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The most amazing collection of Amiga hints, tips, cheats and pokes ever to hit the shelves! ¦ 'More exciting and imaginative than a dozen Sci-Fi novels!' Issac Aditov, Author. ¦ 'How do you plug it in?' Anonymous console owner. ¦ 'I didn't look at it, really.' Alison Willis, Author's fiance ¦ 'We reviewed and rated it about two months before it was finished. By the way, what's on the naff coverdisk?' Our competitors. ¦ 'It was just the job for fixing that wobbly table leg.' R Supward, Housewife. ¦ 'Brill 'n' trifffic A nerd With thanks to Ian Osborne and everyone else at Impact Editions for sorting out an untidy inheritance... Impact Magazines (UK) Limited Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW Telephone: (0584)875851 Facsimile: (0584)876044 AMIGA FORCE is Britain's brightes and most authoritative independent magazine 100% dedicated to Amiga games.

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Document sans nom ¦ The most amazing collection of Amiga hints, tips, cheats and pokes ever to hit the shelves!
¦ 'More exciting and imaginative than a dozen Sci-Fi novels!' Issac Aditov, Author.
¦ 'How do you plug it in?' Anonymous console owner.
¦ 'I didn't look at it, really.'
Alison Willis, Author's fiance ¦ 'We reviewed and rated it about two months before it was finished.
By the way, what's on the naff coverdisk?' Our competitors.
¦ 'It was just the job for fixing that wobbly table leg.' R Supward, Housewife.
¦ 'Brill 'n' trifffic A nerd With thanks to Ian Osborne and everyone else at Impact Editions for sorting out an untidy inheritance... Impact Magazines (UK) Limited Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW Telephone: (0584)875851 Facsimile: (0584)876044 AMIGA FORCE is Britain's brightes and most authoritative independent magazine 100% dedicated to Amiga games.
Out from Impact Magazines every tour weeks, it's jam-packed with opinionated, detailed reviews, news and playing guides plus extra items like this players' guide.
First published in the UK by Impact Magazines (UK) Limited, 1993 Copyright © 1993 Impact Magazines (UK) Limited Cover design by Oliver Frey All rights reserved.
ISBN 1 874660 11 5 All rights reserved Printed and bound in Great Britain by Cox & Wyman Ltd, Reading 10987654321 This book is given away free with the December issue of AMIGA FORCE on the condition that it shall not. By way of trade or otherwise, be lent. Sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published.
Yowzers! ( A 1 Once I | O J again the « AMIGA I) € ""X FORCE crew $ fall over A 1 themselves to bring you V an action- ‘ Cached volume crammed tothe rim with terrific tips, chilling cheats and cracking codes! You can always tell an AMIGA FORCE reader they never winge about getting stuck in games.
Needless to say we've all the best game-bending cheats on offer, but also complete playing guides to Street Fighter II and Zool it was the devil's own |ob working them out, but we spare no hardship for our readers.
So what are you waiting for loyal reader? Load those games and check out the best cheats in the business (sort of!)
GAZZA 2 Empire During the game, hit Esc while you’re ahead to blow the final whistle. Holding fire lofts the ball into the air do this from the centre circle to score every time.
GEMINI WING (Tronix) The level pass-codes are: 2 MR.WIMPY; 3 CLASSICS; 4 WHIZZKID; 5 GUNSHOTS; 6 DOODGUYZ; 7 D.GIBSON Action Replay Codes; Gemini Wing 108FF Lives (player 1) 10901 Lives (player 2) GHOSTBUSTERS II (Hit Squad) Insert disk two first, then when the ‘Insert disk one’ message appears, insert disk one. When the game loads, press RETURN to skip levels.
GHOSTS 'N' GOBLINS Kixx On the high-scores table type (!). To kill collision detection. Another method of achieving exactly the same thing is by typing DELBOY on the credits screen.
GHOULS 'W GHOSTS (Kixx) Type KARENBROADHURST on the title screen to remove the collision detection, so you can’t get hit.
GODFATHER, THE (US Gold) Pause the game using the Help key, and type PIZZA HUT for infy energy.
GODS (Renegade) Action Replay Code; Gods TFD 224 Lives GOLDEN AXE (Virgin Tronix) Play in one-player mode, but with a second joystick connected. When you die, press ‘fire’ on second stick to get three extra lives.
GRAHAM GOOCH WORLD CLASS CRICKET (Audiogenic) When bowling, pick a leg- or off-spinner. Place the box directly in line with the wicket, and bowl with no spin at all. The ball bounces over the opponent’s bat and hits.
GREAT GIANA SISTERS, THE Rainbow Arts Hold keys A, R, M, I, N to access the next level.
GREMLINS II (Elite) For infy lives on the high-score table enter your name as Sinatra and you’ll complete it ‘Your Way’.
HAGAR THE HORRIBLE (Kingsoft) Level codes: 1 FEAFGN, 2 JVSAMK, 3 ASGAPQ, 4 UWFXPY, 5 FSXRIC, 6 DZAGTG, 7 WFYILD HARD DRIVIN' (Respray) Select manual gears, then accelerate to full speed. At this point, change into neutral: you should now be invincible to collisions.
HiLTiR SKELTER (Audiogenic) Level Codes: 11 SPIN 21 FLIP 32 BALL 41 GOAL 51 LEFT 61 TWIN 71 PLAY HEROQUEST (GBH Gold) Save your dosh until you can afford a missile weapon. When you’ve got one, shoot at the monsters through open doorways. They won’t shift until you enter the room, so you can kill a fair amount of them without taking any risks.
HORROR ZOMBIES FROM THE CRYPT (GBH) During play type CHEATMODE, then use F10 to skip levels.
HUDSON HAWK (Ocean) Pause the game and type SANITYCLAUSISCOM- INGTOTOWN (no spaces) for infy lives.
Alternatively type SCIENCEFICTION on the title screen, then skip levels by pressing Delete.
HUMANS (Mirage) Level codes: 1 DARWIN, 2 ANDIE PANDIE, 3 GET A LIFE, 4 CARLOS, 5 HOWIE, 6 MOOBLE, 7 CSL, 8 THE HUMBLE ONE, 9 PIXIE, 10 MILESTONE 15 RED DWARF; 20 SMART; 25 JIMS TIES; 30 MALCY MALC; 35 MaD FREDDY; 40 BANANNA MOON; 45 VIVIAN; 50 RANGERS; 55 CONSOLIDATED; 60 PROMISED LAND; 65 A34732473; 70 NIN; 75 LORDS OF CHAOS; 80 BYE BYE BYE HYDRA Domark Type KILLKILLKILL during play to activate the hidden cheat mode. Hit F to return your fuel to maximum and Return to cycle through your weapons.
IKARI WARRIORS (Elite) Type FREERIDE on the high-scores table for infy energy.
IMPOSSAMOLE (Gremlin) On the high score table, try the following: LUMBAJAK Doubles Monty’s energy bar HEINZ Three energy bars ANNFRANK Tops up low energy OUCHOUCH Can walk on water INDY AND THE LAST CRUSADE (ACTION GAME) (Kixx) On the title screen, type IEHOVAH and the screen flashes. During the game, press: L skip levels; 1 and 2 reach restart points in level. Enter your high-score name as SILLYNAM for infinite lives.
INTERNATIONAL ICE HOCKEY (Zeppelin) Simplistic simulation of the tough sport fans are better off waiting for Electronic Arts' conversion of their excellent Mega Drive game.
Whenever you score, pause the game until the music stops. You’re then given some extra points.
INTERNATIONAL KARATE + (Hit Squad) To give yourself a considerable advantage, press the Space Bar when you’re knocked over, then press fire while the game is paused. You can no longer be touched.
For some amusing responses, try the following; FREZ, PAC, FISH, BIRD, PERT, ANBK, ANGL, EDHK, FOOK, GLZP, SHAH, SIMR, STEW, SUNL, TOTO. If you’re really brave, try a few four- letter swear words too!
INTERNATIONAL RUGBY CHALLENGE Domark When in the lead, pause the game. The action stops, but the timer doesn’t - let the time expire and you’ve won.
INTERPHASE (Imageworks) Type ‘Fenny’ (capital ‘F’) to access the object viewer utility.
IVANHOE (Ocean) For extra lives pause the game and type ZOBI- NETTE. You can now press 7 for an extra life or ‘N’ to skip the level.
JAGUAR XJ220 (Core) As soon as the starter says ‘GO’, press P. Now press it again to win instantly even the real car’s not that fast!
JAMES POND JUDGE DREDD (GBH) On Level One free all the lobsters and approach the entrance pipe. There’ll be a green rock to the left of it pull yourself down on it to access Level Six!
JIMMY WHITE'S WHIRLWIND SNOOKER (Virgin) Enter the trickshot mode and press F7, then F4, and finally F1. Return to the control menu, access demo mode and there should be a new option ‘Make a 147 break’. Select this to see the computer play like ol’ Jimmy.
JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL (Electronic Arts) If you keep getting hammered, try these passcodes: 0540300 quarter-final, 0150361 semi-final, 0550361 the Superbowl.
(Virgin) On the computer screen, log on as DREDD and type BRUCKEN PLAYING HERO QUEST. You can now press HELP to skip levels.
JUMPING JACKSON (Infogrames) Level codes: 5 ROCKNROLL, 9 NOISES, 13 ELVIS.
KARATE KID 2 Mirrorsoft Type MYAGI on the high-score table, then press P to skip levels.
KICK OFF 2 (Anco) Cheat against computer opponents by substituting their goalie with an outfield player. It’s just not cricket it’s football actually!
KICK OFF: EXTRA TIME (Anco) To prevent the computer scoring penalties, turn on your joystick’s autofire and hold the fire button.
Alternatively just repeatedly hit fire.
KID GLOVES (GBH) At the start, press F1 to pause, type in RHIAN- NON and press F9 for infinite lives. At any time in the game, repeat the process, but press F8 (instead of F9) for nine keys, nine spells, three extra lives, nine smart bombs and $ 10,000.
XLJUC (Respray) How’s this for a simple cheat, though? Just press 3 to skip a level, and 4 to go straight to the last level!
LAST NINJA 3 (System 3) Here are some level codes: 1 SUSS, 2 IMED, 3 URTI, 4 BASD, 5 NVOS LEANDER (Psygnosis) World 3 ZXSP World 4 LVFT LEGEND (Mindscape) Remove enough armour so your AC is at least +11. It should suddenly become 245.
LEMMINGS 2 (Psygnosis) On the main menu, click in all four corners starting with the top left and working clockwise. You then hear ‘Let’s go!’ (if you don’t, try again until you do you have to be very accurate with the pointer). You can now access any level.
LEONARDO (Starbyte) 10 EMMENTALER 20ALPHORN 30 MATTERHORN And for infy lives, try typing FREIBIERC LETHAL WEAPON (Ocean) During play, simultaneously press: Alt, Y and I turn off sprite collision; Alt, Y and K increase ammo; Alt, Y and L increase lives; Alt, Y and M remove sprites and platforms; Alt, Y and N replace sprites and platforms; Alt, Y and Q 'game completed’; Alt, Y and any key from 1 to 0 access other areas.
Mission codes: 1 KUIRFR; 2 BEIFCF; 3 RSRKBA; 4 LYLSUA Jump on the notice board next to the Mission One entrance and press ‘up’. You enter a secret room with four free lives in it. After doing this, enter a code as BMSIPR to advance to the last level with eight lives.
LIGHT CORRIDOR, THE (Infogrames) Level codes: Level 10 3305 Level 20 6811 Level 30 5518 Level 40 1825 Level 50 9932 LINE OF FIRE (US Gold) Type OPERATION FERRET (including the space) on the joystick select screen. Whoopee, you’re invulnerable!
LOGICAL (Rainbow Arts) Typing in THE FINAL CUT takes you to the construction kit.
LOTUS III (Gremlin) Here are the codes for the Hard tracks (enter them via Define menu and select question mark on Course panel): 1 IYVVNVEQR-35; 2 KAZZNIKAI-45; 3 FGQLJGDAF-65; 4 MFFSRPYDU; 5 PLQTZQDPE; 6 ZKZGKJKKK-50; 7 TGGJGGTTT-63; 8 AFZYBQCJT-70; 9 JBOUKJHKA-99; 10 DASICOTET-80; 11 XDNVSEECE-85; 12 QDSCJVEBT; 13 SKGYXXXXK-57; 14 YKGJWVNAK-92; 15 WJMEGMEQH-60 Also, try typing GAMESMAST into the code box for a special course.
LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE (GBH) Select a two-player game, and enter Player One’s name as IN A BIG COUNTRY; Player Two as FIELDS OF FIRE. You’ll then qualify every time. Also, enter the players’ names as MONSTER and SEVENTEEN for a bonus game.
LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE 2 (Gremlin) When asked for a password, type TURPENTINE to stop the clock, or DEESIDE for automatic qualification. To access the different courses type: Night TWILIGHT; Fog PEA SOUP; Snow THE SKIDS; Desert PEACHES; Motorway LIVERPOOL; Marsh BAGLEY; Storm E BOW. To access a secret sub-game enter the code as DUX.
MAGICLAND DIZZY (CodeMasters) Pause the game and type in DIAMONDS AND PEARLS for infinite Dizzys.
MAGIC POCKETS (Renegade) When you lose your last life, hold fire the game restarts, but your score doesn’t reset. After 100,000 points you become superpowered.
MANCHESTER UNITED (GBH) Press the left mouse button during pTSy to cripple your opponents, making even the toughest teams a cinch to beat (quick phone Alex Ferguson!).
If you’re really barmy, press Esc and Ctrl during play to lose 5-0.
MANIC MINER (Software Projects) Pause the game and press * for nine extra lives.
MARBLE MADNESS (Ariolasoft) After Level One, stay where you are and wait, and see what happens.
MEGA-LO-MANiA (Imageworks) Progress easily through the epochs with these level codes: 2 BNYABDUNBHV, 3 COVCPMJVEBL, 4 WKCCHIEUKNL, 5 GATAVRXRONT, 6 WWKOXGPXBDZ, 7 KUUCTOPLGHV, 8 PEHAJBPKZAQ, 9 GYSOJHPNFHN To get it to work on the A1200, turn off the speech before running.
Action Replay Code; 17ED7 Men MENACE (Sizzlers) Type XR3ITURBONUTTERBASTARD (no spaces) for the full quota of weapons. You can do this as often as you like.
METAL MASTERS (Games Worth Playing) Press F4 to freeze your opponent.
MICKEY MOUSE (Gremlin) While playing, enter 61315688. The border should flash. Hit the following keys: F2 Open door to next subgame F3 Start fight with witch F4 Refill water pistol MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE (Ocean) For infinite lives and energy, type IT’S EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW (including spaces) on the title screen.
MIDWINTER (Kixx XL) Instead of recruiting your team, just grab a big stick of dynamite and make your way to the enemy HQ. KERBOOM!
Also, the initial setup is controlled by where you click the mouse on the start screen.
MIDWINTER % (MicroProse) To gain control of the islands, you only need take nine of them LOBOS, NDOLA, CAMARGO, MAKAT, DHAFIA, GHAZAL, DJOUM, SATARA, SIKASSO. Take them in any order.
MIGHT AND MAGIC III (New World Computing) Here’s some codes to use in the teleporter; HOME, SEADOG, FREEMAN, REDHOT, AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH.
MONTY PYTHON'S PLYING CIRCUS (Virgin) On the high-score table enter your name as SEMPRINI to restart on the same level you died on.
MOONSTONE (Mindscape Classics) Enter Stonehenge and click on Strength for an extra life.
At the beginning, go right until you get to the first dustbin. Shoot it until it turns blue for infy lives.
¦ NARCO POLICE (GBH) Oo-eck, the cheats are in Spanish! MUNICION Ammo boosted to 200; NOAMETZ* Turn off machine guns in sector *; NOCAMZ* Turn them on again in sector *; NOENEMIG Get rid of enemies; COMENZAR Bring them back; ABRIR Open any security door. (* add number) NAVY S.E.A.L.S (Ocean) On the high-score table enter your name as PSBOYS. Now you can press H to pause and ESCAPE to skip levels.
NEBULUS (Hewson) For infinite lives, type HELLOIAMJMP on the title screen. Press F1-8 to choose your starting tower.
NEBULUS 2 (Hewson) For weapons, enter the following codes BLUE- HOUSE for the ‘down’ towers and HOUSE- BLUES for the ‘up’ towers.
Level Codes: L5 The Fun ICEHOUSE L9 The Alien LANDANDLOVE L13 The Winter GREENTREES NEVERMIND (Sizzlers) On the title screen, type 328GTS and the message ‘Cheat now on, Steve' should appear.
During play, press the right mouse button to skip levels.
NEW ZEALAND STORY (Hit Squad) For infinite lives, on the title screen type in FLUFFY KIWIS FOR PRESIDENT (a lot cleaner than the notorious C64 cheat mode!). You can now press Help to skip levels.
NICK FALDO'S CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF (Grandslam) Type MAJORTOM on the title screen. You now have a bonus nine-hole course to play on Mars!
NICKY BOOM (Microids) Level codes... 1 MEDIT 2 KRATTY 3 MIRTES 4 ARRAX 5 JANIR 6 TRINOS 7 SIXAN NIGHT BREED (Hit Squad) Type RISEN FROM THE DEAD for infy lives.
NINJA WARRIORS (Virgin) Complete the first level without using a cheat and without killing a hunchback, and you get a new baddie at the end of Level Two. Press Caps Lock, type CHEDDAR, then turn Caps Lock off again.
This gives you infy lives. Alternatively, replace CHEDDAR with: A SMALL STEP FOR MAN jumping enemies jump off screen; KYLIE screen inverts; MONTY PYTHON enemies walk backwards; SKIPPY enemies bounce; STEVE AUSTIN press S for slow motion; THE TERMINATOR body parts explode when you die! SNOW WHITE turn your dude into a dwarf.
NITRO (Sizzlers) Enter your name as MAJ to get 5,000 fuel units and a whopping 50 credits.
OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS (Psygnosis) Action Replay Codes; 9D74 Climbers 9D7B Bombers 9D7D Diggers 9D81 Builders 9D83 Blockers 9D85 Bashers 9D87 Floaters 9D89 Miners OOOPS UP (Demonware) Level codes: 4799 A234 ER7E DK39 R2T7 OPERATION THUNDERBOLT (Hit Squad) When you get to the high-score table, enter your name as WIGAN NINJA to receive infinite lives.
ORBC (Psygnosis) Enter a computer and press fire in all four corners of the screen. Hit the following: A Replenish Ammo F More Fuel H Full Health Return Take off or Land OUT RUN (US Gold Kixx) While playing, hold the keys STARION. Now press: B Extend Play Q Get info about the game T Extra ten seconds D Save screen as a Degas picture S Move through different scenes PANG ¦ (Hit Squad) Type WHAT A NICE CHEAT on the map screen it’ll turn purple, allowing you to start the game at any level.
PARADROID '90 (Graftgold Hewson) On the title screen press F3 for the cheat mode.
PARASOL STARS (Ocean) Plug your mouse into the second player’s joystick port and select one-player mode. Now press the right mouse button to clear the current level.
PGA TOUR (Electronic Arts) Ever wished those computer players would stop getting all those birdies? Well, before playing the first hole, click the button for the tournament statistics and look through them all. When you play the game, your computer opponents should keep dropping shots.
PINBALL FANTASIES (21st Century) Before selecting the number of players, type in: EXTRA BALLS for five instead of three; DIGITAL ILLUSIONS to stop the ball going out of play; EARTHQUAKE to disable tilt; HIGHLANDER for heavier balls; VACUUM CLEANER to clear high scores; FAIR PLAY to disable cheats.
PIT-FIGHTER (Hit Squad) Type LOBSTERS during play, then 1-10 to skip levels. Pressing C takes you to the championship level; L to the elimination round.
PLATOON (Ocean) On the title screen enter HAMBURGER. Press F4 to take you to the village. Move to the far-left hut, take the torch from the round pot and go two huts to the left. Shoot the guard and get the map, then exit through the trapdoor in the hut on the right to Level Two.
POWERMONGER (Electronic Arts) To invent things really quickly, click on ‘invent’ and, when your men leave, click on it again. You should get a catapult almost instantly. Note that this cheat only works once on each island, though.
PP HAMMER (Global) Level codes; 5 AWHATGBH; 10 TIWVG- WIE; 15 ICFJJJEB; 20 SSVJECRV; 25 DFDGRTUS; 30 RVJBTFHH; 35 CICBG- WVE; 40 RBHGJICB; 45 BRAEEBIV; 50 JEFHRSDS PREDATOR 2 (Imageworks) For infy lives, pause the game and type YOUR ONE UGLY MOTHER. If that fails, try replacing YOUR with YOURE.
PREMIER MANAGER (Gremlin) On the telephone, dial 000123 to change one of your midfielders' passing skill to 99 (his name becomes Lotus 3). This can be repeated and applied to all team members by moving them into midfield. Dial 753423 instead, and your goalie’s PRINCE Q¥ PERSIA (Domark The Hit Squad) Hold Caps Lock and press L to skip levels.
PROJECT X (Team 17) Level 2’s final guardian is particularly tricky, but can be beaten as long as you’re armed with side shot and homing missiles. When the guardian appears move straight to the top-right corner of the screen. Stay there and keep the fire button held down to destroy the big baddie.
1) 00512, 2) 01536, 3) 01024, 4) 03072, 5) 03584,
6) 02560, 7) 02048, 8) 06144, 9) 06656, 10) 07680, 11) 07168, 12)
05122, 13) 05634, 14) 04610, 15) 04098, 16) 12290, 17) 12802,
18) 13826, 19) 13314 20,) 15362 21) 15878, 22) 14854, 23)
14342, 24) 10246, 25) 10758, 26) 11782, 27) 11270, 28) 09222,
29) 09734, 30) 08718, 31) 08206, 32) 24590, 33) 25102, 34)
26126, 35) 25614, 36) 27662, 37) 28174, 38) 27150, 39) 26638,
40) 30734, 41) 31246, 42) 32270, 43) 31774, 44) 29726, 45)
30238, 46) 29214, 47) 28702, 48) 20510, 49) 21022, 50) 22046,
51) 21534, 52) 23582, 53) 24094, 54) 23070, 55) 22558, 56)
18494, 57) 19006, 58) 20030, 59) 19518, 60) 17470, 61) 17982,
62) 16956, 63) 16510, 64) 16511, 65) 17023, 66) 18047, 67)
17535, 68) 19583, 69) 20095, 70) 19071, 71) 18559, 72) 22655,
73) 23167, 74) 24191, 75) 23679, 76) 21631, 77) 22143, 78)
21247, 79) 20735, 80) 28927, 81) 29439, 82) 30463, 83) 29951,
84) 31999, 85) 32511, 86) 31487, 87) 30975, 88) 26879, 89)
27647, 90) 28671, 91) 28159, 92) 26111, 93) 26623, 94)
QUADRAUEN (Pocket Power) Level codes; 2 170961; 3 010655;
Core 610169.
QUARTZ Activision If your energy’s low, stand still without firing to be replenish it.
RAILROAD TYCOON (MicroProse) Press Shift and $ to refill your coffers.
RAINBOW ISLANDS (Hit Squad) On the title screen, type; BLRBJSBJ Permanent fast shoes RJSBJSBR Permanent double rainbows LBSJRLJL Continue at any stage RRLLBBJS Hidden food turns into money bags RRRRSBSJ Continues and shows hidden bonuses SRBJSLSB Gives 1,000,000 points SSSLLRRS Increases shooting speed SSSLLLRRS & SPACE Increased credits BJBJBJRS Shows hint 1 LJLSLBLS Shows hint 2.
RAMBO III (Ocean) Type RENEGADE on the high score table and press 1, 2, or 3 to access that level.
RICK DANGEROUS (Kixx) On the high-score table, enter your name as POOKY, and you can restart on the highest level already reached.
ROADBLASTERS (Kixx) Loadsa cheats for this old coin-op conversion; On the starting line, type LAVILLASTRANGIATO, then: P refuel; S next stage; X spins car; G end game; 1 cannons; 2 missiles; 3 shields; 4 nitro; 0 remove weapons.
ROAD RASH (Electronic Arts) Get a kick-start with these pass-codes: Panda 600 00000 00J00 102VS 21JUD Banzai 750 00000 00J01 113BT 22KDP Kamikaze 750 00000 00S20 117H5 33UV1 Ferruci 850 00000 01420 019G5 457VO Diablo 1000 00000 01S90 10EGJ 576IK Shuriken 1000 00000 01421 109G5 448VN Also, to reach Level 2 with a Diablo bike and £41 million, enter the code: 21132 011H7 VUKBE 27QAG.
ROBOCOD (Millennium) At the start, collect (in order): Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple and Tap for invincibility. On sports level, after second spike pit, get Lips, Ice-cream, Violin, Earth and Snowman for extra lives.
Leave first room straight away via the left point and all the game’s doors open.
Typing LITTLE MERMAID during play allows you to use the following cheat keys: F wings, X go straight to the exit, P plane, B bath, C car. Not all keys work on all levels.
ROBOCOP (Hit Squad) Hold down the Shift key and type ALEX MURPHY (including the space), press fire, then press the left mouse button. Your energy is restored. For infy power, pause the game and type BEST KEPT SECRET ROBOCOP 2 (Ocean) First, type SERIALINTERFACE on the title screen. During the game, press F9 to top up your energy, and F10 to skip levels.
ROBOCOP 3 (Ocean) Hold down the Shift key, type THE DIDDY MEN.
You can then press Esc to skip levels.
RODLAND (Storm) Pause the game and press Help exactly five times for infinite lives. Press the Space Bar to skip levels.
ROLLING RONNY (Virgin) Enter TRACTOR on the high scores table for infy energy. You can fly now, too... ROME AD92 (Millennium) Effects codes hold Alt and type the following: HERCULANEUM 764 Start thunder and lightning 826 Start volcano exploding 293 Give host some money 119 Give host toga 275 Force ship to dock BRITAIN 232 Rain 233 Fine 234 Night 235 Day 868 Monitor sentinel’s strategies 490 Win level Effects codes hold Alt and type the following: ROME ONE 682 Win level 792 More cash 442 Evening 443 Night 624 Start a dice game 635 Start a play 426 Start a
slave auction 857 Emperor’s speech 608 Buy a slave girl 719 Buy a slave 702 Start the games 299 Appear in palace ROME TWO 362 Win level 102 Register candidates 103 Register Hector 114 Buy a slave 305 Start games 436 Start election when Hector is a candidate 437 Start election when Hector isn’t a candidate 410 Pretend to have borrowed money 792 Add to Hector’s cash 442 Evening 443 Night 551 Own slave girl ROME THREE 624 Win level 403 Night 434 Buy slave 792 Add to Hector’s cash EGYPT 691 Enable map blips for sentinels 661 Monitor sentinel’s
strategies 809 Win level RUNNING MAN, THE (Grandslam) For infinite energy, get a high score and enter your name as DdliSsKk SDI (Activision) Shoot all the swirling pods, then enter your name in the high-score table as ALERIC. You can now use the function keys to skip levels.
SENSIBLE SOCCER (Renegade) Load CUSTOM TEAMS and select England and Germany for a friendly match. The game will continue as normal, but in black and white just like the 1966 World Cup final!
SEUCK GAMES (SEUCK GBH) Plug joysticks into both ports. Select a one-player game, and when all your lives are gone, pick up the second stick and hit ‘fire’ to carry on. As far as we know, this works on all SEUCK games.
SILKWORM (lYonix) If that fails, hold down HELP while pressing FIRE to start the game. You now have infy lives, and can move through the levels by hitting the numeric and minus keys.
SIM CITY (Inffogrames) Hold down Shift and type in FUND each time you do this you’re given $ 10,000. Be careful, though: do it too often and you’ll suffer from major earthquakes!
SHADOW DANCER (US Gold) Pause the game and type GIVE ME INFINITES for, erm, infinite lives!
SHADOW OF THE BEAST (Psygnosis) For infy lives depress both mouse buttons and joystick fire when you see the Shadow Of The Beast logo during loading. Keep them held until you’re told to insert disk 2.
SHADOW OF THE BEAST 2 (Psygnosis) Walk right till the natives appear, press A, and type in TEN PINTS. You now have infinite lives. If this fails, when the game starts, go right to the first man with the spear, hit A (ask), and type SUNSTOVE SHADOW WARRIORS (Hit Squad) Press Ctrl, Esc, F2, 5, C, J, Help, right Alt, the left bracket key and the small Enter on the numeric keypad. The bottom of the title screen will turn purple. Pressing 1 or 2 gives players more energy, Q makes them invincible and Help skips levels (phew!).
SHINOBI (Tronix) For infy credits pause the game and type LARSXVIII SILKWORM (Ttonix) On the control options screen, type SCRAP 28 for infinite jeeps and choppers. During play, press 1-8 to skip to that level.
SLEEPWALKER (Ocean Comic Relief) On the title screen type ‘DINGADINGDANGMY- DANGALONGLINGLONG’ (honest). Ralph and Lee’s noses turn green. From now on you can hit RETURN to skip levels or TAB to get nine lives, full energy, all animations and all balloons.
SLY SPY (Ocean) Enter the level code as 007. You can then type SHAKEN NOT STIRRED for infinite credits.
SPACE CRUSADE (Gremlin) When attacked hit Escape repeatedly to reduce the attacker’s score.
SPHERICAL (Logotron) Type BLADERUNNER on the title screen. You can now skip levels by hitting the numeric keys.
SPY WHO LOVED ME, THE (Domark) Type MISS MONEYPENNY on the title screen for infy lives.
STARGLIDER 2 (Mirror Image) When you start playing, press F to bring your ship to a halt when it’s stopped, pause the game. Type WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD and press 1. Pressing K re-arms your ship.
ST DRAGON (Storm) For infinite lives, press Caps Lock and type WHATS WRONG NEVER SEEN A GUY WHO SLEPT WITH A FISH BEFORE and then press Return and Caps Lock. Alternatively, type in DECAFFEINATED for invincibility.
STEG (CodeMasters) Level codes: 2 RDNUHCCMGU 3 EDOUTIOCKO 4 HDAFUVLCCM 5 ODQMFUVLIC 6 MEBHETPIAG 7 LECGLDTRHK 8 NEDGFLDVRL 9 OEFUHAGHLV 10 PEGTTHIGLD STORMBALL (Millenium) Type LET ME WIN during play we won’t insult your intelligence by spelling out what it does.
STREET FIGHTER (US Gold Kixx) To access the cheat mode, on the title screen type STREET CHEAT then press HELP.
STREET FIGHTER II (US Gold) This cheat requires a second disk drive, but allows you to control one of the big four baddies... Don’t insert disk 2 in your second drive when loading. Play the solo game and, when you fight the baddie you want to be, eg Vega, let yourself be killed. Now select two-player mode and select E Honda for player 2. As long as player 1 doesn’t select Ryu, he’ll control the relevant big baddie (eg Vega) in the contest.
In a two-player game, to allow both players to select the same character pause the game and type 7KIDS. In one-player mode, move the cursor over Blanka but don’t press fire. Type PATIENCE (slowly) and select your fighter as normal. You can now replenish your energy by hitting F10.
Alternatively, choose a one-player game and, on the character selection screen, put your cursor over Blanka but don't press fire! Instead type in the letters of PATIENCE, holding each down for a couple of seconds. The border will flash yellow to indicate success. During the game you can press F10 to restore your character’s energy to full.
Playing Guide; Guile Learned to fight while training for an American elite special forces team. Uses a blend of karate and street fighting.
Special Moves Sonic Boom: wall of energy created by swinging his arms.
Overhead Flash Kick: powerful defence against aerial attacks.
Vs Ryu Ken Computer Ryu can easily be defeated by dropping him with over-shoulder throw, then finishing him off with more throws and punches.
The more aggressive Ken is trickier. Stay back and pick him off as he tries all his flashy kicks.
Jump to avoid fireball attacks and wait for a chance to throw him.
Vs E Honda With good timing you can throw the fat guy all over the place. The only danger is his thousand slaps attack.
Vs Chun Li Stop her from getting close by using sonic booms and strong kicks. Only go for the killing throws when she’s lost much energy.
Vs Blanka Quick throws are best. If he tries his electric defence, zap him with a sonic boom!
Vs Zangief Get in close, keep throwing him, not giving him a chance to counter. If you mistime an attack, fall back and blast him with sonic booms until you can get close again.
¦ Vs Dhalsim The bendy fella relies on long-range attacks, so get in close and do some fast throws and punches.
Vs Balrog Wait for an opening, then use throw and punches. Block any attacks, though one good hit and you’re dead.
Vs Vega Your only chance is to stay airborne, using long kick jumps and the mid-air throw.
Vs Sagat Use flash kicks and long leg sweeps. Don’t trade punches, but throw him if you get the chance.
Vs M Bison Wait for him to approach, then attack quickly with sonic booms and flash kicks.
Chun Li Compensates for her lack of strength with quickness and agility. Very good in the air.
Special Moves One Hundred Kicks: ultrafast repetitive kicking.
Spinning Bird Kick: spectacular overhead kick, upside down with legs spinning!
Vs Ryu Ken Easy against computer, hard against a good player. Stay in the air and don’t get too close use one hundred kicks if they corner you.
Vs E Honda Fatty defends well against flying kicks, so try quickly bouncing either side of him and throwing when you get the chance.
Vs Blanka A toughie. Watch out for his rolling ground attacks and jumping flip kicks. Wait till he electrifies himself, then foot-stomp on him (you won’t get fried).
Vs Zangief Use spinning bird kicks and throw him when he’s dazed. Don’t let him get hold of you.
Vs Guile Tricky, as he equals you in aerial power. Use hit- and-run tactics and bounce around to confuse him.
Vs Dhalsim Keep on the attack don’t give him any time to counter. Try some mid-air strong kicks.
Vs Balrog When he comes close, jump up and strong-kick on the way down. Once he’s on his back, follow him across the screen with medium punches before throwing him.
Vs Vega Can beat you in the air with his flying leg attack.
Try using solid defensive tactics and the occasional spinning bird kick.
Vs Sagat 46 bluffs i Wait till he gets close, then go for an aerial attack. Watch out for his tiger uppercuts.
Vs M Bison Lure him into an attack, then hit him in mid air.
When you get the chance, throw and kick him like mad.
Ryu Ken These karate kids have essentially the same range of moves, so tactics are identical.
Special Moves Psycho Fireball: easy to perform and very damaging.
Hurricane Kick: this spinning kick’s a great way to get quickly across the screen.
Dragon Punch: hard to execute, but virtually unstoppable.
Vs E Honda Keep him at a distance using fireballs. If he jumps towards you, do a leg sweep. Don’t try flying kicks.
Vs Chun Li Don’t attack or use fireballs. Against computer, use strong uppercuts as she jumps at you.
Versus a player, wait till she jumps, move underneath her, and short-kick or throw her.
Vs Blanka Easy to throw. Just keep out of range from his long sweeps and punches. If he goes electric, fireball him!
Vs Zangief A cinch. Against computer, jump up and down using strong roundhouse kicks in the air.
Vs Guile Against computer, immediately walk right and throw him. Don’t jump-kick his flash kick's better. Don’t get too far away or he’ll use his sonic boom.
Vs Dhalsim Keep your distance and use fireballs on his extending limbs. If he tries a spinning drill, hit him with a fireball. If he does a fire or flame attack, leap over him and attack from behind.
Vs Balrog Dead easy. Immediately go for a long hurricane kick to daze him. Throw or dragon-punch, then do a couple of short sweeps for a perfect victory!
Vs Vega Time your fireballs so he lands on them. Stay back and try to run down the clock. When he jumps off the fence, dragon-punch him.
Vs Sagat Duck at the start and use strong leg sweeps. If he tries a tiger uppercut, move beneath him and strong-leg-sweep as he lands.
Vs M Bison Block his attacks, and counter when you see an opening. Dragon punches, hurricane kicks, and short kicks are best not fireballs.
Edmond Honda The gigantic Sumo wrestler is remarkably quick for his size. Virtually unbeatable in a ground battle.
Special Moves Thousand Hand Slap: ultrafast slapping is a good defence.
Super Head Butt: most effective at short range.
Vs Ryu Ken Use the overhead chop on their flying attacks.
Move in and smash them with strong punches and kicks.
Vs Chun Li Defend against aerial attacks with overhead chop. Attack when she’s on the ground you superior strength will tell.
Vs Blanka Give him plenty of slaps and chops. When he approaches, punch and kick him till he’s dazed.
Vs Zangief Wait for your chance and thousand-slap him to death. Go for the occasional throw, but don’t get too close.
Vs Guile He’s very quick, so keep your defence up.
Surprise him with the occasional flying head butt.
Vs Dhalsim Try to jump in close he’s a swine at long range, but once in a corner he’s a pushover.
Vs Balrog Just thousand-slap him to death the thicko’ll keep walking into them!
Vs Vega The cowardly swine usually keeps his distance.
When he does get close, kick him. Run the clock down if necessary.
Vs Sagat Get in close or his energy waves’ll kill you. Lay into him with everything you’ve got, and don’t stop.
Vs M Bison Be patient: wait for him to come to you. Block his attacks and counter with slapping.
Dhalsim Through meditation, he can contort his body and extend his limbs for long-range attacks.
Special Moves Yoga Fire: a ball of energy that fries anything in its path.
Yoga Flame: devastating fire-breath attack must be all those curries he eats!
Vs Ryu Ken Punch them from long range, then jump in with a flying drill. Slide underneath fireballs.
Vs E Honda Yoga flames and fire work well fatty has difficulty jumping over them. Or try sliding attacks.
Vs Chun Li Block her aerial attacks. Use the slide attack when she’s on the ground.
Vs Blanka He’s fast, so watch him. Use fire whenever he turns into a ball or electrifies. Give him some nugies.
Vs Zangief Comes towards you. Use fire and flame to keep him at a safe distance.
Vs Guile Don't stick you arms and legs out, or they'll be flash-kicked. Try getting him in a headlock and giving him plenty of nugies.
Vs Balrog Punch him in the guts to keep him at bay, before going for some drill attacks. Finish him off with fire flame.
Vs Vega Hard to match in the air. Wait to catch him off quard with some yoqa flame.
Vs Sagat Duck under his energy waves and punch him in the knee. If he gets too close, throw and then flame him.
Vs M Bison Nasty. Kick him when he’s close, and keep blocking. Counter when his guard's down.
Blanka The Brazilian monster is one of the best all-round fighters.
Special Moves Electricity: channels 1,000 volts through his body, shocking any opponent who dares to touch!
Rolling Attack: rolls himself into a human cannonball to bowl over enemies.
Vs Ryu Ken If they try leaping kicks, defend with electricity.
Get in close and daze them with strong punches and kicks, before going for a bite!
Vs E Honda Use your superior reach. Don’t jump in the air; use leg sweeps to knock him down. Counter thousand slaps with electricity, and do a rolling attack if you get him in a corner.
Vs Chun Li There’s only one way to defend against her stunning aerial attacks: electrify yourself to frazzle her!
Vs Zangief Don't trade blows use leaping kicks and strong punches to keep him away.
Vs Guile Don’t attack from the air his flash kick’s too dangerous. Use plenty of leg sweeps. If he jumps at you, use electricity.
Vs Dhalsim Use flying kicks to counter his drill attacks. Jump over yoga fire and kick him, then bite to finish.
Vs Balrog Immediately move left, blocking his attacks. When you see an opening, try a rolling attack. Follow up with a bite.
53 Vs Vega ¦ Keep your distance and go for long-range kicks.
When he leaps off the fence, electrify him.
Vs Sagat Dodge his missile attacks and go for his weak legs. Try a double knee lift when in close.
Vs M Bison When he tries a torch attack, electrify yourself.
Don’t even think about a rolling attack. Use strong punch and kick combinations.
Zangief The tallest fighter has no missile attacks, but compensates with sheer brute force.
Special Moves Spinning Clothesline: during this whirly move, he’s immune from missile attacks.
Spinning Pile Driver: spins the opponent headfirst into the ground!
Vs Ryu Ken Defend against fireballs and hurricane kicks with a spinning clothesline. Use the spinning pile driver to crush ’em.
Vs E Honda Use body slams to get him moving backwards, then use spinning pile driver. Counter flying head butts with a spinning clothesline.
Vs Chun Li You can’t match her agility, so wait for her to attack, then do a spinning clothesline. Throw her if you get the chance.
Vs Blanka Spinning pile drivers are very effective. Or try some roundhouse leg sweeps and leaping kicks.
Vs Guile Don’t take him on in the air. Use knee dives and strong leg sweeps after he flash-kicks. Repel sonic booms with the spinning clothesline.
Vs Dhalsim Use spinning clothesline to defend against his drill attack. Use leg sweeps to stop his bendy attacks.
Get in close to finish him off.
Vs Balrog Dodge his punch, then double-kick and throw.
Time your spinning pile driver to grab his arm and squash his skull.
Vs Vega Defend like mad, and keep him at bay with leaping kicks and leg sweeps. If he gets too close, do one of your devastating throws.
Vs Sagat It's hard to avoid his fireballs, so get in close and use leg sweeps to knock him down. Follow up with a powerful throw.
Vs M Bison Blocking his combinations is the key to success.
Use leg sweeps to keep him at bay, and get him with a pile driver when he falls.
STRIDER (Kixx) Pause the game and hold down the HELP key, left SHIFT, and 1. Unpause and press 1-5 to jump to that level; F1-F5 to jump to various restart points in the current level.
STRIDER 2 (US Gold) Play the game, then type in SWIFT. Press E, D or hold the left Shift key and Help for infinite lives.
SUPERCARS (GBH) Enter ODIE to skip the first level, BIGC to jump to the third, and RICH for pots of cash.
SUPERCARS 2 (GBH) To cheat, enter Player 1’s name as WONDERLAND; Player 2’s as THE SEAR SUPERFROG (Team 17) Level codes: Forest World 2 234644 3 _ 447464 4 747822 SUPER HANG-ON (Hit Squad) Castle World 1 392822 2 446364 3 984448 4 477444 Circus World 1 343522 2 822311 3 922334 4 091332 Ancient World 1 _ 467464 2 818234 3 182394 4 298383 Ice World 1 452234 2 984841 3 383772 4 093152 Moon World 1 387211 2 981122 3 017632 4 398112 The ultimate cheat is to equip your bike with guns: to do this, enter your name as 750J on the high-score table.
SUPER OFF-ROAD (Tronix) Opponents’ skill levels are set by your performance in the last race. If well ahead, wait on the finishing line until your nearest opponent has almost caught up, then nip across the line just in front.
SUPREMACY (Virgin) Scrap a solar satellite on a planet with no fuel reserves and you get 30,000 tons of the stuff.
SWITCHBLADE (Kixx) Enter your name in the high-score table as POOKY. During play, press 1-5 to skip to that level.
SWITCHBLADE 2 (Gremlin) On the title screen, type CHROME for a short sub-game, and LEVELx (where x is a number) to access that level.
SWIV (Kixx) Pause the game and type NCC-1701 for infinite lives.
SWORD OF SODAN (Electronic Arts) Type NANCY on the high-score table for infy lives.
You can then skip levels by pressing RETURN.
€ TURRICAN 2 (Rainbow Arts) Go to the music menu, press keys 2 and 4, then Esc twice. This gives you infy lives.
On the high-score table type CHEAT... (three full stops). On the pre-level map screen hitting keys F1-5 while holding fire takes you to that level.
TOYOTA CELICA GT RALLY (Gremlin) Pressing C at the beginning of a race stops the timer. When you crash, press HELP (quickly).
This takes you to an options screen. Exit it and you can restart the engine straight away.
TURBO OUT RUN (US Gold Kixx) After the countdown type WEARPEEPEL. You can now use the following cheats: B Restart game, but with same score D Refresh turbo boosts F See end sequence G Remove one credit N Go to next stage T Increase time by ten seconds TEST DRIVE 2 (Accolade) Type GAS to go straight to the petrol station.
TORVAK THE WARRIOR (Core Design) THUNDER JAWS (Domark) During the game, press the left mouse button and infy lives are yours.
THUNDERBIRDS (Grandslam) These are the items you need to take with you at the start of each mission: 1: Alan Lamp & Oil Can; Brains Torch 2: Gordon Aqualung & American Express; Alan Aqualung & Radiation Pills 3: Lady Penelope Sleep Spray; Parker Mouse & Stethoscope 4: Virgil Gun & Shades; Scott Shades & Superglue Level codes: 2 RECOVERY; 3 ALOYSIUS; 4 ANDERSON 7IRM1NAT6R 2 (Ocean The Hit Squad) Pause the game, and press keys F1 to F10, one at a time, and only once each. Press FIRE to unpause. Esc now skips levels.
TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES (Smageworks) Load up the game, and when asked for a password, type: 8859 (first password) 1506 (second password) TROLLS (Flair Software) Start the game and walk to the ‘soda pop’ level entrance. Enter the level, and on the ‘Get Ready’ screen push the joystick UP, press K and FIRE.
You can now hit Esc to finish each level.
(DMI) For infinite time, type TIMEFLIESLIKEABANANA at any point
during the game.
TEST DRIVE II (Accolade) During play, type: GASS jump to gas station with amazing time and score; GASST jump to gas station with real time; AERF better acceleration and braking, plus an extra life.
TRODDLERS (Storm) Level codes; 5 SPHINX 10 SKIPAROUND 15 TIGH- TIME 20 MEANONES 25 TECHNO 30 NEWTHING 35 KEYX 40 FIRSTGUNS 60 LOOSEM 72 RUMBLEHOT 80 RAINDROPS 88 GOODLUCK 99 HEAVYDUTY fURRICAN (SCixx) To gain 99 extra lives, enter your name as BLUESMOBIL on the high-score table.
TITUS THE FOX (Titus) Level codes; 1 2625 2 8455 3 2974 4 4916 5 1933 6 0738 7 2237 8 5648 9 6390 10 8612 11 4187 12 1350 13 9813 14 5052 15 2045 fOKI (Ocean) Start the gameand type KILLER. Now you can press F1-F7 to skip to any level (F1 = Level 1 etc).
TOTAL RECALL (Ocean) For infinite lives, type in LISTEN TO THE WHALES on the scoreboard.
TRANSARCTICA jSilmarilrj On the options screen, click in a corner of the screen, pressing Ctrl and Alt at the same time.
You can now activate the following cheats: Click in the top-left corner to get a fully loaded train.
Clicking in the top-right corner improves the strength of the enemy.
Click in the bottom-left corner for a supertrain, along with all the objects and info you need to win.
Click in the bottom-right corner and you've won.
TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY (CodeMasters) Type ICANFLY and you can! Also try EGGSON- LEGS for immortality.
THE (Ocean The Hit Squad) To skip levels, type THESOUTHAMP- TONGAZETTE while paused. Unpause the game and hit F10 to access the next stage.
VAXINE (US Gold) During play, type WILDEBEESTE, then F1 to skip a level, F3 to skip ten. You can also press F2 to go back a level, and F4 to go back ten.
VENUS THE FLYTRAP (Gremlin) Level codes; Level Two The Frozen Wastes M ANTI DAS Level Three The Dead City CICADAS Level Four Wood World PSYLLIDS Level Five The Caverns PIERIDS Level Six Death Valley SATYR ID Level Seven The Creeping SwampLYCAENID Level Eight Tech World PYRALID Level Nine Translucent Plain NOCTUID Level Ten The Stygian Creek NO PASSWORD!
Or type in these cheat codes for extra weapons: MERCURY, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, and PLUTO.
VIGILANTE (Kixx) Enter your name in the high-score table as GREEN CRYSTAL. During play, you can now press F1 repeatedly to add lives, and F8 to skip levels.
VIRUS (Firebird) Hold down the Enter key on the numeric keypad (sorry, A600 owners) hit P to pause the game, and (still holding Enter) press O. You can then use the following cheats: C Unusual special effects on F Restore fuel L Extra life and missiles N Resume normal mode 0 Access demo mode VIZ (Virgin Tronix) Sorry about this we don’t use swear words in the mag, but there’s nothing we can do about this one. Use your imagination and substitute the correct letters for the asterisks... On the character selection screen type; WHAT A LARGE SET OF B”LOCKS, then use the keys 1-5 to access these
VOYAGER (Hit Squad) On the options screen, type WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL and a cheat menu should appear.
WALKER (Psygnosis) To stop the gun overheating, use an autofire joystick. It won’t fire as quickly, but it’s fast enough to be functional.
WARZONE (Core) It’s rough, it’s tough, it’s... a bog-standard Ikari Warriors clone! You’ve seen this game a thousand times before, but what the hell? It’s still a good blast.
On the title screen press F1, F2, and F3 for infy lives.
69 t=hihff=) WINGS OF FURY (Domark) If those Japs are still knocking you out of the sky, these cheats are more ideologically sound than dropping an atom bomb.
During the game, type: M for endless weapons, C to change weapons during flight, D for invisibility, P for Extra Lives, and F to top up oil and fuel during flight.
WOLFCHILD (Core) Type SOULPSYCHEDELICIDE on the title screen to gain infinite extends. Type THE PERFECT KISS for infinite ammo.
WWF WRESTLEMANIA (Ocean) During a bout, pause the game and type HULKHOGANWEARSTIGHTYELLOWKNICK- ERS. The fight then finishes with you as the winner.
XENON YOLANDA (Millenium) Action Replay Code; 765 Lives (Virgin Ttonix) On Level Two, kill the first guardian and crash into the nearest wall. There should now be no baddies till the end of the level.
XENON 2 (Imageworks Renegade) Pause the game and type RUSSIAN AIR.
Unpause and press N to skip levels.
XYBOTS (Respray) Enter your name in the high-score table as ALF.
On your next game, you’ll have infinite lives.
YOGI'S GREAT ESCAPE (Hi-Tec) Action Replay Code; M7B5E6 Lives ZOOL Gremlin On the intro sequence (after copy protection), type GOLDFISH (the screen should briefly flash blue), then press F1-F6 to select the world you want to start on. During play, press numbers; 1 gives Zool a shield 2 skips to next stage 3 skips to next world 4 ends Zool’s current life.
1. 1 Zool’s flying sword attack can destroy some Lollipops to
gain extra bonuses. The first wall to the right of the second
restart point can be punched through to gain a super bonus.
Just above the second restart point there’s a vertically moving platform jump on it to gain access to an extra life.
1. 2 Try to complete this level as easily as possible if you
pick up a shield, move as fast as you can towards the exit.
Watch out for large drops with spikes at the bottom.
1. 3 You’ll encounter three boxes with Hit written on them. Hit
the first and third boxes to gain bonuses.
There are two possible ways to defeat this level.
You may take on the end-of-level baddie, in which case the best tactic is to stand at the left of the screen, leaping up to avoid his bombs whilst shooting him rapidly.
The alternative is to let the timer run down to 50, then punch the first right-hand wall at the start of the level. You can reach a secret room containing, bonuses, extra time, two extra lives and an exit to complete the world.
2. 1 The small remote controls are the restart points.
Use Zool’s flying sword attack to destroy the speakers and gain extra bonuses. Jump up into the bell and you can use it as a shield press fire to break out.
Hidden Level 1: Directly above the first restart point (about a screen above) is an invisible entrance to the first bonus shoot-’em-up.
Hidden Level 2: The first piano doesn’t appear to do anything. However, play the Close Encounters tune (Grey, White, Black, Red, Green) and you enter another bonus shoot-’em- up.
2. 2 On the first piano, play Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange and
Green notes to create a large note over the piano. Jump onto
this to reach a hidden bonus room, containing a new set of
notes. Play these (Brown, Orange, Green and Dark Blue) on the
same piano for an extra life.
At the next piano (near the end of the level) play Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue. Another large note appears jump on it to be carried up to the exit.
2. 3 Try to keep going as fast as possible as you don’t have much
time. On long runs use Zool’s sliding attack to kill baddies.
To kill the big guitar monster, shoot it while its eye’s
open. You must stay near the left edge of the screen, dodging
the lightning bolts and destroying the fruit.
3. 1 Watch out for the bananas which act as restart points. You
can gain extra bonuses by crouching down and pulling radishes
from the ground, and also by cutting the tops off some
carrots. Stand still and keep destroying falling grapes to
replenish health.
Try and work your way along the top of the level, as near the end you’ll find an extra life. If you find the exit but do not have enough bonuses, work your way back and look for a slightly different route.
3. 2 Punch through the first right-hand wall to gain lots of
bonus points. Bounce on the can lids to reach extra bonuses
and gain an extra life. You’!! Come across a hole filled with
bonuses in a ‘V’ shape: punch through the left-hand wall for
extra bonuses.
3. 3 Punch through the first low right-hand wall to gain bonuses.
Punch the next big left-hand wall (by a tree) for even more
bonuses. Continue on until find a series of fruit cans:
bouncing on the lid propels you up to gain an extra life.
To kill the boss monster, first shoot the (indestructible) alarm clock to wake the banana up. Try to stay at the left of the screen while shooting the banana.
If you die while fighting the banana, you can get back to him from the last restart point by just running right and shooting rapidly. Remember, even with the banana destroyed, the alarm clock is still dangerous.
4. 1 The blocks of wood with nails in them are the restart
points. The darker shades of wood invariably lead to lots of
bonus points.
Hidden Level: Go right from the start of the level until you come to the first wooden platform. Take Zool to the top and jump left from the far left edge of the wood to enter the third shoot-’em-up level.
4. 2 It’s very hard to gain enough bonuses on this level, so try
not to miss any.
4. 3 One of the hardest levels in the game, the best bet is to
search the early part of the level for as many bonuses as
possible they get much scarcer further on.
When you meet the boss monster, go for his eyes as quickly as possible his drill takes out the ground beneath Zool. If you’ve got enough energy it’s worth sacrificing a couple of hits to get several attack in on the drill.
TOY WORLD 5-1 The restart points are the easily recognisable HIT signs! Watch out for low fast-moving clouds and the tanks which fire at you. Remember you can only stand on the red and green blocks, not the blue or orange.
Hidden Level: Travel right from the start until you come to the giant bonus panda. Jump onto the left-hand blue column and jump ieft: you should hit the hidden entrance to access the fourth and final shoot-’em-up level.
5. 2 Just be careful, use the restart points, and you should find
it quite easy.
5. 3 Be very careful about dropping down any gaps they may well
be spiked. When you arrive at an area containing several
similar-looking holes, drop down the sixth hole to progress.
To kill the robot boss, shoot at his head but watch out for when he opens his chest to shoot back.
6. 1 The restart points are similar to those in World One. Let
the hammer monster hit the base of the bell machine if
you’ve positioned Zool correctly he’ll be flung upwards.
6. 2 If you come to a dead end, hang around a while and a balloon
should arrive to carry Zool onwards.
Also, if you can’t see where to jump next, take the biggest jump you can there may well be an offscreen platform.
6. 3 If you see bonuses you can’t reach, look around for a
balloon to lift you up.
To complete the Zool arcade machine, start it up and keep jumping on the red button. When an obstacle appears, walk onto the white button (to jump over it), then carry on jumping on the red button. When you complete the machine, you gain three extra lives.
To destroy the final boss (the evil clown), stand on the first platform, duck down and shoot him in his large central eye.
Z-OUT (Rainbow Arts) Hold down Q during play and press any key from 1-7 to access that level. Alternatively press 1-3 on the numeric keypad to skip to that stage on the level you’re on.
Well, that's it folks! Two hooks, cram-packed with every tip worth having for your collection of Amiga games. We've decided to wrap up byJeaving you some space to write in your own favourite tips! If you run out of space, simply buy another copy of AMIGA FORCE for another book. Enjoy... Emdii 79 78

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