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Dear Force Nine Mail Why was the Amiga CD32 so extensively advertised on the telly particularly during the run-up to Christmas when the availability, or rather lack of decent CD games continues to be a pain in the butt? The CD32 seems to be going the way ot Sega's machine, i.e. it looks more than impressive when you see it on the telly with its tlashy graphics and so on, yet when it comes to the meat the games where are they? I suspect the ‘indies’ are reluctant to develop a game lor the CD32 because, at present, it must have a relatively small user-base. With profits linked to game sales, the software companies, quite understandably, must favour developing a game for the likes of the Mega Drive or Super Nintendo. These machines have a huge number of devotees and consequently greater potential for sales. But where does all this leave me and others who took the plunge and bought the Amiga CD32? I believed everything I read at the time, i.e. there would be no shortage of decent CD games at affordable pnces. I am now in danger of becoming a hardened cynic and will certainly treat all future publicity material, whether visual or written, with hefty scepticism. Is it fair to hype a games machine to such a degree, without first having the software support to go with it? I’ve read plenty about what's coming up and so on, but having bought my Amiga CD32 some six weeks ago, I am more than fed up NOW!

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Document sans nom OF AMIGA AND CD32 GAME PLAY!
£2.25 No.14 JANUARY 1994 I PRINTED IN THE UK EXPORT £2.25 STERLING V CREATING 90s READING NEW YEAR SLEBRATIONSI The lowdown on what to expect in 1994, including a look at . Deluxe Music.
JUST AROUND THE CORNER ii i nc © Search and Destroy plus a Gremlin Graphics round-up.
- vRW Chris returns with more answers to your .letters. NINE ©
MORTAL KOMBAT RAVE REVIEW ® Reviewed in full (really!). Is
Mortal Kombat all that it’s cracked up to be? All is revealed!
STARDUST Another scorcher!
Stardust may not get the t yi j RR, but it still makes an AMIGA FORCE Rave!
RICH PICKINGS Cannon Fodder...Globdule...| |T _j D Generation...Body Blows I f Galactic... a veritable plethora of top hits!
¦ JANUARY C0ntent$ !
IEWS 1 MEAN ARENAS , » » A =', ¦ r r' i Another 90+ Amiga Rave, Mean Arenas has had us at it since last month and it doesn’t disappoint. Check out the full story on page 26 it’s a knockout!
FULL-PRICE FLATTEST ¦ Mortal Kombat 16 ¦ Stardust 22 ¦ Sub Commando 25 ¦ Mean Arenas 26 Special Edition Pinball 28 ¦ Jet Strike 31 ¦ Globdule 32 Magic Boy 34 Body Blows Galactic 36 ¦ Overdrive 38 ¦ Alien Breed 2 40 ¦ Cannon Fodder 42 D Generation CD 44 Sleepwalker CD 46 Dino Detective Agency 48 BUDGET Parasol Stars Cardiaxx 50-51 Indy 500 Qwak 52-53 F-29 54 [BUDGET BARGAINS Another wonderful selection of the latest [budget hits and flops! T 9 ... TIPS SECTION Frontier Players’ Guide, Uridium II tips, Pinball Dreams guide, Micro Machines maps and tips!
LEMMINGS LIFELINE Two more stages played, | tipped and solved.
CUT-OUT 'N' CHEAT More great codes, cheats and I tips especially for all | those lovely new games .you all got for Chrimbo!
LorrotiAL, 106161 666II ADVIKTISIMOt 10 SB A) 67S631 fshi
- II EDITOR Chris Marke DESIGN Ian Lawson, Mark Ayshlord FEATURES
Jason McEachren TIPS BOY Marc Powell FINAL EDIT Nick Roberts n
SCANNING Ian Lawson. Colourscans Ltd I ADVERTISING Neil Dyson,
Michelle Bullen. Jackie Morris I ¦ PRODUCTION MANAGER Franco
Frey | ¦ PRODUCTION EDITOR Matthew Uffindel PUBLISHER Graeme
DIRECTOR Roger Kean I ¦ AMIGA FORCE, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS
1JW. 1993 Impact Magazines (UK) Lid.
B ISSN 09647-702X ¦ Produced by Computerlacts tor Impact Magazines (UK) | Limited Printed in the UK by BPCC a Distributed by Comag h Subscriptions 051 , 357 1275 (24 hrs) B No thanks to Rodney NEXT MONTH TP What's in store for issue 15 of AMIGA FORCE?
Read all about it!
For the music you get goin on the other ot game that buy.
Jake and I Brothers, are Prism recently released a further three volumes of their Triple Action compilation, offering three games per package for just £14 99 The first. Volume 3, has Titus the Fox.
Ghostbusters II and Targhan. Titus the Fox is a cutesie plattormer, each of its 15 levels full of fun, frolics and...er...furry things. From the towns to construction sites, you have to guide the agile fox past all manner of foes, using Bottles, trollies and the like to do •“------ away with them. Not & everybody's cup of tea, ... hiv, but the pick of the , |_i 0 Ghostbusters II is a I --- _ --- novel little game, not as I _ good as the original j C64 game, but worth it _ Prism recently released a further three volumes of their Triple Action compilation, offering three games per package for
just £14 99 The first. Volume 3, has Titus the Fox.
Ghostbusters II and Targhan. Titus the Fox is a cutesie plattormer, each of its 15 levels full of fun, frolics and...er...furry things. From the towns to construction sites, you have to guide the agile fox past all manner of foes, using Bottles, trollies and the like to do •“------ away with them. Not & everybody's cup of tea, ... hiv, but the pick of the , |_i 0 Ghostbusters II is a I --- _ --- novel little game, not as I _ good as the original Wow! Christmas has brought with it a deluge of games, with many being real crackers (pun intended!). Arguments a- plenty over the rave review award
were nearly inconclusive, simply because of the quality on show here.
First off, we received Stardust, which, with its knock-out graphics and simplistic yet enthralling gameplay, was sure to get the award. Not so, though, when our final Mean Arenas arrived. We’d already been bowled over by the preview game that we’d seen, and the finished version didn’t let us down! The fight was on... With deadline rapidly approaching, and a decision still to be made, Mortal Kombat and Cannon Fodder crashed through the letterbox, sending reviewers into a state of shock. Four great games to choose from life had never been so complicated! The victor? The Rave Review says it
all... The dust will still be settling around the Christmas sales of the CD32 by the time you read this, but the signs for a Commodore Christmas are good. Okay, the adverts aren’t up to much, especially in the face of Rik Mayall and co, and the software support is still a bit lacklustre, but this is the machine of the future.
A few more stores stocking the machine and half a dozen or so really hot games and the story will be an altogether different one. Hopefully, 1993 will simply be seen as somebody putting the key in the ignition 1994 should see the machine kick-started and running away from the competitors!
Commodore UK have obtained a High Court injunction preventing Acorn Computers distributing their educational' video. The Home Computer Minefield.
Although presented as a beginners' guide to using computers in the home and in the office, Commodore claim it has been produced as a 'means of knocking the performance of competitors such as Commodore and Atari', and seriously misrepresents the Amiga range of computers.
The A1200, for example, is shown running only games, despite the huge range of productivity and art packages available for the machine. This, claims Commodore, is not a fair representation of a computer that's perfectly capable of running the office and educational packages shown in the video.
The injunction has been granted for a shod while only, and Acorn deny liability. The case continues.
For the music. The first level s a bit drab, but, once you get going, it’s not too horrendous. Targhan.
On the other hand, is inexcusable, hardly the kind of game that you would choose to play, let alone buy.
Jake and Elwood, otherwise known as the Blues Brothers, are the attraction of the fourth volume.
It's hardly a belter of a game, but some of the
- ! . , new lads at AMIGA a ' FORCE weren't too • turned
off by the whole " ’Jt lh'n9- The less said I , „ , about Satan
the better I it's truly appalling!
____________ Finally. Maya is the _____ K arcade-adventure of r* m the pack, which takes
• some getting into, but _CJH is quite enjoyable all The Jumping
Bean Co have released Noddy's Big Adventure, an educational
game for three- severn-year olds.
I Based on Enid Blyton's k Toy Town character, the 1 game includes a Simple | Simon-like sequence game, a series of mathematical excercises and even a fully- [ functioning word k processor enabling I children to create j stories using words The LIVE '93 event, held at Olympia in September ot '93, proved to be a huge success. Over 140,000 visitors turned up. With more anticipated at the next show, which means a move across town to Earls Court, For those who missed out, LIVE '93 covered all manner of home entertainment and consumer electronics, including video and computer games.
With other attractions including a Real Hi-Fi Village and Home Cinema Promenade, it gave a A glimpse of how things will be in the near future. Those interested in Live '94 should pencil in 20 to 25 September in their diaries. The latest store to succumb to the delights of the CD32 is John Menzies, who now stock Commodore's 32-bit wonder. While not exactly earth-shattering news, the signs are that the machine is slowly being accepted by the industry and users alike, giving it quite a rosy outlook!
Volume 5 features a couple of ra Battletech. The pick of Jliijitili |Ur which is much more th entrance and prize money, upgrades and some pretty fancy racing are just a few ol the features: definitely worth the asking price for this alone. Grand Prix Master starts off well. But. Due to clums controls and poor presentation, it is a rather incomplete and unplayable Super Spri.
E £ o 3 -a 4) s 3 o so C 3 SO oo O' CM CM CM CO a a CM CO so «o CM CM CM CM CM CM CM CO •A -O rs OO O' IU o w CM r-M.
OO o 9 ¦ CM CO so = _ CO CO CO rs OO o CM CM CM CM CM CM CM *o hs OO O' d » m CM mmm CM CM CM = CM CO SO O' ¦“ ¦” i CM CO SO -o s.
OO s ¦A rs O' CM CM CM CM CM CO OO O o CM CO CM CM CM CM CM _ CM CO m 'O hs w“m s CL -o rs oo O- 2 CM CO OO o = CM CM CO s _ CM CO •O -O CM CM CM CM CM CM CM -o tM OO O' o ¦ m CM QC = m CM CO £ r- OO o CM CO r SO «o CM - CM CO SO »o rs at CM CM CM CM CM CM CM r •A -o r-b OO O' =» 3 CM ec o CM CO CO OO o* 114 lb CM CO SO *o _ CO so •O rs OO O' d ¦ CM CM CM CM CM CM CO r*»* OO O' CM CO - • CM CM CM CM CL cr CM CO SO •o •“ 3 Z CO »A 'O r*s OO O' «S CM O s O 3 1 a so B 3 so Frontier Elite 2 Gametek Premier Manager 2 Gremlin Graphics Alien Breed 2 Team 17 , Micro Machines '
Code Masters r* oo o* o CM CM CM OO O • CM OO CM CM CM CM e Body Blows Galactic 3 Team 17 Championship Manager '93 1 Domark mm Goal!
" Virnm Sensible Soccer '92 '93 1 Renegade Mmdscape q European Champions ” Ocean , Hired Guns Psygnosis as Syndicate Eleclronic Arts Flashback ' US Gold |« Lords of Power Ubisoll Streetfighter 2 1 US Gold |S Premier Manager
* Gremlin Graphics Combat Classics Empire my Zool Gremlin
Graphics Formula 1 Grand Prix Microprose Desert Strike
Electronic Ans X Gunship 2000 ' Microprose
i. dMOA;} 0 iTi)J O 2» u ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ the cult classic
collection torvak the warrior mjH lifj '1 jm Commodore Amiga
Atari ST ... superb graphics MdeeeweifS best animation that
you're likely to see on the Amiga. Great fun and Core Design's
best game so far.
Corporation Design graphically stunning journey into the world of Cybernetics.
Commodore Amiga Atari ST IBM PC Atari ST |_war
• The scrolling, animation and colour are all of a high
ctanriarri hut it'c tho play that wins the day.
This is particularly true of the two-player version, but even for one player, the action is tough and just keeps on going... War Zone RgfS is an excellent arcadey shoot-em-up. ** 16 bit quality at only TRADEWINDS HOUSE 69 - 71A ASHBOURNE ROAD DERBY DE22 3FS ENGLAND Corkers is a registered trademark of Core Design Limited There's a host of great new titles ; coming out in the ’ I next few months.
Kicking off with Visions new chopper game, then, for good measure, we've a round-up of gremlin's forthcoming attractions. A " ¦ Vision '' Mi jiUzZJ EjJJEJj HE&JSJJY' l f tU11' Ej± Fancy taking to the skies above humid jungles, arid deserts and heavily-fortified enemy compounds? If so, it's fun in the sun flying a state-of-the-art attack helicopter in Seek and Destroy. That's the message from Vision in their latest blow-'em-up which will be blasting its way into the shops very soon.
The game-style follows familiar lines for this type of attack-and-destroy genre. There's a bird's-eye perspective on your chopper as it flies through each stage hunting down the enemy bases. It looks good, with smooth scrolling, responsive control mechanisms and some excellent speech samples really sweeping you up in the frenetic gameplay. Expect your killer instincts to swiftly rise to the surface, as the action gets hotter and hotter!
There are loads of missions to complete, each with ground targets to seek out and destroy before you can return to the safe haven of an allied base. Before each begins, you're given a detailed briefing pinpointing your targets and explaining the mission objectives.
To help reach your goals, there’s a radar showing the enemies' ground-bases and helicopters, as well as your home- base. The indicator at the bottom left of the screen highlights the damage your chopper's sustained.
It's also vital to keep a check on your fuel gauge, while there's only a limited supply of most of the chopper's weaponry. Fuel can be replaced by landing on enemy supply depots after destroying their defences. This also applies for your shields which are replenished at the V same time.
The ship has a host of hi-tech weaponry.
There are the standard machine guns, air-to- ground missiles and even a few exocets to name a few. Weapons can be accessed through the 'F' keys they can also be replenished by collecting the icons, appearing after you’ve taken out some ground targets.
There’s no doubting this high-velocity blaster’s appeal it’s action all the way. Flying by the seat of your pants takes on a whole new meaning in a serious shoot-'em-up like this!
Expect more news very soon.
MISSION 03 run hnghvs on. UnriNfiuv nos jiutn ujcnrrn. Ron rnr: imnunTii , » Bf sih.i.i ssroi. Rnr m-nnrm UNO srniiiisr rm;n i.xrs riosr or 7o.ni i y ursroovro.
Those busy beavers down at Gremlin Graphics are hard at work producing a host of top titles so wet your taste-buds and read on as we take a peek at the goodies Gremlin are expecting to serve up soon!
Way back in issue five, we gave you the lowdown on a crazy new game Gremlin had in the pipeline. Called Lilil Divil it's now very near to fruition and looks to be a S stunning addition to the Gremlin library.
This is definitely the game deserving most of our attention since we got a look at it recently, it's been the talk of the AMIGA FORCE offices!
Taking the role of Morris Axel-Ansell Dopolopagus, (great name mate) you stumble across the lost City ol 111!.' Underwork;.
I Crralis. The entrance !o wi cl- usf happens to flfSKv ¦BbSS i i-1 VUH I o make matters worse. Morris overcome by a ' desperate furs; lanes a drink from a pool of water (hygienic chap then). The consequence of this rash act's a remarkable " transformation ' pi sweet little Morris 1 becomes the crazy Liiii if* ugty demur! All portly limns and r 9 wings, i kiv.vvn' U luun ¦ seen of li ¦ n he's 9 "I: 1 .:I • • II- III'!.- vj r pied; ol Cil'loou A animation. Gremlin ’ describe him and his actions as L -*•').
. ‘riotously funny'; 1---- ™ seeing the game makes it easy to see why. It looks to be original, the graphics are stunning and the amiGa 11 traps, puzzles and evil monsters are deviously cunning, _ _ The ihrcc years ¦ li vi¦: ¦: iwilt that went into . ¦SB?'
To be well spent There KW are five levels and 50 puzzle rooms to battle through before Mad Mo can find the fountain of normality and rediscover his old looks, Expect us to be raving about all of them in the next issue.
Best of the rest The other goodies coming soon from Gremlin include K240, Zool 2 and Legacy of Sorasil, all of which have the potential to be big hits.
K240 asks you to save the human race from destruction (who said oh no, not again!), before it’s overrun by alien forces. Doing this means exploring and conquering six different alien worlds.
It's vital to mine these planets for the natural ¦ resources that can save mankind, while at the same time heading off alien attacks.
Gremlin call it: ‘The most compulsive strategy game ever!' We'll help you decide on the truth of this in the next issue.
Gremlin asked us recently if we were ‘Ninja enough to Zool it?' Strange question maybe, but they’re pretty proud of the sequel to the smash hit Zool.
We previewed Zool 2 last ¦ issue, but it's worthy of another mention just so we can say we'll check out the super-smooth scrolling soon.
There we said it!
Finally, Legend of Sorasil's an adventure battling against the dark forces at work in the world.
You have to carefully choose a party of warriors to seek out hidden artefacts whose power destroys the evil that has the world in it’s grip.
Like all the other forthcoming titles, expect more news in the next issue.
A new year, a new letters page and the return of regular leHers supremo, and esteemed Editor, Chris Marlce.
Not content with risking his own health by exercising and playing football, he's now decided to set up a team comprising many of the A-FORCE writers. There's boss boy Smith in goal, design boy Lawson and CMYK boy Jase in defence, and SEGA FORCE MEGA boy Stix in midfield, with Ed boy up front.
Tips boy wanted to be manager, but he couldn't organise a brew up at a tea party (or something like that), and, anyway, he had to go to the doctors, when we played the first match (7.30pm in the freezing cold).
He's now been relegated to casual observer. Results and expert analysis next issue.
In the meantime, give us something to chuckle and chortle about as we rest our weary limbs by sending your leHers, pictures and musings to FORCE NINE MAIL, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
FOOTBALL Dear AMIGA FORCE Firstly I would like to say that I am really pleased with December issue's hints and tips book and that your magazine is great. Please could you answer my questions: 1 Is Sensible Soccer 92 93 better than GoaP 2 Is Sensible Soccer 92 93 better than Kick OH2?
3 What is the best football game on the Amiga?
Thank you if you print my letter.
Mark Palmer, Dartford, Kent ¦ JANUARY If ¦ ARGHHH!
You've really pul the cat among the proverbial pigeons with that one, Mark I've been arguing it out with Mark S at this end ever since discussing the question! I'd plump tor Sensi Soccer in all three questions, but Smith reckons that Goal is tops in ques one and three. It’s all a matter of taste some preter the slightly larger graphics on Goal while others go tor the speed and control of Sensible Soccer.
We asked Osborne tor his opinions, but he mumbled something about balls and sticks and walked away. A bit ot playtesting is needed before you can make your decision.
Dear Guys, Gals and Sub-Editors Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year!
I hope your good work can continue for at least another glorious 11 months. Just one whine how about a couple more Action Replay codes in the tips section?
Daryl ‘good will to all’ Booth, Ramsgate, Kent
P. S. Remember, Christmas isn't just about giving and getting
presents, it's about getting sozzled and eating so much turkey
that you pukel ¦ Actually, I never remember much about
Christmas at all, so I suppose you must be right!
I'll crack the whip over MP and make sure that he gets you some more Action Replay codes.
Can't say fairer than that, can I?
- ING D-PAINT Dear AMIGA FORCE Congratulations on your totally
brill mag (better than all those boring old mags with
I drew a totally brill picture ot Super-Frog.
Zool, Guile (from Street Fighter II). Dizzy, and Allred Chicken on Deluxe Paint 3, but then when I had finished I tried saving it time and time again, but it kept telling me I needed a user-defined brush.
As I had only used D-paint 3 a few times before I didn't know what one was, so I searched the D-paint 3 booklet from front to back and couldn’t find anything to save my work, so I had to give up. Could you please tell me how to save my work please?
Anyway I have enclosed a picture that I think you will like (probably). Oh, and just one more thing, there is a man who lives across the road from me with a computer (the same as mine an Amiga 600). Is there any way that I can send messages to him using my Amiga?
David Chapman, Leemount, Halifax ¦ Your problem is that you are trying to save in the wrong menu go to the picture save menu and save your creation there. Hopefully, that should deal with your problem if you are having further difficulties then contact the lads and lasses at EA, who will be more than willing to help!
As for contacting your friend across the road, try a Comms package and modem. It can be a bit expensive, though why not just invite him round instead?!
Chris TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY... Dear AMIGA FORCE I am in need ot a bit of assistance. I am at present an owner of a C64 and happy to be receiving COMMODORE FORCE every month for the past seven years.
I am now moving onto the legendary AMIGA FORCE for alas. I’m buying an Amiga. My question... which?? I know the A1200 is better graphics wise, but what about software? From what I’ve seen it's pretty sparse.
What about the A600, will games like Silent Service II run on this computer? And what is it like for graphics?
Kevin Collins, N. Ireland
P. S. How about a simulation round-up?
¦ Now that you’ve moved onto bigger and better things, it will all get a little more complicated. Gone are the 8-bit days of old, with their cassette multiloads, memory limitations and some rather garish colours! Your best bet, if you have the money, is the A1200 most of the games are compatible, with a few now coming out especially for the machine. You will also be able to link up Commodore's CD to the machine, effectively making it a CD32.
A sim round-up? Already done, laddie check out back issues nine and ten for more info on how the games faired.
Chris To all at A-FORCE First off thanks for producing the best Amiga mag on the market. I know everyone who writes in says something like that but it's the truth and I don't expect the Letter of the Month award lor saying that!
However. I'm writing in with a complaint Why, oh why, oh why do you bother printing letters like Goliath the Possum's crap rambling in Issue 12?
Who does this guy think he is? So he finds the letters of everyone else who writes into AMIGA FORCE dull and boring What a conceited, arrogant, not to say humourless fool he is!
He may find questions about the Amiga and praise of your magazine boring, but I know for a fact that most people don't Personally I find people like this fools, with their sad attempts at humour in the Reeves and Mortimer mould, to be undoubtedly the most irritating fellows in the world Next time Possum, take a good, hard look at yourself before being so eager to criticise others!
Especially when you’re loo much of a coward to reveal your true name. Goliath the Possum indeed.
For Gods sake, grow up!
Cliff Roberts, Rochdale ¦ Well said Cliff. I thought that Possum's letter would get some response, and you've supplied it in full! Personally, I find any attempt by Reeves and Mortimer to be lunny rather sad apart from Newman and Baddiel, they're the two most talentless gits on TV. Bring back Little and Large, that's what I say!
Chris POSTCARDS FROM... Dear A-FORCE Having a nice time, raining hard, working hard and looking 'ard. Miss me?
I Osborne, Shropshire ¦ Oh Ian, pleese com bacc as sooon as poss Our standaard of Englieesh as gon wright down cince u left us. (Yes I know. I'm correcting it Nick) Chris TWENTY QUESTIONS Dear AMIGA FORCE I'll start by saying what an excellent magazine AMIGA FORCE is. Could you please answer these questions?
1 Is Wordsworth V2 good on the Amiga?
2 When will Mortal Kombat be released on the Amiga?
3 What is A320 Airbus on Amiga like (USA version)?
4 Why are Ataris so crap?
5 Will there be Street Fighter Turbo on Amiga?
6 Will there be Jungle Stnke or a sequel ot Desert Stnke on the Amiga?
7 Could you please do a review on A320 Airbus on the Amiga?
8 Could you also do reviews and previews ol ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ Jimmy somebody or other sent us this coloured- pencil masterpiece.
Good on you Jimmy let's have more!
THORN TW, IN HER (V SIDE B|| Dear AMIGA FORCE ft, • David Beny's over girls, reviewing j. games has noi gone down 1 ’ jA, well in our household' I am ol " .
Course, referring to his letter ~ you published in the December issue I would like David Berry to know that I m a 16-year-old computer games Ian (who I happens to be a girl) and lully Mp jff support the temale reviewer s comments about Soccer Kid Why is it that girls aren't c allowed to say anything about football without a torrent of alpuse from Ihe boys?
Come on David Berry, wake up! Male machismo's dated in the extreme, we re out ol the dark ages now.
Sandra Commins, Glasgow ¦ Too right each to Iheir own when it comes to likes dislikes with computer games. I'm not so sure if David’s comments were borne from protection ot soccer, though maybe he could write and fill us in? I still think that Soccer Kid is a pretty cool game, though all nice and cutsie, and rather innovative at that Anybody else think different?
The latest accessories available on the Amiga?
Rupinder Bharj, Harrow ¦ Thanks (or the letter Rup despite the listed questions, you’re to be rewarded with the Letter of the Month, anyway! And, |ust to prove that I'm a good egg at heart (and everywhere else!), here's my list ot answers 1 Yet to see it. I'm afraid Over to the readers on that one... PRICING POLICIES Dear AMIGA FORCE The price ot issue No 10 was ONLY TEMPORARY. So can you tell me why No s 11 and 12 are E2.25, and is this price going lo slay?
F Bradley, Dudley ¦ Sorry F, indeed, the price stays. A mailer of economics I'm afraid what, with all of the freebies and the editorial move lo Devon, we had little choice but lo sustain the pnee increase Hopefully, we still offer great value lor money, though' We'll try to squeeze a lew more gitts in too. Just tor you (and thousands of other readers!)
2 Round about now read the review for further info!
3 See answer seven for the answer lo this question!
4 Because they use early 80s technology and a pretty stupid name to compete with state-of-the-art Amigas from our friends af Commodore. Mind you. The Jaguar doesn’t look so bad... 5 Yef to hear anything concrete, but you never know! Stranger things have happened and all that... 6 Ditto! Desert Stnke was rather successful on the Amiga, so there s no reason why they shouldn't conved the sequel as well 7 As soon as we receive a game 8 As and when we get something that we think will interest the readers, we ll cover it.
Remember, though, first and foremost, we re a games mag, therefore we won t be sacrificing space for non-game related articles.
Dear Force Nine Mail Why was the Amiga CD32 so extensively advertised on the telly particularly during the run-up to Christmas when the availability, or rather lack of decent CD games continues to be a pain in the butt?
The CD32 seems to be going the way ot Sega's machine, i.e. it looks more than impressive when you see it on the telly with its tlashy graphics and so on, yet when it comes to the meat the games where are they?
I suspect the ‘indies’ are reluctant to develop a game lor the CD32 because, at present, it must have a relatively small user-base.
With profits linked to game sales, the software companies, quite understandably, must favour developing a game for the likes of the Mega Drive or Super Nintendo. These machines have a huge number of devotees and consequently greater potential for sales.
But where does all this leave me and others who took the plunge and bought the Amiga CD32?
I believed everything I read at the time, i.e. there would be no shortage of decent CD games at affordable pnces.
I am now in danger of becoming a hardened cynic and will certainly treat all future publicity material, whether visual or written, with hefty scepticism.
Is it fair to hype a games machine to such a degree, without first having the software support to go with it? I’ve read plenty about what's coming up and so on, but having bought my Amiga CD32 some six weeks ago, I am more than fed up NOW!
Matthew Tribble, Putney, London ¦ I can feel the tremors from Putney down here in deepest Devon, Matthew obviously, Commodore's showing at Christmas hasn't done much for you. Already, though, more games are appearing, some of which are reviewed in this very issue, and more featured in last issue's CD spectacular.
You also have to consider the performance of the other CD machines. The Mega CD could prove to be particularly embarrassing for Sega yet it’s hardly set the world alight.
Philips Cdi is a bit of a non-starter, and Nintendo have yet to even acknowledge the market place. Just a little more patience, lad it may all come together yet... Chris Frontier Elite 2 Z Sensible Soccer 3 Premier Manager 2 - 4 Syndicate Ji Formula One u Grand Prix For the last tour weeks, I've been hooked on: AMIGA FORCE Readers' Chart!
Problems came in abundance when totting up the results of the readers' chart we sat around for ages trying to figure out why the calculator wouldn't work. Eventually, some bright spark suggested turning on the lights it was solar powered after all. Doh!
The top five looked a little predictable at first, Sensible Soccer leading the way right up until the final week of deadline We then had a deluge of votes for Frontier Elite 2, and suddenly there was a race on! Frontier finally won out by the narrowest of margins (TWO votes!), yet the excitement has only just begun.
It makes you wonder just how long it will be able to hold on to that top spot, especially considering the quality ol the games that we've seen in this issue.
Sensible Soccer held on to make it to the second position, with Premier Manager 2 proving to be a real tave out there in Amigadom Syndicate is obviously turning into something of an evergreen, staying put at number four, while Domarks racing spectacular, Formula One Grand Prix. Slips a gear or two down to the fifth position.
Keep those votes rolling in we’re sure you’ll agree, the results are worth the effort!
FRIEND OF A FRIEND Dear AMIGA FORCE I am getting the Desktop Dynamite A1200 pack for Christmas, please could you answer these questions?
1 My friend says that you can use A500 disks on the A1200 as he does that often with his friend.
2. Will Star Wars come out for the A1200?
3. Is Remembrance ol the Daleks out lor the A1200 and can you
recommend it Christopher Millington. Maghull. Merseyside ¦
Hope you had a good Christmas. Chris! In answer to your
questions .
1 Does what often? Sticks his friend in a disk drive? Or swaps him? Yes, you can use many of the A500 games on the A1200 if you check out each ratings box in an AMIGA FORCE review, it will tell you just what games are compatible. Same goes for the 600 2 If you mean Super Star Wars from the SNES, we don’t think that there are any plans to convert it.
There doesn't seem to be any reason why it couldn't be done I'm sure the Amiga could handle the graphics and effects. If we hear otherwise then we'll let you know!
3 I’ve asked around, but nobody seems to have heard of the game! If anybody out there knows anything, then-drop us a line.
Chris I I 2 I 3. .
I 4.,
5. .
Well. A 9-3 thrashing was the order of the day, although I did grab a goal for what it's worth. Next up is the Torquay United Supporters Club if they're J anything like the team, it should be a walk-over!
technique1 enable up la 2 prBgmmv to lit on one dttk. Now utat
diractly to disk as Amiga Dos • reload* independently of the
cartridge - oven transfer to ha drive! Works with up to 2 Mags
of Ram • oven t Meg Chip Mam (Fatter Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE now with DEEP trainer. Even batter than before • allows you to flanarata more « even infinite lives, fuel. Ammo. Perlect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that impossible' level. Easy to use.
~ B IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprtle set including any
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect ybur software investment.
Works with all presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the preSs of a key no mor DISKCODER With the new 'Oiskcoder- option you can now tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. Tagged* disks wiH only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
K t«T MAP allows you to loaMSavc Edit a Keymap.
Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use.
B DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full . IMPROVED P at all times - DIR, FORMAT, PLUS A MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR WITH EVEN MORE POWER!!
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor •
Load Save block • Write Suing to memory Jump to specific
• Snow Ham as tail • Show Irocen picture • Play resident sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and (lag S Calculator • Help
• Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to
see and modify all chip registers • mn write only registers •
• Disk handling - show actual track, OM Sync, pattern etc. S
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX. ASCII, AssomWer, Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with suttlx dimes REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU
HOTLINE 0782 744707 a O R IMITCD _ ___ OUR LONDON SHOP 222,
Tottenham court rd, London, wi. Tel:071 A F AAR llld ALL
Were voiced all round the loading time is questionable, even with two disk drives, while some, myselt included, had to wonder it the lengthy breaks between the action aflected the game adversely.
Unfortunately, the loading's a bit on the long side, yet it doesn't detract from the game too much. Presentation's top notch, even featuring little video clips of each character; go to the options by mistake, though, and you’ll be waiting around while the titles load in again.
Mortal Reality But the proof of the pudding's in the playing, and Mortal Kombat doesn't disappoint. The moves are more or less all evident, each carried off pretty effortlessly. Pushing back and right on the joystick and pressing fire to carry out a sweep- kick isn't ideal, but the limitations of one-button joysticks have been relatively well dealt with. A two-button joystick does have its advantages, allowing you to perform certain moves that Mortal Kombat is ¦ On Goro, don’t do the special move, otherwise, after a while, he'll perform a special move at exactly the same time.
All moves have a power rating, indicating the potency. Some of the punches are more powerful than the special moves, but you'll need to get in close to use them!
Most impressive is the speed the Amiga version of Mortal Kombat plays faster than that on the Mega Drive, Probe having ensured smooth and pacey gameplay without being so quick as to be unplayable. Two-player battles are even more intense now, occasionally being reduced to a melee of rapid button-pressing and frantic flying kicks.
Moral Kombat Of course, the no-good do-gooders will be up in arms about the deluge of tomato sauce on offer, ketchup spurting from wounds with just the slightest touch. Seriously, the blood element has been incorporated (although not all the gore), but it's all much of a muchness, not really adding anything to the gameplay. And always appearing at the most inobvious moments. Still, it'll give Rib-crushingly good As you’ve probably guessecTwe re most impressed with Mortal Kombat. There are flaws disk accessing is a bit of a pain, especially if you're only using one drive, and getting a two-
player game up and running is more laborious than it needed to be.
However, these are but small gripes. The sprites are wonderfully formed and animated, the backgrounds detailed and sharp. Even the music, what there is of it, is impressive. The speech is as crackly as on the other versions, but that’s forgivable considering the quality on show.
Body Blows was good; Streetfighter II equally so. Even Body Blows Galactic blows most stuff out of the I water. But if you want the best, ¦ II .JA 1 Originally, the game was to include a Jean Claude Van Damme character.
2 The sequel, complete with bigger and better characters, is already in production. Sonya can now perform a kiss of death.
3 In the arcade game, the decapitated heads in the pit were those of the programmer and colleagues.
4They used proper actors for the characters from which they digitised the moves, although Sonya was a ballet dancer, just for those special moves.
5 Scorpion, Sub Zero, Reptile and Liu Kang are all the same actor; Johnny Cage is the others.
Goro was animated from a model because Mark Smith refused to do If you freeze with Sub Zero twice, it doubles back and freezes you!
8 There’s plenty of merchandise available, including T-Shirts, badges and a comic book.
9 Sonya is the most popular arcade character; Johnny Cage the least favoured.
¦ A Doug, from Virgin, is the Games I W Messiah on Games World. And what a berk he looks! Watch out for the Christmas special where he's seen leading two seven-year-olds (dressed as angels) up to the stage. The things people will go through just to be on the telly.
Rsft IteView! Scorpion He of the spear, Scorpion is a lave among the tips boys of this world,
i. e a bit limited.
Raiden Teleportation is his speciality a bit useless against some of the better computer opponents, though.
A little on the slow side, but has a pretty hefty uppercut.
¦ DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 2 ¦ GENRE: BEAT-'EM-UP ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES The coolest chap of the bunch, with a rather chilling special move!
It even makes him turn blue for some reason!
¦ The most addictive, playable and gruesome beat-’em-up out there.
• •...with graphics and some ely boppy soundtracks, it's a
platform game that just ffmlga Powar ...If The graphics are
lagnilicent, wonderfully drawn 00021.690 and veil animated...
This is the test lot platformer I've played in ages"™ Amiga
Computing 0000*600 Core Design Limited Trodewinds House 69-71A
Ashbourne Rood Derby DE22 Tel 0332 297797 Fax 0332 381511 the
• i}'2 00000090 Available on Commodore Amiga (1 megl only 1993
Vic*y Conpony of lapon lx) I ISSUE TWELVE: Brutal Sports
Football Reviewed!
Premier Manager II | and European Champions lowdown!
Syndicate final solution | I and first Hired Guns 1 tips!
I ISSUE THIRTEEN: Frontier reviewed! CD32 lowdown! Oscar playing tips!
Humansll guide!
Due to popular demand, here’s the official AMIGA FORCE tuckshop, where you can order sherbet dips, humbugs... whoops, maybe not, but you CAN order all those AMIGA FORCE back issues that you might have missed, including that elusive Issue one. Watch out for more special offers next month!
¦ No. 1 AUT WIN '92 ¦ No. 2 JAN FEB '93 I Ms. 3 MAR ’ ¦ fio. 4 A?n:L 'S3 ¦ No. 5 MAY '93 ¦ No. 6 JUNE '93 I'd like the following AMIGA FORCE back issues at E2 each. I enclose a chegue for the correct amount, payable to Europress Direct. Pop this in an envelope and post to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L65 3EB (no stamp needed if posted in UK).
? 6901 ¦ No. 7 JULY '93 L 6907 ? 6902 ¦ No. 8 AUG '93 ? 6908 i*eses- ¦ No. 9 SEP '93 ? 6909 A O cTvy-t ¦ No. 10 OCT '93 ? 6910 C 6905 ¦ No. 11 NOV '93 ? 6911 ? 6906 ¦ No. 12 DEC '93 6912 B No. 13 XMAS '93 ? 6913 Address.. ..Postcode.. Signed.
Y, ring your order through on 051 357 1275 (24 hrs a day, accepted). All prices Include UK postage. For orders over £10 » add £5 for Eire EEC and £10 for overseas (latter dispatched byl ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦
o +i c £ • §2 o r Quest linkline 5 m T tfl « Ifl V © M A
a. os « A flj w before dying, so prepare lor tough battles To
help overcome these exacting levels, your ship's equipped with
a thruster, blasting you across the screen avoiding tricky
situations The ship's also got a shield, although this only
has a limited supply ol energy powering it.
Running out isn't the end ol the world, though, as there are plenty ol power-ups available once you've blasted a few rocks.
Progressing into the game pitches you against ships releasing extra weapons to grab Using the space bar accesses the weapon- select menu, allowing you to arm your ship with increasingly powerful shooters.
The linal task in each world's to battle a big, bad mothership. These babies are lough cookies, so be prepared lor a long war ol attrition!
The warp factor Stardust also has a sub-game lor you to play Once a world's been cleared a warp hole appears on screen Hying into this takes you to a new world However, belore normal sen ices Rresume you negotiate the warp- tunnel. In this game the ship hurtles down a small passage, packed with mines and meteors the object's to dodge anything coming near you. Mines cannot be shot, but any meteor aht " blasted out ol the galaxy Later on in the game, there are also special missions lor you to undertake, in which you control the ship through treacherous terrain a real test and a half!
Graphically,Stardust is very impressive, with fabulous backdrops, detailed sprites and stunning tunnel sequences, while the game design’s been well thought out On the sound front there are some muffled speech samples, but again nothing particularly brilliant.
Stardust earns its keep through outstanding playability as a cut-price bargain, this is one shoot-'em-up that's guaranteed to please.
It looks good, it sounds great and it S' plays like a dream, yet it still won't ¦ cost you the earth. Can you ask lor I VlaaK more? It I set my stall out early on this one I love it!
Stardust proves things don't have to be complicated to produce an excellent game.
It's got bags ol playability, heaps ol addictiveness and all at a bargain price. Can't be bad. Eh! Okay, so it's basically a |azzed-up variant on the age old Asteroids theme, but so what? II it works why knock it?
Stardust's one ol those games arriving with little in the way ol advanced hype Despite this it's been greeted with delight in the AMIGA FORCE offices. That's because it's good lun, which, alter all, is what gameplaymg's all about.
Meteor masquerade The armies ol darkness amass to take over your galaxy. Cunningly disguised as meteors they've already infiltrated live worlds and are determined to achieve their wicked goal (so it's a stupid plot, nothing's perfect you know!).
Your quest's to move your a new world, spaceship around each world destroying all the dilterent waves ol aliens It S you find An on-screen map nrPfitGCl shows Ihe levels you clear to 1 QGCH 9 save a world Each has a I varying degree ol difficulty, 1 ¦¦ shown on the screen as a mark I Jpl out ol 100. Obviously, the further I into the game the tougher the * i “ action gets.
The meteors come in a variety ol colours the amount ol hits they can take belore exploding depending on their hue. Grey meteors are the weakest, blue pose lew problems, bul once you hit purple rocks things liven up and golden meteors are the real tough cookies!
Like that old lavourite, Asteroids, meteors divide into smaller rocks upon exploding Once down to their smallest size many release a bonus when obliterated. Each is a small icon depicting the type ol bonus on offer they take in a heart shape, returning you to full energy, an X, meaning extra life and a slar, giving you a handy smart bomb.
Many of the tougher levels pitch you against alien spaceships. They take a lot ol punishment with delight Pay close attention to your mission briefings to gain success in the world of Stardust.
Igee|f ¦ Even though Stardust involves a r il" pretty simple concept, it's totally y absorbing and always has a surprise s or two up its sleeve. In many ways, it's reminiscent of Asteroids, with a good measure of Thrust (who remembers that C64 classic?) Thrown in. The secret missions add even more spice, requiring a steady hand and a quick fire button, while the tunnels are not only mind blowing in the graphics department, they're also pretty hot on speed and challenge. Basically, Stardust is one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. 'Nuff said. ¦ ¦ Against some of the tougher
alien ships it's possible to blow them up by flying into them with your shield on. Remember, though, to always keep a watchful eye on the energy gauge! ¦ ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: 3 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: SHOOT-'EM-UP a 1200 COM PAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES CREDIT CARD HOTUNE 081 889 9172 ENQUIRYSORDE R LINE O a 081 361 5730 118a Palmers Road New Southgate 24 hour fax line LONDON N11 1SL 081 361 2733 BITMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 only £16.99 Xanon. Cadavw.and SpaadOall II SPACE LEGENDS only £19.99 Amiga only Megatravallci I. Elite. Wing Cotnmadai BIO BOX only £15.99 Capu." It food tin On oo ttw
Moon. Salad Quna.
Aga Ouaan. SvMMa Pke. PuWa Saban Day*. K yplo« Egg.
Juesxnj J...MT lloOo l» .taj.._ BOARD GENIUS only C17.B9 Ctuado HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION only 118.88 Rooocop. Ghoalbusters H Indiana Jones. Batman the Movie TRIPLE PACK 1 (SPORTS) only 112.89 Mlctoprosc Soccer. Panza Kick Boxing, 30 Pool THE GREATEST only £19.99 Jimmy While » Whirlwind Snooker.
Lure ol the Temptras* and Duna STRATEGY MASTER only 121.99 Oauleros. Populous. Hunier. Chessplayer 2190 and Spirits ol EicaMbur WZZY'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES only 116.99 Dizzy Panic. Bubble Dizzy, Dizzy Prince ol Yolk Folk.
Spellbound Oizzy and Kwlk Snak SPORTS MASTERS only £19.99 PGA Tour God. Indy 900. Advantage Tennla and European Championship 1992 DREAM TEAM only 116.99 Terminal or II. Simpsons, W.W.F. TOCCER MANIA _____________only £11.99 Football Manager II. Gazzas Soccer.
Er-W.C. Edl..... Football Manager W.C. Edition. M TEST DRIVE II COLLECTION only £15.99 Muscle Cars, California Challenge.
European Challenge, Duel, Super Cars 4 WHEEL DRIVE only £19.99 Lotus Esprit, Celics GT4 Rally. Teem Suzuki and Combo Racer RAINBOW COLLECTION only 113.99 New Zealand Story. Bubble Bobbie. Rainbow Islands NINJA COLLECTION only £13.99
D. Oragon. Shadow Warrior. D Ninja AWARD WINNERS only £16.99 Kick
Otf II. Plpemania. Space Ace and Populous SUPER FIGHTER only
£16.99 Pltfighter. W.W.F. Final Fight NAPOLEONIC only £16.99
Waterloo. Borodino. AusterliU ANIMATION CLASSICS only £27.99
Space Ace, Dragon s Lair |i. Wrath ot the Demon LORDS OF POWER
only £22.99- Silent Service II. Red Baron. Railroad Tycoon,
Perfect General COMBAT CLASSICS II only £20.99 F19 Stealth
Fighter. Slienl Service II and Pacific Islands BIG BOX II only
£19.99 Bec» To The Firfure l» " Tree, few OikWbveWr Eaiet. TV
Sports (ootbell. Shanghai. A,main* Sobed POWER PACK only
£14.99 Sport Football. Bio d Lombard Ratty COMBAT CLASSICS
only £20.99 FI 5 Strike Eagle II. 688 Attack Sub and Team Yank
TRIPLE PACK II (ACTION ) only £12.99 Streetfkghtar, Rick
Dangerous II, Last Crusade Action 2 HOT 2 HANDLE only C12.99
Golden Axe. Total Recall, Shadow Warrior, Super Off Road
Racing MEGA MIX only £12.99 Laander, Agony and Ork SPORTS
COLLECTION only 112.99 Run the Gauntlet. Pro Tennis Tour and
World Cup Soccer (Halle' »0) ACTION 5 only 119.99 Rick
Dangerous II. Ghostbustera II, Gunship. Super Ski and Hard
1869. ..£1999 A500t Imeg
Upgrado......£39.99 A600 1 Meg Upgrade * dock.£49.99
0. 5 Meg Upgrade + ctock...£25.99 A320
Airbus .....£23.99 A320 Airbus
USA .£23.99 A
Train ......£23.99 A Train Con
Set ...£13 99 Addams
Family .£7.99 Airbucks 1.2 (5 6 or 1200)
£19.99 Air Combat Patrol £19.99 Air Force
Commander £19.99 Allred Chicken £16.99
Alien Breed 2 ...£17 99 Alien Breed Speoal
Edition £9 99 Aliens III ...£16 99
American Gladiators £16.99 Amos
(Easy) ....£23.99 Amos
3D ...£23.99 Amos
Compiler ...£19.99 Amos
Professional ......£54.99 Amos Professional
Compiler£23.99 Amos The Creator .....£36.99 Apocalypse
....£19.99 Armourgeddon .£
15.99 Armourgeddon II* £19.99
Assassin ...£16 99
A. T.A.C.* ...£23.99 B17 Flying
Fortress ....£23 99 Bane Of The Cosmic Forgo £24 99
BARBARIAN II (Psyg) £10.99 Bart vs the
World1 £16.99 Batman
Returns* .£16.99 Battle Chess
II .£16.99 Battle Isle
'93 ...£20.99 Battle Isle
II ......£22.99 Battle Toads
Beavers ....£16.99 Beneath the Steel
Sky......£ 19.99 Birds ol Prey ......£9.99
Black Crypt ......£16.99 Blade Of
Destiny ..£30.99
Blastar ......£16 99 blob
.£16.99 Blue
Max ...£11.99 Body
Blows .....£16.99 Body Blows
Galactic ...£17.99
Boot ...£19.99 Brutal Sports
Football £16.99 Bubba 'N Stix ..£16.99 Buck
Rogers ....£19.99 Buck Rogers
II* £20.99 Bully's Sporting Darts £7.99
Burning Rubber ...£16.99 Bum
Up ....£16.99 Cadaver- the pay
off ...£10 99 Caesar.. ..£1699
Caesar deluxe £19.99
Campaign ......£22.99 Campaign Mission Disk .
.£10 99 Campaign II £23 99 Cannon
Fodder £19.99
Captive .....£11.99 Captive
II ..£17.99 Car and
Driver* £23.99 Carl Lewis
Challenge ..£12.99
Castles ......£16.99 Castles Data
Disc £11.99 Castles
II* .£23.99 Castle of Dr
Brain £15.99 Chaos
Engine ..£16.99 Championship Manager '93.£16
99 Chase HQ II ......£8 99 Chuck Rock
II ....£8.99
Civilisation £23.99 Civilisation
A1200 £27.99
C. Y's Air Combat .£20.99 Cohort
II ....£19.99 Combat Air
Patrol £18.99 TOP TITLES Cover Girl
Poker ..... Crazy Cars III ... Crystal
Kingdom Dizzy .
Dalek Attack ..... Darkmere ..... Das Boot .. D-Day Deluxe Music Con Set... AMIGA ...£12.99 ..£9 99 £13.99 £23.99 ..£12.99 £1699 ..£11.99 . .£16 99 ..£74 99 TOP TITLES AMIGA King's Quest Vl*(A1200). £37 99 Knight Maro ....£11.99 Knights ot the Sky £12 99 Lambourghini ,S» Challenge £16.99 Lawn Mower Man* ....£16.99 Leander ...£10 99 Leeds Utd £16 99 Legacy* ......£23.99 Legacy of Sivasil ..£16.99 Legend .....£11 99 Legend II (Wort* o'
Legerd$ | £16.99 Logendof Kiyandia ....£19.99 Lemmings..: .....£1599 Lemmings and Data Disk £19 99 Lemmings II .....£19 99 Lemmings Data Disk ..£10 99 Lemmings-Stand Alone.....£ 15 99 Little Divil ...£16 99 Links .£12 99 Liquid Kids* ....£16.99 Loom ..£10.99 Lost Vikings ...£16.99 Lost Treasures ol Intocom £23.99 Lotus Turbo Challenge III. £16.99 M1 Tank Platoon ...£11.99 MacDonald Land ...£9.99 Maelslrom
(1Meg) ..£23.99 Magic Boy* ..£16.99 Man Uld Premier* .£19.99 Mario Is Missing .£16 99 Mean Arenas ......£16.99 Micro Machines ..£16.99 Microprose Golt ...£16 99 Midwinter II .....£12.99 Might of Magic III .£23.99 Moonstone .....£10.99 Monkey Island .£12.99 Monkey Island II ...£25.99 Mortal Kombat £18.99 Mouse (swltchable) ....£9.99 Morph ....£15.99 Mr. Nutz ...£16 99
Myth £8.99 Nick Faldo Gotl ...£23 99 Nicky II .....£16.99
N. Mansell World Champ....£20.99 Network O
Rally ......£16.99 Noddy's Big Advonture......£16.99
Norly Ones (CD32) ....£16.99 One Step Beyond ....£
13.99 Oullanders* ...£16.99
Overdrive ..£17 99 Overkill
..£14.99 Pacific Islands-T.Yankee II
..£20 99 Pacific Islands II* .....£21.99 Parasol
Stars ...£15 99
Patrician £19 99 PGA Golf Tour
.....£20 99 PGA Courses Disk ......£10.99 Pinball
Dreams. .£15.99 Pinball Dreams II
...£16.99 Pmball Fantasies (CD32).....£1999 Populous II
The Challenge ..£11.99 Populous II + (1 Meg) £23 99 Power and
Glory ..£19 99 Power Up Compilation ....£12.99
TOP TITLES Premier Manager .. Premier Manager II ..
PushOver ....
Putty ..... Railroad
Tycoon ..... Reach For The Skies Red
Baron .... Road Rash ....
Robm Hood (Millenium).
Robocod Robocod A1200 Robocop III ... Robo Sports Rookies* Ryder Cup .... Sabre Team .. Sabre Team 1200 . Scrabble (US Gold) . Second Samurai ...... Sensible Soccer 92-93... Settlers. ...... SHADOW BEAST 11..... Shadow ol the Beast III Shadow Worlds Silent Service II . Sim Ant .. Sim Earth .... Sim Life A1200 500 Simon the Sorcoror Sleepwalker
50Q1200 ... Snow Bros ... Soccer Kid 500 1200...... Soup Trek* .... Space 1889 AMIGA ..£16.99 £16.99 £8.99 £12.99 .£12.99 ..£1999 ..£15.99 ..£16 99 ....£9.99 ..£1599 ..£16.99 £8.99 ..£16.99 ..£17.99 ..£16.99 £16.99 £19.99 ..£1899 ..£17.99 ..£16 99 ..£21.99 ..£11.99 ..£11.99 ..£1699 £1299 £22.99 £16.99 £19.99 £23.99 £1499 £16 99 ..£16 99 ..£1699 £16 99 TOP TITLES Space Hulk .... Space Crusade • Upgrade Space Quest IV . Special Forces ...... Starflight II ... Star Trek 25th Anniversary' Stoel
Empire .. Stereo Master . Street Fighter II Striker ..... Sub .. Super Cauldron . Superfrog Super Mario Brothers Super Space Invaders...... Super SWIV* .. Syndicate . Synrfccate Data Disc*...... Test Drrve III* .. TFXA1200 ..... Theatre of Dealh . The Games 92 Espana ... Their Finest Hour Thunderhawk AH-73M...... Tip OH ......
Toki ... Toon World* .... Tornado* ..... AMIGA £23.99 £16 99 £23 99 £2399 .£10.99 £23.99 £20.99 £26.99 £17.99 £16.99 £21.99 £16.99 £16.99 £1899 ...£7.99 £16.99 £23.99 ..£14.99 ..£15.99 .£23 99 £18.99 £20.99 £19.99 .£21.99 £16.99 ...£7.99 £16.99 £23 99 TOP TITLES AMIGA Total Carnage £16.99 Troddlors ......£16.99 Trolls 500 1200 ..£16.99 TV Sports Baseball .£11.99 TV Sports Boxing ......£11.99 Turncan 3 .... £16.99 Turtles II ..£11.99 Twilight
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Meg) £12.99 Wing Commander .£11.99 Wiz Kid ...£15.99 Wizh Liz .... £19.99 Woody's World ....£16.99
W. W.F £7.99
W. W.F II ....£8.99 Yol
Joe! ..£16.99 Zool
500 1200 £16 99
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Core* ...£16 99 Dennis 50a't 200 ..£17
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Jjngle Str) .£20.99 Detroit ......£18
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..... £16.99 £23.99 £19.99 £22.99 .£19.99 £27 99 .£19 99 £19
99 £19 99 £23.99 £1999 £16 99 £12.99 £2399 £1299 £23.99 £12.99
.£7.99 Disposable Hero Dogfight.. Dracula.
Dracul Dreadnoughts Dreamlands . Dream Web* Dune . Dune II ..... Dungeon Chaos Elvira II • Cerberus..... Epic .... European Champions Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder II.
F15 Strike Eagle II...... F117A Stealth Fighter F19 Stealth Fighter F29 Retaliator . Falcon ..£9. Falcon Mission Disk 1 ..£6.99 Falcon Mission Disk ll .£6.99 Fate Of Atlantis (adv) £25.99 Fate Of Atlantis (arc) Fatman 500 1200..... Final Fight Fire and Ice .. Fire Stone HD Scenery £13.
Flashback .£20.99 Football Manager III* ..£15.99 Free DC ....£18.99 EDUCATIONAL ADI English All ages. ..each£l6.99 ADI French All ages .. .eaffiE 16.99 ADI Maths All ages «adi£ 16.99 Fun School 2 All ages ...eWi£6.99 Fun School 3 All ages each£ 13.99 Fun School 4 All ages .e*h£ 16.99 Noddy's Playtime £16 99
3. 5 DS DD discs with labels boxed In 10‘s £5 99 C11 j$
- ¦ Is dI dd:::::::®:!
Please add 50p per 10 discs when ordenng to cover P&P £1699 ..£16 99 £7 99 £15 99 Pro Tennis Tour .£6.99 Puzznic .£6.99 Rainbow islands ...£6.99 Rambo III .....£6.99 RBI 2 Baseball £6.99 Resolution 101 ...£6.09 Rick Dangerous II £7 99 Robocop ......£6.99
• ‘ihocup * £8 99 Type £8 99 £6 99 RVF »8 99 Vwoowards f ft 99 S
oowuf the Beast £6 99 do* Wart* €6 99 V«nnahM4 £6 99 S rmOf £6
99 £6 99 Srr«r IV (*6 99 StarofeMr ¦ £6 99 S*n«e Hwr. €0 99
Shirt Ce- Rece £6 99 Sump £5 99 Sum* Cars h £8 99 Super Hang
On .£6.99 Switch
Blade ....£6.99 Switch Blade
II ...£8.99
Swiv ..£6.99 Terminator
II £6.99 Titus The
Fox .....£9.99 Turrican
II ....£7.99
Untouchables £6.99
Vigilante ......£6.99 WC
Leaderboard £6.99 World Championship Boxing£6
99 Zak McKracken ..£8.99 AMIGA BUDGET TITLES
UNDER £10 Fronteer (Elite 2)... Fury Of The Furries ... Global
Effoct .. Global Gladiators . Globdule
... Goal Kick OH III ... Goblins
II ... G Gooch Cnckel ... Graham
Taylor ...... Grand Prix (Formula)... Gunshot
2000 Harlequin ... Harpoon (l
Meg) Harrier Assault AV8B Hero's Quest II ..... Hill
Street Blues .... Hired Guns . Hrstoryline
1914-18 Hook. .. International Open Golf.. £19 99
.£20.99 .£1699 .£1999 £1999 £1999 £19 99 £19 99 £9 99 £23.99
£23.99 £14.99 £1999 £23.99 £16.99 ..£7.99 £23.99 £21.99
...£0.99 .£1699 688 Attack Sub...... Afterburner ..
Altered Beast ..... Arkano«l II ..... ATOMINO ...
Barbarian ... Barbarian II Batman The Movie Battlehawks
Tlood Money...... lues Brothers Cabal .. California Games Carner Command Celica GT4 Rally Chase HO .. Cloud Kingdom ..... Colossus Chess ... Combo Racor . Conflict in Europe . Deluxe Stnp Poker (not Doubfo Dragon I or II.
Dragon Ninja . .
Face OH - Ice Hockey .
Fantasy World Dizzy.... Fl6Combal Pilot .
Flight of the Intruder.....
F. O.F.T ... Future Wars ...... Gauntlet
II .... Shostbusters li Ghouls
n'Ghosts .. Hardball ... Head over
Heels £9 99 £6 99 ..L6.99 £6 99 ..£8 99 £5 99 £6 99 ih
m Hudson Hawk ....
IK* Indy Last Crusade
Graphic James Pond ...... Jet Set Willy

J. Khan Squash ... Last Ninja II Last Nmia II
Lombard R» .
Lotus Espirit Lotus Turbo 11 ... Maniac Mansions .... Manic Miner ...... Man United Europe
M. Jackson Moonwalker...... Midwinter ..... 29
Fulcrum . mshine Racers.
New Zealand Story!!
Ninja Remix .. ' h & South .. Run .. Harrier .... ......ffumdeiboit!!!
R. ._lionWof1 .
• utrun Europa .. Panza Kick Boxing Pinball
Magic Pirates ....
International Sports Chall . .£15 99 Ishar II
500'1200 ....£19.99 Jaguar XJ220 £16.99
James Pond III 0p Slartishi £16 99
J. Whites Whirlwind £16 99
J. Bames (IMeg) ..£15.99
J. Madden s Football ....£16.99 Jurassic
Park ...£16.99
K240 ..£16.99
KGB ...£16.99 Killing Game Show
....£11.99 Kingdom Of Germany*......£19.99 Kingmaker _
N224NQ 081 889 9172 SHOP PRICES MAY VARY.
You travel around the ship on foot, although you can also use the jet-powered boots Shep's wearing to reach otherwise impossible platforms.
These boots don't have an inexhaustible fuel supply, though. They can only be used when you find one of the fuel cans dotted about this and future levels.
IkmiI Alternative, £16.99 ot long ago, Suburban Commando, a truly dire film starring Hulk Hogan. Amenca's greatest wrestling personality, was released. In their wisdom Alternative released the game ot the film sadly the question has to be asked: Why did they bother? Suffice to say I find this a very poor game indeed Before explaining why, let's look at the game- scenario. In the film, Hulk played the part of Shep Ramsey, intergalactic commando. This is your role. You control a rather short and squat version of the famous Hulkster as he battles through seven different stages.
Shep’s mission’s to rid the galaxy of the dreaded General Suitor's evil forces this quest begins deep in space with Shep behind his attack ship’s controls. However, the battle to destroy the diabolic General's power is concluded on Earth. You control Shep as he struggles against the General's forces and finally seeks out the General himself.
Getting to Earth means defeating Suitor's champion. He's a mean, hard-hitting bad guy who stops at nothing to block your progress.
Final levels all take place on the streets of Los Angeles; somewhere in the city, the parts you require to repair your ship are hidden. To help you get round the city it's imperative to make full use of the tricks at your disposal. There are springs in many of the streets (who knows why they're planted there!), while elevators help your progress on stages such as the Skyscraper climb.
A poor quality effort Out to stop you are a host of baddies ranging from Street Punks roaming the streets to Bounty-Hunters contracted by General Suitor to finish you off. To defeat them means using Hulk's wrestling skills. Your character can punch and kick opponents, he can also perform quick rolls to avoid attack. Attacks come from all directions, they can be in the form of a fist-fight, knife-attack or gunfire.
You begin deep in space approaching Suitor's mothership. At this stage the game's a horizontally-scrolling shoot-'em-up, and an extremely mediocre one at that. There are loads of alien ships to battle before you complete the stage the problem's most of them take so many hits to destroy they're on top of you before you can avoid them. This makes it more of an exercise in dodging the aliens, as attempting to shoot them’s simply too risky.
Along the way there are plenty of power-ups to collect including extra speed, extra lives and stronger weaponry. The weapons available are all from the usual shoot-'em-up arsenal and take in three-way-shots, homing missiles and rear- shots. It helps to collect these as it makes the aliens' destruction just a bit easier.
Once this stage’s completed, the shoot-'em-up becomes a side-scrolling, bash-the-baddies- platformer as you enter the mothership. These stages have to be finished before Shep can make amiGa The problem with the fighting sequences on all levels is their lack of excitement and realism For some reason, Hulk’s so stubby his little arms and legs barely reach opponents. This means you often get bashed because you're trying to get in close enough to hit the enemy.
These faults aren’t helped by poor quality graphics. Right from the beginning in the shoot-'em-up stage, the animation and movement are sub-standard. They're all very jerky causing the gameplay inevitably to suffer.
Basically, if this game was a wrestler it would have submitted before even reaching the ring. A poor quality effort to reproduce a dull film Steer well clear!
Hulk Hogan's going through the motions. All swinging, all dancing and all a bit disappointing. He really should have stuck to the wrestling!
To get through the doors find the control levers always placed nearby.
I DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: 1 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: SHOOT PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO ¦ A mixture of genres that fails to excite.
Paxman and Beadle are your hosts lor this deadly show.
» IjjJT m ? It " - M. (Right) Grab the [B] icons to earn yourself a handy bonus credit.
ICE, £TBA et's begin with the scenario it’s the year 2093 and life's bleak for the world's population. Mass unemployment's been the inevitable result of the automation of every aspect of life. Television's no longer just a source of entertainment. Instead, it’s the only industry available to the government to control unrest.
As the demand for spectacular programmes increases, gameshows become more and more deadly. This is taken to it’s ultimate conclusion with the creation of Mean Arenas, where defeat results in death! However, success brings unimaginable riches for the poverty-stricken contestants.
I couldn't help but notice the remarkable similarity between the plot of Mean Arenas and that of the Stephen King novel. Running Man, also a blockbuster movie starring dear old Arnie Schwarzenegger. The game also has more than a passing resemblance to the arcade hit, Smash TV. All I’m saying is this is not exactly an original scenario, but then again so what? Mean Arenas is one heck of a game, although just missing out on the coveted award of an AMIGA FORCE Rave Review!
Mean and moody In another sense this game's slightly similar to the classic, Pacman. Guardians patrol a grid made up of walled alleys and deadly hazards. Contestants rush around each arena intent on collecting all the coins from the grid to move onto the next stage.
In most cases there are no time limits, so it’s just a battle against the guardians and hazards.
However, there are speed levels in which you lose a life if you fail to beat the clock. There are no level guardians here, but the arenas contain more hazards and puzzle elements.
The great thing about Mean Arenas is its addictiveness. From the description given it seems to have little to it. This is far from the truth. There are 26 levels of frantic brutality to battle through to claim the ultimate prize, each packed with loads of great features making the gameplay unbeatable. The speed of the action and the humorous spoken commentary add significantly to the game's overall atmosphere.
While coins may be the most important things to collect, it's vital to use the bonuses dotted around each level to fend off the guardians and power-up your character. These bonuses include extra weapons, such as a four-way-fire and a smart bomb, killing everything on screen. The letters spelling out bonus’ grant you extra credits when collected and speed boots give you a greater chance to outrun the guardians.
The guardians are vicious robots, patrolling most of the levels and are programmed to kill anyone they meet. They can be taken out with the gun, but there are plenty of other ways to teach them a bit of humility. Scattered around the levels are fire- shields for your character to collect, which destroy everything it touches. There are also dock symbols freezing the robots for a short period of time. Another tip’s to use the blocks changing the grid shape when walked over crushing the guardians. This takes timing, but is an effective weapon if a guardian s standing by one of the amiGa ¦JANUARY
1994 ¦ Reviews!
When I first saw Mean Arenas last issue, I was completely taken in by it. It has the indescribable 'one more go' appeal ot Pac Man and the mindless violence ot Smash TV, and it promised to be H-O-T!
And it is. Mean Arenas, like Stardust, is appealing because ot its apparent simplicity, and hidden depth. Charging around the mazes is great tun, especially with the commentaries of the two hosts of the show, and the range of objects, obstacles and bad guys will leave you gasping for more. A thoroughly enjoyable, and , addictive, blast! ¦ No where to run, no where to...er... teleport?
Walls. Finally, you can return your character's energy bar to maximum by finding the small medical kits left somewhere in the maze.
An added problem's actually getting to some of the better bonuses. For a start, the arena itself is no stroll in the park there are hidden flamethrowers and rocket-launchers to contend with, while lethal acid pits and moving walkways also pose plenty of problems. As if this wasn't enough, many bonuses are kept locked behind closed doors.
'23 I Mean Arenas awaits the brave The only way to get them's finding the right key to match the door.
Sounds straightforward enough, but why do the keys always seem to be in the most heavily guarded sections of the arena? It's just not fair!
Commentating clods!
If you thought John Motson and Elton Welsby were bad, wait until you meet Buzz and Bob!
These morons have somehow managed to become the network's top Mean Arenas' commentators. How they did it is a mystery, but their stupid voices and cock-ups add an extra, humorous ingredient to an already brilliant game.
As you progress, these fools discuss what's coming up on the next level and give a running commentary on your performance in each arena.
They tend to get a lot of things wrong, though, as well as bringing chaos to the television studio. It's all irrelevant to the gameplay, but it adds considerably to the overall quality of the game.
, I recommend Mean Arenas to anyone who's into fast- ” paced, action-packed . 1 extravaganzas! This ¦?Ay game has it all. Well- _ !esigned graphics complementing the gameplay, rip- roaringly addictive playability and brilliant, not to say extremely humorous, speech.
Mean Arenas awaits the brave and foolhardy. Putting your computer | character's life on the line has never been this much fun before!
~~ I 1 1 I k I ' ’TJ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE __DISKS: 2 1 PLAYERS: 2 'i. Y GENRE: ARCADE ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES HD INSTALL: NO niiiinii limim I 1 i II ___1_11
* 11111111 I Superb action makes this unbeatable.
A must buy!
¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ PINBALL SPECIAL EDITION ;R i6wS!s Check out this months tips r the lowdown on Pinball Dreams!
. Stones And Bones: This is a fave among the A- Forcers. Taking its theme from Gothic horror movies, this one's full of ramps and runways. High scores are achieved by hitting 1 the tower (after lighting K-E-Y to open it), and lighting the in words STONE and BONE sum mu I In excellent compilation, although really should be at I least £ 1 O cheaper.
R H jJlf Ian's right there’s not a lot that lukumhasn| been said ab°u| ,hese lir ll games, but they’re so good that it’s ¦ I •- worth saying it all over again!
To be quite honest, I really couldn't understand the tuss over the games when I first joined up with the A-FORCE team. Pinball is best in amusement arcades after all, where the thrill comes from crashing the ball up chutes, the physical thumping on the flipper buttons, the thwack as a ball spins off towards a bonus. .. but then I played Fantasies and Dreams. They're both smooth, frenetic, blood-rush-to-head stimulating and bloody addictive.
¦ 21st Century Entertainment, £34.99 hat can you say about these games that hasn't been said already at least 500 times? 'It's only pinball' screams a nerd. Yeah, right. The Amiga's only' a computer but it doesn’t stop it being bed-wettingly brilliant.
The same goes for these games. There've been pinball-sims on every computer imaginable, from the humble Speccy to the even more humble Mega Drive, but none have captured the table-top pinball feel as well as these two efforts.
There are eight tables on offer, each of the two games containing four tables each. They're about two and a half screens tall, the silky-smooth scrolling following the ball. All are packed with features and bonuses, so let's take a look at them in turn... DREAMS ¦ gnition: With its Flash Gordon-style rocket graphic and its1950s circular bumpers, Ignition looks like a table straight from Saturday Night Fever. There aren't too many ramps, but look at the knock-down targets... ¦ Steel Wheel: One for the train-spotters (hello Marc P). Hit the ramps and you're on the right track, but watch out for
leaves on the line... ¦ Beat Box: The most complicated of the Pinball Dreams tables. Beat Box puts the emphasis firmly on ramps and chutes. With more lights than a 1970s disco, this one's funkier than Michael Jackson.
¦ Graveyard: No collection of pinball tables is complete without the traditional gloomy one Perhaps Graveyard was the inspiration for the later Stones And Bones.
¦ Billion Dollar Gameshow: There are points galore on offer in this rootin' tootin' hp-along based on all our fave gameshows. A three-flipper table, the emphasis is on subtle targeting hitting the correct combination of targets before using the ramps greatly enhances your score.
¦ Speed Devils: Put the pedal to the metal for this ultra-fast table, but stay in lane or the ball slides down the side chutes! Another three-flipper outing, it’s the weakest of the Fantasy tables, though this is a tribute to the others rather than an indictment on this one.
. Parlyland: Probably Ihe easiest of the four tables for the beginner anyway. The chutes and devices are far more accessible than its stablemate's, so this is the ideal place to start.
The Fantasies tables are a definite improvement on the already-excellent Dreams models. The devices are stronger and the tables as a whole leel a lot fuller without being cluttered. There's still room for improvement: multi-ball would be nice (and it's coming watch out for Pinball Illusions in '94) and perhaps they could try something that could ONLY be done on a computer table, like creating an opening leading to a bonus table, or mobile on-deck targets.
With games of this quality, I bet you're wondering why the collection got such a relatively weak mark. Easy for two games of this age, one of which was packaged with many Amigas. A £34.99 price tag's quite horrendous. Even so, both games I are great if you've neither IMI ¦ offering and can't find 'em cheaper separately, go lor it. V ' TO WIN INSTANT PRIZES . Il a ii ais a r r 0839 407042 NA m 0839
- Inslan lrstriyrr;'yjriw J';J 0839 407048 U»U 1 ,mU..L
[lYTiTJi J IJ 1 1 i d i ¦ rjHfTi _i j j jIUI * IIMilil (l lna
COLOUR TV l TAFlm *nmctt-*5*‘7v**
- =* « * * 11 J ffumemmmori ‘-VJ mufeM mm mmm KARAOKE MACHINE
SJSa b 0339 407045 T'rentier sA iL Ovdcv Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: E&OE Dept AMF13, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex, SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World!
"Next doy delivery service available £4.00 per item UK only".
22 99 22 99 999 1399 1799 8 99
- ..22.99 22 99 8 99 CD32 19 99 699 24 99 2299 1799 1799
1999 IA1200) 21 99 27 99 °?9$ (A 1200) 19 99 ...CD32 1299 16 99
17 99 IA1200I 18 99 Sdenl Serv.
SA-crm S*y Putty S City Dehixe Sim City.Popoloos Sim life ... Simon The Sotceror Simon The Sorceror Slicks ... Soccer Kid Soccer Kid Space Hi* ...... SforaUgencb . Storvsh Star Trek 1699 22 99 1999 (AI200I 22 99 22 99 IAI 200| 29 99 ...... 1299 1799 | AI 200| 19 99 ...22.99 19.99 1699 (A 1200) 22 99 1999 A 99 899 1999 1699 1699 Amen con Glo fe-’Tr. (i.l. Arabton Knights Archer Mocfeans P 99 hhgr 99 Jack t Fahter 2 Poker.Oc str SUB Super Cauldron Super Fighters Super Frog .. Super Hero Super league Manoger Sod Ninjas.
Surf Nirwot Sword cl Sedan SjmdKate Dato'ixi’ Tie Breok Theatre Of Deo* The Greatest The Patrician Tornado Trocon 2 .. ¦s & Troasures ....17.99 .1999 17 99 A500 or A1200 17 99 CD32 19 99 899 22 99 13 9- 1999 .21.99 .24.99 22 99 ......37 99 CD32 12 99 (Al 200) 9 99 CD32 19 99 999 899 (A1200I 17 99 CD32 19 99 20 00 1999 2299 1999 27 99 .17 99 ..17 99 CD32 19 99 1999 CD32 19 99 20 99
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Chalenge lur* icon 3 Turrtcan 3 TwAght 2000 Twolowers U96
Ultimate Pinball Quest UMS Compdahon Universal Monsters Undium
2 . Urtdium 2 Utopia 2 wSS Wholes Voyage Winter
Super Sports Wi« N bz Woody's World Xmot lemmings Yo
Joe Zool ...... Zool 2
. Zool 2 .... 169 1A1200) 24 99
1999 IAI200) 22 99 1699 Manager '94 Season Dsk .7 9?
..16.99 ..(A 1200) 17 99 CD32 19 99 1699 22 99 |A'J00,?JS 1999 22 99 __19 99 A1200 CD32 19 99 20 99 1799 5 99 1999 6 99 22 99 CD32 22 99 ..17 99 ..19 99 (A1200) 1999 1099 1999 1799 1500 or Al 200 1799 1999 ......1799 1799 ...1999 2299 ..22 99 11200 17 99 CD32 19 99 20 99 21 99 1799 CD32 19 99 AWARD WINNERS Kirk Oft S. (IBM IAI200) 17 99 CD32 19 99 6 99 . .22 99 See lords ol Power) I 4 99 1999 999 .....1999 A1200 1999 699 CD32 19 99 1799 EXCELLENT GAMES Shultle. Jamei V 2, Populoua 2. Archer (VineIran Pool C22.TO
SPORTS MAS'IKK Kuropraa Oumpiumhip IK PliA Tour (ieir.
AdvsnUtr Trunk. Indy M0 2 HOT 2 HANDLE (•olden Axe. Super HI Hoad Racer. Total Recall. Shado Warriors ri*.w COMBAT CLASSICS FIS Strike Eagle s. 22 99 20 99 1999 1799 1999 1999 17 99 .....22.99 CD32 19 99 1999 1299 21 99 1999 Attack Sub .in.nl 12 99 1699 19 99 6 99 L6ftbs of pOwih Silent Service 1.
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Ma|ic band DU y TI8.M 2 |l Meg) S32 SeS Rognorok Rainbow Islands Railroad Tycoon Reach for fsc Sk.es Reach out for Gold Rooch out for Gold Realms 11 Mog) Rod Baron ‘ e of ihe Robots JSXS&fsr.
Tlitiihali fit f Power I 22 9?
Ir Al 200 17 99 CD32 1999 . 19 99 ......• Powe jr Al 200 27 V 8 99 9 99 1799 22 99 1799 CD32 19 99 (Al 200) 19 99 ....20.99 ..... 1999 ...10.99 24 99 .. 1799 CD32 19 99 .... 1699 1999 899 1999 MUM!
... 24 99 17.99 .... 1799 22 99 899 1999 26 99 1099 ...2499 1399 599 FANTASTIC WOKI.IIH Me|! » I.n Mnnin, Pirate*. Populoun.
Krrlmi. Wonderland
m. m World Champ Soccer Kick on a, Microprone Soccer BIG BOX a
aikfaar.tbtM I ...S..I ¦ !»». MM FOOTBALL CRAZY Kirk Off III
Mr*, layer Manager. MW Final WhiMle t».99 HOARD GENIUS Clurdo.
Monopoly. Itixk THE GREATEST Jimmy Whlir’u inooker, l.ur. of The Tempt ivm. Dune FA Premier league Football Fat Mon ..... Fields ol Glory Final Fight First Somutoi & Mega lo Mama Flash Bock Flight Jthe Intruder ftnhl SmidaBor 2------------------- Flight Simulator 2 Western (vropeon Tour FoSbakrohhe Yea.
Formula 1 Champions Formula 0«e Grood Prut Fury Ot The Fumes .4 Engm Chaos Engine Chock R & 2 Civi|isa«ion (1 Meg) Qq*w ... Ska-- Cool Spy sTKS :::: D Day . Dangerous otroots Dangerous Streets DarGnere Dork Son ShaHered lands 22 99 . 22 99 A1200 CD32 17 99 .... 1999 .... 19.99 1699
- .....17.99 IAI2001 19 99 CD32 12 99 is-t-X-CjAij 999
CD32 12 grse_.
Detune Pom 4 AGA Dennis Dermis ... Desert Stake D(99 Li ¦HF- E e ot the Storm F 16 Combol Pilot F17 Chalenge 22 99 CD32 18 99 1799 (A 1200) 19 99 .17.99 1999 20 99 22 99 179 899 1099 CD32 I 2 99 1 I 99 1099 .....2299 22 99 1799 1699 1799 17 99 17 99 20 99 1999 1299 1799 22 99 II 99 20 99 179 3T Populous & Promised lands Populous 2... (J Powermonqer * WWI Oaks Disk Prehistoric?
Prime Mover Prince of Porno - ProioclX ..10 99 Project X ...CD32 12.99
- 1999 16 99 .. 1999 999 CD32 12 99 699 22 99 699 (See
lords ol Power) NkUousGoU “"sSr laymrSSj John Barnes Football
John Madden Jurassic Park Jurassic Pork K240 KGB ......
Keys ol Moramon Kings Quest VI Igt Viscous Kmghts ot Sky
lemmings 2 "" lemmings " links The LionHeart living Pinball
loom SufcZZl lotus Trilogy Maelstrom Magic Boy
Manchester United “ Mono Is Missing Mavis Beacon 7 Mean Arenos
Messengers ol Doom Mrcro Machines AAKb-mter 2 Mm 29 Fulcrum
Mortal Kombat MrNutz Norco Police Net-cC ~ - NewZ.
Nick Fi Nick Fs.
NigJ Mansell World Champ Nigel Mansell World Champ Horner Jump Jet Harpoon &kaftleset 2 Harpoon & BonUset 3 or 4 ttorpoon Scenario Eator 3rss, o.
Hired Guns FjgeyLin. 1914-18 Hunt For Red October brnoatm International Oj G tj rpKlsh.p Rookies Rules ol Engagement 2 && ..... Scrabble ... Second Samurai Secret of Monkey Island U Meg) Secret of Monkey IsJand 2 Seek N Destroy Sensible Soccer Sensible Soccer I I (92 93) Shadow of beast 3 PGA Golf Courses PGA Tour Golf.
PmbalF Pmbal Dreams & Fantasies General General Data Disk International R t Em Up Con
- .-ft*. Oerki CD32 19 99 ..... 1799 IA1200| 17 99 ., 10
tt« Imzzy Panic____________________________________ .....6.1M1
Kirk Off 2 1 Mi *--------------------------- Kirk Off 2 Final
W’hUtle Kick Off 2 Giant" of
Europe . ..7.M) Kick Off 2 Return To
Europe------------- Kick off 2 Winning
lectlra . ..7. HD
5. 1H) Mlcroproee Golf - .....
14. HH » lttt ThadnwnHiie __8 M Turbo Challenge
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12001 .....12.8H
KDUCATIONAL ADI F.ngJieh All Agee t ADI Freuseh All A|tui
...17.Hit ... 17. HH ADI MaiWa iAH Ageei Better Spelling »
l0» ------- Better Math* ¦ H I6i ...17.Ml ...I3.M it m t e»e
Maze i*l«. _______ Fun Vbool I i4-* IN
B. WM Fun School 11•••
H. HH Fun School 1 iL«i ...
K. mt Fun School StS-T. --------------- Fun Schuol SilT. . .....
..... DUW
18. 99 Fun School 8 t|‘6i ...... . - Fun School «.8T. . _ . ---
Fue School * it III
18. 99
18. 99
18. 99 Fun School « t|J8i Fue School Point A 1 rente 'over 5*1.
16. 99 .1799 1? 99 Proroo* tHshlina 14 l it Junto. TyptM I 3 101
MagV Mel he
• • WW ¦099 1399 ¦ s ax Math* Mania to Iji ...... .... Math.
Itrngon :* I3 . ------ Me. Li* Math. T III ...---- Mtrlsey.
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Adsenlure (3* Noddy'« Piny Time 13*1------- 1399 16 99
18. 99 Picture Fraction" (7 10)--------- Playschool
(3-M) .... - .....9.99 .....9.99 Playroom
3-8 It.,......in..
Will. Troll. IS I2i ...17.99 .....HIM) 1 Tldv The II
III. Lilt .tltttt JUNIOR ADVENTURE ..13.99 Scrooge (A
Chrialmaa Carol) Ttse Wind In The Willow.------
The Three Bear. (5 10)---- .13.99 .1399 .13 99 W izard of Oz
I ...... .13 99 JOYSTICK A
ACCESSORIES Addup 3.5’ Disk Box (80
Copocifyl .6.99 Addup 3.5- Disk Bo. (40
Copocdyl -4-99 Qukkiov Toosloi
....17.99 Ou.ck joy
Turbo .. ... 10.99
QvKktOV terhqhkf ...11 99 ""V” ... .....7.99
Competthon Pro Exlro ..... ...1499 1 2 Meg
Upgrode .. 1 2 Meg Upgrode &
Clock . 24 99 26 99 Suncom Slik
Stick .....
5. 99
7. 99 'O' 5hrk 499
9. 99 649 7.99 5.99 6.99 20
14. 50
19. 50 11 99 15.50 10 99 13.50 50
35. 00
47. 50 26 00 37.50 23.99 32 50 100
65. 00 95 00 49 99 72.99 44 99 62 99 200 125 00 190 00 94 99
141.99 83 99 121 99 500
300. 00 470 00 21900 350 00199 99 287 50 1000 580.00 930 00 419
99 680 00369 99 550 00
10. ..
4. 50 20 . 8.50 50 17.50 100 .....35.00 SPECIAL OFFERS VS II It _
At fc ... bhisspi & Although initially a very ordinary 1
looking game, once you actually | start playing Jet Strike,
it's not such a bad game after all. No awards for the
graphics, although they aren’t that bad it's the gameplay
and variety within that will grab you more.
The missions themselves range from simply flying over a target in order to take a snapshot to more dangerous rescue missions. With the number of aircraft on offer (none of which seem to want to fly in a straight line when I'm at the cockpit!) And these missions, it's the kind of game that will keep you coming back time and again (cliche alert!). A good, solid game. ¦ JET STRIKE Rasputin, £25.99 Jii ti'Ti nee again, the world's future is in your hands in the latest game from Rasputin Software. The evil organisation SPUDD (make of those initials what you will) is determined to destroy the world
as we know it. Your mission's to take out their operations before they achieve their goal. It’s not going to be easy, especially with the controls on this game, but, if you're tough enough, prepare for the thrills and spills of a fast- paced flight game.
The first point is Jet Strike isn't a flight- simulation. It hasn't got loads of controls and buttons to understand and master before getting into the game. However, the controls do take a lot of getting used to. The joystick’s almost too responsive when you first begin to play even the slightest correction sends the - plane into a frantic dive or spin. F lilt More fun than a flight- sim sending you plummeting into a ® mountain or splashing down into g f| the sea. The sharks are always happy to get a pre-cooked meal! S| Despite these eariy problems it's worth persevering. Once you've got
used to the controls, their responsiveness is an asset making for a flight game I actually enjoyed.
The main reason for this is that, while it has many flight-sim features, such as checking your altitude, speed and weapons, the gameplay's actually more arcade than simulation. Your plane's represented on screen in a side-on-scrolling-perspective, rather than the usual pilot's view of most simulations. This makes lor a much more immediate and action- packed adventure. Definitely more fun than a flight- sim. But then again I'm a fully paid-up member of the anti-sim brigade!
High in the sky Once into the game there are a number of options for example you can choose a two-player race against the clock with the nifty title of Acrolympics.
¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ There are ten missions to race through; the object being to outscore your opponent by completing the mission in the fastest possible time. The players take it in turn to attempt each mission, with a choice of planes to fly.
In the combat option there are 100 linked missions to complete across a wide variety of terrains. Expect to fly at night, in the fog, on spying missions and on rescue operations to name but a few.
These missions demand detailed knowledge of the control mechanisms. As I said, they're tough to master, so it’s advisable to spend plenty of time practising in the training options. Learning how to fly the aircraft takes patience, but the practice missions are an excellent arena in which to learn.
Once into the combat the different missions .s. require specific planes to accotnplish specialised ® operations. There's a choice of 40 aircraft and 40 contrasting weapons, so the skill lies in ht- selecting the right combinations to succeed.
Plenty of practice Jet Strike requires plenty of time to masler and play. It's certainly not a game to complete in a couple of hours. Having said that, it's still a hell of a lot more accessible than most flight-simulations.
The graphics aren't exceptional but they complement the gameplay and make it easy to follow the game. Your plane’s only a small image on screen while the backgrounds are fairly basic.
There are some well-designed animations but these are peripheral to the game's playability.
Basically this is a well presented and. Ultimately, satisfying game, even if it's a bit on the time-consuming side. Despite . ¦ this, Jet Strike's enioyable for both Hit fans of flight-sims and arcade 1 J||T _ games alike. II Make sure you master the controls on the practice levels, otherwise entering j the tougher combat levels is pointless! 1 Tpili ¦mu TTTTii null (Above) The (Mobster's hanging out!
(Below) The object of the game is to first give your slimy hero a good feed, we recommend a bit of fruit followed by some buns with cherries on top!
Once your boy's full it's time to go and collect some gems. Happy hunting... Psygnosis, £25.99 ake ono slimy, bogey-like blob, throw in a j huge mixture of platform-posers with plenty of spikes and flames for good measure Leave to load, this could take some time, and you've created Globdule, the latest Psygnosis release. No more than an average little game, it has a J J cute central character and gameplay that amuses for a J jS short while. - -4 ' Your mission's to guide the ' piece of slime with eyes around several stages packed with levels to conquer and goodies to collect. The lad, a tough
piece of ectoplasm, sticks to any surface, moving as easily across the ceiling as on the floor. Add to this a prodigious jumping ability, and you’ve created the ultimate bogey athlete.
When we attempted to recreate Globdule's heroic efforts in the AMIGA FORCE Bogey Olympics, only the fine efforts of the entrant from Ian's left nostril matched Globby's achievements.
Incidentally, since its success, Ian's bogey signed a lucrative three year contract with sportswear giants Nike, A deal believed to have guaranteed the slimy superstar earnings in excess of £3 million. This good fortune occurred, of course, amid growing rumours of flagrant steroid abuse before the Olympic 100 metre flick finals!
Anyway, I digress. The quest in Globdule's to collect enough objects dotted around each level to set off the fireworks highlighting the door to the next There are loads of ’em including gems, fruit and tasty iced buns. They’re easy to find, every stage's jam-packed with goodies for the Globster to digest!
Progress into the game and it gets harder as doors block the way on some levels before reaching the goodies it's necessary to find the relevant key matching the colour-coded doors.
0000H9851 Of course, life’s never that easy there's always some obstacle I Id** around the comer, taking I shape in a number of ways
* ' 1 QfiUm thin (n and out el wait, I fires blaze away and loads
of ¦ weird creatures wibbte back and forth. Jumping on the
J smaller monsters usually y gets rid of them, though it’s
probably best to avoid the larger foes whenever possible.
Globdule's the type of game that seems really humorous, well-designed and addictive when you first play it. However, this myth's quickly dispelled after a few more goes.
The problem's the gameplay. Initially it all seems very funny but, as always, first impressions deceive. Play rapidly becomes repetitive, the early charm wearing off to be replaced by a growing sense ol disappointment. This game promised a lot, but sadly, | |L jW1 fails to deliver. • , (1 ¦ First impressions of Globdule Cn Ill weren't too bad, but the game soon became pretty repetitive, not to
* * 1 mention monotonous.
The problem seems to be that, after the first few plays, there's little left to see or do, and the urge to continue soon dies. I like a bit of humour in my life fellow staffwriters would vouch for thatl but Globdule really failed to tickle my fancy, being slightly lacking in depth, enjoyment and. Well, funnies.
(Above) The most interesting thing is trying to work out what the hell these creatures are meant to be!
¦ DISKS: 1 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO ¦ Empire, £24.99 In every class there’s always one young scamp thinking he knows it all. At the School ol Sorcery, little Hewlett's just a touch too clever tor his own good. Top ol the class, passed all his magic exams with flying colours, he’s the Wizard's golden boy. Until one day he stays behind alter class to play about in the spell cupboard. In his excitement he trips over the trapdoor to the basement, releasing all the Wizard's weird pets.
ReVl6wS!s ¦ Collect more than one creature at a time lor increasing your speed, but don't lorget to dump them! ¦ These are dotted around each level and represented by blocks with exclamation marks.
Shooting them releases fruit, giving extra points and magical powers for Hewlett's wand. Among these powers are treble-shots, rapid-fire and upward-shots for hitting creatures just out of reach.
There are plenty of chances to get a bonus and they're extremely easy to reach, so there’s no real challenge. It means bonuses soon become no more than a chore that's hardly worth bothering about. With so many to choose from, I ended up just getting the ones directly in my way. Anything else was simply too much trouble!
- ----'I Hardly humorous Magic Boy 's let down by numerous
problems. For a start, it tries to create a humorous scenario,
populated by a cute central character and cuddly creatures. On
all counts it fails. The graphics are very average while the
theme tune can only be described as an unusual rendition of the
Popeye soundtrack All these faults combine to ensure the
gameplay rapidly becomes irritating. I hate platformers such as
this, mainly because they're all so repetitive.
The biggest gripe, however, concerns the game's playability. Nothing new ever really happens in Magic Boy. True, the further you progress the more varied creatures and backgrounds there are, but this isn't | nearly enough to sustain interest.
Consequently, you want to throw IjJIIjV this away after a few goes. Well. I I" "IF certainly did anyway!
You’ve got until morning to help little Hewlett round up all the magic creatures, returning them to the basement before the Grand A Wizard arrives to take the day's lessons. That teaches you lor being such a clever clogs!
R On all count* it Ini'* Magic Boy has four worlds to go hunting in: Sand Land, Wet World. Plastic Place and Future Zone, each made up ol eight levels. Beginning in Sand Land you'ro given the first lour levels to complete in any order. Once these are finished the second (our levels have to be conquered to progress to the next stage.
Magical, monstrous mayhem!
¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE -----------¦ B D|SKS; f Completing a level means finding all the creatures, stunning them with a blast from your magic wand and collecting them in your sack. To send them back to the basement, simply pull down on the joystick and watch the magical monster whizz oil the bottom ol the screen. Touching any of the creatures before stunning them loses you one life, You've three to play with, so it's vital to take each stage with care. There are also three continues allowing you to return to the exact stage of the game you finished on. Minus any bonuses you collected on the
way What a photogenic young chap, but sadly lacking in the brains department. It's fun to play with the Wizard's pets, until they all escape!
¦ Disappointing, even for fans of the platform genre.
• 1- AMIGA ex Cl99 99
• kAT-a I. CRWI tv M0XUTC9
• OCLUXE PAINT ¦__£79 99
• MCRC**CS€ ORAM} P«X 04 99
• fcHVPUTTY €2599
• pushover 0599 WORTH OVER £265
• 3 FREE 11 co imi | I'Ve ? HARD DRIVE
ADD-ON FOR A500 or A500nu* CDTV SOFTWARE 60 £899
t. . 130- £949 4 80 4 130 h.gy-£1149 4 340 1249 4 540 £1499 ««W
66040 6;-fife£1899 6 214 iggg -340-£2149 6 525 2399,
Encyclopedia . CDPD • 600 Public Domain Title* ¦«*t19.N Ov*r
600m- cY Public Oomem sohwer* end shareware Include* word
p»ocot»or» data oases ana »p **o*h*»it ate.
• 21 J*‘ M1-N i-fWr OAYtt e exrahscn SLOTS . e PC
• YOEOaOT ...... ......
SHOP SIOCUP SHOP u'Ce 10 • n j--“ finK-aTtuA PLEASE SEND A 64
PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE ® SS 081-309 1111 (Left) Inferno's
fireball attack causes real damage if it makes contact with the
right bodily part.
BODY BLOWS GALACTIC ED ¦ Team 17, £26.99 Released in March '93, the original Body Blows was a massive hit it combined brilliant arcade-standard action and graphics to make the top Amiga beat-’em-up. Now Team 17 have inevitably produced the sequel, continuing Dan and Junior's exploits. After defeating evil Max, they've challenged top fighters from every comer of the galaxy to meet in a fight to the death!
Hailed, by Team 17 of course, as the most 'eagerly awaited beat-'em-up of the year', Body Blows Galactic has a lot to live up to. I am pleased to report it passes the test with flying colours. Great graphics, and sizzling gameplay make this a must buy for any beat-'em-up devotee!
This is the story of an epic intergalactic competition to find the ultimate Galactic Warrior.
There are 12 different characters, each with their own unique skills and __ v c°mPe i""Great~V larapHics, ana availJ 9 sizzling ** | gameplay j|ila attnbutes. To choose from. WW Ore Every wamor has special moves inflicting the most lurapaM damage on the opponent. IP *g I Rough and tumble I 9am The player can opt for one of three modes there's also a two-player feature for battling it out with a friend. Each player chooses a character to be his champion in a best- of-three knockout, or a one-off bout.
In single-player mode you select one of 12 warriors, but this time you also pick a computer- controlled fighter to compete against. Battle through six planets, each with different, brilliantly designed backgrounds, against all the other ¦ During fights, warriors pause on their knees to catch breath after a real beating the ideal time to use your character s special move.
What's sportsmanship got to do with m ¦ champions. Defeating a warrior means you move onto the next planet and a new challenge. Lose and you use one of your continues to get a rematch and restore battered pride!
Finally, there’s the Tournament to compete in a great option, inviting four or eight contestants to pit their skills against each other. All contestants can play with the same character, making the . Competition completely even, or each 1 chooses their favourite warrior. Give I me the wicked Inferno any time!
N||J I There are plenty of other options if I available before the real action kicks nfl 1 ia YoiJ de,ermine lhe len9,h °f each DJ 1 bout, making it 60 or 90 seconds.
|| ray Alternatively, switching off the ' " timer ma.es a «va- attntion1 Next, you can decide on one or three rounds, and whether players are forced to show mercy or not.
This is a cool option; turning it on means the warriors stand back, allowing a felled opponent to recover his wits. Switch it off and sportsmanship flies right out the window! It s a no-holds-barred free-for-all. With the only rule being there are no rules now that's the way I like it.
Bloody battles Once players have selected their characters, it's down to the real business, namely sorting out men from boys. Each character has roughly 20 different moves to choose from the usual kicking, punching and jumping, but on top of these are a host of no- nonsense special moves.
¦£ rt:r The easiest way to activate one's to hold down the fire button. Watch the energy bar under the character’s name, when it's full your warrior unleashes his toughest move. For example, Dan lets fly with a red hot ball. Junior lets loose some kind of energy bolt and the mighty Inferno sends forth a torrent of flames.
Obviously the aim of the fight’s to remove all the other warriors' energy. If you're in a timed bout, whoever's got the most energy left is the winner.
This is a bloody good beat-’em-up in all senses.
The characters are incredibly responsive; implement a move and there's no noticeable pause between moving the joystick and seeing the on-screen-character strut his stuff.
On top of this, the game boasts excellent animation of the fighters, with lots of great little extra features, such as the warriors' war-cries when they defeat an opponent. Body Blows Galaclic's a winner. If you xu love beat- em-ups. Get hooked by the exploits of the galaxy's | JIITV greatest warriors. 90||0 ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ (Above) Hai-Ti's high kicks can cause you a real headache, (Right) Watch out (or Phantom's sneaky spectre attacks.
¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ymr? ¦ disks: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 2 V ¦ GENRE: BEAT-'EM-UP ' *7 * ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES Jjl ¦ The original Body Blows was a 9lWI fantastic game; BBG looks to have gone one step further, possibly being the finest beat-'em-up on the Amiga!
Two player bouts are where it's at there's nothing more satisfying than wiping the smug grin off ol Marc’s face by pummeling him countless times without loss! The different characters add longevity to an already interesting product, and the various moves are both accessible and varied. Junior's my main man his special move is the fastest to carry off, meaning that you can go one-on-one with fireballs and ¦ Superb, no-holds- barred action. A must for fans of the genre.
D. BBM m
- . ' V a*. X A B PROGRAM PAD
• 30 pre-programmed special moves, including a secret code!
• 6 memory spaces to program your own combinations
• Mirror function doubles number of pre-programmed moves
• LCD control panel to display action sequences
• Independent autofire control
• Slow motion
• See-thru casing.
Snes version sv 337 % 5 C39.99 me VAT lL SEGA VERSION . 'Bk SV 437 £39.99 inc. VAT. A PROGRAM STICK
• 30 pre-programmed • | special moves, including a secret code!
• 6 memory spaces to program your own combinations
• Mirror function doubles number of pre-programmed moves
• LCD control panel to display action sequences
• Built-in backup battery for memory storage
• Independent autofire control • Variable slow motion
• Rotatable fire button pad.
SNES VERSION SV 336 £49.99 inc. VAT.
A New Generation of Controllers from Spectravideo that Will Take You to the Highest Levels of Gamesplay and Make You Wonder How You Ever Managed With One of Those Ordinary Types LEADERS of the PACK.... STICK WITH US!
More Winning Products from ... OJ Products are available from... BEATTIES • BLOCKBUSTER RITZ • BOOTS • COMET • CURRY’S • DIXONS • FUTURE ZONE • GAME • HMV • JOHN MENZIES • OUR PRICE • RUMBELOWS • WH SMITH • SOFTWARE PLUS • TANDY • TOYS R US • VIRGIN ... and all the Best Computer Shops OJ4 08 10 33 ¦ It's safer to allow the aliens to come to you.
Stand in a doorway and blast them before they get at you, preventing them inflicting any damage on your character. ¦ ¦ Team 1 7, £26.99 The original Alien Breed was a massive success and inevitably a follow-up's been created. Alien Breed II continues the tale of Inter-Planetary Corps members, Johnson and Stone. Nine years have elapsed since they crushed an alien invasion on a remote space research station. Since then, the federation's lived in peace, the IPC's grown ever stronger and our two heroes have relaxed, possibly drinking Tequila slammers and wooing fair maidens!
Anyway, this being a sequel, things ain't gonna be cool for long. Reports of problems at Federation Colony Alpha-Five, emergency SOS messages received our heroes once again go in where others fear to tread... w Well- M designed ioP" from start to ugyr finish Alien Breed ll's much more than your average, run-of-the-mill blaster. This is a game that’s been well-designed from start to finish. It's got some brilliant animation sequences both at the beginning and between levels. Graphics are also well up to scratch, while the sound effects add to the game's mean and moody atmosphere.
Well that's a big plus mark for the look and feel of the game, but what about playability? Happily, Team 17 have once again come up trumps. This . Fortunately, this frustration's up to you which character's attributes you prefer.
There's not really much difference in therr abilities determined to soldier on and find what's just around the comer.
Breeding tough Alien Breed II takes no prisoners. There's no letup in the game's speed, while even on the normal skill level the enemy opposition’s strength means progression's never going to be easy.
The game's simple to get into. There’s no messing about with huge instruction manuals and, thankfully, there's no struggle with an unresponsive control mechanism.
You start the first level W searching for the compound » a entrance while avoiding enemy OGSI robocopters you're also I.jlih thrown into a really desperate IrOHl .
Battle for survival! IS Before entering the game, however, there are options to decide on. You choose a one or two- player game and then select your character. As before, Johnson and Stone are available. This time, though, they've a couple of friends along for the fun. You can select either Rutfertoo. An basically it's all a question of taste.
Your objective's to complete the mission described on your monitor at the beginning of each level. The overall aim's to breech all enemy defences, thus destroying their grip on the Colony.
Along the way, however, you collect a wide variety of objects helping you complete the mission.
Two essential requirements are ammunition-clips and door keys. There are loads of each sprinkled liberally around each level. It's vital to ensure you don't run out of them doing so leaves you at the mercy of alien hordes and these guys !""¦ ..... aren’t friendly!
| m Most of the levels also contain , Terminals giving you a list of items ICCI to purchase when accessed. To
- « buy anything it's first necessary to lr I IO grab plenty of
credits. Again these are found throughout every level. Once
The Terminals offer a choice ol new weapons, including laser- guns, grenade-launchers and rebounding bullets which are bought if you've enough credits. Each weapon comes with three firepower levels buying them obviously depends on your credit limit.
If you haven't enough money for one of the more powerful shooters, there's always the tools menu to access. At much cheaper cost you ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ JretffbriS!
¦ Another stunning ottering trom ai Mm) ,he Team 17 boys! Alien Breed was ™ very successful yet the sequel S looks set to take its place at the top of the charts!
Negotiating the mazes, even the first one, can take some doing, yet cracking the levels and solving the various problems is where the satisfaction lies, even if you do lose your patience in the process!
Plenty of variety, storming action and a whole plethora of levels Alien Breed II seems to have it all. A real corker! ¦ (Above Left) Use the terminals you find to purchase weapons, tools and outlines of your current mission.
HoninG nissiLEs increased energy and extra lives. Of course, you can just use the Terminals to check on your mission brief and game statistics, or alternatively abort the game. Having played Alien Breed II extensively, I doubt you want to make much use of the latter option!
All-action alien aggro!
The action's viewed from a well-implemented, overhead perspective giving a wide view of the terrain around your character. The action comes at you from all directions, so it's vital to be aware of what’s going on. To help you there's a level map you use it by pressing the B button on the keyboard. This allows checking out obstacles surrounding your character.
Alien Breed ll's a smart blaster requiring the player to use a bit of thought. I've got to admit I had my doubts after a few goes. To begin with, the first-level-aliens seem incredibly hard to dispatch. The helicopters come at you low and fast it’s curtains if you fail to blow them up or dodge out the way. The only problem’s that it takes a lot of shots to eliminate them. This makes the gameplay difficult until you plot a route to the next stage which is entering the base.
All in all though a highly addictive -,.
Blaster-it's got a lot of appeal, is ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE I--1 ¦ DISKS: 2 3 I ¦ PLAYERS: 2 fei I ¦ GENRE: SHOOT-’EM-UP I *1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES Quicksand, rivers, tiny islands, houses it has it all.
Maim, kill, destroy.
Eat, shoot! There's no doubt that Cam Fodder brings the best out of the AMIGA FORCE reviewers... HEROES IN VICTORY * JOOLS * JOPS ¦ Having already seen an early version ol Cannon Fodder. I knew |ust what lo expect. Thankfully, it's just as much tun as the beta version, challenging even Stardust tor solid, straightforward, addictive gameplay!
The most intriguing thing about Cannon Fodder lies with the What Happens Next?' Concept. Even as you end one mission, you're wondering just what the game will throw up against you next There are even different vehicles for your troops to use. While each area gets bigger and bigger, the enemies get smarter and more powerful, and extra weapons less common as you get further in.
There's not much more to say except buy.
Buy. Buy! R ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ ¦ Virgin, £25.99 «AR! What is it good for? Well, M according lo file Sensible lads, it's ¦ wf never been so much fun!
Cannon Fodder isn’f your normal, everyday shoot-'em-up Combining slrafegy with the inimitable Sensible humour, you're pul in charge of a group of raw recruits. Leading them into baffle, you undedake 24 different missions, spread over a total of 72 phases.
From the dangers of the Bridge over the River Pie, where your small Iroop has to wade through rivers lo A wealth of fun reach their targets, to the Wfi Antarctic Adventure (aptly titled i ‘Bugger Me it's Cold!'), where Of your tour soldiers traverse the icy ' ------ wilderness, destroying the enemy buildings and battling it out with the soldiers, there's action a-plenty and death galore!
Onward Virgin Soldiers Not that Cannon Fodder necessarily glorifies war this is played strictly for laughs. The tiny soldiers amble about, treading where the pointer takes them, and dealing with every new situation with courage belying their size (I think we've a sad case of sprite affection here Ed). No, it's true I tell you I've come to love every little guy as it a son; tears were streaming down my cheeks on the demise ot Pete and Hector, and : when they got my little Tadger I felt lite was no longer worth living... Each mission requires something new trom the little guys soldiers
must be overcome, buildings decimated, civilians saved, and your own men spared if you're to move onto the next.
Before you do, though, you’re treated to a list ot those Lost In Service and those heroic enough to survive. Make sure you pay your respects!
You move the lull troop by placing the pointer and clicking, tiring with the other mouse button and throwing grenades and the like with both.
Yes, it's all very simple, yet each mission's spread over a large, scrolling area, presenting new challenges, tests, and a wealth of tun!
II ain't 'all hot, mum It's not all about charging forwards, guns-a- blazmg and hoping tor the best; the strategy required's slightly more complex than that employed during k World War One! Bushes, trees . MM- I and the like can be used as ¦¦¦¦¦ j cover, while only the very brave, or most foolhardy, would choose to wade through water sight of the enemy as you can't tire your guns during this time.
Once a mission's over, new recruits assemble at the toot of the hill; those felled during combat marked by a cross further up. If you lose men during a mission, the other recruits take their place. Lose them all and it’s all over!
Graphically. Cannon Fodder isn't that special, although there are a lew minute details, managing to bring out a bit ot humour (check out the wounded enemy soldiers). The sounds are pretty cool, with an interesting musical score kicking ott the proceedings, and the screams, gunfire and squawks adding to the atmosphere and fun ol it all.
Many ot the laughs come trom the mission titles, as well as those graphical effects, and it’s this, along with the gjC m appealing, nay absorbing action, BIUjWI that makes this such a winner. IU Ml 11 ¦ Don't drop into the water when an enemy's in sight, otherwise IJ your troops are liable lo be picked I _F ott one by one. Br SS DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ... ,m ,¦ DISKS: 3 I 1 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: SHOOT-'EM-UP ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES Another all-dancing all-singing and all laughing Sensi hit!
¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ ¦ Mindscape, 25.99 Every now and then a game springs up, and manages to be brilliant almost despite itself.
D Generatioris such a game. It’s not blessed with Amigadom's flashiest graphics, the animation's nothing to write home about (more like write in and complain' if you ask me), and the sound effects are, erm. .. let's be polite and say minimalistic’.
To add insult to lethargy, it doesn't seem to have been enhanced in any way for its CD release either. What it lacks in bells and whistles, though, it more than makes up for in sheer, unadulterated playability perhaps because of rather than in spile of its technical minimalism.
An arcade adventure par excellence, D Generation isn't mean and moody enough to be truly Cyberpunk but the plot wouldn't look out of place in a Bladenjnner-type film. You play a courier, entrusted with a package destined for the Head of Genoq labs.
Their security system, based on Neogens (a series of bio-mechanical defences created by the labs themselves), has gone haywire and your package's intended recipient (he seems to require it rather desperately) is trapped on the 90th floor.
You land on the 80th and fight your way up through 1 I 120 levels of ‘k non-stop
- S' arcade action Each loorr s a i ¦“ challenge in itself. The
aim early on is to get from one end to the other and stay
alive, though later levels are less linear. Watch out for
rotating cannons, electrified floor panels and even mobile
plasma fields.
The Generation Gap The Neogens themselves come in four varieties the A Generation look like big red Smarties and are easy(ish) to kill, the B Generation being long blue cylinders crushing you without a second's thought.
C Generation humanoids disguise themselves as anything they choose and as for the awesome D Generation... that's a classified project of which you have no knowledge.
The variety of puzzles is as minimalistic as the graphics by and large it's just opening doors, shooting Neogens, sealing Neogen creators and guiding the odd Genoq employee to safety. So it’s boring and repetitive, right? WRONG! The rooms are brilliantly put together. No two are alike, and even with so tew devices on offer they present a real challenge.
Simply finding which points (yellow triangles) open which doors Is tricky enough, and open the wrong barrier at the wrong time and it's curtains for you or your intended rescuee. Some doors need codes or keys to open, and others won't budge until a room's secured I Each room's a challenge : itself.
Perhaps the beauty of the game is it has just the right mixture ot brains and brawn You always feel you're making progress none of the puzzles are based on trial and error, and even when you get stuck you’re compelled to have one more crack at it until you're through.
Lose all your lives and you’re only put back to the beginning of the floor you're on, so there's no traipsing through half the game |ust to see two new rooms a couple of hours later. You can save your game position to the CD32's infamous 1 k of nonvolatile memory a passcode system would make more sense, but this is better than nothing.
A Room with a View The Ivreckers-inspired 3D perspective allows a crystal-clear view of the playing area, though moving diagonally to stay parallel with the walls is annoying, especially using the CD32's awkward joypad. This makes blasting Neogens with the laser you find earty in the game a little tricky too.
Not that this stops it being fun The game's minimalism is its strength, its limitations provide its attraction. Mindscape rejected the let's see what the machine can do' approach and produced ¦h a solid, playable game with the emphasis II on playability not technology.
' I The main sprite's S' s. I animation's inexcusable I f and the lack ot level f codes grates but apart la from that, it's ace. V Watch out for computer terminals log on for some Interesting facts about life, the universe and everything (except Smiffy's greasy quiff).
Adventure atmosphere and gorgeous gameplay stand out like an eight-bit owner at a computer fair.
With so few tricks up its sleeve, the game relies on clever design rather than flash graphics and pointless gimmicks, and it works D Generation is a game you won't be able to put down.
If you've already got the floppy version there's nothing here worth buying, but if you haven’t... ¦ ;ReVi6wS!N (Left) Invasion of the killer Smarties from hell! Not a 1950s ‘B’ movie, but an everyday occurrence in D O eneration... (Above) Seal the Neogens' entrance ports by running over them well why not?
IReVjetfSl 0 Lee departs this world.
Shame that damned dog couldn't save him!
¦ Chris, what are you on? Sure it s expensive tor a straight conversion, but it's still a lull-pricer on every format so what's the problem?
Even without the Comic Relief tie-in.
Sleepwalkers a great game. It's highly original, extremely challenging and there's always an incentive to keep playing. It doesn't use the CD32 to k its limits; it doesn't even stretch the AGA chipset, but in my book it's still § worth a good 86%. I SLEEPWALKER ¦ Ocean, £29.99 Way back in issue lour.Sleepwalker in its original incarnation got a great reception from the FORCE fellas. Ocean have now deemed it worthy of re-release on the CD 32.
However, they also severed the game's charity tie- in with the Comic Relief organisation.
Now there's no pressure to buy it because 'it’s for a good cause', I remind you it's a .
V Ocean have severed the charity jolly good game as well. Even OC so. Just because Comic Relief - isn't high profile at the moment hOV6 S' doesn't mean the *1 peopleSleepwalker was created BUSS' 5S to aid are suddenly having a great f time and eatinq lots of chocolate cake! I just thought I'd mention it.
Onto the game. It was addictive and enjoyable originally still the case with the CD 32 version. You control Ralph, the ever loyal hound, who does anything to protect his young master, Lee. The problem with Lee's that, like Wee Willie Winkie, he runs around town in his nightgown. The difference is Lee's fast asleep, making it Ralph's unenviable task to shield his sleepwalking master from the dangers of the city night.
Your task's guiding Ralph around multidirectional-scrolling levels protecting Lee from the many hazards that might wake him up (we all know never to suddenly wake a sleepwalker) Dangers such as open drains, water, cars and nightclub bouncers all bring Lee closer to the land of the living. A gauge in the top left of the screen shows how close to waking he is.
Doggy Dilemmas To save Lee you think ahead. Ralph removes the level dangers before his master reaches them.
Consequently he ensures drains are shut, fire hydrants blocked and even repairs broken bridges himself!
If Lee gets stuck there are a number of ways for Ralph to move him on. You pick up speed, to avoid cars for example, by pushing Lee from behind Avoid gaps by stretching across them and clear large buildings by booting Lee over them. Though, how a sharp kick to the buttocks fails to wake him I’ll never know! Even so, all these moves are very difficult to implement.
Sleepwalker isn't a game to complete in a couple of hours. The difficulty level’s high which can gel a little frustrating at times.
However, with patience, this is very addictive. One essential aid to navigation is the level map not only does this highlight your position in relation to Lee, it's also used to plot your course to the exit.
Not an easy task, believe me!
Same eld «tory~.
Success may be difficult, but it's rewarding.
“ “¦There are some great between- iqm level, animation sequences showing Ralph desperately trying ivered ° protect Lee. The graphics are ¦»- well presented with some larily amusing visual effects. However,
o there's been no attempt to ¦JHB ... ; use the full capabilities
of maaBak V V the CD 32 to improve the F F gameplay.
If you've got the original there’s no point buying this. The price isn't justified for a game with no extra features, though it's worth a look if you haven't seen the game before. The only things missing are _' the Comic Relief noses. After all, at ¦ ¦IsSA least the money was originally going fljl lll to a worthy cause. 1 ¦ V ah ¦ (Right) After a swift kick l] in the butt.
¦ it; ~ Ralph watches Lee ¦ $ fly across the L’ T ¦ amusa forceH I' ngi I DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE .¦ DISKS: 2 I ¦ PLAYERS: 1
..... ¦ A great little game, but fails to use the cap
abilities of the CD32.
ALSO ASK FOR HULK HOGAN'S SUBURBAN COMMANDO, DINOSAUR DETECTIVE AGINCY, JET STRIKE, SNAPPARAZZI AND DENNIS S, GNASHER that's ALTERNATIVE ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE LIMITED Units 5-7, Baileygate Industrial Estate Pontefract West Yorkshire WF8 2LN Fax: (0977) 790243 ReVjW.N AGENCY ¦ Alternative, £16.99 Plenty of cartoon-cum-dinosaur shenanigans abound in Dinodick's first outing. Good price, good looks and a pretty dam good game need we say more?
Way back .n time, before man was even a twinkle in anybody's eye dinosaurs had their fair share of crime to deal with. Obviously these Jurassic japes could only be solved by a great detective. Unfortunately, most dinosaur brains were so small, solving even the simplest crime was beyond them. In desperation, with crime rales soanng and prehistoric posers still unsolved, one dinosaur stepped forward to stake his claim to the crown of top dinosaur detective. Enter the hero of Alternative's latest platform puzzler the one and only Sherldck Ness (now you can't get much cornier than that)!
Dinosaur Detective Agency features Nessie's four most puzzling cases. Armed with only his trusty camera flash, the great detective hunts for clues, traces criminals to their latest crime-scene and finally catches the baddies in the act Once you've spotted the guilty parties, photograph their faces as they commit their dastardly crimes to solve the case.
Dlnodlck devilry Before entering the game you can choose to have music or sound effects on. Both are catchy.
Alternatively you can have both going at the ime time (just thought I'd mention il).
In each ol the four stages the game's a side- (Left) Looks like that dinosaur's heading for a fall... button to take a photograph, catch the whole of the criminal's face and you've solved the crime. It has to be full face and you only have a limited number of shots to achieve the objective. Fail and yet another criminal evades justice!
Jolly Jurassic japes Dinosaur Detective Agency's a fairly good game.
It has some nice touches, such as jolly cartoon- style graphics and catchy sound, but in the playability department it lacks that extra spark.
True, it's fun to play for a while, especially as you battle through the levels and find out what the different crimes are and what the villains look like. There are some weird-looking dodgy geezers back in the land of the dinosaurs I can tell you!
H j Check out the second Dinosaur DA isn't a bad bet 4 ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: 1 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO kidnapping of the pet known only as Terence to see what I mean. The culprit looks like some kind of crazy, buck-toothed mongrel. Why he’d want to steal some old lady dinosaur's pet budgie God only knows! A tasty snack perhaps.
To be lair this is a game I imagine appealing to younger gameplayers. It’s not too difficult, contains some funny characters and. Best of all. It only costs £16.99. For that sort of money___ Dinosaur Detective Agency isn’t a 4 , bad bet. Especially if you li platform games with plenty of IIIR T amiG, bank, on the tail of a master bank-robber. There’s a long way lo go before meeting the criminal. Your detective work takes you underground, along mine-shafts and through small tunnels before you face the baddie. If you hit any other dinosaur in the level you lose an energy point. There are only
five available to start with, so a lot of care has to be taken. Dotted around each stage are dinosaur heads providing an extra energy point. These are usually hidden on dilficult-to- reach platforms but it's worth .
Making the effort as you A need them on later levels. I Other objects to grab ™ include extra points, extra time (vital as your mission's a race against the clock), and flash bulbs. Use these to temporarily blind dinosaurs blocking the way.
They freeze to the spot, allowing you to run by without losing an energy point.
It’s important to remember that Sherlock Ness is an expert digger At certain points iri the playing area you spot different coloured turf Press down on top of these to burrow through to other sections of the level. It's also advisable to use blocks to | _ - J»| I think it's safe to say this game lEffll really has had its day. Even in its IP" II* day a wet Sunday afternoon y during a powercut it wasn't ever The best bets to stick 'em with your brolly. They don’t like it up ’em!
Going to win any prizes.
It's so incredibly pointless, tedious and lacks any element of fun at all. If you enjoy whacking strange objects with an umbrella and collecting pieces of fruit, I’d start to worry if I were you!
Even as a giveaway this game goes straight in the bottom drawer to collect dust. Come to think of it, dusting probably offers more entertainment value.
Each stage a big boss awaits.
Frankly, this one's just asking for it!
Alternatively, there are weapons to collect in each stage these include fire, lightning and water-drops. Gathering them’s no problem, all you do is let them drop onto your parasol.
Keeping them there by holding - down the fire button. You now laiCS have a great weapon for taking
* out baddies without getting too lllll, close.
¦ Bub and Bob's adventures I ClltC* 1 were considered great fun on their original release, so Cuy maybe this type of thing was highly regarded in its flRK day. All I can say is that day must have been bloody boring!
¦ Collect five drops on your parasol to create a mega-drop. Ideal for causing serious damage! ¦ A wet and windy Sunday in Chipping Sodbury, perhaps.
Today the graphics are dull, dated, dreary and the music's really irritating. Okay, compared to some budget releases this isn't that bad, but that's more a sad reflection on some of the dross about at the moment than a note of praise.
I dislike games like this intensely. The main bugbear being they’re just too repetitive. Clear a level of monsters, move to the next, repeat and raivCT CARDIA1 ¦ Time's more important than |
r. energy, so don't be atraid to mix it with the enamy. I ¦
Team 1 7. £ 10.99 Here at AMIGA FORCE, we love reviewing Team
17 games. In their short time together they've taken Amigadom
by storm, releasing classic after classic. Project X, Body
Blows, Alien Breed... the list's far trom endless, but who
needs quantity when you've quality like this? Unfortunately,
this budget effort does little to enhance their excellent
Its presentation's the right side of acceptable, but the gameplay's a disaster.
The horizontally-scrolling shoot-’em-up isn't the most original of game concepts, but the lads at Eclipse Design (the game's original publishers way back in 1991 Team 17 just bought the publishing rights and tweaked it) injected some originality by allowing both left and right scroll, Uridium- style.
Unfortunately what could've added a neat twist to the game has all-but-destroyed it due to one of the most appalling design gaffes I’ve ever seen.
The game's a push-scroller, and you only have to tap the joystick in the direction you aren 't going and your craft turns round and blasts along in the other direction. Can you imagine how frustrating this is? It's virtually impossible to control your craft in the heat of a fight because as soon as you try to move back (or catch the stick accidentally) the scrolling reverses! This is a blindingly obvious I I problem and could " easily be solved by A delegating scroll dud
- *tud reversal to a key- »gre press, or (if you have from Team
Tbraai- Arrests.
Not that the scrolling's the game’s only fault For all its good intentions, the left right concept offers no freedom at all, as you're told in which direction to fly to reach the next attack wave you can ignore this instruction, but you won't get very far before being forced back.
Unlike, say, R-Type. You can't leave baddies unbattered either. The levels are peppered with impassable barriers only opening when the current attack wave’s been polished off. And if that’s not enough, there's also an irritatingly short time limit on each wave; run out and it’s Game Over', however many lives you had left.
This just encourages you to throw yourself at the enemy, with scant regard for your energy bar... did I mention the energy bar? Yes, it's that old chestnut again. With little in the way of graphics or sonics to indicate a hit, all sense of urgency goes out the window and you end up standing toe-to-toe with the foe. Not that tactical ducking and diving are possible anyway, the scrolling put paid to that.
There are minor niggles too, like the way power-ups are automatically awarded and not picked up', and the dated alien attack waves. As you expect from Team 17. Graphics and sound are top-notch, except for the main sprite which looks like it's flying on its side. Lack of parallaxed backdrops make it look dated too, but what's there's okay.
Cardiaxx's a rare dud from Team 17. Maybe they're not infallible after all. Why they bought the rights to such a dated and fundamentally flawed game heaven only knows. Let s _ hope their next outing sees them right | ( y..-- There are many moons to visit in Cardiaxx, but is it really worth the bother?
? ? ? ?
R 1 H ' « « M mm m M A rare turkey from the kings of quality.
It just doesn’t cut it.
FORCE ¦ Indy-racing's a peculiar sport T Sure. Ihe cars go signilicanlly lasler than F1 offerings, but the tracks... j S not very interesting, are they? No hairpins, no ‘S’ bends, no chicanes, just featureless oval courses designed purely for speed. It might not be tun to watch, but it certainly translates into a great computer game; in fact, the lifeless tracks ot the Indy series mighl be an advantage in a serious sim such as this they're certainly easier to get to grips with!
As you may've guessed, I love Indianapolis
500. True, it's very hard to master, but a little challenge never
hurt anybody. After a few practice sessions, I got to
understand the principle ot the 'optimum turning path' on a
comer, tor example. This sounds ridiculous in the instruc
tion manual, but translated to Ihe screen and the game, I
quickly appreciated what the instructions were going on
I Call me an Anorak if you want for saying this, but I was fascinated by all the statistics in this simulation. In my book it's a winner! ¦ you need the patience of a saint to get to grips with the control mechanism!
As I said earlier, this is meant lo be Ihe delinilive simulation, so nothing's left lo lake a natural course (just like the real thing I suppose!). Fuel, the engine, the car's balance, tyre pressure and just about everything else has to be monitored. It all seemed too much like hard work tor me, but that's only personal opinion. My tellow reviewer, and all-round good egg, Ian Osborne, was bowled over by il all. It doesn’t take a genius to guess he loves this one!
Indianapolis 500 gives you no option but to read the incredibly interesting manual! Unless you do this, the controls baffle you even, probably, Nigel Mansell.
Q Again, though, the problem tor _ me’s the amount of mindless like drivel getting in the way of the ¦ instructions. True, there's a quick ra stan guide. The only ditficully's this fails to prepare you for
* the actual gameplay I know this is meant lo be P a simulation
and not simply a race game; however, surely the programmers
could've injected a little "'""¦'¦s.
Interest? I just found the whole thing a jS_ chore lo play. Give me the pure BlUjffl entertainment value of Micro IuIlX111 Machines any day! * much like hard work, i Racing games come in two distinct lorms. The (ju all-out arcade racer, namely racing as last thi as you can. With the fire button pressed as ev firmly as possible, and simulations, where fuel tot gauges, tyre pressure and the like come into play. Pe Indianapolis 500 tails firmly into the latter. It’s gc the simulation going into the minutest details of the dc Indy racing scene great it you’re into mind- numbingly boring
statistics, but re not so good tor those actually _ wanting to play a decent _ game. Indy s so wrapped up TOO in its own stats, any normal I person slumps into a catatonic I11UCH I stupor after about 30 minutes. |, I guess you're all up on Ihe rules and regulations of Indy car- racing. Woflf I mean, we've all seen dear old “ Nigel Mansell leaching the Yanks v .... how to race on the telly. However, if you think this game captures the excitement of the real thing, then please think again! Pr The need lor speed ct To begin with, you can opt tor practice laps, start in ei the qualifiers or
head straight tor the competition M it’s advisable lo kick-off with a bit ot practice. The courses, themselves, are fairly straightforward large, featureless oval arenas. However, driving round them’s a different story. The slightest movement on the joystick sends your car hurtling across the track, making contact with the walls almost inevitable. This takes a hell of a lot of getting used to, so expect to be crashing a lot more than you're actually racing to begin with. In fact, ¦ Hit Squad, £12.99 MM they stan playing it, nobody can help but to be swept along by its playability.
The graphics, sound and presentation are nothing more than average, but the game's unnervingly addictive in short bursts. True, this is never the first game I'd think of playing when I have a few spare hours, yet it's great fun. Buy it, play it for a while i and then store it away. One day when you've got absolutely nothing to do, remember Qwak, slam it into your drive and be addicted all over againl ¦ This is the type of game that thrives on a budget label it's fun, you can get right into the gameplay immediately and it's surprisingly addictive. I enjoyed playing Qwak and, while
recognising it would never survive as a full- pricer, I recommend it as an extremely light bit of entertainment.
A classic-style arcade platform game, everything takes place on one screen of action. Negotiate the platforms, avoid the baddies and collect the bonuses to advance to the next level. There are eight worlds to overcome, packed with 80 levels of fast-paced fun, as your brave duck adventurer travels across the worlds in his little balloon. Elect to play a one or two ducks game, each is high on playability, without ever being really taxing.
Playabili Using a joystick or the keyboard, Qwak's controls are very simple basically it’s run, jump and fire to unleash an egg at a baddie. The object of it all's to make your way around each level collecting points, bonuses and power-ups, while avoiding evil animals out to make a duckdown pillow out of you!
The power-ups are scattered around each level.
They include coins providing extra continues, potions giving you invincibility, armour or extra J speed and super eggs killing baddies instantly. 1 There's nothing new in any of these features, but the overall feel of the game is it’s tun.
Progression to later levels pits your duck against the added elements of dangerous platforms and traps. These take in dissolving platforms, spikes and deadly skulls. Overcoming all these obstacles leads to a battle with the guardian of the world you're in. The keys to complete these levels won't appear until the special baddies are disposed of, so try not to make a duck's arse of yourself!
Qwak's nothing special in the graphics or sound jjpmMMKr . Department it looks and plays like an old platformer. However, for sheer playability, it’s a good bet.
Basically, it fills a few spare A hours in the day. It’s not a game to take seriously.
J though; more, perhaps, fora laugh when you're frustrated with a more sophisticated game.
You can tell Team 17 don’t expect much from it by glancing at the jokey instruction manual. Cheep and cheerful 1 M 111
* nuffsaid! "I
- you can push each other and jump on each other's heads.
Helpful on the tougher levels. ¦ I B A jolty little game j with
no pretensions of greatness Packs one hell of a punr ¦ To
achieve level flight, raise or lower the nose until the
ladderbar indicates zero degrees. ¦ ¦ Hit Squad, £12.99 Yet
another flight-simulator's making the return journey via the
budget shelves, courtesy ot Hit Squad, This time it's the old
classic F-29 Relalialor. Immensely popular the first time
round, this game's worth a look tor any flight- sim tans who
originally missed out.
Even though it's been around tor a tair while, F-29 makes a damn tine addition to the budget labels’ range ot titles it's a serious simulation leaving nothing to chance.
As you expect, there’s a bumper instruction manual with the game. This contains a detailed look at the Grumman X-29 _ (your plane, tool!), which began life as a technology- demonstrator in the early PO 1970s, with the dream of | creating the ultimate, combat I OH® tighter plane I It has a short take-otf and 1 w landing requirement, is radar- 1 Qn invisible and has a high muzzle I r velocity, meaning it packs one hell ' . ’ ot a punchl Many ot these capabilities are still under development in a fourth-generation version of the X-29 (okay Mark, enough of the aeronautic education. What about the
bloody game? Ed).
Flying high Begin the mission by enrolling in the game's databank Enter your name to be placed on the duty-roster and become an active pilot this means you can use the same hot-shot tor future missions, with up to six different pilot logs stored at any one time.
Using the function keys gives your pilot a rank as follows: First-Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel. Colonel The higher the rank, the more variety of missions on offer more points are awarded to a higher rank because missions are automatically harder.
The next stage is to choose your scenario with four to select from Arizona, a test range.
Containing dummy targets and remote- controlled vehicles: Middle East, helping a friendly ally in a war between neighbouring nations: the Pacific Ocean, breaking a military blockade by the enemy and Europe, where the nightmare's come true and World War's breaking out once again.
It's best to start in Arizona learning the art of flying your plane before tackling the harder combat missions. This is a tough simulation to get into, so attack by other aircraft, tanks and battleships complicates the learning process. Try tackling them once proficient at actually handling the plane's controls!
If you really can't wait to get into the game, the Zulu Alert option's a quick start. It provides
- unlimited weapons and is basically | 1 a shoot-'em-up game with
you I commencing in mid-air against a || 1 squadron of enemy
aircraft. There ll©ll 1 are no points awarded for kills _ I and
your achievements aren't U recorded in the pilot's log.
- ui aa Even so, it's a decent All of the action’s viewed, in
typical flight-sim style, from a pilot's-eye perspective. You
can see to the sides and in front of your aircraft, but must
rely on the radar for reports on what's attacking you from
behind, or the whereabouts of the enemy forces.
Keeping a check on your progress in a particular scenario's simple. Activating the Mission Control option provides the latest update on the war situation. This includes a detailed map of the battle-front and text describing the significant events taking place in the conflict.
There are loads of keyboard controls to get used to which are often a source of anger for detractors of the genre. These include Eject, Satellite, providing an overhead view, and Autopilot. There's a hell of a lot more than this, of course, which is why it's vital to become accustomed to flying the plane before you do anything else.
The graphics in the game appear a bit dated compared to some of the more advanced flight- simulations now on the market. Even so, this in no way detracts from the professional feel of the game.
True, it can be a bit slow in places, which won't appeal to fans of action-packed shoot-'em-ups.
However, for fans who like their games a little more taxing, F-29 Retaliatory a worthy choice I found the gameplay strong and, surprisingly, still addictive. It's no secret I'm a fan of the genre, so it's pleasing to see Ocean's F-29 back as a budget title.
? ? ?
Ss ? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ?
Pictionary .....7.99 Popoyo 3 .....7 99 Populous & Promised Lands ..
13. 99 Premier Manager . 1599 R-Type
2 . .....7 99 Rainbow
Islnads . .....6 99 Rick Dangerous
2 . .....8.99 Roach For The
Skies ...19.99 Robocop
3 ..... ...15.99
Scrabble .....
18. 99 Sensible Soccer .... ...13.99 Seymour
goes to Hollywood... .....7.99 Slightly
Magic .....7.99 Space
Gun ..... .....8.99
Spherical .....6.99 Stack
Up . .....6.99 Suburban
Commando ..... .15 99 Super
Frog ..... .17.99 Super Space
Invaders .... .....9.99 1 MtllH 13 99 SWIV 9 99
Synscate 22 99 ~-3Q VJ-OV lOQ 99 Thomas Tank Engine
2 ... 7 99 Thunderbirds ..
.....6.99 Trivial Pursuit ..
.....7.99 Ultima 5 ... .11.99
WWF Euro Rampage .15.99 Windsurf
Willie . .. .7.99
14. 99 A320 Airbus .21
A-Train .....22. Alien
Breed Special Edition 10 Arcade Fruit
Machine .6.
Austerlitz ....6. Bards
Tale 3 ..9.
Battleships .6.
Blitzkreig ....9. Body
Blows ..17 Bubble
Bobble ......6. Carrier
Command .6. Challenge
Got! ......6. Chaos
Engine .....16. Chaos Strikes
Back .....9 CJ in the
USA 6 Combat Air
Patrol ......19 Continental
Circus 6 Cool
World .9 Daily Double
Horse Racing 6 Dalek Attack 14
Dizzy Panic 7
l) i V *:• Yolk l-o k 7 Desert StnkH 19 Dog figm 22 D„ne 2 19
EdO the Oucfc 2 Fis Strike Ca e 2 i4 F’6 Corrbai Piiy 6 ?
Antasy Wend Ozzy Ha*rr «c 19 Fom»u a • G*and Pm t5 99
Football Manager 2 ? Exp Kit 99 G Gooch World Class Cricket 99
Ghouls n Ghosts 99 Hero Quest 99 History
Line 1914-18 ... 99 Human Race Jurassic Levels.
... 99 Humans 99 Hunt for Red October . 99 International
Truck Racing .. 99 James
Pond ...... 99 Kick Off
2 ... 99 Kids
Pack ... 99 Lethal
Weapon . 99 Lotus
3 ... 99 M1 Tank
Platoon ..... 99 Nippon
Safos .... .99 Maniac
Mansion ...... 99 Match of the
Day .... 99 Microprose
Golf 99 Midwinter
2 99 Moonstone
Classic .. 99
Myth . 99 New Zealand
Story .. 99 North &
South ... 99 Oh No More
Lemmings .... 99 Ove-onvH 99 Pacia-d 99 Pacrrana 99 Pang
99 Pej.e'txiy ?
99 c-atncian . .9.99 .20.99 ...7.99 ...8.99 .22.99 ...9.99 .13.99 ...6.99 ...7.99 ...7.99 ...7.99 ...9.99 .13.99 .13.99 .12.99 .19.99 .12.99 .9.99 .15.99 .13.99 .13.99 ...9.99 ...6.99 .7.99 .13.99 .16 99 . ' 99 . 799 6 99 . 6 99 .22 99 50 GREAT GAMES (Wicked) ..13.99 TOO HOT TO HANDLE Golden Axe, Total Recall, Shadow Warriors, Super Off Road Racer (Ocean) ...12.99 CLASSIC COLLECTION World Championship Soccer, Gremlins 2, Barbarian 2. Colossus Chess (Hot Shots) .11.99 LINEKER COLLECTION Gary Lineker's Hot Shot, Italy
1990, Footballer of the Year 2, Intertnational Soccer Challenge (US Gold) ..9.99 All prices include UK postage etc., no other charges.
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PLEASE SEND A SAE OR FAX FOR OUR FULL PRICELIST - OVER 150 LINES IN STOCK With Osborne trundling back to Ludlow for a winter break (things were toe bet lor him in Devon), it's left to MARK 'STAND IN' SMITH to do the honours, reporting on the oh-so-fine and not-so-fine releases from the PD and Shareware people!
15X1 Short sc rgabler through the streets h and park gear his : home, collecting .
, . The hardwareend' software that's I 'O blown from his' VU -: Vlti .fcrifi. Another*? 1 scintillating scenario rom a PD game Avoiding rotweilers jTiuggars and the like. YoiA f ur way through the various stages g the keys, allowing you to open gates and ne disks inside.
VIOS-designad collect-'em-up, Deadline be the most sophisticated PD game ever . But it's still playable and verges on (he cnaiiengmg side. 1 1 -• I ,1 There's a two-player option lor those who, pretfer beating up a pal, while the solo-player can pit his skills against the computer in a series of knockputbouts. .
MortalKombat thisain'l. But it's still a good little title, a nice inlro to the PD scene.
THE HOUSE ¦ Zenobi Software (Licenceware)
H. JL While scanning a newspaper over a steaming cup of coffee
one morning TV' • and feeling fed up with yopr mundpne life,
you spot an advertisement for a oompetition Send £5 to enter
and Win an eccentric mlllionaite's house Sounds v ... toe
good to . F...... be true: I [Kn, ; I. Having sent your
application --- in the-post. You soon receive a set of hoyse
• and inetTictions ---- J ¦ Multi Media Machine (PD SW) CD32 ONLY
¦ Roberta Smith DTP (Shareware) ¦ Roberta Smith DTP (PD) I half
expected some kirld of lexf-based adventure with Deadline a
parody of everyday life at AMIGA FORCE (everyday life at AMIGA
FORCE Is a parody!). Instead, your aim s to guide Arnold What,
w'thpH the hype surroundi Mortal IfomBat. SFII and clont hardly
came as a surprise to si game along the same lines.
Cthis A1200 game’s a rather spiffing etfi despite the rather obvious samples trom I original SFII. The moves are quite access little predictable, and. While this is someth sample with only' three characters to choc you car always update to the full version
• has a whole load of new characters.
THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY SOMETHING Zenobi Software (Licenceware) Fred looked down at the note, fin inane grin spread sloulg across his chops as the device Rxploded,blowing both hin and is surroundings to pieces.
Fa » M m wa* r fc: mm a mr- T‘ mill- :i.-'-.i i-n-i-vi-lx:t 11 -:' ... !" :.!¦ |l. :|i '¦ ¦ 'I- ii'- I.. . '.i !
'•' !:i '•'• i‘- ‘ ' I ••'• .-• 1:1 I' • !'!• ! ¦'¦ :hr.- -:.if!S.T r-.i -, •,!..,•• pi:l,:.i howijvc l. ¦ :¦ ¦ I ItC VI ¦ I'll I' V...I nil rr'l.
Rnn-nni t. n» .¦•' S-nii-t.y pm - • .r i’w •! !
I' •• .! I ¦¦•¦ ' -I ' .:• ! . . ' I.- :|l¦ .!¦ games the past to the more experienced adventurers, it's like a trip down memory lane. Encounter along the way the delights of The Prancing Ogre, The Extremely Large Caves and the teeming metropolis of Leatherhead!
Hthe unassuming hero of the game's Fred Bloggins who’s searching (or the fabled Holy Something. To help him find it means using some unusual modes of transport. Take the No. 35 Bus. A smelly Steam-Train and a weird Aircraft: the only thing's you need to pay some form of entrance-fee A great liffle game for avid adventurers. Your knowledge of other classj£games of the genre helps to solve many of fhe posers in The Quest For The Holy Something. It’s fun, novel and a great quest.
HBWflBKKMAMHK Public Domain!
ASSASSINS DISK 143 ¦ Roberta Smith DTP (Compilation) Another smashing collection from those Assassin Inds! Pity about Ihe intro music, Inbuglt. Ever thought ol upgrading that Casio keyboard?
Okay, I admit I ddn't realty know where the inspiration lor this game came, Hbdt It looks interesting ai4g it you can get to grips with the rules, it's a nice two-player board- game variant. Using the mouse yoq have to click on a section ot an eight by eight square board building up the power of your spinning balls so they explode and take over squares nearby. I'm told there's some1 strategic technique to this; it'll probably suit those relishing the though(,of figuring out such a technique i
W. irnors attempt, with SofriG jutes and equally impressive
Basically, it's a mallet ol the oncoming hoi dns. Fighting
dges and collecting ihe gold ,i rjlhet impressrve 1 :A STROLL
unBshamod crack at 21s game Personally, I pretor the bright
lights (or even smoky, poky rtcms) ol real casinos, since
gambling games on a computer rarely sti alfhgugh fhe and the
oplic Ihe mlferest It ite. This is no different, ee computer
players hand, do help to keep ZENOBI SOFTWARE 26 Spotland
Tops, Cutgate, Rochdalo, Lancashire OL12 7NX Disks £2.49
each, inc PAP. Printed catalogue free on request or with R
Zenobi Software (Licenceware) These two games are a bit ot fun
sent to us by Zenobi for review. They star Bart Bear, a
tenacious teddy, in a couple of humorous little Spectrum
Bart's having problems with the Mega Brain, who’s mind-warping onto strange worlds, such as Verdunian 7, bringing Bad with him to face the horrors awaiting. The Mega Brain's contemplating it's next move and the eventual destruction of mankind. It's up to Bart to save the day. But there's not much time left, especially for a slow-mover like this young bearl Both games can be controlled by the cursor keys, the mouse or by Kempston joystick (remember those, nostalgia buffs?). Bart moves MAGNETIC FIELDS PO Bex 118, Preston, Lancashire PR2 2AW Disks £ 1.00 each, inc PAP. (Send A5 SAE for printed
catalogue) around each world trying to avoid the baddies inhabiting it. He's got a limited supply of bubbles fo fire af fhe baddies, but they’re not really that effective, to say the least!
The games are just a tad slow on the A500.
Although they're a bit more playable on the A1200. Originally on the flipside of major releases, nobody's claiming they’re anything special. However, at only £2.49, with two cartoon- strips thrown in on the disk tor good measure, they may bring a smile to your tace.
¦ • “The best true golf simulation available for the PC STEVE FOUNTAIN PC FREELANCE ! "A superb golf simulation even more challenging : than Links 386 Pro” AN THONY GRIFFITHS _THE WORD THE SUN 1 £ B' - I
* “A real class act, just like playing against Nick ___Faldo in
real life" JOYSTICK__ “The best looking, user friendly and
playable IBM PC golf game on the Amiga” - THE ONE AMIGA Welcome
to yet another selection of tips, players' guides and cut-out
and cheats. There's no rest for tips boys, y'know it's work,
work, work and the pay's a bit dire too. But we treat them
well, promising that, one day, we'll let them review a game...
Jr Andrew :rBray brook's blast from the Commodore 64 erupts on the 9 Amiga giving the A-FORCE team a ’ worthy candidate for tips. Our players' guide has been put together with loving care and a healthy dose of violent blasting, helping you give r those dastardly = l Dreadnoughts J fc a real A BT whipping! 3 History line Immortal Impact Legends of Valour Lord of the Rings Micro Machines Pinball Dreams Prehistorik Strider II Syndicate Unreal Xenon Addams Family Airbus 320 USA Baldy Balance of Power Cool Croc Twins Crystal Dizzy Deep Core D Generation Elite Graham Gooch Globulus Hagar pg The
first, the only, the v definitive beginners guide to ' " Frontier, one of the finest games ever created!
Maps, tips and guides galore become a pinball wizard in hours!
The Trio's probably Ihe easiest formation to avoid. They're very deadly, if they catch you by surprise as they're armed with high- powered lasers.
As the name suggests, they appear as three large, slow-moving ships. You meet one at the top, a second at the bottom and the third in the centre of the screen. It's well worth pursuing and obliterating the whole squadron as you're rewarded with a very hefty bonus.
' Ah, this is what we like to see obviously, some poor fool has been slaving away for hours, piecing together maps and tips to help those who have trouble with their miniatures. The maps are big, brash and bold, and the tips will have you storming to the front of the grid.
Never will you need to look at a Micro Machine and question your worth again (You're running out of ideas aren't you? Ed).
The enemy ships have a variety of attack patterns, all quite easy to avoid. Easy that is, if you know how each type of ship's going to move once it has you in it’s sights.
The Slow-Movers are more ol a pain than a problem. They travel at a very sedate speed and are easy to destroy with a well- placed shot. However, they become really irritating when you're travelling along the ship at great speed and run slap-bang into one. To avoid them, keep an eye on the radar screen for a slow-moving item.
These ships attack in wall-formation building an almost impassable line ot ships from the top to the bottom of the screen. The quickest and safest way to pass them's to approach at high speed and shoot one when it gets close. Use the hole in their defences to go safely through.
If they come at you from behind, drop to the bottom of the screen and flip over to take a shot at them. Don't try to fly ahead as they begin a pincer- movement switching over their positions you usually get caught in the middle with no escape.
Arrow Ship pilots are specially trained to make life hell every time they appear on screen. The formation starts as two ships forming the shaft of the arrow and the rest of the team as the flight. They make one slow pass, then return in ,• -y » the same formation ., .. .. ... before splitting up and flying in all r': directions. ’ ~~~ The best way to ' tackle these manic I - V fliers is to drop in "::l _ behind them while _ - ~' they’re still in arrow _ _ .- formation, then let ___ them have it with everything your ship '- ' : ' ¦ ¦ has in it's arsenal. ¦, , This should wipe M • them
out before the » formation has a - chance to split.
This one's a real mover. It looks like a spinning tripod so whenever it appears on screen, catch it at all costs. Destroying this blighter rewards you with a new weapon ranging from laser-beams to huge smart bombs.
THE DREADNOUGHTS Each Dreadnought has It’s own obstacles and pitfalls waiting to catch out the unwary Uridium pilot. Howovor, the A-FORCE squadron have battled for many hours to produce this mini-gulde helping you survive earlier Dreadnoughts. As with all Dreadnoughts, negotiating early defences and finding that all-important landing strip are crucial.
ULAMIUM The Ulamium Dreadnought’s more of a training level to familiarise with the fighter- controls. When approaching the ship, stay low to avoid the active gun-emplacement positioned at the top. Stay on the move to avoid attracting mines from the many launchers placed along this very bare Dreadnought.
Apart from the mine-launchers and gun- emplacements the only other things to watch out for are the many ships cruising along the Dreadnoughts. The bonus ship in this zone drops the laser-weapon once shot.
The landing strip’s positioned on the second part of fhe ship, just above the point where the large battletank's patrolling. Go get that sucker and it’s all over.
Landing's one of the trickier game manoeuvres as it’s very easy to blast along the ship and fly over the landing-strip without realising. The best way to safely touch-down’s to blast everything in your path until you come to the landing-strip with two green arrows at the end. Once there, wait around blasting anything approaching. Your monitor soon flashes the message LAND NOW'. On seeing this, go to the arrowed area and flip your ship over to begin the final approach. Make sure the ship's level and central to the runway, approach it slowly and you soon find yourself in the Central Core.
Central Cores are the same in all Dreadnoughts, taking a fast trigger-finger and slick manoeuvering to survive. The trick's to strike when their radar-controlled shields are farthest away. Stay low and continually pop up, shooting at the central brain. Remain on the screen edge to fool the shields and keep moving from one side to the other.
Each hit on the brain changes the colour when it's deep red and pulsates the shields fall away. Now's the time for really slick, joystick work as rocks fall from the roof. Avoid these and s * don't get tempted by the many bonus weapons __ appearing trying to get - , them’s suicidal. **-. ¦' Eventually a glowing m _ - circle appears jump '' into it, transport back to your ship and destroy the ____ Dreadnought. *r" DECK ITEMS Dreadnought decks bristle with destructible items, the most obvious being gun-turrets.
Many are harmless but watch out for those with flashing red lights which launch nasty laser-bolts. They’re also the only ones which can be destroyed.
Other destructible deck-items are tanks ensure you grab the bonus icons they release when killed. Collect bonus icons to keep airborne enemies to a minimum and try taking out enemy craft before they've a chance to leave their launch-pads. The only deck-craft you can shoot are those taxiing along runways.
Of course, collecting the bomb weapon from a destroyed foe allows a strafing run along the deck, dropping hot death onto every item. Be careful, though, as the bombs tend to dry up just as you get right into the thick of the action Possibly the most irritating machines ever devised. They launch from various Dreadnought emplacements, tracking your ship until they hit. It's not really possible to outrun them as they've greater speed than your craft The only way to get away’s to outmanoeuvre them,achieved by waiting until one locks onto your ship. Accelerate forward before looping back up to the
top of the screen. Repeat this process back and forth across the screen until the blighter gives up the chase.
Keep an eye on the radar, ensuring ! You don't run slap-bang into any oncomi Possibly the most explosive and demanding game ever seen on the Amiga, Frontier's concept of space travel and trading may well get tne better of those new to interplanetary market IA BEGINNER'S GUIDE From the Pete Beale barrow-boy lifestyle of the fruit ’n’ veg. Salesman to the hi-tech yuppy existence of a robot trader, there's a few hard and fast rules to leam if you’re to survive long enough to get rich. And how about allegiances? Joining up with the Federation may sound like a cosy number, but the Empire boys are
watching, with the Mafia not too far behind. Ah, for a life on the Milky Ways... Starting Off There are so many ways to play Frontier it's impossible to list them all. However, there's one technique that allows you to slowly build up credits and eventually purchase a ship capable ol moving masses ol cargo and plenty ol people too. These tips assume your career commences in Ross (the recommended starting position).
Sightseeing Your first goal’s simply to aco YourfTrst goal's simply to accumulate as much money as possible; the best way to do this is to deal between two corresponding systems, serving the needs of one by using the major supplies ol the other. We plumped lor Bernard's Star and Sol, taking computers and robots from one and with animal meat and luxury goods to the other, takes some time belore you're dealing in robots and luxury items, so a little patience is called for!
First Stop Fomalhaut There's a useful and quick mission right at the start allowing you to gather some serious credits. Use the bulletin board and talk to the person who needs a package taken to Fomalhaut. Make sure you travel to the desired planet via Lataille.
Va *s ¦*» nn*r. I» m ur IB!
O (*»•»•« r*» i « ibi l*r.P**-r lAT lif. Tcx na *s ¦X. Bw *« IIBV,«r ur IB!
Pf«w«r * i « i«i I*r.p**-r I *« liK its- Making Cargo Space With only lour tonnes of cargo space, you do a lot ol travelling back and forth without seeing any major eflect on your bank balance. We suggest you dump the missiles, as they're not too effective anyway. Check out the Combat section for tips on using the laser alone.
The Next Step ¦lulls* OrYertr- Depf* t Using Ihe methods below, you can eventually get together enough money to purchase a Cobra, allowing you to carry more cargo and equipment.
You could choose to carry on. Building up enough cash to buy a more powerful craft; whatever you do, don’t forget to save your game at least every other time you land at a Bulletin Board Bartering Before parting with your cargo, always take a peek at the bulletin board messages in case someone's after your goods and is willing to pay above market value Get lucky a few times and you're well on your way to that new ship!
B«ntp- Df st F*ie t HQ UntKIIOJU'THNVMXa U, * nrutr.i LmlU-mih 9m ” Mi-4 Wmj»ni a*flt kurm NerwCii 0;irl ITMftSr I MlrflR-IKn] r-iie»(niiiMi« I «"t N* ttc MT| r I mu* jt tf* imq «i i" WM itKiettfvir MM* hJSfm I »:• 11 WM (f-» r i Swearing Allegiance Since you're in a Fed-dominated area, it makes sense to join up with them (for now). Try to choose missions with a long time frame. Until you get a better ship, your travels take in a few hyperspace jumps using up weeks of game time, as well as days actually reaching the planet within a system.
It's not a good idea to travel to Alpha Taking on Missions While it’s a good idea to take a few packages here and there, try not to deviate from your normal path One of the best missions we came across involved ferrying a package to Lalande 21185, which looked easy enough, yet there was an assassin following our every footstep. Try not to take on such missions until you've blown a few of the weaker pilots out of the sky.
Later on, look for taxi missions where you simply take a client from point A to point B. Whenever you come across one with decent pay, fit an extra passenger cabin; when the mission's over, sell it back to the Shipyard so you can transport large amounts of goods again.
You’ll get blown NEXT MONTH The advanced players' guide!
I One of the most difficult problems facing a novice player is combat the ships move much faster than in the original Elite, so even getting a shot in can seem almost impossible The first thing to worry about is getting the ship in your targets. There are two ways of doing this, both requiring you to click on the enemy so he's actually targetted. You can do this while the game's paused, allowing you to et him on-screen first hit the ESC key then - click on the ship using the Once he s targetted. You can either use the autopilot lo keep him there or set the P preferences so there's a
tunnel leading to him, making manual aiming a lot easier --- A word of warning if you use the autopilot, make sure you turn it off if he's
0. 5 km or less away from you. Or you smash into him! Instead,
fly away so he's about 10km behind and then switch on the
autopilot In the game’s early stages you only need to land
between five and ten shots to defeat an enemy, and this
distance proves sufficient It's not advisable to use this
technique should you come ¦ across an assassin, since you're
also an easy kill and out of the sky if you aren’t careful!
Ever released on the Amiga.
With its outlandish tables, packed with an extensive range of bonuses, it's a game ripe for an AMIGA the ramp value up to a total of ten million Illuminate each luel light and propel the ball through the left chute to pick up a bonus. The more times you light fuel, the further your craft travels and the bigger the bonus.
The Ignition Table is excellent for beginners as they can rack up large scores.
Don’t overconcentrate on lighting the word, ‘IGNITION’, as it can cost you many lost balls! It’s much easier to light ‘FUEL AND LIGHT’ to increase the tally.
Hit each of the three lights to add an extra letter to the Ignition1 word. Light all the word and launch your ball through the left chute to receive Flip the ball from the right flipper's tip to fire it up the left chute. Launch from the flipper's centre to send the ball sailing up onto the middle ramp.
One very handy, but tricky, bonus is gained by landing the ball in the top ball-trap. It starts a roulette game rewarding you with anything from bonus points to an extra ball It's back to the days ol steam In the old West on this train-based table.
Steel Wheel's an easy chance to rack up huge bonuses. It also contains wide open spaces, allowing the ball to get up real speed.
Roll the ball over arrows to collect up to 20 million points each time. Light up all three arrows to increase your score-mulliplier to a total of seven. As with all tables, use the flippers to make your ball ignite an unlit arrow.
Illuminate the letters spelling Warp' to boost bonus- multipliers by up to eight. Every time Warp's lit you're awarded one million points On launching the first ball, one Warp letter flashes as a skill shot Rolling the ball over it awards a cool Send the ball up the left ramp to be rewarded with whatever value's showing on the left blue tickets.
The easiest way to get the ball up the ramp’s to fire it from the right flipper's tip.
Activating the three lights to the right enhances the price shown on your right green tickets These also provide bonuses up to an extra ball. .
Another extra bonus is gained by sending the balls around the left and centre ramps within five seconds of each other. The score for this? A cool one million points!
To collect the bonus value shown on the green tickets.
Flip the ball backwards from the right flipper so it enters the ball-trap on the right wall.
Illuminating all steam letters increases the left blue ticket price to a maximum of 100,000 The multipliers on this level are very tricky to reach. They're the three stars in the top right corner of the table. To get to them, fire the ball up and round the Shoot your ball into the right tunnel to activate green icon buttons up to the movie icon.
To collect the bonuses you've racked up. Send the the ramp directly to the left of Enter the high-flying world of the record industry on the fast- moving Beat-Box table.
This table's a lot smaller than the rest. Don't be fooled by its size, though, as It’s very tricky keeping the ball in play, 's definitely not one for There are two red targets in the game used to activate the charts and allow your climb up to number one. The left target enables the European charts while the nght sets in motion the US charts. Hit each to enhance your *- MEGB HIT A very tricky bonus position to reach is the ball-trap. To enter, flip the ball back up into it from the nght flipper. Once inside, you're rewarded with To light up the green arrows, you enter the left tunnel. Each
lime you enter, an arrow's . Light all three to Activate each dollar light on the left. Every time you light the set, the tour lights increase by one country. Getting the World amiGa ¦ JANUARY 1994B Nightmare’s the most fun table to play. There are plenty of bonuses to be had and targets to hit. Aim in the main for Midnight, since reaching it adds huge bonus points to the tally.
I H fits Multipliers are at the top ol the table and spell out the word Die'. As with all others, adjust them using the flippers to make the ball hit an unlit icon.
If you knock the multipliers up to a hefty multiple of ten, you receive an extra ball.
If your left bonus path's flashing the extra hour icon, shoot the ball into the top ball-trap to move one hour closer to the all- important hour of midnight.
TABLE 4 - Firing the silver ball round either ramp advances the clock one hour closer to midnight.
When it finally strikes, fire the ball along the ramps as many times as possible. Each time you successfully negotiate a ramp, you receive five million points, although you must do this before the timer at the top of the screen reaches zero.
Light each target on the left rack to add an extra icon to the left bonus path. These bonuses can be anything from an extra hour to ten million points.
To collect ilems from bonus paths, shoot the ball along the tunnels located directly above each path.
Illuminating every letter of the word Graveyard' sets into motion the mystery spin-machine. It stops at random to reward you with one bonus item from the table.
To light 'Graveyard', hit each target to activate the word 'R.I.P' The right bonus path only contains bonus points. To activate these, you need to light up all three targets in the right rack.
AmiGa ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ Playing Tips!
Micro Machines is the wildest and wackiest f | | race game yet to hit the Amiga. The key to success in this minimarathon's to know each course-layout. To further your racing ambitions, the A-FORCE crew have compiled this helpful set of maps, guiding you through the many pitfalls of miniature-racing.
Make sure you’re on the left (driver's right) of the track as you approach the ruler-bndgs. Preventing a rather abrupt end to your driving career as you hit the rubber.
Slow down and take a tight line around these corners, otherwise you’re Hit the ramp at full speed and make sure you're dnving straight lo
• lUA.Uaiiwyf-ay Us CLUs. .'sV -
- Q i , i *- ' p iiUiCs-iU Start fo turn when you see the lop of
the filofax. Slopping you flying off the edge of the desk info
Dodging the two ducks is a real pain, although they can be advantageous by using the bump- techmque on opponents.
Choose Ihe route through the smallest group of bubbles as they slow you down and cost precious seconds.
Your sfart finish-line's located here, Try to pull away from (he start to gain first place and cut the comer to gel a decent lead.
It's down the drain if you don't slay on the lower path along this straight. Maintain full throttle fo avoid the pull of the plughole.
Make sure you’re clear of other opponents along this straight.
This stops you being pushed off the side of the book-ramp.
The best approach to pull ahead ot opponents is by bumping them into jets of water trom the broken pipes. You send them spinning off The heater's a real pain if you don’t know how to handle it correctly. Until you’re familiar with the course, go around the left of the heater. The more confident can hit full throttle and pass along the right. Maintain speed or the air blows you into the wall.
Keep your speed at full throttle as you leave this corner to fly straight through the next set of corners without any problems.
Rise and shine! Cereals, waffles and oranges are in abundance as you get to grips with your machine. The easiest way to slow down on all courses is to pull bacl on your stick, preventing many overruns over the table edges.« BH| a| Try staying to the top of the straight to avoid orange juice stains. They slow the car down and can cost the race.
It’s another straight which you take with care to avert flying off the table.
As with all starts, if you make the break from the pack, it gives you a bit of room to recover from any mistakes.
A quick way to gain a lead on opponents level with you is to bump them to the left at this point, sending them crashing into the wall.
After negotiating the pipes, it’s pretty much plain-sailing through to the finish. Make sure you don’t get too relaxed over cornering or you could end up at the Playing Tips!
Yes, you guessed if! It's the start- line and another course where you can gain the advantage by hanging back at the start, allowing a faster racing- line through the first comer.
As you approach this narrow track, try to bump any nearby opponents off the track into the nuts at the side.
If you maintain full throttle and keep to the bottom of this straight, it's possible to successfully negotiate the corner at top speed.
This is where problems really start. The superglue's a real pain, as it slows down any vehicle passing through it almost to a complete standstill!
Oil patches dotted around the course are not a major headache.
Hit them at lull speed and they're easy to pass through without losing too much speed It’s time to take to the wotkshop lloor, as you slip behind the-wheel of your armour-plated killing- machine, known as the Warrior. The Warrior Level’s not as fast as others, although it still poses problems such as other cars ramming into you. Too many hits cause your car to explode Make sure you hit this ramp at top speed and in the centre, or it could be an early bath!
L- ,v ' I ! ' The Sand Box's great fun. When you've finished building sandcastles, try your, best to avoid the spade and.deadty.water-pitS.ps Micro Machines goes oH«oad. V-v Don't worry about speed | along here. If you hit the castle at full throttle, with your car at an angle, you can use the speed to ricochet off the castle and along the next straight.
Speed.you clear the second and get ahead of opponents This is another point where you can knock opponents oil the track into the obstacles at the side very useful il you're stuck in the middle of the pack After you've gone through the first oil patch, pull off the track so you're driving parallel. You then miss the next drop of oil and the large patch of glue behind it.
4. Don't hit this playing card too last or you could fly off the
table- edge. Stop accelerating as you're halfway up the card
for the best result.
2. The draughtboard can really slow you down if you’re not
careful. The quickest route through is to move straight down
the centre until you reach the two white pieces. Move
diagonally in between them and continue off the board.
3. Head straight down this pocket, remembering to slay at full
throttle as you disappear. You gain a flying start as you
launch oul of the top pocket.
1. If you slow down and stay to the inside as you approach this
comer, it's possible to land a well- placed shot on opponents
as they overshoot After racing, it’s nice to relax on the tank
circuit with a bit of unbridled destruction! The whole of the
Tank Level’s based around destroying your opponent to gain the
Instead of using racing abilities to pass, simply blow them out of your path. Be careful, though, as opposing tanks are also armed.
This one really sorts out the Mansells from the boys. High speeds can become more of a hazard than a help, especially when screaming around the table-rim.
Unlike other courses, it's best to hang back a little at the start, allowing you to cut through faster on the approaching corner.
Stick to the inside of this corner and it’s possible to cut across diagonally right to the finish-line, saving precious time.
Make sure you go down the centre of this card, as dropping off the sides causes the car to explode.
If you’re too close to an opponent to hit them with a shot, this is the perfect opportunity to bump them off the course and into the playing cards.
As you travel along this straight, try staying at the bottom of the track. By doing this, you avoid getting caught by the pool ball in the middle of the track.
Jwhen your first top-level Lemming reaches the platform edge to his right, turn him into a glue-dropper, building a bridge across the abyss.
GLUED TO THE GOAL Egypt Level LlrilK This level has three doorways from which the little green thugs are released. Use glue-throwers wisely to get all three Lemming gangs safely through to the exit.
T : Jas soon as the first Lemming reaches the slope, let rip with a flame-thrower, burning a pathway under the crusher’s pressure switch. Just before he leaves the first pit, unleash more hot fury to get past the next switch.
It's down to the bottom level for the next move.
Here you turn the first little green-haired geek into a flame-thrower to bum through the column to the right.
As soon as he reaches the x . , water-filled pit, turn him into r a glue-dropper pouring his sticky load into the water. Get the next suicidal little freak to do the same and repeat the process until the pit's filled.
After crossing the water you come to a seemingly impassable pit. Drop another load of glue and begin building a bridge. When the first Lemming crossing the newly-formed bridge reaches about halfway, get him to drop more glue, continuing the bridge to the far side.
On reaching the upward slope, convert one Lemming
- ' into a platform-builder, creating a bridge to the left.
The first little guy reaching the pedestal bums through it opening the pathway to the exit.
. , When you reach the blocks J spelling the word OZY, burn ' a path to the inside ot the first letter.
It’s now just a case of guiding r the rest of the gang safely to
- s the exit. The team from the top doorway can bum through the
two walls with the aid of a flame-thrower.
Use another flamer to incinerate the letter's right side, allowing you to burn through the bottom of the next two letters and reach the level below.
The guys from the middle doorway blaze through the f metal block to the right. You need two flame-users to bum a safe pathway under the solid block.
After dropping off the ledge to the right of the phone box, use a filler to top up the large pit enabling you to continue to the right.
Use another filler as you pass | over the sloped block. This covers the switches activating the deadly crushers above, permitting you to pass safely.
Fill f the ’last pit with another filler-dude to | cross the last obstacle to the exit.
¦ JANUARY 1 994 ¦ Welcome back again to the section of the mag which is written by the readers for the readers. Having trouble with a game? Then fear not, send your problem in to us here at Tips Bits. If one of the A-FORCE team cannot help you in your hour of need, then one of the many readers may be able to put an end to your worries.
Remember the best tip each month will be rewarded with a free 12-month subscription (if you already have one, then we'll extend it). Don't worry if you are not hailed as top tipster, as we put all the other helpers into a hat and reward one of them with a subscription as well. So get writing to: TIPS BITS, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Crystal dbzy Coupons, coupons everywhere... this month and every month we bring you all the latest hints and tips in easy-to- use, cut-out form!
No more searching through old magazines every time you want a cheat, just cut out our coupon.
D s. Atlorf ¦¦h ¦ After reading your fab tips book in Qmt issue 12,1 found two more secret tunnels in James Pond. To find the first, which is in Level 1. You have to free all the lobsters then go back to the entrance tunnel, where the water ends, then jump up onto the rock which is out of the water and push down when you are over the green-covered bit. This transports you to Level 11 The second is in Level 2. Free all the fish, just to the left of the entrance tunnel is a green- covered bit of rock. Push down over this and it transports you to Level 6.
James Mitchell, Luton ¦ Thanks a lot James, we're glad you enjoyed the tips book. If anyone out there knows of a use for the top hat on Level 6, then James would be most grateful if you could let him know!
Ijl ¦ HEELLPPP! I am stuck on Level 12 of Wa Prince ol Persia, which I believe is the last level. I've reached the part of the level where I've climbed up about six screens and am stood atop a platform. Above me is a collapsable walkway. It seems the way lo go is to try to get on Ihe walkway then proceed to the left.
The only problem is. I can't get onto the walkway. Every time I try to get onto the walkway it falls away bit by bit until I have fallen off the platform I was on. Down to my death.
AGHH! Can you sort me out or is there somebody out there who can? Then I'll be able to throw away the sleeping pills.
Jimmy Coleman, Middlesborough ¦ Calm down, lad I'm sure that somebody out there has the answers to your problems. All POP fans should drop us a line if you have the answer to Jimmy's dilemma.The games a stiff challange yet it's a nut that has been cracked.
DIZZY ¦ Adrian Broom wrote in to us from deepest, darkest Norfolk with this very handy solution and cheats for that old favounte. Treasure Island Dizzy. Thanks for the tips, Adrian I'm sure a lot of readers will find them very useful!
Take the empty chest and place it by the rock steps. Jump up and kill the fly for a coin on the bridge. Press fire on the bush next to Hookjaws.
Grave for a coin, kill the high fly for a coin, do not touch the low fly or your controls will be opposite. Press fire on all doorways of houses, some of them have coins, whilst in the tall trees avoid cages, there are three of them.
Press fire on a red rose for a coin, go to heavy weight and use it on the hanging hook. Take the detonator, go left for the snorkel and right for the spade.
Before you enter the water where you started, leave spade and detonator behind, enter water and pick up dynamite. Take the detonator and place both dynamite and detonator at the blasting area, this will remove the rocks, now take bag of gold. Go back to the water and take crowbar, use it on the rock on the ground. Go down air tunnel for coins.
If you find that you are stuck do not worry, simply type EGGSONLEGS and press "P" to pause the game, now move the joystick in any direction. You'll see that you are free to move anywhere ol your choice, now go to the storeman and press "P" to play again, isn't that a lot simpler? Give the bag of gold to the storeman in exchange for a boat, go to the bush at the edge of the island next to the water and press fire for a coin. Use this spade on the grave to gain access to magic water. Use the key on the trapdoor on the floor for entry to secret kitchen. Take brandy, go right and take the golden
egg. Watch out for that large boulder.
Give the egg and brandy to the storeman for a motor and petrol, take them to the boat. Go to the bridge press “P" and go down, press "P" again, now take Hockjaws' treasure. If you go back up through his grave you'll get struck by lightning so you'll need a bible Give the treasure to the storeman for the ignition key.
TREASURE ISLAND If you're stuck for the last coin get eaten by a big fish, there's one in his belly. If you go up into the sky above the sunken ship you'll see the island in the sky. Now you have all 30 coins get on your boat and visit the taxi-man.
Congratulations you've completed the game The pogo stick is in the clouds near the tall trees and the flippers are in the clouds above the store.
The “P" tip does not work unless you type EGGSONLEGS... FLASHBACK ¦ Here is a nifty cheat I discovered lU whilst playing U.S. Gold's Flashback'. It ™ I helps you by letting you walk through walls, doors etc. 1 Go right up next to the wall or door.
2 Hold down fire.
3 Turn the joystick so that you start running the opposite way.
4 After about two steps in the opposite direction release fire and turn the joystick back the other way.
5 As soon as you approach the door wall you should start walking through it.
(If you get stuck, hold fire and wobble joystick).
Ian Ruth, Ilford Okay, stop whatever it is you were doing and pay attention! The cheats on these pages have to be cut out, so grab yourself a pair of scissors (make sure that your parents or guardians are present) and get snipping. Now store them all in a good place so that you can refer to them whenever rou deem it necessary!
Addams family Level Coder i 2 91R18 3 R1R1G 4 R99K& 8 BLJ12 cool croc twins Level codes: 2.
10. MONEY, 11.
Globulus Type ZvmoiEG (note the capitals) to activate the cheat mode.
Press P during the game, then finish the first level. The computer asks where you want to go next.
Type LEVEL *, replacing
* with the level number you want to reach.
D generation On Level 81, your user name’s SETH and the passcode’s OSTRICH.
Balance of power Listen to your advisors. You CAN win situations while advice, but you usually end up starting WWIII.
Type I NEED OXYGENE during play to replenish your air.
Ditto I NEED ENERGY, or for infy everything, try TRAINER MODE.
Crystal dizzy Game Genie Codes: Part 2: (Blackheart’s Pirate Ship) G5J 73Q 8HK Part 4: (The Ice Palace) 83J 5G6 airbus 320 usa Load up your Workbench. Find a file on the game disk called DUMMY. Change this to DUMMY.log, then, when in the game, log on as Dummy. You now have over 5000 flights to your name and a performance of over 500%.
THE PATRICIAN ¦¦M ¦ We've been receiving a lot of post Hflj here at the A-FORCE offices, all of it ® I crying out for help on the excellent game The Patrician. To aid you in your lourney to fame and fortune across the seven seas, we've come up with these tips.
Begin the game by basing yourself in Luebeck and having borrowed an appropriate amount of money, start trading between Luebeck and Malmoe. Taking wine or salt from the first, and wood and wool from the second. At the beginning of the game you should concentrate on shifting cheap goods such as salt and corn. Low price means low risk and high quantities.
Look out for the arrival of the spice fleet. If you choose Quick Start the spice fleet will already have docked in Brugge when you begin the game When the fleet docks you should sail straight there and buy as much pepper as you can, then stay in dock for a couple of weeks.
You will then be able to sell the stock for twice what you paid for it!
There are other commodities that will provide you with an equally fast buck, but you must buy them in the correct locations. For example, buy furs in Nowgorod and sell them in London. Buy wine in Brugge, oil in Bergen and hemp in Danzig. Purchase salt in Luebeck and sell it in Stockholm.
There is more to trading than making a fast Thaler You must also impress the townsfolk with your activities. If you only deal in essential goods such as meat and fish you won't get yourself noticed, or remembered. A little flair may be called for, and some trading in luxury goods.
Once you have enough money, a wise way to spend it is on more ships The cheapest and fastest shipyard to use is in Nowgorod. All you need do is load up with hemp, since the other materials you need should be in the town.
DEALING WITH PIRATES ¦ This is a risky business, but if you are willing to run the risk you could end up with an entire fleet of ships for next to nothing. Hand over a fully armed ship and crew as far from your home town as possible and the pirate will sell you every ship he captures, for a pittance. On the other hand, he may disappear and never be seen again.
Alternatively, set up a guard-ship in front of the town you know the pirates are heading lor and attack them as they enter the port. If you win you will not only get the ship, but also the gratitude and admiration of the townsfolk - an invaluable commodity.
Always ensure you have enough money in the office and that you pay your debts on time Keep your ships in good condition. Deterioration in their condition will reduce their capacity. If you have a ship that is a complete wreck then just sell it Selling ships at auction is a good way to make money. You can bump the price up by bidding against yourself (you will need to be very fast on the keyboard) but be careful, don't bid too high or you may end up paying for a ship you already own.
GET POPULAR ¦ The easiest way to win popularity is to throw a party. If you're having problems with the catering side of party throwing, then here are some invaluable tips. Build yourself a warehouse and stash 30 burden of the following in it: Meat. Fish. Ale, Wine and Com. The best Playing Tips!
Days to throw a least are between 24th and 31 December. (The same catering arrangements apply lor weddings).
Transport of goods becomes. Equip one of your ships to lead a convoy and you not only reduce the risk, but also gain popularity.
When it comes to getting married, me best bride you will be oflered is the grieving widow of a bargeman-as a dowry you will get two large ships.
¦ I am finding it very frustrating playing 3 Morph. Is there any way that you can cheat so you don't have to go back to the beginning every time you switch your computer off?
Hoping you have a solution.
S. Simmons. Bognor Regis To become Alderman you need to be Mayor
ol your hometown, and have an excellent reputation in several
other towns. Join as many goods as you can and trade between
as many towns as possible and be generous with your wealth. II
you want to see results you should spend around 1m thaler on
the town initially, about 1.5 million the second time, and
about 3 million the next time.
¦ Well, we've searched high and low, but we re stumped on this one too. It's over to you again, Use your warehouse! Buy cheap products like cereals and take on employees They will make valuable processed products like beer out of it.
There are many unpredictable elements in the game. Disaster or good fortune may strike at any time. However, one thing is sure, the further into the game you get, the more dangerous the MORPH reader let us know i anything.
You come up with 6 - ITSANONO 7 - MOZIMATO 8 - HOZITOMO 9 - MOKITEMO 10 - ZUMOHATO Brat 1 - BISHIAMO 2 - MIHEMOTO 3 -SASUTOZO 4 - SUMATZEE 5 - NOKITAGO FIRST SAMURAI hh ¦ I refer to the Tip Bits section in the last magazine, which referred to the ~ game First Samurai and the code DIPUTS to enable you to use numbers to walk around levels. I have done this and nothing happens.
I would be grateful if you could tell me what I am doing wrong and how to correct it Hoping you are able to help me Victor Pye. Glasgow ¦ I'm sorry to inform you Victor that you probably have a different version of the game to the one here at A-FORCE towers. Hopefully, one of our readers has the same copy of this game as you and can supply the help you are seeking.
Hagar the horrible r Level Codes:
8. WFYILD immortal, tfie Hit Squad Level Codes
2. CDDFF10OO6F70,
3. OADDA21OOOE1 0,
4. BFDFE31001EBO,
5. O9DE443000EB0,
6. 3B7FD53010E41
7. 6B10FB1010A41,
8. E590D7710178C1 To win most of the time, try retreating behind
your fixed artillery, placing long- range units at the front.
The enemy often walks straight into a wall of fire.
Tiistonyline 1914-1918 graham gooch's international cricket Audiogenic When batting, hit the ball then press pause.
The bowlers freeze, but you can still keep running by hitting fire.
Hey! Do you want the good news or the even better news first? The good news is that from Issue 6 (on sale 20 May), AMIGA FORCE will be published every 4 weeks! No more long waits between issues! No more hair-tearing frustration, yearning for the latest, hottest tips.
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OR SUBSCRIBE TO AMIGA FORCE AT THE SPECIAL I want to join the rapidly growing AMIGA FORCE army. I understand I muri mind and prefer purely games reviews and tips and no technobabble. I don’t have an attitude problem and I can’t wait to get my hands on r explosive equipment every gamer needs: that’s 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE, LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE ¦ Even more playable than its two classy sequels, this is the two-player driving game. The rollercoaster 3-D action is superfast; the competition furious, as you bump and barge past the computer cars and into each other on obstacle-strewn
SWITCHBLADE ¦ A cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches for the fragments of a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
MANIX ¦ A souped-up variation of the classic Q-Bert coin-op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks to change their colour, requiring a combination of quick thinking and arcade reflexes.
¦ Tick where appropriate.
¦ Please send me the next 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE with great Gremlin games bundle: 6501 fl I live in the United Kingdom (£22.99) 6503 I live in Europe or Eire (£30.99) 65051 ’ I live outside Europe (£40.99) 6701 Don’t forget to send me my three free games!
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Why not subscribe by phone or fax? Ring your order Ihrough on 051 357 1275, or fax il on 051 357 2813. For any enquiries regarding your subscription, telephone Ihe ever-so-nice people who deal wilh our subscriptions on 051 357
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PACK 4 Teasers... Brain-twisters... Cunning Conundrums... A lifetime’s worth of classic puzzlers - traditional and modern... Or simply try your luck at the roulette wheel.
PACK 1 Let battle commence across a rugged landscape... Blast alien Walkers and Seekers... Hurtle through uncharted space... Halt the invaders deadly swarms... Can you escape when one false step leads to oblivion..?
PACK 5 Guide your cannon-armed cratt against a terrifying biological infestation... Storm an off-world colony where something evil lurks... Something alien. Play the future's hottest one-on-one ball sport... Engage in the highest strategy of Total War...
• SHRINK WRAPPED • » ONLY £10.99 PER PACK » PACK 2 Race through a
computergenerated arena on a beam of light... Puzzle through
the China Challenge... Duel against maniac drivers in a 3D
landscape... Fight off marauding alien kidnappers... Solve the
mysteries of a virtual reality Wasteland while time slips
....2?«r ..
PACK 3 Guide a heroic wizard through his daring quest... Go
head-to-head in the battle-tank of the future... Speed into
action against laser- spitting foes in blistering combat...
Compete in the game-show of the future where the contestants
face an army alone... ?
J ? PACK 1 ? PACK 3 ? PACK 5 PACK 2 PACK 4 Name...... Address Please Tick Your Choices Postcode Telephone Computer System For more information ® Underhill Software Limited, FREEPOST DL 699, or to place an order. Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7BR E&OE w (0748) 811837 After an epic struggle of good against evil, the Demon King sought refuge far away in time: where his magic was forgotten, and where he could lick his wounds and recover his powers.
Yet he had not counted on the will of a young Samurai warrior. He followed the Demon into 24th century Japan, to a OUT NOVEMBER ancient Japan and finally, confronted the Demon in his mountain throne where the King was prepared to try anything to defeat him.
FOR THE AMIGA All of his demonic forces have been summoned to his aid, all of his tricks and traps have been set, all of his power is directed against you.
Only the wisest and the most honourable of warriors can defeat him.
Rhe STORy op The second samnai is yet to he mtnen South Harrington Buildings, Setton Street, Liverpool L3 4BQ United Kingdom Tel: 051 709 5755 1 SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISR Pictures and sound samples can bo saved to disk. Files are saved directl suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples a screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Wc Ptnewer Agnus chips).
B SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adrustabi* to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
MANY MORE INSTANT CU COMMANDS Mk. Rename. Relabel. Copy. Etc. B RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
B FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key you can now view the Machine Status, including Fast I RamOisk. Drive Status, etc. B POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over edit the picture plus unique on screen status -overlay- shows all the infomv ever need to work on screens. No other product comes close to offering su screen handling of froion programs!!

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