40MB Quantum + A2630 4MB Accelerator £2295!
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After removing the cartridge from the machine I noticed that only the bottom half of the ribbon was showing signs of use.
By turning the take-up knob on the cartridge in the direction of the arrow, note the slot that the ribbon comes out from (slot A) and the slot it enters (slot B). Now pull out all the ribbon from slot A. Close to slot A, put a half twist in the ribbon and by turning the knob in the opposite direction, feed the ribbon into the cartridge (keeping a slight tension on it to keep the twist in place) so that the twist exits at slot B. Remove the twist and rewind all of the the tape back into the cartridge by turning the knob in the direction of the arrow. You should now have successfully managed
to turn the ribbon upside down, allowing the unused half to be used. Once you have done this you will find it neither as complicated or as messy as it may seem.
If you have friends who are not AF readers, you can rummage through their dustbins for their old ribbons so that you never need to buy a new ribbon again. Well, you can never be too careful with that hard-earned dosh!
P J Shaw, Bletchingley I quite agree - I use it with my printer ribbons to squeeze the most out of them.
• ••••••••••••I $ • $
- they hit hardware directly with machine code routines rather
than the standard programming libraries so beloved of C coders,
break standard programming rules, ignore the operating system
and generally run riot with the machine’s capabilities. Which
is why PD demos look so good.
Do be aware of the purpose of PD demos. They are programming demonstrations of graphical effects, and have no material value. You sound more of the 'method' school of programming, in which case I’d recommend learning about the Amiga using C as a starting point - you will find it more restrictive following the rules but once you know what you are doing, your programs will probably work.
Plunging straight into assembler actually seems easier than C at first, because you make up your own rules. What you tend to find, though, is that the graphical manipulation is easy, but the routine housekeeping is a pain to write. You get bogged down with details and larger programs which do something worthwhile and are much harder to program using pure machine code than C. Remember that you can easily incorporate specific machine code routines within C programs, and that the speed difference is not major unless you are playing around with rather high-speed moving graphics.
BEST PRESENTED I have been asked to produce a number of graphical presentations for my company. These are a reasonable colour-screen definition, good sound quality with a few snatches of sampled speech and, most importantly, easy to run finished productions - the end users though, will be very vague about computers.
I considered using my desktop computer (which is an IBM 386) but sound and ease of use were not too good. On the verge of spending lots of money on new hardware I discussed the problem with my son. He suggested using his computer, the Commodore Amiga, which I had mentally relegated to being just a “video games machine”.
He showed me a program called Deluxe Video and a few samples of his work using this. He suggested that I borrow the machine for a few days to try it out. Within a week I had presentations that exceeded the original specification given to me.
The company is more than satisfied with the capabilities of the Amiga, but the hard drive that my son has is quite small at only 20MB. While the machine has full access to an amazing (by IBM standards) 3MB of RAM, with larger productions even this can be restrictive when a lot of sampled speech is used. I would like a slightly faster processor since the standard one is a little sluggish by the standards of today.
On discussing these matters at work, I have been given a budget of £4500 for the computer and software. While this sounds a lot at the outset, on browsing through a number of magazines related to the subject, I have found that to convert an IBM PC or Apple Macintosh to the required specification would cost a hell of a lot more.
My son tells me that there are other models of Amigas available with more memory, faster processors and larger hard disks, and that Commodore themselves are producing some ‘Multimedia’ software. Perhaps you could run through these options for me (doubtless some of your readers are in the dark too) and a brief explanation of Multimedia wouldn’t go amiss.
N Monro, Kings Langley Please, one thing before reading the reply to your letter: give your son his Amiga back! I’m sure he is missing it a lot.
Multimedia means, simply enough, many different forms of information. It’s the concept whereby you can access text, graphics and sounds digitally and display them with a computer. By making decisions with a mouse or touch screen, you can race around the information and learn about your specialist subject at your own speed and convenience.
Nowadays the Amiga comes in four varieties. The machine that you have been looking at sounds like an A500, the "home" version.
This has much the same circuitry and is virtually compatible with the larger B2000. The difference is that the A500 is not easily expandable: the B2000 has a separate keyboard with the computer in a box, and there is lots of space inside for expansion cards.
The A1500 is a cosmetically changed version with another internal drive, but should be thought of as a B2000.
All the above computers generally share the same specification. Maximum memory capacity is 9MB of RAM, which is all usable by the computer. Up to four floppy drives (3.5-inch or
5. 25-inch) can be used at once.
And 20MB is the smallest size of hard drive - the average is 40MB, with capacities going up to 300MB in some cases.
Faster processors are available - these are in the form of cards which plug into the existing processor slot, with the faster processor on the card. Usually the standard processor sits in the card too, so as to give a "fall back” capability when you run software that doesn’t much like being accelerated.
The fourth Amiga is the A3000. This is a professional desktop model, with a built-in faster accelerator, better graphics modes, no limit on PAM expansion, and that’s more or less all I can say: Commodore still haven’t sent us one for review, but it could be the ideal thing for your needs, coming in at a good deal less than your budget and with all the extras as standard.
One thing that is important: a lot of current Amiga software won’t work with the A3000, so you should check that the software that you want to use does work with with it (always pick your software before your hardware).
LPLATE My friend and I are very keen on learning how to program in C. I have seen various public domain versions of C (notably PDC and NorthC) and I was wondering if you could say if they are any good for beginners. Also could you recommend to me any good books on the subject?
R Radley, Tonbridge I've not seen PDC, but NorthC is good. Anders Bjerin has written a C Manual (widely available in the public domain) which can help get you started - he also runs a C coders club.
Books tend to cater for the commercial and costly Lattice C 5, sometimes referred to as SAS
C. The best one for beginners is probably Amiga C for Beginners
bu Dirk Schaun, published by Abacus at £17.95, ISBN 1-55755-
045-X. This can be used with Aztec C too and is available from
Computer Bookshops Ltd (021 706 1188).
Continued on Page190 I EX-SPECTRUM USER 1 Please could you tell me how I would set about writing my own startup-sequences. I have the program NewZap which I find very useful for changing and adapting ASCII and hexadecimal files, but with this you are unable to start with a clean slate and write. I wonder whether you would be able to give me some advice as to what to do or what programs I should buy.
I also have a few queries about Vidi-Amiga.
If I bought it would I be able to take colour video frames straight from a video recorder and is there a choice as to whether you save in IFF or HAM mode?
Is there a Spectrum emulator around, and if there is where would I find one?
Ian Francis, Coulsdon Your problem is that you are editing the current startup-sequence. What you need to do is edit a file that doesn’t exist - those programs will then start a new file for you to write in. You can then rename the file to s startup-sequence.
If you don't know how to use Rename, then you probably need to know more about Amiga DOS commands, in which case I recommend that you buy a copy of Mastering Amiga DOS 2 Volume 1 by Mark Smiddy.
No, because Vidi-Amiga doesn’t take colour. If you want colour then you will need Vidi-Chrome and Vidi-RGB as well, plus your video recorder must have a crystal-clear freeze frame. Pictures are normally saved in HAM format, which is what the pictures are grabbed in using Vidi-Chrome. Vidi-Amiga uses IFF. Again, if you check the feature on Page 23 you should learn all you need to know.
The new commercial Spectrum emulator is nearly finished, but I’m afraid it doesn’t have a UK importer yet.
Mmm UNORIGINAL Is it at all possible for my A500 to put photographs onto disk, so as to be viewed on a monitor? I really fancy having a go, as it would make a first class photo album.
A Grice-Roberts, Blackpool Yes.
Oh, you want to know how! Right, first off you need the method of reading images. You EX-SPECTRUM USER 2 Over the past eight years I programmed the - dare I say it? - ZX Specturm in BASIC. Now I’ve got an Amiga and I am just starting to get to grips with it, but there are a few questions I’d like answered.
When I have written my program (in AmigaBASIC) how do I make it “Auto Booting”, that is, run as soon as the disk is inserted. At the moment I have to load Workbench, then AmigaBASIC, then the program - it’s so tedious at the moment.
Do I have to assemble it to C? I find the manual about as useful as a Tetley condom so would appreciate any information at all. Are there any books that you would recommend?
Craig P McCormick, Bristol Amiga Basic does not have a compiler (software that turns a high level language into machine code). You’re stiffed. Buy a decent Basic with a compiler - check out GFA Basic, Power Basic (by Hisoft) or AMOS Basic (which doesn’t have a compiler yet but soon will have).
EX-SPECTRUM USER 3 I have owned an A500 for just over a year now. I have upgraded it to 1MB of memory with two disk drives, and now I’m thinking about connecting a printer to it. I know I can buy a Star LC10 for something under £150, but that’s how short cash actually is.
My previous computer was a ZX Spectrum and that had a dedicated printer for it (Seikosha GP505). Is it possible to convert this printer for use with my Amiga?
P R Bywaters, Luton There’s not a cat in hell’s chance. Start saving your pennies.
Can use a video camera and a video digitiser (that’s the clever bit that plugs into the back of your computer). Digitisers cost about £100 upwards, and will read images from any still video signal.
So you get your video camera plugged into the digitiser, point it at the photograph ... Hang on for just one minute, why don’t you turn to Page 23 and read the digitiser round-up in this issue.
CONCLUSION JUMPER I would be pleased if you could answer my question. Why don’t some of my games work with a fatter Agnus? I recently bought an A500 and was very disappointed to find that almost a dozen of my games don’t work on it.
Workbench Silly Questions A new section in Workbench, in which we try to answer some of the simpler and more obvious points that can so easily confuse the beginner.
What exactly is a fatter Agnus? Can I get it taken out and have a normal Agnus put in? Also is there a relatively cheap way of getting pictures digitised into my computer? Or do I have to buy expensive video equipment?
Alastair Roden, Hailsham How do you know that the problems lie with the fatter Agnus chip? Yes, you can have it removed and a normal one put in - contact Ace Repairs (0503 20282). Relatively cheap means little when dealing with video digitising.
You pay the money and get the product. Is £150 for DigiView Gold too much? If it is for you then it’s not cheap, but if you’re used to spending £3000 on a video camera then it’s very cheap indeed.
EX-SPECCY-OWNERS CORNER PAIN IN THE... Could you please tell me why my Workbench doesn’t work. I have nothing but problems.
Double-clicking rarely works. I have to double click on an icon or drawer, then remove the disk for a few seconds and insert it again to get anything to open.
The drag bars on windows will operate as will the sizing gadgets but if I try moving icons or drawers by dragging them (move the pointer to the top of the icon, press left button, move mouse, release button) then I have to take out the disk and reboot. And it works then.
As you can probably guess this is a constant pain in the Workbench. Could it be because my Amiga has a 1.2 Kickstart ROM chip and the Workbench is the 1.3 version? Or is it my mouse?
What is a read write error? Can anything be done about them? What is a validating error?
F P Coldwell, Castleford Erm... I wish I could tell you more, but diagnosing this fault is a little bit difficult without seeing your problem ourselves. Very likely it is the 1.2 Kickstart chip not liking Workbench 1.3 - but I really couldn't say for sure, because our 1.2 machine has temporarily died so I can't check it myself.
One thing I can say for sure is that using Workbench 1.3 with a Kickstart 1.3 is a relatively painless operation compared to the agony you are suffering, so I do recommend that you upgrade your Kickstart chip to 1.3. The reason this makes a difference is that the Kickstart chip loads the basics of the operating system as soon as you switch on your machine. What you're doing is using a 1.2 operating system with a 1.3 Workbench program, which is bound to cause problems.
Read Write and Validating errors are caused when a disk screws up. Consult your manual on using DiskDoctor to salvage the information from the bad disk. Then copy it to a new disk and bin the old one.
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To order send postal order or cheque to: State Of The Art 39 Hereford St, Off The Moor, SHEFFIELD, S1 4RR extra big screens with lots of colours. The problem is that the MS-DOS emulator Transformer doesn’t work. Also the animation menu in Deluxe Paint III is ghosted out and can’t be used. Is this because there is no fast memory anymore, or is it because of another hardware fault?
If I buy another internal expansion board with 1.5MB or more on it, can I then use my Transformer and animate in Dpaint III and still have 1MB of chip memory for extra large resolution pictures with lots of colours?
J Hoogendoorn, The Netherlands Yes, it’s because you don't have any fast memory any more. If you get a bigger memory expansion that should do the trick. Readers should only upgrade their machine if they need a lot of chip memory, ie they want to run programs which actually need it.
At the moment I am using an A500 with a half MB upgrade and an old type Cumana CAX354 second drive. I hope to be expanding it with an ATOnce PC emulator, a 1.5 MB RAM expansion and a 5.25 inch floppy drive. Will the Amiga power supply be able to cope with that lot?
D Hardy, Hull Possibly. The only way to know for sure is to buy all the equipment and try it. Maybe you had better buy a replacement power supply from WTS just to be on the safe side.
IT’S BROKEN Please do not ignore this letter yet again. I am in need of a lot of help about my RAM expansion. Let me refer back to AF16, where you did a whole article on memory expansions. I read it with eagerness, because I wanted to play games like It Came From The Desert and use the Pen Pal program.
I bought the Ashcom expansion (which you said was the best). After plugging it in and switching on, I loaded It Came From The Desert. It loaded perfectly but there were a lot of thick yellow lines on the screen.
I’ve tried other programs, none of which work properly. Some of them cause Guru Meditation numbers to appear - just what are these? I’ve upgraded the machine from Kickstart 1.2 to 1.3 but the results are no better. I’ve tried the memory expansion in a friend’s machine and it worked. What is wrong?
Gerard Wilmot, Winsford It's obvious - your Amiga is up the spout as far as expansions go. Get it repaired.
OBVIOUS REALLY I want to produce video graphics using the A500. All I really need is something which has a good selection of stylish fonts producing characters up to about 25mm high on a medium resolution screen. The advertised software is not clear on fonts but seems to push other, more dynamic features. Could you suggest something at (hopefully) a reasonable price?
At the moment I have Dpaint III and Photon Paint. Can Dean Agar suggest some uses for Dpaint Ill's animated brush option in perhaps a future Masterclass?
Pete Fensome, Manchester Why don’t you load in different fonts to the programs that you already own? There are hundreds of different fonts in the public domain, so start checking with local PD libraries about them.
STRANGE FIX I know that you won’t print this because if you do you’ll get lots of letters reporting broken Amigas. Just for the record I believe that this tip is the best yet.
It happened to me. I put a disk in and the disk drive made one awful noise. The hand holding the disk came up on the screen again. I switched my computer off for a minute, switched it back on and tried again. The same thing happened.
“Virus!” I thought. I disconnected my RAM expansion with the clock on it and switched off for another half-an-hour before trying again - to get the same result. So I sat and thought.
I came up with the idea that the head in the disk drive was locked in the top of the drive. I disconnected all the leads from the computer, stood on my bed and dropped the computer onto the bed three times. Obviously any chips would be pushed down into their sockets rather than popping out.
I plugged in the computer and switched on.
All my disks now load perfectly and I've had no more problems. I hope this tip may fix some Amigas that would otherwise spend some time at the Commodore Repair Centre.
Is there any connection between putting disks near a television and read write errors?
J Latham, Wigan Well, if your Amiga is already dead, I can't see why you shouldn't try and resuscitate it with this bizarre method. Do make sure that the landing pad is nice and soft. 99,999 times out of 100,000 it won’t work but you never know... Putting a disk near a magnetic field (such as those generated by TV sets) can cause read write errors, so always keep them away from sources of magnetism.
VERY NEW READER I am considering buying a 512K upgrade for my A500 and have noticed some companies offering a fastmem chipmem option. It states that if you have an A500 with the fatter Agnus chip you can - with a simple soldering job - use the chipmem option.
1: What is chipmem, and what are its advantages if any?
2: What is fastmem?
3: How do I know if my A500 has the fatter Agnus chip without opening it up?
K D Brown, Dukinfield 1; Chipmem, short for chip memory, is memory that both the processor (68000) and custom chips (Paula, Agnus, Denise) can communicate with. It is used for storing samples and all the graphics screens, as well as programs and data (in unexpanded Amigas).
2: Fastmem, short for fast memory, is memory that only the processor can talk to. Because it never clashes with the custom chips the processor is never stopped when accessing it: but if any graphics or sounds are stored here, the processor has to copy them into chip memory before they can be played or displayed.
3: Run the Vectacheck program (Coverdisk 15) NO NO NO I can get a 4MB RAM chip for £50. It is CMOS and is surface mountable. My freaky computer friend, Robert Summers, says that it would have to be programmed to my Amiga. What does he mean? Is it possible, and how much would it cost?
My cat Scooby Doo has found that after I’ve finished with the computer it is very warm and cosy. I think because of his moulting fur my internal disk drive is broken. It loads everything fine, but when I go to change disks (like on Xenon 2 or Lords of the Rising Sun) a system message jumps in like a Guru lookalike saying “Please replace any volume in DFO:". It then loads the second disk but it is getting on my nerves!
Tim Long, Taunton What Mr Summers means is that the chip has to be interfaced: that is, connected correctly to the Amiga. Double buffering and auto configuration would be nice too: if you don’t understand how to do this then leave the chip on the shop shelf.
No, your drive is not broken. It can’t take out the first disk, pick up the second disk and insert it into the floppy drive on its own can it?
So it asks you to do this. If it really annoys you, buy a second disk drive (which some games totally ignore!)
MIXED COLOURS I want a printer for our A500 (which has incidentally been boosted up to 1000 meg). So we got a black-and-white printer and had no problems but we also got Paintbox 2 software: both myself and my sister wanted our pictures to come out in colour. So we bought a colour printer and it's causing problems... It’s putting red dots throughout all colours and putting red lines across yellow colours. We were naturally very worried about this and so wrote to the printer company who informed us that it is the software.
We have been all through the booklets and manuals and cannot find anything compatible about the computer. We have tried several ways: we can’t put the same printout through Paintbox 2 twice - it’s set to Epson JX 88. We are desperate for information.
As we are new to computers we do not know where to seek this information. We have tried everywhere possible - please can you help? Any information would be useful.
Jennine Stanley, Barnsley 1000 Meg Amiga huh? Are you sure? That’s £20,000 plus worth of memory, plus it must be a weird and wonderful wiring job.
As for your printing problem, it’s because what you see as yellow does indeed contain a bit of red. The printer doesn’t know any better
- it’s trying to make 4096 colours from just four, so you would
expect a certain amount of mixing wouldn’t you?
There's a company called Care Electronics (0923 672102) who are selling a program called Flexidump for £39.95. This is especially set up to print out colour pictures, and I can even do T-shirt prints. Pretty soon they hope to release a colour mapped version, which will print out colours perfectly. This should help you to get good results and they can also help you with some advice.
EDUCATIONAL SECTION We Have Over 70 Top Class Educational Programs For The Amiga & Atari ST. All Ages Covered From 3 To Adult.
Contact Us Now For Your Free Catalogue P&P: 50 disks & over is free. Under 50 disks only £1.50 All prices include VAT. Send Cheques or Postal Orders to KYC Disks SHOP NOW OPEN: 9 Barmouth Road, Wandsworth, London MAIL ORDER ONLY 51 Barmouth Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 2DT.
Telephone 081-870 0469 Open 6 days a week from 10am-6pm VISA DcsignUJorc WANTED USE V0UR U0ICE TO 0UTDRAW THE GUNFIGHTER CASH PRIZES 0898 31 35 99 INFODIAL POBox 36 LSI 4TN Call charges 33p Per Min Cheap 44p Per Min All Other Times Designasarus - Fun With Dinosaurs!
Print, Create, & Survive like the dinosaurs in their own ecosystem.
Highly recommended. Ages 5+£29.95 The Talking Animator - Let the kids have some fun creating animations using this simple but highly stimulating program.
Somefeatures require 1 V B. Age 6+. £34.95 EXCLUSIVE ESP Software has just released its own range of high quality Educational titles.
More details with catalogue.
- WW'°u WfS v (v.ct y .w-wwiic* DEAD OR AUUE ' vt : c* • '*
an? Was.
. O-umAtovsvunc Kv*«|KOM vvfc Jf V v
- AT Umt (¦«J* AJNM • . nv'M««v:y j» :- •* f*A'
C. 9.S-X*', Prt**™**.* : f *X NOK-S. »v«:! P'OVX*,. ?
Imagine ....199.95 Modeller
3D ...59.95 Pagereader 3D .....77.95 Pixel
3D .....64.95 Sculpt 3DXL ..89.95
Sculpt 4D Jr ...83.95 Sculpt Animate 4D* ...299.95
Sculpt 3D Designs 23.95 Turbo
Silver ...94.95 Videoscape 3D* ..109.95
Vista ...49.95 Outline
Fonts ......94.95 Pagestream Fonts 27.95 Pagestream
V2* .139.95 Pro Draw V2 ..89.95 Pro Page
Templates....33.95 Pro Page Ultraforms....24.95 Pro Page
V2* .....179.95 Synthia II ...69.95
BUSINESS Advantage ...74.95 Arena Accounts 119.95
B Graphics ...99.95 Gold Disk Office 129.95
Maxiplan Plus 99.95 Microfiche Filer Plus.109.95 Securities
Analyst 49.95 Service Ind. Accs 239.95 Superbase Prof.
Williamsl99l Put life into your DTP DTV, create a realistic
background for that animation, give your paint program a
detailed photograph to work from ...let your creativity run
PICTURE LIBRARY Amiga Vision 69.95
Diskmaster 34.95 Disk Mechanic 44.95 Power
Windows V2.5 ..49.95 XCOPY Professional ...34.95 VIDEO Art
Department 69.95 Broadcast Titler V2..189.95 Frame Grabber 256*
.569.95 Pro Fills .....28.95 Pro Video Fonts
79.95 Pro Video Plus Post ..219.95 TV Show Professional .54.95
TV Text Professional ...89.95 Title
Page 124.95 Video Effects 3D 114.95 Video
Titler 3D 74.95 Viva* .179.95
Unbelievable quality!! ; Amazing viue!!
Incredible fun!!
Now available in two formats, 4096 Colour HAM and 32 Colour IFF.
Please specify when ordering.
PLEASE SEND SAE FOR FULL DETAILS Intro CAD .39.95 Intro CAD Plus ....79.95 Ultra Design ......219.95 X CAD Designer 2*...77.00 X CAD Prof. 3D* ....Call DRAWING GRAPHICS 3D Professional 269.95 Animate 3D ..92.95 Cando Inovatools 39.95 Disney Anim Studio....79.95 Elan Performer 2 .89.95 Fletcher Fonts 15.00 Headlines II (fonts)* ...49.95 MUSIC WORD PROCESSORS Audiomaster III ...69.95 Bars & Pipes 174.95 Copyist Professional..174.95
K. C.S V3 ..139.95 Future
Sound ...Call
G. eneral Enquiries 0792 470503 FREE OFFER FIVE FREE
pRE-FORMATFr Pen Pal .....79.00 Pro Write
V3.1 ......99.95 Word Perfect 4.1 159.95 Word
Perfect Library ...84.95 floppies with every order ol library
disks. (Worm 90p each!)
Offer closes end of June 1991.
Of 6 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * Pictureware© disks cost just £499 each with five pictures per disk Two disks or more £4.50 each. Some titles as follows:- Edwardian Photos ;an Animals cy Coastlines BaseBoard 4.0 fits in the A501 slot.
Increases A500 memory to 4.5Mb in steps of 512K. NO SOLDERING. Full 1 year Warranty. Clock Included.
Incredible Prices Llnpopulated .....£89.95 512K Populated £115.95 Imb Populated £141.95
1. 5Mb Populated ...£167.95 2Mb Populated £193.95
2. 5Mb Populated ...£219.95 3Mb Populated £245.95
3. 5Mb Populated ...£271.95 4Mb Populated £297.95 Views of
Vietnam Children Silverback Gorilla People African Famine Art
In Photography The Nude African Animals Kocky Coastlines
Beautiful Sunsets African Pygmies African Animals Hit Each
title has two disks, order a two disk set for £9!
ICD2080 ADRAM BOARD for 1500 or 2000 range. Add 2Mb to 8Mb. Prices from £229 to £499 ippos Our PD Library Pictureware© Catalogue, plenty of graphics PD Shareware programs, DTV Background disks (created from Pictureware©) and a mishmash of pictures in all sorts of formats, taken from Pictureware’s© development and provided for your fun and entertainment as ten PRE-FORMATED disks for £9 post free!
If you like the pictures keep them, otherwise use as blank floppies!!!
Please add £ 1 pp to all orders.Order over 5 disks post free.
VAT @ 15% Included. VAT No. 484 4843 12 Access, Visa, Cheques, PO’s Welcome. (No cash please) To:- Nik Williams Broadcast, Aspect House, 21, Brynmill Crescent, Brynmill, Swansea, SA2 0AL 24 HR Credit Card Phone Fax Hotline 0792 645946 Please allow 21-28 days for delivery, and ’phone for urgent orders.
Disks @ 90p each include, two Pictureware© demos, The above list of Professional Software is only a selection of the range available. Please phone for a full price list or individual quotes.
All prices are inclusive VAT & UK Post. E. & O.E. *=lMb+ Educational & Serious Program Specialists (0702) 600557 ESP software 24 Hour Service 328 Southchurch Road Access & Visa Accepted Southend-on-Sea FAX (0702) 613747 Essex SSI 2ND.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & NEXT DAY DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR This Months Software Specials Select any 3 games titles valued at £7.99 or less and you pay only £20!
3D Pool 7.99 Anarchy 9.99 Batman 7.99 Bionic Commando 6.99 Cadaver 14.99 Captain Rzz 6.99 Carrier Command 9.99 Chaos Strikes Back 14.99 Cosmic Pirate 6.99 Crossbow 7.99 Datastorm 7.99 Deluxe Strip Poker 7.99 Double Dragon 7.99 Dragons Breath 12.99 Dungeon Master (1Mb) 9.99 Dungeon Quest 7.99 Dynasty Wars 6.99 E-Motion 7.99 Elite 9.99 Exolon 4.99 FA-18 Interceptor 7.99 Faery Tale Adventure 7.99 Fantasy World Dizzy 6.99 Fast Food 6.99 Fast Lane 4.99 Fernandez Must Die 7.99 Ferrari Formula One 7.99 Garrison 1&2 6.99 Gauntlet 2 7.99 Gin & Cribbage King 9.99 Grand Monster Slam 6.99 Grand Prix
Circuit 9.99 Guardian Angel 6.99 Hammer Fist 7.99 Hard Drivin* 7.99 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 7.99 Hong Kong F’hooey 6.99 Hostages 7.99 Hot Rod 7.99 Hound of the Shadow 7.99 Hunt for Red October 9.99 International 3D Tennis 9.99 It came from the Desert 12.99 Jumpin Jackson 8.99 Keel the Thief 7.99 Kick Off 2 (1Mb) 14.99 Amiga 500s From only £319 A500 Screen Gems 512k only £359 A500 Screen Gems 1Mb only £369 A1500 £949 Incl.
Monitor 512k Ram Exp.
From only £25 Replacement Mouse from only £14.99 Philips CM8833-mk2 £239 incl. Lead A590 Hard Drive from only £279 Last Ninja 2 7.99 Leather Goddesses of Phobos 7.99 Manic Miner 7.99 Menace 6.99 Microprose Soccer 7.99 Ninja Spirit 7.99 Obliterator 6.99 Overlander 7.99 P47 7.99 Passing Shot 4.99 Planetfall 7.99 Powerdrome 7.99 Powerplay 6.99 Pub Trivia 4.99 Raider 4.99 Roadblasters 7.99 RVF Honda 7.99 Ruff ‘n‘ Ready 6.99 Shufflepack Cafe 6.99 Shadow of the Beast 9.99 Silent Service 9.99 Silkworm 7.99 Skate of the art 6.99 Speedball 2 14.99 Spellfire The Sorceror 6.99 Starglider 2 9.99 Super
Scramble Simulator 6.99 Steel 4.99 Sword & The Rose 6.99 Swords of Twilight 7.99 Targhan 4.99 Terrorpods 6.99 The Deep 6.99 Thunderblade 7.99 Times of Lore 9.99 Toobin* 6.99 Tower of Babel 7.99 Treasure Island Dizzy 4.99 Typhoon Thomson 6.99 Turrican 14.99 Tusker 7.99 Vigilante 7.99 Vindicators 6.99 Wacky Darts 6.99 Willow 7.99 Wind Walker 7.99
3. 5“ External Disk Drive £55 Star LC200 Colour only £209 Incl.
Lead Citizen Swift 9 Colour only £199 Incl. Lead Citizen Swift
24 Colour only £299 Incl.lead HP Paintjet Colour Inkjet only
£825 Podscat Graphics Tablet only £169 PHOTON PAINT ONLY £6.99
Wings 512k or 1Mb 16.99 Wierd Dreams 9.99 Wishbringer 7.99
World Class Leaderboard 7.99 World Cup 512k or 1Mb 9.99 X-Out
7.99 Xenon 7.99 Yogi's Great Escape 6.99 Zany Golf 7.99 Zork
7.99 Serious Scribble Platinum 39.99 Penpal 79.99 Excellence 2
79.99 Protext 4.0 74.99 Protext 5.0 119.99 Maxiplan 39.99
Advantage 74.99 Infofile 39.99 Superbase Personal 2 79.99
Superbase Professional 149.99 The works Platinum 59.99 Gold
Disk Office 99.99 Pagesetter 2.0 49.99 Pro Page 2 199.99 Pro
Draw 2 99.99 Outline fonts 99.99 Gold Disk Fonts 1-4 34.99
Structured Clip art 37.99 Eclips 79.99 Proclips 19.99 X-CAD
Designer 89.99 X-CAD Professional 329.99 Home Accounts 24.99
Deluxe Paint 3 59.99 Deluxe Photolab 54.99 Moviesetter 39.99
Sculpt 3DXL 109.99 Sculpt 4D 399.99 AMOS 34.99 Devpac 2 49.99
Lattice C 219.99 Music X Junior 74.99 Tiger Cub incl.
Interface leads 79.99 The R.R.P of all the latest games, and
all the other game titles not listed here!
30% OFF You name it.... We do it.... Just Phone and we'll Quote... We are faster and Cheaper Cheques PO. Orders to POST HASTE 12 St Lawrence Road, Canterbury, KENT CT1 3EY. Please allow upto 4 working days tor cheques to clear. Overseas orders add £2.00 postage.
Telephone Hotline 0227-764204 9.30 am - 7.00pm at ¦ . • | || [MasterCard] Answerphone outside normal hours.
LllnGnrira ofHamPshire UICJCI VC Best for service Star Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is, if only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch". Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: 31, PILTON PLACE (AF 22) KING AND QUEEN STREET, WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR MAKE YOUR ’M- Panasonic KXP1123 (24 Pin) with cable & paper £205.00 (£178.26 + VAT) Panasonic KXP1180 with cable & paper £152.00 (£132.17 +VAT) Panasonic KXP1081 with cable & paper £142.00 (£123.48 +VAT)
Star LC24-200 Col.
(24 pin) with cable and paper £285.00(£247.83 + VAT) Star LC24-200 (24 pin) with cable and paper £245.00 (£213.04 +VAT) LC10 Mono £149.00 (£129.56 +VAT) LC200 Colour £205.00 (£178.26 +VAT) (with Cable & Paper) Star LC2410 (24 pin) with cable & paper £199.00 (£173.04 +VAT) A AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES SPARES: Rom V1.3 ...£32.00 8520 CIA £17.00 5721 Buster £16.00 68000 MPU £24.00 41256 RAM ..£4.00
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Amiga 500 Screen Gems Pack £370.00 512K RAM Plus Clock .£45.00 Cumana CAX354 3.5" ...£80.00 A500 PSU ...£50.00 External Drive 3.5" .£70.00 Amiga Mouse ....£35.00 All prices include postage and packing Fixed Price Amiga 500 Repairs £40.00 - (Does not cover keyboard or drive faults) 3 months warranty, 1 week turnaround.
ACE Repairs, Dept AF, Outways Farm, Pelynt, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2NW m (0503) 20282 vtSA PRINTERS Inc. VAT Citizen 124D (24 pin) .£219.00 Panasonic KXP 1124 .£225.00 Epson LX400 ..£144.90 Epson LQ400 (24 pin) ......£227.00 Epson LQ550 (24 pin) ......£325.00 Swift 24 Colour option .£36.00 XB24-10 Colour upgrade ....£37.95 Printer prices inc. cable & paper Amiga 1500 £649.00 inc VAT Class of 90's £499.00 inc VAT Screen Gems Pack £359.00 inc VAT Amiga 500 £319.00 inc VAT HP Deskjet 500 with cable and paper £435.00
(£378.26 + VAT) Citizen 120D+ with cable and paper £125.00 (£108.70 +VAT) Swift 9 Mono with cable and paper £189.00 (£164.35 + VAT) Swift 24 with cable and paper £275.00 (£239.13 +VAT) CBM 1084S with cable £259.00 (£225.22 + VAT) Philips CM8833 Mk 2 £229.00 (£199.31 + VAT) A MISPRINT ONLY BY PURCHASING OVER 3 MILLION DISKS A YEAR CAN WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SENSATIONAL PRICES... Every diskette supplied by Dial a Disc is certified and tested 100% error free.
Phone for our 40 page catalogue EDUCATIONAL AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME All products have a 30 day money back & 12 month warranty, Prices subject to variation without prior notification.
Established 6 years. We are closed Saturday afternoons.
Postage 92p (80p + VAT) Securicor £6.90 (£6.00 + VAT) Amiga F Dept
3. 5 DSDD 135 TPI DISKS 50 DSDD only £22.00 100 DSDD ONLY £33.00
200 DSDD ONLY £60.00 500 DSDD ONLY £135.00
3. 5 High Density 5.25 6op each Only 22 DSDD 5.25HD Ip each Only
3. 5" 40 capacity .... ......£2.95
3. 5" 80 capacity .... ......£3.45
3. 5 100 capacity .... ......£3.95 only if
bought with disks ALL prices include VAT & delivery OUR
DISC 203 Southborough Lane, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8AR.
081-467 0131 All offers subject to availability. E OE.
Accessories Inc VAT THIS IS Joystick Mouse twin extension...£4.60 3M Joystick Mouse 3M ext £3.65 A500 Printer lead ...£7.95 A500 to Philips CM8833 lead ..£7.95 Modulator Disk Extension £10.95 23 Way Plug or Socket £3.45 A500 Dust Cover ...£4.60 Mouse Mat (thick soft type) £4.95 A501 Memory Upgrade Clock..£56.00 AdRAM 540 0-4M Ram Clock..£139.00 KCS Powerboard 740K & IBM..£285.00 Contriver Mouse C820 30......£25.00 Marconi RB2 Tracker ball £49.00 Vidi video frame grabber £110.00 Software etc. Inc VAT BBC Basic Emulator £32.00 D G Calc - Digita
Internat £34.50 F29 Retaliator - Ocean £19.80 Fun School 2 £15.50 Fun School 3 £19.90 Home Office for the Amiga ..£109.00 Kidtalk - First Byte 4-13y £20.50 Kind Words ...£39.50 Mathtalk - First Byte 5-13y £20.50 Photo Paint - Micro lllus £19.95 Protext - Wordprocessor Sp. .£73.00 Superbase Personal (Datab.) ..£44.00 Phone for ST Software catalogue.
Many titles inc. Educational.
UleSerue j v Cumana CAX354 External 1M Drive £65.00 (£56.52 + VAT) A590 20M Hard Disk £269.00 inc VAT 1 2 Meg Ram + Clock £35.00 inc VAT DISKETTES SONY branded (100% certified error free) Inc VAT 10 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ....£7.50 50 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ..£31.62 100 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ..£59.80 1K 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi £529.00 DISKETTES (lifetime warranty) (100% certified error free) Inc VAT 10 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ....£6.44 50 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ..£30.25 100 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ..£59.80 250 3.5" DS DD 135 tpi ..£83.00 1K 3.5 DS DD 135 tpi .£310.00 50 x
3.5" Disk Box with lock ....£5.95 100 x 3.5" Disk Box with lock ..£7.50 40-42 West Street, Portchester, Hants.
P016 9UW Tel: 0705 325354 IBULK BUYERS' 50 3? DS DD £21 100 3; DS DD ....£33 150 3; DS DD ....£47 200 3s DS DD ....£60 400 3i DS DD ...£115 500 3s DS DD ...£125 1000 .£CALL Price incl VAT & P&P k57 DS DD ....20p r5i DS HD ....38p _ 1 40 Cap Box .£4' J 2 80 Cap Box ...£4.30, 37 150 Cap Posso Box
14. 95, 57
n. 1 r»i B - INCL FREE LABELS Skfilllk DISKS & BOXES 50 Disks +
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SONY o o 60p 100 37 HD £57.50 BULK i Op inc. VAT & P&P 1 50
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COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON cC 674626 Philips CM8833 MKII Monitor STAR LC-200 Colour Printer £199 STAR LC-24-200 Colour Printer £209 £310 Add £3.50 P&P, add £4.00 for 3 day delivery, add £7.50 2 day, £9.00 next day (from despatch).
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So you have got an Amiga either yourself or your children? Your Amiga gives you hours of fun but do you care for the Amiga as much as it cares for you? When we get dirty we can have a shower and eveiything is fine again, but when the Amiga gets dirty disaster could strike! If you let dust or even liquids spill on to your keyboard, as accidents do happen, you could damage it and it may cost you a lot to repair! If this happens your Amiga could become USELESS! NOW THERE IS AN ANSWER - We sell plastic covers which are made especially for the Amiga family of computers, moulded so they fit over
every key and allow you to type whilst the cover is on. Giving your Amiga all the protection it needs. Can you afford to be without one?
Please state A500 A1500 A2000. £9.99 inc P&P.
Amiga 500 £310 1Mb Screen Gems ..... .....£365 Mouse House.... ....£7.50 Screen Gems .. ...£355 Amiga 1500 ..... .....£665 Mnn p Rrarkpf £? BO Class of the 90's .... £510 n + Monitor . ARQH inr 9Mh RAM .....£915 cqcc Printer Stand .... ..£9 nrsi oieps ... Screen Gems + Astra Pack ...z.o i u £390 nOyU IllU. IlIVIU nMIVI .... Amiga 52Mb hard drive... Cheetah 125+ .....£460 £7 50 Monitor Stand .. Joystick ext lead .. £18 ..£5 Dust
Cover .. £5 1000 Labels ..... ....£7.50 4 Plav adaotor.. ..£5 Zipstick . .....£11 Cumana Drive .. £63 Jetfighter ..... .....£12
0. 5 Meg Upgrade . £29 cxieriidi rwiiiyd
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Mat £35 ....£2.50
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* , -Kjl.'ii vli t r«* '-r m«; • | • ri-MM NKIpI ' L2LJ-:
- r----------------------------------- a-r-r ;r fpr;f ffi ;n our
An frtes rn rncsi indr;dff7£fc DFTSCff Jft - GiE. FRGD “f-
Wr TFLG&yrvEim ER. O'c.
0291-690933 690901 Cp.U 'or pMv DTP orGRm f J,p.rd’wn or So
CALL FOR INFORMATION AND DEMO DISK Why buy an ordinary sound
- when you can buy a recording studio?
- Voice Synthesis - Phaser and Vibrato.
£34.99 + £1.50 POST AND PACKING mmputting of your Amiga files
to our LASER PRINTERS at 300 dpi or to our LINOTRONIC 3
1200,1600 or 2500 dpi nto paper or film.
Canning of col Taking the What you might have missed in the series so far. The first four parts of this series covered the following: backing up Workbench, renaming disks, general help, getting started with printers, snapshotting and discarding, auto-starting projects, using Info, tools and projects, and more about Preferences.
Printers are still causing some grief, so for those of you having difficulty knowing which driver to use the table below should make interesting reading. It lists all the popular printers (and some odd ones) known to work with the Amiga and the appropriate driver to use.
Not all the drivers are complete emulations though. For instance, the MPS-1000 driver can be used with the incredibly cute Canon BJ-lOe, but it cannot facilitate the 360 x 360 DPI graphics mode. This is because although the Canon emulates IBM graphics, it has extensions which the IBM driver does not know about.
Don't worry if you are unsure what that means - all will be revealed in good time.
MARK SMIDDY removes the mystique of graphic printing, in the fifth part of this essential series for beginners.
Total Fr-fcf winces Vi.3.18: LESSON 17 SETTING PRINTER GRAPHICS 1: Boot your Workbench disk.
2: Open the Preferences drawer.
3: Double-click on the Printer icon.
4: Click on the Graphic 2 box - this should bring up a display like the one in Figure One (at right).
Continued overleaf I Densi ty Left Offset Smoothing OFF 0 Center Seali ng Di theri ng Color Correct Ordere Halftone Colors Height Linit WHICH DRIVER FOR WHICH PRINTER?
Driver Density Compatibility notes Alphacom_Alphapro_f Of _ With IBM Interface Brother HR-15XL - Text only CalCompColorMaster Is ColorMaster, Colorview 5912 CalComp CoforMaster2 Is As above, but the faster driver requires up to 3Mb of RAM!
Canon PJ1080A Is Inteqrex 132 ColorJet?
CBM_MPS1 OOO Is 2 & 5d 3 & 6t Canon BJ
- 130 1 0e 300 330, IBM 51 52 Most IBM compatibles Diablo 630 -
Diablo 630 Diablo_Advantage_D25 - Diablo Advantaqe D25
DiabloC-1 50 Is Diablo C-150 EpsonQ 1 -3s 4 Mono Epson
LQ1500 2500 Star 24-10 200 Most 24-pin Epson compats.
EpsonX[CBM_MPS-1250] Is 2 & 5d 3 & 6t Epson EX FX JX LX MX RX CBM MPS-1230 50 70 1550 Citizen 120D Swift 9; Juki 5510 20; Pansonic KXP-1081, Star LC-10 10C 200 etc. EpsonXOId 1-4,7 EP 5,6 SM 8 or 9 pin driver for use with old Epson and Star printers (Gemini 10-X for instance) Generic - Simple text printers only Howtek Pixelmaster 1 -4 s Howtek Pixelmaster HP DeskJet 1 -4 s DeskJet and DeskJet Plus HP_LaserJet 1-4 s LaserJet, LaserJet Plus ll DeskJet 500 HP PaintJet Is HP PaintJet HP ThinkJet Is HP ThinkJet Imagewriterll 1 -4 s 5-7 d Apple ImageWriter Apple ImageWriterl!
Nec_Pinwriter 1 -3,6s 4,5 & 7d Nec P5 6 7 9 2200 Okidata 92 Is Okidata 92 Okidata_293i 1 & 2s 3 & 4d Okidata 292 293 393 Usinq IBM interface adaptor Okimate 20 Is Okimate 20 Quadram Quadjet - Text only Qume_Letterpro_20 Is Qume LetterPro 20 Toshiba P351C 1 -2 s All Toshiba 351-C compatibles Toshiba_P351SX 1 -2s 3-4d Toshiba 351SX, 321SL 321SLC, 341SLC Xerox 4020 1-2 Xerox 4020 Table notes: Densitys apply to graphics only, s = Single pass printing (suitable for colour) d = Dual pass printing (mono dumps only) t = Three pass printing (mono dumps only) EP = Epson mode SM = Star mode Figure Five:
Dithering produces an even spread of dots to represent each shade.
Darker shades use more dots and vice versa.
Blue Light yellow The screen is split into several sections but many of these affect each other - this can be a source of confusion. Note: these options only affect graphics - but many DTP packages and Word Publishers - NotePad, Kind Words, Page Setter - can produce text using graphic dumps; so you should know how to operate them. All the buttons work in the same way as those you have already met in Preferences. Buttons are active when highlighted in orange (given the default palette). Some buttons - like RGB - toggle, others - like density - act like radio buttons. That is, one must be
selected all the time.
Density: Of the options on Graphic 2, this is the most important for most applications. It determines speed, darkness and resolution of the printing in dots-per-inch (DPI). Generally the larger the number the darker and slower the printing. However, only a few printers (or their drivers) support more than one or two densities.
This option carries a warning with it - although the manual is not clear
- do not select multi-pass printing if you are using a colour
ribbon. This is because colour ribbons come with the primary
colours - red, blue, yellow; plus black. Now imagine you are
printing some medium green. First, the printer deposits a row
of yellow dots, then a row of blue ones which mix to give a
shade of green. The light colours are always printed first to
avoid contamination.
On the second pass, the printer runs the yellow ribbon back over the existing green ink, and the yellow ribbon becomes covered in fresh green ink. Because printer ribbons are only a few metres long (some are shorter) just a couple of dumps could ruin a new - and expensive - colour ribbon.
Multi-pass printing is employed by the Epson FX (9-pin) series driver for Figure Six: Smoothing adds dithering to the sharp transformations on diagonal lines - the Jaggies. This drawing is greatly exaggerated.
Densities greater than one. So if you have, for example, a Star LC-200C do not select a higher value unless you are only doing monochrome printing.
Just to confuse matters, the density switch is tied to the single sheet Fanfold option on the Graphic 1 options screen. This only applies to 24-pin printers using the EpsonQ driver. When single sheet mode is selected, only 16 of the 24 pins are used. This option is provided for printers with weak power supplies - characterised by fading horizontal stripes on dumps.
Dithering: Used in newspapers to reproduce pictures from 1000s of dots - the greater the concentration of dots, the darker the image. The application is similar but the dither is produced mathematically and on the Amiga. It comes in three flavours; ordered, half-tone or Floyd-Steinberg.
• Ordered dithering, the default method, is simple but not
effective and is best used on low-resolution printouts when the
other methods are less effective. Just because you have a
high-resolution printer does not mean it will produce a
high-resolution dump. For instance the 9-pin Star LC- 10 has a
varying resolution from 60 to 240 DPI but to achieve the high
resolution print, it has to perform multiple passes. Put
another way, if printing in colour on these machines you must
use ordered dither.
• Half-tone dithering is more like the one used by newspapers but
requires a higher resolution printout to get the Continued
The simplest most common printers in use today are the 9-pin impact dot-matrix (IDM) variety. Although there has been an upsurge of ink jet and even laser printers (advances in print engine technology have seen to that) impact machines refuse to go away.
The mechanics of printing - even on a fairly simple level - are a marvel of modern technology, so this discussion will be simplified. As the name implies, dot-matrix printers draw characters from an array of dots - see Figure Two. The number of dots in the matrix determines the quality of the final output; ergo, the more pins you have, the better the quality of print.
Take a typical 9-pin print head. Inside nine tiny, electrically operated - pins - are arranged vertically from top to bottom.
Characters are printed by firing the pins as the head moves over the paper. As this happens, the pins hit the ribbon and punch it against the paper - depositing a small amount of ink on it. This all goes on at a mind-numbing speed and results in a screeching clatter as the pins fire 100s of times per second.
Near Letter Quality (NLQ) is achieved in much the same way, but each character has two matrixes - one slightly offset from the other. Rows of characters are usually printed in two passes and only half of the matrix is printed each time. The print head moves slower so each dot can be printed twice.
Direction of head 9 P 1 n Direction s of paper 1--H X Columns Figure Two: This is how a print head creates a dot matrix.. ooo* oooo ooo oooo ooo oooo
o oo oooo 000890000 ooooooooo The letter T defined on a 9 Din
matrix Figure Three: A capital T defined on a 9-pin Figure
Four: This is a capital T shown on an draft matrix. NLQ matrix
o o o
o o o O O O O
o o o
• 9 0 O O O
o o o o o o o
o o o o o o o
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best effect. Select a density over three for 9-pin machines
and greater than one for 24-pins.
• F-S or Floyd-Steinberg is the most effective dither - but
incurs approximately a 50 per cent reduction in speed over
the other methods. Like half-tone dithering, the Floyd-
Steinberg method works best with high-resolution dumps; see
half-tone above. Smoothing (see below) is not available with
this technique - since it is inherent anyway. This form of
dither is the most attractive to the eye and is usually
characterised by the diagonal ripples or rivers which tend to
appear in the printout.
Smoothing: This setting can be used to help even out the ‘jaggies' on diagonal lines and around circles. It does this by dithering around sharp edges
- see Figure Six. By nature of the technique, smoothing incurs
approximately a 2:1 speed penalty and can only be used with
ordered or half-tone dither. Smoothing works best on high-
resolution printers but gives noticeable improvement to dumps
produced at greater than 150 DPI.
For 9-pin Epson machines set a density of four or five; for 24-pin models use a density of two, three or four.
Color Correct: Only applies to colour printing so if you have a monochrome-only machine you can skip this bit. This option is a bit of a hoax if you happen to be working on a clapped out old colour telly because it attempts to match the colours on the printer more closely to those on the screen. The three buttons are individually selectable - each affecting shades of Red (R) Green (G) and Blue (B). There is a slight penalty in using these in that there is a reduction of 308 available (printed) shades for each correction highlighted.
The best way to see this option in action is to try it. Using an art package, draw three rectangles; one each of red, green and blue. Now print it, set the colour on for all three guns and print the picture again. Compare the two dumps to see the difference.
Centre: When this option is selected the image will be printed horizontally centred on the page. This will only work if you have set the correct tractor width on the main printer preferences screen. Selecting this button overrides the Left Offset value.
Left Offset: The distance from the left of the page where the printing will start. Measured in inches and tenths.
This option defaults to 0.0” and is overridden by the centring switch.
This is a string gadget, so click once inside it - then enter the new value.
Scaling: Determines how the dump will be scaled to fit the page. The IF YOU GET STUCK Readers experiencing problems with any part of of this series should write to: Mark Smiddy C O Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL2 3DZ.
What does it cost? Nothing - except a self-addressed envelope. Please keep your questions as brief as possible and don’t forget to mention what your system consists of! Your feedback is important because it will mould future installments of the series.
Width limit Left offset Height limit Width limit Left offset Height limit default is fractional which is suitable for normal artwork. When integer scaling is in effect, each dot on the picture will be represented as an exact number of dots on the page.
This has curious effects because it overrides the aspect ration correction. It should be used when printing bit-image fonts such as those in NotePad and Pagesetter to prevent them from becoming garbled by fractional scaling.
Figure Seven: How the limits affect a picture Figure Eight: This picture is enclosed within a bounding box set by the limits.
The A-Z of Computer Terms Builds up in monthly parts to a complete glossary. Part Four:T-V.
Task: A low-level program controlled by EXEC. Tasks are in fact the backbone of the Amiga controlling everything from the keyboard right through to the disk drives.
Tasks can do almost anything
- but they are not allowed to open the DOS.Iibrary. There is no
limit to the number of tasks running under EXEC apart from the
amount of memory and speed restrictions. See also: Process
Thru Port: Socket at the rear of external disk drives (for
instance) which allows the addition of more drives in a chain.
Note the standard Amiga A500 can only support one external
drive unless you invest in a much more powerful power supply.
Trashcan: Special area of a Workbench disk where icons can be moved temporarily.
These icons and their associated tools can be deleted by activating “Empty Trash” from the Workbench. Any icons will remain in the trashcan until you either remove them or empty the can.
UNIX: Alternative, multi-user operating system from AT &
T. Very fast, very powerful and industry standard.
Height and Width limits: Determine the width and height of a printed picture in tenths of inches; pixels or a multiplication factor. When one of these is set to zero, the correct value will be calculated for you. In this way you can set the width of your picture and force the driver to maintain its correct height, and therefore, aspect ratio. Note: this is only accurate when fractional scaling is in effect.
Limits: These switches determine how the width and height limits affect a picture.
• Absolute: The picture's width and height is determined in
inches by the limit settings (Figure Seven). So to get a
picture four-inches wide, set a width of 40 and select
absolute. If you leave the height set at zero the aspect ratio
will be corrected automatically. This works in reverse too,
but remember the paper for a narrow tractor printer is only
eight inches.
• Bounded: The image will be placed inside a bounding box of the
width and height determined by the setting in the limits box.
This differs from the absolute limits because the picture will
be fitted inside the bounding box
- not scaled to fit it (Figure Eight).
The size of the box is fixed in tenths of inches, so to get a bounding box three inches wide by two inches high, set width to 30 and height to 20.
• Pixels: exactly the same as the absolute option - but the width
and height values are read as pixels.
• Multiply: when this option is used, values in the width and
height boxes are used to multiply the number of pixels in the
picture. So if the picture is 320 X 256 and you enter two in
the width box, the printed version would be 640 pixels wide -
with the vertical aspect corrected accordingly.
Thus endeth the fifth lesson.
NEXT MONTH... The Shell!
Vanilla: This is sometimes used to refer to an unexpanded machine - as it is supplied by Commodore. A vanilla A500 for instance, has 512K of RAM and a single disk drive.
VDU: Visual Display Unit.
Virus: Rouge program introduced into the system by person or persons unknown.
The best way to catch one is use pirated software or PD from a dubious source.
Vulcan nerve death grip: Act of pressing CTRL Left-Amiga Right-Amiga at the same time.
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AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 plus e oo postage AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT. Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the use of its software for the reproduction of copyrighted software. The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to back up users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
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