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The Amiga’s serial, parallel and mouse ports are used as if they were the PC’s equivalent ports. The internal disk drive of the Amiga becomes a 720K PC disk drive and any external 3.5 or 5.25 inch floppy disk drives are configured as their PC equivalents. An onboard utility allows you to use as much memory as is available on the Amiga and memory above the normal 1Mb limit can be accessed quite comfortably as extended memory in PC mode. To install the AT Once you have to take your Amiga apart and invalidate any remaining warranty, but the instruction book supplied by Vortex makes this a simple enough task that will take an averagely dextrous and intelligent person less than half an hour. As with most PC emulators, the display lets the AT Once down a shade. Four colours from a machine that is usually capable of 4092 more is a disappointment. From a choice of CGA, Toshiba, Olivetti and Hercules displays, CGA is currently the most usable. Better resolution than CGA is possible, but at the expense of taking the Amiga into the flickering interlace mode. Expansion cards should make it possible to use EGA and VGA display, but this may take its toll in processing speed. Silica claims that the availability of card slots will soon mean that an Amiga will run as a VGA PC for under £300.

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Document sans nom EBRUARY 1991 ¦ £2.95 Champion of the Raj Battle with man-eating r tigers in the playable demo °* 'mageworks Indian epic Menumaster Get to grips with the menu program we use Play 590 Play huge sound samples straight from hard disk Island Atmospheric text adventure | k.
J Bli ILBM RAW - Converts graphic files [ Install - printer Makes printing so easy! .
Mosaic - Programming demo V J Documentation on Page 1 5 NO COVERDISK?
Ask for one from your newsagent Vital information for ail new owners ¦ What to do when things go wrong rp MWc'TSfe1- "yvm. 4 1 j Li** ? • L*’ ¦ Where to start with graphics ¦ How to get that printer working
• REVIEWED: Ninja Remix, Battle Command, STUN Runner, Horror
Zombies and many more
• The 15 best games of all time • 16 million colours on screen •
GB Route travel guide Hints, tips and advice galore Workbench
pi 71 Gamebusters p97 CHASE HQ t Special Criminal Investigati
continuing where CHASE HQ left oft The Arcade thriller takes
you from trife bright lights Paris o the rugged terrain of th
Your mission is to traek down chase and •pprehend the dangerous * SEHIDARZl TOTAL ™ RECALLS
• '« cnmmals.
* Doug Quaid you have been haunted by recurring
• drearjis of another life on Mars.
Yt u are drawn to Retail Incorporated, a unique travel service specializing in implanting fantasies into the minds of those who desire to turn their dreams into reality.
THE EGO TRIP‘OF A LIFETIME . Experience the horror our dreams turn into hideous n H L Suddenly your every joove is monitotflWlRUje assasms. You
• It's EASTER • ‘, • ‘Explosive power segps .
You bulleting through various terrajns - hold the line or plough the fields1 It's TOUAHER The criminals wield some heavy hardware but so do you1 You can shoot but you must dodge their flak * heavy gunfire, trucks unloading their cargo onto yc bonnet... it's the meanest pursuit game to hit the micro screen* YOU'RE MDT YOU WHJ’RE M You ?
Must travel to Mars to discover your true identity - your missidl is nami journey of non-stop action. StrangS L futdEtic vehicles and a start ng array of weafl| Aptured in superbly executed graphics and a ' play that compiiments the’success of the years top movie.
OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 5NS TEL: 061 832 6633 ¦ FAX: 061 834 0650 Seven levels t f muscle-straining, reflex-testing,
• sideways scrolling fury1 Destroy the lethal drug Nuke, face a
stream of deadly Nuke gangs., and then - if you survive - face
the terror that is * ROBOCOP 8!
NARC The arcaje actien thriller with the BIG finish. Infiltrate the criminal underworld - your mission is to seA out and destroy theJring pin of the MR BIG CORPORATION - if you get that far.
You'll have to outwit his enormous army of body guards... gangs of charisma-bypass patients in trench coats, the bullet br in with the build of a rhinoceros gnd the breath of a dung beetle, packs of vicious canine yappies. The psychotic clown with an evil sense of humour - •' you'll die, buUiot laughing!
Then mere s the gas guzzling Cadillac |Ock - a cool specimen, elbow hanging on the door rail, a serious looking piece in his hand and reacfifto blow you away as he rolls down main street leaving you vr.
J, *t all bad'... * Tbu've got a chopper to back you up, a mea*. Shiny Hreet machine, some heavy metal hardware and some pretty neat mofes And.wh'at about the king pin...
• did I say he was Mr Big? .
• No. He's Mr BIG!
Staff File Last First Soc. Sec.
Dept. Rate Hours Ovi 1 Benjanin Harold 458-67-9578 Sales
59. 88
48. 1 ( 2 Bertworster Heinz 136-26-7845 Maintainance512.58
38. 8 t 3 Lincoln Jason 785-68-9578 Sales $ 9.18
48. 8 4 Marshal 1 Alan 487-68-8975 Securi ty
518. 58
39. 8 « 5 Nonty Michael 581-69-3569 Kitchen
57. 88
15. 8 6 Peters Hike 578-98-6587 Grounds
58. 51
48. 8 7 Shepard Janes 892-48-7632 Service $ 56.18
23. 8 i 8 New Sni th Janes 785-98-2578 Advertising $ 11.81
39. 8 4 .'¦s *r'.
.0 GRAPHICS 33 Get started in graphics - the easy way!
BEST EVER GAMES 1 09 These are the games you must not miss DATABASES 147 Two newest programs to organise your life EDITOR Bob Wade DEPUTY EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Ttenton Webb TECHNICAL EDITOR Pat McDonald ART EDITOR Marcus Dr Dyson STAFF WRITER Maff Evans PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Gary Lord DESIGN ASSISTANT Paul Morgan CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Mark Smiddy, Sean Masterson, James Leach, Adam Waring, Tim Smith, Andy Hutchinson, Dean Agar, Keith Pomfret ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans SENIOR SALES EXEC Duncan Ferguson AD SALES EXEC
Jackie Garford AD PRODUCTION Fiona Milne PUBLISHER Greg Ingham ASSISTANT PUBLISHER Jane Richardson PUBLISHING ASSISTANT Michele Harris AD SERVICES Tamara Ward AMIGA FORMAT 19 FEB 19 9 1 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton, PRINTERS Riverside Press Ltd, St Ives PLC, Gillingham NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION UK & WORLDWIDE: MMC Ltd 0483 21 1222 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Sue Hartley 0225 442244. Poster Modernism?
Amiga Format comes to you from the company that publishes ST Format. Commodore ure Format. New Computer Express. Amstrad Action. Your Sinclair. Sega Power. PC Plus. SOOC PLBLisHixG Plus. Mac Publishing and Classic CD.
EDITORIAiyADVERTlSING 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2B X . « 022 5 442244 FAX: 0225 446019 SUBSCRIPTIONS AND MAIL ORDER The Old Bam, Somerton, Somerset TA1 1 7PY w 0458 7401 1 We welcome wntten enquiries but egret that we cannot offer advice, guidance or information on a Dersonai basts, either by telephone or post. We welcome contributions from reao- ers but unfortunately cannot guarantee to return material submitted to us, nor can we ente" into personal correspondence We take great care to ensure what we publish is accurate but we cannot accept liability for any mistakes or mispnnts. No
part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without our permission.
C 3 tolw Cwwtm John 0' Groats Mag X 1 Scale:788wfles Mode:ROUTE Rmoie:FASTEST Rea-lslON Cist:743 Tine:14:36 Cost.E59.44 Status:0K t M • „•- - _
- iCorfe Mullen TRAVEL GUIDE 1 50 Tbe utility that can tell you
where to go GET TANKED UP 52 Is Battle Command the best tank
game yet?
GUNS OUT! 56 Is Z-Out the ultimate shoot-em-up?
Contents Screenplay P51 FORMAT GOLD 52 Z-OUT..... REVIEWED Botics ... 63 Horror Zombies from the Crypt ... .....75 Carthage .. 86 Ishido ..... .....82 Car-Vup .. ...... 72 Mean Ugly Dirty Sport ... .....78 Chips Challenge ...... 58 Narco Police .....55 Damocles Mission Disk 1 ..... 66 Ninja Remix .....77 Eco Phantoms
. 81 Nitro . .....69 Edd the Duck .. 89 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles ...... .....89 Elvira - Mistress of the Dark ..... 85 Vector Championship Run .... .....89 ESWAT . 70 Wrath of the Demon . .....64 Coverdisk P1S SPECIALS JUST GOT ONE OF THESE? .23 Essential information for all Amiga owners THE BEST GAMES OF ALL TIME 1 09 We reveal the 1 5 classics you MUST have BEGINNERS
GUIDE ...141 The continuing guide for new Amiga users QUESTIONNAIRE ....131 Your chance to let us know what you want REVIEWS HARLEQUIN ......39 The board that lets you display 16 million colours MUGICIAN 135 Make beautiful music with just your Amiga HARMONI .136 Want to start in seguencing? This may be the way
INFOFILE ...147 Can this database organise your life...?
PRODATA ..147 ...or would you be better off with this one?
BATTLE COMMAND GB ROUTE 150 The utility that helps you find your way REGULARS NEWS 7 How to get Interphase games to save!
GRAPHICS 33 Our tutorial makes starting in graphics easy PREVIEWS 47 Hot new games including Super Monaco and Viz!
GAMEBUSTERS ......97 Exhaustive guide to the shoot-em-up Warhead PD UPDATE ....117 We ll guide you to the best in free software MUSIC aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 133 Singalong with the stars: it s Karaoke on the Amiga WORKBENCH ......171 Essential tips for getting more from your Amiga LETTERS ..185 More rabid ranting between you and the editor 56 SUBSCRIBE! P. 161 H you
Amiga Format every month, why not make sure of |our copy by getting it delivered straight to your door'’ Save hassle, save money and get a free game too! See Page 161 for details! Also, take advantage of our Mail Order bargains.
MAIL ORDER P.1 74 Registered Circulation 5 7,123 Jan-June 1990 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations CHAMPION OF THE RAJ -An arcade action slice of Imageworks' epic Indian adventure.
! DISK 19 ISLAND OF NEPHOTONS - Free for all, a whole adventure game in classic style - text-only.
INSTALLPRINTER - Makes using your printer easier than it has ever been before.
• s O MENUMASTER - Use our menu program!
PLAY590 - This useful program will let you play samples of unlimited length straight from disk.
ILBM RAW - Plug your pictures into programs.
MOSAIC - Teaches you how to program in C. PIC OF THE MONTH-Gnash n Grab!
ILBM RAW - Converts graphic files Install - printer Makes printing so easyl Mosaic - Programming demo Documentation on Page 1 5 WHEN YOU'RE THE BEST EVERYBODY WANTS TO STICK ONE ON YOU FROM THE MAKERS OF POPULOUS iO? BULLFROG ACE...ACE RATED 973. CU AMIGA...SUPER STAR 95%, C&VG...C&VG HIT 95%, THE ONE...95%, ZERO HERO 93%, GENERATIONS..97%, TILT...95% Electronic Arts I 1 49 Station Road Langley. Berks SL3 8YN Tel: (07S3) 49442 Fax: (0753) 46672 ULTIMATE BOOK FOR GAMERS
- oilowing the success of Damien Noonan s Get the Most Out of
Your Amiga, budding author Maff Evans hopes to achieve similar
weights with his gameplayers guide Screen Play.
Since everyone else around duly passed the Duck with such phrases as Ooh deadlines or Aw. You can manage tnatl'. Maff has been working like a Trojan, burning gallons of the old midnight oil to put together the most comprehensive collection of maps, hints and tips ever compiled for Amiga games, and the finished masterpiece is now available With the added bonus of mini-reviews for over 100 games. Screen Play is a must for anyone who plays games on their Amiga Both the brand new Screen Play and Get the Most Out of Your Amiga are available through Amiga Format mail order Turn to Page 157 for a
special Screen Play introductory offer FLYING FOR REAL Would-be pilots will soon be able to take to the simulated skies and learn real flying skills on the Amiga Bristol-based RC Simulations are preparing a realistic flight sim, complete with cockpit-style foot pedals and joystick, which could cut down on flying time for earner pilots and give armchair users a taste of life at the flight control panel It is designed to be as similar to flying
• sal-life Cessna and Chipmunk aircraft as pos- s ble "It is more
than just a game," said Bob Sidwick of RC Simulations. "The
closest thing to it is the simulation programs used by real
oilots, but those hove very little entertainment value at all
Our Light Aircraft Simulation pro- grom will take you through
the flying checklist and procedures in absolutely authentic
The airports are in fact real British airports, set jd os if they were real size " To design the program the company O'ohed in an RAF pilot with 22 years of flying experience and they claim it could cut up to 10 hours off the flying time needed to qualify os o light aircraft pilot. "You still hove to do 40 hours in the air," explained Bob, "but
- ueod of needing 55 hours of lessons to oass you might get it
down to about 45 The cvogram will cost around £45 " NEW AMIGA
BOARD MAKES IBM PC REDUNDANT The AT Once is a PC emulator that
slots inside the A500 and allows PC and Amiga programs to run
on the same machine at the same time. The 8MHz PC emulator is
claimed to offer full IBM compatibility and support hard disks.
It does its PC processing with the Intel 80286 chip found in
the IBM Ats, but also on the board is a Motorola 68000 which
takes over from the Amiga’s similar central processor.
The AT Once is available now, costs £199 and will run any version of the PC operating system, MS-DOS, from
3. 2 onward. If you don’t already own MS-DOS, supplier Silica
will sell you a current version 4.01 for £50.
An Amiga 2000 version isn’t available yet but distributor Silica plans an adaptor to allow the AT Once to drop into a
2000. A card cage to allow the A500 to take PC expansion cards is
promised and a 386SX version is also on the cards.
The Amiga’s serial, parallel and mouse ports are used as if they were the PC’s equivalent ports. The internal disk drive of the Amiga becomes a 720K PC disk drive and any external 3.5 or 5.25 inch floppy disk drives are configured as their PC equivalents.
An onboard utility allows you to use as much memory as is available on the Amiga and memory above the normal 1Mb limit can be accessed quite comfortably as extended memory in PC mode.
To install the AT Once you have to take your Amiga apart and invalidate any remaining warranty, but the instruction book supplied by Vortex makes this a simple enough task that will take an averagely dextrous and intelligent person less than half an hour.
As with most PC emulators, the display lets the AT Once down a shade. Four colours from a machine that is usually capable of 4092 more is a disappointment. From a choice of CGA, Toshiba, Olivetti and Hercules displays, CGA is currently the most usable. Better resolution than CGA is possible, but at the expense of taking the Amiga into the flickering interlace mode.
Expansion cards should make it possible to use EGA and VGA display, but this may take its toll in processing speed.
Silica claims that the availability of card slots will soon mean that an Amiga will run as a VGA PC for under £300.
Silica Systems ® 081-308 0888 TOASTER POPS UP CD II all the talk of CDTVs has whetted your appetite for all things C D, then you may want to attend the CD-ROM Europe '91 Exhibition and Conference at the Novotel in London from May 21-23.
The show will leaturc the latest CD-ROM publications. Hardware, software, development tools and related products If you're interested in attending the exhibition or conference then contact the organisers Agestream.
« Agestream 0733 60535 will appear: at present it is only available in NTSC which makes it unlikely to make an impact in the UK.
At $ 1,595 it is a very inexpensive method for producing broadcast quality effects, so we’ll keep you posted on a PAL version.
Newtek « 0101 913 354 1584 1992 And All That Evidence of tbe Amiga's strength m Europe ana more specifically, Germany was provided by (he attendance of
67. 000 at the recent four-aay Amiga 90 exposition in Cologne in
Germany Over 16C companies were exhibiting ana the show was
sponsored by Commodore Germany whose stand was highlighted by
a forty-foot-high video wall The show included events like
the art pavilion where over 90 pieces of Amiga art were on
show, the AmigaDOS Cafe where panel discussions and debates
on Amiga topics took place and a series of masterclasses on
graphics, animation, video and programming The organisers.
AMI Shows Europe, plan three shows for 1991 - Berlin on April
25-28. London on June 7-9 and Cologne again in November Could
be a biggie in The Smoke in June AMI Shows « 010 49 8106
31093 Cracking Compilations!
UBI Soft have announced two absolutely corking compilations. Retailing at £29.99, the packs are called Challengers and Full Blast. Pro Tennis Tour (87%).
Fighter Bomber (87%). Stunt Car Racer (94%) and Super Ski (69%) are the Challengers, which sport an amazing average score of 84%. Full Blast stars Ferrari Formula One (before our time).
Carrier Command (ditto). Rick Dangerous (89%). P-47 (80%).
Highway Patrol (48%) and Chicago 90s (not reviewed).
Who Is John the Parrot?
Hooray for Henrietta is the first in a range of educational programs for the Amiga from Scetlander. It's a tun maths program aimed at 5-12 year-olds and is available now at £24.99 It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, has eight skill levels, a parent teacher section for customisation, a progress recorder, attainment levels and also promises no boring repetition but an endless supply of new problems. Hooray is followed by Henrietta's Book of Spells, also £24 99, aimed at improving the language skills of 7-14 year olds and available now ® Scetlander 041 357 1659 Fair
Deal At Fair Newtek’s Video Toaster video effects and mixing box has started to ship at last. The first units went out in mid-November and Paul Montgomery, Newtek’s Vice President, expected supply problems to be sorted out within a few weeks of that time. Newtek have still not announced whether a PAL version of the Toaster Computer shows seem to be taking place ever more frequently and the All Formats Computer Fair pops up with more regularity than most. The latest instalment ot the long running and low cost event takes place at the New Horticultural Hall, Westminster on Saturday 2nd
February from 10-5, £3 entrance fee. The show is very much a bargain-hunting affair where you won't find fancy stands, just companies trying to sail software and hardware at low prices.
Advance tickets: « Mike Hayes 0457 875229 SOFTSELLERS CEASE TRADING Mail-order firm Softsellers have ceased trading, so don't order anything from them. N you have orders outstanding with the firm then you should write to Diana Haywood at Patterson and Thompson, 12 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich.
THE PARTS OTHERS CAN’T REACH... Having trouble with dust, dirt and other gunk infiltrating your keyboard and nooks and crannies?
Then the Mini Vac could be the answer to your cleaning problems.
It’s a set of attachments that fits onto an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but they are very small so that you can get at all the fiddly little areas where normal attachments can’t get. It doesn't just clean out keyboards, but also gets to any other hard-to-get-at places as well. The whole kit costs Protozoa, lor example, have very little need.
Only one product has captured the imagination of Amiga users around the world: Digi-View Gold. It's the most award winning, best-selling and most used Amiga hardware product "t all time. When Amiga owners want to digitize graphics they uh- Digi-View Gold. Period. In fact, we've probably sold more Digi-Views than any other digitizer on any PC in history.
Here's your chance to bring the world into your Amiga.
Simply focus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant colour and stunning clarity. Whether you are creating graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun. Digi-View Gold makes dazzling images perfectly simple.
Digi-View Gold is designed specifically for the Amiga 5oo and 2000, and plugs directly into the parallel port. With complete software control of colour saturation, brightness, sharpness. Hue, resolution, and palette, advanced image processing is as easy as adjusting the controls on your television.
Only Digi-View Gold:
• Has exclusive Dynamic HiRes mode for 40% colours in HiRes
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes from 320x256 up to
"68x580 (full HiRes overscan) =eo-*« s noara gerxJet changer
lor use with Amiga 1000 Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs ol RAVI
GOO is a trademark of NewTek Inc
• Uses 2 to 4096 colours (including halfbrite)
• Digitizes in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colours) for the
highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent lOO.OOO
colours on screen simultaneously
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program for presentations
using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty and toll-free support
line If you want the best pictures possible on your Amiga.
Then you need the best selling video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold.
Only £149.95 inc vat For a NewTek authorized dealer near you contact HB Marketing Ltd.
At 0753 686000.
If you bought last month's two-disk special bumper issue, you may have played the complete game Interphase and been mildly irritated to find you can't save games. Were we trying to con you? Hell, no! It was a bit of a mix-up between Mirrorsoft, who supplied us with a master we couldn't use, and Adrian Stephens, who accidentally sent us a use- able but slightly bugged version. Adrian is now doing a patch that will cure the problem and it will be on next month's Coverdisk.
Graftgold go Virgin Following the success of Graftgold’s Super Off Road conversion for Virgin Games, the programming team have signed up for another project with the Branson bunch. The working title is Realms, but little is yet being said about the plot or design ot the new game.
Since the team have scored in a of genres in last year, with games like the classic Rainbow' Islands.
Paradroid '90 and Simulcra, anything the Grafts touch is likely to turn to gold.
• Launched in 1985
• Now over 160 staff
• 10 national newsstand magazines
• Market leader in computer titles
• Exciting launch plans
• Britain's fastest- growing publisher Future Publishing Ltd.
Beauford Court. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW Tel: |0225|
442244 Human Mutant Signpost Turtles Think Limited have come up
with two new clip art collections and an introduction to the
educational language Logo The two clip art sets are Transport
and Signs at £15 and Human Biology at £25. The transport set
has over 200 images including all manner of vehicles, safety
signs and the highway code The human biology set also has
over 200 images which includes labelled pictures, schematics,
processes and flow diagrams.
Talking Turtle is a guide to Amiga Logo (which you'll have to acquire separately) and provides a step-by-step guide to using it The disk and manual package make suggestions for classroom activities, explore one-key Logo for the young, helps develop deductive reasoning and task analysis, and looks at recursive procedures. The program is aimed at teachers and parents and costs £1995.
Think Limited. Prudential Buildings. 46c High Street, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6RH BRITISH GAMES WIN EUROPEAN AWARDS The first of the year’s round of software awards, courtesy of France's Tilt D'or, have once again underlined Britain’s lead In the European games marketplace. Captive stole the Best RPG title, Lotus Turbo Challense was flagged as the Best Racing Game, while Powermon$ er took the title of Best Strategy Game Other winners were Broderbund (Prince of Persia - Best Animation), UBI Soft (BAT - Best Graphics), Electronic Arts (LHX Attack Chopper - Best Flight Sim, Indianapolis 500-
Best Sports Sim), Mirrorsoft (wolfpack “ &*** Simulation), Storm (SW7V - Best Hope), Empire (PipeMania - Best Strategy Action) and Innerprise (Battle Squadron - Best Shoot-em-up).
Technical writer Staff writer Britain's fastest growing publishing company. Future Publishing, is looking for a talented and ambitious writer with a sound technical knowledge of computers and the ability to convey that knowledge in an informative and entertaining manner Future, based in beautiful Bath, already publishes Amina Format. ST Format. Sea Computer Express.
Commodore Formal. Your Sinclair.
Amstrad Action and Sega Power, as well as PC Plus. 8000 Plus and Mac Publishing.
In return for your blood, sweat etc etc the company offers a good salary, an excellent working environment and the opportunity to take on new and exciting challenges as Future continues to expand If you have good reason to think Future needs you, send your CV. Together with examples of published work - or a 500 word review of a recent piece of hardware or serious software - to Greg Ingham at the address below Do it today if you know what s good for you.
We get hundreds ot letters ot Amiga format from people who wont tc moke their AMIGAs IBM- compohbie The mom reoson tor this is Auievoute an ejdroordmary comomahon of moo pasobose and rouse ptanner onky avoiabte for »* SM PC companote office compilers A new -oute- pformmg program couso answer *w proven Priced at £40, G6 tovm a *•« Ws* program of its kmd on the Amiga k prowOes a 'uk mac of the UK. Asks you So enter yos* Oortng port and destination and prints out a best route' fcr the road journey. Mike Stanworlh of Compfe* Computers, the program's creators, says; "Even if we only tap 1 % of [our
potential) moriet we are talking about 5,000 users We have demonstrated the product to seven ma|or distributors They all think it has enormous potential."
Complex Computers ® 0706 224531 Infogrames have unveiled a really smart- lookins sift package for the New Year, offering three games for price of two The games are fully boxed and come in a video-style binder. The first three- pack will feature Welltris. North and South and Tin Tin on the Moon.
It’s hoped that the classy look of box, complete with smart Infogrames Armadillo logo, will make it the kind of present you'll want to keep - as they say at the Post Office IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE AGE?
O IDDCD rincoon Road. Irthlingborouqh, Northants NN9 STZ. TtLEPHONt: (0933) 6506'
• THE MACHINE • CPU: 16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC16 2-3 MIPS
18 MIPS peakl FPU 12.5 Mhz - 50 Mhz Asynchronous MC68881RC or
MC68882RC RAM: 4 Megabytes ol 32-bit zero-waitstate 266 * 4
80ns DRAMs SHADQW ROM: Move your Kickstart into 32-bit
SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE: 68000 Fallback mode lor 100% software
compatib.lity HARDWARE 100% compatible with Amiga 500 2000 and
add on cards INTERFACE. Plugs into 68000 processor socket
inside your Amiga 68881 - £99 1 Mb RAM - £69 £399 (INC VAT &
DELIVERY) BASIC MODEL - 68020 ( 16 Mhz) + 1 Mb RAM t Faster
than the Commodore A3000 i 0 600% Faster than your Amiga 0 I
Massive 4Mb of superfast memory i 0 100% Software Compatibility
0 Plug-in upto a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro 0 Advanced 32-bit design •
• 32-bit Kickstart - Six times Faster 0 0 Three models -
16.67 20 25 Mhz 0 Solid State Leisure Limited SPECIAL RESERVE
• NRG (Energy magazine) News. Reviews and Graphics. Screen shots,
pack shots, charts, latest Giga-Savers. 40 colour reviews in
every issue. Night City Cybertoon and the kill-or-die
adventures of the Cyberpunk NRG street gang - It's
NRG - bi-monthly to all Special Reserve members.
• Release Schedules, sent bi-monthly with updated catalogue
• Sales hotline, to 8pm weekdays, 5-30pm Saturdays and 5pm
Sundays. 0279 600204 AMIGA and ATARI ST Shockware
• Fast despatch of stock items individually wrapped by first
class post.
• Written confirmations (receipts) sent when we receive each
• Catalogue, Membership Card A Folder for NRG
• Refunds or change of order on request if delayed.
• No Obligation to buy. We do not require a signed contract, nor
is there any age requirement. With Special Reserve there are no
hidden costs.
£6.00 ANNUAL UK MEMBERSHIP EEC £8.00 WORLD £10.00 Commodore Amiga In slock at lime ol publication.
..31.99 Disks 'n bits 50 SONY
5 DISKS .1.30
..1.39 10 PACK TDK 48 TPI 5.25 DS DD
DISKS (360K) 6.49 10 PACK TDK HD 5.25 DISKS
(1.4 MB) .....9.99 10 PACK TDK 96 TPI
5.25 DS DD DISKS (720K) 8.99 3'' MAXELL CF2
LOCKABLE .....10.99 DISK BOX 3.5" (40 CAP) DIVIDERS.
8. 49
6. 49 GAUNTLET 2 .... 899 69i 688 ATTACK SUB 1699 GETTYSBURG
21. 99 22 49 22 49 ADSD DUNGEON MASTER ASS VOL1
19. 45 ALPHA WAVES 15 99 1599 GOLD OF THE AZTECS 16 49 13 99
.. 29 99 GOLOEN AXE .....
16. 49 16 49 AMOS SPRITES ’000 . 10 99 GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT
..... .6 99 APPRENTICE 12 99.
12. 99 GRAVITY ..... 6 99 9 49 ARCHIPELAGOS 6 49 6 49 GREG
NORMANS GOLF . 16 99 1699 ARMOUR GEDDON 16 49 16 49 GUILD OF
THIEVES iM SCROlLSi 6 99 699 ATOMIC ROBOK ID 16 49 16 49
21. 99 21 99 GUNSHIP ..... 16 99 BAT (UBI SOFT) . 1949 22
6 49 RATiUBI SOFT) (WITH SOUND CARDl *9 49 22 49 HARD DRIVIN 2 .15 99
15. 99 B S S JANE SEYMOUR ...... . 1699 16 99 HARPOON ’9 49 3AAL
6 49 c 49 HiLL STREET BLUES . ..1649 16 49 BACK TO THE
FUTURE 2 .1649 16 49 HITCH HIKERS GUIDE .BUDGET) 8 99 8 99
99 BAD LANDS ..... 16 49 16 49 HOLLYWOOD HufNX -INFOCOM
.17.49 7 49 BALANCE OF POWER .6 99 6 99 HOME ACCOUNTS
(DIGITA) .22 99 22 99 BALLISTIX ..... 899 6 49 HOME
7. 99 5 99 HONDA RVF 750 ..
15. 99 BARDS TALE 2 6 99 HORROR ZOMBIES ... 16 49
5. 49 BATTLE SQUADRON B4& ’5 99
16. 49 16 49 battlemastep ’¦59 ’5 49 IMPPRIUM 1699 1699
• 6 49 'ND ANAPOlIS SCO 1599 BEAST 2 NFES7ATION ’4 49
fifvONtfzc«K ivffvny ‘*41 'NFIDEL INFOCOM. 13 99 trvrro
r.«iiitncc ’3 99 .16.49 BLAC- CA'*L RDN 599 BLAC* lAMP 5 95 ’
* 6 4?
42 99 CADAVER 16 49 16 49 K-SPREAD 4 0 iSPREADSHEET; 3555 CAPTIVE ...
15. 49 15 49 KHAIAAN 15 99 ’599 CARRIER COMMAND 11 99 8 49 KICK
OFF 6 99
6. 99 CARTHAGE .... 16 49
16. 49 KICK OFF 2 12 99
10 49 1045 CHAMPION OF THE RAJ .1649
6 49
6. 45 CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN |SS' 1999 KILLING CLOUD ..... 16 99
10. 99 KINGS QUEST 1.283 fSlERRAi 24 99 24 99 CHASE H Q 2 (SCI)
.. .16 49
16. 49 KINGS QUEST 4 ,1 MEG) (SIERRA) 24 99 CHESS CHAMP-ON ?’75
. 849 .8 49 KLAX . ’3 49 13 49 CHUCK YEAGER S
AFT 2.0 ..... 16 99 1699 KNIGHTS OF LEGEND 1849 1849 CLOUD
MEGi ... .24 99 .24.99 LASER SOUAO 7 99 COLONELS BEQUEST 1’
MEGi 24 99 24 99 LEATHER GODDESSES (BUDGET) . ’699 8 99
3 (SIERRAi .24 99 24 99 CRACK DOWN 7 49 749 LEMMINGS
15. 99 15 99 CRIME DOESN T PAY 16 99
16. 99 LIFE AND DEATH .1599 15 99 CRIMEWAVE . 16 49 16 49 LIGHT
..... ...999 17 49 LOMBARD RAC RALLY 1549
15. 49 DAMOCLES...... . 5 49 15 49 LOOM ....
CHALLENGE .15.99 ’5 99 DEJA VU .. 699 3 99
5. 99 OEJAVU2 ...799
.19.49 ’949 DELUXE PAINT 3499 MEAN STREETS 1649 16 49 DELUXE
PaiNT 3 49 99 MENACE .. 5.49 699 DELUXE VIDEO 3 .62 99 MICKEY
59. 99 59 99 MIDWINTER ..... .1999 ’9 99 DRAGON BREED .16 49 16
49 MILLENIUM 2 2..... ... 749 DRAGON WARS 16 49 MONTY
19. 99 DRAGON S LAIR 11 MEG) ... .2899
MURDER ..... .16.49 ’3 99 DRAGONS LAIR 2
... .27.99. 27 99 MURDER IN SPACE 1599 ’5 99
DRAGONFliGHT 18 49 18 49 MYSTICAL .10.49 10 49 ORAGONS 8REATH
899 899 NARC ..... 1649 ’6 49 DRAKKHEN .11 99 .11.99
16. 49 16 49 DUNGEON MASTER (’ MEGi
10. 99 NECRONOM ...... .17.49 DUNGEON MASTER EDITOR 899 899 NEVER
MINO 649 649 DYNASTY WARS . ...7.49 .7.49 NIGEL
16. 99 16 99 EAST VS. WEST
16. 99 16 99 ECO PHANTOMS 15 99 15 99 NITRO .16.99 ’699
3. 49 NORTH AND SOUTH ....
10. 99
• 0 99 ELITE ...... 999 9 99 NUCLEAR WAR ’3 99
... 1699 16 99 OOPS UP .1599 ESCAPE FROM SINGE S CASTLE .28 99
1349 ESWAT 16 49 16 49 OVERRUN ..
19. 49 EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE 15 99 15 99 PACMANIA ...... 299 EYE
1299 1099 PANG .16.49
13. 49 12 99 PARADROID 90 ... .16.49 ’6 49 F’6
13. 49 13 49 PAWN |M SCROLLS.
.699 6 99 F'8 INTERCEPTOR .899 PHANTASIE 2 (SSI.
PHOTON PAINT 7 99 F’9 STEALTH FIGHTER 1999 19 99 .6 49 F29RETALIATOR .16.49.
16. 49 PIRATES
. ..8.99 899 FERRARI FORMULA 1 ... 899 8 99
player manager ... 1299 ’2 99 FINAL BATTLE tPSSt
16. 49. 16 49 POLICE QUEST 1 (SIERRA) 22 49 2249 FINAL COMMAND 16
...... 15 99 15 99 POLICE QUEST 2 (SIERRA: .2499 FIRE AND
FORGET 2 ... 16 49 10 49 POOL OF RADIANCE (1 MEGl :SSI|
19. 49 FISH' |M SCROLLS)
18. 99. 18 99 POPULOUS
16. 49 ’6 49 FLIGHT SIMULATOR ? ... 22 99 22 99 POPULOUS
16. 49 ’6 49 POWERDRIFT .5.99 5 99 FOOTBALL DIRECTOR 2 1399 13 99
18. 99 .’8.99 FUN SCHOOL 3 i? 5 5 7 or 7. YRSi 1599
15. 99 PRESIDENT ELECT (SSI) ......
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CHAMPION OF THE RAJ P15 l c *i taster of a very large political
game featuring Thugee assassins, and busting economies and six
fighting for control of India at the of the Nineteenth Century.
ISLAND OF NEPHOTONS P16 i art adventure game by Matthew for those nostalgic for no graph-
o. usx pure imagination. Can you com- a Pacific seek-and-destroy
PLAY590 P17 Man E.eringham bought a hard drive seca -se he wanted to play very long sam- es so he wrote this program to do it.
• art a menu for a disk? Look no further - Matthewson has done
the business.
PIC OF THE MONTH P16 Tier* s only one Beano character with any ss-eet cred and that’s Dennis the Menace.
Here s David Greenfield's original portrayal.
• P en you need to take an IFF file and reduce it to pure data
RAW format) for use r a program, this utility will do the job.
Thomas Young is the thoughtful author.
INSTALLPRiNTER P16 The Workbench's INSTALLPRINTER icon is stow and fiddly to deal with - this replacement makes using printers much easier.
See the Beginners' piece on Page 141.
MOSAIC P16 Paul Overaa has written another program- mrg tutorial, concentrating on mosaic screen effects. The source code and the tert are all on the Coverdisk.
GETTING STARTED rs easy Just put the disk in the drive and 2Te- a ‘ew seconds you will be asked if you nr to play Champion of the Raj or see the
- esr pf the programs. Type Y and press
• or the demo, or N then return to get up To play the adventure
game you have to boot Workbench, insert Coverdisk. Double-click
on the icon, and )Kk on the adventure icon.
To Page 18 NOW learn how to use our Coverdisk UP TO £800 UP FOR GRABS!!!
Rm •* «hat it takes to write for Coverdisk? Prove what earn yourself some cash in
- e after Workbench hacks, games You could earn t UCO 'j~ to P18
JANUARY I 991 AMIGA FORMAT From shooting tigers in India to
converting IFF files, this month’s Coverdisk has a plethora of
programs to titillate and intrigue. PAT McDONALD explains how
simple it all is to use... This is a small taster of a huge
historical strategy game. In the full version you choose to
play one of six different tactions who are battling for
control of India at the start of the Nineteenth Century.
Gunsight, and the Space bar is used to fire the gun. Don't forget that it takes a few seconds to reload after each second shot - and don't let them Bengal pussycats get too dose, or you'll be in for a mauling!
Tigers into the open - make sure that you don't accidentally shoot the natives, because they take offence at this arrogant behaviour.
Controls: you can either use the mouse or the cursor cluster (up-dowrvleft-nght) to move your There's a lot missing from the demo, mainly because the full game comes on several disks.
Owners with 512K of RAM please note that it takes several minutes for the demo to load. A total of six arcade sequences appear in the game: but to give a general idea of what they’ll be like, one has been included in the demo.
Tiger hunting, that's the name of the game. One pukka sahib with a gun versus a man-eating tiger is not as easy as it sounds. For one thing the tiger's are very well camouflaged in the long grass. Native beaters stroll about, pushing the INSTALLPRINTER MARK SMIODY ISLAND OF NEPHOTONS MARTIN RATCLIFFE Many people who have had computers for years reminisce over text adventures. These were games which worked as follows: the computer gave a description of your surroundings, and waited for you to type a command in. You could move from place to place, pick things up and put them down and talk to
different creatures.
There were rarely any graphics in these games, because they relied on imagination. This is such a game from Martin Ratclrffe of Stokeoo-Trent. For readers who have requested such a game and also for those who have never seen a text adventure.
To get it to work, you must first boot up with the Workbench.
When the drive stops, insert the Coverdisk. A large icon with "Coverdisk 19” underneath it will appear. Double-click on this, and then double-click on the Island icon. One final note: the window size will need to be adiusted and the text description will have disappeared. Type "Look" to get an idea of your surroundings.
Im MtsiH ic U fimd at tW VO. Baf Lac*.
TW tW back. TW wwi mi Ik* «nv tW hIOm starf It**. TW Pkkar •( c a
* a u* tab . Ail ab far I Wiaaiaa frw it fcla* pacific Kfam m
«ain traaat plaa* lire mfciag mti Am: Mart*. Cast, Island Of
Nephotons' plot involves you single-handedly destroying an
alien spaceship on a deserted Pacific island. It's not an easy
game to win, particularly because it’s text-only.
MOSAIC PAUL OVERAA This is a replacement tor the utility which is on every Workbench disk.
The original program can be a nightmare to use for single-drive owners, because it entails lots of disk swapping to copy the printer drivers from the Extras disk onto a Workbench disk.
This one is a lot easier to use and keeps disk swaps to the absolute minimum. It's also very easy to put onto your Workbench disk, although a gremlin appeared at the last moment which makes it difficult for the hard of reading. So pay attention!
First, make a copy of your Workbench disk as per the manual - you can also read this on the last disk page. It’s wise to do any modifications on copies of original disks, never on the original itself.
Having made a copy, boot up with it and double-click on the Shell or CLI Icon. When the window has opened, delete the original program by typing in: DELETE Ut ilities InstalI Printer To copy the new program onto the disk, type in: COPY FROM "Coverdisk 19:InstallPrinter* to "Utilities” Finally, to correct the program (unfortunately an incorrect version was saved onto the Coverdisk. And it could not be corrected in time) type: ed Utilities InstallPrinter You will be presented with a display ot the program. You can move around it with the cursor keys - there are some informative comments on how
the file works, for the curious. Anyway, the first and fourth lines need altering to: .key number .def number 0 To save the file again, press the Esc key, type x and press Return. Next time you want to copy some printer drivers from the Extras disk (or any other disk) to another disk, this program will do it for you In half the time of the old one. See Page 141 for more on using printers.
PIC OF THE MONTH This is another one of Paul Overaa's excellent programming features, but put on the disk rather than in the magazine - there was.
Unfortunately, not enough room in the issue to print it properly with all the code. The text can be viewed from the menu, as can the source code for the example and the example Itself.
But what does it do? Well.
Mosaic is an example of patterned transfer, where blocks are taken from an image randomly and redisplayed elsewhere.
It sounds simple enough, but as Paul explains, generating a random list of coordinates and using each set only once is not at all easy. Run the Mosaic demo first, to get an idea of what it's all about. To leave the demo, select quit from the menu - move the mouse pointer to the top left of the screen and hold down the right button to get the menu.
Next, take a read of the article.
This is not too difficult to grasp.
It provides some useful Insights into how programs are designed and written and is easy enough to read. Finally, for the coding people. The entire source code is included. Being over 100K long there's quite a lot of it.
Important files to watch out for are Mosaic, Mosaic.c and Mosaic Text. These are, respectively, the program, the source code and finally the article.
Firnga Tutorial ...i -V ;
• •-- * .iT-'.rt1. in v - n ¦¦ ni i% iiv aic copy dono. Sot
nasarinc article for details.
Er a few seconds logo will dissolve and re-forn.
Code on disk ** Use the nenu to ouit *** The Mosaic demo is an example of mosaic tiling - removing one part of the screen and replacing it elsewhere.
ILBM RAW THOMAS YOUNG PLAY590 MARK EVERINGHAM The format is really quite straightforward. Use something like this: The Amiga is a great machine for sampling, yes? The only problem is that samples take up huge amounts of space, both on disks and in memory - if you want to have long samples then you’ve got a problem.
Mark Everingham (who lives in Bristol) got around this by writing Play590. This program will play any file (no matter how long) as a sample. This means it’s as good as your storage equipment. That is, if you have a hard disk drive then you're laughing, because you can store twenty minutes and upwards of sound on it.
But it will work from a floppy drive - there's an option on the Coverdisk to play the Pic of the Month. It doesn't sound that good.
Does it? It just serves as a quick example, really.
There are two ways to use Play590. You can use it from the Shell or CLI by typing: This program from Thomas Young of Oxford is aimed primarily af programmers. For those who are curious anyway. ILBM stands for interleaved bit map. This is the graphics format that most art packages save and load files in. Often (and mistakenly) called IFF formal.
Anyway, what this handy gadget does Is lo convert files saved In that format to RAW format. And what's that? I hear you ask. RAW format Is the straight binary data that programmers can Include in programs. Indeed, such people who are blessed with Devpac 2 or a similar assembler can add the data to their programs by using the INCBIN directive, standing tor include binary'. The program only works from the Shell or CLI.
ILBK RAK source.iff destination.raw This will read a Tile from the source, convert It and process it to the destination. If you type a space then M right at the end. A mask bitplane will be added to the final file - this is useful when detecting collisions For those interested In such things, the source code is also included in the disk, with the name ILBM RAW.s. Other files of note are ILBM RAW (the program) and readme.doc, which |ust tells you what's written here.
Alternatively, if you prefer Workbench and have samples with icons, you can change the info on the icon. Click once on the sample icon to select it, and then select info from the menu on the top left- hand side of Workbench. Change the default tool to: MENUMASTER DAVE MATTHEWSON This is a front-end menu system which was used to assemble the contents of this very Amiga Format Coverdisk into some sort of order. It provides a simple way of selecting different programs on a disk, is fully mouse driven, and was written by David Matthewson from Cramlington.
MenuMaster provides up to 32 different selections. Which means that plenty of choice can be ottered - many more than by relying on pressing a function key. Selecting a program Is just a matter ot pointing with the mouse and clicking. It you want to just have a text message and no actual result, that's fine - pointing and clicking will do nothing except jump back to the menu.
The main feature of this menu program Is that It's very easy to set up and edit - perhaps a bit too easy
• or some to meddle, so don't try changing It unless you're sure
of what you are doing.
At the top left of the screen Is a Mode button.
This changes the way that MenuMaster runs programs, and clicking on it will cycle through the potions of Execute, Run and Launch. Execute will start the program and stay with It, Run will start the program and come back to MenuMaster (so you can more than one program at once) and Launch will p ose MenuMaster and then run the program. The oe'ault on the disk is Execute, so if you accidentally :-a-ge it. Then set it to Execute.
By holding down the right-hand mouse button an occons menu will appear. There are three options too: Shrink. Edit and Quit. Shrink will keep Me--.Master running In the background, but will keep i s a window opened on the front screen so that pan. Go back to It. Quit will wipe the program and execute any other commands in the startup- Edit is the Interesting bit...
* Aoi*a Forrui Cavtrdiil WKUm Ch-iyn-i of 'be faj Ml]_
Frarr "n*''* lM« '-*? 1 *' si_
• *•** *•«» 111*4 Af Pi: of HL f,A fawiMMis.
Ccrr vdi..»a_ K*p» iot , _ Sisfl*v r* ues:er in Cl! Mftmtati P».«! : Editing the options on Menumaster is simple and quick, and the changes can be saved and tried at once. Much better than editing the menu with a word processor.
The program works by remembering 33 text lines.
The tlrst Is the title line at the top ot the screen. The others are the messages which accompany each option. By selecting edit from the menu, a window will appear In the middle of the screen. This shows the message for each option, the command line that is needed to get the program to run and also any additional prompt information.
To cycle through the options, click on the up and down arrows to go through each message By clicking on the relevant box. You can edit that line. Once you have finished you can save the changes onto the disk or cancel them. WARNING: DO NOT SAVE ANY CHANGES ONTO THE COVERDISK.
Files ot note are MenuMaster (the program itself), MenuMaster.doc (a text tile explaining It more fully) and MenuMaster.DAT (which is where all the menu details are stored).
There's a lot more to read about the program on the Coverdisk - just select the option on the front menu. Indeed, the author lists the drawbacks and advantages very well. The programming fraternity can look at the source code used by the program too.
All the Play590 files are stored in a directory on the Coverdisk called Player. The files in question are P!ay590.
Play590.doc. Play590.c (the source code) and their icons: Play590.info. Play590.doc. info and Piay590.c.info. USING THE PROGRAMS All programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. Simply put your Coverdisk 19 in the drive and switch on. II you want to play Champion ol the Raj, press Y for Yes and then press the Return key. The ma|ority of the other programs on this disk will run from a simple menu system - simply put the Coverdisk in the drive, press N then the Return key. Wait for the menu to appear and then click on the red button by whichever
choice you want, with the mouse Using Your Coverdisk
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Back the Coverdisk up if possible. Instructions are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Full details on how to use any programs that will not run from this menu system are included in the Coverdisk pages on the preceding pages of this magazine.
If you have a problem with the disk - and you're sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help. We cannot normally give out advice over the telephone - but if you are completely stuck. Pat McOonald may be able to deal with any problems you may encounter. Please remember that giving this sort ot advice is extremely time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call if you really have lo and do be considerate if we can't talk to you at that particular moment. It is generally better, if you have a problem, to send it to us in writing stating the model of your
machine and anything you ve got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine. Remember It your disk is faulty send it to the address on this page. NOT to us. We haven't got any stocks EARN UP TO £ 8 Brief description Name Address Telephone lalytroi . tEvermgs) My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: Game Technical tool Business utility Art program Music program
Educational Novelty Other BACKING UP YOUR DISK It is important to make a backup of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2. Next, dick once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the right
mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now. While keeping the right mouse-button depressed, move the mouse pointer over to the Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the 'duplicate' menu option and then press the left mouseTjutton.
3. After a few seconds' disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now |ust follow the onscreen prompts
and your Amiga Formal Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your
blank disk into the drive.
Further instructions are in the user's guide that comes with your Amiga or in the Taking the First Steps article on Page 239 of the last issue of Amiga Format.
Checklist (please tick): Stamped, addressed envelope for return README.DOC explanation file on disk Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Name, address, machine type written on label Disk certified virus free IMPORT ANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnity Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copynght problems anse.
We duplicate over 100.000 disks every month - and this Issue, we've done twice as many! Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty If the disk or any of the programs will not load or run property, there may be a problem. Don't panic!
First try using the DISK-DOCTOR utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement Full details of DrSkDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
However, if it transpires that your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN SAE lor a free replacement within a month ol the cover date to: Amiga Format February Disk Oiscopy Labs Unit A, West March London Road Daventry Northants NN11 ASA Remember to include that stamped, addressed envelope!
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple lo use. Error- Iree and have no known viruses.
However, we cannot usually answer telephone queries on the software (see Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk. Be particularly careful with virus-checking programs: the disks may give a non-standard bootblock' message, but this does not mean you should install a new bootblock The disk might no longer work if you do COPYRIGHT Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author's permission
is against the laws of copynght.
If you've got any programs which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we d very much like to know about them 1 Make sure your program is simple and foolproof to use 2 Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how lo use your program
3. Fill in this form, sign it. And send it without delay to:
Coverdisk Software, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA1
2AP You could win a share of up lo £800 prize money.
With the right software, you’re in business.
Browse through your data using the VCR- style panel and view related text or image tiles.
Build menu-drrven applications accessing forms under DML control.
Use the spreadsheet to allocate resources to pro ects Print wall planning and GANTT charts mm AMIGA+ Vxft K I S ( non :t: I'WH mm AMIGA+ PROFESSIONAL Data management Text processing Relational querying Form design Application development Relational DBMS Spreadsheet Time management Business graphics Sjperbase Personal 2 has all the power you need a set up aid manage multi-file databases ¦ Apply cross-file lookups and validations for data accuracy and consistency ¦ Change file definitions any time ¦ Browse through your data in any index sequence using the unique VCR-style browsing controls ¦
View data page by page or in tables, and build powerful relational queries and reports ¦ Edit text documents, pnnt merge letters and abels ¦ include text, IFF image and sound files as data ¦ Communicate data via modem Personal 2's LOOKUP command gives the program a decided advan
• age over most of its competitors Amiga World July 89 £99.95
inc. VAT
• west in the best.
Our upgrade policies always protect your investment.
Superbase Professional is the experts choice both for executive use and for Fourth Generation application development. As well as all the menu- accessible features of Personal 2. Superbase Professional includes: ¦ Database Management Language (DML) with over 250 powerful commands and functions for execution directly via the command line or in programs ¦ Form Designer with access to a wide range of graphical and logical design objects, including images as data, one-to-many relationships and DML commands ¦ Report Program Generator lor on-screen painting of reports and generation of report
programs ¦ Programmable Communications facilities and Arexx support £249.95 inc. VAT Superplan gives you full-featured spreadsheet planning power plus the ability to track resources and protects over time: ¦ Pnnt wall planning charts. GANTT charts, do critical path analysis ¦ Display and pnnt graphs with over 100 different styles and options ¦ Sideways printing, full color output, extensive pnnter support ¦ Comprehensive macro language ¦ Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase file compatible ¦ Full Arexx support £99.95 inc. VAT Now get down to business.
081 330 7166 Call today!
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You have the choice of two of World's most advanced aircraft - the F-22 ATF and F-29.
Our chopper tailed-out after taking a hit... the pilot won t be leaving the ground again. Now I have to lead my weary platoon back to our lines through the jungles and paddy fields. Entering what appears to be a friendly village, only to find it is a cover for a guerilla faction, is just one of the things that helps our insomnia... that and the elusive psycho in my squad -1 gotta figure out who he is before the morale factor becomes our worst enemy. Jeez, will this stupid war never end!
Sensational graphics and a game-play that will have you sweating on the edge of your seat...every move you make, every decision you take may not only be the last for yourself but also for your platoon.
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A A A A A A A A £ Cartoon Capers: Hilarious paw lo claw lighting game with attention-grabbing digitised sound effects [Available soon] AMOS Paint A feature-packed art program with fast room function and amazing flexibility [Available soon] Mouthtrap: Super-fast and super- playable arcade-siyte game with deverty animated cute graphics [Available soon] Reversi: A stunningly presented Public Domain version ol the classic Othello game with smoothly rotating counters.
- imiiw uniBit u nnnmuum J Jukebox: Plays a selection ol music
files Treasure Search A Public Domain edu- SkateTribe:
Super-last vertically scrolling Arcadia: Breakout at its best -
wilh a with colourful, animated Vu-meters and cational
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playability and colourful copper list backdrop and a spiralling
logo [Public Domain] wilh amusing digitised speech. Captivating
music [Available soon] built-in level designer |Public Domain|
Xerxes' Revenge: Adrenalin-pounding last-action horizontally
scrolling shoot 'em up game [Now tree with AMOS] E B E B B ¦fl
arcade-style strategy game with that professional touch to keep
you playing [Shareware] Rainbow Warrior: A very impressive edi
tor which enables you to create copper list backdrops (Public
Domain] ...... Fun School 3: Beautifully animated lol- low-up
lo the number one best-selling Fun School 2 [Out now: £24.99]
With UK sales racing past the 25.000 mark since its launch in
June. AMOS - The Creator has to be the biggest-selling non-game
package ever for the Amiga.
Every day new programs flood into Mandarin's office: Games, educational programs, musical |ukeboxes, scrolling demos, font definers - and all are a tribute to the sheer power and ease of use of AMOS Its graphical power brings an unprecedented level of professionalism to even the most elementary programs.
With AMOS it is simplicity itself to display pictures in any graphics mode (including HAM and overscan): add copper list rainbows: write text using any Deluxe Paint font: overlay windows: add pull-down menus: send software and hardware sprites spiralling round the screen: and add atmospheric music created in Soundtracker. Noise- tracker. Sonix or GMC.
But AMOS also has a more serious side too: Amiga owners are creating icon-driven databases, in-company training programs, home finance packages, CDTV applications and so on.
AMOS is so successful that the independent AMOS Club already has more than 1.000 members (contact: The AMOS Club, I Lower Moor. Whiddon Valley. Barnstaple, Devon EX328NW) There's also a rapidly expanding Public Domain library with more than 50 discs available (contact: Sandra Sharkey. 25 Park Road. Wigan, Lancashire WN6 7AA. Telephone: 0942495261).
With all this enthusiasm and support, AMOS is the perfect package to unleash your creativity and design programs beyond your wildest dreams ???? ????
AMOS is yours for only £49.99 "Worth every penny - get it now!"
- Amina Format 24-HOUR ORDER HOTLINE: 051-3571275 Please send me:
AMOS-The Creator and FREE Extras disc I enclose a cheque for
£49.99 payable to Mandarin Software P&P tree in the UK. Add £2
for Europe.
Please debit my Access Visa Connect card number: Name...... Address .Postcode .. Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB.
Ve just bought an Amiga, just been given one or are to buy one, you’ll find it's a great machine. But if some- joes wrong, what do you do? MARK SMIDDY gives answers - plus many hints and tips for new owners.
Amm AMIGA EegM Somewhere under the piles of discarded wrapping paper, something lurks. It is silent.
Waiting to absorb you during the long Amter nights ahead, to entertain and amuse you, to take you on a journey
* 3f beyond your wildest imagination.
That something is your new Amiga.
So life's a bed of roses from here x in, right? Not necessarily! For starters, you may find the world of computing on the Amiga a little bit xfamiliar. In the next few pages, we'll ?'Plain a little bit about how to solve ; : me obvious problems. We’ll also de you round a few of the tricky areas of computer ownership -
• T.ses. shows, the Public Domain.
But above all. If something should i : tadly wrong - like your machine a-og down completely - we're
- r'e to tell you what your rights are ar.: " ow to go about
getting them, vc ~aybe the best place to start is re .ery same
place where you our Amiga... Dealer Support buy a machine, you
go for re test deal - but is the best deal
- e-:a-:sari(y the cheapest? The crunch ::r-es *ien you turn to
your dealer ¦ iOu nave a problem with your _ac*ire - whether it
be hardware or r“»are - Commodore expect you to gz tc your
dealer. At present re cor-cary does not have a technical help
desk for the general public: instead, they expect their dealers
to deal with simple queries themselves.
Official Commodore dealers should be able to deal with most problems on the spot and otherwise can contact the company's technical support service on your behalf.
If you go to a specialist computer dealer, you will have to pay the full recommended retail price for your machine: more in some cases. If, on the other hand, you go to a high- street electrical store like Dixons, you will invariably pay less. Now ask yourself why. It may be they can't give the support that a specialist dealer can.
A spokesperson for the Dixons group, who have specialist 'Business Centres' in 80 of their 348 branches, had this to say: "Our customers can expect help and advice... Because all BELOW: Dixons is a typical high-street electrical retailer. Is it a good place to buy an Amiga, or are lower prices reflected in a lack of dealer support?
Staff are put through an intensive training course, we would expect our staff to be able to help people."
The National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers (NASCR) says of chain stores: "Fine if you know exactly what you want and don't want any technical back-up or assistance, because if you return with a query or problem you may just find you have more knowledge than the person that sold it to you!"
Hardware and Software Sales Most of you will quickly outgrow the packages bundled with the machine.
Skimming through the pages of Amiga Format, you discover the very package which seems to precisely meet your needs, so you nip to the shop, onty to be greeted by "Sorry sir. We don't sell that" or worse "Database’ What's a database?"
Your only recourse is either to get it by mail order from this maga- zre or to look for a local specialist.
Very often this will be the bny independent retailer tucked away in a back street, whose shop resembles Aladdin's cave. Similarly on the hardware side. If you bought a basic Amiga A500 you'll need to expand the machine very quickly, unless you just want to play games. But what do you need first? And where can you get it?
Continued on Page 26 Problem-solving overleaf I NO PICTURE OR POOR PICTURE QUALITY
• The monitor or TV Is not switched on.
Check the unit is switched on and plugged in at the mains.
• The TV lead is damaged, or not plugged in.
You may have plugged the lead into the wrong socket. DO NOT plug the TV lead into the Composite Video socket on the Amiga.
• The TV is not tuned to the correct channel.
Tune it In. The picture should be crisp without any sign of 'snow'.
Is In the with your selector wrong position.
Consult the manual suppli machine and move the switch to the other position.
• The modulator is damadp.
This may happen if you jpg In or remove the modulator when the nanine is switched on.
• The monitor lead is loose.
This typically shows up when the picture suddenly goes green or red. Ensure the monitor leads are plugged in firmly at both ends.
• The monitor lead is not suitable.
This may affect some Sony TV sets with separate SCART inputs. Check with the supplier who sold you the lead.
• The input switch Is In the wrong position.
A common problem with many monitors and some combined TV monitors. Check whether a separate "input selector’’ switch is fitted and try the other position. % SOME OF THE PICTURE IS MISSING
• The Preferences position setting is wrong.
Boot your Workbench disk and start the Preferences program. (This is covered in your manual.) Move the pointer over the white box in the blue panel. Hold the left mouse button down. Move the mouse until the screen is centred. Release the button and click SAVE.
• The vertical horizontal position adjustments are wrong.
If there's a button on the back for adjustment, you can try to alter it. Otherwise refer the problem to qualified personnel.
• The application is running in the Amiga's interlace' mode.
This is quite normal. Interlace is a way of getting a higher resolution (more detail) but always flickers. This can be fixed with a flicker fixer, an expensive piece of hardware.
• You are using a "Dicker fixer" card with a standard monitor.
Change to a multi-sync monitor or use noninterlaced mode.
• Your monitor's horizontal vertical sync is out of adjustment.
This should not happen unless you have been tinkering or the monitor is faulty. Get a TV engineer to check this for you.
• Mouse joystick not plugged in Plug It In! The plugs can work
loose il the machine is lifted from the front.
• Window not active'.
The menu is tied to another window - probably a CLI window in this case. See under 'Keyboard - No Keys Working'.
• Faulty unit or cracked lead.
This is unusual on mice, but joystick fire buttons get a lot of hammer and they do go wrong. Get the unit checked or buy a better one.
• The mouse is in the joystick socket and vice-versa.
Swap the plugs over! This is a common mistake.
• The mouse rollers are dirty.
The ball picks up dirt which it deposits on the rollers. After a while the dirt gets so thick it starts to foul the ball. Clean it.
PRINTERS Printers are a whole can of worms which need a book to explain. A few of the more common problems are covered in the Beginners' article on Page 145.
ONE KEYS IN THE WRONG PLACE M NOT WORKING AT ALL (¦¦happens with all software... Naaa Workbenches may have the wrong "key- ¦md map" set up. This is covered in this MaNi's beginners section.
KEYBOARD Germany, for instance - will use a non-British keyboard map.
• Window not active'.
The window's title bar will be ghosted' - made faint. The solution is simple: click (press the left mouse button) inside the screen you want.
There are two main reasons this may happen. One: you selected another screen by clicking on it. Two: The window you were working in has been deactivated by another window opening or a message or requester box appearing. In some cases, when you are working in a program like Deluxe Paint a requester appearing will bring the Workbench screen back temporarily. Press the right "Amiga" key and "M" at the same time to push Workbench out of the way or use the depth gadgets to find your screen. When your screen is at the front you will still have to click inside it to make it accept input from you.
The rest of this magazine should help answer most of those questions, but the simple answer is forget the high- street dealers and go back to a specialist who knows all the details.
Returning a Faulty Machine FREE SOFTWARE!
As an ex shop assistant, this author can speak from personal experience: if there's one thing worse than a customer who knows his rights, ifs the one who thinks he does. The one who knows his rights will get what he wants very quickly: the one who thinks he does will argue the sky is pink and get nowhere fast.
If you think your Amiga is faulty and want to return it, you must be able to prove it fails to meet with one of the following requirements:
• It must be of merchantable quality'.
• It must be as described.
• It must be fit for the purpose for which it was sold.
Obviously if the thing doesn't work at all. It fails under condition three: or if someone’s hacked the case to bits with a Stanley knife before you get it, it fails condition one. If you bought something cheap, 'as seen', this last condition may not apply. In simple terms, if any of these three apparently straightforward rules has been broken you may be able to:
• Return it for a refund, or...
• Get compensation for part of the value, or...
• Get a replacement or free repair.
It gets sticky from here, because the onus is on you to prove which of the three rules has been breached. You must also do so within a reasonable period. The precise timing is not defined in law, but after the machine is more than a week or two old, things start to get awkward. Age is defined as being the period elapsed between date of purchase and the date the fault was reported, so report any problems to your supplier as soon as you discover them.
Most reputable dealers will offer to replace a machine that was obviously faulty on its date of sale without question. Remember, though, they don't necessarily have to by law! You cannot return something if you decide you didn't want it after all.
If you do have to return a machine, stick to these guidelines.
One: keep calm. Losing your temper will only make matters worse. Two: take some proof of purchase. If the machine was bought as a present you may have to get the buyer to return the goods for you. Three: make sure you're right about the fault. Beginners often mistake features for a fault.
Four: consult an independent expert.
This should save embarrassment.
Continued overleaf » Welcome to the wonderful world of Amiga Public Domain. Here you'll find literally thousands of pieces of software just there for the taking - and most of It doesn't cost a bean. All you pay is the price of the disk and a small fee for copying it.
Public Domain (PD) software is there for all of us to enjoy and covers just about everything from games to serious’ applications. It comes in several different types: PUBLIC DOMAIN: True Public Domain software has no copyright whatsoever attached to it. This form of PD In the purest sense is very rare indeed and the term has become almost synonymous with Freeware.
FREEWARE: The author has retained the copyright. In practise, the difference between PD and Freeware Is almost Inconsequential. Authors of Freeware software retain all international copyright to their product, but allow users to pass it amongst themselves.
SHAREWARE: A concept developed in America.
Here you get a fully working version of the program which you can use free for a fixed amount of time - often 30 days. After that time, if you like if, you must pay the author a registration fee to go on using it, or destroy all copies.
CHARITYWARE: Works the same way as Shareware, but instead of paying the authors you make a donation to a registered charity. Please remember, you must do this or you will be infringing the copyright law.
LICENCEWARE: These products are distributed by licenced libraries for a fixed fee and part of the fee is then passed back to the author.
Llcenceware and Shareware titles are both usually very cheap compared with commercial offerings and often better quality than Freeware.
You cannot usually nip down to the shop and buy a whole load of PD software because shops are not allowed to make a profit by selling It. PD software is usually only distributed by special ‘PD libraries' although you may be able to pick it up from friends and your local user group. The catch with this is you don't know what you are going to get before it arrives. You will be able to get a guide to what's best from magazines which include special PD sections.
Watch out you don’t get charged too heavily.
Some libraries charge over three quid for a PD disk - which is getting rather high - so shop around for a good deal. At this price you should get a disk full of software, not just one or two small programs.
Most PD programs are written by programmers for other programmers, so with a PD product the manual will usually be limited and come on disk. Some programs don't even go this far: a lot need some knowledge of the CLI.
The only other risk is that some PD libraries are run by hobbyists who are passing around a lot of stuff, so there's always a danger that you may catch a virus it you are not careful.
On the up side, with a bit of work, PD is a great way to find out what the machine can do.
Some user groups produce PD demo disks which can be booted just like a game. Shareware and Llcenceware products are better and when you register some authors will send a printed manual.
• Output to all PostScript, dotmatrix, laser and inkjet printers.
Including imagesetters and Ultrascript.
• Print documents in full colour or produce four colour
• Import graphics and formatted text files easily, with support
for more text and graphic formats than any desktop publisher.
• Rotate, slant and twist text and graphics.
• Intuitive “no frames” interface.
• Technical support from SDL and our soon to be opened UK office.
U liat are you looking for in a desktop publisher? Quality output?
Versatility? Ease of use? Yes, you can get all of this and much more with PageStream. Through a diverse font library, PageStream enables you to choose between a variety of typefaces, lettering sizes and text attributes.
Most desktop publishers import only a few pictures types. PageStream can import almost every major graphic format available for the Atari, Amiga, Macintosh or IBM. How about printer support? PageStream is the only program that supports all printers, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and imagesetters. PageStream is the only Atari DTP package that can print in full colour or produce four colour separations to a Linotronic PostScript imagesetter. Additionally, PageStream's "no frames" interface makes i renting pages easy. Why settle for less than the 1 Atari desktop publisher? You won7 have to
with PageStream.
’t-Logik is now distributing PageStream in the United Kingdom. In order 'm ice you better, we will soon be opening our new company in London, ¦ r-Logik Publishing Limited. PageStream retails for £149.00 inc. VAT.
PageStream is available now for your Atari.
Ask your dealer for PageStream or call us at our
U. S. office 0101-314-894-8608.
What can I create with PageStream?
• Brochures
• Newsletters
• nvitations
• Advertisements Catalogs 1 Letterhead 1 Signs
• Logos
• Flyers
• Reports
• Business Cards
• Christmas Cards Soft-Logik Publishing
P. O. Box 290070 St. Louis. MO. 63129 USA Soft-Logik Publishing
Corporation Z. We give you llte tools to dream.
1 - i trademark «*f Soft-luigik Publishing Corporation All other products arc trademarks or registered trademarks o| their respective companies ADVICE If you bought the machine on credit (credit card or hire purchase) you may be able to take action against the credit company. This applies even if the original seller has gone bust or just refuses to help. For this reason, if you buy goods at a show or exhibition, it's usually better to use a credit card if you have one.
In just about every month of the year, someone somewhere is having a computer show. The past few years have seen an upsurge then sudden decline, but they're on the increase once more.
Briefly, shows split into three groups.
Guarantees and Repairs Whenever you buy an Amiga from a dealer, you get a guarantee that it will work for a year or they will fix it (or replace it) free of charge. There are two things you must do: fill in the warranty card' and return it; and keep your proof of purchase with the date you bought the machine on it.
Note, too, that the machine must be 'complete' (not bashed around) and 'the seal intact’ (the seal makes sure you haven't unscrewed the cover and taken the thing apart - it's a sticker underneath, at the front).
There are several of these - the 16-bit Show, the Computer Shopper Show, the Personal Computer Show (previously known as PCW) and, this year but maybe not next year, the Computer Entertainment Show (CES). The organisers of the PC Show will be mortified to see themselves grouped here because theirs is terribly serious, aimed at the IBM market and friends, but it may be worth a visit if you have nothing better to do.
The Shopper and 16-bit shows are useful for picking up bargains - from a printer ribbon, to a cuddly mouse cover - you name It. These shows are full of little and large dealers selling all sorts, for all sorts! This year's CES was in the long tradition of pre-Christmas games shows at which all the latest games product is launched. We'll have to wait and see whether it survives to next year.
If something should go wrong, all you have to do is get the Amiga down to your nearest Commodore dealer and pick it up again when it is ready, which should be about two weeks.
Smaller items, such as the power supply pack or a TV modulator, should be posted to the Commodore Repair Centre direct, or they may have to wait at the dealers until a batch of stuff goes off.
Repairs are carried out by a firm called FMG, known as the official 'Commodore Repair Centre'. A few years ago, Commodore had a bit of a bad reputation for repairs, but they did a deal with FMG a while back and things have improved beyond recognition. When you send back your warranty card, you’ll get further details of the Repair Centre’s schemes to extend your warranty for a fee - like a kind of insurance. At any time, too, you can pay for a repair within 12 days - prices can be found on the Commodore Repair Centre’s ad in this issue.
That's all. Just because you can't complete Level 1 of Asteroids Meets The Terrapin Bashers does not mean the the game was not fit for the purpose, it just means it was too hard for you.
Similarly, just because you can't write a best-selling arcade game in AMOS doesn't mean there is something wrong with AMOS - it just reflects on you. The only recourse you have in this case, is from the second rule and software houses are wise enough not to make extravagant claims.
It's not all doom and gloom, however. Most games software houses, for instance, recognise that floppy disks are fragile and prone to giving up the ghost for no apparent reason.
If your new game suddenly stops working after a couple of weeks, you can usually send them back just the disk - not the packaging - and provided it is an original disk with genuine labelling, they will usually replace it for free. What allows this generosity is that in essence you are paying for the data, not for the disk it comes on, and they can copy the same data relatively cheaply. ¦ NOTE: The guidelines given in this article have been adapted from an interview with a Consumer Advice Centre and from The Office of Fair Trading's leaflet. How to put things right.' Details may differ in
Scotland, Northern Ireland and other countries: contact an independent adviser first.
Returning Software If taking a faulty machine back is tricky, this is worse. Software is a very subjective purchase - especially with all the copying going on - so few dealers will do anything except replace a piece of software with the same title. Before wasting a trip to the shop, try to decide if the software is at fault - here are those rules again, applied to software.
If the disk boots and the manual and packaging are in good condition, then it could be deemed as being 'of merchantable quality’. If the package does everything it claims to - no matter how slowly or clumsily - then it works 'as described'. As for fit for the purpose, this is the awkward one.
Games must be playable and programming languages must be capable of producing a program - THE SHOWS DEDICATED The Commodore Show is the main event for Amiga owners. Over the last few years it could have almost have been called the Amiga show. It splits into two halves: the mail-order dealers (known familiarly as box shifters) selling things and the more serious companies showing the latest stuff off. It's the place to see the people that make the world of Amiga tick, point fingers, take pictures, and perhaps throw them a few nuts. It is also the best place to go if you need straight talk
ing and impartial advice from the experts.
Because this is a show organised on behalf of Commodore, you will be able to check out their newest equipment for yourself. Even to the extent of viewing brand-new machines like the CDTV.
If you want to get down to some serious talking with suppliers and get the chance to try out expensive hardware, go on the first public day. If you want to get a bargain, go on the last day with a bundle of cash and make offers In the last hour before closing. In either case, there is little point getting there very early. If you arrive two or three hours after the show has opened its doors, you will be able to get in without having to queue outside in the rain for hours.
SPECIALIST There are a few of these spattered around the calendar, few are of any Interest. You may find the Computer Graphics Show. The BETT (education) and even the Robot Olympics worth a trek.
These exhibitions are not dedicated to the Amiga but because of the machine’s potential In these areas, it does feature heavily - particularly, this year, at the Computer Graphics Show.
VIRUSES Viruses are the scourge of all computing - but with care you need never catch one.
The subject of viruses has been covered many times - every time there's a Friday the 13th In the month, the tabloid press and TV go barmy about them.
Viruses are as old as computing and all started as a joke - modern computer viruses are dangerous to your software and can be very worrying. Most viruses enter the machine when you boot from a disk but a few can get in just by running a program. This is a complex subject which was covered in depth in Amiga Format 15. Here's a checklist to help avoid the worst ones.
• Always use original disks from a known source.
• Always write protect any disks you are using unless you need to
write something to them. The manual supplied with your Amiga
will tell you how to do this.
• Always switch off for at least 30 seconds before booting a
write-enabled game disk. This will kill all known viruses.
• If in doubt, ask someone who knows for help.
• Get a virus checker from a reputable PD library. VirusX is one
of the best and is very easy to use. A good PD library (for
instance, 17-Bit Software or George Thompson Services) will be
able to advise you.
• Never, ever, use pirated disks. Aparl from being illegal, this
is the best way to catch a virus. The guys who write the things
are mostly pirates, trying to get one over on innocent and
slightly naive people like you.
SCREEN GEMS is the only NEW Official Amiga A500 pack from Commodore !
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Wl - SmpTy write down and send In to us by post along cheque, building society order made SERVICES LTD ".
Personal re 7 days »e despatch.
Digicom oiler you the very best in customer alter sales support with II month warranty on all Computer Hardware.
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VISTA ista is one of the most powerful landscape generating packages available for the Amiga The user has full control o er the scenes generated, con!Hilling target and camera' positioning Add lakes, rivers, snow . Haze, stars or change the position of the sun Animate scenes and move around the terrain you create Vista creates landscapes in 4 resolutions and displays in 4 »X colours ( HAM mode ) Comes complete with t real landscapes £59 95 inc VAT (1 mb needed).
initial i mir Imnl dealer fur further details (icnisoft products arc distributed in the I K by (.I NI Distribution l td 02~9 412-1-1 I HB Marketing Ltd - n'ii ( 86000 leisure-soft l td - 0604 ”68“ 11 Silica Distribution Ltd 081-300 3399 If you've just got an Amiga with a paint package, or you have a good graphics program just lying around unused, this guide from BRIAN LARKMAN will give good results quickly.
Starting Out in Graphics Lets face it, the vast majority of Amigas are bought to play games on: but after games, re most popular reason for sticking a floppy in the drive is to 'do some graphics'. Currently the favoured programs are Deluxe Paint (Two or ~nree), Photon Paint (One or Two) and DigiPamt3, in that order. This arti- : e is not intending to compare these ceces of software, but rather to row you how to get started with r-em - ways to overcome 'blank :-:-een syndrome' and get good
• 3;.is quickly.
• oought the software to paint with, r read, right? So who wants
- 33: -anuals? Just get stuck in, but 33,se a backup of your
• ,ou want to know the basics painting just read the box- xr
ui'.SEPAINTING on this page, xr Tr :rt) way to get to grips
• jar-Ti a table with a bar of soap arm •a.'o'vng the telly -
that’s what r - p-5 » 3 to begin with - is to do it, sc gz and
Starting Again Irx* ax. ‘.a.e got the feel of mouse- zaaxrf arr re basic tools, you will want to do more. Try loading in some of the sample art. All paint packages include demo pictures and a lot more is available from Public Domain (PD) libraries and as commercial clip-art.
Transforming other people’s work is not only great fun, but also the best way to learn about the various tools and effects. Take the demo pictures and cut bits out - use the Scissors icon in Photon Paint (called PP for the rest of this article) and DigiPamt (DGP hereafter) and the frame icon next to the A in De uxePaint (DP) - and bend them about.
The Brush Menus of DP and PP are an absolute playground for cutting, pasting and trans forming pictures. DGP has a much more limited Effects Menu but almost makes up for it with 'TxMap1 Texture Mapping. (You must use Brush Swap CopyThisBrush then Mode TxMap then any tool with Fill).
As you get more practised, look at the original work in detail and try to copy the results to see how they did it. To begin with, though, try giving King Tut or Jim a silly smile and Charlie ears. See the picture King Tufs Ears for an example.
ABOVE: RU8THRU FISH DigiPainfs RubThru mode. Experiment with lots of tools and colours, then use Swap CopyThisPicture on the Picture menu and clear the screen.
Select RubThru on the Mode menu. A drawing operation will reveal the copied picture.
Most of this picture used full edge transparency and none at the centre.
Making The Gradient Gradient Fills allow any paint program to create the illusion of 3D. The more colours you have in the gradient, the better the illusion. Deluxe Paint, with a maximum of 32 or 64 colours, is more limited than the other two but can still produce convincing images if you limit the number of objects.
Start with the range of greys.
Click on the Fill Tool with the Right mouse button to bring up the Fill Requestor. Select the Horizontal Line Fill button (the ellipse with L&R arrows to the right of the word Gradient) and OK. Select any grey shade. Now, all filled tools will give a gradient ill of greys: filled circle draws a sphere, filled rectangle a cylinder and, most convincing, filled freehand produces an irregular rounded object.
When you feel up to it, try changing the darkest grey in the palette to 444 instead of 333 then Spread to the other end of the range. This produces a much smoother spread of shades. Also, once a gradient object is drawn on screen, try reversing the arrow to the right of Speed on the palette, then drawing onto the object. This reverses the gradient and gives an RAI S reverses the gradient and gives an indented or eroded look.
More Gradients However good DP gradients can look, they are nothing to those produced by DGP and PP using 4,000 instead of 32 shades. This is the real strength of these HAM programs, the ability to wash a wide range of shades over the screen, producing delicate contoured objects and degrees of transparency.
Both programs allow you to set the degree of transparency or gradient, position the highlight and vary the transparency at edges or centre.
Play with the Transparency Controls in DGP or Blend Set Requester of PP until they are familiar. It is these that are the key to creative use of both programs. In DGP the Range Colours (to the right of the palette) control solid objects and can be applied if you select Range from the Modes menu: in PP you must select GRD on the Blend Set Requester.
Starting Points MOUSEPAINTING Ot course most of this Information Is In the manuals. But most ot us just want to get started straight off without hours of Intensive reading, so here Is an Instant guide to electronic painting!
BASIC TERMS AND PRINCIPLES the screen display can be likened to a piece of graph paper with a fine and invisible grid. Each square Is cailed a Picture Element or PIXEL. A picture Is built up as a mosaic of pixels. Each square Is filled with a single colour lit from behind like a stained glass window.
This way of building images Is very efficient - amazingly realistic pictures can be created with |ust 16 or 32 colours - but lines and edges can appear tagged, because the transitions of colour are quite sharply stepped.
The Amiga can display pixels In several different sizes, but smaller pixels = more detail = more memory used = fewer colours. For most uses therefore, lo-res is best or at least easiest. The exception. HAM. Is a software trick that allows all 4096 colours on screen.
The PALETTE is the range of colours that you choose - In Deluxe Paint the maximum is 32 - It you change a colour in the palette you change all pixels of that colour on screen. HAM is unlimited.
That means any pixel can be almost any colour - but frlngeing effects can be caused, (see your manual for an explanation ot this term).
BASIC TOOLS I RUBBER-BANDING The most simple tool ot computer painting Is unique. No conventional system can quite match RIGHT: ROUND GORILLAS Photon Paint’s Wrap feature can easily create the illusion of 3D. Load in the image, pick it up as a brush and wrap it onto a 3D shape. Set the Luminosity with Intensity at about 6 and contrast at about 8, and light source up and to one side for medium strong shading. Don’t use dither unless the shading is strong.
DigiPamt has a fascinating RubThru mode. After experimenting with lots of tools and colours, use Swap Copy This Picture on the Picture menu and clear the screen. Select RubThru on the Mode menu. Now any drawing operation will reveal the copied picture. This is especially effective with Transparency in operation.
Deluxe Paint has some lovely toys, especially Symmetry and Colour Cycling which most people get obsessed with at first. Use small brushes and freehand draw to start with (all the tools will draw with symmetry but Fill can give you the zzz' bubble, so avoid it). Try the grey freehand gradient fill, as above, with symmetry. The feeling of depth can be amazing. Try clicking with the right-hand mouse button on each tool and varying the parameters.
Photon Paint is wonderful at creating the illusion of 3D. Load in any image, pick it up as a brush (set Brush Trans to on) and wrap it onto a 3D shape.
You need to set the Luminosity to get the best effect. (Try Intensity at about 6 and contrast at about 8, and light source up and to one side for medium strong shading).
DRAWING FROM LIFE For the novice starting with animation. Making your own realistic AnimBrushes can be very hard. An inexpensive way to start is the Peal Things series from RGB Studios (0825 892666). The latest is Real Things Humans.
Life drawing is a bit like circuit training - It hurts while you are doing it but you know it's doing you good, so you come back for more.
For most people, though, drawing the human form accurately is just about the most difficult part ol art!
Once again RGB Studios have come up with the goods to take the pain out of painting.
Real Things Humans continues in the spirit of the series by giving you human figures in action - running, walking, jumping, jogging, it also provides lots of accessories - like clothes and alternative heads!!
- and on-screen tutorials, but this time there are no
backgrounds.The subject Is so diverse and the previous two
packages had such a rich selection of environments that these
have been discarded to make more room.
In fact there is so much material that a second set will have to be produced. Many ot these extra files are being published as The Private Collection. See the RT Humans manual tor details.
Speaking of the manuals (manuals? What other clip-art includes even one manual?) They are simple and concise yet dense with information. Together with the on screen tutorials, they bring new insights even to experienced users
- the treatment of water in RT Birds, the use of Outline to get
radial gradients In RT Humans - all these bring you back to
Deluxe Paint repeatedly, even when more sophisticated HAM
packages might have seduced you away.
Changed by flooding. Starting from a single point, every adjacent pixel (horizontally or vertically - not diagonally) is changed to the current selected colour until a boundary is reached.
- s simplicity. It you set an initial point, any line, sci
ellipse or polygon can be dragged out elastically When the
desired size or shape is reached, a second click will set it.
2 AIRBRUSH "¦dividual pixels can be coloured at random over a small area to give the effect of a spray. The central
* -ea of the spray is usually weighted to receive
- ore than the edges.
J CUSTOM BRUSHES Any area ol the screen can be copied and picked jc as a brush' (see the main text). The speed ol me Amiga allows this brush to be pasted down
- •oeatedly onto the screen giving rise to some soectacular and
useful effects.
4 FLOOD FILL Any area of pixels ot a single colour can be 5 GRADIENTS A block of pixels can be made to vary its colour from side to side, stepping smoothly through a gradient ot tones or colours. Curving surfaces or surfaces lit from one side can be simulated on screen with a gradient fill.
6 DITHERING Colour stepping causes bands of each colour to appear on the object. These bands can be smoothed out by moving some pixels of each colour across the boundary, blurring or dithering' the edge. Dithering can also be used to give the effect of extra colours by optical mixing'.
(Alternate red and yellow pixels appear orange.)
Each of the three most popular screen-painting packages has strong and weak points so the ideal is to own all three! If you can only choose one. The following summary may help.
DELUXE PAINT Dpaint is an extremely versatile, fast and friendly general purpose paint program - and with version Three, it has become an excellent simple animation package too. It features good brush manipulation, especially when it comes to the excellent perspective tools. It has good colour, blending, shading and smoothing effects, particularly considering that it has only 32 colours. No HAM, but every other mode. Animation is fantastic. Sets the standard, but just beginning to show Its age.
DIGIPAINT This is a brilliant, last and easy-to-use HAM painting package - In other words, it can use 4,096 colours as opposed to Dpalnfa 64. It has limited brush manipulation tools but very fast gradient and range tools, all accessed via a simple and intuitive Interface.
This is the best paint program for artists: excellent watercolour, pastel and charcoal-like effects are possible. It will work with a super-bitmap (larger than screen size canvas, the size ol which Is limited only by memory). No animation.
““ P “ umm J U5 * FRITH PHOTON PAINT A versatile general purpose HAM package though rather slow at times. Features excellent brush manipulation tools, especially wrap and contour, and is perfect for collages. Blend, transparency and gradients are good, but Effects are complex. Some animation.
PAINTBOX ANIMATION Deluxe Paint III and Photon Paint 2 both provide facilities for animation. DPI I Is animation Is far more sophisticated than PP's because It allows all of the tools to be used to move animated brushes in all three dimensions, along any path, automatically. It also features AnimBrushes which animate as you use them.
Photon Paint 2 does allow multiple pages which can be flipped, but all movement must be done manually. It you have both packages it is possible to produce all of the moves using flat, coloured brushes, with no background, in DP then move the Anim file to PP2 to add HAM contours and background.
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E-Swat" Epic" Eye of the Beholder" Fire and Forget 2 Flip It and Magnose" Golden Axe" Gunboat" Hollywood Collection" Indianapolis 500" Judge Dredd" ...... Kick Off (1 Meg) Lme of Fire" Mean Streets*
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(1699 tUgru-l S*o*fl* ot Twa ht Swx* o' Twa m -mi p. lee-iQ*
Mutim Tmnet Teitrrrae?
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Populous and Sim City • State of the Art strategy games. Battlechess - the chess programme amongst all chess programmes.
Their Finest Hour - The battle of Britain brought to life in a technical flight slm. A1084's stereo colour monitor to get the best from your Amiga. The Amiga 1500 has been designed around the already popular Amiga A500. But with hardware facilities that would put any mid range business machine to shame.
Please call for further details £1049.00 inc VAT + next day courier service.
HALF MEGS - Quality four chip ram board with complete utility disk support with software on off switch.
£34.99 AMIGA + ST DRIVES - A powerful 880K formatted drive with an external on off switch, anti clicking and daisy chain facility.
£59.99 PRINTERS Star LC24 1024 Pin incl lead ST Amiga ..£249.00 Star LC10 including lead for ST Amiga .£169.00 Star LC10 colour including interface lead for ST Amiga ..£219.00 LC10 - The most po:ular letter quality printer on the market only £219.00 with all Amiga + ST leads Tel: 0908 564369, Fax: 0908 560040 TITLE COMP PRICE TOTAL COST £: L- Have you ordered from us before?
NAME: .. ADDRESS: ... YES NO TEL NO: Please send this to Microsmart, 125 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. MK11 1 AT MICROSMART 24HR HOTLINE (24 HRS) TELEPHONE 0908 564369 ¦ J Our performance & SUPERIOR QUALITY.,, ...RESTS ON OUR NAME!
When it comes to mice and scanner'-, Aaksha clearly lead the way. S’aksha build mice and scanners with high precision designs and the very best components.
The Saksha Upgrade Mouse is silky smooth, operating at a high 280dpi resolution. Supplied with Mouse Mat and Pocket. No Cables No Fuss. Simply plug in and go.
Saksha Scanners with a switchable resolution between 200 and 400dpi halftones and dual roller tracking, remain straight and true. Saksha Scanners come supplied with interface, "express IT software and either Degas Elite' or Deluxe Paint II'.
The Saksha Mouse and Scanner are available for both the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST range of computers.
For further information call (0923) 30398 OR any of our distributor- listed below for your nearest dealer OR visit any Dixons. Harrods. Selfridges. Bentalls or Makro -.tore Degas Elite supplied for Atari Deluxe Paint -applied for Amiga Yak-had k.)Limited. 29 The W harf. Warrington W A1 2HT Tel: 0923 30398 Fax: 0925 574.373 GEM (0J-9 -M28»2) • CENTRESOFT (02I ( 23 NSW| SIM. (OKI Hul.W) ZCI.m-a.Ol iAZFR cum -nxxxn HB MARKETING (( '53 086001)) GARWOOD (O’-n -i60~] AA-HIMA IK (H~( 5n2oSO) ADDONS (( '05 ( 2o2o2) LHIsl Resi FT UKX M 'OS'll) Ml i.T I MEDIA (0908 261010) LIBERTY(0”33 38680s|
LIGHTWAVE (051 l 50 S(M).5) COLCMBl S((U5'RhO.SiHli MCDI020K 590091; AN MARKETING (OJ- 452733) Tnuie murks ami Pegtstereil Tmtle Murks ure uekiiuu ietiged Problem Page Full screen, full colour images are almost 2Mb uncompressed, so several megabytes of RAM and a hard disk are almost essential. Here lies the major problem of 24-bit colour - the files are huge and slow.
Nevertheless, fast compression and decompression algorithms are being developed and the new generation of compression chips are very efficient and getting cheaper. 20Mb floppies are only a few months away, so things should be a lot better soon.
The biggest problem right now is that rendering all my Scu pt models in 24-bit high resolution reveals how bad they all are. Rendering with a greater level of detail using Harlequin reveals every angular curve and misplaced vertex. All in all, upgrading to 24-bit colour is a bit like putting a more powerful engine in a car. Inevitably, you need to uprate everything else as well - including your driving skills! ¦ What's it Like to Use?
Technolust aside, it is very easy, even at this early pre-production stage.
The board is a two-tier affair that overhangs its neighbouring Zorro slot and a 15-pin socket connects to the monitor. At the moment all software runs from the CLI, but as it is really just Display and Slideshow there are few problems - the double buffered version will even animate.
The libraries allow programmers to direct output from their software to the board and a more user-friendly interface should be available with the production boards. Several standards are beginning to crystallise - hopefully one will become dominant soon.
Then, any paint program should be able to control the board directly, offering the prospect of True Colour Deluxe Paint, Dig Ipamt24, or ChromaColor (the 24-bit version of Photon Paint now under development) playing on your home Amiga!
Anyone who is interested by computer graphics will understand the fascination of the moment when they first see their work displayed in 24-bit colour at high resolution. Immediately, all the problems dissolve.
No more chunky pixels, bands of colour, fringes and grainy surfaces - instead, smooth, delicately shaded obiects and perfect textures. If you are serious about graphics you just gotta have it - whatever the cost! If you can’t afford it, just don't look!
Front Runners The Amiga Centre Scotland are the first in this country to come up with a real 24 32-bit frame buffer card that we can buy and use. The Harlequin frame buffer, originally planned to cost about £700, has ended up being quite expensive - between £1400 and £1800 - because it is very good.
Harlequin ~rue Colour card ¦ £ I 400+ ¦ Amiga Centre Scotland 03 I 557 4242 'rue broadcast quality output, 32-bit design, multiple resolutions (max 910x576), PAL or NTSC, full overscan, optional double buffering and Alpha channel, programmer’s interface and up to 4Mb of Video RAM makes an impressive specification geared especially to graphics and . Oeo use. Harlequin is designed to fit ~e 100-pin Zorro spec for the Amiga 2 000 or 3000 series - there are no ; ans for 500 or 1000 versions.
To display images, you require a
- orntor which accepts RGB analogue
s. gna s (horizontal frequency of 15 625 Khz interlaced or 31.25
- ¦cxvtfiferiaced, vertical frequency of 5-jHz. For PAL systems:
for the A-*r an NTSC, 15.734 horizontal in ace or 31.5
non-interlaced and 6-2 -z vertical). In practise, this
- ears mat your standard 1081 or 116- -onitor will display direct
r r*e a:e mode and a VGA-type
- enter r -orvinrerlace. A multisync
- •yv:z' »ii tappily display in both.
* fO. Ye a professional, this is crxacr. Re card for you: home
.SC'S «•» "eec something cheaper tT-at «*l work in an A500. And
- iarieoun s not alone. In America mere are a: least two more
24-bit cards and, at tre last count, thirteen are read, or
preparation worldwide. Among at these some are gomg to be
much cheaper - maybe as low as £300 Similarly, at least eight
24-bit painting, rendering or image processing systems are
under development or ready - three or four by the time you read
Straightforward wipes being used to dissolve an image have become a little repetitive in recent years, but with a little thought exciting effects can be developed around these old ideas.
The 'multi-wipe’ uses, as its name suggests, multiple wipes to dissolve an image. By using the stencil, multilayered effects are created which add to the overall interest.
As usual, the example uses a cut- down version for the benefit of all users, but is expandable with more memory or even access to video equipment. Possibilities could include 'wiping in' another picture over your original picture using the simulated 'under' technique from Issue 16's Deluxe Paint Masterclass.
Building an image with multiple wipes of say red, green and blue could give an animation a slightly more interesting look than your average fade cut wipe.
Anyway, here's how to do it. Note that square brackets [thus] denote keys on the keyboard.
Load your chosen picture.
2 Select co-ordinates from the Prefs menu.
3 Pick up a section of the picture 150 pixels x 150 pixels.
4 Press [J] to swap to the spare screen. Stamp down the brush in the centre of the screen.
Add one frame.
6 Bring up the ‘Stencil make’ requester. Click every alternate colour and click on your background colour, which is usually black. Click 'Make'. (Figure 1) 7 Select the filled polygon tool and then select a dark colour from the palette.
8 Position your cursor at the top left-hand corner of the image.
Click and release the left mouse ORIGINAL IMAGE Deluxe Paint 3 Masterclass The fourth of our Special Effects is an imaginative 'wipe' or 'fade' effect. DEAN AGAR describes the process.
ABOVE: The three Figures are referred to at the appropriate point in the text, but serve to illustrate the basic principles behind the wipe transition. The Stencil facility of Deluxe Paint is used to remove certain colours in the image on each pass.
The shape of the wipe is defined by using a filled triangle tool.
Button and move the cursor to the top right-hand corner of the image.
Click and release again, move your cursor down 25 pixels, again click and release. Now fill the triangle you have created by clicking again at the top left-hand corner of the image (Figure 2). You should now see selected pixels of the image turn your chosen dark colour.
9 Add a frame, again place your cursor in the top left-hand comer of the image. Click and release the left mouse button, then click at the top right-hand corner of the image. Pull down the cursor 50 pixels. Click and release and then close the triangle by clicking in the left-hand corner of the image.
M ft Add a frame. You should I continue filling the areas in the same way, working across, until you reach the bottom left-hand corner of the image.
NOnce you have filled the whole shape, flick through your frames to check your progress.
What you should have is a line that wipes across the image, leaving a strange pattern in its path.
Go to your last frame and add a frame.
12 m A Select 'Stencil make'. Click I 9 invert and click on your background colour, then click 'Make'.
M Select a light colour. Place your cursor in the bottom left corner of the image, click and release the left mouse button. Place your cursor on the top left corner of the image, click and release.
M |g Move your cursor 25 pixels ¦ 9 to the right, click and release. Now close the triangle you have created and you should see this area of the image become a sort of two-tone. (Figure 3).
M Add a frame. Following the I procedure in numbers 9-11 fill the shape, but this time working from the top left to the bottom right- hand comer.
M BOnce you have filled the I M whole shape you should be left with a two-colour version of your picture: depending on your original image, it may or may not still resemble the original.
M A Add a frame. Select ‘Stencil I 9 make' and click 'Clear'.
Click your chosen light colour and click 'Make'.
Select your background B M colour from the palette, click your cursor in the bottom right corner of the image. Again follow the procedure in steps 9-11. But this time work from the bottom left corner of the image to the top nght corner.
B BB You should now be left with dm what can only be descnbed as a very strange-looking pale, shadowy image. The next (and final) stage of the process is to finally wipe this image away.
A IB Turn the stencil off using the dm I [Tab] key or the Stencil menu
- this will ensure that if any stray colours have been
accidentally left in they will be wiped away.
Madd a frame. Click in the top right-hand corner of the remaining image. Again using the procedure in steps 9-11 you should wipe away the image, working from the bottom right-hand corner to the top left comer.
9 9 Once the image has been completely cleared, add five blank frames to the end of the animation. Then go to Frame 1 and add five more frames - this gives the animation a 'cushion' at each end.
Mset the anim rate to 15 then press [4] to view the finished animation.
40 AMIGA FORMAT liSoft Devpac 2 Assenblef Dfbiigp
- Devpac has it all plus a lot more" ¦ st Format, Dec ee Zcrz
stentty acclaimed as the best assembler development system tor
the Amiga.
Devpac Version 2 Is a complete package including: Powerful, extremely last assembler with macros, conditional assembly, include, optimisations, local labels, multiple hunks, producing executable or linkable o p Advanced, multi-window symbolic debugger with single-step, dynamic condi- : onai breakpoints, full expression evaluator, disassembly to disk etc ?
Integrated, fast and easy-to-use editor so that you can create, assemble, debug, edit, assemble etc. all without leaving the editor CLI versions are also included lor those who have strong editor preferences Fast Linker, standard Include files and full, ring-bound documentation.
- ‘all technical support and constant improvement, Devpac has no
rivals - most of the :c software houses who develop on the
Amiga use Devpac - why don't you?
• *... a very professional package" ¦ Transactor May 89 Quite
simply, SAS Lattice C 5 is the best C system you can buy for
your Amiga.
Having sold more than 12.000 copies worldwide, the package is used by professionals 8 hackers alike. Upgrades from version 5 Ox cost £34.95 - send your master disks back.
J Powerful, enhanced C compiler with full 68020 68030 68881 68882 support plus screen editor, faster linker, assembler, librarian, code profiler, disassembler 6 more y Advanced global optimiser which gives your programs performance improvements of up to 40% You can optimise for execution speed or program size.
Y The CodeProbe source level debugger with 4 separate windows, allowing you to smgle-step through source code, set source line breakpoints, examine, modify and continuously monitor your C variables and much, much more - invaluable.
Y Workbench 2.0 supporl and environment, AREXX support. C**-style comments SAS Lattice C 5 has improved ANSI compliance, function prototyping, is multi-tasking 6 reentrant. Has nearly 300 library functions and comes complete with full technical support ?iHiSoft BASIC Version 1,05 with Extend “HiSoft BASIC is an excellent choice" - ST Amiga Format March 89 HiSoft BASIC is the answer to your programming prayers, an extremely fast, interactive, standard and easy-to-use system, used by many top software houses all over the world y Modem, structured programming with long Ifs, multi-line
functions, subprograms, REPEAT, DO, CASE, full recursion, local 8 global variables etc y No limits to your program size and no limits on the size of any variable memory permitting, plus the ability to link easily with C and assembler programs y Totally interactive system with easy-to-use Intuition editor allowing mistakes to be corrected simply and quickly, substantially reducing development time.
Y Extremely close compatibility with AmigaBASIC and Microsoft PC QuickBASIC 3 Complementing HiSoft BASIC, HISott Extend is a comprehensive set of library routines for IFF files, gadgels, menus, sub-menus, sound, HAM mode and more Normally costing £19.95. we are including this package, tor only CS extra until 1 January 1991, if you use Ihe order form below.
Special 0(j(jw to Amipa Format Readers _.se re :-der form below to order any HiSoft products and we will send you, totally free cr znarge an Amiga Starter Pack consisting of: a mouse mat with the Amiga ASCII ¦ set a stylish disk wallet holding up to 8 disks and 4 quality double-sided diskettes: a package worth over £14 if bought elsewhere!
Rush me the following software together with my free starter pack: 15% VAT and postage and packing within UK Please phone for export details) Devpac Amiga 2 £59-95 SAS Lattice C s.io £Z29*oo £84.95 HiSoft BASIC & Extend I wish to pay by: Card No: Cheque POs O Access ? Visa Expiry Date: Name: Date: ... Signature.
O* IO CM Ut o mmm z a
o =
- a* o ?
©* a 03 C O « _c » 2" "c:
o a CM hXJ “1 p ¦ 5 s Ul 3 i- S os gS V « | = o« 00 ]S-§
B- 0 5 0.53 S ' ’ 5 w UJ »* 5 m oe 2f s-s Ill-ifiJ ¦ » C
t-3 a i =3 . 2 E §1 c* °2 o $ O ( ill!
5L i&ito II 5|.
'°o2|"S o =i S BO
- LU kfal 3 U- !
£ |S8 oc 'si 11 S u 5 * -a . A « s -13 5 ~ S s is! 1.
O' !« On* s£j lilisi SS = S!S“ O' II v _J V 2 ** "5 fa ¦» " »¦ s ~° _ o o SlliSl 00 i ° ® tr* 12 1 w 1 S “ “ e ui d. } B u “3 CM « » CD O f *
- 53 5& Slsis!
• + 3 S £ Z 3 V» UJ M a. Is seg” o3s; = E sgisgi “2 2 S*“S
o3 S
- V o “¦ Kg= = 0*x "
* * Is _ J 5,j 0 I!
V Sliji c S_.
s. z§D 2 s gO_,a ? ..___ o t O “ Q O : 3 |s2 !
- S' *2sSS| _4 i5 g, OiZzS ry
* S’ t Q_ Q V-» CO llltiS 0NI1
• 19V Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the
press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software
for the home and business user.
DGCALC MAILSHOT The fastest and most powerful spreadsheet available .n this prce bracket with 512 rows by 52 columns, giving you up to 26624 celts As with all Digita products, the operation o» the program is clearly thought out Bang either menu mouse or command driven you'll be able to start using it within minutes
- even it you ve never used a spreadsheet before SomeP the
features which make it such good value art the exporting ot
ASCII t les for integration with other programs adjustable
column width and text overflow programmable function keys
(macros), and a unique windowing facility, so that you can look
at different parts ot a sheet at the same tune _ _ £39.95 It
you ever need to send out mailings or pnnt labels, you know how
fiddly and time onsuming it can be making sure ail the labels
are printed correctly Well now all that's a thing ot the past
Because Mailshot actually shows you the labels on screen you
can type names and addresses m exactly the correcl place But
more than that, the labels are art-mated on screen as a
continuous sheet, allowng you to scroll backwards and forwards,
to search for particular keywords or to edit entries with the
minimum o* fuss Facilities include searching detection ot
duplicate labels sorting (even surname 9 labels across 999
copies ot any label Th shas to be the simplest and most
effective method of creating a £24.95 The program will take
information prepared by Cashbook Controller and produce a
compete set of accounts including
* Trial Balance ' Trading and Profit and Loss Account
• Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts
• Full Accounting ratios All reports may be produced at any time
w th comparahve budget hgures I reqmred Thttaoiity to produce
these documents qu*ckly. Accurately and regularly is ot
enormous help in running any business large or small Since one
shows the true prpitab.l t ach*ved *hd the other the exact
strength p the business in terms P assets and
executive s gem
• nth the das*c soece nveoer £14.95 Do you ever have to pnnt
names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes or do you
ever need to h m tncky forms or nvo es where the text has to
be in exactly the right pace1 Usually you have to do it by hand
or get your trusty Pd typewriter out Of the cupboard and dust
it Pi Weil not anymore The Empaled TYPE writer transforms your
computer and printer mo a fully hedged typewriter supporting
bold underline. .tai and other type-sryfes Because .t can
d-spay and print text INSTANTLY you can line up your form press
Return and Space a few times to move to the correct place and
then start typing Alternatively you can switch to ime-by-lme
mode wh h offers word-wrap justification and proportional
spacing so that you can ed t each hne before .t s printed ggg
gg Advanced version p Mailshot for the business user with the
following extra tacilibes
• integration with other software (us-ng ASCII f*ie$ )
• cPumrvTabutaied summary i -deal tor telephone iiss. Efc)
• 4 extra memo imes per label (with defaults) 'system for coding
datng and add ng messages to each label
• different layouts available for horizontal and vertical £49.95
* PfcjTA CASHBOOK COMBO *m ccounti Money saving combination pack
featuring both Cashbook Controller and F.nai Accounts-Save CIO
00 ««« «« £69.96 PERSONAL TAX PLANNER Are you absolutely sure
your taxman is doing h* job correctly1 Plan your own tax with
ease Ihis menu-driven program will calculate your income lax
liability |4 tax years
- nciuded) and provide pertinent lacts about your tax position
You can perform what-rt1 calculation to discover ways to
minimise your lax liability in tad the program will advise you
on things such as. It you are a married man. Whether it would
be advantageous to have your wile s income taxed separately or
np At this price who knows, you will probably hnd that PTP will
pay lor itsell in tax savings the hrst time you use it!
* • STOP PRESS " July 89 - PTP user receives tax retund of over
£2.000" p* .A. SB £39.95 DAY-BY-DAY la St An excellent way to
get organised With it you H be reminded P birthdays and other
anniversaries meetings and appointments phone calls to make and
so on As with a" Dig ta products inputting information i$
simplicity itsetf and.
Once entered you can search tor keywords or tor particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming up includes month weekday planner aufomat reminders for overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance For less than £30 this s the 'deal way to make sure you never miss that mportant occasion aga-n' QC c'*o • iZzL 5a®S;
• T*--*¦ ur. 5 4-
- “'W „
* 49.95 Available to the trade from: Digita, GEM, Greyhound, HB
Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R. SDL.
* **«'•
- AT: f49.95
Post: Digita In Black "Serious software at a sensible price"
All software written in the UK Prices include VAT & P & P (add
£2.00 for export) EX8 1JL England Fax: 0395 2688‘r* PREVIEWS
What wonders does the New Year hold? What surprises lie in
store in 1991?
Trenton Webb takes a peek into the coming years software and sees some really big ones (fnnr, fnnr) waiting in the wings.
COMING ATTRACTIONS his special abilities to overcome the difficulties that lie before him. Mr Bacon hits things, apparently because they implied that his pint had dubious sexual habits. Mr Gonad bounces alone thanks to some infeasiblv a screen-based racetrack near you. It’s quite simply a race game, in which you have to finish higher and higher in the standings until you are forced to win the race outright. That’s no easy task when the cream of the world’s drivers are all around, all eager to beat you across the line.
CHOOSE YOUR PLAYER Luckily, drivers will have the advantage of an overhead mirror that will show if any threat is approaching from behind. AF has seen a demo that was at least two months short of completion and already it was exceedingly fast. Shown here is a selection of the graphics which are currently being slotted into the game.
A certain comic called Viz, which by all accounts sells to these young-type people because it tells rude jokes and uses naughty vords, is in the process of Amiga conversion. Three disreputable characters will star: Bha Bacon, Buster Gonad and Johnny Fartpants - of whom only Mr Bacon sounds Be sort of chap you'd like the vicar to meet.
These gents are to race over a five-loca- large appendages and Mr Fartpants mysteriously has some kind of jet propulsion - though lord knows how!
Intermediate screens will feature a foul- mouthed individual called Roger Melly. Who apparently appears on the telly, but it is hard to imagine how as his favourite word is, uh, urn... totally unprintable. The only respectable personage in the whole affair is Roger Irrelevant and he just talks absolute ie and the one you select must use drivel. Dominoes.
SWITCHBLADE II ¦ GREMLIN ETA JANUARY FEBRUARY !!! !!* £ L A,* T v % _, & 11 SUPER MONACO GRAND PRIX ¦ US GOLD ETA = SPRING 1991 You've seen the corn-op, spent wads of cash and still want more? Relax, for Super Monaco GP is nearly in the home straight, currently just under Coding Bridge, before Playtestmg Corner.
The arcade game was an incredible graphic display where everything that made the Monaco GP the best in the world was hurled at you. Now the conversion is being fine-tuned for The Thraxx pack are back. The Hiros of Gremlin's platform slash-em-up Switchblade (AF 6 85%) are set to make a comeback. For this second adventure they get much better graphic support and huge amounts of gameplay for their eight-level rampage. The Amiga version should FEBRUARY 1 99 1 AMIGA FORMAT sport 32 colours at 50 frames per second on a full screen (320 x 256).
MIGHTY BOMBJACK ¦ ELITE ETA February The eight individual levels should exhibit much more variety. They are only limited to the undercity, which was the setting for the original Switchblade, for Level One. Players then get a chance to sample the great outdoors, climbing cliffs, attacking a flying fortress, battling ice planes, destroying an underground base, descending waterfalls and cleaning up the docks before they face a final showdown on Havoc Island. Each level looks decidedly different, with its own inherent dangers and traps. As each level is in excess of 100 screens huge, it sounds
like a real biggie.
To help the Switchblade Hiro out he gets a larger armoury than before, with machine-guns, | homing missiles and flame-throwers. The aliens get limited game intelligence and big end-of-level bosses to lend a hand. If it lives up to the I demos and game spec' it stands a good chance of out-Turricanmg Turrican. The reigning king of platform chaos.
INSECTS IN SPACE HEWSON ETA = January OO402OO 0 HOME : 3 3 0 8 warn PPWWP M ' r ‘ • Dropping babies from a great height in order to kill them isn't very pleasant. Yet that is exactly what some horribly mutated insects in space want to do. These giant killer bees like nothing I more than to swoop in and grab kiddies. Only you, as St Helen Bak, the lady with laser eyes, | can stop them!
The game is based on the hit formula from Sensible Software, which went down a storm on the 8-bits. Now it's been charged up for Amiga with eight-way scrolling at 50 frames per second and will be backed by a soundtrack from the Maniacs of Noise.
TEAM SUZUKI ¦ GREMLIN ETA = January Gremlin’s Team Suzuki are eager for the green light. A vector racing game, it has the distinction of being based on bikes not cars. This means it may look a little weird, but it guarantees that those bikes really shift. We are talking Indy' 500 sort of speeds, only on two wheels and on much tighter courses. The game features not only realistic courses but real riders too, complete with their own strengths and weaknesses. It's in the tweaking stage now and should be ready to burn rubber really soon.
3D CONSTRUCTION KIT ¦ DOMARKJINCENTIVE ETA February March Do you fancy an art package that is as flexible and friendly as Dpaint. But allows you to create a 3D world which you can explore in the Freescape tradition? 3D Construction Kit is not really a game, but belongs here because it has grown out of the game design system that bought us. Driller. Dark Side. Total Eclipse and Castle Master The package will really be a crossover between AMOS. Shoot-em-up Construction Kit and Dpaint III. It will have a number of malleable 30 blocks in the same way as art packages have circles and boxes. It
will come complete with a set of pre formed rooms atiich you can develop and a simple programming language which will allow event triggers and score systems to be developed. Youll also be able to design a front-end screen in any art package that saves IFF files, and place icons for control of the game on it When you have built the world, designed the front screen and worked out the scoring system, it will then be possible to save it out as a stand-alone game. It won't even need the Construction Kit master disk to operate.
AMIGA FORMAT FEBRUARY 1 99 1 Want to know where the real computer enthusiasts get together?
Write here Please send me my FREE copy of the Micronet brochure and show me how to really get 'in touch'.
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In touch. Informed. In a word ... MICRON KT ' PAX is an optional extra l ia the INTERLINK gateway: Cheap rate local phone charges are approximately Ip per minute inclusiiv of VAT From the programmers of Silkworm, the shoot 'em up of the eighties, comes SWIV, the shoot ’em up of the nineties.
V Computer aided weapons systems on-li " " ' emfffGnicatioos •jTflTipaiBWt gperational. System chf
* jpt?‘ oomgl e1.piregal,tetor combHflt aanrmber of your nati
elite SWIV. Two different vefffcle&Qf devasta !S50*&r-
-destructive powc, figtttiqytwqotherfw-one j,e Primary
Objective: Destroy enemy control centi Secondary Objective:
Interdiction mission. The destniUiyn byniijlitaryfowie
oLatfeiTemy ur SWIV - No one knows what it means but everyone
will know it when it arrives. ComiTttrsoon.
"Destined to be THE Shoot 'Em Up of the yeaid Amiga CompuWRfNovember.'90 "Superlative Shoot ’Em Up Stunna." Zero NovemBer.'90 sgt Ptmnshols shown are from the Amiga “ W .th Amiga games becoming M ever mom diverse and com I pie. The Amiga Foimal I sys'em 15 demgned io be B
- it* enough :o i:odaie ah E
- .ms and genres We g.ve one Overall | sear* which reflects how
good each fM iweBy is. This score is accom- awad b» a short
list ol me game's X * tH) IQ k* | k |boS and bad points,
highlighting ‘ new wmmenls lhal make H slanihoul W % b fc y
* ww me crowd and thoseoarts which 4 t ¦m*y anwoy These pomu
are then W, i1 bceanstorm ahead with Battle Command P*52 ¦ ?
The initial verdict e, X-Out hybrid P.56 ¦ ' *»« will,
wh«ne«ifr possible,
• we -e - • ec wplelely Brushed soil- ware Ths weans we see the
version we ewes oa the shoo shelves, the ee'bOS .: a t.»
Willing lor finished £V*' eoeCoccasionally mean lhal ¦» m a*
some Amiga products Tnr - J"hi magazines belore fewe Oar -mew.
Though, will be an Tee ar«ws seam is headed by e-'i Whc£ and
Half Evans. Trenton
- a owf hslory in the world ol
• ne'ewtom nn« !e .mo the big igje «or ** ’« We" Evans Joined i
Me o- Af 7. Ale- a heroic lour duty we zap M They are backed
Jack Dempsey was known as the Manassa Mauler. He had a
knock-out punch, could take a good shot and fought on until the
bitter end. Maybe, just maybe, that's why Battle Command's tank
star is called The Mauler, an ultrasophisticated armoured
weapon platform which is sent on suicidal missions that, with a
touch of luck and some heavy planning, might just be feasible
Battle Command blends tense tank action with serious cerebral
activity. 15 tests of close-combat mouse control test your
planning skills, weapons selection and pure guts when the
shells start to fly.
User Friendly Armour SC is played from the tractc tank sim' viewpoint Sttng ce" a viewing screen, you sj.e,. battlefield and use a rovmg to select the weapons 2": :: systems. Pushing arc p_ joystick mouse moves re '-’2, with the right and en switching control from system; ANOTHER MISSI BATTLE COM Ocean £24.99 ¦ Joystick, mouse or keyboard driving. Sights for the missiles and cannon pop up automatically, lock- mg-on with refreshing speed, making the Mauler a very user- friendly tank indeed.
The whole game evolves around the map - one of the F-Key tammands. You have to calculate re best routes between mission :rectives and pick up zones. Used conjunction with a radar and COMMAND CONTROI pons pods - lour weapons pods aislitli on the tank. With either no cbcfcs or keyboard controls can switch armaments In the I of battle. Only one can be tired tbne bnt da tensive utilities can binoculars this allows long-range planning, while the fighting takes place from the tank’s viewpoint.
When the enemies start blazing, the Mauler takes damage no matter how careful you are. Luckily the Mauler's a tough swine and it takes masses of hits before finally exploding. Avoid enemy fire by utilising your long-range fire to its maximum potential.
MAN Djft CENTRE Scanner - on collection missions eg satellite, this is used to guide you to the correct location for the rendezvous.
Destruction Jobs and Escort Services The missions vary in nature as well as subiect. Some are destruction lobs where you take out an enemy base, some have you escorting convoys, others set you the task of recovering valuable military secrets from the hands of the enemy. Each needs a coherent plan and its own special skills.
The graphics for Battle Command are a visual weapon in the war of gaming addiction. With four different detail settings, for speed purposes, the game Is well constructed giving the player choice. In mega-mode, obviously the slowest of the four, the vehicles are superb with easily recognisable A-10 Thunderbolts, trucks and trains.
When the signal lights work at a level crossing, you know that you're in for a tank-busting treat. A fact that even the lame-ish tune and average sound can't effect.
That’s Entertainment Battle Command is not only fun but it can be played as either a one-off blast or an on-going sequence with "CHOOSE YOUR choice of which mission you will take on. You can choose eny mission regardless of previous encounters, victories or defeats.
Disk-saved victories, BC has a depth of entertainment often lacking in high-tech shoot-outs. The number of missions may prove to be a hindrance in the long term, but some of these are incredibly tough. The game brings strategy, sim and shooting together brilliantly. It has enough abjectly weird locations to make exploring the world fun and there is an excellent range of firepower that promotes real experimentation.
You will find learning the strategies behind Battle Command is only half the fun and being in control of the battle is even better.
Trenton Webb VERDICT 15 missions of pure tank action.
Brilliantly (and variable) detailed graphics which move at a real pace.
Vast array of different weapons and a good selection of missions.
Some missions are rather odd and henceforth hard to complete.
A brilliant blasting game cum tank sim.
L 4 Kv’ Vv l A Jet' , rdic M "SAVE FOR A After a completed mission commanders are offered the chance to save their commander to a separate disk.
This way one man may, if very lucky, complete all IS Radar display - Shows obstaclas, onomies and incoming tiro. The most essential bit of the tank’s kit - alter the MARKS OUT OF 10" At the end of each mission, your commanders give out information regarding the success of your attack, the number of kills and most importantly your score.
IU1U1 Hlnioa Hbitun Cunpltlatf All xlitloR okjMtlvM talilUatf.
Weapons system!.
Compass - helps bad map readers to got lost, and good ones to reach their target.
"UP. UP AND AWAY" The chop Rios you off to safety. Take this time to admire the nice vector work, looking down on the tanks whose trap you have escaped, watch it and weep suckers!
Rear-view camera.
Check that map, find the drop zone and drive like a demon. The ammo' will bo gelling low and the damage toll will be high, so keep moving and watch the radar for incoming fire.
It's a terrifying experience waiting for the helicopter. The enemy close in as the heli' lands. Keep dodging, keep shooting and shadow that helicopter.
"ALL ABOARO!- Once the evac' unit arrives head for the rear of the transport and you're automatically rescued. Breath freely once more as you head homewards.
QUALITY STEREO SOUND The SOUNDBLASTER is a 5 watt per channel stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers, power supply and leads and instructions to allow it to be quickly & easily connected to your computer.
The SOUNDBLASTER adds an extra dimension to your games, imagine super stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific tunes.
The SOUNDBLASTER makes your games come to life, increasing playability and giving greater lasting appeal.
FREE pair of stereo HEADPHONES with every SOUNDBLASTER!!!
Dmamic, the action specialists from Spain, have extrapolated the current drug crisis forward into the year 2003 and what they see is bleak. One fifth of the entire world are addicts and the drug czars have immense power. The Narco Police are the answer to this problem, and their solution is final.
Three teams of heavily-armed troopers are sent into attack an underground-island drug lab. The team are controlled individually and are viewed from behind as they run down the cave tunnels. When one gets blasted another steps up to take his place a few yards back down the corridor. You can swap between the various teams and choose either to take one unit on or work all three groups as an overall force.
Shot In The Dark The soldiers are simple folk. Once you've stopped off at the weapons shop PRESS FOR ACTION and been directed to a tunnel, they just plod along doing what you tell them to. Until they fall over dead that is, after being shot, which isn’t their fault. They follow the stick movements every way except backwards - this is used for changing ammunition - and therefore cannot backtrack.
Firing is controlled by pressing the fire-button whilst moving the joystick to aim the gun. All pretty normal really, with you waving the gun in the direction of the druggie.
All the other weapons and equipment are used via a 'type-in' computer panel. This controls everything from launching missiles to teleporting in extra Nps.
The boys wander the corridors trying to find the elusive CPL (Central Processing Laboratories) and are constantly surprised by hordes of guards, automatic gun cameras and laser trackers. All these have to be blasted out with different ammunition. Occasionally they chance upon machine-gun nests, tanks and doors which require special treatment, but do signify the end of a section.
Walk Like a Man It is not the shooting - which is delightfully loud - and the mapping that makes NP so impressive, but the fluid movement of the characters. Walking is seen from three, slightly different, perspectives, also the shoulders dip as the gun sweeps around and the Nps fly backwards, blood gushing, when shot. Each frame of movement has been well thought out and animated, to create realism and heighten tension.
The computer the Nps carry is supposed to free the joystick for fighting and moving. Yet the 'computer' is very sensitive and typing errors earn an 'unknown command' message. This leaves you expecting a missile, but nothing happens; very embarrassing and dangerous.
In the second stage the ordinary soldiers are replaced by hardened mercenaries. This toughness is not be sneered at as it ensures hours of play, but it's only for the determined and not just thrill seekers.
Narco Police requires repeated playing at first to find the right route and then some hard blasting to make it through. The correct munitions must be selected, the right tunnels chosen and all the battles won. Backed up by great animation and sound effects the Narco Police should be shooting for the top. Trenton Webb iirns TTTJ Ui Instead of enemies leaping down from the ceilings or remote machine-guns popping out of the walls occasionally, a terminal drops from the ceiling. This allows one team to help their fellow Narco Police by deactivating obstacles that lie in other corridors. This
terminal can deactivate the machine-guns (DG). Deactivate the cameras
(DC) , open doors (0), check the team's stats (S) and call up a
map (M). This way only one of the teams has to carry explo
sives and the other two take the heat off them as they try
to reach the labs.
Great animation and loud sounds.
Strategy and shooting combined for thoughtful slaughter.
Rather tough and the going gets slow.
Troopers occasionally refuse to respond to commands.
Twitchy 'computer' makes life a lot harder than it should be.
Approaching the JCB- type scenery near the end ol level two givas a prime example of the amount of work that has gone into producing the graphics for Z-Out. But don't hang around looking at the pretty pictures for too long, or those vicious aliens will have your head!
Rainbow Arts £24.99 ¦ Joystick igh quality scrolling shoot- em-ups are few and far between these days. The days when every other game had you flying a lone fighter craft into the depths of danger to save the universe are long gone. But to be honest it would be a shame if the genre died out completely, so it's nice to see a shoot-em-up as impressive as Z-Out.
H X, Y and Zee The game continues the story from Rainbow Arts' previous blast. X-Out (which wasn't pronounced Crossout after all). The enemy forces on the Alpha Centauri moon have been destroyed which has thwarted their invasion plans.
Celebrations however are short since signs of heavy military movements on the surface of the planet itself have been detected.
You are the head of the newly formed Z-Out attack team. It is your responsibility to attack the planet surface and put paid to the enemy forces plans of attack once and for all.
The High Command thought buying weaponry and ships from an independent dealer held up military planning and so now have decided to cut out the middle man on the latest mission and have come up with their very own fighter craft and weapon systems.
The mission begins when you are dropped at the outer reaches of the first defence zone, armed with a simple front cannon. As you progress deeper into enemy territory you will come across various power-ups which contain weapons that can be bolted onto your ship to improve its firepower. The first item you pick up gives your ship a front-mounted pod, which protects you from bullets and smaller enemies and can be added to with further pick-ups.
If this all seems familiar, then that s probably because it is! In fact Z-Out is pretty much your standard progressive weapon shoot-em-up.
But originality isn't really the point with a game of this type, the mam emphasis has to be on the look and feel of the game.
Sating Z-Out is making the best use of the additional weapons.
J if O' -V BOUNCING FLAMES - EXTRA LIFE - FUSION BOMB - shoot out diagonally an er...extra lite. Fires splitting and bounce off the boomerang shots, CREEP BOMB - shoots Hames that follow the outline of any scenery they hit.
ROTATOR - causes your drone and satellites to tum into a rotating shield.
- shoots ftames that move up and down in sync with your ship.
STREAKER - fires a lightning bolt.
The satellites can also fire them on the second power- level.
Lovely Plumage The first thing that hits you about Z-Out is the incredible amount of work that has gone into the game's stunning graphics.
Some of the sprites and backgrounds are simply outstanding, making the game look like it should be standing in an arcade rather than on a home computer.
Fortunately, the care taken over the appearance doesn't mean the rest of the game has lost out.
The sound effects and music that back the action are equally impressive, with some atmospheric tunes to set the tone of the frantic action.
The title music contains the best piano sample I've heard in a piece of Amiga music, but then you’d expect the sound to be good coming from Chris Hulsbeck who is the creator of the superb music tool TFMX.
So the presentation’s good, but what of the gameplay? Well to tell the truth...it’s extremely enjoyable!
The sign of a good shoot-em-up is when the collision detection is spot on and the control feels fluid, and when you are shot playing Z-Out Superb arcade-style sound and graphics.
Fluid joystick control and absolutely spot-on collision detection.
Simultaneous two player team' mode.
Powerful array of weapons to blast the evil alien hordes.
Extremely addictive gameplay keeps you hooked for hours.
You know that you're to blame for being hit! Not since Xenon II back In September 1989 has such an impressive shoot-em-up appeared on the Amiga - and that’s one of the best games ever!
Maff Evans One of the best scrolling blasts for some time.
Peer pressure can be a powerful thing. Take young Chip McCallahan for example. He will do just about anything for Melinda the Mental Marvel, climb high mountains, slay dragons and...er...join her computer club.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Unfortunately membership of the "Bit Busters" computer club is highly exclusive and extensive tests must be undergone before anyone is allowed to join.
But one day while Chip is innocently eating his lunch in the school cafeteria, Melinda sits next to him and offers him the chance of becoming a member of the Bit Busters. Naturally he says “Yes!".
This is where the gameplay begins. Chip must complete a sequence of nine tutorial missions.
These are just to get him into the swing of things before he goes on to the more complex levels.
IDS 3 TIME : |HBB CHXPS 1 4 1 4 1 4 »_. ?_!• _ LLLL 1 I I-- CHIP'S CHALLENGE US Gold £24.99 ¦ Joystick The game takes the form of an overhead-view maze game, with Chip having to collect a set number of microchips before finding the exit. Unfortunately the chips are hidden in fairly inaccessible locations, with a series of puzzles needing to be solved before they can be collected.
Obstacles such as water channels, icy floors, balls of fire and creepy bugs must be encountered along the way, but with a quick mind and a quicker bit of joystick wielding and Chip can win through.
The puzzles are easy to complete on the first few levels, but as soon as you hit the more complex stages then things get a mite more difficult. Trying to work out the route through the mazes and sussing out how to use the objects you find is pretty enjoyable and should keep those who are into a bit of mental torture playing for quite a while - especially as there are over 140 levels to complete!
The graphics aren't exactly outstanding and the tune could become a tad annoying after a while, but don't let that put you off having a go.
Chip's Challenge is just the thing to while away the cold winter evenings - just watch that you don't end up sitting there all night and keep on playing so as "just to beat this puzzle”, otherwise your family will probably get rather annoyed with you!
Matt Evans TOOLS OF THE TRADE One thing you have to master in Chip’s Challenge is how to use the various objects. Quito often keys are not the only way to got past a blocked path!
KEYS - open the relevant coloured door, but can only be used once.
MAGNET - allows Chip to walk freely on moving floors.
U ICE BOOTS - allow Chip to walk on ice without slipping.
WATER SHIELD - lets Chip wade through water without fear of drowning.
FIRE SHIELD - provides Chip with a rather useful asbestos suit.
DIRT BLOCKS - just the thing to bridge water, blow up bombs and deflect the odd nasty!
¦ ? Simple sound and graphics portray the action adequately, but don't amaze.
? Starts off easily enough to allow you to get into the feel of the game, but soon becomes a lot tougher.
? Requires a lot of thinking as well as quick reaction to get through some of the more devious puzzles.
? Seems rather simplistic at first, but soon becomes rather addictive.
.95 ('lock Version £34.95 A590 HARD DRIVE ONLY .95 AMIGA 500 STANDARD PACK ? A500 computer * 512k RAM * 1Mb disk drive *
* mouse * modulator *
* power supply * operation-manuals * a
* workbench disks, etc. * £339 A MI G A *Uses la,es! 4 ctllD
* Memory on off switch 1 T F Cl * 0t ,lon ot t attery 2
1V1-LV-1 backed dock UPGRADE : Vs« UrTee BOARD *Ne*5w*rlow[ f'‘
* Official Commodore hard drive
* Sockets for 2Me RAM » Complete with *-ee sofr*are pack
* Buiit-n P S U cookng fan c ~ n £269.95 MOVE OVER TURTLES -
* Amiga as in standard pack
* Days of Thunder
* Shadow of the Beast II
* Back to the Future II
* Nightbreed
* Deluxe Paint II All for the incredible price of £369 .95 PLUS
exclusive to Dowling
* BATMAN the Movie
* INDIANA JONES and the Last Crusade Take the pack on the left
featuring Robocop etc and add re following: EXCLUSIVE DOWLING
Total RRP of games over £229 PLUS
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for the unbeatable price of £399 .95 AMIGA "FIRST STEPS"
* Music Mouse
* Amiga Logo
* Talking Turtles
* Lets Spell at Home
* BBC Emulator
* Ten CBM disks
* Amiga as in standard pack
* A501 0.5Mb upgrade
* Pro-write 2.5
* Deluxe Paint II
* Deluxe Print II
* Infofile All this for just £529.95 PHILIPS * Converts your
1084S 8833 into a colour T.V.
T. V. TUNER ? Complete with aerial and plug
* Free 1 years on-site maintenance £69.95
* Replacement mouse by contriver
* Free mousemat
• Free mousehouse AMIGA RRP £34.95 MOUSE * Fuil 1 year guarantee
OCR PRICE £19 .95 AMIGA PERIPHERAL PACK A must for every Amiga
user ? 1 2 Meg upgrade board RRP £49.95 Giving
your Amiga a full 1 meg of RAM |* CAX354 CUMANA DISK DRIVE RRP
£89.95 Renowned as the 'best' on the market |* Box of 50 DS. DD
disks .RRP £39.95 High quality, individually
wrapped disks iTotal RRP £179.95 OUR PRICE £99.95 An ideal gift
SG19 ISA Being Star registered dealers we only sell official UK
machines which come with a full 1 year guarantee. Beware of
inferior imported products.
Mi ¦¦ $ kmr COMPI'TI K PKINTFRS OUR PRICE PRINTERS RRP £229.95 £149.95 £263 35 £169.95 £297.85 £189.95 £343.85 £229.95 £573.85 £389.95 £527.85 £369.95 £688.85 £459.95 £688.85 £459.95 £907.35 £599.95 £2172.35 £139995 £74 75 £59.95 £5.95 £3.95 £7.95 £5.95 £7 95 £5.95 £7.95 £595 Star LC10 Mono 144 36 cps Star LC10 II 25% faster version Star LC10 colour, 7 colours Star LC24-10 • 24 pin multifont Star LC24-15 wide carriage version of LC24-10 . Star FRIO 300 76 cps. 31K buffer, 16 NLQ fonts
• Star FR15 wide carriage version of FRIO
• Star XB24-10 professional 24 pin series, 27K buffer
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• Star LS08 LASER PRINTER 1Mb Ram. 300 x 300 dpi Star LC10 sheet
feeder (auto) Star LC10 mono ribbons Star LC10 colour ribbons
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£2 p&p for orders under.
.IL THE NEW 200 SERIES FROM §mr "The best printers just got better!"
LC24-200 COLOUR FACT FILE Jr Multi-purpose colour version of the 24-pin LC24-200
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10 resident letter quality fonts: Sansenf, Times Roman,
Courier, Prestige, Script and italic versions Jr Eelctronic dip
switches operable from the push button front control panel (as
the LC24-200 mono version) Optional font cards including
Russian Jr Standard black ribbons available for economy
purposes OUR PRICE £279.95 LC-200 FACT FILE
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_Y Black and colour ribbons included as standard : Electronic
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letter quality .Y High speed draft facility 225 cps at 12 cpi
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resident NLQ fonts: Courier, Sanserif, Orator.
Script and italic versions LC24-200 FACT FILE ,Y Versatile 24-pin 80 column dot matrix printer ,Y 200 cps in draft elite 67 cps in letter quality mode
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feed .Y Advanced paper parking with sheet feeder installed Jr
The economy of first and last line printing Jr 7 K-byte buffer
expandable to 39K-bytes Jr 11.7" carriage (A4 in landscape
format) „Y Multi-part mode for 1 + 4 copies ? ????????????
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* "Made in Japan" Media ? Fully Guaranteed CUMANA CAX 354
* Latest slimline design
* High Speed Access
* Acknowledged as 'the best" RRP £89.95 SCOOP £59 ATARI ST
VERSION £69.95 MUSIC X SCOOP Music X Junior .....£79.95
....£34.95 Music X 1.1 £149.95 ....£59.95 4 Port
Midi Interface....£29.95.....£14.95 HURRY STOCKS LIMITED
COMMODORE 1084S OR PHILIPS 8833 MKII ? Stereo Colour Monitor ?
Can be used as a TV with Tuner ? Includes Amiga ST cables RRP
£299.00 p°rVcre £249.95 PRICE PLEDGE I We know the majority of
you prefer to buy from us I but are sometimes tempted by
smaller companies I offering a £1 or so price difference. That
is why we | have now introduced our "PRICE PLEDGE" "WE WILL
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| * ESTABLISHED OVER 4 YEARS With a growing reputation tor "putting the customer first. We intend to satisfy many more customers for years to come | * TECHNICAL SUPPORT ON-SITE ENGINEERS Employing over 20 specialist staff, we are equipped to deal with the majority of queries | * FULL TESTING PROCEDURE All computer hardware is tested prior to despatch, proving Dowlings commitment to customer care So choose Dowling and put our reputation to the test!
TELESALES ORDER LINE 0767 681760 (8 lines) SCREENPLAY PLAYERS Krisalis £19.99 ¦ Joystick I IP" The Arena. The letterboxes at each end are the goals, and the central divide is a force-field type thingy. Through that hole in the wall, a referee's face is peering. Each Botic is in the start-up position, and the ball is semi-hidden on court. But it's still a jumped-up Pong, really.
Virtual reality of cyberpunk and the sweet niceness of cutesy graphics.
You must amass five wins to go to the next round, facing even harder opponents. The arenas remain the same; ifs just the more skilful computer opponent which makes the game harder.
You have the ability to electrify your robot. This sends the ball bouncing towards the enemy at a huge rate of knots.
If the ball ever comes to a halt on the surface of the arena, a steel plate slams it towards one of the participants. Thus the game contin- ues until someone has lost the required number of games.
The rewards for playing well appear simply to be the chance to play in another, different coloured arena. What is wrong with Botics is there is just absolutely nothing addictive about it.
Combination of cuteness and futuristic metal doesn't work. There are many frills and baubles which give the unfortunate impression of filling space, and fleshing out what is otherwise a fairly simple reworking of the oldest computer game of all. James Leach EZU2E1
• • 'U ? Sound is all right ? Graphics are fine.
? Playability suffers after one game.
? There just isn't enough variety.
? This game format died when chips replaced valves (almost).
N the future, people aren’t really going to want to see more and more extreme forms of sport. Violence will be distasteful; death unacceptable. In the future, people are going to want to watch robots playing Pong.
Pong, if you don't have memory circuits that stretch that far back, was a game involving two paddles and a bouncing ball. You batted the ball to your opponent; he batted it to you. First one to let out a jaw-cracking yawn loses.
But in the year 2085, people yearn for the quiet life. They demand a return to the days of Pong. But Pong played by real people might be too exciting, so they invent robots which can do it. Steel robots, steel arena, steel balls.
Reality of Cyberpunk Also, time has added a third dimension to the game. Pong is played in a box-like oblong arena with letterbox-shaped apertures on each far wall. These are what the ball is aimed at. Thus you must not only ludge left and right, but the up.
Down and bounce angles too. The paddles are cybernetic robots, as is the ball. All have little faces, no doubt to marry together the harsh You wouldn’t like me when I'm angry, said the demon and promptly set about laying waste to the land to prove it. It is the king’s land you must save and the demon is the person who you must defeat in the standard issue-crisis scenario.
The long-winded mission begins with a gallop across the countryside as your ill-equipped adventurer rides his white steed as fast as he can. For such a small-time hero (to begin with, at any rate), he's quite a large sprite and rides a compara lively large horse.
Both traverse a background of eleven levels of parallax, in a very smooth execution of the technique.
As he rides towards almost certain death, he’s assaulted by gargoyles who drop on him from above, and he must persuade his mount to jump obstacles and has to grab up from the ground any useful items he passes by.
Hobnoblin’ The Goblin After the prolonged hand and eye coordination this level demands, you scroll onto level two, in which two goblins attack you by your campfire. The first comes for you with a sword and a grin that has the words "Kick me" written all over it.
The second remains on the right of the screen, hurling daggers and swords that you have to duck down or leap over during your combat with "Kick Me".
It’s a difficult bash. Neither gobbo presents much of a target and when you take a hit, you’re either knocked backwards or even off your feet altogether.
You begin level three by entering the hole inhabited by a large blue lounge lizard with terminally obstructive tendencies. However, he’s not much of an opponent in spite of his intimidating bulk. The hit that sees him off reduces him to the insignificant stature of a flea- sized sprite who immediately makes a sharp exit stage left.
It's a shame he leaves because he then misses out on the arrival of a blond ’n’ blue floating bimbo on business from the boss.
Unfortunately, all she does is deliver bad news (to wit: one recently captured princess must also be rescued) and shoots off before you can say, “My name's Horn The Enormous, what time do you knock off?” These first three levels, though they're fun to play a few times, don’t have much in the way of staying power and amount to nothing more than false starts. But big time hack-'n'-slay comes your way from here on in, though, so the sooner you can finish the first three levels Any courier service that uses dematerializing damsels to deliver news updates gets my vote. But despite the apparent
plot twist, it was destined to happen and you just have to live with it. Not another princess who needs to be rescued? Don t they ever learn?
WRATH OF Readysoft £29.99 ¦ Joystick Why you wandtr into this blue meanie's pad is never adequately explained, though the lack of transport is. Apparently, the gobbos from level Iwojwho you deftly dispatched only moments ago) scared off your horse. Anyway, just to prove that size isn't important, concentrate on belly and head hits (running away between each one) and ol’ pot belly here will soon come a cropper. (Fortunately, he must have just finished gargling some Listerine because he can't breathe fire.)
And save your game the better (you can load and save during the between level screens). Unlike the single screens of previous levels, true parallax scrolling adventure starts here. And ends, most likely, because it's vicious. You can travel in either direction, just to make things difficult, and there are hordes of monsters so horrible they would make an appearance by Jeremy Beadle look good.
If the 600th location carries as half as much conviction as the first does, then any amount of effort you put into getting there will have been well worth it. Sean Masterson THE DEMON SHADOW OF THE OTHER GAME Wrath ot the Demon spans five disks and boasts 500 locations.
Only one disk is required at a time, lower levels loading one at a time, later ones demanding the odd game-freezing access. Disk one contains a Psygnosis-style intro sequence but nothing else. This delivers in terms of high-quality animation but it’s already been outclassed by The Killing Game Show. The similarity between Readysoffs latest and the efforts of the Liverpudlian lads doesn't end there The soundtrack, courtesy of David Whittaker, is a subconscious repose of the one he wrote for Shadow of the Beast. But more disappointingly, the gameplay is remarkably similar too, and is flawed
in the same respect. Most of the hazards and obstacles are entirely predictable after one play, which means there's never any reason to go back to a level you've completed and play it again. The only reason for struggling on is to get another eyeful of gorgeous graphics. Fortunately, in this case, that reason is good enough.
Our hero's final moments are captured as he hurls himself in the path of level four’s snot balloons. The monsters are superb.
? Stunning but ostentatious intro.
? Moody soundtrack you've heard before somewhere.
? Breathtaking graphics, animated or otherwise.
? An essential save- game facility.
? Restricted gameplay.
85% On the long scrolling road to the Demon's lair, the appearance of monsters like this hunched skeleton become predictable - but not necessarily easier to defeat.
Level one is a hand-eye coordination test but what an example of one! The animation is designed to induce instantaneous frothing from the mouths of all who see it. Keep those tissues handy.
LA' After receiving the elusive Format Gold award in Issue 14, Damocles has captured the imagination of many a budding space adventurer. The four possible solutions included on the main disk are extremely taxing and will take some playing before they're completed, but what happens when you've finished them all?
Well here’s the answer.
A Longer Thread Dedicated Damocles adventurers can now add a little extra spice to the game with an additional mission disk. All the missions are based on the same general scenario, but with a few added problems for you to solve.
The first of this new batch poses a particularly difficult poser.
Professor Hantzen, the inventor of the powerful Novabomb, has heard that you are going to attempt to save Eris from the comet. Now for some reason he has taken rather a dislike to you and would rather see Eris destroyed than let you get your grubby mitts on the reward.
To thwart your plans, he has stolen the Eagle ship and placed the Novabomb on top of the Spaceport's tower...with an explosive strapped to it! You have only ten minutes to find enough money to buy a new ship and fly to the tower and defuse the explosive - a tricky task even for the most experienced mercenaries.
S' MISSION DISK 1 Novagen £9.99 ¦ Requires Damocles Game Disk solutions for those of you who are particularly squeamish!
If you've played Damocles to death and want more of the same sort of challenge, then it’s well worth you shelling out another tenner for this collection of little sub-plots. They do add a surprising new element to an already enthralling game. Mafl Evans ? Carries on in the same devious tradition as the original game.
? Tests even the most adept Damocles players.
? Includes full briefings and solutions for the faint-hearted.
? Provides a wicked new challenge for those who are becoming tired of the same old scenarios.
? What, only a tenner?
Cor! Strewth!
Nefarious Deeds This devious twist is |ust the kind of thing that makes the extra missions worthwhile. The original game took a great deal of thought and skill to beat, but the five extra scenarios included on the mission disk make it seem like a piece of...er...cake (yes. That's it. Cakel.
Those of you who have only managed to get to grips with the game after a lot of hard work and don't fancy putting their brains through more torture don't need to worry though. The disk contains full mission briefings and even dict 6 tsw LOTUS 94% C & VG. 94% Raze Raw. 90% ST fiction Avyard. 90% .Zero Haro. 88% Amiga Action Award.1 . TOYOTA C & VG Hit. Flmrag Action Award. ST Action Award. More To Follow. * , ' TFAMT SUZUKI.... Prepare To Be Amazed.... APPROVED AND LICEHCEd oDUCT OF GROllP ENDORSED BY TOYOTA (68) LTD.
S TOYOTA (rahrJmptcssivesuperb fast polygon ENDORSED ByiSU2UKl£RAHD PRIX TEAM GREMLIN GRAPHICS SOFtWARE LTD. CARVER HOUSE. 2-4 CARVER STREET. SHEPFIELD S1 f»FS TEL: (0742) 751423 ONLY £7.9 CHART TOPPIK GAMES FjORtYCp Psygnosis £24.99 ¦ Joystick Passing some ancient comer from the air-lorce base!
Dusty scenery, IN THE SHOP Ano-holds-barred race to the death, where all rammed spectators mean is extra points.
Where have we heard that before? Well anyone who remembers the classic racer film Death Race 2000 will recognise it as the basic plot of the movie. However, that’s where the connection between the film and Psygnosis’ game ends. Nitro is an overhead- view, three-player driving game in a similar mould as Super Sprint and Sega’s Hot Rod.
Let ‘er Rip!
The championship contest is set over 30 races, starting in the city streets, then moving on to forest, desert and finally post-holocaust disaster scenes.
The game features some rather nice, colourful little sprites scooting over some well drawn, smoothly scrolling pieces of scenery. The track is littered with all manner of obstacles, from traffic cones and manhole covers to oil slicks and piles of rubble. You have to choose the appropriate vehicle for the terrain and then zoom out and let 'er rip.
The plan is to smash your way through the pack and get across the line first. Those are all the rules, so smashing, barging and using short cuts are all acceptable!
Even though the idea of Nitro is simple, the game is good fun.
The usual classy intro you'd expect from Psygnosis is still there, but it seems that with Nitro they have put the emphasis more heavily on the gameplay.
Playing against the computer drivers is tough enough, but the game really comes into its own when you race against human opponents - then you'll learn just what kind of people your friends really are! Maff Evans ? Graphics are colourful and well drawn and help portray the racy action.
? Enjoyable and competitive gameplay, especially with three human players.
? An addictive and playable translation of a tried and tested theme.
? The best race game of its type - even better than official coin-op conversions.
84% VERDICT SCREENPLAY- I y I part ot a steel framed exo- I suit. The bobby on the beat is encased in an armoured shell, with a rapid-firing machine-gun bolted on. The softly-softly approach is a thing of the past; you shoot first and don't bother with the asking questions bit.
Eswat is set firmly in the future, though how near in the future is anyone's guess. The transition from cop to the Eswat squad is not easy though. You have to fight your way through the ranks, adding stripes to your arm as you go. Only the cream of the crop are picked for these special duties.
Three notorious bad guys need to be given a stretch in the slammer - and you, ambitious to move through the ranks as quickly as possible, are determined to put them there. If you manage to bag larir: CajJjJY: “ these bad guys (taking out half the city’s less desirable citizens on the way) then you're transformed into the tin-foil terror.
Eswatting Up The game does seem rather easy.
Maybe it’s all the power-ups you’re given, but even on your first ever go the levels seem to fly by and, consequently, making it to Eswat stage is not really a problem. When you do reach those dizzy heights, the game changes little. You still have the same moves, and are still just as vulnerable to attack - even in your shiny metal suit. It's just the graphics that have changed, not the gameplay.
Both the before and after sections have cases of extra ammunition scattered around.
These come in very handy, as bullets are scarce, especially in Eswat mode - your rapid-firing machine- gun really spews lead. They're often placed on ledges though. To get onto the ledges you need to perform a jump-and-grab manoeuvre. This feat is particularly difficult as it involves pushing either left or right with up and fire simultaneously. If you mistime one of the moves by even a split second, and you will end up doing something else instead.
Not Much Cop Sprites are large, but not brilliantly animated. The two cops show up well against the backgrounds, and there’s no danger of confusing which one's which - player one is blue, two is red.
Not an awful lot happens during the game. Lots of people get shot, the big baddie is confronted.
And then the whole scenario is repeated. Eswat is a fine arcade conversion. The question that needs to be asked is: was the arcade machine much cop in the first place: Adam Waring ? Sprites are large, but a bit jerky.
? The levels are a bit too easy to get through.
? The promotion to Eswat status changes little gameplay wise.
? The occasional digitised speech sample livens up an otherwise dull sounding game.
There's very little variety - all levels are the same.
INTRODUCING THE EXCITING NEW Micro-Power Drives No fans or external power required, extra rugged Autobooting SCSI Interlace A2000 performance with no DMA problems Optional Dedicated External Power Amiga Bus Pass-Through External SCSI port allows up to 7 SCSI devices Game Switch lets you turn drive oft and leave RAM enabled 1 2, 1, or 2MB RAM On-Board with 256K x 4 DRAM 2, 4, or 8MB RAM with Add-On RAM Board using 1MB x 4 DRAM THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 500 PERIPHERAL!
With a SupraDrive 500XP™, your computing life will change forever.
You'll be able to use software that your computer simply couldn’t run before, including paint, digitizing, and animation programs that need more RAM. You'll spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for it to transfer files and load programs, because the SupraDrive 500XP transfers data up to 40 times faster than floppy disk drives.
You can easily add up to 8MB RAM, additional Amiga bus peripherals (like digitizers), or SCSI peripherals (like removable media, tape backups, or addon hard drives). And if you need help, you can count on Supra's knowledgeable, friendly technical support staff and one year warranty.
Available at your local stockist, or call: Ll Supra corporation 0101-503 9679075 SupraDrive 500XP is a trademark ot Supra Corporation.
Amiga is a registered trademark ot Commodore-Amiga. Inc. 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321, USA Telefax: 0101-503-926-9370 Cartoons are wonderful things - they make us laugh and keep a lot of people happy. So what happens when someone makes them bad and unhappy? Cartoon heroes like Arme the car have to go and make them good again, that's what.
This cute little platform game is based well in the cartoon mould, with some colourful sprites and backgrounds to portray the action.
You take control of the cutely drawn little hero in his quest to save Cartoon World and defeat the evil Captain Grim, In order to turn the land into an evil place, Grim has sabotaged various pieces of cartoon scenery, from the building sites to the land of toys. You must visit all the locations driving over all the platforms to turn the place back to normal.
Stunt Car Jumper Arme's good intentions hit a snag however, because his brakes don't work, which means that once he starts moving, he can't stop! He can jump though, enabling him to pass from platform to platform, happily returning them to their natural state.
If Arme restores all the platforms in a sector, then he can break through and rescue one of his cartoon friends - accompanied by a rather crap gag!
CAR-VUP Core Design ¦ £24.99 Joystick This would be easy to achieve, except that Grim is still watching the little hero, and throws in the odd baddy to try and stomp on him. Also, if Arnie takes to long over a particular location, then the Turbo Demon will appear and chase him to his death.
Unfortunately, the friendly helicopter can't go and pick him up until he’s completed his task in the area. Oh dear!
Things are made easier by the occasional bonus item that Arme can pick up to help him on his way.
These include weapons that can be used by the hands that drive Arme around, ranging from front-firing guns and smart bombs to magical tokens which can freeze all the enemies on the level for a while.
Sometimes letters will float down the screen which, when they are all collected, give Arme an extra life or score bonus.
To The Boing-Mobile!
Although it sounds simple, Car-Vup's gameplay is rather good fun. Despite its simplicity, the game is quite tough and it'll be quite a while before Arnie can beat all the levels to finally confront the evil Captain Grim. It's great fun ploughing through the levels though, since each sector is portrayed by incredibly individual graphics, ranging from the lovely pastoral garden scenes to the colourful Rubik's Cube and Stickle- Bnck backgrounds of Toy Land.
Cartoons are great, and Car-Vup captures the feel of them superbly. Forget the paint and celluloid for five minutes and get into Toon fun with Arme and his cute fnends Maff Evans ? Simple but addictive gameplay is great fun to get into.
? Cute and colourful graphics capture the feel of cartoons perfectly.
? Easy to get into, but quite difficult to beat.
? Meep! Meep! Brrrrm!
What a laugh!
TOON TOOLS E ffi ® 0 ° 0 0 S EJECTOR SEAT SPARE TYRES - OIL CAN - GUN - (ires a BIG FENDA - MORTAR - Fires a DEPTH CHARGE - shell in an arc Destroys enemies killing whatever on the platform H hits. Below.
- kill* nasties destroys nasties squirts a slick shot forwards
Allows Amie to above Amie. Behind Amie. Out behind Amie killing
Amie's bump into bad- causing baddies enemies. Dies without to
skid. Dying.
* 1 EXTRA LETTERS - Give Amie an extra life.
BONUS LETTERS - Give Amie a massive bonus.
AmigaDOS Inside & Out Amiga Disk Drives - Inside C Out - a practical guide to disk drive operations. Information about data security, disk drive speedup routines, disk copy protection.
Boot blocks and technical aspects.
30 LINCOLN RD, OLTON, BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA AmigaBASIC - Inside S Out - is THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Each BASIC command is folly described and detailed Some of the topics covered include files and file handling, using pulldown menus, sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the speech commands.
Techniques for advanced BASIC programmers.
554pp Amiga Machine Language is a thorough introduction to udUUOesseinbler programming and is a practical guide for learning to program the Amiga Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture and addressing nodes, making speech and sound from machine language and more. This book is also a perfect companion to our AssemPro machine language development software.
264 pp Abacus Abacus AmigaDOS - Inside 6 Out - covers AmigaDOS in depth so that you can use many of its advanced capabilities for practical applications. Includes a complete reference section detailing all of the DOS commands, information on using the DOS editors - ED and EDIT, creating and using script files and taking advantage of the Amiga's multitasking features.
280pp Send cheques to: Dept af Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings. 46 Fenwick Street Liverpool L2 7NB
(051) 236 0480
(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax HORROR ZOMBIES FROM THE CRYPT
MILLENNIUM £24.99 ¦ Joystick Spooks, spirits, zombies,
ghosts, ghouls, demons, devils, mummies, zombies, vampire
lords, zombies, hags and horrible thmgies that live m the
crypt are all about tonight!
They are creeping, crawling and cavorting around the castle of Count Valdemar, over six spookily scarifying levels.
¦ T“ *f 1,1 "£
• * * -- , ff -V tiim vw »iw 9pi i ¦ ..... ¦ iin i iwi * . Jam
njt % ¦ • 1- « r 1 1
- 22_' » Vald' works his way to the roof and the end of level
two. He wants to raise a flag to alert the nearby village, but
first he must kill the mad hag with a rock hurling fetish. This
will involve some neat jumping, expert timing and a great deal
of luck if he is to escape the horror.
In an arcade adventure scare- em-up the Count (you) must collect magic skulls, so that the spooks can be buried with dignity along with the rest of their bodies.
Special tiptoe boots, daggers (large or small sir?), keys, zombie disguise potions and iewels are available to help Vald' clear his ancestral home of things that go bump in the night, day and anytime mbetween. The game revolves around surviving a maze of horizon- tally-viewed rooms and passages, filled with nasties that leap out and bite the Count in the head.
L Day Of The Dead The scene is set with a cinema intro sequence, the curtains draw back and the credits flick up on screen. A hand pushes up a grave: the dead are rising! This sets the scene for the shock-horror style of the game. Each enemy is a pastiche of a familiar B-Movie friend.
Zombies slide forward with one leg broken and heads lolling on shattered necks. Frankenstein monsters stagger forward, their square shoulders swinging from side to side. Dracula-esque vampire's swoop down from the ceiling tuxedos and capes at the ready.
To back up the strong graphics, authentic corny sounds echo throughout the haunted house.
Trap doors creak the way only trap doors can and screams shatter the silence. The effects are either amusing by their sickening aptness or just purposefully duff.
Zombie Flesh Eaters The quality of the animation and sound is just as well, because, Zombies is tough. When it’s not being tough it's dull. The platform nature of the game and its relatively slow pace means the whole impetus for play lies in the effects.
These are amusing, especially the death scenes which feature a gloriously graphic exploding head, but there are under 20 foes and once you've met them all there is little reason to continue. The puzzles too, tend to be repeats of ideas touched upon earlier in the game, just compounded for greater difficulty and so become irritating and not a fresh challenge.
To call Zombies a spoof game sounds insulting, but it should be viewed as a compliment. They have captured the B-movie (eel, but this theme alone cannot support a game. It makes you laugh, for a while, it puzzles for a time, but in the long run it is not fascinating enough to merit long term play.
Zombies falls short of the standards of puzzle-play set by Millennium in their last release James Pond, although it has equal, if not greater, graphic humour.
Trenton Webb Good idea, supported with strong graphics.
Amusing and apt sound effects.
Repetitive puzzles and monsters on the later COUNT YORE BLESSINGS Fun idea that can't take the strain of supporting a standard platform romp.
S. T.U.N. RUNNER DOMARK £24.99 ¦ Joystick Spread Tunnel
Underground Network Runners are a new kind of hero, or so
those Tengen coin-op people would have us believe. Boy racers
of the future, they hurtle along in highspeed bobsleds
through specially created tunnels crammed with everything from
tube trains to aggro droids. As a STUN Runner you face 24
challenging levels of twists and turns, ramps and runs.
That’s the story, the fact was that STUN Runner came and conquered the arcades a few months back. It was a high-speed challenge that warped minds as boost pads hurled Runners forward at scale speeds of over 900 mph.
The game is simple. You control a motorless craft that skates down a tube. By riding the outside of tunnel walls momentum builds up allowing the STUN sled to reach the end of a section within the time limit. Point scoring stars and highspeed boost pads line the walls of the tunnel and they become increasingly difficult to reach as the game progresses. To gam variety challenges are set on levels that lead to bonus runs. These can be to collect a number of bonus stars, destroying as many drone ships as possible, or giving the Runner a choice of different routes.
Tube Hogs Along the STUN Running road you’ll find wire-frame sections that drag you to a stop and outdoor runs that constrict you in order to test your steering skills. The guns on the front of the sled allow Runners to blast tube hogs out of the way as well as score points.
That’s the theory: a high-speed ramp run in a tube. The practice however is somewhat different.
They are not so much STUN Runners as STUN Joggers, as the game lacks blinding speed. It’s tolerably quick, but lacks the terrifying edge of the arcade, even on boost. Without this uncontrollable pace STUN is little more than a futuristic bobsled run.
The graphics suffer in translation too, the sled for example doesn't take any damage; a feature which seriously hampered your chances in the arcade version. The pick-ups are vague and this hinders the game. The only way to recover time is by collecting boost pads, but if you stray from the racing line to get them and they don’t register, the lost seconds prove critical and extremely annoying.
Shadow of The Beast?
Other factors have been faithfully replicated from the arcade, with varying degrees of success. The sound effects, while tedious, (one ‘bing’ for each and every star of the 134 on the first stagel are true to the coin-op.
The maps that are used to introduce your next level are indistinct enough to be useless, but this doesn't hamper gameplay because most routes lead towards the finishing post anyway, but if a feature is there it should serve a purpose.
STUN Runner’s a shadow of its coin-op self. It's pleasant enough, with fun touches, yet these simply tempt thoughts of what might have been. As a playable game it works well but to use the obvious pun, it is never stunning even when run- rwig at full tilt. As a conversion it doesn't come close to emulating the arcade version that churned the stomach and dazzled the eyes.
Trenton Webb ? Jerky update hinders the illusion of speed.
E Good samples and fun futuristic theme.
? Iffy detection for bonus collection.
? Not fast enough to thrill, even on full boost.
? Lacks the killer charisma of the coin-op.
THE SIX REGIONS OF LIN FEN ISLAND This island is the stronghold of Shogun Kunitoki. The Ninja must visit all six in sequence to clear his family name. The locations must be visited in order, as there are items to collect on the early levels that are vital later in the game.
Injas are a secret British obsession. Every video shop has at least one shelf filled with duff films of the black pyjama brigade's antics.
Computer leisure too, has had its fill of shuriken throwers. One of the first, and some would argue one of the best, was Last Ninja from System 3 on the C64.
NINJA SYSTEMS £24.99 ¦ Joystick N Last Ninja II however, was dreadful and scored a surprisingly high 58% in AF14. This technically was System 3's first ninjutsu outing on the 16 bits. Now they have remastered the moves, changed the plot and revamped the graphics and proudly present to you ... Ninja Remix.
Mature Normal Ninja Human Taking control of a small ninja in an isometric 3D world, your hero ninja moves at exactly 45 degrees off from the joystick, an initially confusing necessity of the game. You have to walk and jump the ninja around six different landscapes collecting kit and beating people up.
The ninja is almost, but not quite, totally joystick controlled. Moving is a matter of stick rotation, rolling the ninj' to face the right direction and then pushing to send him on the way. Fighting and collecting is done with the aid of the fire button.
Keystrokes are used to change weapons and objects held.
No More Deadly Hedges The Ninja is vulnerable, but hard.
He has a life meter that is surprisingly generous and takes multiple hits before croaking. Ostensibly, the plot involves jumping over rivers, noticing small but essential objects that lie in the hedgerow and not being killed by the thousands of ninja hunters.
The graphics are massively improved from Ninja II. They work this time! Picking up objects no longer requires pixel-perfect positioning, virtual perfection will now suffice. The isometric environment is more friendly, no more getting killed by 2D rivers in a 3D world.
Fighting has been improved, giving your armed ninj' three battle moves which vary in effect depending on which weapon he holds.
The map is large and the right route must be learnt if you're not in to banging your head against a cartographic brick wall.
Yet Ninja Remix is still only an isometric 3D adventure. It is a long hard challenge and not a trial of speed. Fighting is best avoided because the small sprites make it very hard to see what’s going on.
It's good, but not stunning.
Trenton Webb ? Big arcade adventure with a variety of dexterity challenges.
? Monumental improvement over Last Ninja II, effectively Last Ninja.
? Isometric control system takes concentration to implement well.
? Occasional map glitches cause irritation.
? Save game facility makes the later levels beatable.
LA' Montana takes a bad snap, play fakes to Craig and then throws a long bomb to Rice. Rice rounds two defenders, breaks a tackle and he’s in for the flonkpott. It's just these kind of moves that have made MUDS the only sport real men (or in fact any creature that can run, tackle and fight) play in the land of Ghold.
You take on the role of coach to a squad of fresh-faced MUDSmen. Under your guidance they aim to win the ultimate MUDS prize: the Great Cup. You control everything from the plays on the pitch through to buying new players and bribing referees.
League Violence MUDS is a bit like Rugby League, but more violent. It's played on a pitch 320 gholdfoot wide and 576 long that's divided into seven distinct areas. At each end is a score zone, where a radius plott is found.
In front of the plott is a deep moat filled with water and a very hungry shark. The main playing area consists of an attack and defence zone separated by no-mans land.
Teams must move the flonk up the pitch by passing and running.
When in the attack zone they can either try to throw the flonk into the plott or leap the moat and try and place it in. Both methods score you a floptt; a throw counts for one point, the slamdunk earning two.
The team with the most points wins the game. Alternatively, busting up the other team so badly that they can no longer field five players also wins you the match by default.
Follow The Flonk The game can be controlled in two ways. Firstly you can take charge of a single player and let the rest of your boys work to a predetermined strategie, or flick to the player nearest the flonk. Passing and tackling is via the fire button.
Secondly, a management section has been tacked onto this 'future sport' sim which allows expansion of the game and exploration of the world of Ghold. While on tour you have to keep enough readies rolling in to pay travel taxes, while at home practice has to be undertaken to ensure the squad is ready for the next bout.
The humor in MUDS is enshrined in its graphics and stupid rules. You have to understand the sport to win and learning is fun thanks to the strange and varied species that compose the team.
The animations, though small are full of character and help to make the first initial defeats tolerable.
The problem with MUDS is the disk access. In the heat of battle a new load is needed just to switch It's game on, boys and girls. The funny blue creature passes to the other funny blue creature, who breaks a tackle by the funny white creature. The flonk has been thrown over the moat in a vain attempt to score a floppt.
Unfortunately one of the fastest creatures in the team (white) has been fouled. Look at that ostrich, lying there like a big girl, in Rugby they'd... Rainbow Arts £24.99 ¦ Joystick and mouse charm of MUDS, it may be a slow loader, but once in the game it's easy to find yourself wrapped up in the fantasy world, where ostrich creatures are sporting heroes and bribing the ref is considered sporting conduct. Trenton Webb to the substitutions options menu.
This destroys rhythm and breaks up this fantasy sports game into fragmented sections. This is at its worst when saving out successful teams to disk. Apparently to discourage 'cheating' the coders designed the game to crash after a save, forcing you to load the whole thing - copy protection and all - back in to continue play. Even disk problems cannot disguise the rm'-] n m Amusing graphics and good design make MUDS an exciting sports sim.
Management section is novel and humorous.
A rarity indeed!
Slow disk access and crazy save game procedure irritate.
A different fantasy world that’s explored with sport and not swords.
WHAT DID MUDS - Short for Mean Ugly Dirty Sport.
Flonk - Small pterodactyl used as a ball.
Plott - A big bucket used as a goal.
Flonkpott - A scoring move where a flonk (qv) is put in the plott (qv).
Floptt - Abbrv. Of Flonkpott (qv).
Ghold - The world where MUDS is played (qv).
Gholdmunz - Monetary unit.
Brue - beer.
Gorden - Where your team is based.
Gholdfoot - Universal unit of measurement.
The Great Cup - The MUDS equivalent of the FA Cup or Superbowl.
Dneprodzerzhinsk - A city in the USSR. Pop. 279 000.
WE'VE GOT THE 61 Gainsborough Rd Finchley, London, N12 8AA DIRECT LTD THE POWER HOUSE ¦¦ SCREEN GEMS ...rrp C399.00 CHECK OUT THE 3 Includes: Amiga 500 • 256K ROM • ' 12k RAM • I Internal .5.5' 8K0K drive •Clock speed 12-1 Mil • H Mouse • TV Modulator • TWO control pons for ¦ mouse joystick or RS232 midi •Parallel Poll »AII I manuals PLUS ¦ Shadow of the Beast II RRP 12-190 ¦ Night lireed RRP ±2 I 99 ¦ Days of ThunderRRP ±19.99 Back to the Future II * RRP 19 99 PLUS Deluxe Paint II RRP ±49.95 +*f* POWER PRICE only £359.99 CLASS OF THE 90 s FIRST STEPS...rrp £599.99 II's
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Release the true potential of your Amiga ally tested Q- 2 month guarantee impact design -
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ill GREAT games: Datastorm. Dungeon Quest, E-Motion. Grand
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For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair (including parts and labour) and delivery back to you.
And, as a special bonus, you can receive a free piece of software if you contact us before January 31st 1991.
The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
Please be ready to give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.
The cost is £49.95 for an Amiga 500 and £39.95 for a C54. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card.
FREE SOFTWARE And remember, if you call before January 31st, you can claim a FREE piece of software.
0733 391234 FMG House Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 0SF £49.95 COVERS ANY REPAIRS o Commodore Eco Phantoms could be called the world's first zeppelin simulator. On return to earth, after a long space voyage, the planet Is found in the hands of a strange race of mineral pirates who are bleeding the earth dry.
Having stolen one of their ships you must try and stop them and ultimately reverse the process.
The game is almost a flight sim, nearly an adventure game but most definitely a test of management skills. But effectively it's all three, as you pilot the Eco zeppelin around the gullies left by the Eco Phantom’s mining. As well as the flying and fighting, there are a number of tasks that must be completed in conjunction with different parts of the ship. This will keep it running and enable you to fulfil your vengeful cause. The game is initially off-putting because ECO PHANTOMS ELECTRONIC ZOO £24.99 ¦ Mouse - * .
T « r O You can keep rescued humans in the passenger hold as well as a stock of supplies. The people have to be continuously fed and watered, so you have to keep slipping back to this screen to give them a snack. They also provide a work force for the various rooms of the ship.
And rooms within the ship to either raid for supplies or fix malfunctions. This means the game is never fast, but it is intense.
If there are no ships whizzing all over the screen to dazzle the eyes then there has to be compensation. Here it is the depth and weirdness of the whole game. The ship is truly alien, and instead of the standard black and silver of starships, browns and greens are it is so alien. You've taken over another species ship so all the con- trols are suited to them and not humans. So the manual must be read, and tentative forays made into the gullies of Africa (the first of the three locations you attack) before you start playing properly.
The whole game is matter of mapping your trail through the ruins of the planet, while swapping back to the various control panels ? A hardcore thinkers game - with a "right on' green theme.
? Wonderfully different graphics, and a curiously odd plot.
? Many genres compressed together make for complex gameplay.
? Alien' controls take a lot of understanding, ? Fiddly to control, but worth the effort.
The total disregard that the Eco Phantoms have for the world which they pillage has led to a strange virus mutation. It attacks metal and your ship will eventually become infected. So you will need to monitor the ships for signs of corrosion and use the lab to try and find a cure. Viruses must be stopped quickly so as not to hinder the ship's functions.
You interface with the world of the Eco Phantoms via the robots aboard your ship. There are four types all with differing strengths. Armed with shields and lasers they are sent on a mission once you enter an installation. This is a raid to obtain computer access codes and plant explosives. It is also a source of supplies vital to the zeppelin’s smooth running.
The norm'. This gives the whole affair a Jules Verne flavour which is welcome change.
Eco Phantoms will not appeal to all games players, only grabbing those with a dedicated, strategic mind. Shoot out specialists will hate it. There is shooting action with the robots and in the gullies, but that is not its main appeal, that is down to planning, mapping and thoroughness. Trenton M ebb Secondly, when making a four-way a pleasant jmgly noise is heard and four stars appear on the golden pieces. Thirdly, there’s the Show All Possible Positions option. This doesn't help with strategy but gives you a glimpse of positional play.
As a game of strategy Ishido appears to have one maior flaw, and this can be irritating for the first few plays; it involves an element of luck. You have no idea which stone is coming up next.
However, the more you play the more you realise placing the stones you do have is more important than knowing what you’ve got coming to you.
Very Chinkie It's all very Zen, with an element of Taosim thrown in and that’s enough philosophy for a while. In practice you have to play extraordinarily positionally to achieve anything.
The strategy is unlike anything you would apply to chess, or even Go , with both of these you know what you have to play with. Nope, this calls for blind forward thinking and getting your brain around that alone is worth a few hours with the Stones. Tim Smith
m. nhi ? A mixture of Go, Othello and no game you’ve ever played.
? A definite "not as easy as it looks” ? Excellent graphics with plenty of boards and stonesets to choose.
? It’s irritating having to click on dialogue boxes to remove them.
? Still not as good as chess thought mbabbmmmmms& 'rereil To fa fltftfSMR mm When the Chinese weren't inventing gunpowder, poetry, wall building and outrageous punishments for minor misdemeanours they were inventing games. Not cricket, or nine-man’s-morris, no they came up with Ishido :The Way of the Stones.
It's a puzzle game involving 72 coloured stones being placed on an 10 x 6 squared board.
Additional rows and columns don’t help you score points, they merely provide a border useful for strategic moves. The scoring part of the board is “The Within', while the non-scoring section is known as “The Beyond". You also get bonus points for using all of your stones.
It’s not as simple as whacking stones down willy-nilly. You have to place one stone next to another, diagonals do not count. You also have to match patterns and colours so stones correspond on at least one of these aspects.
There are thousands of ways of doing this but only a few ways of scoring big points.
A Lying Priesty Scores Getting a stone onto The Within will score one point. Getting a two- sided match gives you two points, a three-sider earns you four, and the magic four-way makes eight points. Scoring a four-way opens the route to loads of points. The second four 'er makes 25 points and this works up to a twelfth which earns an astronomical 50,000 points. Anyone who managed 124-ways is either lying or is a 15,000 year old Chinese priest.
There are several ways to play.
In hermit-like solitaire, you play a board on your own. In a tournament, a number of pals take turns to play a board each, trying to get the highest score. The third option is a two-player challenge, in which you and a friend (or the computer) take turns to make moves on the same board. Finally, there is a cooperative mode where you and friends gang up on the machine.
Three elements allow Ishido to lift its digital head above the board game: firstly, you can create stone- sets using the onboard editing facility. This is a challenge in itself and should not be taken lightly.
7] Invw Oiht ON StAT1 Qxht Ov.r Cod o*M*- n : u Soli txirt V ev a ¦ . W . ¦ e Cooptrxt iv» Tourn«Htnt Ch*l1tngt i“ Ano1 n t , Modern Corvutfr P1 Ay»r 1 Con*»u*er Playn X 1 _ Why just challenge the Amiga when you can humiliate your mates as well? So many ways to play from the lurking menu.
THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE "Screen handling is faster than many 286 AT's..." Amiga Format Oct '90 "...The PC board is indeed a very highly compatible n AUI Dec '90 % WE... ? Supply MS-DOS 4.01 GW Basic and shell free ? Supply extra memory free' ? Do not invalidate your Amiga guarantee ? Are continually improving the product with software upgrades ? Run a helpline just for you ? Leave your 68000 processorWAfe WWWWll for other useful internal add-ons At Support of the A590 hard drive and other improvements now incorporated.
Ring for details.
* Available memory: 704KB + 64KB EMS in MS DOS mode. 1 megabyte +
512KB RAM (disk) butter in Amiga mode
* No extra power supply necessary thanks to the most modern CMOS
and ASIC technology
* OK with TV. No special monitor required
* Price: £299.00 Including VAT and portage Access and Visa
* for export price please contact us
* Trade enquiries welcome (UK - Scandinavia - Australia NZ and
all English language.)
Compatibility is excellent, but no-one can guarantee every single program available therefore H your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E if to be returned).
Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Tel: (091) 4901919 4901975.
Fax: (091) 4901918 BD Why Did You Buy An Amiga 500?
; course, because of its superb graphics, music and animation capabilities. However if you ¦¦ant to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional cftware.
Well - They Said It Could Never Happen - But It’s Here At Last!
¦ ou! In your own home can transform your Amiga 500 into a real IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half megabytes.
• s simple - No screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical
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and your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of
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DOS software at speeds (aster than a
- CAT (ind. Review), and in colour, with compatibility thanks to
• ou can also rely on the correct date and time at any moment in
Amiga and MS DOS mode oattery included).
» Video support: monochrome, Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor (CGA) (4 and 8 colours)
• Disk support: internal 3.5" external 3.5" external 51 4" drive.
A590 Hard Drive.
• Including MS DOS 4.01, MS DOS shell and GW Basic (market value
approx £130.00)
• Including English Microsoft books + KCS manual
• Further exciting software upgrades in the pipeline Run
Professional MS DOS Software On Your Amiga 500 A Price You Can
Afford BDL HELPLINE (091) 490 0202 Sound sampling Hardware and
SOFTWARE for the AMIGA u*B«=«ured in the .
WHAT IS MASTER SOUND? * MASTER SOUND Is a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the AM lip A range of computers featuring advan Sampling Editing Sequencing software. MASTER SOO|j)D enables you to record sounds from devices such as Personal Cassette or Compact Disc players Y to the AMIGA.
When in rheComputer, MASTER SOUND'S unique editor will enable you to ct jf the sound in practically .any way you can imagine. Once you have the sample how you wanfijit, you may incorporwe it into your own Demo’s or programs or use MASTER SOUND'S owfl UILT IN samphoJcquenccr to play hack the sample along with a number of others too!
THE master sound editor incorporates the following facilities: ? SAMPLE * PLAY ? J.'UT * ? «FADE IN * ‘'SHRINK
* S.OAD t$ COPE Tki mpressive realtime Spectrum conftnt and
volume with ease and THE MASTER SOUND Allows' .m to play back
samples in a sequence. Multiple samples can be held in memor St
once and sequences are as simple to record as tapping keys on
the computer’s keyboard. Oncorecorded, the Sequencer can save
the samples and sequence file out onto disc so that the files
cun be used in your own demo s. THE MASTER SOUND DEMO Allows
you to play back your own sequenced sounds from the picture
files. This is great for creating your own public domain
computer programmer!
IFF FORMAT 0 y. SEQUENCER i °T enable the user to monitor fre&flhcv the sample quality is at its he v FFT displaying IFF having to be a MASTER SOUND EDITOR © MICRODEAL 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MASTER SOUND ORDER FORM Master Sound is £39.95 post & packing £1 (all prices inc V.A.T.) BY PHONE BY POST: with Cheque • Postal Order or Credit Card Name .. y;. WITH CREDIT CARDS (0726)68020 Address .. ...Post Code . Credit Card
Type ......Expiry Date .
Number ...... Please allow 28 days for delivery Send to: Microdeal PO Box 68 St Austell Cornwall England PL25 4YB Elvira, the lady with the big reputation, wants a hand with her chest. She's opened up her old ancestral home Castle Killbragant and along with it a real can of worms - the really slimey ones. She has also reawakened an ancient curse, placed by her great, great, great grandma, who it appears wasn’t so great after all.
The spooks and demons have come out of the closet and trapped Elvira in her own home. In answer to a small ad you are now her rescuer. Searching through the castle you must find six keys that will unlock an ancient chest and lift the curse. Easy? It would be if the ghosts didn’t carry loaded swords and weren't able to use magic - not any of your Paul Daniels rubbish either, this stuff really hurts.
ELVIRA- MISTRESS OF THE DARK Carry On Elvira Guided by the lovely Miss E' you roam around the castle killing guards, fighting monsters, receiving horrendous wounds and being healed by Elvira's own sweet hands. As it's the family home of the Elvira clan the place is full of unexpected tunnels, guardians and other surprises. Nothing is what it seems and the level of innuendo and derision is along the lines of a "Carry On” film and are only ever a wobbling breast away.
Elvira, and her accompanying house, are beautifully drawn and the story created by all your wandering is well animated with arcade- style sub-games around every corner: from sword fighting to breath holding feats, they are all yours to try. All you have to lose is your life, so why not give it a go?
Get Y’er Disks Out!
Elvira is flawed however, in many painful ways. The most frightening is the sheer number of disks; five to be exact. You get your moneys worth though, as virtually every movement between locations forces disk access. Irritation soon starts to set in.
The adventure though, is well thought out, with a strong side-line in role-play underpinning the plot.
As you roam, most of Elvira's ghostly ancestors insist on sword battles. Seeing as your starting weapon's only a dagger, they are not easy to win. Yet victory earns you experience in handling the weapon and access to another room or area.
Two Strokes Are Enough Unfortunately, fighting with the dagger and no visual guides means that you take many more blows than you should. Elvira has given you masses of healing potions, but these can't be used dunng the battle. Henceforth, and rather fittingly VERDICT Graphics that will suit the heavy breathers and gore fans.
Five disks means far too much swapping.
Disk access before each move means slow game play.
Strange licence that makes an irritating game.
An average adventure that falls apart due to bad disk management.
For a Gothic game, you spend large amounts of time dead.
The slowness and the repeated deaths ruin Elvira. It is simply no fun to play. The frustration's heightened by the graphics because so many remain unseen. Success is a matter of persistence and luck.
Still, Elvira does have nice... Trenton Webb Sword battles are limited to two strokes on attack and two on defence. You have to select which blow the other guy is going to try and react accordingly. A simple sub-game of guess the sword stroke, it is at the heart of the games earlier stages.
IF YOU WANT TO GET A HEAD... There are many ways to die in Elvira. Each one is messy, painful and needlessly vicious.
This is what you will look like if a mistake is made and a battle lost.
The Phoenician colonies had no luck, they were ravaged and defeated by the Romans on three occasions. These became known as the Punic wars. Now's your chance to put history right and help out these poor victimised souls by taking on the role of Diogenes, a Phoenician hero.
Winning Wars Takes Dosh PSYGNOSIS £24.99 ¦ Mouse Carthage is a strategy game and as Diogenes you have to make sure the Romans are out-flanked, out-gunned and out-thought. To do this you have to buy soldiers, create armies and allocate your resources according to the movements of the Romans. This is done from a sexy, fractal generated, 3D map which shows the position of the cities, your troops and the Romans.
To win the day you'll need dosh and lots of it. Fortunately, the Phoenician trading fleet, the best around, regularly sends back money to its capital, Carthage. You have to make sure this money makes it to the various cities by getting on your chariot and taking it there in person.
The chariot sequences are one of the main arcade sequences. You view your chariot from behind, and see the road scrolling in front of you in Outrun style. To go faster, you give the horses a good crack of the whip and steer them just as you would a Robin Reliant (namely hang on for your life). Hitting the logs and rocks that appear in the road causes money bags to drop off your chariot, they also make your wheels wobble. If they become too wobbly though,they drop off forcing you to hitch back to the city.
Ben Hur Move Over If you meet another chariot on the road, then a confrontation takes place in true Ben Hur style.
The view changes to overhead and you’ve got to barge the other chariot off the road by ramming the spikes on your wheels into the other chappies, while simultaneously whipping him in a very unsporting fashion.
Succeed and he gets the chance to eat grass verge, but if you lose and then it’s your turn for the cowslip and nettle sandwich.
Best of luck you'll need it.
In order to out-flank the Romans, you'll need to keep close tabs on their progress. From the 3D map, you can view the entire country, with all the forts and cities shown as flags. To move an army you simply click on its icon (a small helmet) and drag it to the city that you want it to march to. To move Diogenes (and therfore money) you drag his helmet onto the city you want him to travel to.
If the Romans catch up with you then a battle will begin. To get an an army for ready for battle simply dick on its general and halt it. Then it's a case of dragging either the cavalry, infantry or elephants to their required destination and watching the battle commence.
Andy Hutchinson VERDICT ? Carthage is a well presented graphical strategy game.
? Arcade sequences lift what could have been a boring game.
? Considerable lasting interest, coupled with an interesting historical background.
? Will only appeal to strategy games fans.
? Arcade sequences alone won't make the game any more interesting to shoot-em-up fans.
DARE TO WEAR THE ESWAT BADGE .... Criminal* are running amok in Cy4 «r City Law and ord«r no longer exists Only ESWAT. The elite division ol the Police are capable ot restoring peace Earn your stripes, impress your supervisors as a regular SWOT Cop. And you just might enter the ESWAT squad It's your only chance to even the score!
Avttlobie on CBM 64 128 one Amstrod covsene & do*.
- White Stock) Uml The scene. North Vietnam 1972. U.S. Forces are
ready to engage In the real last push of the war: The
Linebacker Campaign. Whether you're in the thick of the action,
piloting bomber planes and fighter planes, or observing as
mission controller based on the carrier at Yankee Station,
you'll be amazed at the stunning R oboe op 2 has justice in
.mind a kind of justice me only he can deliver!
Some of the most W action-packed scenes ever devised for maximum entertainment value.
Available on: k Spectrum cassette & disk, I Amstrad cartridge, Commodore cartridge, Atari ST and Amiga.
Graphics and SUEi O D no playability In 7 yKUY 62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park Business Centre, Northampton, NN3 1AX, England Tel: (0604) 790466 or 081-941 6117 Fax: (0604) 647403 The Genlock People FRAMEGRABBER A new, fast, real time video image digitiser for the Amiga. “Marcam's Framegrabbei*currently represents the state of the art in Amiga video digitising technology...the quality of grabbed images is just amazing" Amiga Format magazine review, February 1990.
PRICE £575.00 FRAMF.GRABBF.R 2.0 Framegrabber 2.0 has hundreds of new software features such as: shrink, zoom and magnifies to any size. Prints images directly from FG software, mirror image feature for creating silk-screen applications. Framegrabber supports full 24-bit, true- colour images, and new file formats: DV-21, IFF- 24 and config. Files. Several extra image processing features include sharpening & blurring as well as line-art and negatives of images. The new palette lock system matches palettes and facilitates use with genlocks.
Marcam's FrameGrabber is the answer to every Amiga owner's digitising dreams.
Marcam's unit currently represents the ultimate in Amiga video digitising.
Amiga Computing - October 1990 VIDEO TITLING PACKAGE TELETITLER £30.00 An error by our purchasing department. This is technically great, but a nightmare to use. The manual is awful, and we just want to make space on our shelves. We can offer no backup, no returns, no guarantees, just a very tempting price!
PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY All our products carry a 12 month warranty ULTRADESIGN A high-end professional CAD system that even a novice can use! UltraDesign features configurable parameters to suit any standard. You can choose between real-world units: Metric or English, and select screen colouring by pen style, group or layer. Other features include true hatching and filling (40 hatching patterns), auto-dimensioning, up to 65,000 layers (limited only by memory), user definable keyboard commands, full parts library support and much more. A separate output program allows multiple
drawings to be scaled and plotted on a sngle sheet of paper, or on several sheets to create a mural sized drawing.
UltraDesign also includes a program for converting files to and from other formats: IntroCAD, AutoCAD, HPGL, DMPL. UltraDesign runs on all Amiga computers with one (1) or more Mbytes of memory.
GENLOCKS RENDALE 8802 £249.99 RENDALE 8806 £862.50 PRICE £249.99 3D PROFESSIONAL 3D Pro represents the state of the art in Amiga rendering packages. The program is initially daunting, but once you've got the hang ofit you'll be churning out complex ray traced images in no time.
Highly recommended - Amiga Computing October 1990 Powerful polygonal rendering techniques allow you to create stunning 3 dimensional images and animations quickly and easily. 3D Professional combines power and performance with an intuitive interface that gives the Amiga user complete control of the entire object rendering and animation process. Use the mouse to manipulate every aspect of an object: size, rotation, surface lighting, colour, etc. 3D Professional then lets you choose between several advanced rendering techniques for displaying your objects in spectacular 3-D form!. Also, create
impressive backgrounds with fractal landscapes, trees and clouds.
Putting your objects into motion is a breeze with 3D Professional s animation facility.
Arrange individual frames automatically or manually and add them to your animation with a key stroke. If you need to make changes you can cut and paste, edit and manipulate frames with 3D Professional’s stand-alone animation editor. 3-D Professional is available for all Amiga computers with 1 or more Mbytes of memory.
PRICE £299.99 SUPER VHS GENLOCK The new Super 8802 from Marcam Ltd. Will be launched at the November Commodore Show. Prices are yet to be fixed, but the unit can be purchased either as a complete product or as an upgrade to an existing 8802. Come and see the new machine on stand 48 at the show. Features include: ? Super VHS in and out * Cross Wipe ? Composite in and out * Mode selection switch ? Fade video to black * Foreground background mode ? Fade Amiga go black * Fade out Amiga ? Cross Fade * Fade out video SP OUTRO If Page 51 was ScreenPlay Intro, this must be SP Outro!
Too many games and not enough pages! That's the problem that faces the Screen Play every month. Some games arrive too late for us to review, others are just too duff and don’t deserve a whole page. So here in ScreenPlay Outro ISPOutrol we'll try to tidy up all those loose ends by giving snippet reviews of games there simply isn’t space for
- and to warn you, the reader, about immensely naff games.
TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES ¦ Mirrorsoft £24.99 Joystick It’s here, at last! Was it worth the wait? Well, to be brutally frank... no. The most hyped and probably most expensive licence of the year can’t live up to its billing. The sprites are small and, though green, are not instantly recognisable as Turtles. They could be mutant frogs or invading aliens - basically anything that shows an emerald hue.
Both the plot and gameplay are fragmented, shifting from one game style to another. This is not always a bad idea, adding variety, but each of the sections should be able to carry a game in its own right. This is decidedly not the case with the Turtles. There’s an overhead Gauntlet-style street section, a side-on battle in the sewers and a very daft swimming bomb- disposal sequence. Not that it's too easy - it’s just dull and extremely fiddly to control.
The game works, but is not exactly the state of the art. The scrolling lags behind the characters on occasions, exits refuse to let you past and pathways which apparently look as though they are clear sometimes become invisibly blocked for some reason.
These factors are made even more irritating because to get this far you will have struggled with an almost unreadable copy protection section sheet and listened to the infuriatingly unrecognisable tune.
What was wrong with Partners in Crime or the cartoon theme?
It is an improvement on the American Ultra game on which this version was based, but not nearly by enough. Trenton Webb ¦4 Mm | J 3L John Guitar and Katana Blades Paul Bass Guitar and Bo k y George Guitar and Sais ff£* rnm J * V Ringo Drums and Nunchuckas VECTOR CHAMPIONSHIP RUN ¦ IMPULZE £24.99 Joystick Hot on the tail of Indy 500 comes VCR. Another vector racer, it has impressively smooth updates and moves well, but it is inhibited by a massive steering problem.
The game gives a good impresEDD THE DUCK ¦ IMPULZE £24.99 Joystick Take Rainbow Islands, swap Bub for Edd the Duck, the rainbows for snowballs and islands for studios and you get Edd the Duck.
This cutesy platform romp is well drawn and animated. The gameplay is familiar: leap between clouds and other platforms and dodge twee monsters. Yet there is little special to pull you into the game, no magic that will force just ’one more go'. Edd, ideally, should be aimed at the younger computer users who are familiar with the character, but the dexter- sion of speed but a terrible impression of handling. Unfortunately, all the neat coding in the world can’t make a racing game great if you can’t get the car around the course.
Normally you would expect difficulty in learning the ropes, but this car is uncontrollable. The walls are good, though, and that is just as well because you spend more time looking at them than you do the course.
THE AMIGA FULL PRICE SOFTWARE CHART 1 (1) FI 9 Stealth Fighter MicroProse £29.99 FG91 % 2 (-) Lotus Turbo Challenge Gremlin Graphics £24.99 89% 3 (2) Kick Off II Anco £24.99 FG94% 4 (20) Supremacy Virgin £24.99 FG90% 5 (-) Power Pack Beau Jolly £24.99 Compilation 6 (-) Hollywood Collection Ocean £29.99 Compilation 7 I") Wheels of Fire Domark £29.99 Compilation 8 (17) Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts £24.99 FG92% 9 (4) Gremlins 2 Elite £24.99 79% 10 (-) Golden Axe Virgin £24.99 80% 11 (-) Ml Tank Platoon MicroProse £24.99 71% 12 (3) Corporation Core Design £24.99 80% 13 (13) Cadaver Mirrorsoft
£24.99 83% 14 (-) Captive Mindscape £24.99 FG91 % 15 (-) Awesome Psygnosis £24.99 “see below 16 (-) Super Off Road Virgin £24.99 80% 17 (22) Cricket Captain D&H Games £24.99 “see below 18 (-) Gunship MicroProse £29.99 87% 19 (23) International Soccer Challenge MicroProse £24.99 55% 20 (25) Sirius 7 CRL £19.95 24% 21 (-) Monty Python Virgin £24.99 88% 22 (-) Sly Spy Ocean £24.99 “see below 23 (16) Back to the Future 2 Imageworks £24.99 “see below 24 (7) Days of Thunder Mindscape £24.99 48% 25 (6) Midnight Resistance Ocean £24.99 69% 26 (-) Team Yankee Empire £24.99 81% 27 (-) World Cup Soccer
'90 Virgin £24.99 74% 28 (8) F29 Retaliator Ocean £24.99 FG92% 29 (-) ST Dragon Storm £24.99 82% 30 (-) Fun School 3 (5-7) Database Mandarin £24.99 N A
* These games have received no official Format verdict: the
reason excuse (delete as applicable) why not is: AWESOME -
Psygnosis = Not reviewed. Multiple game style space adven
ture. Brilliant intro, reasonably good in-game graphics.
Mish-mash of game styles. AF Verdict 63% CRICKET CAPTAIN - D&H Games = Management sim cum sports sim for Cricket fans. Thorough, if somewhat slow going. Good conversion of an uncovertable game. AF Verdict 72% SLY SPY - Ocean = No review copy as yet (hint, hint!)
BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 - Imageworks = No review copy.
Chart compiled by Gallup Ltd © 1990 European Software Publishers Association BULGING BARGAIN BASEMENT Planetfall, Wishbringer, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Zork 1 and the stunningly titled Leather Goddess of Phobos. These are not action games, but thoroughbred adventures that will test the best. When asked about the quality of these games, AF Editor Bob Wade could only comment “Well, they are all Infocom adventures so they're pretty Weedin' good".
Re-released recently are five What higher recommendation Infocom adventure classics: could you want?
CHART MOVERS AMIGA FORMAT ALL PRICE FREEBIES CHART: Compilations make n'NIWx their move this month.
XOilWljX with the first part of the "v Chrimbo rush reflected here. The Christmas Number One won't De known until next month, but already it is easy to spot those stocking fillers creeping Into the chan. Beau jolly s Power Pack is the highest entry of the bunch, with the excellent Hollywood Collection breathing down its neck Both are supported by the driving bundle Wheels of Fire from Domark Compilations are proving their appeal to both committed gamers who want to bolster their collection and new users who want an instant library 1 = Severed horse's head (plastic) complete with fake
blood (US Gold, Godfather licence announcement).
'Absolutely inspired!"
2 = Sticky plastic fly (Gremlin Graphics. Venus Fly Trap).
"Silly but effective."
3 = Plastic motorcycle rider (Mindscape, Ultimate Ride). 'Vrroom vrroom!"
4 = Lick and stick tattoos (US Gold. Line of Fire). "I'm that hard, me!"
5 = Luminous red baseball capfElectronic Arts, Magic Fly). "Well, Damien liked it!"
6 = Inflatable dinosaur (Mindscape. Ultima VI teaser). "Not to be used as a life preserver!"
7 = Strange squashy stress ball (US Gold, Vaxine).
"Wow, it's a new age, like the whole world s a game, maaan."
8 = Gazza waterproof poster (Empire, Gazza II promo).
“Snuffle, sob, fog on the Tyne, mun."
9 = Team Yankee novel (Empire, Team Yankee).
"Read a book? What, with no pictures!"
10 = Mobile (Electronic Arts, Powermonger). "How does it all fit together?"
Killing Game School (5-7), sorry. Fun School 3, is in at 30 and keeps the FG rated Killing Game Show out of the Chart. Educational software beating some hard-core blasting actionl Disgusting, what is the world coming to?
Turrican, James Bond (Spy Who Loved Me John Glames (Operation Stealth and Beast II all fall victim to the Christmas rush. These titles were all solidly placed last month (5, 9.
And 12 respectively! But have been blizted by new titles 'T ho is next for the fall? Kick Off II Licence free zone Original games still continue to top the charts, as this month only four coin-op conversions make the top 30. During a period when they are traditionally at their strongest This compares to five straight sims. Proof positive that Amiga gamesplayers want more than com-ops can offer Is this their last Christmas as a market force? Is this something we should celebrate or commiserate?
An An An a n a n a nAIIAILAILA n n An A n A n A n A n A n A n A n A n A n A n A LEADING BRITISH SOFTWARE HOUSE TO GIVE AWAY 100.000 GAMES!!
AUTHORISED DEALER FOR * AMIGA * STAR £279 00 ...£69 95 £39.00 £14900 £29 00 . £49 00 ALL PRICES INCLUDE 15% VAT CARRIAGE £5 (EXPRESS £10) Prices subject to change without notice. E. & O. E. T elt i Vi Softcwte £td " 8 Ruswarp Lane. WHITBY. N Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm| a n An a n An a n a n a n a nAnAiiAnA RECIEVED A 903 ACE RATING "A GREAT GAME" FREE GAME OFFER DEPT. AF2 MAYFAIR HOUSE HILLCREST TADLEY. HANTS RG27 6JB Send Cheques Postal Orders to: HAMMERSOFT, (DEPT F) 47 MILL ROAD.
• r Available on Release Prices include VAT & 1ST CLASS POSTAGE
IN U.K. (Europe please add £2.00 per item) Return of Post
Service on Slock Items Titles Available on Request!
ORDERS-ENQUIRIES : TEL (0603)012416 FREE GAME OFFER access. Vise. Eurocard 4 Mastercard Accepted. Cheques Subject to clearance AMIGA (UK MODELS ONLY) Amiga 1500: B2000 * 1084SD * twin floppies +¦ The Works1 Plat Dpaint 3 Battle Chess Sim City Populus. Their Finest Hour ..£1049.00 WHY NOT ENHANCE YOUR A1500 WITH ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING: Supra 30 48 80 Mb A Boot Drive Card ...£339,£359.459 SUPRA DRIVES INCLUDE EXPRESS COPY BACKUP & CLIMATE SAV A2286 AT Bridgeboard . 5.25" Dnve .PHONE Supra 8MB RAM board pop
2MB..£229.00 Supra 8Mb RAM Board pop 4 6 8Mb ..£349 £459 £559 Hi res video card (flicker lixer) £289.00 A500 FIRST STEPS Education Pack ....£539.00 A500 SCREEN GEMS Pack £359.00 Commodore 64C NIGHT MOVES Pack ...£149.95 PRINTERS Citizen 120D £129.95 Star LC-10 £159 00 Star LC-200 colour .£209.00 Star LC-24-10 ......£209.00 Star LC24-200 ....£259 00 Star
LC24-200 Colour £299 00 Star XB24-10 24 pin £481 85 Okimate 20 nbbons'heads paper . . Phone MISCELLANEOUS A500 RAM dock 512Kb with disable sw tree p&p.
A500 RAM'clock 1 8Mb (Internal connect!... tree p&p RAM Chips tor A590 2091 per 512Kb .....free p&p A500 compatible power supply tree p&p Kickstart v1.3 ROM tor A500 2000 tree p&p £28.00 1Mb Fat Agnus 8372A tree p&p ... £69.00 CIA chip 8520 tree p&p .£15.00 Rendale 8802 Genlock tree p&p £199 00 Vidi-Amiga PAL trame grabber inc. filters tree p&p .....£129 00 | RGB composite video splitter ...tree p&p ...£69.95 I Surge Protector 4-way block 3-way adaptor p&p £2.....£15.95219 95 DISK DRIVES A590 Autoboot 20Mb » sir .... A2000 Internal 3.5’ -.p&p £2
A500 Replacement Internal 3.5". p&p£2.
High quality Amiga Ext. 3.5' metal cased pSp £2.
MONITORS Commodore 1084S Stereo ....£239.00 Philips 8833-II Stereo Colour ....£249.00 Ouadram Hi res multi-scan ....£329.00 IF YOU WANT A SHARE OF THE GREAT £4 MILLION SOFTWARE GIVEAWAY THEN YOU MUST READ ON...... ONE OF BRITAIN'S LEADING SOFTWARE HOUSES HAS PLEDGED TO GIVE AWAY
Our extensive range of Amiga software currently includes: AdSpeed Accelerator Card for the A500 & B2000 ¦ 14MHz Replacement processor ¦ 7MHz fallback software selectable ¦ On-board RAM Cache ¦ No soldering required ONLY £199 Flicker Free Video Art and Graphics Animagic .. £69 Comic Setter £49 Deluxe Photolab . £59 Digipaint 3 £49 Elan Performer ... £30 Fantavision .. £29 Kara Fonts £49 Pro Video Plus .. £169 Pro Draw 2.0 ..... £100 Sculpt 4D Junior ..... £149 SCULPT-ANIMATE4D ... £229
Turbo Silver . £99 X-Cad Designer .. £75 X-Cad Professional .... £229 Deluxe Paint III .... £85 Deluxe Video III .. £79 Digiview Gold V4 .... £100 Pixmate .... £35 Vista ... £50 Distant Suns £35 Word Processing, DTP & Business Home Accounts .. £29 Digicalc ..... £29 Excellence .. £160 Kindwords ... £45 Pen Pal ...... £79 Pagestream £139 Pagesetter 2.0 ..... £69 Pro Write 3.0 £89 Languages and Development
Devpac Amiga .... £45 Lattice CV5 £149 Lattice C + + ..... £250 Power Windows . £45 Hisoft Basic .. £55 Benchmark Modula 2 ... £99 Utilities DOS 2 DOS .. £29 Cross DOS £24 X Copy ...... £24 Quarterback 4.0 .. £34 Workbench 1.3 ... £15 Educational Math Talk £23.95 Math Odyssey ...... £24.50 Math-Amation £39.95 MathWLizard £24.50 Arithmetic £24.50 Algebra £24.50 Learn French £14.95 Letters for you ...... £19.95 Learning the Alphabet. £14.95
Kinderama ..... £24.50 World Atlas £29.95 Word Master £24.50 Talking Storybook ... £14.95 Spell-A-Fari £19.95 At the Zoo ...... £19.95 Aesops Fables £24.50 Many more in stock - phone for details Amiga 500 Internal Hard Drive ¦ 20MB Formatted ¦ 2" Hard drive-The latest technology! ¦ High quality ICD Interface ¦ Simple Plug-in fitting ¦ £499 Inc. Vat.
¦ Eliminates ALL flicker in interlace mode* ¦ Rock steady display in high resolution ¦ Compatible with Amiga 500,1500,2000 ¦ Ideal for artists and graphic designers
* VGA Monitor Required - call for more info I ntrod ucto ry Offer
FULLY POPULATED 8MB RAM BOARD ICD 2080 - 8MB RAM Enquiries in Italy contact Power Computing Italy, Via delle Baleari, 00121 Ostia Lido, Rome Enquiries in Australia contact ACL Engineering, Perth (09) 481 0555 Enquiries in France contact Power Computing, Paris (1) 43 75 94 00 For latest prices see our advert in New Computer Express WE ARE THE SPECIALISTS WHEN IT COMES TO PROGRESSIVE SOFTWARE. CANT SEE THE TITLE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? CALL 0234 273000 AND OUR SALES TEAM WILL BE PLEASED TO HELP YOU.
Power Computing Ltd • 44a Stanley Street • Bedford • MK41 7RW Telephone 0234 273000 • Fax 0234 270133 Orders and dealers enquiries welcome by Telephone or Fax ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT . PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE THE AMIGA 2000 SPECIALISTS SOLE UK DISTRIBUTOR FOR GVP 16MHz, 28MHz, 33MHz Accelerate your Amiga up to 10 times normal speed!
Up to 8MB High speed 32 bit "nibble" RAM.
On-board AT interface for lightning fast hard disk access Optional 68882 Coprocessor 68030 POWER FOR YOUR AMIGA 2000 50MHz Now available!!
68030 ACCELERATOR BOARD 16MHz £499 28MHz £599 68030 WITH 4MB 32BIT RAM 28MHz £1495 33MHz £1795 50MHz £2199 AT HARD DRIVE for 68030 CARD 40 MB £359 80MB £689 200MB £999 Phone for other combinations GVP SERIES 2 The Next Generation in SCSI & RAM Contro Fully SCSI Compatible Up to 8MB FAST RAM on-board High Speed "FAASTROM" controller Auto-boot from any FFS partition All combinations available BUY YOUR AMIGA 2000 SYSTEM Leaders the Home and Busi ers for the A2000 HARD CARDS 40MB £499 84MB £699 100MB £799 200MB £999 RAM MODULES 2MB £129 4MB £219 8MB £409 : R O M POWER ness Mark e t Amiga B2000
£899 Extra internal floppy £49 XT Bridgeboard £299 AT Bridgeboard £699 600MB Optical Drive £3299 200MB Tape Streamer £699 20MB Floppy Drive £699 20MB Disk £39 VIDTECH SCANLOCK STATE OF THE ART AMIGA GENLOCK ¦ Broadcast quality video output ICD ICD ¦ PAL, NTSC, SVHS Compatible HARD CARDS RAM CARDS SPECIAL OFFER !
¦ Handles all Amiga Graphics 40 MB £429 2MB £239 BUY ANY B2000 SYSTEM & modes 84MB £649 4MB £349 GET A 40MB HARD CARD ¦ Completely Eliminates video 100MB £759 6MB £459 FOR ONLY dot crawl 200MB £949 8MB £549 £349 NOW ONLY £759!
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Power's exclusive range of offers on floppy drives!
The Famous PC880 Power Drive! £65 I Special NEW circuitry to prevent that annoying click when the drive is empty NEW IN!
The dual 3.5" drive with power supply I Isolating on-off switch I Thru' port for daisy chaining I 880K formatted!
ONLY £110 I Comes with free utility disk I Top Quality Epson or Sony Mechanis We also stock fully guaranteed Verbatim disks and a range of boxes, including: 40 Disks with lockable storage box - ONLY £29.95 15 Disks with storage box, for an unbeatable £9.95!
The A500 Internal drive kit £i External 5.25 'drive £S MEMORY EXPANSIONS PRINTERS The 1.5MB Expansion Board Plugs easily into your Amiga (Kickstart 1.3 & above) to give you the memory you need. Simple internal fitting NOW ONLY £89.95 1MB £139 2MB £179 4MB £249 6MB £489 The A500 Clock Card The Power Computing 512K RAM expansion Includes Battery Backed up clock!
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Compatible with Fatter Agnus!
We are proud to present an offer you'll be proud to accept!
Glorious Colour Kit!
The new LC200 Colour Printer!
¦ LC200 Colour model LC200 Colour £23 ¦ Parallel Cable LC24 10 £25 RAM chips for the upgrade specialist!
1 x 1 Mbit RAMS £6.99 256 x 4 RAMS £5.99 Kickstart 1.3 ROM £39 GARY ROM £49 ONLY £17.99 Also in stock, an impressive range of automatic si feeders, replacement ribbons and printer stands.
For the Commodore Amiga "Fasterthan a speeding Express!"
POWER J_J0USE DIRECT Power House is the fast expanding direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd. With competitive prices, backed by large stocks and a trained sales and technical department. Our high speed computerised service makes Power the first stop for the Amiga enthusiast.
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¦ Backs up your disks at lightning speed ¦ Copies from the internal to the external drive ¦ Backs up an Amiga Disk in around 40 Seconds Power Computing Ltd, Power House, 44a Stanley Street, Bedford, MK41 7RW.
Name ¦ Backs up other format disks too (Atari, PC) ¦ Copies to up to three external drives at once ¦ Works on Amiga 500 or 2000
* Blitz is sold on the understanding that it is not used to
contravene the 1988 Copyright Act * BLITZ AMIGA £25 BLITZ AMIGA
WITH PC880 Power Drive £85 COMMODORE A590 20MB Hard Disk £379
Handscanners Address Postcode ] Telephone System owned Credit
Card No.
LT Expiry Date 0MB 2MB 4MB ¦ 20MB £449 £529 £609 ¦ 50MB £599 £679 £759 ¦ 100MB £879 £929 £999 I Complete with Scanning software II MB Memory requird I Golden Image Scanner £199 I Naksha Scanner £159 I Kempston Scanner £189 ACCESSORIES The finishing touch Signature I would like to order Keep it covered! With this new hard wearing dust cover specially designed to fit snuggly over the Amiga Video Master now in stock Call for details Make Cheques Payable to Power Computing Ud I enclose a cheque PO for Replacement 2 button mouse £20 Naksha Mouse £35 Optical mouse with pad £25 Anti-click' board for
your internal or external drive - introductory offer £19.95 Power technical helpline Monday - Friday 3pm - 5pm 0234 273248 DISCOUNT SOFTWARE For The Commodore Amiga COMMODORE AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS PACK SPECIALS Includes Deluxe Palm 2 and 4 lop games OUR PRICE £369.95 with 1 2 meg expansion, add £35 with Cumana 2nd drive add £60 prices include VAT and insured delivery, add C5 lor express couner COMMODORE A590 HARD DRIVE au1000otmg from we 13 OUR PRICE £279.95 BUSINESS FINANCIAL Home Accounts by Digita ..20.95 Personal Finance Manager......21.95 System
3 ..32.95 Invoicing. Slock Control and Cashflow Control Cashbook Controller 32.95 Final Accounts 19.95 AOOt tod ot y0Sf scoxjnts to Cashtxx* Control Cashbook Combo ..47.95 both CmhbOOk Control* and Final Account* GRAPHICS & VIDEO Pagesetter 2 ...49.95 Deluxe Paint III ......59.95 TV Show, by Zuma 55.95 TV Text Professional. Zuma.. 129.95 Deluxe Video III .....79.95 Pixmate ...39.95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO
requires min. 1 meg & 2 drives £89.95 RENDALE 8802 ENLOCK I £169.95 8802 Mode Switch Box £31.95 Rombo RGB Splitter see "Specials' VIDI-Amiga see "Specials" Digiview Gold v4 ..119.95 SOUND Mastersound budget sampler....32.95 Trilogic Stereo Audio Digitiser software not supplied 34.95
A. M.A.S. sampler 8 Midi interlace ..74.95 Trilogic Midi 2
Interlace ....34.95 in out thru. 2 x out thru switched
Aegis Sonix v2 ......44.95 Dr. Ts Tiger
Cub ...64.95
Quartet 34.95 MUSIC X FULL
UK VERSION 1.1 £89.95 MUSIC X JUNIOR £49.95 DATABASES Mailshot
(label printing) ....18.95
K-Data .34.95 Prodata see
"Specials" .....55.95 Superbase
Personal .29.95 NEW!! PROTEXT v5.0 Still a very
last WP program, now ottering better mouse control and menus,
holds up to 36 documents in memory lor cross editing,
newspaper style columns, new Collins Dictionary and new tile
selector. Comprehensive foreign language support, including
Greek characters 1 meg required RRP £149.95 Our Price £99.95
PROTEXT 4.2 (ska available) £64.95 Protext 5 demo disc £5.00
Protext 4.2 demo disc £5.00 PRODATA Amor’s database tor 1 meg
machines and above. Features excellent data layout tacilities,
including a wide range ot printer effects, and uses many
Protext editing commands.
RRP £79.95 Our Price £55.95 Prodata demo disc £5.00 PRO-PACK!
Protext v5 and Prodata £149.95 MEMORY EXPANSIONS 1 2 Meg internal expansions lor A500’s. Real time clock and disable switch included.
Will not invalidate warranty.
£37.95 CUMANA CAX354 DISC DRIVES Quality brand-name 3.5" drives including thru port, disable switch and no hassle one year guarantee.
3. 5" disc head cleaner .3.95 A500 2000 printer
lead 6.95 Naksha
Mouse ......27.95 Neoprene Mouse
Mat .3.95 Quickjoy 2 Turbo Joystick ..9.95
Comp. Pro 5000 J stick ....13.95 Joystick Mouse
switch .....13.95 DUST COVERS All nylon labhc. Not PVC
type A500 keyboard .3.95 Philips
CM8833 Monitor .....4.95 Star LC10, Mk1. 2 or colour
4.95 Star LC24-10 ....4.95 Panasonic
KXP 1081 ..4.95 Panasonic
KXP1124 ...5.95 Citizen 120 D and
plus 4.95 VIDI-AMIGA The best value video
digitiser available lor the Amiga. Grabs 16 shade mono images
from any domestic VCR (with composite video output) to be
saved as IFF hies NTSC VERSION ....£79.95 320
320 X 256 RESOLUTION VIDI-CHROME Colour software upgrade tor
VIDI Uses mono video camera and Red.
Green and Blue tillers (supplied) or lakes still colour source it used with RGB splitter.
RRP £19.95 OUR PRICE £15.95 ROMBO RGB SPLITTER Takes still colour video signal and extracts red. Green 8 blue lor Vidi- chrome or Digiview.
MJC PRICE £59.95 Power supply tor above. £4 95 HITACHI MONO VIDEO CAMERA £219.95 NEW!! PHILIPS 8833 MK 2 MONITOR includes cable and delivery £249.95 NEW!! - EXPANDABLE UPGRADES RAM expansion boards upgradeable to 1.8meg (giving a total2.3 meg).
Plugs into normal expansion slot with no soldering, and includes disable switch and battery backed clock POPULATED WITH 0.5 MEG .£49.95 POPULATED WITH 1 MEG ....£69.95 POPULATED WITH 1.8 MEG .£109.95 NOTE: When expanding by more than 0.5 meg, an internal connection is required (connector not included), invalidating your warranty.
£10.95 20 for £20.95 REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLY Provides up to
30% more power to cope with add-ons £39.95 EDUCATIONAL
SOFTWARE Fun School 2, 2-6 years .....12.95 Fun School
2. 6-0 years 12.95 Fun School 2. 8-12
years .....12.95 Fun School 3, 2-5
years .....15.95 Fun School 3, 5-7
years 15.95 Fun School 3, 7-12
years ....15.95 Answerback Junior Quiz 6-11 ..14.95
French Mistress (12-adult) ...14.95 German Master
(12-adult) ....14.95 Spanish Tutor
(12-adult) 14.95 Italian Tutor
(12-adult) ...14.95 Mavis Beacon Typing.
12+ ...19.95 Let's Spell at Home (4-9) ....14.95
Let's Spell at the Shops (4-9)......14.95 Primary Maths Course
(3-12) ...19.95 Micro English (8-GCSE) 19.95
Micro French (8-GCSE) 19.95 Builds a complete
reading course tor 4 to 9 year okas Assumes no initial reading
1. Prof Plays a New Game .21.95 includes audio tape, and 5
2. Prot Looks at Words ......17.95
3. Prot Makes Sentences ...17.95 PRINTERS AH pnces include
12 month guarantee, cable, a nbbon. VAT and delivery.
CITIZEN 120D PLUS 139.95 Cheap 9 pm. With 2 NLQ tonts PANASONIC KXP-1081 159.95 Weil built. NLQ in all sizes STAR LC-10 MONO 169.95 Four NLQ tonts. Double height PANASONIC KXP-1180 179.95 Fast. 4 NLQ font printer STAR LC-10 MONO MARK 2 ...189.95 Fast version ot the Mark t STAR LC-10 200 COLOUR..219.95 Best value colour printer STAR LC24-200 ..269.95 faster 24-10 replacement 2 PANASONIC KXP-1124 259.95 better pnnt quality than the 24-10 STAR LC24-200 COLOUR ...299.95 Star’s colour 24 pin PRINTER RIBBONS Campatjbte ribbons Amstrad DMP2000 3000 range 3.50 Star
LC-10 Mono ..3.95 Panasonic KXP-1080 1081 1124 .3.95 Citizen 120-D Plus Switt 24 ....3.95 Panasonic KXP-1080 1081 ....6.95 Panasonic KXP-1124 ..7.95 Star LC-10 Mono ..4.95 Star IC24-10 .5.95 Star LC-10 Colour 5.95 Star LC-200 Mono 5.50 Star LC24-200 Mono ...4.95 Star LC24-200 Long Life Mono 7.50 Star LC-200 Colour ...10.95 Star LC24-20C Colour ...11.95 Heat Transfer Ribbons produces iron-on
transfers Cmzen 120-0 .....10.95 Panasonic KXP-1081 10.95 Star LC-10 Mono 10.95 Star LC-10 Colour .....16.95 PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE TO THE U.K. Education, Local Authority and Government orders welcomed.
Overseas customers also welcome, please call or write for quotations.
All goods subject to availability, all prices subject to change without notice. E&OE.
CALLERS WELCOME 9.30 TO 5.00 (6 days)
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF) 2 The Arches, Icknield Way, Letchworth,
Herts, SG61UJ Telephone orders and enquiries: Letchworth
(0462) 481166 (6 lines) Fax: (0462)670301 EUROCARD Proprietor:
MJ Cooper WARHEAD Warhead is an impressive and atmospheric
shoot-em-up - not to mention pretty tough! Here are details on
the missions to keep you abreast ot what you're up to.
GENERAL HINTS The best way to evade enemy missiles is to fly away backwards in front of them, keeping about 3000m away. This way the missiles will run out of fuel before they reach you.
Never fire your weapons or use quad lumps unnecessarily, otherwise you will not be called back to Solbase and will be forced to repeat the mission due to 'unauthorised use of quad jumps’.
When firing Proximit mines, you will notice that the first two are fired from the base of the ship and the next two from the top. To make sure that the mines have the most effect, raise the ship's nose slightly when firing the first two and dip it when firing the second two. This is not necessary for Laser Mines, since they have their own propulsion system.
To defeat the Berzerker, you have to make sure all your weapons hit him. To achieve this, fly backwards in front of him loosing off your shots. Always follow the mission advice and you should finish him off eventually.
THE MISSIONS MISSION 1 This is a test flight intended to get you used to the controls of the FOE-57. Just fly 4000m away from Solbase, turn around and use the beacons to guide yourself back in, all on the message prompts from the base.
MISSION 2 This tests your Quad-Drive. Jump to Earth space and fly to the tech ships, where you will receive a cue to return to Solbase.
The truth) in Triton Space. Again, don't forget to use the DGPs to gather information.
MISSION 9 This misson involves you protecting a group of four Corsairs until their support ship arrives. You will encounter some A-Wings which must be destroyed.
MISSION 10 Unusual Radiation Levels are reported to be emanating from system CH-010, so you have to go and check. As soon as you get there you will find that it has turned into a black hole. Read the message on your computer and head back to Solbase.
I i niim Well, Christmas is over and all those new Amiga owners are preparing for a titanic struggle on the road to success. A difficult task, I trust you'll agree. This is not the kind of quest a novice should undertake alone, so MAFF EVANS has a guiding light for you to take on your journey.
MISSION 3 Fly out to Venus space with your new ordnance containing Stinger Missiles, loose them off at the ordained targets and return to Solbase at the prompt.
MISSION 4 Fly out and test your MDC (Mass Driver Cannon), return to Solbase.
MISSION 5 An emergency test of the PRM (Pilot Recovery Module).
MISSION 6 Fly out and patrol Mercury Space.
MISSION 7 Patrol disturbances in Triton Space. To complete this mission you must destroy a drone ship.
Remember to send out a DGP (Data Gathering Probe) before you destroy it to get information for your data banks.
MISSION 8 Engage unknown number of enemy (well, two A-Wings to tell 10 MARKETPLACE ST. ALBANS HERTS AL13DG TEL (0727) 56005 41396 GAMES PACKS BATPACK, FLIGHT OF FANTASY, SCREEN GEMS FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PLUS: Salman Pack Software: Balman.Fl 8 Interceptor, New Zealand Story, DeluxePaint II OR flight ol Fonolsy softwoie: F29 Relator, Rainbow Island.
Escape Irom the Planet ol Ihe Robot Monsters, Deluxe Paint II OR Screen Gems software: Shadow ol 'he Bcosr II, Bock lo the Fuluie II, Doys of Thunder, Nightbceed, Deluxe Point II any one £349 ony Iwo £385 all three £419 ANY SOFTWARE UPGRADE PACK lor existing Amiga owners -----£39 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS PACK ' FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PLUS: POSTMAN PAT, SNAP, SNAKES AND UDDERS, LUDO FUN SCHOOL 2 AND FUN SCHOOL 3 (specify under 6 yeois, (specify under 5 years, 6 lo 8 years, 018+ years) 5 lo 7 years, 01 * yeois) 12 stoning UK eduiononol games with beautiful pictures, exdting onrmoticii ond music rhot
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Up 10 6 skill levels. Conform re Notional (utritidum requirements HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, leomnng up 1012 lean while you play’ gomes (varies according 10 oge group) HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, lOdscpock n, ton Set Game, KySe Demo, Michael Jackson Demo, Ftohbw.
JOYSTICK £369 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS SOFTWARE PACK lor existing AMIGA users E.4T,, STARTER PACK FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, (WITHOUT BATMAN FLIGHT SCREEN GEMS GAMES) WITH: 15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, including Virus Killers, Ihe BESI Slur Trek Computer Conflict. Breokoul and construction Kit, Blizzard ond olhei gomes, Aicode Classics, Booid Classics, Shoot-em-Up Clossics, 8esl ol the Utilities, Home pock including Woid Processor Spell Check, Spreadsheet, Dotobose, JOYSTICK £329 ORDERING: TELESALES NO: (0727) 56005 Next day delivery for credit card orders placed before 4.00pm subject to availably.
Alternatively send cheque, postal order, bankers draft or official order IplCs, Education ond Government bodies only) to; Dept. AFI, Hobbyte Computer Centre, 10 Market Place, St. Albans, Herts AL3 5DG. Pleose allow 7 working doys lot cheque clearance. Subject lo availability, despatch is normally wilhin 24 hours ol receipt ol cleared payment.
DELIVERY CHARGES: UK Mainknd (not Highlands) Small comsumobles & Despatched by posl, pleose check softwoie items charges when ordering Other items, except losers Next doy couiiet service, £ 10 per box Loser piinters Next day coutiec service, £17,50 Offshore ond Highlonds Noraiol rate plus £20 • VAI pel box In addhon we offer the following express services: Satutday deliveries Normal rate plus £10 -r- VAT surcharge 17am 10 9am next doy Normal rote plus £10 * VAI surcharge THE LOT!!
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S BBC programmes, 10 discs, Dos ond DONTs poster, Resource File, In Pack Video, NAPE Booklet HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, leaturwg ug to 12 'Learn while you ploy games Wanes according to age group.1 HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, 10 disc puck UK: ton Set Game. Kylie Demo, Michoel kxkson Demo. Floshbiet JOYSTICK £529 COMMODORE CDTV VERY LIMITED STOCKS EXPECTED SOON, RESERVE YOURS NOW £ . Phone VIDEO GRAPHIC PACK FULL AMIGA 500 PACK, PLUS: VicMntigo, Vidi-Chrome, Deluxe Point II 15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK including Virus Killers, Ihe BISI Sim Irek tmeratd fate, Bionicds.Compuler Confer,
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Including demos -Como, etc, clip ort, IV ond Video graphics, graphics utilities £489 B2000 OR 3000 82000 8ASE UNIT B2000 WITH 2091 2094 40 MB HARD DRIVE ? EXTRA 2M8 RAM CALI FOR PRICES AMIGA B2000 & 3000 -THE EXPERTS CBM PREMIER DEALER PHONE US LAST FOR BEST POSSIBLE DEALS NO DEPOSIT CREDIT FACILITIES (UK mainland) Credit terms 0134.8 APR (variable) con be arranged lor puchsses £1 SO, subject lo status. Competitive leasing schemes ore also croc Easinesses, including sole traders ond partnerships lust tel lor writte derails ond opplicolion form_ COMMODORE 10845 08 PHILIPS 8833 COLOUR MONITOR
15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, .retag V.us Hers, ihe Bl So Vo Crox CcnScr, BrsjkcW end constructor Kit, Blizzard ad other gne Sea* Ccbc ton Goao. SlaKraUp Ctaso. Besl ol Ihe Uflries, txnr m n Co- rrocesscr Soel Creek Saeoddieei, Darcbase.
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HOBBYTE EDUCATIONAL PACK, teatrnig up ip 12 ’leom »tMe you x, .ores aeorang to oge group!
HOBBYTE 30 EASY CHILDREN'S GAMES, 10 disc pak re toe Set Gone, I* Mrogue Oemo. Mrchoel tockscm tore. Ftadae.
Joystick £529 CUSS OF THE 90S SOFTWARE UPGRADE PACK lot existingtagiones £195 AMIGA 1500
M. »om arar os 82000. 1084SD Monitor with:
• xraase Mp Spreadsheet. Derate Point III, Sim r fas Ha»
5ctr*r«ss, A-Z o' Computer Jargon.
I Get its ires' ojt cr fxr lea -orads and operating discs I 15 DISC HOBBYTE PD GREATS PACK, intUng Virus lien.
It ond (oirsrnxtion Kit. Blizzard | sstcs. Shooi-em- Up Classics, d Protestor Spell Check.
£969 WITH T.V. MOOUUTOR NO MONITOR £769 EXTRAS me VAT CBM I0S45S »Phips 833 Itowr. With leods .....£227 A50I me Cpco (BA* S it JAM • ipe'von + Cophve- -£59 512K RAM eiprsxr - nod* ......£39 Amrgc 590 Hod eve-mt 1MB ...£329 Amgo 590 to nwe - eras 2MB ....£369 PRINTERS . VAT All UK versions SrprlClO . £149 Srar LC1C Mi 1 ..£169 Srar LCTO C«w £189 Srar 1(200 Cxu ...£195 Sw 1C 24-10- ...£229 StoLC
24-200- .£239 £149 £239 £459 £135 £299 £869
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modulator (except where ordered with o monitor) ond
documentation. Beware of imports which CBM(UK) will not support
or upgrade with enhanced chip set COMMODORE PREMIER DEALER
Hobbyle proudly announce this highest CBM ouolade. Awarded lo
only iho lop few i dozen CBM dealers offering ihe best in I
bexpertise ond support. _I MISSION 1 1 Follow up some
Information received about enemy movements in Alpha
Centauri Bainks Space.
Patrol the area, read the message and return to Solbase.
MISSION 12 Go to Niven Tau Ceti and investigate the New Fighter design.
When you come across an unknown object, launch a DGP at it to get info. You will then be told that it is a C-Wmg. As soon as you have the information, quad jump back to Solbase.
MISSION 13 In this mission you must go and check on a convoy of ships. When you get there, get up close to the lead ship (between 5-100m). He will then charge up his ship enough for him and his convoy to make a quad jump.
MISSION 14 A C-Wing has broken through Solbase's outer defences and has now penetrated Mars Space. Hunt it down and destroy it before returning to Solbase.
MISSION 15 Test out the new proximity mines in Venus Space by firing them towards the dummy targets then heading back to Solbase.
MISSION 16 This is the first time you will meet the Berzerker. Throw all the weapons you can at him - making sure that they all hit home. When he threatens 'Leave this space, creature - before I eat you,' quad- jump back to Solbase. Whatever you do, make sure that you dodge his missiles.
MISSION 17 Observe the Berzerker in Tau Ceti Protector Space. Watch him and see if you can get a drone squadron with the DGPs, then get out of there when the Berzerker speaks. When he follows you, fling the whole gamut of your ordnance at him, making sure that they all hit him. Once you are recalled, head back to Solbase.
MISSION 18 A doddle. Just a routine patrol of Kruger-60 Space.
MISSION 19 If all went well in the last two meetings with the Berzerker, he will appear in Pluto Space. Keep out of his way and attack him with all your weapons from a distance.
If you get another good strike in, he will come up with “You and you alone have annoyed hurt me. I shall destroy you". He will then quad-jump out and disappear.
If the last two meetings didn't quite go right, then the Berzerker will appear in Earth Space and blow up planet Earth, in which case it’s time to get the old save- game disk out and reload!
MISSION 20 On a routine patrol of Sigma Draconis you will meet the Berzerker once again and be called back to Solbase.
MISSION 21 You will be asked to check out emergency signals that are being received from Alpha Centauri Wasp. The hassle is once again from the Berzerker.
Once you meet him you will be called back to Solbase.
MISSION 22 You must innvestigate a distress call from a medical convoy and - guess what? It’s the Berzerker again! When you come across him you will be recalled again.
MISSION 23 This time the Berzerker starts to get serious. Quad-jump to CH-010 so that the Berzerker follows you and wart for him to get sucked into the black hole. Wart for it to change colour and return to Solbase once you get the message for suitable congratulations.
MISSION 24 Patrol Proxima Centauri Goldenman where you will run into three C-Wings. Destroy them and return to base at the prompt.
MISSION 25 Check out the new ship amongst the planets of Sirius (you should find it around Sirius two or three).
Use a DGP to see it is an H-Wing.
MISSION 26 Intercept the ship hovering around the Earth’s moon. You will find that it is an H-Wmg that can be damaged but not destroyed.
MISSION 27 You must protect a fuel freighter that is travelling to Solbase. Don't waste any time getting out to it, otherwise it will be destroyed by enemy ships (mostly C-Wings).
MISSION 28 Investigate activity in the Tau Ceti system. Start from Mote and work your way to Foot. Before you quad-jump anywhere, make sure that you are completely stationary, otherwise you will be destroyed when you arrive at Mote. When the missiles have been destroyed, quad-jump every so often towards Foot, where you will be told to return to Solbase.
MISSION 29 Investigate the single vessel in the Barnard's Ptolemy system.
MISSION 30 Follow the other FOE-57 fighters to Kruger-60 space. When the H- Wing tries a sneak attack, use all your weapons (including the MDC) to destroy it, then follow the flight leader's instructions.
MISSION 31 Destroy all vessels in the Tau Ceh Gift system. All the egg carriers must be destroyed.
MISSION 32 Destroy all the ships in the Scorpion Nebula. Use your tactical display to filter out any interference from the Nebula. You will also (luckily) come across the Sirian cloaking device.
MISSION 33 Test the new X-Ray Laser Mines in Venus space.
MISSION 34 Use all the weapons at your disposal to destroy the ships massing in Saturn Titan space.
MISSION 35 The Sirian fleet has penetrated through to Solbase and is outside the base. Fly out to battle them, taking on the H-Wings first. Once all the ships have been destroyed, go back and dock with Solbase.
MISSION 36 Test the Pseudostellar Warhead missiles in Venus space, But be careful - they're very dangerous.
MISSION 37 Destroy the remnants of the Sirian fleet in Earth space with all the weapons you have.
MISSION 38 The final task: follow the super freighters from Pluto to Sirius Five and whatever you do, destroy the clone ship. Now you can sit back and enjoy the end sequence.
Robert Dowell West Charleton, Devon Continued overleaf I KICK OFF 2 Is your opponent's goalkeeper stopping too many of your shots?
Well try this little cheat to put the odds in your favour.
Run along the function keys (that is press them, not stick your feet on the keyboard) and SI2 or S14 should appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
You will now be able to substitute one of your players for your opponent's goalie. The sub goalie is more often than not pretty rubbish and if you repeat the process he will be even worse.
Alan Hunt Norwich, Norfolk TIME MACHINE Anyone who has read such classic science fiction as Ray Bradbury’s Sound of Thunder knows about the delicate balance of time, so players of Vivid Image's time-travelling adventure must make sure they get everything right. To make extra certain, here are some tips to help you courtesy of Vivid Image themselves.
First off, to get the cheat mode active enter your name on the score table as DIZZY. You will then have infinite lives and access to any of the zones. You can also select particular screens in a zone by pressing A or S. SOLUTION All the zones and screens in this solution are referred to as two numbers. For example, 1-3 refers to zone one, screen three.
The game starts off by the geysers at 1-3.
CREATION OF ZONE TWO Ito start with, you must transport the mammals (aahh!) To the cave in 1-5.
Go to 1-2 and place a travel pod there. Go to 1-5, using the Pterodactyl to cross the river, and place another travel pod by the cave. Go back to 1-3 and stun a mammal with your beamer. Stand next to the stunned mammal son that it is displayed in the look window, then transport yourself and the mammal to the cave in 1-
5. Repeat this process a number of times to stock up the cave
(you can put up to 16 mammals there and you can transport them
even after creating zone two).
2 Go back to 1-3 and block up the geysers and Zone Two will now be created.
CREATION OF ZONE THREE Ithe first objective is to make a fire by the cave in 1-5 to keep the apemen warm. Place a pod by the cave, remembering that fires last longer in the green area. Go to 2-2 and find wood to transport to 2-5. Go to 2-1 and stand in the middle of the screen on the solid patch.
Go back to 1-1 in the first zone and transport the flame to 2- 5 to ignite the wood. If the fire goes out then just reigmte it.
2 Now you must unblock the geysers to warm up the planet. The Yeti doesn't like warm weather and so will try to keep the geysers blocked. Distract him by feeding him fish from 3-4 and apples from 1-2. Once you succeed in unblocking the geysers you will have created Zone Three.
3 Now you need to plant seeds m 24. Place a pod on the river bank (in the green area by the existing plants) and transport apples from 1-2. Repeat this for both river banks.
CREATION OF ZONE FOUR The main task before you is the transportation of the round wheel from 3-2 to 3-5.
If you planted the seeds in 2- 4, then you should now have trees in 34. You need to take the wheel across the river, so you must break the branches of these trees to form a bridge.
Use the Pterodactyl in zone one and as you cross the river- change zones so that you drop onto the branches. Repeat this for the branches on both sides of the river and you can then take the wheel across There is, however, an even more sneaky way of Continued on Page 105 I LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE CHALLENGE If you’re having trouble qualifying, then simply select a two player game, enter player one's name as: IN A BIG COUNTRY, and player two's name as: FIELDS OF FIRE. (Thai's enough Big Country albums - Ed). Now you can qualify even if you don’t finish in the top ten.
If that's not enough, then enter MONSTER as player one and SEVEN- ii yuu ic iivi a suiiduic naiu man ainj i i iihj enemy yuuu. Iihjii type In: ITS EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW (including spaces) for infinite everything. This should make defeating King Crimson a much easier task.
Jonathan Hill Highstorrs, Sheffield TEEN for player two. You should be able to get Into a bonus game!
Mike Mee Rhuddlan, Clwyd X-COPY PROFESSIONAL The essential package for all your BACK-UP needs!
* The most comprehensive back up utility includes floppy disc
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X-COPY PROFESSIONAL caters for all your needs, included in the package is a small hardware interface that plugs into the external disc drive port at the rear of the Amiga and your external disc drive (if you have one) plugs into the back of the interface. This allows the DIGITAL BIT IMAGE COPY MODE to use the ADAPTIVE PULSE WIDTH MODULATION routines to backup virtually all known discs.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 PLUS £1.00 POSTAGE AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the use of its software for the reproduction of copyrighted software. The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to back up users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE:- At time of purchase, if your can find a program that is more powerful than X-COPY PRO we will refund your money.
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N. U.R.D. Software 6 Chaucer Court Wendover Road ¥ Staines Middx.
TW18 3DP Tel: Mon-Sat 0784 454214 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm 081-890 3296 THIS IS a MESSAGE FROM THE No. 1 NURD y welcome to the world of Nurd.
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THE NURDS TOP TWENTY In no order, plus many more Please ring for availability to save disappointment
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Amiga 500 and ST at competitive prices CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0784 454214 mmm 0 o 0 O £ 2 2 0 0 §1 ° CD 0 a
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* ? c 0 0 h_ 0
o -o 0 a c 0 03 E 0 O o 0 C re 0 o c o c 0 o 0 C a A o 0 0 £ k O
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ra E
- I CD 2 * 0 0 ~ O Q)
X) S 12 E £ .9- §
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Increases computer memory from normal' ? Megabyte to 1 megabyte Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated pin connector 16 bit technology Fit in minutes Direct replacement of Commodore A501 expansion
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Price includes VAT and post and packing | Tel: 0582 491949 Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ mm Please Bead: Terms of Sale.
fc.adbroke S sOmputing International We are tie longest esbbkshed Alan dealer In tie UK We have devotopod an axtanstoe ofifomor service potcy which means tat we lesl at Hantwoie saiwwe prior k despatch to ensue that goods arrive in workwig order Ajixxjph rxi prices are not always tie cheapest we do endeavor to ctler consistenty good service and backip Tits isn't lust OJ option we were voted'Best Dealer 1989 by tie readers it ST WtiM magame. Nd la 'the nimber d boxes shtlerT. But la quakty service At pnr.es are correct at copy dale 12 12 9(1 and are Suited to diange witiout pner notice At
prices are acarale whte slocks last Phone la up to dale prices At prices ndude J T. There are no hodden extas (WYSIWYQ Detvery (n Mankind UK) Is tree, on orders over f100 (add CIO la next day coiner detvery At prices avatattc on Mat Order Shop prices may rttler _ MM SlQP'I Udhli- RAM Upgrades i CIMewi Swift drf mum IU 24 pn pmar o|1 B2co hdxtec ry4rr njyrade HonrnfMd Plah or pci tractor toad 4 LQ tcrto Accept* fcnl cartrlB** tUr LC-20J C219.99 7 Ccku prrttor Cotou • mcno rttxn mxxhotj 226 cpa 5 Hmdmt NLQ Iona Botttfn fmd Piah or piJ tractor lead Pbpar parting 01- C249.99 24Hnpmar 222 co 6
naatoarH LO km Accapts lent arn«H Botkm taad Piaft orpij it Memory enable disable switch it Compact, low power design it Optional battery backed clock 512K Board £34.99 with dock f39.99 QO**1 Star LC24-200 7 Cokxr Star Laser 8DB 2Mb RAM Star LC-10 Star LC-10 Me I Citizen t20O Al Sar Pmar* cary B mcnta an «• MrvlyMrM UK) AJ arm ark BM Cantrorcs c*pa Ran* far ittm p*p*r and pmar lantM.
64K bUter 3 nput watdl 07898 266K txitor 3 rp*A watrfi CH880 E30S99 E1899.90 c tea 99 C18999 E139 99 Amiga A500 Packs A500 Batman Pack A500 Screen Gems Pack Any oI above packs • Tenstar games, joystick, mouse mat £369.99 £369.99 E399.99 Phone for details of Star FR and XB ranges.
Monitors & Tv s ¦) Quality 3.5" Disks jgj Amax+Rom’s £224.99 Macintosh emulator including 128K Macintosh ROM’s.
Trak Ball £24.99 Trak ball converted to work as mouse on the Amiga.
A500 d cvr £3.99
3. 5" 2nd drive£59.99 Mastersound £34.99 CM 8833 £249.99 Philips
stereo, colour monitor.
1084S £269.99 Commodore stereo, colour Sony Branded Boxed JnbrandQd Loose. Boxed Quantity 10 £5.99 £6.99 £9.49 monitor limited offer) 15" FST Tv £269.99 Philips 15-GR-2530105-R, FSX Remote, Scart input. Teletext TV with 60 tuner presets.
All above include Scart cable 100 £48.99 £57.99 £84.99 AJ 1U1 carry mccndrkoral ttotma gmranto* paaaa odd 75p PSP tor each pack oI ten Cumana CAX 354 A4 Flat bed scanner ft ?
Ft 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer.
And photocopier, ft Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode.
Compatible with Amiga and ST Only £449.99 Data enable disable switch Daisy chain "through" connector Low power consumption Only £64.99 Hmh «M CJ MA Funlab Music System for Amiga including: MO Interlace. FS680 Keyboard. Midi cables and software.
Music system Kmybomrd FS6B0 Amiga Soft warm
• 5 Track sequencer
• 5 channel mixer
• Quantization
• Left right locator
• Auto bop
• Graphic notation
• Registration page
• Synthesizer editor 01 FJI sized keys 100 preset souids 16 bit
PCM quaity 100 preset rythme 32400 soend combinations OE-FNGER
AD-UB 2x Stereo speakers Effects: Chorus. Sustain.
Pitch tp down
• 2x MIDI cables For Amiga £330 LflB ?
Kawai Music system for ST including FS680 keyboard, MO cables and Midistudb sequencer software.
Amiga MIDI interface 1x MIDI IN 2x MIDI OUT Cotour matched to Amiga For ST £330 HowtoPw You can phone your Access or Visa card details or send a cheque postal WW532" orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing International. Please allow sufficient clearance time lor cheques.
(0772) 203166 Fax 561071 Shop S Mai order premises 33 Ormskirk Road. Preston. Lancashire. PR1 2QP Open Monday to Satirday ftOOa n to SOQpm Dealer enquiries welcome. Ladbroke Computing International _«e a tracing name ot Walton Marketing Limited AI trade marks recognised taking the wheel across. Carry it to 3-3 and enter the hut. You will now reappear in a hut in 3-5. Now just walk up to the square wheel and drop the round wheel. Talk about re-inventing the wheel!
CREATION OF ZONE FIVE Ithe first thing you have to do is destroy Goliath.
Get a powder barrel from 4-5.
To avoid the cannon ball, stand in the middle of the screen in 3-5 and change to zone four.
Take the barrel to 4-4 and drop it as near to the right of the bridge as you possibly can. Place a pod near the barrel and wait for Goliath to get near to it. Now transport a flame from 1-1 to ignite the barrel and, in the ensuing explosion, destroy Goliath.
2 Now you have to reveal the oil source.
Take another barrel from 4-5, take it to 4-1 and drop it by the moving rock - this is the oil source that you are looking for.
Place a pod near the barrel and ignite it to dislodge the rock and reveal the source.
REPAIRING THE TIME MACHINE Ito start with you need to recover the crystal for the time machine.
Kill a few terrorists in 5-5 and wait for a bomb. Transport this bomb to 1-1 by the rock with the crystal in it and ignite it to dislodge the crystal from the rock.
You won’t be able to find the crystal in the swamp as it is too deep, but you can find it in 2-1 if you search for it.
Place a pod in front of the time machine and transport the crystal to it.
2 Now you need to switch power to the time machine.
There is a power switch on top of the building above the VID OIL sign in 5-1. Use a Pterodactyl to land on top of the building and beam at the switch to turn the power on and off. However, you must make sure that the crystal is in the time machine before you switch the power on.
Once the crystal is in place and the power is on, just get inside the time machine and do a pick up and you will have completed the adventure.
If those quests are proving too much for those one-meg ownin’, troll stayin', adventurtn’ (that's enough "In's" - Ed) players out there, then here are a lew hints to help you out.
CODES TO HIGHER LEVELS befe810006170 or cddff10006f70 3 cc5ee21OOOel0 4 465fa31001 ebO 5 b57f943000eb0 6 1bbeb53010a41 7 8ddfb6201 Oacl 8 eOl11730178c1 HINTS LEVEL 4 Walk around the ring on the floor clockwise three times In order to open the lloor.
LEVEL 7 When the Nortac dives underwater, you must hurry back and throw yourself Into the whirlpool rather than climbing the ladder.
LEVEL 8 To defeat the dragon and Mordamir use six BLINK spells, then use the fire protection |ust before he breathes fire, not when he takes a quick breath. When he pauses hold up the amulet and Mordamir will spin in. Use the STATUE spell three times to stop being killed by lightning, then just as he starts the next spell put up a SONIC spell.
Use STATUE twice more and when he animates the bones hit the statue just before they reach you. He will now say that you have no more defences, so wait until he holds up the amulet then cast the MAGNETIC spell. And there you have It - a completed adventure.
Paul Charters Caterham, Surrey WINNERS Just two £50 vouchers to send out this month, since the Time Machine tips were sent in by Vivid Image themselves and they're not having one of these valuable items, oh no! The lucky winners this month are Paul Charters for his Immortal hints and Robert Dowell for his extensive Warhead tips.
If you fancy making yourself a bit of money for nothing, then why not come up with some spiffy tips on a hot game and send them in to GAMEBUSTERS, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.
You could be well rewarded for your trouble!
AMIGA ACCESSORIES Philips CM8833 Mk.ll colour monitor including cable & 12 months on-site warranty ... £249.00 Vidi-Amiga video digitiser package .£95.00 Vidi-Chromo colour accessory lor above £ 16.00 Vidi-RGB splitter accessory unit lor VIDI £59 95 MiniGEN Genlock Adapter £95 00 KCS Power Board PC emulator package £289 00 Vortex AT-Once PC emulator package featuring last 8MHz 80286 processor £179.00 5' 4‘ External Floppy Drive 40 80 track switchable (360 720K) with throughport... £99 00 TrueMouse superb quality replacement mouse.
Excellent value for money £17 95 Naksha Mouse Package (also compatible with Atari ST and Amstrad PC) ...£28 95 Kickstart 1.3 Upgrade pack ......£ 29 95 Amiga Replacement Power Supply Unit (Genuine Commodore Amiga Type) £39 95 Amiga A500 Dusl Cover ..£ 4 95 CBM A590 HARD DISK ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY 3V2" external drives ¦f Very quiet Slimline design Cooling Vents Sleek, high quality metal casing Suits any Amiga Quality Citizen drive mechanism On Off switch on rear of drive Full 880K
Formatted capacity Throughport connector Long reach connection cable Amazing low price!
£54.95 including VAT and delivery
5. 25" External 40 80 Track Drive also available, only £99.00
Good quality Commodore Hard Disk unit, including its own PSU
and built-in cooling tan Features sockets lor up to 2k* ot
on-board FASTRAM expansion (see Below). 80ms Access time, with
up to
2. 4ktr sec transtei rate. Autoboots when used with Kickstart 13
A590 Hard Drive (20Mb) £279.00 We are
now supporting specially upgraded versions oI die A5VO
incorporaung NEC high capacily. Fully autoparking SCSI drives
(25ms access lime.) SCSI interfaced hard drives offer a
substantial performance increase over conventional units.
A590 Hard Drive (40Mb NEC disk) .£399.00 A590 Hard Drive (100Mb NEC disk)......£599.00 Upgr«o« kit comprising ot D HAM FASTRAM »C's We fit me upgrade tree of cnarge when bought with an AS90 A590 512K RAM Upgrade kit .... £ 31.95 A590 RAM UPGRADES A590 1Mb RAM Upgrade kit £59.95 A590 2Mb RAM Upgrade kit £ 99.95 AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES GOLDEN IMAGE HANDY SCANNER WITH TOUCH-UP PACKAGE RAM UPGRADE ONLY £34.95 including VAT & delivery 512K RAM CLOCK UNIT FEATURES : 512K RAM Expansion also available without clock for only £29.95 A Direct replacement tor the A501 expansion .i
Convenient On OH Memory Switch ii Auto-recharglng battery backed real-time Clock
• Compact unit size : Ultra-neat design £ Only 4 low power
consumption FASTRAMs
1. 5MB RAM BOARD Fully populated board Increases the total RAM In
an Amiga 500 to 2MB !
Plugs into the trapdoor expansion (as with 512K unit) and connects to GARY chip il Includes Auto-recharglng Battery Backed Real-Time Clock ri Socketed FASTRAM Ics tor accommodating up to 1.5 MB RAM Unpopulated RAM Board with Clock_____________£39.95 RAM Board as above, with 512K FASTRAM Installed _ £59.95 RAM Board as above, with 1 Mb FASTRAM installed ....£74.95 RAM Board as above, fully populated, with
1. 5 Mb FASTRAM installed___£89.95 N B The expansion board
Requires Kickstart 1.3 to operate - Kickstart 1.3 Upgrade
available trom us tor £29 95 Top value package xrdudng a Ixgh
quality KXMOOdpr scanner with dither options. Scanner ndudes
viewing window with backlight, plus a start control button,
tor accurate scanning every time Scans either line-art (mono)
or one ot three greyscale options, al 100 200 300'400 dpi The
package ndudes the amazingly powerful, well featured TOUCH UP
graph.es program which drives the scanner directly as one ot
is many facilities, indudes many image enhancement tools
Please note that this package is not Amiga 1000 compatible N.B
Requires at least 1Mb RAM to operate.
Star LC10 top- soiling 9 pin pnnter .. £159 00 Star LC200 replaces LC10 colour, teatures bottom feed option and push pull tractor. L80 45cps £209.00 Star LC24-10 24 pin. Excellent value ....£215 00 Star LC24-200 improved vers.on of LC24-10: 200 67cps bottom feed option and push pull tractors ......£249 00 Star LC24-2O0 Cotour version of above LC24-200 £289 00 Star FR 10 9pm 30 y76cps 16 NLQ fonts £369 00 Star FR 15 as FR-10. Wide carnage .....£429 00 Star XB24 10 24pm. 4 SLQ. 25 LO
fonts .... £429 00 Star XB24-15 as XB24-10. Wide carnage ...£569 00 Star LC15 wide carnage vers, of LC10 .. £299 00 Star LC24 15 wide carnage vers, of LC24 10 ...... £369 00 Star Laserphnter 8. 8ppm 300dpl £1329 00 Star Laserpnnter 8 & Starscnpt upgrade (2Mb RAM) . £1599.00 Olivetti DM100S 9 pm printer 200 30cps price includes 1 year on-site warranty I .£129 95 Okvetti cut sheot feeder for DM100S ......£79.95 Ohvetti PG 306 lasor; 512K RAM. HP compatible £976
35 Olivetti PG-306 as above, with PostScnpt fitted £1749 00 Epson LX400 budgot 10" .....£159 00 Epson LQ550 10* 24pm ...... £349 00 Epson LQ400 24pm pnnter ..£229 00 Panasonic KXP1180 multi feature 9 pm ......£179.00 Panasonic KXP1123 24pm pnnter. NEW Model £235 00 Panasonic KXP1624 24pm wide can. Pnnter ..£399 00 Hewlett Packard Deskjet 500 includes 3 years Return to Hewlott Packard’ Warranty ...£459 00 Hewlett Packard
Laseqet III supenor 300dpt laser £1595 00 | a VAT ery ONLY £19.95 ONLY £44.95 WE GUARANTEE that this is the smoothest, most responsive and accurate replacement mouse you can buy for the Amiga.
Excellent design, incredible low price !
REPLACEMENT A500 P.S.U. ONLY £39.95 ONLY £17.95 TRUEMOUSE Genuine CBM Amiga A500 type replacemen I power supply unit.
Good quality switch mode type.
Very high quatty trackbal.
Directly compatible lo any Amiga. ST or CBM64. Plus many olhars. Operates Irom the mouse or |0ystx» pon.
And features selectable drag control autofire Dutton lor versabkty and battar action Lett or right hand usa, with total one handed Control- Top quality construction and opto-mechanical design, dekvenng high speed and accuracy every time. No driver software required I ‘TESSA’ twin ergonomic stereo speakers, amplified I ONLY £34.95 SS KRAFT TRACKBALL HEAR THAT STEREO!
Your Amiga product*
• acwdtnt qualify hMI starao aound. Enjoy sound reproduction to
ms full with this twin spsaksr systsm I Usss ampimsc with
volums control, to obtain ths bast sound.
Ottering full compotlOiMy wilh almost any AMIGA oudlo digitiser pockoge, our Sound Sampler teatixes excellent circuitry, yielding protesslondl results the mdin A D converter gives a digitising resolution of up to 50KHz. With o last slew rate. Two phono sockets are provided lor stereo kne input. Plus on option tot microphone. Adjustable gain is ocheived with built-in con- ...trol knob Complele wtth Ail|| 1 f»AA nr public domain dsk con Ul'lLT Z.ACJ.C J toning sound somping .. 4 applications utikiios GET CONNECTED !
Our tully compatible, high quality MIDI Interfoce connects directly wtth the Amiga serial port and provides IN. OUT & THRU ports tor good flexibility Features LED Indicators on each port to assist ease ot use and also tor diagnostic purposes Supeib compact design STEREO SOUND SAMPLER With Its dedicated monitor Input, this model combines the advantages ot a high quality medium resoluUon monitor with the convenience ot remote control Teletext TV • at an excellent low price !
PHILIPS 15" FST COLOUR TV MONITOR MIDI INTERFACE £269.00 inc. VAT. Delivery & cable AMIGA SOFTWARE WORDPROCESSING Protext Version 5 ....£119.95 Kind Words Version 2 ..£39.95 ACCOUNTING LOOK WHAT ELSE YOU GET WHEN YOU BUY AN AMIGA from remrrnrrnrrrTT Dlgita Home Accounts £18.95 C- A M I G A SPECIAL DEALS Diglta Cashbook Controller .£39.95 Digita Final Accounts ...£23.95 Oigita Cashbook Combo ....£55.95 SBA
Cash ....£62.95 SBA Extra ....£89.95 SBA Plus ...£179.00 GRAPHICS Deluxe Paint 3 ....£59.95 Deluxe Video 3 ...£59.95 PROGRAMMING AMOS Game Creator ...£37.50 AMOS Sprites ....£11 95 HiSoft Lattice ‘C .....£179.00 GFA BASIC Version 3 ..
£39.95 GFA BASIC Compiler ...£34.95 Hisott Devpac 2 ..£44.95 GAMES AND SIMULATIONS Battle Squadron .£16.95 Damocles .... £18.95 Emlyn Hughes ....£18.95 F-19 Stealth Fighter .£22.50 F-29 Ftetallalor ...£18.95 Kick OH 2 .....£18.95 Sideshow
.....£14.95 Treasure Trap ....£16.95 MISCELLANEOUS Super-Plan Spreadsheet ..... £74.95 Superbase Personal Version 2 ..£69.00 Digita DG-Calc ... £31.95 AMIGA 500 a nrrhi Top-selling A500 package includes 'Night Breed', 'The Beast 2', 'Back to the Future 2', 'Days of Thunder', 'Deluxe Paint II' and TV modulator.
A500 SCREEN GEMS PACKAGE________________£ 379.00 SCREEN GEMS PACK SPECIAL! A500 Screen Gems Package inc. 512K RAM Clock Upgrade ... £ 399.00 A500 Screen Gems Package PLUS 3Drive . £ 430.00 A500 Screen Gems Package including 512K RAM Clock Upgrade AND 3' ." Drive £ 465.00 1 AMIGA 500 CLASS I OF THE 90'S PACK Includes A501 5I2K RAM Upgrade, TV Modulalor. 8 software II Titles, 10 Disks. Mouse Mat. Video Tape and more .... A500 CLASS OF THE 90 s Package ___________£549.00 A500 Class ot the 90 s Pack PLUS 3Drive____£ 600.00 || 1 AMIGA 1S00 I STARTER PACK Includes At500 computer (1Mb HAM. 2 13V
Drives. 8 expansion slolsl.
Commodore Hr HesckuDon Colour Uontor pu Sotlwsro incurring Deluxe Faint lir. Barae Chess. Sim City and The Works' (business sohware) AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACKAGE__________£ 999.00 Buy with confidence Irom one ol the longest established companies in then field, with a reputation lor good service and prices We have invested heavily in a computer system lo enable out Telesales stall to provide up-to-the-minute slock information, coupled with highly efficient order processing. Our fully equipped Woikshop enables us to carry out almost any repair on out premises We Teel suie that you won I be
disappointed i! You choose Evesham Mictos.
Evesham Micros ¦RETAIL SHOWROOMS ¦7TC1 Allow 5 working day s ptnonal chq clearance "Unit 9 St Richards Bood EvMham Wore* WR11 6XJ W 0386-785180 tax ' 0389 -785354 Open Mon - S«t. 8 00 ¦ 6 30. 6 Gllsaon Road Cambridge Ctt 2HA ¦B 0223-323898 tax: 0223-322653 Open Mon-Sat, 9 30 - 5 30 Spac aw eaucmtion Ctnrm, 1762 Pwnhor* Rood Cottwrido* Birmingham BJ0 3BH tf 021 -458 4564 tax : 021 -433 3825 V Opan Mon - Sal, 9 00 - 5 30 Unit 9 St Richards Rd, Evesham, Worcs Wrll 6XJ Call us now on © 0386 - 765500 8 lines, Opan Mon-Sat. 9 00-5.30 Fax 0386-765354 Technical support (open Mon - Fit, 9.30 •
5.30): 0386-40303 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY Same day despatch whenever possible. Express Courier delivery £5.00 extra.
MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Government. Education A PLC orders welcome All products covered by 12 Months Warranty All goods subject to availability. E A Q E. DELIVERY SERVICE .and the Keenest prices BYTEBACK MEGA DEALS!
FIND OUT WHY MOST AMIGA USERS PREFER BYTE GAMES LOCHinQ UlSK BOX l ocking Disk Box ,80-1 Media Box i 150 stackable] Mouse Mai Keyboard or Monnoi Cover Midi Master.
Philips CM8833 Monitor Hardware Retiireni.r- Manual ..39.99 KICK OFF 2 (MBi DRAGONS LAIR.
49. 99 .59 99 ¦.ramr.v.?*?
.89.99 Battle 100 do SONY Boxed w.l Box o! 10 .. Box oi 10 1x5 Box of 10 i 101 Donrd game' eve oame idCkoammon.
N R«*.ictK)n CHILDRENS ¦fry K-t Words AG.13 Adventure Solutions: Over 100 incnjdmg Da' Master Rainbtrd Irrfocom Siena Ultima.
Bards Tale. Future Wars... disks £3.98) SALE ? SALE * SALE ?
Nt qnat'fy Micro bnoiish (GC.*L» Micro Malhs (GCSE Micro French tGCSE) Posiman Pat. .. Robol Readers 18 99 Clriono Quest II Centrefold Square:.
Deluxe Paml...... Deluxe Slop Pokei Galaxy Force..... Kid Glove:. ..... Last Nmia 2 Silkworm .... Super Hang On Tower of Babel Voyager art & MUSIC
24. 99 24 99 auo o Masie 4i Delure Music Con Deluxe Prim ,2)
Deluxe Pamt (3; Disney Animation : Mastersouno Prolessionai
Draw (21.. Quanei Real Things Birds 1 8 2 Real Things Humans
Real Things Horses Sound Express The Art Department.....
Video tiller 3D (Nt W 1 5) X Cad Designer
9. 99 499 aludo MASTER MIX ...... 16 99 Thunder Blade.
Turbo Outrun Crack Down. Super Wonder Boy. Dynmaite Dux
SPORTING GOID ....19 99 Games Winter Edison. Games
Summer Edition Calitorntn Games HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION... 19 99
Ghoslbuslers II. Robocop Batman |lhe Movie), Indiana Jones
PLATINUM ..... 17.99 Ghouls and Ghosts Sirider Black
Tiger .54.99 79 99 UTILITIES BBC Emulator... Devpac 2
DrgiCalc..... Distant Suns GB Rome Gold Disk Ottice 44 99 29
99 34 99
29. 99 .99.99 JOYSTICKS Joystick & Mouse extension Joyslick lead
-3 metres1...... Quickshol Python .. Quick|oy
III Supercharger Quickioy Jethghter ..... Quickjoy V
Superboard..... Competition Pro Extra Arcade
joystick .. Zip Stick Professional
4. 99 .4 99
9. 99
11. 99 1299
19. 99 . 1599 ... 16.99 15 99 X COPY Professional (3 i) The BEST
Backup utility1 34 99 Pagesetter (2).
PRO Clips (Clip Am Publishers Choice Scribble Platinum Workbench 1 3 Works Platinum 49 99 1999 79 99 42 99 14 99 AMOS Games Creator 34 99 Armour-Geadon
16. 99 Atomic Robokio .. 17 99 Awesome (PLUS T
Sturt) .....24 99 Badlands ......
16. 99 Bar Games (Over 18) . ... 16.99 BAT .....1699
Battle Command .. 16 9h Battle ol Britain.
19 99 Shadow ol the Beast 2 ...
24. 99 BSS Jane Seymour .15.99
Cadaver .. .....16.99 Captive ....
15.99 Carthage 16 99 Chaos Strikes Back (MBi . 16 99 Chase HQ
2 ... 16 99 Corporation ..
15. 99 Curse ol the Azure Bonds .. 19 99 Damocles Mission
Disk ..... 9.99 Days ol Thunder 1599 Dragons
Breath ...... .... 1799 Dragons
Breed ...... .....1699 Dragonsinke
. .....19.99 Dungeon Mastor 15 99
ESWAT ... 16.99 Flight ol
Ihe Intruder Golden Axe
16. 99 Hard Dnvin' 2 .. .....16 99 Horror
Zombies . .... 16.99 Immortal
.... .....16 99 Imperiun-
.... 17.99 Indianapolis 500 .
17 99 James Pond
16. 99 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golt.
.....19.99 Kick Ott 2 (MB) .....15.99 Lotus Esprit Turbo Chall ... .....16.99 Midnight Resistance ..... 17 99 Midwinter ...... .....1999 Monty Python 14 99 Mystical .... . 16 99 Mt Tank Platoon ... . .19.99 Nightbreed 16 99 Ooops Up .. ......16.99 Operation Stealth . .....17.99 Over the Net 15 99 Am iRAM 1000 Memory Expansion • FREE Four 1 Mu demo disks 500k RAM Exp I Expansion ... 500k RAM • DUNGEON MASTER. 49.99 500k RAM ¦ 500k RAM • Arty Ol aDovi' wiin CLOCK fc7i SriMB DISK DRIVE
I. FI FREE. Ovei £100 SOItware' I Shadow 01 the Beast Kick Oil
|Sqiiaaion and HVF Honda1 HARD DRIVIN' • 10 DISKS CONTRIVER
MOUSE . Mouv-Ma! • Mouse Brae NAKSHA MOUSE . Mou e Mai • Mo
FURRY MOUSF COVER1 i with eyes ears and nose Batman Capeo
Blooo Money Btoodwych Colossus Chess X. Deluxe Ship Poker PLUS
FROM THIS COLUMN Pick trom list opposite1 ang Plotting Pool oi
Radiance .
Powermongei Puznic . Ran* .
16. 99
17. 99 19 99 18 99 16 99 .16.99 Rick Dangerous
2, ... Robocop
2 . .... 16 99 .....16.99
Rorkes Drift . Shadow
Warriors ..
15. 99 18 99 Sim City .... Speedball
2 ...... 17 99 .....16.99 Spmdizzy
Worlds . Strider
2 .....16.99 .....16.99
Super Olf Road Racing ......
Supremacy ......
16. 99 .....19.99 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles..
Turncan ... 16 99 .....15.99
Ultimate Ride . .... 16 99 U M S II Vaxine
..... Voodoo
Niqhlmare .. 1999 .....16.99
16. 99 Welltris ...... .....16.99 Wings (MB)
... 1899 Wollpack Wrath ot the Demon
.....19 99 1999 Forgotten Worlds POWER PACK .16.99 Xenon II
Lombard RAC Rally. TV Sports Football Bloodwych AD.Oi Walker
demo 1; animation ot Star Wars Walker (need 1MB| AD.04 Probe
Sequence Simulation ot video pictures trom an interstellar
piobe landing on an alien planed AD.25 The Run: Supeib 3D Car
Chase AC.02 Pagesetter Art: 100 s or professional qualiiy
dip an pics AC.04 IFF Fonts: 30 screens ol high quality tonts
plus surfaces.
AS.22 Viz: Complete set of pictures trom Ihe very tunny Viz calender.
AX.01 Samantha Fox: 12 high quality digi Used pictures1 AX.04 Playboy 1; 16 digitised pics AX 05 Playboy 2; 18 digit'Sea pics AX.05 Bra Busters: Digitised him samples trom Electric Blue Video.
AX. 21 Snowenng Girls; Fun with a hosepipe, tfegihsed sequences AU.01 Jazzbench Supern Workbench .-u .i. erne mi lully multitasking!
AU.03 OL Emulator plus 2 disks lull ol O' inis 3disks £5.971 Au 13 Visicalc; spreadsheet Au lb Norlh C: programming language AG.Or Star Trek 1 Version or the ST AG 27 Star Trek USA Space Strategy tea to ng frwt' *• 8 t'.rew' AW.02 Workbench Plus TV Texl demo Fractals Virus X Clip It Dmouse.
AW.03 Icons 100's including: Ihe amusing Naughty Icons Ram Icons Music Icons.. SND.02 Soundtracker 4; Alternative Wue -version coupled w th complete mstruments disk1 (2 disks £3 99; ST1.01 to 08 Instruments: 100's on eatfi disk use with Snundliackei!
STS.01 to 02 Samples: Superb sound samples, use with Soundtracker!
AG.16 Caslle ol Doom Adventure.
AG.24 Drip Superb addrClive 15 level arcade quality arcade game* AG.2S Train Set Design Railway and run 2 AG.02 Games 1 '.reman Olhello Hanoi Gravity War ¦-.* -innrt Empire etc oft AG-03 Aaaiion Siar Trek Spacf* qaroe.
SND.01 Soundtracker: Four versions ol . Superb PD music program plus van- AG 04 Monopoly - AG 05 Pacmon 87 Mu it AG.0o Game.. AmoetVi Sic* * AO AG 10 Space tnwaoers sx for oui Nt W catalogue1 AG. 14 Fiascheiber 12 99 1? 99 t es
1 disk = £1.99. 10 disks v hie box - £15.99 All prices Include VAT and FIRST CLASS POST!
GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST DEUVERY ON ALL STOCK ITEMSI Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available LI jjmmm VI VfSA MM BYTEBACK DEPT A F, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE n these pages you will find the best 15 games of all time I - the games you cannot afford to be without. Not all of them are new - some are more than two years old - but all of them are classics that will stand the test of time.
If you want to buy them (and you should!) But you can’t get them from your normal outlet, then try the software house direct, mailorder companies or the bargain bins of software shops. Where games have already appeared on compilations we've tried to track them down, but keep an eye out for the older games here appearing on new compilations or on budget labels.
O 15 Games The Best ° All Time RAINBOW ISLANDS Without doubt the best coin-op conversion ot all time, not |ust because ot the excellent programming but because It was a brilliant game In the first place. Sure enough, It sounds like a dumb Japanese Idea - a cute character who leaps about platforms shooting rainbows - but it's one ot the most addictive platform games there's ever been.
There are seven Islands In the game, each one split up Into four Increasingly difficult levels. The aim is to make your way up the vertical levels by jumping on platforms or climbing the rainbows you fire. The depth lies in the detail that the game gives In bonuses, secret rooms and level design, all of which makes it both a big challenge and great fun to explore.
This Is a classic arcade game that deservedly scooped the title of Amiga Format's game ot the year for 1990.
TIPS - Always try to collect the diamonds in order so you can use the secret rooms and avoid the end-of-level guardians. Many monsters can just be trapped under rainbows and jumped on to turn them into a gem. On all the islands it s worth remembering that monsters only have to be near the rainbow when it s broken to be turned to a gem. This is particularly handy for dealing with flying monsters and for killing monsters on a platform above you.
TARGET - Get into all the secret rooms and complete the game, but do not pick up any of the permanent powers In the secret rooms!
SPINDIZZY WORLDS ELECTRIC DREAMS £24.99 A recent addition to the list of classic games, but one which will be around for a long time because of Its originality, detail and difficulty. The action revolves around a spinning top called Gerald. He has to collect jewels and other objects that supply him with fuel, while avoiding things that take fuel away.
The joy of the game is the control of Gerald and the complexity of the worlds which he has to get through - both are exceptionally good.
The worlds are full of ramps, drops, switches, lifts and other things that make wicked puzzles and fascinating places to explore.
You will need a combination of great joystick dexterity and mental agility to complete the game, but once you are In the groove it gets very hard to stop playing. You're always trying to complete just one more world.
TIPS - One crucial thing to work out Is using the brake, which is tricky because it's the Space bar. Work out the best way to hit It without affecting your joystick handling - using a foot may suit you, or a suckered joystick with a trigger so that you have a hand free to operate the brake, or just keep one finger free and play very close to the keyboard - whatever works for you. Also try to go everywhere with the fire button pressed and using the brake - for the levels with a time limit you will often have to do it that way, so It's as well to get Into practice.
TARGET - Complete Easydizzy without having to retry a world.
TOTAL ECLIPSE MICROSTATUS £24.99 The greatest Freescape game of them all. It sets players the task of averting an ancient Egyptian curse. The pyramid you must explore Is made of solid 3D blocks that can be moved, crawled over, walked along and shot to reveal the path to the centre ot the temple.
With only two hours the time limit is tight and so is the water supply. You must replenish continually for a successful completion of your mission. The puzzles and traps that guard the central temple are fiendish, requiring masses of lateral thinking as well as manual dexterity.
It s a huge world, where the complex 3D system has allowed the authors to play visual tricks. This mindbendlng blend makes It a classic that even Incentive haven't managed to top yet. It will be Interesting to see how their 3D expertise turns out In the forthcoming 3D Construction Kit - see Previews on Page 47.
TIPS - Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! That's the problem. If you don't have water, you die. Small troughs litter the place, so top up at every one. Check under and behind everything - doors and Ankhs are well hidden. Keep shooting - many objects take multiple hits before they activate. In the final room, you'll have to blast the statue 45 times!
TARGET - Finish the whole game in one go, without saving it, and having collected the absolute maximum of 4,350,000 in gold.
Shoot-em-ups are fast and furious and can be a lot of fun. Puzzle games require thought and the player gets a great sense of achievement when something is completed.
Tower Ol Babel combines the tension and panic of a top-notch shoot-em-up with the cunning and strategy found in a good puzzle game.
TOWER OF BABEL RAINBIRD £24.95 Busting at the seams with different - sometimes wacky - puzzles, it keeps you playing and playing. None of the puzzles take long to complete once you've found the key to them, but finding that key can be a mammoth task.
Like Nebulus, it is about getting to the top of towers, but by very different methods because in this biblically-inspired game (Noah's descendants trying to build towers to heaven) you control three robots with different abilities for overcoming obstacles.
TIPS - Get the overall picture first. Look at each level from the corner towers and work out exactly what you need to do before starting. When you're up against a time limit use the programming option as much as possible because you'll often find you can have two or three robots working at once. Often one will need to do something before another can do something else, so start them off in the right order. Don't bother completing every puzzle - once you've solved enough to move on to another frame, do so!
TARGET - Complete 15 levels with preprogramming and never take direct control.
STUNT CAR RACER MICROSTYLE £24.95, CHALLENGERS FROM UBISOFT £29.99 This racing game takes the genre into a whole new dimension of difficulty and originality. No flat turns for this game: we are talking banked curves, huge humps and Jumps, drawbridges, long drops and, best of all, an opponent determined to cross the finish line before you.
The names of the tracks sum up the amazing driving you can expect - Rollercoaster. Ski Jump, High Jump and Stepping Stones are four of the eight you have to master. Everything is drawn In solid 3D which is not very detailed, but what matters is the speed of the action and the realistic crunching feel of driving the car.
You suffer with every bounce and Jump landing as If you were really there - it's terrifying!
The computer opponents are hard to beat and get harder the further you go, but another joy of the game is that you can play against a human opponent via a datalink. Against them yo'll have a marvellous time trying to outrace one another or barge each other off the track.
TIPS - If playing a human opponent, go for the ram straight off the start line - if they aren't ready for it, you'll win. Don't try it against the computer because it never falls off. Save the game every time you get promoted, the only sure way to make progress. The computer cars are good, so you always risk demotion.
TARGET - Get into the Superleague without using a saved game at any stage and then get every lap record in the Superleague.
F-1 9 STEALTH FIGHTER MICROPROSE £29.99 A state-of-the-art sim for a state-of-the-art warplane. An excellent flight simulation, F-19 Is also a first-class game. Take the invisible aircraft on missions over four different war zones on three different hostility settings. Each has Its own problems and perils.
The game is crammed with extra detail that you don't need - like accurate star maps, for example - making the whole thing vastly more terrifying and vastly more exciting! The range of missions and weapons is enormous.
What makes it so good is the plane on which it is based. The aim of the craft is to go about bombing while remaining hidden from radar. The game's display features a gauge, which reveals the strength of the radar and the radar profile which the craft is showing.
Thus, the normally tedious flying between targets becomes a game of cat and mouse, as the plane has to be flown via the least detectable route with the track gauge blipping ominously close to the detection threshold as fighters zoom around and the target nears.
TIPS - A Stealth Fighter is designed to hide and not to swoop majestically around the sky - it flies like a brick. Learn your craft before taking on any of the big missions and get to know your weapon systems - missiles are not always the best tools for the job. Finally, read the manual! In the MlcroProse tradition it’s packed with genuine flying hints and tips.
TARGET - Fly in central Europe on strike missions in a conventional war, but navigating only by the stars.
POWERMONGER ELECTRONIC ARTS £29.99 Play a demi-god and rule the world by force of arms. Similar to Populous In look, this god game has a strategic bent. Your aim is to conquer 195 different worlds.
Icons control the whole affair as little men farm, war and invent to further your glory. All the time other, computer-controlled demi-gods are out to get you, so caution Is advised as well as a sense of adventure. When taking on the bigger lands you control multiple captains who can only communicate by carrier pigeon.
Logistics demand a well-thought-out plan that is rigidly adhered to.
It is a graphic delight - the little people are once again charming, the maps convincing and the controls and options brilliantly flexible thanks to the vast number of icons. It is not exciting in the traditional adrenalin sense, but It is a test of planning skill and nerve, and delightfully illustrated.
TIPS - Listen to your captain. Each world has a number of basic strategic requirements for victory. If you give the Captain an order that goes against these basic principles - le something really tactically daft - his response to your order will be a muted yeah’. If the order is sound and satisfies the parameters of that world the captain positively shouts his approving yeah'. They are not always right, but they are a useful yardstick for shots in the dark.
TARGET - Clear three consecutive lands without inventing.
This is the best football simulation you will find. In fact, it's more than that - it's a brilliant game. It’s fast and furious, full of options and controls, exciting to watch as well as to play, incredible fun to play against a human opponent and a tactical challenge to boot.
It also has a whole host of associated games and data disks. The original is on compilation, there’s Player Manager, concentrating on the management side, The Final Whistle providing enhancements to Kick Off 2... and there are more data disks on the way.
All the action is viewed from overhead on a scrolling pitch with small players, but that isn’t a problem. The success and addictiveness of the game is due to two factors - speed and control. The game proceeds at a hectic pace to produce rip-roaring end-to-end football.
KICK OFF 2 ANCO E19.95 TIPS - To get a good chance of scoring from the kick off, run up the field and when you reach the edge of the centre circle use aftertouch to chip the ball upheld. Often the bounce will baffle the keeper and earn a quick goal. If the opponent's goalie is too good, then run your finger along the function keys and substitute him for one of your own players! Free kicks are tricky, but a good method is to hold the stick sideways away from the goal before you kick, then towards the goal just after you hit the ball.
TARGET - Beat a computer International level team with five of your men sent off.
There are umpteen decent shoot-em-ups for the Amiga and picking one to represent them all is difficult, but Xenon stands out as a great combination of graphics, soundtrack and incredibly addictive gameplay.
It's a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up with masses of add-on weaponry that can turn an initially wimpy ship into a high-powered dealer of mega-death. There's the usual mix of alien waves to destroy, end-of-level guardians, weapons to collect and weapon shops to visit.
The soundtrack is by Bomb the Bass and provides a driving beat to accompany the action.
There are other shoot-em-ups worth mentioning as alternatives: Denaris, Silkworm and X-Out are all excellent horizontally-scrolling XENON II IMAGEWORKS £24.99, POWERPACK FROM BEAU JOLLY £24.99 games, while Battle Squadron is the main competition on the vertically-scrolling front.
If it's total destruction, loud noise and a graphic treat you want then this is the one to go for - a killing ground par excellence.
TIPS - You are going to need a good autofire joystick or your fire finger is going to get knackered, very fast. Do not buy advice from the shopkeeper because it's of the unhelpful variety like shoot the enemy’ and collect the money'. Also do not bother with Nashwan power, because it may look impressive and cause immense destruction, but it only lasts for 10 seconds and so isn't really much use.
TARGET - Complete the first level without picking up any extra weapons.
CAPTIVE MINDSCAPE £24.99 Dungeon Master goes cyberpunk. You play a prisoner who has been locked away on a remote starbase. Your only chance of escape is to guide four robots controlled by remote to your cell. This takes them on a ten-base romp, fighting against ever more impressive foes. To begin with the droids only have their bare hands to fight with, but as the adventure unfolds they can be armed with swords, guns and other exciting military hardware.
What sets Captive apart is its robot theme.
This means the boys can be totally destroyed, and you can bolt them back together again.
There's a continual search for power, plus some tough fighting and thinking in order to free the Captive. What's more, after the tenth base the plot takes a major twist and you realise that the fun is only just beginning... TIPS - Save, save and save! Whenever the team has been re-built, refreshed or rescued, save that game so you can return to that point. If in doubt, think Dungeon Master! Tony Crowther (the game's designer) loved DM, so it’s worth trying tricks learned there, such as shutting doors on opponents to cause them damage. Finally and most importantly, map as you go. Each base
has to be destroyed from within, so you need to know the way out for running away when the charges have been set.
TARGET - Clear Base Five using only knuckledusters, fists and electric sockets - no guns or axes.
DAMOCLES NOVAGEN £24.99, MISSION DISK 1 £9.99 After wowing space adventurers with the classic Mercenary, Paul Woakes finally produced the long-awaited sequel In the shape of Damocles. Even after a two-year delay, the game turned out to be well worth the wait.
The superb 3D generates an atmospheric world which you can explore freely, finding many different vehicles, objects and places.
Fortunes can be made by brave and ruthless mercenaries, but a good deal of thought is also needed to figure out the taxing puzzles and save Eris from destruction. Even if you do figure out a solution, there are more to be found!
The challenge need not end with this original either, because if you check the Screenplay section in this issue you will find a review of the Mission disk offering even more adventuring. Even if you just get the original game this will still plunge you into one of the most believable and atmospheric worlds ever created.
TIPS - Look carefully at all the objects you come across - they're not always what they seem. Travelling between planets by spaceship eats time and reduces your chances of completing the adventure. Work out how to use the transporters to get to where you want to be. Bureaucracy reigns in the future - look out for those misleading official messagesl TARGET - Complete the Novabomb adventure without using transporters, then go to the casinos and use your fee to win loads of dosh without using saves to hedge your bets.
POPULOUS ELECTRONIC ARTS £24.95, PROMISED LANDS DATA DISK £9.99 The original god simulator gives you total control over lots of little people depending on your help lor their survival. However, a rival god is trying to do the same for his population and the contest that ensues is tough, dirty and will last for a thousand landscapes.
On each new landscape the task is to alter the land so that your people can settle on it.
The more people you have, the more energy you get to indulge in acts of god.
There are lots of nasty things you can visit on your opponent s people including swamps, volcanoes, earthquakes and even knights who burn their homes. The only aim is to destroy the opposing deity's population - completely!
All this brutal nastiness is made even more enjoyable by the ability to link two machines and play a human opponent. With 1,000 different landscapes and several terrain types, this game will be on your must play' list for years.
TIPS - Volcanoing the opposing population in the same spot several times is very effective. Keep building settlements throughout the game: power, the key to the game, is derived from settling. If they are too comfortable and have lost the inclination to explore, reduce the settlement size until it's too large to hold the population: the settlement will kick someone out to settle new territory.
TARGET - Not using your divine powers to complete a world is extremely hard - so try to complete three in a row like that!
VIRUS FIREBIRD £19.95 This is still one of the best examples of 3D graphics and features a superb control system which no-one else has approached in the two years since it was released.
It's a shoot-em-up in the Defender tradition, where the alien invaders put up a real tough fight. The graphics are quite extraordinary - a 3D patchwork landscape that moves at high speed, while your craft and alien ships blast through the sky in deadly dogfights.
The mouse control is tough to learn but fantastically responsive once you have. The aliens demonstrate wicked intelligence and make worthy opponents. It's a game that demands and gets total concentration and rewards it with a real feeling of achievement.
Sadly, it's currently hard to get hold of - your best bet is to check if any of the mail-order firms have stocks left.
TIPS - Missiles are precious - use them only to take out attractors and mystery craft.
By hovering low over the water you can see the shadows of attackers Along with the sound cues, this allows you to manoeuvre and thrust at the right time to gain height and attack. Take out bombers and seeders first because the landscape bonus earns valuable lives. On later levels, refuel just before the pests arrive - you won't be able to when they're around.
TARGET - Either destroy all the scanners on Wave One and get to Wave Five flying blind, or score over 250.000 BALANCE OF POWER 1990 MINDSCAPE £24.99 This game is about global political domination and is presented in a frighteningly realistic manner. These days, its East-versus- West Cold War outlook Is beginning to be dated, but the strategy and tactics involved in the gameplay are anything but.
It's the most detailed simulation of global politics there is and has the unique distinction of having been reviewed in the New York Times, of all things. You control either the USA or USSR as they attempt to dominate the world, swaying countries over to their way of thinking by any means possible. It's pure, brilliant, unadulterated strategic gameplay.
What both players are trying to avoid is nuclear war - there are no prizes for causing one. That isn't easy, because when you're presented with the enormous range of problems in the game you can easily go to DefCon 1 over a little thing like a trade treaty with Libya. Superb stuff that can make weekends disappear.
TIPS - General tips are not easy to give, other than to study the world's political situation for real. However, what we said in Issue One ot AF still holds true: striking a balance between surviving and scoring points is the art of the game. Factors to bear in mind are spheres of influence, precedence and relative importance. The advisors are a good general guide - but the hard decisions are all yours!
TARGET - Just playing the Multi-Polar level is a challenge in itself.
NEBULUS HEWSON £19.99, JOYSTICK LIGHTNING COLLECTION £24.99 This is a totally unique platform game that has never been bettered for Innovation - but Nebulus 2 is due out soon and should change things. The original contains many conventional platform game features and puzzles which you could find in any number of games, but its originality lies in the fact that the game takes place on revolving towers.
A cute little character called Pogo has to make his way to the top of the towers by jumping. Running and taking lifts, avoiding the hordes of hazards that are thrown at him along the way.
The delightful graphic presentation of the revolving towers not only looks good, but is important to the gameplay because the towers wrap around - and that becomes crucial to many of the puzzles. All the puzzles, timing problems and hazards have been worked out in the finest detail to produce challenges which are initially easy to get into, but which work up to fantastically devious and complicated levels.
TIPS - The most important thing to learn is the timing of the appearance of the spinning alien: get in rhythm with it in order to save an awful lot of sudden drops. Watch out for areas where being knocked down by the alien is vital to progress.
TARGET - A really tough challenge is to complete the first three towers without being knocked down once, so that you earn the 100% technique bonus.
THE SEGA GAME GEAR THE FEBRUARY COMPETITION or SEGA MEGADRIVE (Plus the Game of YOUR choice) or ATARI LYNX or NINTENDO GAME BOY In The FANTASTIC 1»] M UMONTHLY Computer Competition Answer 4 simple computer related questions and by this time NEXT MONTH YOU could be the Lucky Winner of one of FOUR Superb First Prizes in this month's DIAL-A-QUIZ "Welcome to 1991" Computer Competition eg. QUESTION: What is the name of the main character in Dragons Lair?
ANSWER: 1. Billy Brave
2. Dirk The Daring
3. Fearless Freddy It's THAT simple!
And REMEMBER, you can enter ALL Competitions as many times as you like.
Sega Game Gear Hotline: 0839 - 121 - 165 Sega Megadrive Hotline: 0839 - 121 - 167 Atari Lynx Hotline: 0839 - 121 - 168 Nintendo Game Boy Hotline: 0839 - 121 - 169 One first prize in each competition. Winners are chosen at random from all correct entries received. Closing date 20th February 1991. All calls last approximately 4 minutes and if you are under 18 we ask you to please obtain your parents consent before you dial.
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Programmers Amiga Disk Drrves - hs.de & Out Amiga DOS A Dab Hand Guide Amiga DOS Quick Reference Guide .. Amiga for Beginners Amiga Graphics Inside & Out Amiga Hardware Reference Manual Amiga Machine Language Amiga Programmers Handbook Amiga ROM Kernel Libraries & Devs Amiga System Programmers Guide ...... Amiga Advanced Systems Prog Guide Amiga Tricks and Tips Amiga More Tricks and Tips Comoutes First Book of the Con-cxXes Amiga Programmers Gude .... Beg nners Guide to the Amiga Eie ientary Amiga Basic side Amiga Graphics ds and the Amiga-Kids 8-80 Programmers Guide to the g
Deluxe Paint 2nd Edition ga Desktop Video Guide star Gu'de to the Amiga njng C - Programming Grac xs knsde the Amiga with C Beccmmg An Am-ga Amst ga Printers inside & Ojt + »arg Muso on the Armga •* THE NEW - "BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO AMIGADOS" This is o highly effective way to take you from a beginner to an expert on AmigaDOS This very popular package has now been COMPLETELY updated to cover all AmigaDOS versions. The package consists of a guidebook, a tutorial DISC, a crib card and many other exciting and interesting programs This is a clear and well thought out guide to AmigaDOS It takes you by
simple steps, with many examples through the powerful AmigaDOS commonds fhe emphasis is on learning through experience arid doing not just reading like most other books In no time at all you will master a fast, powerful and customised operating system You can easily include your own pictures, messages and programs. The guide includes an incredibly fast picture loader, a password system, a gallery of high quality pictures, a variety of boot up sequences other high qualify programs and much, much more Guide book. Disc, Cribcard etc only £13.95 NEW • "NEW DIMENSIONS" Some of the most impressive
effects yet seen on an Amiga You will find thof graphics and pictures float before your eyes in front of your screen* The depth of the pictures extends up to ten feet into the screen* These fantastic effects have to be seen to be believed Included on the disc are generous numbers of 3D pictures. 3D graphics. 3D games and a 3D art program We even provide a tutorial to help you design your own 3D effects on a pamf package or write your own 3D programs Included in this excellent package are two pairs of 3D specs Normal price £ 1 3.95 This month only £ 11.95 WIZARD'S GUIDE TO BASIC This is a very
effective and enjoyable way to learn BASIC The whole concept is designed to help you learn quickly and achieve impressive results in no time Your confidence and skills will rise rapidly as you make your way through this course The Wizard's BASIC guide comes on two discs with a sophisticated electronic book You can get help in the form of text, moving demonstrations, graphics, sound or speech with |ust a touch of a button The course starts at beginner level and carefully rises to expert level You will learn to master graphics, colour, sound, movement, speech, windows, menus, dafaprocessmg etc
Hundreds of example programs and demos are included This is a value packed package which will leave you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise Excellent value £13.95 MASTERPIECE "THE BEST PICTURES I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE AMIGA" reported a recent review This pockage takes you on a spectacular trip through the world of art Every picture is of true quality and is displayed using thousands ot colours To help you enjoy the world s heritage of art to the full we have included comprehensive notes on each artist ond painting Whether you are an art expert or know nothing at all about art. This is a
wonderful way to appreciate the great paintings of the world (and appreciate the graphics capabilities of your Amiga as well) The package comes with two discs pocked full of pictures and information Outstanding value £8.95 EXTRA VALUE!
Buy two or more of the above products and benefit horn fhe following discounts 2 p'oducts £2 disrount, t products 13 diMOwnt, ~ products £4 discount e* Discounts ore given on the TOTAL value of the order UK P&P • FREE ond by FIRST CLASS post Overseas orders welcome - Europeom pieose odd 50p Outside Europe please add £ I 50 for o.rmoil All payments m pounds s» fl.ng please Cheques PO s to Wizard Software |Depi AF3|
20. Hadrian Drive, Redhills, Exeter, Devon EX4 ISR HIGH QUALITY
SOFTWARE Learn how to write it, Get a Recognised
Qualification and get a good job.
One ’A'Level, good GCSE's or equivalent, or just maturity and motivation could qualify you to study for a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering
• LEA grants and sponsorship with extra money and guarenteed job
oilers available Contact:- WATFORD COLLEGE Hempstead
Road,Watford, Herts, WD1 3EZ Tel (0923) 57613 (24 hrs) Course
starts 1st October 0530 411485 YOU NEED 51 2K NOW HOW MUCH WILL
8372 A FATTER AGNUS £59.00
1. 3 KICKSTART ROM £28.00 ONLY £59.95 for 512K version.
Expander Board £15.95. Expanded to 1Mb £99.95 Expanded to 1.5Mb £1 28.95 Fully expanded to 1.8Mb only £154.95 ASHCOM 512K RAM EXPANSION WITH REAL TIME CLOCK CALENDAR AND DISABLE SWITCH ONLY £39.50 WITHOUT CLOCK £34.50 Gives 1Mb chip RAM with Fatter Agnus THE NEW ASHCOM RAM EXPANSION IS EXPANDABLE TO
clock calendar with high capacity Nicad battery backup ?
Memory disable switch ? Low power consumption ? Buffered Data
Bus (Essential for high capacity Ram boards) ? Plugs in as
? 12 Months warranty ? Configures to 1Mb chip ram when FATTER AGNUS is enabled BOOT SELECTOR WITH ANTI CLICK ONLY £19.95 All prices include VAT and delivery Rams only £30 per 512K Selects DFO or DF1 as boot drive and eliminates that annoying click when drive is empty.
Easy to fit - just plugs in 0530 411485 READ THIS FREE REGISTRATION WITH THE ASHCOM USER CLUB Fill in the coupon below to register with the Ashcom User Club and receive exclusive information on new Ashcom products With each free mailshot you will receive a massive 10% discount voucher.
10% discount off any order received with registration No more endless sifting through adverts for a good deal.
NAME ADDRESS .... ...POST CODE..... NO OBLIGATION TO ORDER I Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU MON-FM
• .30 - 5.30 SAT 5.30 - 4.00 .Telephone: (0530) 411485 Fax:
(0530) 414433 17 Bit Software That Bit Better Than The Rest!!
PO Box 97, Wakefield WF1 1XX, England. 3» 0924 366982 The UK's Largest Amiga Only PD User Group, over 1000 Top Quality Public Domain Disks and over 17.000 members in our friendly club!! Please put dept Amiga Format on all orders LATEST ADDITIONS TO THE LIBRARY 17-BIT TOP 10 595 and 596 Star Trek 2 Disk Game 645 Viz Calendar 651 Mental Hangover 671 Maria Whittaker Slideshow 688 Horror Slideshow 722 Amaze Music Disk 761 Demons Slideshow 3 770 Games Hacks and Ups 781 Games Galore Volume 2 792 Gary Tower Slideshow 792 - Gary Tower Slide Show (Brill) 791 - Tobias Richter Slide Show on 790 - two
Disks (791, 790) Stunning 789 - Anarchy Music Disk 788 - Wrath of Demon Product Demo 787 - Warfalcons Music Disk 786 - Neutrons Music Box 785 - Opti Utils 1 (Essential Utils) 784 - Bowl V.2 783 - Golden Fleece Solution 782 - Dungeon Master Solution 781 - Games Galore Volume 2 780 - Exorcist Virus Killer Disk 779 - Another Great Utils Disk 778 - Music Utils 1 (Noisetracker etc) 777 - Star Wars Demo on two disks 776 - One For All Star Wars Fans 775 - Property Market PD Game 774 - Intro's 48 Fantastic Demo's 773 - Cave Music Disk 772 - Music Disk 771 - Adventure Games Hints and Tips 770 - Games
Solutions and Hacks 769 - Brand New Corns Disk!!
767 - House Music Samples 766 - House Music Samples 765 - House Music Samples 764 - 1 Meg Madonna Anim (Great) 763 - Fonts Disk 762 - Stealthy 2 1 Meg Anim!!!
761 - Demons Slideshow 3 (Amazing) 760 - Up + Running Utils 759 - Games Galore (10 PD Games) 758 - 100 C64 Conversions (The Biz!!)
757 - Indy 500 Rolling Demo (Superb) 756 - Crionics Neverwhere Demo 755 - Silents Music Disk 754 - Whatever Next Utils Disk 748 - Med V2.01 746 - PD Shoot Em Up 778 - Dir Master V3.0 Better Than Climate For a Mere 2 pounds ALL ABOVE DISKS ARE JUST £2.00 INCLUDING POSTAGE AND PACKAGING.
CLUB MEMBERS ALSO GET DISCOUNT ON ALL MAJOR SOFTWARE RELEASES ZYDEC RAM EXPANSION Upgrade your Amiga 500 to 1 Meg of Memory with the Zydec 512K expansion Fitting neatly into your Amiga this compact unit comes complete with a One year guarantee and an on off switch.
ONLY £32.951!
Or £39.95 with special 5 disk 1 Meg PD pack!!!
CLASSICAL MUSIC PACK Three superb music disks, and a catalogue, all for only 16.50 MUSIC CREATION PACK A 5 disk pack for only £7.99. Pack includes disk 778, oclylizer and noise tracker, disk *40 soundtrocker rippers and play mutines, disk 482 games music creator, disk 478 sound mon, disk 479 samples disk for all above disks.
QS+CD Popular pack that introduces you to all aspects of pd, features great music, great utils, and great games. Available at an unbelievable C6.50 SAMPLER PACK As it says a selection of just about everything PD has to offer, at only II 1.00 for 7 disks it represents an ideal way to try out 17-Bit.
ASTRONOMY PACK A 3 disk pack which includes the latest catalogue and 2 superb astronomy disks, 173 AMIGAur and disk 223 Starchan. On!y £5.00 GAMES TIPS PACK 3 disks for only 15.00 wilh solutions, tips, hints for 100's of current and old game titles, with lifetime membership to 17-bit you just can 't go wrong, complete all those games that you gave up on a long timeagolll 5 ISSUES OF THE LEGENDARY 17 BIT UPDATE Yes 5 issues of the update for only 15.00 that's only a pound each, which includes all postal charges, and lifetime membership, and also special offers which arrive with each monthly
BLANK DISKS Blank disks are now only £5.99 for 10 complete with labels, itoclub members only!!)
AMOS PACK 7 disks to help you get the most out of Amos, only £9.95. A must for all those who own this excellent programming package.
Also available Demo Pack 1 and 2. Graphics Pack 1 and 2. Adult Pack, 1 Meg Pack 1 and 2. Music Pack I and 2 and Utility Pack. All are Cl 1.00 each and all represent fantastic value.
WE ALSO STOCK FISH-1 TO 360 AMICUS-1 TO 26 AM I GAN-I TO 23 T-BAG-1 TO 42 All these including the whole range of PD in our library are only MEGA DOS Mega Dos is ait Amiga dos manual - on-disk designed lo be an easy lo use self help reference and tutorial for understanding the Cl.I and WORKBENCH.
17-BIT SOFTWARe"aRE OPEN1 I I From 9.00 am to 8.00pm Mon to I Friday and 9.00am to 5.30pm on [ (Saturdays. We take all major credit card orders over the phone.
I I I I 11 TEL: 0924 366982 „ j J Postal orders and cheques should
• |be made payable to 17-Bit Software.
10 disks are £18.00 or any one disk £2.00j Another adventurous journey of exploration into the universe of free software.
PAT MCDONALD is your guide to taking a walk on the serious side, while MAFF EVANS dons hip street attitude clothes and checks out the Demos.
C-LIGHT SENLAC SOFTWARE 1003 If you've ever wanted to try your hand at creating ray-traced images but don't want to spend a lot of money on Turbo Silver or Sculpt, take a look at this. C-Light is a simplified ray-tracing program by Ronald Peterson that gives you some ground knowledge and hands-on experience.
Ray-tracing, for the uninitiated, is a technique whereby a 3D scene is defined in outline on a computer. When the layout of all the objects is to the operator's satisfaction, the computer goes off and traces all the possible light rays bouncing around the scene.
The result is correctly-shaded 3D scenes with perspective, surface textures and shadows all perfect.
Chght works in two parts.
First the scene must be worked out. Up to 170 objects can be placed around the 3D world - they must be cubes, spheres or cylinders. Each one can be stretched and rotated, so quite a large amount of messing about is needed. At this stage all you can see is the edges of the objects - a 'wireframe' outline.
Once the scene is all right, a different program must be run to do all the ray-tracing. Different lamps (to illuminate the scene) can be placed around, and the observer’s viewpoint is set. Ray- tracing is a notoriously slow and horrendously complex operation, so be prepared to wait for a while.
Final results with C-Light are pretty good considering that the program is PD. A registration and legal document file must accompany the program, but you’re free to give it to whoever you want.
Registration costs $ 25, with further updates, a printed manual and similar goodies offered.
(X) = OVER 18's ONLY 005 Red Sector Megademo (2) 107 RAF Megademo
(2) 157 Cool Cougar Animation * 161 Kylie Minogue Demo (2)
240 Puggs in Space Cartoon 403 Elvira Demo 574 Laurel & Hardy
(2) 646 Predators Megademo (2) 744 Red Sector Cebit Demo 747
Popeye Meets the Beachboys 756 Scanners Animation (X) (2) *
771 Congaman Anim ation * 772 Applecus Animation * 773 Shark
Animation * 825 Budbrain Megademo (X) (?)
853 Dragons Lair Demo * 854 Bread Home & Away Demo 865 Coma Demo 084 Alcatraz Megademo (3) 088 Treacl Megademo (3) 895 Trip To Mars 897 Scoopex Mental Hangover 903 Shadow of the Beast 2 Demo 906 Madonna Cartoon Animation * 9t3 Elvira Activities Disk 9! 9 Katharis Megademo 932 Pain Is Just The Beginning 936 Not Nine O'clock News 1 (2) 944 Magnetic Fields CD Demo 946 Subway Gapping Hands 947 Mars Flight Animation * 954 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 964 Operation Varkl DEMOS PACK A great collection of demos : Wild Copper, Cebit 90, Coma.
Elvira. Mental Hangover, Ftebels MD2, Anthrox "Pain", and Popeye Meets the Beachboys!
8 Disk Set £10.00 971 Not Nine O'Clock News 2 (2) 988 Wartalcons Purple Demo 989 Intuition Megademo 1001 Station at Khem ** (3) 1033 At the Movies ** 1034 Stealthy* 1043 Razor 1911 Vertical Insanity 1053 Not Nine O’Clock News 3 (2) 1064 Dream Warrior Demos * 1065 Evolution 63 Demos * 1072 Rebels Tuttie Fruitie Pak II 1088 Epic Demo* 1092 Pharaoh Animation * 1105 Crionics Neverwhere Demo 1108 Looney Tunes Animation* 1110 Fractal Flight 1188 Fillet The Fish 1189 Donald Duck Animation * 1190 Pussy : Innership 1200 Raiders of Lost Ark Anim * BLANK DISKS 10 FOR £4.99 WITH DISK BOX £5.99 50 FOR
£23.50 WITH DISK BOX £28.00 100 FOR £45.00 WITH DISK BOX £50.00 037 Moria RPG * 045 The Golden Fleece Adventure 068 Adventures Disk 1 117 Monopoly 121 Stone Age 135 Classic Board & Card Games 151 Chinese Chequers * 172 Flaschbier Game 219 Tennis * 251 Blizzard 314 Breakout Construction Set 315 Return to Earth 496 Holy Grail Adventure * 498 Wanderer Game 567 Turrican Playable Demo 680 Learn & Play (2) 689 Eat Mine 690 Marathon Mine 3 727 Tobias Richter's Star Trek (2) 766 Treasure Hunt (Age 6-10) 823 Pseudo Cop Game 938 Computer Conflict 957 Pipeline 962 Drip! * 967 Snakepit 991 Jeopard * 1004
Games Disk 9 1084
S. E.U.C.K Games 1091 Entropy 1113 Wet Beaver Games GAMES PACK
(1-8) DEMOS & ANIMATIONS GAMES 37 Titles on 8 disks including
Asteroids, Tiles, Bally 2. YachtC, Invaders. Fruit Machine.
H-Ball, Block Off. Sys. Pool. Shoot Out.
Peter's Quest, and many more!
8 Disk Set £10.00 SLIDESHOWS 21 TSD Slideshow V3.0 78 Vallejo Fantasy Art (2) 04 Mega Art Disk 163 NASA Slideshow 171 Patrick Nagel Pictures 282 Forgotten Ftealms 299 Ftoger Dean Slideshow 617 Neighbours Slideshow 651 Sun Connection : Slide III 716 Ftobocoop Slideshow 723 C-Dryk’s Slideshow 2 725 Diggy Piggys Slideshow (2) 742 Madonna Slideshow 767 Cinemaware Slideshow 768 Action!
814 Viz Slideshow 831 Utopia Cartoon Slideshow 832 Utopia Photomontage 3 863 Scream Queens (2) 878 Sun Connection: Sun Slide 3 891 Creeps how 899 Madonna Slideshow 2 (2) * 907 Bruce Lee Slideshow (3) 915 Apol's Digi-show 934 Fractal Factory 1 942 Garfield Slideshow 968 Gorezone Slideshow (X) 980 Heroic Dreams Vol. 3 981 Daz DigiShow 3: Grand Prix 1044 Desert Island Slideshow 2 1050 Space Slideshow SLIDESHOWS 1051 Total Recall Slideshow 1052 Japan Culture Slideshow 1062 Golems Gate Slideshow 1073 Fraxion Fantasy Slideshow 1082 Annie Jones Slideshow 1083 Heroic Dreams Vo! 4 1085 Comic Slideshow
(X) 1103 Girls of Sports Illustrated 1111 Fractal Factory 2 1112 Fractal Factory 3 MUSIC 166 Vangelis * 107 Crusaders Audio X 237 Zee s Hip Hop Music Disk 409 Crusaders Freakd Out!
418 Electric Youth (2) 497 Amiga Chart 5 552 Music Invasion 3 (2) 654 Powerlords Power Musix 2 696 Time Grcle Music Disk 713 Flash! - Queen (2) 722 Beatmaster Club Mix 724 Technotronic Ftemix 746 Crusaders Bacteria 765 Ipeceue Music Madness 824 Digital Concert V 833 DJ Disco Leif 2 856 Vocal Attack 2 866 Pan III Music Disk 870 Bruno's Music Box 2 892 Trade Music Disk 910 Darkling Lords Music Disk 2.5 914 Special Brothers Music 2 922 Phalanx Beatbox 923 Flash Masters at Work 924 Game Boy Music Disk * SOUNDTRACKER 1 SPECIAL The great PD music creator, plus rippers, songs, instruments, modules
and module players.
Great pack for beginners.
8 Disk Set £10.00 930 Rebellion 935 Madonna: Hanky Panky 941 Soundtracker Mod Jukebox 955 Beyond 2000 Music Disk 958 Hitman Disco Fever 959 Scorpions : Eargasm II 960 Cryptobumers Music Party 969 100 C64 Games Tunes 970 The Comic Strip Ftemix 976 Scoopex: Beast Sonix 985 TSK: Games Music Disk 986 Amaze : Revolutions 993 PSA Music Demodisk 1 994 Zarch Music Collection 1 995 Energy: Sound Splash 3 1026 Digital Concert VI 1027 Anarchy Music Comp 1029 Digital Sound Volume 2 1055 Alcatraz Music Disk 1061 Captured Imagination 1068 Exile Chipshop 1074 Dexion Music Disk 1077 Superior Sounds V1.1 1080
DM OB Music Disk 4 (2) 1104 Hymns from the Bible 3 1107 Stop Right Now! * REALLY USEFUL 014 Games Music Creator 035 Spacewriter 081 Uedit Word Processor 094 Zodiac Compilers Archivers 110 Disk Utilities 111 Gratix Utilities 1 118 Grafix Utilities 2 119 Amiga MCAD 152 Virus Killers Disk 180 Pagesetter Clip Art 101 Perlect Sound 182 Mandlebrot Explorer 205 RAM Manager 210 Icons!
259 Ultimate Bootblock Coll. (2) 329 Pseudo-Ops Virus Killer V2.1 343 Intromaker 346 TV Graphics (2) 360 Digitised Samples Player 380 PD Spectacular 410 Dpaint Cartoon Brushes 442 Dpaint Fonts Disks (4) 456 Chet Solace Extravaganza 450 HAM Ftedio Special (5) 536 Red Devil Compacting Utils 537 Red Devil Utilities Disk 3 546 Iconmania!
571 Jazzbench 500 Dope Intro Maker 590 Amiga System Checker 591 Business Card Maker 595 Amateur Radio Disk 661 Programming Disk 682 Sound Applications (2) 684 Video Applications (2) 692 Full Force Mega Utilities 2 697 Graphics Management (2) 709 ANC Utilities Disk 20 712 Slipstream Virus Killers 718 Rastan Utilities Disk 2 729 8 Track Soundtracker 752 AMOS PD: STOS to AMOS 834 Nightflyers Utility Disk 1 901 THE Comms Disk 902 QED Text Editor HOME BUSINESS PACK Nag, Bank’n. Journal. Qbase.
Spread. Wordwright.
AmigaSpell. Inventory.
MemoPad. Plus more 8 Disk Set £10.00 950 Mercenary Virus Killers Disk 952 Workbench Fun!
1022 AMOS RAMOS Update 1.2 1023 Future Composer 1035 AMOS ABK Modules 1 1058 Zero Virus V3.0 1071 Noiseplayer V3.0 1078 Prophecy: Fractal Scape 1079 Prophecy: Coder Mag 1 1006 MED V2.13 1095 Catalogue Workshop (2) 1097 DTP Clip Art (2) 1109 Nightflyer's Utility Disk 2 1117 Geneaology * WE ALSO STOCK
TEL FAX (0535) 667469 10am - 7pm Mon - Friday 9am-4pm SAT. OFFER APPLIES TO U.K ONLY. SORRY MAIL ORDER ONLY.
PLEASE NOTE DISKS MARKED * REQUIRE 1 MEG OF MEMORY 4 Wafcer demo 1 terrific arwnabon* 5 Wafcer demo 2 as above but different * 6 Kafctus & Maboney music 10 tracks. Bri 8 Muzzax 6. 12 tracks of great music 12 Bootbench V2.0, demo or ntro maker 13 Lam an adventure game, good 20 Forgotten realms slideshow, tnoressive 22 Kefrens mega demo 7. Very good 24 Elvira game demo, terrific 26 Juggler demo, an old classic 31 I he famous Probe Sequence 33 Amos, the game creator demo 43 F*uggs m Space, one of the best 51 Enemies music 3. 16 great tunes 65 Cryptoburners music, bri 9 tunes 77 DexOn music. 10
tracks very good 78 Holy Grad, very good text adventure 79 The Education of Cool Cougar amm • 95 Dexlon mega demo, very good, get it 101 The famous gymnast demo excelent* 318 Dope the mtro maker, make your own 323 Digital Concert 3, 12 nwis of music 333 Digital Concert 4. More great muse 341 Popeye meets the Beachboys. Funny 383 Golden Fleece. BnB text adventure 376 Reflections I, half hour music 378 Reflections 2. Over 40 mms of music 394 Stamp collector, animation 395 Dmob music 2. 10 tracks, 26 mms long 416 The Definitive Jarre Show, music 440 Elite Maior. Music, ten tunes good 441 Psuedo
cop game, horizontal shoot em up 444 F4et the Fish, very good anmation 448 Teutor»cs music CD4. More good stuff 455 Kefrens Jukebox Music, very good 458 Castle of Doom, adventure game 459 Buggy Commando, playable demo 530 Power Surge music disk 14 tunes.
Good 529 Armga chart 3. Music by Radio Poland 528 Rebels Mega Blast. 9 fantastic times 522 Avwex Slideshow, great fantasy pictures 520 Alcatraz Mega demo DLVB.S KEY 3 disks 514 Flash Digital Concert 6. More good music 511 Tram Construction Set. Great game 509 Water ship Down, lovely sbdeshow 507 Sounds of Gnome, bri music by Mahoney 482 Channel 42. Great. 35 high res pictures 484 Garfield Slideshow. AB pictures m colour 478 Kyte Mmogue "Made m heaven' 2 disks 34 Forgotten Realms, fantasy slideshow 44 TrBogy Mega demo, superb demo 2 (Ssks 45 Kefrens Mega demo 8. Fantastic 2 Jsks 53 Nasa
pictures, space picture sbdeshow 83 Mdler Lite demo.'He am: heavy' the Hokes | 104 YeBow Mix. Great ac«3 type music 115 RebeBmn Muse by 4 Matt. 5 great times 121 Mental Hangover by Scoocei. Great demo 132 Dragons Mega demo, a very good disk 144 Musx Maestro 6. Demo. 9 tunes 518 Rave Demo, way out muse, crazy graphcs | FRED FISH disks now stocked from 161 up to 360 Fish catalogue Osk now avadable UTL31 Indudes ST EMULATOR that OEM55 Sub 199 runs loads ot non crunched OEM56 Celtic Demopack software. X-Copy 3, DEM57 Inner City Demodisk Powerpacker V2.3b. UTL32 Amiga Tool v1 6 Noisetracker V2 0,
Virus X 4 4 GRA12 Dr Who digitised slideshow 1 Fish 23 Lattice C V3.03 with include GRA13 Dr Who digitised slideshow 2 Mes GRA14 Star Trek: The NexI Generation Fish 337 C Manual (1 disk archived or 3 digitised slideshow 1 disks unarchived, please state) GRA15 Star Trek: The Next Generation Fish 344 ROM Kemal Reference Manual digitised slideshow 2 Companion DEM58 Byte Busters Mm Megademo OEM52 Dexion Tube Pack 9 DEM59 Exult demos DEM53 Paradox Docs Disk (2 disks) DEM60 Cult Megademo 2 DEM54 MF Demo Comp Please Address Mail To: Paul Brown, (AF6) 104 Wood Street, London, E17 3HX Cheques P.O.'s
payable to P.A. Brown NOT Sagittarian PD 1-5 disks at £1.50 each 6-10 disks at £1.25 each 11 Plus disks at £1.00 each £5.00 membership per year - which includes free Fanzine, free PD disks and 4 updates per year and 10% discount on all PD software ST Amiga Fanzine £1.75 + 20p P4P ISSUE 9 with FREE Disk FREE P.D. List Picture Digitizing for the Amiga £4.50 per disk 16 picturesI Sound Sampling Service for the ST Amiga £2.50 per disk 110 samplesI Sampling disks now in slock For details contact us at:- Sagittarian PD FOR THE AMIGA - 99p PER DISK PLUS 50p PSP PER ORDER SAE FOR FREE PRINTED
CATALOGUE - CATALOGUE ON DISK 70P Please make Cheques P.O.'s payable to ANDREW HAMILTON and SIMON GLEED Sector 16 160 Hollow Way Cowley Oxford Tel: 0865 777146 774472 Vally PD Only 95p!
Per disk -*-45p p&p PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co Durham. SR8 1NZ Tel: 091 5871195. 9am - 6pm. Inc Saturday.
DEMOS & ANIMATIONS: 001 luggler it Walking cat: Two of the best!
002 Turtles demo: A must for Turtles freaks!
003 Probe demo: Fabulous demo been on TV!
007 8 Kefrens Megademo VIII: This is fab!
012 The run anim: Fab anim by Mr Richter.’ 015 Crionics demos: inc fab Madonna demo.
021 Dragons Megademo: inc unlimited bobs!
026 Crusaders Bacterium: fabulous!
049 Scientists 451: Great Megademo!
091 *092 Newteck demo III Amazing! (2)’ 103 4 Budbrain Megademo: Brill (2 disks) 203 Slipstream comp: inc follow me. Impact 210 No limits: inc amazing 'Hunt' demo.
314 Crionics neverwhere: Great Mcgademo!
357 * 358 Predators Megademo: Brilliant (2) 363 Vision Megademo IV: Excellent!
367 Epic preview: Fab preview of new game!
409 Fractal flight: Fab rapid flight demo!’ 411 Busy bee demo: Brill ray traced anim!’ 435 Ensignia comp: Includes a drum machine 440 Cryptic demos: Brill me modesty vectors!
500 Cold fire Megademo Nice demo!
512 Katharsis Megademo A good Megademo 535 G demopack: Contains 6 great demos' 537 Inner city demos: Neat demopack!
545 Mag fields pack: 7 great demos, a must!
49 Anthrox Hotpack II: Nice selection!
556 Elvira demo: Good pre product demo!
MUSIC & MUSIC UTILS: 016 Slabv music: Mega jazz funk rock music!
032 Technotronic demo: great sampled music!
060 Mega 64 music: 100 C64 tunes, brilliant!
112 Digital concert VI: Latest in the series!
124 Zarch music: An excellent music disk!
156 Soundtracker: Various versions * songs.
157 *158 Loads ot Soundtracker samples! 2 170 Robocop demo: Demo with sonix music 190 Games music creator: Another good prog.
240 Sonix Play: A sonix player * music, good!
244 Deluxe music data: inc midi scores!
245 Mididisk: Lots of progs for synth owners!
246 Fish 323: Casio CZ editor 200* patches!
248 Amiga chart III: Black Box & Queen!
258 (amcracker: Music prog * other utils!
283 Med 2.01: New music prog with midi!
317 Fish 300: Realtime Pitch converter etc!
322 Samples: Perfectsound sampler -samples 400 Beatmaster Clubmix: 17 mins of House!
422 La Marque [aune Great Sonix music!
428 TSR music 5: Superb Technotronic stuff 450 Crusaders latest!: This is brilliant!!
510 Burning Independence 2:6 fabulous tracks 513 Depeche mode music: Music ot the band' 520 Mirage UK music 1: Great music disk!
534 Dmob 3: Amazing 4 mins ot samples!
538 Zarch 2 music: 2nd great disk!
546 Cvcron music: N ice music, 8 tracks!
BUSINESS & SERIOUS: 057 Chet Solace: 26 utils on this disk!
117-120 TV graphics. 4 disk set for 0.50!
121-123 Ql Emulator 3 disks for QL fans!
153 Jazzbench: Fab Workbench alternative 154 Iconmania: Great for icon creation!
251 Fonts: inc large tonts & ramanager!
271 Rim Database: Good database program 272 Flexibase: An easy to use database.
273 Home utils: Wordwright Supercalc etc 274 Analvticalc: Good spreadsheet 276 Dirmaster Bankin: Good business stuff 278 Liedit: Wordprocessor program.
279-281: Darkstar utilities 2-4 (3 disks) 282 Rippers Sc Crunchers: very useful 286 DBW: Great rav trace prog it pics!
295 Fish 327: Messydos convert PC-Amiga!
2% Fish 328: Analycalc Hames Roadroute.
297 Fish 334: FBM Graphics converters 301 *302 Clipart: 2 disks full of clipart!
308 North C compiler: C compiler 309-311 C Manual on 3 disks £2.85 316 Sid vl.6: Excellent directory' utility.
461 Basic: Basic progs inc Deluxe draw etc. 474 Fish 350: Sticherv needlework it icons!
489 Graphics disk: Lots of useful utilities 544 Dcopv: Good copy utility disk.
550 Red sector demomaker: Great utility!
560 Boot utils: Lots of useful programs!
GAMES + PREVIEWS 043 Holy Grail: Good text adventure 268 Computer conflict: A nice shoot up!
356 Pacman 87: Good pacman done!
368+369 Star Trek: Brill 2 disk game! 2 375 Mechforce: Battle strategy game 379 Bionix Challenge: Brill shoot up demo!
424 425 Learn 4i play: tun tor the kids! 2 426 Amigaman games pack: 10 games!
443-445 Star trek: The 3 disk version, great! 3 451 Tennis game: Great Shareware game! ’ 458 Gamesdisk: Caverunner it Car. Good!
481 Gamesdisk: inc Cluedo. Othello cribbage 514 Treasure Island: Fun game for the kids!
555 Amigaman gamespack 2: Drip, Chess etc SLIDESHOWS: 018 Nightbreed slide, brill quality pics!
040 Spacebubbles: Fab Boris Vallego pics!
044 Super Ham Cars: Absolutely stunning!
045 Roger Dean slide: Great pics * music!
067 Dynamite Hires: Unbelievable quality!
078 Agatron 8: Fab Tobias Rider pics!
079 Agatron 6: Stunning ray traced slides!
134*135 Channel 42 * Silents. Brill pics! 2 150 Album slide: Slide of rock album covers 370 Colour cycling: great pics * animations.
482 Slide: Fantasy art slide tn Ham mode!
539 Demon Slideshow II: Great pic colledion Remember this is only a small selection of many hundreds of titles we have in stock, send for our catalogue disk for a full list of our PD. For only 75p including P&P! Please add 45p to your order if less than 10 disks. If you order 10 disks or more you get a FREE disk & FREE post!! All orders will be entered into our free draw to win 25 PD disks of their choice. To order please send a cheque or postal order, made payable to Vally PD' or phone in your Access or Visa number, (only 5 disks or over) for the quickest cheapest and highest quality service
possible! Why pay more?
THINGAMAJIG AMOS PD LPD4 Demos Corner PD demos! Get yer PD Demos ‘ere! You’ve got yer Batman, you’ve got yer Teenage™ Mutant™ Ninja™ Turtles™, you’ve got yer cutesy anims.
We’ve got the lot ‘ere! Get all yer bona PD Demos ‘ere from honest MAFF EVANS. Yes, Madam, at the front there... Thingamajig is a puzzle game aimed at young children. There are 24 different puzzles to complete, and each attempt is timed.
This is one of the best PD programs I've seen in a long time.
The presentation is just right, very colourful with a good tune going: spot on for young children.
The puzzles consist of pictures which are split up into different sections. A piece appears at the top right of the screen, and it has to be pasted into the correct position on the picture with the mouse.
There is a large help icon on the screen - when this is selected the piece flies to the correct position, pauses and then returns.
This adds a time penalty, so you don't want to do it too often.
COLOURING BOOK AMOS PD LPD1 This is similar in some ways to Thingamajig, and in others totally different. Again, the idea is to colour in pictures: the difference is that there isn’t any puzzling to be done. It's a creative program rather than a test.
The colouring book runs on two screens. The first is used to load in pictures, to select colours and so on. When the right mouse Continued on Page 124 I BATMAN MOVIE DEMO REQUIRES 1 MEG SENLAC SOFTWARE DISK 1001 Not, as you'd expect, a simple bit of digitising from the movie with a house backing track, but a totally original cartoon animation.
The whole thing works insidiously towards a really crap gag, but it’s very nicely done and worth a chortle or two - especially the end theme tune!
% DESERT ISLAND SLIDESHOW CRAZY JOE S DISK 1044 Not much originality here, since all the pictures have been compiled from other slideshows. Still, there are some good piccies on there, so it may just be the thing for new graphically-orientated Amiga users. Be warned, though, that this demo contains potentially dangerous lift music!
ANOTHER GARY TOWER SLIDESHOW 17-BIT DISK 792 Vet another collection of frames from the ruler of the ray-trace and the father of fractals, this time put together by the Crusaders. It contains your usual Gary Tower stuff, such as silver ball-bearings resting on an Amiga keyboard, along with some other rather impressive pics. The metallic head (pictured below) is particularly worth a look.
FILLET THE FISH VIRUS FREE PD DISK 882 Time for a little slice of offbeat humour thanks to the Jester Brothers International. Fillet is a space explorer who has more than a passing interest in the old falling down water - a pastime that lands him in a fair amount of trouble! A lesson to be learned here, kids!
Yes it's back. The offer that shook the Public Domain world 6 months ago.
Public domain software comes from 2 main sources. Ihe first Is where someone has written a useful little utility, which Is of use to the writer and hence almost certainty of use to other Amlsa users, but has no commercial value The second Is from enthusiastic Amiga owners who just love to show off their coding prowess, possibly to Impress their mates, to prove to a software house their ability to code graphics, or just give pleasure to thousands of other Amiga enthusiasts In the early days, much of the PD left a lot to be desired, but these days there are many fantastic utilities, games and
demos which, at a nominal cost can bring many hours of pleasure, and there Is now a veritable army of PD collectors. All true PD Is without copyright and can be freely copied and used as you want, providing you adhere to any conditions stated on the disk PO distributors should not make a profit on the disk, but charge on the service they provide NBS provides one of the best and most helpful services available today, but please don't take my word for it, try us! If you have just acquired your Amiga, we recommend the following disks, which will either amaze, amuse, or be very useful NBS disks
are divided into the following groups G 109 G 133 G 136 G 137 G 138 U 220 U 222 U 225 U 226 D 146 D 153 D 180 D 186 D 190 D 033 0 034 D 091 D 315 X110 MOOS M030 M 070 M 170 G 107 RSI MEGADEMO One of the best ever demo disks (2 DISKSI PUGGS IN SPACE. A brilliant cartoon demo, yet to be bettered SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER Brill Music and graphics COMA DEMO. Flashy acid demo, together with more great demos • RSI CEBIT DEMO. Terrific demo, with the best ever music • TOMSOFT TRIP TO MARS. Vector graphics with a theme • BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO Our Not title! Fantastic and funny, but contains some X-rated
cartoons may offend! (2 disks) FILLET THE FISH Similar to PUGGS, but not as good, still brill UNREAL DEMO A game demo to show off some great graphics FRAXION HORROR Great cartoon graphic demo of nasty stuff MAHONEY & KAJCTUS Brilliant music disk DIGITAL CONCERT 2 Over 12 mms of mixed house music CRUSADERS BACTERIA Stunning sound and graphics NEWTRONS MUSIC DISK 'HEADBANGER' you will not believe this!!
STAR TREK GAME Good graphic adventure, Best with 1 meg 2 disks' BUZZARD Good horizontal Shoot 'em Up PD GAMES COMPO Good selection Inc Welltrix and Breakout DRIP Very tricky painter type game Almost commercial quality!
THE TURN and TRICKY A couple of good puzzle games by Peter Handel.
MARBLE SUDE A cross between Plpemanla and sliding blocks. Great!!
SID A good utility to take the hard work out of CU NBS SPEEDBENCH A faster loading workbench, plus some handy utilities.
AMIBASE A good database Start a disk catalogue now RAZOR T OCX DISK a comprehensive set of mixed utilities, Inc Virus Killers, copier, disc fixers Not all for novices!
• Compilation disks which contain other demos requiring 1 Meg of
Is only a small selection of our library All the above disks will work on a basic A500 Many more disks, including disks for expanded Amigas can be found on our catalogue and magazine disk, which Is the best presented, currently available from ere!! See elsewhere on this advert for details on how to obtain your copy.
LATEST A GREATEST PD LIST WE ALSO SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING ALCATRAZ M£GA DEMO 4 3 DISKS i «bK*Jtc* Orth** D 001 D 009 D 016 D 098 D 039 D 074 D 078 D 080 D 081 D 084 D 093 D 199 0 193 D 907 D 909 D 910 D 919 D 913 D 914 D 915 D 916 D 917 TRIANGLE MEGA DcmO Good scro*es and »«ctor* plus p«ccy «JS OLYMPIA demo =»»ua» scro«« g at it* best’ TMR NOSTALGIA DISK a review oI me be« from tbeir compo*' KEFRENS DEMO comp 7 great new demo* Scoopex, Kefrens, Stack etc RED DEVIL COMPO 8 Feature* superb Vector Tunnel Demo (1 MEG) CRTONICS NEVERWHERE DEMO A mutt for Madonna freaks (1 MEG) KATHARSIS MEGADEmO
Very good, from Poland' INTUITION MEGADEMO me me fla*h*e*t acid ever" STD TURTLES DEMO best teen nm|a demo yet* (1 MEG) HAWK MEGADEMO Some ongmal effect* Good BRUCE LEI DEMO 8* Pendk Europe. Dig* piecys and good time COOL COUGAR D»» piccy wim cartoon overlay* Clever* (1 MEG) PUNK CROC CREW MEGADEMO Kylie and Jason sorted for good" UPFRONT COOL FRIDGE Collection of plasma copper demos THE POWER CONNECTION Wierd and morbid demo' HACKTRICK RAVE DEMO Recently raved about SUPSTREAM GARFIELD DemO P*ccy» plus great Meeow Music GOLDFIRE MEGADEMO - Great little Mega VouH k ve me red kissing kps SCOOPEX
CHROMIUM Bnl demo from one of me best plus 5 more PUSSY wnersh* - vmusuai demo Great GFX plus puzzle and game iNTumON DEMOS (1 MEG) a good compact with a great demo by Ipec Elite RAZOR 1911 BEST DEMOS 1988 TO 1990 a coRectton of Razors best PAH' SIMPLE STUFF VOL 1 NBS Compilation 5 demos mcludmg Tropical Sunset and Coke D 919 D 990 D 316 D 390 0 343 D 1*4 0 353 D 371 0 373 D 374 D 375 0 376 0 510 0 599 0 530 0 531 0 537 0 545 0 546 PAH' SIMPLE STUFF VOL 9 • NBS Demo compo me crusaders ctnefex.
9reat ELVIRA Excellent demo p*ccy* from the game' IRON MAJCEN SUDE SHOW Some good plccy* cf LM type stufP THE DEFWTM MADONNA SUDE SHOW (9 DISKS, 9 DRNES, 1 MEG) THE OEFMTTVE BRUCE LEE SHOW (3 OISKS, 9 0RMS. 1 MEG) NIGHT BREED g p*ccys of nasty night creatures DEMON SUOESHOW Amazing p tures, realty bnmant CRUSADERS PRESENT TOBIAS RCHTER ART (9 DISKS) TOTAL RECALL BY PENDIE EUROPA • Dig! Picture plus sound from film ARNIE TOTAL REMIX (DISK 1) Uzl 9mm hlrmclf Buy this disk, die laughing ARNIE TOTAL REMIX (DISK 9) 9 more of the above extracts THE RUN Tobias Richters police chase anim (1 MEG)
ADS MADONNA CARTOON Short but very tweet anm (1 MEG) DONALD DUCK Clever Doarvm (1 MEG) PINOLE EUROPA BRUCE LEE A AMS Hot K ig Fu Action'(1 MEG) EPIC GAME DEMO Get the ftsk for amazng graph** and xxmd if the game is half as good get that too (1 MEG) JET FIGHTER ANIM Similar to The Run, but far far better (1 MEG) AGATRON ANIM 10 Enterprise leaving dock Superb (1 MEG) NEED MORE DETAILS: NBS PD UPDATE 5 IS NOW AVAILABLE! To obtain your copy, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope (mln size 9' x 6*). Alternatively, send £1 00 to receive our brand new catalogue and magazine disk, with full
list and descriptive reviews Our custom made catalogue is the best presented and easily read disk available today as our established customers know, where NBS leads, others follow' We are professionally run and use professional commercial duplication equipment D 547 STEVE'S ANM no 1 Some super otOc anrm Have a look 0 548 STEVE-S anim No 9 More cute little arwrn I toe 'em D 549 AGATRON ANIM FLEET MANOEUVRE (1 MEG) ToO*s best yet Very impressive D 550 BILLY THE KID PREVIEW (1 MEG) Stow, but lots of it Ocean game preview MUSIC M 063 DEPECHE MODE get the rmcro-mtx treatment' M 069 D-MOB MUSIC 4 6*
great tracks from one of the best (9 DISKS) m 099 DtGOAL CONCERT 3 Another 19 mars of super moung* M 093 DIGITAL CONCERT 4 And yet another music mtx' m 119 DIGITAL CONCERT 5 And yet another M 197 DIGITAL CONCERT 6 And the latest music ma' M 198 SOUND Of THE SRENTS Great music from Jesper Kydd Nice FX M 134 100 C64 TUNES together with graphics from the old day* M 138 RAF MEGA MIX 1 similar to digital concert M 147 TSB MUSIC Disco and Heavy music Turn it upl m 169 TRIUMPH MUSIC DISK 7 More of the best demo times M 174 ANARCHY CAPTURED IMAGINATION More great music from the UK's best M 178 RED
SECTOR MUSIC (9 Disks) Module drsc from Rsi megademo and more GAMES G 141 MAYHEM GAME FROM ENSJGNLA Spaceship in caverns, tricky butadd»ctrve G 114 BOARDGAMES Cluedo, Monopoly, Cnb, Backgammon, plus G 115 MIXED GAMES 6 good games including DALEKSM G 135 TESTAMENT GAMES COMPO Typical PD Games G 140 MONOPOLY Good one player game Drawback US version UTILITIES U 103 ULTIMATE VIRUS KILLER Updated now know* 105 wuses U 991 JAZZBENCH Enhanced workbench with puB-ctown menus U 999 Speedbench Faster toatRng workbench U 914 D COPY Back-up utility from the D-mob Gnxp U 916 NBS UTILITY DISK 3 3rd Day,
Utllmaster, Newzap, 90 m ail U 917 NBS UTIUTY DISK 4 Disk Arranger, Fix Disk, 90 more U 990 SID-THE ULTIMATE CU UTIUTY That's what It says' U 306-U319 Op Art Collection of clip art for DTP etc With so many disks In our library It is impossible to list them all here We have many new daks coming m every day, so you see a dak featured m these pages, and we don't list it. Grve us a cai FISH DISKS We now have the mafonty of the FISH series, so 1 you require a specific disk, grve us a cak' We also have the complete set of TBAG disks numbers 1-43 100 cap lockable Storage Boxes £7 95 10 cap Library
Cases ......£1.25 Star IC10 Printer Ribbons Black £3 30 Colour £5 75 Contriver replacement mouse £24.95 Amiga 3.5" External Drives ..£64.95 512K Ram Upgrades ...£44.95 Mouse mats (soft, boxed) ....£2.65 Disk Labels (wrap round) 30 for £1.00... 200 for £5 00 lOOOfOt £1500 Exclusive Nlght-Cat Picture labels 15 for £1 00 100 for £5 00 Sony unbranded white disks (Japan) 62p each,100 for £50 00 Unbranded Disks (various manufacture) 49p each, 100 for £40.00 A» prices include VAT. Please remember 6Op postage
per order NBS AMAZING CHRISTMAS BONANZA COMPETITION I Once again NBS devastates the PO world with the best ever competition run by a Public Domain service. Over 70 prizes to give away, including commercial games, disk drive, memory expansion, storage boxes and more. Worth over £1000. Competition is open to customers who order £10 or more. Full details in Update 5 magazine.
TELEPHONE (09B3) 529594 FAX (0983) B21S99 Or If you have a Credit card you can phone or fax your order to us Please remember to Include 60p towards postage and packing to total order. All orders (up to 3kg) despatched by first class post, please add 30p for recorded delivery HAII used p' .stage stamps donated to Guioe Dogs for the Blind' WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS We already have many saoshed customers from such places as Australia, New Zealand, Amenca Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan!, Africa, even the Faulkland Islands, and, of course, all over Europe All orders sent by Air Mall For European
orders please add 25p per disk. World Orders add 50p per disk International payments by Credit Card, Bntlsh Postal Orders, Eurocheque, any cheque with a UK cashing address, or even cash iRegisieied letter).
• • AMP! - Home Business Pack Uedil Ihe easy lo use wordprocessor
Visicalc and VC 2 spreadsheets. RIM and Hyperbase databases and
Amiga Spell Ihe spell checker etc 3 disks only C 501
• FFISH 195 Micro Emacs V310 the tent editor which is very
• FFISH 254 Uedit v2 5a the wordprocessor
• FFISH 143 RIM V5 0 is a My relational dataDase
- • FFISH 328 AnalytiCalc V24 01a is a M teaMcd system lor
numerical analyse and reporting
• FFISH 93 Dme VI27 and MicroEmacs V38i the tent editors
• SOFT 43 Amiga Spell checker I TELECOMMUNICATIONS
• AMICUS 17 COMM vl33 Aterm V7 2. VT 100 V2.6 Vtek V2 31. Amiga
Host VO 9 for CompuServe
• AMUSE 39 Ahost Aterm V61 Star Term and Wombat
• APDC 21 - Comm VI34 Wombat V30I Handshake V!20a C Kerrnit
• SO 7 - Star Term Wombat. Chat'. Aterm and Argo Term
• SD 29 BBS Amiga VI1
• SD 31 Star Term V3 0 It2 features terminal prog. VTI00 V20.
Comm VI3. Ahost VO 9
• FAUG 62 Access V2 6 comms package
• FAUG99 TAG the BBS
• FFISH 356 Ncomm VI9 communicatons program NEW AMIGA USERS
• • A MP4 - Starter Utility Pack. This pack was compiled with the
new Amiga user in mind, to enable them to get just about all
the utilities that you may ever need, plus a wordprocessor and
a database' Each disk in the pack automatically takes you into
the friendly Work Bench enviroment all the programs are icon
driven and have any necessary documentation The pack includes
The tour main We compressors used on the Amiga - ARC LHARC Zoo
and Power Packer Dir Work the tnendly enviroment that allows
many ot the CLI commands to be executed at the click ot your
mouse Text Reader allows you to execute text on screen as a CLI
command using your mouse. DFC2 the multi tasking disk copier
All the AmigaDOS Replacement Project commands. Virus X the
virus detector and destroyer Icon Meister the excellent icon
editor Comm the communications package. Machll the mouse
accelerator Disk Storage Deluxe displays information about disk
Disk Salv attempts to salvage data Irom damaged disks New Zap the sector editor Safe Boot the boot sector database and others Also Uedit the wordprocessor Amiga Spell the spell checker and Jbase the excellent database.
All this is available on 3 disks only from Pdom PD tor the mega price ot C 501 UTILITY andmodfy eons upto 640n200 pinels
• PDOM 278 LHARCa VO 99a data compression program hat is 1001
compatbie with MSDOS LHARCVI 13c
• PDOM 279 - European Software Agency Utrtty 1 Amiga ToolVI 5.
Boot Dlntro VI0 BootGenerator VI5. BootLeg V21.
Character Editor VI O.Coder Board V4 0, Cosaque V11. Dcopyl Detune Presed V20 BtockV13 Font Ripper Guru Maker V10.
ISCAmiga vt 5 Memory Searcher V10. Menu Maker vlO.
NolSetracker VlO Power Utiity V20 PowerPacker V23a PPMoreVI 2. Pseudo Ops Save FF Scanner V20.Scrol Maker 2 Seek Destroy Vt 0 Seka Scnnce Rescuer StartupCoder VlO Structure HunterVtO Time Cruncher Vlt TVField Writer V11.
Vector Check V10. View Boot V101 Virus Enpert V14 Virus Slayer V10. VirusKiHer V310
• PDOM 280 - The Champions Total Utilies Vol I Boot Generator
Boot Girt. Bootmaker BootWriter. Character Editor Demo Maker
DiskX v2 2. Flash Ripper Font Ripper Guru Maker Guru Master bon
Master Make A Menu NoiseTracker. Power Packer V2 3b.
PPMore PPShowSceneray Graphes Searcher SetKey. Side Show Maker Time Set. Tristar Vrus Kiier and TnED
• FFISH 163 Mac hi V2 4c teatixes configurable your help
screenmouse accelerator PopCLL Screen Blanker. Mouse OFF
SunMouse I activates a window byplacing mouse it). Click To
Fronttbring window to front by cicking on it). Cycle tmove a
wmdoworscreen to back with left then right mouse button dick).
Windowand Screen Shuffler. Clock. Alarm. Beeper etc
• FFISH 186 SimCPM V2 3 a CPM emulator
• FFISH 217 Install Beep V11 wil play a sampled sound instead of
the usual screen flash Sr* If V12 vn» alow you to cip tent
from any window
• PAN 28A Dcat disk cataloguer compatible with Superbase
• FAUG 47 - FunKey assign any tent string to a function key
• FAUG 50 Short Cut allows you to allocate tent to a single key
stroke thus CLI commands are easier to type
• PDOM 141 ICONS1 Draw Icons. Tool bons and Disk cons Includes
software to edit
• PDOM 276 Anwtsion Utiity Disk 4 Vrus X4. Zero Vrus. Kil Da
Vrus3. Pcopy Vchock Sectorama Fformat v11 Pseudo Vrus Kiler 2
Boot Intro Get This Utility Disk!
• PDOM 300 The Master Vius Kiler V19 Recoyvses 62viruses a ft*
kst is on our DiskCat
• PDOM 277 Dark Star Virus and Crunchers 2 BS9 KillerX KillEm.
Lamer Destroyer. Pseudo Ops. Kiier and Seek 8 Destroy virus
killers Byte Killer. Crunch Master. Data Cruncher. DefJam
Cruncher, Crunch FF Pcs with shower Dpamt Unpack.
DragPack. Flash Packer. HOC. ISC. Master Crunch. Mega Crunch.
Power Pack. RSI Cruncher and Super Cruncher
• FFISH 67 AmCat a risk cataloguer Arnga Spel V2 0 spekrig
checker RSLCIock VI3 a menubar dock
• TBAG 31 ShoWiz V20 show ANY picture with or without ascript 1
pbture or several disks Ml. Also play a musb filein
thebackground1 Also show text files in any cotour1
• PDOM 59 - Ameteur Radio Disk: Star Term V3 0. P81 and P10272
packet terminal programs. TA Term V5 0. A HAM Database for the
Amiga Amateur Radio Group Morse Code Sateite Trackmg and toads
of HAM utities A must for serous HAM user
• FFISH 105 Record Replay V2 0 allows you to record and play back
mouse and keyboard sequences
• PDOM 62 The Pubic Dominator Anti Virus Disk Virus X V41.
Vcheck V1.2 Hot memory). Vcheck V19 (for disk drives).
ZeroVirus VI3 Ihe fully integrated virus detector and killer Also BootBlock Champion the utility and information on boot blocks
• PDOM 93 ARP v13 The AmigaDOS Replacement Protect ncbdes text
manual files
• FFISH 228 Jazz Bench VO 8 is a multitasking WB replacement
• FFISH 229 Alarmmg Ctock
• FFISH 246 NoCick V3 6 stops drives ekekmg when no disk entered
LabelPrmt v2 5b disk label printer
• FFISH 251 Disk Salv vl42 DiskSpeed vfO test disk speed
• FFISH 286 FastOisk a disk Optimiser
• FFISH 290 Xtoon execute CU commands from a script by clicking
an con
• FFISH 338 SO V106 is a very comprehensive drectory utiity ' Why
Public Dominator for your PD software supply?
I We have been trading in this field for 5 years so (mike the majority of PD libraries) we know what's what when it comes to PD. This is proven with regular orders from every corner of the globe.
2. Huge selection from over 1300 disks!
3. All disks Virus free!
4. Al cisks copied with verify flag on.
5. Order by telephone or post with same day dispatch 6 Pay by
Visa Mastercard Cheque. PO or Cash
7. Government orders welcome
8. Expert advice. Got a question about our software?
Telephone and ask for the Technical department.
For a reliable, fast and friendly
V. expert service try us!
The Seal of Reliability
• PDOM 53 Fonts112 fonts Btack Shadow White Shadow. Avant Garde
Palo Abo Basel. Monaco. Piegnot. Aldous. Celtb. Geneva and
Rangers All ready to use Dpamt compatible fonts
• PDOM 54 Fonts114 fonts Lineal. Bubbles Ham. Courier.
Vancouver. SanFran. Future. Premiere. Hollywood. Broadway.
Canxilot Stencil. Park Avenue and Los Angeles Dpamt compatible
• PDOM 55 Fonts114 fonts Santiago ktcrosoft Slcon.
Swansong Helvetba Mahattan. Bookman Akashi Times Tiny.
Boxie LongL Andover and Pea Dpamt compatbie Get This Utility Disk!
• PDOM 304 MessyOOS hancSes MSDOS formatted disks exactly the
same way as you use lies on native AmigaDOS disksFiity
functional, read write version
• FFISH 325 Batchman Vt I is a program that allows the user to
execute CLI programs and batch files simply by cicking on a
• FFISH 304 Verily VI2 Walks a directory hierarchy reading all
lies reporting any files that can t be entirely road
• FFISH 243 ImageLab V2 2 is an IFF pcMes marxpUator NoCick V3 5
stops the disk drive cicking if there is no diskc thednve
Password V12lp you specify the password for your systemsecunty
Pcopy V2 0 the exceient disk copier SimGen adds a 2 ot 4 colour
pcture to your WB screen
• FFISH 360 UUCP Vt 06D An implementatxxi of uucp for the Amiga,
including mall and news
• FFISH 244 - BBChampcn V3.1 toad save and analyze bootbtocks
Bootlntro VI2 you specify The headline text of upto 44
characters and the scroltng text of upto 300
• FFISH 279 MRBackrp v3 3d the hard disk backup utity
• FFISH 300 TitleGen v16 excellent scrpt language that creates
scrokng text on screen n any font and upto 500 ines long1
• FFISH 213 - 300 8 colour program icons1
• FFISH 168 8 • FFISH 169 Matt Diion disk special includes toads
of utilities and source Config V10. Ctock V10 DME VI31.DMouse
SCATVtO. ADDCR VtO REMCR V10 8 CMP VIOYou need both deks
• TBAG 25 Text Reader s an exceient utiity that alows you to
block text on screen using the mouse and use that as a CU
instruction! Safe Boot V2 2 allows you to save the Boot Block
of many disks as a database on a single floppy this would be
useful if a virus infected say a commercial game disks boot
block thus rendering it useless, with Safe Boot you could
simply replace the bott block back over the vrus and save your
game Auto Disk change V10 alows you to run Fast Fie System on
floppy disks NoCickStart VI3 Super View V2 0 displays al FF
picture types Wrap w4 wrap your pointer aroind the screen is if
you move the pointer to the left of the sceen it wil appear on
the right hand sxJe1 Diplomacy the board game Dad a block
puzzle Biliards or Pool the game
• FAUG 41 ARC VO 2 compatible with MSDOS ARC V5 0
• AMICUS 22 Printer Driver Generator. V2 3
• FFISH 258 - Dmouse v!2 is a versatile program that
mcludesscreen mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse
acceleratorpopci pop window to front, push to back etc
• FFISH 131 - DFC is a Osk copier that muti tasks
• APDC 15 Icon utities Ml of icon files and creators Some
• APDC 18 Floppy Disk Utils Quick Copy V10. Disk Mapper
DiskSalvage Virus check. System Utis Blitz VI0 text editor.
TimeSelACaJc calculator Amiga Monitor VI t. MeM Grab fast memorygrabber Directory Master VII
• FFISH 164 DiskSahr V13 excellent fie recoverer and
undeleteutiity New Zap V318 the great file sector edtor Zoo V2
0 thegreat fie archiver
• FFISH 106 Funckey a function key edtor I MUSIC I
• • AMPtl - 5 disk pack ot Sonix tiles & player tor CI250I
• • AMP23 - 5 disk pack ot SoundTracker V3 & tiles C12501
• PDOM 281 Oktalyzer V11 the music composer
• PDOM 299 MED V201 the music editor with MO GAMES and Shareware
Software Both our games packs are auto booting menu driven,
very easy to use disk packs
• • AMPS - Game Pack I Clue as in Ctuedo Othello Klondike
Cantield and Cribbge Backgammon Yachtc Tvislon MissleCommand.
Cosmo 2 and 3D Breakout Empire. Gravity Wars Hanoi Hockey
Btkolt Jackland. Othello Master and PacmanA 3 disk pack lor
C 50'
• • AMP22 - Game Pack 2 Amoeba space invaders.
CosmoRoids Stone Age a Boulder Dash type. Back Gammon.
Cham Reaction Master Mind. Reversi Black Jack CrazyEights Klondike Jig Saw Keno. Daleks and Ratmaze.Monopoly and Escape From Jovi V30 3 disks lor 2750'
• PDOM 303 Computer Conflict by Dr Gralcx an excellent arcade
game with lull digitised sound Ihrough out1 Excetent action
• PDOM 283 Calksto 101 Very tough space strategy game Daleks 0 30
Pontoon Puzzl 0 and World and Zerg 2 adventures
• AMUSE 11 - Amoeba invaders. Four in a row Bandit a one armed
bandit game
• AMUSE 13 Bun Run an American civil war strategy game and
Gravity Attack a very good arcade game
• AMUSE 14 Battle Mech a strategy war game between robots
• AMUSE 15 - Rocker a Lunar Lander type game. Shrva Ihe game ot
Lite. Cycles is a Tron light cycles type game
• AMUSE 16 - Gravity Wars a space battle game with brilliant
graphics and Larn Ihe adventure
• AMUSE 17 - Cosmoroids an asteroids game. Tunnel Vision a
graphical maze game seen from within the maze Triclop invasion
and 30 breakout lhal requires 3D glasses
• AMUSE 18 Reversi. MaslerMind. Othello. Haunted Manson.
Mile Stone
• AMUSE 19 - Conquest Ihe mlerstellar exploration game. The game
ol LIFE. Mile Stone the board game. Monopoly, and Trek 3 a Star
Trek battle simulator
• APDC 3 Monopoly BackGammon. Bnckout. Klondike
• APDC 4 Tunnel Vision. Othello. Cantield. Dogstar
• APDC 8 Shanghai. Light cycles Othello. Life3. Conquest
• FAUG 18 Tunnel Vision Ihe greal maze game
• FAUG 27 Klondike Ihe card game and Triclops the 3D plane!
Defend game
• FAUG 30 Hack Ihe adventure V1.0.e
• FFISH 194 Mona V3 0 Ihe single player dungeon
simiialionadvonture game 1MB
• FFISH 273 BalUeForco v3 61 game
• FFISH 336 Car V2.0 is a racing game
• FFISH 357 - Empire V21w is a multiplayer game of exploration,
economics and war
• FFISH 62 HACK the adventure
• FFISH 63 - LARN Ihe adventure
• PDOM 77 - Paranoid Ihe breakout type game
• PDOM 90 - Tennis1 IMB
• PDOM 79 8 • PDOM 80 8 • PDOM 8! - Star Trek 3 disk game By
Twisted Images IMB External Dnve Ftequired
• PDOM 215 8 • PDOM 216 - The Slar Trek 2 disk game by AGATRON
Excellent animated graphic game
• PDOM 233 The Holy Grail Adventure 1MB
• PDOM 234 The Golden Fleece Adventure GRAPHICS Both our graphic
packs are auto booting. Work Bench driven, very easy to use
disk packs
• • AMP3 Graphics Pack I Rol 3D a 3D drawing package.
Vdraw a good painting program. RayTracer. MCAD the Computer Aided Design package that works in high resolution, plus utilities convert PrmtShop to IFFCIIpll clip any part of the screen and save as an IFF picture. HAMEdit a HAM picture editor Window Print II will print any selected window. Show Print II will Show and or print any IFF picture.
Ushow and Autopic are 2 picture slide showers. Icon utilities Iconize la windowI IFF2lcon and Brush2lcon converters IFF2PCS will take an IFF picture and make it a puzzle. Filler Pix Ihe image processing program tor use with Digi View lores B'W pictures. A 3 disk pack for 2750
• • AMP2I Graphics Pack 2 MSE Ihe Mandel Brol Explorer.
DBW render the ray tracing utility FBM the image manipulation library Isee disk FFISH 334 below for details I. ST2IFF converts Atari ST pictures to IFFNGI allows you fo
o order, simply quote the disk code number Disk prices: all disks
are priced equally depending on how many you buy: 1 to 5 are
£3.00 each, 6 to 10 are £2.75 each 11 or more are £2.50 each AH
prices are fully inclusive.
Please send a cheque or postal order payable to Pdom PD Amiga P O Box 801. Bishop's Stortford. Herts.
England. CM23 3TZ.
Foreign Orders: EEC add 10% (minimum £1.00) Non EEC add 30% (minimum £1.00) Non EEC & Spain. Greece. Portugal. Eire & MUST also add £1.75 for registered post read view and relormal ILBM pictures Pop Colours change to colour pallelte on the go. Dpskde. SeelLBM. Show ShowHAM the picture showers. MACView display and convert MAC pictures to IFFHAMEditor !FF2Exec makes an IFF picture showable by a double click ot the mouse. Some picture printers and icon utilities Bruch2C and Brush2tcon convertors Also some tight synthesizers Viz. Polygon and Kal A 3 disk pack tor 2750
• FFISH 359 Abndge An interm solution to Arum 5 ncompatatxity
problems Identifies the ongm ot an Arxm-5 tile and modrfies it
to facilitate easy exchange between AmMagc.
Videoscape. Anrnatxxi Statxm. Dpaint I. EditortvtHI. The Director. SA4D Movie20 Photon Paint 20 and Cel Animator
• AMUSE 5 - ACO Face Maker create faces in IFF format using
Deluxe Paint and the supplied Face Ed V2.0
• AMUSE 34 39 different pointers All absolutely excellent'
• FFISH 334 FBM V09 image Manicutation library Compatible with
Sun. GIF IFF PCX. PBM bitmaps Can input raw images and output
Postscript and Diablo Also does rectangular extraction, density
and contrast changes, rotation quantization, halftone, grey
scaling etc
• PDOM 112 - Graphic utilities Ctp It'. ShowPrint I.
Dissolve. AufoPiCS Zaplcon. ImageTools. FitlerPixJconMaker.
Startle. IFF to Icon
• FFISH 295 - Mandel Mountains Vila Mandel Brot generator |
• PDOM 211 NORTHC v12 Sieve Hawtrns C compiler Featurescompiler.
Linker, disassembler, examples and tools An excelentCcompiler
lor the knowledgeable and beginner alfce
• FAUG 102 Ghost Scnpl interepreter VI2 similar to Postscript and
Forth programming languages WB
• FFISH 171 * Sobozon C compter
• FFISH 193 ZC V101C compter
• FFISH 341 P2C V113 s a loot for translating Pascal programs
info C
• FFISH 351 PDCV333
• APDC 25 Logo. Xusp Moduar 2 MVP Forth
• FFISH 140 Storey Brook PROLOG v2 32
• FFISH vn - Contare the source code for PROLOG FFISH 140
• FFISH 181 AM XUSP V2 0 of the Xlrsp rrterprefct
• FFISH 201 Draco V12 the excedent orogrammng anguage by Chris
Gray Ooaznentahon on FFISH 77
• FFISH 37 - Little Smattak
• FFISH 91 - The Adventize Defrxtxjn Language (ADLI
• FFISH 337 CmanuaiVIO is a COMPLETE C manual tor IheArrvga
deludes 70 t Ay executable examples
• FFISH 339 PCQ Vie Pascal compder
• FFISH 347 - Cursor V10 Arn a BASC Compiler
• PDOM 60 - Modiia II compiler
• FFISH 314 - A68k v2.61 of the 68000 macro Assembler [ PDOM
• • VOL I - 3Mb ot clip art images, subjects coveredsports.
Flags, animals, cartoons, humorous. Jewish.borders. all occassions. Horses, eyes, and manymany more. ALL In IFF format. ALL compatible withDPaint and Page Seller 5 disks only 21250! Mega value Mega Quality Product!
V | n *. .7. A17. A fo *. | These are a few examples from Cliplt1 Volume I FJ nOepth delais of al our 1300 disks are n on disk based catalogue only 70P Send an SAE & a 22p stamp for a FREE copy of our printed catalogue. Shows concise details of the top disks.
Z! Credit Card Hotline 0279 757 692 Mon-Sat 9am~5pm J DEMOS NOTE We hava chosen Ihe best demo disks fo feature in this advert, however many many more demos, wtxch are not featured here are featured in our Disk based Catalogue Oi» DiskCat has FULL details ol al Ihe demos featured within these named disks Our DiskCat has a fast search option for the best demo and music disks
• PDOM 1 The Walker I animation of the Star Wars Waker 1MB
• PDOM 2 - The Walker«animation of the Star Wars Waker 1MB
• PDOM 6 Mahoney 8 Haktus sounds of Ihe knome muse disk I
• PDOM 27 Alcatraz Mega Demo I
• PDOM 65 8 • PDOM 66 Red Sector Mega Demo
• PDOM 73 Star Trek Ihe Enterprise leaves dock
• PDOM 74 Star Trek craft featured m 4 animations
• PDOM 76 - Star Trek Shuttle landing on Star Trek craft
• PDOM 83 - Space Ace demo
• PDOM 84 8 • POOM 85 - RoyaJ Amiga Force Mega
• PDOM 86 MES mega demo 1 1MB
• PDOM 87 - MES mega dmeo 2 1MB
• PDOM 301 8 • PDOM 302 Laurel and Hardy demo very good ammalxxn
demo of the comedy duo External Disk Drive Required IMB
• AMUSE 8 The amazing Berserk demo
• FAUG 33 The Juggler
• FAUG 61A 8 • FAUG 8, IB New Tek demo IMB
• PDOM 305 Outsiders Actifd demo
• POOM 306 Cool Cougar 1MB
• POOM 308 COLT Mega Demo
• PDOM 309 Dungeon Master II product demo of the game
• POOM 310 ASG merger with Soldiers of Light
• POOM 311 AMOS Ihe Creator Demo II a product demo from Madannn
Software of the powerful programming package
• PDOM 312 DiskNet Music Disk Voll
• POOM 313 - Flash Digital Concert 4
• PDOM 314 Flash Digital Concert 6
• PDOM 315 - Flash Digital Concert 3
• PDOM 317 Share and Eryoy disk 58
• PDOM 319 Rebels Megademo 2
• PDOM 320 Upfront Cool Fridge Demo
• PDOM 321 Share and Enjoy disk 57
• PDOM 322 Share and Er* y disk 56
• PDOM 323 Share and Enioy disk 55
• PDOM 324 1MB Inner City Mega Trax 1
• PDOM 325 Inner City 1990 CBM Xmas Show
• FAUG 88 Dragons Lair
• FFISH 200 NotBoingAgam The scene is a user who puts adisk into
an A1000. A Boing Ball demo loads up and Ihe Amiga diskdrive
opening turns into a mouth and says Oh No not again! & spits
the disk out11MB 316 Flash Danish Know-how demo
• PDOM Demo4
• PDOM 32 - Amazing Demos Volixne 7 40 8 • PDOM 41 Northstar Fair
Light mega demo HI 42 8 • PDOM 43 OeathStar Blasting I 44 8 •
PDOM 45 The Walker I demo 2MB 104 Complex BOBs 105 DOC No we
are not dead1 114 Slipstream Smeintro 1-2. Equalogo II
Terminator 146 8 • PDOM 147 Monty Python Nudge Nudge sketch 148
Escape from Singes Castle arxmaton 150 Scoopex Mental Hangover
188 - Crypto Burner CD Player 193 Red Devil of Dark Slar UK
Muzak 4 195 - Slipstream Music 7 207 8 • PDOM 208 Kefrens Mega
Demo 8' 214 - Fractal Fight 1MB 217 - Alpha Flight Demo Creator
222 Titanics Acid House music disk 229 8 • PDOM 230 8 • PDOM
231 Alcatraz Mega The DeWs Key 236 Mr Turnip from APEX Cebrt 90
Coma and others 241 Anarchy Compact A 242 Anarchy Compact B 246
8 • PDOM 247 - Jungle Command Music !nvasion3 250 North Slar
Acid Demo 1989 251 - TSK Accumulators Acid House demos' 252 8 •
POOM 253 Death Slat Mega Demo 267 Jungle Command Non Stop Music
Selector 296 - The Dope Intromaker VI0 298 SUCKWAYS Clapping
World music compilation button is clicked, the picture screen
appears. Moving the mouse pointer to part of the screen and
then clicking the button fills that part of the screen with the
selected colour.
If that sounds a bit dull, the program's particular appeal lies in the special effects. Selecting a colour plays a random sound sample: a tune plays continually in the background (note that it can be turned off) and the general effect is quite pleasing.
Coloured-in pictures can be saved to disk, and the program doesn’t need to use the keyboard at all. Although it may be a little bit technical, in the sense that you have to choose pictures from a directory, it would make a good present for any child.
MOD PROCESSOR AMIGANUTS 864 Those people who have created sound modules with programs like SoundTracker will no doubt be faced with one small problem - how do you play them without loading the music program first?
ModProcessor is designed to do just that job, and does it well.
The author (Steve Marshall) has continually updated the program, and this latest version certainly has a lot to offer. For a start, modules from many different sources are catered for - SoundTracker (old and new versions), Noisetracker, Game Music Creator, Musical Enlightenment and MED, to name but a few.
The idea of the program is to create stand-alone modules.
These are files which will play continually, happily multitasking with any other programs. A picture can also be included in the file, to give a frontispiece to the music.
Turning the music off is just a matter of pressing the joystick firebutton or CTRL-C.
Some more artistic nicities from the creater of the super Star Trek anims. Featuring all manner of science fiction themes, Tobias' latest compilation features scenes from Star Trek (of course) and Blade Runner as well as some more original works.
PROPHECY CODER MAG 1 CRAZY JOE S 1079 I’m always a bit dubious of mentioning disk magazines, especially ones in which former issues list such illegal topics as synthesizing LSD. I suppose it just goes to show that PD libraries will publish absolutely anything, irrespective of moral or legal obligation. This particular issue does contain a few interesting topics worthy of mention, though. There’s the usual tutorials on coding and examples Continued On Page 129 1 Demos Comer JUGGLER 2 DEMO ANIMATIONS DISKS 1 AND 2 NBS DISKS D547 AND D548 Steve Packer has used his machine to put together some
irreverent anims, featuring spoofs on Populous, mickey- taking of those lean, green Turtle gadgies and an assortment of other themes. The snippets are a little... er... odd, to say the least, but they're also great fun. Check it out as soon as possible.
REQUIRES 1.5 MEG SENLAC SOFTWARE DISK 1000 Yes, I know you've seen the classic ray-traced juggler animations, but this is much more of a cartoon featuring the characters from both these previous demos.
Created by Eric Schwartz, the one who brought us At the Movies and Stealthy II, this anim features the same kind of humorous style as his earlier work and is well worth a look - if you’ve got the extra memory.
BANGING RAVES HOBBYTE DISK 0202 Some more groove-along acid dance from Intuition for all you ravers out there. The funky drum track that runs throughout the mix is peppered with samples from such wide-ranging sources as Kraftwerk's The Model and the Human League’s Hard Times to tracks from more modern acts such as LFO. No graphics to back the tune, but it’s a good bop nonetheless.
Heavy Metal album covers?
Science fiction book covers? You are? Then this slideshow is for you. The disk features some nicely digitised artwork from all these sources, from big- bosomed female warriors to futuristic battle tanks. Nice pics, passable music, nice demo!
GOLDFIRE MEGA DEMO 17-BIT DISK 794 Not the most earth-shattering collection of demos ever, but for all you reptilofiles out there who are in need of another fix of Mutant Turtles™ check out this little piece featuring characters like Raphael™ and the boys, Splinter™ and Shredder™. Pity it's more impressive than the game of the same name!
* ***.? • a i a a j a a a f a a SENLAC SOFTWARE PD 14 OAKLEA
Tti: WZ4- 753070 &Z 0919 755093 Catalogue £1.00 MAIL ORDER
TEN MOVERS J Virus 4.1 Disksalv 1.42 ESA Utilities FullForce
III Ghostwriter D-Copy Cophers I TV GFXIFonts 12) Bootblocks
(2) Video Progs (2) Graphics Apps 21 Amiga Atari GFX
Convertors Energy Utilities SID VI.06 Aardvark Utilities Mandle
Generators Archive Utils ARP. 1.3 Installer
o. take any five disks @ 99p ® S Q. 99 per disk | 3T plus 50p
Stealthy II Walker I Walker II Jet Flo Kuli (Pen) Robo Knight
II Radio 11 Rotating Ship Italia Cinema Shark Congaman Gymnast
Showbiz 2 MEG I 1 2 MEG Vauxkiller 12)
- At the Movies ¦ Station at Kheme (3 3+3 1 2 MEG Lost In Scape
(3) Sentinel 12) Wordwright Qbase VC Bank’n Clerk Analvticalc '
Inventory Memopad Amibase Journal RIM Analytical 3D Spread
(src only) 5= take any five disks @ 99p MISCELLANY Raytracing
Sampled Sounds Demo Creator Dope Intro MCAD VI.25 Rot Jazzbench
Celtics Demo Maker Inot 1.3 Roms) Halloween Sample 12) Direct
Action • Utopia Postcards Cando Support I Cando Support II
Fractal Flight ,V UPGRADE .V By Dr Gandalf requires 5 meg
Memory hard disk + Fatter Agnes - 6 disks TREKKERS!!
All new StarTrek (2) StarTrck (• 3 ED) StarTrek V2.0 - 2 ED) StarTrek Fleet Manoeuvre Anim • StarTrek Dry Dock Anim • StarTrek Enterprise Reliant Anim StarTYek Miscellaneous Anims • Trektrivia LATEST IN SS Bowling Secretary (10 Pin!)
Batman Anim by Eric Schwartz* Power Packer 3.1 writh Ppanim Juggler 2 Demo by Eric Schwartz* Thinker MUSIC Soundtrackers 12) Soundtrackers V4.0 Future Composer Games Music Creator Perfect Sound Sound Editor Compact Disk Hi Fi Player • Instruments ST-02 Instruments ST-03 Instruments ST-04 Instruments ST-05 Instruments ST-06 Instruments ST-07 Instruments ST-08 Instruments ST-09 Instruments ST-10 Instruments ST-11 Instruments ST-92 Instruments ST-93 Instruments ST-94 Instruments ST-95 Med V2.12 Soundtracker Professional RIP Eruptions Flash team Music Crusaders Freed Out Crusaders Audio X
Crusaders Back to Base Inot 1.3 Roms) Med V. 12 Sonix Play.
FIRST FROM Senlac Software PD C LIGHT Ray Tracing Commercial Package NOW SHAREWARE And available here only £3.00 GRAPHICS IFF Pixs 1 Photomontage I IFF Pixs II Photomontage 11 IFF Pixs III Photomontage III IFF Pixs IV Forgotten Realms IFF Pixs V Paradise Slides Fantasy I Joe II Slideshow Fantasy II Nasa Digipixs I Fantasy III Nasa Digipixs II Fantasy IV Disney I • Fantasy V Countach Fantasy I Fantasy VI Countach Fantasy II GAMES Flaschbier PC Chess Hack Breakout Lam Frantic Freddie Autobahn 3000 Eatmine Zerg Computer Casino Craps Conflict Moria V3.0 • Drip!
Empire Tricky Cribbage Card Games Train set Blizzard DEMOS | Kefrens Mega North Star (2) Coma Dexion Megademo Red Sector (2) Highclass (UK) Red Sector Cebit Rebels Megademo Mental Hangover Amazing Demos VI Puggs In Space ESA Demos Universal + Phenomena Megademo Demob I Complex Bobs Demob II Pulsifiers Vision Music Hardcrack GFX Vision Megademo IV JCS-Shellshock Vice Workbench Alcatraz Demo Vangelis • Scoopex Demos Newtek ('2 ED) Triange Demos Sewtek III (’2 ED) Tetragon Megademos Science 4.51 Death warp I ® ESA Utilities © Battleforce V3.6 © Soundtracker V4.0 ® Jeopardy * ® Fullforce III ©
Clerk V3.0 O Stealthy II • ® Monopoly Cluedo © Direct Action * © Station at Kheme AMOS 19 Microman Music .AMOS 22 Funschool III Demo AMOS 31 Screen Designer AMOS 33 Pink Goes Ape AMOS 35 Archivist AMOS 21 Word Square Solver AMOS 20 Arc Angel Demo AMOS 32 Progs IcarnlFearn Nadeem . MOS 34 Luke Miller Music AMOS 36 AMOS RAMOS 1.2 Updates .AMOS 38 FONTS 4
* = Requires 1 meg
(2) = no' disks in set i ED ) = extra drive required AMOS PD
OVERSEAS EEC Please add £2.00 to cover postage costs OVERSEAS
- Australasia Please add 50p per disk to cover Airmail costs.
Credit Card & Postal Order payments despatched by return.
Personal Cheque orders - please allow 10 working days for
delivery from date of receipt.
Santa Claus couldn7 get rid of all his presents this year so he o has given them to us.. to give to you ot CRAZY prices... 3 5' DS DD 135TPI DISK!
With labels and sleeve 10 Cap Library Cases ... 50 Rainbow Disk Labels Mouse Mats . Amiga Disk Clean Amiga Dust Cove 10 £5 50 25 £1295 50 £24 95 100 £39 00 200 £76 00 All disks ore guarantee 100% ERROR FREE HOT HOT HOT The Hot Pack 2 HOT HOT HOT 5 DISKS OF THE HOTTEST NE W DEMOS - HOTTER THAN A CHIUIBURGER - COOLER THAN A FRIDGE I BUSINESS PACK - 3 DISK SET WORDRIGHT.VISICAIC.RIM DATABASE KIDDIES PACK - 3 DISK SET LEARN N PLAV 1*2, PUGGS IN SPACE UTILITY PACKS 1*2-3 DISK SETS PENDLE UTILS 5.6.7 or DARKSTAR UTILS 2.3 BEGINNERS PACK - 5 DISK SET 5 DISKS PACKED WITH
5 554 Wartaicons Musk: • Very fkee rxjeed i 550 SAE 57 • Even more of the BEST demos 1 549 SAE 56 • Super© Cryptotxxners demo " 540 PE Comp 12 • With s«ents and Crusaders • 539 PE Comp 11 • More demos from Rob 538 PE Cornp 10 • Br*anf $ K f from pende 537 PE Comp 9 • Great demos from the F£ gang 535 GotdfWe Megodemo • Nee one1 Than* Nek 532 Crusoders New Music • Just GET THS 1 Bryant 531 Captured mognotion • Bneant - Get tf 1 530 Anarchy Pock • Super© new Demos fli» 522 Adept • Great demo compaction 520 Tmecode Total Pec a* • Great Demo of Wm 519 A Journey mto sound • Very good muse 512
intuition Comp • Superb DeepSea demo 511 Awesome Preview • BrWanf game demo 504 Network party pock • Very good demos 503 Suntrockers • Heavy metal music demo 501 502Crusodefspack • by Bustmon cod' 498 The JCS • Very we*d demo very weird 497 wild Copper • Old but sNI very good ' 478 Dawn Megodemo • Its just downed on me 475 Hypnoss • Nee new demo pock 472 Crusoders • New demo pock with ED-209 453 Epic • Super© Preview of Ocean s Game 445 Anarchy CES Muse pock • By 4 Mat Cool 444 S’art Demo Pocfc 5 • Nee new demo pock 443 S*art Demo Pock 4 • More great new demos 440 Trope ol Suroet • Great demo
by Stonts 437 Anarchy pock • Superb demo pack Get it 429 DJ Deco le*f • Great house muse rerrues 426 Cnones Neverwhere • Wicked megooemc 1 423 Cool Fnage • W»d demos from upfront 416 PE demos 68 • with the Donald duck c«n '
394. Unique vectors • Bnnant vector demo 314 Nkroge Megodemo •
Superb 1 but 1 Meg 313 Mag F«KJs Nstory • Nee cotoction of
demos 305 Warfaeons Purple • Why Purple ?
304 Flash Danish Know How • And they do 303 Scoope* Demos • Afron I and Green Supnse 301 Savoge Demo 4 • A r»ce mogedemo 300 mturtion Megodemo • When is your ne*t one 292 Monnys I Meg Collection • Nice r Q demos 261 Cryptobumers 2 • Ace demos from CRB 258 Rebels Candytond 11 • My favonte ccmp' 257 Cnomcs Megodemo • Stoning Modonno ' 254 tomsoft Trpt to Mors • A great vector Trp' 252 253 BodDran Megjderrc •Just BRU 1 251 Stents Megodemo • I Me it dont I ?
If you are bored with your Amiga already why not invest in some of the fabulous PD software available from Start ? We have compiled a complete beginners pack. 10 PD disks consisting of demos, music, utilities ond games. 10 Blank disks, storage box.
Mouse mat and a dust cover, only £19.95. Or. If you wish, choose some of the BEST in PD from our lists above 173 174 Ped Sector • When a you ne*t Mega 1 164 Scoope* Mental Hangover • W*a1 148 Gate Megodemo • Super© mjac and Gf* 142 143 Start 3 • Corrp with Ceb* 90 and Ccmo l40C»ogons Megdemo • SN very good • 136 Frajoon Honor • SHI Bteugh Scfc 109 no start 2 •Ok3 but ste gold nahrp • MEGA MUSIC!
560 Optical Am • War o' the work* and rrore I 556 Vogue Get Munc • Abtofutety Br*ant t 542 Storm fat Power • Fantajtic House Muse ill 469 Sabby Munc • Totaty br«anT mu*c demo 486 Kraftwe** Bnt Muk demos 483 Jesus loves ocid • Erm i dont frxnk he does 425 Ogflct concert 6 • Fabutous wm • 424 Sound or Stoats • I Ove it! Mont smrr1 295 Aif • Wjsc from the C»arv aton 286 Rebefi megabkxt • Su©cn "xj»c da* 272 Crusooea Protect Beat • Great rrvec 263 Sort Connection • Coootoo mjx 246 Adam M Muse 1 • C ap Mac a* Chcfia) 245 Beast *Aa»c • From icocce* cood1 242 100 64 hx es • xet get tr« d» SUF W "•
231 Dartator Mac 7 • 8 Great songs 2X Danrsrar Mac 6 • mere "coed mu»c 229 Dar*s»or Muec 5 • Heto jm Haw are you ?
227 Jarre Docklands • Brtfcjnf muse from Mr Jarre 226 Beochooys meet pcpeve • Mod samcto ¦ 225 D tai Concert 5*4 FatxAous Chart songs 224 Ogrtai Concert 4 • Fosa more chart songs 223 Ogtai Concert 3 • 12 Mnute megom.
2207221 DmoP mus*C 4 • Bnftant songs • 219 Technottonu • Get up and P«Anp up me jam 218 Kefrens jukebo • AosoKjtety suoem t 197 Queen and Block DO« remnes 194 Crusooea Freekea out • Great mnes 186 Ogrtc* Concert 2 • A great 12 mnotes 1 145 Mahoney and Kafctus • Great muse d®
14) Sodidtrocker Muecs • A*»FDoc3 133 Boctena • BRUiANT muse from
crusaded 107 vangees Demo • S«* ert demo i Meg GREATEST
GAMES 471 ST bosn • K* those Grey eabs Of AX* "I 449 Computer
Conl»ct • New garr* by Dr Grcfft* 447 Recreation Garrm •
mciudng Cktodo 283 Psueao Cop • S'ooty tfamng ED-209 282
Popeye Game • An LCD game on me Artga 280 Mechforce • Good
strategy war game 277 Board games • Backgammon ana otheto 276
Holy Graf • Great »e*t advents 274 The Golden Fleece
Adventure game INCREDIBLE ANIMATIONS I 557 Dragons la*
TmeWarp Anm • m-erdtoie 474 Spocechase Anm • very impressive
' lMeg 458 Star Trek Manoeuvres • totaty bn ' 1 Meg 457 Tron
ana Spoceshp • Br*ant Anms 1 Meg 456 Stectthy 2 • Funny
anmatpn 455 Agatron 15 • ianrmnc the red lotus anm 452
Entercnse leavng Dock • Amaang l Meg 419 420 S»or Wars
Mane-Qate good l Meg 398 Froctct Fkfit • Nee scenery demo l
Meg 215 Real mmgs demo • Hcne anmahcrs 213 214 Mkn • a 4 Meg
anmatior INI 212 S*ar Tre* Anmafions • Vanous 512K anms 207
Lu*o Teenager • The lamp arm 'Meg 206 Newtons Crode • ana
more anmakons 202 203 Star Wars Arm • x wrg tighten 1 Meg-
201 rx*ana Jones •Crockmg good Cha) l Meg 198 The Pup • 30
car chase by T Richter 1 Meg 192 Wafcer l • The heicopter
version l Meg 193 Waeer 2 • The A2000 Derg attacked 1 Meg 190
The Jugger • 0»dy but gok*e I 189 The Gymnast • Nee swngng
anm l Meg 165 Juggette • Mrs Juggler animation 153 Puggs
nspoce • Great little demo arm 113 Mogoon and Jogger •
Goodomms l Meg 112 Spoceshp Anm • Flying round a 3D globe iO
The EiGato and Juggler Anmtpns • l Meg 104 Happy Man Anme •
Mth rrpre 03 Ghost pool and Drppng Tap • Good 1 Meg SUPERB
SLIDESHOWS 493 va* P*cture show • pos tcAen from a Va* ' 489
Do*o • Garbage patch lod Sdeshow 488 Travetor • E*cetont HAM
Fantasy sides 484 Ccfor Cycles • To»c*v brMant coior eyeing
461 vaopo Dabbo • The Fmtstones1 Supah i 454 Nghtc*eea •
Superb Natfy Sweshow' 205 Aganon 8 • E etont sh*r from 1000s
200 Roger Dean • Fva by the super© Artst 191 Forgotten Reams • Hobgobin Sideshow 183 Nogei Pics • Pics from me talented arfrst 158 Agafron 6 • The defimfrve Sideshow ' Superb 139 Rea 3a-very mpressrve 30 sides 137 138 Stonts Sideshow • Breant dgehow 134 135 Franon Drvne Veons sideshow • Great USEFUL UTILITIES I 505 Mac C»p art • Superb clport from a Moc 496 ' weak: • An mpresrvo spreadsheet 495 RiM • A relational database 494 ARP VI3 • AmigaDOS replacement project 490 GMC • Games mufrc creator 485 Startrekker • 8 Channel Noeetrocker 1 WHO 1 480 481 ;482 The Ql Emulator • Emaate a Ol i
466. 467 468 Couhfoch C*p art • Very good stuff 464 Sorcban C •
Very gooa C comptor 4fC iconmano • BrManf cotoctcn of
consutfc 459 jcmcrocfcer • Superb Chp sound rrxac utl 434
Ampase • Very smpie *o use database 378 379 380 C Marxx* •
Superb Eg s ana texts 377 Norm C Comptor • The latest verspn
1 1 358 Ftsr 286 • CCUNi ana Ueat and more 356 Fen 327 • The
MSH meseOos PC fUe system 354 SO 1 6 • Superb drectory uttty
Get it now 345 346 vVJeo Applications • great fonts and uNs
340 Janoench • useful new workbench 334 Dcnataruws 2-Great
utility disks compiled 130 Darksfor Utks 3 • by Red Devil
333 Darkstar u«i 4 • H Rob how ya do n ?
332 Pencto Uns 5 • More supah kooi utwties 331 Perae um 6 • Sia.Tetrocopy.newzap 332 Penae Utm 7 • The ST 28 superb utilities 328 329 Bootocck collection • tor boot editing 180 Woedwnght • with Sgcolc cmd labelprlnt 129 Mysta Div Hordwae modifications disk t 127 128 TV Graft!* • Great Dpant utiB and fonts 123 ST-91 • Samples dak for muse uNs by Stan 122 ST-90 • More great samples by Start ’20 ST-Q2 • Pts of Nee synthy samples 119 ST-01 • The ongna samples Osk ¦ HBNoeefrocker • So good even i use it 117 hJKn Composer • Good rrxac maker 114 nrromaker • Make scroty muse demos Rememeer we hove got
hundreds of dsks n ou Hxary so get our monthly updated cisk catalog
* ed wim loads of demos unities and o ful fetng of ou* latest PD
software Dak No 997 • issue 6 New ond better than ever wtm some
great demos and unities and lots of mega free PD ana reviews
Credit Card Hotlines 2*D %'L‘B‘ELS xpKts ¦RYXfMt. *pkls ¦JV'N&rwa: ¦nnt iity -me to •m kpd msate witwc t REB 100 ‘ All new Slar Trek, brilliant with English docs l2 d*sks REB 101 Fractal Flight, brilliant graphics demo (1 meg) REB 102 Jazzbench. Areai new desktop REB 103 Education of Cool Cougar, bnlliaml animation (1 meg) REB 104 Adams Family, great demo ot the tamous TV programme REB 105 Tour ot Duty demo, demo from The Trooper REB 106 C Compiler, full working C compiler RE8 107 ’ Predators megademo. 2 disks. 11 pahs, a real mega demo!"
REB 108 ’" “ ‘ .... REB 109 REB 110 Puggs in Space, a great animated story REB 111 Fraxion Horror demo, brilliant horror demo REB 112 ' Newtek demo 3. Great high res graphics (1 meg. 2 drives) REB 113 Alcatraz megademo 4. Great demo 3 disks special £4 50) REB 114 The Golden Fleece Texl Adventure, bniliani adventure REB 115 The Holy Gra«l. Texl adventure, brilliant adventure (t meg) REB 116 Bankn. Great home finance program REB 117 "Kylie demo, a really good demo of Kylie s hits |2 disks) REB 118 Virus X4 1. Ihe PD Amiga virus killer REB 119 ' Business - word processor, spreadsheet.
Dbase |2 d«sks) REB 120 CLI Help Osk. Loads ot help with the dreaded CLI"" Mega Demo* 349-RAF 12) 500 - Scoopex Menial Hangover 662 Crionics Madonna 664 - BodBrain |2) 667 - Crionics Never Where 724 - Intuhon 760 - Psedudo-Ops 799 - Gainfs (21 827 - War Falcons Animations (1Mb) 186 - Slar Trek 121 380 • The Jugler 381 - The Cool Cougar 477 - Froclal Flight 532 - High lander 533 - Trackball 542 • Pugs m Space 555-The Run 586 • lighl Cycle 12) 611 - Vangeks demo 624 - Too Much 3d 674 - Epic 733 - PMC Fradol 734 - Clothes Peg 791 Space Shutlle 826 • Spoce Fighter 828 • Huey 831 • Machine 849 -
Drogons lair II ¦ Time Warp Golden Oldies 99 Dragons lair
K) 2 - Probe Animation 111 Walker Demos !2) 112 - luxo Teenager
129 • Commodore 64 Mustc 143 - Robocop Demo 168 - NASA Picture
Show 286 Kyfce Monogue (21 272 • Freddy K ugor demo 612 Monty
Pythons (2) 614 - Debt e Gibson Eieclrc Youih (21 Adventures &
Games FI 84 - Moonbase F224 - Pelers Quest F320 - Amiomega
like Rogue FI 84 World lnlocom style F324 - Tetris Clone F345
- Crobots Uke Meek Warriors F336 - Car F336 - Mmblast F336 •
SYS Pongo F343-SnokePit 847 Heylns 848 - The Maze V42 -
TriTns like Arcode FI92 - Packman 87 V44 - Emerald Mine F232 -
Battys (21 F251 - Monopoly F347 - Drip 850 • Turrkan n
iPfayoble) F355 - Iron Game 688 - Bock to the Future III
Playable 673 - Battle Command Playable New TBAG T44 • Vbhi.
Track Salve. Requester, G-Shell. Flash Disk T45 • Texl Paml,
Fast Bill. Edit Sleepy.
View Dir, Is Today T46 - KeyMapEd. Resume maker.
Osk. Woodword. Mips New FISH F370 - SkSh UseUI to Unix Users F369 - lastest Aquamxn. Flip, Fortune. Spy. Vaxherm, F368 • Elements, tnteractve Display F366 - Print Studio Very Good F365 - Easy Back Up. Pass Word.
View 80 F364 - More Animated Pointers F363 - 3 5 Disk lobeler Reads directories F362 - tmpenum Romanum. Smovie F361 • Brush4d Converts IFF Images to Sculpi 3D F359 • Abndge. DICE Intergrafed C Envirormenl F358 - Pipe line Game. Blob. Rood Route. Scon IFF F357 - Empire A Multi player economics game F356 - Nccmm New kx Comms F355 - Berserker (Virus Kilter). Track Savage F354 - Monde! Mountain* Hew V2.0 F353- North C New Version VI1 F351 - PDC A complete C Compilation System F337 - The C Manuolfor Amiga F339 - Pascal Compiler F349 - MED V2.0 F228 • Jossbench Repkxes the ongial workbench F240
- Goss Doss Reads Write MSOos F253 Power Packer ? 3b F302 Turbo Mandel ExceAenf Musk 803 - Journey Into Sound 274 - Crusoders Freeked Out 292 - Audio Conversions 451 - Dr Awesome 580-PC Boys 575 - Wheres Ihe base 592 - Miami Vice 593 • Crockets Theme 601 - Boclena Music 602 - Gel lo the Sate House 635 -100 Ongial 64 Titles 129 - Commodore 64 Music 658 • Flame Arrows Vocol Alloc k 686 - The Sound of silents 689 - Techontks Remix 711 - Ghost & Goblins 717 - Rebols Megablasi 730 - Scoopex No 84 770 - Base-2-Base II 2 Ontyl POS New Section 796 - Turlies Demo 806 - Turlies Demo U 860 - PDS Hi-Res
Turtles Pictures 836 - Total Recount 833 - Total Retool 834 - Totol Resfyle 835 - Total Respray 834 - Slar Wars Pictures V37 - Sounds Q er 25 of Ihe Muppets 856 - Puggs In Spoce H - Filet the Fish Demo Selection 681 - Ntghl Bleed Pictures 715 - The (vil Dead Sample [21 735 - Chaos Megodelh Mega Demo 738 - Dig. Logic Mega Demo 739 • Possessed Mega Demo 12) 742 ¦ lotus Espril Turbo Preview 743 • Indianapolis 500 Preview 744 - Demons Mega Demo Disk *1.2 745 - United Forces Mega Demo 746 - Sollkillets Crew Mega Demo 747 - Power Slav es Mega Demo 12)* 749 - Magnificent Force Mega Demo 750 - Golums
Slideshow Disk 753 - Cryptoboners Porly Demos 754 - Reaklof Collodion No 3 755 • PC Slideshow Disk 757 - Chose HQ 2 Preview 758 - Anrxe and Blilterborner 759 - Visll Merseyside Sample 763 - Cove Runner and Track Record 764 Roger Dean Picture Slideshow 765 - Iron Maiden Picture Slideshow 767 - Hymnes From Ihe Bible III 777 - Ouelzolcol Playoble Pteview 778 - Necrnom Preview 779 • Chorley Playable Preview 792 - Aliens Mego long Sample • 121 794 - Block Monks Breock Donee Music 795 - Mind Warp Colledion No 2 797 - Moadonrra Hanky Ponky 798 • Turbo Mark Animations 804 - jeon Mtcheal Jarre Eqmnoxe
807 - The Twisl 809 • Pang Ployoble Preview 810 - Image Demo Colledion 811 • ITV Mego Nusic No 7 812 - 4 Mol ol Anarchy ReDedrons 813 - Vox Dei Mego Demo 814 Jarre's Ultimate Dodands II 815 - Comic Strip Presenls 816 • Amiga Chari No 5 817 ¦ Fresh Cola The Semi Codersl2) 819 - Gentsrs land ol Confusion 823 - Som Fox Big Bobs 824 - Eleclnc Chonnel 5 By Impact 825 • The Pink Goes Ape Animation 829 - Shadow ol Ihe Beasi Music 830 - We are Ihe Robots 833 • Emi Nory Gold 834 • Slot Wars Pictures 835 ¦ Christmas Musk 840 - Rising Eorce Music No 1 842 - Wolerprool 843 Ptrolonx Musk 844 Mogk
Roundabout 845 - Hocking eloiions Various F315 - Amiga Fox Word Processor V17 - VC Spreadsheet V2I - Word processing disk V27 - Quick Bose V29 - House Hold inventory V43 - Jossbench V56 - Disk Mosler V3 0 V8I - D-Copy V89 - Megaman VI 5 V90 - PDS UlMes Very Useful OTHER grrs Ini = n represent number ol disks required All olhers ore single disks
• = 1Mb Required
• B = Bonus programs lor Imb. 5I2K will still work Send A large
SAE lor a Free extensive List of all our demo disks We slock
All Fred Fish, IBAG Alt Orders 48 Hour Turnaround Simpfy The
Hottest Amiga PD Library!
‘WL SIOCK Wt TULL KW&E 0‘f TWV TIS-H, TBAtj, TrpOPER, 500* 'RpPLLS REB 121 REB 122 REB 123 REB 124 REB 125 REB 126 REB 127 REB 128 REB 129 REB 130 REB 131 REB 132 REB 133 REB 134 REB135 REB 136 REB 137 REB 138 REB 139 REB 140 REB 141 REB 142 REB 143 REB 144 REB 145 Trooper Fonls. 3 disks ot great tonts. Use with Dpaint etc Vision megademo 4. Features Ride on Time. Got To Get. Etc. Med V2 i great music program with lull midi suppon
• D-Mob 4. Brilliant music disk worth the wan Freddy Derro. Great
Kmghimare on Elm St. demo Fiashbier. Really great PD platforms
game Fish Games. 3 disk collection ot the best of Fish disk
games Packman 87. Great version of the classic game Roger Dean
Slideshow, a brilliant art slideshow Bacteria demo, brilliant
demo from the Crusaders Messy DOS. Read and wnte MS DOS disks C
Manual. 3 disk manual covering all aspects ot *C’ £4.00
Monopoly and Ciuedo. Two classic games on one disk Teenage
Mutant Hero Turtles Demo. Pendle Europa. Great Dick Tracy Demo,
taken from the film 12 disks) Red Devil Crunchers -* Packers
disks, great compilation Red Devil Utility Collection, plus
working ST emulator!!!!
• RAF Megademo, a great music ? Graphics demo (2 disks) Northstar
And Farflight Megademo ace demo |2 disks) Juggette Demo, a
great juggler demo Star Trek, a great 3 disk game needs 2
dnves. 1 meg Star Trek, a 2 disk game, great game play, super
PLEASE STATE ST OR AMIGA Cheques, 'P.O. s. -‘It cess, “I l a to: PD REBELS. 81 SPRINGFIELD ROAD. ROWDE. NEAR DEVIZES. WILTS SN10 2PD 'Personal coders by appoint me m only Famiga public domain software ¦ Introductory pack only £5.00. Contains catalosue disk, virus disk ¦ M(packed with virus killers), Utils disk (packed with utilities) and anl ¦ intro disk (selection of demos). ¦
• All our disks are £2 each. 10 or more £1.50 each • ¦
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catalogue disk. 1 WCA Business Systems * 1 Dept AF, Unit 2, I ¦
250 Carmarthen Road, 1 I Swansea, SA1 1HG 1 Tel: (0792) 473550
¦ ¦ FLETCHER FONTS PACK 1 to 3 : 6 disks per pack, each disk
has 7 lo 15 different colour fonts, various sizes but no
Instructions to load the 16 colour fonls into DPAINT as fonls. Help. Advise & Support available from PD Soft.
PACK A or B: Black & White packs of fonts os above but 10 to 20 fonts per disk.
£15.00 Per Pack. IDEAL FOR VIDEO & ARTIST WORK NEW IMAGE P.D. PP PRICES SLASHED All our PD disks are now only £1.00 each inc. post + packing UCENCEWARE GAMES £3.00 each Minimum order only 2 disks!
SPACE BLOB - Cross between Bomb Jack & Manic Miner MR DIG 11Mb) - The famous Mr Do!
Q-BOID - The Coin-up Game Vulcan. Tetris Variant.
Catalogue only £1.00 including software!
Send’o SAE for a printed PD listing.
CATALOGUE DISK I FRED FISH PAPER I PRICES PER DISK OFFICIAL AMOS LICENCEWARE DISKS (Details on listing and in catalogue) I-5 Disks £2.50 6-10 Disks £225 II-20 Disks £2.00 21+ Disks £1.75 With exception lo licenceware and Special Pecks XXX please ask lor list and slale Ibal you are over 18 Tired of boring catalogue disks’ Gel fhe unique, easy to use PD SOFT Database Catalogue Disks They contains details of over 1300 disks ovoilable directly from slock from us A multitude of ophons including Seorch & print 2 Disks Onty £1 50 Free Updates Ever wanted a complete description of all fhe Fred Fish
disks on Paper’ Well, the entire list is new ONIY available from PD SOFT Approx 60 Pages revealing everything about every program in this range as described by Fred Ftsh Onty El 50 CHEQUES P.O's payable to: NEW IMAGE SOFTWARE, 40, APPLEBY GARDENS, DUNSTABLE, BEDS, LU6 3DB PD SOFTWARE Agatron Star Trek (500K 1M) - 2 discs North C Compiler Fish 337 - C Manual Fish 314 - C Compiler 68000 Assm.
Fish 339 -Pascal Compiler DS DD M 100% CERT.
% ' Q 135 TPI mm inc. labels
10. £4.90
20. £9.00
25. ..£11.30
50. ..£21.50 Full Range of Fish.
Cheques PO's to: Amicus, Tbag, Faug.
.V . 3 “ho®1* Close, Dudley, ALL PD £1.20 Ea Inc west Midlands DY3 3BZ TORNADO PD SiSBF""’* Send SAB for full lisi 2SS®fS2SJBhGa,denS 5 DISK PACKS = £3.99 P&P = 50p Catalogue disk - 99p OTHER PD = 99|i each (Minimum order 3 DEMO PACK Coma etc.. Mental Hangover. RSI Cebit. Northstar Megaaemo.
Dragons Minimega.
MUSIC PACK Technotronic. Rebels Megablast.
Kactus + Mahony 2, Digital Concert 6. Amiga Chart 5.
ANIM. PACK Puggs in Space, Space Ace I MHO PACK Walker II, The Run. Stealthy I Starwars Movie (x2).
Demo. Light Cycle Demo (x2).
'Too Much" 3D Anims.
Tom Soft Dream Pock Bugbram Megademo (x2) Ray traced Anims DOPE Intro-Maker Tetracopier MEDV2.02 Alcatraz Megademo (x3) Puggs in Space The Run l Meg) Walker Demo 2 I Meg) Kefrens Jukebox Cool Fridge Pseudocop Game Turtle Mania Agatron Slideshow 8 SOFTViLLE COMPUTER SUPPLIES Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Walerlooville, Hants. PO 7 7XN Tel: 0705 266509 Fax: 0705 251884 These are bnel descriptors disks may contain much more GAMES UGAMEI - COSMARODS ROLLERBALL. ORBIT 30 & LADYBUG UGAME2 - FLASCHBER. 2SO Irantic levels' UGAME3 - LUGO. Bal LY. MGHTWORKS & YOUPI SOF44 - PUZZLE PRO cuts
FF pictures you put it logetier!
SOF68 - (XASSIC card Board games ndudng CRIBBAGE SOF69 - CLASSIC arcade Board games netting MISSION COKPAAM) SOF78 - PA MAN. Tie at tme classic SOFII7 - EMPIRE GR VWARS. HANOI JACKLANDetc SOFIB - GR t AT TACK. BULLRUN WORLD etc SOFB6-I ARN Ithe gian!) ADVENTURE SOF396 - TEAMS great shareware PRO (tmeg) SOF50I - (2dsks E8JSTARTREK. BniBnt PO version (tmeg 2dnves) SOF521 - PSEUDO COP great game trom Pseudo Ops SOFS30 - Skyf&L Bleed Snidoul Rot VL37) FF387 - EMPflE new version mill-player game Keyboard or modem EF347 - DRParcade style game dodge the Pipes etc Good FF320 - AMKJMEGA sxntar lo Hack
but more complex FF312 - CHNACHALLENGE. Shanghai game MOONBASE knar lander FF259 - Escape From Jcwi last action game mdti-levels PUBLIC DOMAIN & SHAREWARE for the AMIGA range (ATARI ST, PC tiro tvtikblt 1 Huge selection over 2000 dsks 2 Over Four Years Experience 3 Same day service (Mat S phone lax belcre 12am 4 Pay by Access. Visa. Cheque PO or Cash 5 Order £y Phene Mai or Fax 6 Dhaai Govenment orders accepted 7 90 page catalogue FREE 8 Prolesslonal Service ring lor advice!
Send 37p SAE for EREE dialogue, stale AMIGl MUSIC X MIDI SOEIO - MtDuU M02. PAN!2 CZIOl CZL DMCS MID songs SOFII • Hndreds d new nstrimcnts lor CZ syntc.
SOFI2 -40 SOUND EFFECTS plus a player progra SOF Kt5 - POPHTS * pictures d MelSKm PetShopBoys Madcxna etc SOFI06 - AMIGASOUNDS 2 by A Starr. 3 tunes SOF 107 - CROCKETTS ThCME. (teat sarrpfe SOF 08 - MIAMI VICE - DIGITISED bdtanl SOF 146 - 5 more by Astarr. 18 mnutes d brhance SOF 148 - Resl d SONX Tubdar Bets. Its a Sin SOF62 - Arnga PCM7ERMUSIC Not len great scry SOF 65 - SOUNDMACHNF 123 on one disk' SOF 160 - GRAND MIX sampled by the Future BroS SOF228 - KYLl k+KXill and LOCOMOTION FF349 - MED V2. Musical at lor - very good ndeed CLASSIC DEMONSTRATIONS SOF3 - Fred tie Baker Roses Flower
Shop, classes SOF7 - Tftr PROBE demo so good was on TV!
SOF84 - (2rtsks dnves £8) NEWTEK, ongnal (tr, SOE86 - DOCS DEMON demo, original but good!
SOF70 - BONGL SPROHGL JUGGLER TIT etc etc SOF 184- EL GATO. RED BARON. FSW (tncgl SOF219 -2 risk 2meg vers tie WALKER demo (£8 SOF284 - tncg version d the classic WALKER dent SOF288 - tmeg version d WALKER2 tic lotow up SOF4I4 - PUGGS H SPACE, cute arm wet done SOF846 - FRACTAL FLIGHT. BrMant animatori ffnq SOF467 - NEWTEK demo ree13 new production (2disks7drives. Tneg £81 timea oaf l-CPUG the Independent Commodore Products Users Group is the largest and most friendly computer club in the country Over 700 disks ot Amiga Public Domain So ft wars entirely free to members - you supply blank disks
and pay only for postage.
Superb 100-page magazine published every two months - keep up to date with latest Amiga hints and tips. Get the news from America first!
Meet other Amiga users at one of our many local groups which meet regularly all over the country.
Help and advice services - hardware or software problems can be quickly resolved.
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Subscription for 1991 only £17.00 including £1 joining fee Before requesting any software, please wait for your membership details to be sent to you.
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If you are seriously interested in using or programming your Amiga, or indeed any Commodore Computer, then joining ICPUG is a must!
For lull details send a stamped addressed envelope to: icpl ICPUG Membership Secretary, Jack F. Cohen, PO BOX 1309, LONDON N3 2UT Telephone 081 -346 0050 after 6.00pm uTg PICTURES SOF 16-18 digitsed HAM pxekxes classics SOF20 - NASA Dd-Vt w sideshow 14 quality pictures SOF 79 - SAM FOX SLIDESHOW m her usual stale d dress' SOF90 - Valengo's FANTASY PICTURES - Vd3 SOF 108 - PAGE3 PICTURES Selection d good digitised pics SOT 119 - ADULT GRAPHICS 9 high-res pic'S SOF 124 - PLAYBOY sideshow' SOF 128- PLAYBOY slideshow!
SOF 127 - Pictorial trixile to PATRICK NAGEL SOF 143 - Deal slideshow d hand drawn pic's SOF 148 - FANTASY type pictures, d a lady bong rescued?
SOF 147 - FANTASY pictures, tiesc are the BEST you t see!
SOF 149- TIE ADVENTURE CON THU S sMeshav d the SpaceShutte SOF B2 - BRASSART pictures arranged n a sideshow SOF83 - BRASSART pichxes as above SOF 197 - BARBARIAN ladies, tahdously dawn SOF385 - JOE SideshowZ over 20 pictures and great line SOF484 - TAG Sideshow wit) tamtar heme FF196 - tie absolute BEST scanned pic’s you'i ever see!
LANGUAGES FF38t - PDC putUdy distrtxitabte C complete FF347 - CURSOR 3pass AmgaBASIC compter FF340 - NORTHC, C environment based on SctmbonC FF339 - PCQ sell comping PASCAL compter FF337 - CMANUAL. Complete C manual & 70 souce examples FF3I4 - A68K. Assembler ZC. C corrptcr FF247 - ASSEMTOOLS 140 routines tor asemdey programmers FFI40 - SloneyBrook PROLOG - needs both disks belowl FEW - Osk two d above SOF B4 - MOOU A2 compter complete wilh dooxnentahon SOI 549 - ARP 13. Complete with doaxnentattdi APDC25 - FORTH MOOD A2. LISP & LOGO SOUNDTRACKER SOF458 - New 8 Track Somdtracker SOF 4 4 -
NOISE TRACKER vtli plus documenlatkr SOF262 - SOUNDTRACKER vers 123 & 4 plus hsiuctons & 40 songs pkis MEGATRAX (Pdisks. Q SOF384 - (3dsks - £6) ST-02 to ST-04 nstrumere SOF433 - Complete SOUNDTRACKER set ST-01 hi ST -08 (Brisks £16 SOF434 - Alternative ST-00 disk contains GMC noise vt Doc v24 etc etc UTILITIES - TEXT HANDLERS FF389 - TEXTFLUS word processor FF32B - ANALYTtCALC tor rxxnencal analysis.
Nctxles spreadsheet elc SOF800 - Idsk sel d CLP ART various (£6 FF3L5 - AMKiAFOK text processor graphc lactitrs FF228 - JAZZBENCH mdi-tiskrtg workhendi FF2I0 - CALC, scienilic piogrammer calculator Loaded witi ieahres APDC23 - Ward processor. 2 spal checkers. 4 daBbases SOF6 - CLP ART DISK lor pagesetter SOF L7 - Ray Tracxig Ccnstruchon Sel SOF2I - CL P ART DSKS tor Pagesetter PAN48 - WOREWRIGHT word processor SOF 123 - MCAO arriga CAD program SCF126 - UEDT, marvpxJate yorx ties n contort SOF 169 - CosmopotBn FONTS lor Dpant SOF 170 - FANCY FONTS as above SOF 171 - PUBLISFPRS FONTS as above
SOF 172 - VARKXJS FONTS as above SOF 191 - APENDER v3 ray lace package SOF240 -CFtT SOLACE DSK. 26 unities on one dsk!
Plus we have 11 disks of UGA utilities, full of all those 'hard to get' utilities plus we have OVER 400 DISKS FULL a demo s the largest coiecion aromd PLUS we stock tie FULL RANGE d FREE FISH dsks • A FDC. Sipped Osk FAUG Tbag cdedions and are EXCLUSIVE dsttxjtors d tht lamous Lilted Graphic Artists cdteckon If you can’t see it here just RING AND ASK!
For use with the Devpac 2 assembler. The really good bit is a long discourse on optimizing 68000 assembly language - that is, making it as fast as possible. The author of this particular piece is Lawrence Vanhelsuwe and he really does seem to know his stuff on the subject. He also objects to the PCM running ludicrously irrelevent, sensationalist material.
KEFRENS METALLION UTILS AMIGANUTS 848 This disk of utilities was knocked up by Metallion of the Kefrens coding group. There are only five different programs, but each one has a good explanation with it. A clear case of quality rather than quantity, for a change.
The first utility is NewTopaz.
Topaz is the standard font on the Amiga, which means that the vast majority of serious software looks much the same. NewTopaz allows you to replace Topaz with the font of your choice, so that your serious software gets that personal touch and will work with the font of your choice.
There are two font designers on the disk, plus lots of preset .fonts to experiment and play with.
Powerfonts8 deals with 8X8 fonts. Powerfonts 16 manipulates the larger 16 X 16 type. They're simple to get to grips with, not fussy and with just a few fancy bits to make them look good.
Powerboot, by contrast, Is an ...then you push the joystick in the direction that you want to view from, and a fractal landscapa is drawn in a few seconds.
Icon-driven program to make up boot disks to taste. Start-up and comment messages are easily added, as is a start-up facility to get your programs running.
Completing the line-up is QuickRAM, which actually copies commonly-used DOS commands to RAM disk, which enables you to use the CLI without too much fuss on single drive machines.
PROPHECY FRACTAL SCAPE II CRAZY JOE'S 1078 An unusual program. Prophecy are a coding crew, which is the message you get from the coloured starscape intro, so in theory this should be a demo. It’s not. Though
- it's a fractal viewing program.
A fractal is speedily generated m a window at the top of the screen. You can zoom in on it or change the colours. Once you are happy with the fractal outline, you can view it as a landscape from one of four different directions by biting the joysbck and then simply pressing the firebutton.
Although it is a bit limited compared to other fractal generators, this one does have the advantage of being very fast. The mam interest is in Prophecy doing a more 'serious' program - is this a trend to come? Whafs next - SCA Wordprocessor? Scoopex Database? Time will tell.
TOP TEN UTILITIES Start Computer Systems TOP TEN DEMOS Start Computer Systems
1. North C
1. Budbrain Megademo
2. C Manual
2. Digi Concert VI
3. Sid VI.6 3, Enterprise Leaving Dock(l Meg)
4. Business Pack
5. Noistracker
5. All New Star Trek
7. Rendle Europa 6 8 Walker Damply
9. TV Graphix
10. Alcatraz Megademo 4 | SUPPLIERS The following companies all
contribute to the distribution of Amiga public domain
software in this country. For their full addresses check the
advertisements in Amiga Format or give them a ring on the
numbers listed here.
17-Bit: 0924 366982, A Bit on the Side PD: 0302 887332, Amiganuts: 0703 785680, Amiga PD Library: 0742 750623, AMOS PD: 0942 495261, Arakis PD: 20 Ashwood House, Victoria Road, Hendon, London NW4 2BD, Beat This Amiga PD: 5 Fullarton Drive, Troon, Ayrshire, Bed-Rock PD: 061 652 1366. Blitterchips: 0535 667469, Capricorn Computers: 021 7070381. Crazy Joe's: 0709 829286, CYB: 081 542 7662, Deeper Domain: 081 204 3954, Dominion PD: 54 Palmerston Rd, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. IG9 5LH, EMPDL: 0602 630071, EPROM Services: Freepost, Leeds LS27 8YA, George Thomson Services: 0770 82234, Hobbyte: 0727
56005, ICPUG: 081 346 0050, JTS PD 0937 83834, Lorenzo's Domain. 30 Colquhoun.
Helensborough, Scotland, G84 8AQ, Magnetic Media: 0827 59566, NBS: 0983 529594, New Image PD: 40 Appleby Gardens, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Newtons PD: 14 Beech Grove, Beverly Rd. Hull, HU5 1LY, Nova: 0295 262029. PAS Enterprises: 3 St Johns Walk, St. Ives, Cornwall, PD Essentials: 132 Wentworth Way, Sanderstead, Surrey, CR2 9ET, PD Rebels: 12 Cornfield Rd, Jump Farm, Devizes, Wiltshire, PD Soft: 0702 612259, Power Domain: 21 Sylvanus, Roman Wood, Bracknell, RG12 4XX, Premier PD: 15 Croxteth Rd, Rainford, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Premier S W: 0101 415 593 3207, Recoil: 0372 721939, Riverdene
PDL: 0734 452416 Sagittarian PD: 081 520 3858, Sector 16: 0865 774472, Senlac Software: 0424 753070, Seven Seas PD: 60 Canary Rd, Dungannon, County Tyrone, N Ireland, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Southern PD: 0273 517147, Start Computer Systems: 091 564 1400, Strathclyde PD: 23 Timmons Terrace, Chapel Hall, Airdrie, Scotland, Strictly PD: 11 York Place, Hotwells, Bristol BS1 5UT, Supervision: 0983 812867, Track: 0332 41817, Syncromatics: 12 Meadway, Haslemere, Surrey, G27 1NW, Unbeatable Prices: 051 924 0200, Valley PD: PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co, Durham SR8 1NZ Virus Free PD: 23 Elborough Rd,
Moredon, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2LS, WCA 0792 772745.
Ooooooo 1 • l Per disk BBSS*!
“5 JJ 1 L* 1 M001 ABERCROMBIES COSMIC EAR MUSIC DISK - Exclusive and Far Out!
* 0000000 Please add 35p P&P lo total oider value fiee library
list with first order No Membership fees U017 DRUM SAMPLES -
The best samples on the Amiga ¦ Exclusive U018 SAMPLES 1 ¦
Everything from Grannyburps to Gorgonzola - Exclusive U005 MED
V2.01 • Updated unbugged Midi support, make Grannyburp chords.
D021 BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO • Fun filled, includes constipation sketch! 2 disks M009 COMIC STRIP MUSIC • Lashings of ginger beer, come and get it. 1 meg only D031 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle Demo • for the kid's Christmas stockings D028 Red Devil Compilation 8 Technically rather good 1 meg only M017 Ipec Elite Disco Fever • Get down!
M012 Cesspit at the end of the rainbow music - exclusive and different o D035 EPIC GAME DEMO (1 meg reql • Brilliant Ocean demo, awesome graphics.
o Stud Ch.qu.. PO'. to: ECHO PD, 16 CHURCH ROAD, ALSAGER, S O T
ST7 2HI O OOOOOOO-r-r-t r f-r-*-*-r-t-*-f-r-r-000000 O I i I
i i 1 i i , I Strathclyde P.D. Public Domain From North Of Tho
Border Top 10 Demos 1 Budbram Megademo 2 disks) 2 DigitaJ
Concert 6 3 Enterprise leaving dock (1 meg) 4 Crtomcs Megademo
5 All new Star Trek (game) 6 D-Mob Music 6 7 Frax»on Horror 8
Walker demo 2 9 Sound o' Sdents 10 Alcatraz Megademo 4
P. D for 25p Yes for only 25p wo will copy a program onio your
disk from our list of 560 programs, monv from rK« Fred Fish
liorary Top 10 PD 1 Norm C C Compiler 2 C Manual (3 disks) 3
Sid VI.6 4 Pro Tracker 5 Noisetracker 6 Jazzbench 7 Pendle
Europa 6 8 Mossydos 9 TVGrapnix 10 Amoase New Low Prices:- 1-5
£1.30 6-10 £1.10 11+ 90p Top Ten £1.00 : Merry Christmas anti
a 1 : happy New Year lo all j ; oitr customers from ; j
Strathclyde P.D Catalogue Send SAE 19" x6", 33p) + 50p for
full list.
Disk catalogue £1 00 ? SAE Send cheques PO's payable to STRATHCLYDE PD 23 Timmons Terrace, Chapelhall, Airdrie, ML6 8UT RIVERDENE PDL 30a School Road, Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire RG3 5AN.
AMIGANUTS UNITED 169, DALE VALLEY ROAD, HOLLYBROOK, SOUTHAMPTON, SOI 6QX 0703 785680 - 10am to 6pm Mon-Fri WE ARE THE OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTORS OF THE FANTASTIC T.B.A.G. DISKS FROM U.S.A. THE VERY LATEST ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE FROM US FIRST 230: 284 287: 389: 394 481: 521: 576: 634: 639 El SO El SO £1 50 £1 50 £4 00 £1 SO £4 00 £2 00 £1 SO £5 00 £3 00 £2 00 £2 00 £5 00 £2 50 £2 00 £1 50 £2 00 £3 00 £2 50 £2 00 £2 50 £5 00 £1 SO £2 00 £1 SO 649 640: 680: 681 700: 706 707: 717: 727: 728 729 740 741: 755: 758: 760: 790: £3.00. £2 50 £1 50 £1 50 798 799 Music disk with over 44 different scores'
PICTURE PUZZLES Can you connect the adult pictures'5 OFFICIAL NASA space pictures PUGS IN SPACE Hilarious animation ALCATRAZ MEGADEMO III An excellent set (3 Disks) BREAKOUT construction game With game editor ALL NEW STAR TREK, AUTHORISED English Ins 2 Disks) EDUCATION packed with progs lor the children The Funny DONALD DUCK animation plus the WINDMILL anim C MANUAL by Andets Bjerm A three disk set, 200 pages of instructions on opening wmdows scteens gtaphics gadgets' sprites Loads of examples (FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CLI IS REQUIRED) BUDBRAIN TWO DISK MEGADEMO. (FOR ADULTS ONLY) 8 GAMES INC
TRAIN SET, A MUST for the kids WORD SQUARE SOLVER Solve magazine puzzle squares AMI FX ISSUE 1 3 DISKS (FRACTAIS)(1 MEG MIN) D COPY EXCELLENT copier program, with VERIFY and MORE 3 GAMES BY PH SOFTWARE The TURN, TRICKY, MARBLE SLIDE EIGHT COLOUR ICONS All ready for your use MUSIC DISK S3 tracks, 90 MINS' (For the collection) SLINTERS TALE II Rude, but funny (2 DiskvDrives) UTILS The Famous BOOT SHOP, BOOT KIT + others CREEPSHOW A very well presented horrot pics disk MED V2 13 A TOP quality version of this FANTASTIC music utility, a host of new additions, including synth sounds NcxthC V1 2 The
VERY LATEST from Steve Hawtm, this set is on TWO DISKS, packed with extra examples & advice on bugs SUPER C COMMANDS FROM TWILIGHT (FASTER C DIR PROGS) BOOTBENCH This one is packed with bootblock utils Letter writers disk, Set up and ready for your letters PROFESSIONAL SOUNDTRACKER V1 0 is here', just press HELP key, whilst running, foi full instructions, ALSO latest Ntracket V2 12, by Exolon And the FINAL version of DISKMASTER (V3), CLI TOOL ROB BAXTER'S AMIGADEUS (Mozart), classical music disk ROB BAXTER'S CLASSICAL MUSIC, (HANDEL & BACH) 805: The Fantastic WRATH OF THE DEMON Animation Demo
£1 00 812: STAR TREK U S Version GOOD'(1 MEG) (2 Drives) £4 00 813: A-GENE Geneaology (FAMILY TREE DATA) (1 MEG Min) £2 00 814: AEROTOON ANIMATION With Great Sound efx (1 MEG) £1 50 855: INNERSHIP An excellent new version of breakout £1 SO 861: GENOCIDE PICTURE SHOW (FOR ADULTS ONLY!) £2 00 864: MOD PROCESSOR Want to make executable picture music progs’ This will even work with MED music modules A MUST £2 50 865: The great Scoopex CHROMIUM demo ? Tout others (1 MEG) £1 00 868: The Fantastic MAYHEM game from INSIGNIA it's great! £2 SO 873: FRAXIONS latest slideshcw called FUTURE VISIONS £1 SO
THE LISTING BELOW IS FROM OUR UCENCEWARE PROGRAMS...... 705: AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL A very good database prog £2 SO 876: QUIZMASTER Think you know it all7 Well now you can PROVE it Each playet enters their name and is represented as a racing car, tfie first to answer all the questions, crosses the winners grid With save and re load facility (1-4 players) EXCELLENT £3 50 AMIGANUTS HAVE PESTERED US ABOUT THIS AND NOW IT'S HERE IF YOU ARE A CROSSWORD PUZZLE ENTHUSIAST, THIS IS A MUST' 877: I ACROSS 2 DOWN Crossword program A data disk is also supplied with EIGHT different crosswords for you to
play, new data disks will become available approx every Month (2 DISKS) £6.00 INTO CODING7 WANT TO LEARN7 THE AMIGA CODERS CLUB IS FOR YOU ACC 1 -4: The first compressed issues of a great disk for coders, even if you are new to computers, get this one, if you want to learn assembly, (devpac) 1 DISK INTRODUCTORY PRICE £1 50 ACC 5: PACKEDWITH SOURCE, HINTS TIPS FROM MANY OF THE WELL KNOWN CODERS THAT ARE ON THE AMIGA SCENE TODAY ACC 6, 7 and 8: Now available (ACC disks are £3 00 for each issue)
• FREE' When you order 10 or more programs from Ihe ABOVE list
you will receive an Amiganuts pen + Hypnosis 6 Demo disk - FREE
£1 00 READER SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE Whether you're new to Amiga
Format or have been reading us lor all 19 issues, your opinion
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Name ..... Sound sampling .
Address .. Video digitising... Video titling . a b Desktop publishing . a b Communications a b Assembler .. a b Accounts .... a b CAD a b Programming language a . b Music.
A a a Educational . a For the reviews of new products... For the tips on using the Amiga..... For the ads to look for good buys.
For the latest news .... For a good read .
12. How many issues of Amiga Format have you
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4. Which computer(s) do you own?
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5. What hardware do you (a) own or (b) intend to buy during 1991?
Second disk drive a b Harddisk ..... a b Joystick a b MIDI interface ...... a b Modem . a b Memory upgrade . a b Printer .. a Monitor . a Freezer cartridge a Sound sampler .... a Genlock a Video digitiser ..... a
6. What software do you (a) own or (b) Intend to buy during 1991?
Word Processor . a b Database .... a b Spreadsheet ...... a b Graphics ..... a b
7. Will you buy games in 1991?
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J. M, Jarre music 353 Dope Intromaker 281 Jazzbench 366 Metal
Hangover 295 Puggs in space (1 meg) 367 Nighlbreed Slideshow
308 Demo Mania 1 380 Digi Concert 6 318 Budbrain Megademo (2
Disk) 391 Telracopy 334 Popeye meets Ihe Beachboys 402 64er
(100 C64 tunes) VIRUS FREE PD Wc stock all the latest demo's,
music & utilities etc, as well as all the classics, at a great
PURCHASE 10 DISKS limited period only.
Free PD Catalogue Disk when you send blank disk & S.A.E. (or send £1.50) Prices: £2.00 per disk. Ask about our special packs.
Colin Byrne (AF1), 25 Kilbarron Drive, Coolock, Dublin 5.
Phone 483743 Disks cost £1.10 each.
H • 1 Supply own disk - 80p.
Ill We will get you any disk.
B B ¦ m 1111 please add 50p per disk.
All prices include p&p.
NOW AVAILABLE: CLIPART Vol. 1 3 DISKS ONLY £5.99 Catalogue Disk Available at £1.00 Send Postal Ordar or Cheques to: VIRUS FREE Pdio.pt AF) 23 ILB0R0UGH RD, M0RED0N, SWINDON, WILTS, SN1 5AR. ENGLAND TEL: 0793 512321
C. 32 Forgotten Realms G33 Nasa Pics G52 Juggetle Anim G54
Digiwheels G59 Space Bubbles G61 Sun 2 G62 Fillet The Fish M2
Clapping World M7 Digi Con 3 M14 Jarre Demo M23 Popeye U11
Sound Tracker U19 Jazzbench GM11 Pseude Cop GM13 Wellfrix Any
5 above only C4.50 Send stamped addressed envelope for list
to: Hill pd. 23 Oakfield, Newton Aycliffe, co. Durham. DL57AS.
DEMC'S 299 Kefrens Mesa Demo 300 Demons Mesa Demo
321. Kefrens Pyramids
348. Demons Slides 2 349 IKS Mesa Demo 354 Joes Slideshow 2 355
Link Mesa Demo 356 Chaos Mesa Demo 360 Pseudo-Ops Demo 389
Vision Mesa Demo 4 ADULT GAMES AVAILABLE OVER 18 s ONLY sent
FREE with orders over 5 Disks
* Minimum ordar of 3 Disks ’ ONLY £2.00 a Disk
* Overseas orders welcome But please send Euro cheque or Bankers
draft with order.
Add £3.00 towards P&P MUSIC
899. Groove in the Heart
558. The Power Remix 1 Mes
999. The London Beat 1 Mes
952. Kefrens Jukebox
938. Phantasm Music 3 920 100 C64 Tunes 907 PSA Music Disk 892
Reflections 2
878. Cave Music Disk 813 Pace Mus.c 2 GAMES
856. Xenon 3
853. Golden Fleece
850. Breakout Con Kit
849. Holy Grail
843. Metasalactic Llama’s
631. Hi Soft Basic Games UTILITIES 941 Art of Virus Killins
940. Atari to Amisa GFX
923. Printer Drivers 901 Viruscope
659. Essential Utils 1 679 Loadsa Music Utils
671. Rim Database 652 Med
643. Uedit 567 Noisetracker etc TOP FIVE MOVERS
558. The Power Remix 659 Essential Utils 1
613. 202 Utilities
644. Dope Intro Maker
999. London Beat Mix SOUTHERN P.O. Amiga Public Domain Library
open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm This months special offer - Buy ony 10
PD disks ond get 2 PD disks free B-SOF1 r PUBLIC DOMAIN
by Dovid Ramsey Flash-No Brain No rain 2 disks IA242 A145
AI47 A1 43 A220 A070 IA078 A24 i 2 disks 2 disks 2 disks 2
disks 2 disks A211 A239 A023 A046 Al 12 Al 20 A223 A225 A209
Al 14 A139 Al 19 A095 A005 A168 A083 A098 A187 A200 A202
A197 Al 10 Al 85 A226 A203 Al 80 A024 A038 A039 Al 77 A160
A218 A043 A075 A073 Al 13 Al 17 A191 A108 A107 A009 I A013
A012 A011 A207 Al 90 D-Copy (Disk Copier) Cool Cougar"•
Please moke cheque Postal orders payable to SOUTHERN
COMPUTERS Post all orders to: 3! Hanson Rd, Newhaven, East
Sussex, 6N9 9EQ Tel: 0273 517147 Send SAE 8x4 lor a free
SAE FOR FULL DESCRIPTION (STATE AMIGA OR ST) Crusaders Collection (8 demos] Newtrons Music Box Science 451 Megodemo Digital Concert 2 Digital Concert 3 Digital Concert 4 Digital Concert 5 Digitol Concert 6 Cave Party Demo Debbie Gibson E Youth (2 disk) Dorkstar Utility Disk 2 Darkstar Utility Disk 3 Mega Utility Disk (209 utils) Shadow of the Beasl Demo Belly Boo (Music Disk) Emerald Mine 3 (Game] Eatmine (Boulderdash Game) Predators Megademo (2 disks) Kefrens Megademo 8 (2 disks) Alcatraz Megademo 4 |2 disks) Trilogy Megademo (2 disks) Drip " (Good Gomel D-Mob Mego Music Disk 3 Flash-Hil The
Road Treacle Megademo Star Trek: Game 3 RAF Megademo Budbrain Megademo * Scoopex Somx Beosl Music The Wall (Pink Floyd) Porky Pig Demo Vongelis Demo" * Bod (M Jackson) Madonna Sponky Fraxion Horror* Wolt Disney Pictures" * Defjom Rea Sector Demo P-Copy (Disk Copter)
- - I---- .
T I 0 - Turtlemania Kilie Demo (2 disks) Puggs in Space Flexlbase (Database) Space Ace Demo Speedbench Pseudo-Cop Game Safe Sex Demo Cool Fridge Demo A-Copy (Disk Copier) Amiga Charts 5 Armoda Demo Disk All prices are per disk some demos are 2 or more disk sets Blonk 3 5" disks 1 to 9 60p each 10 to 49 50p each 50 or more 4Bp eoch oil prices above include labels Disks marked ' ¦ 18yrs only "" e 1 meg only H0A1 A three dish collection includes Word Processor. Spreadsheet Database. Spell Checker and other utilities useful for senous work £5 00 for the suite H0A9 HOME BANKING a home finance
package, and HomeHelp. A shopping list creator and advisor H0A10 SCALC good workhorse of a spreadsheet H0A11 RIM a superbly capable relational database FF314 A68K. A 68000 assembler K & R *C*.
A C compiler FF315 AMIGAFOX text processor with graphics capabilities CLA1 & 2 TWO DISKS Of dip art tor insertion in DTP etc £4 00 pack BGA2 BACKGAMMON. YAHTZEE.
And card patience games GGA25 PAC MAN This is excellent Boner than the original GGA8 BLIZZARD excellent shoot-em- up Good as £25 games GGA10 11 STAR TREK. Oh this is beautiful superb game Two disks Needs t meg £4 00 GGA30 Lovely version of the Boulderdash Arcade Classic FF336 CAR. Superb scrolling car racing game, similar to Super Sprint, but bener ATA3 DELUXE DRAW. Ovely paint program SPRITE MASTER very good EDA PACK1 EDUCATION PACK of 5 disks covers Evolution. Worid Geography Languages Metric Conversion.
Elements Weather Forecasting £8 00 pack EDA PACK 2 LEARN & PLAY. Two disk pack, covers simple maths, painting programs. Word puzzlos etc £4 00 pack ADA1 THE GOLDEN FLEECE amazing text adventure. This is brand new and very deep Superb FF254 SLOT CARS one and two player arcade action UEDIT. The standard best text editor processor UTA1 ICONS for you to use mdudtng NAUGHTY ICONS UTA3 DEMO CREATOR creat your own auto loading demo's UTA4 SID the versatibte WorkBench replacement UTA5 The best ol the PD COPIERS but needs two drives UTA18 TUTORIAL DISK tor CLI users Learn all about it UTA20 QUICKCOPY
auto loading disk copier UTA25 VIRUS X the latest and best virus killer PC A3 These are really beautiful pictures, by Bons Vallengo DMA4 REAL THINGS Birds, lovely animated pictures of birds in flight DMA 14 15 TWO DISK DEMO the very best Deathstar mega demo Runs fine on 500 £4 00 DMA21 THE PROBE lovely demonstration of Amiga's abilities The big hits of the big stars, from Kylie Minogue and Madonna to Status Quo and Beethoven, are about to hit the Amiga. The Hands On series is a range of professionally-arranged sequences - in other words, whole compositions - licensed officially from the
relevant record companies and including full lyric sheets.
They come in both Music X and MIDI file formats and 40-plus songs are available now with more in preparation. Prices per disk are £19.95 and each disk will contain either four chart hits or two classical pieces.
Songs so far announced include Madonna’s Hanky Panky, Black Box's Ride on Time, Bad and Thriller from Michael Jackson and Dire Straits' Walk ol Lite.
Island Digital have been appointed as the sole retail outlet for the Hands On series for the Amiga.
They are configured to run with Roland D-110 and MT-32 modules and hence the CPM 32. 32L and CPM 64 computer modules It goes without saying that you can run them with any sound module, though.
You'll iust need to fiddle about with voices, channels and drum note numbers to get them to sound right: your consolation is that the notes themselves are perfect. Roland have chosen to bundle the series in with their computer music packages aimed at Amiga users.
The concept of buying tunes on MIDI file has gained great popularity both on the continent and in America.
Hands On, based in Hampshire and run by experienced arranger Dave Clackett, is one of only a few UK specialists in the field, using professional arrangers for the task. The first selection of tunes is available now.
Island Digital w 0705 464704 Big Stars Hit the Amiga Chart hits are to be transferred to Amiga disk for you to use with your own Music X or MIDI set-up.
The blg-name acts whose tunes will hit the Amiga shortly after they reach the charts include: Neil Diamond, Billy Ocean, Kylie Minogue, Jackie Wilson. Lionel Ritchie, Status Quo, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Roy Orbison, The Communards, Billy Joel, Wings, Bros and that goddess of the popular music scene, Madonna Ciccone.
Every once in a while I talk to American software houses, usually to find out what is going to become available - we like to get the news before It happens. In nearly all cases the software released in the Stales Is identical to the stuff I load into my Amiga. So how come the big price differential?
For example. Bars and Pipes costs $ 299 in the States which converts (at the going rate of $ 1.95 to the pound) to £153 and The Blue Riband Bakery Co. (the software house) reliably informed me lhat it is usually available on discount for S200 or less (which works out at £102). The asking price over here is £219.95. Even allowing for good old VAT there is still a significant difference in the amount one has to dish out: 15% VAT brings the price to about £175 leaving an unexplained £40 or more lhat we have to fork out. This amounts to a 20% hike at full recommended price and, anyway, the
retailer claims the VAT back.
Shipping costs are minimal on this size of goods and there is no Import duty payable on programs - termed as recorded data by HM Customs and Excise.
OK. There may be some justification In the cost of setting up after-sales service and helplines, but a piece of software would have to be pretty dire to need £40 per copy spent SMALLER MARKET?
Other software imported from the States works out pretty much the same with 20% being the least difference and in one instance a massive 50% was added to the price. The clinching fact in this argument comes with a piece of European software that sells in the UK for £495 while Its USA price works out to £385. Some common market policy!
There is the argument that the UK otters a smaller market and therefore unit costs may well be higher as less are going to be sold.
Fact 1. A quarter ot the worlds two million A500s happen to live in Britain thus providing the most ideal compact market of any country bar none. Fact 2. Music X sold more copies in the UK than in its home country - the United States, naturally. This was the exception to the rule of price differential as the price ot £145 In the UK is actually considerably cheaper than the US price of $ 299, even allowing for fluctuating exchange rates.
Me? I'm currently doing some serious sums with stand-by tickets to Boston central to the calculations. And yes, I do know that the States runs on 110 volts. Pass me that copy of Which Transformer?... FAST SERVICE ULTIMATE PD DEMOS D001 Walker 1 (1 meg) D002 Walker 2(1 meg) D003 Walker 3(1 meg) D004 Education of Cool Cougar (1 meg) D008 Donald Duck Animation D012 Rebels Megademo D014 Space Ace Demo DO 15 Ugly Mug goes for a spin D017 Ghost Pool am (1 meg) DO 19 Avenger Mega Demo D023 Stealthy 2 am (1 meg) D028 Budbrain Megademo (2 disks) D047 RAF Megademo (2 disks) D045 Arse Wipe Advert (XXX)
D048 End of Century Megademo 2 D059 Red Sector Megademo (2 disks) D062 Red Sector Cebit 90 D077 Good Morning Vietnam D078 Kefrens Demo D082 Monty Python "Nudge Nudge' (2 disks) ONLY 99p EACH MUSIC Lorenzo's Domain Amiga P.D. & Shareware OUT NOW NEW MEGA MAGAZINE CATALOGUE DISK Free with every order or 75p without order M011 Dmob Music 2 M012 Dmob Music 4 (2 disks) M013 Enemies Music 3 MO 18 1 Pec Elite Disco Fever M022 Amiga Chart Mix 3 M026 Amiga Chart Mix 5 M029 Dmob Music 3 M031 Popeye Meets the Beach Boys M033 Derek & Clive Live (2 disks) M034 A. nie Total Remix (2 disks) M035 Digital
Concert 2 M036 Digital Concert 3 M037 Digital Concert 4 M038 Digital Concert 5 M039 Digital Concert 6 M040 RAF Mega Mix 1 M055 Get Up UTILITIES U001 Studio Rippers U002 Uedit UO12 Mega Utils Disk U014 Flexi Base U017 Boot Writer U018 North C PD TITLES 135 Digital Concen by Flash Productions Their latest mix 138 Sound of Siients A collection of great songs from the Siients 141 Dmob Music 3 Definitely their best mix so far 145 The Kefrens Jukebox 8 excellent songs with Jukebox loader 158 The Crusaders music disk Oct 90 Some well wicked new songs 160 Ghdeascope 4 by Cryptic The ‘atest excellent
Ghdeascope disk 222 Budbram Megademo (X) (2 disks i One ot the best this year 247 Cnomcs Nevenwhere 1 megi This one deserves to be called MEGA 248 Cnomcs Megademo Onfy 3 pans but an are outstanding 250 Brainstorm Megademo (2 disks) 254 No Brain No Pan 2 disks) Cool Megademc from Flash Productions 255 The Motoia Halloween Conference Demos 4 wicked demo winners 256 Compussyiabon 100 Collection of cool demos from Pussy 257 Turtle Power Demo 321 Tne Ripped Picture Snow Selection of familiar screenshots 322 Agatron Slideshow 8 Reflections Ray Traced Slideshow Bnlliant 323 Future Visions Slideshow
by Fraxion More great fantasy artwork 324 The Star Trek Slidesnow By Heliraiser Digitised Trek photos 432 Donald Duck Animation (1 megi Fantastic Disney Reproduction 435 Dragons Lair 2. Time Warp Bnlliant demo for new game AMIGA GAMES Indianapolis 500 .... £19 99 Ihe Spy Who Loved Me £ 19 99 Cadaver £19 99 James Pond £19 99 Badlands £15 99 Rick Dangerous 2 £19 99 Powermonger £24 99 Populous £1999 Corporation £19 99 Kick Oil 2 £19 99 Shadow ol Ihe Beast 2 £27 95 . Wings £23 99 Midnight Resistance £19 99 Shadow Warriors £ 19 99 F-29 Relakalor £19 99 Lost Patrol ...£19 99
Days ol Thunder Operation Stealth Turrican C1999 £1999 £1599 Battle of Britain £23 99 AMOS £39 99 Midwinter £23 99 Shadow of the Beast £27 95 BSS Jane Seymour £19 99 Baftiemaster £23 99 Impenum £15 99 The Immortal .... £1999 Back to the Future 2 £19 99 Gremims 2 £19 99 Heroes £24 99 A500 1 2 Meg upgrades £34 95 A500 t 2 Meg upgrades with clock £39 95 A500 1 i 2 Meg upgrade £129 95 External Disk Drives £79 95 Replacement PSU £45 95 Stereo Sound Systems £35 95 Datalmk (Null Modem) Cables £5 95 ONE PD DISK FREE WITH EVERY 10 ORDERED Please add 50p P&P to total AMIGA ONLY Free Catalogue with
every order: Hundreds of disks in stock, please make all cheques payable to
P. A Cannon. Send all orders to: Ultimate PD, 44 Festiniog Road,
Gabalfa, Cardiff CF4 2QS
E. M.P.D.L Amiga ST P.D. Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm
E. M.P.D.L. STARTER PACK. A 3 disk collection ot the most useful
utilities inc. Database. Word Processors. Spreadsheet.
Spelling Checker etc. STAR TREK. The 2 disk game reviewed by
Amiga Format.
FISH GAMES. A 5 disk collection of the latest games from Fred Fish.
TBAG GAMES. 1 disk with eight ot the best games from the latest TBAG disks THE GOLDEN FLEECE Excellent text adventure.
THE HOLY GRAIL. Another excellent text adventure.
T. V. GRAPHICS. A 2 disk set ot backgrounds and fonts for video
VIDEO APPLICATIONS. A 2 disk set ot video utilities to accompany T.V. Graphics.
GRAPHICS MANAGEMENT. 2 disk set of graphics utilities.
ZC. A *C‘ compiler based on the ST Sozobon C compiler. Fully functional complete with linker, assembler etc. "C" MANUAL. 3 disks. Complete C manual. Over 200 pages plus 70 examples mobed. Moveable sprites editor DEVILS KEY. A 3 disk megademo to end all demos. The very best.
BLACK BOX. Ride on time demo POPEYE MEETS THE BEACHBOYS. Brilliant demo AMIGA EDUCATION SET. A 5 disk collection of Educational programs Including Evolution. World Geography. Languages. Metric Conversion.
Weather Forecast etc KYLIE MINOGUE. 2 disk demo VANGELIS. I Meg Demo MICHAEL JACKSON. Bad demo MICHAEL JACKSON Smooth Criminal Demo LEARN AND PLAY. 2 disk set ot programs for the children. Includes: Simple maths. Word Puzzles, a simple painting program etc. CLIP-ART. A new 3 disk collection o' excellent clip art in IFF. Format.
FLEXI-BASE. The most useable database tor the Amiga.
UTILITY DISK SET. 10 disk set of the most useful utilities. Over 200 most having full documentation.
Ail our disks are virus free and despatched by first class post on day ot receipt at the inclusive pnce of £2.50 per disk.
Send now tor disk catalogue giving details ot over 1600 disks. Only £1.00 refundable on tirst order, stating clearly the make ot computer.
Cheques & P.O.'s payable to: p
0602 630071 No membership. FREE catalogue with every order. When you choose trom Lorenzo's Domain you can be sure ot getting the best VIRUS FREE P D around We aim to have your order back in the post within 2 hours Delivery on PD disks 5Op on total order. Delivery on other items £1.50 on total order Send your order with a cheque or PO to: LORENZO'S DOMAIN 30 COLQUHOUN SQUARE, HELENSBURGH, G84 8AQ Senator PD The only PD Library to use SONY disks exclusively, do you settle for less1'.’ All disks only £1.99 including first class postage.
AMOS v1.21 update, includes RAMOS v 1.21 the PI) AMOS programming package!!
AMOS Demo: Arc Angel 3. Superb illustration of the capabilities of AMOS. (Oocr. I FLASCHBIER II Werner continues his frantic antics, now edit the levels yourself CAR A2-D. Full screen, scrolling racing game with lour channel sound!! (Knarr. Fnam MED v2.13: Music Editor with MIDI input facility. Comes with extensive documentation.
VIRUS X v-4.01: Latest version of the best known Virus Killer, runs w ith A 590s!!
1991 Disk Catalogue available at only 99p. A snip indeed.
January Sale Offer: Cortex 1 2 meg expansion disable sw itch low power without clock onlv 132 95 inc. VAT ? 50p p&p.
With clock £36.95 inc. VAT + 50p p&p.
BLANK SONY DISKS 10 lor £X.99!! Mcl postage (PIN numbered, guaranteed 100'v error free, with labels, snurk. Snurk....) Whisper, whisper Happy Sew Year!!!!
Cheques Pos payable to : Senator PD. 73 Ilford Avenue.
Cramlington. Northumberland. NK23 9I.E. SWD Prices 1-5 £1.00 6-20 ..£0.90 21 + ...£0.80 BLANK DISKS 40p EACH INC LABELS SIX OF THE BEST YELP-PAINT GAME FRAXION HORROR JOE SLIDE SHOW 2 VISION MEGA DEMO 4 MILLER LIGHT TV AD FLASH DIGI CONCERT 5 Full list with order or write. Send cheques Pos to: SWD PD 27 Axwell Terrace, Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 3JS Sadly none of the patterns or, indeed, instruments created can be named, except when you load and save them as disk files, and the name doesn't appear anywhere on the screen. I found myself sketching a song
on paper so that the patterns came in at the right point.
Making Waves Two other screens complete Mugicians' facets, namely Waveform and Sample editing. The Waveform creation is possible the most detailed and flexible I have come across with a choice of 32 waveforms to choose from. These can be manipulated with ugician is a self-contained Paula-playmg sequencer that is also capable of manipulating and creating its own waveforms. In other words, you can create tunes and play them back using just your Amiga and you can create sounds for your tunes to use.
It's new, it's cheap and it can make music using just the sound capabilities of your Amiga. But does it really do anything that's new? JON BATES finds out.
Mugici an Soundchip Tune Creator ¦ £29.99 ¦ Thalamus 0734 81 726 M It follows on the lines of Soundtracker in that you have a series of patterns that are then ordered into a song by a master song sequencer. One of its distinct features is that you can play the notes in directly from the Qwerty keyboard into each pattern.
On booting up you get the main song sequencer which plays a suitably virtuosic demo tune. More are available but, sadly, when asked to load them, the whole thing locked up
- the only time the software failed on test, incidentally.
A La Carte Mugician doesn't have menus: you jump from screen to screen by icons and your first port of call should be the pattern editor. The pattern editor can hold up to 64 steps, each step being the same length, and they are arranged in a table with editing, speed and instrument controls arranged around it.
To get the correct rhythm you leave gaps. You pick the instrument number you want, then hit edit and play simultaneously. You are now able to play the phrase and hopefully the program will record it perfectly.
One or two problems here.
Although there is a quantize option that rounds up what you play to the nearest number of steps (full marks, guys!) There is no metronome or beat indicator. Your first pattern will come out sounding slightly strange.
To alter the speed you either have to return to the main song page or insert a speed command at the top of the pattern. The manual doesn’t make this very clear although it points out that neither quantize or speed values concur with usual music values.
Hearing Voices The good points are that you can play many different voices from within one pattern very easily. Each note can also have an effect applied to it and the choice of effects you have is both wide and useful.
Effects like pitchbend, note wander (bending up to the next note), altering the speed or picking one of the seven arpeggios all go to simplify the task of getting more from the notes, since each effect can be chosen for any note. You can also specify the length of the pattern and hence its loop point.
Some smart routines that affect the length of the waveform, the volume and rate of volume of the wave form, pitch, fine tune and pitch envelope.
Not only that but you can superimpose them onto sound samples, use them to alter sound samples and add special effects, all 15 of them, that mix and blend different waveforms or samples. If this is not enough you can also draw your own waveforms and spend ages creating the most outrageous sounds.
The sample editor has a wealth of controls for sound manipulation with all the usual looping, cut and paste, pitch shift, filtering and reverse that are standard for this sort of facility.
MIDI Connection Mugician accepts MIDI note commands inwards and can play up to four separate samples on different MIDI channels. You can only play one note on each channel and, as you might expect, it doesn't recognise pitchbend or velocity commands.
Thoughtfully, though, you can change the sounds by using commands which will turn your Amiga into a tone module. You could run this from any MIDI keyboard and indeed any MIDI instrument with a built-in sequencer, Although it has its peculiarities, Mugician is certainly excellent value for money and is a very powerful music programmer that should be part of any programmer’s armoury: the serious programmer’s secret weapon, but not for the newcomer to music and the Amiga. As it stands it gives a great set of musical tools to the expert for a very moderate price.
S deleting tracks was not a default.
However you can set these up for later use as part of an 'environment' which also includes track names for specific channels, time display (SMPTE or bars). MIDI metronome, count-m and sync options.
K?2 aar i «* wa All numerical values are altering by clicking on the appropriate window and moving the mouse backwards or forwards: quite a quick way to do it unless you need to change a value from 0 to 127 in which case you use the mouse like a toy friction car!
Humanise or capture. In a similar fashion the velocity of any track can be scaled up or down or fixed.
Bulding Sonds and Editing Harmom is not just restricted to 24 tracks. There are three more screens each with 24 tracks. These are labelled A B C D and are flipped over from the main screen. Each new page needs a separate file on disk but it should be noticed that you cannot run the pages concurrently, only one after another.
Is she wearing hairspray? Is the market ready for another MIDI sequencer, even a very cheap one? These questions and more are answered by JON BATES.
Harmoni MIDI Sequencei ¦ £49.99 ¦ The Disc Company ¦ 010 331 4910 9995 n a copious and well-planned manual you find that Harmoni can perform many functions: regional and global editing, track looping. MIDI filtering, track sliding to create delay effects, quantize options, event editing, punch in and out, merge and de-merge plus neat effects like arpeggiate and note reversal. Everything runs from the one mam screen which uses overlays for different functions.
I Oddly enough, when I booted it up it didn't default to some features: the count-m didn't work because it hadn’t set itself up and the safety net function which brings up query boxes before committing major acts like TOP: Main screen: The sequencer with some of the 24 tracks filled. Controls for most common operations are situated to the far right and below' BELOW: Song screen: Here’s where you list and chain together the 4 sequencer pages in up to 72 steps' BOTTOM: Event screen: The event editor only uses a numeric stream.
Although every short cut is there to help you, it is still a slow way of doing it.
On the Track The 24 tracks show you what device instrument you are using, the channel it was recorded on, the counter number that it starts on stops on, the history and also transposition, plus a memo pad for each track to carry additional information.
Copying tracks is very easy, just click and point. You can mute or solo any track and most of the things that you would want to do quickly are either on a series of screen buttons situated on the right or on one of the drop-down menus. I liked the idea of a quick save option. Once you have set up the initial files you can clout this button any time which saves the latest version of your music without the need for a file window.
There is no record button as such. You hit Run and this will play back anything that isn't muted as well as letting you input notes. The new data goes into a storage buffer: you then highlight the track you want to store it on and hit 'Keep'. The MIDI channel is changed by the Thru box for each overdub and all is very easy to use. There is an undo function which will negate the last process.
Fun With Loops There are eight auto-locate positions
- four visible and four hidden under function keys - for lumping
around within any sequence and a loop feature, which is
rather limited as it can only loop a whole sequence globally
from the length of its longest track.
You can punch in and out of any track and replace sections by using the locators below the track listing.
Usefully, quantize is on this mam page but its cupboard is rather bare as it is restricted to note on, duration or both with no refinements like The four sequences are assembled in the 72-stage song mode and played in order of appearance in the list. It did seem, though, that you can only have four main sequences, which might be a bit limiting. The final order of sequences is saved as a Song file.
Editing is by data stream, not my favourite as it takes a lot of time to sort out details which are far better displayed graphically. To be fair, Harmoni tries to make editing as easy as possible with handy insert buttons.
You can quickly set up regions to copy, paste and insert or delete and any value can be zeroed rapidly.
Oddly enough, the event editor didn't appear to display channel pressure (aftertouch) although it will edit and insert this data. Its mam problem is that you can't play back the sequence whilst editing.
As to the effects, these are created m the mam track page and they are: arpeggio, which turns chords into note by note broken chords, note reversal and a note inverter which plays phrases in mirror image the other side of a pre-set fixed point. All good stuff on the creative side.
Conclusion Generally the program is good and, while not offering you the earth, is nevertheless successful and excellent value for money, with no competition in its price range. The strong points are ease of use. Helpful features not found on budget software and a good song chaining function. Its weaknesses are the lack of graphic editing and the rather basic quantize functions. If you want to know more, try the Paris phone number above between 1pm and 5pm and ask for the Technical Support department, who speak perfect English.
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87 416 Dept AMF. Glen Celyn House. Penyboni. Llandnndod
Commodore Show went down with a bang. As usual, the band of
intrepid willing beginners trooped along to Commodore's
technical support stand with their queries - and one of
the most common questions was "How do I get a printer to
work with my machine?"
Further investigation revealed the majority of people had managed the hard part (getting the printer attached to the Amiga) but were finding great difficulty getting a printer driver to match it. Most people knew what they needed to do, but could not cope with Commodore's InstallPrinter software.
Taking the First Steps Getting your printer to work can the trickiest problem of all. In the second part of a continuing series for serious beginners, MARK SMIDDY helps you out.
In answer to this question, this month's Coverdisk features a replacement for InstallPrinter which will copy a printer driver from any disk to any other disk and assumes you have a minimal system with one disk drive.
Ordinarily you would have to nip to the Coverdisk pages for this, but installing and using this simple program will make a useful exercise.
More experienced users may be interested to note that this program is actually an AmigaDOS script which can be examined and modified if necessary from the CLI.
• This issue's Coverdisk
• A copy of your Workbench disk InstallPrinter will replace the
original Commodore program supplied with Workbench, so you
should only work on a COPY of the Workbench disk supplied with
your machine. Details of how to do this are described in last
month's Amiga Format on Page 241 and also in the manuals
supplied with your Amiga. Never, for any reason, modify the
original disks.
The following instructions serve to demonstrate one way of copying a Workbench file between two disks - there are many others.
All machines 1: Open the "write protect" shutter on your Workbench disk 2: Close the “write protect” shutter on the Amiga Format Coverdisk 3: Boot (put it in the drive and switch on) your copy of the Workbench disk.
4: Open the Workbench disk by double-clicking its icon.
5: Open the drawer marked ‘Utilities’ by doubleclicking its icon.
6: Users with two or more drives, proceed to Step 9 7: Remove the Workbench disk from the internal drive (dirive dfO: that is).
THE NEW INSTALLPRINTER PROGRAM By special arrangement with Designer Mouseware and Bruce Smith Books, this has been reproduced from Mattering AmigaDOS Scripts, another vol* ume in the Mastering AmigaDOS series.
Although this script is normally distributed under the Charityware principal, Amiga Format readers are licenced to use it freely. You may give it away but new users are expected to make a contribution of at least C1 to any registered charity.
InstallPrlnter.info is C Commodore-Amiga Inc. 8: Insert Amiga Format Coverdisk 19 into the internal drive.
Users with two or more drives 9: Insert Amiga Format Coverdisk 19 into any external drive.
All machines 10: Open the Coverdisk by doubleclicking, as described at 2.
11: Open the drawer marked "Getting_Started", as described at 3.
12: Point the mouse pointer at the icon labelled InstallPrinter.
13: Press and hold the left-hand mouse button 14: Move the mouse and the icon moves with it. (This little procedure is called ‘dragging’.)
15: Drag (move) the InstallPrinter icon over the icon labelled InstallPrinter in the window marked ‘Utilities.’ 16: Users with two or more drives proceed to step 18.
Continued overleaf I PRINTER NOT WORKING? TRY THESE ANSWERS The printer it not switched on Switch the printer on. If this is the first time you have used the machine get it to do a self-test also. The way to do this varies from printer to printer but usually it involves holding down either “Form Feed (FFT or “Line Feed (LF)“ while switching on. Consult the manual and find the right way to do it before trying this.
Printer is not “on-line" Press the button marked “on-line" or switch on and off again.
The printer is not plugged into the computer Check all leads and cabling from the computer to the printer and the mains cable. If you have forgotten to plug the computer to printer cable in at one end SWITCH EVERYTHING OFF FIRST!
Wrong printer driver installed or no printer driver present Copy the correct printer driver for your machine to the Workbench disk and select it from Preferences. The easy way to do this is use the InstallPrinter program on the Coverdisk. The use of which is covered in more detail on this page.
The printer interface has not been selected from Preferences Run the ‘Preferences’ tool and select the appropriate type of printer interface to suit your machine. In most cases this will be parallel - which is default. If you have a serial printer you'll also need to set the baud rate and parity etc. The exact settings vary from machine to machine, so check with the printer's manual or your supplier.
The printer ribbon has become dislodged from the print head or is not fitted Ensure you have fitted the ribbon (or ink cartridge) correctly.
You are trying to print graphics on a daisy wheel or other text- only printer This can be done - but it’s VERY complex. At this stage do not attempt to print any graphics until you understand the machine. Better still, get a proper graphics printer.
You are trying to print colour graphics text on a mono printer Change the colour of the text - see the manual with your word processor. If you are using Notepad, you may be able to improve the situation by altering the Preferences settings.
Ribbon is badly worn or ink cartridge needs replacement Replace the ribbon or ink cartridge.
Printer is out of paper Insert some paper - it sounds obvious, but people forget!
Users with one drive 17: The Amiga will now prompt you with a message like this: "Insert volume Workbenchl.3 in any drive" and that is exactly what you should do.
All machines 18: The new InstallPrinter program will be copied from the Amiga Format Coverdisk to your duplicate Workbench. This completes the installation procedure for this program.
If you experience trouble The only problems you are likely to encounter with this relatively simple operation is a requester stating: "Volume Workbench 1.3 is write protected" or a message like “Error while opening InstallPrinter: 222”.
IQuadran.QuadJet Nec_Pinwriter 3 IpsonXOld 6 DeskJet 7 CaTCore.Colorkastrrt I KsfM?T0-lJl II D1 ab 1 ojMyan t age.D2S In the first case, this means you have forgotten to close the write protect notch on the Workbench disk!
If this happens, just remove the disk, slide the small black tab to the closed position and try again.
In the second instance, you have tried to copy InstallPrinter from the Workbench disk over the new program supplied with the magazine. The error message “222" is telling you the icon (program) cannot be deleted
- this was done deliberately to stop you accidentally overwriting
it! If this happens, start again from scratch and follow the
instructions carefully.
• Your copy of Workbench with the new InstallPrinter software The
description given here applies to the InstallPrinter software
you received free with this magazine and not the one supplied
by Commodore.
This software was written with beginners in mind, works on a much wider range of machine configurations and should be a lot easier to understand.
Before using this software, you should already have a printer attached to your machine and the printer’s manual to hand. It is possible the exact model of printer you have will not be supported - but it may be able to 'emulate' one of those that is.
This question pops up all the time. Printer drivers address a specific problem which is this: there is no standard, universally accepted language for controlling printers. This might seem strange, especially since the Centronics printer port (like the one on the back of your Amiga) has been so widely accepted. But the Centronics interface only addresses the electronic connection between the computer and the printer. Software control of the printer is a completely different ball game.
At the text-only level, this is reasonably straightforward. You send ASCII (which is just plain text data) and the printer prints it. However, what about all the special effects? Double height, double width, superscript, subscript, and so on? Add colour to that lot and you enter a nightmare world of complexity.
Enter printer drivers. These act as interpreters, allowing software to communicate with printers in a language they both understand. Therefore, in order to get the best from your printer - this applies to graphics especially - you must use the correct driver. Some finer points may still require special coding sequences but this is largely software-independent.
For instance, if you have one of the popular Star LC-10, Citizen 120D or Panasonic KX-P1081 series you will be able to use the EpsonX driver.
More of this in a minute. If you don't have a printer just yet, you can still run this program for the experience.
If you have got to this point after copying InstallPrinter, described above, your Workbench disk will still be m drive dfO: and the Utilities window will be open. If not, Insert your Workbench disk, open the Utilities drawer. Now double-click on the InstallPrinter icon. A window will open RIGHT: Figure 2: The InstallPrinter program will offer you a Printer list like this one.
RIGHT: Figure 3: InstallPrinter asks you if you want to run Preferences. Do so.
Hext month: A guided tour of Workbench Preferences The extras disk The hard disk Mark Smiddy is co-author of Mastering AmigaDOS 2.
Insert the disk narked "Workbench 1.3" in dfB: Then press return... Special thanks to Roger Fischlin for the Fenster grabber.
Run Preferences now’ Y!
EpsonXlCBHMPS-12511 HP_LaserJel CaioaJj-IlMA Inagetri terl.
Diablo 631 CBMJtflllW 26 Oildata 2931 27 Qane.LeT terPro_2l Select your printer and enter its i to fill the whole screen and with some text, as shown in Figure 1 above.
After announcing itself, InstallPrinter will continue by copying some AmigaDOS commands into RAM, so saving a considerable amount of disk swapping later on. You will then be JcalCorp.ColopMasterg. 9 vgivviv.vvivimaj nil.
Alphacon Alphapro.181 Ioshiba,P351S)r Diablo.Advantayr.D2S Okinatr.21 EpsonXlCBHMPS-12581 iff LaserJet I _______ 1 Okinate.ao 2 EpsonXlCBHMPS-12581 3 HP.LaserJet 4 Canon PJ-1888A 5 HP PaintJet 6 CalConp.ColorMaster 7 Toshiba_P351C 8 Brother HR-15XL 19 Xerox.4»28 20 Diablo.C-158 21 HP ThinkJet 22 Inasewiterll 23 Diab10.638 24 CBM.MP5188B » 26 26 Okidata 2931 27 0une.LefterPro.28 Select pour printer and enter its nunber: 12 Your selection was: EpsonX[CBH_HPS-12581 asked to insert the disk marked “Extras 1.3" in the internal drive, dfO:.
It’s at about this stage where InstallPrinter differs greatly from its Commodore counterpart. This program reads the disk currently inserted in drive 0, provided it contains some printer drivers. This is quite deliberate, and allows you to supply any convenient disk. Press the Return or Enter key when ready.
InstallPrinter will continue by copying the printer drivers into RAM - this can take a little while.
When the operation is complete, you will be presented with a list of printer drivers as shown in Figure 2.
On the original Extras 1.3 disk, there are 27 printer names in total. If you use a different disk, there may be more, or perhaps less. It’s important to pick the printer name which is closest to yours - and only the printer's manual can be of help here. This isn't a copout, just a fact of life.
If you have a 9-pin printer which is 100% Epson compatible, then the EpsonX[CBM_MPS-l 250] driver should suffice.
When you have picked the driver you want just enter the number alongside it. In these examples, if you wanted to use the HP_PamtJet driver, you would enter: 12 at the prompt.
Don’t forget to press the Return key.
InstallPrinter will then have a little think, echo your choice and ask you to insert the Workbench disk into Sir U-H The A-Z of Computer Terms Builds up in monthly parts to a complete glossary Part Two: D-N Daemon: Variant spelling of Demon. Crops up In AmlgaDOS 2 when referring to the now Preferences managers.
To other machines too.
Drag: Moving an icon or icons by selecting them and then moving the mouse without releasing the left button.
EXEC: The multi-tasking
• xecutivs. The part of Klckstart controlling all the low-level
resource and memory management and the tasks. See also:
Klckstart Extra HaK-brite: 64 colour screen mode simulated in
hardware. In this mode you have 32 colours plus anothor 32 of
excatly half the intensity.
FIFO: First In First Out. A pipeline butter - data is inserted at one end of the butter and read out from the other end In the same order. It the sequence 12345 written to a LIFO buffer, would be road back 54321. Sea also: LIFO, Pip File: Anything saved on a disk for later retrieval ¦ except directories. Files can be created by users or the system. The Workbench (system disk) contains many ot these files.
See also: Object Firmware: Software that is held in ROM. See also: ROM FORTH: A programming language devised to control radio telescopes.
FPU: Floating Point Unit. A very clever piece of hardware which can perform tricky floating point computations at incrodlblo speed. Rivalling the CPU in complexity, these little beastles can speed maths intensive programs by as much as 500 or 600 percent.
Fractal: Term used to describe a special mathematical formulae which seems to have an infinite number of possibilities. Benoit Mandlebrot, who first described the phenomenon also gives his name to the most commonly seen interpretation ol Fractals, the infamous Mandlebrot Set.
Frame Grabber: Something like a Genlock, only this one grabs “trames” from the video signal and stores them In memory for later processing and retrieval.
G or Gb: Like K this means Giga.
1Gb is about 1 million, million bytes or about 1,000,000, 000,000 bytes!
Gadget: An Intuition managed object. It could be a button, an icon or a sliding knob - Intuition doesn't mind. The title bar on most Intuition windows doubles a drag gadget.
Genlock: A special device for mixing a video signal, say from a video camera or recorder, with the screen display generated by the Amiga.
The video signal shows through the "black” parts pi the Amiga display. This is akin to blue screening on TV.
GUI: Graphical User Interlace.
Any operating system which uses graphics to help the user find their way around the disk operating system. The first (and still probably the best) is Finder on the Apple Macintosh.
Device name: The name given to any device.
The name ie arbitrary but MUST be followed by a colon
- DHO:, DFO:, JMO:, CON:, SPEAK: etc. Device: A hardware device
(such as a floppy disk) used by the Amiga, or a logical device'
driven by, or elmulafed in, software.
See also: Logical Device Directory: A group of objects stored on a disk OR the place on the disk where those objects are stored. If a disk was a filing cabinet, the directories are drawers in the cabinet. See also: Object Disk: Generic term for email electromagnetic devices used to store programs and Information.
Road from and written to by disk drives.
DOS: Device (or disk) Operating System. The part of a computer system which controls all the external hardware devices such as disk drives, printers and so on. See Device Double-click: The action of positioning the mouse pointer over an icon and pressing the left mouse button twice in quick succession.
Dpaint: Common contraction tor Deluxe Paint, Electronic Arts' standard-setting paint package beloved ol many Amiga artists.
So good It's been converted Clicking on the box marked "Save" will store your new printer settings.
This might sound like a complicated operation, but that’s because it has been described in detail and in a later part of this series we’ll look at printer drivers in more depth. You will only have to run InstallPrmter occasionally - when you get a new printer or need to change the driver.
Give yourself a few weeks and you'll be sailing around Workbench like ducks on a skating rink.
Thus endeth the second lesson.
Readers experiencing problems with the software described or content of this series should write to: Mark Smlddy C O Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL2 3DZ.
All questions must be as brief as possible. By special arrangement with Amiga Format the service is free, but you must enclose a stamped, addressed envelope. General queries on any other topics or articles should be sent to Workbench at the usual address.
Drive 0. Insert your boot disk, press Return, and the new driver will be copied to the disk. Next you will be asked if you want to run Preferences, as in Figure 3.
Answer Y and press Return. Shortly the Printer Preferences screen will appear and give you the choice of which printer to use, as seen in Figure 4 above.
At the top left of the display are fairly dreadful pictures of a printer and a telephone handset (it actually looks like a letter C, to me). Next to these are two large arrows and a list of three items. Unless you have already altered the printer, the word "Custom" will be highlighted in orange. Click on the up or down arrows until the name of your printer driver appears in the highlighted part.
When you’ve done that, click in the box marked OK. This will take you to a screen which looks something like the one in Figure 5.
IF YOU GET STUCK lEPFi Other example* are Windows, X-Windows and GEM. The Amiga'* GUI ia called Workbench. See also: Workbench Hacker: A computer expert - of late a term plagiarised by pirates who also consider themselves sxperts.
HAM: Hold and Modify.
Special screen mode used by the Amiga to display 4096 colours at once - yet using only a fraction of Ihe amount of memory required by normal methods.
Hardware: The electronics making up a computer system or part of It. So* also: Software, Firmware.
Hard disk drive or HDD.
Just like a floppy disk drive only MUCH bigger.
Amiga hard disk drives start with a standard storage capacity of 20Mb and rise to over 30OMb! Hard disks are like Porsche*; expansive, fragile and very last. See also: Device Icon: Small picture used as a memory aid in WIMP systems. See also: WIMP, OUI IFF: Interchange File Format. This was a coinvention ol Electronic Arts and Commodore Amiga Inc. It allows programs to exchange data vary easily and avoids tha situation on say, the PC, where dozens of graphics packages each save data in a different way. The IFF format covers graphics and animation, sound and music - even formatted text
has been adopted In IFF recently.
Intuition: The core of the Amiga's WIMP system. See also: WIMP K or Kb: Generic terms for Kilo adopted by the computer Industry.
IK • 1024 units, so 1Kb = 1024 bytas.
Kickstart: Tha Amiga's Operating System (OS).
Contained on a ROM, or on disk on AfOOOs and vary early A3000*.
Kickstart Is what makes the machine tick. It contains most of the software that make the Amiga work. See also: ROM, Firmware Library: A series of shared routines with a common goal. Libraries come in many flavours - the dos.library looks after the DOS routines, tha graphics.library oversees graphics and text printing, the icon.library manages the Workbench end the branch.library lends books. See also: Shared, ROM Licenceware: Shareware software distributed by licenced vendors. The software la subject to copyright, and the vendor charges an extra fee which Is passed directly fo Ihe authors.
LIFO: Last In First Out.
A stack buffer - each new Item of data la inserted on top of the existing data. When something tries to read from a LIFO H always receives the newest data. If the sequence 12349 written to a LIFO buffer, would be read back 1234S.
See also: FIFO Ust: EXEC term used to describe a series of Items all joined together In memory. Each item In the list is called a NODE. Most Amiga lists are doubly-linked structures where each child points to both its ancestor and Ha sibling. Lists are very Important in Amiga programming but not relevant to user level AmigaDOS. Sea also: EXEC Logical device: A hardware device simulated in software. See alto: Assignment Longword or Lunch: Four bytes or 32 bits. A standard unit of measurement of computer memory for 16 32 CPUs.
M or Mb or Megabyte: Used to measure memory or storage.
1Mb is approximately 1 million bytas.
Menu bar: List of menu titles accessed by pressing the right mouse button. See also: WIMP, Intuition Menu: List of items choices. See also: Menu Bar Micon: A moving or animated icon. Not very common on the Amiga - the beat example* are animated mouse point- era like Animouse and Sleepy. Kickstart 2 uses a frontiend mlcen to tell you It wants a disk.
Sea also: Icon MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A special interface devised to allow all sorts of synthesizers and other electronically controlled musical Instrumentation to talk to each other.
Also a language that allows them to do this.
Module II: A programming language and what Pascal should have been all along.
Modulator: Device used to connect the Amiga to a normal domestic television set.
Monitor: The display.
Mouse: Small odiferous rodent. Also small unit used to move the pointer In a WIMP system. See also: WIMP NTSC: National Television Standards Committee. Sometimes called Never The Same Colour. This is the television system used mainly in the US and other parts of the world.
Olves 200 or 400 lines per full screen. See also: PAL SECAM.
Nybble: half a byte or four bits. See Byte, Bit.
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Spielberg Adventure 6 56 Shining (The) Nicholson Spielberg
Horror 7 23 Janes Broun LIVE Mr.Broun and banlinothy 0 Music
Vid 8 2 RoboCop Menders Action 9 65 887 Tinothy Dal ton Bond
New Looking around the database is straightforward - you just
select an item from the menu. Particular information can be
‘blacked out to keep it secret: this is reversible.
LEFT: Intotlle may be easy to use, but there's very little to the sorting facilities.
Hot and Cold Where it gets nasty is when you start sorting and listing large amounts of data. Even with a few records Infofile is not a nippy program - it has to think about updating the screen. This is probably because of the user friendly interface.
The ability to store information about graphics and sound is great.
Imagine a name and address file The first of this month's two databases can handle your pictures and music as well as those dull words! PAT McDONALD stores his Van Goghs on floppy... Infofile Database £49.95 ¦ The Disc Company ¦ 01 0 33 I 491 0 9995 You may think that all databases are alike in appearance and usage. This is actually not at all correct and a narrow-minded point of view: although databases were designed to do the same job - to store, sort and print information records - they are in fact designed for different needs.
Infofile was programmed with the Amiga in mind and contains some special features. Not only can it store the standard names, addresses and telephone number type data (alphanumeric, which means text and numbers) but it can also store information on Amiga graphics and sound.
Data Input The program stores databases in memory. This means that although it will work on an unexpanded machine, large databases need extra memory.
The reason is that if all the information is stored in memory, loading and saving time is cut down and so it’s faster to use - in theory at any rate.
The worst part of using a database is entering all the data. This means long typing sessions and close scrutinisation to make sure you haven’t hi ‘ )0t the wrong keys.
Imagine the size of your video and record collections, and you’ll understand the scale of the problem.
This product is good at taking in data. It’s based around the WIMP system (menus and using the mouse, in other words) and so editing things like the amount of space available for each record is simply a matter of pointing with the mouse and clicking.
Where you can store pictures of the people, or a music file with pictures of the album covers and samples of the sound.
Infofile doesn't actually store that information in memory - graphics and sound take large chunks. Instead, graphics and sound disk filenames are stored, so that the program can get at that information when it needs to. Phone numbers can be tone dialled through the computer - you hold up the telephone to the loudspeaker and your Amiga plays the tone notes to dial the number. This last feature is a pure gimmick, but I’m sure technophiles will love it.
If you've got a hard disk, and want to sort out lots of graphics and sound files, then Infofile is excellent at the task. As a standard database it’s nothing new, but as an Amiga database it’s damnably useful.
VERDICT PURPOSE Memory based data ban for alphanumeric. Picture end sound data.
SPEED:_ AVERAGE Even with a small dalabase, Intotlle takes its time working things out.
A database Is a collection ot structured information.
An address book is an obvious comparison. They are split Into records - a record is a standard form for displaying information. Each record is split into a number of fields - for instance, in an address record, you’d have a name field, an address field, and a phone number field.
When looking through a database, all you see is a number of records and you can read the information on each. If you want to sort the information (for instance, to see all the people called Smith) then it's no problem: such sorted lists can be sent to a printer tor a mailing list.
Intotlle copes with this situation very well. It uses standard Amiga printer drivers (as set up with Preferences). Included on the disk are some examples of standard databases for specific purposes: an address database, a cheques application, a church roster, country club manager, expense report, inventory, book music video iibaries. An estate agency list, personnel file and so on All things considered, these examples provide the best way of showing how Infofile can be used by just about anybody. Databases are not the preserve of businessmen in suits - literally anybody can find a very
good use for them.
DOCUMENTATION: AVERAGE Good tutorials but too much wattle, not enough Information.
ACCESSIBILITY: POOP Using a mouse to sort out the makes It easy to use.
VALUE: GOOD Scores on ease of use and ability to use picture and sound files.
_POOP Average tor text storage, but you can store picture and sound data as well.
Arnor have built around one main product - the famous Protext, one of the fastest word processors money can buy. In a similar vein comes Prodata, which claims to be easy to pick up for people already familiar with Protext. In some ways this is true, but it’s really a different product.
Prodata is simply a disk-based database. This means that all of its data is stored in a file on a disk.
Although this generally slows down operations, because the computer has to continually read to and from the file, it does mean that very large databases can be created. Indeed RIGHT: The front end of Prodata is a little bleak, but it contains all the heavyweight features you’ll need.
PRODATA vl.18 c Arnor 1990 P5pen: « No File » Printer SIMPLE_Rees: I Catalogue files Display edit records Select all Invert selection filter records Print nenu Alter create database Utilities nenu Quit _ This months second database is a companion to the frill-free but excellent word processor Protext. PAT McDONALD sees if it is just as practical as its brother.
Prodata Meg Disk Based Database ¦ £79.95 ¦ Arnor ¦ 0733 68909 they can be as large as the disk they’re stored on - which in the case of machines with hard drives means 20 Meg or upwards of data!
PRODATA .1.11 Ic) Arnor 1111s [Author: Title: Pub Ijshfp: Tiction Non-f let ion A Brief History of line Bin tin Press Mundane The program doesn't use the Intuition standard ARP requesters: in layman’s terms, there are no menus running across the top of the screen that you select with the mouse.
Instead it has a simple front end menu, with submenus and requesters appearing as you progress. The difference is purely cosmetic, but if the Amiga is the only computer you’ve ever used it’s a bit strange.
Rra m. bob ijw Bilk 1.1 Mr.I [•»] Fir TTTTiT ABOVE: Because of the maximum and minimum sizes of records, only one record can usually be seen at a time.
You can use the mouse to control some parts of Prodata, but it’s really faster in most cases to use short-cuts from the keyboard. Moving around the text menus (there’s no graphics in sight) is much more accurate using the cursor keys.
Selecting the database you want to use is easy enough - editing and viewing it is similarly easy. But the real strength of the program lies in SPECIFICATION For those curious as to the actual performance figures, here's a rundown of exactly how much information Prodata can handle. Do bear in mind that the actual number of records (how big the database is in total) is limited by the capacity of the disk that the file is on. Also, if each field is 999 characters long and there are 300 fields per record, you're going to need quite a lot of memory, before you even think about a hard disk.
ITEM MAXIMUM Text field length 999 Fields per record 300 Indexes 10 Layouts 99 Filters 20 Variables 100 =1*101 Directory miAU-mCW*-CIK “ 4:18:16 it [Ml Last [Slel unsel [ESC] Quit. Opt- doing data processing - that is, sifting the records in the database.
Prodata can have up to 20 filters set by the user. A filter is a condition to select a record - assuming you have a library of books, for instance, you might want to print all the nonfiction titles by one particular author.
Tricky filter conditions have to be manually input, but Prodata can select simple filters without fuss.
The system also supports variables, which can be used to trigger search conditions. For instance, the program could look up all the items which were less than a certain condition, such as average temperatures for a database of countries.
Hands On The system does not support standard Amiga printer drivers. Instead it has a set of in-built preset printers - most dot matrix printers will handle the Epson configuration and daisywheels are happy on a Diablo setting.
Given that this is a heavy-duty database handler, the manual makes the minimum of each subject.
Although it’s approximately 200 pages long, each subject is tightly written about: it can take a while to get the gist of complex areas, but all the information is there.
It takes time to get to grips with Prodata. The three supplied example databases are all preset - when you want to design your own particular database, you have to start from scratch. Its not impossible to use.
But the learning curve is a litle steep.
I’m impressed with this product.
Some people say that the Amiga is just a games machine: here’s something that pushes that idea into myth.
Prodata is a professional tool that is ideal for sorting out large, complex databases. It can sort and sift, add and export data to other programs.
Using it for lots of small collections is daft, but for one or two really big problems it can cope supremely well.
VERDICT MIBB© !__ Disk based database Intended only tor alphanumeric data.
_BOOH M s poor with a floppy, that is. But very good with a hard disk.
DOCUMENTATION: EXCELLENT Ring-bound, comprehensive. Instructive and readable.
ACCESSIBILITY: AVERAGE You will have to Invest time and ettort to learn what it all does.
VAMIKt__________AVERAQE Not cheap but very powerful for large and complex jobs.
MATURES:_____EXCELLENT Stores, sorts and presents data very well Indeed. A highly professional tool.
COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON 674626 M AMIGA SPECIALISTS We have 100’s of software titles; many are now discounted, books and peripherals in stock at all times.
Up to £1,000 instant credit with Lombard Tricity. Finance subject to acceptance.
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Modems! Modems! Modems!
Modems for Amigas, Ataris & Pcs Technical advice a pleasure V22bis (2400 baud) Hayes compatibles from £99 Supply Solutions offer fop quality, guaranteed new and second-user modems from major manufacturers af realistic pnces.
All modems are fully tested pnor to despatch.
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MAIL ORDERS The Most AUTHENTIC MULTI-MANAGER Football Game Has Finally Arrived. After 2 Years Research & Development The Ultimate Game Is Ready And Waiting To Test Your Skills FEATURES INCLUDE - Multi-Manager Game for 1 to 4 Players Full UK and European Cup ilinary including FA. League. Zenith Data, Leyland Dat, European, Cup Winners and UEFA Cups All Cup matches are played to the precise rules eg 2 Leg Ties, Extra Time, Away Goal Rule, Seeded Draws, Penalties, etc Complete league line up with 201st division teams and 24 in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th End of season Play-offs with expulsions.
All team surnames are the real ones for all 92 clubs (CURRENT 89 90 SEASON) Historic Records are maintained for 6 seasons with the ability to call up all previous results against your next opponent.
A Lively Transfer Market to Buy and Sell Players with an end ot season deadline.
Player Loans. Free Transfers with Approach & Otters on players or trainees.
Managers can be sacked or offered jobs at better teams All screens are updated very quickly and displayed in a pleasant format, which is easy to use and comfortable to read High quality PRINTER lacilities also exist.
Complete Instructions, for the beginner, are provided in a 16 page booklet and would you believe it doesn't stop there1 We have included many other fine details which are just impossible to list in this space They include all the regular features you would expect like loading & saving your game, player injuries plus much, much more. The most genuine implementation of a Football Managers hectic season awaits you tor only £19.95. ( ST USER Review May 1990 Ratings (Out of 10) Playability 8, Value For Money 9 & Overall 8 Take Your Team To The Top And Win The Double.Or Are You Good Enough To Win
The Quadruple Crown. Never Yet Achieved By A League Team Manager Available for the Write ortelephone (ora FREE 20-page BROCHURE of our Educational & Leisure software Please state your computer type Kosmos Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed) DUNSTABLE, Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 05255 3942 or 5406 iii'lli'ilj ifl'lll illl'j1 mill* III lit III ‘hill' in ' | Send £19.95, Guaranteed Cheque Postal Order Credit Card Details to: | IT ESP Software.
32BSouthchurch Road.
Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 2ND, AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH Cleared Funds ONLY PLEASE ALLOW 10 DAYS TO CLEAR UNGUARANTEED CHEQUES NON-UK SURFACE DELIVERY PLEASE ADD Cl 00 AIRMAIL ADD £2.00 TELEPHONE ORDERS H (07021 600557 FAX (0702)613747 a UVUJJf Out Of hours Answer Phone from the Workbench. On a bare A500, it's a bit of a squeeze running from the Workbench, so it’s probably better to let it boot itself.
The memory-resident program comes on a single 3.5 inch disk in a thin plastic folder. The disk isn't copy protected so it’s possible to make a safety back-up, although the current legal situation makes this technically a crime without permission of the copyright holder.
Once you have input your starting point and destination, GB Route tells you how long it will take and how much it will cost in fuel and shows you which way to go on the map.
You can zoom in on the map for extra detail on the road junctions.
GB Route relies on the program's user friendliness and and has minimal documentation. Normally, I would complain about serious software with little or no documentation but in this instance, a heavy manual isn't really Find out how to get from A to B in Britain, how long it'll take and how much fuel you'll use. KEITH POMFRET gets told where to go by a clever computer.
GB Route
39. 95 ¦ Complex Computers 0706 22453 Map and Route Planner Until
now, the only way to plan your route with an Amiga was to
spend a couple of hundred quid on a PC emulator and use the
infamous Autoroute, or swap your Amiga for a road atlas.
Until, that is, GB Route arrived.
It is a route planner for the Amiga that has a comprehensive collection of A roads, arterial routes and motorways in it. You decide where to go from and to, what time to set off and the average speed of your vehicle.
You can also input the price you expect to pay for fuel, per mile.
GB Route calculates the quickest and shortest distances between the start and finish and displays these as a map on the screen, telling you how long it will take. You can zoom in and out of the map and highlight areas It’s also possible to change the level of detail on the map by removing roads and highlighting major towns.
Black Spots You can choose three stopping off places on the route. You could pick an interesting circular route for a drive by setting three stops that aren't in a line. A simple delivery route with only three drops is possible using this feature, too.
Avoiding known trouble spots is possible by comparing the route on the map with the lourney planned and putting in a stopping place that will cause the bad places to be avoided.
Even the most complicated route only takes a few seconds to appear, as the program loads into memory in its entirety. To plan a week's tour with stops and places to visit didn't prove difficult, although fiddly.
Machines and Manuals The minimum system requirement for GB route is a 512K Amiga. The software willl autoboot or can be run necessary. After autoboot it is totally intuitive. The display is uncluttered and easy to read and a couple of menus contain all the features in a simple 'pull-down and click' form.
Conclusion Serious software that’s desirable and fun to play with is rare. PC owners will attest that the route planning software they've had available for a couple of years is good fun to explore as well as practical and useful.
GB Route on the Amiga doen't claim to know every back alley on the planet and restricts itself to major roads. This isn't a weakness, but more of a strength in that it keeps you on the straight and wide rather than the straight and narrow.
For the price, I consider it to be amongst the best value of any serious program I’ve seen on any machine in the last couple of years.
J A368 A4
• Bzth
• J A37 A368 Churchill After you’ve compared the route on screen
with the planned journey and decided that it looks OK, you
can peruse the route in its tabulated form. This tells you
where to start and on which road.
Local delays and roadworks will always defeat the best-planned journey, but with a print-out of the chosen route at least you'll have more chance of getting it right than by the ’bit of string on a map' technique.
PURPOSE To calculate routes, limes and luel usage using ma|or roads.
IPIIDl_____POOP i OB Route runs from memory and calculates routes In a few seconds.
DOCUMENTATION! POOH Hardly any documentation, but so easy to use It doesn't need any.
ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT Even a fool or a madman could handle HI VALUE: EXCELLENT Worth raiding the holiday money for.
FEATURES: EXCELLENT Cheap, useful, fun. Innovative plus any other half dozen superlatives that you can think of. A good, solid package.
VERDICT £34.95 rras include VAT- Add 050 pcSip for guaranteed 3 day delivery UK mainland Add 08 nexi day.
• 'ren Gems-
- ass Of The 90's
- _-s Seeps_
- 049.00
- 1510.00 15500
129. 00 13500 18000 12 50 17 50 1280 1900
- 11800 1500 1111)0
- 1510.00 1500 1950 19 50 IT 50
- 11200 127 00 1800
11. 50
- 164.00
• shot 111 Turbo .ne 131-- eiah 125.
Enter__ a Spccdking ' Libels__ mine Kit____
506269 0831 279084. 7 days. 24 hours.
* ALL DISKS CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE * Power Drive 1 2 Meg
upgrade 1 2 Meg * clock 15 Meg upgrade Mouse Mat Mouse House
Mouse Bracket Pnnter Stand Monitor Stand Joystick Ext lead
Ztpsttck__ The Punter Let your computer WIN THE POOLS for you
with our latest software. We have used the same sums that the
TIPSTER proves can beat the odds to give you a better chance
with on any pools coupon. The AUSTRALIAN version Is Included on
the disk which also contains the LATEST ENGLISH leagues.
Tikz Dog The Tipster This HORSE RACING software was used to select the 100 1 NORTONS COIN outsider In this vears GOLD CUR Data for this program requires the RACING POST. An INTERNATIONAL version Is available for AMIGA & ATARI computers using the DAILY MIRROR for data on UK races.
This GREYHOUND RACING program is available on the AMIGA and ATARI ST. Using data from either the DAILY MIRROR or RACING POST, you can rate races over HURDLES and the FIAT. Very easy to use. This program will rale 5 races In under 1 2 ah hour.
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Inning ot coli strations, lw
r. ntpjit ffj
r. v, mirjj la fites rr rrrr 'c inr.Ir 'tftjgj
- p.r-saiJP
- 'raa rS.-nrr. err ' '-.r ’-Fr-rrrSprnfil- 7HsrrJ‘"srvs cr THE
AMIGA Usffi.
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Not to be confused with chea programs, Davidson’s MATI I’LL S' is designed bv teachers, vet superbly presented for maximum user appeal with the aid of high resolution graphics, animation and sound.
Iper learning I BLASTER For users with suitable emulators 12 more superb Davidson programs available for .
IBM PC and compatibles and other formats covering algebra, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, French, Spanish, and study organisation. Hotline telephone back-up service for all registered users.
Send your order (no stamp necessary) with cheque for ETU.US to ABLAC or telephone 0626 332233 now with vour VISA or ACCESS Credit Card details. FREE colour brochure also available on request. .30 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied Dnvidson. W MAKING GOOD fDLKA TION ENTERTAINING mm MATH BLASTER PLUS!
• Ages 6 lo 12.
• Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
fractions, decimals and percentages.
• s game-style learning activities.
• Editing facility to customise programs.
• I’nnted Certiticates of Excellence'.
• Scon- keeping and other features.
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Supremacy .. Turbo Esprit Tusker ..... Their Finest Hour Tie Break ... Turncan .. Time Machine .... Unreal ...... Vaxme ..... Vulcan ..... Wings (1 Meg) ... Wings of Fury ..... ...1990 ...13.90 .16 90 .1690 16 90 1690 Hard Drivm' 2 Creatures ..... 1690 1690 1390 1 00 BUDGET & SPECIAL OFFERS IjYV 1790 1690 Archipelagos 499 .1690 Artificial Dreams..... ......499 .890 Backlash 499 1990 ..16.90 .1690 Bad Company .. Crash
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5. 25 Ext. Drive 129.00 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125+.....
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Navigator ..... Cruiser ... Cruiser
Auto..... Jetfighter Cheetah Mach 1.
- Fun With Dinosaurs!
Create, & Survive like the dinosaurs in their own ecosystem.
Highly recommended . Ages 5+£29 95 EXCLUSIVE RANGE!
ESP Software has just released its own range of high quality Educational titles.
More details with catalogue.
PRAXIS LIMITED Craven House. 14 18 York Road r~,™ Wetherby. West Yorkshire | mM
L. S22 4SL Telephone: (0937) 580597 Fax: (0937) 66043 We Have
Over 70 Top Class Educational Programs For The Amiga & Atari
For Your Free Catalogue All Ages Covered From 3 To Adult.
* Flight of Fantasy - £359 00
* Screen Gems Pack (new) - £359.00
* Batman Pack - £359.00
* Special offers - holding at this price for one month only 1 Meg
pack as above + 1 2 Meg Clock £440 00 A500 + Mouse and
Modulator £349 00 Class of the 90 s £515 00 First Steps Pack
£535 00 Amiga B2000 CPU + Keyboard + Momtor£ 1299.00 Amiga
B2000 XT - Bndgeboard + 20 MBHD £1450 00 Amiga 3000 from please
phone £2300.00 AMIGA HARDWARE 1 2 Meg Ram no Clock- £33 00 1 2
Meg Ram with Clock £35 00 4 Meg UnpopulateO BoarO £99 00 CBM
1084S Colour Stereo Monitor £235 00 CBM 1900M Mono Monitor £99
00 Cumana 1 MB 3.5 Disk Drive £78 00 Amiga 3 5 Disk Drive
£69.95 CBM 1 MB Internal Replacement £139 95 CBM MDS 1230 9 Pm
180 CPS Printer £135 00 CBM MDS 1550 Colour Printer £219 00
Panasonic KPX 1124 Pm £269 00 We sell a comprehensive range of
hardware, software, peripherals, books and disks tor both
personal and business use. Please call for details.
How to order Either call our number with your credit oard details or send a cheque P.O. to our address.
Please make cheque payable to: PRAXIS LTD.
Prices subject to change without notice
Advantage .74.95 Arena Accounts .129.95
B Graphics 99 95 Gold Disk Office 139.95
Max plan Plus 99.95 Microfiche Filer Plus 109.95
Securities Analyst......49.95 Service Ind Accs 239.95 Superbase
Pro! 3 149.95 ¦¦!! ¦¦ Intro CAD ...39 95 Intro
CAD Plus ...... 79 95 UltraDesign ......219 95 X CAD
Designer 2' ....77.95
* CA_D- f-'0.1. Ca« 3D Professional . 299.95 Animate
3D ...9295 Cando Inovatools 39 95 Design
3D' .. 59 95 Disney Anim Studio . Call Elan Performer 2
..... 8995 Fletcher Fonts .....60.00 Headlines II
(Fonts)- 4995
* 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * BaseBoard 4.0 fits in
the A501 slot.
Increases A500 memory to 4.5Mb in steps of 512K. NO SOLDERING. Full 1 year Warranty. Clock Included.
ICD2080 ADRAM BOARD for 1500 or 2000 range. Add 2Mb to 8Mb. Prices from £229 to £499 The above list of Professional Software is only a selection of the range available. Please phone for a full price list or individual quotes.
All prices are inclusive VAT & UK Post. E &O.E. *=lMb+ Educational & Serious Program Specialists ® (0702) 600557 software 24 Hour Service 32B Southchurch Road Access & Visa Accepted Southend-on-Sea FAX (0702) 613747 Essex SSI 2ND.
Imagine .. 199 95 Modeller 30 ...... 59 95 Pagerender 3D ...77.95 Pixel 3D ..64.95 Sculpt 3DXL ..89.95 Sculpt 4DJr 83.95 Sculpt Animate 4D- .309.95 Scuplt 3D Designs 23.95 Turbo Silver ...... 94 95 Videoscape 3D • 109 95 Vista ....54.95 Outline Fonts 94.95 Pagestream Fonts . 27 95 Pagestream V2 ¦ ..... 139 95 Pro Draw V2 ..89.95 Pro Page Templates 33 95 Pro Page Ultraforms 24 95 Pro Page V2‘ .....154.95 Audiomasler III ....69.95 Bars S Pipes ....
174 95 Copyist Professional 174 95
K. C.SV3 . 139 95 Future Sound.....Call Synth,a
II .. .6995 ¦ UTILITIES I Amiga Vision ....
.69.95 Oiskmaster ....
34. 95 Disk Mechanic
44. 95 Power Windows V2.5 4995 XC0PY Prolessional ..34.95 ¦ VIDEO
I Art Deparlmenl ......
69. 95 Broadcast Titler V2 .
.199.95 Frame Grabber 256' 569 95 Pro Fills ... 2895 Pro Video Plus Fonts . 79 95 Pro Video Plus Posl .219.95 Superpic 498 95 TV Texl Prolessional 8995 Title Page .. 124 95 Video Effects 3D 114 95 Video Tiber 30 ... 74.95 Viva' 179 95 ¦ WORD PROCESSORS ¦ Pen Pal ... ...79.95 Pro Wnte V3 1 99 95 Word Perfect 4.1 .159.95 Word Perfect Library 84 95 Incredible Prices £89 95 £115.95 £141 95 £167 95 £193 95 £219 95 £245.95 £271 95 £297 95 Unpopulated 5l2K Populated Mb Populated 1 5Mb Populated 2Mb Populated 2 5Mb Populated 3Mb Populated 3 5Mb PopiJated 4Mb
Populated Micro Shop 17 Albert Road, Barnoldswick, Lancs, BB8 5AA TeL: (0282) 816726 Fax: (0282) 817008 Commodore Amiga A500 Packs A500 Basic ...£349.00 Atari ST E Packs Alan 520ST-FM Discmm Pack . ...£269.00 Screen Gems £359.00 Atari 520ST-E Tyirbo Pack ...£359.00 Screen Gems 1 Meg ......£389 00 Screen Gems A501 .£417.00 Atari I040ST-I* Extra Pack ......£4W00 Atari L n .£159.00 Class ol ihe 90's Ifirsi Steps).£529.00 Class of the 90 s ..£529.00 Aian Megafilc 30 Meg Hard Drive
..£4 34 00 Atari Megahle 44 Meg Hard Drive £794 00 Atari Meglile 60 Meg Hard Drive .£584.00 Atari Mouse ......£22.59 Atari VC'S consoles .....hv»m £36 99 Cumana exter nal disk dn e £69.99 Commodore 4590 Hard Di-k.£269 00 Commodorel352 mouse .£29.99 | PRINTERS K 1 STAR LC10 Mono El59 ooII STAR I.CI0 II .. £ 189.00 STAR LC24-I0 . £225
00 STAR 1.C200 Mono Colon.
£214.00 STAR 1.C24-200 ... £259 00 STAR LC24-200 Colour .... £305.00 STAR LASER Sll .....£1378.00 CITIZEN 120D .... £1 35 00 CITIZEN SWIFT-24 ......£289.00 PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES Philips CM8.533 ..£239.00 DISKS
10s .£5.99
Commodore I064S .... £249 00 Atari SMI24
Monitor ...£109.99 Contriver Mouse £Et 49 We also stock
a wide variety of 25s .£1
3.99 50s . £25.99
consumables and ptintet ribbons.
100s .....£47.99 leads etc Call lot axailahilitv 200' £79.99 AOOs . r 1 1 5 uu 24 Hour Order Line 400s ..£ 149.MU 500s ..El 79.99 ORDER BY TELEPHONE Ol OIIM.
1000. £349.99 MU k CRI
HIT £ 3RD Nl UBER OR II Disk Labels 500 17 99 PAVING
THE. ABOVE ADDRESS Disk labels ItHKI ......LI 3.99
A11 disks carry a lifetime guarantee All prices include
V.A.T. Please allow 6 days for delivery.
Full range of IBM PC & Compatible Hardware at low prices.
ATHENE COMPUTERS 16 Stoke Road, Gosport, Hants P0121JB Telephone: (0705) 51 1439 Fax: (0705) 51 1646 AMIGA PACK 1 AMIGA GEM PACK £379.00 AMIGA PACK 2 AS PACK 1 with extra 512K extra memory A501 £448.00 THE NEW AMIGA A1500 WITH 1084S 'D' MONITOR £1099 inc. AMIGA COMPUTER PERIPHERALS PRINTERS AMIGA PACK 3 AS PACK 1 with 1084S 'D' monitor £628.00 AMIGA PACK 4 as PACK 1 with Star LC200 colour printer £578.00 AMIGA PACK 5 as PACK 1 with all other packs £885.00 Commodore A501 (512K extra memory) Commodore 1084S D monitor.
Philips 8833 II monitor £69.00 £259.00 .£239.00 Cumana CAX354 . ...£75.00 2nd drive for Amiga ..... ...£65.00 TV modulator ...£21.95 Cortex 2Mb expansion board ... .£299.00 Commodore A590 20Mb hard disk....£299.00 THE ATHENE SPECIAL PACK Star LclOmono .....£165.00 Star LC200 £229.00 Star LC24-200 £245.00 Star LC24-200 colour ....£339.00 Star FRIO ..£399.00
Star FR15 ..£499.00 Star XB24-10 . £496.00 Star XB24-15 .£599.00 Commodore's latest Amiga Pack comes with the Amiga A500, TV Modulator, mouse, the latest 1-3 and Angus chip, D-Paint II, Shadow of the Beast II, Nightbreed, Back to the Future, Days of Thunder, Archipelagos, Eliminator, Quadralien, Mercenary, Cybernoid II, Backlash, Battleships, Custodian, Pioneer Plague, mouse mat, dust cover, joystick, 5 blank disks, 3 public domain software.
£399.00 vmmmM m far away, rwas mw m?
...TXWfcN CAME ... sli?
1. A500 A1000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, or 8Mb). Fully implemented
autoconfigure Fully operational through port for compatobility
with other autoconfiguring hardware (e g. CBM A590) Complete
with its OOQQ own power supply (U K , U S or Euro) (2Mb
FITTED), xtr
2. As above, but with the cover removed
3. A2000 A2500 B2000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4. 6 or 8Mb) Fully
implemented autoconfiqure Uses 1M x 8 bit or 1M x 9 bit Ort H
SIMMs (2Mb FITTED). £.249
4. A500 ' ? Expansion The essential A500 upgrade A high quality
A50I equivalent using low power I Mbit DRAM s The unit has a
"enable disable" switch and is available with or without NiCod
battery-backed dock Aa g calendar module (CLOCK VERSION £41)
5. External 3.5" Floppy Drive (not pictured) High quality silent
mechanism Extra drive port and "enable disable switch V Qn
Hard disks Systems available for all AMIGA variants coll for
details and pricing CHIP UPGRADES Fatter Agnus'' chip (8372A)
for A500 A2000 Enables up to 1 Mb of Chip RAM Fitting requires
some skill and will invalidate your warranty 1 3 Kickstart ROM
Upgrade for A500 A2000 £33 A590 Upgrode chips ' Mb £34, « £62,
„„£120 SIMM s All types available Call for pricing A3000 4
Mbit Static Column Dram call for pricing AH prices include VAT
and postage & packaging. Prices may be subject to change
without notice. All products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Dealer enquiries are welcome.
CORTEX products are marketed in the U.K. by Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel. (051) 236 0480.
Fax: (051) 227 2482. Make cheques payable to M.E.S. Ltd.
THE INDISPENSABLE GUIDE TO GAMES ON THE AMIGA SCREEN PLAY has 162 pages packed with all this and more... t If jrt ‘miGA's
• Wtv Vo.. r compt.hensive collection of unmissable tips o' A end
informative minnrvirwi of Amigv grmet jA.
• Reviews of over 100 games.
• Tips on over 100 games.
• Maps for 12 games.
• Full solutions for 12 games.
• Complete playing guides for Damocles, Dungeon Master
Corporation, Neuromancer, Xenomorph and many more.
Whether you're into shoot-em-ups, simulations, adventures or puzzle games, Amiga Format always brings you definitive coverage for games. Game Busters compiles tips to aid the struggling gamer and Screen Play covers the big names and top releases to watch out for every month.
But what about the games that slipped through the net and never came under the close scrutiny of the Amiga Format reviewing team?
What happens when you can't beat that classic old game even after months of trying’ What can you do if you've missed part two of that essential solution to Shadow ol Ihe Beast? And |ust what DID happen to your issue with the Infestation maps? Now you can put all these worries behind you, with the Amiga Format Screen Play book.
Screen Play, the book, contains reviews of over 100 games, with the most comprehensive collection of tips, maps and cheats ever compiled in one place. The book also includes exclusive hints for top games specially put together for this book. It's been lovingly put together by Amiga Format's dedicated staff writer Maff Evans, who's got more experience __playing, cursing at and then beating games than it's sane to have. All of his many years expertise has gone into creating this book, which costs just £9.95. If you play games, how can you afford not to buy it?
OFFER: This money-saving offer is open to AMIGA FORMAT readers
only until 31 January 1991. After this date, SCREEN PLAY will
be available at full price only.
Please send your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment SAVE £1.00 Name: (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Address:__________________ Postcode:.
I wish to pay by Access Visa' Cp ease delete as appropriate) Telephone:__________ I enclose a cheque for £_ Yes, I would like to order_______copy copies of SCREEN PLAY at the My credit card number is: Expiry date:_________ Signed:_____ special reduced price of £8.95. (Please add £1.45 per copy to cover p&p l It paying by cheque, please enclose payment with this card m a sealed envelope adtkessed tc AMIGA FORMAT SCREEN PLAY Book Otter. FREEPOST. Future Publishing Ltd. The Old Barn. Somerton. Somerset TA11 7BR. (No stamp is needed it the letter is posted m the UK.) No money will be debited trom
your account and no cheques cashed until SCREEN PLAV is punted and awaiting dispatch Please allow 28 days tor delivery.
WE DARE YOU To ignore this Advertisement Your wealth will be in serious jeopardy if you do Don't Delay Respond Today GENUINE DISKETTES at prices which are simply unbeatable.
JUST LOOK AT THESE UNBEATABLE OFFERS 100 GENUINE SONY DSDD 135TPI DISKS £44.95 200 GENUINE DSDD 135TPI DISKS 400 GENUINE DSDD 135TPI DISKS £159.95 800 GENUINE DSDD 135TPI DISKS 1000 GENUINE DSDD 135TPI DISKS 19.9 These diskettes come in Sony outers to prove authenticity so you can be 100% certain you are getting the real thing at such LOW, LOW PRICES.
Buy with complete confidence this is the real thing GENUINE 100% CERTIFIED SONY DISKS.
WHY risk your data on cheapo diskettes when you can have what is probably the best diskette in the world at these TABLE prices?
Each diskette is supplied with label and there are NO HIDDEN extras such as postage etc. The price you see is the price you pay. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST QUOTE AF OFFER WHEN ORDERING SO WE CAN GIVE PRIORITY TO YOUR ORDER.
To take advantage of this VERY LIMITED OFFER call our telesales hotlines now.
ORDER TO (All offers subject to availability - E O.E.) LU Win
every Psygnosis and every new game for creativity to come up
with the perfect Rodent Ranger. Whafs a Rodent Ranger? It's
someone (or thing) dedicated to saving those poor lemmings
from a fate worse life - errm - death, that is. You can
describe your Rodent Ranger however you like, in words or
pictures, but it must be in either under 100 words or as a
prmtedout picture - you can generate it on the Amiga if you
want to, but please do not send us disks with the picture on
- just a printout.
HOW TO ENTER Send your description or pic of the ideal Rodent Ranger to Lemming Meringue Pie Compo, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. The entries should reach us by February 15th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number.
The Lemmings are the extraordinary hit of the year already and come from the same software house, Psygnosis, as other classics like Shadow of the Beast 1 and 2, Infestation, Menace, Blood Money and Killing Game Show.
We’re not just going to give you the chance to win those games, but also every Amiga game Psygnosis have produced and every game they do for the next five years - thafs right! - five whole years of games.
The lucky winner of the competition will also get an all-expenses-paid trip to Psygnosis’ Liverpool headquarters to see just how they put together those astounding games. 20 runners-up will get their very own cutesy-wutesy, fluffykin, scrummy- wummy, cuddly lemming of their own and they can hug him and squeeze him and call him George.
If you want to win this once-in-a- lifetime prize, we’re going to tax your RULES Employees of Future Pubhshins and Psysnosis are not allowed to enter The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. The first prize consists of every Psygnosis Amiga game in stock up to 31st December 1990 and every one released after 1st April 1991 for the next five years. All entries involving cruelty to lemmings will be reported to the RSPCL.
MAIL ORDER DAMOCLES N Description Medium Extra Larse II Price £6.50 £6.50 Price £4.95 £9.00 Order No AM108 AM109 Description Captive Description Damocles Price £17.95 Designed in the USA. This black and white shirt is a must for every Amiga owner. (Logo on left breast and centre back).
BASEBALL SHIRT Order No AM106 AM107 Keep your issues together in this high quality binder with the Amiga Formal logo printed on the front and spine.
AMIGA BINDER Description One binder Two binders CAPTIVE Mindscape 9 Dungeon Master goes cyberpunk. Captive is a futuristic tail break epic starring 4 droids masses of weaponry and more nasties than you would ever care to blast.See Coverdisk Issue 16.
Price Order No £17.99 AM174 Damocles takes players to a doomed planet, which only they can save. In a self-contained 3D solar system it's a real-time race to head off a comet and avert certain catastrophe.
1 Mindscape Take to your motorbike in this superb racing game.
See cOver disk issue 17.
R As the offspring ol the mighty Hercules Yolanda has to reenact the twelve tasks. Fifty randomly selected levels plus a special trainer all together in Steve Bak's latest platform extravaganza.
H THE best language for your Amiga with the added bonus of Extend. The usual complete | package should cost £79.95. J Save £307 See cover disk 17.
Price Order No £19.99 AM182 Description Ultimate Ride Description Yolanda Price Order No £12.99 AM158 Description Price
P. Basic & Extend £49.95 Order No AM181 Descnption AMOS Price
EXPRESS Ha**- QUARTET Microdeal * MANAGER Microdeal Your
finances will never again be a worry with this easy-tcxuse
home accounts package.
¦ Easy-louse entry level sampler, .bHHH'¦" j•(.« boiit•• effects fjfcSSRidea- way for :ne nomce' Htmdhisfeetinineworla • sam plmg and dabble with 1 1 digital sound effects.
P See Coverdisk 12, then buy tins package to create your own music. ‘A music package with a difference' - Af Price Order No Description Price_ Order No Descnption Pnce Order No
* ers Finance Mgr £22.95 AM180 Sound Express £29.99 AM175 Quartet
SELECTION Want to complete your collection of the ulbmate Amiga
magazine? Back issues come complete with disks - prices include
the postage and packing!
ISSUE 9 £3.45 AMF09 ISSUE 10 £3.45 AMF10 ISSUE 11 £3.45 AMF11 ISSUE 12 £3.45 AMF12 ISSUE 13 £3.45 AMF13 ISSUE 14 £3.45 AMF14 ISSUE 15 £3.45 AMF15 ISSUE 16 £3.45 AMF16 ISSUE 17 £3.45 AMF17 ISSUE 18 £4.45 AMF18 AMIGA FORMAT MAIL ORDER Name Description Price Order No Address 1 Postcode Phone number TOTAL ORDER Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque Credit Card No __ Expiry date Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited PO FUN SCHOOL 3 Database 0V Bumper packages ol Educational ¦ software lor infant and primary TH ™ school age children The com- k plete suite of
six programs.
Teddy Bear Under 5's Frog 5 -7 Years I Robot Over 7 years Pnce Order No description TEDDy DISK FROG DISK ROBOT DISK
• For overseas orders call Nikki for pnces on 0458 74011 SEND
THIS FORM TO: Amiga Format Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost,
Somerton. Somerset. TA11 7BR No «jnc roqu«M t »OM * 0* UK ClunM
liUmlt ot Hie Wo ol Mon £17.99 AM177 £17.99 £17.99 AM178 AM179
MEG RAM [624 99 WITH 10 STAR PACK £62999 WITH 10 STAR PACK &1
MEG £649 99 10 STAR PACK ONLY £30 .'.'IP- adaptor: Available
unpopulated or»i you lo hi Complete with ccr instructions &
7 ,r,wi& n.i TRACKERBALL Savf i S 00 JOYSTICK - AMIGA MOUSE £8
Optional Express delivery £2.99 per order Guaranteed next day
working day delivery £6.99 per order ? FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY
ON ORDERS OVER £600 ? EXPORTS j speciality adCJ'199 lo'
surface mail or £3 99 for airniaii (Computers, monitors &
punters - phone lo« carriage charges) ? TO ORDER BY MAIL
- PROMPT DESPATCH • Please send your order & payment by Cheque.
Pos (payable to TRILOGIC; or ccard number to the address below
- PROMPT DESPATCH Simply quote your c Card details, name &
address & your order & leave the rest to us Vou are not charged
until the goods are despatched ENQUIRIES ? 0274 678062 FAX LINE
? 0274 600150 TRI LOGIC Sjjj Dept A.F.. Unit 1 253 New Works
Road Bradford. BD12 0QP Established 1984 11 toK TRILOGIC 9 pm
head. 4 fonts. 144 cps draft, 36cps NLQ. Condensed, doupie &
quadruple s es 240dpi graphics, single sheets or continuous
paper STAR LC200 ...£209.99 Ne«v 9 pin colour printer
which replaces Ihe LCIO colour.
STAR LC24-200.....£254.99 New 24 pm printer which replaces the LC24 10 printer STAR LC24-200 colour ...£299.99 Completely new 24 pm colour.
CITIZEN 120D + .. £144 99.
Good budget 9 pin printer, 120 cps draft & 24cps NLQ. 2 fonts & print sizes. Single sheets or continuous paper Low cost ribbons.
(Chinon type only)......£79 99 NEW LOW PRICE £28999 , Available
upto 2rr g ot ram irtyafled WITH 1 MEG RAM £31999 WITH 2 MEG
RAM £34999 The A590 otters 20 megabytes of disk storage - upto
2megs of fast ram. It is autobootmg - so you won't need to use
the workbench disk again. Complete with power supply. Post
KINDWORDS 2 £39 99 PAGESETTER 2 £49 99 PENPAL ... £89 99 £89 99 £129 99 £159.99 £189 99 £21999 PHILIPS CM8833 Mk2'!
• SCREEN £239.99
• hires. 4;-m dot pitch
COMMODORE 1084S Similar spec & picture £255 99 quality to the
DISKS S LABELS ejc.azs £15 99
3. 5" 100 SIZE .orMiwaw to. . IOSon,d*M £15 99 MONITOR PLINTH 1
£24 99 MONITOR PLINTH 2 £32 99 SONIX Music composition, using
Amiga keyboard, with Midi ...£49 99 AUDIOMASTER 3 Superb
stereo sampling software £54.99 STEREO SAMPLER 2 with our new
stereo sampling software £39 99 DR T s TIGER CUB Easy to use
12 track Midi sequencer ..... £59 99 SPECIAL OFFERSJ
MfblJNTERFACE 2 within.Out. thru & 2 switchable out or thru
sockets inc lead Save £6.00 ...... £29 99 MIDI 2 + TIGER CUB -
Save £10 00... £74 99 MUSIC XJNR + MIDI 2 £79 99
MINIAMP4STERE0 SYSTEM complete. Save £ 5.00..... £ 39.99 AL1.
modulator overhang £ 10 99 DIGIVIEW G0LDV4 £99 99 , VIDI -
VIDICHROME E11999 RENDALE 8802 genlock £189 99 I DIGIPAINT 3
£4999 ' DIGIVIEW - DIGIPAINT 3 E144 99 As recommended by
Commodore & Sony It your tv has a RGB socket throw away the
modulator & connect one ot our leads lor a tar Superior
picture •
• [
3 monitors and 20 copies of Atomix up for grabs in our Wings of Death compo - worth over £ 1200.
Three lucky competition winners will soon be viewing tbeir Amiga screens on a brand new Philips CM 8833 monitor, while 20 runners-up can get to grips with Thalion's fascinating puzzle game Atomix.
Thalion’s first game, Atomix, has been followed by a corking shoot-em- up called Wings of Death which was reviewed last month and awarded an excellent 76% rating. It’s clearly gone to their heads because to celebrate QUESTIONS
1. What well-known scientist appears on the title screen of
A) Albert Einstein
b) Edd the Duck
c) Johnny Ball «. Which bird do sailors consider it bad luck to
A) Pigeon
b) Cuckoo
c) Albatross
3. What was the name of Howard Hughes’ ill-fated transport plane
that is still the biggest aircraft ever to fly?
A) the Fir Duck
b) the Spruce Goose
c) the Pine Penguin RULES Employees of Future Publishing and
Thalion are not allowed to enter. The judges’ decision is
final. No correspondence will be entered into.
HOW TO ENTER they re giving away three Philips monitors worth £300 each - and jolly nice they are too.
All these lovely goodies can be yours just by answering three simple questions loosely based on the themes of wings, death, Thalion and anything else that occurred to me on the spur of the moment.
Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down-envelope and send it to Wings of Death Compo, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath 8A1 2BW The entries should reach us by February 15th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard A NEW WOR FOR ONLY £34.99 THE
- MF=L-%rm I fl IS HERE!
Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the ST or Amiga disk drive controller chip wheteby hicfh speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side. 2 sides.
Very simple to use. Requires no user knowledge.
Ideal for qlubs. User groups or just for your own disks.
Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
Also duplicates other formats such as IBM. MAC etc. No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
By using an on-board Custom LSI Chip. Syncro Express has the power to transfer an . A MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply and Av without any user knowledge. One external disk drive is required*. - SYNCRO EXPRESS IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH THE ST AND AMIGA SYSTEMS - PLEASE STATE WHICH REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING I Daw Electrodes Ltd neither condones 'yy authorises the use of t s products tor the ’•o'oduct’on o* cooy'flt’t rhater ai The baoup facilities ot this product are designed to reproduce only software such as Pubic Doma*
• hatenai the users own programs or software whe*e perm-sson to
make a backup has been ciearty g ven | ft is »legai to mane
cop«es. Even tor your own use of copyright material without the
express permission c tne copynghi owner or the i-cencee thereot
If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS
together with a drive for ONLY £104.99 (AMIGA) ONLY £119.99
• Now design hardware now plugs into expansion socket of A500
completely freeing the parallel port. • Surface mount
technology, twin A I) converters for realtime stereo sampling.
• Extensive filters for extremely clean and noise-free
sampling. • Through bus allows existing add ons. E.g. hard
drive. • The NEW Sampler II software has been completely re
written in 100% Mac hine Code and Incorporates faster routines,
bigger displays and many new editing features such as Cut.
Copy. Insert. Replace. Mix. Erase, etc. • Separate zoom windows and controls for left and right channels. • Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg users. • Stereo look control. • Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor. • Separate buffer for editing waveforms and improved wave-edltor with Instant update. • Save files In Raw or single, multl- octave IFF formal. • Envelope conlrol panel for ramping up and down re-scale amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform. • On screen display of filenames sample rate, length, etc-. • Inputs for microphone or line 1 4 Jac k and DIN connections at rear of
• A top quality 8 bit mono sampler complete wtth Pro Sampler and
Jammer software.
• Also compatible with most other PD Sampler software.
• Inputs for microphone or line 3.5mm Jack and din connections.
• Utilises latest surface mount technology and Incorporates all
the features found on bigger, more expensive samplers.
• Easy to use - jusl plug in and sian sampling!
• Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state model).
• Midi In - 3 X Midi Out plus Midi Thin.
• Compatible wllh all leading Midi packages (In D Music).
• Fully Opto isolated.
• High quality direct replacement lor mouse on all AMIGAs.
• Teflon glides for smoother movement.
• Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
• Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Sp.cl.1 offer ¦ FREE Mouse Mat . Mouse House (worth C7.99) NOW ONLY £24.99 COMPLETE NOW ONLY £29.99 INC. 2 FREE MIDI CABLES
• If you ran obtain your own Ram chips, we .111 supply the card.
• Accepts 16x41256 D Rams.
• Available with without clock option.
• Switch disable feature.
• Legendary Cumana quality now at an even lower price!
• Throughport allows daisy-chaining other drives.
• A full I meg unformatted capacity J880K formatted).
• Good length cable provided for convenient positioning on your
desk etc.
• High precision head positioning.
• On Off switch, tremely quiet dick Ircc operation.
• Protects both Internal and all external drives from virus
• Switch to enable disable protection.
• Plugs into Amiga Disk Drive Port
• Works to with all known Bool Block Viruses.
• Fully compatible Midi Interlace for A500 2000.
• MIDI In - MIDI Oul - MIDI Thru.
• Fully Opto isolated.
• Simply plug into your Amiga A500 and upgrade to a full 1 Meg in
• Features the latest 1 Meg Drams. Low chip count means very low
power consumption. No bigger than a Credit Card!!
• Top quality high grade PCB and connector to give unmatched
reliability - 12 months guarantee.
• Switch to enable disable plus "ChipMem" option’.
• Now you can run ALL Amiga Imeg programs.
• Also available with clock calendar option.
• Easily fitted into the slot under any A5O0 - does not affect
• Adds an extra 1.5 Megs to your A500 (giving a total free memory
of 2 Megs).
A Uses the latest 1 Meg Drams resulting in extra low power consumption.
Ram-Master II needs Kickstart 1.3 onwards.
• Complete with onboard clock calendar.
• Top quality connections used throughout.
• Comes with 12 months guarantee.
• Easily fitted into the slot under your A500 - requires no
soldering (the cover of your A500 must be removed for fitting
"plug in" connector ) NOW ONLY £99.99 WITH 1.5 MEOS OF RAM 2
• Yes. If your Amiga wu bought in the last 12 months and has
KICKSTART 1.3 then It probably has the 'fatter' 1 Meg AGNUS
Even though this was not publicised by Commodore, those machines with the 02' AGNUS, have 1 Meg Chip Ram ability. The PRORAM PLUS'* board can be configured to give 512K of extra Chip Memory OR Fast Memory at the flick of a switch.
• With 1 Meg of Chip Memory you can do iota of things previously
only available on the A20O0 more HiRes screens, multitasking
graphics programs. CAD. DTP. Larger sound samples, etc.. etc.
• Remember, no other cards offer this unique feature.
* One simple soldering Job is required to enable the ChipMem
• Opening four A500 may Invalidate four warranty HOW TO GET YOUR
WELCOME • Pleas* reserve goods by telephone prior lo visit ALL
• Package includes GS4500 scanner. Interface.
Power Pack and Scan Edit III software.
MEW FEATURES... IFF Buffer Save 1600 * 1024 pixels.
;ual buffer and scan matching for 1 Meg users, view Buffer and NEW interlace version of software. Full
• eyboard control of most functions. Includes hard disk transfer
to run under Workbench.
• nmatehed range of edii capture facilities and keyboard
r. trol simply not offered by other scanners at this .beatable
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm
- .inning width and 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan
graphics and text into your Amiga.
• Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
• Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste
- •’ting of Images elc.
• Genlscan gives you the ability to easily scan Images, text ind
graphics and even offers 200Dpi Dual Scan Mode.
• Save images in suitable format for most leading packages
r. t luding PHOTON PAINT. DELUXE PAINT, etc. SeniScan GS 4500
• Comes complete with Photon Paint Illustrator Software.
• Huge range of features.
• Top selling graphics package.
• Moulded to fit the hand, perfectly ergonomic design.
• Comes complete with moulded 9 pin connector.
• Supplied with FREE mouse holder.
• No more to buy!!
• Incorporating full optical tracking and counting - no ball so
no problems with clogging, slipping, etc.
• High count output for very fine movement.
• Two button microswitch action.
• Direct replacement for all Amigas.
• Comes complete with special Optical Pad .
• Superbly styled - supersmooth shape.
fliCS LTD., GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND TELEPHONE SALES ONLY 0782 744707 FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 SCAN 2 WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Date* Eieclton.cs Ltd . Neither condones or authorises the use o' Us products 'o' the reproduce of copyrghi material The Backup lacriities o’ this product at© designed to '©produce only so’twar© such as PuBic Doma n maten* the users own programs or sohware where permission to make Backups has Been clearly givon It 5 illegal lo make copies even to' your own use. O’ copynghi
material without the c'ear permission o’ the copyright owner or the licence* thereo’ FREEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE BETTER!! 4} ST,LL°99 AJTIbGA AgjuWfi MeFUm ¥ m m POST FREE M FOR THE A500 1000 A2000 VERSION AVAILABLE £69.90 PLEASE STATE WHICH COMPUTER, YOU HAVE WHEH ORDERING NEW MK II VERSION is THE HERE!!
NOW WITH A MASSIVE 128K OPERATING SYSTEM IN ROM OFFERING EVEN MORE COMMANDS... AUTOFIRE MANAGER hwi Ihe Action Replay II preference screen you can now set up aatalire from 0 to 100°o. Just imagine continuous tire power?
Aeystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
MSKCOOER Wh the new "Diskcoder option you can now tag your disks with a wgue code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone •e. 'Tagged* disks will only reload when you enter the code.
Very useful for security.
» PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences with menu
• ¦tup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor ¦ displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modifysave
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available
at all times - DIR. FORMAT. COPY. OEVICE. Etc.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button ¦ faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench ¦ available at all times.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or OF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
.ORE FEATURE JNCLUDING 80 COLUMN DISPLAY AND 2 WAY SCROLLING... Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load Save block . Write String to memory Jump to specific address • Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture Play resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers and flag Calculator Help command . Full search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers • even write only registers! Notepad Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. 4 Dynamic Breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler. Decimal • Copper Assemble
ECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 TELEPHONE (24 Hrs) WE WILL DESPATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY S EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU JO ST4hT E ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN *8 Hrs ALL PRICES tfiCLUgg) * L TD., GOVAN ROAD, FEN' INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND - r - Five years to the month after Protext version 1 was launched Arnor are pleased to present version 5, an enormous leap forward in both ease of use and performance.
Protext 5.0 introduces a completely integrated system of pull down menus and dialogue boxes. The menus are among the many operations that may now be carried out with either the mouse or the keyboard. Protext really does give you the best of both worlds.
Protext 5.0 handles printer fonts flexibly and accurately. You can make full use of any number of proportional printer fonts, mix them freely within any line, centre them in headers, use automatically formatted footnotes. And Protext correctly formats your text as you type it, no matter how many font changes you use, showing you line and page breaks exactly as they will be printed.
Protext 5.0 is still the fastest word processor around. Even though we have made all these mojor improvements we have taken great care to ensure that text editing is as fast os ever. The menus work smoothly and quickly even with high resolution disploys. But of course, you can use Protext's efficient set of commands and keys just as before and 5.0 remains compatible with all earlier versions from 1.0 onwards.
Protext 5.0 is a worthy successor to version 4, which was described os "the best word processor ot any price", "the best text processor on the Amiga" and "the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST" (AUI, ST Amiga Format, ST User).
Protext 5.0 heralds a new era of multi-lingual European software, in time for 1992 ond the opening up of Eastern Europe. Protext may be used in at least 27 different languages and has 10 different national keyboard layouts built in (plus the capability to define S*' V generation Indexer takes marked words or phrases, contents entries oulomoticolly taken from titles wropped in control codes; many options for style of contents output.
Features completely new 110,000* word Collins dictionary with very fast phonetic lookup. Anagroms ond find word pattern. Foreign language dictionaries (German, Swedish available now, others to follow).
Including multi line footnotes ond endnotes; aulomotic timed save; odd column or row of figures; indent tobs; find word ol cursor; 40 column mode support; sentence operations; inter- porogroph space; much improved expression evaluator; self incrementing voriobles, Roman numerols; newspaper style column printing; file sorting utility with special options for names and addresses; revised monuol plus new tutorial guide.
Background printing; box manipulation; mocro recording; exec files; headers ond footers; find ond replace; moil merging; undelete; file conversion utility; configuration progrom; auto refo'matting; on screen help; time ond dale; typewriter mode; line drawing; disc utilities.
Protexl 5.0 moy be purchased from any good computer shop or directly from Arnor Upgrades from earlier versions ore only available from Arnor ond the onginol discs should be returned with your order PC AMIGA ST TT Archimedes [149 95 [149 95 [149 95 [149 95 [60 [60 [60 N A [75 [75 [75 N A [99 95 [99 95 [99 95 N A [79 95 [79 95 [79 95 due 1991 01 The Featun New fast & easy to use pull down with diologue boxes ond alerts; file selector; mouse dragging to set blocks. Menus complement existing commands ond keyboard shortcuts, do not replace them. Menus moy be used with mouse or keyboard. Amiga
version follows Intuition guidelines.
Supports multiple proportional fonts; mixing of different font sizes on the some line; proportional formatting whilst editing; side margin, headers ond footers independent of main text font, Tobs, decimal lobs ond centre tobs. Extensive range ol printer drivers supplied.
- up to 36 files moy be open; split screen editing on PC allows
use in virtually ony text or grophics mode including 132 column
or 75 line VGA modes; user defined characters ond on screen
bold, italics ond underlining now on oil versions; use of 13
different occents on ony chorocter.
Albanian, Bosque, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, flemish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Itolion, Lotin, lithuonion, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbocrootion, Slovak, Sponish, Slovene. Swedish, Welsh. (Note: some printers do not support all languoges).
Arnor Ltd fAMFj, 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PEI 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr), Fax: 0733 67299 ADVICE Work bench You may not know the answer to tricky techie problems, but there is a man who does. Is PAT MCDONALD the man who can? He most surely is... F o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 SELLOUT Shock, horror, damn! Having read a letter by Ben Vincent in AF 16 about him having read AF 7 and being shown how to make a datahnk cable (putt, puff) I now
• ealise that I don’t have the issue AND CANNOT ORDER IT.
I have three choices:
a) Committing suicide, b' Ringing up friends in Mongolia to ask
if I can borrow that copy.
: Going back in time to January 1990 and buying it.
Could you please repeat the instructions for the benefit of e asperated friends and myself?
N Pollinger, Bournemouth Of course. Actually they were repeated in AF 12 but I’m a nice guy, so here they are again. The connectors are 25-pin D type female (assuming you are connecting two Amigas). The cable you use doesn't matter that much, but if it’s fairly long, use twin core shielded cable: use the two core wires for connecting up pins 2 and 3 and the shield for pm 7.
000000 000000 2 trahshit 3 RECEIVE 7 GROUND advertised in AF 12 on Page 176?
It has a five-year guarantee.
5) Which RAM expansion, in your opinion, is the best buy?
Stuart Jones. Braintree
1) No, because each and every half Meg RAM expansion behaves
pracbcally identically - and the A501 is ridiculously
2) As noted above, RAM expansions behave virtually the same.
The only difference between them is the speed of the chips, which is measured in nanoseconds - so an 80ns chip is faster than a 100ns chip. This is only important when upgrading to 1 Meg of chip RAM, because the chips have lo run at the same speed 1100ns or better).
3) No, it does not - I think.
Commodore never sent us one for the review.
4) Without actually having one to test, I have no opinion. We've
reviewed everything we were sent.
However, the advertising slags off other boards without naming them
- and, as I've said before, the operational differences between
half Meg RAM expansions are minute. Me thinks Technical
Developments are hype salesmen.
51 As I said in the review of the Ashcom half Meg board, “This is probably the best one to buy if you don’t want to upgrade further for a long time". If you do want to upgrade further without buying a new board, then take a look at the BASEboard review in AF 18-4 Meg for £299.95 can’t be bad.
After reading the Testbench section on hard drives in AF 17, I wonder if you could advise me. I own a B2000 and intend to add 32-bit power to it, but I also need a hard drive.
I saw an advert for an A2091 SCSI hard card with a 40 Mb Quantum drive. For around the same price I could buy ADSCSI 50Mb hard card from Third Coast.
I want a drive which is fast and expandable. Of the above two, which would you recommend? Maybe you can think of an completely different board as an alternative for a similar price (£600-£700).
Robert Hart, London Continue! Overleaf I UICK BLEEP 0 0 0 000000 ,000000000000 SELLOUT: Lota ot people atlll don't know how to get two com- putera talking to each other.
MORE RAM I have recently bought an Amiga and wish to upgrade it to 1 Meg of RAM. After reading the Testbench on memory upgrades I was more aware of which ones were cheap and cheerful but each one had some fault or other. So could you please answer these few questions:
1) Would it be better to buy the official A501 from Commodore as
opposed to an imitation?
2) Would a cheaper imitation be more compatible with programs
than an A501?
3) Does the A501 have a disable switch attached?
4) What is your opinion of the Technical Developments board, This
Protext tip only works on machines with 1 Meg or more. When
using the option of checking while typing, there is often an
annoying pause between making a mistake and the bleep'
- by which time you have usually realised your mistake and
started deleting, which deletes half the word because of the
PRIZE WINNER This utility cuts that pause, and also makes looking up words quicker. By loading Preferences it is possible to change the time and date (which isn't necessary it a battery backed-up clock is present - delete line four ot the following startup-sequence and the colon at the beginning ot line 11).
Make a back-up ot the Protext-Program-disc, create a disk named 'Text' with the tollowing files trom the Protext-dict-utll-disc: ARN0RE2.DCT, ARNORENG.DCT, ARNORENG.QIK, ARNORENG.UWF, USER.DCT, USER.UWF.Then change the startup-sequence to the tollowlng:- echo -Protaxt v4.2 Program Disc (cl Amor
1988. 1989* echo *1 MEC machines and above only. Howard Frost,
1990.* addbuffcrs dfO: 20 preferences copy
cext:arnoreng. ?l ?.dctl ?.uwf ram:
• otmap gb I Remove the ,• on the line after next to initiate ;
battery backed up clock l setclock opt load isA500 echo
-Loading PROTEXT ..." run protext Just boot your machine with
the Protext disk in dfO: and preferably the text disk in df1:.
Mind you, this utility will work with single-drive machines,
albeit with lots of disk swapping.
Another tip Is that in the manual, on Page 86, Is a description ot how to use the two file editing system. It has taken me ages to find out how to get to the other filel Howard Frost, Camberley A useful tip Indeed. Well done - you win a CSO software voucher for your trouble.
ADVICE From your letter you seem to want to buy an accelerator card (the 32-bit power reference). Now these work best with 32-bit memory, so on the assumption that you're willing to buy an accelerator card with some 32-bit memory, the ADSCSI is the better buy because it's the fastest that you can get. Plus you get 10 more Megabytes of storage for (he same price.
But, you can't plug in extra memory onto the ADSCSI. You can plug in extra memory to the A2091. So it really depends on whether you want to be able to add extra memory by means of the hard card that you buy. Do bear in mind that the extra memory that you plug into an A2091 is 16-bit in nature - so an accelerator card would not work as fast it could otherwise do.
WONDER GADGET NONE OF THAT HELP! I’m making a turtle as a school project, which is simple enough. The problem is that I do not know how to control it on the Amiga 500.
I wonder If there are more readers who, like me, when using the keyboard for programs that use the function keys, have difficulty remembering which key does what. Put it down to old age if you like (I'm a pensioner). Well I've come up with a simple extra to help people remember.
Get a stiff piece of card about ten inches (250 mm) by six (150mm).
Fold it lengthways three times at one and three quarter inch (44mm) intervals, to make a triangular prism. You still have a three-quarter inch (19mm) overlap, so fold it under the edge and glue or sticky- tape it down.
By attaching a plastic sleeve, you can insert pieces of paper with what the function keys do for certain programs. The length of the card is exactly the same as the length of the function keys, so you can sit the gadget on top of your keyboard.
Denis Gregory. Sheffield Neal and simple - Just how I like lips. Have a £50 mail order voucher.
PRIZE WINNER I've read in various books that the eight-pin parallel port would be the best to use for input output, and that the BASIC commands I need are PEEK and POKE.
What I don’t know is the address of the parallel port. I know it’s between zero and 16,777,215 but this isn’t very useful. I phoned Commodore, who told me to phone Ocean, who told me to phone back when their technical advisor was healthy.
Please tell me the number or I'll be forced to do the turtle on a BBC (aaarghh!) And a chainsaw attack on my computer.
David Daniel Poole For goodness sake, this is the Nineties! Lots of versions of BASIC can talk to the parallel port without all that naughty PEEKmg and POKEmg. Look up the commands OPEN. INPUT It and OUTPUT It in your Amiga BASIC manual. Here's a few programming examples to point you in the right direction: OPEN 'PAR:' FOR INPUT AS 3 OPEN 'PAR:' FOR OUTPUT AS SCAN ON I am thinking of starting a magazine for a youth club and I was wondering what is the best way to get pictures onto my pages. I do not know whether to use a video digitiser or a hand-held scanner.
I am working on a low budget and there isn’t a lot of space on my table (I know the feeling - Pat).
I have seen the adverts for the Naksha and Datel scanners but don’t know which will be the best one to use as I will be printing on a Citizen 120D+ printer. I am not looking for pixel perfection on the images, just good enough to be recognised. I will be grabbing images from colour photographs or small drawings.
Which of the above options is the best one to go for?
Brian Jones Manchester Don't get a video digitiser.
Although it could do the ob, you would need a video camera as well - so you're looking at lots of cash. The Datel Geniscan 4000 was reviewed in AF10 where it received a thumbs up. The Naksha (or, similarly, Golden Image) model has not appeared as yet, so that really only leaves you with one logical choice - phone Datel on 0782 744324.
TWO STUCK I have been wondering for a long time now how I can delete a directory from a disk. I'm stumped, I can't think of anything. I would be very, very grateful if you had a solution to my problem.
Anish Patel London Directories can only be deleted if they're empty. So what you have to do is to get into the directory.
So from the Shell or CLI, type: CD directoryname Where directoryname is replaced by the name of the directory. Now delete the contents by typing: DELETE ?
Only when there's nothing left in a directory can you finally delete it by typing: DELETE directoryname And that should do the trick.
SIMPLE PLEASE I am interested in the various gadgets, widgets and thingummy add-ons that are available and which you review, like extra memory, accelerator cards and disk drives. I want to plead with you to do something similar which more people will find more useful: a simple round-up of joysticks.
I’ve been around computers for a few years now and have owned a few different sticks, but there’s so many to choose from nowadays. Is one better than the others? What’s best for a flight sim? How about testing them out in some way?
James Bleach Clacton-On-Sea Your wish is our command - indeed, most readers buy joysticks and such a review would be Continued » RUTLAND COMPUTER w SUPPLIES LTD.
30 Buckminster Close, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, LE13 1ET Telephone: 0664 500878 Fax: 0664 410221 (please ring lor our lull price list) 3 V2" DD disks 39P each 5 V4" 96tpi disks 25P each disks are certified 100% error free and are complete with labels & envelopes IF YOU SEE ANY PRICES BETTER THAN OURS, PLEASE RING - WE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO BEAT!!
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Collections welcome, please ring first Fast do-it-yourself animation of living creatures. You are the movie maker. Construct or paint the scene, then call on the "living creatures on file". Endless creative fun. And, step by step, you become an Amiga animator!
RealThings A great introduction to animation and HORSES scene-building. Realistic, impressive scenery £24.95 me vat parts and fine action.
RealThings Many beautiful bird species by a famous bird BIRDS 1 & 2 artist. Spectacular in every way. Progressive £29.95 inc vat and very rewarding.
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K ISSUE 9 A special on tne latest buzzword in computing,
Multimedia, and how the Amiga is ideal tor it. Pipe Mama
provides an extremely addictive disk demo.
ISSUE 10 TWO playable demos on the disk - Hammerti st and Wipe Out. Inside - a graphics special and getting down to some serious stuff with a feature on databases.
ISSUE 12 Massive Music special featuring a sfeptiy- step guide on how to write your own tunes, plus free music tape.
Dan Dare III on Disk along with useable demo of new music program Quartet.
For prices on bulk orders please ring 0689 896004.
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ISSUE 13 The glamorous story of how movies become games, plus programming languages, AMOS in full and ProDraw 2.
The Bitmaps' Cadaver is a playable demo on the Coverdisk.
ISSUE 15 Flipitand Magnose a brilliant playable demo from Imageworks.
How to protect yourself from viruses.
How professional studios use their Amigas for music.
ISSUE 16 Huge feature on the CDTV. The future of home entertainment.
Four Format Gold games including Rick Dangerous 2 and Captive, which also features on the disk.
Plus flight sims, stunning animabons.
OUR PROMISE TO YOU We will supply you with the BEST QUALITY products at the CHEAPEST possible prices BEWARE!! Of cheaper discs that are low priced and much! Lower quality.
ISSUE 17 How 24-bit graphics put 16 million colours at your command.
Great feature on historical games, indispensable guides to word processors and hard disks and two brilliant Format Golds-Indy 500 and Killing Game Show.
ISSUE 18 An amazing two coverdisks including the complete game Interphase. Inside are fascinating features on robots and games of the future, plus more games pages, reviews and goodies than ever before.
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• oe*. Xxrecated. We've also Kxf comments about tester r er-
out and are currently ;r;canrg an assault course to sift xi re
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Jo cut for the rounckip about Lsssr tl ra*e a while to prepare d re Cerent procedures.
A- stuck with the INSTALL ix-r-arc r the CLI. I am trying to aa-e a stand-alone blank disk. I lS :art work out the correct ¦» “ use it - I have only one as* one I've tried INSTALL dfO: INSTALL dfO: INSTALL df piggin' 0: of them work! Every time I v-essed return the computer told ~e to insert the Workbench disk.
Ahen I did that a message came .o saying the the disk in dfO: was A’le-protected and a new CLI c'ompt came on to the window.
Jonathan Londgen Bingley vour computer is a bit confused too. DFO: is iust a name for the nternal disk drive, not the name of the disk you want to install. Try: INSTALL naxneofdisk: Where nameofdisk is the name that you've given to the disk. Note that if the name has a space in it, then you'll need to put quotations around the name as in: INSTALL -Coverdisk 19:" COMMS SHOPPING I plan to buy a modem at Christmas but I do not know the costs involved or what to expect from one. Can I download commercial games? How long would that take? What kind of comms packages should I get, and how much do
they cost? Is it necessary to subscribe to a large bulletin board like Micronet? What's the cheapest and best modem?
I would like to be able to put an intro made with Dope Intro Creator onto my boot block but so far I am unable to do this because the documentation is worse than useless and my knowledge of the CLI is indeed limited. If anyone knows of one in the PD or can send me one (all disks returned) I would be very grateful.
S Ayubi 15 Hillside Avenue Exeter EX4 4NW I will be doing a feature on comms before long, so I'll keep this answer quite short. Commercial games are available on Micronet, but so is masses of PD. The PD on bulletin boards is usually more up-tchdate than that from PD libraries. Speed of downloading is dependent on the speed of your, and the bulletin board's, modem - modem speed is referred to as the baud rate, 300 being the slowest and 9600 the fastest usually available. Look up JRComm, Ncomm and Access in the PD libraries - being PD they cost only the price of a disk.
It isn't necessary to subscribe to Micronet, but its a large online service, not a BB: Bbs are much smaller. The cheapest and best modem is better found by you than me Imodem prices vary a lot, even ones of the same type and model, between dealers). Get the cheapest, fastest Hayes compatible modem that you can find.
NO NEED I am considering upgrading my A500 (with a 512K expansion and a second disk drive) but am a bit confused by the number of different Amigas on the market (1500, 2000, 3000).
I want a machine that is IBM compatible as it would help me in my degree. I would also want a fairly quick hard drive disk (around 40-80 Mb and a speed of 18- 30ms). Later on I may also require a co-processor.
I have also heard about a new machine being developed by Commodore and would appreciate some help and details.
Sunil Sood Nottingham The A500 can have an IBM emulator board fitted - either the Bitcon KCS 'PC Powerboard' or the new (and as yet unreviewed) Silica Shop Vortex ATOnce board.
The ATOnce looks like being a corker - ifs AT standard and will only fit the A500. The Bitcon KCS board was reviewed in API 6, and provides some competition.
As for a hard dnve, check out t he Testbench section in AT 17 - the Xetec FastTrak is extremely nippy. If you want an accelerator card, the Mega Midget Racer reviewed in AF18 should fit your needs. Why get a different Amiga when the one you've got can do everything you need? As for a new model - you know more about it than we do!
GENLOCK AND KICKSTART I have bought a Minigen genlock device which works fine with a TV but not with my monitor (an ADF32, commonly supplied to Acorn computers). The monitor doesn’t have a UHF input, only SCART and TTL RGB DIN. The dealer who sold it to me assured that it would work fine with the Amiga. Is there any way of feeding the genlock signal into it?
As my machine is now at least three years old and is the Kickstart 1.2 version, how difficult is it and how much will it cost to upgrade to 1.3? Is it something that somebody with a reasonable grasp of electrics could tackle?
How much would it cost?
More serious stuff and less games please - I want to learn more about the Amiga.
John Smith Helston The fault lies with the Minigen - it’s no good blaming the monitor.
Monitors don't have the poor quality UHF input which is reserved for Tvs. You're going to have to buy a better genlock if you want to see decent results on a monitor.
Kickstart upgrades generally cost about £30 and are very easy to perform. Ifs just a case of removing the old chip and plugging the new one in. Companies generally sell kits for people to do it themselves. AF Issue 3 carried details, if you have it PREMIER MAIL ORDER Titles marked " are not yet available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Dept AF2, Trybridge Ltd., 8 Buckwins Sq., Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SSI3 1BJ Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail. These offers are available Mail Order only. Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Saturday 10am-lpm. Fax orders: 0268 590076. Tel orders: 0268 590766 1 2 Meg Upgrade ...... 1 2 meg Upgrade * Clock .
4D Boxing * .... 688 Attock Sub Adidas Football * . Airborne Ranger .. Amos Anarchy ... Armour Geddon • Assault on Alcatraz * ... ATF 2 • .... Awesome * ...... B AT •..... Bock to the Future 2 .... Bock to the Future 3 * . Badlands .. Barbarian (PAL) ... Bards Tale I or 2 Hint Book .
Bards Tale 2 ..... Bords Tole 3 * Batman the Movie . Battle Chess 2 * ... Battle Command * BotHemaster ... Betrayal " ...... Billy the Kid * ... Bionic Commondo Blade Warrior " ... Blue Max * ...... BSS Jane Seymour ...... Buck Rogers * .. Budokan . Captive .... Carthage * ...... Carrier Command . Cavadcr .. Chaos Strikes
Back * ... Chose HQ . Chase HQ 2 * . Chuck Yeager * Codename Iceman (1 Meg) Colonels Bequest (I Meg) Combo Racer ... Commando War * ... Conflict Conquest Camelol (I Meg) Corporation ... Crackdown ...... Cricket Captain Crime Wove * . Cruise For A Corpse * Curse o( Azure Bonds 11 Meg) * Damocles . Das
Boot * Days of Thunder ...... Death Trap * .... Deluxe Music Con. Kit .. Deluxe Paint 3 .... Deluxe Print 2 . Dick Tracy * ..... Deluxe Video 3 ...... Drogon Strike *.
Drogons lair 11 Meg) Dragons lair 2 -Singes Cos Dragons lair • Time Warp ' Drogons Wars * Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ..... Duster * ..... Dynamity Debugger • .. fogies Nest ..... Edition One ...... Elite Emlyn Hughes ... Emlyn Hughes Quiz * ... Epic ‘ ------- Escape from Colditz * ... Escape from Robot Monsters E-Swot • Eye of the Beholder 11 Meg ) F15 Strike Eagle 2 * ..... F16 Combat Pilot ... F19 Stealth Fighter ...... F29 Retaliator .. Falcon ..
Falcon Mission Disc 1 .. Falcon Mission Disc 2 ... Ferrari Formula 1 ... Final Battle * Fire ond Brimstone . Fireball * ... Flight of the Intruder * ... Flight Sim 2 ...... Flip It ond Magnose ...... Flood . Football Director 2 Ford Q8 Rally * Fun School 2 (6-8) 39 99 Fun School 2 I 1.99 II 99 16 99
16. 99 16 99 .16 99 .16 99 .16 99 16 99 1699 4 99 16 99 1499 16
99 29 99 1999 26 99 .16.99 19 99
16. 99 799 .. 4.99 13 99 16 99 . 16 99 16 99 ....5.99 .16 99 .16
99 799 . 14 99 ...9.99 .16.99 ...9.99
15. 99
19. 99 13 99 ...7.99 .5.99 .14.99 ...7.99
14. 99 .16.99 .19.99 .8.99 7 99
7. 99 5 99 .1699 .1699 .29 99 .19 99 .16.99 .16.99 .16 99
19. 99 16 99 16 99 21 99
16. 99 .16.99 .13 99 .16 99 14 99 ..16 99 .1999 ..1999 ..13 99 16
99 .16 99 49 99 16 99 .16 99 16 99 .16 99 .1699 .16 99 24 99
16. 99 .16 99 .16 99 .16 99 .16.99 ....7 99 .19.99 .16 99 .16 99
.19 99 .12.99 ..16.99 ..19.99 ..16.99 ... 7.99 .7.99 .19.99
.16.99 .16 99 over 8)... under 6).
5-7) over 7)... under 5).
44. 99 Fun School 2 16 99 Fun School 3 16 99 Fun School 3 16 99
Fun School 3 9 99 Future Wars 34 99 Gozza 2
* .. 13 99 Golden
Axe 26 99 Gold of Aztecs .16.99
Gremlins 2 .. .16.99
Grimblood .. 24 99 Gunboat
- .. 19 99
Gunship ..... 16 99 Hard Drivin 2
‘ .. 16 99 Heroes Quest 2 (1 Meg) . 13
99 Heroes ..... . . .7 99 Heroes
Quest (1 Meg) .... ...5.99 Hillsfor
...7.99 Hollywood
Collection ..... .16.99 Horror Zombies
* ... .16.99 Hounds of Shadow . .19
99 Hunter Killer 16 99 Hydra
* ...... 19 99
Impenum .... .19.99 Indionopolis
500 .16 99 Indy Jones Adventure .....
. .. 7 .99 Indy Jones Hint Book ...... .16.99 Int 3D
Tennis .....
19. 99 Int Soccer Challenge ...... .16.99
Interceptor .. 19 99 It Come From
Desert (1 Meg) .
.. 16.99 It Came From Desert Data...... 16 99 Ivanhoe ...... ..16.99 Jack Nicklous Extra Courses... .14 99 Jack Nicklaus Golf .. . 16.99 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf.. ..16.99 Judge Dredd ' ... ..16.99 Keel the Thief ..... ..16.99 Keef the Thief Hint Book . 16 99 Kennedy Approach . .29.99 Kick Off ...... . 29.99 Kick Off 2 11 Meg| ...... 16 99 Killing Game Show ..16.99 Knights of the Sky * . . .4.99 K O 2 ¦ Final Whistle ' .. .29.99 K.O 2 -
Giants of Europe ' ... . 16.99 K.O 2 - Return to Europe *.....
16. 99 K.O 2 • Winning Tactics ‘......
16. 99 leaderboard Birdie . .. 16.99 legend of Billy
Boulder ’ .16.99 leisuresuit larry 3 (I Meg).....
19. 99 leisuresuit larry 2 ... ..16.99
Lemmings* . .19.99 light
Force .. .16.99 line of
Fire* ...... .1699
loom ... . 69.99 lords of
Chaos * 59 99 lost
Patrol ... .69.99 Ml Tank
Platoon . ..16.99 Magic Fly "
..79.99 Magnum
4 .. 19 99 Matrix Marauders
" 26 99 Mean Streets * ... .
26.99 Microprose Soccer .. ..26.99 Midnight
Resistance .16 99 Midwinter
.. 16 99 MIG 29
* ... .16.99 Monty
Python ..... 16 99 MUDS
* 4 99
Murder ..16 99 Music
Xjnr . 14 99 Norc
* ...... 13 99 Navy
Seals* ..... .13.99
Nightbreed ...... .16.99 Nightbreed
RPG ... .16.99 Nightshift
* . 13 99 Nitro
* ...... 16 99 Obitus
* .... .19.99 Off Rood
Rocer . 19 99 Operation Harrier
* .16.99 Operation Stealth ... .
19.99 Operation Thunderbolt .. .16.99 Oriental
Gomes . 19 99
Outrun 13 99 Overrun (I Meg)
* ..... 13 99 Pang* .
7.99 Paradroid 90 ....
16. 99 Platinum* .. ..16.99 Player
Manager . .16.99 Ploting
...... .19.99 Pool of
Radiance ... .26.99
Populous .... .. 16.99 Populous
Promised lands...... .16.99
Powerdrome ......
12. 99 Powermonger * . 16 99 Predator 2 *
..... .11.99 Pro Tennis
Tour ..
Projecfyle Pnrxnir * ...
16.99 .....16 99 Rainbow Islands ..... Reach
for the Skies * ... 16 99 16 99
Resolution 101 16 99 Rick
Dangerous ...... 7 99 Rick Dangerous
2 ... .... 16 99 Robocop . 15
99 Robocop 2 * ... 16 99 Rock Star
Ate My Hamster .. 4 99 Rocky Horror Show
* .. 16 99 Rogue Trooper * Rolling Thunder
...... ... .16.99 .7 99 Rotator *
.... 16 99 Rotox .. .
16 99 RVF Hondo 9.99 Search for the King * .. Secret of Monkey Island * .. Secrets of Luftwaffe ’ .. 16 99 19 99 19 99 Shadow of Beast 2 . 26 99 Shodow of the Beast 14 99 Shadow Sorceror * . 1999 Shadow Warriors ... ......16.99 Sherman M4 ..... 16.99 Silent Service 9 99 Silkworm IV * 13 99 Sim City .... 19 99 Sim City Terrain ..... Skate or Die * . ......13 99 16 99 Skull and Crossbones * ...... 13 99 Sly
Spy 16 99 Soccer Mania * ...... . .16 99 Space Ace ...... 26 99 Speedball 2 * . .....16 99 Spellbound * .. ..... 16 99 Spiderman * . .. . .. . 16 99 Spy who loved me .. ......13 99 Star Trek V * ... 19 99 Starflight...... 16.99 Starflight Hint Book . ..5.99 Steven Hendry * ..... 16.99 Stratego * ...... 16.99
Strider 2 * ...... .16 99 Stun Runner * 16 99 Stunt Car Racer ...... 15 99 Subbuteo..... .16 99 Super Cars ...... 13 99 Supremacy * ... 19.99 Swords of Twilight ... ..7 99 Swords of Twilight Hint Book...... .5 99 Team Suzuki * . .....16.99 Team Yankee 19 99 Teenage Mutant Turtles ......16 99 Test Drive 2 ..... Test Drive 2 Colifornio Choi ......16.99 9 99
Test Drive 2 Muscle Cars ... 9 99 Test Drive 2 Super Cars ...... .. . 9.99 The Immortal ... . 16 99 Theme Park Mystery 999 Their Finest Hour ..... 19 99 Thunderstrike ......16 99 Tie Break 16 99 Time Machine ...... 1699 TNT ..... 19 99 Toki * .... 16 99 Tor vox The Warrior 1699 Total Recall * 16 99 Tournament Golf * .. 16 99 Toyota Celica * ...... . 16.99 Trocksuit Manager . 7 99 Turbo
Challenge ... 16 99 Turrican 2 *
16. 99 TV Sports Baseball * ... .....19.99 TV Sports
Basketball ......14 99 TV Sports
Football ... 12 99 Ultimate Ride
* ...... 19 99
UMS ... 1499 UMS
2 . 19.99 UN
Squadron .. 16 99
Untouchables 16.99 Vaxine
* .. 16 99 Walker
* ...... 16.99 Wheels of
Fire ...... ...... 1999 Wildfire
* . 19.99 Wings (1
Meg) ..... 19.99 Wings of Fury *
..... Wolf Pack
* .... 13 99 . 19 99 Wonderlabd
* 19 99 World Class
leaderboard ... .7 99 World Champ Soccer
* ...... .....16.99 Wrath of the Demon *
16 99 Xenomorph .... 16 99 v , , Xiphos
. 16 99 Zany
Golf ... ..7 99 Z-Out *
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Zany Golf, Bards Tale 2, Powerdrome, Ferrari Formula 1, Interceptor, Hounds of Shadow, Keef the Thief, Swords of Twilight JOYSTICKS Cheetah 1 25 ? - £6.99 Cheetah Mach 1 - £9.99 Quickjoy 2 Turbo - £9.99 Quickshot 3 Turbo - £9.99 Quickjoy Jetfighter - £ 10.99 BLANK DISCS Unbranded 10x3.5" DSDD - £5.99 20x3.5" DSDD £10.99 50x3.5" DSDD-£23.99 100x3.5" DSDD-£49.99 Branded - TDK
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commodore 1 ? IDEAL FOR 5‘s AND UP * 1 1 FIRST STEPS I EDUCATIONAL PACKAGE ¦ A500 Modulate* D-Pamt 2 D-Print 2 Pro-Write 2 5 info File .Music Master Lets Seell at Home Amiga logo Talking Turtle SBC Emulator Mouse Mouse Mat 10 blank disks Play books Workbench 1024K RAM £529 00 Atari Lynn t software . Sega M-Onve 16 bit ...... .ii 74 95 Sega Master System . £74 95 C64 Night Moves Pack . il49 95 C64 Mmdbenders Pack £149.95 C64 Games System ..... £9:- 5 Amstrad Games System m 95 I WORDPROCESSORS 1PCW8256 i424 95 I
1PCW8512 . £534 95 I 1PCW 9512 £ 564 95 I ¦Amstrad PC 1512 mono B • s w ... £449 95 1 |PC1512 colour •* s w...... £564.95 I , 500 SCREEN GEMS PACK £399.99 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £49.95 tfC MORE! Total RRP .¥'£500.. £364 OUR PRICE '«» %r*3et .
• asx of the Beast.
He Future II.
¦ Amiga *3000-25(100. 6MB £3145 ¦ Amiga *3000-25(40. 3MB £2895 ¦ Amiga B2000 latest UK modal £845 ¦ Amiga A1S00 as above, plus £945 2nd floppy. 0Pamr3. Works Platinum etc ¦ Amiga B2000 wtlh A2091 40MB £1295 Ouantum llrm autobool hard disk ¦ Amiga B2000 with A2286 PC-ATf 1 445 bridge board S si' disk drive
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Total RRP: £1054.48 £529 OUR PRICE I B2000 + XT Bridge Board + 20MB auloboot hard disk £1295!
¦ Amiga ASO0 v1.3 complete ... £349 ¦ KCS PC Power Board £299 ¦ RAM lot A500. Per MB . £48 ¦ Supra Modem 300-2400 baud £ 159 ¦ Supra 2400zl internal modem £ 159 ¦ A1084SD colour stereo monitor £259 ¦ 14" MulUSync monitor 1024*768 £475 ¦ NEW! A2320 de-iniorlacer £115 ¦ C8M 1270 inkjet 192 dpi 160 cps £225 ¦ HP DeskJet 500 ink|el. 300 dpi £495 ¦ HP PaintJet colour ink|eM60 dpi £925 ¦ Rendale 8802 Genlock £ 199 ¦ Rendale Pro Genlock £575 ¦ SketchMaster 18*12 dwg. Tablet. £595 1000 Ipl. With stylus A 4-bunon cursor ¦ FrameGrabber all colour modes, £549 overscan, up to 640*400 resolution ¦ A2620
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16 pages, double page view, lelesoftware loader. AutO-starVbackground operation... Pages can spoken, printed as ASCII or graphics, saved as ASCII or IFF files... And it turns your 1081 1064 6833 monitor Into a digital TV! Available now tor only £1391 All prices include VAT i Delivery All computers are genuine UK specification. All computers include a FREE HOLIDAY PACK Proprietor. Mart. A Cameron visa_ "viv p|eaSe make cheques PO s etc payable to POST EXPRESS Hlllcrest House, Suite 3. 49a Vlcari Road, London. E10 5EF.
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4TN Col charges 33p Per Min Cheap 44p Per Min AH Other Times
B AmlgaVlslon vi .53G £99 as B Dlglvlew Gold v4 0 99 as B PageFllpper ? F X 39 as B De Luxe Paint II 24 as B Fantavlslon 24.as B Walt Disney Animation Studio 99 as Powerful now version of popular CAD program 79.as Real broadcast quality titling with 4-level anti-aliasing 179 as The ultimate in video presentation, titling & effocts 209 as Choice of 5 sets of 4 anti-aliased fonts, per set. 89 as Latost fuB-feature vidoo tiller, includes Zuma fonts 89 as Vidoo presentation, special effects 4 transitions 54 as Smooth playback unlimited 3D effect combinations 129 as £259 as B RGB Splitter 69 as 89
as B ColourPIc Digitiser 475 .oo 59 as B SuperPIc Genlock Digitiser 595 oo ¦ Introcad Plus ¦ Broadcast Titter 2 ¦ Pro Video Post ¦ Pro Video font sots ¦ TV-Text Professional ¦ TV-Show v2 02 ¦ Video Effects 3D vi 2a B 3D Professional B Turbo Silver B The Art Department PRICE-BUSTING THE LEADING BRANDS Amiga specialists Commodore dealers since 1985 Our Own Service Division 041-332-0625 Scotlands Leading Micro Specialists T II E C Cl 11 PITER II E P O T 205 Buchanan Street. GLASGOW 041-332-3944 55 Clerk Street EDINBURGH 031-668-4146 Inshops Weilgate Centre, DUNDEE 0382-29653 Licensed Credit
Broker *Mail Order * IF YOU WANT IT TOMORROW... CALL US TODAY! ON 081-546-7258 BBB Prices are POST FREE 4 include VAT.
Order by phone with your credit card, or send chegue PO or your credit card number We welcome official orders.
Software sent samo-day by 1st Class post, but please allow five days for hardware delivery, unless overnight.
* Brings your Amiga up to 1 Meg in seconds.
A590 Hard Disk RAM UPGRADE 5I2K L74.99I I Mb £47.99 I I 2Mb £H9.99 | Carriage Free
* Reliable, fast, high quality chips on a robust through plated
P.C.B. Do not confuse with cheaper, inferior products.
* NEW!! PRO-R.IM PxttS ChipMem Option £34 ONLY +£2 Postage OR
WITH CLOCK CALENDAR ONLY £39.99 +£2 Postage ONLY '.99 4-£2
Postage Get the most from your AMIGA.
? Memory Upgrade & clock ? Dust Cover ? Lockable Disk Box ? Mouse Mat ? Drive Head Cleaner ? Zip Stik Joystick ? Ten Disks full of Amazing lmeg Demos Only £f Q.99 Carr. £3.00 Everything Commodore left out of the box EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your AMIGA Amazing ASTRA PACK Ten superb games - all received rave reviews - NEW from 70% - 95% Datastorm £1995 Dungeon Quest £2495 E-Motion £19 95 Grand Monster Slam £19.95 Kid Gloves £24.95 Powerplay £19.95 RVF Honda £24 95 Shufflepuck Cafe £19.95 Soccer £24.95 Tower of Babel £24.95 Total Retail Value £224.50 Blank Disks We sell only the
highest quality blank media 100% certified and made in Japan. Each disk is guaranteed for life.
Sony Branded Bo* 10 £12.99 Wllh INKK. Disk lhi« I K)1 Unbranded BULK PRICES
50. ......£19.99 IOO .....£37.99 10 with box (40)
..£9.99 Add £2 posLigc per order PLUS ?
Baal ? Dynasty Wars ? Gravity ? Hammerflst ? Menace ? Ninja
Spirit ? Tetris ? Tusker ? Shadow of the Beast ? Running Man
Amiga SCREEN GEMS Pack Contains
• i ip aviUlat Ul1 w ir*rr r I hr rl|hi OUR PRICE e499"
Carriage FREE W°“" ©Gat? Lcio "Best Buy" budget printer Only
£169 .99 New Colour Printers ©Gat? LC200 Only £219 .99 ©Gat?
LC24 - 200 Only £329 .99 CUMANA MM DRIVES the BEST NAME in Disk
Drives Legendary Quality Great Styling Total Compatibility
Fully Guaranteed Outstanding Spec A 99 Carriage & insurance
£2.00 NOW Only £64 AMIGA MEGAPACK the 1 MEG AMIK&A pack
Exclusive to Softeoare Sufierutfone With EVERY Amiga A500 ?
Or ? FLIGHT OF FANTASY ? Pack (see left lor individual pack details) you get- ? 1 Meg of Memory & clock ? Workbench ? TV Modulator ? Mouse ? Mouse mat ? Lockable disk box ? 10 disks full of Amazing 1 meg Demos ? Microswitched Joystick ? Astra Pack Software MAIL ORDER:- HOTLINE (0782) 204639 OR FAX (0782) 202269 Carriage: All goods senl by post. Add EXTRA £8 per major item for Courier or £10 for Next Day POST lo Unii 7a Oldham St., Hanley. STOKE on TRENT, ST1 3EY. Callers welcome ui our shops ? Shadow of the Beast II ? Back to the Future II ? Days of Thunder ? Nightbreed ? Deluxe Paint II ?
AMIGA A500 Computer ? Modulator ? Mouse ? Workbench software ? FREE holiday accomodation ? FREE ASTRA PACK (sec above) Only £399.99 inc carriage Exclusive Connoisseur Software Collection QMS.
STOKE-ON-TRENT 11 Market Square Arcade.
Hanley. Stoke on Trent Manager Adrian Tel: 0782 268620 Open 6 Days SHEFFIELD 6 Waingate. Sheffield Manager: Roy Tel 0742 721906 Open 6 days ST HELENS 27 Baldwin Street.
St Helens Manager Adrian Tel 0744 27941 Closed Thursday STOCKPORT 6 Mealhouse Brow (Oft Little Underbank).
Stockport Manager Ray Tel 061 480 2693 Open 6 Days WARRINGTON The Courtyard 50 Horsemarket Street Manager Adrian Tel 0925 232047 Open 6 Days PAZAZ!
Everything for your Amigas at real sexy prices!
c modems video scanners printers monitors disk drives ram software & books.
Try our 24 hours viewdata bulletin board on 0383 620259. Browse through our online catalogue and order direct with credit card.
A500 Packs
- £365 A1500 Pack
- £1099 B2000
- £980 A3000’s
- Ring .5 Mb Ram
- £39 1-5Mb Ram
- £135
3. 5“ Ext Drive
- £59 Pnces include Vat and Ring for quotes on repairs Delivery
(UK) 1084DS Monitor
- £245 Swift 9 Printer
- £199 Swift 24 Printer
- £299 Add £30 for colour upgrade Pazaz Viewdata Systems 14
your Amiga with a dust cover from the BBD Professional Range.
Made from best quality proofed nylon that has been treated with a flame retardant and an anti-static inhibitor. BBD Dust Covers are tastefully finished with contrasting piping. They never crack, discolour, tear or fade. They can be washed and ironed. So confident are BBD of the quality that they give a noquibble guarantee with every cover.
BBD dust covers are not expensive and all our prices include VAT and P&P Amiga 500, Keyboard only £5.50 Amiga 1000, one piece cover ...£8.50 Amiga 2000, two piece set .....£11.95 In addition to the above BBD offer a wide range of other covers.
These include printer covers from only £6.25 Why not contact us for further details DUST Standish r«„r do Centre’ Cr0SS Street LUVbnb standish, Wigan, WN6 OHQ Telephone: 0257 425839 ext 34 Fax: 0257 423909 Sheer Perfection in Computer Protection 160A DRAKE STREET ROCHDALE LANCS.
OLI6 IPX Tel: 0706 43519 AMIGA BOOKS & HARDWARE RAMSOFT AMIGA 3D GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING LN BASIC Details ihe techniques and ¦logarithm for wnung 3D programs AMIGA BASIC INSIDE & OUT The definitive step- by-step guide to programming the Amiga Basic AMIGA MACHINE LANGUAGE Introduction to 68000 machine language in easy to undetstand terms AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS Explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain English AMIGA TRICKS & TIPS A valuable collection of software tools & programming hints.
AMIGA c FOR BEGINNERS An introduction to learning the popular C Language AMIGA C FOR ADVANCED PROGRAMMERS An advanced guide-to programming the Amiga, using the C language AMIG A SYSTEM PROGRAMMERS GUIDE A Comprehensive guide tc ihe inner working of your Amiga £I8.95(D) £12.95 £ 16.50(D) £ 12.95(D) :'- =££14.95(D| £29.95(D| £14.95(D)' £29.95(D) 3£ AMIGA PRINTERS AMIGA DOS 'INSIDE & OUT An in depth guide to AmigaDOS and the
INC NEW K'S 2 £16.95(D)?- MORE TRICKS & TIPS Another collection of . .iluablc programming hints 4i techniques for all Amiga user* AMIGA GRAPHICS INSIDE & OCT A comprehensive book for understanding 6i using Amiga graphics AMIGA DISK DRIVES INSIDE & OCT A practical guide to Amiga’s Disk Drive operations MUSIC ON THE AMIGA Understanding and using the Amiga's powerful built in music capabilities.
AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO GUIDE The most (borough gu)de lo video on the Amiga INSIDE & OCT Understanding and using vour printer more effectively £14.95(0)?- 3 £24.50(0)5; £24.95(D)?
£16.95 £28.50(DI £28.50(D) Kids & The Amiga ....Compute:-13.50 Elementary AM. Basic ...(D) .Compute:-12.95 Advanced Amiga Basic ..(D) .Compute:-16.95 Amiga Applications .CD) .Compute:-14.95 Amiga Prog's Guide (D) .Compute:-14.95 Inside Amiga Graphics ..(D) .Compute:-14.95 Addison Weslev Technical Books: Includes & Autodocs:-....! ...£28.95 Libraries Devices:- ...£29.95 Hardware Reference
Manual:- .£21.95 SPECIAL OFFER Complete Set .. .Only:- £70.00 First Book of Amiga .Compute:- 14.95 Learning C Prg Graphics .(D).....Compute:-17.95 Csing Dpaint II ...Compute:-17.95 2nd Book of the Amiga .....Compute:-14.95 Inside the Amiga with C ...Sams:- £16.50 Amiga Prg Handbook Vol I ? 2 ..Sybex:- £22.00 ALI. BOOKS MARKED WITH (D) HAVE COMPANION DISK S ONLY £9.95. PRINTERS IN OUT. DISK INC IN BOOK PRICE.
Please Note. All book prices include postage in the UK. S. Ireland. Please add £ 1.00 per item. Overseas please call or write.
Special rates for Government & School University orders.
HARDWARE AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS Includes:- W' B 1.3, Extras, Tutorial Disks, Mouse, P.S.U, TV Modulator, All leads and manuals.
Software:- Back to the Future II, Beast II. Days of Thunder, Night Breed, Dpaint II.
Extras: Metal Award Badge & CDTV Teeshirt. 10 Disks Only £359.00 EDUCATIONAL PACKS Class of 90s or First Steps Only £529.00 STAR LC200 PRINTER The New Star Colour Mono Printer Includes Ribbon & Lead.
Only £215.00 PHILIPS CM8833 Mark II version New Style Colour Monitor Incl Lead Only £245.00 All Hardware prices are inclusive of VAT. Please add £4.00 for 3-4 day courier service or £7.00 for next day. Please call for price on items not l.=:ed ALL ITEMS DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 HRS DEPENDENT ON AVAILABILITY & CHEQUE CLEARANCE. PERSONAL CALLERS WELCOME ACCESS VISA STYLE CARDS ACCEPTED. OPEN 10.00-6.00PM MON-SAT E. & O.E QUALITY GUARANTEE All our products carry ourtull replacement no quibble guarantee REMEMBER III We only supply Quality Beware of cheap imitations All Pncee inc VAT Pteaae add £2.96
P&P per Oder Next Day delivery £10.00
BOXES BANXBOX holds 90 3.5‘disks can be stacked horizontally
and vertically 1 off ......£9.00 each 3
+ ..£8 50 each 5
+ ..£8.00 each THE AMAZING POSSO BOX
holds 150 3.5" disks & can be stacked horizontally or
vertically only £15.95 AMAZING OFFERS ON
3. 5" DSDD DISKS 25 DSDD 135 tpi ....£10.95 50
DSDD 135 tpi ....£20.95 75 dsdd 135
tpi ....£30.95 100 DSDD 135
tpi ..£39.95 SPECIAL OFFER 200 DSDD DISKS &
£Q-| 2 X 1 00 CAP. BOXES AMIGA 512K (0.5 meg.)
RAM EXPANSION only £35.00 (including battery backed clock & disable switch) KICKSTART CARD £19.95 VIRUS PROTECTOR...£19.95 BOOT SELECTOR £14.95 DATEL ACTION REPLAY (The ultimate cartridge) only £57.95 DISK STORAGE BOXES FOR BULK BUYERS
3. 5" DSDD 135tpi DISKS
500. .£187.50
750. .£269.95
1000. ......£330.00
3. 5' 100 CAPACITY £5.50
3. 5’ 50 CAPACITY .£5.00
5. 25' 100 CAPACITY.. .£5.50 All the above have lock & dividers
3. 5* 10 CAPACITY... ...£0.95 or 10 for .£7.50
£1:00 off Standard 50 or 100 capacity boxes when ** purchased
with disks **
3. 5* HIGH DENSITY DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
10. .£9.95
25. ...£24.45
50. ...£47 50
75. ...£69 75
100. ...£89.95 inc. Labels LIMITED OFFER ONLY
5. 25’ DSDD DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
50. .....£12.95
100. .....£23 95
150. .....£35 25
200. .....£45 95 Labels &Errvelopes supplied
only £69.95 100 5.25’ DSDD only £59.95
5. 25* DSHD DISKS All disks 100% cert & error free
50. .....£22.45
100. .....£43 95
150. .....£62 95
200. .....£79.95 Labels &Envelopes supplied
3. 5-DSDD
25. ..£13.25
50. ..£24.45
75. ..£36.95
100. ..£46.95
200. ..£89.95
500. £199.95
1000. ...£369.95 RAINBOW PACK DISKS (Red. Green,
Blue, Yellow, Orange & While)
3. 5' DSDD (100% error free) 25 DSDD 135tpi £15.45
50 DSDD 135tpi £29 45 75 DSDD 135
tpi ......£42 95 100 DSDD 135 tpi ....£55.95
5. 25 DSDD (100% error free) 25 DSDD £10
45 50 DSDD £18.95 75
DSDD £27.95 100
and very quiet only £59.95 ATARI 3.5' EXTERNAL DRIVE Slimline
and very quiet (Requires no external power supply) only £59.95
3. 5' CLEANING KIT .....£1 8(
5. 25' CLEANING KIT ..... .....£1 8( AMIGA DUST
COVER ... .....£3.95 ATARI DUST COVER .....
....£3.95 2 PIECE PRINTER STAND... .....£6.9f LABELS oer 1000
5000..... . .£12 95 NAVIGATOR £12 95 KONIX
MONO ...... ....£3.50 STARLC10 COLOUR .. ....£6.95
MUSIC DEMO S 100 s of disks from £1.20 per disk 10 Public
Domain disks in storage box £9.95 SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE
P. D. disks are inclusive of p&p HIGH QUALITY DISKETTES P*.
SI 28p 5 g| 22p 5 3 S| 42p .. PLASTIC 3 2 LIBRARY 51 4
CASES o 00 :A STORAGE BOXES 31 2 40 cap ...£4.20 31 2 80
cap.. £4.60 P 51 4 50 cap ...£4.40 51 4 100 cap £4.90 Philips
8833 II ....£249.99 Commodore I084SD£269.99
0. 5Mb no clock ....£34.99
0. 5Mb with clock ..£39.99 PRINTERS CABLE I ¦ ¦¦¦¦» 1
kllw WMUkki MISCELLANEOUS Citizen 1200 £144.99 I
IrilWVkkkMllkVWaJ Star LC10 ....£159 99 Panasonic 1180
£179.99 Star LC200 Col ..£219.99 Panasonic 1124 £259.99 PSU
tor Amiga £39 99 Mouse .....£25.00 Megaboard
Joystick ..£19 99 20 disks 3 5 DSDD £9.99 EURODATA ZX QUAKERS
- ARBOROUGH _SC LE16 7LT . 0858 433992 :XX 0858 432549 RING FOR
Screen Gems, Deluxe Paint II, Days of Thunder, Back to the Future II, Shadow of the Beast, The Night Breed, Mouse, TV Modulator.
Same price ¦ Flight of Fantasy Class of the 90's, First Steps, Deluxe Paint II, Deluxe Print II, Prowrite 2.5, Info File, Music Master, Let s Spell, Amiga Logo, Talking Turtle, BBC Emulator, Mouse, Modulator, Mouse Mat, 10 Blank Disks STARTER PACK 1 PRINTER PACK Mouse Mai. Dusl Cover, Megablaster, Joystick. 10 disks in library case £15.
(with Amiga) Spare black ribbon, dust cover. 200 sheets of computer paper. 100 labels.
£10 (with printer) WEST LONDON SHOWROOM Ealing Computer Centre, 19 Oueene Parade, Ealing. London, WS SHU. Tel: 081-991 0928
• Couner delivery ot set £10 • All otters subiect to availability
• E&OE • Visa e Access • Corner ot Hangar Lane (North Circular)
and Queens Drive e Nearest Tube North Ealing e Easy Parking.
Above prices only when purchased together with any monitor and printer. Add 5% when purchased with printer or monitor, on its own add 10%. All prices include VAT.
Photon Paint I .£9.99 Kmdwords 2 .£39.99 Protext 4.2 £69.95 K-Data ......£37.99 K-Spread 2 ...£44.99 Music-X ..£169.99 MANY GAMES IN STOCK DRIVES I UPGRADES
3. 5 Internal Cumana..£59.99
3. 5 External Cumana £64.99 Amiga 20Mb HDX369 99 SOFTWARE PROTON
SOFTWARE Tel: 0462 686977 24 Hour. FAX 0462 673227
• • Great Courts, Slunl Car Racer.
M Fighter Bomber, Kick Off, 2 Superski IllllllllllllllllllllllXlflllllllllllllllllllllXIIIIlXIIIIIIIIIIIIIXIIIIIIIIII 3IIIIXXXXXIXIXIIIXIIIXIIXI XXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXXXXXXXXI I WHEELS OF FIRE £16 99 Turbo Outrun, Powerdrifi, Hard Drivin', Chase H.Q. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, POWER PACK £19.99 inc. Xenon II. Lombard RAC Rally.
TV Sports Football, Bloodwych XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SPECIAL OFFER CORPORATION PLUS MISSION DISK £27.50 XXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXXXIXXIXXXXJ SPECIAL OFFER I] MANCHESTER UTD. | £12.99 ixxiiiiiiiiixiiixiiiiixixii AMIGA 568 Attack Sub .... £1699 A-OS . £35 00 a- Heads ... £9 99 Axymc Robokid ..... .£16.99
* *esome .. £24 99 Sack To The Future II .£16.99
Badlands .. £16 99 raance 01 Power 1990 £1699
Battle Chess . £1699 Bariemaster .
£1999 Battle Ships .. ...£9 99
Befayal .... £16.99 Bock
Out .. .£13.99 B oodwych Data Disc.
.£11.99 B oodwych .£16.99 Bomber ..... .£16.99 3otics . ...£9.99 3reach 2 ... .£16.99 3SS Jane Seymour . .. .£16.99 Budokan ... .£16.99 Cadaver .... .£16.99 Captive ..... .£16.99 Can up ...... .£15.99 Castle Master ...... £16.99 Champions of Krynn £19 99 Chaos Strikes Back £1699 Chase HQ . £16 99 Chase HQ II .. £1699 Cheetah 125* Joystick £8 99 Chess Champion 2175 £17.99 Combo Racer ...... £1699
Corporation .. £1599 Cyberball .. .£14 99 Damocles £15.99 Days of Thunder ... .£14.99 AMIGA Dick Tracy ..£19 99 Double Dragon II ...£16 99 Drannn Flmht f 1Q 99 AMIGA Indy Jones (the advem).£22.99 Indy Jones (the arcade|£16.99 intestation ...£16 99 Dragons Breath £19 99 Dragon Breed ......£19 99 Dragon Wars £16 99 Dungeon Master: 1 megl £22.99 Elite .....£16 99 Intacl ......£12.99 International 3D Tenms.£16 99 International Championship
Wrestling .....£16.99 International Soc. Chal. £16.99 Elvira Mistress ol Dark £19 99 Ivanhoe ......£17.99 Epic ...£16 99 Jack Nicklaus Golf .£16.99 European Superleague £13 99 F16 Combat Pilot £16 99 F19 Stealth Fighter £19 99 F29 £16.99 Judge Dredd ...£13.99 Kick OKU ....£13 99 Kings Quest Triple .£19.99 Klax ......£14 99 Fiendish Freddy .£16.99 Fire & Forget II £16.99 Flight Sim II .£28.99 Flimbo's
Quest £16.99 Flood ...£16.99 Knights ol Chnstalion... £22.99 Knights ol Legend ..£19.99 Lasl Ninja II .£16.99 Leisure Suit Larry III £27.99 Leisure Suit Larry II......£26.99 Fun School 3 ..£16.99 Future Basketball ...£16.99 Gazza II .£16.99 Ghouls S Ghosts ...£16 99 Giants ...£23.99 Lemmings ...£19.99 LHX Attack Chopper.....£34.99 Lile and Death £19.99 Loom ..£16.99 Loopz ..£19.99 Golden Axe .£16.99
Lords ol Chaos ......£16.99 Gremlins II . .. £16 99 Lost Patrol .£16 99 Gunship ...£16 99 Lotus Esprit ...£16 99 Hard Drivin ..£13 99 Harley Davidson ....£19 99 Helter Skelter £13 99 Ml Tank Platoon ....£19.99 Mad Prolessor Mariarti ...£12.99 Magic Fly ......POA Heroes .£19 99 Hound Ot Shadow .£17 99 Hum For Red October £19.99 Immortal .....£16.99 Impossamole .£16.99 Manchester United £16.99 Mavis Beacon Typing . £19 99 Mean Sir
eels ..£16 99 Midnight Resistance.....£16.99 Midwinter ....£22 99 AMIGA AMIGA Midwinter II ... £1999 Monty Python ...... £13.99 Murder . £16 99 Navigator. Auto . £8 99 Nitro POA Neuromancer..... £16 99 North and South £16 99 Oops Up .. £19 99 Operation Stealth ... £16.99 Operation Thunderbolt. £16.99 Operation Harrier POA.
Oriental Games . £19.99 Pang .. £16.99 Photon Paint II .... £19.99 Pipemania £16.99 Pirates .... .£16.99 Planet ol Robot Monsters £16.99 Plotting ..... £16.99 Populous .. .£16.99 Powermonger ..... £19.99 Puzznic £16.99 Rainbow Islands . £16.99 Red Storm Rising...... £16.99 Rick Dangerous II . £16 99 £16 99 £1599 £14 99 £1699 £17 99 £24 99 £16 99 £1999 £8 99 £1699 £28 99 £29.99 POA £1699 £1999 .POA £1699 £1399 £1699 £1499 £19 99 £1999 Robocop II . Rogue
Trooper ..... RVF Honda Sami Dragon .. Shadow 01 The Beast Shadow ot the Beast 2 Shadow Wamors Sim City ..... Sim City Terrain Editor Simulcra ... Space Ace Space Quest III .... Speedball II Spindizzy 2 ... Sporting Gold ...... Street Hockey Stunrunner .. Subbuteo .... Summer Camp.. Super Cars . Supremacy . Team Yankee It the product you're looking torts not here give us a call. 1000’s more titles in stock Orders under £10.00. please add 50p per
item p&p Products in stock usually sent same day.
PRODUCT FORMAT COST PO Cheques payable to.
PROTON SOFTWARE New releases sent on day ol release NAME ADDRESS .
LETCHWORTH. HERTS SG6 1HL Tel (0462) 686977 Fax (0462) 673227 AMIGA Teenage Mutant Nin|a Turtles ..£19.99 The Final Whistle ...£9.99 The Spy Who Loved Me .£13.99 Torvak the Wamor .£16.99 Tolal Recall .£16.99 ToyolaCelica ..£16.99 Tnad 3 ..£22.99 Turn II .£13.99 Tumcan £16.99 TV Spons Basketball ....£22.99 TV Spons Football .£22.99 UN Squadron ...P.O.A. Ultimate Golt ...£16.99 Vaxine ..£16.99 Viking
Child .£16.99 Wayne Gretzky ......£17.99 Welltris .£16.99 Wheels Ot Fire £19.99 Wings ...£19.99 Wings ol Fury .£16.99 World Cup Compilation.£16.99 Wrath ol the Demon P.O. A. Xenomorph £16.99 THIRD COAST !X TECHNOLOGIES Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 OXQ Tel: (0257) 472444 Fax: (0257) 426577 IrJefeU) 'Xetec hard drives offer the ultimate In terms of performance for the Amiga A500 Xetec 'Faster than any other competitor 'Transfer rates of upto
800K S 'Supports tape backup & networking under SCSI 'Support of up to 8Mbytesof auto-configuring ram 'Compact host adapter with 1 metre connection cable 'Comescomplete with 40 management utilities & manual XdM A)900: Hard Drive St Ram Prioing Faster Than Any Other Competitor 'Amiga Computing" ICD ADV 2000 Ifefd Drives Xelec 50MB 25 Milli Head Park.
Xelec 65MB 25 Milli Head Park. .
Xelec 85MB 25 Milli Head Park. .
Xelec K56MB 15 Milli Head Park.
Xelec 330MB 15 Milli Head Park.
. .£59999 Xelec Ram .
£12999 . £22999 .£34999 . £49999 . £999.99 . . £69999 Xelec 15MB .
. . £79999 Xelec 2MB . .£99999 Xelec 4MB .£1999 00 Xelec 8MB Advantage 2000 SCSI performance hard drive controller. Supports transfer rates of up to 900K S. Fully autobooting supporting all embedded SCSI drives & SCSI ST506 controllers. The ADV controler also supports optical drhes.
Tape streamers & removable media drives. Cache buffering & 20 nanosecond GAL logic make this the fastest controller commercially available lor the Amiga 2000 series. Programmable memory cache buffering is also available.
ADV will support a drive In the landing bay or on the side ol the card.
I 'Supports all embedded haid drives 'supports up to 4Mbytes of fast ram '2-3 times faster than the A590 'Autoboot roms as standardises fastfile 'Compact design dips into side of Amiga A500 'Memory expandable in 512K, 1MB. 2MB steps 'Unique design allows controller & drive to be used with an Amiga 2000 should you ever upgrade mint 8 m icm ADV 2000 Hard Driwo Prioing 22MB 25 M 5 auto hood pork & lock £34999 32M8 25 M 5 auto haod pork 4 lock £39999 50M6 25 M 5 auto hood pork & lock £44999 65MB 25 M S outo hood park & lock £54999 85MB 25 M S auk) lleod park* lock £59999 106MB 15 M S outo head
pork & loci £49999 330MB 15 M S auto head park & lock £199999 SI5Q4 controller (MIM & Rlt) £9999 16MHr 68000 turbo accelerator for the A500 and Y0MM* Accelerator A2000. Offers minimum 95* speed Increase tt&tj Aceeieraioit krwmi press across the board on all software. Fully compatible coll tor detain Sc unlike a 68020 a fraction ol the cost 'Supportsany 3.5' SCSI drive 32MB Trumpcord 25 Milli Aulo Park A500. £39999 Trumpcord Kit. £19999 Mela 4-2MB £29999 Mela 4 - 4MB .£49999 * 50MB Trumpcord 25 Milli Aulo Park A500 .£479.99 106MB Trumpcord 25 Milli Aulo Park A5QO. £79999 Amiga Floppy Drivaa
irtarnoi floppy J»m» equips no coie modification external 84 track nirrvne dnve with coble h iwitch Expa”"0" ICD AdRAM1 Intamol Floppy £5999 Ixtornal Floppy £5999 AdRAM 540 wilh 2MB . .£16999 AdRAM 540 wilh 2.5MB. £19999 AdRAM 540 wilh 3 5MB £29999 AdRAM 540 with 4 5MB. £33999 AdRAM 540 unpopulated. £79.99 AdRAM 540 with 1 2MB .£8999 AdRAM 540 wilh 1MB . .£109.99 AdRAM 540 wilh 1.5MB. .£124.99 pro G«n,OCk8 If£*49-99 Pro-Genlock offering video in & out.
RGB & PAL out. Built in lader.
External colour & contrast controls.
Supllied with manual and features that leave the Rendale standing ICD AdRAM
- 'AMi&y £499-99 Pro-Genlock with built in PSU. Built in RGB
splitter. Video in & out also RGB & PAL out. Built In key
Inverter. Allows digitised results to be stored and overiayed
onto any VHS recorder. Tide and animate any video.
£284.99 AdRAM A2000 Unpopulated .£14999 AdRAM A2000 2MB installed.
AdRAM A2000 4MB installed . .£44999 AdRAM A2000 6MB installed AdRAM A2QOO 8MB installed ,£89999 £69999 ~ " £99-99 X-Specs 3D glasses. Allowing 3D images on your Amiga. Supplied to modify existing games & applications.
A must lor CAD & Digitising software.
All prices ate subject to change without notice.
' *•*•««* ’ ' r-»- Tt
- .0 C ,. I,,. Sit-.
Why Oh Why?
PI Mail your to scribblings to BOB WADE, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW. It could earn you a binder and any other paraphernalia lying around the Amiga office. No personal correspondence will be entered in to.
FEBRUARY 199 1 AMI s 3X5 99% of the leisure soft- roustry ignore any Amiga r-g .ration other than the basic
- ; X sometimes with two floppy t« "afce F-29 Retaliator, every
e »ant to fly a mission, I have »ac Osks four hmes.
- a.e now decided not to buy
- we software until software x-oanies recognise and resolve .
Complaint. The industry is gang to lose the revenue of like-
- nded people unless they correct
- s aberration.
It is unacceptable, it ruins the game and is just bad program- _ ng. Furthermore, I have been
- cable to make a back-up and if Ocean think that I am going to
pay the game with my master disks write enabled (so that I can
save pilot stabstics), they have another thing coming. There
are sountless examples of similar games that exhibit this
Now, with new Amiga models with faster and different processors, the increasingly wide use and variety of hard disk systems, and different RAM expansions, there is no excuse for manufacturers to fail to take advantage of each machine's capabilities.
'Impossible!" They cry, “We can't be expected to cope with all the different machines out there".
What nonsense. All you have to do is use AmigaDOS to do file I O for you, rather than writing custom routines to read tracks from a disk individually. AmigaDOS is there to be used, it is the best micro-OS available and allows programs to utilise a machine’s particular potential to the full.
There are of course objections to using AmigaDOS, each of which crumbles to insignificance under the faintest scrutiny.
Firstly, “It is too slow!" Well, OK, if you want to fill in a triangle on-screen there are quicker ways than using the AreaFill functions.
But you are not proscribed from writing your own code to do so.
The fact that functions exist which do the same job, albeit slower, does not force you to use them.
Secondly: “Multitasking slows down the machine and makes game timing difficult!" You can close down AmigaDOS, recover a lot of memory and have complete control of the machine with a couple of simple calls. Dave Jones illustrated one method of doing ) this in his articles; programs request the memory they need in a legal fashion, close down AmigaDOS, do what they want, and then simply restart it when it has finished.
And finally: "It makes the game easy to copy!" Not true.
Now I believe game protection is a waste of time, pirates can very easily break it and as pirated versions circulate before originals get into the shops they do not even offer the game one or two months of shelf-life before pirates become available (this is the most common defence for protection). Anyway look at some of the first games to become available for the Amiga (in fact, the first three that I bought).
Carrier Command: This loads from a protected disk in one action and does not need access to the disk thereafter. What is more, it has password protection (and timed checksums). This is OK in my book, at least it does not access the disk during play, and the protection does not get in the way of the game. It cannot be installed on a hard disk, which is a pity, but this does not matter as no further loads are required.
Ferrari Formula 1: This comes on an AmigaDOS disk and thereafter only accesses the disk if there is not enough RAM to load it all (ie with 1Mb there are no accesses). With a bit of effort it can be installed on a hard disk (this is not for the uninitiated or faint-hearted however). The protection? The excellent key-disk method is used, in this case the user must enter the original disk, when the program checks a few reserved blocks on the disk. Once this is checked, the program runs beautifully with no other checks. I cannot make a complete working back-up of the disk (ie a potentially
pirate copy), but I can use an AmigaDOS-Duplicated version and pop my original into the drive for the protection check.
F A-18 Interceptor. Comes on an AmigaDOS disk; can be duplicated: protection by the codewheels and checksums. Can also be installed on a hard disk with a lot of effort, still needs the codewheel to be used. In this case the protection is a bit of a pain as you have to keep resorting to the wheel, but this is tied in nicely with the game scenarios.
These three examples are far from ideal, but are better than current offerings because they utilise extra memory to reduce disk accesses or offer extra features, and are still protected from pirating but this does not affect the gameplay. F-29 (as an example, though is no worse than many others) does not utilise extra memory, because the protection cannot be installed on a hard disk, and is rendered unplayable because of the number of swaps required per game, and the need to leave masterdisk write enabled.
For all these reasons, I have decided not to buy any software unless it uses any extra memory to completely remove the necessity for disk swaps: it can be installed on a hard disk; works correctly with faster and better processors eg 68020, and can be easily backed up.
It is up to us, as users, to vote with our wallets and avoid software which does not perform as required, and up to mags like AF to tell us which programs can be installed on hard disks or utilise extra memory, and to slate those which are virtually unplayable on single - floppy systems.
Phil Brown Epsom, Surrey In Issue 17 I saw the article on “can't copy" in Workbench by Pat Macdonald. I also have found that most of my software won't let me make a back-up copy. I was going to write to you and ask why but I am afraid John Barnes from Chingford beat me to it.
Now I understand software houses such as Oceanand Elite protect there products, understandably I suppose. But once again pirates spoil it for everyone else. I think software houses should let us know the product can’t be copied, to save us the time trying to copy it. My point is why can't software houses make back-up copies for us. If we sent them a blank initialised disk they could make a back-up copy still protected for us.
John Shaw Chesterfield Another good idea, has anyone else got any suggestions?
The problems we are suffering now are a hangover from the days of tape-based loading systems and I agree with you that things are going to have to change. If software houses and programmers expect the public to regard them as professional outfits then they are going to have to do several things: make backing up master disks possible, make replacing corrupted disks easier, take advantage of multi-disk and hard-disk systems and use available memory. Most US produced PC software is done this way as a matter of course and that's the way it will have to be over here, otherwise I fear you may
not be the only one who refuses to pay money for ‘amateurish’ games.
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Ever tned flying into the ruddy rirz b-t all to no avail. Can any- xe tnere help me?
RN Witten Leicestershire
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The Office of Fair Trading, the official consumer watchdog, is currently investigating the price of compact discs, after allegations that record companies have been "profiteering". Should not software companies have to answer a similar charge over the price of computer games for 16- bit machines?
The argument is simple. The price of a CD is broadly made up of three elements: production recording, the cost of materials and reproduction and profit. Records, cassettes and compact discs are all produced from the same original masters.
The respective costs of the material for each of the formats are also comparable. It costs less than £1 to produce a CD. Why, then, does a newly-released album cost around £12 on compact disc but only about £8 on a record or cassette?
The same argument can be applied to 16-bit games. The cost of developing an individual game, as such, is a particular figure, regardless of the formats in which it is eventually released.
We are frequently told 16-bit games cost considerably more to develop than 8-bit games.
Accepted. But, more often than not, games are originally developed on 16-bit games machines and are then converted into the respective 8-bit formats. By this argument, 8-bit games should be more expensive than 16-bit games, having the additional cost of conversion.
As for the cost of materials, the standard 3.5 inch disks used by the 16-bit machines are no more expensive, if not cheaper, than the basic materials used for 8-bit machines; such as cassettes and Amstrad's non-standard 3 inch disks, for example.
Why, then, do newly-released games cost downwards of £12.99 for 8-bit machines and upwards of £19.99 for 16-bit machines? And why do the'same games cost less in America?
Record companies have argued that albums sell fewer copies on CD than on record or cassette. Software companies argue that games sell fewer copies in 16-bit formats than in 8- bit formats. Each one of these arguments has been dramatically eroded in recent months. Annual CD sales have rocketed from 29 million to 48 million in the last two years, during which time record sales have plummeted by 40%. In recent months, Commodore Amigas have reportedly been the best-selling home computers.
It is clear that the Office of Fair Trading feels that the record industry has a case to answer over the price of Cds. It is equally clear - is it not - that software companies have a similar case to answer over the price of their 16- bit games?
Kevin Patton East Dareham, Norfolk The case is not so clear tor the computer market, although there certainly is a case to answer.
Though the Amiga is selling in great numbers, the number ot unit sales ot Amiga software is still relatively low in comparison with the CD and record markets.
Personally I am less worried by the price ot software than I am by the quality of some software.
Most people are prepared to pay £20-£30 for a game but they rightly expect to get a lot of entertainment for that money - something which much of the software around simply does not deliver. Lowering prices will just guarantee that we don't get better games, so what we need to do is to keep pressuring for better software that's worth getting and vote with our wallets.
T. ___ .. .
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Send chq PO (no cosh) Soft Exchange 2, 101 Clifton Road, South Norwood LONDON SE25 6QA 081 653 9094 (24HRS ansaphone) Child’s Play Like many other new Amiga owners we, too, find books and magazines puzzling at times, and self-teaching needs most of all a great deal of patience, persistence and practice.
Try looking through some Usborne Computer Books for children in your library. Although intended for use with a different machine, some of the example listings are good and do work on the Amiga. Others explain computing jargon and functions very helpfully. As for AmigaBASIC programming buy Kids & The Amiga (Compute Books) and never mind your age!
W Eastleigh Hants Thanks lor the tips.
As I have owned an Amiga 500 and A590 hard disk for over a year now, and have transferred all my serious software onto the hard disk, I now find that I have hundreds of pounds worth of software on the original floppy disks.
Could I legally sell these disks eg Protext, Pagesetter, Dpaint, Distant Suns etc as technically I will be left with the copies which could possibly be deemed as pirated software?
Phil Sampson Ilford, Essex No you can't sell them because, as you say, once you have done so what you are left with are pirated copies.
Porno Domain In response to Kevin King’s letter, in AF Issue 17, relating to a governing body concerning pornographic software, as far as I am aware, although to date there have been no test cases. Section 2(i) of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 appears to apply to PD library publication of porno-ware.
It states, "Any person who, whether for gain or not, publishes an obscene article, or who has an obscene article for publication for gain, commits an offence”.
(Punishable by a maximum of three years imprisonment). An "article" includes ... any sound record, film or other record of a picture. To "publish" includes to distribute, circulate, sell, lend, give, hire, or offer for sale.
The Obscene Publications Department of your local police force are empowered to enforce this legislation, however to prove this offence it must be shown that the material would deprave or corrupt any person likely to see or hear it.
Proving an offence may be difficult, but there has to be a first time for everything. Which PD Library is it going to be?
Graham Platt Stalybridge, Cheshire Another disturbing recent event was when one of AF's readers who had ordered some PD software from a company in Europe and which was confiscated by customs as pornographic material. It clearly is time the PD houses that distribute this sort of material cleaned up their act, otherwise intervention by the law and concerned organisations cannot be far away. I fear we could end up with another case of the minority tarnishing the reputation of not just PD software but computing in general.
Company Costs With reference to Mr A Bishop's letter in Issue 17 I have been thinking about the various figures he quotes, and would like to quote a few of my own.
An average PD order would be two disks per customer, per month, Mr B claims 17,000 regular customers. At the price he listed he charges, £6 x 12 months x 17,000 customers is a total of, wait for it, one and a quarter million pounds per year.
I thought PD was profit free!
A4 adverts in magazines would average £36,000 a year.
Postage on each order which would be at its highest 22p per disk, price £90,000.
Salaries would only total £70,000. Office space and admin costs might come to 10% of a company's turnover, approximately £122,400. The free catalogue would cost no more than around 35p per customer with postage. The media itself costs only 25p at trade prices.
Total costs: £290,000, leaving a healthy £lm for Mr B to play with. Is this really justifiable?
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Cry Baby purchased Wicked for my ‘•lendly Amiga and I've played it lots of times. One day I shoved the jolly old thing in the disk drive and nothing happened, no nasty old face grinning at me and no sound effects. Before I started to cry I checked the disk, and boa hoo the thing said it was empty.
How come? Can you throw some light on it please. If you print this I promise not to cry.
Rhonda Bend Walthamstow, London It sounds like your disk has been corrupted, formatted or in some other way affected so that the game won't load. You'll need a replacement from the retailer you bought it from, the software house or by buying another one.
And is that really your name?
You're either a very funny person or have very cruel parents.
Virus Victim Five days ago, I duly purchased the Flight of Fantasy pack from a large department store and treated myself to a few additional games from my local software shop. At first, everything was hunky-dory - the games were terrific and I was finding my way around the Workbench quite nicely. But, the next day, sinister things started to happen. One game refused to load, and then another. Then I was assailed by checksum and validation errors and the disk drive seemed to take on a life of its own.
Suspecting a hardware problem (Memory burn-in perchance?) I returned my Amiga to the store and explained the problem. The first thing the assistant did was to check some of my software with the in-store virus detector. This revealed it was infected with the Lamar and Lazarus viruses and the assistant then explained that he was under no obligation to do anything about It! I was totally flabbergasted, as the only software I had ever used was the F of F pack and a few other original fulFprice titles from a reputable dealer. Sadly, now most of my disks are in the same unusable state so I cannot
tell which disk was the culprit and which dealer was to blame.
No doubt experienced Amiga users will be chuckling at my naivete, but I thought that viruses would only be present in some PD software or pirated copies. I have now learnt the hard way that:
1) Sticking to full-price, original games (in sealed cellophane
packages even!) Will not save you.
2) Disks which are write pra tected can still get infected.
3) Switching off for 10 seconds between disks isn't long enough.
As a newcomer to the Amiga scene. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a nasty "welcome" to 16-bit computing. So tell me, have I just been unlucky, or are problems such as these commonplace with the Amiga?
Grant Punchard Aldershot, Hant ¦
1) Good advice - do not trust any disks, whatever the source.
21 Wrong - the write protect is an excellent safety mechanism.
3) Correct - about 30 seconds to be on the safe side.
Unfortunately these problems are commonplace with the Amiga, which is why we try to give advice on viruses in every issue of AF.
A Bit Premature Why do mail-order companies advertise software titles months before the release date? A prime example of this is Softsellers. In Issue 16 of your magazine, they advertised UMS 2. At the time of writing, 12th November, the game still hadn't been released! If DISKS UNBEATABLE PRICES BULK DISKS WITH 2 FOR 1 LIFETIME WARRANTY
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• .- .10111 auuui pur. 'N3ZLLID DINOSVMVd hvis ihvxv ‘sdriiHd 'mu
‘civhiswv ‘HHCXIOWKCO SJ0|R3p u r.n ahum ipiIAI ViD (INVIOH
pASTJOipny 3JJU33 ssauisng 3? -nndoH HMOaOIMWOD p suoqiny
iiiiiiiiiiS33Ud SUIZEUIV JB JO 3AJSSBJ ojiqs'i.'iiAvipyxy ui
jsT|0i03ds VOIWV «UipBD| OL| I J3jndui03 ads PD DIRECT
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taction MOM?? Dmob Megomuso III MOM I] Momo1ofc.lt. 5«n-|?fckll
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M Dm MOD 55 Wrens Megodemo
V. Ml (7 daks) MOO 114 Wrens feueeer 3:"DSHD 65p 5i "DSDD 19p 5t"
DSHD....36p 38P ANIMATION GAMES Arnold Sdnannoggr Pock It inks
moki onky) MDA 14 Pnggi. Sport MDA8 PoxxtaSkMw* Fantasy Art
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Action Slat Irak Anm 17 MDA 8 Agatron St* Irik Anm 17
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dsks) MDG? Star Irek (3 disks. 7 drives) MDGS (aid&8oordGames
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in 8 colours MDO 68 Home Business Pock 18 disks) THIS MONTHS
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Catalogue on disk Op
64. 95 Send Saf lor on up-to-date catalogue. Same day despatch.
Send orders to: UNIT 3, RAILWAY INT. CENTRE, SHELTON NEW ROAD, SHELTON, STAFFS. ST4 7SH 100 Capacity disk box £3.75 50 Capacity Disk Box £3.25 Mouse Pockets ..£1.50 Mouse Mat ....£1.75 Printer Stand £3.75 Amiga D Cover .£2.50 Posso Box ...£15.00 Atari D Cover ...£2.50 Amiga 512K Ram Expansion with Clock ..£32.00 Amiga Atari External Drive ....£54.95 PLEASE ADD £2.85 PstP NEKT DAY £6.50. CHEQUES P.Os To:-
P. L.C Computer Supplies. 11 Meakin Avenue.
_Clayton, Newcastle. Staffs ST5 4EY ,- BJ TELESALES HOTLINE: 0782 - 212970 Due to massive bulk buying and low cost advertising we can offer you high quality European manufactured disks at these extremely low prices.
WE MUST BE MAD 250 +@ 29p ea; 500+@ 28p ea; 1000+@ 27p ea ALL DISKS CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE SONY 3?"
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MDO 71 SitDmi32 MOO 16 Bobocop Dmo MOO 51 Hpcktr* idetct 41 inn*' MOOS? HocklT* idmcli?
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06 It.
Ultimo. Da Uldity MOO 8? SC*. Wocdwsighl MDO 101 Menu Moke.
MDO 10? Lobel Designee MDO 103 Icon Mokei MDO 105 Crossword Cceoloi MDO 168 Voccme Booster Vorious Virus Killers We olso stock: Fish, Amicus, AMOS All PD Disks ore for Amiga only Telephone 0782 208228 UTILITIES £1.20 eoch £1 00 per disk MdtllO Wordpcocessing ond LETTERS I had sent for it then, I would probably have to wait nearly a year before receiving it! I realise that this could also be the fault of the producing company as well, but there wasn't even any information on the advertisement stating that the game hadn’t been released yet.
6 ( I realise that software companies want to do the best for their product but why can’t they stick to just advertising for the game itself stating that it hasn't been released and not let mailorder companies advertise it until no more than one month before its scheduled release?
1 Adrian Roberts Liskeard, Cornwall The problem is twofold, firstly that software houses advertise games before they are finished and secondly that mailorder companies will tend to believe the release dates given them by the software houses. Both problems are understandable because programming delays do happen and mailorder companies naturally want to provide a prompt service for new releases. The best way to avoid disappointment is to call either the software house or mailorder company to confirm availability before ordering.
The Real Issue In your review on word processors you stressed the importance of speed, spellcheckers, and a graphics import etc, but missed the point that word processors are there to create documents for people to read and are not there simply for the writer. In a nutshell, it is the quality of output that is the end product and therefore this must have the paramount importance. After all.
What is the point in spending a hundred pounds to have a spellchecker when the final print quality is no better than Notepad?
I assume you will suggest that if you want quality output you should either let the printer do it by setting the pnnter to Near Letter Quality, as the printer can do that best, in it’s own way without interference from a program or buy a DTP program. This copout seems to be the norm. But if you run the demo of Pagesetter II you will see fonts printed out which are every bit as good as NLQ print handled by a printer.
However, we are not all endowed with "loadsamoney" to buy a DTP program as well as a word processor, not to mention it adds an extra level of complexity that isn’t necessary. Surely a word processor can use Compugraphic or outline fonts which are used to give the quality? If not why not? Please do not quote speed of update on screen, this can easily be coped with by using a normal bit-mapped font to approximate WYSIWYG on screen before final printing.
At the end of the day I would ask you to either print an update saying which word processors have Compugraphic or outline font capability, or at least put this as one of the topics in future surveys and articles.
Carl Beech Stoke-on-Trent Thankyou Carl for your suggestion which has been noted and we will try to put that information to use on any future reviews and surveys we have on the pages of Amiga Format.
Snowball Effect I write this letter knowing that you will not print it, after all, it is another complaint about AMOS, and Mandarin Software are a part of your magazine’s income.
£ Whilst I agree to a point, with Dave Evans from Birmingham - AF Issue 17-1 fear that he was being rather too polite and possibly withheld his true feelings. I however say what I mean.
It is true that Mandarin's adverts have been, and still are, intended to dupe the public at large? Nowhere, in any advert I have seen, does it mention that you need, and I quote from Amos The Creator User-guide, “A thorough grounding of the general principles of basic programming".
It goes on to say"... you may find it helpful to purchase an introductory text, such as Alcocks illustrating basic". It is also true that the adverts do not reveal that Amos works much better with 1 Meg of memory.
The adverts don’t mention the user-club. The user-guide, however, does. Simply by filling in a registration card you become a DOCTOR AMI Doctor Ami is a memory and hard drive diagnostic program that performs sophisticated, low level tests on your Amiga system using a full intuition interface and simple controls and displays, the memory diagnostic program scans the system for all memory including on Board memory, expansion memory and accelerator memory. Regions can then be selected to test with Read Write options, and an error list of bad memory locations is displayed The program also
generates an error file that can be used with the startup-sequence to map out the bad locations.
COMPUTER SOFTWARE The hard drive diagnostic program scans each sector, or a specified region of your hard drive and displays the full error code (i.e. Bad Header, Read Error] of errors found . The program allow s the user to map out the bad sector and to patch any file using the bad sector.
Sectors with errors are removed from the block availability map, so that they will not be accessed.
ONLY £36.95 AMIGA ABACUS BOOKS Amiga for Beginners £11.95 ? Amiga Tricks and Tips £13.95 ? Basic Inside 5 Out £17.50 ? C for Beginne-s £16.45 ? C for Advanced Programmers £27.50 Desk Top Video Guide £15.95 ? Disk Drives Inside S Out £23.95 ? DOS Inside S Out £16.45 Hardware Reference Guide £21.95 ? Machine Language £12.50 Making Music on the Amiga (inc. Disk] £29.95 ? More Tricks and Tips £14.95 Printers Inside S Out (inc. Disk] £29.95 Quick Reference Guide £7.50 SET OF 3 ADDISON-WESLEY MANUALS £73.00 The Leisure Suit Larry Story £12.50 ? Indicates Optional Disk Available £8.95 THE SECURITIES
ANALYST The Securities Analyst is a stock charting and analysis program for the Amiga series of computers. It is designed with the individual investor in mind. It permits the investor to chart any number of stocks over an extended period of time. Using The Securities Analyst, the investor can make scientific buy-sell decisions based on an analysis of market trends.
The forms of analysis available include: ? Moving Average ? Trailing Stops ? Accumulation Distribution ? Stock Chart ? Relative Strength ? Momentum ? Performance ? Prke Earnings Analysis ? Point i Figure ? Performance Analysis Graphs may be displayed on the screen or output to the printer A Technical Analysis of Stock Market Trends is included in the package This authoritative manual provides a comprehensive background in trend analysis for investors ONLY £69.95 (5 Prices include VAT & U.K. delivery.
' w Overseas orders send advertised price plus £2 50 for Airmail. Please send cheque. Postal Order or Credit Card details. VISA ACCESS orders accepted by phone.
Masons Ryde, Defford Road, Pershore, Worcs. WR10 1AZ. Tel: (0386) 553153.
Technical Support Tel: (0386) 553222.
MEDIA LINE FONTS DISK 1 Media Line Style Fonts Disk I contains 9 different bit-mapped fonts for the Amiga. They are desigied for professional use in video presentation, graphics, animation and desktop publishing.
ONLY £34.95 MEDIA LINE FONTS DISK 2 Media Line Fonts Disk 3 contains 9 more different bit-mapped fonts for use in video presentation, graphics, animation and desktop publishing.
ONLY £34.95 MEDIA LINE CLIP ART DISK 1 A broad selection of high quality clip art for use in desktop publishing Holiday sports, computers and scenery are among the various themes includes Compatible with all publishing programs which support IFF graphic files. Also includes show utility.
ONLY £14.95 MEDIA LINE ANIMATION BACKGROUNDS DISK Animation backgrounds for use with popular animations programs The Animator. Animate 3-D. Movie Setter. Video Scape S-D and Deluxe Video are among the animation packages which can utilize these backgrounds. This two disk set contains thirty different, colourful background scenes.
ONLY £24.95 LETTERS member of this club, or that is what is implied, in fact I completed my registration form and duly sent it off. I didn't hear a damned thing and when I did get in touch with them they informed me that I would have to pay a £10 joining fee.
See how the cost is mounting: Amos, memory upgrade, Text Book Club, where does it all end?. Let me tell you. It doesn't.
There are now more than fifty disks in PD that can be bought.
D Simpson Gorleston-on-Sea ...and yet the response of so many is still that AMOS is a great program. What do other users think?
Graphic Graphics Please Over the last few months I have noticed a very serious downturn in the standard of Amiga software graphics (notably in games software). They have become increasingly ST-like, some even look like the old 8-bits and seem to have been rushed by an artist who doesn't have a clue about the Amiga's capabilities.
Your reviewers aren't helping the situation either. On many occasions I have seen a program which has been awarded an eight or nine out of ten, when it should have only got, at the most, six. I understand that the graphics mark includes points for animation too, but we all know that the Amiga can do infinitely better than the majority of crap that’s been floating around recently.
Is the Amiga losing ground on the graphics scene? A quick glance through last month's AF will show a large percentage of companies showing screen shots from the PC-VGA versions of their software. The prospect of 256 colours on a high resolution screen really is much more appealing than 32 on a low resolution screen isn't it?
The Amiga can out-gun even the latest PC with SVGA* (or whatever it is this week) on the sound and animation front, but is it the end of the line as far as standard in-game graphics are concerned? Or will this "new' high Resolution HAM change all this.
(What the heck is it anyway?)
The Amiga's graphics are even being threatened by the new Atari STE, with it’s 4096 colour palette and 256 colours onscreen at any time. Even the 8-bit Amstrad CPC+ range now has 4096 colours. Isn't it about time Commodore launched a new graphics chip which would have the possibility of say 512 colours at any one time on a high resolution screen? Maybe they are in the process of producing such a product. I recently wrote to Commodore Technical Service and asked them a few questions including the possibility of a new graphics chip, they replied that "...we have no information at the present
time concerning the new chip". So do you possibly know if we are about to see a brand new graphics chip?
Anyway, all that I ask is for software companies to exploit the Amiga's capabilities and to show that it can beat the PC-VGA and the ST. And it would be useful if your reviews could be a little more harsh when it comes to dishing out the gold stars too.
Still on the subject of reviews, could it be possible for you to specify if the software uses the full screen or only two thirds (ie PAL or NTSC)?
Jason Anderson Swansea As you'll have noticed we no longer have the same rating system for graphics but prefer to assess them verbally. It's such a personal preference anyway - some people like vector graphics, isometric 3D, 2D, overhead views, functional minimalism and many others. I wouldn't worry about the Amiga falling behind, we will always have great graphics and you should just buy what appeals to you. As for a new graphics chip - no, just the enhanced chip set which may eventually get into all machines.
Tread Carefully 9 In your article on 'History in the Making'm the December issue, it says war games should not really be made about recent conflicts, eg Panama. Well what happens when a new secret sub from Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research Kernel Corve Farmhouse, Corve Lane, Chale Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA, U.K. Visitors are always welcome by appointment POST UK £0 (1st Recorded) Spec* Daivery E2-99 (ca* before 12 noon). Starter £6 90 (cafbetore 12 noon).
Registered Air Mol to Europe ESHem World £l2,bem Please cal about carnage on heavy earns VJLT. Pnees include UK VAT at 1 5% except tar books Books are zero med CHEQUES London Starftng payable to A.RJC please rtgh value ortJnary cheques may reqtere clearance EXPORT A BFPO Remove UK VAT (-Pn»1.15) except on books »htoh are zero rated availability Most dents hsted are m stock. Otoers can usuaty be obtamed wtom 46 hows.
DESPATCH Wwhrn 24 hours on stock earns. 48 hours on non-stock but mnftolt earns PRICES May occasajnaly be subject to change 52 90 34 96 14 95 49 91 39 79 89 93 279 91 349 83 99 82 329 82 84 87 47 84 84 87 989 29 90 59 80 29 90 109 94 54 97 99 82 68 77 59 80 69 92 99 82 11983 49 91 36 80 149 96 23 92 34 96 .27 83 299 92 79 81 39 79 44 85 37 95 59 80 54 97 34 96 164 51 59 80 36 80 ’36 85 42 78 24 84 39 79 56 81 1794 159 80 2 99 64 86 1495 69 92 3269 32 89 32 89 3289 99 82 49 91 139 84 149 96 36 80 23 46 28 98 35 88 1932 .3174 1656 17 94
79. 81 26 22 23 46 26 68 35 88 24 84 26 22 18 45 27 95 1295 32 45
21 95 49 91 23 92 23 92 23 92 23 92 1978 23 92 18 45 14 95 21
95 74 98 52 90 34 96 34 96 1978 109 94 64 86 44 85 289 80 59
80 99 82 39 79 39 79 57 96 74 96 BOOKS 1 st Book of Amga 16
95 2nd Book o' Amiga 16 95 68000 Asm Lan Programming 19 95
68000 Assertory Language 24 95 Amiga 30 Gh« Prog m Base 18 45
Amiga Atf. Sys Prog Gude 32 95 Am«ga Asm Lar Programming 14
95 Amiga Bavc made & Out 18 95 Amiga C For Beginners 18 45
Amga C Adv Programmers 32 95 Am»ga Deskioo Video Gude Amiga
Disk Dnves m & Out Amiga For Beginners Amgia Graphics m & Out
Amiga Machine Language Amiga Programmers Hndt* VI 24 95 Amga
System Prgrmrs Gude 32 95 Amiga Treks and Tps 14 95 Amiga DOS
Reference Gude 14 95 Amga DOS Insde & Out Elementary Amiga
Basic Hardware Reference Manual incs 4 Docs. ROM Kernel M1 28
95 inside Amga Graphic* 16 95 Kckstart Gude to Amga 14 95 Kds
and the Amga 14 95 Learning C Programming Gt* 16 95 Ubs 4
Devs. ROM Kernel Ml 29 95 Mapping the Amga 22 95 More TncAs
and Tgs 18 45 Programmers Gude to Amga 23 95 Programming the
68000 21 95 The Amga Handbook 24 95 ACCOUNTS Arena Integrated
Acc 1MB Cashbook ComOnaton Cashbook Controller EasyLedgers
Integrated 1MB Home Accounts Personal Ta« Planner Personal
Finance Manager Servvce Industry Acc 1 MB SBA Xtra 1 MB
System 3 ..... CABLES P=P»ug S=Socke1 Ooss
Over Bo* D25S 35 88 D23S-D15P NEC Msync 2A3D14 95 D23S D9P
NEC MuHiSyncOW 13 80 D23S OpenEnd Monitor 10 81 D23S-Scart
Monitor CM8833 13 80 D23S2Ph D92Ph (CMB83&2) 13 80 D2SP-D25P
9Wire 2M Modem 10 01 D2SP-C36P 2Metre Printer 6 90 D25P C36P
3Metre Printer 11 96 D25P-C36P 5Metre Pnnter 14 95 D25PD2SP
25Wire 2Metre 12 88 D25P-D25P 25Wire 5Metre 2185 025P
D2SSD2SP D25S 2M25W23 92 DIN5P-DIN5P MIDI Cable 4 83 Gender
Charger D2SP 7 82 Gender Changer D2SS 7 82 Nuti Modem Caote
10 81 Ptag 23 Pvt D With Hoed 4 83 Plug 25 Pvt D With Hood 2
99 RS232 Mmi Tester 12 88 RS232 Nut! Modem 8 97 RS232 Paich
8o ------ 12 88 Socket 25 Pm D With Hood 2 99 Socket 23 Pm D
With Hood 4 83 Switch Bo. C36S 4 Way 39 79 Switch Bo. D25S 2
Way 24 84 Switch Bo. D25S 4 Way 36 80 COMMUNICATIONS A Talk 3
69 92 K Comm 2 ...24 84 Paragon BBS
PCS Desgn i MB 79 81 Design 30 1MB 57 96 Professoral Draw 2 1
MB 99 82 X CAD Desgner t MB 79 81 X CAD Professoral 2MB 339
94 X CAO 30 Professoral 3MB 689 77 DUST COVERS Amga 106A1084S
8833 Mors 8 97 Amga 500 Computer 7 82 Crtizen 1200 Pmter 9 89
Epson LX8086 Pme 9 89 Panasor KXP1124 Star LC2A10 Pwiter
Star LC10 Pnnter ------------ Custom Cover MeOum See OATABASE
MANAGERS InfoFiie ... Mailshot Pius Mioofche F
Prodata ... Superbase Persorai ________
Superoase Professoral Soperbase Personal 2 DESKTOP PUBLISHING
CkpArtPO E Ctos Structured Ope Goto Os« T,pe Decor ar ,e God
D-s. Type Vdeo God D«sk Type Pjbksher God Disk Type Desgrer
Outkne Fonts 1 SMB Page Setter 2 ’MB- PaQ Stream 2 1
SMB______ Protessonai Page 2 1 5MB Structured Ckp Art
EDUCATION Distant Suns As&onomy Mega Maths (GCSE A) Mcro
Engush (GCSE O)...... Micro French (GCSE O) Mcro Maths (GCSE
O) My Paint Primary Maths Course EDITORS CygnusEd Professonai
2 GRAPHICS 30 Professoral 2MB Anmap Effects ’MB Ar-maton
StudO (PAL) ’MB Come Setter Putwsher ’MB Detaie Prmt 2
Posters ’ MB Dedie Part 3 1MB Dekoe Vdeo 3 ’MB HAROWARE 1
3Kckstan ROM 29 90 Amga 500 512K RAM 359 95 Amga 500 1MB RAM
399 97 Amga 500 Screen Gem* 369 84 Anga 1500 ’MB 2 Dnves 599
84 Amga’500 Complete Syst 1049 95 Amga 3000 16MH 40MB 1999
85 Amga 3000 25MHi 100MB 2629 82 Ams?ad FAX Pnnter 9600AT 639
86 A590 20MB Hard Dtsk Dnve 279 91 A59C POM8 HD w«n 2MB RAM
349 83 Cameron Scanner wrth OCR 199 87 C-Hzen 120D- 9 Pm 169
97 Cmzen 124D24Pm 249 78 Ctaen Swift 9 Pm 239 89 C-taen Swift
24 Pm 329 82 Sharp JX100 Cotour Scanner 619 85 Star
laserprmter 82 1399 78 Disk Drive 5 25* E iternai 129 95 Disk
Dnve 3 5* Edema 64 86 [ sk Dnve 3 5* A2000 tatl 59 80 Disk
Dnve 3 5* A500 Intni 59 80 Fatter Agnus 64 86 MAC 2 DOS F«ie
Transfer 79 81 Nafcsha Mouse 34 96 Pooscat 12.12 inch GNTie
199 87 Prrtercec* Epson Emulator 34 96 RAM A2000 0 8M8 0* 129
95 RAM A50C C-ewe-PSO-ThruPn 199 87 RAM A500 512K Dock Switch
39 79 RAM Ch© 256K CMOS iA590l 5 98 RAM 1MB Cone. SMM Boards
49 9’ Dg Pam 3 ’ MB Famav-son Anvnatcn icon Part impact
Business Grapncs Pi.mate image System Real 3D Ray Tracmg 1MB-
Real 3D Professional 1 MB- Real 3D Turbo (68020) 1 MB- Scuipt
30 XL 1MB ScuOt An.m.ale 40 1 5MB- Scufpt 4D Junor 1MB The
Dveclor Ed’or Seqncr vdeo Trier Arvmator 1MB PACKAGES
Appetae' (God Disk) God Disk Office ’MB Graphics Staner Kn---
Home Office Kill MB Puoashers Choice ’ MB Starter Kit The
Works The Works Piatmum 1 MB PROGRAMMING AMOS Base
Interpreter Benchmark Mokuia 2 Devpac 2 Assemoer GFA Base
Comp ier GFA Base interpreter ______ Ksoh Base Corw Ksok
Ederd__ Lattice C 5 1 Comcwer Pasca Comppr (PO D*sfc
Resource rt D-sassempier RIBBONS & TONER CBMMPS
’230(6) .... ... CBMMPS ’500(6)...... C8M MPS ’500
Coour (3) ... Crtzen 1200 (MPS1200) (6) Ctizen Swift 24
(6) ... Epson LX0O (6)___________ Epson
RXFXMX80(6) ..... HP LaserJet 2 Toner Can...... Panasone 1174
(6) Star LC1016) Star
LC 10 Colour (4) Star LC200
(6) .... Star LC24-10 (6) .
Star LC24200 (3)______ SOUND AMAS Stereo Sampler---- De«u.e
Muse Composer WasteSo fl Mono Sanow MiOi Master Menace Moi
Pxig rtertace Muse X 1 ’ SeQuence- Muse X Jvxwx Sequencer
Quartet Composer SPREADSHEETS Advantage 65000.65000 1MB 74 98
DGCaC 512.52 . 29 90 Superplan 2048.1024 1MB 59
80 UTILITIES Amikit For Beginners 29 90 Are«« Macro
interpreter 32 89 Award Maker Pius 34 96 BAD Disk Optimrser
32 89 BBC Emulator 34 96 Byte & Back HD Backup 19 78 CrowDOS
F,ie Transfer .... 28 98 Directory Umrty Enhancer 34 96
Doctor Am. D«s« Analyse 39 79 DOS 2 DOS File Transfer 29 90
Enhancer 1 3 14 72 GB Veh e Route Planner 37 95 Mavis Beacon
Typmg 24 84 Virus died on Protection 34 96 YourFanrfy Tree 2
1MB 64 86 X Copy & Cyclone 27 83 X Copy Professonai .37 95
VIDEO Dig. View God 4 1MB 109 94 Hitachi Camera & 16mm Lens
199 87 Mingen Genlock ..... 99 82 Vd. Amga PAL 1MB 94
E. ceilence 2 1MB 99 82 Kds Talk With Speech 24 84 K-rx»words2
1MB 34 96 Moo Ted .19 78 PenPai 1MB 99 82 Protert5 1MB 99 82
Scrdbte Piatmum . .41 86 Tran Write 34 96 WorttoeHeci 1MB 169
97 Sound Trap 3 Mono Sampler Tger Cub Composer 1MB Greater
London Computers AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS pack.
£379.95 inc VAT including: A500, PSU, Mouse, Workbench 1.3, Back to the Future II, Days of Thunder, Nightbreed, Shadow of the Beast II, Deluxe Paint II.
C64 Nightmoves Mindbenders pack £149.95 inc VAT.
C64 Games System £89.95 inc VAT.
The GLC difference Greater London Computers has a positive customer policy, we believe that it is the customer who is most important, because of this we offer a wide range of services to help you, the customer.
Our technical support line is open 9-5 Monday to Saturday, just call 081-527-0405 and ask for Technical Support or Fax us your problem on 081-503-2341.
We stock a wide range of Printer Ribbons, Disks and other items. Note that all our ribbons and disks are branded originals.
No dodgy unbranded stuff from us.
Also all our computers, printers, disk drives etc are genuine UK models, no grey imports from us.
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688 Attack Sub .. £16.75 Altered Beast .. £13.75 AMOS (Games creator) ... ..£34.90 Apprentice ..... ...£16 75 Armour-GedQon ...... ... £16.75 Awescme ..... . £24.99 Bad Lands £16.99 Battle Command * .. .£16 99 Battlestorm * .
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WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) WTS resene the right to refuse machines that in our opinion are beyond reasonable repair NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE MAT PLUS HOLDER ONLY £28.50 j PHILIPS 8833 MK II i STEREO MONITOR i Including Free Lead ONLY £229.00 L. r- STAR LC-10 MONO PRINTER Including Free Lead ONLY £155.00 STAR LC-200 COLOUR PRINTER Including Free Lead ONLY £204.00 Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm Callers and Mail Order welcome A500 XMAS PACK i | SOFTWARE AND DISKS 1 : Amiga A500. Mouse. Modulator. Manuals. Basic.
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FRAMEGRABBER (PAL) Realtime colour
grabber ......£429.00 TRACKBALL with ball and
button lock ...£30.00
j I-------------------------------1 HARDWARE | COMMODORE A590
20MB Hard Disk. Unpopulated ...£285.00
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RAM .£339.00 I COMMODORE 1084S
Colour Stereo
Monitor .....£239.00 I ALF
40MB Hard Card
(B2000 1500) £439.00
I RENDALE 8802 Genlock.
A500 B2000 ...£185.00
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BaseBoard, Populated to 4 Meg ..'.
..£249.00 I A500 TARGET 512K Ram,Without
Clock ...£33.00 I A500 TARGET 512K Ram,
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UPGRADE 1 I I All A500 boards fit into the A501 slot Include
Battery Backed Clock j Fully compatible with Fat and Fatter
I-------------------------------1 ' Upgrade your A500 lor a new A1500 lor ONLY £799.00 (plus your A500) , j PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS J AMIGA AlSOO DISK DRIVES j Q-Tec Disk Drive on off. Through port .£74.95 J I Ferrotec Disk Drive, on off, through port £57.50 I I________________________________I The NEW A1500 inc. Stereo Monitor. Twin Drive, I Dpaint3. The Works Plat.. +4 Games, ONLY £1049.00 | I-------------------------------1 AMIGA PACKS i j SCREEN GEMS PACK. Inc. Shadow Beast II. Back Future II, Nightbreed. Days of Thunder.
Dpamt II ! STARTER PACK, inc. 5 Commercial games plus Autofire Joystick 1 MEG SPECIAL, inc. Extra 512K RAM. Photon Paint II, Spritz Paint .. CLASS OF THE 90'S FIRST STEPS, inc Extra 512K. Pr-Write, Info File. Dpaint + Dprint II etc ..... J CLASS OF THE 90S, inc Extra 512K, Publishers Choice, MaxiPlan. BBC Emulator, Midi Int. Etc ...... 1 All Amiga A500's supplied with mouse, modulator, manuals, workbench, Basic ¦
£35900 £359.00 £399 00 £52500 £525.00 Tutorial HOW TO ORDER: Either call our number below with your credit card details, or send a cheque PO or credit card number and expiry date to our address. Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE Prices subject to change without notification.
All prices include VAT + Courier Service 16 BIT CENTRE Units 15-17* Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF EXTENDED WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS Tel (0423) 531822 526322 DATAPLEX COMPUTERS LTD.
Dataplex 129 Bat*1 Roa £ 19 H1gh Street FI I Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3UW Tel: 0753 35557 Swindon, Wiltshire Tel: 0793 488448 MATRIX SOFTWARE CLUB TRY BEFORE YOU BUY
* Hundreds of top titles for Atari * Special purchase sales - ST.
Amiga and Amstrad systems massive savings on members to review
without obligation. Software deals.
* Generous member discounts on all purchases of brand new
software * Fast - same day service £1000 FREE DRAW £1000 worth
of prizes given away in the next 6 months. All you have to do
is reply to this advertisement - no cost - no obligation. To
find out more about the matrix, and your chance of winning one
of the fabulous prizes on offer this month simply telephone
0836 403807* now or send a large stamped addressed envelope
stating your machine to Matrix Leisure Services Dept AMF2, Unit
10, Mill Studio Business Centre. Crane Mead. Ware, Herts SG12
9PY no catch - no obligation.
‘Calls cost 33p min cheap, 44p min other times.
SPARES; 6570-036 ..£16.00 Rom VI.2 ...£32.00 8367 Agnus .£34 00 RomVt.3 ...£32.00 8371 Fal Agnus ...£49.00 8520 CIA ..£16.00 3372 Falter Agnus ....£62.00 5721 Busier £16.00 5719 Gary ..£17.00 68000 MPU ..£24.00 3364 Paula ......£40.00 41256 RAM .£4.00 A 1000 Rom Odd
....£25.00 LF347 .£2.50 A 1000 Rom Even £25 00 8362 Denise ......£29.00 MSM 6242 Clock ...£12.00 414256 RAM .....£9.00 Many other spares available ACCESSORIES; A500 Internal Drive ...£70.00 Amiga 500 Screen Gems Pack. ..£370.00 512K RAM Plus Clock .£45.00 Cumana CAX354 3 5' £80 00 A500 PSU £50 00 External Drive 3 5" £70.00 Amiga Mouse .£35.00 All prices include postage and packing Fixed Price Amiga Repairs
£40 00 - (Does not cover keyboard or drive faults) 3 months warranty. 1 week turnaround ACE Repairs, Dept AF, Outways Farm, Pelynt, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2NW ¦ ¦ m (0503) 20282 vis AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES Amiga A500 1 Mb Pack -Choose any Amiga A500 from above and we will give you 512K RAM ?
Clock, mouse mat at only ....£349 Amiga Class of 90's (1 Meg).£459 Amiga Class of 90's (1 Meg) First Steps .£459 Atari 520STFM discovery pack includes 4 games .£240 Atari 520 STE Turbo Pack includes basic STOS and 7 games £310 Atari 1040 STE extra pack includes ST Words, ST Calc, ST Basic, ST Graphics, Hyper-Paint, STOS, 1st Basic. Print Game £399 1 Meg 3.5" internal .£49 1 Meg 3,5" external £60 1 Meg 5.25" external ..£90 Amiga A500 Batman Pack + free box of disks £317 Amiga
A500 Flight of Fantasy + box of disks ......£317 Amiga A500 Screen Gems Packs + free disks £317 AMIGA A500 HARDWARE SPECIAL OFFERS 512K Ram + clock .£39 Joystick £10 10 Blank disks in library box £6 Mouse Mat .£3 Naksha Mouse £32 Philips CM8833 Mk II - Colour Monitor ? Leads only £199 SM 1224 (Atari) ...£205 SM 124 (Atari) £89 Star LC10 Mono ..£129 Star LC200 Colour (9 pin) £180 Star LC24
200 (24 pin) ...£219 Star LC24 200 Colour .....£259 Panasonic KXP1124+ lead . ...£199 Panasonic KXP1624 £329 Citizen 120D ? .....£120 Citizen 124D .£189 Citizen Swift 24 ? Colour Upgrade .£265 Citizen Swift 9 + Colour Upgrade .£185 Epson LX400 £126 Epson LQ400 (24 pin) ....£209 Epson LQ 500 ......£269 SHOWROOM open: Mon - Fri
9. 30 - 5.30 Saturday
9. 30 - 4.30 MAILORDER Consumables £1.50 Hardware £8.00 Prices
SOFTWARE 0983 - 755800 ’:,.r I O 0983 - 756056 S r!
I. O.W, P039 OBX TO LAUNCH OUR NEW DISK- • Highest quality disks
disks .£6x99......£4.99
10 disks + 50 capacity lockable storage box £jU 99......£9.99
10 disks + 100 capacity lockable storage
box .£1399....£11.99 25
disks ......£1399....£11.99
25 disks + 50 capacity lockable storage
box ...£19:99....£16.99 25 disks + 100 capacity lockable
storage box .£24- 9....£18.99 50
disks ......£2 ....£22.99
50 disks + 50 capacity lockable storage
box ...£34- 9....£27.99 50 disks + 100 capacity lockable
storage box .£33:99....£29.99 100
disks ....£ 9r99....£42.99
100 disks + 100 capacity lockable storage box......£54:99....
£4 7.99
• Lowest possible prices
• Double sided double density
• Protective wallets
• Labels
• 100% error free STAR PRINTER 1 RIBBONS LC-10-Black -
. ..£2.99 LC24 - Black - ..
TT99 Limited Stocks f COLOURED LABELS 50 disk
labels ... 100 disk
labels . ...£1.50 ...£2.50 1000 disk
labels..... £13.50 TRACTOR LABELS 100 disk
labels . 200 disk
labels . . £3.00 ...£5.00 1000 disk
labels ...... £15.00 STORAGE BOXES 50 cap.
Lockable ..... ...£6.49 100 cap.
Lockable ... ...£7.99 V Russia defects,
ultimately engaging WWW? Then wouldn’t The Hunt for Red
October' be a bit too close tor comfort. Or the many other
futuristic simulations that 'could' have a similar theme to a
war. Makes you think what would've happened if some poor sod
made a game called “Blast the evil tyrant that's just invaded
Kuwait so our oil prices can descend to a more harmonious
level" - Phew. See what I mean?
Mark Smith Liverpool Tricky indeed, but I think it depends more on how the subject is handled as to whether it should be done or not. A gung-ho, tacky approach will always offend whereas a serious one may well be acceptable.
Always On My Mind Err..., can I have my err..., a binder and sweatshirt (medium) for having a letter published in your indescribably good mag?
(Issue 16) Please? They're in a pile (the mags) by the side of my bed and I keep tripping over them when I get up to let the cat in because he's a bit antisocial and wants to come in at all hours of the morning. I know you’re very, very, very busy but if you send them soon I'll suck your toes.
Well, perhaps not, but I do think about you before I go to sleep.
Dave Wilson Albrighton, Wolves Sorry Dave, we don't give a prize to all letters published - just the ones where I say you get a prize.
So that means you didn't get one then, but because you're obviously such a nice man, I'm not going to give you one now either
- serves you right for threatening my toes like that.
Warts An All Loved thee artichokes on wart processing, I haven't large so much in ages. (I get sum funny lugs from peephole going parsed the car - I woes waiting form someone at the tyme).
This is fun - better than sum games! This could start a hole new trend - Works of Shakespeer by Scribble, "Too bee awe knot two bee" and sew on. Wear oh wear will it end?
Sara Maidstone Norwich Yes it does, doesn't it?
Thanks Mr. B’ When I saw a letter in Issue 17 of AF from MH Reed saying how he needed to computerise his Cancer Research Campaign bookkeeping. The stuff you recommended costs about £50- £150. Well, Mr M. if you join New World P.D. and take a look at disks 73-78 there is a range of Database, spreadsheets, etc... and they will only set you back £1.50 a disk. Here's their address: New World PD, 51 Heritage Drive, Gillingham, Kent, MEY 3EQ. Good luck with the fund raising.
Mr B (the helper) Thankyou Mr 8.
Taking the Pike I just want to invite who ever wrote the article "Great Fish of Our Time" to a day out fishing with me. Just to teach him the differences between freshwater and salt-water fish and what the differences between cod - a salt-water fish - and the pike - which is a freshwater fish.
Please turn to page 82 in the December Issue to see that the fish pictured there is of the pike not the cod.
Andrew Dalli London Unfortunately the writer of that piece can't go fishing with you because we sent him on a trip to find out what the difference between the pike and the cod at first-hand - with concrete weights on his feet to help him stay underwater, permanently. If this doesn't teach him the difference between predatory freshwater teleost fish and gadoid salt water food fish then nothing will. Let it be known here and now that Amiga Format will not stand, in any shape or form, ichthyological inaccuracies.
Software fur uti-'Ii.v sports enthusiasts COMPLEX COMPUTERS PRESENT POOLSWINNER n mi: t I. I IMATT POOLS I’KLDKTION I’RtXiRAM ' MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner is a sophisticated Pools prediction aid. It comes complete with the largest database available • 22000 matches over 10 years.
| PREDICTS Not just SCOREDRAWS. But NO-SCORES, AWAYS and HOMES too. Predictions arc based on many factors ... recent form, the massive database, current league standing, goal scoring rates, and draw averages (each factor is independently switchable by the user), i SUCCESSFUL Selec guATdntec that Poolswinner performs significantly better than chance, i LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered, i FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated as results are entered, i FULL PRINTER SUPPORT 1 AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION : Fixtures for English and Scottish League matches are generated
automatically by Poolswinner’s sister program EIXGEN... FIXGEN 1990 91 No need to struggle for hours to get the fixture list into the computer - £26.50 just type in the date, Fixgen contains the complete fixture list for the Poolswinner whole year's league soccer. (Published winter licence from the Foothill with Fixgen.
League, and Ihe Scottish Football League).
• The ORIGINAL, and still the BEST computer punter’s aid.
• Coursewinner V3 uses all the most important form pointers (past
form, speed ratings, prize money, course statistics, jockey
form, trainer form etc) to give a detailed assessment of every
runner’s chances, not just a tip.
GBRoute is simple to use and runs on any standard Amiga.
GBRoute is suitable for both professional and non-professional road users alike.
• Vital statistics of all British courses (Draw advantage. Top
Trainers and Jockeys etc) are included in the database. £24.00
• Includes both FLAT and NATIONAL HUNT versions.
• Lull Printer support Available from your local Amiga dealer or
directly from Complex Computers CREDIT CARD ORDERLINE: 0706
224531 221 Bacup Road, Rawtenstali, Rossendale, Lancs BB4 7PA.
Price includes Post & Packing plus VAT.
Make cheques payable to: COMPLEX COMPUTERS Available lor IBM (525". 3.5") Amstrad CPC AMIGA BBC Suite I APT III DISC (Add £2.00 for Disc).
Atari ST Commodore 64 I2H Amstrad PCW Spectrum Selec Software E3 62 Altrincham Rd. Galley. I headle. ( heshirt SK8 4I)P Tel 061.4211-7425 item] lor full list of our softwarei (Vxmc 24 hf Features include K
* Motorways A motorway junction numbers ‘ A roads A A road
* All major towns A cities ’ Print map function ‘ Print route
* Breakdown A total petrol costing " Breakdown A total mileage '
Breakdown A total distance
* Even times ferry crossings
* Super fast calculations f Lands End to John O'Groats in 4
* fastest route ' shortest route ‘ Full on-screen display
* Zoom tn or out £39.95 Route Planner for the AMIGA Features
* Motorways A motorway junction numbers
* .4 roads A A road numbers " All major towns A cities ' Print
map function
* Print route function ' Breakdown A total petrol costing
* Breakdown A total mileage ¦ Breakdown A total distance
* Even times ferry crossings
* Super fast calculations iLands End to John O'Groats in 4
seconds f
* fastest route
* shortest route
* Full on-screen display
* Zoom in or out £39.95 THAT'S ALL FOLKS NEXT MONTH The March
issue wig be on sale on Thursday 14th February, which is
Valenhne's day. In the loving spirit it will include pictures
ol the team stark naked in Trafalgar Square on New Year's E*e,
an interview with a woman in the queue lor the Harrods' sale, a
tutorial on how to tun Hares rto proper trousers and absolutely
nottang to do wdh Artagas - rea y. Not a sausage, we’re bored
with them, honest!
Oh. All right then - ifs gong to be packed with a superb mnhre ol games, senous software, news, reviews, tutorials, graphics, music, PD, a Coverdisk and lots more lor your Amiga.
1 2 Meg Upgrade with switch £29.99 HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION Robocop.
Batman, Ghostbusters II, Indiana Jones 4 Great titles only £23.99 £34.99 with clock FULLY GUARANTEED BLANK DISKS -
3. 5 DSDD High quality disks by Sony guaranteed 100% error free
(price includes labels) 10 lor 6.90 50 lor 29.50 100 for 49.00
ONE COMP The answers were: A, C and A. The winner ol the
memory is HG Bondzio from Folkestone.
YANKEE TANK COMP The answers were: B, C and B. The winner of the tank is M Scott from Preston. The 10 runner-up prizes of a copy of Team Yankee the game and book are: Jonathan Lees.
Newtownards: Matthew Edwards, Fareham; Philip Hughes, Seaforth; Shaun CoHtns.
Kirkcaldy: J Sidebotham, Stockport: Philip Gray, North Cheam; DR Ashworth, Nottingham: Peter Ward, Wrenthorpe; Stephen Sharp, Boltonte-Sands; MC Tracey, E THESE ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE BY MAIL OROER ONLY - NO VISITORS PLEASE Prices include postage and packing on orders ol El 0.00 or greater, please add 50p lor orders below £10.00. Goods will normally be despatched by first class posl within 24 hours, (subiect to availability). In the event ot a problem or query then please contact us on the above telephone number. The telephone is manned between 6pm and 10pm Monday-Saturday and an answering
service is available at all other times. Faulty software will only be exchanged with the same title - no refunds will be given. All prices are subiect lo change without notice. Please make cheques payable to- Seasoft Computing.
19. 99
4. JAMES POND ..... 19 99
5. KICK OFF 2 . 19 99
19. 99
7. MONTY PYTHON ... ...16.99
2 ..... ...19.99
10. SHADOW OF THE BE AST 2... 28 99 1 1. SUBBUTEO
19. 99 12 TURTLES ..... .19 99 13 WINGS (1 MEG)
.23.99 §HA§@[?TT COMPUTING The Business Centre, First Floor,
80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3EY Tel:
0903 850378 BARGAIN BASEMENT (Limited stocks available)
Archipelagos ....6.99 Menace .6.99
Baal ......6.99 Passing Shot.....10.99
Ballistix .6.99 Raider 9.99
Cloud Kingdom 6.99 Space Harrier 2...6.99 Doctor
Fruit ......4.99 Spy Vs Spy ...4.99
Gravity ..4.99 Wipe-Out ......6.99
Hammerfist ......9.99 Yolander 9.99
QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN - ONLY £1.25 Please send s.a.e. for
(Leeds) ......192 16 Bit
Centre .199 17 Bit
Software .....116
ASK .....198
Abbco ..173
Abblac .152 Ace
Repairs ..200 Alternate
Image ....186
Amiganuts .130
Amisoft 132
Ampower ...202
Annubis .....173
Ark 196
Arnor ...170
Ashcom .....115
Astrocalc ...186 Athene
Computers ......155
Audition .....114 Axe
Direct ...79
B-Soft ..132 BBD
Dust Covers .181
BCS .....151 Bitcon
Devices Ltd .83 Blitter
Chips ...119 Bruce
Everiss 137
Byteback ...108
Calco ...179
Care ....191 Comp
Depot ..179
Complex ....201 Computer
Bookshop .....73 Computer
Lab ......152
Computerwise ......149 Crazy
Joes 118
Cyber ..138
Dataplex ....200 Dalel
Electronics ..164-169 Delta
Pi .91
Dial-a-Quiz 113
Digicom .29 Digita
International .46 Digital
Integration ...62
Disc-x-Press ..160
Domark ...IBC. 14
Dowling ..60-61
E. A ...6
Ealing ..183 Echo
PD ....130
Elite 59
Education .....154 ESP
Software 149
Eurodata ...183 Evesham
Micros ..106-107
FMG ......80
FSSL ...195
Genisoft .32 Get The
Most From Your Amiga ...139 Greater London Computers 197
Gremlin .67
GTI ......186
Hammersoft 91
Harwoods ...42-45
Hi-Soft ...41 Hill
PD .132
Hobbyte .98 Home
Based Business 191
IcPug ...128
Instamec ......179,191
Interceptor ...91
Intraset .....188
KSM ....153 KC
Video ...187
Kosmos .....149 KYC
Disks .187 Ladbroke
Computing ...104
LCL. ....190 Lorenzo's
Domain 134 Mandarin
Software .22 Manor Court
Supplies .140
Mansfield ...193
Marcam .88 Matrix
Software ....200 MD Office
Supplies .158, 176 Media
Direct ..182 Memory
Ex ..74 Memory
expansion Merlin Express ...
..130 ......30-31 Microdeal..... ....84
Micronel ...... ......49
Microshop..... .....154
Microsmarl .. ......36-37
Miditech MJC
Supplies ..... ....96 Monumental
Music . ..137 MT
Software ..200 Music
Matrix ..137
Naksha . ....38
NBS .. ..121 New
Image PD ... ..127
Newtek .... ......9 Nova
PD ...... ..137
Nurd ..102
Ocean ....IFC. 3,20-21.
68. OBC Official Secrets ... ......12-13
Original Media .... ..145
P. Dorn. PD . .122-123
Pazaz ... ..181 PD
Rebels ... ..127 PD
Soft ..127 Play To
Win . ..190
PLC .. ..194 Post
Express...... .....179 Post Haste ..
..191 Power Computing .. ......92-95
Praxis ... ..154
Precision ..... ....19 Premier
Mail Order . ..178
Proton .. ..183
Ramsott ..181 RC
Sim . ..103
RGB . ..173
Riverdene .... ..130
Rutland . ..173 Saint
Soft .... ..189 Sagittarian
PD .... ...119 Screenplay - The
Book . ..157
Seasoft . ..202 Sector
16 .... ...119 Selec
Software .....201 Senator
PD ...134
Senlac .126 Siren
Software ......54, 101 Sirus
Software ......128 Soft
Exchange ......187
Softlogic 27
Softmachine ..138 Sottville
PD ...128 Software
Superstore ...180 Solid
State ...11 Southern
PD .132
Spa ......194 Special
Reserve 12-13
Start ....126
Storm ....50
Strathclyde 130 Supply
Solutions ..149 Supra
Corp ..71 SWD
PD ....134
Syncromatics 137
Syntronix ...151 TAM
Marketing .....151 Third
Coast ...184 Tornado
PD ...128
Trilogic .162 UK
Amiga ..190 Ultimate
PD ...134 Unbeatable
Prices 186 Universal
Overnight ....146 Vally
PD .....119 Video
Vault 140 Virgin
Retail .87 Virus Free
PD ......132
Voltmace ...194
Waterfront .152 Watford
College ....115
WCA ....127 We
Sen e ..102
Westoning .190
Wizzard .....115
WTS ..103, 198 t t's
1 Working from V hundreds of movie clips, awri'jp Iordan Mechner, author of the acclaimed Karateka, breaks new ground with animation sequences so uncannily human they must be seen to be believed.
Sword righting, running or jumping, the action is awesome.
You take the part of a young adventurer attempting to save a beautiful princess. The Grand Vizier, an evil and sexually deviant man, is about to pounce on her.
Only you can come to the rescue!
Time is ticking awav. You'li have to move fast to escape your cell and evade the many cunning traps placed in your path.
Non stop action is combined with the exploration and puzzle-solving challenge of a top flight adventure game.
With hundreds of fantastic rooms to explore, you must use all your sword fighting skills to do battle with violent opponents and foil the Grand Vizier's _ despicable plans.
GUN TOTBw P M:HESrER • M2 5NS • TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061
834 0650 1 1 Tennis Cup Jaws PLUS1 A wordprocessor and
spreadsheet 2 TBAG 33 - Background Muse Player V20 Menu Runner
V20 is a replacement WB menu bar Subliminal Message Inducer VlO
speaks a script in the background FlamKey will cut ail keyboad
and mouse input txitil further notice Disk View graphically
• TBAG 35 - Ruer a borderless window with a rvier mt LeftyMouse
make the mouse ambidextrous
• TBAG 37 - MegaWB makes your Work Bench screen as large as you
like1 Pop Up Menu V138 pops up a menu MuchMore V2 5 the
powerful text file viewer
• TBAG 38 MadSizer allows you to size a window from any corner
Display V3 29 an anim displayer for ANIM 3.4 and 5. Hash and
IFF all in any resotuton
• FFISH 342 F VI0 is an con edrtor winch can create 3 No computer
expertise Tau'Td" Earn. LU, s *rom home doing what you enjoy
domg using your COMPUTER" * dosenft matter which nodei You
probaoiy already ha* an you need to start earning ‘mOUSANOS of
potential customers ir ycx area who wli GADLY pay for vour
services We wll show you how to find them' full steo by step
£69.99 Midi interlace .£22.99
Naksha Mouse .....£29.99 Minigen
Genlock ..£99.00 Rendale 8802
Genlock .£189.00 Rombo RGB Splitter .....
£67 99 Rombo Vidi Amiga £99 99 Rombo Vidi
Chrome £18.99 Amiga Modulator .£19 99 Amiga
Control Station £43 99

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