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AMIGA CD-ROM DRIVE A REALITY! Speculation has been rife as to whether Amiga owners will be able to benefit from CDTV software - and it seems they will. The Amiga CD-ROM player was still in late-prototype form but will provide full CDTV facilities, apart from the remote control, and should ship in June with an estimated retail price of $ 699. CD RECORDER White goods manufacturer Kenwood was showing a home, record-once CD machine. Though initially meant for audio and possibly hampered by the high cost of disks, around $ 90 a time, if offers exciting potential for anybody wanting to develop for the medium. MIDI CODE ADDED TO AUDIO CDS An exciting development for musicians is the Inclusion of MIDI code in forthcoming Warner audio Cds, meaning that the instrumental track can be separated from vocals and drums then modified with a compatible keyboard via CDTV's MIDI ports. Apart from its obvious Karaoke qualities, it offers potential for interactive music teaching. S You wait ages, then three come along AT Once! Look for a big value AF in March! Isamnc Watfh Orir Annl kiiif himnn rh.* crrepri nn M,xrrh I4rh will he hidden made a BeeeBBB Bie "BUBBIBI Our April issue, hirting the streets on March 14th. Will be hidden inside a posh plastic wallet Why? Well, were including a special extra - a 32-page supplement to give you a sneak preview of a brand-new magazine for Amiga owners The supplement will include the most detailed round-up of disk drives ever undertaken as well as lots of expert advice and hints Look out for it I Just as we were getting the impression that the only reason people want a PC emulator is to run route-planning software, an Amiga route planner

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• • • ISSUE 20 ¦ MARCH 1991 ¦ £2.95 ¦ • ' ?
• •
• • • •
• • •
• • •
• •
• • The Power Intriguing playable puzzle levels will keep you
entertained and absorbed in The Software Business' cracking new
mind game Interphase Fix At last you can save Interphase games!
Script 4D Create Sculpt-Animate animations easily MakeAuto Boot any program you want at start-up Pic of the Month Why does this make me think of Holland?
InstallPrinter - Makes choosing a printer simple Read_Atari Use Atari ST disks in your drive... Conv_Scan - ...and use ST Degas format pics in your Amiga paint program & NO COVERD SW THEN ASK FOR ONE FROM. YOUR NEWSAGENT Hints, tips and advice galore Workbench pi 83 Gamebusters p95 Beginners pi 73 NEWEST GAMES: MiG 29, Team Suzuki, Lemmings!
ATTACK OF THE SEQUELS: Speedball 2, Gazza 2, Turrican 2 J FIRST REVIEWS: HAM animation with Spectracolour, Disney Animation Studio, DTP heavyweights Professional Page 2 and Pagestream 2 WITH OUR NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO WHAT TO BUY AND WHAT TO STEAL IN: GRAPHICS, WORD PROCESSORS, DTP, MUSIC, VIDEO, FINANCE, SPREADSHEETS AND DATABASES
y. y.y.w ¦ 1 four mission is to seek out and destroy ¦ I f **%
the king pin of the HR BIG Q CORPORRTIOH. You'll haue to
outuiit s65r M‘-- *1's enorn,ous armi) °* ¦ - ¦ guards...
gangs of charisma-
- W jI bypass patients in trench coats, the bullet brain urith
the kild of a rhinoceros and the breath of a dung beetle, packs
of liciias canine gappies. The psychotic clouin urith an eoil
sense of hamaar - you'll die. But not laughing! Then there's
the gas poing Cadillac jock - a cool specimen, elbow hanging on
the dM rail, a senous looking piece in his hand and ready to
blow gp aaay as be rolls down main street leaving you coughing
Ind. It's not all bad!... You've got a chopper to back you up.
A Han. Shiny street machine, some heavy metal hardware and SMI
pretty net moves. Rnd what about the king pin... ROBOCOP TM &
Big? Ho. He's HR BIG!
T,me f°r balloonin' around!... no time to shoot the breeze!...in fact j& y you'ue hardly set your feet dourn in the mighty U.S.S.B. or £ and it’s all action. You sight up your latest and most formidable balloon poppin' piece...but noui that bounce bomb has just multiplied!!! Tour the ujorld in the most addictiue arcade game of the year from Mitchell Corp. i) guick eye and super fast reflexes mill giue you just a half-chance of a uiin... the other half mill come if the bounce goes your may!
Rs Doug Quaid gou Trauel to Hors to • liscover your true identity • your * mission is noui a joumey of nen- 'y stop action, strange mutants, futuristic vehicles and a startling may of tueaponry all captured in 8 superbly enecuted graphics and a lame play that compliments the success of the year's top movie. (j fOTRL BfCRLl. A nightmare journey nto the 21st Century. Ul 1989 TAITO CORP MITCHELL CORP. Graphics Novel 163 Win a Holiday! 171 DTP Confrontation 117 Disney's The Animation Studio reviewed Take a trip for two to Disney World Which of the heavyweights wins out?
AMIGA FORMAT 20 MAR 19 9 1 ft I PUB uiure PUBLISHING EDITOR Damien Noonan ART EDITOR Marcus Dr' Dyson REVIEWS EDITOR Ttenton Webb TECHNICAL EDITOR Pat McDonald STAFF WRITER Maff Evans PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Gary Lord DESIGN ASSISTANT Frank Bartucca CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Mark Smiddy, Ewart Jones, Phil South, Dean Agar, Sean Masterson, Andy Ide, James Leach, Andy Hutchinson ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans SENIOR SALES EXEC Duncan Ferguson AD SALES EXEC Jackie Garford AD PRODUCTION Fiona Milne PUBLISHER Greg Ingham PUBLISHING ASSISTANT
Michele Harris AD SERVICES Tamara Ward BIZARRE HAPPENINGS Anna Nomolly PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton, PRINTERS Riverside Press Ltd, St Ives PLC, Gillingham NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION UK & WORLDWIDE: MMC Ltd 0483 211222 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Sue Hartley 0225 442244.
Amiga Format comes to you from the company that publishes ST Format, Commodore Format, New Computer Express, Amstrad Action, Your Sinclair, Sega Power, PC Plus, 8000 Plus, MacPublishing and Classic CD.
EdrTORIAJL ADVERTISING 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW. * 0225 442244 FAX: 0225 446019 SUBSCRIPTIONS AND MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY » 0458 7401 1 We welcome written enquiries, but regret that we cannot offer advice, guidance or information on a personal basis, either by telephone or post. We welcome contributions from readers but unfortunately cannot guarantee to return material submitted to us, nor can we enter into personal correspondence. We take great care to ensure what we publish is accurate but we cannot accept liability for any mistakes or misprints. No
part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without our permission.
Football Crazy! 1 05 The truth about footy games revealed!
Crashed and Burned 48 MiG-29 - can it be the best flight sim ever?
Deluxe Pain 58 Break all the barriers with Speedball 2 Contents SPECIALS YOU'VE GOT THE QUESTIONS 23 Get the answers in our huge software guide A FUNNY OLD GAME ...105 Find out the bizarre truth about football games THE FIRST STEPS .....173 Our guide for new users introduces a new idea REVIEWS ACTION REPLAY 2 111 Can this cartridge take the market by storm?
PAGESTREAM 2 .117 Updated DTP heavyweight is put head-to-head... PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2 ...118 ...against its only rival in the big league THE DG-40 129 Testbench: the low-down on an RGB splitter ADSPEED ..131 Testbench sees if this accelerator is up to speed... A5000 132 ...or whether this one reaches the tape first PRO
TITLER ....135 Will this be the solution to your video needs... BROADCAST TITLER 136 ...or is this one going to give you the power?
REGULARS NEWS ......7 CD7V is on the way - plus CD drive for the A500 PREVIEWS ...41 Latest games news: Renegade's first game, Gods GAMEBUSTERS .....95 Five-page special featuring James Pond solution PD UPDATE ...141 We'll guide you to the best in free software GRAPHICS pt 1 ...158 Exclusive review of new HAM animation program GRAPHICS
pt2 ...163 How does Disney's The Animation Studio perform?
MUSIC ......167 Exclusive review of the Funlab pack for beginners WORKBENCH ....183 Find the answer to your prayers in our techie tips Screenplay P47 FORMAT GOLD MiG-29 ..48 SPEEDBALL 2 58 LEMMINGS .....62 REVIEWED Team Suzuki ...... 52 Prince of Persia .. .....77 Gazza .... 55 Obitus ..... .....80 Judge
Dredd ..... ...... 56 Zarathrusta . .....83 Ancient Battles 64 Jupiter Masterdrive .. .....85 Exterminator ..... 66 Mighty Bombjack ..... .....86 Turrican 2 . 68 NARC .....89 Dragon s Lair 2 - Timewarp 71 Total Recall .....89 World Championship Soccer...... 72 Tournament Golf ...... .....89
Hunter ... 74 Advanced Destroyer Simulator ... .....89 Coverdisk P1S SUBSCRIBE! P. 1 51 If you read Amiga Format every month, why not make sure of your copy by getting it delivered straight to your door? Save hassle, save money and get a free game, too! See Page 151 for details! Also, take advantage of our Mail Order bargains in... MAIL ORDER P.1 78 THE POWER - You're bound to be hooked by this excellent puzzle game from Software Business.
INTERPHASE FIX - Adding that vital element to our January complete game: the Save option.
INSTALLPRINTER - It's good, it makes using printers easier, it was bugged, now it's fixed.
MAKEAUTO - Pinching a feature from Workbench 2, this lets you run stuff at start-up.
READ_ATARI - Get data from an ST disk... CONV_SCAN - ...and pinch pics from the ST. SCRIPT4D - Makes Sculpt animations easier.
PIC OF THE MONTH - Dutch delights.
COVER DISK 20 The Power Intriguing playable puzzle levels will keep you entertained and absorbed in The Software Business' cracking new mind game Interphase Fix At last you can save Interphase games!
Script 4D Create S« Sculpt-Animate animations easily MakeAuto Boot any program you want at start-up Pic of the Month Why does this make me think of Holland?
InstallPrinter - Makes choosing a printer simple Read Atari - Use Atari ST disks In your dnve Conv_Scan - and use ST Degas format pics In your Amiga paint program Documentation on Pago 1 5 Registered Circulation 57,123 Jan-June 1990 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations t s Launch Soon ¦ Lower price is possible ¦ Field tests start soon Commodore's official retail launch of the CDTV ‘Interactive graphics player', an exciting cross between an Amiga, a video recorder and a CD player, in the US (see Las Vegas report, right) will be reflected in a UK launch shortly.
‘Full-scale volume production' will begin at the end of March and we expect to see the machine hit the shops in the UK at the end of April.
As for software, 45 discs are set to be ready when the machine goes on sale. Speculation is now rife as to the pricing - while the CDTV is currently marked at $ 999 in the US and C699 in the UK, weekly trade magazine CTW reported (21st January) that pressure is on to bring the price down to C599, which would make “a hell of a difference" to sales.
This is an important point, because Commodore need desperately to ensure the CDTV has a great impact on the buyer. High- street retail chain Dixons, which will stock the machine in around 100 of its stores, agrees that the lower price would help. Dixons' confidence in Commodore has been aided by the great strength of Amiga sales over Christmas.
The first machines arriving in the UK will be sent out for field test, so we are even now selecting five testers from applicants to Amiga Format's 'Be a tester' offer in Issue 16. Those chosen will hear in about a week's time (this issue goes on sale Feb 14th) and should be in possession of one of only 20 or so machines in the UK in a matter of days. In Issue 21 we will be pursuing the details of the 45 promised CDTV titles and bringing the latest news of the CDTV.
CDTV will have 45 title* available at launch: aa revealed In AF't guide to software under development In ls.ua 16, Herewith the Cluee and The Casa of the Cautioue Condor will ba right there In the vanguard.
...Launched in US JOHN MINSON reports from tho Las Vsgas CES This is the industry's biggest event and this time CDTV stole the show, inspiring confidence that it really is happening. No fewer than 45 CDTV titles are scheduled for launch in 1991 and thirty-five discs were on the stand, most either complete or within a month of a release version.
They ranged from CRL's disc of antique, animated, naked ladies taken from Eadweard Muybridge's classic photographs
- all in the interests of art, of course! - to Digita’s Dr
Wellman, Family Medical Advisor and Mirrorsoft's excellent
Xenon II.
Also on the educational front, Discis' programs for young children brilliantly demonstrate CDTV's potential. Ostensibly it is a 33-page kid's story book, but clicking on words or objects on the accompanying picture gives their pronunciation and words can be heard in different languages.
The medium is proving a blessing for games software houses whose product is outgrowing the capabilities of floppy disks. Sierra already has special high-resolution graphics versions for the IBM PC which require eight or more 1.44Mb disk, but Space Quest III, the company's first CDTV adventure, can be stored on a single CD.
Spectrum Holobyte’s renowned F-16 simulator Falcon will be flying in on CDTV, though company boss Gilman Louie is slightly cautious: “It's a nice machine but the problem is to get enough of a niche to control the market place. I wish it luck.” Interplay has also taken the opportunity to further enhance the animation and effects in its classic Battlechess.
Continuing the military note, Dominion has rushed out the CD equivalent of the coffee table book for weaponry enthusiasts. Advanced Military Systems: Crisis In The Gulf contains action photographs of all those macho killing machines. On a more peaceful note, Guinness is promising the Book Of Records for the system.
Mystery adventures seem popular. Tiger Media showed off their real-time thriller set In the 30s, The Case Of The Cautious Condor, featuring three hours of audio track. Icom Simulation's Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective was a late arrival but with its icon drive commands and partial screen animation it looked far from elementary. And our own Domark will have two Dennis Wheatley puzzlers, Herewith The Clues (developed by CRL) and Murder Off Miami.
Speculation has been rife as to whether Amiga owners will be able to benefit from CDTV software - and it seems they will.
The Amiga CD-ROM player was still in late-prototype form but will provide full CDTV facilities, apart from the remote control, and should ship in June with an estimated retail price of $ 699.
CD RECORDER White goods manufacturer Kenwood was showing a home, record-once CD machine. Though initially meant for audio and possibly hampered by the high cost of disks, around $ 90 a time, if offers exciting potential for anybody wanting to develop for the medium.
MIDI CODE ADDED TO AUDIO CDS An exciting development for musicians is the Inclusion of MIDI code in forthcoming Warner audio Cds, meaning that the instrumental track can be separated from vocals and drums then modified with a compatible keyboard via CDTV's MIDI ports. Apart from its obvious Karaoke qualities, it offers potential for interactive music teaching.
S You wait ages, then three come along AT Once!
Look for a big value AF in March! Isamnc Watfh Orir Annl kiiif himnn rh.* crrepri nn M,xrrh I4rh will he hidden made a BeeeBBB Bie "BUBBIBI Our April issue, hirting the streets on March 14th. Will be hidden inside a posh plastic wallet Why? Well, were including a special extra - a 32-page supplement to give you a sneak preview of a brand-new magazine for Amiga owners The supplement will include the most detailed round-up of disk drives ever undertaken as well as lots of expert advice and hints Look out for it I Just as we were getting the impression that the only reason people want a PC
emulator is to run route-planning software, an Amiga route planner (GS Route, reviewed Issue 19) arrives Then another turns up - the Door to Door roulefinder. Which covers Great Britain, includes street maps of London and costs only £19 99 |« Geographic Dept Transport Studies 0535 274228). Finally NextBase, originators of the whole lark with their PC-based AutoRoute program, tell us their new version 1 5 will run easily on an Amiga with the software-only emulator SoftPC (w NextBase 0784 460077) Phewl guess we better check them out for you next issue. As a closing note, if you want the ATOnce
hardware PC Emulator, please call Silica Syslems on their public number, 081 309 1111.
Again, we are bringing you a review next issue.
SHOW Super Offer A bargain C99.95 bundle otter ot Superbase Personal 2, judged the beet database in our feature on Page 33, and the spreadsheet Superplan has been made by Workbench PD. Write to them at 1 Buccleuch Street, Barrow In Furness, Cumbria LA14 1SR.
O 0229 473609 alter Bpm Tuesday and Thursday Printer Heaven News for printer users this month includes the announcement of a new Laserpnnter from Star which runs at a nippy four pages per minute but produces its first page "faster than any other 4ppm printer currently available" thanks to an Intel 80960 RISC processor (t» Star 0494 4711111. Also new in the Star range are the 9-pin LC-200 and the 24-pin LC-24-200 dot matrix machines, w hich Action are offering at the reduced prices of £199 and £299 respectively with a two-year warranty (tr Action 0800 333333).
Another new' machine is the Epson LQ-1010 24-hit dot matrix at an RRP of £525, described by its manufacturers as "robust yet refined".
DIARY John Minton picks the best new games at the Las Vegas CIS What's Cmemaware's secret trademark? Not state-of-the art graphics but those bodacious babes who filled out diaphanous nighties in Defender Of The Crown and stretched sweaters in It Come From The Desert. They've even found their way into the latest TV Sports release, Rollerbabes, a cross between roller derby, ice-hockey and pro-wrestling! Speed skating and GBH feature in a zany future sport via Mirrorsoft some time in 1991 Interplay's thirteenth-century sim Castles, via Electronic Arts in the autumn, give you the opportunity to
position towers, walls, even arrow slits to stregthen your stronghold and defend your domain How hard can you work your peasants’ How much can you tax them’ Should you become involved in arguments between church and state? Realistic and magical scenarios are available for all would-be feudal lords.
Mann scKr.tms in despair us sue recognizes the cKor.sonr. rumins or HER W.UD I.OOER. SIR Knit!. ISRtlHRISHES his suokd as his death rkacoh swoop TOUtlKli Thf. SCOTTER IMC CROUn.
SSI fans can enjoy two new AD&D adventures in the springtime.
Eye Of The Beholder uses the game's Second Edition rules while Death Knights Of Krynn, sequel to Champions of the same, will allow not only characters but also their belongings to be transferred from previous games Both are for 1Mb machines and will be available from US Gold Th MIDI music show, aimsd at profassional musicians, will be held at the Novotel In Hammersmith, London on April 26-28 (« Westminster Exhibitions 081 549 3444). The next All-Formats Fair for bargain hunters is at the New Horticultural hall, Westminster, London on March 23rd (” Mike Hayes 0457 875229) while the next
Computer Shopper show, an all-round buyar's paradise, takes place at Alexandra Palace, London, on May 10-12 (» Blenheim Exhibitions 081 868 9933).
Pay as you Play system 'Could Kill Piracy' A strange new way of buying software is being suggested as the answer to piracy. Mail Order firm Arcanum will sell games at a very cut-down price - £5 99 for Killing Game Show, for example - and protect it with their own lock system Every time a player wants a game, he will have to phone a special number to receive a code Clearly the company expects to make its money back on the phone calls the metered call will cost an average of about EI for the couple of minutes needed to get the code The benefits to the player, though, include the ability to try a
game and pay no more if they don t like it.
Plus the chance to enter competitions, go to local gamesplayers meetings and build up points towards free games Arcanum may also offer players the chance to buy outright games they particularly enjoy Suggestions that the system would be very cheap to gamesplayers but not so cheap to their parents or employers have been raised, the reception from the software industry is currently tentative and the public tends to distrust this kind of phone system Still, it s an interesting idea Tell us what you think nArcanum 061 876 0345 Write Time... Just out is New Horizon's latest word processor. Quick
T75 «..u- 4, It's aimed squarelv at beginners with a standard 512K single-drive A500 hut is still well _ endowed. To find out more, read ihe review next issue.
...Write Place Also new on the VVP front is Excellence! From Micro Systems Software, the team behind the very popular Scribble! Word processor. Excellence! Is a high-quality high-end system with full graphics and colour support, Again, a review should give you the low-down next issue.
Are you bored of games that pose no real challenge? Mindless adversaries that can't fight back?
Dumb nasties who just ask to be slaughtered?
GODS is a complete departure!
Featuring a revolutionary system of Award-winning Bitmap graphics artificial intelligence, your opponents react and music by Nation 12 make to your actions and interact with this their most exciting game the environment. Ever... Perhaps guile will achieve more than brute strength I Your cunning, as well as skill with the fearsome array of weapons at your disposal, are needed equally to overcome the enemy... Have you got what it takes to be a GOD?
Amiga, ST, PC Confused?
Join the Club!
The Questions ind Answers Club |QAQ is rf bizarre combination of PD supplier, user group and on-line help service It’s run by a group of out and-out Amiga enthusiasts with a wide range of expertise who can help to sotve you problems Wh.it you do is join the club and as* your questions on a Os*, which programs tailored to your needs Details Tit-bits The Penthouse Electric Jigsaw is o collection of 12 digitised females in various states of undress officially licensed from men's magazine Penthouse and cut up randomly by a ligsawcreating system The idea is that an endless number of jigsaws can be
generated from the same images, so your interest won't pale, and it costs £34 95. Il also comes in a tasteful version where the Penthouse Pels are weoring underwear Ho hum.
¦b Data Liberation 0983 864674 Don’t Buy Sound Express!
The sampling package Sound Express (reviewed Issue 16) is currently on the receiving end of legal action from the manufacturers of the sampler Technosound (Issue 17), New Dimensions, so we recommend that you don't touch it with a barge pole for now.
Speedy PD Lorenzo's PD reckon they get 80% of orders out within two hours ot receiving them. Wow! As part of their service they are now offering to send a disk with fheir catalogue and a magazine-style thing on it, completely free, to anyone who sends back the coupon on their ad in this issue. All coupons will go in a hat for a prize draw, the prizes for which include an external disk drive, a half-meg expansion and a year's subscription to Amiga Format. Not bad. Eh?
Demo Talent forms Games House A software house with a difference has been formed - Team 17. They will produce games initially for the Amiga only, mostly for machines with over 1 Meg of RAM. The first two titles will be a beat-em-up. Full Contact, and a shoot-em-up.
Alien Breed. Team 17 are bullish about their ability to exploit the Amiga fully because they already have a proven track record as demo writers on the PD circuit. Tiie writing squad has been drawn from the ranks of Europe's lines! Demo crews.
Nova PD Gone Critical Please send no orders to Nova PD, who have ceased trading. Proprietor Philip Harris is attempting to honour all his debts: if you have a problem, please write to him at 30 Parsons ST, Banbury, Oxon 0X16 8LY.
Scanner frenzv A sudden burst ol activity in the scanner market is reflected in the release of a tourth new hand-held DA AT A scan Professional from Pand.ial combines Mitsubishi hardware with custom software and will compete with new products from Nak'ha. Golden Image and Datel. Nothing out wans a DAATAscan" claim Pandaal we’ll see next issue in a comparative rex icw n Pandaal 02.*4 New Ninja System 3, masters of the ancient art of kuns fu adventures, have begun touting their forthcoming release Ninja III. It follows generically on the heels of Last Ninja II and Ninja Remix, but promises to
very different. Ninja III stars larger sprites and a greater emphasis on combat than before. Most impressive however, is the animation they aim to squeeze into each and every bad guy, with certain end- of-level bosses packing over 80 frames of action into their attacks Nunchuk’ fans should get be able to get their fill in Mid-March Cheetah's new skateboard joystick, Aeroskate, was launched at the Las Vegas CES. Skate fans will be able to buy the basics and stick their own board on top. It promises to suit ski and skate games well, but French software house Titus are supposed to be working on a
series of games geared towards the Aeroskate. Cheetah are also working on a couple of bizarrely-shaped ‘sticks', the Bug' and the Ninja Tortoise'.
In Issue 13's round-up ol programming languages we suggested Ihere was only one implementation ot the language Forth available Not so Delta Research in the States inform us that their Jforth ($ 120) is now in its third revision with anims. Anim- brushes and AmigaDOS 2 support added, and that a demo ot it is available on Fisn disk 239 Write for further into to Delta at PO Box 151051. San Ratael. California.
94915-1051 USA.
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models - A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 •
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16 18.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3
MIPS (8 MIPS pesk) 85000-25 25.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP
5-6 MIPS (12 MIPS p«»k) B5000-40: 40.00 Mhz Asynchronous
MC68030RP 8-9 MIPS (18 MIPS peak!
FPU. 12.5 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous MC68881RC or MC68882RC A5000-1D RAM: 4 Meaabyles ol 32-bit RAM 256 x 4 80ns DRAMs B5000-25 HAM: 16 Megabytes of 32-blt RAM 1024 x 4 80ns DRAMs B5000-40 RAM: 32 Megabytes of 32-bit RAM 1024 x 4 80ns DRAMs SHADOW ROM: Move your Kickstafl into 32-bit SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE 68000 Fallback mode for 100% software compatibility HARDWARE 100% Compatible with Amiga 500 2000 and add-on cards INTERFACE 1: Plugs into 68000 processor socket inside your Amiga INTERFACE 2: A B2000 Co-processor (Zorroll) card (for B5000-40 only) A5000-16 (Price includes Imb RAM) B5000-25
(Price includes I Mb RAM) B5000-40 (Price includes 4Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive of VATi Solid State leisure Limited BO Fincoon Road. Irthuinqborouqh, Nqdthanti NN9 5TZ. Telephone: (0933) 65D677 International: + 44 933 65D677 JOIN EUROPES BIGGEST ADVENTURE CLUB OFFICIAL SECRETS FOR ADVENTURES AND ROLE PLAYING AND MORE All the benefits of Special Reserve plus: J ¦ Confidential. Our 32 page bi-monthly magazine is I i essential reading for those interested in adventures or role-playing games Written by experts. Confidential has J , ¦ covered everything from How to Host f* v a Murder to
Which F16 Flight Simulator'7 Our agents led Dy the Master Spy know ' r 0O?.: W. .
Ups:.-, 's' see- RPC. S FRP's MuGs P0M-; ui-.suro ’ Suit The Russians .. and more.
• Sim Ctty or Corporwtlon. FHP Choose one free for Atari ST,
Amiga or IBM. Please phone if you have a different machine ™ Of
Corporation. ACE said: j 'P'Ob.lWy .TOST I n ) i jl hi .1”
BhpPTT collection Zero said I* vo.. 'iked Dungeon Master you’ll
lurve this Of Sim City. ACE said: ’Sim City is a K I A
politician's or a gamespiayer s Or earn X TmWBCT J w*h
I’oPu'OiiS Out Sur C'ty "'""’is to f’.iv- much more depth
....". C&VG said: “Sim City is utterly fab'
• Halp-Una - to halp you aolva moet gamaa.
Manned weekdays until 8pm and on Sundays (not an 0898 number) AMIGA and ATARI ST Shockware AMIGA ST e 49 s* AMIGA ICKAMAUGA TCHHir.
INTERPtfASE Written by Magnetic Scrolls authors C* Worcenano Myth $ a *r ' T«B advi.-niure set in Ancn-nt ( ' ¦ ¦¦• La In il you'll meet Tim f enyiMn M :.iu;,ii Death and lace the m headed Hydra Myth includes the H famous Magnetic Scrolls parser and graphics and is included " the price [-* of membership KSAifeAdi £i«kfcMl Amiga Format said: 'An excellent adventure. . Witty, cunning and just plain good fun' If you liked Fish' you'll probably like this, because they're very similar m style you may even prefer Myth its that good'' CU 90%. Amiga Format 87%. TGM 85%. Crash 91% OffkM Socrota Annual
UK Itombmhlp Wtth 0 ia&um of Corrfldarrfla , Myth, Corporation or aaaa Sim Ctty, Halp-Una * rmmtmahlp of Special R rva. 7U UU UK £29.99. EEC membership £34.99. WORLD Member **"* Or join Special Reserve only UK £6.00 EEC £8 00 Worlfl£10 00 BATTLE SOUADRON BATIU. MASTER BATTLESCAPES i BATT IE STORM BEAST 2 BETRAVAl ARVADA*' it CAME FROM THE OESER" If CAME tROM THE DESEH’ iCPtD DATA DISK 1 MEG IVAN ST* WARTS SUPER OFF RQAD RACER J NtCKttUSGOlF J NtCKUUS Vol t COURSE SPREj SPRBi ?C (SPREADSHEET:
1 OFF 2 F Ai WHIS icKoff2 Winning iLifaCi CLOUD iLLV' i GAME
FiNAI COMMAND FISH1 (M SC HOI I Si Software Prices include I
World software orders pfe*.
Credit card issueexpiry date
• CHEQUE •POSTAL ORDER 'ACCESS ’VISA Join Special Reserve or Join
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issue. Night City Cybertoon and the kill-or-die adventures ot
the Cyberpunk NRG street gang - It’S Cyber-lantastic!
NRG - bi-monthly to all Special Reserve members.
• Release Schedules, sent bi-monthly with updated catalogue
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The Saksha Mouse and Scanner are available for both the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST range of computers.
For further information call (0925) 56398 OR any of our distributors listed below for your nearest dealer OR visit any Dixons. Harrods. Selfridges. Bentalls or Makro store "Degas Elite supplied for Atari. Deluxe Paint II supplied for Amiga Naksha UK.) Limited. 29 The Wharf. Warrington WA1 2HT Tel: 0925 56398 Fax 0925 5~43~5 GEM(02*9442842) CENTRESOFT(021 625 3399)'SDL(081 3003399) ZCL(0343 4081"! LAZER 0U04 -*60601 HB MARKETING (0*53( 86000) GARWOOD(0245 460*”) AASHIMA I K (03*6 502050) ADDONS (0*03 620202 LE1SLRESOFT(0604 '6811] MULTIMEDIA(0908 261010) LIBERIA’ (0*53 586805) LIGHTWAVE (051
630 5003) COLUMBUS (0-.S* 860300) MCD (0268 S90091] AV MARKETING (02*9452*33) Trade marks and Registered Trade Marks are achnou ledged ON THE DISK COVERDISK THE POWER P.1S A testing puzzle game with a meaty soundtrack, The Power Is a worthy sucessor to Demonware's previous release Oops Up. It uses both European (PAL) and American (NTSC) systems to the full.
FIXINT P.17 A clever little patch program to make the Interphase game on AF20’s Coverdisk load and save games correctly. Shaune Beattie is the man to thank.
INSTALLPRINTER P.17 So many people had problems getting this to work last month that a new version is on this disk. Makes installing a printer driver so much easier. Smiddy strikes again.
MAKEAUTO P.17 If you have trouble getting programs to load straight onto your Workbench, this handy utility automates the process. Mark Smiddy simplifies the Amiga yet again.
PIC OF THE MONTH P.17 THE POWER DEMONWARE Steve Michel shows you the quality and subtlety of Amiga graphics - and what a windmill looks like, for those who have never seen one.
READ_ATARI P.16 Lots of people get mighty frustrated when they try and find a way of loading in files from an Atari ST. This does just that - and Conv_scn will convert graphics files to Amiga format. Written by Mark Lawrence.
SCRIPT4D PXX SculptAnlmate 4D is one of the most complex pieces of software available.
Specifying routes and paths for ray-traced objects to follow is not easy without this handy scrlpter. Richard Swingwood authored this one.
GETTING STARTED Oh come on! Just stick the disk in the drive when the picture of the hand with the Workbench disk appears. A menu will appear, with details of the bits that will work straight from the disk. MakeAuto, Script4D Read_Atari and InstallPrinter need some work on the your part to get them working - so read these pages carefully.
MAKING A BACK-UP?? J The course of true love never ran smooth - in this game it's a positive quest. You play a Cute Little Fuzzball who has to travel around, collecting the hearts around the screen and then meeting up with your girlfriend. (What? No boyfriend option for Amigettes?)
The problem is. Once started on a course your CLF will continue until blocked. The idea is to work out a route around the screens without getting stuck.
To change any of the game options from the starting screen press the red buttons on the screen - take a look at the picture on the next page.
Turn to Page 18 NOW and learn how to use your Coverdisk U P T O £800 UP FOR GRABS!!!
Think you’ve got what it takes to write for the Amiga Format Coverdisk? Prove what you can do and earn yourself some cash In the processl We're after Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games... You could earn up to £800! Turn to P18 for details.
There's a wide choice when it comes to methods of control. You can either use a joystick, or a mouse, or even one of the two possible keyboard combinations - the Key 1 option uses the cursor keys and Return as a joystick, while Key 2 uses the numeric keypad to move the pointer around and the cursor keys to move in the relevant direction.
Let the firebutton go and you'll start moving in a straight line.
Using a mouse is much the same as using a joystick, except that the cursor doesn't go whizzing off when you let go of the left mouse button. This is by far the easiest control method! One point to bear in mind is that diagonal movement is not allowed, which can make the game tricky.
Tactics Either one or two players can have a go. There are three modes (which are changed by clicking on the MOD button) as follows: Continued overleaf i Joystick is probably the worst way to control the CLF. Move the pointer (a flashing, star-like object) with the stick to the CLF. Press the firebutton down and push the joystick in a direction: a blue arrow appears pointing the way.
Arcade: This only allows for one person to play at a time, and uses the whole of your screen as one big playing area.
Tac: Useful if you want to see more of the screen at one time (good for the later levels when they don’t all fit on the screen in Arcade mode). Again, only one person can play at a time.
Knockout: This pits two players in a battle to complete the screen first. Note that the first player to win on three levels is declared the overall winner.
From Level Three onwards, blocks appear. These can be pushed around the screen just like the CLF, and are needed in order to complete the level. Be warned that pushing different coloured blocks over one another will destroy the non-moving block. A lot of thought is needed to get the order of movement right. There is a total of five levels on the Coverdisk demo. Each one has a code so that you can go straight to it. This is why you're asked at the beginning of the game to enter a code - just click on the down arrow to start on Level One.
What else can I say? It's fiendishly difficult, addictive and stylish - in case you didn’t realize, the sound track is The Power from Snap. I've got to Level Five, but have yet to complete it. Can you?
AMERICAN OK Two versions of The Power have been included on the Coverdisk. One is for European (PAL) Amlgas, the other works with American (NTSC) Amlgas.
So for once everybody can enjoy the AF Coverdisk!
SCRIPT 4D RICHARD SWINGWOOD Scnpt4D was created to ease the pain of creating animated sequences using the Sculpt 3D 4D range of software. If you've never heard of them, suffice to say that Sculpt is a very powerful graphics tool for creating pictures of 3D worlds that you can design. Ifs also hideously complex, expensive and not without its flaws.
One of these flaws is defining animation sequences. Scrlpt4D will take a written description of an animation and will produce a script file suitable for loading into Sculpt.
Full instructions are on the Coverdisk. To get it working properly, you’ll need to copy the Script4D program file to your c directory (instructions as for Read_Atari: as most people who have Sculpt will already know how to do this, I'll not wibble more except to say that the relevant files are all in a directory called (surprise surprise) Script4D.
READ ATARI MARK LAWRENCE So you want to load some Atari tiles Into your computer, eh? It's not too difficult, but It does require some usage of the CLI or Shell. Don't panic - here's a step by step guide.
1. If you haven't already got one, make a Workbench workdisk.
This Is a bit more than just a copy of your Workbench disk -
you should delete some of the stuff on it, to make some room
for new programs and utilities (like this one).
2. To make a workdisk, first make a copy of your Workbench disk.
Then boot up with it and get rid of the programs that you
don't use a lot - things like the Say command, the Calculator,
and so on. Just drag them to the Trashcan, then click on the
Trashcan and select Empty Trash from the menu at the top of
the screen.
3. It's worthwhile to rename the disk, to save It getting
confused with other disks. Rename it to Workdisk, using the
Rename' option from menu at the top of the screen.
4. Now open up the CLI or Shell, and type: Copy from "Coverdisk
20sRead Acari" to Workdisk:c Why Is there a c at the end ot
Workdisk? In order to use commands from the CLI, they should
all be in same place - the c directory. It's short for command
directory. After the disk drive has stopped whirring (a second
drive makes life so much easier) and a new prompt has appeared
on the screen, type this next line: Copy from "Coverdisk
20:conv_scn" to Workdisk:c Conv_acn Is a complementary program
to convert ST Degas picture files to Amiga IFF files. It's
also a command, so It too will have to be In the command
6) Have a good read of the documentation (reboot with the
Coverdisk In the drive, and click on the option on the front
menu). This covers actually using the beast: rather than
repeating the material here, here's a couple points that are
not covered.
When using Read_Atarl you must specify DFO: If you only have one disk drive. The program will prompt you to swap disks and press the Return key, but don't press the key as soon as you've put the disk in.
Wait a tew seconds until the drive has stopped whirring and the Amiga knows that a disk has been inserted.
MAKEAUTO MARK SMIOOY With a little thought and ingenuity, Workbench 1.3 can be given some of the features offered by the new Workbench 2. One of these new facilities is the Workbench-Startup drawer, which allows you to run a program auto- mabcally, just by dragging its icon into a special drawer. This can be useful because it avoids the need to modify the Startup-sequence.
There is a bug - not in the program, but in the Amiga's operating system - that makes it inadvisable to use MakeAuto with a hard drive.
Please only use MakeAuto on a COPY of your Workbench floppy.
Let us suppose you always run the Clock and VirusX when you switch on. Either you have to boot the Workbench and do it all by hand or you could alter your Startup- sequence to do this - but that’s tricky. MakeAuto removes the need to do so. Follow the Beginners' feature on Page 173 to learn fully about using MakeAuto.
PIC OF THE MONTH FIXINT SHAUNE BEATTIE STEVE MICHEL INSTALLPRINTER MARK SMIDDY Last month there was a lot of contusion over getting InstallPrinter onto a Workbench disk. Still, it is very useful, so here we go again.
InstallPrinter will replace the original Commodore program supplied with Workbench, so you should only work on a COPY of the Workbench disk supplied with your machine. The following instructions serve to demonstrate one way of copying a Workbench file between two disks - there are many others.
ALL MACHINES 1: Open the "write protect” shutter on your Workbench disk 2: Close the ’’write protect” shutter on the Amiga Format Coverdisk 3: Boot your copy of the Workbench disk (put it in the drive and switch the machine on).
4: Open the Workbench disk by double-clicking its icon.
5: Open the drawer marked Utilities’ by double-clicking its icon.
6: Users with two or more drives, proceed to Step 9 7: Remove the Workbench disk from the internal drive (drive dfO: that is).
8: Insert Amiga Format Coverdisk 20 into the internal drive.
USERS WITH TWO OR MORE DRIVES 9: Insert Amiga Format Coverdisk 19 into any external drive.
ALL MACHINES 10: Open the Coverdisk by double-clicking, as described at 2.
11: Open the drawer marked "Getting_Started’, as described at 3.
12: Point the mouse pointer at the icon labelled InstallPrinter.
13: Press and hold the left-hand mouse button 14: Move the mouse and the icon moves with it.
(This little procedure is called dragging’.)
15: Drag (move) the InstallPrinter Icon over the icon labelled InstallPrinter in the window marked Utilities.’ 16: Users with two or more drives proceed to step 18.
USERS WITH ONE DRIVE 17: The Amiga will now prompt you with a message like this: ’Insert volume Workbench in any drive” and that is exactly what you should do.
ALL MACHINES 18: The new InstallPrinter program will be copied from the Amiga Format Coverdisk to your duplicate Workbench. This completes the installation procedure for this program.
IF YOU EXPERIENCE TROUBLE The only problem you are likely to encounter with this relatively simple operation is a requester stating: 'Volume Workbench 1.3 Is write protected” or a message like "Error while opening InstallPrinter: 222”.
In the first case, this means you have forgotten to close the write protect notch on the Workbench disk! Tf this happens, just remove the disk, slide the small black tab to the closed position and try again.
In the second instance, you have tried to copy InstallPrinter from the Workbench disk over the new program supplied with the magazine. The error message "222 ” is telling you the icon (program) cannot be deleted - this was done deliberately to stop you accidentally overwriting it! If this happens, start again from scratch and follow the instructions carefully.
PROBLEM SOLVING Q: Why does InstallPrinter (Coverdisk 19) return Volume RAM Disk is full, when it is empty? I have a 512K machine with a single disk drive.
A: This was caused by an unforeseen bug which cropped up in the software. InstallPrinter uses the RAM Disk to temporarily store the printer drivers. The RAM Disk adjusts its size automatically as you put more Into it - provided there is enough memory left. This is further complicated by the copying operation which "borrows” 100K of RAM while it operates.
Version 1.2 (on this month's Coverdisk) avoids this by only copying a single driver - which is a better method anyway.
USING THE PROGRAMS All programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. Simply put your Coverdisk 20 in the dnve and switch on. Wait for a few seconds and a menu will appear with a screen similar to the one below. The less technical of the programs on this disk - The Power demo in both NTSC and PAL versions, Fixint and the Pic ot the Month - will run from this simple menu. Click on the red button by whichever choice you want.
Using Your Coverdislc
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole Is
2. Back the Coverdisk up if possible. Instructions are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Tsni -¦*»» *-»»• ¦ tk H
- 'U. - !«¦ fk. Inn' _ _Sf faa*** ti« ¦
r. Sjwjff- M _L-U5!
______a l .-1 -X ~ AW 1. IM
• pa.i.unti! )w«ii- ¦
- ".si ____a - • r». "M “ ___M " _!»•..«*«_ _ a ____a
r. . naw a.. 1 w»« *
* ¦"»“ *1 • ‘ 1 Si ¦- » NT.W hiVfWw.
IP • (.« AAWX l» t.« . !«•••».* - *» mf mm* '"'fA-S • enter. It*.
• r »« «4«i sale • Full details on how to use the programs that
will not run from this menu system are included in the
Coverdisk pages on the preceding pages of this magazine.
If you have a problem with the disk - and you're sure the disk is in lull working order - then you may need a llllle help. We cannot normally give out advice over the telephone - but II you are completely stuck. Pal McDonald may be able to deal with any problems you may encounter. Please remember that giving this sort ol advice is extremely time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call it you really have lo and do be considerate it we can't talk lo you at that particular moment. It is generally belter, if you have a problem, to send it to us in writing staling the model ot your
machine and anything you ve got attached lo (or plugged inside) the computer. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages ot the magazine. Remember, il your disk is faulty send it to the address on this page. NOT to us. We haven't got any stocks.
EARN UP TO £8 Name..... Address Telephone (Daytmti . (£ wrings) My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). K is a: Game Technical tool Business utility Art program Music program Educational Novelty Other BACKING UP YOUR DISK It is important to make a backup of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read
the following instructions carefully: DISK NOT WORKING?
We duplicate over 100.000 disks every month - and this issue, we've done twice as many! Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty. It the disk or any of the programs will not load or run properly, there may be a problem. Don't panic!
First try using the DISK-DOCTOR utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
However, if it transpires that your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN SAE for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk Amiga
Format March Disk Discopy Labs Unit A. West March London Road
Daventry Northants NN11 4SA Remember to include that stamped,
addressed envelope!
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now, while keeping the right mouse-button depressed, move the mouse pointer over to the Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the 'duplicate' menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds' disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the onscreen prompts
and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your
blank disk into the drive.
Further instructions are in the user's guide that comes We have done our best to check that with your Amiga or in the Taking the First Steps article on lhe programs on the Amiga Format Page 239 of the January issue (18) of Amiga Format. Coverdisk are simple to use. Error- free and have no known viruses.
However we cannot usually answer telephone quenes on the software (see Disk Problems’ box| and we do not accept liability tor any consequences of using the programs on the disk. Be particularly careful with virus-checking programs the disks may give a 'non-standard bootblock' message, but this does not mean you should install a new bootblock The disk might no longer work if you do.
COPYRIGHT Unless specifically stated, the pro- | V | ¦ grams on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or Brief description distributing these programs without the ....author's permission is against the laws of copyright
....WE WANT YOUR Checklist (please tick): PROGRAM!
Stamped, addressed envelope for return it you've got any programs which you README.DOC explanation file on disk think other readers would find useful, Printout Of README.DOC file (if possible) interesting or amusing, we'd very much like to know about them.
Name, address, machine type written on label , Make sure ypur progfam „ sjmp|e Disk certified virus free and foolproof to use ¦iiiwiBTuiT m i m., a i ai 2.CreateafilecalledREADME.DOC IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Formal It s on ,h* *sk which explains exactly wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing how to use your program, against any possible legal action should copyright problems anse 3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it without delay to: Coverdisk Software, Signed
...... Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2AP You could win a Date share of up to £800 prize money.
LJ*'s two years since the last ball was thrown on a Speedball pitch. There are new teams, new stadia and new rules. The arena is bigger, the players arc tougher and the action is faster than ever before.
The challenge is this.
Take control of Brutal Deluxe, the worst team in Speedball history, and turn them into champions.
Y yC" ~ AMIGA A500 with Modulolor, Moose, 1 Meg Internal Disk Drive, 5I2KRAM, All Connecting Leads, Kickstart 1.3, 4096 Colours, r Built-in Speech Synthesis, Multi Tasking, Workbench 1.3 System Disk, & All Manuals.
FIVE GREAT SOFTWARE TITLES '* Back to the Future II, Beast II, *3 Days of Thunder, Nightbreed, & for arts' sake Deluxe Paint II Packs- © 1,1*3 O TOGETHER Am Imt.m+Mtmy Vua* Tap.
£539 Ojail incase yon can't O aaStva H Add a Sorter or t Pock NEW ‘ock Tool NEW NEW O l-Muni cArt OTAmgxDml Cnar o Ol.
Jjl fapr.6mws O (rrrnn.50) Ol -New Ir lease Swfwere Nik ft" 4
SOFTWARE... ) THE WORKS: Fully Integrate!! Word Processor,
Spreadsheet, & Database 3 DELUXE PAINT III • 'The New One!'
J THEIR FINEST HOUR The Botlle ol Brtloin, POPULOUS - The Promised Lands, SIM CITY - Terrain Editor, and 8ATTLE CHESS 3D Animated!
Mvm (3Q£ 8S TTDQCl mu8 P * GQ33 NOW THERE ARE TWOI AMIGA ’'CLASS OF Tmf 90-* A500 Computer.
ASOI 0.5Mb Upgrade.
Midi Interlace.
BBC tmulator.
Dele re Paint II. Amiga logo.
Superbote Personal.
Matipion. Publisher i Choke.
Dr T i Midi Recording Studio, 10 Blank Disks, Mouse Mat.
Diskette Wallet £529 Add a S or errors Pock Tool NEW CBM 1084S COLOUR MONITOR Stereo, High Resolution monitor KEYBOARD AND MOUSE = = GOOOOO... SORCIRORS PACK 2.Mlra Games Spedal!
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WtW P«dm« nay ol the UTSST GAMES TITUS Irnra no.
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Ma phone us now for detods!
V (Wpntnpurthaidiahmte e 3 Sn hmra Mb O franeor- Tcwasops O srvrr
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----------------- be either up OR down), without prior notice PLEASE CHECK DETAILS PRIOR TO ORDERING Merlin guarantee NEVER to supply anything that has been subject to change without you. The customer, being intormed ol and agreeing to that change.
060244 0R0ERING Just phone our 24 hour order lino using your AccessAfisa card, OR send • cheque postal order with your reqinremenl details Icheques need clearance ueless issued by BanKBuilding Society tor you) DELIVERY Goods will be despatched by post FREE OF CHARGE to UK Mainland adresses unloss you request courier service (up to 25Kg) as follows: NEXT WORKING DAY...add £6 to order. TWO WORKING DAYS add CS or lor SPECIAL SATURDAY DELIVERY add jusl E12 raoeme mil u WA rs despair* toots ear or arear unless Otterwfse I'll nut I WARRANTY Goods llui prove faulty within 30 days will he exchanged
lor NEW Alter 30 days, and within 12 months tram purchase |6 months tor soltwerel. Taolts will be raddled by the relevant manufacturers' repair agent and returned 10 you by courier.
Im W. 1442 'Sorcerors Sevnn' s warn will ONLY be eichenged lor Hie SAME TITLE; no rotunds car be granted ( . Due to piracy of software by a minority who spoil things lor everyone) COLLECTION: Merlin Express are predominantly a mail ordar company bul we welcome customers lo our Irade collodlon counter who wish lo pick up goods Irom us. Why not pay us e visit, we will always Pe pleased lo help you wdh your enquiries UNTIL CHRISTMAS OPEN SATUR ALL our currently advertised otters supersede any previously advertised otter(s) and goods ate NOT supplied on a Inal basis. E & 0 E. Spellbound Prices!
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by software houses or their distributors, tie strongly
recommend you check oroilobikty btlort placing your be ovodablt
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accept responsibilities for delays order fruity software wt
ONLY be replaced with some title and HO IlfUNDS will be givon.
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Matrix, 120 25cps MONO-£139 CITIZEN 124D -24 Plin Dot Matrix,
120 40cps MONO-£219 9 Pin Dot Matrix, 120 25cps MONO As LC10
Mono, 25% Faster 150 30cps 24 Pin Dot Matrix, 180 60cps MONO 9
Pin Dot Matrix, 180 45cps COLOUR £205 24 Pin Dot Matrix,
200 67cps MONO £255 24 Pin Dot Matrix, 200 67cps COLOUR £289
A501 0.5Mb RAM PACK £64.95 Complete with "Coptive", 1 Mb Game
FREEI WTS 0.5Mb RAMPACK Compatible with the latest A500's,l No
Clock £31.95 Enable Disable J With dock £39.95 KONIX SPEEDKING
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Amiga A500 Computer Keyboard 512K Random Access Memory Built-in 1 meg double-sided disk drive Superb 4096 Colour Graphics 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Speech Synthesis Multi-Tasking Operating System Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 Three Owners Manuals Extras 1.3 and Tutorial Disk Amiga BASIC Programming Language Notepad Mini Word Processor Commodore Mouse Power Supply Unit with mains plug TV Modulator ..and all connecting cables to get you up and running on your home TV set!
Shadow of the Beast II Days of Thunder Back to the Future II Night Breed Deluxe Paint II Art Package Meroprose Soccer RVF Honda Kid Gloves Datastorm Dwgeon Quest Mcroswrtched Joystick Grand Monster Slam Powerplay Tower of Babel ShufflepuckCafe E-Motion Mouse Mat F19 Stealth Fighter The Lmh&F&tStntlDfgBnKtaTiMnvpase worth 04391 Total package price includes VAT and Next Day Delivery by Courier* Don't delay-Oder now! 24hkxr Credt Card Hodhe Telephone (0906)378006 By Phone - Call our Credit Card Order line on (0908) 378008 and quote your card number and expiry date along with the details ot the
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ACCESSORIES and ol course hundreds S hundreds ol games and all at well below recommended retail prlcesl Digicom oiler you the very best In customer alter sales support with 12 month warranty on all Computer Hardware.
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9. 00art d30pm You've got all the questions, IS IT EASY TO MAKE
Finance Page 34 CAN MAKE MY PIC- TO UFE?
Animation Page 25 Databases Page 33 Graphics Page 24 ... We've got the answers!
The Amiga can do so many different things and do them so well that at times, its power can be a little confusing. Even experts in one area of its abilities, such as programming, often don’t know much about the other aspects of its personality.
So whether you’re a newcomer to the Amiga or an old hand who wants to gain a broader knowledge, this feature is aimed especially at you. We ll give you an idea of what you can achieve and what you will need to do it. We ll save you money by telling you exactly what are the best buys to suit your needs - and recommending the excitingly new or the outstandingly good in The latest, The Greatest. Plus, the It’s a Steal!’ panel will offer you cost-free options from the Public Domain. So all you need to do is get out there and do it... paint p' ein' I, adj. A graphics program using a simple
‘bitmap' system (see below) to create colourful pictures with ease There are two types. The less common kind is whafs known as a 'structured' drawing system, in which everything you draw is a complicated 'structured object'. This means your drawing is described in terms of mathematics, so each different line can be stretched or moved separately and however large you blow something up, it always remains perfectly smooth and straight. This is highly professional-looking, but is not so simple.
The only real example on the Amiga is Professional Draw 2 (£199.95, Gold Disk via HB Marketing) which is certainly very good, if not for the beginner. Its real strength is for use in DTP work. Apart from that, the only other use is in CAD (technical drawing) programs such as X-CAD Designer (Cadvision International, £115).
Paint it Easy!
The more common kind of graphics program and the easier kind to get to grips with is the 'bitmap' type, often known simply as a ‘paint program’.
With these, the picture is made up of lots of little blocks of colour on the screen and stored in the computer as a description of where each little block is on the screen and what colour it is.
There is now quite a range of Amiga paint programs, but unless you want to use the slightly awkward HAM mode to allow yourself a choice of 4,096 colours, there really is only one choice: Deluxe Paint. This also figures very large in the 'animation' section and wins in the 'Greatesf category below, so 'nuff said.
Perhaps worth mentioning briefly, though, are a couple of niche market items: Icon Paint (Hi Tension, £14.95) is an excellent little affair for designing 16-colour Workbench icons: and MyPaint (Centaur Software, £34.95) is a cracking simple paint program for kids, fun and easy to use in equal measure.
HAM and Eggs The Amiga normally only lets you use 32 colours in one of your pictures.
Until, that is, some clever chap in the States came up with a bizarre bit of mathematics that allows a picture to use the whole of the Amiga’s 4,096 colours and shades at the same time.
Clever stuff.
There are two very good HAM paint programs available which seem to be equally popular. Photon Paint 2 (Microillusions, £89.95) edges slightly ahead on features, but loses out on speed and ease of use.
DigiPaint 3 (NewTek, £69.95) is written for speed and is pretty easy to use, but the range of tools is not quite as comprehensive. You pays your money and you takes your choice.
Big and radical news on the HAM front is the arrival of Spectracolor (price not yet announced, from Oxxi- Grap Aegis) which is essentially a highly advanced version of Photon Paint with added animation features, making it a HAM rival to Deluxe Paint. Check out Page 158 for further details.
BRAD GASPED IN AMAZEMENT AT THE GRAPHICS... -Cj-animation an' im' ae' shun, n. a technique by which the rapid flipping of changing pictures gives the impression of film-like movement The old Disney classics did it by painstakingly drawing each picture, shooting it to one frame of movie film, then drawing the next frame in a slightly different position.
Now computers do it by moving from one frame to the next, but because you can simply repeat the last frame and alter it to make the new one, ifs a sight easier.
Plus, computers let you cheat in other ways: like simply drawing an object once, defining the path you want it to follow and then letting the computer work out how it will whizz across the screen.
Deluxe Paint III is a classic when it comes to animation, allowing you nearly all the cheats you could want, and is an excellent start. New competition m the animation department comes from Disney's The Animation Studio, which is great for Mickey Mouse-style character animation.
THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Deluxe Paint Electronic Arts £79.95 Thousands of you will have received Deluxe Paint II with an Amiga pack and should already appreciate that it's pretty darned good. The latest version - and you can upgrade tor only a small sum goes further than ever before with its crack- Ingly simple animations. Dpalnt is simple and easy to use. And yet It will take a long time for you to master its huge range of features to the full. Dpalnt III is the one really indispensable 'serious' package and heck, even the games programmers use it to do the graphics for their games!
Hies Both these are used mostly for colourful cartoon-like work.
The heroes of the demo-writing scene, Videoscape 3D (Aegis, £145) and Sculpt-Animate 4D (Byte by Byte, £370), are suited more to flashy 'computer graphics’ animations (like the Tomorrow's World logo or the famous Juggler demo), or to modern sci-fi work (like Tobias Richter's famous Star Trek demos).
Videoscape is old and tricky to learn, but still very popular. It uses 3D solid objects, so looks cracking. Even better-looking is Sculpt's ray-tracing.
Both these programs allow you to whizz things along animation paths, making life easy because you don't have to draw each frame, and because they are three-dimensional they can even make things smaller as they disappear into the distance.
MJCKEY RAN AS FAST AS HIS LEGS COULD CARRY HIM... three-dimensional THE LATEST, THE GREATEST There's too much going down in this area to say anything right now. Latest are Real 3D, which uses clever new maths techniques, and Imagine, reviewed soon: traditionally greatest is Sculpt-Animate. But with 24-bit colour and several new packages coming, just wait a bit and see!
Adj. Graphic that is first modelled using x, y and z coordinates then displayed bv projection or ray- traced rendering 3D programs work by describing objects using coordinates: if you want a cube, for instance, you can define it with eight points for the corners. The simplest models are 'wire frames' in which just the points and lines are drawn a system used by 3D CAD programs such as Design 3D (Gold Disk, £79.95). After that, the more advanced 3D modellers put a 'skin' onto the bones of the wire frame: this is called Tilled 3D’ and is used to excellent effect by Videoscape.
The most sophisticated area of Amiga graphics is ray-tracing, where the skin on the 3D objects has its colour and texture defined, a light source is set and very complex equations work out how the light will THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Disney's The Animation Studio Entertainment International £99.99 In the Greatest category Deluxe Paint could take it for services to us non-experts, as could Videoscape or Sculpt-Animate for a history of excellent demos: in the Latest category, Spectracolor, the HAM equivalent of Deluxe Paint, might have stolen it. But no, we re going to give the Latest award to
Disney's new package, partly for the weight ot experience in traditional character animation and partly for a couple of fresh new ideas. The player program it uses is a neat idea and the palette that changes from frame to frame of the animation could allow a freedom of expression not previously managed.
See the review on Page 163: but remember. It's really for those who can draw well... TRUE COLOURS This is an exciting time in Amiga graphics, because the next big breakthrough is now happening. With 24-blt colour an add-on card will allow over 16 million colours to be used and this is known as True Colour'. The results can be stunning, easily as good as TV or photography but on a standard Amiga monitor. Trouble is, painting with that many colours ain’t easy: so despite the development ot 24-bit paint programs like MegaPaint (more news next month) it's image generation programs, and
particularly ray-tracing, that will really benefit. See Issue 17 for more on how True Colour works, or wait for next Issue’s graphics special.
IT S A STEAL bounce off the object, this is what allows the shiny balls, mirrors and ‘glass' look of typical ray-traced pictures. It takes ages to work out these pictures, so extra memory is vital and accelerator boards help.
There is great innovation and competition in this area. Turbo Silver (Impulse, £120) is effective but old and tricky to use; Sculpt- Animate 4D is sophisticated but expensive; Real 3D (Amiga Centre Scotland, £115-£435) is quick but less effective. Also on the way soon are 3D Professional Ray-tracer, Imagine (an updated Turbo Silver) and rumours of one more. This is a growth area and it’s worth waiting a month or two for new products before buying. The reason why this is where all the action is 24-bit colour: see the panel ‘True Colours'.
DGCALC The fastest and most powerful spreadsne* pr • brack*. W4h 512 rows by 52 columns. Frvmgyouupfo 26624 ceils As w th an Dataproducts the opera** of the program it cfearty thought out Being ether menu. Mouse or command driven you'd be able to start using it wrtfvn mmoles
- even rf you ve never used a spreadsheet before Some ol the
features which make it such good value are the exporting of
ASCII files for integration with other programs, adjustable
column width and text overflow, programmable function keys
(macros), and a unique windowing facility, so that you can look
at different parts of a sheet at the same time £ g g cj T**
program wJ taae irformaton prepared by Cashbook Corwoffor and
produce a compteie set erf accsnnS mdu6ng
* Tnal Balance ' Tredmg and Profit and Loss Aaxxrt ' Balance
Shaat • Notes to re Actants
• Fu* Accounting rates All reports may be produced at any fcme.
Wilh comparativethrtgef figures t required The faciiify to
produce these documents Qmctoy accurately and regularly is of
enormous help mrunmng any bus.-ne« large or small since one
shows the true profitability achieved, and the other the exact
strength ol the business m terms of assets and £29.95 E-TYPE
CLASSIC INVADERS " MAILSHOT PLUS Advanced version of Ma -tshof
for the bos-nes* user w-h the following extra fa&J hes
• integration w-th other software msng ASC* Man
• cofjmnrtabufated s nmary oea for telephone i«ts etc)
• 4 extra memo lines per label i wifo defaults' 'system tor
coding dat-ng and edd ng messages to each label
• different layouts available tor horizontal and vertical
justification £49.95 Cleverly written and always favourably
reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low
cost software for the home and business user.
Do you ever have to pnnt names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes, or do you ever need to M *n tncky forms or mvoces where foe text has to be m exactly the right place’ Usually you have to do it by hand or get your trusty old typewriter out of the cupboard and dust it off Meff not anymore The Emulated TYPEwrHar transforms your computer and printer into a fully fledged typewriter supporting bold, underline, italic and other type-styles Because it can display and print text INSTANTLY you can ime up your form, press Return and Space a lew limes to move to the correct pace, and then
start typing Alternatively you can switch to Ime-by-lme mode which offers word-wrap lusM cation and proportional spacing so that you can ed t each Ime before it s printed £39 95
* you ever need to send out maingi or pnrt labets you know hr «
f tfy and t me onstfTvng 4 can be mafong sure an the labels are
pmwdcorrec»y Me* now al that s a th*g of the pas: Because
Marishot actoafty shows you foe labels onscreen you can type
names and addresses neuc9y foe correct place But more than that
the labels are an mated on screen as a con&nuous sheet aHow-ng
you to scroll baowards and forwards »o search lor partoiar
keywords or to edit entries with the minimum of fuss Facilities
include searching detection of duplicate labels sorting (even
surname1) 9 labels across 999 copes of arty label This has to
be the simplest and most effective method of creating a
ma“',a“e £24.95 Are you absolutely sure your taxman s doing his
job correctly’ Plan your own tax wrth ease this menmjriven
program will calculate your income tax liability |4 tax years
included) and provide pertinent facts about your tax position
You can perform what-if ’ calculation to discover ways to
minimise your tax liability In fact, the program will advise
you on things such as. If you are a married man. Whether it
would be advantageous to have your wife s income taxed
separately or not At this price who knows, you will probably
find that PTP will pay for itself «n tax savings the first time
you use if " STOP PRESS •• July 00 - PTP user receives tax
refund Of over C2 000" An excellent way to get organised With
it you II be reminded ol birthdays and other anniversaries
meetings and appointments phone calls to make and so on As with
all Digita products, inputting information is sirrpiicity
'tseff and.
Once entered, you can search tor keywords or lor particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming up includes month week;day planner, automatic reminders tor overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance For less than EM this is the ideal way to make sure you never miss that important occasion again' £ 0 PERSONAL TAX PLANNER DAY-BY-DAY MAILSHOT £39.95 Available to the trade from: Digita, GEM, Greyhound, R & R, SDL.
"Serious software at a sensible price" All software written in the UK Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export)
• HOW TO Ol CREDIT CAR .NE 0395 270273 Z Post: Digita
IntrmiMfjhnl Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth Devon EX8 1JL
England Fax: 0395 268893 AS THE MUSIC PLAYED, I KNEW WHY TEY
HADN'T BUZZED ME... The simplest sequencers play samples just
through your Amiga, so you can make tunes very easily. Sonix
(Aegis) is a classic and still very popular, so buy it where
you can, and apart from that look in PD libraries.
TFMX Soundtool (Software Business £44.95) is an excellent tool for doing this sort of sample-based music for games and programming.
MIDI sequencers open up a whole new can of worms and are really the sharp end of the music business. MIDI is a system used by computers to talk to electronic instruments such as drum machines and synthesisers.
Simply invest in a MIDI interface (about £30-£40) and you can use this system, so when you write a tune in a MIDI-compatible sequencer, it will play using the sounds from the synthesiser rather than samples from inside the Amiga.
MIDI sequencing is another very competitive area, but Music-X 1.1 (Software Business, £149.95) is doing its damnedest to dominate and is a thoroughly excellent and very flexible program.
A challenge is provided by Bars 'n' Pipes (Blue Riband Bakery, £219.95) with its bizarre but accessible graphic style. At the beginner’s end it’s a toss-up between Trax (Passport, £99) which is cleverer than Tiger Cub (Dr T, £99) but can only use MIDI, not Amiga samples: and the Junior version of Music-X (£75).
Really, it's pretty much equal, but Music-X might steal it if you want to move up to its big brother later on.
THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Audio Engineer £199 HB Marketing It’s a close-run thing, with MIDI sequencers like Music-X particularly highly rated by our team ot experts.
MIDI sequencers are really the serious end ot the music market, because using MIDI allows you access to the kit that hits professional standards. But the quality and accessibility ot this sampler, together with the way you can easily build whole tunes trom just a lew brief samples looped and mixed, gives this a quality that captures the spirit of modern electronic music. House hits created on your Amiga are a step away... IT S A STEAL!
Sample sam' pul n. a slice of sound stored as digital information by a computer or electronic instrument, acting as a ‘building block' for tunes Yep, it's samples that have created pop music as we know it today. The progress of sampled music from dogs barking in tune on Tomorrow's World (or was it That's Life?) To creating chart hits in your bedroom a la Candy Flip's Strawberry Fields has been rapid.
An Amiga sampler is a combination of a hardware gadget that takes in sound via a cable from a hi-fi or a microphone and slices it up into digital information and software that allows you to mess around with the sound afterwards and, by repeating a bit of it, make it into a tune. Just a few seconds each of drums, piano and vocals is easily enough to make an adequate House tune.
There are some good complete hardware and software sampling packages around. Technosound (New Dimensions, £34.99), is a good, cheap start if a little basic and comes with a cassette tape tutorial, while Master Sound (Microdeal £39.95) is good quality, if not perfect for editing. The king of them all is the Audio Engineer package (£199 from HB Marketing) which has the best piece of hardware around.
The excellent software that makes up the Audio Engineer package, AudioMaster 3 (Oxxi-Aegis), is available separately and in a number of variously-priced deals. It's incredibly good, combining clear design and great ease of use with a huge range of editing features. The Soundtrap III hardware (Omega Projects, £38) is a minute piece of kit good for beginners to use with the Audiomaster software, while the Mk 2 Stereo Sampler and Audiomaster combo is very powerful one (Trilogic, £99).
Sequence see' kwens n. a song or tune described simply as a list of notes (or 'events') happening at a particular time The principles behind sequencing are actually dead simple: a tune is built up simply by saying when something happens and what that thing is a drum beat, a guitar chord, a bass note. If you think about it, music is quite mathematical: beats per second, beats in a bar and what have you. Sequencers tend to have three ways of showing a tune: just as numbers, which is very hard work; graphically, which is a simpler and clearer way of showing the same thing; and in traditional
notation, which is no use to you unless you understand crotchets and minims but might be vital if you are used to real music.
DILL SHOOK WITH EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION AS HE TYPED THE FINAL WORDS OF HIS FIRST NOVEL... Word Processing word processor ».w- proseser n. software that imitates a typewriter, with the advantage that text can be altered and corrected with ease This is far and away the most common type of 'serious' software, which is no surprise at all when you consider how easy it makes what used to be a very tricky job. If you want to make a good impression or, like most of us. Your writing veers inevitably towards the illegible when you're scribbling at any speed, then a typewriter would once have been
the obvious answer.
There's one obvious problem with this that anyone who's ever used an old-fashioned mechanical typewriter will find uncomfortably familiar: the sheer frustration of typing mistakes.
Tippex is never quite good enough and irritating hours can be wasted while you start afresh each time you make a mistake. It’s hideous!
Where once typewriters were common in offices, they're now rapidly being replaced by a computer running word processing software.
Not only can you correct mistakes easily, but a word processor also gives you a great many other advantages. Some of these are standard features on most word processing THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Protext 5 Amor £149.95 It's expensive, it's a bitch to get to grips with at first, but It's got such a heads-down. No-nonsense approach and such power that it really does triumph as a professional tool. The older version 4 is still available priced at £99.95, offering the basic Protext power of unlimited size documents and speedy spell-checking as well as mail merge, while the newer version has the
extras of a new 120,000-word dictionary, better printing and an easier tile requester. We like it and so we use it here at the office for all our Amiga-based writing.
Programs: a 'spell checker' to whizz through and make sure all your words have the right spelling, 'cut and paste’ options which let you move whole chunks of text around, the ability to print as many copies of the same thing as you want.
Others often count as extras and are worth looking out for: an 'undo' facility that allows you to correct your last mistakes as you go along, a ‘thesaurus' to help you find that word that's on the tip of your tongue, a 'mail merge' facility enables a standard letter to be printed with different names and adresses in each time a la Reader's Digest 'You may already have won’ competitions, and finally ASCII (usually pronounced 'Askey' as m Arthur) compatibility, which means the ability to save text in a standard file format that can be read by any WP. Even those on lesser machines like an IBM
PC or the Macintosh.
There’s a number of good word processors around of the kind that just deal with words: for those that also deal with pictures, see below.
Microtext (Anco £19.95) is a real cheapie. More suited to kids.
Scribble 2 (Microsystems Software £49.95) is endurmgly popular with buyers and does everything the home user would need, but is a shade rough and ready Check out the Gold Disk Home Office Pack, which includes a word processor and a DTP package, in the DTP piece: and look out for Transwrite (Gold Disk, the WP program from the Home Office Pack) and cheap-and-cheerful QuickWrite (New Horizons, cut down from the market's most expensive WP package ProWrite) both of which are new and to receive coverage in Amiga Format in the near future The king of them all by far. However, is still Protext.
Word publisher wird’ pub-Tish'e n. a new phrase to describe word processors that let you use pictures and do lay-out like DTP That definition pretty much says it all.
The advantages of using pictures or diagrams and proper lay-out is that you can produce interesting business presentations or newsletters with relative ease.
Kindwords (The Disc Company £49.95) is good as a simple WP package but doesn’t quite cut the mustard in the layout stakes.
ProWrite (£139.95) has a thesaurus and is of a very high standard, but Pen Pal (Softwood £129.95) steals it by a head. Pen Pal is very easy to use and very good indeed, with excellent graphics handling allowing you to use any kind of Amiga piccie and letting you 'flow' text round odd-shaped pictures, plus a rather fun facility to check the standard of your writing.
MOVE UP TO COLOUR The very sharp end of modern DTP is full-colour work. This allows DTP to replace a whole extra section of the expensive printing process, colour reproduction. It works like this: a full-colour printed page la actually printed using four colours of Ink. These four colours are cyan, magenta and yellow, the primary colours' of dyes from which any other colour can be made, and black. At the printer's, each of these colours Is put on the page In turn: so a picture that needs to be printed In full colour must first be spilt into the four colours so that each colour can be printed.
This process Is known as colour separation' and really la the key to the two big heavyweights, Professional Page 2 (Gold Disk) and Pagestream 2 (Soft Loglk) both of which are new and reviewed in this Issue on Pages 117 and 118.
Their other big feature is Postscript output, which means they can use high-quality output devices such as laser printers and typesetting printers like the Llnotronic. In my opinion If you want to use DTP for professional purposes you're still better oft using a Macintosh-based system, but Gold Disk tor one would argue that I'm wrong and new developments In the near future might prove them right.
VjhfY. BRAD. THUS LAYOUT IS A MASTERPIECE! SOON AEE OF NEW YORK WILE BE CLAMOURING, Crio irz f a (Desktop)-Publishing Desktop Publishing the use of computers for the typesetting, layout and design of magazines, books, newspapers etc replacing older methods The magazine production process is not as complicated as many people think. What used to happen in those long-gone days before computers (BC) was that words for a magazine would be typed out, then 'specified' (scribbled all over) with notes to a typesetter. The typesetter would then operate a big machine to put the words into the right
fonts (typefaces) THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Professional Page 2 Gold Disk See review for UK price In my opinion, the jury is still out on Amiga DTP. The professional systems Pagestream and Proteaalonal Page, used on a B2000 with a 40 Meg hard drive and 4 Meg of RAM can still not compare to a Macintosh with only 2 Meg of RAM.
Nevertheless, the Mac is a good deal more expensive and the addition of a flicker fixer and a faster processor to the Amiga would bring near parity: we'll try a comparative test under these circumstances soon. Still, Professional Page keeps the top spot among Amiga DTP programs, with greater speed, flexibility and ease of use than any other and a good handling of colour, particularly benefitting from the use of the official 'Pantone' colour system which is almost an industry standard.
And send back big strips of typeset text: headlines in big letters, the rest in one long column. Next a layout artist would cut it all up and glue it down in the right places on a page template.
The pictures have to be 'halftones' (broken up into little dots) because if they aren't the final version looks like a bad photocopy, so the layout man would also have to put photographs onto a special camera and take another picture of them through a special screen, breaking them up into lots of little dots. At the same time, the picture would be blown up or reduced to the right size.
Then it would be stuck down on the page with the words. Complicated or what? And that's just a simple black-and-white page!
Publishing has probably been more affected by computers than any other industry. The technology is filtering down to the home computer, but if you want to produce a magazine like ours you're still talking an awful lot of money this is more for the very fine quality of the final output than for the basics of layout and typesetting. Amiga DTP software will allow you to do all the things us professionals do.
What this means is replacing all the old-fashioned methods above with the ability to lay a page out on screen, pulling the words straight into the page from a word processor, styling all the text into the right typefaces and sizes and moving it about the page so it is in columns and headlines. You can also include pictures, either from an Amiga graphics program or by scanning in photographs with a little hand scanner a whole range of which we’ll be reviewing next issue. Then you can print it out on a dot matrix or inkjet printer to give you a rough-and-ready but pretty decent effect good
enough for newsletters and the like or to a laser printer, which will give nearly good enough quality for seriously smart business leaflets or even books.
There have been several low-end DTP packages floating around over the years, but the only one with any real appeal is Pagesetter 2 (Gold Disk £99.95) which is also available in an excellent bundle, the Home Office Pack, which includes the WP program Office Write (which is really TransWrite. Once known as Transcript) and the winner of the 'Greatesf award in the Database section, Advantage, for only £129.95. NOW I HAVE THE POWER TO MANIPULATE ALL THE IMAGES ON THIS VIDEOTAPE... Video genlock dzen'loti, n. a piece of hardware that allows the Amiga’s video signal to be combined with a TV or
video picture and recorded to tape You have to own one of these before you can begin to use your Amiga for video work. It has two functions. First, it converts the RGB signal that your Amiga sends out for the monitor to display into a composite signal of the kind used by a television or video recorder. Second, it can merge or blend the computer picture in with that from a video or a telly and record the merged picture to video tape.
In practice, this often looks like one colour in your image is transparent and the video picture is showing through it. The genlock asks you to choose one particular colour very often a bright blue on your computer pictures, into which the video picture will be put.
This idea may be familiar to a lot of you if you have seen TV programmes explaining how they 'superimpose' a weather forecaster, for instance, on top of a map of Britain, or place Chris Reeve as Superman next to a speeding aeroplane. The person is filmed against a bright blue background, then the new background is dropped in instead of THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Deluxe Paint III Electronic Arts £79.95 Winning in the greatest' department. It's a controversial choice, admittedly, with so many made-to-measure video titling packages around, some with unique features very well suited to video
work. But in our opinion. A genlock in combination with a copy ol Dpainl is a powerful mixture indeed and could well be all you need. The paint package is blessed with a huge variety ot fonts which can easily be dropped onto a genlock s key colour' background to give titles: and when you add in the capacity to produce long and complex animations with great simplicity, you’ve got a very strong case. Stylish, it rough and ready pop videos, lor instance, should be a doddle. For anything but the most sophisticated and clean work, this is a potent package.
More about video packages and techniques in Issue 23!
The blue. It’s known as 'chromakeying'. The best genlocks will allow you to choose what colour to use as your Transparent' one.
Take a careful look at the following options and don’t buy in a hurry.
The Minigen (Applied Systems and Peripherals, £114) is the cheapest and is perfectly adequate for a beginner's needs. Higher-quality professional equipment is available from Rendale in the form of the A8802 (£280); from G2, who do the Videocentre (£595) which includes software control of video mixing; and from Marcam, who cover the Rendale range and have a new product under development so more news about that soon.
The GST Gold (£500, Third Coast Technologies) is solid and reliable but misses a couple of the extras for mixing that the G2 Videocentre has. A good all-round bet is the Superpic (JCL, £575) which combines a real-time colour digitiser with the genlock.
Titling Id'ling. N. the process of adding titles, captions or subtitles to a video to give information and add a professional look and feel Amiga Desktop Video (or DTV) is dominated by ’titling' software. This can be used to add intro titles and end credits to your video productions, just like on the TV, as well as to add subtitles and do flashy pop effects - much titling software goes well beyond its brief and provides plenty of added value in the form of effects, wipes, fades and transitions as well as titles.
There is now a bewildermgly large range of titling packages around for the Amiga, but basic things to look for are a good range of fonts and effects, video 'time code' compatibility and any other little extras that might make your synchronising of video and computer signals more accurate. And, if you are a fussy type, the capacity to use the TV-compatible 'Interlace' mode to display images in high resolution.
A good way to start is with Deluxe Paint, but among the more specific Video Titling packages you should look at the following: the very latest, Broadcast TitJer and Pro Trtler, are reviewed in this issue, so you should read up on them there; Title Page (Precision, £139) scores highly on its range of effects and the free-standing programs that make and play animated sequences for you Finally, look carefully at Video Studio (ZVP, £99) which, frankly, is not a titling package at all, but is an invaluable set of twelve handy little tools for video production, including an impressive range of
fades, wipes and transitions.
INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM 2, 4, or SMB RAM with Add-On RAM Board using 1MB x 4 DRAM Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn dnve off and leave RAM enabled Easy-to-Access " Switches ¦ Autoboot ON-OFF Switch SCSI ID Selector RAM Test Mode SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark ol Supra Corporation.
Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodoip-Amiga, Inc. T i THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 500 PERIPHERAL!
With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever.
You'll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn't run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You'll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives.
You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra's knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty.
Available at your local stockist, or call: I] Supra Corporation 0101-503 967 9075 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321, USA Telefax: 0101-9p3-926-9370 Micro-Power Drives No fans or external power required, extra rugged Autobooting SCSI Interface A2000 performance with no DMA problems Optional Dedicated External Power ' • I TM Amiga for Beginners - learn the essentials of the Amiga easily 3nd Quickly from opening the box to your first application 182 pp AmigaDOS - Inside G Out - covers AmigaDOS in depth so that you can use many of its advanced capabilities for
practical applications. Includes a complete reference section detailing all of the DOS commands, information on using the DOS editors - ED and EOIT. Creating and using script files and taking advantage of the Amiga's multitasking features 280pp Amiga Disk Drives - Inside G Out - a practical guide to disk drive operations. Information about data security, disk drive speedup routines, disk copy protection.
Boot blocks and technical aspects.
30 LINCOLN RD. OLTON. BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA CALL 021 706 1188 FOR YOUR NEAREST STOCKIST AmigaBASIC - Inside G Out - is THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Each BASIC command is fbliy described and detailed Some of the topics covered include files and file handling, using pulldown menus, sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts end using the speech commands.
Techniques for advanced BASIC programmers 554pp Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture and addressing modes, making speech and sound f om machine language and more. This book is also a perfect companion to our AssemPro machine language development software.
264pp Abacus Amiga Machine Language - is a thorough introduction to dttUOO pt'oyranun- ing end is a practical guide for learning to program the Amiga Abacus database dcet'e'bas, n. software used to store information that you type in and designed to make it easy to find the bits you want If you're not exactly sure what a database is, or you do know what it is but wouldn’t know what the hell to do with one, you may be surprised to find that they can be very useful indeed. Databases are also the second most popular 'serious' program on the Amiga, after word processing.
Basically, they're intended to store big catalogues of information and supply some kind of index system so that you can get at the info you need when you want to.
This may seem a tad pointless, but it can be interesting and also useful if you have any big collections of anything. Our Art Editor Marcus, for instance, bought his Amiga in the first place so he could get a database and make a catalogue of his truly enormous record collection. Maff is currently setting up a database to hold details of his video library.
Information in a database is stored as a series of 'records’ each of which has a number of fields to give further information about it. Each record in Maff’s database, for instance, would be a video. (A record that's a video? Hang on a minute!)
Each video record would be split into fields containing: first and foremost, the film's title; perhaps some kind of index number; the director; the star; year of release; running time.
Once you've got all the information in there, there’s a couple of things you can do with it. First, you can sort it: which would be an easy way of putting the titles into alphabetical order, for instance, but if you were curious you might want to sort all your films according to year of release. By sorting on two different fields at the same time, you could put them into alphabetical order within each year.
Second, you can search. This allows you to pick out one particular record by looking for a unique quality (a video's title, for example) but also allows you to pick out a number that have something in common: all films that were directed by Paul Verhoeven, for example. Again, by searching on two fields you can find records that share the same qualities: all films made by Paul Verhoeven and starring a certain actor.
Again land I’ve definitely said this before) the Amiga is blessed with a wide choice of this kind of software and the standard is very high. At the cheapest end is Microbase (Anco £19.95) which is good value and works perfectly competently. There is little to separate this from K-Data (Kuma £49.95) which has a few more features and a good reputation.
Databases A little more 'professional' is Microfiche Filer (£69.95) which uses an odd but interesting approach, working like a microfiche in a library.
Prodata (Arnor £79.95) is a companion to Protext and will no doubt be popular with people who already own that excellent down-to- earth word processor. It was described in last month's Amiga Format as "a professional tool that is ideal for sorting out large, complex databases'. Also reviewed last month was Infofile (The Disc Company £49.95) which gains much appeal from its ability to store graphics and sound as well as just words and numbers.
Top of the pile, however, is Superbase Personal though its bigger brother Superbase Professional (Precision £249.95) takes the idea a step beyond anything the maiority of us would ever need and into the realms of ESB (extremely serious business) software, with its own programming language and even a massive graphics department for designing forms. It really should be looked at by companies and experts rather than the home user.
THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Superbase Personal Precision £59.95 Yes, It's a clear winner. Superbase pulls itself up by the bootstraps to get a head above the rest, mainly thanks to great approachability and ease ol use. Its great innovation is in the use of a video recorder-style control panel to whizz through the records very rapidly. Fields can have graphics and text files from outside the database attached' to them so that they can be pulled in at the appropriate time and the program supports all the Amiga's graphics modes including HAM. Which is no mean teat. It allows all the indexing,
searching and sorting you are likely to need. All in all. A very wise choice. It's also available in a version 2 (£99.95) which adds mail merge (see Word Processing), a text editor, better manual and a host of tweaks including support for files from the very popular IBM PC database dBASE.
ITS A STEAL Finance spreadsheet spred'-shet n. a program that calculates results from figures you enter into it, used to assess and plan financial performance When you first dip a toe into the soupy waters of running your own business, you realise that much of the calculation involved is concerned with making guesses about the future rather than simply keeping a track on how much money has passed through your hands in the past. When you're setting up a business with a loan you'll be expected to provide the bank with a detailed projection of how much money will come back to you and when.
More businesses actually go under because of cash flow problems than for any other reason, so throughout the life of a successful business, keeping a track on what's going to happen in the future is always THE LATEST, THE GREATEST Advantage Gold Disk E99.95 Personal Finance Manager is a handy all-round set ot tools tor keeping track of your domestic bank account, but when it comes to serious use in a small business Advantage is the business and wins the Greatest' category. Advantage’s real advantage is its speed, but it is also very friendly to use, which is bound to be a relief for anyone
who's just turning their accounts system over to a computer. A very good investment in the fluctuating financial markets.
Extremely important. The most important calculations, therefore, are projections and it's handy to be able to have a few different guesses at what might happen: worst-case and best-case scenarios, for example.
If you have to work this out on pen and paper it's difficult enough to do one set of calculations, never mind several. A spreadsheet makes this easy by doing the sums for you in the first place: and then allows you to change just one entry at a time and see how it affects the outcome.
There are and we seem to have said this before several very good packages of this kind on the Amiga. One important thing to look out for. At all times, is compatibility with Lotus 1-2-3, the leading IBM PC package, which would allow you to transfer data over from a PC that you at your workplace and use it on an Amiga at home.
Also a very handy thing to have is graphics the ability to display information as a chart or graph, which makes it easier to take in.
Analyse 2 (Micro Systems £49.95) is very good at the cheaper end of the market, including colour graphics and Lotus compatibility.
Superplan (Graphox, £99.95) is a good bet if you want 'time management' (or 'project planning') facilities, but Advantage is a winner for speed and ease of use and includes Lotus compatibility and very good graphics.
Accounts ak'tmitlz adj. Software which lets you keep track of income and expenditure so that you know where your money is By contrast with many of the other areas of computing, accounting is not well served on the Amiga. System 3 (Digita £49.95) can only handle sales invoicing, stock control and cash flow control, but is at least fairly simple to use. Small Business Manager (Hi-Tension £99.95) has a range of features, ranging from stock control to invoicing, but is rather weakly programmed. Arena Accounts (Arena £149.95) is solid, but based on double-entry bookkeeping.
None of these can really handle the full range of small business accounting sufficiently to be trusted with all your accounts.
If rfs just home finance you want, however, there is some good news waiting around the corner Personal Finance Manager (MichTron £29.95) is designed specifically to help you handle your bank accounts and also includes a budgeting section so you can plan how to best spend your income and charts and graphs to show how much money you owe! If you're the type of person who is careless with the cash, this could well be the answer.
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Beauty and Functionality Redefined SERIES tt A500-HD+ The Next Generation in Amiga 500 Add-On Peripherals Educational pricing program now available.
Series II. FAASTR0M and GVP are Irademarks ol Greal Valley Products. Inc Amiga and A500 are registered trademark ol Commodote-Amiga. Inc POWERCOMPUTING LTD 44A STANLEY STREET BEDFORD MK41 7RW ENGLAND 0234 273000 FAX 0234 270133 . •) POWER COMPUTING SRL ITALY VIA D E L L E B A LE A R1, 90 „ A 00121 OSTIA LIDO ROMA 2 LINES |06| 5646310 FAX 5646301 L ' u
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)*ttn|22 QIWW Columbia Picluiri ImOoMucs Inc All R ni-, ReM»»wJ TM A COPVWGHT©l»W by lucJihUr Lid |IFI| All r.qht* R*M..« d OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 5NS TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 tU DC Com.c» If* Attack of the sequels has hit games software as well as the movies, Chief Reviewer TRENTON WEBB checks out what's coming to a screen near you this month... COMING * ATTRACTIONS FULL CONTACT ¦ Team 17 ETA Late Feb Some of the best demo writers in Europe have teamed-up to form a brand new software house: Team 17. Rico Holmes, and a host of others, working out
of 17 Bit PD Tobias Richter, will soon be launching their first game, Full Contact.
Amiga's hardware potential. Using skills which they developed during their demo-writing days (check out their work on the PD front for positive proof of their abilities) they will write Amiga-specific games that feature incredible technical trickery, great graphics and masses of gameplay.
A beat-em-up, in the classic 'one on one' style, it aims to exploit every single ounce of the NEVER ENDING STORY II ¦Line ETA Mid 1991 As self-fulfilling prophecies go, Never Ending Story Part II is a classic. Based on the recent Warner Bros movie, this time Bastian, our hero, explores such wonders as the orchard forest, visits Silver City and has a crack at giants who are terrorising the world of Phantasia.
The style of the game is claimed to be totally new, although details of its design have not yet been released. The screen shots show that NES II will strongly feature the movie's fantasy elements in its graphics, and, if they can marry this to a new style of game they should be on to a winner.
BACK TO THE FUTURE III ¦ Image Works ETA March Marty McFly, who having gone back to the past to save his future which was of course really the present, then went into the future to avert an alternate future is now firmly stuffed. He is stuck in the Wild West and needs to find a source of power for the DeLorean to take them Back to their Future (again!). The last in the BTTF trilogy, Mirrorsoft's game takes you sequentially through the movie, recreating scenes from the film.
Marty has to ride a horse, leap cacti and barrels, and shoot some injuns in a bid to save Alrf .
His gal, who is heading towards a cliff in the back of a wagon. Later, he must show his skills at a very dubious firing range, blasting fairground ducks with a six gun in a Safari Guns style. A plate throwing battle soon ensues as the 20th century boy 'learns them rednecks' the art of Frisbee.
The whole game ends in a tough leaping level as he tries to take control on the only thing that travels in the West at 88 mph. An express train! Fun graphics and its tongue firmly in cheek, this may be the best Back game so far!
The ultimate challenge has been issued... now, you must race across the globe in search of fortune and glory to become the richest duck in the world!! The adventure will require all your skills and courage ARE YOU DUCK ENOUGH?
Available for Amiga® - PC PS - Atari® ST - Commodore 64 - Amstrad® CPC CPC+ GX 4000 - Spectrum® Amiga, Commodore, Amstrad and Spectrum are registered trademarks. © The Walt Disney Company For more information please call 0268 541 212 HERO QUEST ¦ Gremlin Graphics ETA Easter 1991 ¦ Impressions ETA March Forget DefCon, here comes Cybercon. In the near future the plot holds that an Ultra-computer, known as Cybercon III, has been entrusted with the control of all of mankind's destructive toys.
The machine, housed away in a deeply-defended bunker, ensures man's lust for war is kept firmly under control and that its power is not abused.
In the bunker, isolated from reality, a strange mutation has formed in the cybernetic brain of Cybercon and driven him spacky! The result is a genocidal war against mankind. The game follows a bid by a small band of survivors Set in a 'real world' 3D environment the Golds to enter the protected vaults of Cybercon, to promise this will be the smoothest-scrolling 3D destroy the machine and end the slaughter. Game so far. This may not be just hype, as the team behind the project are the Assembly Line.
Their previous projects include Xenon 2, Vaxine and the recent Coverdisk game Interphase.
Players have to work through 350 individually designed rooms and a mix of puzzles and combat sequences. The first task for players will be to unite the five parts of a key that will allow access to a main chamber, which in turn leads to the refuge of the mad computer. Sounds and looks complex but coming from the 'Line' it should make excellent entertainment.
COHORT FIGHTING FOR ROME On the heels of Rorke's Drift, comes Impression's latest war game Cohort. Set during the decline of the Roman Empire the game pits rival generals against each other as they bid to become Emperor. Employing their 'table-top' format, the system used in 'Drift' has been refined and boasts an improved group- command facility, the introduction of a strategic map and more sound effects.
The Roman troops under your command include three different types of cavalry, infantry and archers, all of which can be used in any of the four scenarios. It’s hoped that Cohort will retain the instant graphic appeal of Drift and even greater depth of gameplay, ensuring ancient battle fun for months to come.
CYBERCON III ¦ US Gold ETA March WARLORDS ¦ Electronic Arts ETA March An eight-player strategy game, Warlords aims to bring out folks' nasty side. Set in the Tolkien- esque world of llluria, a failed peace treaty has led to a territorial power struggle between various tribes and factions. Playing one of the main tribal lords your aim is to beat, cajole and con the other players into submission.
Armies have to be raised and paid, castles stormed, demons summoned and heroes enlisted. Ancient artifacts litter the land which must be recovered from ruined temples but they can only be used by heroes, which means they are the only group you dare not offend.
There was a time when board-games were bored games. Then designers got clever and a new breed of role-playing fantasy games emerged, and their leader was Hero Quest. It rapidly became the best-selling board-game of 1989. Now Gremlin have won the rights to produce the computer version, and aim to cram in all the fantasy magic that made the original such a success.
There's a choice of four characters: a barbarian, an elf, a wizard and a dwarf. All have different skills and abilities which must be used if Morcar, the game's all round bad guy, is to be beaten. The barbarian is a seri- ously-hard fighter, the elf combines fighting skills and magical prowess while the wizard, the team's magic man, is steeped in arcane knowledge and the dwarf’s forte is spotting traps and secret doors. The game will have ten different quests to be completed before you attain the lofty title of 'Hero'.
Gods is the Bitmap Brothers' first venture into the platform-arcade genre and it appears they've got it right, straight off. Four huge levels take you into a Greek city, a temple, a labyrinth and an underworld with over 50 different objects to collect, hordes of testing traps plus a Bitmap- style weapons shop mid-way through each level.
Your man leaps, runs and ducks like any class hero. He hurls weapons ahead and collects goodies with a quick crouch. Jumping about the platform he collects jewels, splats bad guys and goes into a switch-throwing frenzy to solve puzzles.
This alone doesn't sound radically different, however, from other games in the same vein.
What makes Gods different is the fact that the game changes to suit you! Gods continually assesses your progress. Health, score, objects collected, position and the current game time all affect the way the game responds. Play badly and it eases off, play well and it plays to match you. Creatures, traps and puzzles all adapt to suit the current state of play.
All the beasties are intelligent not in the classic artificial intelligence sense, but they always find a way to fulfil their purpose. For example, some creatures try to follow the player before attacking, but if they lack the physical attributes to tag directly behind, they will work around the map trying to catch up.
The system has evolved from a solid design philosophy. Firstly each level was mapped out, then all the monsters, weapons and collectables were designed and their powers detailed.
Only after this had been done was an editor system employed to slot them into the map, complete with 'event triggers', so everything is tweaked in situ until the gameplay flows.
The trigger system works on a principal of three variables. Throwing a switch or killing a monster could trigger an event. The game analyses performance health, time, | etc and modifies the result. The only hint a player should get, if the system works are the different results from different tactics.
The graphics for the game are of the usual exemplary Bitmap standard, full of texture and shade. The music is supplied by Nation 12, featuring John Foxx, so 'nuff said. The first game on any label needs impact, and Gods looks set to supply that and plenty more.
RENEGADE ¦ Renegade ETA March At the 1990 Computer Entertainment Show last fall, the Renegade label was launched. The Bitmap Brothers were the motive force behind it and they approached software development, publishing and marketing from a coders' perspective.
The seeds of their radical' philosophy were sown when the 'pop star programmer' Bitmaps used real pop stars. Bomb the Bass, on Xenon II and the record company, Rhythm King, and the Bitmaps got talking. In the music business it's standard practice to promote artists first and the label second.
Records sell because of the artist and not the label.
Renegade eventually emerged as a loose 'co-operative' style framework where the programmers are at the sharp end of the marketing drive and the label serves as a guarantee of quality. They hope to give coders more prominence, more control of their projects and a potentially larger share of the sales cake but also far greater responsibility.
The tie-up with Rhythm King also helped to confirm their belief that over the coming years music, film and computing will grow closer together. Hence prominent RK musicians will definitely star on the soundtracks of future Renegade games.
The success or failure of Renegade, however, will ultimately have less to do with their business than the quality of their games. Gods looks all set to be an excellent start.
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" Heralded The American Computer of the Year!"
BHSED ON MEGRTARVEILER BY GAME DESIGNERS' THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SCIENCE FICTION GHMING SYSTEM Terrs eorwrrd The four legendary Frontier Wars have passed .each started by the Zhodani and each ending in a shaky peace.... The most sophisticated character generation system ever devised five military classes, more than 70 talents and abilities Allows player to control character development through 5 services: Army, Navy, Marines, Merchants and Scouts Imagination Flexible gaming system supports any playing strategy and allows multiple solutions to problems and obstacles.
72 varied skills to learn and use including medical, piloting, communications, laser wecrpons. Bribery.
Demolitions and handgun.
Courage 28 planets and satellites to explore in 8 systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subplots and interesting characters to encounter Supports Ad Lib Music Card and Real Sound let srateos-the-art musical score, digitized speech and leahssc sound e'lecs "MegaTraveller 1 is one of the finest role- playing computer games in at least the last three or four years."
"MegaTraveller 1 is one of the best science fiction role-playing games ever for the computer."
QUOTES TAKEN FROM DRAGON MAGAZINE V S ¦ MAGAZINE US QUEST BUSTERS Copyright C 1900 Paragon Software Corporation and Game Designers' Workshop TRAVELLER and MEGATRAVELLER are registered trademarks ot Game Doslgmrs’ Workshop Licensed to EMPIRE SOFTWARE All nghts reserved EMPIRE SOFTWARE, 4 TFFE STANNETTS, LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE, BASILDON, ESSEX SSI5 6DJ TEL: 0268 541212 Zhodani and the Outward Coalition are planning a fifth.
Smuggling arms to traitorous groups within Imperium borders the Zhodani are planning to strike from within.
Resourcefulness Saving the universe costs money a detailed bartering system lets players earn Imperial credits through interplanetary trading, with 30 types of cargo.
SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM IBM PC VERSION THE ZHODANI takes Science eiciion Realistic, combat sequences let you control each of your characters individually, while still giving general combat orders to the other members of your party. Utilise more than 30 weapons and skills in this advanced combat system.
"MegaTraveller 1, a game that truly warrants the highest level of praise, the attention to detail makes it exceptional!"
FIREPOWER reviews system flexible enough to styles and genres score, which reflects game really is. This score is panied by a short list ol the game's good and bad points, highlighting those elements that make it stand out trom the crowd and those parts which really annoy. These points are then fully expanded and explained m the main review.
Formal wilt, whenever possible, only review completely finished software. This means we see the version that ends up on the shop shelves the version you buy Waiting lor finished games does occassionally mean that reviews ot some Amiga products appear in other magazines belore Formal Our review, though, will be an authorative statement ol what a game is like, not speculation as to what it may be like.
The reviews team 15 headed by Trenton Webb and Matl Evans Trenton had a long history in the world ot 8-bit games reviewing on AmslraO Action before moving up into the big league for AF 14. Matt Evans toined the team on AF 7. After a heroic tour of duty with Zzap 64. They are backed up by a highly-experienced team ol specialist reviewers from Future Publishing's crop ol market-leading computer titles.
Item £ jjii jj-lij On jz bhiz. 2 Lwwiiy Oh no! ?.b'l CKASHKD AND :I ' f» iX J r Li000 Lioiiiut'ti’o i’iJjQ 21) •aupsj liyiji-jr iii jj of ftnrkai 91 o J bizz! Ohorio oirihzo budo y.’Sb SpeedbaR II o-Amz. FtSuR 933 Gazza II P.55 ¦ Ancient Battles P.64 ¦ Exterminator P.66 ¦ Dragon's Lair II Timewarp P.71 ¦ World Championship Soccer P.79 ¦ Hunter P.74 ¦ Prince of Persia P.77 ¦ Zarathrusta P.88 ¦ Obitus P.80 ¦ NARC, Total Recall and more in SP Outro P.85 IBI3 he bear may now have a friendly face, but his claws are sharper than ever.
Attackers of Gorby and Co. Can no longer count on the f brigades technological edge, because them there Ruskies have gone and built MiG 29s. A fighter aircraft so spiffy that the Luftwaffe are likely to buy them instead of US iets next time around.
MiG 29 is about accuracy, because with fighter planes being such fun flying fast and blowing stuff up the game takes care of itself. Thus Domark went to Simis a development team with a track record of working on real aircraft to turn their Soviet superdream into simulated reality, and what a dream MiG 29 has turned out to be.
The scenario allows you to assume the role of a new pilot who has just joined an elite MiG 29 squadron. You have to undergo some training and then take your skills and aircraft into the fray for Mother Russia. The training lets pilots explore the wonders and amazing abilities of the MiG 29. It’s best to experiment with the ordnance and plane's capabilities here, because a crash just sticks you back at the end of the runway ready for another try.
MiG FULCRUM Domark £34.99 ¦ Joystick, keyboard, mouse and analogue-joystick Three different combat skills are touched upon: firing unguided rockets or cannon at a defenceless barn, launching fire- and-forget missiles at unguarded vehicles and trying to shoot down a very mobile, extremely well- defended Mirage. Then, of course, there's the thrill of landing the thing and the aerobatic manoeuvres to masterl Fly over the arctic to get a real close look at a crippled US nuclear sub.
Sea Harriers guard the boat.
Can you get in undetected and unmolested?
Once your pilot has earned his wings and proves that he can fly, he is sent on four different missions, each of which puts different SCREENPLAY elements of flying skill to the test.
If he scores enough points and is still alive and kicking then he's sent on the ultimate test which unites all these new abilities in one nightmare scenario.
The missions were supposed to reflect the more stable political world of the '90s, but with MiGs seeing active service in Iraq, and obviously the Soviet airforce, they already seem dated.
The missions, however, are just the icing. This baby puts a pilots mettle to the test, providing some of the most realistic flight fights ever seen. Falcon had the gloss, Stealth Fighter had thousands of missions, but MiG has 'seat-of-the-pants' flying.
When you are running either of the two 'force' models simple or complex the MiG has an unnervingly-real edge. You will find the plane handles according to the physics that govern things that are airborne and feels like it. The nose dips just when you don’t want it to, the roll is graduated occasionally flipping viciously, the bird slips during tight turns and the first power-dive induces a panic you’ll not forget.
What makes MiG so good is not just the purity of the maths that support this impressive project, but the dogfighting. For the first time the enemies actively hunt you, they try to sucker bad pilots, flying in wings they attempt to set the plane of your dreams up for a clean kill. This is real gut-wrenching stuff, going man to man with a computer-generated foe. Using the 'Jump to Enemy' view it's even possible to watch their attempts to lock you up!
The Top Gun style of head-to- head flying is made all the more edgy because the missiles used are fallible. No guaranteed hits here just because you get a red lock. The computer gives its own pilots the same chance you have, equipping them with flares, chaff and smart moves to dodge missiles. This makes for heavy-duty white-knuckle flying. Pilots must fight for the lock, not only aiming for a red lock, but also a clean, close lock that is sure to hit. The limited number of missiles too four generally, occasionally six make life a little awkward for the Russian superstar. With two hits
per kill and two shots on average per hit means you have to get some fancy cannon work in during lengthy sky wars.
Real battles are possible because each of the three aircraft you encounter are pushed to their limits in order to shoot you down.
The MiG's edge is obvious but not easy to exploit, and all its incredible performance must be used if you are to see Red Square again.
Hand in hand, though, with the dramatic realism hammered home in the dogfights are a few weaknesses in the MiG's airframe. The most obvious of these is the limited number of missions, five in all.
Luckily their depth and the sheer thrill factor do compensate some- continued overleaf I Mission 3 Mission 4 Mission 5 Mission 2 Here you go and scare the Chinese by buzzing three of their fighters, two airbases and four tanks!
But you can only fire if you're fired upon.
Some tinpot dictator has tried to take over the Straits of Hormuz. Go and teach them a lesson in sabre rattling. Watch out for those SAMs.
Strike at the heart of a counter-insurgence group operating within the USSR.
There’s the chance to shoot a train, jeeps and people.
Unethical but fun.
You’ll only be able to find out when you've a pilot with 500 points. Hint it involves an arab country and a nuclear reactor. Spooky.
I So what does that rad knob do than?
Heading and compass.
Waypoint indicator.
Airspeed Km hr.
Pitch indicators.
Velocity vector.
Artificial horizon.
Angle of Attack G-meter.
Number of Flares left.
Remaining chaff units.
Cannon, S-240, AA-8, AS-7 stores indicator.
Hydraulic systems Altitude, shown in metres NOT feet.
Vertical speed indicator (VSI) ie climb rate.
Angle of attack (AOA).
Threat and target radar.
Warning lamps (left column first, from top to bottom) Hydraulic damage indicator, Nav' system damage, Radar damage, Hud damage, Low altitude warning, Stall warning, Low fuel warning, Autostab (auto pilot) on off.
What. The lack of a graphic shadow on the out-of-plane views is annoying and the need to keep locking the same target can prove fatal. The latter may be very realistic who knows the secret of a Russian fighters HUD (Head Up Display)? but it does handicap joystick wielders.
These elements aside though, the MiG supplies the fun side of the game with its limited armoury and the outstanding performance that it gives. When it throws some fantastic loops and high ballistic climbs you’ll find it's crazy speed- based entertainment.
TFTFTTT As a study of flight dynamics and a truly impressive flying machine, MiG 29 has an authenticity that breaks new ground in the air-simulation field. Its cockpit layout isn't as glossy as some of its competitors and the brevity of the missions leaves it outclassed by others. None though, can quite touch its edge of MACH 1 'catch me if you can’ dogfights. It is |ust what flight fans have been waiting for.
Incredibly smooth flying graphics.
A real dogfighting flight sim.
Limited number of missions may hamper its long-term prospects.
Accurate feeling of flying fighting based on state-of-the-art kit.
Too topical?
Blue max ACES OF THE GREAT WAR WWI Air Combat Simulation Take control of one of eight classic WWI fighters and find out how good you really are. Fly with the best Richthofen. Fonck. Mannock, Ricken- bacher and learn their tricks and techniques.
• Action dogfight, solo, and team missions for one or two players
using a single computer with any combination of keyboard,
joystick, or mouse.
• Strategy Dogfight: For the skilled purist, Blue Max acts like a
highly-intelligent strategic board game, allowing you and your
opponent to work out detailed battle sequences and play back
tbe moves in "realtime'' 3D.
• 8 airplanes to choose from, each with its own highly-detailed
flying characteristics.
• Perform missions with, as, or agoinsl the Aces of the Great
• Dozens of historical missions around 4 different locations
within France.
How about 300 pounds per square inch of pressure? Take a deep breath, captain.... Winter. 1941. The icy waters of the North Atlantic. The deeper you dive, the greater the pressure. Depth charges explode around you. Banging on the hull of your L'-boat like iron fists. Nerve and cunning make you the terror of the Allied convoys.
VGAptrltapr rimaftwmt ainrtft I vjf I I ~-Tl IS, | t.
- I
• 3D submarine warfare: For the first lime, a sub warfare game
lets you deal with threats below and obove the surface in a
true three dimensional environment.
• Real communications: Use the German Enigma coding machine to
send and receive information.
• Many missions to choose from into the North Atlantic and
Arctic, inland along the coast of Norway, into the Bay of
Biscay, and through the Straits of Gibraher.
• 3 different levels of difficulty, from beginner to realistic.
• 3D graphics in 256 VGA colors, with multiple internal and
external camera views in a complete 3D world.
For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Limited, The Coach House, Hooklands Estate, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex RH17 7NC. Tel. 044 486 761 For further information on Mindscape products and new releases please call: 0898 234214 Gentlemen start your engines! Passing from this position can prove difficult as the opposing bikes are wider than they appear. Vou can race viewing from behind but then it's even harder to judge the comers!
TEAM SUZUKI are the result as more outrageous passing moves are tried in traffic.
Team Suzuki have picked a winner with Gremlin. If their race bikes are as sharp as these Amiga cycles then the next few Championship's are sewn up.
Various tracks and tricks must be learnt for success but dedicated riders have some great racing in Gremlin Graphics £24.99 ¦ Joystick, mouse and keyboard Sit a normal mortal on a Grand Prix bike and they'd spend hours sliding sideways, crashing and generally sprackling themselves. Just how powerful, responsive and fast such bikes actually are is hammered home in the latest rubber-burning spectacular from Gremlin.
No easy rider!
Team Suzuki machines are frighteningly fast-racing thoroughbreds that do not tolerate mistakes. Your mission (Jim?) Is ostensibly to win the world title; not quite a Mission Impossible' - but almost. Standing between you and Grand Prix glory are a highly-twitchy bike, the likes of Mr K Schwantz (World Champ' and Suzuki rider) and 16 courses that must be learnt off by heart.
After selecting a motorbike (125, 250 or 500cc) riders choose the control method - all of which are monumentally sensitive!
There are two mouse options or joystick, with a variety of gear- change techniques thrown in for good measure. Then, and only then, it’s racetime. Fools and speed freaks can dive straight into a full season, while cooler heads will use the 'Single Race' option to study each of the 16 tracks.
A race is preceded by three timed qualifying laps. During a season getting pole position is vital, and it gives riders a chance to suss out a new track. This is essential when travelling at race speed because then the road is almost impossible to read and react to. At full whack the bike has to be banked in anticipation of corners - you can't wait until the track starts to twist.
The racing is cut-throat and the speed is stunning. The computer riders defend their position well and collision or loss of control leads to near-fatal wobble. Line the bike up properly and it will hang on in corners at incredible speeds if you lay off the power. Wheelies and power slides easily come about due to the Suzuki's phenomenal acceleration, but they are hard to correct.
Damage limitation Errors of judgement that send the bike onto the grass or into another rider costs speed and then the damage begins to set in. A percentage figure flashes on the screen and when it reaches 100% the bike is then deemed to have crashed and has to withdraw.
Unfortunately the bike's dash and handlebars (which can be turned on and off. Along with the rider 'sprites') do not accurately represent the bike's width.
Countless unnecessary collisions store. Team Suzuki is hard to control and demands your full attention. The speed of the graphics and their apt quirks - hit the space-bar to glance over your shoulder - suit racing and are useful. Only the width problem while overtaking mars the thrill of racing the best in the world on the best in the worlo Trenton Webb ran hi ? Incredibly smooth and fast vector racing for two-wheeled folk.
? Wide opponents make overtaking irritatingly perilous.
? Has that real' feel, complete with power slides and wheelies.
? Hard to control at first, but learning (and crashing) is fun.
? The Indy’ 500 of bike racing!
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¦i * t‘0 Napoli ¥ If The score’s still nil-nil, but it could all change if Napoli's goalie can't stop that powerful shot from the reds! Will he miss or can he save it?
Well he did actually...BAH! What rotten luck for Liverpool.
The ability to include up to 16 human players is pretty good fun.
The Gazza involvement is minimal, being reduced to a few intro screens and a terribly unwitty half-time chat.
The juddery graphics are packed with a pretty uninspiring sound track.
Poor control will leave many players somewhat frustrated.
Only worth investing in if you collect all the Gazza memorabilia you can find.
The original game based on the lad Gascoigne appeared before all the media hype surrounding the ‘Spurs hero', so it comes as no surprise that a sequel should be released to cash in on VERDICT his new-found fame.
Gazza II is basically a Player- Manager style game, in that you take the role of manager to set up tactics and make team decisions, while the match sections have you controlling the team when actually on the field.
Up to sixteen people can play in a European Superleague competition, with each person managing their own team. The game begins with each player entering their name and selecting their choice of team. Once everything has been set up, the game moves on to the management section, this is where players are bought and sold, and the coach decides on the training for the week.
When your team is ready for a match, you can call up the fixtures to find out various statistics on the team you are due to play. Then it’s off to the match!
Division One?
Once all the week's games have been played, the results are compiled and a league table is drawn up. At this point you can review your team and tactics to improve your performance. New tactics can be learnt by the team through entering the training section. Here you can alter player positions in set pieces, set up man-to-man marking or train the players to follow and trap the ball. Once you have designed your tactics you can elect to send your team into the gym to improve their fitness, or refine their techniques by giving them extra training tactics.
While the team is getting fit, the manager can get on with the serious business of running the club, using scouts to keep an eye on the other teams and keep a watch out for possible worthy transfers. Its also a good idea to keep on the good side of the bank manager, since flagging funds can be boosted with a quick bank loan!
Fog-on-the-T yne Despite the ability to include a number of human players and the wide range of option screens.
Gazza II has surprisingly little depth. The management side is limited, with the basic functions of transfers, training and a few tactics the only things really covered.
But it’s the matchplay sections that really let the game down. The animation of the sprites is extremely jittery, making it a chore to move the players around the field. The control over the players seems to be minimal, with frequent portions of the game being played without any of your team members on the field. Trying to piece together a coherent attack is rather tedious, usually leaving you frustrated and lying on the pitch when the opposition put in a rather unfair tackle.
The proceedings are broken up by some terribly unfunny dialogue between Gazza and the match commentator an option which invariably results in the space-bar being hammered to move on to the next screen.
If you're an ardent Tottenham fan, or simply worship Gazza like a god, then you'll probably want to boost your collection of Paul Gascoigne memorabilia with this, but for anyone else...well it's enough to make a footy fan blub!
Maff Evans There's a price for justice, and the price is freedom!
Judges are the law. We make the law, and we enforce the law. And the Chief sJ Justice of Mega City One •** is Judge Dredd. A super- ¦ cop in post-apocalyptic America, he acts like Dirty Harry first thing Monday morning, packs enough firepower to shame the Terminator and makes Before the main game starts, players are presented with a mock Comm's screen. Dredd can read his mail pleas from the Justice Dept to start work and Time share ad's or play two bonus games.
Presented in a jokey 1980 ZX81 style there's a bomber 0 'p , 6, Not so much heavy-metal thunder as tin-foil whistling. The Lawmaster doesn't really cut it as a 21st century law enforcers bike, it is to slow, and Dredd can't fire while he rides, a real pain in the gameplay.
What are they doing here!
Robocop look like a big girl's frilli- est blouse. He's here, and he’s going to punish the guilty.
Judge Dredd is a sideways view, scrolling . Platform shooting match. Working his way through the Dan Tanna Block, Charles Darwin Block, Aqua Station, Weather Station, City Def base and Dark Judges lair, Dredd must punish the and maze game. Both are hilariously ancient and make for five minutes of nostalgia.
They are pure game they have to be, the graphics are stoneage! Hidden away in the intro they pose a tongue-in- cheek humour that the main game desperately lacks.
Perp s. Lawgiver (pistol) in hand, he must first bust the Fatties, who've taken the DT tower. They are running amok, ransacking the entire place in a mad, feverish, munchies frenzy.
Kill the guilty Dredd’s mission is to sentence (kill) the guilty and protect the innocent, as wasting 'perp’s' keeps the crime rate down. If it climbs too high then Dredd has to take the long walk' (resign). To stop the criminals regenerating he must destroy their source of power. For the Fatties this means wasting the food dispensers, four of which are scattered through the maze of ramps and runways.
Dredd walks, leaps and shoots, or rides his mutant Harley hog Law Master. While walking he can jump up in the air or shoot the obese offenders. To get around a bit faster he can summon his bike, hop on and then race to another area. The six levels get progressively harder, as the enemies gain far greater powers, each 'block' ending in a head-to-head showdown with a gang's lead nasty.
Dredd’ed myths Dredd is a designers dream. The chronicles of Mega City One have spawned an entire mythos, full of graphic power underlined with dark wit, thanks to its comic base.
Dredd the game however, looks distinctly average. Dredd is a small dull sprite, while his increasingly outrageous foes are pale imitations of their 2000 AD selves.
Controlling the 'Judge with a grudge' is irksome. He walks slowly and has trouble negotiating slopes. Worse still, the Law Master is more of a moped hairdryer than a high-horsepowered cycle and it won't appear when Dredd is stood on a slope. When it does turn up, Dredd can't even fire when he’s in the saddle. The Law Giver lacks punch, it is supposed to be Judges' executioner, but Dredd would be pushed even to dish out a community service order!
The graphic menace of Dredd hasn’t been captured, and the game-over sequence emphasises this. When dealing with a comic classic, blocky black-and-white cartoons will not do.
Dredd is crippled by an average games format. There is limited control over JD himself and somewhat run-of-the-mill graphics. The game is tough, as the crime rate rises incredibly fast, but this does not inject tension.
Trenton Webb VERDICT A classic anti-hero in a very average game.
Tough platform blast that lacks pace.
Small sprites that have no charisma.
Sub-games are surprising bonus.
A missed opportunity with a potentially great licence.
SPEEDBALL 2 Mirrorsoft ¦ £24.99 Joystick THE ARENA The pitch has undergone a lot of changes for the new league, including a larger arena and a whole host of scoring methods: GOALS The basic method of scoring.
Scores: Ox-10, lx - 15. 2x - 20.
ELECTROBOUNCE Charge the ball up so that opposition players are automatically tackled when they try to pick the ball up. The charge lasts until the opposition gain posession or the ball stops moving. The effect can be increased so that more players are tackled with the Multiplier.
Effect: Ox - 1 tackle, lx - 2 tackles, 2x - 3 tackles.
WARP GATES Transport the ball to the warp gate on the opposite side of the pitch.
SCORE MULTIPLIER Throw the ball up the ramp to increase your scoring-rate first by 50% (lx) and second by 100% (2x). The opposition can cancel the multiplier by throwing the ball through themselves before boosting their own rate.
See the scoring methods to see the effect of the Multiplier.
Those of you who are avid fans of American Football may remember back in the late 70s (1977-79 to be precise) when certain players were deemed simply too dangerous. Several rule changes and penalty legislations had to be brought in to maintain the players’ safety, covering dangerous tackles and blocking moves and some rather lethal attacking practices.
Just imagine what would have happened if things had just progressed even further into the realms of violence. Players would be in danger of severe wounding, and maybe even death, resulting in Desire for violence we take a leap of just over 100 years into the future.
The nation’s top sport of Speedball has progressively become more and more violent. With few rules to govern player safety and even fewer to cover etiquette on the pitch. Some of the more powerful teams began playing with unfair advantages drugs, cybernetic prosthetics and other rather dubious gear resulting in excessively violent, scrappy, unentertainmg games watched by only a few hard-core fans.
When the crowds began to decline, the sport was forced underground, until five years later, when the powers that be saw a way of restoring public support of the game and earning a pretty penny to boot. Thus, in the year 2100, Speedball 2 was born.
Key members of the underground movement were tempted to help set up a major league, with new rules, new teams split into two divisions, improved player-armour for safety and last (but by no means least) an entirely redesigned playing arena to bring maximum entertainment to the punters.
Player manager The game can be played in a number of ways. You can play as the team, trying to climb up the divisions and win the league; as the team manager, giving training and coaching decisions then sitting back to watch the team in action; or just play in a straight knockout competition to win the Speedball Players Association Cup.
Whichever section you decide to choose, you need to get to grips with the training section. This involves spending money on various pieces of equipment for your team members to tram with.
You can tram-up a single player, a group formation or the whole team.
If you want to add some spice to your team, then check out the transfer market to get yourself a star player. Matt Evans a WELCOME TO THE TERROR-DOME The original Speedball is now pretty much a classic Future- sport game. Now, two years later, we have the sequel, we ask ourselves ‘How does it match up to the original?'
The truth is it’s not as good as the original...it's miles better. The graphics have a much more aggressive feel, as does the gameplay. However, instead of a straight blast the ball up the pitch towards the goal, there is a lot more thought needed to succeed.
Mastering the various methods of scoring is almost essential, otherwise you could find yourself at the bottom of the league without even a point to your name!
The Bitmaps have packed the game with a whole host of little extras, such as the ambulance-droids that come on to carry off injured players, the option to save replays on to disk and an extremely annoying salesman who shouts out 'ICE-CREAM!,' at every possible opportunity.
Never before in the AF office has so much shouting, cursing and wrenching of joysticks been heard with such ferocity and we get worked up over our games in these here parts.
If you're of a faint-hearted disposition then steer well clear of this aggressive and exciting sports game.
If. On the other hand, you like the clash of metal on metal, the grunt of an opponent as he hits the deck and the roar of the crowd as you score a goal then Speedball 2 is an absolute must. It's one of the best sequels to appear for quite some time.
I'lU’Jhl ? Superb graphics and sound perfectly evoke a tough, futuristic atmosphere.
? Marvellous attention to detail and depth of play make the game a thoroughly involving experience for weeks.
? Enough manic action to keep even the most hardened sports fans pounding away at their joysticks for hours at a time.
? The best future-sport available so far...It makes Gridiron Football look like the Royal Ballet!
TEIXIGEIM The name in Coin-Op Conversions.
64 128 cas; © 1991 TENGEN INC. All rights reserved.
'TM Atari Games Corporation.
LEMMINGS Oh no! The lemmings L-H are dropping into deadly danger! Only you can give the necessary instructions to save their little lives and guide them to the safety of a Psygnosis ¦ £24.99 Mouse cliff-free zone. Are you up to giving lemming aid?
Each level begins with a huge trap-door creaking open, then down tumble a herd of dungaree- clad. Green-haired lemmings. Being folk of little brain, and left to their own devices the little lemm's do what they do best: die! Why?
Because those cruel people at Psygnosis have crammed each level with dangers that are absolutely guaranteed to kill the terminally stupid, le lemmings.
Doing the do The lemm's can only be saved if you take control. By giving lemm's certain tasks to do it’s, just about.
Feasible to shepherd the bumbling bunch to safety. A menu bar below the game's screen offers a number of icon options. Through it, any lemming can be changed from a standard 'runner' into a 'do'er', by selecting a task icon, then clicking on a specific individual.
Lemm's can dig, build, bash, climb and tunnel. They can even use parasol parachutes w when presented with the kind of cliff-drop that has made them famous.
The road to sanctuary, though, is never smooth; pot-holed by one simple fact: there are never enough of the right commands! On a level full of ravines it's a safe bet that there's one too few bridge- building commands to straddle the gap. So cunning plans are the order of the day to ensure enough a percentage of I lemmings must be saved on each level lemm's reach safety.
Run away In their way are chasms that must be spanned, that have to be tunnelled through and fatal falls that must be guarded by suicide-blockers. Once they are down they start running and will continue to charge in the same direction until they hit a solid object either a wall or a blocker or if they run out of floor. Once past such a peak, the little lemm's can only survive a short fall. If the distance is too great for them they sickenmgly splat in a shower of lemming drops.
Embroiled in a frantic race against time, you have to juggle blockers, bashers and floaters as well as the main herd. Taxing and tense it makes for incredible gaming. Succeed and your grin will shame a Cheshire cat, fail and you have to try again.
Lemmings thrives on panic, lateral thinking and accurate mouse work. As commands are clicked directly on the lemm's, accuracy gets tough when the little beggars bunch up. And one mistaken mouse click can cost the whole herd their lives.
The frantic high-speed thinking is underpinned with the tension of timing. The best example of this is waiting for bridge-builders to span a gulf. Each command only lasts for ten small bricks, after these are laid the lemm' reverts back to normal and runs onwards. Fine if they've bridged the gap, fatal if LA Y they haven't. To stop such suicidal tendencies and lengthen the bridge, you have to wait until the tenth brick is laid. Then, as the lemm' turns and looks bemused, you have to slap another bridge-builder command on them.
Cliff hanger Why, however, should anyone want to spend time and mental anguish saving the lemm's? The answer partially lies in their excellent animation. Although only a few pixels high, the little folk have real character. They hold their heads in despair if instructed to self destruct and tap their toes as they get bored of blocking.
The lack of one mam protagonist and, instead, focusing upon a collective group who are controlled via Icons, puts this firmly in the 'god game' genre. Most important, though, is the blending We all go up together!
When you turn a lemming into a blocker they are doomed. Unlike other commands it can not be countermanded. The only way to shift them is to ask them very politely to self- destruct. Then the poor doomed chap, looks about in amazement as a five-second timer counts off above their head. When the clock hits zero they hold their heads in despair, and then oblige by blowing themselves to bits.
Rather usefully they also take out part of the landscape.
A much more spectacular option is Lemming- Armageddon. Hitting the mushroom cloud twice sets of this 'god game’ approach into the obvious puzzle formula. The resultant mix transcends the normal limits of shapes, pipes and balls that have held back the likes of Wax and E-Mot on.The lemmings supply the intrigue, while the puzzling levels gives the grey matter a hard time.
Menu masters for the way lemm’s live today!
Lemmings is a hoot to play and quickly becomes a dangerous obsession. Four different styles are available A plus a two-player mode. All call for a clear head and a cool hand if you are to finish a level and gam the next password.
There are over 160 levels, each of which has more than one solution.
You must decide the best way to solve a level, given the commands available, and any favoured personal approach. There is, as the old saying goes, more than one way to explode a lemming.
Trenton Webb off a mass destruction, and the lemm's on the level switch to self-destruct and explosions splatter the screen, effectively quitting the level so you can start 7TTIET On each puzzling level you will have a different number of ‘icon' commands with which to guide the little people to safety. Just click on the icon you want to use next then click on the lemm' you want to command.
Climber this can be used at any time and once a climber always a climber.
Given this command a lemm' will scale any vertical surface like Spiderman albeit a very small green-haired one.
Floater normally great falls are fatal for lemm's, just like in real life. However, click this command on a lemm’ at anytime and if they fall, they open a brolly and float gracefully to Earth.
Bomb to remove a blocker K40H or any lemm who kVM winds you up, click it on them. After a five-second count down they explode. Ha!
Blocker an essential but fatal command in the hectic world of Lemminging. The lemm' will stand where clicked, spread his arms and stop his fellows from running in that direction. The only way to remove a blocker is to use the 'bomb' function.
Builder these little guys will immediately start building a bridge that rises at an angle of 30 degrees from the floor. Each such command lasts for 10 bricks, after which the lemm' reverts to a normal 'runner'.
Basher when a lemm' hits a solid object, at that precise instant, slap a basher command on them and they'll bash their way through it. That is unless it is made out of metal, then they get bruised claws, turn around and run off.
Digger useful begger, Johnny digger!
Click this one on a lemm' and they immediately start to tunnel straight down. Again if they run out of floor or hit metal they stop.
Miner starts any lemm' digging diagonally down until they hit metal or run out of floor. Pick 'em when you can’t go over, or round an object and have to go under.
Armageddon Click twice on the mushroom cloud and this quits the level, killing ail the lemm's in one huge communal explosion.
Incredibly original concept that is well worked into a really great game.
Graphic magic, despite the small sprites.
Huge game with incredibly addictive gameplay.
Amusing and simultaneously frustrating.
ANCIENT BATTLES CCS £24.95 ¦ Joystick The programmer, R T Smith, CCS and Ancient Battles are almost synonyms ot each other, they certainly go a long way back. The games emerging from these ingredients have always been identifiable at a glance and have always been historical war-games, for some years presented as direct translations of their board-game antecedents. Sometimes they broke up campaigns into battlesized portions. They were intriguing as much as entertaining.
Ancient Battles is more ambitious than its predecessors but not so you'd notice if your curiosity hadn’t tugged you towards the strange fascination people have with toy-soldiering.
You can take your choice of the world's chart-topping armies of the period, match them up in pitched battles against computer- controlled forces or an army controlled by a friend and do unto each other what comes naturally.
Your choice of imperialistic or barbaric crew is made easier by well summarised notes on everyone from Abyssinians to Hoplites to early and late Romans and many others. These notes explain the conquests of certain armies under different leaders and what the make up of the armies would have been. The functions of troop types in armies is also briefly, but illumi- natingly, touched on.
The aim of the maim What you need to give you a chance of getting something out of the game, can be picked up by a glance at the rule book, though this itself is somewhat Spartan (sorry) and unappealing to the casual browser.
Your rapidly-expanding knowledge of the highlights of the Human Butchery show can be put to direct use at the beginning of your game thanks to Smith’s incorporation of that time-honoured war-gaming phenomenon: the army points system. An army points system is used by war-gamers as a kind of abstract rule of thumb. It assigns certain numeric values to kinds or qualities of troops (from untrained rabble to veteran elephant cavalry). It also restricts, slightly, the number and combination of units a player can include in a force. Therefore, two players with forces of similar points
values can be sure that any game they play will be a roughly even match, while leaving them the opportunity to design a force around use of tactics.
And that’s pretty much all you need if you want to get into what was going down in Mesopotamia two-and-a-half-thousand years ago.
In the scenarios the units resemble chess pieces of the toy soldier variety more closely than the cardboard markers that strategy programmers have often opted for in the past. You move them around with a crude but workable cursor control mechanism over a battlefield the program allows you to modify (as long as it's green).
It’s a no-frills game that might make an enthusiast of you. Most likely of all, is that Ancient Battles will be snapped up by people who already have UMS, either as something to offer a diversion or so that they can transcribe forces and scenarios into UMS itself. Either way, that’s not a lot of people.
Sean Masterson I'i l.Mhi ? Colourful chess-piece graphics but lacks polish.
? Crude cursor control mechanism.
? Limited potential for widespread appeal.
? Subject and scale make it worthwhile for those with an interest.
? Will teach you just enough about the subject to bore less well-informed friends stupid.
S P 04DR T fot i B O X I N G Do you want to box in the Fourth Dimension?
Mindscape and award winning developers DSI bring a new eru of games to your home computer with the 4D Sports series. Here the 4th Dimension is realism and the action is amazingly real.
Modelled and simulated on real human movement. 4D Sports Boxing is the most accurate sports simulation ever written. 4D Sports Boxing lets you create and save a camp of up to ten of your own boxers.
You dictate how tall, how heavy and how strong they are.
Next you train them and build them up into lean, powerful fighting machines
- then it’s time to enter them into their first fight.
For vaur local dealer. Contort: Mimimpr IwomuNofiul ltd. I hr c ouch House.
Hooklands tjiuic. Seaynes Hill llCM Susses RH17 7KM. Tel. 044 18b 76 for further information on Mlndseape pnxtmts and new releases please coll: 0898 234214 IQMPC&Compatibles. .GA fOL '(,A M( l. t or Tandy graphksc Roland or Adlib sound i ards or ehoasr amiuing d fl al sound vnlh noerlni hardwire required1 Keyboard, Mouse or loysllih 129.99 Amiga & Atari l available I,muarv 1991 L24.99 The shattering of suburban normality. The destruction of those middle-class values which form such a thin veneer of respectability. Cosy little sheltered lives torn apart.
Exterminator isn't about this at all. Basically it's situated in a cul- de-sac in a leafy Chicago suburb which has been overrun by a large number of insects. Something has to be done, so a van delivers a large hand to crush the little pests out of existence. Your job is to control that hand.
Rentokill You enter the house and pause to glance at a floor plan of the building. You then move room to room killing the bugs which have taken up residence there. But it isn't as easy as that. You also must contend with toy tanks which, as often happens in Chicago suburbs, have EXTERMINATOR ?
0$ $ $ Audiogenic £24.99 ¦ Joystick Each room is cleared once you have changed the floor tiles in one 'lane' to a certain colour. It sounds complicated, but it is easy enough once you start playing. You change the tiles by killing moths, bugs or bees - whichever happen to be over those tiles at any specific time.
SLICES OF A DIFFERENT LIFE This coin-op conversion is all about a cul-de-sac of human- deserted houses, each filled with manic toy tanks, very strange- looking bugs which are crushed, swatted and pounded by disembodied hands in order for the squares of lino on the floors to change colour, which make patterns of lines that free the hands to go on to other rooms and houses in search of pests.
Tomatoes whizz around, Coke cans dash about in panic and blue marbles fly out in A wasp is also angrily buzzing around. If you accidentally crush him a great bolt of pain slams into your hand, then up your arm and out of the top of your head.
Actually this is artistic licence, because you don't actually have arms (or a head).
Come to life. These shoot tiny pellets around, which get in the way and confuse matters further.
Other items can help. Your powers can, if you’re in the correct part of the screen, allow you to fire long distance marble-type things at the bugs. There is also a usable fly-spray to be collected.
Once you've cleared all the rooms in one house the van will deliver you to the next dwelling in the close.
The same task will face you there, and by now you’ll need to be watching your juice meter; this runs down continually and contact with a wasp speeds it up.
Streams from the outstretched fingertips of the hand. A wasp is shooed away by circular movements of the hand, and small brown dodecahedrons are grasped to add extra juice to the hands of the Exterminator.
Remember kids, just say no to drugs.
Python-esque weirdness Digitised sounds fill the air, and the moving floor tiles and whizzing moths, bees and hands create an action-packed effect. Apart from this effect there is very little. Each house is exactly the same and there aren't many different bugs.
Once the Python-esque acidic weirdness has worn off, you are left with a mediocre game that goes nowhere (except next door).
And it's the same there as well.
James Leach ? Lots of things to see, but not much to do.
? Nice effects and clever little touches don't make up for lack of gameplay.
? If you are interested, the difficulty level is pitched about right, however. It's not easy.
fersona Ftnance M The Worlds Most Sophisticated Personal If
you run a personal bank account and have a Commodore Amiga then
AS EASY TO USE AS A CALCULATOR PFM makes full use of Amiga's Workbench interface, if you need to amend or update an entry or Standing order simply click on it. Your screen looks just like a bank statement!
STANDING ORDERS & DIRECT DEBITS EATEN ALIVE PFM handles Credit and Debit - Monthly,Quarterly, Yearly and even complicated regular payments like 12 payments of £52.99 followed by one of £12.50, PFM will check the date and automatically insert standing orders as they become due.
If you're the type that likes to look ahead then PFM allows you to set budgets for both expenditure and income. Over 100 budgets can be set over a year, a quarter or a month and then 10 can be displayed either in figures or as a bar graph for a given period. Expenditure for these budgets can also be shown as a pie chart so you can tell at a glance where your money's gone. PFM also allows you to display or print your budget groups selectively so you can see your expenditure quickly and easily.
BALANCING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER A JUGGLING ACT When you get your bank account statement or a balance from an autobank machine you can confirm it with PFM quickly and easily. Simply select PFM's unique “Auto Balance" option and type in the balance as given by the bank and PFM will attempt to balance and highlight entries that have not yet been processed through the bank.
* Home Finance Program By Peter Veale.
Here's what the critics say Aml9a Version Dan Lenna,fl "PFM is one of those rare programs with which it is easy to faal comfortable from the first time you run it."
Ron Massey, ST USER "Personal Finance Manager is a sophisticated home financial package, it will probably help you save money " ST UPDATE "PFM is just the ticket if your expenditure is as disorganised as mine."
(0726168020 £30 95 (incl P&P) Please send me Personal Finance
Manager at D Cheque enclosed made payable to MICHTRON [D Please
debit my credit card account rrm rT~m m~n rTmExpirydate Signed
• The number of entries is limited only by memory size
• You define the file size ¦ Old entries are automatically
deleted ¦ Automatically places entries in date order
• European or USA date formats
• Balance of account graph
• Moveable and re-sizeaoie winnows ’ Run multiple bank accounts
Dy simply using different tile names Multi-Tasking allows
Mulli-Account access
• Facility to check off items against statements
• Locates cheques written months ago in seconds
• Selective print features for dates slafements sfanding orders
and budgets Michfron Free 30-Day Trial Order direct from
MICHTRON and if you are not 100% satisfied, return within 30
days for a full refund TO ORDER: SEND TO MICHTRON PO BOX 68. St
Austell, Cornwall PL25 4YB Allow 28 Days for delivery AMIGA
VERSION TURRICAN II Rainbow Arts ¦ £24.99 Joystick and Keyboard
& s c a rt e W 0005800 ‘ W Ot A
• * ¦ - a - •* V f JL.»h ?*« TTTTltniE];525); 4* Bl);| I 93 Still
in the caves on the first level, but there are all manner of
nasty things after you already. If the whizzing, circling,
killer bugs were nt enough, that deadly metallic snake is
spitting some serious laser death! Turn your powerful weapons
onto it to proceed with your heroic quest.
Last year saw the release of Turrican - a strange hybrid platform game and progressive shoot-em-up. The plot told of a heroic character who had to travel deep into alien territory to release his world from the oppression of the evil Morgui the so-called 'three-headed incarnation of evil'.
After a titanic struggle.
Turrican’s mission was successful.
Morgui was defeated and the planet was saved. But Turrican's troubles were far from over... Mayday!
For many years, a far off race on the planet Landorm have been locked in a deadly battle with a tyrannical force known as the Machine. The rebels managed to destroy their central complex, which was based on an artificial moon orbiting their planet.
However, the Machine's robotic forces were still left on the planet, gradually taking over the world even as deep down in the surface as the secret shelters that the Landorins had built to protect themselves underground.
Just before the last remaining Landorins left the planet, they sent out a Mayday message a message that was picked up by none other than Turrican.
You take control of Turrican as he lands on the outer surface of Landorm. Since his last mission he has been streamlining his abilities and improving his armour. He's still armed with the multi-purpose laser cannon, but a host of 'alterations' have been made: SURROUND WEAPON this replaces the 'Lightning Beam' that was present in the original. It fires a stream of laser bolts that can be twirled around him.
PULSE USER - fires a large spurt of flame from the rifle. Its size depends on the power level of Turrican’s weapon.
MULTIPLE can now fire scatter- shots of up to four beams.
BOUNCE - this fires a bolt of electricity which breaks up and bounces around the caverns when hitting an indestructible obstacle (walls, etc).
All the weapons can be charged up or improved by picking up the pods that are left in hidden locations by the Landorins for just the kind of hero that Turrican is (see POD- POWER box).
POD-POWER Deeper and down To begin with, Turrican must move around the planet’s surface destroying any enemies he may come across. Later, secret entrances into further caverns must be found, so that Turrican can make his way deeper into the planet and stamp out the enemy threat, as well as having to find and steal a spaceship to navigate the speed tunnel a deadly corridor that is packed full with deadly Machine guards.
As Turrican works his way deeper and deeper into the planet, the Machine guards get tougher and meaner, throwing all manner of defences at you to try and stop your advance into their newly- claimed territory.
However, even if you do get stuck in a small space with a seriously nasty guard, there's always the 'Death-Blossom' type weapon which unleashes a few seconds of laser death at any enemies that are in the area.
M S jjsJd m Laser m Lifjd cjt'dltl ?ri wsMJjj n jdLifeipte n itoWBb istestfrj Energy Mark II The original Turrican was an enjoyable blast, receiving a pretty healthy 88% in Amiga Format, and the sequel boasts even more of the same. Bigger levels, more powerful armoury and improved effects are just a few improvements the sequel has over the original.
The animation of Turrican himself and his weapons are much smoother, and the robots are far more varied and interesting.
Another point is that there is a lot more scenery for you to explore.
Whereas the original had you trying to travel to the right of the level as quickly as possible, Turrican II has you searching all manner of blind alleys trying to find the exit!
Despite these impressive changes, the basic game design is very similar to Turrican. The characters may look different and there may be extra weaponry and levels, but the gameplay itself hasn’t been hugely modified or improved. This will come as good news to those who are avid Turrican fans and want to play more of the same kind of stuff, but your average game- player may find the sequel game slightly disappointing.
This is a real shame, since the framework of the game is very solid and enjoyable, but simply making a few cosmetic changes and throwing in a couple of extra features just isn’t QUITE good To make the most of Turrican's extensive weapon skills, you will need to pick-up sets of power- pods. These will switch your weapon type or beef-up an already operational one. Many of these are hidden in invisible blocks which are only exposed when fired at so keep those guns blazing!
Enough these days. Still it’s a fair enough blaster which should appeal best to all those who don't own a copy of the original.
Maff Evans ? Colourful, parallax backdrops and well animated sprites create a good atmosphere throughout the whole game.
? There is a lot to explore and discover while playing, which should keep map-makers busy!
? A pretty high-class shoot-em-up with plenty of frantic action, but it’s rather too similar to the original Turrican.
THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE Run Professional MS DOS Software On Your Amiga 500 At A Price You Can Afford "Screen handling is faster than many 286 AT's...” Amiga Format Oct '90 “...The PC board is indeed a highly compatible AUI Dec '90 WE... ? Supply MS-DOS 4.01 GW Basic and shell free ? Supply extra memory free ? Do not invalidate your Amiga guarantee ? Are continually improving the product with software upgrades ? Run a helpline just for you ? Leave your 68000 processor Tme for other useful internal add-ons o Support of the A590 hard drive and other improvements now incorporated.
Ring for details.
Why Did You Buy An Amiga 500?
Of course, because of its superb graphics, music and animation capabilities. However if you want to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional software.
* Available memory: 704KB + 64KB EMS in MS DOS mode, 1 megabyte +
512KB RAM (disk) buffer in Amiga mode
* No extra power supply necessary thanks to the most modern CMOS
and ASIC technology
* OK with TV. No special monitor required
* Price £299.00 Including VAT and postage Access and Visa
* For export price please contact us
* Trade enquiries welcome (UK - Scandinavia - Australia NZ and
all English language ) Compatibility is excellent, but no-one
can guarantee every single program available therefore if your
purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first
or send in a copy of the program. Iwith suitable S.A.E H to be
Price subject to change without notice.
Well - They Said It Could Never Happen - But It's Here At Last!
You! In your own home can transform your Amiga 500 into a real IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half megabytes.
It's simple - No screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical knowledge required. Just turn your Amiga over, open the cover, slide the Power PC Board into the connector, close the cover and your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of guarantee) You are now ready to use a wealth of professional MS DOS software at speeds faster than a PC XT (md. Review), and in colour, with compatibility thanks to Phoemx-Bios.
You can also rely on the correct date and time at any moment in Amiga and MS DOS mode (battery included).
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Tel: (091) 4901919 4901975.
Fax: (091)4901918 BD
* Video support: monochrome, Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor
(CGA) (16 colour dynamics)
* Disk support: internal 3.5' external 3.5' external 51 4' drive.
A590 Hard Drive.
* Including MS DOS 4.01, MS DOS shell and GW Basic (market value
approx £130.00)
* Including English Microsoft books + KCS manual
* Further exciting software upgrades in the pipeline Poor old
Dirk-the-Darmg isn't having a very good, time of it. No sooner
j has he saved the day and the Princess Daphne, than she’s
spirited away by the thoroughly nasty Wizard Mordroc. So with a
swift wiping of the brow and a quick breather, Dirk leaps into
his chamois-leather strides, picks up his broadsword and legs
it off to get his delectable true love.
Dragon's Lair II is an animated adventure, of sorts. You control the main character Dirk on his mission to retrieve Daphne. Dirk is Dodging the snake, Dirk attempts the world-record free- fall. Like any real man, he hangs onto his groin and prays.
Controlled by either the joystick or the numeric keypad.
His movements, however, are extremely limited; an animated scene plays and by watching the action, you have to move the joystick in the right direction at exactly the right time. So for instance, if a snake appears from the right you have to work out what course of action Dirk has to carry out to avoid or I the snake.
Let’s do the Timewarp again The action starts with Dirk sat around the breakfast table with his family. As he tucks into his porridge his mother-in-law decides that he's not a very nice person and proceeds to wave a rolling-pin at him. Because the woman is only slightly smaller than a large planet, the obvious thing to do is get out of the way as quickly as possible.
Thus you have to move the joystick in the right direction (in this case to the left) and at the right moment (when she starts waggling her rolling-pin). Move at the wrong time and Dirk will get a teeth shattering smack on the head. Move at the right time and he'll leap out of his seat and leg it out onto the castle's drawbridge.
Life starts getting tricky for Dirk now. Most of the scenes that follow involve multiple moves to escape death. So for example in the second scene on the drawbridge, just when you think you've completed it, Dirk will snuff it at the hands of some large snakes.
An animated concussion The major problem with this game is the boredom factor. Because you only have a very small part to play in Mr Daring's adventures, you come up against the 'so what’ factor almost immediately. It all seems so pointless. Some of the screens are hard to solve and you find yourself endlessly running through the same animations, vainly waggling the joystick in every direction known to man. You scan the manual hopefully in case there’s a clue and try wacky movements like throwing the joystick with great force at the wall.
The animations themselves are superb and are greatly improved by some wicked samples. However that is all this game is: a series of nice piccies and nice sounds strung together and called an animated adventure.
However the crowning glory is the price of the whole package. I mean, I know it's six disks, but come on. Fifty quid!
Andy Hutchinson DRAGON’S VERDICT Absolutely wicked, attention-grabbing animations which would put many a real cartoon to shame.
Zillions of crystal-clear samples which add much to the flavour of the game.
Far too little for the player to do.
Ultimately boring, repetitive and far too expensive.
Mention similar joystick control features. For gameplay alone, the comparison is unfavourable to WCS. Tackling and dribbling the ball seems more difficult, as does taking a corner. Passing is easier but the old one-two still takes some practice to pull off.
Assuming you know everything about the inflated bovine bladder and the Colin Moynihan Identikit, I'll skip the rules of soccer and get on with what this game has to offer. World Championship Soccer offers a choice of one-off and one or two- player games (test matches) of football between international sides or a competition series not dissimilar from the World Cup itself. It’s an elimination league split into six groups. Teams take part in three days worth of qualifying games.
Extra time is never added on. In the event of a full-time tie, penalties decide the winner.
Whether you’re playing a friend or the computer, you can always check on the progress of other teams between matches and this is where WCS scores highly. Where it doesn't show ingenuity is in its striking similarity with Kick Off 2.
Kick off The inevitable comparison comes from the fact that Elite's new soccer game uses a free-scrolling overhead display of around one sixth of the pitch, uses floating arrows to indicate selected players and boasts a superimposed inset of the whole pitch to display the positions of the players, not to The twenty-four teams you have stored seem to have something in common with their real-life counterparts. In other words, don’t take on Italy in your first test match or you’ll lose eleven-nil.
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SOCCER Lineker It's nice to be able to pick out a team of players whose names you will recognise from a full-size squad, even if you can’t be certain that the Lineker and Gazza you get on the pitch really will play like the men themselves. It’s a shame though, that you're limited to two forwards, four mid-fielders and four defenders, no matter which team or which squad you pick. Surely, along with the rest of the selection process, this would have been one of the primary reasons for choos- Elite £24.99 ¦ Joystick ing WCS as opposed to one of the many other contenders in the
foot- ball-simulation field.
But the game is eminently playable, slickly presented and adequately documented. The gripes listed though, are inevitable. From Elite's point of view, they've converted a Sega game and couldn’t therefore bolt on anything they might have liked to. But from the buyer’s perspective, you'd have to be seriously interested in soccer games themselves to add this to any similar titles in your collection.
If you haven’t got a soccer game yet but are thinking about it, Kick Off 2 has the better gameplay but WCS’s competition features offer the solo player a considerable challenge. Sean Masterson Comers are difficult at the best of times. WCS doesn't make them feel any more controllable.
? Fine presentation matched by good playability.
? Control is fiddly at times.
? Interesting but limited selection features.
? Competition feature will mainly appeal to solo players.
? Not as good as the opposition on the pitch.
Imbership of the BIT !R CLUB. is gets into the club it Into Melinda's hen jether they can inti;
• 144 exaijpefating levels.
• Hordes of traps and nasties.
• An exhilMating test of mental agility.
• An exhausting exercise of dexterity.
Re oeuended to be dustrattve of the game the Wfer graph* % »*k« vary conudcrabt?
AVAILABLE ON : CBM 64 128, Amstrod. Cassette & Disk, Spectrum Cassette, Atari St, Amiga & PC Picture a solid 3D game hero who roams around a ‘real’ environment, who can search buildings for life- saving kit. Commandeer vehicles and also be killed by the local wildlife.
Hunter is just such a hero, letting you experience an espionage battle between the heroic greens and the evil reds, at first-hand.
The Hunter you control is a polygon guy; a Max Headroom figure with legs. The joystick sends him scuttling around a 3D landscape simply by pushing it in any direction. Then, using a mouse- summoned menu, Hunter can gather any useful kit that he finds, be it a map, satellite reconnaissance, gun, cash or food.
Islands in the sun Vehicles and buildings litter Hunter’s island home. These mold the action, arcade style, of wandering destruction with more traditional adventure modes.
Hunter can talk and give any recovered objects to the folks that he meets to buy information about where he should head next.
When Hunter discovers a vehicle, all he need do is walk into it and push the joystick forward to start the engine. Hunter then drives the vehicle wherever you want him to go. Jeeps, helicopters, tanks, hovercraft, rocket-boats, bikes and sailboards can be found all over the world. Some are vital components in the missions he has to fulfil, some are superfluous, but still fun.
Breaking and entering Buildings provide the game with adventure overtures. Hunter’s main mission requires the location of special obiects in a certain sequence, which once retrieved are either given to characters or used to complete a specific task.
All these are hidden in buildings scattered throughout the land.
Others must be destroyed. To enter a structure Hunter just walks specific task which he must fulfil inside a time limit. The main Hunter game is a developing story that is initiated with the order to bring back 'one general's head'. The main mission is a long contrived trial, with many twists and turns.
Leads have to be followed, their locations noted in the log, the correct munitions collected and Hunter kept alive. Enemy uniforms are vital if Hunter is to avoid being shot, although this doesn’t help him run the gauntlets of missile launchers in both aircraft and boats.
Death is fatal (!) At sea as all of Hunter’s possessions are lost.
If he croaks on dry land however, then a graveside retrieves all he collected.
Dependent on the 3D system, if it didn't stand up then the game would inevitably fail.
Block wars Occasionally routes are 'invisibly' blocked, but they are never sealed off. Getting out of vehicles does prove irritating as a wide berth is required so as not to accidentally re-enter it. The advantages of the vehicular movement easily outweigh these slightly longer walks; it's fun leaping from tanks to hovercraft and to choppers. And as a games sys- Ltem, Hunter is strong.
The effectiveness of the Hunter 'engine' means the plot becomes the focus for the player, ft's complex, filled with clues all HUNTER Activision ¦ £24.99 Joystick mouse keyboard up to the doorway and appears inside. No blank polygon rooms here, each has a theme; churches have altars and houses occasionally feature working washing machines. The objects are always obvious and easily retrieved by walking into them. Automatically stored in the inventory, they are then used by accessing the menu.
A neat world full of exploration with a 3D 'sprite', does not essentially make a great game. Hunter backs up its construction with three different styles of play: action, missions or the main Hunter adventure itself. Action randomly scatters vehicles, buildings and folks around the map with Hunter set loose on a destructive points hunt. Missions set Hunter one The success of Hunter is initially X 188 . Y 045 .
The enemy soldier- says What is Hour business here soldier Not so much a meeting o minds as a hello to arms. This red trooper however can be bribed to reveal the location of a chopper, using the 'Talk' and 'Give' function. The other way to find transport is by using the ariei reconassiance satellite it shows what is lying around the surrounding area (see inset).
But the surprises are spoiled.
Hunter is a bold step forward. The graphics are blocky and the animation occasionally dubious, but these are necessary evils in such a ¦game engine'. Hunter is both a fun exercise in 3D frolics and a challenging adventure game. It does exhibit some rough edges, which hold it back, but the freshness of the approach and the humorous design make Hunter a game well worth checking out.
Trenton Webb ? Stunning 3D system is used to create a very original game.
? Three different styles of play; action, solo tasks or a deep dark adventure.
? Small 3D world can quickly be explored.
? 3D occasionally gets glitchy.
? Fast but tense, blending arcade and adventure modes.
? Over 15 vehicles to drive and crash.
£ '¦1 1 rrMTr 1 • 3D0D|FP3 r m Bazookas and grenades these are inaccurate, but pokey, and can total buildings with ease.
To fire just point the big 'H' in the right direction and let it go.
Missiles and Bombs these little doozies require a vehicle, tank, helicopter or whatever. They are shot or dropped on the enemy, clearing a path for later exploits.
Pulling in different directions, and Hunters’ must prioritise them using hindsight and guesswork. The character interaction is limited because you have no power over what is said. This is neatly by-passed with the introduction of trade to the conversations. Some people only tell you what they know when you have met the right people, in the right order, given them the right object and are wearing the right uniform.
The clues are only part of the story, because getting where you want to go can prove a major problem. Boats are fast and manoeuvrable but prone to offshore missile attack. Helicopters are dangerous beasts to land and fall victim to anti-aircraft fire when flying low. Laziness can cost a Hunter his life, as walking and swimming is far more secretive than taking the car.
Hunter is very, very, different; supplying a fresh gaming perspective. But the world, for all its curious contents, is small albeit different for the three styles of game. A brave Hunter can have visited, if not fully surveyed, each island group in a few hours. The puzzles may not have been solved, Hunter is certainly not a dull wander-about-em-up. You get to shoot people too! Hunter is always armed with his trusty gun which curiously, but effectively, fires from the centre of his chest. But. And this is a big but, he gets many more exotic firearms with which to injure himself and others.
As many of the action missions only deal with the demolition of different enemy installations, he is forced to use a lot of big-bang material.
Timed explosives pick them from the menu, drop them with the fire button and run away as fast as possible. They destroy most things except, strangely, washing machines. So next time nuclear holocaust threatens hide yourself away in a Zanussi!
A SEQUEL THAT EXCELS THE ORIGINAL AMIGA SCREENSHOT C64 SCREENSHOT a a a a 7 £ & f f A A A A n This lad could show John Travolta a thing or two, eh? First he runs one way, then he runs the other (and this is what he does inbetween.) It s a good example of how you can stick two moves together and the animated bit joining them together will be different from any other two.
o you remember the | Arabian Knights’ The Banana Splits used to
run the cartoon on Saturday morning telly. All those silk robes
and glittering daggers and stuff. Then George Lucas comes
along and for fifteen years the closest you get to a flying
carpet is the umpteenth repeat of the Turkish Delight ad buried
inside the umpteenth repeat of The Empire Strikes Back. Where's
Douglas Fairbanks when you need him, eh?
Swinging sultans Well, spookily enough, he's probably ended up in Prince Of Persia the new arcade adventure from Domark and it’s seriously (seriously) funky. Here’s some plot... The Sultan's scooted off to biff up a few squabbling warriors across the border and in his absence the Grand Vizier Jaffar has swiped the throne and demanded the royal daughter's hand-in-marriage. If she doesn't agree within the hour she's for the chop-chop. You are her hunk and you're stuck in the dungeons.
Somehow news of her predicament reaches you, so off you trot against the clock, up through the palace and into the tower, to save your babe in the bake.
The levels are platform-and- ladders based and you’ve got to find your way out of each one - dashing along corridors, solving puzzles, all that malarky. Gates need to be opened by stepping on correct floor slabs, chasms need to be lumped - for fear of having a three foot spike rammed up your botty and ceiling tiles need to be tapped just in case they conceal some exciting secret passageways. (Actually, it’s good to do this to see if any bits of the advancing floor are about to cave in under you.) It’s all maddeningly irritating and very, very addictive.
PRINCE OF PERSIA Broderbund (Domark) £24.99 ¦ Joystick Slicing scimitar In addition to the bottles that hang around the place waiting for you to drink their elixir potion and rejuvinate yourself, you’re also likely to bump into a motley gang of smelly, big-headed swordsmen.
Their enthusiasm and skill increase the higher up in the building you get (which means your first )ob is to find your sword) and from time to time they’re not even of mortal flesh and blood - you may well find a skeleton or two jumping up to take a swipe at you! Eek!
The sword-fighting bits are excellent, though you need a degree of skill to beat a beat-em- up, but fencing's so much more gracious, innit? When to strike, when to step forward, how to block your opponent's slice - and nearly every baddy seems slightly harder than the one before so your skills are always improving.
What the really juicy thing is about Prince Of Persia is the animation - it's phenomenal. The programmer, Jordon Mechner, spent two years perfecting the movement of his sprites by studying old Hollywood movies like The Thief Of Bagdhad, and it shows.
The result isn't your usual jerky animation (though the screens do flip instead of scroll) - this is seriously smooth, for example, if you make your character stop running, as he comes to an abrupt halt his torso will be thrown back.
And when you climb onto a ledge you really push your elbows out to pull yourself up. It's as though real live-action footage has been fl?T r-r-rr Ouch! (I thought this was just a warm-up!) You've got to hit this guy three times before he'll drop down dead. (And he's one of the easiest they get a lot harder to finish off later on.)
Processed into the computer and animated over (its reminescent of those old Persil ads that had loads of faceless figures running about in bright primary colours.)
And not much more can be said than that. It's all rather amazing really. Every now and then a game bounces along and knocks us for six. By any other standard, Prince Of Persia would be addictive in the simple design of its arcade adventure gameplay, but given the additional quality of the presentation it sets itself up as an instant classic. (Cor, eh?)
Andy Ide ? Superb arcade sword- fighting action is a perfect tonic to the level-by-level puzzle- solving.
? Always slightly more difficult than you'd like it to be, making it very addictive.
? Revolutionary graphics make for a game of real character and beautiful atmosphere.
R. - .it., Verc, iAwdic i A NEW DIS SOCCER SI
- SUPERB TACTICAL GAMEPLAY KICK OFF 2 greatly enhances the
gameplay of KICK OFF. Winner of the THE GAME OF THE YEAR in the
U. K.. and similar awards right across Europe. A host of new
features have been added to the ones that enthralled players
the world over.
Full size multi-directional scrolling pitch with the players, markings etc. in correct proportion.
1 to 4 players option. (Amiga and ST only) 2 players TEAM option against the computer or 2 other players.
Hundreds of players each with a unique combination of attributes (stamina, pace, etc.) and skills (passing, shooting, tackling, etc.) Instinctive Kick Offjoystick controls to dribble, pass, shoot, head or chip the ball and do sliding tackles.
Set piece. FREE KICKS including dummies and the ability to dip the ball or bend the ball round a defensive wall.
9 types of comer kicks with full control of shot power. Long and short throw ins.
Team selection from a squad of 16 with substitution and a choice of tactics.
AMIGA & ST £19.99 EXP. AMIGA £24.99 IBM (AT & XT Turbo. EGA & VGA) £24.99 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD £9.99. £14.99 League and cup competitions with Extra Time. Injury Time and sudden death penalty shoot outs.
Facility to view, edit and save the Action Replays and create a Golden Shots disc.(Exd. IBM & CBM 64) Facility to load Player Manager teams and tactics for a single or league game.
Red and yellow cards, 16 different referees, injury time and a host of features to create an atmosphere for a game which is real fun to play.
ST ACTION - The best game ever to grace the ST. Highest accolade I can give.
AMIGA USER INT - The best computer game ever 97% THE ONE - Ultimate soccer simulation. 96% THE ACE - Brilliant Buy, Buy, Buy. 930.
AMIGA FORMAT - Best footy game to have appeared on any machine 94% ST FORMAT - What a game! Gem to play Magic. 90% C & VG - Championship winning material. 95% GAMES MACHINE - Probably the best sports game ever. 92% COMMODORE USER - No other footie game can touch it 90% Amiga Screen Shot AMIGA ACTION - Surpasses all other football games. 93% POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY - Nothing short of brilliant.
NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - Computer football event of the year.
An International class player takes charge of a third division club as Player Manager. His brief is simple
- Bring Back The Glory Days.
His success depends on his playing skills on the pitch and managerial skills in devising winning tactics, aquiring the right players from the transfer market and building a team worthy of the highest honours.
* Unique facility to design and implement your own tactics.
* Over 1000 individual players, each with a unique combination of
attributes and skills.
* A lively transfer market. Haggle for the best deal.
* 4 division league and a cup tournament with sudden death
penalty shoot out.
He every day realities of a manager's life, his talents as failures into a sharp FOCUS.
The Player Manager brings player, his triumphs and his a manager and a ST. ACTION - A stroke of pure genius.
THE ONE - Ai THE ACE - THE ONE - An exceptional football management simulation. Astounding depth. Most involved, rewaiding and [ THE ACE - Successfully blends challenging soccer management with frantic end to end arcade action. 920 NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - The sheer depth is incredible. A definitive management game COMMODORE USER • At last a management'game that requires____ true management skills - a winner. 94% _ . _ ST FORMAT - Brilliant 93% AMIGA - ST £19.
True ST FORMAT- AMIGA FORMAT - ZZAP - Best football management game ever writtei AMIGA-ST £19.99 92% TENSION IN I MULATIONS THE FINAL WHISTLE Amiga - ST £12.99 Raises the skills required and gameplay of KICK OFF 2 to new heights.
Two extra kits.
Look at any player stats, (attributes and skill) before selecting squad.
Totally new comer kicks with full control of the power, height and O ctory of the ball.
Enhanced throw ins and penalty shots.
Provision to flick the ball In the air and do a Winding header or a spectacular overhead kick.
New two players team mode. Player 1 in position or nearest to the ball and player 2 In position or keeper.
Linesmen and referee on the pitch. (EXP. Amiga Only).
A new player attribute FLAIR A player with a frgh level of flair will try a solo attempt at the goal.
4 new pitches - Wembley - Icy Muddy ¦ Non-League And Lot s More WINNING TACTICS (£6.99 - FeUnary ) - A collection of tactics for use in Player Manager or K02 with full explanations.
RETURN TO EUROPE (£9.99 - April.) - Three European cup competitions. UEFA cup - European Cup - Cup Winners Cup.
GIANTS OF EUROPE fine) Best teams of Europe on one disc.
SUPER LEAGUE - Four division league with 24 teams in each division. Automatic promotions and relegations. Teams from | GIANTS OF EUROPE can be loaded into 1st Division.
Draft specifications. Subject to changes without Amiga Screen Shot ANCO SOFTWARE. UNIT 10. BURNHAM TRADING ESTATE, LAWSON ROAD. DARTFORD, KENT TELEPHONE No: 0322 92513 18 FAX No: 0322 93422 Stuff - the definitive guide i Tf - Si Si mm&m ??con 1 Quiver- oF Rr r*o»rs ?iizs . ~ ' , . ~ - . i - - » i . a - - , F 4iis4o.- ( 2
- 1 ?anso There's something rotten in the state of Middlemere and
Wil Mason - history teacher extraordinare - aims to root it
Wil has been flung through time by freak weather so he has to find a way home and unite the disparate parts of a mysterious machine, which have been hidden by the four warring lords of Middlemere.
Wil starts from a central tower and he explores this world of forests, mines, castles and rambling roads. At every turn royal guards of the four brothers set upon him as he tries to upset their imperial apple-cart. To make matters worse magic works here and Wil must use it to succeed. Via command icons Wil's response to any situation is up to you. But he must get enough sleep and sustenance if he's going to survive and succeed.
Obit’ on the side Obitus allows three different gaming views of Middlemere. The mam Wil has a very large bag and an incredibly strong back.
This means anything he finds on his travels can be blagged for later use. The more he carries the more knack'ed he gets, so to help decide what's useful and what's edible, in- depth descriptions are only a click away. Quantity is useful when duplicate kit has autoperspective is in the Dungeon Master or Captive style with Wil negotiating mazes of mines and trees. A sideways view is employed for travel between locations, when Wil switches to arcade-adventure mode. Both styles are combined for his exploration of castles.
OBITUS Psygnosis £34.99 ¦ Joystick keyboard, mouse and T-shirt All three views exhibit the graphic quality and power that has made Psygnosis famous. The scrolls are smooth, the characters are well animated, while the parallax on the arcade section strongly echoes Beast I. Where there’s a Wil... Obitus is a game of kit collection and killing. Only by gathering the right stuff, and in the right order can certain foes be beaten and the necessary areas be accessed.
The game is big and the plot is constructed to ensure maximum use is made of the three different styles of presentation.
Matically been stored with your existing supplies.
Weight is shown as weight- per-item and total weight.
Value is used when trading, as looks can be deceptive.
Nutritional value lets you know which munch will benefit Wil most health wise.
Mystic alludes to the magical properties of any item.
Yet despite its graphic glory, the hugeness of the map and complexity of the plot. Obitus never gets exciting. Paced as an adventure the 'maze' sections never capture the frenetic pace of Dungeon Master or Captive. The arcade sections are easy to survive if not beat, and only the castle exploration really ’comes alive.
Obitus is a strong adventure game that employs a very friendly games system, but only the more pedantic gamers will see Wil back in 1991. Trenton Webb lZHHIT Huge adventure presented from three different perspectives.
Glorious graphics and good scrolling.
Lacks pace and becomes tedious at times.
The uninspiring plot flags despite brave attempts to inject vitality via the game design.
(MONUMENTAL MUSIC ¦) Unit 30, Pier Road Industrial Estate, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1RZ. 0634 280680 WL PANDAAL Marketing Ltd fop quaHy Amga pnducfc manutadued n the UK to the highesl standards r I I Z ineg upgrade including dock * switch- New I iV l: icrn.il Tower I'rive' MkIi Ihut1.ile High Qualm AMIGA PRICES: Amiga DMTAscan Pro The DMTAscan Professional image scanner combines Japanese quality with British know-how. Our software has been de loped over o period of 2 years on 16-bit machines and is widely recognised by the computer press The Amiga version has the following features.
¦ 105mm scanning width ¦ Real-time scanning display ¦ 100-400 dpi resolution ¦ Scans line-art or photographs ¦ Zoom & pixel perfecl editing ¦ Clipboard . Cul copy & paste ¦ Crop, resize, rotate, flip & invert ¦ Supports IFF file format
• Full printer supporl The DMTAscan Professional is an excellent
parlnei for DTP and PAINT package applications.
DELUXE PAINT etc Package consists of. Mitsubishi scanner, interface, psu & software Minimum system requirement, Amiga A500 Amiga 300 'Screen Gems Pac ¦ MUSIC PRICES: Music X VII • including tutorial cassette Audio Engineer 5 Amazing Sampler Gapis 40 companion 'Roland Kevtxwd Editor) ...... Amas Sampler Midi hardware soltware Monumental samples vol 1 oOdrum samples OFF) Monumcnial Samples 4 more volumes. Gall tor details Club Sequence membership lull 12 months 12 issues on cdisk cassette * more" Out Now :GB!
Type ‘ hrnory!
31230 DtnsityI 12 3 4 Sc•!Ins I In rw X Of tamX : 0 . 00 i 0 . 00 Widthi
5. 00 Heighti
5. 00 I?
The 1 2 MEG upgrade will upgrade your Amiga A500 lo a full ONE MEG machine Includes battery backed up clock.
Easy lo fit. Simply plug in and add 5l2K RAM lo your Amiga Super low power 4-chip design Cooon HP Se« es i Toner £“5 Icanoo HP Series II Toner £75 I Canon, HP Series IIP Toner £77 Epson GQ3500 50X £’-8 50 Panasonic KXP445C £32 00 Ponasor-c KXP4420 £32 00 BULK DISKS I
3. 5 DSDD I0X 35 £4 80 25 X 3 5.
£11 £0 50X35 £1950 100X35 £35CO 500 X 35 £150 00 3 5 DSHD J0X3 5HD £8 90 75X35 HD £21 OD 50 X 3 5 HD £39 00 'OOX3 5HD £63 50 5C0 X 3 5 HD £297 50 ALL ABOVE DISKS COME WITH LABELS
5. 25 DSDD 48 TPI 10X5 25 ...... £2 90 30 X 5 25 £8 40 50 X 5 25
£13 50 100 X 5 25 £23 03 500 X 5 25 £11200 5 25 DSHD 16MB 10X5
25 HD £4.50 30 X 5 25 HD £1260 50 X 5 25 HD £20 50 100X5 25 HD
£41 50 500 X 5 25 HD £195 00 THE ABOVE DISKS CONTAIN LABELS
SONY 3M 3 5 DSDD 13STPI 90P 3 5 DSHD 2MB £1 75 £1 75 5 25 DSDD
48 TP- 65o 65c 6 25 DSHD l 6MB £• 07 £1 0?
MINIMUM ORDER 100 DISKS DATA CARTRIDGES 1 DC 300X1 £14 5C 1 DC 60j A £15 50 DC 603XTD £14 50 DC 60C XTD Xl £22 25 | COMPUTER ACCESSORIES HI-QUALITY RIBBONS 3 5 x 40Copoc’v £3 75 3 5 x 80Copao’V M ?5 3 5x 100 Capacity £6 50 5 25 » 50 Capocity £3 75 5 25 x 100 Capacity M 25 AU THE ABOVE BOXES CONTAIN TWO KEYS AND DIVIDERS MR £5 08 I . 14 5 eOgsm MO Perts £3 45 I « 15 5 lc Cogvn MR'Pet £3 05 «oc* A4 l Paoer Sogvr £1023 ABOVE PRICES ARE PER 1000 SHEETS Am5trad PC W 8512 £3 25 Amstrad PC W 9512 £2 05 Amstrad DMP40CO £3 25 Brother Ml009 1109 £2 25 Brother HRI5 HR20 £2 10 Citizen Swift 24 £2 85
Citzen I20D £2 85 Fpson 1X800 £2 35 Epson LX80 £1 80 Panasonic KXP1081 £2 85 Panasonic KXP1124 £3 50 Star I CIO £! 98 IF THE RIBBON YOU REQUIRE IS NOT LISTED PLEASE CALL 0444 450103 COMPUTER LABELS I3I 2 * 17 16 1 across £2 85 £2 85 31 2* 15 16 1 across £2 20 4 « 115 16 1 across £4 30 11 2 * 17,16 2 across £6 95 31 2* 17 16 2 across £2 85 123 4 * 17 16? Octoss £2 40 £3 20 5* 15 16 2 oooss £2 65 ABOVE PRICES ARE PER 1000 LABELS MINIMUM ORDER 1 BOX Mouso Mats 6mm £1 95 Mouso Pocket House £2 25 3 5 o 5 25 labels £6 95 Punter Slonds..... £7 95 3 5 or 5 251 ib Cases 0 95 3 5 or 5 25 Cleaning
Kilst* 95 PC AT Dust Covers £5 95 PC XT Dust Covets £6 95 80 col printer Cover £3 95 132 col Prinler Cover £3 95 DMTAdisk drive is a high quality
3. 5* external 2nd disk drive Features ¦ 88OK formatted capacity
¦ Slimline case inc. on oll switch ¦ Thru’ port tor daisy
chaining ¦ Low power consumption ¦ Extremely quiet operation ¦
Top quality. Reliable mechanism DMTAmouse is a silky smooth
high resolution microswilched twin button replacement mouse
almost twice as (ast as the Amiga mouse LOCKABLE DISK BOXES
include VAT & postage Please make all cheques ¦¦¦¦¦¦ payable
to PML Send your orders lo the address below 5 CREDIT CARD
HOTLINE 0234 855666 j j PML. 44 Singer Way. Woburn Rood
Industrial Esl Kempslon.
GAMES | MEGA DEALS ! I ACCESSORIES § PUBLIC DOMAIN AMOS - Games Creator 34.99 Armour-Geddon .....16.99 Atomic Robokd ......17 99 Awesome (PLUS T-Shirt) ..24.99 Badlands .....16.99 Bar Games (Over 18) ....16.99 BAT .....16.99 Battle Command ....16.99 Battle ot Britain 19.99 Shadow of the Beast 2 ..24.99 BSS Jane Seymour 15 99
Cadaver .16.99 Vupi'XU ... Carthage Chaos Stnkes Back (MB) .... .16.99 .16.99 HARD DRIVIN’• 10 DISKS .....11.99 Chase HO 2 ...... Corporation .16 99 ’ 15 99 CONTRIVER MOUSE 1999 Curse of the Azure Bonds ... ..19.99 . Mouse Mat * Mouse Bracket Damocles Mission Disk Days of Thunder Dragons Breath...... 9 99 ..15.99 ..17.99 , NAKSHA MOUSE ..
• Mouse Mat * Mouse Bracket
29. 99 Dragons Breed...... ..16 99 FURRY MOUSE COVER' (with eyes,
ears and nose1) .6.99
Dragonstnke ...... Dungeon
Master ...19.99 ...1599
ESWAT ..... ni thzt Intf.
IWflr ...16.99 | 1999 1699 SALE * SALE ? SALE ?
Rngni or ine iniruot?r .. Golden Axe .. Afterburner .....7 99 Hard Drivin' 2 ...... .1699 Batman: Caped Crusader Bkxx) Money ......7 99 Horror Zombies ... ...16.99 .....9.99 Immortal . ...16.99 Bloodwych . .9 99 Imperium .17.99 Colossus Chess X ......9 99 Indianapolis 500 .. James Pond . Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf . ...17.99 . .16.99
19. 99 Deluxe Stnp Poker PLUS Centerfold Squares ..
.... 15.99 Kick Off 2 (MB) ....
15. 99 Lotus Espht Turbo Chall . Midnight
Resistance...... 1699 17 99 Chrono Quest II Centrefold
Squares 9.99 .9.99 Midwinter 19 99 Deluxe Paint .3.99
Monty Python .. 14 99 Deluxe Stnp Poker
.....9.99 Mystical ...16 99 Galaxy
Force .4.99 M1 Tank
Platoon . 19.99 Kid Gloves ......9.99 Nightbreed...... 16 99
Last Nm|a 2 .7.99 Ooops
Up .. Operation
16. 99
17. 99 Silkworm Super Hang On ... .7.99
.7.99 Over the Net .... 1599 . I
Tower of Babe!
Voyager . .9.99 4 99 EVERY GAME FROM THIS COLUMN Pick from list opposite!
Pang ......16 99 Plotting ..17.99 Pool of Radiance ....19.99 Powermonger ..18.99 Puznic ...16 99 Ranx ......16 99 Rick Dangerous 2 ...16.99 Rodocop 2 ...16 99 Rorkes Drift .15.99 Shadow Warriors ....18.99 Sim City .17.99
Speed ball 2 16 99 Spindizzy Worlds ....16.99 Strider 2 .16.99 Super Off Road Racing .16 99 Supremacy .19 99 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 16.99 Turncan .15.99 Ultimate Ride ...16 99 U M S II .1999 Vaxine ...16 99 Voodoo Nightmare .16.99
Welltris ..1699 Wings (MB) .18.99 Woltpack ...19 99 Wrath of the Demon ......19.99 AmiRAM 1000 Memory Expansion .
FREE: Four 1Mb demo disks 500k RAM Expansion1 ...39.99 500k RAM . DUNGEON MASTER 49.99 500k RAM - KICK OFF 2 i MB I 49.99 500k RAM ? DRAGONS LAIR 59.99 Any ot above with CLOCK add 5.99 Citizen 1MB DISKDRIVE 89 99 ? FREE: Over £100 software1 Shadow of the Beast. Kick Off. Battle Squadron and RVF Honda1 COMPILATIONS MASTER MIX 16.99 Thunder Blade. Turbo Outrun. Crack Down. Super Wonder Boy. Dynmaite Dux SPORTING GOLD 19 99 Games Winter Edition. Games Summer Edition. California Games HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION 19.99 Ghostbusters II. Robocop. Batman (the Movie
I. Indiana Jones PLATINUM ....1799 Ghouls and Ghosts. Strider. Black Tiger.
Forgotten Worlds POWER PACK .....16 99 Xenon II. Lombard RAC Rally. TV Sports Football. Bloodwych 1 JOYSTICKS 1 Joystick 8 Mouse extension...... Joystick lead -3 metres' ...... Quicksbot F ython .....4.99 .4.99
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...12.99 Ouickjoy V Superboard Competition Pro
Extra . ...19.99 ...15.99 Arcade
joystick . ...16.99 Zip Stick
Professional ..
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AG.05 Pacman 87: Multi level game.
AG.06 Games: Cosmoroids, Backgammon, Amoeba. Stone Age. Chain Reaction AG.10 Space Invaders. The Classic1 Locking Disk Box (80.) ......8.99 Media Box (150 - stackablei 19.99 Mouse Mat 3 99 Keyboard or Monitor Cover 5.99 Midi Master ..34.99 Philips CM8833 Monitor .259 99 Hardware Reference Manual .....19.99 AG.14 Flascheiber: Professional quality Boulderdash style game!
AG.16 Castle of Doom: Adventure AG.24 Drip: Superb addictive 15 level arcade quality arcade game1 AG.25 Train Set: Design Railway and run 2 trains around the track' AG.27 Star Trek USA. Space Strategy featuring Enterprise 8 Crew' AW 02 Workbench Plus TV Text demo.
Fractals. Virus X. Clip It. Dmouse AW.03 Icons: 100’s including, the amusing Naughty Icons. Ram Icons. Music Icons plus Icon utilities.
SND.01 Soundtracker; Four versions of this superb PD music program plus various music utilities!
SND.02 Soundtracker 4; Alternative blue version, coupled with complete instruments disk! (2 disks: £3.99) ST1.01 to 08 Instruments; 100’s on each disk, use with Soundtracker1 STS.01 to 02 Samples; Superb sound samples, use with Soundtracker' AD 01 Walker demo 1; animation of Star Wars Walker (need 1MB) AD.04 Probe Sequence Simulation of video pictures from an interstellar probe landing on an alien planet!
AD.25 The Run; Superb 3D Car Chase AC.02 Pagesetter Art: 100's of professional quality clip art pics.
AC.04 IFF Fonts; 30 screens of high quality fonts plus surfaces AS.22 Viz; Complete set ot pictures from the very funny Viz calender AX.01 Samantha Fox: 12 high quality digitised pictures' AX 04 Playboy 1; 16 digitised pics AX.05 Playboy 2; 18 digitised pics AX.08 Bra Busters; Digitised film samples from Electric Blue Video.
AX. 21 Showering Girls; Fun with a hosepipe, digitised sequences... 1 DISKS 100% guaranteed I Bulk disks with labels' 10 disks . 6.49 50 disks .. 29 99 100 disks .. . 49 99 SONY Boxed with labels' Box o' 10 . 9 99 Box of 10 |x 5) ... .47.99 Box of 10 (i 101 . .....89 99 CHILDRENS | Dinosaur Discovery Kit . .1799 First Letters and Words .. 17 99 Kid Talk..... .....1799 Fun School 2 (Under 6) .. 1299 (6 to 8) ..
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1_U IILIIIfcS . 39 99 Devpac 2 44 99 DigiCalc ...29.99 Distant Suns .34 99 GB Route .. Gold Disk Office 29 99 .. .99.99 X-COPY Professional (3.1) 34 99 I | The BEST Backup utility!
Pagesetter (2) .....49 99 PRO Clips (Clip Art) ... ...19.99 Publishers Choice . .....79.99 Scribble Platinum . .....42 99 Workbench 1.3 ..... ...14.99 Works Platinum .. .....79.99 AG.13 Adventure Solutions; Over 100 including Dungeon Master, Rambird. Infocom. Sierra. Ultima, Bards Tale. Future Wars.(2 disks: £3.98) All prices Include VAT and FIRST CLASS POST!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT A F, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE Access LI mi vrsA "J L_- ZARATHRUSTA Hewson ¦ £24.99 Joystick or Keyboard Several years ago, a simple little game called Thrust appeared on the 8-bit machines. The basic premise was that you flew a dart-shaped spaceship onto a planet, into a series of cave networks in an attempt to collect and steal a set of pods.
Despite its simplicity, Thrust was a massively enioyable game and it was at a budget price!
Now, after years of waiting, this classic is now available for the Amiga in the form of Zarathrusta.
Crash and burn The plot tells of your struggle as a pilot of the rebellion, on a deadly mission into the empire’s territory to steal the much needed Klystron Pods. The rebels' struggle is gaming a certain amount of success, but without the pods to power the star-cruisers their efforts will be wasted.
You must pilot your craft deep into the heart of a number of imperial bases to snatch the pods.
To do this, you must carefully navigate your way through treacherous caves and pick up the pod with your tractor beam, before escaping to the carrier which is orbiting the planet.
This would be easy enough, but the empire, naturally, has various defence systems to stop you.
Here are a few of the hazards you have to watch out for: LIMPET GUNS sit on the cave walls blasting pot shots at you.
JET THRUSTERS fire a deadly flame out of their ports. Anything in their way will be fried.
A tractor beam, this will act as your restart point when a ship is lost.
CAVERN DWELLERS - tractor them for an extra life.
AIR VENTS fire streams of air at you. Blowing you off course, invariably into a wall!
ELECTRO MAGNETIC CORES pull your ship off course.
RAMRODS propel themselves at intervals from the walls. Watch you don't get spiked.
LASER PULSERS fire a beam across the caves. One touch is instant electro-death!
LIMPET DROIDS - bounce around the surface. If they manage to clamp onto you, your ship will become instantly more unwieldy.
Along the route are other items that you need to deal with: FUEL PODS use your tractor beam to suck them dry.
TIME LOCKS once zapped with BARRIERS use the switch to open them up.
REACTOR blast it continually to cause a meltdown.
If you can steal the pod and escape, then you are transported to the next planet, where the empire's forces are stepping up the defenses!
Spin and win It would have been easy to swamp the original's gameplay with all manner of fancy effects and trickery. There has been a lot of work done on producing some nice • if:
• Tcon ooxrzio ruse t..... . ships os £ Ji J | .«!' Ifr m ;
• II ¦ ?•’m* 5mwiwifi| i : y | 1 -1 -T, *• F* itfirwij J 1 j II
'r’fa . * i j ¦¦ Jmwwwij SggSgg f M1 1 Ntam t The object
of your quest a Klystron Pod. Pull it frr from its mounting
with your tractor beam and make your way back to the surface to
escape. The heavy pod makes steering rather more difficult,
Colourful graphics and effects, but the same feel has been retained.
The extra enemies and weapons add a certain something to the game, making it a more involving blast, but one of the main points of the original was its budget price. Now five years have passed and charging the full rate for what is, in effect, a revamped budget game seems a little over the top. Still, if you want to have a breath of the days when games were young, cheap and simple, then it does prove enjoyable for an hour or two. Matt Evans VERDICT ? Nice, colourful graphics are varied to keep you playing for a while.
? Simple gameplay is easy to pick up and compelling for a while.
? The extra weapons and enemies add a nice new twist.
? Somewhat overpriced for a revamped, 8-bit budget game.
Sonw ol Ihe Amiga titles on offer:- iR.R.P CAR-VUP 24.99 COUNT DUCKULA 9.99 + K29 RETALIATOR 24.99 m NUDS 24.99 W NITRO 24.99 4 NARCO POLICE 24.99 NINJA REMIX 24.99 . WINCS 29.99 } SIRIUS 7 19.99 Z OUT 24.99 Plus many, many more.
• Prices include P&P and are correct at time of going to press.)
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Several years ago, a cutesy little arcade game called Bomb Jack was plugging away gaining quite a crowd of admirers. A few years later, Elite released a conversion of the game on the Amiga. Now the latest game in the series has appeared in the form of Mighty Bomb Jack.
Have cape will travel You play Jack, the hero of the game, who is blessed with the mighty ability to leap great distances in a single bound. The idea of the game is to leap around a series of platform-filled levels trying to defuse bombs by simply crashing into them. The task is made more difficult by the presence of small scuttling robots which drop in from above occasionally. After walking around the scenery for a short while, these robots turn into all manner of nasties, from evil birds to deadly floating skulls. One touch of these baddies causes instant death for our little hero.
Fortunately, there are a few things that Jack can use to battle the foe. The first is a floating coin which is either hidden in one of the treasure-filled chests or appears bouncing around the screen. If Jack collects this, robots momentarily turn into glowing orbs, which can be picked up for a bonus.
The second weapon is Jack Mighty Weapon, The power for this is increased by collecting tokens from the chest, and when released, it allows Jack to storm through the enemies without a scratch!
Other hazards along the way appear in the shape of some tricky platform puzzles, with Jack needing to find a way of getting past seemingly blocked corridors. But watch out! The robots are gaming!
Boom, Bang-A-Bang!
Tho original Bomb Jack coin-op was great for its time, and is still worth the odd ten pee every now and then. However, no one seems to really have done the game justice on home machines. The first conversion was a disappointing MIGH BOM JAC Elite ¦ £24.99 Joystick VERDICT representation of the arcade game, and, unfortunately, Mighty Bomb Jack seems to have progressed very little since then.
Backgrounds are pretty, the animation is colourful but the sprites are tiny!
The going is fun for a short while, but the repetitiveness becomes a grind after a while.
The design is not different enough from the original to allow it to stand as a full game in its own right.
There have been a few additions, such as the scrolling levels and the Might Weapon, but much of the game is the same as the original apart from a few aesthetic changes. To begin with, it's great fun leaping about and opening the treasure-chests for extra loot and the odd bits of humour (such as the torture room for greedy players that hog the loot) are quite amusing. However the fact that the game design is rather dated and over-used starts to creep in after a few games and the going begins to get a little dull.
Still, if you're an avid Bomb Jack fan, or just like the odd cute little platform game, then Mighty Bomb Jack may be worth a game or two. On the other hand, if you like your games to have a fair amount of frantic action, then Mighty Bomb Jack is unlikely to hold your interest for long.
Matt Evans Would you buy a used car from this man? This was a question once asked about Richard M Nixon and the answer may well have been no. But what if the salesperson is a three fingered green beast with no patience? Well, it’s matter of having to, if you want to win Jupiter's Masterdrive, an all shooting, all turbo spectacular set on the big J and its nine moons.
Plot is unimportant, as racing is the heart of the game. Watching from high above the track you have to guide a racer around a twisting, power-up strewn, course. The aim is to finish first, the reason being money. Then, you’re able to soup- up the car so it’s the meanest maternal motorcar this side of the Martian Grand Prix. JM looks like the old coin-op Hot Rod, with the car staying central to the screen and the track rolling around it.
Three cars are in the competition, two can be controlled by humans while one always stays under the Amiga’s guidance to make sure you don't get cocky.
Initially, the cars aren't that quick and victory depends on possession of the racing line and using the forward-firing cannon not speed.
JUPITER1 MASTERDR UBI SOFT ¦ £24.99 Joystick Bus-fare The winner after three laps gets oodles of cash, second: a fair wad and the third place driver: his bus- fare home. Accumulated credits are spent at the friendly Jupiter Used-Spares Shop where the three fingered fellow lives. Better parts can be bought for both defensive and offensive purposes, in a bid to heighten your chances of victory.
The alternative way to smarten up your speed machine is by grabbing the icons that lie on the road. Cash, repairs, speed boosts, mysterious letters and countless other stuff is there, begging to be run over. And that's about it. The game progresses from three-way race, to bonus section, to race. The vehicles change from dune buggies, to hot rods, to hovercraft, all with their own little foibles. When you trash the car by repeated collision or lose too many races then it’s game over. Carry on winning and you can go on collecting cash, and beefing-up the motor... Jupiter's Masterdrive
is deceptive. The concept is hardly new.
The control’s are simple and the power-ups predictable. The graphics are far from inspiring. It should not be anything but average.
Curious craft Once you've entered into the game however, it starts to bite. The races are bumping, blasting, bashing, battles to the finish. The strange courses are complex, making survival hard, as does the introduction of the curious race craft. You've no time practice with these vehicles, the first time you see them is on the starting grid. All these add tension and the tension lifts the game.
Competitiveness is the secret behind Masterdrive. Computer cars screaming past goads you into trying time after time for the title. The cars travel just too fast, when boosted, to be controlled easily and the tracks are unpredictable enough to keep drivers on the edge of their seats. Effectively the sum total of the various parts of the game: design, graphics, sound etc belie the fun it is to play, making JM a pleasant discovery.
Trenton Webb LEAN, MEAN, GREEN MACHINE VERDICT ? Standard 'over the top' race game that is surprisingly fresh.
? Slow loading between sections.
? Confusing routes make for chaotic fun.
? A whole range of vehicles to smash, bash and crash.
? Shouldn't be that good, but it is!
OoooBinooo ooo I vOOO i . 1 oooo ir» t Pu» i gooo 1000o oooo uylng •para* Is a dodgy business especially when the salesman isn't even the species! The goodies he offers though are enticing for would-be boy-racei categories of each bit of kit on offer. Obviously the more cash you collect racing, the more you'll have to spend, but nothing compares to the rewards on offer to winners. This means those who start the tournament with a victory are likely to have a strong shout lor the whole game, because they can afford higher-grade kit than those who finish last!
£379.95 inc VAT including: A500, PSU, Mouse, Workbench 1.3, Back to the Future II, Days of Thunder, Nightbreed, Shadow of the Beast II, Deluxe Paint II.
C64 Nightmoves Mindbenders pack £149.95 inc VAT.
C64 Games System £89.95 inc VAT.
The GLC difference Greater London Computers has a positive customer policy, we believe that it is the customer who is most important, because of this we offer a wide range of services to help you, the customer.
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Tel: 081-527-0405 Fax: 081-503-2341 Iff Page 47 was Screenplay Intro, this must be SP Outro!
TOURNAMENT GOLF ¦ Ocean £24.99 Nice Amiable Reliable Coppers it don’t stand for! Mr Big is the head of an international crime syndicate and the Narc boys are out to get them. Based on the frantic coin-op.
This is a two-player horizontally- scrolling blast.
The team scoots around the screen, arresting and shooting Big's boys and dogs, fighting through level after level of serious violence. The graphics are functional, but not inspirational and the gameplay follows the lines of the coin-op, relying on the number of foes to keep the pace up. It makes for an instantly exciting game, but as with many coin-op conversions, it loses this edge after a few hours continuous play.
¦ Elite £24.99 Golf is one of the sports that actually suits computer simulation. The trouble is that there have already been countless treatments Jack Nicklaus, Ultimate Golf all of which have been very good.
Championship Golf offers a new control system and very slick presentation in both the graphics and sound departments. The greens in particular are beautifully illustrated, complete with readable breaks and chattering spectators. For all this gloss, however, it doesn't really have that 'on the fairway’ feel. A competent game, it has no flaws but little real magic. As they say in the lager ads it’s good, but... TOTAL RECALL Amie loses his mind and flies to Mars to uncover an interplanetary scam. A multi-style film game a la Batman the Movie Level One was featured on the January Coverdisk
so you should already have a feel for the excellent music. Odd-looking sprites initially spoil the 'realistic' look of the game but are soon forgotten as the toughness sinks in. A mix of puzzle and platform it is high paced, if a tad formula. A solid, polished package, only its late arrival, due to slipping in the schedules, deprived it of a full review.
The Amiga Full Price Chart Budget Top Ten 1 Fantasy World Dluy Code Masters £6.99 2 Treasure Island Dlssy Code Masters £6.99 3 Advanced Fruit Machine Simulator Code Masters £6.99 4 Afterburner Hit Squad £7.99 5 Silkworm Mastertronic £6.99 6 Fast Food Code Masters £6.99 7 Hitchhikers Guide Mastertronic £9.99 8 Batman Caped Crusader Hit Squad £6.99 9 Yogi's Great Escape HiTec Software £7.99 10 Last Ninja 2 Hit Squad £7.99 i 1-1 Powermonger Electronic Arts £29.99 FG94% 2 (-1 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Mirrorsoft £24.99 35% 3 1-1 Robocop 2 Ocean £24.95 80% 4 (1) F-19 Stealth Fighter Microprose
£29.99 FG91% 5 (2) Lotus Turbo Challenge Gremlin Graphics £24.99 89% 6 (-) Toyota Cellca Rally Gremlin Graphics £24.99 70% 2 II SCI Ocean £24.95 76% a (6) Hollywood Collection Ocean £24.99 Compilation 9 m Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts £24.99 FG92% 10 H Narc Ocean £24.99 63% 11 (5) Power Pack Beau Jolly £24.99 Compilation 12 (-) Elvira Accolade £24.99 61% 13 (3) Kick Off 2 Anco £24.99 FG94% 1* (10) Golden Axe Virgin £24.99 80% IS H Total Recall Ocean £24.99 77% 16 171 Wheels of Fire Domark £??.??
Compilation 17 (9) Gremlins 2 Elite £24.99 79% 13 (4| Supremacy Virgin £24.99 FG90% 19 (15) Awesome Psygnosis £34.99 63% 20 (14) Captive Mindscape £24.99 FG91 % 21 (11) Ml Tank Platoon Microprose £24.99 71% 22 H Stridor II US Gold £24.99 77% 23 (21| Monty Python Virgin £24.99 88% 24 (16) Super Off Road Virgin £24.99 80% 25 (23) F-29 Retallator Ocean £24.99 FG92% 26 (-) Turrlcan Rainbow Arts £19.99 88% 27 (25) Midnight Resistance Ocean £24.99 69% 28 (-) Pang Ocean £24.99 87% 29 (29) St Dragon Storm £24.99 82% 30 (19) International Soccer Challenge Micro Style £24.99 55% Chart compiled by Gallup
Ltd © 1991 European Software Publishers Association.
FACT The average score for software in the chart this month is an intriguing 75% ignoring compilations. What does this tell you? Are we getting it right, recommending the games that people really do want to buy? Is poor software suffering at the shops? Are games getting better or worse? Were we too harsh on Turtles or too generous to Powermonger? Can we count? Let us know, write now!
NEW ENTRIES Busy or what? It's the first full chart since Christmas and all of a sudden King Kick Off falls to 13. Three new entries are at it hammer and tongs for the top spot: Turtles, Powermonger and Robocop. They lead the pack of 11 fresh faces and re-entries this month.
BUDGET Clearly, people don't mind paying £30 for good stuff. In the All Price Software Chart for the Amiga Powermonger, Turtles and Robocop 2 all managed to outsell Fantasy World Dizzy, which costs a mere £6.99. Second best budget was Treasure Island Dizzy which was burnt off by SCI, while the bronze budget medal went to Advanced Fruit Machine Sim, which was sandwiched between Elvira and Kick Off 2.
STAYERS How long can they keep it up?
(Oo-er! Etc.) Two games have now spent an amazing six months in the Amiga software chart. Both F-29 and Kick Off II what will there be to write about when it finally slips?
have been in the software chart since Issue 15.
Spout'ins Out Games Editor, Trenton Webb, has his say.
Games are often attacked on the grounds they tactlessly 'glorify destruction', but one genre may now suffer such an attack again military simulators, Their appeal is that they give the player the chance to experiment the latest high-tech kit for £25 not $ 5.6 million.
Yet, the same weaponry is now being used for real and a question of taste arises.
MiG 29s, F-15s, Abrams Mis and Stealth Fighters are all the 'stars' of recent sims or of projects in the final stages of development. These games do, have a defence and not just ECMs, chaff and flares.
These games were planned and designed long before the current war. Their release dates illustrate bad luck, not marketing exploitation. These games inform players about these machines and their weapons systems, helping them to determine fact from fiction, Sim players need not rely on patchy MoD explanations of HUD systems or how a HARM missile works, they know. Sims help gamers appreciate the fragility of their craft and intelligent players realise that there's no ‘Load new pilot1 option in real life.
But designers must restrain any jingoistic tendencies.
Another Assault on Port Stanley (Amsoft Shirekilo) could not be tolerated; a 'Saddam-busting' mission would be in poor taste.
GAMES PACKS BATPACK, FLIGHT OF FANTASY, SCREEN GEMS FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PLUS: Batmon Pock Software Bctmon. F18 Interceptor. New Zealand Story, DeluxePaint II flight of Fonatsy softwoie: F29 Relclictoi, Rainbow Island, [scape bom the Planet ol the Robot Monsters, Deluxe Paint II OR Screen Gems software Shadow of the Beost II, OR Bock to the Future II, Days ol Thunder, Nightbreed.
Deluxe Point II any one £349 onytwt £385 a« three £41 9 ANY SOFTWARE UPGRADE PACK lot existing AMIGA owneis .....£39 THE LOT!!
BATMAN, FLIGHT OF FANTASY OR SCREEN GEMS GAMES PACK AS LEFT, PLUS: 10 GREAT INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED GAMES phone 0 choose hom our current SUPER list ol 1S, 01 leove it lo us I 15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, including Vitus Kifccs, i Hie BESt Star trek (impute Conflnt. BreaLwr end comriiKtion lit.
Btaord ond oitiei games. Arcane Ctossxs. Board (lessxs ShooKmllp (lossxs. Best ol it* Utiines, Hare jai mixing Wont ftocesscx SpiJ | Check. $ pr«xhhe*r Itoabcse DUST COVER, 10 BLANK DISCS, 80 CAPACITY DISC BOX, MOUSE MAT, MICROSWITCH TURBO JOYSTICK £300 HUGE TURTLES PACK BATMAN. FLIGHT OF FANTASY OR SCREEN GEMS GAMES PACK AS LEFT, PLUS: MIRRORSOFTS TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES,STICKERS, TRANSFERS t POSTCARD 10 GREAT INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED GAMES -phone la choose horn ouc tuttent SUPER list ol 15, oi leave il to us!
IS DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, itdmtng Vims Kitts, the 6ISI Sett fax too® Confc. Brealait axtcciisinxticnCr.Ifaijd and other gjews. Anode Chssxs EooCGeucs StxxtecoLtpOcacs,BestrftheWies.
Heme pock nt Hfcrd Poceaa.Stxl Oxcx.Scnoutieef, Ctxxcse OUST COVER, 10 BUNK DISCS, 80 CAPACITY DISC BOX, MOUSE MAT, MICROSWITCH TURBO JOYSTICK £419 dGSf ABSOLUTE IT BEGINNERS PACK FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PIUS: POSTMAN PAT, SNAP, SNAKES AND LADDERS, LUDO FUN SCHOOL 2 AND FUN SCHOOL 3 (specify under 6 years, (specify undot S yents, 6 to 8 years, or 8* yeats) S to 7 yeats, or 7- years) I 2 stunning UK edxcrtonfll genes with beoufful pKfures. Exciting onmctton and in * rhctheto’o develop rajmtwr. Word and other skfe Up »0 6 ski !e«efs Ccrrforrri to Saftcnd Cimukn Teojremenfs HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK,
fwtiniguptol? Learn whie you pkay games cvones acotckng to oge group I HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, 10 d« pock J iik, Iran Set Game, t toshbier J&r JOYSTICK £369 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS SOFTWARE - VjaJSJ PACK foe existing AMIGA users £4 7 EXTENDED WARRANTY COVERING 3 YEARS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE INC. FUU. REPAIR, COLLECTION AND RETURN CARRIAGE.
A500 inc. mouse, keyboard, power supply - • £49.95 AT 500 inc. mouse, keyboard, power supply - £95.00 CBM1084 or PHIUPS 8833 Monitors £19.95 PIUS FREE GAME PLEASE ASK FOR QUOTE FOR PRINTERS ORDERING: TELESALES NO: (0727) 56005 Next day delivery for credit cord orders placed before 4.00pm subject fo availabilty. Alternatively send cheque, postal order, bankers draft ot official order |Pl(s, [duration and Govetnmenl bodies only) to; Dept. AF, Hobbyte Computer Centre, 10 Morket Ploce, St. Albans, Herts AL3 5DG. - oseclo* F wiling cnegue clearance Subiect to availability, despatch is normally
withm 24 hours ol receipt ol cleared payment DELIVERY CHARGES: UK Mainland (not Highlands) Small comsumobles 8 Despatched by post, please checl soltwcce items etiarges when oidenng Other items, except losers Next day courier service, £10 pet box laser printers Next day courier service. £17 50 Nocmol tale plus 520 - YA1 pec oor Ohsho’e and HigNcnth In oOdnon we offer the Sahmfcy delivenes Notmal cote plus 510 sutdaige pec box Notmal tale plus £10 surcharge pet box Nocmo! Cole plus £S - VAT SUF(h®Q8 D€f 1)01 n to 9am next day VAT FIRST STEPS EXPANDED EDUCATIONAL APPLICATIONS PACK FULL AMIGA 500
PACK, PIUS: 4501 512K RAM expansion Lets Spell ot Home. Music Mouse. Ptowrite WR Infolile spteodsheef. Deluxe Point II. Deluxe Pirnt, Music Mouse, LOGO, lolling luitle, BBC [mutatoi. S BBC progcammes. ID discs, Dos and DON is poster. Resouicc File, In Pack Video. NAP! Booklet HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, learunagupvo 1; team while ,0u cloy gomes (vones cccoidmg to oge gram HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, lOsscpocL
m. hem Set Gome lloititiiei _ _ _ joystick £529 SOFTWARE UPGRADE
PACK for existing Amiga owners V 1 COMMODORE CDTV VERY LIMITED
TRADE-IN (Examples) 182000 • 20V,B HD ..... £599+VAT
B2000 • 40M8 HD . XT Bboctd E729+VAT B2000 - 40MB HD. 7MB
Am go Vision S Ml .. E799+VAT B2000 • 40M8 HD • 2MB Extra RAM - A2630 68030 co-processot board bred with 4MB 32 M RAM - Amiga Vson S "W . A2300 Genlock • • ¦ E1999+VAT CBM 1084SDI ot Philips 8833 MKII - leads with any above ...... £191.30+VAT Call for othef Trade-in prices Amiga B2000 8i 3000 - the experts CBM Premier Deoler PHONE US IASI E0R BEST POSSIBLE DEALS HO DEPOSIT CREDIT FACILITIES (UK mainland) Oedit terms ot 34 8 APB Iwmable' can be amtnged for pucbcses over £150. Sutxecc to stoMs Corrpefirrve leasmg schemes ae otso owoiicbie f id Ottneryups CLASS
Supertnse Personal, Maxiplan 500. Publisher's Choice, Dt T’s MIDI Recording Studio, LOGO, BBC fmuktloi, 5 BBC ptogtommes, 10 blank discs, mouse mot, disc wallet. HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, lecturing upl012 Ta Learn while you t*Tf' games vans deeding to age group! HI HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES.
10 disc pcxk nc. Han Set Gome. Hcstber JOYSTICK £529 CLASS Of THE 90S SOFTWARE UPGRADE PACK fot existing Amiga owners 1199 AMIGA 1500 Flopcey IMB R4M, Mcxxe. Expansion ns B2000,1084S0 Vocxta with The Works Ptcnnum ccrcbcse. WP Scxeodsheet. Deluxe Paint III, 5m Ciy. Populous. Then finest How. Bcrtechess. 4-i oi Computec logon, I Gel me most out oi row Amgc monuots ond oceiotng discs I I 15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, mdudng I Vhjs Killefs. Rhe BJST Star lie*, (omputei ConHiir, B*eakoot ond construction I Kit Bli.vaid ond other games. Anode (Iosshs. Booid (tassics. Shoot-em- Up I Classics. Best
of the Utilities. Home peek including Word p n n O I Processor Spel (heck. Spreadsheet. Dotobrtse 17 7 7 I WITH T.V. MODUUTOR NO MONITOR £789 EXTRAS me VAT (BM 1084SO ot Philips 8633 Monitor. Wifi Kwh .... nv £59 £39 £329 £369 ASOI the Official (8M SI2K RAM f. poison • (aptive ..... SI ?K RAW exponsw - clock .... Amign *.90 Hard drive • extro I MB - Amiga $ 90 Hard dnve - exfc 2MB PRINTERS me VAT leads and dull covers r Switl Cokiw Star M 2410 Colour - Full AMIGA 500 pack All 4500s feature FAI AGNUS, ond oie full and complete UK spec, poclcs
with mouse, software, leads, modulotor (except where ordered with o monitorl ond documentation Beware ol imports which (BM(UK) will not support or upgrade with enhonced chip set.
Hobbyle proudly oanouiue ikil bi|hasl (8M ocroloia ovorded lo only tho 'op law doian(BM dtoleis •Htriag ib« best in aipadue and support AMIGA UTILITIES & BUSINESS THE NATIONS TOP 50 TITLES THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION 11799 11999 11999 17*99 II7 99 11999 11*99 114 99 H4M 114 99 114 99 114*9 114*9 11491 I1»*1 117*9 114*9 114*9 I 4*9 11**9 114*1 (14** US** II*** 114** 114* I *99 11*99 11999 177 9* 174 99 114 99 11791 11999 11199 C1694 MICROSMART MEGA DEALS!
AMIGA £16.99 El 6.99 £24 99 £1999 £1699 £1699 £16 99 £1999 £1699 £19 99 £16 99 £16.99 £16 99 £1999 £16.99 £1699 £’6.99 £1699 £1999 £16.99 £13.99 £1499 £16.99 £16.99 £19 99 £49 99 £16 99 Hall Meg Upgrades 512K Upgrade inc. deck with It Came From The Desert £54.99 5I2K Upgrade me clock with Gold The Realm £49.99 5I2K Upgrade inc. clock Dragons Lair £69.99 512K Upgrade me clock with ACE £49.99 512K Upgrade me dock Dungeon Master £69.99 512K Upgrade me clock Manhunter2 £69.99 Naksha Mouse with hard mat & nouse £26.00 4D Boxing AFT 2* . Awesome* Buck Rogers* Captive*
. Carthage* Crime Wave Curse of Azure Bonds* Death Trap* Deluxe Pamt Dragon Strike* Duster* E-Swat* Epic* Eye of the Beholder* Fire and Forget 2 Flip It and Magnose* Golden Axe* Gunboat* Hollywood Collection* Indianapolis 500* Judge Dredd* Kick Off (1 Megi Lme of Fire* Mean Streets* Mig 29* MuSiC X Jnr Narc* IH99 0199 11*99 EDUCATIONAL AvfGA An*w«f Back Junior £1399 Aniw*( Back Swnior £1399 Dinosaur D'scovwry Kit £1499 Discover CfWrfhslry £1399 Discovery Maths £1499 D'SCOvary WorCs £14 99 First lattar & Words £1499 First Shapes £1499 French Mistress £1399 Fun School II (under
16) £1299 Fun School II 6 8 £1299 German Master £1399 Italian Tutor £1399 Kid Talk £1499 Math Talk £1499 My Pamt £22 99 Purrle Storybook £1499 Rhyming Notebook £1499 Spanish Tutor £1399 0**9 04 99 0499 I 999 0999 0199 0199 0**9 IU99 07*9 0199 0999 0*91 ..£26.00 ..£49.99 ..£ 18.00 £ 249.00 £ 59.99
89. 99 £9.99 £9.99 £12.99 £10.99 £ 5 99 I UN t**4e *» 1 C’6 *9
VtaOtfr* I'*** T»r*iC4f I'4 99 tltpenliMW 114*9 'ISwdikiUrtMl
THE YOUNGER YEARS A V A NEW Fun School 3 Under 5 £16 99 NEW
Fun School 3 5 7 years £1699 NEW Fun School 3 7 and over £16
99 Junior Typist £1899 Micro English (GCSE) £1799 Micro Maths
(GCSE) £1799 Micro French (GCSE) £1799 Mega Maths (GCSE)
£1799 Things to do with Numbers £1599 Things to do with Words
£1599 ABZoo £ 399 Spell Book 4-9 £1399 Lets Spell at Home £13
99 Lets Spell at the Shops £1399 Puzzle Book Vol 1 £1399
Amiga Logo £39 99 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing £1649 Answer
Back Junior £1399 Answer Back Senior £13 99 JMS 0499 Wit
(MlSce**** t I '4 99 U S Sieaerw I 119*9 unreet ft*99
umowr’ataei I 4 99 vemunetor I 4 99 hxtti I S 99 We-twed (14
99 Wewe*-
7. 99 599 3 99 7 99 499
3. 99 699 9 99 04*9 11**9 0**9 0499 OS** 04*9 0999 0199 04*9 0*99
0*99 0699
• im Oete4| Moceey 1 '4 99 a-estrerfl 04 99 Rmji 17199 W.no.
dilui, 179 99 aevtd Cup Soccer 90 114*9 lenomerpe 11199 lenoe 1
MegeMait 17' 99 7a N(«i44e» 114*9 7omt» ¦ WBKMrf*
* "*' 0««««* top** IUW*U»»ikO«* A*g« Somi---------(KN Mu
|M*c-CmJMon C105M AM*. •'* 1 78* ROMS 120* M _________CUN
PgcNc---127*9 MmNBmW ....tS9 99
• bnOwonH- - ...C37** linc*C«4 ..£16456 Ma,» fcKor. IHW
!»•»•*•«*-C8« 99 Prottil V 4____________CM M Suowt»M Pmo««« II
C21 W GRAPHICS 4 rtOCO V d«o T.Ow____£52 7$ Oe*l T*«t Scro4
C20*0 1M0I C57 M Rml Thing* fc»0»--------- C20 M Ohu.. v«*o
miPw 'Me £87 75 JO (*M----CM *0 Phow (PMJ___Ci2 M P»** ¦ |P*I
'MB tJi 50 Pml.mor 0n« 2(iM8) £156 50 N»«o"M---£177*0 Sex**
JOXl |P* 'MBl Ci 12 00 ThO-A-Tron__£2175 T*bo S-vw---£*7 50 TV
Sho* 2 2 |P» 'MBl £5700 TV Teil P»o (PMJ- CM SO VOC *r.m*
»«*• (AW S-W) CM 75 BUSlNtSS 4 EDUCATION Advanu*.____£77 50
Arena Int Account* |'M8| £11500 Discover Mevn Discover Number*
O sc over Chenvstry Oscorer Aionabel (EJCNfUM to School 2 Umer
61 Fun School 2 6 8» Fun School 2 Over 8 a (*4Ch) £1250 Robot
Reeders 3 beers C22 90 Soellboo* 4 * or 7- leech) £18 50 C5600
£20 75 £*7 50 NsoB Besic .
Home Accounts Home Opice Kit- .. Kmdword* 2 0 11M0 Recommended---------X38 7J Mevn Beecon Typing Tutor £1*75 Micro GCSC Meths Micro 0CSC French Mkio GCSC English (sech) £1*25 Microtei Word Processor MUSIC APPLICATIONS A*9* So i 20_____£45 75 Oho.. Muac--------£50 25 : 1 (UK Vwwon) CM 50 MutOTOund OgrtUW CJ4 *0 Fuh Sound Chgrtizw £77 *0 ART* SOUND AMO S____________CJ2.M Cen Ob- --CM M Detui P*N *----CAM Derma Pent m___£59 M Dwu» »"N ¦___£34 M Deu.e Muvc Cons Set £4* 99 Owuia V'deo ¦_______£5* M Fsnevrsion-£24 M Msstersound--£32 M Photon Pemt*_£14 M Ouenet----£34 M StuOo
Ms«W_______£52 M Accountant VJJ-£12' *0 Devpec ST V2.0_£41 *0 Fvst Word Mws---£55 *0 FW Street Putwsner _£*7 *0
* *soR Save----£55*0
- AsoRC-£34*0 K-Dete__C34J0 X Grech 2______£2* *0
* Screed 1_£1575 « Screed 2-£41*0 K Word 2____£2**0 letbce
C--£104JO Measnot Plus-----£34 00 Prodeu___C55M R-otort V4
2---£M*0 Ptrthese Ledger_______£34*0 Seies Ledger--£34*0
Smhcek-----£25*0 TeneworAS DTP------CM *0 WO«OP*»OCESSORS
2------£125*5 2___£34 M
- ----£*552 ____CNN P-oWnte 3.... £**52 Scnbtre
Wetmum-------£4154 WordPerfect-----£1*451 lAtrecerd Plus ._£M42
Virus Infection Prpi £34 M I Copy Bees up Editor £17 M
Tour Ferrety Tree 2--£ V10C0 Crbdd Ten Scro4er ......125*0
Oeiuse Video 3 CM *2 Digi View Gok) 4--£11*53 FrsmeGrsbber C5M
*4 Gold Disa Type Video £34 M HitecN Cemer* S 1*mm Lens C1M87
Ker* Heedl.rW Fontt 2__£54 *7 Misgen Genlock ...£99*2
Protect 0------£3157 The Oirector-------£47*4 The [Vector Tool
Kit____£27*3 Tide Page ________£13*54 TVTert Professional £M8J
Video Tiller- .£5457 Vx* Ansge PAL Digitiser £94 99
V«JiChrome----£1*7* Zoetrope 'M8 57*51 £1*25 £1*25
P*o P»l i P« I Mbl CM *0 Pro uu-----------£54.00 Proleit 42
11MB CM 90 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA 1 3 Stooges £ 799 Drum Stud*o £
499 Paciand £ 799 Airtome Ranger £ 999 Dynamrte Du* £ 799
Pacmarua 799 Annals of Rome £ 999 Fisn £ 799 Paperboy i 899
Ant Meads £ 799 F ban Manager 11* Passing Shot t 499 Art of
Cneisea £ 499 E*p Kit £1299 Question of Sport i 399 Austertitz
£ 999 Galaxy Force 399 Rocket Ranger Running Man Shu+flepuck
Cafe f 699 Baal Baiiistii BarOanan 2 (Palace 1 £ 499 £ 499 £
799 GaWregons Domain Gauntlet K Grand Pm Circuit 599 799 999 i
£ 499 499 Bards Tale 1 £ 799 Hard Dmnn 899 Silent Service £ 999
Beast & T-Shirt £1099 Hollywood Poker Pro 799 Sim Crty £14 99 1
Biaster oids £ 499 infestation 999 Spy vs Spy 4 99 Blood Money
£ 999 Ingrids Bach 899 Spy vs Spy l!
499 Bioodwycn £ 999 interpnase 799 Spy vs Spy III 499 Bouiderdasn Const Kit £ 499 Knstal 999 Super Hang On 899 Brian Ciougn's Laser Squad 699 Tank Attack 7 99 Football £ 699 Leader board 699 The Cycles 899 Captain Blood £ 799 Lombard RAC Rally 999 Toobm 4 99 Centrefold Squares £ 799 Lords of me Rismg Tower of Babel 899 Commando Conflict m Europe Cyber nod 11 £ 499 £ 799 £ 499 Sun Manic Miner Martwe Madness n 99 799 799 Treasure Dizzy island Trivial Pursuits Trivial Pursuit 499 999 Daily Ooubie Horse Menace 499 699 Racing £ 999 Millenium 2 2 999 New Beg»n £ Dizzy Oice £ 499 Mr Hell 899 TV
Sports Football £1299 Dragon Spirit £ 499 Netherworld 499 UMS I 999 Drakken £1499 North & South 999 Wierd Dreams £ 899 Bomber Mission Disc ..... Budokan AMIGA £13 99 Klax ... £16 99 Last Ninja II ... AMIGA £ 9.99 £16 99 Castle Master Chase HQ £14.99 Leisure Suit Larry 3 .. £ 16 99 Lost Patrol £2699 £16 99 £1499 Chess Champions 2175 .. £ 18 99 Manchester United Codename Iceman . Colonels Bequest . £23.99 Manhunter in San Francisco £26 99 (1 Meg) £14 99 Conquest of
Camelot .... Corporation £26.99 Midnight Resistance £16.99 Midwinter ..... £16 99 £18 99 Damocles ..... Dragons Breath Dynasty Wars .... Emlyn Hughes Soccer Escape from Singes Castle Escape Planet or Robot Monsters £ 14.99 Neuromancer .... £ 18.99 Operation Thunderbolt ... £16.99 Pipe Mania £12.9? Player Manager £26-99 Projectyle ..... Rainbow Islands £13.99 Red Storm Rising £1699 £16 99 £1499 £11 99 £16 99 £16 99
£1699 F-29 Retaliator Fire and Brimstone .. Flood £16.99 Shadow Wamor ... £16 99 Space Ace .... £16.99 Space Quest 11(1 Meg) £23.99 Super Cars (Gremlin) ...... £16 99 Their Finest Hour . £14 99 The Plague .. £ 16 99 Tumcan. ...... £1699 £2699 £2299 Hero's Quest (1 Meg) Imperium International 3D Tennis Iron Lord .... £1699 £19.99 £1499 £13.99 It Came From The Desert (1 Meg) TV.
Sports Basketball £16.99 Ultimate Golf . £14 99 £16 99 Kick Off 2 • World Cup Kings Quest 4 .... £15.99 Unreal ... £22.99 X-Out . £1699 £13 99 AMIGA Navy Seals' £16 99 Platium' .. £19 99 Pool of Radiance £19 99 Predator 2* £1699 Puzznic' .. £16 99 Fteach for the Skies' .. £1699 Rocky Horror Show' £1699 Rogue Trooper' £1699 F3otator* .. £1699 Search for the King* £1999 Secrets of the Luftwaffe' £19 99 Sega Master Mix'
£1999 Shadow Sorceror' £1999 Sound Express £29 99 Spellbound' £1699 Stratego' £16 99 St rider 2' £1699 Teenage Mutant Turtles' £1999 TNT* ...... £1999 Tournament Golf £1699 Toyota Ceiica' £1699 Vaxme* £1699 Wildfire' £1999 Wod Pack' £19 99 Wonderland” £19 99 1 World Champ Soccer' £1699 1 Wrath of the Demon* £1699
• ¦on btM4 0*M 7 »•*•»*' formiM 1
• 4g4l t n« Mrvbf* 7 4 4 kftow I I :W 7 u«Wf* Naksha
Mouse ... Kick Off II1
meg with upgrade inc clock Contriver
Mouse . Commodore
1084S Stereo Monitor Power
Drive . Cumana
Drive .... QS II
Turbo .. OS III
Turbo . Pro
5000 ......
Navigator with Autotire 40
Lockable Disk Bo* ....
80 Lockable Disk
Box .... Mouse
Mat .....
Amiga 4-Player
Adapter Amiga 500
Dust Cover ... Disk
Kit ..... Box
tO Bulk
Disks ....
Branded Sony (Box
10) .. COMING
________ £16.99 ACCESSORIES
* Sl»4im fagMw ?«k*4U4tO 0908 564369 (10 Lines) Amiga A500
Screen Gems Pack £379 inc VAT & Next day Courier Screen Gems
Pack includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Meg disk
drive • Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the
Amiga with a normal TV Joystick, mouse mat +10 blank disks,
mouse ? Mains plug e Amiga basic. Amiga extra's 13 workbench 13
PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial • With a further four new
releases • Shadow Beast II, Back to the Future II, Nightbreed
and Days of Thunder AMIGA A500 CLASS OF THE 1990’s BUSINESS +
EDUCATIONAL PACK £499.00 inc VAT & next day courier Bef
FEATURES Amiga A500 TV Modulator e Midi Interface- Software •
Kind Words II wordproc'or • Page Setter DTP • Super Base
Personal Database • Maxplan 500 spreadsheet e Amiga Logo BBC
Emulator Deluxe Paint II e Mouse mat 10 Blank Disks and disk
wallet MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo Monitor inc
lead £269.00 Phillips CM8833 stereo colour
monitor inc lead for ST or Amiga. .£259.00 4096 coloured
stereo monitor with first class reproduction including leads
for ST & Amiga --------------- £259.00 Amiga A500 Screen Gems
Pack Extra £399 inc VAT & Next day Courier Screen Gems Pack
includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Meg disk
drive • Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the
Amiga with a normal TV e 10 free games PLUS software has a
potential RRP ot £200 e Joystick, mouse mat + 10 blank disks,
mouse + mains plug • Amiga basic, Amiga extra's 13 workbench 13
PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial • With a further four new
releases e Shadow Beast II, Back to the Future II, Nightbreed
and Days of Thunder AMIGA A500 SOUND & VISION PACK £399 inc VAT
A next day courier Bat Games Pack includes: 10 free games inc
Blasteroids, Wizball, Menace, Buggy Boy e Amiga A500 512K
keyboard with built in 1 Megabyte Disk Drive. • Free TV
Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a
normal TV e Deluxe Paint 11 Graphics Package • Shadow of Beast
II horizontal scrolling games software e Back to the future
film action software e Nightbreed state of the art graphical
arcade action e Free joystick, mouse mat and 10 blank disks e
Amiga Basic Amiga Extras 1.3 Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga Step
by Step Tutorial • All leads manuals PLUS Mouse and Mainsplug •
PLUS Days of Thunder serious fast action games software Naksha
Mouse - Quality micro switched, accurate Amiga ST OR Amstrad PC
Mouse £26.00 Contriver Mouse - The perfect direct replacement
mouse for the ST or Amiga £18.00 Amiga 1500 The Amiga 1500
Personal Home Computer is the ultimate in Personal Home
Computers for the whole family. Platinum works - integrated -
Word Processor, Database and spreadsheet.
Deluxe Paint 3 - the ultimate In paint packages.
Populous and Sim City - State of the Art strategy games. Battlechess - the chess programme amongst all chess programmes.
Their Finest Hour - The battle of Britain brought to life in a technical flight Sim. A1084’s stereo colour monitor to get the best from your Amiga. The Amiga 1500 has been designed around the already popular Amiga A500, but with hardware facilities that would put any mid range business machine to shame.
Please call for further details £ 1049.00 inc VAT + next day courier service.
HALF MEGS - Quality four chip ram board with complete utility disk support with software on off switch.
£34.99 AMIGA + ST DRIVES - A powerful 880K formatted drive with an external on off switch, anti clicking and daisy chain facility.
£59.99 PRINTERS Star LC24 1024 Pin incl lead ST Amiga ..£249.00 Star LC10 including lead for ST Amiga----------------------------------------£169.00 Star LC10 colour including interface lead for ST Amiga ..£219.00 LC10 - The most po:ular letter quality printer on the market only £219.00 with all Amiga + ST leads Tel: 0908 564369, FAX: 0908 262551 MICROSMART 24HR HOTLINE (24 HRS) TELEPHONE 0908 564369 COMP PRICE YES NO TITLE Have you ordered from us before?
NAME: .. ADDRESS: .. TEL NO: Please send this to Microsmart, 127 High Street, Newport hh Pagnell, Milton Keynes s Os Bucks MK16 8SE L. Q[Hp9J TOTAL COST £: MAIL ORDER SOFTWARE SPECIALIST 16 90 16 99 16 99 16 99 14 99 16 99 16 99 899 18 90 16 75 699 12 90 16 75 13 99 16 75 19 99 599 599 599 11 99 II 99 599 599 599 599 599 599 1699 1999 14 90 1699 1999 1699 1690 1999 1699 1999 24 90 26 90 19 99 15 89
• 19 99
• 1999 1999 AMIGA 35 90 15 50 16 99 24 99 16 99 16 99 24 90 1999
16 99 1650 1599 1599 899 699 '1999 16 99 1990 1699 999 1299
DAY AMKJAS & ACCESSOR IKS 13 99 1290 1390 1390 495 595 Screen
00111' Class of the WIY.
Firsl Steps .... Screen Gems * Astra Pack ... Dust Cover .. Zipstick ..£355 Jetfighter 112 1510 Cheetah Star Pro......£10 .£510 Cheetah 125+ £7.50 KKK) Labels ...£7.50 £300 Cumana Drive .£63 £5 meg Upgrade ..£20 ....£11 meg + Clock ...£35 Mouse Mat ....£2.50 Mouse House .£7.50 Mouse Bracket £2.80 Printer Stand £9 Monitor Stand ...£18 Joystick ext lead .£5 4 Play adaptor .....£5 AMIGA PACK I AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS TV moomato' Bsastn Days ol ThonOe' Ngntb'aad Bac» lo me
Future n Deluxe Parni II & 23 PD names - 369 00 Star LC24 200 CtfOur 299 00 AMIGA PACK 2 As above with 10 Extra Games 399 00 AMIGA PACK 3: AMIGA FIRST STEPS PACK 53900 PHILIPS MKIi STEREO MONITOR 249 00 C0M NEW 1084S MONITOR
- IEAD 259 00 A590 HARD DRIVE 279 00 1 2 MEG EXPANSION CLOCK 39
00 CUMANA 3 5- DRIVE, port • swnch 79 00 ATONCE PC E muiaior
wh* MocKs HV Ameoas (ArkartMd CJOne i An 0* Chess Barbarian
(palace Bermuda Project 1 2 Orty Heroes of the Lance 1 2 only
Netherworld Mercenary Phantom F ighier Ter'orpods Wi2baii
ZynapS LEISURE AMOS Game Creator Altered Beast Armour Geddon
AWESOME BATTLE CHESS Battle Command Beast II Betrayal Carthage
Castle Maste* Corporation DAMOCLES DamocJes Msson Drsfc Doutve
D'agor EPIC Goxien Aie Heroes Comp (a ton ind-.an.apo s SCO
interphase Kck on ll League verson STRIDER II Supremacy
T. me Soldier 9 99 TOTAL RECALL 16 75 Triad II 15 99 Bat 19.99
Ferrar. Formula 1 9 90 E co Phantoms 16 99 Lotus Turbo 16 99
Whee-s o’Fire 19 99 Judge D'edd 16 99 Chase MQ It 16 99 Aeon;
Video Titler 84 90 DELUXE PAINT III PAL: i MB 57 90 REAL
THINGS BIRDS 1-2 21 90 Real Things Humans 21 90 DELUXE VIDEO
III PAL 111 MB i 69 90 D ipamt III (PAL) 59 90 DIGIVIEW4 -
,PAL ¦ 1 MB 22 99 Professional Draw 2 i MB 99 90 A TF II
Barr.e Master BLOOOWVCH Chaos Str*es Bao Captive Dungeon
Maste' (1 MEGi F 16 COMBAT PILOT F 19 Stealth Fighter Final
Bailie Flight ol the Intruder Kmgs Quest IV Leisure Suit Larry
III Mi Tank Ptaioon Red Slorm Rising ULTIMA V U M S II....
Woltpack 1 MEG) GRAPHICS & VIDEO Kcfc O" il m*g, Kano Gar-*
Show lemmings Mearst'eets Moonwaiher Omn ror Conspiracy
Populous Promised Lands POWERMONGER ROBOCOP II SilKworm Space
Harrier ll SPEEDBALL II .. Pro V Jeo Rus 179 00 Pro
V Jeo Post 199 90 Real 3D Begnner (i Mbi 99 00 Real 30
Professional i3 Mbi 289 00 Tnp-a Iron 22 90 T V SHOW 2 (PALI
11 Mbi 58 90 TV TEXT PRO (PALI 10990 X CAD Designer 79 50 An
Department 59 00 MUSIC APPLICATIONS Mastersound Digitizer 35
90 De*uxe Music 50 90 MUSIC X U K VERSION 11 89 00 Midi Master
interlace 5 pods 32 95 BUSINESS & EDUCATION Advantage 79 50
Arena Int Accounts (1 MB i 119 50 Discover Maths Numbers
Chemistry or Alphabei I each I 13 99 Distant Suns 44 95 FUN
SCHOOL 2 Unde* 65 6 85 or ove- 85 13 90 FUN SCHOOL 3 I 5 5 7or
over 7 1699 Spe book 4 6 o» 7. 19 90 H soh Base 56 00 Home
Accounts 20 99 Home 0*ce Kit 99 50 KindwO'ds 2 39 90 Mavis
Beacon T«p,ng Tutor 20 99 Micro GCSE MATHS FRENCH or ENGLISH
17 50 PEN PAL I PAL.i IMBi 98 90 PROTEXT V4 2 irec t MB, 65 90
Pagesener ll (PAli i Mbi 48 90 Professional Page 1 3 (1 Mbi
System 3 44 50 Word Perleci 4 1 Current vers 159.90 WORKS
PLATINUM 99 50 Workbench 1 3 Software . Manual 14 90 GB Route
34 99 Proie.l V5 «1 Meg, 99 90 Professional Page V2 149 00
Transwrne 33 90 GoW Disk Oftce 99 90 QUALITY JOYSTICKS &
ACCESSORIES Computer Link up wad Comp Pro 5000 Comp Pro Extra
(dear auto Super Prof (autoNe suet on i A500 Dust Cover Mouse
0273 506269 or 0831 279084 HAMMERSOFT?'(DEPT F) on P,ic« VaTj"
(Europe ph»M NORHFORLSKEVr93DS,CH' TEL,I 3| 8124,6 Access.
Visa. Eurocard A Mastercard Accepted. Cheques Subject to
clearance PD DIRECT
ANIMATION GAMES UTILITIES I «() We also slock: Fish, Amicus,
AMOS All PD Disks ore for Amijo only Cl 20 each £1 00 per disk
Send S4f lor an up-to-date catalogue. Same day despatch.
Ders to: 10 PD disks in library case £9 95 Catalogue on disk 70p
STAFFS. ST4 7SH A] WE MUST BE MAD Due to massive bulk buying
and low cost advertising we can offer you high quality
European manufactured disks at these extremely low prices 3CH
DSDD 04 n INC VAT .J DISKS 0 IU + LABELS 250 + @ 29p each;
500 + @ 28p each; 1000 + @ 27p each ALL DISKS CERTIFIED 100%
ERROR FREE SONY 3 5" 38d wV ll I UiW UUU 5.25" DSHD....36p
DSDD BULK 1 100 Capacity Disc Box....3.75 50 Capacity Disk
Box.. ...3.25 Mouse Pockets ......1.50 Mouse
Mai ...1.75 Printer Stand .3.75
Amiga Dust Cover...... ...2.50 Posso
Box ...15.00 Atari Dust Cover ...2.50
Please add £2.85 p&p next day £6.50. Cheques POs to PLC
COMPUTER SUPPLIES 11 Meakin Avenue, Clayton, lluSMUjaUUUa
Newcastle, Stalls ST5 4EY. Ilfl'r-C4 refill I THIS MONTHS 200
RAM Expansion with clock Amiga Atari External
Drive . + LABELS M00 71 ledSecM moo 77 MOO 75
Scoopec Demos MDO lb Scoopec Mepodemo MDO 77 Sc coperMental
Honpover MOO 79 Slorm UK Demos 7 MOO 93 TWI Demo & Virus
Killer Drib MOO 94 Voile* Mepodemo MDO 99 Semtei Mopodemo MDO
113 Konpacoo Upfy Mug Demo MOOSS Kelrtas Mepodemo
V. Ill |? Desks!
MODI 11 Kelrem forever MOD 10 Wwdprocessmp ond dotobusmp MDU34 Ink *161 Oek Sid.
C fuociiocn MOU 38 feh 185 Official CB» Iff dnk MDO 16 fnh 213 Icons 300 Icons in 8 colours MDII 68 Home Business Pack (Idcsksl Telephone 0782 208228 Send or or 1-9 disks
MOO 11S Magnet* fief* Oemo Desk 40 MOO 116 Mogrvetx f«Ws Demo Orsk 41 MOO 107 ludbrom I? Dnks) MOOi; Saf Demos I2 MOO 11 Sat Demos 19 MOO 19 Saf Demoi 21 MOD 20 Saf Domos 25 MOO 21 Saf Domos 32 MOD 16 Robocop Dpmo MOD SI Hock,rick Advert 41 Aisewipe' MD0S2 Hotllritk Advert 2 "Smoskmg Ooy Out* MOO 70 Rebels Megodemo M0U7I M Hocks 1 Jokes MOO 72 Sd VI 06 Hu Uhwnote Desk Uflcly MDO 82 Scolc. Wocdwrqk, MDO 101 Menu Maker MOO 102 Label Desrpnec MDO 103 Icoo Moke.
MDO IDS Crossword Crealoi MOU 168 Vaccine Booster Vocious Virus Killers kmod ScHworcenegper Pock II Asks vane ordyl M04 14 Puggi n Space MD41 Pmodse SkdesHow fimW.yln MCI 10 IwpnC InwnoMn M04 12 Agoerae Smr Irek lams 7 MDA 13 Agoucn St* Irek Anem 17 M0417 Agoncn Sr* Irek Imms 12 MDA 88 Aoatrai Iron Anmn 72 (ADA 18 Miller Lneldvorc MDA 47 HokHn Pih Adverc M01 56 Hewrek Oemoreel I I? Disks 1 meal MDA S7 Hewlek Oemoreel 3 17 disks I mep) MOM 2 Jungle (ovnmond "Musk (rrvosron I * MOM 3 lungie (ommond
* M«ie Irrvosroo T MOM 4 Jungle (ommond "Music Invosion 3 MOM 19
Bod M focksoo MDM27 Dmob Megomusve III MOM 33 Helluween "follow
the MOM 35 I think we re olone now Tiffory MOM 36 loud ol
Confusion Gonoscs MDM 71 None Moyer V2 4 MDA 61 Scheme III.)
MDA 61 WeXer Oecwo I I MDA 69 Mcer Demo I 17 mep 7 Ms) MDA 70 (NfkirDemo7l MDA 10 Vmker Demo 7 I2mep7dnksl MDA 97 Mae Moo Knockout MOOI Scot Irek final funner I2dnksl MOG 2 Si* Irik (3 dsks 2 drives) MDO 5 Card & Board Gomes MDGI8 MarbleSWe MDG7I Bomg Hie Game (7 disks) MOG 76 treasure Seotih MDG 31 Mona MDM1S Miomi Vice CcockoH s Ibome MDM 12 freddy Kruger MOM 97 DepcckeMode MDM 81 Slum Mum MDM 78 (roikmosler Mu MDM 17 RIP fiuplron MDM 91 100 lesl! 64 femes Dvaelal (oneor. Pock 2,3.4. S.6 IS disks) MOM 72 Popaye Moots leoehboys MOM 14 Hanky Ponby If you have been given this copy of Amiga
Format as a Valentines Day pressie, then your loved one obviously has good taste. If, on the other hand, you have had to fork out the dosh for yourself don't worry too much! Just sit back with MAFF EVANS and enjoy some successful gaming with the help of his devastating fleet of GAMEBUSTERS.
Back to the Future II (Part 2) A lot of you have written in to point out the fact that we didn’t print all of the cheat. After typing in: THE ONLY NEAT THING TO DO, you can then sneakily skip levels by pressing Shift and Z. I don’t know, some people. It's only a little bit of the cheat (mumble, moan).
Horror Zombies from the Crypt One reader was pretty quick off the mark sending this tip in! If you're having trouble beating this game, then try this cheat: Get onto the first level and type "M COMMA AND A DOT" or "M,." And you will be blessed with infinite lives. This should put you on a more even footing with those undead little beasties!
Christopher J Thorncroft, Hastings, East Sussex Battle Command Nice thought, isn't it? Driving around in a powerful tank, blasting the enemy and generally protecting the innocent from the vicious dictators. This is what you can do in Battle Command, but that's only good news if you've mastered it yet!
Here are some helpful guides to some of the missions to help you get the most out of your trusty tank.
Airfield Attack Make sure you destroy all the buildings near the runways and any others in the vicinity. For this reason you need to make sure that you're stocked up on IR surface-to-air missiles.
Hideout The only way to complete this mission is by using mortars it’s a good idea to take two sets of mortars with you.
When you reach the circle of mountains use the exterior views at maximum distance to find the exact location of the target then use the mortars, set at around 500-700 yards, to blast it.
Destruction Try to avoid the crossroads where possible, as there are always gun emplacements based at them.
If you are short of ammo and still have lots of buildings to destroy, sit next to them and wait for the enemy to fire on your position, then move out of the way. Their shots should do the task well!
Missile Battery This is pretty straight forward so keep your head and push on!
Satellite To begin with, head south-west across the bridge then follow Hostage Follow the route shown on the map (below) to the rescue area and blast the building on the bottom left as you go in to your scanner. If your rear-end starts to get badly damaged (ooer, know what I mean), driving around backwards can help to balance it out, as well as giving you the chance of blasting any enemies that try to follow you.
When you reach the satellite, remember to drive into it slowly.
Kamikaze Forget about the roads and travel south-east until you come to where the river and mountains nearly meet instead. Now whiz through the gap to the pick-up Rescue reveal the hostage. Drive up to him very slowly to pick him up and then run like blazes to the pick-up point!
Point to escape like Ken Dodd from the tax-man.
Remember to take plenty of air-to-air weapons and self-protection systems.
U-Bomb One clue to this mission is to note that the fence at the entrance of the valley works by electricity - and the electricity pylons are on the other side of the river.
Try to blow up the U-bomb with Dragonflies for some spectacular results!
General Hints When the chopper arrives at the pick-up point try to destroy all the enemies in the area; there’s nothing worse than getting blown-up as you board the chopper!
When using the pulverisor cannon set your binoculars at maximum magnification for greater accuracy.
Use trees and buildings for cover if you're being pursued.
Destroy enemy aircraft as soon as possible to strengthen your position and note that you can also use surface-to-air missiles to blast ground targets.
One last thing - keep moving!
Jason Kennedy, Coleraine County Londonderry JAMES POND
- UNDERWATER AGENT hidden bonus point The treachery of the
underwater world can be quite hazardous to the BLOCKS Some
missions contain invisible health of a little fish even a
special-agent fish! For those of you blocks hovering above the
surface of the water. James can reveal having trouble coping
with the dangers of this sub-aquatic them by head-butting them.
Once found, a red brick will appear and adventure, here are
some extensive tips and maps of the first seven a bonus item
will pop out of the top and fall to the bottom of the levels,
direct from the programmers, to help you on the way to sea. The
brick can then be used as a normal platform. Becoming a
super-underwater agent.
¦ Hidden Bonus Blocks XS Secret Entrance to Level 11 £ Secret Entrance to Level 6 9 XD Portals (Linked by number) 2 k Linked to the Boat on the Surface THE GOLDEN TROPHY
10. 000 points THE GOLDEN CHEST
20. 000 points HIDDEN BONUS LIFE BLOCKS These will act much the
same as Hidden Score Blocks, with the exception that they
reveal a heart.
This gives you an extra life when they are collected.
¦ hidden Bonus Blocks SPECIAL SCORES At various points through the game there are special items, some of which are hidden, but they can dramatically bump up your score.
SUPER BONUS ITEMS These are pieces of treasure which give hefty bonuses: THE GOLDEN COIN 5,000 points.
M~ Sunglasses shoi Invisible lonsters V Eifra Life & Oyster (Protection) Portals (Linked by number) HIDDEN SUPER MEGA BONUSES These are totally invisible and usually well hidden. If James picks one up then he receives a 500,000 point bonus.
HIDDEN COMPLETED MISSION WARPS Once you have completed a mission, invisible secret warps become activated. Moving onto one of these secret warps will cause James to be transported to an advanced mission. However, these missions can’t be cpm- pleted unless James has certain special gadgetry. To get to see receives 50 points for collecting each one of them, but if he manages to collect them all to spell JAMES POND and returns home to find the letters glowing, then he receives a colossal 10,000,000 points. This can be done up to three times for a massive 30,000,000!
MUSHROOM PORTALS Mushrooms act as teleports, transporting you to another place in the section. All James has to do to use a portal is to swim onto it, except of course for those out of the water. To use these, he must push up while hopping on one.
& Portals (linked by number) $ 500,000 Point Bonus
- Most UNDERWATER switched walls have a twin. When one wall is
switched off, another one will appear somewhere else in the
section, IG WALLS These are similar to switched walls, except
that they toggle at regular- timed intervals.
CREATURES Not all the creatures James comes across are deadly - some may be helpful. Here is a guide to some of the most common creatures in JP.
OYSTERS When touched, oysters will follow James around the section killing up to eight enemies.
The mermaids, James must find the warp to Mission 11. This can be found by jumping up and down on the block to the far left of the mission at the same level as the sea. But try and look out for the Mad Scientists!
EXTRA LIVES Extra Lives are gained every 100,000 points until you reach 500,000. From this point they are awarded every half-a-million until 30,500,000.
SECRET ROOMS There are sometimes holes in the seabed, which when entered give access to secret rooms. There are three types of these: BAD ROOMS Contains monsters and a bonus letter (see Collecting Letters).
GOOD ROOMS These contain a whole host of bonus items along with starfish for extra energy. Bonus rooms in later levels may contain superbonus items such as Whisky bottles but James will have to get really rather drunk before he can get the bonus.
NEUTRAL ROOMS Contain treasure chests which can contain good and bad items.
COLLECTING LETTERS All of the bad rooms have a letter at their centre. James There are two types of mushroom those which transport James to another mushroom and those which transport to the location where a mission object was successfully dropped.
WALLS There are special sections of walls with different effects.
Portals (Linked by Number) Bomb Ray Gun Wand § 500,000 Point Bonus sm False Platform These are only found above water and vanish when James jumps on them. Watch out for anything nasty under platforms - this usually signifies a trap!
EXTRA ENERGY GRUBS These bounce up and down. More energy will be gained if a grub is caught as it bounces upwards.
PELICANS - These can be found on missions two and five, crossing the pelican crossing! If James stays rather too close to the Continued overleaf I APPEARING WALLS These walls too are only found above water and appear when they are walked upon.
Bonus Room Treasure Room Amiga Repairs If something is wrong with your Amiga 500 or C64, who better to turn to than the Commodore National Repair Centre.
For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair (including parts and labour) and delivery back to you.
And, as a special bonus, you can receive a free piece of software if you contact us before 14th March 1991.
The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
Please be ready to give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.
The cost is £49.95 for an Amiga 500 and £39.95 for a C64. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card.
FREE SOFTWARE And remember, if you call before 14th March you can claim a FREE piece of software.
Commodore National Repair Centre £49.95 COVERS ANY REPAIRS 0733 391234 FMG House Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 0SF surface as they pass, they will swoop down and try to grab him out of the water.
JELLYFISH These are found on missions four, six and ten.
They can only be seen with the special X-ray sunglasses.
PUFFA FISH These appear while you are on mission five and they try to run off with the toxic waste to stop James from dropping them on land.
SQUID These appear in missions three and eleven. If James comes into contact with them, everything will black out for a few seconds.
MAD SCIENTISTS These teleport out of thin air to wherever you were a few seconds ago, so keep on the move. Luckily, they only appear on missions eleven and twelve.
EXPLODING RUBBER DUCKS There are four of these in mission six. If James touches them they explode and kill him.
SPECIAL HARDWARE HELMET Allows you to breathe above water for longer periods .
SHADES These allow you to see the usually invisible jellyfish.
TOP HAT Reduces the damage you take from enemies.
RAY GUN Firstly, when underwater it saves you having to bubble-up enemies and pop them because they pop instantly when hit. Secondly, it allows you to kill land-based animals.
EXTRA DYNAMITE This can be obtained from James' home pipe. It is only for use in mission three, where he can get extra bonus for planting it at the bottom of the legs of the oil platform.
PASSWORDS Right, for all those impatient people who want to cheat, then try this: Type in JUNKYARD and hit Return while playing the game.
You can now use the following keys: RETURN Toggles the cheat on and off. This gives you a protective floating fairy.
D makes the locks disappear off the next mission pipes.
Continued overleaf I Wand ED Hidden Score Blocks UJ Extra Life Blocks XD Portals (Linked by Number) An incredible amount of letters have come in listing all the level codes for this Pang-style game, so without further ado, here’s that list in full!
One thing to note Is that you have to be careful when entering the letter 0 and the number 1 - PoOl 26 - FE5C 51 - FoRO 76 - RT27 2-DK51 27 - CXE5 52 - 2FF7 77 - TUP8 3-30F7 28 - 32H4 53 - R4KG 78 - KoP9 4 - FL69 29 - PD30 54 - 39GH 79-BIW1 5 - Q058 30- 10F4 55 - PW04 80-EB01 6 -FA20 31 -D947 56 - oEP5 81 - SA3A 7 - 5F6J 32 -FD4G 57 - R4G6 82 - S4A9 8 - CKD4 33 - DK48 58 - MF03 83 -LA8D 9 - NF05 34 - 206G 59 - oW75 84 - MUEO 10-D04G 35 - DK39 60 - MC90 85-ER7E 11 - 40V8 36 - DGLo 61 -0oT8 86 - NEPT 12-FDLO 37 - D049 62 -TI27 87 -W8GA 13-V03D 38 - 6P05 63 - W3RE 88-PI31 14-49F8 39 - Fo49 64 -
9o5W 89-2110 15-WAQD 40-4G7H 65 - TRP2 90-A234 16-X038 41 -XPE5 66 - 6GI3 91 -X3Q1 17-UU09 42 - UP9F 67 - REW8 92-NEC 1 18-40FJ 43 - AQIQ 68 - IpoU 93 - GUF7 19-X03C 44 - S046 69 - HGF6 94 - A3K9 20 - DK49 45 - VE96 70 - FUKO 95 - C5J0 21 -G8LD 46 - X94B 71 - 30RT 96 - JH90 22 - P49X 47 - El 14 72 - JUEE 97 - JUBI 23 - A0A5 48 - D824 73 - MIRo 98 - V069 24 - 39VS 49 - 84D5 74 - GULU 99 - T800 25 - XPE4 50 - S04L 75 -JUG8 100-4799 Lemmings Cover Demo Just a quick note, seeing as the demo of this surprising little game has proved to be so popular, to inform you of the codes to access the three
Level 1 - DGHPVMXHIY Level 2 - OHPVMXDIIR Level 3 - LPVMXDGJIO Simple eh? Yeah! 'Nuff said... Paul Mansbridge, Saltbum. Cleveland Awesome If you’re having trouble surviving the bathes of this slightly zero. Mistakes are easily made, since they look very similar, so try again if you make a mistake DON'T write to me straight away saying I've got it wrong!
No single credit for these codes, as a vast number of you sent them in, but thanks anyway.
Disappoinbng space-trading game, then try this little cheat: Wait unbl the cargo energy level screen appears, move the cursor to the top left-hand corner with the |0ysbck, then press fire and + on the keypad simultaneously. The screen should flash and you will be furnished with infinite shields and lives.
WINNERS If you're sbll bamboozled by the trading secbons, then here is a way of easily getbng to the end of the game. Simply go to the outer-most planet and you will be presented with another animabon in the same style as the intro.
Anjum Khan.
Ilford. Essex GAMEBUSTERS strives to provide you. The reader, with the best collections of bps, cheats and maps for Amiga games, but the section would be nothing without the valued help of you games players. If you think you’ve got some bps or maps worth prmbng, then bash them m an envelope and whiz them off to GAMEBUSTERS. Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Kick Off Isn’t it funny how some of the most simple ideas pass you by?
Take this bp for Kick Off for instance. The main problem with trying to save penalbes is not knowing which way the striker is going to kick the ball. With a little bit of pracbce this bp could be very useful... Before the attacker takes the penalty, push up on your joystick.
A split second after he takes the shot, hit P to pause the game. You should now be able to see which way the ball is heading and act accordingly by pushing the joystick in the direction of the shot when unpausing the game. The keeper should now dive to either save the ball or at least knock it clear. Getting the split-second timing right on the pause and joystick direcbon may be a little tricky, so keep pracbsing!
Andrew Southampton Z-Out This excellent shoot-em-up is most definitely aimed at the more experienced blast-addict. Those of you who aren’t as adept at firing the old lasers may be in need of a hint. Well try holding the J key and pressing one to eight on the keyboard to jump to whichever level you wish. If that’s not enough then try pressing J and K together for infinite lives. This should allow even the lamest space warriors to Not many people honoured in this issue, but Jason Kennedy certainly deserves a prize for his Battle Command tips. Also rewarded is Chris Thomcroft for being so
quick off the mark with his Horror Zombies tip and Andrew for the deceptively simple Kick Off hint. £50 vouchers will be on their way soon!
If you fancy winning a prize, then get some Street, Bath BA1 2BW. You could win a fifty-quid voucher!
If, on the other hand, you’re one of those people who has plenty of trouble getting through games and are desperate for help, then bung your query to the above address and mark your letter WW.. Every month we'll try to answer a few of your quesbons about cracking the latest games.
Enjoy all those pretty graphics for themselves. If you want to return to full-action dangerous blasbng without the cheat, then simply hold down J and K again to turn it off.
In-D (!)
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire Gremlins 2 Everyone knows how much of a pest those little green ba... I mean creatures... can be, so here is something to help all you frustrated vermin-exterminators out.
Start a game and do as well as you can before dying. Well enough to get onto the score table at any rate. Now, Instead of letting your ego take over and putting your name up in lights, enter your name as SINATRA. The game will now be so impressed that it is being played by such a superstar that it will grant you with infinite lives!
Colin Patterson Union Mills, Isle of Man Following up... What? Five pages full to the brim with tips just not enough for you?
Well then you'll have to flick through to page 101 and find there you’ll find a mail order add for a marvellous book that contains over 160 pages of tips, maps and mini reviews of over 100 games! What more could a game player want?
Monster tips together and send them in to GAMEBUSTERS. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW.
A few more of you have been sending in Dpaint maps and diagrams (if you haven't seen yours yet, be patient they cant all go in straight away) and much appreciated they are too! It’s nice to use some pretty, colourful pictures every now and then.
Please keep them coming in!
PLAY QUALITY STEREO SOUND The SOUNDBLASTER is a 5 watt per channel stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers, power supply and leads and instructions to allow it to be quickly & easily connected to your computer.
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(1 meg) 500 JazzOencn 50! Forts Disk 502 Uedit Wordprocessor
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What happens when you can't beat that classic old game even after months of trying? What can you do if you've missed part two of that essential solution to Shadow of the Beast? And just what DID happen to your issue with the Infestation maps? Now you can put all these worries behind you. With the Amiga Format Screen Play book.
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Proprietor: MJ Cooper Anyone who has ever played a football
game must have experienced the conviction that at some vital
moment he has lost control, or that he definitely didn’t
shoot, pass, or change direction in the way the player on the
screen showed. Many people develop a paranoid conviction that
they have control wrested from them by some frustrating whim
of the program. This article may help to dispell the
frustration these players feel, because the sad truth is,
that’s exactly what's happening!
What's it All About?
This revelation came to light when I was endeavouring to disassemble the coding of a popular football game, so as to secretly change the players' characteristics. I stumbled on a previously unknown set of player parameter codes, of a much more complex nature than the usual strengths in tackle, dribble, shot, stamina and the like. These player codes, if introduced into a player's team, show some consistent and disturbing characteristics.
Two Halves... I realised that these 'exotics' (for I found more than one) were randomly inserted into a player's team so as to bring more chance and character to the game. I was excited to find that virtually all football games use the very same 'exotic' players!
At first I couldn't understand this, but now I think I have the answer.
Does anyone remember the first semi-successful 'total animation’ football game, Blokins World Soccer 80?
The movement and responsive animation of this was the direct precursor of modern football sims, but never a huge hit - perhaps because many players found that the teams seemed to have a life of their own, only loosely controlled by the joystick... ...Ninety Minutes... There were other drawbacks in this game, but all of the teams had at least two of these exotics who were only partially controllable at the best.
The notorious Slough Academicals were actually all exotics, and anyone m charge of this team would often spend the whole game screaming at the top of his voice at the screen because the little players were about as controllable as a busload of rugby players in a brothel.
...At the End of the Day I now believe that either knowingly or inadvertently the software developers of later games like Kick Off 'reverse engineered’ the great smooth animation of BWS ‘80 and inadvertantly ported across the randomly-assigned exotics from this cult hit along with the smooth vector interception and It£ a Funny Old Game Ever played a football game and been bemused by the way your players seem to take on a life of their own?
EWART JONES investigated Blokins' World Soccer '80, an old classic, and was disturbed by what he found... Chris Woggle F - only found within 10 yards of sideline, joystick direction to cut inside causes 1 4 speed. If crosses into penalty area causes all team mates to be relocated within ten yards of half-way line.
Trigonometric 'acceleration probability' animation algorithms. It was in this code that the exotics’ own control coding was neatly and cunningly embedded What to Look for... For the first time, the truth about the infamous Slough Academicals can be revealed. I'll use the original names, based on players of the time, and spent many an amused putting faces to these pseudonyms.
The letters D (defender). M (midfielder), F (forward) or A (plays anywhere) will help you to find them in your own favourite footballing title.
Ron McButterflinger Goalie - very common - runs towards corner flag as soon as ball in sight, if ball shot directly at him makes spectacular dive away from it. Takes 3 seconds to get up from silly dives. Always punches every save out with 70% chance it’s to feet of present controlled opposition forward.
Sid Crashtackle D - always slides into tackle and 20 yards past. Always connects with ball but never comes out of tackle with it.
Paul Gazzle M - excellent dribbler, pinpoint passer, until first tackled and robbed of ball - then 30% chance runs around uncontrollably fouling everyone for rest of game. 69% sulks on sidelines and immediately passes every ball received to nearest opposition player. 1% chance scores magnificent goal.
John Nutter D or F - heads every thing, even penalties! Ball to feet is lost to nearest opposition player.
Manuel Maradiva F - crashes to ground whenever any opposition player gets within 10 yds, doesn't even require ball to dive in penalty area. 20% chance of getting free kick, 40% of penalty. If your player appears to roll 15 yds after seeing an opposition player, you have Manuel.
Harry Hoofer D - when makes sue cessful tackle builds up such kinetic energy that he always lashes ball in same direction out of play.
Sammy O'Delayny A - when you fire, shoot or pass, he waits between .5 and 1.2 seconds before he releases ball.
Nobby 'Mantrap' Fowler M or D - quite a useful exotic: nothing passes his area of screen, 95% successful in tackles.
Often sent off for tackling ref or linesman. If you swear one of your own players stole the ball off you. Nobby's in your team. Tip: keep him away from the penalty box as he will rabidly tackle own goalie if he has ball. Also small flaw: can't score for you as his shot is weak and wayward.
Butch Sideways M or F - when button pressed released to shoot or pass, swivels sideways-on to opposition goal before releasing ball.
NV Kevin Perfect F - brilliant at everything, but only useable once in game and invariably scores even if you are rubbish. Drives most players crazy after this as he appears to disapear. Code analysis shows he actually transmogrifies into Clive Misfit (see below) after his goal.
Clive Misfit A - most common exotic, found in ALL footy games researched to date. 40% chance he’s smuggled into even the top teams in at least one position. Just as you are about to tackle, shrugs off joystick control and races off screen. 30% chance of .5 second delay before responds to any joystick control.
When dribbling changes direction so fast he loses ball.
TREMBLING THOMPSON A quivering wreck on a good day, but now rehabilitated and making a living in shoot-em-ups.
FRAZIER Me DONUT Used lo tie knots in lamp-posts for fun.
Shots always die to a halt in 6 yd box.
Sprints as though 40 stones and collecting pension in 5ft of porridge.
Tackles player 10 yds behind ball player. Plays ball straight up into air if in own penalty area then runs about like chicken with no head as it starts to descend (joystick controls are randomly reverse-switched until ball lands).
Brian Breakaleg M or F - unluckiest player. 50% chance of surviving any match. Fully fit for selection only 15% of time. Worth keeping as ¦a you only have to point him at l goal and he will break L every tackle land often a ¦ limb) until he finds himself ¦ and ball over goal line. Also f subtly recognisable by his 'Quasimodo' gait as head becomes dislocated after 13th tackle. Tip: DON’T assign him captaincy: he may increase morale, but has 10% chance of dislocating shoulder on shaking hands with referee and 20% chance of breaking wrist when flipping com.
Trevor Fancylegs F - an excellent dribbler but very slow, so usually dribbles past everyone twice. 50% chance gives ball to nearest opposition player when penalty area finally comes onto screen.
Alan Frenetic M - covers every pixel on screen during match (this is actually his only program control).
Appears as slightly smaller sprite who rushes onto screen regularly and weaves about busily. By the time you get control he's leaving the screen.
John Burns F - Brilliant and consistently excellent forward until gets to crunch matches: but if he is in a team that reaches ijj . The FA Cup final, gHHL European Cup HL or any mati h ~ Hl n me Ac a Cup Finals he then (pC to fake over Hf all the playing Wf characteristics of Big John fir Vegetable (below) and never leaves own half voluntarily at any stage.
Big John Vegetable D and liability
- In BWS ‘84 was at centre of the notorious defence of Slough
Academicals, and was also centre half for San Merino in World
Once led league scoring list with own goals for first 3 months of season.
20% chance impedes tackles own goalie. 15% of own goal. 10% passes to nearest opposition forward. 15% gives away penalty. Has one minor saving grace blackmail factor: if left out of team morale plunges to zero, and players revolt and refuse to play. In Slough Academicals' case I found this improved goal difference: the league would award the match to the opposition, but the 12-0 beating wasn't added to the statistics.
Postscript: Where are they Now?
BWS 80 had a few more exotics who were either too well known to survive, or would be so obvious as to be removed or suppressed at the earliest debugging stage. The more notorious of these include Geordie Blessed, whose incredible dribbling skills were strangely enhanced for the non-partisan watcher after the half time break, during which he obviously didn't imbibe orange juice.
His convoluted wobbly dribbles after the interval caused havoc and alarm for both sides, especially as he ignored all orders to release the ball and eventually shot at random. He was certainly a player of two halves; I suspect they were both neat whisky.
Another sadly missed exotic was Fraser McDonut whose idea of subtlety was to not attack the nearest opposition player. Wombleton Arsenals had five players masquerading as Fraser, which explains the usual result of 'match abandoned due to mass riot, all points void. 23 sent off, managers claim provocation.'
My favourite sprite of all time was the incredible character of Barney Brown, the ageing player manager of Slough Academicals. The humour and pathos of this character cannot be surpassed. To watch his bent little figure making its way to the centre spot, there to hand over his zimmer to the departing linesman, and straighten up manfully to receive another 90 minutes of humiliation always caught in my throat. And the way his wig, false teeth and sometimes even boot would fly off as he unleashed his famous wayward blockbusters, always cheered me up.
The only player I know who got a job in modern software was Trembling Thompson, the apprentice reserve, who was so afraid of the opposition that he would freeze and cower into a foetal position whenever an opponent came onto the same screen. He now pilots a heavily-armed water skimmer and terrorises small frogs in Typhoon Thompson... V t UL )L L C?* L*;
* vr ?
No ugly ’ gonna of me! But that's just what that witch one minute I'm the mi Toki and the next I'm having breakfast delousing my armj walk a step without tripping over my knuckles and, oh, there's an vine time to swing out sister! But my broken heart is going ape. My beloved Miho (I can t wait to share a banana with her) has been kidnapped and somehow I’ve got to regain my manhood - until then I m just swingin in the rain!
I The arca yv* sensation by Fabtek Inc. Wv- is now available for your micro.
TEL: 061-832 6633. FAX 061-834 0650 f*.
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Amiga purchased Dept. AMF 3, 20 Bridge House. Bridge Street. Sunderland SR1 1TE. Telephone: 091 510 2666 Fax: 091 564 1960 cartridge is the same, with a solid, top-mounted freeze button and a variable 'slow-motion' device which can be switched out when it isn’t needed.
The real changes though, are with the cartridge’s built-in utility programs.
Revenge of son of cartridge Externally similar to its predecessor, but inside the Action Replay II boasts a whole host of refinements, from improved screen grabbing and sound manipulation tools to an extremely useful preference screen.
So how does the new version improve over the original? Well, to start with, the aesthetic qualities of the boot-up and main screen have been improved, which makes everything clearer and easier to operate. The addition of very extensive help screens on the The long awaited, updated version of Datel's successful utility device is now available. MAFF EVANS checks out how it compares to the original.
Action Replay II Utility Cartridge ¦ A500. £59.99 A2000: £69.99 ¦ Datel 0782 744707 Freezer cartridges have always been surrounded with a somewhat dubious aura.
Many see them as the tools of the cracker, with visions of pirates across the land breaking their way into programs' protection. But now we have these wonderful 16-bit machines, with more powerful sound, graphics and program power, the need for some kind of hardware tool has been greatly increased.
If I had a hammer... Breaking into programs to hack their sound and graphics may seem a dubious pastime, but a tool that allows you to save out sound effects and screendumps comes in extremely useful. For one thing, we at Amiga Formal wouldn’t be able to bring you those lovely looking game reviews with all those excellent screen shots.
And what about all those Amiga musicians who hear a demo and think to themselves ’That drum sample’s nice...I could use that!’ Now all they have to do is hit a button and it’s theirs for the taking.
Datel have already come up with a powerful utility cartridge in the shape of the original Amiga Action Replay (reviewed back in Issue 12) and the basic form of the new graphics, sound and monitor fronts are much appreciated, making it easy to see just what you are doing. The manual takes you through, step by step, the simpler things, leaving the complex data for the experienced programmer to work out.
What might have been useful would be the ability to save sprite data as IFF information, allowing you to load them into art packages.
On the whole, though, the new version has been tidied up and expanded to allow even the novice to get the most out of the system. This is an improved version of a very good cartridge.
FREEZER The freezer allows a program to be halted In Its tracks and dumped out to disk. When next loaded, the program will restart at the position it was saved. This could be useful for playing long, involved games without a save game feature.
MONITOR This Is for the serious propeller heads onlyl It allows you to read through and alter chunks of data, In effect reprogramming the original code.
Once you have made the necessary changes you can save the file out tor future use.
SOUND One awkward sections of the previous version of the cartridge was the difficulty In grabbing sounds. The cartridge Just grabbed the sample that was playing at the time the button was pressed, leaving the user occasionally frustrated.
The new version has adopted a system with a single waveform showing all the machine’s memory. You can shift the pointers to locate a sample and simply save It out to disk.
GRAPHICS One of the most powerful utilities of the Action Replay II is its graphics handler. If you want to pull a screen from a demo or a game, or even pull a frame from a slide-show without having to decrunch the packed data, then simply hit the freeze button when the required screen appears.
You can then enter a number of screen banks via a complex and powerful editor, which allows you to carry out a whole host of manipulations on the picture and save it out as a standard IFF file to load into virtually any art package.
The power of this section is pretty impressive, with the ability to resize the screen, operate with dual playfields and HAM screens, unlock and shift bitplanes, alter the colours, darken or brighten a screen and much more.
DISK MONITOR This is similar to the basic monitor, except It Is possible to alter data directly on the disk via the cartridge. This enables you to set up boot disks, security code programs and also correct any faulty disks you may wish to resurrect.
VERDICT Action Replay's tools are split into five sections: PURPOSE A hardware toolkit to allow the user to modify and extract data from programs.
SPEED: EXCELLENT All the commands operate Instantaneously. With disk operations working at a pretty good rate.
DOCUMENTATION: AVERAOE Initially good, with clear Instructions for the main commands, but could leave the novice bewildered at times, ACCESSIBILITY!_______POOP All the options are clearly and simply laid out, but unless you know what you're doing some sections could leave you feeling lost.
VALUEi_________ GOOD Not too cheap at around sixty quid, but it Is a good example ol the type.
EXCELLENT FEATURES: Contains all the lools you could wish for when hacking around with disks and data. Some tools may even render the Workbench redundant tor many people!
• Eliminates all flicker in interlace mode *
• Rock steady display inhigh resolution
• Compatible with Amiga 500,1500 & 2000
• Ideal for artists and graphic designers A il f A 1 at |TVi x
• iI
• VGA or multisync monitor required - call for more into NEW!
• Amiga 500 Internal Hard Drive
• 20MB formatted
• 2" Hard Drive
• High quality ICD
• Simple plug-in fitting
• 14MHz replacement processor
• 7MHz fallback software selectable
• on-board RAM cache
• no soldering required ICD AdRAM 2080 MEMORY BOARD (For Amiga
2000 only| Bare £129 00 2MB £199 00 4MB £279 00 8MB £379 00
• For Amiga 500 & 2000 Art and Graphics Pixmafe £35 00 Pro Page
3.0 £179 00 Educational Vista £50 00 Saxon Publisher £219 00
Animagic £69 00 Vista Pro (3MBI £89 95 Math Talk £23 95 Comic
Setter £49 00 Distant Suns £35 00 Languages and Development
Math Odyssey £24 50 Delux Photolab £59 00 Real 3D £POA Math
Amation £39 95 Digipaint £49 00 Pro Video Post £189 00 Devpac
Amiga £45 00 Math Wizard £24 50 Elan Performer £30 00 Broadcast
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Fantavision £29 00 Disney Animation Studio NEW!
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£24 00 Spell A Fari £19 95 Deluxe Paint III £85 00 Pagestream £139 00 X Copy £24 00 At the Zoo £19 95 Delux Video III £79 00 Pagesetter 2.0 £69 00 Quarterback 4.0 £34.00 Aesops Fables £24 50 Digiview Gold v4 £100 00 Pro Write 3.0 £89.00 Workbench 1.3 £15.00 All prices include VAT and are subject to change POWER COMPUTING Ltd 44a Stanley Street Bedford MK41 7RW ENGLAND Telephone 0234 273000 * Fax 0234 2701 33 COMH twg OA- *•** «*a Maor Aavt PANS F«A« ATAfll l IJTfHM • AMGA(1)4J7V7K? ¦ FAXI1l«37f7©«|
• OWU CO**tlT*iG S* fT**» M Mte * WV Ow I* ACM* 2 L*« i06‘ *46310
• * AX *4001
* OA*»CW»VTWGUSA 1' fau* » Sow re *««,«*»»• v* TIL 2tt*22W50 -
FAX215X22Oil* awp-. ie; i¥xwis to »c; i-ew, pw «usnw» maims
• Fully SCSI compatible
• Uplo8MB FAST RAM on-board
• High speed "FAASTROM" controller
• Auto-bootfromanyFFSpartition
• All combinations available 200MB Bare 40MB 40MBo«*»iu»"m 2MB
4MB 8MB 100MB 105MB QuaiUumllm 175MB 4 IC 40MB 84MB 100MB 200MB
Including 5 25 disk drive XT6ndgeboard £299 00 ATBndgeboard
£699 00 ICD AdRAM 2080 Expandupto8MBofRAM Bare 2MB 4MB 8MB 7
• Multisync monitor required Flicker Fixer £299 00 witn
Mitsubishi Monitor M99 00 INTERN AL 3 5 DISKDRIVE
• Broadcastquality videooutput
• PAL, NTSC, SVHS, compatible
• Handles all Amiga graphics
• Eliminates video dotcrawl GVP SERIES 2 RAM EXPANSION
• 2MB RAM installed
• Expand up to 8MB I Using SIMMS!
• For the Amiga 2000 2MB 4MB £259 00 8MB 68030 with 4MB 32bit RAM
• 16MHz-50MHz
• Accelerate your Amiga up to 10 times normal speed
• Up to 8MB high speed 32bit 'nibble' RAM
• On board AT interface for lightning fast hard disk access
• Optional 68882 coprocessor 68030 ACCELERATOR BOARD 16MHz 28MHz
33MHt All prices include VAT and are subject to change & 68882
Coprocessor 16MHz 28MHz 33MHz 50MHz AT HARD DRIVE lor 68030
card 40MB 80MB 200MB Phone for other combinations 600MB Optical
Drive £2995 00 200MB Tape Streamer 20MB Floppy Drive 20MB Disk
POWER COMPUTING Ltd 44a Stanley Street Bedford MK41 7RW ENGLAND
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• 20MB £449 00 £529 00 £609 00
• Isolating on offswitch
• 50MB £599 00 £679 00 £759 00
• Thru'portfordaisychaining
• 100MB £879 00 £929 00 £999 00
• No annoying click when drive is empty
• 12 month warranty £65.00 A500 INTERNAL DRIVE KIT £49 95 .
40 Disks with lockable storage box £29 95 15 Disks with storage box £9 95 POWER SLIMLINE HARD DRIVE BLITZ Back-up your disks at lightning speed Copies from the internal to the externa I Drive Back-up an Amiga disk in around 40 seconds Backs-up other format disks I Atari, PCI Copies up to three external drives at once Works on Amiga 500 or 2000 Blitz Amiga £25 00 Blitz Amiga with PC880 Power Drive £85.00 Blitz is sold on the understanding that it is not used to contravene the 1988 Copyright Act
• 40MB
• Compact High SpeedDrive
• Requires Amiga to be opened for simple internal fitting £359.00
for40MB ACCESSORIES Amiga 500 DustCover £9.00 Power Mouse luses
Naksha Mechanism) £19.95 Optical Mouse with pad £35.00
Anti-click boardforyour internal or external drive £19 95
PowertechnicalhelplineMonday-Friday3pm-5pm 0234 273248 )MPUTING
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Chip SIMMS 1 x 8 SIMMS 4x8 £5 99 £5 99 £39 95 £29 95 £40 00
(A500 ONLYI 1 MB IA500 ONLY) 2MB IA500 ONLY) 4MB IA500 ONLY)
6MB (A500 ONLY) £95 00 £139 00 £179 00 £249 00 £489 00 Power
Computing Ltd Power House 44a Stanley Street Bedford MK41 7 R W
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Wo are e longest ostabkshod Attn dealer n he UK. We htwo developed an extensive customer service pokey whach means hat we test at htardware Srftware prior to despatch lo enstsc that goods arrive n wcrkng order Ajhough on prices are not always he chen()osl we do endeavon to cher ccnststerty g x»1 service and backijj This ent ust on opnon we were voted 'Best Dealer 198& by he readers at ST Worid magasne. Not tor 'he number ci boxes shJttxf. But lor quality service On Site Warranty We have recently extended our backup programme by dlerhg on site warranty as an opkon on a! ST'S We already (Her
this service on AM Star prnters and Ptrkps mentors kslcd AJ prices are correct al copy dale Pwt 91 and are subject to change wihout poor : notice Al prices are acarate whic stocks last Phone tor 14) to dale prices AJ prices hcludc J l there arc no hidden extas (WYSIWYG! Dei very (n Mainland UK) ts tree, on orders over £100 (add £10 lor next day courier dekvery AJ pnees available on Mai Order. Shop prices may filler Philips 8833 MKII Colour, Stereo monitor £ 249.99 Cmdr 1084S Colour monitor * limited offer * £ 269.99 Philips 15" FST TV £ 269.99 The phiips 15* FST Tv includes: remote control
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Phone for other cables and Switch boxes etc. ft 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer and photocopier, ft Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode.
Compatible with Amiga and ST Only £449.99 Al disks carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Please add 75p P&P for each 10 disks or E3.00 for 100 and above.
L-nrit-j ihl (0772) 203166 Fax 561071 i lor IQ Pm y You can phone your Anceas or Visa card details or send a hcque postal orders made payable lo I adbroke Computing International Please .allow sufficient clearance time for cheques Shop & Mai order premises 33 Ormakirk Road. Preston. Lancashire. Prt 2QP Open Monday lo Satirday ftOQa n to &OOpm Dealer enquiries welcome. Ladbroke Computing International is a tracing name at Walton Marketing Limited Al trade marks recognsed RIGHT: The lop of the page at 100% view.
The headline font looks a little odd, the imported IFF pictures are shown as black- and-white only and there is no colour representation on the text or keylines.
I ESWAI n the whole world of Amiga applications, no two companies have been so at war with each other as Gold Disk and Soft Logik, Adverts for their flagship Desktop Publishing packages, Professional Page and Pagestream, have followed similar lines and made claim and counterclaim throughout many revisions.
Both should now have reached the peak of their powers. As a fitting test, we decided to put them up against the Mac DTP program Amiga Format uses: so we took a page from last month’s issue, the ESWAT review on Page 70, and did a version of it in both packages, trying to get as close as possible to the original.
The two big boys of the Amiga DTP market both release new, updated versions of their top-end packages this month. PHIL SOUTH puts them to the test.
Pagestream 2 Four-colour PostScript DTP ¦ Soft-Logik ¦ Price details not confirmed Free Stream Iwhereas Professional Page is very formalised, Pagestream is very freeform. Everything on the page is an object and graphics can be subjected to the same transforms as text. You can click the mouse anywhere on the page and start typing, and once typed the text can be sized to any stretched or squashed aspect ratio.
Overall text handling in Pagestream is very good, with control over indenting and outdenting paragraphs being very simple. But the text editing facilities are appalling, and any changes you make are painfully slow. ProPage's built-in text editor makes this 'editing in the document' lark look a bit silly.
One nice thing on the editing front - which ProPage doesn't have - is an undo feature. If you type or cut or format something and it all goes up the spout, you can bring it back just by invoking the undo command.
But there are certain things that this doesn’t work on.
And finally on the text front we have the text scaling, which using the mouse you can bend and stretch to any size and shape you want. This is enormously flexible, and the only way I could find to do this Silver Screen The screen display is Interlace only, I'm afraid, so anyone without a flicker fixer is in for a headache. And it’s black and white only, no grey scaled IFF files, no colour graphics, just stark, flickery soot and whitewash.
You can change the screen colours to BELOW: And h*r* we are down at the bottom of our A4 page.
Noto that tho tinted panel for the Verdict box gives absolutely no evidence of being a solid block of colour.
The system used to scroll around the page is a drag bar, more familiar to Mac DTP users than the clever little page symbol used by Pro Page, if not as original. You can tell by looking at the grid and comparing it with the pictures overleaf that Pagamtramm is a freer, less rigid system.
Minimise the flicker, but the question is should you NEED to?
The screen refreshes sometimes in a very clever partial way, which means you don’t have to wait for the whole screen to move around. But this happens infrequently and sometimes ifs darn confusing, as the screen leaves bits of text that have been moved in their old positions. A nice feature, though, is user-variable zoom, which allows you to tap in a percentage view.
What's Up Docs?
And finally the manual. Every package is only as good as either its interface or its documentation. At least one of these has to be clear, concise and easy to use. In Pagestream this is not the case. The interface is sparse and confusing and the manual is thick and uncompromising.
Soft-Logik have chosen to update the old ring binder manual with new pages of a different paper stock from the original and a slightly different size, so flicking through the manual is like shuffling a pack of cards with your hands behind your back.
When you can find the right page, the manual is precious little help in a crisis, especially as all the sublets I wanted weren't in the index.
Verdict Although Pagestream has a lot of good features. I'm still not very impressed. It takes a long time to do anything, and the lack of a colour display makes it hard to see how something will look until you print it out. And when you do it does lousy dot matrix prints, due in part to the fact that it needs many more than the usual couple of passes. Pagestream uses its own print drivers, so it’s hard to compare them to the regular Amiga drivers in use with Pro Page.
It does have some unique features that are worth having, but alas it is still not crash-free or easy to use. I think the reason it crashes is not through the actual program going wrong, but bad memory management. You will have guessed its origins (from the Soft-Logik ads that appeared recently in all the Amiga mags talking about the best Atari DTP program) and that Pagestream is an Atari program that has been ported over to the Amiga over some years.
It's not as nice looking as Professional Page, and it doesn't seem to work as positively.
In short, Pagestream is once again a very nice idea, with a nice specification on paper, but I still think it fails to deliver in practise.
Dynamite Docs The manual is all-new and is bolstered by the addition of an introductory video, which apparently will be available in a PAL version for UK use. I had a friend of mine play the NTSC original for me on his dual standard video and it’s a very clear and interesting intro to DTP and an excellent quickstart to the program.
LEFT: The top of our page, shown at 100% view. The imported IFF screengrab is only displayed as greyscales, but the colour mark-up on the headline stands out proudly as it will look on the printed page.
Tthe manual is clearly written, in a very smooth and readable format, and although there's not much embellishment m the text, the info is there.
The index was a little bit ropey, but the manual is brief enough and well enough bound to be flipped, so you can hunt and find something you want usually quite easily.
Already you may be getting an idea of how the two DTP heavyweights compare. Read on, as PHIL SOUTH investigates the vices and virtues of... Professional Page 2 Four-colour PostScript DTP ¦ Gold Disk ¦ Price details not confirmed This new rev 2.0 Pro Page has the feel of a completely new program. It looks smart and works smart. I thought it was a tad slow until I used it after doing the same page on Pagestream.
For headache fans, the program features the option to load in non- interlace if you want, for less resolution but steadier display. It also features a full-colour display for all text and keylines, though imported IFF graphics are shown as grey-scale only. A big bonus from the point of view of the professional user is a full licensing of the Pantone colour matching system, which makes marking up accurate colours on screen a good deal easier.
There are a lot of options which you can set on bootup from CLI, or using the info selection on the Workbench menu - such as INTERLACED, FONTS=ALL, to make life easier when you load your document.
The Agfa Compugraphic fonts are used in both programs now, which contributes to the slow screen redraws that make both programs a mild pain in the butt. To be truthful, it’s actually an unspoken rule with DTP that faster processors and max memory are a must for serious work.
They speed up the redraws and memory management is a bit more stable.
Obviously a fatter Agnes and 1.3 Kickstart are of benefit, but in actual fact I used KS1.2 and a skinny Agnes with no problems.
Dot matrix output on the Citizen Swift 9 I used for my proofs was sparklingly good on Pro Page, with the CG fonts coming up a treat, even at the fiddly 6-point size used for the text. Obviously on the PaintJet the results were a lot cleaner.
Drop It!
One thing that neither program was particularly good at was the drop caps, the big coloured letter at the beginning of the text. I had to go through all kinds of tricky machinations and manoeuvres to get the text to flow around the caps.
On the downside there's no undo facility with anything except text delete. Although I didn't miss it, there were times when I thought it would have been nice. All Mac DTP programs have features like this, and I wonder how hard it would be to implement them in a package like this.
We also had a small problem with print-out on a dot matrix: the copy and pics seem shifted down and to the right of the page. Still, on lasers and inkjets the problem seems to go away, so I can't see it being a problem for final output.
Verdict The original Pro Page was my first Amiga DTP package and although this colours my judgement to a certain extent, it doesn't affect the way the two packages work. There were things I liked about Pagestream which Pro Page doesn't address, like text sizing with the mouse, but on the whole I found Pro Page to be a more solidly-built and more attractive operator. The output on Pagestream was decidedly ropey on some of the printers I tried, whereas Pro Page always seems to belt out top notch copies at the touch of a button, with the minimum of passes (saving trouble with colour
The new interface, a sort of 3D affair in line with Workbench 2.0 I suspect, was nice to use, and clearly laid out. In fact the toolbox to the right of the screen was identical to the old Pro Page, so users of the older version will feel right at home. The one big drawback is that the PP 2 file format isn't downwardly compatible.
The conclusion I've reached about the two programs is that though Pagestream is a full featured program with a few nice features, the best all round workhorse has got to be Pro Page 2.0. It's solid and it's totally trouble free.
Even as this goes to press, we receive the new Version 2.1 ot PageStream which will cost £199 trom the new UK branch ot Soft-Logik and may satisfy some ol our complaints - certainly the manual is new. We teel obliged as a duty to our readers to bring you a review ol this next month and we will include full details ot prices and UK suppliers.
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What does an RGB splitter do?
Most cheaper video digitisers work in mono only - they can only see one colour at a time, and so although black-and-white images are easy to produce, colour is decidedly tricky.
R m " v v i W* The DG40 is your standard black box. The inside has some fairly standard electronics to filter out the red, green and blue components of a video signal.
By using a B & W video camera and a set of filters (one of red, green and blue) the different parts of a colour picture can be read by a digitiser, and a full colour image built up.
Of course, the camera must remain rock steady between the different changes not the easiest thing to do when putting a slide of coloured plastic between the lens and subiect.
An alternative to this is to use a colour video camera and an RGB splitter. The different red, green and blue elements of a picture are sorted electronically by the splitter and they are sent one at a time to the digitiser.
Seen it before The only people, up until now, who have released any products in this area are Rombo Ltd. Their excellent VidiChrome colour digitising software, plus their digitiser (VidiAmiga) and their RGB splitter (VidiRGB) can be used to achieve the obiect pointing a colour video camera at a picture or obiect and producing a computer picture of it on-screen.
The DG40 is a direct replacement for the VidiRGB splitter.
It's housed in a smart black metal case, and has inputs for composite (PAL) video and S-VHS (Super VHS: a connector commonly used by colour cameras). There's also a socket for the lead which connects to the loystick port (this is for switching between the colours and is included in the box), and the power supply plugs into the back again this is included with the unit, which is something VidiRGB didn't come with as standard.
The controls for adjusting the video signal, these are contrast, brightness and colour saturation, are on the front. There's also a socket for the phono connector to plug into VidiAmiga: yes. You need yet another phono-to-phono lead. VidiRGB had its own built-in leadso managed to bypass this problem.
Plugging it into the Vidi digitiser and running VidiChrome is quite straightforward. The size, shape and weight of the unit means it sits happily on your desk, with the controls easily adjusted where as VidiRGB is smaller and tends to get moved around with the cables. The DG40 is actually easier to work with.
Results The end results are superior to those that are produced with the Vidi-RGB. I suspect that this isn't due so much to the superior circuitry inside the box, but rather the metal case excess radio ‘noise' upsets video signals and degrades them. Putting a metal shield around the unit seems to have eliminated this problem.
The DG40 may come from France, but it does have an English manual.
Unfortunately this is sketchy and misses out on a lot of information like which digitisers the unit works with, how to use the controls to best effect, technical details of how the connectors are wired and so on.
Is the DG40 better than the VidiRGB? In my opinion, not quite.
Although it has two inputs (S-VHS and PAL) this is not as flexible as the Rombo offering, which can take virtually any input. Also, the lack of a manual button (to use the splitter with digitisers like DigiView which does not have an automatic mode) means that you're really limited to using VidiAmiga or Videon and DigiView has the best processing software of the three. Well, I think it does.
It is possible to use the DG40 with DigiView. But it requires plenty of patience. The connecter that goes to the joystick port on the computer can be unplugged, and a small metallic object (paperclips seemed to work best under test conditions) rammed into the connecter.
DG40 Automatic RGB Splitter ¦ £ I 49.99 Third Coast Technologies 0257 4 72444 The images produced by the splitter will then cycle through the red, green and blue options but it's a far from satisfactory method, because the DG40 gives no indication of which colour it is displaying. That is, you're working totally blind.
VERDICT WWW_ Automatic RGB Splitter foe mono dtgltla- era grabbing italic colour video signal, SPEEPl___EXCELLENT Not really Important, but It does switch cleanly and last.
DOCUMENTATION: Very little Information given apart trom connecting all the different video signals.
ACCESSISILITVi OOOO Easy to ad|ust picture colour, brightness, and contrast.
AVERAGE VALUE: Very sharp picture quality at a price.
FEATURES: AVERAGE Uam limit art In that THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES Unir 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 OXQ Tel: (0257) 472444 Fax:(0257) 426577
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• Faster than any other competitor
• Transfer rates of up to 800K S
• Supports tape- backup networking under SCSI
• Support of up to 8Mbytes of auto-configuring ram
• ( ompact host adapter with I metre connection cable
• Comes complete w ith 40 management utilities &: manual Xetec
A500 Hard Drive & Ram Pricing Xetec 50MB 25 Milli Head Park
£599.99 Xetcc Ram £99.99 Xctec 65MB 25 Milli Head Park £649.99
Xetec 1.5 MB £229.99 Xetec 85 MB 25 Milli Head Park £699.99
Xetec 2MB £299.99 Xetec I06.V1B 15 Milli Head Park £ 99.99
Xctec 4MB £ 99.99 Xetec SMB £ “*99.99 Faster Than any other
Competitor "Amiga Computing" ICD ADV 2000 Hard Drives Advantage
2000 SCSI performance hard drive controller. Supports transfer
rate of up to 900K S. Fully autobooting supporting all embedded
SCSI drives &: SCSI ST506 controllers. The ADV controller also
supports optical drives, tape streamers & removable media
drives. Cache buffering & 20 nanosecond GAL logic make this the
fastest controller commercially available for the Amiga 2000
series. Programmable memory cache buffering is also available.
ADV will support a drive in the landing bay or on the side of
the card.
• Supports all embedded hard drives
• Supports up to 4Mbytcs o( fast ram
• 2-1 times faster than the A.590
• Auroboot roms as standard, uses fastfile
• Compact design dips into side of Amiga A500
• Memory expandable in 512K. I MB. 2MB steps
• Unique design allows controller Sc drive to be used with an
Amiga 2(100 should you ever upgrade
• Supports any 3.5" SCSI drive 32MB Trumpcard 25 Milli Auto Park
A500 £399.94 Trumpcard Kit 50 MB Trumpcard 25 Milli Auto Park
A500 £449.90 Meta 4 -2MB 106 MBTrumpcard 25 Milli Auto Park
A500 1699.99 Meta 4 -4MB ADV 2000 Controller Xctec minicard ICD
ADV 2000 Hard Drive Pricing 32MB 25M S auto head park & lock
65MB 25M S auto head park & lock 106MB 15M S auto head park 6;
lock ST506 controller i.MFM & RI.I I 22MB 25M S auto head park
& lock £ U .99 50MB 25M S auto head park & lock £ W.w 85MB
25M S auto head park & lock £499.99 330MB 15M S auto head park
8c lock £ 1999 Amiga Floppy Drives Internal floppy drive
requires no case modification external S4 track slimline drive
with cable & switch £ 199.99 £249.99 £349.99 ICD AdRAM A500
External Floppy 169.'
Internal Floppy (59.99 Graphics AdRAM 540 unpopulated 1*9.99 AdRA.M 540 with I 2MB 299.99 AdRAM 540 with 1MB £134.99 AdRA.M 540 with 1.5MB £154.99 CP10 Pal Encoder AdRAM 540 with 2MB £ I *4.99 AdRAM 540 with 4MB £244.99 AdRAM 540 with 6MB £484.99 D640 Automatic Colour Splitter Pro Genlock £249.99 Pro-Genlocks offering video in & out.
RGB & PAL out. Built in fader.
External colour and contrast controls.
Supplied with manual and features that leave the Rcndale standing.
GST Gold Genlock £499.99 Pro-Genlock with builc in PSU. Huili in RC.B splitter. Video in Sc out also RGB Sc PA1.
Out. Built in key inverter. Allows digitised results to he stored and overlaycd onto any VHS recorder. Title and animate any video.
Price £149.99 Allows images to he digitised in full colour from camera or recorder. Offers Pal in and also S-VHS in full brightness, contrast jnd colour controls. Fully Automatic without the need for manual switching between Red. Green and Blue. Fully compatible with all Amiga digitiser, supplied with comprehensive manual PSU.
Price £149.99 Broadcast quality Pal encoding on the Amiga. PG and Atari allows you to get tin your recording what you see on the screen without loss of quality. Supports S-VHS and also RUB & Audio in on Scart. Audio.
Video and Y c out. Supplied with comprehensive manual & PSU.
ICD Adspeed
• 14MHz replacement processor
• 7MHz fallback software selectable
• On-board RAM cache
• No soldering required QtvVj nside every Amiga, one chip alone
has the choice of making decisions. This is known as the
Central Processing Unit, or CPU for short. Apart from the
A3000, every Amiga has a 16-bit 68000 CPU chip - and this only
operates at the speed of the custom chips Agnus, Denise, Gary
and Paula.
If a faster CPU is fitted, all that happens is that the computer can make decisions faster. Programs are not necessarily speeded up by massive amounts - it simply depends on how much decision-making they have to do. The graphics and sound chips don't run any faster, so arcade games are not speeded up much.
I So most people who buy faster CPU chips have some complex software which runs too slowly. Typically these are graphics programs like acheived by moving a link on the circuit board. Although its easy to do, I think it’s a pain having to continually open and close the machine. Unless of course you have the know how to fix a switch to the feature, and put the switch outside the computer.
The documentation supplied with the unit was incomplete. It consisted of a few photocopied sheets stapled together. The unit itself was clearly marked as an ICD unit, so why wasn’t there an ICD manual? Presumably because the unit is so new, and I hope Third Coast can manage to include all the original pages in future.
Performance The AdSpeed processes data at about twice the speed of a standard Amiga. It does this by a combination of doubling the clock speed (the packed into as small a space as possible. Which is fine for technophiles like me, but it hasn’t done anything to reduce the unit cost.
At the end of the day I’m not overly impressed. True it does double the speed of the computer - but for a large amount of money. Opening up the packaging and seeing a very small unit makes you wonder how much money people are making on accelerator cards, especially ones imported from America.
Another important point about the AdSpeed is that you can’t fit a maths co-processor. These useful components (called the 68881 and 68882) require custom programming and so work on a minority of software - but they speed up things like ray-tracing to such a degree that it would be nice to see such a feature. Oh well... ICD Adspeed 68000 CPU Replacement ¦ Around £200 ¦ Third Coast 0257 472444 Pixmate, Photon Paint, or perhaps ray-tracing software - which is notoriously slow, often taking many hours to complete generating a picture. Or perhaps faster Mandelbrot generators are your desire.
There is also one type of game which responds very well to accelerated CPU chips - 3D simulations.
Games like Hard Drivm', Ml Tank Platoon, Mig 29 and 6-16 Combat Pilot are greatly speeded up by such chips because they have to make many mathematical calculations to generate the 3D viewpoint.
Market Gap The AdSpeed appears to be a cheap accelerator card. It is extremely small (just over the length and breadth of a standard 68000, but over twice as tall). The chip itself sits on top, while underneath it is some circuitry to enhance the performance a little - to whit, 32K of static cache RAM and a clock crystal. More on this later.
Fitting it to the computer will automatically void the Amiga’s guarantee. The steps involved are easy enough: take the case off the computer, remove the old processor, plug in the new one and put the machine back together again. Piece of cake - and the AdSpeed makes a snug connection, which means that it’s unlikely to come out again unexpectedly. More than could be said for some accelerators.
Switching between accelerated and normal mode (a normal 68000 mode is needed because some software won’t work with accelerators) is RIGHT: The AdSpeed hardware. It is extremely compact and fits snugly and tightly into the socket where the 68000 CPU normally lives.
Often-quoted Mhz. Mega Hertz, which means millions of cycles per second) and also by having a small RAM cache onboard.
RAM caches are small areas that mirror what is in other areas of RAM.
Put simply, they make it easier for the processor to change information - the bigger the cache, the faster the improvement. 32K really isn’t a lot to give much noticeable difference.
No software was supplied with the unit, which is a bit of cheek - after spending £200 I’d want to make sure that the thing was working properly. Physically, the unit is up to the usual ICD standard - surface mounted components and everything VERDICT PUWPOM_ Budget price accelerator card SPEED:_____ POOR The slowest accelerator I've seen - or am likely to see lor that matter.
DOCUMENTATION: BAD It didn't even tell me how to lit the unit ACCESSIBILITY: AVERAGE Moving a block to make a connection to turn It on and oil Is a bit below par - I've seen better and worse.
VALUE: AVERAGE It's a cheap accelerator, and it does give a reasonable Increase In speed.
FEATURES:___POOR 32K static RAM cache and svelte engineering is about it, really.
This product has had quite a lot of publicity since it was announced last August.
Some people even thought that it could walk on water and make a decent cup of tea - tasks that have eluded mechanical devices since before the fall of Babylon.
The A5000 is a largish card that sits inside the Amiga. It plugs in directly to the 68000 CPU slot - the 68000 is then plugged into a socket on the board. There are also a large number of slots for up to 4 Mb of 32- bit memory (the board is already fitted with 1 Mb of 32-bit memory as standard when it arrives).
ROM shadowing can be done automatically - that means copying the Kickstart chip into 32-bit RAM to speed up programs that access the routines contained within the Kickstart chip. The actual 32-bit processor is a A500O Budget 32 bit accelerator ¦ £295 ¦ Solid State Leisure 0933 650677 68020 - not as beefy as the 68030, but for the price it's reasonable.
There is also space for a FPU, which I generally calls a maths co-processor (FPU = Floating Point Unit).
This - in case you didn't know - is a custom chip designed to do high- precision mathematics very quickly.
Getting it fitted will cost an extra £70
- a worthwhile exercise if you want to run software which was
programmed to work with it.
Up and Running You also get a disk with the product as standard. This contains lots of useful utilities, benchmarks and (most importantly) the documentation about what the A6000 does and how to get the most out of it.
It's a pity that there isn't a printed manual, but at least a lot of information is included. I found that installing the card was a bit of a pain. The 68000 was persuaded to come out, and two plastic lugs (supplied) were stuck to the circuit board, to give it support away from the socket. The 68000 snapped into place on the A5000, and the board stuck in the empty socket.
At this point there was a problem.
On the A2000 and A1500, you don’t need to turn the machine upside to get at the screws - but on the A500 you do. Every time I turned the Amiga upside down, the A5000 board slid out of the socket. It's not major, but do bear it in mind. Finally I put the screws in by turning the A500 on the edge of a desk and forgot about it.
Booting up the disk was a real pleasure. The software really is very nice - all the parts of what you need to copy to your startup-sequence are listed, and how to use them. I can see people who are not at home with the Shell CLI having some problems if they want to experiment, but that's to be expected with hardware of this relatively complex kind.
The nice thing about the A5000 is that it automatically boots up in accelerated mode. Admitedly if you run software that doesn't like the 68020 it’s a pain to switch down, but most of the time you are using a machine that’s happily blitzing away at lightning speed.
How Fast?
The A5000 tested had a 68881 maths coprocesser running at 20 Mhz. This gave a performance around four or five times faster than a standard Amiga - and needless to say, at mathematical tasks, it was even faster.
One point about the product is that the manufacturing is not really very impressive. Rather than use state-of-the-art surface mounting and miniaturised discretes, the board looks a little bit old-fashioned.
Underneath it were several wires just soldered on, obviously to get the thing to work properly.
I for one didn’t really mind. OK. I had to be extra careful when handling the board, making sure that these wires didn't get dragged off - but once it was fitted and out of harm's way it didn't seem to matter that much to the functioning of the thing.
If you’re desperate to get a full 32-bit accelerator unit but are strapped for cash then this is for you.
Personally I could live with one - ifs cheap, it's cheerful, and in the final assessment it gets the job done.
THINGS TO COME Solid Stale are quick to point out that they've changed their plans somewhat since first announcing the A5000. For a start they've made it cheaper and simpler - only the 16 Mhz version reviewed here will be produced. They do have plans for more extensive accelerator cards. The B5000 will have much more memory potential (up to 42 Mb of 32-blt memory) and a much faster processor running at 40 Mhz. Can t wait to review one.
VERDICT Budget 32-bit accelerator card with FPU and 32-bit RAM options QOOD By no means a slouch in this all-important area.
DOCUMENTATION: AVERAGE Ol good, readable quality, but reading It from a disk can be pain.
ACCESSIBILITY: QOOD Getting to everything In the software and turning the accelerator off is easy.
VALUE:.__________EXCELLENT Unbeatable really - nothing else touches It at this price.
FEATURES:___AVERAGE The manufacturing Is a bit naff, but It Is expandable and does speed up software.
31 2” DISKS STORAGE BOXES Large or small users • we have the prices for you!
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The Art has someone to answer your call from 9am to 10pm Ring now for the best service around.
Amiga, ST & PC Club News about new products, games, reviews and reduced prices.
All this for £5 when you buy from us. Newsletter is produced every two months.
Unreleased titles will be sent within 24hrs of release date.
To order send postal order or cheque to: State Of The Art 39 Hereford St, Off The Moor, SHEFFIELD, S1 4RR This program comes from France, and it’s a company I've not come across before, Kimatek. It bills itself as a 'title generator’, I can't understand why. Surely titling software is all much the same?
Whatever you call it, this kind of software is becoming more and more common on the Amiga. Essentially ifs for creating titles and credits to put onto videos though if you actually want to overlay the titles onto video, you'll need a genlock device.
RIGHT: The Editing Panel is used to type in text, select lonts and shadowing effects, and select the horizontal spacing.
The program needs at least 1 MB of RAM to run, although personally I’d recommend that you have a lot more.
Amiga Format Presents o vs jt G zr We have two video titling packages to show you this month, both of which claim some professionalism' in their titles. PAT MCDONALD checks the first.
Pro Titler Video Titling Software ¦ £1 49.95 ¦ HB Marketing 0753 686000 The titles that you put onto the screen can be written in any standard font, including colour fonts. The only problem is that the fonts you want to use have to be installed onto the ProTitler disk itself.
Serious usage If you install the program onto a hard disk, those problems are mitigated the fonts can also go onto hard disk too, just by clicking on an icon. I pity the poor floppy users - it's an indication that ProTitler is aimed at the person with a lot of hardware.
Getting it up and running is not difficult, but actually using the package is tough. First, it automatically loads all available fonts into memory.
On a 1 MB machine this takes up an awful chunk, and if you've copied a lot of fonts onto the disk you can actually run out after a few pages!
OK. Once you've sorted out the problems of fonts and want to begin, the program starts to behave itself.
All editing comes from an on-screen control panel. From here, you can make up as many pages of video titles as you want within memory constraints. 1 MB gives about four pages of text: it depends on how complex your titles are.
You edit your titles by going down the screen, typing them in. Of course, you must specify which font you want to use only one kind of font per line of text is permitted.
Shadowing in any of the eight colours is fine, and you can also underline text at the click of a mouse button.
Once a line of text has been input, you can decide how you want it to appear. You can delay the times of FIT FOR WHAT?
The manual for ProTitler has a very enlightening piece of text within It.
This reads KIMATEK
S. A.R.L. makes no warranties. Either expressed or implied,
with respect to the program described herein. Its quality,
performance, merchantibillty, or fitness for any particular
purpose". Nice to see that Kimatek have such confidence in
their product, isn't it?
The effect, and there are quite a few different kinds: wipes, fades, scrolls and so on. Indeed, ProTitler has effects that I've never ever come across before.
One other noteworthy feature is that pictures can be included on pages. These can either be IFF pictures or brushes but note that including them drastically cuts down on memory. They can only use a maximum of eight colours.
Getting to grips Ultimately, ProTitler is a very tricky program to learn. The manual supplied with it is very staid and lifeless it tells you how to do everything, but that's it. No examples, or help, or troubleshooting guide it all assumes that you know exactly how to use an Amiga, and dwells very little on the video aspect of the package.
There are an awful lot of things that this software does not do. It can't centre text in the middle of a line, or do left and right justified text.
It doesn't microspace text that is, the distance between letters is constant, but letters have different widths, so you end up with differentsized gapes between them.
When recording your 'takes' onto video, the program waits for you to click the mouse to go to the next page. This transition is pretty terrible you can't roll lists of credits up the screen. Also, occasionally ProTitler crashed: worse, I couldn't save any of the titles I created. The Save gadget just didn't want to know.
Most importantly of all, ProTitler does not anti-alias its text. Anti-aliasing is best thought of as smoothing: all the letters have jagged, pixellated edges. It will also put illegal video colours on-screen these are colours that look fine to an Amiga, but bleed when recorded onto video.
ProTitler's results are. Frankly, amateurish. If you are not too concerned about the quality of the results and don't mind an unhelpful manual then it will cope. Otherwise, avoid it.
VERDICT PURPOSE_____ To produce vldoo title* and graphics to enhance video production.
GOOD Because everything Is loaded Into memory, It doesn't hang about.
DOCUMENTATION: POOH It's written In English, but is very unhelpful and unenllghtenlng.
ACCESSIBILITY: GOOD SWISS 100 VIDEO SWISS 67 ------ SWISS 50 MIN1RW 17 swiss 37 MINI'.KVA SO MINERVA 67 « "°"2 SPORTS 80 STANDARD FONTS ABOVE: A saved picture from the demo included on the disk.
Unfortunately it misses a lot of the colours from the original. But it does give an indication of the subtlety and brightness.
Character font can be loaded that means that you can have characters with accents and umlauts las used in languages like German. French, Swedish, to name but a few).
BROADCAST TITLED 2 SUPER HICH-RES UPGRADE ¦ Available for Amiga 3000 and Amigas upgraded with new Super Denise Chip ¦ True 35 Manosetond Resolution 1472 x 480 attual pixel resolution ¦ Up to 64 Colors per page - 4 per line
• Mix 16 Color Pittures with Super Hi Res
• Converts AMIGA Fonts to Super Hi Res There's an anti-alias
function which makes the text you display look much less lagged
and pixellated.
Turning this on and off is a cinch.
The most important feature is the way that colours are used. Rather than sticking to 16 per screen the normal limit for high resolution graphics each line on-screen can use a different set of 16 colours. So hundreds of different colours can be used on the same screen: wonder upon wonders!
Unfortunately to get this performance AmigaDOS has had to be done away with. Broadcast Titler 2 will not multitask with any other program, due scrolling different areas in different directions, putting eight-colour IFF brushes onto characters it's there.
It is also possible to load 16-colour high-resolution pictures in, although if you want to mix them with text you will in fact have to stick to just eight colours.
The fact that to get the best results you have to use interlace mode is also a pain the menus are really difficult to read and cause severe eyestrain. Serves me right for not getting a decent monitor and flicker fixer, I suppose.
There are two things which help enormously when learning how to use the program. The first is there are lots of menus, and they are all kept as simple as possible. This is a better approach than cramming all the features onto a front control panel.
And here’s the second video titler on review, promising also to give professional results. Does it come up with the goods? PAT MCDONALD investigates.
Broacast Titler 2 Video Titling Software (2 MB) ¦ £ I 99 ¦ Amiga Centre 03 I 557 4242 Californian based Innovision Technology have been quietly updating their first video titling release, Broadcast Titler. Now they've released a full PAL version with more features and some bug fixes: it's pleasant to see that some companies listen to the users of their products and correct their mistakes.
For instance, one problem in the video titling area is that suffered by one of the official Commodore genlocks. A genlock, by the way, is a device that matches a video signal to the Amiga video output, and lets the video show on areas of the computer screen that are coloured with colour zero. Anyway, the Commodore A2300 genlock tends to mismatch the two images, putting the Amiga image on a different horizontal level to the incoming video picture.
Innovision have added a little offset feature to compensate for this a nice touch.
MORE ENHANCEMENT Innovlsion have produced an upgrade lor this program which makes use of the super high resolution (double normal hires) available but only if you have 1 MB of chip RAM and a new super Denise chip. Currently this is only available on the A3000 in this country, and no price has yet been decided for the upgrade.
It s interesting to note that this has been vetted by Innovision on 1.3 Kickstart Amigas fitted with a super Denise, and It worked fine. So you don t necessarily need Kickstart 2.
Having said that, the upgrade cuts down the number of colours available per line of text, from 16 to just four. Swings and roundabouts yet again.
Another point is that professional video decks synchronised to the Amiga occasionally lock the computer up when performing fast forward or rewind. There’s a new option which, when turned on, protects the Amiga from this annoying hazard. When you're finished messing about with the tape deck you can turn it off.
What's on There is a host of features to this package. First off, any standard 256 ABOVE LEFT: The number of fonts you want to use has few limitations. You can even mix text to your heart's content. Again, a lot of the colours are missing it's about time we upgraded our illustration system, to keep pace with graphics developments.
HROAIX AS I lllll k .
PROFESSIONAL CHARACTER GENERATOR FORTHE AMIGA' to the need for exact timing and synchronisation. Incidentally, this is the very same reason why most games don't multitask.
Although this is an American program, it produces a full PAL picture m interlace mode. Considering the amount of memory that this takes, it amazes me that, on a 2 MB system, up to 100 pages of titles can be stored in memory. Please note that the minimum setup to use the Broadcast Titler 2 is 2 MB of RAM and, additionally. A1000 owners also note that at least 512K of this must be chip RAM.
Using it I would be lying if I said Broadcast Titler 2 was a piece of cake. It takes a long time to learn how to use all of the many transitions and effects, but take it from me that whatever effect you want scrolling the screen in, The other helpful feature is the manual. It's a ring-bound A4 monster with a comprehensive index. So if you want some help on a particular subject, it tells you where to look.
There is an awful lot of information within it, and the design layout is not at all cluttered and takes you through the features by using a series of examples. It is one of the best manuals I’ve ever seen, but not exactly light reading.
So there you have it. A video titler that pushes the Amiga to produces really excellent titles.
Broadcast Titler 2 is definitely one for the video enthusiast who wants the highest quality possible.
VERDICT WWOM___ Professional-guallty video titler for 2 MB Amigas EXCELLENT Turning off the operating system does wonders for making programs go faster.
DOCUMENTATION: EXCELLENT The manual misses very little: an included two page addendum sheet corrects the lew ommislons.
ACCESSIBILITY: GOOD Depends on your viewing system, but the simplistic click on me’ approach helps out enormously.
SPEED: VALUE: The Most AUTHENTIC MULTI-MANAGER Football Game Has Finally Arrived After 2 Years Research 8 Development The Ultimate Game is Ready And Waiting To Test v£ur Skills FEATURES INCLUDE- Multi-Manager Game tor 1 to 4 Players Full UK and European Cup itinary including FA League. Zenith Data. Leyland Daf.
European Cup Winners and UEFA Cups All Cup matches are played to the precise rules eg 2 Leg Ties. Extra Time. Away Goal Rule. Seeded Draws. Penalties, etc Complete league line up with 201 st division teams and 24 m the 2nd. 3rd and 4th.
End of season Play-offs with expulsions All team surnames are the real ones for all 92 clubs (CURRENT 89 90 SEASON) Historic Records are maintained for 6 seasons with the ability to call up all previous results against your next opponent A Lively Transfer Market to Buy and Sell Players with an end of season deadline Player Loans. Free Transfers with Approach 8 Offers on players or trainees.
Managers can be sacked or offered jobs at better teams All screens are updated very quickly and displayed in a pleasant format, which is easy to use and comfonable to read High quality PRINTER facilities also exist Complete Instructions, for the beginner, are provided in a 16 page booklet.
And would you believe it doesn't stop there3 We have included many other fine details which are just impossible to list in this space They include all the regular features you would expect like loading 8 saving your game, player injuries plus much, much more The most genuine implementation of a Football Managers hectic season awaits you for only £19 95 COMPUTING The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3EY Tel: 0903 850378 TOP TITLES HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION Robocop.
II. Indiana Jones 4 Great titles only £23.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade with
switch £29.99 £34.99 with clock FULLY GUARANTEED BLANK DISKS

3. 5" DSDD High quality disks by Sony guaranteed 1 od% error free
(price includes labels!
10 for 6.90 50 for 29.50 100 for 49.00 Head Cleaning Kit - 3.99
18 99
4. JAMES POND .18 99 5 KICK OFF 2 ..... 18 99 6
2 .18 99
.27 99 11 SUBBUTEO ...... .18 99
12. TURTLES ...... 18 99
13. WINGS (1 MEG) 22 99 BARGAIN BASEMENT (Limited
stocks available) Archipelagos ....6.99
Menace .6.99 Baal ......6.99
Passing Shot.....10.99 Ballistix .6.99
Raider 9.99 Cloud Kingdom 6.99 Space
Harrier 2 ...6.99 Doctor Fruit ......4.99 Spy Vs
Spy ...4.99 Gravity ..4.99 Wipe
Out ......6.99 Hammerfist ......9.99
Yolander 9.99 QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN • ONLY £1.25
Please send s.a.e. for list THESE ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE BY MAIL
ORDER ONLY - NO VISITORS PLEASE Prices include postage and
packing on orders ot £10.00 or greater, please add 50p tor
orders below £10.00. Goods will normally be despatched by
lirsl class post within 24 hours, (subject to availability).
In the event ot a problem or query then please conlact us on
the above telephone number The telephone is manned between
6pm and 10pm Monday-Saturday and an answering service is
available al all olher limes. Faulty software will only be
exchanged with the same title ¦ no refunds will be given. All
prices are subject to change without notice. Please make
cheques payable lo- Seasofl Computing.
F ST USER Review May 1990 Ratings (Out of 10) Playability 8, Value For Money 9 8c Overall 8 Take Your Team To The Top And Win The Double.Or Are You Good Enough To Win The Quadruple Crown. Never Yet I Achieved By A League Team Manager.
Available for the Amiga & All Atari ST's. PC Version Coming Soon.
MAIL ORDERS Send £19.95. Guaranteed Cheque Postal Order Cr ESP Software.
1 r 32B Southchurch Road.
V Southend-on-Sea.
» v Essex SS1 2ND.
.:7V|;. please allow ’c davs to clear unguar, NON UK SURFACE DELIVERY PLEASE ADD f edit Card Details to: AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH Cleared Funds ONLY AN1EED CKOUES 00 AIRMAIL ADD £2 00 TELEPHONE ORDERS (0702 600557 rax (0702) 613747 ™ UUVJJ Oul Of hours Answe'Phone mm Seventeen Bit Software THAT BIT BETTER THAN THE REST PO Box 97 Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 1XX Tel: (0924) 366982 Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm Fri & Sat 9am-5.30pm Question: Why are we the best?
Answer: Experience Quality Service Price 17 Bit Software are one of the longest established Public Domain suppliers. Over the years we have received literally thousands of Public Domain disks from all over the world. Our experience in this field has led to probably the largest collection of quality Public Domain that is available, our disks are full of quality PD because only the best is placed in our library. Because of the success we enjoy we now employ five full time Amiga enthusiasts to ensure that the 17 Bit library remains the best. Add to this two dedicated telephonists to take your
orders and we can provide a service second to none.
If the combination of Experience. Quality and Service is not what you are looking for. But PRICE is. Then consider the following packs:- EACH PACK INCLUDES FREE MEMBERSHIP Animation Pack (1 Meg Only) A collection of 10 disks that really show off the outstanding graphics capabilities of the Amiga. This pack includes the superb ray traced magician animation and 3 brand ew stealthy demos. A definite for I Meg Amiga owners.
Fantasy Art Contains 10 disks tilled with breathtaking fantasy slides in the Dungeons & Dragons tradition.
Due to the nature of these disks however, some pictures may be a little risque.
Pack Contains some of the best digitised graphics and sound demos to be found. Includes hits such as Phil Collins' Genesis and the song Stay' from Dirty Dancing.
Also included is some fantastic ray traced art Intros Pack This outstanding pack delivers the goods that you would expect from 17 Bit. 10 disks bursting with all the latest and greatest demos from some of the more well known groups in the world. One to impress vour friends!!!!
Equivalent to j 7 9 P Disk THE DISKS IN THESE PACKS HAVE NOT APPEARED IN PREVIOUS 17 BIT PACKS Each leti disk pack costs just £7.90. If paying by cheque please make cheques payable to 17 Bit Software. A payment by Access Visa or Switch can be made via the telephone number above or by letter quoting the card number valid from and expiry dates, and in the case of Switch the card's issue number.
Prices Include Postage & V.A.T. 100% ERROR FREE WITH LABELS Smtvxt SHAREWARE £ and DCMAIN c e - £16x50 (far Commodore Amiga) 'feu are amriM up tn 5 d ski - £3.00 each 6 to 9 dkk. - £2.75 «dr ZL, 10 or mare - £2.50 each anmher FRPP. If tuymg 10) you rfmld rvgwttr rf jm Orereeaa add 10% to total far poatage cmtixe id it SOFTVnJF.
A a member erf the Aaxuixr erf 9rarra«ie Send £1 for 110 page catalogue (refundable) or free with order These are bnef descnphons. Disks may contain much more ?
Quantity DS DD DS HD 10 £4.25 £7.95 20 £7.75 £15.25 25 £9.95 £17.50 30 £11.25 £21.00 35 £12.95 £25.00 40 £14.25 £28.50 45 £15.95 £31.25 50 £17.25 £34.50 100 £33.95 £67.30 Full no quibble replacement guarantee 100 Capacity Boxes £6.75 Other boxes stocked Credit Card Orders: 071 920 Cheques Payable to: DataGEM Limited 1 Paul Street LONDON EC2A 4JJ
E. M.P.D.L. Amiga ST P.D. Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm EMPDL.
STARTER PACK. A 3 disk collection ot the most useful utilities
inc. Word Processor. Text Editor. Oatabase Spreadsheet, etc
EMPDL. BUSINESS PACK. A 4 disk collection ol utilities with
the small business user in mind Includes Accounts Stock
Control Etc. TV GRAPHICS A 2 disk set ol backgrounds and lonts
tor video enthusiasts VIDEO APPLICATIONS. A 2 disk set ot
video utilities to accompany TV Graphics SMOVIE. A utility to
display a text tile on video in many ways FLEXI BASE. The most
versatile database around DADDYKINS 7. Disk salvage DFODF1
Plus virus checkers and boot utilities DADDYKINS 8. Probably
the only word processor disk you will ever need SPELL
CHECKERS. A 2 disk collection ot spelling checkers ZC. A "C"
compiler based on the ST Sozobon C compiler Fully functional.
"C" MANUAL. A 3 disk complete "C" manual Over 200 pages plus 70 examples AMIGA EDUCATION SET. A 5 disk collection ot educational programs tor the 14* LEARN AND PLAY. A 2 disk set tor the younger members ot the family STAR TREK. TOBIAS RICHTER VERSION. The very best version available AMERICAN STAR TREK. Excellent but needs 1 Meg and 2 drives THE HOLY GRAIL. Excellent text adventure THE GOLOEN FLEECE. Another excellent text adventure DRAGONS CAVE. A brilliant 12 Meg game using the ‘Dungeon Master" graphics FISH GAMES SET. A 5 disk collection ot the best games trom Fred Fish.
TBAG GAMES, l disk with 8 ot the best games trom the TBAG collection.
LAUREL AND HARDY. An excellent 2 disk demo (needs 1 Meg and 2 drives) JERRY LEE LEWIS. Great balls of fire demo KYLIE MINOGUE. A 2 disk demo ot Kylie's best liked records STUDIO MUSIC. A 2 disk set 28 tracks including "I should be so lucky" THRASH DEMO. A very good demo tor all the Thrash tans SOFTViLLE COMPUTER SUPPLIES Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville.
UGAKE3 - LHQO. BALLY NQHT WORKS SOF68 - CLASSC cartVBoard games SOF7B - PAEMAN the at Ome cTassc SOFU7 - EMPRE GRAXWAFtS. RANCH etc SOF1IB - QRJUAT TACK. BULLRLH. WORLD SOF396 - TTKHtS. Shareware vers tkfleg) S0F50I - 2doks C5 STARTREK txMant m version tlmeg 2DRIVEsl SOFS30 - Skyflght Bleed. Inot *137) FF357 - EMPRE new version mXtr-player game Keyboard or modem I T347 - DRParcade style game. Qootf FF320 - AMOACGA smiar to Hack FF312 - CHHACHALLENGF.. shanghai game.
MOONBASE knar lander FF259 - Escape From Jem tast action game.
™l»-tevate PICTURES SEX20 - NASA DtQFVEW slides H pice SOFTS - SAM FOX SLDESHOAt n her usual stite ol dress' SOF90 - Bora Vetengo a FANTASY PCS 3 SOFloa - PAOE3 PICTURES Selection ol good ttgibsed pcs SEX7147 - FANTASY prefixes these are the BEST you'I see!
SEX7149 - TIE ADVENTURE CONTHUES sideshow ol the SpaceShutte SEX7197 - BARBARIAN lattes, tatxtousty drawn pictures.
FFT96 - the absolute BEST scanned pic's you I ever see!
LANGUAGES FF35I - PDC. Pitrtdy dstnbutable C. complete system FF347 - CUFtSEXI. 3pass AmgaBASIC compter FF340 - NORTHC. C ermtorment based on SozobonC FF339 - PCQ. Sell conptrg RkSCAL compter FF337 - CUANUAL. Complete C manual 6 70 source examples FF3I4 - A6QK. Assembler ZC. C compter cample re FF247 - ASSEUTEXX.S 140 routines lor POWERPACKER PROFESSIONAL The commercial (and only legal) version of this fabulous compression utility from UGA. Faster more efficient and better than ever and available ONLY from us!
£7:99 cip&p Idealer enquiries welcome) asembtrry programmers Fft40 - StoneyBrooh FROLOG - needs both daks tbekxet FFI4I - Dak two ot abrwe SCX7184 ¦ MOOLI A 2 conptet complete with documentation SEX549 - ARP 13. Complete with hi documentator APOC2S - FORTH MOOLLAZ LISP S LOQO MUSIC A MIDI SEXIO - MEXuti MEHZ PANlZCZtOl CZL • DkACS MEX songs SEXT1t - ikmtrede ot new netruments for CZ synths SEX282 - 2tksks - Nooe Soundtracker set FF34Q - NED VZ Musical edkot - very good CLASSIC DEMONS TRATIONS SEXT3 - Fred the Baker Roaea Flower Shop SEX7 - TIE PROBE shown on TV!
SEX34 - FKXZKER K At NAFX AS. BERSERK SEX70 - BOHOL SPROHQL JUOQLER TV SOF154 - EL QATO. RED BARON Iimegl SEX 219 - 2 dak Zmeg vers on ol tie WALKER demo IC5I SEX 254 - kneg version WALKER demo SOE255 - kneg version ol WALKERZ SEX 4L4 ¦ PUOOS H SPACE, cute enmehon very we t done SEX 546 - FRACTAL FLIQhn tknegl SEX467 - NEWTEK demo reet3. New production tZdaks dnves. Knag f51 UTILITIES A TEXT HANDLERS FF375 - TEXTPLUS word processor FF326 - ANALYTICALC lor nunencel ene ysa. Nctudes spreadsheet etc. SEX500 - 7dak set ol CLP ART ICI51 FF3IS - AMVAFOX. Text processor with greptkc ladkea.
FF2Z6 - JAZZBERCH muttr-taskMig wbench FF2K) - CALC, saenhkcTptogrammer calc ATVC23 • Word processor 2 spei checkers. 4 databases SOEI5 - CLP ART DISK tor pagesettor SEX17 - Roy Tracxng Conatrucbon Set SCXZ1 - CLP ART DISK lor Ptveeetter PAH48 - WOFVWRIOHT word processor SEX 123 - MCAD amga CAD program SEXI26 ¦ UETXl maraxJate your Nee m SEXtm - Coamopottan FONTS lor Dp art SEXtro - FANCY FONTS m above SEX I7I - Pltt tSltHS FI3NTS as above SEX 172 - VkRKDUS FONTS as above SEXI91 - ARENDER v3. Ray trace package SEX240 - CIXT SOLACE DISK 26 utktos fka we have 12 oksks ol UQA utihee. M ol at
those 'hard to get' utihee PLUS we stock the FULL RANGE of FRED FISH disks (currently to 420). APD.C. Slipped Disk. FAUG. Tbag collections and are EXCLUSIVE distributors of the famous United Graphic Artists collection (9am - 10pm) 0 3 0 4 NEW AMIGA OWNERS START HERE WHAT IS PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE?
Public domain software comes from 8 mam sources The first is where someone has written a usefii little utifcty, which is of use to the writer and hence almost certainly of use to other Amiga users, but has no commercial value The second is from enthusiastic Amiga owners who just k ve to show off ther coding prowess, possibly to impress their mates, to prove to a software house their ability to code graphics, or Just give pleasure to thousands of other Amiga enthusiasts In the early days, much of the PD left a tot to be desired, but these days there are many fantastic utilities, games and
demos which, at a nominal cost can bnng many hours of pleasure, and there is now a veritable army of PD collectors All true PD is without copyright and can be freely copied and used as you want, providing you adhere to any conditions stated on the disk PD distributors should not make a profit on the disk, but charge on the service they provide NBS provides one of the best and most f very i st helpful services available today, but please don't take my word for it, try us1 If you have just acquired your Amiga, we recommend the following disks, which will either amaze, amuse, or be i useful. NBS
disks are divided into the following groups D 146 RSI MEGADEMO One of the best ever demo disks (2 DISKS) D 153 PUGGS IN SPACE A brilliant cartoon demo, yet to be bettered D 180 SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER Brill Music and graphics D 186 COMA DEMO Flashy acid demo, together with more great demos * D 190 RSI CEBfT DEMO Terrific demo, with the best ever music * D 033 TOMSOfT TRIP TO MARS Vector graphics with a theme • D 034 BUD8RAIN MEGADEMO Our No1 title' Fantastic and funny, but contain some X-rated cartoons may offend1 (2 dnks) D 091 FILLET THE FISH Similar to PUGGS, but not as good, SOU bni D 315
UNREAL DEMO A game demo to show off some great graphics X 110 FRAXKDN HORROR Great cartoon graphic demo of nasty stuff M 005 MAHONEY & KAKTUS Bnlliant muse disk M 030 DIGITAL CONCERT 2 Over 12 mins of mixed house muse M 070 CRUSADERS BACTERIA Stunning sound and graphics M 170 NEWTRONS MUSK DISK HEADBANGER You will not believe this'!
G 107 STAR TREK GAME Good graphe adventure, Best with 1 meg (2 disks) G 109 BUZZARD Good horizontal Shoot ’em Up G 133 PD GAMES COMPO Good selection toe Welltnx and Breakout G 136 DRIP Very tncky painter type game Almost commercial quality' G 137 THE TURN and TRKKY A couple of good puzzle games by Peter Handel G 138 MARBLE SUDC A cross between Ppemama and sluing blocks Great!!
U 220 SC A good utifcty to take the hard work out of CU U 292 fCS SPEEDBEnCH A faster toadng workbench, plus some handy utilities U 225 AMEASE a good database Start a disk catalogue now U 226 RAZOR TOCXDISK A comprehensive set of mixed utilities, me Virus Killers, copier, cfcsc fixers Not all for novices!
• Compilation disks which contain other demos requiring 1 Meg of
This s onfy a small selection of our library All the above disks will work on a basic A500 Many more disks, including disks for expanded Amigas can be found on our catalogue and magazine disk, which is the belt presented, currently available from anywhere" See elsewhere on this advert for details on how to obtain your copy.
WE ALSO SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING 0115 0 916 0917 0290 0229 0 223 0 224 0 225 0 234 0 235 0 236 0 237 0 238 0 939 0 377 0 380 D 381 0 382 0 386 0 390 0 537 0 545 0 546 D 547 D 548 0 549 D 555 D 557 0 559 0 560 0 561 D btl 0 563 VISA (2 MEG 9 DISKS) (2 MEG 9 DISKS) (2 MEG 3 DISKS) (3 MEG 2 DISKS) Animabor Animation Ananabon NEED MORE DETAILS: NBS PD UPDAn 6 IS NOW AVAILABLE! To otxain your copy, please send a stamped seif ddressed envelope (mm size 9* x 6*land 50p Pah' you say, why should I send 50p’ Because its more than just a list Each new disk in the library has been given a full review, plus
the magazine part of the catalogue contains hints and tips, articles, wn a colour monitor and 5 memory upgrades, and much more We wanted to stop it, but our customers said NO' NBS Is a well established mail order company, using commercial duplicating equipment In the last 10 months we haw processed over 11,000 orders We provide THE BEST mail order service available, and we haw kteraffy hundreds of letters from customers pr»ng our service, many of them complaming about other P0 libraries if you are paying owr the odds, land many of you are) or waibng weeks try KS SUPSTWAM GARflllD OcmO Piccy*
pkjt great Meeo* GctDfW m£GADCmO Great little M«ga VouR low the red kiung ips SCOOPEX CHROMIUM - 3r* oemo from one of the o«t put 5 mow PUSSY INNERSWP - lsxauW demo Great GfX p*rt puzzte ana same WTUmON DEMOS (1 MEG) A good compact *wn a great demo by IpecEKC RAZOR 1911 BEST DemOS 1988 TO 1990 - a coiecbon of Razors best PAH' SIMPLE STUFF VOL 1 NBS CompHaOon 5 demo* ncluckng Tropical Sunset and Coke PAH' SIMPLE STUFF VOL 2 - NBS Demo compo me crusaders cnefex.
Yeat CRIONiCS TOTAL DESTRUCTION (1 MEG) Some great effects BUD6RAIN MEGADEMO 2 Very popular at the recent show INDY 500 GAME DEMO Non playable demo of the game HORIZON MEGADEMO (1 MEG) Includes best ray traced an«n ever’ SOC BRIGADE BOXER Good Mega type demo swtv GAME DEMO PiayaOK demo of tho great game GOLDfKE ULTIMATE FX Tns youp continues to mprow" REBELS MEGADEMO (1 MEG) Better late than never* Well rrpressne ANARCHY PRESENTS 0EXX PARTY DEMOS l Recent good demos ANARCHY SmOKER ComPXAIIOn And some more' NEWTEK DYNAMIC H-RES SU0C5HOW (1 m£G) p*cys from the ads AOOAMS FamAY SUDESHOW Coiecoon
from the cirft senes FRAXION FANTASY SUOESMOW Great presentation great cxcys DESERT ISIANO SUDESHOW Coiection of good pccy* BIOOOSPORT SUDESHOW for oner** iports fang' IM CORRUPTION-NAPALM DEATH SUDESHOW HcaW EPIC GAME DEMO Get tNs disk for amazing grapfbes ord sound If the game s half as good get that too i 1 MEG) JET FIGHTER ANIm Similar to The Btfi, but far far better (1 MEG) AGATRON ANIM 10 Enterprise leaving dock Superb (1 MEG) STEVES ANIM No 1 Some super utile anirm Haw a look STEVES ANIM No 2 More cute little anirm I low em AGATRON ANIM FLEET MANOEUVRE (1 MEG) Totxas best yet Very
impressive BATMAN THE MOVIE ANIMATION (1 MEG) Good flKiny cartoon movie' DYNAMITE ANIMATIONS 3 1 MEG) Good coAecOon of arvms MAGICIAN AND JOGGER ANIMATIONS (1 m£G ) Ray traced anms CAR A UMCVCLE ANIMATION 1 MEG) anan. A nxj* for fans' STEVES AZAMS 3 ( 1 MCGi More of these cute we arxms STEVES AZAMS 4 (1 MEG from Stew Packer (as featured STEVES AfAMS 5 1 MEG) last month ) P 001 2 WALKER DEMO 1 P 003 4 WALKER DEMO 2 P 00*67 LOST H SPACE P 0089 THE SENT1NAL (jif mcmor».
P 01 (Yt I HLAOfdCK ANIM P 01214 STATION AT KHERN MUSIC M 183 DCXION MUSIC Some great computer muse M 197 GROOVE G H THE HEART Good re-mo; of chart Nt M20O19SAE AMAZUG TUKS 2 3 DISKS 1 MEG) Sipcm1 Sho*wo« ef M903 BANGING RAVES 9f« ENCOUNTER long super noute mo M 211 BLOODSUCKERS MASS COMPENSATES THE BRAJN Wei I presented M212 MAG FRIDS CUP FESTIVAL Another huge coBectmn M 2167 RAF MEGA MIX 2(2 DtSK SET) Good d akty muwc mo m 220 SRKXCO MOOfJLES DISK i face presentaoon and good sounds UTILITIES U 103 ULTIMATE VWUS KALES Updated now knows 105 wusei U 104 MEGA VWUS BOOT LOCK 0715 Huge collection
of anb-wu* too* U 220 Sto-THI ULTIMATE CU UTR TY Thats what it says' U 251 NORTH C V1 2 Latest much reijjested wmon U 254 PASCAL ComPRER Hmmm Somethmg for the CO*d winter rwghts U 262 A-GENE. FANCY TREE) (1 MEG.' Trace ytxe hatory U 266 C-UGMT (i m£G) Recency praaed ra. Tracng M vwffiy par more’) U 267 ELECTROCAO OemO (1 MEG) Orcut Oayam design tool No saw n demo U 280 LABEL P«NTER Heps pnr* »oie ciatom labels U 283 SUDESHOW CONSTRUCTION OT Put yot* dy pccy m a sKJeshow U 284 MESSV-OOSd MEG) Port data rues bet-een AnagaST PC U 287 MED 9 13 Latest update U 289 PORHYTHmS (1 m£G) Do feei good
today’ TN* w« te» you’ U 290 S10 VI 6 Requested rrprcrwd wrvon U 306-U319 Clp Art CoRccDon of dp art for DTP etc U 505 to U508 SOUNDTRACKER SAMPLE DISKS h-stnxnent dnfcs U 509 SOUNOTRACKER SAMPLE DtSK BEATS BREAKS! Great for house tracks' With so many daks n ou kdrary * s npossAW to list them ail here We haw many new daks conwig n ewry dar. So you see a dak featured m these pages, and we dom mt «. Yw us a cafl GAMES G 141 MAYHEM GAME FROm EnSXjNLA Soaccshp m cawms. Theky butaddctrw G 142 PD GAMES ComPO 3 Great Pacman plus 2 others G 143 JEOPARDY ;l MEG) vervon of the board game Rw' G 153
TRAJNSH (1 MEG) Voi cnwi Ciactoam Jencbon’ G 154 8ATTUFORCE (1 mEG Strategy dart* game G 155 SU8CULTURE GAME OemO -Pnwteware LewM erf a good honzontw s*y smooth machm* coded, scroRng shoot cm« f you We the game buy from author* FISH, T-BAG, AMD AMOS DISKS NSS now has m stock atxnd 410 FISH DISKS. 46 T-BAGS and 100 »s» from the AMOS PO U8RARY* Sec update 6 for fiather detaks PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PO PAYABLE TO NBS AND SEND TO: NBS, 132 GUNVILLE ROAD, NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT PO30 5LH.
TELEPHONE (0983) 529S94 FAX (0983) 821599 Or t you haw a Credit card you can phone or fax your order to us Please remember to include 60p towards postage and packing to total order All orders (up to 3kg) despatched by first class post, please add 30p for recorded delivery OAJI used postage stamps donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS We already have many satisfied customers from such places as Australia, New Zealand, America, Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan!, Africa, even the Faulkland Islands, and, of course, all over Europe.
All orders sent by Ak Mail For European orders please add 25p per disk. World Orders add 50p per disk International payments by Credit Card, British Postal Orders, Eurocheque, any cheque with a UK cashing address, or even cash (Registered letter).
100 cap Lockable Storage Boxes £7 95 10 cap Library Cases £125 Star LC10 Pmter Ribbons Black £3 30 ......Colour £5 75 Star LC2410 Printer Ribbons Black £4 95 Crizen Swift 24 1200 Printer Ribbon Black £4 95 Contriver replacement mouse £24 95 Amiga 3 5‘ External Dnws £64 95 512K Ram Upgrades £39 95 Mouse mats (soft, boxed* £2 65 Disk Labels (wrap round) 30 for £1 00 200 for £5 00 1000for £1500 Exdusrw Nrght-Cat Picture labels 15 for £100...... 100 for £5.00 Sony unbranded disks (officially imported by Sony UK) 60p each 100 for £45 00 Pnce includes labels Unbranded Disks (various manufacture) 49p
each, 100 for £40.00 AH pneti include VAT Please remember 60p posta$ e per order WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN 3 Great Competitions in Update 6 Magazine Prixcs on offer art:, A colour monitor, S Half meg upgrades, A years subscription to a leading Amiga magasinc.
See elsewhere in this advert for details of how to obtain your copy.
WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN ordepIngdetaIls- Another adventurous journey of exploration into the universe of free software.
PAT MCDONALD is your guide to taking a walk on the serious side, while MAFF EVANS dons hip street-attitude clothes and checks out the Demos.
AMIFX 2 (1 MEG) AMIGANUTS The Amiga Fractal Exchange is still alive and well. The second set of three disks contains five still pictures and two animations of fractal graphics sets. One of the latter. Wolf's Dust, shows well what one of the pitfalls of generating fractals.
The problem is that fractals are inherently infinite. Researchers were rather surprised to find black interference patterns in a fractal under extreme magnification.
These patterns are in fact caused by truncating the numbers generated by the program, and cause black whirls something like a set of fingerprints.
The AMIFX is run from America by a guy called Cade Roux. It's good to see enthusiasm growing in this still theoretical area of computers.
WORD FACTORY AMOS PD LPD10 What a stunner. This is a simple educational program designed to help young children learn to spell.
Heavy emphasis is placed on how words are actually made up, and the program uses joystick input only (a good idea mice take a while to get to grips with).
Words of four, five or six letters can be tested on. The word is displayed for five seconds, and must then be assembled again from letters. A right answer lets you continue: a wrong one redisplays the word and invites you to have another go.
Word Factory is special because it’s the prettiest, best- designed educational software that I’ve ever seen. Detailed, brightly-coloured pictures are used to give the illusion that it’s all for a purpose: the letters are all picked up with a fork lift truck and then made into a load to be transported out of the factory.
Well done to the programmer, Delwynn Farr.
CAP.LOCKING CASEiS 95 10x3 5 D S D D 1 3 S T P 1 £
5. 50 20x3.
S DS DD 1 3 5 T P 1 £ 9 95 30x3.
S ' OS D D 1 3STPI £ 14 50 4 0x3.
S ' DS DD 1 3STPI £ 19 00 S 0 x 3 .
S DS DD 1 3STPI £23 5 0 10 0 * Call 4 Discount Guaranteed, c w labels !
; ..... 598 BAHLEFORCE Sue*?' Strategy game «
156. ' 157 ALL NEW STARTR£K Get mts One ' 597 JEPAROV The gome on
me Amiga 596 COLOSSAL ADVENTURE ana World 595 .ARCADE 80ARO
8 CARD GAMES 594 MONOPOLY Pkjy it on yoa Arrvga 571 TREASURE
ISLAND Great tc* « * 1 567 FRANTIC FREDDIE The 0*0 64 Game ¦
561 CC GAMES Co*iec*on ot Gomes 472 ED-209 Shoot Turtles
Batman . More 44e PACMAN 67 The Old DasS*C 447 RECREATION
GAMES Otherllo etc 446 BIONIX Great PD Shoot Em up 283
PSEUDO COP Shoot Em up 282 POPEVE LCD GAME Vos well Frmm 280
Only AMIGA BUSINESS P D 593 BANKiN Handles your account!
592 WORDWRlGHTAMlGASPEll Wcxdpro 591 GBASE 4 SPREAD databaso 590 CLERK A C*e V program 7 i dont Know 589 JOURNAL Keep frock of your Bank 1 496 VlSiCALC Great spreadsheet' 495 RiM DATABASE Powe*Nx PC DataBase 358 UEDtT WOROPROCESSOR cmd more 434 AmtBASE A s*TOe 8 f eid DataBase 179 FLEXiBASE Smpte database 178 ANYiYTiCALC Good Spreadsheet U t I L S 602 ElECTROC AD DEMO PCB Designer 600 C-LlGHT PD version ot ray Irace prog 505 MAC CLIPART Great for DTP etc 494 ARP I 3 ArrugaDos Repiocomenf Prog 466 467 468 CountOCh ChpArt More DTP 464 SozoDon C - With ZC.A68K Asm 460 ICOMMANIA Brilliant Icon
Uf*S disk 378 379 380 C MANUAL (CLI) Just SuperD 377 NORTH C • Compiler for the Amga 356 MESS*DOS PC file rood'Write fo disks 354 SID I 6 The cesf Directory Utihfy GET H 345 346 VIDEO APPL Fonts Ums and more 340 JAZZBENCh Flashy Workbench "• 127 128 TV GRAFFix Fonts and BockOOps 114 iNTROMAKER creates scro»v demos 118 NOISETRACKEP 2 0 latest verson Mol 119 120 ST-01 ST-02 Sompies Oiks 122 123 ST-90 ST-91 Now Samples c*sks 1J 7 FUTURE COMPOSER Chip mus»C mokei 459 JAMCRACKER Greot Soauencer 485 STARTREKKER 8 Channels " with MID 490 GAMES MUSIC CREATOR 126 FISH 300 Real time pitch convortor
AMIGA MUSIC 567 CHIP MUSIC FESTIVAL Lovely Sounds ' 566 RAF MEGA Mix I Great megomi.
574 ECLIPSE MUSIC Superb Rtpped Songs 572 NEWTRONS MB me the HeodBarge* 1 569 DMOB MUSIC 3 Another Great Trock 562 MANIACS Of NOSE Games Mus-c 556 VOGUE GETPACK 2 lOveN rrvrt cisi.
544 BANGiNG RAVES W *d Rave muvc 1 542 SILENTS FULl POWER House it up "" 532 CRUSADERS FEW TUNES Awesome ' 531 CAPTURED IMAGINATION by 4-Mat 529 TECHNOTRONIX MEGAMIX The song 424 SOUND Of SILENTS Get thij one 286 REBELS MEGABlAST Great tracks 245 SCOOPEX BEAST from iho gamo 242 100 C-64 TUNES Romomt ei the 64 7 227 JARRE DOCKLANDS Music and slides 425 DIGICONCERT 6 12 minutes of House 225 DIGICONCERT 5 The Power Touch Me 224 DIGICONCERT 4 lerfaK ar a more 223 DIGICONCERT 3 Anomer 12 Mins 'I 186 DIGICONCERT 2 This is Groat as well' 220 221 DMOB 4 Ten supe»D House Tra« 218 KEFRENS JUKEBOX Great
mus*: ask 133 CRUSADERS BACTERtA A Class* Get it 612 ULTIMATE Fx pv GokdNe v Good 6C8 CRUSADESRS Jan 01 Eurocho*’ ' 606 CRUSADERS do Genesis 1 BnBont' 601 HORtZEN MEGADEMO Vummy Stuff • 164 MENTAL HANGOVER St* the BEST ii'« 583 584 MAXIMUM OO Superb Vectors I 563 CULT MEGADEMO ? Vory Impressive 549 SAE 56 CryptoDurnor HE ISO demo I" 546 FRAXION FUTURE VISIONS Got Thrs» 545 SPACE DEURIA Dy Crusodors BRIUIANT 540 TROPICAL SUNSET and more stuff 530 ANARCHY MADNESS • more demos 512 DEEP SEA DEMO by Inturtion £04 NETWORK PARTYPACK Great ¦ 473 WRATH Of DEMON DtMO 453 EpiC PREVIEW This »s Wicked Get
it * 445 4-MAT CES MUSIC Great musrc Osk 437 ANARCHY CES PACK More demos 426 CrtONlCS NEVERWHERE Just Superb ' 257 CR»ONlCS DEMO wrth Madonna » 423 COOL FRIDGE Plasma demos Fx 258 CANDYLANO 11 Lots of GREAT demos 254 TRIP TO MARS Fab vector gt« demo 252 253 BUDBRAIN DEMO I Hjanous ¦" 142 143 DEMO PACK 3 Ceb*f90 Coma 109 110 DEMO PACk 2 107 Vongelis Demo I Meg Great 101 102 DEMO PACK I Brill Old demos » MORE DEMOS ARRIVING ALL THE TIME SO GIVE US A RING IF YOU WAN1 THE LATEST STUFF 570 NIK WILLIAMS BROADCAST Superb " urn 520 TOTAL PECAn Shoes from me Hm 493 VAX PICTURE SHOW Great 491 SPACEPCS
Nee Dpant oc es 488 TRAVELLER SLO€SmOW very good 484 COLOR CYCLES Great Cpon* stuf 463 COUNTACH D Fantasy Art jhow 462 COUNT ACH I Fantasy Art ihow 461 FLINTST ONES ' Wikno and [rea ' : c tk u 454 NIGHTBREED Spooky shoes from fum 205 AGATRON 8 SUDES Bnn spoceo Vdes 200 ROGER DEAN SLIDES Digitised ham 191 FORGOHON REALMS Nice Fantasy 183 NAGEL PICTURE SHOW H.-Res Arty 158 AGATRON 6 SLIDES Totally Brikant ¦ 139 REAL 3D SUDES Thts is Superb ' 137 130 SILENTS SLIDESHOW Bnruant l 134 135 DIVINE VISIONS Mere fantasy AMIGA ANIMATIONS 578 579 580 STATION AT KHERNE 2 MEG 557 TIME WARP Demo frcrr
Oogons La* * 508 BUSY BEE fab •av-'roce an-m • 474 5PACECHASE G*eat xxxed onen 1 458 STAR TREK FLEET MAN *he BEST ' • 457 TRCN SPACESHP More Dy T Richter * 456 STEALTHY 2 Cutsev Jet fighter Anm • 455 LOTUS JET POOL T RiCht* 512K Arvms 452 ENT LEAVING DOCK Another CGSVC * 212 STAR TREK Grea* 51?K or»m» By TR 198 THE RUN The lotus car chase * 192 WALKER N Hehcoopter Attocks Walker- 398 FRACTAL FLIGHT Flight thru a Vattey * 207 LUXO TNGR Funny lamp onim * 206 NEWTONS CRADlE An arr-ga classic ¦ 112 SPACESHIP Zooming round a globe * 106 JUGGLER EL GATO Groal Anims * 104 HAPPY MAN plus foa more 512K
• 80CAPACITY BOX '‘,I2K l,AM tXPANSIO £27.95 £32.95 PD UPDATE
Demos Corner Picture if you will...a young man like any other
is sitting at home with his Amiga.
The machine has a hold over his waking hours. He can’t get enough graphics or music to satisfy him. But money is tight.
What can he do. Maybe he’ll find his answer in the strange area we know as...the PD.
USA V IRAQ PD SOFT DISK 1021 Rather topical at this time, what?
This amusing little cartoon was put together in December last year before the hostilities began, but it has managed to come out at an opportune moment nonetheless. Even if you think it’s in a little bad taste, try and ignore this quibble and have a look. It caused a few chortles around here!
AGATRON ANIMATIONS PREMIER PD DISKS 333 AND 337 Two more animation sequences by that German pixel master. The subject matter is that classic Star Trek and a nice helicopter. A couple of excellently done clips.
MORE AEROTOONS 17-BIT DISK 808 The Stealthy cartoon series of demos are now becoming near classics. This disk contains a few more in the series, with the same brilliant cartoon jets in some hilarious situations. If you haven't seen any of the series so far, then this would be a great place to start. Try it for a good laugh.
¦Mr £ MORE WEIRD LITTLE ANIMS NBS DISKS 561 AND 563 Two more collections of short animations that brought the little bubble-headed hero Chuck to our screens. Four more Chuck adventures are on the disks, along with some rather strange clips featuring a psychotic snowman and a cool and froody Coke can strutting his stuff. Not the most technically advanced pieces ever seen, but cute and enjoyable nonetheless.
WORK AND PLAY AMOS PD LPD11 This is a set of three educational programs, again to help young children with simple tasks.
Funtimes Table is a little bit like Snakes and Ladders, except that getting the answers right to multiplication questions gets you around the board. Two people can play the game, which makes it far more competitive.
Let's go Shopping is more down to earth. A shop counter is displayed, and the computer asks questions like if oranges cost 7p, then how many can I buy for 35p?'. The answer is selected with the mouse.
The graphics and style are excellent, but there does not seem to be any way of correcting wrong answers a pity.
The last game Click Clock helps you practice telling the time on both digital and analogue clocks (those with a face and hands). Again the presentation is excellent. The programmer, Sparx, has made a fair effort and three educational programs on NORTH C V1.3 AMIGANUTS The latest update on Steve Hawtms' introductory C language is finally out.
There is not a great deal that is new here it now comes on two disks, instead of three, which is handier. There have also been some bug fixes, and a rather rudimentary attempt at making the whole thing interrupt sensitive. If you do want the cheapest full version of C then indeed look no further than here.
What is Public Domain?
Public Domain Software is simply software that is allowed to be copied freely since the authors have decided to share their programs with all users For this reason software can be grouped together on disks which are sold at an equal price depending on now many you buy When you buy any of the disks on the page you may copy and give them to anyone1 Each cksk has a code number whch s denoted with tf4s symbol • what foiows the code number is a bnef discretion of what s on the dsk Al the programs are fuly working and most come with docxmenatcn on the disk We wil also give as much support as e
reasonable [ APPLICATION I
• • AMPi - Home Business Pack Uedit the easy to use
wordprocessor. Visicalc and VC 2 spreadsheets. RIM and Jbase
databases and Amiga Spelt the spelt checker etc 3 disks only
• FFISH 195 Micro Emacs V310 the lex! Editox which is very
• FFISH 254 Uedit v2 5a the wordprocessor
• FFISH 143 RIM V5 0 IS a hilly relational database
• FFISH 328 AnalytiCalc V24 Ola is a Ml featured system for
numerical analysis and reporting la spreadsheel I
• FFISH 93 Dme VI27 and McroEmacs V3» the text eotors
• SOFT 43 Artxga Spell checker I TELECOMMUNICATIONS I
• AMICUS 17 Coh®4 vt33 Atemi V72 VT 100 V26 Vtek V2 31 Amiga Host
VO 9 for CompuServe
• AMUSE 39 Ahost. Aterm V61. Star Term and Wombat
• APDC 21 Comm VI34 Wombat V301 Handsnake Vi20aC Kernxl
• SD 7 Star Term. Wombat Chat1. Alerm and Argo Term
• SD29 BBS Amiga VII
• SD 31 Star Term V3 0 Ml features terminal prog VT 100 V2 0 Comm
VI3 Ahost VO9
• FAIIG 62 Access V2 6 cornms package
• FAUG 99 TAG the BBS
• FfiSii 356 Ncomm VI9 coxnmxjnbatons program I NEW AMIGA USERS 1
• • AMP4 - Starter Ut*ty Pacn- lnis pack was compied with the new
Amiga user m mind, to era hie them to pet just about all the
utilities that you may eve- - kL plus a wordprocessor and a
database1 Each disk m the pack automatically takes you into the
friendly Work Bench envtromenl all the programs are icon driven
and have any necessary documentation The pack me ,.des The four
main tile compressors used on the Amiga - ARC LHARC Zoo and
Power Packer Dir Work the friendly envtroment that allows many
of the CL I commands to bo executed at the ekek of your mouse
Text Reader aHows you lo execute text on screen asaCLI command
using your mouse DFC2 the multi tasking disk copier AU the
AmigaDOS Replacement Pro ect commands Virus X the virus
detector and destroyer Icon Meisler the excellent icon editor
Comm the communications package MachU the mouse accelerator
Disk Storage Deluxe displays information about disk drives Disk
Salv attempts to salvage data from damaged disks New Zap the
sector editor Safe Bcnit the boot sector database and others
Also Uedit the wordprocessor. Spell the spell checker and Jbase
the excellent database All this is available on 3 disks only
from Public Dommator for the mega price of C7S01 1 UTILITY I
NOTE We have chosen the best disks with the latest versions of
utilities to feature in tNs advert, however many more files and
unties are featured in these and other disks but are not
detailed here FULL details are to be found on ou DiskCat for Cl
00 Our DiskCat has a fast search optxxi tor ease ot use
• FFISH 366 PrmtShxko Vt 2 prnt any text tie n many styles print
part ot or a wrote picture screen or window also control
printer and much more
• FFISH 362 ArchEdge VI5 a she! Setup lor AffC ZOO LHARC
• TBAG 3 Disk Cat tne disk cataloguer
• TBAG 4 DirUIil 5 the disk manager
• TBAG 6 Biorhythms the life cycles program Bit; Fonts speeds up
• TBAG 9 FastMem toggles on otl Expansion FuncKey assign text
loFI FIO Word Count the number ot words in a file
• TBAG 10 AutoPe2 shows all I PIC HAMI in directory
• TBAG 13 StepRate change step rale ol disk drive
• TBAG 16 CU Wizard VI2 mouse operated CLI Introducer DfY demo
with your own picture text and sound1 Planet wil wrap a flat
IFF picture into e sphere
• TBAG 17 Oatabase Wizard Vt t name & address database tor 400
• TBAG 18 BIG s a screen magntcr DoTi V3 4 the drectory utAty
• TBAG 19 Pyro a screen Barker shows a fireworks OspBy
• TBAG 20 Brush21con tuns a brush or picture into an icon
• TBAG 21 Vscreeen alow screens to be larger man Ihe physical one
also lots ot window utis Wsize Wmove Wmax
• TBAG 23 - Crunch2 archive a program but stil executable Hermil
saves screen al keystroke using hot keys Pointer Animator 15
colours animated pointers ScreenX V2 2
• TBAG 24 ClickOOS V2 04 directory lister Qview VIO text file
• TBAG 26 Daisy Wheel IFF picture file punier ¦ TBAG 29 ShowFont
V3 3 shows afl 256 characters m a ;_jven loni Road V20 Text
Browser DFC2 Disk Format and Cooy DosKwik V2 0 wiS save large
tile say a 2MB onto several risks
• TBAG 30 MyMenu create you own mere on WB to rut any commands
ton Meister VI4 THE ton edtox Disk Storage Deluxe VI10 shows
details of ALL mounted devces
• TBAG 33 Background Must Player V20 Menu Rumer V2 0 is a
replacement WB menu bar SubimnaJ Message Inducer VI0 speaks a
script m the background FlamKey wil cut an keyboad and mouse
nput until luther notice Disk View graptvcaly shows a disk
• TBAG 35 Ruler a borderless window with a njer rvt LeftyMouse
make the mouse ambidextrous
• TBAG 37 MegaWB makes you Wo* Bencn screen as large as you Ike1
Pop Up Mertj VI38 peps up a merxi MuchMcre V2 5 the powerM text
fie viewer
• TBAG 38 MadS er alows you to sze a wndow from any ccxner
Display V329 an anm dspfayet fcr ANM 3 4 and 5 Hash and FF al
xi any resoluton
• FFISH 342 € VIO s an ton eritor wtxch can create arxd modity
cons ipto 640x200 [ixeis
• POOM278 LHAFICa VO 99a data compression program that is 100'
compatOe with MSOOS LHARCV113c
• PDOM 279 Euopean Software Agency Utity l Anvga ToolVI5 Boot
Dlntro VtO BootGenerator VI5 BootLeg V21 Character Editor Vt
Ocoder Board V4 0 Cosaque Vt 1 Dcopyl Deluxe Prosed V20
BlockVI3 Font Ripper Guru Maker VIO tSCAmga Vl5 Memory Searcher
VtO. Menu Maker vtO NotSetracker VtO Power UtAty V20
PowerPacker V23a PPMoreVt 2 Pseudo Ops Save FF Scanner V2
O.Scroi Maker 2 Seek Destroy Vi 0 Seka Souce Rescuer.
StartupCoder VIO.
Structue finterVlO Txne Cnncher Vtl TVFieid'Wnter Vtl Vector Check VtO Ve* Beet V101 Vrus Expert V14 Vrus Slayer VIO VrusKAer V310
• PDOM 280 The Champtns Totai UtAes Voi t Boot Generator Boot Grt
Bootmaker BootWnter Character Eitor Derm) Maker DtskX v2 2
Flash Ripper Font Rpper Guu Maker Guu Master ton Master Make A
Mem FtnseTracker Power Packer V2 3b PPMore PPShow Sceneray
Graphics Searcher SelKey Side Show Maker T xne Set. Tristar
Vxus Killer and TxED
• FFISH 163 MacfA V2 4c teatues contiguable you help screen mouse
accelerator PopCLJ. Screen Blanker. Mouse OFF SunMouse I
activates a window by placing mouse it) Cick To Front tbrxig
window to front by dckxig on it) Cycle tmovo a window or screen
to back with left then right mouse button cick I Wxidow and
Screen Shuffler Clock. Alarm Beeper etc
• FFISH 186 SiliCPM V2 3 a CPM ermjator
• FFISH 217 Instal Beep Vlt wA play a sampled sound rtsteadof the
usual screen flash Snp It1 V12 wA atow you to ctp text trom any
• PAN 28A Dcat risk cataloguer corrpattxe with Superbase
• FAUG 47 FuALey assign any text stmg to a futtxm key
• FAUG 50 Short Cut alows you to alocate text to a srigB key
stroke thus CU commands are easer to type
• PDOM 141 CONS’Draw tons Tool tons and Disk icons includes
software to edit
• PDOM 276 Amvision UtAty Disk 4 Vxus X4 Zero Vxus KA Da V»us3
Pcopy Vcheck Sectorama Fformat vl 1 Pseudo Vrus Kaer 2 Boot
• PDOM 300 The Master Vrus Kaer V! 9 Recognises 105 viruses a ful
1st is on rxr DiskCat
• PDOM 277 Dark Star Vrus and Cruictiers 2 BS9 KaerX KA Em Lamer
Destroyer Pseudo Ops Kaer and Seek & Destroy vrus kAers Byte
Kaer Crutch Master Data Crircher DetJam Crutcher Cruxcn FF Pcs
with shower Dparnt Unpack DragPack Flash Packer HOC ISC Master
Cruich Mega Cruth Power Pack RSI Cruncher and Super Cruncher
• FFISH67 AmCat a de* cataoguer Armga Spel V20 speAng checker
RSLCtck VI3 a menubar caock
• TBAG 31 ShoWiz V2 0 show ANY pctue with cr without a scrpt 1
pictue or several asks Ml also play a must tie n the
background1 Also show text ties n any cckxr1
• PDOM 59 Ameteu Radc Disk Star Term V3 0 P81 and P10272 packet
terminal programs. TA Term V5 0. A HAM Database for Ihe Amga
Amafeu Radio Group Morse Code Satellite Tracking and loads of
HAM utAties A must for serious HAM user
• FFISH 105 Record Replay V20 alows you to record and play back
mouse and keyboard sequences
• PDOM 62 The Pubic Domnatcr Anti Vrus Dek Vrus X V4 I Vcheck V12
Itor memoryl Vcheck Vt9 (for dek drives!
ZeroVrus VI3 the hAy ntegrated vrus detector and kAer Also BootBlock Champen the utAty and ntormaton on boot blocks
• POOM 93 ARP vl3 The ArrrgaDOS Replacement Project nckides text
marnal lies
• FftSH 228 Jazz Bench VO 8 is a rmititaskxig WB reptacement
• FFISH 229 Alamrng Clock
• FFISH 246 NoCickV3 6 slops drives cickng when no disk entered
LabeiPnnt v2 5b disk label pmter Why Public Dominator for
your PD software supply?
I We have been tracing in this field for 5 years so (unBce the majority of PD Sbraries) we know what s what when it comes to PD. This is proven with regular orders from every comer of the globe
2. Huge selection from over 1300 risks!
3. All disks Virus free!
4 AH disks copied with verify flag on.
5 Order by telephone or post with same day dispatch.
6 Pay by Visa Mastercard Cheque. PO or Cash
7. Government orders welcome.
8 Expert advice Got a question about our software?
Telephone and ask for the Technical department For a reliable, fast and friendly V expert service try us!
The Seal of Reliability
• FFISH 251 - Disk Salv vl 42 DiskSpecd v10 test disk speed
• FFISH 286 FasIDisk a disk Optrmser
• FFISH 290 - Xlcon execute CU commands from a script by cick mg
an icon
• FFISH 338 SC VI06 is a very comprehensive directory utility
• PDOM 53 - Fonts112 lonts Black Shadow White Shadow Avant Garde
Pac Ajco Base! Monaco Piegnot. Aldous Celtic. Geneva and
Rangers Al ready to use Dparnt compatde fonts
• POOM 54 Fonts114 lonts UneaJ. Bubbles Ham Couier Vancouver
SarFran Futue. Premiere. Holywood. Broadway Cameiot Stenci Park
Avenue and Los Angeles Dparnt compatde
• POOM 55 - Fonts' M fonts Santiago Mxerosott Sacon Swansong
Helvetica. Mahattan BookmanAkast* Times Tny Boxie. Longl.
Andover and Pica Dpamt compatde
• POOM 304 - MessyOOS handles MSDOS formatted disks exactly the
same way as you use tiles on native AmigaDOS disks FiAy
functional, read wnte verson
• FFISH 325 - Batchman VII is a program thal allows the user to
execute CU programs and batch tiles simply by clicking on a
• FFISH 304 - Verify VI2 Waits a drectory hierarchy reacing alt
lies reporting any files that cant be entrely read
• FFISH 243 mageLab V2 2 is an IFF petues marxpUator NoClck V3 5
stops the disk drive cickng if there is no dtskn thedrive
Password V12lp you specify the password for you syslemsecuity
Pccpy V20 the exceient disk coper SmGen adds a 2 or 4 coiou
pictue to you WB screen
• FftSH 360 UUCP VI060 An mplementation ot uucp tor the Amiga
including mai and news
• FFISH 244 BBChampon V31 load, save and analyze bootblocks
Bootlntro VI2 you specify The headline text ot upto 44
characters and the scrolling text of upto 300
• FFISH 279 MRBackup v3 3d Ihe hatd disk backup utility
• FFISH 300 -TitleGen v!6 excellent script language that creales
scroAng fext on screen n any font and upto 500 lines long'
• FFISH 213 300 8 colou program icons'
• FFISH 168 & • FFISH 169 Malt Dilhon disk special includes loads
ot utAties and souce Config VtO Clock VI0. DME V131DMouse Vtl
SCATViO ADOCR VtO REMCR VIO 8 CMP VtO You need both asks
• FAUG 41 ARC V02 compatple wth MSDOS ARC V50
• AktCUS 22 Prnter Driver Generator V2 3
• FFISH 258 Dmcxjse vt2 isa versatile program that nciudesscreen
mouse blanker auto window activator mouse acceleratorpoocl. Pop
wndow to tront. Push to back etc
• FFISH 131 • DFC is a disk copier thal multi-tasks
• APDC 15 - Icon utAties Ml ot bon tiles and creators Some
• APOC 18 - Floppy Disk Utils- Quick Copy V10. Disk Mapper.
DiskSalvage. Vrus check. System Utis Blitz VIO text editor TxneSeLACatc calcUator Amiga Monitor VI1. MeM Grab last memorygrabber Drectory Master Vtl
• FFISH 164 - DtskSaiv VI3 exceiem tie recoverer and undelete
utity New Zap V318 the great He sector edtor Zoo V2 0 the great
tie archiver
• FftSH 106 - Fuickey a tuiclxyi key eator EDUCATION
• • Akf S SurtaMe fcx 8 s and over features 2 excellent map
drawmg programs choose the Earth cocxcfcnates & it wiD draw the
map aBowmg you to enter text and print or save Evo follows the
Evokiton of life with skuBs and maps etc Chemrstry element
perode table simply dick on the chemical and a window appears
showing every detail on that chemical including a picture of
the crystal structure Unit conversion is a program that allows
you to choose all types of unit ie length time weight speed etc
and then do conversions and comparisons within them e g Feet to
mAmetres a very comprehensive program German Language wil teach
the basics of the German langauge Tutor is a speak and spel
tutor Also ndudes Study Aid Card Hermes FormUa Cloud The
Weather GEO Time Gravity Smuafor Func2D Gravity We* Ar Fo Wave
Maker and others A 5 dek pack for £12 50' MUSIC Both our games
packs arc auto booting. Menu driven very easy to use disk packs
• • AMPB - Came Pack I Clue as in Ctuedo. Othello Klondike.
Canheld and Cnbbage Backgammon Yachtc Tvision.
MissleCommand. Cosmo 2 and 3D Breakout, Empire Gravity Wars Hanoi. Hockey. Blockotl Jackland Othello Master and Pacman A 3 disk pack tor [7501
• • AMP22 - Game Pack 2 Amoeba space invaders CosmoRoids Stone
Age a Boulder Dash type Back Gammon Cham Reaction. Master Mind
Reversi Black Jack.
CrazyEightS Klondike. Jig Saw Keno. Daleks and Ratmaze.Monopoly and Escape From Jovi V30 3 disks tor [750'
• PDOM 283 Callisto 101 Very lough space strategy game Daleks 030
Pontoon PuzzIO and World and Zorg 2 adventures
• PSLI Space Blob a brilliant ptattorm cavern game
• PSL2 Mr Dig help Mr Dig collect the apples and kill the
monsters Requires IMB
• PSL3 O Boid shoot blocks at the various random shapes decendmg
on you. A Tetris variant
• PSL4 Computer Conflict excellent speech and graphics m this all
action arcade game1
• AMUSE 13 Bull Run an American civil war strategy game and
Gravity Attack a very good arcade game
• AMUSE 14 Battle Mecti a stralegy war game between robots
• AMUSE 15 Rocker a Lunar Lander type game Shiva the game ot bte
Cycles is a Tron kght cycles type game
• AMUSE 16 Gravity Wa's a space battle game with brJIan!
Graphics and Lam the adventrxe
• AMUSE 17 Cosmortxas an asteroids gamo Tumel Vision a graphical
maze game seen Irom wittvn the maze Tnciop invasion and 3D
breakout that requxes 3D glasses
• AMUSE 19 Conquest the mterstonar exploration game The game of
LIFE Mile stone the board game Monopoly and Trek 3 a Star Trek
Battle sxnUatcx
• APDC 3 Monopoly BackGammon Brickout Klondike
• APDC 4 Tunnel Vision Othello Canlek) Dogstar
• APDC 8 Shanghai Light cycles. Othello. Ute3 Conquest
• FAUG 18 Tunnel Vision the great maze game
• FAUG 27 Klondike the card game and Tnclops the 3D planot detend
• FAUG 30 Hack the adventure VI0 IE
• FAUG 52 PACMAN 87 . FFISH 194 Mona V30 the single player
dungeon simuiationadventure game 1MB
• FFISH 273 BatlleForce v361 game
• FFISH 336 Car V2 0 is a racing game
• FFISH 357 Empire V2 Iw is a multiplayer game of exploration,
economics and war
• FFISH 62 HACK the adventure
• FFISH 63 LARN the adventure
• PDOM 77 Paranoid the breakout type game
• PDOM 90 Tennis' 1MB
• PDOM 79 & • PDOM 80 8 • PDOM 81 Star Trek 3 disk game by
Twisted Images 1MB External Drive Required
• PDOM 215 8 • PDOM 216 The Star Trek 2 disk game by AGATRON
Excellent animated graphic game
• PDOM 233 The Holy Grail Adventure 1MB
• PDOM 234 The Golden Fleece Adventure GRAPHICS.
Both our graphic packs are auto booting Work Bench driven very easy lo use disk packs
• • A MP3 Graphics Pack I Rol 30 a 3D drawing package Vdraw a
good painting program RayTracer MCAD the Computer Aided Design
package that works in high resolution plus utilities convert
PnntShop lo IFFCIpIt clip any pari ol the screen and save as an
IFF picture HAMEdit a HAM picture editor Window Print II will
print any selected Window Show Print II wit Show and or print
any IFF picture Ushow and Autoprc are 2 picture slide showers
Icon utilities Iconize la window) IFF2lcon and Brush2lcon
converters IFF2PCS will lake an IFF picture and make il a
puzzle Filter Pix the image processing program tor use with
Digi View lores B-W pictures A 3 disk pack lor [750
• • AMP21 Graphics Pack 2 MSE the Mandel Brot Explorer DBW render
the ray tracing utility FBM the image manipulation library tsee
disk FFISH 334 below tor detailsI S72IFF converts Atari ST
pictures to IFFNGI allows you to read, view and reformat ILBM
pictures Pop Colours change to colour pallette on the go
Dpshde. SeetLBM. Show.
ShowHAM the picture showers MACView display and convert MAC pictures to IFFHAMEditor. IFF2Exec makes an IFF picture showable by a double click ot the mouse Some picture printers and icon utilities Bruch2C and Brush2lcon convertors Also some light synthesizers Viz. Polygon and Kal A 3 disk pack for [750
• FFISH 359 Abridge An intenm solution to Amm 5 incompatability
problems Identifies the origin of an Anlm-5 file and modifies
it to facilitate easy exchange between AniMagic.
Videoscape Animation Station. Dpamt HI. Editortvt 111. The Director. SA40. Movie2 0. Photon Paint 2 0 and Cel Animator
• AMUSE 5 ACO Face Maker create faces in IFF format using Deluxe
Paint and the supplied Face Ed V2 0
• AMUSE 34 39 different pointers All absolutely excellent'
• FFISH 334 FBM VO 9 image Manipulation library Compatible with
Sun. GIF IFF PCX P8M bitmaps Can input raw images and output
Postscript and Diablo Also does rectangular extractxm density
and contrast changes, rotation, quantization halftone grey
scafcng etc
• PDOM 112 Graphic utilities Clip If ShowPnnt I. Snatch HamEdit
Dissolve AutoPcs. Zaplcon ImageToofs FitterPix.IconMaker
Startle IFF to Icon
• FFISH 295 Mandet Mountains VI1 a Mandel Brot generator
• PDOM 211 NORTHC vi2 Steve Hawtrrs C comprfer Featixescompder
inker, disassembler examples and toots An exceflentCcompiler
tor the knowledgeable and Degxner alfce
• FAUG 102 Ghost Scrpt Interepveter VI2 similar to Postscrpt and
Forth programmng languages MB
• FFISH 171 - Sobozon C compiler
• FFISH 193 ZC Videcompiler
• FFISH 341 P2C VI13 e a lool lor translating Pascal programs
into C
• FFISH 351 PD C V3 33
• APDC 25 Logo Xlisp Modular 2 MVP Forth
• FFISH 140 Stoney Brook PROLOG v2 3 2
• FFISH 141 Contains the source code tor PROLOG FFISH 140
• FFISH 181 AM XLISP V2 0 ot the XlrSfi mterprelor
• FFISH 201 Draco Vt.2 the excellent programming language by
Chris Gray Documentation on FFISH 77
• FFISH 37 Little Smalltalk
• FFISH 91 The Adventure Definition Language lADL)
• FFISH 337 Cmanual VI0 is a COMPLETE C manual tor IheAmiga
Includes 70 Icily executable examples
• FFISH 339 PCQ Vile Pascal compiler
• FEISH 347 Cursor V10 Amiga BASIC Compiler
• PDOM 60 ModUa II compiler
• FFISH 314 A68k v2 61 of Hie 68000 macro Assembler DEMOS Clip
Art The following 4 packs of clip art are disks that are
filled with ’ black and white images that would be suitable
with all graphic and desktop publisfiinB packages.
The Images are complete and copyright free Clip It! Volume 1. £12.50!
Hundreds ot clip art images on 5 disks all it IFF format suitable tor Dpaint and PageSelter etc Subjects covered sports, ttags, animals, cartoons, humorous.
Xmas. Jewish, borders. Halloween. Valentines, horses, eyes alphabets. Hands. I930's trademarks, zodiac, cars & more Here are some examples jr-env-erw er Clip It! Volume 2. £12.50!
Hundreds ol ckp art images on 5 disks a in IFF format suitable tor Dpaint and Pagesetter etc Subjects covered men. Women tuminated A to Z. arrows stars, explosions, humorous, cartoons, pointing hands, tood & tots more Here are some examples Clip It! Volume 3. £12.50!
Hundreds of clip art images on 5 disks all in IFF tormat suitable tor Dpaint and Pagesetter etc. Subiects covered Fruit Herbs, Meat. Arrows. Special Ocassrons. Vegetables. Kitchen Utencils. Cups and Glasses, Art Deco and Breakfasts Here are some e xamples: 3 Full indeplh details of I all our 1300 disks are in our disk based catalogue only £1.00 Send an SAE with a 22p stamp for a FREE copy of our printed catalogue Shows concise details of the top disks.
Credit Card Hotline 0279 757 692 Mon-Sat 9am~5pm To order, simply quote the disk code number Disk prices: all disks are priced equally depending on how many you buy: 1 to 5 are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 are £2.75 each 11 or more are £2.50 each All prices are fully inclusive.
Please send a cheque or postal order payable to Public Dominator P O Box 801, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.
England, CM23 3TZ.
Foreign Orders: All foreign orders must add 10% (minimum £1.00). Non EEC countries & Spain, Greece. Portugal. Eire & Italy MUST also add C1.75 for registered post.
Clip It! Volume 4. £12.50!
Hundreds ot clip art images on 5 disks all in IFF tormat suitable tor Dpaint and Pagesetter etc. Subiects covered More Art Deco, Babies. Bo- -’ and Girls.
Lots ot humourous. Illuminated A to Z. Scrolls, More A ocassrons and Calligraphic Ornaments Here are some examples: SEEEEx ra ra ra PD UPDATE ELECTROCAD NBS U267 One of the more useful PD items at least in my opinion.
Electrocad is a bit like a painting program for drawing electronic schematic diagrams. Components can be selected from an overhead menu and then pasted onto a blueprint. Connections can be run to and from all the different components and a zoom option allows you to tidy up any mistakes.
There are quite a few useful features which put this above a standard paint program. One is that you can scroll the board around, allowing you to edit an area larger than the physical screen. Another is that there are a lot of in-built graphics specially designed for electronics having to load and save each one individually into Deluxe Paint would be such a bind.
This is not the full version of the program, which is available from the author, Derek Pell. The full version is designed for electronics students, and allows finished diagrams to be incorporated into KmdWords documents with the minimum ot fuss. There's a lot it can't do, like autorouting a PCB from a schematic, but for your electronics hobbyist it’s useful.
UGAM 5 Demos Corner TIM NICE BUT DIM DEMO DEEPER DOMAIN DISK 210 SOFTVILLE There’s two great games on this one. The first is Zzzep, a very tricky scrolling maze game where you control a huge dirigible in a fight against time. A lot of work has obviously gone into the game- play the programmer, who is French and is (probably not) called Hironymus Jumpshoe must have spent days working on it. It's a game which will test your arcade reactions out very well.
The second is one level from the great Rainbow Arts game Turrican. It's good to see more game companies putting game demos out into the public domain and I promise you, nothing is missing from that one level at all.
Still as noisy and pretty: but you've got infinite lives, which does make it a bit easy.
ACC8 AMIGANUTS The Amiga Coders Club is alive and well and continued to be written by Mark Meany. In case you didn’t know the ACC is a set of disks designed to help people learn to program an Amiga in assembly language.
Continued on page 154 i Using a collage of digitised frames and dialogue sampled from Harry Enfield's Television Programme, this demo recites an abridged version of one of Tim Nice-But-Dim Esquire’s interludes. If you hate Mr Enfield then this would be no good to you at all! On the other hand, if you do like his humour and want to show off your Amiga, then check it out.
ROBOCOP ANIM VIRUS FREE PD There have been a few Robocop demos around for a while now, but this is still fairly well done.
Marrying sampled dialogue with digitised HAM animation, the demo recounts that fateful meeting at which the new ED-209 throws a bit of a wobbler.
Verhoeven fans could do worse than having a look.
INNERSHIP EMPDL DISK 735 The main section of this demo is taken up by a duff breakout game, but the intro portrays a science-fiction story of suspense and horror. The moody opening consists of some purple mountains and a crashed spaceship, while the screen prints up the scenario to a rather atmospheric and doomy backing track. Nice intro, shame about the demo!
DEREK AND CLIVE ULTIMATE PD DISK M033 Some of you may already be familiar with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s rather foul and opinionated orators. This particular demo is sampled from one of their more disgusting moments as they talk about The Horn. The rest I leave to your imagination.
It’s almost a good job there are no graphics!
Oh, one more thing if you boot from the second disk, a well-sampled rendition of Stewart Copeland's Equaliser theme can be heard. Cracking stuff.
ARC DISK D074 (2 DISKS) A huge portion of the computer fraternity are interested in classic Monty Python sketches. So what should appear on the PD scene but yet another Python Demo.
This time the glorious skit is the lesson in how to stop being easily embarrassed. The sound is a fairly clear sample, but it would be nice to have some nice graphics to look at. Still, it’s worth a small heap of any Monty Python fan’s dosh.
NODDY DEMO ARC DISK D021 This demo is in a similar form to the Python demo (no graphics and sampled sounds on here).
The programmer has pieced together some of Noddy's more dubious outpourings, which is the reason that Noddy books were banned from schools. Later the demo takes an interesting turn by actually splicing Noddy quotes with Python samples.
Strange but fun!
Comp-U-Save Public Domain Library America's biggest public domain library has come to England with over 1.500 disks available for AMIGA owners.
I You can now get any public domain shareware title from our collection at a very reasonable cost.
USA COLLECTION Automated Light - 4 disks & 2Mb Anim.
Buzzed - 3 disks & 2Mb Anim.
A. U.G.K.C. - New User s 1. 2, & 3.
Help for the Amiga User
A. U.G.K.C. March 90 - 4.
4Mb of Animations - 1Mb of each: Soviet Sottlanding - Aggressor.
Stealth Bomber - Stealthy Maneuver.
Sport Pictures (Clip Art).
Amiga Diagnostic Disk.
Video - Graphic Help disks (Utilities).
We currently stock the following collections: Fred Fish from 1 to 390
A. U.G.K.C. Library - King James Bible - C.U.S Graphic disks -
A.U.K.U.G. Library Lugnuts Library - The Amigan Library - The
Ace Collections of Sound Graphics Anim.
We are the OFFICIAL P.D. Library LICENCED by Dr. Gandalf to sell his amazing UPGRADE - requires 5Mb memory - hard disk 8 New Fat Agnus.
Disk Prices: Casual buyers pay a MAXIMUM of £2.50 Club members pay a maximum of £2.00 Every 10 disks purchased - another free. Discounts lor large orders.
Special offers for club members. The more you buy - the less it costs!
Cheques Postal orders pavable to: PJ. GRAHAM For further details on our catalogue disk, send £1.00 lo: COMP-U-SAVE
P. O. Box 157, Hayes UB3 4SR Middlesex ftware docs not have to be
expensive to be good!"
UK & EUROPEAN Armada Compilation. (4 brill, demos).
Font disks from Chiron Conceptions.
Home Business Pack (on 7 disks) Minotaur I & II. (Bootblock programs) Musical Slideshow (3 disks - need 3 drives) Miami Vice Theme (4 disks).
Nudge ¦ Nudge Demo (2 disks) Budbrain Megademo (2 disks) X-Rated For a small fee, you can join our EXCLUSIVE CLUB Imagine getting the newest disks from the States before most P.D. companies even get their disks!
PAGE 1 PD SERVICE For The Best 46 Hillport Avenue, Porthlll Tel: 078 In Amiga PD 1, Newcastle, Staffs ST5 8J2 2 635502 GAM 23 Dynamite Dick GAM 14 - Reversi * Snakes & Ladders GAM 13 - Pair-It GAM 01 • Moria (1 Meg) GAM 09 Pseudo Cop GAM 10 - Treasure Search GAM 12 Arcadia Our new disk catalogu (not a disk full ol Our catalogue disk is menu driver bouncing screens. It costs £l.i GD 59 Amos Demo 1 GD61 Amos Demo 2 ARC Angel Demos
1. 2. 3 GD 35 Vision Mega Demo GD 38 Red Sector Demo 2 disks) GD
07 Pugs In Space Fun School 3 Demo e is unique to “PAGE 1" F
boring text files) i with music, scrolling messages & 25 with
50p off your first order.
WIN A TOP 10 GAME: Send for our catalogue now & you'll be entered into our FREE prize draw to be made at the end of February AM. PD.
Comp-U-Save Dr. Oxide Savs: "Qnf»u-nn» H vk nn FOR THE AMIGA USERS.
TOP SELECTED P.D. LIBRARY Send to-day for our super list, with over 450 disks to choose from. We have also a wide range of Fish Disks.
PRICE FOR OUR P.D.:- £1.00 per Disk + 50p per order.
Make cheques + P O's payable to:- A. Freeman and post to:- 17 Eyam Close, Oaktree I.ane Estate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 3QS m BUTTERCHIPS VISA AMIGA
ORDER VIRUS FREE PD Amiga Public Domain Software OVCR 1000 PD
ORDER ONLY AMIGA B 4ST Volume 1. Only £2.99 Send for details
DISK EG: 16 PD DISKS = £21.00 17 PD DISKS = £22.00 20 PD DISKS
= £25.00 DEMO'S.
1077. Sfly Animations 1 1072 Frog Anim 2 (16) 1066 Amos Demo H
1061 NorthstarODT 1059 Coding Exhtoition 1058 High Voltage
1051. AnthfoxComp
1037. Virus Free Arams 1 1030 Competrtion P»cs ADULT GAMES
856. Xenon 3 850 Breakout Con Kit 843 Metagalacbc Llama s 1064
Lettra iGreal) 1020 Master ot Town 936 Auto Bahn 3000* 849
The Holy Grail 850 Breakout Coo Kit 830 Quz Master 670
CHARGE 595 Cave Rixmer 592 The Lost Occrest 832 Agatron
Games 531 Bli zarcJ NOW AVAILABLE: CLIPART Vol. 1 3 DISKS
ONLY £5.99 31 Catalogue Disk Available at £1.00 sent FREE
with all orders
530. Pacman 525 Tennis 1 Meg 509 Paradrotd 507 Emerald Mme 505
Dnp 255 Flaschhier 116 LarnRPG
117. Moria RPG 154 Track Record 1 Meg
534. Games Disk 1 UTILITIES 941 Art ot Virus Killing 940 Atan to
Amiga GTX 923 Printer Drivers 901 Viruscope 659 Essential
Lws 1 679 Loadsa Music Utils 671 Rim Database 652 MED 643
567. Nosetracker Etc
152. Quick Base 312 WonJWngh*
337. Ultimate Ows 334 le Copiers 613 202 Utilities 249 Freeware
341. 57 Ubhbes 1001 Disk Master V2.0 1043 MVKV2.0 688 Darkstar
335. ESAUttsl 336 Full Force Lws
342. ACU Lws 22
333. Voices 8 TOP TEN 999 London Beat 558 The Power Remix 659
Essential Lws 1 899 Groove m Heart
567. Nwsetracker
920. 100 C64 Tunes 990 Demons 3 1001 Disk Master V3.0 1077
SiByArwTS 1 MUSIC 1071 Glidescope 4 1062 Drifters Muzak 2
1060 Gate Music Disk 1057 Dexion Music 1044 808 State
Remixes 1041 Passion Music B 1003 Sun Tracker 2 952 Kefrens
Juke box
920. 100 C64 Tunes PD STARTER PACK New to PD then send for our
CATALOGUE Only £5.00 inc P&P 4 Walker demo 1 terrific
5 Walker demo 2 as above but different * 6 Kaktus 4 Mahoney music 10 tracks, bril 8 Muzzax 6.12 tracks of great music 12 Bootbench V2.0. demo or mtro maker || 13 Lam an adventure game, good 20 Forgotten realms slideshow, impressive 22 Kefrens mega demo 7. Very good 24 Elvira game demo, terrific 26 Juggler demo, an old classic 31 The famous Probe Sequence 33 Amos, the game creator demo 43 Puggs ki Space, one of the best 51 Enemies music 3, 16 great tunes 65 Cryptobumers music, brill 9 tunes.
77 Dexton music. 10 tracks very good 78 Holy Grail, very good text adventure 79 The Education of Cool Cougar anim * 95 Dexton mega demo, very good, get it 101 The famous gymnast demo excellent* 318 Dope the mtro maker, make your own 323 Digital Concert 3, 12 mms of music 333 Digital Concert 4, more great music 341 Popeye meets the Beachboys. Funny 383 Golden Fleece, bnfl text adventure 376 Reflections 1, half hour music 378 Reflections 2, over 40 mms of music 394 Stamp collector, animation 395 Dmob music 2, 10 tracks, 26 mins long 416 The Definitive Jarre Show, music 440 Elite Major, muse, ten
tunes good 441 Psuedo cop game, horizontal shoot em up.
444 Fillet the Fish, very good animation ,448 Teutonics music CD4. More good stuff 455 Kefrens Jukebox Music, very good 458 Castle of Doom, adventure game 459 Buggy Commando, playable demo 530 Power Surge music disk 14 tunes.
Good 529 Amiga chart 3. Music by Radio Poland 528 Rebels Mega Blast, 9 fantastic tunes 522 Avirex Slideshow, great fantasy pictures.
520 Alcatraz Mega demo. DEVILS KEY 3 disks.
514 Flash Digital Concert 6, more good music 511 Tram Construction Set. Great game 509 Watersh© Down, lovely slideshow 507 Sounds of Gnome. BnH music by Mahoney 482 Channel 42. Great. 35 high res pictures 484 Garfield Slideshow, aH pictures m colour 478 Kyke Mmogue ’Made in heaven’ 2 disks 34 Forgotten Realms, fantasy slideshow 44 Trrfogy Mega demo, superb demo 2 disks 45 Kefrens Mega demo 8. Fantastic 2 disks 53 Nasa pictures, space picture shdeshow 83 Miller Lite demo,’He am't heavy" the Holkes | 104 Yelow Mix, great acid type music 115 Rebellion Music by 4 Matt. 5 great tunes 121 Mental
Hangover by Scoopex, great demo 132 Dragons Mega demo, a very good disk 144 Music Maestro 6. Jukebox demo. 9 tunes 518 Rave Demo, way out music, crazy graphics | FRED FISH disks now stocked from 161 up to
360. Fish catalogue disk now available Send Postal Ordor or
Choquos to: VIRUS FREE PD (Dept AF) 23 ELB0R0UGH RD,
FAX: 0793 512075 Minimum order of 3 Disks All prices include
P&P in UK.
OVERSEAS ORDERS welcome but please send Euro cheque or Bankers draft with order.
Please add £3.00 towards P&P.
TEL FAX (0535) 667469 10m - 7pm Mon • Friday 9am-4f*n SAT. OFFER APPUES TO U.K ONLY. SORRY MAI. ORDER ONLY.
PLEASE NOTE DISKS MARKED * REQUIRE 1 MEG OF MEMORY DEPT. AF, 145 EFFINGHAM ST, ROTHERHAM, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, S65 1BL PRICE PER DISK 1 • 9 disks = £1.50 each 10 -19 disks = £1.25 each 20 or more = £1.00 each Including postage in U.K. Europe add £1.50 to order Rest of World add £2.50 SEND 17p STAMP FOR FREE CATALOGUE DISK AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE TELEPHONE ORDERS (0709) 829286 i
(X) = OVER 18’s ONLY 016 Space Ace Demo 065 Red Sector Megademo
(2) 069 Gymnast Animation * 103 Wild Copper Demo 107 RAF
Megademo (2) 157 Cool Cougar Anim ation * 161 Kylie Minogue
Demo (2) 240 Puggs in Space Cartoon 288 The AMOS Demo 298
Unicycle Anim ation * 447 Micro Mix Demo 483 Elvira Demo 540
Python "Nudge, Nudge” (2) 574 Laurel & Hardy (2) 577 Python
"Lumberjack Song" (2) 646 Predators Megademo (2) 744 Fted
Sector Cebit Demo 747 Popeye Meets the Beachboys 756 Scanners
Animation (X) (2) * 762 The Ftun Animation * 773 Shark
Animation * 821 Popeye Demo Game 825 Budbrain Megademo (X)
(2) 853 Dragons Lair Demo * 854 Bread Home & Away Demo 865
Coma Demo 881 Flash Megademo (2) 895 Trip To Mars 897 Scoopex
Mental Hangover 903 Shadow ot the Beast 2 Demo 906 Madonna
Cartoon Animation * 932 Pain Is Just The Beginning 936 Not
Nine O'Clock News 1 (2) DEMOS PACK A great collection of
demos Wild Copper. Cebit 90. Coma.
Elvira. Mental Hangover.
Rebels MD2, Anthrox "Pain", and Popeye Meets the Beachboys!
8 Disk Set E10.00 944 Magnetic Fields CD Demo 946 Subway Clapping Hands 947 Mars Flight Animation * 954 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 964 Operation Vark!
971 Not Nine O'Clock News 2 (2) 1001 Station at Khem ** (3) 1033 At the Movies ** 1034 Stealthy* 1053 Not Nine O'Clock News 3 (2) 1072 Flebels Tuttie Fruitie Pak II 1088 Epic Demo* 1092 Pharaoh Animation * 1105 Crionics Neverwhere Demo 1108 Looney Tunes Anim ation * 1110 Fractal Flight 1188 Fillet The Fish 1190 Pussy : Innership 1191 Clothes Peg Animation * 1200 Raiders of Lost Ark Anim * BLANK DISKS 10 FOR £4.99 WITH DISK BOX £5.99 50 FOR £23.50 WITH DISK BOX £28.00 100 FOR £45.00 WITH DISK BOX £50.00 037 Moria RPG * 045 The Golden Fleece Adventure 068 Adventures Disk 1 117 Monopoly 121 Stone
Age 135 Classic Board & Card Games 151 Chinese Chequers * 172 Flaschbier Game 219 Tennis * 251 Blizzard 314 Breakout Construction Set 315 Fteturn to Earth 496 Holy Grail Adventure * 498 Wanderer Game 567 Turrican Playable Demo 680 Learn & Play (2) 689 Eat Mine 690 Marathon Mine 3 727 Tobias Richter's Star Trek (2) 766 Treasure Hunt (Age 6-10) 823 Pseudo Cop Game 938 Computer Conflict 957 Pipeline 962 Drip!* 967 Snakepit 991 Jeopard * 1004 Games Disk 9 1084
S. E.U.C.K Games 1091 Entropy 1113 Wet Beaver Games GAMES PACK
DEMOS & ANIMATIONS GAMES 37 Titles on 8 disks including
Asteroids. Tiles, Bally 2. YachtC.
Invaders. Fruit Machine, H-Ball.
Block Off. Sys. Pool. Shoot Out.
Peter's Quest, and many morel 8 Disk Set £10.00 SLIDESHOWS 078 Vallejo Fantasy Art (2) 082 Ray-traced Pictures 163 NASA Slideshow 167 Digiview Slideshow 171 Patrick Nagel Pictures 185 Escher Slideshow 238 TV Sports Basketball 282 Forgotten Realms 617 Neighbours Slideshow 716 Ftobocop Slideshow 725 DrQQY Piggys Slideshow (2) 742 Madonna Slideshow 758 Evil Dead 2 * (2) 767 Gnemaware Slideshow 768 Action!
814 Viz Slideshow 831 Utopia Cartoon Slideshow 863 Scream Queens (2) 891 Creepshow 899 Madonna Slideshow 2 (2) * 931 Heroic Dreams Volume 1 942 Garfield Slideshow 968 Gorezone Slideshow (X) 1044 Desert Island Slideshow 2 1051 Total Recall Slideshow 1062 Golems Gate Slideshow 1073 Fraxion Fantasy Slideshow 1082 Annie Jones Slideshow 1085 Comic Slideshow (X) 1103 Girls of Sports Illustrated 1112 Fractal Factory 3 MUSIC 022 Sound Atax 044 Batdance Ftemix 052 Awesome Sounds 061 J M Jarre - Definitive 166 Vangelis * 187 Gusaders Audio X 237 Zee's Hip Hop Music Disk 267 Miami Vice Ftemix 313
Ftelaxation Disk 335 Girls Need Love 398 Poweriords: Power Musix 1 407 CD Player * 409 Gusaders: Freakd Out!
424 Made in Hea «n (2) 426 Flipping Yarns 497 Amiga Chart 5 518 Bop us Polupus 534 Vision Music Masters 552 Music Invasion 3 (2) 650 MAD: Nuls for Ever 654 Poweriords Power Musix 2 713 Flash! - Queen (2) 722 Beatmaster Gub Mix 724 Technotronic Ftemix 746 Gusaders Bacteria 824 Digital Concert V 833 DJ Disco Leif 2 857 900 Oxygene Ftemix * 866 Pan III Music Disk 870 Bruno's Music Box 2 910 Darkling Lords Music Disk 2.5 914 Special Brothers Music 2 922 Phalanx Beatbox 924 Game Boy Music Disk * 930 Ftebellion 935 Madonna Hanky Panky 941 Soundtracker Mod. Jukebox SOUNDTRACKER 1 SPECIAL The great
PD music creator, plus nppers. Songs, instruments, modules and module players Great pack for beginners.
8 Disk Set £10.00 959 Scorpions : Eargasm II 969 100 C64 Games Tunes 970 The Comic Strip Ftemix 976 Scoopex: Beast Sonix 982 E & L: Get Upl 966 Amaze : Ftevofutions 993 PSA Music Demodisk 1 1026 Digital Concert VI 1061 Captured Imagination 1068 Exile Chipshop 1077 Superior Sounds V1.1 1107 Stop Flight Now! * REALLY USEFUL 006 Dpaint Fonts 1 007 Dpaint Fonts 2 014 Games Music Creator 035 Spacewriter 051 Visicalc Spreadsheet 081 Uedit Word Processor 110 Disk Utilities 111 Gratix Utilities 1 118 Gratix Utilities 2 119 Amiga MCAD 150 Applications Disk 1 152 Virus Killers Disk REALLY USEFUL 180
Pagesetter Gip Art 181 Perfect Sound 182 Mandlebrot Explorer 210 Icons!
259 Ultimate Bootblock Coll (2) 329 Pseudo-Ops Virus Killer V2.1 343 Intromaker 346 TV Graphics (2) 348 APDC 25 (Programming) 353 ShoWiz 2.0 354 PowerPacker 2.2a 360 Digitised Samples Player 380 PD Spectacular 410 Dpaint Cartoon Brushes 442 Dpaint Fonts Disks (4) 456 Chet Solace Extravaganza 458 HAM Radio Special (5) 495 GickDOS 516 A68k Assembler C Compiler 536 Fted Devil Compacting Utils.
537 Fted Devil Utilities Disk 3 542 Awesome Utilities 546 Iconmania!
571 Jazzbench 580 Dope Intro Maker 591 Business Card Maker 595 Amateur Ftadio Disk 616 Darkstar Trackers 2 632 Messy DOS 633 Analytical 642 C Manual 643 SID v1.06 645 North C 661 Programming Disk 682 Sound Applications (2) 684 Video Applications (2) 697 Graphics Management (2) 718 Ftestan Utilities 2 729 8 Track Soundtracker 752 AMOS PD: STOS to AMOS 834 Nightflyers Utility Disk 1 901 THE Comms Disk 902 QED Text Editor 950 Mercenary Virus Killers Disk 952 Workbench Fun!
HOME BUSINESS PACK Nag. Bank'n. Journal, Qbase, Spread, Wordwright, AmigaSpell. Inventory, MemoPad, plus more.
8 Disk Set £10.00 1022 AMOS FtAMOS Update 1.2 1023 Future Composer 1035 AMOS ABK Modules 1 1058 Zero Virus V3 0 1071 Noiseplayer V3.0 1078 Prophecy: Fractal Scape 1079 Prophecy: Coder Mag 1 1086 MED V2.13 1095 Catalogue Workshop (2) 1097 DTP Clip Art (2) 1099 Video Graphics (4) 1109 Nightfiyer's Utility Disk 2 1117 Geneaology * 1198 Soundtracker V4 0 WE ALSO STOCK
Sub 199 runs loads of non crunched DEM56 Celtic Demopack
software, X-Copy 3.
DEM57 Inner City Demodisk Powerpacker V2.3b. UTL32 Amiga Tool v1.6 Noisetracker V2.0, Virus X 4.4 GRA12 Dr Who dgitised slideshow 1 Fish 23 Lattice C V3.03 with include GRA13 Dr Who digitised slideshow 2 files GRA14 Slar Trek: The Next Generation Fish 337 C Manual (1 disk archived or 3 digitised slideshow l disks unarchived, please stale) GRA15 Slat Trek: The Next Generation Fish 344 ROM Kernal Reference Manual digitised slideshow 2 Companion DEM58 Byte Busters Min Megademo DEM52 Dexion Tube Pack 9 DEM59 Exult demos DEM53 Paradox Docs Disk (2 disks) DEM54 MF Demo Comp DEM60 Cult Megademo 2
Please Address Mail To: Paul Brown, (AF7) 104 Wood Street, London, E17 3HX Cheques P.O.'s payable to P.A. Brown NOT Sagittarian PD PD 39p PER DISK OR FREE if you supply the disk!
Why pay for your P.D. when you can get it absolutely FREE! Order as many titles as you want! You supply only the blank disk + return postage.
Or if you prefer, we will use our own high quality disks for an amazing 39p per title.
New titles to choose from every month! LiiA
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NEWS FLASH At last, a PD library that can otter exclusive libraries. We import and write our own PD programs as well as stocking the popular ranges.
We can supply - The Fred Fish range (up to 430) The complete TBAG, Taifun and Blit Libraries as well as our own Pdextra library.
Disks are £2.00 each or 10 or more at £1.50 each.
We can also supply members with everything for the Amiga at huge discounts, software and hardware. Price list will be sent with catalogue.
Send for catalogue disk to: Digital Applications 118 Middle Crockerford Basildon, Essex, SS16 4JA Please enclose £1.50 P&P. Or phone 0268 553963 10am - 6pm PD 80p Minimum purchase only 5 disks.
Write for free detailed catalogue which is updated every month _with all the latest PD.
BLANK DISKS 4Op INC LABELS Write to: SWD PD, 27 Axwell Terrace, Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 3JS AND BE IN WITH A CHANCE TO WIN SOME PD!
Vally PD PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co Durham.
SR8 1NZ. Tel: 091 5871195.
Per disk Quality Amiga PD.
Just a small selection of hundreds of titles in stock, send for catalogue disk for fuller list of PD, only 75p inc P&P!
All disks are only 95p, please add 45p P&P if less than 10 disks. If you order 10 or more disks you get a FREE disk & FREE post! Please make cheque POs payable to'Vally PD' or phone in your Access or Visa number (only 5 disks or overl for the quickest, cheapest high quality service possible! Why pay more?
Greatest Demos: 007 8 Kefrens Megademo Vlll Fab OlSCriomcs demos inc Madonna' 017Sunirackersll Heavy reck stuff 019 Rebels Canctyfand II Nice pack' 091 Dragons Megademo great' 095 Crusaders Audio X mega1 096 Crusaders Bacterium Fabulous' 031 Crusaders 1 reeked out Great' 039TecFnotron demo Amazing 041 Popeye meets Beacbboys, Fun' 049 Sc icntists Megademo 451 063 64 Kylie Mynogue demo: (9) 085 Intuition Megademo, good 086Warfatcons purple quite good!
091 Puggs in Space Quite amusing' 098Cryptobumers It megademo, 103 104 Budtxam Megademo. Great!
119 Digital Concert VI Excellent' 197Upftontcoolliidge Unique!
!45Ecstacy!5 eic Coma demo etc!
167 Danish know how good disk' 173 174 Dmob 4 great 9 disk set' 177BobCrazy loads of bob demos 179 fraxton Horror macabre' 903 Slipstream demos, inc follow me 965 IT Megademo Quite nice 314Crionics Neverwhere great!
351 Avenger Megademo good 359 353 Crusaders Bustman pack 9 487 488 Monty Pytbon lumberjack I 519Kartharsis Megademo mce 518Crusaders Space deiena & more 545 Mag Felds pack 7 demos, great 557 558 No Btam no cam 9 disk set 586 Newtrons music box Crazyi 594 PMC demos pure metal coders 607 Total Recall demo Good!
614 Budbtain 9 New, excellent' Demos & Animations 001 Juggler S Walking cat, ? Classes 003 Probe demo Been on TV 004 Vangelis demo Superb demo'" 005 Enterprise leaves dock, Great' • 006Gymnast demo Excellent1 * 011 Newtons cradle 4 9 more Bnll' 019 The Rim Amm Feb car chase * 033 Knight emerges from boc*' 034 Cool cougar demo Great1 • 050 Walker demo 1 Great! • 051 Walker demo 9 Excellent!"
059 CXI Fab tay Paced amm! ¦ 058Ghostpool 4 Dtip, Excellent' • 059 Mag ican 4 Jogger Good! • 061 Adams family. Of 60s TV series 087 Indiana Jones demo fab film clip 089Juggefte Good 64 colour animl 115 Skulpt amms Window man .
199 30 Starwars X fighters good1 • 138Comtachanims Beer tm etc' 193Skulpt amms Walking legs etc' 901 Exploding head amm 4 more' 999Mannys 68 inc Donald duck * 947 Real things Horses, Dpaint anim 394 luko Teenager lamps amm! * 365 The ugly mug 4 more Amusing 370 Colour cycling, Nice slide!
380 Bird amms, Ckxie in Sculpt 3DI 409Fractal flight Superb tmg • 411 Busy bee antrn Bnll ray Paced * 457 Deluxe video amms good' 479Mirrorball ammat.cn Good 499 Basketball Bong etc good" 493 AgaPon amms F15, Star trek!
568-570 lost in Space 3 disks 9mgi 573-575 Staton at Kheme (3) 9mg 608 Dragons Lair II (Timewarp) Fab1 690 Fillet the Fish Great lithe animl Music & Music Utils: 037 Musk rracstro 7 Brilliant music 060100 64 tunes; Brill disk, a must' 110 111 Quiet riot demo Fab guitar' 113 Genesis Land of Confusion' 124 Zarch music Great mus»c disk!
147 Pan III Great mus.c & an«m' 156 Soundtracfcer Several versions' 157 158 Loads of Tracker samples1 2 170Rcbcccc demo Pic & music' 175 Titanns music House & Rap1 190 Games music Creator Good' 240 Sonix play Play sonix scores!
244 Deluxe music data inc midi' 245 Mididisk Lots of syruh progs' 246 Fish 323 Casio CZ editor* 248 Amiga chart HI Black Box etc 258 Jamcracker Musk; & utils' 267 Dancemi. Sampled muSK1 283 Med 2 01 Music prog ? Midi' 317 Fish 300 Realtime pitch conv* 322 Perfectsomd sampler & samples 325 Enemies music HI lots of tunes' 391 Digital Denon Nice music pock 400 Beatmaster clubmix 17mins' 428 TSR music 5: Technotronic type 483 Music several progs & midil 510 Burning Independence 2 Bnll!
513 Depeche Mode music Good 521 Kefrens juke box: Very good1 534 Dmob 3 Amazing clear samples 538 Zarch music 2 2nd great disks' 540 Banging Waves music good' 546 Cynon Music Nice, 8 tracks' 563 Questor Megamix 90 Beat of 90 567 War falcons music Nice pack 587 Amigadeus Mozart on Amiga' 599 Audio Magic All the Trackers' 602 Silents music. Some Fab tracks' Business & Serious: 057 Chet Solace 26 utils on this disk 117-20 TV graphics 4 disks for 3 50 153 Jazzbench Alternative W bench 154 iconmania Great to make icons' 228 Dope mtromaker Mak e intros' 251 Fonta me brg fonts S manager 271 Rim
Database Good Database1 272Fiexibase Easy to use database 273 Home Utils Wordwnght ? More' 274 Analytical Spreadsheet * 275 Useful utilities Always useful' 276 Dirmaster Bankin Business stuff 278 Uedit Wordprocessor program' 279-281 Darkstar utils 2-4, 3 disks 282 Rippers & Crunchers Useful 286 D8W Great ray tracer & pKs' 293Fish286 Sample converter etc 294Amigafox Wbrdprocessc* prog 295 Fish 327 Messv os. PC-Amiga' 296Fish 328 Cak: Hames Roadrcxjte 297 Fish 334 Fbm Graphics convert 301 9 Clipart 2 disks full of clipart' 303-305 Scanned clipart good' 3 308 North C Compiler C compiler* 309 11 C
Manual on 3 disks 2 85 315Arp vl .3: Alternative commands 316 Sid v1 6 Brilliant dir utility' 461 Basic progs inc Deluxe draw 4 74 Fish 350 Stichery needleworld 489 Graphics disk man useful progs 544 Doopy Good copy utility disk 560 Boot block utits Useful routines 600 A64 Commodore 64 Emulator* 601 Cleric Accounts type program * 615 Cursor v1 0 Basic compiler* 616 Pascal compiler self compiling' 617 Mead Cad design program' 618 Rot 3d drawing package' Games & Leisure: 043 Holy Grail Text adventure • 268 Computer conflict Shoot em up 367 Epic preview Amazing' 368 9 Star Trek Bnll 2 disk game'
2 375 Mechforce Battle strategy game 379 Bonix challenge shoot up» 424 5 Leam & pa Fun for kids' 2 426Amigaman games pack 10 443-5 Sta» Trek 3 disk version * 451 Tennis game Good shareware' * 458 Games Car, taintotost & Sys!
481 Othello Cribbage Klondike etd 514 Treasure Island Fun for kids' 555 Amigaman 2 Drip, Chess etc 556 Elvira demc Excellent' 581 Colossal Adv & World Adv' 582 Castle of Doom Adv game1 583 Fiashbier More than 200 levels' 584 Frantic Freddie Platform game' 595 Games Welltnx Ouatro etc 605 St Bash Space invader tvpe' 612 Monopoly & Ouedo good' 625 Blizzard Shoot em up' 626-30 Education pack 5 disks 4 50 Slideshows: 018 Nightbreed slide Fab quality* 044 Super Ham Cars Stunning!
045 Roger Dean Great pics & music 067 O namite hires Unbelievable' 078 9 Agatron 6*8 Ray traced, fab' 096 Rock band Kiss ? More, good' 134 S Channel 42 * Silents, bnll p«s' 141 2 Comtach fantasy slides' 2 149 Boris Va'lego fantasy art Bnll' 576 Iron Maiden slide Nice pics' 606 Agatron 9 Latest Tobias slide' 610 Nik Williams slide Stunning'
• Denotes 1 mg BACK ISSUE SERVICE Few in stock, selling out fast
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- ----r- 4 . FORMAT
* ' 1 V 00 CD 1 S=S 'X... . CDTV
* _ c-a CD LLC tY For ACCESSORIES 100 Cap Lockable Boxes 31 2 or
51 4.
250 Cap Stackable 31 2 only ...... Printer stands 2 piece Universal .. Printer stands Professional VU25A..... Head Cleaner and Mouse Mat only ... Tilt 'n' Turn Monitor Stand ... Amiga External Slimline Drive ...... NEW for 1991 the 80 Capacity Stackable Banx Box at ... PURCHASE 100% SONY 31 2 DSDD 100 Sony 135 TPI £44.50 200 Sony 135 TPI £84.00 400 Sony 135 TPI. . .£158.00 800 Sony 135 TPI...£305.00 1000 Sony 135 TPI.E350.00 All Supplied with labels 100% CERTIFIED Y SONY!! %Y 100 Cap Lockable Box only £3.95 when purchased with Sony discs (Max 2
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• Y labels etc -Y cfi rf* SPECIAL sQ RAINBOW PACKS 31 2 COLOURED
DSDD 25 135 TPI ......£15.50 50 135
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in packs 5 colours) OUR PROMISE to you We will supply you with
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Ask about our Bonus Bargains iY 1991. TY BEWARE!! Of cheaper discs that are low priced and much! Lower quality.
...£7.95 .£19.95 ...£7.95 .£28.95 ...£5.00 .£13.95 £64.95 £11.50 prices on ISSUE 11 Dish and mag combine lo take you on a guided tour ot fractals and chaos theory.
There's a playable demo of the stunning Toner of Babel, which is just one of four Format Gold classics inside.
ISSUE 14 Public Domain special issue: what it is, and how to make the most of free software.
Plus Yolanda demo and a complete PD game on the disk, programming tools.
Genlocks and more.
ISSUE 12 Massive Music special featuring a step-by-step guide on how to write your own tunes, plus free music tape.
Dan Dare W on Dish along with useable demo of new music program Quartet.
ISSUE 15 Flipit and Magnose makes a brilliant playable demo from Imageworks.
How to protect yourself from vtruses.How professional studios use their Amigas tor music.
ISSUE 16 Huge feature on the CDTV. The future of home entertainment.
Four Format Gold games including Rick Dangerous 2 and Captive, which is also on the disk. Plus flight sims, stunning animations.
ISSUE 13 The glamorous story of how movies become games, plus programming languages.
AMOS in full and ProDraw 2.
The Bitmaps Cadaver is a playable demo on the Coverdisk.
Y BUY THE BEST FROM Edu*on orders welcome enquiries D1SC-X-PRESS welcome A|| djscs carry our full lifetime guarantee are 100% certified and come with labels etc 3PISC-X-PRESS = 57 Spur Road, Orpington,
• UK price only Overseas prices: Europe £5 Rest of World £7 To
order your back issues use the subscriptions order form
Kent BR6 OQR X-PRESS Sales Line: 0689 896004 All prices include VAT and package post UK only Subject to availability.
DON’T MISS OUT ISSUE 17 How 24-bit graphics put 16 million cotours at your command Great feature on historical games, crucial guides to word processors and hard disks and two brilliant tormat golds Indy 500 and Killing Game Show.
ISSUE 18 An amazing two coverdisks including the complete game Interphase. Inside are fascinating features on robots and games of the future, plus more games pages, reviews and goodies than ever before.
ISSUE 19 Whether you’re buying a new Amiga, new software or new hardware our Know your Rights feature tells you what to do it you have problems.
Champion ol the Rai is sampled in demo form, plus starting in graphics and pnnters.
WHETHER YOU’RE IH RURIHRRS OR A GAMESTER* SURSCRIRE TO AMIGA FORMAT AHD CHOOSE OHE OF THESE TOR TTTUES PLUS... GAZZA 2 YOURS FREE Take on the best teams in Europe in a thrilling simulation approved by England's World Cup hero. With Empire s soccer game you're on the winning side!
DAY BY DAY YOURS FREE Comprehensive life-organiser for hobbyists, home users, business users and educationalists alike.
A superb utiliity from DIGITA International.
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Or. If you're a bit hard up this month... 6 ISSUES FOR JUST £19.95 (but sadly no free software) Simply complete the coupon below and return it to us ASAP CANT WAIT? Then phone our CREDIT CARD HOTLINE on 0458 74011 and ask for Trevor Witt for a fast and friendly service.
Please enter renew my subscription to Amiga Format My choice of software is (Only app*es lo 12 issues - nek one only) DAY BY DAY RESOLUTION 101 GAZZA 2 Please enter my subscription to Amiga Format (tack as appropriate) UK (12 issues) ..£39.95 UK (6 issues) ....£19.95 Europe (12 issues) ...£64.55 Rest of World (12 issues) ....£89.55 To ensure you get the best possible service all overseas subscriptions are sent Air Mail Please also send me the following back issues see opposite page) 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 (please circle) Name.
Address YOURS FREE This Format Gold chess classic from Exocet lets you try your hand at no more than 10 historic forms of the great game'. Each game has its own board, pieces and rules and tutor options.
YOUR NO RISK GUARANTEE You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will refund you for all unmailed issues.
Postcode My method of payment is (tack your choice) Total payment £ Cheque 'make payable to future Pubtstmg ltd) Visa Access Expiry date Card No Enclose this coupon (together with your cheque it applicable) in the envelope provided or if missing send to Amiga Format Subscriptions, FREEPOST, Somerton, TA11 7BR Business Hours
9. 30am - 5.00pm
9. 00pm - 10 30pm
5. 00pm - 9 00pm answer m c Tel: +44 942 521577 Tel Fax. 0942
521577 33 Chapel Green Road Hindley Wigan WN2 311
disks are now only £1.00 each inc. post + packing Minimum
order only 2 disks!
APD I Games Music Creator |Ut| AP02 Treasure Search |Amos| APD3 APD 5 Fonts disk * I - 3 (AFT) APD6 STOS to Amos |Ut| APD7 Virus X 4 0 |Ut| APD8 Music f. Samples I |MA| APD9 Amos Big Demo v4 |Dem| APDI0-I3: Samples *2 8 |MG| APD 14-1 6 IFF Pictures 1 3 (AFT| APD 17 Instruments (ST-011 (MG) APD 19 Microman's Music Sensitive Balls Demo |Dem| APD20: Arc Angel Demo I (Dem) APD21 Word Square Solver • games (Amos| APD22 Fun School III Demo (Dem) APD23-30: Soundtracker Modules I -8 |MG) APD31 Screen Designer |Ut| APD32: Amos Programs |Amos) APD33: Pink Goes Ape |Dem| APD34: Luke Miller's Music
I (MA| APD35: Archivist |Ut| APD36: Amos Update vl 21 |Ut) APD37: Arc Angel Demo 3 |Dem| APD38: IFF Fonts Disk 4 (Aft) APD39-50 Music 82-13 |MA) APDSI Weird Science Demo |Dem| APD52 Forms Really Unlimited (Ut) APD53 Curos S. Stavros Demo II (Dem) APD54: Amos Programs |Amos| APDS5-58 Samples *6-9 |MG| APD59: Quiz Game (Amos) APD60: Hockey Pista Demo |Dem| APD61: Luke Miller's Music 2 |MA| APD62: Acardia (Amos) APD63: Hack Magic Demo Creator (Ut) APD64 Art Program * Other Amos Programs (Ut) APD65 Amos Programs |Amos| APD66-75 Music *14-23 |MA| APD76 Amos Utility Disk * I (Ut) APD77 Amos
Programs |Amos| APD78 IFF Pictures *4 (Aft) AP079-80 Instruments |ST-03-ST-04| (MG) APD81 Jukebox Demo needs APD82 (Dem) APD82 Jukebox Demo - needs APD8I (Dem) APD83 Amos Paint (Ut) APD84 Luke Miller's Music *3 (MA| APD85 Reversi & Snakes and Ladders |Amos| AP0869S Instruments |ST-05 - ST-014) |MG| APD96 Pair-it |Amos| APD97 Dynamite Dick - other programs (Amos| LICENSEWARE SHAREWARE This collection will always be listed in numerical order unless we get inundated with programs of the same quality PD I Colouring Book PD2 Arc Angel s Maths PD3: Kremlin Kids Mega Demo I 2 disks PD4 Thingamajig
PD5 Jungle Bungle PD6 Pukadu PD7 4 Way Lynx PAYMENTS APD disks cost £2 00 UK 12 50 Europe and £3 00 Rest ot the World AMOS UCENSEWARE £3 50 PRICES Inc P&P Major c redit cards accepted with orders over £ 10 Catalogue disk £ I 00 or free with all orders _ AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN Ajre.«Jy over 1000 customers taking the Amos option Catalogue only £1.00 including software!
Send a SAE for a printed PD listing.
The Questions and Answers Club Got an Amiga? Then you've got questions.
Why not join us? We are much more than just a PD. Library.
For details send a S.A.E. to:
Q. A.C. Deal Cottage, Bridges, Luxulyam.
Cornwall, PL30 5EF CENTRAL SCOTLAND'S PREMIER P.D. LIBRARY 33 GAMES G002 Treasure Trap G021 P.D. Chess G020 Card Games Compilation G001 Learn & Play (2) G009 Tennis * G003 Pipeline G019 Drip G016 Marble Slide G017 PD. Compilation G004 Breaker Construction Set G008 Star Trek Game (2) G018 Blizzard G005 Seuk Games G013 Mechforce G007 10 Game Compilation G010 Train Construction Set G006 The Computer Conflict G014 Boardgames G024 Property Market Game G011 Castle of Doom G026 Game cheats & tips G025 Adventure cheats & tips UTILITIES U025 Dark Star Utilities 2 U026 ...... 3 U027 ...... 4 U028 ......
5 U001 Ultimate Boot Blockers
(2) U003 Iconmania U024 Pendle Utilities 7 U015 N.B.S. Utilities
1 U016 N.B.S. Utilities 2 U004 Ram Manager Large fonts U008
U-Edit U011 ChetSdace Extravaganza U012 A.N.C. Utilities N.R
20 U020 Jazzbench U017 Razor Toolkit U023 Home Utilities U022
Professional Demo Creator U005 Dope Intro Maker U006
Workbench Utilitiy U029 Scotia Utility Collection U007 Mandel
Disk U009 M - CAD U014 N.B.S. Speedbench U018 Energy Utility
U021 E.S.A. Utilities U019 Ami Base ANIMATION AND DEMOS D006
Puggs In Space D009 Busy Bee D010 Fractal Flight D001 Walker
Demo 1 * D002 Walker Demo 2 * D008 The Gymnast D003
Juggler Walking Cat D005 Kahnankas & Rocker D011 Budbrain
Megademo D004 Enterprise Leaving Dock D012 Vangelis Demo D013
Miller Lite Demo D015 Kefrons Megademo (2) D016 Predators
19. ..£1.50 10-19 .£1.25 20+ £1.00 Inc P&P TEL: 0236 737901 This
is only a small selection of the hundreds of titles available
from our ¦ constantly expanding library. Free disk catalogue
sent with all orders. You can Access j also call into our
showroom and pick-up your software. Payment by Access Visa or
make your cheques or P.O. 's payable to Office Choice:- Suite
14, Avon House, Town Centre, Cumbernauld G67 1EJ PD Soft.
(AF) 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea Essex SSI 2YD.
Ard Hotlines Cre % DEMOS Juggler 2 (1 Meg) Animations I & 2 (2 Disks) Crusaders Bacteria Fillet The Fish Batman Movie Demo (I Meg) GAMES Tricky ("Seriously enjoyable") "American' Star Trek (2 disks. 2 drives) Thingamajig (Childrens Puzzle) FLETCHER FONTS PACK 1 to 4 : 6 disks per pock, each disk has 7 to 15 different colour fonts, various sizes bul no repeals.
Instructions to load the 16 colour fonts into DPAINT as fonts. Help, Advice & Support available from PD Soft.
PACK A or B: Black & While packs of fonts os above bul 10 to 20 fonts per disk £15.00 Per Pack. IDEAL FOR VIDEO & ARTISTIC WORK Over 700 disks ol Amiga Public Domain So 11 wars antiraly traa to mambars - you supply blank disks and pay only lor postaga.
Superb 100-page magazine published every iwo months - keep up to date with latest Amiga hints and tips. Get the news from America first!
Meet other Amiga users at one of our many local groups which meet regularly all over the country.
Help and advico services - hardware or software problems can be quickly resolved.
Discount scheme makes purchases easier! Save money on hardware add-ons and software.
Subscription for 1991 only £17.00 including £1 joining fee Before requesting any software, please wait for your membership details to be sent to you.
Overseas prices on application.
Want to have a look before committing yourself? Back issues of the magazine from 1990 to all at £2 each.
We support ALL Commodore machines with extensive software libraries and help services.
All PD disks only £1.99. Remember we only use SONY disks!
RAM Expansion: CORTEX :Meg disable switch Without clock only £32.80, with clock only £37.80 all Inclusive!!
Catalogue Disk 99p. Blank SONY disks: 10 for £8.99 all lncl.
Cheques POs payable to Senator PD 73 Ilford Avenue CramlingtomNorthumberland NE23J?L the Independent Commodore Products Users Group is the largest and most friendly computer club in the country IpfH ICPUG Membership Secretary, Jack F. Cohen, ¦"HI PO BOX 1309, LONDON N3 2UT I IIH Telephone 081-346 0050 after 6.00pm f you are seriously interested in using or programming your Amiga or indeed any Commodore Computer, then joining ICPUG is a must1 For lull details send a stamped addressed envelope to: ICPUG Colouring Book (Child's paint box) UTILITIES ARTM (Excellent system utility) People Tree
(Genealogy made easy) Kefivns Melallion Utils (quality!!!)
C-Light (Simplified ray tracing) Hvperdialler MED v2 13 I music editor with MIDI input) Virus X v4.0l (virus killer par excellence) IRELAND'S No.1 PD Senator PD NEW FRIO FSH.fJa with Workbench) (351 POC tomeitfe C compAdion sysf (357 (rrpire Muffcptoyer econom»csgT (359 DlCf inlergoied C nwonwil Abridgo soMion lo Amm5 nc®rpalto (361 BrusMD Cooven moges 2 sculpf 362 impaium 8omonunv«5SK style gon 371 Frociolv'rocioi genera® that gererote Oder** hypes® 'rcxtts 372 Magnetc ('ages c'eoe.dspk* o ds* dosed nog me teds 4 graphcs f 376 The A tec C compiier.Verw n5 0 F3 7* n*A64Podujgt VI t
Cor ehertsve C&M 64 emulator also Fhe€ncrypi prg (38? CrossOOS Reod and write MS DOS (383 ManiMMourrfam'Jpdatod vO'Sion Pcopy Updded version high sped cotjr F364 NorttiC VI J KJesJ Lp(Wed ver F387 ktandArwn VanOeE'C Artmofior 4 Morx»8fc2 tasJ Mordefcmf pCffe' (390 9eor«McsJef n y o?cbase ®g F3tl FroddLab "vesrgcto hock* (393 (or oftven font ccnversix prg PrmfSpool Another easy way ip pnnf (394 Some animated pointers Dpant Pus Prinnmage easy lo prrtf moges (396 Pco'ender.Residertt Aztec C ufls BoodSOute ffp planner program Turbo 'cpaz'speed program ike FosiFortfs (397 DKBTrace a complete rcy
trapre (401 HccpySong creaied using MIDv? ’ (407 Aooc Tutoroly prgAPd prring
m. The Law PnrtSMJoNew VI2 (403 New F« fck program towoWito*
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on Star Trek The Nexi Gene*a©n senes 121 (406 ATCopy Hord d6k
users DrWork OslMash».GnuAwt.Gtiu&ep.MadBtonkef
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MRB x«up V3 4 Hard Dsk Imy (319 AH DM K) A Hord disk menu
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V028 Word Wright WP comes An oSpell V086 The Vxtec Appkdbns Pock 12) voeo (era copy pKturenpper sound tracker npper slideshow mefcer D-Ccpv CC*£RS.5«e New fish *® others} F165 tomcow copy a dsk rto rom’l (139' jrboBockufVlasXJfSk dupkcA® (035 Quick Copy copy some product** V083 A-Copy Orte ol the Best Copiers of Fia uTiimEs.
VI14 TexfPkit Word Processor program V108 Amfcaie Itie dc'abase progtom (328 AnaytCalc CompleK Spreadsheet VK 5 Am«y»a* word Processor program (273 PenayWtse CashBook Progrom Good (239 Textra turnyour omga into oWp (210 Cok n »y 0 ne spreodsheet ri63 Bonkn Complefe chakbook system (143 Bm SuJtaWe for a large D base H3I Hyperbase'Oatc management sysim (098 Qbas maibase Torogement u« (053 vc Vrpie5pfeo(Sheei cokiA®® V021 word OrocessngVery poputo* V029 The Ha,-sehoid mvwvory do* V0S6 DiskMaster V3 C Af Dec r»iew*d THE GAMtS CCLKD0N.
1081 The Jhrixiie Si® Trek Com* (2) 1083 M*chFight The Role pkrytng game (324 Tetrts Ckjne losl 4 responsve (173 Terrwodddrve gome of speed 0847 Mevtns very Mrd but excefleni V042 T Mrs The besr Tars cfooe 0688 Bock io me 'mure 3 (Vaycbte, 0850 Tumcan I »ovcb wwM 0913 &reo«x CoMrudon Se» 4 gome 0914 The All New S*jr *-e« Gan r?r 0920 Breofcer ond Cords The Gomes 1060 St® Trek The Next Generation * the mego New starTrek (ofcjw up game (345 Crobots Svnulor to Meek worn® (336 MmiWofl. Sys Iftmgol. And C® (320 AmOmega SrHor to Hack rogue bur s much more corrpJ®. A04D sh»e (205 Bofy
8®heforce4Chosg3me (194 Moro Dungeon srukW gome T92 Pa»Man87 weh tenures (150 DcXVmsfjment fl hr sm Prg (12? Aste-odyScS those astenods 106? Lorn end Hock I?) AD4D style gome GOLDEN DISKS, 0111 waker Demos state I or 2Mb* 12) 0168 NASA Pks Adud spae pKlues 0286 Kyne Marogue Mure Muse (2i 0272 (-eddy K ugar »s a Mghtmore OS92 Mflrr. Vte 4 Cmctos Thene 12) 0612 MoMy Pytors The Gongs backi?!
0614 DeCde Goscn E«tr VodWl 0635 100 Ogd 64 Ties Ckasscs 0860 Teenage Nnp Tuhes Bdures 0797 Hanky Panky Modonnas mus (fck 0838 The Star Wars Pkkxe Dsk 0854 Kyke's Made in Heavon 12) 1047 Pobocop Dgi-Move produdens SOUNOTRACX£R 4 MUSIC PROGRAMS 0931 SourxJrater rtaion Number' 0965 SourxJracxer Mods 61 0917 Sounds Of tmcxJ 8 10121 1062 wofocons Digsal sounds l V03? ST instruments 161 OnV from us VKOI ST nstnjments 14) some more V097 The Muse Compose* Program V03I SoundTrcker 2 4 (ST-001 V039 Slar Trekker Music Program V047 iamTrocker VI0 Program V088 Tsruments kx Peded Sound VX37 (uiae
composer Mu« progror VI16 S'-07Housemus nstnjmeMs VT1I Aberc'cmthes Cosmit sou'Os Vli 2 Drum SompiaJ sounds (21 THE HOUSE MUSC SELECTION.
05 75 Wheres the Bose One d the best 0689 The Techonfcs Remx Disk 0883 808 Safe rermes A NFW Osk 08 79 Magnek Bed I3I.886.B87 0880 OubMoilBeoimas'erl 121887 0682 House Sarrqtes idlMi.MS 0952 Gmersrcee volume V 0972 BeSy Boo ttusx Sample dis* 1005 Son* House Musk Number 5 ANMAT10NS p ALL 1Mb) 0099 Dragons lair ihe ongtol disk 0477 Fractal flghi rew*ed r af 0555 The Poke c® chases renewed 0674 tpK oceans or»mc*ed spoce c w 0791 Spae Sfx te tolcMi fsjoumey 0988 AsJeroxlsAhe n«» onKnotor 0733 PMC (radol Senewed AF pn 0734 Ckofhes Peg fieww«j aF pn 0849 Dragons lo* I The Time Worp 0856 FiBef the
(sh revxrwed Af leb 0891 Sieofthy Monoeuves ii revtewed 1021USAvilroq («celeni seqi nce 1035 Batman the marte'Pewewed M THE MEGA DIMO SELECTION 034* RAF Great GnasfoAien sect i2l 050C Scoco» Met® Hong er sJunng 0662 Cnono Vodcnro demo A Ctos 0664 Budbran ~e ago No one 12) 0667 Cronies Neve* wwe Modarmo pr 0724 inrutiofVExcelent Vectors On 0739 Possessed Very good.Oifle brge 0799 Gants Ths will nol end 121 0817 (rest coP the serx coders I2j 08? 7 Wor Faicons Mosteftull vectors 0892 GokSftre 1990 Th» reviewed AF 0940 Maxmur Oerdnve (xce*®v '21 0957 The Prvne 90 Mega Demo v Good 0960 D-Mcb Nause
Musk Number 4121 1002 BUDMAM M8GA D(MO I THE BUD'S A« BACX N TOWN 1003 Horizon'Arcthe* (xcelert Dek 1004 Treod Presen! Ih«r West MD 1008 Shan & Enjoy Amazing Tuned|3) 1016 Cncnia Tofol Destrudions 1019 Tedroftght Whot a great week T044 Kafrera °Tesenrs T e Well 1065 HowkTsAckesf -eg: demo dsk THE NEW DEMO D»SK SELECTION 0730 Scoooei coleden 84fRe*ewec 0702 Chates Donee House Renewed 0704 Awesome Preview' 0*5 very gaoc 0715 M Dead 15®rp (Vtaesl?i 0723 Dep«he .Mode MusK.1013121 079? Aiens Mego long Sample 121 0797 Madcnna Honky Panky muse dsk 0003 kxmey mo Sound Penewed 0804 Jeon Mk7«i J®*e
Iquroxe 0814 joke's U*nxJe Doctonds I 0876 The Ccmmodye 64 (*» e Show C899 Sang-ng toves ls! rewewed Af 0905 Zooiook Jeer Mkhef Xxre 0908 O«osfbusters Ogt tvsk dts* 0910 War of the Worlds Mega rrvsK 0926 The Who Mego Sounds Number I 0933 Amos Demo number 2 rrore Amos 0937 Morni Vice Remix dtsk Very Good 0956 The Evil Deod Mega Demo disk 0959 1990 The Best demos of the y«r 096? FartosfK AT i2ltev*wed Af 0989 Wralh of the demon muse dsk 0991 The Chp Musk (estN® 1020 Cmsoders Mrco concepfs 1022 Scanners 12) Pcwes 4 s®npi« K 27 Jugg'er ii Revowed Af leb (048 Bruce lee Mega SlkJe shov dsk 1049
ToPlRecc* the demo disk 1050 Bock to the future I demo 1052 The Nghfmare sideshow 121
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L4 - COMPUTER CONFUCTS : An excellent ShoOt 'em up 366 Learn and play (2 disks) 391 Tetracopy 424 Med V2.13 426 Demo maina 3 CATALOGUE DISK I FRED FISH PAPER I PRICES PER DISK Tired of boring cotalogue disks’ Gel ihe unique, easy to use PD Soff Daiabase Caialogue Disks Th y contains details of over 1800 disks avoilatAe direcfy from stock kom us A mutbiude of options including Search & print 2 Disks Only f 1 50 Dec updates Ever wonted a complete description of all ihe Fred fish disks on Paper’ Well. Ihe entire list is now ONLV available horn PD SOU Appro* 60 Pages revealing everything about
every program m ihis range os descr-bed by Fred Fish Onfyfl 50 I-5 Disks £250 6-10 Disks £225 II-20 Disks £200 21+ Disks £175 Wxh excephon 10 Ikencewoie ond Specwl Pocks xxx pieose osk kx W ond siaie ihai vouareovet 18 All the example tutorials and source files are for the Devpac assembler from HiSoft. Areas covered in this issue include the ARP libraries and a rather well written background about Intuition, the system which gives serious Amiga software a standard look and feel about them.
One further point of note is that this is the last issue with a run-down of simple 68000 instructions and how they work. More on actual programming is promised for the next issue welcome news for those who know all the commands but have difficulty in writing and debugging code.
POWERLOGO PD SOFT V106 This is a strange programming language. A long time ago Logo was hailed as being the ultimate computer language in education.
It was based around the idea of having a controllable robot (a turtle) which could be directed to go forwards, backwards, and turn left or right. It also had a pen or two, which could be lowered to draw lines, and hence make up shapes and it could give people an incredible amount of knowledge about geometry.
This version (by Gary Teachout) can only be described as weird. All the standard Logo features are there, but PowerLogo also has a large amount of LISP in it. LISP (for List Processor) is a data structuring language which is most often used for artificial intelligence research.
The result? Well it is a very different computer language. The documentation is comprehensive and quite clear, but after a while your head begins to spin out.
Needless to say it contains plenty of interesting features but of what importance it is, who can say? Is this really the ultimate educational computer language of tomorrow’s intelligent machines?
I certainly hope not. Still, I found it quite fascinating.
INSTRUMENTS PREMIER PD 319 This is a set of 86 sample voices for use with Octalyser - but they can be used in any sample sequencer that uses RAW (binary) samples. If you haven't got a sound sampler and want some decent, quality samples to use, then give this a look. The quality is very good indeed, and they're not overly long - 10000 bytes or less.
Just to remind you: the Octalyser program itself was originally reviewed in these pages.
Later on it transpired that Octalyser is not in fact PD it's a full price commercial product from Germany.
NEWSFLASH 15 17 BIT This is a disk based magazine with something of a pedigree. Martyn Brown edited it to start off. But parted company with 17 Bit due to various disagreements and dissatisfaction. He's just started again on NewsFlash and now rt looks very good indeed.
There’s really something for everything on the two disks. A couple of demos, pictures and some music: a full version of ProTracker VI.00: some games reviews: a news section and editorial comment: and a couple of bits and pieces for C and assembly programmers.
Maybe the only problem that I have with NewsFlash is that it is a bit too general for me. But a lot of data has been crunched onto both of the disks, giving it real value for money. It makes as an ideal introduction to the public domain scene, it also contains plenty of information, and makes for easy reading.
TOP TEN UTILITIES East Midlands PD Library TOP TEN DEMOS East Midlands PD Library
1. CZED Compiler
3. TVGraphics
1. The Enemies Music Disk M II
3. Gate Megademo 2 ¦ R.
5. Daddykins8 WordProcessor ¦ H ¦ ¦
5. 4 Mat of Anarchy
7. C Manual
7. Digital Concert VI
9. JRComm
9. The Frog Song Demos SUPPLIERS The following companies all
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Echo PD: 16 Church Road. Alsager. ST7 2HB. EMPDL: 0602 630071 EPROM Services: Freepost, Leeds LS27 8YA George Thomson Services: 0770 82234. Hill PD. 23 Oakfield. Newton Aycliffe. Co. Durham DL5 7AS, Hobbyte: 0727 56005, ICPUG 081 346 0050, JTS PD: 0937 83834, Lorenzo's Domain 30 Colquhoun. Helensborough, Scotland. G84 8AQ. Magnetic Media: 0827 59566, NBS: 0983 529594. New Image PD: 40 Appleby Gardens. Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Newtons PD: 14 Beech Grove, Beverly Rd, Hull, HU5 1LY Quantum Computers: 0643 705943.
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Tel: (0734) 452416 Fax:(0734)451239 Amiga P.D. Software ONLY 99p including P&P Please send SAE for FREE 30 page catalogue ST Amiga Fanzine £1.75 + 25p P&P ISSUE 10 (Birthday issue) with 2 cover disks ? FREE P.D. catalogue Picture Digitizing for the Amiga £3.50 per disk (6 pictures) Sound Sampling Service lor the ST Amiga £2.50 per disk 110 samples) Sampling disks now in slock For details contact us at:- Sector 16 160 Hollow Way Cowley Oxford Tel: 0865 774472 64102 Please make Cheques P.O.'s payable lo ANDREW HAMILTON and SIMON GLEED
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meg) D004 Education of Cool Cougar (1 megl D008 Donald Duck Animation D012 Rebels Megademo DO 14 Space Ace Demo DO 15 Ugly Mug goes for a spin DO 17 Ghost Pool ani (1 meg) DO 19 Avenger Mega Demo D023 Stealthy 2 am (1 megl D028 Budbram Megademo (2 disks) 0047 RAF Megademo (2 disks) D045 Arse Wipe Advert (XXX) D048 End of Century Megademo 2 D059 Red Sector Megademo (2 disks) D062 Red Sector Cebit 90 D077 Good Morning Vietnam D078 Kefrens Demo D082 Monty Python 'Nudge Nudge' (2 disks) D086 Hardcrack Graphics D088 Silents Megademo D134 Garfield Slideshow D146 Magician & Runner D147 Neighbours
Slideshow D148 Viz Calender D149 Fraxion Horror Show D150 Windsurf Arams (1 meg 2 disks) D151 Robocop 2 Slideshow D152 Kim Wilde Slideshow D153 Epic Game Demo (1 meg) D154 Total Recall Slideshow D158 Operation Vark D160 Exodus Real 3D MUSIC MO 11 Dmob Music 2 MO 12 Dmob Music 4 (2 disks) MO 13 Enemies Music 3 M018 1 Pec Elite Disco Fever CRAZY COMPETITIONS Please add 50p P&P to total. Hundreds of disks in stock, please make all cheques payable to P. A Cannon. Send all orders to: Ultimate PD, 44 Festimog Road. Gabalfa, Cardiff CF4 2QS ONLY 99p EACH M022 Amiga Chart Mix 3 M026 Amiga Chart Mix 5
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Soundtracker Collection (3 disks) U005 Tetra Copier U010 Ghostwriter & Rainbow Writer U012 Mega Utils Disk U014 Flexi Base U017 Boot Writer UO18 North C U023 Warrior Crunchers Disk U024 S.I.D Ultimate clip utility U037 MED V 2.01 U048 VC Spreadsheet U049 Boot Maker's Disk AMIGA ONLY AMIGANUTS UNITED £4 00 £2 00 £5 00 £3 00 M « £2 50 £2 00 £2 50 £2 50 £5 00 £2 00 £2 50 £4 00 £2 50 £2 00 £2 50 £4 50 £2 00 £2 00 £2 00 £2 00 £2 00 £2 50 £2 50 877: £5 00 £1 50
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E-Swal ...... FI 9 Stealth Fighter .... Final Whistle ... Gazza 2 .... Golden Axe ... Harpoon (1 Meg) .... Hero's Quest (1 Meg) Indiannapoks 500 ..... Judge Oredd Kick OH 2 Kick On 2(1 Meg) Leisure Suit Larry 3 ... Lotus Turbo Challenge .
Ml Tank Platoon £19.99 ..£16.99 ..£19.99 £17.99 ..£16.99 £17.99 £17.99 ..£16.99 £16.99 £14.99 £17.99 £27 99 ..£17.99 £18.99 .. £8.99 ..£16.99 £16.99 £19-99 £23 99 ..£16.99 £13.99 ..£12.99 £16 99 £26-99 ..£1699 ..£18.99 Midnight Resistance .... N A.R.C .... Ninja Remix ..£1699 ..£1699 £16 99 Orbitus . ParaHrmH CWI ..£22.99 PIC QO raraaroia sru .. Player Manager . ilo 33 £12.99 Powermonger ...
..£19 99 Prince of Persia .. ..£16 99 Puzzntc .£1699 Rick Dangerous 2 £16 99 Robocop 2 .. Satan ... ..£17 .£12 99 Shadow of the Beast 2 . £22 99 Shadow Wamor £16 99 Simulcra ..... .£1699 Speedball 2 ..£1799 Spmdizzy 2 ..£1699 Super Off Rd Racer
. £1699 Supremacy ...... £19 99 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . ..£1799 Their Finest Hour .... ..£1999 Tournament Goff ... ..£1699 Wings (1 Meg) ...... ..£1999 Wings of Fury £16 99 Wotfpack (1 Megi £19 99
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Boulderdash Const Kit Brian Clough's Football Bubble Ghost
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2.2 £6.99 £4 99 Mr
Heli ......£8 99 Ninja
Spirit North And South ... P-47
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Time Bird Rick Dangerous
R. V.F. Honda..... Safari Guns Shoot Em Up Const Kit
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City ... Spy Vs Spy Spy Vs Spy
II ...... Spy Vs Spy III ..... Stunt Car Racer
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Cycles ... Theme Park Mystery Time Machine Tower ot
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charge my Access Visa
No: ...
Expiry date:.
ORDER FORM JE 3lease supply me with the following for Computer ... Titles Price Customer Number DATE: .. NAME: . ADDRESS: ..... ...Post Code .. TEL: ..... AMIGA FORMAT MARCH '91 Please make cheques & PO payable to Turbosoft Credit card orders taken. Payment cashed only on despatch. Orders under £5 add 75p P&P per Item. For First Class add 75p PAP per item UK only. EEC counities add £2.00 per Item.
Non EEC countries add £3.00 per Item. Express airmail £4.00 per Item.. All Hems subject lo availability.
All prices subject lo change without notice. E. & O. E. Please note: Mat! Order companies may lake up lo 28 days lo deliver goods from receipt of order.
VV| rv' r' DISNEY "T.
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£16.99 Tin Tin on the Moon Teenage Queen North 8 South Fire 8
Forget Hostages FUTURE DREAMS ONLY £4.99 Warlocks Quest G-Nius
Spidertronic Purple Saturn Day SUPER QUINTET ONLY £4.99
Hostages Bubble Ghost Warlocks Quest Passengers on the Wind 1
8 2 (Personal callers welcome) HOW TO FIND US...... Maps
showing direct routes from the motorway and A5 Turbosoft Unit
6 & 7 Acacia Close Cherrycourt Way Industrial Estate
Stanbridge Road Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU7 8QE Office hours
are Monday to Friday
9. 00am to 5.00pm Saturdays
10. 00am to 4.00pm All prices include VAT Tel: (0525) 377974 Fax:
(0525) 852278 Independent Stockist.
Riomhaire Software, Dublin Bazzaar, Unit 34 Thomas St, Dublin 8 Eire. Shop prices will vary. Personal callers only GRAPHICS The concept of the AnimBrush is one of the most useful and revolutionary graphics tools ever introduced on the Amiga. Yet strangely, since it was invented by Dan Silva for Deluxe Paint III and released, now almost two years ago, no other package has developed the concept further until now that is.
Oxxi and BazboSoft have at last extended the AnimBrush principle to HAM and have included many of the tools from Photon Paint, and have introduced animated versions of their unique Wrap, Bend and Distort tools.
The stunning result Aegis SpectraColor confirms that the Amiga is at the cutting edge of low- cost computer graphics.
Photon Paint III?
SpectraColor is to Photon Paint 2 what Deluxe Paint III is to DPII! The INTERFACE The SpectraColor ‘Toolkit’ comes in three sections. The default includes the drawing tools and the 64-colour palette (Interface A) and is similar to the Photon Paint interface. This can be expanded to include the full HAM spread Paint-Box (Interface B). Again, this is almost identical to the Photon Paint Paint-Box except for the addition of a magnified view ol the HAM spread centred on the pointer, a useful device that would have been good idea to include in the screen-magnify tool.
Selecting the ANIM icon on the toolbox toggles the Animation Toolbox (Interface C).
First few moments using SpectraColor prove this beyond doubt. The top-of- the-screen toolbox has altered slightly simplified and refined for the better and clicking the Anim icon replaces most of the drawing tools with VCR-like animation controls. But virtually everything else looks and works just as it did in PP2. The real changes though, are the excellent animation facilities.
HAM Animation The Photon Paint 2 rudimentary, page-flipping abilities that are accessed from the Project-Alternate menu or key presses have been retained, thus pages (frames) can be A dynamic new paint package intends to put the Amiga well ahead of its competitors BRIAN LARKMAN twists bends and stretches to find out why.
Spectracolor HAM Animation Package ¦ No UK price yet ¦ Oxxi USA-0101 21 34227 WOBBLY- WALK WOMAN CHECKBULGE A slightly more complex effect is created with the Free Wrap.
The first and last parameters defined were both asymmetric and differed from each other. When animated the result is a strange wobbly walk that resembles a reflection in moving water. Here the wrap is illuminated from the right.
GRAPHICS inserted, merged, copied or exchanged. They can also be deleted, either singly or in total to prepare for a new animation.
‘Animate’ allows a range of pages to be flipped at a chosen rate; forward. Reverse or ping-pong. This allows individual HAM pages to be loaded in, modified page-by-page and saved in Amm format. This is a laborious process if you have 20 or 30 frames to load, but with HAM images it is just about the only way. Of course, standard HAM Anim files load a whole series of frames in without problem, but it would have been nice if a series of consecutively numbered individual IFF pictures could be loaded in one go. This would allow non-standard sequences frames from Sculpt, or even from a Mac
or PC to be utilised easily.
The Project-Alternate menu (or their equivalent key-presses) also allow you to select which page to view with Previous, Next and GoTo Page. These jumps' can be achieved even easier by using the VCR-like controls on the toolbox. As well as the obvious GoTo First, GoTo Last, Previous, Next and Play buttons there is a Play Enquiry button which has the same effect as the Animate menu selection. To the right of the Play buttons are the Define Animation tools, Define First, Define Last, Record and Define Path. Their function and the whole process of brush animation in SpectraColor can be best
understood by looking at the illustration in the panel entitled 'Checkbulge'.
Twist Bend and Stretch Like Deluxe Paint III, SpectraColor can animate individual brushes by varying the parameters of its special effects over a series of frames, moving and transforming the obiect in apparent 3D. In DP this works either manually: limited to the line drawing tools, or automatically; with the ’move’ requestor, when size, rotation and perspective moves can be applied to a brush. In SpectraColor, a brush transformation is given a start and finish position, or a path to follow, before the effect is applied. This allows some special effects to be animated in a way that is
impossible to do in DP .
Nevertheless, for most tools and transformations that have an equivalent in both packages, the final results are similar. The real difference involves the tools that have no equivalent in DP Wrap, Bend, Twist and Stretch, Examples of these are in the illustration on these pages, though in a magazine you cannot fully appreciate the moving image of an animation. The jagged edges of these experimental stills look far better when animated on screen.
AnimBrushes Just as a section of the screen can be captured and attached to the pointer as an object or a 'brush', so a section of an animation can be picked up as an animated brush or AnimBrush. Like an ordinary brush these can be used freely through the animation, either painted on as they are, or transformed with a wrap or distortion. It is the use of this simple, innovative concept that makes brush animation on the Amiga unique.
AnimBrushes of a person taking a single pace, or the flap of a wing, the sway of a branch, the break of a wave, any of these can be pasted down in sequence to create a person walking or a bird in flight, or repeatedly out of sequence to animate a windblown tree or a stormswept beach. The possibilities are endless.
RUNCUBE Cube 3 allows the animated figure to be repeated on all three sides. By rotating the viewpoint of the cube from the first lo the last Irame it can be made to partially rotate. Careful editing of the frames can make the rotation and the running figure on the sides seem to animate smoothly. The figure on the top gives the game away by only rotating a quarter turn!
RGB Studios have already shown the potential for collections of Deluxe Paint AnimBrushes with their Real Things series. These are only held back by the obvious limitations of a 32 colour palette. SpectraColor has no such restriction though, so it is more realistic, full-colour animated sequences can be used as brushes.
For now however as they are all readily available it allows several Dpaint AnimBrushes, with different palettes, to work together.
SpectraCotor's limitations though are those of speed and memory use.
Even with a 3meg Amiga B2000 with lmeg of chip RAM, only 20 full pages of HAM animation are possible in SpectraColor less than one second, though much larger sequences can be constructed if movements and objects are small.
This can be terribly inhibiting and difficult to overcome. As with all computer animation there are only two ways out: massive amounts of RAM or single-frame recording to video and both of these are expensive, RAM, though, is getting cheaper and there are now some reasonably priced single-frame recording solutions being developed in the US, based on 'domestic' VCRs. The only other relief on the horizon is provided by video compression chips which are here but are rather expensive and it will probably be 12 to 18 months before they are available at more reasonable prices.
Aegis SpectraColor is slow but considering the complex transformations it is carrying out this is not suprismg. An accelerator is a real advantage though. These two criticisms aside and they are really limitations of the Amiga not the software Aegis SpectraColor is excellent; a promise of wonderful things to come when really powerful Amigas are cheap enough for average Amiga users.
Reryfiwn rrmro ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY Express Courier Delivery £5.00 Extra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE from one of Ihe longest established companies in their held, with a reputation for good service and prices We have invested heavily in a computer system to enable our Telesales staff to provide up-to-the-minute stock information, coupled with highly efficient order processing. Our fully equipped Workshop enables us to carry out almost any repair on our premises. We feel sure that you wont be disappointed if you choose Evesham Micros mm TO order JV Call us now on B 0386 765500 37a"
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Suits any Amiga AMAZING LOW PRICE!
£54.95 including VAT & delivery
• Quality Citizen Drive Mechanism
• On Oft switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable
5. 25" External 40 80 Track Switchable Floppy Drive also
available tor only C99.00 AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES
Lines open Monday-Saturday.
9. 00am - 5.30pm Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card
details to : Unit 9, St Richards Rd. Evesham, Worcs WR11 6XJ
ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government, Education & PLC orders
welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier
delivery £5.00 extra Please note that 5 working days must be
allowed lor personal cheque clearance.
Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 RETAIL SHOWROOMS 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE ONLY £32.95 including VAT and delivery mu ft Direct replacement tor the A501 expension ft Convenient On 1 Off Memory Switch ft Auto-recharglng battery becked Real-Tima Clock ft Compact Unit Size : Uttra-naat design ft Only 4 low poster consumption FASTRAMe 512K RAM Expansion ¦Iso available without dock tor only £27.95 All our Showroom outlets hold large stocks ot most Items and also supply from a far wider product range than advertised. Please do not hesitate to ring any of our showrooms and discuss your requirements with a
member ot our highly trained stall.
Unit 9 St Richards Road. Evesham Worcestershire WRI1 6XJ IT 0386 765180 (ax : 0386 765358 Open Mon-Sat.. 9.00 - 5.30 5 Glisson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HA
• S 0223 323898 rax: 0223 322883 Open Mon-Frt, 9.30 - 6.00 and
Sat.. 9.00-5.30 IBM dealer e Corporate Specious!
1. 5MB RAM BOARD ft FuHy populated board Incraaaas total RAM In
A500 to 2MB I ft Plugs Into ths trapdoor .sponsion, and
connects to GARY chip ft Includes Auto-recharging
battery-becked Real-Time Clock ft Socketed FASTRAM Ica lor
accommodating up to 1.5MB RAM . £ 39.95 .£59.95 . £ 74.95
.£89.95 Unpopulated RAM board with dock RAM Board aa above,
with 512K FASTRAM InstaNad _ RAM Board as above, with 1MB
FASTRAM installed _ RAM Board as above, with 15Mb FASTRAM
installed .
: The expansion board requires KjcMtait 1.3 to operate Kickstart 1.3 upgrade available from us tor £29.96 COMMODORE A590 HARD DISK 1762 Pershore Road, Cotteridge Birmingham B30 3BH IT 021 458 4564 fax: 021 433 3825 Open Mon-Sat.. 9 00 - 5.30 TECHNICAL SUPPORT ?
¦S' 0386-40303 Monday to Friday, 9.30 - 5.30 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS All details correct at lime ol press All goods subject lo availability. E. & O.E. Good quality Commodore Hard Disk unit. Including its own PSU and built-in cooling fan Features sockets for up to 2Mb of on-board FASTRAM expansion (see below). 80ms Access time, with up to 2 4MtVsec. Transfer rate Autoboots when used with Kickstart 1.3. Commodore A590 Hard Drive ( 20Mb )_____£ 279.00 Wc are now supporting specially upgraded versions of the A590 incorporating NEC high capacity, fully autoparking SCSI drives (25ms
access time). SCSI interfaced hard drives offer a substantial performance increase over conventional units.
A590 wtth fast 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk_______£ 399.00 A590 wtth fast 100Mb NEC SCSI Disk__£ 599.00 SPECIAL! A590 with 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk, PLUS 2MB RAM FASTRAM fitted _________£ 479.00 A590 RAM UPGRADES A590 HAM Upgrades we 512K Upgrade .. £ 31.85 Mux! Ire.ddiarge when 1MB Upgrade ..£ 59.95 txxgre eflh an A590 2Mb Upgrade -£ 99 95 HARD DRIVE. RAM KJU compile, d M miM unpopulated 5 MMS RAM 10 8Ml RAM; PUJS H I ¦ 40MB HARD DMVE S MTOF.
Thera mi upx or RAM inraw 1 RAM IHSNI WIMMItlNMl |)|() The ortjr h Samp»a from wfveh you can add id iw areao* Saxom ** «mb lormats and SOMX SfctJS and MSTR sand tor-*aB Otm w Nonnel RRP : £ 99.95 OUR SPECIAL PRICE _ £6955 ACCESSORIES THESE FABULOUS GAMES; Tracfcault Manager BO Subtwtao TraaauraTrap I Block Alanche LoarN Uua Dtacman J Batda Squadron Dmt Riot Tank Batne [ LOOK WHAT ELSE YOU GET WHEN YOU BUY AN AMIGA from ruTrr -fTrrrri AMIGA 500 Top-selling A500 package includes ’Night Breed', The Beast 2', Back to the Future 2’, Days of Thunder'.
'Deluxe Paint II' and TV modulator.
A500 SCREEN GEMS PACKAGE___________£ 379.00 SCREEN GEMS PACK SPECIAL! A500 Screen Gems Package inc. 512K RAM Clock Upgrade ... C 399.00 A500 Screwt Gama Package PLUS 3V." Drive__£ 430.00 A500 Screen Gems Package including 512K RAM Clock Upgrade AND 3' .' Drive___£ 450.00 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF THE 90 S PACK Inckxtos A501 512K RAM Upgrada. TV Modulator. 8 software II Tides. 10 Oaks. Mouse Mai. Video Tape and more .... A500 CLASS OF THE 90'i Package -£549.00 | A500 Class of the 90’e Peck PLUS 3' .' Drive £600.00 II 1 AMIGA 1500 1 STARTER PACK teOudaa A1500computer (1 MB RAM. 2xyVDiWaa.
8axpanarankJBI. H Conmodora It-Raaduaon Ctecra Ucnkor. Pkw Solhnra ncUdkig OakuaH Pan III. Baste Chaaa. -Sim Cay and Tha wrau (buamaaa •oih.we) II AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACKAGE---E 999.00 II c A M I G A SPECIAL DEALS V1DI-AMIGA VIDI-CHROME AMIGA Cotour frame giabbmo upgrade tor VIOI Enables production ol Red.
Green and Btoe elemena when using a biaO-vrhUe camera, by use ol filer* (Colour camerevldeo recorder users - see below) VIDI-RGB Ausomsbcaty separates Red. Graen and Blue colour signal components from video recorder or camera source, enabing ihe user to easty produce colour pfctorat when used with VIOI.
VIDI-AMIGA Remartabt* qua*y Og«««r tor any modal ol Amiga Wkfefy raganfed at Ihe bast In Is category. VIDt-AmiQa enables you to
• Have period Iree2e frame from any video, inupio 16 shade*
• Grab real nme 3-0 (mages
• Store A replay action Mjarces
• Reafcse Deeklop Vxfeo
• and rrsjch. Midi more VIDI-Armga Is compabfe with al video
standards, eg.ootour. B W.
VMS. Bela. PAL. NTSC tic . £ 16.95 . £ 58.00 VIDIAmiga:£89.00 Z rgT MINIGEN Gonlock Adapter £ 95.00 TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE that thla la the wnootheet. Moat meporelvo and accurate nplKMM now you con buy tor (he Amiga. Excwkent performance, amulng tow prtc» I r» -4 7 QC SATISFACTION
MOUSE exreleni tavaU acoxacy ... t *7.95 BANISH VIRUS PROBLEMS
I Our compact Ykue Protector fU eaakyr to the Pott ol the
lneH*e» drfva In you Amiga ayatam, protecting al Intamal and
external drhma tram boot Mock vkuaaa Incorponlaa a ewecfi lo
anahta'daWila the Bty. Topiakw GOLDEN IMAGE HANDY SCANNER *
ONLY £9.95 Outstandng guafcty. Excefleoi value tor money fw dee a KXMOOcp scamar wen cither options, plus Ihe amaongfy powerful TOUCH-UP software package whch dnvee the scamer dvectfy Scanner Indudes vwwmg window A backJIgN for xxurats scans every Ome. Scan either Heart or grey images * to 400c** Many mage REPLACEMENT A500 PSU Genuine Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply Unrt. Good quality ’twitch mode' type. Super low price I ?
Th« ProOOT-24 ts a faghly versatile 24- pin letter quality pnnter. With levets of speed and reliability enabling it to handfe sustained tagh levets of output with ease It features an amazjng anay of faokties normally found on far more expensive models, yet are supremely easy to use.
U 200 cpe print speed In draft mode (2 special draft font*) U 66 cps print speed In LQ mode (5 true letter quality fonts) ? 7 Cotour output; Graphics resolution up to 360 x 360dpi U Excellent compatibility, with Epeon. IBM and NEC emulation U Full control over pnnter from easy to use tront-panei U Fast set up. With Parallel and Serial interfaces as standard U Backed by 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty ? Supplied complete with parallel connection cable Citizen ProDOT 24 Normal RRP: £ 746.35 Inc.VAT from within ToucMJp A senstoie mrastnert lor Desktop PuWafang work.
ONLY £39.95 INCLUDING VAT AND DELIVERY £169.00 INTERFACE ‘TESSA* twin ergonomic stereo speakers, amplified GET CONNECTED I Our Ally axnpattto. H0i quaky MIDI rteriace connects deadly wifi ha Amga serial poet and crondes IN. OUT 5 THRU ports lor good ItexbMy. Faaturas LED hcficakv5 on each pod kr HEAR THAT STEREO I Your Amiga produces fine quality hi-fi stereo sound. Enjoy stereo sound reproduction to the full with this great new twin speaker systeml Incorporates a specially designed amplifier with adjustable volume control ONLY £19.95 diagnoebc purposes comped dasgn SipeiO Evesham Micros ONLY
£269.00 Special Offer Price Inc.VAT, Delivery A cable STEREO SOUND SAMPLER S-S-S-SAMPLE THIS I Offering tul axnpahtfety wth almost any Amiga u o dgtser package, our Sound Sampfw feature* exceler* drcutry, ytetotog professions resuts The mato HO converter gives a (AgCJttog rasoUion of * to 50KHz. Wth a fast stow ntoa Two phono sockats are provided tor atorao kne Input pta an opbon tor rrfcibphona *tpjatabto gato Is achewed wth bu84i cortroi knob CompWa wlih public domain dlak containing sound sampling acpticabona utBies.
- Cut Sheet Feeder available for only £ 89.95 - INCLUDING VAT AND
DELIVERY ONLY £34.95 DDINITCDC Prtcos include VAT. | rrciiv I
CKO delivery ana cable I KRAFT TRACKBALL ONLY £29.95 Vary nk?i
Quality trackball. Directly corrpaabw c any Amiga. ST or C8W64.
Plua many odiers.
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50673 Access 24 HOURS VISA L GRAPHICS Hold your hand up in
front of you. Clench your fist and then unclench it as you
turn your hand. If you study this simple movement it becomes
apparent that to animate it would take a great deal of effort.
The latest addition to the ever increasing number of Amiga animation packages aims to help you create animations of this kind. The Animation Studio is intended to reflect the traditional methods of hand-drawn animation employed by the film-making maestros so successfully for such a long time.
Surprisingly, this is Disney’s first entry into the field of home computer With Disney's unparalleled experience of animation behind it, this could be a major step forwards for animation. DEAN AGAR sees whether it shapes up.
Disney Software The Animation Studio Animation ¦ £99.99 ¦ Entertainment International 0268 54! I 26 animation. Not so surprising, however, are our high expectations of such a product. Has Disney given us the tool we have all been waiting for?
PENCIL TEST The natural starting point in using The Animation Studio is the pencil test.
This is where rough ideas and concepts are worked through to beautifully animated black-and-white sequences - hopefully!
Once the pencil test is loaded we are presented with a familiar Amiga Dpaint-style display. The top of the screen contains the menu bar while a tool box and editing icons occupy the right-hand side. There is no palette, because black and white are the only colours available in the pencil test.
The tool box contains all the basic tools needed for most drawing requirements. Continuous and broken freehand lines as well as straight and curved ones are available. Outlined and filled rectangles, circles and elipses are also included. A flood- fill and brush pick-up complete the somewhat sparse tool kit.
The use of text is supported but the requester does not allow access to fonts on other disks. A program such as Font Assign is needed in order to achieve this.
Thin Skinned Below the tool box are the frame editing facilities. A series of icons allows you to delete and add frames at will.
It is also possible to cut and paste frames into different sections of the animation. This makes any extensive editing of any sequence - normally a daunting prospect - a very simple thing to achieve.
Beginning an animation is also very easy. Two arrow icons allow you to add frames and flip through any frames you have already produced.
Once you have created a number of cels containing drawings the excellent 'onion skin’ effect becomes apparent.
While viewing any frame the three previous frames are visible in a range of greys, just as if you had dropped a fresh sheet of 'onion skin' tracing paper over them. This is the essence of traditional animation.
Once an image has been drawn it is possible to work on the next while still viewing the previous one. Using this feature it is fairly easy to create subtle facial expressions and body movements. Trying to animate in this fashion without the onion skin effect is almost impossible.
The greys on the previous frames can be changed to white so “hat you only see one or two previous images. On complex drawings having four versions on one screen can be more confusing than beneficial.
If you choose to, it is also possible to load in black and white digitised images frame by frame, or any other black and white IFF pictures. Pencil test supports the anim.
Format so you can import any black and white anim. File. Once you have a sequence that you are happy with you can then edit the animation further in the exposure sheet.
THE EXPOSURE SHEET The exposure sheet can be accessed whilst working in the pencil test. This makes editing of your frames and of the exposure sheet quick and simple.
The exposure sheet allows you to decide how long any frame will stay on the screen. It also allows you to repeat frames throughout an animation sequence, while having the image resident in memory only once.
In actual use, then, this would enable you to have a title screen showing for a few seconds, then have a dog running in a circle, say five times. You then have the dog running away and finally a 'That's all, folks!'
Type screen shown for a few seconds at the end.
You would animate the dog running in a circle and then running off.
Using the exposure sheet you tell the program to repeat the circle sequence five times and then play the running off sequence. This can transform a short animated sequence into a fairly long and interesting animation.
Soundtrack Too!
Another feature, and probably one of the more instantly exciting, is the ability to link sounds and music with GRAPHICS any sequence you create. Any sound effect can be instructed to start on a particular frame. This would allow you to have a drum sound as a drum is hit with perfect synchronisation.
It's also possible to have a musical score playing in the background the whole time. This makes a string of simple sounds and music seem like a full-blown soundtrack.
So, at this point we should have a perfectly-animated black-and-white sequence with accompanying sound.
Now the whole piece of work can be taken, in true Disney style, to the Ink and Paint Department.
INK AND PAINT The Ink and Paint program is where all colour is added to a sequence. It is basically a paint program that supports simple animation. No further editing or pasting of frames is possible in this mode.
Again the display is standard Amiga style. The palette, which can be from two to thirty-two colours, replaces the editing icons. Some extra tools are also included in the tool box but its appearance is still somewhat sparse.
An interesting tool here is what Disney calls its 'Dither Option'. This is a fill tool that places any two colours together to create a third. If you examine this third colour closely you can see that it is a grid with every alternate pixel one of the two colours.
From a distance the two colours mix 'optically' into the resulting third colour. Statistically it is possible from a 32 colour palette to create nearly 500 new colours.
Plain Colour Because of the tool limitations the best finish you can hope for is flat filled shapes. Shading is a painful and laborious process and on anything but the shortest animation is pointless. The lack of an airbrush makes this even more difficult. It is not possible to achieve automatic gradients or wraps on screen.
This type of colour is acceptable in most character animation but its limitation is especially noticeable on backgrounds. For most users with Deluxe Paint this is not too bad as they can import Dpamt backgrounds into Ink and Ffaint. Even so, Disney should not really have relied on this.
Ink and Paint also incorporates a stencil feature called Frisket. With this you can select any colours to remain untouched by any painting. If you load a background to your animation you can use Frisket to secure your characters and any other moving objects from being cleared. The background will be put under the masked colours.
One of the more useful features of Ink and Paint is the ability to change palettes from frame to frame.
DONALD DUCK SEQUENCE Pencil test (NEAR RIGHT) is where your animations are born.
Here the original freehand sketches are worked up in black ink on white. Once you have your basic sequence ready and prepared, Ink & Paint is used to fill in the colour (FAR RIGHT).
This mirrors the traditional style of working in hand-drawn animation. Finally you can import a background, so that your characters actually move around in a suitable setting (ABOVE). Best results are achieved when Dpaint is used for your backgrounds.
THE ANIMATOR'S LINGO Cel - One piece ot animation artwork. Derived from the word celluloid, which is a sheet of clear plastic (acetate) used in traditional animation toi painting individual frames or characters onto.
Onion Skin - An animation technique that allows simultaneous viewing of several previous frames or cels. Onion skin' Is thin paper, rather like tracing paper.
Exposure Sheet - The sheet that is given to the camera man telling him how long to film each cel. This also contains Information concerning fade-ins outs and dissolves.
Pencil Test - The Initial working out of an animation sequence using layers of tracing paper and pencil.
Ink and Paint Department - The department that takes the pencil tests and develops them to full-colour artwork.
Frisket - A tacky transparent film used for masking areas that are to remain free from any drawing or painting.
You can create a blue sky turning into a night sky as your character walks through the desert, or give him a slowly-developing suntan. This could be Disney's one really big advantage over Dpaint III.
While in Ink and Paint, it is not possible to play your animation according to the settings in the exposure sheet. For this you need to play the sequence using the Flicker player program supplied. This program can also be distributed freely to show off your own work.
CONCLUSIONS Disney’s The Animation Studio is a very well-presented and professional- looking piece of software. The manual is easy for beginners while being interesting to hardened users.
Sadly, the more interesting examples that come with the package, containing Disney's own animations of their characters, are protected by stern copyright warnings and cannot be saved or taken into Ink and Paint, so experimenting with Mickey Mouse in colour is not possible. This seems a shade unfriendly and unnecessary.
With any new animation package released on the Amiga having to face the established benchmark - Deluxe Paint III - it has to offer something special or sufficiently different to make it worthwhile. The exposure sheet is undoubtedly in Animation Studio’s favour and can be very useful, and as a Dpaint user I welcome this feature with open arms. The onion skin effect is also extremely helpful, as is the ability to change palettes from one frame to the next.
Synchronised sound is also a plus.
By its very design, flying logos and inter-galactic space fights are not for The Animation Studio. But if you want to produce traditional character animation - which is what Disney are clearly aiming at - then this is the perfect thing to buy.
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It is the result of collaboration between Steinberg, the highly- respected German music software house, and Kawai, who have made a not inconsiderable dent in the synth and keyboard market of late. Kawai astutely tudged the Amiga to be the computer to go for. As well as the software, manual. MIDI leads and interface it comes complete with a keyboard that can function quite inde- b Systen V 1.81 (FV 1.08) by STEINBERG, H.A Loaded: 'fnniab:Songs TitieA.Sng' [528688 byte;; free] i Melody z Chord Bass Drum PiTO t Us (kyx, djb!m oleem cue J mjb j dub j hjte: : hute: : hute: : hue: : hue: : [327] HQ]
HQ] MU HQ] IM IM Uol Uol Uol Counter 1 1 8 Left SS3 R* 1 1 0 32 1 0 If you're looking to make a start in music, this complete package may be just what you need. For the first time anywhere, JON BATES brings a review of... Funlab Complete Music System ¦ £329 ¦ Kawai 0202 296629 pendently of the software as a single, self-accompanying keyboard.
Into the Software After everything is correctly connected the software turns the keyboard into a five-channel tone module and designates them as Melody 1, Melody 2, Chord, Bass and drums. The first screen invites you to play with the demo tunes. I quite liked these - not for their musical quality but for the fact that you could play along with them on either the black or white notes: the screen tells you which ones to play.
The main page of the sequencing software has those five channel names across the top of the screen.
Directly underneath are the names of the instruments chosen for each part and beneath that are the controls: overdub, mute, quantize and a volume slider. A sixth fader acts as a master control for all other channels.
Simple tape recorder-type controls plus loop functions and tempo controls make up the 'transport controls' (Play, Record, Rewind etcetera) and a piano keyboard shows you what notes are playing at any time.
Make a Sound The keyboard has 100 preset sounds to go at, plus the ability to create your own in the software. The sounds can be assigned to any of the four parts other than drums. Some of the sounds are split - such as organ and sax, bass and ordinary guitar - so that you can create the illusion of have more than four instruments playing, a very practical solution that gets more out of the instrument.
As well as the sounds it has 100 built-in rhythms, each one with auto accompaniments, intros and endings.
The keyboard has a huge set of drums, which includes lots of unusual sounds, which is not apparent from the documentation. It is a stereo keyboard with 61 full-size keys (but not touch-sensitive) and you can add ABOVE: MAIN SCREEN The main sequencing page. The five sliders work on separate parts of the keyboard, the one on the right is a master control.
BELOW LEFT: LYRICS Be the star of the Karaoke crowd as your lyrics scroll along with the music - here ready for editing.
BELOW: NOTATION Any part can be displayed in traditional notation and the notes playing are highlighted, but you can't edit them here or anywhere else.
Either from the software or front panel of the instrument various effects such as sustain, chorus and dual voice. The keyboard is also available as a separate item with the model number FS680 with an RRP of £269.99. Create a Hit To record, you simply hit the record icon, having first made sure you are starting at the correct point. After the preset two-bar introduction you can record whatever you like, building up your track as you go. A built-in metronome gives both a visible and audible guide to keep you in time.
Although you can overdub on tracks and use the locators to cycle around sections you are a bit limited as to what else you can do. There are no edit or 'arrange' features, which means that you can't copy sections backwards and forwards either globally or individually for any track. This would have saved on precious memory space and enhance the sequencer considerably.
As it is. Long pieces become very tedious and apart from the quantize feature for each track you have no other means of correcting errors other than to re-record it - and this too has snags. If you overdub a part and make a botch of it you are stuck with it since you can't delete the last overdub you did.
Continued overleaf i s Add Weird Effects The software records pitchbend.
Which sadly is only one tone up or down and awkwardly situated miles away from your left hand. I like the concept of on-screen volume faders and the fact that you can store the balance of instruments between the left and right stereo channels, but you can't record any alterations made in the balance while the piece is played and there is no provision for changing sounds in the middle of the piece.
The keyboard display on the main screen shows you the notes playing from the track highlighted, or all, depending on what is selected. Again, this could have been easily amplified into a simple form of editing.
However, you can add to what is playing by holding down a key that is in the range of what Kawai call 'one finger ad-lib'. This adds an extra accompaniment fill or riff to whatever is going on. It is possible to create your own and store them by using a simple form of programming.
The manual tells you how to label each riff but fails to tell you how to create them. The same applies to the accompaniment and intro functions, all of which can apparently be created to you own liking.
Each individual part can also be displayed in traditional music notation
- this is the only method of graphic display available and
unfortunately there is no way that you can use this, or any
other feature, to edit any of the notes - all of which makes
this more of a novelty than a facility.
Write the Words FunLab allows you to enter words for your tune so that, as the manual suggests, 'everyone... can sing in time’.
Karaoke, anyone? The manual is a little inaccurate here as it mixes up entering the lyrics, which is done on the mam screen, with editing them afterwards. You enter the words on the main screen at the appropriate BELOW RIGHT: REGISTRATION Save your personalised settings for the keyboard. You can store up to five in the keyboard at any time.
BELOW: SOUNDS A very easy way of turning the keyboard into a synth and creating original sounds - just drag the sound graphs about until it starts to sound good!
Points in the song and then flip to the lyric screen to edit them. My version of the software kept mixing up the letters Z and Y and producing German-style characters. Like all the functions, the lyrics can be saved as a separate file. To access all files there is a screen mistakenly called a Music Dictionary and should you want to play tunes one after another you can call them from the Juke Box.
More on Sounds Up to 20 tone combinations can be stored thanks to the registration page which also saves information concerning special features: like 'dual' which stacks two voices and allows you to detune them to thicken up the sound.
It also stores data relevant to the performance of a piece - tempo, balance, overall volume - but this is quite separate to the same data as recorded by the sequencer. I think the idea is that you can store your favourite settings for playing the keyboard with its auto functions rather using the sequencer. Again, these are stored as an independent file.
The sound creating page is very simple to use and is perhaps one of Funlab's best features. You simply combine two waveforms and alter the envelope of each one and the relative volume levels. Once you are happy with the result it can be stored as a separate named sound. Up to five new sounds can be loaded into the keyboard for any one piece and these of course can also be used by the keyboard in its stand-alone mode.
Top of the Pops?
FunLab is not a bad program. For a beginner it is a nice introduction and reasonably foolproof. However it is also very dogmatic in its approach to sequencing and doesn't allow the user to progress past the first few tentative footsteps. The serious lack of editing, copying, cut and paste features is sad and this, coupled with a dedication to the one keyboard, makes it difficult to give it a full and whole-hearted recommendation.
The inclusion of a couple of extra recording tracks would have enabled you, for example, to record bass drum and high hats separately, quantize them and then merge them to form a better and more solid track.
Without any copy or editing facilities you are confined to playing the whole track from top to bottom and any fills or breaks you need will probably have to be planned ahead which makes the software rather restricting. The manual, although quite helpful, could have had a little bit more step-by-step guides to building up a recording and had one or two omissions.
Although I can see that Kawai are primarily thinking of selling it as a complete package one does wonder if there is a way of upgrading it to work with other makes of MIDI equipment or expanding it. After all. MIDI is about compatibility and a greater degree of flexibility in the software might help its sales even if they upped the price a little - the software and interface effectively only cost about £50 at present if you deduct the price of the keyboard. In their efforts to keep the program exclusive to Kawai products, and one keyboard in particular. I feel they have probably
- and sadly - shot themselves in the corporate foot.
VERDICT PURPOSE Complete keyboard-and-sottware package lor musical beginners.
SPEED: GOOD The software Is competent enough and reasonably easy to access.
DOCUMENTATION: GOOD Really quite helpful, but would have bene- fitted from walk-through guides.
ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT A nice introduction, reasonably foolproof.
VALUE: AVERAGE It's a fair package, but the tying in of the software so closely gives no room for later expansion and upgrading.
FEATURES: AVERAGE Not much more than you would expect and. In the end. A little disappointing.
3. FITS A500 2000 1000**
HARD DRIVFS 230 05 00 MEG SC9 35* HARD DRIVES 340 06 136 MFG
SCSI 3.5* HARD DrfVFS 47596 182 MEG SCSI 3.5' HARD DRIVES 53505
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95 256*1 DRAMS lSOrfi' _l-25 13 ROMS 34 05 68COO CHIP (8Mh '
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.32 05 IN500 v m 15mog NSW11D .00 95 9N5CO CK 8605 9N500 v th
2m©g NSIA11FD 175 95 XftAM OX (lor AMO 1000) 175.05 X RAM wim
?moo NslAllFD 279.95 X-RAM wttti Smog fJSIALLFD 529.95 OC1ABYTI
OX (fa B20CO) 140.05 OCIABYTE with 2mog INSIAUED 24005 OCTABYTF
with Smog MSIAU1D 400.95 NMATl CK.SC3 8881 SOC 284.05 NMATF
•2mea*SC9*68881 SOC 36095 4 OlANNEL AUDIO MIXIR . 34 05 SOUND
120 95 AUOOMASTIR 3 54.05 X-CCPV PRO* ESS Ol AJ v3.1 .3205 BYTF
N BACK (H DlSK BACKUP) 10 05 081 RGB MON I OR 187.95 35‘ EXI
FROM 300 06 (CAIi) 68030 ?*Mv OK (A5CO 2OO0 1CCD) 47905 68030
*lmog.25K4v 68882 CO PRO 620 05 68030 .1mog.33MTY 68882 CO PRO
650 05 68030 *lmog*MMhr 68882 COPRO 87006 68030 33Mhr OK 57006
68030 ?lmog.2Sk*v 68882 COPRO 729 06 68030 ?lmeg*33ktv 68882
COPRO 750 06 68030 ? Lmog*50N*v 68882 COPRO 07005 2 Mog 32 BIT
EAST RAM fa abao 250 06 4 Mog 32-BIT EAST RAM fa atx*o 454 96 8
Mog 32 BB EAST RAM fa abcvo 700 06 512k 0 S1AI1C RAM (SIxxJowi
(PC AT EmuOtOl) 105 06 5 25’ erf 0ISK ORVE (4C 8C TDK) 109-96
699. 95 68010 CUP 68020 CUP 68030 CUP 68030 CHIP C33Ntv) 68881
CO-PRO (I2MTy) 68881 CO PRO (IdAAv) 68881 CO PRO (2CMTv)
68882 CO PRO (2CMTv) 68882 CO PRO (25Mrv) 68882 CO PRO
(33Mh ) 24 96 .79.06
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of some route guides now on the market. It also has the on-screen "Tourist Information Guide To Cities, Towns and Villages".
New or special routes are easy to add yourself with the on-screen help.
"Door to door" will run on all Amigas and Pcs with 512K or more. For a limited period we will include the digitized street maps of Greater London, all for just £19.95. Why? We hope that you will be temped to purchase our other add on disks that we intend to introduce each month, such as new databases of European countries, digitized street maps of cities, with full colour graphics, animation and sound....The World Atlas, A History of Great Britain and Mysteries of the World, A Huge Quest. These are not necessary to the running of "Door to door" but at only £10 each we think you may just buy.
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16 BIT CENTRE Units 15-17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF fcjr isT Tel(0413)531822 526322 Iost of this month's guide is oncerned with a new program called MakeAuto.
Which is supplied on this month s Coverdisk. Look at the Coverdisk pages first to get a brief idea of what it's about.
First, though, a recap. By now you should be a little more familiar with what goes on inside your machine. From next month, we will assume you understand what is meant by terms like Open, Select and so on. Here is a quick resume: M Taking the First Steps In the third part of this essential series for all you serious beginners, MARIC SMIDDY describes how to get the most from Workbench by adding a new feature previously Click: To press the left mouse button once over an icon.
Drag: Select an icon and move the mouse across the screen while holding the left mouse button.
Double-click: Press the left mouse button twice in quick succession.
Icon: A picture representing a Tool or Proiect (as below).
Project: A file created by a tool (shown as an icon).
Tool: A software program or application (shown as an icon).
Select: Click on an icon OR release the right mouse button when the pointer is on a menu option.
LESSON 7: USING MAKEAUTO MakeAuto is a program to create an 'Auto startup' drawer on any Workbench disk and make the appropriate adjustments to the disk's Startup-sequence. The actual changes - like MakeAuto itself - are quite involved, so we will leave them for now. Please note, this hack requires Workbench 1.3 or 1.3.2. 1: CLOSE the write enable tag on your 1.3 Workbench disk. (When looking at the back of the disk, this is a small black tag in the top left corner.)
2: Boot your Workbench 1.3 disk.
Users with two or more drives proceed to step 4.
3: Remove the 1.3 Workbench disk.
Now proceed to step 5.
Users with two or more drives 4: Insert the Amiga Format Coverdisk in any external drive.
All machines 5: Double-click (open) the disk icon marked Coverdisk 20.
6: Double-click (open) the drawer icon marked Beginners.
7: Position the pointer over the MakeAuto icon, press and HOLD the left mouse button. The icon will change to look as if it has been struck by lightning.
8: Now drag the icon over the RAM disk icon and release the mouse button. This will copy the MakeAuto project into the RAM Disk.
Only accessible from the CLI!
Users with two or more drives proceed to step 11.
Single drive users 9: Wait until the disk light goes out and remove Coverdisk 20.
10: Insert the Workbench 1.3 disk in the internal drive.
All machines 11: Double-click on (in other words, open) the RAM Disk icon.
12: Double-click (or ‘launch’) the MakeAuto software.
13: After a short time the program will announce itself and ask you if you want it to create an Auto drawer for you. Answering Y will force MakeAuto to duplicate and rename WHAT IS A STARTUP-SEQUENCE?
A Startup-sequence (or startup script) is a series ot instructions AmigaDOS commands, actually - which the machine executes every time you switch on. That is why the Workbench takes so long to appear atter you insert a disk. The Startup- sequence is very complex and you should not attempt to change It until you have a good appreciation of AmigaDOS and the way commands interact with each other.
The following instructions will allow you to examine It safely: 1: Boot your Workbench disk then double-click on It.
2: Open the Utilities drawer.
3: Double-click on the MORE icon.
4: At the prompt, enter: S:Startup-sequence 5: Now press the Return key and a window will appear containing the first few lines of the Startup-sequence. When you have read the first screen, press the spacebar to display each successive page of text. Don’t worry if all this looks like gobbledygook - it's simple when you know how. MORE incidentally, is a text viewer - it allows you to look at a text (ASCII) file without altering it.
6: Pressing the spacebar at the end of the file will close the window. To view the file again, just re-start MORE. Pressing the “H" key while MORE Is active will give you some help on how to use it.
The Empty drawer on your Workbench disk. (This function will not work if you have removed the Empty drawer for some reason - if so follow the guidelines on Page 176.)
14: A few seconds later, MakeAuto will reply with a prompt informing you it is about to overwrite your Startup- sequence and ask you if this is what you want to do. Answer Y at prompt to complete the installation.
15: Close all the drawers and directories by clicking the close gadget of the respective windows.
16: You should now continue with Lesson 8 which doubles as a lesson in Workbench's Snapshot facility.
LESSON 8: SNAPSHOTTING AN ICON Snapshot is a frequently misunderstood feature of Workbench. Its mam function is to fix icons at a specific location in a window. When you copy an icon using Workbench, it usually adopts its original position relative to its old window - which inevitably looks messy. You can move the icon somewhere else in the window - but when you close and re-open it, the icon is back where it started.
The situation gets even worse when something like MakeAuto creates a new drawer - because the new icon gets covered by the old one. For this example, we will use the Empty drawer - the same technique applies to all icons, however.
1: Re-open the Workbench disk by double-clicking its icon.
2: As the icons appear, you may notice the Auto drawer is covered by lor is covering) the Empty drawer. To fix this, select the Empty drawer and move (drag) it to a free part of the disk. (Note: you may have to re-size the window to do this.) You should Continued overleaf I IF YOU GET STUCK Readers experiencing problems with any part of of this series should write to: Mark Smiddy C O Bruce Smith Books. PO Box 382 St. Albans. Hertfordshire. AL2 3DZ.
You must enclose a stamped-addressed envelope. Your feedback and suggestions are important because they will mould the content of the series to what you want.
Notice how the picture of the drawer has changed and looks 'open' which means it has been selected.
Prefs, NofePad.
NoFastMem, AmiqaBASIC, Say.
PerfMon, CLI, IconEd.
Fed. FreeMap.
Memacs, Keytoy2000.
Other: VirusX 4, RexxMast, TrackMon, PopUpMenu.
BELOW: Figure 1.
Both drawers selected.
BELOW CENTRE: Figure 2 sees the Auto drawer ready.
BOTTOM: Figure 3 with Clock and Calculator in the Auto drawer.
3: Press (and hold down) the right- hand mouse button.
4: Go to the Special menu and move the pointer down so that the 'Snapshot' option is highlighted.
5: Release the right mouse button.
This operation will fix' the Empty drawer in place.
LESSON 9: USING THE AUTO DRAWER This is the bit you have been waiting for - this lesson demonstrates how to use the new Auto drawer. It will also show you how to move Tools and Proiects between drawers - and how to open several drawers at once... 1: Open (double-click on the icon of) the Workbench disk.
2: Press and HOLD either shift key.
3: Select (click) the Utilities drawer.
Selecting icons - ob|ects - in this way is known as 'multiple selection'.
(See Figure 1.)
I - Utilities Systen Expansion Auto Shei? efs Enpty $ $ } Trashcan 4: Keep the shift key held and open (double-click) the Auto drawer. You will notice both drawers open together - this works best if you hold the shift key down during the whole operation. (See Figure 2.)
Ec 5: Move the mouse pointer over the Utilities title bar.
6: Press the left-hand mouse button and hold the button down.
7: Move the mouse and a 'ghosted' window will move with it.
8: Release the mouse button and the Utilities window will suddenly iump to the new position.
9: Repeat steps 5 8 until you can see the Auto drawer in the Workbench window.
10: Move the Auto drawer’s window out of the way as described for Utilities in steps 5 8 above.
11: Now for the clever bit: click and hold the clock icon and drag it from the Utilities drawer to the Auto drawer. The disk light will come on and the Clock icon will flip between the two drawers. Now do the same for the Calculator. (See Fig. 3.) Note: If you get a requester stating “Volume Workbench 1.3 is write protected."
Remove the Workbench disk, close the write protect shutter as described earlier, and re insert it again.
When copying or moving multiple obiects. All the selected obiects will move. However, when using this technique, be careful not to select more obiects than you intend to.
LESSON 11: USING TRASHCAN AND DISCARD 12: Wait at least one second after the disk light goes out it may flash briefly during this time; this is especially important for hard disk users!
Now reset the machine with the "Vulcan-nerve-death-gnp" (CTRL + right-Amiga ? Left-Amiga). When the Workbench appears you will also have a Clock and a Calculator too.
LESSON 10: CHANGING CONTENTS OF THE AUTO DRAWER You will not always want to have a Clock and a Calculator running every time you boot the machine - the choice is up to you. This short lesson will demonstrate how to remove icons from the Auto drawer.
1: Open the Workbench disk.
2: Open the Utilities and the Auto Drawers as described in Lesson 9.
3: Hold either Shift key.
4: Select the Clock icon.
5: Select the Calculator icon.
6: Drag the Calculator icon over the Utilities drawer - notice how the Clock comes with it.
7: When the pointer is over the Utilities drawer, release the mouse button and drop both icons back in their original drawer. Release the shift key now. Note: it is only necessary to position the POINTER over the drawer You will have realised by now the Workbench disk is nearly overflowing; and some of the programs on there are superfluous to your daily requirements. Removing the excess - experts call this "housekeeping" - is something you will need to do from time to time.
Workbench has two methods for clearing files - the aptly named Trashcan and the Discard function.
These work slightly differently, so we will examine them one at a time: The Trashcan is actually a special Drawer. Think of the Workbench disk as being your office - where the drawers belong to various filing cabinets. When you are finished with something, you throw it in the waste paper basket - the trashcan. You can always retrieve things from the bin until someone empties it. Any obiects placed in the bin stay in the office UNTIL someone empties the trash.
In effect, although some of the clutter is removed, the same amount of space is still used up. The same thing happens on a Workbench disk.
When you move things to the trash, they still take up the same amount of space on the disk.
1: Open the Utilities drawer.
2: Drag the InstallPnnter icon to the RAM Disk icon.
3: Open the RAM disk and drag the InstallPnnter icon over the the Trashcan and release the button.
Notice that InstallPnnter still exists in RAM Disk and Utilities.
4: Select Trashcan - notice how the image changes.
5: Open the Trashcan - you should see InstallPnnter.
6: Select "Empty Trash" from the Disk menu and you will see InstallPnnter icon vanish.
As this example proves, Trashcan is a bit of a white elephant. In this case we |ust duplicated an icon in the trash to show what happens. Normally if you move something directly to the trash, then empty the bin, it's gone for good! Getting rid of unwanted files is more usefully performed by Discard. This example assumes you have followed the instructions above: 1: Open the RAM Disk.
2: Select the InstallPnnter icon.
3: Select 'Discard' from the 'Workbench' menu.
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Disk drive cleaner, disk box, dust cover, mouse holder Atari Lynx £119.99 Software @ £24.99 eg. Paperboy. Hygar, Xenophobe Import UK Carnes from £26 Whatever your age, whatever your subject
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Subjects include ... French, German, Spanish, Italian, English History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge, Football, First Aid, Sport, England, Scotland, Natural History, Junior Spelling and Arithmetic Your computer is i the only teacher I which YOU CONTROL!
Available for most popular home & business computers Top 20 1 Robocop II ......16 49 2 Powermonger ..19.49
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..16.49 Speedball 2 ...16.49
Chaos Slrikes Back 16.49
Obilus ...22.99 ? AT 1 O QC.
First Contact ..7.99 Falcon .17.99 Jumping Jackson ..9 99
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SEUCK 12.99 Kosmos are specialist
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120D (MPS1200) 6| Citizen Switl 24 (6) ... Epson LX80 (6) ..... Epson RX'FXMX 80 (6) . HP LaserJet 2 Toner Can...... Panasonic 1174 (6) .. Star LC10(6) ...... Star LC10 Colour (4) ..... Star LC200 (6| ..... Star LC24fl 0(6) . Star LC24200 (3) .. .99 82 Superplan 2048x1024 1MB 54 97 ...89.93 68 77 UTILITIES . 59 80 Amfkit For Beginners 29 90 79 81 Arexx Macro Interpreter .32 89 Award Maker Plus 34 96 BAD Disk Optimiser 32 89 36 80 BBC Emulator ..... 34 96 136 85 Byte & Back HD
Backup 19.78 42 78 Cross DOS File Transfer 28.98 24 84 Directory Housekeeper .....34.96 3979 Disk Master 14 39.79 56 81 Doctor Arm Disk Analysis ...39.79 159 80 DOS 2 DOS File Transfer 29 90 . .2 99 Enhancer 1.3 ...14.72 64 86 GB Vehicle Route Planner ......37 95 MavfS Beacon Typing ....24 84 Quarterback Hd Disk Tools .59 80 . 23 46 Virus Infection Protection .. 34 96 28 98 Weather Watcher ...24 84 35 88 X Copy Professional ...37 95 19 32 Your Family Tree 2 1MB 64 86 31 74
16. 56 VIDEO .17.94 Broadcast Titter 1 MB ......179.86 79
81 Credit Text Scroller l MB ......29.90
26. 22 Digi View Gold 41MB ...109.94 23 46 Hitachi Camera 4
16mm Lens 199.87
26. 68 Mmtgen Genlock ......99 82 35 88 Pro Video Post
3MB ..199.87 24 84 V»di Amiga Chrome ..94
99 26 22 Video Titter Animator 1 MB 84 87 WORDPROCESSORS
Excellence 2 1MB 99 82 KidsType With Speech 1 MB 24 84
Kmdwords 2 1 MB ..... 34 96 Micro
Text .19.78 PenPai
1MB .... 89 93 Protexl
4 ...69.92 Protext 5 1MB
.....99.82 Scriobte
Platinum ....41 86
TranWnte ..34 96 WordPerfect
IMB 169.97 Deluxe Video 3 1MB Digi Paint 3 1MB
..... Fantavision Animation Icon Paint
..... Pixmate image System.
Real 3D Ray Tracing 1MB* Real 3D Professional IMB.
Real 3D Turbo (680201 1M8. 349 83 Scene Generator ....34 96 Sculpt Animate 4D 1 5MB. 329 82 Sculpt 4D Junior 1MB ... 84 87 The Director Editor.Seqncr..... 47 84 HARDWARE A590 20MB Hard Disk Drive . 279 91 A590 20MB HD with 2MB RAM 349 83 A2091 40MB A2000 HD 11 ms 499 79 Amiga 500 Screen Gems 512K .369 84 Amiga 1500 1MB 2 Dnves 649 98 Amiga 1500 1MB * S'W .799.94 Amiga 1500 1MB * SW . Mon 1049 95 Amiga 2000 1 MB - 40MB HD 1049 95 Amiga 3000 16MHz 40MB... 1999 85 Amiga 3000 25MHz. 100MB 2629 82 Amstrad FAX Pnnter 9600AT 639.86 Cameron Scanner 149 96
Cameron Scanner with OCR 199.87 Citizen l20D.9P.n .....169.97 Citizen 124D 24 Pm ....239.89 Citizen Swift 9 Pm ...229.77 Citizen Swift 24 Pin ......329 82 Sharp JX100 Colour Scanner 599 84 Star Laserprinter 8 2 ....1399 78 Disk Drive 5.25* External ... 129.95 D«k Drive 3.5* External . 64 86 MAC 2 DOS File Transfer 79 81 Naksha Mouse ... 34 96 Podscat 12x 12 Inch GlxTab 199 87 Pnntercepi Epson Emulator.... 34 96 RAM A2000 0-8MB OK . ... 129 95 RAM A500 512K Clock Swilch 39.79 RAM Chip 256K CMOS (A590) 5 98 INTEGRATED PACKAGES AmigaVision 1MB
......79.81 Appetizer (Gold Disk) .29.90 Gold Disk Office 1MB ......109 94 Graphics Staner Kii .54.97 .. 74.98 .52.90 34 96 .14 95 ...39.79 ...94 99 .279.91 Superbase Personal 2 Superbase Professional DESKTOP PUBLISHING Clip Art PD .. E Clips Structured Clips GoW Disk Type: Decorative Gold Disk Type; Video Gold Disk Type; Publisher Gold Disk Type; Designer Outline Fonts 1 5MB PageSetter 2 1MB- PageStream 2 t 5MB Pro Clips Structured Art Professional Page 2 1 5MB Structured Clip Art ...
54. 97
164. 91 CABLES P=Plug S=Sockel Cross Over Box, D2SS 35 88
D23S-D15P NEC Msync 2A3D13 80 D23S-OpenEnd Monitor . ... 10
81 D23S Scart Monitor CM8833 .13 80 D23Sf2Ph D9r2Ph
(CM88332) 13.80 D25P D25P 9W«re 2M Modem 10.81 D25P-C36P
2Metre Pnnter 6 90 D25P C36P 3Metre Pnnter 11.96 D25P C36P
5Metre Pnnter 14 95 D25P-D25P 25Wire 2Metre 12 88 D25P-D25P
25Wire 5Metre ...2185 ACCOUNTS Arena Integrated Acc 1MB
Cashbook Combination Cashbook ControRef ..
EasyLedgers integrated 1MB Home
Accounts ... Personal Tax
Planner ...... Personal Finance Manager Service
Industry Acc 1MB SBA Xtra 1MB ...... System
3 ...... 119 83 .49.91
36. 80 149 96 2392 34 96 27 83 299 92 .7981 .39.79 . 14.95
69. 92
32. 89 .32.89
32. 89 32 89 99 82 49 91 134 78 24 84 189 98 36 80 D25P D25S
D25P.D25S 2M 25W 23 92 BOOKS 1st Book of Amiga 16.95 2nd Book
of Amiga......16 95 68000 Asm Lan Programming .19.95 68000
Assembly Language .. 24.95 Amiga 3D Gfx Prog in Basic 18 45
Amiga Adv Sys Prog Guide 32 95 Amiga Asm Lan Programming
14.95 Amiga Basic Inside & Out .18 95 Amiga C For Beginners
18 45 Amiga C Adv Programmers 32.95 Amiga Desktop Video Guide
18 45 Amiga Disk Drives In 4 Out . . .27.95 Amiga For
Beginners ....12 95 Amgia Graphics In 4 Out 32 45 Amiga
Machine Language 21 95 Amiga Programmers Hndbk V1 24.95 Amiga
System Prgrmrs Guide .32.95 Amiga Tricks and
Tips .14.95 AmigaDOS Reference Guide. 14.95 AmigaDOS
Inside 4 Out 18.45 Elementary Amiga Basic .... 14.95 Hardware
Reference Manual. .21.95 Incs 4 Docs. ROM Kernel M1 ...28.95
Inside Amiga Graphics 16.95 Kicksiart Guide «o
Amiga 14 95 Kids and the Amiga .14.95
Learning C Programming Gfx .16 95 Libs 4 Devs, ROM Kernel M1
. 29.95 Mapping the Amiga ....22 95 More Tricks and
Tips 18 45 Programmers Guide lo Amiga .23 95
Programming the 68000 .....21.95 The Amiga Handbook 24 95
DIN5P-DIN5P MIDI Cable 4 83 Gender Changer; D25P ...7
82 Gender Charger: D25S ..7 82 Null Modem
Cable ....10.81 Plug 23 Pm D With Hood 4.83 Plug 25 Pm
D With Hood ..3.91 RS232 Mini Tester 12 88 RS232 Null
Modem ...8.97 RS232 Patch Box 12 88 Socket 25 Pm
D With Hood 3 91 Socket 23 Pin D With Hood 4 83 Switch Box
C36S 4 Way 39 79 Switch Box D25S 2 Way .24 84 Switch
Box D25S 4 Way 36 80 COMMUNICATIONS A Talk
3 . 69 92 K Comm 2
......24 84 Paragon BBS 1MB 109.94
COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN BoardMaster PCB Design tMB 79 81 Design
3D 1MB ..57 96 Professional Draw 2 i MB 99.82 X CAD
Designer 1 MB 79 81 X CAD Professional 2MB .339.94 X
CAD 3D Professional 3MB 689 77 DATABASE MANAGERS Bible Reader
..If......44 85
infoFile . 44 85 Mailshot
Plus ...37.95 Microfiche Filer
.... 59.80 Prodaia ..
54.97 Superbase Personal..., 34 96 DUST COVERS Amiga
1084 1084S 8833 Mons 8.97
7. 82
9. 89 19 78 9 89 989 9 89 989
49. 91
19. 78 .23.92
23. 92 .23 92 2392 1978 .23.92 Amiga 500 Computer Citizen 120D
Pnnter . Custom Cover Medium Size Epson LX80'86
Printer ...... Panasonic KXP1124..... Star LC24 10
Printer ...... Star LC10 Printer ..
EDUCATION Distani Suns Asironomy .
Fun School 3 (various)...... Mega Maihs (GCSE A) ... Micro EngUsh (GCSE Ol Micro French (GCSE O) Micro Maihs (GCSE O) .. My Pami . Primary Maihs Course EDITORS CygnusEd Professional 2 GRAPHICS Ammagic Effects 1MB Animation Studio 1MB C Ught 1MB . Comic Setter 1 MB Deluxe Print 2 Posters 1MB Deluxe.Pami 3 1MB Deluxe Photolab 1 MB SOUND AM AS Stereo Sampler .74 98 Deluxe Music Composer 52 90 MasterSound Mono Sampler . 34 96 MIDI Plug interlace .19.78 Music X 1 1
Sequencer ....109.94 Music X Junior Sequencer ... 64.86 Quanet Composer 44.85 Sound Trap 3 Mono Sampler 29 90 Sonix 2 Composer 49.91 Tiger Cub Composer 1 MB 59 80 SPREADSHEETS Advantage 65000x65000 i MB 74 98 DGCalc 512x52 ...... 29 90
59. 80
79. 81 .39.79
39. 79
39. 79
57. 96 54 97 SEND S.A.E. FOR SECOND HAND LIST 4: A requester will
appear like the one in Figure 4.
5: Click “ok to discard".
6: InstallPrmter will disappear from the RAM Disk. This is just like emptying the Trashcan. Once it has been deleted, you cannot get it back!
LESSON 12: SNAPSHOTTING SEVERAL ICONS There are times when you might want to completely reorganise the visual layout of a disk. It may be you have discarded some files, added others, or just moved some things around. A typical case would be where you have moved some Tools into the Auto drawer described above. These could have come from elsewhere on the same disk or, more often, from a completely different disk.
1: Drag Clock, NotePad and Calculator (from the Utilities drawer) into the Auto drawer.
2: Move the icons around until you are happy with the layout.
3: Hold either of the two Shift keys down and keep it down.
4: Point and click (left button) on each icon in the Auto drawer in turn.
(You should notice the image changes SOLVING MAKEAUTO PROBLEMS Q: I have not got an Empty drawer on my Workbench, what can I do?
A: The best way around this is to copy an 'Empty" drawer trom your original Workbench disk The fastest way to do this is to drag an Empty drawer into the RAM disk icon then drag it back onto your Workbench disk Q: Some ot my software doesn't seem to work with Auto - why?
A: This really depends on the software. Auto launches Workbench Tools as CLI processes and some programs will behave differently when started this way. MORE is an example: it started from the Workbench it asks tor the file to view; if started trom the Shell CLI it requires a filename. Similarly.
ClockPtr (on the Extras 1.3 disk) will only start when the Workbench Is active - and Auto works before this.
Q: How can I disable programs in the Auto drawer?
A; Just drag them to somewhere else on the Workbench disk.
Q: Can I run Preferences (to set the time) trom the Auto drawer?
A: Yes - with care. If you do this, the Pointer and Printer icons will not work because they expect to NEXT MONTH... What those curious Workbench errors mean and a guide to Preferences.
Thus endeth the third lesson.
Find Preterences in the Prels drawer. You could make another copy ot Preterences on the same disk - but this is a waste of space Q: The disk gets very noisy and the boot time increases dramatically when I am using Auto programs, why?
A: Once again, this depends very much on the software. Some tools
- notably Say and Notepad - access other files on the disk and
this tends to cause disk thrashing.
Unfortunately, this is a price we have to pay for the flexibility ot such a powerful machine.
Q: Can I use MakeAuto on my hard disk?
A: Yes Just boot your hard disk in the usual way and install the patch as described tor multi-drive machines. You can ignore the bits about Workbench 1.3. because the patch automatically writes to the boot disk Q: When I try to use MakeAuto on a ditterent disk, the machine asks me for Workbench 1.3 and then complains that the patch is already Installed. What can I do about this?
A: MakeAuto was designed to be easy to use on any system - including hard disk based slightly to indicate selection.) Do this slowly or you might accidentally start one of the programs.
5: Hold the left button down over one of your icons and move the mouse a little. Notice how all the selected icons move at once? This is a quick way to make sure you have selected the right ones.
Naming: you cannot get back what you discard | ok to discal'd| | forget it!| ABOVE: Figure 4.
The warning message makes sure that you really do want to Discard an item.
6: Release the Shift key.
7: Press the right mouse button and select Snapshot from the special menu as described above. The disk light will come on for a short time while Workbench updates the dot-info files. Your Workbench disk must be write-enabled for this to work.
Using Snapshot you can also fix the size and position of windows and even of any icon on the Workbench except the RAM Disk. And that includes the Workbench disk itself.
Machines. For this reason, it always tries to work on a bootable Workbench disk. It you want to install it on more than one disk, just boot those disks However, note it will only work on disks with STANDARD Commodore supplied Startup-sequences and a lull Amiga DOS command set Q: Why won't the CLI window close now?
A: Some Tool in the Auto drawer must expect interactive CLI input Resize the CLI Window, open Auto drawer, and move all Tools out. Now check one at a time until you find the culprit.
Q: MakeAuto won't install the patch on some ot my Workbench disks. Why?
A: The program edits your Startup-sequence tile and inserts four lines ot code just belore the LoadWB command In order to do this, two things must happen: tirst.
LoadWB must be there: second, it must have the right case. That is it must read LoadWB. If it says.
LOADWB. LoadWb. Loadwb or something similar. MakeAuto will not be able to find it. It is also possible one or more ot the commands MakeAuto uses are missing. Try it on a COPY of your ORIGINAL Workbench disk.
The A-Z of Computer Terms Builds up in monthly parts to a complete glossary. Part Three: O-P Object: In AmigaDOS an object is USUALLY a file or another directory but it can be a device or assignment. See also: File OS: Operating System.
See also: Kickstart Overscan: Special screen mode used by the Amiga where the picture has no visible borders - that Is, It fills the entire monitor screen display.
PAL SECAM: TV system in use in the UK and Europe. Gives 256 or 512 lines on a full screen. See also: NTSC Palette: Part of the hardware where colours are mixed to achieve the end result. The Amiga has a 4096 colour palette which means you have a choice of 4096 colours, shades and intensities. Few artists use more than 20 or 30 shades in a [computer] painting but the effects can be startling.
Parallel port: Yet another name for the printer port.
Parent directory: The directory level one level higher than the current directory.
Parent process: The process which started a sub-process (sibling or child process).
Pascal: Computer language named after a great philosopher who would turn in his grave if he knew about it.
Path: The position in the directory tree which points to an object or group of objects
- a pathway or road.
See also: Directory PD: Public Domain. Software which has been placed in the public domain by Its author can be freely copied by anyone, it is however, still copyright and subject to the copyright laws. If it doesn’t say Public Domain on it, It Isn’t.
Peripheral: External device such as a disk drive or printer which the computer system does not NEED to operate.
Monitors are sometimes mistakenly called peripherals since they have to be purchased separately. An Amiga without a monitor is like a car with no wheels. See also: Device Pipe: An AmigaDOS pipe is a small FIFO buffer based In RAM.
Any process can write data to the pipe in the same way it could write to a disk. However pipes become FULL very quickly, so the receiving process must read from the pipe at the same time as the sending process is filling it. Unlike disks, a process may attempt to read from a pipe even when It's empty - without causing an error, it Just has to wait until something enters the pipe.
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UTA18 TUTORIAL DISK for CLI users Learn all about it.
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Advantage .74.95 Arena Accounts .129.95 B Graphics .99.95 Gold Disk Office 139.95 Maxiplan Hus .99.95 Microfiche Filer Plus. 109 95 Securities Analyst .49.95 Service Ind. Accs 239.95 Supertase Prol. 3 ...... 149 95 Intro CAD . . 39.95 Intro CAD Plus ......79.95 Ultra Design .219.95 X CAD Designer 2’ ....77.95
* F*-0.!!?!- ••------eg.
30 Professional .299.95 Animate 3D 92.95 Cando Inovatools ..39.95 Design 3D1 59.95 Disney Anim. Studio Call Elan Performer 2 ...89.95 Fletcher Fonts----------60.00 Headlines II (Fonts)' ... 4995 Imagine ....199.95 Modeller 3D 59.95 Pagerender 30 ...... 77.95 Pixel 30 ..... 64 95 Sculpt 3DXL ......-.89.95 Sculpt 40 Jr 83.95 Sculpt Animate 40 ‘ .309.95 Scuplt 30 Designs .23.95 Turbo Silver 94.95 Videoscape 30' .109.95 Visa ..... 54.95
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K. C.SV3 ..139.95 Future
Sound Call Synthia
II ....69.95 Amiga Vision ......69.95
Diskmasler .34.95 Disk Mechanic 44.95 Power
Windows V2.5 49 95 XCQPY Protessional.. 34.95 Art Department
..69.95 Broadcast Titter V2 ..199.95 Frame Grabber 256
' 569 95 Pro Fills ......2895 Pro Video Plus
Fonts 7995 Pro Video Hus Post. 219.95 Superpic
498.95 TV Text professional ... 8995 Title
Page .124.95 Video Effects 30 . 114 95
Video Titler 3D 74.95 Vva' :. .... . 17995 Pen Pal
......79.95 Pro Write V3.1 ......99 95 Word
Perfect 4.1 159.95 Word Perfect Ubrary ...84 95 THE
POWER H Description Medium Extra Large SI Description The
Power Designed in ihe USA, this black and while shirt is a
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PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE, PACKING AND VAT NO HIDDEN EXTRAS HOW TO ORDER... JUST MAKE A NOTE OF THE PRODUCT NAME AND ORDER NUMBER AND FILL IN THE ORDER FORM OPPOSITE... OR RING OUR HOTLINE NUMBER ON 0458 74011 SEE OUR AMAZING SUBSCRIPTION OFFER OF FREE SOFTWARE ON PAGE 151 POWER BASIC & B EXTEND h,son THE ULTIMATE RIDE TURRICAN 2 Rainbow Arts B Turrican won 8 awards and Turrican 2 promises to be even better. An action spectacular without equal, it contains 12 levels which run to over 150 screens of unadulterated carnage. Action extravagence like you've never seen before!
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3.5'disks can be stacked horizontally and vertically 1
off ......£9.00 each
3+ ..£8.50 each
5+ ..£8.00 each THE AMAZING POSSO BOX
holds 150 3.5' disks & can be stacked horizontally or
vertically only £15.95 AMAZING OFFERS ON
3. 5“ DSDD DISKS 25 DSDD 135 tpi ....£10.95 50
DSDD 135 tpi ....£20.95 75 DSDD 135
tpi ....£30.95 1 00 DSDD 135
tpi ..£39.95 SPECIAL OFFER 200 DSDD DISKS &
£81 95 2 X 1 00 CAP. BOXES AMIGA 512K (0.5 meg.)
RAM EXPANSION only £35.00 (including battery backed clock & disable switch) KICKSTART CARD £19.95 VIRUS PROTECTOR...£19.95 BOOT SELECTOR £14.95 DATEL ACTION REPLAY (The ultimate cartridge) only £57.95 DISK STORAGE BOXES
3. 5' 100 CAPACITY £5.50
3. 5* 50 CAPACITY £5.00
5. 25’ 100 CAPACITY....£5.50 All the above have lock 4 dividers
3. 5“ 10 CAPACITY £0.95 or 10 for .£7.50 FOR
3. 5" DSDD 135tpi DISKS
500. .£187.50
750. .£269.95
1000. ......£330.00 DISK DRIVES AMIIGA
3.5' EXTERNAL DRIVE Slimline and very quiet only £59.95
ATARI 3.5' EXTERNAL DRIVE Slimline and very quiet (Requires
no external power supply) only £59.95 LIMITED OFFER ONLY
BRANDED DISKS SONY or VERBATIM 100 3.5“ DSDD only £69.95
100 5.25“ DSDD only £59.95 SWITCHES AND CABLES 2 WAY DATA
3. 5“ HIGH DENSITY DISKS All dieka 100% cert. & error free
10. .£9 95
25. ...£24.45
50. ...£47.50
75. ...£69 75
100. ...£89.95 inc. Labels
5. 25“ DSDD DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
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200. .....£45 96 Labels &Envek pes supplied
5. 25“ DSHD DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
50. .....£22.45
100. .....£43.95
150. .....£62.95
200. .....£79.95 Labels &Envelopea supplied
3. 5"DSDD
25. ..£13.25
50. ..£24.45
75. ..£36.95
100. ..£46.95
200. ..£89.95
500. £199.95
1000. ...£369.95 RAINBOW PACK DISKS (Red, Green,
Blue, Yellow.
Orange & White)
3. 5' DSDD (100% error free) 25 DSDD 135tpi £15.45
50 DSDD 135tpi £29 45 75 DSDD 135
tpi ......£42 95 100 DSDD 135 tpi ....£55.95
5. 25 DSDD (100% error free) 25
DSDD £10.45 50
DSDD £18.95 75
DSDD £27.95 100
* * Standard 50 or 100 capacity boxes when ** purchased with
POCKETS ..£1.50
3. 5' CLEANING KIT ..E1.8C
STAND ..£6.95 LABELS per
£12.95 JOYSTICKS PRO 5000 ......£12.95
£120 per disk 10 Public Domain disks in storage box £9.95 SEND
P. D. disks are inclusive of p&p THE NEW ¦ "BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO
UHIGUOS" This is a highly effective way to lake you trom a
beginner to an expert on AmigaDOS. This very popular package
has now been COMPLETELY updated to cover all AmigaDOS versions
The package consists ot a guidebook, a tutorial DISC, a crib
card and many other exciting and interesting programs. This is
a clear and well thought out guide to AmigaDOS. It takes you
by simple steps, with many examples through the powerful
AmigaDOS commands The emphasis is on learning through
experience and doing - not just reading like most other books.
In no time at all you will master a tast. Powerful and
customised operating system.. You can easily include your own
pictures, messages and programs The guide includes an
incredibly last picture loader, a password system, a gallery
ot high quality pictures, a variety ol boot up sequences,
other high quality programs and much, much more Guide book.
Disc. Cribcard etc. only £13.95 NEW - "NEW DIMENSIONS”
CUMBRIA'S LEADING PD. SUPPLIER Some ol the most impressive
elfects yet seen on an Amiga. You will find that graphics and
pictures float betore your eyes in Iront ol your screen' The
depth ol the pictures extends up to ten leet into the screen1
These fantastic effects have to be seen to be believed
Included on the disc are generous numbers ol 3D pictures. 3D
graphics. 3D games and a 3D art program We even provide a
tutorial to help you design your own 3D elfects on a paint
package or wnte your own 3D programs Included in this
excellent package are two pairs ol 3D specs.
Normal price £13 95 This month only £11.95 WIZARD'S GUIDE TO IASIC This is a very effective and enjoyable way to learn BASIC The whole concept is designed to help you learn quickly and achieve impressive results in no time. Your confidence and skills will rise rapidly as you make your way through this course. The Wizard's BASIC guide comes on two discs with a sophisticated electronic book - You can get help in the torm ol text, moving demonstrations, graphics, sound or speech with just a touch ol a button. The course starls at beginner level and carefully rises to expert level. You will learn
to master graphics, colour, sound, movement, spieech. Windows, menus, dataprocessing etc Hundreds of example programs and demos are included. This is a value packed package which will leave you with a wealth ol knowledge and expertise.
1. J t. -1 EVERY 1 -10 5757Up's7ks 5 ¦ 20 = 2.30 FRED FISH 300 TO
Barrow-ln-Furness Cumbria LA 14 1SR Tel (0229) 473609 Price
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Uding VAT.
Ur trade terms ol 9 MASTERPIECE THE BEST PICTURES I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE AMIGA" reported a recent review This package takes you on a spectacular trip through the world ol art. Every picture is ol true quality and is displayed using thousands ol colours. To help you enjoy the world's heritage ol an to the lull we have included comprehensive notes on each artist and painting. Whether you are an art expert or know nothing at all about art. This is a wonderful way to appreciate the great paintings ot the world (and appreciate the graphics capabilities ol your Amiga as well). The package comes
with two discs packed lull ol pictures and information. Outstanding value - £8.95 EXTRA VALUE!
Buy two or more ol the obove products and benefit Irom the following discounts.... 2 products 12 disiount, 3 products £3 discount, 4 products £4 discount etc Discounts are given on the TOTAL value of the order.
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Cheques PO 's to: Wizard Software (Dept. AF4) 20, Hadrian Drive, Redhills, Exeter, Devon. EX4 1SR DEMOS D45 Punk Croc Megaoemo D43 Bruce Lee Demo D42 Puggs In Space D69 Photomontage III 070 Batman The Movie Demo D68 Showtxz Animation D59 Mike Tyson Animation D49 Monty Python Demo D78 Bat-Dance Demo D79 Walker Demo (2 Disk. 2 Megi D62 AoO Force Compilation AMOS LICENSEWARE E1 99 EACH!
ZL1 Colouring Book ZL2 Arc Angels Maths ZL4 Thmgimajig (i Meg) Jungle Bungle ( 1 U* ZL5 ADULT Megi XI Kathy Loyd Slides (iMea) X8 Chubby Brown Demo XII Party Games (joystick W g) Xt3 Playboy Slideshow X14 Playboy slideshow 2 ART A30 Fantasy VI A29 Disney 1 (Pictures & Music) A27 Scurt 3D scenes A24 Ham Slideshow A16 22 Clipart tor Dpaint 1-7 A14 Police Car animation AH Smurt & Cokeman animation A15 Destination Dodands IRAQ Iraq demo disk UTILITIES U28 Soundtracker V4 0 U31 Copiers U21 NBS S Speedbench U32 Clight 1 & 2 U34 Amiga M CAD V1.2.5 U29 Protracker U24 New Amiga sample U23 Ke*DV2 01 -
Music Edit U11 NASA backup disc U18 P Copy 3 U26 M d« utility disk U39 New 8 track soundtracker U37 Sound noise startra (2 d«sK) U27 Video progs (2 disks) U38 Sorax instruments U40 Ndsetr acker V1 1 ?
U22 Vrsicalc Spreadsheet MUSIC M68 Miam, Vice M57 The Winkers song (2 disks) M56 Art 2 mu M53 Team « Terra Tunes MSS Red Sector music (2 disks) M66 Hi-Fi player M67 Compact disk player M48 Clapping world demo M45 Power or love (2 disks) M35 We want some pussy SUPERBASE 2 PERSONAL WITH FREE SUPERPLAN (1 MEG) WHILE STOCKS LAST WORKBENCH SPECIAL £94,20.5.75 M30 Jet Clammpett sample M34 Song Rips 1 GAMES G1 Amoebi. Asterroids.
Cosmor G2 Reversi. Othello Backgammon G5 Lingo. Bally, Nightworks G6 Packman 87 G8 Startreck 3 1 Meg (2 disks) G10 Startreck 2 1 Meg (3 disks) G12 Breakout con kit G14 Emerald Mine 3 G21 Paranoid (ArkanoKJ Clone) G22 Puzzle pro & puzzle make G23 Tramset WORD PROCESSOR W1 Word wnght W3 Ued«1 SUPPLIES- 35' discs PM 10 425.115 Deluxe Paint 3 51 97.3 45 Deuxe Pont 2 33 47.3 45 3 5‘ Second drive 59 95.3 45 512K Ram expansion 39 50.3 45 Kindwords V2 R R P £49 95 Special £32 47.3.45 PROTON SOFTWARE O Tel: 0462 686977 24 Hour. FAX 0462 673227 :xxxxxxxxxxxixxxxxxxxxxxxx CHALLENGERS £19.99 Inc Great
Courts, Stunt Car Racer, Fighter Bomber, Kick Off, Superski :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxiixiixx XXXXXXIXXIXXXXXXXXXXlXXXXfXIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXZXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXXXXX iiiiiiiiiixiiiiiiiiiiiixiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixiiiiiiix WHEELS OF FIRE £16.99 I POWER PACK £19.99 inc. Turbo Outrun. Powerdrifl, Hard I Xenon II. Lombard RAC Rally.
£12.99 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ......£19 99 The Final Whistle ....£9 99 The Spy Who Loved Me £13.99 Totvak the Warrior £16.99 Total Recall £16.99 Toyota Celica ..£16 99 Tnad 3 ..£22 99 Turn It ..£13.99 Tumcan £16 99 TV Sports Basketball £22 99 TV Sports Football £22 99 UN Squadron .POA Ultimate Goll ...£16.99 Vaxine .£16.99 Viking Child .£16.99 Wayne Gretzky
£17 99 Welltns .£16.99 Wheels 01 Fire £19.99 Wings ..£19.99 Wings ol Fury £16 99 World Cup Compilation £16 99 Wrath ot the Demon PO A. Xenomorph ..£16 99 AMIGA 688 Attack Sub ......£16.99 Amos ...£35.00 Ant Heads .£9 99 Atomic Robokid ....£16.99 Awesome £24 99 Back To The Future II...£16 99 Badlands ..£16.99 Balance Of Power 1990 . .£ 16.99 Battle Chess £16.99 Battlemaster . ..£19.99 Battle Ships £9 99 Betrayal £16.99 Block Out ......£13 99 Bloodwych
Data Disc £11 99 Bloodwych £16 99 Bomber ...£16 99 Bones ...£9 99 Breach 2 ...£16 99 BSS Jane Seymour £16 99 Budokan £16 99 Cadaver .....£16 99 Captive £16.99 Carvup ..£1599 Castle Master £16 99 Champions ot Krynn.....£19.99 Chaos Stnkes Back £16 99 Chase HO £16 99 Chase HQ II £16.99 Cheetah 125* Joystick £8 99 Chess Champion 2175 £17 99 Combo Racer ..£16-99 Corporation £1599 Cyberball .£14.99 Damocles .£15.99 Days ot Thunder £14 99
Midwinter II ... £19.99 Rick Dangerous II £1699 Monty Python £13 99 Robocop II £16.99 Murder ..... £16.99 Rogue Trooper £15 99 Navigator * Auto .. .£8.99 RVF Honda ..... £14.99 Nitro ... POA Sainl Dragon ... £16 99 Neuromancer £16.99 Shadow Ol The Beast £17 99 North and South .. £16.99 Shadow ol Ihe Beast 2 £24 99 Oops Up ... .£19.99 Shadow Warriors .
£16.99 Operation Stealth £16.99 Sim City £19 99 Operation Thunderbolt. £16.99 Sim City Terrain Edilor £8 99 Operation Harrier POA Simulcra £16.99 Onental Games . £19.99 Space Ace £28 99 Pang £1699 Space Quest III .. £29 99 Photon Paint II .... £19 99 Speedban II POA Pipemania £1699 Spindizzy 2 ... £16 99 Pirates ..... £16.99 Sporting Goto ..... £19 99 Plane! Ol Robot Monsters £16.99 Street Hockey ..... POA Plotting ..... £16 99 Stunrunner . £1699
Populous . £16 99 Subbuteo £1399 Powermonger £19 99 Summer Camp .. £1699 Puzznic £1699 Super Cars ...... £14 99 Rainbow Islands £1699 Supremacy . £19 99 Red Storm Rising £16.99 Team Yankee...... £1999 It the product you 're looking tor is not here give us a call 1000's more titles in stock Orders under £10.00. please add 50p per item pSp Products in stock usually sent same day PRODUCT FORMAT COST __ PO Cheques payable to proton Software New releases sent on day ot release HAME Send to PROTON SOFTWARE (AMF). ENTERPRISE HOUSE.
BLACKHORSE ROAD, LETCHWORTH. HERTS SG6 1HL Tel: (0462) 686977 Fan: (0462) 673227 AMIGA Dick Tracy £19 99 Double Dragon II £16 99 Dragon Flight £19 99 AMIGA Indy Jones (Ihe advent).£22.99 Indy Jones (Ihe arcade)£16 99 Infestation ....£16 99 Dragons Breath ..£19 99 Dragon Breed £19.99 Dragon Wars £16 99 Intact ......£12.99 International 3D Tennls.£16.99 International Championship Wrestling ...£16 99 Elite .....£16.99 International Soc. Chal. £16.99 Elvira Mistress ol Dark £19 99 Epic .....£1699
Ivanhoe £17.99 Jack Nicklaus Goll .£16.99 European Supeneague £13.99 F16 Combat Pilot £16 99 Judge Dredd ...£13.99 Kick OHM ....£13 99 F19 Stealth Fighter .. £19.99 F29 £16 99 Kings Quest Triple .£19 99 Klax ....£14.99 Fiendish Freddy .....£16 99 Fire* Forget II £16 99 Flight Sim II £28 99 Knights ol Christalion ...£22 99 Knights ol Legend .£19.99 Last Ninja II .£16 99 Flimbo s Quest .....£16 99 Flood £16.99 Leisure Suit Larry
III.....£27.99 Leisure Suit Larry II......£26.99 Fun School 3 .£16 99 Future Basketball ......£16 99 Gazzall £16 99 Ghouls & Ghosts £16 99 Lemmings ...£19.99 LHX Attack Chopper.....£34 99 Life and Death £19.99 Loom ...£16.99 Giants £23 99 Golden Axe ..£16 99 Loopz .£19.99 Lords ol Chaos ......£16.99 Gremlins II £16 99 Gunship £16 99 Lost Palrol ..£16.99 Lotus Espnl ..£16.99 Hard Drivin ...£13 99 Harley Davidson £19 99 Helter
Skelter ....£13.99 Heroes ...£19 99 Hound Ol Shadow ... £17.99 Hunt For Red October £19 99 Immortal .....£16.99 Imjsossamole ..£16.99 M1 Tank Platoon ..£19.99 Mad Prolessor Mariam ...£12.99 Magic Fly ......P.O. A Manchester United......£16.99 Mavis Beacon Typing ..£19.99 Mean Streets ..£16.99 Midnight Resistance ... .£16.99 Midwinter ...£22.99 Micro Shop 17 Albert Road, Barnoldswick, Lancs, BB8 5AA TeL: (0282) 816726 Fax: (0282) 817008 Copyright NJN Williams Full details supplied with each
disk, or by sending an SAE to the address below.
PD Demo available for £1.25+50p p&p PRINTERS STAR LC 10 Mono ...£ | 59.00 STAR LC 11) II ....£189.00 STAR LC24-10 ...£225.00 STAR LC200 Mono Colour £214 00 STAR LC24-200 .£259.00 STAR LC24-200
Colour ......£305.00 STAR LASER 811 ..£1378.00 CITIZEN 1201)..... £135.00 CITIZEN SWIFT-24 .. £289.00 Motorbikes Views of Vietnam Children Silverback Gorilla African Famine Art In Photography The Nude Each title has two disks, order a two disk set for £9!
All prices include V.A.T. Please allow 6 days for delivery.
Full range of IBM PC & Compatible Hardware at low prices.
Cheques, PO's Welcome. (No cash please) Please add £lpp to all orders.Order over 5 disks post free.
VAT @ 15% Included. VAT No. 484 4843 12 21, Brynmill Crescent, Brynmill, Swansea, SA2 OAL Tel...0792 470503 Fax 0792 645946 Please allow 21-28 days for delivery, and ’phone for urgent orders.
The disks cost just £4.99 each, with five pictures per ¦ disk. The titles are as follows, new releases are weekly:- j "Some of the highest quality pictures you'll see on any computer, on your Amiga, for less than one pound!!!
PICTUREWARE ‘ets Rocky Coastlines Beautiful Sunsets People FREE OFFER five FREE 3.5inch floppies ¦ with every order of 3 disks I Marinas Boats Edwardian Photos African Animals Pet.
Commodore Amiga A500 Packs A500 Basic ...£349.00 Screen Gems £359.00 Screen Gems I Meg £389.00 Screen Gems A501 .£417.00 Class of the 90 s (First Steps).£529.00 Class of the 90 s ..£529.00 Cumana external disk drive £69.99 Commodore A590 Hard Disk.£269.00 Commodore 1352 mouse .£29.99 PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES Philips CM8833 ..£239.00 Commodore I084S £249.00 Atari SMI24 Monitor ...£109.99 Contriver Mouse £22.49 We also stock a wide varielv of consumables and printer
ribbons, leads etc. Call for availability.
3. 5 INCH BULK DISKS SONY VERBATIM 100% Error free. 135 TPI I
Os ..£5.99
25s £13.99
50s £25.99
100s .....£47.99
200s .....£79.99
300s ...£115.99
400s ...£149.99
500s ...£179.99
1000. .£349.99 Disk
Labels 500 .....£7.99 Disk Labels
1000 .£13.99 All disks carry a
lifetime guarantee Atari ST E Packs Atari 520ST-FM
Discovery Pack £269.00 Alan 520ST-E Turbo Pack £359.00
Atari 1040ST-E Extra Pack £439 00 Atan
Lynx ..£159 00 Alan
Megafilc 30 Meg Hard Drive £434.00 Atan Megafile 44 Meg
Hard Dnve £794.00 Atari Mcgfilc 60 Meg Hard Drive £584.00
Atari Mouse .£22.59
Atari VCS consoles ...from £36.99 160A DRAKE
OE16 IPX Tel: 0706 43519 AMIGA BOOKS & HARDWARE RAMSOFT AMIGA 3D GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING IS BASIC Detail* i hr technique* and alofanthm for Mtitinf U program* AMIGA MACHINE LANGUAGE Introduction to 68000 machine language in easy lo undeistand terms AMIGA TRICKS & TIPS A valuable collection of software tools 4 programming hints.
AMIGA C FOR ADVANCED PROGRAMMERS An Advanced guide lo programming the Amiga using I hr C language AMIGA BASIC INSIDE & OLT The definitive step- by-step guide to programming the Amiga Basic AMIGA c FOR BEGINNERS An introduction to learning the popular C Language AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS Explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain English AMIGA SYSTEM PROGRAMMERS GLIDE A Comprehensive pnde lo the inner worting of tout Amiga £18.9S D) £12.95 £l6.50tD(: £12.9S(D £I4.95(D) £I4.9S(D) £29.95(D( £29.95(D) AMIGA DOS INSIDE & OUT An in depth guide In AmigaDOS and the CLI ISC NEW
K S 2 AMIGA PRINTERS INSIDE & OLT Understanding and using your printer more effect ivclv AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO GUIDE The most thorough guide to video on the Amiga AMIGA DISK DRIVES INSIDE & OLT A practical guide to Amiga s Disk Drive operations MAKING MUSIC ON THE AMIGA Understanding and using the Amiga's powerful built in music capabilities.
MORE TRICKS & TIPS Another collection of valuable programming hints 4 techniques for all Amiga users.
AMIGA GRAPHICS INSIDE & OLT A comprehensive book for understanding 4 using Amiga graphics.
£28.S0 D) £16.95 £24.9S(D) : £14.95(D) =£ £24.50(1)1 £16.95(D) £28.50(D) First Book of Amiga .Compute:- 14.95 Learning C Prg Graphics .(D) Compute:-17.95 Using Dpaini II ...Compute:-17.95 2nd Book of fhe Amiga .....Compute:-14.95 Inside the Amiga witn C ...Sams:- £16.50 Amiga Prg. Handbook Vol I + 2 ..Sybex:- £22.00 Addison Weslev Technical Books: Includes & Autodocs:- ...... ,,,, .£28.95 Libraries Devices:- ...£29.95 Hardware Reference
Manual:- £21.95 SPECIAL OFFER Complete Set ... Only:- £70.00 Kids & The Amiga ....Compule:-13.50 Elementary AM. Basic ...(D) .Computc:-12.95 Advanced Amiga Basic ..(D) .Compute:-16.95 Amiga Applications .(D) .Compute:-14.95 Amiga Prog's Guide (D) Compulc:-14.95 Inside Amiga Graphics ..(D) .Compute:-14.95 ALL BOOKS MARKED WITH (D) HAVE COMPANION DISK S ONLY £9.95. PRINTERS IN OUT. DISK INC IN BOOK PRICE.
Please Note. All book prices include postage in the UK, S. Ireland. Please add £ 1.00 per item. Overseas please call or write.
Special rates for Government & School University orders.
: HARDVVARE f EDUCATIONAL PACKS ! Class of 90s or First Steps Only £529.00 STAR LC200 PRINTER The New Star Colour Mono Printer Includes Ribbon & Lead.
Only £215.00 PHILIPS CM8833 Mark II version New Style Colour Monitor Incl Lead Only £245.00 AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS Includes:- W B 1.3. Extras. Tutorial Disks. Mouse. P.S.U. TV Modulator. All leads and manuals.
Software:- Back to the Future II, Beast II, Days of Thunder, Night Breed, Dpaint II.
Extras: Metal Award Badge & CDTV Teeshirt. 10 Disks Only £359.00 All Hardware prices are inclusive of VAT Please add £4 00 for 3-4 day courier service or £7 00 for next day Please call for price on items not listed ALL ITEMS DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 HRS DEPENDENT ON AVAILABILITY & CHEQUE CLEARANCE PERSONAL CALLERS WELCOME ACCESS VISA STYLE CARDS ACCEPTED OPEN 10.00-6.00PM MON-SAT E & O E NO VIRUS PRIZE WINNER Work I'd just like to warn readers about the recoverable ram drive (RAD:) and certain virus checkers. If you mount RAD:, it gets installed as a resident structure. Many virus checkers,
notably VirusX with the
- K option, check the execbase vectors for unexpected pointers to
resident structures: if they find any, they tell you that you
may have a virus and offer to kill it.
Bench More of your hows, whys, wheres, whos and more with PAT McDONALD acting as the resident know-it-all.
If you've mounted RAD:, you'll get such a message every time you run the virus check it doesn't mean you’ve got a virus.
You can let the virus check kill what it thinks is a virus (but is in fact the RAD: resident structure pointer) but if you do, your RAD: won’t be there after a reset! Hope this helps confused readers who get paranoid every time they start using RAD:.
Mark Lyhane, Manchester NO REASON © In an advert I saw, it said the computer came with the new 1084S 'D' monitor - what exactly does the 'D' mean?
© What is the difference between SIMM RAM and DRAM?
© In demos the blitter is often used, how is this chip programmed?
© Is it possible to buy Workbench Wx
2. 0 and install it on my A500?
O' © What exactly is this fatter Agnus chip and how do I find out if I have it?
© With a full Cortex 8 MB RAM expansion on the left port of my A500, could I then fit 8 MB to make 16 MB?
© Can you recommend a good 3D animation package that costs around £200?
David Turner, Wollescote © I don't know - why don't you ask them?
© SIMM RAM comes in neat little modules that you can plug in to many makes of hard drive and memory expansion. DRAM is Dynamic RAM, ie the actual RAM chips themselves - some memory expansions use these instead, because they're cheaper and more readily available.
© I don't know - yet.
® Some USA companies are selling it, but no Workbench or NO REASON: The Cortex memory expansion box represents the limit as far as the A500 goes.
You can’t go any further without modi* fying the computer on the inside.
Kickstart 2.0 supplies have surfaced yet in this country.
® See AF18 for a full page on the subject. To see what sort of Agnus chip you have, use the Vector check program on AF15's Coverdisk.
© No. 9 MB is the limit for any Amiga that doesn't have some 32 bit architecture, which is all of them except for A3000 and ones fitted with specialist accelerator cards. The problem is that the processor cannot physically look at more memory than that - it's just a fact of life. If you think it's easy to use that much memory, believe me it's not.
® No. Oh all right, Sculpt3D or 4D has good animation but poor surface texturing. Turbo Silver is the inverse of this. I'm not doing either justice in saying just that - read the mini reviews in AF13.
AF WRONG (AGAIN) In AF19 tips were given to A Patel and J Longden on using CLI commands. There are actually better ways to do them. To delete a directory and its contents, use: DELETE directory name ALL.
When installing a disk (making it bootable) on a single-drive system, disk names will not work. The best way to do it is to type:- INSTALL ?
This will prompt you to enter the parameters for the command.
At this point take your Workbench disk out of the drive and type:- Lots of readers OK MINIGEN In response to your ‘advice’ to Mr John Smith of Helston, which appeared in AF19,1 feel I have to point out that the information you supplied to your reader is in fact erroneous.
MiniGen does not produce a UHF signal - composite video is output instead. Most people put the signal from the genlock out to a video in a standard video recorder, and then plug the signal from the video into the television set.
In answer to the question, Mr Smith can get an output from the MiniGen to his monitor by using the monitor input labelled "CVBS".
Therefore, your own assertion that he will need a better genlock is actually wrong.
I should know, I designed 30% of the MiniGen!
Tony Leatham, Applied Systems Group Ltd Sorry. I've never played with one - any chance of a review sample?
UNCONVERTED I have two music programs, Aegis Sonix and Quartet, both of which I enjoy immensely. I am neither a musician or a programmer but I get a lot of fun in copying sheet music into Sonix and hearing the subsequent results.
As Quartet uses quality sampled instruments I thought I would use them with Sonix. No go. For some reason Sonix will not load the Quartet files: all I get is a list of instrument categories and no more.
I might be a bit green in such matters, but I thought that all types of programs use the IFF format for transferring data.
According to the manual Quartet uses RAW binary. Is what I am trying to do possible and could you please tell me how to go about it?
Or is it impossible and am I wasting my time?
T H Clark, Honiton The ability to translate raw samples (used by Quartet) into instruments (used by Sonix) is often found within the software used to sample sound in (he first place. It would therefore make sense for you to invest in one: MasterSound. PerfectSound and Audio Engineer can all do this as well as record new samples.
A sampler also makes sense because you could tailor each sample to taste, and produce different mixes of the scores you are entering by changing the sounds for each part. Using the software to edit samples is no big deal: usually it's a question of finding the start and end of the sample on the screen, and that's it.
LOST FOR A QUIZ Where can I get the Senior and Junior Quiz programs? I've seen them mentioned in "Get the Most Out of Your Amiga" but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. They cost £19.95 each, if that helps.
F Holden, Speke Kosmos are the people behind these programs, and many other educational software packages.
You can contact them on 05255 3942.
BBC NOSTALGIA I have an A500 with 1 MB of memory. Although it is great for games and word processing, I would dearly like to be able to program in BBC Basic. Just like the old days when I used to sit in front of my Acorn Electron for hours typing away quite happily. You probably won't print this but nobody else will help. So please answer the following questions:- (D Is there a BBC emulator (preferably costing less than £50) that will allow me to use 5.25 inch disk games written for the BBC model B?
© If I purchase a 5.25 inch floppy disk drive (probably the Cumana one) will I be able to save and load from my Amiga as well as from the BBC emulator?
® Will I be able to boot up my computer from this external drive?
© I have Transformer. Will it be able to utilise the external 5.25 inch disk drive?
A S Caldwell, Wandsworth PS Why are technically-minded Amiga owners so mean and horrible to their fellow, if not so technically-minded, Amiga owners?
I refer to the spread of viruses. On one bootblock I was looking at where these words: "Please do not spread the viruses on this disk as they are for development of new virus killers only.
Only spread to LAMERS.” © Yes, a BBC emulator is available from HB Marketing (0753 6860001 for £39.95. It will not run the vast majority of BBC software, but it does run BBC Basic very well. So at least you can program the way that you want to.
@ Yes. Although an extra command will have to be put in the startup-sequence of your Workbench boot disk. This command is:- MOUNT DF2: The external drive will now be recognised as DF2: as opposed to DFO: (the internal disk drive).
© Not a chance.
© Probably, always assuming that Transformer (a horrendously slow software PC emulator) will let you call the disk drives in Amiga terms, ie DFO: and DF2:. If it doesn't do this - and I've never played with Transformer so I can't say for sure - then it will take some intricate tinkering to get it working properly.
As to your last point, just put it down to the small-mindedness of a minority. To some people, being I own a small company Involved In the manufacture of high-technology equipment tor specialised industries. I am looking to computerise my entire operation. I need the answers to the following questions to enable me to decide It the Amiga is adequately suitable tor my purpose.
© Can the Amiga equal or better the Mac II or IBM MCGA VGA displays?
© Can it display and process broadcast quality colours?
3 Has it the capability to process at least seven-million instructions per second?
4 Does It support high density storage devices, such as optical drives and hard drives ot 200 MB capacity?
© Will It support high density floppies ot 1.44 MB capacity or thereabouts?
© Is the Amiga supported by professional 3D CAD CAM and 3D modelling programs?
7 Is there a fast word processor? Kindwords is much too slow.
® Is there a full colour Desk Top Publishing package that can output at colour newspaper quality (including photographic material) with postscript support?
® Is Networking possible on the Amiga; at least 10 systems?
® Is there a colour printer that can output full colour prints ot a quality similar to a colour newspaper?
P Field, Woking You don 't mince words. It you 're seriously considering setting up such a system then Id recommend employing a specialist, but to answer your questions:- © The answer is yes but'. The machine will cope, normally, happily with 64 colours onscreen lextra halt brite model. 32 ot these colours are halt as dark as the tlrst 32. So It s a bit limited. This isn't amazing compared to the systems you mention, but "Hold and Modify' mode can be used as well. HAM puts a bit ol a strain on the processor, but around 4096 colours can be displayed on the same screen.
It you want a seriously overpowered graphics solution then take a took at 24 bit Image cards. These can produce pictures with over 16 million colours - more than most people can actually differentiate between. Both software and hardware is gradually emerging to use this state-of-the-art graphical standard.
© Again, sort of. Video output can be taken trom end to the computer, but some Amiga colours are illegal - that is. They bleed into other areas when recorded onto video tape.
Typically these colours are reds and whites, which overload standard video conventions.
However, the Amiga is much better In this area than most other machines.
@ Not as standard, but accelerator cards can be titled - I believe the fastest available at present is 50 MHZ, which gives a satisfactory performance compared to any microcomputer.
(The term MIP has very little relevance these days, with so many different processor architectures around).
©Yes. With a SCSI controller card you can control such devices, which usually have a SCSI interlace on them. See AF17 tor more information.
© It does, but they are hard to come by in this country at the moment. In Germany and the USA, many companies sell them, but I've yet to tind a UK supplier.
© CAD programs (Computer Aided Design) are becoming more numerous all the time, with about seven products available at present.
Maybe it’s time tor a roundup... CAM products (Computer Aided Manufacture) are non-existent
- I don’t think anybody is using the Amiga in this area. 3D
modelling Is extremely well supported, with Sculpt 3D, Turbo
Silver, and the forthcoming Real 3D to name but three.
© Again. In AF17 we supplied a roundup of word processors. The tastest were WordPerfect and OfficeWrite, but every other one covered showed KindWords a clean pair ot heels.
© Professional Page 2 can do that - see the review on P113.
® Yes. Cantenanet sell such a network: phone 0993 778271.
® I really can t answer this question definitely (It's not the sort ot thing people let us review) but the answer has to be yes, given the amount ot colour laser printers now available.
ASTROLOGY TEACH YOURSELF with our STARTER PACK MONITORS MODEMS PRINTERS MIGA COMPUTERS DISK DRIVES MUSIC Comprises a simple program to calculate a horoscope, an introductory booklet & 2 self-teaching programs (how to interpret the horoscope).
Only £12.50 - No previous knowledge required Payment by Access Visa, Cheque, etc. Or send for free catalogue of our wide range of programs for PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGERS isae (33p - about 9" x 7").
Progression, transits, harmonics, midpoints, etc. Superb graphics, 5000 year ephemeris, etc (from £25).
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22. 95 17 95
17. 95 .39 99 17 95 .75 96 . 1 95 ' 7 95 26 95 4 95
• 7 95 9 9?
• 7 95 .22 95 .22 95 .17 95 .2695 .22.95 .17.95
17. 95 17 95 .17.95 7 99 .22.95 .17 95
26. 95 .17 95 .17.95 .22.95 .26.95 .17.95 .17.95 .17.95 .17.95
.17.95 .22.95 22 95 .17 95 .17.95 17 95 .17.95 .17.95 22 95
.17.95 14 95
19. 95 12 99 .17.95
17. 95
22. 95
14. 95
17. 95
14. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95 1795
17. 95
22. 95 22 95 22 95
22. 95 36 95
17. 95
17. 95 ...7 99 .17 95 .17 95 17 95 .17 95 .2295
14. 95 .17 95
- 7 9S 7 95 22 95 22 95
• 7 95 V9 17 95 17 95 .22.95 ...9.99 .22.95
24. 95 .11 99
14. 95
14. 95
14. 95
14. 95
28. 95
17. 95 .17.95 .17 95 .17.95 .22.95 14 95 .14.95 14 95 .17.95 17
95 .17 95 .17.95 .17 95 .32 95 22 95 .17 95 .17 95 .17.95 4
95 17 95 17 95 17 95 2? 95 14 95 22 95 22 95 2? 95 .17.95
.17.95 17 95
17. 95
17. 95
22. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95 22 95 22 95 1795
14. 95
17. 95
14. 95
17. 95 .17.95 .22.95 .17.95 .22 95 .17.95 .29.99 .29 99 .22.95
.17.95 .14.95 .14.95 .14.95 .22.95 .17.95 .22.95
14. 95 .17.95 .17.95 .22.95 .17 95 .17.95 .17.95 .17.95 .17.95
.17.95 .14 95 .17.95 .17 95 .17.95 .22.95 .26.95 .17.95
.17.95 .11.99 .17.95 .17.95 .17.95 .22 95 .17.95 .17 95
17. 95 .17.95 .17 95
22. 95
14. 95 .17.95 .17.95
17. 95 .17.95 .17.95
26. 95
17. 95 .17.95
17. 95
17. 95 .22.95
17. 95 .17 95 .17.95 17 95 .17.95 .17.95 .29.99 .22 95 ...7.99
.17.95 .17.95 .22.95 .17.95 .17.95 .22.95
Projectyle . Puzznic Rainbow
Islands...... Raxerox ... Rick Dangerous 2....
Riders of Kohan Robocop 2 ...... Spell Book
(4-9 yrs) .
Spiderman Spindizzy Worlds Sporting Gold ..... Spy Who Loved Me.. 5-7 yrs) Over yrs) Under 5 yrs) AMIGA SOFTWARE I si letters and Words (3-8 yrs).. 4 Player Adaptor ... 40 Sport Boxing 688 Sub Attack . 9 lives ...... Accolade in Action Action Stotions .. Advanced Tactical Fighter 2.. Amazing Spiderman ..... AMOS ...... Ancient Battles .. Ari»rcrti::n Sftrdrc Armour Ceccor Aram c Robok d AW! SOME Baa ones -*010 81:1:
anas Bords To e 2 Bo"e Commord Bottlemaster ...... Battlescape Twin Pack ... Battlestorm . BAT Betrayal .. Better Moths (12-16 years) .
Better Spelling (9-14 years)... Billy the Kid ...... Blade Warrior ... Blinkys Scary School ..... Blitzkreig Bottle at Ardennes .
“ilzkreig May 1940 ..... ue Max ... Bomber Bob ...... Breach 2 (1 Meg) .. Bridge Player 2 T50 ...... Buck Rogers ...... Budokan .... Cadaver ... Captive ..... Carthage ... Car-Vup ..... Challengers Compilation...... Champions of Krynn (1 Meg) Champions of the Raj Championship Run ... Chaos Strikes Back (1 Meg)..... Chase HQ 2 . Chess
Simulotor ... Chessmaster 2175 ... Chips Challenge .. Chronicles of Omega Chuck Yeager Flight Trainer..... Corporation Mission Disk . Corporation .. Crime Does Not Pay . Curse of the Azure Bonds (I Meg) De luxe Scrabble . Death Trap ... Defender 2 .... Deuteros Dick Tracy ... Dinosaur Discovery (3*8 yrs).
Distant Armies ... Donalds Alphabet Chase...... Dragon Breed ... Dragon Flight ..... Dragon Force (1 Meg| .. Dragon Wars ..... Dragons Breath Dragons lair 2 .. Dragons of Flame ... Duck Tales ... Fire Brigade (1 Meg) Flight or the Intruder .. Flight Sim 2 Hawaii Scenery.... Flight Sim 2 Scenery 11 .... Flight Sim 2 Scenery 7 ..... Flight Sim 2 Scenery 9 ...... Flight Sim 2 West Europe Scenery Flight Sim
2 ... Flippit and Magnose .. Flood ... Fools Errand ...... Frontline . Full Blast Compilation Fun School 2 6-8 yrs) Fun School 2 Over 8 yrs) Fun School 2 Under 6 yrs) Fun School 3 ' Fun School 3 Fun School 3 Future Basketball Gazzas 2 .. Genghis Khan .. Gettysburg Golden Axe ...... Goofys Railway Express Greg Normans Ultimate Golf G'em 2 Gunboo* Gvship Hcuo D'ivio 2 HorpOOT fl Mmq| Heire* S«eW'
Heroes CorroilottOri HiI Mrjfhire Compilation Holywooc Collect on
- oo'ov fo* t-er-ie-o (Maths 5-12 yrs) Horror
Zombies . Hunt for Red October ....
Imperium ... Inaionapolis
500 ... Indy Last Crusade + Zak
Mckrocken Insects in
Space .... International 3D
Tennis ...... International Soccer Challenge.. Ishido Way
of the Stones ... It Came From The Desert (1 Meg)
J. Nicklaus Unlimited Golf (I Meg).
James Pond Underwater Agent.. Judge Dredd ...... Kick Off 2 Expanded (1 Meg) Kick Off 2 . .. ... Killing Cloud ...... AMIGA SOFTWARE Dungeon Master Editor ..... Dungeon Master (1 Meg) Eagles Riders ...... ECO Phantoms .... Elite ...... Elvira Mistress of the Dark...... Enterprise .... Epic . EswaT F * 6 Camber P a* f * i Focoa f ' 9 SreoHF F gnre' F29 RiVal-trt-ur Fer-or Formuie I Final Battle f'not Command Final
Conflict Final Whistle (Kick Off 2) Lets Spell at Home ... Lets Spell at the Shops ..... Lets Spell Out and About . Life and Death ..... Line of Fire ... Loom Loopz .. Lost Patrol .... Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge ... Ml Tank Platoon . Magic Fly .... Magic Maths ...... Manchester United .. Master Blazer .... Maths
Mania ...... Math talk (5-13 yrs) .. Matrix Marauders .. Mean Streets Mickeys Runaway Zoo .... Midnight Resistance . Midwinter ... Mig 29 Fulcrum ... Mighty Bombjock Mindgames Strategy Comp .... Mr Doo Run Run .. Multi Player Soccer Manager Murders in Space Murder Musician (Music Package)...... Mystical ......
M. U.D.S ...... Narco
NARC ......
Necronom ...
Neuromancer ... Never Ending
Story . New York Warriors .. Night
Breed ..... Night
Shift .. Ninja Remix
Nitro . No
Exit Obitus
...... Omnicron
Conspiracy ..... Operation Spruonce
Operation Stealth Oriental Games
. Overrun ......
Pang .. Panza Kick
Boxing .. Paradroid 90 ...
Pirates .. Platinum
Compilation ......
Plotting ...... Police Quest 2 (1
Meg) ... Pools of Radiance Populous
New Worlds .... Populous .....
Power Pock Compilation .
Powermonger ..... Prince of
Persia ... Pro Tennis Tour
2 . Prof Ploys a new Game ... AMIGA
SOFTWARE Killing Game Show ..... Knights of Crystal I
ion .. Legend of Billy Boulder Legend of
Faerghoil .. Legend of the Lost
letsuresuil Lorry 2 Leisuresuit Larry 3 (1 Meg)
Leisuresuit Larry ... Lemmings... pell at
14. 95
17. 95
17. 95
22. 95 bpv Who Loved Me ...17.95 St
Dragon ......17.95 Star
Command ......22.95 Star
Control ...17.95 Storflifini 1 95 m
Ac *oss fcu'ope 2295 StC navik 22 95 Street Hockey ¦ 7 9
Sn.oe. * 7 95 5h.nRjrie' 4 95 Si,pef Of* *ocd Rcc ng ' 7 95
5op*emocy 22 95
SWIV .17.95 Team
Suzuki ..17.95 Team
Yankee ..22.95 Teenage Mutant Hero
Turtles 19.99 The Final Conflict ...17.95
The Immortal ..17.95 The Last
Starship ....17.95 The Light
Corridor ..17.95 TheUfitmate
Ride ..17.95 Their Finest Hour Battle
Britain.. 22.95 Things to do with numbers
(5-10yrs) 14.95 Things to do
with Words (5-12 yrs). 14.95 TNT
Compilation ...22.95
Toki ....17.95 Torvok the
Warrior 17.95 Total
Recall ....17.95 Tournament
Golf ....17.95 Toyota Celico GT
Rally ......17.95 Turrican
2 ......17.95 TV Sports
Baseball .22.95 Typhoon of Steel (1 Meg)
14.95 Ultima 5 .22.95 UN
Squadron 17.95
Unreal 22 95
U. M.S. 2 22.95
Vaxine ...17.95 Voodoo
Nightmare 17.95 Wo-ao-e CcnsfxiC'r $ «? ;i
V««i?2 95 Wei*.» 7 95 wwsofF'© 22 95 Wnre'JeotF 2? 95 W ngs of
* vty 1 7 95 W n M*g) 2295 w -*gj J5I2KT 22 95 Winning Tactics
(Kick Off 2) 6.99
17. 95 17 95
17. 95 17 95
17. 95
22. 95
17. 95
17. 95 22 95 Sega Master Mix ...17.95 Shadow of
the Beast 2 ......28.95 Shadow of the
Beast ..17.95 Shadow
Warriors ..17.95
ShockWave ..17.95
Simukra .17.95 Sly Spy Secret
Agent .17.95 Soccer Mania Compilation 17.95
Space Quest 3 ......29.99 Spoce Shuttle
Simulator .....32.95 Speed ball
2 ...17.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE Wolfpack (1
Meg) .22.95
Wonderland ..22.95 World Championship
Soccer ...17.95 Wrath of the Demon ..22 .95
Xiphos 17.95
Ziriox .14.95
Advanced Fruit Machine Sim 6.99
Afterburner ......7.99 Borbarion
2 .....7.99 Batman Caped
Crusader .....7.99 Double
Dragon 7.99 Fantasy World
Dizzy ...6 99 Fast Food
Dizzy ......6.99 Fast
Lane ......4.99 Formula One Grand
Prix .....4.99
F. C Manager ...6.99 Gauntlet
2 7.99 GFL
Baseball ....6.99 GFL
Football ....6.99 GFL
Golf ..6.99 Ghost Chaser
.6.99 Hitchikers
Guide ......9.99
Hostages ..7.99 Last Ninia
2 .....7.99 Leather
Goddess ....9.99
Outrun .7.99
Planetfoll .9.99 Postman
Pot .....7.99 R
Type ..7.99 Road
Blasters ...7.99 Rock Star Ate My
Hamster 4.99 Silkworm 7.99
Super Hong On ......7 99 Super Ski Challenge
....4.99 Thunderblade .....7.99
Treosure Island Dizzy .4 99
Wishbringer 9.99 World Class
Leaderboard Golf ...7 99 Yogis Great Escape
6 99
Zork .....9.99 CITIZEN
PRINTERS Citizen 120D Plus ...139 99 Citizen
Swift 9 230.00 Citizen Swift 24 .
320.00 (includes free connecting cable) MANNESMANN TALLY
PRINTERS MT81 (130 26 cps 80 col) . .. 159.00 MT130 9 (300 75
cps 9 pin 80 column! .399.99 MT 130 24
(300 150 cps 24 pin 80 column) ......499.99 (includes
free connecting cable) LOCKABLE DISK STORAGE BOXES 40 Disk
Storage Box 7.95 80 Disk Storage
Box 8.95 100 Disk Storage
Box 9.95 JOYSTICKS Cruiser (Black, blue or
multicol) .8.99 Quickshot 3 Turbo ...9.95 Zip
Stick Autofire ..14.95 Competition
Pro ....12.95 Competition Pro
Clear 13 .95 Competition Pro
Extra 14.95 Competition Pro Glo (Green) .. .17.49
Competition Pro Glo (Pink) .17.49 Cheetah 125
Plus ....7.49 Quickjoy
Jetfighter .12.99
Speedking 9.99 Speedkmg
Autofire 10.99 Europe (other than UK)
shipping costs are: £1.50 per disc tor normal airmail £2.50
per disc tor express airmail Please make cheques or postal
orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE All prices include
postage and packing in the UK.
Not all titles released at time of going to press. Titles and prices subject to change FAX NO: 0602 430477 Outside Europe shipping costs are: £2.00 per disc tor normal airmail £3.00 per disc tor express airmail AMIGA ATARI & PC SOFTWARE The Tipster This HORSE RACING software was used to select the 100 1 NORTONS COIN outsider in this years GOLD CUP. Data for this program requires the RACING POST. An INTERNATIONAL version is available for AMIGA &• ATARI computers using the DAILY MIRROR lor data on UK races.
£34.95 The punter Let your computer WIN THE POOLS for you with our latest software. We have used the same sums that the TIPSTER proves can beat the odds to give you a better chance with on any pools coupon. The AUSTRALIAN version is included on the disk which afso contains the LATEST ENGLISH leagues.
£34.95 The Dog This GREYHOUND RACING program Is available on the AMIGA and ATARI ST. Using data from either the DAILY MIRROR or RACING POST, you can rate races over HURDLES and the FLAT. Very easy to use. This program wiil rate 5 races in under 1 2 an hour.
* ** SPECIAL OFFER *** Purchase any two products for £60.00 TAM
Marketing 7 GD UNITS. Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Exeter,
Devon SALES: 0392 427X86 ENQUIRIES: 0392 215485 AFTER HOURS:
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Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga The U.% Amiga Users (group is the
Largest Amiga only user group in the zvorld. We are no to in
our fourth year and are the most established and experienced
Amiga user group in the Td.% We have over 1,500 members and are
able to offer an unrivalled Ceve( of support. Our members
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books. 'The U.OkA.U-Q. is the group to belong to regardless of
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start to appreciate zvhat Amiga computing is all about.
Increases computer memory from normal fz megabyte to 1 megabyte Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated pin connector 16 bit technology
• Fit in minutes Direct replacement of Commodore A501 expansion
• Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details 12 month warranty
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Price includes VAT and post and packing Tel: 0582 491949 Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ mmrnm m mmYjrm mM?
1. A500 A1000 8Mb Exponsion (2, 4. Or 8Mb). Fully implemented
autoconfigure. Fully operational through port for
compalability with other autoconfiguring hardware (e.g CBM
A590). Complete with its
5. External 3 5'' Floppy Drive (not pictured) High-quality silent
mechan Extra drive port and "enable disable switch.
Own power supply (U.K., U.S. or Euro). (2Mb FITTED). JL m Jr
2. As above, but with the cover removed.
3. A2000 A2500 B2000 8Mb Expansion (2 4, 6 or 8Mb).
Fully implemented autoconfigure Uses 1M x 8 bit or 1M x 9 bit V AA SIMMs. (2Mb FITTED), t I 77
4. A500 ‘ 2Mb Expansion. The essential A500 upgrade. A high
quality A501 equivalent using low-power I Mbit DRAM's. The
unit has a "enable disable” switch and is available with or
without NiCad battery-backed clock £ A calendar module.
(CLOCK VERSION £38) C JZ £59 Hard disks Systems available (or
all Amiga variants call for details and pricing CHIP UPGRADES
Fatter Agnus" chip (8372A) for A500 A2000 Enobles up to 1 Mb
of Chip RAM Fitting requires some skill and will invalidate
your warranty £62 1 3 Kickstart ROM Upgrade for A500 A2000 £35
A590 Upgrade chips VjMb £28, I Mb £55,: »£ 105 SIMM's All
types available. Call for pricing A3000 4 Mbit Static Column
Dram call for pricing.
AN prices include VAT and postage & packaging. Prices may be subject to change without notice. All products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Dealer enquiries are welcome.
CORTEX products are marketed in the U.K. by Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel. (051) 236 0480.
Fax: (051) 227 2482. Make cheques payable to M.E.S. Ltd.
An ‘expert’ consists of considering everybody else as totally incompetent. They spread viruses so that people can use their computers even less. They don't do anything constructive to help, all they can do is hinder. The technical term for such a s ag-off merchant is ‘SMARTARSE’.
Incidentally, I usually work on a standard 1.2 A500. The reason is not that I prefer to but by doing so I appreciate the problems of people who have just bought their machine.
Thanks very much for the fixes to the problems with talking Amigas.
By and large they were caused by the arrangement of Workbench
1. 3, which was different to the 1.2 version from which that
particular article was drawn. A £50 mailorder voucher should
be on its way towards you even as you read this. As for
Sysinfo, it's a CLI tool
- that means that rather than click on an icon, you are supposed
to type the command at the CLI.
JUMBLED CNOIS I’ve got a problem. When I boot up a disk and I’ve been copying and changing icons, very often they’re displayed one on top of the other CORRECT SPEECH PRIZE WINNER I have found "GTMOOYA" to be of great help as I have had my computer for only five months and had little experience with them before that. I have, so far, found a couple of, what I believe to be, errors.
On pages 117 and 118, there are instructions for making the computer say hello. The command in error is this one:- This will totally empty the utilities drawer, which seems a shame because that’s where the Say command is! Instead of making space like that, it makes more sense to put programs from the utilities drawer into the Trashcan, and then select Empty Trash from the top menu.
Make sure that you don’t put the Say command in the Trashcan!
Get rid of the contents of the Demos drawer in the same way.
The next problem is further down the same page. It tells you to insert the following line into your startup-sequence:- :Good Morning, 0 ng. How can I be of SYSTEM Si Superior service?'
As I’ve already said, the Say command is in the utilities drawer, whereas the above command says it’s on a disk called SYSTEM.
The following line fixes that - replace that line with: SYS:UTILITIES SAY "Good Morn 0 Superior Being, etc* On a different point, I can’t get the CLI tool Sysinfo 2 mentioned on page 163 to work. When I click on the icon, all I get is a list of instructions.
Mark Gregory, Portishead when I double click on the disk. I can rearrange them of course, but when I reopen the disk it’s back to a jumbled heap. HELP!
S Kirvan, Sprotborough What you need to do is not too tricky. First, arrange the window as you want it to look. Then select all of the icons. You do this by holding down the shift button, and clicking on each in turn. When they're all selected, let go of the shift button, press the right mouse button and go to the SnapShot option on the menu at the top of the screen. Let go of the button and the changes are recorded onto the disk.
I am considering buying the KCS PC emulator. As this fits into the trap-door expansion underneath the Amiga and I already own a halt Meg memory card which lives there, could I buy a cable to connect the expansion to the left expansion port?
Also the emulator provides 1 MB of memory, the computer has a half plus my expansion - would that give a total of 2 MB? Would I need a fatter Agnus and 1.3 ROMs or would it work on my 1.2 machine?
S Jackson, Richmond Connecting RAM to the left side expansion port requires some complex circuitry, so that 's unlikely to work. Sorry. You may be able to fit the actual DRAM chips Into a different memory expansion, but usually they are soldered onto half Meg expansion boards so again it's probably not a viable option.
NO CAN PRINT I am trying to print a list of all directories and files to my printer.
Reading through the A500 manual it would appear that the best way to do this is to redirect the output of the command... ...to file. So I tried:- DIF DJRECTLIST CfT A Which yielded ‘bad arguments’. What am I doing wrong? I have tried changing the file name, creating the file first and exchanging the position of the commands but nothing seems to do the trick, Mark Perkins, Poole Clear as mud, isn't it? You need to redirect the output of DIR to the printer, which every Amiga thinks of as PRT:. So try this:- ANY OFFERS?
Way back in Amiga Format 9, you had in your magazine a ‘Stand Alone Notepad'. I was intrigued so I went to work on it and just like many other people I kept on having ‘Object Not Found’ appear on the screen. I was so frustrated, but I had to wait for the following month’s issue to find out if there was a problem.
Sure enough there were two errors, so I had another go and I still couldn't get it to work! In a temper I promptly went down to my newsagent and cancelled my copy of your magazine.
I’ve regretted this ever since, and now buy it randomly. Please, can you let me know if there were further errors in this nice little feature.
Peter Ley, Cardiff You bet. Lots of readers have complained to us about this, and as it was also copied down verbatim in ‘Get The Most Out Of Your Amiga" (and it was wrong yet again) I think that some redress is called for.
So, if you reckon that you are a bit of a whizz with the Shell and reckon you can write a batch file to make a disk that’s a bootable Stand Alone Notepad. Get them in to me at Workbench a printout or hand-written copy is fine, because I'll be checking them all anyway.
The entry deemed to be the best will get printed and will win a £50 mail-order voucher and a big wet girly kiss from all the readers who have been eagerly waiting for it all this time.
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Please send cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Dept AF3 Trybridge Ltd., 8 Buckwins Sq., Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SSI3 1BJ Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail. These offers are available Mail Order only. Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Saturday 10am-4pm. Fax orders: 0268 590076. Tel orders: 0268 590766 1 2 Meg Upgrade ... 1 2 meg Upgrade + Clock.....
39. 99 ..44.99 Grimblood ......
Gunboat * ...... 499 ......16 99
Powerpack ..... Predator 2 *
... ... 14.99 16 99 CDEflAI
nCCCDC 3D Construction Kit * ..26.99
Gunship . ......14.99 Prince of
Pershia ..... 19 99 SrEClAL urrtKd 4D
Boxing 4D Drivina *.
..16.99 .16.99 Hard Drtvin .... Hard Drivin 2 ’ ...... . ... 9 99 ......16.99 Projectyle .. Puzznic ... 16.99 ...... 1699 688 Attack Sub...... ..16.99 Harpoon (1 Meg) ... ......19.99 Quattro Adventure ..
9. 99 AMIGA A500 Airborne Ranaer ,, ..9.99 Heroes Quest 2
(1 Meg) ..... ......29.99 Quattio
Sports . . 9.99 Amos...... .19
99 Heroes Quest (1 Meg) . ......26 99 Rainbow
Islands .... ..... 16.99 SCREEN GEMS PACK
Arknnoid 2 5 99 Hitchikers Guide .....
.7.99 Rombo 3 ... .5
99 26 99 Hollywood Collection . .... 19 99 Reach
for the Skies *..... . . 16.99 Assault on Alcatraz
* ..16.99 Horror Zombies
" ... ......16.99 Resolution 101
16 99 Nightbreed, Days of
Thunder, Back to the Future 2, Deluxe Paint 2, Shadow of the
Beast 2 ATF 2 .... ..16.99 Hounds of
Shadow . .7.99 Rick
Dangerous ...... ... 7.99 Awesome RAT *
.24.99 ......19 99 Hydra
* ... ......16.99 .5.99
Rick Dangerous 2 .. Robocop
2 ...... ... 16.99 ......16 99 Back to
the Future 2 ..... 16 99
Imperium . Indianapolis
500 .... 16 99 Rock Star Ate My
Hamster .. Rocky Horror Show * ..
4. 99 Rnrk to the Future 3 * ..... . 1699
16. 99 16 99 ONLY £369.99 Badlands...... 13.99 Indy
Jones Adventure ..... 16 99 Rogue Trooper
* ..... 1699 Bards Tale 1 o 2 Hint
Book..... ...5 99 Indy Jones Hint Booh ..
..5.99 Rotator * .
16 99 7 99 Interceptor .... . . 7 99 RVF Hondo .... 9
99 l Rnrds Tale 3 * 16 99 It Came From Desert )1
Meg)..... ......14 99 Search for the King * ..
Secret of Monkey Island * .. Secrets of Luftwaffe
* . .....16 99 UPGRADE YOUR Rntmnn Cnned
Crusader...... 5 99 It Came From Desert Data ...
9 99 19.99 Battle Chess 2 * ...... 1999 Jack
Nickiaus Extra Courses 9 99 ......19 99 AMIGA
TO 1 MEG Battle Command . ... 1699 Jack Nickiaus
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* ... ......16.99 Beastbusters * ......16 99
Jack Nickiaus Unlimited Golf...... 19 99 Shadow of
Beast 2 . 26.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade -
£39.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade + clock • £44.99 Betraval *.....
...... 19.99 Judge Dredd " .... .....13 99 Shadow
Sorceror * . 19.99 Rio Gome Fishina *
16 99 Keef the
Thief .. .7 99 Shadow
Warriors ... 16.99 Biffy the Kid *
..16.99 Keef the Thief Hint Book .....
..5.99 Silent Service ..
......9 99 Blood Money Blue Max *... ....7.99 ..... 19
99 Kick Off ... Kick Off 2 (1
Megl . ..7.99 14.99
Silkworm . Silkworm IV
* ..5 99 13.99 Buck
Rogers.. Budokan...... ..19.99 ..16.99 Killing
Cloud * Killing Game
Show . 16.99 16.99 aim
City .. Sim City
Terrain ...... 19.99 13 99
rtDAnniuc rdcatui Captive...... ..16.99 Kinqs
Quest .... 22.99 Skate or Die
* . 16.99 L KHUUINj DKEAIH 16
22. 99 16 99 NOW ONLY Carrier Command ..... .9.99
Kings Quest 3 . 22.99 Sly
Spy ......16 99 C ovadar
..16 99 Kings Quest 4 (1 Meg) ..... .....26.99
Soccer Mania .... .....16.99 £12.99 Chaos
Strikes Back * .... ..16.99
16. 99 ...16 99 Knights of the Sky *
19. 99 Space Ace 26 99 ......16.99 ..... 16.99 v nase mw z .
Chuck Yeager z ¦ rrnai wmsne ..
K. O 2 - Giants of Europe * . o.yy .7.99
opeeaoaii z ...... Spellbound
... man 11 Meal .....26.99
K. O 2 - Return to Europe *..... ......7 99 Spidermon. ... 16 99
E. A. SPECIAL OFFERS Colonels Bequest (1 Meg) ...26
K. O 2 • Super League * ......
K. O 2 • Winning ladies * ... ...... 9.99 Spy who loved
me .. ... 13 99 Commando War
* ... ...16.99 ..5.99 Steven Hendry
* ..... 16 99 ONLY £7.99 EACH!
Conauest Camelof (1 Mea) 26.99 Kristal ... 9 99 Stratego * ..... ... 1699 Corooration .. 16 99 Lost Ninja 2 . 5 99 Strider 2 .... 16.99 Corooration Data Disc .... . 9 99 Lost Ninja 3 * .... 16.99 Stun Runner ..... ......1699 Zany Golf, Bards Tale 2, Cricket Capta
n. .. ...16.99 Leather
Goddess ..... .7.99 Stunt Car
Racer ...... 15.99 Crime Wave
...16.99 Legend of Billy Boulder * ... .... 16.99
Subbuteo . 16.99
Powerdrome, Ferrari
16. 99 Leisuresuit Larry 3 (1 Meg)...... .....26 99 Super Hong On
.. .
5 99 Curse ol Azure Bonds (1 Mea) 1999 Leisuresuit Larry 2 ... ......26.99 Super Monaco GP ‘ ... 16 99 Formula 1, Interceptor, Damocles..... .16 99 Lemmings * ....
16. 99 Supremacy ......
19. 99 Das Boot *. .
1999 Line of Fire ... ..... 16.99 SWIV • ... 16 99 Hounds of Shadow, Keef the .16.99 Loom...... 19 99 7 99 Deluxe Music Con Kit .. ...69 99 Lord of the Rings * .. ..... 16.99 Swords of Twilight Hint Book...... ......5 99 Thief, Swords of Twilight Deluxe Paint Dick Tracy .... 59 99 . 16.99 Lords of Chaos * .... Lost Patrol ... 16.99 ... 16.99 Team Suzuki * . Team Yankee .. 16.99 ...
19.99 Disney Animation Deluxe Video 3..... ...79.99 ......79 99 lucasfilm Double Pack . M1 Tank Platoon ..... 19 99 .... 19.99 Teenage Mutant Turtles Test Drive 2..... .16 99 .... 16 99 JOYSTICKS . .5 99 Magic Fly..... 16 99 Test Drive 2 California Chal 9 99 Dragon Strike Dragons Brea Dragons Lair | Dragons Lair Dragons Lair • Dragons War • . 19.99 Magnum 4 ..... 19 99 Test Drive 2 Muscle Cars .... 9 99
h. ..... 12.99 Masterblaster *
..... ... 1699 Test Drive 2 Super
Cars ... .9 99 Cheetah 1 25 + - £6.99 1
Meg) ......
- Singes Castle.. Time Warp . . 26 99 Matrix Marauders
* . 13 99 Test Drive 3
* ......16 99 ..... 26 99 Mean Streets
... . 1699 The Immortal ...
16 99 ~ll »*L i on nn ...26 99 Midnight
Resistance ... 16.99 Theme Park
Mystery ..9 99 Cheetah Mach 1 - LV.yy
..16.99 Midwinter . ......19 99
Their Finest Hour ..... 19 99 Quickjoy
2 Turbo - £9.99 Duck Tales * ...19.99 Midwinter 2
* 1999 Tip Off
• ..... 14 99 Dunoeon Master (1
Meal ..16.99 MIG 29 • .
.....19.99 TNT .. . .1999 Quickshot 3 Turbo -
£9.99 Duster * . ...16.99 Monty
Python .
M. U.D.S. * 13.99 Toki
* .. 16 99 Eaqles
Nest .. .....4 99 16 99 Torvak The
Warrior . .....16.99 Quickjoy Jetfighter - £
10.99 r ¦ • EoiC ... ..16.99
Murder ... .....16 99 Total
Recall .... 16.99 Escape from
Colditz * ... .16.99 Music X Jnr ..... 49 99
Tournament Golf .... 16 99
E-Swat ... ...16.99
Narc .. 1699 Toyota
Celico .. ......16.99 Fup of the
Rehnlder (1 Mea * .....19.99 Navy Seals *.....
16. 99 Tracksuit Manager. .. .. 7 99 i F15 Strike Eoc F 1 6
Combat le 2 * ...19.99
Nightbreed ...... 16 99 Tracksuit Manager 2
• lot . ...16.99 Nightbreed RPG
.. . .. 16 99 Treasure
Trap .. .6.99 F 19 Stealth
Fiahter ... ..19.99 Nightshift
* ..... ...... 1699 Triad Vol
3 ...... 9.99 Unbranded Falcon
...14.99 Ninja Remix * .
16.99 Turbo Challenge .... . 1699
Falcon Mission Disc 1 ..... ...10.99
Nitro ... 1699 Turrican 2
* .... . .. 1699 10x3.5" DSDD - £5.99
Falcon Mission Disc 2 .....
10. 99 Obitus ...
24. 99 TV Sports Baseboll " ... 19 99 Fantasy
World Dizzy .....5.99 Off Road
Racer ...... 16.99 TV Sports
Basketball 14 99 20x3.5" DSDD-£10.99
Ferrari Formula 1 . .....7.99
Operation Harrier ... .16.99 TV
Sports Football ... 12 99 Fire and
Brimstone . ...16.99 Operation
Stealth ...
16. 99 Ultimate Ride ... .19.99
50x3.5" DSDD -£23.99 1 Fireball *......
16. 99 Operation Thunderbolt .16.99 UMS
2 ......19 99 1 First
16. 99 Operation Wolf ...... ...5 99
Vaxine .. . 16 99 100 x 3.5" DSDD - £49.99 1
Fliahl of the Intruder * .... ..1999 Oriental
Games ......
16. 99 Viz ¦ ... 16 99 1 Flood
..... 16.99 Outrun......
6. 99 Walker * ... .
16. 99 1 Football Director 2 13 99 Overrun fl Meg) *
19. 99 Wheels of Fire 19 99 Branded - TDK 1 Footho Man World
Cud . ...9.99
Pong .. .16.99
Wings (1 Meg) ......19.99 Ford G8
Rally Fun School 2 *
16. 99 Parodroid 90 .. ...... 16.99 Wings
of Fury . .. .. 1699
3. 5" DSDD-£1.25 Each 6-8) ...13.99
Platinum .. .16.99
Wizboll ..
5. 99 Fun School 2 over 8)...... 13.99
Platoon ...
5. 99 Wizkid 1 .
16. 99 Fun School 2 under 6) .....
13. 99 Player Manager ...
12. 99 Wolf Pack
19. 99 Fun School 3 5-7). . . ... ...16.99 Ploting.....
16. 99 Wonderlabd * ... 19 99 TRIAD VOL 3 Fun School 3 ¦* 1 over
7} ...16.99 Pool of
Radiance ....
19. 99 World Class Leaderboard ... ...6.99 Fun
School 3 under 5) ..... ...16.99 Police Quest 2
(1 Meg) .....
26. 99 World Champ Soccer ..
16. 99 Future Vars 16 99 Populous...
16. 99 Wroth of the Demon 19 99 Now Only Gazza 2 ' ...
16. 99 Populous Promised lands ....
7. 99 Xiphos ..... 16 99 Gauntlet 3 * .
.....16.99 Powerdrome ....
7. 99 Zany Golf...... ......7.99 £9.99 Golden Axe..
..16.99 Powermonger...... .... 19.99 Z-Oul •..... ...
13 99 i £7991 1MB Ram, 2 x 3.5" drive, expandable to MSDOS,
Database, Word Processor, Deluxe Paint lit, Spreadsheet, Sim
City, Populous, Their Finest Hour, Battle Chess Class of the
90 s, First Steps, Deluxe Paint II, Deluxe Print II, Prowrite
2. S, Info File, Music Master, Let's Spell, Amiga Logo, Talking
Turtle, BBC Emulator, Mouse, Modulator, Mouse Mat, 10 Blank
Disks Above prices only when purchased together with any
monitor and printer. Add 5% when purchased with printer or
monitor, on its own add 10%. All prices include VAT.
S I UPGRADES MONITORS Philips 8833 II £249 99 3.5 Internal Cumana. £59.99 0.5Mb no clock ...£34.99 Commodore 1084SD£269.99 3.5 External Cumana £64.99 0.5Mb with clock ..£39.99 Amiga 20Mb HD.£369.99 SOFTWARE Pnm a wide range .olour primers including vj li .'01' It 200 24 i inzen '¦win NK tfKI JO and ONLY £3995 T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS I PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT
• Superb colour graphics dumps
• Select area you wish to print
• Select size you wish to print PRINTERS CABLE Citizen
120D......£144 99 Star LC10 £159.99 Panasonic 1180 £179.99 Star
LC200 Col £219.99 Panasonic 1124 £259 99 STARTER PACK I PRINTER
PACK Spare black nbbon. Dust cover. 200 sheets of computer
paper. 100 labels.
£10 (with printer) Mouse Mat. Dust Cover. Megablaster.
Joystick. 10 disks in library case £15.
(with Amiga) WEST LONDON SHOWROOM Ealing Computer Centre. 19 Queens Parade, Ealing. London. W5 3HU. Tel: 081-991 0928
• Courier delivery ot set £10 • All offers subiecl to
availability • E&OE • Visa e Access • Corner ot Hangar Lane
(Nonh Circular) and Queens Drive
• Nearest Tube North Ealing • Easy Parking.
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Overnight courier (get your goods tomorrow!) £7.99. Min order value for overnight courier: £10 Dear Reader Hi, there! This is Damien, your new editor, speaking. We are now cruising at a circulation of about 100,000 and I've got something to say. Fasten your safety-belts and extinguish all cigarettes.
This is a big magazine, but frankly it's just not big enough. As your questionnaires flood in, we're learning more about how you want us to use the limited space.
Expect next issue’s Letters pages to be crammed to the seams with your ideas on the mag as extracted from the questionnaires.
All your comments, requests, questions, opinions, humour and utter drivel there's just not space for it! Some of you produce intelligent, well-crafted arguments and some of you talk nonsense but we're always interested to hear from you. Send your contributions to Letters, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.
Now, it seems you all enjoy writing letters and reading other people's opinions, but we just don’t have the room for too much of it: so I'm cutting the Letters pages down from four to three.
Severe, huh?
At the same time, we'll have less long letters and more short extracts, so that lots more people get a say. What do you think?
Does that sound reasonable? We might even devote a page or so to longer pieces written by readers... called “Your Say" or something similar. Preferably, thinking about it, something less tedious and inane than that. Would you even have anything to say?
Again, let us know.
A Good Idea With 1991 having dawned, we are left with the aftermath of the Christmas games rush. There were the good Power Monger, Gettysburg the bad remaining nameless and the non-arrivals UMS II.
No doubt all this has lined the pockets of software companies with gold. During the festive season, however, not one really spared a thought for the less fortunate people in our society many of these didn't have as good a Christmas as they might have done and the companies, if they really tried, could make their lives less miserable.
I am, of course, talking about charity compilations, which at present are extinct on the Amiga.
Way back in the 8-bit 'good old days' several such compilations were released and they sold very well indeed. Not only did companies group together with their collections, they helped a worthwhile cause by selling their merchandise and gained a much better name for themselves.
Stuart Hardy Wales, Sheffield Very much in the spirit ot Band Aid, Comic Relief and the like, I reckon this is a cracking idea and Stuart thoroughly deserves a prize for mentioning it. What do you think, software companies?
Stop Moaning The Amiga is an unbeatable machine, be thankful that you've got one. The quality of software of all categories is outstanding (though there is the odd turkey).
The Amiga has a ridiculous amount of features for an equally ridiculous price. How then can you say you’re not satisfied?
32 colours, four-channel stereo sound, multi-tasking, even upgradable to 1 Mb for £30.
That’s nothing, even when compared to chicken feed. Have you seen the price (and the lack of availability) for the equivalent bit of equipment on the ST? What more do you people want?
Once upon a time (was it really only 1985?) An Opus disk drive for my Beeb was a huge £300. For a disk drive! You can get a whole Amiga for that now.
As for the price and quality of software (games in particular, the only reason I bought my Amiga) I am quite happy to pay £20+ for a game that I will enjoy, but I don't because I am a member of Special Reserve. If you want to rush out and squander your money on a game you've not even read a review of, that’s up to you.
A fool and his money are very soon parted.
So far, all the Amiga games I have seen (even budget) have knocked me nearly speechless, both in the graphics and audio departments. Anyway, you’ve got no excuses. Just leafing through the magazine I found an advert for a company offering cut price software, and then offering to buy it back for half its value when you're sick of it. As far as I am concerned, I shall be buying Rocket Ranger for £7.99 and I eagerly await Beast III and Golden Axe II.
Andy Blake Bath Phew! There's a man that isn’t afraid of speaking his mind! Still, it raises some interesting points about the power-to-money ratio of the Amiga. Anyone else got any views on these moans about the Amiga? Hang on, here's two... Paranoia Pt 1 Is my Amiga (bless its cotton socks) on its way out as the best machine? I have been present on two occasions at a local computer shop when someone has asked for a computer that is good on games and business ware. Then they take them right past the Amiga to the Atari STE.
K A Stacey Bournemouth Paranoia Pt 2 I have noticed in the Letters pages that there seems to be a large interest in the possibility of the Amiga being redundant or replaced in the near future. I personally see no decline in the devotion to the machine by either the programmers who make the games or the owners who buy them.
Doesn’t this indicate that the only thing worth worrying about is people spreading these defeatist rumours about their machines via the Letters pages of magazines such as yours?
Rob Gabriel Uffculme, Devon I don't think you can argue with the fact that the Amiga is the best home computer around and will remain so for several years yet.
Let’s see what Commodore have to say about how big it is... At Christmas, says a recent Commodore press release, the shops couldn't get hold of as many Amigas as people wanted to buy, but all the same 140,000 were sold. This means there are now more than 600,000 Amigas in the UK. "We expect demand of the Amiga to continue overall it will remain the flagship product for leisure computing" comments Commodore's Kelly Sumner. “Also from the increase in peripheral sales hard disks and RAM expansions it is clear that Amiga users are becoming more and more sophisticated."
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it., we do it!
We Shek i kr o range if Amiji Hidwiri mi eeftwira.
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Min. Order £5. Overseds Software Postdge £2.00 Extra.
All Cheques & Postal Orders made payable to: Post Haste. 12 St. Lawrence Road. Canterbury. Kent. CT1 3E Telephone Hotline (0227) 764204 (9am-9pm) Visa Access welcome HHP ACCESS VISA and P O orders despatched same dayl Cheque orders despatched Immediately after clearancel Available on the Amiga NOW I!
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Mail Order and Overseas orders welcome.
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ST Turbo Pack Atari 1040 STE Pack and most sophisticated Amiga magazine there is.
PD Cheats?
When is Public Domain not Public Domain? When Softville PD are "Exclusive distributors of the famous United Graphic Artists collection."
Why is this? Surely this undermines the principle of PD. Such titles should be freely distributed and should only be charged a reasonable copying fee.
Richard Bemrose Bath, Avon I think what Softville want to do with UGA stuff is make real, quality PD into a kind of very cheap commercial software, so that the programmers get a bit of cash back for the effort they put in.
This makes sense when you think that with 'Licenseware', where you are supposed to pay a fee, people very often don't. Isn't that fair enough? On a similar topic... Shareware?
I never knew that people had to pay a donation to the author of the program. Is this absolutely necessary and, if it is, how much do you have to pay? How do you know whether the piece is Shareware or not?
Tom Mason Boughton, Northants About the only restriction imposed on the copying of PD software is that the ‘read me' documentation must always accompany it. In here it will say whether the program is theoretically Shareware and if the author expects a fee. Generally, the author doesn't really expect huge amounts of cash to come flooding in: but if you find his program incredibly useful or enjoyable, he'd consider it only reasonable to expect you to send a small donation to help him to carry on with similar work.
Crap Tip 1 Replace the ball of your mouse with a large, well-sucked gobstop- per. This not only provides superior traction, but also picks up any stray hairs which may be on your mouse mat.
Clive Beale Birkenhead Thanks Clive Keen to Learn I am reaching the age of 16 and I am looking to the future. I am very interested in computers in general and I am getting a tired of dead ends as nobody seems to be listening. I am very good at keyboard skills and programming but I am very keen to learn more.
The subjects I have taken for GCSE are: Commerce, Maths, Typewriting, English, French, Religious Education, Geography, Chemistry and Physics and I am on course for getting Grade C in most of the main subjects.
I have contacted colleges and the sixth form and all they can seem to offer me are National Diplomas in Business Studies and Computer Studies should I take these or are there some better ones?
John Webb Mansfield, Notts This is tricky, most people who get anywhere in computing get there because they know what they want to do and do it. Games programmers, for instance, have learnt what they know from teaching themselves in their spare time and putting it into practice.
At the same time, any experience from further education is bound to help. You are likely to find a computer studies course a little bit tedious at this level. I'd advise you to stay on at sixth form level, get a couple of A Levels (preferably including Maths and Physics) and continue your interest in programming at home. You should then aim to do some kind of computer science course at polytechnic, university or college when you are 18. This will be much more interesting.
Many of the computer prof essionals I know are graduates, often in entirely irrelevant subjects like English or Microbiology, but all of them are doing what they do because they are keen, interested and experienced, not because they have bits of paper to prove it.
Lots of people ask this question and I hope this helps, but I'd be very keen to hear from anyone who gives careers guidance in this area and can make any other useful suggestions.
I Half Meg News I think you should include a small section at the end of each review Sorry! The World Is Our Limit!
0. 96
0. 92
0. 87
U. K. U.S.A. ITALY P $ LIRE 33p 0.65 740 32p 0.63 710 30p 0.59 1
3. 60
3. 50
0. 87
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3. 30
3. 20 56 53 POSTAGE (pet order)
10. 00
3. 50 7.00 | 7700
38. 00 650 Outside Europe shipping charged at cost. Within U.K.
please send orders to our agent Payments accepted in other
currencies at current exchange rate against DM. N. Croxton.
27 Jacobean Lane. Knowle, Solihull.
P ease note: These prices do not include any local taxes (eg V.A.T.) West Midlands B93 9LP.
Prices subject to variation following changes in exchange rates etc._Tel: 056477 8608_ To: GTI International Amiga Service, Zimmersmuhlenweg 73, 6370 Oberursel, West Germany.
Telephone (49) 6171 73048 Fax (49) 6171 8302 Please send me 3.5" DS DD Discs in boxes of 10 50.
Method of payment: Eurocheque enclosed.
Name ...' Address Cash enclosed (please use registered mail!).
Access Visa Eurocard Mastercard Amex Diners (Credit Card Number_ . Expiry_ Cash-On-Delivcry (Only available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland & U.K.). 688 Attack Sub £16 99 Kick Oft 2 The Firval Whistle £899 AMOS The Creator £34 99 Kindwords 2 (Wad Processes ). £34 99 Afterburner £7 99 last Ninja 2 £7 99 Amazing Spiderman £16 99 leather Goddesses £6 99 Ancient Battles NEW £1699 legend of Faerghail £1999 Ant Heads-It Came From Desert Add On; £9 99 leisuresuit larry 3 £29 99 Atomic Rotx*id £16 99 line of Fire
£1699 B A I NEW £19 99 loom £1999 BSS Jane Seymour £16 99 lord of tfie Rising Sun SPECIAL OFFER £14 99 Balance of Power 1990 £16 99 lost Patrol £1699 Bar Games £1699 lotus Espnt Turbo Challenge £1699 B *t *kyi 2 NEW PRICE £7 99 Ml Tar* Platoon £1999 Batman the Caped Crusade?
£7 99 Man United £1699 Battle Chess £1699 Master Blazer NEW £16 99 Battle Of Britain (Their Finest Hour) £21 99 Midnight Resistance £1699 Blmky's Scary School £6 99 Midwinter £1999 Blood Money £6 99 Monty Python £1399 Budge Player 2ISO £1999 Mr Do Run Run £9 99 Bubble Bcoble £16 99 Multi Player Soccer Manager £16 99 Bock Rogers £24 99 Murder £16 99 8udc*an £1699 Mystical £1699 Cadaver £1699 NARC NEW £16 99 Captrve £1699 New Zealand Story £1699 Car Vuc NEW £1699 Nnja Remix £1699 Centrefold Squares £999 Nuclear War £1799 Champions of Kryrm (1 Meg?
£1999 Obitus NEW £24 99 Chase HQ?
£1699 Operation Stealth £1699 Chess Champions 2175 £19 99 Opei at ion Thunderbolt £1699 Cloud Kingdoms SPECIAL OFFER £6 99 Oriental Games £1699 Colonels Bequest £27 99 Outrun NEW PRICE £7 99 Conquest Camelot.
£27 99 Pang £16 99 Corpcxat»on £1699 Pinball Magic £16 99 Co* per at ton Mission D*sc £9 99 Planet fall £6 99 Cricket Captain £1699 Player Manager £1399 Case of Azure Bonds 1 Meg Q'ty £19 99 Plotting £16 99 Daily Double Hc se Racing £9 99 Police Quest 2 £24 99 Damocles £16 99 PoO Of Radiance (1 Meg Only) £19 99 Defender 5 NEW £13 99 Populous £16 99 Deluxe Strip Poker £9 99 Populous New Wbrlds £6 99 Devpac 2 £39 99 Powermonger £1999 Dick Iracy £16 99 Prince of Persia £1699 Double Dragon £7 99 Pub Trivia £4 99 i iA fin Dragons Lair 2 £29 99 Puzzmc L 10 W Dragon Wa-s £16 99 Ila nbow Island
£1699 Drakkheri £19 99 Red Storm Rising £1799 Dungeon Master £16 99 Renaissance SPEClAl OFFER £999 Dungeon Maste? Tdtfa £6 99 Rick Dangerous 2 £1699 E SWA T ...... NEW £16 99 Ftoadbiasters NEW PRICE £7 99 E fvtra Mistress of the Dart £1999 Roboccp 9 £1699 Emtyn Hughes mt Soccer £16 99 Rock Star Ate My Hamster £699 F16 Combat Pilot £1699 Rogue Trooper £1699 F -29 Retali at or £16 99 Rorkes Drift £1699 falcon Mission Disc 1 or 2 £1399 Ruff and Ready £699 Fantasy World Dizzy £6 99 Sa nt Dragon ...... £1699 Fast Food £6 99 Secret Agent Sly Spy £1699 Ferrari formula One £6 99 Shadow of the
Beast SPEClAl OFFER £9 99 Final Whistle £8 99 Shadow of the Beast 2 £24 99 fire Brigade f! Meg Amiga j £19 99 Shadow Warr or £1699 Hundo's Quest + 10D»scs £12 99 Sherman M4 £1699 flood £1699 Shoot Em Up Construction Kit £19 99 Football Manager £4 99 Silkworm £7 99 football Directcx 2 £13 99 Sim City £1999 Football Manager 2 ? Expansion Kit £1399 S«m City Edita £999 Formula One Grand Prix £4 99 Space Quest 3 £24 99 Future Basketball £1699 Speedbaii 2 NEW £1699 Future Wars ..... £1699 SpirxJizzy Walds £1699 G FI Amencan Football £699 Spy Wto loved Me £1399 GFL Baseball £6 99 Star Control £1999
GFL Golf £6 99 Slarglider 2 SPECIAL OFFER £9 99 Gauntlet 2 NEW PRICE £7 99 Storm Across Eurcce £1999 Gazza? NEW £1699 Summer Ofympiaa £4 99 Gernmi W.rg NEW PRICE £7 99 Super Off Road Racer £1699 Gettysbog £1999 Supremacy £1999 Ghosts and Goblins (1 Meg) £999 TV Sports Basketball £1999 Golden Axe £1699 Targhan £4 99 Grand National £1399 Team Yankee £1999 Gremlins 2 £1699 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles £1699 Gunship £1699 Thunderblade .. NEW PRICE £7 99 Harpoon 1 Meg)..... £1999 Torvak Warrior £1699 Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy £6 99 Total Recall £1699 Hong Kcng Phooey £699 Toyota
Celica GT Rally £1699 Hase Racing £1699 Tracksuit Manager £7 99 Hostages £7 99 Treble Champions £1399 Hcund of Shadow £6 99 Trivial PtXSurt £1399 immortal (1 Meg Only) £16 99 Turnc an £13 99 Impenum £16 99 Tusker SPEClAl OFFER £699 Impossible Mission 2 £699 Typhoon of Steel (1 Meg £1999 IndianapoFrs 500 £1699 Ultimate Golf 6'eg Norman £1699 Interceptor £699 Unreal £1999 International Soccer Challenge £1699 Venus Fly Trap £1399 It Came From The Desert 1 Meg) £1999 Voodoo Nightmare £1699 Jack Nicklaus Golf £1699 War Caistruclicn Kit (1 Meg) NEW £1999 Jack Nicklaus Int Courses
Add on £899 Welltns £1699 Jack Nicklaus Ext Copses Vol 1 £8 99 White Death £1999 Jack Nicklaus Champ Courses 1990 £8 99 Wings (1 Meg only) £1999 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Courses (1 Meg) £19 99 Wmgs (1 9 Meg onty) £1699 Jan es Pena £1699 Wishbnnger £6 99 James Pone'I Meg) £16 99 MtoifpacMI Meg) £1999 Jocky Wilson's Darts £6 99 Waxier land £1999 Judge Dredd NEW £13 99 Wald Championship Soccer £16 99 Keef tt»e Thief £6 99 Wald Class leaderboard NEW PRICE £7 99 Kick Off 2 £13.99 Zany Golf ... £6 99 Kick Off 2(1 Meg) £1699 Zak £6 99 ACCOLADE IN ACTION 4th and inches,
Fastbrcak, Grand Prix trtuu. Blue AnRi-ls Lid 99 SEGA MASTER MIX Super Wonderboy, Dynamite Dux.
Crackdown. Turbo Outrun 6* Enduro Racer. £.19 99 SPORTING GOLD California Games. The Games Winter & _Summer Edition. £19.99_ TNT Hard Drivin', Xybots, A PB. Toobin 6a _Dragon Spirit. LI9.99_ HEROES Licence to Kill, The Running Man, Barbarian 2 Star Wars £.19.99 EDITION ONE Double Dragon. Xenon. Gemini Wing and Silk Worm £.16.99 MAGNUM FOUR Operation Wolf. Afterburner, Double Dragon & Batman The Caprd Crusader £19.99 PLATINUM Strider, Black Tiger, Forgotten Worlds 6a Ghouls and Ghosts. L19 99 FULL BLAST Ferrari Formula One, Carrier Command.
Rick Dangerous, P-47 Thunderbolt, Highway Patrol & Chicago 90 £19 99 FINALE Paperboy. Ghosts and Goblins, Spate Harrier 6* Overlander £16 99 CHALLENGERS Fighter Bomber. Superski. Kick Off, Pro Tennis Tour 6r Stunt Car Racer £19.99 HIT MACHINE Supercars, Skidz, Switchblade 6a Axels Magic Hammer. £16.99 SOCCER MANIA Football Manager 2, Microprose Soccer.
Football Manager World Cup Edition Gazzas Super Soccer. £16.99 ORDER FORM AND INFORMATION All orders sent FIRST CLASS subject to availability Just till in the coupon and send it to:- Software City Uni! 4, BDC, 21 Temple Street. Wolverhampton WV2 4AN.
- --------ORDER FORM (Block Capitals) i i i i I i I
I---------- I | Name |Address i
l. Name of game Computer Value • Postage TOTAL
1 POSTAGE RATES Please add Sop tor post ana package on ai
orders unrter CS EEC countries add £ l per item I Non EEC
Countries acM £2 50 pet Hem I Paying By Cnegue Cnegues payable
EUROPEAN ORDERS ACCEPTED SIGNATURE POWER PACK Xenon 2. TV Sports Football. Bloodwych 6a Lombard R A.C. Rally. £16 99 WHEELS OF FIRE Hard Drivin'. Chase H.Q.. Turbo Outrun Powerdrift. £1999 HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION Robot op. Batman the Movie.
Ghostbustcrs 2 6a Indiana Jones the East Crusade. £1999 MINDGAMES Waterloo, Conflict in Europe 6a Austcrlitz. £16.99 THRILLTIME PLATINUM VOL 2 Buggy Boy. Bombjack. Space Harrier. Live 6a Let Die, Thundcrcats. Beyond the Ice Palace 6a Baiileships Uh99_
3. 5 inch Double Sided. Double Density with Labels 1 10 25 0 69
5.99 13.99 40 piece 3 5 disc box .. 6 99 80
piece 3 5 disc box 7 99 Mouse Mats . 8.99 ST &
AG Extension leads 5 99 Amiga 1 8 Meg expansion 39 99 Amiga 1
9 Meg expansion * clock 49 99 HINT BOOKS Bards Tale 1 c»?oi3
..... 500 Buck Rogers 7 99 Champions of Kiynn 7
99 Codenaine Iceman 8 99 Colonels Bequest ...8 99
Conquest of Camelcx .. 8 99 Curse of Azure Bonds
...7 99 Dragons of Flame 4 00 Dungeon Master 9 99
Heroes of the lance 4 00 Heroes Quest 8 99 Hillsfar ..... 7 99
Indiana Jones the Adventure 4 99 Kings Quest Ior?ot3ot4 899
leisuresuit larry I or 8 or 3 8 99 Might and Magic 2
.. .599 Police Quest 8 8 99 Pool of Radiance 7
99 Secret of the Silver Blades 7 99 Space Quest 1 or 2ot 3 899
OFTWARE CITY Unit 4, B.D.C, 21 Temple Street, Wolverhampton
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0200. With Access Visa 1 1 ners Card American Express.
21 By fax With Access Visa Dir American Express ? Valid fron date on: 051-931 3857 31 FREE by post: Send cheque nr postal order or credit card No ? Valid from and valid to datrs to: Unbeatable Pricca Ltd. FREEPOST. P.O. Box 5. Liverpool L23 OXH m AMIGA REPAIRS JUST £44.95 inc. ? Commodore authorised and registered repair centre
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Hoiv to trike advantage of this exceptional offer: simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed right, enclosing payment and this advert and we will do the rest. Ilf possible please include a daytime telephone number and fault description).
’ If vou require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 else your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) WTS reserve the right to refuse machines that in our opinion are bcvond reasonable repair stating such things as memory restrictions and the presence of a save game facility. This is vitally important in some games, especially those which take you hours to get anywhere, like Rocket Ranger, Voyager and Paradroid ‘90 to name a few.
Stuart Hardy Wales. Sheffield Hang on, I'll ask Trenton... Right, he says that with any games that need a whole meg to work, or that have less features on a halfmeg mechine, we'll mention it in the text anyway. As for save games and passwords, he reckons that generally these are an accepted part of a game and he'll only mention them if the system used in a game is particularly poor. Well, I reckon that if you, the readers, would find it useful, some mention of these would be handy. Anyone else got any ideas of things we ought to mention on games pages?
I’ve Got an Idea!
I have had this brainwave. I think you should have a small box at the end of each review stating things such as: value for money; memory required; number of levels; hours to complete.
Bradley Long Middleton on Sea How do we award a score for- value for money? Would we say 'we think it is worth £22.47', or would we give a percentage? Isn't a percentage very much like the 'Overall' rating we have already?
Where's Middleton on Sea? It sounds boring, like something out of Dad’s Army.
Talking Computers While watching the all-time classic film Ferris Bueller's Day Off for about the 50th time yesterday, I wondered whether there is a program on the Amiga that emulates the same sort of sounds that he has on his computer, le barfing, coughing, sneezing, snoring etc. Bradley Long Middleton on Sea PS Middleton on Sea is a happening village near Bognor Regis.
We have a similar program on our Macs (or did have until the network manager told us off). What it is, is a little sample player that plays samples of those sounds you are talking about. Our Mac version triggered the samples when you did certain things: like when you shut mine down, Arme Schwarzenegger said ‘I'll be back!" We don't know of a simple little sample player like this for the Amiga: does anyone else?
Meg-a Good I read somewhere that, as a rule, 54% of people own a 1 Meg machine. Software companies ought to be encouraged, through sales, to use this memory as Electronic Arts seem to be doing.
Nick Elkin Taunton When the results of last issue's puestiohnaire are analysed, we should be able to tell how many of you already have a RAM expansion, along with other valuable and interesting tacts. That'll have to wait, though, ‘cos Trenton's just trashed another MiG 29... How do you do it?
I am working on a project at school for GCSE on Desk Top Publishing and would like to know if you use Pcs and home computers to create your magazine.
Ian Radcliffe Stevenage Trenton, Pat and Matt write the words (using Protext) and grab pictures on Amiga 500s. We use a 2000 to manipulate the pictures (Deluxe Paint) and then we transfer words and pics to PC (MS-DOS, that is) disks using CrossDOS.
These disks can be read by the Macintosh SE 30s that Damien and Gary use, where the words are translated to a Mac word processing program (MacWrite) and the pictures are translated from Amiga IFF to Mac PICT2 format. Words and pictures are then pulled into a Mac DTP program IquarkXPress) and the pages are laid out on colour Macintoshes by Frank and Marcus. So if you think Amigas and Macs are home computers, then yes.
I Ultimate question Is there a version of The Ultimate Ride with manual-change gears?
Everything for your Amigas at real sexy prices!
Midi modems video scanners printers monitors disk drives ram software & books.
A1500 * A2000 « A3000 FOR ALL YOUR MEMORY UPGRADE mpmorv riirprt requirements, friendly competent memoryuulli techn,calsalessupportoffering FACTORY DIRECT PRICING WITH LOCAL SERVICE AND STOCK.
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4. Deluxe Paint 3------------------------------------X58.99
5. Predator 2------------------------------------------X16.99
6. Prince of Persia6.99
7. Vektor Sektor-------------------------------------X25.99
8. Panza Kick Boxing ....X16.99
9. Powermonger X16.99
10. Rogue Trooper .X16.99
11. Wolf Pack_________________________________________X19.99
12. Epic------------------------ X16.99
13. Gunboat-----------------------------------------..X16.99
14. Mig 29----------------------------------------------X19.99
15. AFT 2--------------------------------------------£16.99
16. Wings (1 Meg)-------------------------------X19.99
17. BJL.T.-------------------------------------------------£16.99
18. Lemmings ~ X16.99
20. Kick Off 2 + Final Whistle (data disk) ....X24.99 Please make
your cheques P.O. payable to Nurd Software.
Same day despatch if in stock.
So phone and chat to the Nurd now!
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Amiga 500 Screen Gems L369.99 Flight o Fantasy £369.99 Plus many other items of hardware.
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To take advantage of this VERY LIMITED OFFER call our telesales hotlines now.
ORDER TO (All offers subject to availability - E O.E.) Please
tell me if there is and, if not, are Mindscape going to bring
one out at all?
William Backen Bournemouth You get an option on the original version to choose between manual and automatic gears, so 'Mad Biker' McDonald tells me. What made you think you didn't?
Wot 64 Emulator?
In the November Issue, on the article about the ST emulator, you said "It's long been possible to run Spectrum, C64, BBC, PC and Mac software on the Amiga..." Could you tell me where I can get the C64 emulator from, what it costs and what it is called and is a Cl28 emulator in the pipeline?
Jeremy Cooper Cheltenham Errm... you can't, it doesn't, there isn't. This is a case of over-enthu- siasm on the part of an emulator-obsessed freelance writer: mind you, there used to be a C64 emulator but it wasn't very good and it died out a few years ago. Speaking of which... Wot Spectrum Emulator?
In the review of the Medusa ST emulator it was mentioned that it has long been possible to run Spectrum software on the Amiga.
Having read in another magazine that it was to be launched, I have since heard no more of the mythical beast.
Sir Clive Sinclair Runcorn Not the Clive Sinclair? Naah, I bet you're not even a Clive Sinclair.
Well, the infamous Spectrum emulator was on its way from an arguably insane person in Italy, but never quite made it. Still, would you really want one? Let us know if you do.
Crap Tip 2 Be sure to wear your mother’s washing-up gloves when sitting down to a long keyboard session.
This will help to prevent your fingers slipping off the keys, thus reducing typnig errord. (I sometimes wear her underwear also, but this Is just a personal preference of mine).
C Beale Merseyside Jesus, Saves!
After purchasing the January edition Christmas special (original idea) and trying out the complete Interphase game I was as happy as a sand boy in a rather large sand pit: that is, well until I had to stop... Hang on a second, Stuart Combs of East Grinstead, I know what you're going to say. You see... OK, I'll accept the dumbo of the month award, if only you'll tell me why every time I try and save Interphase... WhoaI If you'll just give me a moment, Frustrated of Portland, I'll tell you... I was particularly impressed by the January 1991 issue and the wonderful free game Interphase, but...
wait for it... No, you wait for it, John Rose of Edinburgh! I'm just trying to explain... oh no, here comes Terry Cullen of Hockley... I am not really a 'games nut' but I must say, I have got interested in Interphase as supplied on your Jan Coverdisk, It's interesting and varied without all this alien-zapping stuff that, personally, bores me to tears. BUT... Aaagh! It's that 'but...'again. Yes, Terry, I was just trying to tell everyone that what happened was... We have an Amiga 500 with A501
0. 5 Meg internal expansion.
Recently purchased AF 18.
Excellent value for money mag with absorbing and entertaining Interphase game. But... RIGHT? THAT'S ENOUGH! I don't care if you are writing on behalf of the ‘Pioli Family', David, or even if the whole of the Cheshire Mafia has a hit out on me! Please let me explain what happened to Interphase!
Seriously, though: the complete and very excellent game Interphase that we gave away on the second disk on our Xmas edition suffered from a small bug. If you read Issue 19, the one with the lurid pink and green cover, you may well have seen the explanation we gave... VOLTMACE DELTA 3A ANALOGUE JOYSTICK FOR MICROPROSE F19 & SUBLOGIC FLIGHT SIM II Fly your planes the smooth and realistic way with an analogue joystick. The Delta 3A is a light action, hand held, sprung return to centre joystick of a proven reliable design used for many years by BBC and PC users.
It has two Fire button functions. The top two Fire the missiles and the centre lower button fires the cannons. On FSII version
1. 1 the throttle, can be controlled by using the centre button
and the stick.
Delta 3A joystick £14.95 Deltabase A. yoke style joystick ..£29.95 Ami-cat mouse eliminator joystick ..£29.95 F19 Stealth Fighter £29.95 Flight Sim II £29.95 Scenery Discs .....£14.95 Amiga disc drives cased with through port and disable
switch ....£59.95 Delta 3A joysticks should be available from your Amiga Dealer.
If not they are available direct from us (price includes VAT & P&P) VOLTMACE, UNIT 9 BONDOR BUSINESS CENTRE, LONDON ROAD, BALDOCK, HERTS SG7 6HP. MM (F§ TEL 0462 894410 6 QUESTIONS FOR J AMIGA OWNERS Before answering, please note that your age & experience are irrelevant.
Would you like to:
1) Successfully run your own full part time business using your
2) Earn considerably MORE money than if you worked for someone
3) Work hours to suit yourself?
4) Have the satisfaction of being your own boss?
5) Earn £££' s from home doing what you enjoy-using your Amiga?
6) Aim tor a financially secure future?
If you answered YES to any of the above, then please send an SAE for FREE exciting details to:
P. A.S. Enterprises 3 ST. JOHNS WALK, ST. IVES, CORNWALL, TR26
2JJ, ENGLAND analog ANALOGIC f || I j ilV|T I I If r 1' rJ m.
System ...84.99 C64
Nightmoves Mindbenders Pack 129.99 C64 Light
Fantastic Pack .119.99 Amiga
A500 Screen Gems 309.99
Amiga Class of the 90's
Pack 429.99 31 2" External Disc
Drive .54.99 512K Ram +
Clock 29.99
Mouse ..29.99
* Aii prices exclude VAT and delivery.
' Please call for a quote on other Commodore products as well as for best prices on sale repair upgrade of Atari products.
AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS PACK Amiga 500 ....£399.99 Days ol Thunder .£24 95 Shadow ol the Beast ......£24.95 Back To The Future II ...£24.95 Knight Breed ...£24.95 Deluxe Paint II .....£49.95 AND MORE! Total RRP Over £600.. £364 OUR PRICE AMIGA 1500 PHC OUR PRICE £1090.00 Stereo colour monitor.
A1500 1024K RAM. 2 3.5’ disk drives.
Word Processor Database. Spreadsheet. Populous.
Sim City. Dpamt IB. Their Finest Hour.
Books. Mouse. Workbench Etc. RRP NEARLY £2400.00 CLASS OF THE 90’S EDUC' BUSINESS PACK 1024K RAM £529.00 Amiga 500. Modulator. Man Plan £99 95.
Dr Ts Midi Studio £149.95. Dpamt n £49 95. Sutreruase Personal | £49.95. Amiga logo £9 95. BBC Emulator | 19 95. Mouse, Mouse Mat. Midi Interlace.
10 Blank Disks. Disk Wallet »Books, Ed’ Suoo File, Workbech Etc. RRP NEARLY £1000.00 AMIGA 500 CLASS Of THE 90 s PACK Amiga 500 ....£399.99 Educational software .£660 00 Upon registration each purchaser will receive a tile containing - Over 200 pages of advice, guidance and worksheets relating to tne National Curriculum and lots more' Total RRP: £1054.48 £529 OUR PRICE All prices include VAT & Delivery. All computers are computers include a FREl 1nume UK specification All IEE HOLIDAY PACK Proprietor Mark A Cameron Please make cheques PO’s etc payable to POST EXPRESS Al
Hillcrest House. Suite 3. 49a Vicarage Road. London. E10 5EF.
Tmp Telephone: 081 518 7494 9am -11pm ? IDEAL FOR 5's AND UP * FIRST STEPS EDUCATIONAL PACKAGE A500 Amisa I030 Modulator Taikms Turtle D-Paint 2 BBC Emulator D-Pnnt 2 Mouse Pro-Write 2.5 Mouse Mat Info File 10 blank disks Music Master Play books Lets Spell at Workbench Home 1024K RAM £529.00 MONITORS
• NEW Philips CM8833 II Colour Stereo.
Dark Tube ...£254.00 Commodore 1084S 14' colour, Stereo .£244.00 Commodore 1500M 12' Mono.
Green £98 00 ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS INCLUDE:- Workbench disks, Extras disk. Disk Doctor. Amiga Basic, The Very First Tutorial Guide.
BOOKS: User Manual, Amiga Basic. Amiga DOS HART MICRO COMPUTER CONSUMABLE SPECIALIST 3 5' Bulk Disks ...£0 34 Mouse Mat .£2.95 Mouse Pocket ......£2.45 Quickshot Joysticks From £7 50 4 Player Games Lead ....£4 95 Joysticks Ext Lead . £4 95 Joystick Spotter Lead .£4 95 Monitor Plinth ...£23.95 Seal 'n' Type Thru Cover £12 95 DustCover .....£3.95
3. 5" Bulk HD Disks ......£0 80 50 Disk Labels
...£0 95
3. 5' Disk Cleaner £1.95 3 5" 40 Cap Lockable Disk Box . £4 SO
3. 5" 80 Cap Lockable Disk Box . ..£5.50
3. 5" 60 Cap Stackable Disk Box....£15.95 Naksha Upsrade
Mouse ....£29 95 Ami9a Replacement Mouse £18 95
Whittlesey, Peterborough, Sales Hotline: (0733) 350242 [I
AUUE 9 CASH PRIZES 0898 31 35 99 INFODtAl POBox 36 LSI 4TN Col
charges 33p Per Min Cheap 44p Per Min Al Other Times Whether
you've just bought your Amiga or whether you're already in
training for Guru status, we're sure you'll find JAM magazine
an informative, entertaining ana honest read.
The articles, tutorials, reviews and commentaries in JAM are written by experienced Amiga users with an almost fanatical interest in the machine. And it's also a forum where you can have your own say - a place to get it off your chest, pass on something you’ve learned, find out what other users think of your ideas.
JAM is typeset, laid-out and produced on an Amiga 500 and an Amiga B2000 - living proof that the Amiga is ideally suited to serious pursuits other than playing games. JAM concentrates on the applications and programming side of the machine, never afraid to go in- depth when the occasion calls for it.
75 Greatfields Drive, Uxbridge, UB8 3QN Tel 0895 74449 Wes! Rush me NAME_ ADDRESS SUBSCRIPTION TO JAM V UK £19.95 Europe £29.95 Overseas £49.95 SINGLE ISSUE OF JAM V UK £1.50 Europe £2.25 It's a magazine written by Amiga users, for Amiga users.
The subscription rate for Just Amiga Monthly is only £19.95 (Europe £29.95) for a year's supply - that's less than 40 pence per week.
POSTCODE_ PHONE_ Please post this order form (or a copy of
il) plus your cheque or postal order made out to JAM lo: Just
Amiga Monthly (AMF), 75 Greatfields Drive.
Uxbridge. UBS 3QN But don't take our word for how good it is, drop us an order form plus a cheque or postal order for £1.50 (Europe £2.25) and we'll send you an introductory issue to check out. Naturally, there is no obligation to subscribe, but we know j you will be back for more!
If not and why didn't you buy Amiga Format Issue 19? what happened was that Mirrorsoft sent us a copy-protected master that we couldn't copy, so we screamed, panicked and asked Adrian Stephens, the author of Interphase, who lives just around the corner in Bristol, to get us a master. He did, but it was not quite kosher.
The problem is that when you go to save a game, it tells you that the disk you have just formatted to save your game on needs formatting. Bbody irritating, as many of you found out. Sorry!
The solution is to run the little program on this month’s Coverdisk, which will cure your Interphase disk for good. Again, many apologies for the mistake and many thanks to all of you for your great patience when calling or writing about this problem.
You're all stars!
Cookies, Dude!
It saddens me a great deal to find that a fine, upstanding publication such as yours should be desparate enough to print such a glaring inaccuracy. Everyone should know that the word ‘Cowabunga' was coined by yours truly (ie me) on the Christmas Eve edition of Sesame Street, filmed in 1979.
Yours Disgustedly, Cookie Monster Sorry, Cookie Monster. I am one of your greatest fans.
Crap Tip 3 Stick a two-inch wide piece of masking tape across the top of the screen of your monitor or TV.
Then, when that old spoils port Mr Guru Meditation pops up, you are able to carry on undisturbed.
Mr Beale Wirral A3000 Insight The last thing my Amiga 500 ever said to me was "FFZZZZZZT".
Charming I thought! Having saved long and hard, and wanting to expand my horizons in graphic art etc, I invested in the new 3000 25Mhz 100Mb machine (once you've owned an Amiga, nothing else will do!).
The new machine is wonderful. Now all I need to (go on!)
Make my day is a bit of news about 3000 hardware and software in the hallowed pages of Amiga Format. I realise that there are not many 3000 owners as yet, and those that are may be 'serious' users who might not read Amiga Format (more fool them!), but are there any plans for more Amiga 3000 news? (Even one page would do me!).
To get the ball rolling, and so that owners of other machines don't feel faded, here are a few 3000 gripes.
1. The 3000 is shipped as a '2 Meg' machine. Well, Kickstart 2.0
is loaded into 512K of my fast ram, and my eight-colour WB 2.0
takes another 250K or so, leaving me about 1.2 Mb, not far
beyond a typical 500! (I understand Kickstart will be
available on ROM later, but when?!)
2. Workbench 2.0 is great, but has several bugs, not least the
inability to refresh the screen properly at times. I can’t
wait for Wb 2.1.
3. 95% of my games collection (yes, I like to play as well)
refuses to load on the 3000.1 know there are many reasons why,
but it’s a real pain. If software (games and serious) could be
labelled accordingly, eg, 'Runs on ALL Amiga’s no trubs!'
Or 'Croaks at the thought of a 58030 chip!’, it would save an
awful lot of grief.
My advice to anyone thinking of buying a 3000 is go ahead and do it! It knocks the spots off a 285 or 386SX PC! Having said that, if you like games, keep hold of your old Amiga 500, mine is being repaired.
Robin Shoreham-on-Sea Well said. We'll be taking a proper look at the Amiga 3000 in the next issue, so any views from people who already have one would be of interest.
COURSE WINNER TE3 ?'JNTER'S C0VLPUT3S. PxOC-EAM V4 with Artificial Intelligence
intelligence. The latest version, V4, has the power to leam
from the results of its own predictions, constantly adjusting
the prediction formula to improve performance.
• FORM POINTERS used include past form, speed ratings, prize
money, course statistics, iockey form, trainer form, stil
effect, the going, weight carried, and the horses ability to
act under current conditions.
• DETAILED ASSESSMENT of every runner's chances is given, not
just a tip. The calculated odds are compared with the starting
price, and the potential profit is assessed.
• VITAL STATISTICS for all British courses (Draw advantage, Top
Trainers and Jockeys etc) are included in the database.
• FLAT and NATIONAL HUNT versions are included.
• PACKAGE CONTAINS disc, detailed instruction Coursewinner V4 £28
50 booklet and support literature, all you need to start
forecasts immediately.
• MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner is a sophisticated Pools
prediction aid. Complete with 22000 match database over 10
based on many factors.. recent form, the massive database,
league standing, goal scoring rates, and draw averages.
• SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswinner performs signifi
cantly better than chance.
• LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered.
• FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated.
• AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION : Fixtures for English and
Scottish League matches are generated automatically by Pools
winner's sister program FIXGEN 90 91...
• PACKAGE CONTAINS disc, detailed instruction booklet and support
literature, all you need to PoolswinnCT wilh Fl*gen. £28.50
fnroncti tmmarttilalv An programs AvatkX le for IBM
(SJS-J.S").... AMIGA .... ATARI ST .... AMSTRAD PCW Selec
Software. , 62 Altrincham Rd. Gatley, Cheadle. Cheshire SK8 4DP
Tel 061428-7425 _ se« lor lull lul otmir soil»arcl_Phone or FAX
R 0 Discs .. ....£4.49 100 Discs .... .....£37.99 20 Discs .. ....£7.99 200 Discs £67 99 30 Discs .. 40 Discs .. 50 Discs ..
- £11-49 500 Discs.... £14 49 "£1750 1000 Discs.. ...£154.99
...£294.99 Disc Box 3.5" 100 capacity ......£9.99
Disc Box 3.5" 80 capacity . ......£8.99 1 Disc Box
3.5" 40 capacity . £7.99 d Send chq PO (no cash)
Soft Exchange 3, 101 Clifton Road, South Norwood LONDON SE25
6QA rnmm 0 1 653 9094 , (24HRS ansaphone) miSAm 512K extension
with clock :'zVirgo Upgrade vour Amiea 500 ¦aiMiiiainfiMia J °
* Top-quality PCB and connector for total reliability
* Latest 1 meg D RAMs for low power consumption
* Auto-recharging battery-backed real-time clock
* Memory enable disable
* Compact design
* Easily fitted in seconds. No risk to your warranty No freebies,
fancy names or other frills. Just the best price you'll find.
Also available:
* 512K extension without clock £25.95
* Half meg card with clock (no RAMs) £15.50
* Half meg card (no RAMs or clock) £11.50
* RAM chips per Vi meg set £15.95
* IV2 meg extension with clock £74.95
* IV2 meg card with clock (no RAMs) £30.00 Credit card hotline:
0734 890588 Same day dispatch 12 - month guarantee Virgo
Developments Ltd, Sapphire House, Fishponds Road, Wokingham,
Berkshire, RG11 2QJ.
3. 5" DISKS & BOXES WITH LABELS 20 x 3.5’ MF2DD 135 TPI disks
with free storage box ..£12.95 25 x 3.5'
MF2DD 135 TPI disks in 40 cap. Lockable
box ..£15.95 40 x 3.5" MF2DD 135 TPI disks in 80
cap. Lockable box ..£24.95 75 x 3.5' MF2DD 135
TPI disks in 80 cap. Lockable box ..£39.95 BULK
disks ...£24.95
100 x 3.5’ MF2DD 135 TPI
disks .£46.95
250 x 3.5’ MF2DD 135 TPI
disks .£96.50
500 x 3.5' MF2DD 135 TPI
disks ......£175.00

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