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Phil ANALYSING ANALOGUE Dear AMIGA FORCE I've just bought a PC-type analogue joystick (and an adaptor) so that I can play MicroProse's awesome Formula One Grand Prix more realistically (and make it challenging it's too easy with the digital joystick!). The problem is that I don’t have any other Amiga games that I can use it with yet (though I’m about to get the joystick card thingy- ma-jig, so I can use it on Mum's PC). What really good flight sims have the facility of using an analogue joystick (surely the ideal control method)? Ric Paul, Highfield, Soufhampfan B Yes, it's a shame more software producers don't cater for analogue joysticks, as they substantially enhance the realism of flight sims and driving games. MicroProse have taken the lead, making all their (relevant) sims compatible, eg Knights Of The Sky, Gunship 2000, F15 Strike Eagie II. Domark also supported analogue sticks on MiG 29 Fulcrum. There are others: maybe some helpful person can write in with a full list? Phil QUESTIONS ¦ " Dear AMIGA FORCE Congratulations on the growing success of your relatively young magazine. It’s good to see a quality . Amiga magazine under £2. Vz. Now for some questions: I 1. How much software support will there be for the new Amiga CD ?

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jji M1 ¦ 3TO)j! j JJPj I 4 AlUa jylU J Al jj Ggjjj TE=2E OF
YEO ¦ WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Luto Amiga 4000
• AGA Chip set
• 68030 40 processor
• Co-pro option
• A4000 030 with 80MB HD & 2MB £899
• A4000 030 with 80MB HD 8 4MB £999
• A4000 030 with 120MB HD 8 4MB £1099
• A4000 040 with 120MB HD 8 6M8 £2139 A500 Plus
• Amiga 500 Plus £187
• Cartoon Classic pack £217
• At 200 Standalone £269
• At 200 with 20MB £359
• At 200 with 40MB £399
• At 200 with 60MB £439
• At 200 with 80MB £459
• At 200 with 120MB £529
• At 200 with 200MB £599 A1200 A600 Hard Drives Amiga 500 Hard
Drives Monitors SVGA Multisync Monitors
• 20MB HD Upgrade Kit £95
• 40MB HD Upgrade Kit £135
• 60MB HD Upgrade Kit £169
• 80MB HD Upgrade Kit £189
• 120MB HD Upgrade Kit £269
• 20OMB HD Upgrade Kit £329
• A1200 PC 1204 4MB . Clock (Cottroop.omf 178
• ProRam2MB PCM-CIA A60Q A1200 £118
• ProRam 4MB PCM-CIA A600 A1200 £172
• ProRam 1 MB A600 £39
• A1200 Real Time Clock £17 Internal Hard Drives for A500
• Easy to install - Full instructions
• ICD technology
• Pro Internal 20MB hard drive £175
• Pro Internal 40MB hard drive £245
• Pro Internal 80MB hard drive £325
• Pro Internal 120MB hard drive £375
• Pro Internal 200MB hard drive £475
• A570 CD drive £149
• Philips 8833 MKII Monitor £219
• Commodore 1084s £194
• When purchasing with an Amiga deduct £10 from above pricing
• Dust cover for the above £ 5 Workstations Peripherals Scanners
Pro ROM Swapper »Facilitates up to three external floppy drives
• Made in the UK
• Strong and robust
• Aesthetically pleasing » Keep your desk neat and tidy »Supplied
complete and assembled with free mouse mat
• A500 Workstation
• A600 Workstation
• At 200 Workstation
• Workstation Coverall dust covers £7 1100 Capacity lockable disk
box £5.99 1 Squick mouse £13.99 'Mouse mat £1.99 ' TDK high
quality DSD (10) disks £9.99 1 Computer Mall DSD (10) disks £6
1 Jet Fighter joystick £13.99 1 Apache joystick £6.99 1 Python
joystick £9.99 1 Zipstick joystick £14.99 1 Screen Beat
speakers £29 ' Zi-Fy speakers £39 1A500 A600 A1200 Dust covers
£4.99 ' A500 Modulator £36 ' Mini Office package £54.99 1 Supra
2400 Modem £89 ’ Supra Fax Plus Modem £148 ' Supra v.32 BIS Fax
Modem £358 1 Allows image processing in a useful and unique
fashion 1 Comes complete with operation manual 1 One of the
fastest growing applications for home and professional users 1
High specification coupled with cost effective pricing
• Power Hand Scanner 164 greyscales 100-400 DPI ' Thru'port to
printer ¦ Fully compatible with Delux Paint 4, etc. ' Advanced
software ' Power Hand Scanner v3.0 £92
• Power Hand Scanner Colour £229
• Swap between Kickstart chips
• Fits A500, A500+, A600.A1500
• Auto swapping via keyboard control
• Flexible cable allows the swapper to work in conjunction with
accelerators etc.
• Simple to fit - full instructions
• Pro ROM Swapper £ 18
• Pro ROM Swapper + 1 3ROM £37
• Pro ROM Swapper + 2.04ROm£40
• Workbench 2.04 plus manuals£49 nnnl Sale • Seasonal Sale •
Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale •
Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale N, Beds, LU4 8EZ
Tel (0582) 491949 (6 lines) Pro Agnus 2MB A500 Memory
• Provides a full 2MB of Chip Memory for the Amiga 500 and
A1500 2000 • Designed and built m England • Supplied with 8375
Obese Agnus • Includes 2Mb Memory on board m the form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &S00* • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
to 10MB • Complete with full instructions and flying leads •
British made
• Pro Agnus 2MB £139 (Free fitting available - Phone for details)
High Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5“ External Drive
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or power supply
• Why risk damaging your expensive kit when one simple investment
will ensure total peace of mind now and for the future
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A2000 Power supply unit £99.95
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• Two year manufacturers warranty Complete with cable to Amiga
500 Citizen registered for Dealer plus service Swift 1200+ £129
9 pin. 80 column, 144 CPS Utah. 30 M0,4X08 Bulled
• Swift 90 Colour £168 a pm. 80 column. 216 CPS draft 54 IQ. 4MB
quiB rnodo)
• Swift 200 £186 124 pm. 80cdumn. 216 CPS«aA 72 LQ. 4308 on rale)
• Swift 240 £259 (24 pat 80 column. 240 CPS dralt 8010.430B quiet
model Swift Pro Jet £299 (80 coiumn, 50 nonle print, 360 CPS
draft. 120 IQ. HP emulation 8KB buffer. 3 fonts, vertuaf lazer
• WTS have sole distribution rights from Americas biggest
Commodore chip distributor
• Workbench 2 04 Kit £78 (Includes manuals, disks & chip)
• Kickstart 2.04 .£24
• Kickstart 1.3 £26
• Kickstart ROM Swapper £18 (Swap between kukstarts)
• Fatter Agnus 8372 £49
• Obese Agnus 8375 £54
• High Res Denise £29
• 1MB x 9 Simms (3 chip) £29
• 1MB x 4 Zips £14
• 8520 CIA £13 SALES hotline 0582 491949 (6 lines). 0480 4711
17(24hri, fax on 0582 505900 u mgm Credit Card ordering by
phone is easy. Simply phone our sales hotline quoting your
credit card number., expiry date, name and address and the
products you wish to order and we ll do the rest. Alternatively
write the above details on your letter when ordering by post.
When ordering by post in cheque form please write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the cheque and send along with your order. Postal Orders are also accepted.
NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND. MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT £15.00. Should you wish your order to be sent by courier service please add £5. This method includes Comprehensive insurance.
WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Head Office Computer Mall Bedford Computer Mall St. Neots Computer Mall Hertford Computer Mall Dunstable WTS Electronic Ltd No.16 Downstairs No.6 49 Railway St. 84 High Street North Chaul End Lane The Harpur Centre Priory Mall Shopping Centre Hertford Dunstable Lu,on Bedford St. Neots 0992 503606 Bedfordshire 0S82 491949 0234 218228 0480 471117 0S82 47S747 AI pncrt quoted or products slocked ere subject to stock** tevets end evMtxM. WTS cvmot be hetd i*bw c* supply fe*T*un«m*ni for force mjjeme. Or items. *e out o' stock due 10 demand or low stock at its stppfcert wfech may result *1 delayed
detweey ot nor. Defcrery. Payment with order, please alow 28 days (or delivery WTS reserve ihe ngN to ammend pices, revne packs, specifications and or substitute product wrfitout pror nobce at any txne wrthout liabiMy upon *tsalf t & Of 'W Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sali At last, | Psygnosis’s epic multiplayer combat arcade adventure is finished. We review the stunning Hired Guns.
All the latest news, including details of a controversial CD strip poker game. Plus the Amiga Top 20.
More details of Psygnosis's CD32 sizzler, Microcosm. Plus the excellent Micro Machines, a revamped Alien 3, and Bart Vs The World.
Part two of our roundup of non-military strategy games including Populous II and Mega-lo-Mania.
RICH PICKINGS This month's full-price reviews include CD32 ' ) -4 games Diggers and Pinball r J Fantasies. Plus Playtests of Allred Chicken and Brutal Sports Football1.
REVIEWS FULL-PRICE PLAYTEST tl Alfred Chicken (Playtest)26 Brutal Sports Football (Playtest) 42 Diggers (CD32) 30 ¦ Global Gladiators 29 ¦ Hired Guns 10 ¦ Patrician, The 36 ¦ Pinball Fantasies (CD32)34 40 48 46 48 44 46 44 47 45 vr impact pi1 d SUBSCRIBE Get your AMIGA FORCE sent every month, save money and receive free games into the bargain!
NEXT MONTH Find out what’s coming in the next orgasmic issue of AMIGA , FORCE!
ABC FORCE NINE MAIL What do you think? This is your chance to get on your soapbox and have your say about computer games, AMIGA FORCE and life in general!
Win Millennium's excellent Brutal Sports Football and your own American . Football to throw.
There are some good budget releases this month, and some really awful stinkers we sort out the cream from the sour milk.
BUDGET BARGAINS THE TIPS, SECTIOI Beat Saddam with our winning War In The Gull tactics, crack Wv’j the tricky Middle East levels of Syndicate, guide The Lost Vikings with our marvellous maps, and continue your exciting adventure with more Ishar 2 I tips.
CUT-OUT fNf CHEAT Yet more cheats and level codes to cut out and add to your collection. Plus the tip- top-tastic Tips Bits column, ' for all the hottest hints around.
LEMMINGS LIFELINE This month we concentrate on Lemmings 2, solving two more tricky levels.
Aj 2*1 Creating 90s reading ¦ EDITOR Phil King ¦ CONCEPT & DESIGN Mark Kendrick I DESIGNER Claire Morley I FEATURES EDITOR Ian Osborne ¦ STAFF WRITER Rob Millichamp I EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Milo Jackson I ¦ SCREENSHOTS AND MAPS A-Force Team ¦ SCANNING Michael Parkinson, Milo Jackson | ¦ ADVERTISING MANAGER Neil Dyson | ¦ ADVERTISING SALES Michelle Bullen. Pete Raybould ¦ ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Jackie Morris ¦ PRODUCTION MANAGER Franco Frey ¦ PUBLISHER Eddie McKendrick ¦ GROUP PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Roger Kean I AMIGA FORCE Is published by Impact Magazines Ltd, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Tel: 0584 875851. The content is copyright and you can't reproduce anything without asking our publisher first!
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¦ Printed in the UK | and distributed by I COMAG I ¦ Cover by Oli Frey YolJoe!
BUDGET ¦ Brides Of Dracula Chase HQ 2 ¦ Fist Fighter ¦ Gunboat Hardball I Mean 18 Super Ski 2 Universal Warrior ONE DROP BEYOND?
In a surprise move. Ocean Software have dropped the price of their Ouavers-inspired puzzler One Step Beyond from £25.99 to £19.99. Price drops are always welcome, but this game in particular should benefit t from the reduction it's a great puzzler, but (in common with most games of that genre) there wasn’t enough to it to justify the original price tag.
So what made Ocean change their minds?
‘The game was sponsored by Walkers Crisps', said Ocean spokespeep Simon Alty, ‘and we wanted to pass the benefit on to the consumer'. Fine words, splendid gesture... we hope it catches on! J GRAB GOOCH'S GOOGLY If Graham Gooch World Class Cricket did little to inspire the ailing England team, its runaway success certainly prompted publishers Audiogenic to program a data disk.
Graham Gooch's 2nd Innings is to feature tougher opponents, county teams with batting and bowling averages accurate to the end of July ’93, more statistics, better save-game facilities and more comprehensive options. There’s also a 'moments from history’ scenario where you can relive famous matches from the past (ie when England still had a cricket team). I wonder if they'll do the 'bodyliner' tour?
Graham Gooch's 2nd Innings hits the shelves around the end of August and YES YOU DO need the original to play!
SPECTRAVIDI ON QUALITY STREET SpectraVideo are to release the Logic 3, the world's first joypad which features closed microswitches.
Unlike ordinary switches that operate by pressing a flap onto a contact, with a spring to reposition it when the joystick's released, closed micro-switches encase all moving parts, giving a more reliable and better quality performance (they also make a pleasingly hollow click). The pad also features six fire buttons with independent semi and full autofire functions on each.
The Logic 3 hits the shelves in early October, and will cost £17.99. Look out for a full Amiga Force review.
J i r ) r X 1 s J rj _rj odeMasters are beavering away on two new releases, Fantastic Dizzy and Cosmic Spacehead.
Spacehead is the world’s first alien tourist. In an 'intriguing' mixture of arcade action and adventure.
Cosmic must conquer three main territories on his journey to Earth: the planet Linoleum, Detroitica (a vehicle factory on a lonely asteroid) and a space station.
Each location is divided into several smaller play areas, where Cosmic can manipulate objects, interact with other characters and generally arcade-adventure his way along in true CodeMasters style. Unlike the Dizzy and Seymour games, however, he’s controlled through a series of commands such as move, examine, look, give ANOTHER PACKED JSSU1 Welcome to AMIGA FORCE, the magazine that's a must for all games-mad folks. This month you'll no doubt have already noticed a slight price increase.
Before you start foaming at the mouth, this is ONLY TEMPORARY to help cover the cost of our covermounted tips book. I’m sure you'll agree it’s a small amount extra to pay for this handy 84- page guide to gaming, packed with pokes, cheats, level codes and even full solutions for well over a hundred games!
This first book caters for the games from A to F (our initials!), but fans of Gobliins 2 or Zool needn't gnash their teeth there’ll be a second covermounted tips book (G to Z) on the front of our December issue. Meanwhile, next issue will have a couple more tips cards stuck to the front (and a price of only Cl.99). But enough of future publications... in this month’s AMIGA FORCE we bring you the very first CD32 software reviews, and very good they are too. Not only that, but there's a fittingly epic review of Psygnosis's massive multiplayer arcade adventure, Hired Guns. We also have
Playtests (not reviews) of the nearly finished Alfred Chicken and Brutal Sports Football. Not to mention all your favourite regulars, including the best Amiga tips section around.
Where else can you get such incredible value for money? No, not even at Bettabuys!
LATEST AND GREATEST Following the success ol The Greatest, Beau Jolly are planning another three-game compilation tie-in with Virgin Games. At the moment the only title confirmed is Shuttle, the Vektor Grafix-programmed smash that's been a real hit with PC flight Sim fans.
M idmg high on the Spielberg- Kinspired tide of Dino-mania, I ¦ j f ; Ocean confidently predict _ f Jurassic Park will be their best- _ r V m f tl i' selling licence to date, outstripping ’ rrf previous blockbusters such as ; ’ , tf Batman, RoboCop and kVWF.
’ • • t j 4 On the day of launch (October 1) sales 4 A f £ °* 5 0,000 are expected across all six UJAi -units: 150.000 on the SNES. 100,000 on the f " y Amiga and NES. 30.000 Gameboy carts and ¦ C64). An Amiga CD version is expected before ' Christmas.
The Spielberg film looks set to smash all current box office records, and no doubt the game will do as well too, but will it deserve to? Ocean have produced some excellent licences in their day such as The Addams Family and coin-op conversion Toki, but what about RoboCop and WWF7 Judging by the early versions Jurassic Park could well be a cool game, but check before you cheque wait for the AF review!
NOT disturb ¦'mission in progress SEEDY CD SOFT-PORN SOFTWARE In a surprise move, On-Line Entertainments move away from their usual modem-based games to convert Storm's Cover Girl Poker to the CD32 and CDTV.
The disk-based offering (the game that put the ‘poke’ in 'poker') featured some of the worst digitisation ever seen outside dodgy PD demos, but this will be improved on the CD versions of the game which will contain 15-20 minutes of video footage. There will be eight girls in all, and they'll all play a better hand of poker than in the original, which was very easy to beat.
‘We don't think it's offensive,' said an On-Line spokesperson. 'The British Board of Film Classification were consulted and are very happy with it. It has an 18- certification so minors can’t buy it, though people have "peculiar" opinions about this sort of thing.’ attacks, asteroid fields and many, many more.
Look out too for a Central TV programme on the making of Cosmic Spacehead, due for broadcast in October.
The Codies' other Autumn blockbuster is Fantastic Dizzy, a hybrid of early Dizzy games that's already a smash on the NES.
An absolutely huge game, Fantastic Dizzy features just about every game-style our ovoid oeuf 1 in. There's some puzzle-solving to be ) collect and various to negotiate it's just like playing all the Dizzy games rolled into one!
Perhaps the only thing that could work against the game is the fact that, unlike the NES, the Amiga already has a plethora of Dizzy games and their aficionados will, erm... let's be polite and say some of the game levels are instantly recognisable. The tree s example, is pure Treasure Island Dizzy and th no disguising the Dizzy Down The Rapids subsection. Even so, all the puzzles have been changed only the graphics and layouts are repeated. Dizzy's world was meant to be instantly am sa NeWs! CHRISTCHURCH VOTERS CHICKEN OUT As everyone now knows, the Liberal Democrats (or whatever they're
called this week) trounced the Tories in the Christchurch by-election, overturning a serious majority and kicking the Major government right where it hurts. Less well known, however, is the tact that among the loony candidates that usually score a dozen votes between them was a certain Karl Fitzhugh, standing for the Alfred Chicken Party.
But who are the Alfred Chicken Party? Are they a new force set to break the mould of British politics just like the SDP didn't? Could it be David Owen's latest flag of convenience in his never-ending quest for power (he should join the parliamentary football team as centre forward it's the only way he'll get to Number Ten)? No. It's actually an astute marketing move - by Mindscape, publishers of the Allred Chicken game.
Although their guy pulled a total of 18 votes (only the Rainbow Alliance candidate scoring lower) and lost his £500 deposit, Mindscape got an awful lot of 'free' advertising out of it. As Christchurch was an important by-election, the eyes of the entire country were focused on it a Mindscaper was able to wobble about on stage during the TELEVISED results and anyone in the media (television, newspapers, radio, etc) listing the parlies and their candidates is legally obliged to list them all. Last but not least, candidates can deliver an election flier free of charge to every house in their
Not a bad deal for five hundred notes, is it?
The publishers of The Daily Sport didn't think so they too put up a candidate (Read The Daily Sport Party), though rumours that she would take her top off on live television proved unfounded (bah, these flippin' politicians always break their promises! Ed).
After some clever geezer wrote into Force Nine Mail asking for a Readers' Chart, we thought why not? But of course, first we need your votes.
Simply write down your favourite five games (in preferential order) on this coupon and send it to READERS' CHART, AMIGA FORCE. Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW First coupon out of the hat wins its sender a goody bag, so remember to put your name and address.
Supervision’s 18-rated CD32 project The Lovers' Guide may not be released the company are waiting to see how it sells on the Apple Mac, but are also worried about Commodore's reaction to the release.
Based on Andrew Stanway’s best-selling sex education video, the CD version will (might?)
Feature interactive decision making and a password system to lock out youngsters.
Also in the pipeline is Donk. First commercial release from PD kings The Hidden. The game was to be marketed by the late DMI, but following their collapse the completion of the project is now being funded by Supervision. The game will feature an enhanced A1200 version on the same disk.
Here are the votes of the Luxembourg jury...
' PENGUIN BISCUITS ' EA's Syndicate cracks the top spot,
taking I over from Gunship 2000 which falls to number I four.
Meanwhile World Class Crickets | achieved the sort of
consistent success the i real England team can only dream
¦ Syndicate S Electronic Arts
34. 99 1 Goal!
1 Virgin
30. 99 Project X Team 17
12. 99 Gunship 2000 1 MicroProse
34. 99 w Dune 2 “ Virgin
30. 99 World Class Cricket " Audiogenic 29.99 y Championship
Manager ’93
* Domark
25. 99 i Alien Breed: Special Edition '92 'Team 17 10.99 Sensible
Soccer 92 93 Renegade Mindscape 25.99 I Flashback 1 US Gold
30.99 n Desert Strike Electronic Arts 29.99 Formula One Grand
Prix " MicroProse 34.99
• First Division Manager W CodeMasters 7.99 I Dizzy: Prince Of
The Yolkfolk ’ CodeMasters 7.99 isRBI2 The Hit Squad 7.99 Body
Blows ’Team 17 26.99 ¦y Premier Manager l Gremlin Graphics
25.99 | WWF Wrestlemania ' The Hit Squad 9.99 .Q Populous &
Promised Lands "The Hit Squad 12.99 r&k Trivial Pursuit I The
• Pilot's manual
• Reference manual
• 4 High altitude charts
• 2ILS approach charts 740 Airports
• 1 A320 USA poster Rave ifeview!
AifciD IQUIPMINT Small Arms 6 Silent-Auto . ¦ A lightweight short-range hand "" "Ef'TY gun. Featuring optional silence ¦CBU and barrel extensions. Requires 9mm calibre ammo.
Smith a Wesson 29 The highest quality hand gun available. The genuine item is imported only liRSES Irom eadh. Requires 9mm calibre ammo.
Psionic-Amp: Inferno Generates a tull-strength ball of (laming plasma directly in front of the user.
Common Fruit Apples are easily grown and are exempt Irom the Patents And Licence Act of 2609 Naomi IV Assault Rifle The Naomi Institute's rival to the M73. This special edition I JTO features laser sighting and low recoil Requires 9mm Calibre Ammo.
¦ Psygnosis £29.99 In our exclusive Playtest ol Hired Guns Iasi month, we were already lull ol praise for it. Even though we'd only seen a lew levels. And now the completely finished game has arrived it's anything but an anticlimax.
Make no mistake about it, this is an instant Amiga The high.lech world ol 2707 is run by a totalitarian central authority On the run Irom this regime. Rorian Deevergh has lotmed a band ol PF* mercenaries who’ll do anything for money well, anything involving lots ol killing Just to clear one thing up, in last month's Playtest we said that the group's main objective on the planet known as the Graveyard was to rescue hostages. Not any more it ain’t: instead they must recover (our lusion-power core rings and take them to the main reactor lor a fusion-induced thermonuclear explosion detonated
alter evacuating!
Each of the lour core rings is located at a known site on the scrolling mission map. But to get to them, you have to get through many other levels.
This gun's for hire Before embarking, you choose your four- person team Irom the 12 mercenaries on oiler, some ol them robots and androids. You can control them all yoursell (tricky at times) or gel up to R three friends lo help the thud and lourth players either using TiuJkB the keyboard or joyslicks mice attached with a parallel adaptor Even for two players, it s worth getting an extra mouse as me slightly trickier oystick control.
Alter choosing an available mission from the map, you're presented with the main playing screen, split into lour so each character gels his own first-person 3-D view ol the world. They can even look round and see their colleagues apart Irom not using a lunny headset, the feeling is a bit like virtual reality.
Character control is very user-lriendly.
Neutron-Flux Laser Cannon U For use in vacuum, less effective HI through atmosphencs. Prince Of IlJ Wales Award For Innovation And Design.
Requires 1 kilojoule charge or more, Flask Useful lor when you need a nip of medicinal liquid refreshment.
Auto Sentry Kit Will fire at moving target directly in front of gun.
Oxy 6 Flamer Junior A hand-held flame-thrower fuelled by a separate fuel pack Droid Repair Kit Vital piece of kit for advanced civilisations.
Standard Rations II ¦RfZUiS Rations concentrated to Level 2. 1 V -Tf They are much the same as I normal rations but for several energy enhancing features.
Tungsten Bore Rifle A celebrated range of sporting rifles and hand guns.
18 Bore Slug With depleted uranium core which provides good penetration.
Especially with a mouse. In the latter case, arrow icons appear as you position the cursor over certain hot spots' on the 3-D view: just click left to rotate 90 lett right, sidestep or walk forward. Clicking on the panels above the view brings up other useful screens, including a scrolling map of the area explored (it you have a DTS scanner) and a character status screen.
Most important of these, the Store is the character's inventory, scrolling vertically to show all the weapons equipment in possession. Any of these can be placed in the character's hands to use. By the way, our only gripe in the Playtest was the inability to utilise items straight from the inventory instead of having to return to the 3-D view. This is no longer a problem as you can right-click on the inventory hands to use the item immediately, making it much easier and quicker to use first-aid kits during battle.
And believe me, there's plenty of combat action as you explore the gloomy corridors and rooms populated by all manner of enemies and hostile creatures. It gets really tense as you approach the end of a passage, not knowing what's round the corner. The multiplayer aspect also comes in well, as the other characters can cooperate to give covering fire to the rear etc. Gunning for glory Hired Guns is so much more than a glorified shoot-'em-up, though. The levels are so large, there’s not only a lot of exploration but also flicking switches, moving boxes, etc to solve puzzles along the way. With an
amazing amount of different items to find and use, the game's more like an RPG than anything else but much easier to get into and play, and with a whole lot more action.
The challenge of attempting the epic full campaign (which should take ages to complete) would be enough for most games, but no. Hired Guns has even more!
There are no less than 20 stand-alone missions, including some competitive multiplayer ones, and five training missions to aid beginners.
With so much game data, not to mention the incredibly varied and detailed graphics and sound, it’s no surprise that Hired Guns comes on five disks. This leads to a fair amount of swapping before missions, so the program's clever indication of what disk will be needed next is a welcome feature.
Such disk hassle is a minor, and inevitable, annoyance in an otherwise perfect game. In fact, Hired Guns would be an ideal candidate for conversion onto CD, so it's all the more surprising that Psygnosis currently have ¦ M no plans to do so unless they get sackloads of letters I ill * demanding it, of course! ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦ One of the game’s stranger features is the ability to design your own customised characters' faces in Deluxe Paint. If you’ve got a digitiser, you can even scan photos of yourself including views from the sides and back, of course. DMA Design kindly offered this facility to
us, so we sent them a load of piccies to put in our special review copy!
Grenade Launcher Naomi's latest addition.
Requires 40mm grenades.
Medical Pack This item contains essential medical aid.
Psionic-Amp: Cure Poison Cleanses bloodstream from alien toxin.
Flamer Junior Refill: UX Gas An inexpensive by-product from low-grade chemical fuel.
Particularly strong clean bum with the Oxy 6 range of flame-throwers.
Particle Beam Rifle Based around the energy transition in the ultraviolet range. The result is very destructive. Requires 1 kilojoule charge or more.
UPBI Issue 38 Standard issue for United Planets Bureau of Investigation agents. Quirky firing mechanism may lead to fracturing. Requires .38 calibre ammo.
Psionic-Amp: Heal Accelerates the user's metabolic rate, immune system and tissue recovery. Has the end effects of curing wounds and poisonings.
1 I ¦ Violence is the name ot the U game in this corker of an adven- ture. Simply pick your well-armed gun-totin' heroes, choose one of many missions and off you go into uncharted mazes full of vicious puppy dogs, crazy lemmings and shark-infested pools. One of the most impressive things about the game is the graphics: characters and backgrounds are brilliantly detailed and look very realistic. The char- acter-selection music sounds like a '70s cop show, but that only adds to the cool image of the game. All the missions take some working out, so you’ll being playing this for quite some
time to come. A real winner.. ¦ ¦ (Left) The scrolling campaign map shows the locations of all 20 missions. The larger circles are where the elusive nuclear core rings can be found.
Fitness: As your character takes hits, his fitness falls when it reaches zero he’s dead. Fitness is also indicated by a meter above the character’s view.
Physique: The stronger your character, the more damage he can withstand, and the more items he can carry.
Experience: Used in the game as a sort of score, accumulated throughout successive missions.
¦ DEVELOPERS: DMA DESIGN »w-wg DISKS: 5 KK n PLAYERS: f- 4 GENRE: COMBAT ARCADE 1 200 COMPAT: YES 915 5*3 ¦ HD INSTALL: YES Carrying: ¦ (Below) Duh deh duh deh... Get out of the water! Psionic gills stop you drowning but not from getting eaten.
The total weight of items carried the maximum is determined by the character's physique.
¦ 'one of the best Amiga games ever made miss it at your peril.
AMIGA A500 500+ FOR 1500 2000 VERSION £69.99 THE WORLDS MOST POWERFU FREEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES [• SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK Special compacting technique* enable up to 3 program* to fit on one dish. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos • reloads indopondently of the cartridge • even transfor to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Mogs of Ram - even t Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - ggRTW now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before • allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that 'impossible" level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprito Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set Including any attached" sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect your software investment.
Works with all presently known viruses.
GdETW Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just Imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key - no more waiting.
A SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE - Useful lor removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own
pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to
help you through the tricky parts!
MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS ¦ (•Pnm like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc.
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key you can now view
the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk,
Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status "overlay* shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
JOYSTICK Haft(M£R - gMlmR allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses .
Very useful lor many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III Preference Screon
you can now set up Autoflre from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for
that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
• DISKCODER With the new Diskcoder' option you can now tag* your
disks with a unique coda that will With the new Diskcoder*
option you can now tag* your disks with a unique c prevent the
disk from being loaded by anyone else. Tagged' disks will only
reload v onter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP • allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - including compressed small character command.
• DOS COMMANDS y Now you have a selection of DOS commands
available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE
REQUESTOR • if you onter a command without a filename, then a
file requestor is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button . Faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench • available at all times.
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS • Prm including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either Dfo or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when disks. Very useful to be able to boot from your
external drive.
• Full M68OOO Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory • Jump to specific address
• Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Play resident sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
• Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to
see and modify all chip registers - eben write only registers •
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling WARNING 19B8 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING
Dtfal Emvonca Ltd cc1000n re auTonsoi It* uw of il* MOOiKU to
• MXOflictert t ccorflftl moMrail The asOiup hKiHos of Trt o-oLC
jro azsoiHO lu r voliK-wl, wftwir* sxth « PUWc Do-on nuunu. It*
urns con i-ogrem. A sobw«. -for. Pe-mwon * m* btKM* "•*. T n
* it lUga 10 maaa oo«n tr.»n for your ocppghl i-aMrol •Tom m.
a,press pormnMai of ttw copytgpf pwror. Ex 9xt tcercM tho’o*
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper
Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix name) REMEMBER AT ALL
MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 0782 744707 a R LONDON SHOP 222, Tottenham
court rd, London, wi. TEL:071 sao 6460 , A F AAR llld _ GOVAN
PAYABLE TO..... Feature!
It'S cerebral sensations time' again folks, as we conclude our roundup of the very greatest (and some not so great) strategy games. For those who didn't read last issue (shame on you) we're shelving the military sims and wargames as they're separate categories in themselves, but we've god games, explore- 'em-ups and life simsj galore. Take it away, IAN 'HEADCASE' OSBORNE... SIME ¦ Ocean ¦ Gaia... the living Earth. According to the Gaia theory the planet behaves as a single, living organism that gets sick when abused and thrives when looked after, just like the human body. SimEarlh puts you in
charge of the entire planetary evolutionary process, but will Gaia survive your leadership?
Perhaps we strategy gamers have cried gameplay rules presentation OK' once too often. Apart from making us sound like a bunch of Sensible Soccer fans, it encourages (or at least fails to discourage) skimping on the cosmetics. I HATE games that bury promising ideas under lots of pretty visuals (Legend) or. Worse still, token arcade sequences (Midwinter), but there's no excuse for presentation this bad.
Underneath the rather off-putting interface lies a reasonably good game. You get to guide evolutionary development any way you like ws-vt i nnunr f«inl •nofrir'foH hw tho nrnnram Unfortunately it seems to play itself for great lengths of time set up the conditions, wait an hour, tweak it a bit, wait two hours... OK it's not THAT bad. But it does require a great deal of patience. One for hard-core planet-plasterers only.
CHALLENGE GAMES ¦ Electronic Arts ¦ The best just got better Populous II takes its illustrious predecessor by the neck, shakes it until the pips squeak and moulds it into one of the Amiga’s finest hours.
Set over a thousand levels, as one of Zeus's sons you must defeat your 32 divine opponents to claim your rightful place on Mount Olympus. Not an easy task, even with the 30 commands now available (the original had eight), though not all on each world. As well as the usual earthquakes and volcanoes you can now throw plagues at your rivals' settlements, blast them with a rain of fire or rip them apart with the hurricane wind.
Succeed and you're awarded experience points which you use to beef up the power of your divine interventions (commands by any other name).
The basics are pretty much the same encourage your people to settle and profligate by raising and lowering land, manipulating their actions without exercising direct control.
The additional commands are no mere tweak though coupled with the improved graphics I and sound they make Populous II a real must- buy, even if you already own Populous.
And The Challenge Games'7 Well they offer 500 extra worlds (with redesigned graphics in a traditional Japanese style) and 42 challenge games where you're given a jrancE specific aim to achieve, and one tfBCtORi extra command. Not a brilliant data disk, but at least you don't I 11 'lefl I I have to buy it separately now.
UTOPIA ¦ Gremlin I SimCily meets Populous.
83% (Oi, Osborne get back here and write a proper review! Ed.)
Ahem. For all its qualities, you could almost sum up this game in three words (or four if you're less lexicographically challenged than Maxis), SimCily meets Populous’, but in the interests of job security I'l write a more expansive review.
¦ Electronic Arts ¦ This can't be right... I must have loaded Populous by mistake. Oh well, might as well level this bit ot land and drown those poor geezers down there. Hang on the ground's not shifting. And why are the people dressed as soldiers and levelling my buildings? Appearances can be deceptive, folks: Powermonger isn't a cynical cash-in on Populous at all (it just looks like one)... Feature!
Unlike the aforementioned game. Powermonger has distinct wargame leanings. Starting with a limited number of troops, you must explore the islands in question, winning allies, finding food and developing weapons.
Like most Bullfrog games, Powermonger is packed with humour.
Watch out for the baby-bearing stork blast it out of the sky to stop your enemy repopulating. Careful who you upset though. If you pinch a farmer's livestock for food, he won't be too interested in your next recruitment drive. TT With any luck, Powermonger will soon be rereleased tf9CtOR with the World War One Edition thrown in, but in the meantime keep your eye out for it anyway it’s a I great game, and the WWI outing made few non- I PBHJI a beginning and an end. In a quick game rot you must beat your rivals (a colony of red wB ants yours are black) to a food supply, protect and
expand your nest and wipe I out the opposition. A full game sees you I Ihf doing all this and more breed new I |-i colonies, take over the entire garden and force the humans out of their home. An ------ experimental game lets you set up the garden (food supplies, insecticides, etc) to your own specs.
You can't fault SimAnt on detail. The 176-page manual's entertaining and informative, the game's deeper than a real ant’s nest and being less open- ended than, say, SimCity you've got a specific target to aim for. Unfortunately the interface isn’t as polished as it could (and damned-well SHOULD) be, and the program is incredibly slow at registering your inputs, leading to mucho frustration. An interesting concept, but imperfectly executed.
Tutorial Experi nental ¦ Ocean ¦ Once again Maxis advertise their allergy to using spaces: here at AmigaForce we don’t subscribe to BadPunctuation, 'coz if we did PhilKing would throw a TemperTantrum and have us sacked from ImpactMagazines. Now we've got that settled you’ll appreciate the PunctuationErrors aren’t ours and the game really is called SimAnt. So don’t write letters of complaint to ForceNineMail.
Unlike other god’ games, SimAnt allows you to control a specific creature as well as guide the entire nest in the interests of gameplay you’re reborn every time you die. Unlike its more Homo- sapiens-orientated inspiration, SimCity. SimAnt has Load Gane You start the game with a very small colony, which you must expand by embarking on building and mining projects. Keep an eye on things like crime levels, finances and morale standard SimCity fare so far, but there’s an alien colony on your planet too. They aren't indigenous either, but neither are they particularly friendly.
Although Utopia is an open-ended game, if you can keop the Quality Of Life rating (a morale indicator) at 80% or more for a length of time, you can consider the scenario won' and move on to the next. Keep it at 90% and you get a medal!
Utopia is a great game. SimCity fans will appreciate its open-endedness, but there are definite victory conditions for those who want them. The disk swapping's a bit of a pain if you've only one drive and the graphics look a little dated, but the gameplay cuts, dices and I shreds the proverbial mustard, and |j that's what really counts. [
r. nrnicffl. PlRHr lhuiicww RLDUtpr. Rmpr lit worn ¦ OCTOBER 1993
¦ MFTiA Ift MAMI A ¦ Activision Prism .1 V". ¦ Now available
on Prism's Triple Action Vol. T ‘ ' compilation, Deuteros
features lots of still pictures and precious little animation
and it’s great!
Set in the far future, the entire population of the Earth are descended from colonists once based on the moon all indigenous life was wiped out when a meteor smashed into the Pacific. Centuries later all thoughts of space travel had vanished as the human race struggled to repopulate the Earth, and the moon base was thought to be a legend. Until now. Dr Trout's 26-volume thesis on spacecraft design turned mankind's attitude on its head the race for space was on (again)!
As the master controller, you must ensure the space race is run smoothly. Your Resource Mining Rig supplies you with resources which your production crew (once trained) turn into hi-tech equipment. Your research and development team beaver away on various projects, designing equipment for the production team to build. As time goes on (and yes, there is a time accelerator) you get to build space stations, starships and all manner of equipment. The program wisely introduces labour-saving technology just when a task gets boring, eg a computer that allows shuttles to carry preset cargos to and
from space stations without the need for manual launching and docking. You always feel you're in full control of the game, from the moment you build your first mining rig to the time you’re running a minor planetary empire.
It’s difficult to put your finger on why Deuteros is so engrossing. Perhaps it’s the gentle learning curve that lets you take the game at your own pace, or maybe it’s force the brilliant atmosphere stopping it feeling artificial like some strategy sims. f3CtOR Whatever it is, the game's an unmissable batg at 15 quid, even if the other two games on the compilation are crap. -I Mmuft I: ¦ Pocket Power 1 UVJ-tUJMS I ¦ An oldie but definitely a goodie. Archipelagos costs a mere £2.99 is this the budget barg of the century or what?
The island archipelagos are in deadly danger. The war between the Ancients and the Visitors is reaching its climax, the Visitors having placed an obelisk of power on each of the 9,999 islands. Your task is to return the archipelagos, island by island, to the Ancients by destroying the obelisks. It won’t be easy they draw their power from minor stones that must first be destroyed, and they aren't always on the same island! Force Archipelagos is an inspired strategy fgCCOR puzzler that successfully cuts across genres and provides a genuinely original challenge. At £2.99 you can't T L m, go far
wrong with this one just don't 1 be pul off by olher less-than-wonderful [ ¦ Pocket Power strategy offerings.
¦ Ubi Soft ¦ A curious one this it looks a lot like Populous, though the resource allocation, element mining and design research owe more than a passing nod to Deuleros. It also shows that strategy games needn't suiter from po-faced interfaces either!
After deciding how many peeps to use on the island in question and placing your tower in your chosen sector, you assign your geezers to tasks such as mining, weapon development or creaming an opposing castle. The interface is wonderfully simple to use, becoming instinctive after a very short length of time, and the speech samples (recorded by professional actors) are amazing!
Mega-lo-Mania isn't a game for the purist, but it's great to see a game that bridges the gap between strategy and arcade games. The Sensible boys have taken the maxim about gameplay ruling presentation to heart without neglecting either, and produced a game with ottce excellent yet unintrusive visuals and gameplay fgcloR that's out of this world. There's no way a fl5SH|P game with the depth of Civilization or SimEarth could feature this degree of animation, but if the designers took a leaf out ol Ihe Sensible book, who knows what we could expect? J ¦ Virgin Games ¦ Unlike tne previous
offering, Dune II doesn't take its plot from a book or film, but instead uses the characters and settings from Frank Herbert's novels to create an entirely original game.
Based on spice-mining on the planet Arrakis, Dune II has you controlling (any) one of three different factions. The Atreides are diplomatic bods who don't fight unless they have to, the Ordos like a bit of sabotage and terrorism, but worst of all are the overtly evil Harkonnen.
Initially your base is very sparse and surrounded by blackness. As you explore further, more territory is revealed. Use your handful of soldiers and small trikes wisely, there’s no point building up your operation just to £ « [v p f [ see it trashed by roving '_¦ baddies. Indeed, the I credits earned from spicc _________ sales should always be put to good use when SkiifrSSy°u *'ncl yoursell involved in a three-way scrap you won't begrudge dosh Dune II is one of the most innovative and
• S'f ¦ accessible strategy sims ever. Its excellent presentation
and involved prove for once 35532 jaWf and for all fhat S
don't have to r , V* k be shoddily ' presented. I ¦ NEW!
AMIGA 600 STANDALONE AMIGA 500w CARTOON CLASSICS AMIGA 600 WILD, WEIRD t WICKED Min A 200 PACK LEMMINGS PACK SOFTWARE PACK - FROM SILICA ZOOL it the software pack of the year. It includes: Zool, Transwrite. Pinball Dreams and Striker - Value £127.92. All Amigas from Silica (excluding A600 Standalone and Amiga 4000) include a FREE ZOOL pack as well as GFA Basic and Photon Paint II.
ZOOL ... £25 99 I clock!
- . .I MAIL ORDER • : -. Y. ..... . = - .-! SIUCA SYSTEMS - THE
rGS&SWiSSSST"' . S*.....- «»»« I • n* mu. Stock ramgi (SSEX
shoo «««, hm sum SamuilCTiwI ls.l« Systems AMFRC-1093-104. 1-4
The Mews Memerte, no S« T o7T7 40 i
cnsgiajEizHisiigggisiiaHEEmi SIUCA SYSTEMS 081-309 1111 100%
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• Comprehensive playing tips 5 the latest releases • Hot nev
Dynamic game reviews • Comp Super Nintendo Games Director and
prizes to be won! • What more could magazine dedcated Available
at all good newsagents every four weeks i cover • Full Colour
throughout section • In-depth features on iws on everything
Nintendo • iplete Code collection • Massive ry • Packed with
competitions you want from to Super Uitendo?
N get approval from (and pay a substantial cut to) ‘Big Brothers' Sega and Nintendo.
Of course, the Amiga market has always been completely free and open to third-party developers, so it’s surprising Amiga Micro Machines has taken so long since the NES game to appear. In fact, it's effectively been developed in tandem with the Mega Drive version over the past 18 months, requiring an extra three months to convert. And from what we've seen so far, it certainly seems worth the wait.
Vreom vroom If you’ve never pushed toy cars around ‘courses' bordered by pieces of string, . Rubbers and matchboxes etc, now's MICRO MACHINES ¦ CodeMasters Enter the world of miniature racing in the long- awaited Amiga conversion of the Codies’ hit console game. Originally released on the NES last year, it’s recently been a soaraway success on Mega Drive, zooming straight to the top of the Gallup All-formats chart. And that isn't even an 'official' Sega game well done, Codies, for taking on the mighty Japanese corporations in the courts and winning the right to producq your own software
without having to faster vehicles, as is the way the cars skid out of Psygnosis describe Microcosm as 'the most sophisticated computer game ever'. It’s not difficult to see why never before have intro outro sequences been created using Silicon Graphics imagery (as used for the Jurassic Park movie special effects!). The graphics and sound data takes up a massive 500Mb of memory, with 256-colour screens and an original soundtrack by Rick Wakeman. There are six areas of the body to explore, with multiple craft control and multidimensional craft figure modelling included.
¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ % COMPLETED: 40% ¦RELEASE: JANUARY '93 ¦ The game's technical pedigree was never in doubt, but the proof of the pudding lies in the playing will the gameplay measure up? The version we saw at the CD32 launch was little more than an interactive demo the game's come on a long way even in this short time. Our buddies from our sister magazine SEGA FORCE say the Mega CD version's great, and as the Amiga CD32 piddles all over Sega's sad machine, there's no reason why our version shouldn’t be better.
This is it! No, not Dannii Minogue, but the time of year when all the software companies are putting the finishing touches to their big autumn and Christmas eleases... MICROCOSM | ¦ Psygnosis Microcosm almost stole the show at Commodore’s CD32 launch in July. It was the only game that really showed ott the capabilities ot the machine, but was, unfortunately, at a vary early stage of development at the time. Whether the gameplay would match the technical quality of the product was questioned, but Psygnosis promised that the finished version would blow the gaming world away!
9 Subatomic subs I The plot gives more than a passing nod to Isaac Asimov's M Fantastic Voyage, where a team of medics are (along with a submersible) miniaturised and injected into the bloodstream of an ailing politician, their intention being to operate on his body from the inside, removing an otherwise-terminal cancer. Microcosm also uses this miniaturised medication theme, but this time the occupants are trying to gain control of the patient's mind; very useful when you work for a multinational concern and the patient is the president of your arch rivals!
Your chance! Micro Machines is an overhead- view racer, with lour vehicles zooming round wacky scrolling courses. There’s a choice of eight different vehicles to race, including cars, dune buggies, helicopters and tanks the latter enabling you to fire at your racing rivals!
What really sets the game apart from other racers, though, is the strange courses. For example, you can race around the kitchen table, dodging the breakfast waffles and cereal bowls; or down a chalk track drawn on your dad’s workbench, manoeuvring past nuts and bolts; or push buggies round the sandpit, jumping over ramps to clear water puddles. Out of the eight course types one for each vehicle our favourite has to be the classroom, with rulers acting as narrow bridges between the school desks and ring binders for ramps.
ALIEN 3 ¦ Virgin Originally to be released by Acclaim earlier in the year, this tense film licence has been incubating for a long time and will finally hatch from your local retailer’s stomach in November.
Just in case you haven't seen the movie (or can't remember it by now!), here's a resumb... The Queen Alien and her offspring have taken over the prison colony, Fiorino 161 (also known as Fury) and turned it into a breeding ground. Why, those prisoners' stomachs make great incubators for Alien eggs especially as the unfortunate villains are chained to the walls and can't escape! So once again it's up to skinheaded Ripley to save the prisoners and exterminate the toothsome nasties once and for all.
I Blasted aliens The major difference between the film and game is the weapons. In the movie Ripley was unarmed in the game she has four spectacular weapons taken from the first two films in a spot of artistic licence by programmers Probe. A Pulse Rifle sends out a spray of armour-piercing bullets, a Flame Thrower quickly burns those Aliens to death, hand grenades can be thrown (especially useful for killing Aliens below), and a Grenade Launcher come in useful for blasting open steel doors.
Each multiway scrolling level is infested with Aliens who creep intelligently around the corridors to leap out at Ripley.
Somehow, she has to find all the prisoners before those incubated eggs hatch (ie within a tight time limit). As well as jumping onto moving platforms and lifts, Ripley can crawl along narrow air ducts, always keeping an eye on her mini radar for nearby Aliens. Virgin say the game has been extensively rewritten since its Acclaim days, so the 'reviews' that appeared in other mags at the time are now redundant!
Win three races in a row and you enter the Ruff Trux bonus race to try and beat the time limit for an extra life. There’s also a two-player Battle game where you try and scroll your opponent off the screen enough times to win.
«ls - G ”K' ¦ DEVELOPERS: ARC DEVELOPMENTS ¦ PLAYERS: 1 THE SIMPSONS: BART VS THE WORLD Virgin Aye Carumba! It's that spiky-haired role model for millions of youngsters, back again in another wacky arcade adventure.
If you're a bit sick of Bart only being available on Sky TV it’s the only thing worth watching, except now it's been scrambled as part of the Multichannels deal don't have a cow, man. All your favourite cartoon characters are here, including the despicable power-plant owner, Mr Bums. Acting seemingly out of character, he sends The Simpsons on a world cruise but only because he wants to wipe them off the face of the earth!
Bum baby burn The evil Mr Burns enlists the help of relatives in various regions, including Rameses Burns in the Egyptian pyramids, Eric von Bums of Hollywood, Fu Manchu Bums in China, and The Abominable Snow Bums who roams the North Pole.
In each area of the world, Bart explores scrolling platform levels and plays various subgames including sliding puzzles, card games, slot machines and even Simpsons trivia! By picking up Krusty The Clown collectables along the way and special items like the Bartman mask which enable him to fly, Bart can save his family (are they really worth all the effort?).
¦ % COMPLETED: 80% ¦ RELEASE: NOVEMBER ¦ Apart from the obviously improved graphics it's a straight conversion of the enjoyable NES game, so its playability should be assured. One criticism of that version was the rather sparse layout of the platform levels, but the subgames add plenty of variety. And remember, as Bart said in a recent episode, 'I would never lend my name to inferior merchandise!'
¦ DEVELOPERS: PROBE ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ % COMPLETED: 80% ¦ RELEASE: NOVEMBER ¦ So far, so good. We remember the very early demos with ropey scrolling and a ridiculously high difficulty level. The combination of platform and blasting action now seems so much more playable and there's no reason to suppose it won’t turn out as well as the impressive console (spit!)
Versions. If it does, Alien 3 could well be a surprise yuletide hit especially if it pops out of your stomach during Christmas dinner!
How’s h gomg?
Dyou0,seTasa 0 A budding Henry aHI H'43 IH Ford? Can you wana - dream up quotable epigrams like, 'you can have any colour you like, as long as it's black'? Could you produce the most unsuccessful car in history (the Edsel) and still be worth a fortune? You can? Don’t bother with this then do it for real and make loads of dough. For the less talented among us, however... Detroit is described as the 'ultimate automobile simulation’, allowing you to build the car of your dreams.
Guide your company through the years 1908-2008, designing and building cars, sorting out strikes, nobbling your competitors and generally being a capitalist basket.
At the time of writing, modem play with up to three human or computer opponents seems likely.
¦ Impressions l t Dwuton. Hi Coip . Arm j o( 1K» fint B ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN- HOUSE ¦ PLAYERS: 1-4 (MODEM) ¦ % COMPLETED: 50% ¦ RELEASE: NOVEMBER ¦ We’ve only seen the press releases and a lew screenshots so far, but it looks like a real corker Railroad Tycoon on the road! If it's half as good as MicroProse's gem, It’ll be a well worthy outing; but we'll have to wait till November to find out.
Wt»tx.n Fin* | Quality i Poor
«H- U*U SI
c. vln Mw O UW O ““igS* s CON FED EH ATE TOTAL* lrfu.tr, M»
C. v.li, «H- v-u ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ PLAYERS'. 1 ¦ %
COMPLETED: 60% ¦ RELEASE: NOVEMBER ¦ Judging by the PC screens
we've seen so far, it looks frighteningly similar to Cohort
II, which wasn't well received at all.
Hopefully Impressions will clear up a few of the earlier game's idiosyncrasies and create a strategy sim that can genuinely claim to be a wargame of the Nineties.
[THE BLUE AND THE I GRAY Impressions Another Impressions Micro Miniatures™ wargame featuring lots of animated soldiers, this time covering the events of the I American civil war. The conflict began when I eleven states in the Southern end of I America broke away from the United States, declaring themselves independent and dropping the Stars and Stripes in favour of the General Lee, a blue star-encrusted diagonal cross on a flame-red background.
| The first shots were fired in 1861 when Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter (South Carolina), which the occupying Unionist army had refused to vacate after the split.
The Union (North) were led by General | Grant, and characterised by their blue | uniforms. The Confederacy (South) wore gray [American spelling] and fought under General Robert E Lee. After a long and protracted conflict the North emerged victorious General Lee surrendered at Appotomatox Court House in April, 1865. By June the victory was complete.
GLOBAL DOMINATION ¦ Impressions Has anyone out there played Risk? No, I’ll rephrase that is there anyone out there who HASN'T played RistO. Just as I thought! For the two people sitting in a cave in an obscure part of Worcestershire, Risk is a classic wargame, unusual in that it doesn't use the traditional hex-and-cardboard approach. It was converted to the Amiga by Virgin a few years back, but is now long-deleted.
Global Domination, according to Impressions, ‘takes off where Risk ends’. The first major difference is (of course) the computer opponents, based on a variety of historical conquerors. You can play against human players too, and modem play is catered for.
Unlike Risk, a variety of military hardware is on offer artillery, infantry, aircraft, armoured vehicles... you name it, they’re including it. You don’t get reinforcements automatically depending on territories conquered either. The greater land area you command the more resources are available to you, but it's up to you to manage and allocate them.
¦ DEVELOPERS: IN- HOUSE ¦ PLAYERS: 1-4 ¦ % COMPLETED: 50% ¦ RELEASE: NOVEMBER ¦ Whether Global Domination succeeds in dragging Risk kicking and screaming into the Nineties remains to be seen, but the signs are good. Look out lor a full A- FORCE review eventually.
3*5 t
* 11 ¦ (Right) Clucky Alfred jump* up the screen to escape a
massive rising chainsaw! (Below) If Alfred grabs all the
presents while floating towards the level end he gets an extra
j :iCOnr. QQQ31Q * :3 *¦ : 130 I I! 1 Mindscape, £25.99 Amiga conversions of console games are not uncommon nowadays, but ones from the Nintendo Gameboy certainly are! Allred Chicken was a huge hit on the monochrome handheld, due to its enjoyable platform action and one of the cutest main characters around. Alfred's a spring chicken who can really spring, leaping many times his own height to reach ledges and jump over hazards.
His aim is to collect all the stars on each multiway scrolling level only then is the exit opened. A star is revealed when Alfred pecks a balloon: this also acts as a restart point, so he's sent back here when he dies. And with the vast number of hazards around, this isn't uncommon.
A variety of lethal-to-touch nasties patrol the platforms, including clockwork mice and spiky- shelled snails. These can be tackled in two ways. If Alfred has collected some strawberry jam, he can spit the seeds at the baddies! Other weapons can also be found, including a magic feather which circles the little clucker Alfred's usual attack method, though, is his dive-bomb. Jumping up and pulling down on the joystick sends the plucky chicken into a fast head-first dive to peck creatures to death on impact. This can also be used to smash a column of blocks.
Other hazards are indestructible and must be carefully avoided. Sleeping bombs wake up when Alfred goes near them, and soon explode in five directions. Spinning mines float round in a fixed pattern, usually in Alfred's path so good timing is essential to get past.
Talking to plants Littering each level are special doors, only revealed by pecking switches or headbutting invisible blocks. Doors usually lead to other parts of the huge levels, but special ones take Alfred to see Mr Pickles, the friendly flower who gives him useful objects and weapons.
In the nature of platform games there's plenty of hidden bonuses and features scattered around the levels too. For example, ("AAA cAAA (AAA (AAA
• Pi it i ¦ At tirst the single-colour backgrounds give the game
a dated appearance. Then again, this is infinitely preferable
to the confusing parallax seen in, say, A1200 Zoot. This would
have been a problem when trying to dodge tiny fragments of
shrapnel from bombs etc. Anyway, as in the original Gameboy
version, the samey backgrounds make navigation around the
huge levels that much trickier. On later levels, however, the
detailed scenery is very attractive, particularly the large
glass pop bottles with straws sticking out. Alfred himself is a
real star, flapping his I wings in a vain attempt to fly, eyes
bulging | as he spins into a dive-bomb not to men- I tion his
amusingly realistic pecking action.
Even his death sequence is hilarious as feathers fly everywhere before he hatches again from a new egg.
3C0RC 012370 I (Right) Alfreds flower friend Mr Pickles gives him a load of goodies secret room. (Below) Alfred jumps up and launches into a super dive-bomb to smash blocks. One mention of Paxo and watch that chicken go!
Playwise this is classic platform action with plenty to see and do. A plethora of hidden rooms and bonuses make exploring more interesting. And every level has its own special features, including that chainsaw chasing you up the screen as you frantically flick switches to reveal the next set of upward platforms. The balloon restart points ensure it doesn't get frustrating and if you collect all the bonus lives you should have plenty to tackle the much trickier later stages. Incredibly addictive, Alfred Chicken proves the platform genre can still provide a lot of fun. ¦ 3C0RC: 000510 , : I'M
: 55 . ':03 smnp.:.003400 DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE I DISKS: 2 at one point Alfred must jump into the middle of some (nonexistent) spikes to find an unseen passage to a secret door! Very cruel, but half the fun in a game like this is in looking for secret features. One of the most powerful in Alfred is the (well-hidden) warp room which offers a choice of higher levels to transport to.
Otherwise, completing the level is achieved by pecking the string on the last balloon, which lifts Alfred into a bonus vertically scrolling collect-'em-up. If all the items here are collected (very tricky), Alfred receives an extra life when the exit scrolls into view. A life is also awarded for finding all Mr Pickles's watering cans. At the end of certain levels, Alfred even climbs into a spaceship to fight the evil Meka Chickens in a shoot-’em-up!
Play chicken There are eleven huge levels in all, incorporating six different scenery styles, each with their own hazards and features. For instance, on the Pop levels Alfred must quickly make his way up the scrolling screen to escape a rapidly rising chainsaw!
Due for an October release, Alfred Chicken is currently undergoing debugging and playtesting. All eleven levels are playable, though some special features aren’t yet working correctly, eg the arrows on the blocks which Alfred pecks to move remote- control bombs. A jolly soundtrack has also yet to be added, but the platform playability is already obvious to see. Hopefully the game will be completely finished for a full review in the next AMIGA FORCE.
PLAYERS: 1 % COMPLETED: 90% RELEASE: LATE OCTOBER Very amusing animation of Alfred, especially when he dive-bombs.
Loads of secret rooms and bonuses to keep you looking.
Huge levels packed with features to make exploring fun.
Extra subgames include a collect 'em-up and shootout with evil chic THE CONS I Backgrounds can look a bit dull, though it’s easier to see the action.
AmiGa ¦ OCTOBER 1993 ¦ tsnt Win MEGADRIVE Instant A ir-» SUPER NINTENDO 0839 407058 Instant Win SEGA GAME GEAR 0839 407047 Instant Win A A1200 9 407059 ant win SEASON TICKET To the Football club of your choice AIV1IC " itH* 0835 Inst 0839 407045 RALEIGH ACTIVATOR 2 Or any other mountain bike up to £200 WRESTLING VIDEOS Win £60 worth of wrestling action!
| 0839 407054 0839407046 JOYSTICK ioystick up to the value of £ 70 10839 407048 WINNERS LINE 0839 407040 £150 WORTH OF GAMES I 0839 407053 0839 407055 Calls cost 36p per min (cheap) 48p per min (other times) and are likely to last seven minutes. Please be sure that you have permission to make this call competitions close 31.11.93 and involve multiple choice questions with tie-breaker. Where Instant Win' is indicated there is NO TIE-BREAKER and prizes are won INSTANTLY.
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A I I ) Shows that platformers SWW don't have to be boring If you see seemingly I unreachable arches in the air, there are undoubtedly invisible platforms enabling you to I get to them. ¦ Acclaim's enjoyable Mega Drive romp has been converted to the Amiga in great style. The way that pus-like substance oozes from your guy's gun is particularly impressive it's just like the stuff they squirt on your burgers! Joking aside, the idea of a McDonalds-sponsored 'ecologically friendly' game may distress some, but it can't detract from a conversion that's generally well-implemented. Apart from
the often-sudden scrolling, the psychedelic world of colourful backdrops and well-drawn enemies is very attractive. Most impressive is the varied soundtrack: several good tunes accompanied by neat sampled FX. Gameplay is identical to the console version, ie okay as platformers go, but the I endless blasting gets a bit samey after a while.!
It vk .• iMtti V , IrvHrff t if l|7 y c-i iu£ .- h r r -wr~%7 . "PM DEVELOPERS: JOHN TWIDDY ¦ DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM I (Above) Mack drives thru another scrolling level full of all sorts of nasties,except for McDonalds gherkins, of course.
¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO lllllll - mm
- • • • V1 I (Above) Mack stands next to a levitation pad if
he jumps on it he’s catapulted high into the air to reach l
those arches in the sky.
. Slick conversion - ’ .
Of the playable ™ console platform B , hit. R p Ftargs: Have plenty ot stamina and the ability to recover quickly from tails and Habbish: Mysterious blokes wearing cloaks. Highly intelligent, they easily get bored.
Their speciality is in (exportation.
Grablins: Funny little dwarf-like geezers who diggers but not very aggressive.
Grassland: Flat savannah with nvers breaking up swathes of grass.
Underground there are rivers and caverns as well as Forest: Mainly flat with undulating 3h ' I I rivers and small lakes. There are many giant trees whose huge roots 7e“nusu°
I. e*»se o go deep beneath ' ,'f1 the surface, entangling in
places to form an impenetrable lea: In these freezing levels
there are many icebergs, causing a danger of Island: An
archipelago of islands linked deep below the water in a
subaqua these green guys are very patient and aggressive.
Woolly Mammals: The petrified remains of these large creatures can be found in icy levels.
¦ (Below) The lull map of all the playing zones. The icons represent the type of terrain. You can only attempt zones adjacent to those already completed.
Eggua Horribllls: Even worse than the Queen’s 'annus', r A weird alien egg l ii whose contents : absorb . Jf 'Jg Lj. oJB§j themselves into H ; your miner. I A* turning him into I Sand Worms: Large shy creatures which live deep underground.
An Wh Stegosaurus: Normally I docile this huge dinosaur _ . _" -1 will charge it ' tunnels.
Velociraptor: Anyone who’s seen Jurassic Park will know all about these ferocious dinosaurs. If you see one, run like hell!
Fungus Kaleidoscopus: Looks much like the other harmless mushrooms on the surface, but can eat miners whole!
Rocky Ground: Resembles the Grand Canyon with overhangs, cliffs and large areas of underground rock.
Deep below are water-filled caverns and interlinked caves and passages, some populated by ghouls.
Mountains: Jagged peaks and unstable rock taces mean few places for digging. However, underground there are large caves and water sources.
Triffidus Carnivorus: Lives in the forest, blending in with the toliage. Has a voracious appetite, especially for miners!
¦ This is definitely one of those games that takes a lot of fussing around before you can get results. Working out some of the controls is a bit confusing at first, with the selection of icons and menus you have to plough through. As far as the graphics go, the CD version is exceptional, with plenty of detail, colour and good animation to help hold your interest in the very playable action. Although, as Phil said, this game isn't ideally suited to the CD for- mat, it still helps knowing you won't have to go through a succession of | floppies every time you play. ¦ Key ¦ (Above) Buy
equipment in the shop.
(Below) Sell your jewels to the three traders in the stock market. Their offer prices vary with time.
Inflatable Boat: Climb in it to traverse otherwise fatal lakes and rivers.
Flood date: Useful for blocking off your mine from intruders, as well as gushing water.
¦ (Above) You may come across some big caverns, usually containing valuable purple jewels.
Train: Well, it looks more like a coal wagon, and can ferry loads of jewels back and Lift: Useful for lifting your diggers back up long mine Small Tunneller: This little dirt devil can rip through the earth faster than any miner.
one of these underground, so you can teleport back there after
returning to the surface.
Largo Tunneller: A massive contraption which cuts great swathes of tunnels in no time Vertical Digger: Also known as the corkscrew, this mechanical monster can dig long shafts very quickly.
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Download Amiga shareware including files from the Fred Fish
Collection plus lots more to download at V32bis, V32, V22bis,
V22, V23, & HST 8 data bits, no parity.
Y wait tor your software when you can download now direct to your computer. Microland ' otters high speed connections and most tiles are compressed to minimise the cost. Check it ion 0483 725 905 at normal call charges. So much shareware you are spoilt tor choice.
?ver 30 tile areas including Animations. Arexx Files. Badge Killer Demos. Business.
Clocks and Calculators. Commands. Database Directory and Disk Utilities, Display Hacks, Education, File Utilities, Fonts. Fractal and Mandelbrots, Games, Graphics, Icons, Libraries, Programming, and Communications. Area 1 contains tile lists tor all areas to help you tind , what you are looking tor. Protocols xmodem. Ymodem. Zmodem. Kermit. Sealink. And uucp 089, 990 505 charged T36 nnmut hea ate 8 erTnmut l theMlm Trevan Designs Ltd. POBoxl3. Aldershot, Hants. GU12 6YX._ PLEASE DECLARE OVER 18 WHEN ORDERING ADULT ONLY DISKS.
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As in the Amiga game, you get the choice of four themed tables... Stones ‘N’ Bones: The most atmospheric table is accompanied by some really spooky music.
Though it seems very low-scoring at first, the availability of (albeit hard-to-get) multimillion bonuses can lead to whopping scores.
Lighting the PIT letters instead 11 concentrate on the BURNIN' targets at the lower end of the table. ¦ HE VAULT One off the most addictive games ever created m ¦ 21st Century Entertainment, £29.99 Pinball fans should flip out over this one.
With four fantastic tables packed with features, accompanied by brilliant tunes and FX, the original Amiga version of Pinball Fantasies was highly recommended in AMIGA FORCE Issue 2. Of course, then we didn’t give games ratings (for some long-forgotten reason), but rest assured it would have got a Rave award if we'd had them then.
Now this immensely addictive game is one of i the very first CD32 titles to appear. As well as almost instant loading, the first thing to impress is some gorgeous CD music on the table-select screen a techno-style piece with some ¦ As you can see, the CD version using the AGA chipset for more colourful tables. It's enough to make you flip out, man!
T wonderfully warm synth sounds, it's a joy to I listen to.
Sounds familiar It's all the more disappointing then, that the in-game music doesn't come straight off the CD it's exactly the same as in the dPr original. Don't get me wrong, it really is Amiga sound at its very best, but there's no apparent reason why it couldn't have been remixed and recorded on CD for extra stereo quality.
Graphically, the tables benefit from 256 colours, ing lo slop and get change for a 20 quid note. Pinball Fantasies is a cool realistic pinball sim with a varied selection of tables to fire the realistically-moving ball around. After you've got used to the slightly awkward controls, you'll be away in a definite pinball fantasy.
The backgrounds are wonderfully colourful and the four tables include a spooky old castle on Stones N' Bones, and the tacky colourful setting of the Gameshow. The music and sound FX are very bubbly and are especially effective on a good set of headphones, so you can get lost in the psychedelic never-world of Pinball Fantasies. ¦ Partyland: A weird circus-style table, this is probably the easiest for novices, with plenty of large bonuses available by knocking the ball down various chutes. The main aim is to light the PARTY letters by performing several different feats with the ball.
Speed Devils: One of the hardest tables to get to grips with, mainly due to the tendency for the ball to easily go down the side chutes.
However, good play leads to improvements to your car, a higher race ranking, and the possibility of a massive score.
Making them even more colourful and attractive than before. Most importantly, gameplay is identical this has to be one of the most addictive games ever created. I played the Amiga version night after night for months on end, discovering new bonuses and features all the time until I eventually amassed 100 million- plus scores on every table. Though hardly the ¦ Not many enhancements, but terrific gameplay makes for long addiction.
Sort of game to use the CD format’s .
Potential to the full. Pinball a Fantasies is still as playable as ever: an essential purchase. |lll ¦ A ‘point and click’ interface is used throughout, even for entering figures when hiring crew. Cute abacus, eh?
Ijou have 0 crew atrxcxun fhere is room for 117 men Hon many will you hire?
¦ Silmarils Daze, £32.99 Can you imagine what it would ve been like in the Middle Ages it they had the Common Market? Item 32.987A. sale ot Papal Indulgences (to forgive sins, flogged off by the church to raise money) said document must conform to directive HS372B, bearing in mind addendum 38C (concise) by being written in letters conforming to the pronouncements of the Lexicography and Monastic Scribblings standing committee, and be sealed with Eurowax of a regulation consistency'... bureaucrats, directives, elections where hardly anyone votes just like today really. ¦.unJ Has advanfr
look beyon pure t appr surprisingly enough, according to the makers of The Patrician there was such a body, namely The Hanseatic League, a body that offered its members favourable trading conditions and protection for their ships, usually in the form of convoys. Starting out as a humble Hanseatic trader, you aim to build a vast fortune by sailing across Europe buying and selling, using the proceeds to further your political ambitions.
Finish the game as Alderman of the League and you’ve won.
Unusually for a trading game (well, part trader anyway), the interface isn't a series of menus.
Instead, click the pointer on an on-screen building and you enter Once inside you utilise its various functions in the same manner, eg in your office you click on a large book to access the product menus, a smaller book for your current status, a map to set sail. Etc. Even entering I quantities of produce when buying and selling is WE WON'T STAND A LOAN Starting the (full) game with only 200 Thaler (the league's currency) and one ship to your name, you'll probably want to borrow some dosh before long. Unfortunately the Church controls the banks and money-lending is considered a sin, so it's
off to the the loanshark you go. Interest rates are high and its highly illegal, but if you're worried about your immortal soul you can splash out on a Papal Indulgence, sold by the Catholic Church for total forgiveness of sins for a limited period.
Credits: Oscar Wilde was right, work is the bane of the drinking classes! The Amiga Force crew duely test this theory during their lunch hour... convoys to protect merchant ships from attack.
Throwing a least tor the townsfolk is a good way of making friends and influencing people, but make sure there's enough booze and grub there's nothing more embarrassing and damaging to your street credibility than having your knees-up falling flat on its face. Get yourself a spouse too. Then as now, politicians carry no credibility unless they’re married.
As well as the usual above-board methods of social advancement, there are also a few more _nefarious paths to be trod. Try visiting the public baths and getting into the tub with a councillor, for example... no really there was no household plumbing in those days, and bathing in groups was a major social convention! While splashing away with his nibs you can talk politics or even attempt to bribe him! Beware though your sins might find you out later in life in the form of a blackmailing trader threatening to reveal all about what you got up to in the bath with the local councillor!
Is the ntage of oking »nd the i trader roach After 1869 As you've probably gathered by now. The Patrician is an extremely involved game but is it any good? And. More specifically, is it better than Flair Software's 1869. Issue 8's 83% blockbuster? I suppose it depends on what you're after... In terms of map size alone The Patrician's Europe-centred gameplay isn't a patch on 1869, which covers the entire globe. It has the advantage of looking beyond the pure trader approach, but is this a good thing or a bad thing? Sure it gives you a purpose in building up imaginary wealth (something many
traders, though not 1869, lack), but the two aspects of the game don't sit together as convincingly as they might.
Both games have large historical aspirations, but The Patrician's seem a little flat where 1869 used world history as both a backdrop and (where relevant) an active influence on the game's parameters, it lends little to The Patrician other than a theme. For example, my home town of Vichy was attacked by an army of over 1,200 (one of the disasters that can befall watch out for fire and plague too), which was destroyed by the defending forces' first play, pouring boiling oil over the walls! Hardly realistic. Also the same graphics are used for every town, making the game look a little flat.
The info scroll that erm, scrolls while you're at sea could move a little quicker too.
The sort of gamer this outing will appeal to, however, is the guy or gal who likes the occasional strategy sim but isn't really a fan of the genre people who played Elite for months on their Speccy or BBC. But wouldn't even pick up
1869. While Flair's game wins out on attention to detail and
purely strategic simulation, The Patrician is more
accessible, far prettier and much more 'arcadey' - it even
has an action combat sequence, which you can switch off if
it's not your thing, I reckon Flair's * offering just
pipped it because ot I its sheer depth, but this one has a
I lot to offer. It's one of the best designed strategy sims
DEVELOPERS: ASCON GMBH ¦ DISKS: 3 ¦ PLAYERS: 1-4 GENRE: STRATEGY 11200 COMPAT: YES I HD INSTALL: YES Miiimn ¦ An accessible and comprehensive sim.
¦ OCTOBER 1993 ¦ I [Zgk v. B0B: Wel1'John'i,s a mSD* ~ i magnilicenl sight here at the Brutal Bowl.'
M£»:-r i JOHN: Yeah Just look at i f that massive crowd, and iJR you don't get any ol JH ¦ your soccer-style Bbs i * H I hooll9anisrn here . Well, not off the pilch.
Anyway' f BOB: 'No. This is a f f real family occasion: 4 • what a charming sight, all those kids copying , their lolks in a chant .¦ , :. T j ' requesting even more jf .-violence and blood!'
R JOHN: Yeah, and the players provide plenty ol that in this «fc»r. Game. There’s even rhinos, j lizards and Vikings on the pitch, M jfc J all punching and kicking each M •- other as they try to score a goal' ¦ BOB And there's nothing so ' entertaining as a good decapitation1 JOHN: One of my favourite plays. Bob. But ' you needn't lose your head if you want to win a (A copy of Millennium's Brutal Sports Football, M do you?’ B BOB No. All you have to do is draw a picture ol B your idea ol the ultimate Brutal Sports ¦ Football player ' B JOHN: How many winners are there. Bob’ B BOB: No less
than 25 lucky folks will win a ;!¦ copy ol the game, and one ol 'em will also ¦ receive a proper leather American football.'
B JOHN: 'I'd rather play with a head, myself.
I BOB So I've heard. Anyway, the rough, tough IB readers of AMIGA FORCE have to throw their B pictures to BRUTAL COMP. AMIGA FORCE, I Impact Magazines. Ludlow. Shropshire SYS B IJW, in time lor us to catch them before 7 I November.'
I JOHN: 'Or we'll come round and impale them Iona metal spike?’ I BOB: Uhm. Something like that By the way.
B how did they sew your head back on?’ B JOHN: They didn't, they |ust grafted some fat fifrom my buttocks.'
itOt*9 Q* v« W »fr-*uicno.
(COMP| ....Ml A ....20.99 STREET FIGHTER 2 1 MO ...17.99 ....17.96 STRIKE FLEET_________________________________________13.95 ....13.99 SUN CROSSWORDS ......5.96......9.99 CRYSTAL KINGDOM DIZZY ELITE 2 (FRONTIER)* ... ¦PIC . EYE OF THE BEHOLDER------- EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2 . FA PREM LEAGUE FOOTBALL’ FALCON 3 .... FIREHAWK ......_ FLASHBACK (ANOTHER WORLD 2) *______ FOOTBALL
BOSS* ..... FOOTBALL MANAOER 3* ... GLOBAL EFFECT ... GLOBAL GLAOUTORS *_____________________ GOAL* .
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Business hours 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday After hours ? Sundays Ansaphone order hotline: 071 381 8998 Credit card orders cashed only on despatch.
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¦ HudsonSoft Playbyte, £25.99 Despite its utterly, utterly crap name, YolJoe2 manages to offer a little more than its contemporaries. Joe's an agile sprite, capable of a visually unaslounding but nevertheless functional leap and, should he be near enough to the lower edge of a platform, he can pull himself up Prince of Persia-style. Water, a a deadly scenic element in so many other games.
Presents no problems for Joe he's as happy to doggy-paddle as he is to run and jump, but while underwater he’s unable to attack any passing assailants.
There's something very satisfying about throwing explosives After every level, there’s a bonus shoot- em-up stage, where Joe can earn extra lives. Also, there are loads of power-ups to collect, some of which are essential for dispatching nasties in end-of-level (and even during- level) confrontations. These range from pipe sections and shuriken, to a fuel-hungry chainsaw and petrol bombs. The latter are great for large-scale destruction: lob one, and the ground area hit bursts into flames. It's not a particularly accomplished graphical effect, bul there's something very satisfying about
throwing explosives perhaps that's why war's been such a popular pastime for so many years... iimiiiumiiiir-iiiim-aiiiiiraiiiiiaiiin Looking cheap So what's the sum etlect ol all this? Joe's polished there’s no denying that and the programmers' attention to detail is equally praiseworthy. However, when I first sat down to play it, I was under the impression it was a budget game. Joel looks flat. Its two- dimensional graphics are cartoony and colourful, but most of the backgrounds and certainly the sprites are bland in definition and don't move that convincingly.
I hardly expect every release to have digitised and wonderfully detailed graphics, and a new artistic style is nearly always welcome but again, Joe!
Looks like a budget game.
Also, when there's too much on-screen at any one time, the game slows down and the scrolling jerks... The 'heard it before' soundtrack’s not too memorable either.
And yet, YolJoe's p U as playable as almost any Amiga release you care to mention this year, and moderately challenging with it. It's not another Flashback come to think of it, it doesn't even come close but it's cheery and .
Simplistic in the way Ihe old C64 I iM JL and Spectrum classics of tlgllR yesteryear could be You know, I like it... ¦ (Below) Joe ventures along the first level, punching those blokes with pony tails and skeletons. Shown is only a tiny part of the extensiveplaying area which scrolls up down as well as across. Graphics are pretty neat, even if Joe looks like Elvis at his Vegas shows!
Nmrrm vnifc mi mrsT Trrsrrrrr rrmrrnrs ¦ (Right) You can do what you like , but don’t step on my blue suede shoes... but they may get a bit soggy when Joe goes swimming!
M ™ beat-'em-up. Hit an enemy in YolJoe! And he plods on without flinching, hitting you before you can launch a second attack. This gives you two options, neither of which is very satisfactory you can walk behind him punching and running, fleeing for your life when he turns round, or slam into him and lose energy. This isn't what platform games are all about.
YolJoeI has some great features but baddies that lake loo many shots to kill make it a pig to play, and their lack of intelligence is very dated.
Still, at least they don't resurrect too quickly... ¦ DEVELOPERS: BLUEBYTE 1 ** "DISKS: 2 ” ''. ¦ PLAVERS: 1-2 ‘ ' m GENRE; PLATFORM ' -3,¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO rnTEn iiT't n n i; n snn'riHTm iirrn_iTri_Trm_riTr ¦ Millennium, £25.99 Speedball 2s reign as the most violent computer sport ever is about to come to an end... make way for Brutal Sports Football a game set to become the most bloodthirsty ball-basher ever.
Despite appearances the game isn't based on the rules of American Football, or any rules at all for that matter. Sure, you pass by throwing an oval NFL-style ball, but you’re allowed any number of forward plays, and (DEFINITELY unlike Gridiron) the action doesn't stop until a goal's scored it’s a bit like 'proper' football played with hands, but without the throw-ins and comers (or something)... The teams are pretty unusual too, consisting of lizards, Vikings, rhinos and other hard-assed fantasy creatures. After each match injured players (maybe even ‘decapitated’) are treated in the locker
room, a sort of high-tech medical centre comprehensive, but costly. When randomly placed power-ups include swords, [ROLE THE BALL B Mrutal Sports Football started out in life as Han RPG hybrid called Axequest. Although Millennium and Teque both considered it a good game, it was felt the concept was a little too original for the player to identify with, so it was developed as a sports sim instead Beastball was born! The powers-that-be were so pleased with the resulting game that they decided to launch a whole series of violent reappraisals of popular sports the moniker changed again,
giving a standard prefix to use for future sports sims.
Next on the list (and a very obvious choice for a Brutal Sport) is Ice Hockey, a game featuring so much mindless thuggery the ‘Brutal’ version hardly needs any tweaks. The third game will probably be based on basketball, and after that... who knows?
Swimming? Golf? Tiddlywinks... bombs and lightning bolts, injuries are pretty frequent! Fallen players remain on the pitch until the end of the game, an excellent touch, as is the way the losing side weeps bucketfuls of tears after the match even a decapitated head carried by another player cries like Gazza!
Bloody fast Coded by Tec Coded by Teque (of Shadowlards Shadoworlds fame), the game is much bloodier and more brutal than the Mega Drive original every kick and punch results in a spray of blood! It’s also faster. Running at 17 frames per second (less than the MD, but you wouldn’t notice even at this early stage it’s far from jerky) allows a much faster, more brutal atmosphere. In the very latest version the players actually run quicker than the scroll, but needless to say this will be corrected in the final copy.
Brutal Sports Football hits the shelves around October, and (in the AF offices anyway) is easily the most eagerly awaited game currently nearing completion. Look out for a full review WHEN it’s finished.
A complex game like Brutal Sports inevitably causes programming headaches for Amiga coders how do you I cram the controls onto the Amiga's one-button | joystick? Teque managed it by allowing the player to choose from five different methods, offering increased complexity as you get used to the game. The ' more advanced controls allow the player to lock on to a single team member, regardless of where the ball is.
Okay, you might concede a goal, but if you've got a heavy- duty beat-'em-up power-up you could take out two or three of the I opposition fair exchange? The choice is yours.
¦ Fast, furious action with edge- of-your-seat tension.
¦ Graphics and sonics are excellent. | ¦ Different 'breeds’ of player.
¦ Full league action, with promotion | and relegation catered for.
Tmm mm ¦ It's a little slow in giving you the player you want.
¦ Some of the power-ups carry too much wellie.
I Erm... they might not like it in Germany!
J c *
• KL Jt- jjwgWiilk'v * 1 Everyone in the office agrees Brutal
Sports Football looks like being a damned fine game, though
there are one or two quirks to be corrected.
For starters, the game's a little slow in giving you the player you want. Not hair-pullingly disastrously slow, but not quite as fast as it might be. This is especially annoying when passing the ball unless you make a pixel- perfect pass, play centres on the thrower slightly too long, making it extremely difficult to catch it. Also, maybe one or two of the power- ups are a little too powerful. There's no fun in scoring a goal simply because you run over the right icon at the right time, and conceding a goal on these terms is unbelievably annoying.
Let's not dwell on the negative although not minor points, there's no reason to believe they won't be corrected in the final version, and the 'guts’ of the game is there. The scrolling is silky-smooth, the graphics and animation beyond reproach, and as for the effects er, wow!. Brutal Sports Football could easily be THE sports Sim of 1993, and here at AMIGA FORCE we can't wait to get our hands on a copy. ¦ Anybody out there who likes a good maze game with futuristic graphics and loads of tricky, well-worked-out levels should check out Universal Warrior. This highly addictive game allows
you to guide your specially designed droid throughout well-devised puzzler levels in which you collect lots of dosh and points whilst trying to find the exit. Each level has its own nasties and special features, eg Level Two involves travelling through a slippery ice landscape, shooting the enemy droids that follow you around.
Identify] targets efore shoot- I ing firing Jon friendly boats is a | I court-martial offence! I Jt's quite enjoyable cruising around the Robot repairs Between levels you can pop into the repair centre rivers C PI I'
II. .!.• Cl.ll. 4» URIVER Hmm, this three-year-old I Accolade sim
is looking decidedly I dated now. Compared to the likes of
Gunship 2000 the blocky 3-D is I positively pedestrian,
making the game seem more like a leisurely cruise down the
local canal than steaming through a Vietnam war zone.
Okay, so there's a time accelerator, but this doesn’t compensate for the inherently limited action with your course set by the river, you never have the freedom of a flight sim. Gunboat I may appeal to simulation fans looking for something a bit different, but I'd rather fly a plane any [day. ¦ ¦ If you enjoy messing about on the water, you might get something out of this.
¦ (Above) You'll have to hit a straight drive to avoid all those bunkers.
¦ You can switch between the three gunners' stations at will.
M lll ¦ I have to disagree with Rob: this ¦ ¦¦I * is nol my idea ol a good goll Sim
• I compared to the likes of PGA Tour it's laughable. Nol only
are Ihe graphics absolutely appalling for Ihe Amiga, resembling
a poor C64 game, Ihe playability's almost as crude. The most
surprising omission is wind surely one of the most important
factors on a golf course! The overhead-view putting's a bit
naff too. You'd have to be a sad anorak to get anything more
than a rainy afternoon's enjoyment from Mean 18. Originally
released in 1986 (no kidding), perhaps this ancient Accolade
sim should have been buried in a deep bunker. ¦ OCTOBER 1993 ¦
and other shops to purchase special features nmnjR: i t. hi
losj and equipment (some of it illegal!) For . Your droid
provided you've I collected enough money, of ’ • I course. You
can even place bets
* I on your stats for the next level, eg
• I your shooting accuracy being ' tjf above 80%.
' ¦ Graphically it’s great, with plenty gmpUBf of painstaking detail on all sprites , and backgrounds which are also ] full of colour. The sequences where you visit shops are r' _- excellent, using digitised pictures of real people as the shopkeepers.
There's plenty of testability in this game but you'll need to have a good read of the instruction . . I I K i manual before you can go leaping I 1 into the world of droid ll ¦ P , I M development. ¦*Uvl ¦ If your droid's drive unit . Breaks down, you can stil get ¦' around the level (albeit slowly) I by continuously firing, the recoil knocking you slightly in the opposite direction! ¦ IXO i ,Ca* r .-ffD ITS LAG fJonoTTC'-.
GiTinncr ' ihftrihymii
- ¦ Although in essence a famil- _ iar maze shoot-'em-up in the
style ot Galactic Warrior Rats and many more, Universal Warrior
benefits from some unusual presentation features.
The idea of competing against other computer-controlled cor-
- porations in a football-style league is inspired, as is the
ability to bet on the outcome of the next level. Often-witty
speech bubbles from the shopkeepers (especially Big Al, the
dodgy second-hand dealer) add to the wacky atmosphere, and
there's some strategy in choosing how to upgrade your droid.
The one thing that lets it all down a bit is the main action.
It's really just a race against the clock, unlocking gates and knocking otf hostile droids along the way ! II not something to get too excited Ivkjl 11 about. ¦ II III i ¦ The Hit i Squad, £9.99 Sometimes the more addictive games have the simplest, sparsest layouts. This is certainly true of Mean .
18. Most of the features of a good golfing t sim are
incorporated. With the option of up 'I to four players, and
the choice of four different golfing layouts, you can get
stuck into some fine driving and putting skills.
Everything is here to test your skill: bunkers, lakes and lots of trees. For the novice there’s the beginner's option which helps you get into the swing of it (pardon the pun).
Swing time To make your shot, you have to get the hang of the tricky but logical meter system on the left- hand side of the screen. There's also an option of altering the direction slightly, helping you out on those tricky round the bend' shots. One of the main things to let the game down are the blocky graphics that make it look cheap and nasty. The animation isn't too hot either, the gopher on the title screen sums it all HJI Strok d DPI MED d ¦ Don’t bother with overswinging for extra power unless you hit the ball perfectly you get a massive hook slice. ¦ It's a real pity about the poor
quality of the graphics on this D_JI game, as it's -easorably addictive BM||I and a pretty cool golf sim " CHASE HQ II SPECIAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION The real shame about the game is that everything about it is all a bit dated and old hat Although there's _ mmr m . “ n ¦ Save . RmT ¦ y°ur ,urtK . _ . ' H| boosts w h e n I approaching the criminal vehicle: you can then ram it from behind and blast away at close range. ¦ l All a bit dated and old hat | 99 When a gang ol vicious law breakers kidnap the mayor's daughter, the only people who can save her are the Special Criminal Investigations
bureau. And this time those car-azy cops Broady and Gibson ate armed, so they can lire at the villains as well as smashing into them.
¦ The Hit Squad, £9.99 In a a series ol six tricky missions, you must find new clues that'll finally load you to the girl So on the long and winding road you go dodging crates that just happened to have been dropped on the road, barriers, and other mad motorists that either just gel in the way or hurl explosives at you.
Put your foot down On each mission you have a tight time limit in which to reach the specified criminal vehicle and bring it to a halt either by blasting the hell out ol it. Or by ramming it ott the road As you approach the villain's vehicle a helicopter All weapon to help you out All when trying to intercept the Ja|.
Bad guy WWW* Slur lAUIN NIINSmSI Phil!
Its a home run! Oh no sorry it was only a bird, just sit back and have relaxing game of baseball. All you have to do is perhaps move one linger and twitch the a lo get a HbpTTf tew runs. Pick your team.
Including stalling pitcher and to get into the one two-player K action llRRnp ’•ei towards the batter, you can choose from his tour throws, taken from a total eight types: fastball, fastball! (even faster), offspeed. Change-up (slow pitch), curveball, screwball, sinker and slider. The pitch is selected by pushing a cardinal joystick direction with tire.
You then aim the pitch the nearer the centre, the more chance ol it being a fair pitch and not a ball'.
Striking out The batter only has a short time to decided whether and where to swing. It a good hit is made, the scene switches to a view of the left or right side ot the ball park. Here, the batting player chooses whether to advance base runners while the pitching | player controls the nearest fielder to the ball.
¦ The Hit Squad, £9.99 For even real die-hard baseball tans, Hardball! Is a bit of a disappointment. While pitching is easy, hitting the ball is frustratingly hard. You have to swing at exactly the right moment to make a good hit and even then, you're highly likely to be caught out!
Overall, gameplay is slow-moving and very monotonous, and doesn't really keep you coming back for more. Graphically it's not much better spntes are on the blocky side and the animation is sluggish. There are better ai ga Amiga even the none-too- brilliantRB ihalsobyTheHit yy oja than this nfM IV ML a hr*-, i* (« !«•¦ viw* y fclfj fr«l* it s Ktnr * Sm l»t* if ¦ K w *»tr It rSr t» H» 1*11 TP ¦KKWf1 yn|Hl ¦ wiuMi i in si s, iw (' lien1 no ti mil y*“»« 'Ml" (while wink ¦ ¦¦¦IB ing on ZZAP!), I was Impressed by the (al the lime) speedy 3-D probably coz it was one helluva lot belter than the
original Chase HO conversion. However, technically the game is lett at the starting line by today's racers: it's very jerky and not anywhere near as fast as I mistakenly remembered. Worse still there's a whole load ot natl presentation screens requiring considerable disk accessing between missions. It's not very special at all. ¦ plenty of obstacles to avoid and keep an eye out lor, gamoplay still gets a bit monotonous alter the first two or three levels.
Graphically the game is nicely dotailed but lire animation is a bit on the jerky side. The music is the usual fast-moving irritating racing theme that grates on the old nerves alter the 17TT- _ first lovel Although tho game itself isn't bad overall, the played la ¦ it millions ol times before' syndrome hit mo as soon as I got | into the action. '----- Cl.'n idn ¦ If there's one thing I really hate it's unnecessarily long disk access- !
Ing, but even worse has to be total- I ly unnecessary disk accessing!
Sadly this is the case with SuperSki 2s practice mode why oh why does it need to completely reload the same event when you want another try? This frustrating waste of time makes it all the more difficult to master the events. When you do, you find they’re quite playable (particularly the Alpine skiing ones), but you need a bit | of patience to reach this point. ¦
* ' 7 g • iH ¦ Games Worth Playing, £9.99 While sipping
gluhwein in the comfort of your warm armchair, you can try your
hand at six snowy events using various 3-D perspectives.
Downhill, slalom and giant slalom are all viewed from just behind your skier as he races ' J Controls are responsive and intuitive down the slopes, zigzagging between gates flags. Extra speed is gained by pushing forward to crouch, but turn too late and you pile headlong into a tree!
Also viewed from behind is the bobsleigh, where you p r a c t i c e fl , , rjI mode extenr * sively before] F ’ even contem- -J plating a full competition. ¦ 1 ” waggle to make your man run. Before jumping in. A map helps you guide the sleigh down the tortuous course, but it’s very easy to go over the icy sides.
Fly like an Eagle No less hazardous is the ski-jumping, which uses two viewpoints. Looking up the steep slope you guide your jumper down, before the view switches to follow his mighty leap from behind. Finally, there’s the hotdogging, with two skiers racing side by side down a bumpy slope, performing tricks as they go.
It takes lots of practice not to be an Eddie the Eagle, so the option to practise each event is a boon. You can also choose which events to play in a proper competition with up to four players.
The only real trouble I found with the game is the long-winded disk accessing, which contrasts with the fast- moving, graphically excellent ski sims. Controls are responsive and ] intuitive, though the tricky events still take a while to master In all, this is a game that deserves lots of playing. And for the price | [ _ it's a real bargain.
rZ11 TTl i xf[u 1 1 ¦ Well-implemented I multi-eventer marred 1 by lengthy disk 1 accessing.
EIST FIGHTER do play it more than a couple of times, it could probably damage your health.
The animation on each character isn't really what one could describe as realistic movement in fact, it looks incredibly silly. Sound FX are also poor, sounding very weedy and again unrealistic.
Fist Fighter is a disaster from the moment you load il. Keep well MB away if you know what's good for KqQV you ¦ Zeppelin, £9.99 Take eight savage fighters raring for a good scrap, put them in Japan, Egypt and the USA and you should have a good beat-'em-up game Unfortunately with Fist Fighter, all you gel is a completely lame, uninspired, unplayable load of ¦ Win ag- ainst most computer
- ipf opponents ¦ V» by simply holding fire and left right to
continually punch. ¦ ) Unplayable load of rubbish I ¦ Make no
mistake. Fist Fighter is I Amiga software at its ¦
poorest.Graphically it's appalling, with some of the worst
sprites ever seen on the Amiga: they have so few frames, their
animation looks completely ridiculous especially the geezer
who rolls' along the floor Suitably, sound is limited to
hitting FX that are more like someone banging on a metal dish.
Worst of all, the gameplay’s as thin as an anorexic stick insect. Using just a couple of moves. I managed lo beat all the computer fighters on my first go! The moves are so naff it's no better against a friend I think I’ll stick to Body Blows'. ¦ Rating!
B This feeble beat- 'em-up doesn't even have a fighting chance!
Rubbish. The worst thing is that it's not until you pick one of the hard fighters and leap into the action that you realise there is no action.
The most decent aspect of Fist Fighter is the number of different backdrops that represent each country you fight in, but these can’t possibly compensate for the hideous gameplay. Supposedly there are ten combat moves for each fighter, but by the time you've found two of them, that's all you'll need to win yes, it's the dreaded repetitive move syndrome'.
No, not again There's nothing in the game that makes you come back for a second go. If you I THE BRIDES OF DRACU a l -lli .b-1. MKBLrftsj. I. ¦ Zeppelin Platinum, £9.99 Old Dracula has come a long way since the old days of just roaming the villages of Transylvania looking for a quick bite to of Transylvania looking for a quick bite to eat Now the tanged gent has grown tired of his single vampire image, he wants to prove to his 'jj 'rienos that he can settle down with a nice young woman The only problem is thal he can t Hunrl sels oul to capture no less than . . ¦ goodie or the baddie: either
the dashing Pnnce Of Darkness who wanders around the land looking for his brides, or the intrepid vampire-hunter Van Helsing who must collect 13 special items in order to destroy that Romeo of a Count once and for all.
Race to the death As both characters go about their business on their own split-screen scrolling view, the game can played against the computer or a friend. It's a sort of race, really, with the first guy to get all 13 items brides winning the game.
On their way through the village and the castle. Drac and Van Helsing come up against various nasties including such bizarre things as Daleks situated in certain houses »in the village, as well as rats, leaping dogs and unfriendly villagers.
The concept is nicely original, even if getting into the game is a lad tricky. Controlling either character is a bit weird, due to their slow (jW strolling that's reminiscent of a Monty Python silly walk Graphically there's nothing outstanding, but it serves the purpose getting two characters on a split screen with completely different backgrounds can't be easy All in all, Brides Of Dracula is a pleasant little lourney into a humorous arcade | adventure that holds your attention HI for a fair time FANTAZIA SLAAM CLOTHING SLAAM CLOTHING “All Tooled Up” Mi m A RATMAN HAMMER,HEATHER LONG SLEEVE
CARD HOTLINE - 0272 767630 ITEM CODE PLEASE ADD POSTAGE T-SHIRT £1.50 EACH ITEM PLEASE ADD POSTAGE PLEASE ADD POSTAGE JACKET £4 00 EACH ITEM TOTAL ORDER VALUE II you do nol wish io receive oihe us and other companies. Please All T-Shirts are 100% Colton, Machine Washable.
All goods are despatched within 28 days.
Check this out!
LIVE '93. The Consumer Electronics Show, is going to be the biggest thing to hit planet earth in years.
A million cubic metres of hi-fi, TV, video, home computers, in-car stereos, cameras, camcorders, telecoms, cable and satellite equipment.
And games. More games, consoles and systems than you've ever seen. In fact, the biggest free games gallery in the UK designed and built just for you. Visit Impact's Forcefield Plaza for all the latest games, hints and cheats - and take part in their National Games Challenge.
Mega or what!
But there's more. Live TV and radio broadcasts, live music on stage, celebrity appearances. Home Cinema, the BT Times Tunnel, TV walls, masterclasses, competitions - you name it.
Believe us. It takes ages to reach the end.
Tickets cost £7 or £ 16 for two adults and three children (if you're under 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult).
Call the LIVE '93 Hotline on 07I-373 8I4I Tickets cost £7 each or £16 for a family of two adults and three children.
(If you're under 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult.)
FIGHTING FAVOURITES Dear AMIGA FORCE Me and my friend Adrian often discuss and compare the characters from Body Blows and Street Fighter II. We decided to make up a list of different factors for each character. Here’s the results: Thanks to Mark Cowling for these terrific Deluxe Paint pictures.
Keep sending 'em in!
II Say what you like in fact, that's exactly what you do in our regular letters section. Whether it be praise or criticism, serious or cranky, we'll print it! And the best letter of the month wins the sender an A-FORCE subscription. Keep those missives coming and pretty pictures to FORCE NINE MAIL, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
CUT IT OUT Dear Phil I have bought the last five issues of AMIGA FORCE and it is easy to say that it is the best Amiga magazine about. If I were to rate it I would give it 99%.
There is only one fault and that is in the Cut- Out 'N' Cheat section where there have been a few repeats of cheats. Adam Morris’s letter in Issue 7 highlighted the problem. I can understand that you might have quite a lot of trouble in obtaining so many cheats for each issue but this is no excuse to repeat cheats. You could instead shorten the number of cheats to somewhere around 30.
This would certainly rule out any possibility of any more letters of complaint about the cheats.
Now that I've got that out of the way I am delighted to see that you don’t use cover-disks.
They bump up the price of the magazine and because of this they will lower the number of buyers.
Good luck for the future.
Pater Hume, Ayrshire, Scotland ¦ Thanks for your letter Peter: we're always willing to listen and act upon constructive criticism. You're right about the trouble we have finding enough cheats every month, which is why the section has now been reduced. So hopefully no more complaints apart from people saying there aren't enough cheats, perhaps!
Dear AMIGA FORCE I have a complaint: you said in last month's mag that you would have all the passwords for Flashback, but in this month's (Issue 8) there was only a map of the first level. I checked over and over for passwords, but there was none, not even for Level 2. You promised the British passwords.
Maybe there was a misunderstanding? Please could you print them in next month’s mag?
Craig Metcalfe, Carlisle, Cumbria
I. Whoops, sorry about that, Craig. Look in this month’s Cut-Out
'N' Cheats for the full list of UK Flashback codes not the
dodgy ones certain other mags printed!
Phil ANALYSING ANALOGUE Dear AMIGA FORCE I've just bought a PC-type analogue joystick (and an adaptor) so that I can play MicroProse's awesome Formula One Grand Prix more realistically (and make it challenging it's too easy with the digital joystick!). The problem is that I don’t have any other Amiga games that I can use it with yet (though I’m about to get the joystick card thingy- ma-jig, so I can use it on Mum's PC). What really good flight sims have the facility of using an analogue joystick (surely the ideal control method)?
Ric Paul, Highfield, Soufhampfan B Yes, it's a shame more software producers don't cater for analogue joysticks, as they substantially enhance the realism of flight sims and driving games. MicroProse have taken the lead, making all their (relevant) sims compatible, eg Knights Of The Sky, Gunship 2000, F15 Strike Eagie II. Domark also supported analogue sticks on MiG 29 Fulcrum.
There are others: maybe some helpful person can write in with a full list?
Phil QUESTIONS ¦ " Dear AMIGA FORCE Congratulations on the growing success of your relatively young magazine. It’s good to see a quality . Amiga magazine under £2.
Vz. Now for some questions: I 1. How much software support will there be for the new Amiga CD?
2. When is the brilliant Cannon Fodder due for release?
3. When will Frontier be released?
4. Is it true that EA Hockey is coming to the Amiga?
5. Is there a cheat for Mega-lo-Mania you could pass on? If not
I'll kill my Amiga by playing 4th & inches on it for three
hours (sinister laugh ha ha ha).
Hope you can help, and if not you will be held responsible for the death of an Amiga.
Chris Francis, Liverpool
1. As you can see from the list of forthcoming titles we printed
in last month's news, there is indeed plenty of support for
the CD32. Commodore reckon there'll be 50-100 titles ready by
Xmas. I know hardware manufacturers are often optimistic about
such figures, but with all the major software houses already
developing CD products, this number is not unrealistic.
2. Virgin have put Cannon Foddets release back to November.
Hopefully we’ll have a Playtest (or maybe even a review) next
3. The long-awaited sequel to Elite will be released by Konami
before Christmas. More details next ish.
4. It might be, it might not Electronic Arts still haven't made
a firm decision on it.
5. We don't have one: if anyone does, please send it in to Tips
BEAM US DOWN Dear Phil Being lucky enough to have Sky TV [are you sure about this? Ed], I was recently flicking through the channels when I found out that MTV-Text has a regular thing on computers (p250) so I looked it up. It was quite good, with reviews for the Mega Drive, SNES, beloved Amiga, and even the C64! It also had a tips page among other things. Anyway, they had this thing on the Amiga CD32 console, and were comparing it with the Mega CD, and of course the CD32 was a billion times better. I never knew the Mega CD only has 256 colours. Or that it only has 128K of memory! Anyway,
they went on to say that the CD32 was THE CD console.
However, what REALLY surprised me was when I looked at the letters page address, I I realised it was the same as yours! And the name - STREET FIGHTER NAME SPECIAL SPEED SKILL STRENGTH HARDNESS OVERALL MOVES RYU 75 75 80 75 65 75 14= KEN 75 75 75 76 85 78 9 CHUN-LI 67 95 85 50 63 76 11 = GUILE 82 71 67 85 92 87 5= BLANKA 82 85 55 87 89 88 4 E HONDA 75 54 77 85 82 76 11 = DHALSIM 71 35 75 60 60 65 19 ZANGIEF 40 40 60 90 70 50 21 BALROG 60 45 40 85 60 63 20 VEGA 80 99 80 65 60 74 16 SAGAT 95 75 100 89 95 95 1 M BISON 96 85 90 87 87 87 5= BODY BLOWS NIK 72 77 75 66 43 67 18 DAN 72 77 70 73 82 77
10 MARIA 23 82 51 33 1 32 22 MIKE 80 74 88 73 71 75 14= NINJA 93 80 99 70 49 86 7= DUG 78 66 42 87 91 86 7= LORAY 78 87 85 64 69 76 11 = KOSSAK 86 63 82 99 100 94 2 JUNIOR 81 80 44 85 73 73 17 YITU 83 98 89 74 85 84 8 MAX 100 92 86 94 96 93 3 Moves: Speed: Skill: Strength: Hardness: back then departed permanently after he saw we were still there. A man drove up in a car after the two people left. He was also a 'punk': like the others he looked at us then drove off.
I hope you enjoy reading through the results. It makes interesting reading! As you can see Ade and I do have our faves, which makes us a bit biased but not too muchj.
AWARDS Overall: Sagat Max Vega Sagat Kossak Kossak I think you can say we liked Sagat and Kossak!
We also made up two extra characters: BIG BELLA 99 75 66 99 99 97 NANA BOY 100 98 98 100 101 99.9 Weird? Most certainly.
Anyway, must sign off now. I hope this letter is not too long to publish.
Ben Johnsen, Christchurch, Dorset PS. Readers could write in with their views on our ratings!
¦ What an excellent idea! Thanks Ben, you’ve won an A-FORCE subscription for your trouble.
Does anyone disagree with Ben's ratings? Or how about comparing characters aspects of other games? I also like the sound of those two made- up fighters. Do other readers have ideas for new characters? If so, draw a picture of them along with a list of their moves and special abilities best one will win a subscription!
Phil SEEDY STORY Dear Force 9 Mail What I am about to write is a true story! One weekend my dad. Brother and I went camping. On the way back to Malvern we stopped in Ludlow tor some lunch. My dad knew the area well, so after buying food from a local supermarket we cycled to a picturesque location. We went into the outskirts of Ludlow and passed the Impact offices, which are extremely dirty. Just past the offices we got off our bikes and stepped down between the break in the metal railings onto the grass bank of the River Teme. Just to right of us was a pipe running above the river you should
know where I'm talking about.
As we ate our lunch a man on a Harley Davidson-type motorbike drove up next to us. He waited for several minutes before another 'punk' came and looked at us and walked off. The man who came on the motorbike walked down the steps past us onto the river edge where there is wire mesh with stones in, to stop the bank collapsing. He was out of view for about a minute before walking back up the steps and onto his bike. He then departed. The other 'punk' came By now I was thinking this was a bit suspicious and decided to go to the river edge. After looking round I found several plastic bags, shoved
into the cracks between the stones in the wire mesh. I took one out. It had a knot at the top and rip in the bottom. Several seeds were still left in it. I immediately thought they must be drug seeds. I took the packet to the police in Malvern and they said they would give it to the drug squad. So if you didn't know, you work next to a major drugs operation!
Details... You see. Not so long ago the fiendish Dr Franco was working away in his lab (aka the Impact production room) when he accidentally dropped some gamma-ray-mutated cabbage seeds in the film-processing machine. Thinking nothing of it, he went home only to return the next day and find the Impact offices populated by a brand-new generation of apparently human staff writers!
As the new people’ only required a regular dose of Phostrogen to keep them going, the Impact management immediately saw the advantages of a wholly vegetable' staff and quickly ordered more seeds from the garden centre. Of course, they had to be discreet what would a magazine be wanting with cabbage seeds? So they arranged the little rendezvous which you witnessed With their plans foiled by your discovery, the management have now decided to revert to recruiting human staff.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart you have saved me from being replaced by a cabbage!
Phil Sorry about the length of this letter, but you had to be told. By the way, my brother went on the same school bus as Chris.
Keep up the good work.
Stuart Castle, Malvern, Worcestershire ¦ Oh crikey, you've stumbled across our little secret. The bags you mentioned contained seeds, all right. They weren’t drugs, however, but the special seeds needed to grow new magazine staff writers. Until now, this has remained a closely guarded secret, but you may as well know the of it was called FORCEFIELD (y'know, Amiga FORCE etc!) So what is it? Do you lot make that thing or something?
I’ve just come up with a wicked idea, why not have the charts made by us voting for our top five games (like it was in ZZAPI) instead of having the charts based on how well a game sells, regardless of the game’s quality. Take WWF tor example a totally crap game but it sold in bucketloads, all because of the tremendous hype. Thankfully some companies aren't so bad, Electronic Arts could easily have churned out a crap Desert Strike, but it still would have gone to the top of the charts, so at least that was good.
Next point: why do I seem to buy your mag so late? It is never in the newsagents, and I can only ever get hold of it at WH Smiths in Brent-Cross shopping centre, and when I do get it, the next issue is due out (but it's not there!).
Last thing, I recently got Project-X 93 on budget, but how do you kill the water monster at the end of Level 4? I’ve got full magma, full side-shot, full homing missiles, full everything but nothing seems to work. Please help!
Isaac Abraham, Hendon, London PS. I never knew you played for Sheffield Wednesday!
¦ Yes, not many people know this, but I am in fact not the tubby person I appear. I actually wear special padding to make me look more like a person who sits down all day playing computer games and eating chips underneath I am a superfit athlete who plays football every weekend in the Premier League. But did you also know that AMIGA FORCE’S publisher, Eddie McKendrick, has recently been transferred to Arsenal (using his footy stage' name of McGoldrick)? Meanwhile his alter-ego at Impact compiles the Forcefield teletext section on MTV and Sky One.
Your suggestion of a readers' chart is a good idea (it was very popular in ZZAPI), so I'm implementing that immediately look in this month's Read All About It section for a voting coupon.
Sorry to hear about your trouble in getting hold of the mag. Thing is, it’s probably sold out by the time you get to your newsagent! The best way to ensure your copy is to subscribe saving money and getting free games. Otherwise get your newsagent to reserve you a copy by filling in the coupon on our Next Month page.
We can't help you with Project-X ’93: if anyone knows the answer, please send it in to Tips Bits.
Phil r7*YC1*iieY Ovd&Y e send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: Dept AMF10, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex, SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The Word!
"Next day delivery service available £4.00 per item UK only".
..22 99 .19.99 .22.99 .22.99 (see DreamTeam) ...21 99 .1299 ..6.99 .16.99 .17.99 .22.99 ..19.99 .17.99 .16.99 .19 99 6.99 .1699 8 99 .16 99 .17.99 ..17.99 ...6.99 ......1999 .16.99 ...8.99 8 99 ..22.99
.19.99 (see DreamTeam) ..21.99 ..24.99 ..19.99 ....27.99 .22.99 ...5.99 .37.99 17 99 .16.99 .16.99 .16.99 8 99 ..1699 ...6.99
20. 00 .22.99 .17.99
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..22,99 .22 99 ...22 99 .16 99 2299 .1999 ...1999 1099 6 99
...20.99 .24 99 29 99 2499 .1999 22 99 27 99 ...1999 ..17.99
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17. 99 8 99 1999 22 99 599 16 99 Compilation.
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25. 99 1799 1999 22 99 19 99 19 99 1799 22 99 1699 19 99 27 99
22. 99 22 99 22 99 699 20 99 20 99 21 99
59. 99 64 99 AWAKI) WINNERS Populous. Kick Off 2, SPORTS MASTER
European (kampionahip IBM. PGA Tutu Golf.
LadyMKI _£LM2_ COMBAT CLAS8IC8 FIS Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee. 688 Attack Sub £19.99_ 19 99 19 99 .29.99 24 99 22 99 19 99 17 99 .19.99 .21.99 19 99 19 99 17 99 .13 99 Combat Classic) ...8 99 .10 99
I) 99 24 99 DREAM TEAM WWF Wmtlrmsnia Simp*on».
Tcninator 2 £17.99 STRATEGY MASTERS Battlcmaatrr. Populoua, Hunter. Spirit of Kxcalihur, Chca* Player £17.99 FANTASTIC WORLDS Mego l.o Mania, Pirntea, Populoua.
FOOTBALL CRAZY Kirk Off 2 1 2 Meg.
Player Manager. K02 Final Whiatle THE GREATEST Jimmy White'a Snooker, Lure of The Temptress. Dune £21.99
* SESo5iiBS!!!r!Z'™™ Archer Macleans Pool Arsenal
FC* ...... Ashes of
Empiro Assassin
A-Train ..... A Troin Construction
Kit ......
ATAC ..22.99
AV8B Harrier Assault 22 99 B17
Flying Fortress |1 Meg) ...22.99 Batman Tho
Movio .6 .99 Bat 2(1 Meg) 26 99
Bottietouds 19.99
Kid .....16.99
Boavors 17 99 Bladoof
Destiny 26 99 Blastar
Blues Brothers 8.99 Body
Blows ....18.99 Burnmg Rubber
Caosor ......19
99 Coesor Deluxe ..19.99
Campaign .22.99
Campaign 2* ...22.99
Campioan Mission Disks ....11 99
Captive 2* .20
99 Castles (A
1200) 24.99
Championship Manager 93 16.99 Choos
Engine ...16.99 Chuck Rock
2 ....' ...16.99 Civilisation (I
Mog) Civilisation (A1200)
Claws* .. Cohort
2 ... Combat
Classics . Combat Air Patrol Conan The
Covergirl ... Covert Action (1
Meg) Oozy Cars 3 .. Dungeon Master Chaos
Dynoblastcr .. Easy Amos ....
Elvira 2 1 Meg) Elite 2 (Frontier)*
.. Entity .
European Champions Eye of Hie Beholder 11 Meg) Eye of the
Beholder 2 11 Meg) Eye of tho Storm* Exodus
3010* .. FI
..... F15 Strike Eagle
2 F15 Strike Eagle 2(1 Meg) ...( F16 Combat
Pilot FI 7 Challenge ......
F19 Fokon
3* FA
Premier league Football 17.99 Fast Food Dizzy
.....6 99 Final
Fight ...8.99
Fire Hawk .14
99 Fire and
ke ......16.99 First
Samurai & Mega Lo-Mania .19 99 Flash
Back .26.99 Flight of
tho Intrude. . 10 99 Flight Simulator
2 .24.99 Flight Simulator 2
Western European Tour.. 13 99 Footballer of the Year
......5 99 Formula I Chompions*
17 99 Formula One Grand
Prix ......22 99 Global
Gladiators 17.99
Goal ..20
99 Graham Gooch World Class Cricket 19.99 Graham
Taylor .16 99
Crusodcrs of The Dork Savant . Corse of
D-Day Daley Thompson
Challenge . Darkmoro* ...
Dark Seed Dark Sun: Shattered lands* Deluxe Music Construction
Kit 2.0 .. Deluxe Paint 4 AGA
.... Desert
Strike ....19.99
Dogfight* ..22.99
Dune See The Greatest
Dune 2 ......20.99
1869. .. 3D Construction Kit
2 ..... 688 Sub Attack .. Air Bucks
12 Air Bucks 1 2 (A I 200) A320 Airbus
(USA) A320 Approach Trainer*...... Abandoned Places
2 ...... Addoms family . Airbus A320
(turopcl Alien 3 Alien
Breed 2* .... Alien Breed Special
Edition.... Altered Boost Ambcrmoon* ..
Amos Proffesiotkol Compiler Amos The Creator .....
Amos 3D. . Amos Compiler Ancient Art of
War it Animation Classics... Another World n the Skie Norco
Police .. New Zealand
Story ... Nick Faldos
Golf . Nigel Mansell World Champ Nigel Mon
sell World Chomp (A1200).. Nippon
Solos . No Second
Prize . One Step Beyond
Operalon Thunderbolt Operation
Wolf .. Operalon
Stealth* ..
Overdrive* . Pang
.. Porfect
Goncrol ... Perfect General
Data Disk PGA Golf Courses ... PGA
Tour GoH+ .. Pinball
Fantasies . Pinball
Dreams ... Pinball
Magic . Populous 2*
. Populous & Promised lands
Powormonger .. Powcrmonger
Data Disk I . Premiere Manoger
2* Prehistoric
2* .. Premier Manoger
... Premier Manoger
2* .. Prime
Mover ... Prince of
Persia Project X
Prophecy .. Pro
Tennis Tour 2 SjSm- :
RaiTrood Tycoon (I Meg) Rainbow
Islands .
Rampart .. RBI 2
Baseball ...... Reach for the
Skies Realms (I
Meg) ..
Gruesome* ..... Gunship
2000* (1 Meg) ... Harrier Jump Jot* Harpoon &
BatHcsct 2 ..... Harpoon Bottleset 3
Harpoon Battle set 4 ...... Harpoon
Scenario Editor ... Hill Street
Blues ... . HistcKy Line
1914-18 ..
IK* ... Ian
Botham Cricket ..... Indy Jones
Atlantis Adv (I Meg) Inteibose
2.0 ..
Infnrspoad Intertalk 2
0 .... International
Open Golf Chompioship .
International Rugby Chollenge Ishar 2 ..... Jack Nicklaus Golf ..... Jack Nicklaus Extra Courses . Road Rosh Robocop . Robocop 3 .. Robo Sport ...... Rod land Romo AD 92 Rookios . Sabre Team ...... Scrabble . Sea Air Rescue* .. Secret of Monkey Island (I Meal Secret of Monkey
Island 2 Sensible Soccer 1.1 (92 93) . Settlers. . Shadow Lands .... Shodow of Beast 3 .... Shodow Warriors Shodow Worlds Shoot Em Up Con Kit Shuttle ..... Silent Service 2 11 Meg) .... Silkworm Silly Putty Jimmy White's John Modden ... KGB* . Keys of Maromon* Knights of tho Sky (1 Meg) lethal Woapon .. Legacy of Sorasil* legends of
Valour . Lemmings 2 (The Tribes).. Lemmings Double Pock . Lion Heart .. Lombard Rally Loom . lure of the Temptress . Ml Tank Platoon MacDonalds land Maelstrom . Manchester United Europe Mavis Beacon 2 ...... xhines*.
Midwinter 2 Mig 29 Fukrum Morph Myth Sim City Deluxe ...... Sim City+Populous .. Sim Earth .... Sim life (A 1200) ... Simpsons .. Sleep Walker ... Slicks* ... Smash TV ..... Soccer Stars Compilation Soccer Kid Space Hulk Space Legends.. Strategy Masters Starusn* ... Street Fightor 2 .. Strip Poker-tData Disk . Super Borbarian* ... SuperCars 2 ...... Super Cauldron .... Super Fighters .. Super
Frog Super Hang On .. Super Hero% .. Super Tetris ... Switchblade 2 ...... Sword of Sodon ...... Syndicate . Team Yanleo 2 (1 Meg) Terminator 2 The Greatest .... The Patrician .... Their Finest Hour (1 Meg) Tom Landry Strategy Footbol Tornado* ...... Toyota Celka GT Rally Tracon 2 Tronsartica .... Troddlers Trolls
(A 1200) Trolls . Turbo Challenge ... Turbo Challenge 3 Turbo Outrun Twilight 2000* U96r Universal Monsters* Utopia 2* ...... Valhalla Walker .... War in the Gulf .... Waxworks .... Woody's World Worlds of legend WWF2 WWF ...... Wizkid ... Yo
Joe ...... Zool AI2C0 .. Zool 2 ...... SPACE l-EGENDS Wing Commander, Elite, Traveller I tl»W BOARD GENUIS Clued... Scrabble.
Deluxe Monopoly, Risk £10.99 2HOT2HA.Nl5TfT Recall, Shadow Warriori £19.99 DIZZY COIJ.ECTION Feat Food, K»i. Snax.
Fantasy World Diuy, Treasure la. Dlny, Magicland Diuy £16.99 DIZZYS EXCELLENT ADVENTURES Diuy Pank. Bubble Diuy.
Diuy-Prince of Volk Folk.
Sn.» £16.99 SOCCER STARS World Champ Soccer, Kick Off 2, Microproae Soccer £16.09 BIG BOX 2- Hack U tkr Future. Tke Real •b-.bu.Uf , H Type. S.nlu4. Armalyte. Defender of the Earth. Stunfu. BW-o.1 R Sport. Football. II 11*98 ANIMATION CLASSICS Space Ace. Dragon‘a Lair 2, Wrath of The Demon The Wind In The Willows .13.99 The Three Bears (5-10)...... 13.99 JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES Quick joy Topstar ..17.99 Ouxkroy .. 1C 99 Owckjoy le gh»e« 11 99 Chaetch 125* ..... 7 99 Compenrort Pro 5000 3 99 Com pen tor
Pro ( «l»o 14 99 l jMegllpyode 24 99 1 2 Mag Uptpode & docs _ . 26 99 Tatb'opLt Scocjmx Junsx , 699 lathroplut Vorpo* Flux ..... -----__ 9 99
• •••••••••••••••I TDK VERBATIM 10 x 3.5" - 7.99 20 x 3.5"-14.50
50 x 3.5" - 35.00 100x3.5"- 65.00 PRECISION - BOXED 10x3.5"
-6.49 20 x 3.5" - 11.99 50 x 3.5" - 26.00 UNBRANDED - LOOSE 10
x 3.5" - 5.99 20 x 3.5" - 10.99 50x3.5"- 23.99 100 x 3.5" -
44.99 RECYCLED - LOOSE 10 x 3.5 - 4.50 20 x 3.5 - 8.50 30 x 3.5
- 12.00 40 x 3.5 - 15.00 50 x 3.5 - 17.50 100 x 3.5 35.00 ADI
Fogh.h All Age* i -----------17 99 ADI French All Ago..
....----- 17.99 Alt I Mot ha A.I Age*--------------I? 99 Better
Spot Log 6- t0 1*99 Be-tier Math*. 12 l«i---------1X99 t eve
Maze 18.... 999 Pun School I UM ---- ..999 Fun School
* loAi - 999 Puo School i 999 Pun School 1
1971------------- 1999 Fun School J lUTl ...... 1699 Pun School
1 HJ9I ...... 16 99 Fun School 4
(5-7) .1999 Fun School 4
(7-11) . Fun School 4 (U5 --------------- Chuck
Rock--------------------------- 10.99 Dizzy
Panic 6.96 Kick
Off 2 1 Meg 9.99 Kick
Off 2 Final Whiatle------------------------7.99 Kick Off 2
Giants of Europe---------------------7.99 Kick Off 9 Return lo
Europe ... 7 99 Ktrk off 2 Wmn.ng Tactic* S.99 Mir ropnae
Golf ... 1*99 Pa pee ten I -----------------9 99 (Wymour G»m
Tu HvHywwd ... .. 6.99 Thuoderatnk .....699
Turbo I hallenge i-----------------9 99 W»rtg CoeniDareiee
------ .1199 Zool------ »99 Merlin Mnths
(7-11)-------------------------17.99 .Mickey’s I23*s
(2-5) ... 16.99 Mickey’s ABC
(2-5)--------------------------------16.99 Mickey’s Jigsaw
Puzzles (5*) .16.99 Mickey's Colours A Shapes
(2-5) ......16.99 Mickey’s memory Challenge
(5*) .....16.99 Noddy’s Play Time
(3* .....16.99 Picture Fractions
(7-10) ....9.99 Playschool
(3-8)----------------------- 9.99 SPECIAL OFFERS Reasoning With
Trolls (5-12).. Tidy The House (6-10)--------- ...16.99
...16.99 Fun School Paint & Create (over 5*) ...17.99 Fun
School Spelling Fair (7-13)-------------17.99 Fraction Goblins
(8-13)----------------------------9.99 Junior Typist
(5-10) ..10.99 Magic Maths
(4 ll)..._...... .....13.99 Maths Mania
(8-12)----------------------------13.90 Maths Dragon (6-13)..
...9.99 ¦ ISSUE ONE: Driving roundup, Gods poster and maps,
complete R-type solution, Elf maps, CJ In the USA maps,
Gobliins tips and more!
¦ ISSUE TWO: Free AMIGA FORCE stickers!
Full-colour maps for Zool and Prince Of The Yolfolk. Shadow Of The Beast III playing guide and Kixx roundup!
¦ ISSUE THREE: Free Battlecards!
Playing guides for Streetfighter II, Gobliins 2 and Rome AD. The Top 20 shoot-'em- ups and more!
¦ ISSUE EIGHT: Amiga CD32 revealed! Tips and maps galore for Morph, Body Blows, Flashback,Sink or Swim and Lemmings Lemmings 2!
¦ ISSUE SEVEN: Morph and Flashback!
Complete maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Sink or Swim, Lemmings 2 and Body Blows!
Puzzle games roundup.
¦ ISSUE SIX: Free disk labels!
Special ECTS report, Sensible World Cup and the A1200 guide. Superfrog maps, tips for Desert Strike and Arabian Nights.
Due to popular demand, here is the official AMIGA FORCE tuckshop, where you can order sherbet dips, humbugs... whoops, maybe not, but you CAN order all those AMIGA FORCE back issues that you might have missed, including that elusive Issue 1. Watch out for more special offers next month!
¦ ISSUE FOUR: Every Dizzy game reviewed, Sensible Soccer challenge, Sleepwalker tips, Trolls maps, Gobliins 2 guide and Action Replay pokes galore!
¦ ISSUE NINE: Our new look issue!
Jurassic Park!
Loads of tips and guides for Gunship 2000, Lost Vikings, Syndicate and Replay pokes!
I’d like the following AMIGA FORCE back issues at £2 each. I enclose a cheque for the correct amount, payable to Europress Direct. Pop this in an envelope and post to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L65 3EB (no stamp needed if posted in UK).
¦ No. 1 AUT WIN '92 6901 ¦ No. 5 MAY '93 6905 ¦ No. 2 JAN FEB '93 ? 6902 ¦ No. 6 JUNE '93 ? 6906 ¦ Me. 3 MAR '93-X 6003 ¦ No. 7 JULY '93 ? 6907 ¦ No. 4 APRIL '93-X S004 ¦ No. 8 AUG '93 ? 6908 ¦ No. 9 AUG '93 ? 6909 Name Address ¦ ISSUE FIVE: Free Battlecards!
Maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Zool, Lemmings 2, Rick Dangerous 2 and Sleepwalker! Arcade adventures roundup.
Alternatively, ring your order through on 051 357 1275 (24 hrs a day, Access Visa accepted). All prices include UK postage. For orders over £10 please add £5 for Eire EEC and £10 for overseas (latter dispatched by airmail).
Ry Phew these pristine I pages are positively 1 pulsating with polished PD perfection. Putrid piles of pungent pus proliferate, but particular purchasing prevents perilous pitfalls. Puzzle it out, IAN '"P" BRAIN' ¦ Roberta Smith DTP (Compilation) More Assassins stuff, and another bloomin' intro to write... let’s get on with itthen shall we, eh?
WIBBLE WORLD GIDDY Pinch me, I must be dreaming ,. This can't be PD.
Surely its CodeMasters' latest Dizzy game with a redesigned main sprite?
You play (as it you hadn’t guessed) the cute little white thing with big hands looks like a cross between Dizzy and Seymour, doesn't it? Like its animated inspiration (both of ’em), Giddy wanders from tlickscreen to flickscreen gathering coins (shades of Treasure Island Dizzy, methinks?). As well as the usual wandering baddies, there’s a plethora of puzzles standing between you and that long-sought end sequence. These are solved using collectable objects in true tried-and-tested arcade- adventure style.
Without a doubt, WWG is one of the best PD games EVER! Its graphics and animation are definite budget material, its puzzles well thought out with a good difficulty curve and its overall presentation’s marvellous. If you miss it you should be slapped across the face with a wet ovoid.
Incidentally, the version on this disk has been ’trained’ (enabling infinite lives etc). A normal, untrained version is available from Zenobi.
- 35: MECHNOIDS A wire-frame Asteroids with funny faces instead
of rocks,., not much else to say really, except that it’s not
as good as the arcade-perfect Asteroids or the hilarious
SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE A mazey-Super Sprinty affair that has you driving along blasting seven shades of effluent out of four other drivers. It isn’t fun, and the level editor doesn’t save it either.
Conclusion: I suppose Wibble World Giddy was a hard act to follow, but the other two games fail to excite. Even so. The Dizzy derivation is worth the asking price five times over get that cheque in the post, now!
¦ Tower Software (Shareware) Now this is one serious piece of software available as a £2.50 PD demo that plays for 5-10 minutes but is otherwise complete, the full version costs a wallet-ripping £20 (or £17.50 if you’re upgrading).
Serious Backgammon has every feature you could ever expect in a backgammon sim. One or two players can play, or (if you’re desperately sad) you can watch the CPU play itself. There are four computer skill levels against which to pit your wits, five different starting setups and even an option to place the pieces according to your own specifications (maybe the CPU CPU mode has a use after all you can use it and the custom options to solve backgammon puzzles). Three board styles are available, there’s a load save game option, you can undo moves, repeat them, ¦ Roberta Smith DTP (Compilation)
Around hundred the Assassins certainly get the prize for quantity (second prize that is they’ve still a long way to go before they catch up with Fred Fish), but have they celebrated their century with a disk of outstanding quality?
Access the tutorial, etc... amazingly comprehensive, isn’t it?
With a fat manual, a large box and a few animated intros Serious Backgammon could easily sell as a full-price game. Then again, at 20 quid a throw it’s not much cheaper, and that’s WITHOUT the packaging! It's a great piece of software and certainly won't disappoint backgammon fans, but at this price you should think carefully before splashing out.
ASSASSINS 95 ¦ Magnetic Fields (Compilation) Yet another Assassins disk, this time featuring a passable rendition of Feargal Sharkey's A Good Heart on the title screen. The games are pretty cool too... PREMIER PICS _ „______ A variation on the ‘turn - I W ' ~ over the cards' theme, Premier Pics sees you PubliC Domain!
In turn, the symbol revealed indicates how the game is going. A saved shot gives a hilarious speech sample (you could almost be watching Match Of The DayJ, a penalty has you clicking on hidden cards until you find a goal' card or run out of time, and a foul gives your opponent two attempts next turn. When a ‘half time' card is revealed a new set of cards is laid out, the game ending on the full time' card.
Premier Pics features excellent presentation and graphics. It’s a bit annoying having to cycle through the other results in the table one by one. But this doesn't detract from its overall charm and
- simplicity. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly why it's so
good, but it is... honest!
BLOAD RUNNER If the title of this game's a spelling mistake, don’t blame me that's what it said on the menu screen, Bload(?) Runnel's a conversion of the old BBC game Monsters, but not a particularly good one. The sprites are samey and uninteresting, the screen layouts aren't particularly well constructed and if there’s a way of filling in holes you've dug, I can’t find it.
A poor conversion of an ageing classic, PATIENCE This Shareware demo locks up after three games, forcing a reset. I can't help feeling that, as protection, this is insufficient who wants to play more than three games at a time anyway? It’s not a bad version of Patience though.
The controls are clear and simple, the graphics weak but functional and... well it works, what more can you expect from a card game?
If you're into computer card outings, look no further. For once this solo effort is worth having as the game involves picking up and moving huge stacks of cards. It's a damned-sight easier with an Amiga, I can tell you!
MONACO I seem to remember seeing this one in the arcades 3 while back. V«u v%ntrr»l a urolLnrilW rarar _ looks Just like every other well-wild racer on the vertically scrolling track. Rip along as quickly as possible the more ground you cover in the allotted time, the higher your score.
Bump into the other cars or (when moving more slowly) allow them to bump into you and you come to a sudden standstill.
Monaco is as simple as they come. The track is perfectly straight with no turns or chicanes, the cars drift across it while still facing forward and the only real frill is the night section where the ground immediately in front of you is lit by your headlights. It’s a great laugh though, and not a bad PD release at all.
Conclusion: This isn't the disk I'd want to celebrate my 100th release with Bload Runner is useless and the other two games are fun but not spectacular. A fair, if unremarkable, release.
Public Domain!
MTaTTnTT 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE Disks 90p each, + 50p P&P.
POS NAME than smooth and it looks like it's been SEUCKed and tweaked, but it's interesting in a will-it-stay-out- of-the-courts sort ot way.
SUPERLEAGUE MANAGER This one takes me back a bit right back to the early Eighties when tooty management sims were menu-driven with no graphics at all. That doesn't mean they weren’t tun though, and this AMOS ottering is a worthy successor.
AGE SK EN ASM MG 26 Spotland Tops, Cutgate, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 7NX Disks E2.49 each, inc P&P. Printed catalogue free on request or with order.
WmW" i PO Bo* 118, Preston, Lancashire PR2 2AW Disks E1.00 each, inc P&P (send A5 SAE for printed catalogue).
PO Box 9, Gosforth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE31QW Write for details.
THE GREAT ESCAPE OF BILLY BURGLAR ¦ Magnetic Fields (PD) Another AMOS offering, it's obvious a lot of time and effort's gone into this one. Great graphics, super sound, marvellous music, | amazing animation... need I goon? Billy Burglar is an original and polished platformer!
As the newly escaped Billy (escaped from | where it doesn’t say. But the swag bag, stripy jumper and face mask suggest a penal institution) you must avoid the roving spotlight for a given length of time, displayed at the top of the screen. Should you be caught in the light (which I follows you around with tireless abandon) you’re shot first of all your arms are blasted off your I shoulders (complete with sampled screams), then you're blown away completely. Succeed and it’s off to the next single-screen level.
The early levels are simple when you get the hang of them as there’s a very easy way of staying one step ahead of the light, but just as you think the game’s a dud 'coz the programmers missed an easy trick, they hit you with a new platform arrangement that makes your previous tactic redundant.
My only criticisms of this one are the lack of level codes and the inordinate amount of time it takes to get back into the game when you die (one life only, folks). Apart from that it's pretty much fault-free city. Buy it!
GUNSTAR ¦ Zenobi A bit of a disappointment this one. A two- disk blaster, the first contains a brilliant scene-setting intro sequence in which I you learn of a new computer virus that mimics anything that threatens it, including the craft you're driving! Ace digitised stills, superb animations and well-wicked explosions make this a real winner.
At the end of the animation you’re told to | insert the second disk and reset, and that's where it all goes downhill despite the high j quality of the intro sequence, the game itself is a run-of-the-mill SEUCK offering with weak graphics and dodgy gameplay. Oh well, let’s load up the next one... HOME CINEMA THE VISION BECOMES REALITY Come to LIVE '93, The Consumer Electronics Show, and see how you can turn your television, video and hi-fi into a movie- going experience.
As you walk through their Promenade, Dolby will show how any one of a dozen Surround* sound systems can transform your living room into a home cinema - and all without a salesperson in sight.
And that's not all. LIVE '93 is packed with all the latest entertainment technology for you to enjoy - hi-fi, TV, video, home computers, video games, in-car equipment, cameras, musical instruments, camcorders, cable, satellite - you name it.
LJVE Plus there'll be a vast array of supporting features - the Real Hi-Fi Village, the BT Times Tunnel, the Car Stereo & Security Concourse, live TV and radio broadcasts, celebrity appearances, live music on stage, worldwide satellite links, masterclasses, seminars, competitions - all specially designed for ‘interactive’ pleasure.
So if you want to experience the reality of LIVE '93, call our Hotline for tickets now on 071-373 8141.
GET YOUR FINGER ON THE PULSE Tickets cost £7 each or £16 for a family of two adults and three children.
(If you’re under 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult.)
L IP ) .S Y Playing Tips It's the AMIGA FORCE Tips Section! This month we bring you an inventory-filling Ishar 2 guide, battle plans for War In The Gulf, three more Synditate mission guides, more maps for The Lost Vikings, and a double dose of Lemmings 2 solutions. Plus all the usual Cut-Out 'N' Cheats and readers' Tips Bits!
W Battle Valley Cheat 78 Lost Vikings, The Tips Maps 64 1 I Beavers Codes 78 Lure Of The Temptress Solution 78 ¦ Dogs Of War Cheat 78 Magicland Dizzy Tips 78 1 1 Dragon's Lair Cheat 78 Nicky 2 Cheat 80 1 ¦ Exolon Cheat 78 Nicky 2 Codes 80 | Fire & Ice Cheat 78 Premiere Cheat 80 1 | Flashback Codes 78 Robin Hood Cheat 80 1 Guy Spy Cheat 78 Syndicate Tips 60 1 I Humans Codes 78 Tower Of Babel Cheat 80 1 I Humans Codes 80 Trailblazer Cheat 80 I I Ishar 2 Guide 68 Trained Assassin Cheat 80 1 Jaguar XJ220 Cheat 80 TV Sports Boxing Cheat 80 1 E KGB Tip 77 War In The Gulf Guide 74 1 ¦ Lemmings 2 Tips
72 THE LOST VIKINGS Don't get lost! After last month’s tips you've guided your v , three wacky Vikings through quite a few of the levels. Now find your way through some more with our marvellous maps!
ISHAR 2 It's a world of adventure, a tricky RPG and no mistake. We lead you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London, or something!
Felconur back to the Impact crime syndicate. We are most pleased with your progress last month in eliminating the enemy and securing new territories for our organisation. But now we must ask you to attempt some slightly trickier missions in the Middle East. However, with our guidance we're sure you'll do an excellent job.. 'l'-. Starting from inside this Vjy compound, you have to move quickly out and west.
KWAR IN THE GULF hock! Horror! Saddam has invaded (uwait again. As an Allied general with a bevy of tanks, it's your job to chase him back to Baghdad. And that's just what you'll do with these terrific tactical tips. Yes sir!
You have to assassinate a U bloke opening a shopping centre . no, it's not Dirty Den. The I city is split into
- -two by a canal running l 1 east-west. The shopping centre
"e*1" ' '[y ’ (the large building with all the people outside)
is ii ¦ i.. on the north bank. There are , only a few
: i I » crossings over *( the canal, and the I j * *
mission briefing advises you to go over the nearest to the
However, if you're not quick you're likely to get picked off by snipers, so we worked out a different method (see map).
There are many enemy agents around, so you're advised to take plenty of Uzis or Mini-Guns along (it’s easy to run out of ammo), plus a Flamer to barbecue nearby agents in a flash.
Take several Medikits too.
When you've killed the attackers, W hijack a car by unleashing a short burst of gunfire on it the driver then runs for it.
® After the assassination, your evacuation is made difficult by a 'welcoming committee' of enemy agents.
Rj') Instead of trying to cross the W nearest bridge, we recommend you take cover behind the buildings to Vy *!| prevent being hit ,u. ' - by snipers. Lure 4-'-. Agen,s back here ®Roll up by the shopping centre, get out blast at the bloke the scanner's pointing to. Don't worry too much about the civilians.
And blast them as they come round the corner.
®lf things get hairy, step inside the building ,, and pump up the ¦¦•*' -« drug levels: every time the enemies open the doors, they get blasted back.
Or use the Flamer to quickly frazzle whole groups of approaching agents.
The easiest way of killing all those agents is with the Flamer. Bump off any nearby coppers first, approach the evacuation zone, then retreat to behind this pillar. As the enemy agents approach, torch the lot of them!
When it's clear, head for the evacuation zone.
| Another tricky assassination mission, this time I the target is hiding 1 I out in his own business premises 1 m at the far I southwest of the | map, the gates | protected by a posse of guards.
There is also a large gang of enemy agents i Datrollina the citv.
So the | underground train comes in handy for 1 quick travel to the 1 south. For the gate 1 ¦ yuaiuo, kwiiy- Range rifles are recommended but if 1 you don't have any you can always pick some up after killing the blokes 1 on the railway platform. Uzis or Mini- 1 Guns come in useful, as does a Flamer 1 1 if the other agents catch up with you.
You have to abduct two journalists from inside buildings.
The mission briefing recommends two agents with Persuadertrons for this, but you could easily get by with one. Another agent comes in handy, however, to clear the place of cops and enemies who might shoot at the hostages.
, Leaving your hostages in the buildings, get your third agent to i head for the evacuation zone.
It's not half as tricky as it sounds. The only real problem is that one of the targets is protected by a bodyguard you have to careful to kill the latter without harming the reporter. As there aren't that many enemies and you’re advised to only draw weapons if fired upon you only really need a couple of Uzis. Of course, you need at least one Persuadertron to capture the targets.
¦ | j From the start, head down the ramp to the.east. ( « If any agents are outside the building containing a target, kill them before entering and persuading 1 the reporter.
You start at the north end of the map head west to the train station.
Wait for the train (it takes a while) 'O' you may be attacked by enemy agents during this time. Get on the train (after it’s stopped).
IGet off at the southern station and kill the guards on the platform with a long blast of Uzi Mini-Gun. Nick their Long Range rifles and pick off the guards around the gate just to the south, then go through and up the stairs to the right.
If any enemy agents are following, hide round the corner and frazzle 'em with the Flamer!
The second reporter is protected by a bodyguard. The best way of dealing with the latter is to pump up your Perception level and shoot at him first with a pistol. As this knocks him away from the reporter, you can then move round so the journalist isn’t in the line of fire, and blast the bodyguard with the Uzi (you can even pump up the drug levels and leave your agent to get on with it).
Assassinate the target with a ' Long Range rifle (he usually hides at the very edge of the playing area).
He may make a run for it to the east if so, chase and kill him.
After the assassination, get back on the train or walk back to the north. Stay on the upper level and head for the evacuation zone.
With the third agent, clear the area of cops and enemies to create a safe path for his comrades.
March the hostages back to the evacuation zone.
A ox'odibry odd**.* and d Thu ? ?
? ?
M mem tow wm ? You can buy any game or return it ?
After 7 days and you only pay a ir fraction of the price.
Join the Club - Newsletter.
For details and price list send * stamped SAE to: ? SOFTSELL (AFC) MAIL ORDER * 32 Dursley Road, Trowbridge, ? Wilts, BA14 ONP ? ???????
Accurate and detailed graph** ol to toorm, circuit* •* 15 toom*. 2 cor* per leom. 50 driver* wi*i varying *1.11*. complete engine and tyre coneodv Choote tyre compound*. Tone your engine*. Change wing totting*. Evon bain your pit crew! Qualifying, 16 accurate championthip circuit*, new* loction. Reohuic tound ( . Lood *ove game*, weather forecast*, statistic* saved, lotoit FISA rule*, lull driver* and con*iructort championthips (redesigned) Indude* lull 1993 season Detail* can be ea*ily updated eoch year.
Vailfy updated linte v3, lull doloili _ available- Al200toa.pal.bl.
AF1, 1 Cherrington Drive, Great Wyrtey, Wallsatl W56 6NE
¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦a Amivision Software present the NEW B uniold WI*
rtvM level* cJ h hligh * Cro*he» ** "*. PJeup* cor fc*Lres.
Pttfop* weather chonget
* to»i & record lap* f our mdepandeal le*J» ol ‘" 1 FORMULA ONE
CHALLENGE v4 Incredibly oddicihve. Produced by true Formula One
Ion* is the most realist* formula One management simulation
guaranteed JUST C14.95!
INCLUDES INSTRUCTION MANUAL r lor 1 to 4 pioyen W«k t. „ ? ?
Locking ..2.99 100 Cap Locking ..4.99 Handy Mouse Amiga Atari ....12.99 Logic 3 Amiga Atari ...15.99 6mm Mouse Mai ..1.29 8mm Mouse Mat ..1.99 11mm Mouse Mat ..2.99 Printer Lead ...3.99 Twin Ext Lead 2.99 Single Ext Lead ....2.99 SCART Leads ......7.99 Others ....P.O.A. A500+ Cartoon Classics 159.00 A600 Stand Alone .169.00 A1200
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Drives .....47.99 Ribbons ..from 1.29 Cleaning Kits ...from 1.29 Amiga Games .....from0.99 (For games we have a comprehensive list available 0 99) Other items available on request.
Payment:- Visa, Access, Cheque or Postal Order. Cheques payable to I.C.E. Telephone your order now on D602 445071 - TEN LINES Oh yeaaah!
Hello fans.
Yes it's me, the great Milo the Molo is back. I got a little bit of time off Image Scanning so I've returned with some more ergonomic solutions to The Lost Vikings.
Just follow the instructions on the maps and you'll show them Vikings the way to go A OLAF SHIELD V AHEAD.
The tubby guy’s shield is thick enough to resist even laser bolts, protecting him and his Start here comrades behind.
When the fat fella holds his shield above his head, he hang-glides
* ‘ across gaps, or safely down long drops. Talk about defying
” Maybe he's embarrassed about that naff ginger beard, but Erik can't half run around much faster than his colleagues.
Iiimvii laaswi siihi. .aw -J B ERIK JUMPING.
Looking like something out of ZZ Top, Erik can jump to the beat to clear hazards and gaps. Thank Odin he can't play the guitar, though.
Step between these two poles and you'll be whisked off to another part of the level which cannot be reached by any other means.
Here’s the deal to using these well fruity maps! There are codes on the maps ranging from A to G. These correspond to each individual Viking and each move they make. See overpage for the full list of them. Anyway, just change into the relevant Viking, at the relevant place on the map and do the relevant task and whey-hey! The easy way to conquer pillage and, well perhaps not!
1. Collect red key.
Use the red key here.
Collect this key.
Use the yellow key here.
5. Collect the blue key.
6. Use the blue key here.
7. Collect the smart bomb, but be quick.
1. This is a very tricky part, all you have to do is time your
leaps across from bubble to bubble.
Gwm*»r mssworll PASSWORD* CICKS
2. Collect this key.
3. Use the red key here.
. Collect this key.
2. Use the red key here.
3. Collect the yellow key.
4. Use the yellow key here.
4. Float down here and press the E key to activate the smart
5. Collect the yellow key.
6. Use yellow the key here.
Age: 19 Height: 5'B" Weight: 160lbs Speciality: Fast running, jumping Equipment: Running shoes, a strong head Erik is the fastest of the three Vikings, and the only one who can leap over gaps. He also comes in handy for knocking down walls by headbutting them at speed! His weakness is his vulnerability to baddies, having no shield or weapons.
1. Break this lock and talk to the women.
2. Collect this key.
Start here
3. Use the red key here.
4. Push the block to the left.
¦ OCTOBER 1993 ¦ Follow the wall on the right trying to keep moving E all the time.
Fights the skeletons. Passage to the S: there, pick up treasure in the cul- de-sac to the E. Leave the passage again, continue E then S. Large room: take the extreme SE, then S, E, and corridor to the N to activate two handles one on the right wall, one on the left.
Last month's tips got you started in this epic adventure. Still stuck? well here's some more... Go right through the town to the library at the extreme NE: pick up the the fortress parchment. Kill as many enemies as possible (to gain money and experience). Buy arms, helmets, food. Recruit if necessary, eat and sleep to recover psychic strength.
Return to the harbour in the direction of the fortress.
Continue due N into the passage, follow the corridor into the large room: activate the handle on the wall to the N. Leave the passage again, take the extreme SE, follow the corridor and pick up treasure, skull and arms. Return to the landing stage.
Return to the town.
Buy fighting gear, arrows and as much food as possible, because big fights are coming. Buy two v S monk’s habits and five fur coats from the clothes r r: shop (not far from the harbour, in a road leading to a little square to the N). Go to the library and examine a parchment on potions. Go to the bank (W of the library), enter the street with guards. You must kill all the guards in one go (you can't make a return trip), using arrows and spells. Take the door opposite: pick up 100,000 po. Deposit 10,000 in the bank (on the other side), Go shopping: buy a magpie, a monkey, an eagle and a parrot
from the pet shop (extreme SE of the town). Opposite is a super-armourer: depending on your budget, buy arm(s), helmet(s) and shield(s). Go down to the S, after the bend. Buy 5 ropes from the shopkeeper. Move W, buy potions for the Troublesome priest' (Humbolg) and ‘ent reviver’ (Jablou).
Continue to the W, 3 crossroads: N, then W, then first E. Kill the giant -guard (difficult). If necessary, regain strength because there are more fights to come.
Enter the ‘Blue Velvet’ nightclub (only open at night): thrown in prison. Release the magpie through the bars: pick up the key. Open the cell, put on 5 monk's habits. In the fortress -| t. . M . .y take the passage (open fjjbVJylftV ''' between midnight and 4 am).
,':'T [ - y. pass the monk Enter the I I; I sacrifice Ri- over the prison a KjJ I key from the monk's belt.. jfBB Leave the passage again ¦ »» ¦Rr'jen''-1--- T h Find ,he inv's’ble waM and F cross it [where one ol thill ‘t’-. Fi IT- - i --' i characters notices a 2 hiTV-j ldraught). Leave the prison.
I 1 1 ’ "this With guards Return to TELEj . I K&l the harbour You will need at 4 iT'R rCTf j) i „ j least 10.000 po and an iron I**=‘|*73 shield. Take the boat lor the lid---I- J¥=H-UU BI-taF*)lkUi is|an(| where you started.
Go extreme E. Follow the E coast, find a magician. Give him 10,000 po, then send out the eagle: pick up the mountain parchment.
Return extreme W, along the coast, find the standing stones, continue to the W end. Pick up the relic at the foot of the standing stone. Golem wakes up, kill him (most spells won’t work on him). Turn round and fight Golem a second time.
Return to the harbour. In the direction of the mountains, take the landing- stage to the S. ¦ In the mountains you ¦ must put on the fur B coats (take off :"-7sjjy H armour) and attach I the ropes to avoid ¦ falling. Move E. Pick __ S up the cauldron in the I snow. Set off again in I the opposite direction following I 'all the mountain road along the precipice.
Go the mountains. Find the rhinoceros. Kill it and take its horn.
Return to the landing-stage. Select mountains, landings-stage to NW. If necessary, make return trip to the town for ‘repairs’.
On leaving the harbour, travel E. Follow the coast, then take the passage to the W. Fight with two giants. Pick up the living sword in a mountain hollow. Leave the passage again.
Continue northwards, At the end, find a priest in a cul-de-sac. Prepare the Humbolg potion and give it to him: pick up the tree-island parchment.
Return to the harbour. Select the tree island. If necessary, make a return trip to the town for ‘repairs’.
- JON'S OJ ISLAND In the mountains you must put on the fur coats
(take off armour) and attach the ropes to avoid falling. Move
E. Pick up the cauldron in the snow.
Set off again in the opposite direction following the mountain road along the precipice. Go into the mountains. Find a rhinoceros. Kill it and take its horn.
Return to the landing-stage. Select mountains, landing-stage to NW. If necessary, make a return trip to the town for ‘repairs’.
On leaving the harbour, travel E. Follow the coast, then take the passage to the W. Fight with two giants. Pick up the living sword in a mountain hollow. Leave the passage again.
Continue northwards. At the end, find a priest in a cul-de-sac. Prepare the Humbolg potion and give it to him: pick up the tree island parchment.
Return to the harbour. Select the tree island. If necessary, make a return trip to the town for ‘repairs’.
9) ISLAND Go to the town hall (extreme NW). Enter the town hall
and pick up the idol. Go to the temple (W of the bank) and
give the idol back to the monk: pick up the Air Elemental
pendant. Go onto the bank and draw out money. Buy arms and
food. Eat and sleep.. Keep 7,100 po, then return to the
harbour. Go to the fortress.
xTHORM'S ISLAND Ty I Put on the pendant recovered from the dead woman.
V ) Take the crossroads to the left, then to the N, and second on the right. At the end, find an ant. Prepare the ‘Jablou’ potion and give it him to drink: pick up the pendant. Go down to the S again, then to the W and enter village. Visit the huts: two open huts give various information. Return to the harbour, take the extreme E. Fight with Ewoks. At the end, pick up the relic. Return towards the harbour. Take N-E-N-E, follow the road: at the end is a stone druid. Place the horn on it: it wakes up, then give it the iron shield: pick up the magic shield (protects against fire). Turn round. At
the crossing, go N then E and first N. Fight with monster. Take first W. Negotiate the labyrinth, avoiding false trails and aggressive eagles, to arrive close to the dead woman at the end to the W. Collect the key to the town hall from around her neck. Return to the harbour.
Follow the left-hand wall, always moving N as far as the passage. In the circular corridor, take the invisible wall to the N. Follow the corridors and enter the flooded area. In the maze, keep taking the corridors to the N until you leave the catacombs. Find three weighing scales. Put EXACTLY 3,500 po on the first two scales. Return to the catacombs. The water should have disappeared. Take the second to the SE. At the end, follow the small underground passage.
In the large room, activate the handle at the SE end. Take the treasure at the NW end. Put on the Air Elemental pendant. Continue to the NE end. Take the first turning to the right. Fights with mummies (fire-cloud and lightning are effective). At the very end, to the S, pick up a skull. Return to the N. Take the access to the E. Stop in front of the wall, take the invisible wall to the S: pick up treasure and skull. Return to your initial position in front of the wall.
Cross the invisible walls, still moving E. If blocked, take a side step to the S then continue E. Enter the prisons (you can find other treasures if you pass other invisible walls at the end of the maze).
Follow the corridor to the E, kill the lion-guard. At the eastern end, click the prison key in the lock: all the cells will open. Turn round. In the first cell to the right you can find treasures behind an invisible wall. In one of the cells is a blind girl. You must recruit her, so you must dismiss one of the characters (archer or warrior). In the second cell to the S, starting from the W, is a secret passage through an invisible wall.
Follow the corridor and enter a vast room. Beware, this area is cursed: some characters will be inverted. To un-invert them, you have to cast the curse-lifting spell.
Go to the middle of the columns and pick up the living sword.
From the centre make return trips to the N, then S, then W. At the end you'll find either invisible walls with treasures or a secret passage (click on the plate in the middle) with a handle to be activated. Lastly, take the passage to the SE (beware of the hooks in the ceiling), pass the door, follow the corridor to the S. In front of the grille, release the monkey: open the passage. Reach the landing-stage. Select the entrance to the fortress again.
W Return SE to the corridor with handles (see above).
Go due N into the passage and follow the corridors to the W. Beware of the destroying wizard of chaos (prepare psychic protection). Kill the wizard. Pick up treasures and skull.
Return to the passage entrance. Take the corridor to the SE.
Beware of the dangerous magician. Kill the magician, Secret passage in one of the walls: click on the button under the eagle-heads. Continue along the corridor to the N. Place the 6 skulls on the 6 scales. Continue along the corridor. Kill the guard. Pick up the relic.
Return to the landing-stage. Re-enter the town.
Pour glue here to fill two holes.. Blow a Jet Packer over the yellow and green umbrella.
(Lemmings 2, Beach Level 2) This level appears huge, but looks can be deceptive... if solved correctly, the right-hand side of the screen isn't used!
And here.
(Lemmings 2, Outdoor Level 1) Bit of a tricky one, this there are several ways of doing it, but no single, perfect way that succeeds every time without going wrong.
This way works and you can usually use spare icons to get you out of trouble if things go wrong, so use your common IwjrfasJ I Just below I J the highest point reached, turn a right-facing Lemming into a Platformer.
If they get stuck, use a Twister.
.and here.
.and Laser Blast here.
Y Throw a Grappler here to stop I the Lemmings walking off the platform and falling to their
- ---- deaths. This Lemming’s job is now over he’ll head for
Let the Lemming hit the spade and turn.
Blow a second Jet Packer over the red and white brolly... The Lemmings now march for home.
' Bash r ) here- J You may V need to do it twice if your first attempt only scuffs it, but make sure you’re left with at least one Basher.
Bash through the brolly and you’re home.
Towards the start of the platform, place a Stacker.
...then make a platform going left. Replenish as needed.
Keep filling it with sand until they reach the higher part of the hill... You may have to repair the end of the platform, but the Lems should now make it.
When the platform’s complete, blast away the hanging part of the hill with Twisters and the fan.
Watch r out Saddam, i here comes the AMIGA FORCE reinforcements.
Many tanks to Empire for these terrific L tactical A tips!
BATTLE 1 ¦ Choose the top-left battle area to start. The aim ot this scenario is tor the player to track a convoy heading from a chemical weapons store in the northern village to a warehouse in the southern village. Then all that’s needed is for the player to destroy the two buildings concerned. So, head one group down the main road to northern village, and another group diagonally across country to the village in the southwest. After a few ...... you'll g*.. - spot a group ol 'Gf '' vehicles leaving the warehouse in the north (it's the most northwesterly building in Az Zor). You can then
destroy the building, but leave the vehicles. Your unit in the north should now be used to stop any Iraqi forces from entering Az Zor. This is quite simple, particularly if you use your engine I smoke. By the time your other unit reaches Saad Wa Saeed in the south (lay up on the edge of a nearby tree line, or you'll get shot at frequently), you should have just enough time to spot the convoy turning into the second warehouse from the south of this village.
Destroy that warehouse (NOT any other) and I you’ve won I! _____ liRBm A -Ikaros B - SA9 Gaskin Missla Area C - Point at which to launch assualt on Ikaros D1 D2 D3 - Suggested locations for defence A - One Unit B - Another Unit C - Destroy warehouse in Northwest D - Destroy second warehouse from the South BATTLE 3 ¦ The final baffle area of Failaka Island is the southeasterly part of the island. You have to provide protection for a group of support vehicles which arrive at the southern village of Failaka after 16-18 minutes. Prior to this you should have cleared the road to the north from the
village. Another aim is to destroy the helicopters in the northern airfield.
To clear the northern road, send three of you units to the forest edge opposite the three locations where you have been told there are Republican Guard roadblocks.
When all three groups are in place, launch a simultaneous attack on the three roadblocks.
It should be quite easy to destroy all three units. Now, use forest cover to take two of your units south to defend the convoy in Failaka. If you place one unit to the northwest of the village and one unit to the east of the village, you should be able to provide satisfactory cover.
A - Police Post B - Bridge C1 C2 - Defensive position for bridge D - Offensive on Police Post A B C D - Best position for players four units . E - Convoy on road PlayingTipS BATTLE 4 The first battle on this island is relatively simple. You must take all of your troops over the bridge, and in the process destroy all of the groups defending the bridge area. You must then await attacks from the south, while ensuring that all your forces are hidden from view of the troops from the south. Set two units in the camouflage of the forests just to the northeast and northwest of the bridge. These should
be able to dispose of any southern troops.
The other two units should then try and attack the police post in the north. The best route to take is to veer to the west, using forest cover to come the post at close range from the west.
If you've destroyed all opposition at the post, you'll win if you hold out at the bridge for approximately 30 minutes after the start of the battle.
At some point your fourth group will have to launch an attack on the northern airfield.
Set this group up in forest cover opposite the middle the of the airstrip, and aim to destroy the attack helicopters in the middle of the strip as soon as you can. If you have any | difficulty with a counter-offensive launch as a result, your third unit should be free to help.
A - Airfield B1 B2 B3 - Three ambush points to take up marked with X C - Failaka village BATTLE 5 I This is quite a tricky battle to get correct! You I must protect a convoy which is plying the road from north to south and back, from attacks from the west of the battle area. With four units, your best approach is to put each unit at roughly I equidistant position from north to south to defend I the convoy. You can provide adequate defence by I standing still so don’t try and escort the convoy.
The units should be to the west of the road, on the | eastern end of the minefield.
You're now obliged to keep a very dose eye on I marauding attacks from the west. If you keep aware of any activity on your map display you should immediately respond. It's also fruitful to just scan the battle view, to keep an eye out for enemy activity. If you are aware of the position of your convoy, so able to note where the most danger lies at any moment, you’re able to provide protedion without losing any vehicles. It can I certainly be done!
A - Position of unit to defend Eastern escape route iB - Reconnaisance position BATTLE 6 ¦ You have a series of objectives in this battle.
Firstly, you must prevent any breakout of Iraqi troops to the east, so position one unit at the easternmost end of the east road, and make sure that all activity on that road is stopped.
Secondly, you have to search for two vehicles hidden in two separate buildings. In the this battle area each forest has a building to the south of it. There is no need to destroy a building to find if there is a tank inside you can use the infrared sensors, which tell you on a quick scan. This proves very useful, because half of the buildings cost YOU money to d&Stf8y,- (Re-Iasi’ffiing"you can"alforcf1; stage is to lose money. On the other hand, make sure you DO destroy any building (eg radar tower, satellite dish or comms tower) that will gain you money - you need it all!!
So, you just have to search every building in the area for hidden vehicles (note that they're randomly hidden in different places every time you play). If you keep to the edges of the battle area as much as possible, you also avoid a proportion of enemy counter- attacks. Once you're ready, make sure you can reach the rendezvous point at the designated time. The location is just to the east of the most southerly forest. If you happen to destroy the three radar towers before the end, you’ll make even more money!!
I When you first start to play War In The Gull, it all looks pretty complicated. There are tour windows on the screen, and you have control of up to 16 tanks. People who just pick up the game find that they kill tanks on their own side before they even meet the enemy! It's therefore important to get used to the feel of the game before expecting to beat the hell out of the opposition. The best way to do this is to play the demo scenario, and make sure you follow everything that goes on. Within half an hour, you'll find that the control mechanism is surprisingly easy and intuitive to use.
There are a few general points to remember when playing the game. M1 tanks have much more armour than any other vehicles on your side, so ensure that some ot your units are entirely made up of M1 tanks. These should be used for raiding missions, with the very powerful TOW missiles available on your other vehicles kept further away from trouble. This makes sense, because the TOW missile has a range of about 4km.
If you find that the opposition are destroying you too easily, there are a number of things you can do:
1. Using your ENGINE SMOKE makes you a much harder target. The
Iraqi vehicles have very inferior infrared imaging, and so
have no firm target to shoot at. There's nothing to prevent
you from using engine smoke most of the time, so keep it
turned on as much as you want. This may mean that you need to
use INFRARED imaging, particularly if your view is obscured by
clouds of smoke.
2. Normally the opposition unit which is firing at you will be
marked on the map display, so as soon as you're receiving
incoming fire, try and identify where it's coming from. Once
you've been spotted it's often more effective to destroy the
opponent than to run away!
3. Use the areas of the forest, particularly the tree line, to
move in if you can. If you move your vehicles just inside the
areas of forest on the map displays, you can to survey the
battlefield while receiving terrain protection'.
Your vehicles are camouflaged and often the opposition won't be able to spot you against the tree line.
4. Note carefully the aims of the forthcoming battle, and work
out a provisional strategy before you start.
1K1IILUULI S23G& OCTOBER 1993 ¦ THE ASS-KICKIN' CHEAT I On the filing screen, pop up a file and instead ot your name type in Let me cheat!' (making you include the capital and exclamation mark). Instead of now pressing return, hit the RESET The number next to the LOSSES column on the file will now be 1, indicating that you're in cheat Now type your name in and you can get into the game as normal.
You reach the reen where you which battle area to attack, you're able to get to any of the s on the map. I you hold down) mouse button while selecting which square to go to, you can choose to get to any square on the first island.
In cheat mode, there are two major facilities Chouse a contander: _Jpr: FTC Bannon, KillScO Loss* itettl* F»9ioo jglL Kft empire' 1 If you press the left Amiga key and W during a scenario, you automatically win. Please note that you get the wrong debriefing text. You can then continue and i through the game. In this way, you can gradually see all of the battle areas in the game if you wish.
2. If you go onto the map screen during a game, and select a
destination using the mouse, then press the left Amiga key
followed by the number of a unit (1, 2,3 or 4), that unit goes
to the destination on its map screen. It's a good technique
for moving about quickly in cheat mode.
Welcome, tipsters and tips seekers!
This is the section written by readers, tor readers! If you're stuck on any game, simply write in and if the A-Team can’t help you other readers may be able to offer enlightenment. If you've got any answers to queries raised here, or any great new tips, please do send them in.
The best tipster each month wins a 12-month subscription (if you already have one, we’ll extend it!). All the other tipsters' names go into a hat and the one drawn out also wins a subscription. So get writing to: TIPS BITS, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SYB 1JW.
FLASHBACK ¦ I am having problems getting anywhere 3 0,1 Ftashback- If anyone has any codes for ” the UK version. I would appreciate their help.
Chris Slim, Loughborough ¦ Lucky for you, D S Maguire from the Isle Of Wight sent in all the codes for the legitimate UK version of Flashback not the dodgy one which other mags have printed codes for! Look in this month's Cut-Out N' Cheat section (below!) For all 21 UK codes.
| ¦ I am stuck on Sleepwalker Level 11 can 3 9el ,he letlers- but 1 tot know where to a go after that. I have had the game since Easter, please can you help me?
Kevin McDaid, Inverness ¦ Ah, il only you'd have bought AMIGA FORCE Issue 4, you'd have seen our illustrated tips lor the first two levels (followed by Level 3 in Issue 5)1 Anyway on Level 1. You have to guide Lee safely to the very bottom-right of the extensive playing area Collecting all the letters activates the end-of-level bonus game tattle vttfcy EXOLON ¦¦H ¦ Help!!!! I have been trying for ages to Wg get onto Level 3 of Eye Ol The Beholder ” I I am stuck on a part of Level 2, with the room full of travel markers and passages Also, are there any cheats for A-Train that will give infinite
Jonathan Couch, Scunthorpe ¦ Sorry, we can't help with either game Jonathan.
But I bet someone out there can. We d particularly like a full Eye Ol The Beholder solution please, so anyone reading this, write in now!
Playing Tips!
MAGICLAND DIZZY ¦ I was reading back issues ol your 3 ma9az'ne anc*1 was looking in Tips Bits and I thought that I would help out Mrs M Beckett ol Arbourthorne (Issue 5). Here's the complete guide to Magicland Dizzy.
To rescue Dizzy's friends... Dora: Take the key to the castle, then get the power pill, which kills the ghosts. Get Dora Frog and take her to the castle and give her to the prince.
Denzil: Use the handle to get the bucket, walk right and till the bucket with hot water. Find the stick and dagger Use the dagger to cut the goat's rope betore hitting him his behind. He then knocks the troll oil the bridge. Take the hot water and throw it over Denzil. Take the personal stereo to the Poet, then take the pipes down the well. Use the pipes and the rat falls into the water. Get the sticky stuff and the lamp from the well, use the sticky stuff on the sword and, Bob's your uncle, you're the King.
Dozy: Take the lamp, cloth and lightning rod. Put the latter on Dozy and rub the lamp.
Dylan: Cut a leaf from the bush with the dagger.
Get the witch's cat, the burning torch from the Ice castle and the poisoned apple Give all the ingredients to the witch, who gives you the weed killer to use on Dylan.
Daisy: Take the cross and Drink Me bottle Holding the cross, the Vampire goes the opposite way to you. Give Daisy the Drink Me bottle to shrink her.
Grandpa: Go to the chess board as King, take the queen. Next screen is Grandpa The moves are reversed on the chess board. Go to the volcano and talk to the Devil, who gives you the trident use it to kill Zacs. He gives you the ring, give it to the Devil and finally collect 30 diamonds (Phew!).
Mark Well, Rhosadlan, Caernarfon.
¦ Please could anyone tell me any cheats Ua on the following Silly Putty. Asterix. BC ™ Kid. Kid Cloves 2. And Great Courts 2 (do you mean Pro Tennis Tour 27 Ed)?
Vinod Lalji, Bolfon ¦ Thanks for all the tips you sent, Vinod we used many in the Cut-Out N' Cheats. It makes us feel all the more guilty that we can't help you with any of your queries. Surely some other helpful reader has the answers?
INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE: THE GRAPHIC ADVENTURE ¦ Can you please help me out? I am stuck underground and Indy won't |ump in the ” water, the man and woman won't give me the wine bottle and I can t lilt the slab. I can't get through the grating and I can’t pick up the torch!
Simon Hurst ¦ Flippin' heck. I'm sure I got past this bit once, but it was so long ago I can t remember how to do it! Can anyone whip out the answer (no hat required)?
LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS mm ¦ Several of our readers sent in full solutions Um after requests for help were primed in earlier issues. Our thanks to Kez Smith of Willenhall. Mr A Hill from Hull, and Martin Harber of Littlehampton for compiling this solution for you all fo feast upon... More crazy coupon capers... these new- look cheat coupons are good, aren't they? They're ideal for cuHing out and putting with the relevant games very handy! Thanks to all the readers who sent in I tips. If you've any cheats, level codes or secret subgames, let us know. We're always on the look-out for more
Battle valley Before playing, type ROGER MELUE THE MAN ON THE TELLY for infinite tanks.
Exolon Enter your name as AD ASTRA on the high-score table for a big surprise.
Humans Level codes: 1 Darwin 11 War war war 2 Andy Pandy 12 J McKinnon 3 Get a life 13-Unlucky 4 - Carlos 14 - Blue Monkey 5 - Howie 15-Red Dwarf « - Mooble 16 - Bad Taste 7-CSL 17-The kitchen 8 The humble 18-CJ one 19-Sort it out 9 Pixie 20-Smart 10 Milestone m A dragon's lair dogs ol war Hold down Esc, R, , L, N, 7 then fire to see the game being completed.
Fire and ice Type COOL whilst playing to activate a handy cheat.
Buy spy Type in then return then FI to see the game being completed.
Beavers ¦ OCTOBER 1993 ¦ Escaping From The Skorl Prison As soon as you start, walk over to the flaming torch on the wall and get or pull it. The bed of straw below catches fire. Walk to the top-left comer and wait for the guard to enter. As soon as he has, leave the cell and close and lock the door. Talk to the prisoner hanging on the wall and he says he wants some water. Leave the room by the right door and enter the Guard Room and get the knife on the barrel.
Job. He gives you a metal bar to take to the shopkeeper in the market place, where you're rewarded with some cash. You’re also be given a blue gem and a chain. Take this gem to the barmaid at the Magpie bar and you get a flask of ale.
Go and find Luthern and tell him about Goewin. He tells you to find Grub: he's sitting in the Magpie Courtyard. Before you leave, give the flask of ale to Luthern, to get an empty flask back! Leave and find Grub.
Ask Grub about the Dragon and he spins a yam before giving you a lockpick give this to Ratpouch.
Go to the Severed Arms in West Street and talk to the woman knitting by the fire. She says something about the Wizard and gives you his Diary.
Go to the Wizard’s house in the Market Place and tell Ratpouch to pick the lock. Read the diary, enter the house and look at the apparatus on the table, use the Tinderbox on the gas burner, wait for the liquid to boil, then use the empty flask and get the potion. You must leave the house before a guard enters and gives you a good kicking.
Go to Weregate and drink from the flask: you turn into Selena. Walk right and talk to the guard by the town hall door and he allows you to enter. Tell the guards there to release Goewin.
The Dragon's Caverns Follow Goewin to the herb shop and wait for the Look at the barrel to find a tap. Go over to the right of the screen and use the knife on the sack and get the bottle . Return to the barrel and use the bottle on the tap. Leave, and enter the Torture Room. Use the knife on the leather cord to free Ratpouch. He now follows you. Go back to the outer cell and give the bottle to the hanging prisoner, who tells you how to escape. Tell Ratpouch to push the bricks on the wall and go through. Follow him and you end up in the town.
Rescuing Goewin You need to find the blacksmith, Luthern. He's in the forge in Smithy Street you'll hear him when you get near the forge. Enter and pick up the Tinderbox and talk to Luthern, tell him about Wulf and he gives you some information. Leave and walk around the town and talk to everyone you meet about Goewin.
Find the man in the long green coat and ask about a trained aeseesin TRAINM) ASSASSIN potion to wear off, then enter the shop and talk to Goewin. You find that Luthern is plotting against Selena. Find Luthern and talk about his plans your reply doesn’t matter. Exit the forge and find Mallin, who offers you a job: accept it and he gives you a book to take to someone. Instead take the book to the friars at Blackfriars Row. The monks tell you about the Dragon, and the herb mixture needed to control it.
Go to the herb shop and Goewin says she is out of one herb. Find this herb in the flowerbed outside the forge. Return to the shop and Goewin mixes the potion. Now go to Grub and he tells you to look for the cave in Weregate. Go to the Severed Arms and talk to the Barbarian. He tells you the names of the gargoyles outside the Weregate to whom you talk to enter. You’re not able to because you’re not a woman. Find Goewin and ask her to help, return to Weregate and tell her what to do. The gates open: enter and Goewin follows.
In the cave there are two skulls: look at them both and then pull the right skull. The door opens to the next cave. Enter and Goewin follows.
Look at the next set of skulls you must look at them both or Goewin can’t help. Tell her to go back to the entrance cave and pull the left skull and then the right and come back to the green Cave. The door opens and you enter the Blue Cave. Pull the left skull to let Goewin enter. Now tell her to go back to the Green Cave and pull the left skull and then the right The door opens to the Dark Cavern.
At this point it's best to save the game because you meet a beast that you have to fight to get into the Dragon’s Lair. Pick up the axe and begin the fight.
Middle body blows with the axe is about the best way to kill the beast. Walk through into the Dragon's Lair and wait for him to wake, immediately use Iho herb polion on the dragon before he's able to turn you to toast with his breath. The program may say that the potion hasn't worked but it has. Command him to help you and he gives you the Eye of Gethyn. The only object that can kill Selena. Now exit the caves by turning the left skull of both the Blue and Green caves. Goewin joins you. Now go to Ewan's shop and wait for a guard to appear and enter. Walk up to the window and look through it:
you see the guard telling Ewan to help him kill Selena by getting into a barrel so he can be smuggled into the castle. Wait lor the guard to leave and enter the shop. Talk to Ewan and say you'll take his place in the barrel, Ewan agrees.
Then guards come and take the barrel to the castle.
From the cellar, go to the kitchen and meet a boy called Minnow. Talk to him and he will help. Gel the longs near the carcass and also get the tat Irom the carcass. Go back to the cellar and pull the bung on the barrel to the right. Immediately tell Minnow to go to his master and tell him someone's in the cellar. The guard comes, drinks the spilling wine and lalls asleep.
Make your way through the sleeping guards in the Hall to the Gate House. Use the tat to loosen the rusty lever. Tell Minnow to pull the lever, and at the same time you must operate the winch. Leave the gatehouse, go back through the hall and up to the second lloor. Exit the drawbridge which is now down.
There is a beast standing between you and Selena's Tower. Using the same tactics as before to deleat it. Save the game betore you fight.
Once he is dead that's it. Sit back and watch the end sequence and the twist in the tail.. PREMIERE HjjH ¦ I am in agony playing Premiere as I can MSA not kill the gunfighter at the end of Stage ”1 One. Please relieve me from the pain and tell me how to give him a kicking-in.
Paul Lee, Sidcup, Kent.
I ¦ Our sincere thanks go to everyone who sent in Tips Bits, whether they were used or not. Keep 'em coming without your input this section would cease to exist!
Also, special thanks to the following readers for providing cheats and codes used in this month's Cut-Out ‘N’ Cheat section... ¦ D S Maguire, Isle of Wight ¦ Vinod Lalji, Bolton ¦ Tony Kett, Billericay, Essex ¦ John McGurr, Greenock ¦ Fitzy P, Lancashire I ¦ Paul Lee, Sidcup, Kent jaguar jq220 More level codes: 31 Raving burk 32-You got it 33 Sgnimmel 34 - Ministry 35 - Mad Freddy 36 - Bizarre 37 - Free Scotland 38 - Apple juice 39 - Payday 40 Banana moon 21 - Villa 3 Boro 2 22 Early morning 23 - Boro 4 Leeds 1 24 - Easy life 25 - Jims ties 26 - Parkview 27 Niceneasy 28 Green card
29 - Cookie 30 - Malcy mole Switch the radio on, tune it to 065.4 (the A Team). This will enable you to beat the lap record every time.
Still more level codes: 61 Daemonsgate 72 Getting there 62 - Big Rab 73 - Time is 63 Miami Vice 74 Running out 64 Margaret M 75 Lords of 65 A34732473 Chaos 66 Help me 76 Now its done 67 - The Exiles 77 - Im out of 68 Eightlands here 69 Wine and 78 Heres to a dine 79 - Better life 70 - Nin 80 - Bye Bye Bye 71 Technophobe - Even more level codes: 41 Bonus 51 Rainbow 42 Bouncing 52 Doody 43 No money 53 Mighty Baz 44 A S F 54 Tired 45 - Vision 55 - Consolidated 46 Sisters 56 - Stay happy 47 Fast 57 America fashion 58 Another 48 Cargo day .49 -
Rab C 59 - Isolation Nesbitt 60 Promised 50 Rangers land Hold tho left Alt koy and type the following numbers for the given effects: 378 Outlaw stag hunting 371 Outlaw Robin Hood 372 Outlaw the merry men 828 Legalise Robin Hood Level codes: 2 DRACO 3 ATIKH 4 FIRAM 5 LURNA 6 PALET 7 MIURA 8 SLORY 166 Maximum heroism 167 Minimum heroism 213 Move to island near Little John 214 Move to the spring near the wizard 659 Unite the merry men 103 Force Marion to fall in love 666 Call a church service 441 Cycle through tho seasons 373 Put a price on Robin’s head
Press Space during the intro sequence then type DRINN.
Keys F1-F5 provide a few welcome extras. Pressing Delete takes you the the next level, and R makes you jump very high.
Tv sports boxing tower of babel These cheats give you super-powered boxers.
1) If you want to manage a boxer but let the computer control
your fights, replace the file ‘BOXRDATA.BLT’ on Disk 1
(BOXING1) with the file 'BOXRDATA.BLT(TYSON)'.
2) If you want to manage a boxer and play the fights yourself,
replace the file BOXRDATA.BLT’ on Disk 1 (BOXING 1) with the
filo BOXRDATA.BLT)EUBANK)'. Rename the file
take responsibility for disks damaged by misuse of this
1) Let the demo come up and hold 2, 4, Y, the left cursor key and
7 on the keypad for infinite lives.
2) Hold down A, T, full stop, 4 and Enter on the keypad.
F1 to FS now skips through levels.
On the title screen, hold down Help, I, 1 and 2 and type CHEAT. During the game pressing F3 removes gravity, F5 changes ball shapes, F6 changes the other player’s ball and pressing Help gives a laugh, When you're collecting klondikes, turn the grabber to face a klondike and program it thus FIRE, , , , ,FIRE. The game registers that two klondikes have been collected instead of one.
TO AMIGA FORCE FOR I t I ey! Do you want the good news or the even better news first? The good news is that from Issue 6 (on sale 20 May), AMIGA FORCE will be published every 4 weeks! No more long waits between issues! No more hair-tearing frustration, yearning for the latest, hottest tips.
Nope, it’ll be hitting the streets EVERY 4 weeks!
HI ti The even better news is you can get AMIGA FORCE on a low-cost, recession-beating subscription. Not only do you receive 12 issues of the magazine for serious Amiga gamesplayers, you also get THREE great Gremlin games (total original value: £74.97) for just FOUR pounds extra! It’s brilliant isn't it?
LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE ¦ Even more playable than its two classy sequels, this is the two-player driving game. The rollercoaster 3-D action is superfast; the competition furious, as you bump and barge past the computer cars and into each other on obstacle-strewn tracks.
Rmt EBIiSy SWITCHBLADE ¦ A cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches for the fragments of a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
MANIX A souped-up variation of the classic Q-Bert coin-op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks to change their colour, requiring a combination of quick thinking and arcade reflexes.
¦ However, we realise that some of you dedicated gamesplayers may already have one (or more) of the three free games. In this case, you can subscribe without getting the games for a special DISCOUNT price!
Make your choice (games or not), tick the relevant box in the coupon, fill in your details and send it to Europress Direct (not the AMIGA FORCE editorial office).
And may the FORCE be with you... I WANT TO SIGN UP!
11 want to join the rapidly growing AMIGA FORCE army. I understand I must be ) ot sound mind and prefer purely games reviews and tips and no techno- i babble. I don't have an attitude problem and I can't wait to get my hands on the explosive equipment every gamer needs: that's 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE, | please!
I Tick where appropriate.
I Please send me the next 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE with great Gremlin I games bundle: 6501 ? I live in the United Kingdom (£22.99) I 6503 ! I live in Europe or Eire (£30.99) 6505 G I live outside Europe (£40.99) | 6701 ? Don't forget to send me my three tree games!
I Please send me the next 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE, at the special discount I price, but without Iree games: 6511 G I live in the United Kingdom (£18.99) 6513 Gl I live in Europe or Eire (£26.99) . 6515 G I live outside Europe (£36.99) Method of payment: C VISA G ACCESS ? POSTAL ORDER G CHEQUE I Credit card number .... Expiry date .
Signature Name ... 1 Address ....Postcode ..... I Make cheques and postal orders payable to Europress Direct. Send this form (or a photocopy of it) to: Europress Direct, AMIGA FORCE Subscriptions.
FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. No stamp needed!
1 Why not subscribe by phone or fax? Ring your order through on 051 357 1275, I orfaxiton051 357 2813. For any enquiries regarding your subscription, telephone the ever-so-nice people who deal with our subscriptions on 051 357
Please tick if you do not want to receive promotional material from other I companies G JJ J £j NeXt MO»th!
J 1 H jjj AMIGA FORCE... Remember those ace tips cards we gave out last month? Well next month we're giving you two more! We've some more great hints on Team 17's excellent Body Blows, and we’ll also be taking a look at Electronic Arts' Syndicate.
B5 ftp fen| 1 s , 1 SPECIAL I RESERVE Well maybe not the final one, but we're taking an in- depth look at Lucasarts’ Loom, now a Kixx XL classic.
We're also bashing our way through more levels of emmings 2, giving you the greatest cheats in a handy cut- out-'n'-keep format and generally letting you know what to do, how to do it and convenient ways round it if you fail.
We don't like to make definite promises about what’s in next month's reviews section as we can’t be certain what games will be finished in time besides we had our fingers burned over Ragnarok (still not ready folks, we'll let you know when it's done).
Even so, US Gold's Kingmaker should be ready for review next ish, as should Team 17’s Overdrive and Ft Challenge. We also plan to review Alternative's Suburban Commando and Alio Alio, plus Ocean's European Champions, Superleague Manager, and fingers crossed Jurassic Park'. On the CD front we should see the conversion of RoboCod. But rest assured we won't review any unfinished titles if it's nearly ready, we may give it a Playtest instead, but we never give our final verdict till a game’s100% complete.
£? ce SS*»» 1 «PT!
Dear Mr Newsagent Hi! Just dropping a quick line to say AMIGA FORCE is the magazine ' for me. After all, could any other magazine compare? I mean, look at those features, reviews, playing tips what a Amigamegatastic I affair it is! So... MY NAME .. MY ADDRESS .. .POSTCODE . I’d like my AMIGA FORCE .I Delivered Kept behind the counter Just in
case you didn't know, AMIGA FORCE is published by Impact Magazines, and distributed by COMAG. Thanks!
(Nintendo) SQUARED CIRCLE 0908 262366 Look here! Great-value Nintendo super goodies!
SUPER MARIO BROS. TALKING ALARM CLOCK £16.99+p&p 32002 “Wake up! It's time to leave Dreamland!"
Announces Mario. Features computer game music, 4-event digital clock and ¦ Snooze" button.
TIME BOY KEYFOB C4.99+p&p 32010 Novelty miniature Game Boy is an LCD Watch on a keyring.
9. 00am hi 5.30pm Monday to over £5 00 |ease add £l 50 Fnday or
send your order by Qyer £, 5 QQ a(Jd £2 5Q post to the
address below Cxy Sauc'ea Orde guarantee means that if you are
not completely satisfied with any item you purchase you may
• efcm your purchase in its onginol condition within 1 4 days We
will refund your money or exchange the item. N.B. Computer
gomes may only be returned if they ore faulty.
Signature .....Date . nmmcd Cheque or postal order enclosed made payoblle and sent to: SQUARED CIRCLE LTD 18 VINCENT ADVENUE, CROWNHILL, "Clt MILTON KEYNES MK8 OAW Please tick here if you do not wish to receiv other mailings ] Goods will be despatched within 14 working days from receipt of order.
* TACTICS ¦ Select one of me mar, easy set TACKS options of
* INTELLIGENT PASSING ¦ Choose one of tree afferent i modes tor
prxet-pedect passing 3 ONE TOUCH FOOTBAU-m up mow ookw and
6nyone con 9000-000 * W are good yoi n PLAY LIKE A *
SPECTACULAR - loroe SUPERBIY ANIMATED players look os if
theyre ready to burst out ol your screen!
* REALISTIC - Myiobte imddwfion. Wind speed and , pflCfc condtions that reaRy INFLUENCE. THE GAME-HAY 1 A1200 SVGA+ Monitor (High resolution, displays all modes) £369
• A1200 SVGA plus 20’ Monitor (Displays all modes ideal for
DTP.CAD etc.) £ 1044 2 Not the best platformer ever, but almost
as slick as Joe's hair.
3 ACTION REPLAYS ¦ Select * reptgyn GftwcsrA OorrOP-OOkVNmooe

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