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The early stage of development was on display and being test driven during the three day convention. The user is positioned in front of the the Amiga screen and has four electrodes taped to his forehead to read in his brain waves to a PC. The clone would then process the information and send the data to the Amiga for display in real time. The user then controls the graphic screen display and his brainwaves through various forms of concentration. The unit on show was designed for the testing and the collection of data for use in the final product. “The first step is to get a feedback over from the brainwaves through the computer and display it on the screen, you see the pattern and the pattern you see changes and so you have feedback. And you can learn to steer you’re brainwaves directly”, explains Bernd Von Brincken. His partner, Mike Weber has been working with the idea of brain control for the last four years. “I started using the Amiga because I designed light shows, and I would take photo’s from the screen for disco’s etc. For the brain screening system I wanted to use a system that did fast animation. In the first place I wanted to use a video synthesizer because it was fast, but then I found software that was good enough on the Amiga, The Director, which is a basic script language for graphics and also GFA Basic which is really good for programming. “We have an IBM compatible to analyse the brainwaves but we haven’t finished the software for that, we need a faster way to do that and we need some statistical functions to do it to. From there we take the parameters out of the brain waves that have to do with certain areas of the brain and connect them to colour and brightness parameters to create a direct physiological feedback. “Ideally we would like to have the software on the Amiga analyse the signal and also display the graphics and allow the user to connect online to other computers.

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Document sans nom BRITAIN’S LEADING MAGAZINE FOR AMIGA OWNERS 9 770957 486004 Ocean Software Limited ¦ 6 Cer Telephone: 061 832 6633 ¦ Telex: 66 IDIkrt ALL HOSTAGES action sequences put you in control of Elliot Ness's elite squad of crime-busters The Railway Station confrontation and Warehouse bust culminating in the thrilling denouement of a as you re-live the knife edge y * existence of Ness in his struggle against the retribution of Capone!
THE UNTOUCHABLES - LIVE AX AMERICAN LEGEND "an absolute corker of a game... as "a fine example of how to do the job smooth and polished as you can get. Properly ...a cracking conversion... animation is top notch a brilliant easily one of the most successful film conversion" Games Machine licences to date" Sinclair User NOW WITH TWICE THE ACTION, TWICE THE FUN,TWICE THE CHALLENGE The Hi-jack report came from a DC10 leaving Paris for Boston -Arab guerillas were in control of flight 102 and had turned the aircraft towards Africa...The plane lands in hostile territory and the terrorists begin
their demands... or the bulletproof vest, but watch out for Operation Thunderbolt the incredible Taito coin-op conversion brought NOW to your home computer.
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GFA BASIC COMPILER ..... The Amiga is taking the video world by storm - stunning effects can be achieved with incredible ease. We will show you how, armed with just your Amiga, a genlock and a video, you can take part in this revolution.
7 GATES OF JAMBALA .38 K D SOCCER MATCH .....38 SPACE ACE .41 SUPER PUFFY'S SAGA ...42 FULL METAL PLANET ...46 BAD COMPANY ..46 5TH GEAR ...46 SUPER WONDERBOY ....49 PURSUIT TO EARTH .....49 DRAKKHEN ..50 DRAGONS OF FLAME INFESTATION Are you ready for a new level of realism in computer games? Are you prepared for an atmospheric experience you will never forget? Can you cope with superfast solid 3D vector graphics? Will you venture into the
unknown, alone, and armed only with a single pulse rifle? Can you overcome the INFESTATION?
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 INFESTATION takes computer games to a new level of realism. It creates a complete environment stunningly rendered in super-fast solid 3D vector graphics.
You are completely free to move within the game world, examining and manipulating objects just as you would in a real world. And, as in reality, you are not alone. Only, unlike those on Earth, the other occupants of Infestation’s world are not very friendly at all... Your task as Kal Solar, Agent of the Interplanetary Federation, is to travel to Alpha II, investigate and end the alien threat. Your mission will not be an easy one. As well as the mother alien and its eggs, you will have to deal with hostile droids and computer systems, radioactive areas, and things unknown.
INFESTATION is a truly atmospheric experience. Don’t play this game when you’re alone ... it may well be your last!
Screen Shots from the Atari ST version AMIGA ATARI ST £24.95 PSYGNOSIS - GAMES PEOPLE PLAY XENON TECHNOLOGY GO UNDER Xenon Technology, the mail-order company run by a 17-year-old youth has gone bust, owing substantial amounts of money. If you ordered goods from Xenon that have not come through then this is what to do.
¦ If you sent a cheque after December 24, Xenon says it will not cash it, but due to accountancy problems it will not be sent back. You are advised to contact your bank and cancel the cheque anyway.
STUNNING NEWS OF CD-AMIGA CONSOLE ¦ Postal orders and cash sent after December 24 will be returned. Contact Xenon if you’re still waiting.
¦ If you sent cash, cheque or postal order before December 24 and you have not received your goods, contact Xenon at the address below. You will probably receive an explanatory letter. Don’t be overly hopeful of reimbursement.
¦ Do not order anything from Xenon.
¦ The address is Xenon Technology, 71 Wadham Road, Northend, Portsmouth P02 9ED.
Commodore are developing a games console based on the Amiga and using Compact Disk technology.
That’s the startling news that emerged from the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The machine was apparently shown to a select few, all of whom had to sign non-disclosure agreements. However, a spokesman for Commodore in the UK said that such a machine was “not within our immediate plans, but there will be an announcement of radical plans for the Amiga in a few weeks.” The console has been dubbed the Amiga Compact Disk Console - the AC-DC - and apart from its use of Cds other details are sketchy. A console would be a major departure for Commodore, because they have never produced one before - computers like the Vic 20 and C64 have very much been classed as games
machines, but a keyboard-less Amiga would be a whole new area for them.
It’s also an area where there is intense competition already and more on the way, most of it originating in Japan. The Sega Megadrive, NEC's Super Graphx, Nintendo’s Famicom and even the Konix Multi-System would provide stiff opposition in what already looks like a crowded marketplace. The main problem is that a basic Amiga with a CD incorporated would not be a cheap proposition, even with the cost of CD technology falling.
The, as yet, sketchy details and Commodore’s denial of any immediate plans, could mean the console will never see the light of day, but even if it doesn’t there are significant potential spin-off effects for the Amiga marketplace. For any console to be successful it has to have a good software base at the launch and be well supported with a steady release of titles. If games are being developed on what is basically an Amiga with a CD attached, then by adding a CD unit to the A500 or 2000 those same games should be easily adaptable to all existing Amigas.
If the CD technology becomes cheap enough and widely available, then the games market may be the starting place but it will have knock-on effects for serious and creative software as well. Interactive video, other forms of multi-media and other areas where large amounts of data need to be supplied, would all be revolutionised by such developments.
Could a CD drive for the Amiga range be Commodore’s ‘radical plans’ for the Amiga, or are they going to spring some other surprise? Whatever is in store it can only do the Amiga market good and take the range further ahead of the competition. We would love to see both the console and the separate CD drive because the former will improve both the quality and quantity of Amiga software, while the latter will open up whole new vistas for more creative software. ¦ It’s almost here, really... we’re not joking,... you can expect it in two weeks... er, maybe three,... ok, perhaps a bit longer than
that. Yes folks, the program that you’ve all been waiting for, AMOS, isn’t (as such) ready, well, it isn’t actually going to be ready until, er, May.
It seems that Mandarin have discovered a torture treatment that even the ancient Chinese would have been proud of - water torture is nothing on this! Not content with making us wait an extra two months from the initial launch date (Mandarin originally promised AMOS for January), Mandarin have postponed the launch of AMOS until at least May. According to Mandarin, the main reason for the delay is the amount of time it is taking to write the manual. “We could just knock together a manual in a week or so, but we want AMOS to be as near to perfection as is possible” said Chris Payne of
The main workhorse of AMOS, AMOS BASIC, is finished and all that remains to be written is the Sprite designer and Music editor.
According to Mandarin, these modules will take little more than a few weeks to write, and all that remains to be done is to finalise the manual.
AMOS UPDATE Mandarin are completely devoted to making AMOS a success. For starters, all their programmers and beta testers who have been working on STOS (the ST version of AMOS) have been prised away from the Sts to produce demos and full games that will be bundled with AMOS and even distributed within the public domain as soon as AMOS is complete. “As soon as people buy AMOS, they will instantly have access to a range of demo programs that we will be placing in the public domain”. To back this up, Mandarin hope to produce several books devoted to AMOS.
Also planned from Mandarin are AMOS versions of their STOS add-ons, Sprites 600 and Games Galore. Although Mandarin have no plans to produce an AMOS version of their STOS sound sampler, Maestro, they are considering rebadging an existing sampler and then rewriting the sampling software using STOS. Already plans are afoot to produce an AMOS version of Rombo’s Amiga video digitiser, Vidi, which will be called (not surprisingly) AMOS Vidi. ¦ 1 ZAP!, KAPOW!, ZOWEE!, KARUNCH, SMAK!,... That's right, straight from Gotham City (or the Commodore warehouse) comes the incredible, the AMAZING, NEW
AMIGA BATMAN PACK... Now you can laugh as much as Joker and cash in with some GREAT QUALITY GAMES.
The Batman Pack includes ALL OF THE FOLLOWING... A REAL 'BA T-BARGAIN' A T ONL Y... PLUS... BATMAN THE MOVIE F18 INTERCEPTOR NEW ZEALAND STORY DELUXE PAINT II Amiga A500 with Modulator 1 Meg Internal Disk Drive Mouse 512K RAM Kickstart 1.3 All Connecting Leads Two Operation Manuals Workbench 1.3 System Disk ¦ Inclusive of VAT and Postage!
THE SORCEROR'S PACK If you don't think you've got enough to keep you going with the Batman Pack, consider this EXTRA SPECIAL PACK... Let Merlin wave his wand and as well as the Batman Pack above you'll get Ten Great Games worth a staggering £229.50!
The Sorceror's Pack consists of... The Batman Pack as listed above, Amegas, Art of Chess, Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors, Insanity Fight, Wizball, Thundercats, Mercenary Compendium and Terrorpods!
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(Cheques need clearance prior to despatch) DELIVERY: You choose either, by post at no extra cost, or simply add £5 per large item for next day courier service.
0602424444 WARRANTY: Goods that prove faulty within 30 days will be exchanged for NEW.
After 30 days, but within 12 months, faults will be repaired at our expense.
EXPRESS LIMITED DEPARTMENTAMF M1, 5 REDWOOD COURT SALISBURY STREET, NOTTINGHAM NG7 2BQ Telephone:0602 424444 (24 Hour Order Line) GREAT VALUE, THAT'S THE MAGIC OF MERLIN A500TO GET PC EMULATOR For along time, A500 owners have looked on in envy while 2000 users enjoyed the best of both PC and Amiga worlds with the Bridgeboard PC Emulator card. However, all that will change with the announcement of the KCS Power PC board from Bitcon Devices.
FRANKLIN SLAMS TVSHOW The KCS Power PC Board is a hardware-based emulator that provides the Amiga 500 with complete PC compatibility. The board is based around the NEC V30 processor, running at 8 Mhz. For those among you who know about such things, the board uses the most popular version of the MS-DOS BIOS, Phoenix BIOS. For graphics freaks, the board provides MGA, Hercules and CGA video support.
Although the vast majority of the task of PC emulation is handled by the KCS hardware, the Amiga is employed to handle the tricky business of looking after the screen, port and disk drives. Most PC Emulators usually fall over when programs start to bypass the MS-DOS operating system and start hitting the screen hardware, but the Power PC board is more than ready for anything that they can throw at it. According to the Dutch producers, KCS, the Power board can handle any amount of jiggery-pokery that PC programmers may use.
Even on a standard A500, the Power PC Board allows a full 768k to be used by PC applications. How is this achieved? Well, not only is the board a PC emulator, but it is also a 1 Mb RAM (that's an extra megabyte!, taking your A500 upto 1.5 Mbs in total!) Expansion and battery-backed clock.
If this hasn’t sufficiently whetted your appetite, then give Bitcon a call on 091 490 1975 or write to them at 88 Bewich Rd, Gateshead, Tyne + Wear, NE8 IRS. Meanwhile, look out for a full review in a future issue of Amiga Format. ¦ VIRGIN GIVE BIRTH Virgin’s French arm, Virgin Loisirs, have just formed a new label, Cryo, which they say will “open the way to the next generation of software designers, artists, programmers and so on” who will “create expanding horizons for our imagination in tomorrow’s fascinating technology world” - whatever that means. The idea behind the label is to promote
products developed in France for the world market and notable names like Didier Bouchon (Captain Blood, Purple Saturn Day), Patrick Dublanchet (Kult) and Michel Rho (Macadam Bumper, Get Dexter) will be working closely with the label. ¦ GET TRAINED MIRRORSOFT’S NEW REPEATS Checkmate Systems are offering an installation and training service to anyone buying Amiga computers from them within the M25 area. They will deliver the system at a prearranged date and time, and spend an hour installing the system and training the family in the basic use of it. If extra hardware is bought or extra money
paid when ordering, the training time can be extended.
You can also buy training time separately from equipment. If it proves popular enough Checkmate will extend the service outside the M25 area. Contact Checkmate Systems on 01 923 0658 or at 80 Mildmay Park, London N1 4PR. ¦ Sequels are the order of the day in the Mirrorsoft camp at present.
Cinemaware are to release Ant Heads, the follow up to It Came From The Desert (reviewed issue 7 - 80%), the game based on all those great big bug movies of the ‘50s. Ant Heads will retail for £14.99 and you’ll need ICFTD to be able to run it.
Coming on the Image Works label will be Speedball 2, due sometime in the Autumn. Pop star The Bitmap Brothers are back starring in PR photographs and with a sequel to Speedball The recipients of the first Commodore Enterprise with Vision (ENVI) award at last year's industry dinner were Electronic Arts for their Deluxe Paint III package, which in Commodore’s eyes was the best designed software product to take advantage of the Amiga’s facilities. As well as the award Commodore also donated £1,000 to the Royal Variety Club charity, the beneficiary of the dinner, and another £1,000 to
Electronic Arts who also donated Commodore UK boss Steve Franklin has delivered a critical broadside at the BBC documentary on computer addiction, calling it "biased” and "alarmist”.
The programme was part of the QED series and investigated the problem of computer addiction and its effects on social behaviour - highlighting the case of a 13-year- old boy who was addicted to his Nintendo console. Franklin criticised the show because it “focused a great deal on the more violent type of games being played on arcade machines rather than personal computers, although the implication throughout was that the programme was all about computers.” Franklin went on to lambast the coverage of computers in education, saying it was “badly stated” and that “the role of the computer as
an aid to teaching the new National Curriculum subjects was completely ignored - the emphasis was largely on experience in the US which is not entirely relevant to the UK.” programmers The Bitmap Brothers are working on the project which includes enhancements like a playing area twice the size of the original and greater control of the team’s attributes and tactics. ¦ ELECTRONIC ARTS FLUSH WITH ENVI the money to the charity.
EA had double cause to celebrate on the night as the Bullfrog programming team picked up two awards: Programmers of the Year and Best Original Game for Populous. M He also highlighted the fact that Commodore had sold nearly 250,000 computers over the Christmas season, all of which were sold with software of an educational nature and some without any games at all.
“Parents need to appreciate that computers can also help their children learn more easily and express themselves more fully. Without doubt, computers will be an important everyday feature in the lives of today’s younger generation and the QED programme will have given their parents a very biased and alarmist picture.” We couldn’t agree more about the appalling manner in which the media generally portray computer users. We are all written off as ‘overpaid whizz-kids’, ‘mindless addicts with no social lives’ or ‘boring boffins’. There has never been a TV show that adequately satisfied the
vast majority of computer users - or even got close. The industry has never had its own voice, it has always been well-meaning (or in the case of QED ill-meaning) personalities presenting largely irrelevant and poorly thought out programmes. Roll-on the day when we have our own programme, not some pseudo-intellectual drivel or sensationalist claptrap. ¦ Adrian Stephens, Andy Beveridge, Martin Day and John Dale, who make up programming team The Assembly Line, may not be household names but you’ve certainly seen, or at least heard of, their work before. Not convinced? How about Killer
Gorilla, Powerplay, Xenon II or Interphase?
This gang of four, who have only been together as TAL since last November, have been responsible for all of the above titles, but they go back a lot further.
Adrian Stephens first got into programming back in ‘82 when the BBC was booming. After a short while and a string of Beeb hits like Killer Gorilla, Mr EE and Donkey Kong Jnr under his belt, he then turned his attentions to bigger machines and worked with Arcana on their excellent trivia strategy game Powerplay.
He teamed up-with Andy Beveridge on a Rainbird project called EPT which never saw the light of day despite many long months of development - “the whole thing just got too big” reflects Adrian. His last venture was Mirrorsoft’s Interphase (reviewed in issue four - 88%).
Andy Beveridge first got into computers back in ‘79 when he owned an Apple. He spent a while developing hardware and software for the Apple, before spending a brief time in London - ending up working for Metacomco in Bristol in their Technical Support department. Andy was wowed by the Atari ST when they first appeared and bought one for over £1,000, which bargain at the time. Then Andy met a guy called Tony Rainbird at an Atari show and showed him his spec for a game with the working title of EPT. The next year or so was spent working with Adrian on the title before going off to Realtime to
finish off the project. After a great couple of years with Realtime “who really helped me, I learnt a lot” Andy left to join TAL.
Martin Day also goes back to the days of PETs and TSR 80s and may be better known as Spiny Norman to the gamesplaying public, after writing the Audiogenic classics Impact and Helter Skelter and Mirrorsoft’s Fernandez Must Die. One of his latest projects is a cross development system called SNASM which companies like Psygnosis, Realtime, The Bitmap Brothers and Vektor Grafix use as an upgrade to the now long in the tooth PDS system. Martin also worked closely with pop star programmers The Bitmap Brothers on Mirrorsoft’s excellent shoot-em-up Xenon II (reviewed issue 3 - 93%).
Coordinating the team and designing a lot of the games is John Dale. Although John’s the only non programmer of the group he’s been involved with the others for many years and goes back to the days of Impact with Martin. John gave up the glamorous life of a full time auditor to join the team back in Sept ‘89 and now splits his time between designing games, dealing with companies and racing the office Scalextric cars.
The team aren’t tied to any one publisher and future releases should include the highly addictive Pipemania from Empire (a demo of which will be on next month’s cover disk) and E-Motion from US Gold. As a team they have a lot of respect for their peers, including David Braben, although Adrian reckons “Zarch was a cop-out” in programming terms.
High praise from Andy goes to Realtime for all their 3D work, although The Assemblies, and especially the vociferous Adrian, reckon 3D games (when coded by someone who knows what they’re doing) are going about as fast as possible and more thought should go into using 3D in more creative and varied ways.
The Assemblies would like to get into console work in the future because it’s rumoured there are large amounts of money to be made for people of their talent, “we do everything marginally better than anyone else” pipes Adrian, while Andy keeps his feet on the ground and admits that “if we had loads of money we’d start loads of projects and not finish any of them”.
We’re selfishly hoping they never make too much money because it would be a sad loss to the games world if they had to stop working for a living. ¦ AMIGA BRAIN CONTROL A system of controlling the Amiga purely by thought is now being developed by Bernd Von den Brincken and Mike Weber in West Germany.
The prototype model demonstrated at the sixth annual Chaos Computer Club Communication Congress is called ‘Cyberspace’. The name is taken from the science fiction stories of William Gibson where hackers jack into the vast data networks by placing electrodes on their heads, moving from computer to computer purely by thought.
The early stage of development was on display and being test driven during the three day convention. The user is positioned in front of the the Amiga screen and has four electrodes taped to his forehead to read in his brain waves to a PC. The clone would then process the information and send the data to the Amiga for display in real time. The user then controls the graphic screen display and his brainwaves through various forms of concentration.
The unit on show was designed for the testing and the collection of data for use in the final product. “The first step is to get a feedback over from the brainwaves through the computer and display it on the screen, you see the pattern and the pattern you see changes and so you have feedback. And you can learn to steer you’re brainwaves directly”, explains Bernd Von Brincken.
His partner, Mike Weber has been working with the idea of brain control for the last four years. “I started using the Amiga because I designed light shows, and I would take photo’s from the screen for disco’s etc. For the brain screening system I wanted to use a system that did fast animation. In the first place I wanted to use a video synthesizer because it was fast, but then I found software that was good enough on the Amiga, The Director, which is a basic script language for graphics and also GFA Basic which is really good for programming.
“We have an IBM compatible to analyse the brainwaves but we haven’t finished the software for that, we need a faster way to do that and we need some statistical functions to do it to. From there we take the parameters out of the brain waves that have to do with certain areas of the brain and connect them to colour and brightness parameters to create a direct physiological feedback.
“Ideally we would like to have the software on the Amiga analyse the signal and also display the graphics and allow the user to connect online to other computers.” The system is still in it’s infancy and the end product won’t be on the store shelves for a few years, so don’t throw away your mouse yet.
“The next step is to connect many people who have had practice with steering brainwaves, in a realtime mailbox system. Then people can communicate over a graphic elements, intuitive system so they won’t be forced to put they’re ideas into text and type it out on a keyboard and this is the idea of Cyberspace.” ¦ tj 4 « on i ON ON S+* w 'V' i c X CJ CO «+H X _Q • i 1 Oh £ P Sb O +-» • X P o '“O r 5 i 43 »W O •W
• r-* £ f ; CO *C -P P H P P Cd 43 CJ • • CO w r- 4) 5b 5+~
• - n J 43 Po H3 P 43 +- 43 t P3 P O w & r*«+- . W* 43 p rj
**i W f. hH 1 .
43 Oi TD :".....c” ::: . ::: .
• ¦ ¦ • • • ¦•••••••••• (D
- | * E
• ¦ • • • • !?
43 P
• • f- In shioh TV prograrwe does 'little Uiily' appear?
DOMARK Castle Master is a solid 3D arcade adventure set in 16th Century England in which the player has to rescue a prince (or princess) from one of the four castle towers, which is not easy when you consider that each tower is made up of several rooms and floors and your progress is hindered by evil spirits who infest the place. Your sub-quest is to flush out all these nasties and make the place habitable again. The game uses an enhanced form of Incentive’s Freescape system (familiar from Total Eclipse, Driller and Dark Side) so expect plenty of puzzles to ponder over and, hopefully, to
O What games are you going to be saving your pocket money up for in the next couple of months? Here’s a sneak preview of games the software houses will be tempting you with.
ACTIVISION If you’re interested in driving games, Hot Rod will be here 'real soon’ to tempt your purse. The action is viewed from above in a game which has been converted from the Sega coin-op and allows up to four players to compete at once. There are some 30 tracks to race round, and natural hazards like snow, rain and sand to deal with. Still, enhancements can be bought in the parts shop at the beginning of each race and the amount of money you have to spend depends on how well placed you were in the previous race. This will be zooming onto a shop shelf near you any day now.
AUDIOGENIC ©Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz is a new and innovative development in computer quiz games loosely based on the format of the popular pub style trivia machines, yet combining the strategy of a traditional board game.
It’s not all about sport, though: you’ll have to answer questions on rock and pop, arts and literature, people and places and so on as you make your way across the board on one of the 10 levels fraught with twisty routes and dead ends. There are even special feature blocks to aid you including blasters, which blow up multiple question blocks, and clockstoppers which freeze the scrolling track.
US GOLD OAD&D fans are in for a treat with Champions of Krynn which has been programmed by Norm Kogel, the chap behind the Format Gold-rated strategy wargame Red Lightning. This promises to be the first full-blown RPG game in the AD&D series: in this first instalment the player guides his party of characters (the party is composed of six player characters and two non-player characters) through a web of intrigue and combat to defeat a plot by the forces of evil to establish the dark queen Takhisis as undisputed Ruler of Krynn.
ELECTRONIC ARTS 0 Player characters include Renders and the Knights of Solamnia in addition to the races and character classes found in Pools of Radiance (it’s coming, it’s coming!) And Curse of the Azure Bonds. Players will also have the opportunity to meet and work with characters from the Dragonlance novels - Tanis, Tasselhoff and Caramon - in the struggle to overcome evil.
0 Keeping with the mysterious theme, but deviating a bit is The Knights of Crystallion.
Billed as a whole culture rather than a game, this one promises to really drag you in to its world. The idea is for the player to gain prestige, power and respect by first managing the household funds and then later by undergoing four tests (plus a few puzzles). The graphics and sound are both amazing, so watch out for the definitive review in next month’s Screen Play.
The latest SSG game is Gold of the Americas which allows up to four players to step back in time and struggle for possession of the New World. Buy trading and warships to earn some money through trade, hire pirates to rob other ships, then pay armies and colonists to claim this brave new world.
Keeping with the strategy theme, Imperium is due to be released soon.
This UK-developed title is a complex strategy game set in the years following 2020. The player seeks to become the last surviving emperor of the galaxy by manipulating economic, diplomatic, military and political factors. Budding galaxy rulers, keep your eyes peeled.
COKTEL VISION Oout soon on the Tomahawk label will be European Space Simulator, which allows you to get behind the controls of the infamous space shuttle as you head for the stratosphere in order to set up some satellites.
Before getting there, though, you’ll have to kit out the shuttle, choose your crew and load up with whatever needs dropping into low orbit. Manage to do all that and it's solid 3D time as you attempt the delicate task of actually launching the satellites.
GRANDSLAM ©Coming soon from German programmers Thalion will be The Chambers of Shaolin, a one or two player beat-em-up with an oriental theme. Before taking the ultimate challenge you’ll have to bone up on skills in the various training chambers where you can learn to handle yourself against a variety of armed, unarmed and inanimate assailants. All together now... HI-YA!
MICROILLUSIONS ©Winner of the game with the tackiest name award this year will go to Microillusion’s Dr Plummet's House Of Flux, an Oids cum Thrust-ish blast that gives the player 28 screens spread over four increasingly difficult missions inside Dr Plummet’s alien infested fortress. Nimble fingers and precise control will be the order of the day when this one arrives.
VIRGIN Those who like their adven- S [| I tures tough will be pleased to hear that Demon's Tomb boasts 'some of the toughest problems you’ll ever have to tackle’. Set in rural England you have to unravel the mystery of why an Egyptologist has died while working on an archaic tomb. The game features a customisable screen interface, command line or menu entry system and a coded help line. Ooooo!
Spooky Mister Egypt head!
MINDSCAPE ©Following on from Moebius of a couple of years ago comes Windwalker. Once more you can get a taste of the Orient in this action role playing game. Train with the masters in all aspects of the martial arts before setting off into a world full of hundreds of characters to interact with including monks, merchants, alchemists and dragons. There are over 100 locations to explore and find adventure in, so you shouldn’t be stuck for something to do. Oh, and an interest in the I Ching and other eastern philosophies may be an advantage.
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Solves. You would have in your hands a system that only five years ago would have cost you over £100,000. You can have it today for less than one per cent of that price. What’s more you already own half the kit involved - you only need a genlock and some state-of-the-art software and the picture’s all yours. Yep, it’s an Amiga desktop video system.
Aside from all the other hi- tech-specs heralding the Amiga’s launch was one simple little feature that may have been lost among the 4000 multitasking colours, but in hindsight proves So underground he’s unknown, sometime film maker ANDY STORER guides you through the means of making your Amiga the I I ultimate low-cost desktop video editor.
Picture this - a fully-digital special effects suite at your fingertips with infrared drivers linking your computer to videorecorders so that all deck controls including freeze frame, single frame step and visible high speed search can be controlled from your desktop. Video editing features include adjustable prerolls for frame accurate insert and assembly edits, an edit preview mode and an automatic edit decision list generator. Integrated digital effects comprise graphic and title overlays, picture-in picture facilities, wipes, fades and disEven the test functions in VideoStudio
can be incorporated intogenlocked productions iff mil i • that Commodore’s development engineers were a very forward thinking bunch of boffins indeed.
They thoughtfully included external sync pulse in the Amiga’s CPU right from the start. As such, your machine can rightly claim to be the only reliable low-cost means of producing videotape material from the desktop in existence.
For although video production systems exist for other machines, notably the Macintosh and Archimedes, the Amiga has a greater selection of cheaper hardware and software in this rapidly growing field. For the demand for low-cost video effects, editing, titling and animation is as enormous as the market from which it derives
- the massive arena of domestic videorecorders and camcorders.
Video processing on the Amiga is the most cost-effective alternative to both home and professional video editing suites and has been made possible by that one little addition. That external sync pulse capability made Amiga genlock devices possible - and you only need to look to the ST to see what a difference it’s made.
That machine has only just got it’s first genlock and there’s no software out yet to utilise it. With the Amiga, developers have had five years to get their acts into gear so genlock hardware and video effects software abound.
ASAP’s MaxiGen T8000 is the latest device available and its RGB output capability makes it an ideal replacement for domestic and semi-professional applications for which you would have to pay video facilities houses an arm and a leg.
You don’t need to be a mechanic... The T8000 genlock allows you to superimpose computer and video displays on a single screen by synchronising the output from the Amiga’s video chip with that of a live or recorded video source. It works by synchronising and locking together the line and frame generators of each display’s refresh rate, hence the name I Captor ET c-mode DEO FUTURE For more abstract productions, digitised animations produced using Photon Cel Animator can be remixed with the original pre-digitised material to produce multi-layered images.
VideoStudio’s built-in caption editor allows a good range of text fonts and sizes to be manipulated, positioned and colourised with ease.
I ‘genlock’. After providing both horizontal and vertical scan synchronisation it presents you with rock solid superimpositions. This is achieved by combining the three separate RGB signals from the Amiga into a composite video or PAL signal which is in turn combined with the composite video output from a videodeck.
An on-board video chip allows you to control the horizontal position and phase of the signal on your screen through the genlock’s front panel. The resultant signal is a mix; a superimposition of the video signal on a specific colour you’ve made ‘transparent’ in your computer image - usually blue. Alternatively, the video image can be behind the computer image where the chosen ‘transparent’ colour is the only one visible - the choice is referred to as foreground or background ‘keying’ or ‘masking’. So for instance, displaying titles over a video image, like the subtitling in foreign
feature films, is foreground keying while for any applications where the computer screen borders are active - in wipes and fades - background keying is used. You can flick between the two modes from switches on the MaxiGen's control panel - or you can choose to just view the original computer or video displays.
But remember, just because you have a video mix on screen doesn't mean you can save moving video images to disk. The genlock is merely superimposing one image over the other - the signals themselves remain entirely independent. However it is possible to direct the mixed output to videotape, since the signal reaching your monitor in mix mode for all intents and purposes appears as a single signal.
To drive a car... So what ends can you put all this to? Firstly you may wish to record some Amiga productions to videotape instead of disk. It might be a lengthy animation sequence you’ve designed which you may wish to superimpose over a recorded video sequence.
The kind of material here might involve overlaying foreground material such as animated characters over a landscape background. With a little care you could ‘borrow’ a sequence from a TV programme or film, note its duration and lay it down to tape before sequencing your animation to fit.
Or you may want to send out demos of games or sprite routines to software houses on videotape instead of sending hot source code. Here all you would need to do would be to record the demo over black videotape. Perhaps you might want to combine code with digitised backdrop as a possible scenario for some future game based on CD-ROM format when its Amiga incarnation arrives. You needn’t in fact do anything more than say, watch TV on your monitor as a background task while you're waiting for a complex ray- tracing operation to take effect.
The MaxiGen is particularly well-equipped in the area of ‘printing’ to videotape as it allows you to output a mixed signal in the form of RGB - a picture quality far superior to that of composite video. As such, the composite video display you’ve been manipulating on your Amiga monitor is only like an off-line work area because the eventual output is converted back to RGB. So when it comes to animation you’re away
- you can output high resolution animations as long as a four
hour videotape, no longer being constrained by RAM or hard
disk capacity. Or, if you use an Amiga for heavy duty database
management then videotape could act as a useful backup
But it’s probably in the area of overlays that a genlock like Maxi- Gen can be most effectively used.
Simple operations, such as adding titles to a videotape are achieved by opening up a window on your Amiga desktop and setting its background to a ‘transparent’ colour, booting up an Art or DTP package and overlaying the text.
Alternatively you can use a dedicated paint or video package like Dpaint III, Dvideo III, Deluxe Productions or Video Studio to produce a range of animated, scrolling credits or 4096 colour logos to overlay. This is probably the easiest way of producing superimposed material - the custom routines take out the torment of do-it- yourself trial and errors.
In this way you could annotate photographic albums you’ve previously digitised as well as add titles to home video productions.
It might be something as useful, yet profitable, as producing a looping window display for your company that shows your product line along with details of special features and products.
At the end of the day your Amiga video hardware and software exists as an enhancing tool to the already secure and installed medium of video. What next?
Demos for broadcast TV? Offers of promos for your local bands? The only limit on the extent of use is the limit of your imagination.
Desktop Video Editing It’s not too difficult to see how we can enter the realms of desktop video editing on our Amigas without too much trouble. After all, if you have the means of combining live and or recorded video with computer images, all that’s needed is some means of sequencing the results to videotape.
But it’s here that things can get a little tricky because results are entirely dependent on the quality of the videotape recorder you’re using. In ‘assembly’ editing, where you're merely pausing your recorder while the next section of programme is being selected and added after it, the recording machine must make sure that the sync pulses recorded on the control track of the videotape line up with the previous passage. If this isn’t done, there will be a disturbance caused by loss of sync between the assembled passages of recording. Unfortunately the majority of domestic VHS decks have
been designed without this simple facility.
To check whether your machine has it, look for the machine backspacing along the tape for a second or two prior to it resuming recording in pause mode. This delayed response THE COMPLETE AMIGA VIDEO SYSTEM This diagram shows the basic set-up you need to use an Amiga in video. It also has some extras thrown in that are not essential like the mixer and additional input devices.
2. VIDEO MIXER Two or more channel mixers are not essen- tial - a
single source can easily by-pass this device - mixers are only
if you want to combine two or more video sources before
overlaying the results on computergenerated displays via the
VIDEO MIXER nl bk ' - m t tr 7VT uu i*f»i rr«t uci«u Mil 7-*©-drr ju» 3-Te*l tij'il rutt x l-C.ick 4-*c-ie *-= pr V'rttt'm e t 3 THE AMIGA Although a straight A500 will suffice, as with all serious applications a RAM upgrade will allow you much more scope in productions. The displays of video effects and paint package animation software are sent to the genlock via the RGB output to be mixed.
B B B OOO B B B B B B 0 B B B B B B B B B ? ???
4. THE GENLOCK The incoming video signals are synchronised and
can be redisplayed on the Amiga’s monitor either as foreground
or background ‘masks’ i.e either the Amiga display is
overlayed on top of the video signal or vice versa.
5. THE OUTPUT depending on the genlock either a composite video
or RGB signal can be sent to a video deck in recording mode.
But some VTRs are more suitable than others - they must be
capable of frame accurate edits otherwise all your edit points
will be full of glitches and roll-bars while sync is
I LI 1111111 allows sync to be reestablished before any new recording is added. The result is a 'clean' cut without roll bars or glitches.
Another problem is that of machines which lose tape position because they unroll or unlace the tape when in Stop mode. Beta or Video 8 machines are preferable to VHS as they both have these crucial features.
Also essential are machines that have search modes based on the control pulse track so that individual frames of the assembled recording can be located. It is best if this reads hours-min-secs so that it’s compatible with the time code readouts found in some of the best art, music and video effects packages. Good video editing requires accuracy down to l 50th of a second as each frame is composed of two scans. VHS recorders that unlace tape as they pause or stop cannot use the control track for a counter, making them useless for the essential facility of Insert’ editing.
Editing of this kind is mostly used to tidy up assembly edited sequences, although it can be used to edit material in any order you wish rather than having to start at the beginning and finish at the end. Again Video 8 and some of the later Beta machines are the only decks where you’ll be assured of this facility. As insert editing is used to drop in new sequences over old it's obviously essential that your machine must have a control-track time readout to enable frame accurate inserts.
But most professional video editors use insert editing all the while - it’s much more convenient than assembly editing. It’s a little like the process involved in using a music sequencing package, but instead of laying down a drum track as your reference beat you lay down a digital time code readout - an 8 figure number that appears overlaid on the black background to be recorded onto.
In this way you always have a guide to the start and end points of the blank tape you wish to record a clip onto. Working from paper beforehand, you can build up a track guide that illustrates the sequential running order of your production. Insert editing in this way is more convenient because if you are operating from a number of different source tapes you don’t need to keep swapping them ad nauseum. But it remains a shame that in the face of personal computers and hard software designed to bring professional video editing to your home it’s the common or garden VHS deck that lets down the
side. The alternative is to use I You're in the Army now ready to fight any time, any place, any war ! Plan your strategy, select your weapons and begin the toughest assignments of your career.
ATARI ST AMIGA The group C Motor racing simulation based on Spice Engineerings' SE89C car. Can you become World Champion ?
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* 9 different circuits including Le Mans
* Day Night driving, with variable weather conditions
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ST AMIGA £19.99 FAST l-ANI: 1-3 Haywra Crescent, Harrogate, N
Yorkshire tIGl 5BG.
Tel: (0423) 525325. Fax: (0423) 530054 TAKE* EH* OUT Can you achieve the highest levels of skill and performance and reach the Elite SAS standard ?
Multi weapons selection including Shotgun, Bazooka, M-16 or Granades use them carefully to take out the bad guys only !
Realistic animated graphics - timed to perfection, you will believe you are in a war zone.
ATARI ST AMIGA I video 8 or hire in some professional U-Matic gear.
Producing Amiga Promos So if you have a ‘compatible' videorecorder connected to the Maxi- Gen’s RGB output it’s always essential to start by doing pre-edit rolls of your video material to determine the exact timing of the machinery Just how long exactly does that videorecorder pre-roll before it ‘bites’ on an edit? How long at a frame accurate level of l 50th second does it take for your finger pushing a key to translate to a title appearing on-screen?
When you have it down to a tee, just hit Record on your recording VTR and you have an edit.
Better still, you can use a package like ZVP’s Video Studio which provides you with all the low- level video production tools you’re likely to require. You can easily use it to produce animated text and you soon have rolling credits to lay down to tape. But instead of laying titles onto video, why not lay video onto music or speech? You could go so far as to use digitised video material from either a live camera or recorded video source, after maybe looping the results with a package like Videon, and lay down the sequences onto videotape already containing a music track.
Of course, you have to make sure you have a deck which will allow you record picture over existing sound - there’s some which will fill the audio track with white noise if you try it - but if your machinery is okay it’s quite easy to combine animated, off-air and live material with trendy full screen captions and create your own DefCon II style promos.
If you want to take this a stage further you can load up Music X or MasterTracks Pro and follow the =£EB DC atl QD QJE3 OE4 SH iy i 1 «C~ZD» ¦n TSawr, 3 atrJB Cscok: 0003.0iT5 ?-7 Ji SHE 00:do:04.10 T T (Oil Ik Z7S11 €v«U j | 4t ! PIQjjnr _
- -- - - Uureeis !g If 382 3 4 H. RftstJts 1432 3 II Efti
Promo videos can now be produced from the desktop. Using Music
X’s built-in time code functions it’s possible to use a genlock
to build up video sequences synchronised to music tracks. After
the start and end points of particular clips have been synced
to the required durations they can be assembly edit onto
videotape. If you’re using multiple video sources, these can
be combined using a mixer to provide even greater stylistic
control over your music’s visuals.
Time code readouts to get perfect accuracy for your video sequence durations. All you have to do then is superimpose your sequencer software over the video material which you wish to use, obtain the likely durations of your inserted edits and record them to videotape. With a little practice, it’s not too difficult to make that smash of the cymbals coincide exactly with a stunning jump-cut.
Decks switchable through the mixer, you can push them through the Amiga where they can be treated to realtime digitising, colourising, and superimposition before the results are recorded onto the third.
Once you’ve experimented with Amiga home video editing and reckon you can pull the tightest cuts in the west you may wish to hire in some additional gear to make your efforts even more professional. Time Base Correctors are one piece of kit you might like to get in as these allow realtime sampling of video signals so that If however, you’re lucky enough to have three videorecorders and a videomixer available you can push the technology to the max. Using two as source digital drop-out can be compensated for. TBCs maintain picture quality through continuous processing which negates
‘glitches’ in video images. Here we’re talking custom hardware however, as sampling rates are typically four frames a second so we’re looking at prices of £100 a day to hire.
This may be worth the price if you’re doing a promo for a band - the results are instantly impressive. But if you want to submit work to video or TV companies for CV submission or possible broadcast then you should really be mastering your material on 3 4 inch U-Matic videotape or Beta- Cam SNP. Again it’s best to hire the gear in - for around £50 a day per deck - as you can always premaster everything on video 8 or VHS beforehand and use the original control code readouts as a guide for the master edit.
Helping Hands All this may sound a little daunting but of course there’s a range of excellent Amiga software to help you out. Before utilising any of it though you might be advised to buy some extra RAM and second drive as you're going to be dealing with memory and disk intensive operations. A digitiser or realtime frame grabber will also be worth considering buying as it provides a good basis for importing images, which can be used as guides to emulate as ‘hand-drawn’ images material.
Also, before embarking on any video production it’s worth getting into the habit of storyboard- ing your Amiga movies. This saves valuable time and colour clashes when keying left, right and centre. So what are the essential supporting software and hardware you’ll need to become an Amiga video producer?
WHAT YOU NEED AND WHERE TO GET IT FOR OVERALL VIDEO PRODUCTION (and out on its own...) Deluxe Video III from Electronic Arts on 0753 49442 for £99.99 is the best all round package for combining computer and video images via a genlock. Although it offers none of the useful utilities present in Video Studio from ZVP, its impressive range of features include super smooth animation, borderless overscan mode for graphics on videotape, dozens of transition for sophisticated screen effects and frame accurate timing right down to l 60th second. In addition it offers automatic scrolling backgrounds,
colour cycling animation, and an object- orientated HyperCard style interactivity which allows you to build multi-level branching. This last point shows the way to the future, as it enables true interactive video where your Amiga can be used as the controlling component in a system that drives videorecorders in realtime. As such training, presentation and promotional films take on new meaning - the user has control over the narrative he or she is experiencing by defining the pathway to be explored. Live video overlay and fades are also in there along with full support for all Amiga
graphics and sound modes.
FOR IMAGE PRODUCTION The Amiga has an excellent range of art packages at its disposal for working into video productions.
Worthy of note are Deluxe Paint (£80) from Electronic Arts on 0753 49442. This excellent package produces hi- resolution keying areas for genlocked superimpositions, and can be used for producing background pictures and retouching digitised images. It can also quickly produce animated sequences. For a further £25 you can get your hands on Real Things from RGB Studios on 082 581 2666. This little beauty is an add-on which allows you to construct detailed choreographies of animated sequences with ease. Also worth a look are Photon Paint 2 at £89 from Microillusions on 0703 703030,
which is good for manipulating HAM images and DigiPaint 3 from NewTek (available from HB Marketing on 0895 444433) at £70 which offers good text manipulation for titling effects.
Fantavision from Domark on 01 780 2222 for £40 is also great for creating foreground animations that can be superimposed on video-generated backgrounds, but since the created objects are silhouettes it might be best to use the excellent ‘tweening’ facility to export the objects to a package like Sculpt 4D from ACS on 031 557 4242 for £368 which is an excellent 68020 compatible animated ray-tracing I VideoStudio’s cueing functions are indispensable for achieving accurate timings - fades, wipes and dissolves can all be timed to a tee n _i suite allowing animation productions complete with
shadows and reflections.
GENLOCKS GRABBED But for the ultimate... FRAME BUFFER AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND 031 557 4242 A sub-£1000 24 bits per pixel frame buffer allowing 16.7 million colours at 900x600 resolution on a standard Amiga. Combine this mother with a genlock and you’ll be pushing the boundaries only just recently, extended by six-figure systems like Quantel’s Paintbox and Harry. Digital Pictures beware.
With 3 megs of onboard RAM all images can be fully double buffered and used in conjunction with NewTek’s latest 21-bit Digi- Vlew digitiser producing the current state of the art Amiga-wise.
FOR TITLING Although Dppaint III can be used effectively to generate titles, custom software like Aegis Videoti- tler from FIB Marketing for £96 can do the job a lot more easily. It uses Amiga fonts in any resolution to produce a range of captioning effects to create animated titles.
There’s also a variety of wipe transitions on hand. But the best of the bunch is Video Studio which also comes along with an impressive range of transition effects.
FOR VIDEO EFFECTS Video Studio from ZVP (available from Maze Technology on 01 520
9753) for £99 is the state of the art for dedicated video effects
as it incorporates 12 of the most commonly used video
production utilities in one package. 20 broadcast qual-
Most genlocks support the range of Amiga models, though, of
course, it’s worth checking this out before hand - even
better is to ask suppliers to forward you a manual before
hand as these babies don’t come cheap! However the ideal
solution is to visit a show and see one at first hand.
Commodore itself has badged two devices - the A1300 and 2300. Prices are a bit sketchy on the former but it is intended solely for use with AlOOOs and isn’t reported as providing a particularly good signal mix, whilst the 2300, at £250, provides a better output but still not one suitable for braodcast standards. As it uses the Amiga’s video slot it can’t be used in conjunction with Flicker-Fixer and is only able to provide background keying.
For a cheaper no frills affair, Minigen from Applied Systems and Peripherals at £114 is probably your best bet as it knocks out a good stable signal and uses the RGB port. Rendale’s A8802 genlock is a good quality PAL device supplying both foreground and background keying for £287 and which provides near broadcast quality, though its older brother the 8806 at £800 provides broadcast quality output. It fits on an internal card and uses the video port but has selectable colour keying, composite video and RGB mode mixing.
The G2 Videocentre at £595 is another professional performance genlock with video mixer and PAL encoder allowing fade and mix controls through software and supporting Super VHS machines but SuperPic at £574 from Precision Software might be a better bet as it combines a digitiser with frame store along with genlock. It can grab 50 frames a second to the framestore before displaying them as a sequence on screen mixed with external video.
Triangle’s T8000 at £914 is pitching in there at quite a high price but it boasts full broadcast quality and is probably unique in that it features a sub-carrier phase adjustment making it ideal for use with professional video mixers.
However the Neriki Image Master at £1000 is the top of the range price-wise but doesn’t have a particularly good range of features or performances despite this.
Ity fonts are on hand with nine wipe patterns and a comprehensive suite of broadcast test signal patterns.
Fades up and down are included as are logo and copyright screens you can customise yourself. You may also utilise broadcast style VTR control code time readouts. For budget productions you might also consider TV Show from Brown-Wagh for £61, which is a low-cost effects package concentrating on wipe effects produced by using an editable script file to create synchronised sequences. But something like Videon from Power Computing on 0234 273000 for £250 might be better since it allows you to map 4096 colour digitised images onto the surface of any objects generated in an art package. Ideal
for sexy superimpositions!
ADDITIONAL ILLUSIONS Cel Animator from Microillusions on 0480 496497 for £100 is a useful component of the Photon Video suite which allows you to convert colour drawing to rendering and video tape production. Both digitised and ‘hand-drawn’ images can be synchronised to sound tracks and played at varying speeds. Automatic loops and slow motion can also be employed. Microillusions’ Edit Decision List Processor at £299.95 is also well worth a look since it allows you to keep track of all edit points and offers duration times as well. The company’s Transport Controller at £200 enables
infra-red control of videotape recorders thus disabling the human error of nerves - hitting a Record button right on cue while leaning over enough wires to make a bolog- nese is something to be avoided. ¦ A host of new features in Version 1,05 Remember that HiSoft BASIC is not just an incredibly fast compiler producing compact, very fast machine code but it is a complete programming environment - you create and edit your programs just like you do with an interpreter but then, when you run your program, it is automatically compiled to give the best of all worlds. One package, one price.
HiSoft BASIC 1.05 still costs only £79.95 inclusive. Upgrades are available to existing registered users at £5.
Invaluable libraries for HiSoft BASIC The Extend package is available at last! The Amiga is a difficult computer to program and AmigaBASIC offers little help in using the gadgets, menus and requesters that the operating system supports. Extend gives you an extensive library of sub-programs and functions that is available from both AmigaBASIC and HiSoft BASIC that fills these gaps.
Extend allows full control over the system gadgets, menus and sub-menus, requesters, windows, IFF-format files and much more, it comes complete with over 50 pages of documentation packed with clear examples of the usage of the library and, of course, the library itself with examples) on disk. All for £19.95 inclusive.
Also available for the Amiga are: HiSoft Devpae version 2 (£59.95), the most complete and reliable system for assembly language programming on the Amiga and it works on all Amigas (unlike some other assemblers we could argue about!); Lattice C 5.04 (£229), the ultimate C package ~ very fast with everything you need including a global opiimiser and extensive, 2-volume documentation.
All software should be available from your local dealer. In case of difficulty, you can order directly from HiSoft by pbone, using your Access or Visa card or by mail, using Access, Visa, a cheque or postal orders. Our prices include VAT and shipping within the UK.
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In the life of every art student the day of . . “ ?? ' 4 "y
XV* . - •* ' V~fs. . ; reckoning eventually dawns when all of
their recent work must be , . ..... ¦•s'.” . Sii ¦ "; displayed
for public criticism in “The Crit”.
BRIAN LARKMAN takes the role of Art Tutor.
I Criticism is a hard thing to take, but almost everyone producing artwork, whether by con ventional or by computerised methods, intends it to be seen and so inevitably leave them- selves open for criticism. Whether the work is good or bad an informed analysis of your working methods, techniques and subject matter is essential if you want to progress. And this is especially true if you are an isolated computer artist with lithe formal training and no interaction with other ‘students’.
None of the work shown here was sent in to be analysed - it was just meant to be shown - but in our efforts to give our readers something a little bit out of the ordinary, a gentle ‘erif seemed quite appropriate.
The most suitable images fall naturally into a few cat egories and this makes the discussion a little easier.
There were dozens of other pictures that would have been equally suitable but didn’t fall into these categories, and dozens of other categories that could have been used. Surprisingly, very few images rendered with a 3D package - Sculpt3D, Videoscape3D, Turbo Silver, Design 3D, C-Light - were available.
Where are they all? I Strangely, considering all the possible animals that could have been chosen as a subject to immortalize with pixels, by far the most popular are cats, big and small. Of the three featured, the best illustration is “Black Panther”, painted with PhotonPaint and almost certainly copied and adapted from a photograph.
The realistic folds of the animal’s face and the sharp, wet quality of the mouth capture much of the ferociousness of the original.
Good HAM packages such as Photon Paint and DigiPaint are especially good at this sort of relief drawing, because the wide range of tones available helps portray rounded, 3D objects accurately.
The weakest part of the picture is the cat’s whiskers which have a severe case of the jag- gies and so do not ‘sit’ well with the smooth ‘photo-realism’ of this type of illustration. A little anti-aliasing would have helped here, though Photon Paint makes this difficult because it does not provide true anti-aliasing, one of its few omissions. A bit of a trivial point really, but it wouldn’t have taken long to soften the stepping by hand in ‘Magnify’ mode.
Tiger BWL Tiger by NATHAN modified by BrIAN GAYDHANI LARKMAN Slightly less effective is “Tiger”, painted in Deluxe Paint using a rather gaudy palette reminiscent of some murals or the ‘TakeAway school’ of Middle Eastern paintings.
The Tiger itself is drawn strongly, but is let down by the background which was obviously painted on later around the beast. One of the great advantages of computer painting is the ability to produce the foreground and background separately and paste them together later. This ensures that the foreground objects stand out against the background rather than being surrounded by a ‘caution zone’ halo, as in this case.
Usually a very effective background can be produced, with even just a few colours, in Deluxe Paint by using the Shade,Blend and Smear modes with a couple of leaf-shaped brushes. I hope that the artist will forgive the slightly modified version of his pictured included for comparison, with a new background and subPixellation effects are much less of a problem for “Lion”, executed in a freer, more painterly style.
Again the face has all the fierceness of a wild lion and the mane is especially well drawn but the overall effect is less photo-realistic and more flat because only aboutl6 colours have been used.
A subdued background in the warm but washed-out colours of the ‘bush’ might have given more sense of depth overall, and slightly stronger colours and better definition around the mouth would have emphasised this focal point. A powerful image nonetheless, that shows clearly the strength of free, impressionistic drawing, even on a computer.
LANDSCAPE Drawing a convincing landscape can be one of the most difficult tasks. Blending together the subtle cues of light and shade, rough and smooth texture, vegetation, rock, water and weather takes years of practice by conventional means and just as long using a computer if you start from scratch. But computer painting allows the use of several shortcuts, as you can see from the examples here.
The wide range of tools for blending, dithering, colour gradation and transparent effects provided by DigiPaint3 and Photon Paint2 mean that a high degree of subtlety can be used to draw freehand landscapes, providing you understand the tools and follow some basic rules. “Lady in Red” appears to have been drawn this way using PhotonPaint.
The background vegetation and rocks, and even the folds of her dress for that matter, have all been drawn with the highlight set in the same position. This means that light and dark have an overall continuity in the picture, emphasising the direction of the light source, and hence modelling the objects realistically in 3D.
At the opposite extreme, software tools can be used to draw the whole landscape for you “The Eye” is constructed mostly from digitised photographs, pasted carefully together using Photon Paint. Provided the edges are always properly blended in - as in this picture - any number of pieces can be pasted together to form a composite landscape.
WILDLIFE dued colours. The changes took less than five minutes but definitely improve what was in any case a good wildlife drawing.
Most HAM painting systems provide a ‘Blend’ mode that makes the edges of a brush transparent to some degree so that they 'feather in’ with the main picture when they are pasted down. Where “The Eye” falls down is in the hand-drawn parts, the river, the waterfall, and the signpost. If you draw freehand over digitised images it is essential to also use the Blend mode here so that your lines ‘wash in’ with the background at a similar resolution: so that they are equally blurry.
“Alldefencesbroken” and “Warcoach” also use digitised pictures but employ ‘false colour’ techniques to give the image a surreal, abstract quality that is quite striking, especially considering they were drawn with the restricted palette of Deluxe Paint. The trick is to use a range of colours with a similar ‘Value’ - the V slider of ‘HSV’ on the palette - so as to maintain a tonal continuity across the picture. This is one of the techniques that will be described in a later tutorial on the use of colour in Deluxe Paint.
Using fractals. “Lone Hornet” cleverly uses a fractal landscape rendered using the scenery creator from ST Amiga Format Coverdisk 8.
The subtle cues of light and shadow, terrain and vegetation mentioned above are all accurately blended into a realistic landscape. The exact geography is left up to the program, so you have little control, but the result is very convincing. Over this landscape, the artist has pasted rather flat drawings of aircraft that stand out rather too much, at least partly because of the clearly-defined dark outline around them. This gives a cartoon-like quality that is discussed below.
CARTOON AND FANTASY By far the majority of images sent to Amiga Format have been cartoons, fantasy paintings or copies of record sleeves, so these categories could not be left out. Most of the cartoons are direct copies from comics or newspapers - especially Garfield for some reason - and these are deliberately left out. The cartoon included seems to be original: correct me if I'm wrong.
“Football”uses single-pixel lines in a very subtle way. The figures are drawn using pale lines, except around their outlines, and the overall feeling of the illustration is of a unified pale palette that gives a flat cartoon-like quality to the figures, even though they are in fact shaded. In places the background is a little ill- defined and confused but the outline around the figures makes them stand out. This outline, the flat palette colours and the obvious caricatures are what make this a strong cartoon.
A very different use of line and flat colour is shown in “Hysteria”, presumably copied from a Def Leppard album cover. Here the lines have a neon light quality that could have been achieved ‘automatically’ using Smoothing in Deluxe Paint but appears to have been created by hand, so the aliasing is still quite apparent.
This may be deliberate because the lack of smoothing or anti-aliasing gives the whole picture a hard-edged quality that might otherwise have been lost. Overall, the image looks quite chaotic but in fact their is a strong diagonal structure at work throughout. This is almost certainly thanks to the original illustrator, probably working in a conventional medium, rather than the computer artist who submitted it to Format. No matter, the principle is the same. If the picture is to work visually it should have some sort of structure, even when the subject is apparently chaotic.
PORTRAIT At its best, portraiture should do more than just show a likeness of the subject: it should portray something of their character and spirit as well. Depending on the skill of the artist, this spirit can be extracted just by the subtle way that features are drawn, by the way the subject is positioned - lighting, background, juxtaposed symbols - or by the actual painting style used. All these methods are employed to a lesser or greater degree in the four examples shown here.
“Lady In Red” was painted with Photon Paint and so the look of the figure is determined to some extent by the characteristics of that program.
The final effect is really rather bland. Little true character seems to show through. The woman is drawn well enough - the facial features and the folds of the clothing are very well executed - but the technique employed somehow prevents the real person from showing.
• It may be that the figure is drawn from imagination and
represents a sort of ‘idealised woman’ excluding personal
character. Sadly this is often the case with computer art, for
the medium itself can exclude the psychological involvement
that is neccessary for character interpretation to take place.
Pen and ink or brush and paint are somehow more immediate than
mouse and pixels!
(Left) Lady in Red by EDWARD SEYMORE Compared to “Lady”, however, “Lady In Red” is full of character: but this doesn’t matter, since “Lady” is a very different sort of painting. In this case the image is a very stylised picture of a woman’s face and it is the style that really matters: it is a pure illustration rather than a portrait.
This is the sort of picture often used in adverts for hair, fashion, make-up or jewelry where lifestyle is all important and the character of the model seemingly counterproductive. The gestural quality of the lines and the almost careless application of colour are verging on the abstract.
A computer is very good for working in this style because it is easy to apply colour underneath the lines, either by placing the drawing over the colour as a brush, or by using ‘Stencil’.
It may say something about computer artists in general that the pictures of women shown here seem to lack character but those of men are both full of it. “Man” has been drawn in just three shades of grey and the use of these tones and the hard edges give a bleak look to the image that works well with the lined, careworn face.
Flat colour and solid dark outlines are usually the characteristics of cartoons, but in this case the picture goes beyond that sort of blandness and seems to model the figure quite successfully. By drawing an apparently arbitrary line between light and dark, the artist has actually defined the 3D form very well. This is quite a difficult job but at least using a computer you have the chance to make lots of modifications until you get the effect right.
“Amvk” uses a number of techniques to instill a feeling of bleakness and menace into the viewer. To start with, the face itself is totally haunting. The artist has managed to overcome the limitations of mouse and pixels to produce a series of marks just like those made by a paintbrush wielded with force.
Perhaps he worked from a digitised painting or drawing. This can be a very useful first step when producing a picture, introducing a much freer, ‘painterly’ element.
The sense of menace is doubled by repeating the face twice. Your eyes are drawn inevitably to one pair of eyes in the picture and yet you always have that feeling of being stared at by the other pair. A very effective device that is made far easier to set up on a computer.
Less important is the use of cabalistic symbolism, yet this also sets the scene. Its use has been handled with admirable restraint, so that the background only becomes apparent after several views of the picture. A powerful image. ¦ Almost from day one of its existence the Amiga has been seen as an excellent graphical presentation system - lots of colours, good sound, fast animation - all these had to be used for more than just games.
One of the first programs available in Britain to make this power an easy-to-use reality was Deluxe Video from Electronic Arts.
The 16-colour limitation of the dual-playfield system that it uses mean that it has been overtaken by other packages, such as The Director, that utilise all of the Amiga's modes. Now Deluxe Video returns as Version 3, completely rewritten and set to become the most powerful and comprehensive presentation system ever for the Amiga. This mini-review is just a taster for the full working review complete with tutorials, tips and shortcuts in our usual thorough style, that will appear in Amiga Format very soon indeed.
Power Control The real power of Deluxe Video has always been its interface. It allows pictures, moving brushes, sounds and music to be mixed together to form ‘scenes’ and complete Videos’, on a straightforward and accurately-timed graphical display. The interface is the one thing that has survived to Version 3 from the original, so seasoned users will soon feel completely at home.
Also quite familiar is the wide range of cuts, wipes and fades available to provide professional- looking transitions from one scene to the next, though the range has been very much broadened. Overall the program has been greatly expanded in its versatility yet simplified in its operation - mainly by standardising the requestors.
First Impressions Anyone who has a range of graphics and animation software will have at some time wished that several pieces of animation could be joined together with some sort of special effect or wipe, or that some extra element could be added later without remaking the whole anim. The Director from The Right Answers Group provides a lot of this sort of control but it is a Basic-like script language that many find too daunting. AniMagic from Aegis allows Anims to be pasted together and provides some amazing special effects, but has no sound and is difficult to learn. Lights, Camera,
Action, also from Aegis, is even more difficult.
Deluxe Video seems, at first sight, to have it all: but let’s wait for the full review, shall we? For now the only slight fault is the lack of forward skip on the control panel: to get to the end of a scene you have to sit through the whole thing. A trivial gripe perhaps, but it is very annoying when you are trying to tune the transition from one scene to another! ¦ FEATURE PACKED DELUXE VIDEO 3 BRIAN takes a brief look at the latest version of Electronic Arts’ graphics control program.
Listing just the new and improved features in detail would take up more space than this mini-review will allow, so a list of the most important new features is, all you can haVe for now!
Supports Anims and Dpaintlll AnimBrushes.
Any standard Anim files in any resolution can be used as a scene or background over which brushes, Deluxe Paint AnimBrushes, and special effects can be operated. Wor s in all Amiga modes includ- Tfjg HAM. EHB and Overscan.
No longer restricted to 16 colours in low and interlace modes, Dvideo will now mix together on one video parts created in any mode, and in some cases play them together.
Uses Super Bitmaps for larger than screen-size scrolling effects.
Animations can be scrolled over background images that are larger than the screen and panning effects can be created.
Supports 8SVX sound files, SMUS music files and has MIDI output.
Controls SuperGen genlock for software control of fades etc. n Support for Arexx message to external devices or program drivers means that, for example, SuperGen can be made to fade one video source to another using an example script file which is provided on disk.
Define Brush and AnimBrush movement with editable path. The movement of objects on screen is defined by dragging them along the required path. Fine tuning can be added because the path is vector graphic and so therefore its points can be edited.
Attach one moving, animated brush to another for relative motion.
Objects created at different times can be made to move in unison by attaching them to each other. For instance, dolphins could follow a ship or planets orbit a sun. STAR PREFERRED CORPORATE DEALERS FREE!
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En'emy 7. Hostile person; opponent; armed foe; hostile force.
Scum n. froth or other floating matter a liquid; waste part of anything; vile person or thing; riff-raff.
Rock'et n. firework or stick that can be shot up in the air by igniting it's contents; automatically fired aid controlled weapon, armed and remote object, fu'el n. (fu-) n. material for burning.
Mercenary (-s-) a. hired; working simply for reward. - n. hired soldier, arm'our, (us arm'or) n. defensive covering or dress; plating of warslips, task forces.
Choose v.t pickout, select; take preference, weap'on (wep'n)A7. Implement to fight with, carg'o n. vehicle's load, it's freight, reward' v.t. pay, make return, for service, conduct etc. Elite (-a -I et') n. choice or select body; purvayor of video games; video games that will get better and better as time passes.
OVERLANDER n. wicked 21st century video game where mercenary completes mission by delivering cargo in a car for reward and uses reward from successful missions to choose fuel or armour and weapons including rockets and missiles to improve his car so that he can defeat scum in further more treacherous missions.
• -I ¦1 % I'_ - - Jb -.
NOW! AVAILABLE r% * FOR... f COMMODORE AMIGA £19.99 . - - Elite Systems Ltd. Anchor House, Anchor Road, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands WS9 8PW, England. Consumer Hot Line: (0922) 743408 f 1 *. * • 1 After the success of gg| Batman The Movie, can The Untouchables continue Ocean’s current run of success?
Can Gremlin follow up the success of Switchblade with Super Cars? P35 Turn the page to find the answer. You’ll also find in the next 14 jam-packed pages that this month’s Screenplay has less than the usual amount of coin-op conversions and film tie-ins.
Original games are fighting back, it seems, and let us hope this trend continues. Tune in next month to see if the coin-op army make a counter-attack.
Iuwti m Infograme’s RPG extravaganza Drakkhen arrives - can it pinch Dungeon Master's crown? P50 THE RATINGS EXPLAINED GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of any game: if the power is there, it shouid be used to the full. Both static and moving graphics come under scrutiny in this rating, but remember, graphic wonders aione do not a great game make... you keep coming back? Important questions, all answered by a quick look at the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the ratings, plus extras like lasting interest, documentation and packaging.
SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right? Title tunes and effects all add to the atmosphere of a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment.
THE TEAM There are two main Amiga Format reviewers: Andy Smith is an ex Spectrum owner who's been playing computer games for many years now and writing about them for almost as long, cutting his teeth on ACE before moving onto Amiga Format. Andy likes any type of game, from shoot-em-up to strategy game, from adventure to arcade conversion.
Maff Evans joined AF after doing sterling service for Zzap! 64, and he splits his time between playing games and writing reviews for us and our sister magazine ST Format. He’s another solid all-rounder who’s not averse to giving Andy the odd high score contest on the month's best games.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game? Just because a game is mindless doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, but a game with a high intellect rating says immediately that you’ll need to think to gain maximum enjoyment.
ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and piay?
How much sheer fun will you get from it? Will OCEAN £24.99 Ness ,44**4 ---- &!• *lfrj « * ¦ * »*
* •«««¦ o• * *5 .« .3. , ... • -.«,«*»•!•». mrtrr ** Malone
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Every stage and every section has been well
designed and drawn and overall the game looks terrific. The
different views for the different sections is a plus too and
all the sprites are smoothly animated. The sound effects are
also good, as is the in-game music, and you can toggle between
the two at the press of a button.
- fliilHHiH American Canadian border. Again it’s shooting action,
but this time it’s more like Operation Wolf as the baddies
appear from behind cases and trucks in front of you. Shoot the
baddies and the bottles of booze lying around and try not to
take too many hits, then when you’ve scored enough points
you’ll go through to the next stage.
In an alleyway you now have four Untouchables to switch between and a set number of men
- every hit you take reduces your health meter displayed at the
base of the screen. To slow down this process you can pick up
the violin cases dropped by the baddies when they’re shot. As
well as extra energy these cases can also contain extra
ammunition and a time- based rapid fire benefit. Collect the 10
pieces of evidence and then you’re into the next stage.
Here you’re trying to prevent a liquor run that’s taking place at the LASTING INTEREST This is a toughie - making it through each stage is a triumph in itself and it’ll take ages to complete the game. It’s also very frustrating at times but that just makes it more addictive. The six sections work IN THE AVENUES AND ALLEYWAYS.
Chicago during the roaring ‘20s was one hell of a city.
Alcohol was banned, the Mob had their fingers in just about every illegal pie in town and the police department were finding it hard to cope. Action was called for and the FBI’s answer was to create a bunch of crime-busters who had a free hand to use whatever methods they deemed fit to bring the situation under control. This bunch of characters was lead by Eliot Ness and were later to be known as The Untouchables.
As Eliot, it’s down to you to lead the gang and go after the biggest fish of all: Al Capone.
There are six stages to the game, the first of which is set in a warehouse where Al’s hoods are busy bootlegging liquor. In this section of the game you control Ness in a sideways-scrolling shoot-em-up in which you have to blast away at not only the gangsters, but also Capone’s bookkeepers. The aim of this section is to kill the bookkeepers and grab the pieces of evidence they drop.
You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, though, did you?
Absolutely not, because the place is crawling with baddies all of whom are armed with machine guns and all of whom shoot to kill to kill in a very short space of time, using only a shotgun. Should you manage the required number the next stage is just the same except from the other side of the alley (there are eight alleys in all, four from each side).
Next comes a viewed-from- above section of the game which is set in a train station where Ness not only has. To shoot baddies, but also must guide a baby's pram through the station by nudging it gently past obstacles.
Joystick or Keyboard Reviewer Andy Smith JUDGEMENT The only minor quibble is the fact that there’s an awful lot of shooting to be done. None of the levels are brilliant games in themselves, but put together they do work well and the overall effect is a brilliant translation of the film. It’s not quite worth the Format Gold award simply because of a lack of variety on some levels. Still a goodie, and even if you didn’t get to see the film, but you like a challenge, you’ll enjoy this.
The penultimate scene has you trying to kill the last henchman who’s taken a hostage before the poor innocent gets his brains blown out.
Then you’re into the final scene as you chase a baddie across the rooftops of the court where Capone is standing trial. ¦ GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 8 7% fx nter a mediaeval era in a mystical World where Ivanhoe, our chivalrous hero, pursues a perilous quest... a quest from which most mortaCs would run... an adventure which most men would fear I f Strap on your armour, take up your sword and brace yourself to face the magical powers of the most evil of wizards, the plunderous pirates, the most axOesome of dragons and a host of fiideous ‘beingsJ in this land of legends.
Super 6 animation; by the cartoonist whose brush gave us the Lsterwc movie, and beautifully executed graphics create a Visual impact as yet unseen in the media of interactive entertainment, ivanhoe - fight for your life... and legend!
ATARI ST Ocean Software Limited • 6 Central Street • Manchester - M2 5NS • Telephone: 061 832 6633 • Telex: 669977 OCEANS G • Fax: 061 834 0650 Ferrari Testarossas, Porsche 944s, Jensen Interceptors, pah! They’re all chicken feed compared to the cars in Gremlin’s latest. Retron Parsecs, Vaug Interceptors, Taraco Neoroders and variants rule the roost here.
It's a single-player racing game, viewed from above, that gives-you nine tracks to race on at three different levels making a total of 27 races. It’s not solo stuff though: there are between three and seven computer-controlled cars to compete against for each race. You start against three and more cars join in as you move up the levels.
The garage and buy some new equipment. Note that improvements and repairs cost money and the only way to make money (and continue driving) is to complete each race in the top three and get some prize money. Coming first, obviously, gives you more prize money than coming third.
Before setting your wheels on the first track, though, you’ll have to check out your equipment.
You’re given the basic Neoroder car to start with and new tyres, engine, body and a full tank of fuel. But as the season goes on all of these things become damaged - by bashing into the other cars, by skidding too much and so on - so before each race the gauges at the base of the screen have to be checked to see if you’ll be able to survive the next race.
The Retron Parsec, top-of*the* range technology.
Win a couple of races and the coffers swell allowing you the luxury of buying some handy extras like a turbocharger for faster acceleration, power steering for a smaller turning circle and spin assist which points your car in the right direction after hitting an oil patch. Yes, oil, water and mud patches can all be found on tracks and all of them have detrimental effects on the speed or handling of your car. Then again, you could go for some down-right dirty tricks A race lasts a set number of laps, the number increasing as you step up the levels. If the race is long, your damage is high and
things look dodgy, then pop into like front and rear missiles which, if aimed correctly, can knock a rival car right out of the race.
Start winning some serious money and it may be time to start thinking about a new car. A visit to the showroom before a race gives you the opportunity to select either the same type of car, but with a bigger engine, or a completely new model. There’s even a chance to haggle with the dealer and try to knock the price down, but upset him and he’ll throw you out of the showroom and not allow you back in until you’ve won another race.
Keep going until you fail to finish in the top three or until you manage to either blow the engine, tyres, or run out of fuel - easy to do if you don't watch your gauges closely and repair them between races. Then there’s a full results service at the end of the game where two commentators give all the stats of who performed best on which tracks. ¦ JUDGEMENT It may not be an original idea but it’s one of the best of its kind.
Gremlin seem to be keeping up their new-found form of quality products, like Switchblade, which is pleasing to see.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The tune which plays throughout is fine, as are the skidding and bumping sound effects: they’re not brilliant but they’re certainly adequate. The graphics are much better: not only is the animation very smooth, but there’s a high level of detail with things like shadows from bridges and trees included.
LASTING INTEREST It’s not easy and the difficulty tuning has been set just right, making it highly addictive. The gameplay is great and it’s fun to see things like loosing off a missile at one car, say on a bend, the car becoming a write-off and all the other computer-controlled cars bashing into it. With 27 races to win it’s going to last you some time.
GREMLIN £19.991 Joystick LET S GO SHOPPING GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 86% Reviewer Andy Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND The ball movement is what it’s all about, Brian, and fortunately the ball movement is spot on, being both smoothly animated and very realistic. The rest of the graphics are somewhat basic, but at least they’re colourful. The clunks and pings and other spot effects are fine, but a bit of background music wouldn’t have gone amiss.
PINBALL MAGIC LORICIELS US GOLD £24.95 ¦ Keyboard LASTING INTEREST If you don’t like pinball simulations you won’t be playing anyway, but if you do you’ll find it’s superbly addictive and with 12 tables to get through it’ll take quite a while. Shame the high score table isn’t saved to disk.
£ oo c vi CD 0) CD CC JUDGEMENT Almost everything you could wish for in a real pin table has been included and the realistic ball movement and high lasting interest factor help to make this the best pin sim to have appeared to date.
Curious things, pinball tables: you either love them or you hate them and if you love them, well, they’re impossible to resist.
Pin tables have not changed radically since the ‘50s when they first became popular: the electronics revolution had its effect, but the basics remain the same.
This latest offering from Frenchies Loriciel is a computer version of the popular arcade pastime. There are 12 tables in all, and the game is a mix between realistic tables, complete with bumpers and blocks to knock down, and abstract tables with breakout elements.
Starting with five balls each - two players can play each taking alternate turns - the idea is to work your way through the tables by lighting a series of lights (the exact number varying for each table) and then getting the ball through the exit at the top of each table. Fortunately, should one player manage to do this then both players will continue playing on the new table.
Of course, lose a ball between the flippers and it’s gone for good, but there are ways to gain extra balls.
One easy way is to work your way onto a new table, where you’ll become the proud owner of five shiny new ones, or by getting the ball that’s in play into a bonus hole or by knocking down a set number of bricks on certain tables. There are several other bonuses, but most are points based. ¦ GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 75% PANDORA £19.99 ¦ The wave on the left has come up from the bottom and the thing on the right has come down from the top - sound familiar?
Joystick or Keyboard OUTLANDS Just for a change, here’s a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up for one or two players.
After all but wiping out humanity, the aliens are planning on coming back and destroying those few survivors who managed to escape to Mars. Attack is the only solution, so it’s into your viewed-from- above space ship and the start of four levels of blasting.
As you might expect there is wave after wave of aliens to destroy, but your job is made easier if you can pick up some of the extra weapons amongst which are included twin fire and drones that shoot.
The graphics are fine, if a little basic, and though it scrolls slowly, the ships move well enough and everything is smoothly animated.
Unfortunately, the gameplay is not so hot. When you’re playing, it’s hard to be gripped by that sense of urgency and you’re just left feeling ‘so what’. It’s not very addictive even though the difficulty tuning has been set about right, and after a short time you’ll be bored of it.
There’s nothing glaringly wrong with this game: it’s just that there are several others around that have much more to offer. ¦ GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 51% 36 AMIGA FORMAT The P47 Thunderbolt was one of the American Air Force’s best fighters during World War II.
From 1943 onwards, P47s were based in Britain and were principally used for short-range sorties over northern France.
In this one or two player shoot-em-up, converted from the Jaleco coin-op of the same name, the player gets the chance to climb in the cockpit of one such plane and work his way through eight stages of mayhem.
It’s a side-viewed horizontal scroller which moves slowly from left to right, where the player has to destroy not only ground targets, such as gun turrets and tanks, but also enemy planes which attack from all parts of the screen and usually come in waves.
You’re armed with a front-firing gun initially but extra weapons can be collected by shooting the small helicopters that appear occasionally and collecting the symbols which they leave behind.
The power-ups that are available include bombs that fall from your plane every time you press the fire button - whilst still firing forwards as well - and spray missiles which fire from the front of your plane and then spread out in a fan formation killing anything they touch (very handy!).
Unlike most games of this ilk, the strength of your power-up is governed by the strength of the plane. Every time you collect a power-up your energy level increases, starting at one and rising to a maximum of four.
Your energy level determines the number of extra weapons that each power-up releases: for example if you collect a bomb power- up, one bomb is released for each level of energy, so you will find that you can have four bombs dropping out each and every time you press the fire button.
Note though, that once you've collected a power-up, collecting another will discard the first because you can not have more than one at once. The nice thing is that you don't loose the extra weapon when you lose a life, it just steps down a strength level.
Work your way through the stages (avoiding the scenery on some levels) and before progressing to the next level you have to destroy the end-of-level guardian which could be either a train, a battleship, a plane or a tank.
Should you make it through all eight stages you can then go back and do the whole thing again at a higher difficulty level (of which there are four), which is where the simultaneous two player option comes in extremely useful. ¦ GRAPHICS AND SOUND The parallax scrolling on each level is good and the background graphics in general are excellent. The sprites are all well drawn and well animated and the game has ended up looking very much like its coin-op parent. The sound is limited to either ‘on’ when you get the standard coin-op tunes plus spot effects (explosions and the like) or ‘off’ when
you get nothing at all.
FIREBIRD £24.99 or Keyboard Joystick That’s you on the far left of the screen, in the middle of a heavy attack headed up by that large Heinkel- like plane.
LASTING INTEREST Like all shoot-em-ups, it has a limited life span. It’s a goodie though, so if you really fancy a new challenge this is as good as anything that’s around at the moment (and a lot better than some others).
Reviewer Andy Smith JUDGEMENT A nice example of the genre. It doesn’t offer much new, but blast fans won’t be disappointed and the two player option, as ever, makes for a lot of fun.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 8 0% Everyone must know the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice, of how the young student always caused trouble with his meddling.
Dravion is a student similar to the one in the story. All he’s ever wanted to be is a fully-fledged wizard, but he always manages to do something wrong and get into a terrible scrape. It's not really his fault - after all he can’t really help being clumsy. But in the world of magic, innocent accidents can have serious consequences.
For too long Dravion ruined the Old Master’s spells, making the wrong thing appear or creating spells of his own which caused no end of confusion. The Old Master told him that the next time he makes a mistake he’ll be sent to the realm of Jambala. Dravion knows exactly how serious the Old Master is when he says this. He has often heard tales about the mysterious Jambala - of how even strong wizards enter the realm, never to return.
00 c § LU S= 03 JUDGEMENT Seven Gates of Jambala continues the tradition - not to quite as good effect as USG but admirably enough - and manages to hold its own against the current glut of coin-op conversions. If you like a bit of wizardry and fancy a change from 3D racing or alien blasting then give Jambala a try.
CD £ gj CD Qz During the casting of his last spell, the Old Master was just at the climax of his incantation when Dravion accidentally leant on a lever which caused the spell to be ruined and the room to be plunged into total darkness. The last thing he remembers is the Master’s voice muttering darkly and then blackness. Next thing he awoke in the realm of Jambala!
You must guide Dravion through the seven levels of this magical world searching for the one way that he can escape - the Great Wand. The seven pieces of the wand have been scattered throughout the passages of Jambala, waiting for a wizard to reconstruct them. Dravion must find these pieces and collect clues from creatures behind certain doors in the passages to help him rebuild the wand and escape.
SEVEN OF JAM BALA GRANDSLAM £24.99 ¦ Joystick The passages are guarded by a variety of strange creatures, all intent on keeping intruders like Dravion away. All the young wizard has to help him is a bag of magic spell dust to throw at his adversaries, but he can pick up extra weapons along the way. Also en route secret treasure is to be found - useful for bribing information holders or buying weapons.
Dravion can find this by inspecting the ground with a hammer stolen from a dead wasp or fly. Yes, it is weird, but that’s magic for you! ¦ GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 79% LASTING INTEREST Even though the platform-based arcade adventure isn’t a new idea, there are few enough on the Amiga to make them interesting. Grandslam’s release manages to keep the style alive by presenting us with a good looking and playable game in a long- trusted format. It would have been very easy to ruin the idea by producing a simple run-to-the- right time after time banal game, but as US
Gold proved with GhoulsWGhosts, as long as it's done properly, platform games can be fun.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND For such a young company, Thalion have done themselves proud by programming a slick and well polished game with small but well-defined sprites, haunting soundtracks and impressive presentation screens.
The game’s atmosphere veers wildly, due to the contrasting tunes and graphic styles - from the cute “Wizard of Oz” town scenes, through wondrous gold treasure caverns to murky underground passages filled with horrible monsters. Some of the dungeon creatures offering bargains are a little quirky, but fit into the general appearance of the game nicely nonetheless. A good start for these young designers!
KENNY DALGLISH SOCCER MATCH IMPRESSIONS £19.99 ¦ Joystick GRAPHICS 4 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 31% There’s still everything to play for... let’s see if this young striker can put the ball in the... err... back of the net.
Here’s the second in the planned trilogy of Kenny games - the first was a management game and the
- c third is based on the struggles a £ young man faces as he
works his way up in his soccer career.
~g It’s a pure arcade game for one or two players, though four g people can also play making up a league, that follows the standard format: the player controls one footballer at a time, the current player highlighted with an arrow.
Passes and shots are made by holding the fire button down while moving the joystick to one of nine positions once you’ve got possession. The pre-match options are limited and allow you to do little more than decide the length of each half and name the teams.
What really lets the game down, though, is the appalling gameplay. Knowing when you’ve got possession is difficult enough but trying to execute a pass or a shot is frustratingly awkward. The game has two speeds: normal and fast, and only at the fast speed does it come anywhere near the acceptable speed for this type of game. In normal mode the players all move as if they’re wading through three feet of water.
The graphics are basic, the sound effects are awful and the gameplay is sorely lacking - so yet another win for Anco’s Kick Off in the best footie game league.
38 AMIGA FORMAT ribution to the South Africa.
Ovet Bring Back The Glory Days, the brief of the newly appointed J PLAYER MANAGER, an International class player, as he takes I s IJ charge of a third division club. His success depends on four distinct jB AMIGA- aspects of the ATARI ST £19.95 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD - ATARI 800 £9.95(Cassette) £14.95 (Disc) 8 BIT VERSIONS OUT SOON PLAYING SKILLS OF THE MANAGER This part of the game is a refined version of the KICK OFF, retaining it's pace, flavour and the universally acclaimed game play. Play in your position or control the nearest player.
The first option combined with a tailor made tactics can play havoc in the opposition goal mouth.
MANAGERIAL SKILLS Devising winning tactics, acquiring players with right skills from the Transfer market and selecting a well balanced team is the test of his Managerial skills. When to hang his boots up is the toughest decision he has to make.
TACTICS Four well proven tactics are provided to suit most situations but you can design your own tactics. See the tactics in action using the Ray Trace facility.
THE PLAYERS Over a thousand players in the four division league.
Each player with a unique combination of the following attributes: SHOOTING ACCURACY, PASSING ACCURACY, PACE, STAMINA, APPLICATION, AGGRESSION, HEIGHT and TACKLING SKILL.
These attributes are influenced by the player's Age, Mental and Physical Dexterity, Quality of Experience, Weight, Temperament and Morale.
There are several other factors such as injury disciplinary points, unsuitable playing position which influence a player's performance.
Hosts of other factors like referees, injuries, disciplinary problems, team morale etc. can lay to waste the best laid plans of a manager. The PLAYER MANAGER brings everyday realities of a Manager's life, his talents as a manager and a player into a sharp FOCUS. THE FOCUS IS ON YOU.
Player information Nano 2.Barnes PosTtTon"* Midfield
* „ ... Skills nfJO «f Passing 111 Height 180 cn Shooting 41
ljBl(tLt Tackling 68 Weight 81 Kg Keeping Paco 181 Horale 108
History Dexterity 106 fhto yr. Uwt Stamina 120 ?
0 Resilience 149 coat* 2 Done I mper anont 141 Marches jh *
- - na Int 1st 2nd 3rd Work rate 84 ft ft n i ANCO SOFTWARE LTD.,
Mail Order by Cheque, Postal Order, ACCESS or VISA.
Telephone No.: 0322 92513 92518. FAX No.: 0322 93422.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Space Ace's audio-visual delights are without doubt some of the best to be seen on the Amiga. The pictures look to have been taken directly from the original artwork, giving an appearance more akin to a Disney cartoon than a computer game. Every screen has been exceptionally well drawn and smoothly animated with cinema quality music and spot effects to back the frantic action.
Occasionally, you forget to carry out a move just because you get carried away watching the cartoon! The only way an Amiga game can improve on Space Ace’s graphics is to use full colour digitised photographs to portray the action throughout and we all know how that gobbles up the memory - we’re talking ten disk games here!
READYSOFT £44.95 ¦ Joystick A few years ago a strange coin-op machine hit the arcades. Instead of the usual blocky aliens and ping-beep sound effects it featured state-of-the-art, Disney-style animation and hi-fi sound effects. Hordes of people came forth with their 50p pieces to be totally confused and die on the first screen. Soon enough, the game was written off as a gimmick and only crops up when players say “Do you remember Dragon's Lair?"
More recently, Don Bluth - the man responsible for Dragon's Lair
- came up with Space Ace.
Although in a similar vein to the medieval original, the futuristic romp had a good deal more playability than it’s predecessor. Now thanks to Readysoft, even those without the requisite number of coins, but with plenty of notes, can play in their homes.
The plot is a little on the strange side, but isn’t that the point of cartoons? Borf, a nasty alien tyrant, has concocted an ingenious plan to take over the Earth - he’s going to zap every human being with his Infanto Ray, which turns adults into children.
Only two people can save the Earth, Space Ace and his beautiful friend Kimberly. Unfortunately, just as they approach Borf’s ship, they get hit by the Infanto Ray, turning them into children before they can LASTING INTEREST Even though Dragon's Lair had superb animation and sound, the gameplay was so disjointed that players soon lost interest. Pressing a button every third screen or so wasn’t exactly entertaining.
Most screens only have one or two moves to be carried out, so they aren’t too difficult to learn. The inclusion of a Save Game feature means that reaching the end of the game is a little on the easy side.
Don Bluth’s ‘interactive cartoons’ the gameplay consists of making decisions on the main character’s actions by moving the joystick at the appropriate time. Play begins on the cliff overlooking Borf’s ship, where Dexter must dodge Borf’s laser blasts, and continues JUDGEMENT Don Bluth has improved the format since the first game, making the game run much more smoothly and giving the player much more to do. Despite the fact that Space Ace is superbly presented and the gameplay has been improved, the amount of interaction between the cartoon and the player is minimal. The fact that the game
can be completed too easily means that all you’re left with after three or four days is an expensive four disk animation demo.
Through the rocky sections of the planet, past stomping robots and tentacled pit creatures into Borf’s ship itself. The ship contains all manner of alien hazards, such as guard dogs, guard robots and automatic defence systems.
Eventually, Dexter returns to his powerful adult form and confronts Borf in a deadly hand-to- hand battle with laser staffs. Ace must defeat Borf before escaping with Kimberly. ¦ Reviewer Maff Evans overpower the foul oppressor. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also kidnapped Kimberly! Now Ace is back to his youth as Dexter, he must summon up all his mettle to go and rescue Kimberly and defeat the evil Borf.
For anyone not familiar with BATTLE WITH BORF GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 2 OVERALL 6 2% Collect all the pills and you will be able to go Just how are you going to get to those hams to the next level. In the bottom left?
UBI SOFT £24.99 ¦ Joystick SUPER PUFFYS SAGA JUDGEMENT Perhaps the programmers have tried to detract from the lack of game content by going overboard on the peripheral presentation. Well I’m sorry guys, but it doesn't really work! There’s a lot of levels to play and they won’t be easily beaten but this sort of game looks decidedly dated now.
Reviewer Maff Evans Right, let’s get the bad jokes out of the way..."This game is about a load of old balls! Haw haw!” Well that's where you’re wrong, because Puffy and Puffyn are young balls.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The overall feel of Super Puffy is very similar to the classic maze game Time Bandit. Many of Bandit’s elements have been included, such as weird landscapes and comical creatures, with a liberal dash of the old Gauntlet backgrounds. In fact the whole thing looks somewhat dated, being similar in looks and sound to arcade adventures seen on the Amiga two or three years ago. In that case, why does it work for this kind of game? Mostly because the smaller sprites give the player a feeling of space in the dungeon, leaving the larger and more impressively animated creatures to
give a greater impact later in the game. Unfortunately, the sound doesn’t match up to the standard set by the graphics, consisting of the odd sampled effect in the midst of a whole batch of weak “plip-plip” effects and annoying phrases, particularly the unhelpful “Puffy, you will die!” I KNOW.
One day, while on an excursion, an evil wizard lured them to his castle, turning them from careless young lovers into small bouncing balls. As if that wasn’t enough, he's also trapped them at the bottom of a series of labyrinthian dungeons. Ooh, the rotter. You must guide the young hero or heroine (depending on your choice) through these dungeons so they can crack the spell and return to their natural shape.
This isn’t as easy as it sounds, since there are many hazards to watch out for, including spiked floors, electric guns and sticky floors. There are also all manner of strange creatures wandering around the dungeons who have been warped by the wizard's evil mind and are on the hunt for any strangers in their world. Creatures such as snakes just crawl up and down the corridors and are easy to avoid, but other beasts like fire- breathing dragons and ghosts that follow your every move, cause many more problems.
You are not totally defenceless on your quest though, as the spell has also given you the ability to fire a puff of deadly gas from your lungs. This can be made more powerful by picking up power tokens or spells to give you fiery dragon-breath (time for a squirt of mouth freshener).
To finish a dungeon and travel to the next level, Puffy and Puffyn must collect enough ‘Goms’ to open a portal. These can either be found lying around on the floor or in chests opened by gold keys.
Chests can give spells such as invisibility, speed, immunity or viewing the dungeon using ESP. ¦ LASTING INTEREST GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 57% Wandering around the mazes is great fun to start with and the fact that the first couple of levels are easy to solve instils a certain confidence, but the gameplay gets too hard too quickly. After the “obvious route” solutions of the first three levels, the game becomes incredibly hard, throwing things at you from all directions so that you can't even make it around the next corner, never mind the end of the level. Soon
enough, the feeling of frustration takes over the compulsion to see higher levels, especially when you have to sit through the ever-so-siow outro and intro sections - all seven sections of it!
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For sales information call our sales lines! All prices are subject to change Availability on most items is excellent due to large stocks. Please call first to avoid disappointment i i GRAPHICS AND SOUND Everything is smoothly animated and fast, but the sprites are not particularly well drawn: they look a lot better when they explode. The backgrounds and the floor are fine, but a little dull.
Sound is OK as far as it goes: you get a couple of jaunty tunes and some nice spot effects.
LASTING INTEREST Pure blasting fun - best in two player mode. It doesn’t have the impulsiveness of Operation Thunderbolt and it lacks variety too. It’s quite tough, though, so it will certainly take you quite a while to complete.
BAD COMPANY too many hits because each one leaves a chunk missing from your health meter. Once the meter reaches bottom you lose one of your four lives. Fortunately, your health will repair itself gradually, but the way things go you’re often unable to sit around waiting for it to recover before you’re thrown into the fray again.
You guessed it, there are tougher-than-average baddies to be encountered along the way and the best way to deal with these is to pick up the extra weapons that are dropped down from the orbit- LOGOTRON £24.99 ¦ Joystick ing mother ship - you start the game with two weapons, which can be switched between at the touch of a button. Clear the planet of aliens and you can then move onto a tougher one, with a bigger points bonus should you manage to survive it. ¦ The Bad Company in question are a bunch of eight soldiers born and bred just to blast baddies. The baddies that need destroying this
time are a load of insectoids who are inhabiting four worlds - four worlds that we want to inhabit, so they have to go, and the Bad Company have been called in to ‘persuade’ them.
It’s a one or two player shoot- em-up with it’s roots firmly based in Space Harrier (that is, your character is at the front of the display and all the baddies run from the back of the screen towards him). Before starting out, you first have to decide which of the eight you’d like to be, as each character has abilities that are peculiar to him: so some can carry heavy weapons but are none too agile whereas others can move around swiftly, but aren’t strong enough to lug the big weapons about.
Once you've decided on the character, you can then choose which of the four planets you want to start on and you’re beamed down. From here on in it’s just a case of running along, blasting absolutely anything that comes towards you and trying not to take ;'S : ali GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 71% E 00 ¦o' c 1 QJ O) Ct JUDGEMENT Simple blasting fare that’s fun for a while but soon becomes tedious.
It is addictive at first, however, and although it’s not as much fun as something like Operation Thunderbolt or Space Harrier, it will nonetheless keep you entertained and playing for a reasonable while.
More car-driving antics, this time in a viewed-from-above job from Hewson. You’re taking part in a series of illegal races during which you have to race up the screen, avoiding the boulders and ditches that crop up as you drive along, in order to reach a sign that says ‘Turn Here’. Then you have to turn around and drive back along the course - all within a time limit.
There are also enemy cars to avoid or destroy with your front firing gun. For every kill and race completed you earn yourself money which you can spend in the shops found along the way, on such goodies as missiles, turbo HEWSON £19.99 ¦ boosts and even helium tyres that will allow you to jump further.
Graphics are basic, sound is awful and gameplay is not much better. It’s not difficult to play but control is frustrating and the task is dull, so you’ll have to be dedicated to play to the end. 5TH Gear? It just gets out of neutral... GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 4 2% 46 AMIGA FORMAT LASTING INTEREST With four players (any combination of human and computer), this game can get to be very enjoyable. Even in solo mode it’s fun, but after a few games the seasoned strategist wiil find it too limited to hold the attention. The single-planet scenario does tend to limit the
lasting interest too: it’s simply not big enough to provide variety.
The strategic map which shows the whole planet and which can be called up at any time.
INFOGRAMES £24.99 ¦ Mouse and Keyboard GRAPHICS AND SOUND The planet is viewed from above and the graphics are fine: they could not be called outstanding, but they are functional for this sort of game. Forget about the sound: there simply isn’t any.
JUDGEMENT A jolly nice, simple, tactical game that can be great fun to play - especially if you are lucky enough to persuade two or three chums to join in the fun. It’s easy to get into in the first place, but the only thing letting it down is the rigidity of the set-up (the fixed number of turns, having only the one planet and so on).
Apparently the board game of which this is the computer version, was in existence long before Stanley Kubrick made the film with the ‘Full Metal’ prefix.
It’s a one to four player strategy game set in the future, where up to four spaceships have landed on a planet containing a plentiful supply of a precious metal ore.
Every player wants the ore, so it’s time to fight. The overall objective in the game is to blast off at the end of 25 turns with as much ore on board as possible.
The game is played in turns, and the first couple of turns are dedicated to deciding first where to land your spaceship and then where to deploy your forces, which include five tanks, two ships and two curious pieces of hardware. The first of these curios is called The Crab and this is the machine that collects the lumps of ore that are found on the surface of the planet and returns them to the mother ship. The second piece is known as The Hen and this can not only collect and transport ore, but it can also build new pieces of equipment, so it can wander about picking up ore and turning it
into pieces of hardware.
Movement of pieces during the game is restricted by two factors, the first and most important being the number of action points available at the start of the turn.
Initially, each player only has five points so little can be done. From turn five until turn 21 (at which point the player can opt to blast off if he wishes) the points increase up to 25, so a lot more things can be accomplished - like blasting your adversaries or capturing their pieces of hardware - especially if you save some of your points and have a bumper lot for the next turn. Attacking your enemies is a curious matter: for starters, you must get at least two of your pieces in range - two hexes - and each piece can only fire twice per turn.
The second major movement factor is the tide. Each turn portions of the planet become either submerged or exposed as the tide rises and falls which can leave your pieces stranded and unable to move for at least a turn.
Reviewer Andy Smith The winner of the game is the person (or computer player, of which there are six with varying levels of aggressiveness) who manages to survive to the end and also has the most ore collected and pieces remaining. ¦ GRAPHICS 6 SOUND N A INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 75% - AMIGA A 5 00 With FREE BAT PACK of software computer TT MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS WESTERN AVENUE With BATMAN the Movie, New Zealand Story, 'D' Paint II, F18 Interceptor, and TV Modulator.
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Large stocks of Atari, Amiga and IBM compatibles and Printers, Accessories, Software etc, etc, etc. side down, as it consists of extremely weak beeping soundtracks that fail to add any atmosphere whatsoever. It looks as though the game hasn’t been programmed to make use of any of the Amiga’s features, which for a £25 game is rather annoying.
Occasionally, arcade games veer away from the space shoot-em-up or racing simulation, and appear with some of the silliest plots imaginable. One of these games popped up several years ago, placing the player in control of a nappy-clad, adventuring toddler carrying out tasks that would make a muscled docker flinch.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND As is usual in games of this type, the graphics have attempted to be cute and cuddly rather than realistic. To be honest, the designers have succeeded in doing this, but it would have been nice to have “cute and cuddly” on a larger playing field. Most of the screen is taken up by the display panels, not leaving much space for the game screen.
The sound also lets the The game was, of course, Wonder Boy, and proved such a success that Sega came up with a LASTING INTEREST The game starts off quite easy, then gets very hard very quickly, causing you to die somewhat abruptly. As in the arcade version there is a continue play option, but the Amiga version only allows you a maximum of three credits. It also includes the annoying feature of not giving you the chance to finish after one credit, so that your score resets to zero, which means that there is no way to keep your high score. That may seem petty, but once you’ve completed the
adventure (which, incidentally, shouldn’t take THAT long), what is there to keep you playing if you can’t obtain a high score?
Sequel: Super Wonder Boy. This time the hero no longer seems like a frightened toddler struggling to stay alive. Oh no, this time the courageous adolescent is kitted out with sword and armour. He has a quest to undertake and, moreover, despite his diminutive stature he can bally well do the job too!
Tom-Tom (our junior hero) must enter the realm of Monster Land, home of the vicious Meka dragon. For too long the scaly WONDER ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick and Keyboard tyrant has dominated the poor frightened folk of Wonderland and it’s about time something was done. Enter one fully-armed sprog, who you control on the start of his journey into Monster Land.
First stop is a local wizard’s hut, where you are kitted out in the latest line in adventurers’ tin fashions. Then it’s time to tackle the terrible tyrant’s terrifying tools of termination (that means mon- JUDGEMENT It seems that Super Wonder Boy is another in the sadly increasing number of games that has simply been ported over from the first conversion, so that none of the features that make Amiga games stand out are included.
Activision have supplied us with some top-rate games recently, including arcade conversions, but unfortunately Super Wonder Boy misses the mark by a considerable distance.
Sters), such as snakes, giant squid and the evil Red Knight (gasp)!
Not all the inhabitants of Monster Land follow the Dragon ruler’s lead, however, and additional help can be had from various store owners and inn-keepers, who are only too happy to let you have some additional gear or information provided that the price is right. You can pay them for their services with gold, gained by finding secret locations or by killing the Monster Guards.
To get to the Dragon himself you have to kill off his guardians in a one-to-one battle and steal the keys to the gates that divide Monster Land. ¦ GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 2 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 3 OVERALL 51% CD 0 ' I CD rn § =3 CO Remember that ancient arcade game Gyruss, in which you travelled from planet to planet destroying aliens by whizzing around the edge of the screen? Well, Exocet have released a ‘new' game similar to this ageing coin-op.
The plot remains the same, in that you have to travel around the solar system destroying the invading alien forces, your eventual destination being good or Mother Earth, although the planet Platblat doesn’t appear to be in the Aftextbook of the Solar System! The graphics are more akin to ‘classic’ shoot-em-up Arcadia than a new 16-bit release, being flat and blandly coloured with a noticeable lack of animation. The sound is of an equally poor standard, consisting of a few badly-sampled spot effects and an incredible use of the old ‘silent theme tune’ trick!
EXOCET £19.95 Joystick The gameplay is annoying in the extreme. Your ship slows down when a lot of aliens appear on screen, meaning that it’s easier for them to kill you, and the 30-second delay between lives urges your finger towards the OFF button. Take my advice - don’t stop the finger!
It knows what it’s doing!
GRAPHICS 1 SOUND 1 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 0 OVERALL 1 9% Collect that blue pod as it flies toward you and you’ll gain a power-up.
PURSUIT TO EARTH AMIGA FORMAT 49 GRAPHICS AND SOUND The sound effects are terrific and very atmospheric. The graphics are also very good and it’s nice to see such a high level of attention to detail: for example, get a member of your party to take some armour out of his or her backpack and put it on and the picture at the side of the screen will show him or her wearing it, as will the sprite when in individual move mode. Inside buildings all the rooms are highly detailed and outside everything moves very swiftly when you’re travelling around.
Mouse You’re going to be leading the party, so the first thing to do is decide just who should go and what their attributes should be. A fighter would be a good idea, so would a magician, but how about a priest (or priestess)?
Once you think you've got the right mix you can worry about their strength levels and so on, which are generated randomly and range from one to twenty. This is just a simple process of deciding which number you're happy with for the particular attribute, then moving on to the next. The easy option, though, is to use the default team, which is made up of a person of each profession, but this does mean you won’t be able to save the game as you're playing.
Moving during the game is divided into two major modes. The first is individual mode, where your characters are all on screen and by pointing and clicking with the mouse pointer one character can be directed about the screen (the character currently under control is highlighted to the left of the playing window). This is the main movement mode whenever you’re inside a building - handy for picking up objects that are found lying around - and for when you have to engage in combat.
The other movement mode is for travelling about the island and simply involves hitting the return key, at which point all the characters walk towards the front of the screen and fast movement around the lands can be achieved by using the cursor keys. ¦ LASTING INTEREST Should you decide not to bother creating a game save disk, you’ll spend hours trying to get through the game. Even when you do create a disk and ‘cheat’ by saving the game before entering a potentially difficult situation you’ll find the game takes a long time to play. Get involved with the game and it’ll keep you busy for a
long time.
Reviewer Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 73% In another world and another time a strange island once appeared. This island is home to eight (or is it nine?) Dragons that have returned after a long slumber to rid themselves of a very annoying thorn in their sides: mankind.
Eventually the only course of action became clear: four adventurers would have to travel to the island and defeat the dragons in order to steal the magical stones set in their foreheads and thus ensure mankind will be free from the threat for once and for all.
JUDGEMENT This game takes work to get the most out of. The blend between adventure and action works but it’s not brilliant. Shoot-em-up fans and anyone not wishing to work at a game should steer clear, and even fans of the genre may find it’s not the best of its type. Dungeon Master is still the best action adventure to have appeared.
- -
• m' -fM* _ J
• Ti'L.. ?
1 i i • i i
- ?»• •
- W. i i • i Set in the indeterminable future, this high-speed
game sends the player into battle against hoards of deadly
opponents. Sealed in your vintage fighter plane you take on
wave after wave of enemy attack craft and huge aircraft
carriers. Dodge their lethal fire-power to A fast and furious
shoot-em-up with all the gameplay, excitement you’d expect from
a top SEGA product.
AVAILABLE ON: ATARI ST & AMIGA £19.99 .. ' C64, SPECTRUM & AMSTRAD DISKS £ 14.99 GRANDSLAM © 1989 SEGA ENTERPRISES LTD This game has been manufactured under license from Sega Enterprises Ltd., Japan, and “SCRAMBLE SPIRITS™” and “SEGARn are trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd.
Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 56 Leslie Park Road, Croydon, Surrey CRO 6TP C64, SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD & MSX CASSETTES £9.99 T CREDlt CARD HOTLINE TEL: 01-655 3494 (VISA ACCESS) DELIVERY SERVICE ... and the keenest prices FIND OUT WHY MOST AMIGA USERS PREFER BYTEBACK!
ONLY! ¦ GAMES (cont.)
BOOKS (Abacus) ONLY!
Aquanaut .... Armada Axel's Magic Hammer... Balance of Power 1990 Barbarian 2 (Palace)..... Bards Tale 2 Battle Chess ... Battle Squadron ...... Battle Tech .. More Tricks and Tips ....14.90 System Programs ..32.90 AmigaDOS Inside & Out ...18.90 Disk Drives Inside & Out ...27.90 Amiga Graphics Inside & Out ..39.90 Disks to accompany books....' .13.90 Bulk - 100% Guaranteed!
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Sim City Scrabble Deluxe .15.90 .13.90 .15.90 .15.90 .15.90 .13.90 .18.90 .13.90 Thai Boxing. Kart GP. Las Vegas Grid Start. Flight Path 737, XR35 AB Zoo (Alphabet Tutor) .9.50 CHILDRENS ONLY!
Decimal Dungeon ..29.90 Fun School 2 (under 6) .13.90 Fun School 2 (6 - 8) ......13.90 Fun School 2 (over 8) ...13.90 Three Little Pigs .....19.90 Three Bears 19.90 The Ugly Duckling .19.90 Postman Pat .8.90 Match-lt .27.50 My Paint 29.90 Things To Do With Words .15.90 Things To Do With Numbers ....15.90
Philips CM 8833 Monitor 259.00 SPACE ACE .29.90 F29 Retaliator ....18.90 Seven Gates of Jambala.. Shadow of the Beast . Shoot em up Construction Skweek ..... Space Quest II . Space Quest III Starflight .... Stormlord .. Strio Poker 2+ .. Stryx ... Super Wonderboy .18.90 .24.90 .18.90 .15.90 .18.90 .24.90 .18.90 .13.90 ...9.90 .15.90 .18.90
Bomber ... Cabal ...... Centrefold Squares... Chase HQ ... Chicago 90 . Chuckie Egg (1 or 2).
Clown O' Mania . Colossus Chess X.... Conflict Europe .. Continental Circus.... Deluxe Strip Poker.... Demons Winter .. Drakkhen .19.90 .18.90 .13.90 .18.90 .13.90 .13.90 .13.90 .15.90 .15.90 .15.90 .13.90 .19.90 .19.90 DISKS (DS DD 3.5") ONLY!
Diskette Box (10+) 2.90 .Locking Disk Box_(4CL+4__________J.9Q _ Locking Disk Box (100+) ..9.90 Media Box (holds 150) ...22.90 HARDWARE ONLY!
512K RAM Expansion .... ...89.00 Cumana 3.5" Disk Drive ...99.00 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono).. STAR LC10 Printer (Col.).,,, (Printers include lead!)
......179.00 ......219.00 Senator 3.5" Disk Drive .. 89 on Only: 8.90 each! (2 for 16.90) Action Service Captain Blood BUDGET GAMES ONLY! I Mouse Bracket... Mouse Mat .. Keyboard Cover.
Furry Mouse Cover . With cute little eyes, ears & nose!
Macadam Bumper Spidertronic Wanted Barbarian
W. C. Leaderboard Phoenix TNT Warlocks Quest Deep Space Bard's
STUNT CAR ......15.90 Swords of Twilight..... Table Tennis Tower of Babel ... TV Sports Football.... Twin World .. Untouchables ..... War in Middle Earth... Waterloo . Weird Dreams .... Xenomorph . Xenon 2 - Megablast Zak McKracken .. MAGNUM 4 .18.90 .13.90 .15.90 .18.90 .16.90 .18.90 .15.90 .18.90 .15.90 .18.90 .17.90 .18.90 .22.90 Damocles 18.90 Dr Doom's Revenge ... Drivin' Force ..... Eskimo Gamest ...
European Space Sim .. Falcon
* Mission Disk .. Fighting
Soccer Flight Sim 2 or Jet .
* Scenery 7, 9 or 11 ..... ’ Europe or Japan scenery.
F-16 Combat Pilot . Games Summer Edition..... .15.90 .18.90 .16.90 .22.90 .18.90 .15.90 .18.90 .29.90 .13.90 .13.90 .18.90 .18.90 Monitor Cover LC10 Printer Cover ... Monitor Stand Printer Stand .. Copy Holder ... Naksha Mouse ... Midi Master Interface AMIGA APPETIZER . Write: Word Processor Paint: Graphics Package Music: Music Program ...5.90 ...5.90 .14.95 ....9.90 ....5.90 ..34.90 .34.90 .24.90 GFA Basic (v 3) .....59.90 HiSoft
Football Manager 2 plus expansion disk.
SPECIALS Batman. Operation Wolf, Double Dragon. Afterburner THRILL TIME (8 GAMES!) 15.90 Buggy Boy. Space Harrier.
Live and Let Die. Thundercats Battleships. Ikari Warriors.
Beyond the Ice Palace. Bombjack TRIAD (Vol. 2) 15.90 Menace. Baal. Tetris MEGAPACK ...15.90 Plutos. Mouse Trap. Seconds Out Winter Olympiad. Suicide Mission MEGAPACK II 15.90 Elf. Circus Games. Summer Olympiad Formula 1 GP. Man from Council THE LIGHT FORCE .....18.90 Bio Challenge. Voyager R-Type. Int. Karate Plus ACTION AMIGA ....21.90 Artura. Deflector. Technocop.
Cybernoid. Motor Massacre STAR WARS TRILOGY ...15.90 Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back.
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Tile: Puzzle Game PUBLISHERS CHOICE .79.90 Includes: Page Setter 1.2 Kind Words 2. Headline Fonts Pack Artists Choice Artpack J_HA WORKS!.i7M°_ Analyze: Spreadsheet Scribble: Word Processor Organize: Database AmigaDOS Toolbox ...39.95 BBC Emulator .....39.90 Cashbook Controller ..54.90 Descartes .24.90 DigiCalc ....29.90 DOS to DOS 39.90 Excellence .139.90 Home
Accounts ..22.90 Kind Words ..39.90 Pagesetter (2) .....69.90 Pen Pal ....99.90 Personal Tax Planner .29.90 Professional Page (1.3) ......179.90 Scribble Platinum 42.90 Virus Killer ..9.90 Workbench 1.3 ....14.90 Works Platinum .139.90 X COPY 2 (+ Hardware) 34.90 The BEST Backup Utility!
HiSoft Devpac (2) ..44.90 AMOS - Games Creator ...39.90 TV Show or TV Text ......52.50 Comic or Movie Setter ..59.90 Gazza Super Soccer Gettysburg .. Ghostbusters II .. Ghouls and Ghosts... Gridiron ... Gunship .. Hillsfar ...... Honda RVF .. Hound of Shadow .
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GOLD (v.4) ...... ......119.90 Instant
Music .. 18.90 Modeller
3D .... 59.90 Photon Paint
2 ......69 90
Pixmate .... 37.90 Pro
Sound Designer .. ......59.90 MUSIC
X ..
169. 90 Sculpt 3D (PAL)I . ...59 90 Sculpt 4D
Junior ..... 99 90 X-Cad Designer ..
......89.90 Amiga for Beginners ..
SONIX ..49.90 It
Came From The Desert.
Paperboy ..... Jack Nicklaus Golf .. Journey . Kampfgruppe ... Last Ninja 2 .. Leaderboard Birdie . Leisure Suit Larry 2 Lombard RAC Rally . Maniac Mansion ..... Monopoly Deluxe .... Mystery Of The Mummy North And South ..... Operation Thunderbolt... Pacland . Pacmania ...... Personal Nightmare . Police Quest . Populous
* Promised Lands ... Pro Tennis Tour . P47
Thunderbolt ...... .13.90 .18.90 .18.90 .18.90 .15.90
.15.90 .24.90 .15.90 .16.90 .13.90 .18.90 .15.90 .18.90 .13.90
.13.90 .18.90 .15.90 .18.90 ...8.90 .18.90 .15.90 Amiga Basic
Inside & Out.
Machine Language .... Tricks and Tips ... .18.90 .14.90 .14.90 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND FIRST CLASS POSTAGE!
LI Wl V7S4 'A ¦BHH Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available BYTEBACK DEPT AF 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG241JE PSS £24.95 ¦ Mouse and Keyboard ?
GOLD December 2nd 1805 and Napoleon’s Grand Armee have called off the planned invasion of Britain due to the threat imposed by Austria, Russia, Sweden and Britain who comprise the Third Coalition. The French march their way into Austria and after winning a series of decisive victories are preparing for yet another confrontation with the Austro-Russian forces.
That’s the state of play at the start of this one or two player wargame, one that allows the player to rewrite history as either Napoleon commanding the French or Czar Alexander I commanding the allied Austro-Russian forces.
This is the second of the PSS games designed by Dr Peter Turcan. They differ from most wargames in their attempt to be as realistic as possible - only allowing the player to see the battlefield from the eyes of the Commander-in-Chief.
Once you've decided whether to play as Napoleon or Alexander, take command: the orders you issue are sent by dispatch rider to your corps commanders, who in turn order the divisional generals to move their infantry, cavalry and artillery units. All of your subordinates have their own intelligence and the player is rarely concerned with the decisions made by regimental commanders at the lowest level of command.
The orders you’re able to issue vary in complexity from vague commands like ‘Soult, attack the Pratzeberg’ to things like ‘Lannes, at 12 45pm order 3 infantry divisions to defend Santon Hill’. Once you’ve decided which orders to issue (eight per turn, each turn lasting 15 minutes) the orders are sent by messenger to their destination. Obviously, the further away this is, the longer it’s going to take the orders to get through (if they do at all, because riders are just as prone to getting themselves killed as anyone else).
And that’s the crux of the game, keeping tabs on what your subordinates are doing and reacting to situations, very often before they can actually occur. ¦ GRAPHICS 7 SOUND N A INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 91% GRAPHICS AND SOUND The last thing you want in a serious wargame is sound, so there isn’t any. The 3D graphics, however, are great. It takes a short while for the screen to update each time, but the delay is not too bad. There’s an option to see the cannons firing, which is a nice touch, but most of the time you’re looking at the blocks that represent the various units.
LASTING INTEREST To familiarise yourself with the game system and, indeed, to get used to the tactics used in Napoleonic warfare, you can select to view the action through the eyes of corps commanders and major landmarks - very handy. Though there’s only one scenario, it’s a tough one to win
- especially if you play as the Czar against the computer.
Reviewer Andy Smith JUDGEMENT I his wargame provides a real challenge. Novices may be better off looking efsewhere, but anyone who wants to play a serious game and is prepared to put in the effort needed to play the game well will find it very rewarding. If you liked Waterloo. You’ll find this a worthy follow-up.
Looking east from the town of Pratz at the allied forces who are currently dominating the high ground.
SSI US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyooara tryside, find the caves, enter the fortress and do the business.
There are two main movement modes: the first shows your party represented by a single, viewed from above, character that is controlled directly by joystick. The LASTING INTEREST It’s simple stuff so it’s easy to get into. It’s also easy to play and with a bit of application shouldn’t take too long to complete. That said, it’s not too easy and the difficulty tuning has been set about right. It’s definitely an action game and the role-playing elements that creep in give it a nice bit of variation on a straight hack’n’slash game.
Second is viewed from the side and shows only the party leader (you can switch party leaders whenever you feel like it) and any characters encountered - friendly or not. Encountering baddies usually means you have to fight them and this involves either pressing the firebutton and moving the joystick to one of eight positions, or calling up a spell menu and casting a spell (if the current character has the ability). Encountering goodies, though, usually results in a text message either giving you some helpful advice, such as “There is an arms cache to the north” or informing you that
someone would like to join your party.
There are several helpful items lying around that can be picked up and used by members of your party, and these are indicated by blue squares on the overhead view. Once a character dies, his her portrait at the base of the screen becomes blurred and once you’ve lost all the party, well, it’s time to either start again or load back in that saved game. ¦ GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 6 2% Right: In combat, with the Draconian forces proving to be tough cookies.
SSI continue their series of AD&D releases with Dragons of Flame, an action game (like Heroes of the Lance, the first release) set in a mythical world.
It’s 300 years since the gods abandoned the people of Krynn and as a result, Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness has awakened some dragons and created an army of Draconians. Once her armies are victorious, she’ll be able to rule the land. All that can stop her is a bunch of companions
- led by your very own self.
The battle against Takhisis has already begun, the Disks of Mishakal have been taken and one of your party (Goldmoon) has become a true Cleric.
Unfortunately, your party have also managed to get themselves caught up in a Draconian army and have to reach the caves of Sla- Mori, sneak into the fortress of Pax Tharkas in order to free the slaves and recover the sword ‘Wyrmslayer’ so as to bind the forces of the resistance together.
Up to 10 companions comprise your band (you start with eight, the other two can be recruited as you travel) and the idea is to move through the counGRAPHICS AND SOUND The character portraits are all good and while the overhead and side views are basic, they're quite reasonable- at least the sprites respond quickly to key presses. Sound is limited to a few spot effects and these are nothing to write home about.
SI eej Mas » c Kiss c Web Detect. Vug « ; De tect ittvisiblo IjuVhihg l.nVt.la F t~e Dou l F ihal s ty- » o JUDGEMENT Dragons of Flame is definitely enjoyable to start with, but the sheer number of enemies that have to be dealt with takes the edge off the excitement and the whole thing starts to get a shade on the repetitive side.
Still, it’s certainly a nice easy game to get into and works well as an introduction to the sort of things that happen in ‘real’ role-playing games.
Reviewer Andy Smith Everyone knows that the Amiga has the best sound capabilities available on any popular computer today. Unfortunately, until now, unless you could connect your Amiga to your stereo system you could not fully appreciate the quality of the sound.
The Amiga SOUNDBLASTER is a small stereo amplifier that comes complete with 2 high quality 20 watt 3 way speakers. It is easily connected to your Amiga and adds a new dimension to all your games.
THE AMPLIFIER | SPEAKERS This small unit has been designed and built in the U.K. specifically for use with the • The speakers that come complete with the SOUNDBLASTER are 20 watt 3 way speakers Amiga. It uses the latest microchip technology to produce a hefty 2 watt per channel ! And dre contained in an attractive hi-tec enclosure. The speakers sound as superb as of high quality sound. Tv in volume controls allow both volume and baldnce to be set | they look thanks to a powerful 3 inch woofer for all the low tones, a 2 inch mid-range and a LED indicates that the unit is in operation. The
amplifier connects to the AMIGA j speaker for all the middle notes and d tiny 1 inch tweeter to reproduce dll the top of via the two phono sockets at the rear of the computer. I • the scale tones. The speaker connects to the amplifier via 2.5 metres of cable for each Measurements:- 10cm x 7cm x 2cm. I of the two speakers. Speaker measurements:- 19cm x 10cm x 13cm.
The SOUNDBLASTER package is completed with a mains adaptor to power the amplifier and full instructions.
FREE STEREO HEADPHONES FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY We are giving away a pair of stereo headphones free with every AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER for a limited period. These headphones plug into the SOUNDBLASTER allowing you to listen in stereo without disturbing the neighbours.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £44.99 + £2.00 for postage.
Poyment is accepted over the telephone with VISA and ACCESS cards or through the post by cheque, postal order, eurocheque, bank drafts etc. Send payment to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS ST., MANCHESTER, M16NG. TEL: 061 228 1831 Specification and appearance subject to change without notification.
All Prices Include VAT & 1st Class Delivery 01-744 3087 1834 (Mon-Sat 10-6) £3 LOOK!
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Orders to: A to Z Computer Services 49Heath Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 4AZ Fax: 01-8916260 ordfsffomffrniso) ° iaal EXTERNAL AMIGA DRIVE ? 3.5" 880K FORMATTED ? ON OFF SWITCH ? THROUGH PORT ? SLIMLINE STEEL CASE FOR A500 1000 2000 .£79.99 ?
A500 ..£5.49 EZ A2000 - 2 COVERS .. £9.99El
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVEE4.99EZ CM8833 8852 M0NIT0R£6.99 EE 1084 S
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LolO,iaO C0L0UR£5.99!_ Flame retardant antistatic PVC MONO &
STEREO DIGITISERS The best sounding (sample rates upto 70KHz).
Lowest priced (ready built & tested) AMIGA sound digitisers on
the market AND compatible with a big range of sampler Software
others. Complete with audio input lead for connection to
personal stereos, radios, keyboards etc. FREE SOUND WORKSHOP ’
DISK . . A500 2000 MONO DIGITISER£27.99LJ A500 2000 STEREO
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watt per channel amplifier, speakeis headphone socket + 4'
dia twin cone heavy duty speakers ALSO FOR USE WITH ST,
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MINIAMP 5 STEREO SPEAKER SYSTEM The ultimate 3 way MINI HIFI BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS in solid alloy enclosure. Separate 5 watt per channel amplifier, speakers headphone socket + Mains power unit & connecting lead.
3. 5" 40 50 DISK BOX £8.491 I
3. 5" 80 DISK BOX £9.99 EH
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Just plugs-in - no extra software, batteries or power supplies
MIDI 1 has IN THRU & OUT sockets. MIDI 2 has IN THRU & OUT sockets + two unique separately switchable out or thru sockets for added versatility with additional Midi instruments & sound expanders. . _ MIDI 1 + FREE LEAD .....£29.99EH MIDI 2 + FREE LEAD .....£34.99HH EXTRA MIDI LEAD 5m .£4.99 D Lockable, smoked lid, antistatic SONY DISKS 10 for ...£12.99 EH 25 for. £28.49 EH 50 for. £55.99 [j 100 for £99.99 LJ
3. 5" Ds dd guaranteed plus FREE labels.
HOW TO ORDER To use this ad as an order form tick the box next to the items you wish to order, add any carriage charges (see below), fill in coupon, send in the whole page with payment or quote Access or Visa number & expiry date. A new copy of the ad + our catalogue, will be sent with your order.
Or write out your order + name & address" on a separate sheet if you wish.
ONLY £89.99 TRILOGIC TV & MONITOR LEADS All - AMIGA TO SCART TV OR MONITORS .£10.99 EH mono or stereo, inc Sony, Philips, Toshiba etc. AL2 - AMIGA TO FERGUSON 7 8PIN DIN ...£10.99!_!
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MANY OTHER TYPES AVAILABLE. Jo ORDER _ All tv monitor leads include audio lead except £4.99 EXTRA !
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A500 .£109.99!_ VORTEX 40 MB AUTOBOOT r n HARD DRIVE £499.99 U AMDRIVE 30MB , , HARD DRIVE £399.99!_!
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Fortunately you won’t encounter any supernatural hounds on the weekend break - the only people getting murdered are paid to be.
The weekend starts on the Friday night; a school reunion perhaps, a will reading or the start of an eccentric political party. You can bet it won’t be long before somebody pops their clogs - and they probably won’t be the last either. Now you’re in the thick of things; finding clues, interrogating suspects and getting to know your fellow detectives. Just the sort of tension and intrigue that The Hound of Shadow recreates.
COMPETITION 1= 1.1 c: 7 I? • N I C ART S The weekend break is for two, so the lucky winner can take along a fellow sleuth to enjoy the fun. Murder weekends take place across the country, so choose any of these locations: Bradford, Buxton, Cheltenham, Farnham, Hull, Leamington Spa, Oundle, Scarborough, Southport and Tonbridge.
1. What nationality is Hercule Poirot?
A) French b) Belgian c) Dutch
2. What instrument does Sherlock Holmes play?
A) Piano b) Cello c) Violin
3. Which Agatha Christie mystery is the longest-running stage
play ever?
A) The Mousetrap b) A Caribbean Cruise c) Death on the Nile AMIGA
FORMAT 57 Genlock is the latest “buzzword" on the Amiga - it’s
a device that allows you to mix computer text graphics with
live video pictures from either a camera or VCR. “Desk Top
Video” as it's become is probably the fastest growing
productivity application for the Amiga.
With the Datel Pro Genlock, you can do all the things previously only possible with units costing hundreds of pounds!!!
Y Perfect for video titling, captions or your own animation productions.
Y Plugs into RGB port of A500 1000 2000. Provides composite video output to monitor VCR suitable TV etc. Y Switch selectable to view video input overlay graphic or both (combined signal).
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Timebase 500ms div to 20us div- accurate to 5%.
6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
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This system comes in two parts - a 19" rack mounting mixer - and a superb control program. Use your Amiga to give top quality 8 channel “digital” mixing.
Y inputs via 0.25" jack sockets.
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Auto zero of faders.
V * Y Complete hardware software.
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Simply plugs into internal Ram extension slot - no knowledge at all required SPECIAL OFFER COMPLETE WITH PHOTON PAINT FOR ONLY £1 69.99 INCLUDING HARDWARE SOFTWARE FOR VERSION WITH CLOCK CALENDAR COMPLETE 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics & text on your computer screen.
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Unmatched range of edit capture facilities simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price. _______ HOWTO BY PHONE 3 * Jsim Send cheques POs made payable to "Datel Electronics" PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS CORRECT AT TIME OF PRESS AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
Accepts 16 x 41256 Drams.
Available with without clock option.
Switch dissable feature.
Simply plugs into Ram expansion slot.
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URLT FOR VERSION WITH CLOCK CALENDAR NB. THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE RAM CHIPS REPLACEMENT MOUSE CALLERS WELCOME - Please reserve goods by telephone prior to visit U High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
¦O Teflon glides for smoother movement, y Rubber coated ball for minimum slip ¥ Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Mixer Controls on Instruments.
Load & Save sequence.
Works on standard IFF file sounds.
MICRO MIDI 256 x 256 display with 16 grey levels.
Realtime frame grab l 50th second.
Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video recorder.
Screen update 1 frame per second, single, continuous or buffered display.
Load, Save facilities including IFF Save: Edit picture, cut, copy, paste and undo.
Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or manually.
Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
Comes complete with its own power pack.
A simple low price MIDI Interface for the A500.
All the features found on more expensive units. Fully compatible MIDI In - MIDI Out - MIDI Thru.
Fully Opto isolated.
R A multi channel sequencer with realtime input and full editing 7 facilities.
R Completely menu driven - full Mouse control.
Very simple to use.
MICRO MIDI INTERFACE This unit connects your computer to any MIDI instrument.
Fully Opto isolated - MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI THRU.
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FREE CABLES 3 metre long MIDI Cables - completely FREE!!
(normally £6.99). YAMAHA SHS 10 FM SYNTHESISER KEYBOARD n Nlanathen 4j duration* S Superbly styled guitar-type keyboard with shoulder strap, jpr Top quality brandname.
2.5 octave keyboard.
JS 25 built-in instrument and rhythm choices.
Octave Uses FM synthesis.
$ Full MIDI OUT standard.
Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the AMIGA disk drive controller chip, high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side, 2 sides.
Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge.
Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, MAC etc. Ideal for clubs, user groups or just for your own disks.
No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Datel Electronics neither condones or authorises the use of it's products for the reproduction of copyright material.
The back-up facilities of this product are designed to reproduce only software such as public domain material, the users own programs or software where permission to make a back-up has been clearly given.
CUSTOM LSI CHIP It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use. Of copyright material, without the permission of the copyright owner, or their licencee.
If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive for ONLY £104.99. SP 11 SCANNER PRINTER ONLY £449.99 INC. VAT + PP Y UNBEATABLE VALUE - A FLATBED 200 DPI SCANNER PLUS BUILT-IN PRINTER!! FOR LESS THAN £450!!
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AMG 5a A ATARI ST and C* amjga Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists !
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? First BASIC and First Music Utility Software ? FREE JOYSTICK AND FREE MOUSE MAT WORTH £4.95 ? All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and free mains plug!
REMEMBER! Many ST's do not come with BASIC - ours come with ST BASIC REV D by Metacomco.
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2AZ All prices include VAT and delivery by courier DAVE JONES, programmer of Psygnosis’ hits Menace and Blood Money, presents part two of his series in which he divulges the tricks THE WHOIE Tnim ABOUT SKH11 This month’s example with source is the dual playfield Menace scroll. The framework source form last month has been used to allow the scroll to be executed, with return to the CLI upon pressing the left mouse button. Try executing the assembled file on the disk, what you see should hopefully be recognisable as Menace, minus any aliens or your ship on the screen.
Of the trade used by top games programmers.
This month: SCROLLING When designing your scroll routine there is one major decision to make: namely, should it be a hardware or software scroll? First I’ll explain the differences.
Hardware Scroll The Amiga has the ability to hardware scroll the display screen.
This means the entire display can be shifted pixelly, left or right, with virtually no overhead or processor usage. It actuaHy does better than this in that it can change the scroll value every line if required: take a look at Shadow Of The Beast for some impressive use of the hardware scroll.
Software Scroll A software scroll entails using the processor, or preferably the blitter, to physically shift the display memory the required number of pixels. Take for example a typical 32-colour screen that requires 40000 bytes: to scroll the entire display memory, even using the blitter, would take the best part of a frame (l 50th of a second).
Pros and Cons It seems fairly obvious at first glance that the hardware scroll is the one to go for: however, thoughts must now turn to what exactly will be drawn into the display memory. To move an alien about the screen for either method requires a simple procedure as follows...
1. Save the memory where the alien is to be drawn.
2. Draw the alien (masked) into this memory.
3. When moving the alien, restore the memory and go back to (1).
If we did not do the saving and restoring of the display memory, then as we moved that alien, a 'trail’ of itself would be left when it moved. The above procedure is exactly what happens in Menace, where the saving and restoring does take up a major part of the execution time of the game. This is where using the software scroll can have an advantage. With the software scroll the usual method is to use the blitter to copy the display memory, shifting it as it goes, to another part of memory, which will obliterate the contents of what was previously there. This means that only step 2 of
above need be executed when moving aliens about, as the whole of the display memory is restored In one of David’s other games, Blood Money, he used a software scroll to enable him to put more objects on the screen - as you can see from this screenshot of some furious action.
While it is being scrolled.
If you envisage having a LOT of objects flying about on a scrolling screen, then there comes a point where the software scroll will save you more execution time than the hardware one. The software one is also simpler to write, not having to bother with steps 1 and 3 above. Incidentally in Blood Money I switched to a software scroll for the very reason of the number and size of the aliens kicking about compared to those flying around in Menace There are, of course, many variations on scrolling techniques which are dreamed up by programmers: it is simply a case of sitting down with pen and
paper and working out which one is best suited to your own game.
Scenery Blocks With the scrolling method decided upon I had to come up with a technique for scrolling through approximately 30 screens for one Menace level. The simplest way would be to have 30 screens laid end to end in memory and simply hardware scroll through memory.
However, at approximately 24 Kbytes per screen this would require some 720 Kbytes, not exactly easy with only 512 Kbytes!
Game playing areas therefore tend to be made up from maps.
The scenery graphics were broken up into 16x16 blocks, each of these given a number from 0-255 (to store as a byte). To make best use of the blocks many blocks were designed to fit together in certain ways giving as much variety as possible. Some games that use this technique are easily spotted when graphic I Battle Squadron from Electronic Zoo exhibits a programming quirk where graphic blocks that do not quite match up have been used.
Can’t see it? Then look closely at the ridge running across from the left of the screen.
Screen A Screen B i Scenery (foreground) screen Figure 1 I 32* i 192 high f Screen B Screen A * 368 pixels ' 368 pixels Screen A Screen B I blocks that do not quite match up are placed together - Battle Squadron exhibits this quirk. As Menace is a dual playfield game the maximum number of colours per block is 8, made up from 3 planes. Each block required 96 bytes of memory (2 bytes wide x 16 high x 3 planes) with a complete level taking 24576 bytes (256 blocks x 96 each).
The scrolling technique devised allowed us to scroll through an infinite number of screens, but required memory for only twice that of a normal screen.
The Menace screen was larger than the normal 320 wide to make the playing area that bit larger. 16 pixels were added either side, expanding it to 352 pixels in length and providing a nice overscan effect. Another extra 16 pixels were also required at the left side due to the way the Amiga accomplishes the hardware scroll (these are the extra pixels that are normally hidden but are hardware scrolled on) - this is fully explained in the Amiga hardware manual.
The actual size is therefore 368 pixels wide of which 352 are displayed. As mentioned, the scroll routine requires memory for two screens laid side by side (see figure 1), we can calculate the memory required as... 46 bytes wide x 2 screens x 192 high x 3 planes = 52992 bytes The 192 line height of the playing area was chosen as it is the closest multiple of 16 to 200, the game panel adds another 32 pixels to the overall height bringing the full screen size to 224 pixels. The background playfield is constructed in a similar way (see figure 2) but requires an extra 32 pixels at the end of
each screen for clipping purposes (more about this at a later stage). The memory required for the background is... 50 bytes wide x 2 screens x 192 high x 3 planes = 57600 bytes Given that that one screen is 368 x 192 pixels, this corresponds to 23 x 12 blocks (each block being 16x16). As each block is stored as a byte in the map, then map data for one screen would be 23 x 12 = 276 bytes.
For approximately 30 screens per level the map data would therefore be some 8280 bytes. Looking at the size of the file MAP on the disk, which is the map data for level 1 of Menace, shows a file size of 5282 bytes - so level 1 consists of roughly 19 screens.
The map data in this file is simply organised as ‘strips of bytes’. This means that every 12 bytes (the number of blocks high the screen is) represent the 12 graphic blocks that sit one on top of another to form a 16 x 192 high strip which is scrolled on from the right.
That actual graphic data for each block is stored in the file FOREGROUNDS. As discussed, each block is 96 bytes in length, given that the foregrounds file on the disk is 24480 bytes in length, we know this will contain 255 graphic blocks (1 less than the 256 maximum allowed). The first 96 bytes are always 0, as block 0 is a special case being a blank block (there has to be some blank areas on the screen to fly through!).
You could try experimenting with your own graphic data and map. If you altered the bytes in the map in any way, then you will see 16 x 16 blocks scrolling on that were obviously not designed to fit together. You can even try changing the map file to some other file, as it is simply a sequence of bytes that can be any value. The program will not crash doing this. You 1
* 32 192 high can even do this with the foregrounds file to
produce some pretty random graphics!.
How the scroll works... Now we know how the map and graphics are organised I will attempt to explain how the scroll works. If it sounds confusing, which it probably will at first, persevere, as when it clicks it should seem pretty straightforward.
Take a look at figure 3. This shows our two screens laid side by side in memory. At any one time we are displaying 352 pixels (22 words) of this data. The bit plane pointers on the Amiga can be positioned on any word (16 pixel) boundary. Incrementing the pointers therefore would scroll through memory 16 pixels at a time, which is a mega speed compared to the single pixel Menace requires. We therefore use the hardware scroll to shift the display pixelly from 0 to 15, then when we want to scroll to the 16th position we increment the bit plane pointers but reset the hardware scroll back to 0.
We will carry on doing this until we have scrolled entirely through screen A and are displaying screen B. At this point we reposition the bit plane pointers back to display screen A and repeat the procedure again. OK, this will smooth scroll us from A to B. Now, to keep new data coming onto the screen we draw graphic blocks as defined in the map, one strip at a time (16 x 192 pixels) just to the right of where we are displaying (as shown in figure 3). Therefore for every 16 pixels we scroll on we draw a new strip from the map, scroll another 16 pixels, draw a new strip etc, etc. Remember that
the strip is being drawn just to the right of where the display is, so we cannot see it being drawn, but only see it scrolling smoothly on.
Right, if you understand so far you may notice a quirk in that when we have fully reached screen B, we reposition the plane pointers back to screen A and start again. This sudden jump to screen A though will cause a complete new screen to appear showing what was previously in screen A. This is where we apply the twist in the tail. As we are drawing the strips into screen B and scrolling them on, at exactly the same time we draw the same strip into screen A, just to the left of where we are displaying (see figure 3 again). This means that as we are forming and scrolling through screen B, the
exact same data is being formed in Screen A, so when we are completely displaying screen B, screen A is also!
0703 332225 All prices and manufacturers specifications subject to change without notice. All offers subject to availability. Offers subject to change in price without notice.
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75. 00 RF302C 3.5”
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73. 92
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3. 95
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12. 00 AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 RAM Expansion
100. 00
115. 00 512K RAM Expansion
85. 22
98. 00 MOUSE MAT
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4. 95 AMIGA Dust Cover
4. 31
4. 95 AMIGA TV Modulator
17. 40
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69. 00 COMMODORE C64 C64 Lights Fantastic Pack
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129. 00 1541 C11 5.25
113. 05
130. 00 1581 3.5"
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25. 21
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525. 00
includes C64 computer, power supply, cassette unit, light
gun, 3D glasses, Robocop, Rambo III, Platoon, Hypersports,
Combat School, Batman the caped crusader, Mike Reids pop
quiz, 3D action pack Army Days, Gangster and Time Traveller.
Plus arts package, music creator, typing tutor and Shootem
Up construction kit.
DUST COVER. 10 BLANK DISKS. AND MEGA BLASTER JOYSTICK LIGHT FANTASTIC BATMAN PACK £399 £399 A500 8833 OR 1084S Steel Monitor Stand Star LC10 Mono Printer 2 extra ribbons KINDWORDS V2 PUBLISHERS CHOICE PLUS CABLES A501 773.05 RAM EXPANSION 500 + 8833 0R 1084S Steel Monitor Stand STAR LC10 Mono Printer 2 extra ribbons The Works + Cables 655.96 A500 AMIGA PACK 346.95 A500 + 8833 Monitor 500.00 A500 + 1084S Monitor 504.35 A500 + VISION 4200 452.18 A500 +AMIGA PACK and PHILIPS 8833 Monitor 534.78 A500 + 1084S Monitor and AMIGA PACK 539.14 MEGALAND BUSINESS PACKS AMIGA EXTERNAL DRIVES AMIGA A500
889. 00
8833 + Cables
207. 83
239. 00 1084S + Cables
207. 83
239. 00 VISION 4200
160. 87
185. 00 1900 C64 Mono
108. 70
125. 00 EPSON PRINTERS EPSON LX850 9 PIN 80 column 180 CPS 25NLQ
182. 61
210. 00 EPSON LQ550 24 PIN 80 column 150 CPS 50 CPS NLQ
269. 56
310. 00 EPSON FX850 264CPS 54 NLQ
339. 14
390. 00 EPSON FX1050
421. 74
485. 00 EPSON LX400
138. 26
159. 00 EPSON LQ400
202. 61
247. 83
285. 00 PIN 120CPS 24CPS NLQ PANASONIC KXP 1081 9
120. 00
100. 00
115. 00 TALLY Laser MT905 6 pages per minute 300,000 page engine
life series 2 emulation HP LaserJet
940. 00
SP-180 80 column NLQ parallel
102. 60
118. 00 DRIVES NEW A590 Autoboot 20Mb Hard Drive for AMIGA A500
326. 09
375. 00 VORTEX AMIGA 500 40Mb Autoboot HD
433. 92
499. 00 TRIANGLE 20Mb Hard Disk
456. 53
525. 00 CUMANA CAS 354 ATARI Drive
73. 92
85. 00 CUMANA CD800 S Drive
209. 57
240. 00 CUMANA CS 354
93. 92
108. 00 CUMANA CSX200
80. 00
92. 00 CUMANA D BBC4 Drive
148. 70
171. 00 CID 354 EXT Drive
84. 35
97. 00 ATARI ATARI Explorer Packs 520 STFM
267. 00 ATAR11040 STFM 1MB
448. 00 ATARI Power Pack
350. 00 ATAR11040 STFM + MONO Monitor
538. 00 ORGANISER E PSION Organiser II: Model CM PSION Organiser
II: Model XP PSION Organiser II: Model LZ PSION Organiser
II: Model LZ64 8K Datapak 16K Datapak 32K Datapak 64K
Datapak 128K Datapak 32K Rampak Pocket Spreadsheet Finance
Pack Oxford Spelling Checker Formulator Maths Pack Travel
Pack Pure Finance Portfolio Comms Link RS232 (Specify IBM
PC or Apple Macintosh) Mains Adapter Organiser Developer
Diary Link Formatter PSION Printer II Printer thermal paper
rolls (4) Leather Case Link-up Adapters (specify type): (For
IBM. AT. BBC Acorn, Apple Macintosh. Modem
- 25 PIN D'Type.
Printer) COMMODORE 128D Desk Top Computer THINGI CS600A Tapes DC600A Cartridges TC400D 60Mb Cart SUPERCALC 3.21 WORDSTAR WINDOWS 286V2.1 WORKBENCH 1.3 ENHANCER KIT PUBLISHERS CHOICE contains kind words page setter artist choice headline PROFESSIONAL PAGE V1.2 Addlock security device for IBM PCS protects your entire disk drive PHILIPS 14 Colour TV PHILIPS PC Computer Dual Drive MM NMS9100 XT OTHER THINGS MEGALAND MEGALAND SOUTHAMPTON OXFORD 42 - 44 Millbrook Islip Road, Off Road East Southampton, Hernes Road Oxford.
TURBOSOFT Dept (Amiga Format) 41 South Street Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU78NT MAIL ORDER ONLY Tel: 0525 377974 Fax: 0525 852278 FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS F 29 Retaliator ..£19.99 Cyberball .£13.99 Blue Angels ...£16.99
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Wolf, Batman, The Caped Crusader COMPUTER HITS II ONLY £8.99
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These will be despatcheo within 24 hours of release, subject to availability.
Please make Cheques & Postal Orders payable to: TURBOSOFT.
P&P In UK FREE elsewhere please add £2.00 per item.
N. B. Please state make of computer when ordering CLASSIC
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AMIGA 500 BATMAN MOVIE PACK Commodore Amiga A500, Mouse,
Workbench 1.3, Workbench Extras, Very First Tutorial Disk,
Owners Handbook, Basic Handbook, TV Modulator, Mouse Mat, Plus
!! Deluxe Paint 2, F18 Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Batman
ONLY £369.95 Including VAT, delivery and plug.
NEW! THE MOVIE + PACK Commodore Amiga A500, Mouse, Workbench 1.3, Workbench Extras, Very First Tutorial Disk, Owners Handbook, Basic Handbook, TV Modulator, Mouse Mat, Plus!! Deluxe Paint 2, F18 Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Batman Plus!! Ten Blank Disks, Disk Storage Box holds 80 Disks, Microswitch Joystick.
Vinyl Cover.
ONLY £389.95 Including Vat, delivery and plug.
MOVIE MONITOR PACK Comprises all items as listed in the movie pack above. Plus!! A Philips CM8833 colour stereo monitor with connecting lead.
£599.95 PERIPHERALS Philips CM8833 Monitor £239.95 Star LC 10 Printer ....£169.95 Star LC 10 Colour Printer ...£209.95 Star LC24 10 ..£259.95 Panasonic KXP1081 £169.95 Panasonic KXP1180 £189.95 Panasonic KXP1124 £269.95 Citizen 120D £138.00 Citizen 180E £158.00 Citizen H9P45 .£369.95 Cumana CAX354 Disk Drive £89.95 Amiga
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Swords Of Twilight .£17.95 Starflight ..£17.95 Stellar Crusade £26.95 Bloodwych £17.95 Bloodwych Data Disk .£10.95 Dungeon Master (1Mb) ......£16.95 Iron Lord ...£16.95 Athene Computers 0705 511439 Dept AF 16 Stoke Road Gosport Hampshire P012 1JB AMIGA AMIGA PACK 1 B A T P A C K Amiga A500 computer mouse, TV mod, WB 1.3
manuals £349 inc AMIGA PACK 2 Amiga Pack 1 with 10 games, (worth over £250) £379 inc AMIGA PACK 3 Amiga A500 with 1084 monitor, and Plinth 5 blank discs £599 inc AMIGA PACK 4 Amiga A500. Philips 8833 monitor.
Plinth & 5 blank discs.
Only £579 inc £399.99 INC VAT RRP AMIGA BUSINESS PACK INCLUDES A500,1084 or 8833 mon, second 3.5" drive, plinth, Platinum Scribbler software, STAR LC10 Printer.
'D1 PAINT II BATMAN THE MOVIE £839 inc MAIL-CENTA 17, Campbell Street, Belper, Derby. DE5 1AP.
Tel: 0773 826830.
All prices include VAT and delivery in UK. However for orders under £10.00 please add a 50p handling charge. Personal callers welcome at our retail shop but please bring this advert as prices may vaiy. Closed Wednesdays. All items despatched same day whenever possible. Cheques may require a seven day clearance period.
Proprietor Martin Bridges.
AH our products UK spec. Say No to Grey imports F18 INTERCEPTOR NEW ZEALAND STORY TV MODULATOR BATMAN POSTER AND MUCH, MUCH MORE I exactly the same. NOW when we display screen A again, nothing will seem to happen as the same data is being displayed, but we have moved the plane pointers back to screen A, allowing us to repeat this process, and to scroll through large numbers of screens with only two screens in memory!
If your brain has now turned to jelly with that lot, do not worry, the light will dawn soon. Read it a couple of times, remembering the problem you are trying to overcome.
The background playfield in Menace is scrolled through in the same way, although no map building is done as the background is a simple wrap scroll where whatever gets scrolled off on the left reappears again on the right. At the start of a level, the background screens A and B are both built identically from a small map that allows only 16 blocks maximum.
The Background is scrolled once every SECOND frame to allow it to scroll half the speed of the foreground. This gives the nice parallax effect. The graphic data for these blocks are included as source in the scroll source on the disk. The background graphic blocks are only 4 colours.
The copperlist Finally for this month a run down of the copperlist for the main game (Listing 1). I tend to put everything that describes the display into the copperlist, although many can simply be written with the 68000. It allows the full display to be quickly changed or referred to rather than looking through your source to find where you changed modulo’s etc, for certain copperlists.
The first instruction is a ‘wait $ for line 10’, which simply allows a LISTING 1 - MENACE COPPERLIST clist
DC. W $ 0A01,$ FF00 copperlist DC.W bplpt+0,$ 0000,bplpt+2,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+8,$ 0000,bplpt+10,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+16,$ 0000,bplpt+18,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+4,$ 0000,bplpt+6,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+12,$ 0000,bplpt+14,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+20,$ 0000,bplpt+22,$ 0000
DC. W bplconO,$ 6600 scroll.value DC. W
bplconl,$ 00FF,bpllmod,$ 0036
DC. W bpl2mod,$ 002E,bplcon2,$ 0044
DC. W ddfstrt,$ 0028,ddfstop,$ 00D8
DC. W diwstrt,$ 1F78,diwstop,$ FFC6 colours
DC. W color+0,$ 0000,color+2,$ 0000
DC. W color+4.$ 0000,color+6,$ 0000
DC. W color+8,$ 0000,color+10,$ 0000
DC. W color+12,$ 0000,color+14,$ 0000
DC. W color+16,$ 0000,color+18,$ 0000
DC. W color+20,$ 0000,color+22,$ 0000
DC. W color+24,$ 0000,color+26,$ 0000
DC. W color+28,$ 0000,color+30,$ 0000
DC. W color+32,$ 0000,color+34,$ 0000
DC. W color+36,$ 0000,color+38,$ 0000
DC. W color+40,$ 0000,color+42,$ 0000
DC. W color+44,$ 0000,color+46,$ 0000
DC. W color+48,$ 0000,color+50,$ 0000
DC. W color+52,$ 0000,color+54,$ 0000
DC. W color+56,$ 0000,color+58,$ 0000
DC. W color+60,$ 0000,color+62,$ 0000 sprite
DC. W sprpt+0,$ 0000,sprpt+2,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+4,$ 0000,sprpt+6,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+8,$ 0000,sprpt+10,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+12,$ 0000,sprpt+14,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+16,$ 0000,sprpt+18,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+20,$ 0000,sprpt+22,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+24,$ 0000,sprpt+26,$ 0000
DC. W sprpt+28,$ 0000,sprpt+30,$ 0000
DC. W $ DF01,$ FF00
DC. W bplconl,$ 0000.bplconO,$ 4200,ddfstrt.$ 0030 rastersplit2 DC.
W bplpt+0.$ 0000,bplpt+2.$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+4,$ 0000,bplpt+6,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+8.$ 0000.bplpt+10,$ 0000
DC. W bplpt+12,$ 0000,bplpt+14,$ 0000 colours2
DC. W color+20,$ 0000.color+30,$ 0000
DC. W color+2,$ 0000,color+4,$ 0000
DC. W color+6,$ 0000,color+8,$ 0000
DC. W color+10,$ 0000,color+12,$ 0000
DC. W color+14,$ 0000,color+16,$ 0000
DC. W color+18,$ 0000,color+22.$ 0000
DC. W color+24,$ 0000,color+26,$ 0000
DC. W color+28,$ 0000,color+0,$ 0000
DC. W bpllmod, $ 0000,bpl2mod, $ 0000
DC. W $ DF01,$ FF00,intreq, $ 8010
DC. W $ FFFF,$ FFFE bit of time after a vertical blank occurs in
which to change some values in the list, before the cop
perlist is executed again.
Next we set the bitplane pointers. Six planes in all for dual play- field, three for the back playfield (as defined first) then come the three for the front playfield. Note these all point to 0 as they will be initialised once we have allocated some screen memory.
Next come the control registers. BPLCONO is set to six planes with dual playfield activated.
BPLC0N1 sets both playfield scroll values to 15. As we want to scroll left we have to actually decrement the hardware scroll value, incrementing it will scroll us right.
BPLMOD’s are set to the difference in width of the screens laid side by side in memory, to the displayed areas.
DDFSTRT and DDFSTOP are increased from the normal values by one word each, DDFSTRT is increased by a further word due to the hardware scroll. The hardware manual goes into this in greater depth.
DIWSTRT and DIWSTOP are set to reflect a screen size of 352 x 224 pixels. Note that the display is set higher up the screen than normal to allow 224 pixels to be viewed on an American system on which Menace appears as full screen with overscan.
COLOR and SPRITE registers are all set to 0 initially, these are set up by the initialisation routine of the game.
After 192 lines have been displayed a copper change occurs which switches the display to a 16 colour one in which the panel is displayed. The panel is 352 x 32 pixels, the graphic data is stored in the file PANEL on the disk. ¦ HardFrame 2000: There is no competition Dealers can order from: MicroBotics (01) 298 0060 SDL (01) 300 3399 ZCL 0543 414817 When it comes to choosing a hard drive for your Amiga 2000, there’s no real alternative to MicroBotics HardFrame 2000. It’s the fastest Amiga SCSI controller available, and our 5-year warranty says it’s also the most reliable. Coupled with a fast
Seagate (28 ms access time) or Quantum ProDrive (19 11 ms access) it’s also surprisingly affordable. Try it yourself on thirty days approval (we don’t think we’ll get too many coming back.). Unmatched by any other controller (Amiga World July ’89).
Since then, nothing has changed.
HardFrame is fastest. Prices start at £499 for a HardFrame with 32MB Seagate, 28ms. HardFrames fitted with Quantums start at £599 for the 42MB.
Prices exclude VAT.
REVIEW CROSSING THE GREAT DIVIDE £ £ ML disk’s a disk, innit?
Need to transfer files from different disk formats? JASON HOLBORN checks out CrossDOS, a program that promises to make the process considerably easier.
¦ ¦ They ail look the same, so I should be able to put my PC text files disk into my Amiga (the disk certainly fits!)
And read the files directly into my Amiga word processor.” As we all know, this is sadly not the case.
Even though you may use a disk of exactly the same type and make, your Amiga will still refuse point- blank to read disks once it has been used on another make of computer.
The problem lies in the way that computers use floppy disks.
Before a disk can be used to store files, the magnetic particles that make up the disk must be arranged into the order required by the machine that the disk is to be used on. If the ‘format’ of the disk is different from that used by the machine trying to access it, the disk will appear to be unreadable.
To make life a little easier, CrossDOS is an immensely useful utility program that allows any Amiga drive to read and write disks in both AmigaDOS and MS- DOS formats (including PC-DOS and even Atari ST formats). By simply referring to a drive using the relevant device name, any Amiga application that accesses the disk drives through the operating system can be made to read Workbench Screen ? MmttJFiJeSpsttH a F 1 . 1 | l *-» Instal LMSDQSFS Attach Attach.DI0 _ ' _FileSysten AnigaB&S Corwand Shell SHELL) info pc2; Mounted disks!
Unit Size Used 326 PC2! 728K SHELL) SHELL) dir pc2: AMDISK.MAC PAGESET2.MAC PSET2.882 PSET2.884 PSET2.886 ULT1.IFF ULT3.IFF ULTRACAR.IFF SHELL) CrossDOS works by installing a device driver into the Amiga operating system to handle the reading and and write MS-DOS directly.
What must be stressed is that CrossDOS is not an emulator, but just a tool to transfer files between previously incompatible disk formats - you’ll need a Bridgeboard or the KCS PC Emulator board (see news pages for more!) To actually run program files on a PC format disk. As for running ST programs - forget it.
Installing CrossDOS CrossDOS works by installing a device driver into the Amiga operating system to handle the reading and writing of MS-DOS format diskettes. The program can be installed onto almost any boot disk by simply copying across the device driver files and putting them into the appropriate logical devices. Getting CrossDOS up and running once all the files are installed, is just a case of editing your StartUp-Sequence to ‘Mount’ the PC file System.
Free Full Errs Status Narte 1114 22 . 8 Read Write MSDO CALIGARI.MAC PSET2.881 PSET2.003 PSET2.005 TREVCOVE ULT2.IFF ULTRA.MAC Using CrossDOS The possible uses for a utility such as CrossDOS are almost unlimited. Probably the most common use that Amiga owners will find for CrossDOS is for sharing files between the Amiga and Atari ST. If you own a program such as Progressive’s PIXmate, any NeoChrome picture (NeoChrome is one of ST’s picture file formats) stored on an Atari disk could be read straight into the Amiga, resaved in IFF and then loaded directly into Deluxe Paint... without ever
having turn on the Atari!
If you use Lotus 1-2-3 on PC Compatibles at your place of work, you could bring your work home on a floppy disk and load it directly into an Amiga spreadsheet such as VIP-Professional or Plan IT (both support Lotus worksheets). Both Word Perfect and Protext users could directly load in text files created using the PC verPb sions of those two programs. How about being able to swap IFF pictures between the PC and Amiga versions of Deluxe Paint? Or even accessing Master Tracks performance files created on the Atari - the list of uses is endless.
Even at Amiga Format, we’ve started using CrossDOS in favour of that old faithful, D0S-2-D0S.
All text files and screendumps produced on our office Amigas (yes, we write the mag on Amigas!) Are written out to PC format disks and loaded straight into our office Macintosh SE 30 (OK, the Mac actually belongs to Damien). Previously, we had no choice but to port files to the Mac in batches (using D0S-2-D0S), but now any file can be transferred within seconds just by calling up a new CLI window.
Conclusion For Amiga owners who regularly use either an Atari ST or a PC compatible, CrossDOS is a dream come true. OK, so D0S-2-D0S has been happily reading and writing PC and ST disks for years, but even with D0S-2-D0S, life was never so easy. Being able to just bung a PC (or ST) disk into your Amiga and then access the files on that disk directly from any Amiga program makes the task of trans- fering files an absolute pleasure.
So what kind of people should consider purchasing CrossDOS?
For starters, users of D0S-2-D0S should rush out today 'and buy CrossDOS immediately. For the rest of you, if you think you are ever going to want to exchange files between either an ST or PC, then drop what you’re doing, forget those comms cables, and phone Power Computing immediately. Put simply, CrossDOS is one of the few true essentials for the Amiga. ¦ CROSSDOS £29.00 ¦ All Amigas ¦ Power Computing 0234 273000 MAIL ORDER MAIL ORDER 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH SUFFOLK IP4 1JE 24hr MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 FAX: 0473 213457 AMIGA 500 BATMAN PACK Batman (The movie)
Interceptor, NZ Story, Deluxe Paint II, mouse, modulator and manuals.
£369.95 PHILIPS 8833 COLOUR MONITOR £299.95 C1900 Monochrome monitor £99.95 AMIGA 500 + PHILIPS 8833 As above with Batman pack and Philips colour monitor, Photon Paint and 10 free games £649.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Power Drive 1 meg £79.95 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF 90 PACK Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal, Maxipian A500, Doctor Midi Recording Studio, Datel Midi Interface, BBC emulator, "Publishers Choice", Amiga logo, "Interceptor" 10 3.5" disc box and education support files from Commodore £529.95 A590 HARD DRIVE 20 meg hard drive £369.95 VIDI VIDEO DIGITISER £99.95 MINI-GEN Merge computer graphics
with live video £113.85 DATEL MIDI Midi interface £34.95 PRO DESIGNER GOLD Sound Sampler £79.95 SEGA MEGA DRIVE 16 bit games machine £199.95 PC ENGINE PLUS Games machine £199.95 512K MEMORY EXPANSION Plus Clock Card £99.95 HARDWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE DELIVERY.
UK MAINLAND ONLY. NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY ARRANGEMENT MOST WORKING DAYS JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125 .....£6.99 Cheetah Starprobe .....£11.99 Pro 5000 extra glo green ..£13.99 Pro 5000 extra glo red ......£13.99 QS Turbo ...£7.99 Euromax Racemaker £24.99 Euromax prof
9000 .....£11.99 Konix Navigator ...£11.99 I 1 iSiiili i ¦ 111 SIS 1 m " 71 7c DISC BOXES
3. 5 40 holder
lockable ....
5. 25 50 holder
lockable .. £5.99
3. 5 80 holder
lockable ....
5. 25 120 holder
lockable £7.99 £6.99
3. 5 40 holder lockable with 10 3.5 DSDD discs
3. 5 40 holder lockable with 20 3.5 DSDD discs
3. 5 40 holder lockable with 40 3.5 DSDD discs ...£12.99
...£19.99 ...£33.99
3. 5 80 holder lockable with 10 3.5 DSDD discs
3. 5 80 holder lockable with 40 3.5 DSDD discs
3. 5 80 holder lockable with 80 3.5 DSDD discs ...£15.99
...£35.99 ...£55.99 DISCS QTY 10 QTY 20 QTY 50 QTY 100
3. 5
DSDD ....£7.99 ...£14.99 ..£34.99 .....£59.99
3. 5 DSDD
SONY ....£11.99 .£22.99 ..£54.99 .....£99.99
PERIPHERALS Replacement mouse + mouse holder + mouse mat
...£29.95 Four player
Adaptor .....£5.95
Mat .£4.95
Extender ..£5.95
Cover ..: ..£4.95
LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 FAX: 0473 213457 5th
Gear ..... .....£13 .99 3D
Pool ...... .....£15 .99 Adidas Golden
Shoe .... .....£16 .99 Altered
Beast .... .....£16 99
A. P.B ... .....£13 99 Action
Fighter .... .....£15 99 Ancient Art of
War . .....£16 99 Ancient Art of War At Sea...
.....£16 99 Aquaventura ...... .....£24 qq
Axels Majic Hammer .... .....£13 99
Asterix . .....£16 99 Balance
of Power 1990 .....£15 99 Barbarian II
(Palace) .... .....£16 99 Barbarian II (Psygnosis)......
.....£16 99 Bankok Knights . ....£16 qq
Battlechess .....£16 99 Batman (the
movie) ...... ....£16 99
Bloodwych .. ....£16 99 Blood
Money ..... ....£16 99 Bloodwych Data
Disks . ....£12 qq Beach Volley .....
....£16 99 Battlevalley . ....£13 99
Blade Warrior .... ....£15 99 Bad
Company ... £15 99 Battle of
Australitz . ....£15 qq
Bobo ....£12 99 Battle
Squadron ....£15 99 Black
Tiger . ....£16 99 Battle of
Britain .. ....£16 qq Beverley Hills
Cop . ....£15 qq Chase
HQ .. ....£16 99 Chaos Strikes
Back ...... ....£16
California Games .. ....£13 99 Cabal ... ....£16 99 Conflict Europe . ....£16 99 Continental Circuit . ....£13 qq Chariots of Wrath .. ....£16 99 Carthage .... ....£15 99 Corvette ..... ....£19 99 Chicago 90 . ....£12 99 Commando ....£12 qq Commandos Compilation.... ....£15 99 Chambers of Shaolin ... ....£15 99 Cyberball .... ....£13 99 Dragon Ninja ..... ....£16 99
Dungeon Master ... ....£16 99 Dungeon Master Editor £9 99 Dreadnought ..... ....£13 99 Demons Tomb ... ....£13 99 Dragon Spirit ..... ....£13 qq Drakken ...... ....£19 qq Dynamite Dux ... ....£16 99 Double Dragon II ... ....£13 99 Dogs of War ...... ....£12
Dragons of Flame . ....£16 qq Dynamite Debugger ..... £15 99 Die Hard ..... ....£16 99 Day of the Pharoah ...... ....£16
Dragons Breath . ....£19 99 Dan Dare 3 . ....£13 99 Damocles ... ....£15 99 Elite . ....£15 99 Epoch .. ....£15 99 Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters ......£13.99 Eye of Hercules ......£16.99 Eye of Horus ...£15.99. Flash Dragon ..£13.99 F29 Retaliator .£16.99 F19 Stealth Fighter £15.99 F16 Combat Pilot ...£15.99
Falcon ..£19.99 Falcon Mission Disks £13.99 Ferrari Formula One ..£16.99 Forgotten Worlds ...£13.99 Fast Lane .£12.99 Frankenstein ...£12.99 Future Wars ....£16.99 Fighting Soccer ......£16.99 Fiendish Freddy .....£19.99 Fighter Bomber ......£19.99 Footballer of The Year £13.99 Full Metal Planet ....£12.99 Final Battle ......£16.99
Giants (compilation) ...£19.99 Galdregons Domain ...£12.99 Ghostbusters II £16.99 Gunship £15.99 Games Summer Edition ....£13.99 Greenpeace ....£15.99 Gore .....£16.99 Galaxy Force ...£16.99 Ghouls and Ghosts £16.99 Gravity ..£16.99 Gazza's Super Soccer ......£16.99 Highway Patrol £15.99 Hillsfar ..£16.99
Hard Driving ....£13.99
H. A.T.E .£13.99 Heavy
Metal ....£16.99 Hound of
Shadow ..£16.99 Hot
Shot ...£13.99 Indiana Jones
(Lucas Films) ....£16.99 Indiana Jones (US Gold) £13.99
Ivanhoe £16.99 Iron
Tracker .....£12.99
Infestation £16.99
Interphase £15.99 International
Athletics .£12.99 It Came from the
Desert ....£19.99 Iron
Lord ...£16.99 Jack
Boot .£16.99 Jack The
Ripper .....£12.99 Jumping
Jackson ...£12.99
Kult .£15.99 Kick
Off ..: .£12.99 Kick Off Extra
Time ..£9.99
Krystal ..£19.99 Keef the
Thief ..£16.99 Killing Game
Show .£13.99
Knightforce ......£15.99 Krypton
X .£12.99 Kenny Dalglish Soccer
Match ..£13.99 Laser Squad ....£12.99
Leisure Suit Larry II £19.99 Lightforce
(compilation) .....£16.99
- ---- - Lombard R.A.C Rally .£16.99 Lords of the
Rising Sun £19.99 Last Ninja
II .....£16.99 Lost
Patrol £16.99
Liverpool ..£15.99 Last
Stuntman .£12.99 Legend of
Djel .£16.99 Manic
Mansion £16.99 Microprose
Soccer .£15.99 Majic
Johnson .£12.99 Murder in
Venice ....£15.99 Matrix
Marauders ...£16.99
Moonwalker .....£16.99 Magnum 4
compilation .....£19.99 Manchester
United .£16.99 Ninja
Warrior ...£13.99 Ninja
Spirits .....£16.99 New Zealand
Story £16.99 North and
South .....£15.99
Neuromancer ..£16.99
Nevermind £13.99 Operation
Thunderbolt £16.99
Oriental £15.99
Onslaught .£13.99
Ooze ....£15.99
Overlander ......£12.99
Omega .£24.99 Planet
Busters .£13.99
Paperboy ..£12.99 Pinball
Majic ....£16.99 Police Quest
II .£16.99 Pools of
Radiance ..£16.99 Populous Data
Disks £9.99 Precious Metal
(compilation)....£16.99 Premier Collection (1, 2 or 3)
...£19.99 Predator ...£16.99
Player Manager ......£12.99
P47 .£15.99
Powerdrift .£16.99 Passing
Shot ...£16.99
Pictionary .£16.99 Panic
Station ...£13.99 Pro Tournament
Tennis £16.99
Quartz ..£15.99
Quarterback ....£13.99 Quest for Time
Bird £19.99 Red
Heat ..£16.99
Renegade £16.99 Rick
Dangerous .....£15.99
Robocop ...£16.99 Rocket
Ranger £19.99 Run The
Gauntlet ...£16.99
R. V.F Honda * ..£15.99 Red Storm
Rising ...£15.99
Risk £13.99 Rally
Cross ......£12.99
Roadwars .£13.99 Rock and
Roll ..£13.99 Scramble
Spirits .....£13.99
S. E.U.C.K .• £19.99 Space
Savage .£13.99 (NEW) Space
Harrier .£12.99 Space Harrier
II ......£13.99
.....I ..
Stryx .....£13.99
Strider ..£16.99
Skweek £13.99 Space Quest
III ......£19.99
Speedball .£16.99 Steve Davis
Snooker .£12.99 Story So Far 1 (compilation)
....£12.99 Story So Far 3 (compilation) ....£12.99 Stunt
Car ..£15.99
Shinobi .£13.99 Street
Fighting Man £13.99
Scroll ....£12.99 Sword of
Twilight ....£16.99 Starwars
Compilation .£16.99 Shufflepuck
Cafe ....£13.99 Super Scramble Simulator
£13.99 Super Wonderboy ..£16.99
Silpheed ...£19.99 Sleeping
Gods Lie ..£15.99
Slayer ...£13.99
Stormlord .£13.99 Shadow of the
Beast ..£24.99 Star
Blaze £13.99 Super
Quintet ..£15.99 Sim
City £19.99 Saint and
Greavsie £13.99 Seven Gates of Jambala £15.99
Star Command £19.99 Stellar
Crusade ......£24.99
Skidz ....£13.99
Switchblade .....£13.99 Super
Cars ......£13.99 Star Trek
5 ......£24.99 Space
Ace £29.99 Triad II
(compilation) ..£16.99 Test Drive
II .....£16.99 TV Sports
Football .£19.99 Trivial Pursuit (family
edition) ...£16.99 Take em
Out ....£12.99
Tintin ....£12.99 Thrill
Time Platinum (comp) £15.99
Trivia ....£15.99 Track
Attack ....£16.99 Turbo
Outrun ...£16.99 Tower of
Babel.- ......£15.99 Turbo
Buggies .£13.99 TV Sports
Basketball .£19.99 Theme
Park ....£16.99 Ultimate
Golf ...£16.99 Ultimate
Darts .£13.99
Untouchables ..£16.99 UMS
II ..£15.99 Ultima
V ...£15.99 War in Middle
Earth £13.99
Waterloo ...£15.99
W. E.C Le Mans ......£16.99
Warp .....£12.99 Winners
(compilation) £19.99 World Cup Soccer
90 .£13.99 Wings of
Fury ..£13.99 Wild
Streets .....£15.99
Xenophobe ......£15.99 Xenon
Subject to availability and price changes without notice. Not all titles released at time of going to press.
Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production of cut-off slip.
TITLE COMP PRICE Have you ordered from us before? YES NO Name . Address: ...... Tel No: TOTAL COST £ js W AMF MARCH MEMO MEMORY EXPANSION £99.95 A500 BAT PACK Amiga 500(1.3 ROM) Mouse + P.S.U. Modulator + Leads Workbench 1.3 Basic 1.3 + Extras The Very First Tutorial Introduction to the A500 WB1.3 Supplement Amiga Basic Batman, Interceptor New Zealand Story Deluxe Paint II £372.99 A500 PACK + Bat Pack 1 plus the following: Ikari Warriors + Insanity Fight Mercenary 1 + Art of Chess
Terrorpods + Thundercats Barbarian + Buggy Boy Amegas + Wizball Photon Paint II £394.99 SOFTMACHINE STARTER PACK Mouse Mat Mouse Bracket 10 TDK MF2DD Disks 80 Capacity Disk Storage Box
3. 5" Head Cleaner A500 Dust Cover ONLY £25*
* When purchased with any Amiga computer...offer limited to 1
starter pack per Amiga purchased ALL PRICES INCLUDE
V. A.T. AND DELIVERY (U.K. ONLY) Please ring for
prices availability on any hardware software peripherals not
listed. (Full price list on request) Please make
cheques postal orders payable to SOFTMACHINE. All prices are
inclusive of V.A.T. All prices subject to change without
notice. All items subject to availability. E. & O.E.
SOFTMACHINE K3 Dept. AMF 3, 36 Guernsey Road, Sunderland SR4
9RR. Telephone: 091 385 7426 Courier Overseas rates on request
See our advertisement in next or last month's Amiga Format for
Peripherals Accessories Books A2000 SYSTEM 1 Amiga 2000 A1084
Monitor A2090 20Mb Hard Drive PHONE - While stocks last!
A2000 SYSTEM 2 Amiga 2000 A1084 Monitor A2088 PC-XT Bridgeboard A2092 20Mb MS-DOS Hard Drive PHONE - While stocks last!
Amiga 500 + A1084 ...£592.99 A590 20Mb Hard Drive £372.99 A501 Ram Expansion Clock ....RING A520 Modulator £24.99 Mpsi230 Printer” 1.7." .£143.99 A1084 Colour Monitor £222.99 A1900M Mono Monitor £99.99 A1010 Disk Drive ..£91.99 A1352 Mouse ...£33.99 A200b" ”"..".RO. A. A2000 + A1084S ...P.O. A. A2024 HiRes Mono Monitor.P.O.A. A2010 Internal Drive P.O.A. A2090 20Mb Hard Drive P.O.A. A2093 20Mb A boot Drive....P.O.A. A2095 40Mb A boot Drive....P.O.A. A2092 20Mb MS-DOS DriveP.O.A. A2088 PC-XT Bridgeboard..P.O.A. A2286 PC-AT
Bridgeboard ..P.O.A. A2058 Ram Expansion .P.O.A. A2620 68020 68881 P.O.A. A2621 Unix Card ...P.O.A. A2300 Genlock ..P.O.A. A2350 Prof Video Adaptor...P.O.A. A2032 PAL Comp Vid Card .P.O.A. Word Processing Excellence ......£136.95 Kind Words 2 ....£39.50 Protext £69.95 Protext Filer ......£18.75 Protext Office ....£24.95 Pro Write 2 .£70.60 Transcript ...£32.50 Word Perfect ...£177.40 Scribble
Platinum .£41.40 Databases Acquisition 1.3 £192.80 K-Data £35.50 Microfiche Filer .£62.95 Microfiche Filer Plus ..£123.95 Superbase Personal ....£43.20 Superbase Personal 2 .£69.95 Superbase Professional ...£170.55 Spreadsheets K-Spread 2 £43.20 Maxiplan A500 ....RING Maxiplan Plus .£133.55 Superplan ..£69.95 Languages Compilers Etc APL 68000 .£99.95
A-Rexx £36.30 Aztec C Developer ....£137.15 Aztec C Professional ...£99.65 Axtec C scd ......£61.25 Benchmark Modula 2 £132.50 Benchmark C Libraries £70.60 Devpac 2 ...£43.60 GFA Basic V3 ...£47.55 Hisoft Basic ......£57.35 K-Seka Assembler £35.50 Lattice CV5 ....£174.75 Utiliites A-Max .... .£134.95 A-Max with Roms .... .£249.95 Amikit ..... ...£28.65 Ashas Caligrafonts ..
B. A.D .£32 50
B. B.C. Emulator . ...£39.95 Butcher
2 ...£28.65
CLImate .. ...£32.50 Cygnus Ed
Professional.. ...£70.60 Disk 2 Disk ....
...£39.95 Dos 2 Dos ...... ...£39.95
Diskmaster .... ...£39.95 Enhancer (WB
1.3) ... ...£13.85 Face II .....
...£24 85 Fancy 3D Fonts . ...£39.95 Gomf
V3.0 ..... ...£28.65 G
rabbit .... ...£24.85 Hisoft Extend.
£15 75 Interchange ... ...£39.95 Interchange Objects 1..... ...£17.25 I change Mod V3D FinF.. ...£17.25 I change Mod V3D Turbo ...£17.25 Kara Fonts ..... ...£55.35 K-Gadget ...£21.95 K-Roget .. ...£35.50 Lions Fonts .... ...£47.75 Mailshot Plus . ...£35.50 Newsletter Fonts ...... ...£24.85 Power Windows V2.5...... ...£55.35 Project D . ...£32.50 Quarterback.... £47 75 Studio Fonts .. ...£24.85 Superback .....
...£41.95 Text Ed Plus ... ...£55.35 The Calligrapher ...£70.60 Transformer ... ...£26.35 X-Copy V2 ..... ...£16.90 DeskTop Publishing City Desk ...£83.20 Pagesetter ...RING Professional Page £193.50 Shakespeare ...£119.70 Home Office Kit £116.65 CAD Grapwcs Animation Animagic ....£62.95 Animate 3D ......£97.35 Animator lrnages Draw £55.00 ’Architectural Design ...£23.20 C-Light £39.95
Comic Setter .....£39.95 Comic Setter Clip Art ...£17.25 Deluxe Paint III .£60.50 Deluxe Photolab ...£53.15 Deluxe Print II ...£38.55 Deluxe Productions ...£104.35 Deluxe Video ....£53.15 Design 3D ..£62.95 Digi Paint 3 £55.35 Digiworks ...£78.75 Draw 2000 ......£172.95 Fantavision £32.30 Forms in Flight 2 .RING 'Future Design .£23.20 'Human Design
....£23.20 Icon Paint ..£18.20 Impact .£55.35 'Interior Design .£23.20 IntroCAD ....£47.75 Lights Camera Action! .£51.55 'Microbot Design ..£23.20 Modeler 3D £62.95 Movie Setter .....£39.95 Page Flipper + F X ......£93.50 Photon Paint 2 ..£60.95 PIXmate ....£39.95 Professional Draw .....£108.75 Pro Video Plus ...£193.50 Sculpt 3D ...£66.80
Sculpt 4D .£367.45 Sculpt 4D Junior .£103.80 The Director .....£47.75 The Director’s Toolkit ...£28.65 Turbo Silver ....£108.75 TV Show ....£70.60 TV Text ......£70.60 Video Effects 3D £123.95 Video Generic Master .£55.35 Video Titler £86.20 Video Wipe Master ......£55.35 Vidoescape 3D ...£123.95 X-CAD Designer ...£89.75 X-CAD Professional ..£352.80
Zoetrope ....£86.85 'state Sculpt or Videoscape!
Music A Drum ......£32.50 Audiomaster 2 ..£62.95 Deluxe Music ....£53.15 Dr Ts KCS ......£154.50 Dynamic Drums £47.75 Dynamic Studio ...£116.35 Instant Music ....£20.25 Music X ....£184.15 Opus 1 £79.95 Pro Midi Studio £111.35 Sonix ..£51.55 Sound Oasis .....£62.95 Studio Magic .....£69.85 Synthia ......£74.70 Track
24 .....£74.95 Communications A Talk III .....£70.60 BBS PC .....£93.50 Ruby Comm .....£54.65 Ruby Comm Plus RING Accounts Arena Accounts ..£140.95 Desk Top Budget ..£32.50 Home Accounts £21.95 Personal Accounts Plus £24.95 Small Business Accounts RING PHONE ANYTIME FOR FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE AMIGA A5O0 - BATMAN PACK 1 512K RAM Computer - Built-in 1Mb Disk Drive.
Workbench 1.3. Mouse. A520 TV Modulator.
Deluxe Paint II Art. New Zealand Story Game.
Interceptor Flight Sim. & BATMAN the Movie Speech Synthesis £359.99 AMIGA A500 BATMAN PACK 2 all as PACK ONE PLUS TEN MORE TOP SOFTWARE TITLES TOTAL VALUE OF EXTRA SOFTWARE £229
LCIO ....£155.99
LCIO 2 NEW MODEL ...£189.99 STAR LC24 I0 24
PIN ..£259.99 STAR
LCI5 ....£327.99
STAR LC 24-15 24 PIN .£389.99
CITIZEN I20D ....£149.99
KXP 1180 .£189.99 PANASONIC KXP 1124
24 PIN £289.99 All our printers are UK Specification not
converted grey imports. Fully guaranteed by the
Manufacturers and include lead, cable and plus.
RING FOR DETAILS OF PRINTER PAPER AND LABEL PRICES SPECIALS EXPAND YOUR AMIGA WITH GENUINE COMMODORE PERIPHERALS A50I 512K RAM Pack with Clock ...£109.99 AMIGA A1010 External Disk Drive ..£85.99 ROM Version 1.3 Kickstart ROM with Fitting Instructions ....£28.99 ENHANCER - Consists of Workbench
1. 3 and Extras 1.3 ...£13.99
Drive ..£89.99 AMIGA A10I0 Disk
Drive ......£85.99 ACTIONSOFT Disk
Drive ......£76.99 HARD DISK DRIVES AMIGA
A590 20Mb Plug In Drive £359.99 MIDI EQUIPMENT DATEL Midi
Master Interface .£28.79 Midi
Leads .Per Pair .£5.98
MONITORS COMMODORE I084S 14" Stereo Col.... PHILIPS CM8833 14"
Stereo Col .... Ring for Price and Availability.
All prices INCLUDE VAT and DELIVERY - All items despatched within 24 hours of cleared payment subject to availability.
Ring for details of Next Dav Delivery Service. Ring or write for prices and details of any item not listed.
AUDITION COMPACT SERVICES, 15 Timbergate, Ketton, Stamford, Lines PE9 3SW 1 Telephone 0780 55888 Shop Hours * 0780 720531 Out of Hours.
MODEMS PACE Linnet Modem ......£123.99 PACE Linnet 1200 Modem ....£207.99 DATAPHONE Demon 2 Modem .£89.99 DATAPHONE Designer Modem .£99.99 AMIGA to MODEM Cable ......£14.95 MOUSE TRACKBALL KEMPSTON 2 Button Mouse ..£26.49 AMIGA 1352 Mouse .£32.49 MARCONI RB2 PC9 Trackball ...£51.99 JOYSTICKS QLTCKSHOT 2 Turbo ......£10.95 KONIX Speedkine .£12.95 CHEETAH
125+ £8.99 ZIPSTICK Super Pro .£13.95 ACCESSORIES AMIGA Monitor Dust Cover .....£5.99 AMIGA 500 Keyboard Dust Cover ......£5.99 STAR Printer Dust Covers ..£5.99 14" Mon. Anti Glare Screen Cover .....£22.99 Aerial Computer Switch Box .....£3.99 Monitor Tilt & Sw ivel Stand ....£19.99 Mouse Mat ...£4.99 Mouse Bracket (to Hold Mouse) £2.99 Furry Mouse
House ..£7.25 Joystick Ext. Lead 2.5 Metres ....£4.95 Printer Cable AMIGA to Printer £5.99 Twin Joystick Mouse Ext 6" Lead .£5.99
3. 5" Disk Drive Cleaning Kits ....£5.99 Perspex
Printer Stand .£22.99
Copyholders A4 Document Holder .....£15.99 Control
Centre - Sits over Amiga as Monitor Stand & Store -
Metal .£45.95 20 Disk Holder -
Rip Back Lid ..£3.99 40 Disk Holder
Lockable ....£5.99 80 Disk Holder
Lockable. Stackable ...£15.99 DISKS - FULLY GUARANTEED
3. 5" DSDD Disks Pack of 20 ..£ 12.99 Pack of
50 ...£29.99 Spare
Labels ...60 .....£1.00
Guide ..£14.95 Loco
Script Guide ..... .£14.95 Loco Spell
Guide ..£14.95 GFA
Basic Training ....£14.95
GFA Programmers Guide ......£22.95 GFA
Reference Card ....£3.95
Dungeon Master Hints .£4.99
Quest for
Clues .....£12.95
Far ...£7.99
Rush .£6.99
Kings Quest
1 ..£8.99
Kings Quest 1 to
4 £12.99 Kings Quest
2 ..£8.99
Kings Quest
3 ..£8.99
Kinss Quest
4 ..£6.99
Police Quest
2 £8.99 Police
Quest Hints ..£8.99
Space Quest 1
Hints .....£8.99 Space
Quest 2 Hints .....£8.99
Space Quest 3
Hints .....£8.99
6 ..£13.49 Fun School 2-6-8
years .....£ 13.49 Fun School 2-8 and
over ....£ 13.49 Discover Chemistry
10yrs+ ..£15.49 Discover Maths
10yrs+ .£15.49 Discover Numbers
6 yrs+ ......£ 15.49 Discover the
Alphabet 6 yrs+ £15.49 Puzzle
Book ..£15.99
Book .....£15.99
Things to do with Numbers ...£15.99
Things to do with Words £15.99
BBC"Emulator ......£39.99
Logo ..£19.99
SPECIAL 5J.7 K. M E MQ3 Y-EX.PA N SJO.N_R A 4_Pac.k Plus Free
Dungeon Master 1 Meg game. Game worth £24.99 and all packed in
a Library Case together making a great package.
SPECIAL PRICE with Clock ..£89.99 without Clock ..£79.99 AMIGA BOOKS Advanced Amiga Basic ..£17.99 3D Graphics Programming in Basic £17.49 Amiga Assembly Language Program .....£ 10.49 Amiga Basic - Inside and Out ......£ 17.49 Amiga C for Advanced Programmers .....£30.99 Amiga C for Beginners ..£17.49 Amiga Disk Drives - Inside and Out £25.99 Amiga DOS - Inside and Out ......£ 17.49 Amiga DOS Manual 1.2 - 2nd
Ed ...£21.99 Amiga DOS Quick Reference Guide ......£12.99 Amiga DOS Reference Guide ......£14.39 Amiga for Beginners ..£12.49 Amiga Handbook £ 15.39 Amiga Machine Language - New Ed .....£ 14.39 Amiga Machine Lang. Program Guide ...£20.99 Amiga Programmers Handbook ...£22.99 Amiga Programmers Handbook Vol. 2 ..£22.99 Amiga Tricks and Tips ...£14.39 Amiga Users Guide ....£17.95 Amiga
DOS Manual ...£21.95 Amiga DOS Express & Disk .£29.99 Computes First Book of the Amiga .£16.29 Computes Amiga Programmers Guide ...£16.29 Amiga System Programmers Guide .£29.99 Beginners Guide to the Amiga .....£16.29 Elementary Amiga Basic £14.39 Inside Amiga Graphics ...£16.29 Inside the Amiga with C - 2nd Ed £19.99 Kickstart Guide to the Amiga ......£13.39 Kids and the Amiga -Kids 8 to
80 £15.j9 Programmers Guide to the Amiga ...£22.99 Using Deluxe Paint II .£17.95 Becoming an Amiga Artist ....£17.49 LEISURE SOFTWARE Armada ......£19.99 Asterix £16.25 Bad Company ...£ 16.25 Batman - the Movie ...£16.25 Battle of Austerlitz .£16.25 Battle
Squadron £16.25 Beverley Hills Cop .£16.25 Bloodwych £16.25 Bloodwvch Data Disk ..£8.49 Bomber' ......£19.99 Chase H.Q .£16.25 Commando £13.99 Continental Circus ..£12.99 Deluxe Scrabble .....£12.99 Double Dragon
2 ....£13.99 Drivin' Force .....£16.25 Eye of Horus .....£16.25 F-16 Combat Pilot ..£ 16.25 F-16 Falcon ......£19.25 F-29 Retaliator ..£16.99 Future Wars ......£16.25 Galaxy Force ....£16.25 Ghostbusters II .£16.25 Hard
Drivin ......£16.25 Hollywood Poker Pro ...£8.49 Horse Racing ....£16.25 Hound of Shadow ...£16.25 Infestation ..£16.25 Iron Lord ...£ 16.25 It Came From the Desen ...£19.99 Kenny Dalalish Soccer Manager ..£12.99 Kick Off .....£13.99 Kick Off Extra
Time .£6.99 Light Force (Compilation) £16.25 Lombard RAC Rally ..£16.25 Marble Madness .£6.99 Megapack II ......£16.25 Moonwalker .....£16.25 Omega £20.49 P47 Thunderbolt .....£16.25 Populous ....£16.25 Populous New
Worlds ..£9.99 Powerdrift ..£16.99 Robocop ...XI 6.99 Scapeghost .£12.99 Shoot Em Up Construction Kit £20.25 Sim City .....£19.99 Space Ace ..£29.99 Strider .£16.25 Stunt Car Racer £16.25 Test Drive
2 ......£ 16.99 Time £20.25 Toobin £16.25 Turbo Outrun ....£16.25 War in Middle Eanh ...£13.99 Untouchables ....£ 16.25 Xenon 2 Megablast .£16.25 Hundreds More Games Stocked Just Rina BATMAN GAMES PACKS Batman - the Movie ) Special New Zealand Story ) Pack FI8 Flight Interceptor ) Price DeLuxe
Paint II ) £34 SERIOUS SOFTWARE Kind Words V2.0 ....£34.99 Protext £69.99 Word Perfect 4.1 ...£ 159.99 Word Perfect Library ..£84.99 K-Data £34.99 Superbase Personal .£43.99 Superbase Personal 2 ..£73.99 Superbase Professional .£172.99 K-Spread
2 ....£41.99 Digicalc ..£27.99 Superplan £69.99 MaxiPlan A500 ...£59.95 VIP Professional ...£69.99 Home Accounts ...£20.49 Cashbook for the Small Business 435.99 Persona! Accounts Plus .£21.95 Personal Tax Planner ..£27.99 On
Line ...£35.99 Page Setter .....£79.99 Publishers Choice .£72.99 Starter Kit ......£49.99 Home Office Kit .£104.99 Assem. Pro ....£49.99 Aztec C - 68K Professional ..£89.99 Aztec C - 68K Developer ....£129.99 BBC
Emulator ......£39.99 Transformer - PC Emulator ..£24.75 GFA Basic 3 ..£45.99 Hisoft Devpac £44.99 Argasm ..£44.99 HiSoft Basic Amiga with Free Abacus Book. Amiga Basic Inside & Out .....£59.99 Lattice CV5.0 ....£169.99 Metacomco Shell ..£37.99 AMOS the Game
Creator .....£37.99 Trip-A-Tron ..£22.99 DeLuxe Paint II ....£29.99 DeLuxe Paint III ...£59.99 DeLuxe Print II ....£37.99 DeLuxe Productions ...£99.99 Director. The .£40.99 Movie Setter ..£51.99 Photon Paint 2.0 ..£64.99 Photon
Video Cell Animation ......£69.99 Pixmate ...£35.99 Print Master Plus .£35.99 Adrum £27.99 Aegis Audiomaster II .£49.99 Instant Music £17.99 DeLuxe Music Construction Set .£50.99 Dr Ts Midi Recording Studio .....£49.99 Music X £169.99
KCS ..£145.99 Disc 2 Disc ....£24.99 Disk Master ...£29.99 DOS 2 DOS ...£29.99 STOP PRESS Just in - PEN PAL Word Processor See Review Amiga Format - Dec £99.99 ON YOUR DISK X-OUT Will you look at this! A fully playable demo of the first level of Rainbow Arts’ amazing underwater extravaganza. Shoot-em-up fans have never had it so good.
ULTRAPAINT So you fancy yourself as a bit of a Picasso? Well, now’s the time to prove a point. Here’s your chance to pummel pixels with this phenomenal graphics package until the paint drys.
PICPUZ Moving tiles... boring? Not this implementation! Pretty graphics, interesting tile images and four very different games make this an experience you won’t want to miss.
XOPER Not a new cough medicine, as many would believe, but an invaluable tool for investigating and interacting with the Amiga’s multitasking operating system.
MENACE SCROLL Dave Jones opens up his locker to reveal more WORKBENCH HACKS More mindless mayhem in the form of two great Workbench hacks. One will have you shining like a star while the other will have you jumping for joy.
Secrets about games programming. Creating smooth horizontal parallax scrolling is this treat he has in store for you this month. Source, data and demo files are all provided.
Think you’ve got what it takes to write for the Amiga Format Coverdisk? Get your programming tools out, prove what you can do and earn yourself some cash in the process. We’re after Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games, game cheats... Turn to page 80 for details.
Where else can you get a magazine and a disk containing almost 900K of programs for under £3? RICHARD MONTEIRO guides you through the disk’s stunning offerings.
X-OUT PROGRAM: RAINBOW ARTS FILES: X-OUT* Let’s get one thing straight. X-Out is pronounced ‘cross out'. Got it?
Good. Let’s party.
From the farthest reaches of outer space they came to inhabit the depths of the oceans. From their savage assaults on a defenceless human race grew a planet’s last desperate crusade: project Deep Star, the ultimate underwater war machine.
Early attempts proved catastrophically ineffective. A few kept faith and continued improving Deep Star, the greatest collection of man's technical wizardry committed to the hands of a lone gladiator for one final attempt at halting the inevitable: the frantic death throes of a civilisation sinking into darkness.
Take no prisoners, give no quarter, make no compromise... the World’s hopes lie in your hands.
So much for the introduction: now for the translation. X-Out is a furious shoot-em-up based underwater. The action is tremendous with, on occasions, 50 objects milling around the screen. Sprites and background are made up of 48 colours and animation takes place at 50 frames a second. Sounds good, looks good, is good!
X-Out is a horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up. The idea is simple: build yourself an underwater craft, arm it, sail the high seas (don’t you mean scuttle along the seabed? - Ed) and waste any aliens that get in the way.
Getting going X-Out can only be run by inserting the Coverdisk into the drive and resetting the computer. A prompt will appear asking you whether or not you wish to run the playable demo. Typing in Y and pressing Return will automatically run Rainbow Arts’ excellent blaster.
Before you can rid the seas of alien scum, you must construct a ship from items in the stock room.
Everything costs, so you’ve got to take care what you buy. You can never purchase too much. No matter how much weaponry you've
• got, you’ll always want more.
Money talks, but you’ve only got so much. Be selective: some weapons work well, others aren’t worth thinking about.
All control is performed by a I I joystick in Port 1. Items must be picked up from the warehouse and dropped into the centre of the screen. When you’ve created the craft of your choice, click on the icon labelled X-Out. Come out with your guns blazing.
¦ Please note: X-Out is stored on the Amiga Format disk in a nonstandard way. It’s not possible to copy X-Out onto another disk using the standard file copying procedure. Instead, the disk must be copied using the Duplicate option in the Workbench menu item. Copy the disk by highlighting the Coverdisk (done by single-clicking on it) and then clicking on the Duplicate menu item.
XOPER PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: XOPER, XOPER.DOC Find out what your system is up to with this nifty utility. Among many other things, Xoper will inform you of how much processor time each task uses.
Xoper comes with its own command line and can accept commands for checking on the priority, status and processor usage of tasks; task flags including allocated signals, signals received and the address of the next instruction to be executed; libraries and their base address, revision number and flags; devices P Value Resolution 1 320*200*5 2 320*400*5 3 640*200*4 4 640*400*4 If you require some other resolution you’ll have to remove p from the Type Tools and alter the values h, w and d manually.
Full instructions on using UltraPaint are in the help file.
However, PicPuz uses IFF brushes for its images. So, select Load IFF image from the appropriate menu in UltraPaint and - when the file selector appears - click on the PICPUZ drawer. Then click on FRAMES inside the PICPUZp folder.
Once inside FRAMES you’ll spot two IFF images: GIRL.FRM and MICKEY. FRM. Double-click on one of these to load. Don’t worry about the message that states the image is of the wrong resolution: simply click on continue.
You won’t find a better art package in the public domain.
UltraPaint is littered with countless features. Far too many to list in full here, but to whet your appetite here are a few:
* Brush - variable size brushes can be used and custom brushes
can be created.
* Undo - this will undo your last action that caused anything to
be drawn to the screen.
* Freehand - main drawing mode. Others include sketch, line, ray,
box, solid box, ellipse, solid ellipse, polygon, solid poly
gon, fill and airbrush.
* Zoom - lets you investigate areas of the screen close up.The
magnification level is selectable by you and a grid can be
switched on.
Getting started Inside the ULTRAPAINT drawer you’ll find a program called ULTRAPAINT. You can run the BCE :r
• ¦3 Bt: S' SB
• ¦ rill r n c- ri r ¦ a son: - -tcnEB my ibib: • ess; ee
• be- • rsEre so ¦9 sosrsfr i ¦ a OB SR. B KBIII ¦I BEIV8BB ¦¦¦
BBS “ ¦¦¦ mrcrrcrrr ¦¦¦ llll :* "¦¦¦ IBIIESIBI ( II ISBIBI- EE
5 ¦¦¦ ¦IBSr-CCER ¦¦¦ ¦ ¦¦¦'-SEES ¦¦¦ ¦ III Tbt Hill imrnrns mu
mill -rriini iiiiiiobiiiiiii:; iiiibi cefec; in ¦ ¦¦¦¦IB
BBIIBli ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦ crrnar ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦ S8BBBE ¦ ¦iiiaiiir::sr
19. 4-
- -- Xoper Haiting 28
38. 9
- -- input.device Mai ting 5
4. 6
- -- trackdisk.device Mai ting 10
2. 9
- -- File Systen Haiting 5
1. 2V.
- -- hddisk.device Mai ting 10
3. 3
- -- Fi1e Systen Mailing 10
2. 9
- -- FH1 Mai ting 18
2. 9
- -- FH0 Haiting 8
8. 8
- -- RAH Maiting 1
2. 5 8 Workbench Hai ting 5
22. 8 CON Haiting 20
0. 8 2 New CLI Hai ting 5
0. 8Z
- -- CON Haiting 8
0. 0
- -- StealMen Maiting Mai ting 8 5
8. 0
8. 8 3 An i gaShe11 NEHCON Whether you want to see which tasks
are running, send signals to a task, or even kill a task,
Xoper has something for you.
MSIBIIIIIIt SHE EBBS iiBiiiiimiir rn lie ncrc- lllllllllllll'- CC IHBRBEIIOSB iiBiiimiiii : beg; : aoscse c lElllllllllll FEE BEEBE* ED u iiiiiiiiiiiii 65 BEECEacrr r.nmm- I ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ BB ¦ EBB ESBrrBIBflniBB RiBiilililliBBBirBERB isarr6 8 b r rBE iiiiiiimilliin .C'Rn B1 m I IKIIIIIIIIII IB IIIIII9ISII' rIS IB ¦a¦•¦!¦¦¦¦IESBBB E Inun and their open count, version, revision and devicename; upper and lower bounds of memory; flags, signal bit and queue length of ports.
In addition to that lot you can see what interrupts, the stack and many other system items are getting up to.
But that’s only half the story.
It’s also possible to alter node priorities, break tasks, track memory allocation of tasks, display reset vectors, list memory-resident fonts and their statistics, freeze a task, signal a task and even kill a task. It’s one hell of a tool to have around.
Getting started Inside the XOPER drawer you will ULTRAPAINT PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: ULTRAPAINT, ULTRAPAINT.DOC graphics package as is by double-clicking on the program icon.
The art software will boot up in low resolution (320 by 200 pixels using five bitplanes or 32 colours).
The resolution can’t be changed once you're using UltraPaint: it must be done before you start. To specify the resolution simply highlight the ULTRAPAINT icon and select Info from the Workbench menu. In the Tool Types bar inside the information box you’ll notice several variables (h=200, w=320, d=5, p=l).
These determine UltraPaint’s screen resolution. Obviously h stands for the vertical resolution or height, w for the horizontal resolution or width, d for the number of bitplanes or depth and p - admittedly not so obvious - for a preset resolution.
The preset values and resolutions are as follows: •.I ,U-7. A © 1989 SEGA ENTERTAINMENTS LTD.
This game has been manufactured under license from Sega Enterprises Ltd.; Japan and "SPACE HARRIER II™" and "SEGA®* are trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd.
1. 3 ROMs Call for details *4 A COLD-SORE INTERNATIONAL
NIGHT AT BYTES MOTEL- Even MOTHER would like these prices A500
HALF MEG A500TWOMEG (Internal... Mini Max+) A B2000TWO MEG
(Microbotics 8 Up) A B2000 FOUR MEG (Microbotics 8 Up) A B2000
HARD CARD (Microbotics Hard Frame with 49Mb Drive 28MS) NEC
FLOPPY DRIVE (3-5" with Switch and Through Port) A590 UPGRADE
deadlines are getting sillier. Most ads.
Are out of date by the time you read them.
Access VISA
(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Send cheques
to: Dept AF Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB
the program icon XOPER.
Double-click on this icon to run the utility. Because Xoper is so comprehensive, and each command can have so many parameters attached, it is best to read the documentation file. If that seems too much like hard work, type in a question mark and press Return at the Xoper command line.
PICPUZ PROGRAM: DAVE COLCLOUGH, STOO FOTHERINGHAM FILES: PICPUZ, PICPUZ.DOC, BIGCON1, NOFASTMEM, FASTMEM- FIRST, FRAMES (drawer), GIRL.FRM, MICKEY.FRM PicPuz is a game based on the old moving tiles type of puzzle. The frame is a five by five grid, and there are various different ways to play the game. While moving tiles puzzles can be boring, Dave and Stoo’s efforts are graphically and gameplay-wise pleasing.
The game types go like this: Pair Flip - flips two adjacent tiles in either the vertical or horizontal direction. Place the cursor on one of the tiles you wish to move and hold the left mouse button down while moving in the direction you wish to flip.
Classic - one square is missing, allowing you to move the other squares and unscramble the picture.
Flummoxed by files? Dumfounded by disks? Paranoid about programs? If you’ve got a problem with the disk - and you’re sure the disk is in full working order - phone 0225 765086 with your query.
State the model of your machine and anything you’ve got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer. Don’t bother telling us the version of Workbench or Kickstart because Jason thinks it is silly and wastes valuable column inches. For problems with disks before Issue 5 phone Amiga Format on 0225 442244.
Rotate 4 - moves four tiles by 90 degrees. Click on the centre of a group of four to make them spin.
5 Slide - the movement is very similar to Rubic’s cube. Five tiles in a row or column move together.
To move a column or row, place the cursor on any tile in the row (or column) and hold the left mouse button while moving in the direction you wish to slide.
Getting started Double-click on the PICPUZ file icon, which is inside the PICPUZ drawer, to start the game. Once loaded, you will notice two icons on the left-hand side labelled Next and Play.
Pressing Next will load the next picture in the FRAMES directory (there are only two images). Clicking on Play will shuffle the tiles according to the selected game.
PANEL Psygnosis programmer extraordinaire Dave Jones reveals more of his tricks in this month's Amiga Format.. (See page 63) This month Dave explains how to create ultra-smooth parallax horizontal scrolling. All the source and data files for the first level of Menace, Dave’s first game for Psygnosis, are present inside the DAVEJONES drawer.
Source isn't much good if you haven’t got an assembler, which is why there’s a compiled version of the scrolling level so that you can marvel at Dave’s techniques.
Getting started Inside the DAVEJONES drawer you will see the file MENACE SCROLL.
Simply double-click on this file to get the first level of Menace scrolling smoothly by. Click the left mouse button to exit.
You will need to enter the CLI to use the other files, which include the Assembler source and all the graphic data for the first level of Menace. It’s there for you to examine and alter.
To compile the source you will need an assembler like HiSoft’s Devpac. ¦ |S| StarStruck MCI Workbench release. 649848 free nenory [EjjCoverSisk 88; RAH DISK PicPuz Jason's 48Mb Workbench ?Jones liBH StarStruck MorkBench H; StarStruck WORKBENCH HACKS It’s that time again when only the maddest, zaniest, most useless programs are aired.
BOUNCE BENCH PROGRAM: JEAN-PAUL COSSIGNY FILES: BOUNCEBENCH, BOUNCEBENCH.DOC It’s hold on to your hat time as you watch in disbelief while the Workbench starts its workout. Is there any way of stopping its stomping? Well, yes, if you’ve got a joystick plugged into Port 1.
STARSTRUCK PROGRAM: MARK EVERINGHAM FILES: STARSTRUCK, STARSTRUCK.DOC Put stars in you life. Double-click on the STARSTRUCK file and watch the Galaxy woosh by your Workbench. Nobody said it was any use... POST FREE COME AND SEE US DISKS LOW LOW PRICES and HIGH HIGH QUALITY 31 only 1 x2" 59p x2" DSDD EAC« DSDD Our disks are packed in boxes of 10 and come complete with labels. They are of the highest quality and come with a no quibble replacement guarantee. Order any quantity of disks you want at only 59p each post free.
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air car park in Chelmsley Circle.
Parking is free.
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PLUS The Computer Store Pack Consisting of Quality Mouse Pad, Mouse Bracket, 10 Best Quality Blank Disks, Disk Box to Hold 40 Disks.
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switch ?
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Exp. Date Name Signature Address Postcode Tel No: CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AND EXPORT HOTLINE (0202)24927 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30pm All prices and manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.
Please call before ordering ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT BACKING UP YOUR DISK For a number of reasons, it is rather important to make a backup copy of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully: USING YOUR FORMAT DISK Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible.
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear. Now,
while keeping the right mouse-button depressed (you can cheer
it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the
'Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down.
Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run.
Now just follow the on-screen prompts and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive. Further instructions can be found in the user’s guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are speEARN YOURSELF £800 Name .... Brief description Address Telephone (Daytime) (Evenings)...... My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: Zgame _ Business utility Z Music program Z Novelty ? Technical tool Z Art program Z Educational ? Other cially set up to make them as easy to use as
possible. If you can use the Amiga's Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the Disk Pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program. To run any of the programs on this month’s Coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the Disk Pages, just doubleclick on the program’s icon on the Workbench and the program will
load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the Disk Pages and also as a documentation (text) file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file's contents. Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
COPYING THE DISK Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
Checklist (please tick): Z Stamped, addressed envelope for return _ README.DOC explanation file on disk Z Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Z Name, address, machine type written on label _ Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error-free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format February Disk Discopy Labs Unit A, West March, London Road, Daventry Northants NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOC- TOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
The game cheats on this month’s Coverdisk are straightforward to use, but please read the instructions in the magazine, on the disk and on the public inconvenience walls. Just do it! If you screw up your game disks - or indeed, any other disk - because you failed to read any documentation, it’s your fault. You’re on your own. And you’re getting did- dly-squat from Amiga Format.
You’ve been warned.
WE WANT YOUR PROGRAM If you’ve got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use. 2. Create a file
called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to
use your program. 3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it
without delay to: CoverDisk Software, Amiga Format, 30
Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2AR You could win a share of £800
prize money for the best programs each month.
MPU TER CENTRE cc HOBBYTE BU si in 4mwm HI u y THE GALLERY ARNDALE CENTRE LUTON, BEDS LU1 2PG TEL (0582) 457195 411281 10 MARKET PLACE ST. ALBANS HERTS AL1 3DG TEL (0727) 56005 41396 COMPUT I NG ACCOUNTS Arena Integrated 1MB ....129.95 Desk Top Budget ...34.96 Home Accounts .....23.92 Panmead Modules 39.79 Personal Accounts Plus ...29.90 Personal Tax Planner 34.96 Small Business Xtra 1MB .89.93 Small Business Cash 1MB......54.97 BOOKS Please Call COMMUNICATIONS A Talk 3 ...64.86 BBS
PC ...88.78 K Comm 2 ......24.84 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Design 3D 1MB .....57.96 Draw 2000 ....149.96 Professional Draw 1MB ....99.82 X Cad Designer 1MB .79.81 X Cad Professional 1.5MB ....339.94 DATABASE MANAGERS Acquisition ....159.85 Data Retrieve Professional....179.86 Mailshot Plus ..37.95 Microfiche Filer Plus 117.76 Microfiche Filer ......49.91 Prodata 59.80 Race
Horse Form Master .39.79 Superbase Personal ..39.79 Superbase Professional .159.85 Superbase Personal 2 ......62.79 Who What When Where ...29.90 DESKTOP PUBLISHERS Pagesetter 2 ...74.98 Pagestream 1MB .129.95 Professional Page 1.5MB......174.80 EDITORS CygnusEd Professional ....59.80 GRAPHICS Animagic Effects 1MB ......54.97 C Light .39.79 Comic Setter 1 MB .39.79 Deluxe Paint 3 1MB ...57.96 Deluxe Video III .... 54.97 Digi
Paint 3 ......52.90 Elan Performer 44.85 Movie Setter ....51.98 Photon Paint 2 1MB ...57.96 Pixmate 38.87 Sculpt 3D XL ...99.82 Music X (UK Ver) ..179.86 Sonix ....49.91 Studio Magic ...49.91 SPREADSHEETS Advantage Query DGCalc .31.97 Superplan 1MB ......67.85 VIP
Professional .....69.92 UTILITIES AmigaDOS Toolbox 39.79 Amikit For Beginners ..29.90 Arexx Macro Interpreter ...34.96
B. A.D. Disk Optimiser 31.97 BBC
Emulator .34.96 Calligrapher Font
Designer......64.86 Disk Master Housekeeper .37.95 DOS 2
DOS File Transfer .29.90 Enhancer 1.3 S W
Upgrade.....14.72 Face 2 Disk Caching System ...23.92 Gomf 3
Guru Interceptor ...29.90 MAC 2 DOS File
Transfer .59.80 Masterpiece
Fonts 129.95 Mavis Beacon
Typing .27.83 Maxidesk Workbench
Utils 56.12 Project D Backup Editor ....31.97
Superback 2 ....39.79 Virus Infection
Protection ..34.96 WordPerfect
Library 88.09 X Copy 2
Backup Editor ....17.94 Your Family Tree
Genealogy....34.96 WORDPROCESSORS Kindwords
2 ....35.88 Outline Ideas
Processor ....29.90 PenPal
(NEW) ......109.94
Protext ...... 64.86 Scribble
(Platinum) .41.86
Transcript .32.89 Sulpt4D
Professional 1MB....329.82 Sculpt Animate 4D
Junior ..79.81 The
Director ....39.79 Turbo
Silver .....99.82 Video
Studio ....89.93 Zoetrope 1
1. 2 1.3 Kickstart Board 64.86 1MB Mini Max A500 RAM 199.87
3. 5" NEC Drive Switch Port 68.77 512K RAM with
Clock Switch...69.92 A Max Mac Emulator No ROMs 109.94 A4 Flat
Bed Scanner 459.77 A590 20MB Hard Disk Drive
A. M.A.S. Sound Sampler 77.74 Casio MT 240 MIDI Keyboard 129.95
Digi View Gold 4 ...119.83 MIDI Master
Interface .34.96 Minigen
Genlock ....99.82 512K Of CMOS RAM Chips
49.91 Vidi Amiga PAL Digitiser 99.82 PACKAGES
Appetizer ..29.90 Graphics
Starter Kit 54.97 Home Office
Kit ....109.94 Publishers
Choice ..68.77 Starter
Kit .59.80 The Works
Platinum .129.95 PROGRAMMING Devpac
2 ..42.78 Hisoft Basic
Compiler .57.96 Lattice C
5 .....169.97 Modula 2 Developers
109.94 SOUND Deluxe Music Constr. Set 52.90 Instant
Music ...22.77 Music Modules Starter
Kit 37.95 AMIGA 2000 ex vat All B2000s are full UK 1.3
versions, with 30 day replacement warranty plus 12 months
guarantee and include Mouse, Workbench. Basic, Utilities,
Manuals, Tutorial. We will price match any genuine offer.
B2QOO .£769 B2000jplus 10840 8833.monitor, inc lead £979 B2000 , 8833 1084D, 3.5" and 5.25" 1.2 Mb Drives, 20MB AutobootingHD and AT (80286) Brid e Board £1595 As above, but with 40MB Autoboot HD_£1795 Any.with Pubjishem Choice ...+£69 Accessories - phone for full List A2058 8 MB Ram Expansion, popuIated To 2 MB £449 8-UP dip 8 MBRam ExpansionL populated To 2 MB £389 A2286.ATBRipGEBOARD WITH5.25;' 1.2MB DRIVE .£559 ME VMW 48MB
DRIVE £529 A2090A 2 2.20 MB A UTOBOOT HDISC £479 A?0 WA 2094 40 MBAUTO BOOT HDISC £750 A2300 INTERNAL GENLOCK_£187 A2350 BROADCAST QUALITY GENLpC RAMEGRA £545 A2032 PAL COMPOSITE V] DEO C ARD ....£69 A2010 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE_£ia A2620 68020 CO-PROCESSOR £1045 HARD DISCS MEMORY EXPANSIO Richard Howe & Angela Hammett Applied Research Kernel Corve Farmhouse, Chale Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA, U.K. POST UK Zero. Europe £4 1 OOOgrams. World £10 1000grams.
CHEQUES London Sterling payable to A.R.K. please EXPORT & BFPO Remove U.K.-V.A.T. (=price 1.15) PHONE Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6.30pm
V. A.T. Prices include U.K. V.A.T. at 15% DESPATCH Usually within
48 hours PRICES Are subject to change A2058 8 MB Ram
Expansion, populated To 2 MB for 2000 8-UP 8MB Ram Expansion,
populated To 2 MB, for 2000 Extra chips for above, for each
2MB Commodore A501 RAM EXPANSION for A500 M501 0.5 MB RAM for
A500 M501 RAM + clock battery for A500 2MB RAM Expansion
(internal) for A500 A590 Autoboot Drive for A500 Extra 2MB RAM
for A590 30MB Amdrive A500 50MB Amdrive A500 Hardframe disc
controller with 48MB drive for A2000 £517.44 £339.95 £179.95
£108.99 £69.99 £79.99 £339.95 £359.99 £189.95 £339.00 £449.00
£549.99 I Prices inc VAT PHOTOEIEE All A500s are full UK 1.3
versions, with 30 day replacement warranty plus 12 Months
guarantee and include Mouse, workbench, Basic.
Utilities. Manuals, Tutorial and Modulator (not with monitor), 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games.
BATMAN PACK BATMAN the Movie, Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Deluxe Paint II £355 Batman upgrade - software as above, without computer £59 Also with 1084D 8833 monitor and leads £569 BATMAN PACK PLUS BATMAN the Movie, Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Deluxe Paint II, PLUS 10 Star Games, joystick, Mouse Mat, Disc Box, 10 Blank discs, Dust Cover £389 Also with 1084D 8833 monitor and leads £599 A500 "CLASS OF THE 90s" PACK Midi Interface, Dpaint II, Superbase Personal, Publishers Choice, Maxiplan 500 spreadsheet, Dr. Ts Midi Recording Studio, Amiga LOGO, BBC Emulator, 5 BBC programmes, 10 Blank
Discs, Mouse Mat, Disc Wallet £529 Class of 90s upgrade pock for A500 users £199 SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND GOVERNMENT DEPTS - BUY20 GET 1 FREE 7 DAY GUARANTEED REPAIR TURNAROUND PRODUCTS BY Kodak , ST & Amiga Digitising Service We can digitise your pictures in these formats: Amiga: HAM,’High-res, Lo-res, Halfbrite, with interlace or overscan if required.
Maximum size A4 minimum size passport photo size.
• Orders dispatched within 24 hours.
• Free slideshow utility on every disk.
PHONE FOR BEST PRICES ON AMSTRAD, OLIVETTI, Wm&m*CH3RN, STAR, ATARI, PRINTER MONITOR ACCESSORIES BARGAINS (ex VAT) 25 blank discs (with packs) £14.95 Second external drive A500 £79.00 WORKBENCH 1.3 PACK £12.99 BBC EMULATOR £34.95 A500 MODULATOR £19.95 A501 RAM EXPANSION £108.99 M501 RAM + battery backup £89.99 SB2 2MB RAM Ex for A500 £459.95 A590 Drive £359.99 30MB Amdrive £339.00 50MB Amdrive £449.00 Prices Inc. VAT Phillips CM8833 £189.00 Citizen 120D £129.95 LC10 Printer £139.00 LC10 Colour £179.00 LC24-10 £199.00 Call for others All prices correct at time of going to press, but are subject
to change without notice. E & OE We'll panda to all your digitising needs!
Colour £1.75 B&W £1.25 per picture.
(Software houses, phone for special requirements.)
Add £2.00 per disk (Kodak) and £1.00 p&p per order.
Send an SAE for our info sheet or £3.00 for our demo.
? ? 7 disk DTP Clip Art set £35.
In o o CO in cc 52 ui is Using our own custom software we have imported seven disks of mono Clip Art from DTP computers such as the MAC and the ST. This excellent quality Clip Art has never been seen on the Amiga before. Almost 2000 IFF pictures of hundreds of subjects. For use with Dpaint. Photon Paint etc. or ideal for DTP.
Fantastic value! Available exclusively from Photofile.
Please make cheques POs payable to PHOTOFILE, PO Box 49, North PDO, Nottingham, NG5 6SR Telephone (0602) 261498 We regret Photofile cannot accept responsibility for photographs or pictures lost or damaged in the post Graphics House. Styles Road. Arnold. Nottingham. NG5 6RE OUR COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER CARE We believe our customers have less problems than those who deal with some of our competitors. However if you do have any grievances, please contact Linda in our Customer Services Department who will do everything possible to help.
TEST ON REQUEST Equipment is generally reliable and all items are batch-tested before despatch. However, please state if your purchase is to be given as a present, so that we can fully test, just in case and ensure that we have no Christmas morning disappointments.
ORDERING To place your order: send cheque, postal order or offical order, plus £8 per box - (software free) for next day courier delivery and VAT to Dept Hobbyte Computers Ltd, 10 Market Place, St. Albans, Herts AL3 5DG. Or call in with a copy of this ad at our branches in St. Albans and Luton.
You may also phone your order to our sales desk on St. Albans (0727) 56005.
Access Visa and official orders from government, education, medical authorities and PLCs are accepted.
For everyone who owns an Amiga computer, Club 68000 offers Members, Software & Hardware Accessories at huge savings off Recommended Retail Prices. Your only commitment is to pay £20 for one year's membership.
You will receive 40 free games.
A500 512K Ram + Clock + on off switch £64.99 A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 512K Ram ..£129.99 A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 1 Mbyte ..£189.99 A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 1.8 Mbyte ...£299.99 A500 1000 2 Mbyte External .....£319.99 A2000 8 Mbyte card 2 Mbyte Ram ..£319.99
3. 5 A2000
Internal ....£64.99
3. 5
External .£69.99
3. 5" with Digital Track Display .£84.99
5. 25" External 40 80 Tracks ......£94.99
5. 25" with Digital Track Display ....£109.99 ?
All drives with on off switch & Through Port ?
• J Si NEW . R- ¦ ¦ a M i ?**¦*'«VERSION ir*U» l.T* 11 »¦ l 11 ¦
fa *
• Ultimate backup utility
• Copies up to 4 disks in 48 seconds
• Formats disk in 36 seconds
• Speeds up disk loading
• Qued: Superfast Text Editor
• CV Parameter: with toolkit options
• Update service RRP £39.99 Members £29.99 Hardware
only ......£19.99
only .£19.99
Upgrade 1.0 - 2.0 (send back old disk) ......£7.50 VIRUS
PROTECTOR The best on the Market NEW Checks links virus For
disks, files and disks Disk format and information NEW 2 w TOP
50 PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE Member RRP Member RRP Aegis Animagic
Animation £59.99 £79.99 K Seka Assembler £37.99 £49.99 Aegis
Modeller 3D CAD £59.99 £79.99 Kind Words II Wordprocessor
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Prog Language £199.99 £249.99 Aegis Audiomaster II Music Midi
£59.99 £79.99 Lights, Camera Action Desktop Video £52.49 £69.99
Aegis Videotitler Desktop video £82.49 £109.99 Mailshot Plus
Mailmerge £37.49 £49.99 Appetizer 8 Business programs £24.99
£39.99 Movie Setter Desktop Video £52.49
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DTP £59.99 £79.99 DOS Toolbox Utility £37.49 £49.99
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Graphics Animation £59.99 £79.99 Photon Paint 2.0
Anim Graphics £59.99 £89.99 Deluxe Music Music £52.49 £69.99
Photon Video Desktop Video £69.99 £99.99 Deluxe VideoIII 3D
Videoanimation £59.99 £79.99 Professional Draw CAD Graphics
£99.99 £139.99 Deluxe Photolab Animation-Ham £52.49 £69.99
Quarterback Hardisk Utility £44.99 £59.99 Deluxe Print II
Print Utility £37.49 £49.99 Synthia Music Midi £59.99 £79.99
Digicalc Spreadsheet £29.99 £39.99 Starter Kit Kindwords
2. 0 Paint 3 games £49.99 £69.99 DOS to DOS Utility £37.49 £49.99
Superbase Personal II Database £69.99 £99.99 Digipaint 3.0
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Wild Street . Xenon
II ..... ..£15.99
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• Easy to use
• Checks Bootsector
• Repairs Bootsector (Also commercial software)
• For Amiga 500 2000
• Includes original 1.3 Rom
• Allows you to switch between Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3
• Easy to use
• No soldering RRP £69.99 Members £49.99 Kickstart Card without
Roms ...£29.99 Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3
Rom ...£29.99
• For A500 1000 2000 Provides an easy to use natural alternative
to the mouse
- Super Light Weight
- Perfect for painting, drawing, animation etc
- Compatible with most software programs. Deluxe Paint III,
Photon Paint II, Digipaint 3 etc. RRP £69.99 Members £49.99
j§jf LIGHT PEN U A A A A A . F** Mini Gen Genlock
A500 ....£99.99 Rendale Genlock
8802 .....£189.99 Frame
Grabber £499.99 Midi
Interface A500 2000 or A1000 (including
cable software) ..£39.99 Boot Selector
Boot from External Drive ....£12.99 Amas - Midi Sound
Digitizer ...£84.99 Naksha
Mouse ..£34.99
Superpic - Real Time video digitiser, Genlock and Frame
Grabber ...£469.99 Digiview Gold Video
Digitizer 4.0 ....£109.99 Golem Professional Stereo Sound
Digitizer and Supersound
software ...£89.99 Vidi Amiga video
digitizer .£89.99 20 Mbyte. 40 msec,
Autoboot .....£369.99 30 Mbyte. 28 msec,
Autoboot .....£449.00 40 Mbyte, 24 msec,
Autoboot .....£519.99 60 Mbyte, 18 msec,
Autoboot .....£599.99 20 Mbyte, 40 msec,
Autoboot .....£349.99 30 Mbyte, 28 msec,
Autoboot .....£399.99 40 Mbyte, 24 msec,
Autoboot .....£449.99 60 Mbyte, 18 msec,
Autoboot .....£548.99 EC Ha NEC A2000 File
Cards Phone for free catalogue, more than 200 different items.
HOW TO ORDER: Bv phone: 01 977 9596 Visa Access. By Fax 01 977 5354, By post: Club 68000, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey KT1 4DP POST AND PACKAGING: Software UK + EEC £1, Non EEC £3.
HARDWARE: Courier service £6.
Prices subject to change without notice REVIEW SON Of PAGESETTER DTP Software need not be expensive, as Gold Disk demonstrated when they released the original PageSetter program. Now they’ve released a major upgrade, in the form of PageSetter 2. JASON HOLBORN checks it out.
We certainly have a great deal to thank Gold Disk for - not only have they supported the Amiga from day one, but their range of DTP software defines the standards that others must meet. Indeed, the combination of Professional Page and Professional Draw gives even Mac and PC-based DTP systems a run for their money.
Gold Disk PageSetter II g 1989 Document: Aniga Fornat Couer llL t 3 , * 1 5| 1 *1 ! 7 , 8
liiilil. j 1,1.1. lii liliiilihliliiil il i ,| The first DTP
package from Gold Disk (which, incidentally, was also
the first to be released for the Amiga) was PageSetter.
While it was adequate for very simple DTP tasks, it
really was nothing more than a stop gap until Gold Disk
eventually produced their piece de resistance,
Professional Page.
After the release of Pro Page, it seemed that Gold Disk had left the home DTP market in favour of the more profitable professional market. However, after almost four years, Gold Disk have surprised us all by releasing PageSetter version 2.
Instead of taking the easy option of just making modifications to the existing PageSetter code, Gold Disk have rewritten the system from scratch. It is obvious that much of the new code is actually borrowed from Gold Disk’s other DTP system, Pro Page.
Because of this, PageSetter 2 has a far more professional feel to it than its predecessor. Although PageSetter 2 looks and feels very similar to Pro Page in many key areas, it still manages to work as a program in its own right, rather than just a stripped down version of Pro Page (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing).
PageSetter Mechanics PageSetter 2 allows you to create single page documents in a range of sizes from A4 to B5, with the maximum page size being limited to 8.5 by 14 inches. It’s a shame that it doesn’t support multiple pages within a single document, I m t u t £ « £ £ ¦ m m £ m 4 £ 4 £ £ i£ a if which can be rather limiting if you’re intending using it to produce multi-page reports, fanzines etc. As it is, each page within your multi-page document will have to be worked on separately from the rest. This is a problem that both PageSetter 2 and Pro Page suffer from, which Gold Disk should
seriously consider correcting.
Like both its predecessor and Pro Page, PageSetter 2 uses the now familiar PageMaker style principle of ‘frames’. Once a page has been created, text and graphics are pasted down by creating frames (boxes) to contain them.
These frames can then be easily modified by clicking the mouse button while the on-screen pointer is over the required frame, therefore making the frame ‘active’. Because frames can be layered, you often have to send overlaying frames behind the required frame before it can be selected. Selected frames can be cut, copied, moved and then re-pasted down and even temporarily taken off the page and stored on the ‘Art Board’.
Frames can be linked together in chains so that text can be flowed between several frames, allowing you to create multiple columns of text. When an alteration is made to text within a chain of frames, the program will automatically re-adjust the contents of later frames within the chain.
Fonts For The Memory Unlike the previous release, text can now be typed straight onto the page - gone is the PageSetter text editor of old. This has the advantage of allowing you SSI ]
* G n E 55 % 5 % ~‘D ?
O 3 ¦ An Amiga Format cover knocked up using PageSetter II - just goes to prove that you don’t need expensive Macintosh II computers and Linotron imagesetters to produce your own magazine.
To write copy to length and see the results immediately, as they will appear on the final printed page. Just like a conventional word processor, the text editor includes full search and replace functions as well as the usual cut, paste and copy facilities.
Probably the most major addition to PageSetter 2 is the inclusion of AGFA Compugraphic fonts. Unlike the standard Amiga fonts such as those found on your Workbench disk, Compugraphic fonts are ‘constructed’ as and when they are needed for display on either the screen or dot matrix printer. Two Compugraphic fonts are included with the package and Gold Disk plan to release more separately.
11 Market Square Arcade, 6 Waingate, Sheffield 27 Baldwin
Street, 6 Mealhouse Brow, Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Manager: Tony
St Helens (Off Little Underbank), Manager: Wayne Tel: 0782 Tel:
0742 721906 Manager: Adrian Stockport. Manager: Ray 268620 Open
6 Days Open 6 days Tel: 0744 27941 Tel: 061 480 2693 Closed
Thursday Closed Thursday J Soft Sup 7 AMIGA 512K MEMORY
* Brings your Amiga up to 1 Meg in seconds.
* Enable disable switch. Now you can run ALL software.
* Easy to fit - no technical knowledge needed.
* Reliable, fast, high quality chips on a robust through plated
P.C.B. Do not confuse with cheaper, inferior products.
ONLY £69.99 MAIL ORDER:- Carriage at Cost ORDER HOTLINE (MON to FRI) (0782)202269 ADVICE HOTLINE (0782) 268620 for FAST & FRIENDLY SERVICE
R. R.P.
A500 ....£399.99
II ...49.99
R.R.P ..£784.44 LESS
24 Pin quality at a price you can afford.
8 Fonts, 3 print variations, paper parking, 170 CPS draft, 57 CPS LQ £259.99 *OR £10 MONTHLY 1 MEG AMIGA 7 AMIGA 3.5" 2nd DRIVE ONLY £79.99
CLUB 77 as above plus half meg upgrade, mouse, mat, mouse
holder, lockable disk storage case, dust cover and 10 disks OUR
ANY PRINTER STAR LC10 Colour The perfect printer for every
Colour output from all the better art packages - or just slot in a black ribbon for word processing. Cheap to run too. Very affordable STAR LC10 Acclaimed "Best Buy" budget printer.
Now massively under-priced at just £169.99 £229.99 FREE Cable with every Printer % REVIEW riLall (told Disk PageSetter II § 1989 Document: Amga Fomat logoZ 5 6 71
- 1-4- _i_!_i_i_i_1_i_ ...... ----1--L---1- -1---*-
• i ?Lil Gold Disk PageSetter II § 1989 Document: Amga Fomat
logoZ 3 ?
N i X 00
O Cd Q n i x U 00
O fcj FORMAT (333 Gold Disk PageSetter II j 1989 Docunent: 6niga Fornat logo2 . 2 3 S , 7 . I ,1, i .
,1m 1 L inlnlui , 1 1 ¦ 1 ¦ ! ¦ ¦ 1 ¦ ¦ 1 1 • . 1 ¦ i.,L„
• 1 ' j - 1 * Gold Bisk PageSetter II i 1989 Docunent: Untitled 2
3 9 s . I . ! .
61 . I . J ?
..Jm.LImI . I , LlLl.
FciiliiiuJnJ i . ! .
L 2 D* am eh ms AMIGA AMIGA X FORMAT ?
O cd ||j|i|li,,|l||||||| iu mm L l!
(Above, and top right) PageSetter ll’s impressive AGFA Compugraphic Fonts in action. Notice how they remain ‘jaggieMree even at the highest magnification (200%!).
Some of the fonts that are bundled with PageSetter 2. Only two are Compugraphic fonts, but Gold Disk plan to release more separately.
I Compugraphic fonts over standard Amiga fonts is that the resolution that they are printed at is limited only by the maximum resolution of your printer. The result is that the output from PageSetter 2 offers the kind of quality equalled only by a PostScript laserprinter.
Although PageSetter 2 will also allow you to use standard Amiga fonts, although they will not be printed at anywhere near the resolution of.Compugraphic fonts.
The text control facilities are a little sparse. Although the standard point size, style and font type can be controlled, it would have been nice to have been able to change both the ‘tracking’ (amount of space between the start of each consecutive character) and ‘horizontal scale’ (horizontal width of characters) of any text on the page. You often find yourself having to re-jig your layouts to work around these short-comings. By the very nature of Compugraphic fonts, it shouldn’t have been too hard to implement either of these facilities. However, you do have control over the leading
(prononounced as for the metal), which is the space between lines of text, and the fill pattern (which is a unique feature).
Picture This Presenting your intended audience with pages filled with nothing but continuous text is a sure way to bore them to tears, so you'll no doubt want to include some form of illustrations within your documents.
PageSetter 2 allows you to load any standard IFF picture file into a frame, regardless of resolution, number of colours etc. However, the program lacks any form of colour support (you can forget colour separation etc!), therefore any illustrations you do import will only be printed and displayed in grey scales (using dithering techniques). Surprisingly, even HAM pictures can be loaded in and used (although they will obviously suffer from being knocked down from 4096 colours to 16!).
The program itself includes a number of structured drawing tools that allow jaggie-free objects to be created and manipulated within your page. Like the Compugraphic fonts, these structured objects will be printed at the maximum resolution of your printer. If you lack the kind of creative talent needed to construct good looking structured art, any clip-art files produced using Gold Disk’s Professional Draw can be loaded and used.
Users of the original PageSetter may remember the old graphics editor. The bad news is that this has been removed, which is a shame as it was useful for touching up imported IFF pictures.
However, if you’ve got enough memory, you can still run Deluxe Paint in the background.
Putting It On Paper Documents can be printed directly to any preference-supported printer. Due to the inclusion of structured drawing tools and the Compugraphic fonts, the quality of the output is astounding - easily the best dot matrix output I've seen from an Amiga DTP package.
Just like the original program, version 2 lacks PostScript compatibility, which is hardly surprising considering the market that the product is aimed at (with PostScript laser printers costing around £5000, how many home users can afford to own one?)
Gold Disk could rectify this by upgrading their LaserScript program to work with PageSetter 2 - at least this would give users the option of using Postscript compatible printers.
Conclusion Although Gold Disk recommend at least a megabyte to even start using PageSetter 2, more memory is really needed to comfortably use the program (2 Megabytes would be best). Both bitmapped graphics and the AGFA Compugraphic fonts do use up of RAM, therefore the extra memory is a necessity if you’re hoping to produce complex layouts. Surprisingly, you can actually produce more complex layouts.
As it is, 1 Meg users really are restricted to only simple layouts.
When memory does start to get tight, the program has a rather disturbing habit of falling over and losing all your work, which can be a barrel of laughs when you’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on a particularly complex page.
Apart from the obvious omissions and bugs discussed earlier, I was impressed by the power of PageSetter 2. If you need to produce professional quality page layouts, then you’re probably still better off saving up a few extra coppers and going for Pro Page.
Otherwise, PageSetter 2 currently represents the best buy for home users. Highly recommended! ¦ PageSetter 2 £99.95 ¦ All 1 Mb Amigas ¦ HB Marketing 0895 444433 PUBLIC DOMAIN AND SHAREWARE SOFTWARE FAUG 42 - DBW Render a very good Ray Tracing utility.
• SOFT 123 - Amiga MCAD VI.2.2 excellent Computer Aided Design
• SOFT 022 - Disk Full of graphic utilities: Clip It! Clip any
part of the screen and save to disk. Filter Pics manipulate
pictures with enhancers, edge definition, colour and size
shifters, plus loads of excellent packages I SOFT 013 -
Mandelbrot Explorer. Excellent full features mandelbrot
I APDC 13 - Vdraw VI.19 brilliant painting program. Ray Tracer Generator, MCAD VI.2 an object-orientated drawing package. IFF to pieces jigsaw program. ROT 3D drawing program.
• AMP 3: Graphics Pack: 3 disks SOF123, SOF22 and APDC13. A 3
disk pack for only £7.50!
• PDOM 62 - The Public Dominator Anti Virus Disk: Virus X V4.0.
Vcheck VI.2 (for memory). Vcheck VI.9 (for disk drives). Zero
Virus VI.3 the fully integrated virus detector and killer. Also
Boot Block Champion the utility.
• PDOM 59 - Ameteur Radio Disk: StarTerm V3.0. P81 and P1027 2
packet terminal programs. TA Term V5.0. a HAM Database for
the Amiga Amateur Radio Group. Morse Code.
Satellite Tracking and loads of HAM utilities. A real must for the serious HAM user.
• FFISH 243 - Fraglt V2.0 is a dynamic memory thrasher! ImageLab
V2.2 is an IFF pictures manipulator. LPE V1.0 is Latex Picture
Editor for the LATEX system. NoClick V3.5 stops the disk drive
clicking if there is no disk in the drive. Password V1.21p you
specify the password for your system security. Pcopy V2.0 the
excellent disk copier. SimGen adds a 2 or 4 colour picture to
your WB screen. Warp VI. 11. UNWarpVl.O and WarpSplit Vl.l -
WARP reads raw filesystems and archives them into a normal
• FFISH 213 - Bitplanes the 8 colour icon user and 300 8 colour
program icons!
• FFISH 188 - Boot Intro VI.0 displays a scrolling and a still
message of your choice at boot up. DiffDir V1.0 compares 2
directories. FracGen
VI. 23 fractal generator a real fully featured fractal program.
• FFISH 168 and FFISH 169 - The Matt Dillion disk special
includes loads of utilities and source: Config V1.0. Clock
VI.0. DME VI.31, Dmouse Vl.l. Backup V2.01. SUPLIB. LIBREF.
DRES V1.0. DASM V2.ll . FILES V1.2. SHELL V2.1. FINDIT V1.0.
LIBS V1.0. SCAT V1.0. ADDCR V1.0. REMCR V1.0 and CMP V1.0. You
will need both disks @ £3.00 each.
• FAUG 41 - Rain Bench. Amiga Arc V0.2 compatible with ARC V5.0.
• AMICUS 22 - Printer Driver Generator V2.3. Show Print n.3 IFF
scree dump.
• FFISH 158 - DiskX is a sector based disk editor, MemBoardTest
V2.4. MSDOS V0.1 lists files written in standard MSDOS or ST
format, then copies them to RAM then rewrites to disk in Amiga
DOS format, PCBTool V2.6 is an early version of PC Board lay
out program that does not support printers, ScreenX is a small
clock memory counter, TaskX V2.0 is a 'realtime' task editor,.
• FFISH 157 - Xlcon V2.01 allows you to call up scripts con
taining CLI commands from an icon. 60 o r80 toggles 60 80
column text. BootBack is a disk boot block save rewrite and
copy program. ECPM is a CP M emulator.
• FFISH 145 - Dmouse VI.06 is a versatile program that includes
screen mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse accelerator,
popcli, pop window to front, push to back etc.
• FFISH 131 - DFC is a disk copier that multi-tasks.
Hyperbase VI.6 is a database system. Mackie is a PopCLI replacement. Micro Emacs Vmglb the text editor.
• FFISH 130 - DirMaster Vl.l is a disk cataloguer. Hp VI.0 a nice
RPN calculator which supports calculations with binary,
decimal, hex float & complex numbers. Mach VI.6a the mouse
• FFISH 129 - DosKwik a pair of progs which allow you to save
files or groups of files to one or more disks for quick
loading, MRBackup V2.0 and V2.1 a hard disk back up utility.
• FFISH 69 - Spool VI.2 : a queue manage, printer driver and
SPOOL requester and Wc a file word counter.
Asm68K VI.0.3 fully featured macro Assembler. Blitlab a blitter exploring program in C Conman V0.9 a sort of CLI shell. Dk decays the screen bit by bit. Frags displays memory fragmentation by listing the size of free memory blocks. Icontype changes the icon type. MonProc monitors processes for packet activity, MouseClock turns mouse pointer into a digital clock. Spew generates News of The World type headlines. Sb a sytem browser.
• FFISH 65 - Sunmouse V1.0 automatically clicks in windows when
the mouse is moved over them. RunBack starts programs from CLI
allowing CLI window to close.
• FFISH 55 - ASDG-rrd a RAM disk that survives reset. BigView
displays any size IFF picture. Egraph creates graphs from X.Y
pair text files.
Hyperbase VI.5 a neat database management system, MemClear Zero fills free memory, NewZap V3.0 disk sector editor. Rainbow makes Workbench background a rainbow. 2 Smusplayers to play SMUS IFF music files. View a tiny IFF picture viewer, WB to JX-80 screen dump.
• FFISH 244 - BBChampion V3.1 the Boot Block Champion load, save
and analyze boot blocks. Bootlntro VI.2 you specify The
headline text of upto 44 characters and the scrolling text of
upto 300. FMC VI.2 is a no fast memory program. SizeChecker
V1.0 uses a list of file sizes to check unexpected file
changes.TextDisplay VI.52 the great text display that handles
all screen formats. Xcolour VI.2 the screen colour setter.
• FAUG 67 - Disk X V2.0 the sector editor. Hand Shake VI.06b a
VT100 terminal emulator. Pack It a whole disk compressor.
• FAUG 62 - Access! V2.6 very powerful telecommunications
Hide II allows you to turn off and on your RAM expansion. Cron - runs a table of background tasks. Add Icon V1.0 adds icons to files without
• FFISH 189 - Uedit V2.4g the excellent word processor.
• FFISH 176 - AnalytlCalc V23.2a of the large and powerful
Requires 1Mb RAM and 2 drives.
• FFISH 143 - RIM V5.0 is a Relational Information Manager, a
fully relational DBMS that is suitable for very large
databases using B-Tree data storage. Versions of RIM run on a
variety of micro systems both small and large, and produce
compatible databases. Includes a built in HELP database and a
programming language.
• AMP 1: Home Business Pack 1. RIM the relational database. Uedit
the brilliant word processor, spell checkers. VisiCalc and VC
A 3 disk pack for only £7.50!
APPLICATION DISKS UTILITY DISKS mation and incredible sampled sounds!
• PDOM 65 - Red Sector Mega Demo. THE best demo on the Amiga! A
mega good demo that requires disk PDOM 66. But you only need 1
drive. Amazing graphics, fabulous sounds, astounding vector
• PDOM 66 - See PDOM 65 for details.
• PDOM 84 - R.A.F. - Royal Amiga Force Mega Demo, astounding! 2
disks but you only need 1 drive. Requires PDOM85.
• PDOM 85 - See PDOM 84 for details.
• FFISH 196 - Stunning digitised HAM pictures. Excellent! The
quality is astounding.
• PDOM 01 - The Walker Demo I is a mega animation demo that
requires 1Mb RAM.
• PDOM 02 - The Walker Demo n the mega mega animation demo that
requires 1Mb RAM.
• PDOM 06 - The Mahoney and Haktus sounds of the knome music disk
n. great graphics and mega sounds. With a bouncy mouse pointer
and things flying evrywhere. A really good demo with loads
going on.
• PDOM 40 - Northstar Fair Light mega demo HI a 2 disk set of
incredible demos! Needs PDOM40 and PDOM41. Including Mahoney
and Kaktus with Blue.
• PDOM 41 - See PDOM 40 for details.
• PDOM 42 - DeathStar Blasting n - Enlightment demo a 2 disk set
of mega mega good demos. Needs disk PDOM 43.
• PDOM 43 - See PDOM 42 for details.
• PDOM 44 - The Walker demo. This is the original 2Mb RAM, 2 Disk
version. It is absolutely stunning! The 1Mb RAM version is on
Also needs PDOM 45.
• PDOM 45 - See PDOM 44 for details.
• PDOM 67 - IPEC UK demo Disk 10 includes: Nice Scroller.
178 Bobluni and others.
• PDOM 68 - Rebels Mega Competition demo includes: Pirazy. Nabob.
Subway, Smiley. Aloha and Sin o'Delic.
• PDOM 69 - HighClass UK compilation: Triangle. New BS1, Zoom
First, icons. IFF Mirrors is an ILBM slide show with X and Y
Fformat VI.a fast formattor.
• FAUG 50 - Dir Util V VI the disk manager. Roll Back V1.0 rolls
back text that has rolled off the top of the screen. Short Cut
allows you to define text to a single key stroke, thus CLI
commands are simplar to type.
• FAUG 47 - FunKey assign any text string to a function key.
• PAN 25A - Disk Wipe very quick disk contents wiper. SELECT
allows you to select in your Startup-Sequence from a number of
scripts, Virus Check Vl.l.
• PAN 19D - ZOO VI.42a a very good file compressor. Con Man
V0.99b provides line editing and command line histories,
Distinguish type of files with File Type. Pipe Handler. Pop CLI
• PAN 17B - AmiGazer 1573 stars to view any time, date or
lattitude CLI only. Date Book the diary, bind any text string
to a function key. Use CLI from a menu, a disk cataloguer
Lightning Logger VI.2.
• APDC 18 - Floppy Disk Utils: Quick Copy VI.0. Disk Mapper. Disk
Salvage. Virus check. System Utils: Blitz VI.0 text editor.
TimeSet. Acalc calculator Amiga Monitor Vl.l, MeM Grab fast
memory grabber.
DirectoryMaster Vl.l
• APDC 15 - Icon utilities: full of icon files and creators. Some
Brilliant disk for icon manipulation.
• AMICUS 24 - Sectorama - disk sector utility. Iconize V1.0
reduce a full screen pic to an icon. Bmon system browser. Virus
Check v2.21 checks disk & memory, Boing Machine.
• PDOM 86 - The Memory Expansions Systems demo Nol. Excellent
graphics! Requires 1MB RAM.
• PDOM 87 - The Memory Expansions Systems demo No2. Amazing
graphics! Requires 1MB RAM.
• PDOM 88 - The Ghostbusters demo. Requires 1MB RAM.
• PDOM 89 - AMOS demo. Product demo from Mandarin of their games
creator package for the Amiga.
• PDOM 82 - Batman Remix demo. SamDled sounds of Prince’s BAT
• PDOM 83 - Space ACE Demo an excellent demo of the game with
fabulous DEMO DISKS
• PDOM79,1 PDOM80 and 1 PDOM81 the StarTrek game! An amazing 3
disk fully working amazing graphics game!
• FFISH 194 - Moria V3.0 the single player dungeon simulation
adventure game. Requires 1Mb RAM.
• FFISH 205 - Bally the arcade game. Battle Force V3.01 simulated
battle between 2 robots. Chess V2.0.
• SOFT 042 - Chinese Checkers excellent version.
• SOFT 068 - Clue as in Cluedo. Othello. Klondike. Canfield and
• SOFT 069 - Backgammon. Yahzee, Tvision. Missle Command, Cosmo 2
and 3D Breakout.
• SOFT 117 - Empire. Gravity Wars. Hanoi. Hockey. Bikoff.
Jackland, Othello Master. Pacman. All brilliant PD games.
• SD 21 - Monopoly.
• SOFT 078 - Pac Man. Great implementation of the classic game.
• SOFT 118 - Amoeba Attack, Lander. Gravity Attack, World text
adventure and Bullrun a battle simulation.
• PAN 29B - Amoeba space invaders, CosmoRoids, Stone Age a
Boulder Dash type, BackGammon. Chain Reaction. Master Mind.
Reversi. Black Jack. Crazy Eights. Klondike. Jig Saw. Keno,
YachtC. Daleks and Ratmaze.
• SOFT 042 - Chinese Checkers excellent version.
• SOFT 117 - Empire. Gravity Wars. Hanoi. Hockey. Bikoff,
Othello Master. Pacman, all brilliant PD games.
• FFISH 259 - Escape From Jovi a fast action mega graphics games
with stereo sound, hi res scrolling etc.
• AMP 8: Game Pack: 3 disks SOF68, SOF69 and SOF117. A 3 disk
pack for only £7.50!
• FFISH 171 - Sobozon C a port of the Atari ST version of this
full K&R C compiler, assembler and linker. If has been tested
on an A2000 and appears to work well. Not for the beginner due
to lack of disk info, ft FFISH 193 - Zc VI.01 modified version
of the Sobozon c compiler from disk Ffish 171. It now generates
code compatible with A68k assembler and has a front end to
allow easier useage.
» FFISH 140 - Stoney Brook PROLOG v2.3.2. This disk contains the executables 8c libraries. In addition to providing a compiler SB-Prolog also offers advanced features such as dynamic loading, mixing of compiled and interpreted code, macros, extension tables 8c a debugging facility. The Source for SB Prolog is contained on FFISH 140, but this is not needed to operate FFISH 140. SB PROLOG requires 1Mb of RAM.
• FFISH 91 - The Adventure Definition Language (ADL).
• FFISH 201 and Ffish 77 - Draco VI.2 is a compiled - structured
language reminiscent of both C 8c Pascal. A full interface to
AmigaDOS 8c Intuition is supplied. Be sure to get both Ffish
201 AND Ffish 77 @ £3.00.
• APDC 25 - Logo, Xlisp, Modular 2. MVP Forth.
• PDOM 60 - Modula II compiler. Apparently fully working,
complete and ready to use version with on disk documentation
and examples.
DiskX Release 2.8 - By Steve libbett laial 188: 39 34 2D 26 IB 8B FD E0 BD B2 Cl E0 FF 8C 19 2D 94-S ....- 118: 32 25 1C 19 16 8C 81 F6 El CD CB D1 DA ED 8B 2E
27. 128: 43 44 35 23 8F FF F4 E7 D7 D1 CC CE E9 88
16 25 CDS .... 138: 36 3E 36 23 86 EE E2 DD D8 D3 D2
E5 F4 FE 1C 35 6 68 ....5 148: 35 28 21 23 19 88 F8 EC
7F DA C4 C3 D1 E5 FF 2B 5(! ....g......?
158: 48 48 22 86 82 13 IF 8C E7 C3 B9 C4 DC EF 84 11 ht ...... 168: 16 IF IF 26 2F 35 2C 13 FA DE Cl B5 BB D8 E7 01 ...S 5 ... 178: 16 IF 2E 38 3C 3D 35 IE FB E4 DB D5 C9 BF BE CC ...8 :§ .. 188: £5 05 2B 4E 52 4C 3C 23 87 FC F4 D9 C2 B4 B6 C5 ..?NRL « . 198: D4 E7 87 2B 48 55 53 47 33 IF 0A E6 B5 A1 AA C2 ...?HUSG3 1A8: DB F6 28 3C 48 48 33 2E 28 10 FA D8 B6 AT B7 BF .. HP3 . 1B8: CF E5 82 2A 4A 56 4B 3C 30 IF e4 DC C8 B5 B2 BD ...1JVK 0 1C8: D2 E6 88 1A 34 58 56 48 3B 7F 2A 14 F3 C6 A9 A9 ....4PVH;|»..... 1D8: B7 CD E2 FD ID 39 4A 51 4A £1 1C 82
DA B5 A9 B3 .....9J0JR...... 1E8: C3 D8 EF 8B 28 3D 49 4E 45 2F 1A FB D7 Cl B1 AC ____ zIKe7...... 1F8: BE D7 ED 12 3B 4A 40 2B 23 27 IE 89 FI CC A5 A5 ....;JP*r......
W. O.W., RAF First. Spreadpoint, Subway TNTand others.
• PDOM 70 - Rebels demo: Nabob, Clones Demtro, Sunriders,
Bloodsuckers. Flash and Vision Factory.
• PDOM 73 - AGAtron Special disk 10: Star Trek Dry Dock Demo.
Excellent! Mega! Brilliant! Prefers 1Mb RAM, but you will get part of the demo on a l 2Mb RAM.
• PDOM 74 - Star Trek the Starship Enterprise flying around in a
• PDOM 76 - Agatron Animation 14: Star Trek Shuttle landing on
the SS Enterprise.Prefers 1Mb RAM, but you'll get part of it on
l 2Mb RAM.
• AMP 11: Sonix Music Pack. Includes the PD player for Aegis
Sonix music program and 4 disks full of music scores. A 5 disk
pack for only £12.50!
LANGUAGE DISKS GRAPHICS DISKS MUSIC DISKS GAME DISKS Most of the disks in this advert actually contain more files than are listed. The ad also only shows a small portion of our catalogue, we have in stock TBAG, AMUSE.APDC, FAUG. Panorama. Amicus. Slipped Disk.
The latest Fred Fish and our own PDOM collection. So for details of the service and a free copy of the 48-page bumper catalogue send a Stamped S.A.E. (If you are ordering you will get the latest catalogue).
Disk Prices: 1 to 5 disks are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 disks are £2.75 each and 11 or more disks are only £2.50 each!
All prices are fully inclusive. To order please send a cheque, postal order payable to Pdom PD or credit card details to: Pdom PD Amiga 1 BARTHOLOMEW ROAD, BISHOP’S STORTFORD, HERTFORDSHIRE, CM23 3TP. R TELEPHONE 0279 757692.
JTS P.D. Send a large S.A.E. or a blank disk for our free catalogue £1.75 per disl Here are just a few of our disks from our wide rang JTS Introduction disk: games, music, utilities, animations.
JTS Ultils Disk 1: Cruncher, virus killer. File editor. NIB cc Puggs in Space Demo: brilliant demo as featured in Januai Titan Trax 1: Brilliant House music with loads of digitisec Batdance Remix: An excellent remix of Batdance by Beatm Magnetic Beats: Again by the Beatmaster. Brilliant’music - Space Ace demo: Incredible Animation and digitised sound Showering Girls demo: Brilliant digitised animation (requir Red Sector MegaDemo: 2 disks full of brilliant demos, all a Walker Demos 1 & 2: These are the classic 1 Meg Animatio Star Trek: Needs 1 Meg & 2 drives. Comes on 3 disks! Coo OR! Buy 10
disks for £12.50! OR! Buy 10 blank 3.5" D: d ;e of P.D. software demos, virus killer ....£1.25 jpier (parameters) £1.75 rv issue, very cute!......£1.75 1 samples ..£1.75 aster, fabulous! ...£1.75 loads of samples .£1.75 track verv good ....£1.75 es 1 MEG'of RAM) £1.75 re stunning ..£3.50 ns on the Amiga ..£3.50 1 sound and GFX.only £4.50 S DD disks for only £7.00!
To order: please make cheques or postal orders payable to JTS P.D. and then send your order to: 2, ASHFIELD, WETHERBY, LS22 4TF.
Foreign orders please add 10% for the extra postage.
Enquiries: Tel. 0937-63834 (outside office hours!
HIGH QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS £2.00 LESS* Two Disk Catalogue £2.00 We'll get any PD disk for you - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE NO EXTRA FEES - Write for overseas postage ALL Disks TRUE BRANDED SONY ALL Libraries available (Fish, TBAG, AGATron etc.) Latest demos, animations etc. * Discount Hardware Software Disks etc. Prices Start at £ 0000
i. e. PHOTON PAINT 2 £49.99 SONIX £39.99 cheque, PO, p abie to
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Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5SY EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT
AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE LIBRARY Are you paying too much for public domain software on your Amiga?
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Write now for details.
WCA Business Systems 295 Peniel Green Road, Llansamlet, Swansea. SA7 9BJ.
Tel: (0792) 772745.
We offer a comprehensive digitising service for the AMIGA.
WE will supply the disc. Just send your picture photo etc., to us and we will digitise it in HAM and also in an enhanced 16 grey-scale MONOCHROME both in standard IFF format.
If desired we can also produce 32 colour, 16 colour, or interlace frames, please specify.
1 colour & 1 mono frame ..£8.00 Each extra frame ...colour ..£1.50 mono: ..£1.00 All prices include VAT., disc and return postage.
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
TENNIS For little more than the price of a disk, you could fill your software collection with some of the finest utilities and demos from the Public Domain. RICHARD MONTEIRO gets his hands on the latest additions and tests them out.
UEDIT Fish Disk 254 Do yourself a favour, stop using Ed. The file editor included in the C directory on your Workbench disk is unbelievably unfriendly, so just give it a rest. Not only is it tedious to use, but someone forgot to add instructions on how to use it when the Amiga user manual was compiled. Ho hum.
Your Aniga or lose text files folks, Jee Getting Started, below, for iwediate instructions.)
Lit is an editor for technical users. It has Hany wordprocessing features.
I developing Mid enhancing Uedit, the ai«s have been for the user to:
o Be able to work without bumping into Units of power and
o Be able to autonate repetitive work, elininate tediun, save
o Be rid of the irritation of wasted keystrokes and stodgy
o Be able to custonize the environnent fully;
o Be able to create, on the spot, new capabilities that are
Dit is Shareware. You can get a copy fron a friend or off a conputer ;twork and try it out, in order to decide whether to purchase the real thing There are numerous text editors in the public domain, and one of the best in our opinion, that has recently been given an overhaul, is Rick Stiles’ Uedit.
In its latest incarnation, Uedit lets you edit up to 100 or more files simultaneously (memory permitting); reformat paragraphs; edit while up to 12 documents or regions are printing; undo; search and replace; cut, copy and paste regular, inverted or highlighted text; create new commands.
Features include online help, teach mode, split windows, interlace and overscan display, mouse scrolling and mouse cursor-place- ment, page-making commands, multi-column text displays, and much more.
Uedit: an excellent alternative to the Ed text editor... and one that’s not going to cost you a fortune.
Perhaps the most important feature in Uedit is its ability to learn new commands. New commands are typed into a buffer and compiled (learned) virtually instantly. The possibilities are endless. You can teach Uedit to search for all double space characters and replace them with a single space, justify the document, place your address at the top of the document, add your name at the end of the document and save the results. The whole operation can be tagged to one key.
Uedit is fully configurable. For a fee, ready-made WordStar, Scribble, VH (Unix editor) and Gold Key (DEC editor) configuration files can be obtained. These will turn Uedit into the text processor you feel most confident using. Of course, you could do the configuration yourself - it’s easy enough.
FISH 251 GEORGE THOMSON SERVICES While it's true most of Fred Fish’s disks have one or two utilities or demos that will appeal to most, very few come crammed with items that will appeal to everyone.
Disk 251 is one of those rare breeds; a real stonker.
On the disk you will find: DEBUG Jim Thibodeau and Larry LaPlume’s symbolic debugger features, unsurprisingly, symbolic disassembly, simple expression parsing, multiple breakpoints, memory fill, memory dump, single-step trace mode, skip-over-subroutines options plus much more.
DISKSALV A disk recovery program for all Amiga file system devices that use either the Amiga Standard File System or Amiga Fast File System.
DiskSalv creates a new file system on another device and uses as much salvaged data from the original device as possible. This is version 1.42, an update to the version released on Fish disk 212.
LINSTROM’S MALARKEY Also on Fish disk 251 you'll find a selection of programs written or adapted for the Amiga by Lloyd Linstrom and family. Included in this section are three Amiga I TV GRAPHICS 1 & 2 GEORGE THOMSON SERVICES The TV Graphics disks contain clip art especially created for use as overlays on TV images. Of course, you don’t have to use the graphics for that purpose, but designer George Bailey has spent ages ensuring that the images don’t look garish or clash with a variety of TV pictures.
TV graphics disk 1 comes with three types of graphic images: complete screens, frames and parts (or brushes). Screens are full graphic images ready for instant use. Frames are small borders that enable you to overdub any video or graphic elements inside them. Parts are small pieces of computer art that can be defined as a brush and pasted on your own screens.
Several demo screens have been made up out of all three graphic elements; all you need do is direct the live action into the windows provided.
Disk 2 comes packed with Amiga-compatible fonts for use by most graphic, animation and presentation software. There are a selection of large, small, unusual and video fonts - something for just about all your DTV requirements.
A sample selection of the images and fonts available in the TV Graphics disks.
I BASIC games [Spots, TOE and Worms) and three programs [Demon, Turmites, Mountain) based on algorithms taken from the Computer Recreations column in the magazine Scientific American.
DISKSPEED You can test your disk drive’s speed and performance with this handy utility. The program will automatically create and update an ASCII database of results of all the tested disks.
FISH TANK SIMULATOR Now I've seen it all! A program that turns your Amiga into a very expensive fish tank.
MONOPOLY Ed Musgrove's program is a computer version of the Parker Brothers’ classic board game of the same name. Ed had intended to look for a software company to publish the game, but Leisure Genius released a version before Ed had a chance of touting his wares. Story over.
ROADROUTE This is a journey planner - in the same vein as AutoRoute - which takes a list of cities and known routes between the cities, and generates the distance and time it will take you to reach the desired destination. Only problem is, the cities are all in North America... SHOWDISK Fish Disk 269 With ShowDisk you get a graphical representation of the layout of sectors from files stored on a disk.
The mapping is colour coded so that you can identify which sectors are used by the various files and directories present on the disk.
As many directories and filenames will appear in a window to the left of the screen; the list can be scrolled forwards or backwards to reveal further entries. Selecting a directory will open it and reveal any files contained inside. Selecting a file causes certain areas of the A full version of the Monopoly board game to play on your Amiga thanks to Ed Musgrove.
Disk map to become highlighted.
Different parts of the file will show in different colours. For instance, directory blocks, file header blocks, file list blocks and file data blocks are all differentiated between.
A very user friendly utility which will help you understand how data is stored on disk.
- Continne - Cwtim - Conti awe Color of iisfr-Inrectory-BlocV Color of Filo-Heorlfr xr-d Fjlo-Lssr- Coior of *11 Eat*-Eiocfcs
- Bitna? Without Boct-BiocVs -
- Oioosins an dir,the JT-ogj-ati then continue by PARENT
- continue now by close-goose? - s?:fit's:Ctrl- din Checkout
graphically the location of files and folders on your disks
with ShowDisk.
TBAG DISK OF THE MONTH 24 GEORGE THOMSON SERVICES Here’s another disk from the Tampa Bay Amiga Group’s vast selection. This one is crammed with 14 hot programs. Because of space constraints only a few of the best or most unusual items on the disk are mentioned.
CLICKDOS - Yet another disk management utility program, but this one’s excellent and only takes up 32k of memory. ClickDOS uses a single window, which can be iconi- fied, on the Workbench screen and consequently doesn’t gobble chip memory. Functions like Type and Show are built in; you can junk your C directory.
The sort of things you can do include renaming, moving, erasing and copying files and directories; creating directories; display IFF picture files and ASCII text files.
QVIEW - Another file viewer! As if the likes of More, Less and so on weren't enough Lyman Epp had to write another. Lyman's Qview is special because, in comparison, it is far smaller than other file viewers. Qview takes up a mere 3K.
The reason being that it is written in Assembler; most other file viewers are written in C. Qview features fast screen updates, keyboard control of all options, search and replace, and all the usual character and page scrolling facilities offered by similar utilities.
FILTPIC - This is an image processing system designed specifically to be used with digitised Digi- View low-resolution black-and-white IFF picture files.
When Digi-View stores a low- resolution black-and-white picture, it stores the image in 32-colour IFF format. Since the Amiga is capable of displaying 16 shades of grey, the Digi-View image only uses colours 16 to 31 from the possible palette range of 32. Flit- Pic assumes any IFF files it manipulates to be in this format. Images not of this format will give unpredictable, although occasionally interesting, results.
Once an image is in memory all manner of filtering operations can be performed. ‘Averaging’ produces an image based on the average pixel intensities using a three by three matrix. ‘Binary’ results in a high contrast black and white image based on a supplied threshold. ‘Cross’ will produce a new image using an edge detection algorithm; ‘Sober and ‘Roberts’ are two other edge detection filters available.
Other filter functions include Pixelize, Sharpen and UserMatrix.
The UserMatrix is the most interesting as it allows you to specify a three by three kernel which can be applied to an image.
SPITE & MALICE - Cards anyone?
Spite and Malice is a game which involves both luck and strategy.
The object of the game is to play all of the 25 cards in your pile.
These cards must be played to the centre of four stacks in numerical!
6 Dorney Place Bradwell Common Milton Keynes Bucks MK13 8EL
Our extensive range now includes over 400 quality disks. Always in stock are all disks in the famous Fred Fish range, and exclusively the full TAIFUN auto-boot range.
Our own ever popular BLITDISKS continue to expand each month.
These self-booting subject orientated disks include many topics; Graphics, Sonix, Art, Games, Utility and Demos etc. and are often crunched by us to fit as much as possible on. No more buying 5 disks for 5 programs scattered around. Now YOU can choose a disk on your required subject and if we have yet to make one the chances are we can compile a disk for YOU!! We also exclusively distribute the disk magazine 'Computer Lynx'. Only £1.00 per issue to members.
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SOFTWARE SERVICE We are now able to offer AMIGA commercial software, both entertainment and serious, at extremely competitive prices.
Our pricing is as follows:
R. R.P. £19-95 £24 - 95 £29 - 95 £34 - 95 OUR PRICE £15-00 £18-50
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we can offer MAJOR discounts.
Method of ordering
1) From the advertised R.R.P. find our price.
2) Send a GUARANTEED cheque and state if you are prepared to wait
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3) We will despatch all titles in stock within 24 hours of
receipt of your order.
4) If your order has not yet been released or is out of stock we
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we'll send a
P. D. disk of your choice.
HARDWARE MEDIA We can also supply your other computer needs at rock bottom prices: Contact us for ANY requirement.
EXAMPLES 1 2 Meg upgrade ...£68 - 00 10 DS DD unbranded certified 3.5 disks ......£7 - 00 1 2 Meg upgrade + clock ..£75 - 00 A500 Batpack .....£365 - 00 1Mb 31 2 slimline single disk drive ..£80 - 00 A590 20Mb Hard disk drive £360 - 00 MSIlNiyHOfl] DUZ 1 I9S S1H3H MUHQUH 311111 N33U9 ONUllSim NmoaiiauuH 3UUmiJ0S N0H3Q I18lld MHUINO 3H1 3TS ra paas isi b puB diqsiaquioui jo j
• op 3M JI Sf 'ISI JO S31SIP Ajddns lioA ji qoB3 dgz. 3** soaiaa
si Onraovd aNV aovxsod 33Hi SI dIHSX39OT3OT |90ire}srx9 ui
AjBjqq OUI3P Bjhmv isddBdqo aqx auumuos Nowaa VSIA (u:i0)
sauoqdoiex H»8 89H eajqs?|aea -Suipi:,»5| ‘saiueqx uo a,»|.iu(|
itiKilSm.Uiiitt £9 lad 3N3GU3AIU io| Pue *IS!P e pues no uoqu
(efhuiv jo XS osee|d) Hsia mo mooxvxvx ad 00'0b3 ....
PB01 |0||BJBd ..... pB0“| |BU0S peei id VOS "9AUQ-a
0L0LV '••601AJ ZH L09V jojeinpo 039V 008L3’ 00'8L3’ 00'9L3'
S3IUOSS3QOV ¦ IbnUBlAJ 0OIAJ0S 00'1.33 .
00383 .. 00’6L3 ..
00833 . 3’LA IAJOH snu6viBd LZ88 9SjU0a £9£8 AdlAJ
00089 00'83‘ 000L3’ 00633’ 00’3L3’ uid6 - UJB6 sAbq i uado
AjBjqn uibuioq onqnd B6iiuv :S3UVdS sduosseooB }o eSuey A muoui
peiepdn pendo BiBO sosip 00Z OS'33 A|uo dii]SJ0qiu0w eimisjn
sn|d ‘osjp ‘0n6o|E}EO uojjipg }S0}Eq IZ.00C9 3090 3TZ. SION
‘SXXON ‘'TC3N5I OfLH ‘OVOH TTVNXVM *S TfffWU :oi d qeAed s; Qd
5? Sdnbaqj 38303 (COSO) S MN3 € lid IfBMUJOO ‘eooi ()uA|9d
‘uuBj sAeMjno ‘SJiedeu 3QV
- p0JIBd0J OS|B pBJISLUV $ J!BPU!S 'XlUBJJBM Sl|}UOlU £ jied0j
0OUd p9Xjd 009V 00017 U 3 ..... 00'0hl3 .....
00933 00333 .. 100|0 3t739lAJSlAJ
.0398 B|ned 988 AJB0 6LZ9 S3UVdS 9 SdlVd3U
00S VDIWV Duelling, Electric Dream, Wonderful + Human Powei;
Mindbreakei; Robocop + Slideshows with background music
’Heroes’ tune +16 hi-res pictures Fantasy pictures by The Dark
o • o ',i i * These are brief descriptions, disks may contain
much more Somx Songs, with player graphic screen - »»»»»» FuU
of utilities you can’t get elsewhere »»»»» USON1 USONIO »»»»»
USLED1 USLID4 »»»»»» Music at it’s best, with graphix UMUS1 Ten
original tunes, brilliant!
UMUS13 Metromania, Sahara, Lonely 4- 3 others »»»»»» Intro’s and Demo’s, some of the best UINT1 O.GD, PARTY!, EUROPE + 7 others UINT4 TEARDROPS, MAGIC FIELD + 5 others UINT14 COMBINATION, SUBWAY, WEAPON + 4 »»»»»» Great GAMES for you to play at home!
UGAM1 COSMOROIDS, ROLLERBALL, LADYB UGAM2 FLASCHIBER - The game, brilliant UGAM3 LINGO, BALLY, NIGHTWORKS &. YOUPI »»»»»» Some of the best ANIMATIONS around UANIM1 SPACE animation - needs lmeg RAM UANIM2 UGA and STAMP animations, good!
UANIM3 RUNNING MAN, TURNING MAN, UGA UANIM5 HAPPY GUY, WINDOW, F15 MIRROR »»»»»» SPECIAL disks in a special collection USPEC1 ZOUNDMONITOR, like ST but better USPEC4 GHOSTWRITER, make your own screens USPEC11 GAME MUSIC CREATOR, brilliant!
USPEC13 QL EMULATOR, just what it says!
Phis 2 support disks available UGA public domain disks Over 1000 disks FULL of great programs.
1-5 disks - £3 each 6-9 disks - £2:75 each 10 and over - £2:50 each Buy 10 - get another FREE all prices inc. of Disk, Post &. Packing & VAT UUT1L1 SinusCreatoi; Bootcontrol, CLIWizard, Iconlab, CRLoad, Mandlevroom, Bootune UUT1L3 Tetrapack, Showfont, Boothack, Disksalv, TrackerX, Iconizei; SceneryMaker etc. etc. UUTIL9 KickS avei; Terrainsculpt, StarEditoi; Bootext, Sonixpeek, Flowrippei; Linkiller etc. etc. »»»»»» We stock over 50 of these fabulous UGA disks, all easy to use, menu driven and exclusive to us!
PLUS we have the complete FRED FISH collection, Currently over 290 disks, with more added monthly PLUS the A.P.D.C collection PLUS the PANORAMA collection PLUS the AMICUS collection PLUS the SUPPED DISK collection PLUS the T.BAG collection And of course our own ’SOF’ collection of Utilities and the very BEST demo disks, now numbering well over 450 in all!
STARTER PACK Choose any 5 disks, get 5 blank disks + labels &. A Library case for only £18:50 VIRUS KILLER DISK loads of killers inc. VIRUSX v4.0 ONLY £1:50 each (state Amiga) Oilers Access VISA Send an A5 size envelope (28p stamp) for a FREE copy of our 80 page catalogue. State CLEARLY the make of your computer Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Ave, Waterlooville, Hants P07 7XN.
Ring for advice or to order on 0705 266509 Fax 0705 251884 SOFTViLLE UGA A new wave of computer Entertainment!
- Exclusive Public Domain Series with the latest PD, exclusive
material made by UGA artists and material sent in for
competitions. The Series covers Utilities, Screenshots, Demo’s,
Intro’s, Animations, Art and more!
- NEWSFLASH, the first European disk magazine which contains the
latest news, reviews, tricks, music, art, programming lessons
and much more!
- A new low budget software label. MUSICAL ENLIGHTENMENT is the
first release and gives you full control when creating your own
soundtracks, effects and sample editing. A Dutch masterpiece
for a C64 price! Slider will be the second release in March
offering you a lot of puzzle fun, great graphics and music too!
- You have to see our disks, you will be amazed by the user
friendly approach and the quality of material, we release many
firsts - like the Sinclair QL Emulator!!
All these available from: UK: SOFTViLLE, Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville, Hants. P07 7XN. Tel: 0705 266509 Holland: Tofware, Postbus 245,4530 AE Terneuzen. Tel: 01150-95898 Other countries: UGA, Pobox 881,3700 AW Zeist, Holland. Tel: 3404-52987 Check out our software, and our prices - Prepare to be amazed Parent Directory Scroll Gadget Message Bar- Free Menory Indicator I order from ace to queen. Both the king and joker are wild, and may be placed on top of any other card. Your hand consists of five cards which may be played to the centre or to one of the discard piles.
Discarded cards can be played to the centre, but cannot be moved from one discard pile to another. Your turn ends when you place one of your cards into a discard pile.
EGYPT RUN - It seems the pyramids have come alive and are out to take over the World. You are the World’s only hope. It’s your job to steer a buggy through the pyramid onslaught and destroy the master pyramid with your missile. Wacky!
CLICKDOS - is completely self contained - it doesn't require the use of any other programs, although it will communicate with Spool if present in the C drawer, and will even detach itself when called from a CLI.
TOING - Wonderful! You can have between one and 50 balls bouncing in random directions. Totally pointless, but thoroughly absorbing to watch. ¦ Close Gadget Select all Gadget Icon ify Gadget Front Back % Gadgets- =33[il Vo Iune Gadget s Left directory Right Directory Area Area 1 1 Current Directory Display CliiA =56S Vl.fil! * fty fesifhYjiip*: Tool Gadgets .Child 'Gadget Gadget Here’s where to find out just how powerful your Amiga really Is.
INTROS DISK 23 70 frames of animation which were rendered over a period of three and a half weeks. This is Bradley Schenck’s entry to the 1989 BADGE Killer Demo Contest.
17Bit Disk 550 Six superb mini demos from the likes of D-Mob, Level 4, Red and Black, Powerlords, Jester Bros and Unique. Just when you thought you were safe from any further Batman hype, the Jester Brothers spring on you the remix of the Bat- dance Remix. Meaner, moodier and more manic than before. You’ll love it to bits.
SHOWBIZ Fish Disk 261 A fun animation containing mice, a dancing alligator, a sheep on a trampoline and various other performing animals. The source file, in Director format, is supplied.
SENTINEL Fish Disks 263 264 Here’s an absolutely mammoth animation which requires at least 3Mbytes, and preferably
3. 5Mbytes, of memory to run. It’s huge, but also very slick.
The Sentinel is a large ray traced animation created with Turbo Silver SV, Deluxe Photolab, Deluxe Paint II and The Director. It consists of approximately 60 to It won first place.
Because of the size of the animation, it has been split across two disks. Two drives and lots of memory are recommended.
JUKE BOX Listen to the latest sounds to come from your Amiga.
D-MOB DEXION MUSIC DISK 17Bit Disk 547 Another 10 tracks for your listening pleasure. A fancy scroller gives you something to watch while your ears twitch to the beat.
MUSIC DISK 3 17Bit Disk 546 A curvy lady in a tight bikini poses with a machine gun on the outskirts of a dense jungle; her voluptuous, ample body silhouetted against the full mooh... Okay, so it sounds corny - but you’ve got to see the picture. Women in skimpy outfits is not what the demo is all about. Honest. It’s simply the title screen to D-Mob’s third music disk.
There’s only the one music track, but it's expertly mixed and lasts around seven minutes. The digitised data loads continuously from disk as it’s needed. It’s excellent.
D-MOB MUSIC DISK 2 17Bit Disk 554 You'll find 10 of the best sampled music tracks on this disk, including Bigbeat, Chord Chill, X-Tacy, Flying, Running Away, Jack to the House- beat, Automatic Beat, Cozmo, the Edge and Techno. There’s little else to say apart from pump up the jam.
INTROS DISK 25 17Bit Disk 553 Yet more demos for you to drool over. Guaranteed that after you’ve seen this disk you won’t want to see any more BOB (blitter object) demos. There’s something of an unofficial competition at present to see who can animate the most BOBs in real time. It’s all a load of balls but we love it.
AGATRON ANIMATION DISKS 17Bit Disks 541 542 543 Each disk contains different animations; it’s not necessary to have all three disks to view the animations.
The reason for clumping the three disks together is that the Agatron collection is put together by Tobias Richter of West Germany.
The presentation and operation of all the disks in the series is identical, so it’s pointless wasting column inches on repetitive text.
Star Trek fans will go ape for some of the animations on these disks; there are some beautiful detailed shots of the Enterprise and various other ships. Well worth a watch. ¦ SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the distribution of Amiga Public Domain software in this country. For their full address check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
George Thomson: 0770 82234, 17 Bit Software: 0924 366982, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Amiga PD Library: 0742 588429, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Ray Burt Frost: 0703 785680, Blitsoft PD: no phone number, Seniac PD: 0424 753070: Deeper Domain 01 204 3954, Crazy Joe’s: 0709 829286, WCA PD: 0792 772745.
01-803 0893 Computers THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES LTD Amiga A500 + Batpack £369.00 Amiga A500 + Batman Pack + Tenstar Option ...£386.00 Amiga A2000 full UK spec machine ...... Call for details Mail Orders to:- Amiga Dept, 55 Harrow Drive, London N9 9EQ A500 HARD DRIVES AMIGA AMIGA Batman Pack Software Expansion Music A500 + free Pack Pack Pack modulator + As Batman Pack As Batman Pack As Batman Pack Batman + £100 + £230
software +1 2 Meg RAM + Music X worth of software + Photon Paint + Dragons Lair + Midi Interface £Best Price £Best Price £479.99 £534.99 P&P, Mouse, power supply, Workbench 1.3. Competition Pro 5000 Extra ......£12.99 Competition Pro 5000 .£10.99 Konix Speedking (Auto) £8.99 Konix Navigator £10.50 1 2 Meg Ram (with clock) + Free A-drum £89.99 Panasonic 1081 .£149.99 Monitors, Printers etc ...£phone External 3.5"
drive ...£74.99 ALL OUR AMIGAS INCLUDE: A2000 HARD DRIVES Medusa Computer Pack:- £17.99 10 DS DD disks, storage box, Disk drive cleaner, mouse mat. Mouse holder Keef The Thief 16.79 Kick Off ..12.79 Last Ninja 2 16.79 Leisure Suit Larry 2 .16.79 Licence to Kill 12.79 Life and Death 18.99 Light Force .15.79 Lords of Rising Sun .18.90 Microprose Soccer...15.79 Millenium 2.2 ....16.79 Mr Heli ...15.79 Moonwalker ......16.79 New Zealand Story ..15.79 Nevermind .12.99 Operation
Thunderbolt ..15.99 Operation Wolf 15.79 Outrun ......7.99 Passing Shot 15.79 Paul Gascoigne Soccerl5.79 Populus ......16.79 Populus: Promise Land .7.99 Powerdrome 16.79 Powerdrift ..16.79 Precious Metal 15.79 Rainbow Warrior 15.79 Red Heat ...15.79 Red Lightning 20.50 Rick Dangerous 15.79 Robocop 15.79 Running Man ....15.79
R. V.F ......15.79 Run the Gauntlet.....15.79
Shadow of the Beast21.99 Shinobi ...12.79
Shoot 'em up Kit......18.99 Silkworm 12.79
Sim City .19.99 Space Ace .29.99
Soccer ...15.79 Star Wars Trilogy.....15.79
Strider ....16.79
STRYX ...12.79 Stunt Car ..15.79
Super Quintet ...15.79 Super Wonder Boy ..16.79 Sword of
Sodan 16.79 Swords of Twilight....16.79 Test Drive
il 16.79 The Lost Patrol .15.79 Triad
II ....15.79 The Untouchables 15.99
Toobin ....12.99 Turbo Outrun ....16.79
Vigilante .10.99 War In Mid
Earth ...15.79 World Class Leaderboard..7.99 Xenon
II .15.79 Xybots ....12.79
FLOPPY DRIVES FOR THE AMIGA A500 + All prices are for mail
order and are subject to change without notice E&OE. Not all
software titles released at time of going to press - new
products sent when released. Hardware available at above
prices, software at 25% off RRP on production of advert at
shop. NB - we add 50p surcharge per game for orders placed by
Panasonic kx-piosi
* 9 Pin Dot Matrix Printer
* Parallel Centronics Interface
* 120 characters per second draft
* 24 characters per second NLQ
* Epson IBM compatible
* Tractor feed
* Single Sheet feed
* Includes cable
* 1 Year On Site Warranty £159.93 inc vat * daSvary inc eat *
daSvary MUSIC X A 250 track, multi tasking, midi workstation.
The Professional Music Sequencing Program for the A500 for only
TEN STAB PACK Amegat, Art of Chess, Barbarian, Buggy Boy, Ikari
Warriors, Insanity Fight, Mercenary Compendium, Terrorpods,
Thundercats, Wizball Al this for only £29.99 inolusivo £16.99
£16.99 £12.99 £16.99 £19.99 £16.99 £20.99 £172.95 U1C LEADS
Pair of 2* metre coiled Mfcfr loads £6.95 Parallel Cable for SX
Amiga or PC £3.99 £229.93 inc vat BEST PRICES (Dept AFI, Unit
A, Grafton Place, Worthing, West Sussex. BN111QX Tel: 0903)
700714 24 hour answering MEM AO prices include VAT A delivery
Goods utually despatched lame day ¦¦¦¦ Prices are subject to
change without notice and goods are subject to availability
Mail order only - no callers please Quantity x 10 Quantity x 20
Quantity x 30 Quantity x 50 Quantity x 100 Quantity x 200
Quantity x 500 Quantity x 1000 100% Quality 3 1 2" DS DD
10. ......£7.95 50 ..£32.99 100 £59.99. NB All disks
are boxed in 10's (not bulk packed) 3-D
Pool .15.79
Denaris ...13.79 Adidas Golden Shoe 15.79
A. P.B 12.79 Double Dragon II 15.99 Dr
Plummet 12.79 Altered Beast 16 79 Dragon's Lair
29 99 Barbarian II .15.79 Dragon
Ninja .....15.79 Batman (The Movie).15.79 Battlehawks
1942 16.79 Beach Volley .....15.79 Dragon
Spirit .....12.79 Dungeon Master 15.79 Dynamite
Dux ..16.79 Blade Warrior ....15.99
Elite .15.79 Blood
Money .....15.79 Bloodwych ..15.79 F16
Combat Pilot.....15.79 Falcon ....18.90
Bomber ...20.49 Falcon-Misson ..12.79
Cabal ......15.99 Fire
Brigade ......19.99 Carrier Command 15.79 Chicago
90 .12.79 Forgotten Worlds 13.79 Future
Wars .15.99 Chase HQ ..15.99 F29
Retaliator .....15.99 Conflict Europe ..15.79
Continental Circus....12.99 Damocles ...19.99 Day
Of the Viper 16.79 Demons Tomb ...12.79 Gemini
Wings ...12.79 Ghostbusters II .16.79 Ghosts &
Ghouls.....16.79 Grand Prix Circuit ....16.79
Gunship .15.79 Harri Hrix in' 19 QQ
Miscellaneous i ia u i_ iiviii Highway
Patrol .15.79 Iron Tracker .....12 79 Deluxe Paint III
£62.99 Music X £169.99 Indiana
Jones ...13.79 Infestation ..15.99 Photon
Paint II £44.99 Publishers Choice....£69.99 Devoac Version 2
"42 99 Interceptor .16.79
Interphase ..19.99
Ivanhoe ..15.79
* -» v » UuU * v 1 O1 V * 1 ..... _ C. . w BLANK DISKS Our
disks are unbranded double sided double density (1 meg} 3.5'
.disks with labds.
£6.85 £12.99 £18.99 £29.99 £56.99 £108.99 £264.99 £529.99 MT 81 PRINTER
* 9 Pm Dot Matrix
* ParaUel Centronicc Interface
* 133 cpc high cpeed printing
* 130 cpa draft printing
* 23 cpa NLQ printing
* Epson BN compatible
* Tractor Single cheat faad
* Paper Parking
* Includes cable
* 1 Year On Site Warranty ils@r LC10 MONO in chi dec printer
cable and 1 year on cite warranty FREEI £169.00 me vat
MANNESMANN TAIir Fighting Soccer Stridor Konny DalgKah Altered
Boost Damocles owor Drift Corvette £129.95 AMIGA GAMES SOFTWARE
Spaco Ac* £28.99 P 47 £19.99 CtMMHft *rs of ShaoMn £19.99 Xetec
Hard Drives are the fastest hard drives for the A500 & A2000
Commodore A590 22
Meg ..£365.00
JVS 32 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ......£499.00
Xetec 45 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ...£649.00
JVS 50 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ......£599.99
Xetec 65 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ...£699.00
Xetec 85 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ...£799.00
Xetec 109 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park .£999.00
Xetec 251 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ......£1995.00
Xetec 22 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£399.00
45 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£499.00
50 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£599.00
65 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£649.00
85 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£799.00
109 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park £949.00
251 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£1899.00
Amiga A500 1 Meg Ram Upgrade (inc Clock &
Switch) .£79.99
Amiga A500 2 Meg internal Ram Expansion
(populated) ...£339.00
Amiga A500 2 Meg internal Ram Expansion
(unpopulated) £149.00
Amiga A500 4.0 Meg internal Ram
Expansion ..£699.00
Amiga A500 8.0 Meg internal Ram
Expansion £1099.00
Amiga A500 8.0 Meg Board expands in 2, 4 and 8 increments
(takes 1x1 D RAMS,
unpopulated) £249.99
Amiga A500 2 Meg External Ram Expansion
(unpopulated) .....£149.00
Amiga A500 2 Meg External Ram Expansions
(populated) .£379.99
Golam 22 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head
Park ..£399.99
Star LC-10 Mono
Printer .....£169.99
Star LC-10 Colour
Printer ....£215.00
LC-24-10 ....£199.99
2nsi Internal 1 Meg Floppy Drive. Direct
replacement .£64.99
1 Meg External 82 Track
count ....£69.99
1 Meg External with Track
Counter ..£124.99
5. 25 with Track
Display •-......£149.99
5. 25 without Track
Display ..£129.99
Professional Monochrome Digitiser Low Medium and High
Res ...£149.99 RGB Splitter for
colour cameras allows full colour
digitising ..£99.99
Minigen Amiga A500 & A2000
Genlock .£95.99
Professional Genlock Overscan, Fader, built in RGB Splitter,
too many features to
list .£499.00
Rendale 8802
Genlock .£195.00
Microtext Teletext Adaptors built in
tuner ....£139.99
X-Specs 3D Glasses, excellent for Cad Cam Liquid Crystal
shuttering gives a whole new outlook on your
Amiga ..£149.99
Processor Accelerator 16 Mhz Accelerator will support MC68881.
Offers between 45-50% more performance whilst maintaining
complete compatability with software 8-16MHz
switch ......£149.99
Replacement Amiga Mouse A500 &
A2000 ..£24.99
A-Max Mac Emulator
Roms £249.99
Amiga A2000 8 Meg Expansion Board
(Unpopulated) .£149.99
Amiga A2000 8 Meg Expansion Populated, 2
Megs .....£349.00
Amiga A2000 8 Meg Expansion Populated 4
Megs ......£519.00
Amiga A590 Upgrade
Chips ..£11.00
D. I.Y kits to interface embedded SCSI hard drive or IBM PC ST506
drive to Amiga A500 or Amiga A2000.
Trumpcard includes power supply, enclosure, software, auto-boot roms. Will accept 3.25 inch embedded SCSI drive any capacity. Simply plugs into side of A500 can draw power from machine or external source. Up to 4 megs of desk cache or system memory can be installed.
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All prices include VAT at 15%. A full warranty is offered on all products. All prices correct at time of going to press.
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Many thought that eight bit sampling on the Amiga had been pushed as far as it could go. With devices such as Future Sound and Sound Trap (both reviewed in past issues of AF), the sound quality obtainable from the eight bit sampler has reached its peak - many say sample quality won’t improve until we see the arrival of 12 and 16 bit samplers. Could Master Sound prove them wrong?
Master Sound is a software hardware combination that will allow you to digitise bursts of sound from most sound sources, including CD players, personal stereos etc. The Master Sound sampling hardware consists of a large, cream coloured box that comfortably slots into the parallel port of your Amiga. At one end is the standard 25 pin plug for connecting the unit to the computer and at the other end, a single 3.5 mm jack socket for connecting the unit to a suitable sound source. Being a rather inquisitive chap at heart, I opened up the sampler hardware expecting to find a large chunky PCB.
Surprisingly, only about a quarter of the interior is actually occupied - the rest contains nothing more than air. Perhaps Microdeal felt that a larger case would look more impressive? (it’s not the size that counts - it’s what you do with it!).
Sound City Although Master Sound will happily work with existing software such as Aegis' AudioMaster II, Microdeal provide their own software to drive the unit. Unlike Master Sound’s main competitor, Omega Project’s Sound Trap III, the software bundled with the unit is of a very high standard indeed.
The software is split into two distinct sections - the obligatory sample grabber editor and secondly, a unique 'sample sequencer’ which can be used to produce Sound Tracker-like tunes from short samples grabbed using Master Sound as instruments.
Grabbing All You Can Once you've connected everything up, turned on your computer and loaded the software, the first thing you’ll want to do is to grab your first sample. Master Sound will digitise sounds using sampling rates varying from 3 Khz right up to an impressive 55.9 Khz (same as AudioMaster II). The first thing that will strike you about Master Sound is the sheer quality of the samples - even at the lower sampling rates, Master Sounds samples remain bright and sparkling.
In this month’s music section JON BATES takes you on a guided tour of sequencing, but we start with JASON HOLBORN JS review of Microdeal’s combined sampler and sequencer, Master Sound.
Fill* • IbWH ' V : 111 5RIJE IFF jtsss III!
IBtmnn -?
: SsssQa j Bjj| ST* . ¦ .*** wm dpil i; i j tm wmmm WMMk (ImHBI isS Editing is pretty standard stuff, with the usual cut, paste and copying of sections of sample.
However, Master Sound provides a selection of extra editing functions not usually found within a budget sampler. For starters, any sample can be overlayed (mixed) onto another sample, samples can be filtered (helps to make a sample sound less electronic or ‘tinny’), faded in, out and compressed.
Samples can be saved either in RAW or standard IFF 8SVX format. For those of you who use sampled instruments within packages such as Aegis Sonix, Deluxe Music or even Music-X, Master Sound will even generate multioctave IFF files.
Hit Factory So once you’ve grabbed loads of sound samples, what are you going to actually do with them?
Unless you’re the proud owner of one of the three packages named above, the truth of the matter is that those samples will end up being nothing more than disk fillers.
However, with Master Sound you can put your samples to work with Master Sounds own unique sample sequencer. Ok, Microdeal aren’t the first to include such a program with their sampler (Datel’s Pro Sample Studio includes a sampler ’Jammer’), but Master Sounds sequencer is miles better than anything the competition has come up with.
The program works by turning your Amiga keyboard into a music keyboard (a bit like Sonix). Up to eighteen samples (instruments) can be stored in memory and are accessed by allocating them to keys on the numeric keypad - when you press a key on the keypad, the current sample allocated to the main keyboard is changed instantly.
Master Sound treats the Amiga as a four track tape recorder with a simple, 4 note polyphonic sampling keyboard tacked on to generate the sounds.
To record onto one of the tracks, just select ‘RECORD’ and start playing - the sequencer then records your keypresses in realtime. Multiple instruments can be laid down onto a single track using overdub, although only one sound can be played simultaneously for each of the four channels.
Once you’ve mixed your potential chart hit, you can even hand it out to your friends using the sequencer player program that Microdeal so thoughtfully provide.
Sound Choice?
What more can I say? I’m impressed. The sound quality of Master Sound is astounding - sampling from a CD source, it produced some of the best quality sound samples I have ever heard from an Amiga (beating even those produced by the king of them all, Future Sound).
The combination of crystal clear sampling, a unique sequencer and an unbelievable price tag makes this the current number one choice among Amiga sound samplers - at any price. If you have ever thought of buying a sound sampler, then Master Sound is currently the best option. ¦ MASTER SOUND £39.95 ¦ All Amigas ¦ Microdeal 0726 68020 t would be fair to say that during the course of 1989, the Amiga established itself firmly on the map of serious music creating. As you are probably aware, not only can it create sounds but it can also organise them into songs, tunes, or whatever. And so it
is that we launch intrepidly into one of our occasional series of tutorials.
This month it is the subject of sequencing that comes under the special Amiga Format spotlight, with particular reference to popular sequencers such as Music X and Track 24. The notion is that the tutorial will serve not only for those of you who have the software but that it will also be a guide to those of you are considering buying sequencing software.
I EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED First Principles The principle of any sequencing software is easy: it records what you play and plays it back. Or rather it records all the data that has gone to make the performance and then replays that data, commanding the actual sound-generating device to make the sound just as you did with your fingers on the keys of a keyboard.
SEQUENCING... JON BATES leads the way in a comprehensive tutorial.
The devices that actually produce the sound can be split into two distinct camps. The one will use strictly the internal chip, the other an external instrument. If the former option is chosen then it could be that the qwerty keyboard is the simple inputting device: the Amiga is a totally self-contained sequencing musical instrument.
The more usual scenario is the latter: using a keyboard for external input of music data into the computer, then reproducing that by the sequencer playing back data to the instrument chosen. MIDI is the communication language that links instrument to computer.
Why Sequence?
Why use a MIDI sequencer when maybe a cassette recorder would do to capture your musical doo- dlings? Well, if you were only concerned with capturing acoustic instruments like pianos, saxophones or vocals you wouldn’t need one. But in order to create ‘the big sound' in your bedroom we need to turn to synthesized or sampled sound.
What is more, if you are using magnetic tape to record your efforts you will run into the problem that has been the bane of all recording engineers and producers since recorded sound was first tried out: noise. Tape has an inherent background noise that you cannot get rid of.
The noise problem becomes compounded when you try to overdub or bounce tracks together.
The copying of one track onto another slightly reduces the sharp edge of the sound: owners of double tape decks will know what this is like, as even a CD when copied from tape to tape a few times sounds very woolly and full of hiss.
A MIDI sequencer does not suffer with these problems. When you copy or merge or overdub tracks on a sequencer all you are doing is copying digital data. If this is still confusing, remember that at all times when using a sequencer to play back an instrument, that instrument is actually being played when you hear it: you are not hearing a recording of the sound. Only the data that tells the instrument how to perform is recorded in the computer’s memory.
Make Like a Tape Sequencers are quite often laid out on screen with icons and buttons that resemble the common- or-garden cassette player. Play, Record, Fast Forward and Rewind are often represented with cute little representations of the controls of the recording machine.
There will be a counter to give you the position in the track you are recording. Often these are calibrated in bars, beats and fractions of beats, but more sophisticated programs such as Music X will also count down in hours, minutes, seconds,and fractions of seconds to line up with SMPTE synchronization code, the universal time code used in the video, television and film.
The main screen should also have some sort of track layout.
Since MIDI functions on 16 channels one would think it feasible to have 16 separate instruments playing together. Correct. But with an Amiga you can have up to four channels of internal sounds as well, so more tracks are needed.
The usual case is to have either 24, 32 or 48 tracks able to be played simultaneously, apeing the configuration of multi-track machines in recording studios. As well as doubling some instruments up on the same MIDI channel it is possible to have, with some sequencers, more MIDI system loops. These are often called Export channels. So with maybe 64 channels of separately-control- lable MIDI to go at, 48 tracks might seem small beer.
Setting Up Most, if not all, sequencers come without a MIDI interface. So when you buy one, remember any Amiga MIDI interface will do since they are all compatible with MIDI software. You might like to check out Jason Holborn’s recommendations in Issue 6: there are plenty of others to choose from as well.
Having made sure that you have your MIDI connections the correct way round - that is, OUT of the instrument goes IN to the interface and OUT of the interface goes IN to the instrument - you are ready to record. Or are you? You will need to check that the MIDI I The main screens for Track 24 and Music X. Track 24 is initially the more straightforward to operate but doesn’t have the immense potential of Music X IBID!
* 45!
IIPAUSE a FLAY * Took: 0005.01 . 163 oo:oo:os.1s Seq Urn Ba*s Channels CS! Fine Sequence Nm 4USIC-X Perf; cweekend.perf CUE! CUE2 CUES C0E4 SET mmy: 17383 Events m 21 M4§ 882 883 884 885 886 98?
888 989 CORD [ j 4 ! DELETE Computer T echnology 53 Riefield Road, Learning has never been such fun!
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back the data it will have been filtered to only work on the channel that it has been told to send.
Record Assuming that all is well, hit the record button and play away.
Most, if not all, sequencers have a ‘Metronome' function that ticks away loudly to give you some semblance of a beat. You might find this off-putting at first but there should be a way of turning it on and off. Some sequencers will send this metronome out as a MIDI note so if your instrument suddenly squawks into life on one note don’t be too surprised.
There is usually provision to have a few bars of count-in before you start. When you have finished your efforts hit the stop button, rewind back to the beginning and press play. You should hear your efforts back in all their glory. Not too good? Well try again several times until you get the hang of it.
After a few tries you will probably feel the need to correct your mistakes: you might have slipped in the odd bum note or they might have been just slightly out of time.
Well you could record it at a slower speed and play it back at the normal speed as it won’t affect the pitch of the instrument. Still can’t get it right? You need to actually look at the notes and correct them.
Edit It is as well to have a clear distinction in your mind between sampling and sequencing as the Amiga sequencers and music packages often offer both under one roof. Sequencing is the reiteration of the data relating to the notes that have been played. Sampling, or the playing back of samples etc, is the recalling of the actual sound digitally preserved. It should be noted that sampling can create as much background noise, if not more in some cases, than magnetic recording. Await a tutorial on sampling in the not-too-distant future.
This is where the Amiga sequencer will score hands-down over a small dedicated sequencer because editing and track-merging on these is rather like trying to park a Cadillac in a garden shed: you can’t see what you are doing and there ain't enough room.
Sequencers can adopt three methods of displaying the notes:
1) Traditional music notation.
2) A bar graph style of display.
3) A list of numerical data arranged into a set of tables that
relate to each note.
I m a I m p J 1 ia»t ; fitch Hit Ssjf. Liit i li i an E IKMMI E KJMJI ??
Track 24 is reduced to single line traditional notation.
The merits of each can be listed as follows. The first is fine and very quick if you can read music well but hopeless if you can’t. It should also be borne in mind that traditional notation is only an approximation of the exactitude of the notes (hence all the arguments about ‘interpretation’ in Classical music), and you would still need some other form of display to show you all the non-note types of events that a sequencer can record, such as pitchbending, changing the sounds, the velocity and aftertouch applied to each note.
The second is a pretty decent compromise. You can usually drag the bars around and change the notes much more accurately.
Somewhere on the display will be a piano type of keyboard so that you can work out the pitch of the notes and spot the offending items. But it has the same disadvantages as the first in that it will miss out anything that is not a note.
The third is obviously the best for displaying all the information that was recorded and is really indispensable for any sequencer.
But if this is your only means of showing the data it could get pretty tedious running through it.
To edit anything you really need to hear it played and then pull it up at the point of error. A data stream scrolls down the screen so fast that it is usually just a blur. Picking out erroneous events can be quite time-consuming and hence frustrating.
The Compromise What we need is what diplomatic circles and foreign offices achieve throughout the world in times of stress or world tension, a compromise. A display that combines or lets you flip from one sort to the other, so you can home in on the dubious section very quickly, make a few sweeping changes and flip to the- data display for the final touches.
As well as correcting the notes and other events it should be possible to insert anything in step time or to simply change anything you like: beef up a drum beat, change a sound. MIDI will change sounds for you and in some cases alter the overall volume.
In the best of sequencers you can alter many other aspects of the sound, even if your inputting Displaying their wares: the same piece is put into both Track 24 and Music X. Music X can cope with both a graphic display and data stream of events.
Keyboard will not send those alterations itself. For example you might want sustain added to a chord or the volume to be reduced for a particular section. Nowadays it is no surprise to find that you can add vibrato, pan the sound in stereo, slide the pitch from one note to the next, detune sounds and lots of other functions depending on what the performing instrument is and how well you can read the MIDI implementation chart that came with it!
The most widely used function in the editing department is the Quantize facility. Quite simply, what this does is to put the events played through a ‘correcting’ factor.
The easiest way to demonstrate this is when it is used on the actual timing of the notes. Record 4 bars of hi-hat struck on every beat and then listen back to it.
More than likely one or more of the beats is slightly out. Since you want an exact pattern from the hi- hat on every beat you will need to select a quantization factor equivalent to a quarter note (crotchet).
By executing the function, what happens is the Amiga will compare your timing with the correct timing and shuffle up your beats to the nearest quarter note. Simple.
Well... not quite. Because although it may have moved the I SEQUENCER SEQUENCER itajD! HUSIC-X Perf: bates? .peri MUSIC-X Perf: batesy .perf Of1, i4 b*Ss 4 stabs A sntkickd A Hats for pea BEGIN END CUE1 CUE2 CUES CUE4 SET 11 PAUSE « ? PLAY ?? RECORD Dla*1* BEGIN END CUE! CUE2 CUE3 CUE4 SET :' .
, IU h3tsgiude I (PAUSE « ? PLAY »¦ RECORD bass lock; 0004 . 03. 1 56 Til SIORE oo: oo: 07. 17 e&h i fT- i i!; 41 DELETE 5:r3?-y. 18148 Events M~4 PREVIEW Clock: 0004 . 03. 1 56 $ f OO:00107.17 Henor-y: 18148 Events « » : ExI Exl Exl Ex!
Bar-s €fca«seel$ CST Tin? Haae but « » 081 1292 16 18 C Rel hatsguide Exl Off 882 1842 9 1 Rel lass Exi iikTA 803 382 9 4 Rel stabs Exl 884 742 1?
18 Rel sn+kicM Exl mm 8 3 1492
- Rel Hats for real Exl 886
- *
- -- 88?
- * 888 -
- - *
- -- O 889 -
- _ - *
- -- Finally the matching hi-hat rhythm was put in and the guide
track was muted out.
I starting time of the notes it may not have moved the ending of the notes. It could have stretched or shortened the notes to start correctly: in our hi-hat example this won't matter but for long sustained notes it could be quite drastic. OK, you need a choice of whether or not it moves the whole note with duration intact. And while we are there you might as well be offered the choice of altering just the duration of the notes, the ending of the notes and combination of these. Music X has a whole host of quantization options.
The Quantize function is probably the most overused and misused part of the whole sequencing pile of beans. It is this function that brings the often quite justified criticism that music using computers is boring. Why? Well, if overused, it lines all the notes and timings exactly so that they are incredibly monotonous. You can quantize the notes, the velocity and feel of each note all with the press of the quantize function.
To get round this, what is required is a degree of inaccuracy that can be used to vary the quantize. Programs like Music X can now even thrown in a ‘Randomize’ feature that can be called in varyClock; 0001 .01. OOO OO:OO:04.15 hsisry: 18382 Events STOFE EDIT DELETE PREVIEW S 3 Cjj. Cjmaels
• .: .. 881 1292 16 18 C Rel hafsguide 882 1842 4 1 Rel bass
883 382 9 4 Rel stabs 884 742 18 18 Rel sn+kickd * 888 -
- * 88?
- -
- * 888 - -
- * 889 - -
- X After a few stabs were laid over the snare and kick drum were
Ing strengths to add life to monotonous tracks. If applied sparingly to the velocity of notes it really adds a lifelike feel to drum beats and patterns.
Building Up A Track My favoured method of working is to start with a guide drum track, usually hi-hats in either eighth or sixteenth notes. I usually put down about four bars and quantize it quite heavily. This is then copied forward or looped to give me a bit more than I need. I nearly always work on sections of a piece and chain them together at a later date. However I can use the hi-hat guide on any section as I leave it on a separate track.
Next stage is either the main chords or bass and I always spend some time sorting out which sound I am going to use. Each sound usually makes you play in a slightly different way. If it’s the chords that go first, I slow the tempo for recording down a little and check that the notes go down together and that there are no notes hanging on too long. This affects the start of the notes and I usually apply only about 80% accuracy if the software will let me.
The bass has a similar treatbass, a punchy ment except that I may well quantize it very accurately. The basis of many tracks is the co-ordination between the bass and drums and it is as well to get them spot on.
Quite often it is a good idea to rescale the velocity for the bass as it sounds a good deal punchier with the initial attack increased. In Music X this is achieved from the velocity scaling module.
To complete the rhythm basics of this I return to the drums and build them up starting with hi-hats again if necessary. Then on the next track I record the snare and bass drum. These often need velocity scaling and I use the event editor with the data stream to fine tune any beats that sound weak. If any drum fills are required I make these up on a separate pattern and fit them in by muting the main drum sequence at the same time that the fill starts, turning it back on at the begging of the next complete bar after the fill has finished. You can put mute commands in with Music X and other
sequencers have similar configurations Check your Parts Back on the main page I then compare and contrast the individual parts, listening for parts that don’t gel and blend well. Most sequencers let you switch the individual patterns on and off. In Music X you are usually better off doing this from the top right-hand sequencer section.
If the volumes are out of sorts it’s a good idea to return to the data stream and insert a volume control at the beginning of the part.
This is achieved with a control command number 7 followed by a suitable value: a quick experiment will determine just exactly what value will sound right for that instrument.
Note that older instruments may not obey the MIDI volume control command, to be sure check the MIDI implementation chart.
It’s then a case of repeating the procedure for the other sections of the song. Quite often I will leave a separate track for the lead line as it often sounds too forced if it is played from a chained sequence: smooth notes can get abruptly chopped up as the sequencer jumps from pattern to pattern.
For the first few try-outs it is really best to try simple ideas and learn how to combat problems as you go along. You might like to experiment by putting in patch change numbers to add variety to the sounds: sounds can usually be changed without too much hassle although sometimes it can lead to notes hanging on if the sound changes while a note is still playing.
Take Your Time Like many computer programs, sequencing software is usually powerful, To get to use any of them successfully it takes time.
One is forever humbled into a feeling of inferiority when the demonstrator in the shop or at the computer fair whizzes round the screen and produces amazing results in seemingly no time at all.
You should see demonstrators and others (myself included) when faced with a brand new program, an unfamiliar layout and a different internal architecture to one you're used to. Like a word processor, once you get used to using a sequencer, you'll wonder why you bothered with tape decks or the unfriendly sequencers built into many single keyboards. Have fun!
LOADSANOISES Up until a year or two ago it seemed that it was the privilege of the rich and famous to run a MIDI sequencer to its full capacity. The reason was that for each MIDI channel you used, you needed a separate MIDI instrument, be it a drum machine, synth or tone module. However with the advent of the multi-timbral module, all this has changed.
A multi-timbral module can produce several sounds simultaneously on separate MIDI channels and therefore subject to individual control, although there may be a limit to the number of notes you can play simultaneously.
There are many such instruments now on the market from the lowly single keyboard to the ‘workstation’ concepts of Yamaha, Roland and Korg. Roland have recently launched a series of modules designed totally for use with computers like the Amiga. The flagship of their range, the CP-M 64, will produce no less than 15 instruments (including a full-ranging drum kit) simultaneously with built-in reverb effects with up to 63 notes sounding all at once. Once you start stacking a few multi timbrai devices together you soon run out of MIDI channels.
The more tracks that your sequencer can provide, the better.
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within any other industry. Even Amiga owners, who have grown use to a mass of new jargon (before you bought your Amiga, how many of you knew about such things as Direct Memory Access, Multitasking, WIMP systems, MIDI etc?), the computer industry still manages to churn out new jargon at an alarming rate.
The latest buzzword to add to the ever increasing lists of jargon is that of Hyper-Media. Hyper- Media is rapidly becoming one of the industries fastest growing areas and, as the owner of a machine that is very much at the forefront of it all, it's time to put on the old tin hat and prepare to be bombarded by a stream of new packages promising to turn your humble Amiga into the ultimate in Multi-Media computing.
Hyper-Media Explained All this talk of multi-this and hyper- that is all very nice, but isn’t it time someone actually explained what all the fuss is all about? For starters, what precisely is Multi- Media and Hyper-Media? And what is a Hyper-Text processor? Read on for the answers.
Hyper-Media and Multi-Media are very much the same thing. The theory behind a hyper-media system is that a single workstation (in this case, the Amiga) can control data in different formats - ranging from the conventional text and numeric data, to sound, graphic and video data stored on video disk, CD ROM, CD Audio and other optical media. A Hyper-Media system provides an object-orientated front end (the Workbench is an example of an object-orientated front end) that can control all the different forms of media from within a standardised user interface.
What we basically have with a Hyper-Media system is a form of programmable relational database that can handle data in any form - not just as text, like a conventional database. However, Hyper-Media is much more than this. For starters, a Hyper-Media system can be used to pull together previously incompatible programs into a functional system that can provide communication between the different elements within that system - one program can be used to indirectly control the actions of another. The aim of Hyper-Media is to provide a totally flexible environment for the creation of any
application that requires complex linking of information in any form.
Hyper-Text is one of the most powerful tools within the Hyper- Media toolkit. Basically speaking, any word, phrase or sentence within a section of text can be linked (associated) with any Data within the Hyper-Media system.
For example, you could tell HyperText to link the word ‘Education’ with any data within the system that is associated with education - a database of courses at a University for example.
Probably the most famous Hyper-Media system of them all is the HyperCard program on the Macintosh. Although this system has now been superseded by the new SuperCard, HyperCard has proved immensely popular amongst Mac users.
Intuitive Approach UltraCard, from Intuitive Technologies, is very much an adaptation of the Mac HyperCard system, enhanced for the Amiga. Intuitive Technologies describe UltraCard as a “multi-tasking hyper-media information construction set", which is an ideal description of the Hyper-Media is the latest buzz word to hit the industry with both Apple and Commodore pushing their machines as the ultimate in multi-media workstations.
JASON HOLBORN takes a look at the Amiga’s first true Hyper-Media system, UltraCcird.
Program's capabilities. Using UltraCard is so very similar to HyperCard, that anyone who has used that system will feel instantly at home with the program.
UltraCard allows you to bring together a collection of data within what it calls a ‘Stack’. A stack consists of frames (pages) of information that can be linked to other data within the system. The information within a frame may be graphic (structured and bitmapped), audio (Amiga sound samples) and textual. Textual information can be single line or multi- lil j o fpf:; m pitji t v J i - !
1 :S r
- I ; " i Li.
» Wm s Although the UltraCard manual is nothing to write home about, the inclusion of a help stack makes the learning process quicker and less painful.
Line and include Hyper-Text links.
A Typical UltraCard stack would consist of one or more frames that contain ‘buttons’ (also called ‘objects’) that are used to access the information within the system. These rectangular buttons can be placed anywhere within the frame and are controlled using a script file that is automatically associated with the object. When you first create an object, the script file contains nothing more than a blank template that must be set up to carry out particular tasks using Ultracard commands. The language used by UltraCard is called UltraTalk, and is basically a BASIC-like mini programming lan
guage that is geared towards information and resource handling.
At first glance, UltraTalk looks simple, but after a while, you’ll soon realise the potential power locked away within its commands.
UltraTalk contains loop and decision making constructs, information handling commands plus extra commands designed specifically for hyper-media applications.
External programs can be called in and run with a single command and A-Rexx commands issued.
UltraTalk even allows a stack to control, and even modify, itself!
For purely cosmetic reasons, UltraCard even includes control over how frames are displayed with the inclusion of 15 visual effects such as wipes, zooms and others.
Creating a Stack Constructing an UltraCard stack is simplicity itself, and can also be alot of fun. Even those who would have previously been bored to tears with such a task will find the process of constructing a system from UltraCard quite enjoyable as the Hyper-Media concept encourages creativity in all forms.
When you first create an UltraCard Stack, the very first frame that you create is taken as the root of the system - every time you use the system, UltraCard will automatically jump to this first frame. The first thing you will want to do is to add a backdrop to the frame, which can be any standard IFF picture file (the frames shown within these pages were created in Deluxe Paint 3). Once the backdrop has been loaded, it’s time to add one or more buttons to the frame. These buttons can either be completely transparent, filled with a graphic or contain the name of the object.
The creative scope available is certainly wide. You could, for example, use a picture of a car engine as a backdrop and then create transparent buttons over the major components. Each button could then be programmed to access additional frames containing information on the particular component.
Talkative Programs As discussed earlier, a true Multi- Media system must provide a means of driving external devices such as video disk players, CD ROMS etc. Because of Apple’s standardised control architecture, HyperCard on the Mac will directly control most external storage mediums. Although UltraCard does not directly provide the drivers necessary to use such devices (mainly due to the lack of any agreed standards), UltraCard gets around these incompatibilities by making use of the A-Rexx system.
As long as the device drivers provided by the hardware manufacturers support A-Rexx, Ultracard can take advantage of the device.
A-Rexx, for those of you who have not encountered this wondrous program, is a system for providing communication between any programs that support the A- Rexx standard. Any program that supports A-Rexx can be directly controlled from another by sending commands through an A-Rexx ‘communication port’.
Although A-Rexx was not developed by Commodore, the system has now been adopted as an Amiga industry standard, and will actually be built into the operating system with the eventual release of version 1.4 of the operating system. Already several third party software vendors have included full A-Rexx support within their products - NewTek’s Digi- Palnt 3 and the excellent Cygnus Ed are two examples. When 1.4 is eventually released, expect to see many more packages (including programs such as Deluxe Paint, Professional Page etc) modified to support the A-Rexx standard. If programs are not
modified, they will become obsolete within the Amiga market.
Applications So what kind of people are actually going to want to use UltraCard?, and what applications would most benefit from the Hyper-Media revolution?
The kind of people I can see using UltraCard professionally are those who need to produce information systems such as the point of sales information systems produced by Xebec. For example, UltraCard could be used to produce a point of information system for an art gallery. You could move through the system, viewing digitised pictures of all the pictures within the gallery, information on the artist and even listen to an interview with the artist stored on CD.
So you want to view a particular type or work? Simple, just click on the word describing the work of a particular artist within a text file and the Hyper-Text system presents you with a list of paintings of that type within the gallery. Within a well designed Hyper-Media system, you could never end up at a dead end - the system would just keep on jumping through the information available until you’ve had enough and choose to quit.
Pretty amazing stuff!
In order to allow users to create stand-alone applications, Intuitive Technologies include a sort of run time system called the UltraCard Browser. The Browser program can be freely distributed amongst third party users of your UltraCard stacks.
UltraCard can also be used to implement a system that can completely shield the user from the user interface of the computer.
Using an autoboot hard drive, an Amiga-based system comprising of several applications programs could easily be tied together without the user ever having to see or use the Workbench.
Conclusion Occasionally a product arrives on the Amiga that is so revolutionary that you just cannot afford to ignore it - Deluxe Paint, the Video Toaster and Music-X are three examples. UltraCard has the potential to become one of the most important Amiga software releases ever.
UltraCard certainly isn’t without its faults. For starters, the program is rather unstable on a machine with less than at least 1.5 Mbs. Although the program will function on a megabyte machine, don’t expect to produce anything particularly complex.
However, like most multi- media systems, the true power of the system will not be realised until people actually start using it.
The applications for such a package are endless and really are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. If you are prepared to put in the time learning the darker secrets of UltraCard, the results that you can produce are simply breath-taking. ¦ ULTRACARD 1.5 £39.95 ¦ All Amigas, 1 Mb Required ¦ HB Marketing 0895 444433 Business Computer Centre DESKTOP PUBLISHING • ANIMATION DIGITISING • DESIGN SOLUTIONS 66 Wells Street, London W1P 3RB 01 637 5666 W -R LDWI DE WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston Nottingham NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 1 Bridge Street Galashiels TD1 1SW
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Ics f Doncaster, S. Yorkshire, DN4 7EB.
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VISA 144 7 Now that the winter months are drawing to a close, you’ll be wanting to get the most out of your games before you go out to cavort in the spring sunshine. But how can you do that if you’re still stuck on Level One? Read Gamebusters for some useful tips, that’s how.
CONTINENTAL CIRCUS Got those “left on the grid while everyone else screams off into the distance” blues?
Then follow this advice for a fast grid start.
When the FIRST red light comes on push and hold the joysick forward. When the SECOND red light comes on release the joystick. As soon as the green light flashes on, push the joystick forward. The faster your reaction time, the quicker you will accelerate.
NC Hughes Reading BATTLEHAWKS 1942 STRIDER Avoid sections of the game that are proving too difficult by half with this tip.
Pause the game by pressing F9 and while the game is paused hold down the Help key, left Shift and
1. Unpause the game and you can now jump to any level by pressing
the number of the level you want (1-5). You can also jump to
various positions within the level by pressing FI to F5.
George Christodoulou Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Flight simulators aren't the easiest things to get to grips with at the best of times, never mind while hordes of enemy planes are attacking from all sides. A player’s guide is in order for such a game. Oh look! Here comes one now...
1. One useful thing to know is the promotion levels relating to
the missions. Some ranks are only given to certain
nationalities, but for the most part they’re the same for both
Japan and America. The ranks are, CADET, ENSIGN, ACTING
2. Learn the characteristics of each plane before embarking on
combat missions. While Japanese aircraft are generally more
manoeuverable than their American counterparts, they don’t
have the same sturdy level of protection. Another point to
remember is that the KATE torpedo- bomber has no
front-firing weapons, so think twice before using this plane.
3. A plane won’t necessarily burn up or disintegrate before it
crashes into the ocean.
Sometimes the pilot can be shot while still flying, so that his vessel will plunge into the Pacific with little apparent damage. Keep a look out for pilots attempting to trick the enemy by faking a crash - the sneaky devils!
4. On attack missions, it is sometimes better to devastate the
enemy C.A.P. before beginning your own attack run. Other
pilots in your squadron should meanwhile have carried out
their own bombing runs and eliminated some of the opposition.
If they have, then life should be a lot easier, since
damaged ships fire little or no flack. It is better to bomb an
undamaged vessel, even if it isn’t a carrier, because there is
a good chance that ships already on fire will sink anyway.
Also, your chances of promotion are much greater if several
enemy vessels have sunk or been set on fire.
5. Torpedo hits generally do more damage than dive-bombing,
because they hit vessels at a more vital point below the
When torpedoing a ship, try to release the missile at the last possible moment. This will cause the maximum damage and means that the ship has less chance to manoeuvre and dodge the attack.
There is a good chance that a ship will sink after just one hit using this tactic, especially if you are using the LONG LANCE type torpedo.
6. Bombers are formidable opponents, since all except the
Japanese KATE bomber are armed with front and rear guns. These
planes are vulnerable to attacks from the side, but this
tactic isn't always possible. Another way to get them is as
follows: I Can’t quite get the speed as high as you’d like to
catch those villains?
Well just press the Space Bar a few times just as you start to send your speed up to about 900 km h. If you don’t think that you get enough turbos for this extravagance, then press the Space Bar several times when the music on off screen appears to get some for free.
Chris Ross, Stockport and John Briggs, Tyne and Wear GAMEBUSTERS I Fly behind and slightly below the enemy plane, as their rear guns won’t be able to turn far enough to shoot you. Now when you get in range you should be able to pick them off with relative ease. If any planes break away from the formation to get away from your shots, then this will leave them open to a side attack.
This technique is difficult to use against torpedo-bombers, as they fly close to the surface of the ocean while attacking.
7. The more explosions occur on the decks of ships, the more
chance they stand of sinking.
Hanging around blasting the decks of ships increases the possibility of them sinking, so it’s a good idea to inflict as much damage as possible on the ships as quickly as you can, then at least one of the ships will have sunk by the end of the mission.
A CARRIER will normally sink after taking three torpedo hits. A BATTLESHIP can be sunk using a single torpedo, particularly if it is launched from close range.
8. If an enemy plane hassles you and causes problems, dive
towards the ocean and any nearby ships - even if they’re the
You'll have to dodge the flack, but so will any planes attempting to follow you. They’ll be so intent on firing at you that they won’t avoid the flack and will get it in the neck from their own side!
9. Japanese pilots occasionally attempt kamikaze attacks on
allied shipping. This is usually done for a couple of reasons
- either they’ve suffered heavy losses early in the mission or
they’ve missed with all their warheads. Occasionally, the
pilot of a badly-damaged plane will aim it at a ship and bail
out just OPERATION THUNDERBOLT Think of it - the plight of the
captured hostages just because you can’t get past the
helicopter on Level Two. Never fear! Here is a way to storm
through those Arabs without a scratch.
First get a high score and enter your name as either WIGAN NINJA or EDOM TAEHC. This will give you infinite men. If, on the other hand, you think that the game’s too easy, then enter SPECCY MODE for a much harder mission.
All you people who are having trouble getting a high score at all, never mind entering a cheat code, then enter this listing and save it.
Insert OPERATION WOLF Disk One in Drive 0 and RUN the program.
After a few seconds the screen should go black and then the game should load as normal, with the exception of infinite energy.
10 DIM CODE%(255) 20 FOR=0 TO 95 30 READ A$ :A=VAL("&H"+A$ ) 40 CODE%(N)=A 50 NEXT N 60 CHEAT=VARPTR(CODE%(0)) 70 CALL CHEAT 80 REM ENTER THIS LISTING AND SAVE FOR FUTURE USE 90 REM INSERT OPERATION THUNDERBOLT DISK AND RUN THIS PROGRAM 100 DATA 70FF,2C78,0004,4EAE,FEB6,2200,5280,6772 110 DATA 4BFA,00EE,3AFC,0400,429D,3AC1,93C9,4EAE 120 DATA FEDA,2AC0,2A8D,2B4D,0008,589D,4295,4BFA 130 DATA 0090,1ABC,0005,3B7C,0030,000A,41ED,0038 140 DATA 2B48,0006,41FA,0060,7000,7200,43FA,006A 150 DATA 4EAE,FE44,4A80,662A,700C,99CC,6126,7002 160 DATA 49F9,0007,0000,611C,397C,5340,0030,297C 170 DATA
343C,4A69,0032,297C,31C2,73BA,0054,4EEC 180 DATA 000C,4E75,43FA,0032,3340,001C,234C,0028 190 DATA 42A9,002C,237C,0000,0400,0024,337C,0030 200 DATA 0012,4EEE,FE38,7472,6163,6B64,6973,6B2E 210 DATA 6465,7669,6365,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000 Mark Lawrence Basildon, Essex before impact. A kamikaze attack causes so much damage that a ship may sink straight away.
Kamikaze tactics are tricky but the squadron leader is often well rewarded. Remember only to adopt this tactic on the 16th ATTACK mission -just before retiring.
Ting out of tricky situations. Begin your dive as normal, then switch to the rear gunner. The altimeter will now spin round much quicker than usual until you switch to front view. This also works when objects in the distance seem to take a long time to arrive.
SN Hardy Sheffield
10. Here’s a way to dive much quicker than usual - useful for
getQUESTRON II Not one of the most up-to-date games
available, but still has its fair share of followers. If you
are a fan that hasn’t a clue what to do, then follow this
The first step of the quest is to arm and protect yourself. You need money for this, which can usually be obtained be gambling at the Wizard Squares. Octapoint is about the cheapest place to buy.
Ropes and hooks are useful, since you can’t pass mountains or climb pits in the dungeons without them.
Stock up about 3000 food - this shouid last you on your quest, but you will need to restock if you are killed. It’s also a good idea to keep your money in the bank in case you are killed.
The second step is to visit the Hall of Visions in Redstone Castle.
Use the Gold Key to unlock the door and speak to Mesron.
Next go to Seacrest or Lyton and stock up on Hit Points. Visit Octapoint for Magic Missiles and Fireballs. Enter the Rivercrest Tomb and find Morle, who will then ask you to find the Orb. However, this can't be done until you’ve returned the Wand of Power to Mesron. Take Morle’s key, escape from the tomb and enter Redstone Castle. By the way, it may be a good idea to take the Amulet and the Chalice of Arvyl from the tomb at this point.
In the North Western part of the Castle is the room of maps.
Near this room there is an area which you can enter with the Brass Key, which contains several chests. Raid these for the Emerald Key, the Copper Key and the Unicorn Horn.
Go back to the Rivercrest I HARD DRIVIN 9 As mentioned in last month’s review, this race game has quite a few strange “features”. This one allows you to qualify for the head- to-head race against the Phantom Photon with ease.
At the start, turn the car around 180 degrees. The display should display the WRONG DIRECTION message. Head off under the bridge until you get to a split in the road.
Take the right hand branch and keep going until you reach a checkpoint. Go through and turn the car through 180 degrees until you’re heading the other way. Go back through the checkpoint in the right direction and you should hear a ping. Keep going to the finish and once under the bridge let the clock run down to zero. You should now get a message telling you that you’ve qualified for the race.
Another quirk is that if you select manual gear control and start the game as normal, you can get to top speed, shift into neutral
(N) and carry on around the track at full pelt. There are a few
extra details though. For one you don’t get any score, but a
bonus is that you can’t skid!
James Powell Swansea and Steven Kipping Macclesfield, Cheshire I Tomb and unlock the Emerald Door. Then find the Wand of Power, which will increase your hit points by 200 each time. However it is limited, so use it carefully.
Return to Redstone Castle to collect the Orb and then visit Mesron - BEFORE you give the Orb to Morle. He will then make you a scout, so you can use the maps in the Redstone Castle Map-room.
Stock up with the Bread of Life, then visit the Holy One in Rivercrest Cathedral (you must be carrying the Moonstone Amulet) and give him the Chalice of Arvyl.
Keep returning until you have 99 Bread of Life, which will give you 100 Hit Points each time. Stock up on everything else and then visit Morle, who will teleport you to the Realm of Sorcerers.
Find the fortress and raid it for its keys. Probe the depths of the Dungeon and make your way out, taking two keys with you.
Go to Twilight Cathedral and enter the Tomb. Visit King Kelfar in the Fortress and accept his gift.
Simon the Stooge is also in the Fortress, so visit him and allow him to use his spell on you.
Visit Mesron in the Hall of Visions, who will then tell you a town is under attack. It is too late to do anything for the town so don’t bother visiting it. Speak to Mesron again and he will tell you that Seacrest is under attack. Go to Seacrest and fire a spell at Mantor (he’s the figure in red). Visit Mesron and he will make you a Knight. Hit points can now have a maximum of 65535.
Visit the Dungeon of Dispair and use the Black Key to unlock the door. Make your way into the depths of the Dungeon to the Concave below Level Eight. Don’t attemp to rescue Morle or kill Mantor (when you find him).
Instead, get inside the circle and cast the Destruct spell from the Evil Book of Magic. And (to coin a phrase) “Thu-thu-thu-that’s all folks!” Graham Stephenson Workington, Cumbria RALLY CROSS CHALLENGE Here is a cheat for Anco’s amusing little race game. On the fifth track (Loco-Motion), drive around the track until just before the wooden level crossing. Now turn the car 90 degrees and drive along the railway tracks at full speed. When you reach the end of the tracks the race will end and the option page will appear, giving you 28 race and tune-up points as well as a variety of medals.
Howard Pull Colchester, Essex Ooops! Apology time! It seems that we didn't quite get the right solution out to you dear readers in the December issue.
If you are following the solution, says “Split up. Bergen return, then you should find that when Praxis return...” whereas Praxis Hurth is bitten by the snake, it should proceed until he falls over the tree stump. Then you should cast Tremar (not Lightning or Blaze, they should be kept for later), then it’s Dawn, back stream and so on. After examining the walls you should Proceed, Left, Left, UP and left - not just three lefts as the solution said.
After the elves part (part 3) when you open the door with "Lorem”, it’s Back twice not once. Also, killing the droids.
PRISON If you've bought this game from Krisalis and are being sent stir crazy, then follow these tips for the discerning escapee.
1. Standing next to an object to pick it up isn’t good enough -
you have to be right in front of it.
2. The red light to the right of and below pocket one will light
up when you enter a screen where there is something hidden.
3. A very important point - SAVE THE GAME REGULARLY!
4. Search packing cases AFTER
5. In the room containing the booby-trap, search the unit to the
left of the one that explodes. Here you will find a detonating
Pull the RED wire to disarm it.
6. Search the unit to the RIGHT to find the explosives.
7. Drop the explosives on the rubble blocking the door,
remembering to get out of the way!
8. Jump two mines and one hole to find the room containing the
9. Trade the Jewel found under the bed for a vending token.
After taking the Road to Ruin, it says to go “Down. Mix Reagent with fire. Use Mix on stones. Back, Courtyard. Cast flare, rain or lightning." At this point you should only cast rain, otherwise when you get to the mine you won’t have any glowpowder left. The solution then says to Proceed once, but you should Proceed three times.
After getting the axe and returning to the old geezer, he still isn’t happy and unhelpfully goes ahead and commits Hari-Kiri again, so any more help would be appreciated at this point. Does anyone know what to do next?
M Harvey Southweld, Suffolk
10. Wear a tie and go to the nightclub to find a plank.
11. Place the plank on the edge of the large hole and jump the
12. Put the token in the vending machine, choose INNER CITY as
the destination and take the ticket.
Now give the ticket to the guard.
13. Find Plug Two and take it up the first lift to open the door.
Get Plug Three to open the locked door on the first level.
14. Take an object and wonder around the park until you meet a
15. Go to the agreed place at I GAMEBUSTERS KICK OFF EXTRA TIME
Like the odd kick-about, do you? Can’t hit the broad side of
a barn though? Never mind, just play KICK OFF and practice.
Oh, and there’s no need to panic if the other team gets a
penalty. Just switch on the autofire on your joystick and the
goalie will save the ball every time. This also works for the
practice penalties.
One more thing, even if you kick the bail wide when in practice mode, you can collect the ball and kick it in the net for the goal to count.
Robert Walker Finchingfield, Essex I the correct time while carrying another object and swap it for the combination. Enter the Vault and collect the credit.
16. Go South-West from the Bank and search near the dustbin.
17. Go past the teleport to find something useful.
18. Take it to the secretary and insert it. I know it sounds
rude, but that’s what you do!
19. Go up in the lifts and search there. Use the credit to
teleport to the next section.
20. Find the Vibe-o-Mat and the Fuel. Arm it and drop it near the
row of mines. Now take the right- hand lift in the building
and search there.
21. Find the room with a grille placed in the left hand wall.
Fill the Torch with fuel. Light the Torch and burn away the
You will now be in Part Two of the game.
That's all for the moment I’m afraid. If anyone can get further let us know.
Ben Cowdell Cirencester, Gloucestershire Here’s a feature of the January demo disk even WE didn’t know about. To get into a STARGLIDER 2 “Painting with Rolf” type demo mode, start the demo and press
- ’ on the keypad. You can now use the following keypad keys to
affect the picture: . - Change colour of object 6 - Increase
shape distance 3 - Decrease shape distance 2 - Increase shape
number by 10 (hex) 1 - Decrease shape number by 10 (hex) 5 - Go
to next shape 4 - Go to last shape 7 - Gives object position 8
- Gives object structure
- - goes back to first shape The following keys also have an
effect on the picture: Z - Decrease roll X - Increase roll
Right Shift - Increase “con” (?)
Right Alt - Decrease “con” Help - pauses animation Cursor keys - Pitch and Yaw Space - toggle background colour Unfortunately, there is no way to get back to the original demo as far as we can tell, so it’s the old C-A-A.
Paul Crowder, Woking, Surrey DOGS OF WAR To become invincible in this strange COMMANDO clone, type in TIMBO while playing, then press F5. The enemies’ bullets will no longer harm you.
DEMO Ralph Headley Macclesfield, Cheshire STORMLORD To get further in this pretty arcade adventure, simply type DRAG- ONBRIDGE on the credit screen. A scrolly message should now say “You cheating swine”. Start the game and press SPACE to pause.
Now all you have to do is press L to skip a level.
Shaun Easton, Plymouth, Devon COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON rC 674626 AMIGA SPECIALISTS We have 100's of software titles; many are now discounted, books and peripherals in stock at all times.
Up to £1,000 instant credit with Lombard Tricity. Finance subject to acceptance.
Full written details upon request EASY MONEY!
Life needn’t be so tough you know, in fact it can be positively glorious at times - just ask S. N. Hardy, Graham Stephenson and Ben Cowdell, they’ve each managed to scoop themselves £50 worth of software, simply by sending in some tips.
Don’t let everyone else get the cream, send in your maps, tips and pokes to: GAMEBUSTERS, AMIGA FORMAT, 30, MONMOUTH ST, BATH BA1 2AP and you too could be walking out of your local software shop with your pockets HELTER SKELTER Not a very widely-known game this, but a very addictive one, so if you’re lucky enough to own a copy and can’t find the secret codes then here is a list of them: Level 11 - SPIN Level 21 - FLIP Level 31 - BALL Level 41 - GOAL Level 51 - LEFT Level 61 - TWIN Level 71 - PLAY Ralph Headley Macclesfield, Cheshire OFTWARE CITY CALL US ON: 0785 41899 0922 24821 0902 25304
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Ranger ..£16.99 Archon
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Bards Tale ...£6.99 Batman the
Movie ......£16.99 Battle
Chess .....£16.99 Battle
Hawks ...£16.99
Battletech £16.99 Battle of
Austerlitz .....£16.99 Beach
Volley ....£16.99 Bionic
Commando .£6.99 Black
Tiser £16.99
Bloodwych ......£16.99 Bloodwych Data
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Cabal .£16.99 California
Challenge (U.K.)...£8.50 Carrier Command £16.99
Centrefold Squares ....£13.99 Chase
H.Q £16.99 Conflicts
Europe ..£16.99 Continental
Circus ......£13.99 Crazy Cars
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of the Pharoah ...£16.99 Deluxe Strip
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Elite ...£16.99 Emperor of the
Mines £16.99 F16 Combat Pilot .£16.99 F16
Falcon ......£19.99 F-29
Retaliator .£16.99 Faery
Tale ... £13.99 Falcon Mission
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Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of Fun .£19.99
Fighting Soccer ...£16.99 Fire Brigade (1 Meg
Amiga) .£19.99 Football Director 2 .....£13.99 Football
Manager 2 + Expansion Kit ...£13.99 Forgotten
Worlds £13.99 Foundation
Waste .£6.99 Future
Wars .....£16.99 Galdregons
Domain .....£9.99 Garrison 1 or
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Drivin' .....£16.99 Heavy
Metal ....£16.99
Hillsfar ......£16.99 Hollywood Poker
Pro ...£6.99 Honda RVF 750 ...£16.99 Horse
Racing ...£16.99 Hound of the
Shadow......£16.99 Indiana Jones Last Crusade ....£13.99
Indiana Jones the Adventure.£16.99
Infestation £16.99
Interceptor .....£16.99 Iron
Lord ...f ...£16.99 Iron
Tracker .....£13.99 It Came From The Desert
(1 Meg) ....£19.99 Jack Nicklaus
Golf ......£16.99 Joan of
Arc £6.99 Keef the
Thief ..£16.99 Kennedy
Approach ....£16.99 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match .£13.99
Kick Off ....£13.99 Kick Off Extra
Time Add On ...£6.99 Knightforce .....£16.99
Lazer Squad ....£13.99 Leaderboard Collection
L. E.D. Storm ......£9.99 Lombard R.A.C.
Rally ..£16.99 Lords of the Rising Sun......£19.99
Marble Madness £6.99 Microprose
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Midwinter £16.99 Millenium
2.2 ..£16.99
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Mind .....£13.99 New Zealand
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Out £16.99
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FOUR Operation Wolf, Afterburner, Double Dragon & Batman the
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Ikari Warriors, Buggy Boy, Bombjack, Space Harrier, Live and Let Die, Thundercats, Beyond the Ice Palace and Battleships £16.99 LIGHT FORCE R-Type, I.K.+, Voyager & Batman the Caped Crusader £16.99 WINNERS Thunderblade, L.E.D. Storm, Blasteroids & Imp Mission 2 £19.99 GIANTS Gauntlet 2, Rolling Thunder, 1943 & Outrun £19.99 THE STORY SO FAR VOL 1 Ikari Warriors, Buggy Boy, Beyond the Ice Palace & Battleships £13.99 THE STORY SO FAR VOL 3 Space Harrier, Live and Let Die, Bombjack & Thundercats £13.99 PREMIERE COLLECTION Zynaps, Exolon, Nebulus & Netherworld £19.99 PRECIOUS METAL Captain Blood,
Xenon, Arkanoid 2, Crazy Cars £16.99
3. 5" DS DD .1...... ....£0.79 with
labels .10..., ....£6.99
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...£5.99 Amiga 1 2 Meg Expansion...£79.00 Amiga 1 2 Meg +
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Government and Educational .business Scanners, Summagraphics
M4 Junction?
A500, Philips 8833, extra disk, 1 meg control centre, mouse mat joystick Business systems, DTP, Music video graphics & games Books, disks etc j | J j i j yv yv |S fv |S 'T'* "Fatter" Agnus chips £49.00 Kickstart 1.3 chips £25.00 2 meg board for A500 phone.
J | j i sj js |s |s [ Large selection of Educational Software special external disk drive + £40 software for £75 512k ram £69.95 Midi hardware, Cheetah keyboards, Roland Sound modules, Music X, Dr T’s Copyist Apprentice NEW NEW NEW Dr T’s Tiger Club g| UNIT 1 DRAKE HOUSE 160 DRAKE STREET ROCHDALE, LANCS 0L16 IPX TEL: 0706 43519 FI A MB OFT AMIGA & ST SPECIALISTS o It- £9.95 £9 95 £9 95 .... .£12.95 .... .£12.95 ¦c .... .£12.95 .... .£12.95 .... .£12.95 c .... .£14.95
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.£17.95 ..... .£17.95
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* A500 BAT PACK * A500, TV Modulator, Deluxe Paint II.
Interceptor. New Zealand Story, & Batman - The Movie
* **** £3SDo©(0) ***** Class of 90 s Now in stock Only £525
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PRICE EG: STAR LC-10 MONO £4.49. A500 BAT PACK + tfJLjk This
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1: Amegas, 2: Art of Chess, 3: Barbarian, 4: Buggy Boy , 5: Ikari Warriors 6: Insanity Flight, 7: Mercenary Comp, 8: Terrorpods. 9: Thundercats, 10: Wizball.
As. B 2$ COMMODORE 1084 ggggD®® PHILIPS CM 8833 ! Dg® D®® All Monitors Include Leads!
STAR LC 10 MONO £159.00 STAR LC 10 COL. £199.00 Amiga DOS Quick Reference (Abacus) . Motorola 68000 Programmers Ref Man (Motorola) ...... 1001 Things To Do With Your Amiga (Tab) PLEASE CALL ....
o Amiga for Beginners
(Abacus) .
O Kickstart Guide to the Amiga
(Ariadne) . O Kids and
the Amiga
(Compute!) ......
«4 Elementary Amiga BASIC (Compute!)
(D) ...
o Amiga Machine Language (Abacus)
(D) Amiga
Programmers Guide
o Amiga DOS Reference Guide
(Compute!) ... c Amiga
Tricks and Tips (Abacus)
(D) ...... «4 Inside
Amiga Graphics (Compute!)
(D) ..
o Amiga C for Beginners (Abacus)
(D) .....
o Amiga Applications (Compute!)
(D)...; ...
o First Book of the Amiga (Compute!)
(D) . c Amiga DOS -
Inside & Out (Abacus)
(D) O Advanced Amiga
BASIC (Compute!) (D) ..... c
Computer Viruses - A High Tech Disease (Abacus -
NEW!) .....
o Amiga Users Guide to Graphics, Sound, Telecom
(Bantam) .... Becoming an Amiga Artist (Scott-Foresman
- NEW!) ....
o Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in BASIC (Abacus - NEW!) (D).
Amiga Machine Lang Programming Guide (Compute!) (D) CALL ..
o Using Deluxe Paint II
(Compute!) ...
o Learning C - Graphics on Amiga & Atari ST (Compute!)
(D) .... Amiga BASIC - Inside & Out (Abacus)
(D) ... c Amiga Microsoft
BASIC Programmers Guide (Scott-Foresman).....
o Inside the Amiga with C
(Sams) ...... O
Amiga DOS Manual
(Bantam) .
o Programming the 68000
(Sybex) ....
o Amiga Disk Drives - Inside & Out (Abacus)
(D) ...... Programmers Guide to the
Amiga (Sybex) .. O Amiga
Programmers Handbook
(Sybex) .....
o Amiga Programmers Handbook, Vol 2
(Sybex) ...... O Amiga ROM Kernel Ref.
Man.: Includes & Autodocs (A.W. NEW!).
Amiga C for Advanced Programmers (Abacus - NEW!) «t Amiga System Programmers Guide (Abacus) (D) CALL .. Amiga Graphics Inside & Out (Abacus - NEW) (D) . RAMSOFTS BOOK SHOP If ******** ** *** Books Marked (D) have a Disk Available, £9.95...Disk may be purchased separately.
N. E.C. 1 Meg 3.5" EXT DRIVE, Low Power, Throughport, Slimline,
0MY £79.95 Please note, all our prices include VAT & Courier
All hardware items despatched within 24 hrs, dependent on availability & cheque clearance, prices subject to change without prior notice at any time. Personal callers welcome.
We are open from 09.00-17.30 Monday to Sat., Late night closing Friday 20.00. E & OE.
NOW IN...ONLY £16.00 SOFTWARE SPECIALS Beast:- £24.99 ****
Falcon Mission Disk:- £12.99 **** Promised Lands:- £6.99 Space
Ace:- £32.00 **** Photon Paint 2:- £26.00 **** Black Magic:-
* ** Please ring for price on other titles...All Prices are
Inclusive of Postage.
Mmortality. Legend has it that the secret is hidden I in the Throne Room of the Great Castle atop Dwarf Mountain at the centre of the land of Anrea.
Breed a fighting force of dragons and conquer the villages of Anrea. Collect taxes and buy magic ingredients from passing traders to cast spells. Finally, complete the Talisman that guides you to your ultimate goal.
Dragons Breath. A Fantasy Strategy game for up to three people.
ATARI ST ? AMIGA INCLUDES FREE peUbook 16 BIT CENTRE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND COURIER SERVICE OPEN MONDAY to SATURDAY 9am-6pm CALLERS AND MAIL ORDER WELCOME PHILIPS 8833 STAR LC-10 STAR LC-10 STEREO MONITOR COLOUR PRINTER MONO PRINTER Including Lead for Amiga Including Free Printer Lead Including Free Printer Lead ONLY £229.00 ONLY £199.00 ONLY £159.00 TARGET MIDI INTERFACE In, through, 3x out LED's signal data transfer ONLY £29.00 HARDWARE COMMODORE A590, 20Mb Hard Disk, Unpopulated ......£369.00 COMMODORE A590, 20Mb Hard Disk, Populated to 2Meg ..£519.00 AMIGA B2000, ImegRam,
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Deluxe Paint II, Amegas, Art of Chess, Wizball, Terrapods, Buggy Boy, Barbarian, Ikari Warriors, Mercenary, Insanity Fight, Thundercats, Manuals, ONLY £399.00 SOFTWARE AND DISKS PRINTERS Sony DS DD Disks, Box of Ten Inc Labels ....£12.95 3M DS DD Disks, Box of Ten inc. Labels .....£12.95 MUSIC X Midi Package £169.00 SUPERBASE PERSONEL £39.00 KIND WORDS V2 .£39.00 PUBLISHERS
CHOICE £79.00 XCOPY V2, Copier + Text Editor .£19.95 F18 INTERCEPTOR ....£11.50 DELUXE PAINT H £29.00 PC TRANSFORMER IBM Emulator ...£25.00 PHOTON PAINT II ......£49.00 STAR LC-10 MONO PRINTER ....£159.00 STAR LC-10 COLOUR
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HIGH QUALITY CITIZEN MECHANISM 512K RAM EXPANSION FOR A500 WITH BATTERY BACKED CLOCK FOR A500 ONLY £69.00 (£59.00 Without Clock) OPTIONAL MEMORY SWITCH ONLY £2.00 ONLY £74.95 AMIGA Class of 90's Pack, includes professional business software .£549.00 AMIGA BATMAN PACK, Includes A500, Modulator, Mouse, Manuals, Batman, F18 Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II, New Zealand Story £365.00 AMIGA STARTER PACK Includes A500, Modulator, Mouse, Workbench, Basic, 5 Commercial Games + Joystick £369.00 AMIGA A500 10 Star Pack, Photon Paint
and Aegis Sonix £399.00 AMIGA 1 MEG PACK Includes A500, Commodore A501 Ram Expansion + Deluxe Paint III ...£499.00 1 MEG SPECIAL, Amiga A500, with Fitted 512K Target Ram ..£415.00 AMIGA B2000, PHILIPS MONITOR, PC XT BRIDGEBOARD, 20Mb HARD DRIVE, Rom 1.3, Workbench 1.3 .£1349.00 ALL AMIGA'S SUPPLIED WITH MOUSE, MODULATOR, MANUALS, LEADS, WORKBENCH, BASIC + TUTORIAL HOW TO ORDER: Either
call our number below with your credit card details, or send a cheque PO or credit card number and expiry date to our address. Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE Prices subject to change without notification.
16 BIT CENTRE Unit 17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgi 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 AMIGA PC ATARI software The Tipster £29.95 Price includes VAT & delivery THE TIPSTER is a horse racing program which will give you the information needed to pick HORSES not ZEBRAS.
THE TIPSTER stores horse and race info on a DATABASE to provide a quick and easy method of reviewing a race.
TAM Marketing (S West) 7 GD UNITS Marsh Barton Trading Estate Exeter DEVON Telephone: (0392) 215485 512K EXPANSION FOR THE AMIGA A500 The Most AUTHENTIC MULTI-MANAGER Football Game Has Finally Arrived. After 2 Years Research & Development The Ultimate Game Is Ready And Waiting To Test Your Skills. FEATURES INCLUDE:- Multi-Manager Game for 1 to 4 Players.
Full UK and European Cup itinary including FA, League, Zenith Data, Leyland Daf, European, Cup Winners and UEFA Cups. All Cup matches are played to the precise rules, eg. 2 Leg Ties, Extra Time, Away Goal Rule, Seeded Draws, Penalties, etc. Complete league line up with 201 st division teams and 24 in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
End of Season Playoffs with Expulsions.
All team surnames are the real ones for all 92 clubs (CURRENT 89 90 SEASON).
Historic Records are maintained for 6 seasons with the ability to call up all previous results against your next opponent.
A Lively Transfer Market to Buy and Sell Players with a end of season deadline.
Player Loans, Free Transfers with Approach & Offers on players or trainees.
Managers can be sacked or offered jobs at better teams.
All screens are displayed in a pleasant format, which is easy to use and comfortable to read. PRINTER facilities also exist.
Complete Instructions, for the beginner, are provided in a 16 page booklet.
...and would you believe it doesn’t stop there! We have included many other fine details which are just impossible to list in this space. They include all the regular features you would expect like loading & saving your game, player injuries plus much, much more. The most genuine implementation of a Football Managers hectic season awaits you for only £19.95. Take Your Team To The Top And Win The Double.
VISA Inclusive of VAT and p&p Only £66 with real time clock The Expansion board uses the latest 1 Mbit DRAMS to provide high reliebility and a memory disable switch is included.
COMING SOON: 2 meg board ? SAME DAY DESPATCH Send cheques to: DS & K Designs Ltd Dept.'AF, 66 Lime St, Liverpool LI 1JN.
051 709-4412 £59.00 Send £19.95, Cheque Postal Order Credit Card Details to: 32a Southchurch Road, Southend-on-sea, Essex SS1 2ND.
Orders outside the UK please add £1.00 extra.
Or Are You Good Enough To Win The Quadruple Crown. Never Yet Achieved By A League Team Manager.
Hugo Cornwall’s Extensively revised and updated by STEVE GOLD AMIGA ArgAsm 68000 fiRGONfit.
Softcuorc Lia HOTLINE 0458 74011 HOW TO ORDER... JUST MAKE A NOTE OF THE PRODUCT NAME AND ORDER NUMBER AND FILL IN THE ORDER FORM OPPOSITE OR RING OUR HOTLINE NUMBER ON 0458 74011 TO ORDER PLEASE SEE SUBSCRIPTION OFFER ON PAGE 81 PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE PACKING AND VAT NO HIDDEN EXTRAS Order No Description Price ORDER £6.50 AM106 Medium Extra Large £6.50 AM107 Description Price Order No One binder £4.95 AM108 Two binders £9.00 AM109 INVALUABLE Description Price Order No Hackers H Book £9.95 AM 143 SAVE £10 Description Price Order No BACK ISSUES Want to complete your collection of the ultimate
Amiga magazine? Complete with disks, we even pay the postage!
GFA Basic 3.0 £39.95 AM144 FREE DISK BOX & CALCULATOR Description Price Order No AMIGA FORMAT ISSUE PRICE ORDER NO ISSUE 1 SOLD OUT ISSUE 2 SOLD OUT ISSUE 3 £2.95 AMF03 ISSUE 4 £2.95 AMF04 ISSUE 5 £2.95 AMF05 ISSUE 6 £2.95 AMF06 ISSUE 7 £2.95 AMF07 £29. 5 AM145 Disk Pack SAVE £7 Description Price Order No £17.99 AM140 Batman SAVE £10 Description Price Order No OR WHY NOT BUY SOME OF THE VERY RARE ORIGINAL ST AMIGA MAGAZINES... HURRY, THERE ARE LIMITED STOCKS!
Mastersound £29.95 AM153 SAVE £15 Description Price Order No Argasm £44.95 AM146 SAVE £10 Description Price Order No £19.99 AM147 © A brilliant gripping game requiring full concentration and control. Superb graphics. 'You really will be holding your breath' Andy Smith Issue 6 Price Order No © 5 S SAVE £16 Description sA Price Order No ST AMIGA FORMAT ISSUE PRICE ORDER NO ISSUE 1-10 SOLD OUT ISSUE 11 £2.95 AM211 ISSUE 12 £2.95 AM212 ISSUE 13 £2.95 AM213 Naksha Mouse £29.99 AM149 SAVE £7 Description Fun School 2 Under 6 years SUBSCRIPTION AMIGA Price Order No £12.95 AM150 6-8 years £12.95 AM151
SEE PAGE 107 FOR FURTHER DETAILS OR CALL THE HOTLINE NUMBER ON 0458 74011 ORDER CODE AM100 Phone number 8s Credit Card No Expiry date Description Price Order No - Visa • Cheque • PO TOTAL ORDER
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Software Bumper packages of educational software for children.
Fun School consists of three different suites of eight
' Fun School 2 lives up to both parts of its title. It is fun and your child will almost certainly learn too.'
Steve Carey ©SIM CITY Infogrames Build a city from scratch, cope with the dramas of earthquakes, etc. Compulsive gameplay. "Once you're into it you can't get out of it' Andy Smith Issue 6 ©BATMAN Ocean.
Patrol Gotham City in the Batmobile. Try to capture the Joker in the Axis Chemical Factory. A brilliant game taken from the superb feature film.
©ARGASM Argonaut Software.
You can't afford to miss out on this brilliant, fast assembler from the authors of Starglider 2. See Issue 4 for full review.
The best sound sampler for your Amiga. As featured on issue 7 cover disk.Complete with cut and paste, fade, volume and other features.
A superb mouse that works on the Amiga, ST or PC. Complete with mouse house and mouse mat.
0RPS DISK PACK Buy 20 top quality 3.5 inch disks and receive a smart disk box and disk calculator FREE.
AMIGA FORMAT MAIL ORDER STUNT CAR RACER Microprose. SAVE £5 Over 8 years £12.95 AM152 Description Sim City OGFA BASIC 3.0 GFA Data Media The best interpreter for the Amiga.
Complete with 400 page manual. A superb package from the authors of the ST best-seller.
Stunt Car Racer £19.99 AM148 ©HACKERS HANDBOOK Century Hutcheson An essential reference book for every hacker or would-be hacker. Recently updated by the infamous Steve Gold.
C% Keep your issues together in this high quality binder with the Amiga Format logo printed on the front and spine.
AMIGA BINDER O BASEBALL SHIRT Designed in the USA, this black and white shirt is a must for every Amiga owner (Logo on left breast and centre back) 6502 Nibbles La Byte Town Long words Bits Tel 1632 8080 Recei TOTAL THIS SORT OF BILL IF YOU PAY FOR THEM THIS SORT OF BILL IF YOU DON’T H EUROPEAN LEISURE SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION A pirated game cc in a visit from you know who.
Any information on piracy should be passed to The Federation Against Software Theft.
Telephone 01-240 6 756 THIS CAMPAIGN IS ORGANISED BY If techno jargon is the disease, Workbench is the cure. Armed to the teeth with his hardware reference manual and a steady flow of coffee, JASON HOLBORN goes jargon bustin’ on all things from samplers to printers, Dpaint to crashes.
SAMPLE CITY I am new to the Amiga 500 and need some help with choosing the right sound sampler. Which would you recommend? Secondly, what is the largest sample possible?
Lastly, if I upgraded my Amiga to 1 Mb, could I capture larger samples? Any help would be gratefully received.
P Brown Doncaster If you need a sound sampler, you won’t go far wrong with the Master Sound sampler reviewed elsewhere within this issue. On a standard A500 with 512k, the largest samples you’ll probably be able to grab will be about 260k in size, the rest is used by the sampling software itself - obviously this is dependent on how much memory the sampling software uses up.
* *r o
- J 1 J 1 J } ? J Some older samplers will only sample into
chip RAM, so unless you’re lucky enough to have the new 1 Mb
Agnus, your samples will never be greater than about 450k
(regardless of how much expansion RAM you have). However, if
you have a sampler such as Future Sound or Master Sound, you'll
be able to sample directly into Fast RAM, therefore allowing
you to grab samples to completely fill the maximum amount of
RAM you have installed within your machine.
M MUSIC, MAESTRO PLEASE I would like to know what programs are available for the Amiga in the style of the Archimedes program Maestro. This program, if you haven't seen it, allows the user to use either the keyboard or mouse to input music onto a traditional score which is displayed onscreen.
Are there any such programs available within the PD libraries?
R Coxon Derby No PD program of that type exists, but you could treat yourself to either Electronic Art's Deluxe Music or Aegis’ Sonix package. Both will allow you to input notes onto an onscreen score. Sonix is favoured by many and is extremely easy to use, but Deluxe Music is far more powerful.
PRINTER PROBLEM- PROMPTLY POSED I have recently bought an Amiga
500. I would like to know if the printer that I already own is
compatible with my new machine. The printer in question is
an Amstrad DMP2000 with a serial interface.
What software, if any, will I need to make the printer work? I believe the printer is Epson compatible.
P Chappel Mexborough You're in luck, the Amstrad should work without problems. Just pop down to your local computer store and purchase a serial lead, plug it in and you'll be fine. The Amiga will have to be told to print to the serial interface, so use the Preferences program on your Workbench disk to change the output port from the parallel port (the default setting) to serial. Next, just install the EpsonX printer driver and you’re ready for action.
NEW DIRECTION Being blunt and straight to the point, is there anyway to ‘call up’ a directory into a wordprocessor (I’ve got Kind Words) or Ed (that funny little thing on the Workbench disk)? In the introductory manual it says you can but all I get is the error message ‘...IS A DIRECTORY AND CANNOT BE EDITED’. Are there any PD programs that will allow me to print directories? Help!
G Sayer Dagenham Your letter was a little unclear, but I think I understand what you want to do. If you need to print out a listing of the contents of a particular directory (or include it within a document that you’re working on within your wordprocessor), what you must first do is to obtain the directory listing using the CLI command ‘DIR’. Using output redirection, it is possible to send the output from DIR to a text file. If you typed DIR DF0:DIRTEXT SYS: OPT A, a textfile called ‘DIR- TEXT' would be written to the disk in the internal drive. This file will contain an ASCII listing
of the entire contents of your boot disk.
If you then type ‘COPY RAM:DIR- TEXT TO PRT:', the listing will then be printed.
KNOBY WRITES Please, please, please help. How can I change the shape of the Workbench ‘Snooze’ mouse pointer that appears every time the Amiga accesses the disk? I HATE it! How can I change it?
I am also interested in learning Assembly language. Could you advise me on a suitable assembler to start with. Also, which books would you recommend to help me learn both the Amiga hardware and instruction set?
R ‘Knoby’ Swift Godalming There is no way to redefine the snooze pointer through the Workbench. However, as we speak, a colleague of mine is working on a little utility to carry out the task.
Expect to (hopefully) see it on the coverdisk very soon!
You basically have two choices where assemblers are concerned - HiSoft’s Devpac or Argonaut’s ArgAsm. If you’re just staring out with assembly language, then Devpac 2 is a better bet because it includes a completely integrated monitor debugger, which is almost as important as the assembler itself. ArgAsm is the choice if you already know assembler language very well and you intend working on large projects. A good book to teach you assembly language is Abacus’ imaginatively named Amiga Assembly Language Programming'. To teach you about t he Amiga hardware, the one book you must have
is Addison- Wesley's Amiga Hardware Reference Manual’.
WWHVMVMWMWVUWMWVRWWWinMWVinMftWUVWWWWUWtfWUVVWUWUVMVWWW JWWwvvwwwvwwwwwwwwwvswwvwvwvvuwwwwvwvawvvvwyvwwvvwwwvvwwvvvwvwvwwwwwwwwvwvw Executable Dependant Nornal Disk Macro definition size 16384 Optinise N nth senbled onstraints Statistics Assenble Cancel ACCESSING ARGASM Oops, we made a bit of a booboo on issue six’s coverdisk. Many of you who tried to run the ArgAsm demo may have been wondering where the CLI icon popped off to - according to the documentation, it should have been in the same directory as the ArgAsm demo itself!
To access the ArgAsm demo (if you haven’t already sussed out how to get around the problem), you’ll first have to boot your machine with Workbench (not from the coverdisk). Once the Workbench screen appears, double click on the Workbench icon and then double click on the System drawer to open it.
Once the window appears, double click on the ‘CLI’ icon and the command line interface will appear. Next, type CD ? And press RETURN. After a second or so, a line will appear on the screen saying DIR:. Now, remove your Workbench disk and insert our coverdisk and type DFO:ArgAsm and press RETURN.
You will now be in the ArgAsm directory. To run the demo, just type ArgAsm and you’re away.
R Monteiro Bath, Avon MEMORY MATTERS I have just bought an Amiga 500 and wish to upgrade it to 1 Mb of RAM. I was all set to buy one when I read about the new ECS upgrade in your news pages that offers a megabyte of chip RAM. Should I wait for ECS?
PUTTING YOU OUT OF YOUR MISERY So you’ve got a problem with your Amiga, eh? Want to be put out of your misery?
If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’ve got two options. The first is to commit Seppuku with a sharpened mouse. The second is to write down your problem and send it into the Workbench Helpline - it’s your choice, but I assure you that the second is considerably less painful!
If you’re feeling perplexed by processors, flummoxed by for-next loops, dumbfounded by disk drives, then relieve your misery by sending your letters to the following address: WORKBENCH HELPLINE, AMIGA FORMAT, 30 MONMOUTH STREET, BATH BA1 2 A P. Structured drawing packages allow lines to be resized without introducing either ‘jaggies’ or increasing the thickness of a line.
DPAINT HELP When working with Dpaint II and I want to resize my brush, I seem to always run into problems. I use Dpaint to produce outline drawings, but when I wish to increase the size of a line that I have picked up as a brush, instead of just increasing the length of the line, Dpaint also increases the thickness and makes the brush look ‘jaggie’. When I decrease the size of an outline, Dpaint loses pixels altogether.
As I mostly work with outline drawings, it is crucial that I am able to resize any outline. Is there a solution to this problem within Dpaint itself, or do I need to buy another package? I never used to have this problem on my old Macintosh!
J Olsen Bournemouth What you actually need is a totally different package altogether, called a ‘structured drawing’ package. These packages work on the principle of points and vectors, which (without becoming too technical) allows any ‘object’ (lines, boxes, circles etc) to be resized, stretched etc, without affecting the thickness of the line. These packages are used extensively with areas such as CAD and DTP. Dpaint, on the other hand, is pixel-based.
Instead of going back to your Macintosh, why not check out a package called Professional Draw which will more than fulfil your needs. The program is available from HB Marketing on 0895 444433.
At last, those of you who wanted to play with the ArgAsm demo on issue six's coverdisk can with our tip 'Accessing ArgAsm'.
Incdir "include:" i nc1ude exec funcdef.i .SysBase equ 504 1 1 21988 Maxinun object size Header filenane INCDIR path 1ist Assenble options List to Output to Error options List options None ¦b Object code type Case dependance Debug infornatiofi 0 Assemble Preferences FhliMVEJeMES scpolLs GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter and Compiler Now available for the Amiga GFA Basic Interpreter £49.95 GFA has SOLD over 100,000 GFA Basic systems on the Atari ST, and now expect to achieve a similar success on the Amiga.
GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter is the first release of an entire range of GFA products being produced for the Amiga. Soon to be released products: GFA Assembler The First GFA Basic 3.0 Book Training for Advanced Programmers Book The quickest way to learn about any machine is to sit down and write programs for it.
The use of an interpreter will improve your learning curve, not requiring the agonising waits endured by Basic compilers. The GFA range of products will provide you with tutorials and documented examples. First class software backed up by superb documentation and books to cover most subjects. This is why GFA Basic has been a success on the Atari ST, and why it will be a success on the Amiga.
GFA Basic Compiler £29.95 Now available, for users that who to compile their programs written with the GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter, to obtain fast stand alone programs.
Develop fast, run fast!
GFA Basic Interpreter is now at release 3.041. Existing users should send their original GFA Basic Disk to GFA, in suitable stamped addressed envelope for FREE update.
Available from your Amiga Dealer, and most software stockists or in case of difficulty by mail order: GFA Data Media UK GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd, Box 121, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 9LP.
Credit card or cheque postal orders payable to GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd accepted._ I wish to pay by Visa Mastercard; please charge my account.
GFA Basic Interpreter Amiga £49.95 Name (on card) 1 Address tr £ GFA Basic Compiler Amiga £29.95 Card No: MasterCard i I I I i j I I I Signature Expiry Date GFA Basic 3.0 for the Amiga GFA Data Media Box 121 Wokingham Berkshire, RG11 9LP Tel: (0734) 794941 Postcode DISCOUNT SOFTWARE FROM MJC SUPPLIES PRINTERS EDUCATIONAL GAMES WORD PROCESSING PROTEXT V4.2 This must be the most powerful word processor available for the Amiga.
Excellent speed and wide range of features make it the only WP to buy Includes Mail Merge and Spell Checking.
RRP£99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - £5.00 SERIOUS SOFTWARE Publishers Choice
79. 95 Digicalc (spreadsheet) ...
26. 95 K Spread II (spreadsheet).....
49. 95 Home Account ....
20. 95 Personal Tax Planner .....
28. 95 K Data (database) ...
32. 95 Home Office Kit ...
129. 95 PRO DATA The long awaited Database from Arnor, authors of
Requires 1MB.
RRP - £79.95 OUR PRICE-£59.95 BUSINESS SOFTWARE FROM DIGITA Cash Book Controller £37.95 Final Accounts £21.95 Cash Book Combo £54.95 All printers listed have a ten-inch (A4) carriage, are Epson compatible and accept cut sheet or continuous paper.
The relevant printer cable is also included free of charge. Delivery is 7- 10 days from date of cheque credit card clearance. For next day (after clearance) delivery add £5.
CITIZEN 120-D Cheap Epson FX-80 compatible giving a range of text sizes and effects in draft mode, limited sizes and effects in NLQ.
£139.95 PANASONIC KXP-1081 Good print and build quality, very reliable. Offers all the draft mode sizes and effects of the FX-80 compatibles in NLQ as well. Best Value.
£159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Four different typefaces all available in the full range of sizes and effects. Well worth the little extra.
£179.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10 but with the addition of 7 colours in several shades.
Uses the Epson JX-80 printer driver from Workbench or your graphics program.
£229.95 STAR LC-24 10 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 typefaces, all usual sizes and effects, two extra effects (Outline and Shadow) and excellent print quality.
£259.95 Each Fun School has 8 educational games per disc.
Fun School 2 (2-6 years) 13.95 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) 13.95 Fun School 2 (8-12 years) 13.95 The "Discover" range have 6 games per disc Discover Alphabet (6+ yrs) ....15.95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) ....15.95 Discover Maths (10+ yrs) 15.95 GRAPHICS Digi Paint ......
41. 95 Phantavision .
29. 95 Photon Paint II .....
68. 95 Deluxe Paint II .....
54. 95 Deluxe Paint III .... 59.95 ! VIDI
AMIGA NTSC Version (300 x 200 res) -£79.95 PAL version (300 x
256 res) - £99.95 ! VIDI CHROME Colour upgrade for any Vidi
Requires video camera £14.95 SOUND AMAS-Sampler & MIDI Interface ..74.95 Aegis Sonix ...44.95 Master Sound Sampler ...34.95 Trilogic Midi interface ..34.95 (In, Out. Thru, 2x Out Thru Switchable) Trilogic Stereo Audio Digitiser 34.95 (requires software) We stock a range of Amiga Games, available mail order or at our premises at discount prices.
Write or call in for latest lists.
ACCESSORIES A500 Dust Cover ...3.95 Mouse Mat ..3.95 A500 2000 - Printer Cable 6.95 Quickshot Turbo Joystick 10.95 Competition Pro 5000 J S ......12.95
3. 5" Disk Head Cleaner 5.95 Kempston
Mouse .29.95 K-Seka
(assembler) ....34.95 Hisoft Devpac
V2 .39.95 Hisoft Basic (inc. Book,
Amiga Basic Inside & Out - while stocks last) ...59.95 GFA
Basic 3 ..49.95 Amiga For
Beginners ..10.95 Kickstart
Guide ....12.95 AmigaDos
Ref.Guide ..14.95 Amiga Tricks &
Tips ....12.95 Amiga Basic Inside &
Out ......18.95 Elementary Amiga
Basic 14.95 Amiga Dos
(Burgess) .14.95 The C Language (by K&R)
23.95 Pascal Beginners Guide ...6.50 AH prices
include Postage, Packing & VAT. Please send Cheques PO's to:
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10 Sony Verbatim Tdk (with a free disk) Dysan DS DD Branded boxed: £11.50 Inc. Soft mouse mats: £3.60. Mouse houses: £2.90. Twin joystick extenders: £4.80. Dust covers (state make): £3.90. Midi (10ft) cables: £3.60. Epson (92454fn) ribbons: £2.70. Amiga A500 Batman pack: £368.00. M.E.S 512k ram switchable upgrade: £77.00. Cumana 3.5 1Mb external drive: £87.95. Oceanic 3.5 1Mb external: £85.95. Trilogic Midi interface: £34.95. Music X: £190.00. Mastertracks Pro: £280.00. Amiga 20 Mb Hard Disk: £366.00. Vortex 40 Mb: £499.00. Star LC10 Printer: £168.00. All above prices include VAT and P&P with
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Tel: MARK OR MARTIN (0527 85) 3374 BUSINESS HOURS Mon-Sat 9am to 8pm AMPOWER jg VIDEO & COMPUTERS 15a ALCESTER ROAD. STUDLEY. WARKS B80 7AG When was the last time your mail order put a smile on your face?
Joy of life arts, (AMF3), 45 elswick, skelmersdale9 lancashire9 um8 6bx.
Telephone: 0695 32382 (24 hrs) If I do buy a non-Commodore RAM expansion, will this invalidate my guarantee? Is the Commodore A501 and internal or external RAM expansion?
The ECS upgrade does not provide a Megabyte RAM expansion, just the potential to use a megabyte of chip RAM (amongst other new features). To take advantage of this facility, you will need a megabyte of RAM in the first place, therefore go ahead and buy your RAM expansion now.
Buying a RAM expansion that is not manufactured by Commodore will not invalidate your warranty.
Finally, Commodore’s A501 lives in the little hatch that can be found underneath your A500, hence it is an internal RAM expansion.
Brother_HR-15XL Mil"2 Diabio_Aduantage_025 EpsonC EfsonXlCBH.HPS-12581 HPJeskJet HP_PaintJet Inagewr i ter11 Okidata.2931 Okisate 28 Qune LetterPro 28 Tosh!ba_P35!S)r LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND PRINTER DRIVERS Life with Workbench 1.2 was a joy for printer owners - if you needed to install a printer, all you needed to do was to load ‘Preferences’, enter the ‘Install Menu’ screen, select the printer you required and that was it - all the printer drivers you required were immediately accessible. However, Workbench
1. 3 is a different beast altogether.
Although the mechanics of installing a printer are almost identical, Commodore (in their infinite wisdom) decided that it would be a jolly good thing to remove the printer drivers and put them on the Extras disk instead, making them totally inaccessible to Preferences.
What are you to do?
The answer lies in a little utility that Commodore so thoughtfully provide called ‘InstallPrinter’ which (surprise, surprise) is used to transfer the printer driver you require from the Extras disk to your Workbench disk.
The InstallPrinter utility is simple to use. First of all, double click on its icon and a window will appear displaying a list of the printer drivers available on the Extras disk (if you only have a single drive, you will be prompted to insert your Extras disk). Simply decide upon which printer driver TngtallPwintoy?!- " ... Printer's Available: Aiphacon Alphaprc J81 CalCoff JblcrHaster €anon_KM888ft 0iabloJ 38 Diabloi C-158 EpsonXCld Howtekjhxe toaster HP„Laserdet HPJhinkJet Nec Pinuriier OkiSata 92 QuadraftQuadJet Toshiba J351C Xerox JB2B you require (EpsonX for
Epson's etc) and then enter the name of the driver using the keyboard.
When you press RETURN, InstallPrinter will then copy the printer driver from your Extras disk to the DEVS:Printers directory of your current boot disk. Once InstallPrinter has finished, load up Preferences and then install the printer as the manual details.
J Taylor Daventry WIN FIFTY QUID Ha! Thought that would grab your attention. But this isn’t a shallow offer - we really do want to give you fifty big ones!
If you’ve discovered an amazing tip for your favourite Amiga program, or you’re a wiz with programming languages, then share your knowledge with your fellow Amiga users by sending your tips into Workbench. If your tips are the best of the month, then you collect a whacking great 50 notes.
Send your tips to: WORKBENCH HELPLINE, AMIGA FORMAT, 30 MONMOUTH STREET, BATH BA1 2 A P. COPING UN FAILURE (Put We always keep our word on Amiga Format, and just to prove it, here’s the second and final instalment of the ‘AmigaDOS error codes explained’ feature that we started last month. But I didn’t buy last month’s issue, though! I hear you shout. What am I to do?. Well matey, you can jolly well go out and buy a back issue.
219 seek failure Another programmer problem. The program that caused the error paused incorrect parameters to the AmigaDOS SeekO function. Contact the manufacturer and tell them immediately!
220 comment too big My, don’t we waffle on! The filenote that you have tried to attach to a file is greater than 80 characters long. The solution to this problem is, like most, beautifully simple - just cut down the size of your filenote.
221 disk full The disk (Hard or floppy) that you are trying to write to has run out of disk space. If you get this error when trying to copy files to the RAM disk, then you’ve run out of memory.
222 file is protected from deletion Files can be protected against deletion by setting the relevant flag using the AmigaDOS Protect command. To make the file deletable, enter Protect Filename D and then delete the file using the AmigaDOS Delete command.
223 file is write protected 224 file is read protected If you get either of these error messages, then I’ll be very impressed - because they shouldn’t appear in the current release of Kickstart.
These two error messages are put in for ‘future expansion’.
225 not a valid DOS disk This disk you have just tried to access is either totally corrupted, or it hasn’t been formatted (or it’s not an Amiga disk at all - are you sure it doesn’t belong to your Mac, PC or ST?).
226 no disk in drive There isn’t a disk in the drive that the Amiga can access. So why not put one in?
232 no more entries in directory No, you haven’t tried to write more files to a disk than AmigaDOS can handle (that’s practically impossible!). This error is actually caused by a bug in the program you are trying to use. ¦
A. B Computer Supplies Amiga A500 Bat Pack inc. modulator, Batman
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• ni e STRATEGIC Strategic Plus Software d I 11 c Dept. AF V
L U 5 PO Box 8, Hampton. Middx TW12 3XA ° F T w A R E Telephone
01 941 6163 Send £2.50 for Extensive Catalogue.
Prop S. Harper WAR GAMES, ADVENTURE GAMES SIMULATORS & SPORTS Now you can keep it informed with the latest weather, financial news, sports results, current affairs and much more from Ceefax or Oracle. But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable information isn't trapped behind glass. Now you can ..... Save to disc. Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 pages per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print as just text (for a fast result) or as a screendump.
Review. Instant access io the last 16 pages which have been received.
Speak. Thanks to the Amiga's speech capability, it will even read the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously!
FastText. True FastText - gets pages in advance and reduces the waiting time.
Tuning. Just connect an aerial - it tunes itself in! Although the prime function is to receive Teletext, it also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour TV.
Programmable. The system can be programmed to get a series of pages and then save or print them. Your own programs can access the data on Teletext.
Only a Microtext adaptor can provide all these facilities, it’s easy to use and connects to the parallel port, a printer can be reconnected to the adaptor. Everything is supplied, all you need is your Amiga and a normal TV aerial.
At iust £124.80 + VAT inc p p for an advanced Teletext TV it's excellent value for money.
Make sure you're always up to date, and get yours now from:- S MICROTEXT H Dept AF, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW Telephone: 0705 595694 Fax: 0705 593988 lUCK TO BASICS After a period of silence, BASIC programmers are treated to a couple of new products to further enhance their Amiga programming. JASON HOLBORN checks out the GFA BASIC Compiler and HiSoft’s Extend.
Over the years, BASIC has earned itself (rather unfairly) a bad reputation amongst professional programmers - it’s slow, encourages sloppy programming and isn’t at all 'hip’. Is Basic really a programming language fit only for novices?
Of course it’s not! - don’t listen to a word of it - Basic is still a powerful language that can hold its head up high with those other ‘trendy’ languages such as C, OCCAM and Assembler (assembler has always been an ‘in' language).
Within the ‘professional’ corporate computer industry of high-end PC, mainframe and mini computers, Basic still remains a popular choice for producing applications quickly and easily.
Amiga Basics When the Amiga was originally launched, software was thin on the ground. What was available usually consisted of straight port-overs from other systems, which was the case with the Amiga’s original Basic interpreter system. This original Basic was not the AmigaBasic Interpreter that we have come to know and love, but a creaky affair called AbasiC, written by Meta- comco. Although AbasiC worked (you’ll probably find quite a few of the older PD games were written using it), it was a rather unfriendly beast at the best of times. Realising how dire it was, Commodore commissioned
Microsoft to produce an Amiga version of their popular Macintosh Basic system.
Although AmigaBasic is now the industry standard, this hasn’t stopped third party developers producing alternatives to the interpreter supplied. Over the past couple of years, five alternative Basic systems have been released for the Amiga, but by far the most popular of them all must be GFA and HiSoft Basic.
GFA UPDATE When GFA SystemTechnik of Germany (then handled by Microdeal, but now under the control of their own UK operation) originally launched the Amiga version of their hugely successful ST Basic language, the reception that awaited it was surprisingly cool.
Although GFA Basic 3 was undoubtedly a fast and powerful implementation of Basic, early releases suffered from two major problems - bugs and the lack of a compiler.
• mm |0|GFA-BASIC 3.8 Comp Her; WAIT: OH HOVE: I OH Output I
FHHGFA BASIC PICTRAHSLATOR .GFA * obj : rah:object.o Cgbject:
LIB : LIBS:Gfalibrary pro : fhhgfa.basic pictranslator Com: S&
S F Lnk: Output: Compiling ... GFA-BASIC 3,8 Conpiler Tine 2
Seconds Return: -1 Linking GFA-BASIC 3.8 Linker Tine 8.84
Seconds Return: -1 After solving the first of these problems
with the release of
3. 041 of GFA Basic (you have upgraded, haven't you?), GFA Data
Media (UK) have finally turned GFA Basic into what is arguably
one of the fastest and most powerful implementations of Basic
on the Amiga with the release of the GFA Basic Compiler.
Configuring the GFA compiler is simplicity. If the option you require can't be found within the menus, then just modify the compiler shell by loading it into your GFA interpreter!
Than the price of the average game, GFA Basic can be taken far beyond the levels of performance that were accessible from the interpreter alone.
The compiler takes a standard GFA Basic program and then compiles and links it into a stand-alone program which can be executed The GFA Basic Compiler It’s been a long time coming, but finally GFA have delivered the one program that GFA users have been crying out for. For a little more BENCHMARKS CORNER Enough of the techno-waffles, here’s the hard facts that clearly demonstrate the performance of GFA Basic against its nearest rival, HiSoft Basic. All the times quoted below are in seconds.
GFA (Int) GFA (Compiled) AmigaBasic (int) HiSoft Basic (Compiled) 7 5 36 12 36 21 229 348(f) 23 21 37 34 7 4 41 12 Benchmark 10000 Square Root Calculations Byte Copy 50k file held in RAM Print 10000 chars to screen Loop 100000 times independently from both the compiler and the GFA Basic interpreter.
Because GFA Basic programs are stored in a tokenised form, you'll need to own the interpreter if you wish to write and compile your own programs - you could just buy the compiler, but you’ll be restricted to compiling other peoples source code. The compiler will therefore not take GFA programs stored in ASCII format. If you do prefer to use a separate text editor (such as Cygnus Ed) in preference to the GFA editor, then your programs will have to first be converted to a tokenised form (using the GFA Interpreter) before they can be compiled.
The compiler consists of three programs - the CLI-based GFA Compiler, the GFA Linker (which is surprisingly GFA’s own, and not Blink, as used by everyone else), and a menu shell designed to allow operation of both the compiler and linker from within an easy to use, Intuition-based front end.
As well as these three programs, the compiler system also requires access to a GFA Library that is used by the linker to produce the final executable code.
Operating The Compiler Using the compiler from the GFA Shell is simplicity itself. Once the GFA Shell is loaded, all you must do is to tell the compiler the filename of your GFA source file and then press F10 - the shell will then automatically call both the compiler and linker. If everything compiled and linked ok, your compiled program will be written out to disk. Who said compilers and linkers were complicated beasts?
Although the shell seems to be a fairly simple affair, most compilation options are controllable from within its pull down menus.
Even so, if you do think there is an option that is missing from the shell, you can easily add it yourself
- the Shell is written in GFA Basic and GFA kindly include the
source code as a tokenised file that can be loaded directly
into the GFA Interpreter.
For the purists among you who still think that the Workbench is for softies, both the Compiler and Linker can be executed from the CLI by simply passing the appropriate parameters. In some cases, it is often necessary to use G3HAIT w G3M0VE M G30BJ 0 G3PRG P G3LIB L s PRGrGFA F2 Bufl Con; S& S F Lnk: About File Jjptions ¦ wait; move: Output OBJ Cobject LIB PRG RAMIOBJECT.0 The GFA Compiler doing its stuff COMPILERS EXPLAINED Although Basic is deemed a ‘computer programming language’, the language itself is as foreign to the computer as binary is to a human.
For the Amiga to understand what a program wants it to do, each line of Basic must be translated into the computer’s native language, machine code. Even a language such as assembly is gobbledygook to your Amiga until it is translated into machine code using an assembler such as Devpac or ArgAsm.
A Basic interpreter takes each line as it is to be executed, translates it into machine code and then runs it. Once the line has been executed, the interpreter then forgets the translated line and moves onto the next. Every time a line is to be executed (within a loop, for example), this process must take place. This basically means that if you have a loop that is performed 100 times, the interpreter converts each line within the loop to machine 100 times! As you can probably appreciate, this process is rather wasteful of time.
What a compiler does is to translate the entire program into machine code so that the computer does not have to carry out the time consuming task of translation during program execution - the processor can be left to run the actual machine code version of your program. In theory, this should result in a significant improvement in program performance.
The Linker from the CLI, even though you would normally use the GFA Shell. For example, the linker allows programs written in C to be linked with GFA code. As long as your C Compiler can output object files in Metacomco format (the standard format), the GFA Linker should take it without problems.
Conclusion If you already own GFA Basic, then you’d be insane to ignore the GFA Compiler. If you have ever had doubts about purchasing GFA Basic but have still to buy yourself a replacement Basic system, then the combination of the Basic Interpreter and Compiler should be at the top of your list. Although two separate packages have to be purchased to pull together a complete GFA programming environment, the total price works out at about the same level as HiSoft’s system.
Compiled programs are both compact and fast in execution.
Everyone knows that Interpreted GFA is fast, but compiled GFA is blisteringly fast - rivalling languages such as C and Modula 2 with ease. At last, GFA Basic has come of age.
GFA Compiler £29.95 ¦ All Amigas ¦ GFA Data Media (UK) 0734 EXTENDING YOUR REACH When HiSoft originally released their Basic Compiler system, they proved that you don’t need to scrap all your old AmigaBasic code just because you’re using an alternative Basic. Not only could you happily compile all your old AmigaBasic programs, but HiSoft Basic even included a couple of new commands to further enhance your Basic programming.
However, even HiSoft admit that their Basic isn’t perfect.
Because of time constraints when the original compiler was released, many of the enhancements that HiSoft hoped to include were left out. For starters, there’s no IFF support, no standard file requester (although you can use the one built into the ARP library) and virtually no support for Intuition gadgets. What are we to do? Buy Extend of course!
Extend is a disk-based library of routines written by SunSmile Software in the States that are designed to enhance your Basic programs beyond belief. The package consists of the library file itself, the HiSoft and AmigaBasic ‘.bmap’ file (used to tell Basic how to pass parameters) and a large number of source code examples designed to show of the Extend library in action. Before they can be used, both the extend library and the extend bmap file must be copied to the LIBS: directory of your boot disk.
Is badged for use with HiSoft’s system, it will also happily work with AmigaBasic.
The extra commands offered by Extend cover a wide range of different areas that were previously not addressed by either HiSoft or AmigaBasic. These extra commands mainly cover loading and saving screens in IFF format, loading and playing sampled sounds, but the vast majority are designed to provide AmigaBasic How Many Commands?
The Extend library contains 72 new commands that can be directly called from your HiSoft Basic programs. Although Extend ack to Topaz 8 font.
Bored of the standard Topaz font? With Extend, you can change the font with ease.
Programs with improved control over Intuition and AmigaDOS.
Intuition Addition Intuition was never particularly well supported within AmigaBasic - ok, so you could open windows, screens and menus, but that was as far as it went. Even these three facilities weren’t particularly well implemented.
Even though AmigaBasic supports Intuition menus, control is rather limited. Extend takes Intuition menus that bit further by allowing you to define both sub menus and hot keys (Left Amiga key plus Q etc).
By far the most major areas of Intuition now covered by Extend are the gadgets and requesters.
To say that gadget and requester support within AmigaBasic was rather limited would be an understatement - both HiSoft and AmigaBasic totally ignore them both!
The current version of Extend allows you to set up both Boolean and String gadgets with considerably less hassle than C programmers have to suffer. Surprisingly, one of the most useful gadget MAKE YOUR EARN Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is, if only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone eise's "ditch". Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: Educational Software from 3 Years to Adult My Paint is a painting program for youngsters aged 4 to 8. It is very easy to use and understand and no reading skills required. Various special effects are included such as colour cycling and sampled sounds to go with the 28
colouring pictures provided. The child can either colour the pre drawn pictures or design their own pictures.
A pictorial guidebook is included.
My Paint £34.95 31, PILTON PLACE (AF8) KING AND QUEEN STREET, WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR At the Zoo is part of the Electronic Crayon colouring book series. Over thirty animal pictures are provided to colour with information and realistic sound effects for each picture.
When each picture is finished it can be printed in a variety of ways using any preferences printer. Banners, sideways prints and calendars can be created by using the special print options provided.
R At the Zoo £24.95 Incredibly Useful People Midi and Multitrack Studio Consultanis Professional Audio Products We specialise in MIDI based recording facilities Amiga Music-X combinations Atari with C-Lab, Steinberg etc. Gear from Roland, Akai, Tascam, TAC, AKG Yamaha.
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easy to use programs for self-tuition or revision to GCSE level. It takes the user from simple topics like percentages MICTO MqthS and averages to more advanced ones such as calculus and matrices. £29.95 Each program includes instructions and full worked examples in the case of an incorrect answer.
¦¦’x- The ultimate typing tutor by Mindscape. The program features sophisticated monitoring and builds a typing course around your ability.
Your progress is monitored every step of the way and impressive graphics help make the program a joy to use. To help the new computer user there are on screen help windows at each option and lessons are selected by an easy to use menu system.
£10) SOFTWARE £2 Prices subject to change without notice.E. &
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Types are not supported - proportional gadgets. Once your gadgets have been set up, Extend provides a whole host of extra commands to aid gadget management.
Requesters are also particularly well catered for within Extend.
Both string requesters and the more common Boolean requesters can be set up with a single command. The big let down of requester support is the file requester supplied - it really is atrocious. If you do require a file requester, you’re probably better off with the one supplied within ARP - not only is it easier to use, but it is now the unofficial Amiga standard.
IFF Support Although AmigaBasic can be eventually talked into accepting IFF files, the process is a painful one.
Anyone who has used the ‘SavelLBM’ source code on the Extras disk will no doubt be alarmed at the size of the code.
With Extend however, screens can be loaded and saved in IFF format with a single command! Regardless of the format of the screen, be it 4 or 64 colours, NTSC or PAL, the Extend IFF commands will handle them with ease.
The one area of IFF screen handling that Extend does not cope with particularly well is HAM format pictures. Although Extend will load and display a HAM picture, this is as far as it goes. Surprisingly, Extend will not allow you to actually use the HAM picture - once the picture is loaded, clicking the ‘close gadget’ to close the screen is about as interactive as things get.
Legal Matters Once you’ve written your application that takes advantage of Extend, you’ll no doubt want to share the fruits of your labours with your friends.
If you’ve compiled your program using HiSoft Basic, this is no problem as HiSoft allow the ; • i 11
- IL !L«1 F-* mm »m LJ Drawer Fhl: File OK Ok, so it's not the
best file requester in the world, but it's better than nowt!
Extend library to be freely distributed. However, HiSoft do not allow you to distribute the Extend ‘.bmap’ file that is needed by AmigaBasic - if you do, then you’ll be breaking HiSoft’s licence agreement and you can expect rapped knuckles when HiSoft eventually catch up with you.
While HiSoft Basic owners will be saying ’big deal, I don’t need it once my program has been compiled’, AmigaBasic users will require this file to be present every time your program is run. If you do use AmigaBasic and want to take advantage of Extend, isn’t it time you thought about upgrading to HiSoft Basic?
Conclusion HiSoft themselves admit that the Extend library contains routines that should have been in HiSoft Basic in the first place. The good news is that HiSoft are working on a major update to their Basic that will have the Extend library routines built into it. The bad news is that this isn’t due until at least the end of the year, so don’t hold your breath.
Extend is worth buying just to gain the sheer speed and convenience of the IFF commands - the fact that the library also includes about 70 extra commands makes it even greater value. If you’re a HiSoft Basic user, then Extend is an invaluable addition to your software collection which will make the task of programming the Amiga considerably easier.
For AmigaBasic owners, the choice to buy is a little less certain
- if you do buy Extend, then any programs you produce to use the
library will be confined to your own personal use. But for
adding a truly professional look and feel to your AmigaBasic
programs, Extend is a well worth considering.
For the price, it's invaluable. ¦ HiSoft Extend £19.95 ¦ All Amigas ¦ HiSoft 0525 718181 EXTEND FEATURE SUMMARY So what exactly does HiSoft’s Extend library really have to offer?
Here’s a quick run down of the areas that it covers, to enhance your Basic programming.
IFF PICTURES Load and save pictures in IFF format with a single command. If you’re not sure of the picture’s format, Extend will automatically open a screen of the appropriate type. Display a HAM picture. Manipulate individual bit planes, load and save planes in binary format.
SAMPLED SOUND - Ever wanted to include sampled music sound effects within your Basic programs? Well now you can. Extend allows control over which channel the sound is played through, the volume and playback rate.
FONTS - Change the font used within your Basic programs without having to mess about with ROM Kernal routines.
Extencf s font commands will also allow you to change the style of text with ease.
GADGETS - Define and manage Intuition gadgets with ease. At last your AmigaBasic programs will have that true Amiga feel to them.
Set up both Boolean and String gadgets, define the position relative to their parent window, highlighting type etc. REQUESTERS - Need a file requester? Extend has it. Need to prompt the user for an input but don’t want to mess up your screenful of pretty graphics?
Extend does the job.
MENUS - Define both sub menus and menu ‘hot keys’. Bored with the way menus are highlighted?
Let Extend customise your application’s menu system.
O S SUPPORT - Run external programs from within AmigaBasic using a single command. Find out information about both the system and any disks currently mounted to the system. Allocate and deallocate memory legally, specifying both the amount required and memory type (fast, chip, public).
AMIGA FORMAT 131 All prices inclu VAT and Delivery AMIGA ACCESSORIES MiniGEN Genlock adapter .£95.00 Omega Projects MIDI Interface, including 30" serial cable £29.95 Contriver Hi-Res Mouse, includes Mouse Mat & Pocket ....£22.95 A500 Dust Cover £4.95 ITT CP3228 16.5" FST TV Monitor inc. rem control & cable .... £229.00 Philips CM8833 14"colour monitor, suits for Amiga 500 ...£229.00 GFA BASIC Version
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unit size : Ultra-neat design ft Uses only 4 D-RAMs for High
Reliability ft Low power consumption RAM expansion without
clock, only ... £59.
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£114.95 including VAT & delivery Star LC24-10 multifont 24pin printer, super low price . Star LC24-15 wide carriage version of LC24-10, 200 67cps .. Star LC15 wide carriage version of LC10, 180 45cps ...... Star LC-10 Mk.ll faster version of LC10, 180 45cps . Olivetti DM100S 9-pin 10" printer 200 30cps inc. 1 year on-site warranty Panasonic KXP1081 reliable + sturdy 9pin 10" printer 120 24 cps ..... Panasonic KXP1180 super new feature-packed multifont 9 pin 11" .... Panasonic
KXP1124 new good specification multifont 24 pin 11" Epson LX400 (was LX800) 10" 180 25 cps ...... Epaon LQ550 good 24pin 150 50 cps . Epson LQ400 new 24 pin 180 60 cps with 8k buffer .. Citizen 120D budget 9 pin printer 120cps .. An AMIGA COMPUTING Gold Medal winner - allows Amiga users to emulate a Mac Plus in order to run Apple Mac and Mac Plus software.
Mac disks can be read directly in when an external Mac Drive is connected to the cartridge hardware. Runs at least as fast as a Mac Plusl Software compatible with the A-Max includes MacPaint, MacDraw (V1&2), MacWrite, Pagemaker (V1&2) plus all versions of System.
A-Max without 2 x Mac 128K ROMs ... £129.00 A-Max WITH 2 x Mac 128K ROMs £249.00 Only £169.00 Colour version also available, Only £215.00 Prices include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
PFRINTEEFRS include VAT delivery & cable
• Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000
• Teac Citizen drive mechanism
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• Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity
• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable for location either side of computer
• Full 12 months guarantee These high specification units offer
versatile high capacity storage suitable for use with the Amiga
500 or 1000. Autobooting capability, a formatted capacity of
over 42Mb, with an average access time of 45ms. Includes
cables, Amiga interface module, plus utilities software
including hard disk backup.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk Package £499.00 vortex system 2000 40 Mb hard disks
3. 5" Disks 10 Bulk packed DS DD 3.5" disks with labels, fully
guaranteed ..£ 9.95 25 bulk disks as
above ......£22.95 10 disks as above with
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lockable storage unit ...£29.95 Kodak
DS DD 3.5" disks, top quality storage media. Box of
10 ...£17.95 How to order from All prices
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Evesham Micros Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA card details on: S 0386-765500 Retail 1762 Persbore Road. Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 3BH Tel: 021 458 4564 outlets 63 Bridge Street, Evesham, Worcs WR11 4SF Tel: 0386 765180 at : 5 Glisson Road, Cambridge CB1 2HA Tel: 0223 323898_ fw] Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details Govt., educ. & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible AU products covered by 1 year guarantee All goods subject to availability, E.&O.E. Evesham Micros Ltd UNIT 9 ST RICHARDS RD EVESHAM WORCS WR11 6XJ © 0386-765500 fax 0386-765354 LETTERS Let
the Amiga world know your views by writing to us go on, get it off your chest. The letters that are witty, interesting, informative or completely ridiculous will win a priceless prize of a T-shirt and binder. Send your letters to BOB WADE, Amiga Format, Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AP. Bob’s the Editor, so if he likes them he’ll print them, and if he doesn’t he’ll print them and then turn them into origami chickens - or maybe fish with flapping fins... martial arts? Is there no originality within the software industry? Well, if there isn’t I believe that they will soon find
some very unhappy customers. I hope that any company that dares to push an original game onto the market does well with it, even though it may essentially be a shoot-em-up.
The software industry has actually begun to give computers a bad name, so why won’t they listen to complaints? An example of this was a quote from someone who I helped to set up her new Amiga. Her children started playing Batman the Movie and she eventually said “Well, what is the point of this game, and all the shoot-em-ups?” I had to defend Batman, which is admittedly cashing in on the success of the movie (which I enjoyed but no-one else did), but I found I couldn’t defend the shoot-em-ups, or the beat-em- ups, or the ‘kick the hell out the poor sods’ type games. I used the examples of
Elite, Starglider II and Carrier Command to defend the software industry, but then I thought “Why should I?”, because she’s right - what is the point to many of these games except to promote mindless violence?
I’m sure that the original concept of the home computer was to find a tool to help learning within the home, but what can you learn from blasting aliens or beating the hell out of someone. At least games like The Sentinel and Interphase teach you to survive by using your wits and not always DOWNHILL DECADE I’ve been in on the computer revolution from nearly the beginning just under ten years ago, and now I’m a little fed up. Sure, I still enjoy using the machines, and their spinoffs like CD players, videos, toasters (who can enjoy using a toaster?), etcetera, but life doesn’t seem
to be what it was at the beginning. Some people think that at 24 going on 25 I’m past the age when I should be using computers or, as some people put it, “playing with those things that destroy your mind!” I’m sure every computer user has heard that at least once from their parents, guardians and sometimes even friends, and perhaps it is that phrase that is making me fed up.
I'm fed up enough to actually begin to de-technologise myself.
Yes, I know that sounds painful but I really have had enough. I got rid of my Psion Organiser recently, and the ‘yuppie’ label that went with it, and now I’m thinking of dispensing with my PC (which is a faithful old chum), and converting completely to the Amiga which sits quietly on the next table.
However, there is something in my mind that is even fed up with my Amiga. I’m not sure why, but I feel that I haven’t achieved much with it. Strangely, that's the feeling I’ve had every time I’ve needed to change computers, or is it that I’m fed up with the software companies churning out the same old drivel as always? There doesn't seem to be a lot of ‘original’ software on the market at the moment, just licences and arcade conversions, of which there are only a few good ones.
What happened to the originality of the first years of computing where nearly every game broke the boundaries of the computing field; where a game like Elite could be marketed without the fear of being out sold by After the Ninja XXIII, or shoot-em-up after shoot- em-up after shoot-em-up? It’s got to the stage where the utilities (like Deluxe Paint III) are actually more fun to use than the games. True, the 16-bit market has allowed some originality to happen. I mean, where would Starglider II be without the 16-bitters, or Interphase (my current favourite). I will admit to liking Batman
the Movie and New Zealand Story which happens to be a favourite arcade game of mine, and a pretty good conversion too, but I’d much prefer an innovative 3-D game like The Sentinel.
So why won’t the software industry return to the heady days when someone could get away with marketing an original game and do well. I suppose that money governs that one. The only company that seems to push originality with quality is Electronic Arts. It was brave of them to release a game like Populous, which is original in its concept and dares to make games last longer than a mere five minutes.
So why doesn’t the software industry take EA’s example and push originality with quality, instead of conversions of arcade games that many people haven’t seen in this country and which are usually utter crap or based on TITLE 3D Pool ......11.99 PRICE ¦ TITLE PRICE ¦ TITLE Adv Ski Sim .4.99 Afterburner 16.99 Airborne Ranger 14.99 Altered Beast .....16.99 A-Max ......134.95 A-Max with Rom ..249.95 Alien Legion ......16.99
* Amos .34.99
APB .12.99
Archipelagos .....16.99
Austerlitz ...16.99 Bal of Power
1990 .16.99 Barbarian 2
Pal .14.99 Barbarian
Pal ......7.99 Bard's Tale 1 or 2 Hint Book
.5.99 Bards Tale 2 ......17.99 Batman Caped
Crusader 15.99 Batman The Movie 16.99 Battlehawks
1942 .16.99 ?Battle of
Britain ...16.99 Battle
Squadron 16.99 Beach
Volley ......16.99 Bionic
Commando ...7.99
Blasteroids .14.99 Blood
Money .....16.99
Bloodwych .16.99 Bloodwych Data
Disc .....9.99 Bloodwych + Data Disc 19.99
Bomber ......21.99
Bombuzal ...14.99
?Cabal .16.99 California
Games ..16.99 Captain
Blood .....7.99 Carrier
Command .14.99 Centrefold
Squares 12.99 Chase
HQ ..16.99 Chessmaster 2000
16.99 Chronoquest .....18.99
Colossus Chess X ..15.99
Commando 13.99 Conflict
Europe .16.99 Continental
Circus 13.99 Cosmic
Pirate ....14.99 Crazy Cars
2 .....14.99 Cybernoid
2 ......11.99 ?Day of the
Viper ...16.99
Dominator ..13.99 Double
Dragon ..11.99 Double Dragon
2 ...13.99 Dragon
Ninja .....15.99 Dragon
Spirit ....12.99 Dragonslair 1 meg (1
Meg)...29.99 ?Drakkhen .21.99 Drum
Studio 4.99 Dungeon
Master 15.99 Eagle's
Nest ..4.99
Elite 14.99 Empire Strikes
Back ....11.99 Espionage ..11.99
F16 Combat Pilot ..16.99 F29
Retalitator ..16.99 Falcon
F16 .19.99 Falcon Mission Disc
1 ..13.99 Fantavision 29.99 Fed
of Free Traders ......19.99 Fighting
Soccer .16.99 ?Final
Battle ......16.99
Fish 14.99 Flight Sim
2 ......26.99 Fit Disc 7 or
11 .13.99 Fit Disc
European .13.99 Fit Disc
Japan ...13.99 Foot Man 2 Exp
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Football Manager 2 ......11.99 Footballer of the Year II
13.99 Foundations Waste ..7.99 Fun School 2
(6-8) .11.99 Fun School 2 (over 8) ...11.99
Fun School 2 (under 6) .11.99
Fusion ..7.99 Future
Wars ......16.99 Galactic
Conqueror ......14.99 Galdregons Domain ......12.99
Garfield 9.99 Titles marked *
are not yet available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send Cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Dept AF03, Trybridge Ltd, 8 Buckwins Square, Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SS13 1BJ.
Please state make ana model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for airmail.
These offers are available Mail Order only.
Tel. Orders: 0268 590766.
Ghostbusters 2 .16.99 Ghouls 'n' Ghosts ..16.99 Gilbert Escape Drill ......11.99 ?Golden Shoe ....16.99 Gold Rush ..16.99 ?Guerilla War ....14.99 Gunship .....14.99 Hard Drivin 13.99 Hawkeye ....12.99 Helter Skelter ......9.99 Heroes of the Lance ......16.99 Hostages ....14.99 Hot Football .9.99 ?Hounds of Shadow ......16.99 Hunt for Red
October ...14.99 Hybris .19.99 Indy Jones Action ..13.99 Indy Jones Adventure ...16.99 Interphase ..16.99 Int Karate +......: 16.99 Iron Lord ....16.99 It Came from Desert (1 Meg).. 19.99 ?It Came from Desert Data ....9.99 Jaws ...12.99 J Nicklau's Golf .15.99 Jet ..26.99 Joe Blade 2 ..4.99 Kennedv Approach 14.99 Kick Off ......11.99
Kick Off X-tra Time .7.99 Kind Words 2 ....34.99 King's Quest 1.2.3 or 4 Hint Books 6.99 King's Quest 4 ...21.99 King's Quest Triple 26.99 Knightforce 14.99 Kristal .17.99 Kult 16.99 Leaderboard Birdie 16.99 Laser Squad ......12.99 ?Lost Patrol 16.99 Legend of Djel ...16.99 Legend of Sword 14.99 Leisure Suit Lariy .16.99
Leisure Suit Lany Hint Book.6.99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 .....19.99 Licence to Kill ....12.99 Light Force .16.99 Lombard RAC Rally ......14.99 Lords of Rising Sun ......19.99 Magnum 4 ..16.99 Manhatton Dealer .14.99 Manhunter New York ....21.99 Manhunter N.Y. Hint Book....6.99 Maniac Mansion 16.99 Menace ......12.99 Microprose Soccer .14.99 ?Midwinter .15.99 Millenium 2.2 ....16.99 Mr
Heli 15.99 Nebulus .....17.99 Netherworld ......17.99 New Zealand Story 16.99 Ninja Warriors ...13.99 Nitro Boost ...4.99 North and South ...16.99 Omega 21 99 Onslaught ..16.99 Operation Neptune 14.99 Operation Thunderbolt 16.99 Operation Wolf ..14.99 Outrun ..7.99 P47 .15.99
Paperboy ....12.99 Passing Shot .....13.99 Peter Beardsley .12.99 Phantom Fighter ...13.99 Phobia .14.99 Pioneer Plague ...14.99 Police Quest ......16.99 ?Police Quest 2 ..16.99 Police Quest Hint Book 6.99 ?Pool of Radiance ..19.99 Powerdrift ..16.99 Precious Metal ...15.99 Prison ...9.99 Purple Saturn Day 14.99 PRICE R
Type .16.99 Raider .11.99 ?Rainbow Islands ..15.99 Rally Cross .12.99 Reach For The Stars .....16.99 Red Heat ....15.99 Return of the Jedi ...9.99 Return to Genesis .11.99 Rick Dangerous .15.99 Road Blasters ....13.99 Robocop .....15.99 Rocket Ranger ...14.99 Rolling Thunder ..7.99 Run the Gauntlet ..15.99 Running
Man ....14.99 RVF Honda 14.99 Scrabble Deluxe 13.99 Sim City .....16.99 Shadowgate 14.99 Shadow of the Beast .....22.99 Shinobi ......12.99 Shoot em up Con Kit ....19.99 Silent Service ....14.99 Silkworm ...12.99 Skate or Die ......17.99 Sleeping Gods Lie ..14.99 Space Ace ...29.99 ?Space Harrier 2 16.99 Space Quest 1 or 2 16.99
Space Quest 1 or 2 Hint Book..6.99 Speedball ...11.99 Star Wars Trilogy ..16.99 Starglider 2 14.99 Stealth Fighter ..16.99 Steve Davis World Snooker.. 12.99 Stormlord ...13.99 Street Fighter ......7.99 Strider 16.99 Strike Force Harrier 9.99 Strip Poker 2+ .....9.99 Stunt Car Racer 15.99 Super Cars .13.99 Super Wonderboy ..16.99 Superbase
Personal ......59.95 Superman ..14.99 ?Talespin ....17.99 Tech 13.99 Teenage Queen ..11.99 Test Drive 2 The Duel ...21.99 Thargan .....15.99 The Cycles ..16.99 Thunderbirds ....16.99 Thunderblade ....16.99 Tiger Road ..17.99 Time and Magik 12.99 Times of Lore ....14.99 Titan ...14.99
Toobin .13.99 Tracers ......16.99 Tracksuit Manager 11.99 Triad ...11.99 Triv Pursuit New Begin 12.99 Turbo Outrun ...16.99 TV Sports Basketball 19.99 TV Sports Football .17.99 Typhoon Thompson ....11.99
* UMS 2 ......15.99 ?UMS Scenario
1 .8.99 ?UMS Scenario 2 .8.99
Univ Military Sim ..14.99
Untouchables ....16.99
Verminator .14.99 Victoiy
Road ......14.99
Vigilante .....10.99 Vindicators
(Domark) .....9.99 Virus
Killer ...8.99
Voyager ......15.99 WC
Leaderboard .8.99 W Gretzky
Hockey .14.99 War in Middle Earth .....14.99
Waterloo .....16.99 Weird
Dreams ...14.99 Xenon 2
Megablast 15.99
?Xenomorph ......16.99
Xybots .12.99 Zak
McKracken .16.99 Zany
Golf ...16.99 SPECIAL OFFERS AT £3.99
EACH' NAME PRICE Alien Strike ....
..3.99 Challenger ..... ..3.99
City Defence ... ..3.99 Fortress
Underground...... ..3.99 Jump
Jet ..3.99 Mike The
Dragon ..3.99 Phalanx
2 ..3.99
Quantox ..
Man .....7.99 Alien
Syndrome .7.99 Blackjack
Academy ..7.99 Bermuda
Project ......7.99
Bombjack ...7.99 Craps
Academy .7.99 Crazy
Cars .7.99 Dark
Castle 7.99 Deja
Vu ..7.99 Fernandez Must
Die .7.99 Galactic
Invasion .....7.99 Gee Bee Air
Rally .....7.99 Gold
Runner .....7.99 Hacker
2 7.99 Hellfire
Attack ...7.99 Insanity
Flight ...7.99 Incredible Shrinking
Sphere 7.99 Manix ....7.99
Mindfighter 7.99 Nigel Mansell
GP ......7.99 Nord And
Bert ...7.99 Romantic
Encounters ...7.99
Skychase ...7.99 Sea
Stalker 7.99 Seconds
Out .....7.99 Soldier of
Light ..7.99
Spellbreaker ......7.99 Stock
Market ....7.99 Strike Force
Harrier .7.99 Tetra
Quest 7.99
Tetris .... 7.99
Thexder ..7.99 Three
Stooges ...7.99
Tracers ..7.99
Typhoon .7.99
Vixen .....7.99 Winter
Olympiad 88 .7.99
Zynaps ...7.99 ELECTRONIC
.....8.99 Arctic Fox ....
.....8.99 Bards Tale 1
.....8.99 Battlechess ..
...16.99 Deluxe Music Con Kit.... ...69.99
Deluxe Paint 3 . ...59.99 Deluxe
Photolab ..... ...59.99 Deluxe Print
2 . ...59.99 Deluxe Production ..
...89.99 Deluxe Video ... ...59.99
Ferrari Formula 1 ... ...16.99
Fusion .. ...16.99
Interceptor ... ...16.99 Marble
Madness ..... .....8.99
Populous ..... ...16.99 Populous
Promised Lands ...8.99 Powerdrome .
....16.99 Skvfox 2 ......
......8.99 World Tour Golf ......
......8.99 your weapons. So what is your opinion and
what do the members of the software industry have to say for
Jon Gigney Chelmsford, Essex PPS Get the software companies to listen to a track from Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, called “Living in a World (They Didn’t Make)” - it says it all.
I don't think the situation is quite as depressing as you make out.
The software houses certainly do produce too many unoriginal games, but people keep buying them. If everyone stops buying shoot-em-ups they will stop producing them. I think the situation has improved in the last year and the success of games like Populous will encourage more software houses to try to emulate it by producing more varied software.
1. What is: a) wibbling? (as in “Jason’s wibbling”)
b) a dongle?
C) a vanilla A500? (sounds tasty)
2. How much internal RAM can the A500 look after and what is the
total that it can handle?
Please can we have page numbers on every page. It makes it so much easier to find the place you want to get to. And how about a sort of colour coding to determine between music, graphics, coverdisk etc. I’m sure this would save a lot of people a lot of hair.
David Baker
1. A) Wibbling is what the whole Amiga Format team does best.
B) A dongle is a piece of hardware that plugs into a computer,
usually for software protection.
C) It’s an A500 that tastes of vanilla of course.
I like your idea for the best software of the decade: judging from the list you've had several computers but show a distinct bias towards games. I would like to see other peoples' lists of the best software of the ‘80s, but keep them to atop 10 and let’s not just have games.
2. Officially you can get 1 meg internally but some boards manage
two. Externally you can add on up to 8 meg.
NO IMMUNITY Let me first introduce myself as a fairly practised computer user and secondly a fairly new Amiga user (only two months) and thirdly a very pissed off virus receiver. In a way, a virus is one of those “it will never happen to me” phenomena, but it did.
First of all it wiped out 10 blank disks, my original WB 1.3 and then took over my Deluxe Paint II, which was what really My top 50 pieces of software of the decade are...
1. Elite - Firebird
2. Starglider Starglider II - Rainbird
3. Interphase - Imageworks Mirrorsoft
4. Batman the Movie - Ocean
5. ATF- Digital Integration
6. Tetris - Mirrorsoft
7. The Sentinel - Firebird
8. Archipelagos - Logotron
9. New Zealand Story - Ocean
10. Batman -Ocean (the isometric 3D game)
11. Grand Monster Slam - Golden Goblins
12. Deflektor - Gremlin
13. Knight Lore - Ultimate
14. Mortville Manor- Lankhor
15. Deluxe Paint III - Electronic Arts
16. Wordstar 4 - Micropro
17. Wizball - Ocean
18. Dr 7 er Incentive
19. Dark Side - Incentive
20. Total Eclipse - Incentive
21. Obliterator - Psygnosis
22. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Infocom
23. Beyond Zork - Infocom
24. 3D Pool - Firebird
25. TLL - Vortex pissed me off. The people who write these
viruses are real mindless idiots and make a lot of misery
which could be avoided. I’m thinking of getting a virus
killer to eliminate it, so is Virus X 3.2 any good? And can I
get the virus out of the system forever?
Hopefully I can get the software replaced, but that is not really the point. The point I’m making is that it’s going to take a long time to return and get the
26. FI8 Interceptor- Electronic Arts
27. Rebelstar- Firebird
28. Populous - Electronic Arts
29. Feud - Mastertronic
30. Magic Knight Trilogy -MAD
31. Psion Chess - Psion
32. Colossus Chess X - CDS
33. Shoot-em-up Construction Kit - Outlaw
34. Rocket Ranger - Cine- maware Mirrorsoft
35. Three Stooges - Cine- maware Mirrorsoft
36. Bio Challenge - Delphine
37. Leaderboard - Access
38. Space MAX - Final Frontier
39. The Pawn - Rainbird
40. Guild of Thieves - Rainbird
41. Passing Shot- Image- works Mirrorsoft
42. Virus - Firebird
43. Whirligig - Firebird
44. Carrier Command - Rainbird
45. UMS- Rainbird
46. Balance of Power 1990- Mindscape
47. Nebulus - Hewson
48. Koronis Rift - Lucasfilm
49. Starstrike - Realtime
50. Star Ray- Logotron Jon Gigney Chelmsford, Essex software
replaced and check for viruses in the future, and continu
ally checking, which is quite time consuming, while these
******** who put in the viruses are laughing their heads off
at what they’ve created. IT’S SICK.
Just one more question concerning viruses. Is the virus actually present in the hardware, or only on the software? Can I run a word processor with the printer safely? I'm asking because when I was dumping a screen from Deluxe Paint II to my printer I had a read write error and the next thing I knew the disk was corrupted.
S Smith Tonbridge, Kent Viruses can only exist in software
- on floppy or hard disks. If you turn off at the plug before
switching disks the virus cannot copy itself. If it gets onto
a hard disk it is more of a problem and will have to be
forcibly evicted or it will trash every disk you use.
Virus X 3.2 is a good virus killer and is available as public domain software. There is also a new update called Virus X 4.0 that copes with even more infections.
PACKING THEM IN I own a 1 meg Amiga but I don’t take the Michael out of the Atari ST. I used to own an ST until I saw the Amiga, which I bought the next day and got rid of the ST. Yes, technically the Amiga is a far superior machine but you must stop to realize that the ST, apart from being cheaper anyway, offers much better value for money in the form of the Power Pack. I am the assistant manager in a computer shop and have worked with computers for four years, so I know.
The Amiga Batman Pack may be a good idea, and yes it out sells the ST 20-1, but it just can't stand up to the ST's pack. The Batman pack has only about £150 worth of software with it and they forgot the joystick. Whereas the I LETTERS ST pack has £500 worth of software and a joystick.
Now, don’t take me wrong, personally I think the ST is a total lemon, but I'd like to see Commodore get even remotely close to a pack that good. They have the Class of the 90’s pack, but that’s too expensive at £580.
Lome Smith Bexhill-on-Sea, E Sussex If the Amiga outsells the ST by 20- 1 then obviously nobody is particularly influenced by the quantity of software in the Power Pack. The Amiga Batman pack is good value for money and is recognised as such. This shouldn’t be a competition to see who can squeeze the most games into a bundle: it’s about quality not quantity.
INQUISITIVE MIND I think your magazine is brilliant. I have a few questions to ask.
1. In the Issue 5 demo of Ghostbusters III got the first part
of the scoop but I couldn't find the other two parts. Are they
in the demo?
2. Is there a conversion of Dinosaur Isle in 1930?
3. In Issue 5 I saw three Abacus books on Amiga 3D Graphics,
Amiga C for Advanced Programmers and Amiga Graphics Inside &
Out, is there one on icons?
4. Is there a follow up to Robocop?
5. I like Virus. Are there any other games like it?
James Snowden Chesterfield, Derbyshire
1. No, the other two parts are not in the demo.
2. Don’t know - does anyone else?
3. No.
4. Yes, but there is no release date set for it as yet.
5. Unfortunately, no. It would be nice to have a few, wouldn’t
AND WHY NOT Firstly a quick crawl and fawn - terrific mag, fab, well-balanced, excellent, mega, rubbery!
Secondly I hope you can furnish me with some info. I read with great interest in Empire magazine of an American program called The Collaborator which was designed to effectively screentest scripts for movie writers. Empire produced no information in its article about which software house the program was produced by, which formats the program was available on or even if it was yet available in this country. The article was a bit of a tease, to say the least.
Please can you help a struggling writer to turn his Amiga into a Barry Norman lookalike! Keep up the good work. And why not?
Simon Cooper Lymington, Hants I'm afraid it's the first we've heard of The Collaborator - if anyone out there knows something about it please do let us know.
COME BACK DEVPAC Could you please put Devpac on your Coverdisk again as first time round I was an ST owner. So when I came to my senses and sold the ST, all my ST Amiga Format disks went too. I reckon it was only for Devpac on the Coverdisk that your readership became so great that you could afford to split into two mags anyway (the mag is amazing though).
If there is no chance of this could you tell me if I could get that back issue. Think of it though... if you also included an instructions on programming bit each month your sales would quadruple! Hi- Soft would make a bomb too as we would all upgrade to Devpac 2.
Could you also tell me why you don’t use a compactor on your disks, I do every month and save loads of space.
Neil Smith Llanfaes, Powys There are still a few back issues of ST Amiga Format Issue 10 available with the Devpac disk on
- contact our Somerton office to get hold of one.
PRAISE AND CRAZE I have some praises and crazes.
Firstly some praises. Future Wars ...WOW... Congratulations Del- phine, a marvellous piece of programming, the further you get in the game the better the animated sequences, brilliant. Any more games like this in the pipeline?
Praise No 2 - Cinemaware.
Nice job on It Came From the Desert. Pity it’s only 1 meg though, only the select few will be able to see the brilliant graphics involved - a superb opening sequence. Can’t wait to see the next one.
Now the crazes, the things that make you go Aaaaaaagh... and all that.
Are Commodore going to start bundling a decent mouse with their packages? You see mine is dead, won't work, defunct, kaput. He runs around OK, he puts the arrow where I want it, but when I tweak the little fellow’s ears - nothing, not even a click. On closer inspection I found the leaf contacts were black.
These things are silver plated.
A few years ago some'bod discovered that silver has better conductivity than copper, so everything became silver plated - hi-fi jack sockets, micro switches etc. But what old bod didn’t take into account was that silver... tarnishes, and when you get a film of tarnish, no more contact. If you try to clean the contacts in your mouse, before you know it you have worn through them and you are now rubbing your bare finger up and down the emery paper.
Enter the dead mouse. What is wrong with the carbon and silicon type of contact that is used in digital watches?
Craze No 2. Fissionchip.
Remember the game Krystal of Kanos? I find it difficult to complete the game because of the crappy fast load system used. I sometimes get three screens at once or the one I have just left. I even got a screen full of redheaded pirates. It looked like one of those that game designers use when animating characters.
You see, Fissionchip, most of us forked out £400 on our Amigas to get decent graphic adventures, so make it worthwhile eh? Don’t release the game if it isn’t going to work properly. And no, there isn’t anything wrong with my system because even my software dealer has stopped stocking the game because of returns. Same goes for Kult. Stop releasing junk - it doesn’t work on 1.3 machines. I returned the game to my dealers and we still haven't heard anything and that was in August. Have you got any ideas, Format team?
Michael Harvey Southwold, Suffolk Mice wear out like anything else - there are replacements available, notably the Naksha mouse reviewed last issue and the Boing mouse reviewed in Issue 5.
There's certainly no excuse for releasing bugged software, but incompatibility problems are tougher to deal with - getting the most out of the Amiga and sticking to the compatibility rules isn’t always possible.
Remember the original version of Kirsten Orbarski’s excellent Soundtracker program. I bought this program, but since then I’ve got hold of many other hackers’ versions that are much better. I know that these probably used some of the original code, but can these be classed as PD or shareware? They may have one or two bugs in them but they are far superior to the original.
I now use this program extensively for music but a few of my friends want copies of the I program. I'm not going to let them have a copy unless I'm sure it's PD or shareware.
LETTERS Lome Smith Bexhill-on-Sea, E Sussex Although the Hackers will claim that their versions of Sound Tracker are rewritten from scratch, and that no code from the original is used whatsoever (which is most probably the case), Sound Tracker (in all its incarnations) still remains on dodgy ground. Legally, Sound Tracker is still a commercial product that cannot be distributed in the same way as PD software, therefore most PD suppliers will not touch it with a barge pole. This is undoubtedly a great shame as Sound Tracker is an excellent program that is used extensively for the production
of music tracks within both demos and even commercial games software. We even recently heard a rumour that a well known games software house was actually employing a very well known cracker just to make changes to the version of Sound Tracker they were using. Try instead the PD programs Game Music Creator or Sound Monitor.
COLOURFUL WIFE I feel compelled to write so other readers may appreciate how helpful their wives can be when everything is not going to plan.
My husband has just bought a Star LC10 colour printer for his Amiga. He spent days using every combination possible, trying to do a graphic screen dump.
I decided to read his recently delivered Jan 1990 issue of Amiga Format -the article ‘Mystery Tour’.
I asked him if he had been in the system drawer and Initialised the printer. I’ll never forget that look on his face. He now spends many an hour printing colour pictures of Garfield, spaceships and tigers.
The lesson to be learnt is, even though the wife might think a workbench is found in the garage and shell is a type of petrol, she can already read Amiga Format or his instruction book while the husband uses trial and error.
Mrs I Burns Spennymoor, Co Durham PS My husband has just had his 40th birthday and life with his colour printer has made him young again.
I've heard of many things making someone feel young again, but never a colour printer. It just goes to show that the Amiga is a computer for all ages and sexes. Oh, and are females better readers?
INFECTED, DEJECTED Your Coverdisk with last month’s Amiga Format had some interesting stuff on it, eg Gamebusters, WB Hacks, Pprefs etc. So imagine my happiness when I booted it up to find all that good stuff on it. I decided however to check it with my Virus Killer 3.1. Imagine my disgust when I checked it and found a North Star virus on it.
I thought - it can’t be a virus, I’ve always known Amiga Format was a reliable magazine. I then thought of if I had played any games beforehand. The bad news was that I had and it's destroyed two-thirds of my collection.
It sickens me to see a good coverdisk packed with good utilities and (sometimes) a good game demo, but with a virus on it. As I found it I had no alternative but to kill it. It ruined most of my disk.
Then I found a non-standard boot code on another one of your disks and had to kill that as well.
I know you claim that most of your programs are virus free but this is out of the question. Either put a stop to these viruses and non-standard boot codes or I won’t get your magazine any more.
Lee Anderson Nelson, Lancs Your letter isn’t too clear about the order in which things occurred. It is almost certain that the virus came from one of your disks and not the Coverdisk. Issue 6 carried the usual boot-block that states that the disk is virus free. If that message doesn’t appear when you boot up then the boot- block has been altered. Our boot- block is non-standard but don’t use a virus killer on it unless the 'virus free’ message fails to appear when the disk is booted up. NB: the message appears when you boot up from the Coverdisk and not when you boot up from a Workbench disk
and then load the Coverdisk.
The Coverdisk master is always checked for viruses before it goes to our duplicators and it is virtually impossible that the Coverdisk could get a virus between leaving our offices and reaching your computer.
PIRATES AND PROTECTION This piracy thing. Personally I think that anyone who makes a profit out of pinching some poor sod’s hard work should be shot, or at least put away forever. These scumbags are destroying the industry and if they don’t stop then we are going to be stuck with some very expensive doorstops.
On the other hand there are some good points to note.
The pirates’ distribution network is bigger, better and faster than the software houses’ so why bother to fight them with these clever copy protection things that never work in the end anyway? I've seen loads of pirated games and I’m sure you have too, that work better than the original. One to note is Xenon II. The original only worked on a few Amigas due to the copy protection and was on two disks, whereas the pirated version worked on all Amigas and was only on one disk.
I admit that they must have some protection on their disks, but what’s wrong with the key disk technique? This worked very well as it allows you to make a backup copy for your own use, yet requires the original disk to work.
One to note on this is Deluxe Music Construction Set. I’ve seen copier programs that claim to copy this and even have parameters for it, but they never seem to work. Seems to be pretty good protection to me. Even better, why not use a counter technique as used on Pcs. This allows you to make a certain number of copies then no more, unless you un-install a copy. Both of these methods also allow you to copy the software onto a hard disk, something quite a few people would like.
Also, this manual protection, not a bad idea but it just doesn’t work. If I see a game that uses this method then I just don’t buy it.
Pure and simple as that. There's nothing more annoying than having to find a word in a manual, especially if, like me, you’re always losing them anyway. Besides, it takes a pirate about half an hour to cut this out as well.
Lome Smith Bexhill-on-sea, E Sussex We don’t see "loads of pirated games” - we don’t see any, because we want nothing to do with them or the pirates that produce them. Copy protection is never going to stop the determined pirate, though it does help restrict the casual copier. As I've said before in these pages, the difficulty of the problem doesn't mean we should give up. Pirates don't have a moral or legal argument to justify their actions, they are thieves, pure and simple. ¦ CHRISTMAS PUZZLE ANSWERS My wife has hidden my Christmas present under her dress (which, by the way, is
hanging up in the wardrobe). Wrapped in gold and silver foil paper, about the size of X-Cad Designer (drool), but there again it could be just a big bottle of aftershave.
Derek Boyle Billingham, Cleveland Well done on correctly solving the puzzle, Derek. We hope you did get X-Cad: if not and you got the smelly lotion, we calculate that it will take you 14 years 237 days, 3 weddings, 22 office parties, 72 trips to the theatre and 127 evenings in a night club to use the stuff up. Alternatively, drink it.
OH DEARY, DEARY ME Last month proved to be another poor month for cock-ups - only two. I just don’t think they’re trying to make mistakes, you know
- damn poor show. All they could come up with was getting some
captions out of place on Pages 18-19 and failing to identify
the map on Page 136 as being of Shadow of the Beast.
They even got all the Previews shots numbered correctly again. They’re taking all the fun out of bodge-spotting.
CAPTAIN WHINGE ...coffee machines, Cortina drivers, Barry Manilow, unoriginal games, football hooligans, push-top taps, the new can ring-pulls, ads for Whiskas, obvious wigs, poodle haircuts, the UK defence budget, losing the end of the Sellotape, musical phone holds, car drivers wearing hats, professional fouls, critics of the long-bal! Game, Kylie Minogue, broken photocopiers, lift music, people with three middle initials, personalised number plates, plastic spoilers, Australian soaps, losing a contact lens, broken zips, people who pick their noses at traffic lights, flares, broken paving
slabs, losing shirt buttons, the penny change from things that cost £?.99, viruses, exclusives, cash machines that give out £20 notes, reviews of demos, anyone who steals my biros... CYBERTWITS It doesn’t take much to get Mark Strachan and Dominic Wheatley of Domark to dress up in funny clothes, but that’s enough about their private lives. Here we have the idiosyncratic chappies promoting their new game Cyberball by wearing lots of padding and trying to look mean. Sorry chaps, but such charming, likeable guys as yourselves could never look mean and nasty - nice to have the silly pictures
back though.
COMPETITION WINNERS Here are the winners of the competitions run in the January issue.
MOONWALKER COMP - Answers l)c, 2)b,
3) b; WINNER (Discman, CD’s, T-shirt and game): M Taiwo, Fixby:
RUNNERS-UP (T-shirt, badge and game): R Nicol, Hatfield; M
Cozens, Dymchurch; Steven Hendry, Trentham; CJ Holt, Hough;
Arash Shababi, Kingswood; Nicola London, Hornchurch; Andy
Banwell, St George; MJ Stevenson, Hyson Green; CS Tubbs, Leek;
James O’Hanlon, Peckham; Michael Morris, Bridlington; Troy
Helm, Brighton; E Wilkinson, Ashington; Amar Patel, Wapping;
lain Brown, Tongham; Jason Cook, Somercotes; David Black,
Kings Heath; Michael Barber, Stamshaw; J Dalby, Pontyberem;
Tom Chapman, Earls Barton; Andrew Butler, Westcliff- on-sea; N
Muldrew, Milton Keynes; Matthew King, Verwood; RG Davenport,
Tickhill; Krisjan Robert Smith, Lymington.
HARD DRIVIN’ COMP - Answers l)a, 2)c,
3) a; WINNERS (radio controlled Ferrari):IS Brown, BFPO 43; S
Edgey, Lower Woodside; Andy Grant, Kilmorack; Alan Robertson,
Portslade; Nicolas Michaelides, Ealing.
TRACK COMP - Answers Db, 2)b, 3)c; WINNER (Superpic): Vic Storey, BFPO 40: RUNNERS-UP (Acquisition 1.3): Robert Baulk, Wheatley Hills; A Mottram, Hatton; Christian Boatswain, Swansea; Kevin Mills, Hawley; Paul Hine, North Petherton.
ACTIVISION COMP - Answers l)c, 2)a, 3)b; WINNER (22 games): Kevin Hobden, Lincoln.
PHOTOFILE COMP - Answers Db, 2)a, 3)c; WINNER (Sniper camera): David Carter, Woking. The winning tie-breaker was - 'I would photograph the Battle of Hastings because the original tapestry offers such a low resolution and all the perspective is wrong."
NEXT MONTH Next month’s issue, out on Thurs 8th March, will be warmly wonderful in a fluffy kind of way. It will have loads of cuddly features to bring a rosy glow to your keyboard. There’s a fascinating piece on multi-media, more programming with Dave Jones, a look at scanners and a fabulously addictive Coverdisk demo.
ADVERTISER’S INDEX 16 Bit Centre ....116 17 Bit Software ..88 A-Z Computer Supplies 55 AB Computer Supplies .126 Ace Repairs 91 Amiganuts ... 88 Ampower ...... ....124 Anco 40 Ark ...81 Artronic ...... 18 Ashcom 78 Athene 66 Audition Compact Services ......72 BBD Dust Covers .. 101 B & B Computer Supplies 124 Best Prices ... 94
Bitman .... ...88 Blitsoft 91 Business Computer Centre 104 Byte Back ... 52 Calco . 101 Club 68000 . 82 Computer Express ..48 Computer House .27 Computer Store ..78 Computer Technology ....97 Crazy Joes ..88 Dataplex ... 130 Datel ...... 58-61 Delta Pi .....129 Demon Software ..... 91
Digicom .... 62 DS & K Deisgns 117 Elite .30
E. M.P.D.L .....91 Esp Software
117, 129 Evesham ...132
First Choice .....1 30 First Micro
....79 GFA
123 Grandslam
...51, 75 Guiding Light
108 Hammersoft .....108
Harwoods ..28-29 Hi Soft
.21 Hobbyte
......81 Home Based
.....1 29 Incredibly Useful People
129 Intermediates
.... 22 Joy of
Life . 124
JTS .. 87 Ladbroke
...106 Mail Centre
.66 Manderin Software
.97 Manor Court ...... 87
Matrix 108 MD Office Supplies
.105 Medusa 94 Megaland
..... 65 Memory Expansion .76
Merlin Express ..... 8 Micronet
.....14 Microtext
Miditech .... 101 Midland Microsoft
...98 Mindscape . IBC
Mirrorsoft .... 39 MJC Supplies
...124 Nova
Oasis ... 68 Ocean
..IFC-3, OBC, 34 Palace
11 5 PD Purple
Photofile ..... 81 Power Computing
.....43-45 Premier Mail Order ......134
Psygnosis 6
Quadsoft ... 1 26 Ramsoft
....114 Red Computers
126 Riverdene PDL .... 91
Rombo .. 11 Sabre 16
.... 98 Selec
.130 Senlac
.87 Siren Software
55 Soft Exchange .....97 Soft
Machine ...... 72 Softsellers
Softstore ... 114 Softville
......92 Software
City ... 113 Software Superstore .....
84 Strategic Plus .. 126 TAM
Marketing . 117 Triiogic ..... 56
Turbosoft .... 66 UK
Amiga .. 108 Unique
Technique ..108
W. C.A ...88 Worldwide
.104 Rocket into the striking realism
and spectacular visuals of SPACE ROGUE, the phenomenal 3D
space flight simulation. You’ll discover authentic flight
dynamics, precision navigational aids and sophisticated
weapons technology as you maneuver through turbulent ion
storms and confront alien foes. You’ll visit space stations
and mining outposts swapping tales with pirates, drinks with
friends and goods with merchants. It’s the seamless
integration of space flight and role playing that makes SPACE
ROGUE the first ORIGIN Cinematic Experience™.
Available for: IBM Tandy compatibles, Commodore C-64 128, Apple II series. Coming soon for Amiga and Macintosh.
I N D S C A P M For further information on Mindscape products and your local Dealer, contact: Mindscape International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 4DW. Tel. (044 486) 545 547.
LOCK & LOAD __ 1
* * PDOM SUPPLIES * * * Excellent quality blank disks including
labels: 10-E7.00, 50-£33.00. 100-£61.00. Blank disk labels.
100-E3.00. 1000-E10.00. Disk boxes: 10 capacity £1.50, 20
capacity £3.00, and lockables: 50 capacity £4.50. 100 capacity
£7.00. Disk and box: 10 £8.00, 20 £16.00, 50 £35.00 and 100
£65.00. Disk cleaning kits -£2.50. 2 Available with or without
calendar clock. * Plugs easily into A500 slot so no soldering.
* Switch provided to switch RAM in out. * Battery backed
calendar clock, retains time date on switch off. * Amazing low
512K RAM Extension board £19.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock £29.99 512K RAM Extension board, populated £79.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock, populated £89.99 Our trained technicians can repair all hardware, including Amigas, in minimum time at competitive rates.

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