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You get to It may not look quite as pretty, bul tor almost 40 quid less, you're getting ah almost identical game in tact, it's even got one over Ihe SNFS version with the inclusion ot the com-op s car and barrel smashing bonus sections1 '¦Having played and been suitably impressed by this on Ihe Super Nintendo, I couldn t wait lor the Amiga version tc come out. Well, here it is and its something ot a classic. All the sampled sounds and wonderfully detailed graphics are there, and the action stll remains as last and furious as ever Possibly trie only thing that could prove Street Fighter Its downfall is the control method. Wilh a jaypad land their mulhple lire buttons; control becomes simplicity itself afler a tew turns Unfortunately, as mosl Amiga owners use joysticks i can envisage a fair few infuriated lighters struggling to I access those special moves. Now I know [ what Ryu means when he shouts hadaken' However, it must be said that it s been worked out as well as it could Despite this minor Haw, I d still say SF II is the best beal- em up ever to grace the Amiga, with the second best two player option ot all-lime (Senstbte k Soccer corrvng first, ol course1). T difierent moves depending on whether you re standing, crouching, or lumping Things are sughily easier on a two button loypaa (you can use Sega and Nintendo controllers but extra buttons aren't utilised by the Amiga's joyports)

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Document sans nom RINICAL EXCELLENCE ft N, BEDS, LU4 8EZ TEL (0582) 491949 (6 LINES) 3T LZ f STREET FIGHTER II The AMIGA FORCE crew give Iha long- awaited Amiga From basketball coition* lo hand-held joysticks, It's all happening here.
THI CORNER From prehistoric babies to psychotic ¦ laughterfesta - lun lo forthcoming months... YOU CAN stick IT!
1 Four chance to _ pwln one of 100 amazing analogue joysticks courtesy of Konlx.
Did Jesus own a dog? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? And how could anyone develop anything as useful as Cut-Out ‘N1 Cheats?
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Thit month we've got STREET FIGHTER . II POSTER!
Your favourite baal-'em-up characters in all their glory.
«£)1 rs, FORCE 9 MAIL Thava are more questions flhan answers, or so the song goos, but you’ll find a fairly good balance here... NEXT MONTH What to he expecting In the embodiment of perfection to be known aa AMIGA FORCE Issue 4... vtrorwfssA MiHamur pottom v*.« Shields ¦uifuty umowmw bus Phil King btapt '*mrru • vr - tfCDfTORIAL ASSISTS lackson ¦ BcflBBNtM ANT The A-Team COMCSVT A DfftlOM Mvk Kendrick Al VtR riBlffU MANAUIR Sheila Jarvis ADVERTISING «Al F« iichelle Kendrick. Pel ftaytooukl ¦ PRODUCTION TEAM is Mike Parkinson Rob Milhchamp BIIBIIIUTD CrjdG UrtjrWrif ukuuk uirrutor Roger Kean
Jonathan Rignall AMIGA FABTF is mihlished by ==
* hnpsti lio.
R PiliilM hi ue UR and distributed by COMAG If Budget Bargains seem Ilka a year's wages, these are the pages for you... [GOING PUBLIC ISSUK THRU MARCH 1093 AF Phew, what a month! Making the transition Irom a bimonthly to a regular monthly although welcome, Isn't as simple as it may sound. We've worked our lingers to the bane playing Street Fighter 2 tc bring you this issue... hope you think it's been worth the eflort.
On the software front things have never been better in the Amiga sphere, with totally top-notch games arriving all the time. One thing that has concerned us recently, though, is the spate ot reviews appearing in other Amiga mags rating games that are way oft completion.
Joystick or mouse-controlled, and there s a total ot 13 separate games included so boredom isn't something three to eight year-olds (the intended age range) will complain about. It'll set the loving parent back £24.99 and is tar more practical (although perhaps not as satisfying) than shooting your young ones through the head with a revolver with view to quietening them down Have the software houses been granting ‘special favours' to our rivals while stringing us along with a pack of lies? It would appear not.
It's an often-stated policy ol many mags that only finished games get reviewed hut how often is that truly the case?
Thia month, lor en Renegade Software me to their London F work was progresain Bitmap Brothers' nai Engine. Although nei game haa now been explained Renegade 20% of it had been a playable levela, but I to have a look anywa like to preview it? Iff would but how ma unscrupulous magaz what they've seen at a full review? We wa wonder... Meanwhile, we'll at principles and damn Sure it's nice to get i in a while (like we di Krusty's last issue!], prepared to compron integrity or yours!
The first mag on the i feature the latest big imple, kindly invited IQ to see how ig on the vie, The Chaos irly all the coded, , only about ssembled into was welcome ly: maybe we'd ell, yes, we ny other ines will use i the basis for it and lick to our the deadlines.
3 sccop once d with but we're not nise our just to be shelves to I release.
May The Force Be Wi ith You, Steve Shleldi Managing Idlfar oes sryone remember the BBC kids p'ogramme.
Playdays (successor to _ Playschool]? It was omy a matter ot lime before someone snapped up lhe licence, and here it Is in all its educational glory (wha that? Ed).
Although it won't be ot great interest to most AMIGA FORCE readers we thought it was worlh a mention coz it's so well done They ve ditched lhe usual all-too- linear approach and opted tor random responses to add a little variation. It's r IS FOR } u;i 1 If ALL GOES TO SHOW... TICKETS I TO RIDE!
Computer shows are taking Over lhe world. Seriously, you can't go anywhere these days without bumping into some sort ol software demonstration But it you like visiting them, this is the hit to read We ve got len pairs ol tickets tor the Ideal Electronic Games Show to give away to anyone smart enough to answer the to 11 owing question: Which monarchic residence could benefit from a lew hinls and tips on redeccrallor and lire prevention?
Answers on a postcard to: IT ALL GOES TO SHOW, AMIGA FORCE, Europress Impact, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW. As the even) happens on 25-2B March, we II be judging and sending out the prizes on March 15th So. As Fred Pontin would say. Book earlyr.
Have you ever been to a computer show ana found you d rather help build a Lego village instead?
Perhaps you ought to take a trip down to Earls Coud during 25-28 March this year. Not only is Ihere a wicked conglomeralion of all things gamey (namely lhe Ideal Electronic Games Show). Ihere s also lhe Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, bolh events being available tor a single admission fee. Here you're invited la help huild the world's biggest Lega tower, as well as pan lor gold in the reconstructed Canadian Losl Leman gold-mining town So 11 ycu like a little diversity m yaur shows, perhaps you shauld save the £4 (il you re classed as a child) or £7 (It you re a wrinkly like us).
However, don't blow your wad too soon why not save some spondaolicks far the 7th International Computer Show? With over 150 exhibitors Irom Europe and the USA. There II be a wide range ot bolh existing and newly-launched soltware for trial and purchase. Tickets ate priced at £6 on the door (£5 in advance) and those financially less solvent (such as students, children and OAPs) get in lor £4 (£3 in advance). It'S being held on 19-21 February in Hall 1.
Wembley Exhibition Centre Alternatively, il you can only attend one event this year, why not come see the AMIGA FORCE crew at the Live 93 mega spectacular? More into in a lulure issue__ rrm TECHNICAL SUPPORT concentrating on PC and console product," he confirmed, adding. “That s one ot those things that can happen when you re an American led company". Meaning, ot course, that our cousins across the pond seem to have gone cartridge crazy, and that perhaps the parent company aren't too concerned about the welfare ot us poor Brits Bah Mike Cale from Atlantis Software was as charming as ever when
he happily confirmed "Yes we ll support ihe A1200 Being one ot the smaller software houses who don t really commission directly as such," he pointed With the new Amiga A1200 or the shelves, we thought we'd find out just what software support the machine could look torward to. Ar all-afternoon session on the old dog and bone still didn 1 secure firm comments ot commilmert (or otherwise1) trom the whole industry, but here's an alphabetical roundup al what many luminaries had to say on the matter.. Accolade s Alan Welsman was first on the phone, and he haletully told a tale ot woe. It's not
that Accolade won I be supporting the A1200 but thar... after Waxworks we probably won l be suppoding the Amiga at all!
Althauah the aame will be AI2C0 s' Williams have a ways scored highly in the eyes ot the coin-pumping arcade tratemity, with their machines mvanabiy landing on the right side cf quality. This time they seem to have plumped fnr originality and novelty value as their main deve'opment criteria.
Called The Hotshot. This mini basketball game resembles a pinball table, and plays like one ot those punchbag games you see at the fair Punching Ihe button on the front panel launches the ball in (he direction ot the basket although careful timing is required to ex acute accurate three-point shots and other such moves Another gimmick is the addition of ‘win cards' little receipt-like slips that Inform you of your score and performance This seems like a great idea to us. As we ve all had triends doubt the occasionally aslronomical scores you car get (usually when there's no ore watching to
back you up afterwards1).
All in all it s a strange contraption, but somehow we don't think there'll be an Amiga conversion. It's worth at least one go if you see it, though it only to remind yourselt not to play it again .?
1 ;It 1,1*4 " what our various programmers come up with. I will say this, though,” he stressed, “ ..all fulure Atlantis releases for the Amiga must be compatible before we ll release them." And you can't say tairer than that.
Acclaim's spokesman Oli Dennis was typically vague about the whole question, simply slating "We're not doing much lloppy stuff tor the next tew months. No firm decision has been made, however, and we're still assessing the situation." Make of lhal whal you will, all we ll say is ‘where IS lhal copy of Ban ! s The World you promised, and when exactly will Alien 3 be completed!?'
As helpful as ever, CodeMaaters' Richard Eddy proclaimed “Codies will do their best to ensure lhal all games are compatible, while At 200 enhanced versions will be taken advantage of as ihe products are developed' Richard also added lhat, although "...no firm plans lo develop A1200-only software are afoot right now, we are looking into the possibilily."
Another Richard, Ihis time Core Design's enigmatic Mr Barclay, had this to offer: "Compatible? Well, lo the exlent that all our new games will be compatible, yes! Although at this stage, dedicated A1200 programs are only something we re thinking about..." CofeM Vtoaon • Emma Kreuz remained charming despite a crackling cross-channel phone tk. The Paris-based sottware house had. She tid," ..no plans ahead. But thal doesn't mean woni, " tnm mm m omnm id pot out Veiw Till waiting to see whet happens nhliiif It* II be out by the end of fhe year id logically that will be compatible " Bui what ie
couldn't tell us was how many Vs will I Simon Jeffrey painted a very rosy picture of the 1200's future from his hide-out deep within the bowels of Eleclronic Arts' HQ: A special 1200-only version of Deluxe Paint IV is already complete," he enthused, and our next game Syndicate from programmers Bullfrog will be available in May... in two different versions!
So yes, we're right behind the machine.'1 Good news indeed, says us.
A mirthful Marissa from from Empire chuckled “All our games will be compatible, but evety one ot our programmers is sleeping oft the effects of fhe last American software convention so I'll have to phone back with firm details1" Cheeis, Marissa.
Head honcho Colin Courtney confirmed Flair Software's commitment to the new A1200 with these words: "Yes definitely 7Vo sand Euro Soccer will be our first two compafible releases and. Yes, we're seriously looking into ihe situation regarding A1200-only product " Good news too from Grandslam's dynamic Dave Birch: "We'll be teeing off with a 1200- only version ot Nick Faldo', he quipped, 'and we've already two more A1200-only games underway: a role-player called Seventh Sword Ot Mendor and, later on. A motor-racing game ' Dave, our breath is baled, male!
Ice Software's Deborah Isaac also had encouraging news. “Although our next two releases won't be compatible they were developed before firm details of the A1200 were available all later releases will be. Regarding A1200-only games, yes, we will be producing some... probably!"
Nice one. Deb, and we bel they'll be the best games games in Ihe world . Probably!
Millennium s Product Development Manager. Tony Fagelman. Can't get enough ol ihe A1200: "It's an excellent machine, a jusl great1" he insists (and, let's face ii, he should know what he's talking about!). Bui whaf about games, Tony?
"Well, all our new releases will, of course, be fully compatible, while we re still looking into the prospect ol dedicated A1200 stuff." Fairy Nuff1 Simulation experts Microprose would, you’d think, be able to fully use the A1200's capabilities. Our fnend Emma at the Microprose HQ is inclined to agree but we're waiting tor the Hard Disk version of the machine to become available before committing ourselves.
When it does, though we'll most certainly support H to the full." We can't wail to see the fruits of their labour... One of the country's largest and richest! sottware houses, Ocean, had about the best news of all. First off, Pat Cavanagh (who looks after their budget releases) told us: “We'll make all our Hit Squad releases compatible where possible, and tram now on we'll be putting stickers on evety new release detailing just which Amigas the games wijl run on." Which is all well and good, but Ken Lockley, Ocean s PR supremo, had even more to say: “As it's such an excellent machine." He
informed us, "from March onwards ALL our new releases will be developed on it. We've been using Super Nintendos until now, but the At 200 has a higher resolution, is so much betler all-round, that (ram March ail games will appear on the Amiga before any other format." Jolly good show, Ocean that'll have those console creeps smiling on the other side ot their pock-marked (aces1 Finally, tale in the day, we managed to pin down Renegade s Abby Hains. "The games we're currently working on are unlikely to be compatible," she said, "although all our future releases will be." But what about
Sensible Soccer (the A-Team's all-lime lavaurite game) we asked? Will you do a special A1200-onIy version? Oh go on! "You'll just have to wail and see. - ' was the tantalising response.
So there you have it. We haven’t talked to everyone in the industry yet, but this was only ever intended as an initial toe-in-the-water type thing and, as such, we (eel that come Ihe summer it may well be worth a dip.
So far we've seen nothing apart from Ihe A1200-only version of Gremlin's Zoot. A great game in ihe first place, the „ company put a detailed scrolly | backdrop behind the action in Ihe 1200 edition which, despite looking very pretty and showing off the machine's technical excellence, we feel |usl gets in Mw way i Bullets and spikes are hard to , spot against the background, making progress frustrating, and Vm _ sound effects and samples (making use ot al that extra memory) don't seem to fit the action quite as well as they should. They still sound amazing (hough) As and when lha A1200 gels
more sottware ot its own, we ll keep you updated. Good or bad, average or mediocre, you can be sura ol one thing we'll tell it like it is!
¦ Play Byte a Forget tly spray, killing creepy-crawlies is much more lur in this horizontal scroller.
And the baddies are the real stars ot the show. Wasps huzz around the screen, earwigs climb up and down plant stalks, giant slugs pour out hundreds o! Bullets, and dung beetles even throw their squidgy balls we re used to getting all kinds ol s"t thrown at us in shoot em ups but Ihis is ridiculous1 Anyway, it all makes a refreshing change from the usual spaceships and aliens, and the plant lilted backdrops are a lot more attractive too. Though stray bullets can be hard to spot Power ups are essential to gel anywhere Collecting flowers dropped by dead bugs highlights the nexl most powertu
weapon icon at the base ot the screen. You can either select the current power-up. Or collect more flowers tor a better one Beautifully presented and incredibly compulsive, Aprdya s a game to really bug you BLOOD MONEY II Sizzlers ¦ As with many good two player games.
Blood Money features cooperation to beat the baddies, but also competition to collect the cash they leave behind This is spent in the regularly appearing shops to Duy all manner of multi-way missiles, energy, and lives.
The horizontal scrolling occasionally switches 1o vertical, forcing you lo squeeze through pulsating gales. Despite the slow pace the sheer number ol enemies and gun emplacements make lite difficult for our sluggish cratt Each ol four levels has a unique look and feel, enhanced hy a change of transport helicopter, submarine, jetpack and spaceship. You even gel a choice ol two starting levels, but completing just one is an epic challenge IH FAST m BLASTEROIDS Klxx ¦ This updateo Asteroids adds a neat cooperative two payer mode and a much better long term challenge This entails deanrtg each cl
up la 16 sectors per galaxy These conlam various enemy ships, and different sorts of asierotds. Including expanding popcorn ones and oiners containing leeches which home in cn your ship' A choice of three ships and a host ol power ups make Ihings more interesting The latter include a cloak of invisibility and the spectacular filpstar which spins your ship, emitting streams ol - - lire Two players can even dock their ships together lor extra power Good lun.
FIREFORCE ¦ ICE ¦ The horizontally scrolling, run and crawl action a reminiscent of the ancient Green Beret. Shoolouts with enemy soldiers are realistic, with your geezer diving ter cover from rolling grenades and gunlira You can't go blasting mad like Hambo as ammo s very limited more (and extra weapons) can be found by searching dead bodies, or exploring buildings.
Tension s further increased hy a tight time limit.
1 12 missions range from an assassination to blowing up a bridge First you must select the right equipment horn the armoury containing guns rocket launcher grenades etc It’s a great game tor those who like more thought to their blasting. A Save Character option aids long-term appeal ¦ 21*1 Cantury ¦ Possibly the most atlraclive mam spnla ever SI Helen's a big girl, and none too modest with it1 However, the up-front graphics are overshadowed by compulsive Defender style gamepiey.
On each wtapatounc horizontally scrolling level habies are under attack trom nasty
* bees You musl prevent ihem tram picking up and stinging the
little tots A twst is provided by the double nature of Ihe
levels: there are two and scapes (the top one upside down) each
containing five babies So you musl scroll up and down to patrol
both areas a useful aid here is the warp (created by holding
down Are), fly into it and it transports you to where a baby s
being grahhed Shoot a bee while it s canying a baby, and the
aber drops back lo eadh calch Ihe linta rug rat before it
'iptats1 You can either return it in safety, or collect several
babies before flying into .i warp (while pressing fire) lo
coiled a weapon power up or skm seveial levsis I1's ail
incredibly addciivH INSECTS IN SPACE JIM POWER ¦ LorUial ¦ This
ullraslick platform shool em-up features stunning parallax
scrolling ol incredibly colourful backdrops, excellent
character animation, plus a scintillating Chris (Tumcan]
Hulsbeck soundtrack. The muscular hero emits some wonderful
grunting speech as he collects gun power ups and bonuses. The
latter include docks to top up the time limit, temporary
shields and keys la open doors.
As weil as wild beasts birds, and dragons. Ihere s a plethora ot traps add drops lalimg barrels, spikes, and llamas are all lethal, tt all looks very pretty, and Ihe platform leaping blasting s pretty addictive loo. Add to lhal alternate jet-pack Hying levels and eye popping end- ?t-level guardians to annihilate and you wind up with an excellent blast !
7 ST DRAGON Klxx i! Not a bad version of the obscure coin op, this horizonlal scroller s main novelty is the dragon under your control It looks more like a snake with its curling, bullet deflecting tail With clever manoeuvring you can coil this tightly around the dragon s head for near invulnerability.
If you can resist this temptation, it's a lair old blast with attractive backdrops and screenluIs ol enemies. Most impressive are the large leaping cheetahs and spectacular end ot level cronies the first one's a laser spitlmg bull!
SILKWORM Tronix ¦ This brilliant horizontal scroller features well-designed levels and a great two-player mode. As in the later Swiv, this is made more interesting by the different vehicles one player pilots a helicopter: the other drives a jeep The latter is less manoeuvrable, but compensates somewhat with the ability to rotate the gun in a 1fl0: arc.
Even so, it's harder playing Ihe jeep unless your comrade helps out by shooting some of the ground-based enemies Mind you, there are more than m •.-!
Enough aerial foes to keep both players busy, and on later levels the action erupts into total destructive mayhem Devaslalingly addictive.
M :vp SWIV ¦ Klxx ¦ The best vertically scrolling shoot em-up of all, this is pure frenzied blasting Irom start to finish. A cracking two player mode adds even more explosive mayhem: the amount ot things happening on-screen simultaneously is incredible One player flies a chopper which can easily (ly all around the screen, firing forwards Though his comrade s jeep can (ire in any direction, it has to avoid deadly ground obstacles and cross bridges over ravines etc m ¦ 1 STAR RAY S Laqoften ¦ This golden oldie s parallax scrolling and sampled sound FX aren t so amazing nawaoays. But the Defender
style gamep ay s as enjoyable as ever.
Far trom being a last-a no-furious blast. Star Flay relies more on tactical, skilful shooting to prevent alien ships landing on your generators
• • tv wli m and sucking them dry Mindless blasting gets you
nowhere destroying power ups and disintegrating bombs into
dangerous tiny pieces Contact with enemies and bullets rapidly
depletes your energy you only have one life, so you ve got to
be careful The slaw game pace may not appeal to some, but it's
well-designed and by no means easy. Well worth the liver asking
T. V. TUNER £250 WORTH p GAM I 0839 40 60 46 RUN RIOT IN A GAME
REPLAY FOR YOUR MACHINE 0839 40 60 47 0839 40 60 49 0839 40 60
Cell. ¦¦«* 3Ap |Cbaep) dip par eile father ¦!¦•¦]. Multiple
.hell, geaatlea.- Me. Paa.lbla nd t 3.BO. Hmu be .ere tbel yea
have p.ielulee te eali. Ibla (ell. Led. 10.6.1]. Hlateede,
la|a, Aaalga, Itreel fighter II, Beale a, Actiae Baplay aed
Harley Da.ld.ee are all registered h.d.eedii ef tfielr
raaparted laBpaeUi. We are eat related er aadanad by them.
* •he street urchins ol Constantia while away the hours i IS I
playing a number ot Batttecards games all of whch K are
outlined on two cards in the senes Card Games 1 | • and Yard
Gamas These pastimes are as much fun m Q . Fhe modern world
as in mythical Vangona and otter an
* .» excellent way ol winning Bankcards from your friends r | .
(it you re good enough') jJKTl A To play Racing Cards the
contestants line up about lij if three leet away from a wall
In turn each tires (flicks Nn between index and middle
fingers) his card at it The S** ’ on* *ho lands closest to the
wall wins the other cards I __a1 ®H95 The cunously named
Smother ers Do Hava Em is | also played by fmng cards but this
time you don t need a wall The contestants flick their cards
until one lands on top of another however slightly winning all
the cards in play A Vangonar version of Scissors Stone and
Paper uses the icons hidden under the text on the reverse of
the cards sword beats fist, hst beats shield and shield beats
sword For all these and more check out the Yard and Card Games
cards I Unlike normal Irading cards. Batilecards are more lhan
jusi collectable images. The cards and Ihe world in which
Ihey're sel) lorm a complele role-playing game in ilsell with
heroes villains, monsiers. Qussls. Treasure magic, and
everything else you expert to lind in a Tolkienesque fantasy
Wllfad Conllnan* Batilecards is set in the land ot Vangona. A wild and dangerous continent split asunder by warring faclions Afler Ihe death of the Sorcerer Emperor Vangor his Ihree sons loughi hiTierly over the throne. Each allied himself with one ol the Ihree loices dominant in the contmeni: Juslice Chaos and Evil It's on this shattered land Ihe blood ot Ihe Batilecards is spilt!
V • In such violent and dangerous territory, tights to Ihe deaih are common. These are decided using a unique Scratch 8 Slay combat system, using the same scratch off ink found on lollery cards. Combal moves, spell casting, trading and treasure collection are all utilised in this way When Iwo champions (heroes or monsters] cross swords, battle commences as lollows: toss a com to see who starts (or play one ol Ihe many card and yard games outlined elsewhere) The lirsl player lo strike Ihen scratches olf one ol his opponent s head body arm or leg spols (see illuslraiion) revealing a blank space
(miss), a shield or spell icon (Ireal as blank in Ihe basic game), or a wound Play then passes lo his opponent, who does likewise Afler [he second and subsequent wounds Ihe attacker scratches one of his opponent s life boxes II a skull and crossbones is revealed, ihe lighter is dead and the stricken warrior's card becomes the properly ol the winner As well as being a valid collector s card, each win also carries a baunly scralch Ihe purse spot to see whai you've woni Rale Call However I here s more to Batilecards lhan |ust scrapping Wilhir the set there are also ten Quest cards, consisting
of puzzles solved through searching other cards for clues or symbols, eg in The Rings Ol Harrak Bur you After Ihe deaih ol Ihe Sorcerer-Emperor Vangor. Ihe Continent Ot Vangoria was thrown inlo a slate of anarchy and slrite As Ihe forces ol Evil. Justice and Chaos slugged it out tor |he crown, the continent split into lour separate territories.
Separated Irom ihe Souihern Kingdoms by the Jharn Peaks The Daridands are dominated by Ihe undead hordes of Ihe Lord ol Darkness to I Ihe East and Iribes ol Hill Goblins to Ihe Wesl must search lor live magical rings stolen during the sacking of Vangor s Capital al Consianha The rings are prinled on other cards but can you find Ihem?
Solving a Quest entitles you lo a reward, a sum ol gold collecled by sending your soluiior to Ihe publishers. This can be used to buy rare Wondrous Treasure cards such as the Orb Ol Shanlos or the Amulet Of Eternal Beauty They do appear in packs, but only very rarely (Ihey're WHAT'S THAT FUNNY SPELL?
If spells are to be used, each combatant chooses (secretly) a sel number belore starling unequal numbers are permitted Each lime an attack reveals a spell symbol, ihe [ defender is then able lo casl a spell by Rattj sc,a1chinQQf1
- gif one al the si*
- "I X'MJ»K i sp°*s on **
* • ** c,lr 3 U Unless th,s
* •3 M ** I Vi * 'eveels a I V * ' 1:4 miscasl I X* symbol I
• » T-t- 7A' I I Ibe spell Asf 211 j'* . 1 « takes lull (i iL
spell can Sou I h Wesl ot the Darkiands is Quame home ot
Ihe noble Prince Gallarl. Sworn enemy ol Ihe evil sorcerer Lord
The Eastern territories are a wilderness of demonic creatures, savage warlords and Barbarian Warriors lorever locked in tribal wars To the Soulh lies Zrltonia. Ruled by Zheena Nightshade. High Priestess ol Gargantua. Ihe god ot evil But the forces ol irulh led by Aragon I Trueblade have begun lo weaken her hoki supposed lo be valuable treasures filler all), hul car always be lound in Robyn Sleele s Trading Posi as outlined elsewhere There are 149 Batilecards to collect, and Ihey are available Irom all good newsagents, comic and game shops Al 5Gp for a set ol eight Ihey're far cheaper lhan most
collect and swap outings, so whal are you wailing lor'?
Unsheaihe lhal sword and gel slashing ngh _ now! JM| ISSUE THREE MARCH 19*] Al 17 a»va *H Robyn Slelle s Trading Post is ore ol the best known landmarks of tangoria perhaps lhal s why h s as common as muck in Ihe Battincards pack The eighl Wordrous Treasures ol Vangona are sold here. Jusl scratch off two spats, ard 1 cne s a ireasure and Ihe other s a sum ol money, you can buy Ihe art fad in question. II not, sorry sold oul1 To buy the treasure you send Ihe recessary dosh (Quesl reward credits, slricken lighter s purses, elc) to the publishers and Ihey II send you Ihe treasure card in
T'RADING PCS . | i afttecards are aJI' illustrated by ' ivy' seme ol lha lirasl f lanlasy ari sis in Ihe fBR business, such as A Les Edwards. Pater
* ¦ - Andrew Jones, lain | McCaig Terry ' 1 Oakes Allan Craddock
Giro 1 1 n Armiifl and Warmerler Tr ey re already 0 well known
• their work on 7‘ frghfrng Fantasy Gamefwofcs, hoard and
role- play ng games and record covers. Each arlist has his own
self pained card, complela with longue-m cheek biographical
notes or Ihe reverse • lAIWUKAkr PARDAR1AN Or ihe rowaraa, lha
champion'* detail* and combat rulaa arm outllnad, and th*
artlal'a ¦ Ignalur* dlaplayad.
Com be I Icon a arm comarad ualng mo rate h- ntl flraipilel.
» 1. *.* J ___ f; n ¦ mwl ¦II H 1ft ® M
* ¦ c* y Xr STT c f Jr M MARCH t**3 ItMII THRU Hyped lo the
hill. I can't say I was thal enthusiastic when lhe Unshed
version ol Street Fighter if linally arrived al the oMice Early
copies were bugged lo buggery, apparently, thereby gaining crud
reviews in other mags we decided lo make our judgmenl on the
linal version, even il il meanl we were scooped’ allhough US
Gold have I generously ottered lo I replace dodgy copies at I
no extra cost... L - I seem lo be lhe only person in the galaxy
who didn't play SF It in the arcades and. As such, I couldn 1
help wondering what all the tuss was about. Surely it's jusl
another beat em-up. Isn't il? Wrong' This is THE beat em-up to,
er. Beat all others. I especially like lhe way that each
fighler has I his her own pros and cons Like lhe old I
paper-scissors-stone game, it means thal no matter how
competent a combatant is.
They re always going lo be beatable il you continue getting trounced, simply select a ditterenl fighler until you discover which one best deals with your opponent Great on your own, even betler with a | male, in Ihis instance il pays ¦ you DO believe the hype I ¦ Ri.___ ¦ ’ 11.
¦¦ I What makai the game stand out tram other heat- 'snn-ups is a host ol spectacular special move*, like Honda's Thousand Hand Slap, Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick, and Blanka's shocking electricity.
I US Gold, £27.99 The Christmas hype was enough lo make anyone sick (it Ihey weren t already, after eating all those mince 1 pies!), but you have to admit: Super Nintendo Street Fighter II is a darn good game I I certainly enjoyed getting beaten up by my nephews on it' Even so, the £65 price lag is | harder to swallow lhan a turkey wishbone Enter the infinitely more atlordable Amiga I version. For those unfamiliar with lhe game (what planel are you from?), it's a one on one beal em-up: an old genre which it has I single-handedly resurrected II beats its I countless predecessors with the
inclusion ot eight extremely varied combatants, each with I their own unique fighting style and a host ot special moves For example, Blanka is a Brazilian rain- foresl morsier who, apart from plenty ot standard leaps, punches, and kicks, can electrify his body lo fry his opponent He can I also perform a nitty rolling atlack, and even bite his opponent on lhe lace!
%lx onio on** Of course, performing lhe incredible amounl of moves availahle was easy on lhe SNES, using its six fire buttons The big challenge I for an Amiga conversion was always going lo be how to achieve the same wilh a single button Well, programmers Creative Materials have done an admirable job. On a normal joysiick, you can access moves with most of the eighl directions (punches in forward directions; kicks backward) Vou gel light tour even tougher geezer with spectacular special moves.
While the solo game is one hell ol a challenge, Ihe two player mode is where Street Fighter II really excels Trying out various combinations of characters (on different backdrops | is greal tun. Even if you do have to wail a short while to load them from Ihe game's tour disks As in Ihe SNES version, a handicapping system allows novices to compete against experts, and after each best-of-three bout, a tabe shews the number ol victories'draws'losses with each character Playing almost identically to its console counterpart Having played both versions extensively, I 1 can say that the Amiga one s
just as : compulsive, playing J almost identically to US ' console counterpart graphically h may not have all the tcames ol animation, bul more would ve lengthened disk accessing unnecessarily. The backdrops, while not u impressive as the console s snazzy ones, are attractive enough apart from some jerky scrolling Sound lares better with crunching FX and sampled grunts and speech I lound just a normal joystick adequate at least after a bit ol practice to try oul all the comDiralions Unlike many lame beat- em-ups you can't rely on one or two moves to deteat computer opponents even on the
easiest ot ten difficulty levels After choosing from the eight characters you take on the other seven, each of which requires oiflereht laches to beat (see our ccmprehenaive playing guide on page 6B!) If ycu manage to beat them all. You get to It may not look quite as pretty, bul tor almost 40 quid less, you're getting ah almost identical game in tact, it's even got one over Ihe SNFS version with the inclusion ot the com-op s car and barrel smashing bonus sections1 '¦Having played and been suitably impressed by this on Ihe Super Nintendo, I couldn t wait lor the Amiga version tc come out.
Well, here it is and its something ot a classic. All the sampled sounds and wonderfully detailed graphics are there, and the action stll remains as last and furious as ever Possibly trie only thing that could prove Street Fighter Its downfall is the control method. Wilh a jaypad land their mulhple lire buttons; control becomes simplicity itself afler a tew turns Unfortunately, as mosl Amiga owners use joysticks i can envisage a fair few infuriated lighters struggling to I access those special moves. Now I know [ what Ryu means when he shouts hadaken' However, it must be said that it s been
worked out as well as it could Despite this minor Haw, I d still say SF II is the best beal- em up ever to grace the Amiga, with the second best two player option ot all-lime (Senstbte k Soccer corrvng first, ol course1). T difierent moves depending on whether you re standing, crouching, or lumping Things are sughily easier on a two button loypaa (you can use Sega and Nintendo controllers but extra buttons aren't utilised by the Amiga's joyports) whh ore bution tor punches the other lor kicks Alternatively, you oar use a combination ot joystick and keyboard cr even jusi keyboard H you
preter1 In addition when you re very near to your opponent you can periarm a throw or hold (eg Honda s bear hug] - some characters car even do throws in midair One cr two obscure moves are miasmg (eg Blankas rock crush), but it s hardly noticeable during Ihe frenziec action As in ihe SNES game, each character s twoflhree special moves are accessed via rapid lire pressing or a sequence ol directions some Irickier than others.
I Chooio from eight vaatly different character! And 12 worldwide location* for your icrap (whatavor happened to the car park?).
STAR IECOI va love. They're all Htose games fhat were!
Neanf to hit the shelves 1 in time lar Christmas, but were somehow delayed and are only now emerging Irom Santa's sack. Far from I being bad, this is, in fact, la vary good sign that the |software companies have taken time to develop products fully, rather than rushing them out for the lucrative Yuletide burying ' nzy. Just take look at the goodies aming your way.
) r BATTUTOADS ¦ Mindscape Teenage Mulant Ninja Turtles? Pah! how could they be teenagers when they don I sneer? Did any of them argue with Splinter about tidying their room or staying out late? They were also a tad wimpy and compassionate every time, Ihe bad guys would escape relatively unscathed Well, the Batlletoads look to stick a linger up to those infamous reptiles because (according to Mindscape) Ihey don t cry, hide or call lor help Battletcads gel real MAD and then they get EVENI The three toads |namely Zitz. Rash, and Pimple!)
Have to rescue the best looking process this side ot the Mazallion Star Cluster'.
To do this, Ihey ve got special weapons and moves, tram the dodgy-sourdirg Batlleload Butt to Ihe the slightly mare standard Space Board Of course, the simultaneous two- player option will otter opportunity for extra violence and the 12 levels should offer a lasting challenge to all those willing to grasp the nettle I a CHUCK ROCK II Core Desian Alter ihe tremendous multi lormat success of Chuck flock, a sequel was pretty inevitable Perhaps the only problem (as we saw it) would be changing the game sufficiently to make it a progression, as opposed to the usual step sideways (or backwards,
even) Alter finishing his adventures in the first game. Chuck used his shrewd business mind to markel a new design lor prehistoric cars His company, F|ord igroanl), became a raging success, and the future looked bright.
Untortunately (and the brilliant introductory sequence details this). Chuck was kidnapped by a rival manufacturer desperate to blow out the competition and it's your job (as Chuck Jr) to save him... Chuck Rock II looks to do what Joe And Mac attempted, le bring a true ccnsole-style plattormer to the Amiga and make it as stylish as it should be Afier all, Ihe Mega Drive is a brick, and we can t have the Amiga ouldcne by that, can we? The demo version we saw was nearing completion and played very well, with seme outstanding graphics Hopefully, this won t mean hours ol disk aocessing hut if it
dees, it'll probably be worth il.
Mights'? Maybe so but the Soccer hid demo weve played looks good enough to be |udged without onrtiecc comparisons Both original and enjoyable, it gives an interesting twisl to the platform genre as well as plenty of opportunity tor ball control As you d expect, the plot is on the right side ot silly (or should that be wrong side?], detailing the theft of the World Cup by an alien joyrider Alter the Cups been subsequently smashed and the scattered in six different world locations, it s up to the football-mad Soccer Kid to retrieve and re assemble it Suitably obscure? Fortunately the developers
wiped the rabid loam all their mouths after writing that little lot and came up with a serious contender in the best Amiga platformer' stakes Hopefully, it'll arrive in time (or a review next ish and hit harder than a Stuart Pearce free-kick in the lower abdominal area. Or something like that L_ rm m P il ' IIH it is m an «__ hi I III 111 III III he V r ” i ¦
- TUT SOCCER KID ¦ Krisalis Sens i We Soccer meets the
forthcoming Arabian I z 1 111 D ¦ Alternative ' ' Software,
£fc.v9 | his plan-view maze game involves lots of shooting and
a little strategy You travel Ihrough holes in ihe iioor 10
different levels - and log onlo consoles to | 1A get extra
weapons and * power ups 0 own one gome like this, you've
probably seen all they have to offer Sounds familiar9 You het
your roolm-loolin 111(0 Hi I grandma it does ¦ | remember
Cytror pPODQDl [reviewed last ish)? Fla s is the inferior of
ihe 1wc WilOy That's nol lo say it's a particularly had game;
far Irom it. For a siart, Ihere are more weapons lo collect,
all wilh their own power and charac- terslics. These are added
during the nifty arm mg section where you see them attached to
your rat s battle-wagon Goodies are boughi with cash tound in
Ihe smoking ruins of ene mies, while wandering through mazes
(graphi cally inferior to Cytron) definite charm But despile
its lack ol any r _ w w serious flaws, if you own ¦ I one game
like this.
SOOn Oil you ve probably seen all ¦ they have to ofle' 1VO TO Nevertheless flars i offers bener value tor V-IK’j money than Cytron which, underneath ihe graphical glifler I’j fealures aimosl idenlical gameplay.
Y TIP TIMEI Don 1 attack with all guns blazing hide behind scenery when the enemy fires, then pop out lo blast Ihe hell out of them.
• cjzrn sr --L.
M*mr ¦ You won t be screaming Rats* if you buy ] this budget belter The blasling combat aclion s an aptly cat and mouse affair with ( you ducking behind scenery lo avoid enemy lire Most impressive is Ihe array of weapons and orbnaJs to add to your wagon The ability to swap between your three rats adds an extra tactical twist. Even though searching labyrinthine levels evenluaily gets repelilive gradually upgrading your wagons I f A trio 01 rats x* make up your three lives. And you can swap between these at certain terminals It doesn 1 add much to proceedings, but you have to be careful Is
of durng arming After all. You don't want to vet spend all ol your money on one rat only tor him lo gel killed, leaving the other two unecu-pped If ' Rats isn't exceptional to look to lace tougher baddies is an D I enjoyable process, ¦ .
- LB - jvTTv i'.rJ iL ill 5 5!
Ilb lili £NH si m L _L J JKJI IJ -••TIM.Imi U RoboCop 2s a fairly good gams, with a myriad ol well animated sprites shooting the living daylights out ol one another The aclion is frenetic, with large levels offering long Term enjoyment However, some annoying glitches aimosl ruin it all. Or dying you re fruslratmgly returned to the beginning ol the current level Also, the control melhod s tricky: you can't lump straight up into the air This makes lumping between Ihe platforms a nightmare, especially when under I' Vj tire tram every angle 1 Si I Ihe Hil Squad, £7.99 A Hs movie licences go, this
one serves Ihe public trust pretty well The lluturistic version of Ihe Tin Man blasls [mobsters galore as he strolls through epic, mullidireclionally scrolling levels, searching for I narcotic Nuke capsules and hostages The latter must be rescued, so careful firing is needed nol lo kill them (and incur an energy loss] a tricky lask when you re being shot al from all sides Robo'S energy level is represented by a Coke can (gradually getling crushed] so; fittingly, he can recharge by collecting Ihe sugary soda pop from drinks machines along the way Olher noiable fealures include lifts,
conveyor belts, hover pads, and weapon power-ups lor up lo live-way fire After negotiating an old warehouse (by no means an easy task), you get a breather in a maze-slyle puzzle game, removing Robo's laulty memory chips without backtracking.
Fallowing a cursor-aiming firing range, Ihe Irenetic action continues in a massive brewery, where you can even drown in a vat of alcohol what a way fo go! After another puzzle game and firing range, Robo faces Harley-riding heavies, ED 2Q9s. And an ultimate confrontation wilh the evil RoboCop 2.
For under eight quid, you sure get a lot of game for your money. The main arcade-adventure levels present a huge blast- ¦ r v em-up challenge, while
- J the more Ihoughttul 7 sub-levels add greal vanety to tho
aclion. Just like Nuke, RoboCop 2 offers inslanl I exhilaration
and lang-ierm addic- I tiveness!
Iri Cf Don’t shoot the waving ¦ hcslages rescue ail ten from the first level and you II be rewarded with an extra life.
ISSUE THBEE MAICH 1993 E AF BUDGET REVIEWS ¦ GBH, £7.99 he prog ramrTH ' us, *i*' P Driving skill is still the essential element Kj y mgr y r ¦¦¦K ¦ Supercars II is cne of the most | * I playable two player games you can get As in Lotus, there s a fascinating LH mixture at competition and cooperation between ihe players The lormer is even more intense with ihe addition ol weapons, bul you can't get too carried away: cne of the players must finish in Ihe top five to allow both to quality for Ihe next race. It s gripping stuff Wouldn, raong be easer if you could jusl blow your opponent of. Hie
road7 Created by the programmers Ot tbe LoftiS series Supercars II allows you 10 do |le1 the ______ in the raring equivalent ¦» » ol Smash TV. BUS Viewing the track and a|f||| is I cars trom above you must ¦ fmsh in the top five to CUCI quality *or Vie next race Championship points and CIBIT pnze money are awarded more car be worvlost m the mu tuple- choice interview with a policeman journalist, etc Money s spenl or repairs and some interesting power ups. Rnckjding extra speed, armour, and a host at oflensive weapons Ol course, the means higher qualification places can be reached through
blowing up the guy in front, but dnving skill is still Ihe essential element in winning a race Supw-SupMipHnl Supercars II reminds me ol the old Super sprint arcade machine Like that game, there are little additions such as opening.closing gates to provide shortcuts and the occasional ramps to jump The main diflerence is the scrolling tracks and split-screen ng two-player option, each adding III mLA extra depth to the proceedings VEIES pius otcourse.lhe f|Q| weapons The change of perspective int mi hasn’t made it a better game than Lotus - - more ot a step sideways and oft at a tangent but
it s still a well awn smart racer, and a bargain at the I budget pnce j _ TIP TIMEI Always repair your car be lore buying weapons they're no good it you gel destroyed I RID CKA J» I GBH, £7.99 II you re familiar with tootball management games, you II know roughly what to expect WCBM is a pointer-driven product, based around several screens offering either information or options You start the game with the opportunity to sign up to five potential boxing heroes each with his own attributes and weaknesses After setting up the contract and fiddling with the necessary parameters, you can begin
training an essential part ot the boxers career Aru you staring at my minus?
Now all you need is lights Clicking on the telephone brings up a list ot rival promoters You ve got to bargain with these to get a light at the fight lime for the right price as well as ensuring your man has a chance of winning. Having come to an agreement, you go through the formality of informing Ihe two boxing federations that a tight will take place, and you can go and observe the bout It's not exactly the most enthralling management game I've seen yet.
Bul neither is it the worst The texkonly match commentary is pretty unastounding, but I suppose it serves its purpose The main problem is lhat WCBM has no real leeling ol weight It plays well, but seems decidedly 8 bit in its architecture it's very shallnw due to the low number ol options Nevertheless, on budget it's certainly a contender tor your money.
1 to me low H Ask your shapely secretary lor every file possible to keep up on all Ihe boxing information, ot course ¦ Programmers Golialh Games made one of the best tootball management sms ever in Tracksuit Manager Sad lo say, lhat game s tactical complexity is completely lacking here Training your fig trie's and setting up fig his is a smple affair, and Ihe big fight's a lemble antic, max Once your fighters in the ring there S little you can do la help him Working on naa his bru sad fao between lOunos is K I in'lialiy imus ng uul tactics are umit- ed to a handful of fighting styles. ¦ LI
Programmed tor the American NTSC television standard, when played on UK (and European) PAL Tve a huge hlack border appears at the bottom ol the screen, and the graphics all look squashed However, this can be rectltied by twiddling your TV monitor s vertical expansion knoh, or typing NTSC on Action Replay.
On the playability Iront it's not quite right either, with extremely generous collision delection The ability run unscathed through hordes ol enemies is perturhing Another flaw is the way prizes appear over the top ol mines, completely obscuring them1 11 still plays pretty well, bul somehow lacks lhe leel ol the coin-op Even the Tip-otf' Public Domain version captures this hetter. Though that only has one level.
Extremely generous collision detection ¦ ) g* r J du to i-Otl Wi I On the Hit 1 I Squad label, | the price is right! So come on I down!
There s nothing like a brutal beat em up.
And there's none quite so brutal as Pit- Fighter. The Amiga conversion compares very well with the coin-op and Mega Drive version, although the solitary joystick button means utilising all the diagonals tar the many moves With practice this is no prob om. And you re soon bashing lhe excellent enemies, collecling weapons, and throwing things around. It's a lot ol bruising fun, [ especially in two-player mode with the tighlers ntlen knocking each other down accidentally'. II This barbaric gameshow has one or two contestants greediiy grabbing goodies while under attack from gun-toting snipers
snakes electro balls, tanks, and even exploding geezers I The snoot- em up action ] takes place within the coniines ot a single screen, so slick manoeuvring is needed lo avoid the swarming baddies I bullets, and mines Power-ups are an essential aid. Including multi-way lire, rockets, a protective ring ol tireballs. And | shield.
Kill ali the enemies which stream out Irom I the doors and you can exit to the next screen (you often have a choice ot route) At I the end ot each ol the lour levels, there's a massive superbaddie to smash.
J TV bloop«r This is one game I've played on virtually every formal going and. Sad to say. The Amiga conversion s the most disappointing SMASH ¦ The Hit Squad, £7.99 II Smash TV on the Amiga is a strange attair, completely lacking the brutal atmosphere ot the coin-op Don t get me wrong rt's by no means a lemble game, just a mediocre oor- version with some Ot the worst crovwl noises I've heard since the 8 bit 'white noise sound ettect.
For a budget game, it s not that bad. And it you're a (an at the original, there's | enough here to keep you (moder alely) satisfied. ¦ ;TTTJ ¦ |'d have been very disappointed it I d bought this at tut! Price As a simulation it loses out because there s not a great deal ol shots to make As an arcade game it s just too inlunating The graphics aren t particularly wonderful either, with sparse character animation and an insipid backdrop Fans ot the sport wilt probably enjoy it a lot more than I did. But there are limitations to how well sports like this can be | converted Jahangirs about as |
good as you're going to get Jahangir makes the most' out of rather limited gameplay AF I MARCH 1993 ¦ ISSUE THREE ¦ ¦ Impressions, £25.99 j, j The kind of game even your parents wauld approve of L but don't let that pul you J off* s amo O' gone over, yuur approve of but don't let that put you otfi Featuring dear, detailed graphics and a user fnendty control 6920 II You begin with a randomly chonan wodgo of land (left); while below, a funny thing happened on the way to the Fnnan!
¦ I‘it a big fan of Sim City, ot which this is very reminiscent.
Caesar isn't quite as easy to gel inlo. Due lo the larger number ot menus and oplJons. But once you do, it's extremely absorbing.
Much forward planning is needed to ensure a good infrastructure far your city It's a big enough challenge slopping the populace Irom riding, never mind repelling barbarian attacks. Juggling finances, armies, and slaves adds to a tough, but very i « satisfying, tactical fesl Caesar came, we saw, it | ¦ conquered us! ¦ B ¦irrr r1 ) i r 1 ¦ Two’s company but threo’s a crowd, or so they say and judging by this superb sequel from Coktel vision, thet’re right! Laughs galore and a whole lot more... ER MAC iV J. ¦ Gremlin, £25.99 Ths multi-player footy management Sim allows up to tour fnends to
lake contra of GM Conference teams, taking turns to make thar weekly decisions via icon-driven menus The mcEl important ot these enables you to pick your team by swapping players all shown with detailed stats, but without set positions. As well as several formations to choose tram, you can also aller your playing style (defensive, attacking or long ball).
A telephone icon is used to contact your physio, coach, and scout As well as telling the latter what sort ol players to look for. You can search them out yourself in the transfer market Buying is via a bidding syslem in mult-player mode each manager gels lo make an oiler (so no peeking at the others !).
Much money s needed to buy the best players ana to improve your ground with lloodlighls, extra seating better salety, etc. A good way of raising funds is by allocating 40 advertising boards to various companies land obscure computer magazines) Poor malch action has let down many a good management sim. Not here Animaled sequences portray Ihe action wen A bar indicates how far down Ihe pitch Ihe bail is and the player in possession is named essential information tor assessing their performance An aid to this is the status display showing each player s possession lime and any ye I low red cards
received Substitutions car be made at any time, as can formation and playing-style changes. This is another important point overlooked by many management games: much ol a real manager s work is done on ihe louchline.
Adjusting tactics to suit the malch situation At Ihe end ollhe day. Premier Manager's one ot the most comprehensive management sims around. There are a surprising amount of teafures, considering the multi-player aspecl No-ore wants to wail ages lor their turn, but the easy-to-use icons speed up the flow ot play so this ¦ p|] isn't a problem.
II ihe opposing leam Is much be tier than yours, pul live al Ihe back and use Ihe long-ball game it's no I pretty, but at least II gives you a chance.
There ore I surprisinq amount of features M Love 'em or loathe them, manager I games are here to stay. This | one offers .1 few new options up lo lour players try betore I you buy... m _ Some people have an almost physical j aversion lo toolball management games, but I've always found them a lair way lo while away a spare hour or so Premier Manager is a particularly good one. Wilh a wealth ol
- laciual information and options My only real Icrilicism is the
lack ol depth in the malch sequences it doesn't tell you
enough about your players' perlormance However.
Ihe four player option is a massive bonus, injecting a little competition into a solitary genre. I 30 AF ¦ MARCH 1993 ISSUE THREE The nc'nrfs single screen puzzles have been replaced by mult-location ones From the wlbqp si_uTr»J pomt yen re free In take a look el a giam arm way. And • wizard J house In ether (and entering it) Greater freedom o( movement reduces the frustration level considerably, as does the nab rty lode The Movement opeon alows you to i aetfy transport to a distant location without trudging through irtervenng semens Well not exactly instantly there's lairly lengthy disk
accessing lor each location Tha «n 1 so annoying when you see the cartoon the animator of the characters hitanous antes ccrrpiemerwed by neat sound FX Vou II be scratching your heac one minute and laughing your socks cti the next Without its predecessor s single semen, dead agdPH end (ruination Gobkns 2s a whe n I lot better FM
* - TIP TIMCI See the partial. Fully illustrated solution m this
month s bps section' Bui don 1 overdo it only use it when you
re really stuck ¦ A calaemel challenge iwilli all who enter
Paladin It a myalerioa world juat don't ahool youraattl t a
aaur h w. n n UEDIU A Paladm Ifs overhead view is more
functional than attractive there S an awful lol ot grass and
the buildings are crude Ot course, this won't concern purists
what will is the awkwardness at character selection I
instinctively kept clicking on another party member to try and
gam control, and an several occasions accidentally attacked my
comradesl On my first attempt I managed to wound two of my men.
Blasl one with the orb ot lightning, and bow three lo pieces
when the crystals exploded1 This aperl, I was disappointed by
the lack ot (interaction with computer- | ICE REVIEWS
[controlled characters it seems f I all you can do is kill
them ¦
* i “ tiSi t i"i liBffiarrm ii jKp-i i i i j | 1*111 11 L Til* Ti
i I j The well-defined characters look out of place on
nondescript it ssr- 11 ill 1531*033 e-sea* afei Jr2H I C E and
setting the power and direction is easy enough, but the melhod
of taking a shot is harder than in any olher golf sim. A bar
on the swing meler goes rapidly left lo righl: you have to
doubledick when it's in the hit zone', This is fairly easy
when using high irons, but the 2one is much smaller tor the
more powerful clubs fail to get both clicks inside rt and
your shot hooks or slices wildly oft larger Doublc-click
trouble ll's hellishly diflicull lo hit a slraighl dnve. But il
you're leeling lucky you can even try lor extra power by
clicking when the bar s in the liny ‘wrisl snap' zone miss
and the zone's reduced even further i Putting's much simpler,
bul the hair-tearing frustration lhat precedes W mars an
otherwise well- presented simulation.
The ability to pul lop backspin on the ball even outdoes the 'superlative PGA Tour Goff.
Bul the laher's shot-taking method is much more user-frienaly, making tor better payability.
Hil 2 The method oi taking a shot is harder than in any other gall sim J - )' J e r the , Be oonservalive with your | dub selection when in a bad lie. It's better to jusl scoop the baJI back onto the lairway. Instead of going lor too much power and mishitting h‘ L U r S DL U I Grandslam, £34.95 As charisma goes, Nick Faldo's on a par with Nigel Mansell Give him a stick and a ball, however, and he soon gets in the swing. Having won umpleen ma or world tournaments, he's dominated . .
International golf in the r r Iasi tew years But can his simulation do the same?
It starts well with options to compete in I stroke matahplay against up lo three Inends or computer play ers (eight skill levels) on two | courses This is pretty much par fo course, unlike the comprehensive coaching section covering putting, bunker play, water haz arris drawlatto and windy conditions Your I tutor is Nick himselt, though he (characleristical- I ly) doesn't say much, only telling you whelher you've executed the current shot correctly not analysing what you did wrong Nevertheless, the coaching option provides a handy introduction to a very tough game Looking at Ihe map.
Choosing your dub. Stance,
- ¦ • -a
• -W, • w." 4.
¦ You «hauld have seen It; I honestly, 1* it want straight W th Elite, £25.99 m ae And Mac is another in Ihe long line x J of conversions already available on the consoles and, just like Ihe girlfriend-rescuing plol. The gameplay is of a standard breed. After setting oul alone or with a friend (Ihere's a simultaneous two player option) you soon find yourself in the thick of ihe action. Countless cavemen bombard you with projecliles, while haby Pteranodons dive bomb you with annoying accuracy, ll's all good clean fun with the addition of multiple power ups helping you to blast all and
Joe and Mac bolh have four lives, wilh an energy bar for each. Collecting usual caveman foodstuffs such as ice cream and cakes (?l!) Replenishes diminished strenglh When all lives and energy are lost, three continue plays are available, starting you al the beginning of the last level reached Take no slick To my knowledge, this is the first Amiga game lo otter a special oplion for joypads (with different functioning fire buttons). I know Ihis won't be much use to the mainly joyslick-wielding user base, but it's great lhat Elite have taken the time to incorporate it into Ihe game. Also, the
control options are very user friendly, allowing you to choose how lo control the essential super jumps'.
) J J bounce him runner while a box stops Terry m bs tracks useful tar turning around Early screens are simple, but alar ones inaiKle a plethora of hazards lo squash ihe hero s chances Bayonet wielding guards, razor-edged bails and fire monsters are all lethal as is too long a tall However, Tarry only loses a Me when Ihe lime limil runs oul: within this you can have as many goes as you like H this sounds generous let me leu you It isn't. A lot cl tnai and error is reeded lo position the items m exactly the right _ places. The limited supply ol and objects is a key fader You | a afler start
a screen wilh just nCcuCO ¦ Ian and a trampoline ¦a A la aw end think it's nowhere "" near enough so it s exactly very satisfying when you
• ¦ . Eventually succeed ¦gm Pass codes given after each screen
lesser the frustration and help make Bill s a tM M compulsive
and t unique puzzler.
TIP TIMEI The height of the fans ¦C cor mean the d Ifererce between success and sauce For a really long leap place tars rear Ihe apex ol Terry's lirst leap needed ¦ Ihe exactly ¦qni ¦ Aicade-puzzle games can be great lun (Lemmings being a classic exampla) but they really scraped Ihe barrel wilh this one There s just not enough to dal Placing Ihe objects is a laborious affair, as is seeing Terry splat let the umpteenth lime The only part that stnkes me as being enioyable is the mildly amusing irrtra sequence where a squirrel Steals hit girlfriend My advice is to wail and gel Lemm ngs 2
inslead and Isl Bill ketchup with his girlfriend under his own steam (or MM «hould that be |ijics'5) He s er I ,1 i iflly little blighter nnywny unique puzzler.
MAGMA I enjoyed playing Cai eman Ninja bul l can i help Ihinkinq there isn'l a great deal ol long-term appear. The continue- plays ana two player mode im prove proceec ings, and Ihe change Irom horizontal lo vertical scrolling on certain levels is a .
Welcome touch However, it’s a little slow- moving al limes, end the frustration level reaches epic proportions when you re being bounced between enemies with no way at escaping I advise you to try Ihe game out first unless you liked it on another machine, in which case its an excellent conversion well worth Ihe dash Frusf ration level reaches pic proportions when you're being bounced between enemies ¦ If 9 a dinosaur al ¦ two- player game, bul tougher than a Tyrannoaaurual Looking and playing identically to its Mega Drive counterpart Joe And Mac is an I attractive arcade romp There are
some llaws, I however, including your character gelling smudged while he s hopping in agony alter just being hit! It s frustrating enough without this problem due lo the sheer amount ot baddies on screen al one lime and the often limited space in which to manoeuvre. On the other hand (he simultaneous two-player mode Is great I love Ihe way you can jump on your colleague s head and even throw him1 Good tun. But not perfect it [jmbI
- Tlf1 TIME: Crack the eggs before ' they hatch into baby
Pleranodnns Use the superweapon (hold dawn fire) lo defeat
large baddies 139, HIGH ROAD, LOUGHTON, ESSEX, IG10 4LT r 1 w
Ifc TEL 0E1 365 0344 FAX] 011 365 1650 24 HOUR ORDERING SERVICE
Tz'jssr'' iiS'Sr :rr IgK, »r aw.
Cfr- Uig»SciMlEi7«r saer rrs=.
5 as; T*~* r-T* feiS&r EvonMnlDw EvX' ScMO t lUndar It Fun Scnav i I* T "pi ”¦ HitTe “ I I I I I | MACHINE P« P TOTAL Card No Exp date . Access Visa Ch PO_ Name...... Address... Tet.. ».i*. wnh if* stataof the economy wouldn't cIlCITC Millennium, £25.99 it t* better to limsh mucking out tho toikit. Then Inter travol to Roma to wain him?
II r Ouirt caattv improve your ennial ¦ «ode*»r«• ¦.me*»v *, our bank Ofcw l wt» »u*o Oil about .•rad with scenery, most ot w trve Not Itval this matters. ThcKk • «« • • m u ' • • V |j i *** .fy pioo frr *er-tw s pwa ¦» me AJ99f , «mvi it to alihjii is niiyjhnnei ito o uevu«e your eyes DALEI1 Admiral Software, £16.99 I 11 remember the leries correctly. Davros (the Dalnk commander) was killed wher his people hating meiallic army realised he was half-human himself In Dstek Attack he s been resurrected, only la send his psychotic servants to wipe out Earths mhabilanls The Daleks and
than accompanying mutant allies have already laker over some major cities Or Who i and optional assistant controlled by a second player) has to prevent further invasion while destroying the existing battle tnroe To make matters worse. Ihe Daleka have set up pods lhat are dissolving the earth's ozone layer.
Amiga Dalefr Attack is very similar to its Commodore 64 incarnation To stop this, the Doctor' must infiltrate ihe caplured London and find ihe necessary Smart Caro awarded after rescuing a quota ot people Further I asks involve travelling lo Paris New York and Tokyo Finally, he musl kill Davras on the Dalek world Skaro Folkxwing the horizontal shoot em up aAon ol In London, don't take on the Daleks straight away wart till you ve gained weapon power upe.
Controlling other levels this sounds strange tor a strategy section, but works wall in ir practice There' wealth el other characters to x Interact with I like Rom* ADO and things to do to keep you occupied.
Ol the presentation screens are dodgy, the nranhicaJ miaiitv a ganersllv very high It’S tWI everyone a guufet oi tea. Ooi I MHI very much doubt you'd regret I 'J buying it fj TS TmUha the Imttsasl if you ¦A * »g m iaan« penptowejxaeibSe " ’ mttir the Me krmi n in sf kiaill lit money tu se« yuu op rtuefy ot ihe neki section I toe fvsl level toe game transforms irio an arcade arhrenbjre It's not bad as the agile Doctor cat hang or drrb on mod ol the scenery You have to be camu though long taks kl the hero oil nghk. Rahar than ckarrg he energy bar EjrtarMihdiii! Eilermimrie!
As youd expea. The Daleks are out ri tprce.
And will shock to kill and initially you can t destroy them Coiechng power-ups solves this ¦ -at toastwhile ammunition lasts .
Amiga Ctolek Attack is very Similar to its Commodore 64 nci rvnton. With me same annoying tews Fnr example wkm you (aI too tar the dying se quenoe is nonenetonl - you srr ty go onto your nan Me only to begin fallng again Alto toe untnenqly mutttoari ffcks you from playing to loading in the blink of an eye. It's not all bad though With excellent Dalek samples and real two-player option, A Hack'I a fair purchase tor Who enthusiast!; ¦ A combination ol adventure and strategy sounds deadly dull but Rome A092 isn't tor anoraks Those lavish graphics are nicely detailed, as are the interactive
characters going about their daily business. Even their silly names (eg Sagan is Megadnvus1) dor 1 detract from the aulhenlic atmosphere There s plenty ol typically Roman ihings lo do like gambling, buying slaves and entering Ihem in gladialorial conlesls1 And exiremely user-friendly controls make adventuring easy and enjoyable As lor Ihe third level, il musl be the mcsl attractive, user Irierdly strategy game ever Brilliantly designed, Rome AD92 I S obviously wasn t built in a day ¦ i i ir* .r? ¦?
P i Oocwahoo, dahdiddle-ee-dee dahdiddle-ee- dee, dahdiddle-ee-doo dahdiddle-ee-doo | how thal theme tune Lsed to send shivers down my spine I'd drop my Action Man’” instantly when that came on the tally, Suez Canal to defend or noil The gueettcn la though would I
* cp my Transformer’” nowadays in order to play toe computer
game'5 Wei. In a word no Unless k was a bonng Transtormer'“
(Ihe Bumble Bee " ) I wcuktot anyway. And why? Because there S
just not enough to do Pleasing to both the eye and nar and
incorporating a detailed and uselul status panel, you'd
think that with a i _j j ( licence like this you couldn I go
wrong You can ¦ 3B Te P B
k. 1 k 'J Wsa
• -5uoor « 4 i r g i B 23 a
- Ot ¦ Blimey, the price of eggs hasn't halt gone upt Paying full
whack lor a 0iz2y game is no yolk H d be all right if Ihere
were some new innovations in the gameplay, but no such luck: M
s exactly the same as previous Di22y outings. Simple platform
aclion and puzzle solving is becoming a little hackneyed even
on budget, never mind full price. And those crude carioon
graphics hardly show off the Amiga's capabilities. The only
real improvement is lhat Crystal Kingdom is bigger making il
one for true Di2zy I ‘ 111 devotees only. ¦ ¦ J"ll However
'nc.ifta clubbing; was his missic tr aw iem kjiuMBU di ii® Mttc
6yy a erpk is Coe a mjnv hakove that the I ga nesort kxr'samey
• aiuniy, M '¦ I thought Ihe Trolls hair colour was bright, until
I saw ihe psychedelic graphics in this cracking computer
version: it makes even Zooi look drab1 I never really saw the
attraction ol the toys, hut this stunning platform romp really
brings them lo lile It's great Ihe way Ihe cute hero uses his
yo-yo to swing from and over plallorms. Bionic Commando-slyle.
Control's very tricky to begin with, bul Ihe abilily to choose
your slading level eases Ihe inilial Irustration as do
regular restart points. Apart from the yo-yo there's little
innovation, but pmama it's all done exlremely slickly- HI I
Trolls plays as good as it looks I f-r-- Accolade, £34.99
A1 the risk of waxing lyrical. I must say thal this ahsorbing
icon-driven adventure really lit my candle* Graphically
llawless and incorporating a I uniquely user-friendly intedace,
even critics of I the genre will be forced to sil up and take ]
An intriguing plot I sees the player searching four different exhibits within creepy waxworks I These are: a trap riddled Egyptian pyramid (where you must rescue 3 young virgin), a spooky I cemelery (brimming with rotting zombies), the East End ol London c. 1000 (help bang Jack The Ripper to rights), and an abandoned mine (abandoned by everyone except Ihe mutant humans hell bent on your destruction, that is!).
Your initial objective in each location is to I lind and deal with an evil ancestral twin. A I curse has been placed on your family by a wicked witch, ysee. And it's up to you with a little help trom your dead uncle1 to break it. The inlricades of the plot are far too I complicated to detail here, suffice lo say I you're the good guy. .
Madame Two Swords The four exhibits' can be tackled in any order and, an entering one, you take Ihe form ol one of your ancestors (in the mine section, for example, you play a salety inspector).
Viewing the playing area from a tirstpersor perspective, you can move around in one of two ways: eilher click directional arrows on the left of the display, or simply click the piclure window in the direc- I lion you wish to go.
Collecting and manip ulating objecls couldn’t be easier either, as is communicating wilh other denizens il oj gel the chance!
Sudden deaths are not infrequent, but usually avoidable if a little care is taken, and most ol the puzzles logical and rewarding.
All-in-all Waxworks is an excellent production that won't get on your wick I TIP TIME! Make an accurate map (j- r as you go. And save your game position before undertaking any danger cus actions Ihe same design time after lime with a lew diHerenl puzzles and graphics I've always enjoyed them, and Crystal Kingdom is no exception.
& ¦m "Ip Perhaps the txjgesl departure trom Ihe existing I style is controllable jumps. Dizzy can linally change direction in mid air. Making plallorm negotiating and avoiding naslies less ol a mghlmare. There are also lour separale levels, each made up of 20 to 30 screens, and accessed by pass codes This |ust aboul eliminates the tiresome business ol having to go back lo Ihe slart should you make some silly mislakes (as well as giving scope lor chealing!).
Once you've got over Ihe initial improvements related euphona. There's not much there lhal hasn’t been done already Granted, there are a tair few screens, and the puzzles are pretty Ihick on the ground (it a little I simple), but those who haven't liked existing Dizzy games won't be converted by this.
However. I d still say it's the besl one JVJIMI UB n ol yel, and worth Ihe cash rf you re I feeling padiculariy rich on a rainy day 1 TW TfeuS Try to use every single i object in every possible localion il you I get stuck Lrstnvnt: l K.tr I ¦ Video nasty fans'll love this. I don I Ihmk 1 I’ve ever seen such a gory game Particularly stomach churning are Ihe death scenes, showing you mangled, slashed.
1 choked and decapitated. Lo name bul a lew fsJo doubl some will lind it offensive, bul I I reckon it s aboul lime wn had some proper I horror advenlures 01 course, good horror I I dcesnl depend solely on gore, and neither I I does Waxworks Even swapping belween Ihe game s len (!) Disks doesn 1 spoil (he intense almosphere. The suspense ol exploring spooky graveyards and mine j shalts is enhanced by gloomy, shadow laden graphics and a sinister soundlrack. It s like Starring in L | your own horror movie1 ¦ ‘ *
I) II H Tfn j tiir IHE PIANIST'S VIEW ¦ Let me say th s lirst:
ihe Mirade is no substitute for a good piano teacher (by Ihe
way, mine was an attract ve young lady1].
The way it analyses your piaying is all very dever, but there are seme things it just can t spot One example s the fingering of rotes Obviously, It doesnl know which lingers you're using anc you could easily get away with ircorred lingering or, early lessons, forming had habits which arly twecme apparent later on, when the corned lingering reafy must be used. Another problem is the way the program forces you to repeat Lessons and Practice sessions merolessly when you ve made the odd mistake This could be very discourag ng, espeoa iy tor Ihe complete novice A real piano teacher would
recognise Iti s frustration and work round it wilh some lun exercises tc keep up the pupil's interest A so, Ihe way Ihe program, punshes some errors and not cithers is aft- putting. Often, when I thought i d one art Ihe STUDIO ¦ Once you ve learned to play a txt, you'll no doubt want to record your own music. The Studio is a simple sequencer, enabling you lo record seven tracks (using various instruments), one at a time, and play iherr.
Hack together eat your heart out Mike Oldield1 Tempo and volume can be adjusted before record ng each track in real lime Up lo seven ot 1he Miracles 1 20 instruments can be used, each cn a different Irack, wilh Ihe eighth Irack reserved for the metronome.
Any ot Ihe tracks car be muted before playing hack and recording (he song on the on screen tape recorder It can Iher be saved lo disk By no means S it comparable tc proper sequencing software (eg f'kioc X,, due 4s the inability to edil the sequences by hand lo amend playing mistakes, bin the Studio's a lot ot tun to use espec ally after a hard practice session.
A helicopter Lies onto the screen, tawing the chord notes. You must play these wilhn Ihe short lime limit so the parachutists land sately gel 11 wrong and Ihey go splat1 Aliens is a Close Encounters spool, w th an a'ien ship descending and playing seguenees ol noles.
You have to copy these within a lime limit The Iriendly aliens help you out, however, by shining a spotlight on the or screen keyboard and putt ng a played a p ece pretty badly. 11 let me oft some quite horrendous errors, whi e on other occasions I might ve only missed a rote and Ihe pedantic program, would send me back to the practce room i In lacl. Ihe after was all Ihe more Iruslral'ng because ot Haws m Ihe program. Often I wculc play land hear] a note, and go on tc play the next lew notes, only tc real se that the cursor was still on the note I’d played only Ihe program somehow hadn t
heard It1 Perhaps Ihe most important I aw of all, however, is Ihe lack ot artistic expression A good music teacher would appreciate and encourage this, even if a few wrong notes were played The Mirade, cn the other hand expects everylturg to played in stnd tme (no room for rallentandos here), and doesn't care about varying dynamics (the loudness ot triangle in the slaft !c ncicale the next note the notes) at al Fingering is aiced by numbers in the al en ship's wmdows.
After all your hard work, why not sit back ard relax while Ihe Miracle plays its repertoire ol lures, Any can be selected from Ihe Jukebox, complete with, orchestral accompaniment great lun lor parlies1 most imponant (actors in classical music, al [east.
So it s a complete waste ol money, rig hi? We I, nol at all To be fait, the system, has heen devised as an aid rather lhan a replacement for converrtiana' leatiiIrxj methods As this, rt works we M s espec ally gnoc lor teaching complete novices the basics, eg reading music and recognising notes on Ihe keyboard And the sick presentation and fun arcade games makes normally tedioLs exercises lun especia'ly tor youngsters Most mportanfly. It M speeds up your musical development even margirally, it II pay tor tselt in Ihe long-lerm via a reduced number ot very expensrve piano lessons neeced tc
pass Ihe varous Grade exams £299 is an increOihly low price even tor the lull-size keys velocity sensitive, MIDI keyboard alone, never mrd the software Despite the system s daws, as a practice aid. Or introduction for complete novices, it's well wodh the money Just dont expect miracles' PHIL THE NOVICE'S VIEW ¦ It's a miracle1 No, nol the keyboard, the tact that I've spent two hours a day ler Ihe past ten days sitting in front of il and... practising1 Like leg nns ot other snotty-rosed pre pubescent British kids, my parents bribed, begged, blackmailed and generally threatened me into taking
piano lessons, Bui, 'ike the vast majority ot my conlemporanes, I ton tell by the wayside and tailed miserably to progress much lurther lhan finding midde C'.
I put it down to Ihe tact that a1 about the time I was learning', I was also discovering that John Thomas was possibly usetul lor more lhan just Ihe obvious Maybe it my piano teacher had been some raven haired beauty with a penchant for loose dothmg instead clad sabled octogenarian wilh a hygiere problem. things may have been d'fterenl Ah well, I m certainly making up lor lost time now; aHhough 1 teel It s tair to point cut that it I hadn 1 just got hold ol a second disk dnve I'd be losing nne hell ol a Icl ot quality keybcard- bordirg time swapping disks In tact, H you on y have Ihe one
internal drive on your Amga, I d have to go as tar as saying that using the disk- basec lessons would be prohibitively cumbersome just why do you have to swap so often, anyway'5 Attempting to access lessons via Ihe Arcade an Ihe cne dnve, I had lo swap Ihe disks around a staggering nine times belore I could even attempt tc hit the right note!
When you eventually bo gel into the games come-pradioe lessors though, ycu tind that they ve been designed in a (lawlessly eftective lashion Everyone knows |us1 how mind- numbingly boring practising scales can he, but with Ihe nclusion ot sna?zy interactive graphics (and even a scomg system1), the tedium, s done away with. In lad, M s luni It’s surprising how quickly the rudimentaries are picked up, in all honesty After only a few hours I lound thal some ot the simpler routines were becoming second nature to me Now that may not soLnd loo impressivp lo anyone who's done a bit ot ivory tinkling
in ihe past, but tor someone who generally banches al ius1 the thought ot s ttmg belore a keyboard a res dual throw hack lo my gerialric halMosis victim. I'm atrac Us a great achievement indeed Just liddling about wilh the piano on its own (you don 1 have lo connect il tc your Amiga lo make h wotk) is rewarding in itself Same ot the sounds that come out ot M positively invite expenmentationi Okay, so I'm no Jean-Michel Jarre; but trcm little acorns grow illVI TO ADVERTISE IN THIS SPACE CONTACT PETER, MICHELLE OR SHEILA ON 0584 875851 NOW!!
A) , you can I** «i« B y»a Amga ana CAPCOM SI rant Fighter II Ig
a Trademark at CAPCOM Co Ltd.
CAPCOM Ig a registered Trademark i CAPCOM Ca Aid.
THE COMIC STRIP We've bean indundalad wilh praise lar the first twn issues of AMIGA FORCE, hut we won't let it go to out heads. To tall us what you think ol tha mag, the Amiga scana, or any other related topic, sand your letters to: Force 0 Mail, AMIGA FORCE, Europrmaa Impact.
Ludlow, Shropshire SYB 1JW, Sorry, hut wa can't give personal YOU PAYS YER MONEY.. Dear AMIGA FOHCE I left I musl vurvtR la say how pleased I was when I purchased your excellent magazine As wilh CRASH il is every mag a compute! Bull could need and much more Yours is Itie tusl and only mag I have read from cover lo covet, ever, and the only one I have boughl since ihe calastrophic lime when my live year old trusty Amiga 500 |! Called her Amanda] was slolan Item my bedroom along wilh most ol my games and other slull Since then I began saving lor a new Amiga and wailing lo soe it Ihe insurance
will pay enough In huy nne when or it il comes around In Ihe meantime I need some snund advice a bo ul the market al Ihe moment. Advice Irom Inends |usl contuses me even more, so I decried lo ask Itvi people who make Itns Smart magazine, here goes My Irrsl oplinn is the A600 basic pack al £300 Ihe second Ihe A6C0 HD Pack at £d00-£500; Ihe third and mosi viable Ihe A12O0 at £400 or A1200 HD al £500 £600 A QUICKSHOT IN THE DARK Dear Steve I think your maga2 ne is excellent, sspec al y without the demo-disks Your competitions are also great, but would it be possible lb include competitions tor
hranc-new games such as KGB and Sensible Soccer I J? Could you also tell me when the Cuickshct Supervision will be availahle, arc will you be doing reviews lor Ihe litlle machine?
I also thought your reply lo the mother of the Ihree-year-o d Amiga whlz2kid was witty and enioyahie Youi sincerely R Nag, Wlgaton, Leicester ¦ Okay, R, l ve |iisl got eft the phnne lo Quickshcl's MD who tells me that the Supervision, is alreany ava lahle. Since we covered it Iasi issue I've teen keeping an eye out tor it in Ihe shops |usl out cf eur os ty, really. Could a UK company beal N nlendo at the r cwr, game? Sadly, though, it dopsn I look as if mary ot the hig multiples have taken Ihe hanc he d machine on board, hu1 if you d like lo give Quickshof a ring on 001 365 1993, They assure
me Ihey d be delighied tn fell you where you cab obtain one. There will be over 40 games available lor the syslem hy Ihe lime you read this, and yes, we II keep you up lo dale as to which lilies are out there as and when we receive delai s (l ve been premised a bumper hurdle in lime for rex1 issue, so keep em pee ed). And competitions tor new games?
I m looking irlc if... Stave I was lold by Irierds lhal Ihe A120G is twice as fasl and powerful as the A6CC and has a lew specially written games tor it, is this true and can you explain why. It possible?
The hard drives leave another dilemma, as I was lold games can be saved onto them and used or loaded straight into ihe Amiga, saving damage lo disks and lime Is this tiue and are they worth the money?
Yours contusedly J Hflrpxr, Wmailiia, Liverpool ¦ Thanks tor your kind comments, J (why den I people use Iheir names? II's so impersonall). As to which machine you should buy, I d suggest you look at cur roundup ot Quotes Irom the sottware houses in this month's Read All About It section belgre plumping tor an A12C0.
II ts hy lar and away the better machine. The 32 hi processor runs al about twee the speed ol the Rfip0 600 s and. With the new custom chips, the 1200 runs programs up to six limes taster' Vastly enhanced graphical capabilities use a palette ol 16.0 million colours1 The only problem is that, as a new machine or the market, it's impossible tc judge what kind ol sottware supped it will achieve Like the great video recorder war oi the late 1970s (as il s come to be known), many people may stand to gel Iheir lingers burned. Although the Beiamax model was technically superior, VHS won nut in Ihe
end due In berter marketing and other taczcrs.
AT MARCH 1093 ¦ ISSUE THREE ¦ Al least with Ihe A6CG you're guaranteed access to a vast amount ol titles And hard drives? In the end ol the day, I teei it's just a matter ot linancial constraints With a hard disk you can load certain peces ol sottware (though many games are protected] into Ihe system lor easier loading and sin mg great lor serous utilities lhal usually come on several floppies! The simple answer is get one it you can afford il, but it yen can't dor t be cverly upseh YELLOW PERIL AND A SEGA SAGA To AMIGA FORCE Thanks to everyone al AMIGA FORCE lor a top class mag Lve had my
Amiga let ghoul a year PRESENTS Dear AMIGA FORCE Afler tauymg Issues 1 anc 2. I tell il was about lime I wrote. Just to say WELL DONEI Your mag has set a tabulous standard which a lot of other mags should to low. 36 cheat cards (hnw about doing them on card? Just a Ihoughll)? Tips Inr almost every lull-price game reviewer? So much the cheaper because there are no cacky demos on Ihe tront cover? Nearly 30 pages ot I ps? Fabulousl These great ideas all adc up to make an excellent magazine which ceserves credit Some points: I think it s a great idea ol Gareth Foster s ( sh 2) from Avar lor
you to have a computer-related enrrue strip. I've seen other mags do the same, and it and have had no problem wilh it so far, bul recenlly all ihe yellow on Ihe screen has turned pink. Is it Ihe computer or the modulator? Plus, can I upgrade my A500 to a 32-biI so that I car, run A1200 games? Ry the way, I was looking through some mags and tound this piece on turning your Amiga into a Mega Drive and a Mega CD and still run all Amiga games. I hope you car print this to show your other readers (we can I II was an advert clipped Irom a rival publication']. Is il true?
Thanks J Cooli, lea, London.
¦ Phew1 What a struggle I ve had attempting 1o gel Ihe info you want trom Commodore Since I wasn't a registered Commodore dealer . Ihe Gestapo type receptions! Who look my call would only suggest lhal I reter any enquiries back lo Ihe shop where t boughl my machinei Afler patiently explaining who I was and why I warned Ihe information, she very kindly cut me elf1 Further attempts furnished me wilh the following, though: the only way 1o upgrade your ASC0 to a 32 biI machine would he hy replacing Ihe entire motherboard approximale cost; more than a new A1200I Your yellow to pink problem is
really a tauH with the green |?j. Try swapping your modulaior wilh a Inend to see il that s Ihe cause of the trouble: II il isn't, you'll certainly need tc consult a specialist And finally, the company offering gooos enabling your Amiga lo run Sega Mega Drive carls are I asking for more cash I than Ihe price ol a new [ Mega Drive1 So even il I il did work what would be Ihe paint? Hope that | helps seemed lo work lor them.
On your reviews, il would be nice lor you to give an overall mark on games lor graphics, playabi ily. Laslabil ly, sound, elc.
Also, maybe il you made your reviews shghlly bigger, and look a point ol view from two reviewers insleac ol ]usi Ihe one’’ I am thinking seriously ahoul subscribing lo AMIGA FORCE, but 11 would he nice il you supplied your owr, persoral service, so I could subscribe In il lor 12 months like olher magal nes. I Ihlnk your magazine is br.lliarl and hope it thrwes in ihe way that CRASH did in the 80s. Keep up the good work ¦ lihard Cha Bin, Ha lion, Lancs PS The cheat lor Turrican 2 is wrong. In actual lad. You enler ihe music selection screen (HELP cr SPACE), and lype n 1 , 4 and 2. II may roi
work Ihe first lime, sc try il again il I doesn I THAT (S)WINGS IT!
Dear Sieve I am writing in connedion with Kennelh Stuart's letter Oh, for the wings in the January issued AMIGA FORCE.
I also have a copy ol Wings which I purchased over a year ago and U s line. 11 appears Irom his letter lhal he only has the one manual, Ihis being Ihe 19-page instruction manual. He should have received another manual enlilleo Wings Personal Cnmbal Simulator This is an 83-page book which gives you a polled hislory ol air comhal during SIR, IF YOU I DON'T MIND!
I Dear SinMadam I Havirg (licked through Issue 2 ot your I rragaz ne a lew limes on visiting my local I newsagenls, I cec ded to buy it. On reading I it, I thoughl wow III was very bright and I eye-catching, and I have never seen so I many lips and cheats in one mag Having I for a long time beer think ng about buyirq I an Amiga. I deciceg to write to you to ask I lor some expert advice an which one would I be the best lor me lor the money. Basically, I all l want it lo do s to play a lew games, to I do a bit ol ward processing and a lew home I arcounls.
B Have you got any cheats tor CodeMasters Captain Dynamo'?
D Barman, Haddlicaa, Norfolk.
PS Thanks lor publishing AMIGA FORCE. It's just Ihe kind of magazine I want.
¦ After being stuck in the second division in Football Director I was glad lo see a Cheat m another somewhat tatty magazine tor infinite money. Untottunalely it did not seem to work1 I would be grateful if someone could help me out C Allan, Stranraar B I've been struggling with Ihe game Shadow Ot The Beasl 2 loi guile some lime now, and I am getting nowhere. I know ol a cheat lo gel infinite energy (walk right ask the first person; TEN Please print my letter as I'm al my wits' end. I ve asked a few people but they weren't much help1 Mill I Lawla, NortMlaal, Kant B A second-hand A500 with 1 meg
i.pgrace wculc be idea lor your needs, just ensure it's all working properly before pari ng wilh any dash The new A60C woulc do loo although Ihe omission of a numerical keypad may cause some heaoaches if you're planning some serious home arcounlirg Gameswise. There's no d flererce between Ihe Iwc, apart Irom the well-publicised facl lhal some games which require Ihe numerical keypad won I work proper y on the fidfl lor obvious reasors.
Slava ¦ Glad you I iked Gareth s idea aboul the comic strip: see this month's Read Ail About It section la lind Mr Foster s lirsl piece of published work yes afler reading my reply Iasi ish he senl some in (and I coudn'l very well turn it cawn, now, could I?). Your comments abcul our review style are welcome, I ve already incorporated a second comment tor a more balarced view, allhough I m Kill I resisting the temptation to rate Ihe games. Next morlh we ll be running a detailed reader Slrvey which will address this very point (among olher things), II enough people want to see Ihe games
marked, we II oo it, Bui until the results ol the survey have been collated Ihe rev ews w II stay as they are... ?idn 1 you see the subscription, offer in Issue 2? Oh we I, check oul page 81 this morlh lo Imd details or. A qreal deal1 Sliv* ycu can I have) L E T T E R !
An odd number r 1 ol pages in a beak1) Now rol only would lhal be a mighty hassle lor you, il wot.Id also be slriclly Illegal! As such, there s no way I can lorward you the address, I'm alraid looks like Ken'll have to have some serious worns wilh his stockisl... Biw Dear Sir Could you please answer my questions aboul Ihe loot pedal lor the Amiga
1) Can you combine il with another (oystick such as Ihe Logic 3
sleering wheel, and how1)
2) Where can I gel one?
3) It you cannot sleer wilh Ihe lloor pedal, then can you plug
the pedal into port 1, yel slill sleer wilh a jcyslick In port
2? Because usually wher Dlavmo vou use nrlv one invslirk
rv-irl anrl B assume you re referring lo the Quickshot Foot
Pedal, Nick, in which case yes , Quickshot' yes, but rot how
you think' and sort of are the answersl Seriously, Ihe Fool
Pedal will work in number ol different ways but lo find oul
more aboul iL why not phnnp Quickshof themselves? Their numher
is prinleo elsewhere in this column, and they'll be happy la
help. They'll also send you lact sheets on all Iheir products,
I'm sure, as will other manufacturers it you ask nicely enough
tor at least sound as il you really do intend lo buy something
convincingly enough!)
Hfova WWI. II is Ihis that gives you the passwords, fe page 46, paragraph 4, lire 1, word 9 Boelcke', So it he only has one manual he is well within his ngbls to go back to Ihe place where he purchased the game and say, 'The game should have two manuals hut il only has one'. II he slill gels no refund and is stuck with a game he can 1 play, could you give ma his address so I couid get in touch with him and maybe help him out wilh his passwords?
Keep up the good work on a tine mag Alan Crawford, Flfo, Scotland ¦ Thanks for straightening that out lor us.
Alex, ard lor the after al heip. There s a prohlem Ihere. Though, in as much as la help Ken oul, the only way I can see would be to photocopy the entire 83 page book (which incidentally, must either be 82 or 84 pages, as PINTS) bul I cannot reach several places, such as the Goblin's cave. I also can I gel past the traps m the Western passage guarded by Ihe man pushing a stone with spikes slicking out. I can gel past him, it s lha traps that I can I work out. Please could you give me some help, as I'm qettirg frustrated.
Tam Waknllng, Nr Rayitan, Hirti B I neeo help1 |Na comments pleasei) I m an avid Dan Blulh Dragons Lair Ian (I told you I reeded helpi). Hut seriously, I need lo lino out how la get out of the Labyrinth' level or Escape From Singe s Castle to go on to light the evil shape shifter on the final level As everyone who's been there knows, its possibly Ihe most boring level in Ihe universe and i'm sick ot committing 'suicide' in frustration' Randalph Llnraln* Scad, Ca Antrim, N Iraland TIPS Yhla I fill a aacllan'a dadlcatad la all lha laltara wa racalva aaklnfl for halp with gam a ¦ wa havan'1
caiMplalad, or limply don't know tha aniwara lal II YOU can halp, plaaaa raply la tha uaunl addraai, marking your lattar ‘Tlpa Bila1. Chaaral IB I recently bought Lure 01 The Temptress, and have managed to free mysell from Ihe dungeon and am raw in the village ot Tumavale. I have acquired a Iiask. A knits some broker glass and a linderbor, Unfortunately I can t lind my way into the caslle or Ihe town hall and can I find the dragon.
Please help mel L lari, Panritli V_ B ISSUE 1HBII IJ MARCH 1909 B At 45 r u n l I v UUMAIN Wtinwill5iirvlve andwhal will be leflDf ihem?
THE TEXH9 Nflk Ifac CIM lai THE VENTURES OF QUIK AND SILVA ¦ IT ¦» ¦ If you like big spnles and tricky gameplay reminiscent of Ihe earlier Mane games, you'll probably like The Adventures Ol Quik And Silva Far those of you unfamiliar with the aforementioned gamestyle (where have you been?), Adventures is a horizontally scrolling blast the (awful looking) aliens.
You can't even tly oft the screen something we all lake for granted Public Domain (or PD] programs are where a programmer has relaxed his or her copyrighl, allowing Ihem to he distributed freely PD libraries charge only disk and duplication costs, and you're perfectly entitled to copy a friend's disk.
PD s bigger brother Shareware can also be Ireely copied, allhough the programmers usually ask tar a negligible registration fee.
Should you wish to use their game frequently.
Charityware is a new one on us, but is essentially Shareware with the fee given to a wcdhwhile charity. Good to see that someone still cares make sure that you do too.
¦ Can anyone remember Laser Squad? It's easily one of the most compulsive strategy games ever, I spent hours playing through the different scenarios, and enjoy them even lo this day Well, it seems somebody out there does too, as Act Of War s one of the best PD tributes I ve seen in a long while Far Ihose unfamiliar wilh the game style, each side lakes turns lo jLCT 'O J WAR ¦ IT Bi» move their troops This is done hy using each unit's allocation at action points to perform cedam actions This can be anything trom opening a door to loading a firearm wilh a view to blowing some poor soul s head
off Once you re satisfied with your soldiers' movements, you simply selecl Ihe end turn' option, and it's time lor your opponent (be it computer or human) ro make their moves Act Of War comes with three scenarios, each one lollawing on from the last. Select a mission and you find yourself n the arming section, although the programmer has been thoughtful enough lo include a default set tor people too hurried (or loo stupid) to choose their own.
?nee you ve played it for a while you soon get the hang ot Ihe well-designed control melhod. Moving your troops around becomes almost second nature and you might actuary be able la complete a mission... Acts a Shareware game with a £5 tee attached However, those honest enough to register will receive an updated version ol the game complete wilh an additional mission and an excellent level designer To me. This seems like incredible value (or money: one of Ihe best Shareware deals I've seer so tar AMEGA RACE JE.
¦ Every compilation has its xmSbuueb' OuHer No matter how lar or how wide you look. I doubt I Hej you'll ever (ind a collection ol games without the obligatory dodgy game Amega Race is Dalaclan d’s toker in the pack. It's yet another variation on the Asteroids theme, with its distinguishing lealure being a lack ol addictivity. The usual rotate thrust controls are the same as ever, bul it differs from usual versions by including a fairly large score box in the centre of Ihe screen This can't be flown or shot through, so you have to fly around it In i ¦ ¦ ¦ 1 7 Bit ¦ Guile easily the sickest
game at ihe month, Massacre Is Ihe Amiga incarnation ol the moderately well- known (and immensely gruesome) film You lake the part of Lealherlace a psychotic chainsaw-wietding madman lo 4 Score 10 f fStzurp IQ $ 1 • 0 E 1 3 (1 Disk) THE TEXAS Chi GAMES DISK 4 M ¦ MARCH 1903 PUBLIC DOM nULRUZIB Like Revenge, with an ncrpdibe EG blcodiusl Wandering 1 ™ " I around a garden, you get to murder anyone foolish enough 1o stroll n I fronl of your rosy hlade.
Thai s about it although you oo have tn look lor petre lo replenish your UK rapidly diminishing 1 siippy or (I s game ovre' lor lhe ugly ant hero Charnsawcames a £3 registration lee I can I recommend you buy il, as you II have seen all it has to niter after your tirst sitting. There s just not enough lo do The death sequences aren't really that qory either it you warn to he disgusted, check cul Accolade s Waxi«vfcs in the Rich Pickings section ol this ish.
QBK I was a little shocked (not
- lo medico cismayed] when I rotioed a review tor O Bert ' in a
Nmlendo magazine H cr ltfJ Game Boy at Ibe usual high prioes,
and I wondered whether anyone would actually pay lor such an
old and ainkty concept Obtc is a Charityware version As Obert
games go, its a perted implemertalion and a poke in the eye
tor those hand-hetd owners who went out and bought ill
* AM ICO IDS I ¦ Now I don't know how this came aboui, but
AMIGAids is enadly the same program as ierrwrungords (see last
ish). It's another Asteroids done but with alternative graphics
and crunchy sound etf«rts To be fair, it's an adequate
rendition Ihat remains enjoyable tor as long as your love ot
the arcade machine lasts For me, this worked cut at around 7 5
minutes playing lime plattnrm game Enemies must be shot with
ycur initially leeble gun, although power-ups can be collected
lo make matters a little easier. Contact with the plattorms
resident creatures results m the loss ol a lile, and it's back
lo the level start lor our hero Some cl the sprites are rather
the weirdest games I ve seer in a long time Basically, you re a
mutant came1, and your lot in lite involves shooting all manner
of strange sprites while walking (and jumping) over a hostile
landscape. There s also the option lo have either a human or on
reputer-enn trolled partner (it's a yak, I think) to assist in
the carnaqe The graphics are clear and wall animated and the
sampled sound efleds give almosphere to the strange happenings.
Some ol the sprites are out of this world; one round is filled
with hostile roll-ups |Er, I don 11hink that's supposed rc be
jusf Ole Holborn in Ihere, soni Ed).
Tobaccotaslic, you could say.
As you'd si peel Revenge is Shareware carrying a £5 registrator, fee. It’s a pretty essential purchase lo bolh camel enthusiasts and everyday gamesplayers, because it's pure unpretentious tun as opposed lo recydec garbage. By far lhe best game on the disk.
Sonic The Hedgehog Bub and Boh I Bubble Bobble stars], and a creature we thirk came from Nebulus What they re doing in Adventures is beyond us, but we assume the programmer has used a pseudonym to avoid legal tepercLSsiors There are probably a tew more stars on later levels, but the game is let down by the lack of restart points. I Can I like go eg back to the start ol a section every time I die it makes my turning-clf finger twitch in an alarming manner... ¦ Who agrees with me when I say Neighbours is a kids' programme these Cays'? I can remember a lime when people over three could identity
with (or at least laugh at] the characters withcut batting an eyelid. These days. I'd rather eat my socks than endure a single episode, as the cringe-worthy plot does little to build up poorly researched characters.
So what about this PD adventure? II s obviously not a licensed version (although the programmers creoil Grundy Television; on the title screen]. Well the p at stays lairly ciose to the subject matter (it's rubbish), detailing money mad Paul Robinson s attempt to buy Ramsey Street and turn it into a maggot tarm or something Ot course, you (as the unicentilied hero) have other ideas and wander around the graphic adventure collecting evidence ol Pauls illegal activities, All ot the locations are digitised Irom the TV game. In the orginal, you controlled a sphere rollirg along a chequered pathway
replete with hazards These took the form ol holes (to tall through unless umped) or special' patches that inllueneed your craft s movement (slowing it down, speeding it up, etc).
II was a simple concept thal managed to be bolh tricky and addictive tor a while, at least. The Amiga incarnation s pretty much the same, right down lo the insipid graphics unlorlunalely. This still doesn't detract Irom what is otherwise an engaging challenge, though, and il certainly is relreshing lo take another roll Down Nostalgia Avenue WELTRIX r Let s get this HE *¦ straight now; Rj ¦ I Weltrii is Wetltris on PC. U s a lairly ¦ good replica (apart Irom the H W awtul controls) but the tact I __ remains that it's just rot a gooo game. Tetris was addictive, tun and simple everything its
follow-up isn't Weltd)r is just as bad because it's the same.
NEIGHBOURS 1HI ADVENTURE ¦ H6 3S ISSUE THREE MARCH 1993 Af umtinnn 16 32 CLUB... A myriad ot options are available to soup up the gameplay, trom black holes lo ditlereni gravity and thrust levels The latter play a fairly large pan in the game, as there's a sun that (predictably) tries your craft to a crisp should you gel too dose Possibly the only innovative leature is the ability lo play a triend via a modem. It's i addiiion. Bul unfortunately you hi telephone bill afterwards1 By lar the better game ot Cybamattx. This one- or two-player game sees you screaming through horizontally scrolling
levels, shooling both asteroids and :k waves. There's also a fair amount ¦ ol power-ups, allowing si SPACIMASTIR ¦ xtkirli Emilli n Surprisingly enough.
1 ill ol them manage lo le recognisable j However, the screens i very uninleractive it to mention J uninteresting) end the game text is very sparse td say the least. OK.
So it may be PD. But I'd have thought they could have added a little more depth. After all you've got the ultimate opportunity tor parody here and it'e almost a travesty that it's been largely ignored.
¦ Dataolan don't charge tor disk duplication
- - just send am Ihe disks and a stamped addressed envelope and
they'll bung you Ihe relevant compilations in the post. They
can be reached at... Dataclan c 0 17 Saltford Road Allerdene
EsI Gateshead Tyne and Wear NE96BG Don't target to include your
name and address. You'd be surprised how many bank envelopes
contuse postmen to the eatent ot non-delivery.
ANSWERS (ring your choices) ¦ Q1 a, b, c ¦ Q2 a, b, c ¦ 02 a, b, c 50 COMPETITION III All ENVELOPE... OVER £1,500 WORTH OF f IJU KONIX JOYSTICKS UP FOR GRABS! I- Mm icroswitches, eh"? We can remember when they were a luxury item, prized by many To have a joystick wilh such wonderful technology would make people go weak at the knees Now it turns out that these previously worshipped items are old hat, and that analogue slicks are the things to own. It you want r to know more about them (or Imore specifically, the r spendiierous Konix version), check . Oul the news section. Alternatively,
if !you want to win one read on k Konix are very proud of their L new hand held joystick, the ¦ analogue version ol the popu'ar ¦ Speedking So proud, in fact that "they've offered us a more that generous)OB to give away in this simple competition All you have to do is answer the following juestions... A great new game arrives in the office. Does Steve...
i. Organise a fair and honest rota so everyone gets to take il
home to play it with friends?
B Wear it as a hat?
C. Take it home and keep it for around three weeks, swearing
loudly i1 anyone else asks to borrow it?
James and Phil are playing Sensible Soccer. James has just gone 2-1 down with B4 minutes on the clock. What does he say...
j. Great goal Phil you deserved that one?
B. I used to be a woman, you know?
The joysticks not working properly and the light's in my eyes and the computer s a %A&* and the ?
James walks with a slight limp due to an injury sustained during the Falklanda war. How did this happen...
• He stormed an enemy fort single- handedly. Defeating over 20
men bul got shot in the leg?
He was hit by shrapnel while saving the lives ot 12 innocent civilians?
He tripped over the coflee table trying 1o change channels?
Well, Maradona had hia 'hand ol God' and Ihe Greeks had
• heir Trojan Horse, bul both ol Ihese pale in comparison lo
AMIGA FORCE Ihe only way lo cheat. II you wan! Lo beat that
game and you haven't so lar. It's almost guaranteed that
A-FORCE l will give you all you need lo send those nosolution
blues packing. Read 'em and cheal, people... ' THE QOMPiETE
Imu aM GAME TYPE PAGE Action Fighter Cheat 74 Afterburner Cheat
74 Archipelagos Cheat 14 Arkanoid Cheat 14 Atomic Robokid Cheat
14 Batman: The Movie Cheat 14 Bomhuzal Cheat 14 Carrier Command
Cheat 14 Dragon Breed Cheat 74 Dragon Spirit Cheat 76 Eswat
Cheat 76 F-29 Relaliator Cheat 76 Falcon Cheat 76 Full Contact
Cheat 76 Gobmns2 Tips 52 International Ice Flockey Cheat 76
Jumping Jack Son Cheal 76 Kick Oft 2 Cheat 76 Klax Cheat 76
Last Ninja 3 Cheat 76 Lemmings Level Solution 72 Logical Cheat
76 Nebulus Cheat 76 Ninia Warriors Cheat 76 Pit-Fighter Cheat
76 Rick Dangerous Cheat 76 Rome AD92 Tips 59 Running Man The
Cheat 76 Shadow Ot The Beast 2 Cheat 76 Starglider 2 Cheat 76
St eg Cheat 80 Street Fighter tl Tips 68 Slrider 2 Cheat 80
Supercars 2 Cheat 80 Super Flang-On Cheat 80 Swiv Cheat 80
Troddlers Cheat 80 Turrican Cheal 80 Vaxine Cheat 80 Venus The
Flytrap Cheal 80 Waxworks Tips Map 63 JK THREE MARCH 1903 Al 5
- ; _rh»n v '»•«, ¦ original see the review in this Issue
Winkle like a couple of dimwits, this solution to the first two
sections Only Fingus can operate the Fountain. While he’s doing
this. Winkle fills the Bottle with the Jet Of Water.
When Winkle uses the Bottle on the Toad, he spits out a mouthful of water at the amphibian, which hops off and revaals a Stone.
...then operates the Rung to pull down the ladder, which Winkle climbs before it snaps up again.
Ha can now look into tha Chimney, and fall down it!
Only alter much hassle will Tazaar Ihe wizard let Ilham in. First, Fingus must knack on Ihe door and talk to Tazaar.
I t Winkle does Ihe same, but Ihe wizard still won't listen.
A One of Ihe old ' men hits you II you try lo gel I the Bottle. What you need is a dietrsct- | ion. So, after placing Fingus nest [to the Battle, send ¦ Winkle ta get the | Sausage; he gets whacked by Ihe Notable, and... ...while the old men are laughing at this, Fingus | can grab the Bottle.
ZJ After Winkle's blown back out of the stack, Ihe wizard linally opens the door.
PLAYING TIPS He than tills the Kettle using the Bottle. When the Kettle boils, II reveals a Spring Key Fingus hums his hand on the steam it he tries to gat this.
YWhan Winkle steps on the rug's Tail, its J mouth opens. Place Fingus nail to its Head and, whan the mouth is open, operate Head to gel the Matches tram within.
Fingus uiai the Matches on the Kettle tc light the stove.
Fingus inserts Ihe Spring Key in the Cuckoo-Clock on the manllepiece.
Operating Ihe Cuckoo- Clock results in Fingus winding it up... When the cuckoo comes out, Winkle(Stood underneath]uses the Slone nn the Big Kay lo knock it out o Ihe cuckoo's mouth.
However, the hig aal is a light sleeper, and neither character can grata the Sausage Irom the ground.
With Winkle standing on Ihe spring-trap (left ot oat|, f I Either _J ' character can use the Big Key to open the Cellar door in eider to reach the Wine.
While Winkle grabs the Chicken, Fingus (standing behind it] hits H an Ihe Head with the Sausage to knock Fingus | uses Ihe Sausage on Ihe pothole lo hit the Dog!
Winkle pours Bottle onto Nymph lo revive her (she files up to right hranch).
I N G TIPS With Fingus standing an |h« tack ||«fl al Stane], Winkle apens the Stane la ¦aleass another Bee.
Winkle enters the House with the bay in it, while Fingus stands near Ihe upper-right House.
When the hoy appears in Ihe lower- light House, Fingus enters the upper- light House and catches the blighter Irom behind, taking the Ball (I? Hoot]. - Wilh Winkle standing underneath Ihe Basket, Fingus gives Ihe Ball to the basketball Player who shoots... Winkle jumps through Ihe Basket, knocking the Bali into Ihe Town Hall to make the Mayor come out. He tells them to see Tom, Ihe master clock maker.
, . Winkle I ’ Jj
- 'Bottle J to Kael, who drinks and afters lo lift Winkle up
with his hand Winkle steps an the hend and is thrown up la the
Winkle shakes the Branch to knock down Ihe Flower.. To stop the creature Irom grabbing the Flower, Fingus must stand on tap ol Its stane and catch the pi tailing Flower.
Fingus quickly jumps onto the Bee's back and lakes a ride lo the , Nymph In the tree.
I Fingus
* . Aives ' -| gives ' -B the Honey ta the Nymph, who Hies down
ta point out the correct Mushroom.
Winkle gets lha Mushroom Ilfs one ol the lew things he won't eat!]... knocks on the Door to Vivalzart.
And r evea When Winkle gives the Mushroom to him, Vivalzart opens the to _ Fingus knocks an the |lap-right] Clack maker's Onoi. Tom tells him to replace the clack's tack-taek with a melody la get the hourglass.
(This game's bonkers! Ed] He can then , A use the Flower J . An the other Slone,drop ping II dawn ____ I the hole.
~ LjEhSe K?
Fingus opens the Stane ta let a Bee out, and grabs Ihe Haney it's carrying.
. With Fingus standing an the , i npring-trap (below Vulture], r *] Winkle presses the shelf Switch to send Fingus up to the cage at the Vulture, which pecks at him while he hangs an.
In turn, Winkle and Fingus each fill lhe Bottle with lhe potion from the Container, and drink it to make them disappear into a musical dream!
Winkle must quickly throw the Warm up ta the Vulture, so Fingus can (automatically] grab the Meat before falling.
Fingus talks to Vivalzart, who tells him to put the Mushroom in his musical dream Machine.
Winkle puls the Mushroom in the Machine (Fingus just can't faring himself to do it).
Fingus operates the Machine (pressing the hutton on its side). It bubbles a bit, but lhe Machine blocked by a Clothes Peg on tube. Somehow the heroes must get onto the shelf,,.
LlI Jr ? TO ±2 With Fingus standing on tap at the pedal-fain, Winkle giwes the Bane ta Vivalzart who goes to put it in the bin, catapulting Fingus up to the shelf in the process!
Fingus stays put, while Winkle puts Ihe Mosquito in the Headlight. It buzzes round the drummer, making him play... Fingus talks la the Guitarist, who playa a lune... Winkle (jaea the Flycatcher to grab the Nate which settles near him jbelare it shatters] Winkle ( r r enters J' Ihe Hale la reach the top- right mushroom.
Fingus uses Pump an Saxophoni9l la make him play... Winkle gels the Note with Ihe Flycatcher to make the Melody.
Fingus smashes Hourglass overIhe Trench 1o create a magical sand bridge.
Fingus jump9 on the Spring. When Ihe Pump appears above Ihe left Bath characters walk across and go through the Opening in the castle wall.
A. )A Winkle uses ¦ the Melody on the bottom-left House, to put it in the clock (at top). Fingus knacks ft on the I. Clockmaker's LhkPwes£9k Door and talks ta Tam, who gives him Ihe Hourglass.
Fingus enters Ihe Hole to appear Winkle uses Pump on the Saxophonist and Fingus i Mosquito which on the top-right quickly uses Flycatcher on 1 mushroom.
ISSUE THREE MARCH IW3 AF It's best to use the RUN option lor travelling, as you're up against a tight time limit. Red hoi lava from an overflowing mountain doesn't 'art sting a bit, you know ll's possible to follow Scgarus through Rome to find out what he'a up to. However, your lime Is bettor spent golting your bearings, as the overheard conversations act merely as plot additions, wllh little consequence.
This guy announces Important events, such as slave sales and gladiator tournaments, so take heed el hla words and toddle along la the appropriate venue.
CGLuSSEVJ* Vanilla Flavia plays little part In the game, but offers accommodation lor a negligible lee- If anyone finds out wtial purpose this serves, drop us a line- It's puzzled the daylights out ol us.
UflilLL* Firtui* ClTlZEl Hotelier IlMSCKumUi Senator lla«EV LENDER SOFTWARE CITY k f PC BOX 888, HMH .' -j ISA WOLVERHAMPTON WV1 1TP Tel: 0902 25304. Fax- 0902 712751 CALL US ON: 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0902 2S304 1
J. ERH I C’fJIVIl* rrmvgi ONW Waal 0» Mu.*a, la«nO J Met WaAiia
Rocnai 12 1] Na_ ipayi wt* hvlqc NEM PP4CF Shod Em Lit
Conc*ui?Hai (C« Shulila SuarT SanuK 2 Sar CJ, -O-o Twj blC4|4,
SUPIRF1GHTIR Pil Fighter, WWF Wrestle mania A Final Fighl 1
7.99 THE R-T. SMITH COMPENDIUM Vulcan, Ancient Baitles A
19. 9R DIZZY'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Spellbound Dizzy, Bubble
Dizzy, Dizzy Prince Of The Yalk Folk, Panic Dizzy & Kwik Snc*
1 7.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Fasl Food, Kwik Snax, MagitJand
Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy & Treasure Island Dizzy 1 7.99 AIR
AND SEA SUPREMACY Silent Service, Gunihip, Wings, Carrier
Command A P47 Thunderbolt 21 .SO Go* n[h PRICE V Hk 2 ? I 50
- Ot nfm a* aa 17 aa j w 17 M U 9t 21 Sf I he 21 SC ’99 I i «
MIN PrlTF ka NEM FRICE NEM FRITF 2i SO 25 99 24 99 »• Sfl '7
• a x 24 99 2 99 7 99 9 91 17 M 17 m 31 4M 2 SC al Daa NFM 2' «
24 99 Nidi FakHi a nkamotanaMp . ' *41 21 Sfl 31 99 9 99 a 99 9
« a 71 50 1 7 M a as 14 If 6 l auU’lG « M 21 SC SC WW PckTF I M
J 9* SM« Bax ” 1 ... Lq iaa In ElmSeaii NEM Eumoaa" Steal
E. erta*H0 KfM EkOTY bov EltO T a RaNMdU 2 I1 «mi FllCMta PM*
Fakam Falcon On Co. Nlcv 9|« ka ,C«3a OKC rata*. Opaw-or
F- ,81 itu EM Eaa IM lea
• ¦ Ul.rj FkoH O Ihl ifimlii Fvkm i 5 FocU'i "Var1 v 2 HkClai
Uir i 3 NEM Cohort 2 Kew : Cjx* vim r j Hi TIW (I 5 A CI P-.
KFW : ric*a C Xiar KFMPRfF rn,«» M noderr P« j7 KFM rini O
Enfftariis r**, DoiM mot*b Raro( EM* UM IM Saul : rWfcra.a NEM
: OaVji* Su e AoIm 7 U*j| SPECIAL OFFER thiiy P*fu r Ttt Yon
FcA F-_ ? C NEM
F. eraiha if C S |
F. on Mai NFM RfiiCE Fi ib« NFM PR OF f*.ma* Frjana R7 !
C idi ¦ Si a Su Qdvi • « O-vwr T%i i Sao» ' Gund Pfii urjnpcu : Fiqij lhi Hnrtl*) KEM Hjaw O Si .Jira NFM ; U»rtu r SPECIAL OFFER inl NFM Ok QtKi.ta w Bohij ,C C 9 i Cnaijrrail* 3 IOO NEM PRICE ChutfiBoc*. NEWPPiCE rJFMPflCF
C. w LfM C»Aa(4 KI1M Ckisi Cuflimnr NEM Wcf ar Be Ihe" ¦ CrY*«
Inc.ana jrrKi Fia O Him lAoay Bialca FlaiN 2 5C BaXM Dzri 3
0.4 KM PRCE 2- 50 ?' Sn 2* W 74 BC Hk3 OS a os Mb CliaMB.
Oka, il(9 CICMS5L IN .» ¦ Pm ICW Bteca 1 MW Oh Ml Utm lannnp
iSlano alone, Otrar Sr«r4« Bndga OnapMOunak NEM PRICE FOB Tiu
Ool PGA r«aia Oaaa (Nae PGA Oil i Coaiu IW P*d W Cwa p areo, ;
SPECIAL OFFER Pa (nay NEM PRICE P'rhak F.rlaiu 1 Pxar.ru NFM
PR.OF Pwwe, : Pa r rla. NFM PHITF V * CkAu Spa- KFM 4 'm
lArchu Mctnarai NEM PRICE ¦ « Fm-a a ? 92 NEM 2' SO Hughv
Coarl- 9 90 HVF HonJa NFM PRICF 9 09 S0MN NFM IE 91 Vxhoi
iSmni SkBi 17 M I r*r«»1 RAT Rah, Lana Ea i I iiHa E apl
TiatBi naa X 2 LoAa 3 Tha Lnna cun Leai T;aaii «a O Wwar NEM
Lun e Ira TimciNac Ul( c Naltii 4 1 iSfhOC 3i4' Magic McaMa
NEM ban l i la IM-w 7 NEMP I a nd . Ml Book I agandi Ol
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Pal 3 Match O liwUn Uaoa F viaaa s «a I 1 0 SB 7 9S I 24 99 Ah
»a Nat r» FlWa Ol Pane KEM P0HCE ntae r.-v = ipc; 21 50
• Mn bK CI flnt-lanc Uonlat ¦ and KlevMa, rM 2 DENSTTYM1TM LABELS
1 a» 10 IX 29 1290 A0 PIECE 31-2 OIK BOX B « bo piece s 1.92
nee box j * 120PIECE a 12 DISC BOX iM MOUSE PAAJ 2 M AMIGA
* A4a 1 lUfOI IhkNMh * •* on WITHOUT f lOra M M AMIIGA AAOO 1
MeaeClaac +4XCg SPECIAL OFFFR Mrrkl fmSal MMF I iFiiiegNr
Rirr igai 2a* MrKiorAae NEMFRCE 2MlLlAW . AAO(aiA12CC
raiiawTmiiAr.iM MnnHk. IZ ItpBehMI Ml NuSmHs I* l4Hirt»ia*l Fun
9-fpool 3 |U9 OlllOIrl FlP i »l 4iUS a » JO 7 I I) v a Trpu 11
IdiAtfaul So«ll Ua«c 14 I4.IOPI Ml ImalbBiF'Nbla* ItA T*a Pip
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Tf Uomr C P 9 a«ie Ol Honm TAG MiwPnc T«4IIAIk Thon-ai NFM ' Tafcr* SPECIAJ DFFFR Tnmca The l*k [iva NFM TiMkPuaa NEM FriTF TioM.
Tlirean • FW 2 Imlai 2 SpfClAl OffEF 1 T V Sofktl F nnial wane Hi " ¦ Miaoi ¦ V*ral Suit W"( [flIBMla MU* id Weile OuTfNU-ihic Ren ng Uaraga KIM IBNra I
l. Moaa Gc4 IraiAl Uonalaii Winini D Fmixa 9ia 9 iaan i«- 2
StaWiBf Uaricku 3fta,avain4 Ivrr-| S4auwxN3.C C S D DOU&if Bar
i &ar Ca, Mai S rr C*| Artf.M Ear F»ht Kuna Addr«a ¦ Pooleodi
.. [ Name at Game Compuler Value PmlSQR
Tcdfc Cord NC Eip Dais AF SPORTS MAS1IRS
P. G.A. Tour GgH, Indianapolis 500.
AdYcnhog* Ternii A Euro Championship
31. 50 TH« DRIAM TCAM The Simpsons, WWFWrasHemanic & TerminatDt 2
1 7.99 FANTASTIC WORLDS B»o I ms, Pirates.
Wonderland, Papulous & Megc La Mania
24. 99 STRATEGY MASTERS Populous, Spirit Of Excolibur, Chess
Player 2150, Hunter & ballla Master
23. 99 SUPER ALLSTARS 5teg, C.J. In The U.S.A., Captain Dynamo.
Adventures Of Batin Hood A Magic Dizzy Land 1 7.99 MhaiClA Ifll-IH Aah.HaaiB .-MNi 1»»C11 FI PGJ AR oaOFRR UAS1FBC AFC FLBOOBC ¦ Check out Ihe screen shot In the ‘Rich Pickings' reviews section to discover one o the correct combinations far the puzzle daar. Or you can solve It by making each row add up to 16... ¦ Knock out all thn support beams on Level Three to reveal a secret roam on Level Four.
You’ll find a tuning lorfc inside which you need to complete the Fifth ¦ To kill the alligator first lind the urn containing the embalmed organs on Level Two, then return to the 'gators pool and smash the Jar In (rant of him. Whon he crawls out lo eat the entrails, hurl a spear at him!
Massive mouse-driven adventure's been causing some huge headaches out there in Amigaland.
After severalheart- felt pleas of 'help!'
From various corners of the country, we've responded with these general tips for three of the game's levels, and a complete solution lo the 'Mines' section.
Hope you dig 'em!
EOWj ,J PYRAMID jack mi MPPSR On tho Fifth Level you’ll discover a mural depleting same snakes. This Is, In fact, a secret door |ust smash It with your sword to liberate the tile within... Either the Whistle or Shotgun can prevent you from getting mugged near The Ship Inn.
Get the plank from the warehouse with tho unlocked door an the Waterfront (In Wapplng Lane) to bridge the gap to the Locksmiths across the roof top from the clothes shop... I The papyrus from Laval One depictb all the lethal floor tiles an the Fourth Level. Avoid all tiles marked an Ihe papyrus to survive w • ¦ You need Ihe rope from behind the Hardware Store ta enter the Tailor Shop. Tie It to the chimney and lower yauraalt through the open window.
Use the sleeping pills to knack out the guard dag at the Pawn Brokers (you’ll find ’em In the chemists). To gat him to eat them, put the pills inside the meat you find behind the hutc hers.
V ft- 63 ISSUE THREE MARCH W«3 AF Give Willy The Dip the watch Irom the Pawn Shop, and ha'll pick the pimp's pocket in the Bull Pub furnishing you with Ihe key to Molly's house... and her address book!
Yaara ni dabbling with tha dark fnrcas have mutated your twiatad albllng Into a giant plant if a your Job kill him, and hla monatraua minlonal Ensconced In a natwork ol mlna ahafta it's hard anough to avan tlnd him, ao hara'a what to do... Votj begin Ihn aactlon In a brnkan alewator. Search tha injurad professor la llnd a ¦crawdrivai and clgaratta lighlar. You aiao naad la cal- lacl lha chamlcal aprayar, bul don't bothar liddllng with lha damagad eonlrola jual yet.
Many corridors ara blocked by deadly vines. A quick squirt on lha aptayar will allow accaaa, though mar bad with a ‘V on lha map.
J_, It'a dark A dawn herei Qrab lha electric cable Irom Ihla creepy corridor and save It lor latar.
Thla daad i engineer will I provide you with a second handkerchief, a kay and a toolbox Carefully search thla gloomy daad-and lor the drill, then turn latt to locate lha drill bit which la stuck In a hole In lha wall. Thara ara a number nl hfilni hi-tp liymq In yn«J q«l BMMMHjB hi righl r n i Walk Into the alcove I r ' and turn left to face the J S Scrape r | ihe ' charcoal Irom this faumad pH prop: you'll need it to make a filler far yaur gas mask.
Generator. Below the petrol cap is a small drainage plug. If you collected the screwdriver from Ihe Injured man in the lift you can remove the stopper and, by dragging the chemical sprayer quickly below it, till It up with petrol. The quicker you replace Ihe stopper the greater your chances at refilling the sprayer later an. Also, If you have Ihe lighter, yaur chemical sprayer will now act as a flame thrower. Whoosh!
These 4s1 hj disgusting pods " r s
* • ¦ cause instant j OM death if 4 X undetected. . J J I'XjH
There locations JMMM ~ are marked with a ‘P’ on the map, so you
should have no problems spraying them before they erupt In your
K Swipe Ihe First * Aid Kit from this _ mangled medic, Ihen SEARCH him to find a second handkerchief and the key to the lift doors.
: _ j ” '"IS: Now you've ® r.I I got Ihe _! ” righl gear you'll be able lo open the steel cages. Click an the lacks and r , 1 K select CUT OFF
- 1---*-*-to gain entry. In this one you'll find plenty of
dynamite and a detonator.
Oh, brother! A Here’s your lb '.Tif mutated MukMflK. - sibling In all his gory glory. He sure doesn't look like a pansy and, by gawd, he ain't! The Electrician will mend the lift controls enabling yaur escape after the Soldier has taken care of Ihe esplosives. Just make sure you're wearing the Protective Suit and Gas Mask (with handmade filter system!) Before entering the monster's lair you'll lirst need to (JSE the Iron Bar as a weapon against the giant mutant, or his eyes will hypnotise you into inactivity and, eventually, death!
The , delectable , dec lakes a y|l. * * while tc heal - « Ihe prol, so 1 T unlock Ihe safely ' ’ ' . “ ' doors and close them before you leave her ' ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ to It. This will protect them against attack while you make your way la Ihe final showdown with yaur twisted twin.
Don’t bother wilh the mutoid, but give the soldier F w all Ihe equipment he needs
f. ' ' lo blow Ihe mines up. In t*. Order to make the Gas Masks
safe you need two WMF pieces ol Charcoal from HL Step G. Wrap
the Charcoal l*t AVMiKft K In Ihe Handkerchiefs, and f 1
drag the Hankies aver the Masks to provide adequate H 9H
Filters. Wear a Protective Suil and Gas Mask yourself, I Ihen
give one of each to fhe » • soldier. He'll give you a list al
the equipment he needs select Ihe items from yaur Inventory
and simply drag them onto him. You'll
* ' need to till the drill from one of Ihe battles you've
collected before he'll accept it, though, fussy swine! You can
now give the medical kit lo the Female Doctor, who will
accompany you to the lift... AMIGA • ATARI ST • COMMODORE b4
'SPECTRUM • AMSTRAD CPC ‘The biggest hero of them all” Imiflp
Power is back in r" i . R* 1 7 ' r*. I 'rrV-7 **.' '& v I i
I * * j* • S n. i i ¦ -•W P©!
.1*7 s* 5T V v V r*Wi v-
y. ' it" Z.f 'JSScs o1*- *turT'.. tyxn * ' 14 111 111 II14 IK I
(. I ¦ mmukim-
CODE MASTERS ©1992 Ccdemislan limited, lower Faim Hauia, Sloneylorpe, Soiilham, Warwickshire CV33 ODL Tel: 0926 B14132 Fai: 092€ 017595 VS BYU KIN ¦ j R Easy against computer * ha hard against a good player Slay in the air and don I gel too dose use ore hundred hicks it they corner you VS ¦ HONDA r ¦ Fatty defends well against flying kicks, so try quickly bouncing either side ot him and throwing when you get ihe chance.
VS BLANKS A loughie Watch ou1 lor his rolling ground attacks and jumping Hip kicks Wail till he J electrities h msell, then Icot-stomp on I him |you won I gel tried) ctfdrt i i ¦ ¦» * IU VS M BISON ¦ Wad tor him 10 approach, lher.
Attack quickly with sonic bcoms and Hash kicks VB HINDU ¦ Wail lor an opening, then use throws and punches. Block any attacks, though one good hn and you re dead m VS VEOA ¦ Your only chance is to slay airborne using long kick jumps and Ihe m j air throw
- - VS DMALSIM 1 ¦ The bendy I'kjH fella relies on long-range
atlacks. So gel in close and do some fast Ihraws and punches.
Liimad to light whlln training far art American allla ¦pacial fill I i.C M. defence, zap him wJh a sonic boom VB IANOIEE I Gel m close, keep throwing him, not giving him a chance to counter It you mistime an attack, tall back and blast him with sonic booms until you car gel close again.
(J Nr T ¦ With good timing you can ihrow the lat guy all over ihe place The aniy danger is his thousand Slaps attack Sonic Roomi wall ol energy rrealed by swinging his arms OtrrrttMd Flask Kick: powerful defence against aerial
a. s VS BVU KEN ¦ Compuler Ryu can easily be defeated by dropping
him with an over shou der Ihrrw, then t nishmg him oft with
more throws anc punches.
The more aggressive Ken Is trickier. Slay back and fxck him aft as he tries all his Hashy kicks Jump to avoid tirebail attacks and wait lor a chance to Ihrow him lack ol *liength with qtilchna 9 and agility, a Vary good lit Ihe air- SPECIAL MOVES 1 Ora Hundred Klckai uitralasl tepeiilive kicking ¦pinning Bird Kick: spectacular overhead VB CHUN LI ¦ Slop her Irom getting close by using sonic booms and strong kicks Only go tor Ihe killing Ihraws when she's 'osl much energy.
VS SAOA1 ¦ Use flash kicks and long leg sweeps. Don I trade punches but ihrow him it you get Ihe chance CHUN U CompenMlei for liar kick, upside down with legs spinning1 |As seen on TV' - AF MARCH IMS ISSUE THREE PLAYING TIPS
L. A VS ZANGIEF ¦ Use spinning hird kicks ard throw him when he's
da2ed Don 11ni him get hold ol ycu VS VEGA ¦ Time your
lireballs so he lands on them, Slay back and iry to run down
the hen he jumps oft Ihe lance dragon iMjnch him VS GUILE ¦
Against computer, immediately wa k right and throw him Don f
ump-kick his flash kick s better Don'1 get too far away or
he'll use his sonic boom VS BLANKA Easy lo throw. Just keep
out ol range Irom his long sweeps ard punches, he goes
elecinc, lireball him1 vs a HONDA B Keep h m at a dislarce
using lirebahs. It he lumps towaros you. Do a leg sweep Don t
try flying kicks VS SAGA1 B Wait till he gels close then go
lor an aerial aback Walch oul lor his tiger uppercuts _ H iike
mac VS M BISON B 1 ure him imo an aback, then hit him in mid
air When you gel Ihe chance throw and kick him VS GUILI ¦
Trd y, as he equals you in aerial power Use hit and-run
tactics and bounce around Ihe I walls to confuse him.
VS VEGA ¦ Can beat ycu in Ihe a t with h s Hying leg ailack, Try using solid Defensive laclics and ihe occasional spinning bird kick VS DHALSIM ¦ Keep an Ihe attack don't give him any lime lo counter Try some mid-air strong kicks THE CHEAT!
Yes now two players can select Ihe same character lor truly equal contests Fust, select a two player game between any two characters Pause the game and type in 7KIDS and Ihe screen border should Hash yellow When you return lo the main menu, you II both be able to choose the same lighter, eg Guile Vs Guiie, Blanka Vs Blanks Thanks to Ricky Porter cl Basingstoke tor this welI ard lip VS CHUN LI B Don I aback or use lireballs. Aga nsl computer, use strong uppercuts as she jumps al you Versus a player, wail till she jumps, move underneath her, and short kick or throw her VS DHALSIM ¦ Keep your
distance and use lireballs on his extend ng limbs It he Iries a spinning drill, hil hirs with a fireball II he does a lire or flame aback, leap over him arc aback from behird VS BALROG fe Dead easy. Immediately go for a long hurricane kick to da2e him Throw or dragon punch, thee do a couple ol short sweeps lor a ported victory i VS BALBOG ¦ When he comes close, |ump up and slrong-kick or ihe way oown Once he s on his back, lollow him across Ihe screen with medium punches helore throwing him VS M BISON ¦ Block his attacks, and counter when you see an opering Dragon punches, hurricane kicks and
short kicks are best not tirehalls VS SAGA!
¦ Duck at Ihe slarl and use strong leg sweeps. It he Ines a tiger uppercut, move beneath him and strong ieg-sweep as he lands VS GUILE B He S very quick, so keep your defence up Surprise ng head butt HONDA VS BLANKA ¦ Give him plenty of slaps and chops.
When ha approaches, punch and kick him till he's dazed vs ZANGIEF B Wail for your chance and thousand slap him to death Go lor the occasional throw, but don't gel toe close m H 31 VS BYU KEN B Defend against fireballs | and hurricane kicks with a spinning clothesline. Use the spinning pile driver lo crush ’em.
H VS E HONDA B Use body slams to gel him moving backwards, then use spinning pile driver. Counter Hying head butts wilh a spinning clothesline VS SAGAT B It s hard to avoid his fireballs, so get in close and use leg sweeps to knock him down Follow up with a powerful throw.
AT 1 to avoid his n gut in close ?g sweeps to How up with a P HnNna Thegiqanlic Sumo wieitlsr I is ramarkably f tea quick lor his size. Virtually unbeatable In a gtound battle.
SPECIAL MOVES Thousand Hand Slap: ultralasl slapping is a good delance Super Head Butt: most eHeclive al shod range VS BYU KEN B Use the overhead chop on their Hying attacks Move in and smash them with strong punches and kicks VS CHUN LI B You can't match her agility, so wail lor her to aback, then do a spinning clothesline.
Throw her it you get the chance.
VS M BISON B Blocking his combinations is the key to sue cess Use leg sweeps to keep him at bay. And get him with a pile driver when he falls.
VS M BISON Be patient: wait lor him to oame lo you. Block his attacks and counter with slapping.
VS GUILE . J| B Don’t lake t him on in the '¦ “¦ air Use knee dives and strong leg sweeps after he llash- kicks Repel sonic booms wilh the spinning clothesline.
VS VEGA B Defend like mad. And keep him at bay with leaping kicks and leg sweeps. II he gets too close, do one of your devastating throws.
VS BALROG ¦ Immediaiely move left, blocking his attacks. When you see an opening, iry a roll rg attack Follow Lp wilh a bile.
& VS ZANGIEf R Comes lowards you. Use fire ano flame lo keep him al a safe dlslance.
¦ Jk T DHALSIM VS HLANKA ¦ He s Iasi, sn walch him.
Use lire whenever he turns in la a ball or
e. ectrilies. Give him some nugies.
Through meditation, ho can contort hh body and extend hla limbs (nr long- M rang a attacks.
SPECIAL MOVES * Yoga Fire: a ball ol energy lhat tries anylhing in its path.
Yoga Flama: devaslalmg lire breath attack must be all lhase curries he ealsl ra ISSUE THREE MARCH 1993 AF SPECIAL THANKS ¦ To Chris Ace Rice ot our sister mag N-FORCE (Ihe magazine lor Nlnterdc nutters] (or helping us lo compile Ihe ultimale Street Fighter II guide. Thanks, Chns: now we can heat you up1 VS RYU KEN ¦ Punch Ihem from long range, Iher, jump n with, a flying dri I. Slide under- neaih lire bai s. and daze them with strong punches and kcks hetore go rg tor a brie I VS DHALSIM ¦ Use flying kicks to counter his drill attacks Jump over yoga lire and kick him, ther. Bile la limsh.
VS RYU KEN ¦ II Ihey try leaping kicks, defend wilh electricity. Get in close VS E HONDA ¦ Use your superior reach. Don 1 lt ?J| jump in Ihe air, use leg sweeps lo knock him down. Counter thnusanc slaps wnh electricity, arc do a rolling attack it you gel him in a corner.
H [ Utlr VS CHUN LI R There s on.y one way lo deteno against her stunnirg aerial attacks: electrify yoursell lo er1 i w VS ZANGIEF R non'l trade blows Lse leaping kicks arc slrong porches lo keep him, away VS GUILE R Don't attack Ircm the air his Hash kck s Ico dangerous.
Use plenty ol leg sweeps. II he jLmps al you, use eleolr c ly ¦ ~ .
Fame hir VS SAGA1 ' R Duck order his energy waves and punch him n the knee. It he gets tco close, throw and Iheis n. t HP J2.
VS M BISON ' R Nasly. Kick him when he's close, and keep blocking.
Counter when his guard s down VS BALROG ¦ Punch him in the guls lo keep him. A1 bay, hefore going tor some dull attacks Finish him eft with, tirettlame.
¦JJI VS M BISON ¦ When he Iries a lorch attack.
1 e'eclrify ycurse I. Den 1 even think aboul a rolling attack. Use strong punch and kick ccmbmaticrs.
VS E HONDA ¦ Yoga tames arid tire work well tatty has difficulty jumping over them. Or try s icing attacks.
VS VEGA ¦ Keep your cislaoce and go lor ong-rarge kicks When he leaps of) the fence, electnly him,.
VS VIGA ¦ Hard lo malch in Ihe a,r. Wait to catch him oft guard with seme yoga flame.
DHRl.SIM After he's | finished I I his ~_T bridge he'll lum round, climb up the wall, and continue walking left.
Don't da 111 It's mat wertfi II, matter which laval al Umalngi yau'ra templetely (hick aal The aaa aad aaly Laaalnffi Lhallaa will halp yau sari awl yaw proklaai aad pul yau bark ai tha read la Malty. Tills menth, we've had a couple al I attars Craw Mrs A Wllaaa aad Nl«k flaipar, hagalag Car halp mm Tricky Laval 14 aC tha original gome, aptly tMori Postcard Fma ImmmlmnlmmX M yau aaad halp, write ta luaalngi lifeline, AMIGA FomCE, Cumprmaa Impact, iuriiow, Shropshire SYB IJW, enclosing ysur asm, address, aad tha aaei aad codo al tha laval yau'ra stuck aa (altbar Craai tha arlglaal game, or tha
later levels disk), aad we'll sort It out.
Qjust balers he gets to lhe end, turn him into a diagonal digger jpiekaxe]. Gccd timing is leaded: Ion early and he'll continue digging through lhe floor; too lata and he won't dig low enough down.
Turn lhe first guy into a I climber and a parachutist I (this is lor later]. He'll climb up the liral wall and walk Ic the right.
When ha's dug a short way dawn, lum him into a builder.
1 Vcu should lime it so that his ' bridge just ends below the ledge.
Gel il tight and his Iriends will ha able lo walk up the slope he's created... ...and cross the bridge la reach the esit.
Just as he r reaches the ' J edge of the pit, I f turn him inlo a vertical digger bul nol so early thal he leaves a column of ground between his digging and the pit!
POSTCARD FROM LEMM IN GLAND (CODIi CCKINNIBF1) This Tricky level Is harrier than a lot ol the later ones.
Though you've got eg plenty r»l climbers and parachutists, there are na blockers I or bombers, and onty a one ot each digger V end a solitary builder. R 1*( The main dttflcutty is thal you have to get |»jaaaOW|M nvnry Single I emm ing la the exit.
Hurrah! Bul hold an, we've ¦ forgotten someone! VeS, f j j aur intrepid bridges building, tunnel-digging ' hero continues walking left until he reaches the leftmost pillar. This he climbs and, when he reaches the lop, parachutes safely to earth belore walking righl to join his pals at the exit. Vesssss!
S rrsrf.r; ¦ ¦
37. S1ARGUDER 3 NIBULUS |Rmhh4 One of the all-llmn claaalc9,
maybe Ihle Innovative 3-D p altormei will coma out or budget.
For Infinite Uvea, type HELLOIAMJMP on the title screen. Press F1-0 to choose your starling tower LOOKAL p This perplexing puzzler gets a bit laborious, moving all those balls around. To avoid losing your marbles, try this... Typing in THE FINAL CUT takes you to the construction kit.
LAST NINJA 3 The best of a great series, this Is an engrossing mixture of puzzles and beat-'em-up action.
Here are some level codes: 4 BASD 1 SUSS 2 IMED 3 URTI 5 NVOS 6 RECK) pan) One of lha lurnlesl and mast playable piaflorm games ol all lima, this la an abaolula slaai on budget On the hlgtvacare table, enter your name aa POOKY, and you can restart an the highest level already reached STABOUDIR 2 |Hhwh*ee| Ttm 1tijl rradi many lolka buy an Amiga, in la 3-D ipjca Hunner hai a wcndarfiji atinoiphere.
Whan you ilari playing, pnu F io bring your ihlp io a hah whan H'l ¦loppGd, pauaa lha gama Type WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD and praai 1 Praaslng K ra-arma your ahlp Nmismm Some reckon this a a poor coln- op conversion. We disagree It's great fun with two playara, and a snip an budget.
Type I OBSTERS during play, then 1-10 to skip levels. Pressing C takes you to the championship level; L to the elimination round.
SHADOW OF INI BIAS! 3 (NVfRRoM The Qdmaplav'a not aa shallow aa In lha original, but It atlll tails In live up la lha anazzy sound and graphics Walk rlghl till Ihs nallvaa appear, praai A, and type In TEN PINTS You now have Infinite llvsa (hlen | Ptsm Cjpa Loth. (VP* CHEDDAR Ihati I urn | Cipa Loch d« again Ttlla gluat ycu inty | I mb a AllurJllMflly. Riplin CHEDDAR with | A 9UALL 9TEP FOR MAN - |umpirtg Wmirha Jun p oil wwr ; KVLJE Kiaar MCNTY PYTHON «fhffA« mttk tuefmirdA; SKIPPT aiwtiJar baunca: STEVE AUSTIN pnn S tar alow moiler THE TERMINATOR body pariR «vplo4i wImt you dtel THI
RUNNINO A lltllngly poor convent or ol lha njtl Schwarzenegger movie, with | baring beil-am-up iciion and a hero 1 who j mb lea, rilhar Ihfln running!
For Inllnlla energy, gal a high looia And aniar your nama aa DdllSaKk AF ¦ MARCH 1003 R IV .1 ¦¦¦ dT-our XMMJ& CARDS CHEAT!
Ran tortiat *o aflikk mm 0 J _J 2B.STEG
30. VENUS THE FLYTRAP SUPERCARS 1 «BM) This euparb overhead
racer lealures a split-screen two-player made lar frantic,
compulsive competition. An abeolule bargain an budgel.
To cheal. Enter Player 1 a name as WONDERLAND; Player 2 a as THE SEAR Thli tommi i pa-lnsplred uve im-up was knockad by some other mags. Don'1 believe a ward al It 11*9 e great game.
Yei mare level codes.
RYT1AP C The level codea are: 1 MANTIDS 5 SATYRID I 2
NOCTUID Or type In Ihese cheat codea far extra waaponi:
This sequel' to the coln-op conversion was made up by US Sold
(Ihere was no Stride* 2 coln- op), and It a not much cop.
Play the game, then type In SWIFT. Press E, D ar hold Ihe left Shift key and Help for Inflnlle lives.
SWIV (Ktxx) The besl vertically scrolling blaster available leaturea nonstop frenzied action enabled by a continuous loading system. Great with two players.
Pause Ihe game and type NCC- 1701 lor Inflnlle Uvea.
VAXINI |HI«aM) Weird 3-D ahoot- em up where you shool balls It can get very Iruitrati ng During play, type WILDEBEESTE, then F1 lo eklp a level. F3 to skip len. You can also press F2 lo go back a level, and F4 to go back ten.
STVO |CbMMm) Technically II t not Ihsl good, vrllh tome vary Jerky scrolling, hul ihla la an Inncvallva and pleyabta lltila qaitm Hero in aomo level codaa: I a RDNUHCCMQU 0 MEBHETPIAG I 3 FDOUTK CKO ? LECGLDTRHK 4 HDAFLVLCCM fl NEDflFLDVH | S OOOMFUVLIC k OefLHAQHLV 10 PEQTTHK3LD SUPER HAND-ON (Me lyeafQ As any biker II fell you they don t make em like they used to. Thla la a perlecl example a golden- old le racer with plenty ot pep The ultimate cheat Is 1o equip your bike with gune: to do this, enter your name as 750J on Ihe hlgh-score table TURRICAN (Ktae) Some (wimps) reckon
Ihe levels are too big on thla epic arcade experience Huge superbaddies make excellent use ol the Blitter chip To gain ftfi extra livee, enter yaur name aa BLUESMOBIL on Ihe hlgh-score table.
A* ¦ MARCH 1943 ¦ ISSUI THRU R il Order Express Distribution s 451 453 HIGH ROAD, WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX, IG8 OPH Call u* on 081-559 1704, or 081 504 8377, 7 days 8.30am-8p £24199 £14 99 £16.99 £23.99 .£17.99 £15.99 £16 99 .£16 99 ¦£18 99 £16 99 £19 99
5. 99 £1.00
13. 49 £3.00
22. 99 £3.00 £18 99 £18 99 £18 99 £16.99 £23 !I9 £22 19 £16 99
£18 99 as: 3.
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3. 5 inch 20 Capacity
3. 5 inch 100 Capacity 150 Capacity Posso Box
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find three Gas Masks, a pair of Protective Suits and a couple
at Molotov Cocktails. From here, go to Step No. 16, but
remember to TALK TQ the HHH Injured professor (in HH| the
lift) an Ihe way.
EHB He'll ask you In BBHmI fetch a doctor..

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