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I acquired an Amiga 500+ in April 1990 for my 14th birthday. Due to the ZZAP! 64 connection I was thrilled when you said you were releasing AMIGA FORCE. I own a Game Gear and have also bought SEGA FORCE from Issue One. I have a problem though. When I turn on my Amiga the power light flashes on and off and the screen changes from black to a sort of Sheffield United away-strip green. When I put a disk in nothing happens, but if I play with the modulator in the back of the computer it affects the picture, sometimes resulting in a blackout in power to the computer, with the television just being untuned and fuzzy. I feel this could help other Dear AMIGA FORCE Could you please send me a copy of the top ten games on the Amiga: For example the top ten roleplaymg games, top ten shoot-'em-ups, top ten simulations, top ten fighting, top ten driving, top ten platforms, top ten sports. I hope you can help me as I've just purchased an Amiga and missed the first two copies of AMIGA FORCE. Mr O J Whiteside, Liverpool PS If you can't send me the info I need, could or would you be publishing it? ¦ Shame on you, G J, how could you have missed out on Issues 1 and 2? Issue One featured a fantastic Phil King feature detailing the 15 best-ever driving games on the Amiga, while last issue Ben The Boffin (of Channel 4's The Big Breakfast fame) rounded up the all- time top 20 shoot-'em-ups. Back issues of AMIGA FORCE are always available through [A WOLF I IN LITTLE CLOTHING rating the games anyway (see the reader survey on page 19), which will mean a quick glance at the scores will tell 'em all they need to know in the worth buying' department. And besides, most kids that I know are a good deal smarter than they’re given credit for. Did you know, for example, that the average reading age in the UK is just that of a nine-year-old?

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Document sans nom Wake up to our dreamy maps and tips!
A1200 OR AMIGA A600 £250 WORTH OF GAMES 0839 40 60 44 YOUR
LEATHER JACKET WORTH £500 IMS Ltd, P.O Box 28, Northampton NN1
5DS. Calk cost 36p (Cheap) 48p per min (other have permission
to make this call. Ends 30.6.93. Nintendo, Sega, Amiga, Street
Fighter registered trademarks of their respected TICKETS TO WWF
23 0839 40 60 22 0839 40 60 21 SEE THE WRESTUNG SEE THE STARS
- UVE!
WIN YOUR WAY TO A DRIVING LICENCE ter times). Multiple choice questions. Mu possible cos* £3.60. Please be sore that ya er III, Sonic 2, Action Replay, Gladiators, Disney, Thunderbirds and Harley Davidsoa are imSes. We are not related or endorsed by them.
From Dynamite to shocking revelations, the news section makes a reet rivetin' read.
DIZZY FEATURE 'Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken... Lay a little egg for me’. Oh, and have a look at this feature too, eh?
CHARTS W - The top-selling 100 games for the Amiga is Street Fighter 2 still kicking butt?
Lemmings 2 jumps into the A- Team's hands, and the crew try to blow them up (again!).
Altogether now... ‘Oh No.
BUDGET BARGAINS You've read the feature, l| now enter the competition and you could win a Dizzy game that's never graced the Amiga... As a bird would say in spring ‘Cheap Cheap Cheap (twirble) Cheap Cheap Cheap'.
SURVEYING H THE SCENE W BEATEN AT THEIR OWN GAME! Jm Sensible Software programmers in ‘Beaten I L By Readers' Shocker.
Your chance to air your views on how AMIGA FORCE is shaping up.
CORNER What to expect on the software front during the coming months.
Yep, and get some free games into the bargain.
You can leave 'em in the magazine, stick ’em in the disk boxes, or make your own filing system. The choice is m A yours.
Withdrawal symptoms already? Here's what you can expect in the not- so-distant future... More comments and r insults concerning the - Amiga world and its bestest specialest superist (wordyest correctist) mag.
The latest top-dollar releases are examined, nay, scrutinised by our panel “ of experts. The Amiga top 20 up for grabs, courtesy of Our Price Records.
UrOPRESS Poster? Ha! You can stick it (on your wall, that is).
TfTwr'l l. Loads more PD and Shareware (not to mention Licenceware) for you to read about and buy... LIFELINE Nuke them! Nuke them!
NUKE THEM! I'll show them ‘Oh No!', little blue swines that they are... TH E ART Electronic Arts have recently signed a deal with Ocean's Hit Squad budget label, allowing them to release several of EA’s older titles. This should include (in time) other, more recent games but for the moment you can expect to see products like Budokan, Populous and Hard Nova reaching your Amiga for between £7.99 and £14.99. The Budget Bargains section must be positively shivering with anticipation... E UR PRICE ¦iDMICAL COMM uu©RI Commodore have just announced the release of their new A1200 pack, which sees the
thoroughly marvellous 32-bit jobbie bundled with the Ocean Comic Relief game, Sleepwalker. The price will remain £399 but, for every one of the 25,000 available packs sold, £10 will be donated to Comic Relief. Commodore assure us that this will mean a guaranteed £250,000 going to everyone's favourite charity and, judging by the sales figures for the new machine, that’s no idle boast (it sold by the lorry load over the Christmas period, and is continuing to turn a tidy profit for retailers throughout the land).
We've been playing the A1200-only version of Sleepwalker, and can assure potential purchasers that the game is pretty special check out the review on page 34 for more details.
ECTS time again! The European Computer Trade Show, held in Islington's Business Design Centre twice-yearly. Is one of the biggest, brightest and busiest software events in Europe. Trouble is.
Though, unless you actually work in the computer industry you won't be able to attend yep. It's strictly trade-only, we re afraid. If you’re not going to be able to sample the delights of this Spring ECTS, then, why bother telling you it's on in the first place? Er. Good point... READ 'EM AND WEEP Gel those hankies out folks. Coz it's ECTS time again! The European ¦ and you're feeling lost, confused and generally bewildered by the operating system, worry no more. Help is at hand in the form of the A1200 Insider Guide by Bruce Smith Books. BSB are renowned throughout the Amiga world for
producing well-written and informative manuals, and this one's no exception.
With 256 pages crammed full of useful information and helpful illustrations, it's an essential buy if you want to know more about your 32-bit wonder and its accompanying Workbench disks. Retailing at £14.95, you can either look for it in your local book store or order it straight from the company. In fact. Bruce is a big fan of If you've recently purchased an A1200 and you're feeling lost, confused and AMIGA FORCE, so when we phoned to confirm that we had the correct address, he suggested a special £2 OFF deal exclusively for our readers (wotta brill bloke, eh?). So. Just fill out the coupon,
and send it with a cheque postal order for just £12.95 made payable to Bruce Smith Books Ltd.
If you don't have an A1200 and.
Obviously, don't want the book, feel free to write to BSB tor details of their extensive range similar User Guides for the A600 are available, as well as a wealth of other volumes detailing practically everything Amiga. All are presented in Bruce s no- nonsense, user-friendly style, and are highly recommended by our good selves.
Ery month in AMIGA FORCE, Ben The Boffin from Channel 4's Big Breakfast mputer-games section (Master Blaster, Mondays and Thursdays, 7.45 am) will be providing terrific tips on the game of YOUR CHOICE! How will this work? Easy... Here are four screenshots from new releases, with the titles of the games and a telephone number. To vote for tips on the game of your choice, simply dial the number, listen to the message, and your vote will be registered! Whichever game gets the most calls will be tipped in the next issue, it's as simple as that.
Now before you start sneering in a cynical ‘what a rip-off fashion, let us point out one very important fact: Each call will cost no more than 10p. Yes, that's right, just TEN PENCE is the only charge. We could have asked you to write in with your choice, of course, but the cheapest stamp would set you back 18p so, instead of getting ripped off, if you DO want to vote you'll actually be saving money!
STOP PRESS! The closing date for our special Master Blaster competition (see the card on the front cover) has been extended to April 18th 1993. Er, whoops!
PSYCHEDELIC SBNSAT1MU II may look like someone's lost their lunch over your computer desk, but the all-new SplatlMat from BBD Dust Covers is just the job for mouse manipulators who thrive on individuality. You see, due to the manufacturing process no two SplatlMats will ever be the same!
Made from the latest high-density compounds, this unique accessory not only looks good, it works well too. A 'carpet-like microscopic pile' is how the makers describe the working surface of their pliable product, all we can say is that it feels as weird as it looks.
In practice, the mat performed exceptionally well; sticking to the desk with a tenacity usually reserved for James’s bogeys, it’s non- slippability is matched only by the excellent 'trackability' factor (ie the mouse’s ball rolls really well on it!).
Don't take our word for it, though, why not enter our mini competition in an effort to win one of your very own. BBD haven’t decided how much to charge for the SplatlMat yet, but tell us it’ll be not too far off the £9.95 mark.
Further details about this, or any of the BBD range of accessories can be obtained by phoning the company on (0257) 425839, or you can write to them at this address: BBD Dust Covers, The Standish Centre, Cross Street, Standish, Wigan WN6 OHO.
• ): £ i’J (Psyasiosfol y NIRO QutST (••HI yyyy To trap a
splatterful mouse mat of your very own from BBD, simply answer
the simple question below, and put your answer (along with your
name and address) on a postcard or sealed-down envelope and
Europress Impact, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW. Entries | to arrive no later than 18 April '93, when the first 25 correct
* entries outta the bag will win... THE MOST TAXING QUESTION:
Name one other computer-related product available from BBD Dust
Covers (and if you get this wrong, seek medical help
MAKE A WALL!!.' ) SOFTWARE SUPREME 24 HOUR ORDERING SERVICE 139, HIGH ROAD, LOUGHTON, ESSEX, IG10 4LT TEL: 081 365 0344 FAX* 081 365 1650 PHONE FOR FREE CATALOGUE Test Drive 3 . Thpr Finest Hour The Manager ThunOsthawk Thunder Jaws ... Tennis Cup 2 .... Termnatpr2 .... Titus me Fox The Games Espama The Godlamer T V Spons Baseball Treasure of Sav Frontier Universal Monsters Ultima Under Word umma V .. UtumaVI umma VII .. UMS2 UMS Planet Edilcr Under Pressure Undxum 2 . Utopia-...- . UGH
.... Video *d .. Vikings Vroom .... Ween WnierS WnlerC Wi2 Kid.
Woll Child ...... Woll Pack ...... WWF .- . WWF2 .. Wng Commander 1.
Wily Beamish ... Xenon 2 .. Zool . 1599 19 49 2099 2099 16 49 Etf -------------------------- EM* 2 .- Emta Mistress of Iho Dan.
Emra 2 Cerberus Emra me Arcade Epic ...-...- European Champ Eye ol me BehoWer Eye ol the Beholder 2 Espania games 92 Faniastc Worlds F14 Tom Cat .. F15 Stnke Eagle 2 F1? Stealth Fighcer.
F19 Sleelth Fighttrr F29 Re Mlor Fakon ...... F«on 3 ...... Fantaslc Voyage Final Fight ... Fire A Ice ..... Fire Force ... Flighl of the Intruder ... Meganx ..... Megaspocs Megatwins ... Meglomania Firsl Samora .
Mercenary 3 .. - Merlins Malhs. .. Microprose Goll ... Midwinter 2 . Mig 29 Supet Fulcrum . Might A Mage 3 .. Mini Office ... Moonstone Monkey island Monkey island 2 . Movie Mix ... Mystical ...... Myth . Mega Fortress ..... Marc N Mansells world Champ Nick Faldos Champ Go" No Greater Glory Nodctys Playtime Omar snaritts Bndge Outrun
Eurcpa ...... Ou Hander ... Orbrtus ..... O* ... Psychos Soccar Sel Patladn 2 ... Paper Boy 2 .. Par am Stars ... Perfect General PGA GoH Tour - ..... PGA Course Discs .. Pmh.it Dreams Pinball Fantasies Prttightnr .... Populus Sim City Populue 2 ...... Premei Manager Premere . Pnnce W Porsia Prophecy ot the Shadow ...
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G. LOC R360 GaivWef 3 Global Ehod ...
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Humans ..... Humans Data Oise Humans
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Batman The Movie .... ......6.99 6 99 29 Sov ei Fm’rt»
699 699 6 99 699 California Games ...... ......699
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GT4 Rally ......6.99 ......6.99 Operate* wcr 699 fi 99
6 99 6 99 Chase HQ .....7 99 z« Kk* Sox * P©e Vif.a
Pi* Fflh*er 6 99 Cloud Kingdom .. ......6.99
.....6 99 6 99 f 99 Conflict in Europe ...... Crazy
Cars ..... ......7.99 .. 6 99 Ptaroon
Piodato 596 699 CJ in the USA ......7.99
Die '’"ft* Too 699 7 99 699 Deluxe stnp Poker .....
......6.99 Rainbow Islands .. 699 Double
Dragon 1 or 2...... Ed The Duck ...6.99 ......6 99
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Ft 6 Combat Pilot .....6 99 fiqq 5 99 .6.99 Fun School
2 (Under 5)... Fun School 2 (5-7) ......6.99
......6.99 Shadow of the Beast ......
6. 99 .6.99 Fun School 2 (7*) 6 99 .8.99 Gauntlet
2 ...... .....6.99 Starg xde* 2 6 09
......6.99 fiq9 Ghostbusters 2 ... ......6.99
$ f-pe* 0* R Md qqq Golden Axe .... ......6.99
Stz'mru ». 99 ......6.99 Sbctie Ca'e »:¦« ......6 99 S'ifce r
c*ce tt&r»e« fiqq ......6 99 Svt Ca* r,3ee fiqq Jet Set
Willy ... ......7.99
SleepingGodslie .. 699 John Lowe Ultimate
Dads Kid Gloves ...... ......6.99 . 5.99 Wiz
Ball ,6.yy AV 88 Hamer
Asse.il) A320 ArOoS B17 Flying Fortress... Back 10 lh- Bane of
th BA T. 2. .
Battle Chess 2 .. Battle Command .. Battle Isle .. Battle Isle Data Dec Bills Tomato Game Birds ol Prey ...... B*» Crypt Sue Max &U66 B*os 8o0y8ttws Bonanza Bros Batho Toads . Cadaver . Calilo-na Games 2 Captive Cart I trms Chalnnge Castes ...... Cas» 01 Dr Bran Champonanp Manage- Chaos Engine Chess Champion 2175 Cl-uck Rack Centurion ... Cisco Meal ... Celtic Legends .. Convert Acbon ...... Craiy Cars 3 . Curse tor a Corpse..... Cool Crcc
Twins ... Contrapton Cool Wcvld .. Curse ol the Enchanoa Ctviizason iSFK Creatures 2 Crystal Daily 0 Oa k Oueen ol Krynn Oas Boot . Oaughlers oh Serpent .. Oevtous Designs 0 Generate" Oeiuxe Pant 4 Oeude Dragon 3 .. Ooude Hits 1.23 0-4 Oune ..... Oungeon Master Chaos Strikes Back Oyna Blaster Pools ol Oarkress Bagnarok.
BaJroad Tyi (road Tycoon ..... nd 2 Baseball Realms . Risky Woods Road Rash .. Robin Hood Robocod Robocop2 Rooocop3 Rooospods Romo AD 92 .... Rookies .... . Ruoby World Cup .. Rums of Engagement . Reach lor the Skies ..... Sahro Team .. ScraCOe Deluxe ...... Secret ol me Sifmr Blades Sensde Soccer Shado«land8 SholHe the Sim Shadow ol the Beast 3 Silent Service 2 SimAnl Sim City
Deluxe Sim Eanh ... Simpsons .. Sily Putty - .. Sleepwafcer ...... Smash TV . Space Ace 2 ... Space Gun . Space Crusade Space Crusade Voyage B Space Guest 1 Special Forces . Sports Mix ... Steel Empire ...... Stereo Master...... Sieve Oavts Snooker Stprm Master ..... Streethghar 2 Strker .... Siger Hero Super Tetris Super Ski 2 Suspcous Cargo Sword Ol Honour Transarction 20 99 .23 49 16
49 18 49 1599 .18.99 ...16.49 .1649 ...15.99 .16.49 .15.99 1599 ...16.49 ...17.49 16 49 .16.49 ...20.99 ...17.49 Jaguar XJ220 ..... Jimmy Whites Snooki John Barnes j Madden Football Am Power K»d Gloves 2 Kmgs Ojesr v Kings Ouest vi K nightmare .... Knight of the Sky Kilirg Game Shoe .
LastF*r*»3 la er Sguad 2 laander legend 1699 1599 16 49 1699 . 1649 2249 2299 .19.49 .16.99 .20.99 ...21.99 16 49 19 49 20 49 19 49 .21 49 22 99 .1649 ... 1699 ... 1599 ... 1849 .2099 ...1999 . 16 99 20 99 1599 32 49 lawnmoww Man lethal Weapon 3 legend ol Valour I emmngs . lommngs 2 ...... lemmngs Data Oitc . lemmngs Stand Aone lite 6 Death 2 ..... lotus Turtxj Chalengo 2 lotus Turto ChiWeogo 3 lu»a Of Tic Torrplress links HD .. links Courses Bountiful Links Courses Frestore links Courses • Plnenirst.
Liverpool.. ... 24 49 .1599 .2099 1349 ... 1599 ... 1649 ... 1649 ... 1699 ... 19 99 ... 23 99 . 13 99 1399 1399 1749 23 49 .23 49 ...23.49 16 49 . 899 22 49 .1099 .1899
11. 99 ...1999 58 49 .1649 899 1999 1999 1949 ..1699 .2099 .2049
..11 99 .1649 .16 49 McDonalds land Ml Tan. Platoon Magic
Pockets SOFTWARE SUPREME H 139 High Road, Loughton, I Essex
IG10 4LT 24Hr Ordering Serivce 081-365 0344 (All lines) 24hr
FAX 081 365 1650 I I I I Please make cheques & PO"s payable
to Software Supreme PSP I£1 per item UK. & elsewhere £3 per
New titles send as released and subject to price reviews |Title - I _ I_ I-
• For which Computer |AR Name _ Address Price Tel - Card No
Expiry Date T PSP
- Total V SA Ac ? Visan ChQ pon Our prices are subject to change.
Please confirm at time of ordenng.
K' r's&z-
- iS, 6t3, St» iiAf iMStiti&de [¦What can you say about a game as
compelling and complicated as tins in so short a space?
Innovative, amusing, entertaining, refreshing and graphically
dazzling would be good lor starters, but none ot these
superlatives really do justice to such a monumental milestone
in computer gaming history. Taking a good idea and improving
upon it is a skill usually reserved lor our friends from the
Land Of The Rising Yen maybe the DMA Designs team I
responsible tor programming Lemmings 2 have been on an oriental
sabbatical9 Whdiever way you look at it. This game is a winner
from start to finish... I just hope that the slightly inflated
price-point won't blind many L-i i j , ¦ potential buyers to
its charm. ¦ Psygnosis, £29.99 temmings 2 is a distinct
improvement over its predecessor. Whereas Oh No!
More Lemmings was merely an extra- I levels package. Tribes is a mixture of old ideas with a whole lot of new. At the end of the day, there's still the same game behind all the fresh cosmetics, but this is a sequel that moves forward, as opposed to the usual [ sideways. Personally, I think it kicks the original clean out of sight, and does a I stomper all over the rest of the competition.
If you've never seen (or heard) of I Lemmings, then you've been missing something special. There’s some argument j as to whether it was a god’ game or tricky I puzzler, but essentially I it had you saving the j little furry guys from certain death. This was j done by clicking on icons along the bottom of the screen, representing different abilities, and then awarding them to the I appropriate sprite. Using a I mouse, you'd have a limited amount of I time to get a set quota into an exit portal.
I Fail, and you'd have the pleasure of nuking the level and watching the little ones explode. It really was an innovative idea, and soon you were hooked, with little Lemmings digging, floating climbing and exploding all I over the place.
The sequel’s story line tells us that after the original game, the surviving Lemmings discovered an island. Splitting up into groups, our furry friends colonised various areas, and took up characteristics unique to that section (hence the Tribes’ title). However, after living happy and relatively suicide-free lives for a period of time, a dark shadow was cast across their land. A disaster was about to happen, and the only way this could be stopped would be to use a special amulet.
Sadly, it wasn't as easy as that. The amulet was split up into several different pieces, scattered among the different tribes. To save the Lemmings and their land, these pieces had to be collected and assembled... Solo salvation One of the biggest departures from the original is that only one Lemming has to be saved per level. The idea behind this is that the Lemming carries the amulet piece simple, really. Of course, purists will want to save them all (Psygnosis assure us that it’s possible) and Lemmings 2 caters for and positively ploughed through the screens on one section, that amulet
piece is safe and ready to be joined to the others.
Each tribe (and their dozen or so screens) can be accessed through the wonderfully drawn map screen. Believe me, the variety is great we've got Space Lemmings, Circus Lemmings, Highland Lemmings (with red hair!) And many ¦ Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Super Lemming!
One of the most hillarious characters in the game, this guy'll have you in fits.
More, each with special abilities essential for their survival. I won't list any of those I had so much fun discovering them for myself that I'd be a so-and-so to spoil it for A you suffice it to say that the Super Lemming is absolutely hilarious.
¦ Look familiar?
That’s because this area of the game is called 'Classic' and it pays homage, in a manner of speaking, to the game's initial inspiration.
With Lemmings 2, you can access any tribe at any point, with your achievements in each area recorded in memory. Obviously, this .», makes a password system impractical, « and so a save game' option has been ¦ '*•*' included. Other additions include a 'fan' option to blow floating furries in the appropriate direction, and a 'fast forward' switch to speed up the game (as seen on H the Macintosh version of Lemmings). Also, the levels are accessed using multidirectional scrolling (as opposed to simple left-right). This means larger (and ultimately more complicated) levels. Great stuff.
Even though I liked Lemmings, I grew tired of it after a while, because things began to get a little repetitive. With Tribes, though, you've got an excellent (not to mention amusing) spread of levejs, each offering just as much as the original did. I’d even go as far as to say that even if you didn't like Lemmings, this will convert you. The graphics are superb, with the best miniature sprite animation I’ve ever seen, and the sound is as catchy as it is irritating (when you lose horribly, that is...). ¦ The new Grappling Hook Lemming (right) is essential to reach all those awkward places...
Man, I've just got to go play it again! I ja TIP TIME! Pause the level before (pp5) any of the Lemmings drop, so you ± r can have a good look around the landscape to see what must be done.
Oh no! Surely he couldn't score from that j- angle! J Duuur... did I do that?
¦ Phil bangs in a scorcher from the half way line, while James is half way to the humilliation of a lifetime!
_Jfter throwing down the gauntlet in Issue 2, we were inundated with disks
• ni containing highlights of our readers' soccer exploits. It
seems many of you fancied your chances against the Sensible
Soccer programmers and, after a lengthy bout of professional
judging, we decided upon two talented individuals, namely Tom
and Michael.
They arrived just after the specified 10 o'clock meeting time, but the programmers were nowhere to be seen. After roughly an hour and a half of waiting, they crashed into the car park with all manner of engine rewing and apologies. Introducing themselves as Chris, Jools and Jon, they signed the visitors' book and boldly strode into the challenge room.
Come on Ji I'm failin' asleep hen (yawn). , After choosing our favourite teams, we plunged straight into the action, with Phil’s Belgium against Michael's Denmark. It's widely agreed in the office that Phil King is consistently the best Sensible player, even though he's been trashed by both Steve and me on certain occasions. With this in mind, it came as something of a shock when our demonic Dep Ed was held to a 4-4 draw by the plucky young reader.
Flittle bit of time wasting now, heh !
Heh! J Next in line was my illustrious self (England) and Sensible Software’s Jools (Germany). In a match involving every expletive imaginable ¦ NAME: Steve Shields ¦ AGE: 28 8 OCCUPATION: Managing Editor
- TEAM: Holland NAME: Phil King AGE: 24 OCCUPATION: Deputy Editor
TEAM: Belgium xjijicsa iy ¦ NAME: James Price ¦ AGE: 18 ¦
OCCUPATION: Staff Writer ¦ TEAM: England NAME: Tom Yates AGE:
16 OCCUPATION: Student TEAM: Russia “My word, this Phil
character sure is a tough cookie... ¦ Tension mounts as the
Sensible Soccer league rolls on to its Inexorable conclusion.
God, this guy’s completely useless! What a ¦ novice... It was inevitable there d be in-house grudge matches, but for some reason when Phil and I played I thought I was playing Street Fighter II and spent most of my time hacking _ - down his Belgian forwards. After 90 7.
Minutes my team were a little depleted in numbers (three men JT sent oft, ha ha ha! Man Ed), jjjbi and Phil romped home to a 4-0 I, victory. Michael took his Danish b. J'J 'JjJj side to a 2-1 win over a German TA|Mj ij • team that had been unstoppable XT' , - in its first match, and Steve faced tJjJj up to Jon. JkiU Surely the designer and graphical J J-Uc artist could give us a better performance than he had in the first round? After all, he knows what those little guys can do he drew and animated them but sadly his enormous knowledge did little to help the Lithuanian cause, and
he let one goal in NAME: Ion Hare AGE: 27 OCCUPATION: Computer Programmer TEAM: Lithuania
- Ever seen my impersonation of Stan Laurel? .
. Check it j lb out! , J I Ha ha ha, what a flaming comedian.
Towards the end of a tight match: so 1-0 to Steve (it was a corker, too! Man Ed).
Shockingly, our 'other' reader guided his Russians to an unbelievable 3-1 victory over God himself (ie programmer Chris). How could this have happened? It seems we'd seriously underestimated young Tom and his trusty Cruiser joystick as he now held pole position in the title challenge. Could he keep his place while everyone else desperately tried to find some form?
Phil seemed to have discovered his, as he beat Germany an emphatic 4-1. Holland lost 3-1 to a well-practised Denmark, but the real shock came during the following game.
- , I was playing Italy J i (Chris) and had , . - been dismissed
as iJj'3 JjJ a no-hoper. ' j J b 3 However, some 7" . Nifty
footwork j:J jJuj1 and a scorching i HfcftMb shot ,,om iust '
past the halfway UJJ-J line later, I found r j j v myself in
charge of J I a 1-0 lead. After a hectic match, the final score
told the tale of England's first victory: 4-1. The Sensible
camp crashed even further when Jon insisted on using his
previous tactic ot losing.
NAME: Chris Chapman AGE: 29 OCCUPATION: Computer Programmer TEAM: Italy ¦I was over the moon when I saw the amount of entries we received for this challenge, but soon felt as sick as a parrot when I witnessed the sheer brilliance on display. Surely no one could score from that angle!? Obviously, the league was going to be tough. Very tough... As it happens, I was entirely correct in my assumptions. But what I didn't count on was the ineptitude of the programmers themselves! Okay, so the boys were playing away from home turf but they brought their own joysticks and (minor point this) they did
program the game. At the end of the day, the best man won (congratulations again, Tom, you deserved it), and a good time plus a few pints! was had by all. Would I do it r«Mv again? Watch this space, for KTTyTj plans are already afoot(ball). ¦ Jm 1 Phil had no problem with that; the 2-0 thrashing put him in a fairly comfortable second place.
Pressing on, Tom continued his amazing title tight with a 2-1 win over fellow reader Michael. Steve managed to scrape a 0-0 draw ¦ Jools fights frantically with the controls as his erstwhile attackers wander aimlessly about the pitch... CHALLENGE ...OVER TO YOU, PHIL ¦ The championship went right down to the wire in that final match against Tom. The icy j pitch certainly suited his long-ball aerial game, with those close-range headers proving decisive. He did play consistently well (for a Man Utd fan), though, and thoroughly deserved the title. Michael was another | tough opponent. I thought
I had him beaten I at 3-1 up. But he made a determined come- I back. In the end, I only just managed to I grab an equaliser in the dying seconds.
Despite losing (sob!), I enjoyed the I I challenge enormously it makes a change | to have good opposition for once! I even, found out a few quirks about the game from . The Sensible guys. Did you know that if you i I have five players suspended, the ref won't send another off (as you'd be unable to field a full side in the next match). Another gem came up when I was awarded a dubious penalty against Jon. My fouled player was obviously outside the area, but it's the position of the ball that «¦¦¦.
Determines whether it's a oenalty pMT?
Or not much to Jon's disgust1 ¦ mi r against me by stealing my joystick, leaving me with a horrible lump of plastic that owed more to door-wedges than it did to control methods.
Chris went down once again in a 5-2 hammering at the hands of Jools's Germany, and Michael made up for his previous defeat by well and truly destroying Jon and his little green Lithuanians. Also, even though I'd appeared to have found form in my two previous matches, I was still hammered by an obscenely talented Tom. Muttering under my breath, I took down the Oust over) halfway league positions... P w L D GD Pts RUSSIA 4 4 0 0 +8 8 BELGIUM 4 3 0 1 +9 7 DENMARK 4 2 1 1 +2 5 GERMANY 4 2 2 0 +5 4 HOLLAND 4 1 2 1 -2 3 ENGLAND 4 t 2 1 -7 3 ITALY 4 1 3 0 -8 2 LITHUANIA 4 0 4 0 -9 0 victory (2-1)
against (cough) England, with my compassionate little bod behind the joystick. Really. I only let him win because I felt sorry for him honest!
The Cold War may be over now, but when Tom and his Russians strode onto the pitch, there was a definite arms war. There was also a legs war, feet war, heads war and he struck Jools down with all the force of an atomic explosion in a tinder-dry menagerie. 5-0 was the result, and I’m afraid Jools’s comment was unprintable. * 'Ere we go (here they went!
Another A-FORCE grudge match was the Phil vs Steve game. Phil was on top form and seemed almost unstoppable but, even though Steve lost in the end, Phil was kept to a moderate 2-1 victory (my winner was a cracking goal, though Dep Ed). Michael went into overdrive in his confrontation with Chris not satisfied with two or three goals, he plumped for a whopping six. And Chris seemed destined for the murky depths of last place... Jools goose-stepped his German team onto the pitch, and after 90 minutes marched them off again with a functional 1-0 victory over fellow Sensible team member Jon.
Steve took to the joystick against an exceptionally unified Russia and got sent to Siberia (quelle surprise) in the inevitable 4-1 defeat.
Well, with everyone having one match left to play (and all to play for in some cases) here's how things looked... P W L D GD Pts RUSSIA 6 6 0 0 +16 12 BELGIUM 6 5 0 1 +13 11 DENMARK 6 4 1 1 +13 9 GERMANY 6 2 3 1 +0 5 HOLLAND 6 1 3 2 -3 4 ENGLAND 6 1 4 1
- 12 3 LITHUANIA 6 1 5 0 -9 2 ITALY 6 1 5 0
- 17 2 Snigger what an easy goal! He didn't even see it
coming! Har har, what a lard-ass! I could’ve won with my eyes|
, closed.
¦ Smiles and handshakes all round after a thrilling final golly, what a sporting fellow Phil is, eh readers?
4-2 was the verdict, with the punishment of final place for poor old Chris. Snigger.
The biggest match of all was the long- awaited Tom vs Phil confrontation. Footy’ Phil needed a win to finish top; for Tom a draw would do. In what could only be described as the tightest match in the competition, Russia just scraped through in the end, as the AMIGA FORCE knight failed to vanquish the dragonesque student. 4-3 to Tom, said the final score, and Phil was heard commenting &$ £%&£-!'
Finally, I had to beat Michael's Denmark to give Phil a comfortable second place. However, you know how things go, so I decided to let the reader win (is that why you had tears in your eyes, then? Dep Ed). 3-1 was the final tally.
At the end of the day (Brian), the table told a sorry tale. Two readers upstaged three professional games reviewers and three programmers. Luckily, everyone was pretty chuffed with how the day went and all in all I’d do it again. Next time though, I'll play properly... Dizzy's eponymous debut was greeted by a rather frosty reception. In the platform- inundated Spectrum world, it seems the antics of one little egg were not enough to please, and everyone saw it as just another budget release.
Years later, after console and 16-bit releases, the egg is still 'soldiering' on. It has to be said that each game has gone from strength to strength, but you've got to admit they've all followed the same formula. Some people are perfectly happy with this and can't get enough of Diz, whereas others tend to complain and say Why don't CodeMasters ever do anything original'. Well, YA BOOH SUCKS TO YOU! We like Dizzy games. If you don't like them, don't buy them and stop writing in to complain.
Honestly, some people... Di2zy gets onto the oesen s arxt aher a ventaoie comedy of errors For a start, he finds the captain is Long John Silver Unperturbed by his taunts and mangy parrot Dizzy decides to organise a game of cncket on the deck. In what the instructions describe as a fit of blinding stupidity he uses U s spare leg collection as makeshift stumps, and ends up losing them overboard After being made to walk the plank, our hero finds himself all washed up on an unknown Exploring the caves and tree-houses (among other locations) really is a great deal In: i TT~ To provide an impartial
judgement on how Dizzy games have evolved on the Amiga, we needed someone who d never played one before. So. We grabbed James, hypnotised him. And erased all knowledge ot 16-bit Dizzy offerings. We then fed him the games one by one in the order they were released. Here's what he made of them... ¦ tom escapng bear- n prevcus D«2 games. Re -asty Zafcs -Mums b east a speil over Be Yoikfoik. Imprisoning rem in
- i strange wore called Magiciand. Alter dodging ail the evil
spells, our eggy hero is the only one left to save his triends.
Magidand Oizcv tollows the trend of improvements first seen in Fantasy World.
And uses better graphics with more detailed (and enjoyable) gameplay. I'd even go to the extent ot saying it's better than his Treasure Island escapade.
CRYSTAL KINGDOM DIZZY ¦ Title nost recent Qtzzy game and yet not quite me best. In terms at puppies and size t s qu» an admirable attempt but sadly setters tram basic graphics and a few nagging glitches.
On the plus side, the game introduces a password system, splitting the program into tour separate levels. Each is roughly the size ot Pnnce Ot The Yolkfolk. With its own puzzles and scenery. However, the game doesn't give you the password tor Level 2 (a very annoying glitch its actually G5J 73Q This is also the first Dizzy game to give controllable jumps. Our fave egg can now change direction in midair, so avoiding and jumping onto things is a lot easier. It's also a full-price release, retailing at a penny under 20 quid.
It's a decent enough game in the long run. But one for the absolute Dizzy enthusiast. It you want to see a classic eggy adventure, get Spellbound.
¦ Another water-related game, but this time you’re fortunate to be floating on it (as opposed to drowning). Sailing down the vertically scrolling levels, you have to reach the end of a section while picking off (and avoiding) crocodiles and other aquatic beasties.
¦ This time we’ve got Dizzy in a puzzle-game situation, with the title being curiously apt and yet hopelessly inaccurate. Panic is very true that's exactly what happens. Dizzy? Nah! He's no more a part of this than I am the bass guitarist for Fuzzbox.
Regardless of the other babble, I can't quite make up my mind about Panic Dizzy.
It’s very simple perhaps overly (ovoidly?) So but still very compulsive. Four tubes are shown at the top of the playing area, and underneath are four slots. The idea is to fit the falling shapes into the appropriate holes to progress onto further, more difficult levels. Miss a shape and the pipes move closer to the holes, eventually creating the panic' mentioned in the title.
As with Prince Ot The Yolklolk, this is a game that worked a lot better on the Excellent Adventures compilation. There's not really enough there to keep anyone but the most ardent puzzle fan interested in the long term, but it’s still a darn enjoyable game.
Ever heard of Toobin? The arcade version was moderately popular but the official conversion received fairly average reviews in the computer press. Amazingly enough, Rapids is a tribute’ to the aforementioned game, but with a better control method and of course the egg.
You won't exactly be stunned by this one (it's fairly simplistic and not too difficult), but there's certainly a good afternoon’s entertainment in its-water filled levels.
FAST FOOD ¦ Possibly the least inventive (but most easilv accessible! Ot the Dizzv arcade games, Fast Food is a souped-up Pac-Man with attractive graphics and a few power ups. While it remains enjoyable tor a while, you can t quite get it out of your head that there's not that much to do.
Still, its a great game for younger players, as they're not going to be bamboozled by awkward controls or tricky gameplay, I really can't fathom out the Dizzy connection though it's a wee bit tenuous here... ¦ wm At &UMBNIUQ mmxMiE, mnj numcjM here have been a fair few Dizzy games released on the Amiga, but no doubt you've all I heard of one that you can't get (excluding the original Dizzy, which was a bit usfeless I anyway). Yep, The Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy has been praised from the roof-tpps SSSte- *or being a rather smart NES cart, with a large amount of adventuring
• complemented by some excellent arcade sequences.
¦KT.-in Sadly, not many people could afford to buy a Nintendo Just to play this... so. We're offering the rather tasty jKJW 9 i ib prize of the aforementioned console and cartridge.
La A and we’ll even chuck in The Dizzy Collection and 'ifituyi - ? ] Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures for good measure. Five JffljgcSjv, ¦ runners-up will be graced in an altogether special way with their own Dizzy T-shirt.
' AI1 y°u have 10 d010 en!er is Pen a Picture of the tfr&nZ'A T infamous egg himself. Allegedly, one of the Dizzy coders caiied our ovoid chum Mr Easy To Draw' so, to make it a BSEpwSsCm r-f? V WJ ii"ie more ficky. We want to see him doing something out ot ,he o'dinary (the funnier the better). Simple enough for 9m -. ' ' KjiJiJS y°u?
Ey*I lwfe 7 Send your artistic entries to: IZZY WIZZY LET'S GET y-z OrwSjI DIZZY COMP. AMIGA FORCE, Europress Impact, Ludlow.
MfevKj 1 Shropshire SY8 1JW. The egg-timer runs out on 18 April, so fWrT'sL rrSa'x'fs • ¦ f don’t overcook it.
£1000 Wjjlllillllil ¦W1N1 WIN WIN £1000 CASH MORE MUSIC During the past 3 years we have worked hard to play the music you want to hear most Help us to continue to play the best music for you, just tell us what you think of the songs below.
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You can listen to Long Wave Radio Atiantk 252 by pressing the "Long Wave" or LW button on your radio, then tune along to 252 kHi to hear the hits.
For your chance to win the £ 1000 Listener Reward, just complete this page and send it to: Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252 (£1000), PO Box 252, London WIE 2RA.
Your Name:_ (Mod. Opals ptoM) REWARD Every month no tfiu1 away £1(MM) ca h
- and you could bo Ilio lucky winner!
Juki sond in your nnmo and addrrkk on Iho form bolon. Ihon luno into Charlie Rolf al
7. 10 am on Iho first Monday of ovory month.
Thai's when C harlio draws tho £10410 rash prize - It couldn't bo oasior!
Or pat James on the back!)
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4032 ? Like it loads 4033 ? It's OK I suppose!
_I 4034 ? Don’t like it much 4035 LI It stinks!
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Only me! Now I do not believe you really wanted to do that. No, you didn’t want to do it like that... you want to do it like this, see! Criticism, eh? Well, we can take it! In fact, we at AMIGA FORCE positively encourage constructive comments and suggestions on how, exactly, we should be doing things. To make things a little easier, here’s a simple reader survey (for simple readers?). H you would be so kind as to fill H out and mail it off to the address printed at the end, the chances of getting a better mag for your money will be greatly increased. Oh, and by the way, free subscriptions to
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Fireforce ...£15.99 £9.99 Fire And Ice . ...£15.99 Amos 3D .... ......£19.99 Fantastic Worlds . ...£20.99 . ..£19.99 Fun School 4 (All Versions).. ...£16.99 ......£44.99 Goal (Kick Off 3) . ...£17.99 AV8B Harrier Assault ... ......£22.99 Goblins 2 ...... Archer Macleans Pool .. Assassin .... £15.99 ......£15.99 Grand Prix (F1) ... ...£22.99 ......£22.99 Heimdall
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Halve cheques cl postal orders payable to l.J. Software eont oi in h sir IlSIOir I IM AHH A M I H VI III M.t) OOP I I H I U4.99 rii nr in mss A-Train .....£19.99 Body Blows ..£17.99 Chuck Rock 2 .....£17.99 Combat Air Patrol ......£19.99 Creatures £17.99 Creepers .£17.99 Desert Strike ......£19.99 Legend Of Valour ......£27.99 Lemming 2 ..£18.99
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10. ....
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100. ..
200. ..
300. ..
500. .. C S «4I S A-Team ~ V refuses to Vreview any games Vthat
aren't 100% f finished. We're F not in the business ' of
claiming a game!s_ 'the best release of 1993', after playing
just the first level. The following products are NOT
finished, so we're PREVIEWING them and leavina any judgment
till we get the completed versions. If you see REVIEWS of
them in other Amiaa magazines' April i I issues (released
J m around the M I middle of M 1: March), you j| know the
score... 1 ¦ Hudson Soft Easily the winner of the ‘Strangest
Title Of The Month Award’, Yo! Joe!
Is yet another platform game but, by thunder, it's good. With excellent graphics, foot-tapping sound, and sleepless-nights addictivity, we're really looking forward to seeing the finished version.
Perhaps the most interesting feature is the addition of many novel power- ups. Normally, these are kept to the unimpressive levels of temporary invincibility, extra bullets, or a smart bomb. Yo! Joe! Kicks these insignificant toys out of the window and gives its hero explosive Molotov cocktails and a wicked chainsaw, among others.
Extra features include the ability to catch the edge of platforms and pull yourself up (Prince 01 Persia style), and a rather enjoyable two-player option. While these have been seen before, it’s worth mentioning that Yo!
Joe! Implements them especially well.
Look out for the review in a (hopefully not too) future ish.
¦ US Gold Delphine Conrad B Hart was preparing a particularly frightening thesis. During his work as a Research Scientist, he'd discovered that certain individuals had a molecular density so high, they couldn't be harmed by even the most sophisticated equipment. The fact that made this matter even more distressing was that these individuals were top-ranking members of ¦ Electronic Arts OK it's not a game, and it won't appeal to the vast majority of AMIGA FORCE readers, but Kid Pix is still worth a mention in view of its considerable merits.
Essentially, it's an art program for kids, with a variety of games, pre-defined pictures and functions to make those scribbles more interesting. There’s also a large amount of sampled speech and FX for the further amusement of little people everywhere.
We’ve had the Apple Macintosh version in the office for a few months now, and ‘wannabe Michelangelo' Phil King tried to create his masterpiece with the help of the aforementioned utility and his trusty mouse.
A while later, after .
Being given a harsh H ‘2 10 See Me' for his efforts by our Art Ed. He MB retired to sulk in the coffee area. Perhaps he meant he'd like to be a turtle instead... Nevertheless we look v " :S**a forward to the Amiga ' jfc version after all, who ' ’ 'r ¦"-v 'i says it's just for i*,r children? ¦¦¦ ¦ p HIRED DUNS ¦ Psygnosis Take a nrst-person perspective, split it into four different displays, and you’re looking at Hired Guns. Taking control of your quartet of mercenaries (or inviting a friend to help you out), you get to stomp around in various missions, killing all and sundry with an
impressive range of weaponry.
Perhaps the best feature we noticed (and the one that looks to make Hired Guns really special) is the need to manipulate scenery to solve certain puzzles, eg pressing switches and pushing things around. Most games in this genre tend to miss this out (Waxworks involved too much wandering around aimlessly for our liking) and the need for player co-operation in certain tasks makes for potential Rave Review material.
Hh Ocean C P1'1 ouer s'x sePara|e levels, '¦ Universal Monsters places you in the role ot (vampire hunter) Van Helsing's nephew and pits you against six scary monsters. To destroy these 5y evil bods you need to plough through the levels and fcS2S collect a piece ot the 'Bloodstone' from each. It's not as easy as that, though, as the screenshots shows... ¦ Isometric 3-D games have given sleepless nights to many a gamesplayer, with the classic Head Over Heels being a particularly wonderful example. We remember spending hours ploughing through the J ___________ various sections, captivated by
every TVJ ITK'E'TTriVfn graphical twist and perplexed by the many enjoyably infuriating puzzles. Gba Universal Monsters follows the same jX theme seen in the aforementioned joystick- Momiwr. And we wail with anticipation to 9c4 see whether or not it will be of the same quality. Ftfij ¦ Hey, Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?
What? It's not a gun, it's a petrol bomb? Well excuse me!
Society from multimillionaires to politicians and military strategists.
Conrad's investigations soon led to his kidnap, the erasure of his memory, and his imprisonment in a high-security hospital.
Remembering enough to know he must escape, he fled the establishment on a stolen hover-bike, only to be shot down over the planet of Titan, where the realisation that he was no longer on Earth was almost as bad as the artificially induced amnesia. If I only he could discover his true identity... Contrary to popular belief, Flashback is NOT the sequel to Another World. Granted, it follows the format of its exalted predecessor, but every aspect of the game seems to have been improved. Conrad can question characters to obtain clues, collect various high-tech gadgets, and earn money to buy items.
Also, there seems to be a little more of the gun battles that made Another World so special. Look out for a full review next month.
Fill AN CUNT ART OF WAR 114 THI SKJitS ¦ War! What is it good for?
Absolutely everything, according to Microprose! Musical captions abound on page 23 this month... ¦ Microprose Take a strategy game, incorporate arcade action and you've got a product with a rather long name from the masters of the thinking man's (or woman's) software Microprose.
Spread over 40 fictional and historically accurate campaigns, it requires the gamesplayer to utilise their fighters and bombers to either destroy an enemy, or force them to surrender. Of course, this requires a great deal of careful thought but Microprose assure us it'll be easily accessible to everyone, while remaining a long-term challenge to more-experienced wargamers. Lastability is further improved with the addition of a mission designer, allowing extensions of existing missions as well as total redesigns.
Pencilled in for an April release with a moderately hefty £34.99 price tag attached, could TAAOWITS beat the legendary strategy action of Laser Squad?
UVWRin comic mm SENSIBLE SOCCER lift3
6. Wing Commander ..OhgirvMindscape 34 99
7. N Faldos Champ Golf ...Grandslam ...25.99
Zool ...Gremlin ....25.99
9. Indy Jones Fale of Atlantis.....US
Gold ...37.99
10. Trivial Pursuit ......Hit
Squad ...7.99
11. James
Pond GBH ....7.99
12. F16 Combat Pilot ...Action
16 ....9.99
13. Dizzy: Pnnce of Yolkfoik Code Masters 7.99
14. Prince of Persia ..Hit
Squad ...7.99 15 Road
Rash .Electrons Arts .....25.99
16 Avob Harner
Assault .....Domark ....34.99
17. First Division Manager ..Code Masters 7.99
18. Campaign
Empire ~ 34.99
19. Indy Jones Graphic Adv Kixx XL .....14 99
20. Monkey Island 2 .US
Gold ...34 99
21. Legends of Valour ..US
Gold ...37.99
22. Terminator 2 Hit
Squad ...7 99
23. Spellbound Dizzy ...Code Masters 7
24. Lotus Turbo
Challenge ..GBH ....9.99
25. Fun School 2 over 8's ...Hit
Squad ...7.99
26. Bubble Dizzy ......Code
Masters 7.99
27. Shoot em Up Con Kit ...GBH .... 9 99
28. Test Drive 2 .Hrt
Squad ...7 99 29 Hero
Quest ..GBH .....
Welcome to our new, now regular charts page. Many of the
letters we've received have asked for one, so, here it is!
Rome -Mfcnnium 29.99
31. SuperCars
2 GBH ....9.99
32. Civilization
Microprose ...34.99
33. RBI 2 .Hit
Squad ...7.99
34. Magicland Dizzy .Code
Masters 7.99
35. Manza Kick
Boxing .Kixx .....9.99
36. Battlehawks 1942 ...Kixx
XL .....14.99
37. Sim
Earth .....Ocean ......34.99
38. J Madden American F Ball Electronic
Arts .....29.99
39. Midwinter .....Kixx
XL .....12.99
40. WWFEuropeanRampage Tour Ocean ......25.99
41. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy ..Code Masters .....1999
42. Jack Nicklaus Go* ..Hit
Squad ...799 43 Doctor Who Dalek Attack
Alternative 1699 44 Street
Fighter ......Kixx .....9.99
45. Robocop ......Hit
Squad ...7 99
46. Rainbow Islands .Hit Squad ...7
Swiv ..Kixx .....9.99
48. Lemmings Oh No More .Psygnosis 29.99
49. Pinball Fantasies 21st Century 29.99
50. J White's Whirlwind Snooker
....Virgin .29.99
51. Fun School 2 (6-8 Yrs) ..Hit Squad
52. Future Wars .Kixx
XL .....12.99
53. Putty .System
3......- .....25.99
54. Combat
Classic ..Empire ....29.99
55 Treasure Island Dizzy ...Code
Masters 4.99
56. Pro Tennis Tour .Hit
Squad ...7 99
57. Int Truck
Racing Zeppelin ....7.99
Humans .....Mirage ......29.99
59. Big nose The Caveman .Code Masters 7.99
60. Archie Maclean's Pool ..Virgin......
61. PGA Tour ? .Electronic .29.99
62. Pinball Magic ......Kixx .
63. Project X ......Team 17.
Trolls .Microvalue ...25.99
65. American Tag Team
Wresting.....Zeppelin ...7.99
66. Falcon ...Action
16 ..14.99
67. Rick Dangerous
2 ...Kixx .....999
68. Captain Dynamo Code Masters 7 99
69. Mini Office ...Europress
S W ...59.99
70. Lc*JS3:TheUl!m«eChalenge.....Gremlin G 25.99
71. Formula 1 Grand
Prix ....Microprose ...34.99
72. Jaguar XJ220 .....Core
Design .25.99
73. Fun School 2 under 6 ....Hit Squad
74. Assassin ......Team
17 ...25.99
75. Flight of the Intruder ......Action
16 .14.99
76. Fire and Ice ......Renegade Mindscape25 99
Dune .Virgin .30.99
78. G. Taylor Soccer Challenge. Krisais ..... 25.99
79. Ultima V .Ong*vMxxfcc*» 29.99
80. Zak McKraken ....Kixx XL ... 12
81. N. Mansell s World Champ. Gremkn G .....29.99
82. Space Right
Sim Virgin .30 99
83. Rotxn Hood Legend Quest.....Code Masters ..... 7.99
84. Dream
Team ......Ocean ......25.99
85. Space Crusade ..Gremlin
G 25.99
86. Easy Amos ..Europress
S W ...34.99
87. Lure of the
Temptress ..Virgin .30.99
88. A320
Airbus .Thalion .....35.99
89. Chessmaster 2100 ......Mndscape Int ...14.99
90. M1 Tank
Platoon Microprose ...24.99
Cavemania ..Atlantis ..-.
.7.99 92 Dark Seed- Cyberbreams
....34 99
93. Noddy s Playtime ...The Jumping Bean Co24 99
94. Shadowodds
..- .....Krisais .....25.99
95. Deluxe Strip Poker
2 .....CDS ..25.99
96. Championship Manager Domark ....24.99
97. Battle Chess Star
Performs ......10.99
98. Padfic
Islands ....Empire .....29.99
Carnage Zeppelin ......7.99
Lemmings ...Psygnosis 25.55
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Your Custom... in xk r;r- u GEND QUEST ¦ He steals from the
rich and gives to the poor, what a silly sod!
¦ Having seen (and played) the C64 version of this. I must say there isn't much there that the Amiga has bettered. Granted, the 16-bit graphics are on a larger scale, and the game scrolls with you as you move (as opposed to push-scrolling on the 64) but it's a tad jerky and hard on the eyes at times.
Why hasn't the Amiga version pushed and expanded the theme further? Don't get me wrong I quite like the game but I would have thought they'd have done a little more on a 16-bit machine. Still, if you like arcade adventures and don't mind the odd bit of frustration (both versions suffer from this), you'll undoubtedly warm I to Legend Quest. C ¦ CodeMasters, £7.99 There are mediocre games, bad games, and then there are games that are bad for you Robin Hood falls into the latter category.
It's a poor Gocfs-style platformer (previously released on compilation), with Robin searching Nottingham castle for his beloved Maid »Cr Marian. There are ladders to _ climb and moving platforms to ® ride, plus plenty of trolls and dwarves (eh? I can't remember them im Platinum, £7.99 LIVDI WA m so lfjvj Iaving played a naff 8-bit budget game of the same name some years ago, I wondered what Zeppelin's (completely unconnected) version would offer. Well, it seems they've left us all in the dark. After selecting a 'new game' from the title screen (which also offers a load save option), I was
greeted by what appeared to be a moody presentation screen with the hero and his surroundings silhouetted against a cloudy sky complete with circling birds.
Hi V e fights look really good Hmm, not bad', I thought, as I pressed fire to begin the game proper.. . But all that happened was that the hero swung his sword: yes, this is the game proper!
Oh well, I'm all for innovation, and I've certainly never seen graphics quite like these before. They definitely lend a unique, mysterious atmosphere to the horizontally scrolling proceedings: ie you can hardly see where you're going!
Endtess baddies emerge from the shadows to engage you in sword fights which go on for too long, and involve little skill. You have four slashes thrusts at your disposal, but can 'T* succeed simply by repeatedly using the right move for the current opponent. It's a great shame, as the fights look really good: combined with neat clanking sound FX, they reminded me of the final battle scene in the epic movie Excalibur. And some of the excellently animated nasties really give you the creeps especially those walking trees and giant spiders!
The constant fighting is a nuisance to your real quest: collecting magic spell ingredients (frogs, rats, bats, etc) and artifacts. By taking these to one of the seven wizards' towers, you can either concoct spells (and allocate them to the Amiga’s function keys) or exchange them for Table Fragments.
Obtaining all seven Fragments enchants your sword, enabling you to take on your arch-enemy Murk. Until this point, he's better avoided: you can see his position on the handy map, which also shows all the towers.
Blade Warrior isn't quite the simple hack-’em- up it first appears to be. Concealed somewhere in the gloom is an epic swords-and-sorcery arcade adventure. Trouble is. It's too well-obscured by tiresome swashbuckling and truly odd graphics.
Save your position regularly your one life is easily lost.
I Dark, mysterious, bloody hard to make out what's going on! An interesting idea, Blade Warrior is a noble failure we're afraid. Sorry!
I While originality is usually considered a| virtue in computer games, it's pretty much I the downfall of Blade Warrior. When I first | played the game, I honestly thought the black outline graphics were merely an atmospheric section, and things would | become more detailed (not to mention colourful) in a few screens’ time. Imagine | my surprise, etc... It's all very basic stuff, with the budget I price complementing the decidedly budget design. I can't really recommend this to anyone, as the exploration element is | almost as poor as the fighting. My advice is to save your pennies and get
Carnage instead. ¦ D being in the Robin Hood legend!). Dodging the baddies’ arrows and spears is almost impossible, but at least you can shoot them with your own bow (which appears from nowhere when you press tire).
What a jerk As in Gods, treasure chests and doors can be opened with keys. Unlike Gods, the scrolling is appallingly jerky. Coupled with the brickwork backdrops this is extremely uneasy on the eye. As you walk around, the graphics appear to blur as it you had double vision. It only took a tew minutes' play to make me (eel so unwell that I just couldn't carry on! It certain Hashing console games can make epileptics (and . Photosensitive people) collapse, God knows what J ettect Robin Hood would f have on them.
Croting is ppcJIingly i«*y I couldn't care if the gameplay was much cop T (it isn't): the nauseating scrolling would stop me playing even if I wanted to. I'm absolutely amazed CodeMasters could release such a literally sickening product didn't ¦¦¦ they feel any ill effects during | I playtesting? ®TIP TIME! Have a bucket handy!
¦ The Hit Squad, £7.99 In days of old when knights were bold and computers weren’t invented, they played their games with dice and things and drove themselves demented! Fortunately, the home-computer revolution has meant that many long-winded board games have made the transition to our TV screens, thankfully doing away with the need - , tor billions ot piddly little counters and hours of TfljH head-scratching R _¦ calculations. Hero Ouesl one such conversion.
Presented as an '¦yHM isometric 3-D arcade adventure, the game combines elements of roleplaying and exploration with a bit of stylised baddie bashing thrown in for good measure. The actual roleplaying angle isn't fully exploited, although this is something of a blessing in this instance as the game's style dictates that too much farting around would just get in the way.
Ooh, my hero!
Plots are pointless to outline in detail, but for those among you who feel the need here's an abbreviated version of the story behind the Quest: Dark Forces gather... blah blah... four Great Heroes emerge... yeah yeah... the Earth is threatened... etc etc.... the battle is joined... ho hum... the good guys win... hooray hurrah... but the evil leader escapes to plot revenge... ZZZzzz... that's where you step in. Okay?
Icon-driven, the adventure offers 13 different quests that one to four players can tackle in any order (but it's best to play 'em in sequence). Single players may manipulate any or all of the protagonists Warrior, Elf.
Magician, and Dwarf but it s advisable to bring all four into play.
Every turn, the player has a selection of options available, each taking up a number of action points' which are awarded randomly.
In any given turn the player may move, fight, search for traps, treasure, potions or secret doors, consult the inventory or Hhmap (the game’s self- mapping), cast spells (if they're able) or simply stay put and pass to the next player Graphically the game is nothing to write R||a home about, the sound too is a little lacklustre but the gameplay remains involving and. Once you've sussed out how to manipulate the tricky cursor, fast- moving enough to stave off boredom.
One of Gremlin’s earlier conversions, Hero Ouesl suffers some Irightful flaws. Giving objects to other players, for example, is just not possible. Once an object has been collected it cannot be dropped enabling another player to pick it up. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, fans of ommm the board game shouldn't hesitate ['111,: especially at this price... TIP TIME! Once you can afford a projectile weapon (like a crossbow) !a*5' buy it. Now you can shoot monsters through open doors as they're too stoopid to move unless you actually enter a room!
¦ The crudeness of Hero Quests roleplaying easily betrays its board game origins. That's not a problem, but this two- year-old rerelease isn't nearly so user-friendly as the more recent Space Crusade conversion. Annoying flaws include the inability to choose the order in which you move your characters, and the way they can often block the path for their comrades if standing in a corridor bend or next to a door. Having said that, it's good fun exploring the dungeons, searching for treasure, traps, and the many secret rooms.
Early quests are really just training and character-building exercises, but later ones see the game come into its own with the increase in enemies requiring more care- I ¦ Ii you're bored of your games, try this board game instead! Flawed it may be, but it still works.
Ful tactics and efficient use ot spells. Not perfect, 'j! 111 but certainly a bargain on budget. L -J EW§* UR’ecorder is VIDEO ¦ GBH Gold, £9.99 He's a tunny old thing, isn't it?
I, to you or me, a video is a functional piece ot equipment designed tor the pleasure ot the owner.
However, to little Billy second-name-unknown, it's a gateway into adventures beyond his wildest dreams (insert barling noises here).
To cut a long story short, our ordinary triend was delighted when his dad brought home a video player. 'Great; he mused. 'I can watch all those films trom the top shelves in Enterprise Video now'. Sadly, it was not to be, for while Billy sat watching He-Man, the screen exploded into millions ot tiny bits and he was sucked into a weird world.
After a while the smoke began to dear, and our hero noticed that he was now dressed in a magician's outfit. Before he even had time to wonder where his Turtles T-shirt had got to, a voice rang out informing him that he'd got to tight through live levels ot video mayhem to gain his freedom... Video nosly Video Kid is a strange shoot-'em-up by all accounts.
For a start, it doesnl move in any one predefined direction the scrolling twists and turns, so there's no exploration. Instead, you have to follow the set route while avoiding the traps and nasties up against you.
Luckily, there are lots ot varied power-ups to help you on your way. These can be anything from different weapons to direction add-ons and shields.
These become essential after a while, and fortunately you don’t lose all of them after sustaining too many hits their power is simply reduced by one. Possibly the best aspect ot Video Kid is the graphics. They’re both cartoony and detailed, with some colourful backdrops providing lots ot opportunities for pretty screenshots.
Don't be fooled, though. While it looks and sounds good on paper, Video Kids a flawed concept. For a start, there's not enough variation floating and firing is all very good, but you find yoursell wondering when something really interesting will happen.
Secondly, it gets boring having to slog through previously completed levels, only to get a little further than you did last time. I've always been a staunch fan of level codes they take a great deal of tedium away. Sadly, Video Kid RRPIR suffers from a lot of the latter. Frowns J Vj all round, I feel. | jjji.', TIP TIME! If you can be bothered, learn where the aliens appear.
¦ The Hit Squad, £7.99 It's a bit much, those Yanks calling their baseball championship the World Series, so I laughed my head off when a Canadian team, the Toronto Bluejays, won it.
That was, until I found out the 'jays didn't have a single Canadian playing tor them they were all Americans!
An even bigger disappointment is RBI 2.1 had hours of fun playing this one on the old C64, so the Amiga conversion comes as something of a shock (horror). It all starts promisingly enough, offering a host of options: select from the Major League teams, skill level, one or two-player game, change your pitchers and batting order, etc. On beginning a match, you're greeted by an attractive 3-D, behind-the-batter view, and some nice animation of the large sprites.
There’s even some sampled speech, and the scoreboard displays (initially) amusing graphical sequences for various game situations.
Struck out So far, so good. Trouble is, the gameplay is totally foul. Somehow during the conversion, the immense playability of the C64 game has been completely sacrificed. Batting is a hit- and-miss affair: swinging the bat takes so long that you must anticipate the arrival ot the ball well in advance. This turns batting into a frustrating guessing game, with the only skill being the psychological estimation of your opponent’s tactics.
When you eventually do make a good hit and the scene switches to a tacky scrolling bird's-eye view the odds are still stacked heavily in favour of your opponent. For some reason, the fielders can run at least twice as fast as your geriatric base-runners, so you have to hit the ball a mile just to get to first base. Even if you rocket a ground ball right down the line, your only chance of reaching second base is if the fielding team makes a catastrophic cock-up. Therefore the most likely method of scoring is to get lucky and hit a home run.
I’m afraid RBI 2 is as tacky as that awful organ music they insist on playing at baseball games (there’s some here tool).
And compared to the likes of Hardball II. It doesn't even make it HHJil to first base.pip j j TIP TIME! Vary your pitches to fll outwit the batter. If you get to two ''bp strikes, try throwing a wide curveball he'll usually swing for it and miss.
Full marks to The Hit Squad tor producing a budget game incorporat- , ing comprehensive J Batting instructions, pre- is a hit-and- ) “ISy-.X.ow miss affair ' that the game itself is a bit of a let-down. Excellent animation and plenty of options impress immediately, but on getting stuck into a game of RBI 2 the shortcomings soon become all too apparent. The pitcher, for example, has by far and away too few special throws at his disposal. In real life, 1 individual ball bowlers have quirky and unpredictable techniques which are used to confuse the batsmen; left or right spins, fast and slow
balls just aren't enough. The batsman, also, can do little but swing and hope although it is possible to 'bunt' the ball with practice. Not a bad endeavour, but hardly as hardhitting as it should've been.
RE VI EWS ¦ Gorgeous graphics can't disguise the badly below par gameplay in this odd shoot-'em-up. Fast and furious it may be, but it’s still boring! Shoot, shoot, shoot, yawn... ¦ Video Kids a whole lot worse than its fairly attractive graphics would suggest (even if the hero does look like a mutant Lemming). The blasting gameplay (if that's what you want to call it) is possibly the most tedious I’ve ever seen on the Amiga. It just goes to prove that fast-moving sprites and a bit of parallax don’t make a good shoot-'em- up. The levels here are so ill-thought-out, that the resulting action is
just hectic, instinctive zipping around the screen with your finger glued to the fire button. Worst of all are the end-of-level baddies, including a demented owl, and a load of balls PHM that just about sums up the | II ¦ For an Arnie game, T2s got surprisingly ' little gameplay muscle. It is hard, though: too hard, in fact. The first-level beat-’em- up's a piece of cake, but then you come against a brick wall with the long-winded bike chase. To stand any chance, you have to learn where all the obstacles are: a very tedious task. To make it worse, you only have a single life and fhere are
no level pass-codes or even continue-plays to ease the frustration. It's all the more disappointing after seeing the slick presentation and neat intro sequence. I’m afraid T2s a typical case of Hollywood glitz with no substance. By the way, forget what some magazines (and the Gamesmaster TV show) said: Judgment Day' is hh spelt correctly (according to f || Collins), so there! LEli. .
¦ Stunning between-level sequences, actually digitised from the film, vcan’t compensate for a poor game.
1RMHWOR2: ¦ what an excellent screenshot, Milo. The way you've captured the batter just as he’s about to miss the ball is quite staggering. In fact, James can get the teas today... 1 1 VW&AJI m mm ¦ ¦ 1 i&m * BkSiS _ * J 1 if DvNI E N DAI The Hit Squad, £7.99 While Terminator2was a fairly enjoyable film, I felt it was far too 'nice' for its own good. Somehow, it lacked the gritty atmosphere of its predecessor and had a general feel of 'one for fhe kids'.
Could the computer game make up for cinematic disappointments? After all, you can get away with gratuitous digitised violence, and the possibilities are almost endless. It wouldn't even have to be original as long as there were lots of things to shoot and fight, everyone would be happy.
Sadly, Amiga T2 is something of a disaster, with almost exactly the same design as its insipid 8-bit counterparts.
The first section is a beat-'em-up where you have to stall the T1000 while John Connor makes his getaway. I’m sorry, but in my book, fearsome fighting machines don't shuffle gingerly and they certainly don’t make some of these awful-looking moves.
On yer bike!
TIP TIME! Don’t use Issue 2's
- ' ¦ cheat it doesn't work (sorry about that).
So, while we're already jaded by the first-level fiasco, the second level comes as something of a kick in the teeth. The T800 rides with John Connor on a Harley Davidson, with the T1000 giving chase in an articulated lorry.
Various obstacles along the vertically scrolling track must be dodged, lest the heroes be crushed under several tons of metal. Sadly, while this may sound interesting, it’s actually exceedingly tedious. It goes on for too long, for a start, and the only real skill involved is memorising where the turns have to be made.
As for the rest of the game chuck in a few basic puzzle sub-games and repeat the sections just mentioned but with different graphics, and you've got T2 in its entirety. On the C64 it but you bad about it because it’s only an 8-bit machine, with a limited amount of memory. For an Amiga game, though, it's trigging terrible.
Second-rate graphics, sound and gameplay do not a good game make, and you'd be far better spending your pennies elsewhere.
Ameplay U ISSUE FOUR APRIL 1993 AF What the truck? Get your Yorkle | bars ready, 'coz there's no time to stop at the greasy caff not at this speed, ¦ anyhow!
RVF H OND = 353:*?
F=:c orifc ItlHli ve never been a great tan of motorcycles, because I don't like the idea ot having my legs crushed should some idiot driver (and there are a lot of them) decide to pull out ot a junction too quickly. Also, can you imagine skidding in icy conditions? It really doesn’t bear thinking about, and so I'm quite happy fulfilling all my twowheeled urges (what little there are) with biking games (Road Flash being my personal favourite).
I RVF Honda doesn't have the violence of the atorementioned stormer, but there is a great deal ot competitive action. With a host of tracks, the option to practise them, and (of course) the races proper, there's a fair amount to keep you happy.
While the game moves at a fair old rate at full speed, I'm a little disappointed by the roadside scenery. It's fairly simplistic not to mention sparse and while it doesn't detract from the game in any great way.
I’ve still got to moan because other games have performed better in this area.
AF ¦ APRIL 1993 ¦ ISSUE FOUR I Round the bend Kixx, £9.99 As ever, racing is a fairly simple affair of manoeuvring your bike around the tracks and other drivers, while clicking fire with forwards backwards to change gears. This makes things a little complicated when slowing down, but works well with practice.
Although Honda is an enjoyable and worthwhile purchase which improves with extensive play, I can t help but thinking it would have benefited from an analogue joystick option.
With the different gradients ot bend, it would have erased the game's most major fault: the difficulty of cornering. Once you go off the track your speed drops at an alarming rate, and it's tiddly to get back onto the road, into the right gear, and moving forwards again. While you're messing around doing this, the other riders are disappearing into the sunset... c, TIP TIME! If you change down (fr ) into second gear while slowing down around tight corners it will give you more acceleration once you're through the bends.
R ¦ Personally, I prefer driving games to bike racers. Very often the latter are hard to control, especially the ones that use a mouse aarrrghhh! However, RVF Honda is a user-friendly exception. In fact, if anything, cornering is a little too easy: our resident bike expert, Milo, reckons there's not enough centrifugal force. Mostly it's simply a matter ot .shifting down through the gears till you stop drifting outwards, then quickly back up to top as you exit the comer. After a few practice laps, you get to know the current track well enough to anticipate the bends. The graphics aren't
in the same league as those of some racing rivals (most notably, the recent No Second Prize) but, at top speed, are fast enough to be convincing. At full-price, RVF was merely mb mediocre, but its simple playabili- I ty makes tor ideal budget fare. 1 I remember v r~ •*''* playing an ancienl ( I coin-op where you J controlled a truck: I it was slow and dull. Sadly, Truck Racings no better. Even if they'd improved the appalling graphics and mind-numbingly monotonous motoring, I doubt much could be made of such a naff concept. I mean, the real sport's boring enough the size of the trucks
making overtaking virtually impossible so why bother making it into a computer game?
Apart from the obvious novelty (there are a zillion other car and bike games), the answer seems to be that the game's sluggishness is more suited to lumbering juggernauts. Whatever I Mill next: tractor racing? ¦ (as in Supercars 2), it attaches an invisible elastic band to both human-controlled trucks.
Should one player be scrolled off the playing area, their vehicle is catapulted back onto the screen behind the other person’s truck.
Sounds stupid? You bet your hamster it is, but it created a few laughs in the office (then again, we didn't buy the game).
I'd advise you to avoid Truck Racing, as it's got so little going for it. Instead, check out either Supercars 2 from GBH or Carnage (from Zeppelin, ironically) jjj and live happily ever after. ‘ TIP TIME! Ram your opponents off (fra the road to give yourself an easy quick Wm , 100 § J y ij oo oo 5) If n S 1 : X O-QO O. * IJ (foj. I 1 of,
- . P ¦ Kixx, £9.99 Pinball is (as EVERYBODY knows) a game that
involves keeping a ball rattling around a table, using two or
more button-operated 'flippers'. Littered around the table area
you'll usually find various objects that J propel the ball in a
different direction, drop it into a hole before spitting it
back out, efc.
it all depends on the table you're using. Some of the newer machines even have more than one level, with little ramps allowing the silver ball to go up down and all over the place, scoring points as it goes... Flipping feeble If you haven't seen (or played) on a pinball table, you’re probably not human and have far better sources of amusement back on planet Zog. However, computer simulations ’iil '‘Vi oToto]| JM V *
• .ffl E ~m iej have (with the exception of Pinball Fantasies
and Dreams) been a rather mediocre business. Pinball Magic is
sadly no different For a start, it uses static screens tor
After Pinball Fantasies, with its wonderfully drawn scrolling areas, different-height levels (with a perspective effect that worked) and a choice between four radically diflerent fables, each with a myriad of features and its own particular Iheme XW B beginning to catch my drift?
UipP Pinball Magic is very much like an 8-bit game, with I And that's | magic!
Flippin' 'eck, I'd I rather | watch Paul Daniels!
¦Pjjjl- i nondescript graphics, poor J y table design, and a ball that moves as if it’s made of polystyrene. If you want a decent ptaaw computer pinball game, get Pinball I 'ij Fantasies. It s as simple as that jc TIP TIME! Trap the ball with the f9yG) flippers to aim it (more) accurately at the points!
PREFEREI1CE ij ¦ f3S JU 1 FF H * too ®:o| 1 FF i I?** A, cxTPn £ I FF . *[ 1 FF EU mi m pi Static tables belie the game’s 3 antiquated origins nowadays 9 [there are far superior efforts around.1 n 10 ' JOO J n p 1 i o * Some games are so atrocious it’s difficult ’ to know what to say about them. In Pinball ] Magic's case, the word 'balls' keeps coming r to mind for some strange reason. Comparing it with Pinball Fantasies is like comparing Vinny Jones with Pele. Never mind the uninspired graphics, there simply isn’t enough to do apart from roll over a few letters, and half your time is
spent waiting for the score to tot j up while the ball's stuck in a hole. Even the very earliest (real) pinball tables were more | interesting than this: had they been this dull, the game would never have taken off. ¦ ¦ Zeppelin There have been so many Supersprint- style racers released over the years, you'd think the genre would finally conk out and die, but Carnage proves just why overhead racing games are still so popular: they're great tun.
Computer cars will zoom oft into the distance a human driver must win or it’s game over.
This introduces a streak of cooperation into the play when things are looking tough, with both players trying to barge and blow up the computer cars to make sure they don't win.
Championship points are awarded after each race, before a visit to the shop where improved acceleration, top speed, and lk steering can be bought, along with mines and nitro boosts. The latter are particularly useful to establish a quick lead at the start of races, or to make a desperate attempt to catch the leader towards the end.
Carnage proves that the simplest ideas are the best. It’s hardly any different _ trom most other overhead IO© racers, ie extremely No-one could argue that Carnage is anything but poor in the technical stakes, with its tiny little cars and at mediocre tracks. But for ¦' racing action's 1 PX itf;edWell m a riot 4 worth a anin LMJ !
Sheer playability it __ _ | _ _ matches other similar a n games like Indy Heat and g ¦ Super Ott Hoad. Even better, it's got a four-player mode: the extra two either use the keyboard or two more joysticks (if you’ve got an adapter, like the one given away with Ubi Soft's Dyna Blaster).
Motoring mayhem And the more the merrier, 'coz the racing action’s a riot. As the title suggests, there's a fair amount of barging and bumping going on between the racing rivals you can even lay land mines! But don’t get too carried away (with less than tour players, at least) or the ¦ I’ve always enjoyed overhead-view racing games, and Carnage is no exception.
Although in some ways it resembles a poor man’s Supercars 2, it still scores highly due to interesting track design and an enjoyable multi-player option. It’s also a hundred times better than Zeppelin's other plan-view racer (reviewed this month).
As you can imagine, the one-player game tends to become a little samey after a while, with a steep difficulty curve leading to frustration and the odd case of reset finger twitch. However, it you like the genre and already own Supercars 2, I doubt mboo you’ll be disappointed with IM H Carnage. I r ‘ -m TIP TIME! If a computer car's way fla ahead, one ot the human drivers can ss5 keep bumping into him to allow his 'rival' to catch up and win, so both qualify tor the next race QUATTRO PO r'- J J* i i fBUr 1 'ygjKPrF-f' J z
* U £& L ?
L CodeMasters, £7.99 Four games in one budget pack? What does that say to you? Does it scream CORKING GAMES FOR MINIMAL EXPENSE or does it mutter cheap marketing ploy, man. They're selling off their back catalogue to get a few extra pennies.
To be honest, neither of these is appropriate, but I do have to say that Super Grand Prix is almost reason enough to buy the pack. Take the basic ingredients seen in Supersprint, include a plethora of different vehicles (including Lotuses, tanks, and dragsters) ar.d well-thought-out gameplay enhancements (genuine skids around corners), and you've got an excellent little race game. My only possible criticism would be the difficulty level is a little on the high side, but at least it offers some long-term challenge.
Violator is a surprisingly addictive shoot- 'em-up with a sharp difficulty curve. Right trom the start, you're plunged into the thick of the action with bullets flying left, right and centre. The addition ot progressive power- ¦ Kixx, £9.99 After heroic exploits in his first computerised appearance, Rick Dangerous returns to the Amiga in yet I another tale of trap dodging and frantic running away. However, things are not happy on the home front, as horrible aliens have landed in Hyde Park. Recognising these as I the dastardly creatures . .
From the end of his r r previous adventure, Rick slips into his superhero I outfit and attempts to get rid I of them once and for all... Our hero is rather like a I squat Indiana Jones figure, equipped with laser gun (with limited charges) and a few explosives. Using these, he has to negotiate four varied levels (In any order, which is a blessing) while dodging traps and assailants, contact with which is fatal although you do start with a generous I six lives.
Rick’s agility comes in handy: he can climb I ladders, leap over chasms and crawl through tunnels. Sometimes he needs to manipulate scenery by kicking cleverly-placed switches, which can open previously inaccessible entrances. As you can imagine, things become ever more hectic the further you 1 progress, and matters are made more difficult TIME! Use your weapons sparingly you only have a limited amount. If you can avoid an enemy, do so!
By the division of levels into sections lose a life, and it’s back to the start of the part you’re in... Tricky Ricky The original Rick Dangerous was extremely frustrating to play because it relied too heavily on extensive memorising of the correct route.
Although arcade skill was an integral element, many of the traps would catch you out unfairly. As a result, each attempt saw you progressing a little further, before being caught unawares (again).
_ Rick Dangerous 2 is pretty much the same game, with different graphics and attack patterns and, like its predecessor, will have its ardent fans while leaving others cold. I quite like the game, even though the graphics are a little ST-ish and the frustration level's on the high side.
Try it out first you may be pleasantly surprised but owners of the original beware; it’s simply more of the same.
Ntly m ups offers a little assistance in ploughing through the levels, but don’t expect anything of R-Type proportions it's fun for a while but nothing special.
That sinking feeling Pro Powerboat Simulator is a rather dodgy race battle game with a host of other boats to beat, and very little in the way of enjoyable features. Granted, the two-player option adds spice to the vertically scrolling tedium, but ultimately you’ll find the lack of variety a real killer, and the insipid (almost 8-bit) graphics do little to inspire enthusiasm.
19 Finally, Nitro Boost Challenge is a bit of a joke. Like Powerboat it's a vertical scroller, but places you in the driving seat of a high-speed vehicle. Tearing along the hazard-strewn areas, you soon come to the conclusion that this game has very little going for it, and the lastability lies somewhere around the five- minute mark.
So, there you have it. One good game, one average and two naff titles on a compilation that deserves merit for the cheap price. My advice is to check Super Grand Prix out if you don't like that, you’d be better taking your money elsewhere.
¦ Many sequels are very similar to their predecessors and. Though this is definitely the case with Rick 2. It's no flaw when the action’s this playable. Ducking under laser beams, pressing switches and blowing things up with dynamite is all frantic fun.
The only slight problem is the way you can get killed unfairly, eg pressing a switch indicated by an arrow, only to find it blows your head off with a laser. This only happens occasionally, however the more usual way of dying is by failing to spot potential hazards quickly enough. You need a combination of good observation and fast reactions to do well in this well-designed, often funny, f arcade adventure. I lEi J ifi ¦¦¦¦!¦ tir* gKSS -P
• •••••• i * r «»«i 41 ¦ ¦ ¦ 1 4 Wtu-jtz Jtl r 31EI Ocean,
£25.99 If there's anything worse than a dreaded charity record,
I don't want to know what it is. The fact that 'it’s for a good
cause’ doesn't make me feel any better when hearing Sting and
Cyndi Lauper wailing away I’d have rather paid to stop them
So when I heard Ocean were to release a Comic Relief computer game, forgive me if I wasn’t that enthusiastic.
However, Sleepwalker comes as an extremely pleasant surprise. Reminiscent_pf Zeppelin's mildly amusing budget game of the same name, it takes the basic concept and turns it into a masterpiece. You play Ralph the dog, carefully guiding your sleepwalking master (a boy called Lee) around multidirectionally scrolling levels. Hazards such as cars, open trapdoors, water, and noisy nightclubs all threaten to wake him. Some of these must be eliminated by going ahead of Lee before he reaches them. Poor Ralph has to endure much pain in the process: eg being frazzled when blowing up dynamite, getting
beaten up by a nightclub bouncer, and even being snatched by the local dog-catcher, though the latter two can be knocked on the head with a baseball batl But don't leave Lee's side for too long, or he'll fall down one of the many gaps. You can either kick Lee over these or stretch out vour arms between the walls and let him AF n APRIL 1993 ¦ ISSUE FOUR ~1 walk over you! You also need to boot him up to higher platforms. It may sound all too tricky, but things are made easier by a very clever control system. By simply walking into Lee, you can hold him still, then press down to swap positions
with him, or fire to send him walking the other way.
An essential aid to navigation is the map, which expands as you explore the level.
This, plus the ease of control, prevents the game from becoming too frustrating but with so many hazards it's no piece of cake getting Lee safely to the exit. Then there's the additional quest of collecting the letters of COMIC to enable entry to a bonus level.
This takes place in Ralph's wicked dreams, where he collects combinations of objects to form the name of a hazard, eg LAMP plus POSTBOX minus BOX equals LAMPPOST. For each of these, you’re rewarded with a comical sequence showing Lee meeting his sticky end in that hazard. Collect them all and there's the promise of a 'surprise' at the end of the game.
Not only is Sleepwalker very funny, with comical input from the likes of Richard Curtis and Rowland Rivron (plus sampled speech by Lenny Henry), it's also a j11 darn good game.
1 On the first level, shut the first trapdoor and Lee will walk
- 'y right till he gets stuck in a small pit: leave him here
while you go ahead and eliminate more hazards.
I The thought of a charity game didn't exactly ignite fires of excitement. After all, previous attempts at linking good causes with computer games haven’t been classics by any stretch of the imagination.
Therefore Sleepwalker is surprisingly good. Slick graphics and gameplay are all there (in force) and what the game may lack in being a little annoying is made up for by sheer addictiveness. There’s also the odd moderately funny visual gag thrown in for good measure.
7 .1 iiii This game is pure Rave Review material, so in a way it's sad that Lemmings 2 arrived at this time. Nevertheless, rush out and buy Sleepwalker, and enjoy the game while helping a worthwhile cause.
A1200-ONLY VERSION ¦ What a crazy game! Excellent I entertainment in its 16-bit incarnation, what exactly does Ocean's Sleepwalker have to offer owners of Commodore's 32-bit marvel? Well not a lot more, is the simple answer. The game doesn’t appear to run ; any faster on the 1200 (which is no great j shame as it already runs quite fast enough, thank you), and the sampled speech and spot effects in both versions are identical : (crystal clear, too!). What the A1200-only version does have, though, are far more detailed backdrops. Multidirectional parallax-scrolling is difficult to achieve on a
top-of-the-range super-duper PC, but the A1200 takes it all in its stride smooth, sharp and colourful. Gameplay and, indeed, foreground graphics are identical in both versions, we just can't wait for a deicated, specially developed for-the- machine A1200 game comes out so we can see just what this baby can really do!
STRENGTH 96 INTELLIGENCE **1 HEALTH - 13 SPEED ' 90 INHERITANCE 913 male j fERADi ¦ Design your own character (or your dream woman!) (Above). Insulting guards is not a clever idea (Below) ) The closest any home computer has got to the virtual reality y experience ) The closest any home computer has got to the virtual reality y experience There are loads of RPGs around, but many of them look and play very similarly!
Part of Legends Of Valour's attraction is that it breaks the mould. For a start, the 3-D graphics are extraordinary. At first, it seems!
Like you're wearing blinkers, your field of view's so restricted. But once you get used to this, you begin to really appreciate the immense detail in the buildings, trees, and characters who roam around. Particularly impressive (and unique, to my knowledge) is the ability to look through windows to see what's inside a house though too much of this can get you arrested! Another of my favourite features is the way you can insult people, eg You're the child of a diseased boil!
TIP TIMEI Don't hang about in one place you'll be locked up tor loitering!
Undoubtedly the game's greatest asset, however, is its open-ended nature Although you’re searching for your cousin, you're constantly sidetracked by various sub-quests as you explore the vast city, doing odd jobs to earn cash. The latter can [ be spent on food, accommodation and, of I course, alcohol drink enough and the view goes all weird! The freedom to find your own way through the game, rather than having set objectives, makes “ mething really special. It rea" like stepping into anoth ICE ?HE VOYAGE BEYOND ¦ Gremlin, £ 14.99 4 ¦¦ his (ten) extra-levels disk requires the * ¦ original
Space Crusade. For those of you not in the know, the latter is a conversion of a futuristic board roleplaying game.
Although the Games Workshop-produced board game has its fans, you've got to admit that making the necessary calculations eventually becomes a little tedious, and that’s where the computer version scores highly.
With a series of missions to complete, it pits you against aliens and wrong-doers, taking turns with the computer and (if you have any) friends, with a view to achieving the mission objectives.
A series of actions is displayed in the lower screen section, and each can usually be performed once a turn. With these you can locate and destroy assailants, as well as make your way around the (rather large) maps. Once you've moved your five troops, you end your turn and pass control to the next in line.
Combat either involves firing a weapon along a r ' corridor, or hand-to- hand scuffles. Results '¦ are calculated using dice | find fllS rolls, with attacking and » »¦ defending scores Similar influencing the outcome. Predei As a rule, most characters can only receive one hit before death; more powerful individuals (such as your one Commander or the fearsome Dreadnought) can sustain more. As you can imagine, the more powerful the weapon used, the more lethal the result and the higher the probability of an offensive hit being scored.
Matters are complicated further with the addition of random events'. These are calculated and implemented during the computer's turn, and could have devastating effects in certain situations. For example, a booby trap could be triggered, a gun could become jammed or occasionally good fortune could be awarded. A particularly good example of this is the remote controls that allow you to control the opening and closing of doors in the complex. This can be quite handy, as the doors stop for nothing and it's possible to squash your assailants, should they be stupid scores highly. Enough to stand in
an entrance. J _L “ rompiete, it pits Gremlin's l-doers, taking ui .Hf'IER (if you have any) ing the mission Graphically, Space Crusade was good enough to look at, tyed in the lower with the option of viewing 1 usually be events in isometric 3-D a nice these you can touch. However, at the end of PREUIOUSLV 5EI r, as well as make the day I felt the game a little large) maps. Once flawed, with random deaths ------- is, you end your leading to frustration. After the classic Laser text in line. Squad, which required genuine skill and thinking while remaining easily accessible, I've ”expected a
little more from that strategy games W 9 liUVGIS mat Space Crusade s I find distressingly prehistoric board ( !¦ a. ml. T orientated control Similar to Melr J method left me cold, and nredecessor's kA,he ex'ra‘levels disk prencicaaar has done |ilt|e t0 re ~~-- J J convert me. Ten new uals(suchas levels that I find fearsome distressingly similar to their predecessor's are ore. As you can not what I’d call an improvement. Granted, he weapon used, they've incorporated a few changes including and the higher the some new weapons and aliens, and the being scored. Graphics have been tweaked a
little, but oh irther with the boy isn’t the price a little much for an add- These are on? You can buy budget games for less, and during the I'd advise you do just that. Only ardent fans of ave devastating the original will get value for money here, :or example, a though non-Space Crusade owners get a j, a gun could slightly better deal from a pack tally good fortune containing the original and this arly good example extra-levels disk for £25.99. . _ that allow you to LM ing of doors in the TIP TIME!: Put the guys with the tandy, as the flA heaviest weapons to the front first and s possible
to fire (they don't move very far), so the jld they be stupid other geezers don’t get in the way.
¦The best board-game conversion ever has | just got better. Gremlin's Space Crusade was a welcome breath of foetid alien air when it arrived on the Amiga almost a year ago (and yes, I have played Laser Squad).
And now fans of this tactical mega-blast have the option of tackling ten new missions.
Released as both a stand-alone product (incorporating the original game plus the expansion disk) and as a later-levels addition, those who missed out when it made its dynamic debut can have the best of both worlds. I can't help thinking, though, that £15 for the expansion disk alone is a bit steep... So what's new? Well the graphics have been tweaked (slightly there is more detail in general, but most of it's in the 3-D views | only), and new monsters weapons have been included. Thankfully for us ass-kicking devotees of the original, previously saved Commanders can be deployed to blow the
scum outta anything that moves in the later levels, and the game’s gritty, atmospheric playability has been fully retained. The new missions have been deviously assembled to provide the maximum challenge, and anyone who's got anywhere near completing the original 12 levels I shouldn’t hesitate.* JJ c Atmosphere something is Commanderl bucket* loads Wing has A1 200-ONLY VERSION ¦ Having had a fair old blast on Wing Commander on the office A600, I can't honestly say that I was overly impressed.
Graphically dazzling (in places) it may well be, but the jerky, unresponsive flight controls left, I thought, much to be desired.
On slinging it into the floppy drive of my home-based A1200, however, the game's enormous appeal was suddenly unlocked.
The ray-traced bitmapped graphics suddenly launch themselves into a league of their own and, while I’m still finding the ship's control method a tad awkward (oh, for an 0 te-style flight system and radar!), the double-fast screen update all but did away with the sudden-death syndrome prevalent on the 16-bit machines having an asteroid appear before you with no time to take evasive action is a serious flaw, fortunately one 32-bit owners won't have to suffer.
All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the game to owners of the A1200 and, while the movie-style element still remains undoubtedly compelling in the game's 16-bit incarnation, I would point out that it's the actual flying and fighting which provide Wing Commander with its appeal; and these elements are sadly lacking on the slower machines (sob!). ¦
- - Xrk't2"0 ifaaEui- iuil I.H m ISSUE FOUR APRIL 1993 RAF 37
nmair.ifi 1C E I VI EW r V ¦ Ocean, £25.99 _ •¦jfhile the
neat H ¦ Mf 9 a g WSS! Aut cartoon Kim Basinger 1 f dancing
k. L- .J had the whole office literally drooling over the
monitor, it's all downhill from there.
Yes, we know these four Ocean games have been in the shops for a while now. Trouble is, we previously had difficulty obtaining review copies. But now we've got 'em, we thought we'd better do a quick roundup especially for those who never i buy a game until I they've read ik the AMIGA | FORCE review Ilk first! JA Trying to convert the film's silly plot into a game was never going to be easy... Jack Deebs. An artistic convict, invents an alternative animated reality called Cool World, populated by Doodles, including the delectable Holli Would (Kim Basinger). Of course, this imaginary world
comes to life and the Doodles use vortices to visit the real world and nick a few consumer durables. The increase in crime is nothing compared to the instability caused in the cosmic balance, threatening the very existence of the ¦ universe.
Make of that what you will, but Ocean came up with a very dull platform shoot-'em-up. You play the policeman Harris, who must use the vortices to skip between the two worlds, retrieving stolen objects from the Cool one and, in reality, shooting Doodles and sucking the resulting inky blobs into a pen. Too many Doodles in reality, and or too many stolen H objects in Cool World, and a life is lost. It HbMHtrfflV turns out to be a tedious balancing act as you try to survive for the required amount of time.
The 16 levels get gradually harder, buf all play identically.
The one aspect you'd have thought could have been well-implemented would be those cartoon characters, but the graphics are inexplicably poor. You're first greeted by a tacky-looking maze of streets populated with badly animated sprites. You must shoot the latter to reveal coins: collect enough of these and you can enter the door to next laborious level. Seriously uncool.
If you thought real-life wrestling was crap, you ain't seen nothing yet! I mean, the first WWFgame was pretty dull with all its arm-killing joystick waggling, but it looks like a masterpiece compared to European Rampage.
It's poor from start to finish. The presentation's unspectacular (not even any pre-match ranting), while graphics utilise a dodgy pseudo-3-D effect with a far-too-low viewpoint (why didn't they retain the original game's angle?) And small, poorly animated sprites. Worst of all, gameplay is about as exciting as watching the entire series of Cell Block H in one sitting . Boy, is it bad.
Your wrestler can perform flying kicks, dives, rolls, holds, and throws. Trouble is, the computer opponents are so thick that most manoeuvres aren't required. All you have to do is stand in the corner and keep pressing fire.
After hopelessly trying to get behind you, your stupid opponent walks straight into your slaps and kicks, then falls onto the floor where you can stamp on his head. Better still, try standing on top a corner-post: very often the other wrestler will go charging into it and fall flat on his face! The only thing the computer wrestlers are any good at is tagging their partner when low on energy. Still, it doesn't take long before they're both so tired that you can pin one down for the required three seconds and win the bout.
Nthis fiasco continues against each of the three teams, before repeating the process in another European location. There is a two-player mode.
Rbut with such little skill involved it's hardly any improvement.
If you thought lousy licences were a thing of the past, think again. This is an insult to the good name of the WV fF and that’s saying something!
PRACTICE ARENA Ocean, £25.99 r r Why the first two films didn't spawn their own computer licences is a complete mystery, but Lethal Weapon’s apparently an amalgamation of all three movies. Sadly, there's no two-player mode; you must choose between Riggs or Murtaugh. However, at least the two characters are different in ability as well as appearance: Riggs is better at unarmed combat, while Murtaugh packs more firepower.
The action takes the same form on each of four missions (you can play the first three in any order). It’s a multidirectionally scrolling platform shoot-'em-up, with your smallish Ocean, £25.99 Claiming to be 'thethinking man's shoot- 'em-up', RoboSport is actually more of a strategy game in the style of Laser Squad. Where the latter excelled in user- friendliness, though, RoboSport is very hard to get into. You see, instead of simply taking turns to move your troops (here, they're robots) around, you must program all their moves, wait for your opponents (up to four human computer players can
participate) to do the same, then see what happens by playing character running and jumping along, shooting at gun dynamite-toting villains while looking for evidence. However, (collectable) ammo’s in short supply, so the ability to kick baddies at close range comes in useful.
There are also doors leading to rooms, and lifts to take you higher. The hero can even swim under water in the harbour but watch out for patrolling sharks!
It's not the most innovative of concepts, but the basic gameplay is designed so that you always want to get just that bit further. On the other hand, if you do get frustrated you can always try another mission.
It’s nowhere near flashy or special enough to be a true blockbuster, but Lethal Weapon's an enjoyable romp.
The 'movie' of all the sides' simultaneous movements.
While this is more realistic than simply taking turns, it does create a few problems. For instance, you never get to fire directly at targets instead, you have to fire at areas of the multidirectionally scrolling map, and hope you hit something! Thankfully, there's a 'scan & fire' function which enables your robot to automatically fire at any enemy entering its line of sight (as in Laser Squad). Even so, there's a lack of satisfaction at not having 'hands on’ control of your firing and movements watching a movie of pre-programmed manoeuvres doesn't have quite the same immediacy. And
multi-player games suffer from the classic 'boredom during your opponent's turn' syndrome.
RoboSport isn't a bad game. Most impressive is its host of options, including five different 'sports' (ie objectives), five formations (defining the types of robots on each team), four game lengths, three battle arenas, and (best of all) up to four sides. Be warned, though: you're likely to tear a lot of hair out while getting to grips with it.
I Above: Hectic platform shoot-’em- I up action in Ocean's Lethal Weapon.
Below: More hectic platform shoot- | 'em-up action in Lethal Weapon1.
¦ Platforms, lifts, guns and bombs nothing new but beautifully implemented.
SSSSP6 Heisrtit So»n iJ 5 *.. I ~Jm
- r 1 o- -T 1 ft. FL
- wbi attiri I Awkward to get to grips with, and frustrating when
you do, this icon- driven blastarama could (and should!)
Have been a lot more fun to play.
TrT n issue four a april 1993 raf hree big licences in one package? It could be a bargain or something nightmares are made ot.
The package kicks ott to a moderately good start with Bari Simpson Vs The Space Mutants. Horrible aliens have landed in Bari's (ranging from hats to purple objects and nuclear rods). The only way they can be stopped is tor Bart to hide the necessary Ocean, £25 111 & 002700 I Ocean, £25.99 After Street Fighter II, my attitude towards other Amiga beat-’em-ups has been a little negative. The Superlighter compilation hasn’t done a great deal to alter that.
Pit-Flghter (reviewed in its budget incarnation last month) is an exceedingly violent rendition of an illegal fighting competition. With a host of different opponents to fight and furniture to smack them round the head with, it really is a great way to pass the time. The action gets even hotter when a friend joins in, as the two-on- two battles are almost as much fun as the occasional 'Grudge Matches' where you're actively encouraged to smash your assistant's teeth down his throat. It’s not as good as Street Fighter II. But it's certainly a fair bash (and infinitely better than the SNES
WWF Wrestlemania has already appeared on a compilation this month. It wasn't much cop on that, and surprisingly enough it isn't If AF ¦ APRIL 1993 7 ISSUE FOUR ¦ particularly hot on Superlighters. The less said the better, I feel.
II Not worth fighting for Final Fight is a beat-'em-up in the classic Double Dragon Target Renegade mould.
Taking the part of one of three characters, you've got to plough through endless thugs to save (depending on which character you've chosen) your girlfriend, daughter, or friend.
While it remains enjoyable for a short while, you soon become aware of some rather nail- biting inadequacies. For example, the game tends to stop in the middle of the action and ask you to change disks. I don't know WHY this happens, I just know that it DOES and it's VERY ANNOYING! The control response seems a little on the sluggish side too, and there's no feeling of weight behind the movements. It's not what you'd call a terrible game, but I've seen a lot better... If you want a decent beat-'em-up, nip out and buy Street Fighter II. If you can't afford that, get Pit-Fighter on I11 j'J
BIG ¦ Beau Jolly, £29.99 Compilations are often used as an excuse to make money trom insipid back-catalogues, but occasionally a company will buy software from other producers and come up with something special. At this point, certain philosophical questions spring to mind, such as ‘do ants scream when confronted by an aardvark?', 'did Archimedes get into the bath 'cos his wife said eureka?’, and 'will Big Box 2, with its ten titles, fit into the aforementioned "special" category?'
R-Type is an exceptionally good start to a compilation. This classic coin-op conversion does have its fair share of critics and is perhaps looking a little dated, but I still maintain it's one of the most enjoyable and satisfying shoot-'em- ups available. One of the more impressive features is the wealth of colourful power-ups they're as useful as they are powerful, something I'd say is lacking in so many otherwise great games. Possibly the only criticism I've got about this being included is that most people will already own a copy, as it’s been released on other compilations as well as
full price and budget.
Bombuzals a new one on me. It’s a puzzle game requiring the joystick wielder to carefully detonate bombs on destructible tiles. Careful thought is needed to do this, and it's all up against a tight time limit. It's a simple concept that, while unastounding, proves to be a worthwhile (although occasionally infuriating) way to pass the time.
IK+ is another classic, but looks a tad flat compared with more recent beat-'em-ups especially Street Fighter 2. Taking the standard one-on-one fighting theme, it injects an innovative twist: an additional character for three-cornered fights (with one or two humans participating). You can be battling away with the one opponent, only to have the other sneak up and kick your brains through your nose. As if that wasn't enough, there’s also a couple of interesting sub-games that break up the beatings and give you the opportunity to accrue extra points.
However, this is one of those unusual Amiga games that worked better on the C64.
Strange as it may seem, IK+ s 8-bit counterpart had more realistically defined characters (the Amiga sprites look too chunky) and gave a greater feeling of weight behind the various moves.
And the rest... You may be noticing that it's getting to the end of the review, and I still haven't covered the other games included in the pack. Well, basically they're not really worth the space. The Real Ghostbusters is a poor overhead-view shoot-'em- up (a conversion of the dull coin-op), while Defenders Of The Earth is a naff sideways-scrolling shooty affair with nice y j parallax but an astounding lack ot Shanghais a boring tile-oriented puzzle game that's decidedly awkward to handle, while Sinbad And The Throne Of The Falcon is a joke to all non-hard-disk owners. Armalyte s an average
shooty game (not a patch on the C64 classic) and Back To The Future 3s a curious mix of insipid subgames. Finally. TV Sports Football isn't bad, but will totally bewilder anyone but ardent gridiron fans.
So (sharp intake ot breath), there you have it. Big Box 2 is hardly the greatest compilation around, and only worth the cash if you haven’t got the first three games.
You nave H I Top: R-Type is probably the best game on the collection. Above: But BombuzaFs not bad either. Below: The Real Ghostbusters 16-bit L slime for ghostly Amigas.
IMAM Data East Usa. Inc. 198 .
• lWi. Fatmsiwi Inc._ I A couple I of classics rub shoulders |
with some slightly less prestigious titles in this packed [
= z ¦ Kablam! Special weapons play an important part in The Chaos Engine, here’s a particularly handy example.
I L :tt ¦ After seeing a few loo many plan-view blasters, i ¦JkAaA I wasn't exactly hopping with |Oy at the prospect I ¦ of another. How happy I was when The Chaos r jl I Engine proved to be undoubtedly the best the genre's had to offer so far. Everything you'd P hope for from a computer game is there: pounding soundtrack and FX, brilliant graphics, and gameplay that's enough to corrupt young . minds everywhere (if we're to believe what the tabloids tell us!).
It even manages to do away with one of my major bugbears in arcade games today by including a password system. Really, I could spend all day extolling the virtues of this Bitmap Bros epic but I think there's more important things in the world. (Sounds of puzzlement in the AMIGA FORCE reading fraternity. Could he mean solving the |m. l crisis in Bosnia? Or perhaps he's going to lead Sterling to a tremendous recovery?)
Or perhaps he’s going to play it again (and again, ad infinitum)... ¦_Hn ¦ Lett: It you go down to the woods today you’ll be in for a BIG surprise and it’s certainly no picnic! Below: World Two's a real toughie... ¦ Comprehensive options and data screens keep the player updated between levels and don't they look neat!?
¦ Renegade, £25.99 At last! Finally a complete, de-bugged copy of The Bitmap Bros' Chaos Engine makes its office debut we've had the demo for ages but I've steadfastly refused to review the game from that! but has all the waiting been worth it...?
¦ No, not the Man Ed’s family album these ugly mugs are all that stand between the end-of-the- world-as- we-know-it and salvation. It won't take long before you've found a favourite among 'em.
You bet! Like can' Warriors-on-acid this one- or two-player multidirectionally scrolling romp has the Bitmap stamp of quality plastered all over it. From the typically minimalistic intro sequence right through to the final showdown, this game oozes professional, polished charm.
Atmospheric FX, a pounding soundtrack and sampled speech accompany the on-screen mayhem exquisitely, while the graphics themselves are, predictably, first rate; detailed, clear and all firmly adhering to the game's style (even the word 'pause' is a graphical delight!).
The story line, too, has been carefully considered; set in an H G Wellian Victorian period, the plot sees two mercenaries (if you play alone, select an intelligent computer- controlled character to accompany you) desperately attempting to reach the anarchic I You’ve got to hand it to the Bitmaps, their sprites are weird!
I Those golden ‘nodes' perform a number of different functions here they both need to be shot before the exit opens.
LAfter the disappointment of Magic Pockets, the Bitmap Bros are back with a bang. The Chaos Engine is easily their best game yet, simply oozing quality. You choose and equip your character via attractive menus, and the full statistics are shown after every level, even incorporating the characters' separate tallies. Coupled with moody music, this sets the scene for the multidirectionally scrolling action. The isometric backdrops are gorgeous, and the characters animated in great detail I love the shotguns authentic pumping action.
Thoughtful design is even more evident in the gameplay. The difficulty level’s pitched perfectly, enabling you to get used to the ambushing baddies, and the process of shooting nodes and collecting keys, before the action really hots up. And doesn’t it just! With two players, you must really co-operate well to stave off swarming enemies, covering each other's backs all the way. At the same time, greed comes in when collecting the cash, food, and special weapons. And for once the solo mode is just as engrossing, due to the addition of a computer-controlled companion who behaves surprisingly
intelligently. Combining stunning programming and excellent game design, The Chaos Engine is a true masterpiece. ¦ c Intelligent adversaries the add to Apart from the flashy graphics and superior ’engine’ of the title. Devised by, you guessed if, a potty professor, the machine is hopelessly out of control and is drawing all manner of weird and wicked monsters into the surrounding environment.
It's the lure of hard cash and not any perverse sense of ecological conscience that drives the gun (and Molotov cocktai11)-totin' dudes ever onwards, though. There are six 'ard-as-flip fellows to choose from, each differing in a number of areas: the character's 'Skill' rating dictates when and how special weapons abilities may be used; 'Stamina' is bloody obvious (when you run out you've croaked!); 'Speed' indicates how quickly you can leg it away from particularly insistent critters; and 'Wisdom' only effects the computer-controlled player in 'one-player' mode (the higher his rating, the more
enemies he's likely to annihilate and the less hits he's likely to take).
Sonics, what really sets The Chaos Engine apart from the crowd is the sheer playability of the thing. The careful working out of learning curves is something that’s all-too-often absent in software nowadays, but that's certainly not the case here. The instructions give only enough information for the player to get up and running (mostly away!), the game's early stages take care of any further education.
Also, the way that the levels have been devised is frankly flawless. The difficulty level climbs ever higher as progress is made, of course, enabling just that little bit further to be reached each go. All this combines to provide a very moreish game I was up till gone three this morning having just one more go!
Other little quirks that genuinely add to the pleasure of playing include the fact that every monster leaves something behind (it's usually just cash, but often power-ups, keys and special weapons are discarded). This fact alone introduces a huge element of competitive spirit to accompany the cooperation angle sure, he’s your buddy and, naturally, you'll defend his ass against attack... but if you can scoop more cash than he does it’ll be your weapon that upgrades into a super blow-'em-all-to-bits mega-cannon in the game’s occasional 'shop' screen (found after every second and fourth
Intelligent adversaries also add to the fun hang about for a minute and they'll stomp you mercilessly; if you run away they give chase.
Anyway, look, it's great okay? It's funny, though, as although the game is definitely '90s in design it really took me back to the 'good old days', when games offered more than just a handful of flashy devices and seemed to engross the player to a far higher degree. Buy it.
EOnly fools rush in. Take your time, gradually scrolling the play area to reveal the next few baddies. Deal with these before moving on running past them is not recommended, as they'll follow you! Also, make sure to buy the next issue of AMIGA FORCE for some stunning Chaos Engine maps and tips that'll knock you overl Dear Sirs In October we bought your magazine which we found great.
What we would like to know is, in the magazine there is a game advertised called Tearaway Thomas which, according to the write-up. Was meant to be released in October
1992. My son, who is nine, got an Amiga 600 for Christmas and
really would have liked Tearaway Thomas too, but we can’t
get it anywhere. Nobody has heard of it, and the odd one
who has, has no idea when it'll be in the shops.
Could you please tell us if and when it might be in the shops as my son is still patiently i t our mail-order company; phone Database Direct on 051 357 2858 or, it you've access to a tax machine, their Fax number is 051 357
The other genres you mention will be tackled in future issues, so keep 'em peeled. In tact, why not take advantage ot our generous subscription offer (page 72)? That way you're guaranteed to gel all the crucial blah blah biah every month without having to etc etc!
Stev* AND TO TOP IT ALL A MEAGRE AILMENT Dear Steve I’ve been a reader of ZZAP! 64 since February 1990 (Issue 58) to the last (Issue 90, November 1992).
I acquired an Amiga 500+ in April 1990 for my 14th birthday.
Due to the ZZAP! 64 connection I was thrilled when you said you were releasing AMIGA FORCE. I own a Game Gear and have also bought SEGA FORCE from Issue One.
I have a problem though. When I turn on my Amiga the power light flashes on and off and the screen changes from black to a sort of Sheffield United away-strip green.
When I put a disk in nothing happens, but if I play with the modulator in the back of the computer it affects the picture, sometimes resulting in a blackout in power to the computer, with the television just being untuned and fuzzy. I feel this could help other Dear AMIGA FORCE Could you please send me a copy of the top ten games on the Amiga: For example the top ten roleplaymg games, top ten shoot-'em-ups, top ten simulations, top ten fighting, top ten driving, top ten platforms, top ten sports. I hope you can help me as I've just purchased an Amiga and missed the first two copies of AMIGA
Mr O J Whiteside, Liverpool PS If you can't send me the info I need, could or would you be publishing it?
¦ Shame on you, G J, how could you have missed out on Issues 1 and 2? Issue One featured a fantastic Phil King feature detailing the 15 best-ever driving games on the Amiga, while last issue Ben The Boffin (of Channel 4's The Big Breakfast fame) rounded up the all- time top 20 shoot-'em-ups. Back issues of AMIGA FORCE are always available through [A WOLF I IN LITTLE CLOTHING rating the games anyway (see the reader survey on page 19), which will mean a quick glance at the scores will tell 'em all they need to know in the worth buying' department. And besides, most kids that I know are a good
deal smarter than they’re given credit for. Did you know, for example, that the average reading age in the UK is just that of a nine-year-old?
(Down as low as five in America!).
So no, a column for kids is out of the question I wouldn't dream of insulting their intelligence.
And is that Wolf on the Barbarian II cover? Whoever he is, he looks a right pillock to me (although I wouldn't say it to his face!). Besides, I ignore all begging letters, so who cares?!
Steve understanding of having the game.
In other words, have a few pages aimed at younger children who I'm sure enjoy reading a small, brief, but to the point review (ie worth having don’t bother reviewing).
Mr O Miller, Tlngley PS In Issue 2 page 15 the picture of Barbarian II: Is that Mr Wolf of The Gladiators lame? II I'm right could you give me a copy (please).
Dear Sirs May I add my congratulations in respect of your first two issues.
Impressed so far!
Have the ideas of magazine format ever been addressed (in regard of AMIGA FORCE), that some of the pages (sections) could be printed a little larger and simpler; the reason being many children buy your mag. Look at the large picture section in reviews, think Oh! They look good', and | don't bother to read the review because it looks full of big words, irrelevant (tee hee) to their ¦ Well I do hope that any of our younger readers skimming this column weren’t overly confused by your letter. Mr Miller I certainly was! What you’re driving at. I assume, is some kind of Kids Kolumn' but what
would be the point? Pretty soon we may start readers. It's happened to some of my friends.
Please Help, Best Wishes Paul Fowling, Tunbridge Wells, Kent ¦ Oohh, nasty. Sounds to me like you've got some serious problems there, Paul. My advice would be to try this first: Switch off the power supply then unplug it from the wall socket to be double sure. Now carefully inspect all the pins that protrude from the modulator as one of them could well be a bit dodgy (bent, broken, etc). If one is skew-whiff, you can always try bending it back with a biro; but if they're all lookin' good, move onto the actual power lead.
I suffered similar symptoms to those you describe with my own A500. The cause being my connector from the transformer was a bit loose in its socket... a tiny piece of sticky tape around the square casing of the plug and a good shove soon sorted it out. Please note, though, that I'm certainly no technical whiz kid ( You can say that again! The Rest Of The A-Team), and my tacky techie tips should only be attempted at the owner's risk. I, nor Europress Impact, can be held responsible tor any damage that may arise from following these suggestions. Okay?
If all else fails, you’re looking at a trip to the hospital for sick Amigas, I'm afraid. There are several good places to try, but one of the best are Hawkwell Electronics in Essex (tel: 0702 207593). They run a collection delivery service and give free estimates into the bargain. Happy Zzappin!
Waiting to obtain it.
¦I ¦ We wait for a hopeful reply.
Mrs Jane Dozey, Richmond, North Yorks ¦ Okay Jane, here's the deal. Tearaway Thomas is being distributed by a company called DMI, who release their products under the banner of Global Software. The game will have been in the shops for a few weeks by the time you read this so it's altogether possible that you may have bought it. If you’re still having trouble, though, DMI's ever-so- efficient mail-order department would be delighted to supply you with a copy. Give 'em a ring on 0753 683336 for further details... Sieve Dear Steve Thank God there is finally a magazine that is completely devoted
to games. I must admit, AMIGA FORCE is a great mag so please don't muck it up with a load of technical crap or coverdisks. And by the way, what the hell is a 'poke' (in the cheat section, Issue 2)?
I really think what AMIGA FORCE needs is to give a percentage mark to each game. It would give us a good idea as to whether it is recommendable or not. If A-FORCE had this system I would give it 100%!
I wish you all the best of luck in the future, Hello, good day and yippee!
I am soon going to be a new AMIGA owner and was looking at your magazine (very interesting) when I came across the Force Nine Mail section. I read the first letter with the four questions, but when I came to question three and it said 'When will software companies make games like Swiv compatible with the A600?' I was astonished, because I was going to buy an Amiga 600 so I could play Swiv. So I rang up The Sales Curve to make sure, but they said it was out for the A600 so I would just like to correct Gareth Foster, and say that maybe there's something wrong with his disks!
Hugo Wilkinson, Brockley, London ¦ Did you know that Swiv was rumoured to have stood for ‘Silkworm 4'T Storm (The Sales Curve) categorically denied this, but when you look at the game especially the way some of the sprites assemble themselves it's easy to believe the hearsay.
Anyway, idle gossip and trivia aside, you're right. Swiv will run on the A600, but NOT EVERY COPY! Try before you buy to ensure compatibility, and if you're ordering the game (one of my all-time fave shoot- 'em-ups, by the way) through a mail-order company, make sure you emphasise which machine you own.
And I'm sure that AMIGA FORCE will be a big hit.
Brendan O' Callaghan, Thurles, Eire PS I thought your reply to a letter entitled 'Disgusted of Sheffield' was a real beauty I was laughing for about ten minutes after! Keep it up!
I Nice to hear from you, Brendan, here's what you want to know. Pokes are basically cheats which are usually issued to the computer via a special cartridge (ie Datel Electronic's Action Replay Mk 3). Clever dicks can actually avoid using a cart by writing their own routines, but this is mind-bogglingly complicated: that’s why we use the Action Replay! We find pokes essential when playtesting games for the reviews, as it allows us to see far more of the game usually ALL! enabling us to give balanced opinions on what the game has to offer. What the poke does is change certain values in the
game code. For example, say a game gives the player three lives to start, well somewhere in the code a line will appear instructing the computer to ensure that only three lives are ever available at the start of a new game. With the correct poke installed into the program this value can be changed to practically anything you like, so 999 lives isn't out of the question. They also work with nearly anything that has a definite value ammo, shields, smart bombs etc. The one problem, though, is that Commodore neglected to include a cartridge port on the A600, so users of the cut-down marvel can't
utilise 'em. Sorry!
If you own an Amiga with a cart port and want further details on Datel's Action Replay, give 'em a ring on: 0782 744707.
And as far as rating games goes, see the reader survey for details on how to make your feelings known... Steve Dear Sir I am writing to say thanks for a good mag. I got hold of the first issue when I was on holiday, and to see an Amiga mag with no cover disk for £1.95 is very good. Also, please keep the Cut-Out 'N' Cheat section I like it, and it's a new thing for a computer mag.
Also, please could you let me know when I have to look out for the next issue because the first one had Autumn Winter 1992' on the cover.
I am a 50-year-old disabled person and I like to get all types of Amiga mags. The ones I get and save are Format and Power and, what I do is, get the hints, tips and cheats from the mags and put them on to a database. Then if anybody wants one from me I can just access the database and print out the list of what they want.
Mr J M Pearson, Mansfield, Notts ¦ Thanks, J M, it’s always nice to hear from a fan. By the way, any chance of your phone number? We could do with access to a tips database such as yours! Especially for the Tips Bits at the end of this column... Most letters that wing their way to our luxury offices (titter) have at least one request for help tucked away among the ramblings and rantings. This is where they end up. We haven't played every Amiga game to its conclusion, slackers that we are. But you can bet your bottom dollar (or just your bottom if you're skint!) That someone, somewhere, has. If
you're stuck, be specific: this bit's not for full solutions. And if you can help write in. You won't win anything but we can personally guarantee good Samaritans a cushy place in Amiga heaven if they supply the answers to these heart-felt pleas!
¦ I am writing in because on Silly Putty I can't get past the first level on Techno Fear (the one where the robots have to be put in the lift). I think it is hard because I die trying to get the robots.
Tim Budd, ClyHord Rd, Ruislip Gdns ¦ I would be most grateful if you could tell me any cheats or secrets on how to complete Gremlins II and Fire And Ice.
Stuart W Lappin, Dennistoun, Glasgow ¦ I wonder if you can help me with a number of things, because I can't get past the third level of Magic Pockets and I'm completely flabbergasted on Fantasy World Dizzy. I've thrown the two rocks in the water at the broken bridge, but I can't make it to the other side.
Andy Arch, Melsonby, North Yortcs ¦ On International Ice Hockey the cheat is this: when you score a goal, keep pressing F1 and you will be awarded about 30 goals. Also, on Elf, when you get past the smelly troll you go up the ladder and jump onto the cloud beside the ground where you stand. Then you will be in a place with herbs and pets. If you want to leave you go into a weird box and you will be back on the ground.
Bronek Carr, Southport, Merseyside ¦ In Dungeon Quest by Gainstar I can get to the castle but I get stuck there. Is there anybody out there who can help me?
Also, in Bart Vs The Space Mutants can anyone tell me how to get the head of Jebadiah Springfield on the first level?
Brendan O' Callaghan, Thurles, mt: You can't do that'.
Perhaps this is why icon adventures often work better: everything you can possibly do is there at your disposal, resulting in a minimum of fuss and bother.
I've always been a fan of going on the piste.
G DISK 01 (1 Disk) ¦ Roberta Smith Granted, this compilation's been around for a bit now, but new Amiga owners deserve to hear about it, don't you think?
Mindless shoot-'em-ups have been popular for a fair few years now.
Mindless patriotism has also been around for a bit, and it's curious that a game should pop up that incorporates the two.
After the nauseating 'God Bless America' statement on the title screen, I expected little.
After all, if a programmer is deluded enough to mm gunnir B i y ¦ of going on the piste, but skiing seems a little pointless to me! Standing in freezing conditions, waiting to hurtle yourself down a slope at breakneck speeds only to embed yourself in a nearby tree is not my idea of a good time. --------- However, Downhill Challenge is a worthwhile way to pass the time, without the skull-cracking, nose-sneezing discomforts of its subject sport. Controlling your man down the gradients is a simple matter of moving left and right to avoid the assorted objects, while a quick click of the fire
button results in an unastounding jump.
Crashing into obstacles such as trees and assorted debris results in the skier tumbling to the ground with a terrible lack of grace (and not a dry eye in the house, I'm sure).
All in all, Downhill Challenge is an enjoyable PD outing. I can t promise that you'll be playing it into the small hours, but there's enough to keep you happy for an hour or two, at least.
Believe that the US of A is the embodiment of beauty and tasty apple pie, then the game's going to reflect his madness by being a little naff.
Pom Pom Gunner is a game of mindless violence with the emphasis firmly on ‘defence’ (?!). The levels are orientated around WWII attacks on American forces: you (as a Godfearing soldier) sit at the helm of a huge gun, trying to destroy the airborne enemy. This is displayed (and implemented) along the same lines as Operation Wolt, but with static screens and a plethora of nasty planes. Moving the target sights around the playing area, you have to shoot down as many enemies as possible, ensuring you pick your targets correctly so as to not harm friendly aircraft.
It's all good fun, but carries a $ 7 Shareware fee, and I doubt everyone would want to pay that much (or have the hassle of exchanging the currency) for a game that lacks testability.
It's certainly worth a look, though... Missile Command is (as you'd expect) an Amiga version of the old arcade classic.
Defending cities from a fearsome nuclear assault has never been so much fun and it's a well-programmed tribute that does the original proud (Despite only having one missile base to command? Ed).
Trix is another PD incarnation of an old game: this time the subject matter is Oix.
For those of you who've never seen QUADRIX TUMBLER STREET ¦ Boot-up PD 'etris is by far the best puzzle game to rear its head on any computer format. Sadly, its successor
* ¦*»•« Welltris wasn't half as addictive.
9 Ouadrix is " * |1 a variation on I, M . II Welltris. It uses the same four- sided 'well', into which D I iiib* fall the shapes, but this time ¦ | they're in three dimensions. To fit them in the appropriate spaces i i . You have to use the numerical keypad to rotate them. Once your piece is facing in the right direction, you can use the cursor keys to position it correctly for the drop.
Whereas I disliked Welltris with a passion, Ouadrix is more fun than a treehouse full of intoxicated monkeys. The extra dimension really does add an extra dimension if you see what I mean and the difficulty level is pitched on the right side of &!$ @. It’s a bit of a shame for A600 owners, though (no keypad, see?).
Tumbler Street is a simple concept implemented with style. Your digitised host moves three tumblers around in a confusing fashion. You have to watch his juggling carefully and pick the tumbler with the ball inside.
This is made a little more interesting by the addition of bets, which can be increased or reduced, depending how confident you are.
Lots of money can be lost this way, and you even get the animation for the smarmy so-and- so taking your cash and putting it in his jacket pocket!
Tower Hill is an icon-driven adventure on Licenceware, with a familiar mythical theme. All the necessary icons are displayed on a single screen, with a central box graphically depicting the room you're in, while a text box at the bottom tells you about it. Exploring the many rooms and solving puzzles is great fun. And for the decidedly budget price you'd be a fool to miss it.
The original, the game involves filling the screen with boxes while avoiding nasties travelling the lines. Confused? Believe me, it’s a simple concept which plays well although I've seen other superior versions before now... Concentration j is a puzzle game n| based upon the TV series ot a yesteryear. Across the screen is a
* *"’*’ ‘7 I band of blocks: clicking on one reveals its hidden
picture, and the idea is to match the pictures to show the word
concealed beneath the tiles. Every time you get a correct pair,
you are given the opportunity to guess the word, until you
finally get it right or run out of tiles. As simple as Hangman
and surprisingly enjoyable, Concentration is an interesting
little game.
Elisa is VERY strange. It’s an attempt at creating pseudo-intelligent responses to sentences typed into the Amiga. Elisa is, in fact, a psychoanalyst who invites you to tell her your problems. After getting the A-Force crew to think of every imaginable expletive and insult, we all dutifully typed them in only to be confronted with polite incomprehension. As we all know, swearwords are hard and clever (?!)
And if it can't recognise those, it must be a bit thick.
Flaps is a great little puzzle game to be played against either the computer or a friend. On the 4 x 4 board of squares, the idea is to use your four pieces to either (a) get to the other side of the squares, or (b) take all your opponents pieces. It's like a cut-down version of draughts, but with seven skill levels it's a natty little challenge.
Everyone’s fiddled with jigsaws, and Sachs Castle. Sample, and Pooh Bear are three computerised renditions. Each one comes with three difficulty levels, and I defy anyone to solve Sachs Castle on the hardest setting it's not possible, I’m sure.
Slotcars is an interesting one-on-one duel, played either against the computer or a friend.
Speeding around the mazes, you have to take out the opposition by using the rockets fitted to the front of your car, while avoiding his. It’s all very simplistic, but enjoyable especially with two players.
Sadly. Montana and X-Fire (apparently pronounced 'crossfire') aren't of such high quality. Montana is an over-fiddly one-player card game, and X-Fire seems like Pac-Man meets a mad programmer'.
Overall, however, this is one of the best jji packages of mini-games available. It's j worth getting for Missile Command alone, and for £1.40 you certainly can’t complain.
RV« in • » !?f]n«itr II ¦ ¦¦Tit |Coiq utei* ¦ ISSUE FOUR B APRIL 1993 a AF ELEVATION j 17-Bit Elevation is a particularly simple (if unastounding) concept that deserves a mention because it's so much fun. All you have to do is get to the top of each screen, using the assorted platforms and lifts, while avoiding enemies. Sounds easy? Well yes it is at first, but soon gets hair-raisingly tricky.
The graphics and sound both serve their purpose well enough, and even though it's not going to astonish you, Elevation’s certainly worth a quick blast.
THE DIKING SAGA ? Da|a Vm Strategy games may not be everyone's cup ot eggnog, but when they're as good (or as cheap!) As The Viking Saga, you can't go far wrong. After loading I was practically snowed under by a deluge of options something I'd anticipated but what surprised me was how easy they were to use.
Taking control of your army, you have to gain total dominance of the surrounding towns, ports and islands. However, it's not just a case of sending out troops and hoping all goes well you have to arm them first and, to do that, you have to be financially solvent.
MONEYSPINNER ¦ Deja Vu f" 1H £. Uiuuttf umtifittPi will
I. £k« £ £ Irtish while. Space is viewed from above and you
control your craft with simple left right thrust controls.
Between trading and hyperspacing to different areas, you can
engage in all manner of dogfights you can even destroy
friendly traders and pinch their stock... If I had to
recommend just one game this month, this is it. With the
excellent graphics and gameplay rivalling infinitely more
expensive commercial releases, you'd be a caffeine-crazed
aardvark to miss it.
M £ Pace Trading Game' it said on the disk.
3 This inspired me in the same way a kick in the teeth would! After seeing almost endless amounts of text-orientated games that took the bartering elements of the old classic, Elite, and discarded the enjoyable flight sequences, I wasn't exactly hopping with joy.
Well, Moneyspinner does have a large bartering element, but the arcade section is one of the most enjoyable I've seen in a PUBLIC DOMAIN ¦ 17-Bit Yet another game that deserved a quick mention. Look at the screenshots and you'll see it's a Breakout clone. Usually, this would be enough to fill the office with anguished howls, but Escapade is one of the better ones we've seen. With power-ups, a detailed backdrop and mouse control, it scores highly on the playability scales. One to get if you're unfamiliar with this genre and want to see what the fuss was about.
Money is accrued by owning towns and trading ports, both of which can be captured or lost. The more of these you own, the more money you get... and the more equipment you can supply to your armies.
Saga's by no means an epic, but there's an admirable amount of detail included, and it's a perfect option for those who don't want to be bogged down by complex instructions and rules.
I'd also say it's an absolute bargain for the asking price.
7VJ First Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 1DH 17 Bit ask for £1.25 per disk copy with an additional 50p to cover postage and packaging. They also do special offers for large orders. Hurrah!
KICK 1.3 m As all you A600 and A1200 owners know, incompatibility can be a nightmare. If you've upgraded to the aforementioned and have old software that doesn't work, or ordered PD that refuses to boot, Kick 1.3 is the disk for you.
Essentially, it's a 'downgrader', making the computer ignore all hardware additions and use the basic elements that previous Amigas utilise. 17-Bit reckon that 75% of incompatible software will work after installing this marvel (by simply booting it up before inserting your game disk). What more can you say?
Gkos-tr idler o_f Slipstrz-a™ Pre Sen-tS- fCicKftarir 1-3 ft 1 ( DEJA VU i i ¦ 7 Hollinbrook i 1 i) ) !
I i ¦ Beech Hill ¦ Wigan LB WN6 7SG Deja Vu only deal in 1 Licenceware. So the Ml charge is a little higher B than usual. However, the -h fi ED quality is too. So £3.99 * S9 50p P&P is rather a tntf • fl deal, it you ask me.
- BOOT-UP PD 30 Sunnings Lane Upminster Essex RM142DQ ...Arnold
was perplexed. Surely they didn't charge a mere £1 for disk 8
duplication, with the only additional cost being the price of
the stamps? They did, you know. And they still do.
OBLIVION ¦ 1 7-Bit A lot of PD games seem to be rehashed representations of old 8-bit or arcade games. However, that's not an especially bad thing doubly so where Oblivion's concerned.
I've seen a few Defender clones before now, the most noteworthy being Sensible Software's Insects In Space. Sensible took the basic formula and tweaked it a bit, pausing only to write a totally manic plot and give the main sprite a large chest. Oblivion can't quite match that (you should have seen them!) But it fits snuggly into second place because it's so dam enjoyable.
If you've never heard of Detender, you've been missing something special. One of the original Williams coin-ops, it placed the hero in the seat of a lone spaceship. The idea was to fly left and right, destroying the aliens trying to kidnap people on the ground. If a nasty managed to carry a human to the top of the screen, it turned into a lethal mutant that (usually) destroyed you in ten seconds flat. As the game scrolled in a loop, a scanner was thoughtfully provided to show the human and alien positions, making life easier.
After all, you can't be everywhere at once, can you?
Oblivion takes all the winning elements from its parent game and improves them, giving large explosions to the gore-hungry masses and additional up down scrolling to the claustrophobic. I can't see how anyone would fail to enjoy this exceedingly violent and loud game. Miss it at your peril.
V* "v.v Who recently released a cover version of the song ‘I’m Every Woman'?
A: Julie Goodyear B: Steve Shields C: Whitney Houston Which series of horror films feature a character called Pin Head?
A: Police Academy B: My Little Pony C: Hellraiser UR PRICE [3 Where can you now buy good-value computer games from?
A: The Body Shop B: Phil King's Underwear Drawer tC: Our Price Records Name.... Address Our Price have always been the right people to go to if you’re looking for listening and viewing material. Well now you can watch the video, listen to the soundtrack, wear the T-shirt and play the video game! Yep, Our Price have finally made the decision to stock computer software (including Amiga titles), and to celebrate they're offering some rather excellent prizes to those clever enough to answer the following three questions.
Answer 1: a b c Answer 2: a b c Answer 3: a b c Ten runners-up can win any one game from the list, so remember to specify your choice when sending off the form included somewhere on this page.
...And if I’m a runner-up. I'd like a copy of .. ..please!
Send coupons (or a photocopy) to: THE (OUR) PRICE IS RIGHT COMP, AMIGA FORCE, Europress Impact, Ludlow, Shropshire SYB 1JW. Just for the record, the closing date is 18 April.
One lucky winner will win the top 20 selling games, as of this issue.
Just in case your arithmetic isn’t as good as it should be, that's over £460 worth of top-quality software and here's that list in full... Street Fighter II, Alien Breed: Special Edition, Sleepwalker, Premier Manager, Sensible Soccer '92 93, Wing Commander. Nick Faldo's Golf, Zool, Indiana Jones And The Fate Ot Atlantis, Trivial Pursuit, James Pond, Ft 6 Combat Pilot, Dizzy: Prince Of The Yolkfolk, Prince Of Persia, Road Rash, AV8B Harrier Assault, First Division Manager, Campaign, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure, and Monkey Island 2 (phew!).
People tend to get a little frustrated should the game r they've purchased be1 little too difficult.
Our advice is put down the blender, put the disk back in the drive, and tune into the AMIGA FORCE tips section.
What could be simpler?
SLEEPWALKER Having sleepless nights playing Sleepwalker?
. Then no more, courtesy , J of this two-level playing guide.
I GOBLIINS 2 The second, and final, part of Phil King's fantastic solution, dragging you deeper into the comical world of those lovable (if inept) Gobliins.
* • f 1 11 1;
- Ml [TROLLS I-"' Find every bonus imaginable in these superb
Fairground level maps from Flair's Zoof-beater.
Ft' ¦; mm ffli COMMUTE JjJ AUEiJ GAME TYPE PAGE Alien Breed: Special Edition Cheat 72 APB Cheat 72 Armalyte Cheat 72 Assassin Cheat 72 Atomino Cheat 72 Awesome Cheat 72 Beach Volley Cheat 72 Blood Money Cheat 72 Brat Cheat 72 Bubble Bobble Poke 58 Bubble Dizzy Poke 58 CJ's Elephant Antics Poke 58 Cod World Poke 58 Crackdown Cheat 76 Cybernoid II Cheat 74 Dalek Attack Cheat 74 Defenders 01 The Earth Poke 58 E-Motion Cheat 76 Final Fight Poke 58 Forgotten Worlds Cheat 76 Gem'X Poke 58 Gemini Wing Cheat 76 Ghostbusters 2 Cheat 76 Gobliins 2 Tips 60 Humans Cheat 76 IK.
Poke 58 Indy: Last Crusade Cheat 76 Laser Squad Poke 58 Lemmings Trps 70 Lethal Weapon Cheat 74 Lotus Challenge 3 Cheat 76 Magidand Dizzy Poke 58 Mousetrap Poke 58 Narc Poke 58 Nevermind Cheat 76 Night Shift Cheat 74 Ninja Warriors Poke 58 Nitro Cheat 78 Out Run Cheat 74 Pegasus Poke 58 Pinball Fantasies Cheat 78 Plotting Poke 58 PP Hammer Cheat 78 PP Hammer Poke 58 Premier Manager Cheat 78 Rainbow Islands Poke 58 Real Ghostbusters Poke 58 Road Rash Cheat 78 Roadblasters Cheat 78 Silkworm Cheat 78 Simpsons: Bart Vs Space Mutants Poke 58 Sleepwalker Poke 58 Sleepwalker Trps 66 Smash TV Poke 58
Space Blob Poke 58 Stormlord Cheat 74 Street Fighter 2 Cheat 78 Strider Cheat 78 Switchblade Cheat 80 Test Drive 2 Cheat 80 Thunder Blade Cheat 80 Time Machine Cheat 74 Trolls Poke 58 Trolls Tips 54 Ugh!
Cheat 80 Vigilante Cheat 80 Voyager Cheat 80 WWF Wrestlemania Poke 58 WWF European Rampage Tour Cheat 74 Xenon 2 Cheat 80 X-Out Cheat 74 Xybots Cheat 80 Z-Out Cheat 80 ISSUE FOUR APRIL 1993 » 5 PLAYING IlPSu UXj Spj j UAL HUES ?
Pop these to reveal points, bonus gems and coins, or special items... fst Temporary 1 invulnerability.
N iS Springy' m Shoes: H These ¦ allow you to r Temporary ability of flight!
'IT P jump high into the Letters Spell BONUS and you get to play a special bonus level on completing the current area. But spell BOGUS and you'll I a | |jaa I ¦ I have to find a pair of objects in a
- --" tough extra level or lose a life.
8" G One off the most colourful games of all- time, we reckon Flair's platform romp is even better than Zool. It's got great playability and a host of very different levels. One of the most enjoyable is the Fairground, whose three areas make up a giant pier. Have all the fun of the fair iwith our multi-, coloured maps!
AREA 1 [Yo-yo: Great for swinging up to otherwise unreachable platforms, and for bashing baddies.
[Heart: Improves your health.
Ball & ¦in: One to avoid: it slows you down.
Should be avoided as it lowers your Troll’s responsiveness.
Gi 101 foi Spring: Just let yourself bounce higher and higher!
Now you can reach those top platforms.
Knock off ,ho
• n elephant ’¦.* tf if. And when you die, you return
- here rather than the start of the level.
Collapsing Platforms: Either run and jump straight over them or, much safer, take the long route round the top and through the Tunnel Of Love.
To enter the Fairground level, jump on the rising platform and take the first door on the left.
- Secret Pigstop: If you reach this point ““with the ? Required
quota of babies, Platforms: | | | | Only seen t fc t l I when
you jump on
- them. They usually form a route to extra bonus items.
Tunnel Of Love: Not as much fun on your own, but there's still quite a few goodies to collect.
Wings: Use these to fly around the lower platforms and pick up all those goodies.
Moving platform: Jump onto this and it takes you back left.
Sprin Use this to reach the top platform.
Falling | EBB Use the yo-yo to swing up onto this platform.
Rollercoaster Car: This continually travels between here and underneath the big tent.
Yo-yo Use it to swing up onto ? The top- left platform.
Platforms: It’* safer to avoid them by going over the top of the tent and jumping to the right.
Rotating Platforms: Ride on them and take a running jump onto the desired platform.
Collapsing Platforms: You can only run over them 3,. Once: after this you’ll need to jump and swing across on the yo-yo (collected from the balloon shown). This requires split-second timing or it’s instant death the good news is that you can get enough babies elsewhere, without needing to take this precarious route.
It's „ Y Action Replay time again! After Issue 2's plethora of pokes, we've been hectically hacking yet more top games to save you the., trouble... 'NOW TO JOB mm RIPIAYI The Datel Action Replay Mk III is an essential piece of kit for the serious gamesplayer. As well as helping you find game-busting pokes, it can be used to grab game screens and save them out as standard IFF files and it can do the same with sound samples, too. Sadly, it won't work on the A600, which lacks the required expansion slot (Datel say there is no way round this problem, but are currently developing a version for
the A1200).
To stand a chance of winning one of these fiendish devices, just tell us the answer to this simple question: What shape is the Freeze button on the Action Replay Mk III?
Jot down the answer, along with your name and address, and send it to REPLAY COMP 2, AMIGA FORCE, Europress Impact, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW. Entries must reach us by 18 April 1993.
D k i Fhirst, press the Freeze button on your Action Replay! It the poke has 'TFD’ before it, type this followed by the address (eg TFD 34AFC) and press Return. The cart will take a few seconds to find and delete the decrement instruction, so you’ll get infinite whatevers. Once it's done this, press )Esc and then X to return to your game.
If the poke doesn't have 'TFD' before it, instead type M and then the address (eg M 7C55). A row of two-digit hexadecimal numbers is displayed: change the first to the desired value (ie number of lives credits etc required maximum FF), press Return, then Esc, and finally X to return to the game.
Hu Bubble Bobble C091EE Lives ¦ Bubble Dizzy TFD 21A Lives j ¦ CJ’s Elephant Antics TFD 1EC71 Lives ¦ Cool World TFD 1EF9 Lives 1EFE Minutes 1F00 Tens of seconds 1F01 Seconds 887F Danger TFD 88E0 Health ¦ Defenders Of The Earth TFD A3FA Lives ¦ Final Fight 1A17 Credits 5A31 Lives (p1) 5AFB Lives (p2) ¦ Gem’X TFD 85F8 Lives ¦ IK+ 7D2 Fight pts, white 7D3 Fight pts, red ¦ Laser Squad 12AA5 Credits ¦ Magicland Dizzy 171 Lives ¦ Mousetrap C07B2F Lives ¦ Narc 139647 Lives (p1) 13A2B Lives (p2) ¦ Ninja Warriors 1967D Shurikens 19A09 Credits ¦ Pegasus 022B6B Lives ¦ Plotting 5FAD Zapper blocks (p1)
5FCB Zapper blocks (p2) ¦ PP Hammer 12F53 Lives 12F57 Treasure left ¦ Rainbow Islands E337 Lives ¦ Real Ghostbusters B2BD Lives (p1) ¦ Simpsons: Bart Vs B2D7 Lives (p2) The Space Mutants TFD 73D9 Lives ¦ Sleepwalker 125 Lives ¦ Smash TV 1A7D Lives (p1) 1A9F Lives (p2) ¦ Space Blob C1C47F Lives ¦ Trolls TFD 748 Energy TFD 758 Lives ¦ WWF Wrestlemania 991F Credits AMIGA REPAIRS & S PA RES ? FREE ESTIMATES ?
Repair price examples: Board Repairs from £13.50; Disc Drive Replaced £59.95: Replacement Keyboard £59.95 We will collect from your door today! (if advised before 2pm & in (IK AjOiAk-j mainland) Free Fitting on all Upgrades. ROMS & ROM Switchers!! ~ .. V2 Meg Exp no Clock .C22 95 Super Denise.... Meg E«p with Clock. .£26.95 Power SuppV • 500* Exp SIMMS Type.. .£29.95 Int D Drive External Drive ..£59.95 1.3 K.'S Rom .
Keyooard ROM Sharer......£24 95 Highpower PSU falter Agnus £3995 Gary . F29 95 Oemse ..£26 00 D9 95 Paula .£2500 .£49 95 68000 .....£18 50 £29.95 2.04 ROM ...£29.95 £45.00 8520 ClA ..£1395 £15.00 A600 internal HD Cable.. £14.95 Almost any cable combination available for their Amiga range Amiga Internal A600 A1200 hard drive now available - Call for details HAWKWELL ELECTRONIC SERVICES MOUNT BOVERS LANE. HAWKWELL, HOCKLEY. ESSEX. SS5 4JB.
Send them to us.
Motherboard "beyond economical repair"?
Don't believe them.
Broken add-ons, monitors etc?
Just call us.
We specialise in repairs that other companies will not even attempt.
Ocean Yard, Suffling Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 3QP Phone Fax: 0493 332462 THIS SPACE WON T COST YOU A FORTUNE!
HARDWARE Quickihot II ... Python Mcro Switched... SpeedkJng Autofire ... Competition Pro Eitra..... Mini Compeetition Pro... Mivenct Autofire . Zipsbck Autolire .
Intruder .... Avutor flight Sen ..... let fighter .... £6.50 £8.00
- X10S0 ...£12.SO ...£13.50 ....£12.95 ....£12.95 ....£21.50
....£23.50 ....£12.99 , TRACTOR FEED DISK LABELS 500 plain
white labels & software to print your own professional labels
Only £9.95 SPECIAL OFFER 1000 labels with software £13.50
A600 + joystick ¦* Mouse Mat £ Phone
A600 ......£
Phone A1500 fit
Software ...£Phone 1084ST
Monitor .£195.00 GVP Series
2, Hard drive 52 Meg .....£350.00 1 Meg
sims .....£24.00 Phone
for Amiga prices.
IS r MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES DISKS with labels Amiga Int Drive ...£49.00 Cunana Ext Drive .£54.00 Zydec Ext drive ....£51.00 512K Upgrade with clock ......£23.50 512K upgrade no clock ..£18.00
1. 5 Meg with clock ..£79.00 1 Meg
Amiga plus upgrade ...£37.00 1 Meg Amiga 600
plus upgrade £46.00 JS Meg fast ram, 4 Meg
populated ..£169.00 Movsehoute £1 60 Vocie Mat f 2 tb
Disk D* ve C *ane- £180 Amiga Dust c Over £ 3 50 Mor tO' Djs:
Cove* £ 3 SC VojSe,|Oy5t k Auto $ hl*t 1* 2 99 Amvja I ighl Ppn
tt So*tw»*e £ 32 00 Opt»:«l Moiu» £32 00 SijinkVtn.se' £12 9-»
Naksha Mouse f* Accessories ..£22.00 Zy-Fi
Amplifier & Speakers ......£37.95 Tnumb &
Finger Trackerball ...£19.99 Crystal
Trackball ...£32.00 Action
Replay Mark III ......£57.00 Techno
Sound Turbo Sampler £32.00 2 Piece Printer
Stand with Tray .£5.70 Midi
Master ....£26.00
Wordworth 1.1 .....£77.50
jilt Turn Monitor Stand .....£8.50
Unbrended Bulk 100% Certified
l. J- DSOO 3 S’ RemDow 3 S'DSHD .
5 25DSDO . 37p each 44p each . S8p each . 28p each Branded Dltfci 3,5’ labels p«R roll of 1,000 ...
3. 5' Tractor feed per 1.000
.. Please phone for
bulk purchase discounts V y £095 . .£19 50 £3 95
- £4.50 £8.50 ....£15.00 i STORAGE BOXES 10 capactity
.. NEW 200 Cap bo» jtackabte.'kxfcaW*
SO capacity lockable ..... lOOcpacity kckatxe .... 80 cap Ban. Stackabte locakbte ...... 1 SO cap Rosso staclaWei'lockatye... Star LC- 20 ...£133.00 Star LC 24 -1 0 ...£199.00 STAR LC100 Colour *NEW" ...£169.00 Star LC200 Colour ..£ 194.00 Star LC-24-200 Colour ...£274.00 Most of the above available In 3.5* and 5.25* I Orders by phone or post to: DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES 0782- 311471 Anytime
0782 - 642497 9am - 5.30pm wee 0630-653193 Evening Weekend Prices include VAT Postage please add £3.30 We accept cheques P.O's Vlsa Access 54 Spring Road, Longton, Stoke-On Trent, Staffs ST3 2PX u rX Saar mr GUARDS Make Fingus use the Meat on Amidal to get his False Teeth! Use the Key on the Cupboard: it contains two Diving Suits, one for each gobliin.
Put it to the right of Gromelon (as in pic). Put Fingus on the shelf above and make him jump onto the Mayonnaise.
While Gromelon is drenched, Winkle can pick up his Sword. Pick up the Mayonnaise again.
Activate Winkle on Rustik, and when Stalopicus’s mouth is open, take the Chewing-Gum with Fingus. Use the Chewing- Gum on the Cupboard lock to take the Imprint.
'J FORGE Give the Blacksmith the Imprint, then the Sword. He asks for the bellows to be activated. Use the Stool with Winkle on Oto to make him grimace. When he shakes his Lance, hang Fingus on it.
Fingus is propelled to the left and then jumps on the bellows. The Blacksmith forges a Key: take it.
Use the Mayonnaise on Focus with Winkle. While the meat is lowered, Fingus can use the Stool to grab a piece. Take the Anvil before leaving the screen.
WELL Enter the Tunnel with Winkle. He presses the button which reveals a Door in the monster.
Lift the Hatchet with Winkle to reveal a Switch press it with Fingus before the Hatchet drops back.
The monster’s Door opens.
Enter the Tunnel with Fingus and, when the monster's mouth starts moving, send Winkle through the Door to imitate the monster's voice. This stuns Schwarzy for a short while: Fingus must quickly use the Stool on the Hoist to hitch Schwarzy to it.
Now get Winkle to use the False Teeth on Schwarzy, who'll hang for a moment. Throw the Anvil at him before he comes back up: he goes down, lifting the Well cover. Both gobliins use their Diving Suits on the Well.
I Go on deck and through the Door f with Winkle. While Winkle is ... . -li i j.
' mri standing on the Mast, light the l''!jl 'j Lantern with Fingus: a Fish- Sy C Lamp arrives. Catch it with -J S' r J f ,-W - n . - Winkle. Use the j to Fish-Lamp on the ' *" htd4 mm the big shell (bottom right). Light the RH fe ™ Lantern with Winkle. When the eel ' J ’ *=-'lJ5n appears, activate the Rudder. Fingus is STOREROOM V ' J
- t thrown by the big shell to the Statue. Activate the . . ' _
‘ Use the Starfish on the Chest with Swordfish with I 1 Jtm
Winkle, and activate the Statue with Fingus and take the ' i
Fingus while the Chest is open, to get the Salt. Lift the big
pot I Sword. Use the Sword on the Skull, and Cover with Fingus.
Pick up the Diamond that falls out. While he's holding it, iQ Winkle can pour the Salt on the little guy inside. Take Pots with Winkle.
While Fingus holds the Rope on the right, get Winkle to grab the left Rope: he swings down, lifting his friend up bRL f- YI onto the top-right shelf. Fingus can then use the File on ' ' I 1 I Colibrius’s Chain to free him (he flies off with his cage!), Use the Glove on _ the Blob to neutralise it. Go past it and grab the Bottle with Fingus: it contains a Parchment which is an SOS message from Prince Buffoon.
Get Winkle to take the Bottle: he finds a Pearl.
Give this and the Diamond to the Mermaid, and she opens part of the Passage at the top of the stairs.
With Fingus, give the Parchment to the Octopus and he opens the rest of the Passage.
Recover the Glove from the Blob, and the Stool, before going into the Passage.
Then take one of the Thumb Tacks on the wall.
I iJI Get Fingus to stand on the shelf above rii •* . .
Xa 1 7 the Cook, then Salt the Meatballs with ¦ "I "r (T I I II Winkle. Now move Winkle to II ¦ULiJJ:|rt'• IL_JJ| the right of the Cook. When "T __ p] "1 il-.I.... ll aajs. II Oumkapok's hand grabs the r ®n~‘r Cook. Winkle can place the I bvJt-T'.'' Thumb Tack on the Case. As Jrallrcrrt soon as this is done, click on .
THRONE 1 m Fingus, ready for the ne»t Pick up the a |(* tricky bit. When the Cook, in « Pepper. To get to tk2K5P **« pain, throws the Meatball up, Fingus must the Comice, use (B0K*ilgP«f quickly use the Kindelixir on it this ' -£WjR| the Stool on it takes some doing, so keep trying!
With Winkle, and f» ** Oumkapok (in the adjacent Throne Room) Fingus can climb up via his I is now neutralised. Exit.
Chum’s outstretched Hands. To get Winkle up, Fingus presses IAH4»T r'V T- , m, , v, AN ..,1 , |,rvL the Switch, and V *' Winkle enters the door that opens in
- c MlVl fcj-.-l the eye (middle right).
I El i-l . . I"1' 3 3 T~ T''v _ I To take Amoniak’s Crown, Winkle I V" ‘I'k'» j* 7.-t * enters the left Ear, and Fingus
- J immediately activates the Tongue.
To make a Cockroach emerge, Fingus enters the left Ear, and Winkle immedi- ately activates the Tongue. You now have to be quick to catch the Cockroach before Glotziok eats it. Send Winkle down to the right of the Orifice (middle left), while Fingus goes to the left of the Hole (middle right). Activate Winkle on the Orifice, then immediately make Fingus use the Glove on the Hole: time it right and he catches the Cockroach.
Put the Cockroach in front of the Hole (use it on Hole) and pour Kindelixir on it. It crawls through the Hole: Glotziok eats it and is neutralised. Make another Cockroach come out and catch it (as before).
MERMAID Yes, we know you start in the Wreck location, but you need to visit the Mermaid first... Use the stool on the Sea Horse with Fingus. From now on, use the Sea Horse directly to go up. Go with Fingus through the Hole going up on the right. Activate the Shell with Winkle, who throws it: catch it with Fingus (just as it reaches him).
Send Winkle through the Hole on the right. Activate the Cavity with Fingus: a gloved Hand emerges. While the Hand is stopped, drop the Shell on it with Winkle. Pick up the Shell with Winkle. He can now take the Glove with a Starfish inside.
PARCHMENT Click Fingus on the knife Handle, then immediately make Winkle grab the Point (he must be near enough to do it in time). The two gobliins move the knife a short distance: repeat this operation. Fingus can now get the Page- Marker and use it on the Candle to make a wick.
THRONE Amoniak has gone, while his henchmen are pacified. You can now get the Buffoon, before going back to the Armour room.
ARMOUR Put the Buffoon near the Shrinking Machine. Put Fingus, then Winkle, under it.
The Buffoon starts the Machine which shrinks them both, then follows them. They all jump out of the Scientist’s window.
Pick up the Match with Winkle, and use it on the Eye (it pops out). Get the Buffoon to kick the Eye: it bounces around and breaks the glasses. Pick up the Glass Splinter and use it on the light Ray with Fingus. This melts the Candle, producing a lump of Wax. Use the Wax on the Seal (on the letter), then use the resulting Imprint on the Lock. A Seed falls out: use it on the map Village to make a Plant grow make the Buffoon and gobliins climb down it ARMOUR The Cockroach must be disguised as a ladybird and coated with Kindelixir for Amoniak to eat. To do this, first take a helmet Feather and
dip it in the paint Can to make a Brush. Put the Cockroach in front of the Hole (by using it), and paint it red with the Brush. Pour Pepper on it, then Kindelixir. It crawls through the Hole and is eaten by Amoniak, who disappears.
1 1 1 I w.ur. WIHKI 1 I I 1 IMIICL' DOHM BSNR B ¦ m i:» proviim:n I rY • k URL (iihmi 1 1 H 1 •
- i V , ®.. PLANT The Buffoon has fled up the tree, doesn't
want to come down, and is hungry. Kael, the tree, offers its
apples but a container is needed.
Go through the Hole with Winkle to get to the Buffoon. He reacts violently, and a Bean drops get it. Click on the Stone to make a Mole appear. Use the Bean on the Mole with Winkle: while they struggle, Fingus can steal the mole's Cap.
While Fingus stands beneath the tree, use the Match on the Apples with Winkle. Fingus can use the Cap to catch the bouncing Apple. Winkle uses the Apple on the Hole to give it to the Buffoon. The little chap comes down and rushes to the (magic) Mushrooms, eats one and disappears into a dream!
The two gobliins eat the Mushrooms in turn.
100% your NINTENDO!
SEGi iTION E NO y. iS m « u T * I n1 ivr no f In La IP 111 "i m iMg' Creating 90s Reading TOYS Make Winkle go up the little ladder, then act on the Skittles with Fingus. As the Bowl hits the Skittles, make Winkle go to the Star: he jumps off the edge and catches the Bowl. Get him to use the Bowl on the bo* Cover (left), and leave him standing on the Cover. Now activate the bottom Flag(stone) with Fingus: Winkle and the Bowl go flying and knock the Safety Pin onto the umbrella.
Catch another Bowl (as before), use it on the Cover, and place Winkle on the catapult (bottom left). Activate the bottom Flag with Fingus to send Winkle flying up to the rainbow.
This next bit's tricky, so it’s a good idea to save your position here. Use Winkle on the Feeler to make a Bubble: quickly get Winkle to jump on the Bubble. He floats down towards the Cover: you must activate the Flag with Fingus at the right time, so that the Cover flies open just as the Bubble lands on it. The Bubble is then blown towards the umbrella, and the Safety Pin can be taken by Winkle.
Keep trying it can be done!
Winkle can't get back over to the left, so you must catapult him up, as before. Now put Fingus on the rainbow’s end, and put Winkle on the top Flag Fingus flies up to join his pal.
Put Fingus just to the right of the Feeler. Activate the Switch with Winkle to make the Buffoon fall: in the short time he’s in the bubble-blower's circle, make Fingus operate the Feeler. Time it right and the Buffoon is enclosed in a Bubble quickly make Winkle go and burst it with the Safety Pin, to free the Buffoon.
PLANT Place the Buffoon on the Catapult.
Press the Switch with one gobliin and, once the key emerges from the statue’s eye, activate the Catapult with the other gobliin.
The Buffoon is thrown, unhooks the key, and is taken off by a bird, ut at the back.
MOUNTAIN While one gobliin lifts the Stone the other, placed just above (and to the right), takes it and puts it on the second level.
Repeat this operation to put the Stone on the third level.
Place a gobliin on the Lion, and throw the Stone from level three with the other gobliin. The first gobliin is thrown onto the giant’s right shoulder. Make him act on the red Head, which falls off.
Come down.
Take the Stone to level two.
Place Winkle on the Lion, and throw the stone with Fingus.
Winkle lands on the giant's left shoulder. Make him enter the Shoulder Hole: he emerges near the fallen Head. Put Fingus on the Lion, and push the Head with Winkle: Fingus lands on the ‘levitating’ rock. Move Fingus to the rock’s centre of balance (the !!! Zone): he starts jumping, the rock descends. When it gets to Winkle’s level, make him jump on it. The rock goes back up.
You’re advised to save your position here... Use Winkle on the small Rock near the bird cage and, in the brief time he's bridging the gap, make Fingus walk over him.
Use the File on the Cage to free the bird and get back the Key (and Buffoon).
Place Fingus on the eye (bottom right), and Winkle on the left edge (the !!! Zone) of the top-right platform. Winkle jumps and Fingus is thrown upwards to land on the top platform. Get him to pick up the Mouse there, then use it on the Mud (bottom). When the Crocodile appears, get Fingus to jump on it to make Amoniak reach out his hand.
Use the Magic Water on the Buffoon.
A demon appears, and takes him to the Kingdom Of Death. Grab the Pencil (top right) with Winkle and use it three times on the Blackboard.
Take the Sponge which the furious Tazaar throws at him.
Make Fingus use the Pencil on the Magician's Portrait: get Winkle to jump up on the Armchair to catch the Boomerang that's thrown.
When Winkle uses the Mug on Tazaar, the wizard bangs on the table, knocking a Toothpick to the other side of the room: quickly make Fingus throw the Boomerang at the Toothpick while it bounces.
Winkle can use the Toothpick on the Skeleton to open the rib cage. A bottle smashes on the ground use the Sponge on the resulting Pool.
While Winkle smokes the Pipe, get Fingus to use the Wet Sponge on the Smoke. A portal to the Kingdom Of Death appears.
Enter it.
(stood on the top-right platform) throw the Boomerang at the it so that it knocks the splinter onto Amoniak’s hand, just as it too early and the splinter misses, right and the Buffoon falls, but you must be quick to stop the Demon taking him back up. Immediately make Winkle jump from the !!! Zone: the eye flies over and hits the Demon. You can now get the Buffoon.
Put the Sponge on the Rock with Fingus. Place the Buffoon the eye, then make Winkle from the !!! Zone: the Buffoon onto the Sponge, which Rock. While the water make Fingus use the Pencil the Rock to draw a door. It last long, so quickly get to operate the Handle, opening the door.
The gobliins and Buffoon can now leave hurrah, hurrah!
Leave Lee in this 'pit' while you explore the rest of the level unhindered.
You can jump over and shut the the first trap door, but it's easier (and funnier) just to fall down it.
Mm Shut all of these gushing drains.
Hold Lee to the right of you, at the edge of the platform. When the barrel stops, turn him round and if you've timed it right! the barrel takes him over the water.
Hold Lee to prevent him getting run over... then push him past when the road's clear.
Again take a run-up and kick Lee off the edge. He bounces back up to the top- | right Push the block off the platform and towards the hydrant to stop the water.
Blow up the dynamite by walking into it!
After you hear I bounce.
E follow him.
Bridge the gaps and let Lee walk over you. It’s safer than kicking him!
CvTUe You need a decent run-up to kick him over this gap or he'll fall short, Push the lollipop lady into the middle of the road to stop the traffic.
• T *- .
SBSBSm ... You can leave Lee here while you deal with the later hazards.
Zoo Take a runup and kick Lee from the edge of this platform.
He’ll bounce on the wire below and fly up to the top-left platform.
Very tricky indeed!
Either hit the dog warden or kick Lee over him.
You can now pay a visit to Kipsville zoo.
As the monkey reaches the apex of his swing (to the left) start pushing Lee past.
Roll the barrel down and push it into the crocodile's mouth.
Push Lee past the falling boulders when the coast is clear.
Watch out for falling coconuts.
Push the barrel onto the spike.
Collect the dunce's hat for a whole level map, like the one on the right.
Collapsing bridge watch out!
Kick Lee past the electric eels.
Hit the snake on the head so Lee can pass without inssssssident!
Push Lee backwards past the tree and a hand comes down to turn him round. Very handy (ho ho ho).
Get the whoppie cushion from here for limited invulnerability. Don't fart about now!
Hit the snake on the head, and leave Lee here while you go off to the right... Leave Lee here while you explore the rest of the level. When you do want to move him, kick Lee from the left of the giraffe, so he lands on its neck. When he springs up, he'll be walking right and so won't fall off the edge of the platform.
Follow him.
Kick Lee onto the giraffe, who lifts his neck to fling the lad up to the platform.
Hit the monkey to stop him rolling the barrels down the hill.
Hit the porcupine before Lee treads on him.
Walk into the lever to drain the water... then roll the barrel into the small gap below.
Hit the elephant's trunk to stop him squirting water.
Push the barrel left into the water.
Collect the custard pie to build a bridge over the water. You can leave Lee here if you like.
Hold Lee to the right of you, near the edge.
When the barrel stops, turn him round: he should land on it.
Phew! No time to rest, though, as Lee walks straight into the ghoul-filled graveyard. If enough people write in, we'll set one foot in here next month!
FLOW CONTROL (Havoc 10; Code: IHSUFLGKFG) At first it seems impossible with all the Lemmings getting sucked up by the three tubes. Some can get through if you turn the flow to maximum, but then there’s not enough time to build a bridge over the gap. However, as is often the case, the clue is in the title... Timing's the name el the game in the two levels solved this month both from the Oh No! More Lemmings data disk.
Robert Kwok from Kent has been having trouble with It's A Tight Fit, while Liverpool's Phil Holt is completely stumped by Flow Control and (rather sportingly) refuses to play any later levels, even though he's got the codes. If you're stuck on any Lemmings level, please write to: Lemmings Lifeline, AMIGA FORCE, Europress Impact, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1 JW. Don't forget to enclose your name and address, plus the name and code of the level (either from the original game. Oh No! More Lemmings, or oven Lemmings 2 when it finally arrives).
Mv.' W t£i w ¦ t-ii ¦ m w Immediately increase the flow to 99, then straight back down again to 50. This may seem strange, but the initially high rate gets just one Lemming safely through, which is what you want... IT'S A TIGHT FIT!
Owhen he gets to here, make him build from the lip of the rock (very important!). If you haven’t yet given the last few Lemmings parachutes, zip back up to top and save them!
(Wild 8; Code: CKLWUEMQCP) It certainly is. If getting all ten Lemmings safely down to the exit weren't a hard enough task, a tight time limit ensures near impossibility!
Mmm 5j "ISI He can then build a bridge, and you can immediately put the flow back up to 99.
This allows a couple more Lemmings past the tubes and over the newly completed bridge.
Only three Lemmings make it to the exit, but it’s just enough to make up the 14% required!
EMake the first Lemming a climber and parachutist, then immediately turn the flow up to about 60. Its; Now turn the other Lemmings into climbers Hl' and parachutists to avoid much icon-swapping it’s best to make the first four climbers, then parachutists (as they climb the wall); then repeat for the last five.
Keep an eye out for the lead Lemming, though... Oh No! What Went Wrong?
If you run out of time, you didn't increase the flow soon enough. However, if a Lemming goes over the bridge before it's finished, you increased the flow too soon you need a longer gap between the first and second Lemmings. Or you may have built the bridge in the wrong place it should be only four segments long.
Keep trying: it can be done!
If all goes well, all ten Lemmings will parachute down, turn round at the end of the bridge, and reach the exit with a few seconds to spare.
U sam9 PHEW!
CHEAT CARDSJ ©•» your scissors out, 'cox Its choatin' timo again! 36 of the hottest choats and lovol codas have boon compilod for your convonionco (no, not tho lawyl). A lew quick snips and you can store them in tho bost place: tho relevant game boxes or maybe oven your own homo made filing system!
A junm'tt APB - ¦’ ..ij mi HE* m S2S AWESOME ASSASSIN Eei BL000 M0WY BUCK V0UI1 I 3 • •* : 1 2 3 4
- J 9.BRAT ARMALYTI (Thqlamui) Included on the recent Big Box 2
compilation, this is a disap- | pointing conversion of the
classic C64 horizontal blaster. It should have been a lot
Pause the game and type DELTA 3 for infinite lives.
APB tR«9pr*y) Chasing criminals is fun in this fair coin-op conversion. But if you're always getting in trouble with the sarge, this should help: Simply press fire and push the joystick up while the music's playing you'll be able to start on any level.
ALIEN BREED SPECIAL EDITION '92 (T«om 17) This neat remix corrects the flaws of the original and all for a budget price. Pity they didn’t alter that naff main sprite, though.
Here are the level codes (enter by logging | onto a computer): XXDFA, RTHAA, LAEEA.
UYTTA, PPEAB. Also, try typing In AMIGA FORCE for a special message.
I AWESOME (P*ygno*U) I This space trader shoot-'em-up was | | unkindly described by some as a 2- D Elite'. It’s not a bad blast, though. I | On the cargo energy display, move the cursor to the top left of the screen and press + on the keypad.
The screen flashes to indicate infinite lives and shields.
ATOMINO (PsygneaU) One of the most brain-bendin puzzlers around, bonding those atoms is no easy task. Here are some level passwords: 110 IDYLL 60 INFERNAL j 120 TAURUS 70 FOSSIL i 30 NEPTUNE 140 PHOTON 80 POISON 90 SOUP 150 PLANKTON 100 SULPHATE i ASSASSIN (Y»am 17) One of the most enjoyable arcade adventures for some time, with gorgeous graphics and plenty of action.
Try typing these names into the high-score table for some interesting effects: ASSASSIN, ALIEN BREED, PROJECT X, PSIONIC SYSTEMS, SUPERFROG, THE ONE AND ONLY BRAT (Imagswwki) The mouse-and-icon control system is an added complication in this arcade puzzler. Some codes: I 1 BISHIAMO 7 MOZIMATO I 2 MIHEMOTO 8 HOZITOMO 3 SASUTOZO 9 MOKITEMO 4 SUMATZEE 10 ZUMOHATO 5 NOKITAGO 11 CHANASTU 6 ITSANONO 12 NAGAITSU | BLOOD MONEY (9inl«r«) One of Ben The Boffin's Top 20 shoot-'em-ups in the last ish, and rightly so. Despite the slow pace, it’s very playable even more so with
two players.
To cheat, simply pause the game and type HELP. Infinite lives are yours for free!
"+ BEACH VOLLEY |Oc«an) Not one of the better sports sims around, but then perhaps the sport wasn't suitable for conversion. Whatever next swing tennis?
During play, type DADDY BRACEY and the screen will flash. Now press F1 to skip levels.
AMmnH V t UJEVIflm WEAPON (jO moni) Mel Gibson and Danny Glover gel computerised into rather stumpy characters, but the plattorm-leaping action's not bad.
Hold down Alt and F together: the numbers on the numeric keypad allow you to choose your level (sadly this doesn’t work on the A600).
(ftlteMMAn)) One of the few games with graphics worth wolf-whistling! An arcade adventureplatformer that’s well worth getting hold of if you can find it.
Type in DRAGONBRIDGE before starting the game. Pause the game and press L to advance a level.
X-OUf Not as good as its sequel (Z-Ouf), main- | ly due to the fact that the pre-game arming screen usually lasts longer than | the ensuing action! This should help... Choose the smallest ship and the smallest ammo, then click on the shopkeeper’s face you get 500,000 credits.
DALEM ATTACK ((Adinlbollj Exterminate those Daleks with this cheat.
For invulnerability, during play type in ROGER MOORE AND OLIVER REED WERE NEVER GOOD SINGERS (including spaces). II It doesn’t work, try substituting JAMES BOND for ROGER MOORE, or swapping the names round. Note that the Doctor can | still die from a long fall.
QuffflUIN IJSfflseay Without the slick graphics and sonics of the coin-op, this poor conversion reveals the weakness of the former’s simple gameplay.
During play, type RED BARCHET- TA. Now press: S skip to next level; [ T extra 10 seconds; B restart current level.
(Qcnanjj What a terrible game to see just how poor it Is, see the review in this issue’s Ocean roundup (page 38). And It's dead easy too, but if you’re still stuck... Simply press F10 ten times during play to freeze your opponents. Note that if you knock them down, you can't pick them up again.
CYBEBNQIO in (PUMoramj) This enjoyable shoot-’em-up can still be found on compilation. The cheat's on the sinister side... On the title screen, type In NECRO- NOMICON (the title of that banned devil-raising book!) To gain infinite lives. Pause the game and press N to skip to the next level.
NHG1M1 SMM A unique game style has you manipulating a massive machine, making Star Wars toys. It may be dead old, but it’s still great fun.
Here are some level codes: 5 Pineapple, Pineapple. Lemon, Cherry; 10 Lemon, Banana, Plum, Plum 13 Plum, Cherry, Banana, Pineapple nmmcMiiiE Programming team Vivid Image sure come up with some innovative j concepts this one's even stranger than Hammerfist. Zipping between time zones Is made easier with this cheat.
Type your name in as DIZZY on the high-score table for infinite lives.
IMRIDOmW} EM wvem»b| Wi * M Another enjoyable two-player blast
now out on budget.
On the title screen, type ARC, then press the HELP key to start a two-player game. Press S to go straight to the shop; N to advance to the next level.
¦-MOTION One ot I he oddest, but most compulsive puzzlers around. It your balls keep exploding, try this!... When Einstein appears (during the game's attract sequence), type MOONUNIT. During play, press: F1 I forward a level; F2 back a level; F3 forward ten levels; F4 back ten levels.
CRACKDOWN flttwU Gauntlet meets Dyna Blaster in this maze-negotiating, bomb- planting coin-op conversion. Great fun with two-players, it's a steal on budget.
Pause the game and press S, M, U,
R. and F together. Now press 1 for 999 lives; 2 for 999 units of
HUMANS | mirrnfj In the same vein, but not as good, as Lemmings. Fiddly controls make It a real hair-tearer, so here are the llrst ten level pass-codes; 1 DARWIN 6 - MOOBLE I 2 - ANDIE PANDIE 7 CSL 13 GET A LIFE 8-THE HUMBLE ONE 9 PIXIE 10 MILESTONE 4 - CARLOS I 5 HOWIE m *!***) Lengthy loading, yukky presentation, and I mediocre gameplay make this one a turkey. Nevertheless, you may as well try out this strange cheat: Insert disk 2 first, then when the insert disk 1.. message appears, insert disk 1.
When the game loads, press RETURN to skip levels.
OIMINH WIN© This mediocre coin-op conversion plays better than it looks, but with graphics like | these, that's not saying too much! | The level pass-codes are: 2 MR.WIMPY 5 GUNSHOTS I 3 CLASSICS 6 DOODGUYZ I 4 WHIZZKID 7 D.GIBSON NEViRMIND am (StnfeM) This 3-D puzzler's fairly playable once you get into it which takes some time.
On the title screen, type 328GTS and the message Cheat now on, Steve’ should appear. During play, press the right mouse button to skip levels.
LOTUS TURBO CNALlENOi 3 (•rwwlhU Here are the codes lor the Hard tracks (enter them via Deline menu and select question mark on Course panel): 1 IYWKVEQR 35 I - ZUGIUKIK-M 11-XWIWaa8S 2 lAZZNIKW-li 7-I0aJ6Gm-63 12 OOSCJVE8T 3 FGOUGMF 65 I - AFZYIOCJl 70 13 SKGTXXXXK-57 4 MFFSRPYDU I JBOIAJHKA-W 14 - YK6JWVHAX-8?
5 PIQTZOOPt 10 0ASK0TIT « 15 - WJW6MEQHW INDY AND THE LAST CRUSADi (ACmN*AM8) (Mm) Not as good as the adventure, and not a particularly accurate conversion ol the movie.
On the title screen, type IEHOVAH and Iho screen Hashes. During the game, press: L skip levels; 1 and 2 reach restart points In level. Enter your high-score name as SILLYNAM tor Infinite lives.
CIT-OUT I N - 7 L* Nm» r ¦t4x£ MIUNaw| Ik wmmmbI
* jl 1 Is 1% 3 ROAD RASH fttMIEI MAHAWI RQUNASIBS 1 ! 2 3 ufs 6
H4dS *•».
7 (fl 9 u«a Uii« R 0 C Jm Cw-« tiStS!
mM r ???
CD J ™ i i • i x J _ am
27. S1RIDER PP HAMMER (OI«b«l) Here are some level codes for this
budget blockbuster: 15 AWHATGBH 30 RVJBTFHH |10 TIWVGWIE
Arts) Get a kick-start with these pass-codes: Panda 600
00000 OOJOO 102VS 21JUD Banzai 750 00000 00J01 113BT 22KDP
| Kamikaze 750 00000 0OS20 117H5 33UV1 Ferrucl 850 00000
01420 019G5 457VO Diablo 1000 00000 01S90 10EGJ 576IK
Shurlken 1000 00000 01421 109G5 448VN STRIDER pa«» A fair
conversion of the famous Capcom coin-op.
Pause the game and hold down the HELP key, left SHIFT, and 1.
Unpause and press 1-5 to jump to that level; F1-F5 to jump to various restart points In the current level.
PINBALL FANIASIES (aid Cuniur ) II you haven't got the balls, these cheats'll stop you flipping your lid!
Before selecting the number of players, type in: EXTRA BALLS for five instead of three: DIGITAL ILLUSIONS to stop the ball going out of play; EARTHQUAKE to disable tilt; HIGHLANDER tor heavier balls; VACUUM CLEANER to clear high scores; FAIR PLAY to disable cheats.
ROADBLASTERS (Klxx) | Loadsa cheats for this old coin-op | conversion: On the starting line, type LAVILLASTRANGIATO, then: I P refuel 2 missiles S next stage 3 shields X spins car 4 nltro G end game 0 remove | 1 cannons weapons.
STREET FIGHTER 2 (US OoM) If last issue's complete playing guide wasn't enough, this'll make you Invincible... Choose a one-player game and. On the character selection screen, put your cursor over Blanka but don't press fire! Instead type In the letters of PATIENCE, holding each down tor a couple of seconds. The border will flash yellow to Indicate success. During the game you can press F10 to restore your character s energy to full.
NITRO (SluUrs) With up to three players, loads of levels and even night driving, this Hot Rod-style overhead racer's surprisingly compelling. Well worth a look on budget.
Enter your name as MAJ to get 5,000 fuel units and a whopping 50 credits.
I PREMIER MANAGER I (Oranalin) Dial tha following number* to ma*»mi»a relevant skills for positions: 753423 - goalie. 250967 - detender: 000123 - midfielder. 220769 attacker Or better still, maximise every player s stats by I dialling 781560. This also grants you C20 million, but changes your name to ROF Cheat. Avoid this by starling a lour-player game and using the cheat on three ot the teams. You can then sell all their players | to the fourth (using your own name) at the minimum co*l, and sell some ol your players to them lor £20 million a timet Alter this, resign Irom the three dummy
teams and you'd have a squad of star players and over £60 million!
SILKWORM (Trowix) Another of Ben's Top 20 blasters (see last ishl), this horizontal scroller's one of the best two- player games around.
On the control options screen, type SCRAP 28 for Infinite jeeps and choppers. During play, press 1-8 to skip to that level.
OT-OUT CHEAH CHEAT CARDS I 09 1 | • 00 1 [4 ¦S!
F f 1 s»p* fWW,
- I*.
I-M =*=LR rA'j _ Nlf Juit cut out the coupons to “ keep in your gome box! , » «
31. UGH!
34. XENON 2
36. Z-OUT SWITCHBLADE Ron) This labyrinthine arcade adventure is
great for mapping, but eventually gets repetitive.
Enter your name in the high- score table as POOKY. During play, press 1-5 to skip to that level.
TEST DRIVE II One of the most realistic racers around, outrunning the cops is particularly enjoyable!
During play, type: GASS |ump to gas station with amazing time and score; GASST jump to gas station with real time; AERF better acceleration and braking, plus an extra lite.
VOYAGER inn ; juziJ) A solid 3-D blaster exploration game that was slightly overrated at the time, but still pretty playable and good value on budget.
On the options screen, type WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL and a cheat menu should appear.
An accurate enough conversion of | the mediocre coin-op beat-'em-up.
Knock 'em dead with this cheat: Enter your name in the high-score j table as GREEN CRYSTAL. During | play, you can now press F1 repeatedly to add lives, and F8 to skip levels.
65 KENDOVE 66 PDDLES 67 THE NAKEDANT 68 KENSHABBY 69-ALBATROSS Z-OUT (¦On) Better than its predecessor X- Out, this is an enjoyable two- player blast, though the power- ups are a bit puny in this mode.
During play, hold down J and press 1-8 to jump to that level.
Hold down J and K for Infinite lives.
XYBOTS Good conversion of one of the best two-player coin-ops around, featuring neat 3-D shoot-outs in maze-like levels.
Enter your name in the high- score table as ALF. On your next game, you'll have infinite lives.
. *1 The classic shoot-'em-up (featured in Ben The Boffin's Top 20 blasters, last ish) is shortly to appear on the Bitmap Bros Vol 2 compilation.
Pause the game and type RUSSIAN AIR. Unpause and press N to skip levels.
CRY P T I O N I What do you want to hear first: the good news or the great news? Well, the good news is that from Issue 3 (on sale 18 February), AMIGA FORCE will be published every month! No more long waits between issues! No more hair-tearing frustration, yearning tor the latest, hottest tips!
The even better news is you can now get AMIGA FORCE on a low-cost, recession- beating subscription. Not only do you receive 12 issues of the magazine for • a serious Amiga gamesplayers, you also get THREE great Gremlin games (total original value: £74.97) for just FOUR _ pounds extra!
¦ However, we realise that some of you dedicated gamesplayers may already have one (or more) of the three free games. In this case, you can subscribe without getting the games for a special DISCOUNT price!
Make your choice (games or not), tick the relevant box in the coupon, fill in your details and send it to Europress Direct (not the AMIGA FORCE editorial office).
And may the FORCE be with you... UP!
LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE ¦ Even more playable than its two classy sequels, this is the two-player driving game. The rollercoaster 3-D action is superfast; the competition furious, ac wm i hi imrt anH Korno mi't computer cars and into each other on obstacle-strewn tracks.
¦ A cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches for the fragments ot a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
MANIX ¦ A souped-up variation of the classic O-Bert coin-op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks to change their colour, requiring a combination of quick thinking and arcade reflexes.
¦ I want to join the rapidly growing AMIGA FORCE army. I understand I must be | of sound mind and prefer purely games reviews and tips and no technobabble. I don’t have an attitude problem and I can’t wait to get my hands on the explosive equipment every gamer needs: that's a year’s supply of AMIGA FORCF. Please!
¦ Tick where appropriate.
¦ Please send me the next 12 issues ot AMIGA FORCE with great Gremlin games bundle: 6501 ? I live in the United Kingdom (£22.99) 6503 ? I live in Europe or Eire (£30.99) 6505 ? I live outside Europe (£40.99) 6701 ? Don't forget to send me my three free games!
¦ Please send me the next 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE, at the special discount price, but without free games: 6511 I live in the United Kingdom (£18.99) 6513 r. I live in Europe or Eire (£26.99) 6515DI live outside Europe (£36.99) Melhod of payment: VISA i ACCESS ? POSTAL ORDER ? CHEQUE Credit card number . Expiry date Signature... Name .. Address ....Postcode ..... Make cheques and postal orders payable to
Europress Direct. Send this form (or a photocopy of it) to: Europress Direct, AMIGA FORCE Subscriptions, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. No stamp needed!
Why not subscribe by phone or fax? Ring your order through on 051 357 1275.
Or fax it on 051 357 2813. For any enquiries regarding your subscription, telephone the ever-so-nice people who deal with our subscriptions on 051 357
Please tick if you do not want to receive promotional material from other companies:” ¦ ISSUE FOUR I MAY 1993 MAF MONTH The case pul forward by the prosecution was as watertight as it could have been. Standing in the dock, Geoftrey began to sweat surely they couldn't pin THAT on him? Alter all, the punishment involved was universally regarded as a nasty affair, and all he'd done was go into the newsagent. With the benefit ot hindsight, our condemned friend began to rue the day he ever decided to waste four pounds of his hard-earned cash.
In the end, the verdict was a unanimous Guilty', and poor old Geoff had his Amiga impounded and replaced with a I6K Spectrum. Afterwards, as he cried onto his now-redundant mouse mat, he promised himself and the world at large that from that day, he'd buy AMIGA FORCE, and AMIGA FORCE alone... ____ Sad story? You bet. But it doesn't have to happen again. ; j You can join the Force crew every month in Britain's brightest and most exciting Amiga magazine.
For example, next month we'll have a roundup of I All the I latest low- pricers get I the full A- Force I treatment... each month!
Before him on a table near the jury lay the evidence: AMIGA FORCE in all its resplendent glory and, alongside it, a lesser’ magazine with cheap plastic lumps affixed fo the cover. He knew his crime; how could he not? He'd bought an altogether feeble excuse of a read at a high price because of two disks that he'd probably load once, then chuck in a cupboard. Why hadn’t he bought AMIGA FORCE9 After all it was a far better magazine than its competitors, and with a mere £1.95 retail cost it meant he'd have more money towards the software he read about.
R i£ ? B y .
I b:d the top 20 arcade adventures. Budget Bargains and Rich Pickings will be as plentiful as they are reliable, and all the best PD will grace the Going Public section. Need more? Well, you can expect all the best tips, maps and playing guides, and (as ever) Lemmings Lifeline will help cure the terminally Oh Nol'ed.
r. :_ • Si • £Hii A " i m Hi r Ll ess* ip
- '¦ ‘ ¦ mm .j I We don't rave] | over every new release, you I
know! But you can bet your last red cent that whatever we DO
pick is worth the spondoolies!
J • IMP o'V-'l If’ ; Dear Mr Newsagent Hi! Just dropping a quick line to say AMIGA FORCE is the magazine for me. After all, could there be another magazine? I mean, look at those features, reviews, playing tips what a splendiferous little affair it is. So... MY NAME MY ADDRESS.
I'd like my AMIGA FORCE Delivered Kept behind the counter Just in case you didn’t know, AMIGA FORCE is published by Europress Impact, and distributed by COMAG. Thanks!
APRIL 1993 ISSUE FOUR 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N11 1SL CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 081 889 9172 ENQUIRY,ORDER UNE: 081 361 5730 24 HOUR FAX UNE 081 361 2733 BITMAP BROTHERS VOL1 oriyCllW X oaCadmmraaiSp rtalB_ CHAMPIONS only £13.99 JmwgiKkan SmU UoUiIM MdW C BangU*A«4M BIG BOX only £15.99 Blood. Tm TmoatMMwMinG wa
B. ttt.PM P.rpm S*„. Day* K y|Mi Eg* Jta pmg JkIioa Bffio BOARD
GENIUS only Cl 7.99 Omo* Uo 0(0*, Dekne SciibM* C Mwto Me*.
0«mw and R ak HOLLYWOOO COLLECTOR only CIAM RoboCcv. GkttbumM
GREATEST only Cl AM Jaa. Wmo WtoksM Saootw. L«* f th* Tea
(«,•*» STRATEGY MASTER onlyC21.M Dmtotot PopvOw. Hurttr
Ciwuptoyw 21 SO and Spat* * Excrtbw SPORTS MASTERS only Cl
9.99 PGA Tour Old. Intfy 500. A-tvantege Taaa tad E uiopma
CluapOAiAo 1982 DREAM TEAM only Cl 9.99 T«Mn I Simp*** W.W.F.
SOCCER MANIA only Cl 1.99 FoctbAl Iumqw 0. Quul Soccm Fodbal
Manager • W C Edlkn Uircpcw Soocw TEST DRIVE IICOLLECTION only
C20.99 M .acts Car* Caffe*"* Chatonge FuiOpMACSAfcAflA. OlM
SupwC«l» 4 WHEB. DRIVE only C19.99 l *u» E wrt Crtca GT« R ak,
team S urM andComboRac** NINJA COLLHTTION only Cl 199 D
Oragen. Shado. Warr» 0 N*|a AWARD WINNERS ONLY Cl 9.99 Kick
Off II. Pjpamaam. SpacaAc* SUPER FIGHTER only C1&99 PoqAlat.
WWF.FiMlFgN ACTION MASTERS only C1A99 Twbo Outrun, f 16 Com M
PM. Laly 198Q WaffnaaadOouUaOraoMl ACTION PACK only Cl 2.99
Rt*».Uaya.O*SffaftElm« rtx Fa* Ur- Shac.an U4. HcoUgea.
Taegtan ead Colorado RAVING MAD only Cl 1.99 Mega KM Rodlead.
Rcbocod POWER PACK II only Cl 7.99 Ptedffor II. BaBla Uetf«
Wing* It Came From The Dose* BIG BOX II only Cl 9.99 Bad tor *
Fulne ¦. R-Typa. ¦ •, RM off burner* Dal d the EmtK TV S(ort»
Forth Shanghai Armey* Slabad Bombooxd POWER PACK only Cl 4.99
Xaoca 2 TV Sports Fortbal 8bod*y h «Ad Loabatd Rail, COMBAT
CLASSICS only C20.99 Fl5Sti*aEaglall. 648 Aba:t Sub and Taaa
Yankaa BITMAP BROS VOL 2* only Cl 199 XaacA I. God* Mage
Poctati 2 HOT 2 HANCLE only Cl 9.99 Gotten A.* Trtal Raca»
Shade* Wants* Slip* Off Road Raerog MEGA MIX only Cl 9.99
leandet. A *, and Oik SPORTS COLLECTION only Cl 2 99 Run tha
Gauntlet Pro Taaa* Tout and WorU Cep Soccer (itaM W ACTON 5
only Cl 9.99 Rek Dangerous II, Ghcrtbuffers » Geash* Supai Sb
and Maid D ntg AMIGA TOP TITLES AMIGA .£16® The Game* 92
Espana £20® . £22® The* Finefl Hour .. £19.® .
£21.® The Manager .. £20® AMIGA TOP TITLES .
£18® Sabre Team ... CIS® SavaoeEapto ... £16®
Secret Siker Bbea . .
.. £12® Secret Weep Lu«' .. £19.90 SensWe Soccer 92 93.
120. ® SharWeiinds ...... . £21® SHADOW BEASTII ... Shadow
d the Boast ill TOP TITLES AMIGA TOPTrTLES A500* iMeg
Upgrade .£38® Dhuecanqe .. EDUCATIONAL ADI
Engirt 11-12 C16W ADI Engirt 12-13 .....£16® ADI
Engirt 13-14 .....£16® ADI Frenchl
1-12 £16® ADI French 12-13 £16®
ADI French 13-14 £16® ADI Mathsl 1-12 ...
ADI Math* 12-13 . ADI Math* 13-14 . Bettor
Spellng 8-14 .
Better Math* 12-16...... Fun Schod 2 under 6 .
Fun School 2 6-8 . Fun School 2 ewer 8 .... Fun Schod 3 under 5 .£16® Fun School 3 5-7 £16® Fun Schod 3 7 ...£16® Fun Schod 4 under 5 .£16® Fun School 4 5-7 £16® Fun Schod 4 7 .£16® Junior Typist.. MaW (4-8) £14.® £14.® £16® £14® . £18® ThunderhawkAHV3M . £16® Thunder Jaws . £20® TipOfl . £16® To*i £19® TconWorttV.. £21.® £16® £16® £15® £16® £16® £16® £11.® £11.® £11.9© £23® OS® X20® £19® (20® £16® £20® £ 6® £17* £16® fit ® OS® OS* 10 3owbv** "J B
* 0 vww tua»g «0Spev» w»*f AT-*n
K. 1X- SWMff Akams F*»*y KecMrPani A SdMon A***! • AuartoantPooi
..£16® ..£16® £16® ..£14.® . £1499 £6® £18® Shadow
Worids .. £16® Trodllers Shuttle the
San .. £20® Trofc SjeM Service II Sm Ani.
£13® Smpsons ..... £15® CIS® SeepwaAer 50G'12OCO ..... £20.® £23® Srow Bros ..... £16® £16® Soccer Kid £29 » Soup Trek • £16® Space 1889 ... £16® £16® Space Ace I £19® Space Gun Space Cnisade £16® Space Qued llUHot IV.... £23® Special F xc« Steel Empire.... Sbreo Master £16® Storm Master £16® Street Fighler II.
£20® Strike Fleet £23® Striker...... £23® Super CauMron' £16® Super SW1V' £23® FU Toa Cat* ...... £18® FlSStnke Eagle II £54 ® FI 17A Stealth Fahter* £36® F19Stealh Fgh4er ft ® F79Reai«?or
* C4«c Ga*e»«*.**¥ (’6® »-waey IpaMn m® Fecoa Aexr hdn f’6W *«mx
Maw *e i L'MlMW £’5® taroorMM**’:«»9 Artnouroeddon Upgrade
*.... £10® Fafcon 30 Araooroeddon II * £19®
FantaMIc V.,„ . Ashes d Emp*e .. £20® Fale
d Atladis (Ad.) ......£2S® Mega Fortress Aisas&in
...£16® Fale d Allants (Arc)
...£16® Mega Sports A TAG* . £23® Final
Bkcw ..... £16® Uegaraveler II.
B17 Flying Fortress* £23® FinalFgM ..... £16® MicrooroseGoll Bane d the Came Forge . £24.® FreaiJla BARBARIAN II (P*ya) £14.® Fast Samu Bard* Tale Tnlogy .....£18® FaeStone Bart vs tie World * £16® Flashteck A-ca X) AaoeCcapto
• s»P« **i*ane Aa ae Th* C tioe »«fa sx Nodd * Playtime The Three
3. 5 DS DO discs with Label* boxed in 10’* 10x35 DS 20x35 DS 30 x
35 DS 50x35 DS 100 x 35 DS DO £S® DD £11.® DO £15® DD £21.® DD
£39 ® £16® £16® £16® £18® £16® ..£15® Mitwntei I ..£20.® Mig
29 Fulcrum .
..£13® Might of Magic III . £16® Moonstone
w. v Saam«n
• v -«cCom*«‘»dM i .
£1S* *WI £ 6* wwrf ( £ib* toot S 8mq sariu.
..£11.® Mcnkeylskind . C1SW Tear Away Thomas BAT. II..... Battle Che** II ..... BaOe Isle ... SaOe ale Cela Dv 6** Toads 6CW Brc e bA.t*1'-, Bkec* Oypt BATOM0 Roger* Buct F*cc«ai Caoarat . . .
Cpm. Dro per dr Please add fOp per 10 disc* when onlerinq locover P&P £14.99 Monkey Island II £25® Tenn*Cup2 .
£16® Foo&aN Manager III _____£14.® Mouae (SwhchabM) ... C9.M Test Drive III £18® Myth ..... £16® £12® **•.» taor Go* £23® £16® s U»welA««:.Cha* G W (18® ORRJTL*; (*7» £16® 0«k fS® £16® Odtono*-** £’6» (7t » •*«*. He*h 1 *•**• (70® £i* * p« . Kmndtl’ f?-» (23® t*ma«i‘ *r* (IS® (23® (70® (20* ‘¦GAGolloa-* (70® I 6® *wACoh'ee*Os* do® ..£19® PnbalDream* C15® £23® Pinball Dream* II . £16® . £18® Popubu* II • The Chaleoge £11® £16® Populou*II * (1 Meg) £23® .. C1S® Power and Gbiy * . £19® Power Up Comptatlon .... C12.W £6® £6® £6® £6® £6* £6® .
(6® . £6* . £7* . £6® . £6* £6* . Ee*
• - -4 AMIGA BUOGETTrTLES UNDER CIO «« i-uwrmal £6® '«• 30
Pool . Adrwialynn .
Afterburner . Alered Beasl . Arkanoid II
.... ATOMINO .. Bar
tartan Barbarmn II ...... Bataan The
Mwie Bafbehawks 1942 .. .. Bbod Money . Cabal
- .. CaMomiaGame* .. .
Carrier Command . .
CekaGT4 Raly ..... Cendefokl Squares.
ChaaeMQ .. Ctoud Kngrtom ... CdoautChess .
Combo Racer ConlM in Europe..... ConbnentalCecus .... Deluxe Strp Poker Double Dragon I or II sr.".*..... Fantasy Wckl Orzzy FlSCombalPibl . .
Fnal CounMwm f0‘ • Gau-®n act re® S'mlw t Tw Beasi C7.® Shadow Warrbr ..£6® f6® Sherman M4 ......£6® C699 Stanobl ...... £6® pg gg Smart TV..™ ....£6® re® StargMer II £6® £7 ® Slunt Car Racer £6® . £8® Supaplttt .. £5® . £9 ® Super Cars II ......£8® (6® Super OR-toed £8® £7* Suo**-ingCk £6® ,6® SwtttRrtto (8® re® is**' ¦'mo* i re® re® •«-. Re* £6® iMmmaio.B (6® re® ivn0M*w« re® ,•» louoar re® re® 1 T**n £.'» re* j't.torte.bte* re® £7® vu** re® re® wCleedmtxrtd
..£5® WorM Championshb Boxing £6® £6® ZakMcXracken .£8® . £6® Xenon II .....£7.®
- * .«M*Cw9anc« Carte* 'arte*0a» K Ca«e d .* P an Ckaee HOB
DwAftKB * Cvftox C*'* A Com bar CodGw Vn* CodW kj .
Combat A» «*eeoi (-WkJKc-iea CrtWm' (Worn Got Ml At»' Crazy Car* ¦ Cram* tor a Cc»p*a nMWt** DtTT* .
Cvrtdfwlxharaw .
C*br £23® Premiere . £20® . £16® . £16® . OS® . £16® . 06® £23® £23® £20® £1SW £15® £15® . R«w . 06® 06® . OS® £13® Kick Otl I £23® Kick Oft I C'8® KxJGkwe*!
ImM* Anac* f’7» Omteere 06® Kwyi u.w . H*f Boo.
Cm* Boor £’i® K-wgMdtheS*.
Gem x a® Pr:*"4«p Gnottbutte'* i C8» Prtg'tw £6® GMVAxe C6» ‘Vttmg faMbvrttwrn 16® R fii® -maOC £16® (eaMI £16® raea - Ax' £12® GcbfcW i £73® Goo* £16® GcajeaSho* £i'» Ggoocn« «d £18* G ar am '*,» £20* GrtndPUr ' cam £11* GrtV.?
('3® * f'6® £2? 9 f'S® f t» cemrcaB f’S® "m'i Aw*r ' f’6« wm P ae* fn® n«« Mme'9ia • fiS® « e.»B» f«6W Afcw Ccfcro * i vroi fl*® fi«® *tooa f’S® P«rtd* f«6® an* f’9® PurtOmr £23® Sc*am»Crt«l 09® £20® mmYar aiSxvHCrtk OS® 1X r aaC G-0°« .
£16® rtar .eoee Fd*w* .20® rtrtXJaO £ 6® ni*)V AMIGA TOPTrTLES ....CIS® Lawn Mcmer Man *.. .... £16® LeaMer fit® Mtowewpon . Ue* Ooooeavg rre® ~*jk . (11® OooMBOlMOftll agaw.-a* (V,a . £1t® ihw OMgn* £22* .eoN-J 1 «¦***• .
. (23* (Xne ( 6 * MwlMVW .
. C1?» Ocnffl* ns* .a rasMioTvi .
. ('4® r *M0nlO»» l ift .w eSzl T,!
. Fli® OyraHiar tit* «w«S*lmw v . Fi8® tl ‘ 1 " . Ft*.® i- v a • rmtmv* £15® Lemming* .... £23® Lerrmng* and Oato Dttk £18® lemmng* II .... £21.® Sm Earth .
£18® lemming* Data Disk...... ....£23® lermng* Stand Alone .....£18® InlctW ...... £23® tijuid Kjd*' .. £21.® Lod Treasures dldccom £19® IdusTuitoChafengell.. C1S® Lotus Tuito Challenge III £1S® Lured the Tern drew.
......£11® Mi Tank Patton now £8® MacDonald Land ... £17® £8® Mage Pockets ... CIS®
• • £is» 06® J*»«* °ono i. ©pS«**«r 06® Rae* * *eS.a* £23®
I*9**’ £16® ReeBaron 06® j an®*Mk*«wr-1 06® RadJone 06®
JftanweifUet OS® &*• oiero Oratx £23® J wrowolxfiM 06®
&**v*vjod* . 06® k:*8 £20® RoafFiart OS® RoCWHooc 04® Robocod .
£16* Robouro I 06® . Re* •1000spcr* ao» . OS® Rodland .16® .
08® ••tooxwe' 07® £2J® K’rt* I 04® .07® KK* 08171 Mm ¦ 1 I SUM}
AM* £16® Jagn (6® r-.rt- 4»m £7* «. £6® Ran«ow!*«id* (6®
.Mrteutw i a* .
Vfciau C-*d« £S» '‘oC 8® .amea-Vto £6® ***** 101 fS» .e-Se«*B. £7® (6® .K7w3cu**n C6® .
£6® -xj.Vvea £S» JJOjOCopM (8® «i sa.w (6® £6* asisre i ( » TtoGaue®’ («» .omomdRAC Raly t£W *0'da (6* ,om*(*p-a ca® Mane Miner ... £6® M Jackson Moonwafter MidntgM RetMance ..... MidwMat TV Sports Baseball £22® TV Sports Boing ... £23® Turtle* II ...... Twight 2000 ..
- V* jlmeUaAa’ f«6 » I*-a v £'6» J»*av1 .16* JUS i i»» JUS
lOu-erFJ -* f»2® u«j«r» 1 'ih» I * I *(M ,V a».a.wort9 £20*
v-seo* : .26* f cMdt dCoeorod £16® Voy e Beyond (SGusade) £16®
£6® £6® Moonrtae Racer* £6® Murder .... £6®
Hare .. £7® Navy Seal* ..
£5® New Zealand Story .
£8® NmiaRemt. ..... £6® North8 South ... £6® Out Run .. £6® Operation Slealh ..... £S® Operation Thunderbolt £7 ® Operation Wcff ... £6® OutanEuiopa ... £6® Pang .. £6® Panza Kck boxing. .
£18® . £21 ® . £12® CIS® i* f'S » fS® c*s» re® Waxworks .
Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable to Eaglt Sottwart PSPis£1.00pe»itemintheUK. Orders under £10 please add 50p per Hem. Europe: add £3.50 per item Elsewhere add £4.50 per Hem. New titles wll be sert as released and are subject to manufacturers price reviews E.&O.E. SPECIAL OFFER APPLIES ONLY IF QUOTED WHEN ORDERING r VISIT OUR SHOP AT 120a MYDDLETON ROAD WOOD GREEN LONDON N22 4NQ 081 889 9172 SHOP PRICES MAY VARY.
Computer_ AMIGA _ Dale_ Title _ Price_ __Price_ _ Price_ _ Price_ P&P _ 144 Total Name: Address: Postcode: Card No: Exp Oats Tel: Member No: Access Q Visa Q Cheque Q P.O’s Q Free Membership with First Order. No obligation to re-order.
(6) What do you do with any back issues of AMIGA FORCE you have?
4028 l i Chuck them out 4029 EH Keep them in case I need them for info later 4030 ? Loan them to a mate to read 14031 t Other (please specify) News (Read All About It) | Lead Review (Rave Review) Features (Dizzy, Soccer, etc) Competitions Posters Letters (Force 9 Mail) Playing Guides (Tips For All) I Lemmings Lifeline Cheat Cards (Cut-out ‘N’ Cheats) Big Breakfast Column (Masterblaster) 2 AF APRIL 1993 ¦ ISSUE FOUR _1

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