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Adventures In Time Flair Software Akira ICE Alfred Chicken Mindscape Alien Breed 2 Team 17 Amiga CD Football Plattsoft B17 Flying Fortress MicroProse Battlestorm Titus Body Blows 2 Team 17 Biosphere Electronic Arts Burning Rubber Ocean Chaos Engine Renegade Civilisation MicroProse Creation Bullfrog Dracula Psygnosis Formula 1 Grand Prix MicroProse Genesis Flair Software Gunship 2000 MicroProse Inferno Ocean James Pond 3 Millennium Jurassic Park Ocean Lemmings Psygnosis Liberation: Captive 2 Mindscape Lionheart Team 17 Li’l Devil Gremlin Lotus Trilogy Gremlin Magic Carpet Bullfrog Man Utd Prem. League Champs Krysalis Mortal Kombat Virgin Nick Faldo’s Golf Grandslam Project X Team 17 Putty System 3 Putty 2 System 3 Roboood Millennium Ruff ’n’ Tumble Renegade Ryder Cup Golf Ocean Sabre Team Krysalis Sensible Soccer Renegade Sim City Maxis Superirog Team 17 Surf Ninjas Team 17 Syndicate Bullfrog TFX Ocean Theme Park Bullfrog Uridium 2 Renegade Whale's Voyage Flair Software Zool Gremlin Zool 2 Gremlin 4MB RAM EXP WITH 25MHz £3,9.00 AMIGA 1200 8 120MB H D £499.00 4MB RAM EXP WITH 33MHz......£329.00 AMIGA 1200 DTP PACK ......£329.00 4MB RAM EXP WITH 40MHz £339.00 AMIGASo 0308w!bH d' ' £9O0'00 4mb Exp WITH 50MHz £38900 AMIGA 4000 030 120MB H D. .£959.00 8MB BARE BOARD ...£ 114.00 BLANI ISK Jj [ l OOjDEJH RD DRIVE 100 DS DD BRANDED DISKS £49.99 80MB IDE HARD DRIVE .£150.00 100 DS DD UNBRANDED DISKS...£39.99 120MB IDE HARD DRIVE ......£199.99 WE ALSO SELL THE FOLLOWING COMPUTER HARDWARE & SOFTWARE | PRINTERS, MEMORY UPGRADES, SCANNERS, MONITORS, DISK DRIVES, SCSI HARD DRIVES, JOYSTICKS, DISK BOXES, AU THE LATEST AMIGA GAMES SOFTWARE 8 BUDGET TITLES 8 ALL THE LATEST SERIOUS SOFTWARE. IN FACT, ALMOST ALL HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR THE AMIGA RANGE OF COMPUTERS IF YOU WISH TO BUY THE LATEST HARDWARE 8 SOFTWARE AT PRICES THAT ARE HARD TO BEAT, DONT WASTE TIME PHONING AROUND FOR THE BEST DEALS, PHONE US DIRECT IF YOU WANT TO SAVE TIME 8 MONEY IF YOU WISH TO PLACE AN ORDER

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Document sans nom Lip heaven!
£2.25 No. 13 CHRISTMAS 1 993 Printeo in the UK Export £2.25 sterling Ir CREATING 90s reading
* tiLX A STATE OF EMPLOY TO DESTROY U . ' 4 - Join a team of the
meanest mercenaries in the Luyten star system, to complete the
toughest mission ever created on screen.
In a world of cruel mutants and hi-tech weaponry, you're not just fighting to finish the job - you're fighting to stay alive.
Hired Guns has been hailed as the ultimate multiplayer RPG.
Apart from the sensational graphics and outstanding playability that comes from 12Mb* of data, a unique multi-player mode allows up to four players on screen at any time.
We dare you to accept the job.
We challenge you to finish it.
Universally hailed as the “best Amiga game ever" (97% Amiga Force) it’s even more awesome on the PC.
E I seiiu Pi, w*p&°* ?pMtal yd §U] SSS&iftvs fa?e Fa, on Apply fr, 9H Saj focf, 3y. py fr.
?*F up| ar Pr r HAVE YOU GOT THE GUTS?
VvlNir:"H «fr this quMtion: In it'sur •h' 6*m' “) Jon « on ‘'p’o'.W.rd, „ «-**-"!£«- »k'no Lgno.i. Con.pcti.lons. Wnwrttlll. Hilton Keynci MK6 I HQ. UH.
All the latest news and views on the Amiga Christmas market... CORNER Just what does 1994 hold in store for Amiga owners?
One of the most talked about sequels for years hits the shelves and it's a scorcher!
It’s hot, it’s here and it's exclusive! Find out how Cage and Co. Are progressing on page 14!
It may be the most J_ Meaty festive talk with stand-in man-of- letters, Ian Osborne!
Advanced console on the .
Market, but will the CD32 succeed? And what games are worth their salt? Check out our tremendous 18-page special!
AMIGA CD FULL-PRICE PLAYTEST RICH From Uridium 2 to Turrican 3, and Micro Machines to Alfred Chicken we’ve got the lot!
TIPS SECTION Humans II details, Deep Core maps AND Oscar intro everything you always needed to know!
¦ Alfred Chicken 44 H Overkill 46 ¦ Uridium 2 48 ¦ Prime Mover 50 ¦ Wonder Dog 51 ¦ Sim Life 52 ¦ Cyberpunks 53 ¦ Liverpool 54 ¦ Dog Fight 56 ¦ Space Hulk 57 ¦ Turrican 3 58 ¦ Bob's Bad Day 59 ¦ Micro Machines 60 BUDGET ¦ Night Shift 62 ¦ Robin Hood 63 ¦ Links 64 ¦ Knights of the Sky 65 EDITORIAL: 106361 68611 ADVERTISING: (03861 873851 LEMMINGS LIFELINE [BUDGET Knights of the Sk) on the Kixx XL lat More of your problems CUT-OUT 'N' CHEAT Stuff your new disk boxes the hottest tips and cheats that you’re likely to find!
MAGAZINE EDITOR Chris Marke I DESIGN Ian Lawson, Mark Ayshlord | ¦ FEATURES EDITOR Ian Osborne I GUEST WRITER Mark Smith DESIGN ASSISTANTS Gary Frost, Jason McEachren TIPS BOY Marc Powell FINAL EDIT Nick Roberts I SCANNING Ian Lawson, Colourscans Ltd ADVERTISING Neil Dyson, Michelle Bullen, Jackie Morris PRODUCTION MANAGER Franco Frey PRODUCTION TEAM Matthew Uffindell, Carl Rowley, Julian Gittoes PUBLISHER Graeme Kidd EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Eddie McKendrick PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Roger Kean I AMIGA FORCE, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW. ¦ © 1993 Impact Magazines (UK) Ltd.
¦ ISSN 09647-702X ¦ Produced by Computerfacts for Impact Magazines (UK) Limited ¦ Printed in the UK by BPCC a Distributed by Comag ¦ Subscriptions 051 357 1275 (24 hrs) ¦ With thanks to James.
SURE PLAYS A MEAN A two-game compilation featuring the highly-acclaimed pinball- sims. Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, is set to be released by 21st Century Entertainment.
With their scope of eight tables, the games have long been regarded as the best computer pinball-outings ever. The intelligently designed tables are packed with features, the ball movement's extremely realistic and the graphics are outstanding.
The earlier game, Pinball Dreams, was packaged with many Amigas but if you own neither game the twin-pack's a real barg, even at £34.99. Pinball Special Edition hits the shelves on 11 November look out for a full review next ish.
O' CLUlL ifUi'iAfc- FORCES IN COMBAT Empire are lo release the sequel to their killer collection Combat Classics. Unsurprisingly- titled Combat Classics 2, the compilation features former MicroProse games, Silent Sen ice 2 and F19 Stealth Fighter, as well as Empire's highly- acclaimed tank-sim, Pacitic Islands.
Retailing at a heady £34.99, the pack's a must for strategy fans who have none of the games already.
Welcome, one and all, to the Christmas issue of AMIGA FORCE!
This is an issue unlike any other not only have we crammed in the regulars, the likes of Uridlum 2 and Dogfight get the AF review treatment and we've also put together the definitive guide to the CD32!
Sure, we've covered much of the technical side before, but now that the games are arriving in droves, we thought this would be an ideal time to give you the lowdown on the latest and forthcoming attractions. There's Zoof, Gremlin's classic platformer, the latest on Microcosm and Sleepwalker, a complete guide to the games you can expect in the next few months AND details on the machine itself, its capabilities, prospects and information on the many CDTV games that work with Commodore's 32-bit wonder!
As I said, it's not a matter of leaving Amiga computers on the sidelines. The budget side of things is alive and kicking just look at Knights of the Sky to see what I mean! The minions making up the remainder of the AMIGA FORCE team had to drag Ian Osborne away from his machine to get the mag finished in time he could hardly leave the game alone!
Your yuletide gift comes in the shape of a great calendar, so you'll never have reason to miss any AMIGA FORCE issues in the new year.
Have a great Christmas and a mad 'n' bad New Year. For all you lucky enough to get a CD32 for Christmas, keep this issue near at hand so you know just what's worth buying out there.
SEASONAL GREETINGS Domark are to release an update disk for their acclaimed Championship Manager '94. Retailing at £9.99, it provides ‘all the necessary information’ enabling you to update the aforementioned game, with all pre-season transfers, management changes, promotions and relegations that have occurred since the end of last season. For example, 'ol Cloughie’s gone and his son's moved to Liverpool, Glen Hoddle’s the player- manager of Chelsea and Warhurst's gone to Blackburn. Birmingham City are still crap.
n. . .
H CHANCES ! 4 rn m The game should hit the shelves any day now.
DEF MIO Scouts 1 Newcastle__1 LAST STOP HepORT HATCH! MO j!
P. TAVLOR VIEW ;tppp !
REPORT I YES YES VES YES Ffl Prenier fron St Janes Park NeWs!
CREW CUT Core Design's first CD-32 release is set to be Skeleton Crew, a game designed specifically for the machine.
At the time of writing no further details were available, but rest assured we'll bring you an in-depth preview as soon as possible. It's great to see one of the UK's premier software houses developing CD-32-specific games, and if others follow suit the machine should be a big success.
RAY'S A LAUGH Spectra Video have unveiled yet another joystick, the £15.99 Delta Ray.
The stick features a ‘comfort grip’ handle, nine high-quality microswitches, five fire buttons(l), auto and rapid fire functions and an extra long connector cable for more movement (ahem).
A1200 Commodore are producing a new A1200 bundle for the Christmas period. The Desktop Dynamite pack costs £349, but is bundled with £310 worth of software including games. Dennis and Oscar, and productivity titles, Wordsworth 112, Print Manager and Deluxe Paint 4 AGA.
Desktop Dynamite replaces all A1200 bundles currently available, including the stand-alone model.
HMVSOWXSS LEVBumm HMV Games have unveiled what they describe as 'the wortd's biggest and besl-dressed video games department' in Oxford Street, London.
Customers enter the store, called Level One, through a ‘light tunnel' opening into a 6000 square foot arena featuring cinema-quality surround sound', a video games challenge area and mood- altering lights. HMV describe the project as 'virtual retailing', obviously keen to incorporate the latest buzzword into their publicity material.
The store stocks over 5000 titles, across all computer and console formats.
CORE-KERS.. Core Design are to launch a new budget label, Corkers, featuring their extensive back catalogue. The games sell for £9.99, though this price point is being kept flexible, allowing package and disk-intensive games to hit the shelves at a higher price.
The first batch of games hitting the shelves this month include the rather cool Corporation (shown here), Chuck Rock, Torvak The Warrior and Warzone.
Its always great to see a new Amiga budget label, so good luck to the guys and gals at Core.
Craftgold, creators of Fire & Ice and Uridium 2, are working on a motorcross simulation.
Modelled on the Australian 500cc KTM Motorcross, the game's to feature world championships, single races, 3D terrain, user- defined team options and pits with start-up facilities.
Graftgold publishers Renegade are, by way of promotion, sponsoring the leading KTM rider in this year's championship. Great Britain’s Jeremy Whately, Their logo is featured on all team bikes and riders in the 125, 250 and 500cc championships. KTM and Jeremy Whately are also providing technical information for the programmers' use.
KTM Motorcross hits the shelves in mid-1994.
I1 GAMETE Kl GET SHIRTY Gametek have produced a limited edition T-shirt promoting this month’s rave review, a Frontier Elite II. A HD CHARTSi* r PENGUIN COMPILED BY _ SPONSORED BY GALLUP PENGUIN BISCUITS Space Hulk storms up the charts, pushing Domarks footy slm Into second spot.
Featuring the hooped planet and game logo A as seen on the box, the shirt looks far more subtle than the garish monstrosities associated with'" many games.
The T-shirt costs £9.99 plus £1.00 p&p and is available only in extra large. Order forms are given with the game.
. Space Hulk
* Electronic Arts I Championship Manager ’93 ' Domark EXCELLENT!
Following the success of their The Greatest' collection, compilation kings Beau Jolly are poised to release a further compendium of best-sellers under the title Excellent Games'.
The games on offer are Populous 2, Archer Maclean's Pool, James Pond 2 and Shuttle. At £34.99 for four games they're not cheap, but aren't exactly ancient either. A lot of effort's been put into this collection (though not the rather tacky title), with virtually all the games scoring highly at full-price.
E Hired Guns
• * Psygnosis I Premier Manager ' Gremlin Graphics e Project X 9
Team 17 I Syndicate ' Electronic Arts POPUtOI IS Graham Taylor
Soccer Challenge Buzz i Sensible Soccer '92 '93 '
Renegade Mindscape q Goal!
* Virgin DOUBLE ACT I Alien Breed: Special Edition ’92 ' Team 17
Micropose I Links - The Challenge of Golf ' Kixx |3 Combat Air
* * Psygnosis . F17 Challenge " Team 17 Gunship 2000 ’ MicroProse
separate pack, the third offering being Tetns 7 Colours.
The Sim City packs especially are quality offerings, but at £29.99 they seem a little overpriced for such old games. Still, if you haven't played any of them, you don't know what you're missing check out the bargain-bins tor the onginal full-priced copies first, though.
European Champions ' Ocean ¦g First Division Manager " CodeMasters I The Patrician } Ascon UK Infogrames no longer develop for the Amiga (bool), but they’re squeezing every last drop of blood from the market with three twin-game packs.
The Sim City Populous pack has been available for some time now. But is to be re- released with completely revamped packaging.
Sim City also features alongside Lemmings in a OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED - 2 CASTLE STREET CASTLEFIELD • MANCHESTER • M3 4LZ TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 More polished performers on their way don't be surprised when you read reviews of some of C these games in other mags. They aren't yet finished, I but this doesn't I stop certain 1 i cynical a reviewers fV rating (I i them. J ¦ Ocean Trust Ocean to come up with the goods whenever there’s a film licence up for grabs, an Ocean accountant's always there with a cheque book at the ready This one s based on the film which is based on the
cartoon which is based on a grubby little tearaway called Dennis! Well why not? Tiny terrors are in fashion now just ask McCauley Caulkinl The film bombed in Britain. It gained a small cult following among the kids, but never reached the pinnacles of critical acclaim enjoyed by Home Alone and the ilk serves 'em right for jumping on the bandwagon, I suppose. The cartoon fared no better, recently losing its slot on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast. Perhaps Chris Evans couldn’t tolerate another nauseating fool who looks about eight on the show.
Of course, none of this should cast any doubts on the game. Look at Navy Seals the film sank like England's hopes of reaching the World Cup finals, but the game did extremely well. There's no reason at all why Dennis shouldn’t follow in its footsteps.
No release details are available at the time of writing, but rest assured we’ll bring you more news as it's made.
STARDUST ¦ Bloodhouse Wm e showed you this one a while ago, but it s come on quite a bit since oui last preview and now we give you a second glimpse any excuse to print those gorgeous graphics... There's not much ot a plot to speak of it's Asteroids, basically. However, it's been updated no end check out those sexy graphics. There are power-ups on offer, end-of-level baddies and a snazzy tunnel section to boot.
Perhaps the best thing about Stardust is it only costs £16.99. And did we tell you about those gorgeous graphics?
Lmpi»e So«twore SjS5SS5s£r » Ksr.
W - ™*es v «onder abou' ’s SsSs 5 *" CU Lnicw and « does.
Your magic ¦ A M »CRABBLI CHRISTMAS have to deal with arrows fired, sprung when you step on a pressure pad, Indiana Jones-style rolling balls and switches changing the position of walls.
The enemies come from the centre of the screen a la Pacman, while this also pays homage to the classic gobble-'em-up in the way you need to collect pods every step of the way before the level can be completed.
Levels include the Robo Arena, full of mutated cyborgs and dangerous androids; the Dungeon Zone, which comes complete with medieval tricks and traps; the multi-coloured Rainbow Arena where you face the prospect of riding on a speeding chair-lift and dealing with flame-throwers and lava-pits; and Starship Zone, complete with conveyor belts to throw you off track and mines to blow you off screen!
Although rather minuscule, the birds-eye view graphics are very smooth, detailed and effective. The playable demo we had was one of the major attractions of the month we’re looking forward to getting our mitts on a fully reviewable game in time for the next issue, so be there!
ICE’s forthcoming attraction. Mean Arenas.
Is not what you expect. The best way to describe it is as a cross between Pacman and Smash TV. Only twice as good and very playable!
As a contestant on Mean Arenas, you have to traverse the mazes of the gameshow, collecting the goodies, pocketing bonuses and avoiding the different enemies buzzing around the place.
Weapons can be collected to help you through the various stages, but mostly, you have to rely on skill and judgement to make it through intact.
The hosts of the Channel 27 TV show are real characters, providing commentary as you play. ’He took a hit!' Roars the tall chap: ‘Yes indeed’ retorts the ear-waggling fat bloke, in a passable Mr Bean imitation. The ajdience claps when you perform a good move or take out one of the robots, while you audibly join in the ‘Oooohs!’ when you take a hit.
There are tonnes of levels, each introducing new concepts and obstacles. Transport from one side of the arena to the other, but watch out for any robots waiting in the wings! You also LL'
techniques enable up lo 3 programs to lit on one disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of
the cartridge . Even transfer to hard
• rks with up to 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Met S' now with DEE?
Trainer. Even bettor than before • allows you to generate more
or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode
to got you past that 'impossible’ level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to
view modify the wholo sprite sot including any attached'
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect your software investment.
Works with all presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key - no more W waiting.
* "• SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples
can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format
suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages.
Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE - Useful for removing ugly bordors when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own
pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to
help you through the tricky parts!
s MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS - Hhe Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc.
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At tho press of a key you can now view
the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk,
Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status 'overlay’ shows all the
information you could evor need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
JOYSTICK HANDLER ¦ allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses • very usoful for many keyboard programs.
Y?" * MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III Preference Screen
you can now set up Autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for
that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
• DISKCODER With the new 'Diskcoder' option you can now tag' your
disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being
loaded by anyone else. Tagged" disks will only reload when you
enter the code. Very useful for security. * dL SET MAP • allows
you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full including
compressed small character command.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands availabl
COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE REQUESTOR • if you enter a command
without a filename, then a file requestor is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench - available at all times.
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS • including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either Dfo or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory ¦ Jump to specific address
• Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Play resident sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
• Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to
see and modity all chip registers-e»en write only registers •
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU
HOTLINE 0782 744707 a OUR LONDON SHOP 222, Tottenham court rd,
London, wt. Tel=oti sso 64eo Alf AAR llld ALL CHEQUES POSTAL
ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO..... datml electronic* GOVAN ROAD,
Adventure Antics Dear Chris First of all, thanks for putting
together the best Amiga mag on the market. However, I have an
idea to make it even better! I notice that you don't have an
adventure helpline page. Okay, you do put hints and even full
solutions in ‘playing tips', but this leaves little room for
the game tips.
MAIL! Tvory latter printed wins thn latter* this month otter •uttering n low Mow whilo ploying football. Sarvas him right for exorcising, if you ask os. Anyway, tho office comedian (or slmuld that bo |oko?), Ian Osbomo, has stepped Into Chris' sin nines normal service I think that this would be a very good addition to an already super magazine. I hope you do too!
Paul Walker, Warrington, Cheshire ¦ Although we like to put as many solutions and game tips in each mag as possible, introducing a new section, forsaking other popular games in the process, may not be too popular with everyone else! However, the jury this side is still out on the idea, so it's over to you, readers enough interest and we'll consider just how to implement the idea of an adventure-only tips section!
Ian Sign of the Times Dear Phil Could you please sign and return this postcard?
Stuart Winchester, Upper Killay, Swansea ¦ Phil's gone and our new Ed has taken a knock during a rather volatile tooty match will I do?
Ian Platform Programmer Dear AF In August I got an Amiga 500, and I want to program a plattorm game. Where do I start?
Phillip Connoly, Stretford, Manchester ¦ I can't think ot any plattorm equivalent ot SEUCK, so you'll have to learn to program.
Europress Software's AMOS is an excellent version of BASIC; you could do worse than start here. Alternatively, get yourself a good book on assembly language and good luck you'll need it) Ian Seedy Dealings Dear AF I have enclosed part of the application form for the CDTV-CD32 User Group. As you can see they offer 'A monthly newsletter, software reviews, news, swapping service and the hire of CDTV CD32 titles all for only £4.99 a year'.
After sending the £4.99 to the user group (run by G. Ogden), on the understanding that I could now hire Cds, I was informed through the newsletter that this service costs a further £20!
CD Spoilers Dear AF Are there any plans for Monkey Island 3 on the Amiga? What’s LucasArts' next Amiga adventure lobe?
Until now you've been comparing the CD32 to the Mega CD. Sega have also got a 32-bit machine in the offing the Sega Saturn will be ready for
1995. Also, Nintendo are planning a 64-bit machine called the
Ultimate Games Machine, and by golly I bet it's gonna be a
cracker! What ore Commodore's plans for after these two
beasts have been released?
Jody Lancaster, Doncaster, S. Yorks ¦ There are no plans to release Monkey Island 3 on the Amiga, but there’s a whole batch of earlier adventures now being released on budget, Check out LucasArts' ageing classic Loom on Kixx XL it's a little easy and the graphics aren't as good as those of more modern offerings, but the storyline blows you away.
Sega said a 32-bil CD-based consolo selling for under £300 would be impossible for at least two years, so it shows how much they know. Also, did you notice that reports of these unleasibly brilliant machines only came out when the CD32 started hogging the headlines? Could they be spoilers, put out to make poople wait and see what's around the comer instead of buying Commodore's newie?
If we all waited to see what the next machine’s I have, of course , written asking for my money back. Other readers take note!
M Hillerby, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham ¦ Flmm... if the group are deliberately hiding charges or misrepresenting their sen ices, they could be sailing very close to the wind. If you're considering joining the club, make sure you're aware of the exact charges before parting with money.
Ian like we'd still use ZX81s cos no one would have bought, or developed lor, the Spectrum. It's always wise lo be cautious when splashing out hard- earned dosh, but let's not take it to extremes Commodore have a potential blockbuster in the CD32, Ian Late and Irate Dear AF Why wore you so far behind with your review ol Combat Air Patron The other Amiga magazinos reviewed it over six months ago, but you didn't gel it till your November issue! This isn't tho only lime you've been caught napping either gel your act logether, AF!
Andy Banner, Romford, Essex ¦ Regarding Combat Air Patrol, when did you first see it in the shops? We weren't late at all with our review in fact, we were the first magazine to review the FINISHED version! Our pre-production copy was sent to us on the day Psygnosis got it back from their duplicators, and as this was right on our deadline I'm sure you musl agree that we were actually very early We NEVER review unfinished games. It's impossible to rate and evaluate software that’s still in development as it forces magazines to overlook potential flaws that may (or may not!) Be corrected during
playtesting. I realise many mags raved aboui this game long belore their long-suffering readers could get their hands on it, but doesn't this make you wondor how much of it they actually saw? To add insult to injury, at least one of the major offenders actually has the cheek to claim thoy don't review unfinished games oither!
Make no mistake. AMIGA FORCE will never resort to such gutter tactics to gain an exclusive.
When buying an expensive piece ot software you want clear buying recommendations, not educated guesses far better to wait for our assessment than take a risk on some of our competitors’.
Gamer's Hell Dear AF In your opinion, what's the worst Amiga game ever? My vote goes to Super Space Invaders, as it's boring, dated and not worth anything like £25.
There are loads of Space Invaders clones in PD, so why fork out for this effort?
Phil 'Hofe-'Em-Up' Andrews, Barnstaple, Devon ¦ Super Space Invaders was certainly overpriced before, but it’s not bad now it’s on budget. Besides, is it really that bad a game in its own right? We don't think so it got 76% in Issue Eleven.
As for the worst ever game, let's ask the team... IAN 4th & Inches, definitely. A sports-sim with only two teams is obviously a non-starter, even without the dodgy sprites, warped pitch and impossible controls. Scoring a less-than- impressive 9% as a budget release, my personal mark would be 2%.
MARK The biggest pile of poo I’ve come across has to be Huckleberry Hound. With a lack of tie-in, completely turgid gameplay and little in the way of design, this doesn't even warrant a budget release.
CHRIS Napoteonics for me. I’ve never loved wargames anyway, but this crappy collection is so badly programmed it’s almost unplayable. Bad graphics, ridiculous interface, hideous waiting times... has this got anything going for it?
So there you go of course in the early days of the Amiga there were plenty of bad games, but as these are largely forgotten we’ve concentrated on recent rubbish.
Ian Life, The Universe and (almost) Everything... Dear Folkies What's the meaning of life? If it were the Sixties I’d probably answer 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll', but it's the Nineties now, so it’s 'Amiga, joystick and games' to me. Or better still, Amiga, joystick and games, games, GAMES!’ Right? Right! So why do software houses make my life a misery by making their games so bloody difficult and giving them a price tag that's extremely dangerous to your health? What's the point of spending 8,000 drachmas (about £30) on Project X if you can't get past the first stage?
What's the point designing brilliant graphics like those in the Dragon’s Lair series when no-one is going to see anything beyond the first screen? I for one don't want to suffer a nervous breakdown every time I play the game. Why should I risk my health playing something that costs me two weeks' pocket money? Aaargh, I'm going to bite my mouse! Software big heads, please take note be sensible. We re not psychopaths or masochists.
Themis Broutzos, Athens, Greece ¦ You can get a £30 game by saving two weeks’ pocket money? Your dad must be a millionaire!
Seriously, setting the right difficulty level in a game is always a tricky thing too easy and it’s no challenge, too hard and you never get off the first level. You're right about Project X as well the original version was nigh-on impossible, though they reduced the difficulty level for the budget release.
As for the meaning of life, as Douglas Adams fans everywhere well know, it's 42!
Ian Dynamic Decisions... Dear A-FORCE I'm 13 years of age and it's my birthday soon.
Hopefully I'm getting a new computer I already have an A500+, Should I buy an A1200 or wait for the CD32 console?
I also want a really great flight-sim that's compatible with the A1200, Which should I buy?
After two years on the A500+ I’ve got a bit bored with the graphics. Everyone I know has an A1200 and the graphics are amazing.
If you don’t print this letter... (snip! Ed).
¦ WE decide what we print bud, there's no use threatening us!
If you're into flight-sims there’s no point buying a CD32 yet. It has no keyboard and (at the time of writing) no dedicated flight-sims. If I were you. I'd splash out on an A1200 and wait for the promised CD add-on to materialise that way you can still play your A500+ games (if any are incompatible, ask your fave PD library about Relokick).
The best available flight-sim is (without a doubt) Gunship 2000 from MicroProse. Our fave flier based on fixed-wing aircraft is Knights Ot The Sky (Kixx XL), reviewed this very ish, though if it’s highspeed jets you're after, check out Ft9 Stealth Fighter, also on Kixx XL.
Ian Nothing New Under the Sun... Dear AMIGA FORCE After losing interest in computers due to so many crap titles hitting the shelves, I’m having another crack at it to see if any originality has crept in. It seems the software companies need a kick-start to help them produce games that are actually worth playing.
My heart goes out to those who remember the classics such as Infiltrator, Dan Dare, Green Beret, The Eidolon, Beyond The Forbidden Forest, Falcon Patrol, Dropzone and Trailblazer to name but a few. That was the standard set by C64 games, and look what it’s dropped to!
Come on software houses, get your priorities right. Stop wasting money on big name licenses and try to do something different! Here’s looking forward to Frontier Elite II... Darren Lewes, Hastings Hill, Sunderland ¦ Generally speaking we agree with you, but the old C64 scene wasn't an endless stream of unbridled originality indeed, for all their quality some of the games you mentioned are licenses and or unoriginal!
Regarding bad licenses, the answer is in our hands. Why should software houses do anything original if people buy crap games on the strength of their licenses? Ocean’s WWF, for example, was rightly slated in the Amiga magazines yet it still hit the Number One spot.
Remember, if we don't buy ’em, they won't make ’em... The most original games in the last few years were Populous and Lemmings, and they were both great come on guys, let's have more of that!
Ian Do Not Pass Go*** Dear AF Why oh why oh why (don't start that, you sound like 'Points Ot View’ Ed) don't software companies put level codes in their games? I have several games on my shelf which I know I’ll never complete because I'm as bored as hell with the first few levels, and don’t want to play the game for two to three hours before seeing anything new.
The arguments against level codes are pretty predictable. ‘It would be finished too quickly' screams the software company. Who’s to say 1 Sensible Soccer 2 Championship y Manager ’93 3 Formula One y Grand Prix I Syndicate jj Lemmings 2 what's 'too quickly' anyway? This is a sure sign there's very little to the game. If they're worried about the gamester leaving a level before he's seen everything it has to offer (fair point), why not put the code for the second level at the beginning of the third, the third level code before the fourth, etc? Even after you've completed Level One you'd still
have to play it, offering plenty of opportunity to explore it, but as soon as you finish Level Two (by which time the first is becoming boring) you get a code. Now you can fully explore Level Two while working towards Level Three.
The other argument against codes is that they're printed in magazines soon after the game hits the shelves. I don't agree with this attitude no-one forces the purchaser to use them, and after all it's his money. Also, what's wrong with giving a game its own individual set of self-generated codes (Gods), or producing, say, a dozen different sets to make printing them impractical (Bill's Tomato Game)?
AMIGA FORCE Readers' Chart!
Finally up and running, the Readers' Chart is fast becoming one of the most popular items in the magazine (well, most of the mail concerns it anyway). After last month's fun trying to tot up all of the scores, we invested in a brand new calculator, logarithms and all. Does anybody know, or care, just what all of those silly buttons on the top of these scientific jobbies do? It's difficult enough finding the ON button these days with all that clutter, yet we reckon that it’s all there just for show they don't really have any use at all but to make students and accountants look good (God
knows, they need something).
Anyway, enough small talk if you want to cast your vote, fill in the coupon below and send it to READERS' CHART, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Once again, Sensible Soccer scored with the voters, claiming that prestigious number one position, but Championship Manager and Ft are slowly catching up! Syndicate bursts in at number four, proving that our readers are more than just sport fanatics, while the evergreen Lemmings 2 hangs on in there at number five.
My name's Bruno Brookes good night.
There’s nothing worse than ploughing your way through the same old levels time and again. Many gamers don't have the time to sit in front of their computer for the time it takes to complete a game from scratch, so, software houses, the lack of level codes prevents them seeing a portion of your latest masterpiece.
Robert Shaw, Truro, Cornwall ¦ Couldn't agree more Rob - what do other readers think?
Ian Shining Wit Dear Folks I went tp Newton Abbot once. It was closed.
Fred James, Exmouth, Devon ¦ If brains were dominoes, you'd be a double blank!
Ian Poor Sucker Dear Folks What sort of joysticks do the readers prefer? I use a Konix Speedking for just about everything, but for flight-sims you need a pistol-grip ergonomic flight handle model with four strong suckers on the bottom.
Which brings me to my main point how do you get the bloomin’ things to stay down? Mine comes free at the slightest tug (ooh. Paintul Ed).
And refuses to grip the desk whatever I try. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Joy Pilot, Erdlngton, Birmingham ¦ Try sticking a piece of self-adhesive vinyl floor covering onto your desktop you can get it from any DIY shop. Your suckers should find this much easier to get to grips with.
Ian The most important games in my life right now are: I I I I | ADDRESS.... I POSTCODE.
I______ MR BLOBBY IS (KEEP IT CLEAN) NAME .. I I I 2 ’ | 3.. I 4. .
' 5. .
Well that's it lor this month keep your letters, anecdotes, artwork and stale cheese rolls coming in. You never know, you too could have your merry missives printed in the world-famous FORCE NINE MAIL!
For those of you who've been asking why the letter's page is called FORCE NINE MAIL, it's a parody of Force Nine GAIL, the wind-speed of a hurricane just thought I'd tell you that.. TURRICAN 3 WILL TAKE YOU ON A JOURNEY THROUGH THE MOST DEMANDING LEVELS OF ADRENALIN-CHARGED ACTION EVER SEEN ON THE AMIGA.
IS HUGE Levels 4 Difficulty Levels All Amiga Graphics Modes Employed 50 Frames Per Second Scrolling B8 Sound Effects In Dolby Surround™ Multiple Weapons Systems And FOR ALL AMIGA’S (inc 512K). SOON FOR AMIGA CD32 RotH&GW
* * Arts Cl Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping Wall, London El 9SS £
Rainbow Arts 19931 Factor 91993. Published b,Re» ¦ ISSUE ONE:
Driving roundup, Gods poster and maps, complete R-type
solution, Elf maps, CJ In the USA maps, Gobliins tips and more!
¦ ISSUE THREE: Free Battlecards!
Playing guides for Streetfighter II, Gobliins 2 and Rome AD. The Top 20 shoot-’em- ups and more!
¦ ISSUE TWO: Free AMIGA FORCE stickers!
Full-colour maps for Zool and Prince Of The Yolfolk. Shadow Of The Beast III playing guide and Kixx roundup!
¦ ISSUE TEN: The new look continues! Hired Guns review! Syndicate, Ishar 2, War in the Gulf all tipped.
Strategy games round-up!
¦ ISSUE ELEVEN: Combat Air Patrol Reviewed!
More Syndicate tips! Loom solution!
¦ ISSUE TWELVE: Brutal Sports Football Reviewed!
Premier Manager II and European Champions low- down! Syndicate final solution and first Hired Guns tips!
¦ ISSUE EIGHT: Amiga CD32 revealed! Tips and maps galore for Morph, Body Blows, Flashback,Sink or Swim and Lemmings Lemmings 2!
¦ ISSUE FOUR: Every Dizzy game reviewed, Sensible Soccer challenge, Sleepwalker tips, Trolls maps, Gobliins 2 guide and Action Replay pokes galore!
¦ ISSUE SEVEN: Morph and Flashback!
Complete maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Sink or Swim, Lemmings 2 and Body Blows!
Puzzle games roundup.
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Special ECTS report, Sensible World Cup and the A1200 guide. Superfrog maps, tips for Desert Strike and Arabian Nights.
¦ ISSUE NINE: Our new look issue!
Jurassic Park!
Loads of tips and guides for Gunship 2000, Lost Vikings, Syndicate and Replay pokes!
Due to popular demand, here’s the official AMIGA FORCE tuckshop, where you can order sherbet dips, humbugs... whoops, maybe not, but you CAN order all those AMIGA FORCE back issues that you might have missed, including that elusive Issue one. Watch out for more special offers next month! ¦ ISSUE FIVE: Free Battlecards!
Maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Zool, Lemmings 2, Rick Dangerous 2 and Sleepwalker! Arcade adventures roundup.
Signed ..------- ..------------------------------------------------------------ Alternatively, ring your order through on 051 357 1 275 (24 hrs a day, Access Visa accepted). All prices include UK postage. For orders over E10 please add E5 for EirefEEC and E10 for overseas (latter dispatched by airmail).
AMIGA, AMIGA A1 200 IBM PC & Compatibles Access VISA I ed Thinsin, a mad scientist?
Has invented a new formula in an attempt to eliminate all the FAT people on earth. In his efforts to opthinize mankind, he has kidnapped H&SOiBiM the gorgeous wife of FATMAN World famous cartoon Super hero. You must go out and ... ...Burp your wo, ... ,... levels ever seen, set in 7 separate worfi packed with CALORICS!
DISTRIBUTED EXCLUSIVELY BY Limited ...Use your WORLD FAMOUS BELLY BUTT to eliminate ghosts in the Egyptian tombs, and Pirates trying to steal your food!
...Enjoy a food fight with hugh Octopuses, monsters and Dragons.!
...Throw your weight about as you smash and stomp around Castles and Parks!
...Help FATMAN, king of food, eliminate Ted Thinsin in the final confrontation ¦ THE PIZZA FACTORY ¦ Gametek, £29.99 Back in the days of tape-decks and doublefigure Ram, Elite stood out from the dross (even the so-called classics) as a game way ahead of its time. It was a hit on every 8-bit machine around, even being ported over to the Amiga some years after its original release. A sequel had to be forthcoming, although it's been five years since the project was first announced has the wait really been worth it?
In a nutshell, it most definitely has. Frontier doesn't just pick up from where the last game left off, it adds thousands of planets, new systems, far more in the way of gameplay experiences, and offers a game superseding all others of the genre.
Beyond and back again... While our expectations of Frontier were pretty darn high, we didn’t really expect it to be so gob- smackingly good! First off, the graphics the depth, rotation, speed and detail are all stunning.
You can land on planets and even see the detail on the signs and boarders on the various buildings. Such intricate detail on such a vast strategy sim game is almost unprecedented.
The trading concept behind the original Elite remains, although, once again, Frontier expands upon 1 and updates these ideas. Each of the many solar systems has its own imports and exports (both major and minor) allowing you to trade wherever there's profit to be made.
On top of that, when you land on a space station or planet, you can check out the bulletin-board detailing jobs and tasks on offer, These range from delivering parcels on certain systems or planets to assassination deals. You can also join up with the Federation or the Empire, carrying out specific tasks within a timescale to earn yourself a whole load of credits.
Braben Strikes Back The scope and depth of Frontier ate where the addiction lies. No longer are you limited to just one ship there's a wealth of new babies on offer, as well as new fittings and cargo. It's important to emphasise the freedom this allows you could go through your entire existence simply trading between two stations, even in the same station as the prices fluctuate on the stockmarket.
However, for those slightly more adventurous, you can venture into mercenary worlds, transporting illegal goods and carrying some pretty dodgy characters. You even get the chance to employ crew, although you need a slightly bigger ship than the one you start with.
The spec of Frontiers mind-boggling. Planets are formed as you play, with something silly like 100,000,000,000 actually there. It's pretty unlikely you ever visit all of them, and, anyway, not all contain space stations or are habitable. There are 82 basic missions in the game; again, experiencing yet alone completing them is pretty unlikely.
Remember, they aren't there to form the game, just to complement it. Your main aim in life's to make money, lots of it, so you can buy better equipment, high-tech craft and improved weaponry Making a few enemies along the way's part and parcel of the trade, I'm afraid.
Generally, the control system has been tidied up, so it's easy to hyperspace from one system to the next, as well as track down appropriate planets and stations. It can be a bit fiddly to begin with, but a little practice means you move around the different worlds I almost at will.
There's the odd flaw, though. I wasn't particularly enamoured with the combat, not at first anyway, since your craft's seriously under-powered and alien ships are far 'more intelligent. It’s not so bad once you’ve upgraded weaponry, but, if you start out and find yourself in a battle, your missile had better connect otherwise you're in deep, deep trouble. At least you can throw out the odd distress signal in case a friendly soul's passing... With so many icons and commands to pick up, Frontier undoubtedly takes a lot of playing before you're even adept at controlling your ship. That’s not a
complaint, though; you can be assured this represents amazing value for money because it's sure to have you hooked from the second the title appears on screen.
Frontier's an essential buy; miss it, and you’re not only missing out on a piece of history, but also one of the best games ever devised H3 _ the spec, of frontier s tntno- bogghn* ¦rpj Wow! This is one stunning game.
I You need to take a deep breath I 4 before even beginning to compre- hend the sheer playability on otter.
PtefffRM. Ibmi*. Tan* sal vM] [Rfcc tat art n*h leral Pafol BoBrttiBejrt (RtmTRnenti for QnS ad This is definitely one of those games taking a lot of getting used to, but boy is it worth it! As Mark said, there's so much to get your teeth into you'll be playing this tor months without even beginning to scratch the surface.
With thousands of planets to visit, deals to be struck and, most importantly, money to be made, time just seems to fly by.
Frontier takes the concept created by Elite to awe-inspiring levels of excellence. This won't become a classic, it’s one already! Well worth | the wait. I expected a great game, but nothing .of this magnitude. Buy it! ¦ Tre ier Order Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: Dept AMF13, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex, SS14 1LE Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9om-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 PAP for Europe and
£3.50 for Rest of The World!
"Next doy delivery service available £4.00 per item UK only".
Harpoon B .---- Harpoon Bametet 4 Morpoon Scenario Editor ..18.911 .18.90 ..18.99 ...9.99
- .9.98
17. 99 ...18.99 ...18.99 ...18.09 ,gs CD32 1.
...1799 .1999 (A1200) 19 99 SPACE LK iF.NI)H Wing Commander.
TlWM .16.99 I 1799 [A 1203) 1799 CD32 19 99 ......6 99 ..... . 22 99 (See lords of PlArtrj 1999 9 99 .....19 99 A1200 19 99 (99 99 .... 17 99 1S-t .Gj-3) 1699 1999 699 1099 CD32 12.99 19 99 ... 16 99 .19.99 9 99 CD32 12 99 699 22 99 .... ... 6 99 .S-U oHWj CD32 19 99 1999 (See lords ol Pjyerj 1099 IS?
: M ,7 SS _______C032 19 99 |A1200) 19 99 as 1999 _____________10.99 24 99 .....1799 CD32 19 99 ‘6??
KKXLUSrCAMEX Shuttle. Jamr* Pond
2. Populou* 2. Archer Maclean* Ptxd 2 IIOT 2 HANDLE Coldm Axe.
Super Iff Hoad Racer, lota CI&M IH . Y COLLECTION Kut Food.
Kwii Hnai.
Kantiny WorW Isuy.
Irm.urr I*. Ihrry.
Mngu-land lll«y H6.BM stH(F!R STATW World Champ Soccer Kick Off 2, Mlcroprruc S.u- £16.99 BIG BOX 2 «l*terr*M*.1WKml U III tut" COMBAT CMIMCH 2 FI9 Stealthrighler, Pacific Island*. Hllcnl Service 2 C22.99 19 99 1799 899 .. 1799 mKnmh* (A12001 19 99
- .Kmghrv CD32 12 99 MacSans Pool (See Exceienl Gwnesl ArtondFC
1699 Assassei Remix ... 9
99 Assosm Speed Ecfcnon CD32 12 99 ATA??...~.
ZZ ....J&99 817 Flying Fortress (I Meg) 22 99
Bort Vs T& World 17 99 Tutmon Returns .. 16 99
Battleloads 1799 Beatdord 1799 Beaveis . 1799 Beneath Steel Sly
20 99 Esl, i?s Mod* ol D»i y 2»9« 'I”
iis Brian the
lion .19 99 C Psftteok V
CD32 ?9 99 inmq Rubber 16 99
- 19 99 .22 99
Missxm Cxsks M 99 1699 IAI200J 24 99 1999 IA1200) 22 99 _.93 16
99 Manager ’94 Season Disk 7 99 ______ 16.99 Engine
.(A1200f 17 99 Engine CD32 19 99 ,
Rock 2 16 99 .dlSS""'1 [A, 2001 26S
gaw» ...1799 :::::: Combat Air
Patrol ...-.....19.99 Conon The
Cimmerian' 19 99 ZXT. ::::::::::: |:§ Creepers ...
..... 19 99 Cyberspoco" 22 99 D Day 22 99 Darjjerous
Streets CD32 19 99 Dari*Surf Shattered lands’ Oeepcore
.....17 99 DenwttetAion .....CD32 1999
oXxe Musk ConsXucton K.I 2 0 59 99 ' 4AGA 64 99 1799
...... (A1200I 18 99 Strike
.. 19.99 .. (AI200) 19
99 Hero 1799 . „
.....22 99
Donk . 18 99 Donk .. CD32 19 99 Droculo
1999 Droamjandt ,1999 .....
_ 17 99 Chle 2
(Franker) 19 99 Ertety
...1999 Euragean Champions 17 99 _ Exodus
3010’ ...19 99 lye o( the
Beholdo.2 (I Moa) 21 99 I e of mo Storm’ ..
F17 Challenge CD32I2 99 f 19 II 99 F29 ... 1099 f II 7A rWiho-i SteaWdghter 22 99 Falcon 3’ _ 24 99 FA Premier league fooltxjl ....17.99 Fat Man 17 99 Fields of Glory 22 99 Final Fight 8 99 FinrtSaiTiijrai A Mery, lo Momo ..W 99 f light oPdso'intnxier”'"'"" I® 99 Flight Simulator 2 .24.99 Flight Senulator 2 Western European Tour I 3 99 Fonm3o*l Champxmt* ... 17 99 formula On» Grand Prut 22 99 Fury O* The Fumes CD32 18 99 07 ...I7.W OoloctK (A1200I 1999 ... B* Oopl.
......30.99 §£ il| Grand Pr« Circuit 8 99 £3*200011 Mo0 .22.S Hairier lump Jet* 22 99 iSsr*' Morph Modal (Combat Mr Nutt Norco Pdice Network Q RAC RaBy .ck fu.
Nicky 2 Niael Mansell World Champ Nigel Mansell Woild Chomp asSafe- OverUI pwB tan... ... “ 1 Dreoms 4 Fi Shuttle . I See Excellent Garnetl Service 2...... |See lords ol PowerJ u ,..200, 88 S*mon The Sorceror 22 99 S-non The Sorcerer |AI200| 29 99 as'**- ?is Soccer Kid.
Space Hulk ....M.M Space legends .....19.99 Storush" ..16 99
s. , t*’20oi?i| sgtrC5N-DUi . tesSHsr' IS Super
Fighters I 7 99 tSTte Kff Super leogue Manoger Surf N.okS
CD32 19 99 Sword ol Sodan 8 99 SyUjficote Ctalo Disk ..... 13
99 T F X AI200 CD32 22 99 It. Break CD32I2 99 Theatre Of Death
19 99 R: .-n-g .w Sw-et-u 555 T JT42T.easu.es
CD32 ?2 99 Trots (A I 2001 16 99 Trolls CD32 19 99 Sls'jasss-
'1% ter!
SES? FSSS U96* 22 99 Uh«mate Pinbal Ouest 19 99 IMS CorrpOcteon 27 99 Universal Monsters* J7 99 Uridium 2 17 99 Undium 2 CD32I9 99 Ulopio .... 8 99 Utopia 2* 19 99 Utooio 2 ......CD32 J9 99 Wholes Voyage AI 200 CD32 19 99 Winter SuS-V«.‘ CD32 19 99 Wi.NLz 19 99 Mt 17 99 II 99 ..1799 1299 17.99 Zool CD32 1999 7ool2 17 99 Zool 2 ... (AI200) 17.99 AWAKI) WINNKKM Pupuloux. Kick Off S. Kpec* Ace.
IdvunUir TrnisiK led; .VII «l?itt COMBAT CLASSICS FIS Strike EjmiI' a. True Yankee. MX Attack Sub Silent Service A Railroad (yeoon. Hed Heron, Perfect ticncml K22.IW CARTOON C OLLECTION ¦a Trf i)teiii. CJT Subl alK. «IX ter FANTASTIC WOHI.IW Mego Ixi Mania, Pirate*. Populiiu*, Realm*. Wonaleriantl Ril.MI FOOTBAIJ. T'KAZY Kick Off 2 12 Meg.
Layer Manager. KOI Final Wktalle THE GREATEST Jimmy White’* Snooker, Lure of The mptre**. I»«in«« C2I.W Better Spelling tH-IOl-----------13.98 Better Math. II2 I6I----------13.88 Cave Mate 8-121----8.88 Fan Srhnni 2 tMt---- Ajt Etas Hrbool 2 t*6»---- «J» Fun Srbool 2 -V9l----AM Fun School 3 tUl-I AM Fun Srhuol 3 l~7l_____________ Fun Xrhool 3 I'V ______ Fun Srhuol 4 6? Fun School « :Tlli --- Fun School I lilt-- Fun School Paint A Create ov.
Fun School Spelling Fair 17-131 Fraction Goblin* IH-I3I- Junior Typiat 4-101-- Magic Math- 14-111- Math* Mania tH-12)- Math* Oregon (8-131--- Merlin Math- 17-111------------ Mickey’* 123’- 2-81----------------- Mickey’* ABC 2-8) . Mickey’* Jignaw Puzzle* 50 _ Mickey’* Colour* A Shape* 2-51 ....18.99 Mickey’* Memory Challenge 50----18.99 Noddy'* Big Adventure 3.1-18.99 Noddy’* Play Tiate 3.1--18.9» Picture Fraction. 7-101---9M Playschool 3-81------AM Play room 341-------17.99 Kriuoning With Troll. 5-12)-------- AM Tidy The lluuar 8-101 ... AM JUNItnt
ADVKNTUHK Robin llood A.) . 13.99 Scrooge (A ChrUtmaa Carol)- ...13.99 The Wind In The Willow-------------13.99 The Three Bear* 5-101-------13.99 Wizard of Oz 6.1---13.99
10W HGH 10W MKJH 10W HKJH 10 7.99 999 649 7.99 5.99 6.99 20 14.50
19. 50
11. 99 15.50 10.99 13.50 50 35.00
47. 50 2600 37.50 23.99 32.50 100 65.00 95 00 49 99 72 99 44 99
62.99 200 125.00 190 00 94 99 141.99 83 99 121.99 500 300.00
470 00 219 00 350 00199 99 287 50 1000 58000 930 00 419 99
680 00369 99 550 00
3. 5" RECYCLED - LOOSE 10 ....4.50 20 ......8.50
50. ......17.50 100.....35.00 Chuck Hock-- Dim Panic-----------
- ---I0M ..... AAA Kick Off 2 Final WhUtle-
- -7.88 Kick Off 2 Return To Europe--
- ---7.98 A IM ..9.99 ..9.99
Khadoworid* .. ..9.99
- ------.5.89 Viking*-- Wing
Commander ....
- ----A.88 ______14.99 Zool----------------- Zool
IAI200) ..-_____
- -13.89 12.99 ADI English UVB Ag™ ADI French (All Agca)
17.99 17.99 JOYSTICK A ACCESSORIES Addup 3.5*
Ditk Box (80 Capacity! .6.99 Addup 3.5* Ditk
Box (40 Capacity) .4.99 Gukkjoy
Toptlar ..17.99
Quickjoy Turbo ..10.99
Quidtjoy Wight*---------------------------1199 Cheetah
125*-----------------------7.99 Competition Pro
5000-------------------13.99 Competition Pro Extra ......14 99
1 2 Meg Upgrade ....- ..24.99 1 2
Mag Upgrode 4 Clock ...26.99 Technopiut
Scorpron Junior .....4.99 Technophn
CD32! Ik computer industry's littered with so-called 'wonder
machines' quickly consigned to the silicone dustbin. Will the
CD32 go the same way as the Jupiter Ace, Konix Multi- System,
Sinclair QL and Commodore's own CDTV?
Despite teething troubles, IAN 'THE OPTIMIST' OSBORNE says NO!
Despile producing some of the most popular home computers of all time, including the current market leader (the Amiga ot course), Commodore have been guilty of appalling marketing gaffes over the years.
For example, the first Amiga (the A1000) was horrendously overpriced and initially marketed as a business-only machine. Their lower-end, 16-bit versions suffered rapid price-drops leaving those who paid the higher price cheesed off. Also, potential purchasers were reluctant to part with their money for fear of another price-crash. Who could forget the infamous A500+ episode when the new machine was superseded by the A600 within months?
The CD32 has also suffered unnecessary hiccups. Even so, its sheer quality and Commodore's foresight in designing a very expandable machine will win through in the end.
Early Offerings Commodore’s previous CD-based outing, the CDTV, can hardly be considered a success.
Inevitably, comparisons will be drawn between it and the new machine. Based on the A600's 16-bit architecture, the CDTV was sold as a stand-alone console and later as an add-on for the A500 500+, and the A570 (the A600 lacked the necessary fPtfSiSSSi Unfortunately, its MEBEi ridiculously high price- 8y Toby point (initially £600) put off all but the very keen or * ' very rich. Its low user- . -JO1.,- base in turn made software companies 'A T reluctant to invest in .« T j : ‘ 1 development, making the ‘ 1 machine even less attractive to potential purchasers.
Not so the CD32 £299 isn't exactly small change, but it's pretty good for a 32-bit console on the white-hot cutting edge of technology.
Compare this with Sega's Mega-CD system which sets you back £270 for a 16-bit machine with only 128K of on-board RAM (the CD32 has 2Mb), and has to be connected to a Mega Drive costing at least another £100! Hardly a rip-off, is it? The industry's reaction to the new machine is extremely positive too, with most major developers planning CD32 releases.
Another reason for the CDTV’s failure was the strange marketing policy adopted by Commodore.
Independent computer stores were all but prevented from selling it at all, Commodore arguing that the indies were located in back streets above chip shops and populated by spotty kids in anoraks. No wonder current head of sales. David Pleasance, commented that Commodore hired some 'very talented, sales-avoidance experts' in the past! Hopetully, they learn from these blatant blunders and market the CD32 without alienating ANY potential customers or retailers.
A very positive thing to come out of the CDTV episode (apart from the CD32-compatible titles see pages 31-34 for details) is the experience gained from this early foray into CD technology, ESI : machine in record time with _ * very few teething IcT troubles and iui ,',k»i.ii - hold-ups. -- - It's A Funny Old Game- When the Mega Drive was launched in the UK, Sega spent a small fortune developing Sonic The Hedgehog alongside the machine. Likewise.
Nintendo's SNES was bundled with Super Mario World a huge game which (like Sonic) cost a phenomenal „ amount to produce.
Their investments paid Simpson it's far easier to hype a game or a character than just a machine, and C C-SSiq, _ refusing to license their HtfL y - conversion to other formats meant unless , you bought a SNES or a , .-.J Mega Drive you ' couldn't play Mario or - Sonic, respectively. And buy it they did!
Unfortunately, Commodore have failed to develop a game alongside the machine and they also kept many major developers in the dark until six months before the CD32 hit the streets.
Keeping the machine under wraps until the champagne-showered launch was an inspired move, preventing gossip and idle speculation watering down its impact, but it did mean that few games were in existence at the time of launch.
So what does the CD32 bundle actually contain? Apart from the console itself (obviously) there are two games on offer Diggers from Millennium and Flair Software's Oscar.
Diggers (reviewed in Issue ten, 87%) is a Lemmings-inspired collect-'em-up where you control a team of miners in search of gems The Amiga-owning community are split straight down the middle on this one many (myself included) find it no fun at all, but it does have its fans. Less open to debate is that it doesn't show off the machine to its full capacity, its tiny sprites having little need (or potential) for flashy graphics and animation. In itself this is no bad thing, but it makes the game an odd choice for the CD32 bundle.
The other packaged game (Oscar) stole the show at the launch party, its cutesie, cartoony graphics and Trolls-inspired gameplay showing much promise. However, the enhanced CD-specific-version wasn't ready in time to package with the machine early bundles contain the standard A1200 game with only seven levels (the CD32 version has nine) and no midi sound. At the time of writing, no upgrade service is planned.
Finally, being produced by independent third parties, neither of the games are unique to the CD32. Restricting a release to a specific machine might sound like a cynical marketing
- ------------- tactic, but if the game's good enough, it works
again ask Sega and Nintendo.
It's not all doom and gloom on the games front far from it.
' ¦’i " -’ Commodore’s realistic _-_ ---licensing policy has ensured the major developers are more than willing to produce CD32 games, but a bundled blinder would do much to help the machine through those difficult first lew months.
A Growing Markets.
The CD32's initial lack of a floppy drive, keyboard and mouse might also encourage a wait and see’ attitude. Commodore are currently addressing this situation, planning the imminent release of an expansion set enabling Ihe CD32 to function as a straightforward A1200. And also a CD add-on for the A1200 itself Keyboards are essential for flight-sims which usually delegate many of the plane's functions lo ¦ CHRISTMAS 1993 ¦ the keys. Virtually all adventure and strategy games are mouse-driven, and all three genres would benefit from a floppy for saved game positions.
The CD32 already has the capacity to hold a saved game • W, ” using non-volatile RAM (a sort of I -W ’ battery back-up system that I 1 r doesn't need a battery), but the • M 1K of memory given over to this is hopelessly inadequate for complex creations.
Fans of Ihe more cerebral games could become the machine's most ardent supporters How many potentially great RPGs, for example, have been ruined by endless disk-accessing and swapping?
As a CD can hold 600Mb of data compared to a floppy's 800K, this could soon be a thing of the past. Can you imagine a flight-sim utilising the machine’s fast Motorola 68020 processor, 256,000 on-screen colours and 14MHz running speed?
Unlike its cartridge-based competitors, the CD32 is ideal for more complicated games * Commodore can't be blamed for not releasing the add-ons at the same time as the machine it just wouldn't be practical, and their commitment to supporting the machine through additional hardware releases is to be commended.
Far less praiseworthy, however, is the console's cheap-and-nasty appearance Despite being over five times as powerful as its Japanese rival, the CD32 S nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the Mega-CD Compared to Sega's front-loader, the CD32's top- mounted hatch (eels tacky and cumbersome, and you can actually lift Ihe lid while J the CD's spinning. The volume
- 1 control looks as if it'll fall of within a fc J week (don't
worry, it won't it's
* 5 .Ml ] far stronger than it looks), and the a I toypads are
incredibly ugly and J I awkward to use.
¦ V' * Not that any of this should put
• - you oft buying one it's a quality machine and the market
will soon be awash with alternative controllers anyway, but
it's a pity it doesn't look as good as it performs.
On The Up... Like most Commodore products, the CD32 has come in for more than its fair share of derision in the computer press. No-one's denying the CD32's technical qualifications, but the big . I mi question mark is over Commodore's ability to market it successfully.
For once, though, they seem to be on the right track The launch party was spectacular, creating a real buzz in the computer industry and, keeping the machine under wraps beforehand, increased its impact dramatically.
Not developing a monster game side by side with the console was a mistake. But Commodore's policy of encouraging third party manufacturers to produce add-ons. And I a software licensing policy that's lar less I restrictive than Sega or Nintendo's, mean that " people actually WANT to produce for the machine rather than wait around to see what happens. And who can blame them?
As well as the phenomenal benefits for the end- user, CD storage all-but prevents commercial piracy, giving the company a greater degree of market penetration virus hassles would be a thing of the past When the A1200 expansions are released, adventure and strategy games will be revolutionised, with platlorm and blast-'em-up fans feeling the benefits even sooner.
Making it as expandable as possible is an inspired move, too The forthcoming Full Motion Video cart opens all sorts of doors, however you can already use it as an ordinary CD player it's three machines in one Commodore have produced a brilliant machine It the marketing push is as successful, the CD32 could well prove to be THE big thing in 1994 . And with 25,000 sales in Ihe first three weeks and a £7 million advertising campaign in the offing, ttie future looks very rosy indeed CD32 *wan public I 0 comme Encyclopaedia fall motion video and interactive movies are iost arooad th corner, but
AMI© FOR« Rets the lowdown on a DISK ' Marketing* * 032 maniw» We told you W' ;s 6n'a long line o. KM«*e lamlliat to the averag ds wm only 0ne IpSSSSr EroE flpi ti-sf ; ,K. „ack then ,itles at a time in Mque"“ eiow to keep even laige white bordertumingy Be(oie each rMn nd tuonany evel. Home sound s infinitely bett u Mn connect Karaoke machines, a"d a* Yste,e° speakers you- CD32 to f volume. It you « there's no W a It you just "ant wmms-
• s?- couldn't be any better m m protects , Mu.i ***&*FZZo&
- ----- Con be conta.tc CeCtOf- . .nnnM Horn available today!
» ====T7Z* fS2!Sn otter ranges t.om The quality °t own a CDTV there s brilliant to dire, but y (he pnce.
'* mn,e man enough here i js as Untortunately. Even thoug compat,b,0. Added .¦*- CD32 release (with30 many ot ,he game NOW THAT'S WHAT fTT! I CALL GAMES ;::: I £19* no,shave long enjoyed scores Ot M Computer owner pD games cheap. J*££ owners (ha ha hat). The unavailable to consowu neat.
Quality ot these r*a*s' M as you're only commercial to ***» lee you're hardly paying a token duP,ca' djsK ,he l.rst ot Mult.
„sk,ng a great deal. Qoina,n CD releases, Meda Machine s Pu e„aie Wles working The games are accesse Du, en,,,ely use menu functional. Afire**® aU aie also available on t£!£ZS£‘ra'~~ r,r rp than enwuy -. ,Kp Mick IS SuiLi cw - Unlortunateiy. Even thoug comp0tlble- added CD32 release (with' c° 0, ,he games almost as•"*£££ £*32-b.tmarvel are unplayable on C (loppy roots a tssssHssrsR- disk to lustityepu' e anyway, but this basic release.
Stb utbadly oghtodUtV 90ing ,0 rSaUeast make sure that all rresSworkonone.
• Pilot's manual
• Reference manual
• 4 High altitude charts
• 2ILS approach charts 740 Airports
• 1 A320 USA poster Cenfresoft 021 625 3388 • Columbus 0457
860300 Leisuresoft 0604 768711 • SDL 081 309 5000 Available
on: Amiga, Atari ST, Falcon, IBM PC & compatibles Price: Amiga
& Atari ST £35.99 • PC £45.99 THALION Ltd, 120 Andedon Park
Road. Moseley. Birmingham, England B13 9DQ Tel: 021 442 2050 •
Remember Commodore's CD-TV?
Overpriced, underpowered and ill-fated the machine died a sad death. Now, the advent of the CD32 gives the old CD-TV games a new lease of life. So we thought we'd take a look at a sample of its good, bad and, er, ugly games!
I Quick, send in a tornado or two!
Amiga Infogrames This is one of the best simulation programmes produced on any system. The idea was simple take control ot every aspect ot the running ot a city and proved to be a winner. So it's not surprising we reckon Sim City's the best ot the CD-TV bunch.
To begin the game, you've a huge choice of scenarios. First, select to create a totally new city or play one ot the existing cities provided by the game. Within each of these options is a host ot city-designs and time periods to choose tram.
Each presents contrasting problems and disasters.
We built this city~.
II you opt to begin Irom scratch with a new city, the first step's choosing an era in which to build. Your choice is between Medieval, Western, Actual or Future. Obviously control functions such as power supply and transport are dillerent in each era. A water-wheel in the Medieval world becomes a nuclear reactor in the present day; while a muddy dirt-track in the Wild West becomes a huge motorway in the future.
Having selected the setting, choose the difficulty level, either easy, medium or hard. No guessing which one it's imperative to start on if you want to make any kind of decent progress. In a game of this magnitude decent progress constitutes at least 30 years ot hard graft.
The other option's to attempt to overcome a crisis in one of the computer-generated cities.
These are again from different time settings and ask you to solve social dilemmas such as pollution, crime and overcrowding. It's probably best to wait a while before attempting these scenarios. If you aren't adept at dealing with a few little crises when building a new city, you have no chance here!
On rock and roll!
The real business is, of course, controlling the growth of the town, while trying to accommodate the population's needs. Once into the construction mode, most of the screen shows a display of the terrain on which you can build your city. Brown areas represent open land, green woodland and blue the waterways. Obviously houses can t be built on the water, although roads and railways can.
The object's to try and create the perfect environment for all aspects of life. This means taking care where you build different constructions.
It's no good putting housing next to a power station, or building a commercial development miles away from the nearest residential area.
Basically it's a question of common sense which is what makes this such a brilliant game! No two people go about it in the same way, but this doesn't mean one's wrong. Expect plenty of arguments if you play in a group!
Building a huge city isn't cheap, so money has to be raised to cover costs, as well as the maintenance of the transport system and the police and fire services. The only way to get some dosh is taxing your city's good citizens. This is a delicate balancing act; raise taxes too much and people leave the city, too little and you go without.
It's a fine line to walk, but the rewards are surplus cash to build airports, seaports and sports stadiums.
If things aren't exciting enough for you there are plenty of natural disasters to choose from to spice things up. These include a tornado, air crash and attack by a mad monster! Once you've selected one of these you need to use the emergency services to sort out the consequences, so it’s advisable to build police and fire stations before you opt for a disaster!
Sim City's a brilliant game enhanced on the CD with excellent music. Buy this and say goodbye to your spare time for many months to come!
¦ An excellent game, utilising the power of thi CD well. Just check out the music!
I' - 1 ¦ *?
1 ;..... * I Ooh, what a big skull you have! If the skull's that big, your pilot must be a little on the small side. And, yes, as you've probably guessed, there's no pause button, and the ships won't exactly stay still long enough to be shot at.
BATTLESTORM Titus fter reluming from your travels to the galaxy's distant corners, you find your home planet's been invaded by an army of evil aliens. Vowing to exact terrible revenge, you jump into your state-of-the-art airborne attacker and launch an all-out-attack on the enemy installations. The usual scenario you may think.
Well yes. But the gameplay more than makes up for the lousy plot. This is one CD-TV disc that'll grace anyone's CD32.
There are four levels, each with two sub-stages to battle through. To overcome the aliens you take their operations out on each stage. To begin with this means destroying the aliens’ air attacks; before taking out their ground defences, annihilating Battlestorm, their headquarters, and finally destroying the diabolical guardians to win back control of the planet.
Excellent scrolling, beautifully crafted landscapes and frenetic shooting all of the things that you'd expect from a decent blaster in fact. Just getting past the first few stages is a challenge and a half!
Before getting into the thick of it you're asked to select a skill level, ranging from Rock Ape (easy) to Master (strictly for superstars only!). There's only one place to start and that's easy, otherwise death and destruction are all you can expect.
Each level gives you a different control mechanism for your ship, or a contrasting perspective on the game. For example, to begin with the action’s in a huge grid. Fly around it in any direction to hunt out the aliens, then blast them into oblivion! Later levels change so you scroll up the screen only, with no sideways movement. Others move horizontally, with the perspective changing accordingly.
There are plenty of power-ups to collect for your ship. These include stronger laser beams, faster firing-rates, homing missiles and extra speed. On screen messages help you locate power-ups.
They're worth getting, especially if you aspire to the later levels.
What's guaranteed, however, are smart graphics, an easily controlled ship and great responsiveness. Basically, BaWeslorms a great game to play for anyone who's a shoot-'em-up fan.
Non-stop thrills and spills abound shoot first, think later’s the motto with this game! If you want a fast-paced shoot-'em-up with attitude then this is the one for you.
. ..... ¦5 t7' ' "tj ¦’---¦ n- .. ...... ... ...... a ¦ CHRISTMAS 1993 ¦ JJSggj Big Nose rides again.
Doncha think that he's the spitting image of Ian, only better looking' Along time ago us humans were pretty damn stupid it this disc’s anything to go by (not a lot’s changed if this office is anything to go by!-Ed). Prehistorik’s set long, long ago when man clubbed his prey to death to stay alive. This game's a tribute to his daring. Relive the joy of smacking dinosaurs, chimps and grizzly bears over the head with a big stick before noshing down on their fresh carcasses!
The idea of the game’s to score points by collecting food. Everything you meet that moves is edible, this guy's not fussy! To see how well you're doing check out the food-meter on the screen. Try to fill this up as far as possible before completing a level, otherwise the message ‘Not enough food’ will send you back to re-do it. There's also a time limit, so while it’s important to collect food, wasting too much time means losing a life. You only start with three so it’s vital to complete the level within the limit.
Owing fill with prey, making it a 111 simple affair filling up your * food-meter. It’s also very easy to kill the animals you meet on your travels. As they walk up.
Just bash them on the bonce a couple of times, before jumping on them to finish them off. Nothing too difficult there.
You find the most food in caves, but they're guarded by spiders who are impossible to kill. This means dodging them before they can get at you.
Again this is not too demanding.
There are plenty of bonuses dotted around to aid your quest. These include bombs to knock out all the animals on the screen, a shield to make you invulnerable and the Cross of Life giving you an extra life. On top of these look out for the nifty little gadgets making your life a little bit easier. Those you come across are a trampoline for extra long jumps, balloons to rise above dodgy situations and an Alphaplane for longer flights.
Prehistorik’s landscape looks really impressive.
It's brightly coloured with some nice little touches such as birds flying by in the background. There are also some catchy little tunes and neat sound effects, adding to the atmosphere. However, this fails to compensate for the gameplay. You expect a lot more from a CD32 game this disc looks dated and plays like a poor budget title.
There's some novel animation, smart graphics and amusing sound effects, yet the scrolling’s very jerky making the game annoying to play after a very short space of time. Add to this monotonous action and you've got what's basically a boring game. Worth a look only if you’re a dedicated platformer, but there's a lot better on offer for the CD32. There’s also a wealth of better platformers on their way!
LAST BUT NOT LEAST The games reviewed here are but a small selection of CD-TV titles available for the CD32.
There are plenty of others around worth considering as Christmas stocking-fillers.
If you're into historical study, then the Time Table ot History range is worth a look. Produced by Xiphias. They're described as 'reference for all ages', covering topics such as the media, business and politics. The only problem’s they're a little dated, having been originally released way back in 1991.
Another educational CD-TV disc's My Paint, a fun drawing-designer for kids. It's a Saddleback Graphics game aimed at children aged three to 13, although our tips boy did have a problem with the game (we had to explain that you actually doodle on screen!).
That about wraps up our look at games initially conceived for the ill-fated CD-TV. If you wish to get any of the titles mentioned here, or want more information, contact Capri CD Dislribution on 0628 891022. These guys will be happy to help you. I GAS MORPH FLEXI MORPH LIQUID MORPH SOLID MORPH This creature floats Can bounce with the best of Can squeeze through tight Definitely as hard as he looks ReViewS!
Skywards and can only them, but is very susceptible gaps, but can't climb slopes sinks like a stone in water, return to Earth by morphing, to flames and sharp objects, or jump. But batters through barriers.
Find the map hidden in most of the zones. This item when activated will make the level you are on a lot easier to negotiate.
M ¦ This is a great little puzzler, offer- r ing hours of really enjoyable game- y play. It's not often I find a game of this nature addictive. Morph starts with a novel idea, moulding your character into different shapes to overcome the obstacles, and breathes new life into the genre. It’s great to be able to use the different Morphs even when you haven't got any left. These clever touches are supported by excellent graphics and some well implemented speech. Basically Morph is an addiction that I'm finding it hard to shake off. ¦ morph to the left) and freezers (same principle, but one place
to the right).
All Change (Above) Would you step onto a rather dangerous looking machine like that?
(Left) The solid morph will sink in water.
¦ Dropping Morph onto flames when in your water form will convert you into the cloud and save you one1 ot those vital transformations tor later use. ¦ Transformations are achieved by holding fire and pressing one of the joypad directions. A limited amount ot each metamorphosis is available you can overdraw, but you can't conquer the level if you exceed your quota. This is an excellent idea allowing you to see more ot the playing area and making you work all the harder to find where you went wrong.
It's a bit of Lemmings, a dash of Bill's Tomato Game, a morsel of... ahem! Morphs one of those games owing more than a passing nod to previous puzzlers, but at the same time takes a new look at the genre. Negotiating a heavily- trapped platform area, finding an object and getting it back to the exit isn't the most novel of concepts but the execution's as original as you could wish for.
Morph is not a happy chappy. Following an accident involving his crackpot uncle's teleport machine, he was transformed into a mass ot mutated m molecules.
He can mould his matter into four separate elements, each with their own properties Morph Solid’s a cannonball-like creature that can batter it's way through breakable blocks. Morph Flexible behaves like a bouncing ball, Morph Liquid's like, erm, liquid and the cloud-like Morph Gaseous floats upward.
Ot course, they each have drawbacks his gaseous and flexible forms are susceptible to flames, but when solid or liquid, water becomes impassable. There's an amazing variety of hazards and obstacles, including sharp objects, grates, tans and waterfalls. Somehow, surmounting everyday objects seems more exciting than negotiating the contrived traps often found in arcade puzzlers.
Power-ups in the shape ot bonus transformations are available, and watch out for the heater (on a gas liquidftlexi solid scale, transforms you one While each level has a set solution, many ot the individual obstacles can be conquered more than one way, Lemmings-style. Find yourself at the exit with the cog. Having over-run your morph quota, and it's time to look for alternatives. The levels are small enough to prevent this getting frustrating (no backtracking umpteen screens here), but they're crammed to the brim with tricks and traps.
Cm*.* Deaths... worth dying for. _ Way back in Issue seven, we gave the floppy version of Morph a heady 87%. The AGA-specitic version isn't V really that different. There W are a tew snazzy speech samples thrown in and the CD version's undoubtedly easier to use, but apart trom that, it's more of the same.
¦ DEVELOPERS: FLAIR SOFTWARE '¦¦-a El DISKS: CD i-' Q ¦ PLAYERS: 1 H I GENRE: PUZZLER L‘ 1 200 COMP AT: N A 42SESSBESB ¦ hd install: n a Not that this is a bad thing. It's a great game anyway, full of snappy little touches like the way Morph’s eyes follow the joypad direction held, and some ot the deaths are, erm... worth dying tor.
The lack of level codes, though, is an - .
Appalling omission lor a puzzler, but _ this is my only criticism of a brilliantly I enjoyable game. Itafl It's early days yet, but some off the software available ffor the CD32's already wowing the world. IAN 'YES IT IS' OSBORNE and MARK 'NO IT ISN'T' SMITH come to blows while checking out what's hot and what's ¦ Although this scored 87% in Issue ten, I find it no tun at all. The constant scrabbling around for gems is tedious rather than challenging, the diggers' personalities making them liable to wander off of their own accord is annoying and the graphics and animation hardly push the
host machine to its limits.
There's some enjoyment to be had here, but not a lot this isn't a
- game I d choose to bundle n| with the machine.
¦ I’ve never been a tan of this release, but I’m not much of a j platform fanatic anyway. The 74% [J it scored in Issue eleven seems I [ about right it’s well programmed, innovative and challenging, and best of all it oozes character.
This effort isn’t to my personal taste, but on an objective level it’s very good. If you’re into Pond, get it but not if you already have the floppy version! The five extra levels (the original had 55) are hardly worth buying it again.
K I U Hmm.. a little strong perhaps. Diggers may not push Ij JiU the CD32 to its limits, but its still a strong game, offering ¦dSP1*- many brain teasing puzzles and much play. The problem with Osborne is he can’t play and think at the same time. In fact, thinking’s tough enough for him as it is!
, f. I The lad has said it all really.
I "* I n There's little new to the CD version, except a quite stunning cartoon preview of James Pond 3, but, if you’ve never come across the game before you could do a lot worse than this.
Inmg game in it$ own right.
IIlFmSbtcs plays oven better
• CD32 ¦ This is the sort of disk I could quite '¦HPR'l
cheerfully spit on. The digitisation's pT5 | (J dreadful, the
speech samples horrendously incompetent and the models play a
lousy game of cards.
I can't see any reason to fault the less-than-impressive 18% it scored in Issue eleven. It’s badly executed, in poor taste and will only appeal to the desperately sad. Avoid.
|1 II 1 hat was a hit burl Snuffy
- and you say have tumble 'thinking Seriously, this game's Iho ¦
• sii.ii iesl pmti.ill sminvei. Anti a |e bln i, lei on CP -the
best jflst got Hg belter' .• There we have it we both agree
(tor a change) that we've yet to see a game really push the
Still, it's early days yet. The Mega- CD started out with straight cartridge ports, and there's some interesting stuff here, nonetheless. The CD32's a marvellous piece of machinery if games of Pinball Fantasies' quality are being released now, just think what's to come!
¦ CHRISTMAS 1993 ¦ It’s absolutely stunning with superb graphics, marvellous effects and simple-as-pie gameplay.
Amiga Action.
“Uridium II is fanfastic. You can take our wordjfp jt... Smashing!” K' Welcome W to the wild } and wacky world of the CD32. There's a wealth of software on the way, and we've got the lowdown on the lot! Many of the games are in early stages of development, so some shots t are from A floppy » . Versions. you could doesn't make tufljjse. Of the machine be destined to be a worthy winner in its Even ii it let's wait and see, though, shall we?
OVERKILL LUNAR-C ¦ Mindscape Is this a barg or what? Two brand-new games on one disk, and selling for £29.99! Overkill's reviewed elsewhere this issue, so I won’t go on about it suffice to say this is an ideal opportunity to add some ace m-game music, one ol the floppy version's few faults. The interestingly-named Lunar-C’s also a shoot-’em-up, and a damned-fine looking one at that.
CD32 owners should start looking for this barg on 5 November miss it at your peril.
Krysalis nother high-scorer. Arabian Knights is an arcade adventure par excellence.
The program's slick and smooth, the graphics attractive and interesting, and the gameplay... wow!
There's more platform action here than in many a pure platformer, and the puzzles are well laid-out and challenging no trekking across 30 screens to find an object, having to traipse all the way back again to use it, here.
There are some neat touches on offer too, like the way a light-bulb appears above your head when an incidental message is available.
It’s unusual to find a game mixing gamestyles without falling between two stools, but this one manages it admirably.
Although there are few enhancements planned for the CD32 version, Arabian Knights is to retail for a mere £14.99, a bargain for a game of this quality. With none of the restrictive licensing agreements dogging console games, budget CD releases are a distinct possibility let’s hope they catch on.
Flair ow this is the sod of game the CD32 was made for a three-disk trading extravaganza. The enhanced CD32 version enables the programmers to include more graphics and animation than you could shake a stick at without making the game a nightmarish exercise in disk-swapping.
Set in the last century, as the captain of an ocean-going trading vessel you must hire crew, buy a boat (not necessarily in that order) and sail the seven seas in search of fame and fodune. You stad with a limited amount of cash, earning more by buying goods, taking them to a foreign pod and selling them for profit.
It isn't easy the laws of market forces apply, so you won't make a mint ferrying two commodities between two pods. Large consignments might be refused, so it's best to spread your load across several products.
Obviously a pure trader like this won't appeal to everyone, but strategy buffs will love it.
Enhancements made possible by the CD32 should make it worth even more than the 83% it got in Issue eight.
MONOPOLY ¦ Supervision This one's still up m the air; it might arrive on CD32 It might not. Still, let's check it out anyway... Jr -V_ ’• Monopoly is, Obviously, a conversion ot the Waddlngton’s boardgame The main difference between it and the computer version is the couhfers (dog, ship. Boot. Hat. Etc.) which monopoly is very much a social game will it st|H be tun on computer'’ Having a computer- controlled dude land on your Mayfair hotel might not give the same satisfaction as your mate doing it. But only time will tell whether the game cuts the mustard.
¦ Supervision Another one that's 'up in the air'. The Lovers" Guide uses clips trom Andrew Stanways best-selling video but also mckides vanou§ psychometric tests' to undertake.
The product's to be released on PC CD ROM and Apple Mac, with a possible CD32 release to follow.
¦ Krysolis This won't be out till April, but as the floppy version scored a respectable 88% in Issue Eleven, it s probably worth the wait.
Soccer Kid takes a new look at the platformer by introducing a football as a weapon The eponymous Soccer Kid can boot it at enemies or use it as a trampoline. It takes a while to get used to the controls, but it's well wonh the effort in the The CD32 version’s to enioy improved graphics ' presentation, animations and a happening soundtrack. Watch this space for a full review.
WHEN It's finished. ___
- vft E PrfiyieWs!
Psygnosis ow here’s an interesting release Microcosm isn’t a floppy port at all, but is developed specifically for the CD-32!
The plot owes more than a passing nod to Isaac Asimov's Fantastic Voyage. You guide a microscopic submarine injected into a human body, battling your way through the body’s defences to reach the brain. You’ve not been put there to save the host, though you’re working for a big business corporation, and you’re inside the president of your biggest rival! On reaching the brain, you’re to plant an electrode transmitter allowing your boys to control his every move without his realising it.
The game’s technical specifications are incredible. There’s over 500Mb of graphic and sound data. 256 colours, scene intros outros using Silicon Graphic imagery (whatever that is), multi-dimensional craft and figure-modelling (ditto), six areas of the body to explore, multiple- craft-control and an original soundtrack by Rick Wakeman.
Of course, the proof of the pudding’s in the playing Psygnosis promise gameplay every bit as good as the tech-specs, and I for one can’t wait to check out that claim.
¦ Team 1 7 No, that's not a typing error the CD-32 version of Lionheart's to be released by Team 17, not Thalion. A killer on floppy, the CD version of the game that out- Turricans Turrican looks set to wow the world1 The platform beat-'em-up s hardly the most original of genres indeed, it's even older than the Amiga. However. Lionhearts intelligently thought-out levels, exciting hack- em-up action and awe-inspiring graphics earned it a rave in Jssue five. The CD-32 version should prove even better with Team 17's track record who could doubt their ability to pull it off? Fans of the
gamestyle should look out for this one short ol a disaster it should be phenomena)!
¦ Krysalis Not too much to say about this one, I'm afraid. It's about tennis, it was originally released by Starbyte (but never in this country) and will also retail for £14.99. That s about it, really... here's more to the CD32 than meets this feature here’s a list of other ace CD games in development... Adventures In Time Flair Software Akira ICE Alfred Chicken Mindscape Alien Breed 2 Team 17 Amiga CD Football Plattsoft B17 Flying Fortress MicroProse Battlestorm Titus Body Blows 2 Team 17 Biosphere Electronic Arts Burning Rubber Ocean Chaos Engine Renegade Civilisation MicroProse Creation
Bullfrog Dracula Psygnosis Formula 1 Grand Prix MicroProse Genesis Flair Software Gunship 2000 MicroProse Inferno Ocean James Pond 3 Millennium Jurassic Park Ocean Lemmings Psygnosis Liberation: Captive 2 Mindscape Lionheart Team 17 Li’l Devil Gremlin Lotus Trilogy Gremlin Magic Carpet Bullfrog Man Utd Prem. League Champs Krysalis Mortal Kombat Virgin Nick Faldo’s Golf Grandslam Project X Team 17 Putty System 3 Putty 2 System 3 Roboood Millennium Ruff ’n’ Tumble Renegade Ryder Cup Golf Ocean Sabre Team Krysalis Sensible Soccer Renegade Sim City Maxis Superirog Team 17 Surf Ninjas Team 17
Syndicate Bullfrog TFX Ocean Theme Park Bullfrog Uridium 2 Renegade Whale's Voyage Flair Software Zool Gremlin Zool 2 Gremlin SiSiSg&ZSSS 4MB RAM EXP WITH 25MHz £3,9.00 AMIGA 1200 8 120MB H D £499.00 4MB RAM EXP WITH 33MHz......£329.00 AMIGA 1200 DTP PACK ......£329.00 4MB RAM EXP WITH 40MHz £339.00 AMIGASo 0308w!bH d' ' £9O0'00 4mb Exp WITH 50MHz £38900 AMIGA 4000 030 120MB H D. .£959.00 8MB BARE BOARD ...£ 114.00 BLANI ISK Jj [ l OOjDEJH RD DRIVE 100 DS DD BRANDED DISKS £49.99 80MB IDE HARD DRIVE .£150.00 100 DS DD UNBRANDED
Ss ? ? ? ? ? ?
Ss ?
NEW TITLES Abandoned P12 ....22.99 A-Train 22.99 SOFTSELL STANDARDS Grand Prix ......15.99 R-Type 2 ...7.99 Microprose Golt .....15.99 Windsurf Willy ..7.99 COMPILATIONS 50 GREAT GAMES
A. T.A.C 22.99 History
Line ....22.99 Premier
Manager ..15.99
Austerlitz ...6.99 Robocop
3 ......15.99 Battleships
(Wicked) ..13.99 TOO HOT TO
HANDLE Golden Axe. Total Recall. Shadow Warriors. Super Off
Road Racer (Ocean) 12.99
Syndicate 22.99 WWF Euro
Ramp ..15.99 Carrier
Command ....6.99 The
Patrician ..22.99 A320
Airbus ....21.99 Desert
Strike ..19.99 WWF
Wrestlemama ..14.99 Challenge
Golf .6.99
Zool .....14.99 Continental
Circus ...6.99 The
Humans ...13.99 Daily Double Horse
Racing 6 99 Dune 2 .19.99
Flashback 19.99 Lethal
Weapon ......13.99 q.i_oc 6 99 CLASSIC
COLLECTION World Championship Soccer, Gremlins 2, Barbarian 2.
Colossus Jurassic Park ..19.99 Nippon
Sates ..19.99 Reach for
Sky .19.99
, : '"XX Hunt ror Hea uct
d .o.yy JW
Snooker ...11.99
LasVeqas .6.99
bKSJ* ..’gig
Mercenary .6.99 a
itzkreig paDer Bov 2
Monopoly .18.99
Scrabble ..18.99 Arabian
Nights 17.99
Apocalypse .....17.99 Bloodwych plus
Data Disk ..9.99 £*£*” ‘° “ Chaos Strikes
Back .9.99
Persia ....6 99 F ball Man 2 »
Expansion Kit ....9.99 £uzz™r;...... '.
„ Match ol Day......
..9.99 Space Hfrner 2
.....® Chess (Hot
Lineker's Hoi Shot, Italy 1990.
Footballer ot the Year 2, Intertnallonal Soccer Challenge (US Gold) ..9.99 Body Blows ....17.99 Global Gladiators ..17.99 Super Frog .....17.99 Chaos Engine .16.99 Overdrive .16.99 Space Gun 8.99 Slack Up 6.99 Kick Olf 2 ...7.99 SI,IP Poker • Data Disk ......6.99 Pacland ...7.99
Thunderbirds ....6.99 Pacmania ..7.99 Worlds at War ..6.99 All prices include UK postage etc., no other charges.
INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Order any game by cheque or P.O payable to SOFTSELL and, il you join the CLUB, you can return it after 7 days for the full price back.
SENSATIONAL FREE GIFT WITH FIRST TITLE ORDERED For full catalogue, club details and buy back prices, send stamped SAE to SOFTSELL (AFC) MAIL ORDER 32 Dursley Road, Trowbridge, Wilts, DA14 ONP ? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?
Softsell and SSH Clubs have been highly recommended since 1983 __10 YEARS OF COMPUTER GAMES SERVICE Is ESI ¦ f*1 1 B IT' 1 "1 ¦ Dive on the springs to gain more height. ¦ _ifek._________ .... Mindscape, £25.99 ere’s a dilemma Alfred Chicken offers nothing original, and is hardly on the whife-hof cuffing edge of hi-tech technology. It's also one of the best platformers I've seen in a long time! Why? Because it dispenses with unnecessary frills, concentrating instead on tight, imaginative gameplay a platformer to impress players, not rival programmers.
The screens, for example, scroll in four ways instead of the usual eight. There's no parallax- scrolling and very few colours, but they’re extremely well laid-out so who cares? Each level involves grabbing diamonds (platformers are nearly always about collecting something) and making your way to the exit.
I Em, no surprises there, but they're divided into bite-sized pieces that are challenging without being sprawling. You don’t get lost playing Alfred Chicken. Nor do you come to a sticky end by falling off the foot of the screen in all the levels I’ve seen this is impossible, and there are no sudden deaths, either. The enemies and spikes are very cleverly placed, a real hazard if you mess up but no interference if you've the right idea.
I A *
* im I - it HI 1 ....J ¦ Above: Ally grabs the gifts in
this between-levels sequence well it is Christmas!
Below: Feathers fly as a humble mouse blows Alfred wing from wing at least he didn't chicken out!
There isn't a single device here I've not seen before. The platforms floating along an indicated path are straight from Mario, the restart points you earn (in this case by pecking a balloon) are sheer Sonic Zool Trolls countless others and the rising water stage positively screams Rainbow Islands. Again, though, they're extremely well put together there's always enough going on to sustain interest and nothing looks out of place.
There's little worse than a platformer's 'interesting bits’ coming across as gimmicks included for their own sake (hello Doodlebug), and ol' Alfy's programmers know it.
Fried Chicken Or Cold Turkey?
A notable exception to the techno-minimalism rule is Alfred himself. He’s the best cartoony computer- creation I've seen in many a game and his animation’s a stroke of genius! For once, this character actually behaves and acts the part hatching out of an egg on each new life and waddling around just like the bird that made a celebrity of Colonel Sanders. To claim a restart or flick a switch, he pecks the ground. Alfred can’t fly, but when in the air he flaps his wings to slow his descent or aims his pecker at the ground and dive-bombs an enemy or breakable block.
Plummeting from a great height’s especially impressive. After falling a certain distance, he turns into an Earthbound rocket; if he falls still further it becomes more streamlined. Best of all, felled foes don't resurrect as soon as you leave the screen.
Allred Chicken's a technical non-starter but a masterpiece of game design Alt himself is a joy to behold. The levels are well laid-out, though a few level codes or continues would come in handy.
The tune grates after a while, although this doesn’t stop it being a fine game.
The heart of a good platformer isn't in throwing umpteen colours on the screen or cramming in more devices than you can shake a chicken drumstick at. It's in little things like having restart points near every level exit in case you screw up on the next stage, and the absence ol pixel-perfect leaps taking dozens ol attempts to master. Allred Chicken’s this and more.
3ta9e l 1 Vs « n t- E 3zE 1= c ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO ¦ Okay, il might not look much at first glance, but Overkilts a deceptively fantastic blaster. The Detender-inspired gameplay is top-notch, playing slower than the original (thankfully).
The lack of continues is a pain, as is the absence of in-game music (after all. Isn't it named after a Motorhead track?), but if you own an AGA machine it's a breeze. ¦ Mindscape, £25.99 Any of you old fogeys out there remember Defender? Brill, wasn’t it? Lightning-fast action, scores of baddies and a huge (for those days) 19K of code! Fans of the ageing (geriatric?) Williams' coin-op will feel right at home here Overkill's a modern-day, AGA-only blast giving more than a passing nod to the big D. For reasons unspecified, you once again tackle the Alien Empire. Your ultimate goal’s their home
planet at the centre of the solar system, but (again for reasons unspecified) before going in and kicking serious butt, you first clear all surrounding planets of fcetid foes.
Far 23 More than just a nostalgia trip The planets orbit the sun in threes clear all three then move onto the next ring, where the baddies and backgrounds take on a new appearance. After clearing the last planet in each orbit you're faced with a fresh and deadly threat - a wave of larger, tougher baddies taking multiple shots to kill.
But what', I hear you ask, ‘has all this got to do with Defender?' Simple your craft looks and moves just like the one from Williams’ rave-from- the-grave. Zipping along the horizontally-scrolling, wrap-around screen at a fair old rate of knots, it also turns on a sixpence and goes back the other way at your command. The scanner above the screen's still there, as are the little dweebs who stand at the foot of the screen.
Unlike Defender, though, the humans don't just wave their arms about and wait for an alien to kidnap them. Our extra-terrestrial buddies aren't interested in such trivia, they're after the power crystals letting them create another wave of foes (I thought only mummy and daddy aliens could do that). The humans are actually commandos dropping from the skies with parachutes to blow the crystals to smithereens. When they run out of dynamite they jump unfeasibly high, hoping you catch them so they can reload.
Signs Off The Times_ Overkill's more than just a nostalgia trip. The presentation's of a standard only dreamed of in Defenders day, the baddies exploding in a blaze of blood when hit and your own craft coming to grief with a similarly impressive bang.
Unfortunately, enemy bullets are often obscured by bits of baddie, but forewarned is forearmed! Power-ups are on offer, such as duel- shots, triple- shots and bombs.
Catch them fast and use them wisely they don't last forever.
The game’s a good deal slower than Defender, but none the worse for that its inspiration was often unmanageably fast. The umpteen button-controls have (thankfully) been condensed to just two, the fire- button and Space for shields. Unfortunately, your craft has nowhere near the blasting power of the original and needs a joystick autofire to bring it up to acceptably manic standards.
Though by no means perfect, Overkill's a brilliant game. Don't be fooled by its simplicity; this one grabs you by the wotsits and refuses to let go in a way more complex blasts never can.
The learning curve's a treat, the sound effects are snappy and the pre-game heavy metal soundtrack's awe-inspiring. It could do with some in-game muzak and a few continues, but there's an extra life every 25,000 points so you can keep going for quite a while.
This is one shoot-’em-up you shouldn't be without (if you own an AGA machine, that is).
M DEVELOPERS: DIGISOFT ¦ DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAVERS: 1-2 ¦ GENRE: SHOOT-’EM-UP I ¦ A1200: AGA REQUIRED | ¦ HD INSTALL: NO llllllll 11111111 lllllllll mu ¦ A sterling effort let’s hope Bloodhouse Asterords-inspired Stardust is as i ii Reviews!
Amiga Ians upgrading from Commodore 64s should recognise tho title straight Haway Andrew Braybrook's Uridium was one ol the hottest games ever to hit that machine. The monochrome Speccy version was ruined by difficult-to-see sprites, latal in a lastpaced blaster, but on the C64.. Enough nostalgia.Uridium 2 drags the game kicking and screaming into the Nineties without losing any ol its character and charm. The basic gameplay's the same, your Manta attack-craft blasting the hell out ol huge, heavily-armed dreadnoughts but the newie's smoother, taster and an all-round better blastl It's
high-speed action all the way, the automatic horizontal scroll speeding up when holding M the joystick in the direction M you're travelling Slap it the H other way and your Manta ” performs an aerial flip a Red Arrow pilot would be proud of, reversing direction and zooming back the other way, W The emphasis is definitely on speed m Manoeuvrability's much improved over the original, your craft turning on a proverbial have a crack at the reactor-core. You’re on your own here with no high-tech Manta to help Instead, you don a space-suit and tear into the heavily-shielded central globe with a
hand-held laser. Blow it away to collect numerous power- ups. This section's extremely inertia-heavy the core's own gravitational Held also draws you in.
When you've linished. Warp back into your Manta and head lor the next Dreadnought... Blasting Power So much lor the meal-and-potatoes game descnption how does it play? Extremely well, actually! The emphasis is very much on speed, with your highly manoeuvrable Manta ducking and weaving like there's no tomorrow, especially on later levels where raised superstructures hinder Hying.
This is no cissy shoot-'em-up where the baddies tty in ultra predictable patterns s anticipated when lamiliar with the game. No siree! This one keeps you on your toes right Irom the word go'. Relax lor a minute Loud explosions, detailed graphics and stunning speed are the main attractions of Uridium 2, not forgetting the ferocious shoot- 'em-up action of course!
RGci iBeV &wS!s ¦ On seeing U2 nostalgia kicked' x in before I even linked up my joystick. Surely, classics such as Braybrooks original Uridium can't be superseded, despite the Amiga's superiority over the C64?
At first glance it's got the lot sparkling soundtracks, knock-me-down graphics and thnlling gameplay to boot. The speed's awesome, possibly ioo much so at times (well. I maybe thats just me being a wimp!), while there are plenty of power-ups to collect, counteracting the oncoming aliens.
I '¦WiK Alter safely landing, all hell is let loose and the ship explodes!
1-2 . ¦ GENRE: SHOOT-'EM-UP r 4.' ¦ A1200 COMPAT: YES Further
into Uridium 2, the ships get bigger and badder, with more
aliens and obstacles in your way.
F" F .
¦ Although limited in scope and I appeal. Prime Mover's a lair old two-wheeled thriller in its own right.
The leeling ot speed s exemplary and not being able to take a corner in top gear makes a welcome change.
However, limited tracks and competitors reduce the games lastability. RZF Honda corners the realistic end of the market, fellow bud- get-buddy. Super Hang-On, holds its own as a pure arcade game and Thalion’s No Second Prize reaches the nadir in full-price simulations.
In such a competitive arena, how can Prime Mover find a niche?
A rather brave attempt, but ultimately limited in scope. ¦ heighten acceleration A mite frustrating as I’m sure you agree!
¦ Psygnosis, £25.99 High-speed thrills, the crack of leg against concrete, the feel of sweaty leather nudging the body... motorcycle-racing's a bizarre thing. Prime Mover from Psygnosis takes a more serious angle than most, plunging you boots-first into the world of the two-wheeled Grand Prix After the rigmarole of entering your personal statistics (name, age, weight etc.), you select your machine and study the next track’s layout. The various bikes are either particularly fast or have great acceleration: choosing the balance suiting you most is paramount to success.
It's here the tactics stop and the action begins with 0 vengeance. Prime Movers , very much an arcade-style ¦1 game despite its riders' ¦ points and league table, the I ItlUC realism is negligible. I * Speed and cornering are well I ClfCQcit handled, conveying the I excitement of the hell-for- I gQl leather velocity of motorcycle- racing, but you won't catch these riders falling from machine, no matter their speed on colliding with stationary obstacles.
Mover on up~.
Control’s straightforward, as is the rest of the game. Push up to accelerate, down to brake and fire to change gear, either up or down depending on joystick-direction held. Switching down a gear without braking at the same time's pretty tricky you often find yourself drawing to a near-standstill when attempting to go down a gear or two to Another feature detracting from the realism is a limited number of only seven riders, though this doesn't make finishing in first position a doddle.
Third or fourth isn’t too tricky, but that elusive first place takes some working at. The problem with just having seven riders is the back markers; even on the first lap you find them in front of you.
Something that ruined the authenticity of early race games (Revs springs to mind), and is. Quite honestly, unnecessary.
All around the world On offer are 12 different tracks from the USA to Australia, each lending a few cosmetic embellishments. The lights of the mg -v big city surround the track in V©l*y 1 North America, while fog (what DH,rL I else?) Greets you in England
* •*1* Qtl I The graphics are smooth and Mvfflflr* cli.l I fairly
authentic with small dips Sryl © | and rises in the track
adding to QgH|A the realism The backgrounds, too. Are well
presented, scrolling in tront as you ir their speed negotiate
corners and bends.
At the end of each race, two tables are displayed, the first showing finishing positions and points of the seven riders and the second, the overall picture of the world championship positions.
From a broad perspective, Prime Mover's a decent race game, offering fun if slightly ----- ChriS!
Limited, rough-riding drama. However, with so many equally-good budget I games out there, it's also overpriced. Ull ¦ Drop down a few gears when sliding into corners the added revs should lower your speed and take you through the corner unscathed. ¦ amiGa FORCE l' r«gi I DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE r I ¦ DISKS: 2 jft», jtfA ¦ PLAYERS: 1 JR g” ¦ GENRE: RACING |V ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES 3 ¦ HD INSTALL: NO ¦ Full of pace and race, but lacking in depth.
* . N 'aCf*: =V--; ~ * ,''f ¦ On the first level, go up the
second tree then jump to the platform on the left. Leap up and
* ¦ Core Design, £25.99 There's a fair splattering of bonus
levels and secret rooms you need to take advantage of. Most
contain gems or bones, both adding to your score.
Paws for thought . One As you progress, more obstacles and enemies are ga revealed. WD starts off in the meadows where 3 one of his biggest threats is small fluffy rabbits. It iven seems no matter what the perceived danger, all foes inflict the same damage! From ~ i there, there are things like _ • I bouncing tyres and spikes to A fCll. M negotiate, along with beds you ©* have to bounce on.
|||©nH«( 1 wonder Dog's very well put . H||C I together with decent graphics B®** m and equally impressive .-OB music. Our favourite's mM W definitely the Scrapyard ¦ world, complete with alley cats, strutting vultures as well snce as great cartoon-style graphics.
Wonder Dog himself’s a cool-looking hero check out his facial expression as he runs along!
Is ears All the sprites are well animated too, giving i also this a very polished feel, lide While not a classic platform I ch he game, Wonder Dogs a decent as enough romp that pleases if not intrigues.
Platform games strike back with Core Design s latest offering, Wonder Dog. One of the first games ported from the Sega Mega Drive, this introduces the antics of the clumsy canine who has to battle through seven worlds and numerous levels roc to prevent the evil General *** t i Von Ruffbone and his dog-lroopers from taking fc V fC*»* .
Over the galaxy. - ua,ind O' Wonder Dog's a SP*®* determined little pup, rushing 1 koltUS headlong into meadows and - scrapyards, battling all manner I l «yglS ot beasties giant crows, I • prancing foxes, bunny rabbits V.,, '*** and overgrown scarecrows, not to mention dog-troopers who make their presence very well known.
Wonder Dog’s skills are many and varied.
Grabbing a pair of wings allows him to use his ears to float gently down to terra-firma, and he can also run at objects, ducking at the last minute to slide under them. His main weapons are stars which he throws towards enemies later on, most foes require a few direct hits before they're felled.
¦ Cartridge based consoles aren't my favourite things too limiting if ¦ ¦ ¦¦ you ask me. Therefore, I wasn't too '* impressed with the idea of Wonder Dog, which has been ported across from the Sega Mega Drive.
To be fair, this isn't that bad, quite playable for a platform game. Wonder Dog doesn't look the part at first, although, once he gets going, he does so with a determined look about him!
There's not enough depth, though, and it's not exactly difficult either. Still, if platlormers are your thing, WD may be for you. ¦ 55 | ¦ DEVELOPERS : VICTOR MUSIC IND.
¦1 niQKQ’ 9 II Si ¦ UloVVD. A ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES a HD INSTALL: NO ¦ A fair platform game but somewhat short of being a real classic.
¦ A bit obvious really, but the »*L tutorial's invaluable, and needs to be played Ihrough. If you're pretty jfln familiar with such games then it’s very easy to flick through it at a pace of knots, even missing out the first section altogether. ¦ »;«i H Mindscape £34.99 From the tamer side of God games such as Populous to the complexities of Sim Ant, life- simulations have carved a large niche in the Amiga market. Sim Life, by name alone, infers it’s taking the whole genre one step further no longer are you controlling just a civilisation or a world, Sim Life allows you to mould, build and
create to your heart's content!
Just flicking through the A enclosed manuals is a mL challenge; there's no jumping in at the deep end here. ” Not for the casual Thankfully, there’s an extensive ingame tutorial taking you through the basics, icons, menus and all.
There’s no one idea in Sim Life this is a true simulation, and, while there are scenarios seeing you combating the problems of famines, gluttonous meat eaters and even the death of the dinosaur, the emphasis is on experimentation. Change the laws of physics, mutate genes (hopefully, you won’t end up with something resembling Ian Osborne), create and crush mountains, introduce new animal and plant species and cause the odd disaster, all in a single day. Yours is an ecosystem to control, and you had better be damn responsible otherwise a Pandora’s Box of troubles and strife will be thrown
User Get a Life!
Sim Lite's complex to the Nth degree, and genuinely takes days of hard work just to scratch the surface. Imagine starting with a clean slate, nothing but a globe. From there, you decide the strength of mountains, rivers, blockades, average temperatures, food sources, toxins and weather variation, all of which alter and transform your globe into a habitable (or not, as the case may be) world.
You don't just populate this world; you literally decide on the structure of the creatures and plants you want to make up the population. It's here evolution kicks in and your task as a god-like biologist steps up a gear. Who's eating who? Does the number of carnivores outweigh your plant- eaters, therefore creating havoc? Can anything even survive on your world? Before you know it (the game doesn't take too long to make things happen), amphibians sprout wings, males outnumber females, genes play up and your good intentions fly out the window.
Undoubtedly, a vast amount of time and effort has been put into creating Sim Life, and, to an extent, it works. It’s user-friendly, with useful help keys dotted about all over the place, and the results of your labour are there for all to see there's even a history chart, amongst others, detailing recent events along with those in the distant past.
Let’s not fool ourselves, though even if you found the more ‘arcadey’ sim games such as Sim City and Populous to your liking, you'll probably still find this somewhat heavy going. Lastability's ensured if only because of the endless hours of learning required, yet the feel's very different, with leanings towards the serious side of games. One law lies in the presentation. The text is all-important, especially when trying to get to grips with the finer sides of the population, yet the display’s minuscule, requiring you to get closer to the _ screen than is probably healthy! On top of that, H
details of the various Pf animals and plants at the foot of the screen are decidedly tiny, basically meaning the game becomes more of a chore than is necessary. Those with the latest 30" screens will be fine; for us low-tech players with 14” monitors, the presentation problem's evident and quite unavoidable.
A small quibble, perhaps, in the overall scheme of things. Sim Life's certainly not everybody's cup of tea in fear of repeating ourselves, this is as far removed from Sim City as Sensible Soccer is from Premier Manager. The same genre, yet a more lengthy, involved and complex approach. If you revel in these games then Sim Life's undoubtedly a winner, but this is certainly not for the casual user.
AmiGa FqgcgRatinU1- ¦ DISKS: 4 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: SIM ¦ A1200: AGA REQUIRED ¦ HD INSTALL: YES (¦ It was with some trepidation I loaded Sim Life.
I Unfortunately, my visions of endless reams of text, charts and menus were all-too accurate. There isn’t really a lot of gameplaying in Sim Life here you control events right down to the gene make-up of creatures and plants Inhabiting your world, which can get a little tedious.
Not really for me, I'm afraid even hard-core strategists should delve into the realms of Sim Life with caution. Like Maxis’ previous offering Sim Earth, it's too slow to be fun. ¦ Not exactly the be-all and end-all, but an intricate sim all the ¦ CHRISTMAS 1993 ¦ ReVifiwSl
* - II %
- - - r ; mm o_ mm I, £ Core Design, £25.99 kay guys, here’s
your brief. With Ihe 501st Cyber Assault Squad, members being
Raa, Bee and Gee (oh dear Ed), you have to battle through
five different missions, restoring order to the galaxy and
becoming interplanetary heroes to boot. Not a job for the
feint-hearted! _ Cyberpunks is a multi- directional
find-and-destroy game, in which you lead your assault squad
through various levels kitted out with all kinds of hi-tech
gadgetry, not to mention aliens and the like.
Your team leader's Raa, who, H with his dual-blend mohican and heavy artillery, has one attitude on him! The others, Bee and Gee (I feel a song coming on...), follow in his footsteps, firing on command. All in a cutesie kind of way, of course.
Each of the stages has to be completed within a certain time limit, with your goals ranging from destroying a mutant life-form on an asteroid to rescuing a top scientist. Along the way, you need to collect disks used in the computer to access information about the level you're on via blueprints, stopping me calling this a clone I hope it was in development before the previews and demos rolled in!
I can't say I was terribly impressed by this one. The graphics are cute and cuddly enough, but show little appreciation of perspective, and at the end of the cfay it all seems a little flat and lifeless. Our guest man, Smith, is right (for once) when he says there are a few good ideas in there, it's just a shame they didn't do more with 'em. Ho hum! ¦ as well as opening all the doors and using the holograph-projector.
Whoops nearly gave away my secret Bee Gee fascination there. Anyway, the three Cyberpunks are versatile lads not only are they adept at using the computers, they can also collect various weaponry on their travels, progressing from the basic machine-guns through to butt- Skicking ripple-lasers. Not bad for a group of guys looking like rejects from the Chipmunk cartoons.
Finishing a level's a matter of collecting the right items, utilising paraphernalia (from disks to medical kits), beating up the right aliens (in most cases, that means all of them) and making your way to the exit lift.
Not exactly gripping stuff, but fairly frenetic all the same.
The end of a stage sees a more dramatic challenge as you attempt to complete the mission and fly off in glory, only to be faced by a bigger and badder threat next time.
Having three characters in the central role's a good idea, with each one able to carry and use the various gadgets you come across. Another novel idea allows you to have Bee and Gee firing in the same direction as Raa or in the direction they're facing, effectively allowing you to cover your back at all times.
Cyberpunk's an interesting little ¦ Ij game, with enough going on to keep | you coming back for more. Too |jr lV cutesie for my liking, though.
I Pi? V mi W U ¦ UnfiBIC ‘3 EitflSwiSH Coftndfl ICA* 13" I SORRv THIS TERBir-SL IS Of 3" Of’SE- IIPLEASE flCfEfi ?a voUF QMMiTEft I •!S-£-rCr- ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE , - - . ¦ DISKS: 1 n i ¦ ¦PLAVERS:1 IS! ¦ GENRE: ACTION ¦ 1200 COMPAT: VES TO-CT1 ¦ HD INSTALL: NO "HaS"e33 ,006300 MMZ 3 & ¦ A few nice ideas, but tends to get repetitive.
- t _ Liverpool supposedly the finest club in British
footballing history. I’d go for the Arsenal myself who could
ever forget Michael Thomas' goal in the dying seconds of the
88 89 season’s final match?
By and large, footy games centred around clubs haven't proved too successful a formula in the past. The Man United games aren’t that hot, while the Arsenal game's been years in the making and it’s still not herel The basis of Liverpool sees you guiding the club back to the top, with both a full season and the FA Cup included. Team selection’s your responsibility, with a full squad to choose from.
Each player has abilities marked in percentage ratings, from strength to skill, with 20 players available in total.
S (23 A few basic flaws let the game down.
The play's viewed from behind, stick-men representing the players. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but they certainly don't look like professional footballers! The goalkeeper stands literally between the sticks there’s no net, just goalposts and a crossbar. The 'keepers are also i -* ' __ 3S-.
1 T 1 T ' m ¦ Try running up the wings the computer-players I have a hard time tackling you, so you can take the ball the whole distance!
Somewhat erratic, just like Brucie really, letting in the softest of shots but saving the corkers.
Controlling the players is pretty simple, although a few basic flaws let the game down. Passing's a complex affair you always seem to boot the ball downfield, followed by a mad rush to reach it.
Hardly the Liverpool of old (possibly the Nineties version, though).
WlHi Hope ln_ Yellow or red cards follow every single foul, while, when you score a goal, the screen flicks back to the centre-circle before you get the chance to see the ball cross the line. You aren't even told who scored the Probably the worst part of he game’s the artificial intelligence, or lack of it; the players simply move into pre-arranged positions and stand still until the ball's within a few inches. Not exactly the sort of quality that we’re used to in the recent football simulations, nor is it very representative of the real thing.
Liverpools a nice concept but very poorly executed. Despite the impressive range of options, it really doesn’t compete with the likes of Goal ot Sensible. Even Liverpool fans will be disappointed.
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PSP Total S5JE1 214 ~ «l«»4.iWeUjJlSfSS. I Enter our prize draw when ordering from the Catalogue. J jDogfisbt fails on almost every level* .
Electronic Arts, £24.99 Strange plot. The genestealers (a Geiger- inspired alien race) are infesling Earth- bound wrecks of derelict spacecraft (the eponymous space hulks). They must be stopped, and the Space Marines are the only guys to do it.
Fair enough, but why board the hulks and kick ass with hand weapons? Why not blast them with a few hi-tech homing missiles from the safety of outer space? Perhaps their quasi-religious code of honour won’t let them do things the easy way... J i Unfortunately their lack S S_ of intelligence isn't limited I VA lot of frustration for little reward to the plot, but more of that later. You control a squad of five terminators (as they like to be called). A bog-standard RPG-view gives an own-eye 1 ‘By tJ perspective whereby you can only move one terminator at a time, or you can flick to an ''
overhead view and move them en masse (but not fire).
You’ve a limited amount of 'freeze-time' to give movement orders, which are carried out when you return to real-time. The genestealers move faster than you and are highly intelligent, so watch out for rear and flank attacks.
The basic game concept’s excellent, a sort of real-time Space Crusade with a different perspective. The graphics are moody and atmospheric (though the main own-view window's a little small) and the music's bloomin’ amazing.
So where did it all go wrong? Well for starters, controlling five men (or ten in two-squad missions) in real-time demands an advanced state of schizophrenia. Sure you can order ’em around in freeze-time, but the enemies move so bloomin' fast they’re often on top of you before you can say 'AAARGH!' They rip you apart in seconds too.
You'r* Fired... The troops can fire on their own initiative, but they're not very good at it. Even more alarmingly, they seem incapable of turning to face an oncoming enemy. By the time you've selected the terminator under attack and turned him around, he’s dead.
You then select the guy behind him by hitting the correct function key, and the main window changes to his I viewpoint, just in time to watch him die. You can lose an entire 1 squad while grubbing for the I buttons.
I Even when you've got the |V hang of it, there's little I incentive to go on. The A hulks are dominated by _ narrow corridors, forcing the troops to walk in single file and limiting the strategy element horrendously. There don’t seem to be any enemies other than genestealers, either. Come on folks, how about a bit of variety here? Flicking from freeze to real-time makes it very stop-starty too.
Space Hulk has all the trappings of a great game, but seems dramatically under-playtested.
There are a number of ways it could be improved. You could control less troops, make them more resilient to enemy attack, slow down the genestealers or even do away with the real-time approach all together. As it stands, V*' I 1 though, it's a lot of frustration and .1J _ disk-swapping for very little reward.
¦ The hype surroundin, TBPVf) Hulk gave us high exp.. ~Z I, LI but we came away thi leaj [j* disappointed.
Where did it go wror Warhammer process wc on paper, but, in this computer game flat on its pixelated face. Real-time is and good, but not when it’s badly imj ed. Here it just adds to the fn because the set-up fails to impress.
For example, when a genestealer your squadron from the side, you reach for the clumsy controls to f rather that the computer turning you £ ically. A small point, yes, but very rep tive of the overall feel of the game It could've been a goodie, but as i it, erm, isn’t. The game’s dogged flaws that should’ve been picked up playtesting and will quickly reside in I of the cupboard, I'm afraid ¦ DEVELOPERS: GDW & EA «-» S ' DISKS: 3 PLAVERS:1
- •3;-:“’ 1 GENRE: STRATEGY 17- 1200 COMPAT: YES . J HD
INSTALL: NO Use the flame thrower to block off corridors (but
make sure you don't have ti go down ’em first!)
A promising game let down by silly flaws. Not Electronic Arts’ finest hour.
ReViewS!N (Above) Well I’m the king ol the swingers, a jungle VIP... (Left) With hair like that she looks like a young Phillis Pearce.
Urrican’s a gaming legend. In the three years since the first Turrican outing hit the Amiga, he's never been short of celeb engagements.
Opening shops, listing winners at award ceremonies, making guest appearances on breakfast TV... you name it, he's done it.
Then the inevitable happened. The unfeasibly evil Empire returned, and once more the powers-that-be tried to get rid of him.
Sending him into battle alone. Alas, he won and returned to a ticker-tape welcome and appearances on , chat shows, TV quizzes and even This Is Your Life.
Was lor years, but the sequel reared its ugly head once more.
Again Turrican bravely batters the baddies across five non-stop action levels, each divided into three separate stages.
Maybe I’m cynical, but do we really need another Turrican game? For my money there’s very little to set this effort aside from its predecessor.
For example, the outsized weapon’s still there, again firing in umpteen different ways. A little inspired joystick-juggling has you leaping across platforms, blasting seven shades of shoe polish out of the aliens and even turning into a mine-dropping cartwheel. In a rare splash of innovation they also add a harpoon-thingie for latching onto platforms and swinging to previously impossible-to-reach places, Batman-The Movie style.
Shooting a chest reveals power-ups including gun-changing lasers, rebounders or wide-angled scatter shots. Picking up a weapon you’re using increases its power in stages grab a different gun for a swap. Other grabable goodies take in health to restore your energy bar, and extra lives and shields for temporary invulnerability.
The gameplay’s standard Turrican , platform baddie-blasting. A few Hmfe extra enemies are added, making the game more frantic, but apart from that I it's just 'more of the same'.
I’ve never liked shoot-'em- ups using energy bars, either.
They're okay in beat-’em-ups as you tail over (or at least visibly wince) when hit, but for me walking into a baddie and not dying strips the game of its immediacy.
Turrican 3s short-lived energy and its visual and sonic effects mean this isn’t as big a bugbear as in the previous offerings, but it's still annoying.
Some of the levels sprawl a bit, too, with more than their fair share of unseen deaths and awkward need-the-harpoon bits very annoying when you're up against the clock.
On the plus side, the graphics are cool (though, again, derivative if I see one more Alien- inspired sprite I’ll scream) and the action's fast and furious. It's really a missed opportunity, though. We expect more from a sequel than a straight rehash ¦ __ of old ideas. Not bad. But of little use 1 if you've already got one of the ¦*•*1 ¦ eariier games.
¦ Hmm . This isn't a bad game in ¦ IrlX- its own right, but it's more of a 71" slight tweaking than a sequel.
¦ Spend some time getting used to the joystick controls! A Turrican 3 offers little in the way of innovation or originality.
A lot of water's passed under the bridge since Turrican first hit the shelves. Look at Thalion's Lionhean, for example a change of scene and a batch of new ideas and you've got the true Turrican for the ninties. This effort's just a rehash of old ideas for die-hard fans only.
¦ Interesting enough in a seen-it-all-before sort of way, but no more.
A ¦ Psygnosis, £25.99 Seen the bonus level in Sonic The Hedgehog where our blue-spiked buddy curls into a ball, bouncing round a revolving maze, collecting rings? Well, this game's just like that. The blue mammal's replaced by a decapitated head, the rings are coins and a few extra devices added but the gameplay remains the samel The game's set in a viewed-from-above maze looking like it's made from psychedelic lolly-sticks (for the first few levels af least). You've little control over the main sprite, instead you govern his movements by rotating the _ maze, the effects of gravity 0
pulling Bob downwards. Twist me il slowly and he gently rolls lO' down the newly-created slope; turn it upside down and he falls | through the air Hitting the fire 1 jMffl button makes him bounce on Ihe 1 ™ spot! 1 51 Needless lo say, Ihe mazes get lii increasingly complicated as you progress. They also throw in help-or- hinder-devices, including spikes costing a couple of coins (lose 'em all and it’s 'game over’), extra bounce, and arrows changing the direction of gravity instead of falling down you fall up, right or left! The arrows are far too prolific on the early levels, making
controlled play almost impossible.
They also encourage throwing the joystick around at random. Thankfully, this settles down later on, i ijllllll ¦¦¦III ")¦¦¦¦¦¦ ¦ A fair old puzzler, but nothing to lose your head over.
I T making a challenge rather than a chore. Later still, yet more collectables appear, like aggression- enhancers allowing you to smash through certain coin-sapping spikes, a control-nobbier preventing you making certain joystick movements and even a teleporter.
A-maxe-ing Antics... Thankfully, Psygnosis include a password system taking you straight to any of the game's 100 levels.
You only get one life per game but continues are infinite, unlike time run out and the Bob-like character on the status bar turns green and vomits (and you die, of course). The levels are also well
* constructed, offering a serious A challenge and demanding
lateral- 1 thinking. It's a pity this forward- lO*» Planning
isn't applied to Ihe ...» difficulty curve Level Ten, for
llTk**5 »|*A I examPle-ls an evi1 contraption .ygl1 taking a
fair few plays lo ° .x- master, yet LeveM t's a Spl"** doddle!
The game doesn'l
* *n .i.-ii this degree of difficulty again until around Level
20. Curious... Psygnosis have produced a credible game from a
very simple concept, though it occasionally crosses the fine
line between 'challenging' and 'frustrating'. Also like many "V
puzzlers. It’s a little over-priced. I I Not a bad effort,
though it won't f i appeal to everyone and won t !¦' keep you
playing forever. V ¦ This reminds me of those old llul 9ames
y°u *'nc* in hack-street arcades, not only in design but ¦
also in long-term appeal.
I soon tired of Bob's incessant rolling; there’s little more to the game than flinging him from one side of the room to the other. The mazes fail to really tease or challenge, with nothing to keep you glued to the screen after the first ten iaHfc ¦ CodeMasters, £25.99 Funny things, licences. Software companies fall over each other to grab 'em, believing they sell games, and they're right! Check out the Amiga charts in any particular month and they're full of film licences, coin-op conversions and tie-ins of one sort or another.
Some licences lend themselves easily to games, offering a great central sprite and lots to hang the action on, though far too many just restrict programmers' and designers' freedom resulting in generic, samey rubbish.
Remember G-Loc? Ace in the arcades, but without its custom hardware it was dire. What about Terminator 2? With the software house desperate to cling onto the film's storyboard, a series of dull sub-games became inevitable. And would Nigel HVE .. _ Mansell’s World II I Championship have been any I It L worse without ol'Nige s 1 ¦ mustachioed mug on the box? At I gn( their worst licences can be I if extremely naff, but they do sell _ software... " Perhaps the best are the ones demanding nothing from the programmers. Take Flair Software's Trolls it gave the game an instantly recognisable
character, but set no limitations on artistic freedom. The result? One of the best platformers ever to appear on the Amiga!
Micro Machines is in a very similar vein. The pocket-sized toys (if you've very small pockets) haven't a story to tell, they’ve no 'real world’ axe to grind and they've no impossible-to- computerise quirks dogging the weaker coin-op and boardgame conversions. Instead they offer the game-designer a simple-but-effective hook It pl«Ys like a good'un From the breakfast table to the pool table, Micro Machines offers you the chance to race on them all!
On which to hang the game and a great deal of artistic licence (no pun intended). The result? A corking game oozing character and charm!
Mini Mayhem .
Micro Machines is a modern-day Supersprint variant, with scrolling rather than static tracks.
Unlike most overhead-racers, you’re not driving ordinary, everyday road or F1 cars. Instead you take control of a Micro Machine, each level offering a different microscopic theme.
The qualifying round takes place in a bath tub, with soapy suds marking the edges of the track.
Guide your miniature speedboat under the bath rack and past the rubber duck, qualifying for the main event by finishing in front (not difficult). You then go on to the challenge, a three-lap race against three computer-opponents of your choice. Not that they drive any different the game gets gys I harder as you go (obviously), but
* I this doesn't seem to be affected k Q I by your choice of
’ _ You've three lives to play | Ol* with, losing one if you fail to finish in the top two.
______The tracks are |unbelievably imaginative.
Being set against a variety of everyday locations. After completing the qualifying round you find yourself racing four-by-fours on the breakfast table, the course mapped out by lines of cereal and obstacles. They include orange juice stains on the track to slow you down and a rather rough place-mat. Later you race well 'ard warrior cars on the garage floor, sand buggies in a sandpit (where else?) And (my personal fave) Formula One cars on a pool-table. Isn't this more fun than generic roads and racecourses?
The 'micro' element allows all sorts of devices and obstacles to creep in, such as following the track into a pocket on the pool-table and re- iRet iewS!'
VF*IHa ® 11 s a shame ,he game lsn'l as V *' technically impressive as the V A Mega Drive version, but at the end of the day it's gameplay that counts.
Micro Machines oozes high octane, fuel-injected, four-wheeled drive playability from every spark plug.
The Superspnnl gamestyle is timeless, and Micro Machines adds a whole new angle on the genre racing tiny vehicles on tracks made from everyday objects is far more fun than the usual offering.
IK With a little tweaking, this could be a worthy rave, but as it stands it's still an unmissable offering. Buy it or you're a SkodalB £ s s s s ¦ Only release the accelerator for sharp comers. ¦ appearing from another, or leaping across a gap in the school-desks using a ring-binder as a ramp. You can leave the track to avoid a hazard, but try to cut too much of the course and the car explodes.
Finish in front three times in a row and you get to play the bonus levels, guiding big-wheeled ruff trux through marshy and hazardous terrain.
Driving Force.- The vehicles all have their own idiosyncrasies.
The warriors, for example, have very little inertia unlike the sports cars. The tracks also have a character of their own. Everyday objects take on a whole new appearance when you’re racing vehicles an inch long.
When familiar with the layout, scattered articles also make useful indicators of what's coming. For example, when you pass the Filofax on the desktop drop-off, you know there’s a sharp left turn on the way prepare for it well or you drive right off the desk!
Micro Machines has a unique two-player option too. Instead of splitting the screen and making it impossible to tell when the bends are coming, you face your opponent on the same screen, the scrolling following the leader. If the tail-ender s , scrolled off the screen, the cars are placed side- by-side in the centre and a point's taken from the loser and given to his foe Lose ’em all and you've lost! This option's also available against the computer, as a single race or a tournament covering each of the tracks in turn.
Spider finishes last again. Orir tips boy just couldn't see through the shades!
FiRCt tl tlillir JUICE FOLLIES Technologically, Micro Machines isn't as good as the Mega Drive version the graphics are slightly weaker and the parallaxed floors on tabletop levels are missing. Even so it plays like a good 'un. The Micro Machines provide a - welcome and interesting change from the usual Supersprinter and the I courses are imaginative in the |a|| I mi i B I up and running, search around the plant for new items and tools.
Kixx XL, £ 14.99 orking in a warehouse has never appealed to the AMIGA FORCE team we like the idea of sauntering in at noon, playing football games all day and getting home in time for tea (you'd be so lucky Ed). Hard work never J did anyone any harm, though, and Kixx's re- release of LucasArts 'Night Shill looks to prove the old adage right!
Your duties on the night shift begin rather casually, but, by the time you're due to clock off.
The tasks become all the more ; demanding! Guiding your fixit-man (or woman) around the giant factory, your tasks include kicking in dodgy plugs and mending faulty | valves. Once you’ve got the 'BEAST' in perfect working order manufacturing begins, with figures from Star Wars and Indiana Jones | going into production.
Each night gives you a new quota to meet I and extra duties to perform. Conveyor belts I must be sent trundling the correct way, you need to keep the electricity generating by I peddling a bike, paint needs to be mixed and even Quality Controllers appeased.
Different tools are also scattered around the plant, such as wrenches, balloons and matches (the strikeable kind), all with particular uses.
My first few plays were, well, a bit crap.
Stormtroopers went through with heads where the torsos should be which didn't impress Frank Foreman, the company's Production Manager.
P45s were flying everywhere and my pay was as paltry as it is on AMIGA FORCE. A few shifts on, though, and everything clicks into place, pointing I to a good difficulty curve K J as well as an impatient - player!
Later on more ‘BEAST’ components are revealed, requiring you to perform a few more maintenance tasks before production can begin. Don't forget, time’s money and your clock's forever ticking away if you don't produce the necessary quota, you join the dole queue!
Night Shift’s playable, despite its initially clumsy control system and some very poor graphics. It's certainly not your classic LucasArts game, with little in the way of depth, but it makes a decent enough budget game.
* * •*» *WT cooe OvD-f*Q O Once manufacturing's ¦ What s this
doing on Kixx XL?
I If you've already read my glowing endorsement of Knights Ot The Sky, you know I think the label’s a real boon to the Amiga scene, but one-disk games with only a single sheet of instructions really ought to be on their ordinary budget label. The game itself is pretty neat, taking a fresh look at the arcade puzzler. There's always plenty to do, and the learning curve gets you used to the BEAST'S complexities in bite-sized stages.
Not a bad release at all, but it shouldn’t be on a PREMIUM budget label. ¦ [ r, * H L -*• .
I. _ I 'T- A 0.000.000 * Nigh Shif THE ADVENTURES OF«B idget!
ROBIN HOOD Kixx XL £14.99 legend, a hero and a damn line film star, the story ot Robin Hood has stood the test of time well. The Adventures of Robin Hood take up the tale of the outlaw, pitting him against the evil Sheriff who's managed to nick his castle.
This is certainly not what you expect from a run-of- the-mill adventure. Viewed in isometric 3-D, your goal's to eventually rid Nottingham of the Sheriff and his high taxes, recruiting a band of fellow outlaws to aid you.
J We were suitably impresse Robin Hood differs from other games in that your tasks and aims prior to that final, fatal battle are pretty much hidden from you. It all takes place in real-time, so many events happen around you don't be surprised to see the famed bowman nipping off for a quick pint or following a crowd of people as they flock to be addressed by the Sheriff. Initially, this is all a bit off-putting, but it's all part of the game’s charm.
Guiding Robin through the woods and buildings is a simple affair, utilising on-screen- arrows for movement. Icons are clicked to perform other actions, such as collecting dropping items, viewing the surrounding area, conversing with other folk and using his sword or bow.
Riding through the glades Sometimes, the intention of an action doesn’t always have the desired effect. Rather than talk to people, Robin has this tendency to follow them, especially pretty maidens’. This can lead the lad into some trouble. Following Marion to the castle had Robin in the deepest mire; having been sentenced to hang, his sword skills seemed the only option open to us.
Unfortunately, the Norman guard was a tough nut to crack, leaving Robin skewered and, well, not feeling too well.
The humour's a surprising addition, but really helps the game.
Robin seems to be tortured by depression, while the people of Nottingham aren’t too impressed he let the Sheriff get hold of his castle in the first place.
It's the freedom allowed lhat makes the game so impressive, though. Being left to your own devices can be the downfall of a game; in Robin Hood, it gives you the opportunity to delve into an adventure that constantly spirals into deeper and darker territory. We were suitably impressed again, Kixx XL have delivered a game offering true value for money.
(Below) Come on Robin, you've got to get your castle back it's no use hanging around!
¦ Try to follow characters ] using the arrows rather "J than chasing after them I remember what curiosity did to the cat! ¦ ¦ A fabulous adventure keeping you playing for a very long time.
Buy it!
¦ CHRISTMAS 1993 ¦ LINKS n iraainCr - ¦ If you must play it from | floppies, get a handheld I to keep you busy l between shots.
LjJri Playing this Irom floppies is like watching pro celebnty goll on BBC 1 lor 24 hours solid. The pointless anecdotes and my wife's so ugly gags are missing, but it's just as nauseatingly boring.
The game itself's got a lot going for it (not least the great graphics), but you end up throwing it across the room long before you get to see its finer points. If it had been converted properly, ie programmed to the Amiga’s strengths and weaknesses, it'd be great. As it stands, it's virtually unplayable.
If you've got a hard drive it might be worth a blast, but I'd still recommend MicroProse Goll instead. Links stinks' ¦ Kixx XL, £ 1 6.99 Watch The Clock The harm done to the game by its running speed Links 386 .. the best golf game ever to hit cannot be over-emphasised. I can’t even call it the PC. The graphics are amazing, being sluggish1 as lettuce-chewing molluscs run like digitised from genuine golfers and trees, the wind compared to Links. My experiences on with landscapes so real you can almost smell the the first hole were as follows approach the tee.
Freshly-cut lawns. II really is a corker. And take the first shot. Fair enough. I then Links.. the Amiga conversion of the PC game watched the disk access lights Hash on and off like The 386 bit’s gone for obvious reasons, but the the Blackpool illuminations, stared at the ceiling, digitised graphics and fluid animation remain. Returned to the screen, saw it wasn’t ready yet And it’s crap! Twiddled my thumbs, stared at the ceiling again (it The good thing about J J hadn't changed), counted the hairs Pcs is their processing WHHH on the back of my hand then got power they've virtually no ready
to take the next shot (at It'S disgustingly slow. - sprite support, making them lash. So whal next7 I toon the less-than-bnlliant lor arcade shot, watched the disk drives games, but for sheer number- I iT-T'TT I hTH light up like a Christmas tree, crunching they’re amazing. Made a paper aeroplane Games like golf and flight- threw it at Smiffy catching Sims require exactly this quality him in the earhole. Got told as re-drawing landscapes and py off. Went for a coffee, came images is a very mathematical . back, sat in front of the exercise (don’t ask me to explain why. I'm a computer and
after a brief wait I journalist not a computer programmer, just take was off again. Shot three I hit the ball, counted it from me it is). That's why games ported to the the tea-stains on the Amiga, screwed up a piece Amiga from the PC (as opposed to re- of paper, threw it at Chris Marke (and missed), programmed) run so darned slowly. The Amiga ducked as he threw it back again, contemplated juSt hasn't the head for figures enjoyed by its life, the universe and everything (I'll have to write business-onentated brother a book about it sometime), and reflected that the Such is the problem with
Links. Its game probably isn't as successful on the Amiga idiosyncrasies and running speed clearly show as it is on the PC.
It's been written for a hard drive you can run it With classy products like MicroProse Goll, Nick from floppies, but you need two drives (a fact Faldo’s and PGA Tour on the market (all of which made far-from-clear on the box it's printed in were written with the Amiga's capabilities in tiny letters on the system requirements panel no mind), there seems little point in even considering one ever reads anyway) and even then you can't this effort. If you've a hard drive it might be worth ¦ With a hard drive - 75% From floppies - 9% I Mind-numbingly slow if I you've no hard drive. I use the
overhead views or save a game without a bash it looks great and can't a hard drive (and that's only stated on a sticker really be faulted as a sim. Without HHPb inside the box!). It's also disgustingly slow, taking one, though, it's virtually unplayable I I ages to re-draw a screen. with only one drive, literally so.
- - ¦ _ Now that’s what I call a ffight-sm the update's fast,
the missions exciting and the lack ot hi-tech homing missiles
make dogfighting a real challenge.
The original MicroProse manual (also included) pays sterling attention to detail and fascinating historical notes, making Knights Ot The Sky an all-round bargain. If you avoid sims 'cos of the complicated keyboard controls, this one’s tor you it's easy to get into but impossi- ' v " ' . Ble to put down.
OF THE SK 1 Make use of the cockpit views, especially the rear don't get an enemy on your Kixx XL, £ 1 6.99 Flight-sims head-up displays, multi-million dollar missiles, laser lock-on, retractable undercarriage, chaff, afterburners... Knights Ot The Sky has none of 'em. In the days before a fully-equipped fighter cost more than a small town and when jet engines were a twinkle in Frank Whittle's eye, prop-driven bi-planes ruled the skies! Aircraft first saw military action in World War One and Knights Ot The Sky takes this conflict as its inspiration.
Unsurprisingly for a former MicroProse game, KOTS boasts incredible attention to detail. I won't bore you with long lists of options cribbed from the manual while the game loads (we're not like other mags you know), but rest assured it's got enough depth to sink Jeremy Beadle (if you don't believe me, give it a try and do the world a favour). Everyone's catered for, from the die-hard pick- up-and-play merchants to the serious sim expert.
The dogfighting blows you away Self-contained dogfights, training courses and modem head-to-head battles are available, but the heart of the ' game's in serving as a pilot in the Great War. Starting in 1916 with a rookie flier and a choice of two 'kites' (that’s tally-ho talk for planes), you’re sent on a series of missions over allied and occupied France.
Escorting bombers, blasting reconnaissance balloons, intercepting enemy fighters, patrolling sensitive areas; each mission offers its own challenge and because the game generates its own, you never know what's coming next.
The Plane Truth... Between flights you're treated to a series of cameo pics depicting a news piece, bar-room rumour, flight crew message etc. Always relevant, they never interfere with the game’s flow. The flight crew, for example, inform you of aeronautic developments, allied and enemy. As new planes are developed, your choice of kites widens the game features every significant fighter of WW1, and for once they actually make a difference to the flight model.
If you're not too experienced at flight-sims, lower difficulty levels greatly reduce the enemy pilots’ ability. Their planes take very little damage before crumbling, while repeated hits reduce your own craft's performance, but it takes a lot of lead to bring it down. Needless to say, this imbalance is redressed as you advance. There are 13 viewpoints on offer, and they're not just cosmetic either keep looking over your shoulder for the enemy, and don't spend too much time admiring the excellent views.
That's all very well,' I hear you cry, ‘but how does it play?’ Have no fear. Athough Amigadom's littered with brilliantly-presented games that play like conkers in a dilapidated bus shelter, this one won't be joining the scrap heap it's brilliant!
(Above) Shoot the Fokker!
For a start, there's no disk-swapping, even with one drive. The game comes on two disks but the _____ first's no longer needed after the 'insert disk two' message.
Those who hate all the keyboard-clobbering demanded by many sims are in | tor a treat. There are precious few keys to press and they f 'y soon become instinctive.
, . Ft No need to flick through
- «* ythe manual to find which weapon to use either it’s a
machine gun or nothing!
Not that any of this stops it being fun. The fast update gives a real feeling of flight and the seat- of-your-pants dogfighting, with no electronic assistance, blows you away. The artificial intelligence of the computer-controlled pilots is excellent, too. Getting any plane to stay in your gunsights long enough to blast it out of the sky’s tricky enough, but wait until you meet an elite pilot they fight like demons. On-screen messages tell you when you've received or scored a hit, and action replays of your finest and foulest moments are available too.
Kixx XL have brought us anofher quality game for under £20. Due to the size of manuals, games like this could never be sold as ordinary budget offerings, so fans of the genre need a label like Kixx XL.
Keep ’em coming, that's what I say!
AWESOME XI £10.99 ret 919 TO KILL I £10.99 ret 918 The Dino M £10.99 lef 917 with an S £10.99 .el 916 altitude 12 £ 7.99 .el 915 problem. 10 £ 7.99 .el 914 8 £ 7.99 .el 913 M £10.99 .el 937 S £10.99 .el 936 12 £ 7.99 ref 935 10 £ 7.99 ret 934 8 £ 7.99 .el 933 JURASSIC PARK SPITTER.
One in the eye.
XI £14.99 .el 929 I £14.99 .el 928 M £14.99 ref 927 5 £14.99 .el 926 12 £11.99,el 925 10 £11.99,el 924 8 £11.99 .ef 923 , JurasskBuw POSTAGE AND PACKING FREE TEMPORRRV TRTTOO TAE OFFICIAL FILM CAP One size fit, all (with adjustable strap) ONE SI2E-£5.99-Ref 950 TAE OFFICIAL FILM T-SHIRT It's the Jurassic Tastlc T-shirt, a must in both adults and childrens' sizes.
XI £9.99 .el 909 I £9.99 ref 908 M £9.99 ref 907 S £9.99 ,ef 906 12 £7.99 ,ef 905 10 £7.99 ,el 904 8 £7.99 ref 903 RED SKV Red sky at night Jurassic delight.
XI £10.99 ,ef 949 L £10.99 ,el 948 M £10.99 ref 947 S £10.99 ref 946 12 £11.99 ref 945 10 £11.99 ref 944 8 £11.99 .el 943 THE OFFICIAL JURASSIC PARK T-SHIRT RANGE CREDIT CARD HOTLINE - OPEN 24 HOURS - SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE JURASSIC PARK CONTROL ROOM TO ORDER YOUR T-SHIRTS NOW!
PHONE 02 72 76 78 01 RPPROH CHEST Ebbe:* 111(1 Ihliln ipprez mill = Tiiis Iipru 1M1II = Hits iiptei mm : Min if),ii llllll = lliis epprei llllll 1 Win ipprei III! I : 1 ills ipprei Please use the above chart as a guide only • U « lia. A ptest unplctc iw Hit itlaaKl ud.arM|. | 111 a mn ui 100% am. Nodia miskdM oid led. Best Wn M Ik,.. I Wl dla l * yuMI, M«y tat pounce, il |M irta he .Mdwiain to ji rthe .wen tap.
I Otto, in wjoIi icyilW »ih» 7 10 ton hi *« uyte 11 days la driiay DATE Of IIRTH OfFER ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.K. AND N. IRELAND find enclosed my cheque posiol oidef mode out lo 'BUSINESS ALTERNATIVES LTD' PO BOX 70, BRISTOL BS99 1QW. (remembei lo pur your name cod address decity on the bock) or debft my credit card.
HEIMP6 YSA O ACCESS O' iplKS* Id) Signature iipiiy dale TITLE PLEASE ENTER ONE 1 REF SIZE REQUIRED PR|C€ EM PER LINE (see chert) • • £ £ ‘ : £ £ • • .111,11 POSTAGE PACKING imrte suit tta is tte sane cs iticr re9st«d yew cod) T0TAL Tick this baz if yai 4* wot I* any WqSm| £ : TITLE CHRISTIAN NAME PLEASE COMPLETE THIS COUPON IN INK, WRITE CLEARLY AND IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
A bumper issue of tips this month, iust in time for all those games that you'll get for Chrissy! Anyone lucky enouah to get a CD32 will no doubt benefit from the Ostar tips, while, considering it's the season of goodwill to all men, we give those Humans (II) a helping hand!
Get your yo-yos out and prepare to bask and dash your way around a variety of wild and weird worlds.
Osear's a game many are to find bulging out of their stockings on Christmas morning.
To end those Boxing Day blues, we've come up with tips-a-plenty helping dear old Oscar I celebrate a $ 1 Aquaventura Atomic Robokid Bane Of The Cosmic Forge Blues Brothers, The Brides Of Dracula Cabal Civilisation Crime Does Not Pay Deep Core 72 77 79 79 Deuteros Deuteros Dojo Dan Dungeon Master Dyna Blaster F16 Combat Pilot Fast Lane 79 79 79 79 79 70 74 68 79 79 79 79 Federation Of Free Traders Humans II Lemmings Lifeline Oscar Parasol Stars PGA Tour Golf Player Manager Robocod A1200 In the first Sci-Fi Zone there's a seemingly unreachable platform full of goodies. To get to it, run down the
large hill and leap at the level to reveal previously invisible blocks.
AA HUMANS II One of the toughest M games to even get
* started on, we’ve toiled - ' over the first few levels to
bring you the definitive starter's guide to Humans II. From the
joys of rope-climbing on Level One through the Witch Doctoring
of Level Four and onto the human-saving levels thereafter,
you'll soon be flying through the levels in no time at all!
Drop us a line with your problem levels and we’ll see what we
can do!
All of the tips that you could ever have wished for, especially for those having difficulty beating the system!
In all zones avoid the Game Boy icon which flies out of the bonus coins as it turns the whole screen to dodgy shades of green, making it almost impossible to see enemies. It usually ends with you running headlong into them and losing many lives.
More Lemmings problems dealt with by our resident experts!
¦ CHRISTMAS 1993B From the beginning, ride the lift to the top and leap left to grab the first Oscar, Run to your right and jump from the hilltop to find another Oscar at the far-right of the ledge. Keep moving to your right to find yet another of those little statues, as well as a big red elephant.
Make your way to the ledge above and grab the Oscar before returning to the left of the V he aim of the game is to I retrieve those all-important Oscars and find the clapper board to complete the level.
We searched high and low to discover the whereabouts of Oscars hidden in the Sci-Fi and Horror Worlds... There’s another apparently inaccessible ledge in the Cemetery Zone. It can be reached the same way as the first (see the Sci-Fi Zone). By leaping into the air you expose more hidden blocks.
Dash to your right and skip onto the first ledge to snap up your first Oscar. Descend the first set of falls to grab the statue to your left, then lall right down into the water to find yet another. Swim right to the large set of falls and leap out to your right to encounter that big, daft elephant and an Oscar Continue moving If you're looking for Oscar's yo-yo in the first Cemetery Zone, try swimming into the small alcove to the left of the large waterfall. Use if for smashing blocks and defeating enemies.
Another very useful item hiding inside the coins is a bottle of green potion. This makes you invisible and invincible for a short while. Be careful, though, as it has a nasty habit of running out just when you need it most!
Always be wary of the cacti. Many come to life and rip away large chunks of energy.
Whenever you see the large elephant in the baseball hat, remember to give him a good kick.
It's not only good for a laugh, but it also marks your progression through the level. This is very handy as every time you die, you're returned to the last elephant kicked.
Watch out for mine-cars in the Western Level. Time your movements so you can walk between them. Then run and leap over them as they approach you. Most enemies are destroyed by jumping on their heads a few times. It's a lot quicker and safer, though, to bounce over them especially the smaller ones.
Paddle to the far-right to pick up your Oscar and jump out of the water back onto dry land, At the top you see the clapper board with a statue flr Humans %
* ? When they're *
* not beating the fl living daylights 1 out of each other, they
join forces and battle evil-doers, Jurassic Park rejects and
the world's most testing terrain. Weary from too much of the
alternative Christmas spirit, we sat down to help the little
blighters find their way home in time to meet 'h neanderthal
Santa and his prehistoric 4 r v elves... * J Although the
first stage is there to help you get to grips with the
controls, it still takes patience and time to crack.
Kick off by moving your men up the first ladder and building a tower to the left-hand ledge Make the fifth HHHf ' " • HBHB and collect the rope Climb down and jaHBffliS work your way left, using towers and japBjBaB tne rone to nee them safely across to the far side.
Collect the spear trom tho pit then BggSjS!
Build anothe' man-lowei Cnmbtolho flpffijSf platform above. Use the spear to SlaBWl defeat the ugly human patrolling the ledge, then get the rope guy up there so you can haul up the others. Repeat the tower climbing process to make it to the top left where you can grab the flame.
Lead your group back to the right-hand side and help the man with the flame reach the top- right ledge. Burn the bush and you’re free.
' j The Wifch Doctor and a rather j savage dinosaur appear for the first time on Level Three.
Use the Witch Doctor to change the rather unfortunate guy on his left into a rope, then lower it down. Take one guy down to collect and lower the second rope off the left hand side of the ledge, then let another human descend both ropes to rescue your little buddy, who’s being held captive.
After they've clambered back up. Lower one of them on the right-hand side to collect the spear.
Return to the Witch Doctor’s platform and use a man-tower to climb to the dinosaur's ledge. Hurl the spear at the dinosaur, then as he scarpers, grab the second spear and throw that, too.
To finish him off once and for all, get the whole team up there so you can reach the third spear on the ledge above by building another man-tower; another direct hit’s the final nail in the dinosaur's coffin.
Return to the point where you collected the first spear, lowering the Witch Doctor and one of his cronies down to the ground, so they can stand on the pressure pad to the right. Leave them here to make the obstacle on the right disappear and open your exit to this level.
Take the remaining humans to the top again, lowering a rope off the right hand ledge so the rope-man and another human can climb down.
Lower the second rope down to the ledge below. Guide your remaining human down the rope and the gold (not to mention a well earned victory) is yours!
, From your starting position, climb the J ladder and grab the spear. Make a 1 man-tower so the spear-man can descend from the original starting ledge, then continue right utilising the tower skill to reach the right-hand ledge take the rope.
Haul the others up to the ledge, then lower the whole team down and make a tower for the rope-man to descend. Use the rope to lower a man to the trapped human, rescuing the poor soul and adding a further member to your merry band. Haul them up and descend right to collect the flame.
Reverse the whole process by sending the spear and flame-men scurrying up to the top ledge. Use the spear-man to vault the gap, then throw the flame across so you can bum the bush. Now just vault to the right across all of the gaps to reach the exit.
Your first task's to collect the rope found on the top left ledge, accessible via a man-tower. Get the wheel, make one of your humans hop on and head for the man-tower on your left. Climb the tower and the set of steps thereafter to get the spear.
Guide the whole tribe back to the platform level and construct a tower so you can reach the right-hand platform and the stranded human found there. Lead the whole tribe to the centre steps and build a tower to the block above, sending the rope-man to the top to bring the whole team upwards.
Kick off by using the Witch Doctor to r I change one of his comrades into a rope and lower the magic-man down, building a man-tower to rescue the rope-man. Collect the spear on the left using the rope-man and build a tower to get to the platform on the right of your house. When the whole tribe’s together, go down to the platform below using the rope followed by a tower to gather all the humans together.
Head down the ladder, lower the humans down the left-hand side and rescue the trapped tribesman; send another human down the right- hand side to collect the torch.
Throw both the rope and the torch to the left, and vault the spear-man across the gap, throwing the spear back so another human can get across. Grab the torch to bum the bush after climbing down the right-hand side.
Climb the rope again to collect the spear, then use it to vault from the burned bush to the trapped female, finishing the level in the process.
Next build a tower to the Sumo, spearing him when he's within range. To the left of the Sumo’s a pressure pad; leave two tribe members standing on it and use the rope to lower the remaining humans over the right- hand ledge. Use a man-tower to retrieve the rope-man.
To your right is a set of stone steps; climb these using small man-towers. When you’ve reached the top, build a tower up to the ledge so your flame-man can climb it before burning the [bush to gain access to the exit.
To get the rope, build a man-tower to the right of the stari and a further one on the ledge above. Lower the rope over the right-hand side, allowing you to reach the spear in the pit.
Take the team left across the pit, then build another tower to the ledge. Haul the team up with the rope, then repeat the process to reach the next platform. Leave two of your tribe standing on the pressure pad, then lead the others back down and right.
Use another man-tower to return to where the rope was found and get ready to attack the dinosaur at the top of the ladder. As he's walking away, follow him and grab the flame. If you're very lucky, you can push the dino away with the flame before making a dash for freedom, but even if one guy gets eaten the next can retrieve the flame with few problems.
Take the whole tribe back to the two humans on the pressure switch, then build a tower to the left platform. Burn the bush, build another tower and head for the exit.
First of all, climb the ladder to reach the rope, then go back down the ladder. Head right and throw the rope to the tribesman on the upper platform.
Use the rope to raise the other humans.
Head back to the top of the ladder; use man- towers to grab the spears from the left and right platforms. When you reach the right-hand ledge, haul the team up and guide a spear-man to the top. Vault right, then throw the spear back. Return using the new spear, moving down and right.
Send two spearmen to kill the [ dinosaur, and, when he's dead, climb the | ladder to collect the torch. The others can return by vaulting; get them to build a tower leading to the bush.
Burn it, then hoist the I team up. Use another 1 tower to reach the exit.
YSend the first human down the ladder to collect the rope, then return to the top and throw it across to the rest of the team. Use it to descend into the right- hand pit, taking the spear before lowering the team off the left side of the platform. Guide the first team member to the flame before sending him to join the others.
Take the whole tribe down to the left using the rope and a tower, then continue right, taking the spear as you go. Go down the steps, then lower the spear-man down the pit to battle the bad guy.
Take the whole tribe to the bridge, sending only the flame-bearer across so he can burn the bush on the other side. Unfortunately the bridge now collapses, so the others must vault across.
When on the other side of the bridge, build a tower to reach the exit.
' j Lead the first human right, vaulting r j gap with the spear found there, then throwing it back across so the others can follow. Send the spear-man to the top, vaulting the gap, and throw both spears back down. Hop onto the Pteranadon's back, carrying you to the left where the torch awaits.
Send two humans to stand on the pressure pad at the top of the second ladder, then walk past the rocks and collect the aforementioned torch. Now bring the final tribesman to the top and throw the rope to the left. Vault after it with the spear, then lower the rope down the left- hand side. Use the high-flying Pteranadon to fly back to the rope.
Guide the rest of the team to the top level, collecting the rope lying there.
Drop it off the edge and lower it from the left of the next platform, taking the whole team down. Rescue the stranded man by flying down on the Pteranadon, stepping off when it’s at its lowest point.
When the majority of your tribe reach the bottom, throw the torch to the left and vault after it, tossing the spear back so the others can follow. Burn the bush, build a small tower and bring the rest of the team across. Now you can reach the elusive exit!
R j] Use the main team at the bottom to build a J tower, allowing you to grab the spear. Vault " them all across to the far-right, building a further tower so you can get the rope.
Send all the men to the dinosaur's platform, then build another tower to collect the spear. Use all three spears to wipe out the dinosaur, then vault to the left and climb the ladder. Build a tower so two humans can stand on the pressure pad, then retrieve the torch using a tower and the rope. Bum the bush, then build a few more towers to reach the woman awaiting rescue, completing the level.
So far, so good join us again next month for more prehistoric pranks with the Humans.
Mill |Ts Deep Core originally got a mixed reception.
There's some great blasting on oiler, but some of the devices slow you down without taxing the joystick.
Here's some maps to help you on your way... A bonus item is just waiting to be picked up in the lower corner of this room.
Avoid the flames shooting from the floo Bring the exit key to this door to leave this stage.
You've a planet-full foes to beat, so keep all your wits about you.
Going up in the world? Use this door to gain access to the ledge above.
A smart bomb soon destroys these evil aliens, so remember to keep a few handy.
- The exit key for this stage can be picked up from this point.
A few more traps to deal with here.
A couple of shots will destroy the laser emplacement.
Use the keys from earlier in Turrets begin to fire at you Use this door way to emerge from the area directly above.
The zone to open these doors about now... Don't forget to grab this smart bomb on your way up.
Waahey these look like rather nasty pieces of machinery, which need to be avoided!
Use these lifts to reach the higher zones.
Clamber up carefully one fall is costly.
Wait until the lasers have launched their beams before you pass through them.
You start your journey in the second zone at this point; go left and collect the keys needed for the return trip to the right. It's a long, hard slog but you can do it... Hit these switches to make the train carriage move right and blow up the mines.
Another large laser spitting alien can be found hiding in this room.
Watch out for attacks from above as well as the sides... Use the keys from earlier in the zone to open these doors.
The shots from these turrets spread in three directions so remember to jump them to avoid their bullets Use the key marked with two lines to enter the subspace tunnel to the rest of the zone.
Look out for attacks that suddenly crash down from the roof!
Enter this door to discover the room which contains the exit k Be careful now the problems get worse!
Entering this bottom door will send you into a bonus room with plenty of useful icons.
Keep your eyes open for power-ups as you move through the game.
Try to leap from the edge of the platforms.
Again, you need to be careful there's no point in rushing now!
A few more brushes with danger and you're nearly there... The exit door to this zone can be found after a quick dash through here.
Having nightmares over small green-haired beasties? Are tiny voices disturbing your sleep? Panic no more the LEMMINGS LIFELINE'S back to end your turgid troubles and give your minuscule mates a splatter-free Christmas!
Remember, H you're having problems on any level from the original Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings or Lemmings 2, write tot Lemmings Lifeline, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Remember, you MUST Include the name of the game, the level you're stuck on and (where applicable) the password for that level. Sorry folks, but we can't give personal replies, so don't send ~anSAE. 3 i (Lemmings; Fun Level 21) (Lemmings; Fun Level 26) This level doesn’t pose too much of a problem. As long as you use your builders and diggers to negotiate the traps and excavate the ground, you’re laughing.
Although this level looks deceptively simple, with only two Lemmings to save, it takes some nitty mousework to stop them getting creamed. So in true 'Alio 'Alio style, pay attention I vill say zis only vonce... When your fourth Lemming’s on his return journey, turn him into a blocker just as he passes under the entrance.
This stops your team falling into the water on the left.
When they've reached the bottom, they walk right and come to a wall. On reaching the wall, turn them both into bashers to break a pathway through the block.
When they reach the top of the block, make them build 1 another bridge to the right- hand wall.
I When the second Lemming ! Catches up with the first, turn ' him into a builder too and set 'them building a zig-zag pathway up to the large suspended block.
. » As your advance party of j Lemmings gets above the iron blocks, make them dig down to the space below.
As soon as your team reach r ) the wall, bash your way through to the right and beat a pathway to the exit... On landing, turn your team into builders and build a bridge over the water.
* » n . - . Rfjpk _,_ 5, B *
• _ It's time for more bashing!
Dig a pathway to the right, 1 through the large piece of ’ earth. If any of your team turn round, make them build across the water from the other side to keep them safe.
(Keep your team moving right, using your building skills to create another bridge over the square of metal containing he Lemming-trap. They should now reach the exit.
Blow up your right-hand ' blocker allowing the rest of the gang to stroll safely home.
RATMAN HAMMER.HEATHER UNTERWELT NAVY RECORD BAG, BLACK £18.99-Code: MFBDB Blue Black T urqolse RecVPurple £53.50 - Code: JF14 JS • CENSORED DANCING MAN, BLACK S SLEEVE £10.99 - Code: SMD4B L7SLEEVE £14.99 - Code: LMD4B NIPPLE WHITE SHORT SLEEVE £10.99 - Code: SMN4W I enclose a cheque postal order made payable to Home Entertainment tor £ or debit my Visa Access Card No.
Signature ....Expiry Date .
Name .. Address .. All T-Shirts are 100% Cotton, Machine Washable.
All goods are despalched within 28 days ..Postcode .Tel. No .. HE Now completed coupon to: Home Entertainment, P.O. Box 100 Colne, Lancs BB8 9JS FANTAZIA SLAAM CLOTHING ITEM CODE PRICE PLEASE ADD POSTAGE T-SHIRT £1.50 EACH ITEM PLEASE ADD POSTAGE PLEASE ADD POSTAGE TOTAL ORDER VALUE £ ORDER DIRECT ON OUR 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE - 0272 767630 CHANDIS * m JESTER. BLACK SHORT SLEEVE £10.99 - Code: SMJ4B “All Tooled Up" MONDO DESTRUCTO, TEAL BLACK £11.99-Code:HFDAB LONG SLEEVE £18.00 - Code: LSR4A SHORT SLEEVE £15.99 -
Code: SSM4T LONG SLEEVE £18.00 Code: LSU4N MAI DANCING MAN BOMBER JACKET BASEBALL CAP, DANCING MAN “Come and Join The Future” GALDREGON'S DOMAIN ¦ Could you. Or Ihe Tips Bits readers.
Ua offer any lips or cheats tor the game “ Galdregon's Domain? I believe I need to collect live crystals; unfortunately I can t get my hands on any of 'em.
Miss C. Taberon, Devon ¦ Well Miss C, Tips Bits has come up trumps once again. Here’s a guide to finding the objects you need to kill each of the five gems' guardians.
The first thing to remember is keep your strength and stamina high; only fight if you have to. Keep your characteristics on the screen at all times, too. A lot of objects are just lying around and cannot be seen unless you do this.
Now for the information we promised about those all important gems... GEM 1: This is guarded by a lich deep inside Rotari's Castle. You need the cross from the Demonmaster’s tower to defeat him.
GEM 2: This is found in the Caves of Doom and is guarded by a rock monster. To win the item needed to defeat it, you must kill all the enemies in the cave you then find a diamond. Use this to kill the rock monster.
GEM 3: Deep within the catacombs below the Temple of Set lies the third gem, guarded by a large demon. To kill it you need the ceremonial dagger.
GEM 4: At the South-West corner of the map there’s a hidden labyrinth. Enter this and kill the Minotaurs you find a key and a mirror. Next, seek out Medusa and use the mirror to defeat her. The gemstone is on her corpse.
. GEM 5: Go to the Forest of Elves on the Western side of the map. Here you find the Elf King, defeat him and grab his Elven cloak. Go to the Assassins’ Forest to the South-East and kill the assassins’ leader to collect the fifth and final gem.
Playing Tips!
GOLDEN AXE ¦ IK+ ¦ Please can you help me I'm stuck on Golden Axe. I can't rescue the king and his daughter as I keep running out of lives. Is there a cheat mode for the Amiga version? Also, do you have any cheats for International Karate +?
Mr Davies, Sussex ¦ Can do. When playing in one-player mode on Golden Axe, plug a joystick in the mouse port.
When you die, press fire on the second joystick to keep playing with player two's lives.
In IK+, press space when floored to become unbeatable for the rest of the level.
Hope those helped you out. Mr Davies.
SYNDICATE ¦ Chris Francis from Liverpool has written in with some cheats for Syndicate. Enter your company name as ROB A BANK for 100,000,000 credits. If you type NUK THEM at any time during the game, you can select the missions in any order.
Thanks for those cheats Chris, I’m sure lots of people are very grateful.
MEGA-LO-MANIA ¦ Could you please help out as I'm getting really desperate. Has anyone a list of codes for Mega-Lo-Mania? Please help me I can't live without 'em.
Tracey Moore, Paignton ¦ All right, calm down. We have a couple of codes which give extra men on almost every level. Enter your password as SCARLET or MADCAP and watch those armies grow.
If anyone has a complete list of codes, drop us a line.
DUNGEON MASTER ¦ MOONSTONE ¦ EYE OF THE BEHOLDER ¦ MONKEY ISLAND ¦ CHAOS STRIKES BACK ¦ Can anybody help me? I'm in drastic need of tips or cheats for Dungeon Master, Moonstone.
Eye of the Beholder, Monkey Island and Chaos Strikes Back. Any help you could give will be greatly appreciated James Lowe, Sheffield ¦ We've searched high and low and come up with the following Moonstone tips to help you out all you lost gameplayers.
On reaching Stonehenge, if you don't want to sacrifice a valuable item place the pointer on the words GOLD, STRENGTH, CONSTITUTION or ENDURANCE and press fire. The Druids then go ahead with the ceremony and you get an extra life without losing anything.
In Chaos Strikes Back, to make yourself invincible find a dragon and cast the MO ZO GOR SAR spell. Press escape twice to pause the game, and with the left ALT key held, type LORD LIBRASULUS SMITHES THEE DOWN.
Unpause the game and kill the dragon to get a firestaff. While you're holding this your team's invincible.
If anyone can help James with the other games he mentioned, please let us know by writing to the usual address.
On the options screen, hold Control and F10 press Fire to start. You can now skip levels by pressing L and flit to the tunnel section by hitting T. Okay, stop whatever it is you were doing and pay aHention! The cheats on these pages have to be cut out, so grab I yourself a pair of scissors (make sure that your parents or guardians are present) and get snipping. Now store them all in a good place so that you can refer to them whenever you deem it necessary!
4- brides of draft H the blues brothers When playing Dracula, go right from the first screen and transform the first two women into vampires, taking them back to their coffins. Return to the first screen again, walk between the lift and the second table and crouch down just past the skulls on the floor. A vampire then appears, ready to be put into her coffin. Do this again and again to get all 11 vampires, then slaughter Helsing.
Type ‘HOULQ’ on the character-selection screen and the background colour changes from blue to red. Press 1-6 and space to access the said level with infinite lives.
For loads of experience points go to Queegueg’s shop, enter and leave again. Turn right and go forward two spaces. Turn left, proceed to the end of the hall and turn right again. Go all the way down and pass through the two doors. Save the game, then mount the stairs. Hold your finger on the left or right turnkey which spins you around, attracting wandering monsters you can kill for lots of points.
Atomic robokid Type ‘TUESDAY 14th’ on the title screen.
When you hit fire you get a rather useful secret options screen.
Crime does not pay cabal During play, press Caps Lock and then the C key twice. The background turns red with the first press and returns to normal with the second, showing the cheat's activated. While It’s ongaged you always have one of everything in stock.
Building a factory while the cheat's on only takes one orbital factory section (though this doesn't work for the Earth factories). A resource station’s automatically built too.
To turn tho cheat off, press Caps Lock then the C key twice as before the background turns green with the first press. Note if this doesn’t work, try our other coupon cheat.
Pause the game and type ‘HALTBAKK IS THE KING' for infinite lives.
Press ALT and R to randomise the leader's personality.
In early versions, pressing shift and 1234567890t gives a complete world map that lets you see into enemy cities.
Unfortunately, this feature wasn’t included in later copies.
Type 'SCHLIKA' during the game and the border flashes. You have infinite lives, while F2 skips levels.
Also, like Beast Busters, the crosshair can be moved while the game's paused, making it easy to home in on the enemy.
ONE STEP BEYOND Dave Harris of Merseyside has very kindly j iplied us with a complete set of level codes g* i tor One Step Beyond all one hundred Ug of them!
1 48474 26 44215 51 40001 76 27720 2 39943 27 26705 52 56488 77 04473 3 22881 28 05384 53 30953 78 32193 4 62824 29 32089 54 21905 79 36666 5 20169 30 37473 55 52858 80 03323 6 17457 31 04026 56 09227 81 39989 7 37626 32 41499 57 62085 82 43312 8 55083 33 45525 58 05776 83 17765 9 27173 34 21488 59 02325 84 61077 10 16720 35 01477 60 08101 85 13306 11 43893 36 22965 61 10426 86 08847 12 60613 37 24442 62 18527 87 22153 13 38970 38 47407 63 28953 88 31000 14 34047 39 06313 64 47480 89 53153 15 07481 40 53720 65 10897 90 18617 16 41528 41 60033 66 58377 91 06234 17 49009 42 48217 67 03738 92
24851 18 25001 43 42714 68 62115 93 31085 19 08474 44 25395 69 00317 94 55936 20 33475 45 02573 70 62432 95 21485 21 41949 46 27968 71 62749 96 11885 22 09888 47 30541 72 59645 97 33370 23 51837 48 58509 73 56858 98 45255 24 61725 49 23514 74 50967 99 13089 25 48026 50 16487 75 42289 100 58344 THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND ¦¦M ¦ After speaking to the pirate leaders Wg about the three trials. I can get to the swordmaster but cannot defeat her Also, can you tell me how to get the idol of many hands and where to find the lost treasure?
And how do I get across to Monkey Island?
Wayne Hay, Reading ¦ No idea can anyone help?
ACTION REPLAY M ¦ Due to the lack of Action Replay ¦3 codes in most mags (except yours) 1 here's a few extra for you... Bloodwych 4F22, 3 = 4E, 71 = infy spellcasting B'wych Data Disk 58A4, 5 = 4E, 71 = infy spellcasting Centurion D.O.R. C1E6E6, 7 = Talents
(03. E7 = 999 [max]) C21FE4, 5 = Manpower (1B, 58 = 7000) C21FF1,
2 = Tribune (max 9999) D Generation COACC6, 7 = 4E, 71 =
infy lives C104d6, 7-4E, 71 = infy grenades Desert Strike
C1835E (TFD) = infy lives COODDEE-E4 = 4E, 71, 4E, 71, 4E,
71 = infy fuel COD5F4-7 = 4E, 71, 4E, 71 = infy weapons
Deuteros 19D56 = men 238D0, 1 = 4E, 71 = infy fuel
(shuttles) 23920, 1 = 4E, 71 = infy fuel (I.O.S's) Kid
Gloves 2 30B12, 3 = 4E, 71 = infy everything 30A7B =
Fireball (use 39 [9]) Li onheart C13738 = lives rtd
2. 26C1 ED = orbital lasers 6C1EF = fighters Pinball Dreams
3402-7 = 4E. 71, 4E, 71, 4E, 71 = inly balls Prehistorik
C0830F = lives C08311 = energy Rick Dangerous 44972 (TFD) =
lives Rick Dangerous 2178AE (TFD) = lives 17892 (TFD) =
bullets 178A0 (TFD) = bombs Titus The Fox C167A6, 7 = 4E, 71 =
inly lives Titus The Fox C12200-5 = 4E, 71, 4E,
71. 4E. 71 = infy energy Wizball 5907C (TFD) = infy lives Global
Gladiators 45E6C (TFD) = inly lives If the code has TFD after
it, use the tfd address.
All others use the M command. For the ones marked 4E. 71, see page 38 in the manual.
Andy Lawson, Torquay, Devon ¦ Cheers Mark thanks, loo, for the Myth tip we used in Cut Out 'n' Cheat.
It's always difficult to differentiate between O' and zero and T and one in hand-written notes. If your code doesn’t work, try a little swapping.
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER ¦ Having read your October issue, I can help Jonathan Couch who's having problems with Eye ot the Beholder. I can give you the complete solution to the game, but it’ll have to be in instalments, as I completed it a while ago, and I’m replaying it to see how I did it!
Here are the solutions to the first three levels.
The maps for these are provided with the game.
LEVEL ONE This level's fairly easy and needs very little help.
The Monsters. Kobolds and Giant Leeches aren't a problem.
Keep hold of the halfling bones found at the beginning, as they can be resurrected at a later date to create another party member.
In the bottom right-hand comer, there are two zig-zag corridors coming to dead-ends. Push the centre bricks on the walls to the side, and secret doors will open.
The sewer has changed slightly since the map was drawn, but it's still fairly easy to negotiate.
To leave the level, place an object on the floor-panel in front of the door. The door shuts.
Step to the right and push the button. The door re-opens and stays open.
Darren Jordan ¦ Cheers Darren that's all we had room for this month, but look forward to levels two and three next ish!
Dungeon master dojodan To dispatch monsters without a fight, go through a door and stand on the other side. When they follow, repeatedly slam the door on their heads.
For infinite lives, type ‘WOOLANKIDKISKSBUTT during play. You also get a permanent shield which can be activated by pressing S. F8 completes the level, and F9 the section.
Oo to surface or orbital stores-room, hold down Shift and press C. The screen goes green. Now hold Shift and press C. Click on any icon, preferably Master Control, and return to the stock-screen. It looks like there’s one of every researched product in stock, though you've actually an infinite amount at hand. Orbital space-stations can be built with one frame section. Note if this fails, take a stab at our other coupon cheat.
When you're about to be defeated by a Mechanoid fleet, keep to the screen with a picture ol an Orbital Factory on it. Advance time until the picture of the factory disappears, then go to the square with the self* dostruct-mechanism. Activate it, then tum It off straight away. You should find you've your colony back with IOS drones.
Federation ol free traders To sell any of your goods for loads of money, press T and Return on the net to talk to the alien as stated on the other coupon. Keep at him until he offers you something, then enter a ridiculously huge number. He says you have insufficient funds log off.
Now, when you buy or sell anything, it goes for whatever you entered.
Fast lane Whatever the manual says, there's an automatic gearbox option press G to toggle between manual and automatic modes.
Pause the game with F1 and then unpause with the space bar when qualifying. The time’s now frozen, allowing you to go as slowly as you want and remain in pole position.
116 combat pilot To avoid landing, try the following: jettison your fuel, weapons and climb to 65,000 ft. Stay there until your fuel runs out, dive towards the ground and at 10,000 or 11,000ft pull up hard. You can then rise about 4,000 ft and start falling towards the ground. Just as you hit the deck, the mission ends safely.
On the title screen type
O. S. FRIENDLY. Typing M during the game now calls up a level
access menu.
Buy young, cheap players and keep them for a whole season. Next year their price increases you should have no trouble selling them for a big profit.
Pga tour golf robocod a1200 H player manager Before you start the first hole, enter tournament statistics. Look through them for a while and play as normal to activate cheat mode.
• it-' k: Type CYNIX during the game, then hit the following keys
to activate the cheats: X: Level Skip C: Extra Credits B: Bonus
Screen G: Kills All Enemies M: Collect All three Stars ey! Do
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THRIIBI SWITCHBLADE A cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches tor the fragments of a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
MANIX A souped-up variation of the classic O-Bert coin-op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks to change their colour, requiring a combination of quick thinking and arcade reflexes.
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More shenanigans Irom Ihe Mancurian boys. Mr Nutz just missed out on the Christmas AMIGA FORCE, but he's planning to come out ot hibernation in time lor our New Year spectacular It looks like it’s going to be a real corker!
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Ight (or even wrong) mind would want a game like this? It's tacky, tasteless and a implete waste of space. So there.
2 Jif ¦ Despite Ian's excitement tanij when Dogfight arrived, I ¦ i ” ¦ ¦ remained pretty unimpressed by W y the whole deal and rightly so.
It's simply too damn slow tor my liking; there's not enough oomph', and tar too much disk-accessing than deemed healthy You can't beat a good flight-sim but you can sure beat Dogfight. ¦

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