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The news was greeted with a mixture of surprise, confusion and général approval by the industry and Amiga enthusiasts alike. Although Gateway has revealedlittle about its long term plans for the Amiga, a fewfacts are known. Amiga Technologies will be renamed Amiga International and operated as a separate business unit, devei- opingnew products for the Amiga market. Petro Tyschtschenko, the current Président of Amiga Technologies, willstay on in his présent position. According to Tyschtschenko, the company wil! Initially aim to restart production of the A)200 and make it avail- able through conventional retail outlets such as computer shops and department stores rather than relyingsofelyonmailorderschemes. ltappearsthat an Al200 couldbeavailablein the shops for about 698 DM ($ 400 Dollars or E250) or about E360 with hard drive. However, ir) the long term, the motive behind Gateway's bid remains somethrng of a mystery. There is specufation that the purchase will be used to help Amiga bridge out into the US (where sales have traditionally been muchlowerthanin Europe) and boost Gateway's position and réputation in Europe where ithas yettoestablishitself as a household name. Another more excitingpossibilityisthe possibiiitythat Gateway wants to use Amiga to help it develop and refine new technologies. Gateway has recently been experimerttingin the multimédia market with its Destination big screen PC and looks interested in expanding its knowledge inthisfield. Amiga Technologies was one of the first pioneers of multimédia and would be an obvious choice for a company interested in developing new technoio gios. Although Tyschtschenko has denied that Gateway plans to utilise Amiga technology for set top boxes, the traditional strength of the Amiga is that it allows for high performance on modest hardware so the know-how and rntellectua! Property of Amiga might be a very valuable investment for Gateway. It isn't too far fetched to suggest that Gateway could be interested in developing inexpensive, low-end multimédia machines. Reaction on fhe Amiga newsgroups has been overwhelmingly positive. An Amiga Web Directory DejaNews search of current newsgroup messages has indicated that reaction to the announcement has been about 98 per cent positive. Even QuikPak, who made an unsuccessful bid for the company in February, welcomed Gateway's purchase.

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Action news If you want the latest on Amiga games, we have three pages of the stuff Footy 72 We probably spend more time watching football than anything else, apart from drinking beer and watching football Space 74 Being a very topical type of magazine and seeing StarWars has been re-released, lets have a big old space feature, sounds good to me- EVI EWS Siamese rtg EE HiQ have updated there rather nice Siamese system and now you can do something rather special, Run Amiga programs on Windows 95 Cyber vision 3d EE it is meant to be the greatest Amiga graphics card in the world, or is it?
Dan Winfield takes his fife in his hands as he rips out his trusty old Picasso II card, just to tell you what's what A-Z UPS 78 Hugh 'don't call me Huggy' Poynton has always been of dubious sexual orientation. I have no idea what that has got to do with tips though Golf 80 I think I have lost the piot, but I'm pretty sure this is about a golf game, is that right? Yes that's right Competition 81 Win tickets to the Royal Air Tattoo Fl n high 82 Epic's next release is going to be good, in a racing around circuits type of way EATU RES Java_EE Put your feet up, get a big mug of coffee and plan your
holiday. Al! From the comfort of your own home and using your faithful old Amiga MC PROGRAMMING EE If you cannot do C programming by now there is no helping you, as Paul Overaa finishes with part six Public sector EE Dave Cusick has nothing better to da than look at the latest in PD, and this is what he found Amiga Computing HE COVERDISKS Miami 2.0j Hover story Absolute BEGINNERS_ If you have ever wondered how to get your creations onto print Amiga Computing explains how it's done Amiga Computing presents the latest Miami update, get the best in Internet access with this great demo version
Alien Formula 1 Screaming around a race track has never seemed so realistic or fun Includes: ExeCON • PowerWindows • Syslnspector • mFTP EGULARS News_ JB Big, big news, the Amiga has been bought by GateWay 2000. We have all the latest details ED Letters If you keep on writing in, we will have to keep printing your letters ED Acas Back issues Missed out on an issue of Amiga Computing?
Turn to page 42 Free repair advice care of ACAS, but really we're a bunch of cowboys MIGA GUIDE ¦W Want to know about Internet advertising, Dave Cusick fills you in, ooh er a m ir Phil South can make your AMOS creations ft' sing, in stereo to I-11 mi Wide!
003 a-jY HTML for beginners, at least for the minute. Neil 11, What is a beta and why would you want to test jOlyj1 one? Paul Overaa knows Amiga Computing f you are scratching your head and wondering what this pillock is going on about, don't worry, the sad Star Wars reference is that the liquidators have finally agreed to a bid and Amiga Technologies has been bought.
Great news I'm sure you'll agree. The fact is, the sale took everyone in the Amiga community completely by surprise. It seemed everyone had resigned themselves to a long drawn out bankruptcy, as happened with Commodore, but then on the March 27 a bid was accepted.
Chapter Of you are scratching your head m_ and wondering what this pillock is going on about, don't worry, v-XV” y? . ... i-rv the sad Star Wars reference is a new hope The continuing Amiga saga, well, continues. Neil Mohr wonders where this leaves the Amiga.
We had all gone home and as the Friday was a bank holiday, the first I heard was when I was testing out an IRC client and everyone on the Amiga channel was talking about Gateway 2000 buying the Amiga.
Did I forget to mention that? The odd thing is that the buyer is one of the largest PC manufacturers in the US, in fact Gateway is a fortune 500 company, with a turnover of S5 billion last year. The other great thing is they like cows - due to some kind of bovine fetish, all Gateway products come in cow coloured boxes, well we like them anyway.
It seems the initial response from all of you has been very good, and who can blame you? Such a large company with so much financial backing can only be a good thing. The move has baffled some of the other PC companies - Dell says it thought the purchase was just a publicity stunt to heighten awareness of Gateway in Europe, Somehow, 1 don't think so. If all Gateway wanted was publicity, I'm sure there are much more effective and less expensive ways of going about it.
Another rumour doing the rounds in the PC world is that the American IRS has been on Gateway's back, baying for blood. The rumour goes that the IRS thinks Gateway has not paid enough taxes and buying the Amiga will entitle Gateway to tax relief, letting it off the hook.
I would like to think Gateway has bought the Amiga with the best possible intentions.
I hope it sees a technology worth Investing in and developing. I would imagine, in the short term, there are markets out there that the current range of Amigas can exploit thereby funding the Amiga company and in the long run, work on the new generation of PowerPC Amigas can finally begin.
The few press releases and statements that have come from Gateway so far have all pointed to this being its motivation - whatever the real reason, time will tell. The first thing I will be looking for is some sort of real investment at Amiga Technologies in staff.
As usual when the Amiga gets involved, events have suddenly taken a further turn.
The latest news is that Compaq has become very interested in purchasing Gateway, causing Gateway's share price to soar.
Currently Compaq is sitting on S3,5 billion and a 'small' company would fit nicely in their back pocket.
So even though Amiga has been bought, the situation is still not clear cut. Keep tuned to Amiga Computing and you will be assured of the latest news each and every month, dodgy Star Wars references and all.
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Watkaltoiil Instrument samples in 11!IV A IFF formnts, lt)f) of utilities for Amiga and as a bonus the complete Midi(mft collection of Midi filfs ft&p--'A;lLiK C Hzmi I LL s.UZJ. From Weird Science comes a superb Workbench J.tt* C ft!it it s Cl) with the eery heu utilities presented ready to run directly from (he CD. So ins allariou necessary. The compact dhc iy presented with both 'Wew lrony' irnd 'Magic Workbench ' icons mid an assign scqucttcrtint: ittiabln (tflttr at tin it&icr of the user ahn sets it up ready fu&thr flfmtfci to run directly. Ijrc __ cantents have been
iiidcicdwtthudciCripfiofi of all the fitlly calrgorheit utilitiefc academic. Atr of tin utilities can be launched from the guide dircyfiy. The i itiegin ir s ini'lude liioplitcs. Disk t fils., riprruling System, h'mutulion, I Workbench. Mutic. Business. Communication.
. Performance. Text. Tfogramntittg and more.
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Edition now includes over Ih.OOO articles.
4. IXM images. 200 .sound clips. 2(d) film clips. J search
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EWS Gateway 2000 buys Amiga Technologies Qfter months of waiting, speculation and rumour, Amiga Technologies has finally been purchased. On March 27, Gateway 2000 Inc, 3n American PC manufacturer, announced that it had applied to acquire the assets of Amiga Technologies GmbH. Four days later, Gateway's offer was accepted by a bankruptcy court in Germany.
The news was greeted with a mixture of surprise, confusion and general approval by the industry and Amiga enthusiasts alike.
Although Gateway has revealed little about its long term plans for the Amiga, a few facts are known.
Amiga Technologies will be renamed Amiga International and operated as a separate business unit, developing new products for the Amiga market.
Petro Tyschtschenko, the current President of Amiga Technologies, will stay on in his present position. According to Tyschtschenko, the company will initially aim to restart production of the A1200 and make it available through conventional retail outlets such as computer shops and department stores rather than ((m GATEWW2OO0
K. -n' Vi iji i? U' ti'&tg} h; if,* i. ":E‘ Although not too
well known in Europe, Gateway 2000 is one of America's Fortune
500 companies relying solely on mail order schemes. It appears
that an A1200 could be available in the shops for about 698 DM
($ 400 Dollars or £250) or about £360 with hard However, in the
long term, the motive behind Gateway's bid remains something
of a mystery.
There is speculation that the purchase will be used to help Amiga bridge out into the US (where sales have traditionally been much lower than in Europe) and boost Gateway's position and reputation in Europe where it has yet to establish itself as a household name.
Another more exciting possibility is the possibility that Gateway wants to use Amiga to help it develop and refine new technologies. Gateway has recently been experimenting in the multimedia market with its Destination big screen PC and looks interested in expanding its knowledge in this field.
Amiga Technologies was one of the first pioneers of multimedia and would be an obvious choice for a company interested in developing new technolo gies. Although Tyschtschenko has denied that Gateway plans to utilise Amiga technology for set top boxes, the traditional strength of the Amiga is that it allows for high performance on modest hardware so the know-how and rntellectual property of Amiga might be a very valuable investment for Gateway. It isn't too far fetched to suggest that Gateway could be interested in developing inexpensive, low-end multimedia machines.
Reaction on the Amiga newsgroups has been overwhelmingly positive. An Amiga Web Directory DejaNews search of current newsgroup messages has indicated that reaction to the announcement has been about 98 per cent positive. Even QuikPak, who made an unsuccessful bid for the company in February, welcomed Gateway's purchase.
A press release posted onto the Internet shortly after Gateway's successful bid congratulated the company on the purchase and stated that, "The Gateway purchase may represent an excellent opportunity to breath new life into the Amiga platform. We've maintained all along that we believe in the future of the Amiga and we stand by our statements... We look forward to working with you, the user, and all our other partners in making the Amiga's future as bright as possible. KVe look forward to working with the newest player in the Amiga field, Gateway 2000."
Gateway is certainly in a very good position to revive the fortunes of the Amiga. Founded in 1985, Gateway 2000 Inc. is a Fortune 500 company (one of the top 500 companies on the DOW Jones index) and a global leader in the direct marketing of Pcs. Employing over 9,700 people in the US, Ireland and Malaysia, the company last year shipped 1.9 million systems and reported a net income of S250 million.
Amiga Computing Hmica Foundation Network up and running In the March issue of Amiga Computing, we included an article about the Amiga Foundation Network, an ambitious project established by Jon Lennart Berg to collect as much information on the Amiga as possible.
Since then, Jon has contacted Amiga Computing with further details of how the project is progressing. He has apparently received well over 200 e-mails and letters in response to the article and is ready to outline the immediate future for the Foundation.
The Amiga Foundation Network should be finished soon with downloadable versions of Quake for the Amiga and Warcraft 2. Although much work remains to be done, a preliminary page is already up and running at http: home.sol.no jonlb index.html. In addition to this, AFN will be at The Gathering' in Norway at Easter.
Jon also informs us that there is no longer a registration fee to join the Foundation.
Jon has polled members of AFN about the hardware set up of their Amigas and found that the average set up appears to be: CPU 68030 + FPU +MMu 50MHz.
Ram 4Mb fast RAM , 6Mb in total.
HD 450 Mb hard drive.
CD-Rom: 50 per cent have them and 50 per cent are going to buy.
Monitor: 1024 is still dominant.
Gfxcard 10 per cent of AFN members have graphics cards, most of them being A4000 or A1200 with tower solutions.
Virtual memory is apparently "...the biggest thing yet! They are all using I mm wherever we go!" The survey doesn't take A500 600 users into account because these machines are not capable of upgrading to current standards.
Anybody requiring further information should contact Jon at: jonlb@online.no Qstar Knowledge System Istar, a new Knowledge Based System for the Amiga, has just been released on Aminet.
Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) are programmes designed to present Information in a form that makes it easier to understand, process and collate. As Dr. Andrew Basden from the Information Technology Institute, University of Salford, explains: "Istar allows you to draw your knowledge base os a box and arrows diagram and then immediately run it as an inference net. This means you can encapsulate human expert knowledge to create an intelligent advisory system. When the user presses the TnferGoals’ button it will ask a sequence of questions in order to arrive at a conclusion. Its backward chaining
algorithm ensures it will only ask the user relevant questions and suppress irrelevant ones dynAMIGAlly. Its forward chaining algorithm ensures any information entered will be propagated automatically throughout the knowledge base."
The Istar system is designed to clarify data that can often be complicated and difficult to assess. In decision support mode it will fulfil tasks such as calculating whether the shares of a company are worth buying.
Ista s creators claim that, because of its inference mechanism, Istar is faster on a standard A1200 than it would be on many Pentium systems. This is due to its careful internal design and the fact that the kernel routines are written in assembler.
Istar is available from Aminet. Version 1.06 can be found in dev misc lstar.Iha. Version 1.05 can be found in biz misc lstar.lha. It is also available for downloading from the INCA Web page: http: www.sa Iford .a c.yk iti proj ects i nca .
For more information mail lstar@basden.demon.co.uk. hat Do They Really Think?
CUGUG and the Amiga Web Directory see the take-over in a similarly positive light: “CUCUG and The Amiga Web Directory are pleased to see the long wait to find out who the new owners will be is finally over. While it's a little early to judge just what Gateway’s long-term plans are for the Amiga, there are a number of very positive things that can be said" Reactions to new of the take over have been positive across the board among enthusiasts and users alike.
Intangible Assets, the Amiga retailer established by former Commodore Software Engineer Dale L. Larson, has greeted the purchase of the Amiga with enthusiasm. Mr. Larson released the following statement on March 27, the day the purchase was announced: “I'm thrilled Amiga Technologies has finally been purchased, more so that it has been bought by a company with such tremendous resources, visionary management and customer-service orientation.
From its statement that it ‘will work to develop new products for the Amiga market,' we conclude the Amiga has a bright future ahead of it. I trust that this will re-invigorate the Amiga community and renew interest in our markets. We're looking forward to a surge in sales of our AMIGA products in the coming months as a result of this announcement."
"First, Gateway has financial resources and as far as we know, is financially stable. They enjoyed sales of S5.04 billion with a 5 per cent after-tax net income last year, a record for Gateway. Secondly, this is a company - unlike Commodore - not afraid of marketing and advertising computers. Its voluminous print ads that dominate the computer magazines are clever and eye-catching. Its recent television spots are also entertaining and display the company's products in a very positive light.
Gateway just may spend a few dollars advertising the AMIGA. This alone will be a strong, positive dynamic in the Amiga market."
Bopenhagen SHOW Danish computer buffs are organising a week long party in Copenhagen. Although not exclusively Amigaphile, the Danish group, DGC, aims to attract a large body of Amiga fans to the show, The show will include a PC Amiga network involving 600 cable links. The organisers plan to provide a Valhalla room for networked games, an adventure room where new technology is demonstrated and a non-alcoholic bar.
A number of competitions will be held at the show including a sponsor demo, wild demo, 3D demo, A channel tracker demo, multichannel and GFX competitions on both the PC and Amiga. DGC plans to charge a fee of £35 for entrance and accommodation for the week, all you need to do is get there.
For more details contact: DGC Munktoftevej 16, 2610 Roedovre, Denmark Telephone: +45 44 92 93 77 I LMATHERA Closure Ironically, in such a positive upbeat month for the Amiga, Almathera Systems Ltd. Has had to cease trading, due to cash flow problems caused by non-payment from VisCorp.
The company had been battling to survive after the closure of Commodore three years ago, but was forced to announce its closure in March, Almethera had been contracted to work on VisCorp’s set top boxes project.
Although the company dedicated months to developing a core component for the settop box operating environment, VisCorp was unable to pay Almathera for the work completed and the company was unable to recover from the losses.
In a statement released on the Amiga Web Directory, Almathera's management thanked the Amiga Community for its support saying: “In the six and a half years that Almathera has been trading we have made many friends among the Amiga community and wish everyone that dealt with Almathera at any time all the best for the future."
Amiga Computing OS Hews Web tv deal!
Software giant Microsoft has purchased the privately held WebTV Networks Inc. in a deal estimated to be worth S450 million.
WebTV, based in Palo Alto, California was founded in 1995 to develop technologies and guidelines hr manufacturers to create set top boxes which would allow Internet access via television. WebTV networks licences its designs for set top boxes to Philips Consumer Electronics Co. And Sony Corp. Essentially, the acquisition will allow Microsoft an unrivalled ability to influence the development of the set top box. In a statement, chairman and chief executive of Microsoft, Bill Gates said that, “This partnership with WebTV underscores our strategy of delivering consumers the benefits of the
Internet together with emerging forms of digital broadcasting."
The acquisition coincides with Microsofts recent announcement that future versions of Windows and Windows NT would include softivare that allowed the computer used to view traditional television programmes, Internet broadcasts and revolutionary new services such as personalised news delivery on their computers.
Page monster 1.0 American developers CultureShock Multimedia have released Pagemonster 1.0, a user friendly web page generation tool for the Amiga.
Pagemonster is designed so that people with no previous knowledge of HTML can create pages using the tool. The point and click interface and digitized voice narration also cater to those might otherwise be intimidated by the prospect of creating web pages on the Amiga.
Pagemonster will require a pretty good system setup. To run it you will need, Amiga OS 3.0 or greater, at least 6 Megs of Ram, AmigaVision Player and Runtime libraries, the Append command and 8 megs of Harddrive space CultureShock Multimedia are making Pagemonster 1.0 available for $ 49.95 if it is purchased before July 1997. After this time the price will be set at $ 69.95. If you are interested in Pagemonster contact CultureShock at: CultureShock Multimedia 2319 North 45th street Suite 296 Seattle, Washingtion 98103 or cshock@serv.net. This year's CeBIT show will see the unveiling of the first
PowerPC to meet the conditions of the Common Hardware Reference Platform (CHRP) standard. This is a standard that guarantees all CHRP computers can use any other CHRP compatible operating systems or hardware.
The PIOS Maxxtrem 200 is powered by a 200 Mhz PPC 603 processor and can be easily upgraded. The Maxxtrem is already prepared for new PowerPC generations so that the machine can grow with the demands of the user.
In addition, PIOS states that, "...the Maxxtrem can be operated with several processors. Halfway through the year, PIOS will have finished the first multiprocessor cards with the two and four PowerPC CPUs. In view of the coming enormous development of RISC technology, a performance of 4 x 300 Mhz or more will be possible!"
The PIOS Maxxtrem will come as standard with E-IDE hard disk drive, CD-Rom drive, 1.44 floppy drive, keyboard and mouse, as well as Mac OS and BeOS. For more details contact PIOS Computer AC on: (49) 5121 75 33 0 Basteiner World of Amiga More details have emerged about the Gasteiner World of Amiga Show. The biggest names in the Amiga world have signed up for the show including Active Software, Digita, Golden Image, Hi Soft ICPUG, PD Soft, Sadeness, Siren, Wizard Developments, Blittersoft, Epic, Guildhall, HiQ, Nova Design, Power Computing, Scala UK and SNAP Computer Supplies.
A highlight of the show will be the appearance of the first new Amiga to be produced in several years, the Power Amiga 7000 from Direct Software. It will be the most powerful Amiga ever and should beat any PC under £3,000. The Power Amiga will be demonstrated and Direct Software will be taking orders for the machine at the show.
Not to be outdone, PIOS will be exhibiting the transAm and Maxxtrem. The transAm is described by PIOS as ''the home computer of the future, the Amiga of the next generation, faster than the Amiga world knew before."
The show takes place at the Novotel Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, London, on Saturday !7 and Sunday 18 May. Tickets cost £8 for adults and £6 for children. For advance booking call the advance booking hotline on 01369 707766.
Amiga Developer Network Luanched On the other side of the Atlantic, The North Alabama Society of Amiga Users has announced the launch of its new Amiga Developer Network Web site at http: www.amiga.org develop- er. The site is dedicated to the further development of the Amiga platform and will Include discussion bases, technical specifications and developer contact information.
For more information on the North Alabama Society of Amiga Users contact: Wayne Hunt North Alabama Society of Amiga Users - http: www.amiga.org nasau about.html World-Wide Amiga Online - http: www.amiga.org Amiga Developer Network - http: www.amiga.org developer ? Amiga Computing iMriuar ujGoJ J ri A'j'Jiisd Jjj ryjfjjiiii ?3bsl ns'j 'J Best pricing on CD ROM Drives & Hard Drives.
We can supply CD ROM solutions for ALL Amigas from A500 to A4000. We will match any genuine advertised price and also give four top titles free: Nick Faldo's Championship Golf; Syndicate; Pinball Fantasies & The Chaos Engine on top where we have to price match any product All our External IDE CD ROM Drives have built in power supplies (they do not draw power from your Amiga) Three different options to connect CD ROM drives to A600 or A1200
a) Use PCMCIA port for total external solution without opening up
your Amiga. You can Hot plug this device without harming your
B) Use Internal IDE port with AlfaDuo if you have
2. 5" Hard Drive (wilt be with full IDEFlX software).
C) Use Internal IDE port with AllaQuatro interface if you have
3.5" Hard Drive (will be with full IDEFIX software).
All CD ROM drives have play CD facility. Audio connection at front as well as at the back. Metal casing.
External internal External* Internal A600 A1200 A1500 A2000 A500 A500+ A4000 Quad speed CD ROM for £149.00 £119.00 £129.00 £109.00 Six speed CD ROM for 4x4 Disk Changer Eight speed CD ROM for £159.00 £129.00 £139.00 £119.00 £159.00 £129.00 El 39.00 £119.00 £169.00 £139.00 £149.00 £129.00 "(far A5G0 A5QQ+ Alfapower hard drive controller and Hard Drive is required), A1500 AZDD0 supplied with IDE controller 8, software. A40Q0 supplied with AtfaOuatro interface & Full IDE Fix software.
RAM CARDS A1200 A120L) with clock and 4Mb .....£49.00 A1200 with dock and 8Mb .....£65.00 A1200 with dock, 8Mb & 33Mhz FPU ..£80.00 33Mhz FPU inc. crystal ...£15.00 RAM CARDS A500 500+ & A600 A500 512K w o dock £20.00 A500+ 1Mb w o clock £20.00 A600 1Mb w o clock £20.00 A600 1Mb with clock £30.00 frMllliMIHIjh_ AlfaPower Hard Drive controller A500 ...£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000 ......£99 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99 Multiface
III ...£79 PCMCIA Controller for CD Rom for A1200 £69 Replacement Mice ......£6.95 MegaMouse 400 ..£9.95 MegaMouse Plus (3 Button) ..£10.95 Optical Mouse ..£29.95 New Golden Image TrackBal! .....£19.95 Pen Mouse £12.95 (ideal for CAD) Multi Media Speakers 100 watt (pmpo) £30.00 Multi Media Speakers 240 watt (pmpo) £45.00 Multi Media Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)* .£59.95
* 3D surround sound Specially made hardware and software. Allows
4 ATAPi devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga
4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfapower on Amiga
500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200, comes with full IDE Fix
1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high speed serial card.
Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously £299 Amiga Joysticks .£-9.95 Amiga Joypads ....£9.95 CD32 Joypad ....£14.00 New AtfaGuatro Interface Joysticks & Joypads ChuEISL _ External Floppy Drive for all Amigas..... .£39.95 Internal Floppy Drive A500 500+ .'.....£35.00 Interna! Floppy Drive A600 1200+ ...£35.00 A-Grade Double Density box of 50 disks......£13.00 including colourful labels «¦¦¦ _ HARD DRIVES + AT-BUS CONTROLLER FOR AMIGA
500(+) Al500 A2000 A3000 A4000 AT Bus hard drive controller .....£99.00 Alfapower hard drive controller ..£99.00 Alfapower-640 640Mb hard drive ..£199.00| Alfapower-1.2 G 1.2Gig hard drive ..£259.001 Other sizes please ring IDE 2.5" Hard drives come formatted and installed with Workbench. Cable, screws, software and instructions supplied, (please ring for nonliability) ¦ 80Mb ...£69.00 340Mb £109.00 120Mb .£70.00 420Mb £119.00 ? 170Mb .£79.00* 540Mb ..£129.00 250Mb .£89.00 IDE 3.5" Hard Drives IDE 2.5" Hard
Drives IDE 3.5" Hard drives come formatted and installed with Workbench. Cable, screws, software and instructions supplied, (please ring for availability)
1. 7GJG £179.00
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cable ..£10.00 44pin 2 connector cable
..£5.00 40pin 3 connector cable 90cm
£10.00 AlriDuo 44pin to 40pin Interface &
IDE cables...£20.00 AltaQuatro 3x40pin interface & IDE
cables .....£39.95 DD floppy disks (50) including
multicoloured disk labels ......a.UU DD
floppy disks (100) includiuji mulricolourcd disk labels
. 6-Z 5. UU
3. 5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 . Install
tvfnvan’ ... £15.00 Diskbox to hold 10 discs
..£2.00 Animal Jungle design and
Dinosaur design ...£5.00 Optical Mouse Mat
.£5.00 2 in 1 Scanner Mouse
Pad Can he used as a memo pad
.6-5.01) Contoured Wrist
Pad .£3.00 Plain Wristrest
...£2.00 CD Cleaners - 1 2
price CD Rom Cleaner £3.00
Automatic CD Rom Cleaner Hattcryptaemd) ...£10.00 Laser Lens
Cleaner .£4.50 1230 33Mhz +
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16Mb ...£219.00 800
dpi ......£69.00 800
tipi with full OCR (last few so hurry) ...£79.00 400dpi with
Migraphs acclaimed Touch-Up, Merge-it and full OCR
.....£99.00 16Mb Simms ...£75.00 32Mb Simms,..£160.00
Miscellaneous Products Accelerator Boards All prices include
VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P for items under £30.00, £5.00 for
items over £30.00, £8.00 P&P for Scanners, Speakers & Hard
Drives, £10.00 courier for next day. Tax Free Export Orders
Golden Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Golden I mage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 0LB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking I1 ages: 08 0 0 600900 _Our simitUrtl terms and conditions apply - available on rcqucil. We do not supply on a trial basis._ Ejmiga monitor In an attempt to monitor Amiga Web browser usage on the Internet, Amicrawler has released Amiga Browser Watch. This Web page displays the statistics of which types of Amiga browsers visit the amicrawler.com Web site with what frequency. Only publicly available browsers which are
running on Amiga computers (i.e. not Netscape running on Shapeshifter) are tallied.
The first week of the analysis determined that the number one Web browser on the Amiga which visited the amicrawler.com Web site was iBrowse. It made up 68.5 per cent of the visitors, Aweb made up a further 16.1 per cent and AmigaVoyager 14.6 per cent.
AmigaMosaic and other, older Web browsers together represented 4 per cent, while Alynx had a 3 per cent share of the users. The particular versions of the browsers which scored the highest were AmigaVoyager V2.10, Ibrowse v1.02demo and Amiga-AWeb v2.1. Samples were taken from a totai of 23,566 visitors to the amicrawler.com site.
Future planned enhancements to Amiga Browser Watch include weekly or monthly ratings of browser usage, notification of new Web browser versions, as well as further information on the systems accessing the amicrawler site, such as operating system and version number.
The Amiga Browser Watch Web page can be found at http: amicrawler.com bwatch . US 1 NEWS B OMPTON ON TAPE •egacy Amiga Report Online Magazine and The Vantage Point video production company have joined forces to begin Amiga Legacy Magazine. Amiga Legacy is a visuat Amiga magazine on 90 minute VHS tape and is hosted in part by Jason Compton, It covers general interest items as well as features tutorials, news and reviews. Amiga Legacy is produced entirely on Amiga and Draco computers and will be published five times a year, commencing June 1997. Currently, there are only plans for an NTSC
version, but interest will determine whether or not a PAL version will be produced.
It is S14.95US for a single issue, SI2.95US per issue for a three issue 1997 subscription and SI 1.45US per issue for the eight issue 97 98 subscription. Prices do not include shipping, which is $ 2.05 per issue in the US. Contact Amiga Legacy for international orders. (Illinois residents will also be charged applicable sales tax). Cheques drawn on a US bank, as well as US money orders and cashiers cheques are currently being accepted. Cheques should be made out to Legacy Maker. Credit card orders (VISA MasterCard) are also being taken.
For more information, visit http: www.xnet.com --jcompton legacy.htmf , or contact Amiga Legacy at jcomp- ton@xnet.com or at the address below.
I ?
Finding Information Online Qearning FX Nova Design, Inc is now offering ImageFX seminars given by its staff to individual users, user groups, dealers and so on. These seminars are held only on weekends and booked on a first come, first serve basis.
The cost for a seminar is S150US plus travel and hotel expenses. This price is the same for individuals and for groups.
Seminars scheduled so far are fisted on the Nova Design Web pages (http: www.novadesign.com ), as well as the dates available to be scheduled for future seminars. Nova Design, Inc. can be contacted by voice on 804- 282-6528, or by fax on 804-282-3768.
Amiga Informer issue number six is now available. This issue marks the one-year anniversary of the publication, which first started as an eight page newsletter. Some of the featured stories in this issue include Car! Sassenrath's LAVA programming language, an interview with the former employee of Utilities Unlimited and current employee of Microcode Solutions, Jim Drew, and a look at Expansion Systems and its product line. Issues of the Informer remain priced at SI US domestically, and S2US internationally.
IG ISSUE The new version of Amiga Enforcer, the debugging tool for the Amiga, is available from Intangible Assets Manufacturing. Enforcer V37, which now supports the 68060, can be used to detect references to invalid memory and stray pointers. It also includes the ability to track errors in most code written in C or assembly, including identifying the line at which the problem occurs.
There are a large number of changes and improvements from the previous version of Enforcer, including new in-depth documentation and an MMU dump. The source code to Enforcer V37 can be purchased from IAM, Questions or comments about Enforcer can be directed to enforcer@iam.com. Letters addressed to the author of Enforcer, Michael Sinz, can be mailed to the IAM corporate address. Further Information about Enforcer and the source code is available on http: www.iam.com amiga enforcer.html. Dan Barrett (of BLAZEMONGER fame) has written a new book entitled 'NetResearch: Finding Information
Online’, published by O'Reilly & Associates. It is intended to be a research aid to anyone wishing to quickly find anything on the Web. Rather than just listing locations, it details methods for searching.
This is in order to compensate for the ever-changing nature of the Web. NetResearch will retail at 524.95 US - ISBN: 1-56592- 245-X.
EARCH AND FIND N FORCER REVAMPED Contact point Custom Services Email: apreston@k2nesoft.com The Amiga Informer PO Box 21 Newburgh, NY 12551-0021 Phone: 914-566-4665 Email: eldritch@mhv.net Amiga Browser Watch David Tiberio Email; dtiberio@amicrawler.com Web: http: www.amicrawler.com bwatch dickBOOM Email: cikboom@ican.net Web: http: home.ican.net --ctkboam Nova Design, Inc (Bob Fisher) Voice: 804-282-6528 Fax: 804-282-3768 Web: http: www.novadesign.com Michael Sinz Intangible Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Avenue Drexel Hiil, PA 19026-2604 USA Orders: 610-853-4406 Fax: 610-853-3733
Email: enforcen@iam.com Web: http: www.iam.com amiga enforcer.htmt NetResearch, O'Reilly & Associates Email: dbarrett@ora.com Web: http: www.ora.com Amiga Legacy Magazine c o Legacy Maker PO Box 60711 Chicago, IL 60626 USA Phone: 773-465-5158 Email: jcompton@xnet.com Web: http: www.xnet.com ~jcompton legacy.html Q]BS TO GO Version 7A01 of Citadel 68K Freeware BBS Program has been released by Custom Sen ices. This BBS program, which is also available for the Atari and IBM computers, is ’room'-based, dividing the BBS up into areas according to subject. These rooms are configurable by the
sysop. The full Citadel 68K program can be downloaded from a local Aminet mirror from the comm bbs directory. There is no shareware fee.
Amiga Computing Paxtron AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS AMD SYSTEM UPGRADES Paxtipn COPPOPAIIOU w ¦ r w ¦ « . . W ™ Paxtron is North America's largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory New) PRICE
1. 3 ROM O S
.....$ 12.50
2. 04 ROM
O S ...S 19.95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 & A2000) ..$ 19 95 2,04 ROM
A3000 (Se! Of 2 Rom 0 1) ...$ 34.50
2. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
file) .... S7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) .$ 39.95
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000) ...$ 54.95
3. 1 ROM
(A1200) ......$ 54.95
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual $ 124.00 5137.50 ROM Switch Switch-Itt
with speaker,,,, ......„,S17.50
3. 1 manual only $ 69.95
3. 1
Software $ 10.00
3. 1 Workbench lor floppy users (complete O S without support
file) .$ 7,95 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ...$ 19.95 A2620 30 7,0
ROM Upgrade ......$ 19.95 8520
CIA .... $ 11.95 8372A 8375 Agnus with
diagnostic disk guide....529.95 8375-B (2MB)“(A30Q0)
318069-03 ...525.50 8375-10 Agnus (318069-10)
PAL ......$ 17.95 8375-18 Agnus (318069-18) 2
meg PAL $ 15-95 Paula (8364)
A500 A2000 ...$ 10.95 Denise
(8352) A5GO A2000 .$ 10.95 Super
Denise 8373 w disgnostic disk ...$ 19.95 Gary 5719
A500 A2000 ...$ 10.95 Buster
5721 (A2000) .$ 16.95
e£CC0-9MHzCPU DI" ......$ f 30
eecoo-iSMHz cpu d p; .....$ 22.50 eeo30-ncso
pga ss .sc M2
58862H.C25A PGA New (390434-01) ....$ 19.95 MC 58862RC20A
PGA ......530 DC MC 68862RC33A
PGA .$ 37.50 XC 68532RC43A
PGA .$ 69 95 MC 5R030FE25B CPP
(39C399-C5) ..$ 19.95 MC 68Q30RC50
PGA .$ 69.95 Western
Diaitai SCSI chb rev. 8 S24.95 Video
Hybrid - (A500 390229-03) S9.95 GVP
Upgrade Chip Series II ......S24.95
SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (For A1200, A3000. A4000. CD32) 8520
PLCC (391078-02) ..S19.50
(390538-03) ...$ 24.50
(390537-04) .$ 34.50
(391227-01) $ 24.50
Ramsey (rev.4) 390544-04 . S19.95 Ramsey (rev. 7)
390541-07 $ 29.95 Alice 8374
(391010-01) . S19.95 Gal (XU9)
(390123-01)) .... $ 21.95 Gayle
(315107-02) ...$ 19.95
(391425-01) .S33.95
Super Denise
(391554-01) ..$ 29.95 Paula 8364
(391077-01) .$ 27.95 Gary
(390540-02) ......$ 32.95
Super Buster Rev. 11 (390539-11) ..S29.95
Bridgetle (391380-01) .... $ 29.50 Video DAC
(391422-01) $ 19.95 68000CPU
(390084-07) ..$ 13.95
(391506-01) ....$ 18.95
MOTHERBOARDS Factory New) CD32 (no RAM memory)
NTSC $ 89.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested NTSC ....$ 109.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested (PAL) $ 89.95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism ....$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) inc alt chips
....$ 39.95 A500 (Rev.
5 6) ..$ 89.50
A600 ......$ 124.50
A1200 (NTSC) Limited quantity 3.0 O S all memory New5300.00
A1200 (PAL) Limited quantity 3.0 O S all memory Mew...$ 300.00
A2000 LATE Rev. 8372 2.05 ....$ 399.95
(16MHz) $ 264.50
A3000 (25MHz) ...... $ 294.50 A3000T (Tower)
25MHz .....S389.95 C64 (refurbished. Tested
all chips) ....$ 29.95 C64 unlested, all chips
clearance 2 S25.Q0 AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New)
Amiga ‘Q-Drr e’ 1241 CO ROM Dnve for the A120Q.S149.95 High
Dens. External floppy for all Amigas S114.95 High Density
Internal Floppy Drive:
A4000 ...$ 104.95
A2000 .....$ 109.50 A500
Internal 660k $ 33 95
A600 1200
Internal ..$ 39.95
A2009 Infernal 683k ....$ 39.95 A20O3
Internal 683k .539.95
A4000 Internal
883* $ 49.95 CD32
Heclacerer. CD mechansm $ 39 95 1541
ireturo-shedi ..$ 33
0C 1571 (limited
quantity) ..S44.0C POWER
SUPPLIES (Factory New) A500
$ 38.95
A500 A600 A1200 Big Ft. (200 Watt) Micro R D S79.95 A500 power
supply (used) 220 volts Europe $ 19.95 A590
$ 19.95
A120O 110 volts originaf
factory $ 38.95 CD32 Original Factory
(110 volts) ...$ 21.95 CD32 Original Factory
(220 volts) S14.95 CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt) Micro
R'D ...$ 74.50 A2000 110 220V, internal
original ......$ 89.95 A2000 Big Foot (300
Watt) Micro R D S144.50 A3000 internal (110 220
volts) ......$ 110.00 A3000 Big Fool (250 watts) Micro
R D ......$ 144.50 A3000
Tower ....$ 124.00
A40G0 internal (110 volts) $ 119.00
A400Q int. 300 Watt Big Foot (exchange) ..S 169.95 1084S
Phillips Flybac* Translormer only 529.95 1084-D1
Phillips Daewoo Flyback only S3S.5Q 1Q84-D2 Daewoo Flyback
Transformer only S38.50 1084S new
Motherboard Flyback .....S69.95 1084S power
supply board (refurbished) 529.95 C64
nonrepayable S14.95 C64
repairable .. $ 19.95
C64 5.2 amp Heavy Duty (also 1750 REU) S39.95 C65 110
Volt .....,$ 21.95
C128 external 5.2 amps ......S39 95
11 1581 ..$ 7.50
KEYBOARDS (Factory New) A500 (iiritr.o
quantity) ..$ 39.95 4600
. $ 26.50 C128D (limited Quantity)
...$ 24.95
A1200...- - .....$ 34.95
A2000 (Amiga Technolog cs) ...574.50
A3000 (Amiga "echnolog e$ ) ...$ 74.50
A4000 (Amiga ’ectnologes) .S74.59
A2000 keyboard adapte* to A4000 .....$ 8.95
A4000 keyboard adapter to A2Q00A 3Q00 .....S8.95 KB10G
adapter to use with IBM keyboards $ 34.95 ADD ON BOARDS
(Factory New) 68020-030
(A4000) .$ 57.95
A2058 (OK) (A2000) Expansion board 8K S69.95 A501 original Ram
Exp. - 512K (A500) S17.95 Microway
Plickerfixer $ 224.00 Slingshot
Pro pass th'u (Micro R D) ......$ 37.50 A1050 RAM Expander
(A1000) 256K ...$ 10.95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1230
Lite 25HHz 66033 W.UMJ-FPU for Al 200 computers S139.95
1230 50MHz 68030 for A1200 computers $ 239.00 1240 25MHZ 68040
for A1200 computers S369.95 1240 4QMHZ 63040 lor A1200
computers S449.95 V260 5QMHZ 68060 for A1200 computers $ 729.95
1200 SCSI Module for Apollo A1200 acceleratcrsSI 29.00
2030 25MHz 68030-68882+SCSI-2 for A2000$ 299,95 2030 50MHZ
6803Q*68882*SCSS-2 lor A2000$ 389,95 204O 25MHZ 68040+SCSI-2
for A2000 .....S449.00 2040 40MHZ 6S040i-SCSl-2 for
A2000 .....S529.00 2060 50MHz 68060+SCSI-2 for
A2000 .....S849.95 3Q60 50MHZ 68060+SCSI-2 for A3000
Desktop .S829.95 3040 40MHz 68040+SCSI-2 for A3000 Desktop
.5559.95 404Q 40MHz 66040-SC3t-2 for A3000T & A4000(T) $ 559.95
4060 SOMHz 68060-SCSI-2 for A3C00T & A4000 T) $ 819.95 Mini Meg
2Mb Chip RAM Board .....$ 185.00
SX32....* ...$ 279.95
PHASE 5 ACCELERATORS Blizzard 1230-IV w 50MHz
68050 ..S254.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board
w 50MHz 68060....S749.95 Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Board wf50MHz
68050$ 254.95 Optional Blizzard 1260 or 1230-IV SCSI Kit
$ 169,95 Blizzard 2040 ERC w 40MHz 68040 ..S559.95
Blizzard 2050 Turbo Board w 50MHz 68060....$ 849.95 Cyberstorm
Mark II 040 40MHz ......S559.95 Cyberstorm
Mark II 060 50MHz ......$ 849.95 Cyberstorm
Fast SCSI-2 Module ......S179.95 CyberVision 64 30
4Mb ..... S349.95 CyberVision 64 3D MPEG
Module audio video Call CyberVision 64 3D Scan Doubler’Monitor
Switch.,$ 139.95 MOUSE CONTROLLERS (Factory New) Amiga
1352 .....$ 22.50
Wizard 3-tutton (fc* all Amigasl .....S19.55
Amiga CQTV ..$ 15.95
Amiga A12C0 mouse port repiacflmer kit $ 7.95 CD22 control
er .....$ 11.75
DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga Analyzer...,, ..
$ 59.95 Final Test diagnostic disk by Amiga .....S7.95
Amiga Troubleshooting Guide .....S7.95
Commodore Diagnostician
II $ 6.95 Complete Service
Manuals: A5Q0, A500+, 590, A1000.
1230 printer, 1802. 1902. 1902A, 1934, 2002, 2091.
2300. 2630. CDTV, 1581. C65 ...S19.95
A500 schematics, A600. 1084S. 1064S-D1. 1084ST.
1936A, 1960, A2000 ..... S24.0G A1200. A3QD0, A3000T, A4000, CD32 ..$ 39.95 CLEARANCE SALE A500 Computer (NTSC) with P S ...$ 119.95 A520 Video Modulator Adapter Cable $ 12.50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Switch - (Switch Id) with speaker...$ 17.50 15-23
pin VGA adapter .$ 19.95 Monitor
Cables - 30 Different types ....CALL
Monitors: 1084S, 1802,1950 etc .CALL
Laser primer memory board 0K (All HP units)....$ 24,95 Sony
QD6150 data cartridge ....$ 7.50
Joystick - Captain Grant (for ail Amigas) $ 2.99 1 x4 S C ZIP
for A30G0 ...... $ 8.00 Upgrade ycur
A3000-l6MHz PCB to 25f.1Hz (plus UPS) .S44.5Q ONLY AT PAXTRON
Amiga A3000 Computer (unassembled) Includes:
• A3000 1 6MHz (factory refurbished) motherboard with 2 megs of
RAM (25MHz version, add $ 35.00]. Includes 90 Day Warranty.
• New A3000 Power Supply (110 or 220 volts).
• New A3000 Floppy Drive 880k
• New Daughter Board.
• Amiga 3000 Mouse
• Full A3000 Service Manual (valued at 539.95).
• User Manual.
• All Cabling.
$ 439.50 (plus UPS) ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE SC® y.PACKAGE PRICE $ 79.95 ouper Duster I I Upgrade J T Western Digital SCSI 8A ....$ 23.95
3. 1 Operating System Upgrade
ROM ...$ 49.95
3. 1 ROM Software (package of 7
discs) ..S7.50
3. 1 Books Manual (without disks or
4 Static Column ZIP (8 zips = 4
megs| ......$ 7.00
Keyboard ....567.50
Drive ....CALL
AmiFAST 3000 Adopter (ZIP to 5IMM
adapter) ..574.50 Rack
Mounted A3000 Cabinet .. 554,00 The
above prices are special to those people who purchase the
A3000 kit WANTED *?* Top dollar paid for your A2000 computer
132 FOR THE AMIGA Al 200 Black Forest Products is pleased to
announce a 68030-25MHz accelerator* that will speed up your
Amiga A1200 computer more than 400 per cent. The Jet Fire 1 32
is priced substantially lower than any of its competition.
• 68882 FPU running at 25MHz
• Built-in MMU at 25MHz
• Built-in real time clock
• Accepts standard 72-pin (PS 2) SIMM far 4 or 8 megs
• Simple, easy plug in
PRICED FOR EVERYBODY $ 1 14.95 (plus shipping) Coming next month: 68030 in 33 Mhz version 'This product is also available from our U.K. dealer, Dart Computer Services (01162 470059) in Leicester.
New enlarged 14-page Web site: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check it out, Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like to receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 * 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578-6550 Paxtron CORPORATION Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Fri. * Add $ 6.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA * Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: paxtroncorp@rcknet.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Extracting Cover Disk files Before putting the cover disks anywhere near your computer, write protect them by moving the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your disks in any way. There is also no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it.
To extract any single archive, simply double click its icon, and follow the on screen instructions. If you want to extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen, and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next The program can then be found in your Ram disk. Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
If you want the best in serious utilities or exciting games, Amiga Computing is the place for you Miami 2.0k Hard Drive Author: Nordic Global Inc Requires Workbench 2.04, Internet Account Users Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place double dick on the SetupHD icon.
This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across. Do not worry as it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk files.
It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or Ram.
When you run MultiExtract you will be presented with a number of check boxes, each representing one of the programs on that cover disk. Just de-select all the programs you do not want extracting, and then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
- Installing- (0 done) Where do you want me to put TextDTpatch?
RAM: Recommended} _J DF0: Internal Drive} Abort Install This is MultiExtract for all you sensible people with hard drives If you want to get connected there is no easier way than Miami One program that has done more to get Amiga owners on the 'Nef than anything else is Miami. At the time, the problem was that the only available software that allowed you to connect to the Internet was AmiTCP and even though it was very competent at what it did, being a port of Unix software, it was an utter bugger to set up.
Miami changed all that, providing a single interface through which everything about the internet connection could be altered. To make setting it up even easier, a second program called Miamilnit takes you step by step through setting up your connection.
For Miami to be of any use, you MUI need a modem and an Internet This program requires account. !f you are already on the Magic User interface v3.3 or Internet using either AmiTCP, an higher. An unregistered version earlier version of Miami or of Magic User interface is freely another TCP IP stack, then get- available from Aminet or any ting Miami up and running is a good PD house, without it you doddle. Using Miamilnit you will will not be able to run any be given a number of choices that MUI program set up what serial device you want to use, what sort of modem you have and the type of
Internet account you use. If you have a static IP address you should have this on hand.
The final stage is Miamilnit, dialling your account whereupon you enter your user name and password. When Miamilnit finishes it saves off a file called Miamilnit.config that you load into the main Miami program using the Import Miamilnit from the settings menu.
If do not currently have an Internet account, starting off is a little more involved as usually you have to log onto your account using a preset user name and password from your Internet provider. You then have to enter a new password, to stop naughty people getting access to your account.
Typically you would have to use a comms or terminal) program, such as Ncomm, Termite or Term to dial up and alter the password. I believe, however, that you can use Miamilnit to do this. You will have to use Miamilnit twice - once to set your password and then again to set up Miami, As this process varies slightly from provider to provider, unfortunately it is impossible to know what you will have to do.
Remember Miami is shareware, so if you need any of the disabled features of Miami, or want to stay connected for more than an hour, you need to register to receive a key file to activate ail the extra functions. The easiest way to find out how to register is to use the MiamiRegister program, this has full details of all the ways you can pay for Miami.
Amiga Computing ISK PAGES Author: Michael Neuweiler • Requires Magic User Interface Ui 03 Apr 97 18 _j t3.Apr 97 IS _j 06 Apr 37 11 lAi 23 .Mar 97 14 lAi 03.Apr 97 18 lAi 13.Apr 37 15 J 07.Oct 96 15 lAi 13. Apr 97 16 30,Dec 96 17 13 Apr 97 16 _j 03.Mar 97 03 __i 05.Apr 97 00
06. Apr 97 12
13. Apr 97 15 A i 06.Apr 97 12 42 1 1 Feb 97 19 17 676 11 Feb 97
19 240 1 1 -Feb 97 19 86 06.Apr 97 14 1 197 06 Apr 97 11 1
197 06. Apr 97 11: t ,197 06. Apr 97 1 1 :
5. 309 06.Apr 97 12: 1 .197 Q6.Apr 37 11: 1 .197 06 .Apr 97 1 1 :
I ,197 06 Apr 97 1 1 : 1 197 06 .Apr 97 11 : t 053 06 Apr 97 I
1 Classes Devs Fonts Libs locale Prefs Rexxc Storage System
Tools Utilities WBStartup .AmFTPHistory AmFTPProfiles .AmFTPRC
C. info Classes.info Devs info Disk .info Fonts.Info
L. info Libs.info locale info Prefs.lnfo_ Eassword: |V ' jj
Account: |1 jjjfgjl jjjj "»n Directory; |pub amine t |
Anonymous: | ttame [Netnet Addtjeas: [ftp netnet net M FTP
About Miami only provides the software that allows your Amiga
to communicate across the Internet (send and receive TCP IP
messages) to actually do anything useful, you wifi need some
Internet software.
The most basic and useful Internet program is an FTP client This allows you to log onto other computers around the world and transfer files between your own and other FTP servers. The main use of this is to get programs you can play with on your Amiga. You will mainly use Aminet as this is the main Amiga software site on the Internet Other sites worth visiting are Vaporware, who produce a bunch of great Internet tools including the Voyager Web browser.
Once you are connected to the Internet you type in the FTP site address in the connect window, and then wait for the FTP client to connect After that you transfer files just like a normal file directory.
Once you are on-line select connect and type In the FTP address of the site you want to go to and use mFTP like a directory manager Power Windows FTP SITES ExeCon Aminet sites ftp.netnet.net ftp.grolier.fr ftp.wustle.com WWW sites http: www.omnipresence.com ibrowse Support.html • iBrowse http: www.idg.co.uk amigacomp - US http: www cucug.org amiga.html - Web Directory http: www.yahoo.com - Yahoo Search http: www.amiga.de - Amiga International SysInspector Author: Eric Sauvageau Requires ClassAct It is not very often that we put ClassAct based programs on the cover disk, but as this
one was especially nice I could not resist. This, as you may have guessed, provides system information as does ARTM and Xopa, but all from the comfort of a ClassAct front end. Generally this means you have a much nicer interface than your usual Gadtools programs provide.
Author: Georg Steger Requires Workbench 2.04 If you have ever used Windows, MacOS or X Windows you may have thought it would it be good if you could move windows off the side of the screen on your Amiga. Well now you can!
This is a system patch and a little bit of a dodgy one, as Amiga windows and the operating system are not written with these sort of shenanigans in mind. Bung the PowerWindows program in your WBStartup drawer, or double click it, and you can try it out by dragging a window off to the bottom right of the screen.
Before you go off and write you very important essay or document, check that power windows will not end up crashing your system. Try it out a bit before leaving it permanently on your machine.
Author: Deniil Requires Workbench 2.04 r J EwedtaCenmaFvivt 3by0er«7lS |ij Asflp&WrttVr J Oxrtfo I AjI »WiS«r n0fieq j WtovefJ- I AeqtMfcStm kH | tin | . 'Search forte j About CmOsbs i a j Cano? J Out | - The Advanced Pref ererrc-esSer Od, f* ta ftr prwrxx ' • . ¦ OeAwt advanced !**pnx**sor j o«y rzr Pirt-fnjrXl'«rocFVS 'Obeuvxt J P-pw on ii4TH4 _| Ajto r*4um t*m*m Launching programs has never been so easy Workbench provides you with an execute command, press right Amiga and e and a little text requester appears into which you can type a command. The thing is, don't you find that you only
ever use the same few commands and if you need to use a long file path, why do you have to type the whole damn thing out? Why can't you use a file requester, that is what the damn things are there for?
ExeCon has a number of short cuts available, not only for running regularly used files and programs, but also for selecting files with long path names, using file requesters, The main program simply adds a new entry to the Tools menu and a preference program makes adding to the list of files simple.
Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street, Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BN.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Amiga Computing Before you can run Formula 1 you need to have loaded Workbench, for hard drive users this is no problem and to install FI on your drive just drag the drawer to where you want the game and double click the Ft icon.
Floppy users can run Alien Formula 1, but you need to run Workbench before as FI, as best as we can tell, is a little picky about the screen mode it runs on. So if Alien Formula 1 seems not to be running check you have the PAL or NTSC monitor driver in the Devs:Monitor SK PACES ?
For a long time, the age old Formula One Grand Prix has been the one and only racing game on the Amiga, even though it is ancient, Even the recent PC version did little to improve on the original, proving how good the gameplay was.
If you are thinking it is about time a challenger was on the scene (particularly as you may have dug out your old copy with the new Grand Prix season well under way. We can all have a good laugh at Damon - ed), wait no longer.
Alien Formufa One is a stunningly good-looking racer, and the even better news is that you won't need a 060 to get this running smoothly, Amazingly, an A1200 with fast Ram provides enough oomph to make the game smooth to play, even with everything being texture mapped.
It's not easy, however. Expect to spin off at the first corner on your first few attempts and even then, completing a single lap takes a good number of attempts, even going slow. But as the programmer says why do you think drivers get paid millions of pounds if it is easy?
Control is via the mouse with the right button providing the throttle and the left braking, to change gears use the up and down cursor keys. Steering is a little odd, you have to look in the direction you want to go, though this can be turned off if you do not like it. This is still an early- ish demo but I think you'll agree it shows a lot of promise, can’t wait for the finished product.
Ri rAwor Game Controls You control your car with the mouse to steer left and right, the right mouse button is accelerate and the left mouse button is brake. To change gears, use the up and down arrow keys or a joystick in the joystick port Keys: FI This will disable the WrtuaCockpit™ features. If you own a slow Amiga, this will probably speed up the game a bit F2 Blocks the driver's head F3 Frees the cockpit allowing for driver's head movement F4 Activates the outside view mode F6 F7 In the Outside View mode, selects the car to follow F8 Displays some race info (Laps, Lap-Times, Position,
etc.) F9 Displays some more info FlO - Cancel info ESC Enter car set up. From here (using a joystick) you can alter the setting of your car. In this demo you can only alter a few of the settings - tyres, shocks, spoilers and the gearbox HELP Enter Instant Replay mode. The screen will flash slowly in yellow to remind you are seeing the last 40 seconds of the race. Pressing the right cursor will fast forward the replay, while pressing the left cursor key will freeze the current frame, as long as you keep the key pressed DEL Exit Instant Replay mode R Restore the car. If you find yourself
spinning on the grass, press this Q Quit the game UP DOWN Select Gear M Enable multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is disabled for default to gain speed. If you want to re-enable it press this key N Disable multi-tasking L Wc
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99 _
• Next Week Day £5.99 | L.
• Saturday Delivery £15.00 I De rvery subject to stock
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Pinball Mini* 4 Whitt.
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f*tl xrofll to [Ft B « bvit pon.b r rrt purchased vith a
A little over six months ago I took a look at the original Siamese system, and it worked well enough. If you regularly had to share files between your PC and Amiga, it was a handy way of getting around the problem. Not only did you get the rapid SCSI network, but by sharing the keyboard, mouse and monitor, you could also save on desk space.
The basic system consists of a single ISA board into which the monitor outputs of the Amiga and PC are piped, and a third lead that goes to your monitor. Using software on the Amiga and PC side, the Siamese board passes information from the keyboards and mice to each computer, depending on which you are using. So from a single keyboard, mouse and monitor you can have access to two machines simultaneously and can switch between the two via hotkeys or an icon on the Amiga and PC desktops, All this makes for a very comfortable working environment.
When I got that first system, HiQ mentioned it was working on a RTG system that would allow your Amiga screens to be displayed in a Windows 95 window, right there on your PC's desktop. At the time it sounded pretty amazing, particularly when I found out that the RTG works by only using the serial link to update the screen data.
Now i have actually got the chance to try out this RTG, something that really sounds too good to be true, what do I think?
The software is as straightforward to install as the original set. The PC side is transparent as before, with all the setting up done on the Amiga, all you see over the original software is an additional program.
Once run (and if both sides are running correctly when you come to selecting a program's screen mode) you will have a selection of new modes to choose from named SiameseRTG. Select one of these and hopefully you will see it appear in a Windows 95 window.
Down to the use of the serial connection to update the Window 95 display. Bitmap graphics, such as the images used in a Web browser, have to be transmitted in full across the serial interface and even at 115200 BPS, will take quite a while.
Normally Amigas have a hard time running the serial port at 115200, even acceler- Unfortunately this is where the problems occur as the RTG software is at the mercy of how the Amiga programs write to the screen
- this varies wildly from program to program.
Take Opus 5.5, this was written specifically with graphic card users in mind and works flawlessly with the Siamese RTG. In fact, 1 Neil Mohr battles the forces of good and evil and manages to get Siamese RTG up and running would suggest anyone buying Siamese RTG to also get Opus 5 and use it as a Workbench replacement as it will get rid of many potential problems.
Next along the line are MU1 programs, Again MUI has been written with RTG in mind and, on the whole, MUI programs will run on a Siamese RTG screen, usually with a few colour remapping problems, as you can see with iBrowse.
Beyond this, running programs becomes a very hit and miss affair. ArtEffect runs fine but the picture window is not displayed correctly, while other programs will simply crash the PC side of the Siamese system, forcing you to reset both machines. The biggest current problem is that Amiga menus are not correctly rendered, though by using MagicMenu you can get round this problem.
Speed-wise you can see what it is good at
- drawing MUI and Gadtoo! Based windows, and what it is bad at -
drawing bitmaps such as a Multiview displayed picture. This is
all If you missed the original review, setting up the Siamese
is a little involved, most of the problems arising on the PC
side, I don't want to be too off-putting as all this really
involves is adding two cards to the PC (the Siamese and SCSI
RING IT UP The main stumbling block is adding the Siamese card itself. This requires the internal serial connector of the PC to be re-routed to the Siamese card. For most generic PC boxes this should not be a problem as the secondary serial (or comm) port is on the motherboard. So ail you do is connect the internal port to the Siamese board and then replace the original comm two port with the new one that comes from the Siamese board.
The other side to the Siamese system is the SCSI network and this, for me anyway, would be one of the main reasons for buying a Siamese system, By using two SCSI cards, one on the Amiga and the PC, you get a high speed network that allows you to share files between the two computers, via a shared PC formatted SCSI drive.
Thanks to the inclusion of CrossDos 6, setting up the shared drive is very simple, as long as you make sure none of the controller and drive SCSI ID's clash. Once all the cards and leads are in place you just format the drive from your PC and then, using CrossDOS on the Amiga, get it to create the Dos driver for you.
Amiga Computing ated ones, but when using Siamese RTG the Amiga's DMA is turned off, greatly increasing the speed of serial transfer. Even un-acceler- ated machines should be able to use these top speeds. Surf squirrel users, I believe, should be able to use 230400 bps.
Currently, due to the limitations of the RTG, I would imagine that you will only really be able to use it for file managing or none graphical programs. With the current version, as long as you stick with Workbench (or better, Opus 5.5), most programs that will run off those screens should not cause any trouble.
The software is also regularly updated by HiQ who are working hard adding to the Siamese system, so I'm sure the RTG will only get better. The latest news is that HiQ will supply 3 floppy with Siamese RTG that allows a bog standard floppy based At 200 10 run RTG and boot with the PC leaving around 1.3Mb of ram free on the Amiga side. As for being able to run Workbench on Windows 95, I just think of it as having a little bit of heaven in an otherwise dark and desolate place.
Requirements AtaU 1 WHW" t nsm* i j -m, T * far.Tr sa "?ae 3SsSF :| Aroxxj [.g | ¦wssar!
..___i Not much has changed with the preferences, you would have thought someone would have drawn some decent icons by now One thing you need to consider when buying a Siamese system is what sort of system you want. It is more than likely that you will be using the SVGA monitor that came with the PC. In this case you will have to remember that any program not allowing you to choose the screen mode, or that will not mode promote, cannot be used on the Siamese system unless you buy yourself a low syncing multisync monitor.
YSTEM SELECTION You will also have to consider what sort of system you really need, as the basic Siamese will allow you to share the monitor, keyboard, mouse and PC drives. The drive sharing only takes place over the serial link so is obviously slow. If you are going to be dealing with files of substantial sire you will have to add a SCSI network on top, which consists of an Amiga and PC 5CS1 interface and a single SCSI drive, Even though the PC Adaptec 1505 SCSI card retails for about £40, by the time you add on an Amiga card and the price of the drive you will be looking at about £200 on
top of the basic Siamese system.
Product details Product Siamese System Supplier HiQ Price Basic £149.95 Including RTG £199.95 RTG Upgrade £79.95 Tel 01525 211327 St [ORES Ease of use 85% Implementation 85% Value For Money 80% Overall 85% Amiga Computing Arcade Classics i ¦ yi?-55® games, cluding like Space »¦' Invaders, Pacman, iGalaxiane and more.... Ovfcn AKC5-2 UK .*£5 * AUST;$ 10 1 ARCADE: CLASSICS X-Port Software prTr iJThe Amiga Beginners Guide is m jrlma comprehensive 5 Ln |M%MHdisk set of inter- I v fci$ 4actEve fi*P an£* » B information from ¦** CL! Sbe]l commands to techniques in graphics packages.
Order. A5G9-5 UK:£9 ihe Kid’s (vT Education Lar!i 4 liyjlIfJkMPili3IKLJufeLL _v Suite Order EW-4 UK:$ 9 Sis a simple to use collection of Childrens games ¦ Ithat cover ail areas of Maths, Spelling, Simple counting, Puzzles and much more.,.. Suitable for Children aged around 4-9 years.
K1D5 EDUCATION SUITE aiia- , as* t 11 mi 11 ii II hi tfilBjf FlUBKEE 5UiTE" MSEgflfajM CLIPART I perfect choice Order FIN7-3 UK: £7 I controlling your personal bank accounts, a Managing Direct-Debits, Petrol, Gas, Electric B bills and more.
Order CRP10-4 UK: £10 8!R TF essi o n a I
- PageStream clipart, covers all sorts of subjects, Egpnand
gives excel- H5**'££llert print qua ity on almost any printer.
¦ Classic Card jm Games set includes mSgj Poker. Craps, jy3 Sofiaire, Pontoon, Blackjack, SM Montana, Rummy and many more.
L H BClassicSoa rd games includes: ' ' 'a Monopoly, Sera dole, F * m ”v * 1 Cleudo, 1 m Mastermind, Othello, Backgammon and muchl more... Great fun for all the family.
Order. BOGlO-4 UK:£ 0 CLASSIC BOARD GAMES kzo a • BStartrek games ¦ including: Startrek: rifllThe arcade game, Mstratrek, PPG, fV nd Startrek: Adventure.
AU AmkSAj STARTREK GAME5 round 60 colour | y3j“clipM fonts for use Mhin Oesktop Vfideo ilwrawork or DTP, great Bfor Paint pack- B Bages like Dpaint, Personal Paint etc. COLOUR CLIP :FONTS all ambas I Around 60 high quality colour images covering
* n I animals, plants, I, . :-Ji " lTransport and 1
Hffl Jlots more.
- Suitable for any Amiga Graphics or DTP package.
[Order. CCP9-5 UK:£9 E1 per order Telephone orders 01793432176 Fax orders 0 1793 484097 postal orders WORT POBox 637, aiTFf; CREDIT CARD ORDERS UJ£LCOIT € Swindon, Wilts, OK Fivfi truly addirrtivR ; HK PlBl tetris clones.
IHH'liUll ' ¦Hill lCE3 ‘-5vSl3ame where you ESHBBRB have to interlock I ®® ralling blocks into a neat pile. Addictive rating: 10 10 Order. TET9-5 UK;£9 The official A1200 ihard drive Prep land installer.
JCompatible with lail IDE 2.5” and tJ3.5” drives. Easy to use.
Order AHP7-2 UK:£7 gZiXZ, HBIMB i powerful I yet Order GRN3-1 UK:£3 1 easy to use garden layout designer. So before you ago out and ruin your garden, sit down and design 1 it first. Now the weathers nice you’ll have to do the garden, this is a great excuse not to do it.
Workbench takes the te » ut.-£3 ' A appearance of your current workbench into a new rTsmi dimention. It updates the whole Icok of you desk- C-itop, and makes it much prettier.
Hard disk very highly recommended.
Language MHRSRHSSffiRRffiHHBHWMCI [Tutor System liwkISi!l5SS I ilrimMWftAitffli Lis a compilation Order. LTP3-4 UK:£3 a of software that includes tutors to cover ¦ Spanish, French and German. Easy to use, and effective simple way of learning another language, The Spectrum ¦mi jj JFJfMW7JWrrWrM) t " Kl I EmuEator & wiMgr-.i .laflgiilia JLLk a ISO games pack. Cr 5PE5-3 UK:£5 I Play ail your old 5pectrum46k classics with this I easy to use 3 disk compilation.
M "Various games included, eg: Jet Set IviV y Lottery (FiLJIBMiTyFff [Predictors is IvilntlllBTSilliligBMMyi la collection of 5 Onto: LWP3-1 UK:£3 |individual programs to predict the Lottery num- 1 bers. It’s easy to use and could make you a for- utune... Get a copy now.
Stuff iBHMWIWPWIBBIPfHBBS [Commodore ™ ™ tfii i* | 1 « a I Forgot Order. SCF7-3 UK:£7 A is an essential edition of tools for Workbench5.
I It includes Virus Killers, Menu tools, WS desk- Sitop games, a file-manager and much more.
Stuff Commodore Forgot ' K&3 GARDEN PeSWP®”' LOTTERY PREDICTORS (AMIGA CD-ROMS' 'LANGUAGE rttfjBl QOver 100 printer KhmB "' ' • Canon, Epson. HP, IBM, ' ' '- .¦pi Citizen, Commodore, .vu WwltjPn df'm,+nA more. If " rt’s not on here you won’tfind it anywhere.
Order ORV3-1 UK:£3 pmnnMHi iThe A1200 Degrader tools is suite of utilities M Imthat allow you to ¦ Bdegrade your A1200 A4000 down to an A500 Easy Calc Plus is one of the Amiga’s most powerful! And most trusted Spreadsheet package.
Order. ECF3-1 UK:£3 RCopy that Floppy, IflfeSThls 2 disk compi- IfflBlation of powerfull B@«|disk copiers ESBBishould allow you J to backup virtually anything.
Disk Recovery Suite
* *|Ji5 a compilation of y the best salvage B tools available.
So lif you have a cor- 3rupted disk or file, this should fix
Crunch Mania •.? ,i I two disk collection of virtually every larchiver, Disk cruncher and u- cruncher you will RED Sector DEMO’MAKE'R AIAKjA [CRUNCH MANIA Vol One im.
Ever need.
0r fen CKM5-2 UK:£5 DISK RECOVERY SUITE AI200 DEGRADERS ’RINTER DRIVERS Order. 0EG4-2 UK:£4 EVI EW Neil Mohr thinks it's Christmas, no he's not stupid, he has just got the DrawStudio CD aeateO in DrawSudio s* 7 again, MUI demands more than a basic A1200 machine in the first place.
Apart from the lightning installation the CD version allows, you also get vast quantities of images, fonts and tutorial material on 23 Along with the programs there is over 500Mb of Jpegs, DrawStudio dipart and a load of Postscript fonts. Everything is nicely organised and categorised along with thumbnail previews. The Jpegs mainly come in three different sizes - small, medium and large. So whatever your memory requirements are, there should be a picture to fit.
There are also a number of DrawStudio projects on the CD including all the fonts and images used along with the DrawStudio file. For people just starting, or looking for some tips on creating designs with DrawStudio, these will be invaluable learning tools.
DrawStudio CD LH Publishing Price £74,95 Tel 01908 370 230 E-Maii: larry@em,powernet.co.uk WWW:http: Avwv;.ajdear.dernon.co.uk studio ds.html Ease of use 95% Implementation 90% Value For Money 92% Overall 92% Ot seemed for a while that the lovely eight speed CD in our A4000 was going to do no more than spend its life spinning the never ending flow of Aminet Cds that make it to our office. Thankfully a glimmer of light has entered its life, in the form of the CD version of DrawStudio, If you missed our review of the disk version then DrawStudio written by the authors of ImageStudio - one
of the most popular public domain programs written) is an excel lent structural drawing tool. All the experience gained from writing ImageStudio and TextureStudio has been poured into the development of DrawStudio, and I'm glad to say they haven't wasted their time - it's a most impressive program.
At its heart DrawStudio is a powerful, Structured drawing program, Unlike traditional bitmap based drawing programs, once a structured drawing has been finished it can be scaled to any size without loss of detail, whereas a bitmap would became blocky. The program can achieve this because it restricts you to using basic line and curve drawing tools.
Normally this would be quite limiting, but thanks to some snazzy tools you can create some rather impressive results. As you would expect, straight forward colours can be applied to shapes created with DrawStudio.
Things start to get a little more interesting when you try out the gradient tool. Using this, any type of colour gradient can be created and beyond this is DrawStudio bitmap capability that allows you to import most types of image formats and use them within your DrawStudio creations.
This is one of the best designed programs to come out for the Amiga in a long while, and I would think the use of MU! Goes a long way to explain some of the unique abilities of DrawStudio. The down side is that you need an 030 processor to make it comfortable to use, but then 600Mb is quite a lot, just look at some of the atrocious shovelware Cds that are unceremoniously booted out onto the Amiga CD market. Personally, I would prefer a partially filled CD containing quality stuff rather than having to plough through piles of dross.
So what do you get for your money?
Along with DrawStudio you also get lull registered versions of ImageStudio and TextureStudio. The use of TextureStudio may be limited, but the full version of ImageStudio will come in very handy, particularly if you only have access to a basic paint package.
HAT S ON IT the CD. This gives it a definite advantage over the standard disk version, in fact you'd be very silly not to buy this.
Bottom te Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Eima ¦¦¦RAM- Amiga Computing We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code, EG U01 Against. Some titles have a number in
j) . This means the title come on (x) number of disks.
SINGLE DISK OOP PER DISK LATEST CATALOGUE DISK ....7Op RACK ..(PRICE AS STATED) PLEASE ADD 70p TO TOTAE FOR UK POSTAGE ALL ORDERS SAME DAY DESPATCH Please make cheques payable to: Software 200C Please send order to address listed top right Wr: -11 -.ci accept po&Ial orders or orders leas than £3 in suimps To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE name, ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 AGA Disk means for A12Q0 A4000 only Pefi DISK ? CHOOSE 1 FREE DISK WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS POST S PACKAGE RATE [Europe
add 25p per disk for PSP) Worldwide add Sop per disk P&P) PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TV EITHER OF THESE miBUWRS YOUR ORDER WLL BE SAME DAY Dm TCH VIA FIRST CUSS POST SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC06) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMW0RTH B77 SDN [TEL FAX: 01827 287377 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC06) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678068 SOFTWARE2QOO z |G Va r i o ej jsrj UtB I ities U027 ULTRAPAINT A SURF paint I 3D model prog-amr UQ29 CAN DO pr warning language UW DaftKSTiR ro2 [vol 2-5) k» 3 ol ut4 IVI UK! DISK MAC CREATOR created disk U117 NORTH C compiler (!) Bnl prograra.ro U122 SiO 1.6 copy
.detetei move ffte made ver tskmaaazine arranglangoige »de very easy ?Y_play tetru whJe copy disk great UnUTIES (2) very useful r“ ortyl MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 with every order £12 or over. To claim your free mouse mat just cut & return this token with your order +¦ enclose a extra 38p stamp to cover the mouse mat postage & package, offer only available with this token (limited 1 Mouse Mat per order exclude any other offer) I 1 FREE dl k If Mhh Mat Mot Rtqidrad nuHncvine soii-proc-xc: uvsa i taiur.t o iultiu. Nencer venous ienure A50WT 3) very easy to use lor use
with imagine 3 ect req FPU.(oot 13) must lor any Amiga owner US-95 PRO-GAMBLES V2 must lor a9 gamKers.
Vre Hard DRIVE ufit US95 BOOKJE BEATER- oamMing programe !o win I DAMAGE OR LO REPLACEMENT (DUP) WORKBENCH 1 .3 & EXTRA DISK (£5.99 WORKBENCH 2.0 & ALL EXTRA DISK (£7.99) WORKBENCH 3.0 &. ALL EXTRA DISK (11,99) tA t ¦» vi I r ( » » 'I !«!»%» *»T * J i»ny vrmlOKitii-.ti nv- * 11.1*11 vilnt. 1 tt 1 V Pa I tittsh , M I»t« ill Hilly Hole. V ion aencf iri ortgtnc* cid m for r scar pNsqso send cJisk vio recctd meal BENCH DISK ?
U789 HARD-OtSKUEuORY V2 U79C WINDOW BENCH------ ii COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST V9 amiga Fault n-vding BOAKU GAItibb PACK ii A sar-pr cbficcfmw cf the very by-at bi-vns games MI r«4p*W-fl 'iXLkJc mpnqpcfy iCrabbfe cf T tk trvckft «CI t rr*ry more HH.THLY Rf vjf) comnmt wtv Aa AwfJk 5 disk set ily £4.99 Printer Rack 5 disk pack with all the latest printing programs specialty designed lor printing out high quality documents, text & pictures etc and it is even able to print out AS Booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
D0?U5f for any Amiga owner with printer.
Printer Pack (5 disk*) only £4.99 COMPATIBLES WITH ALL AMIGA 5 disk £4.09 M001 BEASTY BOYS - We Want Some Pussy songs M002 MICHAEL JACKSON - Song BAD M003DO THE BARTMAN M005 130 C64 TUNES (not A1200I M00« BAT-DANCE REMIXED M0I7 GUNS A ROSES • YOU RE CRAZY M01B MONEY FOR NOTHING ¦ DIRE STRAITS HIT SONG M02T BLUES HOUSE 2 disks) M02S SAFE SEX DEMO - Very tunny M031 BETTY BOO (2) needs 2 drives (brilliant) MQSB SGT PEPPER (2D) MQ72 MADONNA • Hanky Panky Song M0B4 CS4 GAMES MUSIC M115 MAHONEY A KAKTUS 2 * 40 tunes compilation M12S ADAMS FAMILY M150 TiFFANNY - I Think We re Alone Now M171 MADONNA
- (Like a Virgin) M173 JANET JACKSON - RHYTHM NATION M177 PET SHOP BOYS M1B4 SAM FOX (Please Me) M1B6 MADONNA (Rescue Me) M1B8 JOE IE TAXI Ml69 MICHAEL JACKSON Smoot Criminal) Ml94 JESUS ON E's (2 disks) M205 RAVE • Mora Rave M262 A TO Z OF C54 GAMES MUSIC (4) Brilliant M314 DICK TRACY (Madonna) (2) M335 STAR TREK & STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION (2) MUSIC VIDEO TITLERS TOOLS U16I VIDEO NOTE database for your video collection, UJ31 VIDEO APPLICATION (2 disks) many video titter prog U2E0 VIDEO TOOL (3) loads of video utils. Recommended U964 TELE SUBTITLE - new video tiller U365 VIDEO MAXE V4.33 The
Isusi In video U352 DESKTOP VIDEO 1 A 2 (best video tiller tool) ceu- ' ing system. Dozens of functions I TELE TITLE 2 - Great new VIDEOS tiller J VIDEO TITLER (2 disks) more VIDEO TtTLER SESI . .3 TELESCROLL 2 (not W8 t .3) Easy lo use Video finer loads ot features 0921 WEDDING VIDEO AnlH (2 disks) Requires 0 Paint 3 4. Very high quality 11522 CAPTION MACHINE excellent Video liter U923 VIDEO MANAGER (Net A5001.----- U325 Video Tit tier - very good v urn SEIKOS STUDIO - For all Seiko printers more specific printer driver 1or the above printer UT33 PANASONIC STUDIO-9 A 24 pin printer driver A
util UTO4 CANON PRINTER STUDIO not A500f1-3) U735 PRINTER STAR 24 200 FONT DESIGNER - shareware UT62 CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER lor sk Citizen punter PHINTER MANAGER U222 GRAPHIC UT LITY(3Aot ot erkphie ci U226 50- MOST USE UTIL load of very useluf util U225 SL'DE-SHOW CONSTRUCTION K!T easy lo make U24C ARCHIVER TOOLS pack more hie on la your disks U242 IMPLODES 4U disk pack more program on disk UJ43 The A-T COPER (not Wb3) 13 disk copier woe U254 FRACTAL UTIL load at fractal pregrame. Bni U282 LAND BUILDER create realistic landscape.
U2$ 4 COPY 4 CRACK TOOLS back up ysur taftwre U3DC MESSY SID II readtirrile PC.1 MAC ect files U3D1 AUTO DiSK LOGGER catalogue your disk U321 GRAPHIC Ut. 1(3) load of tail graphic util U324 GRAPHIC util 2(3) even more Graphic tool U333 SCENERY MAKER more lanacape generator U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION II (lot of emulator) UJ15 FREE COPY back up commercial games U337 MODEL 30 flnftant 3d object designer U33S MULTI VISION (2J dttkllte* utilSte* U34C HACKER-TOOLS many ripper toot U350 POOL TOOL-eredict horse with best chance U35T RACE RATER Similar Is above, but both U358 STAR CAT 2-create catalogue
disk esay U359 SEEKER End lost file en fiopy & Harddnve U3H R.P.G (21 adventure creator U353 DISK REPAIR KIT-iiiv ‘ U372 WORD SORT prtXMS U377 NC0MM III more modem sottwere - packer util U3B0 UNCOPY lamastic d sk copier U3K FRACSCAPE VIJ new fractal aimilarlo VtSTA U40C SOUND TRACKER V2.S mulic maker U420 SPEED BENCH Inert WblJ) create auto bool rt U425 NIB 2 very popular copier U435 The RiPPER COLLECTION(not WS3| i&tnppe U4S2 SYSiNFO test 4 print into on your AMIGA sys Cf'"* FARM tonf ew ~ *» *- *---- I 2 (3DtSK) De 0470 FINAL F0NTIER t (2 clrjk) Star-bek magazine U473 RNAL FONTIER 3
|4cdiskj Star-trek magazine U4B0 HARD DISK CUCK-Hardftrive menue system LMM B-iec Ut.i- Arrazirvo pack with 207 utilities U491 PROTRACKER V3-Best rrvjs.c »n:er programe U4S2 WORK-STATI3N(2at*k WBU cflYWB-replacement music writer . ......WBUonJytw ...____ U4&5 HARD DISK UTIL brii calfecuoh of h»rdd,ik iftl U496 EASY PRINT lASDOoWy) lot ol prml uti U4M WORK-UATE-15 on]Ur.I dak util compilation U5CH THE MUSIC C0NSTURCT10N KiTistafe armeaOwn) U5W ItOT'STUFF-riore util disk Compilation 050$ VlRUS-KILLER 4 DISK RESALVAGE HEPAIRE KIT U507 OCOPY V3 PROFESSIONAL-Eicelam Olsk ecp*r U50S
ULT BOOTBLDCK 4C.Bcotixork generator,'maker U510 ULTIMATE B00T-BL0CK Colleet&i B -nwre U512 ZIRCON UtlL-30 MOST USE URL 2 bntlanf U515 WIT COMPLETE UTIL 2C mcsl use util U1T0 BIORHYTHMS VI 01 display your Own btorfiythmi llt&t MASTER SEKA Vl 6 completes Assembler language Ul« UNLTIMATFD DISK CREATOR atl tool on ire nwe U187 M COMPUTER AsODESIGN ¦ Wat tornmerca product III A8 SH0W1Z slide Show maker 24. MpQ *fl«d U13I TETRA COPYpi UJ35 MOST USE UnLifES (2l very useful util coil U145 XC0PY PROFFESIONAL very powerful onk copier UJ14 ENGINEER KIT various 1 U7ta MAGNUM 13 REGARD the best duk
magazines creator U721 FONT FARM V3 * load ol Ion I ? Ion! Viewer U723 EXOTIC RIPPER rale as the best scundgraphie riper U724 PAR NET SET DP 2) recu,re lor the connection U7« PAR NET CABLE MAKER INSTRUCTION project save EE£ U72S ARE I MANUAUnotWbtS) complete manual U729 ASSASIN BOOT UTIL 50 boot Stock cteaw M U730 SOFT AGA (AiOOoljt ot ASM} 4 min IS meg 0731 A • Z GAMES CHEAT lor over oQO games U732 MINI MORPHS create TEHtliNATCR2 effect U736 AWARD MAKER 11 .hundred O? Ready made U737 ASSASIN CRUNCH 4 COP Y TOOL (WB Uonfy) U738 S KlCK PfiCFESSJONAL v3.2 Various K-sta1 U733 TURBO IMP10DER V3 l
powerful Atk crunther U740 CROSS DOS 5.t plus ftidvrf.ie PcoAMiGA Onk U«n DtSKSALV I« ABACKUP (not wb13) U603 THE CHEAT COMPENDIUM lor over 450 nine* U520 HOW TO CODE IN C Isdnk). Many eaampNi U522 ACTION REPLAY Vt 5( A500rSOOHcartndM on dak U&23 ACTON REPLAY V4 I A12DC ONLY) same as above U545 PC EMULATOR V.23t(WB3 only) SVGA PC emulator U6S0 COPY A CRACK TOOL 2 more powerful copy program USW NEW SUPER VIRUS KlLLERfnot WB3)«U lit. Virus U589 FORCASTER V2-horse raang predition program US9Q ASSASIN COPER (lotsjmclude Xcapy3 dcopy ect U694 SUPER OUFER 3JN0T WBU) Via*! Disk cof.e. LFS9G AurfOCL
PROFFESiONAL J U75Q MUSK CATALOGUE!net U751 SYTEM CHECKER TOOL . _ LF753 HARD DRIVE UttLrfet mwe U754 PAR9ENCH mstaSer (complett) U755 PRO CAD elacrronic Utest circuit board dtsgner LF7SB WB MENU lAUNCHER-menu system, easy to uie U?60 ICON PLUS f3D«SK) Hundreds of Stunning ICONS U751 RELOCK IT 14 latest WB13emu!alw LT762 FAKE FAST MEMORY make more cider soriwsre r. U777 TELE TEXT RECIEVER pnojecl hrghly rKcmmend U781 DOS TRACE V2. Display irtfomakon why some progri U55C SCENERY C0NSTURC1TI _____ U551 ASSASiN B30T BLOCK over 50 bootblocs prosector US55 CROSSWORD CREATOR [not W03
cro***ptd make U581 FERU CHECK a tul POOL PREDICTION program U568 ICON CONSTURCTlCN Kit icon reafcng projn-n U7D0 ANIMATION CONSTRUCT*. .
LT7D2 V U0RPH V2xreals smoodi rwwph animation UTC3 POOL TOOLS 2iLatest!predicbon horse racing.
U7Q5 TRONI-CA&best create eircurt bcani.nimplM U74t HO-OfSK TOOL BOX .many move Duk U742 HOW TO CPE ATE AUTOBOOT DISK.comptete IF?43 Util .Disk Maker v3 MAKE AUTO BOOT DISK U569 ICON ready madej4 disk) U5SC A600NUMEERIC PAD EMULATOR (A603 U5S1 DEGRADE R (not WB 1 3 j A50Q err-uW viu ¦ a * i u :____ why some program Amiga activity. AECOUMEHD ) mutt for ell gamber DRY Y2 use HD as memory (re MIJU) V2 (WB 2 3) 2disk new workbench LF744 FRACTAL UANiA.aiOUORPH BhiMnt cOtleetlon kiAIJM U9S1 FORTH PROGRAMMING (NOT YYB 1. U957 SCAU BACKGROUND (2tfsk) Kioh quality image US« PROGRAMS LOADER-New
HatdDrU menu U561 MAGAZINE E I'Jdrik! Science fiction maczzihe U963 AUOS 4 AMOS PRO COMMAND EXTENSOR US6T PRO-GAMBLE-Super Hors prediction cragrinvne U97S DELUXE PAINT 4 BUDDY SYSTEM- 2) Get me moat out ddust Rain Iniun ott line lot tvry Tuciion U981 VIRUS CHECKER V654-tAlfTO UPDATE UONTHLYa- US82 DIRECTORY OPUS V4 add E.ua CommamsBUTTON U983 UAGIC WE 4 MAGIC MENU Both Latest version U4S5 VlflUS-WDRKSHOP VS. 1-the best Virus kill*.
U9S7 GRAPHiC-CONVERTER (20) Convert picture ed l-ve.-y usehJ* 7 « best PD image „ . . .,c________ eveitdw commerowi ccstng hundres ol pound (not kl 3) U969 POWEP-CACHES Soeed up disk loadbgAeca oHectioraf 14 manym___ LER (EpuYiortYBU ______ CODEV3 3.(2) U974 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 msiall lops ganej is HO.
EG30CL2. Rise Of the robot.Uarui Combaf2 4 more U9T5 DU$ VLM Pro. Crunch entire disk. Inan.3j U976 MAGtC SLE CTOR Vt.dCharw Magic WB back drop U577 MAGIC WB ICON ARCHIVE (3 100ffs fit MG«« lenhi "« X-PASSWORELpnsefect your hardrfloppy drive 1- gambling programe lo win bookie U»7 HD GAME WSTALLER 3. MslaS more game to HD USB! EXOCTJC RIPPER V3 b Latest ripper US93 HD MEMORY [new eoifecB«y require UL'U UIDM MAGIC OPUS VOL 2 4 3 (2D) more Dopus butiom U1D0I CAR DATA ANALYST-check your car performence U1MJ TURBO CAT-fWB 213 only) cxulogue creator UI003 LonORY WINNER VJ-new version UID05 E
ASC-ELECTRONC-Teaen all about efetronic USD1 UULTi-PRMT Vslotd printing ut- U805 DISK FrifiT print custom disk lebis UKI7 F0HT 4 PRINT Load of utilities to sriew 4 print ycur (oni coyectoa REC0UUED US33 POOL WIZARD HloctbaJlj predcbon 0832 05VENBEND WINNER • Predetiofl roorame lor use wiLh LITTLE WOOD. VERUON, ZETTER Ect UB34 FORCASTER 2.C2 New Horse preoiaion Prag U839 AUDIO UAGC 4-Proctncker V3£icc5ic ripper U10O8 HARD-WARE PROJECT 2 [2) Build dozen cl project even how to Fit Amiga* in a tower case U1CB9 DATA ALERT 3-explam why your computer crash U10T0 WB2.04 INSTALLER-insta;! A500v A6a0 to
HD UB48 SPECTRUM EMULATOR Yl- Spectrum emu ator latest U8S0 EAGLE PLAYER [2d:ski the best music player 0851 DELLTRACKER (2d.*k)pi*y pH m “ tJ u W l G872 SCHNEBITZ Commercial quality puzzle games GB75 DELEXE GALA v2.3(now)add new feature S ™ Jfr-, ;.c , J?EC6m “ UfliD TH 0879 RAO TO RICHES m GAMfi* d-Si&l Sr-'arr roaaMrv tf *** "fitim-.
Mf-WS*--- T-'ri •X'-or-*, tn- rturf !¦ -i V k'.
(20) many e- E (2D) Into t E021 STORY LANDJlJntered puzzto garnet
rc afkT1BWa your kid s E025 SCRABBLE require 2-4pf.iyer.
bull ED23 TALKING COLOURINGBO fKUtaikmg" Dpaint bril Md
spelling EC24 EASY SPELL II improve y. .v '. ’ EC ir. I
- - pc -w rt - ¦ -¦ (CrinrfsmkHisi G,-h Tf*"' '•BitflV'wx q-
•iri je N •wtrerf'f'i
- • . ' • • .
G906 HANGMAN any one lor a game?
6907 ACE SPACE ric jiilgiU|ttA 6906 COLOURMAhlA G9I0 KARav-HADDOCK- G773 FRUIT MANIA -Briilant Frurtmachino.
GT74 TRICKLE TREAT -like DOOM on the PC G775 FOOT BALL MANAGER-new veraion ockefs games ISK) fewjkwiwiiiwiwkWe ivtn rtfed. Rwtrn ffiVinAS Thfepart SonlSH it to* 10: jeflHccrtK'S*!. U9NM* tTef'K’fremMwyewyleia! Sww lyRHT only E11.9S 21 GAMES PACK sJ ___________lion pack & now 21 gamo collodion (5 disk packs) only £4,95 1 G399 TRAILBLAZER brlllant (not A1200) G400 FIGHTING WARRIOR like street fighter G404 DOMINOES only one of if Kind on PO G406 TOTAL WARS -strategy like chose In apace G411 BATTLE CAR 2- 3D car racing G431 HESTER CARO GAME- hour* ol tun (or a quit.
3435 ROULETE anvetcitn rouleta e icetlem G43B TRAILHLAZER 2C64 canversron G-Mt E-TYPE 2- very good asteroid great graphic G443 OLEMPIAD DISK (2D) Olympic aport events G445 DESCENDER GAME tank, search A desendet G44S OBLtDOX excellent Arcade Puzzle game G44a PARACHUTE JOUST quite playable G455 CASTLE OF DOOM VG graphic adventure.
Wlargepl ’ _... _______ • good fruit machine G47B AMOS CRICKET cricket games G438 EXTREAM VILONCE 2 player battie oui G469 ENGIMA MACHINE very cnahenging puzzle G492 ZOMBIES A DEFENDER 2 fnritaatie games G494 MERCANERY SIMULATION 30 war* game* G499 LIFE -simulation very Interesting G500 TRANSPLANT dozen ol level last arcade.
G50t KLAWZ THE KAT-grast platform game* G5I t HIGHWAY HELL like SPY HUNTER on the Cfr G531 OPERATION FIRESTORUS-briHant 6534 CASTLE KUMOUAT similar lo Allen breed G535 BLACK DAWN brilinnl graphic adventure G538 MORIA 5.4 The latest Dunqecn & dragon 6539 BRIDGE Good version of bridges 6540 ORK ATTACK bloody adventure G335 CRAZY SUE II- be si platform lo date G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (B track oo.iorwi 6344 STAR-TREK aimilar to RAID? But harder G355 DOODV very cula A extremehr addict 0356 WONDER LANDemwing graphic recommed G362 DELUXE PACMAN - best pseman ever release G3B7 CARD GAMES calieclion
G36B WlZARD-DOMAiHSwJugeori type game* amSr ... G384 OTHELLO besfft veraion G31B GALACTIC Excellent 8 level* arc*d® G317 HYPER-BALL Speed ball .level editor G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 30 edventure 632$ BATTLEMENT huncn back ot notch* 6326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS 111 3 top games G325 MADONNA NUDE PUZZLES tor IB- only G331 GRAVfTY massive space exploring game G333 CYBER-NETIC Bnllanl 8 way blaster G334 DONKEY KONG -(A1200 order cade AGA296) ml 3D rniil G240 GUAORiX very nddlet excellent
- -------------jT r - ' G392 STRIKEBALL briTant b G7BS ZENO-MORPH
G7B9 TASK FORCE - G790 GREEN FIVE Amazing 30 graph G7S1
action shooting games 6B10 EXIT 13 Briilant puzzle G811
RACE-V.Gemdhorse racing games 6820 BOULDER ORIGINAL with 80
level GB2t BOULOERDASH caveAevel Construction krt G922 BOULDER
COLLECTION 2 3 160 level (2di*k) 6839 BOULDER PACK wilhfrti)
level on 8 disk GKO ALIEN NET VVORK-new Spacing invader G862
BATTLE FORCE excellent text adventure.
6efi3 GNU CHESS the best chess with 10 level Gkfi SWORD OF YIGG Graphic adventure 6867 POWER-TETRIZ lor t or 2 player GB5S SUPER SMASHING TETRIZ G870 CHESS ii 8. CHECKER One of the beat around mu&t lor ail CHESS or CHECKER player G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player birust clone uvi3 live nvnircn imuinj sssai’ aoveniure G680 SPACE-lHVASlON 7 ¦ Fantmric Galaxain G681 AUTOMOBILES - PD veraion of SKID MARK bril G682 BANDIT MANIA - Srillent Irult machine demo G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -Bnllrnl aalcroid GC89 GUN FIGHT (not A500(1.3) G590 THE REAL POPEYE 64 (aMO 13 only) GC92 SYSTEM DEFEND-Bultant
Defender clone 6599 AmiOA-BOY-Game boy emulaor + tetriz G732 DETHELL JN SPACE. Recommed.
6735 OVERLANDER Brlllant arcade MOON ALERT 6737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The best in PD BG G771 STAR WOID (2 Disk) briilant Thrust G772 UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER very similar to G544 SUPERTOM CAT New vert-cai *hool tm up.
G545 KUNGFU CHARLIES mix with plallerm brllL G545 RAID 4 latest vortical scroll shoot rm up G54S QUIZMASTER very good quiz programe AIM Cl eUATUUl . 1.__.n J on STAR WAR game: G567 STARBASE 13 (201 Bril lilt* MONKEY ISLAND G657 AMOS LOADSA MONEY best FRUIT-MACMINES G$ $ 9 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2D) many event lo complete G660 4 L.C.O OREAM 4 smalt hand held games GG64 NEIGHBOUR GAMES (2D) base on the TV series G665 TIME RUNNER (W62 3) Brinant graphic PH -Great grehic :E very good MIND SHADOW done E Amazing 30 graphic like INAL BINGO CaLLE-
C. 7SS THE GREAT GOLD RAID- very addicted G669 A GG69M G6T2 Jl
G936 LAST LAP - Fait car recmg GAME HINTS & CHEATS II I Play
yoyf favounie caif lor age? But cw't get to it* end o( leioi
or: gan*? Having problem eWi »me pnti? 5 disk pack wirh 1000$
ol ganK chesfhal ev?! Cede acton rap'iy poles et:, should heip
you firisft many games - suitable for all Amigw only E4.K.
todate 4 release on 29 July'45 ENTURE Very good multi
RECOMMEND GS92 PENGO 2- Maze type games. Recommend GB93 SUPER
OBLITERATION Blast asteroid very similar to PANG 2 lot ol
GENOCIDE (2) Shcot aliens set in space.
G899 PUCKMAN One ol theoener Par Man arrouna.
r. am 1* ¦ t-u . autuiad ii -i... ...... e Platform game*
G912 MANGLE FENDER -Brlllant, Smash up i car hank ect to win. Ertremly addicted, gel it G913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vol IS 2 (2d) G914 HELICOPTER-play like Desert strike G315 COW WARS. Very addicted 2 player games G92S ZAXXON 30 Superb C64 3D blester games G927 BOINC V3. Great pladormer. Recommend G92S PUNTER-Animate hors* racing games 6923 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d) include LION KING G93-3 WHEEL CHAIR GLADITOR-Very fun to play G93t NIMBLE-Briiiant New arcade puzzle.
G933 BLACK DAWN 3-THE NEW BEGINNING (2) GBB4 WIPE OUT-mindtess bleating gamaa GBB5 GODZILLA Another ehooiDfn up GB66 SUPER MEGA FRUIT- All new Fruit Machine DRIVING MANIAC 3D (!H1 vector like G923 LOTTERY PROFFESIONAL This version use G921 MONCPLY. (board games) The ben veraion G322 JET WILLY 3 ¦ excellent platform g Suoerb 3D adventure. RECOMMEND G934 R3 ROCKET (NEW)very good rock,... G935 BATTLE SHIP- the finest PD version Only £9.99 puzzte game* E038 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how to caie about AMIGA E040 GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial the spine 4 how lo avoid bock
pain, (recommend) EM1 KID ALPHABET display all alphabet letter EQ42 FRACTION 8 SJLOUEST maths & games excellent E043 MATH MASTER teeclVtest you more on maths E044 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic & tutorial E045 PETROL ENGINE tutcria! & animate graphic E04S GAS TURBINE ENGINE tutoria & anlm graphic E047 StlRUNG ENGINE tutorial A ankn grapfiic E05O DREAM FOR ANGEL explain the meaning of dream EQ51 INVISIBLE WORLD briilant recommend E052 FISH TANK turn ycur armca into a F1SHTANK EQ54 DEMOLITION MISSION sirivple game lor kid E055 WORO POWER solve crossword puzzle ect good.
E056 WORM HOLE simple game Ideal for children.
E057 APPLE CATCHER caleh (ailing apple brilliant E05S CROSS MAZE A CRYPTOKING 2 excellent kid games EG59 VERB QUIZ hnd the word A it related. Bril E061 KING JAMES BIBLE (id) complete bible* excel E066 TARROT clairvoyant ri n Instance EofiS GALLOW lancy a games of hang man?
E070 MATH DRILLS teach all ba*ic math skill VgOod E071 ERROR INFO give info why your snugs crash E075 WORLD-WAR2 graphics tutorial on WORLD-WAR E073 PICTURE A LETTER learn lo reads- first step E074 AMIGA 8EGINER GUK 6 lulortBl on Amiga* E08S NODDY PLAYTIME demo Ve«y good E08O KID PiX more exceiloni paint progrome* EQ81 D.T.P FOR KID easy to use. Excellent E092 SING A RYHMES sine n song E094 HIGH WAY CODE TUTOR question on highway code EG96 READ A LEARN I2D} THREE LITTLE PIGGY Story EQS7 BACK TO SKOOL vol 1 collection of the test E001 KID PAINTS, superb paint spec-.el lev krds EG02 COLOUR IT
briilsnf computer colouring book EQ03 TREASURE SEARCH find the hidden treasure.
E004 LEARN A PLAY Knot A1200.many maths 4 games E005 LEARN 4 PLAY ll moe education program E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Spamsho English : EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PACK Collection ol the very best ol education programs and _ g a very po.pU ar comblnat' Amiga) 5 disk* pack only C4.95 E027 OSWALD Very colourful large cartoon game E03O EVOLUTION breed your own hybrid E031 IG TEST * IQ GAMES pack 1 excellent EQ33 TYPING TUDOR very good Typing iudor E035 CHESS HELPER helpleacn how to play E036 BASIC TUDOR learn about Amiga beoic Prog E011 EDUCATION PACK 1 pack with dozens ol education program* ranging fro
maths, science to educaliona! Games recommend su able for any Amiga. 5 disk pack only £4.95 I??? LA NGU AGET UT OR teach you'S language spiling
- --------Jum E026 WOROScen help ou aojvo the ero**word ideal
for all who interesting or studies In science recommend, this
pack come on 4 disks E08O KIDPRIX great children paint
EQ81 ASTROMY PACK-This is a mazing collection of prodrome relate to astromy. Can help to locale certain or star position ect. Must lor anypi who studies estromy or hobby, great (4DII E020 WORLD DATABASE require (2-meg) E172 ANIMAL I________________________ E175 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER(2D) brlllant A funny El77 CYBER PUNK 2 for cyberPunk Ireak ortly E178 STAR-TREK A STAR TREK NEXT GERENAT10N GUIDE THE COMPLETE GUIDE COME WITH HUNDRED OF SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM THE STAR-TREK SERIES. SUPERB.
E1B1 SIGINTURE CREATOR customise your own siginture.
EIB2 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive guide E1B4 IMAGINES VIDEO 2tJish EI85 WORKBENCH 2D GUIDE On line help Compiete E21Q LEARN A PLAY 3 Latest Education A Games E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) Briilant teach your child about animal E241 COMMS GUIDE VT.1 beginner modem user E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) superb complete guide to the weather, recommend E245 MATH ATTACK- Maths rci3tc games for kids E2J2 ANIMAL-LAND-Ideal for young kid. Excel E243 PICTURE-MATHS-Maths program for kids E245 BEGINER GUIDE TO WB 3 (A1200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2[ fact about planet earth E248 KID ONLY. 6 excelont
game to play with E250 SANTA -Help Santa collect present game* E25T BIR5THDAY HISTORY V2.2- ninqai kid en the math subjects RECOMMEND E121 PICTURE PUSLE briilant JIGSAW type games El22 WORD FACTORY Br.llanL tesch kid worcfc KID DISKS 1.2,3,4,5 Excellent collection of education programs. Ideal for teaching kids various subjects while retaining the fun E128 ASTRO 22 PRO.V3-Tne latest astrology program that accurately calculates the position of the planet edipe. Zodiac position etc. Recommend E130 FRENCH VERD TESTER should help you with bench.
E131 CULT TV DATA BASE II (7 ‘ *“ E132 WORLD HISTORY BOOK E163 JAPANESE - teach you the Japanese languaq E164 PAINT IT (not A50Q1.3] late*t COLOURING BOOK E165 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent tuping tutor.
E166 WORD POWER- speilchcck orossword soTverfteac E16S CROSSWORD CREATOR-design crossword c- es E100 LJTTLE TRAVELER Imlomatton on world wioe E10I WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map 4 text.
E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM, tutoria! On the Atom (2D) E10A DESK TOP GUIDE TO MUSlC(3DJguJd* & luiorlal E107 TRUMPTY FIREWORK ALPHABET Very entertening El33 LITTLE TRAVELLER 11(2) Infomabcn on word wide E134 X-FILES-Gulde lo the Tv series very Imerestrvg E148 CHESS & TUTOR - FULLIeach you how to play che*s E15Q INTERNET-FULL guide to Internet A superhighway E161 CLI A SHELL TUTOR (help) Ideal for beginner Ef 82 DELUXE PA)NT GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 4 4 RECOMMEND , I -r; - 'EDUCATION A J J JH V V' 21 GAME? - ~ Latest education pack & n E109 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2D) man) WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION
CF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED-FISH 1-1000 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC yyrMmm v Ihrk puule 1& « rv *u «¦* iiwi Use alWT W All f.ptielr un pack arc compatible k with all AMIGA pack 5 disi TrrnrmM ppVMV £4.99 5 disk I rr„i w iThVtef .wi MriTTrt.' i'* A', .Mk I kvti«W*rt*ir»l(lkh: KnhRf UltVj¥*IH«l*kS* 4 0fMM , 'A*e? W riW' Affwt* M*t* ot*%e. Ha'tIn*'* iv*¥*t | 50 SPECTRUM GAMES PACK _____________£ 4 99 100 SPECTRUM GAMES PACK ..£ 7.99 I 200 SPECTRUM GAMES PACK .£1 0.99 I 400 SPECTRUM GAMES PACK £19.99 Spectr; Only E29.99 +£2,5D jp&pl twi t»i-i iferp
am j AS C*4 OAMtt.,«S.M 100 CG4 GAMES,.66.69 »*» *’¦** 1UU V.H1T1CS...UB.B. 100 CS4 GAMES.,E1 S. 9 uadivM „n.»v 400 MCOA C64 GAMES PACK.,,619.99 I nee keel * *4tw *1-«e CC**m xw Cti eaiivK twefc, pw •**«*• I Inete w*e «weA*tome4 mrWrt *• le tw* *1 » HrreNrJ swi*Ni t**eiW»v i*Jt Mw4Bm*H*»r*ww*4 wAldmrpftj«iEW0ik Brand ntw arcade ansijwd 3. Frupacti f ' feictalearwcrtKtondflhetatitca* ¦ ¦* 1 isk set only £4.99 5 dis m F®" Tb* |*Y' 'p 111 jv»eA 1-, t h*» pAtk fi.1 I ' ‘ - ‘i ' att.ivw IwtiwH* u*.v »fc Must I ' 1 | |i_ frtt All IWUrt Yari I** nVKClW *UA»**4A S S disk : .iy £4.9* HL
Ad«4tf5«W!*'retiiir»w*A,Vti5:lOB AU CARGJ
• 3* ¥ E S F A HA an A* I 5 0: £4.99 ¦ nihtiR naw. VmsHiHAHsn
yvwi-b tit I 1 Hm |ih s rwnln'u nt •vtl I.**
• rt’ n» uivinite Wfvrk|h.Si .
Stwivsk'kn v-vt «nvn»visti Ihj 5 disk set only £4.99 yjOi-GA A I 200 & THIS LISTING ARE FOH USE WITH AGA AMIGA Volume 2 m £19.99 thlt fV«t( At:i* 9?
BACK UP ANY HARDDRIVE TO CD +UP TO 600 FREE PD DISK ONLY £49.99 StjVvA t Jr If ‘Ly cNM | Mono art pock 1 vS.3v4.or s colour ohp-art pack 1y2,3.4or 5 I (plooAo aiato pack rottuiro 1-5) I Fonts pack | WorMleiHih font pnek 1,(5 disk Tull ft? Fbnts) Wniktliemih jflont pack 2„(5 disk TuH of tents) I Large Gateut 5 logo type tent pack 1 (5 disk) I Larpe Colour a tefjo type tent pack 2 (5 disk) CG-FONTS I Them high quairiy foals pack scalable ft are compiaWe w 1h an veraion of DTP, wortlsworlh, Page -stream, YIBi, ProPagc 2, Finalwrrtcr, ed | Computer Graphic FONTS- pvYCk 1i4,A,w8 lil rlVftV )Yr*l
ytfi'rtrtv slrth* s%e.Ws | imatiH.cs attest uttr*»m'? Es» Bbrki , mayflies true 3d tent ivir* I -T iw-.)
' ¦ aliaan ohjeel .m-.ioaD tent* (Jtevs] | iffM Wave object paek5 '1 (ti d=ti iv?i , I0h» Wave true 30 tents 9 teal 30 •-.«? 30 tents -.tooiV iA-itej 5 it si- eafer, | All pack In these box cone on S disks 5 cost £4.f ~ Por pack. All pack are ccmpatahlo with all arnica LOTTERY WINNER EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF VARIOUS LOTTERY WITJNER PREDICTION PROGRAMS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED pack only £4.99 HARD DRIVE 4 DISK DRIVE Space Doubler £. :!? Male ia3iv j la s*. -jrgr, UG-7T EP'J VUS ONLY scm=fcpjvr- - T ioject Uullcf do-eii of projwot Irtclud* put your Amiga In lower case, drive, wet M no I in sccerator
For s PC part **| Dink suitable for bcplnner 3 disk set only £5.00 AGA097 ATIOO UTIL - AGA TESTER. SYSINFO etc AGA098 ACTION REPLAY V4 Complate ACTION REPLAY.
AGA099 MADFiGHTER 2 brillanl *1r*rt fighter clone AGAlOO AGA BUT? SCREEN BLANKER AGAtOl FAST GIFF 2 display GlFF pic In Worktjanch.
AGA102 AGA DIAGNOSTIC - NEW ayU«m taalar AGAI03 BLACK BOARD AGA dacant Image processor AGA105 QUICK GRAB AGA -grsb AGA Serean PICTURE AGA1T0 WORLD BEYONOS T (3) eiuming 256 COLOUR fantasy art. Leave atari userbrealhless AGA! 14 SMELL LIKE CHANEL N05 brtllent demo ray trae* picture ever release on live A1J00 AGA12I MAGIC FACTORY 1 STAR TREK (5 disk) AGA 133 AGA UTIL v1&2 (2) AGA util compilation AGA!35 AGA UTIL V3 44 (2) more of above AGA137 MULTIBOOT- 4 various version A500 EMU AGA13B OFFICIAL WORKBENCH 3 HARDDRiVE INSTALLER AGA 139 WB3 HARDOlSK PREF A INSTALLER mstalllng AGA 140 CROSS DOS
PLUS v3 l rsadVrnte PC lilca AGA142 SUPER LEAGUE 3 4a 14*1 manager games AGA 144 SPEAK A SPELL - educational software for kid AGA 145 BIG TOPS (18 * only)HMMmm AGA 146 KELOG LAND -brillem platform game* AGA150 ACTION REPLAY V5 - NEW UP DATE TO V4 AGA1G0GIGER TRIZ very playable 2!0 colour HrfrLx AGA162 FATAL-SLOW new STREET-FIGHTER 2 clone AGA154 CINDY CRAWFORD Voll |2 ditk) latest release AG A166 INFESTATION (3 disk) The vtimsted AGA flamo AQA170 CINDY CRAWFQRO Vol II (2ditk) amsilng AGA 172 VIDEO TRACKER AGA-ultlmate demo maktr AGA 174 MAGIC WB EXTRA vol I A 2 (2 tisk) AGAtfiOGIF BEAUTIES Vol
(11-1B) 1 more girls disk AGA1B9FRI0AY At S another bntianl AGA demos AGA190 ASSASIN UULTlVlSiON AGA pic vwwing util AGA1S2 AUE-N FREN2E 2 pl*yer blasting .power up AGA 194 BIG TIME SENSUAL (2duk) SPACE BALL 2 AGA200 MASQUERADE 2disk bnlianl purxle games AGA2C2 RAM JAM 94 it cat be done (2di*h) AGA203EXPLTXIT 2 DEMO new (title wefldone.
AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN 2disk require 2 diskdrive AGA2C6 TREASURE OF TUTANKHAMUN- educleion tool AGA230LOVE 2 diSk-simpty brillanl DEMOS AGA231 AGA UTIL 7 A 8 (2 disk) More USEFUL util AG A 001 EXTENSION DEMO Slurring domo Inti landscape anirn and a rotating city, regard the beat AGA demo AGAM2 FRACTAL GENERATOR IracMl in 2W colour.
AGA000 WORKBENCH HACK many heck loy blanker ale AGA0Q6 NEW SUPER KILLER know kmo* A kill ovar 316 type at virus must lor all AI200 owner AGA0Q7 MINDY ARP very first demo (at the AiJM AGAOQS KLONDIKE DELUXE AGA (3D) the besi At 200 card games with glamours tady as card* face IB * only AGA01iSLEEPLESS NIGHT 3 AGA012 PLANET GROOVE Truly A1200 Oemw AGA011 MOTOR INVADER 2 (2D) Brillant INVADER gsne AOA015 POINT OF SCALE Great A12C0 only demos AGAC16 CMROMAS- Fairly good demo AGA017 WORLD OF MANGA (4DISK) magnificent Japanese comic slide thaw include Japan** Chick ate recommend AGA021 MAGIC
WORKBENCH Improve the look of your WB & add soma function to your WB really BR1LLANT AGA022 WB 3 UTILITIES load of Wo 3 only utilities AGA023 U-CHESS th* best d*si program games so far but require 4 megbytc* Britient graphic AGA024 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN Great bock drop AGA41 ADULT SLIDE Vol 1 -9 (2 disk each) ‘see baton* A GAS? BODY SHOP VOL S-? (2 disk eke*) '»•* betow AGA 60 FIT CHICK vol f-312diik each) wt below to o'dar any ditk above fust atata d-sk code A volume ro’ (ramtmbti 2 disk par vsljms) ¦DEGRADER AGAO90 AI200 FIX DISK COLLETCION 1 AGA091 A1200 FIX DISK 2 COLLETCION 2 AGA094 RELOCKIT
HOT BABE 2 X98 HOT BABE 3 X99 HOT RABF -4 X1QO HOT DA0E S X101 BIG GIRL II X 1 02 FEMALE BODY DUILDE XI 03 GIRLS GIRLS X1Q5 ELLE MACPHERSON XT 06 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER AGA234 KNOTTY-Stuiining AGA sliding pietre puutea AG A?40 LOTTER Y WINNER nope fully will impiova your chance ol winning a |*ck pol GOOD-LUCK AGA24I-2S0 AGA GAME-GALORE AGA 01-1 Sjol of game* AGA2S1 PACKMAN AGA,-lne best pacrnan yet AGA252 ROCKET PD - Super thrust done briltant graphic lor 1 or 2 player AGA253 REAL DEMO stunning special effete AGA254 DIRT AGA Brillanl 255 colour effete.
AGA255 DELIGHT EXPLORE esdtont rtama AGA255 KEFEREN AGA Dams lot et eHeic AGA257 I4INOMI5T RAVE great rava music AGA25S OXYGENE Fantastic demo AGA259 INTEL-OUT another vary good demo AGA2S0 SOMEJUSTIC94 0*mo of H» month briflant whirl effete RECOMMEND AGA262 TO THE DEATH vary good STREET- FIGHTER done with very good graph*.
AGA263 GEORGE GALAXO (2d-skl bnGsnl multilevel shool'pletform gi-rte. RECOMMEDfr AGA3S5 UiSSHE OVER ZENCN (2*st) Sri3aw 30 mSss11 cornrna-ndar with fsnrasfic graphic AGA2M TEAM-HOi DtNO PLATFORM e*Cea«M dino platform Note-this disk was * commercial games AGA271 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE 2ds* 8 ercetienf music master piece. W 8 worth getting AGA271 RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II |2disk} AGAI74 CHANNEL Z ISSUE 1 (AGA} (2(J**fc) AGA case disk magazine*. RECOMMEND AGA disk magazine roprc.derro.'music AGA2S5 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL 3 AGA295 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY- Board game.V addKted AGA295 DONKEY KONG Arcade classic
ecnversion AGA297 BOMB PAC EitreathFy good to play AGA295 ROCKET 2 set deep underground brlflant graphic, even belter with 2 player AGA299 SCRABBLE-Now fully run on all Amiga AGA300 MAGIC WB V2 Demo of version 2 AGA302 TUTANKHAM 11(2) Education-Egyptlen MUMMY AGA303 PAMLA.ANDERSON.i2) 18. Only BayWatch Babe AGA304 B00YSH0P VB (3) more bikini beauties AGA30S TlMeZONE (2) V.Good graphic advemuras.
AGA307 DENTAWOLF doom*demo AGA308 NAXlS -Really show what AGA graphic co do AGA310 FEARS (2d)- dooms Slone demo AGA312 JINX (2d) Fantastic arcade puz e AGA3I3 RAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO.very wicket demo.
AGA3IS ILEX MYSTIC. New AGA demos AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 (4disk) Hd require A 2meg
• we aslo have a list of 25 cards lor above.
AGA321 H0T.BABE 1 (2) MUST BE OVER AGA322 HOT-BABE 2 (2| 18 AGA323 HOT-BABE 3 (2| BEFORE AGA324 HOT-BABE 4 (2) ORDER ANY AGA32S HOT-BABE S (2) OF THE HOT-BABE PACK Hundred of quality Magic wb pan & back drop AGA388 DESK-TOP MAGIC- 32 animated screen blanker AGA389 WAR OF THE WORLDS -full 30 games AGA390 FEAR 2. Brillanl 3D graphic games like AGA391 PSSST Amiga version of Spectrum games AGA390 FEAR II -Briilant 30 game play just like DOOM on the PC Gerrenieed you impress, AGA393 PC EMULATOR V3- Latest PC emulator AGA400 HYPER RACE (2) Super racing games AGA410 CinDy CRAWFORD (3) new AG A 411
AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMCS 2disk) AGA424 DREAM WALKER |2) Demos AQA425 MYSTIC DEM0S 2) 95 eiceiltent demo* I AGA42S ORIGIN 2 (2 DISK). Amazing p G938 ULTIUATE TOUfl TENNIS - (2 disk*} Ezcolterrt tennis game GS39 DARK ANGEL - (NOT WBI.3| Buptrb sresde oaventure GS4Q RAISE THE TTTA74IC - Good 30 Adventure game GMT PHANTOM - E«ceded shooting gsmet (Offender 96) G942 MACOONA-LAHO - Brilliant game similar to Zoo! (not A1200) G943 JOUST III - Briltiant C54 game with updoted Amiga graphics G944 DELUXE GALAGA V2.6 - The very latest Gilaga Highly recortvnended G955 LAZER RACE - Good Tron type, extremely
addictive to play GS56 TRAM-DRIVER SIMULATION - The most realistic train aim.
G957 MASTER BLASTER - Kill various monster* with bomb* G958 KNOCK-OUT Mini derby destruction, very addictive G959 DUNGEON HERO - 3D Graphic adventure similar to Doom GS60 MORTAL KUMQUAT 3 - Weird bul lun beat-em-up G96T CODE NAME NANO - Superb Thrust Clone (Nano Fly 2) G963 POXER MANIA - H you like poker then this is for you G965 LEATHAL FORMULA - Advonture similar to Monkey Island E253 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR E254 WORD PUZZLE PRO • Create CrossWord puzzle to solve puzzle E256 KID DISK 7 - Another very fine education program E257 A-Z COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD E258 UK COUNTIES Simitar lo above but
this is based entirety Oh ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND E259 BASIC ELECTRONICS VI.5 (2 Disk) - For electronic fan* E261 MASSrVE GUIDE TO THE INTERNET V2.3 AGA429 POWER DR OiD • 96 New Asteroid* whh brilliant graphics AGA430 ULTIMATUM • The ultimate 3D Tank Battle U1Q10 WB2 INSTALLER • Install A50QA500 wort bench lo HD U1Q11 TURBO-CAT PRO Vt.2 (not WB1 J) - Creme catalogues U1012 TEJT ENGINE VS (not WB1.3) - The very Isles! Wo*dpr«***or with spell | checker. This is the lull version, highly recommended U1013 DIARY 2000 - Use ttes just like ¦ real diary U1Q14 TOTAL ECUPS - Disk
magazine i U1015 NEW CHEAT DISK V2.1 (2 diski) • Include* tome game* Fu U1015 ULTRA ACCOUNT - Another very good accounts program U1017 PRO LOTTERY 96 - The very latest & bust lottery program U1018 PRO GREYHOUND • Like Pro Gamble but for dogs U1019 AUTO STEREO GRAM V4. Late» Msglc eye generator Ut021 ELECTRONIC ADDRESS BOOK U1Q22 PRO FOOTBALL 1.1 (2) FoorbaN predrclor tike Pro Gamble U1023 RE MO ATE - Reminder or important date* U1024 SHAPE SHIFTER V3 3 • The very latest Mac emulator U1025 MESSY S4D 3 - The latest PcoAmiga disk converter U1026 HO GAME INSTALLER 4 • Install oads more games to
HO U1877 SOFT MEMORY . Double your computer memory. This version does not | require HO or MMU. Give this a try. Recommended LIT928 MAGIC USER INTERFACE V3.1 - Update to version 2.3 U1029 ORC 48K EMULATOR (not 13) *1 Iasi it worts Ut030 MSI II Emulator v2.t - (WB3 C) MS* computer on U103S 900 AMIGA GAMES HINTS & CHEATS V4 (2 Diski) U1D32 VIRUS CHECKER V8.2 (not Wbt .3) - Latest_ LINK AMIGA OAMIGA software for bofr, m»eN« Hpeulsl cafcH inVy (£15,94) reature very veiy Hut (vaesfM, shere (evtee between Amtoas LINK AMIGA PC upta moderft fPG rpafMrA iSj § S’i Continue where oiif first GE left
off. Incltwf*- ijlf' the latest reliksf' title ft pucks fron the SO FTWARE2CDO Library.
Order now lo take advance erf our special pre-ref ease pricea of only £ 14.99 +70p (p&p) order rmirt reach us by 10april 97jnoteaale price£19- 1) nor on wz %¦ ?«? Vr NEW TITLES » C ¦**.¦» v**' I*. ».%• . *-rkS vs. V jAhXV' Wi I ¦«!
Ft d)Mk :i:t onlv C An wmi* dl*» rk wW* iiWi S v.1 A wtTWtwt t Tv AF*a *% **• t'-w A nwnat n*Mlkde*i'Vn 1-%*i »».,». q i.-*. *** ? Mwrnn rnwhy Wirt S *rtm trj h*r* H*. W» T*Wrt». |* 11 r t»tnerntnwrA YrtwW tV* r**c* hi(fMv *i- wmwa wnW- an Ante** |*1 rH Ik A(0* J ptati S!QT* ton tptctf AfkA AiWiWv) Alien & (JFO (9 dink) only £8.99 PLEASE ORDER A DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER ver the years, desktop publishing | 1 has become more and more popular. Whether you're into video, music or publishing itself, it would seem that most of you have a need at one time or
another to publish something.
I've been exploiting the Amiga’s publishing prowess for many years and still do, publishing not only a magazine, but most of my point of sale material as well.
Desktop publishing covers many areas, and in this feature I want to walk you through a few of these, looking at both software and hardware that you can use with your Amiga.
The art of publishing can be broken up into four main categories. There is the production of text, pictures and then the coming together of both in a layout package and finally, there is the printing, Written word You could say that desktop publishing started with the printed word and wordprocessors.
Thanks to the personal computer though, words can now be mixed with pictures not only in dedicated page layout programs like PageStream but also in wordprocessors such as Wordworth and Final Writer.
There are two ways you can look at the printed word in desktop publishing. One is where you create the text in a program suited for text creation and then use that text in a page layout program. This is what we do at LH Publishing where the words are created in Protext, saved as ASCII and then imported into either ProPage or PageStream.
The advantage for us in doing it that way is that nothing gets in the way of the writing.
You don't have to worry about what font it's in, where this picture goes and so on. You just get on with putting the words down that are required. This is why we use Protext, a text based wordprocessor.
We realise though that the way it's done by the majority of Amiga owners is rather different. Most create their text in either Wordworth or Final Writer.
If that's Larry Hickmott guides the absolute DTP beginner throught the mind field that is the publishing industry, find out what software, hardware and techniques you need to get your work puiblished Absolute you, and there's a strong chance it will be, and you intend using the text in another program like PageStream or ProPage, the best way is to save the text as ASCII and import it into the page layout program of your choice, Some will ask why not do it in the page layout's wordprocessor and for me the answer is simple. Programs like Wordworth, Final Writer and Protext have more powerful
text editing functions. Sure, the Article Editor in ProPage has a spell checker, but I prefer the one in Protext which has Auto correct to correct commonly misspelled words, a function also present in Wordworth and Final Writer.
I couldn't do without the thesaurus either.
For example, a little earlier I used the word proof twice in the one sentence and didn't like the sound of it, so I used the thesaurus to come up with the word ’evidence’ to replace one occurrence of the word proof.
Amiga wordprocessors can be used for more than just word creation though, page layout as well, for example, Gone are the days when you couldn't format your text or add ¦ I El933 OnU Pt»l Iua CK =3 h- B M l !¦ r««t5olpt B I Cep 1* UB Qtrin IO rr Qcarrttl Tiff Output: | rir.inn ii» i birnrl.'El* O3 Color M Color OCHiCRl Qcolor PostScript I S«»U I High end desktop publishing packages like Professional Page 4.1 have much more advanced features when it comes to PostScript output Ink Hwi: vr E l*roe*ii Bl gPr.p.u Vel I aw pTPrec«*» Urgent.
Offl]Prac.« Cvx» rsrn ? Rrsr [jHuiul rsed ?«!: ? R»11 Puftv Mitltb; gt Mt
* tc- Sjm p Xngvjl Ihrg»ti«IJ (*)H
• h*nt RtpliCWfiit ck a Khit images in a wordprocessor. Now you
can do both almost as well as if you were using a DTP program.
I personally prefer not to do my DTP in this way because I
believe in using just one or two programs for all my page
layout work. So whereas many will write letters in a
wordprocessor, I normally do it a DTP program because it's
what I know best There is no right or wrong way, just the one
BH Publishing
- A Case Study if evidence that the Amiga can cut it when it
comes to DTP was needed then my own business, LH Publishing, is
living proof that it can. I've been producing a magazine
for nearly four years on an Amiga and have also produced a
number of books and manuals.
This is why i feel very strongly about supporting the Amiga and Amiga DTP.
When Cold Disk stopped publishing Amiga products, I dipped my hand into my pocket to get them to sell me a licence to resell Professional Page 4.1, something we are still doing.
The promotion of Amiga DTP products has increased, as I have come to see that no other company in the UK has the appetite or experience to do this. So much so, my business now Imports products from long time Amiga supporters, Soft-Loglk, as well as important Hems like ImageFX, data Cds and TiirboPrint 5.
To produce our magazine we use both Professional Page and PageStream 5; the words are produced In Protext Many of the graphics are scanner using ImageFX 2.6 and an that you feel most comfortable with. I prefer a DTP application because I hate being dictated to when it comes to how things are done. I have never liked being told what to do and there's no way I like my software to tell me I can't do something. I'll give you an example. Let's say you want to lay out a letter in columns. In a wordprocessor you can do it in columns, but producing uneven columns Bpson CT-8500. Headings and
Illustrations are created in DrawStudio while the editing of bitmap images is taken care of in both Personal Paint and ImageFX 2.6. The films for the printer are done on Hewlett-Packard lasers while the proofs are normally output on one of the Bpson Stylus inkjets we have here via TiirboPrint S. As far as hardware goes, all our work Is now done on an 060 based 1200 although this is soon to change. Not long ago we picked up a second-hand 4000 030 and I feel now is the right time to equip the 4000 with a graphics card. Although we have both Zip and Jaz drives, I prefer the latter - the Zip
drive fills up far to quickly.
For those that feel we might change our minds if we had a Macintosh or PC we also have these as well. The Macintosh hasn't been turned on for almost three months and the PC is Siamesed to the Amiga and only used for accounts and the database. The Amiga really does rule and for all the right reasons.
That are linked requires a lot of lateral thinking. In a DTP program, it's simplicity itself.
A wordprocessor is a column based program while DTP programs are page based, The difference is simple enough. A page in a wordprocessor already comes with the columns in place. You can choose to alter the number via requesters and so on, but you can't pick them up and move them willy nilly.
We do now have text frames in wordprocessors as well as tables, which enable us to have what I call free standing columns of text Amiga Computing mm if you're happy using your wordprocessor for DTP, then so be it, but don't be afraid to experiment because in the long run it will make you better at what you do.
Force yourself to learn new applications because you will generally find each program has a strong area which you can put to good use at some time.
Tell a story Text with no pictures is not something 1 find appealing. When faced with such a page, I will always try and find something to break I really enjoy using photoquality pictures and it's because of this that I have been driven to push my Amiga to its limits so that I can reproduce pages almost as good as the ones you see here Final Writer - Relecrte 5 of ..... .... . Jffigj fT i «]n|F = l=IHFriTrqtiii|p Bj lu] T ViviaiolBigl lal Bja|B|S ngp A VINTAGE YEAR FOR DEWSBURY WINES 1997 _ JafluMT . N*Wu«5_ . , _ w in wm th « u i*o tt W is t* if n nc td int th n t* yi i v £ i x s y j t « 5
$ T * ? 7 r f 1 t t ft fi is * 7 f f v* rt fj f « fl « ft * ii it ri « » Yf ft * YT ft YS V» O tt it n rr rf s s u n : a ft a b * f f g « a a fi itasassjf sis a a Jf w n Tt i-v TO *iPTH tlk tt NO TB MTH F* tt tt HO tt K'e'th Wt tt tt sfUiii JJIIIII Hsllii
* ft sc £S T9P- S -It it « 3 fl S if «
* 5 f J f f fl ti it ft 1* it ft tj ft K fl « fl (» « 1t ft yf vf
if S' “ “ " “ £5 3 fl ' I J re it » « *v & NOVttfW* NO TB we
TH T* *1 W r _ 12:03 1 V» 3 B7 ___ I o I e? I sa i a I a I
& I & I a I b I m I atiai jaj j|j 1 1 e. 1 5 learr Line; 0
pc |Po$ Ppc Creating calendars, letterheads and so on, is
possible in programs like Final Writer and Wordworth, even
though they were designed as wordprocessors but, as yet, they
can't be linked together.
For letters, reports and a lot of other things, this isn't important. In fact, with end notes, foot notes and more, the wordprocessor is well suited to technical notes and 1 would recommend it for such, especially with contents generation and so on where 1 would draw the line is when creating booklets, have facing pages, Word processors were not designed for this and it is definitely easier to use a DTP program. 1 would also say that a DTP program is better suited for those who want to use PostScript. Most wordprocessors support it but only in a fairly minor way.
You will also find a desktop publishing package is more flexible with graphics. Both Wordworth and Final Writer are quite adept with graphics but nowhere near as good as either PageStream or ProPage. The DTP packages can handle more graphics formats for example, and the drawing tools are generally more powerful.
Then we come to font handling. Amiga wordprocessors have made great strides in making sure they support many different formats of fonts but still do not have the control necessary for controlling the kerning of fonts
- the ability to set the kerning for individual fonts and
individual pairs, for example.
Many of these points may appear to be of minor importance, but to the serious publisher, they can be the difference between an eye catching layout and one that is plain and drab.
The key to knowing which one to use is experience. If you've only just started with DTP, then experiment and find what's comfortable - what I like may be totally unsuitable for you. For years, I have advocated the use of Professional Page, because it's what I know, but recently have spent a lot of time using the latest version of PageStream and feel comfortable using it. I don't use a WYSIWYG wordprocessor for the bulk of my work because when it comes to page layout, I often find I'm restricted in what 1 can do.
Amiga Computing HAT YOU NEED Dasktop publishing is something you can do even with a wordprocessor like Wordworth it up to make it less intimidating, even if it's just whitespace.
I really enjoy using photo-quality pictures and it’s because of this that I have been driven to push my Amiga to its limits so that I can reproduce pages almost as good as the ones you see here, but printed from a desktop printer, in the beginning, before we had TurboPrinti andjStudio, that wasn't possible (except of course if you had a PostScript printer). Now it is, thanks not only to print enhancement packages but also much better printers. 3 The type df pictures you choose depends on many factors. There are two main categories - structured and bitmap. I prefer bitmaps. There is a
misunderstanding that you only get good quality output from structured drawings but that is a lie. The reason for this is simple: Bitmaps are more compatible with whatever application you care to name and support anything a program is capable of producing.
I'll give you an example. There are many different types of EP5 and not all will work with applications that are supposedly EPS friendly. I also found that when testing some A Xe - ftow tot No Stymting : code other then perhaps fi Useful hr taking text from a | tt-crdpfocessof into a DTP pock-1 age
- 7 - A slightly advanced ASCI!
Format which enables you id rake text from an appSccoon, retaining some of the formatting but not pictures and so on.
In conjunction with Font translation tables, RTF can be useful for may who own a PC and an Amiga Separation - When you print a page in full colour (or spot colour) for output on a printing press, you will need to separate the process or spot colours so each one & pmted on a sepa- rate piece of film. Only DTP pro-1 grams handle this sort of wori PcstSa.pt - A programming language popular for descrbng pages Has marry advantages and is the industry standard for publishing. In general a PostScript page will print more quickly than one to a non Postscript printer. Only bitmap images slow down
PostScript Hardware:
• Any Amiga, but the better your machine, the more adventurous
you can be in the work you take on.
• Flatbed scanner. Now very affordable, flatbed scanners are the
best way to get images into your Amiga. Other methods include
hand scanners and digitisers.
• Printer. DTP just isn't the same without a printer! I recommend
a modem inkjet because they can produce photo-realistic
colour and pin sharp black and white. If you have to produce
lots of copies, I recommend a laser.
• Large hard drive or removable drive.
Each copy of my magazine takes up at least 30Mb of disk space, so having plenty is important A Zip drive is a good way to give you that extra space you need,
• SCSI Port SCSI is much more useful than IDE in my experience,
and with a SCSI port you can connect Zip and laz drives, plus
CD-Roms and scanners.
• Word processor. One like Wordworth or Final Writer can be used
for all your word creation and layout needs. I use Protext
(sadly no longer available as far as I know) to create my
words, even those for Amiga Computing!
• Graphics programs. You'll need something to process images
starting off with a program like Personal Paint (or Dpaint) but
for those working with photographic images, I recommend a
package that works in 34-bit fidelity.
Packages like ImageFX. Art Effect and DrawStudio. ImageFX also comes with scanner drivers.
• Page Layout. You have three options here. The cheapest is
PageStream 25E, now available for only £25 in the UK. Next on
the monetary ladder is Professional Page 4.1 at £49.95 with
the best being PageStream 3 at £125.
• Print Enhancement Package. To make sure your creations come out
on paper as good as they look on screen, you need either Studio
II Professional or TiirboPrint 5.
• Font Editors. Outline fonts are the bedrock of DTP and with
lypeSmith, you'll be able to edit and create your Qhe
Publishing Industry One of the most common questions I am asked
is whether someone with an Amiga can make a living out of
publishing. The answer is simple enough - yes.
After all, I did it which is proof that anybody can. There is only one obstacle you will face and that is the industry that supports publishing. Don't be alarmed, you'd face the same problem if you owned a PC. That's because the printing industry is Macintosh based.
Whenever you want some high resolution film produced, you'll have to be ready for rejection because many bureaus, more through incompetence than anything, won't accept it. Many are not happy unless they have a document file, and Amiga document files won't load into Macintosh applications of course. So you hand them a PostScript file but quite a few don’t know want to do with this.
That's when the problems start.
My advice is to get a PostScript printer, and if you do spot colour work, find a printer that works from positive film. That way, you can produce your own film on the PostScript laser. If however, you want to do full colour work, get a PostScript laser for proofing PostScript files and a colour inkjet for doing colour proofs, but take a PostScript file from your application to the bureau. Show them the proofs of the separations and the colour proof and tell them simply to send the PostScript files to the image setter. Some will, some won't.
My advice is to get plenty of practise producing proofs which you can show your bureau, and iron out any possible problem areas before you get too far ahead of yourself.
Amiga Computing applications, EPS images can take a lot longer to print to non-PostScript printers. If you have a PostScript printer, and only a small number of Amiga owners do, then the opposite is true.
Structured drawings will print more quickly.
The big failing of a structured drawing is that, depending on what format you work with, you will be faced with various restrictions. Things like bitmap fills and transparent colours, which are now possible in a number of applications, are not possible in commonly used structured formats. Suffice to say, providing you stick to some simple guidelines, bitmaps will print every bit as well as structured objects.
SEFUL UK PHONE NUMBERS If creating an image, make it big and scale down and if the program supports anti-aliasing, use it. If creating line art, make sure it is created at the same resolution as your printer. On-screen, the image is at 75 dpi (approx), so if you know you have to create a diagram one inch in size and your printer is 300 dpi, it must be created on a screen four inches wide and then scaled down in the DTP program.
The one exception to this is DrawStudio, where you can create your image any old size and just select the resolution you require when exporting the image.
Taking words and mixing them with pictures can be done in a wordprocessor as already explained, but by far the best solution is to use a DTP program. These applications are page based. That means, the program gives you a clean white page and you are free to place whatever object you want, wherever you want, Jargon ¦!-hO in.f - Onewhkhhos to be separated into four colours
- Cjtw Magenta Ydfav and Block, Bitmap images will always be
separated mto this for fuS colour output ¦'t.-.'-r . V -
Azhcugh it can be many things, it is generally k KHTi for its
spot cobur library ivherehy you can stipulate a Pan tone
cohur on screen (FtigeStrecm 3 end Professional Page 4) end
then have the printer use his Pmtone catalogue to rrw cn ink
the some colour.
Bca - A unit of measurement.
12 points ro one pica and six pi cas to an mdi Ant -dr ' - Imagine types of curves, block on a white bade- (pound One is just black end when printed vts ble steps can be seen in the curve if not scaled properfy. The second with anti-aliasing, is where shades of grey ore used to smooth the transition between he black curve and the white background, producing a smoothing looking hne.
LH Publishing: DrawStudio, PageStream 2 & 3, Professional Page 4, TurboPrint 5, Personal Paint 7, TypeSmith and most other necessary pieces of software for DTP.
Contact - 01908 370 230 EyeTech: EnPrSnt. Printer software for Epson printers. Contact - 01642 713 135 Softwood International: Final Writer, digitisers. Contact - 01773 836 781 BlitterSoft: Art Effect. Contact - 01908 261 466 including columns of text that are linked.
This is the biggest single advantage that a DTP program has over a wordprocessor. There are no rules to follow, which in many cases, can make it more difficult because there's more room to make a mess of things and if my early work is anything to go by, most people starting out will do just that.
On the Amiga we only have one DTP application still being developed: PageStream 3, For those interested, it is available in the UK because I went out and bought a whole load recently.
It is, however, an expensive option and only for those with a healthy budget or some Digita International: Wordworth 6 and Personal Paint plus other Amiga applications, Contact - 01395 270 273 HiSoft: SCSI Devices, Studio II Professional, CD-Rom drives, Cinema4D.
Contact - 0500 223 660 Simply Computers: Cheapest retailer I know for printers and scanners. Contact - 018! 523 4020 VectorJet: Printer consumables. Contact - 01763 273 115 serious DTP to do. There are two other options
- PageStream 2 and Professional Page 4.1, they are no longer
being developed but still prove very popular, PageStream 2 will
only set you back £25 including printed manual and for the
casual publisher, it's probably ideal.
Professional Page 4.1 is a package I still use more than any other, even though it's many years old and no longer developed. I also have programs like QuarkXPress, PageMaker 6.5 and the popular PagePlus (PC), but they all suffer from one problem or another which is why I stick to Amiga publishing apps. When it comes to DTP, the Amiga does it as well as any computer.
TEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO DTP Text is placed into linked frames as i here. An eye catching drop cap is placed e the page to make the starting point of the article more noticeable. DTP programs are better with this sort of approach because text frames are more flexible to use than the fixed columns in a wordprocessor In the case of a magazine layout, a heading is placed on the page along with a few other items. Notice the way the grid is used. This adherence to the grid can be broken occasionally to crpate a more freeform approach that will stand out among the other, more structured, layouts Amiga
Computing Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345 6868 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 2YZ LONDON'S AMIGA SALES & REPAIR CENTRE CD ROM & WRITERS EX VAT INC VAT £350.00 £411,25 CD ROM 4 SPEED 2SPEED £700.00 £822.50 S SPEED RAM CARDS WE CARRY RAM CARDS FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS AT VERY LOW PRICES AMIGA A500 1 2MB £15.99 A500+ 1MB £19.99 AMIGA A600 1MB £19.99 1MB WITH CLOCK £34.99 AMIGA A1200 RAM CARDS COME WITH CLOCK a FPU SOCKET 0MB £29.99 1MB £39.99 2MB £49.99 4MB £54.99 SMB £79.99 At Gasteiner we have simms & memory for all ram cards & accelerators made for
Amiga computers A500. A600.
A3000. A1500. A2000 A4000 30PIN SIMMS1 MB _ 4MB 72PIN SIMMS 2MB 4MB 8MB 16MB d Call for UK’s best prices 32MB BLIZZARD 1230 IV 0MB £149 4MB £169 8MB £189 16MB £209 32MB £259 FPU 33MHz picc £10 50MHz pga £50 crystals £5.00 SCANNERS GT 5000 EPSON GT 8500 EPSON GT 9000 EPSON MEMORY SIMMS ARTEC 600DPI FLATBED SCANNER with amiga software £269.00 BEST BUY £600.00 £705.00 EX VAT INC VAT 290MB INT SCSI £50.00 £58.75 730MB INT SCSI £99.00 £118.33
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A500, A600, A1500, A2000, A3000 & A4000 WHATEVER CONTROLLER
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£1059 SONY 15" £329.00 SONY 17” £586.32 GASTEINER 15" £258.50
£420.00 SQUIRREL £50.00 SURF £89.00 SMD MPEG £199.00 SCSI
©FFUFt ©F H©(MTin] A500 A600 A1200 Power Supply Only £1 4.95 ZIP, JAZZ & SYQUEST CARTS Dan Winfield explains why he could not live without his CyberVision 3D ne of the best investments I have ever made for my Amiga has got to be a graphics card. My first one, a Picasso II, brought life back into my A4000 with fast 256 colour Workbench and higher resolutions. The move from AGA to the Picasso was much more noticeable than when I moved from my ECS A1500 to AGA all those years ago.
It wasn't long, however, before I wanted more. I found myself craving to view the Web in thousands of colours, use the new CyberGraphics screen modes in programs like Image FX and, most of all, keep up with the speed of graphics cards on the PC.
As if in answer to my need, Phases announced its new CyberVision 64 3D graphics card with 4Mb video RAM, I had read the reviews of the CyberVision 64 card in the past and decided to order one. The card was due to arrive in a couple of months so I sat back and waited. Good job I had registered CyberGraphics for the Picasso II while I was waiting, but 15bit screens were slow and I couldn't wait for a 64bit dream of a card.
I lost track of how long it took to arrive. Like all good Amiga users I am used to waiting, and eventually the card was delivered (several months late) in the first week of January. The slim black sexy box containing the CV3D was in my hands and all was forgiven.
In with the new The installation instructions seemed simple enough so I got into action. Here's a tip which may be useful; before you turn off your Amiga and start the install, make sure you set the Workbench screen back into an original mode that your monitor can see, or you will find you won't be able to see anything when you turn it back on with the CV3D. I had to put my Picasso back in and do this!
Opening up your machine requires a bit of care, make sure you keep all the screws safe as you take them out and remember that static electricity will cause damage if you do not take precautions. Buy, borrow or pinch a static wristband, take out all the power leads from the back of your Amiga and don't be too forceful.
Follow the instructions and you should soon have the card in place. The CV3D uses a new version of the popular CyberGraphics software which is up to v3 now. This was easy to install and ! Had no problem with setting the software to use the monitor file from the old Picasso CyberGraphics installation, Getting your monitor working with the CyberGraphics software requires you to use a program called CVMode, further help on this is on the Internet at the official CyberGraphics support site (see Web references).
One more reboot and I was ready for action.
Booted fine, nice new boot logo, no error messages or anything unexpected. Start Image FX, crash. WHAT? Start Directory Opus, crash! Start ibrowse, crash! Doh! Start to panic. I read the manual and calmed down a little - some systems with accelerators need to have the latest Buster chip and mine was one of them (see box out).
Impressions One week and one new buster later. OK, up and running and stable in 15bit 800*600, but what did I think?
The CV3D was definitely much faster than the Picasso II. Opening, moving and resizing windows was snappy. A big test for me was always going to be swapping between screens.
I usually have three screens going - Workbench, a MU1 screen for ibrowse Web development and Xwindows so 1 can run Netscape and other UNIX applications from our server across the office. Yes, again, it was snappy and many times faster than with my Picasso II and what's more, there are still draggable screens, f then proceeded to spend many hours trying out all my software, 3-D demos and getting the latest drivers from the CyberGraphics Web site.
I was very happy with the CV3D, especially as I use my Amiga at work and the speed increase alone makes the card worthwhile. But this speed has been available in the past with the Cybervision64, so what about the new 3-D side of the card?
The CV3D is powered by the Virge graphics chip from S3 (if you want to delve into more detailed specifications, everything you need is on the CyberGraphics Web site). The 3-D demos that come with the board demonstrate the potential of the Virge chip.
They are simple texture mapped shapes that you can rotate using the key pad. If you play with your keyboard delay settings you can get them to spin more quickly and smoothly. I managed to get them to produce a suitably hypnotic effect as I stared at the screen rotating the objects round and then back again, I was impressed with this early demonstration and hope that software developers use it, particularly in 3-D rendering packages, in the future.
I have been using the card for nearly three months, five days a week and have found it very stable and a definite welcome addition to my set up. If you have a CyberStorm 060, as I do, then you will have pretty much reached the limit of what an Amiga can do at the moment, but don't sit back and feel all smug just yet.
The Picasso IV has recently been released and although I haven't tried it myself, it seems Amiga Computing the heated head to head that will surely ensue.
Remember, if you want to use the latest drivers after you have bought your CV3D, they are on the CyberGraphics Web site. You will then benefit from extra options such as SUPERLAYERS which greatly speeds up all window moving.
All in all, 1 am completely happy with the CV3D's performance. I know there are some faster cards for the PC, but then who knows what the future holds now Gateway 2000 has bought the Amiga and with the pending release of the Power Up card with optimised RISC drivers from Phases? If you want speedy graphics now, then the CV3D represents excellent value at £179.95. w EB SITE REFERENCE to have very good specifications and represents extremely good competition for the CV3D. For a start it has its own 3-D module promised and a video pass-through as standard - wait a minute, this is a CV3D
review not a Picasso IV advert.
There are a couple of expansion options worth mentioning that can be added to a CV3D. The first is a Scan doubler module, this will be essential if you rely on the old Amiga screen modes. The CV3D doesn't come with a pass-through as standard, and so it is impossible to see some Amiga screen modes, something I had been used to on my old Picasso II.
This is just not a standard option and not a problem because it is possible to buy one If you need it. I don't think 1 will, but I do want to get the Mpeg module. This option was QUSTED BUSTER When I installed my CV3D I soon discovered that I had to upgrade my Buster chip.
There are bugs in some of the Buster chips on older Amiga 4000's, usually Revision 9 ones, which makes using Zorro III slots unstable with accelerators that operate at anything but the original 25MHz. Have a check and see what version you have.
Promised for the original CV64 card but was never built due to S3 dropping support for the old Trio64 data bus. This module allows realtime Mpeg audio and video decoding without processor usage. You can even open the video into a window on Workbench in 15 or S6bit colour, This is all very well, but I just read this on the Phase5 Web site because, as it stands, the module hasn't been released. I hope it is, but then again 1 am still waiting for the CyberStorm Ethernet module.
I did try out some speed tests using a program called SysSpeed, but really this is only useful if there is something to compare it to. I did not have a Picasso IV to hand, but when we review it I will make sure a statistical comparison is made. So you will have to wait for My revision 9 was taken out and replaced with a revision 11, which I ordered from Dart Computer Services (0116 2470059). The installation was simple and everything worked a treat from then on. Again, more information about the Buster bug can be found on the CyberGraphics Web site.
Phase 5 http: www.phase5.de CyberGraphics http: www.vgr.com cybergfx Virge http: www.s3.com products Files Aminet util moni SSpeed22.lha All the information you could ever need on the CV3D can be found on the CyberGraphics Web site. If you are not on the Internet yet, you are definitely missing out Updates to drivers, utilities and help for the CV3D is immediately at hand.
Fine [ i jxnifjr ETAILS | Product CyberVision 3D | Supplier Gordon Harwoods | Price £219.95 Tel 01773 836781 s Ease of use 90% Implementation 83% Value For Money 90% Overall 88% Amiga Computing The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it looks like we are in for a long hot summer. Best of all, the Amiga has been bought, hurrah ONEY, MONEY ETTERS Amiga Computing is my favourite magazine of all the Amiga magazines out there. Why don't you allow a section where your readers put their interviews, games and opinions without an AC expert answering them?
Why not have an art page where people draw pictures by hand or by computer that have to do with AC or anything else with the Amiga, and the best drawings of the month will win a prize?
Write in!
If you have something you need to get off your then put pen to paper and write to ESP, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adiington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. You can also Email us at ESP@acomp. Demon.co.uk We have various software bundles to give away for the best letters (please indicate whether you’d prefer serious software or games). We do try to reply to all Emails and letters, but at busy periods this is sometimes not possible so please bear with us Getting down to some real business.
Why doesn't the Amiga Company publicise the Amiga with commercials on TV? Why do we pay so much for Amiga parts when we can buy parts for Pcs at a cheaper price, and we can use it on the Amiga?
What I'm getting at is that the Amiga has a lot of potential and is the greatest computer in the world, but without any advertisements how will anyone know what the Amiga is? People may see an Amiga magazine on a news stand, but why are they gonna buy it if they don't have a clue of what type of computer it is?
Another thing -upgrades. The PC, for instance, has an MMX chip now, but what about the Amiga? Pcs can be upgraded without too much work. How come the Amiga doesn't have special America Online and CompuServe disks like the PC?
I do not want to make it seem as if the Amiga is a bad computer, it is my favourite computer and games system, but if you don’t let others know what It can do, then what’s the point?
Joey Di Perla, jjdipertoJ 2@juno.com Mmmm, so it would be like a letters page without me answering? Nah, my ego's too big for that sort of thing, and if I started letting you lot write games reviews we would have to fire Hugh and Amiga Computing Towers just wouldn't seem the same with the clomping of his size I2s.
If you know what you are doing, what is stopping you buying parts from a PC shop? Generally you will find that most Amiga shops deal with a much smaller number of customers but can provide dedicated Amiga help, and you know what you are buying is guaranteed to work with your Amiga. For example, if you ring up a PC shop and ask for memory, you could mean SIMMs, DRAM, SRAM, VRAM or WRAM. Whereas in an Amiga shop you would have no such problem.
I can tell you why there are no Amiga adverts on the TV - money. It is a fact that adverts are the single most expensive form of media and, at the moment, Amiga International has better things to spend its money on. Perhaps when a new machine sees the fight of day we will see an advertising push.
As for MMX, you will never see that appearing for the Amiga as it is part of the Pentium processor and 1 think it's just a crafty ploy by Intel to force people to upgrade their processors to at least 166MHz. But as for Amiga's not being upgradable, that is just not true. With an A1200 you can upgrade the processor, memory, hard drive, add SCSI drives, CD- Roms, video grabbers, sound samplers and for the A4000, the sky's the limit.
What you seem to forget is that the Amiga is a minority computer platform, you might not like it but it is a fact.
Companies such as CompuServe and AOL will never have Amiga support, unless someone practically gives them the necessary software.
Eqe're SO nasty I think you should start running a "Spot The Amiga" column. It’s good fun and it heightens awareness. For example I saw an A1200 on the Working Lunch programme, BBC2, 20 Feb, It was reporting on a Welsh animation company, Serial, and was running an animation of a line a drawing of a cartoon that had been digitised. What do you think?
Michael Barkhordar, mikebarkhordar@enterpnse.net A few years ago there was a spate of Amigas appearing on TV - largely due to a number of video companies using Amigas to produce computer screens that have to be seen on TV, and so avoid the flickering you would get from a normal PC screen display.
Sure, if you spot an Amiga you can write in. However, I'm not promising we will do anything with the letters. That's the sort of caring sharing attitude you have come to expect from Amiga Computing.
Amiga Computing [TuikPak, shmishpak I found this on your Web page, and feel that I have to comment on it.
QuikPak does not, however, seem to agree with the numerous companies that said it should concentrate on cheap, entry level machines instead of the Video Professional market.
"The Video market is currently providing the only purchasers of A4000Ts - that is why we devote so much development to them," said Robinson. "Bringing back the A1200 was a huge mistake by Escom. 1992 systems re-introduced at ridiculous prices...hey, I'm a fanatic and even I wouldn't pay a thousand Canadian dollars for a computer I purchased for 599 dollars in the spring of 1994."
"The Video market people are the only ones that need an A4000T, as for the A1200 I agree, and furthermore I think that its all in one approach is butt ugly. 1 want separate keyboard from system, and front mounted drives".
"We do have an entry level system ready to go, but the big question is, will anyone buy one?" I will buy it if the price is right, and it has an Akiko chip, real NVRAM, RF, AV, SVHS, ARCS, video output, and a power PC604 lOOKHz CPU.
The demands for all-powerful Amigas at ever cheaper prices do not impress Robinson either. "Cheap, cheap, cheap...to these people who whine about cheap PC IBM clones, I say so buy one and shut the f**k up.". He continued: "The Amiga in my opinion has value. An A4000t at $ 1997.00 US with 16 Mb of Ram, a CD-Rom drive, SCSI II HD, a software bundle and all the wonderful capabilities it delivers, is good value. This is a true pre-emptive multitasking computer with unmatched video potential" That's nice, but it still can’t play Doom! I didn't buy an Amiga CD32, SX1, 2.5" 340mb HD, 4Mb Fast Ram to
do rendering, I bought it to play computer games on my 35" SVHS TV using a multi-firing button Joypad and in NTSC. I take great pleasure in playing Frontier Elite II from my bed using only the CD32 Joypad, and feel sorry for other Amiga users who have to play it with a joy stick mouse and key board staring at a 14" monitor they will probably get haemorrhoids and spend their declining years glowing in the dark, sitting on those little round air filled doughnut things.
I also feel that it is necessary to give the people who created Guardian for the CD32 some praise for figuring out that NTSC players can play their PAL game if they let them move the game to the top of the overscan screen, too bad the morons at Sensible software didn’t figure this out before they released Cannon Fodder CD32!
QuikPak hopes to have good news for the Amiga by the time this issue hits the shelves. Rest assured, we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments.
Looking forward to it!
Eric Hyland, a007193t@bc.seflin.org I'm sure you're glad you got that off your chest. 1 suppose now, pretty much everything that QuikPak, and VIScorp for that matter, have said will have to be redressed. I would imagine QuikPak will keep its current relationship with Amiga Technology International and SO produce its rather expensive A4000 systems, something you have pointed out yourself.
Somehow I don't think QuikPak was talking about an entry level PowerPC system - one thing 1 am looking for Gateway to allow is the Amiga's operating system to be ported to the PowerPC. This is something that will have to be done before we see any hardware coming from Amiga International, I would guess.
The PAL, NTSC screen display difference has always caused problems. I know there are a lot of people in Europe that would have liked to get their hands on a PAL Toaster system, but then NewTEK totally missed out on that market. Sorry, I was forgetting you are not Qmiga "Take-over Reading Tom Broekmans letter from The Netherlands in issue 110, 1 couldn't help but comment. He asks "Why is the take-over taking so long ?'
It is an unfortunate fact that it is in the liquidator's interests to drag the process out as long as possible because that is how they make their money.
On a more positive note, it would only take some sensible marketing and ciever pricing, clearly aimed at the many families who still haven't got a PC only because they can’t afford one, for the Amiga (1200 with a big hard drive and 8Mb of Ram - no need for acceleration) to gain a good hold again in the home computing marketplace.
That is definitely what should be done. Working as I do - on Pcs for families that can afford them, don't really need them and can't use them - I go back home to my Amiga and wonder why they aren't using one of these!
We (as Amiga users) know what even the most basic machine is capable of, and it is time someone out there in the computer industry realised it and did something about it. There is a real need for an alternative to the PC, and we need it fast.
Kim Fyson, Kim@draught.demon.co.uk I am very, very happy to be able to say the wait is finally over and the Amiga has been bought, as I am sure you all should be aware of by now. You are correct in saying that it is the job of the liquidator to get the best possible deal, as they are working on behalf of the creditors who want their interested in that sort of thing.
The problem you are facing is that the games market in the US is so small and as most Amiga game developers are European, they will simply ignore NTSC users. In reality, if programmers used the operating system this would not be a problem as you could choose the screen mode. The AmigaQuake port does this, along with multitasking and supporting graphics cards.
What you have to remember is that you and QuikPak are talking about two almost completely different machines.
You want a PlayStation, MMX beating, Amiga games machine. Whereas QuikPak simply wants to sell machines based on current Amiga technology, for which the only current market in America is high-end Toaster Raytracing systems.
You almost point out the problem yourself, you want a PowerPC system, and this is something I doubt QuikPak would ever have been able to produce. It would require a large cash investment, not only to employee the programmers to port the OS but also the engineers to design the hardware, even using off the shelf parts. Gateway however, has the financial muscle to make things happen.
It money back, but in doing so they may have actually done the Amiga some good, A large company such as Gateway 2000 has substantial financial backing that could get some serious development underway, but that is something we can look forward to sometime in the future.
On your main point, I could not agree more, there is clearly a gap in the computer market that Pcs do not currently fill, and perhaps never will.
Due to the continuing growing hardware specifications of software and games, second hand Pcs may always be under specced.
Thanks to the low hardware overheads of the Amiga's operating system, systems ranging from set top boxes, low cost home computers, all the way up to full blown file servers could be based and developed around the Amiga's operating system.
When it comes to the A1200, I think the hardware is woefully out of date - the display hardware being the main problem. On the whole, I do agree that an A1200 with hard drive, 8Mb Ram and an 030 would make a perfect home computer. Particularly if the bundle could be sold for £400.1 still think the major stumbling block is the display, as 256 colours on-screen is the absolute minimum people expect and, lets face it, AGA can't cut the graphical display mustard (whatever that means).
Amiga Computing Olthough I've only been able to cover a very small part of the C language during the last few months, it should have been enough to convince you that learning about the basic syntax requirements of C is not particularly difficult.
This changes dramatically however as you move into Amiga specific areas of C coding. The reason? It’s not C itself that's to blame - it's because there is a whole new set of Amiga system conventions to come to terms with.
One area that you will need to learn about straightaway is how to use the Amiga's libraries. With the exception of the exec library (which is always available), these have to be 'opened' using the exec OpenLibraryO function and if this returns a library pointer that is not zero, then the library is open and ready for use.
What does the code look like? Well, to open the intuition library for example we'd use a statement like this... Intultior,Base-(s:mt IntuitionBasa *) QpenLibraryCintuition.librarjr- O); IntuitionBase is a variable that we define elsewhere in the program. The (Struct IntuitionBase
* ) item is known as a 'cast1 and in this case allows us to tell
the compiler that it should view the value returned by
OpenLibraryO as a pointer to a system structure called
IntuitionBase. Casts do not alter the return values - the re
essentially used just to keep the compiler happy.
After use, the program must close the library Qnd That's It Weil at least as far as this C introduction goes. But don't panic, there'll be plenty of other C tutorials popping up from time to time (plus a little extra C coding help on our Web pages). Needless to say you’ll find on the cover disk both the example code I’ve by using an exec CloseLibraryQ function but of course neither this operation, nor any preceding use of any library functions, must be done unless the library opened successfully in the first place.
This is where the C language's ‘not equal to’ conditional test statement, !=, comes in handy.
By testing the value of IntuitionBase after making the OpenLibraryO call we can guard against ever using a library that isn’t open with code like this: if lntuitionS*se!=0) I* here ws could do soiething * CloseLibraryCCttriict Library
* )Intui ti onSase); } The CloseLibraryO call, and any other
statements written between these braces, will then only be
executed if the returned library pointer is non zero (which in
C terms is taken to indicate a 'true’ condition).
Wi N DOWS Listing ! Puts all these ideas together in a small program that opens the intuition library and then makes a call to a function called OpenWindowTagsO which creates a window for us. The initial 'include' statements are references to header files that, amongst other things, contain prototypes which tell the compiler how various Amiga library functions are used. Parameters like WA_Left in the window opening cali are known as tags and, coupled discussed and a slightly extended version that makes use of an intuition function called PrintlTextO to display some text in the window.
You'll also find a few extra notes that should help put a number of other Intuition- related issues into perspective!
Paul Overaa rounds up his introduction to the C language with intuition Your first Windows with the values supplied are the standard way of passing information to many Amiga library functions. The tags I've used set the position and size of the window, give it a title and indicate that the window should be given a drag bar (many more standard tags are defined in the Amiga system header files).
Intuition quite simply reads these tag values and then creates a suitable window. Normally an Intuition program would then monitor things like menu or gadget activity by requesting messages to be sent and it would terminate only when the user selected say a window close gadget or the 'quit' option of a menu.
This 'event handling' approach, however, is far too involved for our example and so instead I've made use of the DOS library's DelayQ function to provide a delay of about four seconds (this simply ensures that the window exists for long enough to be visible)!
Most startup code that compilers attach to Workbench runable programs, incidentally, opens the DOS library as a matter of course and this is why we did not need to explicitly Open this library in our example code. At the risk of adding to the confusion here it's perhaps also worth pointing out that a number of Amiga compilers, including Dice C and Storm C, do in fact provide automatic library opening schemes which allow you to make library calls without explicitly opening the libraries in the way I've described.
Lindude JinduC!
T include struct XntuitionSuse ‘IntuitionBase; struct Hindou *«indoti_p; aainO ( IntuitionBase=(struct IntuitionBase * IcpenLihraryt"intuit ion.library“,0! ; if CintuitionBasei=0) ( u i ndouj)=OpenS i ndout ags i NULL, KAJ.eft,20, UA„Top,2Q, WA_Hidth,200, VAJeight,100, IIAJraaBar liUE, BA Title,"tty First Windov",TAS_ESit ); betay(200); Closeltindovtuindouj); CtoseLibrarydstruct Library *)IntuitionBase); 1 j Listing 1; This has got to be about the simplest Intuition program that can be written!
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Workbench 2+& Hard Disk Required 69„ COMMANDS UPCN even IS ? Multiple p StNCit WOAXSUTIOM 507 x 95 x 31£wv m 0' ' advantage to Amiga owners is that this increased ease of portability could lead to many big name applications suddenly running on the Amiga.
Java is still a buzzword in the computing industry. All the major platforms now have Java ports. Given the recent state of affairs in the Amiga world, it's no surprise that an Amiga port isn't quite there yet, but at least a number of initiatives are underway.
If nothing else, the Amiga is a survivor. I'm optimistic that in the not too distant future Amiga users will be actively developing and running Java applets and applications natively, no matter what kind of Amiga they own.
A bask Java applet running under the pring 1995 saw the launch of Sun | Microsystems' new portable programming language, Java. It took some time before multi-platform support became available, and it established itself as a technology that could bring interactivity to the WWW. Two years later, Java is still a buzzword in computing magazines and people are starting to realise that it has potential to do a lot more than just run applets on Web pages.
There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding Java. Once you wade through all this dross, however, you realise that while Java has great potential, it is really nothing more than a programming language.
Java overview There are a number of features which make it stand out from all the other languages out there, but probably the most important aspect of the language is Sun's push to make Java code as portable as possible The idea is that Java code can be written and compiled on any machine (that has a Java compiler) and the resulting executable can be run on any machine that has a Java runtime engine.
Sun call this 'write once, run anywhere’.
This is achieved by not compiling Java code into a native binary executable for a particular CPU architecture e.g. Intel x86 or Motorola 680x0, but into a bytecode for a Virtual machine'. This machine can be thought of as a machine which has a Java CPU instead of an Intel or Motorola processor.
Because the world is not full of machines with Java CPUs, we need a piece of native software on our computers to emulate this imaginary Java CPU. This piece of software is called a Java runtime engine or Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
The JVM's job is to emulate a virtual machine running a Java CPU. When Java was launched there was obviously no such thing rh ss public class Firsiflpplel *xterrd» Applet C public void paint(Graphics g)
g. dmStrWHallo, ftppleti!-,5e,50);3 p| firHapptel java Qhe future
It looks as though Java is here to stay, for the foreseeable
future at least. Sun wants the language to be ubiquitous. Its
range of Java chips allow everything from toasters to
workstations to support or make use of Java in one form or
If Java continues the way it's going right now, the advent of native Amiga Java support could breath new iife into the machine.
The number of applications available to Amiga users could literally double overnight.
Leading software companies such as Corel are releasing Java based versions of top applications. Java's portability means reduced development costs for maintaining separate PC and Macintosh ports. The Karl Jeacle takes a look at the future of Java and the Amiga Amiga Computing as a Java computer. However, Sun is now shipping real Java CPUs, so before long, many machines may have Java co-processors on board, to handle Java code natively, in addition to a conventional CPU for existing applications, So in theory it shouldn't matter what kind of computer you have to run the latest greatest
applications - as long as they are written in Java. Application developers should be free to develop cade on any platform which can generate Java bytecodes, and this code should, in turn, run on any machine that has a Java runtime engine.
Ava Resources The building blocks Compilers At present, the only Java compiler available for the Amiga has come from Fred Fish's ADE (Amiga Development Environment) initiative.
It's a port of the Unix GNU program, guavac.
As with many Unix programs, there is no fancy front end. You just run it from a CL1 prompt and tell it what Java files to compile.
As far as programming is concerned, Java is very similar to C++. If you have already programmed in C++ or have C experience with a knowledge of object oriented principles, you should be able to pick up Java quite quickly.
JnfiLE EVELOPMENT Runtime engines P'Jami was the first attempt at porting Java to the Amiga, but unfortunately this project seems to have fallen by the wayside. In recent months, however, a number of new projects have appeared that are all working independently to create a fully functional Amiga JVM.
Kaffe is another ADE Unix port, and is already an established JVM on many other platforms. It attempts to implement the JVM by using a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. The idea here is to do some smart pre-compilation and convert Java bytecodes into native machine code on the fly so as to increase the speed of the interpretation process. A normal JVM will simply convert each bytecode It's no surprise to discover that the best place to look for more information on Java is on the Internet, so below are some useful URLs which should tell you more about everything discussed in this article.
Finale Development Moca http: www.finale-dev.com KOFFIE freedom http: www.IAEhv.nl users weertj KOFFiE KOFF!
E. html Sun claim their line of Java chips will free users from
being tied to conventional CPUs Amiga Java Page (P'Jami)
http: www,5ss.co.uk --nt hotjava.htm!
Fred Fish's ADE http: www.ninemoons.com products ade.html Guavac http: http.cs.berkeley.edu ~engberg guavac Kaffe http: www.kaffe.org For more information on Java in general, check out Sun's own JavaSoft site. It has all the specifications, white papers and latest information on what's hot in the Java world. If you're looking for Java applications, or libraries of code to help you write Java applets, Gamelan is for you.
JavaSoft http: www.javasoft.com Gamelan http: www.gamelan.com There are many books on Java now available, although most are aimed at programmers. If you want more general information on Java, by all means go to your local bookstore, but you’d be far better surfing the Web for articles, press releases and product reviews. If you're thinking of buying a Java book, an invaluable guide to some of the instruction it receives on an indi- vidual basis, and is thus a rather slow process, Finale Development is an up and coming Amiga developer that has announced Moca, a native Amiga JVM which also
uses the JIT technique. Moca is scheduled for launch this summer and will use ClassAct as its GUI for running Java programs.
KOFFIE is a Freeware Amiga JVM written by Jacco van Weert. Beta versions are available on Jacco's Web site. KOFFIE is based on a system called BEAST which offers programmers an environment for developing object oriented programs using any language. For the 00 literate amongst you, KOFFIE implements books available is at: http: sunsite.unc.edu javafaq books.html If you are buying a book, make sure rt covers the recently released version 1.1 Java language specification and not the older, more common
1. 0.2 release.
Despite the flexibility of Java as a general purpose programming language, its Internet popularity means that Web browsers are most likely to be the first Amiga applications to make use of Java.
Because of the amount of work involved in creating a JVM, Amiga Web browsers will probably provide Java support by using one of the existing Amiga JVM ports. Yvon Rozijn, author of Aweb, has indicated that this will be the path he will follow, and as soon as a suitable JVM is available, he will incorporate it into Aweb. No doubt other browsers such as iBrowse and Voyager will follow suit.
Finale Development's Web Cruiser (which should be available by the time you read this) is the latest Web browser on the block. In addition to the usual array of features, such as FITML 3.2 and Frames, Finale claims that Web Cruiser will support inline Java applets as soon as its Moca JVM is available (2nd quarter 1997).
RntKT.LSBIIS ea ™ Anyiohere y -X Wide acceptance of Java on the Internet guarantees Java a solid future as a language Java classes as BEAST classes, which means you could develop code in C or C++ with BEAST, but still make use of the functionality provided by the Java APIs.
Right now, the only full Java solution available on the Amiga is via a Macintosh emulator such as ShapeShifter. You don't have to use the Mac exclusively though, it’s possible to compile applets on the Amiga with guavac and then flick screens to the Mac where you can use either the Sun or Apple Java Development Kit (JDK) to run the applet.
Amiga Computing TWISTED METAL 2 GUIDE!
OJQ ISSUE 7 May 1997 £2.95 v ”W =£TAIiWARr Mm fMK * FULL hi 2 SB * '*e5 back solution, cHMTsacopes JomHWM UGBY OMCHEMLLENGE "transport tycoon SPIDER rtf Hlli] LOST VIKINGS 2 TENKA ALLIED GENERAL MIMIIIMMU Issue seven out now, wilh FREE STAR WARS double-sided posler and EXCAUBUR 2555 guide book AMIGA Definitely BACK FOR THE FUTURE WHEN YOU HAVE A POWERFUL MULTIMEDIA AMIGA, YOU WANT POWERFUL MULTIMEDIA software.
¦u The new Epic Interactive Encyclopedia ‘97™ includes over 16,000 articles, 4,000 images, 200 sound clips, 200 film-clips, 3 search engines, over 1,000,000 words, National anthems, the ability to create your own articles, export any text images, guided tour, Kid’s Explorapedia™ and more.
S RRP: £29.99 INTERACTIVE LOPEDIA OF THE RRP: £19.99 The new Epic Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal is an exciting new Amiga multimedia CD-ROM, It covers all aspects of the unexplained from UFOs, Aliens, Sea Monsters, CropCirclee, Strange Life, and Ghosts etc. This is the world’s first ever Amiga CD to feature Audio Video Interleave film footage (AVI). It also features hundreds of high quality samples, hundreds of exclusive never before seen UFO images and more.
0500 131 486 Order now on FREE A ro available from all leading Amiga Software stockists including: Weird Science 0116 234 0682 - First Computer Centre 0113 2319 444 - Power Computing 01234 273 000 HiSoff 0500 223 660 - Sadeness Software 01263 722 169 - Capri CD Distribution 01628 891 022 Siren Software 0500 340 548 - DJ Software 012! 382 7227 - CD Soft 01702 306060 Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 - Direct Software CK 01623 759 498 - Epic (Austrailia) (02) 9 5209606 EPIC HULTINEDEA AMIGA SOFTWARE 43 Akers Way. Swindon. Wills. UK Tel: 01793 5141B! Fat: 514137 Minimum system requirements: AGA Amiga
(A1200 A4000) 4mb ram - 6mb recommended. Hard drive and CD-ROM drive. ESOE an issue of Amiga Computing?
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Issue 98 - April 1996 Making Movies - your guide to Amiga desk-top video, Final Data, Ethernet Special, Digital Quill On the Disks: Capital Punishment, Utilities Unlimited II c3 Makin* I bbsfot wave Issue 99 - May 1996 Beginners Guide to what's on the Net, Hard Drive Round-Up, Modeller 4,0 On the Disks: MUI 3.3, Tooted Up!
Issue 105 - November 1996 Future Designs ¦ the main player's plans for the Amiga, Ibrowse, Storm C, [mage FX 2.6, DKB Wildfire 060 On the Disks: Doopsi ToolTastic Issue 100 -June 1996 Build your own Amiga sound studio, 100 Issue Birthday Celebrations, Modem Round-Up On the Disks: Storm C Issue 106 - December 1996 The Amiga's role in theatre, Dopus 5.5, Sqnirell Mpeg, Aweb-ll On the Disks: Photoegnics - full program Issue 107 - Christmas 1996 The best Christmas presents for Amiga phi les everywhere, Worms, Director's Cut, Draco update, Golden CD (3 Disks) On the Disks: Jet
Pilot DrawStudio SlipStrea m Issue 108 - Januaryl997 ACK ISSUES LJ Get online with your Amiga, latest modems round- ed-up. Draw Studio (3 Disks) On the Disks; Bubble & Squeak - full program Utilities Unleashed Issue 111 - April 1997 Lightwave 5, Cinema AD v3, Voyager NG, Disk Magic, Web explosion On the Oisks:TurboPrint 5, PC-Task 4 Issue 112 - May 1997 Making money with Lightwave and your Amiga. Amiga on Holiday, Epson Stylus 500, PC Task v4.1 On the Disks: Monster Utilities Special 3,2 Back issues order Form Simply send a cheque or postal order for just £4.50 made payable to IDG Media.
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Vote ACA5 for a trouble free Amiga life EJRexx Hi folks, tiny problem really and I feel stupid asking. When I run OctaMED SoundStudio, a requester comes up and says it can’t find the Arexx port. The only option is "Proceed" which when clicked stiil allows the program to continue.
What am I doing wrong or what can I do to get rid of this annoying little requester.
Stuart Smith, 106413,2104@Compuserve.com The only thing I can think of is perhaps you have not run RexxMast, which is the server program that runs Arexx 4 scripts. Even so this should not stop SoundStudio running, but it is worth a try. RexxMast is found in the system drawer on your Workbench drawer, just drag it over to your WBStartup or you can add it to your user startup.
PEC DATATYPE PROBLEMS I am in trouble! I have an A1200 with 68030 J and 68882 plus 16Mb Simm memory. I want to run Mpeg animations in a Workbench window. The easiest way of doing this is find an Mpeg data type I could use with MultiView. This I did, getting the Mpeg data type from Aminet. After reading the documentation I now find that I need the following: as they were never released separately. The bad news is that these kits are not cheap, the even worse news is that current stocks are very low.
Seeing however, that Gateway has now taken over Amiga Technologies, perhaps we could see a Workbench 3.1 upgrade kit for current 3.0 users, and perhaps the bugs in the original version can be taken out too. Otherwise the only other way is if you had a friend who had the 3.1 disks, and they were to perhaps loose those disks for a while... Animation.datatype Realtime. Library lapeieck.gadget I believe that all these fiies are part of the Workbench
3. 1 release. I only have Workbench 3.0, so where can I get these
files from?
Jim McHugh, jamesm@apricot.mee.com Jiui ivik.1 ruy i, juiiii.
I It SI ow vp It seems you have diagnosed your own problem. As the Mpeg data type a subset of the animation data type class, you need this before you can use the Mpeg player. The tape deck library handles drawing the control tool bar that it uses and the real time library, I think, bandies the spooling of animation data from the hard drive.
Unfortunately, the only legal way to get hold of these files is to buy the Workbench 3.1 upgrade kits n Print I'm interested in buying an Epson Stylus 500 or possibly the new 600. I know there are a number of software packages available to allow the top 720dpi or 1440dpi printing resolutions, but I’m not sure exactly what is best suited to a 2.04 Amiga.
EnPrint was reviewed back in issue 105, I Balong with the Epson Stylus 500. At the ¦n U Btime it got 84 per cent as it was produc- Cfii ring print results comparable to TurboPrint What you have to remember is that Studio II and TurboPrint are generalised print managers, so will work with any printer that you have a print driver for, EnPrint however, only works with the Stylus range of Epson printers, so is a little cheaper. EnPrint is an American product but is available in the UK through EyeTech, ring 01642 713185.
1 believe EnPrint is a much cheaper option than Studio II, and then there is also TurboPrint, Any advice regarding this and where 1 can obtain EnPrint would be very welcome.
Boi, bodymelt@bbs.parolex.co.uk Amiga Computing JUNE 1997 MIGA PROBLEMS I 1 have an Amiga A500 with a GVP Series II 40Mb HD, two external disk drives, one being a high density drive, and 5Mb of ram (1Mb being chip).
The problem is that my Amiga crashes in a major way. After the computer has been on for a period of time, only half an hour in some cases, the interna! Disk drive starts searching for a disk. This is then followed, after another five minutes or so, by the screen colours playing up. Large patches of red, green, blue and sometimes yellow appear. This is followed by the picture disappearing altogether, almost as if it weren't tuned into the TV set (the Amiga is connected to a TV via a modulator).
When the picture finally disappears the sound starts to play up, until nothing can be heard.
What I find strange is that if I connect the computer up to a TV through the B W video output, the picture is fine! However, the other problems persist Could it be one of the controller chips that is causing all these problems? Could you also tell me why the Amiga is so slow at printing, compared to a PC?
Paul Ellis, P.H.Ellis@Sheffield.ac.uk j Sounds like your Amiga is broken I me! However, the B W output 1 you refer to is actually called the composite colour output. If you have a television that has a composite input they look like normal audio plugs, you could get away with using this. I think the composite output works separately from the main RGB output The other possibility is that the modulator is broken, in which case this could be fixed with a £35 bit of kit in the form of a replacement modulator.
Unfortunately I don't know of a way to test if the modulator is working correctly except for trying it on another Amiga.
Unless you compare your A500 against a 7MHz 286, a PC is always going to be faster, even a crappy 486 is going to be 40 times faster than your A500, and is the main reason why they print so much faster.
500 HELP NEEDED Hi there, I currently have an Amiga 500, that doesn't go. I'm not completely certain at this stage, but I assume the power supply has gone.
Could you let me know an address on the Net for both, diagrams for the power supply, and diagrams for the Amiga? Or possibly any good Amiga sites that might help me to get this A500 going? The Amiga 500 is a 1990 model, with a fat Agnus.
Dave, orchisda@ee2.ee.dt.ac.nz I never like it when people talk about power supplies, wiring and diagrams. I always get a vision of the person's skeleton lighting up like they do in cartoons.
To be honest, I do not know of any sites that have exactly what J you are looking for. Amiga Computing's own site has a good selection of Amiga, genera! Computing and other interest sites, just point your browser at http: www.idg.co.uk amigacomp and follow the links button.
Of course, if you are searching for specific Amiga links, you can't go wrong by using either the Web Directory http: www.cucug.org amiga.htmi or AmiCrawler http: www.amicrawler.com . The one place that I have come across that may be of use is the Hardware book at http: www.blackdown.org ~hwb hwb.html that keeps a list of all sort of computer diagrams and cable pin outs.
One more place worth a look is Aminet, in the hard directory you will find all sorts of documents describing projects and upgrades you can perform on your Amiga. It may be you will be able to track something down of use. The best way to find something in Aminet is to either download the complete index file from the root of the Aminet directory, or get the specific index from which directory you are interested in. One final way would be to use the Aminet search page at http: harvest.tu-dausthal.de AmiNET . Bhi vu her, li-j , Amiga Computing I He vs | KSP | AC AS | Features | Hevieys | Action
J Snflvaic | Links | Chal | Subscribe | Stuff | ?ibrows-' Nov . !
Tku rVi u zkljxrit I llnr*i 1 an ’.-.itU s .fpih yw Ufflrlydxbif c the:t. VtHsavlv i+y .V There is a Mpeg player out there, and very good it is too Q600 EXPANSION I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade an A600 by putting more than 1 Mb on the trapdoor edge connector? I have a board which claims to take standard Simms so what is stopping me putting 4x2Mb in instead of 4x256K? I have been told that the computet can only address 1Mb via this connector, but vaguely recall 1.5Meg upgrades being available for the A500, am I mistaken?
Also, 1 recently bought a second hand hard disk, encountering the under-publicised Kickstart bug with Rom versions 37.299 and under, in that my computer failed to notice that it had an IDE interface, Virtually no-one is aware of this fault, and people in computer shops were telling me it was because I didn't have the right software etc. etc. A new ROM (admittedly at £20) was all that was needed. Let this be known.
PJ.Moore, PJ.Moore@uea.ac.uk 1 do remember that there were memory upgrades for the A600 that let you go beyond the 2Mb limit, but as to whether they required you to modify the A600 at all, I couldn't say. If you do try fitting the other Simms, at best, you will probably be wasting your money and at worst, could damage your A600.
Another option, and a way to increase your memory is to buy one of the A600 accelerator boards that have appeared over the last year. One was produced by Apollo and the other by a German company called M-Tec and, to be honest, the German version was better, due to the fact it fitted over the original A600 processor much more securely.
Going for the accelerator will not only give you a much faster A600 (I think the M-Tec was a 40MHz 030) but also, as they take normal memory Simms, up to 8Mb can added. If you want to contact M-Tec you will have to call them in Germany on +49 (0)2041 4656, As for the A600 hard drive problem, I did know about that, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one over on us, well about eight o'clock should do. You were pretty unfortunate, as apparently only the first batch of A600s where shipped with the ROM that did not support the internal IDE interface. Blame Commodore that’s what I
ISK CONVERSION I have an old Amiga 2000 and wish to convert some Amiga word perfect fiies to files I can run on my Pentium. I now have Microsoft Word and Windows 95.
While I know there are programs like CrossDos, the Amiga will not write to high density disks - the only type my PC will take. Do you know of any solutions to this problem or commercial companies who can make conversions of this type?
Sharon Levinsky, kiwi@ns.net True enough, the Amiga cannot read HD disks, but the PC should still be able to read normal double density PC formatted disks, and with CrossDos, y your Amiga can as well. In Windows 95 when you format a floppy disk there is a pull down menu that allows you to select how the disk should be formatted, using this just select 720k. Now with CrossDos you can copy files on the Amiga side.
Another solution would be to transfer the files using a serial cable and the appropriate comms software. Using a null modem cable connected to your Amiga and PC. On the Amiga side, a program such as Term or Ncomm would do the trick and you would need a similar terminal program on the PC.
Using Zmodem transfer you will be able to move files from one computer to the other over the serial cable. The option if you need to regularly use your Amiga and PC together is the Siamese system reviewed this issue.
Yt VP Ram!
Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the correct manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service.
IDG Media, Media House. Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKID 4NP. Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk ®ln your reply to T. Broekmans in the March issue, you limply that he needs the special GVP ram from Power for M-Tec. Well he doesn't, the GVP HD8 uses bog standard 30 pin Simms available from any supplier (I know as I have one in my 2000). The special GVP Simms are only for the GVP Accelerators!
Steve Whalley, stevew-3d@insight-media.co.uk A Thanks Steve, I'm not completely infallible and my apologies to Mr Broekmans.
Amiga Computing Casablanca White Knight A Unique Video Editing P No Computer Required Amazing Picture Quality CD Quality Stereo Soun Professional Effects & T A4000 T Accelerators Digital Video Editing For Everyone CYBERSTORM MK2 68060, 50MHz £ 509 68040,40MHz £319 SCSI Controller £ 89 A1500 2000 Accelerators BLIZZARD 2060 & 2040 68060, 50MHz + SCSI £ 525 AmigaOS 3.1 for 2060 £ 89 68040, 40MHz + SCSI £ 309 Memory SIMMS 4Mb, 72 pin, 70ns 8Mb, 72 pin, 70ns 16Mb, 72 pin, 60ns 32Mb, 72 pin, 60ns £ 25 £ 45 £ 89 £ 159 Cartridge Drives (SCSI) ZIP 1 00Mb Ext. + Cables. Term £ 155 ZIP Disks (x 5) £ 79
JAZ 1Gb Ext. + Cable a Term £ 465 JAZ Disks (x 3) £ 255 Fast Affordable and Compact
- ---- -__ * g . Tuf : imDV FireWire L* TVS 3771 - What
Is The Casa A1200 Accelerators CDROM Drives (Bare) £ 99 £ Call
£ 159 £ Call £ 95 BUZZARD 1260 & 1240 68060, 50MHz £ 429 68040,
40MHz, r*»dsio*« £ 245 SCSI Controller £ 85 4 x Speed SCSI-2 6
x Speed SCSI-2 8 x Speed SCSI-2 6 x Speed ATAPI IDE 8 x Speed
ATAPI IDE £ 479 £259 £289 £ 529 £259 £209 £ 149 £ 165 £ 69 £
39 £ 179 £ 109 £349 £ 175 £295 £ 145 89 89 £ 179 £ 179 £ Call £
Call £ 329 £749 £1299 £ 179 £ 195 £ 215 £ 249 £ 285 So, How
Does tt Work?
Casablanca connects between your camcorder and video recorder. You don't need any special monitor, as you can use your existing television. Using a Casablanca requires no computer experience. The controls and displays are clear, simple, and easy to understand. All video and sound information, plus effects and transitions are held on the storage module.
Casablanca is available with a choice of three storage modules. Module 2 can hold 31 mins of VHS, 16 mins of SVHS, or 10 mins of DV quality video. Module 4 offers double those storage times. Module 9 can hold 140 mins of VHS, 72 mins of SVHS, or 47 mins of DV quality video. The storage module is removable, and additional ones are available. This allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
Casabianca is a device which allows anyone to edit video, simply, and in a non-linear fashion, It works by recording video scenes from a camcorder, on to an internal storage module. The scenes can then be trimmed, split into shots, and re-arranged at will. You can also add transitions between scenes, and professional image processing effects, plus new soundtracks, slow, quick or reverse sequences.
Full Motion JPEG Compression, CCIR601 Resolution (720x576 Pixels) at 50 Fields sec. Internal capacity from 10 minutes to 4.7 hours, external storage expansion will give between 2.2 and 15 hours, depending on quality. Composite & Y C Video in and out, on front and rear. RGB out via SCART on rear. Optional FireWire (P1394) module for connection to MiniDV camcorders with digital output (eg. Sonyl.
3 Tracks of Stereo audio, 16-Bit resolution at upto 44KHz sample rate.
If you would like a Casablanca brochure, please call.
Tel: 01920 822 321 or Fax: 01920 822 302 Casablanca is distributed by DraCo Systems UK Limited A sister company to White Knight Technology Where Can I Get More Details ?
What Models Are Available ?
Technical Specifications (s in] Casablanca is available from a number of specialist video retailers around the UK, and is also available by mail-order from Britains favourite AMIGA supplier CYBERVISION 64 3D £ 205 CV 64 3D Scandoubler £ 75 CV 64 3D MPEG Decoder £ 155 PICASSO IV + F Fixer £ 299 17” Microvitec 1701 14” Microvitec 1402 14” Microvitec 1438S 17” Hi-Res SVGA 15” Hi-Res SVGA 14” Hi-Res SVGA Vlab Y C Int. Last Few at £ 199 VIDI 24 RT PRO Ext. £ 249 VIDI 24 RT Ext. £149 LOLA 2000 LOLA 1500 RENDALE 9402 RENDALE 8802-FMC AMIGANET Ethernet ARIADNE Ethernet AmiTCP IP Software LIANA
Parallel 2m
2. 1Gb SCSI-2
4. 2Gb SCSI-2
9. 1Gb SCSI-2
1. 2Gb E-IDE
1. 6Gb E-IDE
2. 1Gb E-IDE
2. 5Gb E-IDE
3. 1Gb E-IDE 24-Bit Graphics Cards Hard Drives (3.5”) Bare Video
Digitisers Networking Genlocks Monitors Specifications ?
Or Advice ?
If you need technical details on any of our products, or advice on the most suitable items for your AMIGA, then call us on 01920 822 321 White Knight Technology only deal with Amiga’s, and are reknown for excellent product knowledge, service & honesty.
If You Still Need Us, Then We’re Still Here ART EFFECT MAINACTOR BROADCAST DIAVOLO BACKUP PRO AMIBACK 2 Backup S W CLARISSA Professional V3 ADORAGE V2.5 MONUMENT DESIGNER V3 £ 225 MONUMENT CREATIVE CD £ 59 ANIMAGE VI £ 99 AMIGAOS 3.1 A500 1500 2000 £ 89 AMIGAOS 3.1 A300Q3000T 4000 £ 99 SCALA MM400 £199 SCALA 400 + ECHO £ 299 TV Paint 3.6 (needs CybergraphX) £ 749 Philips CDD2600, SCSI £ 349 HP6020i, SCSI £399 Master ISO cd-r software £ Call OKTAGON SCSI card £ AT-BUS 2008 IDE card £ CD Writers (Bare, No S W) Miscellaneous H W Software r Always Call First To Verify Price & Availability Before
Placing An Order ESOE - 11 03 97 - ormai service is resumed: Public Sector is back to its usual four page format this month, stuffed to the gills with the best in public domain and share- i are software. As usual, if you see a program in these pages which is listed as available from Aminet but you don't have the luxury of an Internet connection, don't worry. Several PD libraries offer a downloading service - for instance, Online PD will supply 830k of downloaded archives on a disk for a very reasonable £1.50. © r If you do have an Internet connection, don't forget that the Public Sector Web
page contains details all the programs reviewed in these pages since issue 79. To take a look, point your browser at http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk sector sector.html or follow the Software link from the Amiga Computing homepage.
Dave Cusick has hair on his big toes. Is that a sign of intelligence or what?
Ujitness Rem Produced by: David Serafim Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: CA69 This is the sort of game that makes PD reviewing worthwhile. A horizontally scrolling, graphically excellent blasting frenzy, Witness Remix is slick, exciting and absorbing in equal measures.
Witness is actually a tragically poor acronym, standing for War In The New Era Solar System. There is a fittingly daft scenario involving the alien conquest of every pianet in the solar system apart from Earth, but essentially this is just an excuse for a polished game in the mould of Defender and Project- X. The eight planets of the solar system are rated according to the difficulty of the challenge they present, but from the start of the game it is possible to choose to tackle any of the planets. Once the rather unimpressive introductory screens have been navigated, the graphics are
crisp and dear and the movement of the sprites is extremely smooth.
The space age action is accompanied by some suitably upbeat music, and overall the game has a very professional feel.
Admittedly Witness is nothing more than an enhanced Defender rehash, but few could suggest it lacks the essential elements of a truly great game. Perhaps not since Cybemetix has there been such an impressive clone of the classic Williams coin-op available at such a reasonable price.
Qlasted Programmed by: M Burnett and B Parker Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: C465 Whilst AMOS was never really the language of choice for anyone planning on producing cutting edge software, it has, in its time, allowed a great number of capable Basic programmers to produce playable efforts with the minimum of fuss. Blasted, whilst it aspires to be nothing more than an addictive shoot 'em-up, is an AMOS creation more than capable of holding the attention for more than a few minutes.
The objective is to blast your way through several levels of increasingly frenzied action.
Using the mouse you control a gun emplacement and you must shoot down a variety of duck-like flying beasties. On each level you have to blast a specified percentage of airborne enemies within a strict time limit before you can progress. Unfortunately these creatures seem to like depositing the contents of their birdular bowels in the barrel of your boomstick, dogging it up for precious seconds.
There are a few bonuses which can be collected to enhance the destructive potential of your wacky weapon, which starts out bouncing buffets off your winged foes. These include more powerful missiles and a powerful iaser beam, which simply destroys anything its path during the few seconds which it lasts.
Although Blasted will not test your mental capacities any more than an edition of Supermarket Sweep, it is far more engaging and entertaining than any programme involving Dale Winton could ever be. It may well be a trifle limited, but Blasted is possessed of a certain addictive charm.
Amiga Computing Programmed by: Electronic Minds Available from: Online PD Disk No: OX 371 A&B It was with a sigh of resignation that I double clicked on the Wally The Worm icon - a resignation born, no doubt, of years of enduring similar worm games, few of which offered anything innovative or awe inspiring to a game style which has now been realised perhaps a couple of thousand times too many. It is definitely to Waliy The Worm's credit that after five minutes I had still not sprawled my hands across the keyboard to perform a reset.
Ally The Worm AGA As with all worms games, the basic objective is to guide the titular invertebrate around the screen consuming food. Food causes Wally to grow, making him harder to control.
When he becomes too long for his own good, he will invariably collide with a wall or with his own body. It serves him right for being a fat bloater, you might think - but ours is not to reason why.
Anyway, my metaphorical mental jury is still out on this colourful offering. Certainly there have been few worms clones which were as pleasing to the eye as this, but in an attempt to add a subtle twist to a tired theme, the attractive backdrops have been incorporated into the gameplay - and I am not entirely sure this is a good thing.
The problem is that whilst Wally can pass through or under certain elements of the scenery on each of the three levels, other objects can kill him, Unfortunately the designers of the game decided that it would be more fun to allow players to find out for themselves exactly which objects they could safely pass through, and some objects which one would think it possible to pass through actually cause Waliy to die if he should collide with them. This can be tremendously frustrating.
Ultimately Wally The Worm should appeal to fans of the genre, although one would have to suspect that in this day and age that would be a tiny proportion of the population It isn't at all bad, but does the Amiga really need yet another worms done?
Peculator vl .03 Spectrum Games 136 Programmed by: William iames Various Available from: Online PD Disk No: OU 403 OG 429 Speculator is not, as one might be forgiven for thinking, an action-packed simulation of share dealership, but yet another Spectrum emulator. Given the number of PD and shareware 5peccy emulators which are now available, either a large proportion of Amiga own- , ..-,4, a blou are standi r g x r» front of a hU9€ castle. A gate leads into it to tbe north, while a path leads back to the south. The huge nenacing Bleak flight stands before the castle gate.
Ubat now?
fiQurn The Bleak flight watches as you smash into the iron gate blocking the wag north.
Uhat now?
TALK TO KHIGHT There's no speech routine in this game!
Uhat now?
In the old days, adventure games weren't quite as advanced... ers used to own and adore one of those black plastic doorstops or else the Amiga games scene is in a worse state than people think. I would favour the former explanation.
To be fair, Speculator is certainly one of the fastest emulators around. Ordinarily every single Spectrum instruction is converted on the fly into Amiga code, whereas the author of Speculator has rewritten some key routines from the Spectrum 16k ROM in 680x0 code.
However, a fast processor is still essential if you want to play your old Spectrum favourites at anything approaching full speed - the documentation recommends a 25MHz 030 for 100 per cent performance. Fast RAM and AGA are also strongly recommended, with at least Kickstart 2.0 being a requirement.
Speculator supports six different formats of Spectrum snapshot file, and it does so transparently so it is not necessary to tell the program which format a given file is - you can simply load it straight into memory.
Speculator is also a great deal more system friendly than some of its rivals and the screen display is crisp and dear (especially on AGA machines, since the program will happily promote the screen mode).
Spectrum Games 136 contains 16 Iwirage-format snapshots with names beginning with Y and Z, OnLine PD's rather enormous collection of Spectrum hits being organised alphabetically. One of the snapshots included on this particular disk is Zaxxon, a game I was bad enough at the first time around and over a decade later, I'm still abysmal. Such is life.
Amiga Computing puter generated starships and people wandering around in ridiculous costumes.
Frighteningly though, there some people who live simply to watch these sad productions, and to collect al! Manner of tacky Trek merchandise. These unfortunate individuals are branded Trekkies by the rest of the cuft TV cognoscenti, and they indulge in bizarre practices, such as periodically massing at Trek conventions dressed as their favourite Trekular creatures.
Qearn the Klincon Language vl.l Demo Programmed by: Daniel Sutcliffe Available from: Online PD I am not and I have never been, a Star Trek Ian
- personally I regard it as unadulterated rubbish.
If the original series had a certain naive charm with its recycled sets and hopelessly corny storyline (usually infused with a moral conscience suitable for 60s America), the current stream of Trek spin-offs offer little more than fancy comi Hartbench Utifn 1EL KLBUH A ENGLISH ROUGH PHHKIftna!
Yes Hljs1 or HISIaH khi-Jft or ktiistriim Ho ghobe’ gho-BE I Hot did this happen?
Thav' dv Uat's 90109 on?
1 I don't understand jlyajbe' jt-fflJ-be Do vou speak Hinson0 tlhtngai Hoi Dajatth'o1 Tltngan khoi de-jsti-ft there is the bathroo*?
RenDoq 'oH puohpa’V NOQK-dsk okh pooch-Pfi-e Hill it hurt?
'ey" a' oy-F) 1 Sea* re aboard Hie j I khi-Jil Learning Klingon? What a bizarre Idea... So strong is the Trekkie movement that some American institutions of higher education have even seen fit to introduce degree courses in Trekular languages, most notably Klingon. If devoting three or more years of your life to studying a course with no practical applications whatsoever doesn't really appeal, then congratulations, you are sane and you will happily never be a true Trekkie.
On the other hand, if the only reason you are not already applying to the institutions in question is your lack of the necessary cash, then wriggle your arms out of your straight jacket, give Online PD a ring and get hold of this disk.
It might just be the answer to your prayers, you pathetic individual.
This computerised phrase book is presented in Amigaguide format and there are even a few sound samples thrown in - presumably for the benefit of your Klingon pronunciation, since they could not conceivably have been included for your aural pleasure.
Learn The Klingon Language will probably not give you a good enough grasp of this alien tongue to talk fluently with a Klingon, or even to write a postcard to your pen friend about your family and your hobbies (since that is what all foreign languages are for, if 1 remember correctly from my schooldays). But that probably won't really matter, because the likelihood of you actually encountering a Klingon an your way to the local public house is not, I would venture, very great.
Peed Racer Programmed by: David J Cruickshank Available from: OnLine PD Some programmers are so good at producing top quality software that several of their creations have featured in these pages over the years. Long-time readers of Public Sector might remember that Mr Cruickshank was responsible for the excellent Tron light cycles game Wired Chaos, which came out a couple of years ago. Speed Racer is his latest brilliantly simple, yet worryingly addictive, game.
Speed Racer is loosely based on an earlier game by the same author called Hydrozone.
Competing against a friend (or against the computer, if there isn't a friend handy), you must race down a narrow tunnel dodging protruding walls whilst some thumping technotype music bangs away in the background. It might sound horrifically basic, and indeed a glance at the screenshots might suggest that IcfCIS FOUND as CREDITS: CAST WO AT CD' Kmntno ici !-ri 35555 SPEED RACER FH ¦ Rl'l : V.C, CH3HTS ... jm.
PT Ft fT Speed Facer is absolutely bursting with options... this would be a game worth avoiding, but the truth is that Speed Racer offers fast, fluid action and some extremely generous helpings of addiction. A minimum of an 020 machine is recommended in the documentation if you are to enjoy the game at its speedy best.
Speed Racer’s option-laden menus offer a weaith of gaming possibilities. Not only can you compete against several human and computer controlled opponents using the pseudotournament mode, but you can set speed limits, choose to play multiple round competitions, and change the preset race track for one of over 20 others supplied on the disk. Should you feel especially creative, you can even design your own level using the editor which is also included on the disk.
This is one of those games that really comes into its own when you have friends on hand to pit your skill and wits against. In summary, it’s fast, it’s fun and it's freeware and you would be foolish to miss it.
The Air That I Breathe Each month Public Sector tries to bring you the very best of the latest PD and shareware releases. Consequently I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable Public Domain, Shareware or Licenceware, if yoir eel it is of sufficient quality to merit coveragef&n cram it onto a 3.5", slap it into a padded envelope with a covering letter and wang rt with ail baste in my general direction. Some days later when said envelope tumbles gently through my letterbox, i'll tear opfh
the envelope, shove it in my drive arid don my evaluating cap, with the creme dgja submissions earning reviews in these pages.
If you've written the software yourself, you could even win yourself a prize if K earns a review. Reader Submissions of this kind should, surprisingly enough, be dearly labelled "Reader Submission", and they should be sent to the usual Public Sector address. So don't delay - get those submissions in the past before Neil changes his mind about those prizes.
Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing Media House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Amiga Computing remier Sixes I'm Alive Programmed by: Robbie Mappin Available from: Robbie Mappin At the time of writing, Manchester United has just secured a place in the European Cup semi-finals and has its sights firmly set on a fourth Premiership title in five years. (Arguably it should have been six titles in six years, but that's another story). This is excellent news, not just for this lifelong Red (whose father and indeed grandfather before him followed United), but also for the English game -
especially since Liverpool have booked a place in the Cup Winner's Cup semi final too.
All this might seem like irrelevant waffle, but I assure you it isn't (at least, no more than the usual waffle you would expect in this column). The fact is, that by being an incredibly successful manager, Alex Ferguson is doing for real what a great number football fans dream about doing. This is proved by the success of footy management games such as Championship Manager and Premier Manager.
Rather than attempting to challenge Championship Manager in the realism stakes - ft 1 liiueinw* tffnifr • _____I
- n ' rn*"‘ “I X !h.‘ Katlei 7L ttabtfra ItlW • l iPtMHil itr
IlrljUi . I._ Umtrk itKf gww 1 IffkllM
mm. 33 HutfllM - fifgsr~ ilmlliiiti n K ! Until IPOIIH 33
Isaa*--------- 1* jbrsb ~ . « " ttkilWTt rfGa------- ¦ 3* ia 1ml: 11 If I was as bad as him, I'd be glad to be in the team too which would be an extremely difficult thing to do - Premier Sixes places the player in charge of one of iO top Premiership sides involved in a six-a-side football tournament. The author has however elected to include real players, all of whom have been assigned realistic ratings.
The exciting Championship Manager-style match sequences complement the numbers- based managerial side of the game nicely, and there are sufficient tactical options available to make the player feel as though his input has a genuine effect on the outcome of matches.
Versions of Premier Sixes are available featuring top English, French and Italian league teams, each costing £2.50 from the author. As an extra incentive to purchase and play the game, Mr Mappin is offering a free copy of his next release to the first person who can send him a copy of the message which is displayed on successful completion of Premier Sixes - a task which he charmingly describes as being "dead hard."
CSE Physics Tutor and Sound, Forces and Energy and Electricity and Magnetism. Each topic is covered using a combination of text and diagrams which should serve to jog the memory nicely, making CCSE Physics Tutor ideal as a revision aid if not actually as a substitute teacher. There are also plenty of practice questions which can be used to prepare for those dreaded exams.
Whilst the PD release is merely a demo of the full licenceware release (which costs £3.95), and as such contains enough gaps to severely limit its usefulness in its own right, as an advertisement for the full program it certainly impresses.
F. jyi . _ jgj] 40-jcte jl kJntesraG'C 1; IS! TognsfcrfU £i|?«wr
JhgifectTwjefclrnxta- J i Can help students get the grades
they want at GCSE level Just One Look Programmed by: Chris
O'Connor Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OX 363 At CCSE
level I used to quite enjoy physics lessons - obviously not
as much as chemistry lessons, because opportunities to catch
unsuspecting innocents out by heating up their tripod and
gauze with a Bunsen burner whilst they were not looking tended
to be rather scarcer, but I enjoyed them nevertheless. Slinky
springs might well have been one of the few pieces of
equipment pupils were allowed to play with, but our physics
teacher provided us with a more than adequate source of
amusement - albeit unknowingly.
However, physics exams were not easy and I certainly would not have looked forward to them had we been blessed with a less amusing tutor, or had I not developed a perverse liking for what was after all an utterly pointless subject (because, in my experience at least, A-level physics generally involves un-learning most of the simplified stuff pupils are fed at GCSE level).
Of course, in my day, the only computers found in schools tended to be BBC model B machines, and so aiding my studies through the use of computer software never really crossed my mind. Time has, of course, marched onwards and stressed students can these days draw upon a reasonably wide range of educational programs at all levels of their academic careers.
CCSE Physics Tutor is a beautifully presented attempt to summarise three core areas of the syllabus, namely Light These charge the size of RC voltages, R transformer has 2 rails of wire called the primary and secradarv.
Mo. Lums secondary Mo. Turns Primary : Output Voltage Input Voltage Step dour transformers are used to step down the voltage for transmission ever short distances.
Electrical pover is transmitted over long distances at htglr voltage to reduce power loss.
(See Lianple Quest ten J Electridw and Masnetbin 'J&KSS Amiga Computing Software Accelerators lien Technology Modems Hard Drives High speed serial port for A1200 - £89 Other network solutions - parallel, serial, ether etc. inc. to PC!
Amiga to CD32 serial link - use your CD32 as CD ROM - use Amiga as CD32 keyboard £24.95 inc. all software Towers!
Amiga tower conversions to your spec - call!
GOOD DEALS - BEST TECHNICAL SUPPORT 01423 500861 for all your Amiga requirements ’030 boards for A1200 from £79.99 inc. FPU!
Limited offer - while stocks last - call for prices on ’040 and '060 boards for Amigas Modems - 33.6, Fax, Voice and Data Complete with PSU, cables and basic comms software. Internet assistance provided! £110!
Hard Drives - sample prices -
2. 5” 340Mb- £99
2. 5” 510Mb - £130
2. 5” 810Mb - £159
3. 5” 1.7Gb-£172 all with cables etc. Ready to go!
PD Shareware from 50p! Call for catalogue! (£1).
Recycled blank floppies (100% error free) from 30p - call for quantity COMING SOON!
Add on floppy for CD32! Put your A1200 in a tower!
HD internal external floppy replacement PSUs
- higher 250W!
Alien Technology, 36 Markenfield Road, Harrogate HG3 5QH All prices include VAT subject lo availability. T&OE So you want a Siamese System but need a PC?
!! P133 Siamese Packs from £899.95 call for brochure !!
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Rs lrTll flmlor NewforVoyager-NG v2.J Nev for Voyager-NG v2.1 HTML 3.2 specifications - tables ond full frames (scrolling and floating as shown} now supported!
Internal Image Decoder - fast internal GIF JPG decoding, GIF Anims, 24BIT CyberGFX support!
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Q. „. AmFinger NITW FULL FTP module and much morel __[LINGER
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& MUI 3.8 (Shareware) B 'T it ¦¦B3UP, COMPLETE I = 'vJ K~
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upgradeable (by software) ‘ oice only
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is configured for differing connection modes
• Extended AT command set
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01325 352260 active@enterprise.net Mr !¦ VISA The most comprehensive interactive history of the greatest show on Earth.
500 full-screen (HAM8) photographs of the greatest players of all time. Reports on every match played in the World Cup Finals (1930-1994). Overviews of each of tiie 15 World Cup Final tournaments together with voice-over (more than 2 hours) and photographs. Extensive statistics relating to each tournament and each national team. Comprehensive cross-referencing capabilities. Flexible match-finder facility, enabling quick and easy access to any match no matter where you might be, Floppy version for ALL AMIGAS coming soon!
.World Atlas CD-ROM AGA- ONLY Each Country is supported by economic, historical and cultural facts, including flags, as well as separate maps depicting major cities, rivers, mountains and geographical position.
Flexible and easy to use, this educational package is at once stimulating, accessible, informative and fun.
1st Computer Centre 19 Hi-Soft OBC Saddletramps .63 10 out of 10 7 ICPUG 54 S a S Computers ......63 Active Software ..54 Kew = II .63 Siren Software .....IFC. 3 Technology ......51 Kobrahsoft ..63 Software 2000 ......24.25 Marketing 22.41 Liage „ .64 Underground PD ....63 ...31 Pathfinder Pd ..63 Weird Science ......8, 9 Golden Image .13 Paxtron
15 White Knight ...46 HIQ .51 Premier Mail Order 69 Wizard Developments......37 Football World Cup CD-ROM Making Midi portable is dead easy and Paul Overaa knows why More DOS drivers, you would have thought Neil has have had enough The both cuddly and strangely attractive Dave Cusick looks at internet ads P r i Wjp The multi-talented Neil Mohr turns his 1 puWishjg|f|| dainty hands to HTML, look what he learnt a m i JsTfeef-- - Q - Paul Overaa never stops, next up he talks about beta testing Phi! South makes a noise with the AMOS sound
commands astic Sounds Using sampled sounds in AMOS is really easy. This being the Amiga we're talking about, it is of course a similar process to the use of IFF picture files. The IFF standard means that sounds and pictures share a common file formal with the exception of the headers which tell you what kind of a file they are. Like pictures, you con load them in directly from the disk as they are, or use them from a bank.
It's o for more elegant solution to store them in o bank os it means they are ready to access at any time during your program ond they are loaded with your program, saving a lot of fuss.
Once the samples are in a bank, you can play them back at any speed ¦ which naturally alters the time it takes to play and so also changes the pilch. You can hove samples of speech, snatches of music or even single notes of o sampled instrument al different pitches.
Playing samples in AMOS is a matter of using the SAM PLAY command: San Play VOICE,SAMPLE,FRE6UEHCY The AMIGA hos four voices and these ore poired to ploy in either left or right stereo channel, Voices 0 and 3 play through the left speaker, whereas I and 2 play through the right.
It's easy to use this stereo capability and make stereo sounds. And I mean stereo sounds
- those which have o stereo image between your ears and not just
double mono, which is what most programs pass off as stereo.
If you wont to pan a sound around in the stereo spectrum you have to olter the volume across the two stereo channels of the same sound. This is called 'mixing' or 'panning' in the trade (the trade in this case being sound design).
That is to say, a sound appears in a certain position in the stereo 'picture' ¦ an imaginary 3- D space with a left, right, close and far, depending on how quiet or loud it is in each ear. A noise that is soft in the left ear and loud in the right will seem to be coming from right of centre of the picture.
Amiga Computing In order to simulole stereo panning in an AMIGA sound, therefore, all you have to do (all?) Is put the same sound in both speakers and alter the volume of one or the other to move the sound around in the stereo picture.
Let's try it: lei *** Sound Iffier One *** Screen Open 0,640,256,16,Hi res Hide : Curs Off : Paper 0 : Cts 0 load "ItySaiples.abk" Obviously you hove to make a sample bank containing your samples, which you can do with the Sample Bank Maker in Amos Pro. After making your samples you save them as a bank called ''MySamples.abk" (or whatever) and the statement in the program reads them in. Okay, next we set the volume for the left and right channels: Sen Loop On Votuie 110,0 Votuie 11,50 We turn SAM LOOP ON to make the sound continuous, which makes it easier to hear the stereo panning. Next
we set up the initial volumes of the two voices we'll be using, in this case voices I ond 2, indicated by the Binary codes %0010 and %0001. (We omit any leading zeros making it «10 and %1.| This sets the volume so that the right channel is silent and the left is set al 50.
1=1 Locate ,5 : Pen 1 : Centre "The Aios Coluin brings you ’Stereo Panning*" Locate ,7 : Centre "Notice hoi the sound loves slowly troi Left to right” Next we have the main program loop. The PANIT procedure increments the fight and decrements the left at half second intervals until the sound has travelled fully from left to right.
Do Sai Play 111,3 PANIT Loop Procedure PANIT P1=0 : P!=5Q Repeat Votuie 110,PI : Votuie :i,p2 vait 25 Inc PI : Dec P2 Until P1=50 End Proc [f you were really smart, you could have another sound panning the other way too. This is colled a cross-fade or, more precisely, a crosspan. You could even move the sound in stereo according to movements from the joystick, which could also move o sprite that the sound relates to, left and right or even larger and smaller, to give a real stereo visual experience (I like the idea of o buzzing sample and a sprite of o buzzing bee for this one.] This rou
tine gives you an idea of what I'm talking about: lei *** Joystick Stereo Mixer Two *** Screen Open 0,640,256,14,Hfres Hide : Curs Off : Paper 0 : [Is 0 load "buzaysaiptes.abk* Votuie 110,25 : Volun 11,25 P1=25 : P2=25 0s Sai Play 111,5 If Jlsftdt Then Inc PI : Dec P2 If Jrigtitd) Then Inc P2 : Dec PI If P1 If P2,__ Voluee 110,P1 ; Voluae 11,P2 Vail 25 Locate 0,0 : Print P!,P2 Loop Once again it uses samples from a bank, bu!
This lime the sound pans in stereo depending on whether you move the stick left or right. The location ol the sound is shown at the top of the screen. Tryout these routines and see if you can to make them even faster still (using AMAL perhaps to handle the animation to save clock cycles from the sound?), ond I'll print some good ones next time if you send them in.
Write Stuff If you hove any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adiington Park, Macclesfield, SSCIO 4NP.
Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print (i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code| and if possible, no external graphics. Thot is, any graphics which have to be loaded.
If you want to send the graphics too, provide them on the disk in IFF format, the same goes for sound files.
K, you've got a sequencer, a sound module and perhaps a Few other pieces of Midi gear and things are great. No snags, no problems to speak of - that's the way it should be, But whether it be tomorrow, next week or next year, chances are you will at some time add to (or change) parts of your existing Midi set up and this is where difficulties can crop up.
O MUSIC-X File: Untitled,Filter FILTERS 1510 pwdbility In the last few years I’ve moved hundreds of songs across to various sequencers and have used these arrangements with a wide range of Midi synthesizers, expanders, drum machines and effects units. The one thing that has really been driven home to me is that the key issue in any such transfers and equipment changes is to find out how to avoid having to undertake any major editing of your existing data.
When would you need to have to worry about making changes to your sequencer data? Well, buying an additional second hand drum machine is a typical case in point. Many older units had fixed drum note-number units (Yamaha's RX21 and RX21L for example) and whilst these can certainly be a cheap way of adding extra percussion facilities, the danger is that some of the drum note correspondences will clash with assignments you've already adopted. Before opting (or drum units like these check the Midi Implementation chart to see that the extra unit's drum note values do not clash with anything you
are using already.
Keyboard Map: 'IQIOMO] Having built up your own collection of song arrangements over several years, the last thing you want is to find out you've got to edit the whole lot because of a bad choice when buying an extra piece of Midi gear The latest generation of drum machines of course support General Midi and most also have user-assignable drum note-number correspondences, These types of machines can easily be set up to match the existing drum note relationships of your stored sequence data, so even if cash is tight a few extra quid spent to gain this sort of flexibility is almost certainly
going to prove a wise investment.
Synths and expanders This is another area where the difficulties stem mainly from using or buying older, second hand Midi equipment that does not conform to General Midi. In these cases you should first identify or create voices on the new synth that correspond to the voices available on the previous unit. After that it's just down to making sure these voices can be used when needed.
Voice selection is done via Midi program change commands and these will be embedded in your sequences. If, for example, a program change 23 had selected a cello voice on your Roland HS10, you need to be able to make any new unit select an equivalent voice when it receives a program change 23 command - otherwise it will again be down to editing much of your existing song library!
Amiga Computing The important facility here is the existence of a user definable program change table that lets you assign any voice to any program change number. In short, you create or find the required voices on the new unit and then set up the program change table so that program numbers which are already embedded in your existing sequencer select equivalent voices in the new expander or synthesizer.
Talking of synths and sound modules, Midi sysex control has always been a potential nasty. Even with relatively old expander units (such as the Yamaha TX81Z), quite sophisticated sets of Sysex control messages are available. It's often possible to transmit and set up new voices, modify the program change table and so on (so that an alternative set of voices are made available), just prior to the actual start of the music sequence (e.g, during the count in time).
Such facilities are brilliant - until the time comes when you change expanders and realise that all your clever sysex stuff is going to have to be completely re-written. My advice? Certainly experiment and learn about Data Echo sysex control, but as far as possible try to minimise the use of such messages in sequences.
Before buying new gear incidentally, it's also worth taking a look at the Midi implementation sheet and checking that none of the controller messages already present in your sequences will cause problems with the new equipment. Most sequencers will let you re-assign embedded controller numbers and so on, but ideally you should aim to avoid placing yourself in a position where it becomes necessary to edit controller numbers in all of your existing sequences.
Last words The moral is simple. Before you buy any new Midi equipment check the implementation sheets, look very carefully for potential areas of incompatibility with the information you've built up during your Midi lifetime. Look for flexibility in the areas of program change tables and Midi controller assignability and identify controller number conflicts before you commit yourself to a new Midi unit.
Above all, avoid too much dependence on control applications of sysex messages - they are, in the main, equipment specific and so are almost guaranteed to cause serious portability problems when embedded in song data libraries.
57 Last month I took a quick peek at the Amiga’s DOS drivers, but did not delve into how to set them up.
AutoDOS You know, like, when you turn your Amiga on and it automatically recognises al! The drives connected to it If you think about it, that is quite nice. The computer is interrogating (not in the Marathon Man sense) each drive and finds out how many heads, cylinders, tracks and other things each drive has and automatically mounts them. Basically all the information you have to enter into a DOS driver can actually be obtained from the hard drives and CD-ROMs connected.
So why do you have to mess around with DOS drivers? Well, it is to do with software - the Amiga's operating system only supports standard Amiga devices. Even the CD support added to 3.1 has to manually adjusted. Recently 1 came across a piece of software called MountDOS. This little program will automatically mount any PC drive you tell it to. It is not perfect and you still have to point it at the right device and drive unit, but once that is set up it will do all the other donkey work involved with creating DOS drivers, Recently I used this program to mount a second DOS IDE drive. If you
want to get your hands on MountDOS it is on Aminet in the disk misc section MountDoslOO.Iha. Explore the murky depth of DOS drivers with Neil Mohr taSSs Guess what we are going to do this month? No that's not right, and where do you expect me to get a rabbi and a chicken at this time of night?
So you should know where to find your DOS drivers and that they are just text files with a DOS driver icon attached, but how do you set them up yourself? For this example we are going to look at setting up a RAD drive. If you do not know, a RAD drive is a permanent RAM disk, so if you reset your machine anything stored in the RAD drive will remain. The down side is that they have to be of a fixed size so you do lose part of your computer's memory.
To start, you are best off making a copy of an existing DOS driver, the pipe one will do, this makes sure you have the icon, tool types and other bits set correctly. It also means you do not have to do everything yourself. Rename the pipe copy to RAD, this name could actually be anything.
Next up, load the driver file into your favourite text editor and get rid of all the text that is there. You are now ready to start entering the driver details.
Device = raedrm.devi ce Unit =0 Flags - 0 Surfaces = 2 SpttprjPerTrptk = SectorSize = 512 Reserved = 2 Interleave - 5 Buffers = 5 BufBealype = 1 11 u _ED 58 AMIGA Computing Almost there now, with the new version of the mount command tool types can be used.
For this example you only need to add, LowCyl = 0 and HighCyl = 79, as tool types. I! Is possible to enter all the settings as tool types, but normally you should only use values you change frequently as tool types. The unit number of a SCSI device would be one example.
Most DOS drivers are used to add new drives to a machine, most importantly you have to specify what device the drive is connected to.
This will usually be a SCSI interface, so you need to add the SCSI device name - such as squir- relscsi.device - and the unit number of the device. The other information describes the physical attributes of the drive and can usually found by either using Sysinfo or HDToolBox.
Generally the details set for the RAD are all you normally need for any type of drive.
SsackSiz* Priority BlocksPefTrack You can afso supply which filesystem you want to use, in conjunction with CrossDOS this allows you to mount PC formatted drives. To do this you add: FiteSystsi = LiCrosstosfsleSysten Dostype = OitD53t!00 This tells the operating system to use CrossDOS to read the drive and so allow your Amiga to read PC drives. If you look at the PCO driver, this sets up the floppy drive to read PC disks again using CrossDOS. If this seems complicated that is because it is, and I don't expect you to even try anything mentioned in the article as DOS drivers should be set
for you, but at the very feast just by knowing about them, if you do have problems you should be better equipped to sort them out.
Generally I find people tend to run into problems when installing CD drive son their machines, as this is the first time they comes across DOS drivers and it usually baffles them.
Hopefully if you get a CD drive you should also get installation software that is supposed to set up a driver for you. If it has not then you will have to make your own and it should look something like this: Device = whitivif.device Unit = 0 FiltSystn - L:CDFiLeSystea Flags = 0 BtosksPerTrack = 32 BlockSize = 20(3 Reserved = 0 LouCyt = 0 HighCyl = 11000 Surfaces = 1 Buffers = 6( BuffHiiType = 1 iask = OtJfffffff tlobVtt = -1 Priority = 10 Uostype = Dit3Ut653 StackSize ~ 600 Hount = 1 Hopefully however you will have software as in the above driver the DosType value may be different on your
system and may not work.
Really the only thing you may have to change are the device and unit entries, that are probably better off as tool types for easy access via Workbench.
If anything goes wrong you will have to make sure that you have the correct device name (which is case sensitive) and unit number. This will normally be something like gvpsc- si.device, oktagon.device, squirrelscsi.device or even atapi.device. You also need to check the unit number of your CD drive, if you are using an Atapi device this will normally be one. The final thing is the CD file system this should also be set for you, but if not then put it in the FileSystem entry.
For many people, such as myself, maintaining a homepage is nothing more than a hobby. Those of you who have visited my site will know that, whilst I have tried to make it reasonably readable and professional, it really only amounts to a few pages of moderately useful information about things of interest to me.
$ wp®r Hypiwciy Dave Cusick investigates the much over hyped world of Internet advertising To the homepage hobbyist, the urge to advertise his homepage is principally driven by a desire to demonstrate his HTML handiwork to those who share his interests. Advertising need therefore only be a matter of joining the Internet Link Exchange (http: www.linkexchange.com) or a similar banner exchange service, registering with some of the more famous search engines, and offering to trade links with Webmasters of sites covering the same subject matter.
On the other hand, since the explosion in popularity of the World Wide Web, some dedicated Webmasters have managed to produce pages which have proved so popular that thousands of Surfers visit them daily; witness, for instance, Jerry Yang and David Filo, the two college boys whose collection of well-indexed links called Yahoo!
Became more popular than they could probably have dreamed. When a site becomes famous on that sort of scale, there is no longer such a need to advertise the site. Its creators can become full time Webmasters, and they can even begin selling advertising space on the site so as to cover costs and hopefully make a profit.
Of course, few sites are popular enough to be self-financing at this relatively early stage in the development of the Internet, Nevertheless the advertising machine looks set to play an increasingly large part in that process over the coming years, to the extent that every Webmaster may need to consider its implications.
The situation is confusing enough for the computer hobbyist, but consider for a moment the dilemma facing a computer-illiterate business person. These days there are numerous adverts in the traditional media telling companies that they simply cannot afford to ignore the enormous advertising potential of the Internet, and specifically the World Wide Web. Before they even get onto the Internet they must answer two important questions: What is the most effective way of establishing a Web presence, and is the investment really worthwhile? Assuming these issues are overcome and a company sets
up a site, they must then negotiate the same advertising minefield as everybody else - but without the benefit old Internet hands have of having watched the situation develop in the first place.
Yahoo! Is an example of just how popular homepages which start out as hobbies can eventually become In an informative article on his Web site (at http: www.pawluk.com pages robbery.htm), Hal Pawluk reckons that around S300m (approximately E200m) was spent on Internet advertising in 1996. It is not yet really clear whether that huge sum was simply money down the drain - not least because, as Pawluk points out, charging a sum for displaying a banner advert a certain number of times differs in important ways to charging a sum for an advert in a magazine.
There are other potential problems too.
Unfortunately, the sad fact is that wherever there is an opportunity such as that presented by the Internet, there will also be unscrupulous individuals or companies hankering after a quick killing.
The Web these days is littered with advertisements for companies who say that they can list your Web site on numerous search engines, or display your banner on hundreds of popular sites, or earn you huge amounts of money by selling advertising space on your site to other people.
5ome of these companies are totally above board, run by decent, genuine people in a professional manner. However a significant proportion of them are not One of the most famously unreliable companies is The Commonwealth Network, whose exploits over the last few months have left plenty of hard-working Webmasters fuming. They are not the only villain out there and anyone thinking of paying for publicity would do well to check out Mark J Walsh's excellent site at http: www.ca- probate.com comm_net.htm, which contains detailed information about numerous companies and their performances
before parting with any money.
The bottom line is that there are still enough free advertising services around for the Webmasters of smaller sites to market their creations perfectly adequately. Remember, a prominent link from a popular site to your related homepage will bring in far more visitors than any banner.
Contact IF you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave@dcus.demon.co.uk. Questions, suggestions and Feedback are all more than welcome, I also have a homepage, which can be Found at http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk . AMIGA Computing Paul Overaa outlines a way of getting Arexx script variables transferred into text files Insertion using Ofrom the description of ED's text insertion Arexx commands given in the manuals, it's easy to come to the conclusion that they only allow fixed text strings to be used. In actual fact you can use the contents of variables just as easily. The syntax of ED’s
’insert after' command for example looks like this: d Ed 2.06 The best thing to do is create nacros that contain text which is useful to YOU!
Hi I In other words, the command that ED expects to see starts with the letter A followed by a slash sign and after that comes the text string that ED inserts into the file currently being edited. The terminal slash character is there simply to tell ED that the end of the string, and the end of the insert command, has been reached.
rx yourtest,rexx So far so good, but the important point now is this: Providing the resulting command that gets transmitted to ED is consistent with this format ED will neither care, nor in fact know, how the Arexx script actually created the command string.
In other words instead of: ED - undoubtedly archaic as editors go, but it's free and the Arexx links do add to its usefulness
* A Just a test ' equally we could have sent the command to ED
using: text='Just a test1 'hi' tut V One way then of writing a
name and address insertion macro, for example, would be to use
statements like these to insert the relevant pieces of text. If
you did however, you'd find that each line would start with a
blank space. The reason this happens is that when Arexx sees a
number of static text strings (like 'A '), or variables written
together it effectively creates a new string by joining the
various items together, separating them with spaces. In the
case of the ED insert command Arexx therefore puts a space
between the first slash character and the variable being used -
and ED then assumes this space is the first character of the
string to be inserted.
Luckily you can force Arexx to join text strings together without introducing additional blanks by using something called the Arexx concatenation I* sase_address1.rexx * rta«e=’By na«e‘ rBad=*Some Road' toun-'Some Uhere1 ’A ' j|naae|| 'A 'Ijfoadll1 1 'A 'fltonnir ' Listing 1; Th s scrip [ eliminates initial blanks that would otherwise appear in the name and address lines operator j|. So, if we write the commands in the form... 'A 'Unaaelf' 1 the inserted text line will correspond exactly to the contents of the variable being used (see feting 1 for an example script).
Polished paul I'm a great believer in clean looking scripts and one thing that can help is packaging up the awkward 'A ',' ' and || symbols so that we don't have to have the main part of the script cluttered with them. What's more, it’s dead easy to do - take a look at this example for instance iasertText: Procedure parsr arg text return 'A ‘||text][' ' This definition simply declares InsertTextO as a function that accepts a text string and returns a string that represents a properly formatted ED insert command. Notice that, in this case, we didn't even have to provide any real Arexx state
ments in the body of the function - the result we wanted was easy enough to write down directly as part of the return statement. So, with the insertTextO function now available the main part of our hypothetical name and address script can now be written in this form,,.
• T* InsertText(nane) InsertText(road) tnsertTexUtbun) where ail
awkward ED-oriented command strings have been eliminated. If we
now combine these statements, the variable initialisations, and
the .function definition, we end up with the script shown in
listing 2. Slightly larger than the first version admittedly
but nevertheless (to my mind at least) easier to read!
The real advantage to using variables in these types of insertion macros however is not for simple text insertion scripts but for generating things such as the results of calculations (listing 3, for instance, shows a script that will insert a lbs to ounces conversion table into a text file). Best of all, once you appreciate the general way this sort of code is written, you shouldn't find it too difficult to incorporate the same sort of ideas in your own ED macros.
I* nase_adiress2.rexx * nane-1 By nane1 road=1 Seme Road1 town=1 Soie dbere1
• T* InsertTextfnanel InsertTextfroad) lnsertText(town) exit
InsertText: Procedure perse erg text return 'A ||texl||' '
Listing 2: In this version of the macro, alt awkward command
and string formatting details are hidden inside the InsertText
I* table.rex» - tbs to ounces table insertion *1 do tbs = I to
12 result=lbs*14 Jnsertlextllbs 'pounds =' result 'ounces) end
exit InsertText: Procedure parse arg text return ¦A '||text||7'
Listing 3: This, more complicated, example uses a loop to
insert a conversion table into a text file.
Amiga Computing Worldly mtm Web People have requested it, so Neil Mohr introduces HTML Every men and their dog is doing it, so why shouldn't you have a go?
What am I talking about? Creating a Web page, of course or, to use that incessantly displayed word, homepage.
It may seem strange putting a guide to producing Web pages under the publishing banner, but that is exactly what you are doing; making you pages publicly available. Once on-line your pages are available to anyone with an Internet connection, which could be anywhere in the World. If they had a portable phone, they could even be in a hot air balloon You may be now thinking: "What's the point for me, I'm not even on-line?” but you do not have to be on-line to use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). All browsers are just at home navigating pages from a hard drive, as they are over the
Internet. Just to prove the point there have been a number of recent programs and Cds that use HTML for their documentation. So as long as you have a browser you can join in.
The second bit of good news is, apart from a browser, the only other piece of software you need to create Web pages is a text editor.
This is because all Web pages are simply ptain text files and is why HTML has been accepted so quickly by the entire computing world.
Basic HTML is not fancy at all, in fact it is quite restrictive and many designers do not like it. The reason behind this is that HTML lets you describe what a page should look like, but in general and not explicit terms.
This is done by using tags which mark a section of the document as a specific style, format or type of object, such as a picture or link (which we will look at later). Probably the best way to explain is to look at a basic page.
HTHL TITLE Hrst Veb Psge TITLE B0H H1 Hy first Beb page 7N1 P This is the first tiling I have ever doits, BR and 1 soon happy B0DY HTRL If you type this in your text editor, save it off and load it into a Web browser, you will have a none too impressive sight, but then this is about as minimal a page as you can get.
The results are not really important, what is, is that you understand why the page looks Amiga Computing It may not look special at the moment, but soon you will be able to make great looking pages and sets the window title displayed at the top of the browser window, you mark the end of the title by using the dosing TlTLE tag.
On the third line is the BODY tag, this marks the start of the displayed part of the HTML page, again the end of the displayed part of HTML page needs to be marked with the closing BODY tag. Everything between the two BODY and B0DY tags is what the browser expects it should display in its window.
This takes us onto the remaining three lines. When it comes to text, a browser will not perform any type of formatting except for word wrapping, unless there is a specific style tag saying it should do so. So, even if you nicely format text by hand, putting tabs and returns in your text editor, they will all be ignored by the browser and your text will just come out as a big block.
If you want a new paragraph you have to use the new paragraph tag, for a line break, use the line break tag and for a heading, the heading style tag is very handy, These are the three types of tags used in our little example and provided the basic text formatting of every Web page.
Like it does and how the tags used do their job, essentially all tags work the same way.
Looking at what you typed in, you wiii notice that there are a good number of words surrounded with angle brackets, O, these are the HTML tags I have been talking about.
When a Web browser reads in a page, anything found enclosed with angle brackets is interpreted as HTML tag used to format the page.
HTML TAGS Starting at the top, the first tag is HTML , all Web pages have to start with this as it tells the browser that yes, this is an HTML page. You should have also noticed that at the end is an accompanying HTML tag, this marks the end of the HTML page and, again, you should always have one.
As a general rule in HTML, if you have a starting tag such as HTMt there is a corresponding closing tag. The dosing tag is always the same as the opening tag but with a forward slash put at the start. Hence HTML and HTMl .
You can see this again on the second line, the TITLE tag follows the opening HTML tag With so much ground covered in recent instalments it may Have seemed like quite a hard slog at times. Nevertheless, by last month we'd got to the point where a directory can be selected using the asl requester and the names and datestamps of the files present both stored and displayed.
T I 5ourc»T*xt ic_igpp«rt*ds
• c.iupport.tut
• rtxx_idd.da »r*xx_add.txt ¦r»xx_cad Ing.da ir*xx_coding.txt 4r
«xx con.da mi-»xx_c on. Txt
* r««_h I ac . Da ar*xx_Htsc.txt
• r*xx_q«.txt m n_*dd , da add. Txt
• od 4 no .da od t no .txt
• a * n_con.da ¦ aiM.con. txt
* ta»«4_h I ax .da .txt ¦Si»n_qa.da
• , txt author-. Da author.txt baa tc_«dd.da baa I c add.txt
- coding.txt „C n.d» baalc_con.txt
ilc. ntac.dt a* ic_q*.
~'tC_q« HtPC t_____ c otwttrc tat. Txt con tac t .da rnnf*ritvt Paul Overaa prepares the ground for some beta testing StampOnlT!
Part 4 Luckily this month's alterations, which bring us to the point where those all important date stamp files are produced, are straightforward. We just need to modify each filename and produce the corresponding set of new files holding the contents of the associated datestamps that we've identified.
The first step in this scenario involves building a new file name and I've chosen to add '.ds.' extensions to each original name. A file called somename.txt would therefore end up having the date on which its contents were last changed being held in a file called samename.txt.ds. Filename alteration can in fact be carried out from within the DisplayDates loop that we've been using to print the directory filename entries on the screen.
Months of testing before it can be considered as safe for general use. You should therefore regard the completed utility as now being in it's ‘beta test' phase. Usable but with care!
My advice is to make a copy of any drawer you wish to work on and datestamp that rather than selecting your original files. That way if anything untoward does happen, your original files will still be intact. What sort of things could go wrong?
Welt, suppose for example there was a fault in the loop that added the filename extensions so that, under some circumstances, filenames did not get altered before the new datestamp files were produced. In this case the contents of all original files would be overwritten as the routine creating the datestamp files used those original filenames.
Needless to say I've checked for, and hopefulfy avoided, any such catastrophic errors but with so much 680x0 code involved you can never initially be 100 per cent sure that silly coding slips have not got through. Hence the need for suitable initial usage caution on your part.
Vou'll know from earlier code that this loop- based routine uses register aO to identify the start of each name present in the filename buffer. It’s easy enough therefore to copy this pointer and, by increasing it within a second loop, scan through a filename looking for its terminal null character. Once found we then replace it with a period, add the additional characters'd' and ‘s', and insert a new terminal null to complete the name alteration (see listing 1).
With the amended filename available it's then necessary to add device drawer details to produce a valid fTlepath. The approach I've adopted is to set up a separate buffer (called fulLfilename), copy the currently selected directory to it and then use the DOS library's AddParfO function to produce the target name. When the device drawer details are first collected, I've chosen to store the location of the terminal null character. By replacing this character after any given filepath name has been used. I'm able to reinstate the device drawer part of the name without recopying the
original entry held in the asl requester.
Listing 2 shows the completed WriteFileO routine that prepares a target filename, opens the file .Loop3 nove.L aB,a2 copy nait pointer Esp.fc bne.s .toopJ subs I1,al ¦ovt.b (',',(32)+ add .ds extension itove .b I'd',( 25* move .b f's',(a25* nsve.b
* NliLt,(a2) Listing 1: A simple loop like this is all that is
required to produce the modified filenames needed for date
stamp file creation.
Using the DOS library's Open function, writes the associated date characters held in the datestamp buffer by making a call to the DOS WriteO routine and then doses the file.
Testing time And that's it. With the two additional routines in place, the utility is complete. You'll notice from the latest coverdisk source that one or two other minor changes have been made since last month.
I have, for instance, added extra IntuiText structures for labelling the selected directory, file, and datestamp info. The position of the displayed text has also been altered a little but all these details are going to be easily visible from the source itself.
What is perhaps less obvious however, is that, although the utility is now essentially complete, something else is needed.
Although a relatively small utility, StampOnlt has still involved an assembler source of over 20K and, with low-level coding being error prone at the best of times, StampOnlt now needs a few print details ConvertDates lea filatii lit dst!staaps,a1 Ita itm3,a3 Ita itext4,a eove.v filename count,d3 sobq 11,dO .La op i nove.l aO,!t_lTeitla3!
Mve.f aO,i t_ITeit!a4f jsr Print.Fi LeHaae edda.l 132,aO adda.l lds_Sil£0F,a1 jsr Conver tOate dbn dO,.L oopC rts Conver tba te rts Listing 2: Once the filename and date stamp details have been collected this loop code processes the individual entries Amiga Computing FREE FREE FREE FREE GAMES CHEATS 1.4 EMULATOR ON ALL ORDERS I ESI. 1989 PO Box 672 South Croydon Surrey CR2 9YS Tel: 0181-657 1617 UKS Customers call 0-800-426-7687 Exclusive Amiga Titles Call your local dealer tor details ot our super!) Amiga range. Games, Utilities and Educational programs starting from just E3.95 S6 50 A
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500k makes 1 I)notable disk!
800k makes I non-bootable disk!
More than 10 disks £1 each plus 3 single program disks FREE UTILITIES Lottery Degrader Executive New Mode Aminet Search Phonecnll Multipaint Handyman Scriplmaker FREE FRIENDLY HELP BY POST or PHONE ANYTIME!
TIGERS 1944 ?0S1 DEN
1703 S.W.O.S. EARTH _ 1702 S.W.O.S. MOON Li 1778 PINBALL
1548 FIGHT At200 _ 1720 A1200 5AMUR5 CLASSIC GAMES _ 011
V2 _ 1466 A12 KNOCK OUT _ 1642 A1200 EX RACING 3705 A12AER
BOWLING 1171 2 D5K CRS-ANGLER ? 1373 ICE HOCKEY _J 1317 A12
GQN FISH'N _ 1465 A12 2 DISK TENNIS _ 1251 TOUR TENNIS _ 1630
_ 1527 ICE MINE PRO _ 1595 NEW MINES _ 1569 BUG MINES _ 1572
1503 4DSK ANGST _ 1711 A12 INGENIOUS Z 1671 BREED 1996 _ 1753
QUIZ MASTER ? 462 WHEEL OF FORTUNE _ 1597 QU Z 555 Z 1683
Games are on 1 disk and run on all Amigas unless otherwise stated.
36 Dye Street Garnerville, NY 10923 914 786-1711 Voice - 914-786-1708 Fax Email: Iiage@qed.net Homepage: http: www,qed,net liageinc 1-800 25 AMIGA Outside N.Y. NEWI!
IN-TO-THE NET CD PLUS FREE OUT OF THE NET CD EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET on LINE SPECIAL $ 18.95 THE KARA COLLECTION CD A professional and unique collection of fouls* backgrounds special effects, animations, tilling and presentations. 80 color fonts including effects such as bricks, glass, chrome, ere., plus hundreds of alterntive color palettes, animated letters with effects like handwriting, rotating characters, static wipes, sparkles, & more. Animated space objects such as earth asteroid, comet, etc. Textures and backgrounds like granite, marble, sand-stone, wood etc. PPM & colorType software
to edit all fonts. Includes additional printer downloadable fonts in BAV. Anim-Brush upgrade for Personal Paint up to version 6.4. Awesome Collection.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 49.95 RETRO GOLD CD Spectrum & CEM 64 Emulators with games for both Amiga & PC. Includes over 3,000 games and 1,200 CBM 64 Games for use from the CD on an Amiga or PC LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 21.95 NEW AMINET 17 Since the release of Aminet 16, hundreds of megs of new software has been uploaded to the Aminet site.
There has been so many uploads to the Aminet site since the last release, that there was no room for a theme on this CD. This is the very latest & greatest.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 17.95 INSIGHT DINOSAURS CD Fantastic Multimedia Encvclopedia of Dinosaurs on
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE 6.99 WOMEN OF THE WEB CD This exciting new multimedia experience brings all die latest technology to your home. Using pictures, text files, animations and sound samples. Over 450 Megs of information on over 250 of the world's most beautiful and famus women. Color Images & Video.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 31.95 POPULOUS II - PLUS EDITION Featuring : The Challenge Series Games, 40 unique challenges, 500 worlds Populous II Trials of the Olympian Gods. Incredible, probably the best video game in the World... Amiga CU Rated 97%.
Addictive... You could play until the Gods come home. Over 35 Supernatural effects. Create your own God. Design your own cities. Ancient monsters including Medusa and Kraken. Billions of worlds to support. 2 player modem support. Plus much more!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.95 DAWN PATROL The AMIGA FLIGHT SIMULATION OF THE YEAR. Tlif aeronautical experience of a lifetime, 13 period aircraft. Over 150 missions. Over 4 times the resolution of standard VGA Slight sims. Awesome!!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE S16.95 ORDER TODAY!! Don’t Miss Out SUPER SKIDMARKS The racingest, diasingest game in Amiga history has just got 200 times better. More cars, tracks, player options, and more view modes makes this the biggest & best racing game ever. Change your underware, grab your joystick and lets go.
LIAGE PRICE S29.99 CANNON FODDER Platinum Edition “Brilliance, sheer unadulterated Brilliance". Excellent characters. Amiga Format Gold 95%. War lias never been so much fun. Shoot anything that moves, throw grenades, shoot bazookas, drive tanks, fly choppers, split up and do your own thing. But please don’t leave the screaming wounded to die. Bite the bullet, so to speak and do the decent tiling; finish them off.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 SYNDICATE Platinum Edition One of the best games ever to appear on the Amiga.
An instant classic. Top-grade entertainment of the highest order. In the dark and twisted cities of tomorrow, corporate syndicates compete for global dominance. Compete with 8 other Syndicates for control of over 50 territories.
LIAGE PRICE $ 18.99 ARCADE CLASSICS PLUS CD Arcade Classics Plus contains hundreds of variations of all your favourite games. Includes: Pacman, Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxians, Donkey Kong, Pengo, Tetris, Defender, Frogger, Missile Command, Battlezone, Tempest, Combat, Tron, Space War, Thrust, Q-Bcri, [.ode Runner, Hunchback.
Moon Patrol, Trail Blazer, Breakout and loads more.
SPECIAL AT $ 20.95 AMINET 16 or 17 $ 17.95 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA CD This New CD is an Exciting new Multi-Media CDROM. It features a superb 256 color interface, hundreds of film clips, sound samples and subject information. Features include: True Multi-Media Interface unlike anything ever seen. The very latest information from around the world. Thousands of subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich. Hotlist editor so you can create lists of particular subjects.
Fully spoken Media Show, hundreds of images, import new subjects from the Internet or form floppy disk. Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects. Search and deep search facility.
Create and add your own subject matter.
LIAGE SPECIAL $ 45.95 DUNE II BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS The best strategy game ever. Awesome graphics, incredible music & sound effects. Frantic & exciting. Fight for control of Dune. 3 Armies, but only one can survive. Your battle begins NOW!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 SPACE HULK The graphics are fantastic. Plenty of action and gripping play. Addictively challenging. A derelict spaceship is infested with Genestcalers.
Immensely fast, immeasurably strong, the.se insectoid beasts from hell breed by planting their genes in living humans. Bolt on your power armour and awesome weaponry. You’re going in.
Terrifying real-time combat. Lightning fast freeze time Strategy. Over 50 deadly missions including Death Wing Campaign. 12 weapons including Lightning Claws and Assault Cannon. 5 man squads or multiple troops.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 VALHALLA & THE LORD OF INFINITY The first ever speech adventure. Four long years have passed since Infinity murdered Garamond, the King of Valhalla and claimed the crown, yet Garamonds young son and heir to the throne escaped the slaughter. Now come of age, the Prince is returning to enact vengeance for his father’s death and claim his birthright... You are the Princes mentor on his quest, inching your way through four vast lovels in the chilling castle of Valhalla. You encounter a world crammed with logical puzzles and richly interactive characters. The cinematic
graphics arc dazzling, the spine tingling sound track mesmerizing, in this magical world of words that redefines the adventure game. 96% Rating.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ VALHALLA BEFORE THE WAR The second ever speech adventure. In this sequel to the blockbuster, Valhalla I, you play Infinity’s mentor on his quest of hatred in which murder is the ultimate goal. Infinity has been jealous of his brother, the good King Garamond for as long as he can remember, and all for a twist of fate.
Infinity had been born to late to be King. Set in the Mystical castle of Valhalla, you encounter a horder of brain melting puzzles through four vast levels of dazzling graphics and exceptional game play in which the art of communications is the name of the game, LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.95 CHILDRENS’ CORNER Ail Floppy Titles Bully’s Sporting Darts Dinos Detective Agency Fligh Steel Huckleberry Hound A Playdays Paint Postman Pat 3 S’ Operation Hormuz Snapperazzi S5.99 I 7 ) Sooty’s Fun with Number!
EACH 1 J W Jei Sooty & Sweep WOW!
Thomas The Tank Engine $ 6.99 Thomas’s Fan with Words $ 6.99 NOTE Add $ 5.50 Minimum for shipping (UPS Service) Within the USA. International orders must use Credit Card, or International Money Order.
All prices subject to change, subject to stock on hand.
NY residents subject to state tax.
VLSA MC DISC AM. EXPRESS Look at the size of that thing!” I • ‘ * A Intig. Inngi long, king time aqn, in pi „ S, ga vy far. Far," ft»r. Far awag... ' " , It Is a period of civil war.' Amiga Tvctwih* y spaceships, sirjking ¦ from a* hidden. * • » * ( * * V base, havp wan their first Vtctaui against the evil Galactic Empire._ .
SMJuring the battle-, -ftm'iga Actiarr spies Jnanaged tp steal, secret 'plans to the
• E npife's. Ultimate weapon, *the Heath
* ' * m , . . 4 4 * » . -m Dag, a 7-ar jiorect spatfc.
Statiori;.With enough*vile power .|;o pollute an entVre Flushed
with success and- pursued teU M Ms'sjniito atMtS. MM H3 CD The
Amiga is bought and a host of excellent new games are on the
horizon Hugh Poynton's explores the exciting, all new world of
Amiga... "Darling, it's Valentine's Day, the birds are singing
and the flowers smell sweet. I want us to immortalise our love
for one another by dressing up as zombies and appearing on
the front of a computer game box" he cooed.
"Oh Paul, you're so, so romantic" she replied. Are these the sweet nothings to be heard over the breakfast table of chez Cunningham a few months ago? Long hours and the pressure and strain of churning out loads of games for the Amiga has obviously been too much for Vulcan bosses Lisa Tunnah and Paul Carrington.
The hypnotic trance inducing glare from their PAL monitors has turned their eyes green and induced them to go on a violent rampage on the front of the box of forthcoming Vulcan title, Strangers AGA. Study our damning photographic evidence.
Delvelopers Database Philip Crosby, the man behind the Amiga Flame Web site, has announced he is to establish a database of computer programmers and developers. “I have seen many companies trying to get new members of staff to help them develop games for the Amiga. It isn't easy to do this with developers consisting of only a few friends who want to make a game but need the help of someone in a peculiar field" Philip commented.
He went on to say, "Many of them still develop their games but you can see areas where the game is lacking. 1 have had enough of seeing a game that could be so much better if only they had that programmer or musician. I have decided to offer the services of the Amiga Flame Web site to help new games developers and companies get the people they need to develop the games they want to make."
Hopefully the database will enable programmers and developers to contact one another so the right people can be found for the projects that suit them the most. In addition to this, Philip and Paul Carrington from Vulcan Software have collaborated to produce a Web page entitled 'How to news news news More OnEscapee
- market and the success- th things the iga, a a ubstan- S|
market tor Amiga ga ¦ £ boUSes as i g (coUins- " Whfr tSfpSS?-
cievetoptngtor ames f0 t and help him convince the big P V -
More details have emerged about the OnEscapee action adventure
game being developed by Hungarian developers, Invictus.
OnEscapee includes an enhanced mixture of Another World and
Flashback. The Invictus Team is looking for a publisher for
this excellent game and judging by the screenshots, I don't
think it will be too much of a problem.
The game is CD-Rom only as it contains plenty of detailed graphics, animations and digitised music. The intro of OnEscapee is currently 9Mb in size and the preview of three levels is 50Mb, so you can see it is going to be big.
The storyline is, as yet, unclear but I have heard that the main character has 500 frames of animation, more then 50 types of movement and the ability to walk, swim and possibly rock-dimb. Special effects such as rain, reflecting puddles, waving lights that filter through the surface of the ocean, enemies with different levels of intelligence and many more will be included.
Nemac 1 IV Finds Publisher Zentek, the German software team behind Nemac IV, has found a publisher in the shape of Pxl Computers Inc. Nemak IV - The Director's Cut is a 3-D Doomalike with excellent graphics, 40 levels and 15 minutes of beautiful intro animations. Although only available on CD-Rom, Nemac IV will run on any Amiga with a hard drive and 020 processor (or faster) and is about the only game I can think of that presently supports i-0 glasses. Slightly more practically, the game supports OCS, ECS, AGA, CybergraphX and Graphitti and will run on any Amiga screen mode.
164 C m G 31 B it) In the Shadow of Time Swedish Amiga software developers, Shadow Elks, is currently producing a new point ‘n click adventure game called In the Shadow of Time.
Reminiscent of the great Monkey Island series, the game revolves around the adventures of a kid called Tadpole who accidentally destroys the world. Feeling slightly guilty about bringing about the end of humanity, Tadpole sets off on a jaunt through history to put right his mistake.
As you can see from the screenshot it looks to be a pretty impressive debut. The only technical specifications currently available for the game indicate that it will need a 58020 processor or higher, AGA 3,0 and 1 to
1. 5Mb. For more details check out Shadow Elks' Web site at:
http: homel.swipnet.se ~w-10724 IST.html Foundation Medieval
Settlers Civilisation type real-time strategy game Foundation
is nearing completion. The latest screenshots suggest it is
going to be a thoroughly impressive product. Some technical
specifications have also emerged from the developers; the game
will apparently require an AGA chip Amiga with at least 4 Mb
of FastRam. It will include sampled speech and sound effects
as well as an option to play against a human or computer
controlled opponent.
Final Oddessy Vulcan continues to dominate the Amiga games market with the announcement that Peter Spinaze's Final Oddessy will be developed and released as soon as possible. Peter was apparently looking for a developer far the game until it was snapped up by Vulcan.
Details are still rather sketchy but it appears that it is a puzzling action adventure and, from the graphics, looks as if it is going to be a real gem, Myst The Myst saga is now drawing to a dose with the announcement that ClickBOOM has acquired the rights to the best-selling adventure game, Myst.
The game, originally produced by Cyan Broderbund, proved to be a huge hit when released for the PC and Mac An Amiga port of the game was posted on the Internet last year which, despite being totally unofficial, raised considerable support for a release of the game on the Amiga platform.
Myst will require a pretty high spec machine to run it but the quality of the game promises to be superior to the PC and Mac version. ClickBOOM, also responsible for the excellent Capital Punishment, promises to bring more big titles to the Amiga community if, as expected, Myst proves to be a success.
Wasted Dreams Another Vulcan title is ripe for release: Wasted Dreams, an action adventure game, is in a similar vein to HellPigs. Available on a monstrous 12-14 disks, the game mixes arcade action with over 300 animations.
Each of the characters have their own distinct personality and the 10 huge playing areas can be explored using the game's eight-direction scrolling. A further feature allows two players to either work together or compete in a death match. Check out the Vulcan Software slideshow on its Web site.
“P temien fftait 0%d&i ?np wnR! N ' f 3 ™ please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or EMAIL: 100307.1544@compusei TEL: 01268 571157 FAX: 01268 733731 EMAIL: 1Q0307.1544@compuserve.conn UK -INCLUDED EUROPE -£2.00 REST OF WORLD - £ 3.50 ; Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: - Dept: AC113, 14 ORWELL COURT, HURRICANE WAY, WICKFORD, ESSEX, SS11 8YJ Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. VAT is included on all titles 4D Sports
Boxing .. 9.99-------- A32Q APPROACH TRAINER. 9.99------ Acid Attack Compilation - Gloom, Guardian.
Skidmarks .... 14 99 - American Gladiators . 9.99 Arcade Compilation - World Snooker. Naughty Ones. Multiplayer Soccer Manager Dr plummets House of Flux. Jigsaw Puzzlemania 14,99---- Assassins Games . 19.99 Atomino ... 8.99 --- B17 FLYING FORTRESS 12.99------- Badlands Pete ...... 4 99 --- Banshee ..... 7 99 1299 Barbarian 2 ... 16 99 --- Basket Island ... 14 99 ~ Battletoads « 9 99 Blastor ....12.99 **•**? ¦
BLOBZ ... 12.99 - BLITZ BASIC 2 1 .1B.99
- 12 99 Bograts Bomber Bob Bravo Romeo Delta BREATHLESS. .....
Brutal Football _ Bubba n Stix Bubble & Squeak. .
Bump 'n' Burn .. Burnout Cannon Fodder_______ Centrefold Squares CHAMP MANAGER 2 .....19.99 -* ~~*~ Champ Manager 94 D Disk . .. 7 99 ---- CHAOS ENGINE 2 ...19 99 ---- Championship Challenge World of Snooker, Tesf Match Cricket Challenge. Trohto Chomp
2. International 1 Day Cricket 14 99 ..
CIVILISATION ......12.99--------
ClockWiser ..... 9.99 9 99 9.99 Club
Football The Manager 7.99 7 99 -- Club & Country
7 99 ------ COLONISATION
12.99------- Cosmic
Spacehead_________________10.99--- - COVERGIRL
POKER ...... 7.99----- Crart for AMOS
...17 99 --- Cncket Captain .. 3 99 - - D
Thompsons Olympic Chall 5 99 ----- Dangerous
Streets ... 9 99 Deluxe Strip Poker ..... 3 99
------ Demonmaniac .. 17 99 ----- Desert Strike
..... 7.99---- DOGFIGHT . 8.99---- - Dune
lor2 ...12.99 * ...... Dylon Dog
.. .. 8 99 * Eurofeague
Manager 14.99 European Superleague 3
99 - Exile .. 7.S9 7.99 - Exile
Data Disk ...... 5 99 --- Extreme Racing
... 5.99 - EXTREME RACING D DISK 4.99-----
2 ....12.99----- F19 STEALTH FiGHTER 12.99------
F117A 3 99 ----- -----
Fariasy Managor 95 96 3 99 ..... Fantasy World Dizzy
5 99 ...... Fears ..... . 7 99 -- FIELDS OF
GLORY ......12.99--8.99 FIFA Scccer 12 99---- Fly Harder
... 8.99 Fools Errand . 3 99
------- Football Director 2 3 99 --- Football
Glory ... 8 99 8-99 - FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX
12.99 399 • 899
- 22.99
8. 99
7. 99
14. 99 . 7 99 7.91 ”--1999 12 99 --- 399 -- 5 99 ---- 3 99 --- 3
99 • Galaxy Force Gearwcrks ..... ..... Genesis
... 4 99 I
7. 99 7.99 Global Effect ...... GLOOM
. GLOOM DELUXE ... .. 7.99 7 99
--- 7 99 ---- 4 99 --- 799 7.99 14 99 -- ..--1299 * 4 99
... 7 99 9 99 G Gooch- WC Tesl Match G Gooch W Class
Cricket G Gooch - Battle for Ashes
Guardian ..... Gun Fury
Gunship 2000 ... Hemisal ...... He mead
2 .. Heitor Skelter ..... 3 99 - 2 99 -
Hillsea Lido ... Humans 3 * 10.99
BASE .. 7.99 - INTER
7.99 - INTER TALK 7.99 - INTER
WORLD ..... 7.99 • International Arcade
Action..... 3.99 * Int One Day Cricket OEM 4.99 -
International Sports Challenge 12.99 - IntOS-AMOS .....
56 99 - J Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes.. 6 99 - J Nicklaus
Designer Clip Art... 7.99 - JelPilot ... 56.99 -
Jetstnke . 9 99 JigsawPuzztemama
....3,99 - - Jimmy’White's Snooker 12-99 - -
KGB .....32 99 -- Kick Off 3
... 9.99 Kid Pix
...10.99--- Leeds United. .
3.99 - - Legends 8.99 8 99
Line of Fire .. 4 99 ---- Lion
King . 19 59 ---
Loopz ...17.99----- Manyk Mayhem
Compilation ¦ Legends.
Fears. Roadk ll 34.99 - Marvers Marvellous Adv's 4 99 - MEDIEVAL WARRIORS 3.99 - Minskies the Abduction 14.99-- Morph ...... 7.99 8.99 MULTI MEDIA EXPERIENCE 24.99 - Napoleon cs ... 7.99---- ---- Naughty Ones 3 99 ---- 12.99 NINE LIVES ... 3.99 ..... Odyssey ..... 9 99 ..... One Day Cricket 3 99 -- - OnTneBnl League Edition .---- 8 99 - Operation Combat 2 Pegasus 4 99 •
12. 99------- .-------12 99 8 99 - 12 99 - .. 12.99 12.99
..---12.99 12 99
- 12.99 PGA European Tou' .. PGA Golf ....
PGA Golf Plus Courses..... Pinball Fantasies .....
Pinball Illusions Pinball Mania ...
Pinball Prelude ...16.9916.99 16.
Pitfighter .. 6 99 ------ Player Manager 2 7 99 ----- - PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA___________ 7.99 - Popeye 2 .. 7 99 - Power ..... 7.99 - PowerBase v3 5. Daiabase)12 99 - ---- Powerdnve .. .. 9 99 9 99 -- Powergamos .... . . 12.99 Premiere ... 4 99 -- 12 99 Pro-Tennis Tour...... 6 99 ------ 12 99 ----- ----- .12.99------- . ...... 7 99 7 99 799 ----- 1C 99----- . 3 99 ----- ----- .24.99 ----- ----- 16 99 Railroad Tycoon Reach for the Skies Roadkill .... Road
Rash...... Ruffian Rutjhv l Hague Coach .
SECAL . Sens World of Scccer 96 97 SWOS 96 97 DATA DISK 7.99------ Shadow Warriors .... 6 .99-------- Silent Service ...8 99 ------ Silent Service 2 . 12 99 SIMON THE SORCEROR 1 .12 9912.99 12.99 Skeleton Krew ...... 7 99 -- SKIDMARKS .. 7.99------- SLAMTILT ..... 19 99 -- Soccer Team Manager 10 99 ------- SPACE HULK 12 99 ----- SPECIAL FORCES . 8.99---- Speedball 2 .. . ..12 99 Speris Legacy ......- 19 99 -- Sporting Spectacular Football Director 2, F1 GP
Circuits. Rugby Coach. Datiy Double Horse Racing. Euro Superfeague 14 99 ----- STARLORD *..... 8.99-- Streerfighter 2 .....12 99 ------ Strider 8.99 - - Strider 2 ... 8 99 ......- Strip Pot .. 7 99 7 99 Subversion . ...... 4 99 ---- Super League Manager ......7 99 7.99 7,99 Super Skidmarks . . 7 99 ---- 7 99 Super Sireetfighter 2 Turbo ....---- - 14.99 SUPER TENNIS CHAMP 7.99----- Super Tennis Champ 2 D D.... 5.99------- Test Match Cricket ... 4 99
.... The Games .. 10.99----- ----- Theatre of Death .. 9.99---- ---- THEME PARK ...12.9912.99 - Timekeepers ..12.99 -- Timekeepers Data Disk 5 99 ..... Tiny Troops. ..17 99 ------- Torvak. . ... 4 99 ----- TOTAL FOOTBALL ..12.99---- Touring Car Challenge. 12.99 -- Treble Champions 2 4 99 ------ Troddlers .. 16 99 -------- Turbo Pack 3 ...... .. 3.99 ----- ---- UFO - ....12.99---- UH Soccer Manager D Disk ------ 8 99 ----- Valhalla 1 Lord of Infinity 14
99 ------- Valhalla 2 Before the War , 14 99 ----- - Valhalla 3 Fortress of Eve 17,99--- Virtual Karting ... 12 99 ---- Voyager 6 99 - - Waten Tower . 12.99 ---- Wembley International Soccer 4 99 7.99 Wembley Rugby League 7 99 ----- White Death____________________ 4 99 --- Wing Commander . 9 99 ----- Wizk-d ..10 99 -...... Wolfchdd ... 4 99 -------- Wonderdog ... 4 99 ---- World Class Rugby (OEM) 4 99 ------- WORLD
GOLF ......12.99--------- World ol Golf .. 8 99 ------- World ol Soccer .... 4.99 Worlds at War .. 4 99 - WORMS .... 9.99------- WORMS: DIRECTORS CUT ..----14.99 Wreckers ... 3.99---- XP 8 ....16.99------ ZEE WOLF 2-WILD FIRE 22.99 - Zoot ..... 8.99 EDUCATIONAL 12 99 - 12 99 - 12 99 - 12 99 ¦ 12 .99 ¦ 12 .99 ¦ 12 99 - 10 10 Dinosaurs - . 10 10 Earty Essentials (3-7) 10 10 English (6-16)
...... 10 10 Essential Maths (5-12 .
10 10 Essential Science 5-12 10 10 French (5-16) .. 10 10 German (8-16) ... 10 10 Junior Essentials (5-11) 10 10 Maths Algebra (6-16) .. 10 10 Maths Geometry (6-16) 10 10 Maths Numbers (6-16),.
10 10 Maths Statistics (6-16).. 10 10 Spelling Puncuation.... 10 10 Structured Spelling.... Kid Pix
12. 99 -
12. 99 - 12 99 - 12 99 -
12. 99 - 12 99 • 12 99 - 10 99 - JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES
... 4 99 Analogue Joystick
Adaptor ...... 5.99 Automatic Joystick Mouse
Splitter 14.99 Competition Pro Xtra Clear Joystick 10.99 CH
Flightstick (Analogue) (AAR) 29.99 Cruiser
Joystick .... 7.99 Gravs Analog Joystick ....
(AAR) 19.99 Internal 880K Floppy Drive A500
47.99 Internal 880K Floppy Drive A6O0 A12G0 49.99 JUPITER
JOYSTICK 7.99 Mouse 300 dpi 2
Button ... 10.99 Mouse 400 dpi 2 Button
..... 14 99 Mouse 400 dpi 3
Button .... 16.99
1.99 Joystick Mouse Extension Cable 6 99 Joystick Y Splitter
. 4.99 Logic 3 Delta Ray Autofire JY156 .....10.99
Logic 3 Alpha Ray ¦ Autofire .... 10.99 Logic 3 Sigma
Ray - Autofire ..12.99 POWER SUPPLY UNIT
...39.99 Quickjoy Pedals SV129
... 9 99 Screenbeat 3 Speakers
SB203 ... 12.99 Screenbeat 4 Speakers
SB204 . 11 99 Screenbeat 5 Speakers SB205..... 11.99
Screenbeat 25 Speakers SB 225 21.99 Screenbeat Pro 50
Speakers SB250 .. 32.99 Screenbeat RCA Adapter Cable
1 99 Screenbeat Power Supply .
7.99 Thrustmastcr XL Joystick (AAR) 27 99 Zipstick Super Pro
Autofire Joystick ... 10.99 AMIGA CDROM So Ho CDROM AGA
Experience II ...... 9 99 Amiga Tools 3...... 24 99 Amiga
Utilities 2 19 99 Aminet
Set 1, 2.3.4,5.6,,11.12 or 13 14 99 Aminet 14.15,16
or 17..... 14.99 Aminet 94-02 9 99
Amos Library .. 16 99 Animations ... 19
99 Arcade Classics Plus 12 99 Artwork
Cotour .. 9 99 Assasins Games -----------
12 99 Assasins Games II ..... 16 99 C-64 Sensations
2 9 99 Card
Games 9 99 CD Boot
(Run CD32 games on your A1200) 32 99 CD
Write .... 32 99 Cl
p Art Rioless oral IFF & PCX L brary 5 9 99 Ep*c Collection
II ... 16 99 Ep c Encydoped a
9f ... 28 99 Flasn
Kom ... . 16 99
Fonts .. 9 99 F'eshFonts * or
2 *9 99 Gateway
9 99 Gif
Scrsations .... *6 59 Gifs
Galore ...... 9 59 Giga
Grapher .. 24 99 Goto Fish 1 or 2
.. 24 99 Graphics Sensation ..14 99
Hottest 4 9 99 Hottest 6 .
14 99 IlljSiOns ir 30 4.99 Into Out of the Net 16 95 Magic
Workbench Enhancement 5 99 Meeting Peaits
3 .. S.99 Multimed a Toolkit
2 24 99 Network CD2 14.99 Oobrmed 6
24 99 Professional Fonts &
Clipart . 5 99 Professional Utilities 1-1500 9
99 Scene Storms 16 99 So Fi
Sensations II 16 99 Sound library A GRX library .....
19 99 Sound Studio .. 29 99 Sound
Terrific I ..... 9 99 Sound Terrific
II ....16.99 Spoccy
57 . 16 99 Texture
Portfolio ...... 32 99 The Beauty f Chaos 9
99 The Colour Library ...... 9 99 The Learning
Curve .... 16 99 Tho Light Rom
..32 99 I he Light Kom
2 . 32 99 I he Lght
Works ..... 24 99 The Sound L brary 1 ..... 9 99 Tho
Sound L bra*y 2 ... 9.99 UPD
Goto ..24.99 JPD Set
• ...16 99 Weird Science
Animations 9 99 Weird Science Clipai . ... 9 99 Weird
Science Coton Art 9 99 Weird Science Fonts
9 99 World of Cl part 9 99 World of Cl-part Plus
16 99 World nl Gamas 9.99 World of GIF
. 9 99 World of
Photo ... 9 99 ’World Of
Sound . 9 99 World of
Video ...... 9 59 Zoom II. . 9
59 Glamour TiI'hs - Over 18 Only Am ga CDROM Adult 4
Animations .... 22 59 Adult
Sensations ... 19.59 Adult
Sensations 2 .19 99 Adult
Sensat crs in 3D 19 59 As.»n Lad as 1 ..... 9.99 Asian
Pleasures 2 or 3 or 4 29.99 Blonde
Babes ..... 10.95 Diglla1 Creams
II .... *2 99 Di;ita Dreams I)
. ’6 99 European Dr earn Girls ’ or 2 o'
3...... 14 99 f- anlasy Girts * or 2...... 9 99 Gins o
Pleasure ... 9 99 Gihs Who Like
Girls 9.99 Hot
Pie ... S.99
Hot Spot Women * or 2 or 3 .. 15 .99 Just 38
. 9 99 Lusty Lesbians *.
Or 2 . .. . 5 99 Cnental Fantasies 1 or 2 ..
15.99 Photo Stucio .. 15 99
Pixels of Desire .... 9 99
Sexy Sensations ..... ...... 19 99 The Page
Three Collection .... 9.99 Tire World of
Lana Fox .. 9 99 The World of Teresa May
. 9 99 Universe of Adult GIFS 1 or 2 or 3 ....
9.99 Worlds Best Breasts ... 9 99
World Of Pinups Volt .... 9 99 World Of
Pinups Vol 2 ...... 12 99 RECYCLED
BLANK 3.5” DISKS 10 0 3,99 20 @ 6.50 50 § 12.50 100@22.50 PD
& Shareware BUSINESS B018 Text Plus 2 2e.. ......word
procossoe 125 B019 Banking ..home account
program 1 25 B020 Label Designer .....design your own labels
1 25 B021 Cain. 1 2 excelled data base program t 25 B022
Desktop Publislng ... best pd dtp available 1 25 B023
Business Card Maker -not AM 1200 1 25 BO24 600 Business
Letters . ... 1 25 B025 Business Card
Maker can print in colour 1 25 BC26 Data Base Workshop
bnlhant pack 2 50 BC27 Spread sheet.... easy to use
spreadsheet 1 25 BG28 Quick Base ....very powerful
database 1 25 B029 Rim Database. Powerful database 1 25
BC30Amibase .....professional II best database 125 B031 TexUa
. ..can edit several docs at once 1 25 BC32 Flexi Base easy
to operate database 1 25 BC33 Penny Wise , very powerful
database 1 25 BC34 Visicalc great database lots of functions
1 25 BC35Tc*t Engme V3 4 ..... preprocessor l 25 BC36 Little
Office dbaseWp spieadshoet 125 BC37 Home Business Journal
database 1 25 BC38 Ben Appctrt Database many recepies 1 25
BC39 Home Account ..... accounr program 1 25 BC40 AMIGAsh
regarded as best a c’s program 1 25 BC41 Journal full feature
account program 1 25 BC42 Lwan Note Book ..database A world
map 1 25 BC43 Data Base Compilation ..best sell to date 1 25
BC44 Mortgage Calc caic repayment rate etc 1 25 BQ45 Money
Program accounts program 1 25 BC46 Account Master V2.3...
accounts program 1,25 BC47 House Inventory ideal for
insurance 1.25 B048 Address Print v2.1, .store print
addresses 1 25 B049 Text Pius V4.0 pro requires hd & 2megs 1
25 B05O Text Engines V4.1.. word speticheker 1 25 B051
Inventory 2 home contents for insurance 1.25 B052 Edword
Professional best word processor 1 25 B053 Easycal
+ ..massive spreadsheet 1.25 B054 Pay Advice
Analizer money program 1 25 BQ55 Address
printing .print on labels 1.25 B056 Pay Advice
V3 .account program 1 25 B057 Label
Maker ...print loblos. Etc 1 25 B058 The
Money Program ______ accounts 1 25 B059 Loans Account ......
1.25 BQ60 Ontorm one of the best invoice makers 1 25 B061
Account Waste'V2 2..... latest program 1 25 EDUCATIONAL EQ19
Kid Paints .... superb paint special for kids 1.25 £020
Colour It .brilliant computer colouring book 1.25 E021
Treasure Search find the hidden treasure i 25 E022 Learn 8
Ptayl (not A1230) maths 5 games 1 25 E023 Leam 6 Ptay2
education programmes 1 25 £024 Spanish
Translator ..sparusMenglish 1.25 E025 Mr Men (WB1
3onfy) story adventure 1 25 £026 Astromy tutorial on
solar star ect system 1 25 E027 Simon A Space Maths maths
games 1 25 E028 Dinosaurs teach you all about dinosaur 1.25
E029 Worfd Database require (2+meg) 1.25 EG30 Story Land2 . .
Interact puzzlo games rec 125 E031 Language Tutor .teach you
4 languages 125 E032 Talking Colouring Book talking dpamt
brill 1 25 EQ33 Easy Spell2 Improve your kid spelling 1.25
E034 Scrabble require 2-1 player bnltiani 125 E035 Words can
help you solve the crossword 1.25 E037 Evolution, b eed your
own hybrid 1.25 £038 Iq Test * Iq games ....pack 1
excellent 1.25 E039 Typing Tutor . very good typing
tutor 1 25 E040 Cries? Helper help leach how to play 125 £041
Basic Tutor learn about amiga basic prog 1.25 E042 Amiga
Tutorial 7 . .pan tutorial 1.25 E043 Computer Care .
How to care for amiga 1.25 £044 Guide To Lower Back
Ram ..... 1 25 £045 Kid Alphabet display all
alphabet tetter T.25 £046 Fraction A Stouost maths A games
1.25 £047 Math Master teach lest you on maths 1.25 E048 Steam
Engine v2.....graphic & tutorial 1.25 E049 Petrol Engine
tutorial & animate graphic 1 25 £050 Gas Turbine Engine
tutorial A graphic 1.25 E051 Stifling Engme . . . Tutorial &
anim graphic 1.25 E052 Dream for Angel . ,. Mean mg cf dream
1.25 E053 Invisible World brilliant recommended 1.25 E054 Fah
Tank .turn your amiga into a fish tank 1.25 E055 Demolition
Mission simple game for kid 1,25 E056 World Power sclve
crossword puzzle 1.25 E057 Worm Hole simple game ideal for
children 1.25 £058 Apple Catcher catch failing apple bntiiant
1.25 E059 Cross Maze A Cryptoking2... kid games 1.25 E060
Verb Quiz find the word & it related bril 125 E061 King James
Bible complete bibles excel 4.99 E062
Tarrot .clairvoyant in a instance 1 25 E063
Gailow fancy a game of hang man? 1.25 E064 Maths
Drill loach all basic math skill 1.25 E0BS Error info.
Into why your amiga crash 1.25 E066 World-War?, . Graphics
tutorial onWW2 1.25 £?67 Science . .. excellent collection of
science 4,99 E068 Kidprix.... great children paint programme
1.25 E069 Astromy Pack
4 99 E070 Picture 7 Letter Seam !a
read first step 1.25 E071 Amiga Beginner Guide tutorial on
amigas 1.25 E072 Noddy Playtime .....demo very good
1.25 E073 Kid Pix moro oxen1 lent pamt programmes 1.25 EQ74 D
T P For Kid . .. easy to use. Excellent 1.25 E075 Smg A
Rhymes ......sing a song 125 E076 Highway Code
Tutor 1 25 E077 Road & Learn(2d) three
little pig story 1 25 £078 Back Ta Skaol volt
.. 125 E080 Back To Skoal vol2
... 3 25 E0B1 Back To School Vol3
1.25 E082 Little Traveler information on wold wide 125 E083
World Geography wcrfb with maps A text 1 25 E084 Discovery Of
The Atom .... 2.S5 E085 Desk Top Guide To
Music guide & tutorial 3.75 E085 Trumpty Firework Alphabet
alphabet t .25 EQ86 How To Detovope Photo 1 excellent1 2.50
EQ87 Mr Men Olympics .
2.53 EQS8 Cull TV Database info on early tv series 2-53 E089
How To Dovoiope Photos 2 . 2 53 E090
Electronic Worlds k janes bibtes 3.75 E091 How The Earth
Began,..tneory on b -bang 1.25 EQ92 Workbench 2 tutorial on
work bench 2 1 25 E093DmoWar .quiz on dinosaurs
125 E094 Junior Maths . Great teaming ard for maths 1 25 E095
Picture Puzzle . Briisant jigsaw type game 1 25 EQ9Q Word
Factory bnOant. Teach kids words 1.25 E097 Kid Disk . Bnllont
education pack 1 25 £098 Kid Disk 2...... more education
programs 1.25 E099 Kid Disk 3 .drawing program for kids
1.25 E100 Kid Disk 5 A 6________ .bnllant games t.25 E1Q1
Jurassic Park6 lots ol info on dinosaurs i 25 E102 Childrens
Songs 2 5 excellent songs t.25 E103 Ming Shu (A500
only)....Chinese astrology 1.25 E104 Astro 22 Pro
V3 ...astro! Ogy program 1 25 E105 French Verb Tester
... 1.25 E106 World History Book
need help with history 1.25 El07 Little Traveler 2 .
Information on the world 2.50 E103 X-Fiies Guide
......to the tv senes 1 25 E109 Chess Tutor teach you
how lo play 1.25 E110 Internet gutoo to the internet 1 25
E111 Cli & Shell Tutor ... ideal for beginners 1.25 E112
Deluxe Paint Graphcs Tutor v3A4 1.25 El 13 Japanesert!
Graphics toach Japanese 125 E114 Pamt It (not A500)
......cotounng bock 1.25 E115 Key Board Trainer . An
excellent tutor 1 25 £ 116 Word Power crossword soivfif.
Teach 1 25 E117 Crossword Creator . Design crosswords l 25
£118 Chess 2 A Tutor ..bnllant chess 2 games 1.25 E119
History Of Aviation Vol 1 execileni disk 1 25 E120 Child
Favourite education program 1.25 E121 Animal Land lear about
animals 1.25 E122 Frantic Guide To Computer
... 2 50 El23 Cyber Punk 2 for cyber punk
freaks only? 1 25 El24 Star Trek A NG Guide pictures A into
7.50 E125 Siginture Creator coustmise your own 125 E126 Virus
Workshop V4 comprehensive guide 1.25 E127 Imagines Video
could you use it 7 2.E0 E128 Workbench 2 3 Guido . On line
help 1 25 E129 Learn A Play 3 ..education A games 1.25
E130 Barney Boar Goes Camping . 2 50 E131
Comms Guide V1 1 beginner modem user 1.25 E132 Guide To
Weather . Guide to the weather 3.75 E133 Maths Attack maths
relate games lor kids 1 25 El34 Beginning Typing
Tutor 1.25 E135 Word Puzzle Pro . Create or
solve puzzle 1.25 E136K dDisk7 education program 1.25 E137
Early leamer(age3-5)....teach how to read 1.25 E139 UK
Country .... 1.25
E140 Basic Electronic VI 5 for electronic fan 2.E0 E141
Massive Guide to Internet . Version 2.3 1.25 Et 42 Animal
Land .. Heal for kids 125 E143 Picturo Maths maths
program lor kids 1.25 E144 Begmcr Gutoo to WB3 AM1200oniy 1
25 E145 Globe Fact ‘act about planet earth 2 50 E146 Kid Only
6 excellent games to play with 125 £147 Santa help sarrta
collect present games 125 El48 Birthday history V2 2
.. 1 25 E149 Bar Tender 1000 dnnk cocktail 1.25
GAMES G060 Mega 21 Games . Amazing 21 games 125 G061 Dragon
Cave ...briilant 3D puzzle games 1.25 G0G4 Take Them
Out.....like to operation wolf 1 25 G065 Destine Moon Base
.arcade conversion 1.25 G066 Tank Battle ...payer tank
battle game 1.25 G067 Arcadia ...the best
arknoid clone 1.25 G068 Q-Boid cross tetris and invaders 1.25
G069 Dimension X 2 .player light cycle game 1.25 GQ70 Nebular
......excellent shoot em up 1.25 G071
Gafatic ......excetlontfl levels arcade 1.25 G072
Hyper-Baft ..speed ball * level editor 1 25 G073 Ghost
Ship ...vofy good 3d adventure 1.25 GQ74 Battlement hunch
back of nntcha 1 25 GQ75 Moga Game Collodions III , . .3 top
game 1.25 GQ76 Madonna Nude Puzzles for 18+ only 1 25 G077
Gravity massive spaco exploring game 1 25 G078 Cyber-Nelic
bnllant 8 way blaster 1.25 GD79 Donkey
Kong ..A1200 1.25 G0B0 Crazy
Sue II .....best pfotfof to date 1.25 G0B1 Super Skoda
Challenge (A back editor) 1,25 G082 Star Trek sim lar to raid
2 but harder 125 G0B3 Doody very cute A extremely addict 1.25
GD84 Wonder Land. .amazing graphic t.25 G0B5
Deluxe Pacrr.an best ever release 1 25 GOBS Card Games
Collection ..... 1.25 G087 Wizard Domains dungeon type games
t 25 GOBB Kn ainz (not A1200) arcade tetns done t 25 G089 Air
Ace? II very ptayabe shoot them up 1 25 G09O Othello . Best
pd version 1.25 G091 Mouse Impossible very addictive puzzle
125 GD92Teben most polish over release 125 G093
Sirikaball ......briNtni base ban clone 1 25 G094 Trail
blazer (not A1200) bnlliant 125 GOSS Fighting Wamor like
street fighter 125 GOBB Dominoes only one of it kind on pd
1.25 G097 Total Wars strategy tike cnoss in spaco 1.25 G098
Battle Car 2 3D car reacing 1.25 G099 Nestor
Card Game, hours of fun for a quit 1.25 G100
Roulete .am eric an roulsto excellent 1.25 G101
Trailbiazer 2 ......C64 conversion 1.25 G102 E-Type 2
....very good asteroid 1.25 G103 Olompiad Olympic
sports events 2 50 G104 Descender Game .. tank.search
1.25 G105 Oblidox excellent arcade puzzle game 1 25 G106
Parachute Jousl ... quite playable 1 25 G107 Castle ot Oooni
vg graphic adventure 1.25 G10B Wibblo World Giddy large
platform game 1.25 G109 Cash Fruit.....good frurt machine 125
G110 Amos Cricket ...... cricket games 1 25 GUI Extream
Violence, ... 2 player battle out 125 Gt 12 Enigma Machinu
very challenging puzzle 125 GU3MegaBa!i2 break out
ctone 1 25 G114 Bounce A Blast bmliant platform 10 10 1.25
G115 Zombies A Defender 2 fantastic games t.25 G116
Mercanenes S-muiation 3D . Wars games 1.25 G117 Life
simulation very interesting 1.25 G118
Transplant dozen of level fast arcade 1 25 Gt 19 Kjawz the
Kat . . ..great platform games t.25 G120 Highway Hell, like
spy hunter on the c64 1.25 G 3 21 Operatikn Firestorms
briPant 1.25 G3 22 Castle Kumquat similar to alien brood 1.25
G123 Black Dawn brilliant graphic adventure 1 25 G124 Mono
5.4 tho latest dungeon A dragon f 25 G125 Bridge
....good version of bridges 1.25 G126 0rk Attack
...btoody adventure 1,25 G127 RobOuncQ 2 player
futuristic break out 1,25 G128 Road to
Hell .brilliant car racing 1.25 G129 Sgportom
Cat ..new vertical shoot em up 1,25 G130 Kungfu Chatties .mix
with platform brilliant 3.25 G131 Raid 4 latest vertical
scroll shoot om up 125 G132 Quizmaster very good quiz program
t .25 G133 Elevation ..games base on lift 7? T
.25 G134 Imperial Walker base on star wars games 1.25 G135
Slatoaso 13 tike monkey island 2.50 G136 Amos Loadsa Money
best fruit machines I 25 G137 Mr Men Olympic many event to
complete 2.50 G138 4 L C D Dream 4 small hand hold games 1 25
G139 Neighbour Games base on the tv senes 2 50 G140 Time
Runner (WB2 3) bnlliant graphic 125 G141 Golf. . . Ono of the
first and descent gori 2.50 G142 Amos Cricket 2 amos cricket
simulator t 25 G143 Mugsy Rovengo gangster graphic adv 1.25
G144 Jiasaw very playable j gsj w games 2 50 G145 Bobby
Garden * Digger brilianl 1 25 G146 High Octane fast car
reacing (notwpt.3) 1 25 G147 Time Runner amazing graphic
adventure 1.25 G148 Space Invasion 2 fantastic galaxian 1.25
G149 Automobiles pd version of sJtidmarics 1 25 GlSG Bandit
Mama. Bhfliant fruit machine demo 1.25 G151 Project BuiZ Bar
brii ranr asteroid t 25 G152 Gun Fight (not A500)
..... 1.25 G153 The Real Popoye 64
a50O 1 3 only 1,25 G154 System Defend . Brtilaitn dofonder
system T.25 G155 Amiga Boy game boy emulator *tetns 1.25 G156
Detholl in Spaco ..recommanded t.25 G157 Overlander
brilliant arcade moon a led l 25 G158 Serious Backgammon (ho
best In pd bg 1 25 GI59 star
Wold ..brilliant thrust 2 50 G160
Un-Sonaiblo Soccor similar to sonsi 1.25 G161 Fruit
Mania ...brilliant fruit machine 1.25 G162 Trickio
Treat ....like doom on the pc 1 25 G163 Football
Manager ...new version 1.25 G164 Solo Assault 3D tike
wing commander 1 25 G 365 Seed of Darkness graphic adventure
1.25 G166 Nano Fly .superb explore game 1.25 G
367 The Great Goto Raid . Very addicted 1.25 G168 Art War
V1.9 ....not 1.3 1.25 G 3 60 Zeno
Morph , . Great graphic 1.25 Gi70Ta$ k Force .mind
shadow done 1 25 G171 Green Five amazing 3d graphic like 125
Gl 72 Protossionat Bingo Ca lOr ...... 125 G173
Martial Spot 1*0 street fighter 2 1 25 Gl 74 6 Excel tent
Card Games collection 1 25 G175Blitz2 fast action shooting
games 125 Gt76Exil13 ... briHmrrt puzzle 125 G177 Temporal
Misplacement graphic adv 1 25 Gl 78 A Day at the Races horse
racing games 1 25 G179 Boulder Original . .with 80 levels 1
25 G1BO Boulderdash cave level construction kit 125 G181
Boulder Collection 2 3----- 160 levels 2.50 G182 Bouidor Pack
.with 070 levels on 8 discs 7.99 GT83 Alien NetWork new
spacing invader 1 25 GT84 Barte Force excellent text
adventure 1 25 Gt85 Gnu Chess tho best chess with 10 levels 1
25 GT&6 Sword Of Yigg ..graphic adventure 1 25 G187
Power Tetris ...... for t or 2 player I 25 GT88 Super
Smashing Tetris ...... 125 G189 Chess II A
Chccxer ...... 125 G190 Gravity Fo ce 2. 1
or 2 ployor thrust clone 3 25 G191 Schnobitz ___________
puzzle games I 25 G192 Doloxa Gain v2.3 . 2 player 125
G193 The Krillian Incindenl like ollto2 opic 1,25 G194
Quantum maze collect A oscapo typo 1,25 G195 Rag to
Riches .. like monopoly 1.25 G196 Wipe Out
mindless blasting games 1,25 G197
Godzilla ..another shoot em up 1.25 G198
Super Mega Fru t... all new fruit machine 3 .25 G199 Driving
Maniac 3D ....car racing very fast 3 25 G200 Planet Fall
_______ lurer lander clone 1,25 G201 Buck Tooth
Adventure ... 1.25 G202Pengo2 ..
.maze type games 125 G203 Super
Obliteration . Similar to pang 2 1 25 G2Q4 Super Invasion II
new spacing invade'- 1 25 G20S Tho Shepetd .bntiiant populous
ctosno 1.25 G206 Alien Genocide snoot aliens set in space 2
50 G207 Puckman...... pacman 125 G208 Supor Baltic Zone 3D
rot wb1 3 1 25 G209M'A'S"H . Similar to lemming and worms
1.25 G210 Last So’dier multilevel platform games 2 50 G211
Cbbertccir excellent alien breed done 2 50 G2 32
Hangman.....anyone for a game? 1.25 G213 Ace Space . Nice
platform game 125 G2T4 Cofourmanu puzzie game 1.25
G215 Harry Haddock bnlliant platform games 1.25 G216 Mangle
Fender smash upcarilank etc 1.25 G23 7 Arcade Games Classic
V1A2 2.50 G2T8
Helicopter ..ptoy like desert strike 1.25 G219
Cow Wars very addicted 2 player games 1.25 G220 Island
play Jiko monopoly 1.25 G222 Lottery
Professional , This version use 1.25 G223 Monopoly. Board
gnmos-Mio best version 1.25 G224 Jot Willy 3 oxen I
lout platform games 1.25 G225 Ffamming Engine superb car
racing 1.25 G226 Power Machines graphlcaly brl'lwint shoot
1.25 G227 SuCido Machine operation wolf stylo 1.25 G228
Znxxon 3D superb c6J 3D blaster games 1.25 G229 Boing v3
________ , groat plalformer 1.25 G230 Punter . Animate horse
racing games 1.25 G231 Arcade Jigsaw include lion king 2 50
G232 Wheel Chair Gladiator , very fun to play 1.25 G233
Nimble briilant new arcade puzzle 1 25 G234 Black Dawn
3 ....super 3d adventure 2-50 G235 R3 Rocket very good
rockets games 1.25 G236 Battle Ship ...... the finest pd
verson 1.25 G237 Ust Lap fast car racing 1 25 G238
Ouadnx ...... 1.25 G239 Ultimate Tour Tennis
tennis games 2 50 G24Q Dark Angel (not wb 1 3) arcade adv
1.25 G241 Raise The Titnn good 3d adventure 1.25 G242
Phantom shoot games (defender 96) 1.25 Amiga Myst should
support 16 million colours LLLlO-LLLLer LL !o the Amiga has
been moved quickly to Stop Aminet "- KjBBHSS and various
magazines distributing the demo on coverdisks. However, so
many people nad seen and played the demo that a genuine
demand for an Amiga version was apparent. To try and assure
Cyan of the support for the project to officially port the
game to the Amiga, the Amiga community inundated the
company with e-mails and letters.
Viscorp learned of the port and the huge support for an Amiga specific version of the game and released a statement The matter quickly turned into a debate as to the financial and practical viability of bringing out major new releases on the Amiga. Jason Compton, Communications Manager at Viscorp went on record as “At Cyan's public request, I contacted the 'gHE.
Company about the possibility of doing a B M sf Amiga port. As 5 Bit* Wi* j j most of you know by l. itm, the issue came up in the first place - when on extremely accurate; but fake, demo was placed on Aminet". “Cyan's concern is not the . : development of the game - if it winds up doing it, it'll get Amiga- knowledgeable programmers to do the development. It is concerned with how many units it can sell. Cyan also wanted to know where the platform was going - were we still going to sell machines? Were we going to develop new technology? Both answers were yes.
“So now it needs to think about it for a while. I'll be in contact next week to see if there's anything else it needs in order to make the decision, (note: Please don't suggest we finance it Cyan's sold HOW many million copies? Now, a bundle, that’s another story...)". According to Cyan Broderbund, the main obstacle to the development of Amiga Myst was technical, rather than financial. Upset that Viscorp's statement made it look like Cyan was just out to make a fast buck, Cyan Broderbund retorted with a statement placed on the newsgroups.
“...The last thing you need is another company's product that cannot run properly on your machine - new or old. And what about the sequel to Myst? If we convert Myst will yaur current machines run it given the hardware software requirements of Cyan? Or, will it only run on the rumoured ‘new' machine? Will it require you to do a
- N major upgrade to your current Ns- hardware? If so, is it
worth it for one program? We are look- m ing for answers from
those .¦ who have worked with the ¦ tt Amiga for years. I
have spoken to many and am v slowly receiving serious,
co-ordinated, organised :i-i: I information from cur- j rent
Honestly, we have not kept up with Amiga."
“I'm simply looking for answers, not dollars, as suggested by Mr. Compton. Cyan's primary interest with all our products has been, and will continue to remain, product quality and customer satisfaction. A cliche perhaps to some, but when your product doesn't work, we have always been there to support, replace or exchange it or refund your money if you don't likeit That'smyjob. It's Cyan's job".
The solution came in the shape of Canadian based Amiga games company ClickBOOM. With an enviable reputation gained from the release of its excellent debut game, Capital Punishment last November (considered by many to be the best game produced for the Amiga), the company is in a perfect position to bring the game to the Amiga community.
Penned for a late spring eariy summer release, Amiga Myst promises to match if not actually surpass PC and Mac versions. It will require a machine with an absolute minimum of 4Mb of FastRam and an 030 processor, the game will include full video board enabling it to run in 16 million colours on a high spec Amiga, as opposed to 256 on a PC or Mac If Myst is as successful as expected on the Amiga, ClickBOOM has announced it will bring out more big games titles. They also believe that if Myst does well, there is a good chance some of the software companies that abandoned the platform in recent
times will be lured back. All in all, the release of Myst for the Amiga could be more than just a new title for the format, it could herald the revitalisation of the Amiga games industry.
:ws» ««s Graphics should be better than the PC or Mac ¦ ' ¦ ... ¦ S •• Tired of getting beaten up by Portuguese police and locked In Turkish Jails? Worry not, enjoy the thrills and spills of the world of football from your armchair.
Guildhall Is bringing out a couple of excellent footy games to cater for all tastes - the brand spanking new Euro League Manager and the classic FIFA International Soccer. Hugh Poynton Investigates Euro League Manager ers. Your opponents are different and the strategies and tactics that you might have relied on in one league will no longer be quite as successful.
Another strength of the game are the little innovations that Manyk has thrown in.
As far as I know there aren't that many other games that allow you to use a talent scout to find new players. Transfer deals are made more interesting as the game includes a feature that allows players to be transferred using part exchange deals so your wheeling and dealing can he made that bit more efficient and hard nosed.
However, despite these pleasing touches, there are a few things that let Euro To complement its range of excellent Electronic Arts and Microprose rereleases, Guildhall Software has bought up a few new titles from smaller companies such as Binary Emotions and Manyk. Euro League Manager is the latest of these brand new Amiga titles. With Championship Manager 2 seemingly festering away in some dank dungeon of Eitlos Interactive, Euro League Manager has found itself without much competition. Which is pretty fortunate as Manyk's management sim is something of a curates egg.
Euro League Manager does have its good points; as the name suggests it focuses on the football teams of three European countries rather than the usual one. In addi tion to this you can play in a fantasy league and use scouts to find cheap but talented players. The fact that each league is differ eni does add some variety to the game Those well versed in the ways of football will know that each league in which you manage a team varies greatly from the olh Gooooooooaaaaaa! IIIII League Manager down. Unfortunately, Manyk had a tough time trying to get permission to use the names of players and
cup competitions for the game. This means that if you manage your favourite team, the proper players will not be present. Although on the surface this may be a trivial problem, it does detract from the realism of the game.
Manyk has included an editor so you can change the names of players in the various leagues, hut to do this for every player in your chosen league would take quite a while.
Another let down is the graphics.
Although bright and cheerful, the game just seems to lack the crisp, pleasing graphics of Championship Manager and the preview versions I have seen of Championship Manager 2. Call me a nit picker but the main screen, the inside the manager's office, isn't drawn properly - the perspective is wrong and it looks, well, wonky.
To he fair, Euro League Manager looks like the sort of game that will appeal to footy sim fans and will be a useful addition to any management buff's game collection, especially as you aren't limited to managing an English Premier League club. If you are less of a pedant than me and can ignore the annoying little drawbacks, you coulrl do worse than giving Euro League Manager a go.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Guildall Leisure DEVELOPER Microprose HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS All Amiga GRAPHICS 74% SOUND 70% PLAYABILITY 74% DIFFICULTY Tricky I CAE PARK SAFETY RATIIT0 no caption written tor this ono HUCGY get your finger out and write one will YaH Classy stadium FIFA International Soccer FIFA International Soccer was released nigh on three years ago and graphically it surpasses anything that has been released since. The action is viewed from an isometric point of view that suits the game well and it looks like the console adaptation that it is.
However, be warned it's like trying to watch any major sporting event on American television. After every goal you are bombarded with bloody adverts. Roomf, a goal goes in and for the next few seconds it's, flash, flash, flash, buy Adidas Predators (the footy boots that allowed rich kids to cheat at football by having half a car tyre glued to the cocaine fuelled When you get quite practised at the game you can actually control it well, chipping and passing the ball from player to player.
FIFA is blessed with tonnes of options and features. There are options to change the weather and pitch type, you can play in league, tournament and exhibition matches and you have the option to play the game in an action or simulation mode.
As in most footy games, you can dictate the tactics that the team use; long or short ball or with an emphasis of attack or defence. The amount of moves available is also pretty impressive - back passes, headers It's the all star team, ha, ha Shootitig Running Passi ng Def ence Tick 1ing aalJteepL Mmmm, pretty.
I overhead :ks can all be ttempted. 5 Up Down-Se1ect Where is the f****** ball?
England vs USA really worth mentioning is that sometimes the action can be a little slow and it doesn't really match Goal I or Sensi for tdrenaline thrills. If u're a footy fan jgh, take a look, for me pi ice you will not be disappointed.
PUBLISHER Guildail Leisure DEVELOPER Guildhall HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS All Amigas Up Dou-n-Sfcieo * AMIGA ACTION T73 Wing Commander First up is the venerable Wing Commander, the first in a run of four Wing Commander games that have become a refuge for has- been aclors - the games now star Mark Hamil and Indy's fat bearded friend from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
In case you've been living on Endor for the last month, you will be aware that the Star Wars trilogy is being re-released this Spring. This has brought about a weird regression among almost the entire population. Adults are cueing to see it, booking weeks in advance and fathers are dragging their kids to see the film they were blown away by back in 1977.
I went to Hamleys in London last weekend and the place was packed out with adults playing with Oarth Vader voice masks and remote control ATAT walker and then went on to a party where the conversation turned to a debate on whether Star Wars was more spiritual than Star Trek. Strange. I personally think sci fi is very closet. Like homosexuality decades ago, people are a little coy about showing their true colours, This spring however, should see an explosion of the 'say it loud. I'm sad and proud' sentiment. To celebrate the re-release of Lucas' masterpiece. I'm going to round up the creme de
la creme of space games, both old ananew and (fittingly) from the future... Guildhall Leisure has just released the first in the series. Though lacking in FMV and gourade shading, the game retains the playability of the later releases and sets tire scene for the entire epic story. The year is 2f 64 and for the past 25 years earth has been facing an Alien menace called the Kilrathi, These alien brutes look something like lions and communicate using pheromones (they sniff each others bottoms?). You are a starfighter pilot aboard Earth's last hope, the Terran carrier, Tiger's Claw.
Accompanying you is the usual complement of amusing hotshot characters; the maverick type loose cannon on deck whose casual disregard for regulations often lands him in trouble; the hard-as-nails but fair leader; the cool, faultless and slightly anally retentive Iceman character and so on.
On pairing you up with insane wingmen and women. In the early missions you fly with a Japanese bimbo who asks questions such as what should we do if we meet the enemy?
(erm, shoot them perhaps?). Then you are Your commanding officer seems intent lumbered with a sexually frustrated Scotsman who insists the enemy 'keep catching me with ma kilt doon'. Still it adds to the fun. These wingmen aren't just for show, through a communication system you can get them to carry out certain orders.
This is an invaluable tool because it adds an element of tactical play into the game. If you're up against heavy enemy fighters with good shields, order your wingman to attack the same target and you'll wear him down faster. If there are swarms of light fighters, get him to attack other targets.
These decisions can make the difference between being blown up and surviving.
Ndertake a series of missions against the furry foe including patrols, escort duties and raids against their capital ships. Although the graphics are a little ropey and the bitmap representations of the ships look pretty dated, you find yourself ignoring the REVIEW All apart from the fact I'm upside down, this is a perfect landing... EJECT «• EJECT
r. MOU*rc leading Hlpha litt Coti KAViGATWK atiTIN ITlOK .
Tljtr1' Claw SfcstKCL IqciQ k.v. Star Wars is on general
release and the force is flowing. To celebrate, Hugh Poynton
looks at the brightest stars in the space game world Moving in
for the kilt.
Shortcomings and getting involved in the game. The Kilrathi fighters are tricky buggers to shoot down and you've really got to concentrate when dogfighling.
Navigating between points is also pretty tricky as asteroids keep getting in the way. These all spin off in different directions so picking your way through can be , W-
C. -lE something of a headache, it's difficult to work out
whether this adds to the game or just makes it totally
infuriating when you manage to shoot down loads of baddies
only to get swatted by an asteroid.
However, if you do actually manage to complete a mission, more missions and ships will become available to you. The structuring of the game is excellent and as you play a story seems to unfold.
You climb the rank and squadrons and fight the good tight as the cat people get more and more lairy; Your progress in the game actually reflects on the course of the intergalactic war. If you win a couple of major battles, the Kiirathi may be pushed out of a star system.
This game shows its age and the graphics leave something to be desired but it is still a damn good game which involves the player to such a degree it is damn near impossible to stop playing. In my humble opinion, Wing Commander grows on you The very cosy sleeping quarters, faster than acne after washing your face with lard.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Guildhall DISKS 3 floppies HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £9.99 SUPPORTS All Amigas GRAPHICS GAMEPLAY DIFFICULTY_Average Your Scottish wingman fortified with special brew.
REVIEW Flite Frontier II If you want a slighily more cerebral game, why not try the classic Elite Frontier, When I he original Elile came oul for the BBC in its full wire frame giory back in the mid Bos, it captured the firsi true generation of computer gamers - people who probably now spend a fortune on PlayStations and N64s.
The graphics were pretty good (lor a BBC) and you could get engaged in some excellent space battles. However, the true glory of Flite was its sheer depth of play. The game offered almost unlimited freedom and could be adapted to suit the player. You could be a mercenary, a warrior or a no good snuiggler shipping tonnes of hash and contraband guns about the solar system.
In the original Elite there were eight galaxies and a less than a thousand planets.
In Dave Brnbens sequel there was admittedly As you can see the graphics were absolutely stunning - at the time possibly the most detailed polygon models ever seen on an Amiga game. Weapons are visible on pylons underneath the ships wings, buildings are visible beneath the bio-dome of cities with names iike Birmingham City and the space stations look amazing.
Unlike Wing Commander, you are not fighting the good fight, you're just out to make as much cash as possible. You can adapt the game to fit your mood, be a shifty drugs smuggler and give the interplanetary coppers the run around or be a stalwart citizen of whichever political entity you choose. Whatever, the freedom of gameplay and excellent graphics will impress, especially when you consider the game is four years old.
Only one gafaxy, but it contained 2 hundred million stars with thirty thousand inhabitable planets. This huge play arena is divided between two monster political entities - the Federation and the Empire. Your task is to make as much money as possible either through your own duplicitous skulduggery or in the employ of these super powers.
Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary Can you be smug enough to play Captain Kirk?
OK, so not the most original of titles but a pretty decent game nevertheless. I am of the '4pnj& considered opinion that Star Trek is actually a when they blow things up. Tl j* poncey arsed Prime Directive serves only to make 60 per cent of the episodes boring and unwatehable - with tedious sub plots involving Data or Spock searchingjfor their emotions sente of humour libido. When they kick ass though things pick up. This game lets you teauhrougbthg universe, blowing up spatft ships and telling thoseJstUfuibabkwards colonies in the far reaches of the solar system not to-be so primitive.
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary takes you back to the halcyon days when William Shatnef hari real hair and Scotty wasn't’a lard ball.
You control the characters via a point and click system which is thankfully very easy to pick up.
Each character has a number of roles, each of which is highlighted when the mouse passes over them.
Kirk gives the orciers and leads the parties, Sulu manoeuvres the ship into orbit, Chekov fires the phasers and Scotty keeps you informed of your impending doom.
The strength of the game is its balance of story line and scrapping. The Monkey Island Style point'n'click system really lets you get immersed in the game, and with all the excellent, slightly cheesy pioooyng sound effects you will find the game good fun, hut rather embarrassing to play in public. You can use diplomacy and tact to charm planets inhabitants into giving you information and help or you can be totally offensive to them just like you always wished they were on the TV programme.
For me, the scrapping scenes ¦ s-'are the highlight. Using the mouse to steer the ship, and with a choice of phasers and photon torpedoes, you can attempt to blast the crap out of your foe. You can watch the action from the bridge or the whole screen and some of the battles can be epic, with volley after volley needed to defeat the .
Enemy ship whether it Tae a Romulan warship or a space pirate., All in all, good, unadulterated spoddy fun.
Where the game particularly wins ¦ out is the fact that it does combine intelligence and fun quite effectively.
You have to use your grey matter lo complete most of the missions but they don't become tedious or boring.
Unfortunately, Star Trek, 25th Anniversary is quite difficult to get hold of nowadays but, getting in contac t with mail order companies can often yeild good results.
All in all, good, unadulterated kitsch and spoddy fun.
Extra bloke in the red jersey - watch out - you normally get captured eaten vaporised.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Interplay DISKS 8 floppies HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £TBA SUPPORTS All Amigas GRAPHICS GAMEPLAY ACTION REVIEW A - Z TIPS coundrel » Helllllo. Slot another Ounhiil in your cigarette holder, mix another gin and tonic and settle back with a sly grin on your face. Being a bounder and a cad I never do anything honestly, I have a different dolly bird every week and I cheat at computer games. Take advantage of my worldly knowledge if you like. I think you'll find that no other magazine has quite so many hints and tips, or such a handsome rogue with pencil thin moustache. This
month, A to D... A-Train Any time you're strapped for cash, type "CHEATERCHEATERWIMP" for an instant $ 50,000,000.
Action Fighter When asked to enter your name, type "ZBACKDOOR". You will now have infinite lives and energy.
Addams Family Secret Rooms Get yourself an extra four lives whenever your game is finished by walking past the continue door to the left. Here you'll find a secret room where you can collect your extra lives.
Passwords First Power-up I "LI 191" Extra Energy Second Power-up "?1S1M" I "61H1C" Rescue Pugsley Third Power-up "BLSRS" I "B&198" Rescue Cranny Pugsley "V121B" 1 "B?KKV" Rescue Fester Wednesday "VD2RL" 1 "BLS1T" Rescue Wednesday Cranny "V&YKW" I " Z6D?"
Game Ending Fester "VL R4" Starting Locations "&1 Y1M" three hearts (after the big tree) "?191 D" Hearts (after fridge in kitchen) "B919D" 5 hearts (after conservatory) "VI SI 4" Pugsley (games room) "V919B" Fester (picture gallery) "SG9K&" Wednesday (crypt) "BLJK " Granny (kitchen) Alien Breed Soup up the game using the cheats those cheeky Team 1 7 chappies wrote into the game. Log onto the Intex computer on deck two and type any of the following: "I CANT BE ARSED TO PLAY THE FIRST LEVELS" will take you to level three "MANCHESTER UNITED CANT FLY AIRPLANES" will take you to level six "SHINE ON
YOU CRAZY DIAMOND" shows the ending "OH GIMME SOME KEYS IVE COT A HARD ON" will give you infinite keys "I AM IMMORTAL OR SUMMAT LIKE THAT'' will make you invincible "IS IT TRUE THAT THE ALIENS SUPPORT MAN UTD" makes aliens weaker "PISSED AS A FART" will, rather pointlessly, reverse the joystick controls "THE IRAQIS MADE THE WEAPONS" results in the players weapons being duff "SALMAN RUSHDIE PLAYS ALIEN BREED" makes the player invisible "BEWARE ALIENS SPADGE HAS DROPPED ONE" scares aliens off "PITBULLS ON THE LOOSE" turns the aliens psycho "ALIENS ARE FAGGOTS" will give you infinite health
"PUFFNUTS MODE" makes aliens slow and easy to shoot "BEN JOHNSON TRAINED THESE ALIENS” makes aliens super fast
• "STEVIE WONDER” turns the screen purple
• "GURU TIME” will reset the computer
• "ST EMULATOR" makes the graphics duff
• "PC EMULATOR” disables the Intex Computer You should hear a
crunch sound when you've entered in the last letter of your
There were some more, but they were just too rude to print - there may be ladies present... Alien Breed II (ECS & AGA Passwords "378829"Fifty keys ”736353"credits "098654"Ten lives ”243433"Activates level skip (Use 'N' during play to skip levels) Level Codes 02 "353828' 03 "108383' 04 "370101' 05 "982822' 06 ''847464' 07 ''737373' 08 "928112' 09 "267364' 10 "193831' 11 "090921 12 "3093 83' 13 "101221 14 "103992 15 "998112 16 ”125332 17 "091233 Archer M's Pool_ To reveal the ability of the players you are up against type "VF1 2" while in trickshot mode, then go to demo mode to find the new
menu. Select two players to make the computer play itself, then wait. Hey presto - test the metal of your opponents.
'Alio 'Alio_ A simple cheat to access any of the first five levels is to type "BASH STREET KIDS" on the title screen. Whilst playing you will be able to press keys to skip to levels one to five.
Breathless (v1.1)
1. 1 N A
1. 2 "181CEICWL13PGOQW"
1. 3 "181C8VWGMQ3PGOQV"
1. 4 "181CUBW2NN3PGOQQ"
1. 5 "181A59KMOMVPGOQP"
2. 1 "181A59NMH5RPGOPD"
2. 2 "1 81A59ISIURPGOPG"
2. 3 "181A59KCKPNPGOPF"
2. 4 "181A59M6TSFPGOPA"
2. 5 "181A59M8TSFPGOP9"
3. 1 ”181A59KMV63PGOPT"
3. 2 ”181A59KOV63PGOPW"
3. 3 "181A59M2W6RPGOPV"
3. 4 ”181A590WPFBPG0PQ"
3. 5 "181A59IW5CBPGOPP"
4. 1 ”181A59I21TDPGOSD"
4. 2 "181A59L44U9PGOSC"
4. 3 "1 8! A59NAF5DPGOSF"
4. 4 "181A59NCF5DPGOSA"
4. 5 "1 81A59H6G85PGOS9" Bubble & Squeak (AGA) for nine guys and
nine hearts for a new difficulty setting for infinite hearts
and lives for a message from the programmer "HEFSBEER" "MAX I
BABY" "BUTTHEAD" "WHOCARES” Civilization (ECS & AGA)_ Pressing
'ALT-R' will randomly change the personality of the computer
leader, To get the denizens of your settlement to speed up
their activities, give a settler a command such as Y to build
a road and select the settler again with a mouse. Repeal this
until the road is complete. This will also work with all
settler commands like 'p' to clean pollution, 'm' to build a
mine so that you can build things in a single turn.
If you own an early ECS version you can have find a complete world map by pressing 'SHIFT' and '1234567890T'.
FbfceKttft. S;iir-;. G-:-T :,J Colonization A simple cheat is to name your settlement "Charlotte". This will allow you to see all maps instantly, see other European ports, check other county's statistics and gives you $ 50,000. When you access other European ports you can spend all their money.
Championship Manager 93 94 Select New Game, Tranmere and Arrogant.
Call yourself "Mr Bulgaria" and you will suddenly have 34 million quid to spend.
Cannon Fodder II__ Go to the save game option and when the game requests a name, type "JOOLS". Cheat mode active will flash at the bottom of the screen and the ranks and abilities of your men will have increased.
Desert Strike By typing "HARDCASE" you can get yourself unlimited weapons, but low armour.
Level Codes 2 "BQQQAEB" 3 "KLJLTOE" 4 "WE1VVJT" END "ONKKQKF" "BQQQAEZ" will automatically put 10 rescued guys in you helicopter thus beefing your health points. When you run low on ammo press 'F10' or '0' to call up the map and press either again to go back to the game and you will find all ammo is restocked.
Defender of the Crown By holding down the 'K' key whilst the game is loading, you will start with 2048 knights.
Defender of the Crown 2__ When the game asks for passcodes, type: "GOATY” for invincibility "INCAS” to replace inviso with smart laser in slargate "ANDES" to restore power when the laser is fired.
"RAVEN" to activate the three following keys: Invincibility on off Next level Fly auto pilot 23 levels ay "N" "D" Level Codes 01 "START" 05 "FLOYD" 09 "FURRY" 13 "BEAST" 17 "LEM AC" 21 "ZIPPO" 25 "LASER" 29 "DAFAD" 33 "MAGOG' 37 "FUNKY" 41 "DONKY" 49 "KAN|I" 53 "I RATA" 57 "NEURO" 61 "STOAT" ACTION REVIEW SPORT m I I Poynton takes a look Guildhall’s golfing re-roloase, t GA Tour Golf.
Hole «2 5Q4 yards Par 5 sg ' - ' 0' & € ¦X c rpc RveneI Perfect, a 250 yard drive up the course They're strange things, golf sims. To me, golf is a sport not unlike cricket, in that it is very boring and requires hitting a ball a long way with a stick.
As well as being boring, it also requires those participating in it to dress in red tartan trousers and lemon V-neck pullovers.
(So what's the problem Hugh? - ED) Mind you, after slagging golf for looking about as interesting as a Sunday afternoon at a garden centre, I have to admit, every time I've played on a golf game on the computer it's had a weird Zen like quality. I played Links Golf about five years ago on a lowly 28ft PC and it was massively relaxing. You could chop your ball Into the wide blue yondeL.and it.
You hit any sort of obstacle, it wouldn't be a problem. 'Looks like you've hit a tree, Jim' the slightly stoned commentator would mutter. The perfect way to clear your mind tor half an hour. Maybe that's the attraction of real golf.
A stressful Friday morning seemed like the best time to try out Guildhall's re-release of EA's old PGA Golf Tour.
I wasn't disappointed, the game was a totally stress free environment. I didn't even need to read the manual, everything was pretty much self explanatory - from the power bar to control the strength of your shot, to the par table to show your pitiful results.
This was a damn sight more playable than many golf games and tactics do matter. Get the swing wrong and you chop the ball off to the left or the right, fail to take into account the direction and speed of the wind and the ball will go way off course.
However, at the risk of offending anybody by maligning such a popular game, PGA Tour does have its drawbacks.
The game is seven years old and looks it.
The sky is rendered in a purple blue shade, the colour you'd expect just as a rather bad thunder storm was about to turn the course into mud, and the grass looks it has been liberally coated in radioactive isotopes.
PGA Tour is a game you will either love to bits or not care for at all really. As golf games go it's one of the best - despite the ropey graphics, it does have a certain laid back playability to it, I could almost imagine it being the sort of game you wouldn't sit down to play, it'd be on while you were doing something else and you'd delve into it, take a couple of shots and return back to what you were doing. To do well in the game actually lakes quite a lot of skill, so it is challenging enough to retain your interest for some time. If you're after a relaxing but engaging game, you could do
worse than to pick up a copy of PGA Tour.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Guildhall DEVELOPER Electronic Arts HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £9.99 SUPPORTS All Amigas GRAPHICS 70% 75% PLAYABILITY 78% DIFFICULTY Average OVERALL SCORE It's your job to save this quaint provincial little land from the powers of evil ACTION REVIEW COMPETITION On July 19th, the 1997 Royal International Air Tattoo will open its doors to the public. RIAT is the largest and most significant military air show in the world, attracting well in excess of 200,000 visitors and aircraft from more than 35 nations.
The Royal International Air Tattoo is staged each year to help raise funds for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Over the years the show has helped to raise over £3 million for the Benevolent Fund's charitable works.
RIAT 97 will include a 50th Anniversary tribute to the United States Airforce, an aerial display celebrating 50 years oTsupersonic flight and the 1997 Breitling Fighter Challenge. This pits top pilots from across the globe against each other using high tech helmet mounted simulation systems* ~ The Royal International Air Tattoo 1997 RAF FAIRFORD QLOS 19-20 JULY ! - *¦ We have 15 pairs of RIAT 97 adult tickets to give away. To win; simply matcn the aircraft names to the silhouettes below.
Planemo choose from F22, F-86 Sabre, Su 27, FI 6, Eurotighter 200Q Tornado F3, E3 Sentry Name | .... ......Postcode: .. | [ am aged Q 18-30 Q 31-49 J 50+ 1 Aircraft 1 is . Aircraft 3 is .. Aircraft S is .. Aircraft 2 is . Aircraft 4 is .. Aircraft 6 is .. Aircraft 7 is Send entries to RIAT 026 Royal International Air Tattoo Competition
RAF Benevolent Fund Ents, PO Box 1940, Fairford, Glos GL7 4NA.
Entries to arrive no later than June 27.
| Data Protection Act 19B4 From lime to time the Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund may wish to send you details of other events and services which they feel may be ol interest to you.
'ou do not wish to receive this information Flyin’ Hi We sneak a look at Epic’s forthcoming combat racer, Some of the Flyin' High Tracks are stunning - look at the shadows on the snowman in this grab Flyin’ High The desert stage In the last few months Epic Jntorai live lias launched .1 concerted effort to re-establish itself as a major player in the Amiga gaming world. By releasing tric'd and tested quality games such as Testament and Kargon from German manufacturers, Epic has been able lo bring new titles to I ho UK safe in the knowledge that the games lilies it is selling have already been
successful on the continent. However, Epic is also taking a few chances on some brand new games. One of these games currently under development is the !-D racing game, Flyin' High.
Flyin' High is a fairly slrnight forward arcade racing game, flic aim is to musc le your way to pole position using yom driving skills and a few well aimed heat seeking missiles. Rather than the usual boring flat circuit, Flyin' I ligh offers you four courses chock full of jumps, clips, bridges and tunnels. I he action takes place, not on .1 flat circ uit hut on convoluted tracks with tunnels, buildings hills and clips and othei obstacles lo hinder your task. Ail this JH I lends I lyin' I ligh a fl * very fast moving a j * graphics and little touches 1 such as I shadows, : reflected
light and m W m M flying sparks add I to die- game immensely. One feature-1 particularly like is the- way the larmae is texlured to give Ihe impression of spec'ri. The only criticism I could make about the game al I he moment is the fact that the steering is still quite sensitive. Allhough update patches have eased this problem to a large degree, putting the car into a spin or a skid is slill annoyingly easy.
Many of I lie game's func tions aren't available- quite yet, but Flyin' High is under continuous development and patches are available from Flyin' High's support Web site. The finished version should boast one and two player modes, j j loads (it powerups,
- cuslomisations for the car and 1 wide variety of tracks.
N. ::- Like many new «b-4'v. releases for the Amiga,
• ?'' '"T " ! " A the system I ' -1 fequirements for the ' 1
game are relativc-ly s ] high. You will need I an A1200 4000
with *r. ¦ hard disk, Amiga "“’9 B ) oS3°- 68020,68030,
7 § i J 68040 or 68060 ¦f ** § i processor, AA-Chipsel and
4Mb FastRam.
Keep your eyes peeled Mjjr for rlyin’ Ftigh, the- game looks like being a worthy addition to Epic's new range of Amiga specific lilies and a showcase as to how good games can look on an Amiga.
Claustrophobic action in one of the game's many tunnels Why do you think they call it Fiyin' High?
* , even bigger and better this year ¦So On With The Show ALL the
exciting new releases from the leading Amiga developers Save
£100’s On Special Offers ICPUG Free Advice Centre Internet
Village High End Applications Presentation Theatre roiol
EsAnhlilon rJoni?o.j Lo i y:J Jvhiy "J7if] 1 Urifjj - vpin
=j jcJ bu jdcjj:J i'Jkij "J ulh Avoid the queues by booking in
advance Credit Card Hotline 0136f| _ Cheques and Postal Orders
made payable to The World of Amiga at PO BOX 9, Dunoon, Argyll.
PA23 8QQ ' V; Admission: Adults £8 Children £6 IN A HIGH
95 HiSoft Phone 01525 718181 Fax 01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.cd.u Web www.hisoft.co 'ik S Y S T E M S TWEU E SPEED 1x12) CD-ROM DRIVES INCLUDING SQUIRREL SCSI ANI THREE CD-ROMS WORTH £112 1 Kill FROM 4, n 2 (D-ROM yet for thr AMIGA. Mac. Windows 'sT features all new lightwave objects and scene files. In addition there 11 a hmuv CD-ROM of
2. 0(d) Jprg Textures, ire below.
LIGHT-ROM 4 aha includes a collection scene files by Alan Chan.
This . t'f containt new material and is an absolutely superb resource fur Ughtwavt.

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